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3; 1 summit 1969 TTiPinMiiimtifliiiMir ' ' M III innrinm m i ii »ts«r m •p f I i . iLkM.,,iMc nt • , ' M A-Beginning . . . J I ■ JlI . 1 M " ) c caring MMMWWMWH MWM II fc ;-jV ' M i rrwjw h working r e mmm 10 playing " f ' searching 13 finding " 16 listening Dwight Manning (Junior Psychology Major) " In mv opinion this college is gearing its academic courses to fit the GRE test standards. Who is it to say that these tests are to be the goal in education? We are not supposed to mold our education to fit a test. " John J. McCoy (Associate Professor of Biology) " As far as mv courses are concerned they are lab oriented and a sixteen week semester system would benefit my course. A more leisurely pace gives a student more time to think. " Sandra Marshall (Senior History Major) " I feel that our becoming a part of the greater University system will greatly benefit our college. Instead of being thought of as a community college we will now be recognized as the outstanding academic organization that we are. " If M DJ ' H Bob Jones (Senior Psychology Major) " The main thing that bothers me about the school is that their philosophy is rather ' ivory tower ' . All liberal arts colleges have this concept, but they don ' t hang onto it like A-B. " Robert S. Brunk (Instructor in Sociology) " I ' ve never been able to figure out what grades, required attendance, and other forms of coercion have to do with the stimulation of intellectual curiosity. " 17 18 the 1969 miss a-b court includes: (this page) donna goodwin, suzanne woody, vera culbreth; seniors, barbara brookshire, kathy green, Silvia smith, juniors, (opposite page) ginni mcev en, noble herring, susan meadows; freshmen. competing . . . 19 ;iM winning Miss Tern RozzeU was selected by the Student Body to represent the school as Miss Asheville-Biltmore College 1968-69. 20 21 : x..- j 22 [JjfeV A- Beginning i ' - ' « ' organizations p. 26 features p. 48 TABLE sports p. 60 24 OF CONTENTS classes p. 720 greeks p. 82 sga p. 92 administration and faculty p. 7 06 I 25 A- orgonizations organizations organizations organizations education dub L. 1. GaU Pace 2. Linda Canter 3. Charlie Bradford 4. Pat Singleton 5. Richard trwin 6. Pat Cox 7. Mar - Metcalf 8. Peggy Cauble 9. Jackie Lyda 10. Juanell Gash 1 1. Sandy MaishaU M M 28 epsilon chapter of HONOR WOtTT •a E tCONOMICS y " ify o micron delta epsilon 1. James Cole-President 2. Lucille Huffman 3. Di. John Barthel 4. Hal Mason 5. Vorrest Gorman 6. Carol) Langford 7. Dr. Ed Speir Not pictured: Dr. William Highsmith Dr. Roy Riggs Dr. Bahi m Farzanegan Mr. Alfred Day Jeff Ledbetter John Keetch varsity dub (Left to right) Leon Passmore, Bill Punshun, Frank Rosen, Gary Adams, Mack Nance, Rod Healy, Chris Lee, Jim McElhaney, Mike Rayfield, David Wellman, and Mark Lawson. 29 The A-B Chapter of the .American Chemical Societi ' includes: Allan Clark, Ronald Baldwin, John Wert, John Macintosh, Harold Young, Phillip Hawkins, Dr. Squibb, Dr. Stevens, and Ann Riddle. Not pictured; Jeny Knox and Mark Crossley, Chairman Harold Young Vice Chairman John Wert Secretary-Treasurer Ronald Baldwin Faculty Advisors Dr. Lloyd Remington Dr. Dexter Squibb Dr. John Stevens omerican chemical society Harold Young and Dr. Squibb proudly display the award that Harokl received from the A.C.S. for the outstanding student affiliate. 30 ridge runner Larry Jones and Barbara Brookshire edit copy for the newspaper. John Wert and Phil Hawkins work on pictures and arrange them for the Ridge- runner. Laurel Richards and the Ridgerunner ' s Editor Nora Lauerman. BSU 1. Sheila Cody 2. Lois Brotherton 3. Doris Jackson 4. Juanell Gash 5. Peggy Norris 6. Mary Lou Jones 7. Wanda Norris 8. Jaclcie Lyda 9. Linda Robertson 10. Martha Ward 1 1. Brenda Page 12. Darlene Cantrell 13. Hal Mason 14. A. Kay Huggins 15. Mr. Robert Hayner 16. Don Scarborough m a 9 Art Editor for the ■Images " . Cari SctiDt. Art Staff for the year: (Front) Peggy Cauble and Muriel Kelly. (Back) Caii Schilt and Dianne Cable. Linda Mailowe had the busy job of typing and Liz Markgraf was aJways nearby. 32 The " Images " . A-B ' s fine arts magazine, was first published in 1964. The twice yearly pubh- cation contains art and literature of creative students and faculty. Elizabeth Markgraf, Editor of the " Images. ' Literary Staff includes; (Front) Linda Matlowe, Liz Markgiaf. (Back) Brian Fussel, Roger Lankford. 33 Ann Wutschel, Associate Editor Ramona Henderson, Editor Ed Hannan. Business Manager Dr. Ed Speir, Advisor 34 summit staff Martha Ramsey, Associate Lditor Wanda Nonis, Greeks Editor Bill Coonan, Sports Editor La Mont DeBruhl, Chief Photographer 35 v W ' ' - " ' 9 K who s bq who ' 1 V ' era CuJbreth and Suzanne Woody both History majors. Alan Rickaids. Physics major, and Phillip Hawkins, Chemistry major. 36 Selection for the National honor of Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities for 1968-69 included fourteen seniors from Asheville-Biltmore. Membership is based on the academic and extra- curricular record of students. Not pictured were: Rosamond Braly, Literature major; Mary Clevenger, Literature major; Marcia Davis, Psychology major; Donna Goodwin, Psychology major; Wanda Lea, Art major; and Terry Merriman, French and German major. James Lloyd, History major. (Left to right) Anna Torian, Psychology major, Kathy MacNeil, Political Science major, and Lawrence Jones, Political Science major. 37 circle k (Front row) Don McMahan, Richard Erwin, Don Scarborough, Tom Hughes. (Back row) Steve Daughton, Bill Hussey, Don Brown, Edward Hannan, Randy Drupiewski, Charles Bradbum, Bill Coonan. President Randy Drupiewski Vice President Richard Erwin Secretary Don McMahan Treasurer Danny Goodwin Sergeant-at-arms Gary Jensen Advisor Mr. George Rapplean 38 The Circle K of A-B College is the only international organization on campus. The members devoted them- selves to a service project with the Asheville Orthopedic Hospital this year and brought these crippled children to the home basketball games. Circle K also held Humanities study sessions for the freshmen and they participated in the Homecoming activities with a dis- play. Circle K has the distinction of being the oldest mens service organization at A-B. They are sponsored by Kiwanis Club of Asheville. This was the way they looked at the smoker for prospective members for Circle K. (Above) Circle K ' s sweetheart Terry Rozzell. (Left) The Officers of Ciicle K (seated) Danny Goodwin, Richard Erwin. (Standing) Gaiy Jensen, Don McMahan, Randy Drupiewsld. 39 k-ettes President Vera Culbreth Vice President Carol Mott Secretary Doris Jackso n Treasurer Harriet Boozer SGA Representative JilJ Diamond Parliamentarian Jane Daves Advisor Mrs. Rapplean 40 The K-ettes are a group of women at A-B that make up an active service club for the school and for the community. Their activities for the year have included: Pillow Sales at ballgames, Welcome Week Tea and campus tours, Santa Pals at Christmas, a party for Elida Home at Halloween, and a display for Homecoming. Each year the money they raise goes for a scholarship for an outstanding athlete that they elect. This year the K-ettes also helped the SGA by acting as Social Commission and decorating for all of the SGA dances. Patsy and Jan Decorate for a SGA dance at the Battery Park Hotel. These new members really ' ham it up ' for the camera before their initation into the group. Rick Blair and Mrs. Wutschel, ihe Dean of Women ' ham it up. ' huns Danny Thompson gets his pants trimmed during the Huns mitation for new members. David Hill, president of the Huns, as he received the award for the outstanding Inter-Mural Athlete for 1968-1969. Two new Huns, Ray West and Frank Rosen, joined the club to help boost it as an athletic organization. 42 S! S?5I ' ?§5! 5I! ? S ?SSSH « £. 1 Sylvia Smith 2 Teiry James 3 Susie LeMieux 4 Beau Andy Zoldas 5 Lauiel Richards 6 Connie Nichols 7 Vivian Case 8 Baibara Baker 9 Linda Hornowski 10 Becky Sherman 1 1 Cathy Conway 12 Donna Goodwin 13 JudiePittman 14 Kathy Warden IS Leigh McBiide alpha sigma sigma President Laurel Richards Vice President Donna Goodiwin Secretary Susie LeMieux Treasurer Sylvia Smith SGA Representative Leigh McBride Faculty Advisor Dr. Mathews Alpha Sigma Sigma is the only Greek letter club on campus. This year they have acted in the capacity of House and Grounds Commission for SGA. They sponsored a talent show for the students, they held a slave sale, and they participated in the annual Homecoming. (Top right) The members of the club. (Right bottom) Part of the girls pose with their Homecoming display. (Below) The slave sale outside of the Student center. » A22 45 r=-E: EE PLAYS Three one act plays were presented at A-B College by interested students who had a desire to work with dramatics and the talent to fulfill their desires. All of the plays were by Tennessee Williams and only two characters were in each play. Bruce Brown and Pat Frierson directed the productions. All of tliose uivolved considered it successful. (Right) " This Property is Condemned " Loughmilier. featuring Teny James and Joe 46 (Top) " Auto PaFe " with Bruce Brown and Melinda Pearlman. (Left) " The Case of the Crushed Petunias " with Jesse Adams and Beverly Glover. utumk ■ features feotut iii B ' features features features features featui 50 homecoming Homecoming festivities began with a burst of sound at the concert Thursday night, Dec. 5. The Esquires, backed by the Atlanta Tarns, presented a spirited performance accompanied by hand clapping and foot tapping. Everyone felt a strong desire to sit on the floor nearer the stage. Many were unable to control this impulse and a few students were dancing as the Esquires sang their way off the stage. 51 .L Teni James, a self-styled clown, mocks one of the high school bands taking part in the paiade. The A-B cheerleaders added a liveliness to the parade as they rode through downtown Asheville cheering and waving their tambourines. 52 homecoming parade The girls of Alpha Nu Lambda, like many other campus orga nizations, brought along their display as a contribu- tion to the parade. We wonder who took care of whom as Eric Bryan attempted to look after our mascot, " Chug-a-Lug " , during all homecoming festivities. 53 ■S IP -J iCT VA (Above) Sylvia Smith beams as she wms m musical buckets. (Right) Cold weather made it necessary for the guls to break ice before they could hunt thru the mud and murky water for a four inch screwdriver. 54 coed capers (Above) The Pie-eating contest featured Chocolate Cream-pie - piled thick with whipped cream of course ! 55 homecoming queen 56 Miss Vera Culbieth Sponsored by the Senior Class Miss Teiri RozzeU Sponsored by Circle K Miss Baibaia Brookshiie Sponsored by tlie Junior Class Miss Diane Green Sponsored by Sigma Lambda Chi and her court 57 ♦ • ' f s sports sports sports sports sports sports J )V ♦ i sports sports spo 61 district 6 playoff HeaJy goes foi a tap-in against Erskine in the District Six NAIA Playoff semifinals. Coach Hartman gets a free ride after the win over Newbeny at Woffoid. Preadent Highsmith and Cheerieadei Sheila Cody celebrate beating Newberrv. To the victor went the spoils, and senior Gaiy Adams (55) and Rod Healy (25) left no doubt by the expressions on theii faces who had won the A-B vs. Newberry game. That victory in the District Six Champion- ship sent the Bulldogs on to Kansas City and even greater glory. 63 N737N 1 victory, excitement, defeat, Kansas City Saia Davis typified the feelings of all A-B students as she listened to the Bulldog victory over Grambling on the radio in Vance Hall. Coach Bob Hartman, who has made a habit of winning seasons since coming to A-B seven years ago, mentored the Bulldogs to a 19-9 season, the District Six NAIA Champion- ship and a trip to Kansas City where the team blasted highly-touted Grambling before falling to Monmouth. Hartman was runner-up for the Coach of the Year Honors in District Six which includes western Virginia, North Carolina, and most of South Carolina. In his seven years at A-B, Hartman ' s teams have compiled an impressive 1 16-68 record. 98 A-B vs Mars Hill 94 69 A-B vs Hanover 73 102 A-B vs Mars Hill 87 63 A-B vs Pembroke 54 88 A-B vs Campbell 72 97 A-B vs Charleston Baptist 91 101 A-B vs Johnson C. Smith 84 97 A-B vs Shorter 75 101 A-B vs Berry 102 96 A-B vs Mars HiU 94 67 A-B vs Augusta 78 78 A-B vs Belmont Abbey 79 99 A-B vs Wilmington 78 69 A B vs Augusta 80 64 A-B vs Pembroke 67 103 A-B vs Lander 78 111 A-B vs Washington Lee 83 68 A-B vs Campbell 70 91 A-B vs Lincoln Memorial 80 97 A-B vs Lander 64 85 A-B vs Charleston Baptist 86 109 A-B vs Maryville 69 121 A-B vs Wilmington 92 83 A-B vs Maryville 74 76 A-B vs Erskine 70 90 A-B vs Newberry 81 86 A-B vs Grambling 74 81 A-B vs Monmouth 115 66 district six champions (Front row) Joe Mize, Mike Zimmer, Gary Adams, Frank Napoli, Lee Coach Bob Hartman, Mack Nance, Rod Healy, John Mangle, Trainer Phil Shuster, mgr. Bill Humi. (Second row) Steve Suddreth, Steve Fricke, Hudson. Chris Lee, Dean Nanney, Mickey Gibson, Jim McElhaney. (Third row) Mike Zimmer, Steve Fricke, and Joe Mize take aim on future Bulldog greatness. Mack Nance and Mickey Gibson battle MaiyviUe for the ball, during A-B ' s 109-69 victory. New Basketball Records 1 Most Points Scored- 121 vs. Wilmington Most Field Goals- 48 vs. Wilmington Most Ftee Thiows- 32 vs. Mars Hill Most Points Scored in a Game- Mickey Gibson, 44 vs. Washington Lee Most Field Goals Scored- Mickey Gibson, 20 vs. Washington Lee Most Free Throws Scored— Jim McElhaney, 12 vs. Mars Hill 68 Lee Shuster rises to the occasion for two points against his Maryville opponents. Mickey Gibson soars upward as the crowd anticipates two more points against Lander. Frank Napoli polishes his drive to the basket. 69 Jim McElhaney harasses his opponent during the Bulldogs ' upset over Washington and Lee. Senior Gary Adams out-maneuvers the Mary- ville defense on a drive. Rod Healy ' s efforts proved decisive in victory over Mars Hill. Steve Suddreth pauses during warm-u p drills. 70 Mack Nance tosses in two more in the Washington and Lee rout. Dean Nanney practices his hook shot, during pre-game warm-up. 71 (right) Mack Nance fakes a shot then passes off through the Campbell defense. Mickey Gibson leaps iiigh in the air to sweep the boards against Maiyville. (below) Jim McElhaney shoots over his Campbell oppo- nent during the Homecoming Game. 72 73 Captain - Jill Diamond. Kathy Green. Fred LeMieux. Susie LeMieux. t SJi cheerleaders Sheila Cody and Thorn Stork. Jan Green and Wayne Biadbum. Noble Herring. 75 Jim McElhaney lines a shot at the green as Jan Sterzer looks on. (Right) Bill Buigin watches his tee-shot soar down the faii-way. (Far right top) Mike Tolley watches as his ball nears the cup. Leon Passmore leaves little doubt as to the outcome of his putt. (Far right bottom) Bill Punshan blasts one out of the sand, in a match against Erskine. 76 Chris Lee follows through after hitting an iron shot towards the green. Coach Daughton sets-up another match for the A-B golf teajTi. 77 tennis Dave Wellman smashes one back to his opponent. Tennis Coach Hudson Mark Lawson lines a back-hand shot back over the net. 78 Lee Shuster attempts to lob one over his opponent. John Wert follows his fore-hand shot toward the net. Scott Fussell rockets the ball to his opponent. •J f w CHA.MP10NS Football: YaHoos Basketball; Sigma Lambda Chi Volleyball: Sigma Lambda Chi Softball: Sigma Lambda Chi (Right) Dave Hill presents the over-all Intramural trophy to Ben Connor of SiEma Lambda Chi. 80 intramurals 81 Sk 9 ®® ' greeksi « © B igreeks greeks greeks greeks greeks gre alpha nu lambda Alpha Nu Lambda Sorority had a busy yeai at A-B. The members Susan Mills. Third row: Kaien Kiesher, Dean Parsons, Linda Boyd, include: (Front row) Toni Glenn. .Marcia Davis. Gail Dumei, Ann Fourth row: Mary Laura Sealey, and Mary Hunnicutt. GiUigam. Second row: Diane Orr, Debbie Plemmons, Susan Meadows. ANA At formal initiation Gail Burner prepares to light the candles of the awaiting pledges. Dean Panons under the mistletoe. Alpha Nu sisters. Ann Gilligam and Linda Cantei, welcome new freshmen to A-B at registration. President Toni Glenn ' Vice President Maxcia Davis Secretary Gail Dumer Treasurer Ann Gilligam Advisor Dean Parsons 85 kappa delta tau m A fM t r 1 1 1 Three of the " most beautiful, poised, and talented " pledges that ever pledged. Support of the Bulldogs all season was climaxed by their return from Kansas Citv. The major project of Kappa Delta Tau sorority was the ■ ' Little Red Schoolhouse " at the Asheville Orthopedic Hospital. Througliout the year the sorority gave a total of four parties for the children. (Above-Standing) Gail Pace, Peggy Cauble, Juanell Gash, and Pasty Hunter watch over two of the boys at the Easter party. Other projects were collecting money for the Heart Fund and selling candy for the Juvenile Evaluation Center. Besides the service aspect, the sorority had slumber parties, cook-outs. Spring and FaU rushees, participation in " Welcome Week " , a display for Homecoming and the Home- coming parade. 86 Kappa Delta Tau Sorority Sisters make up one of the most active groups on campus. Front row; Juanell Gash, Sandy Marshall, Ramona Henderson, Peggy Cauble. Second row; Cathy Henderson, Pasty Hunter, Lois Brotherton, Peggy Norris, Wanda Norris. Tliird row: Jackie Lyda, Susan Bumgamer, Mary Metcalf, Charlene Pace, and Gail Pace. Not pictured: Darlene Cannon, Martha Ramsey, Terry Merriman, and Pat Singleton. Peggy, Sandy, and Cathy prepare for a Tea that Kappa Delta Tau was hostess for during ' Welcome Week. ' President Juanell Gash Vice President Sandy Marshall Secretary Ramona Henderson Treasurer Darlene Cannon Advisor Mr. Robert Hayner Sorority ' Beau ' Don Scarborouglt KAT 87 sigma delta upsilon The brothers of Sigma Delta Upsilon aie well known on campus for their annual " Ship-Wrecked " party at the end of each year. Front row: Doug Norton, Terry Price, Ron Goodwin, Pat Bailey. Standing: Mike Carter, Don Lockwood, Steve Self, Don Brown, David Barnes, Mike Rayfield, Steve Coster, Larry Sumner. Not pictured: Jim Ingle, Jim Lewis, Tom Barrett, and Bruce Lankton. President Teny Price Vice President Steve Self Secietaiy Pat Bailey Treasurer Jim Ingle Guard Mike Carter Sweetheart Susan Meadows Advisor Mr. Phillips Smith .m E jauTsi 88 Top rigiit: Sigma Delta Upsilon was host to a Thanksgiving Day Dance for the student body. Bottom right: No pledge could be more dedicated as Russell, who invaded the snack shop carrying his sign. Bottom left: Road rallies areUpsilon ' s specialty. Jim Ingle signals for the race to begin with the drop of the flag. 2Ar Top Left: Hard vork helped the fraternity win the award for the best display during Homecoming. Top Right: Lambda Chi eagerly showed their enthusiasm and participated in campus inter-murals. Bottom: The Brothers of Lambda Chi rolled out an impressive banner to welcome new students at first term registratioru 90 sigmo lombdo chi President Benny Conner Vice President Wayne Bradbum Secretary Roger Gardin Treasurer Thorn Stork Past Vjce President Tony Andrews-Speed Advisor Mr. George Rapplean Lambda Chi ' s Sweetheart Diane Greene. Sigma Lambda Chi Fraternity is well known on campus for their support of the school and their ' cool parties. " Front row: Andy Zoldas, Matt Gilbert, Benny Conner, Thorn Stork, Tom Hudgens. Second row: Mike Latta, Jay French, Jim Lincoln, Bernie Wollel, Roger Gardin, Jim Cochran, Tony Andrews-Speed, Wayne Bradbum, Bob Spaulding, Larry Gant, and Rick Calhoun. Not pictured: A. J. Wise and Bill Nanney. 91 SGA The Student Government Association is the coordinating body for campus Ufe. Its responsibihty is to represent the students as well as establish and enforce the necessary regulations through its branch commissions. Jim Lloyd. President The Executive Council . 1 Vera Culbreth j| | 2 Ronnie Goodwin H 3 Gan ' Jensen 4 Jim Llovd, President S Arnold Wise 6 Hal Mason. Vice President 7 Bob Teague 8 Bob Jones 9 Tom Stork 10 Mr. Joseph Parsons 11 Virginia Fulling Not Pictured: Terr ' Merriman. Secretary 92 fe« -kiJ i::, Judicial Board Larry Jones 2 Sheila Cooy 3 Lee Shuster 4 Gary Jensen af jfi j Elections Commission 1 Jan Green 2 Virginia Beacham 3 Mimi DeSaix 4 Kathy Green 5 Don Brown 6 Barbara Brookshire 7 Mack Nance 93 K-ettes served as the Social Commission for this year. n Inter Dorm Council 1 Virginia Beacham 2 Mary FiUiben 3 Lee Shuster 4 Connie Nichols 5 Thorn Stork 6 Roger Lankfoid 94 Organizations Commission 1 John Wert 2 Gary Jensen 3 Ronnie Goodwin 4 Andy Zoloos 5 WebSmathers 6 Sandra MaishaU 7 Ann Gillgam 8 Leigh McBride 9 JuanellGash 10 JiU Diamond vAaaa 95 Senior Class Officers 1 Bob Jones, President 2 A. J. Wise 3 Joe Outlaw Not Pictured Freshman Class Officers Junior Class Officers 1 Gary Jensen 2 Bob Teague 3 Steve Coster 99 odministrotion odministrotion odministr Dr. William E. Highsmith— President 100 AshevUle-Biltmore College is proud to have as its President Dr. William E. Highsmith. Growth of the campus and the achievement of University status are both the result of hard work and much planning by Dr. Highsmith and the other distinguished members of the adminis- tration, faculty, and Board of Trustees. deons Mrs. Alice Wutschel Dean of Women W 1 102 ' 5 - ' ) ' " ' S f Dr. Roy A. Riggs Dean of Faculty Dr. Thomas Dula Dean of Students board of trustees Manly Wright Chairman of the Board of Trustees John M. Reynolds William E. Highsmith John Neuse Bruce A. Elmore C. Dula Hawkins Jerome L. Reeves Virginia Dameron George Hoyle Blanton, Jr. PhUip C. BrowneU Richard B. Wynne J. Gerald Cowan WiUiam M. Lehmkuhl Claude Ramsey, Jr. 103 Ml. Pete Gilpin, Director of Public Relations looks over the shoulder of his secretary. V Mr. John Neuse Business Manager Mr. Eddie Hams Director of Financial Aids Dr. Ben Spangler Director of Admissions Mr. James Lee Assistant Librarian Mr. Ainsley A. Whitman Head Librarian Mr. Dean Cadle Assistant Librarian 105 A faculty fa 106 culty faculty faculty faculty faculty facul Dr. Kenneth Nickerson Associate Professor of Psychology Di. Howaid S. Rosenblatt Assistant Professor of Psychology Mr. . lfred E. Day Instructor in Economics Mr. Francis J. Coyle Assistant Professor of Mathematics Mr. John .M. Gillum Instructor in Literature 108 Dr. Samuel A. Dickson Assistant Professor of Physics Mr. Joseph M. Parsons Associate Professor of Mathematics Mr. Eugene F. Bunker, Jr. Associate Professor of Art Mr. John C. Bernhardt Instructor in Biology 109 Dr. Frank E. Edwinn Lecturer in Music Mr. Albert G. Thompson Instructor in Mathematics Dr. Bahram Farzanegan Assistant Professor of Government Mr. Robert L. Hartman Assistant Professor of Physical Education Dr. Gerald L. Guillickson Associate Professor of Literature 110 Mr. Robert Goodwin Assistant Professor Psyciiology Dr. EUis Sliorb Professor of Literature Dr. William S. Thurman Associate Professor of Classical Languages and Ancient History Mr. Robert S. Brunk Instructor in Sociology Dr. Lloyd D. Remington Associate Professor of Ciiemistry 1 " f .Al Dr. Dextei S. Squibb Professor of Chemistry (Below) Dr. Ted B. Shoaf Associate Professor of Education Dr. Phillip A. Walker, Professor of History Mr. Walter M. Sutherland Instructor in Government Mr. Robert S. TniUinger, Jr. Instructor in History 112 Mrs. Luttelle A. Wishait Associate Professor of Literature Dr. Frederic M. Wood Assistant Professor of Classical Languages Dr. James A. Stewart Professor of Philosophy Dr. Harry H. Johnston Professor of Biology Dr. John G. Stevens Assistant Professor of Chemistry Ml. Charles R. Glenn Assistant Professor of Mathematics Mr. Donald A. McCrimmon Instructor in Psychology Mi. Leon M. BeD in. Instructor in Anthropology Dr. Christine D. Guillickson Professor of German and French [ ... J Mr. Phil Hudson Instructor in Physical Education Trainer for Athletics Dr. Edwin G. Speir, Jr. Associate Professor of Economics Di. John E. Barthel Professor of Economics Dr. James A. Pait Professor of Philosophy and Humanities 115 H S H H H i}M s i M Mrs. Nonna Lou Robinson Lecturer in Speech Dr. Sidney T. Mathews Professor of History Mr. Robert J. Hayner Assistant Professor of Education i r f S i 116 Mr. Robert J. Daughton Associate Professor of Physical Education tastm Mr. Michaels. Scofie Id Instructor in Political Science Miss Martha F. Chamock Assistant Professor of Physical Education Mr. Tucker Cooke Instructor in Art Mr. Ronald B. SchmoU Assistant Professor of German Dr. James E. Wills, Jr. Professor of Physics Di. Jack C. Wilson Professor of Mathematics |BrillllllU«W««»« Dr. Lester F. Zerfoss Lecturer in Psychology Mr. Bruce S. Greenawalt Assistant Professor of History iiiij F »w Mi. Phillips S.Smith Instructor in French Mrs. Olivia H. Jones Instructor in Literature Di. John J. McCoy Associate Professor of Biology Not Pictured; Di. Harold L. Crutcher Mr. George M. Rapplean Dr. Cochran Dr. James D. Perry Assistant Professor of Biology 119 ' classes classes S5 " ' s dosses classes classes classes cla ss f r e s h m e n k,. .- d ifc. in Vi j P r- " " ■ W 1 1) ii . !t I Gary Adams James Altaian John Ammans John Anderson Kenneth Amett Baro ' Balderson David Barhour Dianne Barlowe Ray Barlowe Eva Bass Jimmy Bass Virginia Beacham Ann Bennett Jerri Blithe Pam Boyette Nancy Bradley Hal Brown Robert Buchanan Sandra Buckner Susan Bumgarner Phyllis Cairnes Richard Calhoun Darlene Cantrell Ronald Capella Carol Christiansen Charles Clark Bill Clements pup Moving into the dorms is only the beginning of a year that will be filled with excitement. It marks the threshold of the future with a taste of adventure and a touch of success. NOT PICTURED: James Adams John Adell Nozar Alaolmolki Donald Alexander Christopher Allen Clark Allen Steve Anderson Lida Angier Gordon Ball Robert Banks Phyllis Barlow David Barnes Robert Barrow Richard Baskerville Mary Benedict Bill Blankenship Faye Bobbitt Francis Bramowicz Wilhehnina Bratton Jerry Buckner John Buckner Robert Buckner Mike Carter Vivian Case Gail Cline Steve Cooper Darlene CordeU Anne Cothran E ' raPHH ill m m ' ' ' 1 H L H Jim Cochran Kenneth Cook Darlene Day Cheryl Dunlap SheUa Cody Patricia Cook Stephen Daughton Sharon Edmundson Virginia Colby Bill Coonan Charles Dicks MaryAnn Filliben Gary Cole Carol Crawford Toni Dillingham Jay French Kathy Conway Danny Crow Robert Dotson Janice Frisby As if it were a magnet the Library draws students to its core to dig out facts and turn them into knowledge. 12 ' 4 f And now, will the real A-B Bulldog please step forward? Pat Gant Beverly Glover Bobby Goodman Diane Greene NOT PICTURED: Gary Crowell Josephine Crumley John Davies George Davis Ralph Davis Donna Delizza Jim Dula Susan Durham George Durner Howard Edwards John England Jeanette Engle James Erskine Linda Eve Robin Farquhar Bernadette Farzanegan Benny Few Stephen Fricke Ray Gibson Jacquelyn Green Russell HaU Mark Hargrove Albert Hawkins Noble Herring William Hess Edgar Hines Randy Holbert Sam Hoey Dennis Howard Michael Hudson 125 Sheila Grinestaff Bob Gunter Buddy Guplon Doris Guthrie George Hall Mary Hardin Linda Homowski Mary Beth Hunnicutt Bill Hurni Phillip Hyer Glenda Jackson Ronnie Jackson NOT PICTURED: Brenda Hunter Bill Hussey Anthony Huvard Barry Johnson Doug Johnson Mike Justice Elizabeth Kdan Muriel KeUy Bob Kelso Ronald Lackey Russell Lee Stephen Lewis David Lewter We ' ve got that swinging A-B Spirit! Terri James Debby Liles Patricia Mailowe Diane Johnston Kerry Lindsey David McCain Trent Kieth Michele Little Elaine McCall Karen Krisher Joe Livingston Laurence McDade Bruce Lankfon Patricia Lyda Sharon McDonald 127 Ginni McEwen Marion McGuinn Darlene Mc Peters Susan Meadows VeraAnn Merrill Pamela Metcalf Charles Miistead Dean Nanney Pauline Nillsaps Peggy Norris Wanda Norris Lynn Nowicki Ken O ' Conner Charlene Pace Lee Pace Brenda Page David Parker Vickie Parker Donald Penland Richard Phillips NOT PICTURED: Jim Lincoln, John Lipscomb, Marcia Lipscomb, Charles Livengood. Donald Lockwood, Katherine McCanless, Richard McCrary, William McDowall, Maureen McGough, Karen McGraw, Lynn Mcintosh, Lisa Matthews, Michael Meagher. Joe Mize, James Morris, Virginia Morris. Steven Moss. Michael Murray, Fred Myers, William Nanny, Frank Napoli, Deborah Neilson. Earl Norman, William O ' Neal, John Payne, Margaret Phaup, Jerry Pitmon, Debra Plemmons. Brenda Potter. Kathy Potts, Beth Qucisser, Lynda Reid, Ethel Rhyne, Don Rice, Ann Riddle. Raflee Robbins. 128 The freshman picnic during ' Welcome Week ' was the setting for many scenes like this where new friendships were born. Mike Plemmons Gail Reynolds George Ponder Linda Rice Judy Price Linda Roberson Linda Prestwood Joe Roth Carol Ramsey Mary Sealey Joe Redmond Margaret Schlicker 129 James Shepherd Austin Smith Ron Sprinkle MaryAnn Sumner Robert Taylor Dale Smathers Walter Spivey Ronald Steele James Sweeney Grady Thomas NOT PICTURED: Patricia Roberts Delores Roche Russell Roderick Frank Rosen Steve Sanders Robert Sarda Thomas Sarda Stephen Self Billy Sexton Wayne Shelton David Shuping John Simmons Gary Sluder David Smith Larry Smith Michael Smith Meigan Smith Shelley Sneed Rick Sprague James Spratt Janet Sterzer Betty Stroud Steve Sudderth Sandra Sumners Judy Surrett Grady Allen Danny Thomason Gail Thompson Stephanie Tilden Michael ToUey Paul Toth Joseph Troxler James Wall Frances Watts Daniel Welch Gary West Ivan Whitson Odell Williamson Joseph Wood James Worrell KatJiryn Yelton Mark Young Sheila Young Mike Zimmer 130 1 Mary Ella Thomas Nancy Thomas Smitty Thomas Hilda Tipton David Trulove Terry Tyler Bernie Wallet Thomas Wagner Martha Ward Catherine Warden Ray West Curtis White Sandy Wilkerson Doris Williams Jeff WiUiams Sheila Willingham Becky Wright Reba Wright Ricky Wynne Bobby Young juniors Peter Aldridge Linda Bailey Linda Briggs NOT PICTURED: Jeffrey Adams Jesse Adams Catherine Alexander Manuel Alonso Eula Apostolopoulos Pat Bailey Dianna Ball Laura BaU Terry Beck Wayne Bradbum Janet Britton Mark Brooke Bruce Brown Connie Brown Pat Anderson Rick Blair Linda Brittian Nancy Arthur Barbara Baker Barbara Brookshire Robert Bacoate Linda Boyd Don Brown Going somewhere Mack? Two Juniors, Bobby Teague and Eddie Hannan. devour pie as they participate in Homecoming " Coed Capers ' . Gail Brown Sandy Case Eddie Crenshaw Charles Fox Linda Granger Eric Bryan Donna Chandler Laverne Dager June Fox Kathy Green WiUiam Burgin Sheldon Clark Jane Daves Toni Glenn Edward Hannan Beth Burns Benny Conner Eddie Davis Mary Gordon Rena Hannan Darlene Cannon Steve Coster Sandra Dillingham Carol Graham Jeter Harris 133 Linda Hairis Rod Healy Ramona Henderson Tom Hensley Dwight Jenkins Gary Jensen Charles Kooles Nancy Laudermilk Gary Lamb MarkLatta Mark Lawson Fred LeMieux Susie LeMieux Steve Letterman Marie Lombard© Rita Long Kenneth Love John Macintosh NOT PICTURED: Bonnie Dyer ■j l M Richard Brown Awa Edney 1 f T Barbara Burgess Carolyn Elliott H H " ' William Burgin Frank Elliott H H Hk H Mariya Butler Randy Ellis ■ F «l Dianne Cable Mary Campbell James Famsworth Anita Fishbume Patsy Capps William Flanagan l pT B tn g4 fcJ ' Samuel Clayton Reba Fleenor r jt r J Carolyn Cohn Linda Fortune fl H H Wmr i ' James Cole Ralph Gaffney Bw K - i B. 1 Betty Cooke John Gambill H r ' L 9iM " " W Patricia Cox Roger Gardin flJi; ' ri ■B " ■ 1 David Cromwell Anne Godey Virginia Hawkins Phil Hargus Lynne Harris ■ P 1 w Janis Davis Colene DeBruhl_ Marianne DeSaix The Tams ' presented a sound of soul at the Homecoming concert that captr audience of A-B students. Steve DeVore Nancy Hatcher Jill Diamond Phillip Hawkins James Drake Cathy Henderson 134 Dwight Manning Linda Marlowe Leigh McBride Linda Melton Sherry Mickle Susan Mills Marsha Morgan Susan Morrison Wilma Muse Mack Nance ri 135 NOT PICTURED: Earl Hensley Patricia Hensley Charles Hess Jane Hildebrand David Hill Linda Hogsed Teresa Holley Stephen Jones Robert Joubert Garo Kevorkian Dan Kienker Richard Kiser Chris Lee David Levitch Phillip LoughmiUer Celine Lurey William McCoU James McElhaney Vireinia McElrath Evelyne Maney John Mangel Marilyn Marsh Norma Messer Donald Meyers Prudence Meyers Steve Mills 9W2, PilP Connie Nichols Gene Ochsenreiter Andrew Oji Diane Orr Gail Pace Earl Passmore Pat Peninger Lynda Penland Georgia Pistolis Joel Pressley Bill Punshun Martha Ramsey Nancy Randall Joyce Raybum Mike RayfeUd Laurel Richards NOT PICTURED: Hilary Mitchell. George Moore. Karen Mosley. Carson Norton, Ronald OHear. Rosemar ' Pace, Melinda Pearlman, James Stewart. Judie Pittman, James Plemmons. Paul Polak, Ernest Pothier. Phil Price. Theodore Ray, Hubert Redmon. Anne Reusing. Edward Richardson, Terry Rickman. John Ross. Robert Satterwhite. Bob Sawyer. Carl Schilt. Mar ' Seifert. Carolyn Shepherd, John Subash. Freida Smith, Rebecca Smith, Ken Snelling. Nancy Soesbee. Thomas Stork, Teresa Tatham. Jimmy Templeton. Noble Toney, James Totherow, Roger Trammel, Margaret Trumbo, William Wells, Beryl West, April White. Mary Whiteside, Lynn Witek. Andrew Zoldos. 136 V p t H ri 1 Mary Ann Riddle Judy Roberts Michal Russell Don Scarborough Carol Shipman Lee Shuster Web Smathers Lynn Smith Sylvia Smith Robert Teague Sandra Ward David Wellman Donald Whitaker Anne Wutschel Fern Young 137 s e n » I o r 5 Gary Adams History Glen Alexander Psychology Larry Arrick Economcis Sandra Banks French Sherry Broome Psychology Lois Brotherton History Lani Campbell Art Peggy Cauble Art Vi ian Creighton History Mark Crossley Chemistry Vera Culbreth History Marcia Davis Psychology Mike Davis Physics Irma Day Psychology LaMont DeBruhl Government Gail D timer Psychology Bill Edwards History Richard Erwin Government Troy Erwin Economics Greg Frisbee Physics 138 Donald Funderud Juanell Cash Economics History Ronald Gibson Matt Gilbert Psychology Literature Danny Goodwin Donna Goodwin Math Psychology NOT PICTURED: Ann Anderson Biology James Antonietta Ronald Baldwin Psychology Chemistry Robert Bauer Hurley Baumann Psychology Literature Robert Bell James Boggs Literature History Harriet Boozer Norman Bradford Psychology Economics Becky Bradley Rosamond Braly Psychology Literature Bruce Britton Frances Brunner History History Barbara Burgin Linda Canter History History Patricia Coffey Michael Cunningham Psychology Political Science 139 NOT PICTURED: Richard Davis Math Psychology Sara Davis Alvin Drake History Math Randy Drupiewski Bill Dwyer Government History Barbara Evins Arthur Fryar Philosophy Political Science Brian Fussell Gwen Gilbert Literature Art Ann Gilligam Meridy Goldstein French French, German Ronald Goodwin Nancy Griffen Economics Literature Carolyn Hooker Tom Hudgens Literature History Norman Hunter Tom Hughes Psychology History Pasty Hunter James Ingle History Art Lowell Johnson Robert Jones Political Science Psychology Stewart Judkins John Keetch Government Economics John Keith William Kemp Math Pohtical Science Christine Kline Zanie Davidson Literature Vorrest Gorman Economics Nancy Hall Political Science Douglas Hardin Economics Phillip Hawkins Chemistry Margaret Hughes Math Buddy Hyder Math Doris Jackson Psychology Lawrence Jones Government Marion Jones Fhstory Mary Lou Jones Literature Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor dark of night, shall keep the dedicated students from their daily classes. Jerry Knox Chemistry Jeffrey Ledbetter International Relations Carol! Langford Economics Jane Anne Luther Biology Roger Lankford Biology Jackie Lyda History Pamela Laster History Kathy MacNeill Government Wanda Lea Dterature Sandy Marshall History 141 NOT PICTURED; Bob Laney History Mary Linder Psychology Max McCurry Physics Elizabeth Markgraf Art Robert Medling Physics Charles Millender Physics Charles Kooles Physics Nora Lauerman Literature James Lloyd Philosophy Emily McDade Biology Hayes Martin Pohtical Science Terry Merriman German, French Albert MiUs Social Science Hal Mason Economics, Pohtical Science Carol McCurry Economics Nancy McFee Psychology Donald McMahan History Mary Metcalf History Bob Pinkerton Government NOT PICTURED: Martin Mitchell Literature James Moody Bobbie Moore History Psychology Carol Mott Wilma Muse Math Literature Earl Myers Allan Nettleman History Literature Clark Norburn Joseph Outlaw Psychology Psychology Patricia Panther Pantha Penley Biology History Alix Popadines Terry Price Psychology Government Ruth Radford Lynda Reighard Literature History Terri Rozzell Alan Sharpe Math Philosophy John Silvers Nancy Sisk History History NOT PICTURED: Harriet Smtih French Robert Smith Government Judy Stone Psychology Larry Sumner Economics Judith Williams Art William Worley Economics Don Yelton Biology Middleton Putnam History Alan Rickards Chemistry Graham Sale Economics Deanna Shields Psychology Pasty Singleton History Larry Sluder Math Sam Smart History Joel Squires History Jerry Sutton Economics Anna Torian Psychology John Wert Physics, Chemistry Janice Wicker Government Arnold Wise Economics Richard Woodward Physics Suzanne Woody History Harold Young Chemistry 143 congratulations class of ' 69 145 -j-im p; ., . . r ' ' I The Class of 1969 takes its last campus walk as an undergraduate body. Dr. G. Henton Davies. President of Oxford University ' s Regents Park College was commencement speaker. 146 ' ;.? -i •A ' ' S ' ■?-1 .r. ' - .i-V ■•. [f . ' m ' ' Vv - » w Lining up for the commencement march. Dr. Highsmith presented degrees to the final graduating class of Asheville-Biltmore College. 147 Rehearsals Rehearsals I ' 13 iBl And Finally The Big Moment On June 7, 7 969 149 ' " :jt Ihe Past 150 And The Future 151 THE BODY BEAUTIFUL DESERVES THE CLOTHES CLEAN You take the time to get it tanned don ' t you? Why not drop that body into clean duds and double the impact you can make. Then get yourself a date lovable. 22 Church Street 1334 Patton Avenue " k LAUNDRY ,. Fine Dry Cleaning South Forest Shopping Center 712 Merrimon Avenue 152 ?«» YOU CAN COUNT ON US. QUALITY SERVICE Sears SAVINGS SATISFACTION 40 Coxe Ave. Asheville, N. C. Make Music A Part of your Education DUNHAM ' S MUSIC HOUSE 42 Biltmore Avenue Asheville, North Carolina ALLISON ' S FLOWER SHOP 22 College Street Asheville, North Carolina MONTEATH ' S OFFERS BEST EQUIPPED AUTOMOTIVE FACILITIES IN WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA Wreckers-24 hrs. Automatic Transmission Welding Repairs Wheel bearing Service Undercoating Mechanical Repairs 108 Patton Avenue Asheville, North Carolina 12 n VaCL Sti t JituiHE, jy. a. 2SS01 Enjoy leisurely shopping in our Cape Cod Cottage Shop THE IXL SHOP Furniture, Crystal, Antiques, Gifts, Lamps, Lamp Shades And Home Accessories Since 1 89 1 Customer Parking 371 Merrimon Avenue Aslieville, North Carolina 153 BRIGHT ' S JEWELERS 58 College St. AsheviUe, N. C. GUARANTEED WATCH REPAIRING Typewriters Adders WIGHTS BUSINESS MACHINES 39 Broadway AsheviUe, North Carolina 28802 (The professionals) COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND TO THE BULLDOGS EVERGREEN MOTEL HUNTING AND Cable T.V. and Heated Pool FISHING Member AAA SHOP 612Merrimon Ave. AsheviUe, N. C. 780 Hendersonville Road AshevUle, N. C. .i V THE GIRLS OF KAT BEST WISHES TO SENIORS ' 69. SAY 154 MORGAN BROTHERS. INCORPORATED WHOLESALE - DISTRIBUTORS Candy - Cigars - Drugs - Sundries Paper products and School Supplies 67-71 Broadway Asheville, North Carolina 28801 Phone ALpine 3-6416 ATHENS RESTAURANT ROLLIN ' PIN 641 Merrimon Ave. BAKERY " Home Cooking Always Pleases " 954 Merrimon Ave. TRUE ITALIAN SPAGHETTI GREEK SALAD Asheville, N. C. Order By Phone, Take ' m Home Open 7 Days-6AM til 1 2 PM 254-5200 p. O. BOX 5355 ASHEVILLE, N. C 28803 sm t I .. RED CARPET ROOM Reservations- 254-88 1 5 Featuring Roast Prime Rib of Beef Charcoal Broiled Steaks Seafood Home of BUCKS Famous King size Steak Sandwich 100 Canopy covered parking spaces on curb • Take out service 254-1543 252-8230 Tunnel Rd., Hwy. 70 74 E. Private Dining Rooms Luncheons - Banquets - Parties - Meetings FRAGGE SURGICAL SUPPLIES INC. 445 Biltmore Ave. Asheville, N. C. Dial 253-0715 SKY LANES BOWLING CENTER 1477 Patton Avenue Asheville, North CaroUna Special rates for Students. Developers of Town and Country Estates CORBIN REALTY COMPANY " Our Reputation is Your Guarantee " Asheville, North Carolina 155 Compliments to the Class of ' 69 BEAVER LAKE GARDEN CENTER 715 Merrimon Ave. - Phone AL 3-9451 HUNS " 69 " Congratulations To The Class of ' 69 And WELCOME to YOUR ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Compliments of BEN FRANKLIN STORE 944 Merrimon Avenue Asheville, North Carolina BILTMORE PLAZA BEAUTY SHOP Biltmore, N. C. HART SCHAFFNER MARX CLOTHES MacARTHUR-KRAUSE FLORISTS THE MAN STORE 24 N. Market Street 22 Patton Ave. AshevUle, N. C. Asheville, N. C. Compliments of FROM THE MEN OF WESTERN AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY Westgate Regional Shopping Center Asheville, N. C. 2 A X cAe id L L n UG STOiI£S ] CREATORS OF REASONABLE DRUG PRICES ECKERD DRUG STORES 3 1 Patton Avenue - 21 Haywood St. Tunnel Road Shopping Center 1001 Patton Ave. at Louisiana 156 Intenist quiz (check one) 7. What are the company benefits for me?. . D 2. What kind of work will I be doing? LI If you checked number one-we wish you luck in your search for employment, (elsewhere) If you checked number two— read on, friend. You may be working in the interesting, fast moving man-made fiber industry. The work offers you plenty of challenge and excitement with great opportunity for personal and professional growth, ( with ample company benefits ) Like to know more? We extend a warm invitation for you to write: Employment Manager, American Enka Corpo- ration, Enka, North Carolina 28728 AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER AMERICAN LHIIA vJM CORPORATION Producer of nylon polyester rayon yarns«fibers-wire and cable ENKA. NORTH CAROLINA 157 CHEVROLET PARKLAND CHEVROLET COMPANY, INC. 50 Coxe Avenue Phone 252-7361 ASHEVILLE, N. C, 28801 Chevrolet • Chevy II • Corvair • Corvette y We, at BELK, are always ready to serve you witli courtesy prompt attention. and offering the very best merchandise available at the prices the customer is pleased | to pay. McCARLEY CO., INC. Members N. Y. Stock Exchange American Stock Exchange Associate AshevUle - Charlotte - Raleigh - Greensboro Hickory - Hendersonville - Charleston Greenville - Columbia - Sumter exaCt DRUGS B B PHARMACY PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS 252-2718 462 HAYWOOD RD. WEST ASHEVILLE, N. C. 158 COMPLIMENTS OF BUNCOMBE CONSTRUCfiON. lASHEVILLE, N. (.. IbHOi , i DIAL 253-6496 MEADOW RD, - BILTMORE STATION - P O, BOX 5395 ASHEVILLE, N. C. 28803 GENERAL CONTRACTORS UILDING • EXCAVATION • CONCRETE WORK • SEWER a WATER CONSTRUCTION Bift HAYES HOPSON COMPLIMENTS OF THE LAND OF THE SKY RESTAURANT 777 Biltmore Ave. Greek Salads Are Our Specialty Steaks, Seafood, Spaghetti, Pizza 6 A.M. to 1 1 P.M. 6 days a week 159 Imported and Domestic Silks, Woolens, Cottons. WAECHTER ' S SILK SHOP 6 Wall St. Asheville, N. C. 252-2131 Compliments of COIFFURES BY LEO Biltmore Plaza Building Biltmore, N. C. 254-3276 MACK ' S VARIETY FASHION SHOP Tunnel Road Shopping Center Asheville, North Carolina 252-2104 COMPLIMENTS OF TOWNE HOUSE BAKERY open 24 hours 257 Biltmore Ave. Asheville, N. C. COMPLIMENTS OF SKY CITY DISCOUNT CENTER 896 Patton Ave. Asheville, N. C. BELL ' S TRADITIONALS LTD. Kitchen Place in Biltmore COLLEGE CORNER, CARRIAGE SHOP, GATE HOUSE GIFT SHOP, and BELL ' S PAPPAGALLO SHOP " The Best in Men ' s and Ladies ' Clothing " SPORTS MACHINE Honda Sports ' s price is only half the story. If s a gas sipper: 200 mpg. Flashy but turdy: over 50 mph from 4-stroke 50cc OHV engine Other virtues: 4-speed trans- mission, manual clutch, cam type brakes. Sheer fun to own. HONDA SEALTEST trade mark DAIRY PRODUCTS More people in the South enjoy Sealtest than any other brand. Asheville, N. C. 252-4466 GET YOUR SPORTS MACHINE AT HONDA OF THE BLUE RIDGE 144Coxe Ave. Asheville, N. C. 252-8228 things go ' ' ! ith COMPLIMENTS OF WILUAM and MARY OF FLETCHER Fletcher, N. C. 684-6528 MOSER PLUMBING CO. p. O BOX 8isa 498 MERRIMON AVE. ASHEVILLE. N. C. 28804 160 COMPLIMENTS OF THE IMPERIAL TERRACE THEATRES THE SPORTS MART SPAULDING WILSON ATHLETIC EQPT. SKIING EQUIPMENT SUPPLIES 32 Battery Park Ave. Asheville, North Carolina 254-3563 THE CARPET SHOP ONE OF ASHEVILLE ' S LARGEST CARPET DISPLAY Samples shown in your Home with no obligation Open 9:30 AM Til 8:30 PM Mon. Fri. 9:30 AM Til 5:30 PM Tues., Wed., Thur., Sat. 254-6193 Tunnel Rd. Shopping Center BankAmericard • First Bankcard • Master Charge Card Homes Motor Lodge and Cfiown (RsAJbajuAanJl 120 Deluxe Units Color T-V Available Heated Pool - Tap Room Golf Privileges American Express - Diners Carte Blanche - Shell - Citgo Credit Cards Honored For Reservations: 254-7451 Tunnel Rd. Phone 254-6721 ' TOPS " FOR SHOES 27 N. Lexington Avenue Asheville, N. C. TOP BRANDS AT CANCELLATION PRICES BEST WISHES FROM WINNER ' S INC. 34 Haywood St. Asheville, N. C. 353-6771 COMPLIMENTS OF NORTHLAND DRUGS T ?cxa£C 946 Merrimon Ave. 254-6191 FOX BARBER BEAUTY SHOP 4 N. Pack Square 252-7521 Northwestern Barber Shop N.W. Bank Bldg. 253-9805 161 SERVING YOU WITH 5 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS 740 MERRIMON AVE. Dial 254-4837 m 120 TUNNEL ROAD Dial 252-1 305 .JM — 750 BILTMORE AVE. Dial 253-2331 1030 PATTON AVE. Dial 254-S504 70 MERRIMON 254-2620 • ONE HOUR DRY CLEANING • THREE HOUR LAUNDRY • ONE DAY SHOE REPAIR • COMPLETE f UR WOOLEN STORAGE EXECUTIVE OFFICES LOCATED AT 750 Biltmore Av. 253-2722 COMPLIMENTS OF J. PRESSLEY LTD. 44Patton Avenue Asheville, N. C. 2544427 LORD ' S DRUG STORE 793 Merrimon Ave. 252-7626 DELIVERY SERVICE OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK HOME BANK AND TRUST CO. Box 549 HENDERSONVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA HARRY ' S DRIVE IN QUALITY SERVICE OPEN 10 AM. - 12 PM. 7 DAYS WEEKLY Orders to go - Fast Service 501 Merrimon Ave. 252-1744 162 m. Southern Tile S Marble Co. THORIZED DEALER ' TOFlGirSTOL NO WAX SEAMLESS FLOORS CONTRACTORS 134 SWANNANOA RD. TELEPHONE 254-3066 ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA 28805 CERAMIC TILE MARBLE TERRAZZO SLATE BLUESTONE Compliments of BEACON MANUFACTURING COMPANY Swannanoa North Carolina MAKE WARM FRIENDS 163 SAINT LUKE ' S EPISCOPAL CHURCH 219 Chunns Cove Road Asheville, North Carolina SALLEYS FOR FOX BARBER BEAUTY SHOP NO. 3 PRESCRIPTIONS Hair Styling- Since 1929 Razor Cuts 85 Fatten Ave. Regular cuts- Toupees AsheviUe, N. C. 8 1 1 Fatten Ave. 252-8281 252-1370 CIRCLE-K CONGRATULATIONS SAYS FROM THE MEN OF CONGRATULATIONS SAT SENIORS SIGMA DELTA UPSILON COMPLIMENTS OF SAGA FOODS 164 «••:«!• ■i 1 ■ii ' ii 3

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