University of Tennessee Knoxville - Volunteer Yearbook (Knoxville, TN)

 - Class of 1933

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University of Tennessee Knoxville - Volunteer Yearbook (Knoxville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1933 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 390 of the 1933 volume:

QF' .-A AA,Lv W if f - - :.3.g1:?5-nri2-L5jfi- -ara' 4 f Q vu,-,Lg E K Pwr' TOM HARTON Editor A '-'YV-ny. ' we . . iii 1 2 ,, A -ff I 'QW--.f. f ---f Hagan "' ' 'A 515 '?-iq? Hi! A .ff bg! i 'ff ' 1 as -f w 11 1 1 JEROME ENGERT Business Manager VOLUNTEER I 933 'V W 'v-vv--1 gif ll af li , 3 ,iz 3 E1 1 W .5 ,A , , ,X :FF 1u5R:i'2z X 1 rm Y :WJ fx! A N .. lil? 3 If fx lriix 5 1 X Q ffjxxlxgsf X I - 1 lx Q N , , fy WN ? I l Aw wg 5 f 2- lf '.4 X :' 4- f 3 ' N E I 5 F I 4 5 M E H i . 0 1,415 ii ' w f - 1 2 , n L 5 V, 'Q gi ' Li' ,, Y f 5 5 ' 2 it wut 'Q vf- " . K "' , 1 1 'li ,, ,I . T ,N 14 .ap L k Q., I 5 INK . 4'-V fy' 2 L' , ,Z X Yeas 1 5- li . ,.-. "Qi, g 3231 S 1 ai' H b . VHM5, 5 5 fi 5 I ,' I 1 Y ' 1- Y , Y ' -G Q , f 5 . 5 5 - n ., - - 1 ., 1 x - .4 4 W , I 5 , ,N J 15 . fi Q ' - +I I 9 , , ' 9 gi J jx 5 r , 1 r ,...,.: lv v-t.....,..., V ........4-.....,..-. -f f uv' ., ' ' ' ' '- -, -. ,- ' f , f ' 1 f - , ' ' , ' ' - ff'----.......h.-......- . Q ................ ,,44 h Mm- .....-.1,A , H Hg Ei' ,fk L .L .nm III THE THIRTY-SIXTH EDITION OF THEVOLUNTEER,PUBLISHED BY THE UNIVERSITY OF TEN- NESSEE PUBLISHING ASSOCIA- TION, AT KNOXVILLE, TENN. -I DEDICATION .7 .,., --,,..,..H,,.'.i.g N. f ,gil sf. keys' X 1 r ' -s l ' l l f i. r l 1 L T i A i E i l J i ii il rf ..-5-,Q sz in iii? gs iii? 12' 125 5232 ESQ E5 K' 55'-1-is :'E'T'5'i P55535 tiff! fa-41 55132 'iii 511:25 Q'-f 1 5:23 ' -1 L71 344-I"l-V. .F 34 'sf f an Vi 1 QW fr-fn is "-3' with if 'frlji ??fW-' ,2L..'.g gil l. l :li . ,. . . ur Y- l l 3- l. l .. V al Q Q53 i, tl l 'nm l E7-I ' l " -T32 flkf' i ' Kattefg 1 i il is - , ..4. 2 V Raef 1' 2 afxfs , 1 33155 'hge Q M.. gi ew . . gym.: ' r L i 4,152 2 Z af' , 1 :ies ll-4 L? 1 " 552.12 i s iii 53,19 gi- s- M , isa all F ll its EF-f l il I PM l 1, gp 2 5 l i 5? LL: 'S rg l l. l lk I li . of E fi ig , l' ' in l ll li i ii , Q5 l ll s il ,Q l ll 5 l l 11 ll l li i 3 il ' I ll i ll l l E ll i I. 1 ' ig Q l . ,il E il . nfl' . - l ii l il T3 I 1' ' 4 1 li A . y .l' , X-'ll 1 is me K ' sa f 1 . il l YH 3 ggi l 1? 'i tri 5 si 2 i ll l Q? l -li. limi QS l 'l Q' 5-get L, 8 V 214323 W EK ill 1 -1-g , f Q i M55 1 LP' 55:45 iii me - 5 sv-3 tl! 4 4 sw, ll if LHR ' e- R sei Nr .lv ' ' E' " ft :-- 1--- L-2 ,.1-emu .. aj wwf R il l ISS i 'x 5 'F Z 5? Lf' 'S if fr E 1 g' if ff? 1? Eff 3' sq R. F. Tl-IOMASON We respectfully dedicate the i933 Volunteer to Dr. R. F. Thomason, a graduate of the University, Registrar since l929, and a willing participant in any forward movement bettering students or the University. l' -A J 4 1 l i i 3 fi a Pee 51 J nw mi F4 Q1 3 I Q. , if 17 Qi fggnig ,3gJ.i..e if ' i ' 'f ii ii y 2.1: l I 1 ii. A QQ l l , li i IN MEMORIAM --43: 5 . ,in V Wy:-151 ,l ll 1 , - fi-if is H: J i S1513 ia: i ,l 5 Egfifff 25.22353 ' i l 1. ' t ' H 'Elf' 5372? I if E li 5' r f " -se-5572214 1 X i , g , .-1' 'Z .. I 1' I ' ' Q lv 2 fi l i 9,5-i -1 - A. g ll . ,,. iii? 14 ,-2 ff i i l l Q, ' E 2 ll A l 5' gtg 5 P5 l Si i " ?1 'Vw , , 1 l '5 15 ..' M: F4 ai 5 1 Y H X :H P 5 gi l 1 i . . 233 M ' I AEA: . 1 l 1 ti 1211224 1 T: Wag A 1-f-ff -f.-,H Mm V g ,W.H,,,, , MA -T: Y Joi-IN L. SWITZER The untimely death of "Jack" Switzer cast a pall over the student body which was hard to dispell. He exemplified to a remarkable de- gree the qualities of the "Volunteer" which we have tried to suggest in the theme of this annual. FOREWORD I T THE outbreak of the Mexican War Tennessee acquired her proud title of the Volunteer State when she furnished ten times her quota of men to the Colors. During the Civil War she supplied more men to the Confederacy than any other state and in later wars Ten- nesseans have always been in the forefront. One of the strongest forces at the University is the Volunteer tradition and the theme of this annual endeavors to suggest the varied implica- tions of unassuming serviceiand unselfish leadership in different fields of endeavor in addition to war. , . , 5 l i , Q r p - --....---A , 1 l l I . I Il Il I Il II UNIVERMTY CLASSES FEATURES I w. in V MILITARY ATHLETICS ORGANIZATIONS GREEKS ADVERTISEMENTS 1 L . , H rug iv rl ai asf Iii, vi' y I IQ M. I ' 1 ORDER OF BOOKS .BL-J -5.0 ALMA MATER On a hallowed hill in Tennessee, Like a beacon shining bright The stately walls of old U. T. Rise glorious to the sight. So here's to you old Tennessee, Our Alma Mater true- We pledge in love and harmony Our loyalty to you. What torches kindled at that flame l-lave passed from hand to hand! What hearts cemented in that name Bind land to stranger land! lChorusl O, ever as we strive to rise On life's unresting stream Dear'Alma Mater, may our eyes Be lifted to that gleam! lChorusl -Mrs. John Lamar Meek A 47 1s UNM2 R151 'ml L HE courage of these early Volunteers, the signers of the Declaration of Inde- pendence, remains to this day the more remarkable because of the awful significance of the step they took in the face of insuperable dif- ficulties and great personal risk. I 4 4 'Qi AYRES HALL 3 E i B. 9 31 l 1. 1, E EJ sz E ,.,,- --n--- um , ,. 41 1jLQin3gi,3EYVHQ'QVV2EMgQVgj ?EWf5s2, uggfm 7.55556-VAN Q ,S ,2r,VmvLv.w.f1, VV I .a w L-4 .fix 4 " '54 J-4' -tx" 4941 aw mv 5 X . . 'X ' fv , f A Q ii A 'W fi "f.,g,s-H, ff- ' "'4"""f N' - rf rv-145' ' 4.1 .1""' K' 1r.1!v,,f z '- ,. 1 P f-gn' .4 1-5-.,:":f ,.-. '. " Af' " 4.1 r' V 12' ' ""' f -' '1 " X-'ff'-w:'xf'f: if V -1"w'- - "1 V V I ' - fr ,. . 1 . V " V- " V V ' f .V 'lfwf V. f- ' rf- '-1,-. ' ,. . A 1 J 'V' 'k:'!'irI-F. 1--r,.',, 1-Vg .1 V, ., , f ' -, V, V4 1 V " f9'?"i .2 ri" V+ Z ' 4 + '-'L:"' , -. . .J 1'-2-f:,.f:m-Lgfuaw. L. -V . . . , . A V . 1 5, , .-f','-'Q-.... 5 Lf ' ' - '- ' 3, .gg Z' . 'f,5".4,V.. . " Vg Vh 1--,ff-Q 'Lu iz "ix , .. .zu :MIA- , : Jfe" '7Jfi?? 'Q1 ' vfw1"mLV-,gVV.:5.3-.3-...V -guyaf: .,T.V,. V V , V -7 Lf V, WV x, V ." 'EL-., V. - 1 -'Mm ::.. ' 5.-1-'lf , - .' 1- .- " 'ri ' ' . r ' 7' ' f xg -4-V q" 3.1 ..,. Li. 1: f .,- V1 Aww . - - ., - ' ' ,, . nk- VA - - "V, . N53 mxujg. , -' ,- Q. . . , v ..' ',Vvg .1-V:V,1. - V. ' 'fs ,V '-'. -.yxnqgf VE:-w ,' ff- 51 Q-'-.f,,2r"19..5 r-4? V 1,,,5., 1-V,-.Q I 1 ' "',, ' L , .w . I 1 Y N , u ' wma, --'1 xp .VVVVV,VV1.VVV:V,V .a.,V. ., . ,,V..Vf'V V V V, V V V, :LE . V V . V .V VVVVV VVVIEVVVVVVVQV VVu.,5VZ45L:.V.: .xi Vi-,,.5.VVV ,V VLV-rr V V V - . u VA , , V " -- -. - - V' V- -,nw -.'1.:r..,.'-,"" .qv - ' l , X V, . , V. . ,.-.- . ,K -Ag. . .f .. ,A , ' f'4'- K .X w K V. A ..-VV,' V - 51: r v NVE. 3 VV, 'A - ,A f ' -. 5. 'EQ' .V .VVVVV V V.V. :VQV .V . , LV , V H v , ' . V , V 'AVR V' .VI ,,.,VV.f. ,. 2- :1. . VV- .'l,.' 'fra V Q :Vip 5 f -- V . . ., , pf? - . Z ' 'V' - A' aggfggfg - ' V " -5.-zig5J,j.V',:,pJ31..'5'g'1eHi'ji1' -1 - ' 1' -.:, Vi ,IV " 9 2".f.'f.-Z . Fifa. '.-', V' '- f ,3 V .V. , .- .. V 2' I wii'-, - z . '-:Vg ., - XV.VI.' 1 VV .f f ij'-"JH L . V .-Q.-. 47 V. -' 4219512 1 'wi Q 1 ' rg -, f ,V .- j- , : 1: 7:5151 Q., . , -7,-jpg, 3.5 ' w -ji' 3' Y..--, -. "g':.3 ag'f,,Q1j.' ,'-V ' -...W '. , -' .',' "' I ., . ..Vf'- ' ' '..' L,.T."' 1 '1".- '. ' ' ' , mn.-L 'g.'r:1'. js'1-- L ,- . J ,. ...vii-.f:.-1. . . QF.-I , .,--"' . 21. f1f5ff,'1'.-V --:.f 7. -V ' - -,...-:zzimenvg .V - V -'A-22.4. -- .sf - ' as--1: gy- -.L :'13 , .- ,-'A'-1' Aff. - ,, .A -1- .' 2. -r:,'.LEV'1,1:'f,".V' -: -.LQ .,. 9,-Q - V -..-.'-we-::4."f'f-"V-p 7 5 :-1,Vf::.. 3 -. A , !"' 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FERRIS HALL f ' f 1 " 453 , .gf ' WSW? .ff 1521: iii? vii-V ,.L, IQ, In , 5 v r-f' Y W 3 r i I x N 1 L t, L., E I 5 w w 1 n K 'lvl MORRILL HALL CHEMISTRY BUILDING Q !""j J'-' ,.. ,fl - 9-.Ln T , . 1. 5-fr W . 5 ,K Q 1 . , , 1 W' 9' fi- ., 1 J1 r M f L 4 1 11 . f 1 -- 1 1 4 ff. W , 1 Q s I , 1 A cl rw s 5 x 1 4 . A 1 rv .v L1 vw "Wifi-Pfczi-A L sv11i,1f1?1f5"1FI., na- 1F If 'Q' N -N w 1, QL my '- ,pr ,..uEl..x: mb .-5-:uf -m .. , PHYSICS- GEOLOGY BUILDING J X 'Qt' .- 95.-ft ,i- V 19. -' I z I 1 LIBRARY fv' ALUMNI MEMORIAL GYMNASIUM A4 4.142 . U f, ,Q , . ., I-4 P E! V193 .J LK' fi Ei 3 f a-L . ..-. -.1. Q Q 1., w 22 -v 5 il Z . 3? n Wil . ., 'Km 'Z' K I ,V JM. xv... if . ,, ... pi., - T. ' . F ' ,i , , , .Q-' ' V 1. , . .- . . .-' V' '- QW Y 1. .. A A exf- '. ' ' 1 :.. 'L '. cf . A 'K qi 2, fr: 1 ,. xx. V 5 ax- f 1" , -nf, "' ' . m...V,.,,- .l, -4..g:.'- P'-J,--.f ,-....'. : . "' - f - ,..,f., - vi " "- " ' .-.'.f..'- . - -- f . I . , , .. - S25 ffm-. era-Q1 5:7 QQ. 5? 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J. .V-.,,.'. v.,- 21 . gr ,,.f.,.., f,-,.--.-, . ., -. .4... . - - 'nl -v.'.- .',s- . - , - -t , + 511l't'..I- ' " ?- 'A 4- ' .., , . . T. 35... L 5 - gm- . . f .wk .5 .. M., ,f-- il 'ir A gi i'+:',f .- , '. .N -- r .2 332, ' ' il. H 1','. 1 ,4"..'j,-2 . . . 53 - ,V ' 'lg' 'P fig Q jfff -. ...L -cz... .. f .I...Ilx,.,,:fw.' ' .F-:,c" F' .' ,, . - mi A. -af-Kff' , V C' L. I ,. fu, -- f .L "' ,1:.1' ".-. .- iaifdf- N5 '-"' Iiigfq , gf. -- -37,.,! Q L. .gfifa1 .+. :gy ,54- '1'-2-.-1 -' . I ry... :L ,d -'iv' V- I' .' -g :lg-.Ar .55 'UF' .' , . ,.. 1,-. V, ,I .. E1..y,v'- .N , 'LI '.l nl. ' ' . 1-' ".."' .. x':.Z.-' . '.,.. '- , 1-:Lu .-L g. .4 T551 . - 'L .r,Zh,','.v.'j 5,3 " Q ,.!.:r.4,., Q--f fl-X'-.C-2 ' 1-' .. ,.V - Q., .K , ., 'rn ,.- ...-'vp . ' N ..,,, , -, a"f"',.' 'L 4 I 1' 721' 'I-Iii' . . A . N. -1.. 1-'z '.,,. .1 1 . A lr: ."b 1.vf,'-' f I ".::,. V , .4.--1-'--'x' .' - " - f 1 --Zgv, , El' r'2:'f,:1,g-f . " ' l,v:fg.4.'i,. - A. x .. ',-,-5 U52 ut, P . -,. '-K-1'--x ..L 3 '.'. .mif-1-5 5. f..a - f-. ,, .tv-3-a,,,1, .- . K .'.., .'nFQ,r.f,..-,- - -- n -. v-.,..,,-.3,x.1 1 , . A . ... . - - ,-- . rx. -' . 1 f. , 4- .A , .s I U -'. . . - , " . , z 4 ,'-" ,L:!.vq' 3 if .-4 "fi" I: 'L - J.. .-. .1 Q," fi? .E'ir4...4'i' 'ffl 1 1,511 .f',5.2':- 5'-, E "H as ' W ... K wk H Q- .L 1-,a ft N . .,..,,3ie, -' 47 l 'pq jnszi - , 5. 1 , ,, -3 qi: " 9 A ' "Ao ' firzflzesa--ere-7 - -wifi- THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE BOARD OF TRUSTEES Hill McAlister, Governor of Tennessee ------ Ex-Officio Walter Cocking, Commissioner of Education - - Ex-Officio E. O. Van Cleave, Commissioner of Agriculture - ----- EX'OfffClo H. A. Morgan, President of the University ---- - - - EX'Off'C'O FROM CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICTS First, W. B. Stokely, Newport --------- - -IUIY If 1933 Second, Cary F. Spence, Knoxville ------ - - - JUIY If i935 Third, Paul J. Kruesi, Chattanooga - -IUIY If i937 Fourth, W. P. Cooper, Shelbyville - - JUIY If l94l Fifth, Harry S. Berry, Hendersonville - JI-IIY If i939 saxfh, w. P. Ridley, columbia - Julvli 1939 Seventh, I. B. Tigrett, Jackson - JUIY If 1937 Eighth, George C. Rowlett, Martin - July I, 1935 Nmfh, William whale, Memphis ------- - - JUIYI, 1933 FROM THE CITY OF KNOXVILLE Williston Cox - --.-..-- July I, I943 James A. Fowler ------- - -I1-IIY If 1943 FROM THE CITY OF MEMPHIS Wassell Randolph - ------- - JUIY I, 1939 Thomas H. Allen - ------- -IUIYI, 1939 OFFICERS OF THE BOARD H- A. Mofgqn - - ...... - - President Stanley Johnson - - - - SGCYSTGVY James Jackson Walker - - - - - ' ' T"e05U"e" J, P, Hess - - - ..... - Business Manager COMMITTEES The President is a member ex-officio of all standing committees. Executive-Spence, Fowler, Kruesi, Stokely, Cox. Finance-Kruesi, Spence, Fowler. Building-Spence, Cox, Rowlett, Kruesi, Allen. Liberal Arts-Randolph, Fowler, Ridley. Agriculture-Cooper, Berry, Stokely, Tigrett. Engineering-Allen, Kruesi, White. Law-Fowler, Cooper, Randolph. Health-White, Allen, Randolph. Experiment Stations-Stokely, Cooper, Tigrett, Ridley. Engineering Experiment Station-Kruesi, Allen, Berry. Junior College-Rowlett, Allen, Tigrett. Page SI l'l I I ... ..,,,...., I -,,, ,ir X l I I I I I I I I I II II II I I I 1 I I I I I I. 'I I I I I I II II II II II II I I I I I I I I I I I I I II II I I I I II lt 'I II I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Il II II ll III II I I I II I I U I -I I I I I I I I I II II I II I l I I . IIP I I I- "-""c""'-""iilj' if-1-'f-Ziff! ii.. -, I l , Qui.. latin-- -tyiiifii iiige--fiat I ll ii, Isdgsgizifewefesm fstrs'f'sI I III I. IIE Administration and Faculty I' I I I I I I I I I I I II I I II I I' I I III I III I III I I III I I I I ix I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I-II I I I I I 3 I I I I I I I GOVERNOR I-IILL MCALISTER I I I I I I I I I I It has always been the aim of the University of Tennessee to inculcate the I III I youth with ideals as well as to provide facilities for a well rounded education. I At no time in our history has this purpose been more important. To the 1 youth of today there will be abundant opportunity for the exercise of in- Il I1 telligent attainment, mental alertness and strength of character. Fortunate, 1 I . . I ' l Indeed, are the young people of our State who come under the influence of I the great teachers and the traditions of our great colleges which comprise I I the University of Tennessee. I I I I I I I III III 'I I I II ,II III I.. Page 32 I III V IP iI I ,AI It I I 51 I II I I I -I I II, II I I I II I II I I III II I I II I I I I I I II II I I I II II I I I I I I I I I I W I I I I I III I II I I I'I II. I II II I I II II Il I II, I III 'II III III ii? I III II' vi-IZ - W, III I kv-,,,1'- , - -At' ' 'H' "g W if Hs, Y 6 I-xii Lg Y- i-iA'i""+X-e--.., ,. f-f,,,,, , -A-D--A-'M' 'aff-N-Hf-g-chEgM -f -W "-f - f-ff 1147 -wg. nc- an ..-nf , c.. - ,bm-4-,,,,, , .- -, ,M Q wmv ,Rx gg- Y QA I I 1 gli -,W , Dwi,-f,,,,,, Administration and Faculty II 'I Il I III ,., f- . I III III III III II III Isl III I I I I I . I I I I I I I I III Q III I I II I Ii' I III I 1. I II' III I"I II,I III II I III III IIII Il I I I I IZLM IIII' IIIII I I I I - I I I I I ' I ' I I I I I I I I , ' I I I I I I I I j 4 I I i y PRESIDENT H. A. MORGAN I At a time when the place of public education in ci commonwealth is being I frankly questioned, it is heartening to note the loyalty of the student body and alumni to ci program of state development. As we pass through the M I trying days which are ahead of us, Tennessee men and women who have 5 had the advantage of higher education should keep in mind that the oppor- I I tunities offered the youth of the State of tomorrow will largely depend on Q III the contribution the alumni of these institutions moke to the advancement I I I of the State of today. I I I I IM I I I I I Igl I ,fwff-effigy I Iciimg been I J III ,lgijgfii fZ?ig2lY,7f,l. .I,,l---,.- ,Jiri K -V A : ir Y W 1' lj-1,7 II-iiiiigggiilgig cg: Ziff -fdcfff IIS' Page 33 I 0 I I 4 A 'X A ministration and Faculty JAMES DICKINSON HOSKINS Dean of the University Member of the faculty since l9O0 and previously instructor at the Masonic Institute, Fort Jesup, Louisiana, Knoxville Classical School, Associ- ate Principal, and Professor of History at Baker-Himel School. B.S., M.A., and LL.B., Tennessee. LL.D., Maryville. Litt. D., Cumberland. Author of chapters: "Tennessee As a State" and "Tennessee As a Part of the Con- federacy," in "The South in the Building of the Nation." Pi Kappa Alpha social fraternity and Phi Kappa Phi scholastic fraternity. CHARLES EDWARD FERRIS Dean of Engineering and Professor of Mechanical Engineering Member of the faculty since l89O. B.S., Michigan State Agricultural College. Post-graduate work at McGill University. Author of "Elements of Descriptive Geometry" and a "Manual for Engineers." Phi Kappa Phi scholarship fraternity, Tau Beta Pi engineering scholarship fraternity, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Society for the Promotion of Engineering Education, Tennessee State Highway Commission, and formerly a delegate to the American Engineering Council. CHARLES ALBERT WILLSON Dean of Agriculture Member of the faculty since l9lO and previously instructor at Kansas State Agricultural College and University of Missouri. B.S.A. and M. Agr., Michigan State Agricultural College. M.S.A., Missouri. Author of several U. S. Government bulletins and contributor to "Southern Agriculturist," "Breeder's Gazette," and the "Country Gentleman." Acacia social frater- nity, Phi Kappa Phi scholastic fraternity, Alpha Zeta honorary agricultural fraternity, Masonic Order, and the Kiwanis Club. JOHN ANDY THACKSTON Dean of Education Member of the faculty since I9l6 and previously Professor of Mathe- matics, State Normal School, Winona, Minnesota. Professor of Education, University of Florida, and Dean of the Florida State Teachers' College. A.B., Furman. Ph.M. and Ph.D., New York University. Author of "A High School ManuaI." Phi Kappa Phi scholastic fraternity, and member of Tennessee State Textbook Commission. eng- ' ,LLLY , I L, . wx? I be Page 34 K.. ....., 'I 'I f -I A. I If.- -----Y -v- Y -c-7---'---- I Administration and Faculty gl PHILIP MAY HAMER Professor of History and Head of the Graduate School Member of the faculty since l92O and previously assistant in history at the University of Pennsylvania and Professor of History at Chattanooga University. B.A., Wofford. M.A., Duke University. Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania. Author of "The Secession Movement in South Carolina," "The Centennial History of the Tennessee State Medical Association," and "Tennessee: A History, I673-l933." Contributor to the "Journal of the East Tennessee Historical Society," "The Mississippi Valley Historical Re- view," and "The South Carolina Historical Review." Kappa Alpha social fraternity, Phi Kappa Phi scholastic fraternity, Tau Kappa Alpha oratorical fraternity, American Historical Society, Mississippi Valley Historical So- ciety, the East Tennessee Historical Society, Tennessee State Teachers' Association, American Academy of Political and Social Sciences, and vari- ous offices in each. FELIX M. MASSEY Dean of Men Member of the Administration since I924 and previously head Ot Massey School in Pulaski. A.B., Vanderbilt. Author of the section of "Student Relations and WeIfare" in the "Survey of Land Grant Colleges and Universities," published by the U. S. Bureau of Education. Contributor to the "Journal of the Tennessee College Association" and the "Journal of the Tennessee High School Association." Pi Kappa Alpha social frater- nity lnational scholarship chairmanl, Phi Kappa Phi scholastic fraternity! and Vice-President of the National Association of Deans of Men. HARRIET C. GREVE Dean of Women Member of the administration since 1921 and previously instructor in Chattanooga High School, Central High School of Hamilton County, and College for Women, Columbia, South Carolina. B.A., Tennessee. M.A., Columbia. Alpha Omicron Pi social sorority, Phi Kappa Phi scholastic fraternity, Phi Delta Gamma, D. A. R., East Tennessee Historical Associa- tion, National Educational Association, National Association of Deans of Women, American Association of University Women, Member of Board of Directors, Knoxville Y. W. C. A. H. B. WITHAM Acting Dean of the College of Law and Professor of Law Member of the faculty since l926 and previously in practice at Daven- port, Iowa. A.B., LL.B., and J,D., Iowa University. Contributor to the "Tennessee Law Review" and the "Illinois Law Review." Kappa Sigma social fraternity, Phi Kappa Phi scholastic fraternity, Phi Delta Phi legal fraternity, American Bar Association, Bar Association of Tennessee, Knox County Bar Association, International Medica-Legal Association, and mem- ber of the committee on legal education and admission to the bar of the Bar Association of Tennessee. X,- Y r.,.-.,-5.....-.. ,107 if -. YA. Page 35 I an .-I. I I I III I II' 'I I MI. - I I 'II I I I I I , I g I I I V ,E I II II III II, I I I I II, I II I I II II II I IIII III III III ,5 I I.g.5g.I IDI-. III' .I III III ,VI II II I II I I,, III IIII I I I I I III I I I I I I If liz, X-'H few?-. .. t l --V 'F "' A ministration and Faculty CHARLES A. MOOERS Director and Agronomist, Agricultural Experiment Station B.S., Tennessee. Author of Experiment Station Bulletins on soils, ferti- lizers, and farm crops. Contributor to the "Journal of the Americal Society of Agronomy," "Soil Science," and the "Journal of the American Chemical Society." Phi Kappa Phi scholastic fraternity, Fellow of the American So- ciety of Agronomy and Past President, American Association for the Ad- vancement of Science, Chairman of Agriculture Section, Association of Southern Agricultural Workers and Past President, Award of Chilean Nitrate Educational Bureau for outstanding nitrogen research in relation to economic crop production. CHARLES A. KEFFER Director of Agricultural Extension Service Member of the faculty since l9OO and previously Foreman Horticulture, University of Minnesota, Professor of Horticulture and Forestry, South Dakota Agricultural College, Assistant Chief, U. S. Division of Forestry, Professor of Horticulture and Forestry, New Mexico Agricultural College. Special student, lowa State College, l88l-3. Author of "Nature Studies on the Farm," and various bulletins on horticulture. American Pomological Society, American Forestry Association, and various horticultural societies. l l FESINGTON CARLYLE LOWRY Director of University Extension Member of the faculty since 1920 and previously head of the depart- ment of mathematics at Tennessee Polytechnic Institute. A.B., Tennessee. LL.B., Chattanooga. M.A., Peabody. Phi Kappa Phi scholastic fraternity: Phi Delta Kappa educational fraternity, and Chairman of the Publications Council of the University of Tennessee. l R. F. THOMASON Registrar Member of the administration since 1930 and previously Associate Head Master of McCallie School, Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Associate Professor of Latin at Southwestern University. B.A. and M.A., Tennessee. Ph.D., Peabody. Author of "The Priappea and Ovid: A Study of the Language of the Poem," and contributor to the "Journal of Classical Philology" and other periodicals. Sigma Phi Epsilon social fraternity, Phi Kappa Phi scholastic fraternity, Phi Delta Kappa and Kappa Delta Pi educational fraternities, American Association of Collegiate Registrars. . WLQSQR-1:75 il, ,J "leg i l . v ee A i ' A -.Lx iirnirx L V . 8-Y 1 ..,-f- .. L W YW V W u -fab-A--lv-AWIY, Page 36 l A.. ffm ,. li it M. l i i l 1 i i l l i "wx:-H. l i i i l l l i i i l i i li il l l i l l l l ii ll il ,l ll' Leu E l l l l 1 i l i l l i . li i. il r i l l i l A l l l . i l ,V i i il, l il ll ls ii li l r i l l l l l i i i F' Esau- ii h f-'E he . . l l l ff' L ,.J-..L L .U .Ln ii .i , -ug,-----.- - 1.5 ,- Administration and Faculty JAMES PRESTON H ESS Business Manager of the University Business Manager since 1931 and previously in charge of training dis- abled World War veterans at this university from 1919 to 1925, later trust officer of the Fidelity-Bankers Trust Company in Knoxville. B.A. and M.A., Tennessee. l versity. B.S. in Commerce, Tennessee 1 l STANLEY P. JOHNSON Secretary of the Board of Trustees Member of the administration since 1923 and now Secretary to the Board of Trustees, Publicity Director, and Assistant Professor in Public Relations. B.S. and M.A., Vanderbilt. Author of "Professor," a novel. Editor of the "University of Tennessee News Letter." Sigma Chi social fraternity, Sigma Upsilon literary fraternity' charter member of th F 't' , e ug: ive Group, a poetry club, East Tennessee Educational Association. Library Association. Y . ii .--ig-' W , , V Y l 1 Page 37 JAMES JACKSON WALKER Treasurer of the University Treasurer since 1931 and formerly instructor in accounting in the uni MARY E. BAKER Head Librarian and Professor of Library Science Head Librarian since 1923 and previously Librarian of the Missouri Valley College, Head Cataloguer of Bryn Mawr College Head Cataloguer at the University of Missouri, and Head Cataloguer of the Carnegie Library in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. A.B., Lincoln University Illinois B LS New York State Library School. Contributor to New England Historical Maga zine," "The Library Journal," and "Public Libraries D A R American Library Association, Southeastern Library Association Tennessee Library Association. Formerly President, Tennessee Library Association and Mis souri Library Association. Member of various committees for the American -..- -1 L L. ,L L" -,ff L r griigmnnn A , L Administration, and Faculty CHARLES ALBERT PERKINS Professor of Electrical Engineering Member of the faculty since i892 and previously Professor of Mathe- matics at Lawrence College, Professor of Physics at Bryn Mawr, and Pro- fessor of Science at Hampden-Sydney. A.B., Williams. Ph.D., Johns Hopkins. Author of "Outlines of Electricity and Magnetism." Contributor to various scientific journals. Tau Beta Pi engineering scholarship frater- nity, American Institute of Electrical Engineers, National Conference of Electricians. NATHAN WASHINGTON DOUGHERTY Professor of Civil Engineering Member of the faculty since l9I6 and previously instructor in Civil Engineering at Cornell University and Associate Professor of Civil Engi- neering at George Washington University. B.S. in Civil Engineering, Ten- nessee. C.E. and M.C.E., Cornell. Contributor to "Engineering News Record," "Engineering Contractor," "Manufacturers' Record," "Roads and Streets," "Proceedings of the A. S. C. E.," "Tennessee Road Builder." Phi Kappa Phi scholastic fraternity, Tau Beta Pi, engineering, Sigma Xi, scientific, A. S. C. E., Tennessee State Association of Engineers, Knoxville Technical Club, Chairman, Tennessee Board of Examiners for Engineers and Architects, Traffic Committee, National Highway Research Board, Special Assistant, Tennessee Highway Department, Former President, Southern Athletic Conference. I JOSEPH G. TARBOUX Professor of Electrical Engineering Member of the faculty since i929 and previously instructor in Mechani- cal Engineering at Clemson University, instructor in Electrical Engineering at Cornell, and Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering at Cornell. B.S., Clemson. E.E. and M.E.E., Cornell. Author of "Electrical Power Equipment." Contributor to "General Engineering Handbook," "Standard Handbook of Electrical Engineering," and "Electrical World." Pi Kappa Phi social fraternity, Phi Kappa Phi scholastic fraternity, Tau Beta Pi engineering fraternity, Eta Kappa Nu electrical engineering fraternity, A. I. E. E., Knoxville Technical Club, Second Vice-President, Formerly member of the national machinery committee of the A. I. E. E. JOHN ALBERT SWITZER Professor of Hydraulic and Sanitary Engineering Member of the faculty since i908 and previously instructor in Physics at the University of Pennsylvania, and Professor of Physics and Chemistry at the Northern Illinois State Normal College. M.E., Cornell. Contributor to "Power," "Mechanical Engineering," "Manufacturers' Record," "Southern Cities," "Cassier's Magazine," and others. Phi Kappa Phi scholastic fra- ternity, Tau Beta Pi engineering fraternity, A. S. M. E., American Water- works Association, Knoxville Technical Club, Director, Knoxville Chamber of Commerce, formerly Secretary, Southern Appalachian Conference. .g1111.1-fflQlc...J1f..ji11 A L gm, is 'Zi 'i H -- i enteritis--W-one If Page 38 I Q I ' L L I I. K .-. iz.. .,,..i.- , , I I I Administration and Faculty ROBERT CLAYTON MATTHEWS Professor of Drawing and Machine Design Member of the faculty since I907 and previously instructor in engi- neering at Illinois University. B.S. in M.E., Illinois. Contributor to, Secretary, and Treasurer of "The Bent," magazine of Tau Beta Pi. Delta Kappa Epsilon social fraternity, Phi Kappa Phi scholastic fraternity, Tau Beta Pi engineering scholastic fraternity, National Secretary and National Treasurer of Tau Beta Pi. WILLIS RAYMOND WOOLRICH Professor of Mechanical Engineering Member of the faculty since l9l6 and previously Instructor in Hy- draulics and Machine Design at DePauw University. B.S. in E.E. and M.E., Wisconsin. Author of "Handbook of Refrigerating Engineering," and "Handbook of Steam Engineering." Contributor to "Refrigerating Engi- neering," "Southern Power Journal," "Power Plant Engineering," "Heating, Piping, and Air Conditioning," "Heating and Ventilation," "Ice and Re- frigerating," and others, Phi Kappa Phi scholastic fraternity, Tau Beta Pi engineering scholastic fraternity, Eta Kappa Nu electrical engineering fra- ternity, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, The American Society of Refrigerating Engineers, the National Association of Practical Refrigerat- ing Engineers, Knoxville Technical Club, formerly Director of Educational Department, International Harvester Company, Supervisor of Night Schools, Central Y. M. C. A. of Chicago, National Processing Committee, A. S. M. E., National Research Committee, A. S. R. E. N. E. FITZGERALD Professor of Agricultural Education Member of the faculty since l9l9 and previously Instructor in Agri- cultural Education, University of Texas, Associate Professor of Agricultural Education, Texas A. and M., and Lieutenant of Field Artillery in the Great War, B.S. in Education and B.S. in Agriculture, Missouri. M.S., Cornell. Co-author of "Farm Practice Accounts," and Contributor to "Agricultural Education Magazine," and "Tennessee Education Bulletin." Acacia social fraternity, Phi Kappa Phi scholastic fraternity, and Phi Delta Kappa educational fraternity. O. W. DYNES Professor of Agronomy Member of the faculty since 1918, and previously member of faculty at Cornell University and attache of the New York State Fcod Supply Com- mission. B.S,, North Dakota State College. M.S.A., Cornell. Author of Experiment Station Bulletins and contributor to numerous Agricultural magazines. Acacia social fraternity, Phi Kappa Phi scholastic fraternity, Sigma Xi, Alpha Zeta agricultural fraternity, Tennessee Academy of Sci- ence, American Society of Agronomy, American Genetic Association, Di- rector, International Crop Improvement Association, Secretary, Tennessee Crop Improvement Association. i Il Ii fl ll ,I i I I II III :l, I I I I I IIII I I i .M I I II' II I III., II II, III I---+-M LL, ' ,,. II I I I I,l'. 'I 'II Ili 215. ll :'Ii II Ill IIII III ,. II I Ill IQI I I I I ,I Ili Il xi I: I ,II I Ii III Page 39 Il, 'V A - A ---le, . --s:s- -- ,a.-.---- -cuss-. Administration and Faculty CHARLES E. WYLIE Professor of Dairying Member of the faculty since 1916. B.S. in Agriculture, Ohio State University. A.M., Missouri. Author of "Elements of Dairying Laboratory Outline," various bulletins and circulars on Dairying. Contributor to the "Journal of Dairy Science," "Country Gentleman," "The Jersey Bulletin," "The Holstein-Friesian World," "Hoard's Dairymen," "The Progressive Farmer," and others. Pi Alpha Chi social fraternity, Eckles Club, Phi Kappa Phi scholastic fraternity, Alpha Zeta agricultural fraternity, Gamma Alpha, American Dairy Science Association, formerly Vice-President, Secre- tary and Section President. GORDON MANSIR BENTLEY Professor of Entomology Member of the faculty since 1905 and previously instructor at Union Academy, North Carolina, and at North Carolina State College. B.S.A. and M.A., Cornell, M.S., Tennessee. Author of "Insect Taxonomy" and contributor to the "Journal of Economic Entomology." Phi Kappa Phi scholastic fraternity, Sigma Xi scientific fraternity, Alpha Zeta honorary agricultural fraternity, Gamma Alpha honorary professional fraternity, American Academy for the Advancement of Science, National Educational Association, Entomological Society of America, the National Nurseryman's Association, American Association of Economic Entomologists, formerly vice-president, formerly Assistant State Entomologist for North Carolina, and now State Entomologist for Tennessee. JESSIE W. HARRIS Professor of Home Economics Member of the faculty since 1926 and previously Professor of Home Economics, Sam Houston State Teachers College, Texas State Home Demon- stration Agent, Associate Professor of Home Economics, University of Ne- braska, and State Director of Home Economics, Texas. A.B., Tennessee. B.S. and M.A., Columbia University. Phi Kappa Phi scholastic fraternity, Omicron Nu, Tennessee Educational Association, Tennessee Home Eco- nomics Association, American Home Economics Association, American Vo- cational Association. N. D. PEACOCK Professor of Horticulture B.S. in Agriculture, Purdue, M.S., Tennessee. Alpha Zeta Agricultural honor fraternity, American Pomological Society, the American Society for Horticultural Science, and various state horticultural societies. S 1' t P ee . . .-asap---L ,,.,,,,..,.,,.,-,,, , - --f A --A Q- -vwv---- -1- - - fx ---4- 14--Q... - L -,v-.,.:......,....... W 'ee 1 " E ty Page 40 fi? .Sun- Y- WY,V4YJ,,,,.-,, I, -QI , A ll Administration and Faculty MOSES JACOB Professor of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science Member of the faculty since l9OO with the exception of a short period as Professor of Veterinary Medicine at Iowa State College. V.M.D., Pennsylvania. Co-author of several experiment station bulletins and con- tributor to professional and agricultural journals. Formerly State Veteri- narian for Tennessee, Past Southern Vice-President and member of the American Society of Animal Production, Treasurer, American Veterinary Medical Association, Past President and member of the United States Live- stock Sanitary Association, Phi Zeta fraternity. CHARLES ERNEST ALLRED Professor of Agricultural Economics Member of the faculty since l9l6 and previously member of the staff of the Federal Bureau of Agricultural Economics. M.S., Cornell. Ph.D., Minnesota. Author of "Economic and Social Study of Tennessee," "Effect of Industrial Development on Rural Life in Sullivan County," "Syllabus on Tennessee," "Estimated Revenue from Certain Excise Taxes," "Tennessee, Economic and SociaI," "Study Outline on Tennessee." Sigma Phi Epsilon and Acacia social fraternities, Alpha Zeta agricultural fraternity, American Farm Economic Association, Southeastern Economic Association, and As- sociation of Southern Agricultural Economists. CLYDE HUBERT WILSON Professor of Industrial Education Member of the faculty since i925 and previously Professor of Manual Training, Eastern Kentucky State Normal School, and Professor of Industrial Arts, West Tennessee Teachers' College. B.A., Miami. B.S. in Education, Ohio State Normal College. M.S. in Education, Tennessee. Contributor to "Industrial Arts and Vocational Education Magazine," the "American Vo- cational Association News BulIetin," and "Through the Ages." Delta Upsilon social fraternity, Phi Kappa Phi scholastic fraternity, Phi Delta Kappa educational fraternity, Iota Lambda Sigma industrial education fraternity, and formerly national president, American Vocational Associa- tion, National Educational Association, Tennessee Academy of Science, Director of Apprentice Training for the National Association of Marble Dealers, and Southern Conference Football Officials' Association. GEORGE THOMAS WILHELM Director of the Department of Hygiene Member of the faculty since l922 and previously House Surgeon of a large general hospital, Lieutenant in the Medical Corps during the War, and member of the faculty of internal medicine at the University of Ten- nessee Medical College at Memphis. M.D., Tennessee. Alpha Kappa Kappa medical fraternity, American Medical Association, Tennessee Medi- cal Association, Knox County Medical Association, American Bacterialogical Association, American Public Health Association, and the American Stu- dent Health Association. Chairman of the Mississippi Valley Section of the American Student Health Association. Page 41 .lb LF Administration and Faculty A. WATT HOBT Professor of Physical Education Member of the faculty since l92l and previously Head of Physical Education Department, Wittenburg University, and Assistant Professor of Hygiene and Head of Physical Education Department, Toledo University. B.A., Ohio State. M.A., Tennessee. Author of five pamphlets on physical education published in the University Extension Series and co-author of "A Manual of Physical Education for the State of Tennessee." Sigma Phi Epsilon social fraternity, Phi Delta Kappa educational fraternity, American Physical Education Association, Society of Directors of Physical Education, Tennessee State Physical Education Association, and East Tennessee Edu- cational Association, past President. GEORGE L. FEBIGER, MAJOR, INF., U.S.A. Professor of Military Science and Tactics Member of the faculty since i932 and previously Professor of Militarv Science and Tacticsat Penn State and Instructor in the United States Army Infantry School. Alumnus, University .of Washington, graduate of United States Army Infantry School, Field Artillery School, and the Com- mand and General ,Staff School. Phi Delta Theta social fraternity, Scob- bard and Blade honorary military fraternity, Silver Star Citation in World War, and General Staff Eligibility List. PAUL WILLIAM ALLEN Professor of Bacteriology Member of the faculty since 1923 and previously Professor of Chem- istry, State Normal School, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Associate in Bacteriology at University of Illinois, Lecturer at Coe College, Iowa, and Professor at Graduate Bacteriology at Washington State College. B.S., St. Lawrence University. M.S., Cornell. Ph.D., Illinois University. Author of a "Food Microbiology Manual," "Microbiology Laboratory Manual," "Industrial Fermentations," and "The Story of Microbes." Contributor to "Outdoor America," "Nature Magazine," "Journal of Infectious Diseases," "Journal of Bacteriology," and "Abstracts in Bacteriology." Alpha Tau Omega social fraternity, Phi Kappa Phi honorary fraternity, Sigma Xi scientific fraternity, Rotary Club, Society of American Bacteriologists, American Association for the Advancement of Science. LEXEMU EL RAY HESLER Professor of Botany Member of the faculty since l9l9 and previously Assistant Professor in Plant Pathology, Cornell University, and special field agent for the United States Department of Agriculture. B.A., Wabash. Ph.D., Cornell. Author of "Manual of Fruit Diseases," and "Laboratory Outlines in Plant Pathol- ogy." Editor of "Phytopathology," the organ of the American Phyto- pathological Society and contributor to "Phytopathology," "American Agri- culturist," the "Journal of the Tennessee Academy of Science," Mycol- ogia," and others. Kappa Sigma social fraternity, Phi Kappa Phi scho- lastic fraternity, Sigma Xi scientific fraternity, Alpha Zeta agricultural fraternity, Gamma Alpha scientific fraternity, American Association for the Advancement of Science, Botanical Society of America, American Phyto- pathological Society, and Tennessee Academy of Science, past President. Q II.?! I I Page 42 Administration and Fa CHARLES OTIS HILL Professor of Chemistry Member of the faculty since i898. B.A. and M.S., Tennessee. Ph.C., University of Michigan. Organizer of the Pharmacy Department of the University of Tennessee at Memphis. Author of several class room pamph- lets on chemistry and co-author of several United States Government Bul- letins on nutrition. Phi Kappa Phi scholastic fraternity, charter member, Alpha Chi Sigma chemical fraternity, Phi Delta Chi chemical pharma- ceutical fraternity, American Chemical Society, Chairman of the East Ten- nessee Section, American Chemical Society. culty 22.1 THEODORE WESLEY GLOCKER Professor of Economics and Sociology and Head of the School of Commerce Member of the faculty since l9l3 and previously instructor in Eco- nomics at Johns Hopkins, Assistant Director of Research at the Boston School of Social Work, and Associate Professor of Sociology at the Saint Louis School of Philanthropy. B.A. and Ph.D., Johns Hopkins. Author of "Government of American Trade Unions," "Problems and Exercises on ln- vestments," and co-author of "Studies in American Trade Unions." Con- tributor to the "American Economic Review" and other periodicals. Sigma Chi social fraternity, Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi honor fraternities, Delta Sigma Pi commerce fraternity, Tau Kappa Alpha oratorical fraternity, American Economic Association, American Association of University Pro- fessors, and committee service on both latter organizations. CHARLES BELL BURKE Professor of Engl ish Member of the faculty since l909 and previously Professor of English at Union University and at Adelphi University. B.L., Vanderbilt. A.B., Harvard, Ph.D., Cornell. Author of "The Selected Poems of Christina Rossetti." Kappa Sigma social fraternity, Past National President, Phi Kappa Phi scholastic fraternity, Modern Language Association, and Ten- nessee Philological,Club. GEORGE MARTIN HALL Professor of Geology Member of the faculty since i926 and previously instructor in Geology at Johns Hopkins University. B.A. and Ph.D., Johns Hopkins. Author of "Ground Water in Yellowstone and Treasure Counties, Montana," and Junior author of "Fire Clays in Maryland." Contributor to the "Journal of the Tennessee Academy of Science," "Bulletin of the Geological Society of America," and the "Pan-American Geologist." Sigma Xi scientific frater- nity, Gamma Alpha scientific fraternity, Geological Society of America, The American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers, the'Miri- eralogical Society of America, and the Society of Economic Geologists. l IP Qfcfllf 'iiiizi Y E W J Php-,,..,1,. W? l i i ' f------ , Page 43 I 1 I " 'r----er-Y-.-,., Y , 'i+- Y - -w 7 -- YH- MLW2- L- ---Li -Y - Administration and Faculty JOHN LOUIS KIND Professor of Germanic Languages Member of the faculty since I928 and previously Assistant in German. Columbia University, Associate Professor of German, University of Wis- consin. A.B. and A.M., Nebraska. Ph.D., Columbia. Author of "The Influence of the Greek in the Coining of Gothic Compounds," "Edward and The Goethe Society of America. ASHTON WAUGH MCWHORTER Professor of Latin and Roman Archeology Member of the faculty since l923 and previously instructor in Greek and Latin at George. Washington University, and Professor of Greek at Hampden-Sydney College. A.B., Roanoke College. A.M., and Ph. D., Johns Hopkins. Contributor to the "Virginia Journal of Education" and other periodicals. Phi Beta Kappa scholastic fraternity, Sigma Upsilon literary fraternity, Tau Kappa Alpha oratorical fraternity, American Philol- ogical Association, The American Classical League, and the Classical As- sociation of the Middle West and South. Young in Germany," and critical editions of GriIIparzer's "Sappho" and "Des Meeres und der Liebe WelIen." Delta Tau Delta social fraternity, i Phi Beta Kappa scholastic fraternity, The Innocents, The Roundtable Club, I :III I,ll2 .Wi Els li-I, llill Iiil' II. ill. III ll' Ill' ,ZZM w Z, I I K. lgll I . if ll I I I JOHN BASCOM HAMILTON Professor of Mathematics Member of the faculty since l906 and previously head of a school in El Paso, Texas. B.A., Texas. M.A., Chicago. Co-author of a "High School Algebra" and an unpublished text on trigonometry used at the University of Tennessee. Irving Club in Knoxville. AXEL BRETT Professor of Philosophy and Psychology Member of the faculty since l923 and previously instructor in Swedish Language and Literature at the University of Minnesota, and Instructor in Philosophy at the University of Illinois. A.B., Gustavus Adolphus. M.A., University of Minnesota. Ph.D., Illinois. Post-graduate work University of Upsala in Sweden and in I9l4 and l9l'5 traveling scholar for the American Scandinavian Foundation. Phi Sigma Kappa social fraternity, Phi Delta Kappa educational fraternity, Fellow of the American Academy for the Advancement of Science, Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology. .mud ..., 'v . , E Page 44 I ll yg' ll ill li. I .i. If si, il. all ll ill Ili --'H P-f-ff NP Administration and Faculty KENNETH LA DOYT HERTEL Associate Professor of Physics Member of the faculty since 1926. B.E., Ohio State University. Ph,D., University of Chicago. Contributor to "Physical Review," and various other scientific periodicals. Theta Chi social fraternity, Tau Beta Pi engi- neering fraternity, Pi Mu Epsilon mathematics fraternity, Sigma Xi scien- tific fraternity, American Physical Society. FRAN K FLAVI US FRANTZ Professor of Romance Languages Member of the faculty since 1916 and previously Professor of French at Peabody College, Professor of Modern Languages at Central College, Missouri, and Professor of Romance Languages at-Vanderbilt University. A.B., Central College. M.A. and Ph.D., Vanderbilt. Author of "Oreste dans la Tragedie Francaise." Editor of an edition of "Noiraud of Halevy." Sigma Nu social fraternity, Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi scholastic fraternities. EDWIN BOOTH POWERS Professor of Zoology Member of the faculty since 1923 and previously Head of the Depart- ment of Biology, Trinity University in Texas, Assistant Professor of Biology, Colorado College, Instructor in Biology, Nebraska University, Associate Professor of Anatomy and Embryology, University of Tennessee Medical College. A.B., Trinity. M.S., Chicago. Ph.D., Illinois. Graduate work at Cambridge, England. Associate Editor of "Ecology." Contributor to "Ecology," "The Anatomical Record," "Science," "The American Journal of Physiology," "The Biochemical Journal," "The Journal of Mammology," and "The American Naturalist." Sigma Xi scientific fraternity, American Association for the Advancement of Science, The American Society of Zoologists, The Ecological Society of America, The American Microscopical Society, and the Tennessee Academy of Science. President of the Ecological Society of America. DAVID RUSSELL LEE Professor of Greek and Greek Archeology Member of the faculty since 1916 and previously instructor in Latin at Indiana University, Professor of Greek and Latin at Central College, Missouri, and Professor of Classical Literature at Chattanooga University. A.B. and A.M., Albion College. A.M., Indiana University. Ph.D., Uni- versity of Wisconsin. Author of "Child Life, Adolescence, and Marriage in Greek New Comedy and Plautus." Sigma Nu social fraternity, American Philological Association, Classical Association of the Middle West and South, and the Rhodes, Scholarship Commission for Tennessee. i , " pi. -ie-m,..W,n, - TQ was '--- if Page 45 I 1 f " 7, .. ,,,,,Y f--'A""' I XWY?.f::f' Q T Agfa-YY f 1 ii! L' -ga.. ., , I ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Williston Cox, Knoxville -------- J. P. Hess, Knoxville - - Dr. Oliver Hill, Knoxville - .- Y VICE-PRESIDENTS, WEST TENNESSEE Marion Boyd, Memphis Mary Maude McClanahan, Jackson VICE-PRESIDENTS, MIDDLE TENN ESSEE Austin Peay, Jr., Clarksville Mrs. Jennie Garth Motlow, Lynchburg VICE-PRESI DENTS, EAST TENNESSEE Sam J. McAIlester, Chattanooga Mrs. Agnes Carter Rogers, Johnson City VICE-PRESIDENT AT LARGE James N. Cox, Cookeville EXECUTIVE SECRETARIES Victor M. Davis, Knoxville Ralph Frost, Knoxville DIVISION EDITORS R. E. Haney, Memphis Division Myrtle Harris Phillips, Martin Division Y W1-q.g':fg-Y L V1 - - President - Treasurer Sec reta ry I I I I I I I I 4 XT A ll' Page 46 I I THE TENNESSEE SYMBOL "Back of all of the traditions of Tennessee is the spirit of the State as symbolized by the word 'Volunteer' The term has always been used to honor the State whose men have so readily responded to its call. The symbol represents a youth holding high a torch of intellectual and spiritual liberty. The figure portrays the spirit of volunteer service not only in time of war but in the economic, social, intel- lectual and spiritual development of the Commonwealth. The Torch is a University tradition, the Volunteer is a tra- dition of both the University and the State." The following excerpts have been taken from the sculp tor's interpretation of his work: "The Volunteer stands well poised with one foot back, suggestive of dignified and determined forward motion .... The Torch is the symbol of enlightenment. The sword, symbol of security, is partially concealed in the folds of the mantle to denote preparedness for defensive rather than of- fensive strife, The winged victory, borne on the left, is the symbol of success in the sense that the individual bears within himself the qualities which lead him to make the most of his opportunities ..,. The Volunteer is intended to be forever a symbol of principles and not the transitory senti- mentality. l-lence it should never become antique in thought or meaning." Page 47 l-IE teachers of the land have in times past, as well as now, suf- fered from difficulties ranging from poverty to considerable physical peril in their zeal to perpetuate learn- ing and make possible the onward march of civilization. 1 SENIORS ALVIN BEAMAN Presld T fth S CI I I T 4' I E x i 'AT' ,fl I wzgg i I I WILLIAM T. ABERNATHY SELMER Law Sigma Chi Phi Kappa Phi. MALCOLM AITKEN MEMPHIS Commerce Sigma Chi Scarabbean, President, All-Students Club, '32-'33, President, Junior Class, President, Sophomore Class, Fresh- man Football, '29, Varsity Football, '30-'32, Captain, '32, "T" Club, gghheeyayli Governing Board, '31- KATHERINE ALBRIGHT GALLATIN Home Economics ROBERT F, ALLEN MEMPHIS Mechanical Engineering Pi Kappa Phi Carnicus, '30-'33, General Manager, '33, Business Manager, Tennessee Engineer, '32-'33, Beaver Club, '29- '3O, Scabbard and Blade, A.C.E., Vice-President, '32-'33, Interfrater- nity Council, '31-'33, Captain, R.O. T.C., '32-'33, A.S.M.E. Page 52 EUGEN IA ALLISON KNOXVI LLE Liberal Arts Y. W. C. A., '29 - '30, Orange and White, '29-'32, Mugwump, '29-'32, Advertising Manager, '31-'32, Ten- nessee Players, '31-'33. MARTIN L. ALPHIN KNOXVILLE Agriculture J. C. AMOS SODDY Agriculture Tennessee Farmer, Ag Club, Presi- dent, '33, Barnwarmin' Staff, As- sistant Manager, '32, ANNA K. ARMSTRONG KNOXVILLE Liberal Arts Kappa Delta Theta Tau Pi, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, '30-'31, Girls' Rifle Team, 31-'33 Girls' Tennis Champion, '30-'3l. I l I :I ,refine S , T fs N- A--se .---. A , ,.., I ,.-.,.--W---A-j--i-i DOROTHY ARMSTRONG HE'-EN BA'-DW'N KNOXVILLE KSIOXVILLE Education ucohon Delta Delta Delta Secretary, Senior Class, '32-'33, President, Woman's Glee Club: Deuts- cher Vereinp Tennessee Players, Classical Club. RHEA ARMSTRONG MAI BANKS ROGERSVILLE PINE BLUFF, ARKANSAS Chemical Engineering Liberal Arts First Lieutenant, R.O.T.C., '32-'33. Chlomega Classical Club, Secretary-Treasurer, '32-'33, Transfer, University of Ar- kansas. MERLE ARNOTT HAZEL BARGER PERSIA BIG SPRING Education Home Economics Phi Kappa Phi, Lewisohn Scholar- ship, '32-'33, Tennessee Scribblers, '29-'32, Home-Ec Club. 1 l ELIZABETH BALDWIN KNOXVILLE Education iv I l CHARLES BARTON JELLICO Liberal Arts lil Iv Page 53 ELOISE BASS BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Home Economics Alpha Delta Pi Band Sponsor, '32-'335 Sponsor,Com- pany'F, R.O.T.C., 'Bl-'32p Pan-Hel- lenic Council, '32-'33p Zebra Club: Home-Ec Club, Mugwurnp Business Staff, '30-I32. HELEN BATSON MARIETTA, SOUTH CAROLINA Home Economics Orchestra, '30-'32, Home-Ec Club, gg-'33g Chemistry Assistant, '32- ALVIN G. BEAMAN KNOXVILLE Commerce Phi Gamma Delta Scarabbeang President, Senior Classy All-Students Club Council, '32-'33, lntertraternity Council, '32-'33g Nahheeyayli Governing Board, Treas- urer, '32-'33, Secretary, Cooperative Book Storeg Secretary, Junior Classy Major, Second Battalion, R.O.T.C., '32-'33p Drum Major, R.O.T.C. Band, '29 - '32g Winner, Pershing Rifle Medal, '32. RUTH BEARD KNOXVILLE Liberal Arts Theta Tau Pi Y .-S-1. Y - YY, I MFL. s A 3 2 fr 1 1 L2--.f-3--e JOE D. BEASLEY McMlNNVlLLE Agriculture Alpha Zeta Ag Representative, All-Students Club Council, '32-'33p Vice-Presl- dent, Ag Club, '32j Y.M.C.A. Cab- inet, '3l-'33g Distribution Manager, Tennessee Farmer, '32-'33. LII III A in 'II'+'E3zl TLTIQ-IE III III III III III III I I I I I I I III I I I I I I I I I I I III I III I I II I I III I I III I I III I ALBERT BEDINGER I III I KNOXVILLE I I I I Mechanical Engineering I I II I Pi Kappa Alpha I I I A.SIM.E.g A.C.E. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II I I I I I I I I I I I I,,I1,I IW"I" aI ,LIT-I I I I I I I I JOHN BEENE I I I I I APIsoN I I II I Agriculture I I I I Dairy Cattle Judging Team, '32. I I I I I I I I I III I I I II II I III I I IIS I I III' I III I I III I I II I I II I III I I I I II I I I II AGNES PARALEE BLAKE I SALE CREEK I I I Home Economics I I Home-Ec Club. I I I I I I I I I I I I ' I I II III I I I I I I III , ,.,.,g,.kf-if-L?-:K---1 G-tx Afifi- aT V I , NIIIL. Page 54 'M"'2'Tf,fQffQlTl?,.-Adu, TW I'II IT If I I I :II I I II I II I I I I I II I, I II I II I I I I I II III III I I I II III. III I I II I I II II ,II III II I I I I .II I I I I "F Hifi-- Y F. .seede 4, 1. -iQQ.:s:'r, --,Ye . W, J. DURELLE BOLES ALPINE Law Orange and Whiteg Fellowship Group: Scribe, '30-'33, Supervisor and Win- ner of Award, '31, President of Scribblers, '32-'33. LANDRUM R. BOLLING KNOXVILLE Liberal Arts Scarabbean, Phi Kappa Phig Phi Eta Sig m ag Sigma Upsilong Editor, Orange and White, '32-'33, Varsity Debater, '31-'33, Carnicusp Y.M. C.A. Cabinetp Chairman, Senior Fi- nance Committee. 'fgffngl I I --Ag.---Vg W H --as-,Z-,...,,,,.e..,,,g - 4--A I severe L, .qs ,,---.......,-..+,T,,. eaae- , ,..,e.:.':. - c.,V,.ce-,ee-,.-s I THOMAS GORDON BOUNDS I KNOXVILLE Liberal Arts Varsity Football, '30-'32, "T" Club. I I II I II I IIQ I I . I I , I I PAGE BORDEN I I g KNOXVILLE I ' I Liberal Arts I Zeta Tau Alpha I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I III III II III ,,,r I f- L-Jw - 'T3'55?ZiTl l-N 4-f--'- -- A mf- I VII J. CLYDE BOWLES KNOXVILLE Civil Engineering Sigma Nu Beaver Club: Mugwump Business Staffg Volunteer Business Staff: Tennessee Engineer Business Staffp Carnicusp A.5.C.E.f A.C.E. ' HAZEL BOWMAN KNOXVILLE Liberal Arts Chi Omega Orange and White, '29-'33, Society Editor, '33, Mugwump '29-'30, Vol- unteer, '29-'33, Compiling Editor, '32-'33. JOHN BOY BYINGTON Liberal Arts PANSI LEE BRADY KNOXVILLE Home Economics I III ,II I I I I III III III I I I. II, III III ,Il I II II I I II I I QI II II III III III III II' II 'I III II I JII II III 'II III I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II I ,,,,,, I -I I I I I , I II III II II II III III II I. II' II II, I III II II I I II: III III I I I I III I II- I l I I I I ' I I I . III III I I. II I.I ,If 'II III II II I I I I I I I I ,III I , ,,, g,,,,,,g Y, Wgm, ,fgen ,e,,,,,t,g. .,.c...,s., Page VII III I , e'rI' I Iv I I II' fts GRAY BRANDON DOVER Liberal Arts ARNIM BRANN KNOXVILLE Agriculture Pi Kappa Alpha NINA BREAZEALE LENOIR CITY Education Phi Kappa Phi, Transfer, University of Arizona, Riverside Junior College, California. ELMO M. BREWER CHATTANOOGA Electrical Engineering lil I. ,sl l Page M. R. BRIMER BYINGTON Chemical Engineering Alpha Chi Sigma. JOSEPHINE BROMLEY OOLTEWAH Liberal Arts Kappa Delta Cap and Gown, Volunteer, '31-'33: Sorority Editor, '32-'33, O:ange and White, '30-'33, Mugwump, '29-'30, Pan-Hellenic Council '31-'33, Secree tary, '31-'32, Vice-President, '32s '33, Tennessee Players, '30-'32, W.S.G.A., '31-'33, President, Henson Hall, '32-'33, Sponsor, Company B, R.O.T.C., '32-'33. HOWARD FREEMAN BROOK KNOXVILLE Civil Engineering Scobbord and Blade, '31-'33, Cap- tain, 'Bl-'32, Pershing Rifles, '29- '33, Captain, '30-'31, Colonel, R.O. T.C., '32-'33, A.S.C.E., '30-'33, Treasurer, '30-'3l, Secretary, '31- '32j President, '32-'33, A.C.E., Treasurer, '32-'33, JOHN F. BROWNLOW KNOXVILLE Liberal Arts Kappa Sigma Scabbard and Blade, Pershing Rifles, Captain, Company B, R.O. T.C., '32-'33, Volunteer Business Staff, '29-'33, Rifle Team, '32-'33- -Y M "H-315.-L. L... all!! 1 l i i l l i ' i l l l l l l l ,...i-. . iii' Jvain- fi i i A ill fx A ROBERT BRUCE ATHENS Agriculture Phi Kappa Phi, Ag Club, Tennessee Farmer. EVELYN BRYAN KNOXVILLE Liberal Arts ROSS BRYAN MANCHESTER Agriculture Phi Pi Phi Intramural Manager, '32-'33, Barn- wormin' Staff, '32, Entomological Club, '30-'3l, Pershing Rifles: Ag Club. GENEVA BUCHANAN CHILHOWEE Home Economics Junior Hockey Team, Soccer Team: Baseball Team, Basketball Team: Home-Ec Club. i -4' Y e f i l ev,-Q-eff ill V sill l Page -Lf L, J, 11123.-4 ,s,, , CORRENIA BUCK OLIVER SPRINGS Home Economics WILLIAM H. BUNDY ERWIN Mechanical Engineering Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma. HAROLD BURKHART KNOXVILLE Agriculture WARD M. BURLESON JOHNSON CITY Mechanical Engineering Sigma Nu Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pig Phi Eta Sigma, Vice-President, '30-'Sig Junior Engineering Award: Junior Faculty Scholarship, A.S.M.E.g A.C.E. l l ii' ,ii fli A, ll l l l l i i i i l 'i ii l l li li i i, 1, l l J l i 4 , el l i l l r I i i l i l I W, lp ll I l l. l i l l il li l l l l ll 'l ll ii l i i l v l fag-A was -'RWE if li 'ii i rl A A B A D -..ff 'f-l'1.. Y V -f l l X CECIL L. BURROS l KNoxvlLLE ' Chemical Engineering l l ' Delta Sigma Phi l T gcaptain, Company F, R.O.T.C., 'so l l l f i l ,i i L l lx i , l' MARGARET BURTON ' BROWNSVILLE Home Economics Zeta Tau Alpha Sponsor, First Battalion, R.O.T.C., Pan Hellenic Council '31- '32-'335 - , '33, W.S.A.C.g Home-Ec Club: Vol unteer, '29-'33. WADE E. BUTCHER MAYNARDSVILLE Agriculture ,N Alpha Zeta, Ag Club, Basketball, -LL L e --e-..s.-'L L MARGARET RICE CALDWELL BRISTOL Liberal Arts Delta Delta Delta Glee Club, '31-'33, Business Man- ager, '31-'32, Vice-President, '32- MAURY CALVERT CULLEOKA ,i Commerce I Pi Kappa Alpha l, Beaver Club, '29-'30, Secretary, l Tennessee Engineer. f l l HELEN CAMP l KNOXVILLE Home Economics Alpha Omicron Pi l , '30-'31, B warmin' Staff, '32. T T l am Phi Kappa Phi, vice-Presidenfp Cap and Gown, Home-Ec Club: Volun- Teer Business Staff, '30-'32, Pan- Hellenic Council '32-'33, Treasurer, '32-'33. l i l ' l i lv l li j 1 9 I T i P E'-'ZABETH CAFFEY GEORGE s. CAMPBELL , l KNOXVIU-E CHATTANOOGA , l-'bam' Arts Mechanical Engineering Alpha Omicron Pi Sigma Chi , Orange and White. Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pi. l l l Q 1 l 1 ill ill A J-..-.,L:,, ij- L L 1 i , Y -7-um , ' '45 Q Z., Ev !,- ' ' Y f Y Q l l Page 58 Al -ig-f-'en - - 1-1 uae - mv -- l 11l Q11 11 111, 11" ill ll1 1l W1 11 l l 1 l ll l1 11 111 l'll 1 1 1 1 l 1 1 1 l l 1 l 1 1 l 1'1 1 Y ...,... img l111i ll lf 1. l l l 1 l l 1 1 1 l 1 l l 1 1 1 1. I 1 is-,Aa l 1 HELEN CANADAY HENDERSON Home Economics Sigma Kappa LILLIE CANNON INSKIP Education GLEN CARD SODDY Agriculture WADE CARDEN CLINTON Commerce -+4----t-'He--.--VV-Y-1---,-...1g2L::a:Li.,,,,.-,,na, ,W ,A 4- HY, W Y 'Q '11 1111 1-11 1ll1 111, 11 1111 ll 111, lvl 1,l 1ll 1111 ,1l1 111 l1 11 FI 11, li ll l1 ll il lx l l: ll' w 'l1 ll ,fl lived? if 11 lb .,,,.., ,, U 11, 1h ,eeean L1. ., ,LW .miliigpgelea-Tiigjdi- . A Q 1l1l 1l'1 11 . , 1 l 1 1 l L 1 1 1 ' WORTH CARR 1 1cNoxv11.LE 1 Q 1 Agriculture ' l 1 g , l l1 1 l l ' l l ,, 1' 1 11 1 l 1l1 1 ,, l 1 111 1 1 1x1 1 1 11 1 l lil l 1 'l 1 LOIS CHASTAlN ll KNOXVILLE 1 1l 1 Education lj l Q, P111Mu 1 Q l1 ? Y.W.C.A.g Masquers Club: Orange l l li and Whitey Deutscher Verein. 1 l 1 1, '11,- ,mk ,eleeelce L 'qe-'---Yum, J 1 an'-'i-+C Ea., Page 59 MARY LYNCH CHESNUTT KNOXVILLE Home Economics ANNE CLAPP KNOXVILLE Home Economics Alpha Delta Pi Egugnnsor, Company E, R.0.T.C., '52- 1 Ale 1 l l 1 1 1 el-ef 1 L H+-ta 1 1 1 1 , ,,,.A-.., ljf 135 lil L 1 11 li , 111: 1l1i 1lfj ll1I 1lE1 ,111 11,1 ill llll 11 I ll li l 1l ll ll ll il 111 Viijzii-. 15" llj SARALEE CLARK KNOXVILLE Liberal Arts Delta Zeta WALTER CLARK KNOXVILLE Education Lambda Chi Alpha - ' -' ' French iizcifrlifttgisf5'G2iiieniSiqf,33ia.o.t.c., '32-'33. MILTON L. CLEMENS KNOXVILLE Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Sigma First Lieutenant, R.O.T.C., '32-'33 HAL CLEMENTS, JR. KNOXVlLLE Law Sigma Chi Phi Delta Phi, Manager of Football, '30-'31, "T" Club, President, '32- '33 ' LUCIAN G. COCKRILL COVINGTON Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, A.l.E.E., Tennessee Engineer. KENNETH COILE KNOXVILLE Education Phi Delta Kappa, President, '32- '33, Glee Club, Student Assistant in Physical Education, First Lieutenant, R.O.T.C., '32-'33. R. L. COOPER UNIONVILLE Agriculture Ag Club, Student Assistant in Bac- teriology, Freshman Track, '30, COLUMBUS C. CORNETT KNOXVILLE Chemical Engineering Alpha Chi Sigma, Scabbard and Blade, Tennessee Engineer, '31, Men's Glee Club, '32-'33, Assistant Manager, '32-'33, Orange and White, '29-'30, First Lieutenant, R.O.T.C., '32-'33. l i Page 60 ' A. WILLIAM COX SEYMOUR Liberal Arts Pi Kappa Alpha Freshman Football, Varsity Football, '29-'32, "T" Club, Varsity Base bsaglp All-Students Club Council '32 ROBERT CRAIG KNOXVILLE Liberal Arts BRICE CROW DICKSON Commerce I Y Q.,-i . R. D. CULVAHOUSE KNOXVILLE Liberal Arts ED DALSTROM, JR. MEMPHIS Law Della Tau Delta I I MARTHA DANIELS X KNOXVILLE Home Economics Alpha Delta Pi Pan-Hellenic Council, '32-'335 Vice- 2 President, Home-Ec Club, '32-'33, Mugwump Business Staff, '30-'31, Tennis Doubles Champion, '32. I CHARLES R. CRUMPTON ANNA MAE DAWS ,ATHENS , CANTON, NORTH CAROLINA Chemical Engineering Education Alpha Chi sigma, Tau Beta Pi. KGPPO Della Glee Club: Tennessee Players: Orange and White, Transfer, Weaver Col- lege. fi P Page 61 1' AV- 11 1 -, W A 1 E A A A A A 1 1 A ag? 4 A xmdtrr so 1, ,ff ' l1. A ,Ae A.--Ergo " ,D D D D ,E , E, , , 1 1, 1-, D D -,-.. -Z,,-,,:1LZfTiQf'rf. 11-Af-A---JA-4 UA-ffl-IQPDLTP " A A A , , Y " - -'A ,M 1 1 - A A---ff""f' 'Wi' Y 11, ,,,, ,DNA 'nat 111 ,, , 1 :W 11 1 111 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 C.E.DAVB T.A.mAZ 111 CHATTANOOGA PONCE, PORTO RICO 1 1 1 1 Liberal Arts Agriculture 1 1 Delta Sigma Pip Glee Club, '29-'33, Delta Sigma Phi 1 1 1 5us1ne?3 Manager, 32, Vice-PreSI- Scabbard and Bladep Pershing Riflesy 1 1 1 an ' ' Phi Epsilong lnterfraternity Council: 1 1 l Barnwarmin' Staff, '325 Orange and 1 1 1 White Business Staff, '3lg Ag Club, 1 ' 1 '29-'33g Second Lieutenant, Regi- 1 1 mental Staff, R.O.T.C. 1 1 1 1 1 111 1 1 1 - 1 111 1 1 11 1 111 1 1 1 l 11: 1 '11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 111 MARY DAVIS MRS. MARY M. DOMINICK 1 111 1 1 1 BIRCHWOOD KNOXVILLE 1 1 1 1 Home Economics L'bem1Ar15 1 ' Alpha Omicron Pi 1 1 1 1 1 Vice-President, Freshman Class: 1 1 1 Carnicus, '31-'32g Orange and 1 1 1 . White '29-'325 Volunteer Business 1 1 1 1 Staff, '29-'32. - 1 1 1 l 1 1 l 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 'P DQL- 1 , We 1 41 ,,. 1 1AA-1-Au 1 11 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 HARWET DEANE GEORGE DONALD DUKE 1 1 1 KNOXVILLE MARTIN 1 1 1 1 1 Liberal Arts Education 1 1 1 Ch'Ome9C' Sigma Phi Epsilon 1 1 1 1 Phi Kappa Phig Cap and Gown: 1 1 1 Managing Editor, Volunteer, '3l- 1 1 1 1 '325 Orange and White, '30-'321 1 1 1 Vice - President, Sophomore Classy 1 1 1 1 Y.W.C.A., Vice-President, '32-'33g 1 11 1 W.S.A.C.g Pan-Helienr Council, '31- 1 1 1 1 '33, Secretary, '32 - '33g Sponsor, ' 1 1 1 D second Bqfmlion, R.O.T.C., '32-'33: 1 111 1 11 Deutscher Verein, Cha'rman, Senior 1 11 1 1,1 Invitations Committee. 1 1 1 1 W 1 1 1 11 1 111 111 11 11 1 1 1 1 1 11 1, 1 1 JACK DEMPSTER NANCY ANN DUKE 1 ' 1 1 ' KNOXVILLE ASHLAND CITY 1 1 Mechanical Engineering 1-1be1'C'1A"15 1 Delta Tau Delta Y.W.C.A., '33, Classical Club, '33: 1 I Transfer, Austin Peay Normal 1 1 l School: "All State" Staff, '3l, As- 1 1 1 1 sociate Editor, '32g Y.W.C.A.,Presi- 1 1 1 dent, '32, Dramatic Club, '325 Base- 1 1 1 ball Team, '3l-'32. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 111 l 1 1 1 1 1' 111 1h 1 1 ' 1 41 1U 111 A-A 171 11 ,,,,-,fAA' ,-, "' - - 11 W,,,,DeAfA-f-'Et "ily ,,,,-A A 1 AAi A f 'L+ ,...1T2??lA'QEi A i!SA A--A AAA--f1:3E?fA'3iAA Q AA f'-- - A A A - -- A f--- - -mf" m"mijjj,ilA A 1' A' 7.111-A v11 XAAAS- ae, A- 1 A A A A A 11" 1-1 im- 4, u,,., 11 111 1 Page 62 1 ,WV . we riifif I K ' SARAH DUKE I I ASHLAND clTY Liberal Arts ' Scribblers, '33, Le Cercle Francais, '33, Transfer, Austin Peay Normal: Basketball, '30-'31, "All State" I Staff, Dramatic Club. I . I I l TOM DUKE DUNLAP HUMBOLDT Law Sigma Alpha Epsilon Scarabbean, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, President, '30-31, Wearer , Senior Toga, lnterfraternity Coun- , I cil, '31-'33, President, '32-'33, Vol- unteer, '29-'33, Managing Editor, ' '32-'33, Publication Council, '32- , '33, Carnicus, Junior Prom Commit- . tee' Scarabbean So homore Award' , D f ' ' Freshman Scholarship Award. I f I fa- . I , ,"::-511, he , , , , CLYDE E. DYER FOUNTAIN CITY Electrical Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha A.I.E.E., Vice - President, '3l - '32, I Baseball, '29-'30, "T" Club. ELIZABETH EDWARDS KNOXVILLE Liberal Arts Tennessee Players, President, Deuts- cher Verein, '32- '33, Le Cercle Francais, Editorial Assistant, Orange and White, President, College Poetry Society, '32-'33, Y.W.C.A., '32-'33, International Forum, Freshman De- bating, '29-'30, Theta Tau Pi, Var- sity Debating for Women, '30-'31, East Tennessee Historical Society, Carnicus. 1 I I 7 E- '-- DUNNAVANT MADELEINE EDWARDS 3 l E'-KTON CLARKSVILLE gommerce E Liberal Arts , Pl Kappa Phi Chi omega Phi Kappa Phi, Scribblers, '32, Ten- ' W nessee Players, '32, President of ' I , Chamberlain House, '32, President, , Cap and Gown, 33, Deutscher Ver- ein, '33, LeCercle Francais, '33, Y.W.C.A., Social Service Chairman, '33, International Forum '33, I I .x ,N I W 3 1 - I ' ' HAROLD D. DURRETT MILDRED ELKINS NASHVILLE DRESDEN Electrical Engineering Liberal Arts Sigma NU Sigma Kappa gQ2q'Eg'n5"g55RCgL+"g:'Yf,g2fagapfflln Vice-President, New Strong Hall. D D A iifT'Ti'i e---Lg,, lf -ir -f----1-af? YT" 'T , , il :jg -li53..., .iifffl Q.,.,. vw 3------L H. so D I , 3 f A lf Page 63 --mesa" ' T l .... ,.,,,.F, . ,.., g gg VW' X .-. A. .v A ill li.. 'fi:,....-,,. L JOHN ARTHUR EWING M. HELENA FLANAGAN i EUCHEE KNOXVlLLE Agriculture Education Pi Kappa Alpha Ag Club, Tennessee Farmer: Barn- warmin' Staff. l l MONTEREY FINLEY LEON FOOSHEE KNOXVU-'-E KNOXVILLE T Educcmon Liberal Arts Theta Tau Pi, Treasurer, '325 Hik- ing Club, Y.W.C.A. l l i ' l l . i 3 j J 4 l J. WILEY FINNEY RUTH FORESEE NASHVILLE GREENBACK Electrical Engineering Liberal Arts Lambda Chi Alpha Phi Mu Tau Beta Pig lnterfraternity Coun- 1 , cil, 'Sl-'32, Pershing Rifles: A.l. ' E.E. l THOMAS O. FITZGERALD KNOXVILLE BRUCE E. FOSTER Agriculture KNOXVILLE Tennessee Representative to Gypsy Law Moth Biological Research Labora- SigmaAlpha Epsilon I2Xgef'3El'0Sgo'Q'i'2g'OQf1f5m"Q,?j,j'I'Wflg smmbbeqm Phi Della 1Phi:' sailor, Light-Heavyweight Boxing Cham- Tennessee Law Rewewf 32' 33- pion, '32, Chairman, Entomology Club, '32, Varsity Track, Chairman, Non-Frats, '33, Ag Club. l i l "n'if?'Fil'f'jjff-:V-Y Y -A Q'--:gf-fiE'si'VE'Qff,fEY ,,,,,,,,,Y , gn Y TT STTAiiT,QiTTT' T X" ' -'-- ...js V 'Ti SM emsgfj N' 'ss Xi . A fe ETTWW niQL:.e ffiiik f for fe ev' Page 64 -r1,--g-- ...uf , , gil I LUCILE FRANCIS KNOXVILLE Liberal Arts Delta Delta Delta Glee Club, Deutscher Verein. JOHN FRANKLIN COVINGTON Agriculture Scarabbean, Phi Kappa Phi, Fresh- man Scarobbean Award, Sophomore Alpha Zeta Award, Junior "T" Club Scholarship Award, Varsity Foot- ball, '30-'32, Varsity Track, '31- '33, "T" Club, Boxing, '29. PAULINE FRANKLIN FOUNTAIN CITY Home Economics Home-Ec Club, Theta Tau Pi, Sec- rsgary, '32-'33, Soccer Team, '32- ALLEN B. FULLER NASHVILLE Civil Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha Cross Country Team, '3l-'33, Fresh- man Track, Varsity Track, '31-'33, Varsity Rifle Team, '29-'31, R.O. T.C. Rifle Team, '29-'33, Captain, '32, Scabbard and Blade, Pershing Rifles, Colonel Fourth Regiment, Lieutenant-Colonel, R.O.T.C. Regi- ment, Member of Winning Team of Southern Hearst Trophy Competi- tion, '32 and '33, A.S.C.E. ,ar at tIttI ,,a--E,-,.,ca -W as as I as I Page 65 W, I I I I 'Il I .I 3 IT 3' is ---I--------W-E-aIL4s ,, ,F ' gg, 'j.f'1'33I'7TE III III I I III I I N LOUIS GADE I KNOXVILLE I I Education I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II I IMI I III I I Ill I .II , II I III I I III I I II I I -II I MARIAN T. GADEN I III MEMPHIS f I Liberal Arts I I I Delta Delta Delta ' I I Sponsor, Third Battalion, R.O.T.C., I I I '32-'33, President, New Strong Hall, I I I '32-'33, A.C.E. Queen of Hearts, I I ' 1 '32,Y.W.C.A. I I - I I I I I I I ' I I I I I L-g, I FT f I I I I I I I I I I I ' I ERNEST GAMBELL I I I I PINsoN I I ' I Agriculture I I I I Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Zeta, As- I I sociate Editor, Tennessee Farmer, I I '32-'33, President, Entomological I I I I Club, '32, Barnwarmin' Staff, '32, I ' Hiking Club, '33, Secretary, Ag I Club, '33, Transfer, Union Univer- I I I I I sity, Calliopean Literary Society and I I Booster Club, both at Union. I I I I XII I I 'II I I III I I II I II I ' 'I I I 1 I ANNIE LAURA GHORMLEY I KNOXVILLE I I Liberal Arts I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I , I III I I I II .Il I, -ess, ca.c,gxg-Mxgm I I S Qiiigisi siififei-TIT? III I l Allis L s,,S,.s. --U .Y - ..--1-Le L- ,, , , ,ll ll 'l l l l T l l l 4 l, l ll, l l I ll lm H ll ll ll l ,I l I l l l l l : l .,,,,., l i l 'TT' Tl I , l l l l ll ll ll ll il l l llf ll l. , i. l lv MARIBELLE GIBBS MARTIN Horne Economics Sigma Kappa KATHRINE LOUISE GLOVER TROY Home Economics Y.W.C.A., Home-Ec Club, Tennessee College, '29-'30, Union University, '30-'32, HARMON H. GNUSE MEMPHIS Electrical Engineering Sigma Nu Scarabbean, Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pi, President '32-'33, Phi Eta Sigma, Scabbord and Blade, Persh- ing Rifles, lnterfraternity Council, '31-'33, Secretary '32-'33, Nahhee- yayli Governing Board, A.l.E.E., Sec- retary, ACE of A.C.E. '32. HELEN GODDARD DANDRIDGE Home Economics Delta Zeta Home Economics Representative, All- Students Club Council, '31-'33, Ten- nessee Scribblers, '31-'33, Secretary and Treasurer, '3l-'32, Vice-Presi- dent, '32 - '33, Volunteer, Intra- mural, Home-Ec Club, Y.W.C.A. l v l ll! Wl M 'TR is-A--A-A g1fi.c,l,,gg.ip. Page 66 L , ,Lf f HERMAN GODDARD DANDRIDGE Mechanical Engineering Kappa Alpha Scarobbean, Tennessee Engineer, '29- '33, Editor, '3l-'32, General Man- ager, '32-'33, Track, '31-'33, Cross Country '31 -'32, "T" Club, Y.M. gg., '29-'33, Vice-President, '32- EMILY GRAY KNOXVILLE Education Kappa Delta MARTIN L. GUTHRlE NASHVlLLE Law Sigma Phi Epsilon Phi Alpha Delta, Volunteer, Orange and White, Tennis Club, Transfer, Tennessee Polytechnic institute. KATHERlNE HALE MEMPHIS Liberal Arts Alpha Omicron Pi Orange and White, '30-'32, Volun- teer, '31-'33, Carnicus, '31, Tennes- see Players, '3O-'32, Soccer Team, '31, Deutscher Verein, '33, Intra- mural Council, '3l. :f1,,,,- -Y ali, L13- l l l l l l l l l i l i l r Wljl ll lil ll ll l ,T ll l by A II Il I I I I I I I I.-fi. ,, VII ,JI ... WA, ITM, ,L H I 1.-It- A z cc: :W I Iwff-ff'11c.,,sf :fffffff"wI VIRGINIA HALE GIBSON Education ROBERT A. HALLEY NASHVILLE Mechanical Engineering Kappa Alpha Scabbard and Blade, First Lieuten- ant, R.O.T.C., '32-'33, Tennessee Engineer. ARLEY HAMBY PELHAM Agriculture Pi Kappa Phi Alpha Zeta, Ag Club, Tennessee Farmer, Barnwarmin' Staff. JAMES M. HAMLETT, JR. KINGSPORT Chemical Engineering Sigma Chi Scarabbean, Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pi, Orchestra, President, '3l- '32, Varsity Track, 'BI-'33, "T" Club, Treasurer, Senior Class, Bea- ver Club, Treasurer, Glee Club, '29- '3O, Tumbling Team, '29-'30, Box- '32, Y.M.C.A. Cabinet, '31- , , L..-:xii 5? - - f W W ,, .,,,,, -I, L' VIRGIL A. HAMPTON CORINTH, MISSISSIPPI Liberal Arts Pi Kappa Phi Chi Delta, Debating, '27-'33, Carni- cus, '33, Tennessee Players, '32-'33, Classical Club '32-'33, Internation- I al Forum '32-'33. I I I I OAKLEY L. HANSARD I POWELL'S STATION I I Civil Engineering A.S.C.E., First Lieutenant, R.O.T.C., I '32-'33. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I , I I ANNE HARDIN BLANCHE Home Economics I I I I III I I I I I ' I I I JOHN D. HARPER I LOUISVILLE I Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi, A.I.E.E., A.C.E., Persh- ing Rifles, First Lieutenant, R.O. I T.c.,'32-'33. I , I I I ,,-,c-I I 'fy view T TmT'!Q,1iL1t:f' 1-JLQ,' . I I ,.fffi1,g-,3,j -fff v --A--fs"" I Page 67 THOMAS G. HARTON NASHVILLE Civil Engineering Sigma Phi Epsilon Phi Kappa Phip Tau Beta Pig Phi Eta Sigma, Secretary, '30-'31, Edi- tor, Volunteer, '32-'33, Editor-Elect, Mugwump, '32, Associate Editor, Tennessee Engineer, '31-'32, Persh- ing Rifles, First Sergeant, '30-'3l: Captain, Company G, R.O.T.C., '32- '33p Rifle Team, '29-'30, Varsity Track, '31-'32, Junior Prom Com- mittee, Senior Grand March Com- mittee, A.S.C.E.5 A.C.E. FRANCIS W. HEADMAN HADDONFIELD, NEW JERSEY Law Kappa Alpha Volunteer, Orange and Whitey Mug- wumpg Chairman Varsity Debating: Chi Deltag Interfraternity Council: Carnicusg Oratorical Contest: Ten- nessee Players. LOUISE HENDRICKS MEMPHIS Liberal Arts Delta Zeta President, New Strong, '32, Y.W. C.A. Cabinet, '31-'32, Treasurer, '32-'33: W.S.G.A., Secretary, '32- '33g Volunteer, '32-'33. LYNETTE HENDRICKS KNOXVILLE Liberal Arts French Club: Theta Tau Pi. T, fans- -,f::. 1 if , i ii: 4 , Page 68 - ,W R AV: f f CHARLES HICKEY KNOXVILLE Law MARTHA HINTON CLARKSVILLE Home Economics EMMETT L. HOBBS MEMPHIS Mechanical Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha EUGENE HOLEMAN OAKVILLE Liberal Arts Alpha Tau Omega Qgpha Chi Sigma, President, '32- -T T' --s-7. ' -E 13 - -...S-.., , STEWART HOOD CLARKSVILLE Civil Engineering EDITH M. HORTON KNOXVILLE Education Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Theta Tau Pip Deutscher Verein, Y.W.C.A. ROBERT HENRY HORTON ATHENS Civil Engineering Scabbard and Blade, Pershing Rifles, A.S.C.E., Secretary, '32-'33, A.C.E.5 Tennessee Engineer, Associ- ate Editor, '32-'33, Volunteer, First Lieutenant, R.O.T.C., '32-'33. SUSAN HOUK KNOXVILLE Liberal Arts Delta Delta Delta Phi Kappa Phi, Cap and Gown? President, Pan-Hellenic Council, '32- '337 Y.W.C.A., '30-'33, Vice-Presi- dent, '31 - '32, President, '32- '33, Orange and White, '31-'32, Chair- man, lnternational Forum, '325 Car- nicus, '32, Varsity Debating Squad, '30-'31, Sophomore Soccer Team, W.S.G.A., '31-'33, All-Students Club Council, '32-'33, Deutscher Verein, '32-'33, Student Volunteer Delegate, '3l, Freshman Debating Team, '30, Allen Prize in Mathematics, '30, Life Service Band, '30-'31, Tennes- see Players, '29-'30, , L...fe:. 1 l l A l l cimgijiig 'N--lx-..-e-e,sl.seQ-3 LTV? , - V ,Y - A LL-fly-ngceefwr - 47 HM- willy-,G4,.,.-s, 1 . l l , l Y l l l - l l ' l , i PAYE M. HOWARD l l lcNoxvn.l.E l l l Education J 5 l Theta Tau Pi Q l X Entomological Club, Orchestra, '29. X l , , l l l P l lX l l l l CHARLES E. HUDIBURG , fl 1 KNoxvlu.E 7 , l Liberal Arts ' l i Sigma Upsilon, Tennessee Players, l f l Deutscher Verein. l , lx l - l l 1 l , , l I , l j , L-6:11 X T'?1 l , l l l it l l l l l I , , , Joi-iN c. HUNDMAN l 5 l T KNOXVILLE l , l ' Commerce l l , l lX l l l 1 ' l ' X , l 3 l T ll 1' l , l l .l , ' l l l l l l f ' l l , X ,N , l l l l' , l , 'l ' ill l ,,, , l 'l . , llj l l ' , l JOSEPHINE IJAMS W , KNOXVILLE l 2 Liberal Arts I , ChiOmega Intramural Manager for Women, 1 l '31 - '32, Vice - President, W.S.G.A., ' l I '32-'33. , F ' 5 tl l l . l l ' l l l l l ' l l , l lil l ,., , Y l ll l , ff Y W V M' """"i::g'::l" T -- T'-M721 -'b' l Page 69 4 If ff- Iran I I JI ELLA INGRAM , LEWISBURG l LiberaIArts l l I I I i 1 l l . .' i ll L 1 l I I l l li ll l CARLOS IRWIN I L l CI-IRISTIANA , l Commerce l . I L l I Y I L I l l J I -- l I I L I I , L EMMETT JACKSON l I ' KNOXVILLE I Commerce ,.L N, I ,AA ee-. me SI A --Q-+1 - . Q -f-- -1-f L. L l . l ..-N wh--17774, L ..I - 1711!-I THELMA JENKINS KNOXVILLE Agriculture Home-EC Club. ROY T. JENNINGS WINCHESTER Civil Engineering Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pig A.S.C.E. WALTER R. JOHNSON KNOXVILLE Y ,,,,.,., - VW I I I q Chemical Engineering i f - P' Kappa Phi Delta Tau Delta I I I . I I I I , I l l 1 l I l L l 1 ' I I l I J I f l : I l I L I I 4 I I L I I l L I GUY M. JAMES ROBERT D. JOHNSTON , J LENOIR CITY KNOXVILLE I Liberal Arts Law l Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Phi Epsilon i Mugwumpg Rifle Team, Captain, Phi Delta Phi, Scabbard and Blade, N I Company A, R.O.T.C., '32-'33, Scab- COIJTGIH, '30-'3l: Pershing Rifles: L I bard and Blade, Volunteer Business Rifle Team, Captain, '29-'BOQ Mayor, I ' I Staff, '32-'33. R.O.T.C., '30-'31, Beaver Club, Sec- : , retary, Junior Law Class. l N I 5 I li ,I 4, g mtg-mmwbg I . QI, -,-,.-.J-Ae-Av---PM-A-WC'1.---ef-LLf- ---E-i'ig if A I 3 "' -Y f f ffplg' -,---.e -f,l. ali W f 'f'-aff-f' Ala- ia he--A e,e..--.---. --SH A gf I1 , .. L. 1- --- -'-a C' I l l l Page 70 gli ,L In I I I I I I I I I ..i3rl.TI:i, Y, .-, ,L ,I ,...,.,Ef,lYgfg:4g1iiTg,, ,XL ,v ,,,,,,W ,gun ,, , -.. L .I-.-- --' '5'i WH! .- f- , I E L Lee -I--I - I - III 'II III I I I I I I I I I I HOWARD B. JONES ROWENA KRUESI I ' CHATTANOOGA CHATTANOOGA Electrical Engineering HOME Economics Alpha Omicron Pi Pan-Hellenic Council, '32-'33. I I I I I I I I I I II I I 'II I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ALICE KENT JOHN VERNON KYLE I I I KNOXVILLE KNOXVILLE ' Liberal Arfs Chemical Engineering . I Delta Delta Delta D211-Q Tau D21-Ig I Phi Kappa Phig Cap and Gown, Vice- I I I Presidem, 'sz-'sag w.s.G.A., Treos- I I I wer, '32-'335 sms' Riflery Cup, '29- I I I I ' I '3Og Girls' "T" Awardp Intramurals, I I ' I ' '29-'30, I I I I I ' I I I I I ' I I - I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ' JULIA KIRKMAN GI'-BERT LANE I CHATTANOOGA JACKSFUN , I I Home Economics Educcmon I I I I I I I I f I I I I I . ' I I I I I I I I I I I I I I III 1 I I I I I III I I I II I I I I I I I I I I I ' I ' AL KORNMAN H. W. LAUGHLIN, JR. I , I SPRING HILL MEMPHIS I I I Liberal Arts Law I I PIII Alpha Sigma Aiphn Epsilon I I I I Beaver Club. I I I . I I I III f I ' -W -A ' I .I I I- ee -E r E Q If I EEEE I I E' I I -eel filsleewi - -e-filaij fe e-ee e - Y Y --If -Q r- W rch :V -wifi -' ,..J-f-fBI'I TUV' ' ' -f - I' "H J M-, ,AI M F "' "D: I I 4II he -I I I II i Page 7i I A -----------A- -A----x-- 'I- BERNICE LAWSON KNOXVILLE Liberal Arts MARIE LAY KNOXVILLE Liberal Arts Kappa Delta Sponsor, Company F, R.O.T.C., 'Bl- '32, Glee Club, '29-'30, Home-EC Club, '29-'30, Carnicus, '31, Orange and White, '3l-'33, Tennessee Play- ers, '32-'33. JOHN LEDGERWOOD KNOXVILLE Commerce Kappa Alpha Rifle Team, '30-'33, Manager '33, Track '31-'32, Winner Fox Hunt, '30, Major, First Battalion, R.O.T.C., '32-'33, Chairman, Dance Commit- tee, Military Ball, '32, Chairman, Decoration Committee, Senior Ball, '32-'33. TOM LEE UNION CITY Liberal Arts Alpha Tau Omega Scarabbean, Business M a n a g e r, Orange and White, 'Bl-'32, Chair- man, Carnicus Ball, '32, Captain Band, R.O.T.C., '32-'33, lnterfra- ternity Council, '32-'33, All Stu- dents Club Council, '32-'33, Scob- bard and Blade, Volunteer, '31-'33, Junior Prom Committee. Li fLLLLi1,- - LA MARGARET LITZ MORRISTOWN Commerce MACK LOON EY COLLIERVILLE Agriculture LA VERA LOVELACE UNION CITY Home Economics Zeta Tau Alpha Phi Kappa Phi, Y.W.C.A., Home-Ec Club. ROBERT D. MCCALLUM MEMPHIS Commerce Sigma Alpha Epsilon Scarabbean, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, President Nahheeyayli Gov- erning Board, '33, Manager, Bas- ketball, '32, "T" Club, General Chairman, Junior Prom, '32. LLL..l LL- LLLLL L ,1 fLgIQfLLLL L L LL L L LLLLSIL LILLLL. -LL . --- -Y 4 QQVTT-filigree--If ff ,fe-A LLLLLL gg M L L LJ ILLLLL- Page 72 II' I I I I v I I I I L .5530 II II II I I I I I I. I I I If I ' I I I I I I I I I I I , I I I k I I I III I I I I I I I I I I I II I II I II IF' I 123-na fk I I ffl I WILLIAM MCCLAIN MULBERRY Agriculture Kappa Alpha Scarabbeang Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Zeta, General Manager, Barnwarm- in', '32, Vice-President, Ag Club, Tennessee Farmer, Winner Fresh- man Horticulture Cup and Alpha Zeta Freshman Cup, Danforth Faun- dation Scholarship, Dairy Cattle Judging Team. LOIS MclLWAlN FRIENDSHIP Agriculture Ag Club, Entomological Club, Box- ing and Wrestling Team. WILLIAM MCKENZIE CHATTANOOGA Mechanical and Electrical Engineering A.SM.E.g A.C.E., Captain, Tumb- ling Team. RICHMOND McKINNEY MEMPHIS Liberal Arts Pi Kappa Phi President, Y.M.C.A.g All-Students Club Council, '32-'33, lnterfrater- nity Council, '32-'33, Page 73 x 7 ,-9.-L. - JEROME R. MCKISSICK COLUMBIA Education Pi Kappa Phi Band, Glee Clubg Orchestra. BLANCHE M. MCNABB CLEVELAND Liberal Arts Alpha Delta Pi Orange and Whitey Tennessee Scrib- blers. LOUISE MCNABB ASHEVILLE, N.C. Liberal Arts Phi Mu Volunteer Business Staff. KENN ETH McPHERSON BELLEVIEW Agriculture ' Pi Kappa Phi Scarabbean, President, Glee Club, President, Ag Club, Managing Edi- tor, Tennessee Farmer, Barnyvarmin' Staff. 'Y 'Y' P LQ.-2-'g, - I I ,I I. Q I I VII I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I . I I ,A , .im iT:f,-..1g--e IAF' , I so C ,im Y . .-....k,, L. F. MCPHERSON KNOXVILLE Mechanical Engineering E. POWELL McWHlRTER NASHVILLE Liberal Arts Kappa Sigma Freshman Football, '29, Varsity Squad, '30, Basketball, '3I-'33, Captain, '33, "T" Club, Nahheey- ayli Governing Board, 'BI-'33, Pres- ident, '32-'33, lnterfraternity Coun- cil, 'Bl-'33, Horseshoe Champion, '31, Classical Club, '33, CHARLINE MADDEN ROBBINS Home Economics EFFIE MAIDEN DRESDEN Home Economics Alpha Omicron Pi Phi Kappa Phi, President, New Strong Hall, Home-Ec Club. .,l Page 74 47- 1 7:-.- ROBERT MANN KNOXVILLE Law Phi Delta Phi, Nahheeyayli Gov- erning Board. JAMES H. MARSHALL COLDWATER Agriculture KATHERINE MARSHALL KNOXVILLE Home Economics KATHRYN V. MARTIN TASSO Liberal Arts Delta Delta Delta "Miss Tennessee," '33, Cap and Gown, Orange and White, '31-'33, Society Editor, '32-'33, Sponsor, Company C, R.O.T.C., 'SI-'32, Vice- President, Senior Class, Secretary- Treasurer, Henson Hall, "Loafer," '31-'32, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet. I 'W I l' W I, l' I A-.1 I I I --eW.-,--c,-,,fe-A -s---I.A -df., ,f 7 f :I -- f , c. L .Va e -Y f ei 'ln'-4 + 'vi V-4-+313-.43 I I e A 4 'IH 'ff I II li II ill l l,l l l l l l , I . PAUL W. MARTIN JAMES MOORE I l MEMPHIS JELLICO I Electrical Engineering l-lbef'-'ll Arts Lambda Chi AIDIIQ Phi Gamma Delta l p h' R-fl I A.S-M.E-:An I'E.E' Secretary, All Students Club, '32- l Ifisrilgemififscouncii, '32-'s3. '331 Beovef ClUbI '31-'33I President l I '30-'31, senior Advisor, '32-'33, I l I Associate Editor, Volunteer, '32-'33, I I Assistant General Manager, Carni- l I cus, '32, lnterfraternity Council, I ' '32-'33, Orange and White, '29- l ' '31, Mugwump, '29-'31, Stuaent 'II Activities Council, '32-'33, Junior I QI Prom Committee, Classical Club: 1 I Chairman, Senior Grand March I l l Committee. I Q I' I , l I , I I , I I l l l II I I ' I l l l l EULAH CLYDE MASON Ml'-TON 'I MORGAN I ,I I I KNOXVILLE NlEMPH'5 I Il Q Education Electrical Engineering l I l , Delta Zeta Phi Gamma Delta! l I l Pan-Hellenic Council. A- l-E-E-I A-C-E' ' l l I I I I W I I l l l l as I sl I I lc I I I I I I l l l ALYSE MORTON I I I DAVID KIRK MITCHELL FOUNTAIN CITY I I Q I KNOXVILLE Liberal Arts I I I ' Commerce Phi Kappa Phi, Theta Tau Pi, Vice- I I PI Kappa Alpha President, Deutscher Yerein, Y.W. , I , ' Delta Sigma Pi, Pershing Rifles, SAT Volumeerf Ju""0" Hockey I ' vorsify Foorbaii, '27-'31, "T" Club em' l I I l , ' l I I I l f I I l ' l l l I I I l X I I I is T I l I l I I l Il x I I l l I I ELISABETI-I s. MOORE IRENE MURRAY I l Spartanburg, S.JC. KNOXVILLE N Liberal Arts EClUCGl'l0f'I I chi omega Sigma Kenpo I Zebra Club, Transfer, Agnes Scott l l College. I l l l I I I I , I l I ' l I I I l I l so so LI Iriiiggissn Knee II fi K f ' ,D V . ., . ,Is -,QflliTl' --1 X--. N T VII .A ll I.- H-A-"jj'jf,,,,..,e-e N-me 'E IIV I' A ATP il V l Page 75 , Y Y .-....-..,, H. D. MUSE FAYETTEVILLE Civil Engineering Alpha Lambda Tau AS.C.E., Band, Tennessee Engineer, Transfer, Bryson College. CHARLES URBAN NEAS KNOXVILLE Commerce Secretary-Treasurer, Glee Club, '32- '33, Pershing Rifles, Captain, Sec- ond Brigade '32-'33, First Lieuten- ant, R.O.T.C., '32-'33. JULIANNA NICKERSON KNOXVILLE Home Economics Phi Mu JOHN V. OVERTON NASHVILLE Law Delta Tau Delta Phi Delta Phi, Beaver Club, '29-'32, President, '29-'30, Junior Advisor, '30 - '31, Treasurer, All - Students Club Council, '31-'32, lnterfrater- nity Council, '31-'32, Student Activi- ties Council, '3I-'32, I I I ' I - l Page 76 H, -,hi L JT-.. GEORGE PAPPAS MEMPHIS Chemical Engineering Pershing Rifles, First Lieutenant, R.O.T.C., '32-'33, JESSE CALVIN PARKS, JR. CHATTANOOGA Law Sigma Phi Epsilon Phi Delta Phi, Vice-President, In- I terfraternity Council, '32-'33. HOLLIS G. PARROTT WIRM I NGHAM Agriculture Phi Delta Kappa, Barnwarmin' Staff, '32, Vice-President, Ag Club, Vice- ' President, Volunteer Chapter F.F.T., First Lieutenant, R.O.T,C., '32-'33. WESLEY E. PATTON, JR. MEMPHIS Civil Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon President, Freshman Class, Treas- urer, Sophomore Class, Vice-Presi- dent, Junior Class, Mugwump Busi- ness Staff, '30-'32, Assistant Gen- eral Manager, Carnicus, '32-'33, lnterfraternity Council, '32-'33, All- Students Club Council, '29-'30, Jun- ior Prom Committee, Senior Invita- tions Committee, '32-'33, A.S.C.E., A.C.E. A A I xg, E .., C A - .am glow.-- S, I I l l I I I I , .. -W JOSEPHINE PAYNE KNOXVILLE Liberal Arts Delta Zeta ELIZABETH ADELIA PEARSON JACKSON Home Economics HARRY PERKINS GREENVILLE Commerce Alpha Tau Omega FRANCES PETERS MEMPHIS Liberal Arts Phi Kappa Phi, President, West Strong Hall, '3l-'33, W.S.G.A.j Y.W. C.A. Cabinet, '32-'33, French Club, Classical Club. I , Y T..-,, .-gg-:,.Q'E?VIff ' T Y .c , ,,,,..,114,:,gf' T I I f mwrmm , X X 'Q Page 77 fi,-em-, 1' A - .,-,, ' li :Lv- ..-, , AA , JANE PINAIRE MEMPHIS Liberal Arts Phi Mu Glee Club, '3l-'32, Individual Ten- nis Tournament, '31-'32, Orange and White, '33, Girls' Rifle Team, '33, Volunteer Buziness Staff, '32- '33, Classical Club, Le Cercle Fran- cais, Spanish Club. BETTY PQORTRUM ROGERSVILLE Liberal Arts Volunteer Staff. BETTY A. PRESTON CHARLESTON, W. VA. Liberal Arts Chi Omega JOHN L. PRIMM NASHVILLE Agriculture Pi Kappa Phi Phi Delta Kappa, Secretary, '32- '335 Scabbard and Blade, Pershing Rifles, Business Manager, Tennes- see Players, Freshman Debating Team, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Vice- President, Phi Epsilon: Ag Club, Re- porter, Fellowship Supper Group: Tennessee Scribblersg C a r n i c u si Barnwarmin' Staff, Captain, Adju- tant, R.O.T.C., '32-'33. , , , ,,,,, gpg-czrgg--, an ,L,.VU-- , il lil lQl lil l .gi ll l I l ,, I l I I I, I I I 41 il WI ll ll 531-- TI ,- , , sn- -W -fre I I I I I I ,. I I I as X H V--A-.N I 1 IVAN PRIVETTE I KNOXVILLE I Liberal Arts I Phi Kappa Phi: Phi Eta Sigma: I Freshman Debating. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I CHESTER T. RAYMO I CHATTANOOGA N Mechanical Engineering I I Tau Beta Pi. ' I X , I I I I I I., I I WILLIAM I. REAMS 5 KNOXVILLE I I ' Electrical Engineering I I I I It I A I I I I I I I I I I KATHERINE REED j KNOXVILLE I Liberal Arts Sigma Kappa I I I 44 In QI, -5-...s -f+s?,,Y Y KATHERINE RHEA SOMERVILLE Home Economics Home-Ec Club, Transfer, Union Uni- versity, Basketball, '29-'3O. ED I TH RHYN E KNOXVILLE Home Economics FRANCES MAY R-ICH NASHVILLE Liberal Arts Alpha Epsilon Phi Tennessee Players, German Club, French Club, Transfer, Vanderbilt University. MARTHA NEAL RIDDICK MAURY CITY Education Zeta Tau Alpha Mugwump, '31-'32, Volunteer: Ten- nessee Playersg Cap and Gown, Pan- Hellenic Council, '32 - '33, Intra- murals, Tennessee Scribblers. ,Y-4' I --. ,-.,f- 1 I I ff-- I L -H' W, I --- I v Page 78 JEAN S. ROBINSON MEMPHIS LiberalArts PhiMu Phi Kappa Phi, Cap and Gown, Treasurer, '32-'33, W.S.G.A., '30- '33, Secretary, '30-'31, Vice-Presi- dent, '31-'32, President '32-'33, Y,W.C.A., '30-'32, Secretary, '30- '3I, President, '31-'32p All-Students Club Council, '31-'33, President, Old Strong Hall, '30-'31, W,S.A.C., '30-'32, Cap and Gown Sophomore Award, Cap and Gown Jun'or Award. THOMAS ROLLINS TASSO Agriculture VERNA ROSE LEESBURG, FLORIDA Home Economics 4 ELMO ROWLAND ALEXANDRIA Agriculture Pi Kappa Phi Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Zeta, Busi- ness Manager, Tennessee Farmer, '32-'33, Assistant General Manager, Barnwarmin', '32, Carnicus, '31-'32, Ag Club, '29-'33, Y.M.C.A. Cabinet '3O- '33, Business Manager, Torch, '32-'33, Business Manager, Barn- warmin' Special, '32, Assistant Man- ager Ag Club Lunch Stand, '32, First Lieutenant, R.O.T.C., '32-'33 1 Page 79 ,Adi 77 FRANCES RUSSELL CONCORD Home Economics Home-Ec Club. LOUISE SANDERS KNOXVILLE Home Economics Sigma Kappa JESS E. SCHUMAKER KNOXVILLE Electrical Engineering Delta Sigma Phi A.l.E.E. GEORGE SEARGEANT ETOWAH Chemical' Engineering Pi Kappa Phi Alpha Chi Sigma. me ,page-7 Y i ......4i':' ' ' , Y I l l ,.., I I-1 l 'H ll' I HARRY P. SEYMOUR WHITEVILLE Liberal Arts Delta Sigma Phi JOSEPHINE D. SEYMOUR KNOXVILLE Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Delta Transfer, Randolph - Macon College for Women. . , . I ' 'W' "figs---W A VERNON SIMS FOUNTAIN CITY Agriculture Editor, Tennessee Farmer, '32-'33, Alpha Zeta, Debating Squad: Barn- warrnin' Staff. MARY NEAL SLATERY KNOXVILLE Liberal Arts Chi Omega Honorary Cadet Colonel, R.O.T.C. Regiment, '32-'33, Sponsor, Com- pany A, R.O.T.C., '30-'31, Associate Editor, Volunteer, '32-'33, Secretary, Sophomore Classy Assistant General Manager, Senior Ball, A.C.E. Queen of Diamonds, '31, Orange and White, Carnicusp Girls' Swimming Team, '30-'3l. -ie: l EMORY M. SHOFNER OTA LOU SLOAN SHELBYVILLE MADISONVILLE Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Kappa Alpha Orange and White: Deutscher Ver- ein, French Club. FRANCIS SHULL HOYT SMILEY ERWIN ATHENS Commerce Liberal Arts Sigma Chi Pi Kappa Alpha Freshman Football, '29, Freshman Basketball, '30, Varsity Football, '30-'32, "T" Club, Secretary, '32- '33, Nahheeyayli Governing Board, 'gg-'33, lnterfraternity Council, '32- re . L., ,Lf T , of Y W f I Page 80 ,Qui i,, ,it I I I I I I 9'I'L -A-T - Y ' 'T I CHARLES H. SMITH, JR. Il TT'S"T'T--E Q----- ,, I I E-A-X: A I IME: E R IIT I I NETTIE LOUISE SMITH I KNoxvILI.E 'YIEMPH5 I Low Liberal Arts I I Sigma Alpha Epsilon 5'9mC' Kappa I Alpha Lambda Delta: Phi Kappa Phi: Cap and Gown: Y. W. C. A. . Cabinet. I l. II I I I I I I I I I I ' I I I I I I FRED D. SMITH WILLIQM SMYTI-I, JR. I I I, I WINCHESTER Noisy"-I-E I A ' It W gnc" we Phi Gamma Delta President, .Tennessee Players: '32- I '33: Carnicus: First Lieutenant, R.O. T.C., '32-'33: General Manager, Senior Ball. I LESTER SMITH ROBERT SNEED' PARIS SPRINGFIELD Liberal Arts Agriculture I Pi Kappa Phi I Interfraternity Council: Basketball: I I I Carnicus: Ag Club: Barnwarmin' Staff: First Lieutenant, R.O.T.C., I I I '32-'33. I I ,I I I I I l 1 II I II I LUTHER SMITH MABEL SOUTHALL WIRMINGHAM FRANKLIN I Ag,-ICUII-ure Home Economics Phi Delta Kappa. Home-Ec Club: Transfer, David Lipscomb College: Basketball: Dra- matic Club. I I I I I I I I I5 II II I' I I III E. TT Ll Lu II' E Ea IIv I E E E R .I WI I' Iv II Page SI JOHN M. SOYARS MEMPHIS Electrical Engineering BEN C. SPAULDING DECHERD Agriculture Phi Pi Phi Ag Club, Associate Editor, Tennessee Farmer, Fellowship Group. J. LLOYD STALLINGS HUMBOLDT Commerce Kappa Alpha Nahheeyayli Governing Board, Sec- retary, '32-'33, Beaver Club, Vice- President, '30-'3l, Treasurer, Fresh- man Class, Treasurer, Junior Class, lnterfraternity Council, '32-'33, Vol- unteer Business Staff. ALBERT W. ST. CLAIR KNOXVILLE Commerce Kappa Sigma Delta Sigma Pi, Treasurer, '32-'33, Beaver Club, '30-'31, lnterfraternity Council, '31-'32, Pershing Rifles, Scobbard and Blade, Captain, '32- igghgsaptain, Company C, R.O.T.C., 1 J-- --lee, , YY, i 1 -Y, , l 'lg Page 82 , -Q., SAM W. STEELE BULLS GAP Chemical Engineering Pi Kappa Phi JAMES FRANKLIN STEFFNER CHATTANOOGA Electrical Engineering Pi Kappa Phi Editor, Tennessee Engineer, '32-'33, A.I.E.E. JOHN R. STIVERS CLEVELAND Law Kappa Alpha Scarabbean, Phi Delta Phi, Colonel, R.O.T.C. Regiment, '3l-'32, Persh- ing Rifles, Tennessee Law Revievy, lnterfraternity Council, 'Bl-'33, DI- rector, Book Store, '32-'33, Law Representative, All-Students Clulg Council, '32-'33, Chairman, Alumni Homecoming Dance, '32. MARGUERITE STON ER KNOXVILLE Education Phi Mu Rifle Team, Assistant Intramural Manager, '32-'33, Class Teams, '30- '33. , , , ... 1 1- -gfy' LOUISE STUBBLEFIELD VIOLA Liberal Arts ERNESTINE TAYLOR CLINTON Liberal Arts Alpha Lambda Delta. VIRGINIA TAYLOR III III I KNOXVILLE I LiberalArts ChiOmega Orange and White. I I I I I J. EDWARD TEAGUE I WHITWELL Civil Engineering I Phi Kappa Phig Tau Beta Pig A.S, I C.E., Vice-Presidentg A.C.E. 1:,1f'jI 'tiff 5- I 'QI I, Page 83 -'Q---- + -Q, I I I In JAMES TH I RLBY KINGSPORT Liberal Arts MARGARET TILL MEMPHIS Liberal Arts FLOYD TIMBS ARLINGTON Agriculture Pi Kappa Phi PAUL TIPTON soppv Agriculture Ag Club. II' III II II' I.-f A f I II II II I I I I I I I I I II I I I I I I II I II III III II III II II III III I II II I II III II I I I I I I I I I - I I I I I H12 T F' I I I tl I C A A AK R. F. TIPTON BRISTOL Commerce Ll LLIAN TOBE KNOXVILLE Liberal Arts MAX G. TOOLE MARYVILLE Electrical Engineering President, A.l.E.E. JAMES M. TREADWAY, JR. KNOXVILLE Liberal Arts Mugwump, '29, Glee Club, '29, Vol- unteer, '30-'32. il is fl I II Ill fl II I I lil :El 5 l II.. Ill Jil ,I Ifll It II 4 I alll :Ifl II I, 'I rl QI l I' "UTI I I I I ,If I. I its I lil QI li ll IQ I il is Ill ll' Et Q?-. if SARAH TUN ISON KNOXVILLE Home Economics Home-Ec Club, Home-Ec Editor, Ten- nessee Farmer. I I ' WILLIAM R. TURNER xl I ' MOUNT PLEASANT , Education I Tennessee Players, '32-'33, Hiking W Club, '32-'33, President, Classical I Club, '32-'33, Transfer, State Teachers College. , I I I I MARGARET UPSHAW I ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA I ' Liberal Arts I Alpha Delta Pi I Zebra Club, Orange and White, '3l - 3 l '33, Scribblers, '32, Deutscher Ver- ein, '32-'33, Carnicus, '33, Senior I Finance Committee, Pan- Hellenic Council, '33, Chairman, Senior Gift R Committee. I ,, ji I LI' I It , ,. I I Il EURETHA VESS I cLlNToN I Liberal Arts I Theta Tau Pi. I ll I I ll 4 I I I Il :.1Y - ,A . L e .L ees.--,,. V I lil Page 84 I F' I I I I I II AI I -I I I In :1NssIicc1+4leeii13? I Ig it if 'I II --fe-JI-Q-ee.. ww c A M Ie-I I III cm fwfr I I I I I I I III I I I I I I! LOUISA WAGGENER JAMES L. WELLS I I I I MARTIN WHITWELL I 3 Home Economics Commerce I I I I Sigma Nu I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ' I I I I I I I III I I I ESTELLENE WALKER MARGARET WELLS I IcNoxvII.I.E E1-QWAH I I I - I Lib2r0l Arts Liberal Arts I I I I Phi Kappa Phig Girls' Giee Club. Phi Mu III I I II I I Volunteer: Orange and White. I I I I I I' I . I I II I I I ' I I I I I 3 I I I I I I I I I I I I III I I I I' I I II I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I JOHN W- WALKER ROBERT GRAQXOIWHITFIELD ' I I AMDE I I I Il I' ' gommerse Agriculture I-S I II II I I Pi Kappa Phi I I' I II I I I Clurbg Footbalg Orchestgay Ag I I I 5 nessee armerp a r n- ' I I I II waLI'miI1'C?ISffg Glee Club: Entomo- I I I I I I I logica u . I I I I I I I I I I 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I 'I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I III I I I FLORA WARMBROD MARY LOUISE WILKERSON I I I I I ' I BELVEDERE KNOXVII-I-E I II I II I I Home Economics Liberal Arts I II I I I I I I: I II I I II I II I II I III I I I I I EI I I II I I III I II I I I ' ' I I II I II I I I I I I I . I I II I I FRANK RICHARD WILLIAMS I I I I JANE WELLFORD KZIOXVILI-E I I I I I MEMPHIS Ucflfion I 7 I I I-IbeI.QIAI.I.s Delta Tau Delta II I I Chi Omega Freshman Advisor, '32-'33glTrecs- I I Zebra Clubgl Orange and White, , IJIIEE- MQCJIJIA4 sgisoslf I I I I E01IICQ'gO3I0- ?2i Hvckey and Basket- Torch, 'Bl-'32p Assistant Business I I ' C0 I 'I32,IB0.52b0II,, PODZHEIIBHIC Manager, Orange and White, '3l- I I ouncll, 32- 33, Carnicus, 33. '32g Carnicusp Interfraternity Coun- I 'I cilg Junior Prom Committee: Student I II Acfavifses Council, '32-'33, I I ,,II-II,I-ff-A-M I-QM II I, mfIIff-glfilie-AI' II iffigIj'iI I WI fIfe-I--Isei'lIggisf"si'IM-me-f-Igsfee QIIS-W-NI-A -- I -I A IIv It cmiffe.,-.IL--Q W - ' Page 85 I A Al AAA ss Aft AA A 7, ifl:lAij""" " :E E , AA A Ae A A fAA A A A A A A A A A MARY MARGARET WILSON A A A cl.ARKsvAA.A.E A A Liberal Arts A Transfer, Austin Peay NormalgGlee A Club, '3l-'33g "All State" Staff, '30- A A '3lgPoetry Club, '30-'3lp Choral A A Club, '29-'3l. AA A A AAA A AAA A A A A A :AA A A A A A A A A DONALD EUGENE WILSON A A MALLANGTON A A A A Education A A A A PiKappaAlpha A A A AA A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A 1 l A A A A W. c. WILSON A -AJ A KNOXVILLE A""'A"' Law A A, .-A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A'A I A A A A A A A AA A A A A A' w. R. wAA.soN A A KNOXVILLE AA A Education A HA .A A A AAA A A AA , A AA A . A A A A A l ' A A A A A A A A JACKSON L. WITHERSPOON A A KNOXVILLE A A A Liberal Arts A Delta Sigma Phi A Scabbard and Bladeg First Lieuten- A A ant, Adjutant, Second Battalion, A A A R.O.T.C., '32-'33g Y.M.C.A. cabinet, A '32-'33p Vice-President, State Y.M. A A C.A. Student Council, '32-'33, A Secretary and Treasurer, East Ten- A nessee Y.M.C.A. Conference, '31-'32, Deutscher Vereinp Classical Club. A A A A A Ev. -AAA "-:AAt4Y-jiillj ?A'A""'Nn - -we-A-A e Alflk A ALQ3- 4 fs TTTAAA A SYLVIA DOYNE WOMACK DOYLE Home Economics Phi Kappa Phig Home-Ec Clubp Ten- nessee Scribblers, Vice-President, '31- '32g Assistant Home Economics Edi- tor, Tennessee Farmer. R. L. WOODWARD ERWIN Electrical Engineering AAA A'A AAA AA A AAA A A A I A A A AAA A A AAAA Al A AAA A AA A AAA A A A A W---ML J A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A ELIZABETH WRIGHT A A RNoxvAA.LE A A ,El A Liberal Arts L ALL . A l A VA A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A BRUCE YATES AA A KNOXVILLE A A A Education A Sigma Nu A Scabbard and Bladep Pershing A A Riflesg Rifle Teamg Captain, Regi- AA A mental Adjutant, R.O.T.C., '31-'32. A A A A A A A A ' A A A A A A A ' A MABLE Z. YOUNG A A A KNOXVILLE A Education A Theta Tau Pi, President, '32-'33g Phi Kappa Phi, Hiking Club: Y.W. C.A.5 Girl Reserve Advisory Transfer, A Virginia lntermont. A A A A A A A A A ---A -KEs-LsE,h,,,, A A LMQTT ' E1 -A 1331:- . L -AW A V' A AA, A -.iegee " I Y 4 1 I S E N I O R BILL SMYTH General Manager Senior Bail MARY NEAL SLATERY Assistant General Manager Senior Ball JOHN LEDGERWOOD Chairman, Decoration Committee HARRIET DEANE Chairman, Invitations Committee JAMES MOORE Chairman, Grand March Committee LANDRUM BOLLING Chairman, Finance Committee -...g ,gi ' i I QT-' C O M M I T T E E S MALCOLM AITKEN Chairman, Transportation Committee JAMES HAM LETT Chairman, Toga Committee ROBERT ALLEN Chairman, Music Committee MARGARET UPSHAW Chairman, Gift Committee ROBERT D. MCCALLUM Chairman, Program Committee KATHRYN V. MARTIN Chairman, Dinner Committee ' , , . Y Y Y -Q---,-,, . 7 Y' ' ' --- ,YJ l l l 43? wi .i, R N, f J A J J, ,,,., ,,7,,7 Y gg I l r K 1 Lv A ,H-,Aki Lim ,Ninn E . ll P I J I i il ' i l I l J . il lil BEAMAN MARTIN ARMSTRONG HAMLETT g iii Senior Class Officers l i 5 i k I Alvnn Beaman - ------- - - President I Kathryn Martin - - Vice-President L Dorothy Armstrong - - - Secretary l 5, James Hamlett - - Treasurer Q l F J J i Y ADL-E E CLASS COMMITTEES "S" Invitations Finance Gift Harriet Deane, Chairman Landrum Bolling, Chairman Margaret Upshaw, Chairman J Marian Gaden Margaret Upshaw Mai Banks 3 l A Wesley Patton James Hamlett Josephine Bromley i P David Harris Maury Calvert Richmond McKinney l l l ' J Toga Dinner Transportation ' l James Hamlett, Chairman Kathryn Martin, Chairman Malcolm Aitken, Chairman J J Van Rayburn Hazel Bowman Rowena Kruesi 1 l Escar Thompson Harmon Gnuse Richard Williams i l I Jean Robinson Lloyd Stallings John Brownlow fi Elizabeth Catfey ii! . We Senior Ball ti l Bull Smyth - - - - - - - General Manager l Mary Neal Slatery ---- Assistant General Manager ' J Grand March Music l l James Moore, Chm. Freeman Brook Robert Allen, Chm. Tom Dunlap l , l Emmett Jackson Tom Harton Dorothy Armstrong Tom Lee H J 1 Decoration Program H John Ledgerwood, Chm. Margaret Burton Robert D. McCallum, Chm. Vernon Kyle l Powell McWhirter Josephine ljams Martha Daniels Herman Goddard Q ,J 1 J r u r J ,ir i i 1 t 1 ,,, M ,,su lj eseleeee eeee -gs14:is K -si siifee-eeeessesass fi 7 if aggmwffeg-ee-i.s wg-was Q -1' W-W g1mg3f,lf Qi"'1ff Ali'-ly ' ss C -as --ffm' ,V Z---me-r"' ' V it gmrc' een ss- W - wr Page 88 '31, .JUNIQRS BEATTIE FEATHERS President of the Junior Class EVAN AMES MARYVILLE Engineering Sigma Nu URBAN ANDERSON KNOXVILLE Liberal Arts MAURICE L. ARCHER JELLICO Agriculture JOHN M. ARMISTEAD KNOXVILLE Liberal Arts Sigma Phi Epsilon AMY ARMSTRONG SURGOINSVILLE Liberal Arts RICHARD ARMSTRONG STONY POINT Liberal Arts IL WILLIAM BAIRD LEBANON Engineering Sigma Nu MARY ELLEN BAKER KNOXVILLE Liberal Arts Delta Delta Delta T. C. BARN ES MEMPHIS Engineering JAMES REUBEN BARRETT COTTAGE GROVE Agriculture MARION BARTON KNOXVI LLE Liberal Arts JOHN BAYLESS HINSDALE, ILLINOIS Liberal Arts Sigma Alpha Epsilon I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II II I T,,A4 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ,QQIII I .-gg., 1.5 . .,y, I I I I I A III I III I II ELIZABETH BEAIRD II oBIoN I Home Economics I I I I I BERT BIBEE I I JACKSBORO I Liberal Arts I Pi Kappa Alpha I I GEORGE BEETS I CLINTON I Liberal Arts I I I WILLIAM BICKLEY I MARTEL I I W Agriculture I I FRANK GENTRY BEMIS I K I I COMO, MISSISSIPPI I I I Commerce I I Sigma Chi I ' I I RAYMOND P. BIRD I I GREENEVILLE I I Commerce I I I 1 I RACHEL BENNECKER KNOXVILLE I Home Economics I I OLIVER BOLT I I IcNoxvILLE - I Commerce ' X Phi Sigma Kappa I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I JUANITA BENTLEY I KNoxvII.I.E I I I Home Economics I I I Sigma Kappa I I I I FLOY BOWLING I ' KNOXVILLE I ' I Education I I I Delta Delta Delia V I I ' I I I I I I I JOE BERGANTZ I KNOXVILLE I I Engineering I sigma chi I I I WILLIAM HARRY BOWLING I I GATE CITY I I Commerce I I I I I I I I I B jig S ICICI I "'i5 i11jfj4jg"" J' ' --Q-' L f f - ' -V I If 7 I I Page 91 I 49 ,L A KL... i- -ifgE:,,gQggnn44H 111-:r gig-L5 A-- J a TMNT' -H-A-A is I I I . i . I I 1 I I i 1 Y if ha 0.-N4-A I ,LL I HERBERT BRACKETT Wh I KNOXVILLE I I I I LiberalArts ' Alpha Tau Omega . I I DOCK BRYANT TRACY CITY Agriculture JOE BRASHEARS ROCKWOOD Engineering W Sigma Nu W. GLENN BRYANT DALTON, GEORGIA Engineering Delta Sigma Phi I I I l I I THOMAS E. BRAXTON I 5 I I KNOXVILLE E ' I Engineering ' I - I I I I I I ALBERT H. BUFORD I I I I KNOXVILLE , I I I LiberaIArl's I ii 1 I il I ix W W I I i I I I I I I I Q CHESTER BREWER I I I 1 MEMPHIS I , 1 ' Engineering LOUIS BURING MEMPHIS I ' Commerce W i I I I I I I E, ' I II RALPH BRITTON JONESBORO , Agriculture I I I JAMES WILLIAM CADE CHATTANOOGA WI Education T , , I M. T. BRYAN MEMPHIS LiberaIArls CORNELIA CALLAHAN MADISONVILLE LiberoIArfs II QYW-.,g,L,if H--- U,-ff' T' TTNITT' 'T""+-fc--A----E1.,b,gw Q-W -z-'rid--dd-T.fY,,,,,ee-A -Y -- ,if-iv,-77,174 K .,,..---- -:"'- I fr' 7 Ye L, Y i - V Y xxi '- A-.., Erie, 7-'Pi-Y eW-CuMwIe LWW.e-ew-.,L W- ,Lyle v I Rik-T-'TT' -H-eeL-1iT N- A--H -fe--M -E 'Q LL--We-HH-A---A-TTT' Iv 4: A eelfef-f 'I Page 92 4I M I ,.. ,G-H-A---W""""Tgd -4- if -Q--2-fri IZ-2---I F A Hi' if .1T.g.g,jVIj4g-,. JL, EIT? I 'TT III DOROTHY CAMPBELL HUMBOLDT I LibercIIArfs I I I P. L. COBB I I I KINGSPORT . I Engineering I I sigma Cha I ' I , I I I I It I EVEREL CARLOCK I II I ALPINE I I I Agriculture I I I I JAMES D. COLLINS I I HASTINGS-ON-HUDSON, N. I I I Commerce 1 I I Sigma Nu I I I I I I I I ' I I RICHARD CARSON I KNOXVILLE I I Low 1 Phi Gamma Delta I I I I I I I I ROGERS CONDITT I I I CARTHAGE I I I I Agriculiure I I I I I -..J .I,..,L.., I- I I I 'N I RUTH CHAMBERS I I I RICEVILLE I I I Home Economics I RACHEL COOK I ' I FRANKLIN I i I LiberOIArTs ' I I I I I III I I I II ERNIE CLARK ' I I I KNOXVILLE I I I LiberOlArI's I I Sigma Cm I JOHN W. CRABTREE I XI UNION CITY I i I Engineering I I I I I ' I . I I ELIZABETH CLIFTON I A I , F MEMPHIS I I I LiberOlArTs I . DeI1'cIZeta I I I I I ROBERT L. CRAWFORD I - KNOXVILLE I Engineering III I. III ,,,,,---f If 1:1 E II. A L HIL ff: vIiPEr' A H A A . i Oman -A I-H If II VT PM I I III Page 93 I jr II Q 'II Y . . . ,,, ,,I,,?.,,,,,, L ,,,?-,, Ll l RICHARD CROCKETT I I MEMPHIS I I I Engineering I I I ' I I THOMAS DONAHO I I I GALLATIN I Engineering I I I Kappa Alpha I l l I I I PAULINE CROWDER I I KNOXVILLE I I LiberczlArTs II, I II l ELIZABETH DOOLEY III I KNOXVILLE I Liberal Arts I I Delta Delia Delia I III I ' I I I I I III I CASWELL HILLARD CUSICK A I I I KNOXVILLE I I I Commerce I I I I I CLARK DOWLING I KNOXVILLE A ' Liberal Arts I I ' f I I I X I I WILLIAM E. DEAN, JR. 1 j MEMPHIS X I I ' Engineering I I Sigma Nu I I I I CHARLES DUDLEY I I I I PLAQUEMINE, LOUISIANA ' Commerce I I I Sigma Alpha Epsilon I I I I I III I I III - RALPH DENNIS 'I CHATTANOOGA I II Engineering I' I Sigma Phi Epsilon I I I GUS DYER RIDGETOP , Liberal Arts I I I W I I I I JOHN E. DERRYBERRY I I MEMPHIS I I Engineering I I I T I BANKS EDWARDS I I I . MEMPHIS I Engineering I Phi Gamma Delta le W I IV Page 94 I I J fig I.. I I fi -I. I Iii I i I I M I I I I i I i 1 FRED EISEMAN CHATTANOOGA Engineering Phi Pi Phi FLORENCE ELLIOT MARTIN Liberal Arts Zeta Tau Alpha HUGH J. FELTS SPRINGFIELD Agriculture Phi Sigma Kappa JAMES H. FORTUNE ' ERWIN Engineering NATALIE EMERY KNOXVILLE Liberal Arts Chi Omega I l I MARY FOSTER I CORRYTON Education JEROME ENGERT OAKDALE Commerce Q Kappa Sigma ' ' FREELS FOWLKES I KNOXVILLE L' Commerce I I I J. I-I. ERWIN IJ MORRISTOWN I Engineering I HOWARD FRAZIER ' ETOWAH I LiberaIArfs BEATTIE FEATHERS BRISTOL, VIRGINIA Liberal Aris Phi Gamma Delta ANNA FULTS II I TRACY CITY Home Economics IJ - r fr- -- QIII in ,,gLI,,W I Page 95 I I W I I I I 4? Aw In E . f me EE- - X A I L Gif 11 I E Q I flllfgicwfc W- W A inwxa- H I-e,.7LW1 V 'EIQLEI an "W i I I E I I I ' I EUGENE GADBERRY I NASHVILLE I I Engineering I A. D. GILLESPIE FRANKLIN LibercIlArlS Sigma Nu I I I I I I JAMES GAGER I' CHATTANOOGA I I II I Commerce J II I sagmacha I II I I I I II I ALFRED L. GILLESPIE I I I I MEMPHIS , II I Commerce ' 'I 1 Pi Kappa!-Xlpha II I I I I I I I GORDON GASKILL I I I I MAYS LANDING, N. I. I I LiberalArl's I I I I I Delta Tau Delta I I I I I I I SAM GLAZER I I I I KNOXVILLE I I I I LiberalArts I A I IWYI I . .-.I I1 I I SUE GATES I I HUMBOLDT Liberal Arls I I Chi Omega I I I MARY ELIZABETH GREENE I I I I KNOXVILLE I I I I II Education I I I I I I I I , I I I I I I I I I JOE GIBSON I I I COOKEVILLE I I LiberalArTs I Phi Sigma Kappa ,I II I I I II I JESSIE MAUDE GRILLS I I I DYERSBURG I II I Home Economics I Chi Omega I I I I I I I I I I I GRACE GILBERT I I I CLEVELAND I I I Liberal Arts I J III I DAVID HARKNESS I I I JELLICO I I I LIBEIQI Arts I 'I Pi Kappa Alpha I III, I I II II KI L we LI-1 GE E W I A I Is' I Page 96 II 'I HORACE HARMON NEW TAZEWELL Agriculture LOIS HARRELL MORRISTOWN Liberal Arts Alpha Delta Pi DAVID HARRIS UNION CITY Commerce Alpha Tau Omega MARY MARGARET HARRIS SPRINGFIELD Home Economics Kappa Delta DAVID P. HEADDEN KENTON Agriculture NELSON HODGES KNOXVILLE Liberal Arts Sigma Phi Epsilon .I I FLORENCE HOLMES TREZEVANT Liberal Arts DONALD HOUSEHOLDER KNOXVILLE Liberal Arts Sigma Nu O. D. HOUSEHOLDER KNOXVILLE Engineering SALLIE B. HUGHES KNOXVILLE Liberal Arts Chi Omega WRIGHT HURLEY MEMPHIS Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha MARY JAMES MORRISTOWN Education Alpha Delta Pi ,,, I,, Page 97 I W III? L I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II I, ,T I I I I I I I I I I I II II It II II I , I I . I I I I II II I I I F I I I I . I I Y!-..-1 W Y 7495" ' -A Y I' 1 ' 'E ' - ll ' -'Y ' P FYI. ,,, JV- Y- e I .-.LES III ' 'S W' CORNELIA JOHNSON KNoxvII.I.E ix Zi I I LiberalAr1s I Kappa Delta I I , I ERNEST KENNY I I MEMPHIS I I I Liberal Arts I I I Sigma Nu I I I I , I CYRUS JOHNSON I I II I MEMPHIS I I Liberal Arts I I I I Kappa Sigma I I I I I , I I J. C. KIMBROUGH I X I I RHEA SPRINGS I Engineering I I X I I I I I I ELISABETH JOHNSTON I I I IcNoxvILI.E I I LiberalArts I Zeta Tau Alpha I I j CHARLES E. LALLY I I MARTIN I I I I Liberal Arts I I I I I I- . ip- I I I MARY ELIZABETH KEISTER I I KNOXVILLE LiberalArTs , Della Delta Delta W I W. G. LAYSON I CHATTANOOGA I Engineering I I I I . I MORRIS KEMP I MEMPHIS I I Engineering I I HASELTINE LEE I IcNoxvII.LE Liberal Arfs I I I I I J. L. KENNON I I PARIS I I I LiberalArts I I Delfa Sigma Phi I FRANCES LEWIS DRESDEN I I Home Economics I A A PM PM-E I I fri 7 P' ' f Y- -1 -. t1,i - df ,QL E' "Y - ' 1 l'-TI v I an --E MWA- --N J K P pf 'I II I I I Page 98 I-1 I I I II I A II Af -ff-F aff 'E' ii E"ii - - -iii'-it-xf.gfg4l1Ld11lTV flivl ji I I PM D-E K - ex,-A-E-E,D,,g 'i we--A I ' E I E' an I II II II II JOHNETA LEWIS I SPENCER I I Education I Delta Zeta I NATI-IAN Lows EAGLEVILLE I Agriculture I Z Pi Kappa Phi I I I I II RUTH LEWIS IL SPRINGDALE I Liberal Arts I I I ROSSIE LOY ROANOKE, VIRGINIA I Home Economics I W Delta Zeta I I I I I I If ' I I I RUTH LIGGETT ' LEWISBURG Agriculture MOZELLA LUNDY TREZEVANT LiberalArts I.,-. ...J-.- QL I W. B. LDNGMIRE I ANDERSONVILLE , Engineering A. K. MCCALLA, JR ROSEMARK Agriculture I I I Pi Kappa Phi I I I I I VENICE LOVELADY I DAISY 1 Home Economics II AILSIE MCCROSKEY I I KNOXVILLE Education I I Delta Delta Delta I I I I I I I-IAZEI. LOVINGGOOD I I MARYVILLE I I Education I I I I LEE MCDONALD ALPINE I Agriculture II II ,I II Ida il ll MARGARET MCDONALD KNOXVILLE Liberal Arts Alpha Delta Pi E. B. MCGOWAN MEMPHIS Commerce Pi Kappa Phi JAMES MCGU I RE KNOXVI LLE Liberal Arts SARAH BETTY MclNTlRE KNOXVILLE Home Economics Kappa Delta MARGARET MCLURE NASHVILLE Home Economics Delta Zeta JESSE MALLORY CEDAR Education lfli ii Page I OO JOHN MASON BUSH GROVE Agriculture WILLIAM METCALF SPARTA Law JAMES MARTIN MILLER COLUMBIA Commerce Sigma Chi NANCY K. MILLER MEMPHIS Home Economics MARY MILLS CONCORD Home Economics MARK WARREN MOORE TIGRETT Agriculture Sigma Phi Epsilon MARGARET MORGAN KINGSPORT Commerce Zeta Tau Alpha T. D. MORRIS KNOXVILLE Liberal Arts Sigma Chi L. C. MORTON KNOXVILLE Liberal Arts ALBERT MOSER COTTAGE GROVE Liberal Arts Phi Gamma Delta ELIZABETH MURPHY LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Liberal Arts Kappa Delta BETH NALL KINGSPORT Liberal Arts Delta Delta Delta RALPH NICHOLS KNOXVILLE Liberal Arts SARA SUE NUCHOLS MARYVILLE Home Economics Delta Zeta WAYNE W. OLIVER KNOXVILLE Liberal Arts LUCILLE OWENS UNION CITY Education Chi Omega H. G. PARISH MARTIN Engineering EVELYN PARROTT NEWPORT Liberal Arts Page lOl 'I I I IF' ,JI III I. fi ' I I I I III il? I I,I III IIII III I WI I IIIYI II IIIII I'II I IIIIg I I IIIII I . .gl IIII II .Qi III II I III II II If Ii QI-4 II ,IIQ I I I. It III II III 'I IIN III. II ,I I'I I-. III VIII I, I II' If fr II II II II II II II I FTSE- If II V EDJ , K -- i lvflw 'ff Q Eimf--f' SAM PALMER KNOXVILLE Commerce CHARLES RADER KNOXVILLE Liberal Arts Delta Sigma Phi JAMES PATTON WATERTOWN Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon WILLIAM PHILLIPS RIDGETOP Agriculture FRANKLIN L. PIERCE SEVIERVILLE Engineering ORVAL PITT NEPTUNE Education RAYMOND POLLARD KNOXVILLE Commerce ELIZABETH RAGSDALE CLEVELAND Home Economics MARTHA RAST GARDNER Agriculture DOROTHY RATLI FFE ERWIN Liberal Arts Alpha Delta Pi JOHN RECTOR COAL CREEK Liberal Arts GRAHAM RICHARDSON ELIZABETHTOWN Engineering Phi Gamma Delta HQ I I Il I ii vi ll i I I I I I I I Page I O2 - -- WY , ,ni A ii V 31 1 1 .11 1 1 1 1 1 1 WHEN, 1 11 A A-A-we ..,,,-,, 41,7 ,,.. Y, L ee-.-----1 ' 1 11 11 4 1 ' 'E' K ""'c'x-1-1---A-A ,,,1EE,, 1 1 1 1 11 l 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 11 1 1 11 1 1 1 11 F1 11, 111 111 11 1 11,1 111 11 1111 111 1 1 1 1 L.Ll 1 11 11 111 1 11 1 111 111 111 111 111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 111 11 1111 1111 1111 11 1 1 71 11 111 111 1 1 1 1 1 YA, . ,L ,- ,- -,e-- .11 -..,-,.- Y -f-- -hw -1- -c' ' "" ' 'T' ' 1 11 ,J-----e.-e 1 11 we-Hf,,,,.-gQwA -d-- -- A M 1 A 1 ,d.,-,6--- j"'fj Wim ,1 ,E,1, L "E-N-M11 mA..w-.-L, iii-,Q11xiT1T4iiig1 1 1 1 1 X '-- fA-, .,.. 1 ,. 1 1111 1 1 1 111 M1LORED ROBINSON 1 1 KNOXVILLE 1 1 Education 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 PAUL SANDERS 1 1 1 1 GEORGETOWN 1 1 1 Agriculture 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 KING ROGERS 1 1 11 1 DYERSBURG 1 1 Liberal Arts 1 11 1 Kappa Alpha 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 111 LOLHS sARTA1N 1 1 1 1 1 TRACY CITY 1 1 1 1 Liberal Arts 1 111 Lambda c111A1p11Q 1 1 1 1 1 1 11111 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 11 O. E. ROLLER 1 1 11 1 BRISTOL 1 1, 1 Engineering 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 RALPH SASSER 1 1 1 1 1 1 COVINGTON 1 1 1 1 1 Agriculture 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 7 11 1 1 1 1 111 11 1 GUNBY RULE 11 1 1 I 1 14NOxv1LLE 1 1 1 1 1 Liberal Arts 1 I 1 Q Phi Gamma Delta 1: 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 R.J.SEAY 11, 1 1 1 WHITWELL 1 11 1 1 1 Engineering 1 1 11 111 1 11 1 1 11 1111 VIRGINIA RUSSELL 11 111 1 STAFFORD, ALABAMA 1 1 1 Home Economics 1 1 Kappa Delta 1 1 11 11 1 11 1 LUCILLE SEYMOUR 1 11 1 1cNOxv1LLE 1 111 1 Agriculture 1 1 1 1 Delta Zeta 1 1 1 11 1 ' 1 11 1 1 11 1 1 BUFORD RUTLEOGE 11 1 1 MEMPHIS 1 ' Liberal Arts 11 1 Sigma Chi 1 ' I M11 NL O.SHARRE 11 1 KNOXVILLE 1 Engineering 11 I 11 11 1 11 1 va K I g,,-.-, 1 fri 1-Y-H,, HQ! - -1 "J 1 f -1 1 E 16, 1 11 1 1,'1'.L"'4' -ziitiiz iii T1 1 'D' E 1 ' M-V1 'ff,ff'1"M 1 11 11 Page103 4i I . L I .ei I III II. HENRY SH EPARD SHELBYVILLE Liberal Arts LAXTON SMITH KNOXVILLE Engineering Sigma Nu ROY SMITH BELLEVIEW Agriculture Pi Kappa Phi HERMAN SNIPES KNOXVILLE Commerce Sigma Nu B. S. SNOWDEN MEMPHIS Agriculture Sigma Alpha Epsilon MARY SPENCER f " ,...,,, ELSIE STAPLES ROCKWOOD Home Economics Sigma Kappa W. G. STEFFEY KNOXVILLE Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha J. F. STEPHENS KNOXVILLE Engineering Delta Sigma Phi HOWARD STEWART LEBANON Engineering JAMES STOKELY NEWPORT Commerce Kappa Sigma KNOXVILLE Home Economics WILLIAM STONER MEMPHIS Liberal Arts .I , f I ---'- NN PYT? I K., - ----f,5G.-Y A 1. I E I2 Page l O4 - --,jg-Q I' .,.e 7-.-.A V51 I I DEENA STOOKSBURY LAYSTON Education R. BERTAN STOTZ MEMPHIS Engineering Kappa Sigma LOFTON STUART BROWNSVILLE Commerce Kappa Alpha ROBERT SUDDATH BROWNSVILLE Commerce Lambda Chi Alpha LOUISE SWANN ., KNOXVILLE Home Economics Delta Delta Delta DOUGLAS TANKSLEY NASHVILLE Agriculture EARN EST TAYLOR MORRISTOWN Liberal Arts Sigma Nu FINIS TAYLOR BELLS Liberal Arts Pi Kappa Alpha B. W. THOMAS MEMPHIS Liberal Arts Delta Tau Delta DAVID DUVAL THOMAS I be ' ' 'f KQQS. LIVINGSTON Engineering WILLIAM SWINDELL ATLANTA, GEORGIA Commerce Kappa Sigma MONA THOMAS BLUFF CITY Home Economics Zeta Tau Alpha I I I nh' Y Y- Y Q -F2111 4 ' I iii' 42 I I5 Page I O5 T ll' T U ' , ,Q .MM-'44 -QT-- ,L :fi Tf Tfiffa-g5fT:::"TTq'- T 'E :f TEA TT A MeTT...,jgTT T gji Te W-ff-TREE TTT TT TTTTM -'TTT' P Tl TTT T T Tl T TT T l T T E. D. THOMPSON T T T T T CENTREVILLE T T 5 Liberal Arts l l ' T i JOHN B. TRENT T Q KNOXVTLLE T ' LiberalArts T ' Sigma Phi Epsilon T T l l l ll T Tl T CTLL THOMPSON ' l CENTREVILLE T TT LiberalArTs W TT T TT l GEORGE TURNER 5 T T KNOXVTLLE T T' T 3 LiberalArts l ll , Sigma Nu f TTE ' T T T T T T T l T T 2 l T l T 5 T l T Tl T T tl T l T JOHN TTCTRETT T ' T , T 9 T T T JACKSON l l I T Q T Commerce T ' T ' ' ' 'L-L 1 STgmaAlpha Epsilon 5 1' Fil-'M T T THOMAS TUTWILER T T T T l T, T i T T T l MEMPHIS T X' T T T Commerce T T T l T T l T T ATpTTQTETTOmegu T T l T T T T I T T T T T l T T T T T T ' T T T T T T T l T T T l 3 T l l 1 T l T T T I T 2 T THELMA TOWNES TT T T Tl, l MIDDLESBORO, KENTUCKY T T T X T Education W l T T T T I Ti- TT WT T ll! l CAROL VAN BROCKLTN T T T MEMPHIS TT T ' l T LiberalArTs I T, j Delia Della Delia ?TT T T l T'T l ' ' l l T 3 l T l l T KITTY LEE TRATNUM K KNOXVTLLE 4 f l Commerce j 1 Kappa Delta W T T A T. EDVGAR VANCE T l T l KNOXVILLE T T Q l Engineering X l T T l, TTD . A P ET E T E 'fQf.ifNf ffl--if CA H ie-iff ff JET"-1'JkHTHH A LTD T 4Tf+T1T'f-.,,T,fT-A Rf-fl:'gT211-A-A A-M TAT MT - Tgi+TE:fTT:fT A T -T TiigiT'ET--5 id-Tffgifj,1':LTQ-fd-A-A A -W TT H 'T ' T l Page T O6 i T I T i T -Q35 1"gTAij1Ei'iQQQfiTffEiLTjgi4 fff 1 la Qi Libfffw fl"1Ti:T A g'me"TTT-A T-A-I-Af-A-Q-ELL T T 1- AA EMETT i--L-E AA M ""'A7i' . T ij lL,gig.,,. -TT C I L T ATN, T T T iii' :I TiT T . P CHARLES VANN A A JASPER T Engineering I K Pi Kappa Phi X L CHARLES R. WALKER T DYERSBURG i Engineering T Kappa Alpha T T T T T A i T TT T , W i iT T FRANCES G. VARNELL L T T T CLEVELAND T L i Home Econcmics T T iii I HAZEL WALLACE 'Ti I I T T4NoxvTLLE T Ti i i Home Economics T F T T T T T T ' T A T T T T T TIT F T SMITH VINEYARD T Q E T T T MADISONVILLE I T T T T T T , LiberalAr'rs T I I T T T T , T T ET- T A MARY MARGARET WASSOM T TF T 1 ' BRISTOL VT T T Lib2rQTArTs T T T i T T T T l , T , ' I T T i T T T F T T T i T T F T T ANN WAGNER T TT T i T CHATTANOOGA T T T T i T Liberal Arts T TTA' i V Alpha on-Ticron Pi A T T T T T T i T T L T T JAMES WATKTNS T T LOUDON T T LiberalArfs T IJ T A f li A V T Ai T i i T T IRMA WACNER i F i T KNOXVILLE i ' Education I Zeta Tau Alpha T T T T SALLY WATKINS T i HUMBOLDT i Home Economics T Chi Omega W I T T T T SL,--L -AEE ELL. i , f.,jzF-fi-ff'fTTgg1QQl.fi1i if-gf-fi 'i1 LTT'-f'f-EEE-1iiflfi1jQQll L g W gg WT 'TTT-HEMA-wii'.i1Tgi11igf1mjMmL L-A--3gjg3igLLiY..wA-V-Eff Page I O7 AEI, at I I YAW W lk I I I HEISKELL WEATHERFORD MEMPHIS Law Sigma Alpha Epsilon LOUISE WEAVER KNOXVILLE Education VIRGINIA DARE WHISMAN KNOXVILLE Liberal Arts Zeta Tau Alpha HELEN wi LES SWEETWATER Home Economics AMY WITHERSPOON KNOXVILLE Home Economics I I I I I S PageIO8 ELIZABETH WITSELL MEMPHIS Liberal Arts Alpha Omicron Pi MABEL WOLFE CORRYTON Education KERR WOLFENBARGER CORRYTON Liberal Arts LOU I SE WOOD KNOXVILLE Home Economics LUCILE WRIGHT BRISTOL, VIRGINIA Education Delta Delta Delta I I I I III II I 4 I It II II II II I 'II I I I I II I 5, I I II I I I E Elf E IE I i V ..,.:......, , W .. 1. N ' I 1 i JUNIOR PROM COMMITTEES BEATTI E FEATH ERS Ex-Officio W. GLENN BRYANT Program HERBERT D. BRACKETT General Manager BUFORD RUTLEDGE Grand March A. L. GILLESPIE Music JAN ES STOKELY Publicity RICHARD CARSON Finance NELSON HODGES Chaperones 1 1 1 ' i . 1 . 'Wi ..-Ei ' Page iO9 1 1 i i i 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 a i 1 1 i i i i iff 15' LL. +L Ik I I II Urn-- Gmev I I V Memo " 'rs' - I L.-ff-----?"'T L if girxLx'dY-Fk4,, W N-'---+e-,.., FEATHERS Beattie Feathers - A. L. Gillespie - - Sallie B. Hughes - Richard Carson PUBLICITY James Stokely FINANCE Richard Carson GRAND MARCH Buford Rutledge INVITATIONS W. H. McClure GILLESPIE HUGHES Junior Class Officers Junior Class Committees GENERAL MANAGER Herbert D. Brackett PROGRAM W. Glenn Bryant CHAPERONES Nelson Hodges FLOOR Ben McCaslin 1,1363 - f.--V I fn V -W ,W in ,VN I I I ,,,,,,,.4f--- -- I L ,. Page I IO CARSON - - President - Vice-President - Secretary - Treasurer MUSIC A. L. Gillespie TICKETS H. L. Modlin DECORATION James McAuliffe INNOVATIONS J. D. Lea, Jr. LW- L f-ff+---'wt III II III III III Ilf III .I III I I IIII III III IIIII IIIII 'II II II ,III IIN III III II I I I I I I I I I I I1 II I ' I-I PIII! IIIII III? I I I IIII II I. III III IIII IIII. 3II'I II IIIII IIII I IIII III III I III II III III III III III .II I II III II ,I Ii II ,. 'I II: II If SOPI-IOMORES LOUIS POUNDERS Presudent of the Sophomore Class ACKROYD ARWOOD BAPTIST BEASLEY BOYNTON ACUFF ANDERSON ANDES ARMSTRONG AURIN BABELAY BAIRD BALTON BARDWELL BARKLEY BARNETT BATES BENNETT BLACKLOCK BOLIN BOWEN BRANDAU BRISCOE BROOKS BROOME Page I I2 BROWN, E. BUCHIGNANI CAMPBELL, P. CHILDRESS CLAXTON BROWN, F. BROWN, M. BRUCE BRYAN BURK ' CAMERON CAMP CAMPBELL, M CARLOCK CARPENTER CHALKER CHANDLER CHRISTENBERRY CLARK, JACK CLARK, JAMES CLARK, W. COCKRILL COHEN COOK COTTER Page I I3 COX CRAIG DANIEL DARST DOMINICK,C. DOMINICK, E. ENGLAND FINE GILLESPIE GLENN CRANWELL DE FRIESE DOUGHERTY FOWLKES GOODE Page I I4 CROCKETT CUMMINGS DICKSON DIEHL DRANE DUNLAP GERBER GIFFEN GOSSETT GREENE GRYMES HATLEY HOP K I NS HUTCH I SON JORDAN HAMMER HAYNES HOWARD HYLTON KAP ELOW HAN DLY HARVEY HAYS HEADMAN HOWELL HUDSON IMM EL JACKSON KEITH KELSO Page I I5 HATHAWAY HOLMQUIST HUTCHESON JOHNSON KI ERSKY KI NCAID LEE LEWIS MCCALLIE MCMILLAN KIVETT LEEMAN LI PMAN MCEVER MCNABB KOONCE KRAMER LESTER LEVIN LOWE LUTY MCGINNIS MCLAIN MAHAN MARCH Page I I6 LEACH LEVY MCADOO MCLEAN MATHES MAYO MAXWELL MEDLIN MESTER METCALF MILLER MILNOR MONROE MORGAN MOSS MOWERY MULLINS A MYERS MYNATT NOYES OUSLEY CGLE OWEN, JOHN OWEN, M. B, OWEN, ROY PATTERSON PAVLOW PENRY PERCIVAL PERRY Page I I7 PHIPPS PRITCHETT ROBERTS, S RYAN SEIVERS POLLACK PRIVETT ROBINSON SANDERSON SHORT POSNER PUGH ROGERS, L. SCHAFFER SLATERY Page118 POUNDERS PRATER REED ROBERTS, H ROGERS, M. ROSEN SCHIRO SEALE SLAYDEN SMITH SMITH, GEORGE SMITH, LUKE SMITH, VIRGINIA SMITH, W. SPENCE STALEY STERCHI STOWERS TICKLE TILLETT TOMBRAS TOWNSEND TURLEY TLJTTLE WAHLI WALKER WARMATH WELCH WHITE, E. WHITE, M, WHITE, R WILKERSON WILLIAMS WILSON WORD WRIGHT YATES Page I I9 VP v i i ii i i r l A A i ,Vi Q P -XL gefff 1--f-Mi-ir - 6 -,- - 4' fT,5f,f55521---if i egfii-fjjgeifigeezans PPPPM rr' eLLQQ,Vf.W PC, ll Vw Lg. in VM i l V l l i Vi i i L i i V it A l , V ' i i i l i V i V. J l V , ,L 3 V VV? V V 'Vi V VV, C' AV 'VV POUNDERS MCGINNIS sci-ima CRAIG 1 , l i V V i V ' ll V ,V r -' Sophomore Class Officers V L Q f V l V V 1 i u V I Louis Pounders - - - - President V V V Susan McGinnis - - Vice-President V , 2 Frances Schiro - - - Secretary V V 'E ' Charles Craig - - Treasurer V Vi i i l V ii w filfil Sophomore Class Committees V Q I V i V SCHOLARSHIP FACULTY RELATIONS A Q 1 Mamie Cook ----- Chairman Phil Claxton ----- Chairman V V Y Eugene Cato Jack Pickell Sue Wright Van Slayden I N I l 1 V V i V l XV P RETREAT SOCIAL g il I l Y I Y: Guy Darst - ---- Chairman Jack Lovell ----- Chairman i JV ,1 Richard Ackroyd Catherine Brandau Margaret Slatery Margaret Phipps V i ill I V wr l V ,ii , Q il? i ' V , 1 li V l V .V f I e-, V V V X r V i , L , I v P l V Vi ii ll ,LLL ' ""i"""--f-LL, LL L L f f " 'C 'ii LL 'r f -L-LL ,fha 'Q 42 ALA- L L L L, VV! f f f - - -L L e , LLLL - LL-'li -Lil?-g3 :.,...,.e L L "iLlTt:3gf3f 'i an as A L :gg - A VLH A foogiif LLLL L LLLLW he flv 5' V ri Ol I Vi, Page l2O FRESI-IMEN BOB RULE President of the Freshman Class ACUFF BOUNDS BRYANT CURRY ELL!S ADAMS BOWEN BURNETTE DALY EMERY BASS BOWLING BURR DARROW EVANS Page 122 BATSON BOITNOTT BROOME BROWNLOW BUTLER CARPENTER DAVIS DE FRANCESCHI FORRESTER FOSTER GAULT I-IARTUD JONES, A. LINDLER MALLORY GREGORY HALL HARDIN HARRIS HINSON HINTON HUGHES JACOBSON JONES, J. KENWORTHY LADY LESTER LITTLE LONG MCCONNELL MCGHEE MANEY MARTIN, C. MARTIN, H. MILLER Page I23 MYERS NATIONS NAVE OLIVER RAGSDALE RAMSEY RATCLIFFE RICHARDS RICHMOND, L. RICHMOND, S. ROTWEIN RULE SCHWAM SHAW SLEDGE STANSBERRY STEGALL STONE STRATTON THACH THOMISON THOMPSON, G THOMPSON, M. VEYNAR WAGGONER WALTON WILLIAMS WORSHAM Page I 24 .4 .rr - ,,..,,--V..-- ip , J - r- .na 5 , l iii J l 1. l, ll-TTi l y - l i W. i i. l ii 1 l :sie-ggfiif Lil" Wi i p , i ' 'Q' Q- -f,l3.....: -V RULE RICHARDS WORSHAM HARRIS Freshman Class Officers Robert Rule ---- - - - President Mary Katherine Richards - Vice-President Raymond Worsham - - Secretary Julian l-larris - - Treasurer The Freshman Class has few group functions, but these are important. During Freshman Week they are assembled for frequent instruction and to them the Torch is passed. After officers are elected they conduct a faculty reception to help the members to get acquainted with the faculty ond in the winter a retreat is given in the mountains where they first begin to develop the responsibility to the university and learn of the various problems they must meet in their collegiate careers. ...feel L Y f - fi g'5,3-,..V We f Page l25 i l v, ,fm --- ' I i l i lfi ll .il l ill ll lil ill il ill gl 'l l ll fi il ,il ' l 5 i 5 i l iii 'il yll N, lyll 1 l l iii ,ii ,l,i ,iw ,N l ,i 'if lllf lifl ilqi ill llfl l li' .Ky l ,ii l ll il' ill' li' l'i ig ill l l lli lil i'l l lil iii ill U l i i ff 4, W , f-Jw--fklr' " i-?'?E'f .. , ll, pw 1 i l 1 N Y I P I- Y 1 ' X W ill!! r 1 M AA ll t M A . - FEATURES MPORTANT advances in medicine have frequently been marked by unheralded acts of bravery exemplified in the case of the voluntary inoculation with yellow fever germs of certain soldiers of the army during the Spanish-American War, despite the pro- mise of almost certain death. 1 E 1 -.t.,...-...... -.......-.-. 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A. and a committee composed of editors of publications, members of the publication council, and others, picked twenty whom they believed to be more beautiful. Pictures were taken of these twenty by Knaffl and Brakebill studio and sent to McClelland Barclay, a promi- nent artist who designs Red Book covers. From these pic- tures, identified only by number, he chose eight and returned them directly to Mr, F. C. Lowry, Director of University Ex- tension, who opened the package and certified the girls to the Editor of the Volunteer. Owing to the uniform excel- lence of the pictures and the difficulty Mr. Barclay had in designating eight girls more beautiful than the remainder, it was decided to include the remaining twelve along with the Beauty Section. II Il ln' W i Y a-,:':1'.: s I 'T'l"il""'i' D - lb T Y -I A ee 'a ff at ' fs.: I II I: I gl -I . I . I I I I I I gl 1 I I I I I l I IVE? . S: A Y' M Q Q ., .- , ,Q , 4 3 Aff, pf sz:-if gap, 2--cz. ..,Q,.,yev, -13-film,-,,.,4x.D.T.-e' enflffiaz v 1 , V I-:f1fT'f.wP-1-H ' . . s . ., .VL .LH:.- ' .1.. ,J me ' ggggzp 1 13, f., L .. R, qs, ,. - 1 ,E - - -DD, Y -- 5.1- I -. S ia 11 H I af 5 Q. I ., M 1 A A .1 1?"I'1- 691511112 Aejgfazg vw Y TORCH BEARERS F 'r ai'-ss? I ,rf Wraith? T ae:-2:22 , 6. . . .wen-A I fsinfk-iv? T fe 7-63:9 -9234 sdfeii +A. P-43, D'-- ' . ,., -A R533 ...., .v- ga-I. .IZ-f .,,.. . Mi? eeeeeeeweeeefe efeeeeeeeee ,meg mggffig, Rei- f -Q f 'H+' 5, gif: .. ill The eight outstanding seniors In this I 'I - . 5 sectlon were selected on the basis of Il scholarship, character, campus leadership, I I- . . . . mtg and campus actlvrtles by the followmg committee. The results were com iled P I 'g by James Brown and Dean Massey and III I , . :-:D - nb, ,, 3 .4 Q 1 lv :eg 1:1-E ,za mls, e .rs - V 4. .,. .ng ,g.:,-.J .pts x. ...',: af 4, ,..- ffam 'Li' il approved by the latter. II 55 I DEAN MASSEY I DR. DUNFORD II DR. HODGES I PHIL cLAx'roN I HAROLD sHERRoD H T. D. MoRRls I 1 l GORDON GASKILL I Ill ALFRED GILLESPIE ' li, . W i FACULTY MEMBERS ' Y DEAN WITHAM p DR. HssLER iz VIC DAVIS MR TOMLINSON NI, STUDENT MEMBERS ANNE WATSON MARY SPENCER VIRGINIA WHISMAN ERNEST KENNY MARTHA STALEY li . . . 5,-L.-.ser .. I, . . -I ,, ,.. ! . Miss STEPHENS MR. KLINE I E EDM' I 2: ' 'Ii 1 Q lee - HOWARD FRAZIER F. w. FOWLKES ERE E - ,. . 1 A .fl I J ll X rl ,w if , ,,.-,Ip--. -nr1:"wf"I'1ZXyjSi , , . -:srf1z'r'fr1?-QT??E11r'H2:s2ff fel ,Li--el, f-f- - f9'l-2 2- '-f- f--V -ff-Y f---------'------- -Y --'fwfr H W""'?" ' "' iii?-'5 W W in I ,I fifjtifff IQ, ft MQ wwf? I igijfw Mita its :Il Il-fifqf its 'Il E 'i l I '.-ra I I' f 5 ll l .ffl Il l if i I it- ' 1 if is 'I , ,ii ll I I' 'l ag. ! 5 Q ,ii il I' if :Q al I I-fi I I I I FILE Iv 1 l 'Z I1 I ' iw if ' I li 3 I s I I E 1 I F l I ll I I l ll E li l I lI l I E l W 5 E 1 l ,Q Fd I -I l 1 ., , I I N la f I ' . 2, I , it I la ' ls? il.: i I ' , I. ,I Ii -fu Iffki 1 l I l ' L I 'S A 'i?1,5f"v wgwisi I ffwivbg 'I 2 I it ,Film W .335 56- Sim-S23 5 . . 4 mia EI 55 I I ., I I I n . l l II:-' , ,., I . I ' I ,Q 'ff' r' "W" --me-ee-sv Te. -Y ,.., ,ffm ?i?i4"' i '.li2fff,'??f,- D.. ...a-I 'W A' " ' MALCOLM AITKEN Malcolm Aitken is another reason why Memphis has endeared itself to the University. Un- heralded and unsung, Malcolm, soon after his arrival made himself felt as a leading factor in student life. Commanding in stature, pleasing of manner, engaging in personality, and rational in his convictions, he grew rather than forged his way into the foremost ranks of institutional activities. The confidence he enjoyed of the student body has been well reposed. Malcolm carries from his Alma Mater the best wishes of all and a certain feeling that his after years will be crowned with success. . S .i I 1, l 1 V. 2: . -4-,f.f...-.., ,e.-,,,,, - . E e , 5. .- lQ25t:,,A,f1,-f ,C . I .Inf .Jg.,?'T'?'fa3-f-3-1vr':jf-755,,,,,?:,,,,1?,lEIy3mJ- Mmm? VL: I Z Q u..,.,.mMc,,,,,a,.,-,,...c.,..-,-..-.....,......,,,,....,..,,,,MM A,h., ...,.... u.,,,e-., ,-,w,.,.cW M..,..-M..s,,............' if 'lf' z : -J F .rl 3 ft-12. il 5 All l ,,, QW ' - -:ls ' ,lil i gg we ll? 'fi' 3 I ' ,lf ll ll 5 l :I Es 2? sz l I "is ig 5 5: l F: ll ! il I Q, ll i l 1 I g . l l F' is El al ' F ii sl l I If lj E l " ls ls 2 l I r ll 4 l l , , . l l El 5' 5 , l l 'Y' I l ' ., l . ll glgl ll l F' l '23 . Q , I ll . ' E5 lg s :ge 5 , ! X xg e 4 li 'S 5- I E l 923519 si l 1 -E 7 ' i -4' l l l .2 l l ll l l ff ,sl , .. ls l ll I 1 f litres I lrgifigff ' I F1295 l 1 l , '21-wifi I' lgiaizizg , ,34 4 l E, l 'm l - ' l L...-.. Q..- ,,,,,,,4-M, -,,A,MmvMm-- uw--A A- :rf - n 4-3:35543-fee-,f,,,q,Ts--. . v .. -.-l,-.-A--.,.-.,e.,..g1ci,n,,,1Ti,1m g4e1gW,1it,Q, c c ,,ig44g,.,g c --L 3,3-g 4, Q--',-1,j-'iigf "-T""'f'5it-"fel-eww? .,,,..,.,..,, m , I A., ,, 1, jf' V . 2 A' f' A ' ' ' 'Q .I,ijiiiffllZg3':..:111f,-.e-...nn::tI.'ZTZiTl3::TQT:,rE.K' fl-.QAM , - - - s- ' '--Q---eQ+AL:a.e1,33ff H29-f,i:', LAN DRUM BOLLING Because of his leadership in a vigorous program of intercollegiate debatingg his maintenance of high scholarship in his own workg and his able editorship of the Orange and White, with a constructive program and a greater emphasis on the intellectual interests of the campus, Landrum Bolling has won and held the confidence of students and faculty. 3 sf l n r i l i i , , ...-, .fy-1-1vfeP2i?"s"fT'l 'TWT-'Inf-f.1v-rf-sf-frees .. . , vw,-.ww-Q-fmv:rTs??fWiQ1?T1. 11,- aeifieaf'5-eiaiif::fsil?s,fi'i:J?" ,, , V., , ,1,,,,K ,,.,y . KL. www: ?AL:-it-lik W ww-W'-w """""""""--'--A"--......,...........-.........,s...,--1--M-"""""""'-tuAM -H-9-'W-A-A-W-Wwma A-MNH mmfavygr fe---we--r-we--4My------'f-'M-A---WM me --he-1-M---we-----0-We-Q--M-ei 1-L3eU5,4 1 i ,ig-, eff i i ' 74 i :Ween L A ,fr-rs: ' E '5 I- ' HQ' ip!! 1. rixiefa Es.-levee' i ' sf,-gwzi ' " : L-,rm new 5 1 si , .4 s igr-.v.... will - it i 5 23435, iight' i l i i il lsiiilfl 2 E lffgu 3 2 ig mg 5 ' l 55 Il if-i if? i :I E-1 ,fi 5 il 536' fi? .i 'il-'f Fwvl il i Ur? 654 Sl Eg pf F411 E I gg ,QQ l li -T-.Q ,wi il it ig- 42 , -l +3 .l . 551 viii: 5 ' 5' if il lirl 'sq I - 1 if, lu ,- fi gl gk gy! ig .3 ici in 5, il pq f i li P Ei il is rl Ui E ia .. 5 il li ii .3 I 1 ti ? li fi fi i ii 5 I 3 Q 43 i A , 3: i 4 ,i E r E- 4 ii 55 ii is l I lt il lu B Va L2 fl il F3 is 5 ', if .-A I li I-yi :Tl .l .H is is li ffm X3 gi iz in! wi ' 3' Kai Q5 l i if in !, -L if li we fl ii in l ' Es g fu 55, il ,i ggi: 52 ,ii ire . -Q li ii M3 iii ei 1 . l:'i l if ai,- i l E pf 4 peel li F55 ' i in I-asf 1 i ii mei li 5 Q l gi 2 l iiifilfsi 2 1 ggrigfga E l like-2 1 i iffsfziii i A.,,Q,.f. . F l l Asses - i E i E , V ,i ,1 :xt L, ,,, 5 il f . l l' "f'r:'51' l I i 35555135 5 5 lfffiliitl lie-Agri 1 S iiwaui ws 1: , i 4 -fwfr-7 57353521 2 25912211 lsfgigge l eww: 'PHL 9' s s geiiuiag ,mf sei f fwf--. i - --frf f g W Auwnmn,-,-,N,4,,-,,M,M,,m,,,,,,-,,,,,,,,..,.,,,..s..W.,.w...Q. -..,mmWn.-A big-gm kaQiH2'Q,fI,. ,I'.........".II.'..."'.1',l' ,II-,,,I......1... ,.....,,,,M.-.-..-.,...-,i,..,.,..s,,,--,.,.,..,..,....,,. ..w...---.- --w.---1:75-Q-fzvremezwff-fl fi--:af iwfwv-ma .-F--'l.,,,,n,' s...,,,m fl1 fs--affsfeiis? 1 TOM DUNLAP A distinctive mien, a manifest discrimination, and the possession of more than usual personal qualities-these form some of the marks by which he is known among his student-fellows. These attributes, strengthened by a capacity, both native and developed, have enabled him to lead. At no time, however, has the pursuance of numerous activities interfered with scholastic attainment. i wi i l vwxrfm- .vs-f -r-'5:5fN Qi5if'2'43'e- -fwmw . , .. -v M- - sf " I 'f v f' A'-H5514 r' '3 -' ' .. "" . - - - Y 'te ' 'i" -- -1 v ffiifsi-'.'!'f" 525, , H p 2f,5??7iggs5wg 5n'5'K W i ip , f -- V rw? l tw ' I f-'Z N l rfb , i '-156 ' N .1 in l 5 Y 3:55 27 I " l an I JW I ' 2 E I l ,, l LM li 5 5 . E l l 5 1 5 u fl Q5 I li i .5 5 E1 iv' ES i ' 51 J' ,J ggi. , in 'Ji -,.. . l pts: l 552 l , R Wig: g' ' 'Wi deff' l ! l e K ,L-L1 F ,..f.... P f. Q ,.. 'fi Eff 7 l grow fn l' K , f i Y l ' '- ' ' ' 'N " ' ' " ' ' l 5T:::W1T-fii W " ' " ' ' ' ' ' -f .4 'f UQ .1 1 4 Q ' . JOHN FRANKLIN - John is probably as typically American as any student in the University. He is practical, he is efficient, and he is thoroughly reliable. These characteristics will always be in demand in America. Early in his course he won the epithet of "Honest John" and there can be no finer description of him, His scholarship is among the highest, his outside activities have been most exacting, and his genial good humor is a boon to his companions. His actions speak so loud in his praise that we need not dwell further than to bid him continue the road of life as he has walked in it during his four years at the University. gn , l ,Q l l ie -r W ,wmv mmf, 3 .' 'mt 112 5 ive, .r Z., re ,., . ,. --..-2-rag? "? -if - ici--fr . ,. , figs, Q 5 -5 521' , vm-,eww ----W..-,c..-.,.,,,.,,..,-e.,. .,.,. -.f,..--e,..,e.,-.,,...,-..,.,-,.-w-..,..,.....,....--..-.....-.- W- . r-- ------1-.--W1--W.-.-keel 1 f or an e..- .-.--- ee-.....-...-.----.--me----N---, Zee? E mms i ' v r ' l l l ' l i gl . ,f N qi? 53, ,f il 3 .A i .5 lei? 5 ll ll , , -gg- Egwg 2 l ll ll 5 an l 1 ., - 1 L . is l i ,. I. ' 5-Q 7 l l 'E 2 l i. 'E 2 1 I Eff' l ' . l a" rl l is li ll i ,i S l 3 il L Z l il Q 1 . Q il il ' A ll l ll 31 li l' E l i ' , li it E- l I f we l i 1 ' i w , Q M ll 1 ,' j 1 22. l l ., - ll i Li V- I 54? l il 'l 235 l :iii i i ll - l -54. l .-.ef " 33 1 l f l. l ti ' , l l fa gsie 1 :gist - - - - eerie QW' ' . 5.-mg ' f ' .Le W , e e ee,,...-, f- i' so "Q is s ' ""'i 's 'ss' eg, 'W' " up e cf ae. ' 1 A ' :fin -f--2 f - f A -- -f --'Mew .f-:-'fs,f:.eq: l-IARMON GN USE lt is old stuff, perhaps, how a leader should possess honor beyond the necessities of keeping out of trouble, integrity that sets an ideal above personal gain and personal comfort, industry that exceeds any mere desire for getting on in the world. Old stuff, and true: add to- this prescription a fine tact, an engaging personality, and a deep quiet sociability, and the result will be, unless we miss our guess very far, someone very like Harmon Gnuse. ,. ffl , ,X ,,x.,, f .c .1 l'.i55'2Zii:5:???'iLf'5f'1'i?i5iff'S'5 f'Zi':- .-'fwe..f4'.fT -f, 5 Si? 1? ,y:f1:r..i 1.11.4 we-.H...m.... 5 ,,,.-,.-.,,V.,::. -iv.-i,.gLfgL,,,gg4n'hy-:"4'f3f- :5 4 Qgrffntlg -fff-aide1:11154:1..,,.,-.,,.-..s.,,.,,-..,.,.,.,..,r, ,N.H,,.-.s.., ,,s,..,.,-.,., .. 1. V in fm .... -,.,,, ..,,M ,,,,, ...,,.,..,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,.,,L,,,N,,,W NN,-M, I,-mpg! ,H AMA, ,,g,,,,,,,.M,,,,,,,,,,,M-,,.g,,,,,,,,.. 5 . 5 t i E553 ,V kill .1 ,s,. jrligzl l " ' 5 l Vfiff i "4-241 r, f, ,I l il' i E I I wi: e,5T'fll1 ' ,E l HU: s 1 TE-ll Q I Q i 'Heil fill l :sg 2 v i . gesii l l Ei gig! i i 52 QE' 3 l it t i ti E? if is , li sl yi . Ea ll I? if ll lg - ii? ! g 53 l l Eg ! 3 V it l M -: E A 1' .5 .. L. M lx! T' . li ll if Z: fi ll 'f li E3 X .E yi if sa , l I' FF L l gl i Fi gf gl it 4' ll l 5 ' al E3 ii! H It ,Q 1- l '1 , ii I E5 is fi' Q., Zig , I 1? 'is , 2:21 .rg i. E it 54' iii ug? ' rx- 1, ' Ai 1 . I ' a a 5 fl z ,f 2 n i ' si! 5 T I f is l ,.: Q i i Tl 1 ! L :fi-2 ig 5 5 12:2- .el - 5 ,ev , . .M- L-fff 1 1 I A i . 1 .. if i -521 5 i , '42 ,Z-ff l i --L1 S ' '- ff 1 1 -,, g ??,.4l 2 3 " iisyt E 1 if: :I e ,.-fig mc f I ,ig-sal i ' lx. . we-1 l Q -emi - 4--411 1 yew , , -J., i 'exit - i ggepv 72515135 5 -5:5555 - -- L-. 5 be liz 'ii . , , , ,W W-, 7 Mew-! 'tr illgfif' """"" " """'Q""" "J""""' 'Aww' " 'H"M" " A"""'T""1"f""f'f"'QflZ.fliwff, .,,..l,.QQ,.f.,,,.n---3 . 1 -L ' HES' f:'TC"fH 1L::1,:':"o' """"' """s'f"" ' ' 'P """"' "Aa"LQk""'L "" 'W . ." ','-W-wg, .1rr?'ri"' - flifiliief-Effiefw'fa' f"f"' H -'ek - .E-,,',,i.,.v.... .. . 4,0 .Lv.a.-efseffffveee'-i?9I?f:4-?f'.'f2?e5Yii- :reg-X,'ef5fq.t:,g:5g1'5iz: eg,-,'f1i,1"'Zf,j: ' . 35553-551-Wc..L..f.ein-f:5LL'E11Iffi?j?'Z--""ffl weiv QQ, iz, -x iiwgilff-15:L:e"f'Q--fi gg' fg,,J1f. Qin! -'M' M ' " f""" "'-if -A-iifei-:-....-X'-.L-.f+""'-Y. iii-'W-A-has "'-2f1il:qi'3f ':4ai ill.gsm41-fx:f:L-'+f1e'-'J-"-'- s ' ' ' " TOM HARTON He has devoted much time and energy to the performance of student activities assigned him, notably in the field of publicationsj he is the editor of the Volunteerg still he has not been unmindful of his studies for he is among the leaders in this respect, being a member of Phi Kappa Phi. Mr. Harton has the confidence of the students and faculty. He is a credit to the University. v if 3"4?'1 'Q -deff?-'.f1r?zmy:,o.g. .W-,-+'.....1 -,, , , , , ..,... . ,-,.-, L,-'rn I 543:12 :ms i a s 'S ia. n np 1 .er ' I if L- 11 1 y J f' tw 'N I .lsr-"fX"'. . , .1 1' on. -T'-.. ,J Ii' vig ..-fr-ia - -' mei'--::L1g-fv":a .hail .'r-Lt?-:J-I-J-'.1i:::J1. .H - - : '.iT""22-"FHS 'J if "'f'1'KMf.i'. +5 134, ia.. .JKT JJ! W,,L+,. .r . -. .. . . v - . ,, -eq 4L,,,,,.,,f'fg,+5:ff::.w 3. ,If,..g.4?ps. r AL y ' 6 4. 1 I . -., f' rv J, Q Q J I I WL.-gx I M I his 1- P' 1 I X ei -'lf 5 r. 1 .M-r . I "' ' I W! I A. L s, I L I g " ,Y L J 1 gp- pa I I -- I . In il . sigh 2: I 15 I Q2-r :iff if is ,.. V.. S- Q5 -. I if P .Fr E 9? I . I I II 'I II 1 I I . 5 a 2 I I .I I E 3, , T Q" -if I 5. r , ' 3 ti I '51 I I 1 'Fl fl I Ir' .. 'x 5.11. E531 . 5, 531 ni' R154 I get f I wit: 'V I 35513: Pa' I l'4cS?'I 3- . . I - IV ,' f2l"1" 4 :Q cg--.5-,ig 2-"T , I FIE14: 1 . 15321 I if' 1 95:51 M. "'J?:f -lv.1 '- 'g-7391 , sn, ,fo e :Y I 355.5 . sw, I -,ru .,,'-- . , , .vga his:-rf. - -- - -. V -H f ff- -1+ , 1-ffm-' WY W - 7 Y Y I Y , , , V W Q - F.:-yin I-fp f3f:,:---4. f ,Q i -,, LM, 4 ,M V I ,, .51 1. .k A pi if ' '? 91-sw-f f-' --I . . .. I, 73, ...V-1 v. --we lxniggqxz -at-ss. . Q - 4 ' ' ' H -- -I , . an ,n i , gh.-.,-3.,,-,V-am as-efrfh Marla-v - .- ' SUSAN HOUK A class measures its strength by the leadership it produces and the class of 1932 is fortu to have had Susan Houk as a member for the four years. For not only has Susan successfully the problems of the various offices and positions of trust which have been but also has she been a means of discovering and developing talents in others. Her vision and calm serenity have been real factors of growth in the life of the "Hill," nate met hers rare t t, 'A i i A J JEAN ROBINSON Every year the women of the University choose one of their number as their leader, the president of the Women's Student Government Association. For l932-33 the choice went almost unanimously to Jean Robinson, a girl who had shown her leadership since her freshman days. But it is not alone through the offices she has held that Jean has won the confidence of faculty and fellow students. Rather it is by those qualities of mind and heart which make up character that Jean hos attained this place in the estimation of her fellow students. e' z, vvq- - V Q r-mr-. . ,. . fy :-'f -.Ji4g5g'lFE.. . vw- - 1- H v . .u.... W.-, 1.-.---ew-1 - n -1, TFRFI i. - -1 fanny ..y-q,.',3 Q-3 ,. fy ,. yn, , --3 1 A j5?1,.,5,-5-awp--H: 5-fe, ,T ,, . ,, ..-W ,W , ,, ,,,, A , , . .gf : , ,, .qc qwg, ,av ,,,,i.'.?--45.12 f 43 -fr 'IA I ,vi ,r 2 1 V . M ,f .1m5,.x...vn1.... ......ncg.fe...z... , .."7.a QEPEEV ft ' ,, 1' 1' ,....-.,-,..,,,.c-,-,,M,,,,,,,M,,,,,--w,,,,,,,,A,174 444--, U A ,,,.-A A A A ,,.,,-,, , LAM-Ac -uycgg'-,--,.,-, - -, l.:fk,:Vg'i - ------M--------------------A -A--A ---- -----f---M---M------L1-44 g M- ee --f ee- -ie----A --f-s------ A - A --7 my .wget 1 J J also J E 353, ' 4,2 N , gf' 'vt 'r - - J -Jalal? vw J ' .1 l llll it -f l Milk fre, ,l , i : mr x i N mm W 42 tw., Mft ll i l lil? , , 4 . -. - Ll tl i z l l l -. x l l l ' 1. - l l: , 2,59 I I , X 'fill 375, l 3 E J W, "af ri!! 3. , ii , xl .6 Q1 ' l 1 l i l 1 1 'J l l i ,, , ' l ' l l l l i , I , H , , , , 1 i 1: ,., ,. ft he :Eff E J 1? ' '71 ' Inf: i ' Ni get J 'Els' -15,1 ' .4 1 3.1 l V 1 UI? 1 7 A' ll , .fl f.'?H. , y' "- W 1' isp'-33 , Q f np' Wifi' ti 1 J ', ' 'jqkxl ,L .lllllllsl ' ',g,v, i figzlthg , 1'-1'-Q 3 50855: map. i' fiiaflf' 4f1fafifi" g'Tl,Q1fJ:,, elf "l ffl-'ll f'3l:l 'Q ' X H25-'f3fQi'2'i 3 , ,N i l zgi-2'-a . SFT -lwh an A t AM Mt' AA gm N, .. ..., ,. - mu.. ..f.m..wm.-mn. R . . .ZW 'JG .Wi DR. HENRY NELSON SNYDER Speaker Fifth Annual Mid-Winter Convocation Dr. Snyder, President of Wofford College, Spartanburg, South Carolina, delivered the Mid-Winter Convocation lectures on January l7-l8-l9. His lectures followed the general theme, "Finding the Lost Emphasis-The Dig- nity and Worth of Individual Human Personality." These forceful messages will be long remembered by the students and faculty of the University. ts 5 E W gf? iii rw 1 E 5V ee 4 --ff....kL..,...-...N 1 1 ? V 4 v W X 5 5 It tl if I 5 l I I 5 --V-z ! s s ,t f i at . !. W 1, WJ F? W fi 1 if 1. E531 'ffl I 'Q 'm ,T 5 if 3 5 5.-zg i e ' rj fl 1- Us ,--,?, , if V ---,:........ ,i Y 1- R--'.'-5.4 '-1---reg-. ut, Q A ' 4- : ' " ' -435-'W 5 335'--5 ' " ' f W- '-.i--.....Y g K ---,T W-.. L CAMPUS . l I t eff tw t Eye f?'S"'is W fb t I gf' ja:-6-1 ? iw?- t ew iw t X:- f ,fp fp ' t iii ' 5 t ag-ax J ti at Q 1 f Ht J R., i tl ,L g ' L 5 , J lil f x Lggggai E 1 'Q' I 1 ti . .... - .. 1 A . V. af' F" 'uwifv A . .,.,, ug. -f,' 'F W e fl ee e M f----A----J-et , ' u it-2 515. ' I It -P t N: t if V 1 t , , ' i . I: ""' -- ,. W , hr X lx :Y '- AY' ,I 1 If Y- rl '52 5 'F il!! , KATHRYN MARTIN ,etfga I r . Elected "Mnss Tennessee" by Vote of the H jj ' Student Body 'T e ? 5 L we e, t eeee e 45 I , - 7 Tennessee - Kentucky captains meet . . . a pause in the game . . . Eloise Bass, band sponsor . . . the band pays tribute to Feathers . . . co-eds . . . the Beer Keg stays in Knoxville an- other year . . . just before the fracas at Vandy . . . cheering section . . . the band spells 'Tucky . . . more co-eds . . . student section . . . Kentucky sponsor. Beaver goats . . . an Alpha Zeta neophyte . . . Pershing Rifle rats . . . the annual fresh- man race . . . Barnwarmin' is near. . , a rough game of hockey . . . another reminder of the Barnwarmin' . . . winner of the cake race . . . old Ten- nessee lettermen parade be- tween the halves . . . the Pro- fessors' noontime excursion for food . . . Tennessee players in action. S N O W . . . dormitory girls going to eat . . . just before a vicious combat? . . . Ayres . . . snowbaliing? . . . Trouble for someone . . . Miss Ridgeway, Empress of Henson . . . more snow battles . . . Henson Hall, home of co-eds . . . bad luck for the camera . . . Pefruzze and a few admirers. . . the Li- brary tower at Twilight. Just f r e s h m e n looking for dates? . . . the famous Gaden smile . . . all present but Mary . . . more attention than Rich- ard P. House is used to. . . two candidates for adoption . . . leaving chapel . . . a group of embryo housewives . . . intent on the game . . . Ayres, the universal meeting place . . . three campus columnists . . . part of the Si g - E p football team. . . some nautical queens. Martin and his shop of pre- cision . . . library entrance . . . Dea n Massey's cohorts . . . staircase in the library . . . a corner of the electrics lab . . . the swimming pool . . . main reading room of the library . . . center of Ayres where every- one waits . . . Volunteer busis ness staff caught working . . part of the hydraulics lab . . a display in the physics lab. . . waiting for someone to start dancing. CAMPUS COALITIONS? Moy- er- Hogsheod . . . Robinson- Slotery . . . Moore ond part of his harem . . . Powers-Goden .. . "Bee r" and Upshie . . . Modlin - Yoakum . . . P u g h- Robinson . . . Harvey-Hall. ALOHA OE... Poul Kruesi lights the torch . . . Doc to r Bond delivers the invocation . . . seniors Ieoving the field. .. the old ond new presidents of the A I u rn n i Associotion . . . Sounders posses the togo to Dunlop. A f ual Af I I 'U f wgfUl . I A , MILITARY I 4 L O ONE can appreciate better than the soldier the horrible pangs of thirst during the stress of combat, when water supplies are limited, and the complete self-forgetfulhess of the warrior who gives his last drop to the wounded mari. COLOR GUARD W Page 161 Q 1 MARY NEAL SLATERY, Honorary Cadet Colonel Page 162 .fi iii ' "' l l -A We--if ef we e s .. . N.- . . y l C l l MAJ. FEBIGER CAPT. HEAD CAPT. KEMP LT. HARMAN LT. CLARKE l RESERVE oEEicERs' TRAINING CORPS On July 2, l862, an act of Congress, known as the Land-Grant Act, made certain grants of land and landscript for the purpose of establishing in each State which should accept its provisions "at least one College, where J f -wr A l 1 I l ll A 4 ,mf f ,i All lll lll ill lll l l ill ill lil ll l ll .ll 'l N il il, l l ll! i Q l l ' T l lb' l i i i l l 'li lllll l l I li lll ll ,l lill lil l l llll iylx llll lull lifil 'flil l l l i . i the leading objects shall be without excluding other scientific and classical ,-LE, l studies, and including military tactics, to teach such branches of learning i 4 as are related to agriculture and the mechanic arts, in such manner as the I W legislatures of the States may respectively prescribe, in order to promote Q l l the liberal and practical education of industrial classes in the several pur- l f suits and professions of life." l l l l ln compliance with the above act of Congress the University maintains l l l f a unit of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps. The unit consists of a " band, four companies of Infantry, and three companies of Engineers, or- ll lm' , . ganized as a regiment. l l l The general object of the courses of instruction of the Reserve Officers' 1 l l l Training Corps is primarily to qualify students for positions of leadership in J time of national emergency and secondarily to provide the nation with an R . y y 5 electorate informed of the purpose and necessity for a sane policy of national 'E 1 defense and of the weaknesses in our present system. , G. L. FEBIGER R y , Major, Infantry, l i Commandant l l l i Ill ll lil -HN Wi g nl- eff iii iff," ll ff' iifsillip in liijinmff,,f'ilizf'lY' W fl!1+- ,, Ay Wh l Page I63 -Miss BROOK Freeman Brook Allen B. Fuller John L. Primm Robert F. Allen P. E. Curran - T. A. Diaz - R. H. Crockett T. C. Barnes - J. C. Jennings - FULLER BRANDAU REGIMENTAL STAFF Captain and R PRIMM - - Colonel Lieutenant-Colonel egimental Adjutant - - Captain Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Regimental Sergeant Mai-Dr - Color Sergeant - Color Sergeant Mary Neal Slatery - - Honorary Cadet Colonel Catherine Brandau - -------- - - Staff Sponsor Page l 64 43 ,S gb? . -- W- I i I 5 X mg . ' W --1-iiff Y ' H lf f Y Y,TvT..g,-....., .. , xi Thi-"'flEEi5j5j-.L-,,,... in I I I LEDGERWOOD BURTON BEASLEY FIRST BATTALION I j John S. Ledgerwood - ---- Major j J. D. Beasley - - First Lieutenant and Adjutant A. K. McACaIla - Battalion Sergeant Major Margaret Burton ---- Sponsor I I I I I I I PASSING IN REVIEW AT CAMP gi Q ea I I aa 'oigllgifil A S 1 S1 ffl QQQQQ 'Y if' 'iw' I T "fa Page I65 I I I I ji. FV Iii Atl Ill il .ML sllla fill xlwl "N f R ,il wif lj. ,f iii' lml MM lm il .li lil l. lT i l':' .l , -f i infl- x X, I 4. RQTC 4 JAMES HAN DLY COMPANY A Guy M. James - - - Captain R. S. Sneed - - First Lieutenant H. G. Parrott - - First Lieutenant W. M. Pinckly - Second Lieutenant M. L. Clemens - Second Lieutenant H. L. Senter - Second Lieutenant E. R. Thompson Second Lieutenant J. L. McAuliffe - First Sergeant J. M. Gager - Platoon Sergeant E. B. McGowan Platoon Sergeant Emily Handly -------.---------- Sponsor ' 1 -Y., ,vig ,LY . , L, ,i V, l S Me! V ,,J L-4-4--- Lg ' l A l l l l 1 i A i l i iii .4 if Page l 66 .. ,..-a,,,:E1i""1 J . ,,,V V i W'lil'! . , T ..-L ik C kwL',- I "- "BQ,- -2-L., -----L--. BROWNLOW John F. Brownlow, Jr. Elmo Rowland - R. D. Bruce - Arley Hamby - C. L. lrwin H. R. Bryan - J. E. Parker - W. M. Gillespie - R. D. Pollard - Josephine Bromley - I Rota 4 BROMLEY - - Captain - First Lieutenant - First Lieutenant - First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant - First Sergeant Platoon Sergeant Platoon Sergeant - - Sponsor L-4.3 - Y W J i it F fr Page l67 - .k-...Q ' 1 1 11 e A, , 1 1 e an be we ee-e,eM,,- -'P fliefgfe Qggf gfgggegiglieggigggeje lQe 5if7Mi'i'a-ae--315,17 3Am'NfjjQa9 1 'ifhi -e - - 4- f 1 f 1 'G e f -3 1 fe-ww!-""'d:"" "W" I ' ,i A 4- '11 1 11 1 1 1 i i 1 1 1 H 1 K ' 311 f 31 E 1 1 1 111 1 1 1 ' M1 X 1 1 V M1 I 11 I 1 in BEAMAN DEANE w1THERsPooN li 1 1 1 1 1' 1 5 W1 1 . i I 11 W i sEcoNn BATTALION 1 1 1 1 , i 1 1 Alvin G. Beaman ' ' ' Malo' 1 K Q i J, L, Wii-he,-spoon - First Lieutenant and Adiutant 1 ' R. 5. Hqyne - - Battalion Sergeant Major X 1 1 X X Harriet Deane "" Sponsor E 1 3 . ef- i , , A'--7 aw 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 i 1 - i 1 1 1 5 1 - in , 1 1 I 1 1 1 1, i 1 i 1 1 N W , 1 1 f 1 1 i 1 1 I 1 i 1 1 i 1 1 1 N I 1 1 ii 'N il 1 ,il J . M il i ' 1 1 ii i 1 1 1 1 1 1 7 1 1 i i 1 1 1 J 1 j 1 1 H 1 11 1 I L 1 1 i 1 1 FIELD INSPECTION AT CAMP ' 1 if i QT 1 1 ffgilgcie,,,,.a-,3.e--if--fe-ijgj e 'A' i e 5i"iliiT'if"e e -e ee- ifmeee-he ew--lfll e K --eigfgefgzfeeeeee if Li Page 168 1 1 1 -ALf. YJ -E---VT... 1l1 1 1 ll l l 1 l l L 1 ll ll l1l 1 1 11l 1 1 l lllll 1 l1 Il1 ll, 11l 111 IX. l1l lH 1 lil w 121 l1. ll 11l la? M V 1 l l V 1 i l!1 li 11 1 11l ,ll .4- 1ll 1 1 Q...-f+ l ll ,. 111 Lgggg ST. CLAIR Albert W. St. Clair W. N. Clark, Jr. C. U. Neas - F. E. Timbs - C. E. Davis - E. M. Kenny - A. B. Pugh - J. C. Jennings - Mary Elizabeth Keister - RQTC COMPANY C A5-Y -4-A-'J viii Q111 ,, l'l -..,., 'ww ,.- -Y-1'-1 Y - .1 ,7,, Y A ,i ,,,-+, Y, tggdefwfwffweee- mf Ill ,774 Page I 69 S' l rw 1l W. '1 l q 1 1 1 I . 1 1 l l 1 1 ll 1 1 i 1 l 'l l 1 l '1' 1 ll: l i 1 KEISTER 11 1 'l l '1 il: l - - Captain 1 l 1 . - First Lieutenant ! 1 1 1 - First Lieutenant F 1 - First Lieutenant 1 I Second Lieutenant l - First Sergeant Platoon Sergeant i Platoon Sergeant 1 - - Sponsor I 1 l l 1 1 1 . l l l , l ' l l 1 1 N 1 Til 1 ll? l . X 1 ' , l 11 l ' l l 11 1 1 1 I 1 ll I l ' 1 E l 1 l l l l l 1 l l l l ' 1 li -Fe----he L'wl 1 ni 4jfi3Tf' TL' ,- ---A e-4"""'- 11? ,r l L l 'i i i - i . M -L., -AY.: .Y.,,. W, Q - 2 1 .Y Y.5....- Y A . . OLIVER , W. W. Oliver W. H. Carden G. B. Goodrich K. S. Coile W. G. Smyth VV. J. Engert E. M. Carlock H. R. Harmon Geneva Oliver J .... 4 COMPANY D OLIVER - - Captain - First Lieutenant - First Lieutenant - First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant - First Sergeant Platoon Sergeant Platoon Sergeant - - Sponsor Page 170 Q g. lit V J Y r 1 i i K i V , 5 im il iii ii.. li! ,. 'i 1 i ii 'i ix! 'i i 1, it '1 Qi iii Yi i ,, ,. i 1 iii NL!' i i 1 i 4 W o ,,,. Y- PIERCE GADEN JOHNSON THIRD BATTALION Franklin L. Pierce - - - - Major F. L. Johnson - Captain and Adjutant E. W. Gadberry - - Battalion Sergeant Major Marian Gaden - - - Sponsor PONTOON BRIDGE BUILT BY R. O. T. C. ENGINEERS AT FORT BENNING . . E ii it T ' UH- ..-M , e f 'ff ' i - f A""ffKh-H--E W . ,U 1 L , 1 gn' --g,-L , Page 171 v +1 Y A . . Y.. WLL. Qi ik L 1. --H-Y - gms-, F.-v-TI'-yn' ' ill? H5 Q1 fi iii ,iz ii! 'i i i v i ii i Ii 1 n ' i ' i i ii 1 ,ii ii , Ii rf' it i i . gig. im gil iji ii 5 . iii .ii .M ii M, ! ii ix, .Vi ll ii 1 I i i i ali Vi ! in ,. i i ii .Q i 1 Y ii, ' 1..,-,. iii ii 1, V 'F' A L lil, l 'l' l 7 Y Y Sl, -1,1-K ,, , BREVVER C. D. Brewer - F. M. Crittenden George Pappas - H. H. Gnuse - Rhea Armstrong R. A. Halley - J. R. Wade - H. W. Hurley - L. M. Smith - F. A. Taylor - T. B. Donoho - J. A. Bergantz - J. T. Cardwell - Annie Clapp - .... 4 COMPANY E CLAPP - - Captain - First Lieutenant - First Lieutenant - First Lieutenant - First Lieutenant - First Lieutenant - First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant - First Sergeant Platoon Sergeant Platoon Sergeant - - Sponsor l i 4 it Page 172 ,Ll 3-----Q -1-5- ROTH L. E. Roth J. W. Finney - C. E. Cornett - W. H. Ford - G. D. Cummings G. E. Seargeant R. H. Horton - H. E. Goddard - G. H. Beers - Richard Ackroyd S. T. Myrick - G. M. Burton - Evelyn Holt - were 4 C COMPANY F HOLT - First - First - First - First - First - First - First Second Captain Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant - First Sergeant Platoon Sergeant Platoon Sergeant Sponsor .....1,.f Y i . . new H i ie- ,W , ,,W,L,,.5.,.,., . ii. ,-,, -KAW-W H- Ax lvpvrkififlvf Page F73 i x.hwnn- nfl,-C? ?...j-A'-f' -gig Plljriilb- ll iii ill lli r. il ,l :gl ill ill iil fel ll i i lil! ill' l"l iw' li ,Ll fi ,ll Ji, ilil 'lil l i Jill I. i'l Ill ill, ill? i 14 l lr ll iii il' i,i iii ilil iii il' lwi ii lil lil itil lil llil lil ii' l l ll i1 ii li 'i ii i-' ji li g l ll iif' it ,i il Ll i -isiu -. l L4-W V- M - if-:W-A W r I 1 l l l v l l l i i l!ji , . i -- ... ,-. YY SRQTCZ ' HARTON Thomas G. Harton E. E. Patterson - S. W. Steele - R. L. Crawford - J. D. Harper - J. K. Fox - O. D. Householder O. L. Hansard - H. H. Schenck - R. B. Nichols - D. D. Thomas - J. E. Mullins - E. E. Jungerman C. E. Snodgrass H. H. Hoover - G. M. Richardson Lois Harrell - COMPANY G HARRELL - - Captain - First Lieutenant - First Lieutenant - First Lieutenant - First Lieutenant - First Lieutenant - First Lieutenant - First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant - First Sergeant Platoon Sergeant Platoon Sergeant Sponsor - io.i lm with-ee -Li cg i . , Page l74 JA l '4 l ii l ii iii .i WN 'i .i A ll 'i fi .ll if lil li I l li. lil! 'ii lllfi lil lil lil, 'fi ii l ii i. i if Tom Lee H. E. Lightner Ed Stothart Alvin Beannan Ernie Clark Eloise Boss BASS STOTHART BAND - Captain First Lieutenant Drum Major Drum Major First Sergeant - Sponsor Page 175 OFFICERS OF THE REGIMENT SCENES AT ENGINEER CAMP AT FORT BENNING Page 176 A ATIQQLEIIQ - s. HE engineer has always endufed mani- fold discomforts, braved the dangers of the wilds, and suffered from the diseases of strange lands' to build the works which bring the comforts and safety of civiliza- tion to an ever increasing portion of the worId's inhabitants. - r ! - 1. T Lie f -A H, .- H- T --- ,L 'TTT-T 'een - QL fe----r:l,h ami - -- - . L " ,lflh L as ,g Kfdn ,mv-J' fp gr L, ----, gi,-aff----' T COLONEL PAUL B. PARKER DIRECTOR OF ATHLETICS Colonel Parker was born in Ocoee, Florida, February l, l89l, and led the uneventful life of a country boy until he entered college. He attended the University of Florida where he earned a varsity football' letter at center. Later he entered West Point where he starred in athletics and made two football letters at tackle. It was here that he first met Major Neyland and Major Britton. After graduating from West Point, he was stationed with Pershing's force in Mexico. Later he was sent to France with the rank of Captain and, participating in two operations, was promoted for his good work. On his return to this country he taught at Forts Benning and Leavenworth for three years and was himself graduated from advanced courses in military science and tactics. He is now a Lieutenant-Colonel, War Department Staff Reserve. He resigned from the army and came to Tennessee in 1926 to assist in coaching and was appointed Director of Athletics in 1931. l ,L l V 4- ' Y fwic , Y,-.fu T 2 li - . T , --LLY NK' W' I l ' l sf l Page l 79 l l ' i l l 4 'lt 'il - ' i i f " " . ...- - , , ,. s . . . - Qf vt--f Y YAY V f , -- '-W----,xrr W i A 4 i 1 i l l i V l MORGAN HESLER MATTHEWS DOUGHERTY , ATHLETIC COUNCIL . The membership of the Athletic Council is made up of students, faculty, and alumni. ' The council has charge of all athletics at Tennessee. The expenditures tor all athletics is , in its hands, as is the hiring of coaches, scheduling of games and awarding of letters. N. W. Dougherty ----------------- Chairman Paul B. Parker - - ---- Athletic Director H. A. Morgan - - Alumnus and Ex-Officio Member L. R. Hesler - ----- Faculty Member - R. C. Matthews - Faculty Member Eff, eng Virgil Rayburn - Student Member l J. H. Allen - -.--- Student Member Varsity Coaches Robert R. Neyland - ---------- Head Football Coach P01-Il B. Pflrker - - - Assistant Football Coach and Director of Athletics W. H. Britton - - - Assistant Football Coach, Basketball Coach t X and Track Coach l ,, l NEYLAND PARKER BRITTON i 'l ,.,-I-"f-R-LC? 1 l .- -- ----,--,..fe-eff-'fTgi.- - , ---C im-ee - X - - . . ' ' Q -fafg f 1' 'il ""l"l.f'-fee f f 1 f -- f T T f' 7 1' - f ggfifpi iff' ' 's ' ' 'Q --e. sexier!" ' U " H" 'ee me f T. a R L. ,MU-A 1 " ' f,,l,,..,-.:. i 79' Q l Page 180 i A-ef-ea, gg F' 1 f A- ---AAs i 1' A at ,,V5iYw, 4 1 l , ' I 4 4 Vi Q:-if DOWLING BROOKS KENNY HARRIS Clark Dowling Varsity Managers - - - - Football X Albert Brooks - Football David Harris - Basketball l E. M. Kenny Track Assistant Coaches John Barnhill - Freshman Coach Hugh Faust - - Assistant Eugene Mayer - - Assistant J. H. Allen - - Assistant Quinn Pritchett - Assistant R. G. Brashear - Trainer MAYER FAUST BARNHILL , i --7.4, . W i Page l8l n I, I I I S- - I-, 5 A 5 f I fgi I II- WEARERS 0F THE "T" Football MALCOLM AITKEN, Capt. MALCOLM ANDERSON HOWARD BAILEY JOHN BAYLESS I BERT BIBEE HERBERT BRACKETT I JIM CLAXTON RICHARD DORSEY I J. B. ELLIS BEATTIE FEATHERS MILTON FRANK JOHN FRANKLIN GUINN GOODRICH RALPH HATLEY CECIL MCPHERSON HENRY KROUSE TALMADGE MAPLES, Capt.-elect AL MARK ALBERT MIDDLETON LEO PETRUZZE LOUIS POUNDERS VIRGIL RAYBURN HARVEY ROBI'NSON BILL SHULL GORDON SMITH HOWARD STEWART MURRAY WARMATH CHARLES VAUGHN HERMAN WYNN CLARK DOWLING, Mgr T. G. BOUNDS ALBERT BROOKS, Mgr. Basketball POLK CRUMBLISS HENRY PHILLIPS SANFORD GIBSON ROBERT STAFFORD ALBERT KIRK, Capt.-elect RICHARD WILSON DAVID MCPHERSON HERMAN WYNN POWELL MCWHIRTER, Capt. DAVID HARRIS, Mgr. HARVEY PAGE Track, l932 JOHN BAYLESS W. M. PRITCHETT JAMES BROWN A. B. PUGH , BEATTIE FEATHERS CHAUNCEY STOUT I JOHN FRANKLIN HAROLD SHERROD HERMAN GODDARD VIRGIL H. RAYBURN LE CLAIRE GREENBLATT, Capt. WILLIAM KIMBROUGH, Mgr f I I ' I I , 4 , , I -- .. A imf' '32 P F ' II I Page182 FOOTBALL MALCOLM AITKEN Captain of Football Tennessee - I3 MALCOLM AITKEN, Captain MEMPHIS Tackle Weight: 220 Captain Aitken was one of the outstanding Iinemen in the South, making nearly all the All-Southern selections. His consistency and lead- ership had much to do with Tennes- see's successful season. MALCOLM ANDERSON TULLAHOMA Fullback Weight: l97 "Andy" is one of the best punters and the most vicious line plunger on the squad. He should be a terror to opposing teams next year. HOWARD BAILEY kNoxviLl.E Tackle Weight: 210 "The most vicious tackle ever to play at Tennessee and a certain choice for All-American before he graduates" is what the sports writers say abou -t Howard. 'V Wltllz gg5,rgziEw3 5515.41 lflifliigl 'ti-4414 5 F . gs . , :Sa 'Y ffm r. we 1'-m,.1,i.,,:3 f, ggrgggy Ei. , l 1 : Chattanooga - 0 The Curtain was raised on the i932 grid season as the Vols jour- neyed down to Chattanooga and won a meagre two touchdown victory over the University of Chattanooga Moc- casins. The Vols were favorites by several touchdowns before the game started, and the outcome was some- what disappointing. As is the usual custom in the first game of the season, the coaches were taking inventory of their material, and there were many substitutions, which showed that there was a good stock of raw material fresh from the freshman squad. The redoubtable Beattie Feathers made a great show- ing in the game with his smashing runs and his punts, one of which sailed 72 yards. Harvey Robinson and Breezy Wynn also did some neat ground gaining. But teamwork was missing despite the good individual work of a few. The Moccasins fought hard and held the Vols closely. They looked like a more polished team. Monroe, Halbach, and Price carried the brunt ot the attack for the Chattanoogans. Tennessee 3 3 JOHN BAYLESS HINSDALE, lu.. Quarter Weight: l6O "Johnny", who looks like a Greek God, is one of the most deceptive runners on the squad and should score many points next yearl BERT Bl BEE JACKSBORO Center Weight: l 85 Bert was the most improved foot- ball player on the squad and, in the eyes of many, was a close rival of the mighty Maples. HERBERT BRACKETT KNOXVILLE QUOFTSF Weight: l6O "Deke" was possibly the most polished player on the squad. Cer- tainly he showed a shifty pair of hips and astonished "'Dixie" with frequent sensational runs. He should be the most dangerous player in the South next year. Ole Miss - 0 The Vols had no trouble in win- ning their first conference game of the year when they took on Ole Miss. Several long and brilliant runs fea- tured the lopsided contest. Feathers was the big star of the game with his two touchdown runs from the 30 and 36 yard lines, and with his great punting. Harvey Robinson did great work in this game, twice carrying the ball across the line. "Ripper" Mid- dleton, sophomore fullback, surprised football fans with his consistent ground gaining and good defensive work and "Breezy" Wynn also did his part. The Vols looked somewhat better than in the last game but still lacked teamwork. There was plenty of room for improvement. Nevertheless, the Mississippians, although they fought hard, could not withstand the terrific onslaughts of the Vols. They did, however, gallantly defend their goal in the second and fourth periods, stopping repeated thrusts at the goal and holding the Orange Wave score- less in those periods. And, had they not fumbled in the final period, they would have scored. Tennessee - - 20 JIM CLAXTON kNoxylLLE Center Weight: ZOO Held back by an early season in- jury, "Clock" was handicapped this year, but he is most dependable and will be a bulwark in the Orange line next year. RICHARD DORSEY MEMPHIS Halfback Weight: 170 Dick, a reincarnation of Paul Hug, played outstanding football and had his place cinched but an injury kept him out most of the season. He should be a terror next year. J. B. ELLIS HALLS Guard Weight: 192 A sub at the beginning of the season, Ellis found the reward of dog- ged determination and made several All-Southern selections at the end at the season. North Carolina - - 'I The Vols marched through a fighting band of Tar Heels on to their third consecutive victory of the sea- son, but in so doing, received a blot on their clean slate by allowing the enemy to score. lt was a hard fought game from whistle to whistle, the Vols looking like a great team in the first half but weakening in the last to al- low the North Carolinians to cross the last white stripe. The game was filled to the brim with sensational runs by the backs, but perhaps the most encouraging phase of the victory was the great showing of the Orange line. Time after time, the line rose up like a stone wall to smash terrific thrusts at the Tennessee goal, and it was only through the air that the Tar Heels scored. Ellis and Franklin did exceptional work in the forward wall. For the Carolinians, Croom, Lassiter, Phipps, Chandler, and Brandt were outstanding. I Tennessee - - 7 BEATTI E FEATH ERS BRISTOL, VA. Halfback Weight: l9O I Beattie is the '32 version of the ' 'Bristol Blizzard" and combines the bestrrunning in the South with ex- ceptional punting ability. He is the coming star of the nation. MILTON FRANK NASHVILLE Guard Weight: l93 Milton is one of the best guards to play at Tennessee. He combines modesty with intelligence, speed, and endurance. JOHN FRANKLIN covlNGToN Tackle Weight: Besides making Phi Kappa Phi the scholastic fraternity, "HL-,nesl J0hn" has played heads up football for Tennessee for three years and his name will not soon fade, Alabama -- 3 On water-soaked Legion Field in Birmingham, and in the presence Of about 20,000 drenched spectators, the Vols rose to the heights in coming from behind late in the fourth quar- ter when everything seemed lost, and pushed over a touchdown to turn de- feat into victory over the great Crim- son Tide. The game was a battle royal from start to finish and contained, perhaps, the greatest punting duel in the an- nals of Southern football. Throughout the fray, Feathers and Cain kept the oval sailing from one end of the field to the other with their educated toes. Feathers kicked twenty-three times and Cain kicked nineteen times, both making an average of well above forty yards with a slick and water soaked ball. The "fireworks" started when Robinson made a beautiful and daring punt return. Then Feathers jerked the bacon out of the fire by crashing through for a touchdown. lt was o fighting team, however that made this possible. Two much cannot be said for the play of Rayburn and War- math, nor can the vicious work of Maples be overlooked. The Crimson banner was valiantlv borne by "Hurry" Cain, aided by Chappell, Holley, and the whole 'Bama team. The Tide was well nigh formidable and the Vol victory was well earned. Tennessee - - 60 GUINN GOODRICH NASHVILLE Guard Weight: l96 Guinn was one of the most dependable reserves on the squad. His defensive work was on the par with that of any guard on the team. RALPH HATLEY - JACKSON Tackle Weight: ZOO Q Originally a guard, Ralph was transferred to tackle and much of the success of next year's team de- pends on his showing at tackle. CECIL MCPHERSON KNOXVILLE End Weight: l78 "Mac" was a dependable end and rendered a good account of himself in every game when he played. Next year he should be one of the best ends on the squad. kgs.. .. 2 X ,rim .. 34 lm.. r. . 'ww 1.1 is 'fm 2 i,siQgggi+'.? . .V ffiizifiillii r- - 7 r sew! . ,5 L, .,.- i.. -1 iz K .sf 'f .fish ' SQ. Q-aw .1 .. .,.s l wr il .1 cps. ifffn -- gl iiiigilagg i . . 1. . W, .1 ,Mn g llliii? L Q gm. ,Q Emi l K 2- .lrgylgi wi Q. sri .,,,, 1... .. if -fir 1 5. .fl 'H' . ri, liillis twist? 215381525 f X... i fl, i Eli hm li .. Ulf? 5.5 aft 'e gee g .,. .Mr .5 1.2, f V 'rw .. or A ., im' uziff ffiilf vt, - news 5 .if 2 1. W., Maryville - 0 The Vols now played host to the Maryville College Highlanders. The game was one of those one-sided af- fairs that provide very little excite- ment for the fans. The Vols dashed up and down Shields-Watkins field, scoring almost at will. Substitutions were frequent, and all of the Vol re- serves saw service in the game. The Scotties from the neighboring city were a game delegation but they just couldn't withstand the terrific power of the heavier and more ex- perienced Vols. This did not lessen their fighting spirit, however. They fought bitterly from the opening whistle until the last play. The most noticeable feature of the game was an orgy of punt block- ing indulged in by the Vols during the early part of the game. 0 sw itz ,A ri.. gee' sz, iiifis, B im? if ..r,.1f.:s.' sivgkif iziilliiiil ,Q ,trim .gli illffil .V is ri wrt .wi fi at Beg? iiiizfzgrf? fffi ili' ig2'.Q!r:.j2 :xii 5515 Tennessee - - I6 HENRY KROUSE MEMPI-us Bock Weight: 165 The "Memphis Mouse" was a good blocker, a shifty runner, and a dependable defensive back. Next year should see Henry giving Brackett and others considerable competition. TALMADGE MAPLES KNOXVILLE Center Weight: 195 The most vicious defensive cen- ter in the South was a stonewall in the line and his qualities of leader- ship induced his mates to elect him Captain of the '33 eleven. AL MARK EASTON, PA. End Weight: l8O "Al" got off to a slow start, but before the season was over he was one of the best ends on the field. He plays a crashing game at end, is fast, big and a vicious tackler. Duke-- ---13 With all due respects to the other elevens which tangled with the Vols during the season, Wallace Wade's "Blue Devils" from over Durham way provided 'the most thrilling afternoon. This indomitable clan of blue-clad warriors threw a scare into the Vols that will long be remembered by the folks around this elm-clad "Hill." The Vols started the fray off like a championship eleven and scored in both the second and third quarters. At this point, it appeared like an- other easy afternoon for the Orange- men. The Old Grads, who were at- tending the Homecoming celebration, and most everyone else thought it was all over but the shouting. Bul' they were to get the surprise of their lives, as the Vols grew somewhat list- less. The Duke clan exploded a shell that all but toppled the Vols from their steady climb to the S. l. C. throne room when, on a carelessly executed play, Crawford, Duke's All- Southern tackle, intercepted a Vol pass and galloped some 80 yards to a touchdown. ln the early minutes of the final period, the Blue Devils ended a sustained drive behind Ten- nessee's goal line, tieing the score. Then the Tennessee big guns took the field, and with only five minutes to play, the Vols having recovered all their lost pep, initiated a remarkable power drive that quickly moved the ball up to the fifteen yard stripe. Here they paused and Dr. Breezy Wynn resected some l0,000 hearts with a single gesture as his educated toe sent the ball twirling between the bars from placement. The game ended thus. Tennessee - - 31 ALBERT MIDDLETON New BRITAIN, coNN. Fullback Weight: l85 A The "Ripper" looked like another Dick Dodson this year as he tore op- posing lines to shreds. When con. sidering his shiftiness in the open field he should be one of the South's outstanding fullbacks next year, LEO PETRUZZE SMITHPORT, PA. Halfback Weight: l6O "Leo" is one of the most under- rated men on the squad. He com- blnes skill in blocking with a shifting DGQF- Of hips and unusual passing ability. He should see much service next year. LOUIS POUNDERS MEMPHIS End weight: 185 The "One man track team" gave All-Southern Rayburn a great fight fl"'S Year and his combination of Speed, Weight, elusiveness, and smart- ness will be most valuable to the '33 Orangemen. Mississippi State - - 0 After the strenuous struggle with the Duke Blue Devils on the previous Saturday and with the mighty Van- derbilt facing them on the next Sat- urday, the "breather" with Mississippi State was somewhat of a blessing for the Vols. The game was another of those track meets and was rather de- void of interest. According to Blinkey Horn, the Nashville sports writer, the score might well have been thirty-one million to nothing. "Deke"Brackett started the fray off with a bang by taking the opening kickoff through the Mississippians for a touchdown. A few minutes later Feathers dashed over for another, and the regulars, having warmed up a bit, were removed from the game by Coach Neyland and wrapped in cello- phone pending the trip to Nashville. Thereafter the reserves had an en- joyable afternoon galloping up and down Shields-Watkins, through and around the weaker but exceedingly game warriors from down by the Delta. i his sr rl tit . ' gl, 5 A if .i l iii ll ii , Q .- 332. is A my.: . My A Elillfiifii li wi., wits . 41.513 timti . Wi tilt iii xifiseiie i. xii.-z 1 iifiitiil l i , Tennessee VIRGIL RAYBURN DYERSBURG V1 Weight l78 Van was the steadlest end in the South this year received almost unanimous approval as All Southern end and won many honorabe men tions on All American selections was a terror on the defense and one of the best offensive ends in e South HARVEY ROBINSON ASHEVILLE Quorter Weight. I "R0blJY" continued the football feud with the redoubtable "Deke" Brackett and emerged with honor. His cour- age in punt returning was instru- mental in the Alabama victory and his cool signal calling notable, FRANCIS SHULL ERWIN End Weight: l85 "Bill" is blQ, fast, aggressive and the best pass receiver on the squad, Should he go to West Point as he Plflrls he should make the Army a great end. Vanderbilt 0 30,000 frenzied spectators crowd- ed Dudley Stadium and the side lines to see the gridiron classic of the South. During the first half both teams battled stubbornly in midfield and during the intermission so many people got on the field that the game was delayed thirty-five minutes. When play was renewed, the des- perately fighting Commodores forced the Vols back almost to the last stripe before the Orange recovered the ball. Shortly afterward Pug Vaughn flipped a 24 yard pass to Feathers who galloped the remaining Sl yards for a touchdown. The play was called back on a decision ques- tioned by many to this day as the field judge ruled Beattie stepped out of bounds. A 'few more minutes and the fierce struggle ended' in a dead- lock, and Tennessee's Southern Con- ference title went glimmering. The game was hard fought throughout with Vandy's heavier line allowing the fleet Commodore backs to pick up an advantage in yards gained. Butlthe Vols held like a stonewall when the goal line was threatened. Maples' work was brilli- ant and the mighty Gracey left the field six minutes after the game started thoroughly convinced of that fact. Feathers and Brackett, though watched men, were mainstays as were Rayburn, Aitken, and Franklin. The great Dixie Roberts was a team in himself and was a constant threat to the Vols all afternoon. Tennessee - - 26 GORDON SMITH PARIS Guard Weight: 165 "Smitty" lacked weight but what he had was dynamite. He was prob- ably the best interference runner on the squad due to this speed and small size. HOWARD STEWART LEBANON Guard Weight: 204 "Zahorias" was one of the most ferocious looking men on the squad and more than one erstwhile football player in Dixie will testify that his ferocity goes further than appear- ance. CHARLES VAUGHN KNoxvn.1.E Halfbock Weight: l7O "Pug," a natural passer, was put under pressure by too much publicity but came through as few sophomores do and will be a mainstay next year. ifliflis ffl i-if wifi V if 5 it My . 4 Kentucky - - 0 Turkey Day-20,000 fans crowd- ed in Shields-Watkins-and the Vols set on revenge for last year's tie and with the humiliation of Nashville still rankling literally tore the Wildcats to pieces. The Kentuckians did not give in suddenly. In fact, there was only a one touchdown lead at the half. When the Neylandites swarmed on the field for the second half they gave the finest exhibition of footbali seen on the home field far many a day. The line charged like infuriated bulls, the backs acted as great backs should, and the teamwork was per- fect. During the last half the Vols added 20 more points as Rayburn, Feathers, Brackett, and Aitken played inspired football. lt was a gallant and determined band of 'Cats that bore the Blue and White standard but they beat their hearts out against a matchless Orange team. The Volunteers spoiled the "Jinx's" usual Thanksgiving feast and well avenged the tie that caused the S. l. C. title and a trip to the Rose Bowl to go glimmering in l93l. iwissififl Eiliisqgif if-H ' gre-his ' wif!-5 ,, waz? N.. , if Zi his . os, i li l we f um .1 xg ,eg if, Wk: 1 iff , UE .- fi 5 6 wg? L5 gif? r , .. -A 4 , Q .V.. ti. 5, 'S' his 2 'wig- 5:2143 .X . .K Tennessee - - 32 MURRAY WARMATH HUMBOLDT End Weight: 190 Murray was one of Neyland's most valuable men. Besides being a dependable end he can play guard, tackle, and fullback-and he has two more Years! HERMAN WYNN DUBLIN, GA. Fullback Weight: l9O "Breezy" Wynn, the "Duke of DubIin", was a consistent fullback and an excellent placement kicker. He was always in the thickest of the fray and fought stubbornly. T. G. BOUNDS KNOXVILLE Guard Weight: l95 One of the most likeable men on the squad, Bounds rounded out his football career to be remembered as one of Neyland's most dependable re- serves. Florida - - I3 Tennessee's undefratrd and once- tied Volunteers iourneyed to the land of palms and poinsettos for the last act of the season. The Orangemen took the open- ing kickoff and started a drive that culminated in a touchdown in less than two minutes, the ball never passing from Tennessee possession. The Orange team had little trouble scoring as they outdid the Alligators in everything except passing. The 'Gators fought to the last and scored their second touchdown in the closing minutes of play. "Deke" Brackett turned in one of the outstanding performances of the season in two brilliant runs, one a punt return for a touchdown, the other a touchdown from kickoff. Feathers scored two touchdowns to tie with Cain of Alabama for Southern high-scoring honors. The Vols, while they were ad-- ministering the crushing defeat to Florida, were also winning the South- ern Conference championship though they knew it not at the time. On the same day, South Carolina held Auburn to a tie, the crown going to Tennessee by virtue of one more con- ference game. - Qs i - g g, 2. . .K 5tjE5l5Q if . fi 2559: . - gt gli X mit ,Q I I 11 ,pw I C ,L P f---- wwe, - M ff' -- -CI. ,s L , L II, I1 I I I I I I I I I 1. 111 III M 111 111 II1 .111 111 I +11 1111, 11111 I,I,I 111 111111 LII 11111 IIIQ1 IIIII IVV VARSHW'FOOTBALLSQUAD ff' Il I I1 I FROSH NUMERAL MEN II I I uLLzII WILLIAM ALLEN CLEMMER BOUNDS JOE DOUGHERTY HENRY FOSTER CLARENCE GIDDENS FOSTER HAMPTON CHARLES HENDRICKSON CHARLES JETER BILL LIPPE JOHN PATY ALVIN MCREYNOLDS WILLIAM TOWLE L 14:-Q-L Y - +7 -V L IAA -A JAMES BALLARD I E 1 EDMOND CONCOON I 1 I ,1I 1111 PHIL DUKE I I I MAC GASQUE I I JAMES GOFORTH 1 RALPH HART j' CECIL HUMPHREYS 1 11, I WILLIAM LACY I III I FRED MOSES III I M I I I JOHN PICK 11 1 I C. H. SULLIVAN I 1 HARRISON BOLJRKARO- I I I I JAMES MCCARROLL ' 1 I I I I I X VII T137 STiT1iHHHHHQCLL, EAAA , Q E Q L L ,V ,H ,,Lj,11T,I'f" ii'L',::g-L-f5fL,!,,Lf,",f L :ig-f -H ff A f -H -I 1 ',..-.ffY - -"" "' 'E "Q!gl,LL-L "'TTSi" LRTTM ,L LLCLISJHRHHHH If I1 Page 1 94 Q BASKETBALL I III , D - . I B, 1 Y Vzrr -V MW - , Y ,Q ,pg-7.x-fg.jjQ,-,,, - L, L - I I: f J Y- D-e A -,i,l:-?if:'?"-'-4 III ,H,LcI5V, i I I ff i QI a i D IIII Y- M I" ' I POWELL MCWHIRTER I I, Captain I II il I II, I I ' I III ,II 'I I I I I ,,I,, is I I EI tII I III I II' I I I I I , ,I ' I II' , II, II I, .III I II I I III II I I II I I, III I IM I I V Y ,,,,.. 1,-Q.:-, 71211 V' I. I I I I DAVID HARRIS Manager The University of Tennessee basketball team for 1933 was a very unknown quantity. At times it showed flashes of brilliance and at other times it looked extremely poor. Apparently the squad contained as many excel- lent individual players as at any time in the last two or three years but injuries and failure to Click reduced their effectiveness. As an indication of a good team, the results of the opening game with Lincoln Memorial University pointed to o good season but two successive defeats at the hands of Tulane changed the outlook. ,t, I, i I- ' K I SI, I W I f N I ' ,,,? ' I I, ,I ' I, 3' I I' . I I" -I 'W fat I45 ' wwf? I I I A, I I , 1, - ,II.yI.I1I,,- Lag? ,I I . , I -II I fit' , , 'l g fgwii ' ,I , .- I' I ,, fix .,fTg.II, .. . I 'f'r I I, ' , '- f ' , II 2iI3'IIItIIQIIFIs-3II.I:,I, i I i I - It ff -f fiiiigg ' I, 'I I- I I I I? 22-M, II . IIf'If2II ,IiI'I' ,, I -' I ' " 'I ,II - If iw? IT I It I I w I ' ' I f I ' - fi"F ' Ir a. . I ' I ' II fs. I ' " I - H ' ,Ing I . - 5 , f s: I r I ' IE x K. - ' I, 4 1, ,fag 44 ' II, I I " I- I in A "I In-4 A - M, W II I I If III li I I I I ' i ,,,, Q II- ggi! II ,E I I I .El ,.,,.jI I f ,.,. it I ' - VN ' IIIII I I 1 f I " , ,x I! g fi ,, I I I 1, II, , I .I I ,I I, . r 4 .c I -,. I. I -11 I . " ' Q I , - I . I ! 1 r In ' , , , ff I I I Ig I , I I , III I I I II" I f , , .3 - I ' I.. If if , , I I , 5 " - I iff- 1 ' ' PHILLIPS, STAFFORD, McPHERSON, PAGE, CRUMBLISS, KIRK , 7-7---"" ""' "KF,-kv TI x L""" "-f- -v- W- , or fjIfI"I,g: for i a:iiifi,?TT g I gms so Page l 96 I I I I I IP I I I I I I I I I I I I II ,WI II I, I via ,I II If II I I I I I I I I I I I i ,. i aaee F -in do 'T 1 'Tkwng 1 L r eww- -A-'-e W I l l I l V W. H. BRITTON l i Coach l l l l , l T I l ' N , , ' l 5 , , , l l ' ' lf?f'5'il579'i ' , ,'f',,,.f-,,- A ,,..: 152515 i ' DocToR R. G. BRASHEAR Q ., 3, i Trainer -' . From then on the basketeers lost regularly until the count stood seven to one against them. The Vols then defeated Chattanooga and in a brilliant comeback defeated Alabama. The nearly dead team spirit revived and the Orange won eight out of the next twelve games. Victories over Georgia Tech, Alabama, and Vanderbilt wiped out much of the sting of a poor season and at the Southeastern Conference Tourna- f, ment, entered as a dark horse, the Vol team made a creditable showing against the strong Louisiana Stale 1 quintet. Letters were awarded to Crumbliss, Gibson, Kirk, McPherson, McWhirter, Page, Phillips, Stafford, Wilson, Wynn, and Manager Harris. V 5 J',:"+.!1fi4J'f'7Vi:f3iiff' z ' w?fkff'!f,'3 V' ' if P ww '-fwf u l ' g Nf, f-ff ,L 1 f . .... . . . ...T 1 ygyi tlgfti f14'??" El M3' ?Fwg'flWU2 -I -i mf' 5 1 'P - 1f 'im X Ll' .. 7' "6 "" V. i 'f" S - if ii' f fl ie s . gg ' . K+- ,Qs F Q 22 i' ,, ' " ,ff ' -J ,Y R ".i + .- A i T ""W ' 1 "" Q , I ',ig,:i-i..,g,, - ' , ' ,f 7 ii. 955 ' ' eff? M Tim,-45. S fi, 1 i ' ' V 'i" . i i"':?i 4555975 if 3 P 'i455li'tfi.r S' Ei l yi, 'fi My - L .J 2, Xe. , A Vi,,, i, ' .fjiyi . MH L K . is ' 'A - ,rt, , 7 ' , il. Q A .,f. '-', ', fi 1 N' , 3 -.eff QQ f fr' ,.,. ig uw. ' 'f ' 9 .V . Y H , N .,r-. i f- I Q bt fffit if ' e ...i F ' i ' A fr ,- ' f' i i , if ' 1 ' ,",, , 2 W , 1, I' GIBSON, WYNN, FELTS, WILSON, MALLORY, MCWHIRTER l , i N X i i TASK YL, , fgj 'Y R Y, Y, ,, j K , ii i W 1 ,- W 27, Q LLTTLT - , . Y it P P Wee-G-ee'-ew i is A -r , , Page l97 ,il Lk W ..., T.: W W W W W W A W W W1 W W WN W M W 1 l W W W, W W WW W,W W W W WW 5 W W W W W W W W VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD 1 W Varsity Scores A-l Tennessee - 4l Lincoln Memorial University W W Tennessee - 23 Tulane ----- Tennessee - 33 Tulane ----- qt Tennessee - l5 Alabama - - Tennessee - 29 South Carolina - W Tennessee - 28 Celtics - - Tennessee - Zl Kentucky - Tennessee - 26 Milligan - - W Tennessee - 43 Chattanooga - , Tennessee - 26 Alabama - 'W Tennessee - 32 Vanderbilt - W W Tennessee - 43 King College - - W W Tennessee - 23 Georgia Tech - - - A ly Tennessee - 43 Mexico City Y.M.C.A. - Tennessee - 23 Kentucky - - - f Tennessee - Sl Tennessee Wesleyan - ' Tennessee - 33 Georgia Tech - - - V Tennessee - 35 Vanderbilt ---- , Tennessee - - 30 Georgia Tech lTourneyl - y Tennessee - - - 43 Louisiana State lTourneyl - W FROSH NUMERAL MEN ANDERSON GASQUE y BERGANSKY GIDDENS y CLAYTON HASKEW W FOSTER LEOPOLD y FRIDDLE PARTELOW PICK L S efggcgc L as L L WW LQ S ijigggii-1 gifs Q S .1g-:Llfmt,. K, l W, We mil ,sf J 'jlfiv W Page l 98 TRACK ERNEST CLARK Capt fT k F5 .4 'Q i t M af If 1 ,Q . i :wa ,git I 7 COACH BRITTON ' SHERROD 4 A 42 l isnt TT- 4"- ti . - -- it ' ,ee -'Q ' of . ,, .1 . QW ,-r ..- ' in "::msiw:r' J :I EA Q. ite.. 'wi . .fl . .nl W ,fi . 1 fi , L Q Es .1 t ti , ., . . K ' Jrftr. . hr 1,-,,.. ,'g jit'g,1., . 5, . Qtyylz-we t -,Q ,f ' ss pfggptgf 5"A'v'f Img!!-,-,.,':gi:-, ws .- A Q f W5 m-tfittfwlgfw Q: fs - Q 5 vt . view. ...Q 2? Wi ,mf 3. 'jsxg J " f1," - A S ...nftrii -s 1 ., ,l 3 fvf at I -l ,. . -sf wsr- 'f 1 if-5. lg - "x :w3,gf1. 5 2. -EM, , 1 sf ilk, CLARK STOUT . 5 .. Sv The l932 track team hampered by injuries and lack of material lost both Conference meets but made up for this in part by victories over Maryville and L. M. U. Captain Clark was unable to compete due to illness and Greenblatt was elected Captain for the season while Clark was re-elected for the i933 season. Letter Men JOHN BAYLESS Hurdles Bayless displayed excellent form in clearing the hurdles and should score quite a few points this season. BEATTIE FEATHERS Doshes and Broad Jump The Bristol flash displayed the same speed which has made him famous on the football field and turned in some excellent races. HERMAN GODDARD Two Mile Though frail in build, Herman has put many a husky distance man to shame and despite being struck by an auto he ran brilliantly against the best in the South and held his own. JAMES BROWN Pole Vault Jimmie made a game comeback after severely spraining his ankle the previous season and has a good chance to break the university record this year. JOHN FRANKLIN Shot and Discus Though not a record breaker, "Honest John" could be depended on to win a first or a second whenever it was needed. LE CLAIRE GREEN BLATT High Jump and Discus "Greeny" climaxed a brilliant basketball and track career and was elected Captain for his faithful efforts. Holder of the university high jump record, he could be depended upon at all times. ..i YY ,,, o..,, , Page 200 " 'arg'-F i ,. - .T . T ,X Y V Y f T if Z' A T ll Q Kr T3 4 QM A K i 5 W wait T PUGH PRTTQTHETT BROWN MANAGER KENNY Results of the Meets T Tennessee - T - 68 L. M. U. - - 49 Tennessee - T - 60 Maryville - 57 Tennessee - T - I9 Alabama - 93 Tennessee - T - 49 Kentucky - 63 T T Letter Men T WILL PRTTCHETT T A. B. PUGH Pole Vault Quarter Pritchett shared pole vault honors wixth Brown and should make a great record before qnding his track career. I CHAUNCY STOUT T Mile T T One of the outstanding milers in the comlintry and an Olympic possibility last summer, ChauncyTwon first place in the mile at the Southern ConfererTce Meet. T VAN RAYBURN Javelin "Found" in the fraternity track meet t o years ago by Coach Britton, "Van" has rarely ailed to pick up five points for the Orange thinly te m. T T T T T T ...g,-cc-ee s T , Y L ,,:- fs Y - "Andy," the hardest worker on the squad never ceases training and it was his brilliant quarter in the relay which made it possible for the Vols to defeat Maryville. HAROLD SHERROD High Jump Though this was his first year on the squad, Sher- rod jumped close to six feet and the university record is not out of his reach. BILL KIMBROUGH' Manager Bill carried out most commendably his job of keeping all equipment, tending the track, assisting at the meets, and satisfying the demands of the ath- letes. A L LA,-,-lg.,-.-.. qu W - A KV Page 2Ol 2 .. JL L---keanu-E -- s x If I I VARSITY TRACK SQUAD, 1933 All-Time Tennessee Track and Field Records Event Record Held by Year 100 Yards ,....,.,, ,...., : 10 Iflatl ,,.. ,...... R . Winfrey ......,. 1929 220 Yards .,,.,.... ,.-..22.1 sec. ,,,..... ....... E . Clark ..... --- 1931 440 Yards ......,.. ..,.,, 5 0.3 sec. ........ ...... . Paul Hug ......,...... 1930 880 Yards ,,.....,. ...... I 259.2 min.-..- J. C. Crane ...... ..... . 1931 I Mile ............... ...... 4 :29.7 min .,,.. Tillman Stewart ........ 1930 2 Miles .......,............ ....... 9 :56.5 min ..... Tillman Stewart. ,....... 1930 120 Yard H. H ......, .,.... . 15.4 sec .....,.... ..,... . F. F. Kay ...... .....,.,.. 1 925 220 Yard L. H ........ ...... 2 5sec. ........ F. F. Kay ............. 1923 Pole Vault ......... ....... I 1 ft. 8321 in..- R. Wadlington. ..,.... 1922 Broad Jump ...,.., ,..... . 22 ft. 8 in.--- Maurice Corbitt ..,..... . 1929 High Jump ......... ...... 6 ft ...,. ......... L . Greenblatt ....... 1930 Shot Put ......... ...... . 45 ft.6V2 in. H. Hickman ............ 1931 Discus.. ......... ...... . 134 ft. 6 in ..... Paul Heydrick .............................. 1930 Javelin .......,.... ...... I 81 ft. 7.2 in. ..., ,...,., ...... . R . M. Vowell .....................................,. 1925 Mile Relay ......... ....., . 3:25.5 ....................... .. ............. Hug, Andes, M. Corbitt, E. Corbitt ..,.... ...... 1 929 FRESHMAN TRACK Frosli Numeral Men, 1932 CLARENCE BLACKBURN ROBERT PLUMLEE RICHARD DORSEY LOUI'S POUNDERS FRANK FITZGERALD HENRY RAINES FRED GROVES HAROLD WOLFE CLYDE HARRIS I-IERMAN WOODALL 11. ig? X v W K lib Page 202 l L Jl Minor sports at the University have been limited until re- cently. The present sports are Cross Country, Tennis, Men's RifleTeam, and Women's Rifle Team. With the completion of the new gymnasium it is ex- pected that Swimming, Boxing, and other sports will be added. MINGR SPORTS l i ill il' li' l l l Y -.....,,- 13, L "'- --Y LY, Y '71 4-...-.L CROSS COUNTRY TEAM HERMAN GODDARD - - ----- Captain HERMAN WOODALL ALLEN B. FULLER A. B. PUGH HOWARD FRAZIER QUINN PRITCHETT ----- Coach Cross country as a varsity sport at Tennessee is still in the formative stage since the participation is limited and no recognition is given aside from a certain amount of credit toward a track letter. However, some good teams have been developed in the last two or three years. During the l932 season, meets were scheduled with Maryville and Georgia Tech in addition to the Southern Conference Cross Country Meet. The financial situation made it necessary to cancel all but the Southern Conference Meet in which was entered the above team. The Orange and White men did well in view of the outstanding teams entered and finished in sixth place. - ....,.ge: eh . , L - --K l , , l v ' i 423 Page 204 ' rigyy- Y TENNIS After a lapse of three seasons tennis was revived in the Spring of '32 under the guid- ance of Hugh Faust and the success of the team points to bright prospects for the current year while the number of candidates for the squad show the popularity of the sport and the crying need for more tennis facilities on the campus. Members of the Squad PERCEFUL EARNEST FLEMING HOLMES . DYKES NORROD SMITH FAUST, Coach Matches Tennessee - 6 Maryville - - O Tennessee - 6 Carson-Newman - - l Tennessee - l Alabama ---- - 5 Tennessee - - Georgia Tech lrained outl - - - Tennessee - 5 Maryville ' - - - - l Tennessee - 6 Carson-Newman - - - l Tennessee - 5 Kentucky - - 2 -v 5 is 5 H 4 i I f l H A7-My M, mffw - if Page 205 . . Li-L. - --,,..f RIFLE TEAM HEARST TROPHY TEAM, 'sz HEARST TROPHY TEAM, '33 A. B. FULLER - - - - Captain C. D. BREWER ----- captain L. E. ROTH C. D. BREWER A. B. FULLER L. E. ROTH T. J. I-IOSKINS BRUCE YATES A. B. PUGH W. W. OLIVER Varsity Rifle Team CAPTAIN HEAD - - coach SERGEANT cox - - - - - - - - coach C. D. BREWER - - - .... ---. C ciptain J. s. LEDGERWOOD A. B. PUGI-I TOM DONOFIO GEORGE A. DANIELS L. E. ROTH GUY JAMES JOE BERGANTZ HANSEL LIGHTNER J. A. MOORE H. FREEMAN BROOK LE ROY BUCKNER A. B. FULLER JAMES MCAULIFFE W. W. OLIVER The University of Tennessee Rifle Team has built up a distinguished record in the last two years. Last year after the Volunteer went to press they won the Hearst Trophy for the Southern District and finished third in national ranking. The Hearst Trophy score for this year was the some as that of last year and sufficed to win the trophy for the sec- ond year in succession, a remarkable feat. This year's team finished third in the Fourth Corps Area matches and has been selected tor competition in the National Intercollegiate Matches. Ot fifty-six matches fired up to present writing the team has won forty-two. Page 206 -ffl .. GIRLS' RIFLE TEAM The Girls' Rifle Team has, prior to this year, been an indefinite quantity, but the current group has practiced with enthusiasm and energy to produce a really creditable team. Several of the members can fire a score which will do credit to members of the Men's Rifle Team. Of the matches fired, the team has won the large majority. CAPT. HEAD - - RUTH GIBSON MARGUERITE STONER ELIZABETH WITSELL BETTY CLEMENS ANNA K. ARMSTRONG EVELYN HOLT MARY FANT Y iii...-Q-5 MEMBERS ELLE GORDON ROSSIE LOY MARGARET HARRIS JO BROMLEY FRANCES MALLORY J. R. FRENCH Page 207 - - - - - Coach JULIANNA NICKERSON ANNA L. BABELAY ANNIE CLAPP MARIAN ROBINSON CLAUDIA BROOKS JANE EPPES JANE PINAIRE '- '-,,- . ,Y INTERIOR VIEW OF ALUMNI MEMORIAL GYMNASIUM MEN'S INTRAMURALS Ross BRYAN Intramural Manager .Alps 5 l i.,...QY-Y-.-Y - - V ..-ek: , ,, , ,, , Y Y Y 7,-3-3--Ti,,, , WTS -e e L... e iii e lil l ! l l ll INTRAMURAL sPoR'rs l a l l Intramural athletics at the University are designed to afford l E opportunity for some sort of physical recreation and competi- l X tion to those students who are unable to take part in the major l 3 athletic activities that are sponsored by the University. 4 i Certain events are open to all students. Most of the com- l , petition arises, however, from those contests in which only "i ll . fraternities or sororities compete. l . l Each year two cups are awarded for excellence in intra- l i.l ' mural athletics. The fraternity and sorority having the highest l, number of points in intramural standing are each given a cup. ll l Last Spring the cups were awarded to Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority and Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity. The men's cup has been in i 1 existence four years, having been won twice by Phi Gamma i Delta and once each by Sigma Phi Epsilon and Sigma Alpha ALLEN B. FULLER Individual Heavyweight U Epsilon. i i l Boxing Champion l l Q 9 J l ' l i i 5 Ll 1' at , 9 , I Q A I l l A s 1 l l l l f l il i il t l ll : l 5 , l ill l it l 2 l l l l l l l i l l Pl KAPPA ALPHA BASKETBALL TEAM-WINNER OF THE FRATERNITY BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT A . .LW--V fves -for 'owe' 'flfFTfTThx "'srM- T , S. 4 L L -,....-Q.-.Ye 5: iid 'I .. 1. . E 'i 1 1. ,,,,,,,s . Q, T "T t -'ff-E-V.-,-Q T ' ' " l . J f ' ' ' M, M, - f ii ' - 1 V Y ,nw rf- Y,Y, ,.,..-.-I--"""' - K-We,vMv-A,,, ll il Page 2lO l 4 i ii l I . l 1 . l i rgffiigjtx i it NF L if PM A Fffnllff ' "'sstR- ---A A l . ee A A A llf A ,h, rig- .vice-E-""' l 'N l l . , l A l sl. i INTRAMURAL SPORTS , l , J This year the intramural events have been full of interest j , and spirit and have been followed closely by a majority of the l l , students. Efforts are being made each year to make the intra- h l I i l mural sports program more representative of all the university l students. l i i l 1 j ll To open the season last Fall, the Sigma Alpha Epsilon golf l l ll, 1 team, composed of Smith and l-leiskell, defeated the Sigma Phi , l li l Epsilon team, composed of Austin and Lovell, in the finals to l l li emerge as victors in the tournament. , l l Following this, Whittle and Page, representing Pi Kappa i l, l l Alpha Fraternity defeated a strong Phi Gam team to win for l l il l y the second straight year the fraternity tennis tournament. 3 . il . . J 1 ' A JAMES STOKELY l 5 , l Q Q individual Foul Pitching 2 il l ' l Champion 1 ' 1 5 , l l , X, 3 s l l i l i l l A ' 1 . , N , , l v l E-l,l l L.,-,d---..i t A f i l . l I l l 1 l l I l E I I ll 5 l A l l l l l, l 1 i i l 1 1 . 5 l i 'l l l l l i All A i A 1 l A l l A l l l if. s l llr l l 1 l ll l I ill l ll, l 1, i ti 2 l lli ll l l ll: l l l l ll il il l l l 5 l l l 5 l l l l i l l l 2 5 l l l l li ' l A 5 SIGMA cm RELAY TEAM-WINNERS or THE NEWS-SENTINEL FRATERNITY RELAY W all ill it llf li gfflfflittxfvvrf fllffS.ifff5:l1TW-it Wah-ffffl fffffffc s miF?PE?5Yf"!'Fi A Q-F qlll if -A lr Page Zll l, il il , so eeeeew N. sh L . bfTiTi1iiii1ir4Q--gTff7Q7 4- ,.s. i 'NMN'M"cc X i ' - E' fAQfs:1'f""" lil M' A . l'i ll l l l INTRAMURAL sPoR'rs i l l The swimming meet was held in the Memorial Gymnasium l l 5 greatly to the convenience of the participants who have previ- l I ously had to use the uptown Y pool. The strong Phi Gamma f 1 Delta Team finally amassed the most points to win for the , y 3 l A second straight year. A feature of the meet was the excellent i l l diving, that of Gramling, the winner, being outstanding. 3 T l , l i 5 The annual Cake Race featured the Homecoming celebra- l l ll l tion. From a field of seventy-eight men, Emerson Burnett T il i l lil l T 4. 5 . emerged at the front to have his choice of the cakes. Thirty l ll y . ll l other fortunate runners also received cakes. , , L l Sixty-five men participated in the Fox l-lunt. R. O. Frankum ly l was the first to locate the "Fox" which proved really to be l l 9 l ' Coach Loose of the Physical Education Department. L. B. ll T A lil Austin, Jr., and K. L. Raulston were close seconds to Frankum l 1 jj, Q in this race. I-, j l l 3 PoLK cRuMBuss l 3 l Individual Tennis Champion l 1 . i l . T 4 l i ll - L. l i i i l l l 1 , l l l li l T ly r--' l L 3 l l i 1 , i l X l i . ll, . l ill i lil l l , l lil 2 l T lil ' i 112 l 'l , l l ll il l ll l l i 1 l J ' l i l l 5 l l l l ll l 3 E T : i ' W L l l Q A ly l l 1 i T I N l V W l 'ii 1 ' i PHI GAMMA DELTA SWIMMING TEAM-WINNERS OF THE FRATERNITY SWIMMING MEET I i ill ii ii l ll ll ll' 1 l ll l lil W il ll l , I l, , . li l lil i ll X. il l l l i ll l 1 l 'U il 3 0 I ID CD i I: . N 3 , l ll l i l l 1 l ll ll 'i ll T:3?scT l 'xi l , l l i i i i i1 ll A gp me-I c -j S C ,C me so 'st i awp r 5-+++m.41,i..1QWMj rrar i e--S CW, Qcf,Il-,,k: gf' 'X f e t il tt S oft il l i l l i i i , l . INTRAMURAL SPORTS y l i E l The Cross Country run was the last event of the Fall season. I i As usual the weather was cold and the participants had to l l resort to vigorous sprinting to keep warm. Harold Durrett was ' 3 first to finish the grueling two mile grind and was closely fol- y l lowed across the line by Roland Myers. The Sigma Nu frat! l y ernity team accumulated the most points to win the team cup. ii i l l Following the Cross Country run there was a lull in intra- l il l mural sports activities until the News-Sentinel Rela Meet. l 1 il I . . Y . 5 jk, i Enthusiasm ran high and the attendance was large as the Sigma " f i 1 Chi team won first laurels among the fraternities. Unfortun- l g y l ately no records were broken owing to the fact that the resin pl l ,Q pl l applied to the floor was more of a hindrance than a help. l l ll . . l ' l The Foul Pitching Tournament was won by James Stokely l ll F i L L of Kappa Sigma fraternity. JACK LOVELL l l Individual Golf Champion 3 , f Q 1932 y Q J i l Q 3 l l I l l i 1 X , R g ! E ,tg l l eff i'-li l 2 L V l 3 l i ', l ' . l l i l l l l I ' l l f l l i E i i l I i i l gl l l i f l i l l iw l S l 1 l l i i M ' l l li l l ll l l ll ll l , 5 sl i l il, i l 1- l l li 1 l l ll 1 i I l l ' ' i l l ' it T A l . l T i i i g S I l l T y I i l Q i , l sicMA NU caoss coumrw TEAM-wiNNeRs or THE cizoss couN'rRY RAcE ,W Arne:-w li if iecqiigifff - meld L to -,C::ef53ff,gifii1- we---ff S Page 2l3 -M-r if ' ' Ai l Q i i i i NWT, eil il ll ill Jll li iv li ill iii ii l l jii .ll lllll .gliy iflli l'i illl illll i l flill iilli iilli iidul will ix llfll itrlll Wifi iilll :ill l'l,J liiil ilii ilil Fl Mill will illli Milli ll, llil lvl li lll il, lil il ll ll ill il ill il lil ill 'l ,i f" EJQLLM V E W ,. YZt...., Y E, ni' frr SIGMA PHI EPSILON Fraternity Horseshoe Champions, 1932 INTRAMURAL SPORTS The basketball tournament, probably the most colorful and popular event of the school year was held in the latter part of January. Among the fraternities, four strong teams advanced to the semi-finals, namely, Kappa Sigma, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pi Kappa Alpha, and Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ln the finals, the smooth working Peke team outclassed the Sig-Ep club to win i9 to 8. The individual boxing and wrestling tournaments were conducted on a more extensive scale than ever before and the quality of the contestants points to the possibility of strong varsity teams in these sports whenever the ath- letic department can spare the money to finance them Allen B. Fuller outclassed the field to win the Heavyweight Boxing Championship while Harrison Bourkard won the medal for the Heavyweight Wrestling Championship. SIGMA PHI EPSILON TRACK TEAM-WINNERS OF THE FRATERNITY TRACK MEET, i932 WTT' if MJ ifijfgigsfszrie e ,Y4 ,, Page 214 .55 -- 7 I INTRAMURAL SPORTS Sigma Alpha Epsilon, represented by a consistent team, emerged victorious from the volleyball tournament in which competition was determined in view of the need for preci- ous points toward the Intramural Trophy. As the Volunteer goes to press the playground ball tournament has been won by Sigma Phi Epsilon, while in the offing are the hard ball tournament, the horseshoe tournament, and the track meet. Last Spring Sigma Alpha Epsilon defeated the Pi Kappa Alpha team in the finals of the hard ball tournament and later this same team, for the most part, succeeded in win- ning the playground ball tournament while the Phi Gams were cinching the Trophy. In the meantime the Sigma Phi Epsilon horseshoe team, composed of Bledsoe and Robinson, were winning the horse- shoe tournament, Polk Crumbliss was winning the indi- vidual tennis championship, and Jack Lovell, the individual golf championship. '--'-E',Z,su-1----:f---4'-:---"- PI KAPPA ALPHA Fraternity Tennis Champions SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON BASEBALL TEAM-FRATERNITY HARDBALL AND PLAYGROUND BALL CHAMPIONS, i932 , ...Q i Page 215 I . I I I III III I III FT I I I I I I I 'I I, Ii II I , I I I I I I I I I I I Ii 'I I I I 'IIII I I Ito' Ig I I , I I I , . I I I II .III II'I I III III IIIII I II' Il, III III LTL TW.: N IW' I ,ga ,gg 4 JlTfig2?lf2ig2g:'H'. ,-- A ' iff f lg-igfg:i", """ k NMQ"jV?"' 1, -f -NYYY--gli -rf' ---" gf ,V ,V I l K ' w 5 l Y f Q IH 1 fl 4 I' l IH r 1 f if R V j l w WN i Q , z QE e I I Q I-,dl Hn 5 1 L , I li E 1 I x ' 4 Q Q + 1 1 5 CHEER LEADERS Yi H g 4 v I I I 3 5 5 w k I W ly , M f REW WM H3 1 IRI 'L L "x I1 E w 1 , , , . 1 X w x E J 1 w 2 4 1 I V E 1 J 1 5 . - - Q Page 216 WOMENS INTRAMURALS fl' JEAN MCKINNEY lntrcnmurol Manager JEAN MCKINNEY Individual Tennis Champion INTRAMURAL SPORTS Two years ago a large trophy was offered to the sorority which accumulated the greatest number of points from the various athletic events held during the school year. The sor- ority winning the cup for three consecutive years was to be given the privilege of keeping it as its own. The Chi Omegas won the trophy the first year but were compelled to hand it down to Zeta Tau Alpha last year. This year's issue is still in doubt. The first event of the current year was the individual tennis tournament. After many exciting games, Jean McKinney was declared champion. Shortly afterwards Miss McKinney, ap- parently not the least worn by her exertions, won the women's tennis doubles in conjunction with her able partner, Florence Elliot. CHI OMEGA-SWIMMING CHAMPIONS Page 218 l ,' A' it I NTRAMU RAL SPORTS On December second, at the Alumni Memorial Pool, the sorority swimming 'meet was held. This event always affords plenty of laughs and thrills though the Chi Omegas seem to have a monopoly on this event, having won it for three con- secutive years. Nevertheless, the Alpha Omicron Pis had some excellent swimmers and furnished them plenty of competition. Next following the Christmas holidays came the eleventh annual News-Sentinel Relay Carnival. l'n this carnival two sorority events were held, namely, a relay for active members and a needle relay for pledges-relays replete with thrills which attracted a large and interested crowd. Even though the events were exciting, there was not a single record broken, Zeta Tau Alpha won the active relay and Delta Zeta won the relay for pledges. ZETA TAU ALPHA-BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS v r l l Page 219 i i l Yam- , ...L Y YY . ,, J Y , l -, l . i 'il INTRAMURAL SPORTS ' On January thirtieth the event long anticipated by Q every student on the campus took place, the sorority bas- l ketball tournament. This one sport seems to furnish more 5 l rivalry between the sororities than any other. The favorites l again were the Alpha Omicron Pis and the Zetas, the X l farmers having nosed out the latter in a very heart break- l ing game the year before. But the Zetas came back with I Q , the intention of redeeming themselves and defeated the A Alpha Omicron Pis in the second round. They also con- T lil Q quered the Alpha Delta Pis in the final game to carry home J' li the hard earned trophy. f . The class basketball tourney was won by the Senior E Class Team. This made the second consecutive champion- 5 i . ship for the seniors on that team, they having won the I ill l championship as juniors the previous year. This group certainly exhibited some excellent basketball i i i J. 1 T l E , L 1 . , 1 Q l l 3 l i 1 S' l X l' 1 1 lx 1 i ii. L l 'I I l i 2 ffl l MCKINNEY and ELLIOT independent Tennis Doubles Champions l l Q 1 ll i , i l . ll! ful D.. lli. . - . TI..- M., f ii y ii i 4 i i DELTA ZETA-NEEDLE RELAY TEAM :lf N , --"-Agj4?k - Page 220 l i 1 i, I i i i l i l i i i-. l i i . ' 1 i . . i lill l lin? ll iii llllll ii, l v .l, .NI 'i l l l ' l l i i if-A EY . i l l ' . V , l i H i l l l ll i. illl ill- l . l 5 i l ? l i- - i i I i ' l l Ili ii! bl I ill is :ll lil i: V1 i it ii l. ill il li I NTRAMU RAL SPORTS The next meet, an innovation in girls' competitive sports, was the rifle meet. The girls practiced continually for this meet and Annie Clapp, the winner, could have given close opposition to any member of the Men's Rifle Team. Two very important events were the individual and sorority foul pitching tournaments. A sorority team con- sists of five players. The total number of successful shots scored by individuals of the team are added together for the final sorority score. The Chi Omegas won this event after defeating the Zetas by the small margin of two points. Jean McKinney again demonstrated her versa- tility as an athlete by winning the individual tourney by pitching thirty-five out of fifty attempts. The sororities are practicing diligently for playground ball, the next event. Chi Omega meets Zeta Tau Alpha on April sixth, Alpha Delta Pi, defending champions, meets Sigma Kappa a day or so later. Events to follow are: individual horseshoe pitching, class playground ball, sor- ority tennis, sorority track, and individual golf. I i ,.. Ma...- ZETA TAU ALPHA Sorority Tennis Champions ,. . -A-Mm V i ALPHA DELTA Pl-PLAYGROUND BALL CHAMPIONS, 1932 ., ,...--:gf V ' -- - Page 221 l l fly :lx A ,,4!-.Z: .il ill I i lll ll! lll li ,,. ill ll. .l ,li .li l l li'-A -4 l . i 1 l'll! i lifg l lll .i'l itll .Iv lilil 'ii,. l ii 1lQ lil iii il' 4 , i --V .-7-....-Y Y . .M -- C., if lf - , 2 5 WOMEN'S I NTRAMU RAL MANAGE RS Page 222 Y 1 5 ..w, . Q - C' 4-r. M I MII Ms ORGANIZATIONS N obscure laboratories, scientific workers have quietly evolved count- less processes for the good of rnankind, oftentimes in the face of neglect, incredulity, and fierce opposition. l x I ,, I-ICDNGR TOM DUNLAP W fth S T9 F- 1 ' ia...-L 7 FERRIS HESLER WILLSON AIKIN SWITZER HAMER TARBOUX DOUGHERTY WOOLRICH PEACOCK WILSON FRANTZ HODGES GREVE WITHAM THOMASON HARRIS AVENT MASSEY ALLEN CAMP TILL EDWARDS BREAZEALE CAMPBELL MORTON HORTON TAYLOR CANADY BRYAN SMITH LOVELACE PHI KAPPA PHI Founded at the University of Maine, I898 Publication: Phi Kappa Phi Journal Phi Kappa Phi is an honor society composed of graduate and undergraduate members of all departments of American colleges and universities. Its prime object is to empha- sige scholarship in the thought of college students, encouraging them to hold fast to the original idea for which institutions of higher learning were founded, and stimulating them to mental achievement by the prize of membership. OFFICERS F. F. Frantz - - - - - - - President Helen Camp - - - - - Vice-President R. F. Thomason - - - Secretary H. B. Aikin -------- Treasurer H. B. AIKIN J. D. BOND C. E. FERRIS HARRIET GREVE L. R. HESLER MAMIE C. JOHNSTON ROSCOE L. PARKER J. G. TARBOUX C. A. WILLSON ACTIVE FACULTY MEMBERS PAUL W. ALLEN C. A. BUEHLER F. F. FRANTZ P. M. HAMER J. C. HODGES H. L. LEE N. D. PEACOCK ALVIN THALER CLYDE WILSON W. R. WOOLRICH Page 226 J. E. AVENT N. W. DOUGHERTY C. H. GORDON JESSIE W. HARRIS H. C. HUMPHREYS F. M. MASSEY J. A. SWITZER R. F. THOMASON H. B. WITHAM I vi L -as.-K ABERNATHY WILSON, W. BRUCE MAIDEN YOUNG RICE LITZ PRIVETTE DEANE HARTON GNUSE ROBINSON WALKER ROWLAND JENNINGS DUNLAP BOLLING MARSHALL WOMACK MCCLAIN MCCALLUM KENT FRANKLIN HOUK TEAGUE PETERS BARTON BUNDY GAMBELL BARGER BURLESON HAMLETT WILL TERRY ABERNATHY LANDRUM BOLLING R. D. BRUCE W. M. BURLESON G. S. CAMPBELL TOM D. DUNLAP DELLA LEE FREEMAN H. H. GNUSE EDITH HORTON ALICE KENT LA VERA LOVELACE ' J. W. McCLAIN ALYSE H. MORTON RUBY REMA RICE CALVIN A. SHEPARD ERNESTINE TAYLOR ESTELL.ENE P. WALKER SYLVIA WOMACK PHI KAPPA PHI University of Tennessee Chapter Found Number of Chapters: 45 STUDENT MEMBERS HAZEL BARGER MRS. LEILA M. BOND EVELYN MAE BRYAN GEORGE M. CAMERON HELEN CANADAY MADELEINE EDWARDS E. L. GAMBELL J. M. HAMLETT SUSAN HOUK ELIZABETH KURTH NOVELLA MCCALEB EFFIE MAIDEN FRANCES J. PETERS JEAN ROBINSON NETTIE L. SMITH J. E. TEAGUE EVELYN WHITE MABEL YOUNG LUCILE ZION ed, I899 Page 227 CHARLES J. BARTON NINA D. BREAZEALE W. H. BUNDY HELEN CAMP HARRIET DEANE JOHN FRANKLIN MRS. ROSE GILLIS THOMAS G. HARTON R. T. JENNINGS MARGARET E. LITZ ROBERT D. MCCALLUM J. H. MARSHALL IVAN T. PRIVETTE ELMO ROWLAND MRS. LOUISE S. STIEFEL MARGARET TILL WILLIAM C. WILSON ROBERT YORK i""- Y -A-, l l l fl ,, l .l.,1sS if l 1, A A 1 1, l ,. Y Y- - "'4 'Y 1 i W ' 7 ... .4,..e,,,+,iA Y,,Y7,,Y YYY, JY, Y,,,7 . fm. YY,n.Y-- , Y V i fi Y ,X i f l Ka. el l --fs' . h . l l ll' lla l l , . . W W 4 l , 1 l l 2 Y fi C, il y it l l , 1 2 l l X l l l l l l l I Y l l l l l , , , , woouzicu HARMAN PERKINS MATT:-news TARBoux switzsiz FERRIS c-Nusa cocxaiu. AIKIN HERTEL oouei-IERTY gg Q A 'rAu BETA PI J Founded at Lehigh University in June, 1885 1 4l Colors: Seal Brown and White l Tau Beta Pi is an honorary society founded to confer distinction on those students who have maintained a high grade of scholarship and to foster a spirit of liberal culture in the , engineering students of the institutions in which its chapters are located. Juniors whose ll l rl. grades rank in the upper one-eighth of their class, and Seniors whose grades rank in the upper one-fourth of their class are eligible for membership if elected by the Society. OFFICERS l. Harmon H. Gnuse, Jr. - - - - - President X fr Lucian G. Cockrill - - - Vice-President W lj l Robert York, Jr. - - - - - Recording Secretary 1 J Ward M. Burleson - - Corresponding Secretary J Arthur B. Wood - - - Treasurer l l l l Y., .off - J e WfigiiIiiillifflfiiiffffifiilii.-...or P P . e f T e e e e ffEi'ie??i-if effzeffffflrr-+1?fe-ee? e e e e e R' fjff' B P e YE 1 xhxpiiyexe Niiiivip sssefw- - 5 6.4 J aff - 1 ff s 'ie fQ.g.fe -I7 f B R 'R 'l T' B as Qtek o--..c,ol,.o..cBedyfffsf ll?-2 ll' Page 228 l . L ..Iee,L,L.. f TEAGUE DEAN Number of Chapters H. B. AIKIN H. E. AYRES E. L. CARPENTER N. W. DOUGHERTY WILLIAM H. BUNDY WARD M. BURLESON BUNDY CRUMPTON HARPER WALKER FINNEY SMITH HARTON BURLESON HAMLETT RAYMO TAU BETA PI Tennessee Alpha Chapter Established November IS, 1929 60 Publication: The Bent FACULTY MEMBERS C. E. FERRIS J. L. HOWARD J. G. TARBOUX J. T. HARMAN R. C. MATTHEWS G. E. TOMLINSON A. T. HENDRIX C. A. PERKINS A. B. WOOD K. L. HERTEL J. A. SWITZER W. R. WOOLRICH STUDENT MEMBERS CLASS OF I933 JOHN W. FINNEY JOHN D. HARPER CHESTER T. RAYMO J. PORTER GILLESPIE THOMAS G. HARTON JAMES E. TEAGUE LUCIAN G. COCKRILL HARMON H. GNUSE, JR. ROY JACKSON, JR. ROBERT YORK, JR. CHARLES R. CRUMPTON JAMES M. HAMLETT, JR. ROY T. JENNINGS CLASS OF I934 WILLIAM E. DEAN, JR. LAXTON M. SMITH ..,...,V CHARLES R. WALKER L-. I Page 229 -P if .f:,.,. , 'Ii TTI E A kg. Til' I T I I T T I I T I T T I 1 T I I . 1 1 , T II Q 51, 1 . , N T I T I I, I L AVENT BRETT COLE COILE FITZGERALD T T T wii.soN BARNHILL BRANDON THACKSTON PRIMM T T,TT g PARSONS swim-i LowRY RARROTT LITTLE ED. . -L I 1 I T PHI DELTA KAPPA . Founded at Indianapolis, Indiana, 1910 Alpha Kappa Chapter Established April 14, 1925 Number of Chapters: 39 Publication: The Phi Delta Kappan , Phi Delta Kappa is an honorary educational fraternity, organized for the purpose of I I developing a more complete professionalism, social fellowship, and productive scholarship . among educators. The fraternity is devoted to research, service, and leadership in edu- , cation. I1 T OFFICERS I Kenneth S. Coile - - - - - - President I I Paul M. Little - - Vice-President T John L. PrirnmX , - ---- Secretary i I, f A. D. Mueller - - Corresponding Sec'y-Treas. I I W. E. Cole ----- Faculty Advisor J I W I MEMBERS I T R. B. PARSONS KENNETH COILE F. C. LOWRY HOLLIS PARROTT I CLYDE WILSON LUTHER SMITH J. A. THACKSTON GRAY BRANDON W. E. COLE AXEL BRETT JOHN BARNHILL N. E. FITZGERALD JOHN PRIMM J. E. AVENT PAUL LITTLE I . I TT T .I I A , T fPff"Tg E fi? - - li I Page 230 I ,f uf SMITH CLEMENS CORNETT BRIMER BARTON HOLEMAN SEARGEANT STEFFEY ALPHA CHI SIGMA Founded at the University of Wisconsin, December, 1902 Alpha Phi Chapter Established, 1929 Number of Chapters: 46 Publication: The Hexagon Membership is drawn from students of chemistry or chemical engineering who intend to make some phase of chemistry their life work. OFFICERS Eugene Holeman - - - - Master Alchemist Frank D. Oldham - Vice-Master Alchemist George E. Seargeant - - Recording Secretary Charles J. Barton - - - - Treasurer Charles R. Crumpton - - Master of Ceremonies Theodore R. Jones - - Alumni Secretary Marshall R. Brimer - - - - - Editor Pentagon - MEMBERS EUGENE HOLEMAN FRANK Ol-DHAM GEORGE E, SEARGEANT CHARLES J. BARTON THEODORE ROOSEVELT JONES MARSHALL R. BRIMER MILTON L. CLEMENS GRAHAM M. RICHARDSON LAXTON M. SMITH COLUMBUS C. CORNETT WILLIAM G. STEFFEY I I Page 231 , ,-P... BOLLING HARTON GASKILL MCCALLUM BURLESON DUNLAP PRIVETTE COCKRILL GNUSE GILLESPIE BUNDY CROCKETT, H. LEVY RADER DEAN CLAXTON SMITH CROCKETT, R. ARMISTEAD DYER FOWLKES SWINDELL PHI ETA SIGMA Founded at the University of Illinois, March 22, 1923 University of Tennessee Chapter Established, 1930 .Number of Chapters 23 Phi Eta Sigma is an honorary fraternity offering membership to freshman men who have made an average of 3.5 or better during any two consecutive quarters of the fresh man year. OFFICERS :I Claxton - - Louis Levy - - Jack Pickell Sam Wallace - LANDRUM BOLLING TOM DUNLAP PAUL LITTLE IVAN PRIVETTE W. E. DEAN A. L. GILLESPIE CHARLES RADER JOHN ARMISTEAD EUGENE CATO LOUIS LEVY MEMBERS CLASS OF 1933 WARD BURLESON TOM HARTON ROBERT MCCALLUM WILLIAM BUNDY CLASS OF 1934 GUS DYER GORDON GASKILL GRAHAM RICHARDSON R. H. CROCKETT CLASS OF 1935 PHIL CLAXTON JACK PICKELL ,Qui I 1,7 III ,E Page 232 - - President - Vice-President - Sec reta ry Treasurer R. H. COCKRILL HARMON GNUSE R. J. NICHOLS LAXTON SMITH FREELS FOWLKES JOHN HOLLINSHEAD WILLIAM SWINDELL H. H. CROCKETT SAM WALLACE GREVE WHITE, M. WHITE, R. TAYLOR sMITH, N. SWANN TILL HoRToN BAKER COOK AURIN Mccraosicsv SPENCER smm-I, D. HOLT ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Founded at the University of Illinois, l924 University of Tennessee Chapter Established, 1932 Number of Chapters: I2 Alpha Lambda Delta is an honorary fraternity offering membership to freshman women who have made an average of 3.4 or better during any two consecutive quarters of the freshman year. OFFICERS Mary Elizabeth Spencer - - - - Louise Swann - Margaret Till - - Mary Frances Cook - Dean Harriet Greve - MEMBERS ROSE WHITE MARCIA WHITE DOROTHY SMITH LOUISE SWANN RUTH AURIN MARY ELLEN BAKER MARY SPENCER EVELYN HOLT AILSIE MCCROSKEY Page 233 - - President Vice-President Secretary - - Treasurer Faculty Advisor ERNESTINE TAYLOR MARY FRANCES COOK EDITH HORTON LOUISE SMITH MARGARET TILL l l 7, - .4g- , RESSLER SMITH LOVE COX HUTSON FARRAR MAGILL BELL ALPHA SIGMA DELTA Honorary Pre-Medical Fraternity, Founded at The University of Tennessee, 1930 L l ' 1 r OFFICERS A. Magill - - - - - - President Carruthers Love - Vice-President Spencer Bell - - - - Secretary J. W. Cox - - - - - - Treasurer B. C. V. Ressler - - Faculty Advisor MEMBERS SPENCER BELL H. G. BRYAN J. W. .COX HOWARD FARRAR W. F. HUTSON CARRUTHERS LOVE T. A. MAGILL L. V. SMITH 'Q " R R ri Page 234 ,. I1 1 ' - 'wife - I I I I I I I I BENTLEY WILLSON PEACOCK DYNES HAMBY ALLRED W.-. WYLI E MARsHAi.L BUTCHER GAMBELL MECALLA BEASLEY . . I-iEsi.ER cARi.ocK siMs MCPHERSON MECLAIN ROWLAND BARNHILL p I ALPHA ZETA Founded at Ohio State University, November 4, 1897 Morgan Chapter Established in 1912 I Number Of Chapters: 40 Publication: Quarterly of Alpha Zeta Alpha Zeta is an honorary agricultural fraternity whose membership is composed of out- standing upperclassmen. OFFICERS Elmo Rowland - - - - - - - - President James William McClain - - Vice-President Ernest L. Gambell - - - - Secretary Joe D. Beasley - - - - Treasurer Vernon W. Sims - - - - Historian III ACTIVE MEMBERS I II WADE E. BUTCHER EVEREI. M. CARLOCK ARLEY HAMBY I RAYMOND E. HORNE JAMES H. MARSHALL A. K. MCCALLA, JR. y KENNETH C. MCPHERSON C. LATIMORE ROARK ELMO ROWLAND ,- JAMES W. MCCLAIN ERNEST L. GAMBELL JOE D. BEASLEY I VERNON W. SIMS ALUMNI MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY DEAN C. A. WILLSON E. N. STANFORD DR. L. R. HESLER PROF. O. W. DYNES M. M. REED PROF. C. E. ALLRED DR. H. A. MORGAN PROF. N. D. PEACOCK JOHN BARNHILL PROF. G. M. BENTLEY PROF. C. E. WYLIE W. P, COTTON J. P. PORTER J. L. ANDERSON it Liizri VYV, . V iiriir '11 S A A I y A A . T Ee ' ,I K' " fg II J Page 235 E DEANE RIDDICK BROMLEY MARTIN HOUK HALE CAMP SMITH ROBINSON KENT EDWARDS CAP AND GOWN Founded at the University of Tennessee Cap and Gown is an honor society for senior girls, the group of twelve girls each year being chosen by the preceding group. Membership is based on three considerations, leadership, scholarship, and service. A scholastic average of B or better and participa- tion in at least four activities are among the specific requirements. Only one election is held and that during the Spring. OFFICERS Madeleine Edwards - - - - Alice Kent - - Louise Smith - - Jean Robinson - - - - MEMBERS MADELEINE EDWARDS VIRGINIA HALE LOUISE SMITH ALICE KENT HARRIET DEANE JEAN ROBINSON HELEN CAMP Page 236 - - President - Vice-President - Secretary Treasurer KATHRYN MARTIN JOSEPHINE BROMLEY MARTHA NEAL RIDDICK SUSAN HOUK A avi Ld GNUSE HESLER HAMLETT DUNLAP STIVERS WOOLRICH MCPHERSON MCCALLUM BARNH I LL FOSTER LEE BOLLING McCLAIN GODDARD BEAMAN FRANKLIN AITKEN SCARABBEAN SENIOR SOCIETY Founded at the University of Tennessee, 1916 The Scarabbean Senior Society is an organization composed of a few faculty mem bers and a group of students selected in the spring of their Junior year or in the fall of their Senior year. These student members are selected from among those men who have shown, during their previous years at the University of Tennessee, more or less unselfish leadership in the activities of the campus. MALCOLM AITKEN JOHN BARNHILL ALVIN BEAMAN LANDRUM BOLLING VIC DAVIS TOM DUNLAP TOM ELAM MEMBERS HUGH FAUST BRUCE FOSTER JOHN FRANKLIN HARMON GNUSE HERMAN GODDARD JAMES HAMLETT L. R. HESLER TOM LEE Page 237 R. D. MCCALLUM WILLIAM MCCLAIN KENNETH MCPHERSON RAM RAULSTON RAYMOND SAUNDERS JOHN STIVERS W. R. WOOLRICH f x v T' I I ACTIVITIES MALCOLM AITKEN President of the All-Students Club I I I I I . I AITKEN BRACKETT MOORE WILLIAMS BEAMAN FEATHERS POUNDERS RULE ALL-STUDENTS CLUB COUNCIL The All-Students Club Council was organized in the Spring of l9l9-20 at the Uni- versity of Tennessee to meet the much needed requirements for a system of government for the student body. The officers of the Council are elected by the student body as a whole, and the college and class representatives are elected by their respective groups. The duties of the Council are the supervision of student affairs. OFFICERS Malcolm Aitken - - - - - - - President H. D. Brackett - - - - Vice-President James Moore - - - Secretary Richard Williams - - Treasurer PAST PRESIDENTS JAMES B. STEWART - - l92O-2l LUTHER BEWLEY - - l926-27 D. P. ADAMS - - l92l 22 JOHN BARNHILL - l927 28 ROSS REEDER - l922-23 CHARLES G. MORGAN l928-29 C. ESTES KEFAUVER l923 24 ROBERT MURPHY - l929-30 VICTOR ROBERTSON l924-25 JOSEPH S. HACKMAN l93O-31 JOE CLARK - - i925-26 RAYMOND SAUNDERS l93l 32 Page 240 l 1 1 1 11 A eeW.---Lw l1l . ee' 1 A-ee A -A Ms..41i.11i- EE EW-NA-...J1Q. , A Y. ir .L 1 . A. Y- . U- W - Ev ik' YQMJWF'-4-E MLJ.-. Ur'-Y 4345.- - A- l fd. A 111 L gf , V ,sy l,1 lil .ll 1, i f1l 111 l l l l l l 5 l Y . R 1 1 l l 1 1 'l 1 1 l1l l 1 l 11l 1 ll1 l ll, l l l 1 l 1 1 , l 1 l l j 1x l . ll l . i ' T 1 1 ' 1 f ' Y 1 MCKINNEY HLJRLEY ROBINSON GODDARD CLEMENTS l cox sT1vERs LEE I-1ouK BEASLEY 131-1 Q J ALL-STUDENTS CLUB COUNCIL 21 1 1 1 A 1 MEMBERS ' 1 1 1' I ALVIN BEAMAN WILLIAM cox l President of the Senior Class Representative, Education l 1 , l 1 , 1 1 BEATTIE FEATHERS HELEN GODDARD 1 1 President of the Junior Class Representative, Home Economics Q l 1 X l l LOUIS POUNDERS JOHN STIVERS , , President of the Sophomore Class Representative, Law l 11 l ' Bos RULE WRIGHT HURLEY 1 11l l President of the Freshman Class Representative, Engineering 3 1 l ll I RICHMOND MCKINNEY JOE D. BEASLEY 1 President of the Y. M. C. A. Representative, Agriculture 7 'll " ' ' 1 SUSAN HOUK DAVE OAKLEY l l President of the Y. W. C. A. Representative, Commerce N JEAN ROBINSON HAL CLEMENTS President of the W. S. G. A. Representative, at Large 1 X A l J CHESTER HAWORTH 'rom LEE 1 1 l Representative, Liberal Arts Representative, at Large 1 ' ' l l 1 l l 1 1l' 11l L fe -A L -L 1 'E' 1-refer-r'p s 1 as - - A-LL W E SML, ,LW K ML., Page 241 W ni WJ- E-id.-,gf 44 l 1 i 1 l ll? I - is . . - , , W My gi , be le.,.,.... I I I I I HESLER ci.EMeNTs sHui.i. FRANKLIN BARN:-ilu. Iii I I I I l l l "r" cLuB I I 5 I The "T" Club is an honorary society for Tennessee athletes. The chief purpose ofthe l I club is to sponsor the movement for better athletics throughout the entire State as well I I I as on the campus. The club extends an invitation of membership to any one who has I if ' I made his varsity letter at Tennessee. I I I ll OFFICERS I Hal Clements - - - - - - - President I John Franklin - - Vice-President I Bill Shull - - Secretary V I ADVISORY COUNCIL I Hal Clements - ----- - Ex-Officio John Franklin - - - - Ex-Officio Dr. Hesler - - - Faculty Advisor Hal Blair - - Alumni Representative John Barnhill - - Secretary and Treasurer ,Y---Tx . , , . - - ' I , , ' T Y C, we - ' ' , I I f rf f-iff -if fi- - ee 1. 7 Y 7 . I V f A ., Q--W--W , - -- ,, if ,mini i fvpl J ,, --ie., Jef- 5 Page 242 2 3 4 ...Q --- ,, I ,MJ I SE Ik . - F , I 5 ,Ji-,1,I,l5I!5f, MALCOLM AITKEN JOHN BAYLESS HERBERT BRACKETT ERNIE CLARK POLK CRUMBLISS TOM ELAM HUGH FELTS HUGH FAUST HERMAN GODDARD DAVID HARRIS HENRY KROUSE CECIL McPHERSON TALMADGE MAPLES ALBERT MIDDLETON JOHN OVERTON LOUIS POUNDERS VAN RAYBURN HAROLD SHERROD HOWARD STEWART RICHARD WILSON if-gf" L"f' 'vs' W ur-ur 1 - x , I-li. i ,Q . . f 'J f,.- ' W ' I "T" CLUB MEMBERS MALCOLM ANDERSON BERT BIBEE ALBERT BROOKS JIM CLAXTON DICK DORSEY J. B. ELLIS HOWARD FORD MILTON FRANK GUINN GOODRICH RALPH HATLEY HANSEL LIGHTNER DAVID MCPHERSON AL MARK DAVID MITCHELL HARVEY PAGE WILLIAM PRITCHETT HARVEY ROBINSON GORDON SMITH CHARLES VAUGHN v A A-A-A J I Page 243 HOWARD BAILEY GORDON BOUNDS JAMES BROWN BILL COX CLARK DOWLING BEATTIE FEATHERS BRUCE FOSTER SANFORD GIBSON JAMES HAMLETT ALBERT KIRK ROBERT D. MCCALLUM POWELL MCWHIRTER EUGENE MAYER RICHARD MOORE LEO PETRUZZE A. B. PUGH RAYMOND SAUNDERS ROBERT STAFFORD MURRAY WARMATH HERMAN WYNN I I I I I IT' I I I I I t. I I. I I I I I I I if TI II I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II I'I I , ,I X. II ---Ig VIP' I A l l l l l BEAMAN MCCALLUM STALLINGS McWHlRTER SHULL ouTHRiE CALDWELL GASKILL l NAHHEEYAYLI GOVERNING BOARD The Nahheeyayli Governing Board was organized at the University ot Tennessee on January 25, l925, tor the purpose of sponsoring the formal dances of the university. Four dances are given each year by the Club, two in February, known as the Mid-Winter Dances, and two at the close ot the school year, known as the Finals. OFFICERS First Term Powell McWhirter - - - - - President L Robert D. McCollum - Vice-President Lloyd Stallings - - - - Secretary Alvin Beamon - - - Treasurer Joe Caldwell - - - Assistant Treasurer Second Term Robert D. McCallum - - - - President Bill Shull - f - Vice-President David Harris - - - Secretary Alvin Beaman - - - Treasurer Joe Caldwell - - Assistant Treasurer Colonel Paul B. Parker - Faculty Advisor f -, LC. 1 l Q .A figg,,. . v A -ws- -..xg QQLW--- we 4 . P Page 244 .45 a I or ---i..:'i.T' A 'T I if I - ,-l,LIQT.,... - Ii' ,Yi I II The HARRIS POLLARD PARKER SNIPES PRITCHETT MCMURRAY BARBEE JACKSON NAH H EEYAYLI GOVERNING BOARD I student membership of the Board consists of one representative from each fraternity GORDON GASKILL Delta Tau Delta BUD PARKER Lambda Chi Alpha POWELL McWHlRTER Kappa Sigma ROBERT D. MCCALLUM Sigma Alpha Epsilon LLOYD STALLINGS Kappa Alpha ROBERT 'MANN Non-Fraternity ,A..,-- and two non-fraternity members. MEMBERS ALVIN BEAMAN Phi Gamma Delta C. A. MCMURRAY Phi Sigma Kappa JAMES D. BARBEE Phi Pi Phi MARTIN L. GUTHRIE Sigma Phi Epsilon JOE CALDWELL Pi Kappa Alpha III' .. WDWW- -. .- Page 245 I-IERMAN SNIPES Sigma Nu EMMETT JACKSON Pi Kappa Phi BILL SHULL Sigma Chi DAVID HARRIS Alpha Tau Omega WILLIAM PRITCHETT Delta Sigma Phi RAYMOND POLLARD Non-Fraternity II II II III 'I I II III III IIII II I I I II II II II I, III II III III ,I. III II II. QI III II IQ III II I II II III i, I I I ' I I I I I I I I I I I 1... II, If I I 4 v I v I ll g . 1 kk 4 4 ,. 4- 7 -- -Y V W- ...K - . L,,, , +77 Y Q ,Y Y V Y-i Vi Y,-1 V W. ss.. 4 l li ,i I44 Il 'Ll Isl l'l I I 4 l 2 l I J I MOORE GASKILL ALLEN RUTLEDGE HARRIS PATTON I ENGERT CLAXTON HUTCHISON ROBINSON UPSHAW HOUK l cARNicus I I The Carnicus is given annually by the All-Students Club and the Student Activities Council. It is a , combination of the old time Carnival and Circus, the proceeds of which go to the above councils for the sub- W sistence of student activities. The Carnicus begins with, a huge parade at 1:30 on the day set aside for this , 4 , X gala occasion, continues with a performance and animal parade in the forepart of the night, and ends with I l ' 4 the Carnicus Ball and the crowning of the Carnicus Queen. The Manager is selected by the above councils, I while the remainder of the staff is chosen by the manager, subject to the approval of the Student Activities l I Council I ' Robert F. Allen - --------- General Manager I ASSISTANT GENERAL MANAGERS N Wesley Patton Jim Moore Gordon Gaskill , 3 David Harris Howard McClure Buford Rutledge i , DANCE PARADE ' 4 I' Harmon Gnuse ----- Chairman Jack Hutchison ----- Chairman Joe Thompson Josephine Bromley Sam Venable Mary Neal Slatery l ll l J. Clyde Bowles John Kruesi John Borden Ernest Kenny I 1 1 TICKETS PUBLICITY 4 I Ill l Jerome Engert ----- Chairman Phil Claxton ----- Chairman V ,I 5 l I I Walter Clark Charles Robinson Embree Headman Sue Wright ' I I 4 Claxton McClain Nathan Lowe I l l INNOVATIONS FRATERNITY STUNTS I 4 Q , Margaret Upshaw ---- Chairman Joe Bergantz ----- Chairman 4 1 Charles Rader R. S. Steed N. T. James Bob Rule X Jane Wellford Roy Bowen I i 4 SORORITY STUNTS PERFORMANCE Jean Robinson ----- Chairman Ed McGowan ----- Chairman I Anne Watson Hazel Bowman Marian Robinson Carol Van Brocklin Mary Ellen Baker Pete Anderson H. C. Brandau I I A l .Q S. eggs'-lij QQ iff 7 'gl Y -Iziqiaifl ,ig ,gif - -gg -Y S- K H "' ' -'ff - - W uv ET"-rf -Ve: gli Y V ig Eno----f ve-- ..mW- YW hr iam' - V I i ii A ' ff 'ig -Tllif -eff'-V Y' ' Q' V I4 A Ti IP Page 246 ' 1' I ASF , I I .II -I II- I I I I I I I I I II I, I. II I i I I II I III I I 1 I Ill I I I III X I I I I I I I I I I 'Il I I , A I GNUSE TAYLOR CRAIG PRIMM EDWARDS I I HAMPTON MCGOWAN DEANE BERGANTZ ROWLAND TOMBRAS I-qu - Lv. qt., L. CARNICUS I I I I ELECTRICAL STAGE I I Charles CFGIQ ----- Chairman John L. Primm ----- Chairman 3 Norbert Lester Clarence Colby B. W. Thomas Joe Barker I I Guy Darst J. E. Evans Jack Coe Bernard Penry i R. H. McArthur I P DECORATION PROGRAM I X Banks Edwards - -'-- Chairman Charles Tombras ----- Chairman ' Bert Stotz John West Walter Burnett Wright Hurley N Ill Emmett Jackson Bud Parker Ann Yoakum Lofton Stuart II PRIZES REFRESHMENTS I Harriet Deane ----- Chairman Elmo Rowland ----- Chairman I I I Din lmmel Louise McNabb Lorena Dempster Foster Hampton if X X Ward Grimes W. E. Ragsdale Eston Perry I I I MISCELLANEOUS ANIMAL I Finis Taylor ------ Chairman George Tate ----- Chairman Frankie 'Brown Charles Sadler Virginia Whisman Dorothy Pugh Al Moser Billy Smyth BOYS' CLUB STUNT GIRLS' CLUB STUNT f Virgil Hampton ----- Chairman Susan Houk ---- Chairman A J. M. Jones George Sitton Mary K. Richards Dorothy Armstrong I , Frank Bloodworth Betty Edwards ' Page 247 I II III II . ill II I I II I , I i All P so E. J li' W , W W W W l y it W l W AUSTIN SLAYDEN MAURY sau. THOMPSON ci.AxtoN came DOMINICK W W W BEAVER CLUB The Beaver Club was organized in the Winter of i922 to perform the duties incident to welcoming visiting teams and personages to the University. lts membership is drawn, one member from each fraternity and two from the non-fraternity group. W OFFICERS W Charles Dominick - - - President W Jack Hutchison - - - Vice-President W W Joe Thompson - - - Secretary W W W Phil Claxton - - - - Treasurer W i Dr. Hesler - - Faculty Advisor W W , W 'W ufallufee of .globe c ii Wulf he - T W if 'mfg' 7-251933 Page 248 Wi GIBSON ROGERS ALPHA TAU OMEGA Jack Hutchison DELTA TAU DELTA Spencer Bell DELTA SIGMA PHI Charles Armstrong KAPPA ALPHA K. W. Rogers KAPPA SIGMA Joe Thompson KEITH ROBINSON WHITE MOSS BEAVER CLUB MEMBERS Pl KAPPA ALPHA Charles Robinson SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON William Maury SIGMA CHI Charles Craig PHI GAMMA DELTA Charles Dominick SIGMA PHI EPSILON L. B, Austin, Jr. PHI Pl PHI George White I I S I Page 249 ARMSTRONG HUTCHISON PHI SIGMA KAPPA Joe Gibson LAMBDA CHI ALPHA R. M. Keith Pl KAPPA PHI J. O. Moss SIGMA NU Van Slayden NON-FRATERNITY Harry Bryan Phil Claxton I I l Il I. ,.... nf 4 ---fr-W . -Y.. l I I l I I l I I I l I I I I l I I l I I I I I , L- Y, ., ,..2Y.,, "l l i 4 tl 1-,N It X BROOK FULLER PIERCE ST. CLAIR BREWER OLIVER HARTON BROWNLOW PRIMM CRAWFORD HORTON GNUSE NEAS DIAZ PAPPAS PARKER MCGOWAN STEFFEY MCADOO BERGANTZ ENGERT PERSHING RIFLES Company A, Fourth Regiment installed, i927 Number of Chapters: i7 Official Publication: Pershing Rifleman OFFICERS COMPANY A HEADQUARTERS W. G. Steffey - -------- - - Captain Jerome Engert - - First Lieutenant Joe Bergantz - First Lieutenant J. E. Parker - - - - Second Lieutenant T. B. Donoho - - Second Lieutenant iHistorianl Jack Jennings - - - - First Sergeant Pershing Rifles was founded at the University of Nebraska in the Fall of i892 as a crack drill unit at the instance of the military commandant, John J. Pershing. It was not named Pershing Rifles until i895 after the departure of Lieutenant Pershing from his tour of duty at the university and preferring to remain as a local unit it developed a national reputation. However, in i925 a program of notionalization was begun and the organiza- tion now has i7 chapters. Among the more prominent members is former Secretary of War Robbins, who was a member before and during the Spanish-American War. Page 250 si rf Q. i I-ix . in ii ' ill," k--,w- g--,img-it CARDWELL WALKER PRITCHETT JENNINGS COX GADBERRY i JETTON MEISTER WORD KENWORTHY CRAIG BAIRD SCHAFFER SLEDGE TOMBRAS CULVAHOUSE MILLER MEDLIN MARTIN ROTWEIN PERSHING RIFLES Founded in the Fall of i892 at the University of Nebraska Howe,-2 White Rose , Colors: Blue and White Ackroyd, Richard Beers, G. H. Brook, Freeman Burros, C. L. Cox, V. A. Crittenden, F. M. Diaz, T. A. Evans, J. N. Fuller, A. B. Horton, Thomas Horton, Robert H Johnston, R. D. Koellein, C. L. Lewis, Jason K. McMillan, J. R. Medlin, Eugene Neas, Charles Parker, J. E. Primm, John L. Schaffer, B. Smith, Laxton Steffey, W. G. Tombras, Charles G. MEMBERS Armstrong, Rhea Bergantz, Joe Brownlow, J. W. Byrd, Ellis Craig, C. J. Culvahouse, J. N. Durrett, H. D. Finney, J. Wiley Gadberry, E. W. Hollinshead, J. R. Jennings, Jack Kenny, E. M. Kyle, Vernon McAdoo, W. R. Martin, H. L. Meister, H. E. Oliver, Wayne Pierce, Franklin L. Pugh, A. B. Sledge, Barnett Snodgrass, Charles E. Stoner, W. P. Walker, H. K. Yates, Bruce R. e l with G yin..- rl Page 251 Baird, E. C. Brewer, C. D. Brumfiel, R. W. Cardwell, J. T. Crawford, R. L. Dempster, Jack Engert, Jerome Franklin, Fred Gnuse, H. H. Holmquist, R. W. Jetton, W. D. Kenworthy, William Leake, H. W. McGowan, E. B. Martin, P. W. Morton, John Pappas, George Pritchett, William Rotwein, Abe Smith, C. H. St. Clair, Albert Taylor, C. M. Word, F. A. ll ll il ill 1. .7 n -. -1- :inna- TQ lil lil l P l . l l i lil l lil lil ill ll l i l l r. , li ii, all till ii l till il l l VL. , i ' i l l . l ill lil if i i 141 i l. . l l. ll i ,- ri l. i, ll .ii l . l i l . ' 'tv'-'M -Hs- T314--""f' VF' a l as -V-U., my . i ., gQ': ,,....,.V, 7,7 FEBIGER HEAD KEMP CLARKE HARMAN ST. CLAIR ALLEN GNUSE BROOK SCABBARD AND BLADE Founded at the University of Wisconsin, i904 Colors: Red, White, and Blue The purpose of Scabbard and Blade is to raise the standard of military training in American colleges and universities, to unite in closer relationship their military depart- ments, to encourage and foster the development of the essential qualities of good and efficient officers, and to promote intimacy and good fellowship among the cadet officers. ln addition, the society attempts to hold before the college man his responsibility as the natural leader in times of national crisis and to promote preparedness for proper defense of the United States by disseminating accurate information among its members and others concerning the military needs of the nation. OFFICERS Albert St. Clair - - - - - - - - Captain Robert F. Allen - - - First Lieutenant Wright l-lurley - - - Second Lieutenant Harmon H. Gnuse ---- - First Sergeant FACULTY MAJOR G. L. FEBIGER CAPTAIN KEMP CAPTAIN HEAD LIEUTENANT HARMAN LIEUTENANT CLARKE Q i Page 252 Y v 'tsl 4 "Q - MILK el of-llgi i i i i l 1. 1. i l l l l a l I l X . l l i X l T l l l l l l l l i I . 2 l s l 5 1 l f A l l ' l l ll l l ll T .T . s ll T Q ill l l l i Q Ql A . .l f T . I l 1 2 , l l 4 , l 4 . FULLER PRiMM BROWNLOW LEE T wiTHERsPooN i-1oRToN oiAz THOMAS T L l ' l c 5 3 T 4 ti T SCABBARD AND BLADE Q A l l Company l, 4th Regiment Established, 1923 l , l Number of Chapters: 77 Publication: The Scabbard and Blade l l ' l i l i f l l i ACTIVE MEMBERS l ml T T li l Cadet Colonel Freeman Brook Cadet Lieutenant G H. Beers 3 1 1 Cadet Lieutenant-Colonel A. B. Fuller Cadet Lieutenant C C. Cornet l j Cadet Captain R. F. Allen Cadet Lieutenant T. A. Diaz l ll' T Cadet Captain John F. Brownlow Cadet Lieutenant H. H. Gnuse l l l Cadet Captain Tom Lee Cadet Lieutenant R. A. Halley Cadet Captain John L. Primm Cadet Lieutenant R. H. Horton l l Cadet Captain Albert St. Clair Cadet Lieutenant H. W. Hurley f Cadet Lieutenant Rhea Armstrong Cadet Lieutenant D. D. Thomas 4 Cadet Lieutenant J. L. Witherspoon , p l l i l 1 l -R -A -iigggi - 4' C 1 V li ri A fYl7' Qfvrrn C "i's?R'xi-Y'-Y-'Yi' Y ' V' W 'T "" 1' ' ' ' ' ' A' Y " TQQ fLf-V 3731i A ATf,..fiT3-31' C' 'Hi' i'ii M oooF Ns- Fiii ' l "foo ' i,Q.g..- sfoJ'i"'TJ' Page 253 - l Tleillif Q , H . -.....ffY "' l ' -W , i i l BREWER CRAWFORD NEAS PERSHING RIFLES SECOND BRIGADE HEADQUARTERS C. D. Brewer --------- Brigadier-General W. H. Hurley - Major lAd1utantl R. L. Crawford - - - - Captain lHistorianl C. V. Neas - - Captain iPublication Officer? This headquarters has command of the following companies at the following schools i THIRD REGIMENTAL HEADQUARTERS COMPANY "A" THIRD REGIMENT , Syracuse University Syracuse University l I FOURTH REGIMENTAL HEADQUARTERS COMPANY "A" FOURTH REGIMENT l , ' Penn State College University of Tennessee COMPANY "B" FOURTH REGIMENT COMPANY"C" FOURTH REGIMENT Penn State College University of Alabama ST 'ffl 7- Qgflfi R 7-f l Page 254 i jp.:-,... .Y KIMBROUGH BIRD GILLESPIE SHAW SLAYDEN DUKE PERRY WOMACK KINCAID WILKERSON GODDARD BAIRD TOMBRAS FRAZIER COOPER MCNABB NUCHOLS BOLES HARMON BEASLEY A publicity organization for the purpose of keeping home town papers informed as to the activities ot the local students at the University of Tennessee. J. D. Boles - - - Helen Goddard - Sara Tankersley - Stanley Johnson J. D. BOLES SARA TANKERSLEY CHARLES TOMBRAS SARA NUCHOLS MINNIE SUE KINCAID VAN SLAYDEN ROBERT SMITH SARAH DUKE OFFICERS MEMBERS MONTEZ WILKERSON R. P. BIRD JOE D. BEASLEY LILLIE SHAW H. H. HARMON R. L. COOPER W. G. BAIRD Page 255 - - - - President - - Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Faculty Advisor HELEN GODDARD SYLVIA WOMACK A. D. GILLESPIE BLANCHE MCNABB E. L. PERRY HAMPTON SWANN HOWARD FRAZIER J. C. KIMBROUGH , ii - - -1,-L..- Y 'WSF I I I I I I I I I il I III I I I I I I I I I I III II EI I I I--- . . Cigar J ig Z ' Q I , . L I ,W I 5 , .if ,,,, .,.7 ,,.,,,.-.YYHLH-V - --- PARKER BUTCHER GAMBELL MCCLAIN AMOS ROWLAND BEASLEY MARSHALL MCPHERSON LOONEY EWING MCCALLA BRYAN PRIMM I FELTS SIMS HAMBY WHITFIELD DIAZ BAIRD LOWE PARROTT BARNWARMIN' STAFF The Barnwarmin' is the big annual social event of the Agricultural College during which I I the students of that college entertain their guests in a unique manner, reminiscent of the I times when people in the country used to celebrate on the erection of a new barn. William McClain - J. C. Amos - - Elmo Rowland EDITOR BARNWARMIN' SPECIAI- Kenneth McPherson ADVERTISING Vernon M. Sims INVITATIONS A. K. McCalla, Jr. EATS Hollis G. Parrott SPECIAL AMUSEMENTS Mack Looney Robert G. Whitfield MUSIC Hugh Felts I W dn ,K ,Y ,Y - . ra-23-flffhgf -H -if---gjgf + 2. -e W so I III I I - - General Manager Assistant General Manager Assistant General Manager CHAMBER OF HORRORS TICKETS Bud Parker PROTECTIVE FORCE Joe D. Beasley POSTERS John L. Primm TRANSPORTATION Arley Hamby CHECK ROOM Ernest Gambell Page 256 James Marshall SPECIAL DECORATIONS T. A. Diaz DECORATIONS Nathan Lowe John A. Ewing FAVORS Ross Bryan MISCELLANEOUS Coleman Baird CLEAN-UP Wade Butcher --W, I I I II II .I III I.I IMI I I II III f I III III II. .II I I I Ijl I I I II Iisf III' l 1 l l '1 1 l 1 li lr' l ll 11 Q,, A . .1 1 Alllcfrf-1-E 'E'K'T"f filliiie-:A-""""iii ii"1 TN' K ' E"'E'n-H---we Ti mthtn ,eqffffgiff iiggiiliffffffff-'tffe-1---f:f'tii'1Tif ,i'i'ii'l" i flilij 1 11'e:?'g,j3::::::11A::1 1 l C"C""i w'c"ic'ESx-We-e-Cdfyvl l "Q-e,1fff H "C rar l11 me-ef 11 11 1ll l1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 J l 1 1 l 1 l R l fll 111 l l H 1 A l l 1 1 l ll l l l l f l 1 1 l 11 l 1 1l1 l I l'1 1 lllll ' 1 I ill l ill l 1 11 1 1 1 1 ill 1 1 113 1 l l 11' 1 1 lll 1 1 11? 1 ' ' lll E l 1 l 'l l 1 ll1 ' l ill l 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 l l fl l lll 1 1,1 1 ll1l lll I l 1 1 1 f l l 1 l l l 1 l 1 l 5 ' 1 1 1 . 1 1 l 1 l 1 5 1 1 1 wY1.1E MEc1.A1N LOWE l 1 1 1 I-E114 1 PARKER 1-HNTON BEENE 4-1 1 ,-1- E-1E-.EE l fri 1 1 1 F 1 1 l l l l l 1 1 1 1 1 DAIRY CATTLE JUDGING TEAM 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 l l The Dairy Cattle Judging Team laced fifth in 'udgin teams of fifteen teams in the 2 1 1 1 ' 1 P 1 9 1 1 1 l 1 1 1 Intercollegiate Dairy Cattle Judging Contest held at Waterloo, Iowa. ln the individual 1 M 1 l lg 1 contest in which forty-five were entered J. E. Parker placed fifth in judgin Jerseys. 3 l l 1 1 l ' Q l 1 1 l 1 1 1 1 1 1 l 1 lll 1 TEAM 1 l 11l 1 J. E. PARKER J. w. MCCLAIN . 'll 1 NATHAN LOWE JOHN BEENE, Alternate 1 1V 1 l l lil 1 1 COACHES Z 1 1 1 c. E. WYLIE s. A. HINTON l l l 1 1 1 l 1 1 1 1 1 1' 1 l l l 1 1 l 1 1 1 ll ' ' l 1 l 1 l 1 1 1 l l l l 1 A ill l 1 111 ll1 :ll l 1 111 1l1 111 111 11 111 ll ' 11 cud v 111 -E 1 , as 16--f 1 ' J lf ,,- W ill X Page 257 l l PARKER WILLSON SIMS AMOS PARROTT MARSHALL ROGERS MCPHERSON GAMBELL BEASLEY AGRICULTURAL CLUB The Agricultural Club was founded at the University of Tennessee in l899. Since its organization, the Club has been instrumental in the establishment of a closer relationship between the students and the faculty in the study of rural problems and in the advancement of student activities. The policy of the Club has always been the educational and social development of its members through the securing of eminent literary, scientific, and business men to address the Club at its weekly meetings. Some of the most important things sponsored by the Agricultural Club are the publication of the "Ten- nessee Farmer," the annual Barnwarmin', the sending of a Dairy Cattle Judging Team to represent Tennessee in the annual national contest, and the sending of a representative to the annual convention of the American Rural Lite Association, and the participation in Intramural Sports. OFFICERS FIRST QUARTER Kenneth McPherson - ------- ---- P resident Joe D. Beasley - - - ------ - - Vice-President James H. Marshall - - - - - Secretary-Treasurer J. E. Parker - - - ---- Critic Dean C, A. Willson ----- - Faculty Advisor OFFICERS SECOND QUARTER J. C. Amos - - ------- ---- P resident Joe D. Beasley - - - ------- - - Vice-President E. L. Gambell ---- - - Secretary-Treasurer Vernon W. Sims - - - ---- Critic Dean C. A. Willson ------ Faculty Advisor OFFICERS THIRD QUARTER Vernon W. Sims - ------ ---- P resident Hollis G. Parrott - - - - - - - - Vice-President E. L. Gambell ---- - Secretary-Treasurer Leonard R. Rogers - - ---- Critic Dean C. A. Willson - Faculty Advisor Page 258 , i 1 -Q-, 7 l so E , i , ee ew e-E- -F'-he-41 l ll lb LQ-an so ,,, l i 4 i l P gi LH yi' V ,,---.-eA- WN ,!Q,.-M.Wf"1'f-:': . 1 QQ ill ll' l l l. f i l l i Q ig I Q i f l ii fl 2 Q ill l J lil l lll , l ill ' l fi l l VW l r lil f Q Y l i 1 ' 2 Q Q l 2 5 i l l J 1 T T i HARRis MCLURE cHEsNuTt T I y DANIELS LIGGETT TuNisoN 1 'TWT 'ii 1 i l Q l HOME EcoNoMlcs CLUB T 3 2 i This club is devoted to the interest of those girls taking the course in Home Eco- 5 l l nomics. The meetings are held monthly, at which time various authorities on nutrition l Q 7 and textiles are secured to address the members. One meeting during the year is given , i . . , , . . l i in the form of a fashion show, at which time the students' work and exhibits of cotton T Q 5, textile companies are shown. Each year a representative from the club is selected to at- l l " T , tend the State Convention at Nashville. '. i 3 iii OFFICERS 1 ll' T l ll Mary Lynch Chesnutt - - - - - President l Martha Daniels - - Vice-President Ruth Liggett - - Secretary y A y Margaret McLure - ----- Treasurer l V Sarah Tunison - - - Reporter to Tenn. Farmer y Jessie W. Harris - - Faculty Advisor T ' 1 1 y lls l E 1 i, l l 253515 e T fl TTT'Tli iefi31Ellf55TTT- Q E rr ' Page259 l in 1 ,nv-, MOORE DARROW SHEPARD PRESTON NALL P I NAIRE MCWHORTER PRESSGROVE HAMPTON BANKS GIFFEN OWEN VEAL TURNER MOSER MCKINNEY PETERS SEYMOUR BOUNDS WITHERSPOON BAKER MOSER DUKE CLASSICAL CLUB The purpose of the Classical Club is the study and appreciation of classical literature among the members of a congenial group. William R. Turner - Mai Banks - - A. H. Moser MARY ELLEN BAKER THOMAS G. BOUNDS HOWARD DARROW NANCY DUKE MARY VIRGINIA GATTIS LOWELL GIFFIN VIRGIL HAMPTON SARAH MARSH JAMES MOORE ,car ' ' OFFICERS MEMBERS RICHMOND MCKINNEY BETH NALL MINNIE BELL OWEN FRANCIS PETERS JANE PINAIRE LOUISE PRESSGROVE BETTY PRESTON JOSEPHINE SEYMOUR ,AA--T XL., Tl I is - - - '- President Secreta ry-Treasurer Faculty Advisor HENRY SHEPARD WILLIAM R. TURNER JOHN VEAL JACK WITHERSPOON JUNE WOOLRICH DR. A. W. MCWHORTER DR. A. H. MOSER MAI BANKS MRS. A. H. MOSER Y N, A A"'T'f1i 1,,-- HY Y , - VYYY F, ,,,,, 7--I-H Page 260 L - LII -Wi If I , 3 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I l I I I I I I I I L llgam I -fY, If-:rdf If I I I I I I ,It 1511125-rf if 7 l I 'T I I 4 I I .I .,- LLL., L, WDA... L ,.- Sr FINLEY FRANKLIN LADY RICE LOY GREENE ARMSTRONG MASON HENDRICKS SEYMOUR POSNER FOSTER CHANDLER VESS MORTON BEARD LESTER GAULT YOUNG HORTON GREGORY FLANAGAN THETA TAU PI I An organization of town girls established at the University of Tennessee in the Spring of I932 for the purpose ot bringing the town girls together in Closer bonds comparable to the organization and spirit ot dormitory groups. Mabel Young - Alyse Morton - - Pauline Franklin - Monterey Finley ANNA K. ARMSTRONG MARGARET BRIGHTWELL VIRGINIA CRUZE THELMA EASTERLY HELENA FLANAGAN KATHERINE FOSTER JANICE RAE FRENCH MARY E. GREENE MARGARET HELSLEY EDITH HORTON ROSSI E LOY L ...ggi W OFFICERS I MEMBERS EULA CLYDE MASON ALYSE MORTON EDITH MAE POSNER GOLDA ROBBINS EURETHA VESS RUTH BEARD I LUCILE CAPSHAW CECIL CHANDLER MONTEREY FINLEY MARY FOSTER PAULINE FRANKLIN I LOIS GAULT Page 26I I I I - - President - Vice-President - Secreta ry Treasurer MATTIE GREGORY LYNETTE HENDRICKS MARGIE LADY MARGARET LESTER RUTH MILLER CATHERINE OGDEN RUBY RICE LUCILLE SEYMOUR TROY WALKER MILDRED WOOD MABEL YOUNG PETERS GADEN HENDRICKS IJAMS ROBINSON KENT BROMLEY WOMEN'S STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION The Women's Student Government Association was organized the year after the ad mission of women to the university. The purpose is to look after the affairs and interests of women on the campus. The council consists of four officers elected annually the presidents of the girls' dormitories, and one town girl representative. OFFICERS Jean Robinson - - - - - President Josephine ljams - - - Vice-President Louise Hendricks - - Secretary Alice Kent - Treasurer REPRESENTATIVES JOSEPHINE BROMLEY MARIAN GADEN Henson Hall Sophronia Strong Hall FRANCIS PETERS KATHERINE OGDEN West Strong Hall T0wn I E 1 FL E ,Els ggi 'fl se Page 262 YJ ' ' ' 1 i Y fwlf I I I ,I . ,,,,I,E.. , I I I I SMITH COCHRAN KITTRELL WATKINS CAMPBELL GATES EVANS PRESSGROVE PUGH PRESTON I MOORE BORDEN WAGNER MCGINNIS BURR PARKER RATLIFFE THOMPSON WELLFORD GREENE SHEELY ZEBRA CLUB I The Zebra Club was founded in Barbara Blount Hall in 922, its membership to con- sist of the "horsiest" girls on the campus. The organization was transferred to Henson Hall in I93I and is limited in membership to twenty-two girls. The only male member on record is Dean Hoskins. Louise Pressg rove MARY LOUISE PRESSGROVE DOROTHY PUGH JANE WELLFORD ELIZABETH SHEELY SUE GATES DOROTHY CAMPBELL BETTY PRESTON GLENN THOMPSON OFFICERS MEMBERS ELIZABETH GREENE KITTY PARKER BILLY LOFLIN ANN WAGNER SUSAN MCGINNIS TOMMY RATLIFFE PAGE BORDEN Page 263 President SALLY WATKINS ELIZABETH MOORE CHRISTINE COCHRAN CARLOTTA BURR I.II.I.IAN KITTRELL VIRGINIA SMITH LOUISE EVANS J. D. EIosIcINs MI I I ,,f.H-- --E' I I I JI III III III III III I III III II III I I I-III Ill III ,III III IIII II I IIII III III IIII I I IIII Il! I I I I ' I I ' I III "I ,--,?w ,, I I , I I I I I I I I I 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II III II II III I I I I II III III III .II III ,I I I II I II I 'I -. ,,--M .IV -Y- .II II III III II i l ll i. Rl ll il 'l ll I l l l ii ll l l l l l f"T iF? l in lll hu-- - Q4 UNIVERSITY CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Organization of the Young Men's Christian Association BOARD OF DIRECTORS PI'0f. W. R. Woolrich ,,,.,,.,,. ..,.,. C hairmqn J. H. Anderson Dr. L. R. Hesler .......................................... Treasurer Edward B. McGowan i Richmond McKinney E Judge D. C. Webb Herman Goddard Charles Neas I Charles Barber Prof. N. W. Dougherty l OFFICERS l Richmond McKinney ....... ......,. P resident Herman Goddard ,.......... ......... V ice-President Charles Neas ............ .......... S ecretary Edward McGowan ......... ................... T reasurer ' EMPLOYED STAFF Ralph W. Frost .................... ....... S ecretary Victor M. Davis ................u.... - .................. .Secretary Minnie M. Wade Edwin Markwood J. Leonard Raulston Office Secretary Building Secretary Employment Secretary g CABINET l Landrum Bolling. ............................... Freshman Work Elmo Rowland ........................ Inter-Church Activities ' Joe Beasley Sam Venable Raymond Bird Gene Gadberry Q T. D. Morris. ,,..... . ......................................,.. Publicity Howard Frazier ................ ............ . ...... . Boys' Work l James Hamlett ........................................,.. ,Programs Herman Goddard .......... ...... . Fellowship Meetings l A. B. Pugh and John Primm ....,.. ................. S ocials Gus Dyer ................ ........ ........... D e putations y Jack Witherspoon ......................................... Retreats Charles Neas ........ ...... ........ V 0 cational Counselling T Lowell Giffin and Charles Clarke .... Religious Meetings Edward McGowan ...... ...................s . ...... F inances l Richard Williams. ........................,........ Social Service William Vaughan ...... ......... T -. ....,.. Receptions .l ,,,,,,,s,sc--,.-.ff-A-A 'fr'QQ1 WT lfm' li A TFTP' is -W We -JMU TV I "" """ TCT,-IAMFYWYVFT .7 7' -I: v ss .u -y Q l. s as v 1 es-he-A -. r Page 264 PETERS MCLURE HENDRICKS HOUK HUGHES SMITH Mccrzosicsv MARTIN DEANE EowARos, E. EowARos,M. AKANS JOHNSON YOUNG WOMEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Susan Houk - - - - - - - - - President Harriet Deane - - - - - - - Vice-President Ailsie McCroskey - - Vice-President Virginia Akans - - - - - - Secretary Louise Hendricks - - - - Treasurer CABINET Madeleine Edwards - - - - - Social Service Chairman Margaret McClure - - - - World Fellowship Chairman Kathryn Martin - - - Publicity Chairman Margaret Willson - - - - Social Chairman Elizabeth Edwards - - Dramatic Chairman Sallie B. Hughes - - Inter-Church Chairman Frances Peters - - Conference Chairman Louise Smith - - Music Chairman Anne Watson - - - Room Chairman Cornelia Johnson - Town Girls' Chairman Page 265 i FULLER LONGMIRE HARTON CRAWFORD BOWLES PATTON MCADOO KAPELOW HORTON HURLEY BROOK ACKROYD DOUGHERTY TEAGUE ROLLER WALKER JENNINGS PARRISH BREWER MUSE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS Founded, 1852 University of Tennessee Chapter Established, i923 OFFICERS Howard Freeman Brook - - - - - - President James E. Teague Vice-President R. H. Horton - - - Secretary Robert L. Crawford - - - Treasurer N. W. Dougherty - - Faculty Advisor MEMBERS RICHARD ACKROYD GEORGE H. BEERS CHESTER D. BREWER HOWARD F. BROOK J. CLYDE BOWLES R. L. CRAWFORD A. B. FULLER THOMAS G. HARTON ROBERT H. HORTON H. W. HURLEY ROY T. JENNINGS PAUL KAPELOW W. B. LONGMIRE HOWARD D. MUSE Page 266 W. R. MCADOO E. E. PATTERSON H. G. PARRISH WESLEY E. PATTON O. E. ROLLER JAMES E. TEAGUE C. R. WALKER I I - - ,-..e--- V------v---A BoI.I.INe GAsIcII.L MASON HAMPTON SANDERS FRAZIER MooRE CLAXTON JACKSON DEBATE RS Argus J. Tresidder Albert Moser - RICHARD BAPTIST PHIL CLAXTON LOWELL GIFFIN N. B. JACKSON JAMES L. MOORE PAUL C. SANDERS C. E. BLACKBURN HENRY COHEN VIRGIL HAMPTON GEORGE T. LEWIS, JR. JAMES E. PATCHING JOHN TIGRETT TIGRETT Massa coI-IEN LEWIS BAPTIST GIFFEN - - - Coach - Business Manager LANDRUM BOLLING HOWARD FRAZIER LUCILLE INMAN JOHN E. MASON FRED PUETT BYRN WILLIAMSON The debating team is composed of two squads from whom are picked the men to repre- sent the university at home and abroad. Among the debates held at home was one with Miami University which is to be published in the "Debater's Manual." Debates held abroad include one group, Bolling and Tigrett being the debaters, with Temple University, Univere sity of Pennsylvania, Rutgers University, Fordham University, Columbia University, and the City College of New York, and another group, Claxton, Puett, and Mason being the debaters, with Berea University, Cincinnati University, Miami University, Ohio Wesleyan University, Case School of Applied Arts, Western Reserve University, and Dayton Univer- sity. 'f,ief,Q.f-r- A -- Page 267 A-MI I I 'I 'I I I. IMA. I I I I I I I II I II I t I I I I i I I I I I I I I I I I I I I l. E. II ,I ,. 'V THE ALL-STUDENTS CLUB RETREAT In the Spring of each year shortly after the election of All-Students Club and Class Officers there is held an All- Students Club Retreat. The retreat is usually held at Mont- vale, in the mountains, and all incoming and retiring officers of the All-Students Club, the editors of the various publica- tions, and other prominent students attend. A general discussion of all factors of student government and of any movements which affect student life is carried on, both faculty members and students taking part in the expression of any opinions they may see fit to utter. ln addition to the serious purposes of the retreat, there are various recre- ational facilities and the food is generally of such high order as to be remembered for years. Past retreats have proved to be very effective agencies in bettering student life. PUBLICATIONS F. C. LOWRY President of the University of Tennessee Publishing Association A Houses HENDERSON Lowizv WYLIE GAsKii.i. DUNLAP PUBLICATION COUNCIL F. C. LOWRY Chairman C. E. WYLIE HERBERT HENDERSON Faculty Representative Alumnus Representative J. C. HODGES TOM DUNLAP Faculty Representative Student Representative GORDON GASKILL Student Representative 'ii Page 27 O . f .5 v s -Q l """"i HDI FMTS PIA! IEVI ELECTIUI 3,1 si .,, , I we-iiiviiiiiiinriiill fiiisslrriiiifist E r.n.monms lS.'i"1""'ii V01SEucx in ' -'M its-Mil rt: -I I 'mm mum llllilllllllfll F09 W h-'L'L -' Tl 26 T0 23 H48 icymizrf'' .frpg ii ala is SEIIIGII :mot nfs-w ri ' MSAIIISI not msg mm I so f ,V ,... I A , ii 7 ... is i irt -sl l 5 J 3 . nokginta as fr 1. nisrs mes. , of-1 3:15, i.mi,?L:.wEhgqylL1pg 59115 ii ii min tantrum' nm nss un 1 - .. , . ., ,,,, 9"'m5f"""'5"i "h'l"WJ.. llfltmlflllnonruiuvm ' V 'lm 1 "IW anemia Auvocrru onniinu. xudwnoc: ' ' ,. :is 'U' fi ' ' 7' zz .nv in --ry , it a. . I if :ms A PUBLICATION COUNCIL The University of Tennessee Publishing Association, known as the Publi- cation Council, is a corporation for the issuance of student publications. These publications are: "The Orange and White," a semi-weekly news- paper, and the "Volunteer," an annual. The Association is managed by a Board of Directors, of which the President of the University is an ex-officio member. He appoints three active members-two members of the faculty, and one alumnus. The remaining three members of the council, two stu- dents and one alumnus, are elected by the students who are subscribers to the publications above. The Publication Council has all the power usually attached to a Board of Directors. l't constantly keeps in view the best interests of the publica- tions, and of the student body, It endeavors to enforce only such regula- tions as will make for growth and betterment in the publications, and will insure the publications of clean, worth-while matter. The Council has had the cooperation of fine business and editorial staffs, and owes the majority of its success to the individuals who have composed these staffs. Page 27l gf-2 Q Q i ,G EM . g .. ,,.,.,. .4s1uuen1s'eLun 'H I H ' W - uusmn nas. ii, WW ti Tliis. K ti? -' I 31 I .Q an it Fl? I gli itat, am, HNF! Ellis iifll. I I :SK ,z ' 12223 Jin ,M ls l L,-.1 ,dw nrt 11.1 11 -111 A-J -an-A ,1111-. - 1 11 11 1 15 - I 1 . I 1 I i 1 11 I VOLUNTEER '1 EDITORIAL ' 1 Tom.Harton .,... ,..,.,,..,.....,.,,. . .........--............ E Clif'-Ur 1 1 Tom Dunlap ,,,,,,, ..,...Y. M Gfldglng Edli'0l' ' 1 James R. Brown ,.,... Associate Editor 1 1 1 Jqmes Mgore Y,AY---A,, .,,..,. . ASSOClC1f6 EdiT0l" 1 1 1 1 Mqry Neal Slatery ,,--,, ,.....,,,,,,,.. ...Y.., A S SOCiG'te ECJHOI' 1 1 1 1 . . 1 1 1 Var, Slqyder-I ,,,---,- ,,.,,,-.. .,.,,.. A s sociate Art Editor , James Wood A,,-,,,- ,,,,,,,,, ,,..,..,,.., .,,,,A A s s ociate Art Editor 1 1 1 1 Norbert Lester -Y,A----,,-,-,,,--,,,-,,-,,--, ,,,,,,,.-.,,.....,. . Assistant Aff Editor 1 1 Billy Mater Claudio Brooks Louise Swann 111 1 11 1 1 FRATERNITIES 1 1 1 David Harkness - - -I - - - Editor 1 111 1 Clarence Colby Ernest Jones 111 1 1 W. J. Landess Egbert Ragsdale 111 1 L. B. Austin, Jr. 11 1 1 FEATURES 111 1 1 Clarence Blackburn - - X ---- Edit0r 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 TOM HAR1-ON, Editor Brank McLean HOTOGRAEPr11-Hee Headman 1 1 1 P 1 1 I 1 1 ORGANIZATIONS Biiiy Gioidrr ------- Editor 1 1 1 1 Jock Lovell ..... - - Editor 1 1 1 1 ' 1 I Margaret Slatery Henry Henson MILITARY 1 1 1 1 1 1 Betty Clemens Martin Guthrie Richard Baptist .... - Editor 1 I 1 1 1 SUE Wright R. H. Horton RITIES ' 11 1 1 I 1 1 1 Helen Goddard Edith Cockrill Josephme Bromky FOR? - - 1 - E111101 1 1 1 1 1 Sarah Sue Nuchols Margaret Phipps Lillie Shaw 1 1 1 1 H M11. AT""'ET'C5 Ed COMPILING -Q1 1 rJ- 1 ' ' U ms '. ""' .' 'tor H zel Bowman ---- - - EClif0f '- 1 George L. Smltg J Slrlcgrvey L. Robinson GM01,t1,m Staley Phil Claxton 1 Q1 1 1 1 Omen' ' e ge Edna Ask Mary Frances Hughes 1 1 1 1 1 MENIS 1N-TRAMURA1-S Norma Lively Lguise Gard 1 1 1 1 --"' . - 2 1 E 1 1 WOMENS 'NTRAMURA'-5 chdrioo Rader ----- - Editor 1 1 1 1 1 Q 1 f Martha Nodi Riddick ----- Editor 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Margaret Burton Katherine Hale ED'T0R,5 SECRETARY ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Eiizdboth witsoii Elizabeth Johnston '-0'S "lone" 1 1 1 I 1 1 111 Y .Ls 1 I 111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 '11 1 112 1 1 111 1 .11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 '11 1 l 11 1 1 1 1 1 111 1 '11 1 I I1 1 111 1. 1 115 1 1 111 1 '1 I 1 Ar 1 1 111 r 1 '1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 K 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 111 1 1 1 1 V 1 1 1 1 SLATERY MOORE BROWN DUNLAP GLENN HARRELL 1 1 BOWMAN GILLESPIE WOOD MULLINS BROMLEY SLAYDEN 11 1 111 111 L-,--ef!fef'Ts.1 1 was e 111 w1if11'f 'iff F- SE fled. -1 L. Q- E T H L-. J A 'L -,. V11 r 'iss is E re' 1 77 fs 1 4111 L E 1 1 Page 272 .I I'I II- g I :Ii I' ,SFI I l f eff jf.. I II ,Y., wg 4 Xmk V ' - I Ee I-I I We -ee-E I A Y if 1 75m g L I V+? - W...,,,, ,YV Y W , , YNY Y 4 A-,,,,,,., ,a ,H ilrv, ..., j5.,.1D,.:,f,..: Y . I I I I fe ei-If-as-HY' L D YI-fee .J.- II . II III III I VOLUNTEER lIlI BUSINESS I J l l II lI I Jerome Engert - ---- Business Manager I I II Pete Anderson - - Assistant Business Manager l I Oscar Tedford - - - - Assistant Business Manager I Charles Tornbras - - - Assistant Business Manager I I ADVERTISING l I I John Brownlow -------- Manager I l I C. C. Pratt Frank West ' I J. E. Tigrett Lloyd Stallings ' I John Trent I I COLLECTIONS I Il Dot Adams and Owen Mynatt ----- Managers Francis Schiro Dorothy Hall Rose Dickson ' lI Lula Lee Carlock Hazel Wallace Rossie Loy I I CIRCULATION f ll King Rogers --------- Manager Bernard Penry Juanita Bentley Helen Brownlow ' Elizabeth Prater Margaret Harris Alyse Morton I ' I Charles Sadler Elfreda Mathes Charmian Stuart I ' I Thelma Townes ' I I I JEROME ENGERT, Business Manager I I I l l l FRATERNITIES , ORGANIZATIONS I I I l GEOVQS 'l-Ute """' MUUUQEV Louise Hendricks ------ Manager l I l I Bud Dominick -lolm Borden Margaret McLure T. A. Hughes ' ' Pol Gfymes W' E' Ragsdole H. E. McDaniel James Draper l CONTRACTS Lucille Seymour Gustave Handly I EVOEyeyI3GlII'CIIH' ' ' S ' h NI I tf Manager Laxton Smith L. C. Morton I Iza et I on ara C n Ire I A I I ,Q Y Mary Cummings A J' S' Chapman Elsie Staples W. G. Swlndel Lim I i SORORITIES l COPY - I M I I I I Bertan Stotz ------- Manager l-0P"5e McNabb """ onoger I 1 . I Marion Robinson Florence Holmes Margaret Wells Mobelle Thompson I I I I Ruth Foresee Everett Biggs Claudia Brooks I I I I CLERICAL J - James Hinson ---- I - - Manager I I , Joan Ellis Jane Eppes Charles Welch Margaret Morgan I Mary M. Maney Kitty Lee Trainum Jane Pinaire Kenneth Scholl I I I Muriel Morgan Ethel Davis I Elle Gordon HarrY Walsh I I Jesse VVQU-en ROlDel'l' DI'IVel" I - - l ' I I IQI I I l ' l l I l lIII I I l l I l l I I I III I l HINsoN BROOME VEYNAR SCHIRO HENDRICKS TOMBRAS I BROWNLOW ADAMS WALLACE DICKSON MCNABB CARLOCK ffffi19oEMgiF1i'!?5?TowQUT'EEfifiiigiieffeeeiiiiiiffiifiiv We I- M- srs'gJ' Page 273 I I III I I I I 4llI E --f ,V I ,I , - E A I ' - A - K is .I - A III' E TTT ' TI--rr -Ryu.-..L...E I F I I A 44 3 rfrifigfigiiefsee-5--47'T33 'T'a-ef-we s. -J . L- -ffl""I'r"TT'i I I I I I ' III I III X I I I I I I I I I II ORANGE AND WHITE I . I N II I ' Landrum Bolling .. Editor, Fall Term I I I T. D. Morris .,- . ,,,,,. Editor, Spring Term ' I I I Gordon Gaskill. Editor, Spring Term ' I I ' I I I I I II I ASSOCIATE EDITORS I I I I Charles Rader I III 1 I III I Phil Claxton I I ' III I Ailsie McCroskey II I I I Marian Barton I I I I I 'I I III I ' II 3 I I I I I I I I I I I I I :II I III I I ' ' I I I LANDRUM BOLLING, Editor T. D. MORRIS, Editor I I I I Fall Term Spring Term I I ' I I I MAKE-uP NEWS SECRETARY Il I I Margaret Upshaw Elizabeth Edwards Kitty Lee Trainum I I IN N John Frantz Laurent Frantz V I I I I I I I I I I I II SPORTS STAFF ARTIST SOCIETY I I I I I I 2 John Mullins Norbert Lester Hazel Bowman I I I I I B Paul Fgttsa Kathryn Martin IT-I'-l I l arnett e ge -TTI I "'-TTT? I I I I I STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER ' I I I Billy Glenn I ' I I REPORTERS I I I I I I Carol Van Brocklin Marie Dougherty Walter Pulliam I I I I 1 I Seward Hall Margaret Willson Mary Ellen Baker I I I I I I Susan McGinnis Embree Headman Joan Ellis I I I I Margaret Lester John Moore Elizabeth Witsell I I I Lois Chastain H. L. Nations James Adams I N I Jane Pinaire Bernard Penry Elizabeth Bardwell I III I II I I 3' 'II I I II' I . I I I I I I ' I "I I I I I 1 IIQ I I I L 'S - I I I I II I I III I 'I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I T I I I II I I I I I I , ' I ' I I I I I I I I I . I I I I I I GASKILL CLAXTON BARTON UPSHAW GLENN LESTER I I I I I EDWARDS MULLINS MCCROSKEY MARTIN HEADMAN RADER X III II I' Ii, Il gg .S ,E TT MM g A I II -..e.egggg:i.l'fiLi.L.- geif-7J1 ggjj'j,g EAA- E -W-Ti, T ---.e.I.LL,? QI T e rrhwee-A-. A --A-.W-ffjwr-Ilia.. --A e if II A Yee-refs' T I I I Page 274 K - .ev-eijn-f .I I r I J S i , L y its -S, Y, L - ff.. A . . -, ,.,..-. ,,,.,,,,,,..,1-., , L . , ,L -.-Y i1.iLr4:-sg.i.-.-.-- Y S-J -Y.. - 'L-ii' 2 I .--LI 3 I I I I I -If I,l III III I I I I I I ORANGE AND WHITE In . I . I I I I BUSINESS I I W. G. Bryant - ---- I Business Manager I I James Rice - - - Asst.N Business Manager Q G. D. Cummings, Jr. ---- Local Advertising Manager ' Mabelle Thompson and Lorena Dempster - Circulation Managers . Louise Mary and Mary James - - - Distribution Managers Mary Dempster - - - Collection Manager I Juanita Bentley and T. A. Diaz - Subscription Managers X I Mary Frances Hughes and Joan Ellis - - Secretaries III I I I I 'I 1 I X Ii I I Ill I WILLIAM GLENN BRYANT I I I I BusinessManager I i I I I 5 I I ' I I I I ADVERTISING STAFF CIRCULATION STAFF DISTRIBUTION STAFF I H. L. Nations Mildred Robertson CIWOVISS T- CGFVOIII III Betty Clemens Dorothy Pugh Ann Eaton I John Moore Dorothy Ratliffe Francis Early ' I Robert Patterson Elle Gordon B. A. Bledsoe 'Clyde Younger Francis Mallory EIIZOIDSTIW Greene 1 I , I I I I John Wellborn C. S. Mayfield Lawrence Turley W X I Josephine Bromley J. H. Smith Clara Rebori I I Ed Stratton Millicent Emery MGFQGVEI' KSIIY I I I , Joseph Patchen I I ' ' I I I I I I e I I i I I I I II Q I III I I Ill I I l.I ' I ,II I 1 .. J , N I I I I I L I I I I I T I I 1 . BENTLEY PATTERSON HUGHES DIAZ EVANS JAMES I I THOMPSON MORTON NATIONS TAYLOR BROMLEY GREENE I II I . -I WML, llf le iff? Eff 1?-53 if if IS wliif E S ii ii Sflrifiiffffiilggejes TE? Page 27 5 ' I 11-rrp A we SIMS MCPHERSON THE TENNESSEE FARMER ROWLAND The Tennessee Farmer, "A Magazine Dedicated to the Lovers of the Soil," is a publication under the supervision ot the Ag Club. The magazine was established in l906 and has been put out every month of the school year since that time. For the past three years the School of Home Economics has put out one issue of the Farmer each year. EDITORIAL STAFF ,Q fa .I 1 Vernon W. Sims - ----- Editor-in-Chief Kenneth McPherson - - - Managing Editor ASSOCIATES Ernest L. Gambell Frank De Friese John Mason Ben Spaulding William McClain J. E. Parker Morris Brown DEPARTMENT EDITORS Sarah Tunison ----- - - - Home-Ec Editor Sylvia Womack - - Associate Home-Ec Editor Mary Mills - - Home-Ec Alumni Editor Arley Hamby - - - Ag Alumni Editor John Primm - - - Extension Editor Nathan Lowe - - Local News Editor Clyde Yates - Junior Farmers Editor Leonard Rogers - Wild Oats Editor Donald Walton - - Reporter BUSINESS STAFF Elmo Rowland - ---- - - Business Manager J. C. Amos - Assistant Business Manager Joe D. Beasley - - - - Circulation Manager Lee McDonald - - - Assistant Circulation Manager A. K. McCaIla - - - Local Circulation Manager Clyde M. York - Assistant Local Circulation Manager James M. Bryan - Assistant Local Circulation Manager Anne Hardin - - - - Home-Ec Circulation Manager Ruth Liggett - - Assistant Home-Ec Circulation Manager John A. Ewing - ----- Advertising Manager Juanita Bentley - - - Assistant Advertising Manager Roland H. Myers - - - Assistant Advertising Manager William E. Bickley, Jr. - Everel M. Carlock - Page 276 - - - - - Collector - - - - Exchange L, ' W' 3 M 7? ,f ,pm In 1 ' 4 G 1113 EIK 5 4 T the forefront of civilization the pioneer has braved the un- known, dared with his family all hardships of the wilds, cleared the forests, tilled the land, and extended the boundaries of culture. 4 Y w FRATERNITIES TOM DUNLAP President of the Interfroternity Counc I l, + qli -l N o gs cm 4 I F! in 4 :IL W W W W W W W W W W i W W i W W W i W W W W W cissow STALLINGS LEE sweep stivsizs g si-iuu. DUNLAP MCKAMEY MCKINNEY PATToN W ji Moons cARsoN McCASLIN aNusE sour - re INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL l OFFICERS W Tom D. Dunlap - - - - - - - President W Jesse C. Parks, Jr. - - Vice-President C. Buford Rutledge - - Treasurer Harmon Gnuse - - Secretary W W The lnterfraternity Council is the governing board for the social fraternities on the W ll campus. lt controls all cooperative efforts of the various fraternities and settles disputes. W E Wi lt represents the members before the administration and attempts to cooperate in every W movement for the good of the student body. W i W ' W i W ' W l I W WW 'Y if new -c Ci 1 W W 7 'fi' if - - L W W Page 280 ' il .r Y I , I We ' fi Y -fa.-1 DALSTROM DIAZ PUGH PARKS GASKILL HARRIS THOMPSON RUTLEDGE MCWHIRTER HODGES PARKER MARTIN CALDWELL WILSON BRYANT INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL MEMBERS ALPHA TAU OMEGA LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Pl KAPPA PHI Torn Lee A. B. Pugh Richmond McKinney David Harris Paul Martin Robert Sneed DELTA SIGMA PHI PHI GAMMA DELTA SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON T. A. Diaz Jim Moore Tom Dunlap W. G. Bryant Dick Carson Wesley Patton DELTA TAU DELTA PHI PI PHI SIGMA CHI Joe Dalstrom Gordon Gaskill KAPPA ALPHA Jack McKamey Howard Parker PHI SIGMA KAPPA John Stivers Joe Gibson Lloyd Stallings 'O. Z. Bolt KAPPA SIGMA PI KAPPA ALPHA Powell McWhirter Joe Caldwell Joe Thompson Dick Wilson 'W , I Page 28l C. B. Rutledge Frances Shull SIGMA NU Harmon Gnuse Ben McCaslin SIGMA PHI EPSILON Jesse Parks Nelson Hodges fr --530 1 A1 L L ,.,.,.,. 1, f -L 1.14455 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 L 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 11 1 111 1 1 1 11 1 ' 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 l 1 1 1 1 ' 1 11 1 1 1 1 ill 1 1 1 111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ELAM MCKENZIE TURLEY LEE MACLIN THACKSTON HARVEY - . TAYLOR THOMAS FRIERSON SHERROD PATTERSON PERKINS BRACKETT ,Y . HARRIS KEISTER MCNABB CHAPMAN CLEMENTS RIDDICK HUTCHISON SMITH 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 ALPHA 1'Au OMEGA 1 1 1 ' 1 Founded at Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, Virginia, IS65 Colors: Blue and Old Gold Flqwerg White Tea R052 ' FACULTY ' 1 . Paul W. Allen Victor M. Davis 1 1 1 1 1 111 1 LAW 1 1 1 1 11 1 ' Tom Elam Jack Wilson 1 1 Union City A Knoxville ' 1 1933 1-11- - - - - - - - 4. 1934 1 Tom Lee - - - -1111-11 ' i Wa ne Grout 1 Union City 1 Axemphis 1 11 1 Haggfnefigfggouf 1 Harold sham 1 1 1 1 I Knoxville 1 111 Eugene Holeman 5 . 1 1 Oakville 1 1Klutts 1 1 1 Chester Haworth YJ 1 1 1p ey Efowgh 1 1-5 , . Lawrence Turley I 1 James Torr . -'E' Q 11 1 1 Fayetteville 1 1 1 Paris P"'f:"', 1 Thomas Tutwiler 1 1 Davia Harris 1 1 5 E Mempms 1 1 1 Umor' CNY 1 L Horace McKenzie 1 1 1 1 John Thackston I Trenton 1 1 f Knoxville E 1 1 Herbert Brackett Johmewgoifnes 1 Knoxville I 1 1 1 H. W. Perkins .g.1.-1.11- ..--... ..-- . 1.1-1-i William Street 1 1 J Greenville, N. c. Chattanooga 1 1 1 1 1 111 1 1 11 111 V 1 Ti 11' 1 11 Page 282 1, 1 - ,gig P Ti 1- 1 !li1ii1-Lgi.ii1ggi--he -----eeex- 14 .M.-,1,,-. V ..--,1..1,-1,. e e sQg1gi ::.r fgfiee-,..-llii gi g 1 I eeee 1 1 W ,,,.........j. 1 , 111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 112 1 111 111 1 11 1 1 1 ' 1 1 111 1 1 111 1 1 1 1 1 1 l 11 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 7 1 1 1 , , 1 1 1 : 1 1 1 1 WADE HAWORTH DEMPSTER SITTON ALLEN FRIDDLE JONES 1 1 , 1 1 CARTY KLUTTS ISELY HASKEW GRIGSBY RULE DUKE 1 1 1 , GRAGG REEDER CARROLL MATER HOLEMAN TUTWILER WEST WORD 1 "'T"' 1 P---rex-1 LA--111 1 Vi 1 1T'1T1 1 1 1 ALPHA 1'Au OMEGA 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Pi chapfer Esmbiished 1872 1 . 1 1 ' ' Number of Chapters: 95 Publication: Alpha Tau Omega Palm 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1935 1 1 1, 1 ' Jack Hutchison, Brownsville Kenneth Needham, Knoxville James Dempster, Knoxville 1 1 1 1 Richard Reeder, Knoxville F. A. Word, Knoxville John Tatem, Trenton 1 1 1 1 1 Albert Harvey, Knoxville Henry W. Gragg, Arlington Charles W. Vaughn, Knoxville 1 1 1 17 Charles McNabb, Knoxville Robert Patterson, Trenton Arthur Melendy, Knoxville 1 1 1 1 Allen P. Frierson, Jr., Knoxville John Thomas, Knoxville 111 1 1 ' 111 1 1 Q 111 F 1 1936 1 111 1 ' 1 ' , . ' Harold Haskew Charles Carroll 1 '11 1 1 South Pittsburg Morristown 1 1 Jeter Isley R. W. Mater 1 11 ' 1 Morristown Knoxville 11 S 1 John Grigsby Charles Clements 1 '1 1 1 Morristown Nashville 1 11 1 John Taylor Robert Smith , 1 Trenton Pulaski ' 1 Phil Duke Robert Rule 1 Ashland City Knoxville 1 George Sitton, Jr. Clifford Maclin 1 1 1 Charlotte, N. C. Ripley 1 1 Joe Carty C. L. Friddle 1 1 1 Knoxville Arlington 1 ' 1 Scott Chapman O. B. Keister 1 ' 1 Ripley Knoxville ' 1 William Allen Buster Redick 1 1 Harriman MOUVY CNY A John West Ross Wade 1 1 Knoxville Union CNY 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 E, e 's e flwmwk '1 T'T'i':L at we A 1 1 1 is L ----Q:1'.111if-aree-Wee 11---e.M 'a"i-Wffiaifiii' "ssH""?if'ff1lfi:' ii jjj ' s1ss's1 ' 1' 1 so ,Q 1fs:l1'fsff"ff-' A 41.- -1 ee Q11 "W-'fn ---WH.-. ,akin TNA' "mr 1 's " 'L I g, L.-.ff -"mit" ' My ll -'iw ee C. -qhgl Y, C -! fe 1-1 I Page 283 .,..-R ,, E 5 Y 'fl' Q :Tig 5 ,.9.-66: , - - MOSS ANDERSON LANDESS EVANS, E. COX ROBINSON DRIVER GILLESPI E CALVERT BRANDON EVANS, J. FORD BRANN, C. B. POWERS HOLLEY CALDWELL WILSON TAYLOR, F. RICE JAMES HAEMSCH HARKNESS PI KAPPA ALPHA Founded at the University of Virginia, March I, 1868 I Colors Garnet and Gold Flower! Lily of' the FACULTY Buehler J. D. Hoskins Robertson Judge Robert M. Jones F. M. Massey LAW Ben Catlett Philip Wynn Sidney Whittle Jefferson City Sevierville Knoxville l933 l934 Hilary Whitaker '!"""""""'- 'I' - '-' -"-""" Joe Caldwell Knoxville I Gallatin Howard Ford David Harkness Nashville 5 Jellico Frank Powers I A. L. Gillespie Knoxville 2 A I P Memphis Guy James ' Wlw Finis Taylor Lenoir City T Bells Hoyt Smiley 5 ifgilfllf Henry Curtis Athens ea. Knoxville Donald Wilson I x, Bert Bibee MIIIIHQTOH : X- 1 . Jacksboro W- COX James R. Evans Sevierville I Tullqhoma Dave Mitchell 5 John P. Nanney Knoxville l Morristown M. M. Calvert Malcolm Anderson lgllilllhi -1 l ITU 'T T T ll ll ll Il '1lllIiIII John Ewing Carthel Brann Euchee Knoxville Page 284 Valley I I Q A... , l I i re- J Wg, l I .Y Y Magi.. Kvmfsnu .am sf- .-::.,..... TEMPLETON CURTIS WHITTLE CRANWELL COLBY LEWIS SMILEY EVANS, J. W. SCHOLL EWING TAYLOR, G. PATY RAGSDALE, H. NANNEY CATLETT RAGSDALE, W. MCARTHUR EMERSON BRANN, C. S. HUGHES MITCHELL BIBEE PI KAPPA ALPHA Zeta Chapter Established 1874 Number of Chapters: 82 Publication: Shield and Diamond i935 Robert L. Holley John P. Hamilton Harvey Page Morton Rice Nashville Knoxville Nashville Shelbyville George T. Lewis, Jr. Kress Brann Charles Robinson Jerome Templeton Bells Knoxville Memphis Jellico J. W. Evans, Jr. Henry Raines J. Palmer Moss Robert Brandon Bells Gadsden Memphis Muffin T. G. Cranwell Pikeville I936 Hills McArthur Tullahoma Herschel Ragsdale Hendersonville William Landess Raleigh Clarence Colby Memphis Robert Driver Humboldt Ernest Evans Tullahoma Theo James Emerson Alamo Fred Hughes Gallatin Kenneth Scholl Memphis Egbert Ragsdale Memphis Walter Haemsch Johnson City George Taylor Memphis Wendell Paty Bell Buckle Y ,7,.n.,- -. 7 Y Page 285 ' -,To I I I I I I I I I I II I I W 7 W-I A -I L.,-All iigiigi . A I I rue- .-sSI'M"Me I .ss IIIK as-A jf no if a+-3L-QQ.,', I A TA me-I fe A ee..s.ei H-A ss I s is, In-ee - I V. . .--Mm-M TAIII II "g"-Y A-we. ,, , I I ' -I I III III III III I I 'Ill 1. ...,, ,YYL I I I II I II I I I II 1 I' II I I I I I I I I II I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II III II I I II I I II I III II I I JI III I I III I I III I I I I I I I I I I II III I I II I I I I I I I I l I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II I I II I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II I IIIII II COLTER l.AUGHLlN,A. MODLIN WEATHERFORD HARVEY DICKINSON SNOWDEN I I I TI PRATT BAPTIST BROWN LOVE MCAULIFFE BRANDAU HEISKELL I ITTTJ I "'- GETTYS SNODGRASS MOSES TEDFORD CREEKMORE BROWN, J. GERBER FLENNIKEN I I I I I I I I ' I I I I I SIGMA ALPHA laPslLoN I I I I Founded at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, March 9, 1856 . I A II I I I Colors: Reyel Purple and Old Gold Flower: Violet I I I I I I I I I I I I I ' I I I I I FACULTY I I I I I I I Dr. Moser lrwin Saxton ,, ' S. H. Essary Paul Goodloe I I I I I 'I I I I I I IIIII LAW i934 IIIII I I I I I Frank Creekmore J0hf1,B0yless I I I I I Roclqbeld, Ky. , R II-lInidII5lg,kIll. I I I I I I l I Torn D. Dunlap ,g.I.-..I. .... ....... - ,.,.-,., 0 eXAemgIqI:"50n I I ' I III I Humbom' l Richards nti J I 'I ' Hugh Faust, Jr. 5 U -ng' 'I' I III I III K"0XVI"e I JohInIenIeIlsTcelI ' "ll I I Bruce Foster E Memphis I III I I II KIIOXVIIM , Hector Flenniken II ,I 9 HUVVY I-0'-JQl"I"'1 l Knoxville I I I Memphis E I-IIW I Charles Dudley, Jr. I I Charles I-l. SIIIIIII, JI. I ,,IwI PIIIIIIIQIIIIIIII, Le. I I II Knoxvllle i James L. McAuliffe 5 II I I-leiskell Weatherford, Jr. 71i'2LI f'f'!fI Knoxville I I I Memphis - I"Z,"J5 Burney Slater I l I Charles P. Jester, Jr. Memphis. I I I I I Memphis T I H.KL. Moflllrl I I I II I HDXVI e I I I I f ' M W th I ' I I '933 I L"'S?I'IIII,.Ii'IIlf"" I I I " I Wesley E. Patton, Jr. Charles E. Snodgrass, Jr. I ' I I I Memphis - Crossville I I I Robert McCallum '!"""""- - - " '-'-"-- """' Brinkley Snowden I I I ' Memphis Memphis I II II , I lv III II I III I III W ees-- ,Ie I I 14-YMLI-H 11 . 'Z S' T s nfs if I O L I Ni A--ess Ia iiiw ' 'l+'i rijjs'-' "Q W-'H I I' 1-Y,,.,'4,A-f 'el QL - v T -m -fs- TTG ' iwm--I I L - ff '-"ff" "WT II 7 II 'i' TT if-f---,--4.-fee f""W"" ' I Page286 I I I l i i l i il i , ui C Ml i i f gawk, C, pep-A l H! i li ll i . l l i 2 i i i l l. Z l it i i , ' i l it i i ill Q i ill l l gil l l l' ' i V l ,. , i ll i i ii' i l 1 I l l l i i l l i 5 i l MCLEAN DUNLAP KRUESI MCCALLUM DUDLEY TIGRETT JESTER X GARDNER LGNIEVE SLATER SOHM WITHERINGTON ALLEN PATTON 1 - WINKELMAN LAUGHLlN,H. WARMATH,W. MATTHEWS BUNTING VAUGHAN MAURY GRYMES 5-5----y i if-1 ' SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON i l l Tennessee Kappa Chapter Established 1879 'N l f l Number of Chapters: lO8 Publication: The Record Q 1 i935 i i i I . . . i Q 1 Lorin Allen Ben Harvey Hugh Brown William P. Maury, Jr. 'N i 4 5 J Memphis Memphis Chattanooga MemDl'HS Q i i ' , Henry Brandau, Jr. Brank McLean Charles Gerber John Joe .Sohm ,X i , ' i Knoxville Shelbyville, Memphis Memphis Y W ' ' William Cotter Oscar Tedford John Tigrett Walter Warmath H 1 1 Q 3 Chattanooga Knoxville "Jackson Humboldt , i W 1 Herman Grymes Richard Baptist, Jr. Carruthers Love Henry Winlgelman i , Memphis covingfon Memphis Memphis N li J i936 1 il Q i I I l l l i, : .. 1 1' i John Waldrop Brown l ill ' Memphis John Kruesi X ll f James Gettys Chattanooga 1 Beafden Albert Laughlin i i Leslie LaNieve Memphis V f M A - f empms Fred Moses i l A C- C' Pratt Knoxville X ' f Ebenezer Wrill V h i l ' Albert Sidney Witherington ' 'Om Bug on ' l f Millington Memphls i 5 i Robert G. Gardner l-Umm MQl'fl'16WS 1 i . Memphis Knoxville iii iii i l l i i il lil iii - e fe Ale --A-p-.seN.,mW ii -offs A' as ee A '1 i ---A was sg, -- if 'iT --T-1 . - ---' ------A-----W f -in-Li--if-9?-w-----Vg ---l----j+5V-L, -- 4 or of is 'fesleef-f"'a"'i'ii'C l Page 287 A I .Ii I l may 'L ENGERT THOMPSON RUFFIN ANDERSON MILLICE ALLEN MILLER TURLEY JACK WEST MORRIS WILKES ST. CLAIR BROWNLOW LA PRINCE BROOKS CALDWELL WILLIAMS KAPPA SIGMA Founded at the University of Virginia, December IO, l869 Colors: Scarlet, White, and Emerald Green Flower: Lily of the Valley Dr. Charles Bell Burke Dr. L. R. Hesler J. Leonard Raulston 1933 John F. Brownlow Knoxville Carl T. Millice Mascot Robert B. Gramling Pulaski E. Powell McWhirter Nashville Frank M. Smith Memphis i934 Bronson Potter Knoxville Albert St. Clair Knoxville R. B. Stotz Memphis Wm. G. Swindell Atlanta, Ga. ..,, Y ,, FACULTY Dr. L. A. Richardson Dean H. B. Witham W. W. Stanley James G. Walls LAW W. O. Gordon Trenton l934 ..-..,. ----- . ----- - -I..-.H+ Sterling Ruffin T Covington i James R. Stokely 5 Newport l Kinney L. Witte A 5 Mt. Pleasant Peter M. Anderson "j l Nashville 5, z , A. O. .Brooks I 'ima ' 2 Fountain City I !l'4lP:4s'.lQ - l T Robert L. Jack Memphis T Russell E. Allen 5 Knoxville L Jerome Engert I Knoxville ............ ....-..,3. Cyrus C. Johnson Memphis sw L-- L . 6 95' 5 I Page 288 I lx I I I Il ix V . f V YW Yrirr ii f f V Y2iv -- ,, ,,.,,.,..,,,.,...... -l - STOKELY, J. BISHOP STOKELY, G. LEOPOLD WOOD WALKER SMITH GALBRAITH BORDEN BIGGS HAYNES MCWHIRTER CAWOOD DOUGLAS JOHNSON NAFF STOTZ WITTE THOMPSON, W. Number of Chapters: IO8 John Borden Knoxville J oseph M. Thompson Knoxville Everett Biggs Fountain City Raymond Caldwell Knoxville Fred Bishop Columbia Jack Cawood Knoxville John Douglass Lexington Monty Goforth Kingsport Fritz Leopold Fountain City Buford Morris Knoxville Wood W. Thompson Leland, Miss. gieie . . i . Wei- ---YW KAPPA SIGMA Lambda Chapter Established l879 1935 Creed Walker Joseph W. LePrince Savannah Memphis William D. Wood Jack Turley Memphis Memphis l936 Page 289 Publication: Caduceus Theodore Wilkes Chattanooga George Stokely Newport Thomas Williams Savannah Joe J. Galbraith, Jr. Knoxville Leigh Haynes Woodlawn Decatur Miller Ripley Frank L. West, Jr. Knoxville Willis Noff Knoxville Herman L. Martin Memphis Hod Giddens Knoxville g,, l 'I .I, I. I IW. I I. I I I.' ,I I 1. I. I III 1,3 Iglll Wk ll, 'll I IIII IIII III: lijl ljql l'Il l ' I 1. I I l I I , I l I I I I . l ' I Ii, l l l Ill ill lili NI' .lx II' Il llll III I.I l l. Il,II l'I IlIl IIII IIII .II II l,I, IW. I I I l I l l Il' Iv. ltl I I , . I I I YV I Yu :ya- GRAY HARTUP THOMAS GEIGER AVENT BROWN TICKLE EPPES LEDGERWOOD, JAY OLDHAM RODGER5 WALKER BARKER GODDARD SCHENCK Founded at Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Va., December 31, i865 Colo.-sg Crimson and Gold Flowers: Red Rose and Magnolia FACULTY P. M. Hamer Captain Harold Head B. F- FOFYOI' A. B. Wood W. H. Mclntyre H. E. Ayres LAW John R. Stivers Harry Lee Senter F. W. Headman Cleveland Bristol Kf10XV'll9 1933 1934 Herman GOClClOrCl Robert Halley Dandridge 'f""" --'--'--- - '- -""-mi' Nashville GU'n,QGsfjjQ"Ch l 7 Keith Block Emory Shofner : Mempms Shelbyville I I Tom Donoho William McClain - i GUllUf"" Mulberry : All ., 5 L f t 1, F- Ek Olgbom I fir 1 OBISSUQIIS' emp IS i " 2 ' Jouette Geiger l KHWQ ROQGVSI JI'- Clevelond I ii, I DYGFSDUYQ . I af :gif 5 l-'Wd Smllmgs ' ""i,:Q1'!'T' Harold Wells Humboldt l I ' E Gallatin Hansel Lightner Knoxville E s C. R. Walker John Ledgerwood I I Dyersburg Knox 'Il i 5 Charles Eggs, Jr' I l Herbert Schenck Knoxville 'f""-""- - -:- -n-I ------ ....-...Q Chattanooga . .. T..- Y...ef:-iTfQTi'-- -- -- -- Page 290 1' 'life-Q.,- 4 l 1 5 1 1' Q57 Q 1 ll, he K as 1 be-M'----B1--Nmq,lll-Q W ----f - -vi fe A- ,--,--,,1 f-,-,,....F-ff, Q-TWH!-FWVYU,--1' - Qxwi poi '53-,,,T 1 1 B -sa as ,offs of 11, 1 111 1 il l l l ll 1 l 1 l l 1 , , l 1 C l 1 4 l t El 1 lil lil 1 ll? 111 l llr l l 511 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 l 1 1 1 l l ll 1 l 1 1 ll l l 1 1 1 l 1 l 1 l l 1 1 MCCLAIN SCOGGIN GOODRICH STALLINGS STIVERS N BLOCK DONOHO KENWORTHY LEDGERWOOD, JOHN JENNINGS ' i' HEADMAN HALLEY STUART SHOFNER LIGHTNER 'i" 1 5 1 1 1 5 l l KAPPA ALPHA 1 l 1 l l I Pi Chapter Established December 1, 1883 l f Number of Chapters: 67 Publication: Kappa Alpha Journal Q l 1935 1 l W. W. Tickle Frank Avent Jack Jennings Jay Ledgerwood 1 Dyersburg Murfreesboro Knoxville Knoxville ' 1 1 1936 in l 1 1 Q' l l , l l W ill 1 .Il 1 ill 5 1 X ll 1 Ben Thomas 1 1 Q Knoxville R0bf1f,GfQv W' J B k - I e :co 1 ?-fzmsgdsr William Kenworthy CI d S . J- Memphis 1 GU iiesgaamf ' J0vQl1eSHsffup , 1 Clifton Brown Gyms om 1 A Knoxville 1 l Q 5 1 ll 1 i l l 7 lil 1 1 Y I -Y-W VV WWW? ll B ,if B ifgjggig ' iii? i Q1 Q B Qlgsj QQ saves as s slliQQiilffWM7.'Niif-ei:QL-- B i -be--X 1 1 B e fQ,,,,effff"1'f1v 1 lff 111 . " "'f - H 1 l l Page291 .l- 1 l l l- F fs- l l BEAMAN MOORE, R. FOSTER OAKLEY EDWARDS RICHARDSON DAVENPORT MOORE,J. CUNNINGHAM BEENE HAILE CALFIE RULE LESTER LACY Y N Y, Q. MEISTER LEA TATE SMYTH MANNING BOURKARD MORGAN JETTON AYYVA Y Y' TT1' A 'Ai l . l l J ' y 5 Pl-ll GAMMA DELTA l l ' l W Founded at Jefferson College, Cannonsburg, Pennsylvania, May l, i848 5 l J Colors: Royal Purple Flower: Purple Clematis f l FACULTY , X X f W. Raymond Blackard Frank Fowler E. D. Stivers , l l l , 1 A LAW l l Richard Carson Richard Moore James Lee Clarke Dave Oakley l Knoxville Jellico Knoxville Memphis ' James Eldridge Lindsay Young L. A. Gcllyon Robert Young Lenoir City Knoxville Knoxville Knoxville 1933 i934 ' ,iw-,,,, -------- .... . ......... Alfred Austelle John Calfie E COWGH Asheville. N- C- L Beattie Feathers J Rutland Cunningham l Bristol Wilder N-KT' J'?:f'e5 , - V' noxvl e l James Moore i V, Albert Moser l Jellico E " A Cottage Grove Eufne Snow L 'g-'S .1 GLKrlhl?J?4vJ:lIZIe m :va ' fy e P Q "5 .ss.1inl.. ' Banks Edwards Alvin Beaman l V Memphis Knoxville T ""' I" Homer Harle - X Cleveland Houston Halle 4 Cookeville I f J- D- LSO s Knoxvllle Milton Morgan I Graham Richardson Memphis I Elizabethton William Smyth --.- - - - - ---- H--H GEOVS-Je ,TOYS I Knoxville 6' Knoxvllle qw essssg C, gig A l - 1 Mg gge,l gl. A ee e me ,,,s-sefe-A-so ly 'l Page 292 I I I I I I I 15. GANIER BOWLING CARSON DEWEY ARMITAGE MOSS ELDRIDGE JAMES HARLE MOSER SHAW MARCH DOMINICK HANDLY SMITH FEATHERS BLACKBURN DUFFY MAYFIELD, P. CLARKE GASQUE MAYFIELD, C. Number of Chapters: 7l O. C. Armitage Greeneville Clarence Blackburn Lenoir City A. B. Davenport Knoxville Jones Beene Chattanooga Jasper Bowling Knoxville Henry Faster Lenoir City Gustave Handly Knoxville William Lacy Johnson City Charles Mayfield Cleveland Herbert Meister Memphis Harrison Bou rkard Deer Lodge V, gV,V I PHI GAMMA DELTA Kappa Tau Chapter Established April Il, 1890 I935 Roger Ganier Charles Baldwin Nashville Knoxville Oliver R. March Polk Crumbliss Petersburg Knoxville Chase Moss Charles Dominick Lewisburg Knoxville I936 X: 'f Publication: The Phi Gamma Delta Norbert Lester Knoxville Robert Manning Knoxville Richard Duffy New Bern, N. C. Harlen Dewey Tullahoma William Jetton Belvedere Sam McAllester Chattanooga Pearson Mayfield Cleveland Howard Smith Fountain City Mac Gasque Asheville, N. C. I I I I I I I I I I -I 'V TT' 'X c-Y-'M Y--Ui-as , , ,, J, - K L-, .Y ,..... ...YA-.,.,.?xl.-. 3. V A Page 293 Iv A is I fee g A I HARTON ROBINSON JOHNSTON GUTHRIE PARKS SAUNDERS DUKE LOVELL MAPLES CULLUM BROWN POUNDERS SMITH LEE PORTRUM SIGMA PHI EPSILON Founded at the University of Richmond, Richmond, Virginia, November I, I9OI Colors: Purple and Red Flowers: American Beauty Rose and Violet FACULTY A. W. Hobt J. A. Bacon C. E. Allred Dr. R. F. Thomason Dr. B, C. V. Ressler W. R. Sounders LAW Martin L. Guthrie Henry E. Portrum Jesse C. Parks, Jr. Robert D. Johnston Nashville Rogersville Chattanooga Knoxville -I 3 siinuin-1nu-un 11111- nu-nu-un-nu-anim -I Thomas G. Harton Nelson ljl0ClQe5 Nashville 2 JOI:l'1ox'lli:Len1' Donald Duke L Knoxville Martin L F, i DClKVid Qlllaig 1 gh noxvl e Cor' L- Yeflfwood I Robert smffofd KHOXWIIQ I aides A' Asheville, N. c. 5 fgdfif ' Ralph Dennis Jcmesosiilliggown l Chattanooga ' X ""' T I ad M ls Harvey Leigh Robinson l G mKngEviIIeOp e Weaverville, N. C. L John Armisteod Byron A. Bledsoe : K"0XV"le Nashville : R' CM':n:1p,Agntel EUQGUS MGYSI' .i.----In ----- ------- . ..-.. John Francis Postal Chattanooga Memphis L--f4- - f .-:Q i1?- Jlilil s - I - -Aw I - - - f 'Y T E, Q ' :---s - yt e ee on 'ss-A-A ee - gl I ,gg se Page 294 efglll ill l l E llxl ,., , i..,, , A..f.q':Lfe-, L , -----,-...QQ il ,ll i 5 l 4 ee-'pf' 7,1 , ----1 AUSTIN BLEDSOE DUTTON Number of Chapters: 70 Jesse Cullum Nashville Louis Pounders Memphis L. B. Austin, Jr. Chattanooga Henry Dutton Chattanooga Edward Lee Nashville Clyde Robinson Oneida Harry Williams Tiptonville Joe Dougherty Gate City, Va. Charles Jeter Memphis William Roberts Nashville Walter Smith Knoxville MOON HENSCN HODGES MOORE PRICHARD WILLIAMS DENNlS LEWIS TRENT SIGMA PHI EPSILON Tennessee Alpha Chapter Established May, 1913 Publication: i935 Bayard Tarpley John M. Lovell Shelbyville Chattanooga Joe M. White Howard Bailey Savannah Knoxville Mark Warren Moore Willtord Prichard Tigrett Dyersburg i936 ARMISTEAD MANTEL TARPLEY Sigma Phi Epsilon Jo Henry Krause Memphis Edwin C. Palmer Shelbyville -Gordon Garlington Knoxville Pete Colgan Fork Ridge Henry Henson, Jr. Chattanooga Charles Portelow i urnal Hastings-on-Hudson, N. Y. Robert Henry Newport Mark E. Benson Donelson Wilbur Fleming Livingston Jason K. Lewis Lenoir City James Moon Tiptonville V. A. Braswell Memphis ,. l, ill ill 1: in nl ll il ill lil :ll ll J 1 li i .il gil . li li' ll i ll lil .li .tw lv lli' :ill ill W , i 4 i i i i i ' i it i,..i l I ill Lrg is il- tlW iii lm 'lg yi, U1 ill ,i i '- i ill ' i l Y ' n l, ull if i ll: llf l is 1, lil li Page 295 serv? 3 . seller U, :..., 1 l 'i"" --C,, A A I I . .,.. A e ,...s---.s - -L - 3 . SHULL CLEMENTS AITKEN HAMLETT LIPPE, V. CAMPBELL ABERNATHY, W. TERRY HUMPHREY CRAIG COBB CORNFORTH, C. FRANCIS, V. FRANCIS, B. BEMIS DAWSON WORSHAM BLACK BOWEN,M. DARST Colors: Blue and Gold SIGMA CHI Founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, 1855 Flower: White W. Glocker John T. Martin, Jr. Memphis 1934 Joe Bergantz Knoxville P. L. Cobb Galax, Va. Gentry Bemis Como, Miss. T. D. Morris Knoxville Gaines Phipps Knoxville Martin Miller Columbia Buford Rutledge Memphis A 'T Y T "Leg,-. FACULTY W. E. Grainger Stanley J. Folmsbee Dr. T. LAW Will Terry Abernathy Hal Clements Will Tom Abernathy Selmer Knoxville Selmer .g...-....-..-... ---------- ....-...Q 1933 I I Malcolm Aitken l Memphis Q Q George S. Campbell Q , Chattanooga I C A, 1- l 2 ,i ,... ,xx - Ernest Clark 1 , lf. l Knoxville i l James M. Hamlett I is I L S Kingsport i I Francis Shull T Erwin i T Uiim--nu 111111111- 1111 1uu1ni4 v is as i iiiir slid Tqfpff Page 296 Rose Y .. .. 7. ---L -isa lg I i l I - ,1- A-- MINTON HARRIS ABERNATHY, W. TOM MYERS BERGANTZ MALLICOTE KINNANE STOTHART ANDERSON CLAYTON BOWEN, R. CORNFORTH, ROBERTS CLARK FISHER CALLAWAY RUTLEDGE GAGER MILLER Number of Chapters: 92 Official Publication: Magazine of Sigma Robert Carnforth Marvin Thomson Knoxville Morristown Guy Darst Joe Guthrie Knoxville Knoxville Virgil Francis Leo Petruzze Nashville Smithport, Pa. Bert Francis Edward Kinnane Nashville Knoxville Roland Myers Greeneville Kenneth Clayton Julian Harriss Paris Knoxville George Craig Raymond Worsham Knoxville Blytheville, Ark. Harry Monroe Knoxville James Dawson Big Stone Gap, Va Vincent Lippe New York City Roy Bowen Waverly Troy Minton Knoxville Cecil Humphreys Paris Y ...-:fry W i 5 .,., William Lippe New York City Edward Calloway Cleveland Roy Fisher Knoxville Harry Anderson Memphis Charles Black Knoxville Tom Mallicote Knoxville R A l bk AMES TAYLOR WARREN BURLESON THOMAS BUCHANAN BAIRD ENGLAND WILLIAMS WELLS, J. KENNY FISHER GILDERSLEEVE BOWLES SLAYDEN GRIMES SMITH LESTER GILL YATES SNIPES SIGMA NU Founded at Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, Virginia, January l, i869 Colors: Gold, Black, and White Dr. F. F. Frantz Ward Burleson Johnson City Edward McClellan Knoxville I 934 Evan Ames Maryville Jack Bryant Johnson City Ben McCaslin Dickson Gwynne Baird Lebanon Robert Earnest Knoxville Herman Snipes Knoxville David Buchanan Chilhowee A. D. Gillespie Franklin William E. Dean, Jr. Memphis Ernest M. Kenny Memphis FACULTY G. E. Tomlinson Dr. David R. Lee LAW Robert Wells Maryville i933 Harold D, Durrett J. Clyde Bowles Nashville Knoxville James Wells Whitwell 1.-I.. .---- -..,.-....-...- - -.-...-M? I I I I Q 1 i l l H -un 11-1111 ni -:1-1 uuinnig Page 298 Flower: White Rose Dr. H. C. Humphreys Bruce Yates Knoxville Harmon H. Gnuse Memphis i934 Earnest Taylor Morristown John Wellborn Brunswick J. B. Ellis Halls Jim Collins Hastings-on-Hudson, N. Y. Donald Householder Knoxville Laxton Smith Knoxville George Turner Knoxville John McCracken Pulaski Jim Koonce Lawrenceburg Paul England Chattanooga BRASHEARS SEVIERS BURTON DURRETT RAULSTON, K. TURNER MCCRACKEN BRYANT WELCH Epsilon Number of Chapters: 96 HOUSEHOLDER,D. MYNATT WALSH KOONCE MCCLELLAN COLLINS BAIRD GNUSE MCCASLIN WELLS, R. ELLIS GILLESPIE SIGMA NU Eta Chapter Established, 1921 Publication: The Delta 'af i935 Coleman Baird G. M. Burton R. B. Thomas Charles Welch Kenneth Raulston Lebanon Memphis Knoxville Fountain City Knoxville Jack Williams Tate Householder Van Slayden John Seivers W. E. Reagan Nashville Knoxville Waverly Knoxville Knoxville Frank Lester Alvin Raulston John Hathaway Owen Mynatt Athens Knoxville Elizabethton Knoxville I936 I l I - Jesse Warren Sam Gill Nashville Memphis Ward Grimes James Fisher Franklin Memphis Edward Gildersleeve Harry Walsh Elizabethton Memphis L I I l I as QLL ss vi-A so 4 P Page 299 'Y l l -'C'-' Y Y rel,-Y--'hu-Y-fs' :ff Y l l gy l .Q Q . 'il 1 l l, l ll 1 ' 4 , I . i 1 ,. l l , l Y i l l l l , l l l ill l , , X BINKLEY NEWBILL BROOKS GASKILL DEMPSTER LUNSFORD MARTIN GUYN ES BENNETT, H. BELL JARVIS BENNETT, J. CURELL SANDERS GAVILAN Founded at Bethany College, Bethany, West Virginia, February, i848 Colors: Purple, White and Gold Flower: Pansy FACULTY C. H. Gordon William McSpadden Herman Fisher John L. Kind J. P. Porter Bell A. Cogbill LAW Ed Dalstrom, Jr. Maurice Weaver Joe Dalstrom John Lunsford Memphis Soddy Memphis Knoxville John Overton Howard Cochran Howard Jarvis Nashville Corinth, Miss. Chattanooga .Pui-n-n- -uu- -uu-iiii-piiii--iiii- 1- -ii-nn-ng. Richard Williams Q ! Knoxville I I 1934 Vernon Kyle l Knoxville Conrad Curell i Jack Dempster . V, Ndshville Knoxville ' ' Q Hubert Carlock , Carl Nef"'b'H Knoxville A NUSHVIHE Walter Johnson f ' NJ - Knoxville if Q, MGorciondCask'illJ Fred Prince Uys on mg' ' ' Marshall, C. Thomas Robert Wiggs Memphis Memphis Van Morgan Muffin .-.M ---- - -. ------ ..-i l ll! Q' 'l 7 l l V an Y glfvgp ill? Page 300 l L1 Alllif' H X l l I J l I l l gg F-V-35. WIGGS DALSTROM, J. Number PRINCE of Chapters: 74 J. P. Alley Nashville W. A. Smith Glouchester, Mass. Frank Williams Knoxville Ed Costner Maryville Charles Martin Knoxville A. B. Steed Etowah James Herbert Memphis Ernest Jones Nashville Anderson Sanders Knoxville STEED THOMAS WILLIAMS, F. WILLIAMS, R. HERBERT WEAVER KYLE JOHNSON PICK DELTA TAU DELTA Delta Delta Chapter Established April I9, i924 1935 Edward Guynes Clyde Younger Fountain City Nashville Charles Schults John Bennett Knoxville Troy i936 Page sol DALSTROM, E. SCHULTS ALLEY Publication: The Rainbow Spencer Bell Memphis Jack Pick Elkmont John Robinson Rickman Nashville Francisco Gavilan Ponce, Porto Rico James Binkley Nashville Buford Reynolds Nashville Hal Bennett Troy Pearce Brooks Maryville 'Y' 'T "',-2 1 . 1 1 , V.. W V of s..-sQ-sl 1 1 s ...ssgfr 1 APA, M6111 11 1 fwfriiiri 1 ' '1 so 3 so M Swift 1 1' 1 111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 111 1 1 11 1 11 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 111 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 12 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 , , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 MCMURRAY GIBSON CAMPBELL, A. W. ROACH TAYLOR 1 11 1 1 1 FELTS WYATT BOWLES BOLT GOODE 1 ' ' 1' HARRIS SAFFOLD SADLER MCDANIEL ARMANTROUT ' I "1 1 1 1 1 1 T 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Pl-11 SIGMA KAPPA 4 1 1 1 1 1 Founded at Massachusetts Agricultural College, March 15, 1873 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Colors: Magenta and Silver Flower: Red Carnation 1 1 1 1 1 A 1 1 FACULTY 1 I 1 1 Dr. Axel Brett James L. Anderson ' J. B. Kirkland Joe E. Elliot 1 1 1 1 1 1 J 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 LAW 1 1 1 1 Escar Thompson 1 1 Centreville 1 1 1 1 - - - - - 1934 1 11i J 1933 Oliver Z. Bolt 1 111 1 Knoxville 1 1 111 Tillman J. Keller Joseph Gibson 1 111 1 11 -1-Done Cookeville 1 1 1 1 William E. Roach 1 1 1 Martin L. Alphin A --1--1 Isabella 1 1 Trimble ,X William S. Phillips 1 1 1 11111 111 Ridgefop 1 1 Fred Armantrout J. H. Felts 1 Martin Springfield 1 1 1 E M D ld 1 1 Albert E. 141114 Uge'1'i,,,.1.Qi, Om 1 Knoxville J. H. Saffold Knoxville C. A. McMurray Jesse Mallory Knoxville Cedar Hill 1 , 1 1 - .... George St. Johns 1 1 1 1 1 1 Watauga 1 1 11 1 1 111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 111 111 Qgdqsxi K 11' 'i11'j11T'i"T T S Q11 Q 75. e 1 - 1 A1 T 1 e fee -1 1 TT T111 Y T' " ' xo' f --f f. A K A - -411 -1- -ff 1111? 111 T7 1 K 111 Page 302 l I Q if I ' + I A I El l l CAMPBELL, T. MCDONALD MALLORY DRAPER ST. JOHN CHANCE PHILLIPS KELLER THOMPSON DUDNEY ANDERSON HARWELL I Xi Deuteron Chapter Established February 3, 1925 Number of Chapters: 51 Publication: The Signet 1935 Peter T. Campbell L. B. Bowles Donald Dudney R. C. Wyatt Knoxville Old Hickary Knoxville Clarksville Sherwood D. Williamson Jack Harris A. E. Goode Midcllesboro, Ky. Knoxville Isabella ' 1936 Ralph Bond Charles Lee Sadler l Union City Harriman I James Draper H. E. McDaniel, Jr. Gainesboro Troy A. W. Campbell Randolph Chance Knoxville Knoxville Paul Taylor Clyde Harwell Elizabethton Fountain City v H TT "':i111-. T A R A ff v 'Q lib Page 303 I I I V if ii ' wr I - 1 ' ' ' N -, TF., ., ,HK . .I K fe H. I , . 1 . I I I Jl I Il SANDERSON BLOODWORTH I 1 I ' I I I Colors: Turquoise , I 1933 I ,I J. D. Barbee I Nashville I H. R. Bryan Manchester I P. E. Curran 1 Sioux City, Iowa Fred W. Fischer, Jr. I Knoxville I H. H. Carr I Blountville B. C. Spaulding Decherd R. T. Simpson Lenoir City I Jack McKamey I Knoxville T" 'TTS YW I Ti BRYAN Founded at the Uni BARBEE CURRAN DODSON METCALF WHITE SPAULDING PHI PI PHI versity of Chicago, November IS, l9l5' FACULTY C. Warner R. M. Bell C. H LAW H. M. PARKER Kingston aw- ---- ------------ - I----I I I I I I I I I I Q. 'J ...,z I :g gi I I ' I I I I I I I 'P'-"" ------------ ""-"P Flower: Blue Bell Loose 1 I 934 F. B. Eiseman Chattanooga R. S. Hayne Bluefield, W. Va H. P. Wells Gallatin Page 304 , 4, 1.1, ,..t---A-iii Q' '--QQ, ugigggggiefigs' ij eQ,QQ.,sQQef, Q. 1-11 W1 1 1.-eggg4g1i,133e---9 1 ,1 1 11 1 1 1 1 '1 11 .1 1 111 -as 'ff 151.1511-giif-fg5gg3E5fg.1LJ9-91e-ef-11mg 111 1 1 W,.-,,,. f 'W 1 , 1111 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 '1 1 . 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ' 1 1 11 1 - 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 ' 1 111 1 111 1 11 1 1111 1 1 1 111 1 1 1111 1 1 1 111 1 1 1 111 1 1 , 1 1 111 1 1 s1i 1 1 1111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 PARKER MCKAMEY E1sEMAN JONES 1 1 iwgg CARR CHESNUTT WELLS KEEVER 11 -.CSL 1.m.1 QL 1.,A 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1111 PHIPIPHI 11 1 1 1 1 Tau chopfer Esmbuished May 18, 1929 1 1 1 : 1 Number of Chapters: 22 Publication: Quarterly of Phi Pi Phi 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1935 1 1 1 1 1 G. T. White William Farrar Hugh Russell H. D. Dodson 1 1 1 Nashville Manchester Concord Hermitage 1 1 1' 1 1 1 W. E. Keever Wm. Metcalf T. G. Sanderson 1 1 1 1 1 Johnson City Sparta CGVTFIOQG 1 111 1 1 1 1 11 1 1936 1 111 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 111 Q 1 11 1 1 1 11 1 J 1 W 11 111 11 11 1 1 James Bqllqrd Jer1f1iI'1QS Chestnutt 1 1 1 Eygngvillg East Bernstadt, Ky. 1, 1 1 1 James King DYC1'1e Jones 1 1 Knoxville London. Ky. 1 1 1 F. L. Bloodworth 1 1 1 1 Carthage 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 11 1 11 I 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 111 111 11 1 111 lf, see,-few P 19 f,fg,QlsQ-,1 1 ,-Nf-x'xPHii'acfs-S 1 2-iiffidrr ,ii H ff H - - 1 f W Y ' xx v111'f M9 9 9,698-1-P-Xxe5xQQ1L. L ss -rv PP' wi a 1 e -1 115 1 Page 305 Es.. I ,gl ' I 3 I 'R YZ' i1'1':?y-.- .- A--'JI l MCGOWAN MCCALLA STEELE I ROWLAND McPHERSON,D. Wooo BURNETT,-E. ' BRYAN l ' SMITH MURPHY PERRY MAXWELL STEFFNER POWLER HENDRICKSON WHITFIELD , P I BURNETT, J. DUNNAVANT VANN BURNETT, W. TUCKER MCKINNEY Moss ' HAMMOND I I I I PI KAPPA PHI Y Colors: Gold and White Founded at College of Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina, l904 A Flower: Red Rose L. Green f Richmond McKinney Memphis H. C. Settle - Maryville Sam Steele ' Bulls Gap K. B. McPherson Belleview R. S. Sneed Springfield Russell McKissick Columbia M. M. Reed Martin , Fred 'L. Johnson Memphis ' Arley Hamby Pelham 'John L. Primm Nashville ' "12-,:-5:- C .. - ,...,-f FACULTY J. G. Tarboux J. Worth -Banner E. ' LAW G. L. Johnson i933 E. L. Dunnavant Elkton .I-III ----- II-I... ------ I...-II? T. V. Murphy l Memphis T J. F. Steffner ' 'a Chattanooga A l W. H. McClure ,QA Chattanooga :I .ye 5 G. E. Seargeant 'A l Etowah fi-1 , 5 - ' R. G. Whitfield 2 Elkton 2 Emmet Jackson l"Iz : I Knoxville 7 2 Robert F. Amen 1 Memphis i Elmo Rowland ' Alexander l - V. A. Hampton .I-.II ---- I ---- IIII- - -I-I.-I...-Inf. Corinth, Miss. . I It I I A - A J! Sl HLXL 'ar s L . 5- L J A . if il fn 7 iff- GHFJWJG Q -H--e-----,L,- . -F-ffpff Page 306 X I II II .,...,,. II ll ,I I I l i l I l l I l II, l il l l I I l l l I I I III l I I , l I.. ill lil ll? II, l I l I I LI lI LII II l l l Il ll ll3 l I I I I I N I I l I l I l 1 -- J-- L.. lL.---A -- , vs ,-P l .11 l '41-L. l I 1 i' 1i:-4-- l l 1 ,Nm . 111 1 gf-- l 1--Tg-LQs'si1s---A lbs is s1' e.x.--.i1fgg3f1-ee--1111 -aegis 115 --'ff fe-fff"'11i'12 T i' in ' ee A A Ml 1l1 ll l ' 1 1 1 1 l l l l .1 1 l 1 1 l l . 1 l 1 1 Q l 1 l 1 1 ' 11 l l 1 1 1.l l l A l 1l, l 11 1 1 Q l 1 l l l . T l l . 1 1 l Z 1 7 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 l l 1 ' 1 1 l 1 . l l 1 l 1 1 1 1 1 1 l JOHNSON I MCPHERSON, K. TUBBS SEARGEANT MCKISSICK SNEED VINEYARD MCCLURE Q, 1 1 ALLEN X LOWE HAMBY JACKSON SETTLE SMITH HUTCHINS PARRISH 4 . . 1 JOHNSON, F. COE VAN HOOSER WILKINS BURNETT, J. PRIMM HALL REED - . 1 1 ' 1 , 1 1 1 s 1 ' 1 , 1 l . I 1 1 l 1 1 PI KAPPA PHI 1 1 1 1 1 - Alpha Sigma Chapter Established, 1931 1 1 1 ' 1 1 Number of Chapters: 42 ' Publication: Star and Lamp 1 l ' , 1 l 1 i934 l l A. L. Hammond' Smith Vineyard I R. B. Smith Sanford Gibson 1 1 1 A Chaffanooga ' Madisonville Belleview Knoxville 1 1 1 Z 1 John B. ,Maxwell Nathan Lowe D. E. McPherson A. K. McCalla 1 1 1 Troy Eaglevllle Belleview I Rosemark - 1 1 .1 C. H. Vann E. B. McGowan Jasper Burnett J. R. Barrett 1 9 1 il JGSIDGI' Memphis Loretto Cottage Groves - 1 l 1 1 1 11 ll l l l ' 1 11 1935 1936 , 11 1 l 1 J. O. Moss Emerson Burnett 1 1 1 11 1 Lucedole, Miss. Belleview 11 1 John Tucker Holmes Fowler 1 1 . Prospecf H Sgzmervule I 1 . ll Harry Tubbs Us iggperewls 11l l 1 11' Knoxville Seward AHGH 11 1 John L. VanHooser Memphis 1 l Smifhvllle Joe H. Wilkins 1 1 Russell C. Parrish Leesburg 1 1 1 Fulton, Ky, -1-f11!alter Bxgirntett 1 . 1 ' OFTTPSOTI G IDF! l Tilliiizlci igig?l'1S Vvhiigorlgfqndlgfkson . 1 'Allison Moyers F,-ed Wood 1 1 1 Jasper Cedarfawn, Ga. l l 1 1 James M. Bryan Eston Lee Perry ' 1 Arlington Crossville I 1 1 ' Luke L. 517,111.1 William. B. Hutchins 1 1 Wirmingham . Kmgsporf 1 l 1 . . 1 l l l l 1 111 ' J g A ---W ll ..-..fli'il..EE- i::.filQL f .1 L. Qiffi JHJ,,,1ig,s1f f Ti :JJ-K, 'v1 niiX'X-exe---.... iran'-Knee 1 . . 1. 'sash A--eeiffe 1 1 1 115 ll Page 307 1 l l . Tir ll. llf W. l .f, l'l ll' l l ll ll ll lil i l ll ill .l ll l,l .ll ll ilili itil' lllll fllll lllll :ill ll :ill lJ,i f i lllll fl'll l l ,?,...i-,Y .Y ,-L-----ff . Y - M 4 UMW' -r?Iw-'4Y-,.,...-- 'TIL Y 4-K-vvgqxvkj A i V Y y-'Ile'-li-qi' J-An! ,YY-- 7 Y -ga- ,l l l l l l l 5 l l l l 1 l 2 l . l 3 l l l l l 1 l l 2 l l i l l : l l X ' f I i l l l KENNON KOELLEIN FRANTZ,J. SEYMOUR PENRY HELLMAN, R. TUBB -' PRITCHETT, W. STEPHENS MULLINS YARBROUGH GERNT, B. BRYANT REBORI BRAGG COOKE UNDERWOOD CARRINGTON CUMMINGS JACOBSON WITHERSPOON NATIONS Y" I TI l l l 3 - nlal.'rA SIGMA Pl-ll l 3 i Founded at the College of the City of New York, December IO, i899 l Colors: Nile Green and White Flower: White Carnation R l 4 FACULTY E l l l R. B. Parsons G. B. Shivery g ' 1 l Dr. J. C. Hodges A. J. Tresidder l l Laurent B. Frantz l , , l l ll 5 1933 . l Lil 5 S. E. Abernathy Harry P. Seymour H. Quinn Pritchett Wiley F. Patton l lil I Pulaski Whiteville Knoxville Bells Q ll! 5 William M. Bragg Jackson L. Witherspoon Temistocles A. Diaz C. Thomas Kenner 4 iii l Knoxville Knoxville Ponce, Porto Rico Knoxville l lil l 1934 l I .!...-.....- -...- - -.....-...........-....-....- ... -ll..-...Q l ll P James E. Mullins L L JOPVLN' Tubb l l Knoxville T I l-ll92l'TY i il' xl G. Dudley Cummings T T Robert D, Cowan l Knoxville T .bn ? Knoxville . . " lf, 5 , . y 5 W' 'GnBQISJlgngq.Bryunl I Henry Leland Hoffmelster l J l a ,lQ' ' 2 lc 'll 1 l l Charles E. Rader I . 1 I 'WV' 6 l ' l Knoxville 2 1 5 James Adams l l l '59 l . l l I Ernst A. Gernt l : Big 50HClY J Anardt l L B no D Gernt : - ru . William M.-Prllahall i L A,,C,,d, Knoxville I I . Clyde A. Rene, - T Charles L. .Koelleln . l Memphis 1 ui Nashville Q ,Pu--nn 111:1111111- ilu-ln l l l l l ill l l lll lil ill OLLL , V -Le in ii so We QQ1 , 7 f a---gg-gi he I e eeee 541 .g TL as Ji-e .f-.- -ll? fe- Qi me - - we Y ea f v lif ll Page 308 - ,141 A' - Yi . e W . ,H +e-..:,...u.K Y feels Cla, ' f 1: YOUNG PATTON MASSEY HLJFSTEDLER PATCHEN HATLEY RADER FRANTZ, L. HELLMAN, B. RETTER MIDDLETON MOORE BAKER KENNER DIAZ GERNT, E. PRITCHETT, Q. ABERNATHY ARMSTRONG ADAMS BU ETTN ER COWAN Number of Chapters: S2 E. Charles Buettner DELTA SIGMA PHI Omicron Chapter Established at Cumberland University, 1912- Re-established at the University of Tennessee, April ll, 1931 Albert Middleton Publication: The Carnation John Marshall Frantz Memphis New Britain, Conn. Knoxville William M. Massey Bernard Hellman W. C. Baker Knoxville Jackson Knoxville Ralph Hatley John N. Rebori Josef C. Potchen ,Jackson Knoxville Memphis Charles Armstrong Nolden Butcher Hal Wilmer Yarbrough John F. Stephens, Jr Lexington McMinnville Jackson Knoxville Harry G. Cooke Knoxville Howard L. ,Nations John A. Moore Bellewew Knoxville Robert Creech Walter A. George ' K'10XV"'e Knoxville Glen Underwood Arthur Carrington Founmn CNY Savannah Fred Hufstedler Cleve R. Jacobson Knoxwlle Big Sandy l JTW,,-c- 1 il --df-7 r 1 3:-5 m --D,-52? 4,.. 111 A111 1 1 1 f"F' 11 111 1 11 3.113 l 11 1: Ji 1 W1 1 1 Y! Y 1, zililui :-:af.-- - I 5.1-351-1 111 -ee 11 71 11 1 1111 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 111 1 11 1 11 1 1 1 1 111 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -1 1 1 1 1 1 g 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 J 1 . 1 l 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 SUDDATH FRITTS KEITH 14131.50 MCM11.1.AN 1 1 1 L Y1V, 1 PUGH HURLEY JUNGERMAN PENLAND STEFFEY .,.,,1 1 11 -1' -1 BRUMFIEL SARTAIN FRANKLIN BROOKS PARKER 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 LAMBDA ci-il ALPHA 1 1 1 1 1 1 Founded at Boston University in l909 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Colors: Purple, Green, and Gold Flower: Violet 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 FACULTY 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 L. C. Marsters C. M. Webster 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1933 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Warren Wilson A. B. Fuller J. Wiley Finney Emmett Hobbs 1 11 11 1 1 1 1 Knoxville Nashville Nashville M2mDhiS 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 Q Orman Felts Walter Clark Paul Martin 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Springfield Knoxville M0mDl'1IS 1 1 1 1 111 1 1 1 1 l934 1 1 1 1 1 4...-.111 .--- .111-1...-M..-N..-.111 ..-- 1...-1.4. 1 1 1 1 1 11 E 1 1 1 111 1 W. G. Steffey 1 1 Louis Sortain 1 1 1 Elizabethton T T Tracy City 1 11 1 11 : 5 1 1 1 11 1 A- B- PUQIW 1 1 Wright Hurley l 11 1 1 1 Nashville E T Mempms 1 1 1 1 J D ' l ffsfl 5 1 1 1 1 lgrioxvglgs 1 Edward Junaerman 1 1 1 1 E11.ix.1.5r1E11 i 1 1 1 1 I 1 Donald Brooks 1 1 11 1 John Hollinshead l 2 Memphis 1 1 1 1 Nashville 1 " 1 J E P k 1 1 2 . . ar er 1 1 111 RO1k1l0Ei11lLcnd 1 1 1 1 1 1 Robert Suddqth : S Fred Franklin 1 1 1 1 1 Brownsville l 1 Jefferson Q11-y 1 1 1 4...-1... ----.------- 1...-1.4. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 111 1 1 111 1 XL---.-,-N W 11 i 21: fff11:f's"igig221 A lalfi' if---A 1-1.4.2 vfrsk- he R11s,--.gis F -A-1-1----v1 1,,,L,-s1 e -MY L--- H f era s 411 so 1 1' 1 Page 310 l l l - 4,.,.f---1'!"-'-'YVV!AEYiElxAAAiE Ae ee o-.-,-c l A l s,.ltHeee,ef A L EeK-sssLs,,m 5 -31232 r- -l --a:S:1TfQfQ' 'Tift HQ Ev- . ,,,,,, Y, ,WY V, A",' 'j"'ii"fcg-f 1, i,--- -Yi: -E -"H'o'-:ll','-iigitf zzwiff i - -,sn ,N W s A F,,,,Y--dw -I .,,-.--J or nv' l W , A l l l X , J l i l l l l l l l l i 1 X l l l A l l lx Y l ll l jx' a l ,ll l ill l ill l l l ' l A T l l. j l l H l l l l l 4 ' 1 l l l l l l FOX BEASLEY FINNEY LARKINS FELTS FULLER l WOODALL DUNCAN NAVE MARTIN HOLMQUIST JOHNSON ' ' H 'l l l l LAMBDA cm ALPHA A i Epsilon Omicron Chapter Established March 19, 1932 H Number of Chapters: 83 Publication: Cross and Crescent , l 1935 l Robert Brumfiel Richard Fox James McMillan Herman Woodall Alcoa Chattanooga Decaturville Etowah Robert Keith Martin Johnson Russell Holmquist W. H. Larkins Fountain City Mountain City Chicago, Ill. Charlotte, N. C. l Rush Kelso Roy Martin Lyn Beasley Brownsville Memphis Petersburg i936 Dick Nave George Fritts Joe Duncan Mountain City Chattanooga Etowah ll l .l 'l l A l A l 1 1 l ' ' 1 l l l i l i ' l 4 5 l l l l ll C A+- A om ll 111li!.il.TQ2Qfe:a L. L Qplsgscg QQ so it ' ccffQfwQ1T'1 ll , A viii no -be-A-he nic' as L ills HJ wg-V' l ll ' "' ' ll 4 Page 3ll ,l 'l V Y , w L SORORITIES ' SUSAN HOUK President of the Pon-Hellenic Council K Y..fglg-:Lf ' H, -, , C, ,AQ C 11 Hmmm ax P Cabs. ,,,. A ,ls Wg, ,,..CCA ,- 1 l l 1 l l i l 1 l 1 1 , l l 1 1 l l 1 1 1 1 1 1 l 1 1 1 l l 1 HUGHES BRANDAU HOGSHEAD EDWARDS CARLOCK DEANE ELLIS OWENS GORDON IMMEL MCGINNIS EVANS SLATERY, M. N. GATES DEMPSTER WELLFORD COCHRAN DICKSON THOMPSON PUGH CAMERON LOWE 1 l l i Founded at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas, April 5, 1895 l Colors: Cardinal and Straw Flower: White Carnation , 1 l l 1933 1 1 Mai Banks Elizabeth Moore Madeleine Edwards Virginia Taylor 1 1 1 Pine Bluff, Ark. Spartanburg, S. C. Clarksville Knoxville l 1 Harriet Deane Mary Neal Slatery Josephine ljams Jane Wellford 1 Knoxville Knoxville Knoxville Memphis ' l Hattie Gwaltney Hazel Bowman Betty Preston 1 1l Tiptonville Knoxville Charleston, W. Va. 1 1 i934 Dorothy Campbell Lucile Owens Janie Galbraith Sally Watkins 5 Humboldt Union City Knoxville Humboldt Mary Font Natalie Emery Sallie B. Hughes Jessie Maude Grills 1 Memphis Knoxville Knoxville Dyersburg ' l Sue Gates , Humboldt . 32 1- 1r WK". ., 'F-nf 'W 1 fisdzw olfh 1 ,sgwk 1 1,0 1 , gp gg, .1 1 sf! 1 I l l i 1 e so e 1 1 me A 1.-. -2 , gg H- --V-f - - -f-f we 1 ---V - - A---ff --e- f--e:-f-ei--' ff ' Y-f"jj,!i1f1f ,sw ygwrigii Y' 1 Arfl in , ,W---'A 1- V 1 g l 1 J -e 17 Page 314 l 1 1 11 1 1 11 11 Vi 1--4 ,L W- 4-A ---N----W ,gh 11 - 1 i 1 1 Eu' e 1 '11 1 1sH----- e-.,g'.ff'D"'131m-AX--.Cosa 111 A ill---11:51 -f - - 1 - --- - ----Qg--1------ 1- -1- ---1 1- f-fA2Ef,?i2v-1 -- --- -Ml1Ifj5 - 1 1 , 1 ,..V - - 1' '11, -A1 1 1,1-Yyru I 1 1-- 1 ,,. r ""' 11 1 Xt 1 1 1 1 111 1 1 1 1 1 1 ---A-1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 111 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 l 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 GALBREATH MALLORY BOWMAN CAMPBELL IJAMS ROBERTS THORNBURGH 1 1 1 ' " EMERY M. WATKINS SLATERY,M. MOORE SHORT FANT EMERY, N. 1 - 'v"" PRESTON THOMPSON WRIGHT BROWN BARKLEY GRILLS HEADMAN TAYLOR 1 1 , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 CHI OMEGA 1 1 1 Pi Chapter Established, l9OO 1 1 1 1 Number of Chapters: 89 Publication: Eleusis 1 1 1 1935 1 1 1 Katherine Brandau Sarah Jane Lowe Lula Lee Carlock Susan McGinnis 1 1 1 1 Knoxville Nashville Knoxville Memphis 1 1 1 Mar Thomas Cameron Dorothy Pu h Rose Dickson Christine Short Y Q 1 1 1 Knoxville Halls Knoxville Pulaski 1 1 1 111 1 Mary Dempster Margaret Slatery Embree Headman Monette Thompson 1 1 1 1 1 Knoxville Knoxville Haddonfield, N. J. Centerville 1 1 1 1 1 1 Elle Gordon Frankie Brown Doris Link Sue Wright 1 1 1 '11 1 Little Rock, Ark. Knoxville Waverly Corinth, Miss. 1 1 1 11 Virginia Mae lmmel 1 1 1 Knoxville 1 1936 11 1 1 11 1 Josephine Barkley Louise Evans Millicent1Emery Margaret Thornburgh 1 1 1 1 1 Knoxville Nashville Knoxville 14,-10Xvi11e 1 1 1 11 1 Joan Ellis Allyne Roberts Frances Mallory Cgroline Hogshead 1 1 1 1 Garden City, N. Y. Knoxville Lltfle ROCK, Ark. Chattanooga 1 1 1 1 Christine Cochran Mabelle Thompson 1 1 1 1 Centreville Chattanooga 1 1 1 1 1 l 1 1 1 1 1 .1 1 1 1 1 Q 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 Q 1 1 1 1 1 1 l 1 1 1 1 11 ,L 1 me -f - -f cf" "' - - 14-16 - DMA --M --fmm"1-.,1--.--A-H1 fr- 'c"c1 1 ee .C e- ee ee EEQD - - .- 'iiitrn--A C H11 1 so . 'C 11 Q '21 -11, T 11 1 Page 315 1 ,. ll l 1 1 1 1- Ee, iw li A 1 -iii :TrT" ""'+iii?M,-Ejfiif fe - - --- K , -..T '.V:.'..'Q.?g3jij:-11 1, ,,f'xi':'h"r'?fj -, 1 "bn ' -- 1, - - " ,HJ fn-f-'r"'w'cf"" l 1 l 1 11? 1' nl 1 l 1 1 1 l l 1 l R 11 1 1 i l l 1 1 T l X 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 l l 1 l 1 1 1 1 1 1: HL J lx 1 1 I l ' 11 l 1 l l l 1l ' 1 l 1 l 1 1 1 li l 111 1 1 11 1 Il - l lf l 1 11 1 1 1 l ill 1 ill l 1 lll 1 1 111 l ll 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 l l A l 1 1 1 l 1 1 1 . 1 Q l 1 3 l 1 1 l l 1 1 l 1 1 1 I 1 . 1 1 l i 1 ' Y 5 ' 5 I 1' l l l 1 U xx ' M 1 ll t 1 l DQ CHRISTENBERRY w1TsEL1. SMITH, D. INMAN DOMlNlCK,M. l 1 1 l MAHAN FOWLER KRUES1 SMlTH,M. DoM1N1c1c, E. Q 1 T'T"l CAFFEY GATTIS ROTH HALE THOMPSON 5 - 1 '11 C 1 1217 l . 1 I 1 1 1 J 1 1 1 l 1 1 il lv ALPHA OMICRON PI 11 1 l l i In W Founded at Barnard College, Columbia University, January 2, l897 5 3 K 1 l Colors: Red and White Flower: Jacqueminot Rose l B 1 ' I K l 1ll5l FACULTY lwgj l l Dean Harriet Greve Il l 1 11 1 1 1 5 5 1933 l 11M l lil Helen Camp Rowena Kruesi Elizabeth Coffey Effie Maiden 5 li l 1 l Knoxville A ' Chattanooga Knoxville Dresden. W li 1l' Mary Moore Dom1n1ck Emily Mahan Katherine Hale Marne Smith 'j M, E 1 i Knoxville Knoxville Memphis Pulaski il Q l 11? l 1 'll I 1111 1934 1- 1 1 Emily Handly Lucille Inman Martha Hawkins Nell Nowlin lil I ' l Knoxville Morristown Memphis Columbia l, 1, ll l l Evelyn lsom Evelyn Roth Mary Virginia Gattis Elizabeth Stewart l1 1 l 111 Fayetteville Knoxville Union City Whifeville 1 1fl 1 1 1 ll 1 1 E l L 1 l 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 ' ..2,1Ii 1 1 1 l l I ' 1-i I l 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 I 1 1 1 1 , 1 V X X 1 l N l " 1 la l ill '11 111 l 9 111i ll l-l ,Qjv i-Z ' L-::-c,ALf f-rf --ff-M - r - -- f - f -- I Q7 lvri !j- -iv-4A'1-M Y-iff ----lj-dw--I 'Q21' 1 1: ee no v ll: Page 3l6 1 I lll 5 55' rf A V , 5 of 5 59 SY eM,555,A 3:1-:vii Y ' ' -"'Pf'l? lm - - 5- -+V f - - Y-Y -7- -'ggjjll-f ff- Y- - 5"-'mia 555 'E:E'::"' ms 5 5 5 5- "MQ, ,A K-If--I-""'s""QdEG5"5, 555 ' 55 ,I 15 5 5 5 l 5 55 5 5 55 - 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 I 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 55 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 55 5 5 5 5 55 55 5 555 55 5 5 55' 55 ,5 5 5 55 55 5-55 5 5 55 555 5 5 555 555 5 5 555 55' 5 5 5 5 5 5 555 5 5 55 5 5 5 5 555 5 5 555 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 55 5 5 I 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 f 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 I 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 HANDLY HAWKINS MAIDEN CAMP WAGNER 5 5 5 5 PARKER ISOM STEWART NOWLIN CUMMINGS 5 5-5---5 5 DAVIS ANDERS LORD EARLY KITTRELL r"m'5F"':5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 ' 5 5 5 5 5 l 5 l 5 5 ALPHA OMICRON PI 5 5 5 5 5 . 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 omicfon cmpfef Esmbiashed 5902 5 5 5 5 5 Number of Chapters: 41 Publication: To Dragma 5 5 5 5 5 T 5 , 5 5 5 5 5 5934 lCont.l 5 5 '55 5 5 5 5 Elizabeth Witsell Ann Wagner 5 5 5 5 5 5 Memphis Chattanooga 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 ' 5 5 5 l935 5 5 5 555 5 Maxine Christenberry Elizabeth Dominick Mary Cummings Dorothy Smith 5 55 5 5 5 5 5 Knoxville Knoxville Chattanooga Pulaski 5 5 55 5 5 55 5 555 5 1936 55 5 555 5 Robbie Roe Anders Lillian Kittrell Ethel Davis Elizabeth Lord 5 5 5 5 5 Jackson Chattanooga Jackson Memphis 5 5 5 55 5 5 5 5 Frances Early Katherine Parker Charlotte Fowler Glenn Thompson 5 5 5 5 Knoxville Memphis Chattanooga Helena, Ark. 5 555 55 5 5 555 5 55 5 . -5 5 5 5 5 5 55 5 5 5 5 l 5 5 J 5 5 5 1 5 5 5 5 55 5 5 5 5 5 1 5 5 5 5 1 5 ,l i . 5 2 5 5 gi! .,,5f.5 5 5 I 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 1 5. 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 3 55 5 555 55 5 ,Lane-e cfs' on EQ C EfQf5iffjQi'i"'zz e 5 gg 535 -g.,J5---'ff' ,LHJM Ae nf 5 5 ohh-e-A ,MN X -e Q.,-W v:3i5rz.1i,T ll Y '+I--Y YAY-ix ' 'A' r " "5 " '5f' " " ' '1j2.,-Il ' -loF44l'.,.e55T v55 Ne-ex--ML NN, - 5 5 9- ,C We e-J 55 w' rr- --- - iw. 4 ,. ,J -f--frff' Page 3l7 1557 5' 1 .ve A-,7,..,., -w- -G ,Le ee TL-s-ssf 1 7 W as J ?-,,,l-- Colors: W. vffi a 'H ,1.f,,i BURTON THOMAS SEARLE JOHNSTON BORDEN McKEE HUDSON JENNINGS BIDWELL WILSON ASK KAPPES Founded Blue and Grey Melba Baker Knoxville Page Borden Palm Beach, Fla. Florence Eliot Martin Evelyn Kappes Knoxville ZETA TAU ALPHA at Virginia State Normal School, Farmville, Virginia, October GRADUATE Katherine Jennings Knoxville Jessie Dempster Knoxville i933 Virginia Hale Ma rgaret Burton Gibson Brownsville Eleanor Bidwell Philadelphia, Pa. Sara Marsh Shelbyville 1934 Ma rga ret Morgan Kingsport Elizabeth Johnston Knoxville lrma Wagner Jean McKinney Binghamton, N. Y. Knoxville if wr, .-KS' 2 ff mf - Q-. T. Q 3, f ' 0 ' iv v A. ,,,,.. ., , ff""""x'-- -- ee, --- - ' ' , '---- Ye-,,, l HALE BABELAY BAKER 1898 Flower: White Violet LeVerci Lovelace 'Union City Martha Neal Riddick Maury City Ramona Thomas Bluff City Virginia Whisman Knoxville emo, l T A E Djs ,E i , so L, Page 318 7,1- '1 I 1 KNO l JV YY-W 77 .7777 YV W, , , , v, ,,,ri..,..... 'W' T1 lil E R' -1-A E,,LLLQQQjfgiff'' il 111 ,T l ll l l 1 1111 1111 lil 1 11 ll ,jl ,W 1lf lx- 111 fl 11, 1 l'll V111 111 11111 1 H 11 l 11 l 1 l11 lil Hi ll 111 11 ll ll WAGNER CHALKER STANSBERRY MORGAN MCKINNEY FOSTER ' RIDDICK GANNAWAY ROBINSON LOVELACE BOITNOTT CARPENTER Number of Chapters: 61 Anno Lee Babelay Knoxville Wilma Chalker Knoxville Edna Ask Galveston, Texas zE'rA TAQU ALPHA Zeta Chapter Established, 1904 Margaret Hudson Knoxville Marion Robinson Knoxville Ruth Boitnott Dawson Springs, Ky. 1935 Carolyn Carpenter Knoxville Morjory Gannaway Charleston, Ill. 1936 Nancy Searle New York City 1 Dorothy Foster Knoxville 1 ks. 91.1 1 , ,. , , v 7,7415-717777 Y,,, YH- sV,, Mvh. ,YYY -LM , H V I l ""'i'gT WHISMAN ELLIOT MARSH Publication: Themis Elizabeth McKee Knoxville Louise Wilson Knoxville Lucille Stansberry Clinton Y YY 17777 A ,,,,,,i ,,,s ,W A ,. Yv:1:-..... HW Page 319 1 B' 1 1 l l 1 l l l 1 1 l l ,, 11 1 1 1 1 V 11 1 ee,-M-'ff-' sw- ee s--eLr 1, Y -- 'mfs' .A L ' " ' -- x--em 1' f--f ::isi'i,1T""7 I-dc-36'-F'-J 1 xr Hrlfctt-c','Q"'-ga--cz 172:71 '?':"T'b"+ , ,, V ""o"' -- -1iIi1"jf'+w""""1' 'Urn' ''wYn"f"nfj1jT:it:::---Iii' 'W' "'f j ijgg, gg-,---l f- --,pggrqxgvx z+jnA1- --E, Win, ' 'WJ AWWA NH, -J 111 5' ' -- eff V- Y 1 1 11 1 l 1 1 1 1 1 , 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 J 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 11 1 111 1 11 1 111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 111 1 11 1 ,, 1 1 1 1 l 1 1 1 LOFLIN CHANDLER FORESEE HOLMES PARROTT ' 1 McNABB,G. ROBINSON STONER MILNOR WELLS uf, 1 MCNABB, L. CLOTWORTHY CUMMINGS AKANS WILSON 1 -Y-1 1 1 1 l Pl-n Mu 1 1 1 1 1 1 Founded at Wesleyan Female College, Macon, Georgia, March 4, i852 ' 1 1 Colors: Rose 'and White Flower: Enchantress Carnation 1 1 1933 1 1 Virginia Akans Julianna Nickerson Louise McNabb Ruth Foresee 1 1 1 Knoxville Knoxville Asheville, N. C.' Greenback 1 1 1 1 Lois Chastain Jean Robinson Jane Pinaire Margaret Wells 1 1 Knoxville Memphis Memphis Atlanta, Go. 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 Julia Barrier Marguerite Stoner 1 111 Little Rock, Ark. Knoxville 1 1 i934 1 Billy Lotlin Evelyn Parrott Florence Holmes 11 1 Huffman, Ark. Newport Trezevant 1 111 1 1 11 ' 1 111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .gsm ' 1 1 1 Q' Q 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 111 1 1 1 111 1 1 111 11 - ooss My fr"'iii11ijiZiT Y e 1 1 L F 1 , -Y LET-, ewes -os-s,-s-o.,,l ala 1 ee il . if 1 L-,Y C, NA , 1 1 gJw,,,.-ffg-- ,-.1 1-MN so F aff he 11' Page 320 11 1,1 I 1 1 I I 11 -1 1 1 1- 1 1-1- s,--f1f-W --fi11i.i'iiif1'-fl!-'f1'1"11" 1 1 I 1 1 1 I I 1 I I 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 I 1 1 I I I 1 I I' I 1 1 I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 I 1 I I I I I 1 1 '1 I I 1 1: I I QI I 1 1 I 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 111 1 I I I 1 1 I 1 1 1 I I 111 1 11 I 5 1 I I I 1 I 1 I I 1 I 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 f 1 1 I I 1 1 , I I I I I I 1 I I I 1 I CHASTAIN SPARGO LUTZ GIBSON PINAIRE BARRIER I '-I-W NICKERSON THACH JONES HOLT LESTER Efif' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I , 1 1 1 I I I Kappa Chapter Established, i908 I I I Number of Chapters: 60 Publigation: Aglaia I 1 1 1 I 1 I I I i935 I 1 I I I I Dorothy Ann Chandler Broecksie Nelle Cummings Elinor Milnor Gladys McNabb 1 I I I I Alcoa Rutherford Knoxville Asheville, N. C. I , 1 I l 1 I Louise Clotworthy Evelyn Holt Ruth Gibson Jean Spargo I 1 I I I Miama, Fla. Memphis Knoxville Mendham, N. J. 1 I I 1 1 Marghretta Lutz Mary Louise Jones 1 I I 1 I I Sewickley, Pa. Newport I I 1 1 , 1 I 1 11 1 1 1 1 I Mary Margaret Lester Jane Thach LaVerne Wilson I I I Knoxville Chattanooga Dallas, Texas I I 1 11 5 I I 1 I III 1I 1 1 111 1 11 1 1 11 I II I I I 11 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 I 1 5 I I M, I I 1 1 ef, I 5 1 I C, 1 I 1 I I 1 11 1 I I 115 I 111 I11 111 111 III III 111 I g I 1 1 I Y A-I i ,Y lv- ' 1 "' i-- 7,,g if 1 I , LJ. ff fig?---ff'-""ll'T I VAXX """""'X-f - -nfiufx K'----+I1L, 'c4gIiiil":?'f+--,-,,a 1 1 511 1 ' 1 gg L C as as L V ee e , 1 II X---N gi been 1 or fQf,le I 411 fs11-we-1-fre 11" Page 321 I I 'lf Li .W-,, , li 'll ,V i .l , H . XM i l, lk li ll ill l , 1 l , mxlg ef ,474 i 1 l ,l, ill ll, 'll- l-l ,Ui llli ,l H, ,i 1 l is , l 3 u l l l l l A -- 'a-- , MARY EMERICK WHITE DANIELS ELGIN CLAPP YOAKUM MCNABB BURR BALTON RATLI FFE GREENE ALPHA DELTA Pl 1851 Founded at Wesleyan Female College, Macon, Georgia, May 15, Colors: Light Blue and White 1933 Eloise Bass Annie Clapp Blanche McNabb Birmingham, Ala. Knoxville Cleveland Martha Daniels Knoxville i934 Leo Eller Margaret McDonald Lois Harrell Knoxville Knoxville Morristown Mary James Ann Yoakum Patricia Kinnane Morristown Knoxville Knoxville ., . ,, -1g:'f5Si5f,,:pv. fiigxffi ,, '14 1 1-. 4 -. X D E H fe Aff, ff 'ns e i , , ssfffi A as e e--els 4 if 'T C Tiff ,lil E as A ,, ww, if f YV- X ,, Page 322 HUGHES PREDDY DEMPSTER Flower: Violet Margaret Upshaw Asheville, N. c. Virginia McClain Knoxville Dorothy Ratliffe Erwin Y " -Y--,...., . W .:....i,,yAf :ic ' A i rr s s A i l Es, UPSHAW Number of Chapters: 56 Frances Balton Memphis Carlotta Burr Nashville Ann Eaton Memphis Mary Frances Hughes Dyersburg CLEMENS SCHIRO LOUX l-IARRELL EATON KINNANE IRVINE ELLER BASS ALPHA DELTA PI Alpha Kappa Chapter Established in 1920 i935 Lorena Dempster Madisonville, Ky. Frances Schiro Memphis I936 Margaret Lavin Knoxville Louise Mary Knoxville W -ii. 1, 1 ..., A - .,.lk",. Dorothy Emrich Tyronzo, Ark. Elizabeth Greene Orangeburg, S. C. X Betty Clemens Knoxville Dorothy Elgin Knoxville l LAVIN Publication: The Adelphean Marcia White Knoxville Mary Irvine Chattanooga Claire Jo Loux Knoxville Anne Preddy Memphis li ill . it 1 li l l l l i ill lll 13 l l i all lil L l l l l l l l i l i l l I l l l A 1 l . l i I y i .il li l li l I l , l l i ..,Q, i l AQ' 1 I Vi if li if l y l , l I f Y E - l l l l 1 l J l i l - .,,u- Page 323 if lg, -AFA ,l ,H l I i i f , f, . Y "" 'fl'71 L Y iflfzi, f'Ti?,,?,gWA W - Y I V 4 , Xe-- l l Y' ' .5 T- .+, LY LA il V H"' fe semi, -V Y li' il l . , ll lil ill lwl iii 'i fi ll qi il lil ill ii. llll Mill 'l'i till I'l lllll llfll ill lllli 1, ll sig llll gflll iligx fMW ill l :lily BROOKS PHlLLlPs Lewis PRATER i l l i l il H illl l MCEVER EVANS THEILE REED, K. W l SIGMA KAPPA Founded at Colby College, Waterville, Maine, i874 STERCHI BEAIRD l i i i l l in 71- 1' pi Vi 5 l M l Colors: Maroon and Lavender Flower: Violet l i933 Helen Canaday Katherine Reed Mildred Elkins Louise Sanders Henderson Knoxville Dresden Knoxville E 5 I Maribelle Gibbs Louise Smith . lrene Murray Louise Tull 3 ' I . Martin Memphis DeFuniak Springs, Fla. Middlesboro, Ky. I 1 l 1 r 1 lil l 1934 X 1 i l ' lil Juanita Bentley Elizabeth Prater Elsie Staples Elizabeth Beoird l I Knoxville Knoxville Rockwood Obion 3 ll' Frances Lewis Ann Watson 2 l Dresden Knoxville N il l W l li T l L i , l 1 'Al l .- l i 'iii"f5 l 1 :tiff 'E' if 1 N ufijg jfjy gs-is gcaifsf, i W W i i i l l , l i i l i l all f 2 l 1 l ' Q ll lil M! LW, ,L-fffef-e'jjiii"fTf7' be ef V-s.f'if1fi"5Rse we-ee-'--,,,,e L i 1vfi1eQ1Lgiiig5ffe4eiimjeezes,jiii,Qfes7 4l e sb-e'w-e- fees-.,a..,s-ew-reefs' s l ll Page 324 l ll' V1 i i -15533- ,li ll i l is li l l L i i il ll l ll l ll l, l ia l ll ll ll 'ill il ,-,J l l il i i l l lE9'55 . E so 'il --ffi'lTQi1T'Tm1 s been lk 'V "Hof ' ' " " ' ' " "JV"-t"r"m N M- C gg- 'rf' rv l A ' 1 l l l l 4 l ll l l l l ' l l , l l l l , l l l l l BENTLEY REED, E. WATSON SMITH STAPLES MURRAY ELKINS CANADAY JOHNSON GIBBS SANDERS . Alpha Delta Chapter Established, 1921 Number of Chapters: 43 Publication: Sigma Kappa Triangle i935 Clauclie Brooks Elise Reed Annie Mae McEver Elizabeth Sterchi Knoxville Knoxville Itasca, Tex. Knoxville Q l 1936 ' Mary Elizabeth Evans Ruth Phillips Charlotte Johnson Frances Theile 1 ' Rockwood Tazewell Franklin Knoxville l , l lf W X , , :ill Y.. l A 1 l i -fa e A H r as of Lg, 1 l i l l'Z1iii1mYssf"rNQeNe X,"-qi? . ki wizieaililffjgirxwif ,,kM7:!il11liDxci-'Uri ' Q: . , , -l l l Page 325 ',i1 Y - V - ,.,..,. SWANN BOWLING WILLSON KENT PLASS HARDIN HALL ADAMS RIES PHIPPS JORDON MCCROSKEY BARDWELL CALDWELL, G. COOK FRANCIS, L. VAN BROCKLIN GADEN GOTTEN COBB WOOD DOOLEY Colors: Silver, Gold, and Blue Susan Houk Knoxville Alice Kent Knoxville Doris Walker Knoxville Margaret Willson Knoxville Mary Elizabeth Keister Knoxville Gwennie Williams Fountain City , , i-g --- DELTA DELTA DELTA Founded at Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts, 1888 FACULTY Louise Hill i933 Virginia Wright Kathryn Martin Knoxville Tasso Marian Gaden Dorothy Armstrong Memphis Knoxville Margaret Cobb Margaret Wright Galax, Va. Knoxville 1934 Charmian Stuart Ailsie McCrOskey Morristown Knoxville Carol Van Brocklin Elizabeth Dooley Memphis Knoxville Louise Swann Floy Bowling Knoxville Knoxville Mary Ellen Baker Mabel Gotten Knoxville Memphis Aa l ,vi , gg or we ll 5 agjggsyz l i Page 326 Flower: Pansy Lucile Francis Knoxville Margaret Caldwell Bristol Lucile Wright Bristol Margaret Francis Knoxville Elizabeth Nall Kingsport ,-. 7,.l..,,,., 1i.A -tirifr ,fl All l, ii l l l l ll 'i l l l l Cl , il , ll ll ill l ill l ,l, u ll l lll - 'll ll l ' l l i i Nl i i i l l l l , l i l l l lll 'i l l l 'l I .lg illl ll l l lil ll ll lf ill i ll - i l 1 ,i i i l i i l i i l N l l A l r fic:-'f 4: iii' I I ,,.,...g I it -ing W-vi' MCCALLI E BAKER POWELL ROBERTS HOUK TUTTLE Number of Chapters: 81 Mary Bruce McCallie Knoxville Marguerite Jordan Knoxville Barbara Ries Memphis Harriet Hope Wood Knoxville June Woolrich Knoxville Norma Crowe Memphis e f- -Qs 11, DOUGHERTY ARMSTRONG STUART WALKER CALDWELL, M. WILLIAMS WRIGHT MARTIN SAMPLE KEISTER CROWE KEITH NALL SHAW KLINE BRISCOE WOOD DELTA DELTA DELTA Delta Sigma Chapter Established, i923 1935 Elizabeth Bardwell Hortense Roberts X Charleston, Miss. Knoxville Helen Sample ' Mary Frances Cook Knoxville Columbia Marie Dougherty I Sarah Allen Briscoe Knoxville Knoxville l93'6 Genevieve Caldwell Dorothy Adams Bristol Knoxville Lillie Shaw Dorothy Hall Brownsville Memphis Virginia Keith Lucile Powell Knoxville Hazard, Ky. IIIQM S. Page 327 I I L Publication: The Trident Mary Virginia Tuttle Biloxi, Miss. Margaret Phipps Knoxville Katherine Kline Wichita, Kans. Dorothy Ellen Plass Vincennes, Ind. Lucile Hardin Knoxville I I I I I I I I In I ,.,-,,-s III III III III III Ill III Il I I II II I Ill E I II III :I IIII III II II- I I IIII III IIII III- ,'I ll I III III IN, "I I 7 ,,,,,, ,TT II' III II ,I II ,I I 'I IIII III 'I II II: IIII I I I I I II III II. I, il' III II, III I I,IMk Iiivrl I I I f1' Y --r I I I II Y V Y I 'W ------,,,,,v Ma -V4 II . L A I A if A A I on e -I as ff-of -A use ,Ig --'hr' TLQIIQQ' ' " " i i L 'f4Q-X"'fg7--'- X V - - I IQI W- -- -W f A ld-i-jiiijlifiizi--Trilvv-Q--1F E ' ' A -V-- Agua-4 V -I I , - ' A"" ' - '-""""'Y I II ne- -ee L AMI! ,L I III I I I , I -I - I M I ...... I . I I I I I I I I l I I I I I I I , I I I I I I I I I I 3 I I I I I I I I I I III I I I II I I I III I , II I I I If' I I ' III I I I III I I I III I I I III I I I I III I I I III I I I I I I I I ' I I I I I I I I I I I I I , - I I I I I I I I Q I I I I I I I WOOD BALDOCK WEBB LINDAMOOD GIBSON MILLER I " I-+I REBORI SMITH,V. WEAVER,J. ROBERTSON RUSSELL FINE I H--4 Ihfi' ' I BROMLEY SWITZER LAY STALEY CHESNUTT MANEY - f-I- w-I I I I I I-M I I I I I I I I I I I I I KAPPA DELTA I I I I Founded at Virginia State Normal, October 23, 1897 I I I 'I I I Colors: Olive Green and Pearl White Flower: White Rose I I I I S , 1933 I I I I I I I Katherine Adams Marie Lay Mary Lynch Chestnutt Joyce Weaver , I Knoxville Knoxville Knoxville Knoxville I I I Katherine Armstrong Josephine Bromley Emily Gray Louise Weaver I I ' - I I I Knoxville Ooltewah Knoxville Knoxville I I I I I I I III I Anna Mae Davis I I I II Canton, N. C. I I ' I 1934 I I I I I , I Cornelia Johnson Virginia Russell Hazel Lovingood Kitty Lee Trainum J I If I Knoxville Safford, Ala. Maryville Knoxville I I Sarah Betty Mclntire Alice Webb Eligabeth Murphy Miriam Williams I I 'II Knoxville Knoxville Little Rock, Ark. Knoxville I I If. I I I I I I I I I I I I If I I I VJ, I I l I 1. I I I I 'fe I 'iff' I I : I II .II III I II III Ve - f 'Ht' IIlxx'B":"'-one , ff' ' ' ' ' ' B JL. -V-M m"""" A ""'- -fr C A-.Qc 'QW' 'X c - - - -K A ""'EEi?:Tl'TflT"TI.igj' " " f 'W -'c'wG--Q W- --'-- --f ""'A"i-j,::3"i-157' L -- :I LIL: 'VIII we I exe... j-cu----- -- e-I Mi Neff- Jfv I ef 1 e A L ,sew JAMM I Page 328 P' -ai . 11 11'- . Y .W WWW 1 Tiger? I . W- I ...- , Q E P LW M E Y'-W' P' "g'i!'- fi -- Y-li-7 V Asgiililr:--A , --Y L , Y g X I ef ""' LL- ----TAR" 'gi .- 1 I 1 1 R W 1 1 W W I 1 3l1 'A ff' W1 li W 1 W l W I 111 W W W W W W 1 1 . 1 1 1 I f W W 1 W . , 1 , N , W W 1 W l 1 W 1 1 W W W 1 l W 1W 1' 1 1 W W 1 . 1 1 W 1 1 1 1 fW 1 1 11 1 WW 1 W 1 1 W 1 1 W W W 1 1 W W - ' 1 W W 1 W 1 X 1 W 1 W N RICHARDS WIMPENNY MURPHY WEAVER, L. TRAINUM ARMSTRONG, K. "" WILLIAMS ARMSTRONG,J. LIVELY SMITH, V. L. GRAY HARRIS I ' W F'1'A MW HAYES JOHNSON BROWN LOW MCINTIRE LOVINGOOD DAVIS Wi' , Wi' W 1 W , . KAPPA DELTA 1 Alpha Epsilon Chapter Established, i925 1 , 1 Number of Chapters: 72 Publication: The Angelos 1 W 1 , 1935 W Mary Ellen Baldock Virginia L. Smith Edith Hayes Martha Staley , . Knoxville Louisville, Ky. Nashville Knoxville 1 W 1 . Auda Gibson Margaret Switzer Mary Lindamood Virginia Wimpenny W J ' 1 W 1 Harlan, Ky. Bearden Knoxville Knoxville , ,, W W Harriet Miller Edna Fine M. Virginia Smith W'W - 1 Rogersville Knoxville Knoxville W ' 1 1 1936 W 1 , , . X 1 1 .lane Armstrong Margaret Harris Louise Wood Clara Rebori i R W Rogersville Springfield Covington Knoxville 11 1 1 ,1 Norma Lively Mary Margaret Money Helen Brownlow Mildred Robertson W1 1 l Chattanooga Knoxville Knoxville Knoxville l W 1 Mary Katherine Richards . 1 1 Chattanooga I F W 1 '1.- 1 ' W 1 1 W 1 1 W W1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 W 1 W 1 1 1 I W X 1 1 l 1 1 W, . W iW W1 1 W , V1 1 X Wl1 Y 7- f ,A-1, ' ' ' f flege Q i ffl-df-5 fL?g5g5g?-Qi - f W 111 A Kiki AA' i' 'Y 1, ' 1 Page 329 W as C e 1 if so Y...-n--- -- V LEWIS CLIFTON Colors: Green and Rose MORGAN MATHES SEYMOUR TOWNES AURIN HENDRICKS DELTA ZETA Founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, October 24, 1902 GRADUATE Barbara New Margaret Onkst Knoxville Knoxville 1933 Helen Goddard Lillie Cannon Louise Hendricks Dandridge lnskip Memphis Eulah Clyde Mason Knoxville i934 Elizabeth Clifton Lucille Seymour Sara Sue Nuchols Memphis Knoxville Maryville Rossie Loy Janice Rae French Thelma Townes Roanoke, Va. Knoxville Micldlesboro, Ky. ill-'f f 5 ...s , ii ,-'1L!?'O?2"f. ff efiiiwilfa-5 kls:'1!fllSMiE Page 330 GODDARD WOOD Flower Josephine Payne Knoxville Johneta Lewis Spencer l r l l l rl l, l . l ,. li ll l l l Rose 5 il l l l l l 1 l l l l l r i l l l l l l ll' .V. l lm l ll l 1 lil N l :N l i' l l 5 l l l l , l i l l l . l l l l l l T 531 ill ll l l l , 'ill llll lil ll,i, jlll l , l l l ill ill L lf my v A l li ll ll ll if ral l'l il lf? l M44 11 111 1 11 1 1 1 11 1 - 111 A1111 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 Qggiiiggggwe-1---e-ee-1111111,41W ----C 1117 Y 'D f" ff' F - ii' J ' gj,,T1-Jef !4iAi' +kA?f1i.1:i 111 ,, K i 1 1 'H ,.. 1 1 11 1 111 111 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 11 1 1 1 111 3 1 1 1 11 111 1 1 1 1 1, 1 1 11 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 FRENCH PAYNE MCLURE WALLACE New 1 1 I -,. NUCHOLS MASON LOY ONKST CANNON ..-1 Q V1 -C 1, 1 A 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 DELTA ZETA 1 1 1 1 1 Pledge chqpfer Esmblashea, 1932 1 1 1 1 Number of Chapters: 59 Publication: The Lamp ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1935 ' 1 1 1 1 1 Ruth Aurln Elfreda Mathes Muriel Morgan Johnnie Mae Wallace 1 J 1 1' 1 Knoxville Jonesboro, Ark. Chattanooga Knoxville 11 1 1 Margaret McLure 1 1 1 1 Nashville 1 1 111 1 1 1 1 111 1 1936 11 , 1 1 1 Mildred wood 1 1 1 1 Knoxville 1 1 1 111 1 1 1 111 1 1' 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11,1 111 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11j 1 1 1 111 ,11.11--,11 f "nf , V1 " ' Y 1" ' r ite J-, , fa """"'e--11-A--Q- , Y W eff- fiifr, , ,gr V V -11-1 7 . 4 .C - 1 jfjggj iiifaeze iw '111d:Q,33- 411 1-1- eeeeeee-M1. 1 1,1 1V 1 'Y A ' ' 1 """" 4 1 11 Ci' 'C'-'Y 1 Page 331 1 1 I A . S-.-Q., Y T I I I E . X I I I I I 9 , I. E la I QEI I I I , I 1 I N , HOUK BROMLEY SMITH BASS WELLFORD MURRAY T' " I CLOTWORTHY RIDDICK BIDWELL HENDRICKS DANIELS CAMP 4' ' ' ROBINSON COOK WEAVER MASON KRUESI DEANE PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL The Pan-Hellenic Council is the governing body of the Greek letter sororities on the hill. OFFICERS Susan Houk - - - - - - - - President Josephine Bromley - - Vice-President Harriet Deane - - Secretory Helen Camp - - - Treasurer REPRESENTATIVES y , ALPHA DELTA PI CHI OMEGA DELTA ZETA PHI MU Martha Daniels Harriet Deane Louise Hendricks Jean Robinson 9 Eloise Bass Jane Wellford Eulah Clyde Mason Louise Clotworthy I 1 ALPHA OMICRON Pl DELTA DELTA DELTA KAPPA DELTA SIGMA KAPPA , Helen Camp Susan Houk Josephine Bromley Louise Smith Rowena Kruesi Mary Frances Cook Joyce Weaver Irene Murray ei Ii -II I, 1 ZETA TAU ALPHA Eleanor Bidwell Martha Neal Riddick ., ,I , ,, Page332 -f --fa... , Wi. . V 1 Luncheon-Dmner A X ,f .Fw I , gl' 7 H1 gl U'.?.0..N23 Q 6:9 S. on sr A La Cm-te Service , All Hours Special Dinner 5'5 Daily Special. IWEBTI EVE T G, ....-,.. , . 'A n, ...-... .,. -- . .....--. .,. A- A ...-.... , . -A ., ....... u. ., .---... U. I ., .---.... . . . ..-.. ,...., .,........., 6...-.. i'TQ15ts. iqiipk iii 564,33 i.-Ski,-3i,1c1'P 'riicii Q I il 'TF1 U ' ' I7 T e niversity o en nessee l A STATE UNIVERSITY AND A NATIONAL INSTITUTION 5, HARCOURT A. MORGAN, LL.D., President Comprises the Following Colleges and Schools gl A 1' K N o x v I L i. E ei Graduate School College of Agriculture l offering courses in Agricultural Economics ti. College of Liberal Arts and Rural.Sociology, Agricultural Educa- el , , tion, Agricultural Engineering, Animal with undergraduate courses In Arts and Husbandry, Dairy Husbandry, l-lofi-jcul- Sciences. ture, Agricultural Business. School of Home Economics e School of Commerce 31 offering courses in Factory Management, Accounting, Finance Marketing. College of Education including courses for High School Teach- ers, Elementary Supervisors, Principals, 4 Superintendents. College of Engineering with courses in Civil, Mechanical, Elec- trical, Chemical, Agricultural Engineeringp also Industrial Education. Many of the giving courses in General Home Economics, Home Economics Education, Institution Management, Rural Home Life. Division of University Extension offering college credit, college entrance credit, and non-credit and Library Read- ing courses. College of Law Summer Quarter two terms offered by all the colleges, starting June IO and July Zl, l932. The Division of Agricultural Extension and the Agricultural Experiment Station. Q. courses are on the Co-operative plan. 5 A T M E M P H l S College of Medicine I School of Nursing gi fgfrillpginlizgiflnesl opportumlles for med- with courses leading to the degree of l School of Pharmacy Graduate Nurse and Bachelor of Science. with courses leading to the degree of - Pharmaceutical Chemist. College of Denl-lsllry eil School of Biological Sciences with courses leading to the degree of with courses leading to the M.A., M.S., Doctor of Dental Surgery and Bachelor and Ph.D. degrees. of Science. S A T M A R T I N l UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE JUNIOR COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE AND SCHOOL OF 6' Home EcoNoM1cs ex For Announcements of Colleges, Requirements for Admission, . and General Information, Address l UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE 2: KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE I sf'QrbfidbfTwdb!fidbii6b7 X657 icf?' 'gy"' -.ra ...... Fla' ...... ra,-'-.ez ....,. sa,-F-.a ...... W-A-.iz ...... rs- -.iz ...... nf ...... W, J' CALENDAR Wednesday, September 21 Freshman week, like the colored man's bank has "bust" in our faces. ln spite of the de- pression everything points toward a "bumper crop" of Frosh. Preliminary meeting this morning. This afternoon, special exams- freshmen love these. Tonight, Torch Cere- mony-a brightening up touch with a serious effect. Where was Lester? Ask Vice-Presi- dent Curtis. Sorority silent week is now on- "Silence is golden," girls. Thursday, September 22 Jamsl Jamsl Registration, physical exams. Frosh-little strangers in strange lands. Bud- dy Bowling-early bird, worm, and all that gets the very first neat green cap. lA little bit of green makes the whole world grinl. Vespers, then later, the "Freshman Mixer" fills this first cup of life's elixir. Friday, September 23 As 'twas yesterday so 'tis today only more so. Everybody asking questions nobody can ans- wer-where ignorance is bliss who wants to be wise? DEAN MASSEY, starts the boys off right with the who, which, where, what, and why of college life. DEAN GREVE, ditto the girls. O. and W. appears minus the "Loafer" -just Gaskill peeps at people-a regular peeping Tom-no, a peeping Gordon. We know who he is, anyway, that's something. The"Mugwump" is no more 'tis sure, alas, it wouldn't be Simon-pure. Saturday, September 24 General meeting of Freshman class. Noon: silent week ends-here's hoping none of the dear girls choked to death. Pigskin season opens. Vols meet Chattanooga's Moccasins at Chattanooga. Rah! Rah! we won. But that l3-O score was a jolt-after we'd been thinking the Moccasins so easy. We're lucky they were not any better. Wynn played stel- lar football. Sunday, September 25 The Hill-"A painted ship upon a painted ocean"-but afternoon brings signs of life at Pipers. Beautifully dressed ladies dash up- do ladies dash?-to get sodas-or, to see and be seen between teas. Huh, we failed to tell you: all the sororities are giving teas for the rushees. How come the debutantes rate one of these? Monday, September 26 Upper classman everywhere, matriculating wildly, grabbing the rushees. Now, now, it will soon be over. McWhirter is still with us-a rock in the shifting sands. Bud Parker, ag. student, wins "Cattle Judging" contest at Nashville. Tuesday, September 27 Fraternity rushing closes with formal pledg- ing. Seventeen frats pledge 257. Not bad for a depression year. Lumber prices should soon be on the up and up. Laugh now, little ones, you've mickle time to grieve. Landrum Bolling talks on campus publications. Wednesday, September 28 Classes begin. Sorority rushing ends with eighty percent of co-eds pledged-A Greek holiday will now be enjoyed by all. Nearly two thousand students enrolled-a few late ones still coming. We're going to miss Dacus around the campus, and it's too bad "Miss Tennessee"-er Kentucky, can't be with us. Thursday, September 29 Delta Tau Deltas hold first Freshman Smoker -all neophytes doing nicely, thank you. The new gym is wonderful. Jefferson Hall will soon be-just another bad dream. Romances surviving the summer: Bass-Lee, Lowe-Mc- Auliff, Mahan-Faust, Kruesi-Kerr, Burton- Dunlap. Friday, September 30 Scholarship winners announced-Rader, Arm- istead, McAfee, Burleson, and Cook. An- nual Beaver Club dance. Pluperfect-good music, beautiful girls, handsome men, O yes, and Jimmy Lee. lntra-mural program for men posted. T ' iQ7 i.?TiC?7 ??'YC.Y'YC??'?- GSX? ..... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ....... ...... ...... 4' A ff Banking Home ...... I at s Q i 'tit ff' 1 ,,.--, -- i k i ' ' Q' 3 ' rp 'n af 'Q 3 APETY'-- Q, -- the First Essential in Choosing az l. is C1 E believe there is no bank in the entire country flax whose condition is more sound and SAFE than .5 the Hamilton National Bank, of Knoxville. 'A 3 We are, and expect to remain, exceedingly liquid and gy our cash position is unusually strong. . As we see it, the Primary Function ofa Bank is to 3 conserve and protect its depositor's funds .... and this if we propose to do by keeping our assets sound and watch- I ,IA ing carefully our investments,-both large and small. Ig On such trustworthy and fundamental banking Gi principles .........,.. A We Invite Your Account 5 J 9 'Q Hamilton National Bank - or KNOXVILLE A 'Q HAMILTON NATIONAL BANK BUILDING fe. AND 520 GAY smear 5 J' 'Q -Q 5 i ' ' li f YY 4' - I ..., .... CALENDAR Saturday, October I Vols crush Ole Mississippi 33-O. lt really be- gins to look like old times with the students out en masse to see the first home game of the season. Sororities showing off pledges- 'N they're well worth showing, if anyone hap- pens to ask you. Sunday, October 2 Rain-nothing doing. A lot of droopy look- ing freshmenuaround and everyone lower than the ventral fin of a sea-going fish. Pipers-- the only alive place in town. Monday, October 3 Just another day. Can't some ingenious con- triver produce a week without Mondays. How- ever, the history classes are rejoicing-Miss Stephen's back. Tuesday, October 4 First meeting of Volunteer Business Staff. Band doing a little warming up. Jo Jo Dough- erty, the handsome S.P.E. pledge with the wonderful eyes, is a potential football star. Wednesday, October 5 Kappa Sigmas, A.O. Pis awarded scholarship cups for last spring quarter. First meeting of Tennessee Scribblers, Paul Little is the new president of Sigma Upsilon-this frater- nity is sponsoring a new literary club with the mystic name-F.V. Thursday, October 6 lnitial meeting of Pershing Rifles. Alpha Zeta gives smoker for ag. freshmen. Pitts- burg Harris Can't some situation? seems to be without a steady. enterprising co-ed remedy this Friday, October 7 Eloise Bass, elected band petite A.D. Pi from Memphis, sponsor. This Bass-Lee combi- nation will look good. Company sponsors also announced. These military gentlemen are connoisseurs in matters of feminine pulchri- tude. Saturday, October 8 Vols annex second conference victory by de- feating N. C. Tarheels 20-7. Triple-threat Feathers, Franklin, and Ellis step out. Every- body happy. B's-Band, Bass, and Beaman buzzing around. Former letter men visit U. T. Re-union to be annual. Sewanee frosh tie baby Vols in a scoreless game. Sunday, October 9 A lot of N. C. fans still here. For Allah's sake, can't these Chapel Hillites get out of town and give the locals a chance. Suspense increases as election of Honorary Cadet Colo- nel nears. Monday, October 10 The library is to have a tower for a museum of Fine Arts-the Audigier collection to be the nucleus. Anyone as fatal as Lillian Kittrell should carry first aid. We are in- debted to Drum Major Beaman for this sug- gestion. Being among her early fatalities, he should be authority on the subject. Tuesday, October 'l'I Mary Neal Slatery, Beautiful Chi Omega of Knoxville, is chosen Honorary Cadet Colonel. The choice of this decided brunette gives that old gag about gentlemen preferring blondes a jolt. Wednesday, October I2 S.A.E's honor freshmen with dinner dance. Dramatic Club and W.S.G.A. have meetings. Home Ecs and Ags have joint session. Phi Sigma Kappa dinner dance. Can't someone help Dr. Bell find Miss Zilch? Thursday, October 13 Meeting of Pershing Rifles. McGinnis, Wright and Pugh indulge in a little betting-Phil Claxton can tell you all about it. Pi K.A's win tennis title over Phi Gams in first intra- mural contest-Page and Whittle show good form. Friday, October 14 Kappa Deltas give dinner dance. Alpha Lambda Deltas are hosts to Cap and Gown 6'XC2'TKC?i'.?.PZ'YCPZTY.?'-XC.??TiC?ZTTK?i7TTXCC?- mf: ...... mn ....,. an ...... mf: ...... ...... ...... ....... ...... ...... nr? al, ..--.. ya ,E ...... bp E ...-.. wa qi: ...1-. 2,3 yu ...... wg gk: ...... wa gk: ...... W -gm ..-t.. we JE ...... HBA Ju.. J. fl., ?I THE CITY AND COUNTY OFFICIALS BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL MEN -OF- The City of Knoxville and Knox County Extend to the Graduating Class of '33 Every Wish for Success and Happiness in Life 9 THE ATLANTIC AND PACIFIC C. M. MCCLDNG G COMPANY l TEA CO. 'R THE H. T. I-IACKNEY COMPANY THE ASHE HOSIERY MILLS T. E. BURNS COMPANY SPENCE SHOE COMPANY W. C. DAVIS I bf I 1, it GEORGE R. DEMPSTER Chairman of the Par JUDGE A. C. GR-IMM Circuit Court 4- JUDGE ROBERT M. JONES 5. Chancery Court 2 JUDGE E. G. STOOKSBURY k Boa rd ROY LOTSPEICH L. C. STAIR FRIENDS COOPERATIVE BOOK STORE MAYOR J. T. O'CONNOR Mayor of Knoxville W. W. MYNATT Director ot Public Service WALTER C. ANDERSON Criminal Court Director of Public Safety I JUDGE s. o. HOUSTON C"l'EF C- Nl- JOHNSON County Court Chief of Fire Department JUDGE l-IU B. WEBSTER WILEY W. THOMAS I Juvenile and Domestic Rela- City Purchasing Agent ' T' C I' 'Ons our DR. I-I. E. ci-IRISTENBERRY I JUDGE L- H- CARI-QCK Member ot City School Board Second Circuit Court A J WESLEY BREWER PREP R- STAJR Ag ' Sheriff Knox County Member of City School Board I J. c. RUTHERFORD I J- J- GRAHAM gl Criminal Court Clerk Postmosler I liz DR. J. B. PARKER JOHN l-- MYNATT Register of Deeds JUSTICE of Peace yy' FRANK W. FLENNIKEN W. W. MORRIS A Trustee Superintendent County Schools ly LESLIE M. KENNEDY DR. M. G. HERRELL County Court Clerk County Physician iw I4 Q. SX ' nf .If Tw, JT 'WYE .Gin .Iw..'1, .ffTm, .fTTn fn, W, J' ...... H, ,EEE ,......, ,E E, ,...... E, ,......,, E E, ,......, ,E E, .......,, E E, ,,....., ,E E, ,... 'I' "- J' "'- "' 'N ksiksijciksikx Firms whose names and line of business appear on this page express their appreciation for the excellent work and influence that has been attained through the University of Tennes- ee. see . . . The good effect derived both directly and indirectly, we believe to be far reaching in many a community and should have our full encouragement and co-operation. PHONE 3-1315 PHONE 2-3333 Rodgers and Company QE Fowler Insurance Agency KNQXVILLE ABBATTQIR PACKARD-wILLvs 3- AUSTIN . GENERAL INSURANCE COMPANY 617 W. Mein Avenue GENERAL BUILDING NORTH CENTRAL Phone 2-5189 KNoxv1I-I-E - TENNESSEE YOUR BUSINESS APPRECIATED Knexvme E Tennessee J. W. BYE ---- Local Agent PHONE 2-6038 Phone 2-6149 gf Gulf Refining Company ED SCHMID WITT LUMBER co. Mein Office, Meryvine Pike R E A L 5 5 T A 1' E GK PHONE 3-2118 709 MARKET ST. E 808 Western Ave. Ee' KNOXVH-LE E TENNESSEE KNOXVILLE - TENNESSEE Knoxville - Tennessee GJ!! Dixie MGCI'lIllel'y COIHPGIIY Phone Elkmont l - For Reservations Tennessee G' sgufheqsfern I' eos WESTERN AVENUE QA PHONE 2-3085 Wonderland Club Hotel Coal C0- ,I Torrid Zone and Williamson FUIHGCES SOLROOMS WITH BATH15o PRODUCERS AND DISTRIBUTORS som and InsIoIIed In The NOTIOHOI Pork East Tennessee National Bank Building M J. M. GILLESPIE, Mgr. Elkmnt E Tennessee PHONE 2-1513 PHONE 6-1963 ' CHAVANNES LUMBER PADGETT MARBLE CO. Manufacturers of IA Co CENTRAL PIKE M 0 N U M E N T S . - wEsT END or AILoR AVENUE A KNOXVILLE, TENN. Pure Dairy Products PHONE Mm 2 I KN0xV'L'-E ' TENNESSEE KNOXVILLE - TENNESSEE PHONE 3-2121 ' Carl R. Roberts Undertaking 'I MODEL FARM DAIRY Company T. L. LAY PACKING CO. 3 Fun Line of Dairy 512 UNION AVENUE 400 E. Jackson Ave. P""I"'Is PHONE 2-6191 Phone 3-6108 cf KNoxvILLE - TENNESSEE KNOXVIEEE E TENNESSEE KNOXVH-LE TENNESSEE 1. TQ PHOERSLIQS cr COMPANY Peters G' Bradley Milling CO. PI-IoNE 3-4348 , , 1420 N. BROADWAY COOK OPTICAL CO. . Investment Securities f F H THEN-E opfometrlst , PHONE 2-1523 ' ' ' ' 925 HAMILTON BANK BUIIDINGEE H I EYES ExAMINED-GLAssEs FITTED 3 KNOXVILLE - TENNESS S n 0 W I I a k e F I 0 u I' Journal Building 616 S. Gay Street if PHONE was PEERLEss coAL co - E Mo-I-OR TRANSFER Co. - HarrIII's Transfer Co. I 409 N, CENTRAL 2l2 RAMSEY STREET CRATING - PACKING - sToRAGE Long and Short Distance pi-IONE 2,5131 SHIPPING I. Hauling We have Served Knoxville 67 Years 3,4 w. R. CARTWRIGHT - Pres. and Mgr. Knoxville - Tennessee ..ExEe,ienee Ceume.. PHONE 3.6104 I' MEDICAL ARTS BUILDING ' 3 KNOXVILLE Palmer Hardware and CITY FISH MARKET I J. s. CASKEY, Manager Furniture Co. 29-30 CITY MARKET gl phone 3.5711 EDW. EISENBERG, Owner X When you come to The Medical Arts IIEVEVYIIWIHQ in Hordworell se' 'Nd Fresh-water I,'odIIcIs t' Building park your car free Equipped Wlfh FFIQICI AH' QE In our garage KNOXVILLE - TENNESSEE Free Delivery PHONE 3-4239 ...... Sf P' iw if YOUNG MENS CLOTHING OF Fa af' E 21 DISTINCTION Fi I , ff gf 318 Gay Street A KNOXVILLE - TENNESSEE fi A sg THE HOME OF THE MELLO-WHIRL-DELICIOUS ICE CREAM SANDWICH 'F' F .A,,.1., A . ' . qg iiiisi '-" 5:5 :1:f , ........, W ,.::,: ge:sg5:s:- O',,f ,,E..:,, 1 , E' G Na gl x 31:1 ' ICN' .AA'::- Tuulll lv AA 03:12. E E' .uw W "" 1' Nu, vm' WW 2,1 iw sANl - SEAL coMrANY 5:4 518 20 22-24-26 W. JACKSON AVE. KNOXVILLE TENNESSEE A M A .... .,... l l H2353 EGQEQSQ7 "l tw Tenn . GO TO 5 I essee Coach Co A d C Bus TermInal - Knoxvllle, Tenn. I-,CHI H CI'SOI1 Offlpally Phone 3-1923 FOR sh NASiRrZT-ocgable Roomy Bus'-Ts to ghese Painta .I H ,. ,.,, ,, . ,..,,. ree epartures aly BRISTOL e,e, C. . ,,,,eee ee,A.e.e,e. S lx Departures Daily QUAUTY AND SERWCE BLUEFIELD, W. VA. .,.,,,. Three Departures Daily 'S ou' mono 3 CHATTANOOGA .eee,. .e,,.e, . Six Departures Daily 322 UNIQN AVE. DIAL 2-5137 fl. Travel by Bus, The Eleahlamical and Canvenient Courfeous Gnd Polife Affenflofl Given EVEVY gf way Customer ' , f L , ,N el ss' x, -Ennis ff' his , Barber 81 MCMurry 2. 'I ll . ARCHITECTS H5534 MEQV KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE 'h fl rvfzrifchifffiffo Q NJ E f-l " yi Y f argl, ' X f l S , , .5 S , WPC MEMBERS OF THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ' ARCHITECTS GQ Made by KERN BAKERS For Tasty Toa-sted Sandwiches With a Distinctiv Trqyel ,,,, G R E Y H O U N D Q' Barbecue Flavor RECAS COFFEE SHOP 3: THE CONVENIENT WAY "From Coast to Coast" Club Breakfast Short Orders ow gl Dinner THE 5 Paeeae Orders Filled G R E Y H O U N D PHONE oRDERs DIAL 2-9514 L 1 I1 C S C0mDlimeHfS0f SO U T l-l E RN STA R Sf Dr. S. C. Chambers COAL D E N T I S T :N-9 bf on PURE ATLANTICICE WEIGHED l83l West Cumberland Avenue found 'W' """'l"9 Dial 3-3242 I-Ieure 9-5, 7-8 Atlantlc Ice 81 Coal Co, vl U- S- Smoked With Government Hickory Inspected Wood 'the deliciouim Are prepared and cured with thought for those who like delicious savory ham and we believe that's just about all of us! Most Bacon LOOKS Alike, But "Selecto" is Sold on its FLAVOR Which accounts for its great popularity. in 1010: 3010101400 taxxuxuiuc pixiixznxiof "The Best on At the Best the Market Market" l GNN E556 K! . E 1 iuspucpniuqb 11 0.1 ' ' 2010301 9010211210: CALENDAR at home of Mary Ellen Baker. Zeta Tau Alphas entertain pledges at Druid l-lills. Faculty Women's Club have tea at home of President and Mrs. Morgan. l-lalf of the university 'Bama bound for the Vol-Tide bat- tle tomorrow. Saturday, October 15 Are we all excited! Tennessee came up from behind in the final quarter to defeat Alabama 7-3. Feathers punting gave a fighting team the necessary margin. Rayburn, Maples, War- math, Franklin, Robinson, Brackett, and Wynn stemmed the tide in a downpour that made everything plenty wet-even East Tennessee bone-dries. Sunday, October l6 The Germans say, "Alle gute dinge sind drei." lAll good things are threei. We agree as we note: l-loskins, Massey, Greve, Neyland, Park- er, Britton, Brackett, Feathers, Wynn, Ray- burn, Aitken, Maples, l-lorton, Dunlap, Gas- kill, Bolling, Fitzgerald, Claxton, Dean, Houk, Robinson, Pipers, Briscoes, Lanes. Monday, October 17 Debating Squad has meeting. Co-eds out to join forensic ranks. Life would not be the same without Sally B. in the postoffice, Louise Hill in the gym, and Gaskill in the O. and W. Deutscher Verein, German Club, has initial meeting. Christenberry is another one of these fascinating A.O. Pi pledges. Tuesday, October 18 Home Ec Club hears state and federal speak- ers. O. and W. Staff completed. lts slogan: "No sloths allowed." Seats for new gym ar- rive. Lib Dominick has the most poignantly bluesy voice. Wednesday, October I9 Physical Ed. Department, assisted by the Red Cross, dedicates new pool with Water Pag- eant. Sigma Kappas give bridge party to honor pledges. A- N ......, .0 A -1, ......, I. -A A ,......, 5 AA J, ......, 5 AA -. ,......, 5 AA .6 ...... ,Oi -A ., ..-.--.. ,. A- ., .------. ,. -fx J.------.,. -Ax fy lIQ,kp1Q..-Jai ipkg2qpijc4,iicpSiv,i'icpk,iEp'Q,'fQL1:ti9 .1 S APPRECIATION Firms whose names and line of business appear on this page express their appreciation for the excellent work and influence that has been attained through the University of Tennes- see . . . The good effect derived both directly and indirectly, we believe to be far reaching in many a community and should have our full encouragement and co-operation. Huber Cr Huber Motor Express 200 RANDOLPH ST. PHONE 3-8711 Direct Service to Louisville, Ky., Evans- ville, Ind., Chicago, III., and Cincinnati, Ohio. Ship by Insured Truck-More Economi- cal and Quicker PHONE 2-7107 Knoxville Sand 6' Lime Co. BUILDING MATERIAL Front Avenue SUNNY VIEW DAIRY CONCORD Call County Phone 2100 Dairy Deliveries in Knoxville Grade "A" Raw Milk - "Quality Milk AIways" FRED M. BURKHART Fresh and Salted Meats 3 6' 4 CITY MARKET PHONE 2-4186 Prompt Delivery J. M. Ruggles G' Son WHOLESALE Granite and Marble Memorials All Kinds Building Work 1300 Island Home Blvd., Phone 3-9337 Simmonds, McClure and Lindsay ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE Surety Bonds-Loans 408 Clinch Ave. Phone 3-8103 1-ioLsToN QUARRIES GENERAL BUILDING KNOXVILLE TENN. ELY'S CAFE 428 UNION AVENUE "The Home of Good Eats" Phone2-9878 A Welcome Awaits You THE JAMES MILL IOO4 WEST CUMBERLAND AVE. Phone 3-6837 "Manufacturers of Purity Meal and o Feed for Every Need" SPUR DISTRIBUTING CO. J. H. ALLISON, Agent 201 -N. Broadway - Phone 2-6107 Knoxville Engraving Co. SPECIALIZING ON ENGRAVINGS FOR COLLEGE ANNUALS 310 W. Church Phone 2.-5643 CAMERON BRACKNEY - General Agent Provident Mutual life Insurance Co. - of Philadelphia Assets Over S260,000,000 BURWELL BLDG. PHONE 2-7153 Sinclair Refining Co. W. A. FOWLER Local Mgr. Phone 3-1234 Atlantic Ave. J. M. COUR, District Manager DUN Cr BRADSTREET, INC. BANKERS TRUST BLDG. Phone 2-4133 PHONE 2-5824 Homer K. Jones 6' Co. Public Accountants FIDELITY BANK BLDG. Knoxville Paper Box Co. 200-206 E. MAGNOLIA AVE. PHONE 3-8924 Paper Boxes and Folding Cartons JAMES HICKMAN, Mgr. BIJOU THEATRE 803 South Gay St. PHONE 2-5310 U. of T. Students Welcome PHoNE 2-2112 Appalachian Marble Co. Interior and Exterior Marble 739 MIDDLEBROOK PIKE KNOXVILLE - TENNESSEE SEMONES CO., INC. PHONE 2-6953 Barber and Beauty Supplies 718 SOUTH GAY ST. KNOXVILLE - TENNESSEE PHONE 3-2147 Knoxville Sand Gravel Material Co. "Let Us Quote Our Price" MARYVILLE PIKE KNoxviu.E - TENNESSEE PHONE 2-3764 Light Pink Marble Co. PHONE a-2109 S. B. Newman Cr Co. P R I N T I N G Office Supplies-Office Furniture 617 S. Gay Street Knoxville, Tenn. Dunlap Trunk and Leather BOWMAN HAT CO. Shop . 715 MARKET STREET MANUFACTURERS "See Us Before You TroveI" 200 WEST JACKSON AVENUE PHONE 3-4944 PHONE 3-6342 KNOXVILLE - TENNESSEE I I'I CI I-I I I' I 9 5 W 9 I C 0 m 9 521 MARKET ST. - KNOXVILLE, TENN. ...... P I I I I Webb Motor Company T O O L S I Officio I FOR U. T. STUDENTS j 5' AAA can 3-2161 'R CNN-9 . 00-9 R BROADWAY AT CUMBERLAND TENNESSEE MILL AND MINE fi PHONE 2-4419 I SUPPLY CO, 11' For. . . CLARK SHOE SHOP ,N SU RA N C E D, CI Try Us SEE P 3. 317 UNION AVENUE Henry G. McMillan Co. Iii I, We Know How HAMILTON BANK BUILDING t, 5, DIAL 2-0931 J. D. Morris, Prop. Phone 2-2155 .2 'R fi I On Youi-lWcIy. toglne ligrm Drop in CIT Medical Arts Drug CO. OUIS 211' CCUC MAIN AT LOCUST N 5, 1839 W. CUMBERLAND AVE. . . If .4 PI , , Prescrlptlon aI'e Lunch Wlfh Drlnk 25c S P e C i G I i S t S lg We deliver 54 Coll 2-9832 CURB SERVICE DIAL 3-7175 R- H- MAY' Mgr- Rf, I Wi 'R If "INSURANCE IN ALL OF ITS BRANCHES" X39 J. E. LUTZ 8: COMPANY ,I A ESTABLISHED 1896 INCORPORATED 1929 fb 3. axe Our Orgonizotion Includes The Following Alumni: I "NEO" I.uTz, '12 "GENE" MCCLAMROCH, '22 "LUM" REEDER, '19 "JOHN" JACOBS, '24 Q "HOYT" PAYNE, '20 "SAM" FRANKLIN, '25 ,I 6' "GABY" HOOPER, '20 "DON" SEVERENCE lw ENTIRE SECOND FLOOR, BURWELL BUILDING Ig 4.1 I4NOxvII.LE - TENNESSEE If JK VE .. s -R x Ps ', xX 2 X fffflflf If 1 XX XXXDQXX . 'Q if X lg The Com a with the Coa nd the if xx Z 'Q x If X 5 V I 1, 1, if if I I li xxx xt X lg OUR FAMOUS COALS "DIXIE GEM"-"REGAL"-"SOUTHERN STAR" 614 OAK AVENUE PHONE 3-5103 CALENDAR Thursday, October 20 A.T.O's, Pi K. A's and Phi Gams give dinner dances. S.A.E. Treasure Hunt-too bad they all had to happen on the same night-a break for somebody. Now, who shall we nominate for the most expert female flutterer? Friday, October 21 All-Students Club dance-the last in Jeffer- son l-lall. Memories fond and otherwise will linger long. A. L. Gillespie and Edward Mc- Gowan elected officers of Tennessee Baptist Student's Union. Saturday, October 22 Volunteers defeat Maryville Highlanders 60- O. 'Nough said. Delta Tau Delta give buffet dinner. University of Tennessee praised by Franklin D. Roosevelt, Democratic Nominee for President. Sunday, October 23 Tri Deltas give open house for pledges-one of the bigger and better parties. Kappa Sigma fraternity has A.D. Pis as dinner guests. Kappa Sig's have an eye for feminine superla- tives. Monday, October 24 Dean Hoskins awarded honorary degree- Litt.D by Cumberland University. 5 'Q Tuesday, October 25 Twenty Nominees for "Beauty Section" pick- is ed at "Beauty Tea." We're so old fashioned '2 we think beauties, like poets, are born not made lby pickingl. Wednesday, October 26 Wanted-a parking plan for the Hill. Ag. 2 if Club hears Prof. Fitzgerald. Dr. Dunford says: "Above all a student should endeavor to get wisdom." Thursday, October 27 B.A.O's have dinner dance. Dr. Will Durant addresses E.T.E.A. on the subject, "ls Progress Real?" Bob Wells is the name of the blond Adonis the new girls have been asking about. Friday, October 28 The week-end begins in a big way with a holi- day-thanks to the East Tennessee Teachers. Band parading and alums registering. Barn- warmin' with all its attractions. Sara Betty Mclntyre, charming Kappa Delta, crowned queen. 3' -t . BRZSCOE COFFEE it SHOPPE NEAR U. OF T. 1508 WEST CUMBERLAND AVE. I I 5 is QV Compliments of Cherokee Spinning K , BRISCOE CAFE COIHPHHY oPPosiTE PosT orric: A 323 WEST CLINCH AVENUE 5' C. W. Henderson Compliments of COITIPHHY gf , WHOLESALE Gi F0WlerCBr0S' Fumlture FRuiTs - VEGETABLES - seems Ompany KNOXVILLE ff' T E N N E s S E E BURN GENUINE KNOXVILLE Compliments of C Q K E CHEROKEE MOTOR CLEAN Most HSGT Per DOIIOI' 5 KNOXVILLE GAS CO. gf S 86 W Pure Ice is 'Essential fo Good Health- ? This You Can Be Assured of Through QQ KNOXVILLE B. T. CO. CHATTANOOGA ASHEVILLE INCORPQRATED 3' RALEIGH CHARLOTTE ROANOKE Western Avenue-Phone 3-65l5 G' ATLANTA B. T. eluoms f' 059 President-Generol Monoger "Over Four Millign Meglg Q Yegru Ph Your Orders Prompt Deliveries 3 , if .4 M .-s9t" l,l65"X E391 ., X ii-ptrri ll ml-ll 5,,....l...r..L.a- w Ylitltlllmi iii. U HOTEL ANDREW JOHNSON 350 ROOMS 350 BATHS Where Hospitality Greets You UNDER KNOTT MANAGEMENT Knoxville - Tennessee ,. -A af -1 'Hairy' ig' ,.. ie- ". ' ,, '14 FF . - 3 f ln ili - .T J. rf 'Ql a"Wili'? til -- la lil,-if II lvl' C-15' U T ., 4 l'l"l ll lllrlx 'Y ll nll mu I' II ll ll an Illli ll N' Ui ll n u "' 5' lull, ll HD UI ll ll ll Ill ll FU Iulgl Il M Ui ll ll II "i Bl W lllll n nt mllulllll M ECI ,I 1, U 'll' Ui ll Il ll ll, gg Dil illli If :: till: n I gn Eli MH: ,, ,, . .1 i n .... ....s 31' 't " 1 :l i " - .- -, Lu e lf' .X-t ' -k -,., . l .1 .I . 54 I 1 i, 1 .. -' 'T ll' l '.'.' ,...c. i,.f.A.. ,... . ... ,., ,.., . .... , ,, T:E.h,.,WI .-5v,.igL?T,,,:.gh5g ,. igugulllli li, C A L E N D A R Saturday, October 29 A gala day with visitors pouring into town. Tennessee Vols meet Duke Blue Devils in breath-taking classic. Wynn snatches game from fire, in last minutes of play with a field goal. Emerson Bennett wins cake race. Alumni Association gives initial dance in Alumni Memorial Auditorium-a fitting end to a perfect day. Sunday, October 30 Delta Tau Delta wins Frat House Homecom- ing Decoration Cup. Delta Sigma Phis place second and Pi K. A's third. S.P.E's, S.A.E's, Kappa Sigs, and Sigma Chis get honorable mention. Zeta Tau Alphas entertained by the president, Elenor Bidwell. Monday, October 31 Everyone still rejoicing over Breezy's field goal. That was one more close squeak. Now to classes. Pi Kappa Phis give dinner dance. Department of Chemistry organizes "Journal Club." Tuesday, November I Elizabeth Edwards elected president of Deuts- president. Babies Clemens and Greene have cute pictures in O. and W. Sigma Phi Epsilon Founders' Day banquet. Wednesday, November 2 Alice Kent elected president of W.S.G.A. Interesting new couples-Kittrell-Beaman, Colonel Slatery-Colonel Brooks, Bowling- Bailey. Thursday, November 3 Sigma Nus have dinner dance. Evan Ames- sentimentally disposed to harmony, but or-' ganically incapable ofa tune. Kappa Alphas give buffet supper. Friday, November 4 Sigma Kappa has Founders' Day dinner. Phi Gams win frat swimming prelims. Saturday, November 5 Pi K. A. barbecue and treasure hunt. Vols beat Mississippi 3i -O. Brackett's touchdown from opening kick off the big thrill of the game. Sunday, November 6 Phi Pi Phis and Lambda Chi Alphas entertain cher Verein, German Club, J. M. Frantz, vice-with dinner parties. Kappa Sigmas have yi Ai S T O P and S H O P KETNERS 1 A1 U ' ' Cl Cas Walker's Cash mverslty leaners Stores N, Conveniently Located fi CLEANlNG,PRESSlNG 1705 West Cumberland Aven e af 1012 East Vine Avenue U D Y E I N G 703 North University Avenue it 1513 College Street ow 218 South Florida Street ' N 708 Luttrell Street 336-338 WEST MAIN 1800 Eucl'd Avenue 701 North Burnside Avenue AVENUE 1740 North Broadway GJ ow UALITY GROCERIES Q DIAL 3-6129 Fresh Vegetables and Meats CASH-DELIVERY KNOXVll.l.E - TENNESSEE '4 , , , Best Service Best Prices Dellclous Sandwlches Best Merchandise 5' and Drinks ' be 'E T ig , O89 N. .54 A' V M A .f,., 1 Are Go o Drug Stores ELLIS 81 ERNEST A C . gl omplete Line of DuBarry Preparations it me N CLEAN FOUNTAIN CURB SERVICE 33 f AT All Tl-IE CORNER OF THE CAMPUS 3 , Phone 2-6103 J CNN9 Your Nearest Store 1901 WEST CUMBERLAND AVENUE Dial 3-3129 1 We Deliver 5" rl 'T 5 r l.."'Yf57' 1?' 3. ....,.. Fb"eF5 ...... FL' 'JC ...... P1,"'J1 ...,... Fb"JZ ...... Fb"J1 ...... Pb' 'Ji ...... 3'l,"J5 ...... Fb"J5 ...... J' . .A O. '. 'Q ff lil ff' Q I 'Q Fx 'fi 'il 1? '42 T V 'Q GZ 'Q C. W. RUSSELL, Proprietor , fp 3 411 UNION AVENUE Grode "A" Row Milk Delivered To Your Next to Roxy Theatre House Daily BEST HOME COOKED FOOD Q. Serving Knoxville 12 Years REASONABLE PRICES 5' Old cus ome a recia e an e cus m r l rs pp solisifid d N W l S Cleon ond Scinitory - Open 5 om-12 pm ?' G' A' GAGG' MQ" STEWART RADIO CO. A. B. STEWART, Manager PICTURE FRAMERY RADIO sAi.Es AND gil "We do fhs. Frnminiuand Never S E R V I C E lsappoln rg.. , 317 WEST CLINCH AVENUE 505 Urxuom AVE. Phone 2-8919 4 KNOXVII-LE - TENNESSEE KNOXVILLE - TENNESSEE 51 E- f gl! Cl il fig Q!! '1 The street cor offers convenient 'rronsportotion 'ro ond from the residentiol, downtown ond compus territory. INEXPENSIVE-COMFORTABLE 9' ,E j, 4gTENNESSEE Y PUBL C SERVICE Qian! PANY,f ---nf'-' . X HOTEL ARNOLD CALENDAR A. O. Pis as dinner guests. Delta Zeta sorority give tea for pledges. Monday, November 7 What is this about a "black list for co-eds?" That's not what you'd call a new idea, is it? or is it? Tuesday, November 8 Fijis lead frats in intra-murals. Sigma Chis hold second place. Jean McKinney wins ten- nis and horseshoe crowns. Wednesday, November 9 Phi Gamma Delta dinner dance. November 'IO up to know the young name means, "Gift of Phis have dinner dance. Thursday, Co-eds all steamed Prof. whose middle God." Delta Sigma Friday, November ll Band marches in Armistice Day parade, then leaves for Vanderbilt. Everyone wanting to see the two triple-threat men-Feathers and Roberts. Don's club dance for visitors-very exclusive and everything. Vol freshmen beat Vandy's undefeated yearlings l3-9. Moses makes winning score. Saturday, November 12 U. T. in toto at Nashville, also, everybody else from everywhere, bands making the old town hum, both teams confident. Then, shades of our fathers! the disastrous O-O tie! And now the eternal question-did or did not touch- not a Bagley, Feathers step out of bounds on his down gallop-called a score-then score. No one knows except Battle but Josh Cody told him, and we don't agree with them, so it's all mixed up-just like the game and the University Club dance after- ward. Sunday, November 13 If you're not in Nashville, then you're on your way home, or in Knoxville, saying to some- one: "Feathers didn't step out, I know, for I could see, etc. ad infinitum. Monday, November I4 Everyone whipped down, as hopes for the con- ference championship fade. Gangs of stu- To the Graduates-We Thank You for Your Patronage and Wish You Good Luck. To Freshmen-We Extend a Welcome-Let Us Show You. Ox GRAY - PIPER DRUG COMPANY fl ' Lt 'H ' f Compliments of MA NN MORTICIAN ' C CALENDAR dents in the middle of Ayres swapping yarns about the week-end. German Club meets. Tuesday, November 'I5 Lambda Chi Alpha decides to forget the disap- pointing week-end and entertains with a din- ner dance. Wednesday, November 16 Chi Omega sorority has picnic for pledges. Phi Pi Phi's dinner dance. Thursday, November 17 Affaire d'amour-Caroline Hogshead-Skeet Mayer. Sigma Nus and Pi Kappa Alphas give dinner dances. Friday, November 'I8 Tennessee Players present three one act plays at Bijou-Galsworthy's "Little Man", Susan Gaspel's "Supressed Desires", and "Smoke Screen" by Brighouse. Alpha Lambda Deltas view private showing of paintings by Dr. Robert Tatum. Saturday, November 19 Tennessee Players repeat Friday's program. Parham stars in "The Little Man." Elizabeth Edwards and Phil Claxton score hits in "Su- pressed Desires." lt seems that supressed desires can work greater havoc than un- supressed ones-and after all the trouble we've taken to supress ours. Virginia Keith does good work in "Smoke Screen." Sunday, November 20 Phi Mu actives and pledges have Open House for the University faculty at home of Mrs. L. A. Sanford. Monday, November Zl lt's a short calendar that hasn't a single day without an event worth chronicling. We went into a huddle with those who ought to know, and there's-"no nuthin, no foolin." Tuesday, November 22 Theta Chi Alpha buffet supper. Affaires du coeur-Mary Neal Slatery-Harvey Robinson, Kathryn Martin - Landrum Bowlingj A n n Yoakum-H. L. Modlin. Wednesday, November 23 John Franklin and Louis Pounders awarded T Club scholarships. Thursday, November 24 Thanksgiving "Sun Rise Service" on top of Ayres. Kentucky Jinx goes without usual .nn u l 4 ff HOTEL F ARRAGUT F O O D S E R V I C E is N v I R o N M is N 'r ,l l C A L E N D A R Thanksgiving dinner as Vols crush the Wild- Tuesday, November 29 il cats 26-O. First fall tea dance by Delta Tau Pre-Med Club hears Dr. Hertell. Caroline Deltas. Hogshead, Lillian Kittrell, Maybelle Thomp- Ffidavf N"e""'e' 25 S.l22'fli?l?Z 2F.ZlTZ22SgGQ"iE2YE2OaKQ?eeZl L'i'3l2Z lt All-Students Club dance. Two orchestras 'n fo live- "l everything. O. and W. praised by Dr. J. B. Wednesday, Noyember 30 EmPeV0"' M01 M01 here C0me5 the U- T' Bob Rule, A. T. O. pledge, elected president Dairy Judging Team. of fraeshman class. Another home-town boqy , mak s good. Forty-one newly elected P i J, saturday' November 25 Kappa Phis presented at chapel. Girls' firing Beaver Club initiates six new members. Fred Squad Sfqrfg yea,-'S .Work-cmd we thought the 2 Moses, quarter-back and juvenile heart- girls had been shooting la linel all quarter. pumper for freshmen co-eds. Some well known criminals at Kappa Sigma's ,l annLlal "Jail Dance"-Slats Slatery, Lib Dooly, l Sunday, NOVGIHIJGI' 27 Din lmmel, Chucky Thompson and Pete An- The World would not be the some Without derson. Ag Club elects J. C. Amos president. Jane Welford's smlile, Janie Galbreath's poise, Thursday, December 1 , Morgar? SlGlerY5 l'llle'9'rl l'Sp' and 'lo Big crowd at the station to see Vols off for B"0mleY5 lC""0W0Y look- Jackbonville. Everybody gxpecting them to take the Gators for a ri e-or a swim, or g Monday' November 28 whatever it is you take Gators for. A lot of Sigma Nus win annual cross country run. touching parting scenes-it'll be mighty dull One-word description of profs - quizzical. arour-T-d here with so many big men out of town. One of U. T's favorite people, Dean Massey. R.O. .C. corps have pictures taken. i it ll if FI DELITY- BAN KER5 1 IS TRU ST PANY i P' Q . F15 I Il lql H -'L l- lla W , I ! . 502 G REET REAL ESTATE, LOANS EVERY FIDUCIARY INVESTMENTS SERVICE i F? P do ...... wx qi: ...... BPA -qi ...... ,:P.vAqd,. .... BPA A,-.Gr ...... wa- lk: ..-... ZPL AM ...... 1:9-flea: ...... ...... up gl- rj .lC3XC.lQX..!Q.1 l1 ,Zg1 ,!CGA JGDX !CxDX,,!Cx ,l3 J B Gi CALENDAR ,Q Friday, December Z Chi Omega mermaids win sorority swimming meet. A. O. Pis and Tri Delts tie for second place. ljams, Slatery, Christenberry, Mc- Croskey, Burton and Clotworthy star. Kappa Alpha fraternity gives dinner dance. Saturday, December 3 Alligators trounced 32-l3, giving Tennessee the lead in Southern Conference. Boy, whatta football game! Brackett makes 85 yard run for a touchdown. Feathers, Wynn and Van Rayburn burn 'em up. But things are not so dull at home-Sigma Kappas have big tea dance at Strong Hall. Chi Omegas have open house for pledges at home of Harriett Deane-dancing, bridge, and ping pong, with refreshments served in a life-like drug store. Sunday, December 4 Musical echoes from the hill-the orchestra practicing for the big concert Tuesday night. Monday, December 5 Non-frats elect Tom Fitzgerald president, and Landrum Bolling vice-president, Phil Claxton secretary. Chi Omega sorority leads in intra- mural cup race. Phi Gams lead the frats. Victorious Vols return from Florida, bringing sunshine to several people we know. Tuesday, December 6 Glee Clubs and orchestra give concert. Arm- strong, Whitaker and Shugart do outstanding work as soloists. Robert F. Allen made busi- ness manager of "Tennessee Engineer." Wednesday, December 7 Southern Conference meets here-guest of the University of Tennessee. Seniors cut class dues in half-depression echoes. Everybody in the hospital with flu-Skeet Mayer, Harry Laughlin-well, they're everybody to some people. Thursday, December 8 A Classical Literature society meets. J. K. Walker, alias Robert F. Allen, convicted in moot court of deserting Uncle Sam's army. lt seems there was a girl, but we'll not go into that, since it was all done to give the young lawyers a work-out in military pro- cedure. Friday, December 9 Dr. Burke, like Shakespeare, advises: "Mend your speech a little-Lest it may mar your fortunes." Frank Gavilan, Delta Tau Delta pledge, is known at home in Porto Rico as Francisco Manuel Gavilan Lopez. At last the Southern Conference splits and U. T. becomes part of the new.Southeastern Conference. Somebody was rude enough to say: "All the politicians are in one gang now." Which gang? What politicians? Saturday, December 10 Landrum Bolling and Tommy Dunlap, Ten- nessee's two candidates for the Rhodes Schol- arship, go to Nashville. Feathers and Von Rayburn make All-Southern Eleven. Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity has Foun-ders' Day ban- quet. Sunday, December 'II Margaret Slatery, Maxine Christenberry, and Kathleen Madden all dressed up, eating chicken sandwiches out of a paper bag at Pipers, with Skeet Brandau, Fred Moses, and Chas. Dudley-the boys' idea of a "fast Sun- day" joke. You should hear what the girls have to say about it. Monday, December 12 The faculty is now preparing to play that ab- sorbing new game: "Let's explore your mind." The tournaments will begin on the fifteenth. Rumor has it that S. P. E's and A. D. P's are pleased with the Schiro-Prichard affair. Tuesday, December 13 Just one more cramming day before exams- laugh that one off. See Sigma Nus for particu- lars about the "Perfect Hostess" contest they will wage next quarter. These Sigma Nus are very very clever boys. Wednesday, December 14 All dates now are study dates, and even chronic optomists like Sue Gates and Lefty Frierson look worried. This revival of learn- ing should be a sure cure for the depression lmentall. Thursday, December 13 With the certainty of death and taxes, exams are upon us. Anything can happen and gen- erally does, so don't worry. Tuesday, December 19 Everything must end sometime-even exams and depressions l?l. Many students already gone. Campus and dorms look deserted. Several staying over for the Phi Gam's an- nual Appache Dance-a little frivolity after all the study seems great, and who would G, .... ...... hp ...... ...... ...... ....... gp ...... ...,... ...... ...... hr- qt Frank L. Rose Funeral The Sherwin-Williams Co. G. J. DOMINICK, Local Manager Day and Night Ambulance L Handlmg the Best In service Paints, Varnishes, Lacquers, Leads, Oils, f. Enamels, Brushes and Painters' f' M Specialties NORTH FOURTH AT GRAINGER 314 5, GAY STREET Phone 6-3939 KNOXVILLE A - TENNESSEE WELCOME UNIVERSITY STUDENTS 'fl Mont al S . H t I BOOTH THEATRE V C pI'1IlgS O C ,THE IDEAL SPOT, WEST CUMBERLAND 31 For a Meal, a Week-end, or a AVENUE 'Banquet We Serve Any Priced Plate You Desire me Luowla PFLANZE U. o f T. S T U D E N T S 6' PHONE ssoz MARYVILLE W E L C O M E Youll Enjoy Your visar fo MONTVALE SPRINGS 9' Crushed Stone : Mascot Chatts : Roofing Gravel J - Asphalt Roadway Gravel Asphalt Filler Dust on , 3 MAsco'r 21 3 . 21 AMERICAN LIMESTONE COMPANY KNOXVI LLE, TENNESSEE e .... Ji ...... ...... F011-Q .... .... .FZ ...... Ji ...... ...... ...... 71,61 ...... 31,61 ...,.. Tod' J. PARK VESTAL, Pres. and Treas. EDWARD M. VESTAL, Vice-Pres. and Sec'y 'VESTAL LUMBER Ci' MFG. CO. KNOXVI LLE TENNESSEE CALENDAR think nice people like Floy Bowling, Ethel Lotspeich, Alvin Beaman and Dick Moore could look so tough. Christmas Holidays, December 19-January 2 Monday, January 2, 1933 Happy New Year-a little late but we hope still timely. Registering going on in a big way. Van Rayburn is the proud papa of an embryo football star. Susan Houk's engage- ment is one of the New Year's surprises, and the sooty-eyed Chi O from Arkansas is wear- ing a gorgeous diamond. My birthday. Tuesday, January 3 Things look good. Old timers everywhere- Elam, Moore, Clark, Gaskill, Horton. News reel at the Bijou showing Brackett's 85 yard run against Florida-and we thought they had put football to bed. Wednesday, January 4 Frosh vote to put pictures in 1933 issue of the Volunteer. Theta Chi Alpha, last local fraternity, merges with Pi Kappa Phi. Gattis is back after all, Bernard Borah to have leading part in the "Monkey's Paw." rw 11:11 :amz E pas fa.-. 'HE E ICE CREAM FOR SAIE BY LEADING ICE CREAM DEALERS GND SOUTHERN DAIRIES SOUTHERN DAIRIES Q A "Health Builders of The South " I I I s s .Q it I I I INQUIRIES CHEERFU SHIP BY TRUCK "Express Service at Freight Rates" Free Pick-Up and Delivery HOOVER TRUCK CO. INCORPORATED 524 No. Gay Street - Knoxville, Tenn. Phone 3-2713 W. P. WATERS, Knoxville Manager v Points Covered and All Intermediate Stops KNOXVILLE-NASHVILLE-MEMPHIS ATLANTA AND ST. LOUIS T Above Points Are Covered With From I to Z Days' Service - v ANSWERED LLY TODD 81 ARMISTEAD DRUG CO. "WHERE FRIENDS MEET TO ENJOY GOOD EATS" . 059 PRESCRIPTIONS DRUGS COSMETICS CIGARS oo-9 "Trusted a million times" 601 MARKET STREET PALM BEACH SUITS e MADE IN KNOXVILLE WORN EVERYWHERE 51252 T YOUR CLOTHIER'S '1-Aii.nn'E'n EV cn'n'-n'A1i. FRQIA THE GENUINE CLOTH This label in the coat is y WELL DRESSED IVIEN WEAR FASHION ED TAI LOIQED CLOTHES OOLD BOND SHOES SOLD EXCLUSIVELY BY assurance of the genu' e X , E A R SEARS, ROEBUCK 85 CO. Goodall Company 322 scum GAY sr. KNoxvii.L: - Tennessee KNoxvu.i.s - 'remiessse -n it it it 4 4 4 AI 4 5 5 'N Q. il 4 4. F . 5 Eff 'I it 21 4 tit 514 1, sy Sl 4 -l Eff Ali 4 i868 i933 ' ' ,EWEI-ERS Knoxvllle Bowlmg Alleys DIAMOND MERCHANTS NEXTTOBOOTHTHEATRE GIFT SHOP ON W. CUMBERLAND ENGRAVED INVITATIONS ANNOUNCEMENTS V STATIONERY AND CARDS . . lg The Fraternity Bowling Hope Bros. Company Alleys ,S 428 GAY ST., KNOXVILLE "The South's Most Beautiful Jewelry Store" PAUL ELDER ' - - - - Monoger vi W. T. Roberts Grocery Kaiser Bros. Wholesale Company Produce Co. J, 500 MCGHEE STREET - KNOXVILLE, TENN. A Home Owned Store PHONE 3-5197 l Ay We appreciate your patronage. Our aim is to give 4 complete satisfaction with each and every order DELIVERY SERVICE G,,K,,sE,,Mmge, DIAL 3-3l 59 307 l8th ST. PHONE FOR ouR REPRESENTATIVE I' lp Ni C A L E N D A R All I5 Thursday, January 5 Monday, January 9 Pershing Rifles present certificates of mem- Dr. Henry Nelson Snyder, president of Wof- bership to new members. Ag. keys every- ford College, Spartanburg, S. C., to be feature l where-gold with pictures of barn, silo, and speaker at mid-winter Convocation. plow-we suggest a Home Ec key with pic- V tures of stove, broom and dishpan. Sigma Tuesday, January I0 El3lZ5QY5OfQ,nQ.eE.dE2ffsC0l'I?l KFZKSSFES 521327 fjgjgfsfsQgrgjjillfsgggfnsnd,gfgggQigfSL3,ljeQ15032 I Friday, January 6 manager of l933 Barnwarmin'. Vanderbilt Bm Blair elected manager of Humes HGH on defeats Vol quintet 37-32 In an overtime win. the campaign slogan: "No slinging the bull W d d J H by around." Freshmen lose cage battle to Ken- e nes ay' """a"7 l tucky Military Institute. Nahheeyayli board All-Students Club council meets. F. V's, new meets-depression prices to prevail at mid- literary club, hear Dr. Axel Brett. Deke 1 winters. Gaskill, Parker, Guthrie and Pol- Brackett and Beattie Feathers still starring lard elected to the board. in the movies. Susan McGinnis burns her l saturday, January 7 feet in hot shower-we can't understand yet Sigma Nu "Perfect Hostess" contest under- how She d'd 'J' 4 'E way with Chi O pledges first contestants. Frosh win from Jacksboro high-Gasque grabs Thursday' January I2 victory with crip shot. Phi Kappa Phi elects Helen Camp vice-presi- JI dent, and Margaret Hill secretary. lkey 5U'1d0Yf J0'WU"Y 8 Robinson, high point woman of Co-ed Rifle Rain. Dr. and Mrs. Brashear entertain for Team, made captain, Juliana Nickerson, ex- Alpha Delta Pi sorority. pert markswoman, manager. ,I 4 lf: CALE Friday, January 'I3 News-Sentinel Relays provide spills and thrills galore as Phi Gams, Sigma Chis, Delta Zetas, and Zeta Tau Alphas lead. Bill Shull wins men's individuals, Jean Rob'nson winner for co-eds. It is opined that slick floors caused no new records to be set. Saturday, January 14 Sale of' Kentucky leads Wildcats to 42-Zl win over Vol quintet. Big crowd out to see the game. Red Kirk and the rest of the team played hard but couldn't keep up with the fast moving cats. Sigma Kappa freshmen win scholarship cup. Sunday, January 'I5 Phi Sigma Kappa entertain with dinner. Phi Pi Phis have open house. O. and W. has new literary corner in which collegiate literary genius can break into print. That reminds us, Embree Headman is a rising young poet. Monday, January 16 I-likers' Club meets. Clog dancing and bridge, the two favorite indoor sports at Blount. Bernie Cummins and his New Yorkers to play for mid-winters-no corsages. International Forum hears Dr. Franklin. Tuesday, January 'I7 Association of University Women honor seni- ors with tea. Sixth Annual Convocation opens -general subject for discussion: "Teachings of Jesus in Relation to the Modern Social Economic Orders." Intramural standing in cup race-Phi Gams, first, Sigma Chis, sec- ond, S. A. E's third. Zeta Tau Alpha, first, Chi Omegas, second, Tri Delts, third. Win- ners in frat basketball quarter finals- S. P. E's, A. T. O's, Sigma Nus and Kappa Sigs. Wednesday, January I8 Music for Convocation furnished by U. T. Orchestra and Chorus. The first issue of the "Tennessee Engineer" is out-James Steffner editor, and Bob Allen business manager. Lambda Chi Alphas and S. A. E's have dinner dances. Thursday, January 19 Deutscher Verein hears lecture by Dr. John Kind. Varsity Debaters meet to study "War Debts." Quarter finals of sorority basketball tournament-A. D. Pis, Chi Omegas, A. O. Pis and Zetas winners. NDAR Friday, January 20 Just as we are beginning to say, "Wasn't the depression awful," the East Tennessee Bank fails. Nahheeyayli board immediately cancels Mid-winters in the interest of eco- nomy. Sallye B. Hughes new secretary of junior class. 257 named in term honors. Z4 make Summa Cum Laude. Poetry bug hits O. and W. Tennessee cagesters win over Moccasins 43-30. Saturday, January 21 New campus theme song-"No more money in the bank." Knitting is getting to be a habit with Martha Hawkins, Mary Wood, Betty Lord and Kitty Moore. Kappa Deltas give first tea dance of winter quarter. Sunday, January 22 Elizabeth Greene and Margaret Upshaw give tea for A. D. Pi actives and pledges. Bruce Foster is this year's editor of "The Tennessee Law Review." Bernard Borah has perhaps the strongest claim to the title of College Poet. Monday, January 23 Theta Tau Pi, Town Girls' Club, initiates six new members. ' international Forum study general economic situation. We now have Technocracy and jig-saw puzzles, in addition to the depression, to harass us. Tuesday, January 24 Band boys must take military classes-cheer up, and think how fortunate you've been up to now. Vol basketeers triumph over Ala- bama i8-i5--Wilson, Wynn, and Crumbliss shine. T. D. Morris nominated for new editor of O. and W. Tennessee Players give three one-act plays. All players show real Thespian ability. Wednesday, January 25 Kathryn Martin, popular Tri Delt of Tasso, chosen "Miss Tennessee." A. D. Pis and Zetas winbasketball semi-finals. Thursday, January 26 Sigma Chis give annual pledges' dinner dance. Phi Eta Sigma president, Phil Claxton, con- gratulates freshmen who made high scho- lastic honor. French Club meeting. German Club social. Friday, January 27 ' O. and W. staff through the courtesy of the editor, Mr. Stong, supervise publishing of to- Yf5i'TXC'b!""i3b7 iGD7i6D,fi6Df'i6D7 4 "ws-.11 ...... ...... ...... :ns-'Even ...... rn.-s ...... nf -.11 ...... mf -.11 ...... ri,-s-.fx ...... rt,--11: ...... sn,-avr .J JA .gm ...... bp- -,H ..-... zap. Ai: ...... BPA Apu .--... up :Lf ..--n. 29 ,M ..-... BPA .qi ...... 29 if .... gk APPRECIATION Firms whose names and line of business appear on this page express their appreciation for the excellent work and influence that has been attained through the University of Tennes- see . . . The good effect derived both directly and indirectly, we believe to be far reaching in many a community and should have our full encouragement and co-operation. PHONE 2-0320 DR. L. I. REED Optrometrist Eyes Examined-Glasses Fitted 520 MARKET STREET Southern Cast Stone Co. sou'rHeRi.ANo Ave. cf coNconn s-r. Prior-is s-eoi-1 Cast Stone Roofing, Tile, Septic Tanks, Silos, Cast Stone Gravel Vaults, Farm Drain Tile OTHER CONCRETE PRODUCTS Tennessee Coach Company 510 SEVIER AVENUE PHONE 3-3432 "TRAVEL THE MODERN WAY" C. R. BOOKER - - - Branch Manager General Electric Supply Corporation Wholesale Electric Supplies 312 WEST JACKSON AVE. CHILHOWEE RIDING ACADEMY STERCHI PARK T. J. MYNATT ----- Manager KNAFFL G' BRAKEBILL New Home Studio "DISTINCTlVE PHOTOGRAPHY" 1630 WEST CUMBERLAND AVENUE PHONE 3-6528 PHONE 3-3243 WHITTAKER BROOM WORKS Wholesale and Retail 1200 MCCALLA AVENUE MELROSE TIRE COMPANY M. SLOVIS, Manager 1722 W. CUMBERLAND AVE. PHONE 3-1842 Mohawk Tires Willard Batteries Sinclair Products PHONE 2-5021 Wilson-Winfrey Stone Co. iNcoRPoRATEo 501 West Cumberland Ave. H. cs. WINFREY, Mgr. Washington Heights Nurseries cimssv vAu.sY noAo Everything in Nursery Stock PHONE 6-1552 V. L. NICHOLSON General Building Contractors 611 South Central St. Phone 2-7161 PHONE 3-4216 SWIFT ICE CREAM COMPANY 402 WEST FIFTH AVENUE QUAKER CITY CHEMICAL COMPANY Knoxville Showcase Mfg. Co., Inc. Manufacturers of ALL KINDS OF STORE AND OFFICE FIXTURES 100-Z-4-6 W. Front Ave., Phone 2-4842 KEITH PRESS Printers and Publishers 408-10 N. CENTRAL Phone 2-9915 MlLLER'S DEPARTMENT Reliable Manufacturing Co. H. E. sims, Mgr. STORE 715 cP'L'2':':E'Z'::9:'5AVE' KNOXVILLE MEMORIAL GAY STREET Ja itor Su Ii S nitar S Ii s KNOXVILLE - TENNESSEE n glilegrilcaz Sterglizersy app e M E M 0 R l A L S '5"' e"""'s 2209 N. CENTRAL PHoNE 3-1827 A. A. SCHMID Real Estate-Soles and Exchanges GENERAL BUILDING Phone 3-9885 Main Ave. Service Station 414 WEST MAIN AVENUE H. M. AMMONS, Mgr. Everythin for the Automobil ' 9 e The only one stop service station in Knoxville Marshall Grocery Co. -loo srnucs sr. Prior-is 3-5133 HIGH QUALITY GROCERIES Moderately Priced-Excellent Good Service THE HUB CIGAR STORE BOB ALEXANDER Prop. 714 S. Gay St. Phone 2-9553 PRESTON TYPEWRITER COMPANY CHURCH AT GAY ST. VARSITY CAFE Conveniently Located 1504 W. CUMBERLAND AVENUE ..... C. D. KENNY CO. Hoskins Drug Store N CLlNTON'S LEADING PRESCRIPTION s'roRE C A-::EsE S Delicious Sandwiches and I Fountain Drinks S U G A R S M PHoNE 9 5 I 7 M A R K E T 5 T R E E T CLINTON - TENNESSEE ROUTES ll and 70 WEST CITY LIMITS 4000 KINGSTON PIKE PHONEZ-0597 CAMP RIGHT AT CAMP DELIGHT Clean Cottages-Modern Conveniences ' Only Camp Within City Limits GAS-G ROC ERI ES-M EA LS Write or Phone for Reservations-J. C. LA POINT, Owner Pay Cash Grocery Company WHOLE GROCERIES, NOTIONS AND PRODUCE 200-202 E. Depot Street Knoxville - Tennessee CALENDAR day's News-Sentinel. Zetas and Pi K. A's take basketball championships in finals. Saturday, January 28 C. D. Brewer elected captain of R. O. T. C. Rifle Team, J. S. Ledgerwood manager. Ten- nessee basketeers defeated by Kentucky. Rats win from T. M. I. O. and W. staff ban- quet-Walter Pulliam, Ailsie McCroskey, and Elizabeth Edwards awarded prizes for out- standing work on paper. - Sunday, January 29 We hope no one else comes forward with his ten most beautiful words. Why ten? We suppose the Technocrats would suggest Tech- nocracy for one. Monday, January 30 With the inter-frat basketball tourneys over, the tension lets up a little, especially for PI K. A's and Zeta Taus, the victors. versity finances further. Jay Ledgerwood wins prize in the "unusual appearing" stu- dent contest. Vol quintet defeats King Col- lege 49-2l. Dean Hoskins Birthday-Many happy returns of the day. Wednesday, February I Delta Sigma Phi, Pi Kappa Alpha, and Kappa Alpha fraternities entertain with dinner dances-this social whirl is very dizzying. Thursday, February 2 German Club social. "The Galley Slave" of the O. and W. is taking time out to let the leukocytes tussle with the erythrocytes. Every micro-organism must have his day, as well as canines, we suppose, but the O. and W. can't be the same to us. Friday, February 3 Glee Club and orchestra make first road trip. Will repeat U. T. programs of December 6th .33 Q If 'Q 'Q if iQ r fi' 'Q if if 'Q If , 'Q If If li 'Q I 'Q I at Athens and Cleveland. Alice Webb to Tuesday, January 3'l sing solo. T. D. Morris becomes editor-in- 2 Dr. Morgan appeals to the Legislative Finance chief of the Orange and White. All-Students Committee of the State not to cut the Uni- Club dance. . . 2 9 Sl 5 C A L E N D A R safU"d0Y, Febfudfy 4 Wednesday, February 8 4 llfeimfviiilifE,fLTleQ?l.llTeYVhdeSf.C'2f1XffA Ten'7eSSeZ.'2GYS'S 'L'-2225 Ace ,JSGY QUE? irl. It is true that Bett Edwad ' - nominate ' po es' I reene' anon Cl - armed D It S. 1, 3 V " 5 '50 POV' en, Hearts: Jo Bromley, Din Immelg Dia- ' roost Sf to 69 OU' ,A' T- O- 9'Ve5,We"fIe" monds: Margaret Phipps, Irma Wagner, A - C' e 0mm'SS'O'1ef Of Eduwfiofi IH- Clubs: Lillian kmreii, Ann Yoakam. All spects campus. queens, if you ask me. eq Sunday, February 5 - F Sigma Nus and Delta Delta Deltas are win' Thursday' February 9 iw nelrs of the fraternity and sorority scholar- Robert Allen selected i933 carnicus manager. ship cups for the past quarter. Delta Sigma Two-word description of Sam Venable-Peter PI"lI pledges WIFI fl'OTel'I1ITy pledge Cup. Phi Pqn, Le Circle Francais hqs meeting, Gams send chocolates to Mrs. Ridgeway and i, the girls-"Sweets to the sweetest," well, well. Friday, February 10 J 1 MPUFQYI Feb"W'Y 5 Theta Tau Pi square dance. Bill McClain, Phi Kappa Phi initiate five at recent meeting. Alvin Beaman, Ossie Gordon, Phil Claxton, it International Forum discuss technocracy. We Bill Wilson, Chet Hayworth, W. H. McClure, 2 must take a quarter off sometime soon and Lamar Mathews, Gus Dyer named by some- ? try to learn something about this absorbing one-the most perfect gentlemen on the new subject. Non-frats meet. Gym fees cut. campus. rg' Tuesday, February 7 Saturday, February Il f , Vol' quintet wins 43j3l from Mexico City, in Annual Freshman Retreat at M o n t v a I e 5,4 a fight- that looks like a first class Mexican Springs. Vol basketeers defeat Wesleyan N revolution. I Freshmen take game from Jeffer- Bulldogs 5I-I I. Crumbliss leads, scoring with Q1-5' son City High 34-21. thirteen points. Martha Daniels, president A STUDIO: 2-4466 RESIDENCE: 6-'I070 at LE CONTE MARKET 1 BRUCE G LESLIE 1243 EAST MAIN AVE. g 0 C O M M E R C I A L 'NJ fy. PHOTOGRAPHER MeatYouWiththeBest Representing W. W. Wilson Studio F R E S H A N D C U R E D M E A T S 'I 5I8V2 MARKET 5'r, Special Prices to Fraternities KNoxvlLLE - TENNESSEE Dial 3-7133 GILBERT'S 9 HOMEMADE icEcREAM 0-m-oemm a mt-am a ??35'333"e'i?55?Sl? E I ' M I s f F . ' xc usive Baie! a rench 60060600909 DEA ?q N BLOCK For RIBBONS-CARBON-SUPPLIES I826 W.CUMBERLAND AVE. vi ffl JA Ak ...-.. hp JE ..n-.. hp gk: ..--n. 2,0 qi ..-... hp gk: ..n.-. ,ya qi ....-. ,gp cm.. I... kr-5 .qi ...-.. 294 Aqi .-f-.. BPL Agk lC1A.f5uX..ZQX,,i13x+l,3x -!fg13g,!fg13ilDi,!QDXx!4xP5 Avondale Farms Creamery, Inc. PHONE e-iizi All Kinds of Delicious Dairy Products Rich in Quality and Flavor-Reasonable in Price PROMPT DELIVERY E. M. ATKINSON DAIRY ' PHONE 6-1745 And Place Your Order for Pure Dairy Products DAIRY DELIVERIES IN KNOXVILLE Ask for . . . MERITA BREAD MADE WITH MILK-LONGER FRESHNESS AMERICAN BAKERIES CO. G. W. MOODY, Prop. County Phone ZIOO BLUE SPRINGS DAIRY PURE MILK AND CREAM-GRADE "A" MILK A clean and sanitary dairy . . . Glad to have new 1212 N. Central Phone 2-2143 customers . . . We guarantee to please you. Phone 3-9013 41-48 ciiy Marker G 0 O D C A N D Y . . . sit, R. W, PIERCE FOR QUICK ENERGY 6's'.w'0 D E L I C A T E S S E N i.rr'ri.sriEi.n Ir stein: coMPANY Special Attention to Picnic and Luncheon Service Manufacturers gl' As You Want It . . . Quality First KNOXVII-LE' TENNESSEE X P C A L E N D A R of A. D. Pi sorority, in Atlanta for installa- tion of new chapter at U. of Georgia. Sunday, February 12 "Campus attitudes" topic for discussion at Freshman Retreat continuing today. Phi Sigma Kappas give dinner at fraternity house. Monday, February 13 Susan Houk, president, calls meeting of the Woman's Pan-Hellenic association. Pershing Rifles pledge 9 frosh: Beasley, Bond, Borden, Buckner, Darst, Gager, Martin, Massey and Penry. Tuesday, February 14 Philological Club meets. Malcolm Aitken chosen to represent U. T. at the annual mid- west student conferences. Blocky McKinney announces all. University sing to be held April 14. Kappa Sigs and Sigma Chis have Valentine Dinner. Vol quintet wins 33-26 in fast game with Georgia Tech. Wednesday, February 15 T Club meets. Jean McKinney wins foul pitching title. Jane Welford wins second place. Dorothy Ratliffe cops third place and Kathryn Martin fourth. W.S.G.A. give radio program over WNOX. Thursday, February 16 Tennessee Players to give lbsen's "Hedda Gabler." Edward McGowan's blue wool wristlets and scarf to match makes him this week's winner of the "unusual student" con- test. Friday, February 17 Delta Sigma Phi dinner dance. New tourna- ments in bridge and ping pong sponsored by O. and W. announced. Here's where the bridge sharks come into their own. Saturday, February 18 Senior girls win class swimming meet. Juniors place second. Winners of some of the aquatic stunts-Bess Baldwin, Josephine ljams, Flor- ence Elliot, Maxine Christenberry. Sunday, February 19 First All-Students Club Open House held at West Strong Hall. Phi Pi Phi dinner and now someone nominates Hershel Ragsdale ancl Fred Hughes as the cutest freshmen. Monday, February 20 Charlie Tombras wins "unusual student" con- test. The yarn is still flying at Henson Hall as the confirmed knitters get underway. ...... ...... ...... TLJT ...... 71, . ...... JT ...... 71,47 ...... fb JT ..... .TLJT ...... Phd' A B ORCHID BEAUTY SHOPPE '509Vz S. GAY ST. PHONE 3-ssao Beauty Culture in All Its Branches Only Expert Operators Used MRS. L. C. BRANN I SI 8 WEST CUMBERLAND AVENUE CHQ REGULAR MEALS AT POPULAR PRICES for U. T. Students F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. PHONE WZ" C b H 509 south Gay sr. Maymelgiluc amp C . OP ll 8 In Kennedy-GiIIespie's Shoe Store M FEATURING COATS, DRESSES, HATS AND BETTER VALUES FOR ACCESSORIES L E S S 430 GAY STREET KNOXVILLE, TENN. DIAL 2-1 IO9 Esmbiashed 1919 F. E. Fisher 81 Co. J. T. EDWARDS, Local Mgr. zoa w. c1.1Nc1-1 Ave. Orders Executed on all Exchanges Grain, Cotton, Stocks, Bonds BRANcH OFFICES NASHVILLE JoHNsoN CITY Knoxville Awning, Tent and Tarpaulin Co. 2200 W. CUMBERLAND AVE. PHONE 2-8133 Tents, Awnings, Tarpaulins For All Occasions PRICES WITHIN REACH OFALL Joe McDonaId's Recreation Parlor "Where University Students and Smokies meet, Free from all cures and heat." CNJ TICKER SERVICE GIVES ALL BALL SCORES 4I 3 V2 GAY ST. DIAL 2-6249 "WE BUILD NEW FEELING INTO THEM" University Shoe Shop 'I5'I0 W. CUMBERLAND AVE. DIAL 3-4528 FOR FREE DELIVERY Let Us Repair Those Old Shoes Best of Materials, Modern Machinery, and Expert Workmen . . . Lowest Possible Prices -SY? Xb7" '?' b7'iGb7TTXGT27'i6bfEiG55f-TRGDY P- L. ' ' ........ -- ..., .- ."'.s1Z-.s.?l.'i'..FZ ...... FI,"'Ji ...... Pb' 'JZ......Fb'i'JZ ...... Fl,"a1I ...... Fo' J' J 3 """ 1,f'.v.'lgf """ 39, ,FQ """ 29A-8 , ..--- --.. . . -A ., ...... ..,, -A A, ........ . , ., ........, , , ........ . , ..---.... c A L E N D A R P TUeSd0Y, February 21 Saturday, February 25 Faculty Club meeting. Girls Rifle Tourney Upper class retreat at Montvale Springs. PM February issue of Tennessee Farmer edited E"'9"'1ee""'lQ l30"1ClUef- Ace ClUY USGVIS eleC'f- Q, Q I by lflome Ec .department-Edited by Sarah ed: Elizabeth Greene, spades, Jo Bromley, Itihliinn, Sylvia Womach, Mary Mills and lserirtsgl lgma Wagner, diamondsg Lillian Kitt- - re , c u s. at Wednesday, February 22 . Sllnddyf February 26 vi Senior girls win class basketball meet. Mar- Flrsl All-Students Club Open Hquse held at garet Burton and Helen Goddard led the scor- Vl,lsStGi:1ronglTGll'T Phgqaxton In Charge OT ing. Dick Williams Susan Houk Tomm P -gr ' e to- GU e to Open House for L J h . ' . I - Y Chi Omega sorority. 'ee, o n,Stivers, named on A. S. C. constitu- tion revisions committee. - V M0"d'Y1 Feb"UU"Y 27 -4 Th d F b Fi K. A. dinner dance. And now the question '1 gf urs GY' e "WHY 23 is put to the professors, "Why butcher the Classical Club meets. So Dot Pugh embraces kl"'Q'S EY1QllSl'1?" A TlmelY ClUe5ll0n Gnd we va the idea of trousers for women! Deah, deah, hope'-thought P"0V0kl"l9- Q grlggogrher winner of the "unusual student" Tuesday, February 28 gf S' Graduate'Club meets, Ray Sanders is presi- Friday, Februmy 24 Sl-ent, Mmgieg Cate Marvin vi?-e-prejidgnt A ennessee e aters eet . . b hi all-Sgudegts Cflub dance. We suppose r10fl'1- Alpha hosts at chaptrelr house. cllerijlryq thg end Ng Oni' Pflgf Svesgirz 0:38 DV- EmD9FOI'S C0116 is not yet, but please excuse our dust-we 4 PP - rush to press. N all oFFlciAL X lt Pl-IOTOGRAPI-IER ' l I 33 X ir rl 9 e 5, voi.uNTEER Q w " :' N . Cf' vi 3 ijtetw 1. sg 605 ox li ly 1 B 4 X ,gdlo K, W - f LW 0 og Pictures may be had I 1. L from negatives made lor ,lt Fl this annual gif ffl l N ,Q .... v1 N For Three Years it E fi' ' : Q? 'Q "The Volunteer" 1 nf I-los Selected 'Pl A KING-SKRAFT COVER Lvl f . 5 "1 ,e t 'lli31It5r36mnjll J AQES9 S TRADE HANK rf . Designed and Produced by the KlNesPoRT PRESS, Inc. 99 Kingsport - Tennessee Q ' kv , xg L ,W IQIGISIQIOIOISICPIC' 5 GZQIQZOZGZQIDIGZGI P V' V' f.-'N 'A IV ng QUALITY . S ,lg INE Annuals are brought about by c 'AM' " skillful and trained effort, only? . - ug Capperx supremacy is the result of nianf N years of successful experience in Annual cle- signing and engraving. This experience, to- '41 getlier with the Soutlfs best artists, designers and engravers, is a guarantee for the finest Annuals. ---------------- CAPPER v ENGRQXLNG ' COMDANY. KN,OXVILLE, TENNESSEE ARTISTS ' ' DESIGNERS ' ' EIVGDAVERS. . u 9' Q 9' Ka P ti rf Yviyrwy' yu -- -- ?-- f- -- bf-- f -.11 ...... rm- ..... .... ,... ...... ..... ...... .... , ,, ,. ' WEL-1?J14 qs ww f 'Q .. af my---H-' --' ' W2 ' "' X , 'L fi. KNQXVILL5, 767 . ,- V ' wg?" LITH6 GRAPHING W9 , 3' CSMP NY DESIGNERS Aff, PRINTERS .Q I u GF - FINE COLLEGE ANNUALS V52 ef QQ" KNOXVILLE, TENN. :H a Qs G. N GN U . S. A. it Q' 1 I 94 gfyaflaffo-goefvibfi M775 A ' We sifyf 122 ifejobfyfiffiy L i ? 3' . . 'VUQ Q 5 f' wwf ogsyoffgg gf lie U 'P Q - . . 3 afmzfaf 15 0' OQQWZE - ? ,Half gf our Jeflffce Q ii NE H P 4 Q' Q M A A A W , ,- A , .... .... .... .... ...., ...., .... ff' 1 . 1 V 1 r i i E i 5 f i Q l 1 i R 1 l 1 F x n N ,lf I 71. iff A.. V, . m ,, 1 Q, I , n .j . u-.avril j I .1 5 l f .1 rw ,, xf 'A Q ,DL I I f J i! b Av ,, 4 oi

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