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University of Tennessee Chattanooga - Moccasin Yearbook (Chattanooga, TN) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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'gpg an ' Q Aff-'H A 2: -wif . ms ma nm ez mf M fm is ,E Q wif nv. 5-1 nz.,- Q. ms- mg s an mn aww mm It ram , .,.U I, ,, , , ..- L4-9f,v'3,'1f in rv I 1 LIZ- 'E5'f',4?, ' 31.11. I-If-.f --:'-'L " , K Y 1 ' .- , . ' , 1 , . ' r Y , 'Q ze 5 W W ,T-ul 1. I 3563 T'- 5 A am' .NK 'a mf 1 'I its shine nummam gassssrmvzff " 11. 193 L LJ mocca in PUBLISHED ANNUALLY BY THE STUDENT BODY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CHATTANOOGA ROBERT BRUCE WALLACE 0 EDITOR JOAN POTTER 0 BUSINESS MANAGER THE PRESIDENT DR. DAVID A. LOCKMILLER B.PIw., A.M., LL.B., LL.D., Ph.D. Every college year is Tilled wiTh varied and imporTanT evenTs, buT I952- 53, my elevenTh aT U. C., has been unusually inTeresTing and signiTicanT. New and old sTudenTs were welcomed, and aIThough Korea was always in our Thinking, sTudies, chapel, laboraTory work, drill, and "gym" consumed mosT oi The scheduled Time. The rouTine was broken wiTh aThleTic evenTs, The elecTion oT PresidenT Eisenhower, club and TraTerniTy meeTings, dances, "Homecoming," ChrisTrnas, examinaTions, Religious Emphasis Week, mu- sic and drama programs, arT exhibiTions, and The Science Fair. Then, Too, There was The Tire in The ArT Building, The opening of The Me'rhodisT STU- denT CenTer, and The giTTs oT The Junior League Reading CenTer and The Kosmos Woman's Club. Meanwhile, as PresidenT oT The Associaiion oT Urban UniversiTies, I presided over The annual meeTing oT ThaT group in DeTroiT. My work as Vice Chairman oT The American Council on EducaTion and as Vice Presi- denT oT The SouThern AssociaTion and Chairman of iTs Library CommiTTee provided many inTeresTing conTacTs and required a greaT deal oT off- campus work. Church, RoTary, Y.M.C.A., ArT AssociaTion, Chamber oi Commerce, and various oTher religious, civic, and educaTionaI groups claimed aTTenTion locally. The ouTsTanding personal evenT was The Trip around The world which Mrs. Lockmiller and I were privileged To make as represenTaTives of The STaTe DeparTmenT. We carried The greeTings of our sTudenTs, TacuITy, and TrusTees To more Than Tweniy-Tive colleges and universiTies in Japan, Eor- mosa, I-long Kong, Thailand, and India. And now Summer School will soon be in session and iT is Time To plan Tor i953-54. As a busy and successful year comes To 'a close wiTh Alumni Day and The sixTy-sevenTh Annual CommencemenT I wanT To Thank all who have made iT possible and To congraTulaTe our Seniors and Those who move Torward from class To class in The greaT Tellowship which consTiTuTes our UniversiTy d Th I9 Umhrrulv ol Charnan ou '. -' 7? lllassnflibs 1 4.,f..,.f f-if 4? an Emi! lark lilrr but img -A--, Ak. Juana! manga- up 4,144 uf95Jp,'1-hmm-nu-Iyn,,had4nqa 4- wwf- A-4" Pu-Ad -fu....a.-.A-rf s.-...ay I Ring an LeT+er announcing Dr. LockmiIIer's honorary mem- Th L In II H g Kong bership in e 53 Senior Class. f .-. -Qu. , " 1. . , ,, .sl T U T F- ,, - -- Q , 5. i I I ' ii ' i'21:wA.'f.'.' HQ.. .3..l4nu-'f inf?-f'im .11 .ml .1 ,Abs .I . 'Q , lfxnulauhu Mes. uifih an-' "'ff"'i'f "' ' i P 7 .v" mu upon fu -4 'Af .v..v.4.- Q. "-L -.L V ... ,, y 5351 11,-,,,.,,,-,, ,, ,'..,,, 5- , . T 4 ,, -PM ii ii , - 'I' T A Q4 auncifwisp dl .93-v. un .wsu 9?- -V - 5.9, 54 3 J. nu I-'-44 M' .1 ii ' .eq ILM ' Ln auf I fn .dau -Iraqi -4 th 492:04 ag' Us . T - ' " I , ' 'Q an ill? ' I Ji! 'I' 'Iii ia fl .Tx I. as 4 .,, , .., , r75.?,?0hM' G T',.lt.'A' I7 . ' r ,-'1 .ff ' if ' ,lpulnv-1 ik . . ,, . Q ' L ,f,,,, f?s91..'....p , . , use E ' is , . . ' V . V Mwst- V V , ' 'ii i X it lx I, I, A .,y, as ' 'Q I ff , I ,,.,.f- qg.,..vvf,IJu I ,ii . . ,'-"i,i"+:':"" ' 1.e.,i.f:a.1:-as -e-ree?-14 -' 12 KL -..-1 . 1. - 'li'-rfiw , ' 11 V 1: ,V ,lj . ,. .,. ' .1 AN ' I 1 A ,N 1 . "r r "' H.- ,. ' s N , , ..A.,,'. U - Edina.. m -, , 5-1 . I in , ,we E Lu 1 - "- u f',,,j,L,.,i a, L. A-I I .1 -'ia '11, . M.. .' A., .--L-4 , li-19.31. 'Ffylvl-5 Y 17 I AEM.. mg,- fbf 3, f wa ss mn ,A H w as Sw HSE 12 STANLEY F. BRETSKE Vice-Presidenf and Compfroller. mms .mmm W mm THE The oTTice oT Vice-PresidenT and Comp- Troller is held by Mr. BreTslce, who has served The insTiTuTion Tor 29 years. l-le is responsible Tor all Th-e auxiliary enTerprises on The campus, The buildings and grounds and The business oTTice. l-le also assisTs The PresidenT in The Tinancing oT The insTiTuTion. l-le Tinds Time during his busy days To ad- vise sTudenTs on Their personal Tinancial problems and is Truly a Triend To The sTu- denTs who really need help. Lilce all busi- ness oTTicers oT educaTional insTiTuTions, he lcnows when To say "Yes" and when To say "No." Leff To Right: Celia Mahan, Secreiaryg Mrs. Ward Buhr- man, Assisfanf Compirollerg Joan Davis, Secretary, business o'e'a sU arr rsar ffic ,J me mb ge , Bu . V1.1 .. ADMINISTRATURS I9 REGISTRAR AND The Reqisirafs Oiiice is The reposiiory of aca- demic records ior siudenis. The records include admission credeniials, resulis oi placemeni Jresis, college course work, eic. Siudeni direciories are kepi' in The office. and iranscripis issued upon re- quesi oi siudenis. Compleie colleciions oi college caiaiogs are mainiained for siudeni and iaculiy use. UB W HOL AND MA RE EN . L ,A.B.. . . Rlqisirar, Dun of Evaninq College and Extension Lei? io riqhi: Clara B. Washburn, Reference Librarian: Grady M. Long, GILBERT GOVAN Circulation Librarian: Mary Young Hale, Assistant Librarian. Librarian 20 DEAN OF STUDENTS The Dean of STudenTs, DoroThy WoodworTh, is an im porTanT person around The U.C. campus. Her many ac TiviTies include: promoiing The welfare and general super- r vision of The non-academic life oT all sTudenTs: counseling ' and general supervision oT TraTerniTies, sTudenT organiza- Tions, STudenT Government The Honor Council, eTc.: su- pervision of The Universiiy physician and accidenial illness cases: assisTance wiTh The Universiiy CaTalog, Handbook, -r-,,,... Viewbooks, adverTising, and publiciTy: mainlrenance oT The ',,,.,.. UniversiTy social calendar and The enTorcemenT of CaTalog an-w4,,. and Handbook regulaTions governing These acTiviTies: and .f-f-' ,,, supervision of Dormiiory and FraTerniTy house moThers, and The special acTiviTies of boarding sTudenTs. She is Chairman of The Admissions CommiTTee, Chairman of The Scholarship CommiTTee: and DirecTor OT sTudenT recruiTing acTiviTies. She cooperaTes wiTh The PresidenT and oTher adminisTraTive officers and Teachers in over-all adminisTra- Tivo and public relaTEons work of The UniversiTy. MRS. JAMES MARTIN Direcior of Dormifories and House MoTher Women's Dormifory MISS 'MARGARET ROGERS DieTiTian and House Mofher, Men's Dormifory DOROTHY HARRIS WOODWORTH Dean of Sfudents BETTY FLO WORSHAM SecreTary To Dean of Siudenfs 4. . , , ii . r., 1,,. , rizfmg., 2I fin I 413 Q. as-1 ,f W "WE-" A 1 4 -iff 6 QU? if as T '25 F395 A X im QI -,.,1 ,v-'N OLLEGE The College of Liberal Arls is composed of Three cli- visions: l-lumaniiies - English, French, German. Greek, Larin, Spanish, Philosophy and Religion: Social Sciences- Economics, Geography, I-lislory, Polilical Science, and Sociology: and Science-Malhemalics - Aslronomy, Biol- ogy, Chemisiry, Geology, lvlalhemafics, Physical Science and Physics. ll offers courses leading lo The degrees ol Bachelor of Arls and Bachelor of Sciences. . :ig There are Iwo reasons why rhe College of Liberal Arls occupies a basic posifion in 'Ihe Universify. The Core Cure riculum, which wilh some modificalions is a prerequisile grealer parl' of Ihe firsl Iwo years worlc in The College of Liberal Arfs. Furlhermore if is possible lor sfudenls who complefe four years in lhis college 'ro specialize in subiecls of cullural value and al The same 'lime prepare Themselves for careers in 'rhe professions, in governmenlal and public service, and in Iurfher graduale sludy. The purpose of 'lhe Humanifies Division is Io provide Ihe sfudenl wifh fhose advanlages, bolh praclical and inlangible, derived from a command of his own and oiher Broclr Hall ELIZABETH CLAIBORNE MYRON S. McCAY WILBUR BUTTS ELEANOR MCGILLIARD THERESA WALLER RUTH CLARK PERRY .B.S., M.A. . A.B., M.S., Ph.D'. B.S., M.S., Ph.D. A.B., M.A. B.S., M.A. A.B. Specialllnsfruclor In Professor of Physlcs Professor of Biology Associale Professor of Assisfanl' Professor of Associale Professor of B'olP9Y Biology Hislory Mafhemalics BRADFORD KUHNS WILLIAM HOWARD PAUL E, BROWN DAVID M. PATTEN MMGAW SUTTQN . A.B. ' A,B,I M5. A-B.. MAA- IRVINE WALTER GROTE WILLIAM ORR SWAN EDWIN SAMUEL LINDSEY Special Insfrucfor in Asst Professor of Assf. Professor of Modern B.S., A.M., Ph.D. B.S., M.S., Ph.D. A.B., A.M., Ph.D. EHQIISII GEOQFSPIIY and Geology Languages Professor of Chemisfry Professor of Chemisfry Professor of English 22 for all degrees, represenls subiecls which comprise Ihe I l' LI ERI-lL ARTS languages. The culTural enrichmenT which comes Trom The sTudy ol: liTeraTure, and The sTrengTh oT characTer TosTered by The sTudy oi philosophy and religion. The Chairman oT The Division is ProTessor Godfrey TieTze. The subiecTs of The Social Science Division deal wiTh man-pasT or presenT-in his various social relaTionships or capacilries. Their aim is To acquainT The sTudenT wiTh The experiences oT mankind in order To develop his social awareness and equip him Tor eTTecTive ciTizenship, while They also provide Training Tor many vocaTions, parTicularly in The Tield oT public service, The Chairman oT This Di- vision is Dr. James W. Livingood. The Science-lvlaThemaTics Division prepares sTuclenTs Tor admission To medical and denTal schools, Tor graduaTe sTudy and research, ancl Tor posiiions in governmenTal and inclusTrial laboraTories. Besides This specialized Training, iT oTTers The broad ToundaTion Tor undersTanding The naTural sciences and maThemaTics so necessary Tor a comprehen- sion oT our modern world. The Chairman oi This Division is Dr. Myron S, lvlcCay. MAXWELL AUSTIN SMITH, A.B., M.A. Docieur cle I'UniversiTe' de Paris: Dean, College of Liberal Arfs. ISOBEL GRISCOM TERRELL LOUISE TATUM JOHN TOY GRAY ROBERT HERMANN JOSEPH SEVIER GODFREY TIETZE A a M.A. A.a., MA. s.s., M.A. ANACKER CALLAWAY a D Associafe Professor of Associafe Professor of Assf. Professor of Ph.D. A.B., M.A,, Ph.D. Associate Professor of English Modern Languages Mafhemafics Professor of Modern Professor of Classics Philosophy and Religion Languages JAMES WESTON GORDON R. WOOD ROLAND DeBUSKE FRANK WILLIAM WINSTON LOUIS MASSEY KAREL HUJER LIVINGOOD A.B., M.A., Ph.D. CARTER PRESCOTT A.B., M.A. DSC. HASKELL M MILLER M A Ph.D. Associafe Professor of A.B., M.A. A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Associafe Professor of AssociaTe Professor of M A Professor of Hisfory English Assf. Professor of English Professor of Governrrienf Mafhemafics Physics and Asfronorny Professor of Sociology GULLEGEOFAPPLIED The College of Applied Arts includes deparTmenTs which have a sTrong vocational or professional obiecTive and offers a dozen curricula leading To The degree oi IviasTer of Arts. One group of programs is related To busi- ness and Technical accounTing, retailing, secretarial admin- isiration, industrial engineering and engineering physics. A second group is related To educational, social and home occupaTions and includes elemenTary and secondary school Teaching, home economics, psychology, social work and physical educaTion, In addiTion To These an Army ArTiI- Iery ROTC uniT is available To all men in The University and approximaTely forty percenT of all male students are Tak- ing courses leading To reserve officer commissions, Much l OT These programs is also made available in The evening college curriculum and many Applied ArTs sTudenTs secure degrees by sTudy in evening college and The summer ses- sion. The largest group of graduate students are enrolled PAUL L. PALMER. A.B., A.M. . . . . Dean' College gf Appgged Ad, and profem, of Educayion, in advanced courses in Educahon as candidates for The lllil ANDREW CECIL MOORE WILLIAM P. O'BRIEN ANDREW JOHN NARDO Associate Protessor of Phy- Assistant Coach Assistant Professor of Phy- sical Education. B.S. Uni- sical Education. A.8. Uni- versity of Georgia versity of Chattanooga. M.A. Columbia University ARTHUR G. VIETH WILLIAM HINTON WESSON, JR. DANIEL ALBERT PRESTON MARY B. DALTON ULREY KAULBACH WILSON A.B., M.A., Ph.D. B.S, Ph.D. B.S., M.S. A.B., M.A., Ed.D. A.B., MA. Associate Professor of Economics Professor of Economics and Asst, Professor of Economics a Associate Professor of Education Asst, Professor of Psychology and Commerce Commerce Commerce 24 I-IRTS Masler ol Educalion degree. Also many Liberal Arfs grad- uales Ialce maiors in Applied Aris deparlmenis especially Economics, Educalion and Psychology. All curricula in Jrhe College of Applied Arls are pre- Xi. scribed in much more Than in Ihe College ol Liberal Aris. However, Ihere is a definire policy of developing all Ap- plied Arls programs wilh a heallhy and well-balanced core of Liberal sludies from 'rhe Liberal and Fine Arls divisions and scholarship siandards are mainlained al' Jrhe same levels as elsewhere in lhe UniversiIy's work. lvlosr of The Freshman and Sophomore years are devoied 'ro founda- lional courses in Liberal Sfudies. Exisfing curricula in Applied Arls are rooied in 'rhe needs oi 'rhe Challanooga area and olhers will be added Irom lime Io lime only as iuslilied by local area demand. There is every reason 'Io assume Ihar in 'rhe Iuiure growlh of The Universily Ihe College ol Applied Arls will hold a sirong posiiion, Founders Hall l JEAN GILLIS JACOBS MARGARET EVANS THOMAS B.S., M.A. A.B. Asst. Professor of Physical lnsirucfor in Physical Educaiion Education and Healfh JAMES H. COOLEY JAMES BARBER FOXWORTH GEORGIA LAXSON BELL B.B.A., M.S.R. B.B.A., M.B.A., C.P.A. NORBERT KOCH B.S., M.S. SARAH PHILLIPS Insfrucior in Economics and Insfrucfor in Economics and B.Ed., M.5., Ed.D. Associaie Professor of Home A.B., M.A. Commerce Commerce Associafe Professor of Engineering Economics Assf. Professor of Commerce 25 COLLEGE DF FINE ARTS l i l HAROLD CADEK Dean, College of Fine Arfs and Professor of Piano and Violon- cello. The College ol Fine Arls consisls of lhree de- parlmenls: Ari' and Design, Drama and Speech, and Music. The primary aim of These deparlmenls is 'ro offer syslemalic inslruclion in rhe lheory, hislory ancl slcills required ro fully undersland and appreciale lhe line aris, Individual sludenls inleresied in enlering The leaching field or capable ol becoming profes- sional arlisls are olllered special Training designed lo develop fheir lalenls lo lhe ulmosl possible de- gree. ln acldirion lo lhe regular courses, numerous cam- pus group aclivilies serve lo srimulale a lively in- leresl in lhe arls. Sludenl arf exhibils, plays, orches- lra, band and glee club oFler praclical experience and valuable moiivalion. An imporlanl lunclion ol a College of Fine Arls in an urban universiry is ro help lhe communily develop a comprehensive arl program. This special purpose is ideally illuslraled in lhe many acliviiies ol s+a1CF members oi The local College ol Fine Arls. Mosi ol The major cullural proiecls in lhe lield ol fine arls in our communily are direclecl by members ol 'lhe lacully or receive close cooperaling supporl. ISA MclLWRAlTH ARTHUR PLETTNER A.B., M,A., A.A.G.O. Mus. Bac., Mus. Doc. Associafe Professor of Music, Universily Juilliard Professor of Music Organisl and Choirmasfer D OTHY HACKETT WARD GAIL S. HAMMOND OR A.B. M.F.A GEORGE CRESS ELLWOOD D RUSHWO JAMES OSCAR MILLER B.A.E., M.A.E. Assislanl Professor ofiDramalics B.F.A., M.F.A. B.S. in P.S.M Professor of Voice Assislanf Professor of Arl and Speech Assisfanl' Professor of Arf Music Educahon DEDIGATION MRS. lMlSS MAYl SAUNDERS Secrefary, College of Liberal Arls The I953 MOCCASIN slall has dedicalecl Jrlwese pages lo llme QUEEN ol Jrlwe Quadrangle. "Miss May" has servecl 'flue universlly ancl ils sludenls lor 28 years, clevoling ner life lo 'rlwe lunclions ancl aclivilies on llme U. C. campus. The slall wishes lo recognize and Jrlmanlc Mrs. Saunders lor being suclw a wonderful person. l A sjwgxgwggy MW sag-1,3521 . ' csggxzisx 7 ugh Wifzxu an Nigga, an 'QM M r ...zwwn KLEIQW " ' 331395 I U M uzlzixsgz- - -- -, ,www f ,. - 1-1 ' .ww aww -ws 13,59 1, - 'Eiv X3-mm :NN mg? Q U ma 'figgm wish. ffm wr, ' 7, , ...!' 1 x ,1 V Y if 37 i M K w'V E km X a., U1 If 1 J.. il K " ' i J f,3m,,i fam Erljw. 'x 5lgf'5 , .'A' 193.3 M fig -xgiwa amass -'mama W-mx x as A any as awww .1 -Aixam gms, yarn A 1 may ami? SEEN A Q 6 5? 'l ' mc ,, ,V E A5155 5375.291 WF! a .!fM:,, wen -wggw a n 'vii Wx . .gf , if 1 1 sms a 11 ix-mama, Q wx amng Egan - M -wus. , ifvqhm -' ,. ,, 'a wx? QW M. Sim fx wwf maui ,qv SSNM5, mia X V6 Qvkliyrfwwh ?y7ar3sG3zMi1 L' ss . ff mv z Q W 42 3 ss 1 ss nu f w ff A - A 3 :Z Q f ., Q S 21 1 ' 4 x H mmm ni 1 4 3 gygiifw Q bf fu N Q f Q X x 4 ' , ff i . w M M Q sf E xv A 'Ji I.-1 H 1 fs.:-..--1 -H 4 I ' A Y: zw' 2 :-. gm ., . 2 4, ,Q , .H af . . . ,WW ,s 1 Q gs Q4 B avsu...r,,. 0' LM f --- A ' 1 4: n ., ,fa-"2 I W' ,me 'QL 211 Q fx.: v- av SENIOR OFFICERS Guy Hobbs-Sfudenf Council Representaiiveg Jim Farrar-Presidenfg Shirley Norris-Treasurer, Lou AImon-Secre- laryg Jim Pennington-Vice President THE SENIO LASS LOU ALMON, Physical Educafiong Alpha Delia Pig Meihodisf Slu- clenl Movemenl 50-53: W.A.A. 50-53, Treasurer 5l-52, Presideni 52- 53: Moce'Hes 5I-53, Secreiary 52-533 Sfuclenl' Council 52-53: Physi- cal Educaiiln Maiors Club 5!-531 Who'5 Who 52-53: Co-Ed Coiil- lion 52-531 Secrelary Senior Class 52-53. LLOYD D. ANDERSON, Economicsg Lambda Chi Alpha, Treasurer, 5l-52, Secreiary 52-53, Besl Aclive Award I95Ig ECHO 50-52, Sigma Della Pi Spanish lmprovemenl Award 50-5Ig Pi Gamma Mu 52-537 Professional Business Club 52-533 R.O.T.C., Cade? Lieuienanl 52-53, INA LOU ARNOLD, Economics and Commerce: Phi Mu, Presidenl' 52-53, Pledge Direcfor SI-52, Rush Chairman 5I-52: Quadrangle, ,,, WY, Vice-Presidenl 52-53: Kappa Chi Epsilon, Presidenl 52-53, Vice- Presidenl SI-52, Panhollenic, Presideni 52-533 Thalpos Club 50-52: Eleclion Commiilee 50-52, W.A.A. 50-533 Co-Ed Cofillion 5l-53: Professional Business Club 5I-527 Who's Who 52-53: Homecoming Courl 523 Band 49-50: Orcheslra 49-50. MARTIN BARDILL, Music Educaliong Sigma Chi, Secrefary Sl-52: Alpha Phi Omega, Presidenf 51-531 Blue Key, Secrefary 52-531 Male Chorus, Vice-Presidenl 52-535 Band: Orchesfray Choir: M.E.N.C. 52. RYE BELL: Phi Gamma Mug Phi Eia Sigma, Vice-Presidenl 52-53. BOBBY H. BERRIER, Philosophy. raw W - - i 'mea 'EH jg H H . Bggm H lmrfuifsm ., new '- M 'mn am E W i , a vs is is wg. in an E is gg. 5 E is-ri 1 Q H i 2-an 5 . ra N ' lg as J., Io, ll ' r l W is is 1 llmlill 'L' ,, 1 Q gm , ' '-L1 V , r bfflifefrif 'f - l!'.!'5" " A ' .21-rf-fx.. I ' a gi . s . 211323557-,:5 :- , 4' - ' I e -me-if ' f,j 7.1' f' ' . ' .iL?i"5. 'A ' , :r .5- 1 . -5- ,g.-4,11 , f, :,. 'LTA L- .Li .- 12442- a YG I A 4 I n rl - u : Ig -'rif Ii 'Ig' ci' 13, IT? if if rlJ L i' I , B I if ,fs . . l X :Ng ,, 1 : C I xv-X l 1 fr . i 1. Q "ry 5-J N 1' .A U'-i' 471 , ,, f fleas- if' 1- l 1-L'-'.. C PM Y lixx 'N ,ff 4 . gl' C I T I: K A X I' -5 !1I N Nlqf I il I JANE BRADLEY, Educalion: lndependenls 50-SI: B.S.U., Secreiary 5I-52, Presidenl 52-53: Universify Choir 50-52: Religious Council 52-53. DEMPSIE CAMP, Engineering: Universiiy Engineers Club, Vice-Presiden1'5I-52, Presideni' 52- 53: Sociefy for Advancemeni' of Managemenl. CHARLES CARPENDER, Relailingz Pi Gamma Mu: Professional Business Club. JO ANN CARTER, Hislory: 2 Kappa Delia, Ecliior 50-5I, Treasurer 5l-52, Vice-Presidanl 52- 53: Thalpos Club, Treasurer 52-53: W.A.A.: Mefhoclisl Sfudenf Siudenf Movemenf: Sigma Della Pi, Award 52: l.R.C.: Panhellenic Council 51-52: Co-Ed Colillion. BETTY JUNE CLARK, Chemislryg Kappa Delta, Pledge Scholarship Award 50, Eclilor 5If52: Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Chemisfry Award 50, Secrelary 52-53: Der Deufsche Kreis, Secrefary- Treasurer 52: ECHO 49-5I: Election Commiffee 5I-52: Co-Ed Cofillion: Sigma Pi Sigma: Kappa Chi Epsilon. JERRY D. CLAY, Pi Kappa Alpha: Engineers Club: R.O.T.C., Eirsl Lieufenanl. DEWEY COFFELT, Chemiiry: Gamma Sigma Epsilon. 1 , - :- 'v9 'LSP if MARY ALICE COLBURN, Universily Band: Universily Orcheslra: M.E.N.C.: B.S,U., Secrerary 52-53. ELINOR COLE, Voice: Chi Omega: Art Club 49: Moceffes Sl-53, Presidenl 52-53: Wesl- minsler Fellowship: W.A.A, 50-53: Kappa Chi Epsilon 50-53, Proiecf Chairman 52-53: Col- legium Musicum 5I-53, Vice-Presidenl 52-53: Girls' Trio 51-53: Choir 49-53: Band 52-53: Quadrangle 52-53, Secrelary 52-53: Facully Chapel Commilfee 52-53: Co-Ed Cofillion 5l-53. RICHARD K. COLLINS, Arr: Lambda Chi Alpha: Ari' Club 5I-53: Newman Club 5I-53: l.R.C.53. BOB COX, Physical Educalion. KATHLEEN CRAVEN, Home Economics: Home Economics Club, Secrelary 50: Wesfminsler Fellowship Club. VD Z 3 Z I-I-I VD Firsf Row: JAYNE CRAVEN. BERNARD DAVIS, Engineering: 2 Kappa Sigma. RAYMOND DENNY, Philosophy: Sigma Chi: 2 Der Deuische Kreis. JAYNE DICKERT, Home Economics: Chi Omega, Pledge Trainer 52-53: Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil 50-5I: ECHO 49-50: MOCCASIN 50-SI: Home Economics Club, Vice-Presidenl 52-53: Mocefles, Treasurer 52453: W.A.A.: I.R.C.: Co-Ed Colillion: Alpha Kappa: Weslminsler Fellofship, Secrerary-Treasurer 5I-52. PATRlCIA DONHAM, Malhemalics: Phi Mu, Treasurer 52: Choir 5I: Home Economics Club: Co-Ed Coiillion: Alpha Theia Della, Charier Member: Meihodisl Sfuclenl Movement JANE DYER, Biology: Chi Omega: Bela Befa Bela, Historian 5I-52: Melhodisf Sfudenl Movement Treasurer 52: Campus Religious Council. Second Row: LAWRENCE ELSON. HJ Z I'- BARBARA ENGLERTH, Physical Educalion: Pi Bela Phi: Home Economics Club: W.A.A. Physical Educalion Maiors Club: Powder Bowl 52: Methodist Sludenl Movement MIKE FARMER. JIM FARRAR, Business: Pi Kappa Alpha, Treasurer 50-5I: B.S.U.: Class Presidenl 5I-53: Slu- denl Council, Vice-Presidenl 52-53: R.O.T.C. Caplain: Blue Key 52-53: Campus Wil: Profes sional Business Club 52-53: Y.M.C.A.: Who's Who. JAIME W. FOSSETTE, Hislory. PHYLLIS GAITHER, Home Economics: Pi Bela Phi: B.S.U., Vice-President 50: Home Eco nomics Club: Camera Club: Ari Club. 32 Nl? DONALD GEN UNG. NANCY HARRINGTON, English: Chi Omega, Secrefary 50-5I, Presidenf 52-53: Universify Players 49-53, Secrefary 5I-52: l.R.C. 49-53, Secrelary SI-52: Mefhoclisf Sfudenf Movemenf: Quadrangle, Presidenf, Chairman Poinf Sysfem 52-53: Panhellenic, Corresponding Secrelary 52-53: Co-Ed Cofillion 5I-53. GENE HARRIS, Elemenfary Educafion: Transfer from Shorfer College. JOAN HEDMAN, French and Arf. BOB HEWETT, Philosophy: lndependenfs: Sfudenf Body Presidenf: Honor Council: Blue Key, Vice-President: Who's Who: Universify Players: Chapel Commiffee 50-53: Religious Coun- cil 49-53: Y.M.C.A., Secrefary 49-5I: Wesfminsfer Fellowship, Presidenf 49-53. ANN HINKLE, Home Economics: Alpha Delfa Pi, Regisfrar 5I-53: Mefhoclisf Sfudenf Move- menf: Home Economics Club: Arf Club: Elecfion Commiffee. MARY ANN HIGGINS, Home Economics: Alpha Dalfa Pi, Chaplain 52-53, Scholarship Chairman 52-53: Home Economics Club 50-53: Newman Club 50-53: l.R.C. 52-53: Alpha Kappa 52-53: W.A.A. 52-53: Campus Religion Council 52-53. GUY E. HOBBS, JR., Business Adminisfrafion: Lambdi Chi Alpha, Secrefary 50-SI, Vice- Presidenf SI-53: R.O.T.C. Capfain: Senior Represenfalive fo Sfudenf Council: Blue Key: Who's Who: MOCCASIN, Afhlefic Edifor 52-53, Phofographic Edifor 52-53: ECHO 49-53: Sociefy for Advancemenf of Managemenf, Treasurer 52-53: l.F.C. 52-53: Professional Busi- ness Club. WILLIAM A. HODGES, Physical Educafion: Lambdi Chi Alpha, Pledge Trainer 52-53: Re- ligious Council, Chairman 52-53: Wresfling Team, Capfain 53: Alpha Kappa 52-53: Newman Club 52-53: "C" Club 52-53: Physical Eclucafion Majors Club 49-53. HALE C. HOLLAND, Indusirial Managemenf: Kappa Sigma, Besf Pledge Award 49, Assisf- anf Secrefary 50, Secrefary Sl, Vice-Presidenf 52, Presidenf 53: ECHO: Y.M.C.A. 49: Engi- neers Club 49-53: l.F.C., Secrefary 5l, Treasurer 52: Blue Key: Who's Who: Professional Business Club, Presidenf 53: Sociefy for Advancemenf of Managemenf, Treasurer 53. EDMUND HOUZE. FRANCES HUNDLEY, Malh: Alpha Pi: Co-Ed Cofillion, Vice-Presidenf 52-53: Pi Befa Phi Affiliafe: l.R.C.: lndependenfs: Alpha Thefa Delfa: Mefhodisf Sfudenf Movemenf. EDDY INGLE, Lambda Chi Alpha.. JEAN JACOBS, Hisiofyi Pi Befa Phi, corresponding swefafy 52-53. CYNTHIA JINNINGS, Educafion: Choir: Canlerbury Club. CORNELIUS KEETAN. JACK T. KINSER, Reiaalang. ALVIN E. KINSEY, JR., Economics: Sigma Chi. HARIETT KISER, Physical Educalion: Chi Omega, Vice-Presideni-152-53: Powder Bowl 49-Sl. Capfain 5l: W.A.A. 49, Vice-Presideni 52-53: Mocelies 5I-53: Thalpos Club, Secrelary 52-53. BILL KOONS, Hisfory: Kappa Sigma, Vice-Presidenl SI, Treasurer 52: Foolball 48-52: "C" Club 49-53: Classics Club 50: Blue Key 52-53: Who's Who 52: Pi Gamma Mu 52: Dormiiory Council 50-53: Rules and Requlaiions Commiifee SI-52. PATRICIA KRATZ, English: Pi Bela Phi, Besl Pledge 50: Sigma Tau Delia: MOCCASIN: Rebel Belle of Thela Chi SI-52: ECHO: ACCENT: Orcheslra: Band: Kappa Chi Epsilon, Sec- refary 52-53: W.A.A.: I.R.C.: Canierbury Club, Vice-Presidenl 5l-52: Campus Religious Council. CHESTER LAGOD, Physical Educalion: Fooiball, Captain 51-52: Track 49: Physical Educa- tion Majors Club 50: Universily Players 5I: Rules and Regulafions Commifiee 52: Blue Key 52: Who's Who 52. KENNETH C. LANDRETH, lndusfrial Managemenf: Phi Efa Sigma: Pi Gamma Mu 5l-52. LOWELL LEHMAN, JR., Hisfory: ECHO 49-50: l.R.C., Vice-President 50-51, Presideni 52-53: Pi Gamma Mu: Der Deuische Kreis, President 53: Blue Key 52-53. ix' wx.. L. ' :-ig. ,4f' .vv ','. , I P5 f I u 'X fxiilffiif Firsf Row: LEON S. LEWlS,Ar1: Engineering Club: Arr Club. WALTER D. LEWIS, Engineering Physics: Engineering Club 49-52: Band 49-5I: Orchesrra 49-Sl: B.S.U. 49-52. ALFRED REECE McCONKEY, Business Adminislrarion: Sociefy for Advancemenr of Man- aqemeni. CAROL MCDONALD, Home Economics: Alpha Delia Pi, Corresponding Secreiary Sl-52, Guard 52-53: Home Economics Club, Presidenl 52-53: Alpha Kappa: l.R.C.: Co-Ed Cofillion. DESMOND MCNAMEE. GEORGE E. MADDRIX, Biology: B.S.U.: Camera Club. Second Row: GUILFORD MAULDIN, Induslrial Engineering. WEBB MEADOR, lndusirial Management Universiry Engineers Club: Sociery for Advance mem' of Managemeni. VD Z 3 Z I-IJ VD in-1 91" MARVIN MELTON, Economics and Commerce. BILL MEYER, Accouniing: Lambda Chi Alpha. DONALD C. MOORE, Geology: Alpha Phi Omega, Secrefary 5I-52: American Chemical Sociely 49: Der Deutsche Kreis 52: Camera Club 5l-52. -MARY CATHERINE MORRISON, Piano: Chi Omega, Pledge Secrerary, Model Inifiaie 50, Pledge Scholarship Award 50: Social and Civic Service Chairman 5l: Vocafions Chairman, Co-Rush Chairman 52, Treasurer 52-53: Alpha Lambda Delia, Presidenl 50-5I, Junior Advisor 5I-52: Girls' Trio, Accompanisf 50-53: Universify Choir 52-53: W.A.A. 50-53: ECHO 50-53: MOCCASIN 5l-52: Ouadrangle 52-53: Kappa Chi Epsilon 50-53: Collegium Musicum Fresh- man Award 50, Secreiary-Treasurer 51-52, Vice-Presidenr 52-53. 35 Z I- CD Z LIJ VD Firs+ Row: DONALD MOWERY, Economics: Pi Kappa Alpha, Treasurer 52-53: Canierbury Club: Pro- fessional Business Club. MICKEY MYERS, Physical Educalion: Lambda Chi Alpha: Eoolball 49-50, Trainer SI-52: Newman Club: Alpha Kappa: "C" Club: Wreslling, Allernale Caplain 52: Bachelor ol Ugli- ness 53: Physical Educalion Majors' Club: Campus Wil' 51. JOHN A. NAIL, Ari: Arl' Club. BILL NELSON, English: ECHO, News Edifor 5l, Ecliior 52. PHILIP DEAN NEUMAN, Relailing: Sigma Chi: Refailing Club: Sociely for Advancemenf of Managemenl. HANK NIEBANCK. Second Row: SHIRLEY NORRIS, English Lileralure: Chi Omega: Thalpos Club: Rai Caplain 5I: Panhel- lenic Council 5l-53: Pi Kappa Alpha Dream' Girl 5I: Sludenl Body Secrefary-Treasurer Sl: Sludenl Council SI-52: Senior Class Treasurer 52-53: Who's Who: Co-Ed Cofillion: W.A.A.: Miss U. C. I-IJ Z I'- I 'JSF REX ORR, Chemislry: Sigma Chi, President 5I-52: Phi Ela Sigma, Presidenl Sl-52: Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Presidenl 52-53: Alpha Epsilon Della: Junior Vice-Presidenl: Blue Key, Presi- denl 52-53: Who's Who 52-53: Sludenl Council: l.R.C.: Der Deulsche Kreis. KATHERINE PACK, Religious Educalion: Pi Bela Phi: Worship Chairman: Melhodisl Sludenl Movemenl: Alpha Kappa: Dorm Council, DOUGLAS PARKER, Pre-Law: Foolball 52. NAOIMI PEMBERTON, Elemenlary Educalion. JIM PENNINGTON, Classical English: Pi Kappa Alpha, Besf Pledge 49, Secrelary 50-SI, Treas. urer 5l-52, Pledge Masler 52-53: Blue Key, Secrelary-Treasurer 52-53: "C" Club, Treasurer 5l-52: Eleclion Commillee, Chairman 50-52: Senior Vice-Presidenl: Honor Council: Sludenl Council: Caplain R.O.T.C., Disfinguished Miliiary: Who's Who. 36 I I r l l i 1 sy:-' ,i , rf ,F , ,nh ,, , . 36 Wi. I ll' in -ss Who's Who: Panhellenic Council, Vice-Presiclenlr 52-53: Co-Ed Cofillion Sl-53, Secrelary 52: Kappa Chi Epsilon 50-53: Universify Players 50-53: I.R.C. 51-53. Secrefary 5I-52: Cheer- leader 50-5l: Freshman Class Treasurer: Der Deufsche Kreis, 52-53: Dormilory Council 52-53: W.A.A. 5I-53: Universify Band: Orcheslra. ERNEST EDWARD PETTYJOHN, Physical Educalion. DWIGHT RICE, Psychology. GEORGE RIDGE, Modern Languages: Sigma Tau Della, Medalisl 50, Vice-Presideni 51, Sec- refary 52, Presidenf 53:Phi Eia Sigma, Secrelary-Treasurer, Hisforian 5I, Meclalisl 50, Schol- arship Plaque: Le Cercle Francais, Medalisl 50, Regisfrar 52, Presidenf 53: De Deulsche Kreis: ACCENT, Ediior 53: ECHO 5I-53: Weslminsfer Fellowship: l.R.C. 5I: Alpha Lambda Della: Alpha Socieiy: Facully Chapel Commiiiee: Publicafion Commiilee: Pi Bela Phi Schol- arship Plaque 53. CECIL RODGERS, JR., Economics and Commerce: Lamloa Chi Alpha, Vice-Presidenl' 5l-52: I.F.C., Presidenl 5l-52: ECHO, Business Manager 49-50. A FREMO ROSS, Physical Educalion: "C" Club: Fooiball 49-52. CHESTER W. SEIFERS, Physics. -MARION S. SMITH, Economics: Socieiy for Aclvancemeni of Management JACK STANFORD, Kappa sigma. FLo STEFFY, Psychology: Pi Be-is Phi: ECHO 49-50. FREDA R. STEPHENSON, English: Pi Be+a Pm, sweisfy sz-sa: ca-Ed coisinon. BECKY srekci-il, English: ch: omega. SANDY REIMAN, English: Pi Bela Phi, Presiclenl 52-53, Corresponding Secrefary 50-52, Ac- iivilies Chairman 50-5l: Honor Council 5l-53, Chairman 52-53: Quadrangle. Treasurer 52' JOHN STEWART, Educaiion: Lambda Chi Alpha: l.R.C., Presidenl' 52-53: Meihodisl' Slu- clenl Movemeni. BETTY JO STRABLE, English: Universiiy Players: Sigma Della Pi. SALLY STAPLES TALLMAN, Economics and Commerce: Pi Bela Phi, Vice-Presidenl 52-53: Canlerbury Club, Presideni 52-53. EDWARD TANKESLEY, Science and Pre-Med: Lambda Chi Alpha: Wrestling Sl-53. LUCYE TARKINGTON, Home Economics: Home Economics Club, Treasurer SO-Sl, President 5l-52: B.S.U. RAYMOND W. TEAGUE, French: Le Cercle Francais 5l. JOAN THOROGOOD, Dramaiics and English: Pi Bela Phi: Universiiy Players Sl-52: Co-Ed Colillion 52-53: Canlerbury Club 5l-52. JOHN H. TREWHELLA, Physical Education: Physical Educaiion Club. EVEl.YN JEANNETTE TUCKER, Educaiion: lndepenclenis: Meihodisl' Sfudenf Movemeni: Der Deufsche Kreis. BARBARA VAUGHN, Ari and Spanish: Transfer from Auburn. MARNIE WAGNER, Medical Technician: Chi Omega, Pledge Molher 5I-52: Sophomore Class Treasurer 50-5l: Mos? Aihleiic Girl 49: Quadrangle 52-53: Who'5 Who 52-53: Wesl- minsier Fellowship: l.R.C.: Bela Bela Bela: W.A.A. SI-52: Mocelles. CHARLOTTE WALKER, Biology: Alpha Delia Pi. Secreiary 50-5I, President 52-53: Universily Players, Uresidenl Sl-52, Secrelary 50-SI: Belly Co-Ed 5l-52: Mosl Popular 50-Sl: Sweef- hearl' ol Sigma Chi 5l-52: Siudeni Body Pianisi 50: Quadrangle, Treasurer: Kappa Chi Epsi- lon 52: Bela Bela Bela: l-lisiorian: W.A.A.: l.R.C.: Co-Ed Colillion: Treasurer of Junior Class 5l-52. , Q 42 '15,- ,... L .. xrl en 5 Firsi' Row: JOSIE WALKER, Home Economics: Alpha Della Pi, Chaplain 5l-52, Recording Secreiary 52- 53: Home Economics Club: Thalpos Club: Alpha Kappa: l.R.C.: Besf Dressed Girl5I-52: R.O.T.C. Bailalion Sponsor 52-53: B.S.U.: W.A.A. CHARLES K. WARD, American Cullure: Melhodisf Siudeni Movemenl. LOIS WATSON, Physical Educaiion: Pi Bela Phi, Sporis Capiain, Program Chairman: Mocei- ics: Physical Educalion Maiors Club: W.A.A.: Meihodisf Siudeni Movemeni. PATSY WEBB, Home Economics: Kappa Delia, Vice-Presicleni 50-5I: Me'rhodis+ Siudeni' Movemenl: I-lomo Economics Club, Secroiary 5I-52: Panhellenic Council 5l-52: Co-Ed Coiil- lion. KAY WHALEY, Ari: Lambda Chi Alpha, Social Chairman 52-53, Vice-Presidenl 532 Cheer- leader 50-53: I-'load Cheerleader 52-53: Ari Club 49-53: Thalpos Club 52-53: MOCCASIN 50-52, Ari Edilol' SI-52: ECI-IO 52-53. Z Z 3 Z LLI Z Second Row: FRED WHEAT, Polilical Science: Alpha Kappa: B.S.U.: I.R.C.: Rifle Team 5I-52: Baslceiball Manager 52-53: Direcfor of Inlramural sporls 52-53. JANIEVE WILLIAMS, Educalion: Transfer siudenf from A.S.T.C., Boam, Norih Carolina. VIRGINIA WOODSON, Home Economics: Chi Omega: Transfer from Ward-Bc-Imonf: Home Economics Club 5l-52: Dormifory Council. MARGARET ANN WOODWARD, Physical Educaiion: Phi Mu, Secrelary 5I-52, Vice-Presi- dcnl' 52-53: Universily Players: Co-Ed Coiillion, Secreiary 52-53: W.A.A., Treasurer 52-53: Moceifcs, Membership Chairman 52-53. 39 I-IJ 1 I- I ll JUNIOR OFFICERS Charlie Adams-Presidenf: Barbara Neidhardl'-Secrelary: Belly Shelfon-Treasurer: Doug Meyer-Vice President TH JUNIU CLAS CHARLES ADAMS, Hislory: Kappa Sigma, Vice-Presidenl 5I-52: Foolball 5l-52: "C" Club 5l-52: Honor Council 50-52: Sludenl Council 5l-52: Junior Claes Presidenl 52-53: Most Popular 5l-52. GEORGE ADAMS, JR. STELL ADAMS, Economics and Commerce: Chi Omega: Universily Players 52-53: Canlerbury Club: Kappa Chi Epsilon. MARY RUTH ANDERSON, French: lndepenclenls: W.f'X.A. SQ, BETTY ARMSTRONG, Psychology: Alpha Della Pi: l.R.C.: Canler- lnury Club: Sigma Della Pi: W.A.A. BETTY BAILEY, Combined Science: Alpha Della Pi. Scrapbook Chair- man, Scholarship Award 50, Reporler Hislorian SI, Corresponding Secrelary 52, Assislanl' Rush Chairman 52: Bela Bela Bela, Vice-Presi- denl 52: Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Social Chairman 52: l.R.C. 52: Campus Wil 52: MOCCASIN 52: ECHO 50-5l : Alpha Lambda Della, Social Chairman 5I: Melhodisi Sludenl Movemenl 50-52: W.A.A. 5l- 53. ADELE BAKER, Educalion: Pi Bala Phi: l.R.C., Treasurer: Kappa Chi Epsilon: Newman Club: Co-Ed Colillion. 'ow 'T' x I N' if ff 'F lg.. 'tXxs,, Firsf Row: ROBERT BELL, Accouniing: Pi Kappa Alpha, Secreiary'5l: Eleciion Commiifee 52: Professional Business Club 52: Socieiy for Advance- meni. JOHN BENNETT: R.O.T.C.: Wesfminsier Fellowship, FRANCES BISHOP, Ari: Ari Club: l.R.C. Second Row: STANLEY PERRY BRICKMAN, Alpha Epsilon Pi. JANE BRIEN, Physical Educalion: Pi Bela Phi: W.A.A., Secreiary 50: Co-Ed Coiillion: Newman Club: Mocelles, Vice-Presicleni 52: Physical Educaiion Maiors Club, Secrefary 50. MARTHA ANN BRITTON, Educaiion. Third Row: BETTYE GRACE BROWN. Elemeniary Educalion: Alpha Delia Pi. MILTON BROWN. MELCENA BURNS, Speech: Alpha Delia Pi: W.A.A.: Universiiy Players: Meihodisi' Sfuclenf Movemenf. Fourlh Row: SAMMIE CANNON, Elemenfary Educaiion. JOHN CAPEHART, lncluslrial Engineering: Engineers Club 52-53. EDWARD E. CLEMENT, Choir: Male Chorus, Secreiary 52-53: Alpha Kappa, Presidem' 52-53. Fiffh Row: ANN CLEMENTSON, English: Chi Omega, Secrelary 52-53: B.S.U., Grealer Council Member 5 I-52: W.A.A.: ECHO. LOIS COHEN, Languages: Thela Delia Pi: Kappa Chi Epsilon: Hillel Foundaiion: Le Cercle Francais. ART CONROY, Business: Sigma Chi: Blue Key: Foolball: "C" Club: Universiiy Players: Newman Club: Professional Business Club: Sopho- more Class Vice-Presidenl 5I-52: Mosf Aihleiic 50-5I: Joe College Sl-52. Sixfh Row: DUGAN COUGHLAN, English: Chi Omega: ECHO: W.A.A.: Mocei- les: Newman Club: l.R.C.: Mos? Alhlefic 5I-52. JAY CRAVEN, Music Eclucaiion: Alpha Phi Omega: Band: Orchesira: M.E.N.C.: B.S.U. CONNIE CRUMBLISS, Hislory: Chi Omega: W.A.A.: Wesiminsier Fellowship: R.O.T.C. Sponsor 52-53. Sevenfh Row: ROBERT CRUTCHER, Geography: Theia Chi. ED DERRICK, Economics: Pi Kappa Alpha: German Club. TOM DRAKE, Physical Educafion: Sigma Chi: Classics Club: Univer- sily Players, Vice-Presidenl: "C" Club, Vice-Presiclenl: l.R.C., Presi- den? 52: Wresiling Team, Capiain Sl. Co-Capfain 52: Fooiball Team: Besl All Around Alhleie 5l-52. CD 1 3 z : 1 LIJ Z I'- Firsl Row: HAROLD DUNCAN, Business: Theia Chi, Secreiary 5l-52: Alpha Phi Omega, Treasurer 52: Ari Club Sl: B.S.U. Sl-52. COOPER DYER. EUGENE P. EISENBARTH, Combined Sciences: Sigma Chi: Newman Clupb 52: Universiiy Players Sl. CHARLES FARIS, Economics: Kappa Sigma: Lelierman 47: Assislanl Fooibali Manager: Classics Club: Socieiy for 'lhe Advancemenl of Managemenl: Business Club. CHARLES FARMER, Physical Educalion: Pi Kappa Alpha, Vice-Presi- den? Sl-52, Presidenl' 52-53: Wreslling Team 49-52. ZENADE FINLEY, Business Adminislraiion: Alpha Delia Pi: Profes- sional Business Club: W.A.A.: Melhodisl Siuclenl Movemeni. CONNIE EONSECA, Chemisiry: Kappa Sigma: "C" Club: Eoolball Team: Newman Club: Phi Gamma Epsilon: Mos? Handsome Boy 5l. 'E Q 1 -If: If. , 'mv an s l - E 4' a s . L Q s W K K' sf H 1 PHIL GARMANY, lndusirial Managemenl: Kappa Sigma, Pledge Masler 5l: Besi Dressed 5l: Socieiy for fha Advancemenl of Manage- meni: "C" Club, Vice-Presideni 52: Newman Club: Engineering Club. LARRY GLENN, Philosophy. DOT HARTLEY, Accouniinq: Chi Omega, Vocalion Chairman 52-53: Alpha Lambda Della, Hislorian 50-5l: Kappa Chi Epsilon 5l-52, Re- porler: B.S.U.: l.R.C.: MOCCASIN Beauiy 52: R.O.T.C. Sponsor 52: Sociely for Advancemenl of Managemenl: Professional Business Club, Secrelary 5l-52. Third Row: TED HATCHETT, Business Adminislraiion: Pi Kappa Alpha: Alpha Phi Omega 50-52: R.O.T.C. 52-53: Y.M.C.A.: Weslrninsler Fellowship. BOB HEIL, Physical Educalion: Pi Kappa Alpha: Caplain Fooiball Team: Baslceiball Team: Newman Club: "C" Club: Physical Educaiion Maiors Club. JOHN W. HELM5, JR., Economics and Commerce. DONALD HILBERT, Music: Alpha Phi Omega. -f , gg I nm sf' Second Row: ANN FORD, Eclucaiion: Phi Mu. PEGGY FORD, Lab Technician: Alpha Della Pi, Hisiorian-Reporier 52: W.A.A. 5l-52: Meihodisl S+uden+ Movemenf, Publiciiy Chairman 52: Beia Beia Bela 5l-52, Secrelary 52. GEORGE T. FORMAN, Economics 84 Commerce: Pi Kappa Alpha. OSCAR W. FRANKLIN. SHIRLEY HILL, Malh: lndependenls: Canlerbury Club: Co-Ed Colil- lion 52-53: Charfer Member Alpha Theia Della! W.A.A. REUBEN HOLLAND, Combined Science: Sigma Chi, Vice-Presidenl 50-5I: Melhodisl Siudenl' Movemeni: Presideni 52-53: Campus Religi- ous Council: Le Cercle Francais, Treasurer 52-53: Gamma Sigma Epsilon: Blue Key: R.O.T.C.: Cadel Maier 52-53: Eleclion Com- millee, Chairman 52-53. MARY ALICE HOLLOWAY, Organ: Chi Omega: Kappa Chi Epsilon 50-5l: Choir: Collegium Musiciun 5I-52: Mens Cl1orus,Accompanisl: M.E.N.C.: Band. S is W-if G Qi l . 2 . . ig -'5-P' Firsf Row: JOAN HSU, English: l.R.C. CLARENCE HUGHES, Sociology: Alpha Kappa, Vice-Presidenf: Phi Eia Sigma, Secrefary-Treasurer. CHARLES HUNDLEY, Relailing: Kappa Sigma: Color Guard: Refail- ing Club: Mefhodisl Sludenl Movemenl. Second Row: DAVID H U NTER. JERRY LEE JARNIGAN, Physical Eclucalion: Kappa Sigma: Physical Educalion Maiors Club: "C" Club: Fooiball 49-52. HERBERT JERNIGAN. Third Row: ONETA JOHNSON, Educalion. ROSEMARY JOHNSTONE, Medical Technology: Pi Bela Phi: Bela Bela Bela: German Club. NANCY JONES, Sociology: Kappa Della, Scholarship Chairman 50- 5I: Assisfanl' Treasurer 52-53: Co-Ed Colillion: Weslminsier Fellow- ship: MOCCASIN: I.R.C.: Alpha Kappa: Home Economics Club. Fourlh Row: ALFREIDA JOYCE. Business: Alpha Delia Pi, Corresponding Secre- Iary Pledge Class 50, Assislanl Treasurer, Assisianl Rush Chairman, Social Chairman 50: Kappa Chi Epsilon, Vice-Presideni 52: Co-Ed Cofillion 52: W.A.A.: Meihodisl Sludeni Movemeni: Lambda Chi Crescenf Girl 52: Thalpus Club 5l-52: Panhellenic Council 52-53. PAUL KELLY, Classical Civilizaiion: Pi Kappa Alpha: B.S.U.: R.O.T.C. Lieufenani' Colonel. JOHN KISH, lnduslrial Managemenl: Sigma Chi: Fooiball Sl-52: Universily Players: Newman Club: Professional Business Club: Sociely lor Advancemeni ol Managemenl: "C" Club: Mosf Handsome. Fiflh Row: MARY KISTLER, French: lndependenls: l.R.C.: Alpha Lambda Delia, Secreiary-Treasurer Sl-52: Le Cercle Francais: B.S.U. MOLLIE LAWTON, Ari: Pi Bela Phi, Pledge Presiclenl' 52: W.A.A.: Canlerbury Club. HAL LEDYARD, lnduslrial Managemenl: Kappa Sigma: Foolball 49- 52: "C" Club 50-52: Honorable Menfion Liifle All American SI-52: Kappa Sigma All American 5I-52: Sociely for Advancemenl of Man- agemeni: Mos? Alhlelic SI: Track 49-50: Baslcelball 49-50: Blue-Gray Foofball Game 52. Sixlh Row: HAROLD LEWIS. JOANNE LITTLE, Psychology: Chi Omega. VIRGINIA LOVELACE, Educaiion: Kappa Delia: Co-Ed Colillion Eleclion Commiliee: Melhcdisl Sludenl Movemenl. Sevenlh Row: WALTER L. LUSK, Pre-Law. CHARLES McCURDY, Biology: Lambda Chi Alpha. HAROLD McDANIEL, Economics: Kappa Sigma: R.O.T.C., Color Guard: Sociely for Advancemenf of Management V3 Z 3 z : 1 IJ-I 1 I- GD Z 3 z : '1 HJ Z I- Eirsl Row: JO ANN MANSFIELD, Economics and Commerce: Kappa Delia, Secrefary 52-53: Co-Ed Colillion: B.S.U. GERALDINE CECIL MAXEY, Spanish: Pi Beia Phi: Honor Council 50-5l: I.R.C.: Melhodisl' Sluden+ Movemenl: Pledge Scholarship Award: Sigma Delia Pi, Presidenl 52-53: Sociology Fralernily. JOHN MAYNARD, Accounling: Lambda Chi Alpha. Second Row: MORRIS W. MILLER, lnduslrial Engineering. DOUG MEYER. Economics: Pi Kappa Alpha, Secrefary 5I-52, Vico- Presiclenl 5l-52: Presidenl' 52: Class Vice-Presidenl 50-5l: Sludeni Council 50-53: Honor Council 5I-52: Canrerbury Club 52-53: Thalpos Club 5l-53: l.l:.C. 51-53:l,R.C. 5l-53. WALTER MOORE, Geology: Kappa Sigma. Third Row: RICHARD MORGAN, Business: Camera Club: B.S.U.: Professional Business Club: Sociefy for Advancamenr of Management EDNA MEYERS, English Lileralure: Kappa Della, Treasurer 50-5l, Presidenl 5l-53: Kappa Chi Epsilon, Treasurer 52-53: Co-Ed Colillion, Treasurer 52-53: Panhellenic, Treasurer 52-53, Presidenf 5l-52: Acfivily Commiilee 52-53: l.R.C.: W.A.A.: ECHO 49-50: Rules and Reg- ulalions Commillee 5l-53. BARBARA NEIDHARDT, Physical Educaiionc Chi Omega, Pledge Presidenl' 50, Secrelary Sl: Weslminsier Fellowship, Vice-Prefidenl' Sl: Kappa Chi Epsilon: Preiliesr girl 50: Esquire Girl 50: W.A.A.: Mosl Popular Girl Sl: Homecoming Queen SI: R.O,T.C, Sponsor: Co-Ed Colillion: Mocefres: Junior Class Secrelary 52: Srudenl Coun- cil 52-531 MOCCASIN Beauly 50-52. Fourfh Row: DICK NORTH, Physical Educalion: Pi Kappa Alpha, Vice-Presidenl' 52-53: R.O,T.C. Officer 52-53: Baslcelball 5l-53: lvlelhodisf Sludenl Movement ALEX PARTAIN I-lislorv and Polilical Science' Lambda Chi Al ha . , . p I Y.M.C.A.: l.R.C.: Phi Ela Sigma. MARY PLATT, English. Fiffh Row: JOAN POTTER, Arl: Chi Omega, Corresponding Secrefary: Ari Club, Secrelary 5l-52: Dormiiory Council: I.R.C.: Melhoclisl Sfudenl Movement Treasurer 53: MOCCASIN, Classes Ediior SI-52, Business Manager 52-53: W.A.A.: Moceiies: Ouadrangle: Eleclion Commilfee, Secrelary Sl-52. DONALD PREY, Ari: Lambda Chi Alpha, Social Chairman 50, Rush Chairman 5I: Arr Club: Eleclion Commillee. JAY PRIBULSKY, Physical Educalion: "C" Club: Foorball: Basker- ball: Newman Club: Physical Educalion Club. Sixih Row: JOHN MARSHALL REID, lnduslrial Managemenr: Sigma Chi, Treas- urer 5l-52, Presidenl' 52-53: Sigma Tau 5I-52: Thalpos Club, Presi- denl' 52-53: Socieiy for Advancemenl of Managemenl, Presiclenr 5I- 53: lnferfraiernily Council, Presideni: Blue Key: Professional Business Club, Vice-Presiden+: l.R.C. NORBERT REINERT, lnduslrial Managemenl: Sigma Chi: Foolball 5Ol52: Sociely for Advancemenl' of Managemenl: Newman Club: "C" Club: Professional Business Club. STELLA RIHELDAFFER, English: Alpha Della Pi: Freshman Class Secreiary, Sophomore Class Secreiary: Honor Council Secrefary: Kappa Chi Epsilon: Co-Ed Coiillion: Mililary Queen: Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl: Siudeni Council 5I-52. Sevenfh Row: EDWARD ROBINSON, Accouniing: lndependenis 50-53: B.S,U. 5I- 53: Alpha Kappa SI-53: l.R.C. LAURA RINER, English: Chi Omega: Transfer Siudenl from Tennes- see Wesleyan: W.A.A.: Mefhodisl Siudeni Movemeni: Camera Club: MOCASIN. JIM RUNGEE, Economics and Commerce: Pi Kappa Alpha, Vice- Presideni 52: Sludenl Council 52-53. 5 J , an , . I . ,, ,i : i .i, . sr- i:: ,i.g.r.-.:., -s i'.ii,.iz..f'..,iii 'CSV bv ,uu- Firsf Row: BARBARA SCHETTLER, Medical Technology: Chi Omega, Vice- Presidenl of Pledge Class: W.A.A.: Camera Club: MOCCASIN: Transfer from Tennessee Wesleyan College: Mefhodisl Sludenl Move- menl. MARY LOUISE SHADWICK. BETTY JANE SHELTON, English: Chi Omega: Kappa Chi Epsilon 52: Co-Ed Colillion 52: Junior Class Treasurer 52-53: Elecfion Commiffee, Secretary 52: Mosf Popular Girl 52: Sweelhearf of Sigma Chi 52. BETTE GAE SHULL, Music: Band: Choir. CONNIE SMITH, Home Economics: Chi Omega: Home Economics Club: Transfer from Mercer Universify, Macon, Georgia. BUCK STAMPS. KENNETH ADAMS STEVENSON, Economics: Pi Kappa Alpha, Pledge Secrefary 49, Social Chairman 5I-52, Publicify Chairman 5l-52. Sec- refary 52: lnframural Wresfling Champ 52: Field Day King 52: Pro- fessional Business Club 5l: Universify Players 50: Wesfminsfer Fellow- ship. PATRICIA A. STOVER, Sociology: Choir: Sociology Club. S. J. SULLIVAN JR.. Combined Science: Kappa Sigma. RUBY TAPLEY, Educafion. Third Row: BOB TAYLOR, lndusfrial Managemenf: Kappa Sigma: Foofball 49- 52: "C" Club 50-52: Sociefy for Advancemenf of Managemenf 52. PAT THATCHER, Economics and Commerce: Sigma Chi, Presidenf 5I, Secrefary SI: lnfer-frafernify Council, Secrefary: Junior Class Represenfafive fo Sfudenf Council: Wesfminsfer Fellowship: Blue Key 53: I.R.C. MARY LYNN STEINER, Eclucafion: lndependenfs: Newman Club, Secrelary 50-53: Campus Religious Council 52-53. Second Row: JAMES DONALD STEVENS, Refailing. JACK RONALD STEVENS, Relailing. THOMAS STEPHINSON, Refailing: Kappa Sigma: Refailing Club: R.O.T.C., Color Guard. BETTY TOOMEY, Pi Befa Phi. NOVEITA TROTTER, Business Educafion: Girls Trio: Transfer from Tennessee Wesleyan 52. JACK TULLOCK. JAMES TURNBULI., Chemisfry. NORMA GAYE TURNER, Psychology: lnclependenfs. VD 1 3 z : '1 LLI Z I'- Firsf Row: JIMMY VANDERGRIFF, Engineering: Lambda Chi Alpha: Engineers Club 5l-52: Alpha Phi Omega, Pledge Class Presideni: Sociefy for Advancemeni of Management ROBERT B. WALLACE, Ari: lndependenis, Presidenf 52: B.S.U.: Arl Club, Presideni SI: Alpha Phi Omega: MOCCASIN, Ediior 53. JAMES M. WELLS, JR. RAYMOND WELLS, Physical Educafion: Alpha Phi Omega: Wresi- ling Team 50-52. ELINOR WIGINGTON. Kappa Delia: Alpha Chi Lambda. BILL WILKERSON, Physical Educaiion: "C" Club: Fooiball: Baslcei- ball: Physical Educaiion Majors Club. WILLIE MAE WILLIS, Elemeniary Educalion. Third Row: BARBARA WILSON, Piano: Choir: Alpha Lambda Delia, Vice-Presi- den? 5l-52: B.S.U. Pianisi: M.E.N.C.: Callegium Musicum, Secreiary 52-'53: Oufslanding Sophomore Music Major Award 52: Kappa Chi Epsilon: Der Deulsche Dreis, Vice-Presidenl' 52-53: Girls Trio. 'iii- - .fc DELORES WESSEL, Music Educaiion: Alpha Della Pi: ECHO 50-5l: Mefhodisi Siudeni Movemeni: Universiiy Band 5l-53: Music Educa- lors Club 52-53. BILL WEST, Chemisiry: Alpha Phi Omega: Engineers Club: American Chemical Socieiy. Second Row: ADRIENE WHITE, Business Adminisiraiion: Pi Bela Phi: MOCCASIN: Meihodisi Siudenf Movemeni: Thalpus Club: Professional Business Club: Transfer from Bradford Junior College, Bosion, Mass. HAZEL WHITMAN, Educaiion. BILL WIGGINS, Economics: Theia Chi: Socioiy for Advancemeni of Managemeni: Engineers Club: Melhodisl' Siudenf Movemeni. JAMES WIIMBERLY, Engineering and Physics. HAZEN WITT, Geology. GLENN WOLFF, Engineering: Engineers Club. SARAH YANCEY, Economics and Commerce: Alpha Della Pi, Treas- urer 52-53: Alpha Lambda Delia 5I: Sophomore Class Treasurer Sl- 52: Sludenl' Body and Siudeni Council, Secrelary-Treasurer 52-53: Cheerleader: Thalpus Club: Co-Ed Coiillion. TOMMYE YATES, Science and Physical Eclucaiion: Pi Beia Phi, Pledge Supervisor Panhellenic Deledgale: Beia Befa Baia, Presideni: Canfer- bury Club: Co-Ed Coiillion: Faculiy Regulations Commiiiee: W.A.A., Secreiary: l.R.C.: Physical Educafion Majors Club, Treasurer: Kappa Chi Epsilon. Lki. M-- STUDENT BODY OFFICERS QQ The STudenT Body officers, oTher Than The class elecTed members of The STudenT Council are The STudenT Body Presidenf, Vice-PresidenT, and SecreTary-Treasurer. The PresidenT calls and presides over all meeTings oT The STudenT Body and STudenT Council oT which he is aufo- maTically presidenT, He also supervises all Freshman-Sophcr more acTiviTies. The Vice-Presidenf is responsible for The duTies OT The presidenT in The absence oT The laTTer. The SecreTary-Treasurer obTains an accuraTe accounf oT all STudenT Body and STudenT Council monefary assefs and meeTing and posTs Them in a clesignafed place mak- ing Them available for general sTudenT use, and reporfs all acTiviTies of The groups To The ECHO for publicaTion. gr-vw., .nm 47 19 an -s cey, SecreTa ry-Treasure r. To be eligible Tor These ofTices, The candidaTe musT have rnainfained a "C" average in aT leasT Twelve hours work. Elecfion Tor These offices are held each Spring and The Term of oTfice is one college year. nominaTed by pe- TiTion, These candidaTes musT presenT Their plafforms be- fore a meeTing of The STudenT Body, Bob l-lewleTT is Presi- denT: Jimmy Farrar is Vice-PresidenT: and Sarah Yancey is SecreTary-Treasurer. A STudenT Body Cheerleader and Song Leader are chosen each year by a commiTTee made up of Sfudeni' Council represenTaTives, members oT The Physical EducaTion DeparTmenT, and represenTaTives from The Thalpos Club. Kay Whaley is The cheerleader, and Lou Arnold is The song leader. 53 LefT To Righf: Bob HewiTT, STU- denf Body President Jim Far- rar, Vice-Presidenh Sara Yan- Firsl' Row: ' ARTHUR H. ADAMS, Business Adminislralion. GWYNN ADCOCK, Polifical Science: Pi Kappa Alpha. Second Row: WILLIAMS AKI N. LOIS ALLEY, Music: lnclepenclenls: M.E.N.C.: Orcheslra. Third Row: JIM ALLISON, "C" Club. ANDY ANACKER. Fourih Row: ELISE ANDERSON, Hislory: Kappa Della: Membership Chairman 52-53: Ari Club: l.R.C.: Campus Religious Council. BILL ANDERSON, Physical Educalion: "C" Club: Mocs, Presidenl 52: Foofball, Manager. Fiffh Row: LAQUITA ASHLEY, Medical Technology: lnclepenclenls: l.R.C.: Weslminsler Fellowship. BEN ATCHLEY, Engineering: Thela Chi, Vice-Presidenf 52: Engineers Club Sl-53: lnlerlralernily Coun- cil, Vice-Presiclenl 53. J. SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Earl Taium-Presidenf: Dudley Jones-Treasurer: Dolly Young-Secrefary: Joe Taylor, Vice Presidenf. Sixfh Row: GLEASON AVERY, Geology: Sigma Chi. MARIALICE BACON. Medical Technology: Phi Mu, Presidenl Pledge Class SI, Chaplain 52, Hislorian 52: Melhodisf Sfuclenl Movemenl: l.R.C.: Alpha Lambda Della: Religious Council, W.A.A.: Band. Sevenlh Row: JACK BAER, Mafh: Lambda Chi Alpha: "C" Club: Wreslling Team: Y.M.C.A. JIM BARKER, R.O.T.C. 'N' I '17 A Firsf Row: HERBERT B. BARKS, Phi Della Thela: Transfer. GIEZIE EDWARD BASKETTE, Economics and Commerce: Lambda Chi A p a. MARY BAYLESS, Hisfory: Chi Omega, Associale Ediior Alumnae News: Alpha Lambda Della: Hislorian: Le Cercle Francais 52: French Award 52: I.R.C.: Wrilers Club 52: Wesiminsler Fellowship. DORREN BELL, Elernenlary Educalion: lnclepenclenls: B.S.U. ARTHUR B. BENNETT, Maihemalics. BRUCE BENTON, Animal Husbandry: Pi Kappa Alpha: B.S.U.: Alpha Phi Omega. RICHARD WILLIAM BINGER, Pre-Med.: Kappa Sigma. Second Row: FRED BOHR, Independenisz B.S.U.: Sigma Delia Pi, Secrelary-Treas- urer 52-53: l.R.C.: Phi Ela Sigma, Hisforian, 52-53. BILL BROWN, Physical Educalion: Baslcelball: Fooiballg Templefon Trophy 5l-52. JERRY BROWN, Ari: Lambda Chi Alpha: Ari Club. Treasurer 50-53: Universiiy Players, Presideni 52-53: Sigma Della Pi, Vice-Presidenl, 52-53. Third Row: BETTY BROYLES, I-lislory: Phi Mu, Treasurer 52: Band: Melhodisi Sfudenf Movemenfp ECHO 51, Sociefy Ediior, 52, Edifor 53: MOC- CASlN, Organizalion Ediior 52-53: Sigma Tau: Ari Club: Classics Club: Co-Ed Cofillion: I-lisiory Maior's Club. JIM BURNS, Business: Foolball 51-52. LOUIS BUSCH, Music: Sigma Chi: Band: Orchesfra: Choir: M.E.N.C. 'Ii' - :zip . .Nei Z: 2 ' ' ' ' g- ' .,.. I 'T' v W f -,. : I 1-I-525 "Af ' ' ' -,,,, fi. "' i":j. - 1 5, . 1 , . W i ,au- -521 HAL BRINKLEY, Polilical Science: Sigma Chi: Male Chorus. CHARLES BYRD EMILY BROADWAY, Home Economics: Kappa Delia, Sporis Capfain and Social Chairman 52-53: W.A.A. 52-53: Ari Club 5l-52: Home MAURICE CARROLL. Economics Club 5I-53: Thela Chi Dream Girl 52-53: Thalpus Club 52-53. EDITH BROCK: Independenfs: Ari Club. LA DELL CARTER, lndependenisg Eleclion Commiffee. DOROTHY BROGDON, Medical Technology. LOUISE CARTER, Physical Eclucaiion. Firsi' Row: PAUL DAVIS, Thela Chi: B.S.U. YVONNE CARTER, Physical Eclucafion: Alpha Della Pi: W.A.A.: JOYCE De VANEY, Secrelarial Science: Pi Bela Phi: MOCCASIN: Mocefies: Melhodisl Sfudeni Movemenl: Physical Eclucalion Maior's l.R.C.: Meihodisl Siudenf Movemenl: Choir: Professional Business Club. Club. JANETTE CASTLE, Home Economics: Alpha Delia Pi, Pledge Class EARL DUKES. Treasurer 52: B.S.U. 52-53: Home Economics Club, Treasurer 52: Ari Club 52: Panhellenic Council 52: W.A.A. 53. DICK DURHAM. TOMMY M. CATES, Engineering. Third Row: CHARLOTTE CLARK, Ari: Alpha Della Pi: W.A.A.: Ari Club, Secre- pATRlCK ELLIS' Newman Cgubl p,e5:de,,: 52.53. lary 52-53: Melhodisl Sludenl Movemem' 5 l -53. JIMMY EUBANKS. JAMES COULTER, Relailing, Reiailing Club 5l'52. BARBARA EVANS, Eclucalion: Zela Tau Alpha. PHll.A CRANE, Pi Beia Phi: Choir: B.S.U.: Sigma Tau. PATSY EZELL, PI Bela Phi: Melhoclisl' Sluclenl' Movemenl: Home TOM CROWDER- Economics Club. i i Second Row: JAMES FINLEY, Elemeniary Educalion. BARBARA FLEMING, Psychology: Pi Bela Phi: l.R.C.: Alpha Kappa: DON CROWE, Law: Sigma Chi. Weslminsler Fellowship: R,O.T.C. Sponsor. JAMES DALTON CATCH FORNEY, Psychology: Chi Omega: Relailing Club, Secrelary S0-5l: Blue-Gold Queen 5l-52: Rifle Team 50-53: Newman Club, Membership Chairman 52-53: Homecoming Queen Candidale 52-53: LEE DAUM, Business Adminislralion: Phi Mu Prefliesi Girl 52-53. 50 Firsf Row: PAT FORRESTER, Medical Technology: Chi Omega, Pledge Class Secreiary 52, Assisianl' Treasurer 53: Kappa Chi Epsilon: Tumbling Team: l.R.C. BETTE FOX. ROBERT FRANKLIN, Lambda Chi. Second Row: HAROLD FREEMAN, lndependenis, Presicleni 53: Pep Club, Vice- Presiclenl 53: l.R.C. WAYNE FULLAM, Pi Kappa Alpha. JOYCE GILBERT, Home Economics: Alpha Della Pi: Arl' Club 5l-532 Home Economics Club 5l-53, Social Chairman 52-53: Melhodisi Siu- clenl Movemeni 5I-53: Kappa Chi Epsilon 52: W.A,A. 52. Third Row: WILLIAM GLENN, Economics. MYRA ANNE GODSEY, Home Economics: Kappa Della: Home Eco- nomics Club. MARTHA GRANDY, Biology: Alpha Delia Pi: Freshman Class Secre- fary 52: Siuden? Council 52: ECHO 52-53: Meihodisf Sfudeni Move- menf 52-53: Milifary Queen 53. Fourlh Row: MAURINE GREISER, Psychology: Chi Omega: Kappa Chi Epsilon 52-53: Alpha Lambda Della 52, Vice-Presidenl 53: W.A.A. 52-53: Ded Daulsche Kreis 52-53: ECHO 52-53: Melhodisl Sludenl Move- meni. VIRGINIA GROSS, Piano: lndependenis: Collegium Musieum: M.E.N.C. DALE GUHNE. Fiflh Row: SAM HALE. ROBERT A. HAMMER, Business Adminislralion: Sigma Chi. AGES M. HAYS, Elemenlary Educalion. Sixlh Row: ROBERT HEIJMS, lnduslrial Managemonl: Pi Kappa Alpha. J. LEON HENRY, Business Adminisiralion. - JAMES HENRY, Engineering: Sigma Chi: Alpha Phi Omega: Meih- odisl Sludenl Movemenl: Engineers Club. Sevenfh Row: KENNETH HICKS, Business Aclminislraiion. ED HILL, Chemisiry: Kappa Sigma. BEVERLY HILLOWITZ, Hisfory: Thela Delia Pi: Kappa Chi Epsilon: Alpha Lambda Delia: Campus Religious Council. Firsi Row: NANCY HILTON, Reiailing: Chi Omega, Pledge Presideni' 5I: Wesl- rninisier Fellowship 5l-53: Reiailing Club 5l-53. NORMAN HOFFERMAN, Business. WAYNE HOLLEY, Che-misiry: Kappa Sigma: Pledge Presidenl 51-52: Honor Council 5l-53: Alpha Phi Omega 5I-53: Eleciion Commiilee 5l-53: Mefhodisi Siudeni Movemeni 5I-53. Second Row: MELVIN EUGENE HOLMES, lndusirial Managemeni: Socieiy for Advancemeni of Managemeni. NEELIE HOOPER, Educafion: Chi Omega, Pledge Treasurer: MOC- CASIN: Canierbury Club. DICK HOSTETLER, Physical Eclucaiion: Pi Kappa Alpha: Foolball SI-52. Third Row: CALVIN HUDSON, Chemisiry: Alpha Phi Omega: Male Chorus: Bapiisi Siudeni' Union, LOOKOUT, Eclilor. CAROLYN HUCKABEE, Elemeniary Educaliong Pi Baia Phi: Transfer from Georgia Siale Teacher's College: Melhodisi Siudenf Move- menl. THOMAS HUTSON, Economics: Sigma Chi. Fourih Row: BETTY ISBELL, Music: Chi Omega. DUDLEY JONES, English: Chi Omega: Sophomore Treasurer 52-53: Wesiminsfer Fellowship, Vice-Presidenf 52-53: ECHO 5I-53. JACK KELLEY, Geology: Sigma Chi. Fifih Row: FRED KESSLER, Physical Educalion. WILLIAM W. KING, Geology: Sigma Chi: Universify Players 52: Foolball 5l-52. RONNIE KISELIK, Business: Alpha Epsilon Pi, Presideni 52-53: Hillel Founclalion 52-53: lnierfraierniiy Council 52-53: Men's Dormiiory Council: lnlramural Alhleiics 52-53: Sociely for Aclvancemeni of Managernenl. Sindh Row: CARL E. KNOEDLER, Managemenf: Sigma Chi. GRADY LANE, lncluslrial Managemenl: Kappa Sigma: Alpha Phi Omega. GLORIA LEDFORD, Journalism: Kappa Delia, Ediior 52-53: Kappa Chi Epsilon 5l-52: Meihodisl Siudeni' Movemenl. Sevenih Row: ALAN LEVINE, Relailing: Alpha Epsilon Pi: Dormilory Council 52: Rifle Team 52: Hillel Foundaiion Sl-52. EMY LENOIR, Secreiarial Science: Alpha Della Pi: Kappa Chi Epsi- lon. WILBURN E. MCBRYAR, Business TM. is .,' 255: T ' A Ig I, iii . v v - 1,-L-7,,,s,i .- 1 Q L. 5 Firsf Row: DIXON McCARTHY. MARY ALICE McCORMICK, Laboralory Technician: lndependenls, Treasurer 52-53: Weslminsler Fellowship: Camera Club: W.A.A. CLYDE McDONALD. TO-M MCGHEE, Geology: Lambda Chi Alpha. BEVERLY SUE MCMINN, Medical Technology: lndependenls: Mefh- odisl Sludenf Movemenl: l.R.C. JAMES MADEWELL, Engineering: Engineers Club. ANN MARTIN, Music: Pi Bela Phi: Choir 5I-52: Sigma Tau 5l-52: Kappa Chi Epsilon 5l-52: ECHO: Music Maiors Club: Universily Players: Melhoclisl Sfudenf Movemenl. MARY JO MILLER, Hisfory: lndependenls, Secrelary 52-53: Campus Beauiy 52: Meihodisf Siudenl Movemenf, Secreiary 52-53: Campus Religious Council, Secrelary 52-53: Alpha Lambda Delia, Presideni 52-53: Kappa Chi Epsilon: Le Cercle Francois, Secrelary 52-53: l.R.C. 52-53: Choir 5 I-52. NEIL MILLER, Dramaiics. HAL MITCHELL. GENE MOODY, Engineering: Engineering Club. Third Row: MINNIE LOU MOON, Secreiarial Science. CHARLOTTE MOORE, Home Economics: Home Economics' Club: Ari Club. Cf-1 -- 'B 'S' X Second Row: JEANNE MEADOR, Ari: Alpha Delia Pi: l.R.C.: W.A.A.: Kappa Chi Epsilon 52: Rifle Team, Co-Caplain 53: B.S.U. 52-53: Ari Club 52-53: MOCCASIN: ECHO: News Edifor. MARY MEYER, Sociology: Independents. BILL MILES, Economics: Kappa Sigma: Men's Chorus 52-53: ECHO. Business Manager 52-53. if SUSAN MOORE, English: Pi Beia Phi: W.A.A.: Newman Club: Uni- versify Players: Le Cercle Francais: l.R.C., Secrelary: Mililary Queen 52-53: R.O.T.C. Sponsor 52-53: Sweerhearl' of Sigma Chi 52-53. R. H. -MORAST, Business Adminislralion: Theia Chi. BARBARA MORGAN, Educaiion: Newman Club. JUNE MORTON, Journalism: Weslminsler Fellowship: Universify Choir: Wrifers Club. JIM MURPHEY, English: lndependenls: Elecfion Commillee: Arl Club: MOCCASIN: Merhodisf Siuclem' Movemenf. Firsi' Row: JOE MURRAY, Geology: Kappa Sigma. MARY ANN NEALE, Music Educafion: Pi Befa Pl'1i: Choir 52-53: Music Majors Club 52-53: Transfer from Siefson Universify, Florida. LOUIS NELSON, Educaiion: Alpha Phi Omega: Colleqium Musicum. CHARLES NESBIT, Indusirial Managemenf: Theia Chi. CONNIE NEWMAN, Ar+. BOB OVERLA, lndusirial Managemenf: Kappa Sigma, Masfer of Ceremonies SI-52: Pledge Masfer 52-53: "C" Club: Socieiy for Aclvancemeni of Managemenf. DOT PICKERING, Secreiarial Science: Pi Bela Phi: W.A.A.: Canier- bury Clul:1:Girls Rifle Team. MARY ELLEN PIERDON, Secrefarial Science: Alplwa Della Pi: Rifle Team 5l-53: W.A.A. DOUGLAS POINDEXTER. Third Row: GLORIA PRICE, Music: Universify Choir Sl-53: Music Educaiional Naiional Council 5I-53: Transfer from Agnes Scoff. WILLIAM JOSEPH QUIRK, Secondary Educalion: Transfer from l-liwassee College, Madisonville, Tennessee, BETTY PARKS. Second Row: ERNEST PARKS. RODGER CLARK PATTON, Hisfory: Kappa Sigma. MARIANNE PERKINSON, Hisforyi Alpha Delfa Pi. WILLIAM PHELPS, Biology. 54 Y? ANNA JO RADFORD, Music: Independents: W.A.A.: Orchesfra: l.R.C. STANLEY RAGLE, Pre-law: l.R.C.: ECHO: Wrilers' Club. PHIL RAMSEY, Denfisfry. JULES A. RAND, Business Adminislralion: Alplna Epsilon Pi: Hillel Founclafion. JACK REILLY, Economics and Commerce: Kappa Sigma, Firsl Row: ROBERT A. RHODES, Business Adminisfralionx Pi Kappa Alpha. C. W. ROBINSON, Geology: Kappa Sigma: Foolball. FORRIS ROBINSON. SECOND ROW: JAMES THOMAS ROGERS, Business Aclminislralion: Lambda Chi Alpha. KITTY ROGERS, Pi Bela Phi. NICKIE E. ROTH, Geology: Kappa Sigma: "C" Club: Thalpus Club. Third Row: ROBIN MARTIN RUDOFF, l-lislory: Alpha Epsilon Pi, Scribe: l.R.C. 52-53: Sigma Tau 52-53: Hillel Founclolion Sl-52. HARRIET SCHABERG, Business Aclminislralion: Chi Omega: R.O.T.C. Sponsor 52-53: Newman Club. LUCY SCHEIBE, Chi Omega. Fourfh Row: JOE A. SCHMISSRAUTER, GeoloQY7 Kappa Sigma. THEIIMA L. SCOGIN, Business Adminislralion. HENRY SECOR, Chemislry: Kappa Sigma. Fifih Row: GENE SEXTON, lndusfrial Managemenl: Foolball. JULIANNA SHANKS, Physical Educalion: Phi Mu: Pan Hellenic Council: Mefhodisl Sludenf Movemenf: Kappa Chi Epsilon: Miliiary Oueen canclidale. BRUCE SHERWOOD, Engineering: Kappa Sigma: Classics Club 48-50: Engineers Club 52-53: Sociely for Advancemenf of Manage- menl' 52-53. Sixih Row: JAMES T. SKIPPER, Physics: Thela Chi: Engineers Club: MOCCASIN: Camera Club, Founder, Vice-President BARBARA MARTHA SLATERY, Sociology: Newman Club: Alpha Kappa. BETTYE DELORES SMITH, Home Economics: Phi Mu, Scholarship Direcfor 52-53: B.S.U.: Home Economics Club: ECHO. Sevenfh Row: CONDON T. SMITH, Engineering: Lambda Chi Alpha: Engineers Club: Sociely for Aclvancemenl of Management HARRIET SMITHERMAN, Elemenlary Eclucalion: Phi Mu, Correspond- ing Secrelary 52-53: ECHO: Co-eel Colillion: B.S.U. C. BRUCE SPENCER, Psychology: Pi Kappa Alpha: Cheerleader Sl-53. Firsf Row: GEN E STEVENS. JOE STEWART, Accouniingg Lambda Chi Alpha: Socieiy for Ad- vancemeni' of Management RONALD SULLIVAN, Geology: Sigma Chi, Besf Pledge 52, Treas- urer 52: Phi Eia Sigma, Presideni 52-53. Second Row: ROBERT SUTTON. TOMMY SWAFFORD, Economics and Commerce: Pi Kappa Alpha. KENNETH SYLAR, Ari: lndependenfs. Third Row: ZOE TAPPER, Secrerarial Science: Pi Bela Phi: Pledge Presideni 5I- 52: Campus Religious Council: Wesiminsier Fellowship, Publiciiy Chairman: MOCCASIN Sl-52. EARL TATUM, Chemisiry: Lambda Chi Alpha: Class Presideni 5I-53: B.S.U. 5l-53. Eourih Row: HUBERT D. TAYLOR, Ari: Arr Club, Vice-Presideni 52-53. JOE TAYLOR, Sociology: Pi Kappa Alpha, Secreiary 52-53: Class Vice-Presideni' 5I-53: Thalpos Club 52-53: B.S.U. Sl-53: Alpha Kappa 52-53: Cheerleader SI-53: Alpha Phi Omega 52-53. MARCEL TETEL, Languages: Alpha Epsilon Pi, Vice-Presideni 52-53: Le Cercle Francais, Vice-Presideni 52-53: Der Deuische Kreis: Hillel Council. Fiffh Row: C. L. THOMAS, JR., lnduslrial Engineering: Engineers Club, Vice- Presidemi: Sociefy for Advancemeni of Management HUBERT TURNER, Biology: Alpha Phi Omega, Presideni' 5l-52, Vice- Presideni 52-53: Band: U.C. Male Chorus, Presideni 52-53: Rifle Team. ROBERT VANDlVER, Pre-Deniisiry: lndependenis: MOCCASIN. Sporis Ediior. Sixih Row: JACK D. VINCENT, Biology-Chemislryg Pi Kappa Alpha: Alpha Phi Omega. PATTY WADE, Music Educaiion: Phi Mu, Pledge Masier 52-53: Kappa Chi Epsilon: W.A.A.: Weslminsier Fellowship, Secrefary- Treasurer 52-53: Dormilory Council: Band: Choir: MOCCASIN, Fea- 'iure Ediior 52-53: Thalpus Club: M.E.N.C., Secreiary-Treasurer 5I-53: l.R.C., Corresponding Secreiary 52-53. JANEY WARREN, Secreiarial Aclminisfrafion: Pi Beia Phi, Treasurer 5I-52: W.A.A.: Co-ed Coiillion: Professional Business Club. Sevenfh Row: SHIRLEY WELCH, Economics: Phi Mu, Secreiary 52-53: Agalia Re- porier 5l-52: Co-ed Coiillion: Kappa Chi Epsilon 50-53: Pan Hellenic, Dance Chairman 52: Professional Business Club. TOBY WEXLER, Eclucafionq Theia Della Pi: Alpha Lambda Delia: Kappa Chi Epsilon 5I-52: Hillel Council. MARTHA WILHOIT, Elemeniary Educaiion: Phi Mu, Besi Pledge 52, House Manager 52: Band 5l-52: Drum Maior 52-53: Orchesfra 52-53: W.A.A. 52: B.S.U. SI-53: Eleciion Commiifee 52-53. Firsl Row: Second Row: SUE WILHOIT, Sociology: lndependenls, Corresponding Secrelary BETTY WOOD, Home Economics: Kappa Della, Besl' Pledge 5l-52: 52-53: Choir: Melhodisl Sfudenl Movemenl. Treasurer 52-53: Home Economics Club: Co-ed Colillion: Mefhodisl' Sludenl Movemenl. DOYAL WILSON, Eleclrical Engineering: Engineers Club: Camera Club. DICK YOUNG. l L. l 'J Nr' - -f -:af JQHN 5'W1LSONI JRH Pr0.Engineering, DOTTIE YOUNG, Music Educalion: Pi Bela Phi: Choir 5l-53: Arr Club: Weslminsfer Fellowship 5I-53: Campus Religious Council, Vice- Presidenl 52-53: MOCCASIN, Ari Edilor 52-53: Sludenf Council 5l- 52: Kappa Chi Epsilon 52-53: Class Secrefary Sl-53. BETTY WISE, Medical Tochnology: lndaponclenls: B.S.U. WALTER ZACHARY. Business: Pi Kappa Alpha: Alpha Phi Omega. ANN ZAHND, English: Pi Bela Phi: B.S.U. 5l'53: Arl Club 5l-52 Y WOLFE, Music: lndopendenls. Choir 5l-53: Camera Club, Secrelary Sl-52. TOMM 57 Firsf Row: RICHARD ABERCROMBIE, Pi Kappa Alpha. ROBERT CLYDE ALLISON, Business Adminisfrafion: Kappa Sigma: Freshman Vice-Presidenf 52-53. Second Row: CAROL ANDERSON, Pi Bela Phi: Weslminsfer Fellowship: Camera Club. CHARLES AQUAVELLA, Pre-Med: Lambda Chi Alpha: Rifle Team: Newman Club. Third Row: TOMMIE ARMSTRONG, Phi Mu. NORMAN AWAD, Chemisfry: Lambda Chi Alpha: Newman Club: Camera Club. Fourfh Row: BOB BAILEY, Pi Kappa Alpha. KATHERINE BAILEY, Secrefarial Science: Pi Bela Phi: Choir: R.O.T.C, Sponsor: Melhodisf Sludenf Movemenf. Fifih Row: LARRY BAILEY, Chemisfry: Kappa Sigma. LLOYD BAKER, Business Adminisfrafion: Pi Kappa Alpha. Q4 FRESHMAN OFFICERS Randy Hodges-President: Owen Hall-Treasurer: Helen Thornfon-Secreiaryg Sixfh Row: ROBERT BAKER, Pi Kappa Alpha: Meihodisf Sfudenl Movement. CLYDE BARNES, Ari: Pi Kappa Alpha: Ari Club. Sevenfh Row: ADOLPH BERDICK, Engineering: Lambda Chi Alpha. RAYMOND BERRY, Pi Kappa Alpha. Bob Allison-Vice President. IQ I . 1.14, 1:- I .4 f 3 . . i .. 4, V 1 'S' .r-fur I. ., , . i .ua , V '.e Firsf Row: l JIM BIBLE, Lambda Chi Alpha. JACK C. BOHLER, JR., lndusirial Managemeni: Thela Chi. WILLIAM BOREN. BENJAMIN ALEXANDER BOWEN, lndusirial Manaqemenl. JAMES BRADLEY, Science: Sigma Chi. BILLY BROOKS, Science. VERA ANN BROWN. Phi Mu: Wesiminsler Fellowship. Second Row: BILL BUCHNER, Pre-Medical: Sigma Chi: Alpha Phi Omega: Club: Mc-n's Chorus. V V ga' . ii 1 .Q 1' ' , -,Ji-1 i V, ,Ili . . X . 'wx , 'I' ' ' I ' I . X g . -in - ' 1:2 4 n 1 CII 5 lx I 1- 16' J ff! Ni It 5 A X ., l a l ,Y I "W li i i 5 'r 2 is re. New BARBARA CARD, Home Economics: Alpha Delia Pi: B.S.U.: Home Economics Club. BILLY CARTER, Physical Educaiion: Foofball. Third Row: FORREST CATE, Pi Kappa Alpha, DANIEL CATES, Business TONY CATES, Engineering. WRIGHT CHILDERS, Pi Kappa Omega. Alpha: Foolbell Sl-53: Alpha Phi ' ' , 'J Y I-f I A I f ii . ' A 1" I Q . ? FI -:-1 i f . I 1 . ii i" ' I E I- I I " 'E ,ia 'V P 'I We , A 115, g I I C:-fy, ' Wyug' -ii "U ' , 4 ' 'W-1 fs I- -A ll P -' I1 ff l Iinil -s . 1 Q .V ' 1 '-,L LH' I aux? W . . 5- " ., j gi, I ,,,,. LH ig i . 1- U A-I-v 4' 'i ""W"1'- ii. - . , I i . ' yy' wiv: lg PZ I . X I n it gil. A H' wi an . .. . 2 BRUCE BUNCH. GLORIA CLEMONS, Ari: BILL BURNETTE, Engineering: Kappa Sigma. DANIEL GORDON CALHOUN, Pharmacy. ABE COHEN, Physical Educaiion: Alpha Epsilon Pi: Fooiballg Wresi- ling. GLENN CAMPBELL, Engineering: Pi Kappa Alpha: Engineers Club. DANNY COLEMAN, Business Adminisiraiion: Lambda Chi Alpha. 59 ,n Firsl Row: SARA COLLINS, Secondary Eclucalion: Choir: B.S.U, TOMMY COOK, lnduslrial Managemenip Kappa Sigma. PATSY COOKE, Arlg Kappa Della, Parliamenlarian 52-53, Wesl- minsfer Fellowship: Ari Club: Home Economics. JOEL B. COOPER, JR., Pi Kappa Alpha. NONA CORNUTT. JOHN COX, Pre-Medical: Pi Kappa Alpha. MARY ANNE CROUCH, Arlz Chi Omega: B.S.U.: Ari Club. is ,., WA? Second Row: ADELLE CROWELL, Laboralory Technology: Chi Omega. PETER T. CROWNOVER, Chemislryg Pi Kappa Alpha. CLIFFORD cuRL, Pi Kappa Alpha: MOCCASIN. EUGENE C. DANIELS. CHARLES DAVIDSON, Dramalicsq Sigma Chi. BETTY DAVIS, Sociology. FLOYD DAVIS, Ari: B.S.U. Third Row: CARL DENNY, Biology. LOUANN DERTHICK, Chi Omega. JANET DOOTSON, English: Chi Omega: Canferbury Club: MOC CASIN. . Q 1 ,I l -E NV Q .,,...-p ::W' I I dx ...A 'Q vf T JOANNE DRENNEN, Chi Omega: Ari Club: MOCCASIN: Melh- odisl Sluclenl Movemenl. JANE DRISKILL, Pi Bela Phi, Banclg Dormilory Council: Mefhoclisl Sludenl Movemenl. FRANCES DURHAM, Medical Technology: Kappa Della. GEORGE DYE, Educalion. Xe Firs+ Row: FARRELL ELKINS, Band. LEONARD FANT, Pre-Medical: Kappa Sigma. MARGARET FARMER. Second Row: GWEN FARNED, Music: Phi Mu: Wesfminsler Fellowship. JOHN FARR, Educafionz Kappa Sigma. JUDY FIELDS: Chi Omega: Canferbury Club: R.O.T.C. Sponsor ECHO. Third Row: LARRY FINCHER, Chemical Engineering: Kappa Sigma: Alpha Ph Omega: Wesfminsfer Fellowship: Engineers Club. 'MARTHA ANN FORD, Chemisrry: Phi Mu: Meihodisi Sfudenl' Move menl. CHRIS FORRESTER, Secreiarial Science: Chi Omega: MOCCASIN Mefhoclisf Sfudenf Movemenf. Fourih Row: HOWARD FRAME, lnduslrial Managemeni: Engineers Club. JOSEPH FRANK. BOBBY FRANKS, Religion: Lambda Chi Alpha. Fiffh Row: JIM FROST. FRANK FULLER, Pi Kappa Alpha, Pledge Vice-Presidenl: Honor Council: Canierbury Club. EARL RICHARD GALYON, JR., Induslrial Managernenf: Engineers Club. Sixih Row: TOM GARDENHIRE, Economics and Commerce: Kappa Sigma. EDWIN GENTRY, Engineering. EDGAR GODSEY, lndependenfsz Art Club. Sevenlh Row: JEANNE GODSEY, Home Economics: Kappa Delia. STANLEY GOLDSTEIN, Business: Alpha Epsilon Pi: Alpha Phi Omega: Orchesrra: Hillel Council. LAWRENCE GORDON, Business: Sociefy for Advancemeni of Man- agernenl: Phofography Club. Firsf Row: RODGER GRACE, Business Adminisiralion: Sigma Chi. PRISCILLA B. GRYDER, Elemenlary Eclucaiion. BILL HAHN, Mechanical Engineering: Pi Kappa Alpha. Second Row: CHARLENE HAIL, Secreiarial Science. GWEN HALL, Secreiarial Science: Alpha Delia Pi: Freshman Class Secrelary: Sludenl' Council. ARLENE HALL, Pre-Medical: B.S.U. Third Row: PAT HARDIN, Chi Omega: Weslminsfer Fellowship: Wriiers' Club: ECHO. DOLORES HARP, Sociology: Kappa Delia, Vice4Presiclenl Pledge Class 5I-52: Ari Club: Alpha Kappa: Mefhoclisl Siuclenf Movemenf. WINSTON W. HARRIS, Business: Lambda Chi Alpha. Fourih ow: BEVERLY HATCHETT, Secrelarial Science? PIWI MU: ECHO: B.S.U.Z Choir. JIM A. HATFIELD, Business Aclminisfrafion. IKE HEMBREE, Music: Pi Kappa Alpha. Fiffh Row: JANE HERNDON, Music Educalion: Choir: Canlerbury Club: M.E.N..C, JUNE HIGGINS, Business Adrninisiralion: Newman Club. GORDON HILL, JR.. Pre-Medical: Thela Chi. Sixlh Row: MARY B. HILL, Ari: Alpha Della Pi: Ari Club 52-53: Newman Club 52-53: Sigma Chi Derby 5l-52: Blue Key Variely Show 5l-52. DONALD HIXSON, Business: Pi Kappa Alpha. BERNARD HOCHBERG, Chemis+ry: Alpha Epsilon Pi. Sevenlh Row: RANDY HODGES, Kappa Sigma: Alpha Phi Omega: Freshman Cheerleader: Freshman Presiclenl 5'Zs53: Honor Council: Siudeni Council. BYRON HOLDER, Business SMITH HORNE, JR., Law. F.. Hi JN? , l L' xy' i 19.".., a v"4?"!P . Q X--Q if, .Q I Q.. L , ie -:-,..-. .s .. ffl JZ' '.. l 1 f ' im JF 31,1315- .4-. , fl i I 5 'L mi S, - -. -, V, 2' - :H ,T .. Y ,-'1,v,.g,g., 1. i - - ,rf i. x, 2 L, A .5 H. 'I ' HP- "QS ai 24 'li ' I " . 'f'il'2.L.. Q: is Firsi Row: DAVID JOHNSON, Alpha Phi Omega 5I-52: Male Chorus. JOHN HSU, lnduslrial Engineering. JAMES ROBERT HUNT,CI1emis+ry, Pi Kappa Alpha. JOAN HUNTER, Biology: lndependenfs: B.S.U. DORIS ILES, Educaiion. JIMMY JOHNSTON, Engineering. DON F. JONES, Music CAROLINE KALLQUIST, Music: Kappa Delia: Choir: Orcheslra, JULIAN INGRAM, Pre-Denial: Kappa sigma, ECHO: B.s.U. Third Row: H. V. IVESTER, JR., Religion. RAYMOND KELSO, Accounfing. ROBERT ERICH JAHN, Engineering: Lambda Chi Alpha: Engineers Club: Wresiling Team. DAVID KEOWN, Pre-Medical: Kappa Sigma. 06 ' 'N-4 1 . ga - Q:-rv' ,ml Second Row: NANCY KERR, Laboraiory Technology: Alpha Della Pi. HELEN JARNIGAN. JACK KIMSEY, Engineering: Pi Kappa Alpha: Baslceiball. MARLENE KORTH, Medical Technology. CHRISTYNA JENSEN, Educafion: Kappa Dalia, Hisforian, Publicily Chalrmanl Chow Camerburv Club' THOMAS LANDERS, Engineering: Thela Chi. BILL JOHNSON. Kappa Sigma. ANNE S. LANE, Medical Technology: Newman Club. Firsi Row: ANNA MARTHA LARSON, Ari: Chi Omega: Honor Council: Ari Club: Camera Club: Newman Club: Freshman Cheerleader. WILLIAM C. LAYTON, Accounfing. BOB LEE, Inclusirial Engineering. ERNEST LEONARD, Pre-Medical: Kappa Sigma. LINDA LESLIE, reiailing: Alpha Della Pi: Ari Club. MONNA LUSK, Independenls: Ari Club: Choir: Melhodisi Siudenl lviovemenl. JAMES LYNCH, Hislory: Newman Club, Membership Chairman. -MARY McCONNELL, Psychology: Alpha Delia Pi. LAMAR MCCOY, Economics: Pi Kappa Alpha: B.S.U. NOBLE McCRARY, Eclucalion: lndependls. BARRY McDONALD. BARBARA McDOWELL, Spanish. Third Row: GEORGIA ANN MCILWAINE, Malhemaiics: Chi Omega: Wrilers Club: Weslminsfer Fellowship. rel T' 5 Second Row: FRELING LYNES, Reiailing: Kappa Sigma: Alpha Phi Omega. SHIRLEY JEAN MCCLAIN, English: Alpha Della Pi, Pledge Scholar- ship Chairman: Melhodisi Siudenl Movemeni. MARILYN McCLARY, Science: Chi Omega: ECHO! WGSlminSlSF Fellowship. SAM McKEEHAN, lnduslrial Managemenf: Lambda Chi Alpha. DONALD McPHERSON, Engineering. ROBERT MCPOMMELL, BusinesS2 Foofball. CHESTER YOUNG MARTIN, Ari: Ari Club. DIANA H. MARTIN, Medical Technology. vb, 07 . .VR A 'v .iii ,,M X, P - - 7-.Ll 6 V3 1, Inn, nip' Firsi Row: RICHARD MARTIN, Business Adminislraiiong Sigma Chip Alpha Phi Omega. REBA JOYCE MASON, Secrelarial Science WILLENA MAYS, Music Educaliom Choir: B.S.U.: lv1.E.N.C. Second Row: . NILES MEACHAM, Business: Lambda Chi Alpha: Baslcelball 5I-53: ' "C" Club 52. f HAROLD MEADOWS, Pre-Engineering. BILL MERRITT, Pi Kappa Alpha, Third Row: ILA LEE MILLER, Elemanlary Eclucalion. SAM MILLS, Physical Educaiion. MARTHA MONTGOMERY Alpha Della Pi Weslminsler Fellow s up Eourlh Row JOSEPHINE MALONEY Music Kappa Della BEN MOSELEY Physical Ed rcafion Foolball C Club 52. WILLIAM MOSS Business Adminislralion. Flffh Row: CHARLES E. MULLINS lncluslrial Managemenl' Pi Kappa Alpha. FRANK A. NANCE Pre-Denial' Sigma Chi' Band' Alpha Phi Omega. JANE NAPIER Secrelarial Science: Alpha Della Pi. Qi-w jf Sixih Row: BILLY NESBIT Indusfrial Managemenl. JANET OLSON Medical Technology' Phi Mu' ECHO Sociely Edilor. DICK ONISKEY. Sevenfh Row: PHYLLIS PELFREY, Educalicn: Indepenclenfsg B.S.U., Social Vice- Presideni. MARTIN PEREZ, Pre-Denial: Sigma Chi. RAY PHILLIPS, Business: Sigma Chi. . 1 Firs+ Row: BILL A. PICKETT. PAUL JOSEPH POLAND, Engineering. ROBBIE POTTER, Ari: Chi Omega: Ari Club: Meihodisl Siudeni Movemeni. Second Row: HERSCHELENE POWELL, Educafion: Phi Mu: B.S.U. JOHN POZZINI, Physical Educafiong Kappa Sigma: Foofball. JACK PRATT, Music Educaiioni Glee Club: Orcheslra: M.E.N.C. Third Row: NANCY MAY PuRcei.L, Releasing: indepenaenfsg caniefbufy Club. ARTHUR QUIMBY, Engineering: Lambda Chi Alpha. RUTH Reeves, Mechanical engineering: Independenfs. Fourih Row: ELIZABETH JANE RINER, Secrefarial Science: Pi Bela Phi: MOC- CASIN: Mefhodisf Sfudenf Movement: W.A.A.: Choir. BURNETT ROBERTS. Geology: Lambda Chi Alpha. PAT ROBERTS, Music: Pi Bela Phi. Fifih Row: DAVID ROBINSON, Chemisfry. DON ROBINSON, Educafiong Lambda Chi Alpha. CHARLES RODGERS, Economics and Commerce: Sigma Chi. Sixfh Row: JOSEPH ROGERS, Accounfingi Lambda Chi Alpha. W. A. ROGERS. KENNETH ROYCE, Accounfing: B.S.U. Sevenih Row: BETTY RUSH, Physical Educaiion. HENRY RUSSELL, Der Deulsche Kreis. RITA LOUISE RUSSELL, Relailingz Pi Be+a Phi. Sad is I Ia 'I' RX - . ei - I 1 if .,. Firsf Row: AVANEL RUSSOM, Economics and Commerce: Phi Mu: MOCCASIN: Thalpus Club. CHARLES CARLYLE SCOGGINS, Relailinq: Pi Kappa Alpha. PEGGY SCOGGINS, Ari: Pi Bela Phi: Ari Club: MOCCASIN: - Melhodisi Sluclenl lvlovemenl. OSCAR SCRUGGS. JOSEF HAROLD SHALETT, P Francais: Hillel Council. 4: 2-1, 'QI' I IF' : , Q., H 5 li Q I IX ' -l I lC.l I ...nv ,es JOHN SIMMONS, Engineering: Kappa Sigma: Engineers Club SI-52 lvlelhodisl' Sludenl' Movemeni. GEORGEANNE SIMPSON, Music: M.E.N.C.: Rifle Team. RICHARD SKIPPER. DONALD SMITH, Business Adminisfralion: Pi Kappa Alpha. HASKELL SMITH, Engineering: Thela Chi. WILLIAM LUKE SMITH, JR., Spanish: Alpha Phi Omega, Thircl Row: ANN SPAULDIN6, Secrelarial science: Alpha Della Pay Choir 52. JAMES C. SPRAYBERRY, Business Aclminislrafion. GARY SHINBAUM, Psychology: Alpha Epsilon Pi: Campus Religious CHARLOTTE STAILEY, Secrelarial Science: lndependenlsq Wesl- Council 52: Campus Worship Commilleeg Hillel Council, Presidenf minsier Fellowship. 52: Eleclion Cornmiilee. CARL STARLING, Engineering: Enqiners Club. JANICE SHIPP, Secrelarial Science: Pi Bela Phi: MOCCASIN: , W I l Canlerbury Club: Camera Club: Choir: Pan Hellenic Council. MARTIN STUTZ' Business Admlmsirdilon' Lambda Chl Alpha' Second Row: LUCILLE SULLY, Secrefarial Science: Alpha Delia Pi. WANDA JACOUELYN SUTTON, Nursing Educalion: Phii'M'u: Choir NORMAN SHRIVER, Malhernafics: Pi Kappa Alpha. 52: ECHO 52: l3.S,U. 52. I 67 Firsi' Row: DOT SWANGO, Elemenlary Educalion. JUDY TALLEY, Educalion: Chi Omega: B.S.U.: Camera Club: Rifle Team. CHARLOTTE TAYLOR, Elemenlary Educalion: Alpha Della Pi. Second Row: ' LOUIS TAYLOR, Engineering. GORDON TEMPLE, Business. DEAN THOMAS. lnduslrial Managemenl: Kappa Sigma: Foolball. Third Row: MARIANNE DU VALLE THOMAS, Journalism: Chi Omega: Wril- ers Club: Canferbury Club: ECHO: ACCENT: W.A.A. MEREDITH HALEY THOMPSON, Chi Omega: W.A.A.: Wesrminsler Fellowship: Camera Club. HELEN SUE THORNTON, Elemenlary Educalion: Alpha Della Pi, Pledge Presidenf: Freshman Class Treasurer: Pan Hellenic Junior Delegale: Melhodisl Sludenf Movemenl. Fourth Row: GAIL TURNER, Elemenlary Eclucaiion: Alpha Della Pi: Newman Club. TOMMY TURNER, Pre-Engineering: Alpha Phi Omega: Band: B.S.U. JOAN STARR VANCE, Ari: Ari Club: Choir: ECHO. Fifth Row: JANE WAGNER, Ari: Alpha Della Pi. NANCY WAGNER, Chi Omega, Pledge Presidenl: W.A.A.: ECHO: Weslminsler Fellowship. WILMA I.. WALKER, Medical Technology. Sixih Row: JERRY WARD, lnduslrial Management: Kappa Sigma: Foolball. PATRICIA ANN WHITSON, Commercial Science. MARY PATRICIA WALTON, Secrefarial Science: Chi Omega: Choir: Camera Club: Canlerbury Club. Ninfh Row: MARJORIE WIGGINS, Elemenlary Educalion: lndependenls: Mefh- odisf Sludenl Movement ROBERT MARION WILBANKS, Kappa Sigma. MARIAN GAIL WILCOXEN, Relailing. ii 4 aa. - l ,zz A-4 ,Ja N .in ' , 'I' in 'I 'ami' fl . I. ,Q -J 7 ' . S .gl ' Qfgigl M 1'- ,sn i s l , ws 1 '1 L ' Lx: i ' 'igigiz 'L' W f 1 gig. ' ' " if ,lip ,, 5 , H H H . 55 HJ he ,-C...,f l l ,X gxup 4 ,, i ig J ll X -Q! -rd If my., h tg' ,l , w i lli ,I BILL WILKINSON, Accouniingz Thela Chi. ANNIE LAURICE WILLIAMS, Secrelarial Scienceg Alpha Delia Pi. GEORGE WILLIAMS, Indusfrial Management JOE WOOD, Retailing: Pi Kappa Alpha. THOMAS E. WOOD, lnduslrial Manaqemenl: Engineers' Club 52-53. BILLY CLAY YOUNGBLOOD, Induslriel Management Pi Kappa Alpha. VIRGINIA ZOTT, Secrelarial Science: Alpha Della Pi, Pledge Secrefary. SPECIAL STUDENTS EMILIO ALVAREZ, Engineering: Sigma Chi: Newman Club: Engi- neers Club. FRED ARNOLD, A.B.7 graduale of I952. NICOLE DELALANDE, Economics: Le Cercle Francais Second Row: RUBY HURST, Piano. PAT JONES, Universify Players: Camera Club. CARL LEVI, Music: Universify Band. Third Row: ALLAN MARSH, Eclucalion: Alpha Sociely. PAT WILLIAMS, Secrefarial Science: Melhodisl Sfudenl Movemenl. RAYMOND UPTON, Business Aclminisfrafion. af- R ,Q uS:u,2 L ms. X gr -xy "H, 4, 5 A L.: , , Y , W, xg ,, km 5, , W, zzz W W' . A 'I ig 5 I gf, .W X Q ,, zzzz, , . "9 , " . : ii . 5, Q .V Rm A M av' . W-Aziz ue A:,l...Y,h,g5 ,, , V. ,H xx' S W T, .it T: E Mal 1 1. A A . - ::.- 7Q'gzw'i?Sw!w'waar1s.Qr, W M , W , S. Q21 Q ?TfsfH ff Y' af' if 15 ' 'M 'f ' fx. , i 'f M -.-.iw HE. S ..... 1 AMW, , ,.... ,, , - A '-1, ,W , V . ' ' V .afar ' 3 B 4 X , .vfzyg gfa gf., ML, ,, ' - fn I "" . , V , Vx 1 Q in A if Z' x Q ' K :U 'K 1 . X X 1.,.,,, HN, .As ' 'uv-' W" , A .+ ' ,, 1 11, . ,, Q v -, nf W " ,T-W M' . fi , , S-...,, -.Hi ,fr M, ,. 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E-ff' -f .J ' H . . was-4 fa KW- AX. X.. f'v.,..,ff'wM.,f.m , - ' M Vim? 510:-Q21 ' Q fb JVM P: .7 54:-if gag, wx Q 4: 'swf Y. as ,. ,gb -' r". n 'M-jx' 5 WNW Y, H Q 1: WT Z Q B. M , . H . ,.. , ,M H Q LW- T---W1 ,N.w,.QgiQx ' 17.- 5,r-xs,-Qfixzwf w 'NM . S, gm- , ff wx an LU W. X -,-www--1 .Q-Wm X M hx as vkuiaxmywlk If 1 Ugsixi x Msxsggiw ww , 5 7 1-:wa x EX 1 Knlmilsm is N 4 1 dv Homecoming weelc-end, l952, was a big suc- cess on The U. C. campus. The exciTemenT began weelcs beTorehand when The various organizaTions sTarTed To worlc on Their house decoraTions. This enThusiasm builT up To a climax when The Queen, DoTTy Young, who was announced aT The Alumni Banquet was presenTed To The sTudenTs aT a pep rally, The nighT beTore The game. ATTer she liT The bonfire, she and her courT led a parade Through ChaTTanooga. The nexT nighT, during The halT-Time inTermis- sion of The TooTball game, The Queen was crowned by The presidenT oT The Alumni AssociaTion, and Trophies were presenTed To The Two organizaTions winning house decoraTions. They were Alpha DelTa Pi, Tor The sororiTies, and Lambda Chi Alpha, win- ning The cup Tor TraTerniTies. The "C" Club dance, held aTTer The game, was a perTecT climax oT a grand Homecoming. H 0 M E G 0 M I N G Charlie accepfs The Trophy for The Lambda Chi's. Queen, DoHy, and her many admirers! - v-f Y ff- -- - H' ---A www-f--1ww1:w.msmefmmzwss-,f.w41+z-V., - - Y L .- . :f-,.,.. nf w L2-MW, was-f i 'lei-,. .,.,. .:. :-: -A 1. jg gm: J 5 5 , ' Q 4 :iw M-:la Q u an wk' ' 'J :-: 4 xi Xi HA A 1 ..:. 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J- I 3 lER'. lEMlS 1 1 f ma warm 1 11 4? g z.. MARGARET WOODWARD SANDY REIMAN fu 5 ' J j 14 . I 5 gt fl! ilk I 2 Lf sy ' 5 V 7 51 J 1 1' j 5 1 EE A SHIRLEY WELCH f w v .0' ruin Atal: .I Nix sms! a sa .iz- BETTY C0-ED AND .l0E COLLEGE .Kar ara yfleiclharclf mn .sm .. i E mix 'ima mngfm E sms xmpiskm wt gm n mn an , gms a Bm wa Gln, nl mama RE E simm- Sigma W H nm- ,AQ 1, V- NEB 'sm Lwiiigfgx gmmamw mf mfg A an 'H We P Maki Egg, E M H . ,, mimi mama K ' ' gs -sf w gains ss an J JOB jayfor xm sen 9 y :. 1 - 4 Z I -a 1 X : , Sew mms: , : : : A ' ' XY' Jr Wgs ss-mm : V -gig M , , - H : : : : M E Y Eli? m , WWHZQMQE mmm:-YV. :MA NW dawg: ww" :: N :::m::'-lm: kW::::.-N' :::::::::-:::ww:", :mgmss-ai' mlqmsssmsmfm mmf? : 'i'g3,Z':f: 3 M W W : : : : :Q 5 QQQEQ 5 '.:'?4':,:vgf:,g:: 5 2 Q? 5 2 we 5 Q ? f:w.:iM:i:: sexism, ,::,:Em':'1g:' 2723: M : W:-: :B : RS 173555: 3 EW: E :jj ij Qui! :X E ml- gg 3:55 sg 3' .:f' W'-'. :gh : :: ::':.: H H ff-ww: E94-H W" N3 M H W: H Q :Q H Q E : 1: BFE ' gl gg:-:,:pj':L ,:::,S::3?S E15 gziqy . VH H H: A :z:': :: 5:f-5:2 H fi : :v:: :Am my I-:g:,:g "'!'19 35 :ii7: gg 1- J: : 32155553 ff- LIiV,?lEEm,:m :X gl: E gg-E 3 :Q . , fx v. I s 1 :LQ ::J:::.::::: : ::: ::g:3:1 ' . :Ei ,.::::,::g::w 51:3--::' . , .kv,1?': Sw: S: Q :Q RFQ 3 E252 5-s an 'gag as '- I, :gsm A , gg H W: ::: :.: ::: .Vg-::,: :gg--iff - :amgmwggpggp M W ., ' iz 1 . www:-i:.Lw:,wsf WWW W il ,LQ M ww' mQg,f'iw'l,,' Q 'f laws: ws,51g'w'i-K ,H ia MF 1 5 ,.gpm-rams mryagg me 1:23, fa:-:L W "W:w::: "7 1 nEm.s1,:Q,mfm ' BEYWW 5 :Hy Wg 5:5552 'I : : :-: :,: :W 1: 3:5 ,, VW ,.,.,.,.,.,. . IZ: :gg 5 x H WKWSQVE wi mlifggfl : .. :, ww.: ,.. :i . : : ::: ::: ::.::::::2 S: gy E 4 E sf: :W .IW sn: A ssylmxlgmw W., 1 4 , x MOST POPUL BETTY SHELTON and ART CONROY M O S T A T H L E T IGAN. DUGAN coueHLAN and on nl ' V, H .a , rs B . 4 .M PRETTIEST AND MOST HANDSOME CATCH FORNEY .na JOHN Klsl-I am- ms fm ss gwmms Hmm B B wma Q sz K1 ms as ma as n ms w me an a msn ma m s E mms mv ss ss-mann -fixu- wmuusa -.::47vm mam?- xss ss A v. w sms as m Sis kms if E. we xx, 'TCE .r ws wmnzwgs ss SENIORS MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED B E S T D R E S S E D NANCY HARRINGTON and GUY HOBBS NANCY HILTON and CA STELL iw-""': M P U S W I T S DAMS and MACK HOLLAND RANDY HODGES H K B Q ii BOB HEWETT GUY HOBBS, JR. SHIRLEY NORRIS REX ORR I if w These fourfeen seniors ioin fhaf group of norable persons who since I934, have been recognized in "Who's Who in American Colleges and Universi'ries." They have been chosen upon The advice of The Facully and rhrough 'rhe nominalion of +he Sludenl Council of The Universily of wwe. sag ' ss asm -5 mama -eu 4""s'3'E'4 Mfg use so e B. W' zlwiifsg-emi fs.,,mr'm,., 'Z ss m P' MACK HOLLAND CHESTER LAGOD JIM PENNINGTON mga a asia an mm s -A we za ns! Egan' B .- .Q Chaffanooga, having dislinguished Themselves as leaders in campus life-bolh inlelleclually and socially. The Uni- versily reserves a parl' of Hs graduafion program lo give public recognilion and honor 'ro These able persons by awarding Jrhem "Wl1o's Who" cerlificafes. 89 1 Y X ,,,, ,, 4 E , N A4613 , ' g uf 1 ,,, ,,,-, . ,Aww .gl-. ax 'f 'M W 755235 , 'M , -- 'hz rf . amz 11 A , A,,.,.,, 1, -fgN, iw' , ,K , . ME 153'-1 f K J. Hx X ,M ., V V AX, - ,QSLZT , ,, x fy 3 .MM Q- x sewn ,gfyf sw ,gif 1 ' -1 Q -xg Z y mms f , ,l HEX, ,X Qbfyxntig fl A .Q gg new 'N E TEH! ' k ' V 'EW fi' fm M Z 'W D .. :Qi ' IN. Q M 1. ,C 8 M Q -- EW Q 3 ,, mm gr' ' 4 f' si-W3-vw EQ, .L wi NM ,A V, Y-1313 2 N 'J . 52, W l A iiigg jj M " ifi? 2 N512 ,7,?'3x'H,: ' gg fb ' The Honor Council was sei' up in order To TosTer a sense oT academic honesTy among sTuclenTs on examinaTions. The honor code, which oper- aTes in The UnIversiTy, involves The signing of a formal pledge on all examinalrions ancl oTher wriTTen worlc by The sTudenTs, Cver all violaTions of This code The Council has sole iurisdicTion, and The penalTy Tor such violaTions ranges Trom reprimancl To expulsion Trom college. To qualify Tor membership on The Council persons musT be nominaTed by The Honor Council. This lisT is nexT senT To The STudenT Council Tor approval and finally broughT before The sTudenT body To be voTecl on. Each class is enTiTlecl To have Three members on The Council wiTh The excepTion ol The Junior Class which has Tour represenTaTives. Proof ThaT such an honor sysTem can worlc and is working is seen in The cooperaTion The Council has received This year by sTudenTs and laculTy members alike. For The pasT year The Council has been under The leadership oT Sandy Reiman, Chairman. OTher members of The Council are: Jim Penninglon, Bob l'leweTl, STella Rihelclaicfer, ArT Conroy, Reuben l-lolland, Charles Adams, Wayne l-lolley, PaT ForresTer, Harold Freeman. Anna MarTha Larson, Randy Hodges, and Frank Fuller. ' 92 LPH SOCI A E ln l9l8 an honorary scholasTic socieTy for The purpose of recognizing ouTsTanding scholarship on The campus of The UniversiTy oT ChaTTanooga was organized. IT was given The name Alpha, The TirsT oT The Greek alphabeT, in order ThaT we may always keep in mind ThaT The TirsT and mosT imporTanT business of a universiTy is scholarship, Membership in Alpha is The highesT scholasTic recogniTion a sTudenT can aTTain on our campus, and iT is an honor earned only by Those wiTh The highesT scholasTic averages. FaculTy members elecT annually To mem- bership Those seniors who, on a basis oi qualiTy poinTs rank aT The Top oT Their class. During The pasT Tew years only Those sTudenTs wiTh a poinT average oT 2.25 or over have been admiTTed To Alpha. ln addiTion To members from The senior class, Alpha, Trom Time To Time, also elec:Ts To iTs circle members Trom The TaculTy and ciTizens Trom The area ouT- sTanding Tor Their culTural conTribuTions. The socieTy is now headed by Dr. ArThur PleTTner, President Dr, Mc- Cay, SecreTary-Treasurer: and Mrs. Irvine GroTe, Corresponding Sec- reTary. To all TuTure seniors Alpha should be a consTanT reminder To puT TirsT Things TirsT, and To keep in mind The wise words oT 6oeThe: "Really To own whaT you inhe-riT, you TirsT musT earn iT by your meriT." Firsl' Row: Ann Woodward, CharloTle Walk-er, BeTTy June Clark. Second Row: Mary Cafherine Morrison, Jane Dyer Sullivan, BeTTie JoeSTrobIe, Marnie Wagner, Jane Craven, Rye Bell, George Ridge. Third Row: Dr. McCay, Mr, Rushworlh, Dean Cadek, Charles Carpenler, Rex Orr, Allen Marsh, Lowell Lehman. 93 BLU KEY Th purpose of Blue Key l-lonor Fralernify is +o honor oufsfanding men in 'rhe upper classes for 'rheir leadership and service fo The Universify and s'ruden'r body. The obieci of The Blue Key organizaiion is To serve The Universilry. Aclrivilies of Blue Key are many and varied. Each year The "Blue Key Follies" is presenied by Blue Key. Numbers for The show are given by members of The sfudenl body. Anoiher oufsianding eveni is The annual "Ladies' Nigh'r" which was held 'rhis year a+ Riegeldale Tavern in Trion, Georgia. This pas? year The Blue Key Nalional Conveniion was held in Denver, Colorado, A+ 'rhis convenlion Mrs, llvliss Mayl Saunders was recognized among some Twenly men as being an ouisfanding facully advisor. The Blue Key Queen, chosen each year from The women s+uden+s for ouislanding service, was Lou Arnold. 94 UUADRANGLE Quandrangle is fhe organizaiion for junior and senior women who hav.e been selecied for ouisianding leadership, scholarship, and service ai The Universify of Chaifanooga. In rhe fall Quadrangle combined wiih Blue Key ro sponsor a 'rea for all new siudenls ai Jrhe home of Dr. and Mrs. David Loclcmiller. ln March, again in parinership wifh Blue Key, Quadrangle presenied enieriainmeni a+ ihe Kappa Chi Epsilon dance for all high school seniors. Early in May Quadrangle inauguraied a campus All-Sing wiih com- pefiiion among 'rhe sororiiies and fraierniiies. Officers for rhis year were Nancy l-larringlon, president Lou Arnold, vice-presideni: Eleanor Cole. secreiary: and CharloHe Walker, Treasurer and hislorian. Mrs. David Lockmiller, Miss Theresa Waller, and Mrs. Peggy Thomas served as sponsors. Tapped info Quadrangle ihis year were: Joan Hedman, Joan Pofier, l-larriei Kiser, Jane Diclceri, Tommye Yales, Siella Riheldailer, Sara Yancey, BeH'y Bailey. Margaref Woodward, and Josie Walker. 95 Alpha Lambda Della is a nafional hon- orary fraiernily for women who have ai- fained a scholasfic average of 2.5 or higher for The firsl or bolh semeslers of lhe firsl college year. lls purpose is io encourage superior scholarship among freshmen women and 'ro srimulaie ad- vancemenr in scholarship among all lev- els of college life, Alpha Lambda Della al' lhe Universily of Chalranooga was founded in I947. The I952-1953 officers are: Mary Jo Miller, presidenfq Maurine Greiser. vice- presidenlg Marialine Bacon, secrelary- treasurer: Beverly Hilowilz, hisforian: Mary Bayless, reporler. The facully ad- visor is Dr. Mary B, Dallon. Pi Gamma Mu is fhe Nalional Honor Sociefy of 'rhe Social Sciences. The Alpha Chapler of Tennessee was eslablished af U.C. in I928. lfs purpose is fo encourage excellence and achievemenf in rhos slud- ies lhal concern man in his group acfiv- ilies and relalionships. Membership in lhe Sociely is limiled fo Juniors and Seniors, also Alumni and Facully wifh Social Science majors, Al fhe lime of elecrion rhe candidafe musf have complefed af 'easl lwenly hours of social science wilh grades of B or belief, musl' noi' have an F on his record, and musf show promise of conlinued scholarship or achievemenf. is 1 I T 1 2 EPARTMENTAL E T 4... r 'ra' if 1 v J ,s X s Tx - Me. sf as ,. X 1. E T BeTa BeTa BeTa is The honorary Biology TraTerniTy on The U.C. campus. As Sigma ChapTer oT The naTional organizaTion, Tri- BeTa aT The universiTy encourages sTu- denTs To Take a rnaior inTeresT in The science of biology. The purpose of This TraTerniTy is To sTimulaTe sound scholar- ship, To promoTe The disseminaTion oT sci- enTiTic TruTh, and To TurTher biological in- vesTigaTion. The organizaTion presenTs va- rious educaTional programs ThroughouT The year. STuclenT parTicipaTion in These pro- grams is The cornersTone oT The group: however, special guesf speakers lecTure To The group Trom Time To Time. FaculTy sponsors are Miss Eleanor Mc- Gilliard, Miss ElizabeTh Claiborne. Dr. Wilbur K. BuTTs. The officers oT The or- ganizaTion are as Tollows: pre:-sidenT, Tom- mye YaTes: vice-president CharloTTe Walker: secreTary, Peggye Ford: and his- Torian, Rosemary JohnsTone. IoTa Alpha chapTer of Gamma Sigma Epsilon, naTional honorary chemisTry Tra- TerniTy was esTablished on The campus in l932. The membership is made oT Those sTudenTs having Twelve hours of "B" in chemisTry. AcTiviTies include The annual iniTiaTion and banqueT. The iniTiaTion is unique in Tha+ iT malces use of Tamiliar chemicals and of physical and chemical apparaTus. This year Two of our members, David HunTer and Ed CoTTelT, aTTended The biennial con- venTion aT The UniversiTy of Florida in Gainesville. Officers oT The chapTer This pasT year have ben Rex Orr, President Ed CoTlelT, vice-presidenTq BeTTy June Clark, secre- Tary. Dr. J. W. GroTe and Dr. William Orr Swan are TaculTy advisors. GAMMA SIGMA EPSILON DEPARTMENTAL DEPARTMENTAL GOLLEGIUM MUSICUM Collegium Musicum is The honorary mu- sical lralernify of fha Universily of Chal- ianooga. The organizalion is for under- graduaie sfudenfs who show unusual in- leresi in music courses and who clemon- sirale ihis inferesl' work of high sfandard. The purpose of 'rhe organizafion is to promofe musical research, discussion and fo offer performances of seldom heard works. Yearly funcfions of Callegium Musicum include a welcome parly for freshman music maiors, a Spring pariy for lhe enlire music deparlmenl, monlhly meel- inqs of members for programs and dis- cussions, and a special chapel program each semesler. Collegium Musicum also olilers an award each year lo lhe our- sfanding sophomore music maior. Facully sponsors are Dr. Arlhur Plelf- ner and Miss lsa Mcllwrailh who founded The organizafion in I942. This year's of- ficers are: President Jayne Craveng Vice- Presidenls, Elinor Cole and Mary Calh- erine Morrison: Secrefary-Treasurer, Bar- bara Wilson. The U.C. Camera Club is an organiza- fion ol ambiiious arnaieur shuflerbugs banded iogefher in order io learn abou? phofography fhrough muiual and helpful crificisrn. Under +he sponsorship of Dr. Karl Huier and wilh ihe aid of Dr. M. S. McCay 'rhe members have enioyed working in The physics darkroom developing skills in dark room procedures. The Camera Club has several field 'rrips fo various scenic spofs around Chaiianooga lhrough- oui ihe year in order fo prepare maferial for if's annual exhibiiion held each May. Af The presenf time club membership is limifed ro iweniy,due lo limiied dark- room space, but condifions are consianlly improving. The l953 officers are: Presie dent Charles McCurdy: Vice-Presidenf, J. T. Skipper: Secrelary, Jan Shippq Treasur- er, John Florio. PARTMENTAL DEPARTMENTAL DER DEUTSGHE KREIS had ils annual ouling. Tacully sponsor. French culiure. Cercle Francais. LE CERCLE FRANCAIS Der Deulsche Kreis, The German circle on The Universify of Chaffanooga campus each semesfer 'rook info ils membership a limiled number of sluclenls who had done work of "B" average or beller in German and who had expressed lnferesl in Turlhering 'rheir knowledge in This held Business sessions were usually conducred during convenlional chapel hours and eve ning meelings feafured a guesf speaker or cenlered upon some perhnenl subiecf For inslance, during The previous lwo se meslers The club has had 'Two inlereshng galherings feafuring Dr, Arfhur Pleffner in a discussion of his experiences as a 4 youfh in Germany and Dr. Karel Huler .. in a session on Czechoslovakia his nahve .3 . counfry, and ils surrounding area Toward The close of 'rhe spring semesfer The club Olrlicers of The circle during l952 53 were Lowell Lehman, presidenf Barbara Wilson, vicefpresidenfg and Rex Orr sec relary-Treasurer. Dr. Roberr Anacker is Le Cercle Francais is an organizafion for advanced French sludenfs on The uni versily campus. The purpose of The or ganizalion is To provide advanced French sludenfs wifh an opporlunily To increase They knowledge and undersfanding of The French culfure and To improve and per fed Their use of The language Members of The Le Cercle Francais are siudenfs who have compleled fwo years of French, having mainlained a high av erage and having expressed an mreresf in This year The presidenl was George Ridge. Two plays-"L'Ecole de Venves and "Un Arrivisil'e" were sponsored by Le ADMINISTRATI REGULATIUNS COM TT The Rules and Regulaiions Commiiiee is a ioinl' siudenl-'Faculfy cornmilfee ap- poinled by rhe presidenl' of The Universiry. If has iurisdiclion over all iniraciions of lhe rules and regulaiions of 'rhe Universiiy of Chairanooga. Afier ihe commiflee has weighed bolh ihe sludenl and faculry views, if hands down as iusi' a verdic+ as is possible. Under ihe chairmanship of Dean Maxwell A. Srnilh 'lhe commiflee has op- eraied efficienfly and conscieniiously. Members of ihe commiiiee are Dean Dorofhy Woodworih, Miss Isobel Gris- com, Mr. Bradford MacGaw, L+. Col. William l-lardin, Jimmy Farrar, Edna My- ers, Bruce Wallace, Chesler Lagod, and Tommye Yales. The Publicaiions Commiflee is com- posed of faculfy members appoinied from fhe English deparimenl' and The Library Slallig included also are The eclilors and business managers ol: ihe sfudeni pub- licaiions. The commilfee is responsible for The college calalogue and fhe sfudenl' handbook: The school newspaper, rhe ECHO: a liierary magazine, lhe ACCENT: and fhe college yearbook, The MOC- CASIN. Miss lsobell Griscom is chairman of the comrniifee. Dr. Gordon R. Wood, Mr. Roland Carler, Mr. Manlser Fallen, and Mrs. Mary Hale are The iacully members Mrs. George Ridge, edilor of The AC- CENT, Miss Beliy Broyles, edilor of 'fhe ECHO, and Mr. Bruce Wallace and Miss Joan Poiler, ediior and business manager respectively of ihe MOCCASIN, are slu- denl members This year. PUBLIC TIDNS COMM T DEPARTMENTAL SIGMA Pl :ar 1:7 Ur C7 SIGMA TAU SIGMA Sigma Pi Sigma, The Nafional Honor So- cieTy for physics STudenTs, is a member of The American Associafion of College Honor So- cieTies and an aTfiliaTe of The American lsTi- Tufe of Physics and The American Associafion Tor The AdvancemenT of Science. ETa ChapTer of Sigma Pi Sigma is now in iTs 25Th year of service To sTudenTs of The UniversiTy of ChaTTanooga, having been esTab- lished in I929 when The fifTh charTer of This nafional sociefy was granfed To a group of eleven physicisTs on This campus. Two of The chief aims of The SocieTy are "To award dise TincTicn To promising physics scholars" and "Tc encourage inferesl' in research and ad- vanced sTudy." DramaTic evidence of The success of The local chapfer during The past quarler-cenTury if found in The membership IisT, which includes The names of many prom- inenT inclusTrial and governmenTal scienTisTs and TechnologisTs, and numerous Teachers, wiTh an unusually high percenfage of Ph.D. degree cornpleTions, STudenTs are eligible for membership afTer comlefinq Three semesTer courses in Physics wiTh an average of B. The officers of Sigma Pi Sigma for I952-53 are: W. D. Goggin, president ChesTer Seilers, vice-presidenTg David HunTer, secreTary-Treas- urerg and Dr. Karel Huier, TaculTy advisor. The budding liTerary geniuses of Sigma Tau DelTa, a sorT of GenTleman's aTTer- dinner forensic socieTy, meT sporadically during The school year-whenever The members could Torce anyone To lisTen To Them. EveryThing from DanTe To Mickey Spillane was discussed: Though iT is To The socieTy's eTernal crediT ThaT DanTe was classed a slighTly beTTer wriTer, iT is a maTTer oT rnosT somber record ThaT Spil- lane has somewhalf more TrequenTly been read. Thus iT was decided nof To Trade cash in hand Tor Th glory of a disTanT drum, in The words of Omar Khayyam, The organizaTion's PoeT LaureaTe. Though The reiecTion slips never abaTed during The course OT The year, The wriTers bravely sTuclr To Their TypewriTers and ThoughT of how nice iT would be To malce some money. Officers were: PresidenT, George Ridge: SecreTary, Marianne Thomas: His- Torian, Mary Bayless. And, alas, since They were wriTers, There was no need of a Treasurer. DELTA DEPARTMENTAL l D E PARTMENTAL SIG Rho Chapfer of Sigma Della Pi, nalional honorary Spanish fraiernily, was founded ai fhe Universify of Chaifanooga in l93I. The of- licers of Rho Chapfer for l952'I953 were: Presi- dent, Geraldine Maxeyg Vice-Presidenl, Jerry Browni Secrelarylreasurer, Fred Bohr: and Publicify Chairman, Beify Jo Siroble. To be- come an acrive member of Sigma Delia Pi, one musf have a l.5 average in all subiecrs and musf be maioring in Spanish wirh a average in ihe deparlmenf, The purposes of Sigma Della Pi are "lo fomenf a wider knowledge of and greaier love lor lhe Hispanic coniribufions lo modern cul- fureg 'lo provide a nucleus for Spanish language siudeni acliviiies and regional meetings, fo fosfer friendly relafions and a co-operafive spirii between The nafions of Hispanic speech and of English speech: and fo reward fhose who show special afiainmenfs and inferesfs. The spirit of lhe orqanizafion is indicated by lhe Greek mollo, 'the iniiial lefiers of which are used as ils name: 'Lei us go forward under lhe inspiralion of Spain lor of fhe Hispanic ideallf " Sigma Delia Pi was proud of lhe faci Thai lwo of lasf year's gracluales were scholarships 'lor siudy abroad, Dee Collins won a Roiary lnrernafional Fellowship for a year's sludy al 'the Universiry of Mexico. Alfred Maupin won a Buenos Aires Conveniion Fellowship for a Yeer's sfudy in Honduras. A farewell pariy was held for ihese foo srudenfs on February I3. April I4, Pan American Day, is celebraled each year by Sigma Della Pi wirh a special chapel program. Sigma Della Pi oresenfs an award annually 'ro loe sfudenf who has im- proved mosf in Spanish during fha year. The lniernalinnal Relaiions Club is an honorary club for oulsianding siudenls in lhe deparlmenls of polirical science, his- lory, or economics. The purpose of lhis club is fo promole among lhe siudenis of lhe Univarsily of Chalianooga lhe sludy of iniernaiional affairs. Membership is limiied 'ro fiiiy-iwo mem- bers, and is derermined by lacully nom- inarions. Foreign srudenrs are aulomaric- ally invired ro membership. Business meer- ings are held rnonfhly af chapel period: social meeiinqs are held every lhree monlhs. Dr. F. W. Prescoll is 'iaculiy sponsor of lhe organizaiion. Oilicrs are: Presidenl, John Sfewarl: Vice-President John Reid? Recording Secrelary, Susan Moore: Cor- responding Secrelary, Paili Wade: and Treasurer, Adele Baker. ADELT PI J i K' INTERNATIDNAL RELATIUNS CLUB DEPARTMENTAL PARTMENTAL The high ideals and lhe excellenf pro- gress of The Arr Club have been capably handled lhis year by Joan Hedman. As- sisfing her were Huber? Taylor, Vice- Presidenlf Jerry Brown, Treasurer: and Charlolfe Clark, Secrelary. All meefings included supper and some form of enter- fainmenl' concerning arl. Bi-monlhly "col- leesu in 'rhe arf building were a source of enioyrnenr fo everyone. Many laughs and a greal deal of knowledge has been l'he oulcome of our club. Our spring show was a greaf success, Thanks 'ro 'rhe elforl' of The enlire deparlmenl. The Universiry Players is composed of bofh sfudenl and facully members who have parricipaled in dramalic producrions or have worked on the slage crews. Mem- bership is based on pre-delerrnined re- quired worlc in 'the Dramalic Deparlmenl. Under lhe direclion ol' Mrs. Dorofhy Hack- efl Ward, advisor for lhe Players, lwo producfions were presenled in fhe Uni- versily Thealer This year. The firsl presen- lalion was a due of one-acl comedies- AFHOENIX TOO FREOUENT and THE GOBLIN. The nexl and final presenlalion of fhe season was The highly successful and enlerlaining BILLY BUDD. Throughouf The school year The Players have nol only qalhered for informal parries and socials buf also have assisled wiih various civic dramaric offerings such as plays and pag- eanls, Officers for the Players are Jerry Brown, president Tom Dralce, vice-president Ber- ly Talum, secrelary: and Arl Conroy, lreasurer. LAYERS DEPARTMENTAL PHYSIC L EDUCATION MAJCRS CLUB The Physical EducaTion Maior's Club has been a very acTive organizaTion on The UC campus This year. and was capably headed by Mickey Myers, PresidenT: Buck STamps. Vice4PresidenT: Lou Aimon, Secree Tary: and Tomrnye YaTes, Treasurer. Dur- ing The year The group held Three recrea- Tional r1ighTs and sponsored a Square Dance on The Tennis CourT Tor The STu- clenT Body. The successful year was end- ed wiTh a picnic Tor The Phys Ed Maiors. Membership in The Women's Afhleiic AssociaTion is achieved by gaining a ToTal of one hundred poinTs, earned Through parTicipaTion in The inTrarnural program. The group sTarTed QTT The year wiTh a Coke ParTy Tor all new women sTudenTs, and in April The Annual W.A.A. Play Day was held Tor high school seniors from The ChaTTanooga Area. One hundred and eighTy sTudenTs, represenTing Twelve high schools, aTTended The program. The year was ended wiTh a banqueT Tor all W.fX.A. members. OTTicers Tor This year were Lou Almon, presidenTq T'TarrieT Kiser. vice-president Tommye YaTes, secreTary: MargareT Woodward, Treasurer: and Rosemary John- sTon, Publicify Chairman. WOMEN'S ATHLETIC SSCCI TICN DEPARTMENTAL DEPARTMENTAL Y?-E arg sr V wifi JZ, wwf, is , jfiefitfz Junior and Senior women af The Unie versiry of Chaiianooga who have been oufsianding in a+hlefics and The acfiviiies of fhe physical educa+ion deparrment are presenred a Ieffer and receive member- ship In Moceffes. This year, in addiiion +o +he Annual Powderbowl game af The half-Time of one of The foofball games, Moceffes sponsored a coniesr 'for "king," who was presenfed af Field Day. The main purpose of The club is To pro- mofe good sporrsmanship in intramural adiviiies. ADMINISTRATION GIRL'S DORMITORY COUN The Council oT The Girls' DormiTory is composed OT members Trom each class which are elecTed by The dorm girls aT The beginning oT each school year. The members oT The Council see ThaT quieT is mainTained during sTudy hours, and ThaT serious inTracTions oT dormiTory rules are reporTed To The housemoTher, Mrs. Mar- Tin. PunishmenTs Tor broken rules are de- cided upon and adminisTered by The Coun- cil-buT such cases rarely happen! Members: Sandy Reiman, Virginia Woodson, Joan PoTTer, PaTTi Wade, KaTh- Erine Pack, STella RiheldaTTer, Jane Dris- ill The Engineers Club was organized in I948 when The Engineering DeparTmenT was inauguraTed in The UniversiTy. Dr. NorberT Koch, The head oT The Engineer- ing DebarTmenT, is The TaculTy advisor To The club. The oTTicers of The club Tor I952-53 are Dempsie Camp, President L. L. Thomas, Vice-PresidenT1 John Cape- harT, Treasurer: and Gene Moody, Sec- reTary. Those who are eligible To become mem- bers oT The club are maTh maiors, science maiors, indusTrial managemenT sTudenTs. pre-engineering sTudenTs, business admin- isTraTion sTudenTs, and commerce sTuclenTs. The purpose oT The club is To geT sTu- denTs acquainTed wiTh engineering prob- lems as They are in The Tield: To acquainT The sfudenfs wiTh men oT inTIuence in The engineering Tieldy and To creaTe a com- mon inTeresT among The sTudenTs in The various engineering Tields. The acTiviTies oT The Engineers Club include The showing of Tilms of a Tech- nical naTure, Tallcs by leaders in The various engineering Tields, Tield Trips in The SouTheasTern sTaTes To show The members The various Types oT inclusTriaI planTs and how They operaTe, and several social gaTherings each semesTer. GIL E -ngylf' W-cgv I N-GINEERS LU DE PARTMENTA EPARTMENTAL P FESSIONAL BUSINESS CLUB The Professional Business Club is open io sludenl: who have compleled a minie mum of I2 hours of "C" work in rho economics and commerce deparlmenl. Irs purpose is 'ro sludy lhe operalion of in- dusirial and business organizalions lhrough Held frips so Thar 'lhe sfuclenf may have more 'rhan iusr fheorefical knowledge of lhe indusfrial world, If also helps fosfer beffer fellowship belween lhe sludenls of lhe Economics and Commerce deparfmenls. Officers are: Presidenf, Mack Holland: Vice-Presidenl, Jim Farrar! Secrelary, Dol l-larlleyq Treasurer, Sally Tallman. The relail Cc-op Club was orqan'zed five years ago on a social basis. Since so many ol ils members spend a greal park ol Their lime working, H' gives lhem an opporfunily lo get 'ro know one anofher oufside of classrooms and 'ro compare moles aloouf working condifions, slore pol- icies, and fhe many problems of relailing lhrough classroom work af 'rhe Universily and lhrough service lo lhe refail slores of Challanooga. DEPARTMENTAL HOME EOONOMIOS OL The Home Economics Club was esTab- lished on The campus To creaTe Tellowship among sTudenTs majoring in Home Eco- nomics as well as among oTher sTudenTs inTeresTed in home-making. Through The club acTiviTies The class insTrucTion which The members have received becomes ac- Tual working knowledge The annual fall iniTiaTion banquet The annual Tea for The whole sTudenT body and The sql-: show which gave The girls a chance To snow oh whaT They made in class are evenTs looked forward To noi only by The club members bur also by many oThers in school. Miss Georgia Bell is The Tacully sponsor of The Home Economics Club. Miss Carol McDonald was presidenl' Tor The pasT ycar. Alpha TheTa DelTa, honorary maihe- maTics socieTy, was formed on This camp- us on November IS, l952. lTs charier members are PaTricia Donham, Shirley Hill, Frances Hundley, and David HunTer, wifh TaculTy sponsors: Miss RuTh Perry, Mr. WinsTon Massey, and Mr. John Gray. AlThough if is now a local organizaTion, plans are To ioin wiTh a naiional organi- zaTion aT some laTer daTe. AT a Tapping service on March 9, I953, six oTher members were Taken in: Doyle Wilson, Byron Moody, Dale Guhne, Rex Orr, Wayne Holley, and KenneTh Fuller. Pafricia Denham was The chairman of The group This year. QualiTicaTions Tor membership include The compleTion of aT leasT one semesfer oi calculus and an above average raTing in general scholarship as well as in maThe- marics. The purpose of The organizaTion is To furTher inTeresT and appreciaTion of maThemaTics. ALPH THET DELT EPARTMENTA T . DEPARTMENTAL MUSIC EDUCATION MAJCRS CLUB go wiTh you. The Music Educafion Majors of The Um versiTy of ChaTTanooga meT in January oT I952, To organize The local chapTer of The Music EducaTors NaTional Conference The purpose of This group is To widen The scope oT learning of The music educa Tion majors and To provide worThwhile proiecTs Through which The members may gain meaningful experiences One of The big evenTs of The year was The SouThern M.E.N.C. convenhon held here in ChaTTanooga. Our group was The hosT sTuclenT chapTer and enTerTained chapTers from all over The SoL.Th Our faculTy sponsor is Mr E O R h worfh. The oTTicers are: Marhn Bardill PresidenT: Jayne Craven, Vice Presidenf PaTTi Wade, SecreTary-Treasurer The Male Chorus has had anoTher suc cessful and enioyable year Touring The surrounding areas of ChaTTanooga and various local organizaTions. A greaf deal of The crediT Tor success This year goes To Mary Alice l-lolloway, accompanisT who was always There aT a greaf sacrifice To her personal Time. The members of The Chorus wish To Thank Mr. RushworTh for The Time and eTForT he spenT and The won derful iob he did as MasTer of Ceremonies This will be The lasT year for some oT our members. The besT wishes of The survivors DEPARTMENTAL . ..l UNIVERSITY BAND ConTlicTing classes, heavy schedules, and lower school enrollmenl' Tool: a heavy Toll on Band membership This year. Neverfheless, in spi're oT ifs diminuTive size, The band gave a good accounT of iTselT aT each home TooTbalI game. One more game was added To The "away" schedule as lhe Band Traveled To Tus- caloosa Tor The Alabama game in addi- Tion To The annual Trip To Knoxville Tor The Tennessee game. AT The assembly programs played by The Band, The audience was charmed by The versaTibiliTy oT The group as They wenT Trom The sublime To The ridiculous wiTh- ouT losing equilibrium. In addiTion To The commencemenT ac- TiviTies played annually by The Band, The conducTing class also had a chance To show Their Tal-enTs before The group as iT was used as laboraTory. Seniors who graduaTe will include Mar- Tin Bardill, Trombone: Mary Alice Cal- burn, Horn: Milce Farmer, FluTe: and Sandy Reiman, Bassoon. From year To year membership in The UniversiTy of Chaffanoeqa Choir is made up of sTudenTs from a greaT number of DeparTmenTs in The school. All who enjoy singing are welcomed. Comprising a morning and an aTTar- noon rehearsal secfion, The organizaTion TirsT oT all parTicipaTes in The weekly chapel services, each of The secTions Tor one oT The meeTings. Then The Tull choir presenTs programs each semesTer. ln November comes The Thanksgiving Service, ln December The TradiTional and mosT beauTiTul ceremony oT singing ChrisTmas carols in The chapel by The soTT lighT of many candles, makes The high poinT of The pre-holiday period on The campus. Comes The springTime and The LenTen and EasTer Music service. LaTer sTill The group regales The sTudenT body wiTh merry, secular choruses. From Time To Time The singers go Tor longer Trips. One of These was an all day excursion To I-lunTsville, Alabama, where The Choir sang Tor Two schools. AnoTher Time, Tor insTance, was when They wenT To The UniversiTy of The SouTh aT Sewanee, To perform an oraTorio To a packed and highly appreciaTive chapel Tull oT people. .fra 5 UNIVERSITY CHOIR DEPARTMENTAL . 125441 X Q' DEPARTMENTAL VER I Y RGHESTRI-i UNI ST 0 'G for orchesira. will grow wiih each year. X '27 wifh 'rhe Male Chorus. companisl' for rhe Trio. DEPARTMENTAL The addiiion of more siring players was a very welcome "sho'rin The arm 'ro The Universify Orchesrra 'rhis year li made possible 'lhe performance of a grealer number of ihe siandard worlcs In addirion io playing in chapel several rimes, ilie orchesira also iourneyed fo Dalron, Ga., and oiher neighboring rowns for concerrs ai Their respeciive high school Assemblies. In These conceris, Jay Craven clarinefisf, was feafured as a soloisi Noi lhe leasr of 'rhe orchesrra acrivilies was ihai' of aciing as a laboraiory group for our budding young conduciors and composers, a service which, li' is hoped Seniors who graduaie and will be grea? ly missed include Marlin Bardill Trom bone: Jayne Craven, Violag Mary Alice Colburn, Violin: Mike Farmer Flufe Par Kraiz, Violin: and Sandy Reiman Bassoon The Girl's Trio is composed of fhree Universiiy of Chalranooga voice mayors ' and has become 'lruly an "ambassador of good will" 'rhroughoui 'ihe Chaflanooga area. They are nofed for 'iheir perform ances af various civic meeiings in Chapel for the lisfening pleasure of The U C s'ru denfs, and for iheir work in combinahon . Charlene Hale is iirsr soprano Noveiia Trofrer sings second soprano, and Barbara l Wilson is fhe alio voice of The group Georgeanne Simpson is The piano L GIO I CAMPUS RELIGIUUS GOUN The Religious Council ot the University is composed of representatives from all ot the organized religious groups on the campus and any other groups which have an ottice ot chaplain. The Council has pioneered this year in establishing a weekly "Together With God" hour in the Danforth Chapel. It has also inaugurated softball games between the various religi- ous groups with the anticipated hope that "touch football" and basketball may be included next year. Two new religious groups have been organized on the cam- pus. The chiet tunction ot the council is to plan Religious Emphasis Week which this year was centered around the theme "Faith the Pathway to God." Chaplain Paul E. Brown is advisor to the group. Officers tor l952-53 were: William Hodge, president: Dorothy Young, vice- presidentg Mary Jo Miller, secretary. The Baptist Student Union is a connecting link between the college student and the church. The activities of the University of Chattanooga are housed in the Baptist Stu- dent Center, 722 Oak Street. Miss Margaret Duncan serves as the Student Director, The leadership is entrusted to a student group known as the Executive Council who meet weekly to discuss and lay new plans. Miss Jane Bradley served as president lor I'-752-53. A tull- time program is outlined each year to meet the social and devotional needs ot' approxi- mately 200 Baptist students, Included in this are morning watch, daily devotionals, prayer- mates, seasonal socials mission proiects, state conventions and retreats. Some ot the high- lights for the school year 1952-i953 have been September, Pre-School Retreat for officers at Camp Hacobag October, State B.S.U. Con- vention, Jackson, Tennessee: November, Thanks- qivino Breakfast with the foreign students, as special guests, Mr. Rogers Smith, speakerg December, Christmas social and visit to the Old Ladies' Home for a musical program: January, Mid-Winter Retreat. Miss Billie Rus'ell, Nashville speaker, February, Religious Em- Dhasis Week on campusg April, Annual spring banquet Mr. Robert Denny, speaker and State Spring Retreat: May Study of B.S,U. Methods, Miss Estelle Slaten speaker, June, South-wide student Retreat, Ridgecrest, N.C.g Danforth Chapel programs, Greater council supper meet- inq, monthly general B.S.U, meetings at chapel, and the regular publication of a newspaper, The Lookout, have all one in making a well- balanced program. smssfm Siva-if M B9 use e .aaa mess Q K Haw C BAPTIST STUDENT UNIUN LIGIO RELIGIOUS R Y L U B The Canrerbury Club is The Episcopal religious group on The Universify campus. The club meeis To furfher undersranding of +he Episcopal affiliafion as well as olher faiihs. Once a monfh corporafe communion is held for lhe club ai Chris? Episcopal Church. This year fhe Canferbury Club has been discussing Dr. Massey Shepherd's book. "The Worship of lhe Church," under lhe guidance of Miss Gail Hammond and Mr. Winslon Massey, faculry advisors. Various convenlions involving Canler- bury Clubs all over The Soufheasi have been arfended by fhe club on This cam- puf. Frank Fuller, a represenfafive of ihis club, is Treasurer of The Tennessee Diocese of Canferbury Clubs. For several years 'The Newman Club has been on The U.C. campus: however This is The 'firsl year fha? if has been affiliated wilh 'rhe Nafional Fedaralion of New- man Clubs. lf's purpose is fhree-fold: religious. in- lelleclual, and social. The Chaplain is ihe Rev. Paul Trainer. The club officers are: President' Barbara Morgan: Vice-presi- denf, Mary Calherine Morrison: Secrefary, Mary Lynn Sfeinerq and Treasurer, Beffye Tafum. Among lhe aclivilies of fhe club have been lhe mcnfhly communion breakfast a Chrisimas parly for Sf. Francis Colored School, and course in Church Apologefics, monihly socials, Thursday meelings. and an inifialion conclucied by Newman Clubs of Vanderbili' and Peabody. Also, lhree delegafes were sen? fo The Gulf Sfales Province Convenlion. The Club is open 'ro all Calholic slu- denls on The campus. RELIGIOUS METHDDIST STUDENT UN The Mefhodisl Siudenl Union is 'rhe religious organizafion for all oi The Melhodisl' Sludenls af U.C. If has a membership of some ihre hundred sfudenfs some of which meer every week af fhe Melhodisf Sfudenf Cenfer on Douglas Sfreef. The direclors of Jrhis group are Mr. and Mrs. Amos Rogers. Officers are: Reuben Holland, Jr., Presidenf: Huberl Marlin, Vice-Presidenf: Mary Jo Miller, Secrelaryq and Joan Poifer, Treasurer. The Melhodisf sfudenfs are very forrun- are in having a new house. The house is open af all limes for sfudenis 'ro go play ping pong, wafch felevision, and enjoy various games. Anolher acfiviry is The monihly supper. The Hillel Council is an organizafion for fhe Jewish sfudenfs of fhe Universify of Chafianooga. The purpose is ro provide opporluniiy for social and religious fel- lowship. This year Gary Shinbaum served as fhe Council presidenr, Beverly Hilo- wiiz as secrefary and Rabbi Feinsrein as advisor. Members of Hillel Council parri- cipaled in Two programs given in Dan- forfh chapel. The group also held rnonihly dinner meeiings af which religious and cul- lural programs were offered. The council wound up The years aclivilies by having an ouling af Forl' Oglerhorpe. i 'M . HILLE UUNCIL LIGIO STMINSTER LLOWSHIP Weslminsler Fellowship is an organiza- lion for fhe Presbylerian youlh who are sfudying af The Universily of Chaffe- nooga. The group is aclive in improving 'lhe religious afmosphere of lhe campus and in helping fo 'lransmil a feeling of brofherhood among all fhe sfudenls. Weekly meeling are held and programs are offered The members rhrough speak- ers, discussions, audio-visual iechniques, and various olher ways. Fellowship fhrough enferlainmenf is provided by hayrides, informal parfies, and relreafs. Officers are: Bob Heweff, Fresidenl: Dudley Jones. Vice-Presidenfq PaHi Wade, Secrelary-Treasurer: Zoe Tapper, Publicify Chairman. The Chrislian Fellowship became a new religious organizafion on fhe Universily of Chalranooga campus +his year. Ed Hill presidenl of lhis group has spurred 'lhem on wifh fhe able aid of lheir ad- visor Carry Mumphord of fhe Firsl Chris- lian Church. They held weekly meerings 'For inreresfing speakers and enlighfening discussions. STIAN FELLUWSHIP . -'f 'f "'.. Q 0 I N A. J H J' . 'Q ,. , v v , 'K S 5 X E. in r U u ' 4 I 5 1 .5 .' 5 . . . .Q K ii uw, - L ka h , A C, . , , -5 ' , :Q QQ, x X ,F -, .. 593- 5 . 1 I' ga :turf i ,,. 1 '11 s "' - :"'4 IWJ' Qu 15612, ' .bu K' 4 ' f IL ' 1'f'91?'4 N v' - V I F ,: !..::.f3 'W PW' 'f I Y :re ffl 15 - .1 T . ' 'Lg " -' A 1 i f fNP 1f" ,5 ' Q x - fag, w , Ai:','y.',, .5-EH .1159 ' Wg ' T .ww ' ny, ,L --1 'r ife' A' 1, Q37 ffl EA 1.5, .qw-. 4 - gn" HL ,W AXSHXSS f X 7 W V Y - A 265, iz, f 5 A , 1 n ua.. F W 2 Wav. NAA , M. ,V shin 5, mmm mm ..:5: m m Q 'Sm N Ss EERE!! mm m mm Swim mam m m, m m ESB m mm mmm E m m 89K Eg? , m m min wmmm Hmmm mmm mm mm E m E E gm .mmm m mm m .mm m m W mms m ". ' Majbffhm ,q,,. xx Q :fx ms -A .: ,.., mg. ,rx Q -:is age - f wwwm -- 15-A A rf gf ,E-E: .,., n -, 7 -f 5: 3 j:j' :j: 5, sash., :.:. .: I w ,E " ' H ':' a.: lf? A A , i,4 1-,ff MHigQ..g: lk H E Im 1. X am 8 -'I J FD' uma fm a nm mmf Alpha Della Pi Officers "Services lo be held af 8 p.m." "Smile Belly' OFFICERS CHARLOTTE WALKER ...,.... . . .Presidenl JOSIE WALKER .... . . Vice-Presidenl BETTY BAILEY . . . . .seaefsry SARA YANCEY ..... .... T reasurer STELLA RIHELDAFFER . . . . , Pledge Trainer Firsl Row: Lou Almon, Belly Armslrong, Belly Bailey, Melcena Burns, Belly Grace Brown, Barbara Card, Char- lolle Clark. Second Row: Yvonne Carler, Janelle Caslle, Zenade Fin- ley, Peggye Ford, Joyce Gilberl, Marlha Grandy, Gwen Hall. Third Row: Mary Anne Higgins, Mary B, Hill, Ann Hinkle, Allreda Joyce, Nancy Kerr, Emy Lenoir, Linda Leslie. Fourlh Row: Shirley McClain, Mary McConnell, Carol Mc- Donald, Jeanne Meador, Marlha Monlgomery, Marianne Perkinson, Mary Ellen Pierdon. Fillh Row: Slella Riheldaller, Ann Spaulding, Lucille Sul- ley, Charlolle Taylor. Helen Thornlon, Gail Turner, Jane Wagner. Sixlh Row: Charlolle Walker, Josie Walker, Delores Wes- sel, Ann Williams, Sarah Yancey, Virginia Zoll. llllll For Alpha Della Pi lhis pasl year has been a successlul one, Two ADPi lovelies were selecled lor coveled honors: Slella Riheldaller was chosen Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl and Josie Walker was honored as Darling ol Lambda Chi Alpha. Allrieda Joyce was selecled as U, C.'s Lambda Chi "Crescenl Girl." Sarah Yancey serves as secrelary ol lhe Sludenl Council: Gwen Hall is secrelary and Helen Thor- lon lreasurer ol lhe Freshman class. ADPi look lop honors lor lhe lhird slraighl year in Homecoming decoralions, and loolball cheers were capa- bly led by Sarah Yancey and Belly Parks. ADPi won lhe volleyball lournamenl wilh Yvonne Carler as caplain. Pop- ular Marlha Grandy was volecl one ol lhe lwo Mililary Queens al lhe annual Mililary Ball. ADPi boasls several new members ol Co-Ed Colillion. They are Sarah Yancey, Allrieda Joyce, Belly Bailey, and Slella Riheldaller. Our presidenl, Charlolle Walker, was selecled lor membership in Quadrangle, highesl honor lor women on campus. Many ADPi parlies have been enjoyed. Though il be sludies or parlies, we'll slill look back on lhis year as one lo be remembered. "We live lor one anolher and lor Alpha Della Pi." eg?" . "se -fa aff, rsh' 1 f C H I 0 M E G A DELTA ALPHA CHAPTER 1253: L ff!-QQV2' i v A 4 We ... .Q :" W' H 5 'N 1 A g 6-:-M L Q -in 2. .ii fs, H A A b fsfzz zu: IQ.: ' lr' A 7 ' A :-: A val .::' .. M M f ,., , A W , aw Q 1 zuz ,M 2 V ""': . 5 2 7 Q :-:Q A ff A Lf 'VA , A .35 t , .. . ,., . I .F 3 if ' . ':7 I --:f--:- ss A 'A' -:" :" 'K .,,,.,. A .Y I f :-: ' .:. A :': 'Q :.:.,. Q . :-2 ,, 2274 ' """ 'A "" - --"'- -A Magik Eb xfilf Q 1 ., .:A.A . .-:.: "'A , K Q .g. ' . E-: :-: 4- :::- t -, .' 'ml -I .. U V :P E -I - x T W :.:. E W, A 4 ' N 'L H : f f ' -V -. ' W Q 1 dw 'zz' 'A A E :" 'A if 5 .6 1 A .,., , ' . ,. V A . -S :-: -:--: t . I 'J' I :A?'EgEQ,g'A .-.. 1 7' . ' .H z . .-.,.. , . ,...., :Q vs 5 K ' , I- . ii . .. I '-qty. nr: -Ii H I ' -Z 3, A ,., f -3, 54,7 Q, I , - ,., J. S EQ - A ., 5 F L.. E ' ,Eff'.ffQf i ff A H ' zzz 'EY' .. .,.. ,,, A l, X in zn' H75 ' :': WJ' , -:., EL Am. A A . 1.h-..l-. l " H :" ,. LTI ., if, gig 1 ' A --:: ..,." f .,. .522 Q' ' :" 5 ,,,., , -"' 'ff QfQ:.fQ.,., . "" - .. 2, 'Z V lzll 1 E 33 ' . " .. ,, .. W A -A-A Agsaf A if2A'A , A: A f2fff'f1A E, 1 , H 5 ' E :: " - I , ' 3 W :': H W' 1 " "i '3 fi AAA ' 2 W' Ui L' . , :- f Q 4 Q:A:: -A.: I A : : fi 0 f-: A 'T A AA A AAA AAA A -A 55 sas " A mm Y A ' 1 8. H .SZ .AA' E " HIH' A K Clemenison, Kiser, Harringion, Morrison, and Diclrerf. OFFICERS NANCY HARRINGTON ........ .... P residenf HARRIET KISER .......... . . .Vice-Presidenf ANN CLEMENTSON ,...... .... S ecreTary MARY CATHERINE MORRISON . . .... Treasurer JANET DICKERT ....,,.....,.... Pledge Trainer Firsf Row: STell Adams, Mary Baylers, Gloria Clemsons, Ann Clemenfson, Dugan Coughlan, Elinor Cole, Mary Anne Crouch. Second Row: Adelle Crowell, Connie Crumbliss, Louann DerThicl4, Jane DiclcerT, JaneT Dooirson, Jane Dyer Sullivan, Judy Fields. Third Row: Chris Forresier, PaT ForresTer, CaTch Forney, Joanne Drennen, Maurine Greiser, PaT Hardin, Nancy I-larringTon. Fourfh Row: DoT i'larTley, Nancy l'lilTon, Mary Alice Hol- Iaway, Neelie l-looper, BeT'ry Isbell, Dudley Jones, l'TarrieT Kiser. 1 Fiflh Row: Anna MarTha Larson, Joanne LiTTle, Marilyn McClary, Georgia Ann Mcllwaine, Mary CaTherine Mor- rison, Barbara NeidharT, Shirley Norris. Sixfh Row: Joan PoTTer, Robbie PoTTer, Laura Riner, Har- rieT Schaberg, Lucye Schibe, BeTTy ShelTon, Barbara ScheTTer, Connie SmiTh. SevenTh Row: Beclcy Sferchi, Judy Talley, BeTTy TaTum, Marianne Thomas, MerediTh Thompson, Marnie Wagner, Nancy Wagner, Virginia Woodson. Noi' PicTured: PaT Lazenby, PaTTy WalTon, PaT WalTers. Xil All ouT for Chi O! Chi Omega sTarTed off The year T952-I953 by pledging and iniTiaTing Twenry girls TirsT semesTer and pledging Three more girls second semesTer, AThleTics play an im- porTanT role in The life of These girls. ParTicipaTed in and won TirsT place in FirsT Annual Field Day. Volleyball, bas- lceTball, and swimming were also enTered, and The Chi O's placed second, TirsT, TirsT, respecTively. Chi O's have Tun aT parTies, Too. They sponsored The Chi O Carnival wiTh oTher groups sponsoring booThs. They enioyed a record parTy, ValenTine Program Dance, a SouTh Sea island ParTy, and an old-fashioned hayride-square dance. MiliTary was noT overloolced by The Chi O's. STell Adams, Doi' Flar- Thy, Connie Crurnbliss, l-larrieT Schaberg, and Judy Fields were presenTecl aT The ROTC MiliTary Ball as sponsors. ln The Superlafive elecTion The Chi Omegas broke all previous chapTer records by winning all eighT. Miss U. C.-Shirley Norris: MosT Popular-Be++y ShelTon: BeTTy Co-Ed-Ban bara Neidhardii Pre-TTiesT-"Ca'rch" Forney: Besl' Dressed -Nancy l-lilTon: WiTTiesT-STell Adams: Mosi' AThleTic- Dugan Coughlan, and MosT Likely To Succeed-Nancy l-larringTon. "CaTch" Forney was chosen The I953 Lambda Chi Darling, ln scholarship The Chi Ornegas won The Schol- arship Cup and Tour oT The members were Tapped by Ouadrang e. ln The social and civic Tield They sponsored a Brownie ScouT Troop and enTerTained Them wiTh a ChrisT- mas ParTy and an EasTer Egg i-lunT. They senT Thanksgiving basl4eTs To needy Tamilies. The Chi Omega houseparTy was held aT DayTona Beach during The Spring vacaTion. The Chi Omegas were privileged To have Their NaTional Presi- denT as guesT speaker for The annual Eleusinian Banquet Q 1 KAPPA DELTA W 44 4'1" Kappa Dalia Officers "Suro! Whaf Time?" Dishwashers OFFICERS EDNA MEYERS . . ........ . . .Pfeeaaen Jo ANN CARTER . . . . . .presideni JOANN MANSFTELD . . . . . .SecreTary BETTY wooa . . , .... Treasurer NANCY JONES . . . . . Pledge Trainer FirsT Row: Elise Anderson, Emily Broadway, Jo Ann CarTer. BeTTy June Claris, PaTsy Cooke. Second Row: Frances Durham, Jeanne Goolsey, Myra God- sey, Delores Harp, Chris Jensen. Third Row: Nancy Jones, Caroline KallquisT, Gloria Led- Tord, Virginia Lovelace, Josephine Maloney, FourTh Row: Joann Mansfield, Edna Myers, PaTsy Webb, Elenor WigingTon, BeTTy Wood. Kll In February, l945, Kappa DelTa was broughT To The U. C. campus, and, alThough iT is The newesT sororiTy, The chapTer has been an acTive and en- ergeTic group. Members hold various campus OT- Tices and parTicipaTe in all school acTiviTies. Along The social line, The K. D.'s have been hosT Tor numerous parTi'es, Teas, and open houses. This year The K. D.'s inTroduced Their "Flapper ParTy," which was a big success. ln The civic Tield Kappa DelTa conTribuTes To NaTional PhilanThropy, The Crippled Children's I-lospiTal aT Richmond, Vir- ginia. This June, The Kappa DelTas will celebraTe Their ThirTieTh Biennial ConvenTion aT Biloxi, Mis- sissippi. P H I M U ALPHA THETA CHAPTER EJ: Q A m ms ask as a mn nm gf gm ms a mn an ss ms Q . i 'iw mmf H a ag' mn miriam mi -1 ,gm s ummm mn ss W gags mn' :mum mn 'ifggg ii ,A Q ' -AL- Phi Mu Silver Tea Pledges Old fimers-Welch, Wooclward, Wade, Denham a d A nold OFFICERS Phi Mu has been well represenled on The U. C. LOU ARNOLD "A"""A' 'A" P 'esldeni campus lhis year. Members of Phi Mu have held MARGARET WOODWARD . . . . Vice-Presidenl , , , , offices in W.A.A. Co-ed Colillion, Quadrangle, SHIRLEY WELCH ...., . . Secrefary BETTY BRGYLES U I 1 U I H I ' t 3 H 1 'Treasurer and Alpha Lambda Della. One Phi Mu was presi- HARRIET SMl'l'HERMAN . . . can-aspandinq Secreiary denl ol Panhellenic Council and anolher was PATTI WADE ..... .... P ledge Trainer Firsl' Row: Lou Arnold, Tommie Armslronq, Mai-ialice Bacon, Vera Brown, Belly Broyles, Lee Daum. Second Row: Palricia Donham, Gwen Famed, lvlarlha Ann Ford, Beverley l-lalchell, Barbara McDowell, June Morion. Third Row: Janel Olson, Herschelene Powell, Avanel Rus- som, Julianna Shanks, Beilye Smilh, l-larriel Smilherman. Fourlh Row: Wanda Sullon, Pally Wade, Shirley Welch, Marlha Wilhoil, lvlargarel Woodward. Noi Piclurecl: Sybil Nelson. presideni ol lVl.E.N.C. The presidenl of Kappa Chi Epsilon and Jrhe edilor ol ol The ECHO also came from lhe Phi Mu ranlcs. For lhe second con- seculive year, Blue Key queen was a Phi Mu. We are also proud ol The blood lrophy which we won for having The largesl percenlage from our group in The blood donalion lines. The social evenls of The year included a l-lobo parly, a Travel parly, The l-lalloween soclc hop, The Chrislmas dance, and Jrhe annual house parly lo Cumberland lvlounlain Slale Parlc. vm an n X a w mm xmm B mg H 5 W mgnq mn w gwg am-www w im ,W ww :mm M EE HEBRLASSEH mn w Wwmms msmm 5 is E E :mga W ERHQBQE X 55 S5 S S5 -I igmgyamwmumxm H Wmgggmmmxmmgm S23 K M5552-eww 1 Q as S?'5E,E?i55m 5 ' awww HBBMBF ESS Hamm Lmam A4r Q wa S W dm mmm PI BETA PHI TENNESSEE ALPHA CHAPTER W 5 A N sam 5 nw 1 fn as asians lm f as sms gags Q ga 3 m mawiwww mam 'X' .,.- -of am an 'QP' WEN 'PEB P 4 T7 -ws F95 1 Q5 41? -Q S wax as s m x "Anyone for Canasla 7" OFFICERS SANDY REIMAN .......... ..... P residenl SALLY TALLMAN . . . .... Vice-Presidenl FREDA STEPHENSON . . . . . . Recording Secrelary JANEY WARREN . . . ......... Treasurer JEANNE JACOBS . . . . Corresponding Secrelary TOMMYE YATES . . .... Pledge Supervisor Firsl Row: Carol Anderson, Adele Baker, Kalhryn Bailey, Fhila Crane, Joyce DeVaney, Jane Drislcell, Barbara Eng- erlh. Second Row: Palsy Ezell, Barbara Fleming, Phillis Gailher, Carolyn l-luckabee, Jeanne Jacobs, Rosemary Johnslon, Palricia Kralz. Third Row: Mollie Lawlon, Ann Marlin, Jerry Maxey, Susan Moore, Mary Ann Neale, Kalherine Paclc, Dol Piclc- ering. Fourlh Row: Sandy Reiman, Elizabelh Riner, Pal Roberls, Killy Rodgers, Rila Russell, Peggy Scoggins, Janice Shipp. Fiflh Row: .Flo Slelly, Frede Slephenson, Sally Tallman, Zoe Tapper, Joan Thorgood, Belly Toomey, Janey War- ren. Sixlh Row: Lois Walson, Aclrian While, Tommy Yales. Dollie Young, Ann Zahnd. Nol Piclured: Jane Brien, Sally Chapman, Angela Derby, Claire l-laslcew, Belly Jaclcson, Karen Reynolds, Ann Wood- worlh. Illllll "Whal's Cooling?" A golden arrow . . . Banner ol wine and blue . . . Friendliness . . . Loyally . . . Sincerily . . . School spiril . . . This is Pi Bela Phi, beauly and brains in Dolly Young as l-lornecoming Queen and Sophomore Class Secrelary . . .Susan Moore a lovely Mililary Queen . . . As Presiclenl ol lhe l-lonor Council and membership in "Who's Who." Sandy Reiman . . . Sally Tallman. lhe able Presi- denl ol Canlerbury Club . . . Bela Bela Bela lecl by Tommye Yales . . . Jerry Maxey, Presi- denl ol Sigma Della Pi . . . Ollicers and supporl- ers ol many olher U. C. organizalions . . . Help- ing a needy lamily . . . Supporling lhe Selllemenl School al Gallinburg . . . l-layrides, luncheons, dances, houseparlies . . . This is lhe Tennessee Alpha Chapler ol Pi Bela Phi al U. C. at l , we ees lf2',,ieMHM Wen s sages an SJW am . K 5 . was , aug 'mr Sang a- 'fa sie wi mam, me am' Q ALPH EPSILUN Pl Founded l95l Universify of Chalianooga OFFICERS RONALD KISELIK . . ........ . . . , Presideni MARCEL TETEL . . ..... . . Vice-Presidenl ROBIN RUDOFF . . . . .... Secrelary ALAN LEVlNE ,.......................... Treasurer Upsilon Chi Colony of Alpha Epsilon Pi Fralernily was officially founded on The campus of fhe Universily of Challanooga iusl 'rwo years ago. Although if is slill a small group, il is a rapidly growing organizafion and expecls lo become a chapfer in lhe near fuiure. I+ is progressing immensely and is now vigorously engaging ifself in +he academic and social life of The Universily. One of iis members is lhe Vice-presi- denl of Le Cercle Francais, lhe Universily's French culiural club, while anolher is a brolher in Alpha Phi Omega. Ofher A E Pi's play in lhe Chalfanooga Symphony, 'rhe Universify Orchesfra, and The Universify Band. H5 social aclivil-ies are highlighfed by an annual Halloween Dance, a Thanksgiving Parry, a Spring Formal, and a week-end House Parly. A E Pi slresses scholarship. Members Ronald Kiselilc, Marcel Telel, Robin Rudoff, Alan Levine, Perry Brickman, Gary Shin- baum, Edward Goloff, Jules "Goody" Rand, Bernard Hochberg and Harold Shalell. Second semesler pledges are Hanley Gene Michaelson and Slanley E. Goldslin. L 130 in Y ' gl PAN- HELLENIO GDUNCIL INTER- FRATERNITY CDUNGIL The Woman's Panhellenic Council is composed of The presidenT and one delegaTe from each sororiTy on The campus, wiTh The purpose of promoTing cooperaTion among These groups. Some oT The proiecTs of The council This year were To revise The rush rules, sponsor a sTageTTe in Th.e Tall and The Pan- hellenic weelc-end in The spring. The Panhellenic Dance was held in The Boy's gymnasium on April I8. The Theme oT The dance was "April in Paris" having decoraTions oT a sidewalk cafe, The EiTiel Tower. and oTher Paris scenes. Offi- cers: Lou Arnold. President Sandy Reiman, Vice-President CharloTTe Walker, Recording SecreTaryg Nancy l"larringTon, Corresponding SecreTaryg and Edna Meyers, Treasurer. Junior delegaTes are Julianna Shanlcs, Tommye YaTes, Al- Treida Joyce, Shirley Norris, and PaTsy Webb. The lnTerTraTerniTy Council aT The UniversiTy oT ChaTTanooga was organized To promoTe good Tellowship among The six Greek-leTTer TraTerniTies and TurTher Their cooperaTion wiTh The inTellecTual and culTural endeavors oT The UniversiTy. The presidenT and one addiTional represenTaTive from each TraTerniTy com- pose The organizaTion, whose purpose is To meeT regularly To work ouT problems which may arise on The TraTernal campus, To coordinaTe TraTernal acTiviTies and To work Toward general college welfare Through The TraTerniTy sysTem. 'N Leff To Right Pai' Webb, Lou Arnold, Tommye YaTes, Nancy Harringfon, Alfreda Joyce, Charloffe Wallrer, Louann Der- Thiclr, Sandy Reiman, Julianna Shanlzs, Edna Myers, Shirley Norris. Leff To Righf: Bill Wiggins, Don Prey, Marcel Tefel, Charles Mc- , Curdy. Slanding: Ben Afchley. Douglas Meyer, Charles Farm- er, Charles Farris. a H sm ex ss SEER: Q an HE nw mga ss ss mn ss . ss m 'Es Jokes for men only! OFFICERS CHARLES McCURDY ......... .... P rcsideni GUY HOBBS ..... . . . Vice-Presideni' LLOYD ANDERSON . . . . . .Secrefarif EDDIE INGLE .... ..-. T reasuror . . .Pledge Trainer JACK BAER . . Firsl' Row: Lloyd Anderson, Charles Aquarilla, Norman Awad, Jack Baer, Gene Baskelr, Adolph Berdick, Jim Bible. Second Row: Jerry Brown, Cooper Dyer, Roberr Franklin. Winslon l-larris, William I-lodges, Guy Hobbs. Jr., Eddie Ingle. Third Row: Roberl Jahn. John Maynard, Charles McCurdy, Niles Meacham, Bill Meyer, Mickey Myers, Alex Pariain. Fourlh Row: Don Prey. Arlhur Quimby, Cecil Rodgers, James Rogers, Condon Smilh, Joe Slewarl. Fiflh Row: John Seward, Marlin Siulz. Ed Tankesley, Earl Taium, Jimmy Vandergriff, Kay Whaley. Noi' Picfured: Gene l-luni, Bill Bowman, Don Siroud. Ray- llXll "Too young for The par+y!" A parly in lhe house. Lambda Chi Alpha, Jrhe largesi naiional fraiernily, has I4I chaplers in 46 slares and Canada, Among iis members are such prominenl men as lhe lale Leroy Wilson, Presi- deni oi American Telephone and Telegraph: Ll. Gen. James Doolirlle, hero oi lhe Tokyo bombing: Chesler Gould, creaior of "Dick Tracy": and Gene l-luschall, siar of Moiion Piciures and radio. Zeia Phi Chapler, ai lhe Universily of Challanooga. has always ranked high on campus. Scholasiically, Lambda Chi has won 'rhe Universily Scholarship Cup Three oul' of five years. Two nalional scholarship cups also adorn 'rhe local chap'rer's lrophy case. In school acriviiies, members of Zeia Phi are well rep- resenied on 'rhe Universiiy baskeiball, wresrling, and iennis reams. ln ihe pasi- year, Zeia Phi has won ihe inlramural ioolball and volleyball championships. l-lonors and officers include: "Bachelor of Uglinessf' "Senior Mosl' Likely To Succeedu: Capiain of +he Cheerleaders, and wresiling leamq pholographer for 'rhe MOCCASIN and "ECI-lO": Sophomore Class President and many high ranking ROTC officers. Socially, Zeia Phi has enleriained wirh several open houses: fhe well known Lambda Chi Record Parry: a Wild Wesr Parlyg Jrhe spring formal, ai' which The Fraiernily "Darling" was presenredp Jrhe popular house parly al Camp Ocoee, and The spring "Luau" pariy. if :vb . E . I , ,... ., NA Y bc'lva 2' .ei Z ' ,fc f" ff' 2 if M., w 2 mi L ,sf s ez 22-2 .2 2:25 52 . .na 22 L55 2 Y 222 2 J PI KAPPA ALPHA LTAE I O CHAPTER f was ,z . gg 1.2 :2: 2-. .2 22-22221-5 E 2.22 sq- .2. 1 IA M... Zim ms ss 2a -Hmzw an mn ' uv -nn M mm nu a QQ ,xr mm a B ma gr- wa a a E .sm a mam M XWIIE snr 2-m.f2r,m22 zmawn an my -cui- Q Mau. 'gl v 1 1-2 ms :LA AQ 'ii 2.1 pw 1' a lv Q 5 0. 2 'I 2 1. e 1 2 2 .2 Z 2 2 22 Q 2 ' 2 2 22 M : , ' 2 2: . 22 2 swf 2 - 222 -221113111-.5 ' E Q 5 5 H X 2 K 1311.2 . 2 2 2 .2 . 5115 5535, 22- YQ H H 'I ' , 1 fl ff. Q E 2 fm 22 - 1- . E 2 N 1 -- 214,13 K :. 2.2 .- Y 2 ff 2 .,2 -sas - . 2 22 ' ' ' .. H , 2 2 2 2 r V. 1 2 12 21, 22 22 W 2 lj ' 2.2 21 2 E .2. gif, 22. 2. . 2-2 -22" 22 '2 '2 ' 2 H 1 - P2231' .2.K4' .. .2. 4 v i 2.41 . tl U 4: 1521- 22 2. .. A V K L T B ' 2.2 .22 -I 'W 2 . H144 !i:2'H' 2-2-.f.2'.'.'? 2 .. . .. .1 .. -"- "' 4 W 1 M- - ..,.. . - .. .1 4 1 222m S Q 2 'm 222 2:2 2:22222 2? 2:21212 . 2:2 Y - .2. .222 2.2 .2 22 2 .1 A '42 A . Y v.- . - 2 . M F , H -. 2 :Ei 3 . .2 ' 2: 2 ' ' ' ..f:f -2- 2-2 m 2 - . 1,2 5 2.2- . f 22 . 1 2 ss E 2 .2. 2 . H . 2 12, H 4- 18 1 -A - 2 - -' s , , Q I 2.2 2.2 !.2.f2E2- 2 fx - -:N 22. 2. 2.2 - 2 2 .2 .2. -L J 4 A , , , : ' ,I ,H .252 2: E:--122: W 2 - I . :iz U lilul .... 2. . . . zzl Y , 2 -N V uzfgii -2: 22 2: 3 - .2. 22. 2 .2 - -. .2. - E: 2.2 .2. .2. 21.1 2 2 2 f " 2 ' 2 . ff? 7 1 2. ' 2522. mi - 1- . '. . , , . E L A 4. E- , A . 95 H , H E E 2' . A 2 - E2 2 ml 2 .2. 5 1 5. .. N I 2- mms 2 , H - '.- '- .2 . , V 2 12 2 222- . . 2 II. 2 52225122 2 22 2 -2 . F F-513.32 2 .2 -2. 1 H 1 .- 11,4222 2 2 22 I .... 2 2- 1, 1 1 pi 1 ss , my 3 .2. AZ 5: 1 2:2 5.2.m.2 gm I . , .. 1 ,V 2 I V 4,7 Q 1 K. H11 Q X 2 52 " .2 ' . . . . -2 :sg 22: E Q E 2 2 525. H 2 -2 F 2, 2 1 1 1 ' 2 .2. .2i22i2i: 2 Q f Z ' ' lb. ' 1- W '22, '11 .2 12 .. .. 11 .,,.,,.,.,. .... . 11 - 1 .2 . . 2 H H 22' ' " 22" X - 1 2 2 2 .:. ' . 1 ' 2 ' .:.: 2-2-2: :5: .' ..... 2 .. 2 .. . . Q H . " 1 - 2 ' 1 2 .QQ "" 2222222 2 . . sf 2122 "2 E--'iff' 2 -- 25' 2' 2 eb 1' 5, .2. .2. 1 .2..,222.- 'ns 2- .2 2- '. I: 2 2 -' 2 22 Wg 1 1- 2 5.3 I , . 2: . 2 - I .1 A Ju 4 B 2. . . . f A Q ,N 2. E I Q21 - 52 Em SE wi-.2 . X 1 .2 w - 2. .- V E ss I 2 . 22 2 2 , 1 m W H H 2 .2 22 2 4 1 2 E 2 .A . 3. . V . , 2, .2 - - 22 2 2 2 . I . . 2 5 E 2 2 -2E W E 5 22, hr . I V . Y .2 W, 1 ii ' ,. 3. 2 X2 ' - ,2 ' 2 is -7' gmg ,- wf- 1 112- l 1 2 2 2 2, 2 2222 In In alz E2 M .2 'fm m I 21 2 va- K22 1 A 2,22 2. .. 1 2 2. ,. . -2 fd W - ' M ax , . W If ' 1 1 2 .... E J- . V V I . H X " If 22 .I'fE.iI"QIlQI' 2 2 22 H 2- 11 22 . 2 22 2 f '1 . ' 1 H 5 H QQ 2 H H 22 2 '1 - 2 1 ' .'iZbi?2 G '.- A 352- 1 2 - 1 -1, 2 f . 2 .2. 2.1 .,. B 2 2 2 R 5 i:i.:Qi:.fE5i...:i: . 2 W 2 .222 2: i..::2 .f. ' .' 2' 1 2 1 ' H M H F 212 " .. 2' " L: 22 V' t 'V 2 .2 1 1 E H Egitff: 5 '53 . . 1 . T ' ... 1 '- 2--M 7 -' vf 2 H . 2 2 2 2 1 -- 2 2- 2 2 .... 2.2.22 r E ul.. .. S . H A .. ,. ,V - , .. . w 2 f .. 2 312 2 IQI . 2' L 2 2 , , 2 Q ... ...2. . In ,I A .2 , In H, m - .2. 2.2 ' 3 H X' 3 1 H ....... . 1 ' 22 I1222 . K9 Ai -2 - 21 4 2, 22 F 2 ' f' W Y 7 2 2. 2 ,'g1..22 - 2 2 1 12 ' I 4 ' W V 2 2 .... . A 2 ' 2 - 1 1 2-2-2:2 2 . 2.. .. ' 2 : . , . . 2 e2 K E Q Ei .. 2 2 2 2 . 2 - . I y " ., . A h 2 5 - 2, .1 2 2. X -2.2.2 .... 2 .2 2. . 2 .2.2 2 2. .. 2 .2 Y .. A - .2 , 5' 2 :vp ,2 1 ...E .! E .. 2, j 2 , . 1 - ' . 1 gi I - -. 2'222 22 gl N -2 2 . 2 E 2-2 - 'P 2 .. 2 X2 . ' - . , J A ', '1"' W 'Q 2 5 E-53522 2 .2222 2 22 1.3 . "'. 2. 1 .2 .. -- .2.2 . -I . ' YN NI -:2: ' . S- 2' ' . SP9 ILE. 2 A 1 ' 1, sa as A sc - .2. , 22 . H , 2.2 .2. . .2. 2.2 .2. 22 Y -2 .2. -2 2... .2 .2 rl 1 I , .2. ,,, 2 2 H , gig .1 2521. . 2. .-.P ,. 1 -' 11 . 11... . . 2 22 2 A www 2 "2'N.2,M2 2 122222 M21 2 '2222'2"2"'2f'2 "1 Q , H 2 H 2 A N H H 2 1 .1 I E H Si N H U B ul X 2 N 2 . 22 w 1 H H H 22 ,2 1 a ss E ss a 1221 1 E K S na na na H na H H N B E I 2 22 2 2 22 X, , 1 H 2 22 W ix A W2 - I H 2 Booncy Hayes, Wayne Fullam, Jana Wagner, Charles Farmer a+ weiner roasf. OFFICERS CHARLES FARMER ,........ ..... P resident DICK NORTH .... . . .Vice-Presidenl JOE TAYLOR ..., . . . Secrefary DON MOWERY . . .... Treasurer JIM PENNINGTON . . . . .Pledge Trainer Firsl' Row: Richard Abercrombie, Gweyn Adcock, Bob Bailey, Lloyd Baker, Roberl Baker, Clyde Barnes, Roberl Bell. Second Row: Bruce Benlon, Raymond Berry, Forresl Cale. Glenn Campbell Wrighl Childres, Jerry Clay, Joel B. Cooper. Third Row: John Cox, Pere Crownover, Clifford Curl, Ed Derrick. Charles Farmer, Jim Farrar, George Foreman. Fourfh Row: Wayne Fullam, Frank Fuller, Ted Halchell, Bob Heil, Roberl Helms, Ike Hembree, Donald Hixson, Bill Hohn. Fiflh Row: Dick Hosloller, James Hunf, Paul Kelley, Jack Kimsey, Lamar McCoy, Bill Merrill, Doug Meyer, Donald Mowery. Sixlh Row: Charles E. Mullins, Dick Norlh, Jim Penninglon, Roberr Rhodes, Jr., Jim Rungee, Charles Scoggins, Nor- man Shrivers, Donald Smilh. Sevenfh Row: Bruce Spencer, Kennelh Slevenson, Tommy Swalforcl, Joe Taylor, Jack Vincenl, Joe Wood, Billy Youngblood, Walier Zachary. No? Piclured: Lawrence Griffin, Johnny Lovelady, Pele Moore, Tommy Labbe, Jim Hunl, Barney Holder, George Muse, Dewey Hawkins. Illlll PIKE Hayride. The school year l95'Z-53 has been a good one for Pi Kappa Alpha. The iralerniiy and ils members have done well in all fields of campus life-social, alhlelic, polilical, and academic. PIKA placed four lellermen on lhe varsily baskelball leam. ln inlramural sporls PiKA fielded a Jream lor each sporrg 'raking second place honors in loolball, wreslling, and firsl place in golf lo win lhe lrophy. Social aclivilies included a Halloween Parly, Monle Carlo Parly, Masquerade Parry, Founders' Day Banquel al which Miss Booncy Hays was presenled as The I953 Dream Girl, and lhe Annual Spring Formal on lhe ouldoor lennis courls. PiKA's are aclive in many organizalions on lhe campus, bolh honorary and elecrive. Jim Farrar is presidenl of lhe Senior class: Jim Penninglon is vice-presidenl of The Junior Class, and Joe Taylor is vice-presidenl' of The sophomore class. Paul Kelley is cadel colonel in 'rhe R.O.T.C. and live orher members are officers in lhe Arlillery Balrlalion. During lhe fall superlalive eleclion 'rifles of Joe College and Mosl Alhlelic Boy were caplured by members ol Pi Kappa Alpha. n E TA HI SAM ALPHA HAPTER zz m mv pq ss Zi Bm 2 na an mn na m TheTa Chi Officers. BesT Pledge-Mike Quillian. Arabian pariy. OFFICERS WILLIAM WIGGINS . . . .PresidenT BEN ATCHLELY . . . . .Vice-Presideni HAROLD DUNCAN . . . .SecreTary BOB MORAST . . - - .Treasurer LEWIS PHILIPS . . . .Pledge Trainer FirsT Row: Ben ATcheley. Jack Bohler, RoberT CruTcher, Paul Davis. Second Row: Harold Duncan, Gordon Hill, Jr., Edmond Houze, HerberT Jernigan. Third Row: Dave Johnson. Thomas Landers, Webb Meador, RoberT H. lvlorasT, Charles NesbiTT. Fourfh Row: Thomas Skipper, Richard Skipper, Haskell SmiTh, Bill Wiggins, Bill Wilkinson. NoT PicTured: Jack Anderson, Louis Phillips. HX On a cold snowy morning, April IO, I856, Theia Chi FraTerniTy was founded by Frederick NorTon Freeman and ArThur P. Chase aT Nor- wich UniversiTy in The hills of VermonT. From This daTe TheTa Chi remained a local TraTerniTy Tor almosi' fiTTy years beTore sTarTing an expansion program. Since ThaT Time TheTa Chi has grown inTo one of The sTrongesT naTional TraTerniTies wiTh one hundred and Twelve chapTers. Those who knew BeTa Kappa can Tell you ThaT we are an old organizaTion on This campus. The insTallaTion oT our chapTer is apTIy described by one of our songs: "On December The second, T942 A brighT new sTar came ouT oT The blue. Gamma Alpha was The chapTer's name OT TheTa Chi FraTerniTy of nafional Tame." TheTa Chi aT The Universiiy of ChaTTanooga has been very promin- enT socially during T952 and l953. The Shipwreck Cruise was held during The early Tall. Open house was held aTTer all TooTball games Tor The alumni and many Triends of TheTa Chi. For Homecoming we celebraTed wiTh The Theme "We'II clean up TonighT, lv1oc's." We Then enTerTained wiTh an Arab ParTy which is always a big success. WiTh smaller parTies To Till in we rounded ouT The social calendar wiTh our annual CoronaTion Ball aT which Miss Tommye YaTes was awarded The honor of "Dream Girl oT TheTa Chi." AnoTher parT of our TraTerniTy life which cannoT be overlooked is The MoThers' Club which has been acTive in welTare work wiTh a big ChrisTmas parTy Tor needy children. They also gave several dinners Tor The cha pTer and Their daTes. We have achieved high scholarship Througl1ouT The year, TheTa Chi again won The award given by The UniversiTy Tor The mosT improved FraTerniTy in scholarship: This makes Two years in succession ThaT The TraTerniTy has received This honor. The friendly aTTiTude and versaTiliTy oT The TheTa Chi's make Them one of The Top organizaTions on The UniversiTy campus. fi --Weds'-"""""' g s -re eil .rr .KIM 4 4- ,ll-1 .ll I .ll . v. ,414 x, G3 ,flfjmn ' Mn W4 KAPPA SIGMA , H M , B U . L Q . .. ,Q ad' ' 1 Q H, 2 Nm gm my Q: mn ,-1 1 'gg Z 'E7'-'-:5iI'!"T:a5 525 I-' ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER E w E am H ss X , V gk . s ', 1 QA: A ,, 1 1 R 8 a s . I 5 lg , B .. ..... 5: Q W a mm mm B E at ,, Q . lf , 'gm E E Q , S, Q' . 'ir is A X 1 QQQ,-'ff' J- " , - - . wx Q QE- -' --vi ' sg sl SS .., - ' H Y W V 1 ,U .H H - ' - , 1--YH' - E .X .. H . ' .fm I - ff .. .:. :.. --... is sa n . , r -4 V -- . ,. .::-4: :I :IE K I 5 - :. 1 - V - A K ' ,-?,' 4' 'J L.. -- 4' - V .:. C ME 1 T . 'Ka -if .,.,.: Q . :., :.: 5.3 Ll H n .Ll I N VS ' H -W -- . ff' Q: 'A 'xiii B " A as mx H. ' .:. :.:- .. :.:. Vg' , ' ' H A in 4 , m l ffff -- .,. Y -sr . ,,,, , , .f-I . - . . , ,... , , . W V: S8 H 5 E 1 W E - 1 f-in . . ,B 9 .Q : -ii :.: n na- :.: X ' A H ,Z ..., Z . 5 H XE, IE. , V , I In I, , U7 N -I ...Q -.:E. BA FA f H Al V - , ,T -9.1. p .,.. N A Q 3 ' " ji? g m 515 'Z' 1 f ' fm- 1 A W . . . .... .. magna i n .. III - ' ' ' .V ,,: ffl" - "'1'asse.:as' aa: 1 . Q-M. .:. . 3 ' , - . A f ' . L A , 112,555 il .. Eg . M. . Q Y -F Q ' f M1 5 fs X :"": if -.:.: :.:F:j3s2.:.f:.: .:.::.::.r-gram' - H H ,eww .,.. . 1.1 ' 5? 'LQZQ ililieiii' ' xi 5.:l: 2:2-5:5:53: ,:-5 nu df " 'H' "T 5 B H f ' " jj E E . 5 5 iij f any J . g ,E zzzb : zzz. zzzv . .... :,: . .. :.:.:.: .::.. . .5 .... ... ,...... .,.. , .,.,. ,.,.,.. - . .., . , . s:a.,s:s....: .:..:.:,., ag- Q--V 1, ' EXE " .:.: ri 1 -iy fml ., L ---- ' -- H , . ' : f Q . il , E J 5 ., ,.., 5 gi- I- V . R - , -I L 1 f R l E H ": -2-2-ia2--2- W -5 -2- :Qs ':' :E:'E:2:L.. :Z 'V H V ."" - I X H 'l ' ' ff :s:. ' I Q ' ' ' I H .,A... Z.. In In Y ,R In Ll P A V ' . U 5:5 " ': asf ' 5552555 " .,,.,. - ' -' ' B I ig Q ,, F t E fi ' -25252 fig.. f-.u -.. , Q.: f nz- , 5 A I, X 1 . is qw W rm - H 1 at V, f Q, . . . ,., .....,: . .,..,,. , . A 1 l . Q, , igigii mm :i ,jf VJ . 1 ' 4551:- 3' ff ...,. E-sv ' V x,"l1-' , N 'T'-. ' .. .. ,:,,. . .. 5:5 In V Quzl D -VIHI Q -aw:5:.:...: ....... 3 5.5 -7 , H I V 35 I A .. I mg .. ss - A l 1 ,, il ..,-v -4 Az. -5 -V "'Pkg:.f- ' : X, 4,52 I- :. . .v J .-.1 - -v . 1 Pledges hard ai work! OFFICERS MACK HOLLAND . . ...... .... P residcnT CHARLIE ADAMS . . . Vice-PresidenT BILL KOONS . . . . .Treasurer SAM SULLIVAN . . . . Secrefary BOB OVERLA . . . Pledge Trainer FirsT Row: Charles Adams, Bob Allison, Larry Bailey, Rich- ard Binger, Bruce Bunch, Bill BurneTTe, Tommy Cook, Second Row: Bernard Davis, Leonard FanT, John Farr, Charles Farris, Larry Fincher, Connie Fonseca, Tommy Gardenhire. Third Row: Phil Germany, Sam Hale, Ed Hill, Randy Hodges, Mack Holland. Wayne Holly, Charles Hundley. FourTh Row: Julian Inqram, Jerry Jarnigan, Bill Johnson, Bill Koons, Grady Lane, Hal Ledyard, ErnesT Leonard. FifTI1 Row: Freling Lynes, Harold McDaniel, Bill Miles, Skippy Moore, Joe Murray, Bob Overla, Roger PaTTon, Douglas PoindexTer. SixTh Row: John Pozzini, Jaclc Reilly, C. W. Robinson, Nickie RoTh, Joe SchmissrauTer, Henry Secor, John Sim- mons, Bruce Sherwoodx SevenTh Row: Jack STanTord, Gene STevens, Thomas STe- venson, S. J. Sullivan, Bob Taylor, Dean Thomas, Jerry Ward, Bob Willbanksf NoT Piclurecl: Bob NorTon, Bob Fansler, Bob Case, Jack Monroe. 5 Ki "Gaylord" Faris di1pIays marine Training." The Kappa Sigma sTar and crescenT beamed brighTly over The UniversiTy oT ChaTTanooga campus This year. The year was sTarTed by pledging 22 men. PresidenT and Vice- Presideni' OT The Freshman Class were won by Two pledges. SuperlaTive elecTions saw Kappa Sigma boas+ The largesT number oT vicTors-MosT AThleTic, BesT Dressed, and Cam- pus WiT. OTher oTTices held by members oT The TraTerniTy are: PresidenT oT The Junior Class, PresidenT oT lnTer-Fra- TerniTy Council, PresidenT oT The ProTessional Business Club, PresidenT oT The "C" Club, Three members in Blue Key, Two in "Who's Who in American Colleges and Universi- Ties, Freshman Cheerleader, and members on The Honor Council. Kappa Sigma inauguraTed a "daTe nighT"-having mem- bers and Their daTes Tor supper aT The house. Numerous parTies were given, such as a Halloween ParTy, Cinderella ParTy, PoverTy ParTy, ChrisTmas ParTy, MidnighT Show, and several inTormal parTies aT The house, The annual house- parTy and ,STardusT Ball were held in The spring. "Help Week" was carried ouT by The pledges by painT- ing The inside OT a dormiTory aT The Bonny Oaks Orphan- age. ln The spring The pledges also enTerTained some Bonny Oaks children by giving Them a parTy aT The local amuse- menT park. AbouT I5 Kappa Sigmas were on The U. C. varsiTy TooT- ball Team. Those men noT on The Team did Their parT in The sTadium by siTTing in a body Tully equipped wiTh noise- makers and blue and gold "shakers," One member played in The annual Blue-Gray TooTball game and was voTed "BesT DeTensive Back" oT The conTesT. AnoTher member was TiTTh in The enTire naTion in punTing. The TraTerniTy was also represenTed on The baskeTball and wresTling Teams, The TraTerniTy inTramural baskeTball Team won The champion- ship. I952-53 was indeed a brighT year Tor Kappa Sigma! fb 1' My A f 1 I SIGMA CHI W? w swf ss ss a EH W, B M E P H M 5. E 1 1 "4 2: Q f' as H S K Q t Q4 I as M TD A N X K 9 as ,sf EE A . V- I , , ' 'X 0 . .ff '-1 I :.: E :,: , ,Q as as n ss I ss if gs xx- as-f"' E ,,.: . ,.,. ai . 'lil 'B V , an 1 ' , I ' . Q., H E F? E H: m Q -' Q' w 1- Yi S f A E Q N . E my , . E ss 1 ss ' ,: B 4 I S 2 Mggmm .11 2,3 2: N E H in . ,si ,Xi M E H H 1,::::: h ,T 4, ms wksmm . ww, W Q 5 H I B ss rm : R M . I Z H E gg . , . .:. ' ' :5 Ei ' , .,.:. 5 . z . X. i . Us :.- - --H. - . ' Er: .IZ H . . M . Ei ....,.. Y N , E Q.: :.: .:. .. ' R+ - ' . 555: Q5 .- .: - :.. ff.: :EE :. V ! 1,6 1' . Q' , ,, N 1 ,, 1. 'K ! Q X Y , A W N ' DELTA THETA CHAPTER ,H E M W in m sf a -1-ms N a K. -xx mn E M H M M W M W .xxx EE? Hn m ' -a' I2 , ,-.-. , E H E i I 3 x u 4 ' H .J H 1 A 7 V 4 K I . m. H 31 was mv-1-' vi .. n-4' Q? w I m f B ..f ,, in W p,.'SJ"' W le." mm, ,. 1 X + ff' 5 a 4 sf J' T952 Officers: Shawn, Simpson, Kinsey, Reid. Richard Marfin, Ray Phillips, Raymond Kelso, aT The Ari' Conroy, Anna Marfha La son OFFICERS JOJHN REID . . . ....... .... P resideni R. B. SIMPSON . . . . . . Vice-PresidenT ART CONROY . . . . . Secrefary HAL BRINKLEY , . . . .Treasurer Firsi' Row: Gleason Avery, MarTin Bardill, Hal Brinkley, Bill Buchner, Louis Busch, Ari' Conroy. Second Row: Don Crow, Charles Davidson, Raymond Den- ny, Tom Drake, Eugene EisenbarTh, Rodger Grace. Third Row: RoberT Hammer, James Henry, Reuben Hol- land, Thomas HuTson, Jack Kelley, William W, King. Fourih Row: Alvin Kinsey, John Kish, Carl E, Knoedler. Richard MarTin, Frank A. Nance, Philip Dean Newman. Fi'fTh Row: MarTin Perez, John Reid, Norberi ReinerT, Charles Rodgers, Ronald Sullivan, Par ThaTcher. NoT PicTured: Amilio Alverey, RoberT ClayTor, Frank Har- rison, Theron Jones, Raymond Kelso, James Lynch, HuberT MarTin, Ray Morrison, Hank Neibank, Bill NesbiTT, Ray Phillips, Harold Rush, R. B. Simpson, Bill SmiTh, Ed STrawn. ZX Bowery Ball. Shades of The Gay Ninehes The Sigs have really enioyed a Tun packed year wiTh numerous soc hops, The annual Bowery Ball, The SweeThearT Ball aT which Miss Susan Moore was announced as "The SweeThearT oT Sigma Chi." and The annual house parTy. WiTh so many social evenTs crowding Their calendar iT is small wonder ThaT The Sigma Chi's had Time Tor any- Thing else. STill They Tound Time To rehearse Tor and win The TirsT annual "All-Sing" compeTiTion. The Sigs have again won The U.C. scholarship Trophy Tor The pasT year wiTh The local DelTa TheTa ChapTer ranking Third in The naTional Tra- TerniTy. This enTiTled Them To anoTher Three-hun- dred dollar library To go in Their house. Also The Sigma Chi Derby was held in May wiTh a new "TwisT" To The Modern Venus conTesT. A group oT men like This iusT do noT know when To sTop. ' , 1 X 3: 3 EYE! Ea! ' - .,:1,::.: .:., X I 3F?W' A , :.: 4 1-' I Q. 'I . H IND PENDENTS was sm Q ' :-:1., V' .ww fif 3 , ,za w an m nm was was ma mmf K 5 4 vm H. a 4" "gil .mm L im m .fm Nw M W M gm ' H 9 J ., .. , g:' ..,m,,.ib.,, 'ML ,, M' "Un-Y-i:T,1L "WM -N7 ., M S. H, . xl W I L -242 -fi , U X22 'wgmflli g'?'H'H4 ffHgg..ti-H' '- in ' -' , . Q. Yiwf' Nw gh. -2 g.5p.5Esf4wsLm ,giseg Sig 1.52: Wgffwgin H35 jfs. 5 gig Jimi Egg! 7 ,W Bawsm 5 .ww imma: Q wr. ,ENN W Q as miwmmggg gym ,Q- ,wxi L33-Q, fi: -E wig , ,9- CI? I Eff?-EH ms nr mu fa me 'qu' a Independenis preparing for Homecoming "Come on in. The waTer's fine" IndependenTs' Nigh+ Train To Memphis OFFICERS HAROLD FREEMAN .......... ...... P residenf BRUCE WALLACE , . . . . , Vice-Presideni' MARY JO MILLER ..... . . . Recording Secrefary SUE WILI-IOIT ........ . . .Corresponding SecreTary MARY ALICE MCCORMICK . . . ......... Treasurer Firsi' Row: Mary RuTh Anderson, Lois Alley, LaOuiTa Ash- ley, Doreen Bell, Fred Bohr, EdiTh Broclc, La Dell CarTer, James Finley. Second Row: Bobby Franks, I-larold Freeman, Edgar God- sey, Virginia Gross, Bob I-le-weTT, Shirley I-lill, Frances I'Iundley, Joan I-lunTer, Third Row: Mary, Mona Lusk. ChesTer MarTin, Mary Alice McCormick, Mabel McCrary, Beverly Sue McMinn, Mary Meyer. Mary Jo Miller. Fourih Row: Jim Murphy, Phyllis Pelfrey, Nancy Purcell, RuTh Reeves, Edward Robinson, Mary Shadwiclc, Char- IoTTe STailey, Mary Sfeiner. FifTh Row: KenneTh Syler, NoveiTa TroTTer, Evelyn Tucker, Nona Turner, Anna Jo Radford, STarr Vance, RoberT Van- diver, Wilma Wallcer. SixTI1 Row: Bruce Wallace, Marjorie Wiggins, Sue WilhoiT, BeTTy Vxfise, Tommy Wolfe. NoT PicTured: CynThia Jennings, Novelle STone, Joan Dav- is, Jim DalTon. Ed KicIcIighTer, James Daniels, l-Ianlc Nelson, Bill Akin. J To give non-TraTerniTy sTudenTs a well-balanced program oT acTiviTy is The purpose oT The Inde- pendenTs on The U. C. campus. ATTiIiaTed wiTh The NaTional IndependenT STudenT AssociaTion, The IndependenTs are prominenT in campus ac- TiviTies, holding membership and oTTices in many campus groups, including presidenT oT The sTu- denT body. Social evenTs oT The year have includ- ed open houses in The club rooms, IocaTed in The STud-enT AcTiviTies Building, parTies, square dance ouTings, The annual banc1ueT aT which The Inde- pendenT SweeThearT was named, and, oT course, The memorable house parTy aT The end of The year. .r M S f-iff Rf 2 E 'i',aw 1 M .. ' ..,..,5, 1 Q: S' i . S Q lu A t ' f I v .1 ' x 0 4 ' 1 N 1 . 1 Q 5. K K .Ji 'S X .A .X L M., M .W M ,A -M X-QM Mun -A: M -5 ' Vlw U "H .BH 8? M.,ML.L1LEE Q . W'-wfeif iff-"w??if .gX..1 an H wma if :w:f'f',xwy.,,WMi-aku - vm .UW TMBEQAQ '-1.,.33,. gvw ,gr wgagfggi 53.94 H J-2:.,1Qks'552 'wmfjw Elf?-Qi? W if -1 Nw : M 11, J .W ' 2" i WF! 3 ,V X: 3 -Mg f N W E Q, ,av M 4335, -W ,5y53g, , W, ,X.,-Ayn 1 'E-7li.EY HH- .flfiif F? fa-H 17.1 -- TQQ 55521 T133-' f,5f,.f'f-22.57532 1i,'sM2 ': N555 , Mf5fmQ5f14,f.,ig,ggg: ww:-My-Y wa" - A ,. F-Es-,L ,Q Z 1 VW M3 VE :-K A QM ,U L. ' X,', U . H U. . r :gy W,- IW-wzw' " ,- K-K ,4 -'K ff" NH H HW lm mmvwir hs A L, mn- Q H:.fmBi.5ML I .3F'WV,'W gf MW 5533 ., -My-Mm fa ,wk fxsss-Daiwa Mm:h',Jx::W. L1 W- 2-K' 'w,wv,L:2k', i,M.,.35,, n H, ..., I Hifi. -- inf' N ' "L1'.'Q5 -v: Liv, 5. BB +I J A X K N -ff -fn, 1 5' ., 'QA W1 ,l , QV M f - In -ix- A , .R '1 g ?.,fQ'f,li f fl., H1 X f ff gig' '-'sfjfsiji M Myfgqij W,...,H ,ij .., N T..2.-Us MWA.-J, . - .Dpi f 'nw .. .qua on W, U .,:3gQ,W :,5,iLs3.,f-3.w,fn-f.n gm. QTY- ,.,H..E.15, j zz -- -' 4' ' ,rv MW,-' f '. n 'AM"U7:,: pf WW.. N My Mwf. fi ,M ,QW M :pu su L' ww- 4 x 1952 FOOTBALL wwf VM X ,Q -is I mmm:--gli 5 mlmzfmiia 1.4 All ' mmf-gwmwwamm :www gg gk: 2:10235-ngisgnss ss:smn ww! , Q Qu E "-5:Q':'Ei E E' QW qfsiwxiggs F E E kg M Eva W H aaifmfm-,susan mlggggw M wig I MQW-uqgwsfxafgjgixgzug gg 55523 W AE E T 5 2 ww Q-'WSQQQESI Y 3 W in ' 5183 if ? 5 giggle? 53231259 Su H-'ms W5-1' Qwsfi W I 5 5 5 is 2 X an m.f.gg3-Qqgi-5 mfmz-vgfmfqig E :mam xgmww NEWS 2555, 'B 'H E WQ SEEKS!! EQ, WWQDWW , E- E MWWFM nsssrawmi sw :N MWWW - f .Q Hmmm K ,wp?yw,m-:mngenzb Kwan EEE' WM, swf . ,5L.5:w3a,mw-awww-,1.,mm1mu B ' ' r V ,H fy- 1 x, J 4 M ,,,1.,Q Hsu' 1 X 3 , ' At-,E K' W 1 t X151 ' l , 2' dawn, L13 'mg .Q B Q, af 'V 2- E ,W f . X 5 , ,, i 3 A H i wif . x . W A al a - gmgsm -2 5 f Wag M- WW: . i '. j, fl - 'K'-ff N -Q, ,N A M M 2 , W, A 'sf , 2 . 3 , E K - 754, . 1 N 2 n-. ' 'SAWPP f Y Ax sw , w A iv ,gg 559 x 11 ' W . ,ww Q K .. if 7, in, ,Tv Li M5523 M sf fig 7 --.,. mm mum , W5 In n ba . 5 li jf i "U mg H- . W Q vw, Y 1 1 . - -2111 33 ' ' 1 X x - Q QQST-52175 ' . l- w ' Q ! -E V ,, . iv f ' - 5 3' . ff T , Q .4 -2 x W U www 21 kgz M M K ' W Ii ,zz K 2. as D M L Esimri .2 ., fa , A A K 1, Q 4 2 w b, s -S' M 5 !, f. - A ,. "H,.4., Q A 2 43.9 XM 9 ' 3 v"? W 'Q' UH . H ' 1' ffm'-. 1 Bw f y 5 v ,Y +A, Sw 4 S ' W W R ' A 2 , H , Nw 5-'SSX QT ww P 2222 ,Q 325: aM.4'm Q 2 gg T Y f 3g , Q WZ? Hai Q 'SMS' M f ' nw- in ,E Q E Q4 , 333.222 "13A:'ww H' 'M , L ,Q .:.':.:.:,..1.f H 5 ,UQ 5 W. K 1 V " . WMW .Amman wffdn A41 JSM, .' Q, nun-x Umggz f TMJ QQWFYL f,.:n ,wax .W 1 - 3 ,-In QS! 1 Ima 14 VN il 9 L 'X -. .,,r 7 ,r V K , L is y 1 ewes. A iw- . Wigs gg Q A fig: L is .M P nf. we E Qmms i.vs.ass as mn wg b wmmw 5 an ' .4 Us H Ji? K 1' W 1 v , H lwkgim mm: mm sw 5 M-W, B4 saga mv mftvs-H: . .wmmw ll , mms mn A 1 ,gf :gf M' ,nwx-vfk ,wg A Mg-sm 13, M' Lge! . .- QW, ,K . ,, wx 6 W 2 if jr ,dwg f..w Q, AF' COACHE L Moccasins and The Tennessee VolunTeers, who Tor The TirsT Time in Three years came inTo The game wiTh ChaTTanooga wiTh a loss on Their record hav- ing bowed To Duke, 6-O, The week beTore. Ledyard gave 'em TiTs wiTh his passes Tor Three guarTers, Torcing Bob Neyland To keep his TirsT Team in The game nearly all The way. The riTle- armed quarTerback compleTed I4 oT 2l passes. bu+ sTrangely enough, iT was on The ground ThaT The Mocs scored laTe in The TourTh quarTer as. wiTh his Team Trailing 25-O, Jay Pribulsky slanTed OTT his own leTT Tackle To score sTancling up. ThaT made iT 25-6 lBill King's exTra-poinT aTTempT was blockedl, and ThaT's The way iT ended. The Mocs' big eTTorT againsT The VolunTeers leTT Them a liTTle TlaT in The TirsT halT oT The game againsT Memphis STaTe. and They leTT The Tield on The shorT end oT a O-6 counT. BUT one oT Moore's Tamed halTTime Talks puT new liTe in The gridiron Lagood, Coach Moore, ei COACH "SCRAPPY" MOORE oac es ' rien, . . blocks for run around righl end warriors. They bounced back wilh 23 poinls in Ihe second porlion Io lake 'rhe win for Their Iourlh viclory in live slrarls. Lillle Junior Pozzinni Iurned in Ihe longeslr run of 'rhe game on a sparkling 7I- yard dash Io glory. Superior power Iold Ihe Iale ol UC's I4-27 collision wilh Sun Bowl-bound Mississippi Soulhern al I-lalliesburg. AI Ihal, 'rhere was some dissen- Pouini goes for down sion over whelher Earl Dukes scored iusl al The end of Ihe 'Ihird quarfer Ihis Iouchdown would have pul Ihe Mocs back in 'rhe ball game inslead ol leaving Ihern Irailing, I4-2Ol. Tempe-rs Ilared inlo a free-lor-all a minule before The final whislle, Jay Pribulsky scarnpered 87 yards for a Iouch- down as Ihe Ivlocs rebounded 47-I4 over Univer- siIy ol Louisville. A spindly-legged passer named JIM ALLISON BILL BROWN BOBBY CASE ABE COHEN ART CONROY B k End End Back DICK DURHAM EARL DUKES CONNIE FONSECA BOB HEII.. DICK HOSTETLER B k B k B k Tackle Back BC BC Football Team UniTas was a Thorn in ChaTTanooga's side all eve- ning, buT aside from his needle-Threading Tosses, The hornelings' defense was never beTTer. And The offense, highlighTed by Jay Pribulsky's TwisTinq 87- yard run, senT observers home Talking To Them- selves. ChaTTanooqa Took on iTs second SouTheasTern Conference Toe and Third "bowl" Team in Ala- Wilkerson breaks The line. bama aT Tuscaloosa. Bill Wilkerson puT The lvloc- casins ouT in TronT in The TirsT quarTer on a recov- ered end-zone Tumble, buT penT-up Tide power sTruck and sTruck hard in The second and Third pe- riods To puT 'Bama in TronT by The end oT Three, 42-7. FighTing back, UC and Ledyard Took To The air wiTh an aTTack ThaT neTTed Three scores Tor a Tinal OT 42-28. MOST specTacular play oT The day JERRY JERNIC-JAN BILL KING JOHN KISH PAUL KRUZELOCK BILL KOONS enier End Tackle End BILL LOMBARDI JACK MATKOWSKY ROBERT MCPOMMELL DICK ONISKEY BOB OVERLA End Tackle Guard G d Allison in for 'lhe lrill! was Ledyard's pass lo Slanlord on a "+ackle-eligi- ble" maneuver which covered 64 yards. The Blue baclclield ale up large chunks of yard- age in sleamrolling a good buf oulclassed Tampa leam in Tampa, 30-7. Tampa had been fouled as UC's equal, bul proved olherwise. A sun-drenched Thanksgiving Day crowd saw The Moccasins Turn in a surprisingly one-sided de- Hosfeller on 20 yard line. cision over a slrong Daylon Team in Jrhe finale for lhe lourlreen players who were gradualing. Score, which advance prediclions had doped for noi more lhan one Touchdown difference, was 40-7. Six diflerenl men scored, mosl speclacular melhod being an arching pass from Ledyard lo Pribulslcy, who had snealced in behind lhe lasl Flyer defender and look The ball on ihe dead run over his shoulder. DOUGLAS PARKER JAY PRIBULSKY NORBERT REINART BUCK STAMPS JACK STANFORD Tackle Back Guard Back Tackle JIM SLATIC BILL STAUDENMAIER JOHN VETROCZKY BILL WILKERSON DICK YOUNG End End Back End Back M sir lll L1 Little All- American U. C.'s lillle All Americans, Chesfer Lagod, Hal Leclyard, Tom Drake NOT PICTURED CI-IARLEY ADAMS Cenfer CHESTER LAGOD . Tackle JIM BURNS ,.... . . End HAL LEDYARD . . . Back BILLY CARTER . . . . . End J. D. LEWIS .... . Back WRIGHT CHILDERS . End WALT MCALLESTER . End JACK CHILDS . . . Guard JOHN POZZINI . . Back BOB COX ..,.. , Back FREMO ROSS . . . Back TOM DRAKE .,.. Guard GENE SEXTANT . . Guard PHIL GARMANY , . Guard BOB TAYLOR . . . Cenler ED JARMAKOWICZ . Back DEAN THOMAS . . Back ROBERT KILEY . . Guard JERRY WARD . . .End Randy Hodges, Freshman Cheerleaderg Bruce Spencer, Junior Cheerleader, Kay Whaley, Senior Cheerleaclerg Joe Taylor, Sophomore Cheerleaderg Anna Marina Law- son, Freshman Songleaderg Sara Yancey, Junior Songleaderg Lou Arnold, Senior Song- Chesfer Lagod and Team Mascol leader, Belly Lee Parks, Sophomore Songleader. 151 Jay Pribulsky makes Iwo poinls Q ll Billy O'Brien's baske-lball Moccasins dicln'I have quile so successful a season as lheir lool- ball cousins, lhey still did all righl by Themselves in pulling logelher a 9 and I3 record for 'rho season I952-53. O'Brien fielded a freshman-and-sophomore sludcled squad lhal had ils ups and downs, buf usually managed lo give The opposilion a run for his money. Tennessee found Thai' oul in The firsl game of lhe season for The Moccasins, 'trailing for Ihree quarlers before an eagle-eyed forward from Brooklyn named Hank Berielkemp gol hol for lhe Nfqols and pulled Them from behind for a 63-54 viclory. Jay Pribulsky's I3 and Bill Wilkerson's 9 led I e Mocs. PribuIsky's 20 and Bill Brown's I5 were lops as UC bowed lo Jacksonville Slale College of Alabama, 65-6l, in a game lhal saw The Moccasins unable lo close complelely a seven-poinl gap opened by The visilors in 'rhe firsl' quarler. David Lipscomb paid a visil and deall Challanooga ils lhird successive selbaclc despiie Brown's I8 poinls and Norman Holfern-ian's I7. The Moccasins played Peerless al Peerless nexi and dropped a 7l-62 confesl lo lhe Laulermen before a hall'-filled gym. Peerless wenl inlo a semi-freeze several limes during Ihe evening in an ellorl lo draw Challanooga oul of ils iighl zone, buf failed, Holferman had anolher I7 and Bobby Heil hooked in I6. UC finally broke inlo The win column wilh a 60-5I blasling of Birmingham-Sooulhern in a ragged game. Holilerman, liasl making a habil of hilling for double figures, had I8, while Bobby Case polled seven field goals for I4. Beginning lo hii ils slride now, Challanooga lripped up a good Belhel College quinlel, 74-60, Heil racked up 20 poinls and John Arney was righl behind him on a I4 lolal for The nighl. Larnbulh College, came in, received a 82-75 licking, and Ieil, lhe viclim of Hol'lerman's hard- driving crips and Bobby Case's long sels. Belween lhem lhe Iwo guards lolaled 42 poinls, over hall: The counl UC ran up. Challanooga made il 4-4 on The won-and-los+ ledger wilh a see-saw ballle al Maryville lhal ended wilh The Mocs on lhe long end ol ihe 73-67 score. Bill Wilkerson moved inlo lhe spollighl on lhis one. gelling I5 for his season's high. You can'+ win 'em all, and The law ol averages caughl up wilh O'Brien's charges in lhe second game wilh Jacksonville Slaie. This one was like The firsl wilh a dihlerenl score, ll was 80-72. Eighleen and I7 ol lhe 72 were Arney's and Browns ' Riddled by lhe flu, Chalianooga mel and besled Norlh Georgia Slale College 75-63. Bobby Case walched lhe game from The sidelines, a viclim of The "bug," and Bill Wilkerson did nol even dress, Heil lhrew in I4 in lhe win. The Mocs wenl complelely hoop-crazy in The nexl one, hilling lheir season's high againsl a good Middle Tennessee learn for a 93-7i Triumph. Every slarler excepl John Arney hil double digils, BA KET WILLIAM O'BRIEN Baskefball Coach ffl K 1 1 ALL Two poinfs for U. C. Brown with I9, Heil wilh I7, Hollorman wiih I6, and Pribulslry wifh l9. Arney played only parl of The qamo caller collecfing four fouls early in ihc firsi hall. A noi-ripping lourlh quarler rally broughf UC from a 53-65 doiicii lo 79-78 win over Birmingham-Soulhorn ai Birmingham. Pribulslcy and Brown garnered 23 and I7 in lrooping Chaflanooga in The game for ihrec canlos and lhen spearheading ihal las? drive. Florence snipped ihe viciory siring ai ihreo al Florence wiih an 89-86 decision as an afiempi lo duplicale ihe previous Qame's fear and pull ihe conlosl ouf of ihe fire in The lasi quarler 'fell shori by3 Bob Heil and Jay Pribulslry sef up for 2 poinis againsf Jaclrsonville. poinis. i-lolcerman and Pribulslry were once more ihe leaders on 28 and 24. Peerless caughi ihe Moccasins ilai and laid if on as ihe lwo mei ai UCS gym. blasiing iheir biggesi infra-ciiy rivals 75-54. Heil did whai he could io siem The fide, dropping in I3 marlrefs. Revenging. iiseli for iis previous loss io Chaiianooga, Beihel College cur down 'their conquerors ai' Befhel 8l-67. High in fhe losing cause were l'leil's I5 and Arney's I4. Siill laboring under ihe road ihaf has followed UC cage ic-ams for years, 'rho Moccasins dropped a 77-72 game io David Lipscomb. Heil and l-lofferman each scored IB. Top Row, Leif to Right: Fred Wheai, Manager, Norman Hoffman, Jack Kimsey, John Arney, Niles Mecharn, Bill Brown, Bob Heil. Boffom Row, Leif fo Riqhf: Don Smiih, Bill Wilkerson, Eddie lngle, Jay Pribulsky, Dick Norih, Bobby Case. o r TWP 3 G D 2-S' .ra ,.2. ' ' BILL HODGES WresTIing Capfain WRESTLING ANDY NARDO WresTIing Coach Andy Nardo's wresTlers seemed dogged by hard luck. They won noT a maTch, and had To come Trom Tar back, aTTer leading in The early sTages, To Tie The only maTch They didn'T lose. The I8-I8 deadlock wiTh Emory. l-lighlighTs were Tom Drake's 6-l season lhe losT only To Auburn's re- doubTable McNairl and The success achieved in The SouTheasTern A.A.U. TournamenT: Drake was l9l-pound champion, Oscar Scruggs runner-up in The l23. CapTain Bill l-lodges Third in The I47, Jack MaTkowsky Third in The I67, Mickey Myers Third in The I77, and Abe Cohen Third in The heavy- weighT class. The Mocs were Third in The meeT. Lefl To righT: Bill Smifh, Abe Cohn, Dale Guhne, Torn Drake, Mickey Myer T M G B Il H dg J h F James Bradley, Bill MerriTT Oscar Scrug SEASON RECORD VanderbilT . ChaTTanooga Maryville . . ChaTTanooga MurTreesboro ChaTTanooga VanderbilT . ChaTTanOoga Auburn . ChaTTanooga Emory . . ChaTTanooga LETTERMEN OSCAR SCRUGGS MICKEY MYERS ABE COHEN BILL HODGES TOM DRAKE COPPER D. DYER, JR. JACK MATKOWSKY Manager Lambda Chi Alpha, lnTramural TooTball winners. Lambda Chi Alpha Topped TraTerniTy inTramural sporTs This year, winning The Touch TooTball and volley- ball championship wiTh undeTeaTad seasons in each. The Lambda Chis' closesT call in TooTball was a 7-3 game wiTh Pi Kappa Alpha. IT was Their second sTraighT unbeaTan year in The pigslein sporT. Lambda Chi also swepT Through The volleyball TournamenT wiThouT a loss, dropping The Moccasin in The finals oT The double-eliminaTion evenT. The win gave Them Their second volleyball Trophy in Two years. Kappa Sigma shellacked every Team Twice excepi' one in capTuring The baslceTl:nall TiTle. The lone excepTion was Lambda Chi, which handed The Kappa Sigmas Their only loss aTTer They had already won The cham- pionship. Kappa Sigma also won The wresTling Team Trophy. Pi Kappa Alpha carried home The golf TiTlo. Ari Prochaslca was sTill building in his second year as Tennis coach, and The Mocs weren'T Too success- ful as Tar as a viclory record was concerned. BuT even Though The neTTers had only one win as This was wriTTen, prospecTs Tor The TuTure were good. Only one man graduaTed off a varsily squad of eighT-KiclclighTer-and The '54 season should be measur- ably brighTer. Members of The Team were Earl DouThiT1, David Groom, Bob l-lowill, John Hsu, Peicr Ycoung, Ed Kick- lighTor, Bill Johnson, and Ari Conroy. Jg':x3JsL,1,,i..gss1e12s,ia,x 14. sallam ,.a:fu:JL..n: nnuw . ui---A 4 - --mse- INTRAMURAL SPORTS TENNIS ATHLETICS Badmin'ron is a favorife among men and women on campus as shown in 'the inferesf in fhe badminion 'fournamenfs each year. The Women's Alhlelic Associalion has now compleled Hs sevenleenfh year on The campus of UC. ll was founded by Mrs. Anna Lee Manson, formerly of Jrhe Physical Educalion Deparlrnenl, 'Fm-f . i'x?g X N me Qi l Z in i fly' : :I ,..,. .51 B , .izziz gg and a group of inleresled Physical Educafrion slu- denls. The associalion rnainlains a well rounded program ol individual and learn sporfs for women which includes such aclivilies as archery, fennis. ' 4 ,J 22 31 -g"2"'3"G 1 ' ' 7 'hp L ' v 'flvww ' fur. J ,W 'i' - 3' slizfgeal .H V-x, f-if' - Musl be a serious mailer! Wha' Happened? Marnie Wagner winning firsf place in lhe broad iumpg Field Day. ping pong, baolminlon, shuffle board, baslcefball, all new women siuclenls, a spring playday for all swimming, and sollball. senior girls from local high schools, and a banquel W.A.A. sponsors Field Day, a Coke parly for for all W.A.A. members. Individual lournamenls Lois Warson compefing for honors in fha swimming meel wifh a Jump ball in ihe favorife inframural sporf. "iacknife" dive. 'ig W Coach Peie -Moore felis fhem how in pracfice for ihe annual "Powder Bowl." are held in lennis, ping pong, and badrninlon. Alrer lhe season is over The group wilh The mosl' alhlelic poinls becomes lhe proud possessor of The Alhlelic Cup. The Chi Omegas are defending Swimming mee+ officials, Thomas, Wonsham, Jacobs. W, if One drawback in faking Modern dancing is washing lhbse diriy feel champions +his year. There are Jrhree main organizalions under Jrhis deparlmenl: Women's Alhlelic Associalion, pre- sided over by Lou Almong Moccelies, headed by The lap dance class is highlighfed by original dances by class members. Elinor Cole: and The Physical Educalion Maiors' Club for bolh men and women which is lecl by Mickey Myers. To be eligible for membership in W.A.A., a co-ecl musf earn IOO poinls Through lhe infra- Newly 'formed "Women's Rifle Team" is piclred from fhe sfudenf body in fhe fryoufs held each fall. mural sporls program. Membership is earned in 'rh-e Moccerles by having a lolal of 500 poinls by her junior year. This slarfed oui' 'ro be a baslreiball game. Did somebody gel' fheir signals mixed? The obiecl of lhe Women's Alhlelic Associa- Jrion is +o give one a berrer sense of sporlsmanship and co-operalion among her fellow sluclenls. Carler shows Brien how fo shooi in one of 'rhe favorile spring sporfs, archery. wi x Aa FEES , I w www, ww na ' . IN Ny Q: 4 ' . a ss .:. ss u x x mms X Q ' fe .vm-'3 i , X-,wa . .aw HSM 4 55:53 38 xf ,, ,ww -y . .sw ,, 2 1. M In Q-,,,'E' Tiwif wwwfx W 92.51 I A an fn :ss N Ewa MTDCCASIN BRUCE WALLACE Edifar-in-Chief The l953 MOCCASIN has Tried To presenT To The sTudenTs of The UniversiTy oT ChaTTanooga an annual which records The acTions and acTiviTies which have occurred on The U.C. campus. Many acTiviTies have been missed or losT in The rush oT producing The i953 MOCCASlN, The hope oT The sTaTT is ThaT The Tew rememlorances in The annual will be lasTing ones Tor laTer years. Each individual sTaTT member is To be commended Tor Their earnesT eTTorTs in doing a iolo OT hard work wiTh liTTle reward. lvlr. RoberT Bradshaw and Mrs. Sarah Phillips are To be Thanlced Tor Their help in producing The annual. The EdiTor would personally like To Thanlc all The individuals who have helped him in making his job less painTul. JOAN POTTER Business Manager LAURA RINER gg 162 BRUCE WALLACE . . JOAN POTTER . . BETTY BAILEY . BETTY BROYLES . . GENE HUNT . . HARRIET KISER . . PATTI WADE . . DOTTY YOUNG . . . STAFF . .Ediior-in-Chief . .Business Manager . . .Classes Edifor . . Organizaiions Ediior . . VSpor1s Edi+or fMensl . Sporfs Editor fWomensl . . , . Feafures Ediror . .Arr 8: Snapshot Editor CHARLES MCCURDY . .... Phoiography NORMAN AWAD . . . . Phorographer GUY HOBBS, JR. . . . . Phoiographer TYPIST Sfanloy Goldsfein Joanne Drennen Nancy Wagner Jane? Dooison AND REPORTERS Laura Riner Georgeanne Simpson Adrienne Whife Grady Lane Jim Henry Barbara Card Angela Derby Judy Tally Karon Reynolds Jan Shipp Jim Murphey Peggy Scoggins "5 , L" g ' T -- ., 592 ' V " ' a T A . .H -va ,. N i i ua a aaa - - ' 'WF 1 T ..Q Q ET: . 'ai' Aiavgxif N75 "EEE -sw" - J 1 ' 'Z fr a A V. L 'uf CHARLES McCURDY, Photographer NORMAN AWAD, Phofographer Lib Riner Chris Forresfer GUY HOBBS, Phoiographer ade, Feafure Ediforg Doify Lib Riner, Jan Shipo, Peqgv Scogqins, rf and Snapsho9 Ediforg Har- Angela Derby, Judy Talley, Adrienne Joanne Drennen, Sianley Goldsfein- Beffy Bailey, Class Edifurg Gene Huni, er, Women's Sports Ediior. White-Sfaffs. Sfaffs. Sporfs Edifor. E as I f . BETTY BROYLES ECHO Edilor GEN E H U NT Associafe Edifor THE UNIVERSITY ECHO The Voice of 'll1e Siuclenis Reporfers, sfanding: Pai Hardin and Marilyn -Mc- Clary. Sealed: Nancy Wagner and Judy Fields Published semi-monilwly, Oclober I lo May 30, excepl during examina- lion periods by +l1e Universiiy of Clwalrlanooga. S.. During This year The ECHO saw a change of gan her iob as Ediior by announcing The winners Edilors and Slralf. Due lo lack of cooperalion from 'rhe sfall, Eclilor Bill Nelson resigned. The in The superlarive eleclions. Members of 'rhe slaff are To be congraiulaled for Jrheir fine work and help in geliing ou+ The posl was lalcfen over by Be+lve Broyles, who be- ECHO. Jeanne Meaclor, Feaiure Ediforg Janef Olson, So- Reporiers. Beffye Smifh, Wanda Suffon and Harrief cieiy Ediforg-Marialice Bacon, Business Manager. Sporis Editors, Mickey Myers and Julianna Shanks. Smifherman BETTY BROYLES . . ...... Edilor LOWELL LEHMAN . . . .Associate Editor GENE HUNT . . . . .Associaie Editor BETTY TATUM . . . . .Feafure Editor JEANNE MEADOR . . . .Feafure Edifor BILL MILES ..... . . News Editor MICKEY MYERS . . . . .Sporfs Editor CHARLIE ADAMS . . . . . Sporls Edifor JULIANNA SHANKS . . . . . Sporfs Edifor JANET OLSON .... . . Sociefy Eclifor GUY HOBBS .... .... P hofographer MARIALICE BACON . . . . Business Manager MARY YOUNG HALE ................. Faculfy Sponsor REPORTERS-Marilyn McClary, Slar Vance, James Henry, Chrisfine Jensen, Wanda Suffon, Slanley Doyle, Pal Hardin, Judith Fields, Nancy Wagner, Julian Ingram, Gwen Hall, Roger Paffon, Betlye Smith, Harrie? Smifherman, and Pal Lazenby. 165 Guy Hobbs, Siaff Phofographer WILLIAM B. HARDIN Lieutenant Colonel Professor of Military Science and Tactics MARVIN D. MORRIS CHARLES M. LOUGH, JR. RESERVE OFFICERS The Universiiy of Chalianooga's Reserve Officers Train- ing Corps unit, established in I95O, has as its purpose, as do all R.O.T.C. units, to produce commissioned officers for the Grganized Reserve Corps and the Regular Army, An R.O.T.C. student may be deferred from Selective Service induction if he is selected by the PMSKT, Lt. Colonel Wil- liam B. l-lardin, and signs a deferment agreement. This deferment agreement permits a student to complete his course oi instruction, but requires that he accept a com- mission, ii oilered, and serve on active duty ior a period of Iwo years. A student must remain in qood standing in his academic courses and qualify for advancement in R,O.I.C. to continue his deferment from year to year. There are approximately 225 cadets enrolled here, with thirty-ihree in the advanced senior class, an increase of fifteen over last year. These thirty-three cadets .entered summer camp last summer a'I' Fort Sill, Oklahoma, for six weeks, alonq wiih l,8OO cadets from fifty other universities in the country. Summer camp is the concentrated laboratory course in military science, where the cadets apply ihe military theory learned in the classroom. Highlights of the first semester at the University of Chattanooga unit have included the presentation ot the sponsors, listed above, and the Military Ball, on December 5, at which the Military Queens, Martha Grandy and Susan Moore were presented, Precedinq the Miliiary Ball, the annual banquet lor the Senior cadets and their dates was held at the Read l'-louse. During the second semester, the unit participated in the Armed Forces Day Parade, and Iwo important in- First Lieutenant Captain FINAS G. EARLE RAYMOND P. JULIAN Ass sfant Professor of Military Assistanf Professor of Military Master Sergeant Masfar Sergeant Science and Tactics Science Instructor Instrucfor DEWEY C. DENTON GEWIN H. GOODWIN A JAMES HORNBACK, JR, MRS. HELEN F. McNAlR First Sergeant First Sergeant MlSg9. Clerk-Stonoqraphnr Instructor lMffUC70l' 166 TRAINING CORPS R.O.T.C. Cadel' Officer and Sponsors, Lefl lo Righf: Paul Kelly, Josephine Walker, Reuben Holland, Jr., Kafhryn Bailey, Hale Holland Judy Fields Charles Byrd, Dol Harlley, Guy Hobbs, Harrief Shaberg, Jim Farrar, Connie Crumbliss, l'LalffMi1'chell, Sfella Adams, James Pennlnglon, Barbara Fleming, Ralph Fowler Slella Rihel a er. speclions 'roolc place. An informal inspeclion was made by lhe Tennessee Mililary Dislricl, and a formal, or fed- eral inspeclion, by a leam from 3rd Army l-leadquarlers. bolh held 'foward The end ol: lhe year. A rradilional ouling was given for 'rhe Senior cadels by lhe Junior cadels in The s ring. plhe Cade? Colonel ol' lasl year. George C, Broome, was designaled disiinguished mililary gracluale and has received a regular Army Commission. There are nine personnel on lhe R.O.T.C. slaicl here Three officers, live non-coms, and one civilian, New equip meni added 'ro lhe unii includes a Zlfz ion 'rruck wiih hydramaiic shiil, and a new shed and gun pil' were con slrucled on 'rhe praclice field during ihe summer. Ll. Col. Hardin explains lhe operalion of lhe bishop frainer Fire direcfion cenler operaled by lhe Senior Class , R g ,,A. y '. " U. ' 15 gk sw' , , , ,g f., 4,-.m,,,,, ve., . 'T w - maker'-f".'75+,f 47,7 r " '- ' 5 1,ffT1', tvwn qs- - . -, Q , ,.-,fi,-,,' 1-1525.3 ,Xp ms- - , 1 "f 'J4""7.'.',"' 9 'flfflbr ' 'A' Jar?-1. ,Fl ,Q P. -,Lili 1,22 LJ.L1e3Qla..s 167 NES X Q ex JD I ' ' ' ' B A T T E R Y CAPT. RALPH FOWLER JAMES RUNGEE ..,................ . . Guide-on Bearer Isl SGT. BRUCE WALLACE . . . .... ............. F irsf Sergeant JAMES RUNGEE . ...,................... GUIDEON BEARER PLATOON LEADERS: Firsf Plaioonz 2nd LI. Doug Meyer, Plal, Sgr, James Slevens, Second Plafoon: 2nd L+. Donald Hilberl, Plal. Sgl. Allred McConkey. Third Plafoonz 2nd L+. James Bray, Plal. Sgr. Richard Morgan. Firsf Plafoon: Roberl Helms, Kay Whaley, Charles Franer, John Farr, Ronald Kiselick, Glenn Campbell, James Turnbull, Degar Godsey, Lewis B. Davis, Clifford Curl, Harry Cressman, John Reilly, Scoil Schoolfield, William Akin, Richard Binger, John Bayless. Second Plaloonz Cecil Rodgers, Wayne Fullam, Bruce Benlon, Bobby Franks, Edwin Ganlry, Adolph Berdick, Jay Prabulsky, George Dye, Charles Aquavella, Roberl' Baker, Kennelh Dyer, Henry Adams, John Wilson, Norman Awad, Glen Gofhard. Third Plafoon: Earl Galyon, James Vandergrifl, Roberl- Case, Raymond Berry, Leon Henry, Tommy Wolfe, Tom Gardenhire, Wayne I-lolly, Tommy Cook, Randy Hodges, Richard Onislrey, Tony Cale, Peler Crownover, John Moody. Cade? Capt Ralf Fowler and Slella Riheldaf- fer. -.3-sis Cade? Capl. Hal Mifchell and Sfella Adams. I ' ' ' ' B A T T E R Y CAPT, HAL MITCHELL ' 1 Isl LT. JERRY CLAY .,.. . . Ballery Execulive ' Isl SGT. JOHN A. FLORIE . . . . . Firsl Sergeanl LAWRENCE GRIFFIN .... ......, .......... G u ideon Bearer I PLATOON LEADERS, Firsi Pla+oon: 2nd LI. John Bennefl, Plal. Sql. William Bowman. Second Plafoonz 2nd Ll. Doyd Anderson. Third Plafoonz 2nd LI. Ted Knowling, Plaf. Sgr. Nicky Roth. Firsf Plafoon: Arihur Conroy, Norberf Reinerf, James McCarIy, Charles Rodgers, David Robinson, Paul Poland, Wm. Turrk, Jerry Ward, William Moss, Chrislopher Parker, Earl Thomas, Joe Wood, Louis Taylor, Clarence Temple. Second Plafoon: Waller Moore, John Reid, Andren Amlarker, Kennefh Royse, David Young, Roberi Vandiver, Dale Guhne, Donald H. Srnilh, Richard Will, Arlhur Trunby, John Pozzini, Wrn. Smilh, Charles Scoggins, Bernard Wheeler. Third Pla'I'oon: Bill Merrili, James Sprayberry, Richard Niswonger, Joseph Rogers, George Williams, Pafrick Devine, Dewey Sexfon, Norman Schriver, John Monroe, Wm. McBrayer. Color Guard: Thomas Slephenson, Harold McDaniel, Tom Crowder, Charles Hundley. 1468 . 1. P s Q., . fx' km,ft WWW' ' ' ' ' B A T T E R Y CAPT. JAMES PENNINGTON Isl LT. CONDON SMITH ............... . Ballery Execulive Isf SGT. DONALD MOORE . . . . . . Firsf Sergeanf GRADY LANE ........ ...... . . ....... Guicleon Bearer PLATOON LEADERS, Firsf Plafoon: 2nd Ll. James, Sfevens, Plal. Sgl. Donald Prey. Second Plafoonz 2nd L+. Richard Norlh, Plal. Sgl. Joe Sfewarf. Third Plafoon: 2nd Lf, Harold Nie- banck, Plal. Sgr. Jim Barker. Firsf Plafoon: Walfer Zachary, Robert McPonnell, James Dallon, James Murphy, Norman Hofferman, George Hood, Henry Secor, Donald McPherson, Burneft Roberls, George Mad' dur, J. W. Lyncl1,Ben Bowen, William Hahn. Second Plaioon: Roberr Wilbanlvs. James Arney, John Cox, Billy Wilkinson, Donald Smi+l1, James Marlin, Billy Carler, Gordon Hill. Frank Fuller, R. C. Abercrombie, Donald l-lixson, Joe Franlc,Smi+l'1 Horn, Paul Kruzelock. Third Plafoon: Roberr Jann, Julian Ingram, Joseph Murray, Freling Lynes, Abraham Cohen, Tom Skipper, Sam McKeel1an, James Jolmslon, Oscar Ccruggs, Ed Robinson, William Burnelf, Roger Paflon, C. Y. Marlin. Band: Huber? Turner, Tom Slroud, Jim Eubanks, Frank Nance Lamar McCoy, Rodger Grace. Harold 5l1aleH,Slanley Gcldslein, Jim Hunl, Jules Rand, Jack Baer. er ,sg Cade? Capf. James Penningfon and Barbara Fleming. x 4. -'sg M 3 J 1 I L. na I.. ' s 9' 3. v . L' 5-Rn 4 x 1- ' a 4 l .fi 'U 15 N. 1 sl J . A 'F H L , . 'N r :':.f.454-4 "QQ:-.w -.2 ...L X 333' L'T""Q,Q?1F- ff.-,.,c?.:'g IQ.: aff: xx ...Z Ivwlb? X ea K - 3:-Q1 , B v.. .1,' N x "A I . . ,Cp 4 ' N y,- fx'-n -Q N 'a T? -,- -,. xy. as iff! fi . -w 'N' .pu ,pg-3. -N1-.we-. "- szgaxg- Y N - x Q. ., 'S , , -sg 'fs-.J ,P-'E N pfqvg.-,y 'x,, 4.- T I T- . ny-x. .,:-ii, ,f-.w .v":-sf ,ij an -- K' ,- A Y fl 5-f.lQgL,: Pf- '-ff ' ms ., -L rm. 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