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I , J. ,A ,I -,. w 'WV' ' Y '17 A ,W gg. 1 , ,G 1" y -ap-'SIL K ,v-I 1 ' v-rw this 7 ,Z 1 w . -,,, 1 - , ,L . ., ..- 5-,W , .". 'V FNV,g"'Jl rib? "1-f I ' Ax In ayvllp. . 13211 qw, HE.. , ., A Avi. ' 'q,..f,1'v ri --zijkffir' 'r yn-. ' 515.1 " ' ' F fx: Y - F-E - .1 . ,-n-w .K x 12' P 1 :L r r I + 11 - Nm.. ' 'r- ,.- if .I Y MW . 'f 'Pi' 9' Aviv' - LE ll ix- f . JJ ... 4 ,figs ami -QL.. , ' I . .f in 1 v, 5 4- ' dy l 1 fr . Q 5' if ffl? " fl' V ' m Q I " '. ff" , A f ...I , pl , ' ' 4 L5 Q ,.5, QI: " lleigli,-9.?i' 1-":.f-QL, . --I ' .gig-I . - 4 AL' VJ 'gba-..3'Q5' 5. 45, .ff-HU,f:4.,-,ij xjix . A I '- f N F- 1 '-1.1 - rf:-lu.-1 f -'Q--Ii ' .Sq 41--5,q,gL.'T-' 5- , , :j , - f'f'fW2'1+-fi., -Z3-5? wi' , .'f2.1Ef', 1 I -A-,. KH figs 'I L'!,..!' V'f53vi'3if.?v!? 112,21 1'-' , - , . ,J '-fl. " ,E m,-V-gr .- LJ. 41.5 Z Q W A, -b .1 ,gf ' ,' ' ' f 7 A' 4 11 , -. , - - --an-up ..fsn,,,, -. .,."'h4:.? - - 'Pauly'-N, 'Q Q' .1 .. 'ff '!1!'5-LZ 2, V . -+L-aw .mlm-115. -: ,xl Sas.. L' 1 1 ., "VV L"' . , A K .1 1 ,H 4' 1 V V - gg 'IH , M ' V H I N f'l I l ! L 1 'J If I ' X 3 "Il l 'U fl T xi F' , ,L f I' I I' . . I 'M 1 'Y '-rue:-r 1' -9. ji "4 I 4 ,gggf vp, . ,- - .,1'- f, f il -- V- - - , 4,1 an A .v , 5 -5 , . .V , I gr- v- -1 w. Ili' Ev , ,. . . .4 fri ' l. .f V U . .zffx Hug fu i' ' 1 "nw, rp 16' w'L.av" lf., .123 --'Y-gilt'-,w 1- ' WA ' v xii 4 A - , 'I .. -U pg if !. -tg. . J!- ,' 1 --H .H 'Jl?L"3'A 'fi 1 1. -- 'n Fi , U I In I iw-li? W A , --,.,H41'- Milf,-12 K, 4 .H A E,lfjfj1 f.si1ii qw WWW up Z7 W F ounders' Issue First Edition I 952- 1 956 AQ CMA San Diego Collegefor Women San Diego California 1 3- Declzcatwn Th1S 1956 F1rst and FOL1l'ld1I'1g Issue of ALCALA We dedlcate to you who have dedlcated all your WO1kS to God for us That all may be one To our well beloved B1shop Most Reverend Charles F Buddy D D who has been our Father ln these fOI.1l'1d1llg years Whose charrty guldance and encouragement bndged the years between plans and reallty who sustams the efforts of today and urges us to bear ln nund that we are d011'lg a great Work and cannot come down ws P0 'c Hzs Excellency Most Reverend Charles F Buddy D D Bzshop of San Dzego TF -7 'TTF '?'fESf:z-EQ,-iiif 1315 V' To those whose vision foresaw a great work to be done for God for your example has taught us tlus ldeal way of lrfe by Hun Wlth Hun and 1n Hun the Sacred Heart of Iesus Reverend Mother Rosalie Hill, S.V., Vicar of the Western Vicariate To our dearly loved Reverend Mother Rosahe H111 S V Whose strong gurdlng Splrlt planned bu1lt and orgamzed our college and Whose gentle compelllng sp1r1t has nnparted to us the depth of her own love and lovalty SIHCC the radmnce of Chnst s lrfe shmes forth ln all her ways T1 AJ J f"n:,L my. . Y . I, .Eg-,Quit - . f . .4-.I5L,,A,W 4 -.1 . 3.1.1 --W-1: W, I 4 Q43 1 Y Y' 1 -my Q X . 4 'fl ' "nu I ' C' 1 wf:'n 7 fffv . . J,.. 31 E f 4 f Q! 5 ' :gil rl I I FT.. 4 1 Y 1 . I y , , , -',,qHlH ,ls I " ' "x t' ' 'J :.5C+'-,H J' -' ' ' . ' ' W"-'V N ." f,'."J L' f , f , ' , ' , if ' -11 .1 . t -I ,,-,' X- ' 1 ,A 'lr ,4 my h Mi' .4 .4 1, , Q. Q-4, ,A ng- , hr ' -. F'i5'5?JJ'!1',g- , ' 114. I JN. , , 1, 1+ ,.,,,. 'rf ,, -,..... ,I NNI- e,,,1i:k " - .- 4,,,i.i.-O'.-,A-,gs ,,-lv P-,, , an ,N ' . . 1- ' ' , , .,, , , ff.: 7 "1"1'5"5J'f ff . ,ffm ' ' ' ' 4 '14, jmfwr, .fp Y"- 1 ',, 21 f I ' V , M514 A.-f-JJ", gai'??'9!f.'g .fp Ay 'ff' '. 5'v7.', -. --' f "Q-.f, 5 , - , - - x '- 'ef L ' ,- " Q. Y. fri, - '. -. 5, f fi' . Q- --W A-w,::,1g.'.+f : 2 " 'fx:f- gf g .' -lgy.. ' --4 K. '.' b ..4 ,A - , .gl Q is ,I ,uw-1' 1 1+ .Wd Lv- ' N ',, ' ' .L W ' 5,3 if M ' - , ' ', ' .. ,w " Q H A -A ,f . Y , if Va-3 '- I ,- 5.55 " ': ., ':"" 'vP.":Nl- Q , Q., 'ogg' ., , W .J G A "1 - " . ' ' -' , rf' ' K , 1 , 1' '7 Q W 1: " ' -' ' -. 4 P V- .V -n U, I . I.: ' I' , M r 4,,3?!1-Q -N .. .4 , '. 5 . ' 'J' -1- . 7 Tx. - ,A u 4 1 A ,A ' ' ' 3 W ' ' ' , L lay, L .244 , , ..-.iz -'1-'?'5Z!'13i' 5 Associate Editors: Leann Mahoney, Carol Farrell, Virginia Rodee Art Editors: Patricia Perdue, Arlene Glenn, Cecile Rainier Business Manager: Evelyn Teachout Photography Editor: Judith Monahan Stailf Assistants: Dorothy Wawrzynski Tex, Barbara Gannon, Judy Brannan, Carol Reilly, Ann Aggeler, Beverly O,Connor, Moire Mahoney, Cecilia Merino, Ana Luisa Morlett, Mimi Zolezzi. Y JJ' . and Q' I Y w- ' 5 J' r 5 5 I 1, ,J K I lr. j EA, ' gif '5"'r'j' .gphun 1506.4 D 0 by I suis.,-4' fililm x r "'4'jL'- - K, , V . V - --m-- - f ff gfigf Qm:4'TllIU'n gm Hiiwww Q1-I-1-im' E 'H N V I 'W al W U V 'lM'1 'l i'W F" 1fggs?u45gfgiffifisi',f ii L k 1 T. l i "" ' ' " 3 1 - , w 'V' 'V' "iff '- 4: , ' ,, 5 h ,. 1 i-i-1--!F-v- .1-ng...f..-f""'LL'qf1.,.- , "- r ' .- ..,,. : - I- , ,+.. '+ .A q 51 ..' H" - , 7 ,. i 'Ah lf' , A f' 7-I- ...Q-Y-.- W. Q h , fw iuflq ' f . .. . , 41 '.:i7!5WfE9Pi?" .All -,- '-'-, .. K.. " Q K ::-'- . 54,55 - , ,-3' NLE ' 35- , AH, 15 .U 'fuk 5 Q 'K . ,V F- I' v ,JA 4 ,v:.l1'1 ,,. ff. mQ.1 , ' P-," '. .L 1" 3"- rm-f 4, l 4 I ,, vw ,j, D , If iff' ' f L -.-- ' :.-ea , :zen , - X - , -:'H f NJ, - , --- - '-- 1 fir 'V' , J f Nr Mx ffl I . ' X mx ,141 if ,, ff AQ! e"sNMP9d 'fgs M, rd" f fl 4-.ixA!.!.!QlL.4 X qu 1 um new Y if D 'x e 1 ' , in I J la + 3 P1 ,I A QL 4'+f V 54 gi FE 55 x J i . ' Bi Pl , ., . wang-4 -. !T.':..'.A 4 of , .fam L, vt- - .. l l r ' n w ss N,-F- 'V 1,," ,V 1 ir V 145. , , . 4 i If 'il 'af I I ,T 'JDQIYF' ' ,,,,,....- I p -x l 1 mi- . , ',. '.r,-sung - 12, ' Siam ,qifrtt . -11' ' ww .. : x,- tl- ,.,,VY.1 V - L: fre: abil - .f- A-4? :iffy . 'kv -,ll ., If 4 .. ,. .1- -T J r' ff 1 .,.-.a..: W -- HI 1 - ' ,-rr W 'H ,-' " '. .l"J'- fr"-'ly 'tw " -, ' I TMJ: V,,4,,,ge-41-Q..Y'lg-Qr:uiQ..:'lnL.:.Af:--1"-5-A""7"'1 iw 'X H Y , Y , ,gf-.-..L. V .............g f---LW V-Q ,yu ' ' F., . W 4. J' g 1 . W! I ? V -7 . 1, ' g-54, qlf'wJ?a . ' , --3 I . Q an A -ig, S vm g ',Q.- 54 lu 7,5 .-'f, 'Vp 15 w " . w . 5 X J .. . 4 Y: w, . Z .-4 sslkjl ,A y ,X -I, A ft QL. Yi. , V. 3, ri? ' ? :Fi l ', Q. v- I ig I -7 , ' , . f 5 . ' P +'..' f- NAA..--. ,.A.... ..,. 1 L nf. ar.: 311 ,. 54, sw., v .QW-,R .--Q..-n--0---A-Hi-rd A f V , 1 ..v- V.-..1.. ..- ,.., . , . . ,V .v,. A V. HL, .. . ,. T -Thx , .Mp f' ,v1l'r.i,. I N 4. ..,.,i5A.. ,ul-K, ' -44+-w"'TfA' A A - ,Y 1 ,sie . 4 27 '19 1.,Q'1.:' 2 'xii' iff-1-1 ,'N'rff1l,1. .jj ,jf - ,".7'.,"jf1 f -. Foundation Days Although the San Diego College for Women is only four years old, yet it has a tradition of one hundred and fifty-live years. In 1942, His Excellency, Most Reverend Charles F. Buddy, D.D., Bishop of San Diego, invited Reverend Mother Rosalie Hill, Superior Vicar of the Western Vicariate ofthe Religious of the Sacred Heart, to undertake the foundation of a woman's college in his diocese. Definite plans were begun in 1946. x 'X ,iii ' -1 , v - , -. ' .. 1.-,,H,n- -. . . ii .- L :if r' iff . !i. ' LM., , f , ,L ,L , g,-U. - . i. J ,J-1-4 ki ,Q r ,n,'.Ju-A-J.-,L-KLA:-L!.i:r' --' .ffggcgn "1' 19523 ol? 'n L1 5 :!'ll.I n "' I llll.l...' I Ill. .I We gg.-41521 k an 4 .,, 1 -of V A -If I ,cgi if ' 1 -1'7" ' , :Mfr - L Adm 4HiFQEPEg FMNmFaf'55 The San D1GgO College for Women was founded on October 20, 1949 and chftrteled December 2 1949 Work had alreadv begun on the large mesa Ale 111 Park centrally located 111 the clty of San D1SgO, 'md pl ms for the COl1StlllC.lf10I1 were Ulldel Way The next two years were spe11t 111 bulldmg operatxons O11 January 31 1952 the Hrst members of the staff took up lesldence It Alcala Palk Classes were begun Febru- ary 11 1952 Wlth 1 small group of students Whlch has stead1ly grown 111 numbers if K I . 4 ,XA i , l ' 1 1 ' -,gi -2 A , ,L if 'W 5, mel ' V' A V W A Q2"'4- 4 ', 1 vigil' t I Wlfwig ws 1 I r I 1 r ,- " ' AT' 3 ' :,. ,V QHH ' 5 'AAN' -,-'A 1 'V X . W: T1 E gr. 11 ' -A W .X frf, tl , 1 , N." i!'xQ ,K T Z K, x 'MT fi' ' T.- jj: lfgf, 7 new f' ' ' X ,EW ,. A I in 1 D if J -fl L f. - J it M ii V X 1 I 5 f , ai . gif , jf -' . M rf T I V 'Z ' lf! S! ' .C L 5 J ill ? fi 3 1 if if , jf gl L -5 nf' 'A '- ' ' 15j?'5i'1"' J Fr A af: T ' 37 QQ? 'Q . 1 ig 1 H N 1 FIRST MASS OF THE HOLY GHOST Temporary Chapel, February 11, 1952 Most Reverend Charles F. Buddy, D.D., Bishop of San Diego Temporary chapel, September, 1952. Mary Kathleen Eby, Eleanor Y. La Pay First Full time students, February 11, 1952. Marta Remes, Mary Hall, His Excellency, Most Reoerenfl Charles F. Buclcly, D.D., Ioan Hall, Allison Smith. Architect, San Diego College for Wonien, Mr. Frank L. Hope, AIA, His Excellency, Most Reverend Charles F. Bmlcly, D.D., Mrs. Frank L. Hope. .i...,M',- . "Q, 1 ., A QT 'F i IJLL, I , y F' 'i7'fQ?1p4 , "1 f ' x.' -2. .'5"-L 'V ' f' 'rf .51-l m ly ,-52, A el M, " L 'L' F - -,T C 'V X A x l.':1". -1 ' 4 1 . . u . 7--V ,Q f:.':.m:: 45' ,H-, -iff' li- 1 ,A W , s - if 537 Qi,.3QE,1,,Qff1fQZeggfQf.r Q . 4 .1, 4.1. H A is-v 'k"5f"'e-iT IJ - 'f I Q ? ...abil First registration, February 9, 1952. Mary Kathleen 1 Eby, Mary Webb, Helen W. Fallon, Mother M. Bremner, Sister M. Clement, Sister M. Angela, Eleanor Y. La Pay, Mary jane Hall Weisler, Clara I. Brisco. LYS.-'E is rata X -65's-N Graduation, june lst, 1954, Theatre. w V: y ? gn s ff. J , I ' N X , ' 4 ,- 'V V 1-Qsr"" -,-- 4.2- , 1' z 'MA' ' YPA? I ' 5 - 1 2 .wax , 1 1 ,Q Graduation, June 1st, 1954, Chapel 55 wi:-3.f-Vflwvj 5,1-.f.L f',' ' - ,., ,W-uf" KHQAQ- -1- --ur. 15..- ...T " QSM, 51114. ll"f"?ff'l! ,'5 I' f f .-f. N '14 ull' L, , . 'f 5' ' 'fini-I'q'2 "2X2,,.5'-41 First Graduates, Iune lst, 1954. Kathleen McG0nigle, ,Elsa Quiroz, RN., His Excellency, Most Reverend Charles F. Buddy, D.D., Therese Truiii Hanafin, Mary Binggeli, Iean Rubel, RN. 3 B qs X X, K I .. ...-, ,, , file? .2 - ff Q19 .Ls-,.,..fLi . .- .r,.5.,"1f-i.fa.- "ffAa,.. ffice rs offl dministration Reverend Mother Rosalie Hill ............ Honorary President Mother Catherine Parks ,.,,,.,.,... ....,,,..,,,,.,,i. P resident Mother Genevieve Clarke ......... ......... V ice-President Mother Aimee Rossi .............. ..................... D ean Mother Suzanne de Leon ,,,.,,.,,, ,,,,,,, T reasurer Mother Mariella Bremner .i........... ,..,,.,. R egistrar Faculty Mother Mariella Bremner Professor of French and Psychology A.B. Manhattanville College of the Sacred Heart, New York, M.A. Loyola University, Chicago, Ph.D. Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois. Mother Susan Campbell Assistant Professor of English A.B. Duchesne College, Omaha, Nebraska, M.A. Stanford University, Ph.D., Stanford University. Mother Genevieve Clarke Librarian A.B. Loyola University, Chicago, M.A. Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois, Certificate in Librarianship, Loyola University. May A. Clarke Reference Librarian A.B. University of Munich, Certificate in N eo-Philology, Uni- versity of Munich. Mother Frances Danz, R.N. Associate Professor of Biological Science Diploma, Providence School of Nursing, Seattle, Washington, B.S. in Nursing Education, San Francisco College for Women, Ph.D. Stanford University. Joseph K. Doliva Instructor in Art and Architecture B.S. University of Pennsylvania, M.A. Architectural Engineer- ing, Ecole Polytechnique, University of Warsaw, Poland. Florence M. Farrell Supervisor of Student Teaching A.B. San Diego State College. Mother Bernice Farrens Assistant Professor of Biological Science A.B. Linfield College, Oregon, M.A. Stanford University, Ph.D. Stanford University. Mother Sally Furay Instructor in English A.B. Duchesne College, Omaha, Nebraska, M.A. San Fran- cisco College for Women, Ph.D. Stanford University. Mother Margaret Guest Instructor in Education A.B. Seattle University, Seattle, Washington, M.S. University of California at Berkeley, Ph.D. University of California. n .Q Mother Helen Hammack, R.N. Instructor in Chemistry, Mathematics Diploma, St. Maryis Hospital School of Nursing, San Fran- cisco, A.B. San Francisco College for Women, Graduate work Stanford University, M.A. San Francisco College for Women. Mother Lucille Kraemer Instructor in Music A.B. San Francisco College for Women, M.A. Stanford University. Mother Madeleine Lambin Instructor in French Brevet elementaire, Sacre Coeur, Lille, France, A.A. Loyola University, Chicago, Illinios. Mother Irene Lawrence Instructor in Social Sciences A.B. San Francisco College for Wornen, M.A. Stanford Univer- sity, Ph.D. Stanford University. I Mother Lorraine Lawrence Associate Professor of Physical Sciences A.B. Barat College, Lake Forest, Illinois, M.S. Marquette Uni- versity, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Ph.D. Catholic University of America. Mother Agnes Murphy Associate Professor of Philosophy A.B. Barat College, Lake Forest, Illinois, M.A. Loyola Univer- sity, Chicago, Ph.D. Catholic University of America. David Nyvall, Ir. Choral Director and Instructor in Piano Studies at University of Washington, University of Minnesota, B.M. American Conservatory of Music, Chicago, Illinois, M.M. American Conservatory of Music, Chicago. Mother Catherine Parks Professor of Education A.B. San Francisco College for Women, M.A. Loyola Univer- sity, Chicago, Ph.D. University of California at Berkeley. Mother Margaret Redman Associate Professor of History and Political Science A.B. San Francisco College for Women, M.A. Stanford Univer- sity, Ph.D. Stanford University. Mother Aimee Rossi Professor of Education A.B. Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois, M.A. Loyola Uni- versity, Chicago, Ph.D. Stanford University. Mother Rita Ryan Assistant Librarian A.B. Barat College, Lake Forest, Illinois, M.A. San Francisco College for Women. Mother Alicia Sarre Professor of Romance Languages A.B. Barat College, Lake Forest, Illinois, M.A. Marquette Uni- versity, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Ph.D. Stanford University. Mother Susanne Wilson Assistant Professor of Romance Languages A.B. San Francisco College for Women, M.A. Stanford Uni- versity, Ph.D. Stanford University. STUDENT COUNSELORS . Mother Danz ,.,,,.,.,,.,,,..,,.,,....,.,,,.,,,,,,,..,....... ............................ S enlor Class Mother Wilson .......................................................................... Junior Class Mother Campbell ,.,,,,,.,. ....... S ophomore Class Mother Furay ,,,,.,,,, ......... F reshman Class 3.4. .:Iq'iFTf-1.a74i4:1fj-f: E'J.d!l?5t ,x , A da 'V Y mffi L N X W - , f W xl 5 v , -v' ' , ..f... .., W. .-,. J ' 4 ,- .-. , .,, -- W , . I , J . gf ffl' gaiihva v' Q gi 1' ' ' VU tj .. . A x SW ,A U I ,ab 3. ig .N I 11 , M may , V . x X TH N ff ' P' ALCALN mu: A 1 ZZ if in u ' ""H f' in B'-l -- - I -,'- 1, 1 I K' M Z N 4 A 4? I Q Q , s I ' I 11 Z x 'J l 1 ' f 1 - I " 1 tl- xf get A U, J, I 9- lg? " Q i 'rg W -. ri A-,i J 'Y Seniors . X s , A 14 s 4 R , , , ,. -5-'fffd b 4-a:L'j,f q-L? .'f ' f' 4Y f:1.f N lx. 4- ' .A 1 l IACQUELINE ANNE KEARNS, E. de M. 213 South B Street, Madera, California Convent of the Sacred H eart, Menlo Park, California Student Body President for two years, Iackie could always be counted on to make decisions based on principle and to lend a helping hand wherever one was needed. A wide range of Major: History Minor: French interests including world affairs made her a history major. A knowledge of practicalities plus adaptability and perseverance made her invaluable on stage light crews all four years. ELAYNE B. LANGENIEUX, E. de M. 444 South Euclid Aoenue, Pasadena 2, California Mayfield, 500 Bellefontaine, Pasadena, California President of the Children of Mary for two years and organizer of the Student-Sacristans organization, Elayne has been an example of sincerity and devotion to duty. Her quick Major: History Minor: Sociology wit makes her fun to have in any group and enables her to Win all contests. Combining a love of history and a love of people, she hopes to teach history on the high school level. KAROLEE URSULA KUBAN 604 Catalina Street, Laguna Beach, California Laguna Beach High School, Laguna Beach, California Coming to us in her junior year from St. as was evidenced by her election to the presi- Maryas, South Bend, Karolee brought with dency of the Senior Class. Music Club and her all her vital interest in people and things, Choral Class have been her preferred 21 t' 'I' . Major: Sociology C W1 les Minor: Home Economics MARY LOUISE TURNER, E. de M. 201 East Stocker Street, Glendale, California M ayfield, Pasadena, California From her first day at SDCW Mary's winning affairs were a success because of her pervad- smile and artistic hand have been indispen- ing charm, our posters and spiritual bouquets sable assets to campus life. No stage crew have nearly all been hallmarked by the could have functioned without her, social "Turner touch". Major: Sociology - Minor: Education MARY AGNES BEUTEL 4530 54th, San Diego 15, California St. Iosephfs Academy, St. Paul, Minnesota Mary came to us in her senior year from Ari- personality have endeared her to all. We Zona. Her charming enthusiasm and warm wish her every joy in her teaching profession. Major: Education Minor: Art ABBIE ANN COMEAUX 3327 F ortieth Street, San Diego 5, California I ohn Francis Polytechnic, Los Angeles, California Interest in sociology and Catholic Action in and an active member of CDA give evidence her professional field have led Abbie to suc- of her success. That she may succeed more cess in her chosen work. President of the YCW and more in her Christopher work is our wish d . Major: Sociology an prayer Minor: Philosophy MARY ANN DALY, E. de M. 951 Oliver Avenue, San Diego 9, California St. Iosephys Academy, St. Louis, Missouri Since she was a year-round student at S.D.- C.W., Mary Ann has been sorely missed on the campus since February. But we are happy Major: History Minor: English that her talents have already been recognized by a San Francisco lawyer who employs ber as legal secretary. MARGARET ANN FAHLSTROM, E. cle M. 3166 Maple Street, San Diego 4, California Rosary, San Diego, California Studious and eflicient, Margaret has com- ollicer of the Children of Mary. May her long manded the respect of all as charter member hours in the laboratories and her Salk term and president of the Science Club and as an paper Win her a scholarship for graduate work. Major: Chemistry Minor: Biology IOAN MARIE FENNELL, E. de M. 212 Hoffman Avenue, San Francisco 14, California Notre Dame Academy, San Francisco, California Through a rare combination of high ideals all students during her year at Alcala Park and tolerance, Ioan Won the admiration of Her friends rejoice at her choice of S.D.C.W Al M t . Major: History as ma a er Minor: Art FELICIA MARGARET FLYNN 677Alameda Boulevard, Coronado, California Coronado High School, Coronado, California Felicia's unstinting praise of Coronado should make her a valuable member of any Chamber of Commerce. But, Whether she is singing the praises of Coronado beaches or making a Major: Sociology Minor: English complex survey in sociology, Felicia is always enthusiastic and convincing. Her wide scope of interests and gay manner enliven all con- versations. Her sociology major points to a career in group-counseling. BARBARA ANN GANNON 222 Washington Avenue, Vista, California Academy of the Little F lower, San Luis Rey, California Barbara is a blend of unusual intelligence and give her a Hair for orchestration and arrang- relaxed charm. Practical talent as a pianist ing, which she hopes to make her life's combined with a knowledge of music theory work. Major: Music Minor: Economics PATRICIA ANN HALLAHAN 216 Via Koron, Lido Isle, Newport Beach, California St. Andreufs, Los Angeles, California Patricia has the remarkable ability to arrive impression that she has been there all the leisurely at the last moment and yet give the time. Her cheery charm has won Patricia f' d ' h tS.D.C.W. Major: Business Administration many Hen sm er yeara Minor: Sociology ANN CHARLOTTE HODGE 3603 Buena Vista, San Diego 9, California Pine City High School, Pine City, Minnesota A relative newcomer to our college, Ann lost noon classes have filled her senior days. How- no time in endearing herself to classmates. ever, she always found time to he a gracious Practice teaching in Linda Vista and after- hostess to resident students. Major: Music Minor: Education MURIEL I. IACKSON ' Q 3110 F Street, San Diego 2, California St. Peter Claoer, San Antonio, Texas A February graduate, Muriel will long be remembered for ber active interest in science and bridge. A resident student, she also gave freely of her time as a permanent member Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry of the Make-Up Committee for stage pro- ductions.'Muriel left many friends at the college who wish her success as a laboratory- technician. EVELYN FRANCES KHAIL 4861 Sixthy-ninth Place, San Diego 15, California St. M ary's Springs Academy, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin Evelyifs infectious laugh and irresistible per- ating won her the president's office in the sonality gained for her an active part in all Drama Club. And, as a music major, she College activities. Her talent for, imperson- helped to organize the Music Club during her , , senior year and served on its council. Mayor: Music Minor: Education LEANN BHIDGET MAHONEY 3705 Bancroft, San Diego 4, California Academy of Our Lady of Peace, San Diego, California Writer and speaker par excellence, Leann has found ample opportunity to exercise her talents: as a member of the Speaker's Bureau, as an officer in Student Government, and as a member of the Yearbook Staff. Taking time Major: English Minor: Spanish out from a schedule heavy with practice- teaching, this efficient scribe has been the oilicial recorder of the Associated Students and senior editor of ALCALA. Teaching and a family rate high in her post-graduate plans. MARIE MATH EW 4330 M erriirt Boulevard, La M esa, California Academy of Our Lady of Peace, San Diego, California A resident her Hrst two years of college, Marie terest in all peoples has motivated her choice has long been known for her ready coopera- of a major in sociology, and her love of "little tion in all school activities. Her leadership led people" has inspired cadet-teaching with a her to a class-oilice every year. Her sincere in- kindergarten career in mind. Major: Sociology Minor: Education MARILYNN ROSE MAYER 1245 M orado Place, Altadena, California M ayfiielcl, Pasadena, California Lynnie's first two years at the college found her active in class, dramatic, and athletic activities. Proof that she was missed during her junior year was evidenced by her prompt Major: English Minor: Education election to the chairmanship of the Speakers' Bureau upon her return in her senior year. Lynnie is an English major in the education program and hopes to teach after graduation. LYNN EVENSON MCFADDEN V 2263 Commonwealth Avenue, San Diego 4, California San Diego High School, San Diego, California Poised and reserved in manner, Lynn man- and to succeed remarkably well in both roles aged to fuse her duties as wife and student, following her August marriage this past year. Major: English Minor: Sociology IUDITH ANN MONAHAN 764 Eucalyptus Avenue, Vista, California Academy of the Little Flower, San Luis Rey, California I oyel Iudy, with a Hair for everything Spanish, in foreign service. Spanish students of English has combined her linguistic abilities with a call her "teacher," but all those who come in history major in order to preparelfor a career contact with her genial smile call her friend. Major: History Minor: Spanish DIANE SINCLAIR OTIS, E. de M. 312A Boxwood Road, Oceanside, California Mayfield, Pasadena, California Diane's Wedding in the early part of Septem- pered her active interest in school projects. ber, 1955, drew many of her classmates to Each production of the Drama Club has Pasadena to witness the military ceremony. found Diane in a starring role, and both class Commuting from Oceanside has not ham- and student councils have benefited by her membership. Major: Psychology Minor: Music CHESENCIA PADUA O. 736 South 35th Street, San Diego 13, California San Diego High School, San Diego, California Transplanted from the Philippine Islands in 1947, Crescencia has Hnnly Fixed her roots here in San Diego. An accomplished pianist, she quickly chose a music major. In between Major: Music Minor: Spanish practice hours, she has found time to take part in dramatic productions and to serve on the Hostess Committee. 'Post graduation plans are indefinite, but she hopes to utilize her musical training and linguistic abilities. PATRICIALUCILE PERDUE 1031 Le Roy Street, San Diego 6, California ' Academy of Our Lady of Peace, San Diego, California Paint brush in hand, Patricia could always be chores will be lightened by her artistry, as it found directing the latest artistic endeavor. is sure to delight her pupils. But just to prove Dance decorations, posters, and our very own that her talents are not confined to the Arts, annual bear her signature. Her teaching Patricia is an active member of the Science Cl b. Major: Art u Minor: Education THEHESE ANN QUINN 4609 Towne Circle, M inneapolis, Minnesota Holy Angels Academy, M inneapolis, Minnesota Known to all for her ballad-singing and a her junior year. She points with pride to her green convertible, Terry transferred to sunny experience in college theatricals and hopes to California from Minneapolis, Minnesota, in put it to use in television. Major: Sociology Minor: History AHLINE LORHAIN E RAYMOND 4741 Panorama Drive, San Diego 16, California Academy of Our Lady of Peace, San Diego, California In addition to ,an active role in the Drama teaching hours have left little leisure time, but Club, Arline has found time to direct W.A.A. Arline still manages to write poetry and to activities. Interest in sports led to supervision take an active part in Student Council and of P.E. classes in her junior year. Practice- Hostess Committee functions. ' Major: English Minor: Sociology CAROL MARGARET RIDDELL 46149 Baseline, H ighland, California St. Bernardine, San Bernardino, California A happy-go-lucky air tempered by a love of atories she frequently found in a quick game science makes Carol the beloved "all-roundn of bridge or in laughing conversations on girl that she is. Diversion from gruelling labor- the patio. Graduate work in chemistry is her d ' f th f . Major: Chemistry eslre or e uture Minor: Mathematics PAULA SABIN, E. de M. Quarters B, U.S. Naval Gun Factory, Washington 25, D.C. Immaculata Seminary, Washington, D.C. Whether playing Queen Elizabeth in MARY Always studious, she was never so occupied OF SCOTLAND or telling of experience in that she could not stop to put in a good word japan, Paula is convincing and enthusiastic. for the Navy. Major: English Minor: Psychology ELIZABETH ANN SMITH, E. cle M. 9125 Wister Drioe, La M esa, California San Diego High School, San Diego, California Quick to volunteer for any work to be done Science Club. A budding scientist with a anywhere, Beth Ann has taken an active part chemistry major and a biology minor, she in all school activities, from stage crews to hopes her many long hours in the laboratories Major: Chemistry will fructify in a scientific career. Minor: Biology EDYTHE JOHNSON SHERIDAN, RN. 3761 Promontory, San Diego 9, California Driscoll High School, Driscoll, North Dakota The quiet graciousness of Mrs. Sheridan has to miss her very much, our prayers follow her endeared her to all of us. While we are going in her beautiful profession. Major: Nursing Minor: Sociology MARIE MAGDALENE TERRY, R.N. 8661 Onalaska Drive, San Diego 17, California St. Patricks Academy, Sidney, Nebraska Already a registered nurse, Mrs. Terry hopes her, she chose a sociology minor. Caring for to add to her laurels a teaching credential. her home and family top her list of "extra- Ever sensitive to the troubles of those around curricular" activities. Major: Nursing Minor: Sociology DOROTHY WAWRZYN SKI TEX 3784 36th Street, San Diego 4, California La Iolla High School, La Jolla, California During her college career, Dot made her pres- drama club meetings. Dorothy gained her ence known in many Helds. Her rich alto voice "Mrs.v degree early this year, and then re- Was heard in choral, as well as at class and in turned on graduation day for her B.A. in English. Major: English Minor: Sociology KATHLEEN WOLLSTEIN, E. de M. 408 East First Street, Rome, Georgia Sacred Heart Academy, Cullman, Alabama Kathleen enjoys anything that promises fun Georgia accent, or more probably her real and laughter. She has vitalized many a mixer interest in people. Never at a loss for Words, and makes friends readily - perhaps it is her Kathleen is everyone,s friend. Major: Sociology Minor: Spanish BERNICE PETTID WRIGHT 3607 Pershing Avenue, San Diego 4, California St. M ary's Academy, Los Angeles, California Our admiration was aroused by this dynamic her through her academic career. May she student, whose buoyant disposition carried now find leisure to develop her artistic skills. Major: Education Minor: Art Senior Class Histor Wide-eyed with the wonder of being the first Freshman Class at the San Diego College for Women, fifteen of the present graduating class began their four-year history of "being first." We were the first students on the Alcala Park campus to be received by Reverend Mother Rosalie Hill, founder and builder of the San Diego College for Women, to assist at a Mass of the Holy Ghost and to be invested with cap and gown. We were the first - and last - to entertain the British Navy at a supper dancel When Reverend Mother Hill returned from Rome, we even exercised tri-location - we were at the station to meet her, we were at the front door to greet her, and we used the theatre for the first time to receive herl!! Another "first" to our credit was our "Fresh- man Folliesf' Encouraged by that success, we presented a unique Cand fortunately, pri- vatel interpretation of THE MIKADO. But our production of the first annual Christmas Pageant entitled "Christmas in Many Landsi' was just as fortunately public, if we may judge from audience response. Our caroling was also begun that year, but on a small scale, already conscious of the Sacred Heart "fam- ily" tradition, we carolled the community by candlelight one evening and next morning began the tradition of a surprise cap and gown Mass by way of saying "thank youi' to our beloved faculty. Karolee Kuban, 1 1 ,Ti l if president, Margaret Fahlstrom, Marie Mathew 'Till V1 2 1'1 fr l 1 1 ll 1 ,fl , 1 111 . i - 1 W , i lf' 1 ll 1 I 1 11 1 11 1 1 ,11'1 1 Q L' l 1. 1 V :W 1 e 1 ' I 1 1 1.- 4 I I 1 1 "J 1 5 I 1 l 1 ' 1 :E Student Body, September, 1952 From top of stairs: Rosemary Castillo, Arline Ray- mond, Ann Lista, Faith Brown, Leann Mahoney, Kathleen Brophy, Barbara Gannon, Margaret Fahl- strom, Robbie H atton, Astrid Velasquez, Judy Mona- han, Barbara Baretta, Mara Lee Cipra, Evelyn Krail, Mary Binggeli, Jacqueline Kearns, Carol Riddell, Paula Sabin, janet Contant, Terry Truitt Hanafin, Kathleen McGonigle, Elayne Langenieux, Marie Mathew, Elsa Quiroz, B.N., Lillian Jimenez, Mary Eby, Carol Reilly, Donna Boyd. I ,'-X Q17 f W Ianuary 30, 1953 marked a "One-Year- Old Party" for the college, and shortly after that we elected our Hrst student-body otlicers. As a student-body we instituted F riday-night mixers, but then gave them up for Lent and for always, since by that time the academic aspect of college life had asserted itself. We, the freshmen, did entertain the upperclass- men, however, at a Valentine dance, and they reciprocated on St. Patricks day. A spring for- mal in May and Presidenifs Day with games and a picnic on the athletic courts brought this first tradition-making year to a memor- able close. We went home bursting with our importance as "Foundation Stonesv. ,fg-v W First Student Body Officers: Mary Binggeli, Kath- leen McGonigle, Joan Hall, Constance I. Salerno, RN. September 1953 reunited the class of '56 with Mother Susan Campbell as counselor and Leann Mahoney, Iacqueline Kearns, and Mary Turner as our first class oflicers. Made more thoughtful and prayerful by the loss of Faith Brown in sudden death, we began our year as sophomores, determined to solidify Sacred Heart traditions V in the college and to extend , them warmly to the "Little Sistersl' who joined us as freshmen. Together we I labored on our second an- nual pageant, "Christmas in Merry Old Englandf, and to- gether we presented the first full-length drama to be staged in the college theatre, - Maxwell Anderson,s "Mary of Scotlandf' But all by ourselves we sponsored and named the annual spring formal, the "Bal des F leurs." X.. Registration, September, 1952. Seated: Marilyn Mayer, Elayne Langenieux, Mary Turner, standing: Mary Kathleen Eby, Terry Truitt Hanafin, Diane Sinclair Otis. , .L-iq,-rj' r, , .2-'eu -4 ' ., ". 1' re,-r ,. as '. A f As juniors in 1954, many from our midst were elected to student-body oflices and places on the Student Council. Iacqueline Kearns became student-body presidentg Leann Mahoney, corresponding secretaryg and Mary Turner, recording secretary. Mother Suzanne Wilson was our junior counselor, Marie Mathew, Diane Sinclair, and Arline Raymond our class oflicers. Other members of the class began making a new record of "I-irstsf' Ioan Erickson, Dorothy Wawrzynski, Lynn Evenson, Leann Mahoney, and Diane Sinclair announced that they were to be the first brides in the class. Accordingly, they were promptly feted at a shower in the home of Arline Raymond. Seniors at last in 1955, with Karolee Kuban, Marie Mathew, Iane Petty, and Margaret Fahlstrom leading us as ollicers, and Mother Frances Danz guiding us as counselor . . . Our first corporate act this year was to look back over the years in a "Senior Swan Song." On this occasion we presented the student-body with what we thought was our last ufirsti' - the music and words for an Alma Mater! From that time on, We have no longer been the class of aiirstsv but the one that lovingly repeats, "This is the last dance We shall sponsorv - the Christmas Ball - and "the last Faculty-Stu- dent Party we shall attendf, But thanks to the :cm T- '---' V ill . il kin' .PE W I . 1 l 1 'uh i rl ' Y ll 'zu .D 1 ll -- X fl H I Amt 7 fl t ' ,P w '- - .' , . N-S. -,l..A..'- V LH, . H Back row: Lillian Jimenez, jackie I 5 Kearns, 'Iane Petty, Indy Monahan, . .i Mary Turner, Karolee Kuban, Evelyn . Krail, first row: Ioan Erickson Geising, Diane Sinclair Otis. iK"7"' 'YN generosity of the Juniors, we discovered that there was yet one more "first"we could accom- plish - the YEARBOOKI Knowing that we had been first from beginning to end, the Juniors invited us to join them in publishing the Founders Issue of The Alcala. What greater proof could we have that our college motto - "That All May Be Oneu - has been explained to us so fully and beautifully by, Reverend Mother Hill - has been realized? At the end of our college years we stand "as onev - a concrete example of the power, strength and sweetness of our college motto - "That all may be one" - given, and so beautifully explained by R.M. Rosalie Hill, S.V. A NW vw . ,, ,ar .Y R , 3 '. ra 4 , V- r X Y - ,- : g ,- Q V V- 'R U? :T .:,k:,5,?Q usp,-az! .. 5: '7' ' 'V' f ' ' ' wb Q'-4 --'Q' J" file iii?- i of--14 , W . -,ppp lh'5.cig f-,Eg F : ' "'3f5bbPJ F Q Y a. ,r . assi Lynn Eoenson M cF adden, Sharon Flaherty Wier. Commencement, 1955. Noelle Onorato, Lynn Stannard, His Excellency, Most Reverend Charles F. Buddy, D.D. Physical Education First Awards Program, May 20, 1953: Virginia Hodee, His Excellency, Most Reverend Charles F. Buddy, D.D., Lidia Foncerrada Mattson, Patricia Keane. Tllefew Tfultt Hfmalqn First Graduate to marry. 1 A 1 S if , . V f 1 is J if V 4' F Q ,my- ll 'KA 111194531 A i X K A I . -Ar. - I .J Class 150 Sarah Parker Karr, R.N. - First graduate to go on to Graduate school for Master's degree. Lynn Stannard, Mary Scott, Helen O'Connor. Graduates of May 29, 1955. v..-.. Q 4 N., ' ... .. Y Y, A-v .fz ,Y , Fountain Room Terry Truitt H anafin, Carmen Azeoedo Luz, Mary Cardosa, M ary Thompson H endstrand. ..-N1 , 5..f Ns- ' ,. 4 gg iffy N . ,C ,n, w ,1, ,.. ',wn ff, +1 K ' L 7 ,. Y v Y i P' . ...L I -a, , "ff-. J my F fx- H K 1 'X 'Q Lust-N244 N. 4 ,ab -ef 'J 4-43+ ' . . K lk vu- .-' " -- I -Q . 4 .a'?"f? -LL., L 01 f 5 s Q sl 1: 'Q 31?-M 1.. -, in ,X "li: ..,, 0-1 ,,,' -XX sh, , b D75 . ,'...... Q 'L Q! gil S fxfil' ,L, Juniors 'X Carol Farrell, president, Evelyn Teachout, Patricia Keane Junior Class Histor "College at last!" was our thought as we wandered around in a maze of classrooms and laboratories in 1953. But, with the help of our counselor, Mother Frances Danz, We managed to amuse the upper-classmen with the portraits we painted of their future antics in our FRESHMEN FOLLIES. Class officers that year were Valmere Dessert, Lidia Fon- cerrada, and Carol Farrell. Our sophomore year, under the guidance of Mother Susan Campbell and officers - Virginia Rodee, Carol Farrell, and Ioan Young - Was filled with memorable activities from dinner aboard Admiral Rodee's U.S.S. Prince- ton to the unforgettable thrill of the BAL DES FLEURS in May. We were saddened by the loss of Rosa Maria Molina that summer, but Colombian shores beckoned her. Charming to the end, she bid us all good-bye at a farewell tea at the La Iolla Beach and Tennis Club. Ioan Young, Ioann Wigchert, Lidia Foncer- rada, Ioan Beretich, Gail Henderson, Eliza- beth Vopateck, Dale Tallman, and Noelle Onorato left us to be married, but they have kept their promise to keep in touch by corre- spondence. Those of us who are determined to "earn a B.A. or B.S. iirstv gathered at Evelyn Teachout's Chula Vista home for a reunion breakfast on graduation day in june. Marion Rogers, Marian Hale, Rosanne Biane, Mary Jimenez. With our newly acquired upperclass status, we launched our good ship S,S. junior in grand style with Carol Farrell, Patricia Keane, and Evelyn Teachout at the helm. The Har- vest Dance gave us our first opportunity to prove that we were seaworthy, and we passed with flying colors. Midterms, Christmas par- ties, and finals flew by with unbelievable speed. Helping "little sistersf' retreat, another registration, Easter, and the ever-present work on the yearbook kept us so occupied that summer was suddenly upon us with a fashion-show luncheon, farewell parties, and all the promise of our SENIOR YEAR . . . Y. . .Vg ,., is " V .45 B32 T Rosemary Castillo Patricia Hays, Alicia Palau, Antonieta M arin, Carol Reilly V7.4-nj:-fp---k V -- , ,,--vffi--fT,,i r w - ,L-,A , ,.f--f A i ' , . , -1,1-v9"1 , ,,..-.,.-4-'S MZ. - W V 1-4 - . nu.. if U? X "-' .. 5 4,.-, Wu Rosa M aria M olina, Virginia Rodeo, Rosanne Biane ,,., , , , X mg, ,- Mary Lou Zrelak, RN Dianne Tucker, Candace H osmer, Mary Schaub, Suzanne Tilleyg seated: Ruth Collins, Susan Robinson. M ary Earley, Patricia Sheehan, Bernacline Bussen, RN., Jacqueline Stein, Donna Kopp, Iucly Brannang seated: Eileen Dale, HN., N orma M ansir, Virginia Rodee w fl ai Fw ,Fwy ra 2,1-1 -nan.-nai..n.v:,..-..:u5:.1.gm1-3... v an -1 X-1 -.-:,5v,-f, ,1'y,,- Ii - -, .--X . -'-' ,- ,,-, 1, x.. wwf. -. H.-, . -' 1 ' - J! 35- :rar : .f 3 riff :j fl.: , I , , . .1cl 'fy:lf', 4 TJPW' 2' " ,F ., - J4j..- H, mt?-1.:ifg.,1 , -. : - - 5, . , J f-N .7-:D -1f:.f-Y, f - r-H1--' A - V ' f- 4:-Yr - -- -24 .a+---.-g- l - 1 T1 I 3-g..,.,1 - 'z' - 5 r ,-:ffm-1 : -1. 5" r ' W' i"'T"4"1f1 Em' '-1-'f3:Yf'fm."'L3h -1.15-, ' 4-rw 1 ' -wr' "iff 4 1 N-7 f It ..f,-+ 1 ,.J4 1' , - H f'-rl 'W "" " - , , 1 ,-I 4- ,iq X 11 f ,H 1 p, 4- 11-Ml, ,Q L. LNTG V - -- - , ' , L,4?,1.,'f uv , A ' ' , L, ,V , 15 v , I 1 Q. Tw. - L 'M X X 1 N 4 Hr 1, I M Ks I l X1' J-,-N ,., . V 3124-fx. . F1-. .:.fZN an N !....L3 Q ,f-FSA :wg A fin!! v,- :Hf Y LM N 4- ,. . U-NU . ' 4 1 v 1 1 N. -li I ll '-3 Zia I .4 . w. ,Q ' : 5 , A . , I L .fi vt . , 11 bi A I. n V -.,.. Q, .., 4 - Y -4 missin" YL., '-"' -L me L ' 'Ce sq, ,QW i. 1 .. . 'v n,..,. -v ,"" 'ffhuul . .Hr V , w - n w J r-,:y.g " V1 - ' sy! . , '- f 3 1' .VY H 4. l..f,.-: ' 'Z' ...Mp 1, wr- 2,- ..... '- 0101: :haul , '+"'A' uvJ.,," W'- W 4 an -4 V -V at ,JNL - - on-..-. .....,.- ophomores Sophomore Class History As the Sophomores stand midway in their ascent up the ladder of college life, they glance back at a history full of class activities and enthusiastic participation in school aifairs. Following the election of permanent offi- cers in December, 1954, freshman-class life began at the San Diego College for Women. Guided by their counselor, Mother Sally Furay, and oiiicers-Virginia Bausch, Patricia lean Featherstone, Ann Dyer, Mary Lee Wible, Virginia Bausch, president, Gonzales, Ann Dyer, and Adrienne Kuhe - class members made plans for daily advance- ment in spiritual, intellectual, and social endeavors. A swimming and supper party, given janu- ary 9 by Arlene Glenn at her home in National City, united the class of '58 in its Hrst off- campus activity. February found freshmen roasting weiners at Presidio Park, and making plans for their first dance, "The Playis the Thingf, February 19. El Monte was the scene of the March picnic for freshmen and their dates. Georgia King entertained the class at a buffet luncheon in the garden of her La Jolla home during April. Concluding the excitement of final examin- ations, the spring prom, and commencement exercises, the class of '58 gathered at Hotel del Charro in La Jolla for its class brunch, May 29. With its initiation of a summer news- letter, the class began a new tradition for freshmen at S.D.C.W. Returning to college as sophomores in Sep- tember, 1955, class members devoted all their leisure time to helping "Little Sistersf, First on the calendar of events was a "Swim with the Sophomoresi' party at the Town and Country Club in Mission Valley. A few weeks later, the Freshman Class was asked to roller skate with the sophomores at Palisades Roller Sharon Smith, Barbara H anna, Gail Derry, Pat Cook, Rosalie Parkmang seated: Barbara Heney, Patricia Keating Buckley. +1 iii w Ass Li. 'wwf ,.l., amf i , E , r 51 lil: un+:I ' Q ' - - pm ' b , , .n- 4,.:"v ,::T"'n"'--I-H' . ' " 1 ay- 1, ,g.ji-.3-19131212:'1'v,1f. l -, , L,-4 - g., -. .-': a f'w'Eil'f"L1': wi U fl ..5H,-,.,31- r mf,-1. aj,-,-,L 5. Fw,,jwJ--f- f ,.f':g,g i .L 551-15- ,E-f,.j,g14,5. 'Id f .-,jg , 25:31 V. ,infix ,ggi U Q V ,-,,.-J.. In-N ,M 1 ,, , 5"-.2:a.' -- av. ,Q - ,. :1 ll. .L ,VJ 1, 4, U, H fr- M, 11,1 -L . 1 .-- W- . f , 1 ., fd A -1-',, 5-1. -r..,,,'1 , Ilzflhf -- ' ff . li ,J - f -4,-lfei-Qfr 11 3 7,9-'l" Q F , "'1.-Fl-ligf - I 1 ' ' 5, v Lui- ,ff .lim-"'3f,',-1 X . 41 Tr 4-I 'wa ,-J."-2:-51-.Y 1 1 -f-11, L sl. "'-- m1'1.f..3z - , Ltmmxg p5y 'gf:p,?1U1'-,. - 35-3 .55 .MQ .W gpm- J sch -fTiQ'E-1'fQ'lL -53-?, -. f V! ,a,.g,J-Qu.-ij.: 1' li 11,5 ,F ' , ,V -Mix' . X l fi , E :Tay ri.. wx L it: 'I M-. l ' - Iirlfp 1:5 , H'-1.-Jil' :N 4 wg I-H-' 1.-.Q.fvr'.uf,.'f'- rev.-'-i-.mgrsi -eg-' f 3 z,-qgwxu' IT., Y'...:L 1 N I- 4.111 xx uh, .' 'jf' ,, 'f-V-1,-K j J ,- .- Q. , l ',. . :J."5Lz7f'-'-,.fff.,-"?5Ct'?!" WD' ff, 2' 1 1,3 :wg - ? lu - nf-, ,Q" "WUI- ff f' 1 JF .. ' ,V f!'1"N 1-'G' 5' "" rl-1' 1 af' I 'P V 'fl P " Wm N ' + 5575: -u,. .g- ' ga.. - , . 'f.,.,-'Ulm .A-.1 4 M--.rt Q Jain- 'f vlfyfq 1 1' ' rf r .Lf 11 am' mqwwlimlvv xv "' 1 w u WHUWWW i ' ' W rr www 'P is Trudy Crampton, Barbara Vidal, Mary Egger, Mary Beth M cGurk, Mary Lou Spalding seated: Patricia Pratt, Barbara McGowan, Arlene Glenn Skating Rink. Class oflicers - Virginia Rausch, Ann Dyer, Iean Featherstone, and Mary Lee Wible - with class counselor, Mother Susan Campbell, began planning another full year for the class of ,58. An evening picnic, held October 15 at Pepper Grove in Balboa Park, provided an opportunity for sophomores and their dates to demonstrate outdoor cooking skill. With the approach of the holiday season, the class once more gathered at Arlene Glenn,s home for a buffet supper following the tradition Christ- mas pageant. The New Year brought resolutions for big- ger and better class reunions. Patricia McNair was the first to make these dreams come true. The weekend following the annual retreat, she invited all her classmates for two days of snow-iilled fun at Crestline in the San Bernar- dino Mountains. All attention and talents were then focused on Sophomore Serenades and the BAL DES FLEUBS, the annual events which the Sophornores sponsor as a final tribute to the graduating class. Carol Truxaw, Cecile Rainier, Anne Aggeler, M ary Borba, Rose Marie Ghio 1 1 P. 1 1 r i i """ .-:FZ-"Tr Devona Crise, Hilary Broad, M ary Hehg seatecl: Barbara Carlisle, Anita Velazquez, Patricia Brown Beverle Bell Patricia Wohlgemuth Sandra Ielinek seated: Georgia King Patricia McNair Gael Laub' 'W .-. -'EF . fflli- 3'L'3..ff'f,21'5 " 'Q' iffTW?,1""'7S5 ,f gfgff, , 'Eff -i Barbara Rogers, Beverly O'Connor, Nancy Adams, Jane Lauerman, seated: Acloracion Remo, Betty Francis, Patricia Welch ' G5-4 fd .-. mi V 1 Y'-4 BTU 3 ul, 'MA' -sl is GJ Fi. ' : iii 35? MA 9 N l' :l lil' J af' 1 ' 11 , A ,fr 51. Claire Ehlers, Gloria Ravettino 'x., - wt! S' Q 2, Q ,. my m, ' '1 1 I E A 'I I va 3' . Q XS in I - N"--Q, j-25,3 E 4 5 Q 1 Q ,A jp -. , F, 4 g Lg!! A ' i m?Q? i1S2i?HH""M nf- semis 3 i . , 1. ,'!-Kg ' v if 'zzyiif fy .J-:rf-Lf "-5'-,V ! , ' - -2 1, ,51- A HIE! .Y , ll . 'mx ,L. 'Matti x .3-QE! P1 I uf- "" ' 'WA ,L pry. I I fs'5i' ,,ggfe29f-' A a . . I 4- , . - ' -- , -Q!! A 0 " ' .- A VMTTM.,-x, ' ' ,Q li x Ill - lu -1-nv-1 - 3.1 m-...-f. n I1 wr lklln N'1f4g4gyw- gn., nn -S 1 nn QQFFEIHQI-i ull -ill ' 155 I I I :Ill w '-34. ' " N gi ""7"!'Hll5' f 'K s Y! J X 1 Il I ml Y X l Freshman Class Histor As We stood there at the bottom of the ladder, it looked like a long climb. With the help of our class counselor, Mother Furay, the freshman class soon began to rise. Fort- nightly officers were systematically elected until our final voting in December, when Sandy Schwarzman took up the gavel, aided by Angel Kraemer, Pat Mulcahy, and Mar- garet Farrell. On Materis Feast, our first picnic provided time to get better acquainted and to explore Presidio Park. One of our first big steps up the ladder was the Freshman Follies. Under the capable leadership of Angel Kraemer and Linda Hope, "The Freshman Classici' was presented, corn- plete with uoriginalv songs and dances dis- sisters" was completed, but their help was not dispensed With, for our first midterms were fast approaching. To celebrate the end of exams, our fort- nightly president, Pat Malcahy, and her fel- low officers organized an aftemoon at Coro- nado beach in mid-November. December brought our first Christmas Ball, while many of us participated actively in the pageant, "American Christmas,', the following Week. On Ianuary eighth, the day students enter- tained the residence students at a post-Christ- mas buffet supper at Irma Serranois home. The talk of the party Was, of course, final ex- aminations and the menis college formal. Father Parish's fine retreat gave impetus to our second semester beginnings. playing OUI f6aC'fi01'1S to SCiCI1CC, mUSiC, lan- Plans were carried through for the fresh- guages, and P. E. The tribute to our "big 'r Sandy Schwarzman, president, Angel Kraemer, Z Margaret Farrell, Patricia Mulcahy man-sponsored "Mardi Crasf, Dance chair- man, Angel Kraemer, and her committee chairmen, Cordelia Curley, Ianet Berardinelli and Irma Serrano, innovated with colorful and clever Valentine pinatas to be broken during the evening. We made rapid progress up the ladder as We participated in the spring production, "A Midsummer Night's Dreamgl' celebrated the accreditation of our S.D.C.W., enjoyed the resident students, party for the day students after Easterg inaugurated an annual fresh- man-senior party on April 29th, and danced at the Joint Social Committee's Easter ball and S.D.C.W.'s Spring Formal. At Com- mencement on May twenty-seventh, We said good-bye for the summer at our first Class Reunion Brunch, and congratulated each other on our attainment of the first landing in the ladder, thanks to Mother Furay, our big sisters, and everyone who encouraged us. So "Move up, sophomores, we're here to stayf, . ,gh .-- -nv I -'Sli , 'tr ' " 1 . d F' ' ' W ' X , "t ,o 7' ,,., A 6 . I , 3' '- r .M A l 1 ' .f f..f V. V X Xl -2 .I W j l 1 Iv V 4. . a f 1-- . ,, 4 1 ' l . ff 1 y . , H 4. 4, ,lj 4 4 I ' V r f X 4... A O lx . New Committee members: Kathrine Seabrook, Religious Ajfairs, Betty Bell, Social Afairsg Terry Falk, Residence Committee. Carol Knuclsen, Joanne Wantuck, Moire Mahoney, Ruth Ashmore, Dolores Gooclell, seated: Nancy Keeshan, Janet Berarclinelli, Cordelia Curley, Mar- garet Farrell is M4 bfr '21 1 -Q MJ R Qx Connie Wilson, Honore Farrell, janet Trino, Carmen Vizcarra, Rosalie Olea, Margarita Wallace. 37 X -' x . .QJ ' I -4 11 . -FF-. ' Q, "uri '--A ,V 4 4 :b.'.-emma: Mimi Zolezzi, Sonya Ackley, Ida Mercado, Margo Bowman : I ly . Jean M cD0rmgh, Mary Rosa, Betty Bell, Patricia Crowe, Barbara Bailey Mona Bryson, Marjorie Aroe, Anne Adams, Michalene Flaherty, Lourdes Astorga, Iosefina Amezcua, I osefina White, Theresa Balsamo l 1 B I r T Martha Lopez, Patricia Mulcahy, Iean Hicks, Bernadette Borelli,Margarim Memliolg, Angel Kraemer, Sandy Schwarzman 1 Rosalind Hill 5 A L7 v Elsa Isea, Mary Elena Palma, Betty Sue Lewis, seated: Maria Luisa Isea 5 'N ,rr .af Pauline Solomon .R U J Barbara Tuthill, Margo Lester, Valerie Norton, Alice De Blanc, front row: Susana Jimenez, Cecilia Merino Irma Serrano -.4 1 Vx 'F ' fr' P ,fl - 5 , 4 A ei Kathrine Seabrook, Linda Hope, Ana Luisa Morlett, Dorothy Tato Rowena Naidl, Mary Louise Luque lm -sf, 1 - Carlene Allen, Madelyn Lo Piccolo, Patricia M itchell, Kate Basile, Terry Falk, Patricia Proctor S 3.,g?l 'v J A A Lx., .-, 7' - Ter: , - , J I Tu F Ir F :'!T""', ' x I , N- ' . ..i.,- W ,Q-Liig'gg:,,,' . . .I r -r " gf 31-1 1 f--v-v -w.,-1. ..-v,.... '-4, r s. ---' -..-f i ', ' A vga ' ' - Av V 7.1 - - - -f---1.A-H, ..-- -Q-., ....-.qw Q Q- ..-.V.-...- .,..-..--.f...--.-W-- ,,.,,,. ,L V H. .- , . . ., . W ... -,..,,,.... ag..-f2:.Jl.1.-Ani.. 4. .1 4 ' -'T--'fQJ.L 'IVY' ...M ,, , ,, ' """' ' - -ff'-4'--------v--ff ---1',.-w .,..,...,. A - - H- 'ff fwkifi 1. f WL. , fl-gg:A53zf.3ii.I:fEi?lff fi5LPfF,?'52Y:'ifg3'f ' -V Q . f5'4l""""3'-yr , .W , , ..,. " Z 1 . - .W , . 1, ,, A ,W --,, "' ,, , f-- . ...-f-f-""'f . g .. gy.- H X' 5-1. , ' "' ' "" ' - ' '51 W' I VW ' 4 ,lc ',-T,-fr- Y .-' '1 -' ,, 1'g'.r.'h-N fy . Q .fi-. ,.,, Aff - ' 11, 4:7 ,,,, f " -f A I M A 4, FS ,.f-13 4 -1 , - Y 'P' ,KV f ,qi .. , ' ' ' , A11-A - i - Afffi'-cw -- . v-11w,V- 'fry A , 11 ,F V: iv. A ,. M 1, , E..:A:g'1'r-J, ,1-' A ui. ,, if-5 ,I hv A-ATL fifkxm h. !5'g:1Mij,'QuP if-7:1250 , , 1' Adqgrsvkx .iv-,V Q- 4 rf Q V' -Q jrfxkuwxxvr-slfiigl. . N- nv 'f:"fz'-wi-:142fQ,. gl-vw--W -9- A. '- A 'kv-J K f M' . V - A 'P"',L:f1 - ' . ,P11-+.-- 1 " .1 ..-"- if I tb' "-- -':""- F' ,, , 4,-xggi x , Q , - L. -,g L' - ,.-3 xl .- ' wif, ' V. R A ' A ,, . ,vv-f ' ' 7' ' " " """"" ' X ' "v1'f"" " "H "t7,.ffT:5T""'T "1f"33li'A'f.-'Hin v x-'A V ,EWU . ' ' , 1 "1 . ,aw , , , 75' I P " ' ,.-.. . . , : :A - I V.---ig,-, I A w-,.,.,. AVA- '15 5 I ,, I' ' Ir V, L 1 Yi,- v N' J,l..,.ll .Q-.1l1i.Il ., f ' "'- , 1 ' if ' 555-W ' 155 'Y ' ? I J k I.-K: xy '-:fr :- 1 -- Q Lp., h r L- "-,L 2' "d'f"""' -'-"H"-' 'L f ? fits? I , I . in !',I.,Tlq-6-A,- 5 J 1 I' W ' " ' ' -4 ,'i.T'g J I ' , I 5 l 'qs gp! 0:15-, in :EEL-:, !' . ll. J We V- ' .ff fi? of ' E . E-1Y?7f wU fl' I-1 .X - ,.- -- -4,.:,.a-.E-. V., A-A .1 .0 I. A 1 V ,-. 5. KZ' f- 4 Q 1 ig N X, K gg fl.. ,P Q f ' 4 12' H '.' ' :g A : -1, 3 ,, J ' .5 4 if w Q .. xii.. 1 15, LQLQA 395,354 '- 8 Q 'fl -N. -.: f ., ,X CN .. r"i,f 'ff2r3c. 1,, is M --M , 1, m fw . . ,.,,' A 1 ,.-1 'k'fSkX:E'Q.i,- "-:H T. P- rl . ys ' 3 1 - f f .mv N,-ft " f - f- 5 - .mt I , ff" - j I ' , -........--L,..,. V 1 5' ' - :..f , 4 7 ' 1 - -,- -I--- 'f' . . V ,fl HJ I f .1 Q , , . " , ,- V k Vr, 5 g 1 - if' -,Jfp P,-1 l-7' ' 11 EQLN ' -1 T .-"- ,F HU 1-E ,ilfyflmh .fl 1 'T' W, .L-,FVOVA ,- . N43 ' . ' C' ,' -fi" V ' 41 N pw, -""- 4 " '.' -fm f - 4 J- , -fi, , wig ' ,f V "" 'I-ill W-H 2' f, -l..1'. ' +,'.' w, '. . 1 l ff , ',,-. 5 7 Qi I-I 9 N . 1. FJ V 1 ' ,, ' . , fl fi ? ff f 3 ff F " if .V '54-4A-i.-.. .' " - ,l,J N Ly '.' f I ' 1,6 fy !. , f ,4 ,, . ,, - .1 :L I ' 5. f ,lg 1 "-a 51 VV 39' , ,r 'Q ,gv "T0':? .li 'f' -f -:CW ,Q-' i :IJ 1 A151 P-5 v -- .J .11 1 Aufl J , 1 I . , 1 1 Af 1 W 533 fl. I 1 ' 1' H1 .f V - rm' -If Tl " I P225 2 f 'H - ' ' i f A X' ' 1 'V I , 1 , nj 1 ,, . 1' ff we - . ' I K . 1,-rm , U 4 -4 - ' ,rm f Y I -,. f ig? - M, '-f. 9' ' .. fQt v T vip -1 f-11. ' ' 1 5 , i i4 iw ze. am, . fm. - ,L -awk i , , .I-lm - " -r-' X '- Q ' QE' f"'f, , A-Alu-s-' - ,- Y iff, .f - VU' ', ig. fn? 451 fam. . A N. """"" "5 ri 1 ' 1' ' ff' Y 'gy-g:,!':vm'. N, 'f' : I , . 3: 'ga 'fr ' 1 -H Y ' 'i ' 'f ' 2325 3 EA 1--9. is ill f -f me 3 2 f I1 i Hal' ,W ,Hof ,,.u , -g-- - - -145-'uwuru .az 4- 45 2 -3 . -F V' , ' V Children of Mary Council: Elayne Langenieux, h 'ld On the Feast of Mater Admirabilis 1954, the long awaited day arrived! The San Diego College for Women had its iirst reception into the Children of Mary. The original members were Lillian Jimenez, Jacqueline Kearns, Margaret Fahlstroin, Elayne Langenieux, Paula Sabin, Diane Sinclair, Mary Louise Turner. At their first meeting, Elayne was elected president, Paula, vice president, and Margaret, secretary. Maintaining their posi- tions for two years, these otlicers were of great help to their moderator, Mother Parks, in establishing as college traditions all the special Sacred Heart devotions, processions, and practices. I- 1 Pfwidenf, Paula Sabin, Margaret Fahlstrom ofMar The Lily Procession was instituted in 1952 and the May Crowning in 1953, while the above members were still aspirants. Then, as Children of Mary, their Hrst corporate act was to establish in 1954 a Guard of Honor for the Sacred Heart on First Fridays. The following year, a parallel Guard of Honor was instituted for Our Lady. On St. Madeleine Sophie,s Feast, 1955, Joan F ennell, Ruth Jimenez, Constance Sal- erno, and Mary Scott were received into the congregation, and on October 20, 1955, Beth Ann Smith, Mary Ann Daly, Rosemary Cas- tillo, Kathleen Wollstein, Virginia Bodee, Carol Reilly, and Mary Jimenez. The most recent reception on February 3, 1956 included Rosanne Biane, Carol Farrell, and Patricia Keane. Under the patronage of Blessed Philippine and the instruction of Mother Furary, many freshmen are acquainted with the ideals of the Children of Mary. They are invited to join the Aspirants of St. Madeleine Sophie under the direction of Mother Campbell in their sophomore year. All - pre-aspirants, aspir- ants, and members - strive daily "to make interior life of the soul of CtheirJ daily lifef, but special honors go to Mary Turner, who has been elected three years in succession to crown Our Lady at the end of the scholastic year in May. - vV5X i ' "i-' .1 Religious A fairs The President, Vice-President, and Secre- tary of the Children of Mary and two repre- sentatives from each class are the members of this committee, established under the Consti- tution of September, 1954. The chairman of the committee holds a place on the Student Council, and also on the Joint Social Com- mittee: It is the privilege of this group to arrange for spiritual practices for the student body each liturgical season, to prepare for the First Friday Guard of Honor and all special novenas and Massesg to carry out the plans for all ceremonies and processions. The Apos- tleship of Prayer and the League ofthe Sacred Heart are also under the auspices of the com- mittee. A sub-committee of volunteer student- sacristans has the privilege of preparing under the direction of the sacristan all Masses and Benedictions in the college chapel. 1954 Members: Elayne Langenieux, Chair- man, Paula Sabin, Margaret Fahlstrom, Ruth Jimenez, Rosa Maria Molina, and Barbara Heney. 1955 Members: Elayne Langenieux, Chair- man, Paula Sabin, Margaret F ahlstrom, Mary Earley, Mary Jimenez, Mary Borba, Patricia Pratt, and Kathrine Seabrook. - Most Reverend I. Holmes-Siedle, WF, of Karema, Tanganyika, Africa, Admiral Walter Hodeeg Most Reverend Charles F. Buddy, Right Reverend Monsignor Francis Dillon, His Emin- ence Iames Francis Cardinal M cl ntyre of Los Angeles, Admiral L. S. Sabin, Right Reverend Monsignor Patrick Dunne, Chap- lains of the Eleventh Naval District His Eminence james Francis Cardinal McIntyre Admiral L. S. Sabin, His Eminence james Frances Cardinal Mclntyre, Admiral Walter Hodee, Marius Biane, K.S.G., Wil- liam. P. Mahedy, K.S.G., General VVilliam Ias. Miller, Ret., Nicholas I. Martin, K.S.G., General F. P. Mulcahy, Ret. ' I . I Ib .- Q , 1 ' '1 FM- 1' s f ' 1 . fl . 1 Y ' 211. J, W 'HDR .fi . 57 ' T - 1' 6' .7 ' -wb" . teh' Y in 5' N 'QNX v f Q Q I' Q K 'Ld'-. V. Ehfffb q. ,92,H',:. F Q ., im ,E mgtlg dink , X.. 'WL H . - 4' gyifni W 6 fi g -3 fs, f 1,,' ,f1vw ll- I e ' 1' i 1:f2. E - ' ' in 1'-I 2453- , , , , F1 Q U' Q. - Hzs Emmence james Franczs Cardmal Mclntyre - ' 5Lggk,q ' 3 1 ' ' n m ' -Y , 'ff--- um.. 1 X ,f , 1' 'rf ,. N. fm: " , w """-" '- , I ' 3 r I . Ji, jj Y, eng ,..L - I- .. A... M .. 3 . ,. ., V , May 9, 1954 - Marian Year Celebrations f -Li . Mgr,-1-+ . 1 . 1: Y IRI! 7' Ja!c.iiT.E.. The Christmas Crib at His Excellencyfs 1 1 r Christmas Carolling Mercy Hospital December 15, 1955 :vw S ..-...L December 15, 1955 o His Excellency Most Reverend Charles F. Buddy, and his guests in his chapel, Nancy Turner, Mary Turner, Diane Sinclair Otis, Jacqueline Kearns, Elayne Langenieux. Right Reverend James P. O'Shea May Crowning, May 9, 1954 x Ji: F . ,i- Y: ,,,,, .1 'J 'r Y- . . 255, ll- The Speakers, Bureau The Speaker's Bureau was initiated March 29, 1954. It is a Christopher movement center- ing on the Apostleship of Speech. Its purpose is to provide its members with the opportunity to express themselves, to exchange ideas, to develop poise in speech, and to practice lead- ership on and off campus. There were fourteen Charter Members: Margaret Fahlstrom, Mary Jimenez, Ruth Jimenez, Jacqueline Kearns, Elayne Langen- ieux, Leann Mahoney, Carol Reilly, Virginia Rodee, Paula Sabin, Mary Scott, Marilynn Mayer, Jean Rubel, Mary Cardoza, and Carol Farrell. In November, 1954, Mary Scott was elected chairman and Ruth Jimenez secretary. In the fall it has organized Student Con- gresses for the college students and the four hundred juniors and seniors of the Catholic high schools. The iirst was the Marian Con- gress of 1954, the second the Congress on the Mass in 1955. In both cases the members of the Bureau Wrote and delivered the papers. In the spring semester the Speakers, Bureau plans and solicits the cooperation of the stu- dent body for the Public Relations program of sending speakers to the private and public high schools of the area. The present oflicers: Marilynn Mayer, Chairman first semester, Mary Jimenez, His- torian, Paula Sabin, Chairman, second sem- ester. N N N Tx , N . ss , .X, mm , , . 5.. ,L 5 'VJ-x , 1 ."'e,:1:'f. Q 5 Y 1 -- .H,.+.:L--1 I 3 I- . - K. L, . , ,..1. , ' ,I 31 , ., .. 4, 1.3 .-.,... -... . ,L , .- f , 'la ' ' 7 ' , . 'N 'My-aa 1 ,, A u r, Q 'f-fic., X ' ,U :mx 'N V 1 4.5 '-xxx A D ff 'Lili 3 . H I i . ' P51 'Y T lm 4 qmr' Y N. "-. ',v A C. mu., I ,. w .UP - w nf c- 1T'?Q' N u W we w -1 - wr r I 3 u 1 I 'PWM L 'f A 'V fy?" A5- 'zucrff' ,, , - - A. :W ? N 1..- P- i l A . 1, ,P-3-' by I , Based on nthe principle that all authority is derived from Cod and rests with His repre- sentatives and with those to whom any share of His governing power is delegatedf, a con- stitution was drawn up, in the summer of 1954, providing for a cooperative form of government to be administered by faculty and students working together. Prior to this time the student body had been governed by Kathleen McConigle as presi- dent C1952-1953 and 1953-1954D , Mary Bing- geli as vice-president C1952-1953 and 1953- 1954j, Constance Iimenez as social chairman and Ioan Hall as secretary. In September 1954, Kathleen Brophy was elected social chairman and Ianet Contant as secretary. According to the new constitution the elections of 1954-1955 called for student-body officers who would also head standing com- e tudent Council rnittees in the college. These ofHcers, class presidents, and special delegates from the classes compose the student council. Student Body officers for 1954-1955 were: Jacqueline Kearns, Kathleen Brophy, Mary Turner Leann Mahoney, and Lillian Jimenez The function of the Student Council is to foster understanding and cooperation be tween Faculty and Student Body by repre senting the views of the Student Body to the Administration. This representation is made to the President of the College, Mother Cath erine Parks Moderator of the Council The aim of the Student Council is to up hold the college motto "THAT ALL MAY BE ONE,,' and in so doing foster the "family tradition, which is the heritage of all colleges of the Sacred Heart Th A- -'sn-wif-'ff Sandy Schwarzman, President, Freshman Class, Virginia Rausch, President, Sophomore Class, Karolee Kuban, President, Senior Class, Jane Petty, Chairman Residence Committee, Elayne Langenieux, President of the Children of Mary, Chairman, Religious Affairs, Mary Turner, Vice-President, Chairman, Social Affairs, Jacqueline Kearns, President of Student Body, Chairman, Welfare Com- mittee, Virginia Rodee, Recording Secretary, Chairman, Publicity, Leann Mahoney, Corresponding Secretary, Chairman, Hostess Committee, Arline Ray- mond, President of W.A.A., Carol Farrell, President, junior Class, Ann Dyer, Vice- President, Sophomore Class, Angel Kraemer, Vice-President, Freshman Class missing. 0 il. i 1 4 I 0 6 , 1 , 4 ' gf 4 iz l J.. I 5 - Hostess Committee Inaugurated for gracious greetings, the Hostess Committee aims at entertaining visi- tors at the college in order that their stay may be enjoyed and remembered. Meeting on the average of once a month, the group discusses appropriate plans for expected guests. Col- lege or senior high school visitors tour the campus and engage in current college activi- ties. Highlighting their visit, the Hostess Committe sponsors a dance, tea, or tour of San Diego in honor of the guests. For events such as major drama productions, or special programs, members of the Committee act as otlicial hostesses for the college. Wehfare Committee This committee was established by the Constitution of the Associated Student Body under the chairmanship of the Student Body President for the purpose of caring for the interest of individual students, students in general, and the college as a whole. Such a task involves the preservation of high stand- ards of Christian conduct, dress, and order. The wise and loving over-all guidance of Reverend Mother Rosalie Hill and the ofter repeated conviction of San Diego,s beloved Bishop has been the constant inspiration of the organization - "We have a great work to do, and we cannot come downfv The membership of the committee consists of its chairman and as many semesterly proc- tors as there are campus-areas to be proc- tored. These proctors are chosen by the chair- man in consultation with the faculty moder- ator, and they are drawn from all four classes. Responsibilities are shared by resident and day students. Weekly proctors are appointed by the semesterly proctors. Members of the committee for 1954-55 were: Chairman, Jacqueline Kearns, semes- terly proctors, Joan Erickson, Candace Hos- mer, Evelyn Teachout, Beverly O'Connorg Moderator, Mother Campbell. Members of the committee for 1955-56 include: Chairman, Jacqueline Kearns, se- mesterly proctors, Donna Kopp, Gail Derry, Arlene Glenn, Barbara Heney, Sandra Jelinek, Georgia King, Patricia McNair, Rosalie Park- man, Mary Lou Spalding, Betty Bell, and Beverle Bell, Moderator, Mother Campbell. Meetings of the committee are held once a Week, and an annual g'Mad-Hattersv party is sponsored shortly after Easter by way of thanking the student body for its cooperation and of allowing them a momentary respite from "appropriate campus attiref' Residence Committee 1954-1955 CHAIRMAN: Mary Turner. PROCTORS: Lillian Jimenez, Judy Monahan, Rosa Maria Molina, Ann Dyer. 1955-1956 CHAIRMAN: Jane Petty QFirst semester, with seat on Student Councilj COMMITTEE: Judy Monahan, Paula Sabin, Mary Schaub, Suz- anne Tilley, Patricia Wohlge- muth, Jane Lauerman, Terry Falk. CHAIRMAN: Judy Monahan fSecond semester, with seat on Student Councill COMMITTEE: as for first semes- ter. This committee functions for the over-all benefit of the students. Members are elected by resident students. They in turn appoint proctors, train them, receive their reports, and are in general charge of Residence Affairs. s ocial A fairs The lighter aspect of college life is provided for by this committee. The vice president of each class under the chairmanship of the vice president of the student body begin making 'Ksocialv plans long before the opening of college in September. Nearly all the sum- mer months are devoted to the Campus Fash- ion show, which highlights "Freshman Weekf, During that first week of school other nights to remember on the social calendar are that of the Big-Little Sister Dinner for the resi- dents and the COTTON COTILLION for all in the library patio. J . Terry Van Orshoven Mary Turner, Pancho Preciado, Elayne Langenieux Richard Corcler, Iacqueline Kearns The big annual events established by this committee during the last four years are the Harvest Dance, sponsored by the Juniors, the Christmas Ball, sponsored by the Seniors, the Mardi Gras dance sponsored by the Fresh- men, the Bal des Fleurs, sponsored by sopho- mores. Frequent informals, a faculty-student Christmas party, even square-dances End their place in the crowded days and nights of college students on the Alcala Park campus. And the moderator of the committee, Mother Danz, prophesies that the future holds yet larger and better parties. I , 1- .iq "Hearts ,n Beauxv - F elaruary, 1953 N L-7 5-nv I I . X x 5:2332 . A- fr igigif 137 ', ' E K 1 . . M ary Hall, James M cGinnis, Ioan Hall Balcom, Richard Balcom Mr. and Mrs. Daniel I . Redmond, Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Town Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Mathew our chaperons "Bal ales F leurs" --1 - is S AXA.. S Mx X Q g Blue and Silver Ball Miss May Clarke, Mr. and Mrs. David Nyvall, Ir., Miss H enriette Wiltzius ' 99 T5 - ,-wr 2 f 2 F u so it E E I I f - J- -- f' ' Q- . 9' "Blue and White Ball" Q ,Lg ,ff vg. ii I , j EH1 A "5 i if f , Student Council Christmas Party His Excellencyis Christmas Party - M 1 A K A , Z' 'vxfi "" . ..WV 'NA A ij H ' LW . 1,-'W ' j' LL - X im f, Q G' fb PQ I iv. U 'v w ,I .VW 1 5 7,3-5 A The Alcala Park Players The show must go on! Three weeks after the theatre was completed in November 1952, a drama club was organizedg under the lead- ership of Mary Turner, and the first annual Christmas Pageant produced by Mother Furay under the title of "Pageant of the Nationsf' In September 1953 this club with Mother Campbell as moderator drew up a constitu- tion which states that the purpose of the organization is to altord students an oppor- tunity to: put the theory of drama into practice develop a love of good theatre enrich the knowledge of history and liter- ature learned in academic courses. December of ,53 brought the second annual Christmas pageant entitled "Christmas in Merry Old England," and in the spring the drama club was baptized "The Alcala Park Players" on the occasion of its first major pro- duction - Maxwell Anderson's "Mary of Scot- landf' directed by Lucille Downs Devereaux. Starring in this production were Marilynn Mayer and Diane Sinclair, who were double cast in the role of Mary Stuart, Kathleen Brophy and Paula Sabin, in the role of Queen Elizabeth. Rebecca Radford was a Botliwell equal to both Marys In the fall of 1954 Evelyn Krail was elected president of the club, Marie Mathew, vice president, Arlene Raymond, secretary. It was their immediate privilege to launch, under the guidance of Mother Furay, a fall production to climax Marian Year activities. The dramatization of Franz Werfel's i'Song of Bernadettev was chosen, with Paula Sabin playing the title role. And this year's Christ- mas pageant was called "A Mary Christmas" in honor of the closing of the Marian Year. By spring students were hungry for more theatre. Consequently, another drama -"Let- ters to Lucerne" was produced in April with major roles played by Arline Raymond, Bev- erly O'Connor, Tanya Finlayson, Barbara Vidal, Dorothy Wawrzynski, Diane Sinclair, and Kathleen Wellstein. September '55 saw Evelyn Krail re-elected president of the club with Suzanne Tilley as vice president and Trudy Crampton as secre- tary. "American Christmasi' was the theme of the fourth annual Christmas pageant. And, not to be outdone by Shakespeare revivals in London and on Broadway, the Players chose "Midsummer Night's Dreamy as the spring production for 1956. Mr. R. B. Van Vleck, Professor of Speech at the San Diego College for Men, was invited to direct the play. The immortal roles of Bottom and Puck were played by Sandra jelinek and Patricia Crowe, while Titania and Oberon were impersonated by Margo Lester and Sharon Smith. A MARY CHRISTMAS PAGEANT ' 4' - 4' --1 -ff- S4 4 Q ff wh H 3- z MARY OF SCOTLAND PX NX 1' 17 " .54 1 3s.g:ik'g lx A lv-1 sp- -. Hu. awk? IE' Jn! ww. . .r , ,. i.,q . V ' -.I l." .-..... 4 .j 1. ., . ,4'9'T', I 55,1 L, c H I 11151 ,u, 1 9 -if 4 1 1 f EL' 1 1 R J , 5, V, , , fl' ' t ' r f f, '9 1 ef Sq f ,fr ,EINA Q 'c l W . 21 N X - ,.31"1'-.--' V ' - ,C - V.: AL .., -1"::.- 3,1 I f I ly. N r -A '- f-E-fi-'F . 'U 1955 An X j Christmas X 13? vi l American gf X 1,1 ' l vi Pageant Mr. R. B. Van Vleck and stage and light crews "SONG OF BERNADETTED "A MIDSUMMEH NIGHTS DREAM K I . lf!" Science Club This club was organized in February, 1954, with Margaret Fahlstrom 1,565 as president, Mary Cordoza C561 , vice president, Ann Phillips 1,57 D , secretary-treasurer. Three trips - to Bird Bock, Scripps' Institute of Ocean- ography, and Palomar - furnished numerous specimens for the science department, which the students themselves classified and placed on exhibition. At one of the regular meetings ofthe club, Dr. john L. Feldman, M.D., spoke on the ear and its disorders. At another meet- ing Dr. McNeally, biochemist of Kelco Com- pany, showed colored movies of deep sea life and lectured on kelp and its chemical proper- ties. The marine biology field trips were under the guidance of Commander Hendrix of Scrippis Institute of Oceanography and the specialists he chose to instruct the students of tide pool life. A Mission Bay field trip was led by Mr. Littlepage of the San Diego Mrs. Belle Benchley, Beth Ann Smith, Carol Riddell, Margaret F ahlstrom, president. Natural History Museum. And the climactic event of the year was the gift of a mineral collection from Kathleen McGonigle C,54Q. This collection was prepared by an engineer in her father's manganese mine. In the sum- mer of 1954, Work and play were fused, when Mr. H. L. Benbough took Science Club mem- bers to the Coronado Islands on his yacht. In 1954-55 Margaret Fahlstrom, Beth Ann Smith and Carol Riddell, all of the class of ,56, headed the Science Club. Striving to im- prove their exhibitions, club members made several field trips to Bird Rock Q under the guidance of Dr. Colon Hough, marine bio- chemistj, Borrego Desert, Dana Landing, and Scripps. The freshmen, under the leader- ship of Sharon Smith C58 J , presented "Scien- tific Conferencesf, Two lectures on astronomy - one by Donna Kopp C585 and another by the astronomer Rudolph Lippert, centered on the Held trip to Palomar. In April and May, Dr. Anita Figueredo, M.D., under the aus- pices of the club, addressed the student body in a series of three lectures on cancer. In 1955-56 Margaret Fahlstrom, Beth Ann Smith, and Carol Riddell retained club oiiices. Donna Kopp was electedas junior and Ann Dyer as sophomore representatives. This year's agenda featured a series of lectures on "Wonder Drugsv by Mother Lorraine Law- rence of the Science Department. Members of the club - Devona Crise, Ann Dyer, Margaret Fahlstrom, Donna Kopp, Patricia Perdue, Patricia Pratt, Patricia Proc- tor, Carol Riddell, Beth Ann Smith, Barbara Carlisle, Candace Hosmer, Hilary Broad, Susan Robinson, and Sharon Smith - would like to acknowledge here their debt of grati- tude to Scripps, Institute of Oceanography, the San Diego Natural History Museum, Ceil Sutton, R.N., and above all, Mother Bernice Farrens, moderator, for invaluable assistance and inspiration. Dr. Francis X. Williams ' tiki D g X .,. , , , Bird Rock Field Trips Music Club gl The first meeting of the newly organized Music Club of San Diego College for Women Was held Friday, October 21, 1955. Votes were cast for representatives from each class who would form a hostess commit- tee for the various planned events. Results were to be posted upon tabulation. The first event scheduled was a lecture by Mr. Nyvall Thursday, October 27, which will include demonstration of various musical pieces from different periods of history. Among other scheduled events will be a piano recital by Donald Reed, a nine-year-old Chopin technique expert, in November. In December, the annual carolling will replace an event. It was emphasized that the various events were to serve not only for entertainment but to educate the members in various musical subjects. The group was told that there would not be +315 . H 1 1 Ann Adams Ann Aggeler, Virginia Rodee Nancy Adams, Norma McNair Paula Sabin Barbara Gan- non Evelyn Krail president, Mar- regular meetings, but that events would be announced at Student Body meetings, and that one need only be interested in music to join. The council by election Were: seniors, Evelyn Krail, Barbara Gannon, Paula Sabin, juniors, Virginia Rodee, Mary Lou Zrelak, Norma Mansirg sophomores, Nancy Adams, Pat McNair, Anne Aggelerg freshmen, Linda Hope, Ann Adams, Margaret Farrell. The program scheduled for November, a piano recital by Donald Bead, was given. In January Mrs. Mary Alyn gave a harp demon- stration. Mrs. Arthur Schvvarzman was pre- sented in a harp recital in the February program. On Wednesday evening, March 21, the Little Choir gave a rendition of the Seven Last Words. Nancy Adams was the accom- panist. 5 1- Mansir, Mary Lou Zrelak, Patricia L garet F arrell. Choral Group xy n1r--- -, Nfl, , .,- ., .:,.,T,1.Y -,-.. ., T, ,.,V,,Lf -,,.f., , Nu-.':vr'1:' Y- ' '"'1L4-iligal,f1'JffQ-4.1!-L,-igzgSnr Donald Reacl Little Choir -r f KW'-- , aww :rn ,A A Fifi? ' :A 'L' 1,f.Q,-jf-.. 4-', AQ., '- . " ' - -1- W , - 1 e-9.-my -r . 2' in-H Q -g .- vw- f . "-, ' M- .- N ' . .- ,.. W 1 3fi:?,7"f"n" 'iw'-A-L N 11 5-f"':'-f""f '. . , -- ' ,Q ' -'- rr,-Jr.:-' , KLT' ff" .ff--L ' - 1 :L , ' fd" -' -- 'F JT r- ' 1.4, . .: 9 . ,Q -.Tf 'S-sq ' 'K tt,-'w.,,'f'-.1"'-",',,,,f H -i,,,:hf-,WL , .. i. . .-f. V- 9-,vw V +A ,,,,,..,.v.-fgf.'.a,-55ygpgzfffi, lpifjigg mf.. .b'- --'.l:!r5',A'as.1, 2- M . P.-" 1. ' 4.-.L - . -.- -. .-'-4:2-Q:--f-ff'-Nk.."xr2-,--Z. f.4w'2,X,. . -i.. Arline Raymond, president. W , A . A . av-""" Tx V 'X ww' f - I -YQ.-, -':.:w, 1 ., K .u . 'SQ ,. Mx " ' f- , ,-,.' .Law -.,.,.,N 5, . leyyagff. I gf- f X -Q S Yigfiif. - ' u-,sy gg: U, ,. 4 ..-,, " l?f"" :gwjsq Q , R- ,.-' r :-:,:',':,, 44,53-. ', 9- . 14: .- -- '-'L L-gy L - "TN ,cv ,K 1 ' .diva at 1 1,11 A-11, if-A"4 I . ww. 1-, "' 53A Air- 'U-wj-EUFLME 'J' wig! . 41'-'1-r--. ,3-I,,t'1.' " 'gl' 1' 4 ,gw ' 1 . X , My QW.. ,, v F ' 1. ,T v 1. gs .'? A, ,.:4 V I . U 1 1 .p A 6

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