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CHARIOT vV « " .v ♦ • • ♦ % Chariot As 1986-1987 year progressed, the new things on campus and in our lives blossomed. This book is dedicated to all those things that were new. VOLUME 24 University of New Haven West Haven, CT 06516 The Contemporary . . . O above: The banner bandits are coming above, right: The brothers at work. below, right: The meeting of the minds. right: Anticipating the victory. U.N.H. IN A CLASS BY ITSELF This topic truly summarizes the uniquely structured college we attend. U.N.H. is not only known for its ability to make incoming and currently enrolled students feel right at home, but in fact serves as a stepping stone to the gates of success. Our students benefits from the closely supervised class room ses- sions and the student to teacher relationship. Most importantly U.N. hi. shows a deep interest in the educa- tional and personal growth of the student. Therefore, I say to you, the fellow Chargers when you think of your Alma Mata think of its excellences. Original . . . O r i s; aitt.. : ' £ s : ' i uiM x- m above: " The winning pitch " top: It ' s a base hit. left: Get ready for the play below: Go, Fight, Win! In 1986-87, UNH experienced a brand new era in Divis ion II sports. The girdiron team came off one of the best seasons in several years. The soccer, volleyball and basketball teams came off great as usual. Our men ' s basketball team had its best showing in UNH history as it en- tered the NCAA ' s. The greatest achieve- ment for UNH was when the lady Char- gers hoopster team defeated Cal-Poly Pamona (77-75) to capture a NCAA Divi- sion II Championship. o above: All Always interested in seeing their students make it. Unique left: Baseball coach " Porky " Viery after a long days work. During the academic school year of 1986- 1987, the University of New Haven said its farewell wishes to a few old faces and welcome to new faces and new changes. At the end of the fall semester came about a change in the food service department on campus. The change was due to the resignation of Geoff Ramsey and Da vid Murphy. In addition to these changes the university has employed new management staff In administration: Benevento to Carilli, — Caruso to Everhart, — UNH security to UNH Police department, — Don Scott, director of security to Chief of Police In DSC: Santucci to Bucci, Other changes: — more students living on campus, — more social activities, — Housing office to Residential life and Charger Tavern to Charger Cafe. above: Tennis coach giving advice left: The place where decisions are made. rand New . . . O C " • m • 1 J K f " V above: Get into the Groove The social calender at U.N.H was a very special part of the way we lived. The 1986- 1987 school year gave us con- certs by top name performers, dances and mixers with the best bands and D.j.s, lectures for the intelect and block- buster movies to arouse our sense. To add to the list, the U.N.H theater depart- ment has become one of the best in the area drawing actors and viewers from around the nation. When others ask us how did we get so socially enriched, we explain that it ' s nothing new. top: Butterflies are free above: Southside Johnny the Jukes The Totally Different . . . O above: " Say cheese ' How do college students differs ' College students are unique, career oriented — They go to classes, while balancing check books, doing internships, studying, working 2- 3 part-time jobs, eating, sleeping, skipping classes, protesting, learning to cope with roommates, preregistration, finals, spring break, graduation, job hunt for seniors, fresh- men orientation, term papers, wearing the Yight " clothes, attending meetings, belonging to clubs, helping fellow peers, having a good time, finding that special someone — not find- ing that special someone, going to beach par- ties, making noise in the library, and most of all developing long lasting friendships. fkipi riCf an l A 1« » » ♦ How do we live ? Where do we live 1 With whom do we live with { ' What will I do with my spare time ? The enrollment of U.N.H is almost 2000. This number keeps the bonds that lasts a lifetime. We live together, laugh together and cry together This is what makes U.N.H community strong. For those on the outside looking in we invite them to our house to learn whats new. Unfamiliar Living Spaces The Move on Campus I get to this school and I ' m the first person to move into the dorm. It ' s cold, dark and I haven ' t the foggiest idea who my roommate may be. Oh God! I hope I don ' t get a slob or a junkie for a room- mate. Oh, Oh! 1 got an athelete from New- ark for a roommate. I hope he doesn ' t wreck the place. Wouldn ' t you know it, I got a lacrosse player for a roommate too and he ' s a very mellow guy. I ' m really getting psyched now because I have a great roommate, classes are going well, and I have my own kitchen. Yeah!, can you believe it? I thought that a dorm room was four walls and a closet. It ' s too bad that the freshmen have to suffer. Oh well, better luck next year. When study time comes, I just go to the study corner, (thank God those la- crosse guys are practicing) When its time to relax, I can blast my stereo and stump my feet like the guys upstairs. Then when its time to party we empty that old refrigerator of ours and fill it with half a keg. I ' ll tell ya, I wish home was like this. above: Volleyball anyone? ♦ ♦ ♦ • 4 !5 left: " unregistered guest " below: " A change of pace " above: " A big one coming up " left: Yeah! ♦ fe. : " ; rr. - What am I gonna do next? r above: Make my day . above: Hey, How is it up there? above: Reach out and touch someone. Some Good Old Fun . . . Life On Campus STUDENT LIFE AT U.N.H. WHAT IT ' S ALL ABOUT Along with being an educational insti- tution, U.N.H. offers many opportunities for personal growth. First of all, college life is what you make it and at U.N.H., there is a lot of potential to make it good. The Day Student Government and other organizations which each and very stu- dent is urged to get involved with spon- sor various social and educational func- tions such as, lectures, beach parties, movies, dances, theatre performations, concerts, magicians and the list can go on and on. These functions all add to the enjoyment of life at U.N.H. One major advantage to U.N.H being a small school is the close knit relationships students have of each other. U.N.H. is a breeding ground for long term friendships and quality students. For those of us who like the challenge of new technology, a game room com- posed of numerous video games along with a pool table and ping pong tables. For those of us who would like to get off campus once in a while, there are var- ious clubs within the campus area, UNH may not be a large school and may not be one of the top party schools, but in its own and very special way, UNH rocks. top left: Sign of excellence above: Fill it to the rim with brim. left: Macho Man 5f 17 This is the way . right: " If my mom could see me now? " STUDENTS LIFE AT U.N.H. The life at U.N.H is rather peculiar, each student does his or her own thing. While one student might be sitting around in charger cafe relaxing to the sounds of newly released videos, on a wide screen television. Another could be enjoying a nutritional nneal prepared by our professional staff of cooks and bakers. There is just one catch to all this bazzar way of having fun is an old quo- tation. " When you are in Rome do as the Romans do, and when you are at the University of New Haven do as the char- gers do. right: Essential for studying .:.:!!!«i m mmm W r w l HpBI I We Do it!! left: Watch out Lionel Richie! left: Stars incognito ♦ Fall Concert 9(1%% Jam 20 Social Schedule Page 22 Live it 3f UP " This is the best social r,? ' " " ' ' -? ' w(» ' ever had " by Rich Solani ' ] iririririririririririririri iririririririririririririr 3f Homecoming Page 26 Social • • •••• •: 3f Fall Schedule 5f Sept. 4 Welcome back mixer Sept. 12 Ronny Romm ESP Show Sept. 18 Hot Legs mixer Sept. 25 Comedy night Oct. 2 Ray Boston, Comedian Oct. 9 Hot Acoustics, band Oct. 13 Rick Wilson, guitarist Oct. 17 White Wells, 50 ' s dance Oct. 18 Southside Johnny the Jukes, band Oct. 23 ' ' We Can Make You Laugh " Comedy Show Oct. 30 Halloween Mixer Nov. 5 Sound X Band Nov. 6 Outrageous Obstacle Course Nov. 13 Valley of Kings, band Dec. 4 Toga Party Dec. 11 Dan MaCarthy, Musician ! ! • ♦! Schedule •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••t» Jan. 28 Toga Party Jan. 29 Comedy Nigiit Feb. 5 XKP Mixer Feb. 12 Dating Game Feb. 19 Chillie Willie Band Feb. 26 Comic Magician Mar. 5 Magician Hypnotist Mar. 9 The Radiators Band Mar. 26 Rick Wilson, musician Mar. 27 Semi-Formal Apr. 23 Air Guitar Lip Sync Apr. 29 XKP Fashion Show Apr. 30 Hot Accoustic May 1 May Day May 2 Greek All-Stars Spring Schedule right: Jammin ' wid de jam band Sights Sounds featuring . . . Southside Johnny The Jukes The renown Southside Johnny and the Jukes came to entertain the University of New Haven. North Campus rocked on the night of hom ecoming to the top 40 hits and originals that made them great. In the company of a loud, hot and lively crowd, the band performed as well as the scouts promised that they were. Their spirit was evident as students could not hold them- selves to their seats. They were dancing, cheering and signing to fuel the fire that had already start- above: Whirling Dervish and the crew 24 left: Hey, where is the rest of the gang ed. We all wished that the fun would never end, and we wouldn ' t go home. We asked for more and more until we got what we wanted. We stomped, pound- ed and screamed until we couldn ' t scream anymore. What else could we ask for a day of fun and festivi- ties a football game and top band with contempory music. The Whirling Dervishes opened the way for Southside Johnny and they really warmed the house. By the time Southside Johnny came on, the Gym was really rocking and if gave us that lasted for hours. The time came when we had to say goodby and let Johnny get some rest. We did this only with the promise that they would return in the future. top left: Southside johnny, Leader of the band left: Southside Johnny and the rest of the band s " Who are they? " Ivo Philbert V inois isions In The Beginning Visions of Homecoming Ruled the Land I see it, I see a vision, a vision of celebration and jublilation. It ' s early now but soon there will be a cele- bration that we will never forget, I see a queen, one with beauty and glitter. I see her with a king, a figure that speaks for strength. Then I see a celebration after their crowing, a celebration that they will lead. There will be a parade that next day to show the students, parents and faculty that the spirit at hand will never end. Then there will be a football game, a game where our boys in blue will try to defend the honor of the land. When it ' s all done and the defenders have come home. We will feast and en- joy our victory. When the week- end is over and we ' re back to E110 the visions of Homecoming will never end. right: ludicial Board Sanction i " John did a great job! near bottom: Visions far bottom: the latest dance - the squat 5WER THE m 3f It was a time to rememt er " by Monica Lowe • 28 The most exciting day of UNH history is Homecoming. Home- coming is comprised of ail the clubs and organizations on campus com- peting in the banner contest . . . the spectacular crowning of the King and Queen and to polish off the evening, we end with the sen- sational 50 ' s mixers. In the Banner contest, paint, stencils, poster- board and students were all over the place. The students worked di- ligently on what they hoped to be the winning banner. The banners were of glitter, glamour and theme. The themes ranged from " sting the bees " to " Get em Chargers. " Cre- ativity, originality, color and pride were the motto ' s of all who took part. Who would win was a pre- vailing question among all. But no matter who got the first prize, they were all winners. Following the banner contest, was the introduction of the king and queen contestants. The MC called the contestants to the front and they all stepped forward very queenly and kingly. This allowed the audience a chance to take a final look before the winners were announced. The next step was the A Night to Remember ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• left: The Royal party breath taking crowning of the king and queen. The main lawn was covered with students, faculty, and photographers. Everyone was waiting in anticipation, for who would be the next King and Queen of UNH. The MC announced the runner-ups and the crowd were extatic. It was time. The moment we ' ve all been waiting for, the next 1986 Homecoming King and Queen are . . . Dave Peterson and Diane Esposito. The grand finale was the fantas- tic 50 ' s mixer which made the day complete. The mixer was one filled with many old classics which brought back many old memories. Old dances, old styles of dressing . . . you name it, it came back to mind. This mixer gave students a chance to relive the past — a past filled with uniqueness and style. -r«- V top right: This is better than a Calgon bath m far right: llling lunior High Band at work A right: I ' d rather have a lite ... a Bud lite. 3f F yHUGJUWRHIGH SCHOOL BAND ' ' ' •Wkv - ' ' - few. Blue Gold Spirits run high The Saturday of homecoming was one that will always be re- membered at the University of New Haven. The day started with a parade. The clubs and organiza- tions all lined up with their banners and floats and marched to the North Campus to see the big foot- ball game between the UNH Chargers and the AlC Yellow Jack- ets. Unfortunately for the Char- gers, the Yellow jackets walked away with a victory. However, de- spite the defeat, the crowd was one of much hope and optimism. After the game, everyone headed for the Lobster bake which was sponsored by the Alumni Associ- ation. This was a wonderful event. It allowed UNH alumni, undergrad- uates, graduates, and faculty staff members an opportunity to unite and enjoy the afternoon to- gether. When the sun started to go down, everyone headed for home. It was time to refresh your- self and rush to the Fall Concert in the North Campus Gymnasium. Everyone danced and partied all night to the music of Marshal Kren- shaw. That Saturday will always be remembered. left: " Hey, I ' m a star " Winding . . . Down ' hI 9 1 1 1 1 Ml 1 As we celebrated our blue and gold homecoming, we waited in anticipation for what we knew would be the main event. The football game! The trot down to the field seemed to get longer and longer. The huge crowd was nearly going grantic. As the team headed on the field, everyone knew we were going to do it. Then the Kick off! Everyone, faculty and students showed their spirit for the boys in blue. We scored first and that vi- sion of victory danced through our heads. A.I.C. Scored twice and we started to wonder. WE scored again and so did they. The crowd sat on the edge of their chairs. By halftime we still knew we could do it. The llling Junior High School band played at halftime to help soothe our nerves. But at the start of the second half it was back to nail biting. Final score was in favor of . . . A.I.C. That ' s right but to us the boys in blue still did it. Jf JfJfJf right: We want a touchdown Mike left: The day started well as UNH anticipated a big win. 1 «. fH 1 ' %P»V , ' Js left: On a long and cold October afternoon the crowd was silent. 3f " After the first quarter, there was some- thing missing " . -Serhat Kotak • ••• • •••• left: The A.I.C. running attack made the day very rough for UNH. 33 at ' S all this? 1-,- ' Jl above: The beer tent was always a favorite at- ' , traction of the students as you see. " 9 9 9 9 9 ■ . 9 9 above: Most of the day went well, but Dr. above: Between sets, tired students often ??????? ;Everhart just wants to. make sure, took the tim to gp over tonight ' s plans. . 999999999 ' ? 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 ? ? ? ? 34 9999999999999 9 9 9 9 9 9 , left: Before the appearance of loan left, these : students decided to get " prepared. " left: May Day is a time for everyone to let their hair down. Sandy Loether, the Assistant to the Vice President and Alexis Sommers, the Provost. What ' s big, loud, and makes you dance on the first weekend of May; If you guessed that it is some kinda cele- bration well, you ' re close. This is the celebration to kick off the spring season! At 6:00 a.m. members of the U.N.H. community will start the set up for the event that will rock all of New Haven on this Friday afternoon. Don ' t worry most classes are cancelled. There will be food, drink and other beverages (use your imagination). There will be many people dancing, singing, partying and simply having lots of fun. In case you haven ' t figured it out yet, they call this fun, they call this excite- ment, they call this . . . MAY DAY! top left: These lacross players hadto practice later that day but they did get to see the main attraction. bottom left: )ust like students, faculty and staff members enjoyed the day. 35 I I I ,,11,111 a iove: " I Love Rock; and Roll, " loan lettmesmer- abpve: As they performed " Everyday People, " Ized the audience. the crowd could only stare. . ! I ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! I I ! ! ! ! ! ! I I I [ ! j I I I j I I t !!!!!! I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I III I I I t !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I I ! I ! I I I I I I 1 I ! I I ) t I ) I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 1 Ill I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I t I I I I I I I I I I I I I I III !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I I I I t I I I I I t t I I I I I I I I I I I I I I t I t I I I t I I I I I I I I I I I I I I t I I I I t i I I !!!!!! !!!!!! 1 t 1 1 ! I ! I ! ! ! ! I rrJn idtheYg i goodnarrw lOoeu ! ! I I I I I I I I t I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I top: This Blackheart totally put the crowd in a trance. I I I t I I I I I I I I I I I I Then it came! May Day!, students, faculty and people from all over the New England area came to see the event of the year. The four band music sweep? didn ' t let anyone down as four bands played for five hours. The main attraction of the day was Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. Joan Jett started the music set with hit tunes like VI love Rock Roll, " and " Everyday Peo- ple. " You could tell it was a success as people celebrated because the beer t nt was almost empty. . After two encore performances they . finally had to leave but not before giving everyone what they had paid for. Suc- cess was evident as seen in the glassy eyes of her audience. From that moment on we knew many things were to come. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I bottom: As you see The Blackhearts worked as hard as anyone to bring sound of success. I I t I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I t I I I I I 11 Also featuring . . . The Del Fuegos, Max Creek, Salt Pepa " Salt and Pepa were Fly! " -Richard Ware right: The last performance was Salt and Pepa The band had hands waving till 6:00. The Del Fuegos went next and since everyone ' s knees were already bounc- ing they thought they would get in on the groove. They were followed by Max Creek and Salt Pepa and it became hard to stand in one spot for more than five sec- onds. For some it became too much as sounds and rhythm hit their spine and they danced in the street. Six o ' clock strolled by and it was time to leave but no one wanted to leave. You see after a day like this at U.N.H. there was this restlessness amongst the people. When the bands had gone and this day was done, everyone knew that Spring had finally come. ss above: Max Creek played to the sounds of new wave. right : The DelFuegos performed and got the crowd out of their seats. ! ! ! I ! I j t I I I ) I I I I ! t I I I i I ) I I I I I I I I I ! ! • I I I I I I left: Members of the Max Creek band let the music fill the air. ! ! ! ! I t f I I I I 1 I I I I I I I I I I 1 I t I I I I I I !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! So, What does it all mean? 11)11 I I I I I I j I t I I I I I ! ! ! ! ! ! I I I I I ! I ! ! ! ! ! ! Cathy Cuiano I 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I right: Members of the band keeping control for the DelFuegos: I will explain it the best that I can, but it was one of those things that you have to see it to believe it. Imagine your wildest fantasy where you and your friends were lost in a place where the only thing you were able to do was have good clean fun. Food, music . . . party! But you see the thing that made this event successful as it was, wasn ' t just the appearance of top name bands, but it was the fun that we made and had with each other, our friends and foes. The day started at 6:00 a.m. with only one thing on everyone ' s mind, have fun! During the day you could get beer (if 2 1 ), shish-kabobs, or even personalized pic- ture buttons. That ' s what it ' s all about. It was awesome, it was a blast it was May Day ' 87. , , , , , , above: Resident Director Terry Corchran shows ! I I I !!!!!! : that she approves. 9 I right: This is what it ' s all about, they ' ll show you I r I I I 1 I I ! I h!ow. ... 40 I I 1 I I I I 1 I ! r I ! ! I ! ! ! ! ! I 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I ! ! I I I I I I I above left: In her encore performance loan |ett gave this crowd a day to remember I ! I ( I 1 I ! » -I Hockus Pockus Hot Friday in the Tavern above: " I can read your mind, the magician. Ronnie Romm AAAlakazamm! and from nowhere there it was! Anything you want just name it! How would I describe it? Excit- ing, and intriguing. Most students just spent most of their time sitting on seat ' s edge wondering what was going to hap- pen next. Ronnie Romm a New England renown magician was the main attraction. Opti- cal illusion was his weapon. If he wasn ' t making that scarf disappear, he was busy putting pins and needles through his arm, (he says it was all an illusion). Hockus Pockus slippitty sam ... it is magic or not, what do you thinks " right: Don ' t miss it be there ' Posters explain the event. left: These came to see what Ronnie Romm had to offer. Ronnie Romm left: Ronnie Romm makes his living by trying to make believers out of the skeptical. V 777ere were many things to grasp in the academia of this year, in that, sometimes we would succeed and other times we would fail. The most important of those times was the knowledge gained having learned something from each course syllabus. From Electrical Engineering to photography: Aviation to Hotel Restaurant Management, We (the student) manipulated the variables directly affecting our success upward mobility. It ' s Been One LONG Night Those long nights are the law when Cramming for that paper due Tomorrow Once again, you ' ve procrasti- nated until that exam scheduled for two weeks is tomorrow. So, What are you going to do about it? )ust as others placed in a similar sit- uation, You will stay-up until an in- sane hour of the night cramming, however, you can totally miss your nights rest for a Dr. Jowell Sociolo- gy exam. Rarely will a delegate of procras- tination preserve adequate timing for his exam(s) — once in awhile. Nevertheless, you ' ll go to the li- brary and exhaust all resources en- abling that paper ' s prompt com- above: Robert Piggery tries to use his ability to speed read enabling him to catch-up for an Engi- neering exam. above: Alphonse Pontillo fail to see the reasoning behind his forgetting the due date on his Poli-Sci paper. left: Having an exam in an hour Abdulah Madwar felt compelled to skim his Quantitative Analysis ' notes with a cigarette to ease the nerves. Academics pletion. On the other hand, you ' ll complete the paper before its actual due date in time that you may be privileged with attendance at Saturday ' s game. Having gone to a lot of games lately, I have another incentive to study-early. By the way, I have two case studies due for professor Wankel tomorrow, and you know something, My Economics exam is in an hour. Weil, I guess we ' ll never learn. Academics Who (or What) is responsible for this An A+ for U.N.H. Wow! I can ' t believe it. The fa- cilities are unbelievable in the place. Most of the students must think that the library is the only place to study, because, there is not a seat available. That ' s alright, 1 know of a place where the atmo- sphere is nice and a cure for the funny noises in your stomach awaits you. Just as well, I discov- ered a studyroom on the third floor of the main building that only a very few are aware of. Leaving room to be intrigued, I was by the Computer and Hotel Restaurant Schools both of which are amongst the finer programs in the institu- tion. right: Assisted by her instructor, Lisa Hammie gets her sketch critiqued before turning it in for his final reviewing. left: Cristos Bellos enjoys his study time in the tavern. I really got psyched once I reached and met people that wanted to study, and, people at the University of New Haven that got a kick-out-of studying and they ' re not sick!! Studying incen- tives helped me tremendously with my maintenance of my rep- utable grades marks. Between the counseling center and the instruc- tors, I really did well — did I have a choice? This being a small institu- tion of high educational standards, I get all the attention I want (and some I don ' t). Note: The next time a U.N.H. graduate makes it big you ' ll know who ' s responsible. above: Yes, they are discussing gas dyna- mics! r right: Peter Durkee types on an IBM Computer aiding in the spedious finish of his Computer Science project. Classes, classes and more classes, will it ever end? I ' m a junior and it ' s been fourteen long years, and, that ' s not half of it. Monday, I ' m in class from 8:10 in the morn- ing until 9:45 that night for practi- cally the entire day (Please! Do not ask, how I worked that out). I have diversely scheduled classes from photography to fluid dynamics. The only thing I really can ' t deal with is getting-up at seven o ' clock in the morning to attend my Ac- counting 101 course. right: His fellow students and his instructors both " forgot " to inform Tom Delano that classes are finished. Academics 9:00 In the morning for what? (English 110 that ' s what) Basically everything is going well in my classes. I have a perspective " A " in my History of Western Civil- ization class if I ace Dean Chepaitis ' next exam. I expect my G.P.A. or Q.P.R. to go-up sufficiently (maybe then my dad will purchase me that car I ' ve been admiring afar). Oh! I have to go now, I ' m late for my class. left: These students seem to be enjoying their three person class, now thats what you call per- sonal attention. left: English sections are often adjourned to the library, nevertheless, Chris Sims thinks that comes in handy. " N 52 Cul-ture ' kul-cher the act of developing the intellectual and moral faculties especially through education. The University of New Haven offers its students the exposure and richness in culture complementary to their scholastic endeavors with international relations. Sharing in the diversity in U.N.H. ' s community could only have a destined resourcefulness. This year ' s lectures and plays have proven to be the best in years. W 53 Spring Semi formal right: These two couples paired up to enjoy the moonlight together, A night of moonlight, roses and love. There is nothing else like sharing that Friday evening with that special some- one. This is your night, just the two of you. SSShhh! not a sound as the band plays the hit " Hello " by Lionel Richie. What do you mean you ' re not the type?! Well there was something there for everyone. The band played songs right: Students always find it a pleasure to sneak a dance with Claire. w. ' ;.y i :v ' ' t .. » ' , nine countries and nationalities. The songs literally had everyone dancing in circles. The main idea was to enjoy the evening whatever type you are. The evening started with a cozy din- ner. It proceeded with slow dancing, then it got live. It was the time to forget about everything, just the two of you. ' i ' »■. - - V»- V right: The other type, this couple enjoyed the night because it was the best way to share their y feelings. ' ■ Caribbean Cultural Exposition left: While near the pink sands of Bermuda, these students decide to move to the " Samba. " Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands, come with us to paradise. Of if that starving college student who can ' t even buy meal plan you ' ll have to settle for the next best thing. The Caribbean Cultural Exposition. It was just being there. There were famous dishes like Curried Chicken for those who wanted left: The food reminded these Latin students of home. a taste of the islands. For those with a restless nature, we could dance to the Samba and do the Salsa. For others there was the world renown " limbo " and be- lieve me you have to be in shape to pull this one off. Remember, come back, make it Carribbean Cultural Exposition again. above: The Virgin Islands native let everyone M know that at home everyday is a beach. Butterflies Are Free 7 . L t Antigone Man With The Plastic Sandwich K v 1 . ' fe J S ' 5 ' ' ' » ■! W:, " B »i ' tt ' t ' " ii i,f ,. f .j %ji- Was it a banner year? You bet, it was a banner year! The 1986-1987 athletic teams abilities proved worthy of celebration recognition by the student: football, tennis, soccer, basketball, softball, were all our heroes. Exceptional, the lady chargers are — National Champions for Divisional II Basketball Region (A first for U.N.H. but not the last!!). Chargers have best season yet! Off to the races is Jerry Cumbrect on the day U N H. did no evil as posted a decisive win. Cool and always cairn is Mike Horton, on this same play he hooked up with Haley to complete a 72 yard touchdown strike. l HHT U.N.H. 1986 Football Opponent Result East Stroudsburg Bp Slippery Rock Central Connecticut w 47-26 w 10-0 w 37-8 Norwich w 23-7 . ' j . K U District of Columbia Kaic. w 28-0 M 1 14-28B Southern Connecticut w 20-17 M Springfield w 35-0 Towson State 1 7-47 SUNY at Albany w 45-28 At honne against Slippery Rock receiver Kevin Haley dashes for a 72 yard touchdown to put away " the rock " . The Chargers came out with style this year as a matter of fact they came off the best record in their history at 8 and 2 and barely missing the playoffs. They started their great season with a big opening win over East Stroudsburg. From then on they posted an impressive five game winning streak. The string was snapped by A.I.C. on homecoming day. This win by the A.I.C. Yellowjackets came as a surprise as the Yellowjackets were considered the underdog. The Chargers got back on the winning track by winning their next two games. They dropped the next game to rival Towson State. With this loss the chance for a playoff bid diminished. However, we didn ' t give up on the boys in blue and they didn ' t let anyone down as they The Slippery Rock ground game couldn ' t get off the ground as they were going nowhere fast. defeated SUNY the next week by a score of 45-28. Protecting the quarterback is the name of the game and for most of the year quarterback Mike Norton got all that he needed. Cutting your opponent down to size is what the Chargers usually did. This is whats happening, head coach Joseph Maher is telling his team that they must pressure that goalie. That Golden Toe mmm The soccer team didn ' t lose but 5 games this year but to some of the U.N.H. community that may be consid- ered a not so good year, for team that has a long winning tradition. No matter what anyone says the record is a good one. The team started off with a ' ' bang " as they rolled through their first 5 games. Their streak came to an abrupt halt when they conceded a loss to Queens College. The rest of the season was not their best including 4 losses versus 4 wins and 1 tie. The season was by no means a waste because of good incoming re- c ruits. mUmHP U.N.H. Varsity Soccer J HH Opponent 1 Sacred Heart w ' Bi i Lowellt w M H New York Inst, of Technology w 3-r l Pace w 3-2 i Mercy College w 3-1 Queens College 1 2-3 Central Connecticut 1 0-6 1 Dowling College w 2-1 Quinnipiac 1 2-3 , Eastern Connecticut w ■ -3 ' • C.W, Post w 2-1 1 New Hampshire College 1 1-2 Keene State College T 0-0 Bridgeport 1 0-1 Southern Connecticut T 0-0 Southhampton College w 3-0 Kean Colleee K H B A Clearing the ball away after a near hit score by the opposing team. Captain |uan Carlos Osoho " directing " traffic to his team members in a victory over C.W. Post College. HM H W ' 1 m m !EJ ,.-i rzZ ,- r »r On the defensive end of things, a New Haven defenseman works at getting the ball. Going for the kill as )uan Carlos adds a goal help the team defeat Pace University at home ; Coach Debbie Chin letting her girls know that she expects top performance from every player. Teamwork is the emphasis where in this case Luana Berry makes a save in their win against Assumption. Everybody ready and waiting to receive the ball r • X-L : Making that big hit as New Haven is again victori- ous. I € -- f- l Ak ' " i ' ? w f F , A Playing The Net i U.N.H. Volleyball H ■1 ■■ Opponent| H K Result Opponent Results RIC -TliWlW r 3-0 Grand Valley Univ. 1 0-2 AlC w 2-0 Sacremento State 1 0-2 Marist w 2-0 East Texas State Univ. 1 0-2 Northeastern 1 1-2 CW Post College w 3-0 SCSU w 2-0 Bryant College w 3-0 CCSU w 2-0 Southern Connecticut w 3-0 Quinnipiac College w 2-0 Springfield College w 3-1 Princeton Univ. w 3-0 Quinnipiac College w 2-0 Colgate Univ. w 3-0 Sacred Heart Univ. w 2-0 Providence College 1 1-3 New Hampshire College w 2-0 Univ. Hartford w 3-0 Univ. of Bridgeport w 2-0 Univ. Delaware w 3-0 Sacred Heart Univ. w 2-0 Brown Univ. w 3-1 Univ. of Lowell w 2-0 Providence College 1 1-3 U.S.M.A. w 3-2 NY Tech w 3-0 CW Post w 3-1 Bentley College w 3-0 Univ. Massachusetts w 3-1 Sacred Heart Univ. w 2-0 Univ. Nebraska 1 0-3 Univ. Rochester w 2-0 SCSU w 2-0 Yale Univ. w 2-0 Quinnipiac College w 2-0 Univ. of Lowell w 2-0 Sacred Heart Univ. w 2-0 East Stroudsburg Univ. w 2-1 Univ. of Lowell w 2-0 Univ. of Bridgeport w 3-0 Univ. of Bridgeport w 3-0 James Madison w 2-0 Southern Connecticut w 3-0 NY Tech w 2-0 Quinnipiac College w 2-0 Lehigh Univ. w 2-0 Sacred Heart Univ. w 2-0 George Mason 1 1-2 New Hampshire College w 2-0 Pace Univ. w 3-0 Univ. of Bridgeport w 2-0 Westchester Univ. w 2-0 Sacred Heart Univ. w 2-0 1 East Stroudsburg w 2-0 J Univ. of Lowell w 2-0 The volleyball team started the season with the thought of possibly bringing home a national championship. As the season started it began to look more and more like the ladies team would bring New Haven it ' s first ever national title. So close but yet so far. Their final record was 50-8 which proves that they never had a bad week only bad days. Setting it up for the kill later in the match she smashes for the final score. 67 What ' s That vaaV OV ' - if tyf ' n Yellin ' About This yellin ' is about cheerleaders and about spirit. It ' s about being out there cheering your favorite team on to victo- ry. It ' s about being active in your college community. Most of all it ' s about having fun. " The falling girl; the chair lift. ' Lets hear it loud as Lisa Edwards peps the crowd during football season. During the pre-game activities Dave Santore hopes for a good game. Bill Jeffries pops out of the pack to score two. Senior Mike Costigan hits two here to help in the win over the rival Southern. The perfect touch Dave Santore hits two of his 12. Mark Drew pushes hard under the basket for 2 points. Concordia ' f ■ HH Assumption w 80-71 C.W. Post w 85-50 Phiia. Text. w 103-86 St. .-Vnselm 1 80-92 Stonehill 1 81-88 Dowling w 68-61 Springfield w 77-71 Pace 1 62-63 Stonehill w 73-69 Franklin Pierce w 83-74 .Mercy w 112-64 American International w 100-68 keene State w 77-71 University of Lowell w 79-68 Quinnipiac w 67-65 Univ. of Bridgeport w 80-78 Southern Connecticut w 74-60 : Sacred Heart w 78-73 Keene State w %-70 N.H. College 1 78-87 Univ. of Lowell 1 64-72 Southern Connecticut w 66-59 Univ. of Bridgeport w 94-92 N.H. College 1 76-79 Quinnipiac w 89-90 , Sacred Heart w 73-70 NECC PL.AY-OFFS !■ Keene State vv 78-65 i N.H. College w 83-80 1 Sacred Heart University 1 75-80 f NCAA NEW ENGLAND RECIONALS J N.H. College 1 70-71 J St. Anselm 1 88-94 J First time ever! Before the season even started peo- ple were betting on the success of the Chargers. Little did any of them know that this team would be one of the all time great teams from New Haven. The season started off and the people were still skeptics. A lo of people be- lieved that it was all luck. Then one evening they beat arch rival and defend- ing national champions Sacred Heart. This gave them the drive that they need- ed to go to the playoffs for the first time. Herb Watkins with a smile National 1 Champions The national champions proudly show off their gold trophy. Lorrie Correia always knew the meaning of the word hustle. Senior captains Caroline Bell, Terri Stahl, and Sonja Beemon. ■■ " Bentley 1 69-74 Mercy w 116-47 Pace 1 84-90 Adelphi w 71-69 Stonehill w 102-71 Assumption w 71-62 Bryant w 84-72 American International w 71-36 Keene State w 94-58 University of Lowell w 70-53 Quinnipiac w 88-62 Univ. of Bridgeport w 92-76 Southern Connecticut w 85-55 Sacred Heart w 113-45 Keene State w 84-50 C.W. Post w 76-58 N.H. College w 86-69 University of Lowell w 79-51 Southern Connecticut w 90-79 Univ. of Bridgeport w 97-73 m N.H. College w 82-71 m East Stroudsburg w 101-73 Quinnipiac w 89-72 Sacred Heart w 92-49 CONFERENa PLAYOFFS Sacred Heart w 104-45 m Quinnipiac w 79-57 1 New Hampshire College w 78-75 NCAA NEW ENGLAND REGIONALS Stonehill w 72-64 NCAA QUARTERFINALS Hampton University w 65-63 NCAA FINAL FOUR 1 Northern Kentucky w 77-74 J NCAA CHAMPIONSHIP M Cal Poly Pomona w _ The lady Chargers brought home the National Championship after a year of dedication and hard work. With a victo- ry over Cal Poly Pamona, the lady Char- gers became U.N.H. ' s first gold winner. loi leter for two of her 23 points. Alert as usual Sonja pushes it down the court. A Brand New Start ATter a dismal season last year, the lacrosse team did very well. With a squad of mostly freshmen and sopho- mores, it was like getting a new start. Wait until next year! .Mary Washiigton Coflege VirgNa MJitary Institute Fairleigh Dtcicinson Univ. Babson College UnKeraty o f Hartford VVesleyan University Uruv. of iVtosachuseits-Boslon SpringtTeld College University of LoweJ Trinity College Connecticut College Dowling College West field State College i 7-14 10-9 5-9 15-1 12-5 22-8 11-17 7-13 11-7 10-11 18-5 18-5 fi- ' jtmrnmiSie : 5; -i- ' i: Business As Usual Bridgeport w 26-2 r " m Southeastern Mass w 6-2 Lowell H H f w 7-0 1 American International w 4-1 Southern Connecticut w 38-11 1 Mercy College w 5-1 Stonehill College w 8-0 1 Springfield College w 3-0 Stonehill College w 10-6 T Keene State w 11-2 Bryant College w 11-2 Sacred Heart w 14-7 Southern Connecticut w 16-0 Franklin Pierce w 29-1 Quinnipiac College w 7-4 New Hampshire College 1 1-2 Assumption College w 13-7 New Hampshire College w 6-0 Assumption College w 21-5 Adelphi University w 15-4 NCAA NORTHEAST RECIONALS Bridgeport w 23-1 Philadelphia Textile w 20-11 Sacred Heart 1 7-8 LeMoyne College w 11-5 Eastern Conecticut w 3-2 LeMoyne College 1 0-6 Dowling College w 11-4 LeMoyne College w i- mm Dowling College w 10-4 NCAA DIV. II COLL WORLD SERIES imi Quinnipiac College w 8-3 Wright State 1 (p m Concordia College w 8-3 University of Tampa 1 4-5 1 For the baseball team it was business as usual. What 1 mean is that they won another regional title and trip to the world series. fl f r n n Vi 0 ' ■ - » i r With the inception of this institution, there were schools of study with professors. Thereafter, the development of athletic teams. However, the students lacked an outlet of interaction with their fellow students. So, someone who cared replied, ' let there be clubs, organizations and a student government to maintain the peace. " From that, the intoxication of almost 70 diversely relative clubs and organizations, something for everyone, from the Accounting Club to Zeta Beta Tau. An incentive for the open-exploration of friendship. 0jm 79 •v • ' ' . ' ' ■ ■ J l ■ - ■■■■■■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■ • A • ' • rm ' 1 m; • , • . J Jell ill M I I H H • . • . . J . ■ . ■ . ■ ■VVU: I Laj m Km, kX hH E M I ■ :•:•:(:•.•.• .•.•. ' !.•.•.• ■r .. x ' ' T B , KW M I : THE. DAY- STUDENT . • . • •GOVERNMENT • • • :•:•:• :•:•:• .. ... , ' Mtir ■H H i V ' V A ■iH ML. .. C ■ . . . . . ■ . j p Ic KiiiB W • ; . . . " ' ' . JUl " " .: ' v. .-■ : -JkHlJ ' K . • . • . ■ . !,•.•.• •:::F::-: . . . ' . . . . . . : . . . ... . . • • • r • ■Wm KM ■ • :•:•;•:•;•: . ' j ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' .■. ' . ■ .•.-.•.•.•. •.• •• . . ..... ' . . " . •. . . 1 . . . . H . . . ■ ■ . ■ . ■ . ■ . ■ . ■ . ■ . ■ . ■ . ■ .J. •.•.-.• .•.-.•.•.• .■ .r .■.■.■.•.■. " .■.■. ■ .•.•.•.-.•.•.•.•.•.•.• . . . . 1 . . r . . . ' . i. ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . . . . . .: . . . . . . : . . . . . . : . . . . . . : . . . . .: . . . :; . . . . ( . . .■. " . ' L ' . ' . . • . BOARD OF . • . • . • • GOVEPNQRS • • • : • : • : i • : • : . •.-. •.■. • • . i.- . • . .■.• f.-.- . . . ? . . . . . • . . •1 ■ . • • • r - • i.-:::-:-:-:::: — — 1, 5 .-.•.■.•.■. . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' - . : ■:■:■■■:■■:■ ■:■:■■. ..... ' .........■..... ' I. IF.SC.- Jntw-Fraternity- ' . ' Sorbr.ity Council ' . J • -tr - IB ■j ■ » H B 1 ' ■ PI j H K Cil Mitl PI .;,■ iV H fBwa iwEfl ff y m ji£ " ' fl gtjr JBI V ♦ ' ' ' 1 r H I v ' m V x| M jHHSj ■ ■ ' ■ ' » v . 4 r ' BHpal ,V -- 3- .;. " ' f! WNHU RADIO- J ■ ] I. •ACQOgNTlNC.CL.UB, CRIMINAL lUSTICE- ■ • ■ • ' auB ■ • ' • A t 90 -J You ' ve finally alone it! Yes, you ' ve made it through what have been a combination of your best worse times of your life. It was then, that you thought your dreams died, but, the good times overuled. Well, now that you ' ve made it your consolation prize is graduation. You depart carrying the love, and memorable friendships and tears of joy. You leave behind your mark on the teachers and students whom aided in the completion of your personal scholastic endeavors. However, you are now amongst the new working class in yet an old market place. 91 Maher Husni Abdelcqader Eva M. Acuna Bello A. Ajia Maryellen Alexander Astoria, New York Norwich, Connecticut New Hampshire Ansonia, Connecticut BS. Business Administration B S Finance BS Financial Accounting Ann Marie Agnellino Anastasio East Haven, Connecticut BS Financial Accounting Beth E. Auerbach New Haven, Connecticut S5, Mgt. 5c Sociology Abdullah M. Baawad West Haven, Connecticut MBA Joanne Rochelle Badamo East Haven, Connecticut 6 5. Systems Management Info Luz Z. Beaz Ahmed H. Bakhit Dominic F. Balletto Elizabeth Anne Bailey New Haven, Connecticut West Haven, Connecticut Burrst, Connecticut Middlesex, New Jersey B.S. Industrial Engineering MBA. BS- Accounting B.S. Marketing Carolyn M.L. Bell B.S. Communication J. Andrew Bevilacqua Milford, Connecticut B.S. Civil Engineering Kathleen A. Brady West Haven, Connecticut B.S Financial Accounting Jocelyne Bruno Brooklyn, New York J.5. Hotel - Restaurant Jose Bscheider Panama, 5, Panama BS Electrical Engineering David R. Cameron Corning. New York IS Security Management Paul Matthew Celotto Northford. Connecticut B.S. Business Administration Mohammad Naim Chaker West Haven, Connecticut M.A. Accounting Terry Lee Chambers Ston, Connecticut !.S. Business Administration Marlene M. Chaput 6-5- Tourism Travel Robert S. Coates, Jr. Westville, Connecticut 65 Occupational Safety . Health Administration Marios Constantann New Haven, Connecticut 6.5. Marketing Susan N. Cortina Oxtord, Connecticut 65 Biology Kenneth R. Cote Westerly, Rhode Island 6.5- Administration Operations Mgt. Joann Lynn Cottrell Milford, Connecticut B.S. Marketing Nathan T. Cowser Waterford, Connecticut B.S. Management Wendy Y. Curry Marshfield, Massachusetts 6,5. Travel Tourism . " P Janet Marie D Andrea Hamden, Connecticut B.A. Political Science Mary E. Delaney Farmington, Connecticut 85 Hotel - Restaurant Mgt. Francis A. Delfino Jr. Waterbury, Connecticut 6.5. Electrical Engineering Cathleen R. Cusano Stratford, Connecticut S.5. Marketing Medge W. Desinor Boston, Massachusetts 85 Communication Hung T. Diec New Haven, Connecticut 6.5. Accounting Jean M. Dion Pawcatuck, Connecticut 8.5. Business Administration rS! HH :0 NCR ATS 5CNIOR5 Diane J. Esposito West Haven, Connecticut 6.5. Criminal lustice Thomas Anthony Esposito New Haven, Connecticut 6.5. Criminal lustice William M. Durfee Mystic, Connecticut 6.5. Arson Investigation Cathy J. Etris Yorl , Philadelphia 6.5. Travel Tourism Chen-Huii Ma Fan West Haven, Connecticut Michelangelo Falbo Norwalk, Connecticut 6.5. Finance Economics Lorraine Ann Fuller !.5. Business Management James Joseph Garbenis New Haven, Connecticut B.A. Graphic Design Brett M. Goldstein West Haven, Connecticut 6.5. Criminial lustice Jeff J. Halayko Waterliet, New Jersey 6.5. Arson Investigation Lisa E. Hammie New Haven, Connecticut B.A Graphic Design Jaffer T. M. Hamood Milford, Connecticut 6.5 Civil Engine ering Thomas Holmes Salem, New Hampshire (5, Business Administration Lodewijk L. Holthuizen Halinah B. Idris Karina Kautsch Veronica Mie Kimura West Haven, Connecticut West Haven, Connecticut La Paz, Bolivia La Paz, Bolivia 6.5. Hotel-Restaurant Mgt- 6 5. Finance 6,5 Hotel-Restaurant 6.5. International Business James P. Kuester Abiola K. Ladoja Eleanor Susan Laplace Edward |. Lilienthal Guilford, Connecticut Baptist, Connecticut Old Saybrook, Connecticut Seymour, Connecticut S, Business Administration fi.S. Marketing B.A. Psychology Monica J. Lowe Siii Lund Lan Thanh Lu Harold J. Lyons Jr. Spnngfleld, Massachusetts Norway, Connecticut Brandford, Connecticut Brookhaven, New York B.A Communication B.A. Travel Tourism B.S. Hotel-Restaurant Loretta M. Lyons Babylon, New York B.A. Travel Tourism John G. Lynch Jr. North Haven, Connecticut B.S. Marketing Judith A. Mackey Old Lyme, Connecticut B5 l-lotel Management Ellen A. Mains Bearsville, New York 6.5. Elect ncal Engineering Juan C. Molina West Haven, Connecticut B.S International Business David L. Moody West Haven, Connecticut B.A Communications Najeh M. Mosleh West Haven, Connecticut B.S. Civil Engineering Debbie Napier East Haven, Connecticut IS. Correctional Counseling Patricia Narain West Haven, Connecticut B.S. Hotel Restaurant Mgt David C. Nicefaro New Haven, Connecticut B-S Law Enforcement Robert R. Nowak Berlin, New lersey 6.5. Civil Englneenng James R. Oatman - von. Connecticut B.5. Hotel Restaurant Mgt. Richard M. CBymachow Guilford, Connecticut B.S. Marketing al Innocent J. Okafor F. Christian Olsson Mike |. O ' Neill Audie D. Osgood est Haven, Connecticut Essex. Connecticut Milford, Connecticut West Haven, Connecticut es Marketing 6.5 Business Data Processing Business Administration 6.5 Civil Engineering 6.5. Civil Engineering Brian John Patterson Devonshire, Bermuda S Hotel-Restaurant Mgt. Toni V. Perricone Waterford, Connecticut BS Communication Dawn Marie Peter Caldwell, New lersey J.S- Chemistry B.S. Forensic Sci Paul A. Digrassi West Haven, Connecticut 8 5 Marl eting Stephen Mario Pitruzzello MiddleTown, Connecticut BS. Electrical Engineering Thomas Brian Polanski Wallingford, Conecticut BS Air Transportation Mgt. Dolores Janet Pulica Torrington, Connecticut B.A. Interior Design Thomas Foed Ragezzino West Haven, Connecticut 6.5- Law Enforcement Michael William Raver Derby, Connecticut 6.5. Law Enforcement Chrystal K. Reid Bronx, New York (.5 Business Administration David V. Roderick Cheshire, Connecticut Jose M. Rojas Paterson, New lersey B.S. Air Transportation Paul J. Romanacce East Haven, Connecticut BS. Marketing Glenn F. Sabine Hamden, Connecticut IS Business Administration Ghaleb Awad Saleh Amer Salim Joseph S. Santello Christine Scavone ububa-lenen-West Bank West Haven, Connecticut New Haven, Connecticut Waterbury, Connecticut M.A Accounting B.S. Industrial Engineering B.S. Hotel-Restaurant Mgt. fi.S Personal Management Jamal E. Shreiteh West Haven, Connecticut B.S. Industriil Engineering Nancy Lee Skolnick Natrick, Massachusetts 6.5. Travel Tourism Valarie Anne Smith Hamden, Connecticut B.A. History William James Smith West Haven, Connecticut B.S. Business Administration Daniel ). Scares Terri A. Stahl Hope V. Sfratton Serin B. Sudah Bermuda Greene, New York Wailingford, Connecticut Malaysia S. Hotel-Restaurant Mgt. B.A. Communication B.S. Marketing MBA Accounting Suzanne Therese Sweeney Jerry A. Tamburro Annmarie Tavolerio Immacolata Testa West Haven, Connecticut Darien, Connecticut West Haven, Connecticut Meriden, Connecticut B.A. Graphic Design B.5. Finance B.S. Hotel-Restaurant Mgt Carol J. Thomson Bloomfield, Connecticut BS Financial Accounting Steven J. Tolley Meriden, Connecticut B-S- Civil Engineering Andres Patricia Tomaso West Haven, Connecticut B-S- Business Administration Sharon Talchinsky Cuilderlahd, New York IS Hotel-Restaurant Mgt. Catherine Elizabeth Twohill East Haven, Connecticut B-S. Communications Thomas Vaccarellf Wolcott. Connecticut 6-5- Electrical Engineering Mmmsk Karen Teresa Vecchitto Middletown, Connecticut 6.5. Travel Tourism Vincent O. Vescovi West Haven, Connecticut B.S. Criminal luslice Kevin ). Violette Waterbury, Connecticut IS Mechanical Engineering Stephen E. Walton Willington, Connecticut as. Electrical Engineering Wan-Mohad-Farid Wan-Addullah West Haven, Connecticut B.S. Civil Engineering Karen Lynn Weeks West Haven, Connecticut 6.5. Interior Design Kateri jane Whalen Cheshire, Connecticut B.A. Mathematics Timothy E. Whalen HIghfalls, New York fi.S Fire Sci Technology Victoria F. Willis West Haven, Connecticut 6.5. Air Transportation Stewart L. Wilson Roselle, New Jersey ?.5 Business Data Processing Jodi Jayne Wolfe Stamford, Connecticut 3.S. Hotel-Restaurant Mgt. Fovad S. Yousszf West Haven, Connecticut 6.5. Mechanical Engineering John E. Zovinka Orange, Connecticut 6.5. Marketing Robert A. Applegate Gales Ferry, Connecticut 6.5. Mechanical Engineering Frank Angiolelli Stonlngton, Connecticut B.S Aviation U.N.H. Southeastern Campus Frederick Charles Ashton NIantic, Connecticut A.S. Shipbuiiding David Blodgett New London, Connecticut B.S. Computer Technology Victor Norman Boomer Chaplin, Connecticut BS Mechanical Engineenng Alfred Drozdel Uncasville, Connecticut B S Electrical Engineering Mark Dulin Groton, Connecticut 6.5 Personnel Mgt. Martha Fox Waterford. Connecticut 6.5. Financial Accounting Scheme Dedra Goode Tlmothee Goselin Ann Hedge Thaddeu s J. Henley East Lyme, Connecticut Uncasville, Connecticut Waterlord, Connecticut Gaies Ferry. Connecticut B.S. Accounting B.S Accounting B S Personnel Management B.S. Operations Management Galem Hoffman Ashaway, Rhode Island 6.5. Personnel Management Jeffrey Hunt Groton, Connecticut B.S Criminal Justice Barbara Johnson Gales Ferry, Connecticut A.S. Mechanical Engineering Stanley Kupisz New London, Connecticut A.S. Mechanical Engineering Rich ird Mosher Clinton, Connecticut Shipyard Mgmt. Thomas Quinn New London, Connnecticut AS. Mechanical Engineering David Alan Rabitaille Stonington, Connecticut A.S. Industrial Engineering David Niles Roselund Monville, Connecticut A.S. Business Administration Frank Roseman Ledyard, Connecticut B.S. Computer Technology Fred Steenkamp Colchester, Connecticut B.S. Computer Technology Linda Szablinski lewett City, Connecticut IS Business Administration Amelia Tranchida New London, Connecticut B.S. Business Administration Louis Vollaro Gales Ferry, Connecticut AS. Business Administration Robert Walsh Middletown, Connecticut ! S Mechanical Engineering East Coast Loose Leaf Inc. Manufacturers of: Custonn designed binders, proposal covers, indexes and other types of information packaging. EAST COAST LOOSE LEAF INC. P.O. BOX 563 • 114 ORANGE AVENUE WEST HAVEN, CT 06516-0563 Telephone; (203) 932-5913 ORANGE FENCE SUPPLY CO., INC m iniiMj I 4 4 (MHM ■ m •m rr Complete Line of Chain Link Wood Fence For Residential. Commercial Industrial Use OProtessional Installalion Or Do-h-YourseHO Largest Stocking Dealer in Centeral CT 03 Generations of Experience ■ Operated By Trie Cuzzocreo Family Since 1930 OMost Wood Fences Made Here In Our Stiop From Raw Materials OMade to Order Fencing Our Specialty O sriown Are A Few Styles We Carry Member Internation Fence Industry Assoc. MonFfi. 8-5 • Sat. 8-3:30 205 Boston Post Rd. Orange, CT Free Estimates 799-2437 795-1321 . tH- Established 1883 Excellence in Structural Restoration serving Connecticut comnnunities for over 100 years ROOFING • PAINTING • MASONRY BUILDING REPAIR RESTORATION 176 P.O Forbes Ave. 469-6454 Box 9578 New Haven, CT HENRY RICHARD CO. 288-9288 1 31 5 Dixwell Avenue Hamden, CT CORDEIRO Flooring. Tile Home Repair Ceramic Tile Installariort IFoyers •Kitchen Floors •Complete Bathrooms • Kitchen Counter Tops •Decorative Wall Tile SNOW PLOWING Complete Kitchen Bathroom Design 24 Hr, Emergency Service SPECIALISTS IN HOME IMPROVEMENT Free Estimates-Fuliy Insured References Available On Request Deal Directly With Owner 24 Hrs a Day For Customer Design Consultation Organization NO lOB TOO SMALL! 287-1819 43 Ridge Rd.. Hamden § IklMIgi©i ' © S. Lmdf. i Bag«: Bakea • P O Bo« 191. W«t Havsn, CT 06516 • 203 934 9231 cilco PAINTING, INC. Owned Operated by Al Maruca COMMERCIAL-INDUSTRIAL-RESIDENTIAL Spray-Brush 468-6891 545 Main St. East Haven, CT Manufacturers of INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT STEEL-PLASTIC-FIBERGLASS Division of Fiberglass Products, Inc 50 Devine St. North Haven, CT 185 Boston Post Rd. Orange, CT. 795-1387 1 1 Rowen St. East Norwalk, CT 838-3971 THOMPSON PECKS INSURANCE 321 Whitney Avenue New Haven, CT 787-6781 933-0077 JO-EV DRY CLEANERS Alterations Repairs WE DELIVER WEST HAVEN ONLY LAUNDERED SHIRTS LEATHER-SUEDE-FURS 748 Campbell Ave. John Yvonne West Haven, CT DeBiaso Redding Insurance Associates, Inc. Stephen C Zgradden, Class of 1971 Insurance Specialists 267 Center St. West Haven, CT 932-6461 ECONOLINE Office Equipment Furniture Corp. 743 Boston Post Rd. West Haven, CT 934-2597 (203) AIRPORT N.H. 776-6066 AirporTravel Schedule Airport Service To KENNEDY - LAGUARDIA ■ BRADLEY and Car Rental Conn. Nationwide Toll Free 1-800-247-4278 OFF THE WALL GRAFFITI REMOVAL SYSTEMS, INC. 604 Ella Grasso Blvd. 782-6332 New Haven, CT SARGENT AUnitof L.B. Foster Company FOSTER METAL MASTERS INC. 469-2309 111 Kendall Street New Haven. CT 933-2277 932-3955 PEREIRA SONS CONSTRUCTION CONCRETE ASPHALT DRIVEWAYS PARKING AREAS WALKS-CURBS-PATIOS ASPHALT SEALING SNOW PLOWING 109 Highland St. West Haven, CT Tony Pereira John Pereira NATIOINAL RENTAL SYSTEMS 549-5850 598 Asylum Ave. Hartford, CT FALCONE 6t LYONS ATTORNEYS AT LAW PERSONAL INJURY-GENERAL PRACTICE REAL ESTATE BUSINESS AUTO ACCIDENTS-DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS-INSURANCE CLAIMS CRIMINAL DEFENSE-EMPLOYMENT RIGHTS-ESTATE PLANNING CORPORATIONS-CLOSINGS-COMMERCIAL DEVELOPMENT MALPRACTICE-NEGLIGENCE-UNINSURED MOTORIST WILLS PROBATE-WORKERS COMPENSATION 934-1067 VINCENT R. FALCONE DANIEL A. LYONS, JR. MARY ANN RUSH PERI HOFFNER SWANIGER MARK A. HEALEY 367 Elm Street West Haven, CT MARTIN PRINTING,INC. 308 Morse Street, Hamden,CT06514 El Torero Mexican Restaurant 878-7734 1698 Boston Post Road • Milford, CT For All Your Xeroxing and Printing Needs Come To. TYCO 262 Elm Street • 562-9732 Your On Campus Copy Center Located in the Basement of The Administration BIdg. A FULL SERVICE COPY CENTER FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE University of New Haven UNIVERSAL GRAPHIC DESIGN Complete Typesetting Services Diskettes magnetic Tape Conversions ilecommunications Data Base CapabilitiE 203-6240022 BDS Business Center Providing Computer Solutions lor the Restaurant Robert I. Carnonella Hospitality Specialist 8 Lunar Drive Woodbrldge, CT Better tlomes Insulation Co., Inc. Solar Systems-Remodeling-Thermal WintJows 132 Wood St., West Haven 203-934-7931 CM American Consulting Group Inc. ■ Ana sis « Progn 2348 Whitney Ave. Suite 2 288-4010 Hamden, CT BETH-MAR 771 Orange Avenue West Haven. CT BOOKSTORE INC. 933-4000 300 Orange Avenue West Haven, CT MEN ' S 624-4222 WOMEN ' S 624-0365 ARNOLD ' S BOOT SHOP 900 Chapel St. New Haven, CT, 787-2950 THE CHART HOUSE Steuk - Seafood tAicktmIs 100 S. Water St. New Haven, CT Jimmies of Savin Rock 5 Rock Street West Haven, CT WAWA Elm St., West Haven, 284-9787 NEW HAVEN SAVINGS BANK SCHOOL-CHURCH-HOSPITAL-INDUSTRIAL SOUND-INTERCOM-CCTV SYSTEMS M S Sound Co., Inc. Engineering Sales Since 1922 10 Broadway Hamden, CT HAMDEN HALL SUMMER PROGRAMS Summer School Camp a 6 week summer experience for all reasons June22-July31 Hamden Hall C.D.S. 1108 Whitney Ave. 865-6158 Hamden, CT ALLSTATE Insurance Company 342 Main St. West Haven, CT 255 Campbell Ave West Haven, CT B 934-1322 H 469-2971 Alan D. DeLisle GRI BROKER DELISLE, COMPANY REALTORS Data reporting corp Searching Public Records Througfiout the United States 3074 Whitney Ave, Hamden. CT 287-1294 135 Burnside Ave, East Hartford, CT 282-0685 LATELIA CARTING CO. 799-2311 378 Boston Post Rd. Orange, CT Slaters Auto Body 932-3046 275 Front Avenue West Haven, CT Carbonella D Sons 624-51 28 307 Food Terminal Plaza New Haven, CT AMERICAN DRIVING SCHOOL 450 Derby Ave. West Haven, CT STORER CABLE 865-9444 190 Whalley Ave. West Haven, CT PAUL KUROWSKI INSURANCE Home of V.I.C. 140 Captain Thomas Blvd., West Haven, CT Ferrie Bros., Inc. PAVING CONTRACTORS-ASPHALT-CONCRETE en - Vinny - Jonn West Haven, CT HAMDEN Chrysler-Plymouth Inc. NEW YORKER-LeBARON-SUN DANCE-RELIANT TURISMO-HORIZON-VOYAGER-CARAVELLEIMPORTS 2101 Dixwell Ave. Hamden, CT 288-2564 1-800-972-9782 203-877-2716 CONN. WATS CONNECTICUT DRIVESHAFTCO., INC. CONNECTICUT ' S DRIVELINE SPECIALISTS 470 Naugatuck Ave. Milford, CT SEARS ROEBUCK CO. 937-2600 80 Boston Post Rd. Orange, CT THE WEST HAVEN BUCKLE CO. 742 Washington Ave. West Haven, CT 934-6691 TELEX-705474 CABLE-WHBCO CHR Industries, Inc. 407 East St., New Haven, CT 203-777-3631 Michaels JEWELERS SINCE 1885 1201 Boston Post Road Milford, CT Luigi ' s Italian Cuisine Pizza 111 Elm St. West Haven, CT 932-5847 THE JOSEPH F. KELLY CO., INC. General Contractors Since 1927 Commercial-lndustrial-Construction Managers 184 Front Avenue West Haven, CT 934-8301 Harstans jewelers 523 Campbell Avenue West Haven, CT established 1854 Gardener W. Hubbard President Cunningham Upson, Inc. 44-46 Hotchkiss St. New haven, CT NORTH HAVEN TRANSPORTATION CO. 19 Montowese Avenue North Haven, CT 393-0426 Donald Reidy Permitee AINGIE ' S RESTAURAINT FINE ITALIAN CUISINE-BANQUETS CATERING 123 Amity Rd. Bethany, CT A M Foreign Car Service The Volvo Specialist 313 Forbes Avenue New Have, CT CHUCKS STEAK HOUSE 934-5300 1001 Orange Ave. West Haven, CT FJOCK ESTOS 285 Nicoll St. New Haven, CT Eastern Rental Leasing Company 920 Boston Post Road 877-6551 Milford, CT CALABRO CHEESE CORP. 580 Coe Avenue East Haven, CT 469-1311 PARK LIQUOR 221 Orange Avenue West Haven, CT LYNCH. TRA LB. REEFE ERRAHTE 52 Trumbill St. New Haven, CT 787-0275 777-7615 HERLIN Printers who believe In service . . . and provide it! West Haven; 934-6346 New York: 21 2-223-0050 Westchester: 914-328-0130 WEST HAVEN, CT 488-2500 Blakeslee-Arpaia-Chapman INCORPORATED Engineered Construction 200 N. Brabdford Rd. Branford. CT AAMCO TRANSMISSIONS World ' s Largest Transmission Specialists 672 Orange Ave. West Haven, CT NEW HAVEN ORTHOPEDIC SURGEONS MARTIN L. SUMNER, MD WILLARD F. GREENWALD, MD DARIO R. NOLASCO MD JEFFREY M. SUMNER, MD 1 1 1 Park St. New Haven, CT 777-6881 YANKEE IINN 370 Highland Street West Haven, CT 934-661 1 Andrade Motor Car Inc. 25 Elm Stret West Haven, CT 933-5247 MAROTTI CRANE SERV. 467-5485 52 Gordon Street East Haven. CT SEACREST NURSING RETIREMENT CTR. 934-2676 588 Ocean Avenue West Haven. CT ROURKE-ENOPAPERCO 932-3661 220 Frontage R.P. West Haven. CT GRECOS AUTO PARTS 932-5815 724 Campbell Ave. West Haven, CT MANTILLA MOTORS 934-2611 325 Campbell Avenue THE E.H. ROBERTS CO. 239-0717 510 Washington Ave. North Haven. CT ANDERSON GLASS 934-7927 426 Front Avenue West Haven. CT CHARMS SECURITY HARDWARE 562-4169 32 Howe Street Nevi Haven. CT NOTRE DAME H.S. 933-1673 24 Ricardo Street West Haven, CT ELLIPTIPAR INC. 932-2266 145 Orange Avenue West Haven. CT JOHN LAVIOLA LANDSCAPE DESIGNER 795-4425 400 Narrow Lane Orange. CT CHATHAM PHARMACY 777-6868 489 Ferry Street New Haven, CT SYSTEMS INC. 397-3936 425 Westrock Ave. New Haven. CT SABINO S. PANZA Panza Associates 934-7744 357 Center St. West Haven, CT WOOSTER AUTO BODY 865-3054 86 Amity Rd. New Haven, CT WHITEHOUSE CO. 562-8808 51 York St. New Haven, CT ABBOTT PRINTING 562-5562 91 2 DJxwell Avenue Hamden. CT WEST ROCK CORP. 333 Valley Street Westville. CT BARRIE LTD, 260 York Street New Haven, CT CRAIGENES FINE JEWELRY 577 Campbell Avenue West Haven. CT AJT BURGLAR ALARM SYSTEMS. INC. 469-2001 60 Printers Lane New Haven. CT ASSOCIATED GRAPHICS 287-1300 Hamden, CT RUSTY SCUPPER 777-5711 501 Long Wharf Drive New Haven, CT CHIPS RESTAURANT 795-5065 321 Boston Post Rd. Orange, CT FOREST ECONO MUFFLER 934-9256 226 Forest Road Wesy Haven, CT ANTHONY AUGLIERA INC. 937-9080 34 Hamilton Street West Haven. CT AUTOMATED SERVICES 877-0348 1 45 Pepes Farm Rd. Milford. CT THE PERFECT PARTY 281-4458 100 Republic Drive North Haven. CT DUBLE OHEARN 789-0100 54 Trumble St. New Haven, CT WALDRON COMPANY 239-2569 North Haven. CT CITY POINT CONSTRUCTION 933-7351 14 Daytona St. West Haven, CT AMERICAN TALET RENTAL 453 Short Beach Rd. East Haven. CT HEALTH CARE INC. 393-0470 651 Amity Rd., Bethany, CT DUCHESS DINERAUNT. MIKES 933-9128 706 Campbell Ave., West Haven, CT CONSOLIDATED ELECTRIC, INC. 932-3487 16 Dalton St., West Haven, CT M S MACHINE TOOL CO. 933-8920 44B Hamilton St., West Haven, CT RICHARD MFG. CO., INC. 874-3617 250 Rock Lane, Milford, CT BIANCHI APPRAISAL SERVICE 248-5704 3074 Whitney Ave., Hamden, CT FIRELONE, INC. D.B.A.. FIRE EQUIPMENT 934-7022 West Haven, CT MAZON MOBIL 934-5961 949 Orange Ave., West Haven, CT FLINN-STEBBINS ASSOC. 445-4006 174 Bridge St., Groton, CT FOXON AUTO BODY 467-6955 957 Foxon Rd., East Haven, CT CAMILLOS TUXEDO SPECIALIST 795-3468 500 Boston Post Rd., Orange, CT SIGNS BY AUTOGRAFIX 481-6502 7 Svea Ave.. Branford, CT BEACON TRAVEL INC. 288-0248 1414 Dixwell Ave., Hamden, CT ALAN DALE SIGN DESIGN 239-3333 85 B2 State St., North Haven, CT G H EOUIPMENT 239-3376 314 Old Maple Ave., North Haven, CT TYCO COPY CENTER 937-1 230 Located on Campus, University of New Haven E.L.K. GLASS SHADE INC. 934-5746 739 Campbell Ave., West Haven, CT AMERICAN STEAK HOUSE 933-9602 848 Orange Ave., West Haven, CT AUTOMATIC BURGLAR ALARM SYSTEM INC. 205 Wallace St., New haven, CT WEST SHORE CLEANERS 776-0231 323 Whalley Ave., New Haven, CT LIQUOR LAND 281-0784 2195 Dixwell Ave., Hamden, CT THE ARROW GRAPHICS 288-2702 451 Putnam Ave., Hamden, CT AAA AWARDS 562-8579 840 Dixwell Ave., Hamden, CT WHITES PLUMBING SUPPLIES 582 Orange Ave., West Haven, CT ALL PARTS 932-6494 1088 Orange Ave,, West Haven, CT A.C. INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES INC. 234-7089 48 Postman Hwy., North Haven, CT DEITSCH PLASTIC CO. 934-6601 14 Farwell St., West Haven, CT COMPLIMENTS OF: NEW HAVEN TERMINAL ADVANCED LIFT TRUCK SERVICE, INC. 1060 Sherman Ave., Hamden, CT A. LAUGENI SON, INC. 934-5302 370 Ardale St., West Haven, CT OUT HAUSEN, Portable Toilets 795-6710 1038 Gardens Rd., Orange, CT CHRISTOPHER MARTINS RESTAURANT 860 State St., New Haven, CT CHIEPPO CHARTERS INC. 469-68379 P.O. Box 494, East Haven, CT EAST HAVEN COUNTRY STORE 457-6645 10 Mill St., East Haven, CT THE CADWARE GROUP, LTD. 397-2908 869 Whalley Ave., New Haven, CT ORANGE WEST HAVEN WALK-IN MEDICAL CTR 260 Bull Hill Lane, Orange, CT LAWYERS TITLE INSURANCE CORPORATION 234 Church St., New Haven, CT WHITE SHOP, INC. 624-2624 45 College St., New Haven, CT BARRIE, LTD. 562-7633 260 York St.. New Haven, CT S.G. ZUDEKOFF. D.D.S. 389-9978 279 Blake St., New Haven. CT AM-PM MINI MARKET 776-5252 1 Gotfe St., New Haven, CT R L AUTO SERVICE 932-2347 540 Orange Ave., West Haven, CT JIMMY ' S ARMY NAVY STORE 934-2900 1019 Orange Ave., West Haven, CT CARMS PACKAGE STORE 933-1383 111 Elm St., West Haven, CT URETEX INC. 468-0342 30 Lenox St., New Haven, CT PETALS SCENTS 878-1 272 801 Boston Post Rd., Milford, CT THE HAIR CPONNECTION 933-8070 58 Hawthorne St., West Haven, CT KNIGHT INC. 799-2592 286 Boston Post Rd., Orange, CT NATIONAL LIQUOR SHOP 624-1679 216 Edgewood Ave., New Haven, CT MILLERS CLEANERS 624-0771 78 Whalley Ave., New Haven, CT MINITPRINT 776-6000 27 Whitney Ave., New Haven, CT CAPTAINS GALLERY 932-181 1 19 Beach St., West Haven, CT ROSS COPY CENTER, INC. 933-8732 61 1 Campbell Ave., West Haven, CT YALE AUTO BODY 787-8719 381 Crown St., New Haven, CT SILVERS DRUG SHOP 933-1621 51 9 Campbell Ave., West Haven, CT PHOTOGRAPHIC METHODS TECHNIQUES, INC. 727 Campbell Ave., West Haven. CT MILFORD CITIZEN 874-1691 349 New Haven Ave., Milford, CT GANNETT OUTDOOR CONNECTICUT 865-1 1 77 1 1 9 Water St., New Haven, CT DESCONN PRODUCTS OF CONNECTICUT, INC. 48 Thill St., West Haven, CT KEENAN FUNERAL HOME 933-1217 238 Elm St., West Haven, CT KLEBAN CORP. 933-2521 30 Railroad Ave., West Haven, CT CONNECTICUT METAL DOOR COMPANY 21 7R Orange Ave., West Haven, CT FISHER SCIENTIFIC CO. C.F.D. of NEW ENGLAND 30 Water St., West Haven, CT STORER CABLE Your Source for Entertainment 190 Whalley Ave., New Haven, CT BENEVENTO BROTHERS, INC. 777-5307 44 Spring St., New Haven, CT CONCEPT 90, Fitness Equipment for Home Office 200 Boston Post Rd., Orange, CT CO PRODUCTS MFG. 776-9256 1 1 84 Dixwell Ave., Hamden, CT JACOBS, GRUDBERG, BELT DOW 772-3100 350 Orange St., New Haven, CT MILLIAN DESEBTI CO. 582-2000 485 Blvd., New Haven, CT WEST HAVEN BUCKLE CO. 934-1041 742 Washington Ave., West Haven, CT CORSO PACKAGE STORE 932-3804 694 Orange Ave., West Haven, CT STAR TIRE 934-7964 40 Orange Ave., West Haven, CT MR. TROPHY CO. 239-9637 P.O. Box 1 1 7, North Haven. CT. ORANGE HILLS COUNTRY CLUB 795-4161 489 Race Brook Rd., Orange, CT CONNECTICUT REFINING CO. 933-2781 95 Water St., West Haven, CT NEW HAVEN DRY WALL 777-5481 31 5 Front Ave., West Haven, CT TONYS AUTO SERVICE 624-0105 599 Lombard St., New Haven. CT AMENDOLA GENERAL WOODWORKING 529 Sherman Ave., Hamden, CT AIREACTOR CORP 865-6322 315 Peck St., New Haven, CT EMAC, INC. 782-9215 323 Goodrich St., Hamden, NJ GRID BUILDING, INC. 795-6072 156 Boston Post Rd.. Orange, CT AIR SPECIALTIES 934-7984 25 Spring St., West Haven, CT MAIN ST. DELI 934-6955 336 Mam St., West Haven, CT ECONOMY ICE 865-5275 P.O. Box 512, New Haven, CT CONN, BLACKBOARD CO. 937-1733 18 High St.. P.O. Box 408 PMR GRINDING WHEEL CORP. 933-2501 70 Water St.. West Haven, CT BUSINESS WARE, INC. 433 Chapel St., New Haven, CT GEM SEW VAC CENTER, INC. 239-1925 117 Washington Ave. North Haven, CT EMMETTS ELMCO SERVICE STATION 934-3100 286 Campbell Ave. West Haven. CT GEPPI ' S 776-0100 113 Grand Avenue New Haven, CT THE PERMANENT PLACE 932-6621 1088 Orange Avenue West Haven, CT DYNATRON INC. 265-7121 Village Lane Wallingford, CT CHRIS ' S GUN SHOP 467-2666 41 Main St. New Haven, CT Memoirs Memoirs Special Thanks A special thanks goes out to all those that made this book possible: My staff, Glenn, Ivo, Pat, Vannessa Rae, Andre, and others, My university, Claire, Sandy, Salley, and others, and to my professionals, Brian of Delmar and Paul of Varden. vO ' N|% N V- i O

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