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V! tV ' i l ' 1 .i ,, ■ ,,, ; ;k. • «. ' I " -!,, K . ' li ' ig yyg HiCTiPSTTrxSRJ! ,: ■■■ ' ■.■ ■ «■ . »■ ' tsi I UN C A ArcKi " v e Copvj X 1- ■«i 1 a j T } ( ' ..tamji fA ill ' ' r «i ifi I l?is REMEMBER... mj f T »»_ s i r w ¥ ll 2 t i( NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY-NINE s ' v » : , . lil B ' ' - 1 ! i PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF ASHEVILLE-BILTMORE COLLEGE Asheville, North Carolina DEDICATION We proudly dedicate the 1959 Summit to Dr. Glenn L. Bushey, our college President, who has devoted more than a decade of hard work and service toward the advancement of Asheville-Biltmore College and its students. Well-deserved recognition is due Dr. Bushey for his substantial role in making this " the year " in Asheville-Biltmore ' s his- tory. His encouragement and guidance in- spired us all to work together toward achiev- ing a vital goal — the passing of a half-million dollar bond expansion program by the voters of Asheville and Buncombe County. Over- whelmingly approved, the bond issue guar- antees funds for expanding our school into a larger and even finer institution of learning. Also, largely through Dr. Bushey ' s untiring efforts, the long hoped for accrediting of our college by the Southern Association became a reality in December. Dr. Bushey ' s unwavering loyalty, sin- cerity, and quiet, yet ready, friendliness to- ward all make us doubly delighted to make this dedication. DR. GLENN L. BUSHEY " «T» FOREWORD Our beautiful mountain-top campus, abundantly endowed with nature ' s gifts, has become a constant source of inspi- ration for its students. It is, in fact, so much a part of our school life that we, the Nineteen Fifty-nine Annual Staff, have chosen REMEMBER as our yearbook theme. We wish to remember our campus as we know and love it today, as yet unchanged by expansion. We have attempted, then, in the following pages to show in art, copy, and pictures the highlights of our campus so that it will be recorded as we know it today. School spirit, the backbone of happy college life, has been so revitalized this year that it too deserves a prominent place in the m- folding of our theme. We hope you will enjoy your annual, and that it will help you to remember your college days here. I: f ' CONTENTS Administration and Faculty 15 Classes 23 Activities 43 Features 61 Athletics 67 Advertisements 73 Z- I. .J s CO-OPERATION... WAS THE KEYNOTE TO OUR SUCCESS. standing: Alan Masters, Grover Stepp, George Jacob. Seated: Tom Warren. Bob Wells, and Sadie Fortu ne. Here a committee of Student Government workers reviews the information in the brochures before recruiting the student body to work on the Bond Issue Drive. To help bring our fine school to the attention of the voters, open house was held on several Sundays. For further publicity of tlie expansion program, a number of our students, sponsored by the International Relations Club, took part in the United Nations Day parade in mid-October. Above, Louise Froelich is pictured as an example of our hard-working student body, who spent all day, November 4, at the polls, handing voters cards and bro- chures urging them to vote for the bond issue. AN OVERWHELMING VICTORY FOR OUR COLLEGE BOND ISSUE A-B Bond Issue Wins Smashing HTol Victory .. .„v,„„nv and Bur balloting. The ! " ' the Abbeville and Buncor. ' County C " ' " ' ens Or and " tv NOW... WE WISH TO TAKE YOU ON A PICTURE TRIP As student body president Bob Wells opens the rustic front gate for Mary Welte, Annette Merrill, and Bill Morrison, we see the lovely early morning beauty of our campus. Rounding the first large bend of the main drive, we behold a breathtaking view of Seely Hall, our administrative building. AROUND OUR SCENIC MOUNTAIN-TOP CAMPUS. The beauty of our campus is accen- tuated by the shrubbery and lofty evergreens that line our main drive. Dramatically silhouetted against the forest background, a strolling couple pause on the main drive un- der the library arch. r v aL. K Left: Although very familiar to all of us, this side of the Main Building, pic- tured from the front driveway, still remains one of the most impressive scenes on our campus. Below: Near the a r bo red walkway, Dorcas Starnes and Steve Pinkerton, typical of our friendly students, pause to chat between classes. AND RECORD FOR YOU SIGHTS, FAMILIAR AND OTHERWISE, irT ' This rare shot of the roof of Seely Hall affords us a close glimpse of the unfinished tow- er, Asheville-Biltmore ' s most famous landmark, seen for miles around. THAT EVERY ONE OF US WILL ALWAYS WANT TO The early morning sunlight, as it filters through the trees, seems to heighten the calm beauty of the driveway and pond. r . . REMEMBER ji2S r r r I PRESIDENT DR. GLENN L. BUSHEY B.S.. Shippensburg State Teachers School. Pennsylvania: M.A., Colum- bia University: Ed.D., Temple Uni- versity. Pennsylvania. MRS. LUTRELLE A. WISHART DEAN OF WOMEN ■iniiwmiiwi iiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiwiimi—iBiHMiwiiiiiii mnii ii DEAN OF MEN COL. WILLIAM H. QUARTERMAN MR. JOSEPH M. PARSONS ACADEMIC DEAN Si 4!% ' fm , REGISTRAR Miss Emily G. Porter BUSINESS MANAGER Mr. William S. Jenkins SECRETARY Mrs. Wesley B. Sprinkle OFFICE AND BUILDING ADMINISTRATION MAID Mrs. Lola Porter JANITOR " Doc " Howington L TYPEWRr oeeeeeoeee OOGOO MISS HELEN GRACE BAKER B. S., East Carolina Teachers College; M.A., University of North Carolina. Sec- retarial Science, English, and Business Club. COL, CHESTER C. HOUGH M. E., Cornell University. Physics and Engineering. FACULTY MISS FLORA McGHEE B, S., Ohio University; M. A., Columbia University; A.M., School of Dramatic Arts. Speech, Dramatics, and Dramatics Club. COL. JAMES M. McMILLIN U, S. Military Academy; B. S., Harvard Graduate School of Business Administra- tion; M.B.A., Carnegie Institute of Tech- nology. Business Administration. MISS MARY T. MILLER A. B., Woman ' s College, University of North Carolina; Graduate Work, National University of Mexico; M. A., Middlebury College. Spanish and French, Spanish and French Clubs, and Summit Advisor. MR. JACKSON A. OWEN A.B., Duke University; M.A., Wayne Uni- versity; Graduate Work toward Ph. D., Wayne University. Director of Counseling Service; Psychology and Sociology. FACULTY MRS. ELIZABETH M. PARSONS B.S., Vanderbilt University; M. A., Uni- versity of Tennessee. Biology and Hy- giene. MR. JOSEPH M. PARSONS B. A., M. A., George Peabody College; Graduate Work. University of Tennessee. Mathematics and Student Council Director. MR. CARL D. PERRY B.A., University of North Carolina; Grad- uate Work, University of North Carolina. Music Director. DR. DAVID H. PIERCE B.S., St. Lawrence University; M.S., Uni- versity of Minnesota; Ph. D., New York University. Chemistry and Alpha Beta Gamma. FACULTY COL. WILLIAM H. QUARTERMAN A.B,, L.L.B., University of Georgia; M. A., Western Carolina College; French, Alli- ance Francaise; Lectures in International Law, University of Paris. Social Studies and International Relations Club. MRS. VIRGINIA B. SCHREIBER A. B., Erskine College; M. A., Columbia University. English. I 7- MR. JAMES L. STEVENS B. S., Western Carolina College. Mathe- matics, Coach, and Monogram Club. MRS. KATHERINE G. WADE A. B., Converse College; B. S., Library Science, University of North Carolina. Phi Theta Kappa. B FACULTY MR. KARL B. WILSMAN Stevens Institute; Lawrence Institute of Technology; A.B., King College. Assistant Director of Counseling Service; Psychol- ogy. MRS. LUTRELLE A. WISHART A. B., Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College; M. A., Duke University. English, Bluets, and Classical Coeds. ] JS 1 J M CLASSES SOPHOMORE CLASS 1 1 CLASS OFFICERS David Reese, President; Annette Merrill, Vice-President; Mary Welte, Secretary-Treasurer. JACK E. BLAZER Basketball 1,2. JANICE BURRELL Business Club 1; Glee Club 1; Classical Coeds 1,2; Dramatics Club 1,2; International Relations Club 1,2; Spanish Club 1,2. PIERS LAWRENCE CHANCE Spanish Club 1; Glee Club 1,2; Alpha Beta Gamma 2. JOSEPH JAMES DeBLAKER Dramatics Club 2; French Club 2. SADIE ESTELLE FORTUNE Bluets Staff 1; Summit Staff 1; Alpha Beta Gamma 1,2; Classical Coeds 1,2; Vice-President of Student Body 2. LATTIE A. FREEMAN French Club 1; Business Club 1,2; International Rela- tions Club 1, Vice-President 2; Alpha Beta Gamma 2; Assembly Program Committee 2. THOMAS EDWARD GAFFIGAN Internaticiial Relations Club 1; Alpha Beta Gamma 1, 2; Phi Theta Kappa 1, President 2; Assembly Program Committee 2. MARIE LOUISE FROELICH Classical Coeds 2; French Club 2. DAVID CHANDLER HENSLEY Alpha Beta Gamma 1,2. TAFT M. HURST, JR. Basketball Score Keeper 1,2. ROBERT EUGENE JONES Alpha Beta Gamma 1,2. PATSY ELNORA JACKSON triU ROBERT ALLEN KIRBY Alpha Beta Gamma Vice-President 1; Baseball 1; Monogram Club 2. WILLIAM R. McCLAIN Alpha Beta Gamma 1. President 2; Golf Team 1,2; International Relations Club 1,2; Monogram Club 2. FRED R. McINTYRE Glee Club 1; Baseball 1,2; Christian Student Union 2; International Relations Club 2; Track 2. CLIFF B. MASHBURN Marshal 1; Spanish Club 1; Assistant Editor Summit 1: Delta Psi Omega 1,2; Dramatics Club 1. President 2; Glee Club 1.2; International Relations Club 2. DAVID R. MESSER Bluets Staff 1; Dramatics Club 1,2; Spanish Club 1, President 2. WILLIAM LLOYD MORRISON Bluets Editor 1; French Club 1,2; Alpha Beta Gamma 2; Dramatics Club Treasurer 2; Student Council 2; Editor Summit 2. JAMES R. OWENBY LAWRENCE MORGAN PONDER t , i a fr I ' - - JANET E. PORTER Bluets 1; International Relations Club 1; Spanish Club 1; Classical Coeds 1,2; Dramatics Club 1, Secretary 2. TOMMIE PATRICIA PRITCHARD Business Manager Bluets 1; French Club 1; Marshal 1; Business Club 1,2; Glee Club 1,2; Business-Ad- vertising Manager Summit 2. ROBERT DALE RAMSAY Chapel Committee 1; Dramatics Club 1, 2; French Club 1,2; International Relations Club 1,2. THOMAS ALLEN RAY Basketball 1,2. PAULE. REDMOND Alpha Beta Gamma 1,2; French Club 1,2; Phi Theta Kappa 1, Secretary 2. DAVID E, REESE Bluets 1; President Sophomore Class 2; Spanish Club 2. GEORGE SILAS SMITH Alpha Beta Gamma 2. JAMES WILLIAM SMITH Alpha Beta Gamma 2; International Relations Club 2. L i 1 HttMnMiiklfl STUART PRUDEN SMITH May Day Court 1; Classical Coeds 1, President 2; Delta Psi Omega 1,2; Dramatics Club 1, Vice-Presi- dent 2; French Club Secretary-Treasurer 1,2; Inter- national Relations Club Secretary-Treasurer 1,2. DORCAS ANN STARNES Assembly Program Committee 2; Classical Coeds Vice-President 2; Dramatics Club 2; French Club Vice-President 2; Spanish Club 2. JAMES T. STEELE President French Club 2. THOMAS GROVER STEPP Alpha Beta Gamma Treasurer 1,2; Spanish Club 1,2; Student Council 2. H ssass mis WILLIAM MAX SWILLING Spanish Club 1, Vice-President 2. ROBERT NELSON TWEED Alpha Beta Gamma 1,2. THOMAS ANDREW WARREN International Relations Club 1; Alpha Beta Gamma President 1,2; President Monogram Club 2; Student Council 2. ROBERT E. WELLS Business Club 1; International Relations Club 1; Chief Marshal 1; Alpha Beta Gamma 1,2; Phi Theta Kappa 2; President of Student Body 2. i l MARY MAURER WELTE Bluets 1; May Day Court 1; Classical Coeds Treas- urer 1, Secretary 2; Phi Theta Kappa 1, 2; Spanish Club 1,2; Secretary Sophomore Class 2; Miss Summit 2. NAUREENE S. WENGER French Club 1,2; Phi Theta Kappa 1. Treasurer 2; Alpha Beta Gamma 2. JACK EUGENE WILSON Alpha Beta Gamma 2. CHARLES WRIGHT, JR. Glee Club 1,2; President Christian Student Union 2. 34 FRESHMAN CLASS CLASS OFFICERS John Williams, Secretary -Treasurer; Louise Sprouse, Vice- President; Sydnor Bartlett, President. 1 I m Danny E. Banks Sydnor T. Bartlett Mary Elaine Bell Thomas F. Bell Perry E. Bishop Betty Buchanan Raleigh Buchanan Robert L. Camby Charles H. Clay Ralph E. Coffey Zane Kay Cole MIMf ' Hlll|i| ' |i ' l I Charles Cordell Alvin Crawford Walter Derrick Thadres Ensley Carroll J. Gaddy Gary Joe Gibson Patricia Graham Barbara Jean Grant Earl L. Gray Harry H. Gregg James Michael Guthrie A_ k Vi m Kathy Ruth Heaton Charles M. Hurt George A. Jacob Fred E. Jarrett Bobby G. Jones Elinor S. Kirby James Klrby, Jr. Gerald D. Levi James E. McMahan Allen Miisters James A. Matthews 38 Mom sEism William C. Mltcham George Richard Moore Harry A. Myers John Robert Neilson Thomas Nix Donald R. Ownbey Stephen Pinkerton i:i iiiYi Eleanor R. rtadford Selmon K. Reed Goodwyn G. Reeves Edward R. Rogers •mj mm M jm Louise M. Sprouse Leo H. Suggs, Jr. Annette Tabor Tommy Tomlin Irene E. Trantham Richard R. Wagner Robert L. Watlcins Alfred L. Watson Jake F. Weaver Harvey Wells, Jr. L ■ ILllJimU»gJCT»!»«»l«»«lll Roland D. Wells Clarence Allan White John V. R. Williams Willard B. Willis Frances Anne Wilson Henry C. Wilson Iva Deane Wilson James W. Woody Patricia Wooten Norman L. Youngblood STUDENT NURSES - A SECOND FRESHMAN CLASS. The student nurses, equivalent in scholastic standing to our Freshman Class, are part of the Memorial Mission Hospital Nursing Program. They attend our school for special subjects during the first nine months of their thirty-six month training course. They are taught such courses as Microbiology, Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry, Psychology, and Sociology for which they are given full college credit. Instructors of these courses are Mr. Jackson Owen, Mrs. Joe Parsons, and Dr. David H. Pierce. The student nurses are from left to right, front row: Fern Davis, Dietta Coates. Carohn Simpson. Mrs. Joyce Boone, Eleanor Buckner, Joyce Faye Riddle. Carolj-nSluder. Nancy Goforth, Joyce Rebecca Riddle, Margaret Allison, and Betty Pike. Second Row: Doris Sn -pes. Dorothy Farley, Joyce Knipp, Joyce White, Kay Sluder, Shirley Riddle, Nancy Pressley, Carmen Phipps. Shirley Thomas, Janet Ponder, Kay Jouret, Virginia Moore, and Irene Blevins. " „ .1 J ' iKB ' V ' - ' iH i ' 4 3 hI ■■ • HHhp i B 1 . ' . ,- ' " f ,_ r ., ( : ' fnm m r- ' irC •@ sr:? .. JSi- " J ' r - ' . J ' ' -: jS ' iuifi --Jh - n» " fc I ACTIVITIES VJE CAN BEST RECALL OUR SCHOOL YEAR CAPABLE BOB WELLS HEADED ROBERT R. WELLS, JR. PRESIDENT OF THE STUDENT BODY The mountains, the forests, and the mist blend to form a beautiful background for our stu- dent body president, Robert R. Wells, Jr., whose leadership ability seemingly has matched the strength in those mountains and forests. Persistently bearing the burden of a crucial school year along with his loyal fellow students. Bob has h ' ped to lead us successfully through the passingof our $500,000 bond issue, the accrediting of our school by the Southern Association, and the lesser but still important student body problems. Honor came to Bob when he was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa, national scholastic honor society, and was nominated as the outstanding " Young Man of the Year " by the Asheville Jaycees. While the school will remember Bob as the person who brought new life — school spirit -- into its midst, the student will remember him as a very special fr iend. Bmeassasi BY REMEMBERING FRIENDS AND ACTIVITIES. STUDENT GOVERNMENT. m kuiii iu uu iil. lUii.muiuiJ w. lliU Studentgovernment representatives are from left to right: Elinor Kirby, Alan Masters, George Jacob — Freshman; Tom Warren, Grover Stepp, Bill Morrison — Sophomore. This group supplements the work of the class officers shown at the beginning of the class pages. Student council members are from left to right, first row: Alan Masters, Elinor Kirby, Sadie Fortune--Vice-President, Robert Wells — President, Annette Merrill, Louise Sprouse, David Reese; Second Row: Grover Stepp, Tom Warren, Syd Bartlett, George Jacob, Bill Morrison. The major project of the councU was the revision of the school constitution, which was super- vised by Dean Parsons, the faculty advisor. i« On the landing in front of the old tunnel entrance, the Summi t officers -- Bob Wells, Photog- rapher; Miss Mary Miller, Advisor; Steve Pinkerton, Associate Editor; and Tommie Pritchard, Business -Advertising Manager; andstanding below: Bill Morrison, Editor-in-Chief -- gather for a last pose together before their duties end on this year ' s annual. THE ANNUAL STAFF ENLARGED AND On the left, Tommie Pritchard is shown keeping a record of students having class pictures made. They are from front to back: Shirley Hawkins, Janet Porter, Mary Welte, Irene Trantham, Betty Buchanan, Sadie Fortune, Selmon Reed, GeraldLevi, Richard Wagner, and Piers Chance. Onthe right, Mr. Arnette, Delmar Photographer, is shown nosing Bill Morrison for one of these pictures. The twenty -fifth annual Columbia Scholastic Press Association Contest was attended this past fall by Miss Mary Miller and Bill Morrison. In buildings such as the one shown on the left, the delegates were taught the important points in annual production. After such an interesting program and a week-end in the wonderful environment of Columbia University and New York City, it was small wonder that Miss Miller, on the right, was saddened by the thought of re- turning home. ATTEMPTED TO IMPROVE THE SUMMIT. The Advertising Staff composed of David Messer, Joe DeBlaker, Louise Sprouse, Tommie Pritchard, Steve Pinkerton, and Kathy Heaton smiles as Bill Morrison shows them that their efforts have met the expenses of the annual. (Tommie Pritchard, in addition to having the difficult job of Business -Advertising Manager combined, was " high man " with three-hundred and fifty dollars in advertisements.) As a phase of the honor society ' s campaign to raise money for needed school equipment, Naureene Wenger sells sandwiches to, left to right, Harry Myers, PeteDarst, Eai-1 Grey, Salmon Reed, and Bill Mitcham. Bob Wells is pinned by Mary Welte upon his entrance into Phi Theta Kappa. The members of this society are selected on the basis of their scholastic standing in the upper ten per cent of the student body. WHILE PHI THETA KAPPA FLOURISHED Members of the Eta Sigma Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa are left to right: Paul Redmond, Sec- retary; Naureene Wenger, Treasurer; Thomas Gatfigan, President; Mary Welte, Vice-Presi- dent and Bob Wells. (Our chapter was established on May 12, 1950 and is part of a society with chapters in 145 colleges throughout the United States and the Canal Zone.) msKmvmima W.-JJfM1T-tE»HmV Spanish Club members are left to right: James Kirby, Steve Pinkerton, Max Swilling, David Messer-- President, Tammy Motes, Miss Miller, and Tommy Nix. The main project of the clubs under the sponsorship of Miss Miller is the annual Christmas Banquet. THE LANGUAGE CLUBS HELD THEIR OWN French Club members are left to right. First Row: Johnny Bradford, Pat Graham, Dorcas Starnes, Pat Wooten, Jimmy Bradford; Second Row: Barbara Grant, Stuart Smith, Naureene Wenger, Frances Wilson, Eleanor Radford; Third Row: Gerald Levi, Robert Ramsey, Bob Neilson, Paul Redmond, Joe DeBlaker, Tommy Bell, Charles Clay. r ALPHA BETA GAMMA REMAINED A VIBRANT Candidates for membership are shown here being put through the " fun " side of the Alpha Beta Gamma initiation by Eric Hudspeth. A serious ritual of Greek motif is vet to follow. Alpha Beta Gamma members are left to right. First Row: Bill Morrison. Robert Tweed, Dartd Hensley, Annette Merrill, Bill McClain — President, Sadie Fortune. Dr. David H. Pierce — Coadjutor, Piers Chance. Jack Wilson, Eric Hudspeth; Second Row: Pat Wooten, Lattie Freeman, Mike Guthrie, Zane Cole, Charles Clay. Robert Watkins, Gary Joe Gibson, Robert Camby, Alan Masters; Third Row: George Jacob, James Kirby, Gerald Le%l, James McMahan, Jerry Burnette, Roland Wells. Carroll Gaddy, Charles Cordell, John Williams, Bill Mitcham. -■— ' TT ' ■ FORCE BEHIND MANY IMPORTANT PROJECTS Shown here with Mrs. Pierce at one of the Fraternity ' s monthly supper meet- ings is Dr. David H. Pierce, who es- tablished Alpha Beta Gamma in March 1952. Since its birth in 1952, Alpha Beta Gamma has quickly spread from our campus to those of Brevard, Campbell, Gardner-Webb, Louisburg, Spartanburg, and Wingate Colleges. There it has flourished on as grand a scale as it has here -- shown by the heavy attend- ance atone of the monthly supper meetings. May brings all the chapters together at Grove Park Inn for an annual get together, which includes among the proceedings the drawing of a name for an annual scholarship award. r k. BLUETS SEEMED DESTINED TO ADD TO SCHOOL Listening to Walter Derrick before starting work on Bluets are members Jerry Burnette -- Editor, Mrs. Lutrelle Wishart -- Advisor, Mary Welte -- Art Editor, Roland Wells, John Williams, Walter Derrick — Business Manager, and Pat Wooten — Assistant Editor. Thorough copy reading of the galley proofs is possibly the most trying of all jobs related to the publishing of a college magazine. Here, Jerry Burnette points to a mistake on Pat Wooten ' s sheet. Pat Graham, John Williams, Jerry Burnette, and Roland WeUs work on one of the most important jobs in Bluet s -- approving and smoothing copy for the printer ' s ink. h PRESTIGE WITH YET ANOTHER MEDALIST AWARD. Bluets, our literary magazine, has been winning awards since 1938 when it was first under the sponsorship of Mrs. Albert Schreiber. (Mrs. Lutrelle Wisharthas been sponsor since the fall of 1947.) So successful in its class is Bluets that either a first place or medalist award is ex- pected of it each year. (The medalist award is the highest honor given by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association.) Although written, illustrated, and published through the efforts of the creative writing class, Bluet s has been turned out by interested student volunteers when such classes were not given. This has been the case for the past two years. Containing short stories, poems, articles, and short descriptive pieces of high caliber, Bluets has become a hallmark of quality at Asheville-Biltmore College. Standing in front of some of Bluet ' s awards is Jerry Burnette , Editor, and Mrs. Wishart, Sponsor. 53 SJT :s t 14 Shown here is the International Relations Club ' s entry in the United Nations Parade, this past November. Seatedlefttoright are Louise Sprouse, Raleigh Buchanan, Betty Buchanan. Peter Darst, Shirley Hawkins, and Robert Ramsey. ,R., MONOGRAM, AND GLEE CLUBS HAVE GREATLY Through such projects as participation in the mock United Nations Assembly at Chapel Hill. Internation- al Relations has been building and sustaining interest in international affairs since 1953. Members are Front Row. left to right: Grover Stepp, Kathy Heaton, Stuart Smith, Jaiiet Porter, Col. William H. Quarterman — Sponsor, Betty Buchanan -- Secretary, Lattie Freeman -- Vice-President; Back Row: Robert Ramsey, Clift MashOurn, Richard Wagner, Bob Neilson, Charles Clay -- President. Composed of men who have earned letters in varsity sports, the Monogram Club in turn works to promote further interest in and support of school athletics. Two turkey shoots in November provided money making projects for the group which includes left to right, First Row; Fred Mclntyre, Syd Bartlett, Taft Hurst; Second Row; Robert Kirby, Richard Wagner, Tom Warren -- President, Jack Blazer, Bill McClain. ENCOURAGED INTEREST IN THEIR FIELDS. Glee Club, under the sponsorship of Carl Perry, presented the music for the Christmas party. In addition to chapel programs at school, the club gave performances for groups in Asheville. Choir members are left to right. First Row; Mr. Carl Perry, Louise Sprouse, Pat Graham, Frances Anne Wilson, Elinor Kirby, Annette Merrill; Second Row; James Kirby, Tommie Pritchard, Pat Wooten, Amelia Smith, Barbara Grant, Elaine BeU; Third Row; Lindsey Cleveland, Walter Derrick, Ed Rogers, Robert Wells, Robert Watkins, Harrell McDaris. 55 cnssr i CLASSICAL COEDS CREATED A NEW AWARD... Classical Coed officers are from left to right: Pat Graham, Secretary; Jan Porter, Treasur- er; Mary Welte, Vice-President; and Stuart Smith, President. Classical Coed members, as pictured near the Christmas tree in chapel, are left to right, in chairs: Mary Welte, Tommie Pritchard. Stuart Smith, Thadres Ensley, Annette Tabor, Pat Graham, Annette Merrill, Pat Wooten; Second Row: Elaine Bell, Elinor Kirby, Irene Trantham, Iva Deane Wilson, Shirley Hawkins, Louise Sprouse; Third Row: Louise Froelich, Kathy Heaton, Jan Porter, Janice Burrell, Barbara Grant. TEACHER OF THE YEAR... MRS. PARSONS. During a discussion of the " Teacher of the Year " award, members laughing at their sponsor, Mrs. Wishart, are (clockwise) Irene Trantham, Kathy Heaton, Thadres Ensley, Tammy Motes, Frances Anne Wilson, and Pat Wooten. This award was a creation of the club, which hopes that it will grow into a tradition. The first teacher to be so honor- ed was Mrs. Joe M. Parsons. W ith two worthwhile projects as its goal each year. Classical Coeds has certainly done its job well on this campus. Food baskets were given to needy families at Thanksgiving and a needy family had a visit from Santa Claus at Christmas. Shown below is that family — that of our maid Mrs. Lola Porter — and the party that was given in its honor. The second semester brought May Day for the Coeds to deal with, and since this is the biggest on campus event of the year, it can easily be said that they had more than their share to do but did it all well. s n mm Richard Moore. Miss Flora McGhee — Faculty Adviser, Bill Morrison, and Janice Burrell look on as Stuart Smith and David Messer read during a club workshop Jor one of the tentative club productions. (These workshops provide a chan ce lor the club to read, choose, cast, and prepare productions. ) A BUSY PRODUCTION SCHEDULE HELPED TO On the left we see the club ' s first production, " Goodnight, Caroline, " which was presented Thursday, November thirteenth, as an assembly program. Bill Morrison, Elinor Kirby, Stuart Smith -- Caroline, and David Messer played this delightful farce to a packed house. At the right Steve Pinkerton is shown as he presents a monologue during a lull in the tryout activities for the club ' s next production. Seated left to right are Janiee- urrell- and Stuart Smith, Richard Moore and David Messer. mum " Angels Don ' t Marry " was the second play of the season. Forming the cast were, left to right: Joe DeBlaker, Kathy Heaton, Elinor Kirby, and Steve Plnkerton. In this shot they are seen in a rehearsal in the garden adjoining the Speech Building. BUILD INTEREST IN THE DRAMATICS CLUB.., The Dramatics Club is composed of the following people, who are from left to right. First Row: Amelia Smith, Kathy Heaton, Betty Buchanan, Jan Porter, Stuart Smith, Tommie Pritchard, Frances Ann Wilson,ElinorKirby, LouiseSprouse, and Miss McGhee--Sponsor; Second Row: Walter Derrick, Joe DeBlaker, David Messer, Grover Stepp, and Steve Pinkerton. 1 t m AND IN THE DRAMATICS FRATERNITY. Six of the charter members of Asheville-Biltmore ' s chapter of Delta Psi Omega are shown here. They are left to right, standing: Stuart Smith. Clift Mashburn, Dennis Brydges, William Parker; Kneeling: Dominic DiMauro and Robert Dillingham. (William Walker was not in the play but worked on production staff.) The Asheville-Biltmore College cast of Delta Psi Omega was admitted to membership in May, 1958. Deemed eligible because of its little theatre and stage which was accessible to " the dramatics club and because of the work of the drama group, A-B became the one hundred and forty-second chapter. The plays presented by the group were " Why I am A Bachelor, " " Dust " of the Road, " and " Income Tax " — one-act — and important scenes from " As You Like It. " Delta Psi Omega, itself, was founded in 1927 and has since spread to nearly every state in the union and the Panama Canal Zone, Chapters are kept in touch by means of a year- book, the Playbill, which publishes the yearly reports of all the chapters. This year at Ashe -ille-Biltmore two one-act plays, " Goodnight, Caroline " and " Angels Don ' t Marry, " and an original skit, " Operation Kwai, " have been presented. Officers for Delta Psi Omega were Clift Mashburn, President; and Stuart Smith, Vice- President. MISS SUM Mary Welte FEATURES i 4 1 d v ■ MISS MOUNTAINEER Shirley Hawkins RUNNER-UP Louise Sprouse HERE ARE THE COUPLES THAT YOU CHOSE MOST STUDIOUS Naureene Wenger - Paul Redmond flUUttff FRIENDLIEST Tommie Pritchard - Bill Morrison MOST TALENTED Stuart Smith - Clift Mashburn AS THE OUTSTANDING MEMBERS OF YOUR CLASS. MOST ATHLETIC Annette Merrill - Jack Blazer BETTY COED-JOE COLLEGE Sadie Fortune - Robert Wells BEST LOOKING Mary Welte - Bill McClain az-pwrsTT MAY QUEEN AND HER COURT 1958 QUEEN Colleen Redmond Under the peaceful pines the May Court assembles, left tc right; Laura Smith, Stuart Smith, Mary Welte, Queen Colleen, Marlene Allison, Cindi Fawcett and Crown Bearer, Master Redmond. K ' ' ' -- ' ; - l H ■iliHsdiiiilHiftMiB HSss iiifl l 1 ' BIil iWC! r jHHIil KJfr iV ' iSk m I TH i OUR STRONG STARTING LINEUP AND SCRAPPY The Bulldog ' s starting lineup is from left to right: Jack Blazer, forward; Orvis Young, guard; Tom Ray, guard; Everett Young, forward; and John Laughter, center. Completely revitalized, the Bulldogs came to the front this year and made one of the best show- ings in the conference. Thanks to the strong starting five -- Jack Blazer, Orvis Young, Tom Ray, Everett Young, and John Laughter -- to the faithful reserves, and to the hard work of Coach Stevens, Asheville-Biltmore ' s sports program is again news in this part of the country. The teamwork of the Bulldogs was school spirit exemplified and helped to show the whole student body just how much caji be accomplished by a united front. Many thanks to these hard workers. BMeMMi RESERVES. ..GUIDED BY ' ' RED " STEVENS... ED ROGERS ZANE COLE RALEIGH BUCHANAN NORMAN YOUNGBLOOD IM MAKE THE BULLDOGS LOOK LIKE THE TEAM FOR The Asheville-Biltmore Cagers were coached by James Stevens for the second year at the college. An ace at basketball himself, " Red " Stevens taught the t e a m manynew tricks in the ever-popular game of basketball. These shrewd tactics have raised the Bulldog ' s standing higher than it has been in years. Their campaign was launched by a very impressive victory over the Western Carolina Javees. Fighting hard the Bulldogs were able to enter the Western Junior College Conference with heads held high for they marchedwitha5-3 conference record, one that Coach Stevens said would be better in the next year if his reserves con- tinued to improve as they were doing. Among the top-notch scorers for the Bulldogs were Jack Blazer, Orvis Young, John Laughter, and Tom Ray with his familiar jump shot. The top defensive men were Everett Young and Norman Youngblood, always keeping their oppon- ents on the alert. The list of contenders for the 1959-60 AshevUle-Biltmore quintet are Ed Rogers, Zane Cole, Raleigh Buchanan and Allen White. All of these players saw action in the 1958-59 basketball season, which of course was a great help to them with the 1959-60 season steadUy approaching. (Typing copy on the right is Sports Editor of the Summit, George Jacob.) A-B 1958-59 BULLDOGS SCOREBOARD OPPONENT DATE 72 72 63 64 59 69 62 65 47 49 59 77 63 49 86 52 76 70 63 49 W. Carolina Javees 83 N. GreenvUle 64 Lees McRae 59 Brevard 64 Mars Hill 59 Gardner -Webb 60 W. Carolina Javees 56 Spartanburg 71 Furman Javees 53 Wingate 52 Brevard 79 E. Tennessee State 61 Wingate 76 North Greenville 70 Gardner -Webb 63 E. Tennessee State 60 Furman Javees 69 Spartanburg 59 Mars Hill Nov. 19 Nov. 22 Nov. 24 Dec. 1 Dec. 3 Dec. 6 Dec. 10 Dec. 12 Dec. 13 Dec. 15 Dec. 18 Jan. 14 Jan. 16 Jan. 27 Jan. 31 Feb. 3 Feb. 7 Feb. 10 Feb. 18 Conference Tournament Feb. 25-28 THE CONFERENCE CROWN NEXT YEAR. Some of our more exciting games were with Brevard on December 1, Gardner -Webb on December 6, and Wingate on January 16. The game with Brevard evened our season record at 2-2 — this loss was the first for Brevard in four outings — and put our quintet on the road with their first conference win. Gardner -Webb was a very tight game with that team having a 51-44 lead at the end of the third period. The shock of the evening came in the fourth period when the Bulldogs took the lead and won the game with 25 points to Gardner -Webb ' s 8. Asheville-Biltmore was given its fifth win in the conference when it upset an unbeaten Wingate. The game was a seesaw affair from beginning to end with Wingate having the lead at half time by one point. Luckily, A-B sparked by to win with a score of 63 to 61. (Below, Orvis Young, at the left, and Jack Blazer, at the right, are shown in two plays of the game.) Tl PHYS. ED. -OTHER VIEW OF SPORTS AT A-B, Physical education classes are held at the Asheville Y.M.C.A. and are taught by Coach " Red " Stevens, who is shown here as he signs in. After signing in, members get their gym clothes from Frank, a cheerful friend of the whole class. Finally, Coach has his class together and teaches them, for example, how to shoot a basketball. In a semi-circle around him are Jack Wilson -- with the ball — James Kirby, Robert Camby, Willard Willis, Alfred Watson, Bishop, Jake Weaver, and Roland Wells. GOOD MORNING. I AM SELLING... ADVERTISEMENTS jwm McARTHUR-KRAUSE FLORISTS 24 North Market Street Dial AL 2-4426 CARPENTER-MATTHEW Quality Jewelers Registered Jewelers American Gem Society. Haywood St. at Patten Ave. Asheville. North Carolina ScKrafftIs Tftr ation ' s Leodinf Candi J ON SALE AT GOOD STORES EVERYWHERE $1.00 — S2.on Lb. Morgan Bros., Inc. Hholesalf Di!lributor§ 67 Broadway. Asheville, N. C (fan(h ' is Delicious Food Asheville, North Carolina " The Homes of Something Different " DON ' S RESTAURANT Highway 70 West Black Mountain ON THE SQUARE 4-1, 2 N. Pack Square Asheville BEGINNING WITH OUR ARRIVAL FOR CLASS... Usually arriving in the mist for early classes, we can always see " early bird " James Owenby, who is here with Lawrence Ponder. The rotunda affords us a place to finish assignments before the eight o ' clock bell rings. BillMitcham and Robert Tweed are shown before that bell. m7 i « yNl PRESENT HERE A TYPICAL DAY AT A-B., Our newly renovated physics lab has become a busy corner in the school for several boys. Inasemi-circlearoundBillMcClain ' sprojectareleft to right; David Hensley, McClain, Robert Kirby, Tom Gaffigan and Jerry Williams. Below, two labs are shown. Tommie Pritchard on the left finishes a timed writing for advanced typing; while, Sadie Fortune glances up from a complex experiment in advanced chemistry. ■MMMMiaitliiiH MOSELEY ' S SHOE SERVICE 53 College Street Dial AL 2-9606 G I OUTLET 1 Biltmore Avenue Asheville, North Carolina COSMOS FINE FOODS 66 Haywood Street Asheville, North Carolina PATTON AVENUE SINCLAIR SERVICE STATION 136 Patton Avenue Dial AL 2-9784 HAYES LUNSFORD ELECTRIC CO. Motor Rewinding Wiring 30 Commerce " BP " stands for BETTER PRINTING BILTMORE PRESS 9 Valley St. AL 2-4476 LYLE HENDERSON STUDIO Haywood Building Dial AL 2-6589 STEPHENS UPHOLSTERING REFINISHING 205 Weaverville Road Asheville, North Carolina DUNN WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME 24 Hour Ambulance Service 57 North Spruce St. AL 2-2767 THE BOOK MART Book Finding Service Old Books - Rare Books 7 Biltmore Plaza - Dial AL 2-6612 SUPERIOR CLEANERS Your Superior Cleaner Main Office 47 N- Market St. - AL 2-4725 Pick-up Stations 269 Broadway - AL 4-2640 1318 Haywood Rd. - AL 2-0726 BROADWAY HOSIERY MILLS Manufacturer of Men ' s Fine Work Socks Sold to All National Chains 53 Burton Street West Asheville TT PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO. OF ASHEVILLE, INC. LIBERTY TIRE COMPANY 253 Biltraore Avenue Dial AL 2-4346 C. G. ROBERTS LIVE POULTRY TINGLE ' S CAFE AND TINGLE ' S TOO ATKINS- HARPER LUMBER CO. 332 Haywood Road - AL 2-2491 Asheville, North Carolina MERRILL ' S BICYCLE SHOP Bicycle and Typewriter Repair Lawn Mowers Sharpened Corner of Coxe Commerce Sts. MINICO, INC. Laundry and Dry Cleaners 81 Broadway Dial AL 3-3636 " Have Gun, Will Grease " LISLE ' S GULF SERVICE The Station of Distinction Dial AL 2-9773 4 Tunnel Road NATIONWIDE INSURANCE A. WORTH MESSER, AGENT Jackson Building Dial AL 3-6091 Asheville, North Carolina BILTMORE TV AND APPLIANCE CO., INC. Sales Service Installation 560 Hendersonville Rd. - Dial AL 3-9891 Biltmore, North Carolina A SUPPLEMENT TO OUR AD SECTION. In the ping-pong room, Max Swilling and others can be seen as they constantly try to perfect their games. In the snack shop, Tommy Bell and Jack Blazer fight a losing battle with the school ' s vending machines. Elinor Kirby draws large crowds to the music room with her original songs and beautiful piano playing. wr STANLEY GRILL 6 Miles out on Highway 25 South Dial MU 4-3927 BAREFOOT TATUM DRUGS INC. 2 North Pack Square--AL 3-8406 645 Biltmore Ave. AL 4-2312 A FRIEND YOUNGBLOOD MOTOR COMPANY 801 Biltmore Ave. Asheville, North Carolina STEWART ' S GARAGE -1 Mechanics - Reasonable Rates Chunns Cove Rd. Dial AL 2-2446 or AL 2-1328 GREEN BROTHERS Furniture - Stoves - Rugs Installment Plan or Cash 40 College St. - Dial AL 2-4231 CAROLINA INDUSTRIAL BANK 20 South Pack Square Asheville, North Carolina THE SPORTS MART, INC. Sports of All Sorts Hobby Supplies 32 Battery Park Ave. - Dial AL 3-3953 fsliei i les NEST HOTELS fht ' lsnd of ihc Sky THE BATTERY PARK THE GEORGE VANDERBILT George J. Churabley, Jr., Manager WilUam D. Turner, Jr., Manager Maurice Puckett, President and Gen. Mgr. Asheville, North Carolina H liM Phone AL 2-3831 Jeep Delivery MONTFORD PHARMACY 231 Montford Ave. Asheville LEE ' S JEWELERS " If it ' s from Lee ' s, it ' s guaranteed. " Asheville, North Carolina FOREST MANOR RESTAURANT 866 Hendersonville Rd. Dial AL 4-2097 A. MARK SMITH Insurance Broker Parkway Offices 170 Woodfin Street Asheville, North Carolina Phone AL 2-8308 BILTMORE CLEANERS LAUNDRY, INC. Brook Street - Dial AL 2-5681 Biltmore, North Carolina FUREY RADLfVTOR SERVICE Complete Radiator Service Bob Furey, Owner 49 Coxe Avenue PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES CENTER COMPLETE PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTING SERVICE Center Medical Building — 86 Victoria Road Asheville, North Carolina GRACE COAL OIL CO., INC. Fuel Oil - Kerosene We give S H Green Stamps. Don W. Michael V -President - J. L. Parks Secretary Treas. Yard and Office at Newbridge Dial AL 2-6401 -xt b tt; AS A FINAL WORD, WE WANT TO REMIND YOU. The phone booth in the snack shop is nearly always busy. Here we see Peter Darst taking his turn. Mary Welte and Jan Porter rest before their next class begins. Framed by the arch of the main entrance, Taft Hurst and Jack Blazer stop on their way to the parking lot. r COBLE DAIRY PRODUCTS COOPERATIVE, INC, Y. M. C. A. Special rates to A. B. men 2 Woodfin St. - Phone AL 2-4726 STEVEN VANCE MEN ' S SHOP in WINNER ' S BALDWIN ' S BARBER BEAUTY SHOP 29 Broadway Dial AL 2-3864 GOINS SHELL SERVICE " Service Is My Business " 36 Tunnel Road - Dial AL 2-9123 HOLIDAY RESTAURANT 148 Tunnel Road Asheville, North Carolina THF FOOn RAR BATES FOOD STORE 39 Pearson Drive Phone AL 3-1622— -AL 3-1623 Dancing Private Parties Accommodations for 80 373 Biltmore Avenue ASHEViLLE CLEANERS DYERS " The Home of Fine Dry Cleaning " 230 Merrimon Avenue Dial AL 4-2364 Asheville, North Carolina Offices and Yards Yard No. 2 Koon Development AL 3-5331 Newbridge AL 4-3620 JOHNSON-CHANDLEY LUMBER CO., INC. Lumber and Building Material Biltmore, North Carolina " Serving Asheville Since 1904 " CITIZENS FUEL COMPANY Shell Fuel Oil Coal Convenient uptown office 18 Flat Iron Building To order by phone ALpine 2-2461 rr BILTMORE DAIRY FARMS Asheville, North Carolina " A FRIEND OF THE SCHOOL " GARRETT MUSIC SHOP Records Record Players 8 Broadway - Corner of College POST MACHINERY CO. 167 Lyman Dial AL 3-2491 CITY MARKET " Home of Quality " Fresh Smoked Meats 10 Blltmore Avenue SPECIALTY CLEANERS, INC. " The Home of Beautiful Cleaning " L. C. Bucklew Dial AL 2-2231 - 264 Tunnel Rd. WINK ' S DRIVE-IN Shrimp - Chicken - Sandwiches Place a request at our MELODY TOWER Tunnel Road ALLISON FLOWER SHOP " Say It With Flowers " Dial AL 2-8253 22 College Street B B PHARMACY Bishop Brookshire Prescription Specialists 462 Haywood Rd. - Dial AL 2-2718 WAECHTER ' S SILK SHOP Phone AL 2-2131 Asheville, North Carolina WICK GREENE, JEWELERS 8-1 2 Wall Street Phone AL 3-7001 Asheville, North Carolina TOWNE HOUSE DOUGHNUT CO., INC. EAT Delicious Town House Bakery Products Decorating Cakes Our Specialty Open 24 Hours Daily 257 Biltmore Avenue Asheville, North Carolina L - ' ' ■ " ' - ' ■•■ " ' ■ ' ■ ' ■ ■■ ■ " ' ■ ' TO PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS WHO HAVE... Grouped left to right are Zane Cole, Everett Young, and Norman Youngblood, who are taking advantage of the quiet of the library to study before they leave for basketball practice. There are always a few students who wander off alone to study for exams or homework. At the left, Jim Steele crams for a class, while Jim Kirby, on the right, does research work in the library. 85 liTT »j» -W. AIDED US IN BRINGING YOU THIS SUMMIT. The office staff ' s routine is a familiar one to all of us. Mr. Jenkins, counting money for his bank statement, and Miss Porter, continually torn between the phone and the work on her desk, are rarely seen with a quiet moment of their own. Annual photography attracted a great deal of attention, especially from Mrs. Wishart. sponsor of our rival, Bluets. v ■■• " - MODERN CLEANERS 437 Biltmore Ave. AL 2- 3261 Drive In Branch 418 McDowell St. AL 3- ■9375 TALMAN OFFICE SUPPLIES, INC. 8 College Street Asheville, North Carolina GIBBS RADIO COMPANY RADIO-TELEVISION Sales and Service McCARLEY COMPANY, INC. Members New York Stock Exchange Associate Members American Stock Exchange 35 Page Avenue AL 4-3286 Asheville, North Carolina 8 Biltmore Ave. --— Dial AL 3-2421 SELECTIVE SALES, INC. Specializing in Automatic Catering and in Plant Feeding William Ray, Manager Dial AL 2-5741 SJ ' 9MM Tl BLUE RIDGE TRUCKING COMPANY Koon Development Phone AL 2-1531 Biltmore, North Carolina Graduate to Greater Food Savings at Your Friendly COLONIAL STORES In Asheville, North Carolina THREE LITTLE PIGS DRIVE -IN 217 Biltmore Avenue Royal Crown WALLS REAGAN OIL CO., INC. Cities Service Petroleum Products 47 Glendale Avenue Dial AL 4-1683 Asheville, North Carolina BEACON MANUFACTURING COMPANY Swannanoa, North Carolina Come see us at THE BANK OF ASHEVILLE at Westgate 69 Patton Avenue Across from Court House •1 " filliiii II ir- AFTER YOUBROWSE THROUGH THIS RECORD... u To our surprise, during a talent show, we discovered that Robert Ramsey was another Elvis. One of the finest Chapel programs was given by Demaree Bess, center, who discussed " Russian Education. " One of the most shameful acts committed by our students is shown here by Bill Morrison and Steve Pinkerton going AWOL from chapel. JVIkaW ik 1 CCR COAL COMPANY Fairview Road Dial AL 2-7321 Asheville, North Carolina HALL ' S NURSERY 183 Woodfin Street Asheville, North Carolina K C GROCERY " We Deliver " 179 Charlotte Street Dial AL 2-2486 BABE MALOY ' S DRIVE IN Now Using Tel- a- tray For Faster Better Service 26 Tunnel Rd. Asheville, North Carolina GORDON ' S SQUARE DEAL JEWELERS Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry 4 N. Pack Square Dial AL 2-0971 BENNETT ' S DRUG STORE 472 Haywood Road Dial AL 3-0414 Asheville, North Carolina GROCE FUNERAL HOME, INC. (Formerly Dunn Groce) Ambulance Service Dial AL 2-3535 1155 Haywood Rd. BEST WISHES FROM ThME MOONtftlNEERS A»HivrLif.NoR,TH Caiiovina L ' -T,™:. COCA COLA BOTTLING CO. Asheville, North Carolina ELECTRO LUX CLEANERS Sales - Service 45 Merrimon Avenue Dial AL 3-8724 FINKELSTEEST ' S, INC. 7 S. W. Pack Square Asheville, North Carolina G H TRANSIT CO., INC. 5 Mulvaney Ave. Phone AL 3-8832 INGLE TRANSFER STORAGE CO. 44 Valley St. Dial AL 2-2731 KENILWORTH SELF-SERVICE DRUG STORE J. C. McGee, Mgr. 489 Biltmore Ave. - AL 2-7681 Asheville, North Carolina EAGLE INSULATING CO, 57 Woodfin St. Dial AL 3-6782 DALE ' S BEAUTY SALON 57 Haywood Street Dial AL 2-1711 " STPW i r OF STUDY, ACTIVITIES AND LEADERSHIP... Our student body President has kept us in a constant state of anxiety with his wild antics. Ontheleft.helsshownthreateningSadie Fortune, Vice-President of the student body, after she made a suggestion. On the right, he dozes while members of the student council wait for his arrival at a meeting. Alongwith " Slick " Warren and " Gaf " Gaffigan, Wells is finally caught and brought before his own council -- the lineup. Convicted of dis- orderly conduct and a disheveled appearance, Bob Wells ended his stay at A-B as a social outcast. ELECTRIC SUPPLY COMPANY OF ASHEYILLE, INC. Courteous Drivers DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE 2- Way Radio Cabs ASHEYILLE CAB COMPANY Dial AL 3-7622 ASHEVILLE LAUNDRY 12 Rankin Avenue Dial AL 3-2331 Asheville, North Carolina Max Hagood Welcomes You To PICCADILLY RESTAURANT 147 Patton Avenue S. E. SANDERS COMPANY, INC, General Merchandise 49 Broadway Dial AL 3-3019 MARSHALL ' S FUEL OIL KEROSENE 585 Haywood Road Asheville, North Carolina BILTMORE MANUFACTURING CO., INC. Sweeten Creek Road Asheville, North Carolina CONCRETE PRODUCTS COMPANY OF ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA La- Lite, Granite and Limestone Blocks ALpine 3-6736 COWARD ' S O. K. RUBBER WELDER ' S For Tires World ' s Finest Recapping Guaranteed Nation Wide 130 College St. Dial AL 3-7261 SHIELDS AND POPE DINER " Good Old Home Cooking Open 7 Days a Week " Old Highway 70. Near Sanatorium WINNER ' S " Store of Fashion " 34 HajT -ood Street ERNIE MILLER ' S SHOE SALON " Shoes of Fashion " WINNER ' S SALON OF BEALTY Dial AL 3-6771 Alliec Education and Industry Are Closely 1 In The Progress Of Western North Carolina THE CHAMPION PAPER AND FIBRE COMPANY CAROLINA DIVISION Canton, North Carolina .ijLJiiLi WE HOPE THAT YOU WILL WANT TO SAY... « It seems that everyone loves a dance whether they perform on the dance floor like Tommy Bell and his sister Nancy or just sit it out like Tom Warren and his wife. The final dance of the evening usually brings everybody out for a step or two before the house lights dim. IX. ...YES, WE ' LL REMEMBER r ■n

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