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University of North Carolina Asheville - Archive Yearbook (Asheville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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•v -i L ' " A t M i , ... .., " " i Ltr ' t ' W . .• ' ..■. -v.v ' ' :: . ' . ■ ' • ' ■ ■ ' fa i J ' 1 ■». - • £ « ! ■ • V ROGR I gg S « ; -. 1 Publishe d By The Students Of ASHEVILLE- BILTMORE COLLEGE Asheville , N orth Carolina NELL WILSON BILL PATELIDAS Editor-in-Chief Advertising Manager JIMMIE MATTHEWS MARY T. MILLER Business Manager -Adviser . £ • %t£ . Wi tsi te wesfesrz See c z c o is ASHEVILLE ' % leas cits ueaiii • • J ! W!?T , 5 . " i....... i P!«« k urn ■ i.i is » ' ■ ' • iw W5 ILMA? - OS ►1 ■m. m t -sal n ' if; • . ' -• H «ti Asheville-Biltmore College provides the first two years of training for students who expect to complete a four- year education. Pre-professional training is offered for students who wish to c ontinue their education. To co- operate with business, industry, the pr of e s sions, and community agencies in establishing training programs designed to increase the efficiency of their personnel, Asheville-Biltmore College provides semi-professional or vocational training for students who expect to enter the commercial and industrial world. , in • K it f " i «- .. ' £ fcywym, too-... a . k In August, 1936, the chartered name of the institution became Asheville -Biltmore College, and the control passed to the members of the Asheville City School Board. At the same time, the city administration began to give financial support, thus placing the college on a perma- nent basis. From 1934 to 1940 the college was housed in the south wing of the David Millard School, and from 1940 to 1942 in Asheville College. In 1 942 the college moved to Me r rim on Avenue. The new location, formerly apart of the Chil- dren ' s Home, was provided by the Board of County Commissioners. The college moved to its present location in the autumn of 1948. It is located on Sunset Mountain in the beautiful Seely Castle. 12 Roy Taylor, County At- Wilma DykemanStokely, Gertrude W.Ramsey, Dr . H a r o 1 d Keener, torney, Class of ' 29; author, Class of ' 38; Citizen-Times Woman ' s Dentist, Class of ' 42 Member of the General Author of " The French Editor Class of ' 33 Assembly in 1947, 19 J 9. Broad " 1951 and 1953 Representative Alumni - Richard Wynne, Manag- ing Editor of the Citizen- Times, Class of ' 50 Wayne Hensley, Field Auditor of N. C. D e p t . of Revenue, Class of ' 48 Dr. Joseph Schandler, Optometrist, Class of ' 49 • OFFICERS OF THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION (L-R) William A. Lloyd, 2nd Vice President Mrs. Kay Johnson Corresponding Secretary Mrs. Kathleen Foster, Recording Secretary Wayne Hensley, President John Young, Treasurer 13 EARL ELLER Mayor i e e» M£ C fa Ul TJjW rtt » r 0S « ; U c ea i.. WELDON WIER City Manager 14 11 1 1 Askeville ' s City Council Seated (L-R): Mayor Earl Eller, Vice Mayor Frank Mulvaney, Councilman Clarence E. Mor- gan. Back Row: Councilmen Robert I. Presley, Theodore B. Sumner, W. F. Alga ry and L. Walter McRary. CARL HYATT Director of Public Safety COKE CANDLER Chairman of County Commissioners 15 ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS FEATURES ADVERTISEMENTS 16 : j n President Dr. Glenn £. Kusney B.S., Shippensburg State Teachers C o 1 1 e g e , Penn- sylvania, M. A., Columbia Uni- versity, Ed.D. Temple Uni- versity, Perm. ISII1II1I until! CIIIICI Assert lie. North Carolina Presidents Message if -ri — e-SiltaMT, -_-e first :D-at_-_tT :cll?,-. e;--»ii.£-«; . .. - - Carolina, Is proua of its recorc of cossunity service. The college sod the caauEiity bare worsed eooperatiTely to oereiop fti - type of institution nkicn serves youth, adults, business ana industry, caaaunitv organisations, ano goTerrjent ■£■■■ Iiiii. For =any rears, Ike Sity of AsaeviUe and the Donaty =f ? incase Save pro- Ticed a seasore of financial sapport to the college " . This support enafclee the institation to serre thousands ceserrin? ja r sen sn = vovn, neny of ' z " ■- " " " - T " " --—- ' ■ .:--:i-« a: - . ' __- ? -_-.■.. . -_-- roasC; --_--■. Before the college occapied its present tasntlral casrus in 1=1,9, either the city or the Monty prorioe Sousing facilities for the operation of our p-ogras. Bom it was possible to secure a nersaaent tow for the col- lege, both the county ana the city contributed generously to the cerelopnent The college is also inaebtea to local ;orei— sental as-eneies for their co- operation In cToridiag fi-e ano police protection, hignaay safety, asc as- sistance in e=iepas inproe-aent projects. irrently, a ecenittee of outstanding cosamity leasers is leasing erery possible assistance to college authorities In an effort to increase sub- stantially the anocnt of state sin to the college. This state ale »tlch »a: initiated In 1955, is expectec to :- nateriail? increased in tne years ahead , ana AsheYille-siltenre Allege Is lookiiw foreard to e elder area of serrice ss part of a state systea of co-rcnlty colleges. Because of this indispensable support by the leaders of the conscnity, in- :.-:-V --- i-- -. - " i-s flf.i .- r::-- recOKBltlo be - _ -. v Ike this issue ef •The Stiaslt . Se sincerely regret that space ceraitteo only a Ie» to ;e accorded special ae-tiee. ?cr this excellent issue of the annual, I coogratolate the sponsor, the editor, and the entire staff. Toot sooths of «orfc and plf.-fW BaTe not been in Tain. rnwnsll t; th ose «to leave our halls of learning to cootlnae their forsal si to enter fields of serrice. Se bid you to think of as often, , ana to return to oar csnpas fre- . £« £_ ' 5 ACADEMIC DEAN Mr. Joseph M. Parsons DEAN OF MEN Mr. Ernest Jernigan DEAN OF WOMEN Mrs. Lutrelle A. Wishart ' Dean ' s Office MministratioH... REGISTRAR Miss Emily G. Porter SECRETARY Mrs . Wesley B . Sprinkle BUSINESS MANAGER Mr. William S. Jenkins faculty . . . A-M-Mf Miss Enice E. Fitts B A., Winthrop College M.A., N. Y. University. Secretarial Science Mr. Karl B. Wilsman Stevens Institute: Lawrence Institute of Technology; A. B., King College Assistant Director of Counseling Service Psychology. Miss Mary T. Miller A.B. Woman ' s College, University of North Carolina; Graduate Work, National University of Mexico . M.A. Middlebury College. Spanish and French; Spanish and French Clubs; Advisor for the Summit. Mr. Don Sundquist B.A. University of Minnesota; M.A. University of South Dakota; Dramatics, Art, Speech and Music. Mrs . Oline Peck B.S. and M.A., Peabody College, Nashville, Tennessee Accounting, Business Law and Business Math. Mr. A. L. Morley B.S., Carnegie Tech.; M.S. Penn. State Math, Physics, Engineering Drawing Sigma Mu Pi. Mr. Jackson A. Owen A.B., Duke University; M.A., Wayne University; Graduate Work toward Ph.D., Wayne University. Director Of Counseling Service. Psychology, Sociology, and Hygiene. Mrs. Katherine G. Wade A3., Converse College, Spartanburg, South Carolina. B.S., Library Science, University of North Carolina. Phi Theta Kappa. Dr. David H. Pierce B.S., St. Lawrence University; M.S., University of Minnesota; Ph. D., New York University; Chemistry and Alpha Beta Gamma. Mr. George Medina B.S., University of Miami; M.S., University of Bridgeport; Graduate Work, Columbia University; Baptist Theological Seminary, New Orleans . Mr. Ernest Jernigan A.B., Stetson University; M.A. University of North Carolina; Coach, Social Science, International Relations Club and Monogram Club. Mr. Joseph M. Parsons B.A., George Peabody College; M.A., George Peabody College; Graduate Work, University of Tennessee. Student Council Director. Mrs. Lutrelle A. Wishart A.B., Randolph Macon Woman ' s College; M.A. Duke University. English, Journalism and Classical Co-Eds. 1956 Graduating Class ■ nMOTBMHm Marshals Left to right; BUI Case , Chief Marshal , Don Rohrbaugh , Ann Shaw, Claude Norman, Eloise Edn Gina Bostic, Jimmie Matthews and Ronnie Dalton. e y. , r f ' - ■■- -u«.. , ...U .. t. Sophomore Class President Don Rohrbaugh 755 Officers Secretary Eloise Edney Vice-President Claude Norman LLOYD C. AYERS Swannanoa, North Carolina Alpha Bsta Gamma 1,2; International Relations Club. MARIE BI.ANKENSHIP Asheville, North Carolina Business Club 1,2; Speech, Drama Club 1; Classical Co-Eds 1 ,2; Christian Student Union 1,2; Sigma Mu Pi 1 ,2; Vice-President 2. GRAYSON BRADLEY Gerton, North Carolina CHARLES EUGENE BROWN Swannanoa, North Carolina Basketball 1 ; Student Council Represent- ative 1 . JERRY A. CALLOWAY Biltmore, North Carolina BILL CASE Asheville, North Carolina Student body President 2; Masquers 2; International Relations CI ub 1; Alpha Beta Gamma 1 , 2; President 1 ; Golf Team 1,2; Chief Marshal 1. KAREN CORNELL Asheville, North Carolina International Relations Club 1,2; Vice- President 1 ; Sigma Mu Pi 1,2; Masquers 2; President 2; Phi T h e t a Kappa 1,2- Vice-President 2; Annual Staff 2; News- paper Correspondent 1,2. ■1 Sophomore Class ■ w A j| MACK COX Asheville, North Carolina Alpha Beta Gamma, 1 ,2; Glee Club 1 ; College Showcase Quartet 1 . RONNIE DALTON Enka , North Carolina President of Freshman Class; Student Council Representative 1; Basketball 1, 2; International Relations Club 1,2; Annual Staff 2; Square Dance Team 1; Marshal 1; Alpha Beta Gamma 1,2; Monogram Club 2; Student Council Social Committee 2; Assembly Committee 2; ELOISE EDNEY Candler, North Carolina Sigma Mu Pi 1 ,2; Secretary 2; Phi Theta Kappa 2; Classical C-Eds, 1,2; Presi- dent 2;ChristianStudent Union 1 ,2; Vice- President 1; Glee Clubl; Secretary of Sophomore Class; Student Council Re- presentative 2; Secretary 2; Internation- al Relations Club 2; Business Club 1,2; Marshal 1 ; Cheerleader 1 ,2; Co-Captain 2; Square Dance Team 1 . JIMMY ELLIS Biltmore, North Carolina International Relations C 1 u b Treas urer 2 . 1 .2; EDWARD A. GIBSON Asheville, North Carolina International Relations Club 1,2; Spanish Club 1; Vice-President 1. i JOE B. GOING Asheviile, North Carolina Alpha Beta Gamma 1,2. CONSTANTINE GOULAS Asheviile, North Carolina DEFOIX WILSON HAWKINS Biltmore, North Carolina Business Club 1; Dramatics Club 1 ; President 1; Christian Student Union 1; Phi Theta Kappa; Spanish Club 2; Inter- national Relations Club 2; Masquers 2. SYLVIA HOLLAND Enka, North Carolina Alpha Beta Gamma 1,2; Glee Club 1 ; Classical Co-Eds 1,2; International Re- lations Club 2. BYRON HOLZWORTH Asheviile, North Carolina - __i_l — Sophomore Class JOHN R. INGRAM Arden, North Carolina RICHARD ISREAL Asheville, North Carolina Alpha Beta Gamma 1 ,2; International Re- lations Club 2. COY JOHNSON Asheville, North Carolina JUANITA JONES Biltmore, North Carolina Campus Crier; Reporter 1; Assistant Editor 2; Business Club 1 ,2; Speech- Drama Club 1; Square Dance Team 1; Classical Co-Eds 2; Glee Club, Secretary 1; Christian Student Union; Secretary 1, JULIA KERLEE Black Mountain, North Carolina Alpha Beta Gamma 1,2; French Club 2; Phi Theta Kappa 1 ,2. I It it JIM KINMAN Asheville, North Carolina International Relations Club 2. BILL LIVINGSTONE Asheville, North Carolina Alpha Beta Gamma 1 ,2; International Re- lations Club 1 ,2. JIMMY LYTLE Marion, North Carolina Christian Student Union 1 ,2; Student Council Represetnative 2; Alpha Beta Gamma; Glee Club 1 . JIMMIE MATTHEWS Emma, North Carolina AdvertisingManager, " The Summit " , 1; Business Manager 2; Christian Student Union 1,2; President 2; International Re- lations Club 1 ,2; Program Chairman 2; Masquers 2; French Club 1 ,2; President 2; Glee Club 1. DEWEY MEHAFFEY Asheville, North Carolina Alpha Beta Gamma 1,2; Monogram 1; Basketball 1 . Sopkomore Class ROBERT MESSER Asheville, North Carolina Alpha Beta Gamma 1,2; Sigma Mu Pi 1, 2; International Relations Club 1,2; Student Council Representative 2. CLAUDE NORMAN Asheville, North Carolina Basketball 1,2; Alpha Beta Gamma 1 ,2; Sigma Mu Pi 1 ,2; Sophomore Class President; Annual Staff 2; Monogram Club 2; President 2. MARY (PAT) PARRIS Asheville, North Carolina Classical Co-Eds 1,2; Vice-President 2 Glee Club Secretary 1; Cheerleader 1,2 Co-Captain 2; Square Dance Team 1 Christian Student Union 2; Masquers 2 " Glass Menagerie " 2. ROBERT PETERSON Asheville, North Carolina BILL PLEMMONS Asheville, North Carolina m i BRUCE RHINEHART Canton, North Carolina Basketball Team 1; Student Council Re- presentative 1; Vice-President of Fresh- man Class 1; All-conference Basketball 1. HELEN BROOKS ROBERTS Asheville, North Carolina Glee Club Accompanist, 2; Showcase Ac- companist, 2; President of Spanish Club 2; Campus Crier, 2; Editor 2; Christian Student Union 2; Masquers 2. WOODY ROBERTS Asheville, North Carolina CHARLES ROBISON Candler, North Carolina International Relations Club 1,2; Alpha Beta Gamma 2; Christian Student Union 1 ,2; Masquers 1 ,2; College Showcase 1 ,2; Glee Club 1; Square Dance Team 1; " The Glass Menagerie " 2. HAROLD ROGERS Asheville, North Carolina International Relations Club 2. V.T ' J I i Sophomore Class DON ROHRBAUGH Asheville, North Carolina Sophomore Class Vice-President; Phi Theta Kappa 1,2; President 2; Sigma Mu Pi 1,2; Alpha Beta Gamma 1,2; Inter- national Relations Club 1,2. JIM SCHREIBER Arden, Nroth Carolina ARCHIE SHAW III Biltmore, North Carolina Art Editor of " Bluets " 1,2; Vice-Presi- dent of Student Body 2; Sigma Mu Pi 2; Masquers 2. TEDDIE SKAGGS Canton, North Carolina Monogram Club 1 ,2; Secretary-Treasur- er 2; International Relations Club 2; Sigma Mu Pi 2; Basketball 1,2; Christian Student Union 2; Track Team 1. JUNE SOLLOD Asheville, North Carolina Masquers, Vice-President 2; Classical Co-Eds 1,2; " Glass Menagerie " , Di- rector 2; Business Club 1 ,2, i — — w i JIM SULLIVAN Asheville, North Carolina Alpha Beta Gamma 1,2; President and Treasurer 1; Sigma Mu Pi 1,2; President 2; Phi Theta Kappa 2. MILTON SWANN Asheville, North Carolina Alpha Beta Gamma 1 ,2. ARNOLD TEEMS Swannonoa, North Carolina Alpha Beta Gamma 1 ,2; International Re- lations Club 2. MARY JANE THORPE Black Mountain, North Carolina Spanish Club, Secretary 2; Sigma Mu Pi 2. ONLIE TOWE, JR. Asheville, North Carolina Christian Student Union 2; Sigma Mu Pi 2; Vice-President of Glee Club 2. Sopkomore Class WARNER TWEED AshevUle, North Carolina DELOS E. WAIT Asheville, North Carolina Sigma Mu Pi 1 ,2. NELL WILSON Asheville, North Carolina Student Council Representative 1; Glee Club Accompanist 1; Classical Co-Eds 1 ,2; Secretary 2; International Relacions Club Secretary 2; French Club 1 ,2; Masquers 2; Christian Student Union 2; Marshal 1; May Court Attendant 1 ; Editor-in -Chief , " The Summit " 2. JOHN WILSON Asheville, North Carolina Baskbetball Captain 2. J. HOWARD COLLINS Night School Student HOYT B. LANEY Night School Student roy Mcdowell Night School Student DONALD E. TAYLOR Night School Student • SPEECH-DRAMATICS BUILDING Our Ku tidings... SCIENCE BUILDING MAIN BUILDING i:i $ I, w - » 5 1 Ireskman Class Officers Left to right; Charles Woody, Secretary-Treasurer; A. W. Lane President; Bobby Gatlin, Vice President. Marlene Allison Lt. Daniel A. Ball William Banks, Jr. Bernard K. Briggs t w Joe Buckner B. H. Chandler Drannart Cole, Jr. Dan Conner Dale Crompton Jack Devlin Robert P. Dillingham Everett A. Edmonds Judy Edmonds Linda Edwards Paul R. Ellis Houston Elmore Dan Foster Pichard B. Gatlin ill. ft 77 .. v.-- • ¥ ■ Lewis E. Franklin Buddy Guin, Jr Curtis Hall William Harper Richard Henderson Joe H. Holloway Philip Inman Donald Kee Ronald Kee A. W. Lane, Jr. Dilliard Ledford Charles A. Lytle Barclay McBroom Gerald Mashburn John Mills Nelson Monteith Charles M. Morgan William Mull Joy Munyon William Parker Bill Patelidas Bruce Penland Robert Pruett David Ramsey Jean Reed Johanna Erickson Rhev Larry Rhymer Jimmy Rickman PP ' - Carl Riddle Robert Rogers Jerry Schultz Keith Smathers Laura Smith Charles H. Stamey Diane Thomas John W. Vaiksnora Billy Wells Everette Williams Morgan Williams Roy Wilson Charles Woody James Woody ' Vice-President Archie Shaw Pre sident Bill Case Secretary Eloise Edney Student Council Left to right: Bill Case, Eloise Edney, Dean Joseph Parsons, Archie Shaw. Standing- Bobby Gatlm, A. W. Lane , Bob Messer, Charles Woody, Claude Norman, Don Rohrbaugh, Laura Smith and Johanna Erickson Rhew. Annual Staff Nell Wilson Editor-in-Chief Miss Mary T. Miller Advisor Jimmie Matthews Business Manager We hope that this issue of " The Summit 1 ' will preserve for you vivid pictures which will always carry memories of o u r beautiful campus and a living record of familiar scenes and fa c e s . " The Summit " staff hopes that it will serve as a pic- torial history recording many things to be remembered by the students who work and play, grow and develop in the College in the Sky. On October 12-13, 1956, Asheville- Biltmore was represented by Miss Mary T . Miller and Nell Wilson at the Columbia Scholastic Press Assn. at Columbia University, New York. They attended short courses given in yearbook production at the annual convention. Bill Patelidas Advertising Manager Defoix Wilson Hawkins Photographer Miss Miller, Nell Wilson 4 Phi Zheta Kappa Eta Sigma Chapter OFFICERS Left to right: D. W. Hawkins, Treasurer; Karen Cornell, Vice-President; Don Rohr- baugh, President; Julia Kerlee, Secretary. The Eta Sigma Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa was established at Asheville-Biltmore College in 1950. It is a national honor society and members are elected on the basis of scholastic standing and must be within the upper ten percent of the student body. Its aims are to develop character, promote scholarship, and to cultivate fellowship among the students of other junior colleges. Left to right: Karen Cornell, Don Rohrbaugh, Julia Kerlee, D. W. Hawkins. Jim Sullivan, Eloise Edney and Mrs. Katherine G. Wade, Advisor. Standing: June Sollod, o rj 6 «4 r fa jStf nrjm Seated, left to right: Dr. David H. P ie r c e , Sponsor, Everett Williams, Bob Messer, Sylvia Holland, Laura Smith, Julia Kerlee, Charles Mull. Milton Swann, and Lloyd Ayers. Second Row- Bernard Briggs, James Teems, Ronnie Dalton, Skip Wait, Grayson Bradley, Dewey Mehaffey Braclay McBroom, Charlie Stamey and Jim Sullivan. Third Row: Don Rohrbaugh, Jimmy Lytle Jerry Calloway, Jimmy Richman, Dan Conner, Claude Norman, Richard Iseral, James Woody ' and Carl Riddle. ' Initiation Initiation Alpha Beta Gamma is a chemistry fraternity devoted to inspire a furtherance of interest in the field of Chemistry. Members are admitted to the club by scholastic aptitude and interest in this field. Masquers Standing, Karen Cornell, President. First row: left to right: June Sollod, Bruce Penland, Archie Shaw, Bill Case, Don Sundquist, Advisor. Standing: Jimmie Matthews, Diane Thomas, D. W. Hawkins , Jean Reed, Pat Parris, Buddy Guin, Bill Patelidas, Marlene Allison, Helen Roberts and Nell Wilson. " - OFFICERS Jean Reed, Secretary -Treasurer; Karen Cornell, President; June Sollod, Vice-President. The " Masquers " is an organization of students who are interested in radio, TV, and the theatre. It sponsors all the plays of the school and also " The College Showcase " , which is a weekly radio program . Mr. Don Sundquist is the Advisor of the ' Masquers " . " The Glass Menagerie ' T ■ ■ iHm ' ' m Mj rt m? n m mmn Student flurses OFFICERS Beatrice Keys, President; Molly Wrench, Vice-P resident; Jenette Holland, Secretary; Glenn Tarply, Treasurer; Bety Weaner , Faye Capps , Marshals; Ruth Edwards , Tommy Clontz and Isabel Clark, C ouncil Members . " Lab " Work " ' Nurses Glee Club ' t t f t 1956-57 Class of Student Nur»es Ce Cercle Jrancais OFFICERS Left to right: Jim Schreiber Vice-President Laura Smith Program Chairman Jimmie Matthews President Jean Reed Secretary Seated, left to right: Jim Schreiber, Jean Reed, Jimmie Matthews , Judy Edmonds, and Nell Wilson. Standing: Joy Munyon, Julia Kerlee, Laura Smith, Webb Dominguez, David Ramsey, William Parker, Miss Mary T.Miller, Advisor. OFFICERS Left to right: Helen Roberts President Marlene Allison Program Chairman Bill Patelidas Vice-President Mary Jane Thorpe Secretary X v -.« SI Citculo Sspanol Seated, left to right: M»ry Jane Thorpe , Johanna Erickson Rhew.HelenRoberts and Marlene Allison. Standing: Charles Robison, Bill Patelidas, Miss Mary T . Miller, Advisor, D. W. Hawkins and Linda Edwards, I Classical Co-Sds OFFICERS Nell Wilson Secretary -Treasurer Pat Parris Vice-President Eloise Edney President Sigma Mu-Pi Seated, left to right: Diane Thomas, Barbara Queen, Nell Wilson, Johanna Erickson Rhew, Helen Roberts, Mrs. Lutrelle Wishart, Sponsor . Standing, first row: Laura Smith, Jean Reed, Linda Edwards, Juanita Jones, Marie Blanken- ship and Julia Kerlee. Second Row: Sylvia Holland, Pat Parris, Elo is e Edney, June Sollod, Marlene Allison and Barbara Maxwell. OFFICERS Seated: Eloise Edney Secretary Marie Blankenship Vice-President Standing: Jim Sullivan President Archie Shaw Treasurer First Row: Barclay McBroom, L a ura Smith, Mary Jane Thorpe and William Mull. Second Row: Teddie Skaggs , Bob Messer, Onlie Towe , and Karen Cornell. Third Row: Marie Blankenship, Mr. A. L . Morley, Sponsor , Jim Sullivan, Claude Norman, Eloise Edney, Don Rohrbaugh and Archie Shaw. international Relations Club First Row: Buddy Gum, J im m i e Matthews , Bill Patelidas , Helen Roberts, Nell Wilson, Joy Munyon, Johanna Erickson Rhew, Marlene Allison, Jean Reed, Eloise Edney and Jim Lytle . Second Row: Mr. Ernest Jernigan, Sponsor, Nelson Montieth, Paul Ellis , Drannan Cole, A. W. Lane, Karen Cornell, Bill Livingstone , Charles Robison, Grayson Bradley, Teddie Skaggs, John Vincent, Jimmy Schreiber, D. W. Hawkins and Don Rohrbaugh. Third Row; Ronnie Dalton, Jim K in m a n , Sylvia Holland, Bob Messer , Richard Iseral, Bill Plemmons, James Teems, Lloyd Avers, Harold Rogers and David Ramsey. OFFICERS Nelson Monteith President Karen Cornell Vice-President Jimmie Matthews Program Chairman Nell Wilson Secretary Mr. Ernest Jernigan Sponsor Jim Ellis (absent) Treasurer Christian Student Union Jean Reed, Secretary Jimmie Matthews President Buddy Guin Vice-President M Seated left to right: Marie Blankenship, Jimmie Matthews, Mrs. Katherine G. Wade, Sponsor, Seated on stairs; Nell Wilson, Eloise Edney, Pat Parris, and Helen Roberts . Stand- ing: Charles Robison, Teddie Skaggs, Juanita Jones, Jean Reed, Marlene Allison and Buddy Guin. S i — %u si ness Club OFFICERS Diane Thomas Secretary- Warner Tweed Vice-President June Sollod President Seated left to right: June Sollod, Warner Tweed and Diane Thomas. First Row: Jean Reed, Eloise Edney, Bruce Pen- land, Marie Blankenship, Marlene Allison, Juanita Jones, Miss Enice Fitts , Sponsor . Second Row: Carl Riddle , Dan Foster, Co Goulas, Barclay McBroom and Ed Franklin. Monogram Club Mr. Ernest Jernigan, Sponsor, Claude Norman, Ronnie Dalton, Teddie Skaggs and Dewey Mehaffey. -r: ? ' • ?sr " The annual staff at work ' The Masquers production of " The Glass Menagerie Christmas Party sponsored by Classical Co-Eds Classical Co-Eds Initiation Day French-Spanish Club Christmas Dinner French-Spanish Club Christmas Dinner ■•• - - t3L C m • Sy " -. -. c-n " aSB ig»s ■ ' ig jg. f, . ' ' ' " ' :-• I Left to right: June Davis, Freshman Attendant; Ann Anderson, Sophomore Attendant; Ann Shaw, Maid of Honor; Barbara Maxwell , Queen; Nell W ilson, Freshman Attendant; and Henrietta Wolfschlag, Sophomore Attendant; Debbie Bushey, Crown Bearer. May Day Barbara Maxwell May Queen Barbara Maxwell and Ann Shaw Queen and Maid of Honor May Day Dance May Day Play Miss Summit NELL WILSON T -1: . " ' . ■ :;, ' ■•• . i RutiHer-Up ELOISE EDNEY " Doc " " Doc " and Helen ' s endless hoars of work keep our campus beautiful and our interior spotless. Many thanks to them for making our surroundings neat and sparkling. Helen i _i " , •. " ... -v. ' jffia »v ■ n 1 1 1 1 f ♦. ♦ i o iV % »m.i r • fit? r f a M MM ♦ » » f t M I M M MM M » M ' MM M M M MM M » V t or ' • . ' I M ' it, MR. ERNEST JERNIGAN, COACH 1956-57 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE ASHEVILLE-BILTMORE COLLEGE Nov. 20 - A-B at Warren-Wilson Dec. 1 - Warren-Wilson at A-B Dec. 4 - A-B at Mars Hill Dec. 6 - A-B at Spartanburg Dec. 11 - North Greenville at A-B Dec. 15 - Lees-McRae at A-B Jan. 5 - A-B at Brevard Jan. 8 - Mars Hill at A-B Jan. 11 - A-B at Clemson Frosh Jan. 12 - E. Term St. Frosh at A-B Jan. 16 - Spartanburg at A-B Jan. 29 - Brevard at A-B Jan. 31 - A-B at Lees-McRae Feb. 2 - W. Carolina Jayvees at A-B Feb. 5 - Gardner-Webb at A-B Feb. 7 - A-B at E. Tenn. St. Frosh Feb. 9 A-B at North Greenville Feb. 13 - A-B at W. Carolina Jayvees Feb. 16 - A-B at Gardner-Webb Feb. 18 - Furman Frosh at A-B Feb. 21-23 - Western Carolina Junior College Tournament at Spruce Pine bulldog Hoopsters The 1 956- 57 edition of Ashe ville-Biltm ore College ' s Bulldogs faced their usual tough slate of foes. The Bulldogs were short on height but long on scrap, eye for the basket, versatility, and speed. Sparking the attack were Captain John Wilson, a backcourt specialist, and Co- Captain Jimmy Rickman, a high scoring fast break stand-out. John was aided at guard by Al Ballard, a deadly set-shot artist, and Charlie Stamey, a rugged rebounder. Claude Norman, a steady perfo rmer, and Ronnie Dalton outstanding rebounder, saw plenty of action up front. Among the pivot-men was Hugh Elmore, a slick passing performer from the Blue Grass. Bobby GatHn, Teddie Skaggs, and Bob Dillingham helped the cause with their speed and scrap. Seated, left to right: Hugh Elmore, Al Ballard, John Wilson, Jimmy Rickman, Bruce Rhineha rt and Claude Norman. Standing: Billy Wells , Bobby Gatlin, Teddie Skaggs, Charlie Stamey, Ronnie Dalton, Co Goulas and Bob Dillingham. - ■r- T r Cheerleaders Kneeling, left to right: Pat Parris, Co-Captain; Diane Thomas; and Linda Edwards. Standing; Marlene Allison; Juanita Jones and Julia Kerlee. Absent for picture; Eloise Edney, Co-Captain; and Barbara Maxwell. NL • What an improvement I Late for class. They ' re studying? Compliments of BEACON MANUFACTURING COMPANY Swannanoa North Carolina GREEN BROTHERS Dial 2-4231 Furniture -Stoves -Rugs Installment Plan or Cash 40 College St. FINKELSTEIN ' s, INC. 7 S. W. Pack Square Asheville, North Carolina Your friendly Ford Dealer ALDRIDGE MOTOR CO. " Clean used cars our specialty " Phone Poplar 5246 Spruce Pine, North Carolina Offices and Yards Koon Development Dial 3-5331 Yard Number 2 Newbridge Dial 3-5333 JOHNSON-CHANDLEY LUMBER CO., INC. Lumber, Building Material and Coal Biltmore, North Carolina TOWNE HOUSE DOUGHNUT CO., INC. Eat Delicious Towne House Bakery Products Decorating Cakes Our Specialty Open 24 Hours Daily 257 Biltmore Ave. Asheville, North Carolina COWARD ' S O.K. RUBBER WELDERS Meet Your Friends at For Tires World ' s Finest Recapping Guaranteed Nation Wide BABE MALOY ' S 130 College St. Dial 3-7261 DRIVE IN HOLIDAY RESTAURANT 148 Tunnel Road Asheville, North Carolina JAMES JENNINGS ' HOT SHOT CAFE Fried Chicken-Steaks Chops -Sea Food Open All Night - Dial 9409 Biltmore, North Carolina HAJOCA CORPORATION Plumbing, Heating, and Mill Supplies 30 Bryson St. Dial 3-4471 FOREST MANOR RESTAURANT 866 Hendersonville Rd. Dial 4-209 7 Oh I my finger. Why so serious ? Ride ' em Cowboy! .. ' ' . ' .j:; . ' y.._.-- .■. _ ■ ■, .. ' ' , , " ' " " MONTEATH GULF SERVICE ' At your service 24 hours a day " Dial 3-8428 108 Patton Ave. BILTMORE VARIETY STORE " Free parking at rear of store " C. D. Wicker, Owner 25 Hendersonville Road BON TON Cleaners and Laundry Save by Cash and Carry Swing your partner. Dreaming ? Beauty in pairs. . _ mJm William Ray, Mgr. Compliments 0 LTLL. Specializing in Automatic Catering and in Plant Feeding Tel. Asheville 5741 CARPENTER-MATTHEW Quality Jewelers Haywood St. at Patton Ave. Asheville, North Carolina c. c. R COAL COMPANY Esso Fuel Oil Kerosene Dial 7321 B ltmore, North Carolina Easy now. What ' s in the jug? Let ' s face it. MUMW BILTMORE DAIRY FARMS Asheville North Carolina Initiation Day fashions. Who is she? Wow Ml amammmmm Qatu ita- C Charcoal - Briquets CHARCOAL CHEMICAL CO TELEPHONE 3-2023 P. O. BOX - 7157 Asheville North Carolina BALDWIN ' S GROCERY SERVICE STATION Texaco Products Week Days 7-9 Sundays 12-9 Dial 3-0905 Oteen, North Carolina B B PHARMACY Bishop Brookshire Prescription Specialists 462 Haywood Rd. Dial 2-2718 MERRILL ' S BICYCLE SHOP Bicycle and Typewriter Repair Lawn Mowers Sharpened Corner of Coxe Commerce Sts. LEE ' S JEWELERS 30 Patton Avenue Asheville, North Carolina Coronation Day Want to be ruled? Easy men! ■v a v F nn f ' 7 WWK _ Education and Industry Are Closely Allied In The Progress Of Western North Carolina THE CHAMPION PAPER AND FIBRE COMPANY CAROLINA DIVISION Canton North Carolina BAREFOOT TATUM DRUGS, INC. Prescription Specialist Pack Square Dial 3-8406 Asheville, North Carolina THE SPORTS MART, INC. Sports of All Sorts Hobby Supplies 32 Battery Park Ave. Dial 3-3953 CITY MARKET 10 Biltmore Ave. Dial 2-3991 Famous for 22 Years PISGAH CAFE Specializing in Choice Steaks, Fried Chicken, and Sea Foods 139 Patton Ave. You ' d better not. ' My favorite class " . Alpha Beta Gamma ' s fun. Compliments of SKYLINE DAIRIES BILTMORE PLAZA BEAUTY SHOP McGeachy Bldg. Donella Mitchell Dial 2-1175 Biltmore, North Carolina GORDON ' S SQUARE DEAL JEWELERS Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry 4 N. Pack Square Dial 2-0971 YOUNGBLOOD MOTOR COMPANY 801 Biltmore Ave. Asheville, North Carolina GROCE FUNERAL HOME, INC. (Formerly Dunn Groce) Ambulance Service Dial 2-3535 1155 Haywood Rd. Convenient to Shopping Center CHURCH STREET PARKING 44 Church St. Asheville, North Carolina REUSING ' S Frigidaire Electric Refrigeration Frigidaire Electric Ranges Frigidaire Home Laundry Geneva Cabinets - Ironrite Ironers Phone 3-8431 42 Battery Park Avenue Where the Elite Meet to Grease LISLE ' S GULF SERVICE The Station of Distinction Dial 9773 4 Tunnel Rd. BILTMORE TELEVISION APPLIANCE CO. Dial 3-9891 267 Hendersonville Rd. Bird or Bee ? Thank goodness, it ' s over. A perfect day. " Chief MILE CARRELLI Tailor for Men and Women II All Souls Crescent Biltmore, North Carolina PLEMMONS GENERAL STORE Your Community A. G. Store Motorola Radio 81 TV County Home Road Phone 3-6867 ALLISON ' S FLOWER SHOP 22 College St. Dial 8253 " Say It With Flowers " ASHEVILLE INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance of All Kinds 94 Coxe Ave. Dial 2-3581 GRACE COAL OIL CO., INC. Coal Heating Oil Furnace Cleaning Dial 2-6401 P. O. Box 8065 New Bridge North Carolina DR. WM. B. HINTON NATUROPATHIC PHYSICIAN West Asheville HEALTH THE NATURAL WAY The healing of dis-ease is a very old science, using Air, Exercise, Water and Herbs -- all God-given elements. 203 Virginia Avenue North Carolina Competition anyone ? Chow Time ! First day at A.B. Sonne chicken? Peaceful moment . . . Gosh! It ' s warm. Ideal Navy. ASHEYILLE CLEANERS DYERS " The Home of Fine Dry Cleaning " A. Fulton Roberts, Manager 230 Merrimon Avenue Dial 4-2364 Asheville SdtRAFftfs m Tht Nation ' s Leaiinf Candill ON SALE AT GOOD STORES EVERYWHERB $1.00 - $2.00 Lb. Morgan Bros., Ino. Wholtsall Diitributort 67 Broadway, Aiheville, N. Q Bis Delicious Food Asheville, North Carolina North Carolina Compliments of WINNER ' S STORE " Store Of Fashion " 34 Haywood St. ERNIE MILLER ' S SHOE SALON " Shoes Of Fashion " WINNER ' S SALON OF BEAUTY Dial 2-6871 ■■ r, 33:. hevilks FINEST HOTELS In Me " tend of the Sky GEORGE f. dRUMBLEY. JR. MANAGER ' ■ " WUUAMD .TURNER: " j , MANAGER . A S Hj,B V ILL E ,. iiTi iitnTI iflJM HAMRICK FEED COMPANY W. B. Pressley, Owner Distributors of Spartan-Quality Feeds 831 Fairview Rd. PLAZA CAFE Biltmore, North Carolina Spring fever STANLEY ' S GRILLE Open from 8 A.M. til 11 P.M. Private Dining Room 6 Miles out on Highway 25 South Dial 64-3947 CHAKALES HOSIERY Sweeten Creek Road Dial 3-6443 WE % Mr. Jenkins ' hobby I I ' m bashful . . . RED DIAMOND OIL CO. The very highest quality gasoline " Jut Brezeale, Mgr. 304 Patton Ave. Meet your friends at " PETERSON ' S GRILL " Gus Nick Peterson, Proprietors 10 North Pack Square THE VENDALL COMPANY Coin Operated Music Cigarette Vending Machines Background Music Service 300 Tunnel Road GARRET MUSIC SHOP Records Record Players 8 Broadway-Corner of College ROGERS PLUMBING HEATING CO. 205 College St. Dial 2-2781 MODERN CLEANERS 437 Biltmore Ave. Dial 2-3261 Branch Office -418 McDowell St. Dial 3-9375 CANDLER FURNITURE CO. JAMES H. DUCKWORTH REALTY CO. " See me for your part of the green earth " 108 College St. Dial 2-6737 Dial MO 7-1615 Candler, North Carolina PEEBLES OIL CO. Kerosene -Fuel Oils Dial MO 7-2316 Candler, North Carolina THREE PIGS DRIVE-IN Dial 9448 217 Biltmore Ave. JIMMY ' S WAFFLE SHOP 76 Haywood St. Dial 2-2215 BILTMORE MANUFACTURING CO. INC. Sweeten Creek Road Dial 3-2373 Hurry ! DO NOT ENTER Let ' s Cut this class. Look what I found I _ PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES CENTER COMPLETE PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTING SERVICE Center Medical Building --86 Victoria Road Asheville North Carolina Marie at work Beautiful in Springtime. Comenowl Picturesque IN MIDTOWN ASHEVILLE Where You Get More of Everything ...And One Trip Does It All! Plenty of Parking WINK ' S DRIVE-IN Shrimp -Chicken -Sandwiches Place a request at our MELODY TOWER Tunnel Rd. Printers Lithographers Binders THE MILLER PRINTING CO. 15 Rankin Avenue Telephone 3-2366 Asheville, North Carolina PARKWAY GULF SERVICE Norman Ayers, Owner Dial 4-9164 Oteen, North Carolina HOLLI HAYNES FASHIONS " Specializing in Ladies Ready to Wear and Accessories in all sizes " 34 Tunnel Rd. Asheville, North Carolina MIDWAY CLEANERS 504 Haywood Road W. Asheville, North Carolina ASHEVILLE-BILTMORE HOTEL Dial 5661 Asheville, North Carolina GARDNER ' S ESSO SERVICENTER FUREY RADIATOR SERVICE Complete Radiator Service Bob Furey, Owner 12 Coxe Ave. Dial 2-2681 Dial Q154 Oteen, North Carolina New Used Cars Recaps TIRE MART " The Best Deal On The Wheel " Sweeten Creek Rd. Phone 4-2530 Bi ltmore, North Carolina O. K. STORES " Every Day Low Prices " 428 Depot St. Emma Road Y.M.C.A. Special rates to A. B. men 2 Woodfin St. Phone 2-4726 Doc working " Doggie " I suggest engineering. COCA COLA BOTTLING CO. Asheville, North Carolina W. A. McELDUFF COMPANY Orthopedic Appliances 168 Patton Avenue Dial 3-9301 WAYNE THOMPSON, INC. Dodge -Plymouth Dealer Dial 3-8425 226 Hilliard St. Asheville, North Carolina TEAGUE ' S SODA SHOPPE Sodas, Milk Shakes 8t Sandwiches 83 Patton Avenue BROADWAY HOSIERY MILL 53 Burton Street West Asheville, North Carolina ENKA SHELL SERVICE Phone Enka 7-9131 RUDY ' S SUPER MARKET West Asheville, North Carolina CANDLER ROLLER RINK Owned and Operated by- Albert Hice and H. D. Luther Week Days 7:30 to 10:30 Sundays 2:00 to 5:00 ALL-SPORTS STORE, INC. Equipment for Athletics, Golf, 8t Tennis Fishing, Boating, Hunting Dial 2-0191 81 Patton Avenue KARR JEWELERS 10 College Street Asheville, North Carolina Fine Foods DIXIE PIT BARBEQUE on the Plaza Biltmore, North Carolina ENKA ESSO SERVICENTER Modern Cold Rubber Recapping Automotive Headquarters in Enka Phone 7-2162 Enka, North Carolina " Dozen mermaids ' ' Autumn Leaves ' Oh! But it ' s deep! : _ __. THE BANK OF ASHEYILLE MAIN OFFICE Pattern Avenue at Pritchard Park COLLEGE STREET BRANCH Across from the Courthouse Phone 2-3841 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION S. E. SANDERS CO., INC. General Merchandise 49 Broadway Dial 3-3019 KENILWORTH SELF-SERVICE DRUG STORE 489 Biltmore Ave. Phone-7681 Asheville, North Carolina POST MACHINERY CO. BROCK ' S ICE CREAM BAR " Milkshakes so thick you have to eat them with a spoon. 167 Lyman Dial 3-2491 ' Christinas at A.B. §■■ Alma Mater Hail to thee, our Alma Mater, Raise thy Banners high; Mighty Asheville-Biltmore College Shall not ever die! Chorus : Honor, glory, praise we bring thee, Hallowed halls so dear; Greater still shall rise thy virtues With each passing year! Hear thy sons. Oh Alma Mater, Give their hearts in song, Unto thee, dear Asheville-Biltmore Mater fair and strong. ¥!G28SSB. ■■ .-S j . 1 " —■y gr - -

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