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University of North Carolina Asheville - Archive Yearbook (Asheville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Cover

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' f- ' ■ ' ■v- i;m vmimmnaeami ' A SHE VILLE-BILTMORE COLLEGE ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA %opm mlJid, iy corfwf if, k- idk if t kmu; md if, A i)- diaesf, nmh, ruk, ml use (lb lis om ciM , mkatn, mcuhhe, hoioe if poem om tmlfiod, elo(juerif exptessiim. . . Foreword The 1966 Summit is dedicated to the senior class, to the first group of students in Asheville-Biltmore ' s history to graduate as Bachelor of Arts We ore proud of this group. They have had to cope with the many problems inevitably generated by rapid and drastic internol change, as the college began the transition from junior to senior status. There were problems of evaluation of courses and credits, problems of curriculum and scheduling, problems of standards, of academic pressures, of time, of increased personal responsibilities. These our seniors have met with dignity, with good humor and understanding. They have helped to set the tone and to establish tbe character of the college under the new order, and their influence will be felt long after they have gone on to other endeavors Theirs has been a special role, and they will occupy a special and honored place in the history of the college. We wish them oil the best Contents Administration President Deans Divisions Classes Seniors Juniors Freshmen Activities Student Government Publications Organizations Student Affairs Activities Features Athletics Basketball Advertisements ■«»■ Library Dedication This building and the resources contained herein are named in honor of D. Hiden Ramsey, )Ournalist, educational statesman, and civic leader, whose life and work has been dedicated to the advancement of North Carolina and all its people. " Nothing marks the increasing wealth of our times and the growth of the public mind toward refinement, more than the demand for books. " Mr. Ainsley A. Whitman rcmn Dr. William E. Highsmith Dr. William E, Highsmith speaking at the dedication of the D. Hiden Ramsey Library, Board of Trustees Manly E. Wright, Chairman John M. Reynolds, Vice-Chairman William E. Highsmith, Secretary William S. Jenkins, Treasurer Term Expires June 30, 1967 J. Gerald Cowan Asheville William M. Lehmkuhl . , Asheville Claude Ramsey, Jr Asheville Term Expires June 30, 1969 Bruce A. Elmore Asheville C. Dula Hawkins Marion Jerome L. Reeves Canton Terms Expires June 30, 1971 Virginia Dameron Asheville John M. Reynolds Asheville Manly E. Wright Asheville Term Expires June 30, 1973 George Hoyle Blanton, Jr Forest City Louis Lipinsky Asheville Robert F. Phillips Asheville Governor Moore ' s visit to campus at library dedication day. Administrative Leaders Dr. W. W. Kaempfer Dean of Faculty Dr. James A. Port General Education Mr. Joseph M. Porsons Dean of Students Dr. Jesse L. McDaniel Director of Student Services Mr. Jackson A. Owen Director of Testing and Counseling Mr. Korl B. Wilsmon Assistant Director of Testing and Counseling Mr. Ainsley A. Whitman Head Librarian Mr. Daniel J. Gore Assistant Liborion Col. Robert G. Straine Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Miss Emily G. Porter Registrar Mr. William S. Jenkins : Business Manager Mr. John H. Neuse, Jr. Assistant to the Business Manager Secretarial Staff Morle C. Anderson Secretary to Business Manager Gladys C. Culbertson Library Assistant Jeanette Fisher Secretary to Dept of Testing and Coun- seling Corolyn S. Frody Secretary to the President Mildred W. Henderson Library Assistant Sandra W. Kilpatrick Library Assistant Margoret M. Kress Receptionist Mary Doris Lanier Secretary, Social Science Division Joyce McKeever Library Assistant Mary A. Miller Secretary to the Dean of Faculty Geraldine R. Peek Secretary, Registrar ' s Office Jacquelyn Peterson Secretary, Humanities Division June Sollod Secretary, Registrar ' s Office Sadie L. Sprinkle Secretary Barbara J. Thomos Secretary, Humanities Division Cornelia E. Thomas Secretary, Director of Admissions Audrey R. Thompson Secretary, Division of Science and Mathematics fer " vJ W Mil j l Joyce S. Williamson Secretary, Business Office Mary Jane Winfrey Secretary, Division of Science and Mathematics - ?W . K[f Dr. Richard M, Johnson Head of Biology Department Head of Science and Mathematics Division The Division of Science and Mathematics consists of the departments of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. The courses and instruction offered by the departments enable the student to prepare himself for graduate training in the sciences and ma- thematics, for professional training such as denistry and medicine, for teaching science or mathematics in the secondary school, or for technical positions in industrial and governmental ogencies. Division of Dr. Dexter S. Squibb Professor of Chemistry Dr. Lloyd D. Remington Assistant Professor of Chemistry [ iifc " ' " -:. ' ; ' - ; tf ;»sa!fi t ' Mr. John C. Bern hardt Instructor in Biology Dr. John J. McCoy Associate Professor of Biology Mrs. Cornelia Ann Serota Assistant Professor of Biology Biology Chemistry A knowledge of the life that constantly surrounds us is essential in understanding the world as it is. Biology furnishes us with that knowledge through study and actual experimental experiences. The study of elements and their actual changes is a modern science that deserves emphasis and attention. The study of chemistry in well-equipped lobs enriches the scientific facets of the college. Science and Mathematics Mr. Francis J. Coyle Instructor in Mathematics Dr. James E. Wills, Jr. Head of Department of PhysiCS Division of Physics More and more important in the present is a knowledge of the rules and forces that are at work governing our world. Through study and experience, physics elucidates the natural laws we no longer take for granted. Mr. Joseph M. Parsons Head of Mathematics Department Col. Paul R. Byrum Assistant Professor of Mathematics Mr. Paul T. Deason Instructor in Mathematics Science and Mathematics Mathematics The modern world requires that increasing study and con- centration be devoted to the complex and complete study of mathematics. Mr. Francis J. Coyle Instructor in Mothematics Mr. William P. Cochran, Jr. Lecturer in Governmenr Education Our knowledge Is of little use unless we con pass it on to those who follow us. The training of teachers in the education courses assures us that our knowledge will be continued. Dr. Ivon W. Parkins Head of Social Science Division Head of Department of Government The extensive field of the Social Sciences is concerned with the relationships between hu- man beings. In a world where human relation- ships extend ever more widely and change ever more quickly, study of the social sciences is vital and challenging. Government A firm understanding of the function and background of governing builds aware and competent citizens. This is as important in our daily life as any science. Mr. James H. Carmichael, Jr. Instructor in Sociology and Spanish Division of Few other subjects affect us so directly, so frequently, as the principles involved in econ- omics. Our modern life re- quires that we be capable of handling ourselves in practical matters. Economics Mr. Roy Wood Head of Economics Department Mr. Douglas A. Stufsmon Assistant Professor of Economics Social Sciences W Dr. Kenneth S. Nickerson Head of Psychology Department Psychology The study of this modern social science gives an insight into the behavior of mankind. It fulfills the highest aims of a liberal educa- tion in that it better enables the individual to live understandingly in society. Dr. Lester Zerfo$s Lecturer in Psychology Mr, Robert Lee Hartman Head cf Physicol Education Department Physical Education The aim of a liberal educa- tion is to educate the total man In line with this ideal the college offers a full program of physical education in order that the student might gain additional benefits both physi- cal and mental. Mr. Robert L, Daughton Associate Professor of Physical Education Miss Mortha F, Chornock Assistant Professor of Physical Education Dr. Gerald L. Gullickson Assistant Professor of Literature Dr. Ellis Shorb Professor of Literature The Division of Humanities in- cludes, for purposes of administra- tive control, five academic deport- ments: Art and Music, Foreign Languages, History, Literature and Language, and Philosophy. The sub- jects taught in these departments are held to be the cornerstone of liberal education because they min- ister to man the intellectual and moral being. Their study contributes to an understanding of man ' s total cultural heritage, to the develop- ment of a richer moral and imagi- native insight, to a refinement of the powers of discrimination, to per- sonal stability based on a firm sense of values. Far from being a luxury, the humanities are the most practi- cal of necessities if men and women are to become f ully human. Humanities Dr. Roy A. Riggs Head of Division of Humanities Head of Department of Literature Literature . . . " in literature is recorded every thought, every vision, every fancy, every motion that has ever passed through the human mind. What a rec- ord! Is there any better way of learning what men ore, so for as it con be learned from books and not from meeting human beings; and, however good our opportunities of meeting them, a lifetime of human contacts could not give us as wide on experience of human nature as literature can give. " Miss Katrina Hench Instructor in Literature and Language Mrs. Lutrello A. Wishort Assistant Professor of Literature Mr. Claude L. Garren Associate Professor of Drama mm Art Any degree of study of art brings men that much closer to true communication, whether they be artist or layman. Mr. Eugene F. Bunker, Jr, Associote Professor of Art A vitally moving and • important form of expres- sion is better understood by musical studies- Music Division Philosophy The problems of man and the universe are as pressing to the modern American as to the ancient Greek. From the quest for and love of knowledge, philosophy is studied and taught. Dr. James A. Sfewart Head of Philosophy Deportment Dr. Jomes A. Poit Professor of Philosophy and Humanities Miss Mory T. Miller Assistant Professor of Spanish Dr. Christine D. Gullickson Head of Longuoge Department Professor of French and German Mr. Jonathon G. Williams Associate Professor of French Languages An understanding and comprehen- sion of people of different lands as well as a mastery of various modern and ancient languages can be gained from the Department of Foreign Languages. of Humanities History A basis for the future is gleaned from a knowledge of the post. The happenings of hundreds of years ago directly affect today, therefore a knowledge of history is important to our understanding of the present. Dr. Williom S. Thurmon Assistant Professor of Classical Languages and Ancient History Dr. Philip A. Walker Head of History Department Mr. Bruce J. Greenawalf Instructor in History President Steve Swearingen y • Vice President George Bryan Tl lOJ S Secretory Carole Carson William Adorns MathernariC5 David Kenneth Boshovi Psychology Richard Edward Bressler Mothemotics George F. Bryan, Jr. Government j sa j : " = a Willian Rutherford Candler History Carole Ann Carson Literature Beatrice Mitchell Delaney History Nancy Morie Dillingham Literature Doris Ann Dockery History Martha Alice Dula Literature James Ray Elingburg History Julius L. Elliott Mothematics Seniors Heother Ann Enloe Chemistry Margaret R. Eskridge Literature John C. Franklin Mothematics Anne Gray Frick Government Helen Bobo Gryder Chemistry Kenneth D. Haller Psychology Margaret Haller History Eddie B. Morris Government Seniors Beverly June Holcombe Literoture Raymond Myron Hunter Mathematics William Harry Jarrett Psychology Reid T. Johnson Mathematics Donno Foye King Literature Lindo Matheson Lee History Hester Jone Longenecker History Joan Parker McBryde Art Seniors James Hugh MocNeill Economics Louise M. CcCanless Psychology La no Ann Machen History Sally Martin Biology Sidney Allison Marti, Jr. Government Sondra Elizabeth Mostin Psychology Alden D. Miles Psychology James Daniel Miller Mathematics Seniors Ralph L. Moss Drama Larry Dean Nix Mathematics Mary Ellen Notestine Art Allan Fronklin Pierce History William F. Plyler Psychology Nick S. Poulos Mathematics Eleanor Ruth Radford Literature Rosalind Rickman Literature Seniors Owen Christopher Roberts MatnemaTics Bessie Elizabeth Robinson Literature Karen M. Rowland Arr Doris Code Sanders History Yvonne L. Scroggs History Gail Joyce Stubbs History David N, Teague Economics Helen Gail Thomas Art Seniors Joel Eugene Trexler Economics James S. Ussery Psychology Geroldine Rudd Wells History Mourice N. Whitoker Psychology Randall Thomas Wilbun Government Gary D. Wilde Economics Joy Ruth Williams Mathematics Phyllis Ann Young Literature Seniors Officers President Sally Straine Vice-President Jim Day Secretary Lenda Edwards Juniors Manuel Alonso Jimmy Baker Carolyn M. Baldwin Anita Boll David Ballard Pat Bollard Paul Beck Diane Bostic Charles Bradford Roger Carpenter Dean Cartwright Richord Dale Juniors Donald Dalton Tim Davie Michael Davis Denise Diamond Jeannette Dotson Alvin Droke Ken Earwood Larry Earwood Lenda Edwards Carol Elingburg Alex Ellwood James Day Sharon Erwin Barbara Evins Leon Feldman Cheryl Flagg Mike Flanagan Liz Frumpkin ■i4 if ' — .,„. ji i ' J if " " i - ▼ Arthur Fryar Charles Garden Gfener GMIand Ronald Gladden Linda Goins Larry Gordon Juniors Elizabeth Gorman Douglas Green Patricio Griffin Richard Griffith Farzoneh Guillebeaux Arnio Halldorson Patricia Heilig June Hensley Stan Huffman Thomas Hughes Douglas Hughey Calvert Hunt 1 Lynne Hurni Susan Ivey John Jacobs Steven Jacobson James Jefferson John Jenkins Mai ha Lambert Joe Lanford Mike Lotto Sondro Ledbetter Richard Levy Syble Lewis James Johnson Marion Johnson Robert Jones Nancy Kiser James Knoupf Nicholas Koch Juniors ■■■■i David Little Helen LoPresti Steve Lucas Carol W. McCurry Marion Mcintosh Tommy Meadows Louis Miles Charlene Morgan Wayne Moore Linda Nelms Linda Nelson Terry Oeischlaeger Theodosia Pankiw Gary Parrot Faye Patton John Phoup Evelyn Pittmon John Reed Karen Reese David Rickords Carole Riddle Nell Robinson H Lorry Roland Nick Rose Don Ross Samuel Shipmon Tim Shotwell Helen Stanley Leigh Stevens Nancy Stevenson Juniors Sally Stn Peter Sullivon John Summey Mary Swoyngim Ralph Teague Joseph Underwood Laurie Waring Kenneth Wheele.- Bill White Kathleen Wojtowski David Yandle Joan Roper Young Juniors President Bill Grady Vice President Dennis Moore Secretary Charlotte Arledge Freshmen Charlotte Arledge Eddy Askew Keno Avendono Barbara Ballard Brian Barkby Iris Bortlett Randall Bortlett Nancy Bates Freshmen P Clara Bennett Vaughn Berry Charles Boggs Nancy Bowlin Becky Bradley Jock Bradley Morris Bradshaw Fred Branch Jerry Brendle Robert Brendle Shirley Brown Ellen Bryan mih Ann Buckner John Buckner Peggy Burgess Barbara Burgin James Burke Lorry Burleson Tommy Burrell Linda Byrd Lani Campbell Mary Campbell Linda Canter Donald Carter Ronald Carter Bill Chapman David Clements Robert Cochran James Condrey Joanne Conroy Freshmen James Cook James Creighton Margaret Crownover Alan Culberson Kenneth Drupiewski Moriello DuMont Gail Durner Henry Durner Margaret Durrant Bill DsN7er ■HI Rita Edmonds Nancy Enevold Karen Fisher Jody Franklin Linda Fricker Gregory Frisbee Melvin R. Frye Jane Fultz Texas Gasperson Ronald Gibson Freshmen Ann Gillgam Gary Goforth Donny Goodwin Bill Grady Jerry Grant Johnny Grooms Edwin Gunn Joyce Hordin Thomas Harris Robert Harrison Curtis Hawkins Phillip Hawkins Patricia Hensley Mike Henson Doug Holcombe John Holley George Herbert Paul Horbert Steven Howard Thomas Hudgins Barbara Hudson Gerry Huntley Buddy Hyder Jo Jeter Steve Jimison Brenda Johnson Berry Jolly Ken Jones Mary Jones Ronald Jones 1 1 gMm Steve Jordan Charles Justus Melvin Justus Randee Kaplan John Keith Bill Kemp Christine Kline Katherine Kricklan Dennis Kronenfeld Elsie Kronenfeld Freshmen Peter Kruse Doug Lackey Michael Lone Carroll Longford Bailey R. Lonkford Cathy Lonning Carolyn Lowrence Barbara Lechner Rita Ledbetter Wilma Ledbetter Charles Ledford Kenneth Ledford Becky Linder James Lloyd ' i r dM m Gordon McColl James McCulley Max McCurry Nancy McFee Raiford McKeel Alan Mayes Rebecca Meadows Cynthia Mease Roella Mellnik Linda Melton Gloria Middleton Gregory Mintz Barbara Moody Bobbie Moore Dennis Moore John Moore Larry Moore John Morgon Glen Morris Carl Mott James Myers Doug Norton Dennis O ' Connor Beverly Orr Carol Orr Pern no Owen Freshmen Linda Owens Joyce Ann Pongle James Parker Pouline Patterson Terry Penlond Robert Piefke Arthur Poulos Mike Proctor Beverly Purdy Gory Runion Terri Rozzell J, L. Roland Vivian Rhyne John Remenar Garret Ramsey Trudy Schandler David Schenck Bill Sealey iiiiii George Seay Stephen Self Freshmen Nancy Sellers Warren Shelley Deonna Shields Roy Shipman Sandra Sluder Mike Smith Robert Smith Stephen Allen Smith Joe Sprye Patric Starnes f Chorles Stevens Louise Stevens Morgaret Stevens Frederick Stirewolt Jerry Sutton Lindo Thompson Rodney Vincent Charlene Wollen Jane Ward Jerry Weiborn Freshmen Gory Westmorland Gory Whitener Linda Whitson David Williams Janie Wilson Arnold Wise Frank Wood Bill Worley Donold Yelton Jim Zentz m ■ t ' : x - v ■( f 4. I J Ss T4S{ 4j h , {Ui I.,. Student Government Association The Student Government Association, of which every full-time student is a member, hos been given, by the Administration of the College a mo- |0r responsibility for student campus life The elected and appointed officials of Student Gov- ernment have been chorged by their fellow stu- dents to provide on effective and responsible leadership for the Association. I am proud to soy that the great majority of the student leaders who have served with me hove met this challenge with poise and intelligence. In providing a greater va- riety of activities, guidance and control for all organizations on campus, and a unified voice in the Administrotion of the College, we have ad- vanced the role of the student at A-B. But prog- ress is a never ending process and we charge next veor ' s government to go even further in solving the many problems of campus life Ed. Harris President of Student Government Association EXECUTIVE COUNCIL — First Row — Sally Straine, Joe Lonford, Ed Grady, Dennis Moore, George Bryan, Carole Carson. Harris, Sally Martin, Jim Day. Second Row — Lenda Edwords, Bill JUDICIAL BOARD David Willioms, Roy Shipman, Reid Johnson, Lindo Lee — Choirman, Lomar Garren, Linda Nelms, Ad- rian Finch. PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE George Bryan — Chairman, Mortho Dula, Clara Hensley, Lenda Edwards, Barbara Evins, Jeanette Dotson. FINANCE COMMITTEE Joe Lanford, Jim Day — Charrman, Terri Rozzell ELECTIONS COMMITTEE Reid Johnson, Linda Lee, Don Dalton — Chairman, John Franklin. SPORTS COMMITTEE Steve Self, Bill Plyler — Chairman, Rita Ledbetter, Morion Johnson, Trudy Sc handler, Dennis Moore. ORGANIZATIONS COMMITTEE Seoted: Roy Shipmon, Leigh Stevens, Don Dalton, Jim Ussery — Chairman, Sandy Ledbetter, Sandy Mastin, Faye Patton, Lenda Edwards. Standing: Bill White, Mike Flonogan, Larry Nix, Anne Frick, Nancy Kiser. HOUSE AND GROUNDS COMMITTEE First row: Linda Thompson, Dents e Diamond, Nancy Bates, Patsy Bollard, David Bollard — Chairman. Second Row: Jim Cooke, Gory Ramsey, Margaret Crownover. STAFF: Nancy Kiser, Mary Notestine, Linda Nelms, Sam Shipman, Danny Jennings. With the elevation of Asheville-Biltmore College to Senior College status, we, the Staff of the Summit, have worked diligently and some- times extremely patiently with the students, faculty, and student organ- izations m order to present an annual of senior College quality. We have endeavored to moke use of the finer qualities of the previous an- nuals and to contribute something of our own to those bigger and better annuals of the future The Staff Miss Mory Miller Advisor Jeanette Dotson Business Manager HH Ken Eorwood Advertising Manager Manuel Alonso Gary MoHitt Advertising Stoff The Summit Mory Notestine Features David Williams Assistant Photographer images LITERARY STAFF Bill Rolston, Editor Ted Corcoran Barbora Evins Morsho Lambert Allan Nettleman ART STAFF Leigh Stevens, Editor Calvert Hunt Alice Smith Gail Thomas Editor, Bill Rolston; Art Editor, Leigh Stevens; Busi- ness Editor, Alvo Reed; Advisor, Dr. Ellis Shorb. BUSINESS STAFF AIvQ Reed, Assistont Editor; Lindo Nelson. amitM m KC ' : See " Antigone " Oct. 7-8-9 The Ridge Runner ' Convocation Todav 11:00 A. M. Th. ■t ■ .ion Vol. 1 No. Asheville-Biltmore College, Asheville, North Carolina September 27, 196S Governoi governor Dan K be the (caturcil spea first annua! fall zon Asheville-Biltmore Co senior institution. On Miiy 10, 1963. the North Carolina General Assembly pass- esl the Omnibus Hichtr Edu- cation Bill; it was this bill that gave Asheville-Biltmoic senior colki. ' c status, beginning July ' . I«6J. Dr. William Highsmith. Pri sidcnt of the college, acknow- h ; cd the importance of this step fAort . StU- tieni _, ,T t. Anthony Lord, chlei architect for the new library and one of the Six Associates; and Mr. U. Hiden Ramsey, for- mer chairman of the North Caro- lina State Board of Higher Edu- cation and retired vice-president and general m viUe Citizen - ' f .,f ih,- Asheville-Biltmore College Gets New Constitution On F r i d a y, September the third, the student body of Ashe- riHe-Biltmore College approved 9 j icw constitution and set of by iffS for the Student Govcmmer . ' Mpciation. As the 1964-1965 a cad em .- progressed, it became e tt ihat the constitution thei Ctwas inadequate; several ant items were left out, a ' icts were evident, and th ' ,. contaJnetl ideas w i .1 to the constituli-r, , decided by mem X f u t i V e Couru than attempting t ' ling constitution, i ' r to propose a cor I :s of meeting Mgust. the m. tive Council, e standing o H " h f r a model stucJrnt •pi ( " ew n s the following ma hangcs: (I) The governingbody , reduced from a legislature and .to ° executive council to only an cACCutivc council to whose mcui bership was added the secretary- treasurer of each of the three classes (Article VI, Section I 3); (2) There mu$t be at least one meeting per term of the entire Student Government Association and special meetings may be call- ed by the executive council or by petition of S% of the members of the Association (Article V); (3) ■ ' Co| SUI j re I amp (Aft The new constitution into effect immediately, foliowing its latification by a simple majority of the studciitA voting. Ashe- beoe- iONb HELD fukTLass officers t.lcction of class officers was held on September the thirteeth, the third Monday of the term, as prescribed by the new ' ly adopted student constitution. Runoffs were held on the following Tues- day and Wednesday. Nomination and acceptance speeches had been given at individual class h f A itn W -HrtAstl-;v- sect 1 Dr. of tnc r )i iu AshcvilL. i !.. , :■:.. .. - ' . - f -. ' .l- ■ er will be the honorable Dan K. Moore, Governor of North Caro- lina. Other speakers on the pro- ' " " ■ E. Wriui iiiiiiili In addition to the matching freshman cUis (orced a tiini ) " i;i - funds grant. Dr. Squibb anrf Dr " f ' ' t W»N ne day, Remingtou. Assistant pryf tgma |Cmiibda (Ebi O ' In its second year of existence, sax is continuing its steady progress toward maturity as o major college social Fraternity. With on ever-increasing membership and ever-expanding goals and abilities, sax ' s record is a bright one. Ever conscious of the opportunities of the future, mindful of the experience gained in the past, the Fraternity finds itself in an enviable position. Its members ore drawn from Campus leaders of yesterday and today, and in turn, tomorrow ' s leaders will emerge from within the ranks of A-B ' s finest organization — 2AX Fraternity. Jim Day BROTHERS Seated: Reid Johnson, Jim Day, David Ballard, Gory Par- rott. Bill White Stonding: Bob Templeton, Bill Mott, Jerry Greene, Larry Gordon, Ted Corcoran, Jim Baker. Not Present: Don Dalton, Rolph Moss. OFFICERS Reid Johnson — Historian, Jim Day — Vice President, David Bal- lard — President, Gory Porrott — Secretary, and Bill White — Sergeant-at-Arms. PLEDGES Seated: Steve Lucos (V. P.), Pat Starnes (Pres.), John Franklin. Standing: Gory Ramsey, Tom Hudgens, Jim Cook, Alan Culberson, Doug Lackey. Sig Lam at and Games OK! ZBG 46, on 3 Will it Work? 2 A X EVERYBODY has fo relax — sometimes! Cold day iri July!! MOMMMAA!!!! it.H-ftvfj!::;2a::it:TJ ' J SWEETHEART OF SIGMA DELTA UPSILON 2 A T Miss Sondra Sluder Sigma Delta Up si I on Sigma Delta Upsilon was organized in the fall of 1964 by a group of individuals dediccted to the betterment ond social upbringing of Ashe- ville-Biltmore College. Recognized by the 5GA on December 15, 1964, Sigma Delta Upsilon was founded open the belief that one need not be of high social status nor give up democratic ideals in order to belong to o social fraternity. OFFICERS Lorry Nix Acting Treosurer Lorry Roberts — President Allan Pierce — Chancellor of the Banner Bill Adorns — Vice President Don Ross — Secretory Fraternity is Brotherhood Front row: Jimmy Lloyd, Nick Rose, Jim Croyton, Bill Adams, Steve Plyler, Bill Grady, Ronnie Babb, Louis Miles, Jim Ussery. Bock: Dr Self, Nick Koch, Right side: Bob Jones, Gene Stierwolt, Allan Pierce, Nickerson, Advisor, Larry Nix. Denny Moore, Larry Roberts, Don Ross. Left side: John Reed, Bill and Activities ■ SERVICE BEACH TRIP RALLYEES PLEDGES SCAVENGER HUNT 73 JANUARY SKI TRIP OFFICERS Carolyn Baldwin, Denise Diamond. Patsy Ballord, Arnia Halldorson, Carol Kuykendall. The K-ETTE Club of Asheville-Biltmore College was organized in Decem- ber, 1964, under the direction of the West Asheville Kiwanis Club. Our Club is the first K-ETTE club to be organized under the Kiwanis Inter- national. Being a sister club for the Asheviile-Biltmore Circle K, we are a service club for Asheville-Biltmore College and the community of Asheville and Western North Carolina. As a service club we encourage the develop- ment of a finer school spirit, the boosting of all worthwhile school activities, and the development of higher ideals for the college. K-ettes MEMBERS Seated: Carole Carson, Denise Dia- mond. Carol Kuykendoll, Mrs. Wis- hart. Standing: Sandy Mastin, Corolyn Baldwin, Sandy Ledbetter, Arnia Hall- dorson. ■■ Nancy Enevold, Beverly Orr, Kathy Wojtowski, Nancy Kiser, Linda Thompson, Margaret Crownover, Becky Meadows, El- len Bryan, Carolyn Lawrence. A O fl Marion Johnson, JoAnn Conroy, Linda Nelms, Chris Kline, Liz Frumpkin, Susan Patterson, Joyce Alexander, Kena Avendano, Carol Orr, Jane Fultz, Sybil Lewis. Kappa Delta Tan Lendo Edwards SGA Representative Nancy Bowlin Glorio Mtddleton Beverly Purdy President Peggy Holler Secretary-Treasurer Rcndee Kaplan 5 r 2 a Ledbetter 3 a rba ra Moody Mary E. Notestine Terri Rozell PorT Owens Nancy Sellers Trudy Schondler Sondra Sluder Sally Straine r NATIONAL SERVICE FRATERNITY The purpose of this fraternity shall be to assemble college men in the fellowship of the Scout Oath and Law, to de- velop Leadership, to promote Friendship, to provide Service to the student body, the youth of our community and to the nation as participating cit- izens. L-R Fiist row: Roy Shipman, David Williams. Second row: Doug Norton, Donnie Justus, Mike Proctor, Randy Drupiewski. Mr. Robert Doughton Dr. Ivan Parkins Sweetheart Beverly Purdy ■1 Tim Davie, Anito Boll, Voughn Berry, Noncy Bowlin, Bob Clemments, Faye Patton, Lenda Edwards, Sandy Sluder, Tern Rozzell. B. S. U. The Baptist Student Union is composed of students who are interested in furthering the Baptist fello wship on campus, OFFICERS Terri Rozzell — Secretary Sandy Sluder — Vice-President Lenda Edwords — President Faye Patton — S.G.A. Representative OFFICERS Jerry Green — Secretary Treasurer Bill White — President Jim Ussery — Vice President The Monogram Club is composed of men who have earned a letter in varsity sports Its purposes are to promote sports- manship and school spirit and to further the othletic activities of Asheville-Bilt- more College. Steve Jordon, Reid Johnson, Nick Koch, Steve Lucos, Don Dalton, Jerry Green, Ralph Moss, Bill White, Jim Ussery. Monogram Club wa (Front Row, L to R) Mike Flanogon, Stan Hoffman, Gory Ramsey, Ken Eorwood. (Middle Row) Lorry Eorwood, David Little, Chico Alonzo, Jim McNeol, John Franklin. (Bock Row) Jim Cook, Lorry Roberts, Jim Ussery, Gory Porrott, Don Brodenstein. Sponsored by the Kiwonis Club of Asheville, this organization provides a means for the development of the some type of leadership that is prominent in the business and professional world, making it similar to other service clubs in this respect. Among numerous other services contributed to the college, one of the club ' s projects this year was a " hootenanny " welcoming the freshman class to Asheville-Biltmore. c I r c I e K C I u b OFFICERS Lorry Eorwood — President Gory Parrott — Vice President John Franklin — Secretary Jim McNeol — Treasurer Sandy Mastin Who ' s Who in American George Bryan Beatrice Delaney Sally Martin Carole Carson Colleges Ray Elingburg Linda Lee Miss Asheville-Biltmore College V7 Miss Carole Carson ' .0ft l ' Jt Miss Doris Dcxrkery Miss Sandy Mastin Miss Sandy Sluder and court Miss Sandy Ledbetter Miss Arnia Haildorson Miss Nancy Enevold Miss Sally Straine r. ' Mr, Cloude Garren Director of Dromo Bob Bell OS the King. The College Theatre Solly Straine, Don Dolton as Duke, Billie Loug- ter and Bob Bell. Above, THE CAVE DWELLERS by William Saroyan. Below, ANTIGONE by Jean Anouilh Solly Straine os Antigone, Joyce Hardin as Ismene, and Nancy Enevold os the Nur se. Left: Ralph Moss and Larry Gordon as the Chorus. w r Right: Don Dolton as Creon ond Mike Wo coster OS the Page. ■;5,t ■ 9 L 84 The Studio Theatre For the producing of new plays and experimen- tal work- Helen Stanley, Dr. Ellis Shorb, and Sylvia Wilkinson prepare for production of their original one-acts. A scene from " The Mandolin and The Holy Ghost " by Helen Stanley, with Don Dalton, Carol Jones, Arnia Holldorson, Judy Ladd. Scenes from " If Thy Right Hand Offend Thee — " , produced Lewis, Ralph Moss and Fred Branch. Left, Jim Farnsworth. Right, and directed by Don Dalton and Ralph Moss. Above, Lawrence Larry Gordon, Dennis Lewter, and Jim McMonus. Peggy Holler President Geraldine Wells SecreTory-Treosurer Chorlene Morgan Reporter-H istorion Row One: Rito LedbeTTer, Peggy Holier, Ann Fnck, Charlene Morgon. Row Two: Chris Kline, Foye Patten, Lendo Edwards, Helen LoPresti_ Row Three: Borbaro Moody, Carol Orr, John Summey, John Moore. Row Four: Roella Meiinik, Mary Swoyngim, Sandra Sluder, Terrr Rozzell, Nancy Sellers. Education Club Row One: Horry Jorreit, Dionne Bostic, Sondy Mostin, Dr. Nickerson, Reid Johnson. Row Two: Jim Ussery, Ronnie Jones, Mourice Whitaker, Allen Mays, Liz Frumpkin. Row Three: Alex Ellwood, Guy Moore, Bill White, Charlene Morgan, Peter Sullivan. Row Four: Jerry Green, Patsy Ballard, Denise Diomond, Bill Mott. President — Sandy Mostin, V ict Lee, Secretory — Diana Bostic, Jorrett. President — Linda Treosurer — Horry Kofhy Wojtowski, Joan MacBryde, Leigh Stevens, Liz Frumpkin, Mary Notestine, Gail Thomas. OFFICERS Liz Frumpkin (V-P), Gail Thomas (Pres-), Mary Notestine (Sec), and Leigh Stevens (SGA Rep). KAPPA PI is a national honorary art Greek letter fraternity, open to both men and v ' omen. The fraternity has a foremost position among similar art organizations because of its high ideals and constant striving for im- provement. Chapters ore installed only in recognized colleges, universities, and art schools meeting the standards of nationally accredited agencies. Kappa Pi Hiking Club The Asheville-Biltmore Hiking Club was originally organized in the fall of 1965 under the direction of its advisor Dr. William S. Thurman, of the A-B faculty. The group was formed to enrich student life through recrea- tion in the open air, enhancement of a knowl- edge of plant and animal life, and develop- ment of good woodsmanship and survival techniques. The organization make-up is very informal with on elastic membership. Marcia Lam bert, Texas Gosperson, Nancy Stevenson, Cheryl Flogg, Peggy Holler, Dennis Kronenfield, Randy Wilburn, Rita Ledbetter, Frederick Muse, Dr. Thurman. Homecoming Queen Sandy Mastin lV SANDY LEDBETTER Junior SUSAN PATTERSON Junior Homecoming — 1966 LINDA PICKER Freshman NANCY ENEVOLD Freshman ' - ' (, : ' We2lis 1 . " NT If 3 i 1 m t CHEERLEADERS Gail Thomas Sandy Ledbetter Carole Corson Denise Diamond Sondy Mastin CO-CAPTAIN Morion Johnson SQUAD Margaret Crownover Nancy Botes Lindo Thompson Joyce Alexander BASKETBALL Coach Bob Hortmon A tougher schedule . . . including Western Carolina College, confronted Coach Bob Hart- man and six returning lettermen at the start of the fall practice for the 1965-1966 cage season but the " Bulldogs " came through in fine fashion posting a 15-8 won-lost record in their second year of Senior college competi- tion. Seniors Bill White and Jerry Green ended their varsity careers successfully by posting 12 and 15 ppg averages respectively. Early season victories were posted over St. Andrews 82-68, Wilmington 80-67, Tusculum 82-72, and King College 74-67. Our much heralded confrontation with the Catamounts of Western Carolina College saw A-B end up on the short end of the score 84-69. Sharp- shooter Jim Baker led the " Bulldog " scoring with 26 points. The seco nd Senior College season sow the " Bulldogs " continue their winning ways large- ly due to the improved play of the two new- comers to the starting lineup ... Jim Zentz and Tom Lindley, both of Indiana, in addi- tion to the three big guns. White, Green, and Baker. Highlighting the post-Christmas play were victories over UNC-Charlotte 93-79 and 105- 63, Pembroke 71-63, Augusta 69-59 and a record shattering performance against St. Andrew of Laurinburg 1 1 1-80. Individual records for the season were: Most points scored in a single contest — 43 — Jim Baker. Highest seasonal average (senior col- lege competition) — 19.7 — Jim Baker. Most total points scored in a single season — 453. Most rebounds in a single game — 17 — Jim Zentz which tied the record set by Bill White lost season. BULLDOGS First Row: Tom Lindley, Morns Bradshaw, Ronnie Hall, Gary Whitener. Second Row: Larry Rolond, Denny Camden, Bill White. Third Row: Jim Baker, Jerry Green Fourth Row: Jim Zentz. CAPTAIN Bill White 1965-1966 SCHEDULE Nov 23 at Tusculum College Nov 26 St Andrews College Nov 27 Wilmington College Dec 3 Tusculum College Dec 6 ot King College December 9-1 WESTERN CAROLINA HOLIDAY TOURNAMENT Dec. 15 o Charlotte College Jqh 6 Milligon College Jon 8 Pembroke College Jan 11 King College Jon 15 at Maryville College Jqi-i 22 Augusta College Jan. 28 at Pembroke College JQP 29 at Wilmington College Jan. 31 at Frederick College Peb 1 at St Andrews College Peb 9 Charlotte College Peb 16 at Augusta College Pelj 19 at Milligon College Peb 25 Maryville College Mor 1 at Oglethorpe College CO-CAPTAIN Tom Lindley 5 ' 9 " — Guard Kokomo, Indiana Jim Zentz 6 ' 6 " — Center Nappanee, Indiana Bill White 6 ' 5 " — Center Jacksonville, Florida Morris Brodshow 5 ' 1 1 " — Guard Asheville, N. C, 96 Top Row: Bob Miller, Don Ross, Nick Koch. Bottom: Tim Shotwell, Alan Mayes. CAPTAIN — Don Ross, CO-CAPTAIN — Nick Koch A L L , m:- ¥ ■a

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