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Text from Pages 1 - 128 of the 1961 volume:

umn Tif r ' lfVr i ir-T ' 1 -fi ' ir ■M ilia SmBB3WBiM THE SUMMIT 1961 Annual Publication Of Asheville-Biltmore Junior College Asheville, N. C. THIS IS OUR COLLEGE ASHEVILLE-BILTMDRE The unlimited opportunity of education, the key to knowledge, maturity and truth, is placed in the hands of each individual who enters the halls of We, the Annual Staff, dedicate The Summit, 1961, to the memory of " The College In The Shj " ; to its buildings, grounds and campus which we shall long reme mber . . . Ww 3 VT W z IP ■•-:-. Qur Purpose The purpose of THE SUMMIT, 1961 is two-fold. Firstly, we have shown the school year with all the activities, studies and honors that have been shared and cherished by the entire student body of Asheville-Biltmore College. Secondly, we have through the inside covers, dedication, and division pages, portrayed via pictures and words, a past history of Seely Castle from construction to completion. This being the last year Asheville-Biltmore College will be housed in Seely Castle, we feel as though we might com- bine a theme and a past history simultaneously, which the student might both enjoy and feel a part of — a great place. This is the precedence we have used in the selection of our theme: ONE LAST LONG LOOK. Within These Pages . ADMINISTRATION Page 12 Instructors Degrees Faculty CLASSES Page 24 Freshman Sophomores Student Nurses ORGANIZATIONS Page 58 Clubs Activities Publications FEATURES Page 80 May Queen Snow Princess Miss Summit ATHLETICS Page 94 Basketball Team Captains Scoreboard ADVERTISEMENTS Page 102 Restaurants Businesses Recreational opportunities J fc The few minutes before classes give couples a chance to stroll under the archway below the library. IS FOR YOU TO COME WITH US THROUGH THESE GATES . . These are the gates that swing open for us each morning to remind us of the day that lies ahead. AROUND THE CAMPUS Our man " Doc " doing one of his daily chores. His friendly disposition is noticeable here. One of the highlights of the year is the decoration of the Christmas Tree. The lucky people who are able to fix the tree are: left to right, Mr. Jerry McHone, Miss Elizabeth Manship, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Pinkerton, and Waldo Libby. ■ ■ !%TS - - ,• ■ ' Miss Rita Grice and Mr. Charles Smith chat between classes. This tunnel is used very fre- fc. quently by most of the students during a break. The lounging sofas in the main rotunda afford students the oppor- tunity to meet together to plan coming events. Pictured are: Glenda Andrews, Jim Rhinehart, Russ West, and Carol Stradley. J The library is on e of the mostl popular study halls. Pictured are I students as they prepare for then| next class. AND THROVGH THE HALLS OF ASHEV1LLE-B1LTMORE FOR g ffif fc 2 " mm mm £83§« " -j w ; •? ' - J ' 7 i ' « ? B ' r l UA . ADMINISTRATION AND FACOLTY The picture on the opposite page is of Seely Castle during construction. The huge stones that fortify the structure were carried many miles to be used in the construction and beauty of this castle. The evergreens in the foreground provide the site with verdant beauty. 11 ' Fa culty FACULTY MEMBERS (LEFT TO RIGHT) FRONT ROW: Mr. Jackson Owen, Miss Flora McGhee, Dr. Glenn Bushey. Mrs. Lutrelle Whisart. Mrs. Virginia Schreiber, Miss Marv Miller. SECOND ROW: Mr. Joseph Parsons, Col. Chester Hough, Mrs. Grace Peyton, Miss Emily Porter, Mrs. Emily Eustis, Mrs. Ann Serota, CoL William Quarterman. DEAN OF WOMEN Mrs. Lutrelle Wishart College Deans DEAN " OF MEN Col. V. H. Quarterman ACADEMIC DEAN Joseph M. Parsons m " DR. GLENN L. BUSHEY B.S., Shippensburg State Teachers College; M.A., Columbia University; Ed.D., Temple University President of Our College Administration and Staff Secretani MRS. WESLEY B. " SPRINKLE Registrar MISS EMILY G. PORTER B.S.. Womans College; M.A.. Lniversitvof North Carolina. Librarian MRS. EMILY PEEBLES EUSTIS B.A.. Alabama College; M.A. in Ed.. Alabama Polytechnic Institute; M.A. in L.S., George Peabodv College. Business Manager MR. WILLIAM S. JENKINS Baldwin-Wallace College; University of Pittsburgh. ..THEY HAVE SAID MANY THINGS THAT WE SHALL RECALL MRS. LUTRELLE WISHART English B.A., Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College; M.A., Duke University. BLUETS AND CLASSICAL COEDS MR. JOSEPH M. PARSONS Mathematics B.A., M.A., George Peabody College for Teachers; Graduate work toward the Ph.D., University of Tennessee. STUDENT COUNCIL DIRECTOR Faculty COL. JAMES M. McMILLIN Business B.S., United States Military Academy; M.B.A., Harvard University; Carnegie Institute of Technology. AND THEY TEACH MANY HOURSt MR. CARL D. PERRY Music R.A.. M.A., University of North Carolina. GLEE CLUB MRS. VIRGINIA SCHREIBER English B.A.. Erskine College; M.A., Columbia University. COL. WILLIAM H. QUARTERMAN Social Science B.A., L.L.B., University of Georgia; M.A., Western Carolina College; International Law, University of Paris. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB, DEBATE TEAM Faculty wvnvamw W WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE AND COMPREHENSION A.M. MISS FLORA McGHEE Speech and Dramatic Arts B.S., Ohio University; M.A., Columbia University; American Academy of Dramatic Arts. DELTA PSI OMEGA AND DRAMATICS CLUB MR. K. BENNETT WILSMAN Psychology B.A., King College; Stevens Institute of Technology. ASSISTANT DIRECTOR OF COUNSELING SERVICE AND GOLF COACH MISS MARY T. MILLER French and Spanish A. A., Woman ' s College, University of North Carolina; Graduate work. University of Mexico; M.A., Middlebury College, Vermont. SPANISH CLUB, FRENCH CLUB, ADVISOR, THE SUMMIT THESE ARE THE OSES WHO INSTRUCT OUR MINDS WITH CONSUMMATE SKILL MRS. MARIANNE ZABRISKIE Art B.A.. William and Man- College. MR. LANNY YELVERTON Social Science. Hygiene A.B.. Birmingham Southern: M.S.. University of Tennessee. BASKETBALL COACH AND MONOGRAM CLUB SPONSOR GRAYSON M. BR DLEY Natural Science B.S.. M.S.. Appalachian State Teachers College. ALPHA BETA GAMMA SPONSOR Faculty AND DIRECT OUR THOUGHTS TOWARD BROADER SCOPES . . . COL. CHESTER C. HOUGH Physics and Engineering M.E., Cornell University; Professional Engineer (New York). MISS OLINE PECK Secretarial Science B.S., M.S., George Peabody College. BUSINESS CLUB SPONSOR MRS. LOIS HUGGETT Math B.A., Shorter College; M.A. in Physics, V. P. I.; Graduate work at the University of Minnesota. CLASSICAL COEDS SPONSOR Faculty MRS. CORNELIA ANN SEROTA Biology B.S., M.S., North Texas State College; Graduate work. University of North Carolina, Duke University. FACULTY SOCIAL COMMITTEE TO YOU WE SALUTE MR. JACKSON A. OWEN Psychology B.A., Duke University; M.A., Wayne University; Graduate work toward the Ph.D., University of Michigan. DIRECTOR OF COUNSELING SERVICE 22 MR. C. " DOC " HOWINGTON MRS. LOLA PORTER MAINTENANCE THE RESULTS OF YOUR EFFORTS Students using all of their " Precious Moments " to get that last word on paper before time is called. CLASSES The picture on the opposite page is of the Assembly Hall during construction. The massive walls, large floor area and windows are shown before the actual finished product was completed as we know it today. .• w»r..-; IM nm i • Is, stF wVK- " M Freshman Class Officers . . | , M m PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY Toby Erwin John Carswell Linda Pacione The Freshman Class The Freshman Class has this year accepted the high expections that were theirs. The school spirit was boosted ... the Bond Issue gave us an opportunity to meet the public ... the dances were ours where we learned the social graces ... the Rat Week that torturted us so . . . the ball games we attended ... the fun-packed bus trips ... the friends that we have made ... the long hours of study all this has made us one " united class. FRESHMEN Pat Alexander Charles Allison Mike Amnions Marv Auten Bruce Ballard Robert Barnett Sara Boone Diane Bostic Shirley Brackett Linda Brandon Terry Brookshire Ronnie Brookshire THIS IS OUR FIRST COLLEGE YEAR d FRESHMEN Phyllis Buchanan Gail Cornell Earl Ellingburg Robert Burrell Tony Davis John Erickson John Carswell Larry Dillingham Fenton Erwin, Jr. [udith Cathcart Thomas B. Doe, III Melinda Farr LET US MAKE IT THE MOST 28 SO AT THE FINISH WE MAY BOAST Henry Folger Jimmy Garren Lee Rov Griffen Stella Mae Fox Sadie Garren Phyliss Hampton Robert Freeman Vorrest Gorman Constantine Hanzas Judy Gantt Barbara Grant Lee Hawkins FRESHMEN Doug Henson lerry Jackson Jack Kaplan William Higgins Mary Helen James Joyce Lankford Ellis Holcombe John T. Johnson Bobby Ledford Joyce Ingle William Johnson Clyde Long THAT THE FUN WE HAVE HAD WILL KEEP VS FROM BEING SAD Fred Lyda Jerry Moses Linda Pacione Carolyn McFalls Fred Newton Adora J. Parker Paul Michalove Gene Ownbey Wanda Parkhurst Danny Miller Brenda Pacione Pat Phillips FRESHMEN Joan Pickels John Rhinehart Burnace Roberts Charles Pmett Betty Rice Rex Robinson Marlene Pyatta Carrol] Rice Camilla Rowland Jack Ragan Diane Ricker Bob Satterwhite . . . AND THE LESSONS THAT WE HAVE LEARNED WILL KEEP OUR HEARTS ALWAYS TURNED . . . Roberta Schandler Edward Singleton George Snyder Tim Schwoyer Charles Smith Arthur Tavlor Janet Scruggs Robert D. Smith David Teague Sylvia Sims Robert M. Smith Mary Lee Tipton fat FRESHMEN M,A,± |oel Trexler Carolyn Waldrop Joe Walker Jerrv Warren Dewev Waters Russell West Chester A. Wight Howard Williams Ann Winters David Wolfe Jerry Yelverton Sandra Yelverton ...TOWARD THE MEMORIES, FRIENDS, AND DREAMS ' 1 FRESHMEN Victor Young V ■ V-. 1 1 1 . . . WHICH THE HALLS ECHOES TO US IT SEEMS- TWAS ONE GLORIOUSJUN-FILLED YEAR Here we have several Freshmen catching a few minutes of study before that big test. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS . . PRESIDENT Oliver V. Pressley VICE PRESIDENT Linda Merrell SECRETARY Glenda Andrews ; I J?j j % y -k$ $ THEY PRESS TOWARDS THE MARK OF THE HIGH CALLING . . . REALIZING THAT COMMENCEMENT MEANS THE REGINNING . . . NOT THE END " SOPHOMORES GLENDA R. ANDREWES Business Club 1; Classical co-eds 1,2; Sec. Treas. Soph. Class 2; Miss Summit Court 2. MAJOR: Liberal Arts. DAVID BRUCE ARROWOOD Masquers 1; Christian Student Union, Pres. 2; French Club 2; Young Democrats Club 2. MA JOR: Bachelor of Science. LARRY BAKER RALPH BARTLETT 1 SHALL NOT PASS THIS WAY AGAIN- 37 SOPHOMORES JOHN H. BAUER SUSAN BAUMAN ROBERT BRANDON Basketball 2. GAITHER E. BRIGGS Business Club 2;Glee Club 2. MAJOR: Bus. Administration. ALTHOUGH IT BORDERED BE WITH FLOWERS, ALTHOUGH I REST IN FRAGRANT BOWERS, THOMAS ROGER BROWN JAMES L. BROWN WILLIAM CANDLER DAVID BRYSON SOPHOMORES 39 fai SOPHOMORES NELDA OLIVIA CLODFELTER Glee Club 1; Classical Co-eds Pub- licity Editor 2; Spanish Club 1,2. Bluets 1,2; Masquers 1.2; Phi Theta Kappa, Sec. 2; Asst. Editor. Annual 2; Soph. Representative 2; IRC 2; Miss Summit Court 2. MAJOR: Spanish TOMMY CULBERTSOX RUSSELL L. DYMOND Spanish Club 2. MAJOR: English. GEORGE F. ENGLAND Pres. of Student Body 2; Phi Theta Kappa 1,2; Alpha Beta Gamma 1. 2; Young Democrats Club 2. MAJOR: Chemistry. AND HEAR THE SINGING OF SONG-BIRDS WINGING TO HIGHEST HEAVEN THEIR GLADSOME FLIGHT; BOYCE FORD WILLIAM G. FLETCHER LINDA GEHRES DON M. FOWLER SOPHOMORES SDPHDMDHES b JUDITH ANNE GORE RITA LYNNE GRICE Christian Student Assoc. 1; Grand- daughters Club 1; Student Gov- ernment Assoc.; (.Limestone Col- lege); Classical co-eds 2; Sec. Spanish Club 2; Annual Staff 2; Miss Summit 2. MAJOR: English. MYRA CAROLE HAYES Sophomore Class Representative 2; Spanish Club 1; Vice President of Spanish club 2; Glee Club 2; Class- ical Co-eds 2. Inter-dorm Council 1; W. C. Inter-faith Council 1 ( Woman ' s College ) . MAJOR: Bacterial Pathology. NANCY M. KENNEDY Classical Co-eds 1,2; Y.D.C. 2: French Club 1; Spanish Club 2; Freshmen Class Representative 1: Sec.-Treas. of Student Council 2 MAJOR: Math THOUGH RISING SUNS THEIR RADIANCE THROW ON SUMMER ' S GREEN AND WINTER ' S SNOW, RICHARD LAMB Phi Theta Kappa 1; Pres. of Phi Theta Kappa 2; Alpha Beta Gamma 2; Elections Committee Chairman. MAJOR: Engineering. NANCY JOLLEY MARY M. McCALL CATHERINE W. LIBBY French Club 1, President 2; Inter- national Relations Club 1,2; Glee Club 1,2; Classical Co-eds 1,2; Christian Student Union 2; Masquers 2. MAJOR; Math. SOPHOMORES i SDPHDMDRES PHIL MeKIXXEY Basketball 1.2; Co-Captain 2: Monogram Club 1.2; President of Monogram Club 2. MAJOR; Physical Education. PATRICIA ANN MAXEY Business Club — President 1,2; Sec.-Treas. Freshmen Class; Glee Club 1.2: Classical Co-eds 1.2: Campus Crier Staff 1; May Court 1. MAJOR: Secretarial Science. ELIZABETH MAXSHIP Classical Co-eds 1.2; May Court 1; Young Democrats Club 2; Span- ish Club 2; Library Staff 1; Miss Summit Court 2; Snow Princess 2. MAJOR: Liberal .Arts. LIXDA KATHERIXE MERRELL Glee Club 1; Spanish Club 1.2; Treasurer —Spanish Club 1: Class- ical Co-eds 1,2; Vice President of Sophomore Class; Social Commit- tee 2; Masquers 1,2; Annual Busi- ness Staff 2. May Court 1; Maid of Honor 1; Miss Summit Court. Maid of Honor 2. MAJOR: Business Education. IN SVCH RARE SPLENDOR THAT MY HEART WOULD ACHE FROM SCENES LIKE THESE TO PART; EARNEST MILLER ANNETTE MILLER BARBARA MORGAN TERRELL MORGAN MOORE French Club 2; Asistant Editor of Campus Crier 2; MAJOR: English. SOPHOMORES Sxs SOPHOMORES JAMES PINKNEY MORROW- JANE FLOYD PINKERTON Business Club 1; I.R.C. l;Campus Crier News Editor 1; Page Editor 2; Annual Staff 1, Business Mana- ger 2; Head Cheerleader 1; May Court 1; Classical Co-eds 1,2; Delta Psi Omega 1,2, Sec. 2; Glee Club 1; Masquers 1,2; Vice Presi- dent of Student Body. MAJOR: Elementary Education. RICHARD STEVE PINKERTON Annual Staff 1,2; Co-Editor 1 Masquers 1,2; Delta Psi Omega 1,2 President of Delta Psi Omega 2 Spanish Club 1,2; V.P. of Spanish Club 1; Campus Crier 2, Business Manager 2. MAJOR: Education. OLIVER VAN PRESSLEY, JR. Campus Crier Newsl , Editor 2; Bluets, Editor 2; Pres. of Sopho- more Class; I.R.C. 1,2. MAJOR: English. THOUGH BEAUTIES HEIGHTEN, AND LIFE-LIGHTS BRIGHTEN, ■ AND JOYS PROCEED FROM EVERY PAIN, JAMES J. REAGAN ELEANOR RADFORD RONALD J. RICE JAMES W. RHINEHART Spanish Club 1; Social Committee 2. MAJOR: Law. SOPHOMORES toes SOPHOMORES JOYCE ELAINE SAXDLIX Business Club 1,2; Sec.-Treas. of Business Club 1, Sec. 2; Glee Club 1.2: Classical Co-eds 1,2; Campus Crier Staff 2. MAJOR: Secretarial Science. JUDITH GAIL SCRUGGS Classical Co-eds, Treas. 1,2; Glee Club 1; Spanish Club 1,2; Inter- national Relations Club 2; Library Staff 2; Annual Staff 1. MAJOR: B.S. Education. RACHEL AXX SMATHERS Business Club 1. Vice President Glee Club 1; Treasurer of Busi- ness Club 2; Campus Crier Staff 2; Glee Club 2. MA)OR: Secretarial Science. HELEX CAROL STRADLEY Spanish Club 1: Classical Co-eds 1.2: Cheerleader 1.2: Library Staff 2. MAJOR: Elementary Education. SHALL XOT PASS THIS WAY AGAIN. Poem by Eva Rose York SDPHDMDRES TOM TOMLIN Spanish Club 2. MAJOR: Business Administration. NORMAN LEE YOUNGBLOOD Basketball 1, Captain 2. WALDO EDWIN LIBBY, IV Masquers 1, Pres. 2, Delta Psi Omega 2; Vice Pres. 2; I.R.C. 1. 2, ' Pres. 2; Campus Crier 1,2; Asst. Editor 2; Asst. Editor THE SUM- MIT 2; Library Staff 2. MAJOR: Philosophy. GERALD BURNETTE DAVID FIELDS STUDENT NURSES MARILYN BALL JUDY BOLICK JANICE CHASTAIN CAROLYN CORT THE XURSES ARE A VITAL PART OF OUR COLLEGE LIFE EVANGELINE CRAIG DAVID CUNNINGHAM CAROLYN DAMS MARIAN DAVIS ■ I?} £5 ft % 50 STUDENT NURSES NANCY DIXON GAIL DOWNS JEWEL EDGERTON JOY GENTRY THEY ATTEND CLASSES HERE AT ASHEV1LLE-BILTMORE SUE GREENE NORMA GUIN CAROLINE HARDEN JOHNSIE HAYNES STUDENT NURSES WILLIAM HUGGIXS JULIA JAMES MARGARET KING JANET MARSTON WE ENJOY A CO-OPERATIVE SOCIAL PROGRAM LYNDA MOHR ALICE MOODY RETH PERSONS GENEVA PHILLIPS (fil fa fa W W X I . i STUDENT NURSES SHIRLEY PLEMMONS ANN PRESSLEY CYNTHIA QUEEN JUDY REBER THE NURSES STAND READY TO BE OF SERVICE TO US JEAN RICE BARBARA SCHIMDT WILHELMINA SMITH SHIRLEY STEVENS STUDENT XUHSES BARBARA STRAYHORX SHERRY TURNER MARTHA WALKER ...FOR IX TIME, THEY WILL BE OUR HOSPITAL LEADERS . . . LINDA WALL MARY JUNE WEST J f W 1 .__. •41 i 1 h A k d Moment of anticipation when Dr. Bushey and Dean Parsons reward students for long hours of hard work with eagerly sought diplomas. GRADUATION 1960 The speaker for graduation was Dr. Zerfoss of Enka. Here he is giving the graduates a challenge for the future. Sxv The dances after the ball games gave us all a chance to socialize and to enjoy our fel- low students ' company. Part of the fun that goes on at school is never seen. But this time our camera was there to capture the classic shot. " Part of the May Day Decorations. Suzanne? " The Glorious Rat Court, is one of the or- ganizations that strive for the justice of the freshman. As Sara Boone is reaching into the unknown, The Rat Court Jury, led by Tim Schwoyer is making fast decisions. This is part of the pep rally that is held before a ballgame. The cheerleaders are resting be- tween cheers while Terry Brook- shire is entertaining the group with guitar. 3° The snapshot shown here was taken during a dance supported by the cheerleaders. pe p la The " Sock Hop " was one way that the Student Council boosted school spirit. 57 ORGANIZATIONS AND CLUBS The picture on the opposite page was taken during the residency of the Seely ' s. This room is the one that we now use as the library. Shown are the stairs, book cases, and the chandeliers thf.1 are still in use as a part of the library. This room provides the student with an opportunity of view- ing architecture not usually found in libraries. » STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT GEORGE F. ENGLAND 60 THE STUDENT CQUNEIL Under the very able leadership of George England, and with the guidance of Dean Parsons, the Student Council has endeavored to lead our college in the adoption of a new constitution, in various activities, such as dances, bus trips, organization of clubs, and the promotion of a dynamic school spirit as shown in their work on the bond election. The members are, left to right: Nelda Clodfelter, Sopho- more Class Representative; George England, President; Nancy Kennedy, Secretary-Treasurer; Charles Smith, Fresh- man Class Representative; Carol Hayes, Sophomore Class Representative; Ken Bradley, Freshman Class Representa- tive; Oliver Presley, President, Sophomore Class; Jane Floyd, Vice President of Student Council; Bill Freeman, Freshman Class Representative; and Toby Erwin, President, Freshman Class. STAFF OF THE 1961 SUMMIT JANE PINKERTON Business Manager TOBY ERWIN Editor-in-Chief NELDA CLODFELTER Associate Editor TOM DOE Photography Editor RITA GRICE Class Editor KATHY BURTON PHYLLIS HAMPTON Feature Editors HOWARD WILLIAMS Faculty Editor CAROL HAYES Activities Editor TO YOU, THE STUDENTS OF ASHEVILLE-BILTMORE, we bring our wishes that the 1961 Summit will preserve happy memories. AND HERE IS A GLIMPSE OE THE SUMMIT STAFF But you never really see all of them together like this, for each member has his special job which only he can do. . . Around the table, seated from left to right are: Nelda Clodfelter, Rita Grice, Boyce Ford, Toby Erwin, Miss Miller, Waldo Libby, and Jane Pin- kerton. They receive no recompense for the pub- lication of a good annual except the deep satis- faction that comes from working together to create memories. Jht Clhfia Ilappa iFratrmttu Eta Sigma Chapter few ».v i ' » r 7, . V L.I THE REALM OF KNOWLEDGE is represented by tliis national honorary scholastic fraternity of junior colleges whose members strive to develop character, promote scholarship, and to cultivate fellowship among junior college students of the United States. Toby Erwin. Richard Lamb. Xelda Clodfelter. and George England, sponsored by Mrs. Emily Eustis. are the members of the Eta Sigma Chapter. LIBRARY CLUB It is the Library Club, which, under the sponsor- ship of Mrs. Eustis, keeps the books and the doors of knowledge in use. This year they have the task of preparing the library materials for their move down the mountain to the new campus. Its members are, left to right: Waldo Libby, Nancy Jolly, Pete Brown, Mrs. Eustis, Sue Bauman, Mary Margaret McCall, Judy Scruggs, Bruce Arrowood, and Mrs. Libby. 65 J CLASSICAL COEDS The main purpose of this all-girl club is to pro- mote worthwhile traditions at Ashe ille-Biltmore. All activities are centered around the welfare of the college, such as the Christmas Party, the May Queen, and the Community Club Awards of Ashe- ville in which the club participates each year. On the top row we see: Mrs. Huggett, Diane Bostie. Nancy Kennedy, Sue Bauman, Barbara Morgan, Mickey Schandler. Camilla Rowland, Mary Helen James, Mrs. Wishart, Sponsor, and Pat Wooten, President. Second row: Mrs. Libby, Rita Grice, Sandra Yelverton, Jane Pinkerton, Phyllis Hampton. Carol Hayes, Sarah Boone, Mickey Manship. N ' elda Clod- felter, Glenda Andrews. First row: Linda Genres, Cathy Burton, Parti Alexander, Brenda Pacione, Linda Pacione, and Joyce Sandlin. THE CHRISTMAS PARTY sponsored by the CLASSICAL COEDS and SPANISH CLUB What a delightful and rewarding event this turned out to be for everyone, even Santa Claus, (Dean Parsons), who lost his pants! These are the children from the orphanage for whom the party was held in chapel one day. Their eyes just sparkled when they received all those wonderful toys and clothes. Break that pinata, Santa Claus! ■ THE GLEE CLUB The Glee Club, under the direction of Mr. Carl Perry, has expanded and develop- ed in numbers and quality. It was they who gave the music for the Christmas Party and who will sing for graduation. Their aim is the enjoyment and furthur knowledge of music. Performances are given to many of the local clubs. Members are: top row, left to right: Bill Higgins, Jerry Yelverton, John Rhinehart, G. E. Briggs, Carrol Rice. Sec- ond row: Judy Scruggs, Mickey Schandler, Rachel Smathers, Camilla Rowland, Wanda Parkhurst, Sue Bauman, Judy Gant, Mary Margaret McCall, Joyce Sandlin. Bottom row: Glenda Andrews. Phyllis Hampton, Catherine Libby, Joyce Ingle, Pat Maney, Pat Wooten. DELTA PSI OMEGA Its name just spells fun, along with a lot of concentrated effort. Delta Psi Omega is the national honorary dramatic fraternity for junior colleges whose candidates earn membership by participating in a number of plays and other productions. Here is a scene from last year ' s colorful play, " The Merry Wives of Windsor, " under the direction of Miss Flora McGee. At the far left is Waldo Libby, Jane Pinkerton and in the center, Steve Pinkerton (Falstaff), this year ' s members. Also shown are two of last year ' s members Eleanor Kirby and Tom Nix. THE FRENCH CLUB Those persons interested in furthering interest in the French language and gain- ing skill in speaking it are members of this active club. Which, along, with the Spanish Club, under the direction of Miss Mary Miller, have two major events a year— a Christmas party and a spring party, usually held at Pisgah View Ranch. Back row, left to right: Terrell Moore, Charles Smith, Judy Rappaport, Howard Williams, Tim Schowyer, Sandra Yelverton, Mary McCall, Wanda Parkhurst, Terry Brook- shire, Ernie Miller. Front row: Miss Miller, Ronald Walker, Marv Helen James, Peggy Pearson, Linda Pacione, Nancy Jollv, judv Bolden, Mrs. Libby, and Phyllis Hampton. 70 One of the busiest clubs, THE BUSINESS CLUB, whose purpose is to develop leadership and to broaden the student ' s knowledge of business, publishes the Faculty-Student Directory each year. This is a marvelous way to make available all those telephone numbers that the coeds try to hide! Below we see Pat Maney, Joyce Sandlin, and Rachel Smathers in their favorite pastime— selling hot dogs to Pete Brown in the snack shop. In this way they obtain monev for their various activities. THE MONOGRAM CLUB This club is composed of men who have earned a letter in varsity sports. Under the direction of Coach Yelverton, they have strived this year to promote a greater interest in sports and to create the spirit of the athlete. The club is in the process of writing the constitution and by laws. Phil McKinney and Larry Baker are co-chairmen of this club. Front row: Jim Baldwin, Phil McKinney, Bobby Led- ford, Tom Culberson, Bruce Ballard. Second row: Tim Schwoyer, Bob Brandon, Jerry Yelverton. Earl Elinburg. Back row: Coach Laney Yelverton. Ellis Holcombe, Dave! Wolfe, Larry Baker. Arch Smith, Henry Folger. 72 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS It is the objective of this club to instill interest in and to develop an interest in international affairs, to promote a spirit of understanding of the problems of the countries studied. Each vear one of its members is sent to Raleigh to partici- pate in the annual debate sponsored by the colleges throughout the South. Top row: Bob Freeman, Oliver Pressley, Waldo Libby, and Colonel Quarterman, sponsor. Bottom row: Mickey Schand- ler, Mrs. Libby, Sandra Yelverton, Carolyn MeFalls, Diane Bostic, and Nelda Clodfelter. 73 " CAMPUS CRIER " STAFF The " Campus Crier " is the monthly publication of the newspaper of the students of Asheville-Biltmore College. Its purpose is to present in an unbiased way, the news of the happenings on and concerning the campus. From left to right: Boyee Ford, Oliver Pressley (seated), Rachel Smathers, Jerry McHone, Harry Gregg, Terrell Moore, Joyce Sandlin. Pat YVooten, and Pat Maney. Miss Flora McGee is the faculty adviser, Boyce Ford, the tech- nical adviser, and Oliver Pressley, president. CANTERBURY CLUB Canterbury is one of the newest additions to our family of clubs, and perhaps one of the gayest. Under the direction of Mrs. Zabriskie, it is organized for the purpose of sharing ideas between the members of the Episcopalian faith. Its new members are: left to right, top row: Steve Pinkerton, Jane Pinkerton, Mrs. Zabriskie, Howard Williams. Seated: Pat Wooten, Emie Miller, and Judy Scruggs. CHRISTIAN STUDENT UNION C.S.U. is a club composed of students interested in promoting a more religious atmosphere on the campus. They sponsor various activities with the idea of having Christian fun together. This year, with Mrs. Sprinkle as their sponsor, they have grown in number and in spirit. Seated at the table are the officers, Left to right: Bruce Arrowood, President; Pat Phillips, Secretary; Rachel Smathers, Vice President; and Allan Wight, Treasurer. Other members are: Camilla Rowland, Pat Wooten, Phyllis Buchanan, Joan Pickels, Barbara Morgan, Mary Margaret McCall, Pat Maney, Joyce Sandlin, Wanda Parkhurst, Mary Helen James, Charles Wright, Nelda Clodfelter, Margaret Johnson, Judy Scruggs, Carolyn Waldrop, Judy Cant, Mary Lee Tipton, and Rita Grice. 76 --, SPANISH CLUB In conjunction with the French Club, the Spanish Club has two main events a year-the Christmas party and the Pisgah View Ranch party. Its purpose is to maintain a group of people who wish to speak Spanish, to learn Spanish customs, and to promote better relations between our peoples. Standing by the fireplace is John Rhinehart, President. Seated, left to right are: Miss Miller, sponsor; Mickey Manship, Rita Grice, Toby Erwin, John Carswell, Linda Genres, Cathy Burton, Nelda Clodfelter, Mr. Reagon, Nancy Kennedy, and Mary Lee Tipton. NEW PHI THETA KAPPA MEMBERS .... Inducted into the scholastic fratemitv during the spring term are, FRONT ROW: Mic- key Schlander. Wanda Park- hurst, Sandra Yelverton, Phvliss Hampton. BACK ROW: Wil- liam Johnson, Jim Woody, John Erickson. Under the leadership of the sponsor: Mrs. Sandra Yelverton Captain: Phyliss Hampton THE CHEERLEADERS 1960-61 Margaret Brenda FEBRUARY 14, 1961 . . . ' THE GROWTH OF A GREATER ASHEVILLE-BILTMORE JUNIOR COLLEGE " On February 14, 1961, the citizens of Buncombe County decided the immediate fate of Asheville- Biltmore College. It was on this date that the $750,000 Bond Issue along with a four-cent tax levy passed by a favorable margin in the polls of Buncombe County. This means in effect, that five new buildings will be erected on the newly chosen campus in the heart of Asheville. In addition, the tax levy will give continuous revenue for the main- tance and upkeep of the new campus grounds. On this eventful day, a student of Asheville-Bilt- more was at every poll in Buncombe. The purpose of this was to acquaint the voter with Asheville- Biltmore College, and to aid him in any issues that he might not be familiar. The students at the Swannanoa School Precinct are: David Fields (left), and Carl McCarthy (right). i - THE VICTORY BALL AFTER THE ISSUE . . The largest attendance of any dance was at the Victory Ball. Among the students were many leaders of civic organizations throughout the city. A glorious time was had by all. FEATURES The picture on the opposite page shows the interior of what is now used as the main audi- torium for chapel programs. Note the position of the chairs in front of the fireplace, and the huge rug that encompasses the room. In the back- ground note the plants and the pictures that serve to add harmony to the hall. ETaT .» C Jt OLJ on, o, =m ' " ■W If mtuuumfo J _JIFr- " i-+± ffifl%U MISS SUMMIT 7th Qa MAID DF HONOR MISS LINDA MERRILL MISS ELIZABETH MANSHIP MISS GLENDA ANDREWS MISS NELDA CLODFELTER MAY QUEEN 19G1 Wi t?;t„ Q, rice MAY COURT MAID OF HONOR ri. S andrt ra l lelverlon MAY COURT SOPHOMORE ATTENDANTS ll ' lhi Cflenda .Stndrewi flU CLaUk WanAit W« Jinda WerJl Wto . J, A FRESHMEN ATTENDANTS .1 MISS ELIZABETH MANSHIP FEATURE STUDENTS In order that THE SUMMIT might honor students whose qualities are out- standing, the following pages pay tribute to those students whose personalities embody those of the ideal college student. MISS PHYLLIS HAMPTON MR. JOHN RH1NEHART FEATURE STUDENTS MISS LINDA PACIONE MR. STEVE PINKERTON FEATURE STUDENTS MISS CAROL HAYES MR. ROR SATTERWHITE FEATURE STUDENTS 91 Tuj, COLLEGE MARSHALS The highest honor usually ascribed to a Freshman is that of being chosen as a marshal. Qualifications for this choice are, scholastic ability, leadership and potential. The marshals chosen for 1960 were, LEFT TO RIGHT; Bob Sat- terwhite, Rosalyn Baker, Toby Erwin, George England, Nelda Clodfelter, and Glenn Powell. SNOW PRINCESS WjL £LaUk Wandup The Crowning of SNOW PRINCESS is one of the highlights of the school year. Miss Manship was elected by all th e people present at the Annual Christ- mas Dance. After she had been selected the orchestra played a medley of songs in her honor. ATHLETICS The picture on the opposite page shows the picture that was hung over the fireplace in the library ' . Note the type of sculpture that decorates the fireplace and mantle. Also, the figurehead that sits atop the chandelier. no The Bulldogs, with two returnees and a host of formers included: Jem- Yelverton. Earl Elingburg, fighting freshmen showed signs of brilliance Jimmy Baldwin, Arch Smith and David Wolfe, throughout a relatively poor season. With the pro- These men were backed by a fine group of pre- spects for next year, tire Bulldogs are expected dominately freshmen. Included among these are: to finish as the top team in the conference. Bruce Ballard. Bob Ledford, Ellis Holcombe, Bob The team was led this year by Captains Phil Mc- Brandon, Tim Schwoyer, Henry Folger and Jerry Kinnev and Larry Baker. Other outstanding per- Forrest. 1960-1961 BASKETBALL SLDBEBOABD L-B OPPONENT 74 42 Warren Wilson 65 116 North Greenville 58 73 Wingate 73 76 Spartanburg 62 63 Brevard 60 59 Gardner-Webb 50 111 Clemson 4.3 87 Brevard 34 68 Lees-McRae 63 84 Lees-McRae 63 58 Mars Hill 75 83 Spartanburg 66 82 North Greenville 67 75 Mars Hill 84 77 Western Carolina 61 85 Clemson 47 64 Gardner-Webb 99 88 Western Carolina 60 69 Spartanburg 84 71 Wingate 64 98 Warren Wilson DATE Nov. 28 Dec. 1 Dec. 3 Dec. 6 Dec. 10 Dec. 15 Dec. 17 Jan. 5 Jan. 7 Jan. 9 Jan. 12 Jan. 21 Jan. 28 Feb. 2 Feb. 4 Feb. 7 Feb. 9 Feb. 13 Feb. 15 Feb. 17 Feb. 18 1960-1961 BASKETBALL TEAM BOTTOM ROW: Tim Schowyer, Phil McKinney, Bobby Ledford, Bruce Ballard. SECOND ROW: Henry Folger, Jimmy Baldwin, Larrv Baker, Earl Elingburg, Bob Brandon. THIRD ROW: Coach Lanny Yelverton, David " Arch " Smith, Jerry Forrest, David Wolfe, Ellis Holcombe, Jerry Yelverton. Manager: Tommy Culbertson. THE BOYS HAVE PLAYED THEIR BEST TO PROVIDE US WITH EXCITEMENT AND THRILLS AT EVERY GAME .... BBS TERRY YELVERTON Forward JIMMY ' BALDWIN Forward LARRY BAKER Center THE POINT THAT WON Players Larry Baker (under the basket) Phil McKinney (35), Jerry- Yelverton (30), and Arch Smith (coming THE GAME down side), guard against the powerful Brevard Team. Bre- vard won the game 63-62. ELLIS HOLCOMBE Center DAVID WOLFE Center BOBBY LEDFORD Guard HENRY FOLGER Guard BASKETBALL ARCH SMITH CENTER TIM SCHOWYER GUARD BRUCE BALLARD FORWARD EARL ELLINGBURG FORWARD 100 STRUGGLE UNDER THE RASKET. . . Dave Wolfe (35), and Larry Baker (24), reach for the free basketball against the tough Girdner-Webb pur- suers. A-B won 60-59. COACH LANEY YELVERTON ALL HANDS ON DECK Ellis Holcombe (33), goes uo for a rebound surrounded by Warren Wilson opponents. Bobby Ledford is ready for the toss out, (25). THE FIGHTING SPIRIT OF THE ASHEV1LLE-BILTMORE BULLDOGS PROMISES GREAT THINGS FOR THE FUTURE TEAM MANAGER TOMMY CULRERTSON 101 ADVERTISEMENTS The merchants of Asheville have made the 1961 edition of The Summit possible. We feel that this is an excellent opportunity to let the people of Asheville know those interested in the future of Asheville-Biltmore College. To show your appreciation for their support of The Summit, patronize the businesses whose advertisements appear on the following pages . . . . 9ta The delightful beginning of the crowning of MISS SUMMIT and her Maid of Honor for 1961... With their court: left to right— NELDA CLODFELTER, LINDA MERRILL, RITA GRICE, MICKEY MANSHIP, GLENDA ANDREWS and escorts. Who are RITA GRICE, Miss Summit LINDA MERRILL, Maid of Honor . . THE SKY CLUB Beaucatcher Mountain DINNER AND DANCING High Above Asheville, North Carolina Call AL 3-3068 for Reservations THE CHAMPION PAPER AND FIBRE COMPANY CAROLINA DIVISION Canton, North Carolina BRADLEY ' S HI-FI CENTER 826 Hendersonville Rd. AL 4-3921 HAJOCA CORPORATION WIGHT ' S BUSINESS MACHINES CO. 9 Broadway PLUMBING FIXTURES AL 3-8647 AND INGLE TRANSFER STORAGE CO. SUPPLIES 44 Valley Street AL 2-2731 30 Bryson Asheville, North Carolina BROOKSHIRE DRAPERY CO. 1060 Patton Avenue West Asheville HAMRICK FEED CO. Fairvew Road Biltmore, N. C. WINNER ' S BLUE RIDGE TRACTOR " Store of Fashion " AND IMPLEMENT COMPANY 34 Haywood Street 520 Haywood Road AL 2-7574 ERNIE MILLER ' S SHOE SALON " Shoes of Fashion " SEVEN-UP BOTTLING CO. 7 London Road AL 2-7383 WINNER ' S SALON OF BEAUTY MAYFLOWER RESTAURANT Dial AL 3-6771 1089 Haywood Road Asheville, N. C. MILLER ' S TEXACO CENTER 1366 Haywood Road and Patton Avenue Phone AL 4-9100 West Asheville SCHANDLER ' S Now At 45 Oak Street FOR FINE FOODS and 12 N. Pack Square A ' NL ' S HOBBICRAFT FOR TOYS, CRAFTS, HOBBIES, AND GIFTS THE PRINTING OF THE 1961 SUMMIT WAS DONE BY Keys Printing Corporation IN GREENVILLE, S. C. MOSER PLUMBING , HEATING • • PLUMBING AIR CONDITIONING V 498MERRIM0N ' e«7t£ i£..5-562 " The Plumbing for The New Campus is by MOSER ' Mewborne Vending Service SUPPLIES OUR COLLEGE. as we see in this picture of TOM BROWN waiting for MICKEY MANSHIP to get that in-between-classes cup of coffee. SO MANY GOOD THINGS BEGIN WITH ENKA YARNS AMERICAN H CORPORATION SCHRAFFT ' S ' The Nation ' s Leading Candies ' ON SALE AT GOOD STORES EVERYWHERE $1.00 - $2.00 Lb. (fandv)is Delicious Food MORGAN BROS., INC. Wholesale Distributors 67 Broadway, Asheville, N. C. BILTMORE DAIRY FARMS Asheville, North Carolina " . s p»-t- MERCHANT CONSTRUCTION COMPANY ASHEVILLE • NORTH CAROLINA Towne House Doughnut Co., Inc. EAT Delicious Town House Bakery Products Decorating Cokes Our Specialty OPEN 24 HOURS DAILY 257 Biltmore Avenue Asheville, North Carolina Forest Manor Restaurant 866 Hendersonville Road Dial AL 4-2097 ASHEVILLE INSURANCE AGENCY FURNISS FUEL COMPANY Old Haw Creek Road AL 4-1776 GENERAL INSURANCE 555 Merrimon Avenue ALpine 2-3581 PLUMMER ' S RADIO SERVICE FOR HOME AND CAR RADIOS 270 Biltmore Avenue ASHEVILLE PAVING CO. Technical Building AL 2-4464 DAN FURR, Manager ROLLING PIN BAKERY BAREFOOT-TATUM DRUGS 944 Merrimon Avenue 2 North Pack Square AL 3-0168 645 Biltmore Avenue VAUGHN-RUSSELL CANDY CO. THEATRE BALLET SCHOOL 422 McDowell Street Asheville, N. C. 90 ' 2 Patton Avenue Director: ALICE WEAVER AL 2-3445 WELCOME TO THE BURTON FURNITURE B B GRILL 615 Merrimon Avenue 301 Merrimon Avenue CARPETS, DECORATING, RE-UPHOLSTERY ASHEVILLE WELDING CO. 13 Southside Ave. AL 3-8191 ASHEVILLE CCR Coal Company CONTRACTING CO. Fairview Road GENERAL CONTRACTORS Dial AL 2-7321 Asheville, North Carolina Asheville, N. C. BAXTER H. TAYLOR, President GROCE GORDON ' S SQUARE DEAL JEWELERS 4 N. Pack Square Asheville, N. C. FUNERAL HOME, INC. AMBULANCE SERVICE STEVEN VANCE MEN ' S SHOP in WINNER ' S Dial ALpine 2-3535 1155 Haywood Road MRS. COGGINS DINING ROOM DELICIOUS HOME COOKING 3 Miles East of Asheville 856 Tunnel Road West Asheville BATES FOOD STORE Owned and Operated by GEORGE DAVIS 39 Pearson Drive CAROLINA TIRE AND RETREADING CO. 168 College Street (Opposite Court House) ASHEVILLE BOWLING CENTER AMF AUTOMATIC PIN SPOTTERS 51 Merrimon Avenue AL 2-2429 PINNER ' S DRUG STORE 619 Haywood Road West Asheville BABE MALOY ' S DRIVE-IN Now Using Tel-A-Tray 26 Tunnel Road R. L COLEMAN CONSTRUCTION CO. GENERAL CONTRACTORS - BUILDERS, DEVELOPERS SALES PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Phone AL 3-5391 ' Builder of the First Two Buildings At Asheville-Biltmore " THE MANOR BUFFET SUPPER AND DANCING EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT -$3.00 Phone AL 2-5371 for Reservations UNITED RENT-ALLS ELECTRONIC SUPPLIES - RENT OR SALE Northland Shopping Center AL 2-5443 SHIGLEY ' S GROVE PARK PHARMACY 250 Charlotte AL 3-2333 WILSON ' S SPRING AND BODY WORK EDWARDS BROTHERS AUTOS AND TRUCKS AL 4-4677 248 Biltmore Avenue O. K. RUBBER WELDERS 130 College Street MONTFORD PHARMACY PRESCRIPTIONS - DRUGS 231 Montford Avenue FREE DELIVERY ROBINSON ' S FLOWER SHOP ONE HOUR MARTINIZING TWO LOCATIONS 121 Biltmore Avenue 144 Tunnel Road 6 Wall Street AL 2-8271 Nights, Sundays and Holidays, Dial AL 2-3917 WAYNE ' S MOTOR SALES AND SPEED EQUIPMENT PARTS AND ACCESSORIES 996 Patton Avenue AL 4-1386 MERRIMON AVENUE PHARMACY 229 Merrimon Avenue Phone AL 3-9836 FREE DELIVERY ASHEVILLE BOOKSTORE 3 N. W. Pack Square AL 3-9510 Moseley Shoe Service, Inc. DUNN WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME 24 HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE 57 North Spruce Street AL 2-2767 48 College Street ALpine 2-6758 Asheville, North Carolina FINKELSTEIN ' S, INC. 7 S. W. Pack Square Asheville, North Carolina SIX ASSOCIATES I NCORP ORATED ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA REUSING ' S 42 Battery Park Avenue Phone AL 3-8431 - 2 - 3 Asheville, North Carolina " Your Frigidaire Dealer Since 1926 " " Have Gun, Will Grease " LISLE ' S GULF SERVICE THE STATION OF DISTINCTION Dial AL 2-9773 4 Tunnel Road Marshall ' s Fuel Oil and Kerosene 585 Haywood Road Asheville, North Carolina Compliments of COWARD WHOLESALE FLORIST BILTMORE 1320 Haywood Road PRESS Asheville, N. C. COMMERCIAL PRINTERS HENLEY PUBLISHERS AND LITHOGRAPHERS PAPER CO. 9 Valley Street 745 Biltmore Avenue AL 2-4476 Phone AL 2-4491 Asheville, N. C. -- = ' r T BILTMORE IRON AND Do id ttgi ... METAL CO., INC. 785 Biltmore Avenue BUSINESS SERVICES = W . i " " P. O. BOX 40 ASHEVILLE, N. C. 9 s Phone AL 3-9317 .-- " COLE KENT Photo Offset Printing WHEEL AND FRAME CO. Direct Image Printing 191 Biltmore Avenue Phone AL 3-2141 Addressing Machine Robotyper IBM Typing Copy Machine GRACE ESSO SERVICE CENTER 873 Merrimon Avenue Phone AL 2-9516 Plastic Binding Plastic Laminating Telephone Answering LEWIS PIANO HOUSE Mimeographing 74 Patton Avenue Phone AL 2-5396 B B PHARMACY PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS 462 Haywood Road FRANK AUSTIN CO., INC. LUMBER, PAINTS, HARDWARE PREPARED ROOFING . . . GLASS 444 Haywood Road DOWNEY ' S DINER 57 College Street and Westgate Shopping Center ARCO SERVICE STATION New Haw Creek Road HARRY E. BYAS, Prop. AL 2-5832 THRIFTY FOOD STORE 235 Montford Avenue MDI H. D. CROWELL BAILEY ' S CAFETERIA MIDAS MUFFLER SHOP AUTO PARTS 319 Merrimon Avenue AL 3-7552 WESTGATE SHOPPING CENTER Asheville, N. C. QUICK AS A WINK 740 Merrimon Avenue ONE HOUR DRY CLEANING THREE HOUR LAUNDRY MILL CENTER KNITWEAR 824 Hender5onville Road COBLE DAIRY PRODUCTS COOPERATIVE, INC. Blue Ridge Trucking Company KOON DEVELOPMENT Phone AL 2-1531 Biltmore, North Carolina Offices and Yards — Koon Development AL 3-5331 Yard No. 2 — Newbridge AL 4-3620 Johnson-Chandley Lumber Co., Inc. LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIAL Biltmore, North Carolina HAYES LUNSFORD ELECTRIC CO. MOTOR REWINDING AND WIRING 30 Commerce MODERN CLEANERS 437 Biltmore Avenue AL 2-3261 Drive-in Branch 418 McDowell Street AL 3-9375 KENILWORTH DRUG STORE J. C. McGEE 489 Biltmore Ave. - AL 2-7681 Asheville, North Carolina THE SPORTS MART, INC. Sports of All Sorts Hobby Supplies 32 Battery Park Ave. - Dial AL 3-3953 THE BATTERY PARK THE GEORGE VANDERBILT GEORGE J. CHUMBLEY, JR., Manager WILLIAM D. TURNER, JR., Manager MAURICE PUCKETT, President and General Manager Asheville, North Carolina N. A. MILLER CO. HARDWARE - FEED - SEED 8 Beverly Road ALLISON FLOWER SHOP " Say It With Flowers " Dial AL 2-8253 22 College Street ATKINS-HARPER LUMBER CO. 332 Haywood Road - AL 2-2491 Asheville, North Carolina Today Is Some Man ' s Birthday SEE FIELDS MEN ' S CORNER FOR YOUR MAN ' S GIFT IVEY ' S OF ASHEVILLE . . . if it 5 in Paski it d at Jsveus ion COURTEOUS DRIVERS DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE 2-Way Radio Cabs ASHEVILLE CAB COMPANY Dial AL 3-7622 For Your Complete College Wardrobe PEOPLES STORE 84 Patton Avenue . Students ' Charge Accounts Welcomed " MAKE MUSIC A PART OF YOUR EDUCATION " DUNHAM ' S MUSIC HOUSE FOX BARBER AND BEAUTY SHOP MR. AND MRS. J. W. BARTLETT, Owners 1 Patton Avenue Asheville, N. C. AL 2-7521 COME SEE US AT . . . THE BANK OF ASHEVILLE At Westgate 69 Patton Avenue Across from Court House Now At Candler Carpenter-Matthew QUALITY JEWELERS Registered Jewelers American Gem Society Electric Supply Co. AL S Asheville, North Carolina 301 FIXTURES ON DISF LAY M i i

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