University of San Diego - Alcala Yearbook (San Diego, CA)

 - Class of 1970

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Text from Pages 1 - 230 of the 1970 volume:

cfnfimli QTY OF0 N :Q 2 E' Q7 IQ YV Q , , , M Q - E522 'YO EQ' 9 .G 5 4 'I94 Dedicated to th Univ VIDEO U5 ,.,. ,aA, , , Y :V I -V 4. P' , ' 14 -L, ' qw A + -1 WIVZQI X" - ,VU V.. 1 k V- ' ,-V-.K 5 3" ' ig, X. Q3-Vim mis' ' Q. AQQLMJLY K K ' k I . ,. J, wgwx ,g ' V ,l 'g -,. V Lfww-f'?H9'wta4,:,gfV f.V ,wi V 3 H Q ,1,,,V. .Q Q -. 4 , Z x , K -ayw' 1 a . .. , A V -. . I in . A ig, , . w V'fwVj1Vwfs'VVgV- f'?"'7jggl. V 9 :,,r,,:,A. V"eV'zwV-fkfhf I FQ .,, VV f , gVVa,.?,VVg- 51, wfifv'-V,V,"-f' Q ww " x ' Q VQV K V . :V,,z--A-1-Vyffu , . WT-',Q-?f,2QVV " -f , ' ,V,,V k . .Vw V,,. K, -,Z " .V K ' fy -VVV121, 1 ,V V ' W' " Vmfeu, V f W ,A 31. I V . . . . , ,. ,V,,,w,,--.ff wV,V,:-,'VgL'f+ ,VZ j3ggVk,,-W W K , V,ny,ye,,.sLf-gmf1?f'.iafV,'l:iWm -,.9r?5"aQfW",xf' kf 1 wmKVVVf'?fVsfws,w,Q , ww-,1V,fspVMVN I gQQg:g.f,iQ,fiV.: fffff' 'wlzf5uiiQNiQg,5V,gif:f ki W A Ns- . ' A V N f ---'- ?1'fV.:z1::V,1i,iLisj's?wgVAVVV,.Vf Q - I VV .wfw2Mii. V . N A W5 .- , A H fzwz, f"1'f-WVVVIA, V . V. H Vfigzgsgv-lf iw, gfygsiyfk, Q ,TV ,V ,M,V'3VVV: V V , www5f14f,1,hV1-VV,-,mf LZg,+,V,,WgfAVfffSQf'51' - VV -V 1 f V . ' :VgVV,,ggwV, ,V VV, W f A -4 if-f-i ,QV V .Wed ,FST 'Wil' e ' ,fmfwzsf VM. , V V , 'IYIFVT1 QS, J - V V V , V . V, K ,QV f .3 k +- ff .egg NV A ,, ., " J, I ,I 4 , ---' A . , 'X , - , ,V " ' - . . Vf1V4fV1'aM -QV-I-V xii . :V'.mw :N ,-Q W' A A . , H, ' . A ' 1 ' ,- V K' H- x :Pk :V1 -2, fi-SKLH-2:iVfVeiY f?'7VVf VVTSV-15.22-591,ww."wax V 1, Vs-" - . 'r ' 4 1 ' V 'V ff k '?i.:VV'Va ' sv11:VVfw?w5V: T nf- . . V ,V ,,, 1 ,, . . -. - ' Q V . - ,V QU -,G q:4f31gff:5 LV -- WV-JV. Q f M ww VV - 24:2-4 .gwxi -.VVQV Vx ,. .. QM. V wg., V f ,, f V, .5 VNVW- Vg, V- -,wa f V515 24+ fi if 51: '1V+,wv . mmm ,V-2,9 ,wflylz A Ve V 4,4 ,S qi in '33-JV. 324' fi--,s-V-2' ,,f ,QjgfV.-1-f ' ., "A ' 'f ,., lf .aiV,1.'f:Vw?SsVEfLf1,3fif:1fV::i3 ' - - , VW 'W A , , V -V r 'Q V f L , V V X ' QV. V , 'V . I -, . Y VI V A 7 L' A V f ' f mf 7. V7 . .V WWE?-ei' ' if if 'V 1 ' A ' ' J V H 4' ' V V ,V V V V V... - R-ff, gy - ,. M ff ks- fl -,im f- V' , , ' ,A -,,fg. Vw. W, V- , 'k 1 '-"5 5,1 V ff,-.V, W Vw. A X V,,g14i VW -, A 'S' ,-v.-All fr, 'f mmm . ,5w -sv -' wi af ...QSM 'Q NF 1' -agrgkww' ,'VgrP?W A ,. ,-,Ayr , in V V -. , Vg, ' .W M-My V-W ,W-w M.-V 3 M I wwfmfd if .V me V 1w,,y,,,4m,h1f-ffgfjg,'g",J.M -A K fffilff ,air ,mmf ""'Tfv' ,QV-V -ff5MV.,w,-',,f5".V,af f'3'fL?"'1,-.w1Q42,a?1f'5QV,.z:K, . ff: if 5 Sa + ,, xx. JH iffiwf 5 ff "' 1,59 Q4 gf 3 f ' 3 N F vi? . 'L A Mfr W. 1 r L W 4 w,y:W:M4f'x A .1 vm.:'rwb...,,," ,W Jury. ,L ' . 's W .4 4 f , This is a face One of a kind One set of problems One set ofopportunities This is an individual One set of responsibilities. Northwestern Mutual Life: Newsweek ..- I 'xr x K4 f ,,,,,, J' nv ' I 1 v 1 aug 1 .mf O ,Af k , ar' 'viz r , viii' 552 vm-1, 'Gd' H. w 'K B Q11 :sy hi' 1' " af 2r-- :. , .fu rf? . P-.QQ ' -.,.: pig 1,1 Qu. I 19- , ' ET WP WCB x'f?f'f i s 'X 'EY S - x s 'lf Ti r :aa- NTY -5 5. X'7Eg.gQ- 4 x "" gi' X x ' ' XX X N xx X 1-Y -.x Aw Q awk - Q .Mk ,A A X x X Q 8 X Q vt X ,X X K bv lf Ax s. 'rw xxx? x 'K N N M M . -1. x 'li xX'NX5' - 5 x - X " N- QR, TEX 'f K , X o x 1- Q X N - X s ' QQ xx A . xxx X X X xx X x N lam he as you are he as you are me .V 'X andfve are all together. K - '- x llohn Lennon N NXXKX 5 - X Q x ' X N 5 , 1 X X AX Q s N X X NN' , ,-is an kb X N v x .nf X -as M17 . mu g l of , N K. . , 'fE9iQf: ' 3 " fm Fifa n' 'ff' L.-if ff? f' K A 'f'i"f L' Jw A ' f , yk.A,,1fAAi,gxi- 5, , A jp f wg f ,sy if ,f M55 ..f A ff , 1 " f if M 751 if ., f , 5' 1 I xy f -' ' Qs ,ue 'ff Y' 5, 1,5 f f .Mikfgf-if 37,3 Yrfgiwk, 'VL j K J ,f ,gk if K i Eixf 'K 5' K' 47 A K gk gggggw ' Z W l v ii X71 Nik is ut? is Q3 939 4 ,,-ibfk raw?-1 up at I , ,- , " L , 5'W47,-wise' 'zigszg ijw -'f N55 'f " :fsf ' -, 1 ay,-' 15+ :f fyfz i :.g : f- ,:, . ,Titmkmyg 1,j'jQ1sj'f Sr s Peace, peace is what lseek, and public calm,- Endless extinction of unhappy hates. Matthew Arnold 1, x tiff f ii! 5 ,gm m,,..cMfv4-It-rw .ft-1,14 .f - K .L iisfwf: - - lv lk 5 2. 'K mt, 1 ' 'f .iff -if sf Once I hada little game Iliked to Crawl back into my brain I think you know the game I mean I mean the game called 'go insane' This little game is fun to do. just close your eyes, no way to lose And l'm right there, l'm going too Release Control, we're breaking through -jim Morrison Q ll ,,- wf . 5455. -- f Pm, 1 f ---5425154 rf . ' G' .1 -QEML V ,. ii.: "wifes ' lfiwzw , ' NW' 'mlm :gf .zfij i Q Q , iw - ,Y - Q my Q' fl Yfiiiir ,gear 4 f L- ' -HQ: gkiamff ,W .W M 'ii er W. f 7p.Z 'W-5 if fig? 'Q Q Y x he V Bs a 'ma 5 fr 522914 1 M fm , , -I 1 if fav? i,wi+Q6f1fggmga,g,1ggq5,g H,-1 'I'-i4 ,Elf V -I .Jinx ,:.L:-Qff'::2':5:g: ., I Q ,,-xg X -vis 25,23 .gmzfigw mm 0 fgww was YE! ,,,,1..,,, ., ..,,, .M ,L , wif? 1355"k'1:.:1,'Sff5fv???292?fs3i3?'Pi 'af f - A-fa-Mwiflzwi .WQf2n2f?y,f Wwe!wffiggefafsigilfirm.: -f - .H If,fanf'?3?G:55:ig,Q5Lwfv,2'iffy 5 was W ,M ,Q f -. af f if f9f:,'Q ' Aw' V 1 W My , ,5g,,, Mr ,APU Vi YQ:-5 c NW, 4,4 ' Jia J, A k. 3' J: , ,i 1.7 .J nigh vw, , . ffm' , f ,ffijifkzi x f 'A H mrw, . ef r .'-, E' 31351331 31 1.3 ' Fa v "Nl, . V I . ,Q Q I ' rv f ' s yflrx- rw' A ' , .sl 1 5 .5. :fl r . H. A '57 In V5 'x 1 LQ. ., , , , ,. , 1, sv 4 P 1.324 1 .fx f x 1. K x' 1 ,isles 3' H .1 K 1 Z1 nu., - A 5 .ww Hwy, ' ' x Q-gh - Vg, 1. . PL - .5-. 4 , 4 .qi .!!'?'Z 3, ' 9 2' ,, V, w- frqf ' W gil ' 1 fi . V -fx., aw? cm 76 1.20 . ,aw am, -if f s :Q 'abr . af 'uf A --54.5 "aff Y. .1515 , 1 :jk 9 e -. 'V' 1 t ' 4 ' M., 'YS . 11.5 " X 3 R L, 1 wg Cf 'T lx 'Nw 4' Ng -' fi, ' , ,gn H ,uf 4.1 g, ,y 4 1 r 'Mg . -, .,,, '. f?h' 1, ,g ajfvif' 1' 52. ,V Q 1, K +'?L'QfF r 'S kg fl fi.. K X-if Vi V, ,fgxf V. ii f , . J 5 ,L f .f 4 " " I Wal ggi , ei' x . ' I K . ' SF r, , LXR. S14 ' 6 w,,, if.. 2 . 6 f-T, . ff - ' s a X, QQ q X' - 4 X ig. 5 ,gs .V 'f-3531 r ,ATE Tr Yi . ,A X ' x ,mg . AK ,-8 ., N 3? ef--Q ' , Q' 553- fx .4 4-xl "Andnowit was time to go though in one sense he would never leave this place where he had been reborn. Arthur C. Clarke Leopoldo Aragon Robert Bahne Nancy Baum C. Rocky Bayless History Business Administration English Economics Gary Beagin Thomas Belleperche Margerate Bengs Michael Berrill Biology Speech English Spanish - as ,, Eugenia Bickerstaff Daniel Bishop Mary Bisby Robert Bixler Sociology English English Political Science Thomas Blake Helen Brayfield 19 Kenneth Brower Richard Brown Accounting Psychology Psychology English L Sandy Brown Thomas Brown Charles Brumfield Dale Burton Nursing Latin Business Admin English i A ,.,, ' ..-1 Patricia Canova Luis Canedo Matthew Campbell Ceritta Cartwright Scoiology W Biolggy Y History Nursing 20 David Carpentier Andrew Castagnola IHTHES Cerniglia David Clark History Sociology Business Admin. Psychology A Patricia Cobb lonathan Connor Olivia Cota Salvatore Dalfio History Chemistry Accounting lohn H. Daubney Daniel Dillabough Corinne Dolley William R. Donohue Psychology Phil. 84 English English Business Admin. 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Whalen Kathy Wilcox Sharon Wilkerson Political Science Art Sociology Social Science Cheryl Willet Virginia Wills 32 Gary Wong Michelle Wren French History Accounting English David jay Agosto Luciano Arias Susanne Marte Bajo Sister Virginia Maria Balnts Collette Berminharn Frank S. Bloom Anne S. Bret heisen Nancy Christine Bulish john j. Carlow Louis j. Carrillo Sister Frances Loretta Ciccarelli William Edward Collins jeffrey M. Conine Patrick j. Coughlin Ill Mary Catherine Davis Dennis M. Dorney Irene Fraire Dougherty Clo E. Fdgtrtgton III Rtchard A. Ford joseph A. Garry Richard Haines Steven M. Hanson Clayton T. Heimberg john M. Hinton Emmeltne Hou john F. Howard Dennis Wall You are a child ofthe Universe, no less than the trees and the stars. In Absentia Marcelina M. jacinto Ralph W. johns Raymond L. jones jr. james M. Kearnes William j. Kinney Crary F. Kuruti Linda D. Larsen Lawrence E. Lovgren john F. McDermott Rose Ann McGinn Loraine C. McGrath Douglas K, McKnight james F. McMurray Robert M. MacArthur Flizabeth Torrey Mac Intyre john A. Mackey RonaldP Mareina Ric hard F, Marque Sister Margaret Mary Meany james Carroll Miles Michael S Miller Carol jean Mtkesell Sister M. Linus O'Connell Scott A. O'Mara Sister Bona Consilia O'Nerll Theodore R. Parent Randall C. Peterson Phillip A. Pirro Gerald V. Reardon jr. Brian A. Riley Sister Catherine Roche Laurence U. Rossi joanne B. Schelskr Edward l. Schneider Neal St hram Glen A. Schuherg jr. Wilson Ed Shepherd jerome R. Sochowskr Carmel Therese Sommers Lawrence N. Squiers joan Muriel Stanton Estelle Modeleska Strassler Michael F. Taylor Patricia lean Thurmond Kevin P, Toohey janet Marie Treacy Richard Michael Valdez Ernesto U. Villalba Stephen R. Walker Sister Mary Assumpta Whit Paul M Wiggins Robert W. Wilson 6 a-""" An ,ff 'mi we 1 4 W W ,, ' Q .1 A Most Reverend john E. Baer President College for Men Work away today, work away tomorrow. Give just a little bit more Take a little bit less Admit what you're feeling. . -W J' fx,-. - 'ali am s tx . . .Andsee what's in front ofyou, it 's never out of your sight. We all knowit'5 true, You know it 's true, We all knowit'5 true. . . ' if ,ii s A----0 ft W , ,, , 4 ," 9 Sister Nancy Morris President College for Women , . .Work away today, think about tomorrow. --justin Hayward 37 r""'li fy" Henry 1. Martin Academic Dean College for Men Your time has Cometvo shine All your dreams are on their way See howthey shine. .. 38 Sister Sally Furay Academic Dean College for Women .Mlfyou needa friend l'm saling right behind. Like a bridge over troubled water I will ease your mind, --Paul Simon Department Of Art Chairman Mrs. Rosetta Hill l X Department - Q Of I Mathematics I Chairman Mr. William de Malignon Department of Music Chairmen: Mrs. Marjorie Hart Miss Ilana Mysior Dr. john Williams Department Of Sociology Chairmen Rev. William Nolan Sr. Irene Lawrence f :S Department Business Chairman Mr. 1. McCabe Department Of Economics Chairman Rev.james Hanle e 4 Q QA X ggi? Department Of Chemistry Chairmen Sr. Agnes Schmit Dr. Donald Peterson WHS 'I 45 I ' if Department Cf Physics Chairman Dr. Edward Warren Department Cf Education Chairman Dr. Robert Nelson at Department Of Psychology a D Ge aIdSpe a o Department Of History a D Ray B a des , Department Cf French Chairman Dr. jeanne Brink Rigsby 3 1 Department Of English Chairman Sr. Helen McHugh A 1 ni 1 ' Spanish De pa rt me nt Cf A 'R z ' C Chairman Dr. Graciela Graves ' Department Cf Classical - Languages Chairman Rev. Michael D. Alcaraz l Department f Political Science Chairmen Dr. Paul A. Theil Dr. Ernest Morin qqpm--F--ev-W.. t.,. . if Q , f ,af QU Q'-"0---...Q,,, V' M --M ...W ,VVV ,,,,,,,....W,... gn - . 2 wif , -.N off, pm' ' gum saw' , SHIKI!!! r i tfm UMW Department Of Religious Studies Chairman Rev. john Portman Department Gf Philosophy Chairmen Dr. George Rev. William Shipley Q 1 V L, e . 2 RWM ' W' 'il " " ' 51 The teacher is like the candle Department of Speech Chairman Mr. Van Vleck which lights others in Consumingitself Ahonymous P? J I "lf OVW. f ' w l ef ffl. gfgqi e wg' W ! w, , fl K . , I ay fn- V. .5 Y f',40 Vf X i 5 "' "' Uv' fa' I A If m f 92 rg """ U kgfli 'laqgfq gg S I f I . PJ !:ftjk,f7 49 LJ' l H' lijalzul Jamal' Q ' .e i , . ?-M7 ' A' f -fl 4552. 'I ' f , x 1 2 Q N E f 3 gwjf J AQ! Q K 1 :.' 'Z 1 1 - 'AQ- 5? A ff. ' 1' 3 If ' F , .: f f W, . 'fw"f' + 2 ai, 'Q . . Q Q-Q.A Jn-QQ A v 4 , 521 5 , L . "':- 7 K Q yi 'lain' N4--v-+'D'-49 '-'-iilfl mln ll lava! A--ASE w "' ' 5 ,. ff iv ! ' f if rf. '55 -i SL Wa. vi fig? :P u fi if ' ' I -' 4.5:..1f.WL f :Q,iS ' 'zgntwx N .' 13' I - L . A KJV' 9, P ' iff? .:' f TA. L , .dx . ' '. sk A. ,:' ' - li- 1:65 .. f' I I J 1. .H 1' . 'ff H ML: 25 ' 1 , 1 II 7 ' ,,, . ,, ill K E QF1-Q was .-.., ,.......- ,,-p-v- - 2 ,, h x H U 2 'W . , 4 5 X X . 1: ggi '. -.:: . y 1, uv, .m.W.W 1 . 4, - .X ' -A Aw,,,A K wig. .f ' f A 'A V' W2 ' 'H f A Y , ur? L' 1 T f l-fm ff gtg. Q - . - , ,. , N l3V""mn - ' .Ji 51:2 1 ,Vwfm :ii - , . :.- .. ' . 1 - -an Q5 .QW 3 2 . T+"'f' , , - 'iii 4. Jn, x-,f f K , ME: . 4., . wg, -.:'1+aY-- 75.1 Q we 4. . E , if r 5 2 ai. Aw tl U X 2, 2542? 'QQ 1,1 my mfiii, m 1 wg It only takes an outstretched hand Rod McKuen Years Mature into fruit So that some small seeds of moments May outlive them. --Rabindranath Tagore . V+ L E -fa ' .vw Infwkw ,. w w 'Q .L,,.Wg T vi in 'S The gameis up. -W. Shakespeare Well on the way, Head in a cloud, The man ofa thousand voices talking perfectly loud. -john Lennon , 'xiii' QW Sui L PM . 1114: M- 'xxx ,ga HH! 1 ,, "Q ff"fW X if 15' Xfxxbj VKX i J i EX gx I is " 5 T A W? p4M'iLw!5 ' X ' 4? f - 73 "f", 5 'Q ka ' if 1 -.Sf - f 'if 7' 5 1 ' ' QI 1 fi ,M 9. L' T ? , 3, , , Qffi v' , Q' y 1 3 E 1 V .I 5 'X 4 1' ' ilu 1 sam 5 ff, F .Y ,J-I W "' . 5? 'ff - 5:3 M52 S -A A ,f-V WK M wiv! l "f . ' XV as M-M i n B tax "f Xiffg . 'Mia sg X wifi.: ffxgkgg kk N giemhx., Q , ..,Q kb g. , N K i E Rf k? r ,N gk 13- L . U3 3 f ' 'X ' V 55 75? 5113! 4 f 3151 ' Ai , X ,xmxkw W 3 as gf, X X? wg-if-L? ' 'j EE ' s ,if fflik' Q g ff- f A ' 1 2. K , i e - 5 5. Z Q ' fX ,,, , - ' 1 , -War: N x Rx N A Ya ' ia , W, gif' a 3 .Al X gi K - 55 A -.5 K 1? We got to get together -Thunderclap Newman 63 I v Q 'sf fx 5 1 .f Y 5 Y K s. O 14 A , 1 ,E f' fi A DVL H , sf , 1 M. in as cg! B -fr. i ff fi, Wild Q. s Qs' 'f 'Y J mmfwiaw 7 mae fix! X P .. " .i JM 9' bw C Af! 'gd 4, 6 ' 8 Y! 1 ' 4. fy 1 Lp aff aw 4 .J . Iv. ""' iqyfff' uf . Q 2 fr 'Q' 5 D .Q an ' .,,b:.:.3ff? , g- ' x 9- B - 'T"" 5 1 -,W ,, U '6Q 5 - ' - 1 fa: ll' I ' ' few , 4' 'gr-45 V f X- wg. ' 9 ..-fx-3iL:S'1,"K-vga' 3 3:32 ' A 1 ., bn af in Vx.. J S34 .1 I . x .' 1 f- ' T .f- - 4 QA 4, -Lv' 1 'Ay A Q "" A fi X., . 4 4' X ." f . 66 THERE'S SOMETHING HAPPENINC HERE,' WHATITISAINT EXACTLY CLEAR." -BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD . x. Y 2 'R K M , Y 2 -,Qfi??i9i1' , ggfggf. -A P yy: aw 9? igwe-565575 sgagm, -, V 2 ' miim, ffeww. vi'-It ,, 3 1, , e e W was X X . K ' . P 'friffsfflk ' I -M ff: 'A ,f.fz5,f.,?,gfa,f,e4Qgm -1 : fi , 21x,fSfq: f .: , fwfxhligx Sha rie - 1 , ,,af,g51fLMff,,,gzqi.rim-5 Wf.:k,3gs51-,,-,f.',i' Ks ff Awsvagwy,-f-5, mfg- - : U: , , --,,f:55Mi V L V, , 1' . . ,The face of the school seemed the same, but the students' faces were new. In the first week, they slowly came to know each other. As the student went into registration, he entered lines of students alone. Through the long hours of tension, routine, and worry, a few became friends. The hours became shorter. a 'ww , UF ,.,L,.. , . t ff ,,.'- ,..,.,-- ,,....a-9' f xv 'A- my , , .,.w:M ,-:-'A1: 2 ',,, Q .- The school became not only a place to learn, but a place to live. There were many surprises for the students at the welcome dance, painting ofthe U., the hootenanny, andtheluau. .. .As Classes began, the student gained more friends Now there was time for relaxation. ...Friends moved outdoors. The Associated Students hosted a beach party, and students began venturing to land escapes in San Diego, -on ,pw xr Q" J' . , .The Autumn Informal provided the newly-found friends with their first chance to be alone again or. . . 3,1031 Q?" 74 f""""'W 5 SVA! If'-+-M "I-.Q Reborn with a unique spirit, the students imploded together to form large groups, small groups, social groups, and political groups. The Black students and the Chicanos got to- gether, as did the fraternities and the Irish. W' Qx T'i'f' U 9+,3.t F 1 1 A 'L v 3- 'f:"ff.',: '- .."': ,Z 'I Y 'ff?'wfe 7557: " 'ff' 5 1532. fbssd' ...And then the explosion came at The Happening. Over half the students gathered and formed an academic and spiritual unity. The face of the school seemed the same, but the students were togeth er. 5 'ul-wwf' 78 Y 4,, 80 he waited, marshaling his thoughts and brooding over his still untested powers. For would think ofsomething. " he was master ofthe world, he was not quite sure what to do nexti Arthur C. Clarke .. .The face of the school began to change at The Happening, reflecting the students growing feeling of individuality and community. . . .The changes for which the students appealed, including parietal visiting, the first effected, gave the students the opportunity to relax and enjoy a university life. With life a little easier, life was a little easier. "I wish I was a KelIogg's cornflake, floating' in my bowl taking movies, relaxin' awhile, sittin' in style." --Paul Simon ,I '-- "An unlesson'd girl, unschool'd, unpracticedg Happy in this, she is not yet so old But she may learn." William Shakespeare . . .Life flowed so easily in October that girls turned to football. Drilled in inexperience, the team entertained the male fans and learned a lesson besidesg to paraphrase Mark Twain, "This is a sport that makes a girl's very liver curl with excitement." ., - V2 Q A . .Five days later, the cycle was completed. The University of San Diego was assaulted by a national movement, and the students weretransformed in the phantasmagorical event. ...Those students who attended the speech of john Tunney, Candidate for the United States Senate, early in October, were unknowingly witnesses to the birth of political consciousness on campus. 42,5 "The timeless instant passedg the pendulum reversed its swing. ln an empty room, floating amid the fires ofa double star twenty-thousand light-years from Earth, a baby opened its eyes and began to cry --Arthur C. Clarke The infant Politic at the University began to grow from this day. ..With the approach of Christmas vacation politics was overshadowed by festivities and finals. Donna Crawford, the Black Student Union's candidate, reigned over Homecoming Week activities whichincluded concerts,horseplay, and the Homecoming dance. The football team ended the week on a positive note, winning the Homecoming game and providing the Homecoming night with its first touch of excitement. The semester slowed down to a gradual halt. Basketball offered relief to the final- weary student. Christmas-time came on a quiet note, as studying replaced revelling and cramming replaced involvement. 88 What is new is new not because it has never been there before, but because it has changed in quality. --Robert Oppenheimer . ll WHAT'S ALL THIS BROL -HA-HA? - FIRESIGN THEATER just a few notes on the year and the yearbook. Changes came by the bushel the past year, and reflecting on them all in not particularly easy, even in the calm of summer. What seemed to begin like all school years ended like no other for many at the University, myself included. Reg- istration was the same. Lines always are. The classes and the work werethe same. But somehow, somewhere in September, the slow evolving pattern emerged that ultimately plunged the Univer- sity into national interests and united the students in an intense learning and living experience. We have said in the book that students found the University not to be just a place to learn, but a place to live. In this, the school is progressing, becoming an integral part of the world surrounding it, and not just a set of classrooms where the arts and sciences are displayed to students like curios in a shop. The students are living and learning, the two cannot really be separated. Many people helped in producing this book. A number of excellent ideas were contributed and tied together by the editors. Unfortunately, mistakes were also made, some of which could not be rectified. We are sorry we did not cover more adequately the three most important dances of the year and some of the other social events. It was our intention to give them much more emphasis than they appear to have in the book. For those who miss seeing these events covered, I offer my apologies. - ebay. 310. 90 ff? 'ins Ag A A W f 1 Much of what direction a yearbook takes is determined by theme, photography, and luck. We chose "Faces" as a theme because we could work well with it, being able to portray the school visually from many angles. Our theme editor was Randy Woodard, who, along with the Black Avenger, worked long, and often exasperatedly, to unify the yearbook. We were fortunate with the photography we received. Victor Avila, Rocky Bayless, Pat Canova, Greg Downs, and Karl Eklund provided the staff with photographs which were excellent visual representations of nebulous ed- itorial ideas. The photography was excellent. Copy editor Claudia Little was the energy of the staff. No one worked longer during the school year. Mike Breen put together the entire sports section, with little assistance from anyone. Mike also helped finish the yearbook during the summer. Madeline Monte surfaced during respites from illness to help and encourage, as our layout editor. The spirit of her wit is here somewhere. Activity editor was a tough assign ment. We lost several. The two who eventually shared the job were Terry Hanten and Donata Luberski. I thank them both. Cathy Bittick did so much work on the book that I eventually appointed her research editor. lt eased my con- science. Cathy, Randy, and Mike were the main contributors during the summer. Others who contributed many more hours than expected included Lo Dillon, Karen Doyle, Carlos Goulart, and Dan Meyers. It was a long year. A lot of work went into the book. There were misfortunes and good fortunes, but without the work, the book wouldn't be what it is. C it seems that perhaps there is nothing unholy g nothing un elated and that as we fit things together synthesize rather than analyze. . . 9' sister corita Greg Downs efxoueg 19d Pat Canova greg downs hief ?- R180 They speak to our capacity for delight and wonder, to the sense of mystery surrounding our lives,' to our sense of pity, and beauty, and pain. -joseph Conrad Lovely to see you again my friend. Walk along with me to the next bend. Tell us what you've seen in faraway forgotten land Where empires have turned back to sand. Wonderful day for passing my way. Knock on my door and even the score With your eyes. --justin Hayward 94 New friends nearly forgotten returned. Friendships were renewed and faces remembered after the six-week vacation. The students found a new home for their recreation and activities with the opening of the student union. 95 . . .The experimental college, first conceptualized at the happening, came to life within the student union, offering classes in music, ceramics, karate, mysticism, guitar, group encounter, and radicalism. One of the most popular experimental college classes was the appearance of members of the john Birch Society in the class on radicalism. The discussion packed the student union with mixed emotions and ideas. Black is Beautiful Week, sponsored by the Black Student Union, also found a home in the new student union. The door to the world of black culture was opened for the students of the University. 96 1'-,f I . " s , x N . , 2 , 'A 4' I 1 1, i ' if , x K ! 'V X . V , 5 fr-N MX ' ' ' Wav, . ' XF? 4 . , Q .L 3 ffm A QV! P 1"'- H . l .,'. V - J :,,,. M I . . Y .X g X Q L- tm, ,qs 54 'IG . , V 0 -. 61 1 V. , W VX ! ,sam .f f ff' W , ' xii, 'E " -..'W" , ' .fa M gan, 5 ."3.'mvL,P". 1' .w -, .x ' , 5. 1 'ff . X X L. , 5,1 . e 4-41. fwwi : .Ay.fQ" ,-. .. x 3 4, ,, f , A ,K , WV? Q. if b. sf f -ax uf, KT ffef-Y 1,"'w,.' law r, , ...The spring continued to nurture enthusiasm and activity. Friends gath- ered to share the intoxicating air of Spring at the Associated Student Hayride. It was a time also for receiving and giving. Students listened to guest speakers Dr. Eugene Schoenfield, tDr. Hipj, Robert Keyes, Alex Haley, john Stull, Monte Kirven, andjim Flournoy. Lovely to see you again rny friend. Walk along with me to the next bend. Tell us what you've seen. in faraway forgotten land. ,Q f t ' 9 args ...The students gave help and affection to deaf Children and gave their time to assist the Students for Environmental Awareness in their campus cleanup. 99 Wonderful day for passing my way. 5 , Knock on my door and even the score with Your eyes. M F ...As the days grew longer, there was a time for self involvement. The Theatre Arts department created an atmosphere of expression with a series of workshop scenes and "Ab- sence of a Cello," their major pro- duction ofthe year. Weekdays became for many a ritual of study and intramural bas- ketball. . . .The folk concert night brought together the many moods of people and their music. There were many smiles. Student-sponsored activities rounded the bend and neared the completion of their year. The University Ball, the last of the major social events, cemented the year's friendships and feelings. lOl fs MSP . . .The fraternities ended their year with the traditional Greek Week, a mosaic of Com radeship, rivalry, and life. 103 It's only alittle planet but how beautiful it is --Robinson Jeffers 37' ' K, EARTH WEEK And we arejust beginning to learn 105 People running round it 's five o 'clock. Everywhere in town is getting dark. Everyone you see is full of life. --john Lennon ..,A flurry of life before the Close of the year. Wine was sa- vored at the tasting party. The opera night animated some, enlivened many. There was life to share. The students gave freely when the bloodmobile afrived. There was life to share. Mother and daughter, father and son met again and were together for a weekend. Some say life is here. Some say life is there. I know lt's everywhere. eq? 4 Q L V' ,, 7 0 V E Key, ,,e, Y VV h h ai A Ahk, s ' V " K' f 1 ik gn -,V , .. ' A 4 Nkwmwv-mmm K e ,la W M my-'M' eeen t,r I I .Q ':L 4 Asa e .w 4 Y x 110 ...The world outside the school was too important to be ignored in May. Triggered off by the Kent State tragedy, students everywhere reacted explosively. Cambodia became a personal subject for each student. The school was tense. Through a series of Open Speech Forums, student votes, and much discussion, the Univer- sity remained open. A teach-in was proposed and realized. During the entire crisis, the University was one with the world, becoming its potential and becoming its problems. Teachers became students, and students teachers, roles changed continuously, and learn- ing was a life-style. "You who are informed and support the war, you're alright. You who are informed and oppose the war: you're alright. But you who haven't bothered to get information and be informed while over forty thousand men have died: you're the murderers! How can you allow so many to die and not care?" --Student at Open Speech Forum Some say life is here. Some say life is there. I know lt's everywhere. 'H ' M., K 'WM ,Q-me ...Finals marked for many a new life The year was good preparation. Onethingthat is new is the prevalence of newness, the changing scale and scope of change itself, so that the world alters as we walk in it, so that the years of man's life measure not some small growth or rearrangement or moderation of what he learned in childhood, but a great upheaval. --Robert Oppenheimer 115 'W w 2 h V1.l 'm f i VV' i g I l' if ff' J. V 'n '.klg,,xQ,, 4 1: L H5 f i, 1 X . L5 f X 5 , Y A 15 t .52 E fx Q 3 'F iw . . I y if Qffgcelmiz .M , ,.1 - ,J f Q STUDENTCXDURT TERNITY COU INTERFRA C,-H""" f-PWR Q 'Q -. ,A f ' CW HOUSE BOARD AND COUNCIL N .M 1 X 1 5 rfffqfzf we 'wfekf MAg1' -Y A 'Q x?fif,fgw-:f,' ?ff'fb X V QNQFRQHP' , Q ' , , 3 'X 223 it ,, in 'Y pw, 15.14 Q,i5YiQ3Y ni A. HQ? 1 I ' , , , , gg v Q M Jfl.,:,,A,, ' in 'gg -,Qi -.J4m72lf..4?fX'Wr,i fx K if A, ,O faunzfa, 'Iii'-"' 4-4 2- S vi? A Q' 4,1 'Q'-J ,n'if.3131if4K9f 5.3.' - Y g,..."fl.. 4 - 'fx-QA" 5 Martin Castillo, special advisor to the president was invited by Mecha-Maya to speak to the students. MECHA -MAYA Robert Gutierrez, President 120 t i V5 r 2 Chicanos, BLACK STUDENTS UNION jon Conner, Prime Minister if Pre-Med Club ai.. UNIVERSITY CHORUS I don't really want to Stop the show, But I thought that you might like to Know, That the singer is going to 5ing a song, An he wants you all to sing along. -LennonfMcCartney ,X My x., f A .irkkigk I 1 , A ,kwf it 1 W Q 1 5 ,A,. M A N 3+ -,K Q Q' X ' A wi " A, Q.. s 'GAA 'T' A , my y, 'N . . it mn 54a A ll LV Aw. -X in A 'S g .- ,- 7' x., ' ' - 1 6 . K V: " b 1' 5 ' , " - ' 'QA' ,Agn " if Q A riff, .-V. A v A ig , - I , A ' x 1 'Q 4 LU if 4 Vyx, i Azgg V V i ' 3 Tk if -ffi-11.5 ffl A. A Y Zf5?f1Qilf, ' A K Q. gm in ,., fs' V . M ' V A a-. . A 1, ' .f A . 5 ' il' , 4: ' wg 3fgSQxEA?fs A if 'A . A A, FW,-A. A - ,Mk ,K V , A ,AAV A ,A ,AL ,A V f L A 8? wa A ir ,A 3 W 5 M A if- q""'ll-u 1. 4 A km fuk ,age if V. .. .ii w 'SA s ff' 1 1 :sf xi 1 P 'Q 5 XM 535 if 55' Am fi if . 58? K :fm ,AU A.. I A4 if ' ,fm A M , . A -- -A-5' 2 A ,il ,. .. 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W 'w . w VISTA STAFF S P E E D Marie Fratello Th, ,mul is-.ix ..e -' N .U Pr U re 'rv 'h- sn-an qu-iifng -wg pygmy-lgvwgnx 'f uni h-M nz .L-u cvvyrrfk 'vii mbvhw ,wg .ge-gf 431, pywy, ,Q 'NBA ,dans vbcn mu ,m L-5. vrfuufh A nw Z ff ww , L 4. ,, 4 ug Urs 1 has N5-Hue PM M 1. A 5f.,.1,:-,,,, ,App M, wx. ,wif ,,,.4,,,K in ,,.,w.,,5 hm., :Q Am! 11 .H sufh 'rm' .nu ahrfuikf 'hm my 4-U gill, :,L,,,,,u3 ,g,.,4., .4 so zrnfmturv fu fh- xg-lu' hun PM QW Aw w 'mr 'hm pe-I: Q1-1 flvulh L.,.f,.,jm,,.q Yr-rm sts wfour -4 Lv K Q54 , M n s as 'fm 'wi ,-W 92.4 fb., 4,j.m.,,,q 41,35 an X J Nuxrmullx lwiznlt r 'H' xg- w ' 'Hug-I -A-x' 41 R :Mmm xi 1 af, Q, , wu n s , A -ummm Ur nh' uhhh I mv' K f hun! hmm 'ha rmdmhy vi ,:. 1 AY- u 'I umm xfmuuiix uimwrnsng fhwugh iumzd Huffsgx sun drum! As 1 drum dan s lx N., A 15-, ., ID tha, dwarf 1-cf. 'nf y va? 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P01104 mms dr -lv-fww Uf work by others All lmnuscnpts from oiwzunpus sources should be uccm- pamed by a stamped and self-addressed envelope Addins to Pqnod. c o Lee Gefluh. l'nn-cmty of Stn Cnlltgr f0f Nm- Aklll mdk 54" 0.,g.,, tial-fomn 92110 Number Y . Bprmg W U ThcllouuninNarlonHar Todenaxkgqdauiunllni Saaoer'shap'nmhuvnklfllnllpiul Anuncoildemduldavlnunaa Aunayuwwuwupiuknvipplhnndu Insuckdligqhdl. llyiiiqpxhiuiauqalui. mgqaglmuub lvuitfailflshyhdludinjdnd Pwnc' wil' N009 lvsizfnhninsfchuhr. 'lbhilhfbinllih LdlciHLl?lllit kldhiylpdir yn- J- fLQg if Kid W ig, af wei? il - 3? Qi fi if aw AQ? ,iz 1 1 1 I 1 w w w . fl my Q, ,. J 1 9, . 'si ..-1 ,W X, f , , ., ws " 7 . 1- ff- 5 , "4-UiiH lw l..viH1l -an .,,v ,. ,h., K www! fax 'Q 1 . Maw '-'1 5 5 A 'N-'iw 4 , 3 'midi li ,R 5 2 ,1 E il 3, -W xv Q i NN ' Q 'Vw-WQ. ,mfywikm 703 1, . f - Q 32. W L X X5 5 V" A 'Q f'sR5feLxa' ? ,-A,,f 3 ripLLi'W' F Ltpi'tf" L ' LL ff ? G m -'mg . it L f W W L l'-N is .L 'l ' a-1 ww fees? "Gi-t"-'ifisrl 'fwfass Hamas-rf ' V to XL aa at if A L - L 'LL LL L 'H ' ' '-,rw A L . LL ...,. ,L L L LL .,,,. 'L l57'Lg2':"' l 'M lfw' 2 Blwtvasra' ,Lea ?a'Qa 1 W it l- WQEVWA' J- L J. . L vim, W +0 U! L .Y .W c:,,.,,,,,:xv , L L . L . ,gf ff r sv 2 W 0' 1 wa 2 '-2'-W' 1 'ffffsf L l wr-1 1' A sw l we-f "1L:LLLff L L L LL LL L ,L ..,,---s LLLL LLLLMLH, 4 ,WML ,L L L 1, .LWL A f -- M. L - 7 1 as L HLLL L . . '14 Q 1 1 W Si Y t -- , LLLL if f-,- -wiv' . L. 2 """" """" " ""' f :L " ":vz!sa.pa4 ' :f...a:g + ,MA-.-.fax-..-. -aw.. +.. ' mr-:+'-z'f-gsg-z , . .AMA . NW ,gig , ., 5 ,L , M: "' ' A I ' 1 T 'aussi '-1 1 1 4 A 7 - . 5- , L , , , ' I ,LL L 'L ,LLN T-"7"""L ' I I .'i"' I I W1 kj L 4 ' ' ' 1 A V '- 4 ' J I J. -5 L , . l"'.' 7' 7 ' "' '. . .' I "3 w I' .1 - "' A - -- 4 - -. . . A to 4 ' " r 'wr N .'- . 'W -K .1 rr ""' . . . ' - - l - . . 2 .' . -- s L r-1 ,a s. - .1 " 4 " 'W' W 'rv "" 4 - -- . 5 ... . 5 . . . - .1 ' '17 1. - - 1 V I 4 I w ' n 'WY' ' - Y' t u C' J .. -. - - ' - - 4 - - ' : Nr'-'M ' rw ' 'M' . . . -M . .. . . i-rx-MW . S N MLWSL W LL, 4,-LL LLLLATLLL LLLLL W LLLL , -, LLLLLL L L L,,L,,L , L A , , , , 4, , , g 'Mr-'ur I u W u -' H -if if 1 f ff W' f - A M- - - .. .1 - W-5 - 1 4 I 'mT."7'7'T 5 ' 70" T 3 IFRONTJ Manager Steve West KFIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT! Assistant Coaches Steve McLoughlin, Bob links, and Steve Cranks, Toreros Mike Sexton, Don Rush, Charles Davis, Darryl Curl, Rubin Escobosa, Gary Beagin, Chris Wholey, Head Coach jim Gray. KSECOND ROWJ Tim Groff, Nick johns, john Ottombrino, Caesar Aguirre, Tim Gardner, Mike Eyer, Bill Moore, Kurt Buis, 1 lohn Rudd, Matt Maslowski, Fran Upczak. KTHIRD ROW! Les Hamlin, Georg Laubacher, Bob Maruca, Tim Harris, Kevin O'Hara, Tom Cain, Doug Clarl lack Muecke, Paul Ponganis, Dan Padilla, Tom Kunde, Charles Hoch. KNO PICTUREDJ Henri Brown, Dennis Nulman, Ken Thompson, Ralph johns, Bi Crompton, Ron Monks. Torero Scoreboard USD 6 Loyola 35 uso 12 sr. Mary's 35 USD 30 WhittierlV 13 USD 20 Long Beach St. JV 8 USD 20 Cal Tech 6 USD 26 Alumni Pioneers 8 USD 19 Azusa Pacific 18 TEAM STATS Q RSH YDS PA PC PSS YDS TOT YDS A VE P.C. 7 810 197 92 1403 2213 316.1 Total Defense C RSH YDS PA PC PSS YDS TOT YDS AVE P.C. 7 1305 181 75 935 2240 320.0 he early morning sun filtered its way into USD stadi- m. The pounding cleats converged on the field. For we first time in seven autumns football returned to iso. Coach jim Gray and his staff, working without pay, ad tackled the job of molding forty men, many with Jotball experience and others with none,into the USD oreros. It was a challenge from its inception. Yet the oreros were to overcome financial difficulties, abbre- iated practices, a rash of injuries, and a tough first- ear schedule to bring pride and spirit to the campus nd a deep inner satisfaction for themselves. The Toreros, competing in the student sponsered llub Football Program, were to distinguish themselves in the gridiron with a 5-2 record an a No. 12 national mking among the fifty Club Football teams in the ountry. As an unknown and untested team the Toreros faced ie No. 2 and No. 4 Club Football teams in their first vo outings. Despite losing to Loyola and St. Mary's, ie losses were invaluable in that the Toreros demon- :rated that what they lacked in size and experience iey could make up for with hustle and guts. Except for a shakey opening quarter against Loyola ie scrappy Toreros outplayed and outhit the larger ions the entire game. A first half lead against St. 1ary's showed that the Toreros were amazingly strong Jr a first year team. From this point on Coach C.ray's harges put it together with a well-oiled offensive :tack and a hard-nosed, never-say-die defense to ower out five straight victories. tvs RED LIGHT--Nick johns and Mike Eyer team up to stop Engineer quar- terback. This play was typical of the Toreros' gang tackling defense. AIR POWER--The Torero passing attack clicks as Fran Upczak works for a Clary Beagin pass and a 15 yard gain. X tftsf..i Q- gi, Z f n I iw FW? 'Q The Toreros grabbed the first win of the campaign as 1ey battled back with a fourth quarter rally, scoring two Juchdowns and a safety to squash the Whittier lV's 30- 'Q 14 3. Keeping the momentum rolling, the gridders played ong Beach State IV and walked away with a win to even heir season mark at 2-2. The rugged defense led by Bob Aaruca, lack Muecke, Henri Brown, and Tom Kunde ield theiropponentstoa single touchdownfor a second veek in a row as the team flashed to a comparatively -asy win over Cal Tech. Playing the first and probably thelast Alumni Pioneer game, the Toreros made three quick first quarter scores tand up as they held off the semi-pro-bolstered alumni init to win 26-8. As the culmination to a great season the USD eleven ilayed their most inspirational and finest game of the ear as Azusa Pacific travelled south to play the host 'oreros. The teams fought on even terms most of the fternoon until the combination of Gary Beagin to Matt Aaslowski settled the affair. Trailing by six with time unning out, the pair teamed for an 80 yard scoring strike o knot the game at 18. As the crowd held its breath Mike ,yer put his toe to the ball for the go ahead point. It re- nained however for the defense to seal the win as they hrew up a goal line stand in the final minute, stopping i Cougar drive at the five. The gun sounded to end the game and a great football year as the fans streamed onto hefieldto congratulatetheirteam. lUP THE MIDDLE AND TO A TDP Hef1fiBf0Wn fights his way through Long Beach tacklers. The Toreros ground game was a great threat and helped set up a potent air game. 145 ISPINNINC WHEEL GOT TO GO ROUND? Defensive back john Ottombrino upends 49er ballcarrier as Ken Thompson makes sure of no further advance. This is a sport that makes a man 's very liver Curl with excitement. --Mark Twain A .Ml -latin '-Mxwifw M,,h-dba, Wlnmnglsn t everything - Making the effort to win 15. V nl!!!- ..i.- ..........m,nd' 'S Jw Basket ball As the chill of winter and the hush of December fell on the campus, the sneakers began to pound the boards of the gym. The workouts began under a new coach, a new system, and combined new faces with the old. With the season less than a month away Athletic Director Phil Woolpert resigned as head coach. Na- tionally known and admired for his knowledge of the game, the man who was most responsible for the rise of the Torero basketball fortunes, justifiably placed his faith in his Assistant Coach, Bernie Bickerstaff. Young, energetic, and confident, Bernie rapidly established a rapport with the players and the students. Taking to the road as they would for fifteen of their first seventeen games, they came from behind in their initial outing to beat UC Riverside 100-96. As tourney favorites in the San Diego State Invi- tational the Toreros were upset by Tahoe College in the second round and had to settle for fifth place. After splitting their only two home games of 1969, the team successfully defended its Cal Western Tour- nament title. The squad handled UC San Diego the opening night 84-73 and overcame host U.S.l.U. the next 60-45. With the coming of the new year the team made its way to Texas for three games. Foul trouble hurt the team, putting the first two games out of reach. A vic- tory over Lamar Tech salvaged the trip and sent the Toreros home happy. TOREROS CLOCKWISE: Rick Sabosky, Clie Simpson, john Boone, jeff Filzenger, jim Usher, Gus Magee, Sterling Garrett, Bob Scotlan, Oscar Foster, joe Fogel, john Otis, Neal Schram, Mike Pradels, Steve Bajo. STAFF CLOCKWISE: Trainer Willie Moore, Manager Steve West, Head Coach Bernie Bickerstaff, Manager joe Brown, Assistant Coach john Cunningham. v ,Wu - , 1 , .., .f x Q..- -nk, ma,- The quiet university provided little enthusiasm for the travel weary team as they won two of five more away games before the smiles and encouragement of familiar faces greeted them again. The first home game in more than a month brought a hot shooting Aztec team across town. Key buckets in the final minutes for the Aztecs put a damper on the homecoming with State netting the win 70-67. With the season quickly moving along the team had not yet lived up to its forecast potential. The fast break offense and the hustling and alert defense that the young mentor had envisioned for a nationally rated team was realized only on occasion. It was frustrating for the players and the coaches to have an abundance of talent and be so close to greatness and yet miles away at times. Little All American Gus Magee patrolled the pivot for a third record breaking year as he led the team in scoring and rebounding, grabbing a season high of 24 in beating Cal Poly Pomona. Substituting freely Coach Bickerstaff got help when need- ed from all his players. Oscar Foster and johnny Otis played the wild, gambling style of ball that excites crowds. The big front line controlled the backboards all year with Bob Scot- lan, jeff Filzenger, Gie Simpson, and lim Usher picking up the slack and carrying the momentum when called upon. Mel Arnerich, Neal Schram, and john Boone kept the team running and came up with the hot hand on given nights. Mel scored a season high 33 points against UC San Diego. Senior guard, Neal Schram took charge as the season moved along and sparked some late rallies and hit game winning shots in the clutch. The Torero five put it together in their 10 game home stand as they beat some of the top teams on the West Coast. Cal Poly Pomona, San jose State, Los Angeles State, and UC Riverside fell to the Toreros. Chances for a bid to the College Division Regionals seemed within their grasp. With just two games remaining the hope was shattered as the bid went to UC Riverside, twice defeated by USD. Disappointed and tired they lost the final two games to close at 14-12. The gym is quiet now, and only the memory of the excite- ment remains. Floating free as a bird Sixty foot leaps it 's so absurd Gonna take you higher and higher USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD Scoreboard U.C. Riverside 96 U.C. Davis 76 Tahoe College 119 U.C. San Diego 57 Pepperdine 97 Whittier 76 Western New Mexico 87 U.C. San Diego 73 U.S.I.U. 45 Abilene Christian 84 Trinity fTexasj 99 Lamar Tech 72 Chapman 62 Loyola QLAD 85 U.C. San Diego 74 Cal Poly Pomona 88 Los Angeles State 118 San Diego State 70 Cal Poly Pomona 70 San Jose State 60 U.S.I .U. 65 Los Angeles State 91 U.C. Riverside 77 U.C. San Diego 74 Loyola QLAJ 97 Pepperdine 70 l runny- 5 . ..,,q, ..---""" Team Statistics FIELD GOALS FREE THROWS Made Att. Pct. Made Att. Pct. TORERO TOTALS 793 1881 .42 472 711 .66 OPPONENTS TOTALS 762 1809 .42 552 813 .68 156 ""--. REBOUNDS POINTS NO. Avg. NO. Avg 1368 52.6 2058 79.1 1266 48.6 2076 79.8 .st ft it ' A 33 2.1 72121 i i',. ""7'i1 ' H , ,... ,L X sly .,.,, .5 K f ,,g-- . V . 'S n rf- T, 3 SJ .,,.t V ,... ww U f:-' k ,,. . 5 f - , A j ,,,.'.. . - . 4- ' :": '1 a 3 nj. .,'...' diggs. Y . L 433 'E -3' ' V A, K7 V .F A A S 2' .. .. W. .... --...M 1' ' 1' 'MW't"- Ck 'Sw X W Q . ,,. 1""'4fx7" 7 ' 1.,, M - 71' v " ' ' V ' 4 4 'iw A ' S g' ww 5 if L - i ,m.A'w 3-fg!i4g6y"?'3,Si.. Q-fri . .tw Qiitbbzwfmts 395324: f,"aN'i'.E,35' ...A , :""3I?1,'2 :Q H 52. '3 . -5. 1 . . . . K'1',f . 6,4 Individual Statistics " . . Q 5 2., E 4 I gl " . .gh GAMES GOALS FREE THROWS REBOUNDS ,219 Q. bu f Vit' J V . '27 3 A 4 iff' I,31',12 'I"s-8' X Made Pct. Made Pct No. Avg. 3' .JI Ii -1 wr is Magee,G. 139 .47 81 .71 306 12.2 4 . 1111 SUBJ . FoSter,O. 128 .45 79 .72 213 8.1 '77 "" " 4 I '1" oris,1. 105 .46 45 .65 138 5.3 Simpsomc. 80 .42 80 .79 100 4.0 Scotlan, 13. 95 .42 52 .50 167 6.4 Arneric:h,M. 76 .41 23 .77 37 1.9 Ealzengem. 62 .41 33 .65 111 5.3 X Schram,N. 50 .35 43 .75 28 1.1 Boone,j. 31 .35 17 .49 33 1.5 Garrett, S. 14 .43 4 .28 17 1.0 Sab6sky,R. 6 .23 10 .55 22 2.0 usher,1. 7 .23 5 .56 12 1.2 POI NTS No. Avg. 359 14.4 335 12.9 255 9.8 240 9.6 242 9.3 175 9.2 157 7.5 143 5.5 79 3.6 32 2.0 22 2.0 19 1.9 ' 9993 .t,E:5?5E:-1.-: . Basket ball Never a dull moment would best describe the IV basketball season. With just eight players after an early season raid by the varsity, the Circus, as they nicknamed themselves, put on a three ring act everytime they took to the court. Under the ringmastership of john Cunningham, the team had its problems in the early going as they won but four of their first twelve games. Practice sessions even became bothersome, as Coach Cunningham found it rather difficult to practice plays and defenses having just four men to a side. February brought life to the squad. The Circus put together three wins in a row and continued to get stronger as the season progressed. The team showed balance and poise. Six of the Toreritos ave- raged in double figures with MVP Skip Laurie leading the way with a 16.5 mark, hitting 500!o from the field. Bill Greggs was val- uable inside averaging 10.1 points to go with a team high of 10 rebounds a game. Rounding out the high scoring front line, Steve Bajo poured in points at a 12.9 clip. Larry Wiggins and john How- ard provided stability in the backcourt as they controlled the ball, directed the defense, and scored from the outside. As a team, the lV's hit 440!0 from the field, 710!0 from the foul line, and averaged nearly 80 points a game. Winning seven of their last ten games, and losing two by just a single point, the jV's capped an 11-11 year by taking the San Diego City Frosh-IV Tournament. The Toreritos victimized U.S. l.U. 54-52 and host UC San Diego 83-63 to take the crown for the second time in three years. USD placed Bill Greggs, john Howard, and Steve Bajo on the all-tourney team, with Bajo taking MVP honors. With the tournament win, the Circus ended its run. FR ONTROW: Mike Bajo, john Howard, Larry Wiggins. SECOND ROW: Coach Cunnigham, Kevin Ruddy, Skip Laurie, loe Fogel, Bill Greggs, Steve Bajo. USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD Scoreboard U.C. Riverside U.S.l.U. Naval Training Center Pepperdine San Diego State Naval Training Center Chapman Loyola CLAJ U.C. San Diego Cal Poly Pomona San Diego State San Diego State Cal Poly Pomona Cal State Dominguez H U.S.l.U. U.C. Riverside U.S.l.U. U.C. San Diego Loyola KLA! Pepperdine U.S.l.U. U.C. San Diego Baseball Optimistic, independent, loaded with young talent, and fac- ing a tough forty game schedule, the baseball team prepared for what they hoped would be one of the finest years in USD baseball history. As a tune-up for the regular season the club won the local winter league with a 10-1 record and began pointing for the post-season regionals. The goals of the season gained an immediate setback in the first two weeks ofthe campaign as injuries, leading hitters still playing basketball, and an unusual abundance of early season miscues had theteam in atail spin. The Toreros were 1-6-1 before they knew what had come over them. Coach john Cunningham, dismayed but not pan- icky, succeeded in getting the team to play the type of ball that he knew they were capable of performing. Hungry for victories the Toreros took three straight one run decisions. Deciding to increase their victory margin they un- loaded all the stops the following weekend as Life College took it on the chin 27-0, and 18-0. With the coming of Easter the team finally rose to the 500 mark as a northerly swing netted the Toreros four wins in five games to put their record at 11-9-1. The Torero nine leveled off their upward climb as they split eight games in the next two weeks. Included in that string however were big wins over West Coast powers San Diego State, Los Angeles State, and Chapman College. 8 xy- fy, K - Bottom Row tLeft to Rightl Ken Kinsman jerry Norman, Bill Crompton, Mel Arnerich, Steve Davis, john McNamara Center Row Rich Ruberts Dave Agosto, Clary Myron, Dave Gonzalez, Dave Car- penter Top Row Pete Moring Randy Peterson, Greg Tomczyk, Steve Bajo, john Wathan, Steve Ar- chambault Coach Cunningham Not Pictured Tom Berry. 1 s- , ti:-' :V .. sw, - v'.f,?'-'-J'-151 7 - - - K ., gk . ,. ff . . K' X : M, .1, , 1 I- --.Q ' um 5 ' k--' . K N Q- :Q ...,, ' ' f- 4, maart' ,UQ my f. ails Continuing to play their best ball against top rated teams, the Toreros defeated Long Beach State 726 and knocked off the Aztecs for the third straight time 10-8. As the season began to wane, May brought longer and brighter days for the team. Splitting a doubleheader with UC Riverside, downing U.S.I.U., and taking the final game from Chapman College to even the season series with the nations No. 1 small college team, the Tore- ros had found the winning mold. The squad closed out the year with two games with MCRD. The Toreros blasted the Marines 'I7-4 on Tues- day afternoon. Wednesday was a different story, however, with the Leathernecks taking charge 5-3. Individually the Toreros had extremely impressive sta- tistics and self-satisfying years. Steve Davis had another fine year on the mound as did Gary Myron, who received the Outstanding Pitcher award for the second year in a row. Each player had his moments of greatness during the season and each gained some personal rewards. The Most Valuable Player was team captain and junior catcher john Wathan. john batted .430 with 61 hits, 6 2B's, 7 3B's, 3 HR's, and 39 RBl's. Also to his credit were 24 stolen bases. He set career records for most hits, most doubles, most triples, and most stolen bases. With these credentials john was selected to the College Division All- American second team. The young Toreros fulfilled many of their hopes and left some dreams for the coming years. USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD Cal State Fullerton Whittier Whittier Mesa College U.C. San Diego U.S.l.U. Occidental Occidental U.C. San Diego San Diego State Loyola CLAJ Mesa College Life College Life College Loyola CLAJ Loyola CLAJ U.C. Santa Barbara Cal Lutheran Long Beach State Pasadena Pasadena San Diego State U.C. Irvine U.C. Irvine U.S.l.U. Chapman Chapman M.C.R.D. Los Angeles State Los Angeles State Long Beach State San Diego State U.C. Riverside U.C. Riverside U.S.l.U Chapman Chapman M.C.R.D. M.C.R.D. -Q,-,K Q f - .. Nl . 4 .. if V 4 'wwf is Wt, ,eq- el we was . , s.-:www ax-T3"i??f '.aii., L q y , , gf-lx:-wma ,,. t. .t 1-'sf r - is W' W s., r - f f, N , vw B S Q ,, 'ff' 4-as wfftftw'fwf-g,m11f'i'JwWt'frs:t'f1s f SKKMA s. r L t cc " S . 1-if? ERA 0.00 2.08 2.30 2.85 3.31 4.34 4.50 2.94 4.35 2' M, ' mis-r'f1.4f4gr '.'i'ffk. if fi f J-ii -fu, .ygtfirfi 1 , 4 2 , i fwfl ir 3 eff-'s iiff i , 45 9333? ' 4 r if 'nfl X K, 5,10 -gf' Q, K 1 5 gl f' , ,rarmss f s- my 1 ,. . I- .X f..HQfq :, , -- -at 7,-ggi' f .f - , ,,i9,fA.K 6 Lg. 'is,r,1,1gt,,M,5y,,14g5 -is '. gg,w':g,w ,,g,M5i5 AI ,Egg 5 .1 1 ,K Ruberts, Dub Wathan, john Tomczy k, Greg McNamara, john Norman, jerry Gonzalez, Dave Myron, Gary Arnerich, Mel Peterson, Randy Archambault, Steve Kmsnwn,Ken Bajo, Steve Crompton, Bill Berry, Tom N4OfU1g,PGt8 Davis, Steve CarpenUer,Dave USD Totals Opponents Batting Statistics ,RB R H 9 2 4 142 36 61 5 1 2 33 9 13 83 19 26 134 37 40 58 9 17 122 21 35 119 17 31 32 4 8 101 11 25 130 23 29 91 13 20 55 7 11 69 14 12 31 3 5 8 O 1 1241 229 344 1122 161 275 CT 444 430 400 394 313 299 293 287 261 250 248 223 220 200 174 161 .125 .277 .245 Surfing When the still sea conspires an armor And her sullen and aborted Currents breed tiny monsters, True sailing is dead. Awkward instant And the first animal is jettisoned, Legs furiously pumping Their stiff green gallop, And heads bob up Poise Delicate Pause Consent In mute nostril agony Carefully refined And sealed over. --lim Morrison Dennis Brookes Bill Lukasik Mike Curtis Wight M 'm Ftzpa r c lim Corbiel Bob Matson jim Mulvey George Krosman Steve Mol joe Nehl number4usanumber4us ber4usanumber4usanur usanu m ber4usanu mber nu m ber4usanu mber4us ber4usanu m ber4usanu n 167 Golf 2 and 14--Had a good time Drank Beer before after and during the matches We spent more time rapping with the other team than tryingto beat them It was cool! I was like a walk in the park twice a week except that we carried bags and had to stop and hit the ball every once in awhile I shall vanish and be no more, But the land over which I now roam Shall remain And change not. --Warrior Song of the Omaha 168 Nobody cared but why should we. , . no organization, no practice no scholarships, no uniforms no coach no team no golf It was cool! --Michael Breen Sports Editor - Golfer .L .nina fix if Q I KNEELINC: Rick Heitzig, Mike Breen. STANDING: lim Elko, Mike Maher, Steve Yavorsky, Bob Mirch, Coach Ralph johns, Shane McFadden, I. I. Cerniglia. Ks' "'i' l 3 A its If 5.5 ww... Tennis With a union of mind, spirit, and dedication, the tennis team embarked on a 26 match crusade. The efforts of a tireless tennis coach had brought to- gether in the space of two years the people who through trust, love, and skill had the most successful year in the USD sports era. The recruiting of lohn Pettus, Larry Lupian, and joe Washington provided just the right mix of personalities and talent to blend with Mike McCulloch, Mike Taylor, lohn Lopez, and Oscar Rodriguez to form a unified team. Coach Curt Spanis was even thoughtful enough to add a touch of beauty to the raw power of his squad as Teresa Jennings and Marcia McChrystal became the No. 8 and No.9 seeds. From the beginning it was apparent that this was going to be no ordinary year for the Toreros as they handily defeated U.S.l.D. for the first time in the history of the school 7-2. After three relatively easy victories the team lost its only home match of the year as early season jitters helped Chapman College to a 5-4 win. A little angry at their blunder the netters crushed four straight opponents 9-0 before giving up a single point. -...hi X, gggb , KNEELINC: Oscar Rodriguez, Larry Lupian, john Lopez. STANDING: loe Washington, Teresa Jennings, Mike Taylor, Mike McCulloch, Coach Curt Spanis. NOT PICTURED: lohn Pettus. USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD USD Match Score U.S,l.U. Loma Linda University Biola College Chapman College Cal State Dominguez Hills Southwestern College Palomar College Southern California College Southwestern College Southern California College La Verne Biola College Loyola CLAJ St. Mary's University of San Francisco Santa Clara University of Pacific University of Nevada KLVJ U.S.l.U. Loyola CLAJ Chapman College Palomar College Cal State Dominguez Hills La Verne As the easy wins continued, the team began to direct their energies at reaching the College Divi- sion finals. The netters piled up eleven straight wins as they swept past all their competion. Easter brought the team a long deserved trip as they scheduled four teams from the San Francisco area. St. Mary's fell in the opening match 7-2. Top major college competion finally gave the team a measuring stick of their ability, as they matched the full scholarship University of San Francisco with USD's no scholarship program and fought on even terms but lost 5-4. Santa Clara proved to be just as tough and the team lost for the last time in 1970, 5-4. Coach Spanis' rearrangement of the Torero line-up did the trick against the University of the Pacific. The Toreros won 5-4 and returned home tired but satisfied. With a bid to the finals right around the corner, the team went into a semi-slump. The netters con- tinued to win big and even avenged their previous loss to Chapman, but the quality of tennis was slip- ping. The tennis improved greatly as the bid came and a new horizon appeared. The season drew to a close at 21-3 as the tennis team coasted in with eight wins in a row. Three weeks of work lay between them and the finals in Hayward, California and they used it to get ready. Although they did not get the luck of the draw, the Toreros proved themselves of top national cal- iber, USD's No. 1 and No. 2 doubles pairs of Pettus- Taylor and McCulloch-Lupian defeated some of the seeded pairs. john Pettus, who was seeded, and Larry Lupian distinquished themselves in the singles. The seven points that the team got was just seven less than champion UC Irvine and good for fifth place in thetournament. Starting from nowhere, with nothing but a de- termined coach, USD tennis had come to the moun- tain and still continues to climb. ,WHWWP "Thanks to all you loyal fans who came out and encouraged us to do so well this year. Next year we'll have to give a lecture on how to keep score and when you should applaud discretely. Several of our "losing" opponents were terribly dismayed at the hootin, hollerin, and jeering when they blew a stroke. In fact fans, some of you did the same CI know so did Il when one of our killers blew a stroke. It just isn't Cricket you know." --Curt Spanis T74 No.1 Seed john Pettus No.2 Seed Mike McCulloch No. 3 Seed Mike Taylor No.4 Seed Larry Lupian No. 5 Seed joe Washington No.6 Seed john Lopez No. 7 Seed Oscar Rodriguez No. 8 Seed Teresa Jennings Fifth Place Played Wo n Lost 45 37 8 48 41 7 45 40 5 48 44 4 39 29 10 31 27 4 25 1 7 8 6 5 1 'Vo Won 82.2 85.4 88.8 91.7 74.3 87.1 68.0 83.4 NCAA College Dlvlslon Finals nv-"""' ff! ,,, .LL L 0 sm ' r xa- ,x?,t1. ,' ax ' ' 191-Q A .jj 4 I P act 'Wx x ,ma R F15 , ,Aw ,J W! ,X L Ex ii 4. .Q V ,MM .. I. 1 nA . 5 at ,, . 4: S x '.,' ,. 'vi K Y 'QQQ4-,m,.' A 4: ms., .' x ' X 3 LM 5 P ? .a 1 ! J I xg N R - . , .Va I is - . I .am -, ' - f '. 4 ,H nf, f Y 0-.xv ' L ' . 5 - S -'Ri '- ' ' "'--.1 Class Officers KFROM TOP TO BOTTOMJ: Les Hamlin, Secretary, Greg Nolan, Treasurer, Pat McCarthy, President, Terry Hanten, Soclal Chairman, and Katy Stubbs, Vice President Knot picturedj. 9 juniors and vice-presidents are two ofa kind: they're just biding their time.--anonymous U N I O R S ' 178 gl 5' ffilv s zsff' ,. C 'K EE: 13: fi .. ,:. ,ft aww-T fi Wm? M55 a- 'Z 9 if 3 , 5 as 7 W ggi!! if ll 7 Q ttti r V . y .,:,L, .ih yy M A' ty , in , I' :.V. I Ki . .,k, L, 'I y A if .1 ' K 11532015 2 t.,t.,.tws6, ,A Q bg, ' if. lack Albade Luis Arciniega ll Bill Arnold Thomas H. Barzantny Teri Beaudoin Marie Beaussier Dorothy Bennett William Bergman Tina Bernal Kathy Bistagne Karl Blasinski David A. Brabant Pat Bradshaw lack S. Broussard Kathleen Browne Mary Magdalen Bullock Helen Burke Frank Burns Doug Burson Sandra Byers Thomas Cain Pauline Carbone Ken Carr Leonor Carrasco james E. Chaffin Stev Chambers Denton Collier Debbie Comfort lan Conant lon Connor Sam Contino lohn Costello Rick Courtright Philip Creider George Davey Lillian C. Davis Steven Dellemann Mike Diaz john Donovan Thomas W. Doyle john Dykzeul Thomas W. Edmunds lim Elko Bunny Emery Michael Emery Richard Enriquez Michael Eyer Ranae Farrell Anne Fayard Kathy Fleming if M W 5 X Q.. il' f,v-4-"H--M W F fe- in if" sf fr , E... , x -N g f ,. ll-fr 'M K E .mfiafi :wf"f :" -22521 1 , . my A N ""1Q , ge .i by " Q' ss . , 14 s . S W E Eg we V5 , K :wh aw- f m el t.. 5 r t w wafer?" , " 3,5 , if 5, iS A ' A i , rw af. I l, or it Q'-'C' , refs ,7 iffy? if 'W' 415 . I sf New rx' , fl,.., .ml- y at ff it r F! LV if Q ml a ' W X W yy L ytjt so whim' ' 1 . Q-f"'1f f ' " L'ff V NJ K l 4 'Mr 5 joe Fogel Robert Freeman Peter Gaffney Mireya Garcia Sterling Garret Mary Gill Brenda Graf Mary L. Green Meg Greening Robert Gutierez Les H. Hamlin Terry Hanten joe Harrison jeanne Hartmans jim Hennessey Ken Herbenar My Le Hoang janet F. Howard Dan Israel Leonard jones lean Karlan Steve Kelley jim Kiely Barbs Kindlein losepha Kinnon Carol Kristufek jeffrey Kroth Richard Leaf Christina Lee Margaret Leggett jan Liberato Sara Lobb Kathy Lockyer Donata Luberski Sheila Madden Stephen Maddox Tim Martin Stephanie Maclntire Patrick McCarthy Mari Pat McEncroe lane McGillicuddy Dave Mclntyre Harry G. McKinney III K - ll 5 .i . -' , , 1,1 X 5: 6 , H . -X721 V , V A tg, 'l"' ' ' V "': '--, L A it L' ' 'A":V" I ,""' - 12.1 K i f . ,,- gs. Eh' ' U12 1.25, l i 7 .1 4, iWA?5'E fr. ff 5 Q W: sf! l - I , If fjigif S i ,F ' If :V-- - J 7"r" L L ji: Ba? llllllllll E QQ? ,yytgxllxl 2 A My IQ. . xW L 19 4. ,iz q,,fS',i Q .. J t'1'x i o r f v 5, ,L 1, K 11" V .V Q Vi' if 1 v ,JUS Q . ln: F ,K .,, F ,ff uwpw M :sv 'K no N VVV Y A , , re ..,. , : 5 Atfrw-" F ,lt J is? , 32359, ' l Rm-is K if Evelyn McRae john Miller Tom Miller Bob Mitchell Elsa Mix Elizabeth Monforte joseph Moten Peggy Mulschell Mary Murphy Sister Murphy Andrea Merten Gary Myron Steve Nasman Gloria Navor Donald Nevarez David Newark Sandra Nicolay Greg Nolan lo Ann Oberst Thomas O'Neil Mario Orlando Roderick Ozust Daniel Padilla Terry Parker lulieta Perez Maria B. Perez loan A. Pesely Kath rine Phelps Richard Picard Larry Pickard Pamela Pin kston Richard D. Pipkin Thomas F. Powers Larry Pulte Somsakdi Purushahansa Ezzard Randle Marcia Rarick Richard Reich y X sgam , 5 X ilkm l NE .sw ' az i l T i ' ff' No, it's not in Spain, but all the . - - f, 2355? E 'm', Q I , . . .S .5 gg? K: 1 J x 1 iw? 5 My P I Ea 455. it If '53 x ' 'UTS ,, ... .. ..r 9 1' as it is T R N .4 1 X a.. . i f if T A if ii, S E. if ,A ' -L 'L' A 5 a groovy name and the wind'5 just right.-jimi Hendrix. 5 S h i ., ' hh AWWA' .. ii' H M ry ' . ' f i5f+9"' 1 A Z ' ' L-an-f A '- Q ff 1 ,f K L Ji a' A iw'-W. it Z Sakai.. t - ...L 5339 112 'Q 3351372 ill! ' M -+ Mfg., - A 1 . m e A 3 J ,fly , M A .X W. 'Q 'A john Michael Renner Thomas Richter Linda Rodriguez Oscar Rodriguez Tom Ronco john Rudd Richard Sabosky jesus Sanchez Cynthia Sanders Paul Schanes Harvey Schlockman Susie Sch ulteis joan Schweitzer Kathleen Sefchick jose M. Serra Frank Silva john j. Silva Cary Smith Maude Smith Tina Smith Todd H. Smith Barbara Soutar john Spillane Greg Stahl Sister Mary Stella Carole Stern joseph Stewart Kathy R. Stoddard Katy Stubbs loanne Sullivan Mark Swanson Gil Taitano Patty Tamulonis janet Taylor lan Tuomainen Elvira Uranga George Uribe Miguel Valdez Teresa Valdez Bob Van dera Fred Van Patten Laurie Vasquez Lee Vincent Houng Vinh-Hung Kathleen Waczek Doug Waldron Steve Walker Pat Wall Marilyn Wallace Rick Walton Alice Ward lohn Wathan lerry Whitfield O. Thomas White loyce Willoughby Randon Woodard Bill Waters Zig " FE J- S .Ji '52 .... if fwteswtr .. M, mf-it fmfm,-Q. Em gk it a S 3 ' ,f.::!:efHfwff?-S ..-- My A ,141 for .- ." .ir W v 1 ,, ' ,t Q-siLh"'?v iii' f 5.2! EV v ' fe ei' W W of L f , t y mf , grit flaws f . 9 , eg , . 42 V vktiii' f . FW" . ' 1-iff ? ,ar ,, , In l ' ' .b A 'gfwi ' tlili A ' 'NN 1 fa W W t 5' . hy, Lila- I r 'K f ,. , , P 9 M 1 .Q I S f wi K 2 ,. fr 3- it , if gl a '. . 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Ames Maria Andrade Rich Aronson Lea Ayers Elaine Baldwin Steve Bajo Steve Baker Ron Barefield Rosemary Bennett Eileen Best Cathleen Bittick Faye Brooks Carol Brown Maria Boshak Leon Bowens Richard L. Brink Margaret Burges Louis Caneido Barbara Cagliero Donna Crawford Greg Daulton Charles Davis Charles Destefano john Clarence DeVine Maggie Elick David Cherry John Ciernick Douglas Clark Cherie Cox Greg Craigmiles Richard D. Cudlip Ray East Michael Erickson 3 2-, -if I , , Q 'jggigi' 5 Q wa .Q yk. ,,,b 5 ff1P'31 ap L lxf! V, S 5351 ,,.. i:-4-:3: ..:q,,,. is 4Q , : The saying that beauty is but skin deep is but a skin-deep saying. -Ruskin 9,1 Y, , y A 'S fl ,f X A ff -- am,-s H E I' K :si E- L '63 If Q4 f c ll X x' 8 0 4 1 ""' E -rxfws, ,JV W, wk ff" 64 L if are L Q H' as ff al W fm L is Ez Y Q X' j ,vyx if z, W' ff' ks Tom Giebel Linda Gott Paul Graves Michael L. Hall Susan Hart Gerald Hermsen Michael Herndon jim Hofman Marleen Holik jim Hruska Kathy Hurley Larry jackson Thomas L. james Mike jones Eileen judge Debby Kahe Deirdre Kennedy lay Kern loe Kloberdanz Blaine Lamb Pam Lenore Alma Lirnon Anita Lococo Melody Malloy Robert Mattson Michael McCulloch Mary Pat McDerrnand loan Mc Donald Rosanne McGilIic:uddy Teri Meierbachtol Dan Meyers Steve Molina Bill Montgomery Anna M. Moore Sirri Moriarty lohn Murphy Patricia Murphy .- Z 'J' if .. 4'- Q , ve f--- e , .f,-f ww, A.f, was mf far-JEL 1 '4" i I. J ff-nr, n :ffm f. V -,-', zxsfggqsr Q x :ffl '1'-W 3' -2 , ,,, , is ir 'li ji dia 5 . T5 2 LX L ttrtti Q, ttet it Br . if N . i P ' QV-K1 .M I ,.. Q !e2,i:Qz,. - 351155559 ' ' N e w:s" ,'X , Arima- " L ii. . 1? , A 7 x I ,,.,, -- it --f- f -gg fm-y 1 i -f rti is t M . V' 'ft it W 1 yi at -yy? '-'K'-P' . I fl- f if an .Rif-rt' - ta' Y W . W. Y ,Rv N vp , . . Robert Nagle I Pauleen Murphy Q W ff PM . a 4 i A ... A L . 12' 1 iq P I. :k"'7-N3 J i ,,"N, ' ' Q . Q, .4 133 4' in "-Qxvf AS ,. , Q x 4. m i E mv v I 'YT' 'B '1 Pat Newman Linda Noel Kevin O'Hara Mary Oliver Terri Padua Cathy Peterson john Peterson Amnuey Pichitpongchai Cathy Piscevic Paul 1. Ponganis Karen Quirico Greg Reaume james Ritchey Mike Robins Katie Roach Steve Rodriguez Lano Rosko Michael Rudnitsky Harry Ruggeroli Esteban Ruvalcaba Paul Sammon Amy Schreiber Anita Shoop john Snider Christina Stewart Patricia Stuyvesant Kathleen Thomas Hall Thompson Mickey Th rower james Tichenor Virginia Trombley Linda Ursino William Valdivia Martha Valle Richard Vega Marilyn Viarengo Gretchen Von Tobel Eileen Walsh Sandee Walton Francis Wannino Bill Waters Wendy L. Wegeforth Stephen West Chris Wholey Larry Wiggins Patty Williams Steve Whitcher Bill Woody lim Yakes Steve Yavorsky Q IA' Q "' is aiu . . ,ara ., 'f":EE':fEE ' En.'5?:.5f. TL X va-,. ,Sagem K g T ,, .Way ft X J Q - SQY' tween , :. WT Mr A I 'N . wg! 'T if lb 'Gall i ,.:r gy X- uri? in ,wr Tl 5 ii N-iii Q T AP W!" H K , ,Af K ,. 7, ,, A 4 ,, Q .i . iiilkikg gkl , K -. ,f my 'ii .-ftfies " - 4- --M Q - M . ,,:L , spa-na if l Class Officers: Roger Mussenden ihanging from treel, Social Chairmang Terry Liberatore fsitting in treel, Secretary, istanding from left to right areij Bob Hart, Treasurerg Pam Steffy, Social Chairmang Brian Handley, Vice Presidentg and Tim Harris, President. l l F R H M N Q Freshmen are like flower buds Q under three feet of snow.--anonymous 196 W ,,.W , 's Lex..-' i. 'MYR 5ffiLi':i' . ff: W -. L. A is serif? . T ,," 1 'H 9' if il ,...! .,:: .., , f "' R fx 33? -as pls: Wi.. Si? 252955 5 if 4 ' 1 wi e li? QW? , 53-uf 2 f ML T ,. , ig i ., fr1Uif,,B' , '-:. a X"-Q 1 '- dl E , eaff1:ff2f'+3fQsag,,tgg gg a f im K ' my Q fi 4 .,:. ff, , -:. f , , ti f t 2 -.., Mario Aeder Douglas Alcantra Cindy Anderson Frances Antonio Steve Archibald Adolfo Y. Arvizu Pete August Rita Bachini Michael D. Backlund Ross W.K. Baker Mike Bajo jim Bandoli Dennis Barnett Thomas W. Barnett Mary Bartek Tom Baumann james E. Beale julie Becklund lim Bennett Maureen Blackburn Manley Bland Larry Bouche Linda Braun Michael Breen Dennis A. Brooks Maria Brophy Serita Rene Brown loe Bulfer Ronni Burkhalter Bruce Cahill Maria Teresa Cano Karen Casey Drew Catapano Mary Ann Capps Timothy Chambers V ,samvgazsa -fia1mgwQg,i Diane Chevalier X ' K Greg Cooper Q 5 ii 'Wi D Carol Collins C , W 4: :: . . - - V 'Safe . Bob Co meau 2, s Karen Correa r a 5 Q 13 ,W V . g , C7 C Al Coury ' . A A llll . ' ' V b jim Crapt A ' ' ' 1 K i ' .J X . . 21- I L X , 1 l ll' X F 2 r Steven Ellis Crane yt Q David Croisetiere ...Q 5' Lavina Cruz ,g H 3' Isaac Cubillos Sara Cunningham Michael Cunninghar Anthony Cutri Angela Dalfio ' 'xzwzf-'1z:fi 4 X Gregory Dalton Floyd L. Davis Francisco Diaz Gary Di Carlo Loyola Dillon ,tafw C rstirtst ' ' ssy C yt r xy : X . - r:':A C -I 12, rza 1 X I x er ,JM W.. ' wilou, .f ,f user' f E EEI i f 2,W f is ,V Q I, 'sp rr- sl l L Z ::..V' 1 P in , .,,. ,V . -5,,2 xg x' , - .. ' infer in ,L t VV I A . Linda Di Noto Laura Doan Gregory Downs Karen Doyle Dennis Dugan David F. Dukelow Mariette Easter lohn Early jim Eichenberg Karl Eklund Robert England Antoinette Ernandes Federico C. Espinoza Mark Evans Michael Evans A HHH 1, i i rsv E ,. t za ii F Zb: yr A N so ig? S ta f - - -:fm . F Patrick Farkas john Feather Lark Folsom Colette Ford lames Fornaca Richard Forster Allen G. Freymuth john Gallo losie Garcia Marilyn Gary William P. Gerlach lose Gomez Karen Gott Richard Gove Timothy Graham William Greggs Mari Frances Grove Ch ris Haddad lan Haegen Bill Hall Brian Handley William Harper Tim Harris Bob Hart Sandy Hauxhurst Therese Hawkins Patricia Hebson ludy Heinz S G 6 , G , fd. I mf? with ii H a an-4 4bq,,,, J- vf -Q 2 ,,:: q w: , 1 we 7- A -E W' ' , . fy i'i' tir f t ' G3 -1:.'I-5525? ' L nl gi , ,k., ,KE it ,.- fiif' .55 2' JEVS' , ., . EH-E Y r,,K 3 , 2 2 , ff A22 521 mf . t f . .- ww Y ix' 1. 1 fi ff :YYY Al? 2, .ff .V.. ir ji' a 4' if ,.f,g3,51, r g .73 J J-'sz gg sf.. an , ,mf wr QW f ,ff .. rl wf Q ww f l '1 f f : .,,, E fi ' 'W' Avlrfnf' if my 51 ar We was L In .1 5, .. 'f E 1 ae? as if jx! L -E 4,3538 WZ' Cynthia Henderson Michael Hermsen Suzanne Higgins Frank Hiner Joe Hoffman Georgann Horton Don Howard Adria Howatt Nancy lrey Teresa Jennings Chris Jensen John Jimenez Gregory Joiner Janelle Karcher Jerome T. Karcher William J. Kane Frances Kearney Margaret Kelly Kathleen Jane Kerr Ruddy Kevin Cynthia L. Kiester Deborah L. Kimball Gail Knosp Dan Kopala Robert Kreuzer Ruth Kristufek George Krogmann lim Kyriaco Debbie La Camera jacquelyn R. Landis Patricia Latorre George Laubacher Theresa Lee Pamela C. Leighton Kerry Lee Leiser joseph Lessard Ramon Leyba Teresa Liberatore lim Libershall Claudia Little Marsha Heather Long Timothy Luberski Rick Luce Daniel Maddox Marcie Madueno lohn M. Majenskey Muffie Mangin Robert Manning Peter Man no Toni Marasco Ann McCabe Meg McCarty Marcia McCh rystal Camille McCormack Tony McClish Lisa McCloskey Chris McFadden lohn McNamara va A K, .. 5 - aa. , 4 . 4 , auf Tl LE li a rs t rr f ' wiv P 5 . , , i T 54 K Z X . x, 'A ' Q: A 5 gil f - f SI, ti mr, LKL' isisggm u , V Q ,ax i 'E 'X i X V K ' Q-: . f - T ni, .'-. i ff - if 'P is X Ta , ft A ra? Q 'v:: .ak lt' . in M WFT' ef I5 ' y.,,+-r ' -to 'iv x , Q H i M if 1 an Q. 11? C A - V- Q ' , -'L rf- riff l""f, Q ,L A .. .. 4 9'4 1 A " ' ' W ,inks H 34 '55 .1 4 William Moore Kathy Morrissey Robert Mounger Paul Moulton Thomas G. Mroch lean Mumford Charles Mulligan Roger Mussenden Nena Navarro joe Nehl Eric Nieser George Niebank III Bill Nieves Drucilla Nores Pat Ng Sue Ellen Oakes Thomas O'Gara lanice Oliver Chris Oweil jim Parker james C. Patola Dennis M. Patrick Don Paxton Adriana Pazmany Leslie Pedroarena ,,,- .f " " f - -,fm Q ,, 5 1' Z f - c M i' Y'i: 'Gi MQ' sir I wk ,vga :A , i , ,gt iiis 5 slse 1,5 , 4 5.5 ! A f , , J L -2 ifigfiffill YT'-'ififl' C 'rw-W 'di -I ' x ,t,, S! b V i iilfi 4 4 'S it . i 1 13: 5 in ?,3 .,x, i QL ..i?:44f,i LQ 1 1325 -E. ."'9 , v M il AQ ' L - A zi- ur Y .afi ' Q zb.. L 2 . L, - K sg" Qi . R, ,f m ay 7..,Z 'S .r i- :fi J mbz lq U ,A,:,, I Q5 I .L I l l K by E l 47 ,- if , . , J ggi! t 5 ts Q K navy ri , 3 , x I Susan Pendergast Denis Peirce Gus Pennell Sue Peters Deborah Pickens Ann Posson Mary Potter Mark Rafter Patricia Ragen Colleen Ransom Bernard J. Rensky loyce Ann Richter Jesus Rodriguez Marie Roger Bruce Romano Richard Rubert Lorraine Rubino Kathy Ryan Maria Elda Salazar Brian Salmon Lupe Sandoval Clarence L. Schmidt Gary Schons lohn C. Schultheis Gloria Scott Debbie Shattuck john Shaw Fouad Shebany james Sibley Theis Gie Simpson Stephanie Skoby Bozena Skrzywanek Ann Smith Cary Smith Douglas Smith Kathy Spencer Carol Sperrazzo George A. Sprowls Carol Sramek Larry Stappleton Pam Steffy Harmon Stevens john Stong Michael Sturn Steve Swanser Mike Tanguay Sue Terry Vicki Travaglini Lynne Twohig tw 'Lip-'N le: -. s 3 Q' W W' . i s I it Wiwpaw ws s f-iff' .im .fy . gg' 1' aw .. .W Y.. N-'v,! NX x 'S Pwmzga '-M rx A 4 S., ' 'W fra 31 "' 191 L. 2 1 5 ai K I UQ? , qi? .fi S, 7 , X if 5 Kimi, A fi , H S 3-:Q R iff if ,M Vg. y, ff t fx 'XV '2f- t Doug Walker Wendy Walker Mary Wanket Teresa Warfield Olivia Warlick Katie Watkins Howard Webb Gregg W. Wellner Pat Westfall Richard Wheeler Kathie Whitcher john L. White Madeline Wiedower Mary Wiggins Peter Hofrath Christie Ann Wood Paul Wleklinski lohn Yanni Pat Yetman Magarita Yorba e as ew ww . ww? , i??1s5-f-H252 -f M.- M, .. .,.v.M,-. 4 Mf5.fE1Qfw -wp, .QQ 3-.fvsfw wfwsm t an Jw Whzl wl,.,,1 , hfh, .vu -qw H .fs .V U 4 AWE! sw -gfiP51gisEQfei,s2e5f Mm 12- Qfzmf wgmiz4M?ga:gf9gQ?1 ,A :"'1.1s'w ,X-A -2- Tx- nngfkx X N -W, f,..W ,f M, -2 ,v., ,W ,L ff ww, ,L gwgi 15 my fn gs! 2l:s:'z'5j Q v .. aku A Q5 QQ .za:1a::za xgzfgii? '35 is :.,a gig? Qn., 1 :..,: X zgz .. 1 5953 ig 2 ,la K K is ,. g. A :LEE f . .1.. , ,E 'Z .! if : - .... : -,,,::::.. .. . gf, -.,--gi : :- gf. mga. M .f my if 2 5 W ag - Ls, 'Kia ,X 3, 5 Q5 , Q Q A Q ' 2 2521 .Q i P , ,X , M ggi 5 Sud V F 'ft- igiwi Wi A E 3 H R, .n2Qfp442f'ifefag5fRjg,2fg5 4 :' ' ,feiwsffis,ayyggixgaffggaffgiizyifffwidueszixff .. , f. mfgiwffegzufW,--J.1,y313,Afevwf?u- QbeQggifs52iafgf,P:s552egee5gP1f dwg wgpw ,K A A A M. ,A L-f vigil. amsfwzsm,25132Qieefwlr-Qwsgwzfvlvs ,Aa -xklfpxiig 29' KQV sw:w,wf51aff'exa, 5:2:Q1i?9m .ami ne! Y M A .2 ,Ev 7.v,,,o3M-,,aMLff., :QM w W f img?El5:i?.j5!?755T?7iPf5Fug i:w4frf:ff3z2,21wz'ei'-Sw I-. :. -V :- m:fH93f1ax,'i5Q"mJQ?Qi1fIIf? 'firii swf?-ff12'rl' ---f:::-- . :: .."m.i.x:r.x+:::2! --Cmm' 'fzwfq-.5 f--f , .:.sr5M-,mf ees: 5:1,,g:wa,,z',-::.,-: L-: :J : 5-f, -: .."Hf i .- 6 0 21-'f iyailg, A 'g-.Q .V " ' ' -ff" W Aw 1 0 1.1311 'S - K .3 H -- X 5 'r' W w 3 H 5 S. 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TOLLEY i Compliments of the Brothers of PHI KAPPA THETA Fraternity sz I x,'i? Vw KING LUIS INN Cocktails Dancing 81 Entertainment 5125 Linda Vista Rd Your Host L S th CONGRATULATIONS FROM USD LIBRARY STAFF 1 3 COMPLIMENTS OF THE USD LADIES AUXI LLARY SPEEDEE MART WHERE SHOPPING TAKES JUST A SECOND" School Supplies Snacks Magazines 5150 Linda Vista Rd. 296-9419 IN LA JOLLA LUELLA'S BRIDAL 81 FORMALS Formerly Claire Stuard's Bridal BRIDAL GOWNS BRIDESMAIDS MOTHER OF THE BRIDE INVITATIONS 81 ACCESSORIES On Complete Weddings We Deliver Dress and Attend You At Church At No Additional Cost Eves. By Appointment Only 454-4481 1251 Prospect St. LaJolla colvlPLnvlENTs OF THE ALCALA GUILD COMPLIMENTS OF THE UNITED ASSOCIATED STUDENTS President Bob Blake IVlen's Vice President - Randy Woodard Womens Vice President - Andi Merton Corresponding Secretary - Tim Harris Recording Secretary - Debbi Comfort Treasurer - CraigAmmon Chief Justice - John Murphy 1k ,x M SIR TUC'S CLEA NER PRESIDIO LIQUOR FO'me"V Tops 5939 Linda vista Rd. 291-5400 355 IVIOYGHG Blvd. 297-1516 CAcross From Kinney'sJ NEXT DOOR TO PRESIDIO NURSERY STUDENT DISCOUNT ON DRY CLEANING ONLY MONEY ORDERS KEG BEER--LIQUOR DELICATESSEN s.wlNEs UNE HOUR SERVICE TUXEDO RENTAL OPEN DAILY 9:00 AM TO 1:30 AM SHOE REPAIR SUNDAY 9:ooAM TO 10:00 PM ALTERATIQNS LAUNDRY ,,kk ' . !7f'f"iA-vwfisf ' F1291 'WF' V"'9fSJf i131?? ,, --I SEVEN - MARKET FOOD MARKET "Down the Hill From USD NAPA ST. AND LINDA VISTA RD I A COMPLIMENTS OF THE ST. FRA NCIS SEMI NARY 's J.. . .1 A ,, .X-V. N , . 45 1 4 , .K 5-,w '- . xdi 1 1 - gr -H-:luv -an L 1 Y , A 3,X, 1?-Q -ur-1' N Qi xvgklkg f -. Q mf, , nr 'ay ff ,' 5 if A Rygiwk QS" is we .6 , L gl K p . '21 Kia fl Af il yur i. S xx an 'J las, is J 5 . my , x me l. "' 1 A xigv- Q ww-H'3 i .- ,, . , 3 " " ,. ff LQ! A K 'L A ,Pk fs: Q lx-Ms: . i K K . ar V N, Q K 1 W 'V iii gg' Q' , ,S,'?'f XJ, 3 In , , L ,AVL V 3505 'lwfiia ' f m .1 Q - V f , g f f Q , V -.f,iwv,,f. ,Wy Mg 'gg-,AMN ,, ,. A "i'i.,' f: CONGRATULATIONS "CLASS OF 1970" FROM . . ln CUS PHOTOGRAPHY NATURAL COLOR a BLACK a WHITE FINE PORTRAITURE 8: WEDDINGS A 1 U i ak 1 Qi Q, '52 3 -A. 1 i s 'fi' 1 x " .- , if if 1-1' 222 Qin X 'W 1- stinky 5 RIS Swim? Akai wg kk if 304,35 ming? new 2355-Q . if :Eli .ss'iei.i5gqg31 53? ii: W 55 Swv 1,35 ,yz V 5 i ' f--fnszgfsg We hoped you have enjoyed the show We're sorry but it'5 time to go. We'd like to thank you once again It's getting very near the end. --john Lennon

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University of San Diego - Alcala Yearbook (San Diego, CA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


University of San Diego - Alcala Yearbook (San Diego, CA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


University of San Diego - Alcala Yearbook (San Diego, CA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


University of San Diego - Alcala Yearbook (San Diego, CA) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


University of San Diego - Alcala Yearbook (San Diego, CA) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 1


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