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1 E 1 1 S ' 60 I JJ-J r - r m ■•: M ■ zr-i i THE OLD AND THE NEW §$%m iW JA • ,$l f V • ' V. J 60 PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF ASHEVILLE-BILTMORE COLLEGE Asheville, North Carolina . . . Because of your understand- ing of us; because you believed in us when it was difficult for us to be- lieve in ourselves; because of your loyalty and adherence to principles; because you give unselfishly of your time in order to make Asheville- Biltmore a better College for us all; because you brought a part of Geor- gia to North Carolina; because you are always a friend in need . We proudly dedicate the I960 SUMMIT to you . . . Col. William H. Ouarterman Page Five FOREWORD Loving glances cast around our old, familiar campus, aspiring visions of the new, prospective campus . . . these have been common to each of us in a year filled with pleasant memories and high expectations. For this reason we, the I960 Annual Staff, have selected as a theme for our Summit.THE OLD AND THE NEW. Through pictures, art, and copy we have attempted to portray on the following pages a remembrance of the old and a dream of the new. Asheville-Biltmore, as we have known it this year, has become our " outgrown shell " and our future college site a dream realized. We hope you will long enjoy your annual and that in future years it will precipitate fond memories of the old and will serve as an incentive to continue to build " more stately mansions. " THE CHAMBERED NAUTILUS " Build thee more stately mansions, O my soul, As the swift seasons roll ! Leave thy low -vaulted past ! Let each new temple, nobler than the last, Shut thee from heaven with a dome more vast, Til thou at length art free, Leaving thine outgrown shell by life ' s unresting sea! " Oliver Wendell Holmes CONTENTS Administration and Faculty 15 Sophomores 25 Freshmen 43 Activities 59 Features 77 Athletics 89 Advertisements 97 CONTENTS An urgency - to have stored in every heart Couples pause to chat on the lovely drive leading to the Administration Building. SSIt Here we see Louise Davis, Gerald Levi, Jayne Floyd, and Henry Wilson at the old fountain, a favorite Campus meeting place. Page Eight The early morning sunlight filtering through the trees intensifies the calm beauty of the pond and circular driveway, A memory of each Special Place Being late to class is a temptation with so many prosaic beauty spots abounding. Page Nine Silhouetted against a forest background, a strolling couple pause on the main drive under the library ' arch. Sent many students wandering Our lovely campus is a student ' s dream, a temptation to roam and explore every scenic place. Here a group of explorers return to class via the main walkway leading to the Administration Building. Page Ten Standing with Leo, one of the guardians of our Campus, Jim Daniels pauses to view the breath- taking expanse of green spread before the Adminis- tration Building. over our picturesque mountain - top campus-, This aerial view shows the verdant lorest which surrounds our mountain-top campus, a photographer joy and a sight which is long remembered. Page Eleven Anticipation of the new campus created an Students gather in the shade of the old campus for the last time at the annual picnic. Dr. Joseph Schandler, (President of the Alumni Association), Linda Merrell, Mr. Stewart Rogers, (Architect), Jerry Bumette, and a designer catch a very real glimpse of the new campus. aura of excitement and fascination Presently only an architect ' s conception and a layman ' s dream, the new Administration Building will soon be a reality. On the long-awaited moving day, students will drive through the gates for the last time with a tinge of regret, but with high expectations. ADMINISTRATION ' They ' ve said many things to be remembered and done many thifigs that could be recalled " FACULTY Members shown Left to Right are, FRONT ROW: William J. Reese, Mrs. Virginia Dameron, Robert F. Phillips, Chairman; J. W. Byers. SECOND ROW: Manly Wright, Alfred Miller, Dr. James P. Parker, Roy A. Taylor. THIRD ROW: O. E. Starnes, Jr. , John Reynolds, Louis lipinsky, Sr. Members not shown are Mrs. Gertrude Ramsey and John M. Barnes. BOARD OF TRUSTEES ACADEMIC DEAN Mr. Joseph M. Parsons I DEAN OF WOMEN Mrs. Lutrelle A. Wishart DEAN OF MEN Col. William H. Quarterman Page Sixteen DR. GLENN L. BUSHEY B.S., Shippensburg State Teachers College; M. A. , Columbia University Ed. D. , Temple University Page Seventeen LIBRARIAN Mrs. Emily Peebles Eustis B. A. , Alabama College; M.A. in Ed. , Alabama Polytechnic Institute; M. A. in I_ S. , George Peabody College. BUSINESS MANAGER Mr. William S. Jenkins Baldwin-Wallace College; Univer- sity of Pittsburgh. ADMINISTRATION AND STAFF SECRETARY Mrs. Wesley B. Sprinkle REGISTRAR Miss Emily G. Porter B. S. , Woman ' s College; M.A. University of North Carolina. Page Eighteen . FACULTY MR. WAYBURN LEE HOUCK Chemistry A. A., Brevard College; B. S. , High Point College. Alpha Beta Gamma. MISS FLORA McGHEE Speech and Dramatic Arts B. S. , Ohio University; M. A. , Co- lumbia University; A. M. , American Academy of Dramatic Art. Delta Psi Omega and Dramatics Club. COL. CHESTER C. HOUGH Physics and Engineering M.E. , Cornell University; Profes- sional Engineer (New York). COL. JAMES M. McMILLIN Business B. S. , United States Military Acad- emy; M. B. A. , Harvard University; Carnegie Institute of Technology. Page Nineteen FACULTY MR. JOSEPH M. PARSONS Mathematics B.A. , M.A. , George Peabody Col- lege for Teachers; Graduate work toward the Ph. D. , University of Tennessee. Student Council Director. MISS MARY T. MILLER French and Spanish B. A., Woman ' s College, University of North Carolina; Graduate work, University of Mexico; M.A. , Middle - bury College, Vermont. Spanish and French Clubs, Summit Advisor. MR. CARLD. PERRY Music B.A., M.A. , University of North Carolina. Music Director. MR. JACKSON A. OWEN Psychology B. A. , Duke University; M. A. , Wayne University; Graduate work toward the Ph. D. , University of Michigan. Director of Counseling Service. Page Twenty I— FACULTY COL. WILLIAM H. QUARTERMAN Social Science B. A. , L. L.B. , University of Georgia; M.A. , Western Carolina College; Lectures in International Law, Uni- versity of Paris. International Re- lations Club. MRS. GRACE BAKER PEYTON Secretarial Science B. S. , East Carolina College; M.Ed. University of North Carolina. Busi- ness Club. MRS. CORNELIA ANN SEROTA Biology B. S. , M. S. , North Texas State College; Graduate work, University of North Carolina; Duke University. MRS. VIRGINIA SCHREIBER English B. A. , Erskine College; M. A. , Columbia University. Page Twenty-One FACULTY MRS. LUTRELLE WISHART English B. A. , Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College; M.A. , Duke University. Bluets and Classical Coeds. MR. JAMES L. STEVENS Mathematics and Physical Education B. S. , Western Carolina College; Graduate work, Western Carolina College. Coach and Monogram Club. MRS. ELIZABETH R. WRIGHT Associate Librarian B.A. , Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College; B.A. in Library Science, Emory University. MR. K. BENNETT WILSMAN Psychology B.A. , King College; Stevens Insti- tute; Lawrence Institute of Techno- logy. Assistant Director of Counsel- ing Service. Page Twenty-Two MR. C. " DOC " HOWINGTON MAINTAINANCE MRS. LOLA PORTER Page Twenty-Three ' They range the fields with -pensive tread and pace the hollow rooms! SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES WILLIAM HENRY BANKS, JR. Asheville Business Club 2; Ping Pong Championship, Singles 2. BRIAN THOMAS BEES Asheville Amateur Radio Society, President 1, 2; Ski Club 1, 2; Newman Club 1; (University of Miami). GAITHER EDWIN BRIGGS Mars Hill Glee Club 1; Business Club 2; S.A. M. Club 2; (Western Carolina College). Page Twenty-Si) SOPHOMORES RALEIGH CORNELIUS BUCHANAN Bumsville Basketball 1, 2; International Relations Club 1, 2; Business Club 2; Monogram Club 2. JERRY WELDON BURNETTE Asheville Alpha Beta Gamma 1, Vice-President 2; Editor Bluets 1, 2; Campus Crier, Assistant Editor 2. JAMES MERTON BYRAM, JR. Asheville Page Twenty-Seven SOPHOMORES ZANE KAY COLE Weaverville Basketball 1, 2; Alpha Beta Gamma 1, 2; Monogram Club 2. JAMES WILLIAM DANIELS Asheville Marshal 1; Bluets, Business Manager 1, 2; Business Club 2; International Relations Club 2; Editor Summit 2; Phi Theta Kappa, Vice-President 2. KENNETH LARRY DAVIS Asheville SOPHOMORES THADRES JEANNE ENSLEY Asheville Classical Co-eds 1,2. CARROLL JENNINGS GADDY Candler Alpha Beta Gamma. GARY JOE GIBSON Asheville Alpha Beta Gamma 1, 2; Student Council 2. SOPHOMORES EARL LEAVON GRAY Kannapolis Spanish Club 1, 2; International Relations Club 1. HARRY HALSIE GREGG Asheville Tennis 1, 2; International Relations Club 2. WILLIAM L. HARPER, JR. Hendersonville Golf Team 1, 2; Alpha Beta Gamma 2. Page Thirty SOPHOMORES PATSY ELNORA JACKSON Asheville Sigma Mu Pi 1; Christian Student Union 1; Classical Co-eds 2; Business Club 2, Social Chairman 2; Phi Theta Kappa 2. GEORGE ALBERT JACOB Pittsburgh, Pa. Alpha Beta Gamma 1, Vice-President 1; Student Council 1; Chief Marshal 1; Base- ball 1, 2; Sports Editor Summit Staff 1, 2; President of Student Body 2. JAMES IVER JOHNSON Asheville Page Thirty-One SOPHOMORES ELINOR SUZANNE KIRBY Saint George, S. C. Spanish Club 1,2; Glee Club, Pianist 1,2; Student Government Secretary 1; Masquers 1, 2; Delta Psi Omega 1, 2; Phi Theta Kappa 1,2; Classical Co-eds 1,2, Secretary 2; In- ternational Relations Club 1; President Soph- omore Class. JAMES AUGUSTUS KIRBY, JR. Asheville Spanish Club 1, 2, Treasurer 1; Alpha Beta Gamma 1, 2. JOHNNY MAXWELL LAUGHTER Biltmore Basketball 1, 2; Monogram Club 2; Business Club 2. SOPHOMORES GERALD DUGAN LEVI Asheville Alpha Beta Gamma 1, 2; French Club 1, 2; International Relations Club 2. WILLIAM RICHARD McCLAIN Asheville Alpha Beta Gamma 1, 2; Golf Team 1, 2; International Relations Club 1,2; Monogram Club 2. HARRELL WOOD McDARIS Asheville Vice-President Sophomore Class, Glee Club, Choir, Delphian Society (Brevard College); Glee Club 1; Spanish Club 2. SOPHOMORES JAMES ESMOND McMAHAN Nev.-port, Tennessee Alpha Beta Gamma 1, Treasurer 1; Mono- gram Club 2, President 2; French Club 2, Vice-President 2; Vice-President Sophomore Class. NORMA LYNN MERCHANT Asheville Campus Crier 2; Miss Summit 2; Snow Princess 2; Annual Staff 2; Alpha Beta Gam- ma 2. EVERETT EUGENE MILLER Asheville Student Council 2; Spanish Club 2; Business Club 2. - -ty-Four SOPHOMORES EBB THOMAS NIX Asheville International Relations Club 1; Spanish Club 1,2, President 2; Dramatics Club 1, 2; Delta Psi Omega 2. RICHARD STEPHEN PINKERTON Asheville Masquers 1,2; Delta Psi Omega 1,2; Spanish Club 1, 2; Associate Editor Annual Staff 1, 2; Christian Student Union 1. GOODWYN GOLDTHWAITE REEVES Asheville Student Council Representative 2; Phi Theta Kappa 2; International Relations Club 2, President 2. Page Thirty-Five SOPHOMORES AMELIA RUTH SMITH Asheboro Associate Editor Summit Staff 2; Classical Co-eds 1, 2, President 2; French Club 1, 2; International Relations Club 2; Masquers 1, 2; Delta Psi Omega 2; Glee Club 1, 2; Marshal 1; Phi Theta Kappa 2, May Queen 2. LOUISE MASSEY SPROUSE Alexander Vice-President Freshman Class; Classical Co-eds 1, 2; Dramatics Club 2; May Court Attendant 1; Runner-Up Miss Mountaineer 1; Runner-Up Miss Summit 2; Vice-Presi- dent Student Body 2. JAMES THOMAS STEELE Black Mountain French Club 1, 2, President 1; International Relations Club 2, Vice-President 2; Alpha Beta Gamma 2. I - SOPHOMORES WILLIAM MAX SWILLING Asheville Spanish Club 1, 2, Vice-President 2; Business Club 1. DAVID ROSS THOMAS Asheville International Relations Club 2; French Club 2. ROBERT LEE WATKINS Black Mountain Alpha Beta Gamma 1, 2. SOPHOMORES CLARENCE ALLAN WHITE Asheville JOHN VALENTINE RICHARD WILLIAMS Asheville Secretary Freshman Class 1; Alpha Beta Gamma 1, 2; Bluets Staff 1. HENRY C. WILSON Asheville Marshal 1. Poge Thirty-Eight SOPHOMORES IVA DEANE WILSON Weaverville Classical Co-eds 1,2; International Relations Club 2; Dramatics Club 1. JACK EUGENE WILSON Canton Alpha Beta Gamma 1, 2, President 2. MARY CATHERINE WOODCOCK Black Mountain Student Government Association 1; Athletic Association 1; IRS 1; Pierrettes 1; Lablings 1; Humanities Club 1 (Salem College); Clas- sical Co-eds 2; Summit 2; Cheerleaders 2; International Relations 2, Secretary 2; Sec- retary Sophomore Class. Page Thirty-Nine SOPHOMORES SARAH JANE PATRICIA WOOTEN Asheville Classical Co-eds 1, 2, Vice-President 2; Christian Student Union 1, Vice-President; Assistant Editor Bluets 2; Alpha Beta Gamma 1; Glee Club 2; French Club 2, Treasurer. NORMAN LEE YOUNGBLOOD Fletcher Baseball 1; Basketball 1, 2; Monogram Club 2. i in- 1 " ■ - SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Elinor Kirby, President; Jim McMahan, Vice-President; Mary Catherine Woodcock, Secretary-Treasurer. Page Forty-One " To whom in vision clear The aspiring head of future things appear, Like mountain - tops Whose mists have rolled away! ' FRESHMEN FRESHMEN Steve Alexander Glenda Andrews Bruce Arrowood Larry Baker Rosalyn Baker Ralph Bartlett John Bauer Herbert Boyd Poge Forty-Fou 1 1 - .1- - FRESHMEN Robert Brandon Brenda Bridges James Brown Mike Brown Tom Brown David Bryson Don Burleson Robert Burrell ifcrfi Page Forty-Five FRESHMEN Tom Callahan William Candler Roy Capps Alvin Carter Alice Clark Evelyn Clark Jamie Corn we 11 John Crompton Page Forty-Six FRESHMEN Tommy Culbertson Perry A. Dillingham Bill Dunn Gene Dunn dik it Thomas Edmonds George England William Fletcher Jane Floyd Page Forty-Seven FRESHMEN Boyce Ford Don Fowler Lillie Gillespie Suzanne Glenn Margot Greig Bobby Hall Janice D. Hall John Hensley Page Forty-Eight FRESHMEN Carroll Henson Marvin Hinson Dennis Holland Larry Ingle Jerry Jackson John Jacobs Nancy Kennedy Jerry King Page Forty-Nine FRESHMEN Don Kirk Dick Lamb Sheldon Lance Catherine Libby Mary M. McCall Jerry McHone Phillip McKinney Elizabeth Manship Poge fifty FRESHMEN Dick Mauldin Linda Merrell Ernest Miller Patricia Miller William Mills Gail Moore Carl Nix Earl Orr Poge Fifty-One FRESHMEN Marjorie Parham Sonny Pattern Glenn Powell Oliver Pressley James Reagan Jim Rhinehart Ronnie Rice David Rickman Page Fifty-Two FRESHMEN Joyce Sandlin Robert Satterwhite Joe Scarborough Tim Schwoyer Judith Scruggs Rachael Smathers Shirley Smith Carol Stradley Page Fifty-Three FRESHMEN James A. Strange, Jr. Bill Teague Judith Tesner John Ward Doris Waycaster Patricia Wilde Frances Wilson Earl Wolfe Page Fifty-Four Jim Woody SPECIAL STUDENTS Kent Lominac Capt. Pallas L. Tye Page Fifty-Five FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Tony Candler, Vice-President; Pat Wilde, Secretary- Treasurer; Alvin Carter, President. Page Fifty-Six STUDENT NURSES Shown above in a counter clock-wise rotation are Peggy Stubbs, Linda Taylor, Brenda Osteen, Elma Mae Massingale, Sue Nichols, Janet Reese, Helen Setser, Alice Moody, Pat Patton, Robert Tuck, Patsy Williams, Magaline White, Sue Sutton. Center, Back: Mar- guerite Ray. Center, Front: Verginia Turbyfill, Leslie Swain. The student nurses, equivalent in scholastic standing to our Freshman Class, are part of the Memorial Mission Hospital Nursing Program. They attend our school for special sub- jects during the first nine months of their thirty-six month training course. They are taught such courses as Microbiology, Anatomy, and Psychology for which they are given full col- lege credit. Instructors are Mr. Jackson Owen, Mrs. Cornelia Serota, and Mr. Wayburn Houck. Shown here are Left to Right, FRONT ROW: Ellita Bradshaw, Elsine Grindstaff, Mary Faye Hawkins. SECOND ROW: Denise Edwards, Shirley Fowler, Margaret Bradshaw, Carl Horton, Patsy Hall, Camille Childers. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Serota, Eupha Feen, Gail Leatherwood, Patsy Barnes, Imogene Harris, Pat Hensley, Ruby Lee McCall. Page Fifty-Seven K. " I saw and heard and knew at last The How and Why of all things past, And present, and jorevermore! ' The Student Government under the capable Extended their activities to cover GEORGE JACOB PRESIDENT OF THE STUDENT BODY Page Sixty leadership of George Jacob. . a new Scope of achievement. STUDENT COUNCIL It is the responsibility of the Student Council to legislate in many community matters, to main- tain observance of all laws, and to create a spirit of mutual understanding and cooperation be- tween the student body and the college administration. The members are from Left to Right, FRONT ROW: Marjorie Parham, Jane Floyd, Nancy Kennedy. SECOND ROW: Alvin Carter, Gary Gibson, Gene Miller, Elinor Kirby. THIRD ROW: Commander Reeves. FOURTH ROW: George Jacob, Louise Sprouse. FIFTH ROW: Dean Parsons. JAMES W. DANIELS Editor-in-Chief MISS MARY ' T. MILLER Faculty Advisor T H + ? The Annual Staff expanded. s u M M I BUSINESS STAFF The members of the Business Staff are SEATED, Left to Right: Steve Pinkerton, Amy Smith. STANDING: George Jacob, Pat Alexander, Jane Floyd, Alice Clark, Louise Davis, Mary Catherine Woodcock, Jim Daniels, Edna Ballew, Miss Miller, Annete Miller. The efforts of the Yearbook Staff have been to present a work that would picture clearly the college, its students, its faculty and admin- istration, its life, and, most of all, its aspirations, recording the trans- ition from the old to the new. It is our hope that the I960 SUMMIT will serve as a memory of the old in the years of the new. Page Sixty-Two STEVE PINKERTON Associate Editor GEORGE JACOB Sports Editor LYNN MERCHANT Feature Editor as did our Annual ' 60 i! I w ?! .?»£ BUSINESS CLUB The purpose of the Business Club is to develop leadership and to broaden the students ' knowledge of business by field trips to the various industries and business firms of Western North Carolina. The members are as shown, FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Louise Sprouse, Joyce Sandlin, Patsy Jackson, Evelyn Clark, Judy Tesner, Doris Waycaster, Rachael Smathers, Alice Clark. SECOND ROW: Glenda Andrews, Pat Wilde, Lillie Gillespie, Edna Ballew, Mrs. Peyton, Bill Banks , Gene Miller, Judy Scruggs. THIRD ROW: Jim Daniels, G. E. Briggs , Nick Strange, Raleigh Buchanan, Jane Floyd, Don Kirk. The Business Club gave us a student directory, Poge Sixty-Four - CHEERLEADERS The Cheerleaders encourage attendance and school spirit at our various games. They are FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Jane Floyd, Head Cheer- leader. BACK ROW: Louise Davis, Pat Alexander, Edna Ballew, Mary Catherine Woodcock, Carol Stradley, Alice Clark. and Cheerleaders saw us through many games, FRENCH CLUB French Club members are Left to Right, FRONT ROW: Tom Brown, Patti Alexander, Miss Miller, Pat Wooten, Catherine Libby, Jim McMahan, Gerald Levi, Amy Smith, Nancy Kennedy. BACK ROW: Robert Satterwhite, Tim Schwoyer, Jerry McHone, Mary M. McCall. _ While the language clubs glimpsed a whole new world ' , SPANISH CLUB Spanish Club members are Left to Right, FRONT ROW: Elinor Kirby, Linda Merrell, Carol Stradley. SECOND ROW: Gene Miller, Jim Rhinehart, Steve Pinkerton, Alvin Carter. THIRD ROW: Nick Strange, Harrell McDaris, Earl Grey, Sonny Patton, Miss Miller, Tom Nix. Poge Sixty-Six ALPHA BETA GAMMA Alpha Beta Gamma is the chemistry fraternity devoted to the furtherance of interest in the field of chem- istry. Membership is determined by scholastic aptitude and interest in the field. Members shown here are Left to Right, FRONT ROW: George Jacob, George England, Jim Steele, Jim McMahan, Jack Wilson, President; Jerry Burnette, Robert Satterwhite. BACK ROW: Nick Strange, Jim Kirby, Jerry Jackson, Robert Brandon, Robert Watkins, Gerald Levi, Gary Gibson. The fraternities kept many students busy, DELTA PSI OMEGA Delta Psi Omega is the national honorary dramatic fraternity for Junior Colleges. Candidates earn member- ship by outstanding acting in a specified number of roles or by much skillful work on the production crew. Members are, Left to Right: Amy Smith, Steve Pinkerton, Elinor Kirby, Tom Nix. Page Sixty- Seven _ BLUETS BLUETS is the literary magazine published by the students under the dir- ection of the English Department. Members of the staff are LEFT TO RIGHT: Jim Daniels, Business Manager; Pat Wooten, Assistant Editor; Mrs. Lutrelle Wishart, Faculty Advisor; Jerry Burnette, Editor. And the Bluets Staff worked hard to achieve another Medalists Award. Poge Sixty-Eight INTE RNATIONAL RELATIONS The objective of the IRC is to instill interest in and to develop an under- standing of international affairs, to study each nation and its relationships in order that an intelligent appraisal of problems can be made, and to create and sustain interest in current international events. Members are LEFT TO RIGHT: Ralph Bartlett, Mary Catherine Woodcock, Alvin Carter, Raleigh Buchanan, Jane Floyd, John Jacobs, G. E. Briggs , Edna Ballew, Gerald Levi, Tony Candler, Harry Gregg, Goodwyn Reeves, President; Louise Sprouse, Boyce Ford, Jim Daniels, Gene Miller, Patsy Jackson, Col. Quarterman, Elinor Kirby, Annette Miller, Iva Deane Wilson, Ross Thomas, Patti Alexander, Glenn Powell, Amy Smith, Suzanne Glenn, Louise Davis, Catherine Libby, Alice Clark. International Relations Club adopted new procedures, Page Sixty-Nine MONOGRAM CLUB Those who have earned a letter in varsity sports and are therefore members of the Monogram Club are FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Allan White, Jim McMahan, Norman Youngblood, Bill McClain. BACK ROW: George Jacob, Everette Young, Raleigh Buchanan, John Laughter, and Zane Cole. And the Monogram Club proved it ' s worth. Coach " Red 11 Stevens Page Seventy CLASSICAL CO-EDS OFFICERS The Officers of Classical Co-eds are LEFT TO RIGHT: Pat Wooten, Vice-President; Judy Scruggs, Treas- urer; Amy Smith, President; Elinor Kirby, Secretary; Patti Alexander, News Reporter. Classical Co-eds instituted the tradition of a reception. The main purpose of Classical Co-eds is to institute worthwhile traditions at Asheville-Biltmore, and all activities are centered around the welfare of the college. Members shown Left to Right are FRONT ROW: Elinor Kirby, Pat Wooten, Patti Alexander, Amy Smith, Judy Scruggs, Mrs. Wishart. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Peyton, Patsy Jackson, Alice Clark, Iva Deane Wilson, Rosalyn Baker, Nancy Kennedy, Joyce Sandlin. THIRD ROW: Glenda Andrews, Edna Ballew, Catherine Libby, Pat Wilde. STANDING: Jane Floyd, Mary C. Woodcock, Annette Miller, Mickey Manship, Suzanne Glenn, Louise Sprouse, Linda Merrell. Page Seventy-One The Girls ' Chorus, under the direction of Mr. Carl Perry, spent many hours practicing music which they presented in various programs throughout the city. Members shown are, LEFT TO RIGHT: Linda Merrell, Carl Perry, Director; Joyce Sandlin, Mary Margaret McCall, Alice Clark, Pat Wooten, Elinor Kirby, Patti Alexander, Janice Hall, Jane Floyd, Catherine Libby, Edna BaUew, Louise Sprouse, Amy Smith, Rachel Smathers. The Girls Chorus and the " Campus Crier " came into existence The newspaper was revived this year under the name of the " Campus Crier " and under the leadership of Oliver Pressley. The work of the Staff has been highly commendable. Those Staff members here are, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jane Floyd, Alice Clark, Oliver Pressley, Editor; Boyce Ford, Jerry McHone, Edna Ballew, Patti Alexander, and Judy Scruggs. TOM GAFFIGAN AMY SMITH ELINOR KIRBY PATSY JACKSON Eta Sigma Chapter . ' J " " ' if .-TV ' _ ' ' -■. ' .ft PitS -. ' ,, ' 1 ' ' GOODWYN REEVES JAIMIE CORNWELL JANICE HALL GEORGE ENGLAND RICHARD LAMB JAMES W. DANIELS PHI THETA KAPPA Phi Theta Kappa is a national honorary society for Junior Colleges. Its aims are to develop character, promote scholarship, and to cultivate fellowship a- mong the students of junior colleges in the United States. Members are elect- ed on the basis of scholastic standing and must be within the upper scholastic ten per cent of the student body. The Asheville -Biltmore Chapter is known as Eta Sigma. and Phi Theta Kappa found new students who met its high standards. Page Seventy-Three " Long, long be my heart with such memories filled! Like the vase in which roses have once been distilled. You may break, you may shatter the vase if you will, But the scent of the roses will hang ' round it still! ' FEATURES MISS SUMMIT LYNN MERCHANT Page Seventy-Six a tti m i.r- ' ■ RUNNER - UP LOUISE SPROUSE Ni I960 QUEEN OF MAY AMY SMITH MAID OF HONOR LINDA MERRELL LYNN MERCHANT ELINOR KIRBY SOPHOMORE ATTENDANTS 1 IVA DEANE WILSON MARY CATHERINE WOODCOCK MICKEY MANSHIP JANE FLOYD FRESHMAN ATTENDANTS PAT WILDE ANNETTE MILLER _ ii «r. 1959 MAY QUEEN AND HER COURT QUEEN MARY WELTE The lovely 1959 May Court members were, LEFT TO RIGHT: Pat Graham, Tamla Motes, Queen Mary Welte, Maid of Honor Stuart Smith, Louise Sprouse, and Annette Merrill. The crownbearer is David Welte. Page Eighty-One 4-J COLLEGE MARSHALS The highest honor usually ascribed to a Freshman is that of being chosen as a marshal. Qualifications for this choice are scholastic ability, leadership, and potential. The marshals chosen for 1959 were, LEFT TO RIGHT; Pat- ricia Wooten, Gerald D. Levi, Henry C. Wilson, George A. Jacob, James W. Daniels, and Amy Smith. Page Eighty-Two . «T i i f» . . ELINOR S. KIRBY President of the Sophomore Class GEORGE A. JACOB President of the Student Body OUTSTANDING STUDENTS Many services may be rendered that go unrecognized. Many persons have played an outstanding role in the development of Asheville-Bilt- more College whose personal sat- isfaction is their only reward. The yearbook staff wishes to honor some of the outstanding students whose contributions have been ex- ceptionally worthy to note. These students were selected by a student- faculty committee using the criteria of the " Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. " The criteria for selection are: excel- lence in scholarship; participation in extracurricular and academic activities; leadership; citizenship and service to the College; and promise of future usefulness to business and society. GOODWYN G. REEVES President of International Relations Club PATRICIA WOOTEN Assistant Editor of BLUETS Page Eighty-Three MISS SNOW PRINCESS Lynn Merchant, crowned by George Jacob and escorted by Jim Daniels, was chcsen as Miss Snow Princess at the Christmas Dance on December 18, 1959. MISS RAZZMATAZZ Mary Catherine Woodcock was chosen as Miss Razzmatazz at the first annual Razzmatazz Ball held at the George Vanderbilt Hotel on December 29, 1959. She was crowned by Oliver Pressley and Jim Daniels, two of the sponsors of Razzmatazz. Page Eighty-Four The couples you choose as. . . BETTY CO - ED AND JOE COLLEGE Amy Smith and George Jacob m BEST LOOKING : Gene Miller and Lynn Merchant Page Eighty-Five .TALENTED Tommy Nix and Elinor Kirby THE MOST. . . Louise Sprouse and Steve Pinkerton . . .FRIENDLY Page Eighty-Si» __ . . .AMBITIOUS Iva Deane Wilson and Jim Daniels ' ) , J . . .STUDIOUS • ' ♦fit: ■: ...• 5» , £S .v .■ »% Goodwyn Reeves 9. - M ' WL Jfc»X . Patsy Jackson Page Eighty-Seven ■ — — H ■Hfl " Soon jades the spell , soon comes Kf the night, Say will it not be then the same, Whether we played the black, or white, Whether we lost or icon the game 1 . :. :.. ■■■■•; ATHLETICS The Asheville - Biltmore Bulldogs . . . The " Bulldog Cagers " showed much spunk and spirit in their pursuit of high standing in the Western Carolina Junior College Conference. When the sea- son came to a temporary halt for the Christmas holidays, the Asheville-Bilt- m.ore quintet held the strong position of fourth place in the conference. With the loss of two players at the beginning of second semester the team had to rearrange their offense and defense to halt their opponents. Toward the end of the season the " Bulldogs " were hit with another loss caused by an injury to a player. With this loss of three top players, the remainder of the cagers had to play hard ball in the latter part of the season. Coach Stevens is hoping that his casualties for next year will be only a frac- tion of this year ' s mark. With the present reserves on hand, the 1960-1961 cagers should take the " Bulldogs " high in the conference. 1959-1960 Scoreboard A-B OPPONENT 69 57 88 74 63 84 74 87 68 53 56 57 73 52 55 101 71 76 47 70 66 83 88 85 78 59 78 84 78 90 76 83 72 96 87 93 68 77 115 59 54 73 60 70 Gaston Tech Spartanburg North Greenville Brevard Mars Hill Lees McRae Brevard Wingate Clemson Javees E. Tennessee State Brevard Mars Hill Gardner- Webb W. Carolina College Clemson Javees Lees McRae Gardner- Webb Spartanburg North Greenville Gaston Tech Wingate Brevard DATE Nov. 17 Nov. 21 Nov. 24 Nov. 27 Dec. 1 Dec. 5 Dec. 9 Dec. 12 Dec. 15 Jan. 4 Jan. 9 Jan. 12 Jan. 16 Jan. 18 Jan. 30 Feb. 2 Feb. 6 Feb. 9 Feb. 16 Feb. 20 Feb. 22 Feb. 24 Page Ninety Zane Cole proved himself to be a great asset to the A-B team. Coach " Red " Stevens putting the boys through a hard practice at Asheville -Catholic gym. Led by ' Captain Youngblood ' and Coach " Red " Stevens What ' s a team without a manager? Here ' s Tony Candler, always on the spot. Captain Norman Youngblood, always ready to lead the Bulldogs to victory. gave us an exciting year Marvin Hinson came through as a top ball player after recovering from a knee injury. Norman Youngblood and Phil McKinney always had their opponents confused on defense. Raleigh Buchanan was always at his best when the Bulldogs were in a tight situation. Page Ninety-Two ■m in the ' Sports Department ' Everette Young, one of the best rebounders the Bulldogs had. John Laughter has what it takes when basketball is the topic. Page Ninety-Three 1959-1960 BASKETBALL SQUAD KNEELING: Larry Baker, John Laughter, Everette Young, Raleigh Buchanan, John Ward. STANDING: Phil Mc Kinney, Marvin Hinson, Don Burleson, Norman Youngblood. Zane Cole not present for picture. COACH " RED " STEVENS With fortitude and courage the " Bulldogs " have gained recognition under the leadership of Coach " Red " Stevens. Our coach is a well-rounded sportsman with broad professional training and experience. He has led us up the long steep hill of improvement from our low records of the past. Each year he searches far and wide for the best available candidates in order to meet the keen competition in The Western Carolina Conference. " A job well done, Coach! " and filled us with " High Hopes " for even greater John and Norman look on as Coach Stevens checks with the score keeper at Mars Hill, North Caro- lina. Where is HARRY? ? Phil seems to be in fine form with his jump shot. jA ■ ♦ ib jt J m B • Everyone knows where to find Harry- Gregg, our ping pong champ, when he ' s not attending a class. achievements in the coming year! Page Ninety-Five . 1» «1 ■■ ■ • • ■ ■ i We give you a review of the Col- lege activities, a capturing of the spirit of the activities of the school year. To lead off, we see several of the students in various activities around the campus in everyday life. Annette Miller and Max Swilling convert the Snack Bar into a study hall. Elinor Kirby, Catherine Libby and Amy Smith use the Snack Bar for a place to chat and review the previ- ous classes. Iva Deane Wilson, Elinor Kirby, Patsy Jackson and Louise Sprouse posed in the parking lot, not know- ing which car to take down the mountain. At our first social event of the year, the Freshman Get-Acquainted Dance, George Jacob, Dore Dieck- mann, and Jim Daniels discuss the problems of the coming school year. W Jfcj » I Page Ninety-Eight YOU ' LL FIND EVERYTHING in High Fidelity Records and Equipment -Regular and Stereo - at HjULcUk HI-FI CENTER VARIETY- QUALITY- ECONOMY- Choose from the largest stock in Western North Carolina. All the equipment is carefully selected by an expert engineer. Always a discount on all records, and equipment prices are competitive with even the biggest mail-order houses. " No education is complete with- out a knowledge of good music. " CARL PERRY Director of Music 826 Hendersonville Road Open Evenings Towne House Doughnut Co., Inc. EAT Delicious Town House Bakery Products Decorating Cakes Our Specialty OPEN 24 HOURS DAILY 257 Biltmore Avenue Asheville, North Carolina TINGLE ' S CAFE and TINGLE ' S TOO " Have Gun, Will Grease " LISLE ' S GULF SERVICE THE STATION OF DISTINCTION Dial AL 2-9773 4 Tunnel Road A. MARK SMITH INSURANCE BROKER Parkway Offices 170 Woodfin Street Asheville, North Carolina Phone AL 2-8308 HOWARD STINES BODY SHOP GENERAL REPAIRS 89-91 Southside Avenue AL 2-5665 FUREY RADIATOR SERVICE Complete Radiator Service BOB FUREY, Owner 49 Coxe Avenue Marshall ' s Fuel Oil and Kerosene 585 Haywood Road Asheville, North Carolina BALDWIN ' S BARBER AND BEAUTY SHOP 29 Broadway Dial AL 2-3864 " MAKE MUSIC A PART OF YOUR EDUCATION " DUNHAM ' S MUSIC HOUSE PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES CENTER COMPLETE PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTING SERVICE Center Medical Building — 86 Victoria Road Asheville, North Carolina I RAT WEEK The words which strike fear and trembling into the hearts of all fresh- men. This year the Sophomores schemed and revivedthe old bur- ied custom. All done in the spirit of fun, even the Rat Court enjoyed it. The victims weren ' t too pleased, but it all came out in the wash. The ancient custom of hazing Freshmen was reinstated in a small way at The College in the Sky this year. Although it was not the formal initiation into College life that is usually undertaken, it was a start toward building campus unity and co-operation. Enacting the sentence imposed by the Rat Court, Queenie had her best bath in years. Phil McKinney and Jim Woody do their share of the washing. Page One Hundred One Above, Miss Summit poses with her escort, Jim Daniels, for the official Coronation Portrait. Right, the participants in the ceremony: Steve Pinkerton, Dean Parsons, Lynn Merchant - Miss Summit, Jim Daniels, Jim Kirby, and Louise Sprouse - Runner-up for Miss Summit. Miss Summit is Crowned by Dean Joseph M. Parsons in one of the most gala events of the school year. Lynn Merchant, chosen as Miss Summit of 1960, was crowned in an elaborate ceremony in Seely Hall while Jim Daniels, Editor-in-Chief of the Summit looked on. Lynn was chosen by the Summit Staff. Her beauty was hightened and associated with the crown and red roses, official symbols of the Coro- nation. Long live Miss Summit who reigns as the major Campus Beauty Queen. Page One Hundred Two PHOTO OFFSET PRINTING DIRECT IMAGE PRINTING ADDRESSING MACHINE MIMEOGRAPHING BULK MAILING STAPLING FOLDING TYING DRILLING ROBOTYPER IBM TYPING COPY MACHINE PLASTIC BINDING PLASTIC LAMINATING TELEPHONE ANSWERING H) BUSINESS SERVICES P. O. BOX 40 ASHEVILLE, N. C ALPINE 1-0974 jss=-o ' Max Hagood Welcomes You To PICCADILLY RESTAURANT 147 Patton Avenue FINKELSTEIN ' S, INC. 7 S. W. Pack Square Asheville, North Carolina Gibbs Radio Company RADIO-TELEVISION Sales and Service 8 Biltmore Avenue Dial AL 3-2421 COURTEOUS DRIVERS DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE 2-Way Radio Cabs ASHEVILLE CAB COMPANY Dial AL 3-7622 COME SEE US AT . . . THE BANK OF ASHEVILLE At Westgate 69 Patton Avenue Across from Court House Now At Candler CANDLER FURNITURE COMPANY " Let Us Make Your House a Home " Phone MO 7-1615 Candler, North Carolina SPECIALTY CLEANERS, INC. Dial AL 2-2231 - 264 Tunnel Road fsHt ' " " " ENKA SHELL SERVICE Enka, North Carolina MOhawk 7-2722 WINNER ' S " Store of Fashion " 34 Haywood Street ERNIE MILLER ' S SHOE SALON " Shoes of Fashion " WINNER ' S SALON OF BEAUTY Dial AL 3-6771 KENILWORTH DRUG STORE J. C. McGEE 489 Biltmore Ave. - AL 2-7681 Asheville, North Carolina BILTMORE DAIRY FARMS Asheville, North Carolina ALLISON FLOWER SHOP " Say It With Flowers " Dial AL 2-8253 22 College Street THE SPORTS MART, INC. Sports of All Sorts Hobby Supplies 32 Battery Park Ave. - Dial AL 3-3953 McicARTHUR-KRAUSE FLORISTS 24 North Market Street Dial AL 2-4426 CITY MARKET " Home of Quality " FRESH AND SMOKED MEATS 10 Biltmore Avenue Offices and Yards — Koon Development AL 3-5331 Yard No. 2 — Newbridge AL 4-3620 Johnson-Chandley Lumber Co., Inc. LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIAL Biltmore, North Carolina Moseley Shoe Service, Inc. 53 College Street ALpine 2-6758 Asheville, North Carolina SUPERIOR CLEANERS YOUR SUPERIOR CLEANER 47 N. Market Street - AL 2-4725 269 Broadway - AL 2-961 1 REUSING ' S 42 Battery Park Avenue Phone AL 3-8431 - 2 - 3 Asheville, North Carolina " Your Frigidaire Dealer Since 1926 " Talman Office Supplies, Inc. 8 College Street Asheville, North Carolina COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Asheville, North Carolina N. A. MILLER CO. HARDWARE - FEED - SEED 8 Beverly Rood BALDWIN ' S GROCERY AND SERVICE STATION Black Mountain Highway HAYES LUNSFORD ELECTRIC CO. MOTOR REWINDING AND WIRING 30 Commerce McCarley Company, Inc. Members New York Stock Exchange Associate Members American Stock Exchange 35 Page Avenue AL 4-3286 Asheville, North Carolina M. V. MOORE COMPANY A STORE OF INDIVIDUALIZED SHOPS One of the Oldest Fine Apparel Stores in the South ESTABLISHED 1895 BEACON MANUFACTURING COMPANY Swannanoa, North Carolina " Beacon Blankets Make Warm Friends " BABE MALOY ' S DRIVE IN Now Using Tel-A-Tray For Faster and Better Service 26 Tunnel Road Asheville, North Carolina STEVEN VANCE MEN ' S SHOP in WINNER ' S GARDNER ' S MOTOR SALES 1355 Patton Ave. Asheville, North Carolina WINK ' S DRIVE-IN Tunnel Road COLOR RADIO W S K Y DIAL 123 anshevilles FINEST HOTELS In fa ' Und of fht Sky ' n,..,,, THE BATTERY PARK THE GEORGE VANDERBILT GEORGE J. CHUMBLEY, JR., Manager WILLIAM D. TURNER, JR., Manager MAURICE PUCKETT, President and General Manager Asheville, North Carolina COSMOS FINE FOODS 66 Haywood Street Asheville, North Carolina Y. M. C. A. Special Rates to A. B. Men 2 Woodfin Street - Phone AL 2-4726 MERRILL ' S BICYCLE SHOP BICYCLE AND TYPEWRITER REPAIR LAWN MOWERS SHARPENED Corner of Coxe and Commerce Streets FOX BARBER AND BEAUTY SHOP MR. AND MRS. J. W. BARTLETT, Owners 1 Patton Avenue Asheville, N. C. AL 2-7521 Electric Supply Co. 200 FIXTURES ON DISPLAY NATIONAL PHOTO SUPPLY, INC. 2 Battery Park Avenue Asheville, North Carolina LEE ' S JEWELERS " If It ' s From Lee ' s, It ' s Guaranteed " Asheville, North Carolina THE CHAMPION PAPER AND FIBRE COMPANY CAROLINA DIVISION Canton, North Carolina —L- RAZZMATAZZ The first annual Razz- matazz Ball was held Dec- ember 29, 1959 at the George Vanderbilt. The band played long and sweet. Costumes were for the most part authenic 1920 ' s vintage. The main dance was Charleston. Fully set in ' 20 decor, the ballroom afforded a good night for all. RAZZMATAZZ Shades of Omar Khay- yam! It was really a ball. Everything was perfect for the occasion, with colle- giates attending from Col- leges all over North Caro- lina. Man! It was terrific. The Bees knees, the cat ' s meow, and I love my wife, but oh, you kid. Page One Hundred Nine SUPERIOR COAL COMPANY Asheville, North Carolina MODERN CLEANERS 437 Biltmore Avenue AL 2-3261 Drive-in Branch 418 McDowell Street AL 3-9375 For Your Complete College Wardrobe PEOPLES STORE 84 Patton Avenue Students ' Charge Accounts Welcomed HENLEY PAPER COMPANY Asheville, North Carolina Miller ' s Texaco Center 1366 Haywood Road and Patton Avenue Phone AL 4-9100 West Asheville OLD FORT WASH POT 20c WASH 5c DRY " House of Bubbles " " Serving Asheville Since 1904 " CITIZENS FUEL COMPANY SHELL FUEL OIL COAL Convenient Uptown Office 18 Flat Iron Building To Order by Phone ALpine 2-2461 For Better Homes See J. H. WARD of WARD CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Phone ALpine 3-7959 Biltmore TV and Appliance Company, Inc. SALES - SERVICE - INSTALLATION 560 Hendersonville Road — AL 3-9891 Biltmore, North Carolina Carpenter-Matthew QUALITY JEWELERS Registered Jewelers American Gem Society Haywood Street at Patton Avenue Asheville, North Carolina ESSEX REALTY MORTGAGE CO. REALTORS Asheville, North Carolina Coble Dairy Products Cooperative, Inc. GENE D. JOHNSON ATLANTIC 702 Haywood Road ALpine 2-9717 West Asheville CLARK-FOWLER CIGAR CO. Asheville, North Carolina " • S P " 1 ' MERCHANT CONSTRUCTION COMPANY ASHEVILLE • NORTH CAROLINA Judy Scruggs was determined to get a good seat so that she could better watch everything that went on. Louise Sprouse and Jim Kirby were dressed for the part and enjoyed the welcome break. HALLOWEEN The Classical Co-eds held a Hal- loween Party for the Club members and their dates in the snack shop. There weren ' t too many spooks or hobgoblins around then, nor was Greybeard to be seen. Steve Pinkerton and Mrs. Wishart danced to the evident approval of Harry Gregg (above), while Chief George Jacob subdued his squaw, Amy Smith (below). Page One Hundred Thirteen Classical Co-eds instituted the new tradition of a reception for parents and friends of students at the College. Initiated and enacted by members of the Club, it promises to be an annual event. The reception gives the parents of students an opportunity to meet the members of the faculty, as well as vice versa. Well attended the first year, the event is another of the worthwhile activities undertaken by Classical Co-eds. Page One Hunared Fourteen GROCE FUNERAL HOME, INC. (Formerly Dunn Groce) AMBULANCE SERVICE Dial ALpine 2-3535 1155 Haywood Road West Asheville S CITIZEN-TIMES ENGRAVING DEPARTMENT BOX 2090 ASHEVILLE. N. C. PRINTING PLATES For 9 College Yearbooks High School Annuals School Publications • Commercial Printing WOODCOCK MOTOR COMPANY SALES SERVICE 106 Sutton Avenue Black Mountain, N. C. NOrth 9-3771 SIX ASSOCIATES I NCORP ORATED ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA IVEY ' S OF ASHEVILLE . . . if ltd in faAni its at n ion r ueu5 V BOOKS TO FILL YOUR EVERY NEED THE AQUINAS BOOKSTORE 3 N. W. Pack Square Asheville, North Carolina Phone ALpine 3-9510 GORDON ' S SQUARE DEAL JEWELERS 4 N. Pack Square Asheville, N. C. ELECTROLUX CLEANERS SALES - SERVICE 45 Merrimon Avenue Dial AL 3-8724 CCR Coal Company Fairview Road Dial AL 2-7321 Asheville, North Carolina _ Today Is Some Man ' s Birthday SEE FIELDS MEN ' S CORNER FOR YOUR MAN ' S GIFT HAMRICK FEED COMPANY DALES BEAUTY SALON " For Women Who Core " 57 Haywood Street ALpine 2-1711 ASHEVILLE INSURANCE AGENCY GENERAL INSURANCE 555 Merrimon Avenue ALpine 2-3581 Industrial Vending Corporation 290 Haywood Road QUICK AS A WINK 740 Merrimon Avenue ONE HOUR DRY CLEANING THREE HOUR LAUNDRY BILTMORE PRESS COMMERCIAL PRINTERS PUBLISHERS AND LITHOGRAPHERS 9 Valley Street AL 2-4476 GROUNDBREAKING ! The culmination of years of hope and study was finally at hand. Members of the Board of Trustees and the North Carolina State Board of Higher Education gathered for the event, the greatest milestone in the history of Asheville- Biltmore College. Above, students gather around the bulldozer, while the Board members as- semble for the official photograph of the event. Below, Mr. Robin F. Phil- lips, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, turns the first shovel of dirt, the symbol of great th ings to come. Poge One Hundred Eighteen LANGREN HOTEL BARBER SHOP LIBERTY TIRE COMPANY 253 Biltmore Avenue Dial AL 2-4346 THE FOOD BAR DANCING AND PRIVATE PARTIES Accommodations for 80 373 Biltmore Avenue COOK COAL COMPANY 194 Haywood Road West Asheville INGLE TRANSFER STORAGE CO. 44 Valley Street Dial AL 2-2731 DUNN WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME 24 HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE 57 North Spruce Street AL 2-2767 Forest Manor Restaurant 866 Hendersonville Road Dial AL 4-2097 BILTMORE CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY, INC. Brook Street - Dial AL 2-5681 Biltmore, North Carolina ATKINS-HARPER LUMBER CO. 332 Haywood Road - AL 2-2491 Asheville, North Carolina Blue Ridge Trucking Company KOON DEVELOPMENT Phone AL 2-1531 Biltmore, North Carolina SCHRAFFFS ' The Nation ' s Leading Candies ' ON SALE AT GOOD STORES EVERYWHERE $1.00 -$2.00 Lb. (Candvjis Delicious Food ■ EZEEEanzozznir MORGAN BROS., INC. Wholesale Distributors 67 Broadway, Asheville, N. C. This has been Asheville-Biltmore today. For tomorrow, and the future, we can only guess. But we are sure that the College will become a dominant force in the future of Asheville, Buncombe County and the State of North Car- olina. We have brought you scenes of campus life, social events and the var- ious activities that make college such an enjoyable part of our lives. We hope that we have given you a better and broader understanding of THE OLD AND THE NEW Page One Hundred Twenty — " .r ffi .,..M K -4 s m m i ■ H fc ■ Kfi ■■ -V

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