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m " Sn Archives ummiT 4- UMCA AfcWWes mmm. ,4a :t " !- ' • Sy " -.i We. the students of (Islievi e-(B i tmore Gollecje f Present to ijnii the iqj,H c ifion of— " rnffm » sum Q ditors-in-L hief ELAINE NAIMAN PAT SHERRILL UjLisiness 1 1 ianagers MARY BARKER WILLIAM EBIE CLavertising 1 1 ianagers KATHERINE SEVIER PUBLISHED ANNUALL t WALTER BYERLY . ASHEVILLE-BIL ' ASHEVILLE, NC miT e (Y THE STUDENTS OF ORE COLLEGE fH CAROLINA on tents Book I Introduction Book II Administration Faculty Book III Activities Book IV Sports Book V Classes Book VI Features CJ or ward Long registration lines, forgotten names, happy greetings to old and new students . . . and so began a new at Asheville-Biltmore College. It has been a year of improvement and progress, and it has been our privilege to review this year for you in the 1948 SUMMIT. New clubs formed, our own school newspaper, two regular radio pro- grams, and our first football team in ten years ( and a very successful one! ) ... all this is a part of our Most important of all, however, has been the work done for a four-year college. The administration, faculty, and students began organizing, making speeches, and writing resolutions in support of this plan. The school buzzed with activity, and " Asheville needs a four-year college " was on the lips of every student and faculty member. It is now evident that with the aid of its many friends, Asheville- Biltmore College will grow into a finer and prouder institution. The 1948 SUMMIT portrays the leadmg personalities and high- lights of this eventful year. It is our sincere desire that in years to come you may sit with this book of memories and be proud of the role you played in this vital chapter of the history and progress of Asheville-Biltmore College. cJhe igj S (bdition of cJhe Summit IS Jjeaicatea to OUR DEAN OF WOMEN I firs. Lyornelia Cinn Serota Always ready to give her time and thought in helping us witli our problems, she is a true friend, and we are proud to have been associated with her. D. HIDEN RAMSEY LIBRARY ASHEVILLE-BILTMORE COLLEGE ASHEVILLE. NO ' TH CAROLIN • " ■ " Tirfimmn aiina 1 1 Later uiail! Hail to thee, our Alma Mater, Raise thy banners high; Mighty AsheviUe-Biltmore College Shall not ever die! Chorus: Honor, glory, praise we bring thee. Hallowed halls so dear; Greater still shall rise thy virtues With each passing year! Hear thy sons. Oh Alma Mater, Give their hearts in song. Unto thee, dear Asheville-Biltmore, Mater fair and strong. Honor, glory, praise we bring thee. Hallowed halls so dear; Greater still shall rise thy virtues With each passing year! Nickie Bonarrigo administration and OJacult U IM . .YI ».» .i Mi .i ii . »Mi i i . mw ifr ii i jqrii iT ii Y i r i n-ra yr i irr- i -Hrirwii mrji -jiiHwmtMiimBiwqj ilgBj y ■ 1 1 lessage c rom y iir fj resident The united efforts of students, faculty, the Board of Directors, and friends of Asheville-Biltmore College have made the 1947-48 college year one of marked success. Members of the Class of 1948 have played a leading role in making this success possible. This e.xcellent issue of the Summit records evidence of the enriched college program instituted this year. Increased enrollment, new courses, additional extra- curricular activities, a larger faculty, finer equipment, more adequate library facilities, and extensive improvements to buildings and grounds can be numbered among our gains. But this progress is only comparative. There is much work to be done. A more fitting and complete physical plant — one in keeping with the dignity of our work — is badly needed. And better instructional facilities are essential if we are to serve ade- quately the needs of youth and of the varied interests of the community. The college stands at the threshold of a new era. We hope the days ahead will witness the establishment of a standard four-year senior college in Asheville. Only then will the people of western North Carolina realize the greatest benefits from their most valuable asset — the youth of today and tomorrow. Only then will thousands of the most intelligent young men and women of this section of the state be able to gain a complete college education and thus be able to contribute more effectively in supply- ing vital leadership to the community, state, and nation. May this issue of the Summit stand as an historical link between the old Ashe- ville-Biltmore College and the new, greater Asheville-Biltmore College. May the hopes and aspirations, the dreams and desires of students, faculty, and friends of the college who vow that it will become one of the great institutions of higher learning in the South, be realized. administration LP res I at ent DR. GLEN L. BUSHEY B.S.. Shippensburg State Teachers College. Penn. M.A.. Columbia University Ed.D., Temple University, Penn. SECRETARY MRS. AUDREY GARRISON Ashcvilk-Biltmore CoU. ' re NOT PICTURED REGISTRAR AND BURSAR MRS. JANET FOSTER B.A., University of Michigan [Board Of cJriistees Robert Lee Smith, Chairman Mrs. M. A. James John Carroll Mrs. Natalie Hampton Martin L. Nesbitt Joseph Dave EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS Pierce Henderson J. W. Byers Chairman, Asheville City School Board Superintendent, Asheville City Schools Dr. B. E. Morgan T. C. Roberson Chairman, Buncombe County School Board Superintendent, Buncombe County Schools QJactilt M Top Rnii MISS RUBY BAILEY A.B.. Uiiiversily of Chattanoogtt French and English Bolloni Row MR. W. W. HANAMAN A.B., Wisconsin Mathematics MR. CHARLES BROCK A,B.. Diikc Vttiversity Chemistry MRS. LOIS HARTLEY A.B.. Berea College Mathematics MRS. RUTH M. CARTER A.B., M.A.. University of North Carolina Guidance and Personnel Director MRS. ADELE P. LOWRANCE A.B.. Winthrop College M.A., University of Pittshurgh Commercial Science MR. HERBERT COMAN A.B., Unirersity of South Caro- lina: GraJuate Work at Univer- sity of N. C. Coach and H ' giene QJacuit acuity Top Roil MISS MARY T. MILLER A.B., Woman ' s College, Vniver- sily of North Carolina Spanish MR. A. M. MOSER A.B.. M.A.. University of North Carolina: Graditate Work toiiard PhD. Wisconsin: Work at Penn- sylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Chicago Art Institute. Grand Central Art School. New York City Social Science, Psychology, and German MRS. CORNELIA ANN SEROTA B.S. and M.S.. North Texas State College Science MR. REEVES WELLS A.B.. University of North Carolina Government, Sociology, Economics Bottom Ron MISS GLADYS LOUISE WILLIAMS A.B.. University of North Caro- lina: A. Ai.: Columbia University; B.S. Library Science. Catholic University Librarian MRS. LUTRELLE WISHART A.B.. Randolph-Macon Woman ' i College Enelish FACULTY NOT PICTURED MR. JOHN M. CARTER A.B,, University of Georgia Bookkeeping MRS. KATHLEEN GODWIN A.B.. M.A.. University of North Carolina English MR. A. L. MORLEY B.S.. Carnegie Tech: MS., Penn State Mathematics and Science MR. CLARENCE R. SUMNER Unirersity of North Carolina: Art Student ' s League of New York City Aft and Dramatics MR. FLOYD WOODY B.S.. East Carolina Teachers College Assistant Coach and History :x 3Y = ?? Here ' s our baby! " Now, when I was a boy Pop — always smiling " What ' s a definition tor " folk ' ? " " No erasures. Mr. Goodson. " Tasry dish ' Use the ' phone in the Snack Shop " i Como se llama, beby? Interviewing Wishait " Don ' t you think so? " " The deadline for Blueis is ... " Prof. Hanaman Sweet Serota Surprise. Mrs. Hartley! Senorita Maria Reverend Bailey Test by Serota (!) " frf and juj " Coa h, after a big game a ctimties Student ( ouncil OFFICERS President Frank Messer Vice-President James Hensley Secretary Katherine Sevier MEMBERS Sophomore Representatives Carlisle Davis James Hensley Cecil Roberts Katherine Sevier Freshman Representatives Oliver Freeman Johnny Tipton Bob Vmes Facult)- Representative Mr. A. M. Moser 3. nternationa lOleL ations L Iub OFFICERS 1st Semester President Joe Morris Vice-President Frank Canble Secretary Janette Rosen 2t?d Semester President Frank Cauble Vice-President Harvey Austin Secretary Billie Cobb Norman Bie Nickie Bonarrigo Ray Charbonneau Maxine Fagan Genevieve Gregg Don McMahon MEMBERS Paul Raione Janette Rosen Herb Wallace Josephine Weiss Jack Wiggins Faculty Advisor Mr. A, M. Moser B-: ' :-7J w »w ; t ' M n!mji " n ' i m " . . " «i»m ' w»ag ' i e e It n 4 r-s i " A A. OFFICERS District Director Herbert Wallace Assistant District Director Norman Bie Public Relations Director Paul Raione Speech Chairman Nick Bonarrigo Secretar) ' Genevieve Gregg Chairman, U. W. F. Harvey Austin Chairman. High School Committee Garland Crenshaw MEMBERS Kenneth Baily Billie Cobb — Secretary Ray Charbonneau Peggy Crompton John Giezentanner Charles Keeler Frank Cauble — News Director Don McMahon — Photographer Jim Owen Paul Ritch Jack Wiggins — Radio Director Fiicult) ' Advisor Mr. A. M. Moser e e u n The Statfsvillc Confc-rcncL- Jjebate L ub OFFICERS President John Giezentanner Vice-President Charles F. Keeler Secretary Peggj ' Compton MEMBERS Purpose: Kenneth A. Bailey Pegg} ' Compton John Giezentanner Charles F. Keeler To increase knowledge of current affairs, to foster clear thinking and methodical arrangement of ideas, and to give facility in expression of ideas. Advisor: Miss Rubv Bailev ® ramasm if As OFFICERS President Lucy Woodbury Vice-President Lucille 1 hackston Secretary Nelle Dean Owen MEMBERS Betty Ann Bishop Curtis Cool Peggy Crompton Monty DuPuy Jim Israel Frances Mclntyre T. C. Mull Paul Ritch Tommy Robertson Jack Stewart Lucille Thrash Dick White Shirley Walthers Advisor: Mr. C. R. Sumner (bquareciance cJe earn CHIEF CALLER AND PARTNER Carlisle Davis Barbara Holley MEMBERS Thomas Case Ann Digges Charles Murdock Billie Ray DeVault P. A. Nash Shirley Walthers Edward Currence Eecty Jean Woody Carlisle Davis Mary Bassett Johnny Tipton Betcy Ann Bishop Vance Ashe Lucile Thrash Joe Harrell Barbara Holley Hal Blakely Polly CaldweU Sauarednnce cJt V jmitjjjj tsm l giHi . ' JJ B fcJ! P MI 1 1 % mv ' W %f fB 1 iLfc T |m 1 (pIvL omousos c octefi f ' S ' OFFICERS President Noah Stewart ' I ' ue-President Uean Reynolds MEMBERS Peggy Compton J.ick Robinson Miixine Fagan Joe Schandler Helen Mae Galiimhetk Katherine Sevier Mrs. Lois Hartley lack Stewart ri.iine Naiman Piirpos To further the advancement of music as an educational means of study and culture. Advisor: Or. G ' enn L. Du.shev fJU,o Glul OFFICERS President Oris Shackelton Chief Operator J.ick Wiggins Assistant Operator Philip Stackhoiise Se cretary -Treasurer Bill Hall MEMBERS Harold D. Addison Bruce Dellinger I.onie Deviney Helen Mae Galumbeck Bill Hall Bruce McNeal Charles ). Nelson Graham Price William S. Roth Otis G. Shackelton Philip Stackhoiise- Max C West Jack Wifpins Advisor: Mr. A. I.. Morley Cm SSI en I Coeds OFFICERS President Pat Sherrill Vice-President Katherine Sevier Secretar) ' Bett) ' Ann Bishop Treasurer Billie Cobb Reporter Helen Mae Galiimbeck MEMBERS Mary Barker Mar ' Bassett Polly Caldwell Peggv Compton Billie Ray DeVaiilt Ann Digges June-Hope Dougherty Maxine Fagan Anne Fishburne Lois Fostet Martha Foster Genevieve Gregg Barbara Holley Carmen Martinez Sarah Miles Elaine Naiman Nelle Dean Owen Mary Parham Margaret Dean Reynolds Consuelo Rodriguez Katherine Sheorn Janette Rosen Lucille Thackston Lucille Thrash Shirley Wakhers Martha Jane Wix Lucy Woodbury Betty Jean Wocxly Advisors: Mrs. Cornelia Scrota Mrs. Rurh Carter dMi (classical L oeds (big ma 1 1 iu iri uionomvii 1 1 iatn cfraternttij Cliio B iLiL oi % OFFICERS Palomar H. F. McCurry Archon H. D. WiUs Scribe T. Y. Lee Thesauraus F. Wright Cenrurian R. M. Cheadle Aristotle F. W. Walker Chairman of Constitution G. Price OBJECTS 1. To promote math scholarship 2. To recognize and reward outstanding math ability ' 3. To promote good fellowship among the members Sigma 1 1 iu J i alonnrarij lliatli cfraternttij C Itio MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS 1 . Students of Asheville -Biltmore College 2. All members of highest math class of the College 3. Students with 89% rating in other math classes, upon teacher ' s recommendation •1 Invitation of active members MEMBERS Harold D. Addison B. A. Barrosse H. C. Brown J. F. Burgin William C. Burnette Robert Cheadle George L. Deviney Bob Gregg William Hall Tai Y. L. B. Lowman H. F. McCurry Bruce McNeal Donald Morris F. W. Walker Forrest T. Wells Max West Harry C. Wills Floyd Wright Ermine B. Henderson Advisor: Mr. A. I,. Morley 3 5 o 2 9 5 1 4 1 3 5 3 2 3 13 2 3 17 2 JLe Cerc e c n Yin en IS HlUli- OFFICERS President George Robert Smith Vice-President James C. Hicklin Secretary ' W ' illard Smith MEMBERS Nickie Bonarrigo James P. Morris Milton Currence Eugene Reams Oonald Morris [osephine Weiss Piirpose:To promote knowledge of the French language and of the French-speaking lands and peoples. Advisor: M iss Ruby Bailey G erman Cluh OFFICERS President J. C. Mull Vice-President Harold Johnson Secretary Kiuherine Sevier Treasurer Ciarland Crenshaw MEMBERS June-Hope Douiiherty Maxine Fagan Bruce Jones Tom Keating Neil Major Elaine Naiman Janette Rosen Worth Tombcrlin Dwight Wilson Purpose: To coordinate the uses of the German language in science, literature, and business relation ships with Orman speaking people. Advisor: Mr. A. M. Moser -J os San : ios OFFICERS President Norman Bie ' ice-President jjck Wiggins Secretarj ' Rixi Miller Treasurer Billie Cobb Critic Bart Gregorich Reporter P.111I Raione MEMBERS Mary Barker Walter Byerly Virgilio Compain Peggy Crompron Sarah Miles Joe Morris Frances Mclnr5-re Don McMahon William S. Roth Katherine Sevier Pat Sherrill Advisor: Miss Mary T. Miller cJ os Sab LOS Club Colors: Red, White, and Blue. Motto: Quien no se aventurn, no pasa la mar. Purpose: To learn the spoken language better and to study the customs and literature of Latin Amcricr.n countries. c , ecretana I eu OFFICERS President Katherine Sheorn Vice-President Pat Sherrill Secretar) ' -Treasurer Genevieve Gregg Reporter Bett) ' Jean Woody MEMBERS Vance Aslie Pollv Caldwell Eiliie Ray DeVault Ann Digges Martha Foster Carmen Martinez Elaine Naiman Consuelo Rodriguez Shirley Walthers Martha Jean Wix Purpose: To study the fields of secretarial work in Ashevillc, to sponsor social and athletic activities and to promote school spirit. Advisor: Mrs. Adele P. Lowrance . ? CO-EDITORS Nitholiis Bonairigo Ray A. Charbonnenu MEMBERS Johnnie Lee Brigman Kenneth C. Buchanan Wilbur Devendorf, Jr, June-Hope Dougherty Monty Dii Puy Paul L. Ritch Hunter S. Seahright, Jr Adi-i ' nr Mrs Norman W ' ishai w Cn mi 5 S Gr ler 1st Semester Staff EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Herbert A. Wallace MANAGING EDITOR Oifk Wynne STAFF Nickie Bonarrigo, Asst. Managing Hdirnr Peggy Crompton, Feature Ediair Joe Morris, News Editor Paul Raione, Asst. Feature Editor Ray A. Charbonneau, Sports Editor J. B. Davis, Business Manager Elaine Naiman, Advertising Manager Frank Cauble. Advertising Manager M.ickie McClellan, Exchange Editor Janie Cole, Circulation Manager Ken Hobbs, Staff Photographer Don McMahon, Staff Photographer H. D. Wills, Staff Photographer Advisor: Mrs Kathleen Godwin L ampus ( r ler 2nd Semester Staff EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Herbert Wallace MANAGING EDITOR Niirman Bie STAFF Nickie Bonarrigo, Asst. Managing Fdirnr Paul Raione, News Editor Frank Cauble, Feature Editor Ray Charbonneau, Sports Editor Horace Patry, Sports Editor Smiley Courtney, Business Manager Harvey Austin. Advertising Manager Billie Cobb, Circulation and Exchange Don McMahon, Staff Photographer Harry Wills, Staff Photographer c . utnmit EDITORS-IN-CHIEF Elaine Naiman Pat Sherrill ASSOCIATE EDITORS Maxine Fagan Helen Mae Galiimbeck P. A. Nash Janetre Rosen William S. Roth ART EDITOR Louis F. Weinman, III STAFF PHOTOGRAPHERS Kenneth Hobbs Don McMahon SPORTS EDITOR Horace Patty Si iimmit ADVERTISING MANAGERS Katherine Sevier Walrcr Byerly BUSINESS MANAGERS ' I;lry Barker William Ebie Advisor: Mi:s A!;ry T. Mill;r Nutr ' nine Now wait a minute. " Lost: one atom hrief organ interlude Migh note Cheer, cheer, for Taking it eas ' Party tor the young ' uns 12 o ' clock noon Celehrarine our victories The Power hehinJ the Throne Basking in the sun The Dougherr ' daughter Paul ' s boss A rose between two thorns W ' h.ii " ' ; the trouble. ' ' Hit ths bulls eve Sshhh .... The oiJ prospector What the r ' phoon blew iii. ( no lis ( heerleadi ers Shirley Walthers Lucille Thrash Barbara Holley Charles Murdock Berr)- Ann Bishop Benv Jean Woody Man,- B;:ssert S jonsnrs Ann Digges Mrs. Jackie Roberts Katherine Sheorn Mackie McClellan Billie Ray DeVaiilt Terr ' Bingham cJhe igjfS UjuUdogs COACH Herbert Coman This year, for the first time in ten years. Asheville- Bihmore Collpoe had a football team to represent them m Junior Collef ' e competition. And what a team! The Bull- dogs did not lose a single conference - ame, and had only one tie to mar their record and keeo them from grabbing the state crown. Our two ambitious young coaches. Herb Coman and Floyd Woody, had only a short time to prepare a team which could stand up against such powerhouses as Mars Hill, Catawba, and Georgia Military. The " Monday morn- ing quarterbacks " in Asheville were quoted as saying it was imnossi ' l ' for ABC to win more than a game or two the first year with all the football talent going to Mars Hill or some four-year schools in North Carolina. The pessimistic lownfolk nevertheless gathered at Me- morial Stadium to witness Coach Coman ' s " pore lil boys " try to hold the score down with Gardner-Webb. The game ended with the s:ore-board showing the shocking results. It read: A-B. 13; G-W, 0. The ' Monday morning athletes " were a bit befuddled. The Bulldog powerhouse moved on with their bruising 190 pound forward wall impregnable, and their backs whisking through ample openings with split second timing. Like shooting stars they crossed the opposite goal line. The scores read: A-B 12, Brevard 6; A-B 12, Lees Mc- Crae 6; A-B 12, Mars Hill ()■ A-B 37, Blue Ridge 0; A-B 19. Catawba " B " 13. After this impressive streak, the Bulldogs were held to a 0-0 tie with Presbyterian Junior College. Now, with injuries mounting, the Bulldogs filled the hard end of their schedule, meeting Gordans Military. Georgia Military, and Hiawassee. We lost all three, hut make no excuses, all three teams being of top calibre, and our line only a shadow of its former self, with two tackles, one guard, and two ends being on the sidelines with iniuries. Ending the season with a 6 wins, 3 losses, and 1 tie record, we can feel proud of this, our first team in ten years. Next year, with most of our lettermen returning, we are hoping for even greater things. While we ' re praising the pigskin sky high, let us not forget the boys of the hardwood who rounded out our athletic program in fine fashion. Faced with the problem of moulding a winning basket ball team. Coach Floyd Woody had no small task, with boys coming from every school in Western North Carolina who never played together before. Nevertheless, ABC looked impressive in winning their first game over Sodaland ' s team at the City Auditorium. After this game, the Bulldogs moved along slowly, dropping two heart-breakers to Brevard and Mars Hill by a sinele point. After a drastic shakeup in the lines, the Terriers came to life with a bang, defeating Brevard. Lees McCrae, and Gardner-Webb in return games. This fine 47-4S representative of ABC basketball won 4 and lost 6 in Junior C- Ilege Conference competition, and lost out after a hard battle in the state tournament. Four losses this season were bv one point, and Lady Luck seemed to be looking the other way in all our close games. Although boasting only a fair season, the end of the season saw the Bulldogs working as a well-oiled combina- tion, and they stamped themselves as definite championship calibre next season. Congratulations to Coarh Wondy first year as head man in basketball. for a fine job in his Unfortunately, baseball practice smarted too late to make the annual but nothing sive a winner could come out of S ' l-h a coT-hing combination as coaches Coman and " Pot) " Carter. The latter is snorts business manager, but has 2) years of coachin behind him, and he m de everyone hap; ' y when he agreed to help with the baseball team. ASSISTANT COACH Floyd Woody cJhe igjfS c ooflxill cjquaci ' 3 ■V- " ' ifi. JlgjB 1 r - CO-CAPTAIN Bob Cline CO-CAPTAIN Joe Harrell CUARDS J.imes rinrnin lifri)ii Dozifr I ' d H.imll J ' aiil Hnrris H;iriiKI fdhnson Joe Keen;m Bnii Vinr CENTERS Pete Brittinn William N.iil Tommy Roberrsnn TACKLES Bob Cline Tiylor Greene George Sarti Tom Walton NDS Don Baldwin Jack Brinkky Sunny Camcror larry Carter oe Mcintosh Arnold Phillips Charles Richardson Crawford Willonghhy oJlw igjfS .udsketndll oJeam Don Baldwin Jack Brinkely Larry Carter l- ' erett Clontz Jim Hensley Russell Moncyham Horace Parn, ' Arnold Phillips C-raham Price Kenneth Rudeen John Tipron Hon W ' arthen MANACHR: Julian U. CAPTAIN Graham Price Ter propuUinn Kill him!! Where ' s the hall ' Warch those Biiltdoes chartie Crnt It ' " Get ir! The two chiefs. Where ' s the rest of the team. Re. I You mfssed. You tell ' em. Coach! ? points for us! (ill Let ' s go Jesse r got ihc tenm. m " " CL asses S n i i (em or lit in J •r 111 (Tarter Ullin-19- oJhe igjfH cfreshman President Johnny Tipton Vice-President Edward Currence Secretary Genevieve Gref;!; QJrcsh man William R. Cooke, .It. J. Curtis Cool Chester W. Crisp PegpV Crompton Eilwarii Currence Milton Currence Charles Daiton John Dahnn Henry Bruce Dellingcr Ann Di »ges June-Hope Dou.qlierty Tanies Dover Chiton Dozier Harvey EUiottc Roy E. Ellis M;ixine Pagan CJre h men Charles A. Bahc-r. Ir Donald Baldwin Mary Bassett Bettv Ann Bi- hop BhA ' cIy I.n.k Brank lack Brinklcv Turn Brown Dallas Camphcll Lawrence Cnrlaml. Ir Larry Carter Thcimas Case Billie Cnhb William Ralph Codv, jr. Charlene Comptoit Tatk 1. ( (innor C resh men Anne lisliburne Martha Foster James E. Freeman Oliver Freeman Htl:n Mae Galjmheck Walter Glance Paul Greene Genevieve Greqg Orville Harrison William D. HoKlen Barbara Holley Ruhert Hu.qhes Charles Keeler Louise Lineherry Ray McCrain Raymonii McCTain C resh men Don McMahon Frances Mclntyre DevonJ Maney Russell Moneyham Charles Murtlock William M. Nail George Nicholson Roland Owen Mary Parham Burgin Patton Horace Patty Arnnlii Phillips George Phillips Sam Pierce Robert Presslcy Janette Rosen CJresh man Kenneth Rudeen Joseph Schandler Katherine Sheorn Philip Srackhouse James Tabor Lucile Thrash John Tipton Joseph Tucker Robert Tucker Robert Vines Shirley Walthers Fnink Wamslev DnusUss Wells Ri:harJ White Jack E. Wityiins Joe Williams C resh men James Willin ham Crawford Willou.ahhy Martha Jane Wix Liu ' v Wooilhnr ' Rcrtv Jean Wonilv FRESHMEN NOT PICTITRED Robert Alexander Rufus F. Allison, jr. James W. Ard James E. Ashe, Jr. Harry L. Ballew Johnie Brigman Jack Brown Kenneth C. Buchanan Ruftner Campbell Richard L. Capps Vance Cheek Johnny Davis Monty DuPuy Paul A. Fontaine Jack Gilbert Bill Goodson Clyde Hensley Harold Hicks Fred Hightower Lloyd Hindman F-ank Holt William Holt Harold Johnson Bruce Jones George Joyner Thomas Keating Clyde Leeson De Vere Lentz Dwight McDevitt Joe Mcintosh William Mauk Joseph Mehaffey Sarah Miles Jack Mitchell James Pitts Alger Rainwater William Reid Walter Roberts Jack Robinson James Robinson Carl Sandlin George Sarti Henry Simpson William Smith Scott Sullivan Willard Sullivan Worth Tomberlin C D. Trexler L. F. Weinman David White Dwight Wilson Richard Wynne Special Sfuaenff: ifc. .. Vance Ashe VTalter Thomas Baker Ralph Bansback Pollv Oianell Virgilis Compain Smiiey Courtney ' Fred Dale, Jr. Bart Gre.corish Leoner Kreps Carmen Marline? Xell Dean Owen ( onsjfln Rotlri.ciiez NOT PICTURED Har ' ey Austin ' illiam Davis Wilbur Devendorf Ja;k Penley Josephine Wci« dJhe igjfS Sophomore President James Hensley Vice-President Nicholas Bonarrigo Secretary Kenneth Bailey Soph ' onioivs Top Row HAROLD DESMOND ADDISON Des Cindidare for B. S. in Engineerinc Pawcucket, R. I. KEN ' XETH A. BAILEY Ken Candidate for A. B. in I_iw AsheviUe. N. C. MARY ELIZABETH BARKER V.nrrjy Cindidace for A. B. in Liberal Art5 Sheron, Conn. NORMAN BIE Candidate for A. B. in Liberal Arts Tampa. Florida Bottom Row TERRY S. BINGHAM Terrjiice Candidate for Junior College Diploma Rhinelander. Wise. NICHOLAS A. BONARRIGO Nickie Candidate for A. B. in Liberal Arrs Salem. N. J. HARRY C. BROWN Candidate for B. S. in Industrial Engineering West Asheville. N. C. ' ROBERT E. BROWN Bob Candidate for B. S. in Commerce Asheville. N. C. c boph pi loniores Top Row WILLIAM T. BROWN 5 7 Candidate for B. S. in Commerce Asheville, N. C. WALTER E. BYERLY Walt Candidate for A. B. in Business Administration Asheville, N. C. HUBERT B. CARTER Hugh Candidate for A. B. in Liberal Arts Asheville, N. C. FRANK LANE CAUBLE Frankie Candidate for A. B. in Business Administration Asheville, N. C. Bottom Roiu ROBERT McCORMICK CHEADLE Bob Candidate for B. S. in Engineering Rockford, 111. ROBERT R. CLINE Chuck Candidate for A. B. in Business Administration Statesville, N. C. GARLAND BAKER CRENSHAW Babe Candidate for B. S. in Dentistry Charlottesville, Va. WILLIAM CARLISLE DAVIS Lyle Candidate for B. S. in Commerce Asheville, N. C. Soph ' o mo res Top Row BILI.IE RAY DeVAULT Willie CanJiJate for A. B. in Business Adminiscration AsheviUe. N. C. GEORGE LOUIE DEVINEY Siich Candidate for B. S. in Textiles Spindale, N. C. DONALD ROBERT DILLINGHAM Don Candidate for A. B. in Liberal Arts Asheville, N. C. WILLIAM H. EBIE Bill Candidate for A. B. in Business Administration Berlin, New Hampshire Bottom Rati ' JAMES L. GARRISON ]im Candidate for A. B. in Business Administration Morganton, N. C. JOHN H. GIEZENTANNER Giezy Candidate for A. B. in Liberal Arts Vista. Tenn. ALLAN P. GRANT Pete Canelidate for B. S. in Commerce Asheville. N. C. DONALD HANEY Don Candidate for A. B. in Foreign Affairs Asheville, N. C. nnph f omores Top Roil ' Bottom Roir JOSEPH T. HARREI.T. Joe Candidate fi r B. S. in Commerce Aslieville, N. C. JAMES WAYNE HENSI.EY Big Jim Candidate for A. B. in Business Administration Yancey Coimty, N. C. JAMES C. HICKLIN Jmi Candidate for A. B. in French Bd " emoor, S. ( " . — KENNETH B. HOBBS Ken Candidate for B. S. in Pharmacy Appalachia, Va. JAMES ANTHONY ISRAEE Izzy Candidate for A. B. in Journahsm Baltimore, Md. ROBERT EARL JONES Bobby Candidate for B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Meridian, Miss. TAl Y. LEE Candidate for B. S. in Architecture China WALTER D. LEWIS, JR. Lo iie (Candidate for B. S. in Electrical Engineering Asheville, N. C. Soph o mo res Top Row LEON B. LOWMAN Leo Candidate for B. S. in Engineering Hickory, N. C. ' HARTSELL FORD McCURRV Mack r.nndid.ue for B. S. in Chemistry Beelog, N. C. BRUCE McNEAl. AUc Candidate for B. S. in Engineering Micaville, N. C. NEIL R. MAJOR Candidate for B. S. in Chemistry Antonio, Colorado Bottom Roir JULIAN MAY Mater Candidate for A. B. in Business Administration AsheviUe, N. C. W. FRANK MESSER Stick Candidate for B. S. in Engineering Asheville, N. C. JACK ROBERT MICHAEL M insey Candidate for A. B. in Liberal Arts Asheville, N. C. RODERICK WOODROW MILLER Rod Candidate for B. S. in Merchandising Aurora, 111. c)oph f lomores Tnp Rnir STANLEY PATTERSON fnORE Candidate for B. S. in Commerce Charlotre, N. C. DONALD E. MORRLS Dm, Candidate for B. S. in Engineering Aslieville. N. C. JAMES PHILIP MORRIS Phil Candidate for A. B. in Foreign Affairs Asheville, N. ( " . JESSE M. MOSS Jess Candidate for B. S. in Engineering Asheville, N. C. Bn tnii! Rnir JOHN C. MULL ;. C. Candidate for A. B. in Law Weaverville, N. C. ELAINE MIRIAM NAIMAN htiiey Canilidatc for A. B. in Anthropology Aslieville, N. C. PAUL ARNOLD NASH P. A. Candidate for A. B. in History Marion, N. C . CHARLES JOHN NELSON P g Candidate for B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering Shadyside, Ohio Soph o mo res Top Rriu- EDWARD G. PEARCE Ed Candidate for A. B. in Liberal Arts Edenton, N. C. DONALD WILLIAM PENLAND Dn,} Candidate for A. B. in Business Administration Asheville. N. C. M. GRAHAM PRICE Curly Candidate for B. S. in Structural Engineering Wilson Hills, N. C. PAUL FRANCIS RAIONE Candidate for A. B. in Liberal Arts New York. New York Bottom Ron- MARGARET DEAN REYNOLDS Dejt! Candidate for B. S. in Biology Asheville. N. C. CHARLES E. RICHARDSON Charlie Candidate for A. B. in Business Administration Asheville, N. C. PAUL LIVINGSTON RITCH Candidate for A. B. in Liberal Arts Charlotte. N. C CECIL LOYD ROBERTS Candidate for B. S. in Physical Education Asheville. N. C. Soph o mo res Trip Rnir TOMMY ROBERTSON Satchel ( " .incliil.ite for B. S. in R;idu) Techndldfjy Buffulo, New York BERNIE B. ROBIN Rnhu ' randichite fur B. S. in Textile Ens inecrin " Asheville, N. C. WIT.I.TAM STANLEY ROTH Bill r.iniliJ.uc for A. B. in Liberal Arrs New " ' ork. New York ROBERT L. RUSSELL Rnu rnndiilite for B. S. in Geology Aqiione, N. C. Britlnm Rnir KATHERINE LOUISE SEVIER Sever Candidate for B. S. in Biology OTIS GEORGE SHAKEI.TON ShiU ' k Candidate for B. S. in Electrical Engineering Asheville. N. C. PATRICIA ANNE SHERRIl.L Pal C:indidarc for A. B. in Liberal Arts Asheville, N. C. ROY ALDEN SHOCK, JR. Herky Candidate for B. S. in Commerce Asheville. N. C. Soph ' omores Top Rnif GEORGE ROBERT SMITH Bob Candidate for B. S. in Commerce- Hickory Grove, S. C. ROBERT HOWARD SMITH Hone C-jndidate for A. B. in Business Administration W. Columbia, S. C. CHARLES H. STANTON Yank Candidate for B. S. in Commerce Swannanoa, N. C. JACK STEWART Candidate for A. B. in Advertising Gastonia, N. C. Bnitnm Rntr NOAH ARNOLD STEWART Candidate for B. S. in Biology AsheviUe, N. C. MARY LUCILLE THACKSTON Lucy Candidate for A. B. in Liberal Arts Spartanburg, S. C MARION F. TOMS Candidate for A. B. in Liberal Arts Biltmore, N. C. FRED WILLIAMS WALKER Joe Candidate for B. S., Chemical Engineering Bridgeport, Alabama iiAl c oph . 9i ' o mo res To J Rnu ' ■Sr.TH THOMAS WALTON, ]R. Honk Ciindidate for A. B. in Business Administration Charlotte, N. C. DONALD WARTHEN Don Candidate for A. B. in Libera! Arts Maryland FORREST TALMADGE WELLS Candidate for B. S. in Chemistry Asheville, N. C. MAX C. WEST Candidate for B. S. in Diesel Engineering Asheville, N. C. Bottoti? Rnti ' CARL THOMAS WHITTON Candidate for B. S. in Psychology Rock Hill, S. C. JAMES C. WILSON F iig s Candidate for A. B. in Liberal Arts Asheville, N. C. FLOYD DONALD WRIGHT Candidate for B. S. in Civil Engineering Asheville, N. C. B. A. Barrosse, Jr. Joseph E. Bowles James F. Burgin William L. Burnette Ray A. Charbonneau William Taylor Charnock Henry Everett Clontz Robert Gregg William Hall Ermine Henderson SOPHOMORES NOT PICTLFRED Herbert Holzworth Charles Lamb Thomas Lipe T;imes Miller Joseph Morris Paul Nichols Grant Owen James Owen James Patterson Hiden RL msey James Ramsey Eugene Reams William Robinson Hunter Seabright Carl Sims Wiliard Smith Henry Lee Thrash Herbert Wallace Jarrett Washington Harry D. Wills In the basement Now, let me think Five minute break dl.imoLir boys Santa Paul Protective coloring Spring picnic When was this? Tap Roots. Snack Shop, Fashion Show -4 Ten little ( v hi name it) Had a hit; night, ' ' 1 hmk It will hokl up? .■ rt room motlels Ziriogy : b Out ol a dream Where ' s the food? Pat humming a riJe, as us.;al Exe:utives at rest Vou know it too? I Tcsh out of comments Superlafiv iip es Most Li.kel) to Succeed Man ' Barker J c; Mull Most Personality Katherine Sevier Frank Messer Most Friendly Elaine Naiman Nick Bonarrigo Most Dependable Pat Sherrill William Ebie Superlatives " ' .f SifS t ' ' ' 1 ii, »fl IT Cbick Coed and Joe College ■ ' " Katherine Sevier Joe Harrell Most School Spirit Mary Barker James Hensley Best Dressed Billie Ray DeVaulr Lee Thrash Best All- ' Rouna Pat Sherrill Graham Price ;_ yv :n tili i- T - • AIo.rr Athletic Dean Reynolds Bob CHne Tirst cry hahies Sweet and lovely Ain ' t 1 something. ' Bihmore ' s own Rhett Butler A thing of beauty is a joy forever. I.ady of fashion. Art sharks After the ball is over Made It! Well. uh. my father was an in- ventor ' um, yum. yimil Brrrrr Stuffed! No better luck was had Dot) Juan Talman Office Supply, Inc. Telephone 2105 EIGHT COLLEGE STREET ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA MEET ME AT; rTTff H 6d PER ' $ jrmL DINETTE Opposite McCormick Field For Lunch - Snack - Dinner Curb Service Naiman Company ELECTRICAL Fixtures - Crystal - Appliances Lamps 92-94 Haywood Street . Phone 2183 Asheville, N, C. PUBLIX BAMFORD THEATRES INCORPORATED Office of C. R. BAMFORD, General Monager ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA Moke The Army Store Your Headquarters for Sporting Goods and Sportsweor , JSPAFTOIVAVI THRU lOCOllFOl ST. KILPATRICK SON, INC. " Dur ScfiieUrs " SUCCESSORS TO CHAS. E. HENDERSON, Inc. 62 Haywood Asheville, N. C. MATTHEWS MOTOR SALES ' There ' s No Place Like Home for Ford Service ' Battery Pork Hotel Synonymous With Asheville Since 1886 Be Wise ' Enjoy, Relax, Play, Exercise, and Keep Fit Call, Write, or Phone for Details Y. M. C. A. Special Rates to Asheville-Biltmore Men TRY LUCKY DAY FLOUR (just better) YOUR COW SHOULD TRY MILK FLO DAIRY FEED Ned Wheeler Brokerage Company DISTRIBUTORS Ard ' s Etta Harper Method Beauty Shop 22 Wall Street Phone 4844 H. Lang Co. Wholesale Distributors Candies, School Supplies, Paper Products 70 N Market St. Phone 317 (NEXT DOOR TO THE ASHEVILLE-BILTMORE HOTELi REUSING ' S 34 Battery Park Ave. Asheville, N. C. FRIGIDAIRE ELECTRIC REFRIGERATION FRIGIDAIRE ELECTRIC RANGES COMBUSTIONEER STOKER BENDIX HOME LAUNDRY Asheville ' s Newest B B Grill Drive-in 301 Merrimon Ave. Specializing In CHICKEN, STEAKS CHOPS WE NEVER CLOSE CIJiZENrTIMES ' VhIV ' Fo o - SHEVILLE.N.C. Galumbeck and Co. Asheville, N. C. Wholesale Dry Goods and Notions Compliments of Harry ' s Cadillac Pontiac Compliments of Dr. H. A. Hutchins BREAKSTONE ' S Sour Cream Creamed Cottoge Cheese Whipped Sweet Butter — Cream Cheese Genuine Aged New York State Cheese Sold exclusively by Schondler ' s Oak Street Cash Store, Inc. FOODMASTER Phone 2557 - 2558 47 Oak St. A Complete Assortment of Kosher Delicatessen Smoked Fish and Pumpernickel Bread coMPiiMr.NTS or ASHEVILLE DIAPER SERVICE 412 Southside Complhnenis of S. H. Kress and Co. Compliments of KEITH ' S Tunnel Esso Station Phona 9549 250 Poplar St Complimenis of Dunn And Groce Funeral Home 3209 PHONES 3210 756 HAYWOOD ROAD ASHEVILLE, N C. Beaumont Furniture Company Incorporated THE HOME OF FURNITURE VALUES Stoves. Ranges. Floor Cotenngs. Household Specialties No. 27 Biltmore Avenue Asheville, N. C Compliments of FINKELSTEIN ' S 7 S, W Pack Square Asheville, N. C. Compliments of Sears Roebuck and Co. 48 Haywood Street ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA WLOS and WLOS - FM THE VOICE OF MOUNTAIN MIKE FOR THE FINEST IN RADIO ENTERTAINMENT IT ' S MUTUAL IN THE WLOS - FM BATTERY PARK 104.3 WLOS 1380 I JTRAIIWAVSI Smoky Mountain Troilways Asheville, N, C. Standard Motor Sales AUTOMOBILES BOUGHT and SOLD 180 College Street Asheville, N. C, OWN YOUR OWN HOME " Whether Yoii Rent or Whether Yon Bin) Yon Pay for the Home Yon Occnpy " 78 Patton Ave. Phone 2581, 8603 At Your Service - - Don Renfro, Word Mcintosh, B. L. Bullard, Carl Hall H. E. (Bill) PROPES, Owner L. G. Cheek Vance Cheek Compliments of CHEEK CLEANERS AND DYERS PICK UP AND DELIVERY SERVICE 409 Depot Street Phone 1237-J COMPl.lMV.NTS OF DAVE STEEL CORP. «■ Have a Coke Morrison ' s, Inc. 535 Merrimon Ave. Asheville, N. C. Monteoth ' s Gulf Service " Business is a Pleasure " Patton at Ashelond Avenue THE ALL -SPORTS STORE 81 Patton Ave. " Everything For Every Sport " Wilson MacGregor Goldsmith Athletic Equipment i»fl r OM CAUsricr (XTSt.CENTU Ifi llMillliit lxlT«-Hnci«al in DbintMMa Pinner ' s Drug Store 61 9 Haywood Road Telephone 425 West Asheville, N. C. Ud Co7)ipliment5 of E. S. Street Co. Compliments of Compliment! of The MAN Store Asheville, N. C, A STYLE MINDED STORE FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY Compliments of Radford Drug Store Wick-Honcock iV2 Wall Street Asheville, N. C. Telephone 3533-J JEWELERS ENGRAVERS WATCHMAKERS Compliments of FORTLNFS PAINT HARDWARE CO., INC. 727 Haywood Road Asheville, N. C. Telephones: 3-5346 . 3-5347 Grovitt - Book Crouch Drug Store CARPENTER- WATTHEW RADIATOR REPAIR WELDING A M GARAGE JACK F BROWN, Prop GENERAL MECHANICAL WORK Bed Fender Work - Painting 24-Hour Wrecker Service Phones 79 - 80 — Night 80 or 1953-J 12 Brevard Rood Asheville Churngold Sales Company " Diitribiilnr of fine Fn rjf " 170 Ponon Ave., Asheville, N C Stondard ESSO Deoler SHEPPARD ESSO SERVICE Washing — Polishing — Greasing Our Sole Ambition Is To Pleose 29 E Hovwood Rd. Phone 699 ASHEVILLE, N. C inntr INCORPORATED NATIONALLY KNOWN MERCHANDISE " Eier-iihiiis For The Sporttmjn " ASHEVILLE SPORTING GOODS STORE 14 North Pock Squore Asheville, N C. Complete Line of Athletic Equipment and Sportswear ScHrafftJs " The Nation ' s Leading Candies ON SALE AT GOOD STORES EVERYWHERE $1.00 - $1.75 Morgan Bros., Tnc. Wholesale Distributors 67 Broadway, Asheville, N. G. fCandwis Delicious Food THE BOOTERY 9 Patton Ave. QUALITY FOOTWEAR at S FlELDJS Compliments of Qoodes DRUG STORE Going Service Station Ook at Woodfin Sinclair-Ize For Safety Tires, Batteries Accessories Holsum Baking Co. Green Brothers Furniture 40 College Street DEALERS IN GOOD FURNITURE AT LOW PRICES EASY TERMS Phone 75 Asheville, N. C. Towne House Doughnuts BEST IN TOWN Wholesale Retail 420 Haywood Rd. Asheville, N. C Tel. 20419 Asheville, N. C. DAVIS-FLOWE OPTICAL COMPANY A-G STORES Charmil Hotel Building There Is One In Your 33 Broodway P Box 1 170 Neighborhood ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA Moke Ivey ' s your downtown heodquarters . . . you ' re always welcome here Because Ivey ' s is just as much interested in showing you courteous, friend- ly service as in selling some- thing to you. Come often I ' EZS2S HOME OF SKYLAND FASHIONS ' Trade Mark Reg. 64 Patton Avenue Buford-Lange Companv, Inc. Wholesale Only Candies Specialties Paper Products Telephone 7010 Cigars Drug Supplies Fountain Supplies 66 Broadway " On The Square " Diamonds - Watches - Jewelry Piedmont Pipe Supply Corp. A Complete Line of PLUMBING SUPPLIES KITCHEN CABINET SINKS ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES 53 Broadway Phone 7503 Best Wishes for the Class of 1948 AMERICAN ENKA CORPORATION Compliment! oj McRory and Son, Inc. 1 98 Clingman Ave. Phone 270 Complimenls of VOGUE FURRIERS 42 Haywood St. Asheville, N. C. Compliments of Sherwin-Williams Company 76 Patten Ave, Phone 6700 PAINTS WALL PAPER AND ART MATERIALS Complete Line fo Sportswear David ' s Men ' s Shop 5 Hoywood St, Asheville, N C. EXCLUSIVE MEN ' S WEAR Compliments oj GRACE SUPPLY COMPANY Citizens Hardware and Supply Co. PAINT — GLASS BUILDING SUPPLIES LAWN AND GARDEN SUPPLIES 841 Merrimon Avenue Asheville, N. C. — Anders -Rice Funeral Home AMBULANCE SERVICE Phone 1035 Work and Dress Clothing for the Family Asheville, Murphy, Franklin and Lenoir, N. C. Compliments of The Camera House To THE GRADUATING CLASS OF ' 48 Compliments of Patton ' s Grocery Store 815 Haywood Rd. West Asheville Pharmacy 414 Haywood Rd. West Asheville, N. C. « « All Registered Pharmacists Delivery Ideal Drug Store 733 Haywood Rd. West Asheville, N. C. COMPLIMENTS OF MAY ' S MARKET FINEST IN FOOD 747 HAYWOOD ROAD 275 BROADWAY ASHEVILLE, N C. Phone 251 Compliments of Rollins Drug Store Robinson ' s Prescription Druggists Flower Shop 4 Battery Park Place Asheville, N. C. 233 Mcntford Ave. Asheville, N. C. Glosses Repaired Prescriptions Filled Burton ' s Opticicns 514 Flatiron Building Telephons 1976 Asheville, N. C. Coniplinicnts of Edwin Burge Carolina Tire " YOVR SHOP. M IN " Retreading Co. 168 College St. ASHEVILLE ' S LEADING SHOE STORE FOR MEN AND WOMEN ESTABLISHED 1932 Phcne 1037 Asheville, N. C. 7 Haywood i J The individual pictures and the group pictures in this annual were made by HOWARD ' S STUDIO Congratulations to The Class of 1948 ASHEVILLE FISH CO. 16-18 North Pack Square MEATS, POULTRY, BUTTER, EGGS, FRUITS, VEGETABLES AND FANCY FOODS Cfimplinients of NATIONAL PHOTO SUPPLYJNC. Cameras - Equipment - Supplies Brunswick Billiard Parlor 4 Coxe OPEN ALL DAY NEW LOCATION CrnnplinicvU of One-Stop Food Market 819 Haywood Rd. COMPLIMENTS OF DIXIE PKINTINe CCMPANT - ' ► !U r = a ' 1 mm- i ' ». li ; «-i .ipd Li ?c .so. Willi ninnij In ' nnij nwDioncs. f w cSoplionioivs bid i oti good-[ iie. IJOll (J( njc. _ v v ri |ggl|jg | j

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