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■:i ! $: . i ♦ ♦ . LfBRARY UMVERSfTY OF NEW HAV£N mmmmm$®mi®M®wi!sm ' vv j: ffiWKyW). ' :: Valerie Smith Editor-in-Chief Suzanne Motasky Business Advertising Editor Patricia Calabrese Advisor STUDENT ASSOCIATIONS Page 90 ACADEMICS Page 138 SPECIAL EVENTS Page 174 STUDENT LIFE Page 210 ■ ■1 I J5 The Lau The tale Monday ghter, The music, nt, The fun, The thru Friday The experiences smmmmmmmmm » WjmmMWm mm ■■BBBeweass mi •:::.-■. ■;.-. ff .w -.v .w; -irWi MMi ffra?. ♦ ,♦» ♦ « 9 ' ■■ " •■—. zz:„ ■ ■ bb— mmmb w ■ iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii«wgnMBiW—MW g— HM ' " ■ ' • v Let Them Laugh Whether they were from Boston or New York, they al- ways played to standing room only crowds. The comics provided the students a chance to get away from their studies and get a good hearty laugh. Each comic was unique and can usually allow someone to relate to him. The comic ' s talents ranged from impressions to political jokes, each funny in its own way. 6° S$ How many goldfish would you eat for a UNH jacket? How about for a Stroll ' s light? What would it take for you to roll around in a baby pool of rice krispies — after honey was spread all over you? UNH students were found to do almost " Any- thing " for a prize. Tim and Stu of the Social Dept. challenged anyone in the audience to do anything they wanted. The result was a night full of zany acts and lots of fun. $ y , • " , ' , ' .„ ' );■, " ' ,» ' - ' ; ' i v ( " , ' . ' • W 1 " WM?M5i! nft ' T : ■■:p!i :-. ■;:-;■■ :!••:•.. ' ■■.■.., ■.■..-, •■ ■,-■■■■■. :■..■•■■ ■;.-■■ . , ■■;:;;;.. ■ : ; ,V; ,.;■.•:■,.» ■ ' • v ,; V:-- .:! - . ■ ' ; ' : .. ' .•.. ' ; |5 5 T S R V.V.SiWU ' SW h 1 4 ■1i i! !li Outrageous mmm mtm Mammmmm m ■■«■■ The cafeteria was packed to capacity as UNH students teamed up for some outrageous com- petition. Unlike normal athletic events, this com- petition involved some crazy twists and turns. Students raced the clock as they struggled through a jungle of rubber cords, leaped through a tire tube, and strived for control up a twisting ladder. Along with all its fun this annually held event required an entry fee which went towards United Way. Introducing the Ruden St. Rockers Talent is found in students of var- ious majors. Some students on campus are doing some rock rolling when they are not in class. Our own UNH band appeared in the Tavern to show the students what they ' ve got. The band in- cludes singers both male fe- male, trumpets, guitarists, saxo- phones, keyboards and drums. Some may be on the road to suc- cess, some are just out for the fun. Hot Acoustics One would never believe so much sound could come from two people. The tavern was filled with students enjoying the music of Grateful Dead, Hot more. This successful event gave stu- a chance to just sit back and relax. . Every once in awhile, the Tavern is seen filled with kazoo playing, knee slappin ' and foot stompin ' stu- dents. Ray Boston is one man and one guitar and a whole lot of fun. If it is a fun audience participation song, one can bet Ray knows it. This is one form of entertainment where the audience makes the show. Now Appearing in the Charger Tavern: ADX Special Guest The Charger Tavern hosted a change of pace band one April night. Influenced by witchcraft, the band members of ADX ap- pear in black with candles glowing and incense burning. Their special guest is a band whose members attend Southern CT State College. ■ j ™ , " v- .v. Ay.g.ip.g ' WL-. ' -w jhb: — b — " — — — " n-mnnfimimiTi ' n ' mi f ffl ■ ' TWXf WWSWWWiMMKHM I mm i all-out crowd is attracted to the likes of John Con Turner, Cyndi L v Moves and from famous stars from all over. The guitar ile and the music w is but appe. School Au ! filled with a bog. n ' and boppin ' crowd. «»«iMPii i ii«« i ii i i ii i i iiHm ii h HBBHHHHH nUHBH HUHHHHi The sand and the surf were not physically present, but the mood was there. Beach fun in March??? It may have been cold outside, but inside the heat was pouring. UNH students were splishin ' and a splashin ' while the video DJ cranked out the latest tunes. Some folks really got into the spirit by wearing their favorite beach attire. yiuiMB May Day 1 1 " t e ? - V Hli n 1 1 dH I; __ » -- Jj 38 The rain didn ' t hold back the festivities. The tents went up, the bands arrived early. Clubs and organiza- tions were there doing their part towards adding to the day. This years band fea- tured Nucleus, Funkestra, Ramones and Elliot Easton. The chosen bands gave a well rounded selection of music. The days events were given a carnival auro- ra by the addition of Camel and Elephant rides. Overall, May Day was an exciting end to the school year. r mmmmsmam 43 " The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat " , The cheers, The tears, The glory, The sorry — The Sports — asMMiinM tm Kt m trnffit M w • .■■ «•:, ' - ♦ t ' t ' I. ' BR 1984 FOOTBALL TEAM Robert Aiello Paul Dziedzic Ray Munroe John Alosky Douglas Edwards Michael Murphy Larry Anderson Raul Font Robert Murray Chris Angelone Bill Gambardella Jim Nally Rich Barone Peter Gianakis Steven Nastri Pat Behan Andrew Giungo Shawn Nelson Allen Bell Marco Gonzalez Greg Ortman Bob Benjamin Jerry Gumbrecht Ralph Pacifico Ben Blue Vincent Hamilton Frank Pellegnno Steven Borak Guy Harris David Peterson Alex Boxill Dave Haubner Terry Pitt Matt Bozzo Robert Hayhurst Chris Pullen Scott Branfuhr Thomas Hogan Rick Racioppi Troy Bridges Tim Holmes Joseph Reed Ron Brown Tom Holmes Michael Rivera Tim Brown Tim Jackson Mark Roddy Tin Brozovic Tim Jones Phil Ryan Mark Brucato Paul Kelly Paul Sabrowski Roosevelt Burnett Greg Kopazna Dan Salvo Mark Buchanan Gregg Lender Kurt Santos Joe Calvagna Erik Lesinski Donald Scott P.J. Campbell Tony Lopresti Mark Shee Brian Cerruto Allen Love Ron Sires Jesse Coger Todd Luniewski Andrew Smart Ron Conyers Ray Lynch Dave Smith Fran Corea Wesley Manerson Patrick Stevens John Coscia Mike Maroney Allan Testa Charles Cotton Chris Martinelli Darren Tully Mark Coury Joe Massa David Tully Mike DeCapua Jay Maull Anton Updale Greg DeDominicis Lionel Maull Brian Volpe Steve DeGrand Paul Maurice Kenneth Wade Brian Delahunty Tommy McLean Darren Warrell Andrew DelCarmine Dean Monahan Martin White Norman Dillon Chris Moran Stewart Wilson Joseph Dorn Marlon Morris Tim Zalenski Robert Doty Vince Morsillo Charles Ziegenbeir Football FINAL RECORD 5-5 UNH OPP Lowell 31 14 Albany State 24 7 Towson State 3 28 Central Conn. 24 7 C.W. Post 7 30 A.I.C. 27 24 Southern Conn. 17 24 Springfield 23 9 Norwich 7 42 Millersville 7 46 WBBSB BBm m.,Ammmum | ,8 N V- 5 I ■ ' r r K a r ! Soccer FINAL RECORD 16-4,1 UNH OPP Keene State 2 Keen of N.J. 1 4 Sacred Heart 6 1 New York Tech 2 3 Quinnipiac 3 Mercy 1 1 Fairfield 13 1 Lowell 9 Central CT 3 Queens 6 Dowling 6 2 C. W. Post 3 1 N. H. Colleges 5 1 Bridgeport 4 1 Southern CT 2 1 Southampton 4 A.I.C. 18 Hartford 4 Bridgeport 2 1 Tampa 1 Florida Int. U. 2 3 1984 SOCCER TEAM: Antonio Bogat, Marcello Colagiovanni, Antonio Crespo, Michelangelo Falbo, Keith McCormick, Innocent Okafor, Robert Palmer, Joshua Phillips, Jose Rojas, Tomas Tomasson, Boniface Uche, Roger Zimmerman. 56 I. ' . I ' ■ . . . i i mfm tw ■+ m m « m , , I ?y) Wi, mmu. rw r nm.. mmmamam 1984 VOLLEYBALL TEAM: Shirley Bacon, Wanda Bacon, Arneatha Eaddy, Lori Fuller, Sandra Lautz, Geraldine Mattaur, Kim Schmidt, Tracey Skomro, Kate Whalen. Rhode Island College C. W. Post Keene State Northeastern Eastern CT UMASS Central CT Cornell Southern CT Northeastern West Point Northeastern Hartford UMASS Rhode Island College Central CT Eastern Ct UMASS Bridgeport Villanova Liberty Baptist Univ. of Delaware FINAL RECORD 41 MATCHES (WON 36, LOST 5) UNHOPPUNHOPPUNHOPP 15 5 15 15 3 7 8 15 11 15 15 10 15 2 15 8 15 3 10 15 15 7 13 15 15 8 15 8 15 6 15 7 15 5 15 6 15 11 16 14 15 8 15 12 15 7 15 7 13 15 15 11 15 10 15 13 15 17 15 11 15 12 15 15 15 15 16 15 15 3 3 15 12 15 4 10 15 15 7 15 8 9 17 15 15 15 13 15 3 4 4 13 15 15 10 15 11 15 3 15 3 15 10 15 13 UNHOPP VA Commonwealth 15 9 UPENN 15 7 Princeton 12 15 Springfield 1 5 5 Southampton 1 5 1 C. W. Post 15 6 UMASS 15 8 Cornell 15 11 Brown 15 11 C. W. Post 15 Bryant 15 Southern CT 1 5 Sacred Heart 15 New Hampshire Col. 17 Lowell 1 5 Central CT 1 5 Northeastern 14 Portland State 6 1 5 UNHOPPUNHOPP 15 8 15 10 13 15 15 7 11 15 15 10 15 15 15 8 15 13i 15 8 15 3! 10 15 15 6 7 15 15 2 15 3 15 7 15 7 15 T 15 1 15 5 15 8 15 3 15 2 15 15 13 15 15 6 15 3 " WW Wm)M mmmmmm i 1983-1984 WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL Sonja Beamon Carolyn Bell Mary Doherty Arnetha Eaddy Lisa Fraser Dana Hodges Chris Ihm Beth Kauke Carlene Moody Tracy Smitherman Tern Stahl Rasheedah Wall FINAL RECORD 18-11 UNH OPP Bentley College 60 80 Mercy College 81 77 Rhode Island College 65 51 Bryant College 53 60 University of Hartford 61 50 St. Michaels College 57 64 Marist College 52 71 Franklin Pierce College 79 40 C. W. Post 69 68 East Stroudsburg 61 57 New Hampshire College 70 67 Southern Conn. State 53 60 University of Bridgeport 63 54 Quinnipiac College 52 59 University of Lowell 57 42 Central Conn. State 78 65 New York Institue of Tech. 82 64 Sacred Heart University 72 57 University of Bridgeport 43 45 Kean College of New Jersey 59 65 University of Lowell 60 54 Southern Conn. State 76 47 New Hampshire College 77 51 Central Conn. State 66 67 Quinnipiac College 57 60 Sacred Heart University 70 58 NECC PLAYOFFS New Hampshire College 74 56 Southern Conn. 59 56 Quinnipiac College 63 68 mxw Women ' s % Basketball n ? ■ 4 ' V m m Basketball FINAL RECORD 16-13 UNH OPP Southampton College 86 75 Mercy College 1 09 81 Queens College 87 86 Adelphi Univ. 80 52 Adelphi Univ. 67 71 Concordia Coll. 105 98 Keene State Coll. 87 80 Dowling Coll. 80 77 St. Anselm Coll. 62 75 Pace Univ. 70 55 Bryant Coll. 81 85 New York Inst, of Tech. 71 81 American Intl. Coll. 77 70 Central Conn. State i 90 74 Univ. of Lowell 80 59 Quinnipiac Coll. 71 70 Southern Conn. State 63 62 Univ. of Bridgeport 69 90 Sacred Heart Univ. 68 71 Central Conn. State Univ. 78 63 New Hampshire Coll. 77 90 Univ. of Lowell 74 89 Southern Conn. State Coll. 66 69 Univ. of Bridgeport 32 34 New Hampshire Coll. 105 112 Quinnipiac Coll. 73 58 Sacred Heart Univ. 62 73 Central Conn. 76 74 Univ. of Bridgeport 57 66 1984-85 MEN ' S BASKETBALL ROSTER Ken Coleman Mike Costigan Cameron Drew Mark Drew Randy Gunther Bill Jeffress Ray Lynch Anthony McKnight Barry Phoenix Sean Murphy John Reynolds Greg Spicer Herb Watkins . ' it ' ' - ' ' ■ 5T ; ' ■■■-.■ ' . HI " % La Crosse Hi FINAL RECORD 2-10 r« • Dowling College Holy Cross College Babson College Univ. of Hartford Merrimack College Wesleyan Univ. Univ. of Mass. -Boston Springfield College Univ. of Lowell Trinity College Conn. College Westfield State College 1985 LACROSSE TEAM John Carroll George Chambrelll Jay DiResta George Echenhofer Brian Edward Scott Elia Tom Gale Rich Guglielmo Greg Harrold John Herholtz Ken Liudulas Chris Martinelli Kevin McCarthy Kevin Nickune Barry Morin Lou Pascarella Nick Ricci Ralph Salvatore Duane Sauer v mx r- 4» I j ■ mmmmsmm " X@% ' 3Z 1$ 1 £» V .- : Vi Baseball Final Record 22-4 UNH OPP University of Bridgeport (NECC) 23 4 American International College 2 Western Conn. State University 19 2 Springfield College 11 4 at University of Lowell (NECC) 4 1 at University of Lowell (NECC) 17 7 at Assumption College 6 2 at Sacred Heart University (NECC) 8 7 at Quinnipiac College (NECC) 6 4 Stonehill College 18 3 New Hampshire College (NECC) 4 5 New Hampshire College (NECC) 3 4 Pace University 3 4 Central Conn. State University 9 1 at Univ. of Bridgeport (NECC) 15 6 at Bently College 7 4 Mercy College 6 5 at University of Hartford 6 2 Eastern Conn. State University 2 1 Sacred Heart University (NECC) 6 2 at Southern Conn. State Univ. (GNHT) 8 1 at Quinnipiac Colle ge (GNHT) 6 3 Westfield State College 14 4 Quinnipiac College (NECC) 6 9 Southeastern Mass. University 5 Southern Conn. State Univ. (NECC) 7 3 rA 1985 BASEBALL TEAM Tony Buglione Ken Coleman Cameron Drew Jim Ferguson Frank Forcucci Bob Formanski Bill Gambardella Roberto Giansiracusa Mark Hatje Kevin Kerkes Scott Khoury Paul Jaques Jim Listro Bob Lombardo Tony LoPresti Dave McAuliffe Mark Moavero Anthony Pacileo Rob Riccio Wayne Rogalski Brian Stone Lews Wallin ■ ! 1: Softball FINAL RECORD 27-16 Conn. State Univ. at University of Rhode Island at University of Rhode Island BRYANT COLLEGE BRYANT COLLEGE AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE UNIVERSITY OF HARTFORD UNIVERSITY OF HARTFORD at New York Institute of Tech. at New York Institute of Tech. at Fairfield University SOUTHERN CONN. STATE UNIV. (NECC) SOUTHERN CONN. STATE UNIV. (NECC) MERCY COLLEGE at Rhode Island College at Rhode Island College at Yale University at Yale University at Central Conn. State Univ. (NECC) UNH OPP 9 1 2 3 9 11 5 9 1 1 3 4 3 4 3 2 7 4 9 1 2 6 3 6 4 2 8 1 3 12 5 2 at Central Conn. State Univ. 8 NECC) UNIVERSITY OF BRIDGEPORT (NECC) UNIVERSITY OF BRIDGEPORT (NECC) PROVIDENCE COLLEGE PROVIDENCE COLLEGE IONA COLLEGE IONA COLLEGE QUINNIPIAC COLLEGE (NECC) QUINNIPIAC COLLEGE (NECC) SACRED HEART UNIVERSITY (NECC) SACRED HEART UNIVERSITY (NECC) at University of Lowell (NECC) at University of Lowell (NECC) at New Hampshire College (NECC) at New Hampshire College (NECC) EASTERN CONN. STATE UNIVERSITY EASTERN CONN. STATE UNIVERSITY at C.W. Post College at C.W. Post College UNH OPP 3 2 3 2 4 3 3 5 7 3 2 6 1 3 9 2 2 3 5 3 3 4 4 5 11 2 3 4 Wanda Bacon Carolyn Bell Debbie Buckhout Sue Cortina Donna Cweklinsky 1985 Softball Team Lori Fuller Katie Hickey Chris Ihm Beth Kauke Donna Lillo 81 jw pi " WpL»lf : •• - NEW YORK CITY DEFKRTMENT OF _ PARKS " ° RECREATION _ CPOSS COUNTRY COURSE Outdoor Track 1984-1985 TRACK TEAM John Aherns Matt Bassette Charles Blanchet Ron Brown Bob Burbank Mike Chasse Jesse Coger Ron Conyers Charles Cotton Rick Delgado John Dileo Jeff Emmel Brian Foley Alex Gallo Dave Gibson Drew Giungo Scott Kahoun Scott Kassouf Allen Love Wes Manerson Jay Maull Vince Morsillo George Moses Robert Orr Miguel Pagan Don Scott Andy Saliwoda Jim Santiago Sam Sorrentino Anton Updale Jai Wallace TRACK HIGHLIGHTS Five members of the team qualified for the NCAA Division II Nationals . . . Senior Jesse Coger obtained second place overall at the New Englands with a time of 1 :50.46 . . . Both Jesse and Jim Santiago qualified for the Nation- als at Cal. State-Los Angeles in late May . . . As a Junior, Jim Santiago ran 9:10.21 in the Steeple- chase earning himself a trip to the NCAA ' s . . . The Mile Relay team consisting of Brian Foley, Lionel Maull, George Moses, and Jesse Coger ran a 3:12.33 at the New England ' s qualifying them for the NCAA ' s at LA . . . 88 At Basketball and Football games, some people may have never noticed, but there is a group of individuals expending their energy to boost the spirit of both players and fans. The cheerleaders dutifully show up at all games and show UNH who has the spirit. The countries, The majors, The personalities, The in- terests — The Factions — STUDENT H55DIIIHTIDN5 U IFSC Tony DiCrosta, President Manuel Mejia, Vice-President Alan Delong, Secretary Tom Wolf, Treasurer IFSC stands for Intra-Fraternal-Sorority Council. This council is a means of joining together the fraternities and sororities on campus. As a collective unit, the IFSC spon- sors events to promote the fraternities and sororities work- ing together. The IFSC also serves as a type of judicial unit concerning RUSH on campus. CHI KAPPA RHO Toni Cardonita Shelly Gerber Karen Vecchito Sue Wilber DELTA UPSILON Steve Auffant Juan Bossio Jose Bscheider John Martin Clennon Alan Delong Hector Diaz Joe Ferrara Jeff Halayko Adam Ingerman David Kail Serhat Kotak Manuel Mejia Ed Millette Bob Nowak Jim Oatman Albert J. Ouellette Mike Teh Thorn Vaccarelli Chi Kappa Rho is very active on campus. They sponsor social events and perform services for the community. The purpose of XKP is to promote closer friendships among the girls of the University. Delta Upsilon is an International Fraternity with headquar- ters in Indianapolis. It was founded in 1834 and is the oldest active fraternity in the U.S. and Canada. Beginning at the University of New Haven in the fall semester of 1 980, we have since grown to thirty active brothers. Our princi- ples are: The promotion of friendship, The development of character, The diffusion of liberal culture and advancement of justice. We are a social fraternity, but we have estab- lished very high academic standards. Delta Upsilon is unique, it is a non-secret fraternity and hazing is not al- lowed. Community service activities and promoting stu- dent life on campus are part of our goals. Delta Upsilon Fraternity will show you how to become the leader of to- morrow. ZETA BETA TAU Nicholas Alati Dave Boriskin Wayne Bresky Anthony DiCrosta Thadeus Christie William Cook Joseph Ferrari Alan Gemmel Scot Hartman Bob Kenny Stuart Lessner Anthony Manzione John Onetto Hal Phelan Bill Pollard Tom Porrier Steven Rizzo John Schroll Egon Stockenbojer Marvin White Tom Wolf ZBT LITTLE SISTERS Kim Chaney Sue Cortina Debbie Davis Debbie Faerberg Shelley Inzero Lisa Karlon Beth Kauke Caroline Kiest Jennifer Kusnitz Renee LaBanca Laurie Melcher Suzanne Motasky Tern Stahl Lorna Tomas Adriana Virga Vicky Willis ZBT Little Sisters is a counterpart of the Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity. The Little Sisters have been in existence on the UNH campus since April 17, 1980. As a service and social organization, its purpose is to promote social responsibil- ity, intellectual awareness, integrity, and sisterly love. We, the members of Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity of the Uni- versity of New Haven, exist in order to unite more closely the members of ZBT to the University, to establish a more social atmosphere to the standard of our academic well- being, and to call forth the higher and nobler attributes of our nature through our mutual and fraternal endeavors. mmmmmiMmmmMm CHI KftPPfl RHD SaftaRiTV § •?$ %8rJ3i 4t " . f|- .a c : 1 1. - .- f jL fc r v ' ' t v 4- " — . The Greeks came out in full force. Representatives from fraternities and sororities along with the Hotel Restaurant Society got together for some fun-filled competition. Events included a relay race, obstacle course, egg toss, three-legged race, and more. Points were given for each event, a tally of all events resulted in Zeta Beta Tau coming out on top. COUNCIL OF PRESIDENTS Bruce E. Berger Carlo F. Centore Mike Chasse Anthony DiCrosta William Durfee Andrew A. Fraser Kevin Gahan Suzanne Johnson George Kiayas Glenn Longwell Timothy Metzger Suzanne Motasky Scott Nixon Dave Peacos Pamela A. Piersanti Paul G. Richardson Mark Shuster Valerie Smith Joseph Strilbyckij John J. Valus David Werner Michele Zint COUNCIL OF TREASURERS Liz Bailey Alan Bietsch Juan Boscio Cathy A. Briggs Gina Capristo Mike Chasse Lisa Fraser Kevin Gahan Veronica Kimurc Tom Madigan Tony Manzione Suzanne Motasky Sandy Noodbridge Pamela A. Piersanti Lily Pujda Paul Richardson Dominick Reis Joe Strilbyckij Karen Vecchitto Jae Wolf David Werner Joseph Ferrari Felipe Sanchez Denise Lewis Council of Presidents is a council of clubs organizations presidents meeting every other week at which time they discuss current issues affecting the university. The council is a means of culminating all the clubs organizations underneath one unit. Council of Treasurers consists of treasurers from all clubs organizations. At its biweekly meetings the treasurers are informed of current budgetary ongoings within the DSG. The Council allows all the treasurers contact with one another and the treasurer of the DSG. ACCOUNTING CLUB Debra Bartholomew Kathy Brady Cathy Briggs Michael Colagrossi Bob Greenwood Mike Palumbo Kathy Park Dave Peacos Jorge Perez Lesa Petrucci Dominick J. Reis Kelly Smith Sherri Vegliante James Wood Sandra Woodbridge ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA HONOR SOCIETY Anna Alvarez Michael Ambrose Bryan Anderson David Arre Daphne Balacos Guy Benjamin Andrew D. Besso Gayle V. Blomberg Cathy Briggs Mark Branson Jose Bscheider James F. Buckley Gary A. Bunko Karen Cardinali Lori Cavanaugh Lori Chadderton Michael Cheney Donna Compare Adria DiBenedetto Robert Dixon Doreen Froehlich Heidi Gauger Shelly Gerber Teresa Giori Gary Graber Sherrlyn Greene Robert Greenwood Gregory Gregonis Holly Hammond John Harritt Michael Harvey Lindseyanne Hermann Robert Holz Maria lacomucci Patricia lllingworth Robert S. Jacobson Debra Jadwin Nancy R. Johnson Athina I. Karpasitou Jill Karsmarski Karina Kautsch Georghios Kiayas Alice Krol Theodore J. Krol Suzanne Kuziak William Labagnara Chantal Laliberte Karen Lamattino Barbara Lamb Charles Lang Salvatore Liguore Sara Luckenbach Gary Lynch James J. Marsh Prasun Mehta Jerris Miller Devika Narain Christopher Neeley Simon M. Nkambule Delia M. O ' Donnell Mohd Omar Lisa Pace Douglas Page Kathleen S. Park James Pelatzky Jorge Perez Diane E. Peters Tracy Potter Kelly Quinlan Domonick Reis Cordell Riley Alfredo Rivera John Roach Donna E. Rogowski Ed Ryan Isa Samad Gina Scruggs Harry Shepard Stephen Siegel Patricio Silva Patricia Sisson Brian Smith Nalini Solomon Mark Soneson Christopher Souchuns Marianne Stillie Noelle Taddei Harlan Tait Thomas Teixeira Ruthanna Terreri Anthony Tomassi Giovanna Torino Ellen Uihlein Karen Vecchitto Sherri Vegliante Victor Vinogradov Kate Whalen Joel F. Whitten Susan Wilber Sandra M. Woodbridge Paul Wyscopal Gregory Zigmont The Accounting Club allows the members to view the accounting environment first hand. Guest speakers de- scribe their views through their present careers with ac- counting firms. The club is active in the UNH community through its annual Christmas Bazaar and its field trip to New York City. The Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society is composed of members with 27 or more credit hours and a 3.5 or greater cumulative QPR. They had many activities this year, a drive to collect funds for Ethiopian relief, a faculty student tea, an excursion to see Marcel Marceau at the Shubert Theatre and an induction ceremony and dinner. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERS John Bianchi Grayson Gregory Scott Haburay Dr. Ira Kleinfeld Elaine Rihn ARAB STUDENT CLUB Maher Abd-EIQuader Essam Abu-Hanna Mansour Al-Bibi Nafie Al-Rafie Elias Bechara Salim Bechara Zaid Biter Abdul-Kader Hanash Farid Khoury Boutros Mouawad Ayad Moussa Husam Mustafa Marwan Odeh Imad Yamont 1 ] Hul w s 1 ■ ■ 1 I BETA BETA BETA Regina Brown Lori Chadderton Gary Didato Joe Dinegar Elizabeth Fernandez Chris Gode Judy Haliburton Chris Holm Prasun Mehta Devika Narain Al Pagliarulo Jerry Sangiamo Phillip Zolla AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS Mohammad Abu-Zaydeh Howard Etlaind Dr. Faigel Peter Falterer Ralph Gargiuto Sal Liguore Marino A. Limuro, Jr. Brian McDonald James A. Monde Halina Paliwoda Hector A. Ramos Keith W. Regan Dr. Reuber Dann Robles Bill Pruehsner John Vecchitto Kevin Violette Atsushi Yamakawa The American Society of Mechanical Engineers is a na- tional society for the dissemination of knowledge on all aspects of mechanical engineering. Beta Beta Beta Chapter 55 was established on the UNH campus in response to the needs of biology and other science-oriented students and is thus flexible in its activi- ties and concerns. The major focus of attention, however, is twofold and rests on the following areas: 1) the promo- tion and proliferation of various aspects of science 2) the dissemination of the ideal " for the students, by the stu- dents, of the students " for the advancement of better student life and interrelations. We, the members of Tri- Beta extend our heartiest congratulations and wishes for a successful future to the graduates of ' 85. a , COMMUNICATION CLUB Bob Barry Gabnelle Beatrice Gerry Cantlon Jon Fash Stuart Lessner Mark Meloccaro Tim Metzger Mike Zweeres COMPUTER CLUB Mike Chasse Miao Lin Chou Tom Ciesco Joe Ferrara John Herholtz Mike Juliano Lan Lu Peter Magyar Ellen Mams Annamalai Ramanathan Frank Russello Jim Santiago Cindy Stamatien Felix Tang Roger Zimmerman The Communication Club assists other clubs and com- mittees of the D.S.G. with lighting, sounding, staging, and taping such events as theatre productions, talent shows, and game shows. The club provides hands-on experience to all interested students in video-taping, 16mm film pro- duction, and audio production. The club also assists Com- munication majors in pursuing their career interests out- side of the classroom and studio. The Comm. Club is Fun! The University of New Haven Computer Club was found- ed last spring by Joseph Ferrara and Michael Chasse. Its purpose is to provide an opportunity for those interested to meet, discuss, and take part in computer related and so- cial activities. Membership is open to any UNH student, and you do not have to be a computer " whiz " to join. In its first year, computer club activities included — the develop- ment of an " electronic " magazine and newsletter on the school ' s academic computer center; a field trip to Boston and the computer museum; the co-sponsoring of social events to raise club funds; organized computer game com- petitions; and guest speakers at meetings. More is planned for the future. ENGINEERING STUDENT COUNCIL John Bianchi Alan Bietsch Carlo Centore Mike Chasse Wayne Cho Sue Cortina Joe Ferrara Bill Labagnara Glenn Longwell Ellen Regan Dann Robles Felipe Sanchez Jim Santiago Mark Shuster John Vechitto Modern Technology requires that a commitment to engi neering include interdisciplinary cooperation. FIRE SCIENCE CLUB Tom Bickforc Bob Coates Debra Hamilton Tom Madigan Kevin P. Morann Scott Nixon Jim Puleo Karl Schkrioba Joe Tempesta Tim Whalen orenssc Science Society is an elite professional or- catering to the science of law enforcement. The society provides experience and confidence in crime scene investigation and processing, laboratory analysis, and specialized law enforcement techniques. The organization annually attends the North Eastern Association of Foren- sic Scientists conference and visits various forensic labo- ratories. The society welcomes any self-motivating stu- dent with a true interest in the scientific aspects of today ' s orcement. The Fire Science Club of UNH is an organization dedi- cated to the promotion of Fire Safety and Fire Protection. Some of the recent accomplishments have been — The implementation of the university ' s fire prevention and es- cape plan and assisting in fire prevention regulations and renovations within the residential occupancies. HOTEL RESTAURANT SOCIETY Rosalyn Armstrong Don Brown Linda Catterson Nancy E. Corson Alan DeLong Mike Eppinger Jeff Guttman David N. Leopold Travis Miller Ray " Zeke " Papandrea Barbara Persons Maura Piercy Joseph Santello Robert Schneider Doug Simpson Jim Thein John Valus Loribeth Williams David Zdanowski ENGLISH CLUB Andrew Besso Cathy Briggs Jose Bscheider Marlene Chuput Boris Chernick Adria Dibenedetto Jay Guidone John J. Guidone Debra Hamilton Alice Krox Bill Labagnara B. J. Levene Tim McKittrick Bob Nowak Bob Paglia Stephanie Pomazi Julie Pummer Rich Robinson Felipe Sanchez Anthony Santucci Karen Stimpson Philip E. Surato Jae Wolf The Hotel Restaurant Society is a student operated catering organization on campus whose main objectives are to introduce hands on experience, fellowship among members, and give a better understanding of the hospital- ity industry. The English Coub is comprised of individuals from many academic fields. We students strive for academic excel- lence and success in our extra-curricular activities. We share a common interest in promoting literature, the Eng- lish language and the fine arts. Our main function is to produce the UNH literary magazine, " The Noiseless Spi- der " , and to enjoy each others diverse personalities. THE INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERS Mazen Abushariab Asmahani Ard. Ghan Masrk Ballou Jacqueline Blackmon James Borbas Wayne Cho Pete Chuley Mark Davis Nabil J. Debs Robin Diamonte Brian Entzminger Doug Grunewald Sameer Hanifeh Wer Ming Hshu Kama; Ibraham Saravodh Israsina Thomas G. A. Johnson Prof. D. O ' Keefe Prof. Kump Bill Labagnara Winston Lau MANAGEMENT CLUB Carlos Martinez Lisa Seigael Dave Wiener Liz Bailey Scott Habuaray Trish Ballou Tracy Porter Suhaimi Andrew Leshchyshyn Anthony LoRusso Ellen Mains Phil Markouski Boutros Mouwad Deep Narain Suleiman Nimn Prof. M. Packiam Kalpesh Patel Abdul Rahim Mark Rapuar Mohd Razuki Cliff Roberts Tahseen Sammouh Mark Shuster George Sirmis Lance Stronk Lisandro Suaret Victor Vinogradov Mark Williams The I.E.E.E. is a student branch of a national-professional society which promotes the knowledge and practice of all aspects of Electrical Engineers, Electronics, radio and al- lied branches of engineering or the related arts and sci- ences as well as the promotion of the professional devel- opment of the student. The department of management sponsors a student chap- ter of the Society for the Advancement of Management (SAM) which is open to students interested in the art and science of professional management. This organizatin provides students and faculty with a professional and so- cial experience that cannot be found in the classroom. Speakers, films, discussion groups and other activities are scheduled and open to all those interested in attending. MARKETING CLUB Elizabeth Bailey Valerie Brown Lucilla Bullen Colleen Clancy Oswaldo Gruber Keith Jackson Anthony McKnight Anibal Ranquel Chrystal Reid Paul Richardson Joseph Rio Kimberly Searles Shermaine Smart Richard Solano Michael Spencer THE NEW FOUNDLING THEATRE John Aherns Anna Alvarez Bruce Berger Shannon Charette Kevin Gahan Shelly Gerber Felicia Hudson Kathi Lanni Mark Melocarro Debra Olson James Scroggins Lila Woltf-Wilkinson Anne Wolowski The U.N.H. Marketing Club has been active for the past three years. The club ' s primary purpose is to expose all members to the professional marketing field. Members of the U.N.H. Marketing Club may also become affiliated with the American Marketing Association which is a profession- al national organization based in Chicago, Illinois. Market- ing professor Bernard Wiener is the club ' s advisor. The New Foundling Theatre brings together those inter- ested in studying and participating in theatre arts and pre- sents performances for the community. The News msm msmmmmmmssm THE NEWS is published weekly during the school year by the students of the University of New Haven for the UNH community. Readers of THE NEWS are invited to submit letters, articles and photographs for publication. WNHU Connecticut ' s favorite progressive non- commercial radio station completed an- other successful year in the new broadcast facilities. The 2nd annual radiothon raised over $15,000 and 1985 saw over 15 new people take to the airwaves. W ' - y ??3l ••, Wi! jy W5;«i(SwH«l(W»fflaBi» The Chariot The Chariot Yearbook staff can be known as a zany group of individuals dutifully doing all possible to produce a yearbook and maintain their noted social status. Our daily routine at the yearbook office includes laying out, shooting (pic- tures treasurers!), using a scaleograph (it ' s not an X-ray), and basically raising our Hecticity level. mammmmw mh mmmwmm Black Student Union The Black Student Union is one of many organizations spon- sored by the D.S.G. . The objec- tives of the Black Student Union are to promote cultural, social and educational awareness among the U.N.H. community. Of most importance to the lead- ers of the B.S.U. is the greater interaction among the student population. Black History Month The BSU presented its annually held Black History Month. Every year the BSU organizes a month of activities cen- tered around giving the public a chance to recognize the history of blacks. This years activities included Dick Greg- ory, a noted activist speaker. Dick Gregory spoke on many controversial issues to an attentive crowd in the audito- rium. A night of Carribean Entertainment was one of the added highlights of the month. The International Student Association ' s objectives are to make international students an important, visible resource on campus and its surrounding c ommunity. The ISA consists of five council members who are from all over the world. These students collaborate their ideas while working towards a common goal. One of which is to integrate all international students with Americans and with one another. During the past year, we have had many events. The ISA ' s biggest event is the International Banquet in the spring. Other events include the bowling tournament, Big E, Goodwill mission and many others. ww i ' amiwBaimiiiai ■ vc V3 , 3 !fSHBi£SBK wsmmmsmmmm. Fraser Administration 1984-1985 EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Andrew Fraser President Anthony P. DiCrosta Vice-President Michael Fedenco Treasurer Bruce E. Berger Executive Assistant SENATORS: Anna Alvarez Gerard Cantlon Toni Cardonita Thomas Combs Sandra Davis Arnetha Eaddy Joseph Ferrara Joseph Ferrari Heidi Gauger Shelly Gerber Theresa Giori Scot Hartman Stuart Lessner Mark Meloccaro Cranston Mcintosh Laurie Melcher Timothy Metzger Suzanne Motasky Ray Munroe Jorge Perez Pamela Piersanti Vanessa Potter Mark Powell Paul Richardson Steven Rizzo Anthony Santucci Arif Siddique Joseph Strilbyckij Valerie Smith Kevin Violette Adnana Virga Thomas Wolf Foud Youssif U- mmmmmmmmmmmma Honeymoon Suite Face-To-Face Beach Party Anything Goes Ray Boston Boston Comics DJ Mixers P.R. COMMITTEE Director: Gabnelle Beatrice Assistant: Richard Solano Bill Capece Suzanne Johnson Rich Cuma Bob Lantelne Kim Corey Mark Meloccaro Brian Figueroa Jim Puleo FILM COMMITTEE Chairperson: Gabrielle Beatrice Elaine Deshaies It is hard to describe the many as- pects of the Day Student Govern- ment. There aren ' t any simple words to show what the DSG has been or what it is supposed to be. The DSG involves over 50 clubs and organizations of the social and service nature. It involves the run- ning or overseeing of virtually every extra-curricular event on campus. The work of the students on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis goes vir- tually unnoticed. As each year un- folds, the members can look back and be grateful for their own ac- complishments while looking for- ward to those in the future. mm ■Milium mi The semesters, The classe s, The professors, The scholars — The entrance to the " Real World " — The 1985 Chariot Yearbook Is You never know until you try. And you never try unless you really try You give it your best shot; you do the best you can. And if you ' ve done everything in your power, and still " fail " — the truth of the matter is that you haven ' t failed at all. When you reach for your dreams, no matter what they may be, you grow from the reaching; you learn from the trying; you win from the doing. — Laine Parsons S Dedicated to Professor Warren J. Smith In recognition of your devotion to the education of this university commu- nity. You teach students to strive for excellence and inspire in them a thirst for knowledge. Dean ' s Award Ceremony Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges Anna M. Alvarez Bryan H. Anderson Zaid W. Bitar Wincome A. Blackburn Cathy A. Briggs Deborah E. Buckhout Toinette Cardonita Margaret M. Cavanagh Sally K. Chandler Thomas D. Combs III Howard W. Etkind Michael J. Federico Shelly M. Gerber Densill D. Greaves Bernadette E. Grieb Debra G. Hamilton Jill M. Karsmarski Geraldine L. Mattaur Donna J. McCready Timothy M. Metzger Daniel W. Murray Felipe R. Sanchez James P. Scroggins Gina A. Scruggs Pamela A. Shove Mark K. Shuster Kelly E. Smith Cynthia D. Stamatien Pamela J. Toma Giovanna G. Torino Suresh K. Vyas Outstanding Student In Management Robert Jacobson Ronald H. Antonio Outstanding Student In Business Data Processing John D. Woodward Outstanding Student In Management Marketing Carlos A. Martinez Outstanding Student In Civil Engineering Kathryn H. Bridges Paul A. Esposito (ASME) Outstanding Senior In Security Management Gayle Blomberg Outstanding Senior In Criminal Justice. . Sharon Hicks Abney Outstanding Freshman In Criminal Justice Michele Zint Outstanding Student In Electrical Engineering. . Winston Lau Outstanding Electrical Engineering Professor Dr. Daniel O ' Keefe Outstanding Achievement In Community • Psychology Damita Porto Outstanding Achievement In Industrial Organizational Psychology Polly Goertz Outstanding Achievement In Psychology Bachelor of Arts Program Gail Shaker Rollin G. Osterweis Award for Excellence . . . Mary Ann Berie (Political Science) Certificate of Appreciation Burtel N. Forrest (COOP Program) Gary C. Meisinger Winsome Blackburn Outstanding Fire Science Student Debra Hamilton Highest QPR In Accounting Robert M. Greenwood Highest QPR In Finance Christopher Abely Certificate For Students Pursuing a Career In Public Accounting Barbara Baker Arthur Carlson David Peacos Dominick Reis Sandra Woodbridge Outstanding Performance In Occupational Safety and Health Management Gary S. Schade Outstanding Student In Communication Anna Alvarez Outstanding Senior in Economics Nancy Johnson Christopher Abely Raymond Dube Outstanding Woman Award Debra Hamilton (Student Affairs) April 25, 1984 Special Recognition Award Timothy Hochadel (Residential Life) Appreciation Award Suzanne Johnson (Residential Life) Alan DeLong Timothy Whalen Robert Coates Distinguished Service To the Graduate School Edward J. Horehlad, Jr. Marvin K. Peterson Award Elizabeth Mohr (Evening Student Council) Evening Student Scholarship Award Debra Cooper Judith Permanents Nancy Carroll George Carpenter, Jr. Alumni Award Andrew Fraser Catherine Raffe Juliette Derricotte Award Vanessa Potter (Minority Student Affairs) Simon Bolivar Aw ard Jose Gutierrez (Minority Student Affairs) Blanche K. Bruce Award Densill Greaves (Minority Student Affairs) Theatre Arts Award Kevin Gahan The Spider Award Jay Guidone Adria DiBenedetto Felipe Sanchez School of Business Honor Society Robert Greenwood Accounting Gayle Blomberg Criminal Justice Christopher Abely Economics Accounting Holly Hammond Economics Patricia Sisson Marketing Giovanna Torino Marketing Alpha Lambda Delta Book Award Devika Narain Leadership Award Harlen Tait (Alpha Lambda Delta) Devika Narain Outstanding Service Karina Kautsch (Alpha Lambda Delta) Sandra Woodbridge Chariot Editor of the Year Suzanne Motasky Chariot Worker of the Year Kelly Smith WNHU Broadcaster of the Year Gina Capristo IFSC Appreciation Award Thomas Wolfe Manuel Mejia Anthony DiCrosta IFSC Council ' s Appreciation Award Dean Robert Caruso BSU President ' s Award Anthony Santucci BSU Honorarium Award Richard Dozier DSG President ' s Award Timothy Metzger Outstanding DSG Member Gabrielle Beatrice Outstanding DSG Senator Gerard A. Cantlon Most Active Club Black Student Union (DSG) Zeta Beta Tau Delta Upsilon Delta Chi Special Recognition Award Bruce Berger (DSG) Michael Federico Anthony DiCrosta Friends of the DSG Frederick Fischer Donald Scott Dick Baker Clarice Sorcinelli Outstanding Service Award Scott D. Nixon (Fire Science Club) Contribution and Service Award Robert C. McDonald (AS ME) Presidential Award Daniel Robles (AS ME) Outstanding Secretary Mrs. Ceil Denello (ASME) Outstanding Member Award Joseph Ferrara (Computer Club) Outstanding Performance Professor Wilfred (Management Club) Harricharan mmt. Karim Abbany West Haven, CT 8 S Mechanical Engineering Maher Abdelqader Sani Abdullahi Christopher Abely West Haven, CT New Haven, CT North Haven, CT 8 S Engineering B.S. Finance CLASS OF 1985 Sharon Abney Waterbury, CT B S Criminal Justice-Corrections Mohammed Abu-Atteeyah West Haven, CT B.S- Engineering Akram Ahmad New Haven, CT B.S. Civil Engineering lyad Al-Ahmad Kuwait Nicholas A. Alati Manchester, NH B.S Criminal Justice Abdulaziz Al-Manea Saudi Arabia B S Marketing Anna Alvarez Paul Aries Barbara Baker Roger Baroutjian West Haven, CT Ansonia, CT West Haven, CT Naugatuck, CT B.S Communications B.S. Hotel Management B.S. Financial Accounting 8 S Electrical Engineering wmmmmmmmmmmmmmwmmmmw m Debra Bartholomew Guilford, CT B.S. Financial Accounting Thomas Barzee West Haven, CT. Gabrielle Beatrice Frammgham, MA B.A. Communication Winsome Blackburn New Haven, CT B.S. Financial Accounting Jacqueline Blackmon West Haven, CT Gayle Virginia Blomberg Naugatuck, CT B.S. Security Management jr+ Eduardo Boggiano West Haven, CT Keith Bossert Branford, CT B.S. Financial Accounting Deborah Buckhout Upper Nyack, NY B S Computer Science Industrial Applications lust as no one can f you how to feel about a beautiful sunset, no one can tell you how to live your life. Donna Cadaret West Haven, CT % ¥ Jorge AdCadenas D. Scott Cahill Edward Calandro Earl Campbell Maraoaibo Z, VZ West Haven, CT West Haven, CT New Haven, CT B.S. Civil Engineering B.S. Business Administration B.S. Marketing B.S Communication iM ii i y. WTimtiy wfflffii You are the artist . . . and must shape your experiences with your own hand. — Susan Staszewski Georgina Capristo Waterbury, CT B.S. Communication Larcina P. Carrington New Haven, CT BS Financial Accounting Ann Castello Milford, CT B.A. Interior Design Lori Cavanaugh West Haven, CT Hotel Management Carlo Centore Orange, CT B.S Civil Engineering Sally H. Chandler Stamford, CT B.A. Psychology Boris Chernick West Haven, CT B.S. Electrical Engineering Michael Colagrossi Waterbury, CT B.S. Financial Accounting Shelley Colvin Woodbndge, CT Kathleen Conklin West Haven, CT Nadia Conrad West Haven, CT John Coverdale West Haven, CT B S Business Administration ' CCi a I IU light-hearted I take to the open road, ilthy, free, the world before me, ig brown path before me leading wherever I choose . i L Donna Cweklinsky Seymour, CT B.S. Business Data Processing Mark Davis Sandra Davis Tandra Davis Milford, CT East Orange, NJ East Orange, NJ B.S. Computer Technology B S Computer Technology Stephen Degrand East Haven, CT B.S. Criminal Justice Christine DeLise Northford, CT B.S. Marketing Lisa DeMars Madison, CT Hotel Management Karen DeMartin New Haven, CT B S Business Administration Adria DiBenedetto New Haven, CT B.A. English Frank Dicicca Middletown, NJ B.S. Management Anthony DiCrosta Hamden, CT B S Criminal Justice Mary Alice Doherty Massapequa Park, NY B S Public Administration Henceforth I ask not good-fortune, I myself am good-fortune, Henceforth I whimper no more, postpone no more, need nothing, Done with indoor complaints, libraries, querulous criticisms, Strong and content I travel the open road. Brian Entzminger Waterbury, CT Anwar Faisal West Haven, CT B S Business ad I enter upon and look around, eve you are not all that is here, eve that much unseen is also here. —Walt Whitman Lorri Fernandes Andrew Fraser Doreen E. Froehlich Tony Fusco Wallingford, CT Norwich, CT West Haven, CT Hamden, CT B S. Business Data Processing B S. Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Administration B.S. Financial Accounting B S Hotel Management Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly. — Langston Hughes James Gerowin West Haven, CT IS. Mechanical Engineering Rachid Ghanem Houston, TX B.S. Civil Engineering mm. ?w Susan J. Giannotti Clinton, CT B.S. Criminal Justict Law Enforcement Science Roberto Giansiracusa Hartford, CT 3.S. Managerial Accounting Hilario Gimon Venezuela Charles A. Giordano Seaford, CT B.S. Hotel Management Edward Goralnick West Haven, CT B.S Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Science Densill Greaves St Thomas, Virgin Islands IS. Business Data Processing tikMM Robert Greenwood Donald Greer Diane Grom Oswaldo Gruber West Haven, CT Trumbull, CT Bethany, CT Miranda, Venezuela IS. Financial Accounting B.S. Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Administration BS Marketing )is hour I ordain myself loos ' d of limits and imaginary lines, i where I list, my own master total and absolute, )ning to others, considering well what they say, Scott Haburay Madison, CT B S Operations Management Jeffrey Haoper Diane Hamel Holly Hammond West Haven, CT New Haven, CT Hartland, VT B S Chemistry aharom Hamzah Leonardo Hill Timothy Hochadel Lee Holly West Haven, CT West Haven, CT Rochester, NY Jay B.S. Business BS Engineering B.S Fire Science Technology Jayne Horan Ramsey, NJ B.S. Communication Kelley Houston West Haven, CT Craig Hunter Trumbull, CT B S Communication Hamzah Ibrahim West Haven, CT B S Business Pausing, searching, receiving, contemplating, Gently, but with undeniable will, divesting myself of the holds that would hold me. Christine Ihm West Haven, CT B.S. Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Administration Adam Ingerman Brooklyn, NY B S Hotel Management Mark Inglis West Haven, CT Shuaimi Ismail West Haven, CT B S Business Administration Marva Jacob Brooklyn, NY B.S. General Dietetics inhale great draughts of space, " he east and the west are mine, the north and the south are mine. Robert Jacobson West Haven, CT B.S Business Administration Debra Jadwin West Haven, CT IS Communication K l. rk Deirdre Jodoin Jewett City, CT B.S. Tourism Travel Administration Abdulla Kalban Dubai, United Arab I S Industrial Engineering Joseph Kalentek Ansonia, CT AS, Electrical Engineering Walter Kenney North Haven, CT B S. Business Administration am larger, better than I thought, I did not know I held so much goodness. John Killinger Carl King Stamford, CT Joyce King Lisa Koproski New Haven, CT West Haven, CT West Haven, CT B.S. Mechanical Engineering B.S. Communication B.S. Mechanical Engineering B.S. Business Administration B.S Marketing Jeffrey Krawec Bill Labagnara David Lanesey West Haven, CT Craig Lang Oxford, CT West Haven, CT West Haven, CT IS. Business Data Processing B.S. Communication Mei Aie Lau West Haven, CT Mei Lee Lau West Haven, CT Dave Leopold Erie, PA B.S. Hotel Management Andrew Leshchyshyn Rochester, NY B.S. Electrical Engineering Here is the test of wisdom, Wisdom is not finally tested in schools, n cannot be pass ' d from one ha ving it to another not ha ving it, ttkMiM Craig Lindsey Hamden, CT 6 S Business Administration Glenn Longwell Trumbull, CT B S Chemical Engineering Darcy Malcolm West Haven, CT B.S Marketing Nuruloune Mansor West Haven, CT B.S Finance Carlos Martinez West Haven, CT B S Business Geraldine Mattaur Montclair, NJ BS. Criminal Justice Correction Administration Manuel Mejia Donna McCready Randolph McKelvey Timothy Metzger San Juan, PR Norwalk, CT Ithaca, NY Westfield, NJ B S. International Business B.A. Communication B.S Hotel Management BS Communication mmmmmhimmp 1 ™ Wisdom is of the soul, is not susceptible of proof, is its own proof, Applies to all stages and objects and qualities and is content, Is the certainty of the reality and immortality of things. —Walt Whitman Abdul Aziz Mohd Noor New Haven, CT B.S. Business Administration Omar Mohd West Haven, CT B.S. Finance Eva Moore Fishkill, NY IS. Chemical Engineering Nur Ashikin Muhammad West Haven, CT Fawaz Mushtaha Gaza, Israel B.S. Electrical Engineering Husam Mustafa Jackson Hts , NY IS. Electrical Engineering Deep Narian West Haven, CT ...I) 1 ,.■»!. J. IJIII grand business undoubtedly is, not to see what lies Y at a distance, but to do what lies clearly at hand. Carlyle Foye Ogundipe West Haven, CT B S Hotel Management Dawn Papagoda 158 West Haven . CT B.S. Financial Accounting Raymond Papandrea Lynbrook, NY B.S. Hotel Management Kathleen Park Ansonia, CT B.S. Financial Accounting David Peacos East Haven, CT B.S Financial Accounting What one has, one ought to use; and whatever he does he should do with all his might. Cicero James Pelatzky Debra Percopo Jorge Perez Maura Piercy West Haven, CT West Haven, CT New Haven, CT Gladwyne, PA B.S. Communication B.S. Financial Accounting B S Hotel Management Alft ii Pamela Piersanti Plantation, FL AS. Chemistry B.S. Forensic Science George Polasek Ansonia, CT B.S. Electrical Engineering Jorge Alonso Quevedo Santo Monica, Caracas B.S. Civil Engineering Richard Racioppi Belleville, NJ B.S. Business Administration Catherine Raffe Riverhead, NY B.S. Tourism Travel Admin. Robert Ramm Cheshire, CT B.S. Mechanical Engineering Corine Ranalli North Branford, CT B.S. Finance Hans Rasmussen Oakdale, CT 159 B.S. Business Administration ■ • t 3 North! the South! the West! The East! o one the most and none the least, each with its own heart and mind, Each of its own distinctive kind, Yet each a part and none the whole, Richele Raucci West Haven, CT B.A. Communication Keith Regan Groton, CT B.S. Mechanical Engineering Dominick Reis West Haven, CT B.S. Financial Accounting Ann Marie Renzulli Hanson, MA B.S. Hotel Management Lydia Richards Bronx, NY B.S. General Dietetics Luis Rivas-Vasquez West Haven, CT Sergio Rivera Sunrise, FL IS. Industrial Engineering Alfredo Rivero West Haven, CT Adrienne Robertson Brooklyn, NY B.A. Fashion Design Daniel Robles New Milford, CT B.S Mechanical Engineering Gonzalo Rodriguez Caracas, VZ B S Civil Engineering John Romano, Jr. Clinton, CT But all together form one soul; No North, no South, No East, no West, No yours, no mine, but always Ours, For no one ' s favor, great or small, But all for Each, and each for All. — Edmund Vance Cooke Vincent Russo West Haven, CT B.S. Mechanical Engineering Rifat Saleh West Haven, CT Filomena Santos Bridgeport, CT B.S. Industrial Engineering Dawn Sault West Haven, CT B.S. Business Administration sSS BBK Memory is the best of all gardens. drein, winter and summer, the seeds of the past lormant, ready to spring into instant bloom t any moment the mind wishes to bring them to life. Hal Boyle Susanne Schumann 162 West Haven, CT James P. Scroggins West Haven, CT B.S. Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Science Tina L. Scarpa Menden, CT IS. Tourism Travel Admin. John D. Schroll Lt. Silver, NJ BS Hotel Rest. Admin. Michael Serphillips West Haven, CT B.S Electrical Engineering Brian Sharf Spring Valley. NY B.S. Ho ' el Rest Admin. wmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmm To bliss unknown my lofty soul aspires, My lot unequal to my vast desires. J. Arbuthnot Pamela Shove Mark Shuster Patricio Silva Douglas Simpson West Haven, CT Oxford, CT Santa Fe, Venezuela Milford, CT as. OSH B.S. Electrical Engineering B.S. Industrial Engineering as. Hotel Rest. Admin. Patti Sisson East Haven, CT B.A. Communication Kelly Smith West Haven, CT B S Financial Accounting Reginald Smith Waterbury, CT B.S Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Administration Mark Soneson Berlin, CT Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Admin. Lisa Smolinsky B.S Hotel Rest. Admin. Margaret Sosenko Derby, CT as. Business Data Processing Mike Spencer Brooklyn, NY B.S. Communication Cynthia Stamatien West Haven, CT B.S Applied Mathematics ' hance will not do the work — Chance sends the breeze; But if the pilot slumber at the helm, The very wind that wafts us towards the port May dash us on the shelves. Scott MittlM :. Jeffrey M. Stanton Glenn Stowik Lance Stronk Serin Sudan Woodbridge, CT Wallingford, CT Naugatuck, CT West Haven, CT B.S. Physics S S Mechanical Eng. B S Electrical Eng. B S. Economics is: John S. Sutfin Hamden, CT B.S. Management Science Elise Swiderski Naugatuck, CT B.S. Graphic Ad. Design Noelle Anne Taddei New Haven, CT 3.S. Financial Accounting Lorena Tenore Wethersfield, CT B.S. Marketing A Louis Timpanaro i4 Garfield, NJ B.S. Aviation Economics Corinna Toh Serangoon PK, Singapore Giovanna Torino West Haven, CT B.S. Retailing Abdulaziz Tresh Chance is blind and is the soul author of creation. J.X.B. Saintine Dan Vagnini Victor Vinogradov Joseph Virag Robin Webster Derby, CT East Haven, CT Middletown, CT B.S. Business Administration B.S. Hotel Rest. Admin, Perry Whited Menden, CT B.S. Business Data Processing Joel Whitten Naples, FL 165 B.S. Tourism Travel Admin. mmm. Y is not yesterday: we ourselves change; 3 7 our Works and Thoughts, if they are always i he the fittest, continue always the same? )e, indeed, is painful; yet ever needful; id if Memory have its force and worth, so also has hope. Carlyle Mark Wilson Stephan Wojtowicz Jimmy Wong James Wood Avon, CT West Haven, CT Hamden, CT B.S. Criminal Justice B.S. Chemistry BS Financial Accounting Law Enforcement Admin. shall show the cinders of my spirits Through the ashes of my chance. W. Shakespeare Sandra Woodbridge Clinton, CT B.S. Financial Accounting „ J ' ■ K John D. Woodward Loredo, TX B.S. Business Data Processing mmm I am not now That which I have been Byron David Zdanowski Roger Zimmerman Ansonia, CT West Germany S.S. Hotel Rest. as. Business Data Management Processing I Aretha Beyers Ledyard, CT as. Mechanical Engineering Dennis Bushor Uncasville, CT BS Electrical Engineering Larry Coletti Fitchville, CT as. Business Data Processing Benjamin Courant Groton, CT aS Business Management UNH Southeastern Campus Elaine J. Cushman Groton, CT BS. Business Admin. Gordon R. Daily Niantic, CT as. Business Admin. Not in the clamor of the crowded street, Not in the shouts of plaudits of the throng, But in ourselves, are triumph and defeat. Longfellow William Dittman New London, CT B.S. Criminal Justice Jerry Faulkner Groton, CT B.S Computer Technology Janice Donald New London, CT B.S. Financial Accounting wmmm Charles Fetters Uncasville, CT IS. Criminal Justice Sarah Flora Groton, CT BS Ship Building Management -very man has at times in his mind the ideal of e should be, but is not This ideal may be high and complete, or it may be quite low and insufficient; Marie Grillo Janet Gudz Richard Hart Solt H. Harrison Quaker Hill, CT Ledyard, CT Jewett City, CT Gales Ferry, CT B.S Business Administration B.S. Operational Management IkW Nancy Hoffler N. Stonington, CT B.S. Business Administration William F. Holland Groton, CT B.S. Business Administration Thomas Howard Groton, CT B.S. Business Administration Laurie Ann Karasevicz New London, CT B S Business Administration k Mark Karasevicz Thomas Kiely Michael Konrad Edward Kokoski New London, CT Groton, CT Niantic, Ct East Lyme, CT B.S. Mechanical Engineering mm , Yet in all men that really seek to improve, it is better than the actual character . . . Man never falls so low that he can see nothing higher than himself. Theodore Parker Susan Haege Larson Ledyard, CT B.S. Business Administration Kim Lauzon Groton, CT B.S. Electrical Engineering Susan Lawson Quaker Hill, CT Kathleen Lincoln Groton, CT i.S. Mechanical Engineering David Morris Niantic, CT -m wmm Fame is what you have taken, Character ' s what you give; When to this truth you waken, Then you begin to live. Bayard Taylor Thomas Nunes, Sr. Uncasville, CT IS- Business Administration Bruce Rinehart New London, CT B.S Criminal Justice Michael Petrillo N Stonington, CT B.S, Business Administration Dale Petrangelo Greene, Rl B S Business Administration Robert Peterson New London, CT B.S. Computer Technology iw«mM .iu, A cheerful life is what the Muses love, A soaring spirit is their prime delight. Wordsworth :M Patrick Rousseau Elin Schoonmaker Armas Sini, Jr. Robert E. Smith Ledyard, CT Gales Ferry, CT Groton, CT Pawcatuck, CT S. Electrical Engineering B.S. Business Administration B.S. Business Administration Ann Stefanick Norwich, CT B.S. Business Administration Chris Thomson Waterford, CT B.S. Mechanical Engineering Daniel Williams Baltic, CT IS. Computer Technology The culture, The formality, The elegance, The impor- tance — The " Class " — 5PEEIHL EVENTS UNH Alumni Stop by For Some Fun-Homecoming ' 85 mmmmBaasmm Homecoming was given a glowing start Friday night. North Campus was roaring with cheer as the football players were being psyched by the light of a bonfire. Clubs and organizations showed their spirit with themed banners. The evening was highlighted by an inspirational mes- sage by the coach and the crowning of King and Queen. This year ' s homecom- ing surpassed other years by far. HB , v«w The new greeted the old on this Saturday afternoon in Octo- ber. The new students presently attending UNH along with the Alumni Committee prepared a variety of activities to keep the graduates busy. ' HP m eniord: ZJnid Jneb ZJ-or Ljc The Charger Tavern was the locale for this auspicious occasion. May 9th was set aside in honor of the UNH graduating seniors. Sponsored by the Chariot yearbook this night included a Jazz DJ, hot hors d ' oeuvre, and a champagne fountain. Seniors were greeted at the door with " I love the class of ' 85 " pins and their unofficial diplomas. Past yearbooks and photos were given out. The 1985 cover was unveiled with great enthusiasm. • ■ " • Our radio station WNHU has to no longer face cramped spaces and out-of-date equipment. The radio station had reason to celebrate its new move to the main building. A reception was held to celebrate the move to a bigger and newer facility. As a station broadcasting to approxi- mately 2,500 listeners and reaching most of Southern CTand Northern Rl, the radio station received a well deserved promotion. The recep- tion featured tours of its new facility including an enlightening view of WNHU operations. ' • I . A Taste Of The Orient mmmMrnmmmmmMMmmam Culture appears at UNH. A colorful array of Chinese dancers presented their native dances to the UNH community. The dancers with their grace and ele- gance delighted the audience. UNH brings culture on to campus once aga in. An exciting African Dance Troupe came to UNH to show us how its done, African style. The night was filled with en- tertaining dance performances with coordi- nating music. Before 3f delegates got together and decided that the " Rathskellar " as we knew it needed a new image. They met and came up with ideas to change the " Rat, " A car raffie was held with a donat- ed remake of the proceeds of the raffle went towards the construction of the new " Rat. ' ' The University matched the funds raised by the raffle and construc- tion began that summer. aufifflu In September, students came back not to the " Rat " but to the " Charg- er Tavern. " The Grand Opening was held for what was an image change as well as a change in name. The old " Rat, " now " Tavern " features a mirrored dance floor, a brass trimmed bar, the windows are gone and ceiling fans are added. Not to mention the stage containing the new video machine. The " Tavern " was an example of just one of the many changes that took place on campus in 1985. ■ - i MP « Jesus Christ Superstar s It all starts with the noise that can be heard down in rm.1 18B in the main building. Unknown to many, there is a little room on the second floor of the main building in which talented plays are pre- sented each year. When you think that some students have disappeared from campus, it really means that they are hard at work getting ready to present another New Foundling Theatre production. Unknown talent is discovered as UNH students let themselves enter the world of theatre. Jesus Christ Superstar is one of the fantastic plays that the theatre presented in ' 85. It is a broadway musical that UNH students showed great talent in presenting. m«, -r ' , Spring Is In The Air Balloons filled the air and couples descended the stairs in divine attire. UNH students put aside their jeans and books for an elegant evening of good food, good music and good fun. The food was supplied by UNH ' s Hotel Restaurant and music was provided by " Company. " . " . I gs ' " - " ' ■ ' m :HW I I MALAYSIAN , nr EXPOSITION DD I III ' J Lff El I mmmmmsmmmsmm Malaysian Exposition ' 85 The University of New Haven contains a large percentage of Malaysian students. As a group, these students presented an all-day affair exhibiting their home country to the University community. The day fea- tured Malaysian clothes accessories, Malaysian food, and Malaysian entertain- ment. The culture of Malaysia was beauti- fully demonstrated. The Accountants Deck The Lounge With iTf Wi Boughs Of Holly J q The accounting club annually sponsors this seasoned event. The student center lounge becomes filled with Christmas spirit as novel- ties are sold. The atmosphere was complete with Christmas songs in the background and a guest appearance by Santa Claus. 4 « 5 I p F m s M i H m M etSJ : ■ T g MmmmmmmmmmmMMMMmmm The Race is on The announcement is made, the peti- tions for the office of DSG president, treasurer, and senators. Many stu- dents may have thought about run- ning, but it is a select group of individ- uals who start their campaigning. It is now known that four people have de- cided to run for the important offices of president. As time passes, the ten- sion builds — rumor is out that two people have dropped out of the race. Bruce Berger and Anthony Santucci are now on the election path. Poster parties begin, the crew of each cand date has been selected and are now hard at work producing election mate- rials. Bruce Ber ger treats his crew to a party while they work. Anthony Santucci is seen hosting an indoor and an outdoor reception. The traditional stayout starts off the week of campaigning. At the strike of 7am, the tired crews gang up some energy and hang up posters and sheets in every available spot. Two consecutive debates are held, each consisting of controversial issues. The campaigning is now done, the votes are in. Following a grueling three hour budget hearing meeting the results are announced. Anthony Santucci has been elected President and Michael Federico will remain as Treasurer this coming year. BERGER k- EUCT v FOR PRESIDENT RGER RJJLECT FEDERICO iif i t - FOR The work, The parties, The bars, The halls, The inside, The outside —The daily life of a UNH student — mmmMmsmmw mmmm,m Orientation For many students, the transition from high school to College is somewhat of a culture shock. Each September and each January UNH hosts a two-day breaking-in period known as orienta- tion. The two day ' s events try to cul- minate the essence of student life at UNH. This two day event is meant as a means for incoming freshmen to fa- miliarize themselves with the campus, its programs and its people. mnmnsammm L M I: A w w n i i— r m —nn»r— - I BBbbb 1 . ■ ' " ■ ' ■ ' ■■ K vQ I S ' • j ■I M i J I % r - jfeg 1 1 ■ L md ' 11 wmmmmmmimaF ' ■-,• ■■ ■ . ■ . ■ Dorms . The Freshmen of 1985 are shown a new type of residential life. This year the dorms were only for Freshmen. It was up to them to develop their own home life . . . after class activity. Each room starts out the same but quickly obtains its own personality. f My Room ... My Style i i □ rmivi-r. v r.. i • i _J | P -..-; ftifeB L. || " t 1 . _ fl 1 H W ai. wk ■r " . .. ' .! ...II.IJIU f 4 . .. ' i. mmmmmmmmmmmmm W Mm mm mmmmmmmmmmmm m Immunization Clinic mmmmMimmmmmm Colleges in the Northeast were seeing spots pop up on many of their students. A Measle Epidemic was spreading across campuses. UNH took a preventive method by providing free immunization clinics for its students. It seemed to have worked since only a few students seem to have caught the horrible itching disease. ' l ! i : M}Eu MiPMiW!iWiSns mmmmm ZBT Collects Pints g °od SPORTS GIVE BLOOD % ms)B s m§$ ife UNH Night at Buzzy ' s It ' s Wednesday and where are all the students? Well down Buzzy ' s of course. Down the street from the main campus is a small bar called Buzzy ' s Scoreboard. Buzzy ' s decor features completely sport oriented paraphernalia. Most of which is UNH alumni material. Wednesday night at Buzzy ' s has become a traditional mid- week release for many UNH students. ,_ : l.i }lfmm !,■■■ GA . . . TOGA . UNH students came to this party not in jeans, not in dresses, but in sheets. UNH proved that toga ' s are not just for Greeks. Under the tent and under the roof people were partying the night away. TOGA . . . TOGA £j %fc±; ' -jk. iXi y ' ' fll ••■■- ' ' • ' ■ ■ ' w 233 mmmmmmmmMBmmmmMmm • : MOOSE IS LOOSi AT •■ ' :. ■ ' ■:.;■ -,r. -. ■-: HUHMOM HBHHflMUHIlM - « J mm SB ■D J 1 ft J ' • $ ' ' : " ' ■ .- ' ' ' . ' U: Many thanks to the following for their photo contributions: Leslie Carney Elaine Deshaies Dece Eaddy Doreen Froehlich Felicia Hudson Jim Kuester Vanessa Potter Dan Robles Pam Shove Mark Shuster Kelly Smith Rich Solano Noel Tomas Many thanks to the following for their layout contributions: Doreen Froehlich Felicia Hudson Vanessa Potter Pam Shove Kelly Smith Suzanne Motasky Special Thanks To: SUZANNE MOTASKY — Without your help and organization this year, the 1985 Chariot NEVER would have been finished. There ' s a trick to the Graceful Exit. It begins with the vision to recognize when a job, a life stage, a relationship is over — and to let go. It means leaving what ' s over without deny- ing its validity or its past importance in our lives. It involves a sense of future, a belief that every exit line is an entry, that we are mov- ing on, rather than out. The trick of retiring well may be the trick of living well. It ' s hard to recognize that life isn ' t a holding action, but a process. It ' s hard to learn that we don ' t leave the best parts of ourselves behind, back in the dugout or the office. We own what we learned back there. The experiences and the growth are grafted onto our lives. And when we exit, we can take ourselves along — quite gracefully. — Ellen Goodman Valerie Smith Editor-in-Chief PRESCOTT ASSOC. 1 Prescott Street Hamden, CT 397-1606 BOBBY VALENTINE ' S SPORTS GALLERY CAFE 304 Old Gate Lane Milford, CT 878-5262 HO.M.E.INC. 2 So. Church St. New Haven, CT 787-2149 CHUCKS STEAK HOUSE 1003 Orange Avenue West Haven, CT 934-5300 EPD CORP. 385 Putnam Ave. Hamden, CT 281-6594 NEW HAVEN BUS SER. 235 Front Avenue West Haven, CT 934-6600 UNIVERSAL PRINTING SERVICE 624-0022 55 Middletown Ave. North Haven, CT SUBWAY 41 7 Orange Avenue West Haven, CT 934-1616 MASELLI MARBLE P.O. Box 4024 Hamden, CT 248-1565 MILFORD CITIZEN 349 New Haven Ave. Milford, CT 874-1691 CUNNINGHAM UPSON 44-46 Hotchkiss Street New Haven, CT 777-2359 H.S.JON COMPANY 1 1 37 Orange Avenue West Haven, CT 934-6391 HAIRCUTTING INSTITUTE 446 Orange Avenue West Haven, CT 932-5400 CONN. WHITE 775 Orange Street West Haven, CT 933-5481 ANTONIO ' S RESTAURANT 672 Main Street East Haven, CT 469-2386 ANDERSON GLASS 426 Front Avenue West Haven, CT 934-7927 LOMBARDI AUTO BODY 39 Orford Stret West Haven, CT 933-2535 6 MANTILIA MOTORS 325 Campbell Avenue West Haven, CT 934-2611 THREE JUDGES MOTEL 1569 Whalley Ave. New Haven, CT 389-4408 YELLOW CAB CO. 20 Fair Street New Haven, CT 781-2275 COLONIAL BANK Takes Command. 24 Hours a Day MaCARE, DeCAPRIO CUSANO 66 No. Main Street Branford, CT 488-6374 CHRISTOPHER JOHN MICHARL REST. 313 Campbell Avenue West Haven, CT 934-7000 CENTER SPA 340 Main Street West Haven, CT 934-6762 NOTRE DAME HIGH SCHOOL 24 Ricardo Street West Haven, CT 933-1673 RUBBER MATCH INC. 101 Whalley Avenue New Haven, CT 624-8410 Continue Success I.B.E.W. LOCAL 90 Giro Esposito, Jr. Business Manager ELLIPTIPAR 1 45 Orange Avenue West Haven, CT 932-2266 NEW AIR Tweed Street New Haven Airport, CT 469-2364 CHATHAM PHARMACY 489 Ferry Street New Haven, CT 777-6868 GRECO ' S AUTO PARTS 724 Campbell Avenue West Haven, CT 932-5815 HARLOC PROD. CORP. 1 35 Wood Street West Haven, CT. 934-2683 mmm Our thanks to the following patrons who contributed to the success of our Program by means of listing with us. AMITY DATSUN 389-5701 1 75 Amity Road, Woodbridge, CT HAMDEN SHEET METAL INC. 776-1472 1 079 Dixwell Ave.. Hamden, CT CAMPBELL MOTOR SALES INO 932-2253 175 Campbell Ave., West Haven, CT ZUPPARDI ' S APIZZA RESTAURANT 934-1949 1 79 Union Ave., West Haven, CT FERRIE ASPHALT 933-2336 1 52 William St., West Haven, CT A D MOTORS 934-5050 965 First Ave., West Haven, CT HOWARD SAUSAGE CO., INC 777-3818 271 Starr St., New Haven, CT UNGERS AUTO BODY 787-1 169 105 Water St., New Haven, CT RICHARDS MFG., CO 874-3617 250 Rock Lane, Milford, CT LATELLA CARTING CO., INC 795-4002 Indian River Rd., Orange, CT HOLIDAY INN 777-6221 80 Whalley Ave., New Haven, CT JIMMIES OF SAVIN ROCK 248-5515 8 Ralston Ave., Hamden, CT BOSTON BRAHMIN, INC 777-801 4 399 Whalley Ave., CT GENERAL INSTALLATION 467-7151 509 Laurel St., East Haven, CT BURT MEDICAL LAB, INC 126 Sherman Ave.,New Haven, CT 281 -4264 SOUTH SEAS RESTAURANT 787-21 13 370 George St., New Haven, CT STOWE ' S SEA FOOD 934-1991 347 Beach St., West Haven, Ct. R G FOOD 934-6617 1 90 Front Avenue, West Haven, CT WPLR 777-6617 1 294 Chapel St., New Haven, CT BROOKSIDE MFG. CO 932-8431 1 06 Water Street, West Haven, CT COFFEE SYSTEM 932-3691 474 Frontage Rd., West Haven, CT ACTION MEDIA INC. 865-7887 1 50 James St., New Haven, CT PAR PRODUCTS. INC 934-1 173 227 Bull Hill Lane. West Haven, CT SOUTHERN CONN. FOOD WHOLESALERS 1 036 Campbell Ave., West Haven, CT 933-3974 Rosen Finsmith PC. CPA ' s 795-6069 477 Boston Post Rd., Orange, CT MILFORD ACADEMY 878-5921 150 Gulf St.,CT PAOLO , S 787-5099 1 1 50 Chapel St., New Haven, CT AAA AWARDS 562-8579 81 5 Dixwell Ave., New Haven, CT DR. MURRAY BRODUFF 934-5535 385 Main St., West Haven, CT ARTS CABINETS 932-1 505 1 002 Orange Ave., West Haven, CT SCORPIA V HAIRSTYLISTS 934-7143 431 Campbell Ave., West Haven, CT. ARTERBURN CONV HOME 934-5256 267 Union Ave., West Haven, CT MR. FRANK C. CHAPMAN, ARCH. 776-8600 204 Edwards St.. New Haven, CT MAZON MOTORS, LTD 934-4700 559 Orange Ave., West Haven, CT DUNKIN DONUTS 934-3333 1 2 Campbell Ave., West Haven, CT GOLDEN, O ' NEILL GEGHARDT 787-7481 I Columbus Plaza, New Haven, CT ENTERPRISE PLUMBING 787-431 1 801 State St., New Haven, CT SLEEPING GIANT GOLF CLUB 281-9456 3931 Whitney Ave., Hamden, CT M T APPETIZERS DELI 389-5603 I I 50 Whalley Ave., New Haven, CT INTERNATIONAL PACKAGE 787-3945 578 Winchester Ave., New Haven, CT SAFT AUTO CENTERS 932-8481 40 Orange Ave., West Haven. CT JONES HILL SUPERMARKET 933-4640 844 Jones Hill Rd., West Haven, CT PAGE ' S SPORT SHOP 488-8444 1 000 Main St., Branford, CT BARRIE LTD.Booters Since 1934 260 York St., New Haven, CT FRANK CHAPMAN ARCHITECTS PLANNERS 204 Edwards SL 776-8600 FATER ' S DRUG STORE 934-9444 191 Orange Ave., West Haven, CT WEST HAVEN PHOTO 932-0097 460 Campbell Ave., West Haven, CT PAUL KUROWSKI INSURANCE 934-2624 1 40 Captain Thomas Blvd., West Haven, CT NATIONAL OIL SERVICE 932-8461 1 6 Elm Street, West Haven, CT SYSTEMS, INC 397-3936 425 West Rock Ave.. New Haven. CT Our thanks to the following patrons who contributed to the success of our Program by means of listing with us. GORDON-GRABER CO. 777-3408 1 570 Chapel St, New Haven, CT INTERSTATE BEEF CO. 562-9034 276 Grand Ave., New Haven, CT GENTREE LTD 562-4864 1 94 York St., New Haven, CT CARM ' S PACKAGE STORE 933-1383 111 Elm Street, West Haven, CT DANIELS AGENCY INC. 934-2628 212 Main Street, West Haven, CT DR. JOHN MAINWARING 934-6625 250 Captain Thomas Blvd., West Haven, CT HINES ATLANTIC 934-3121 8 1 First Ave., West Haven, CT GLEN FOOD SHOPPE 248-2831 1 660 Whitney Ave., Hamden, CT M S SOUND CO., INC. 288-6237 1 Broadway, Hamden, Ct SAM ' S PIZZA 932-9034 640 Orange Ave., West Haven, Ct LOCAL 281 TRANSIT UNION 1 09 Church 6th Floor, New Haven, CT AQUILD MOTORS 387-6681 6 Fountain Street, New Haven. CT SLATER ' S AUTO BODY 932-3046 275 Front Ave., West Haven, CT UP FRONT 934-7730 623 Campbell Ave., West Haven, CT KLEBIAN CORP. 933-2521 30 Railroad Ave., West Haven, CT DINATO ' S TAILOR SHOP 776-2787 337 Lombard St, New Haven, CT TEDDY ' S AUTO BODY 389-4070 75 Bradley Rd., Woodbridge, CT OWL SHOP TOBACCONISTS 624-3250 268 College St, New Haven, CT BROOKSIDE LIQUORS 389-5425 1 380 Whalley Ave, New Haven, CT HAMDEN TV CLINIC 248-5959 1612 Dixwell Ave, Hamden, CT ADAM ' S OPTICAL, INC. 933-7713 1 088 Orange Ave, West Haven, CT POST LUNCH 932-3037 762 Orange Ave, West Haven, CT PAGE 2 REALTORS 248-6351 2764 Whitney Ave, Hamden, CT KNIGHTS, INC 799-2592 286 Boston Post Rd, Milford, CT KRAMER ' S 76 Yrs. of Furs Fashion 191 Orange St., New Haven, CT CORSO ' S PACKAGE STORE 932-3804 694 Orange Ave, West Haven, CT VILLA NOVA RESTAURANT 467-1313 1 1 4 Cove St., New Haven, CT NUTMEG CHEMICAL CO. 777-7691 1 25 Market St., New Haven, CT SILVERS DRUG 933-1621 519 Campbell Ave, West Haven, CT D. J. SICLARI, CPA 624-31 89 152 Temple St., CT ASSURED AUTO RENTAL 934-3455 975 Campbell Ave, West Haven, CT R. G. VADNEY, INC 799-231 9 316 Boston Post Rd, Orange, CT DR. MURRAY BRODUFF 934-5535 385 Main St, West Haven, CT A. LAUGENI SON, INC 934-5302 370 Ardale St., West Haven, CT PLATT LaBONIA CO 239-5681 70 Stoddard Ave, North Haven, CT WEST SHORE CLEANERS OF NEW HAVEN Orange Westille 3 locations to serve you ESTHER ' S 878-5721 Conn. Post Mall, Milford, CT AAMCO TRANSMISSIONS 934-8374 672 Orange Ave, West Haven, CT PHIL ' S HAIRSTYLES 865-9182 79 Broadway, New Haven, CT CAAP CO, INC. 877-0375 1 52 Pepe ' s Farm Rd. Milford, CT JOSEPH V. ANNUNZIATA, CPA 795-3566 25 Old Tavern Rd, Orange, CT HARLOCO BUILDERS, INO 865-2577 195 Front St, CT FAHNESTOCK CO. 624-2525 129 Church St., New Haven, CT BLIMPIE 562-0853 1 62 Temple St., New Haven, CT CONN RESERVE SUPPLY CO. 787-1 193 P.O.Box 8026. CT AUDIO VIDEO CONCEPTS 387-7901 560 Whalley Ave, CT NEW HAVEN COMFORTER FACTORY OUTLET 250 Dodge Ave, East Haven. CT 467-6301 SAL NORMA INC 933-2924 746 Campbell Ave, West Haven, CT HAMDEN GLASS 865-0809 913 Dixwell Ave, Hamden, CT E. W. SAYBOLT CO. 934-8391 77 Water St., West Haven, CT mmmmmtmmMMmmmmMmm TYCO 262 Elm Street 562-9723 Tyco Now Has a Branch at The University of New Haven Rm M 17, Administration Building Main Campus Mon.-Fri. 8:30AM-5PM N Si 3on jnday -5PM GNOMON COPY 280 YORK ST. NEW HAVEN, CT Rourke-Eno Paper Company 480 Frontage Road West Haven, CT 932-3661 LAWYERS TITLE COMPANY 234 CHURCH ST. NEW HAVEN, CT 787-3594 SARGENT Division of Kidde, Inc. KIDDE 100 Sargent Drive New Haven, CT Henry Richards CO. 1315 Dixwell Avenue Hamden, CT 288-9288 GLOBAL SPECIALTIES An Interplex Electronics Company 70 Fulton Terrace, P.O. Box 1942 New Haven, CT : IRST FEDERAL BANK ofconnecticutX Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1985 Good Bankers. Good Friends MAIN OFFICE: 80 ELM STREET, NEW HAVEN (203) 624-9871 First Federal Bank of Connecticut, FAIRFIELD COUNTIES. A Federal Savings Bank TWENTY -SIX OFFICES TO SERVE YOU IN NEW HAVEN AND IIMTERPLJEX ELECTRONICS, INC. 70 Fulton Terrace, PO Box 1942. New Haven, CT 06509 a manufacturer of Electronic Education, Design and Test devices, is proud to be a supporter of University of New Haven Yearbook Aljim Company 110 Mattatuck Heights Waterbury, CT 574-3300 Guyott Company 1 10 Whitney Avenue New Haven, CT 789-01 1 1 The better way Heritage New Haven Division Main Office: 209 Orange St. 789-1 21 2 East Haven: 205 Main SU467-2571 Hamden: 2845 Dixwell Ave. 248-8888 Milford: 123 Cherry St. 878-0607 West Haven: 636 Campbell Ave. 934-9201 f= ELECTRIC OFFERING: ..Excellence Through Prople, Service Technology.. SPECIALIZING IN: Electric Motor Repair — Core Loss Testing Diagnostic Testing Analysis Instrumentation Repair ....For 24 Hour Service Call (203) 562-581 1.... You earned it! We ' ll help you keep it. o Derby Savings Derby, East Derby, Shelton, Huntington. White Hills, Seymour , JlSJ WNCH RADIO 129 College Avenue New Haven, CT 776-7340 SEARS, ROEBUCK CO. 80 Boston Post Road Orange, CT 795-5611 CHR Industries, Inc. an Armco Company 407 East Street, New Haven, CT Telephone (203) 777-3631 The Inn ON THE PARKWAY Wheelers Farms Road (Exit 55 of Merritt Pky) Milford.CT 203-878-3521 YOUR INN FOR ALL REASONS eALABR© 580 Coe Avenue East Haven, CT CHEESE CORP 203-469-1311 BONANZA 10% STUDENT DISCOUNT w University ID Card Sun-Thurs. 11-9 Fri-Sat. 11-10 Exit 42 Off I-95 354 SawMill Road, West Haven, CT 933-5255 Rositani ' s Bakery, Inc. BREAD BAKED PRODUCTS 960 Orange Ave. West Haven, CT 203-777-5747 TRACEY SON, LTD. FUEL OIL SALES SERVICE Oil Gas Installations Lee Hudson 325 Howard Ave. General Manager New Haven, CT WILD BILL ' S 1201 Boston Post Rd. Milford, CT (203) 878-7451 68 Newtown Rd. (203) 797-1440 Danbury CT JEROLD ' S 847 Whalley Avenue New Haven, CT METAL MASTERS, INC. 111 Kendall St. New Haven, CT There ' s more for your life at SEARS Sears, Roebuck Company 2301 Dixwell Avenue Hamden, CT 248-3811 Complete Product Selection Discount Car Parts Import American Motorcratt-Champion-AC-Delco-Gunk Purolator-Bondo-and Many More 170 Orange Ave. West Haven, CT 934-7904 Open 7 Days NEW HAVEN ORTHOPEDIC SURGEONS, PC. Martin L. Sumner, MD Dario R. Nolasco, MD Wlllard F.Greenwald, MD Phillip P. Luchini Michael A. Luchini, MD 1 1 1 Park St. 2405 Whitney Ave. New Haven, CT. Hamden, CT 777-6881 281-4400 WALK-IN MEDICAL SERVICES Mon.-Fri 6PM-9PM Wed., Sat. Sun. 9AM-5PM Telephone 932-8200 285 Main Street West Haven, CT FAIR LANES BOWLING 691 Orange Avenue West Haven, CT 934-6394 MONROE ELECTRIC ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS COMMERCIAL-INDUSTRIAL-RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION-MAINTENANCE-SERVICE INDUSTRIAL CONTROL SYSTEMS 24 Hour Emergency Service - 877-5353 Quality and Call Tom Cosgrove Service First 488-6882 Cosgrove Oil Co. 164 North Main St. Brandford, CT WE FULLFILL YOUR ENERGY NEEDS pastern ELEVATOR COMPANY, INC. 241 Wolcott St., New Haven, CT 865-3106 CONGRATULATIONS! Hotel Restaurant Management graduates Jam® 1359 Dixwell Ave. Hamden, CT Chester Technical Services, ENGINEERING -INSTALLATION -SERVICE 47 Clapboard Hill Road Guilford, CT 453-6209 934-9256 Thursh-EconoMulfler FOREST ECONO MUFFLERS COMPLETE CAR CARE CENTER LIFETIME WARRENTY Monday-Friday - Open til Midnight SaturdayBAM-2PM 226 Forest Road, West Haven, CT CONN. WATS 1-800-972-9782 (203) 877-2716 CONNECTICUT DRIVESHAFTCO., INC. CONNECTICUT ' S DRIVELINE SPECIALISTS 470 Naugatuck Ave . Milford, CT THE POWER EQUIPMENT SERVICE CO. EST. 1926 LAWN GARDEN EQUIPMENT 736 Sherman Ave. Hamden, CT HUMMEL BROS New Haven, CT 787-4113 ALLAN RIDYARD MANAGER econoline complete office furnishers 743 Boston Post Rd West Haven, CT 934-2697 249 E O MFG. COMPANY 1 00 Gando Avenue New Haven, CT 562-5121 VOLVO ENTERPRISE MILFORD CITY WEST OLDSMOBILE MAZDA " After the SALE it ' s the SERVICE that counts " 975 Boston Post Rd., Milford, CT 877-1295 281-3400 H. Pearce Company REALTORS HERBERT H. PEARCE PRESIDENT 393 State Street North Haven, CT MARK J.SCHPERO, D.D.S. ORTHODONTICS 2 Church St. New Haven, CT 624- 1010 75 New Haven Ave Milford 877-71 57 Pitts Stop Shell ft M. Pitts, Prop. Tel. 865-2976 1 Whalley Ave. New Haven, CT. We Never Close POWSNER AUTO METAL WORKS, INC. •Complete •Accident •Repairs •Specialist 33-39 Sperry Street New Haven, CT Trucks, Also... 787-1231 562-2320 D Fairway Motors 230 Ferry Street New Haven, CT Don ' t puff - Drive to FAIRWAY Lawyers Title Insurance Corp. Jo-Ann Nangen Branch Manager 234 Church St., New Haven, CT TRUST IN THE UNION Union j 205 Church St. New Haven, CT. 773-0500 Aqualogic SINCE 1966 INDUSTRIAL WASTE WATER TREATMENT SYSTEMS 30 Devine Street No. Haven, CT Anthony S. Papa 248-8959 Possidente Scmitz, CPA 64 Trumbull Avenue New Haven, CT 624-8832 RAMCO DIST. 16 Railroad Avenue West Haven, CT 932-3606 Am erican Technology, Inc. 311 West Avenue Milford, CT 877-4514 562-4351 562-3060 BEIRNE ' S Pharmacy, Inc. " Home Care Center " 615 Howard Ave. New Haven, CT NEW HAVEN SAVINGS BANK 195 Church Street New Haven, CT THERMAL ACOUSTICS, INC. 81 Farwell Street West Haven, CT FRANK A. DERING 933-1637 934-7744 Sabino S. Panza Professional Engineer Registered Land Surveyor 357 Center Street West Haven, CT Compliments ot EDER BROS. INC. 11 Eder Road West Haven, CT LOCKS DESIGNERS HARDWARE SAFES CHARM ' S SECURITY HARDWARE, INC. LOCKSMITHS 32 howe Street New Haven, CT 562-4169 FPI SINCE 1969 Manufactures of INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT STEEL - PLASTIC - FIBERGLASS DIVISION OF FIBERGLASS PRODUCTS. 50 Devine Street North Haven, CT ATWOOD BUICK, INC. 385 Derby Avenue New Haven, CT LAUREL VIEW COUNTRY CLUB 31 W. Sherry Avenue Hamden, CT HAMDEN CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH Chrysler-Cordoba-LeBaron -Plymouth Reliant-Colt-Sapporo-Horizon 2101 Dixwell Ave. 288-2564 Hamden T. J. ' s Campbell Market 1221 Campbell Avenue West Haven, CT932-61 16 250 ACT II BOUTIQUE CONSIGNMENT SHOP 86 Campbell Ave. West Haven, CT Lois Kenyon 937-1654 Harstan Jewelers " ELEGANCE AT HALF THE PRICE " 523 Campbell Ave. West Haven, CT 933-3489 9-5 Daily - 9-3 Sat. Bayshore Enterprises JOB PRINTING - RUBBER STAMPS BASEBALL FOOTBALL CARDS BEER CANS-COMICS BOUGHT-SOLD-TRADED 83 April Street West Haven, CT U S ELECTRICAL MOTORS 125 Old Gate Lane Milford.CT 783-5200 The Veggo Larsen Company 94 So. Turnpike Road Wallingford, CT 203-265-7978 Mgt. 203-265-351 5 Const NEW HAVEN COUNTY INSURANCE AGENCY 727 Campbell Avenue West Haven, CT 933-5491 MOTEL $14.56Special Day Rates! Yankee Motor Inn l-95 At Exit 42 West Haven, CT 934-6611 JOSEPH COHN SON, INC. PAINTING CONTRACTORS RESIDENTIAL -COMMERCIAL INSTITUTIONAL ■ INDUSTRIAL WATERPROOFING MASONRY RESTORATION - EST. 1902 1 75 WaterSt New Haven, CT 772-2420 IMPORTERS OF ORIENTAL RUGS SINCE 1883 ORIENTAL RUGS - RUG CLEANING 73 Elm Street New Haven, CT Congratulations to the Class of 85 w AYSIDE FURNITURE OF MILFORD THE WEST HAVEN BUCKLE CO. 742 Washington Ave West Haven, CT (203) 934-6691 TELEX-705474 CABLE-WHBCO Greenshire RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL FOR RETARDED AND AUTISTIC CHILDREN Jean Guiliano, Director 725 Jarvis St. Cheshire, CT Pereirra Sons 109 Highland Street West Haven, CT 932-3955 6 MANPOWER TEMPORARY SERVICES 1890 Dixwell Ave. 255 Cherry St. Hamden, CT. Miltord, CT. (203)248-7117 (203)877-3208 H.KURTVOLKCO. 1755 Boston Post Rd. Milford.CT 878-6381 CRISCUOLO ' S BEAUTY BOUTIQUE 190 Main Street East Haven, CT 467-4334 THRU-WAY TRANSP. 320 Woodmont Rd. Milford.CT 878-6571 LIQUOR LAND 2195 Dixwell Avenue Hamden, CT 281-0784 SONITROL SECURITY SYSTEMS OF NH 362 Orange Street New Haven, CT SCHULZ CONTROLS 95 Hamilton New Haven, CT 562-2555 CONN BAR REST. SUPPLIES 865-5123 400 Crown Street New Haven, CT MICRO MEDIA 315 Peck Avenue New Haven, CT 785-0000 HERTIAGE ARCHITEC- TURAL CORP. 475 Elm Street West Haven, CT 933-2898 TPA SERVICES 85 Willow Street New Haven, CT 562-2181 THE WINE MERCHANTS 49 College Stret New Haven, CT 624-3825 DR. CUSANELLI 235 Bishop Street New Haven, CT 562-9252 EAST COAST ENVIRON- MENTAL SERVICE CORP. 454 Quinnipiac Avenue New Haven, CT 469-2376 251 TO THE GRADUATES OF 1985 CONGRATULATIONS AND THE BEST OF LUCK IN THE FUTURE! THE CHARIOT YEARBOOK STAFF Valerie Smith Editor Suzanne Motasky Bus. and AD. Editor Copy Editor Staff Pamela Shove Doreen Froehlich Kelly Smith Felicia Hudson Vanessa Potter Dece Eaddy Geraldine Mattur wmmaMmMmmmaBBwm Seniors not pictured a Zakaria E. Abdullah West Haven, CT 06516 B.S. M.E. Mohammad Abu-Zaydeh West Haven, CT 06516 B.S. M.E. Richard J. Affinito New Haven, CT 06513 B.S. Marketing Abdulmone Al-Ebrahim West Haven, CT 06516 B.S. Bus Admin. Khaleel E. Al-Hosani West Haven, CT 06516 B.S. C.E. Mohamad S. Al-Shamasi Milford, CT 06460 B.S. E.E. John W. Alosky Manchester, CT 06040 B.S. Arson Invest. Catherine F. Alston New York, NY 10027 B.S. CJ-Law Enf Adm. Elias J. Angelidis West Haven, CT 06516 B.S. E.E. Ronald H. Antonio Hamden, CT 06517 B.S. Marketing James H. Atkinson Branford, CT 06405 B.S. Public Admin. Michael D. Ayala Waterford, CT 06385 B.S. Arson Invest. Mark D. Ballou Branford, CT 06405 B.S. E.E. Glenn A. Beckwith Madison, CT 06443 B.S. Air Trans Mgmt. Ameed A. Bibi West Haven, CT 06516 B.S. M.E. Marwan B. Bibi West Haven, CT 06516 B.S. M.E. Roger M. Blauvelt Milford, CT 06460 B.S. Fin Acctg. Paul A. Blotney Milford, CT 06460 B.S. Pers Mgmt. Antonio R. Bogat West Haven, CT 0651 i B.S. E.E. James M. Bohara Old Lyme, CT 06371 B.S. M.E. Michael T. Bonell Greenwich, CT 06830 B.S. Marketing Thomas E. Bore Ansonia, CT 06401 B.S. Fin Acctg. James W. Branigan East Haven, CT 06512 B.S. Tourism Trvl Admin. Kathryn H. Bridges West Haven, CT 06516 B.S. C.E. Meyer M. Broytman Brooklyn, NJ 11235 B.S. Comp Sci-lnd Appl. Jose Bscheider Panama, PN A.S. E.E. Joseph P. Bujalski New Haven, CT 06511 B.S. I.E. Carlos D. Burgos Meriden, CT 06450 B.S. CJ-Law Ene Adm. Paul R. Burke West Haven, CT 06516 B.A. Political Sci. William O. Cabral Stratford, CT 06497 A.S. Bus Admin. Francisco T. Calderon Edificio, LAS VZ B.S. C.E. Frank A. Calvi Meriden, CT 06450 B.S. Hotel Rest. Mgmt. Sandra J. Cannon Guilford, CT 06437 A.S. CJ-Corr Admin. William F. Caputo West Haven, CT 06516 B.A. Political Sci. Jose R. Carbone St. Paula, CAR VZ B.S. Hotel Rest Mgmt. Arthur A. Carlson Milford, CT 06460 B.S. Fin Acctg. Barbara A. Carney Monr oe, CT 06468 B.S. Public Admin. Angela M. Carpentino Hamden, Ct 06514 B.S. Fin Acctg. Dominic A. Carri Ivoryton, CT 06442 B.S. Fin Acctg. Steven C. Carsno N. Adams, MA 01247 B.S. M.E. Kevin A. Casey N. Haven, CT 06473 B.S. Fin Acctg. Catherine Castiglia Derby, CT 06418 A.S. Genl Studies Linda G. Catterson Bridgewater, NJ 08807 A.S. Tourism Trvl Admin. Anita A. Celadon Torrington, CT 06790 B.S. Air Trans Mgmt. Lori A. Chadderton East Haven, CT 06512 B.S. Environ Studies Marcia M. Chamberlain West Haven, CT 06516 B.S. Genl Dietetics Susan K. Charest Milford, CT 06460 B.S. Pers Mgmt. Corlies Chong Nepture City, NJ 07753 B.S. Hotel Rest Mgmt. Bernard A. Jr., Cicitto Middletown, CT 06457 B.S. Hotel Rest Mgmt. David S. Cingari Stamford, CT 06902 B.S. Hotel Rest Mgmt. Clifton L. demons West Haven, CT 06516 A.S. Comp Sci George E. Cornelius New London, CT 06320 B.S. M.E. Brent E. Coscia West Haven, CT 06516 A.S. Bus Admin. Robert K. Cousins New Haven, CT 06513 B.S. E.E. Glenn S. Couture Waterbury, CT 06704 B.S. M.E. Robert F. Coyne Milford, CT 06460 B.S. CJ-Law Enf Sci. Theodore H. Crouch N.Stonington, CT 06359 A.S. Bus Admin. Maria L. Cuomo East Haven, Ct. 06513 B.S. Retailing Eugene S. Jr., Curry Ansonia, CT 06401 A.S. Hotel Rest Mgmt. Wilmer R. Dane Denham Sprgs, LA 70726 B.S. Arson Invest. James E. Daniels, Jr. Ansonia, CT 06401 A.S. CJ-Law Enf. Adm. Katherine E. Daniels Middlebury, CT 06762 B.S. Comp Tech. Lisa A. Darr West Haven, CT 06516 A.S. Bus Admin. John P. De Los Santos Seymour, CT 06483 A.S. Engineering Francis A. Delfino Jr. Waterbury, CT 06708 B.S. E.E. David Delmonaco Rahway, NJ 07065 B.S. Bus Admin. Ronald G. Delmonico Trumbull, CT 06611 B.S. Bus. Admin. James P. Devine Hamden, CT 06518 B.S. Hotel Rest Mgmt. David A. Dickinson New Haven, CT 06511 B.A. Communication Maria C. Dimapia Old Saybrook, CT 06475 B.A. Political Sci. Steven J. Dimassa Branford, CT 06405 B.S. Pers Mgmt. Howard J. Donahue Quaker Hill, CT B.S. Bus Adm Shipyard Mgt. Shawn P. Doughrity Waterford, CT 06382 B.S. Air Trans Mgmt. Joel Dziengielewski Oakdale, CT 06370 B.S. Bus Admin. Patricia L. Bello West Haven, CT 06516 B.S. Bus Admin. Thomas M. Burke N. Haven, CT 06473 B.S. M.E. Lori A. Chadderton East Haven, CT 06512 A.S. Chemistry Gordon R. Dailey Niantic, CT 06357 B.S. Bus Adm Shipyard Mgt. Amy J. Elliot E. Norwalk, CT 06855 B.S. I.E. 253 Simon Enoch West Haven, CT 06516 B.S. Hotel Rest Mgmt. Marc H. Esposito Northford, CT 06472 B.S. Bus Data Proc. Paul A. Esposito Milford, CT 06460 B.S. C.E. Patricia A. Fedak Huntington, CT 06484 B.S. Public Admin. Michael C. Feldman Milford, CT 06460 B.S. C.E. Michael F. Fenton Stratford, CT 06497 B.A. Political Sci. Elizabeth Fernandez Wallingford, CT 06492 A.S. Biology Allan M. Fladd Quebec, PQ B.A. History Judith L. Fletcher Haddam, CT 06438 B.S. Fin Acctg. Joseph Folio East Haven, CT 06512 B.S. Bus Admin. Steven B. Fournier West Haven, CT 06516 B.S. Fin Acctg. Tony N. Francucci Middletown, CT 06457 B.S. Chem Engr. John A. Fratello East Haven, CT 06512 A.S. Aviation Sci. Lewis P. Freyermuth Naugatuck, CT 06770 A.S. Bus Admin. Agila P. Funas West Haven, CT 06516 B.S. I.E. Bashir A. Funas West Haven, CT 06516 B.S. I.E. Barbara J. Fusco Guilford, CT 06437 B.S. Pers Mgmt. 254 Frank Gabriele III N. Providence, Rl 02911 B.S. CJ-Law Enf Adm. Michelle M. Gaglione Milford, CT 06460 B.S. Fin. Acctg. Peter J. Gajdosik Shelton, CT 06484 A.S. Engineering Thomas R. Gale Basking Rdge, NJ B.S. Hotel Rest Mgmt. Michael J. Gargamelli Branford, CT 06405 A.S. Hotel Rest Mgmt. Kathryn M. Gentile Bridgeport, CT 06610 A.S. Bus Admin. Moahmmad R. Ghazagh West Haven, CT 06516 B.S. M.E. Frank G. Gonsalves Jr. Pawcatuck, CT 06379 B.S. M.E. Gary E. Graber Mechanicvill, NY 12118 B.S. M.E. Sherryln C. Greene West Haven, CT 06516 B.S. Bus Admin. Douglas W. Grunewald Hamden, CT 06517 B.S. E.E. Timothy Gunn Old Saybrook, CT B.S. C.E. Thomas J. Haggerty Milford, CT 06460 A.S. Bus Admin. Zaleha Hamzah New Haven, CT 06511 B.S. Finance Greg S. Harrold Long Valley, NJ 07853 A.S. CJ-Law Enf Adm. Gregory J. Harwood Middletown, CT 06457 B.S. Bus Admin. John J. Herholtz Syracuse, NY B.S. Comp Sci-lnd Appl. Lee A. Hinchliffe Wyoming, Rl 02398 B.S. M.E. Kenneth F. Hooker N. Madison, CT 06443 A.S. M.E. Dale P. Hourigan Meriden, CT 06450 B.S. CJ-Law Enf Adm. Belinda K. Howell Hamden, CT 06518 B.S. Environ Studies Wei-Ming W. Hshu West Haven, CT 06516 B.S. E.E. Shuaimi R. Ismail West Haven, CT 06516 B.S. Bus Admin. James W. Jackson Schenectady, NY 12308 B.S. Air Trans Mgmt. Nancy R. Johnson Branford, CT 06405 B.S. Bus Admin. Richard L. Johnson Westwood, MA 02090 B.S. C.E. Thomas G. Johnson Old Saybrook, CT 06475 B.S. E.E. John F. King New Haven, CT 06513 B.S. Arson Invest. Robert J. Kocher Wilton, CT 06897 B.S. CJ-Law Enf Adm. Edward S. Kokoski East Lyme, CT 06333 B.S. M.E. Patricia Kondel Southbury, CT 06488 B.S. I.E. Lisa M. Koproski West Haven, CT 06516 B.S. Marketing Peter S. Kubiczki West Haven, CT 06516 B.S. Bus Admin. Dawn M. Labbe Somers, CT B.S. Hotel Rest Mgmt. William R. Lacey Jr. New London, CT 06320 B.S. CJ-Law Enf Adm. Winston Wing-Hun Lau Trumbull, CT 06611 B.S. E.E. Louis A. Lavecchia Milford, CT 06460 B.S. Fire Sci Admin. Tuyen Le West Haven, CT 06516 B.S. Bus Admin. John P. Lecompte Madison, CT 06443 B.S. Bus Admin. Steven V. Lee Waterford, CT 06385 B.S. Bus Admin. Lorraine Levinsky Shelton, CT 06484 A.S. Bus Admin. John A. Loin Jr. Hamden, CT 06514 A.S. M.E. Lisa A. Longofono N. Haven, CT 06473 B.S. Communication Mark W. Lowell New Haven, CT 06512 A.S. Aviation Sci. James L. Lucas Bethany, CT 06525 B.S. M.E. Joseph G. Lupia Milford, CT. 06460 B.S. I.E. m Maria D. Macrino Norwalk, CT 06850 B.S. CJ-Law Enf Adm. Daniel J. Mahoney Acton, MA 01720 B.S. Hotel Rest Mgmt. Majid J. Majid West Haven, CT 06516 B.S. C.E. Abdulaziz A. Manea West Haven, CT 06516 B.S. Marketing Jo-Ann R. Mangen New Haven, CT 06511 B.S. Bus Admin. Gad Maor New Haven, CT 06515 B.S. C.E. Joann Marksbury New London, CT 06320 B.S. Public Admin. Angela D. Mauriello New Haven, CT 06513 B.S. Pers Mgmt. John B. McAllister Woodbury, CT 06798 B.S. Fire Sci Admin. David McGovern Jr. West Haven, CT 06516 A.S. Photography Alison L. McKeever Milford, CT 06460 B.S. Hotel Rest Mgmt. Brian M. McNellis Waterbury, CT 06708 B.S. M.E. Prasun H. Mehta West Haven, CT 06516 B.S. Biology Laura H. Milani N. Haven, CT 06473 B.S. Communication Stephen J. Mordecai N. Branford, CT 06471 B.S. Pers Mgmt. John G. Morrissey Cheshire, CT 06410 B.S. I.E. Kenneth W. Mueller Massapaqua, NY 11758 B.S. Hotel Rest Mgmt. Robert F. Murphy Naick, MA 01760 B.S. CJ-Law Enf Adm. n Andreai D. Nestoridei Archangelos, CY A.S. E.E. Inger M. Nielsen Middlebury, CT 06762 B.A. Communication Glennyce C. Nilsen Guilford, CT 06437 B.S. M.E. m Scott D. Nixon Watertown, MA 02172 B.S. Fire Sci Tech. Donna R. Pinkston New Haven, CT B.S. Bus Data Proc. Peter M. Santore West Haven, CT 06516 B.S. E.E. Robert M. Spencer Brooklyn, NY 11215 B.S. Marketing Arthur J. Volanth Jr. N. Haven, CT 06473 B.S. OSH Mehra Nourollahzaden West Haven, CT 06516 B.S. M.E. Mark A. Piano East Haven, CT 06512 B.S. Mgrl Acctg. Richard M. Sauve Longmeadow, MA B.S. M.E. Gilles P. St. Amand Branford, CT 06405 B.S. Fin Acctg. Joann O. Votto Guilford, CT 06437 A.S. Bus Admin. Marwan M. Odeh West Haven, CT 06516 B.S. C.E. Gerard J. Onorata N. Pergen, NJ 0704 7 B.S. Security Mgmt. Albert L. Pacelli East Haven, CT 06512 B.S. Fin Acctg. Albert A. Pagliarulo Bridgeport, CT 06608 B.S. Biology Simon E. Palacios West Haven, CT 06516 B.S. OSH Thomas J. Panasuk Terryville, CT 06786 A.S. Aviation Sci. Thomas J. Panasuk Terryville, CT 06786 B.S. Air Trans Mgmt. Edward M. Patkis Branford, CT 06405 A.S. E.E. Barbara A. Patti Derby, CT 06418 A.S. Bus Admin. Steven V. Pepe Northford, CT 06472 B.S. E.E. James L. Perro Milford, CT 06460 A.S. Aviation Sci. Gordon T. Pescatore Trumbull, CT 06611 B.S. Comp Tech. Cathy A. Peschel Hamden, CT 06518 A.S. Bus Admin. Stuart J. Platcow West Haven, CT 06516 B.S. Chemistry William R. Pruehsner Norwalk, CT 06850 B.S. M.E. Matthew J. Ramia Shelton, CT 06484 B.A. Political Sci. Hector A.R. Ramos San Pe dro, SU HN B.S. M.E. Andrew J. Rice Cheshire, CT 06410 B.S. Hotel Rest Mgmt. Jill E. Ritz Branford, CT 06405 B.S. Public Admin. Liliane Rocher West Haven, CT 06516 B.S. Tourism Trvl Admin. Manuel B. Rodriguez Northford, CT 06472 A.S. Bus Admin. Rhoda E. Rosenfeld Woodbridge, CT 06525 B.S. Genl Dietetics Debra A. Ruocco West Haven, CT 06516 B.S. Bus Admin. Nicholas A. Russo Durham, CT 06422 A.S. Bus Admin. Maria Ruta Waterbury, CT 06704 B.S. Mgrl Acctg. Samir A. Said Worcester, MA 01606 B.S. C.E. Allen J. Schott Meriden, CT 06405 B.S. M.E. Derrick R. Schull Guilford, CT 06437 B.S. C.E. Mark A. Scussel East Haven, CT 06513 B.S. E.E. Donna M. Seresin Hamden, CT 06514 B.S. Chem Engr. Philip R. Sherman Clinton, CT 06413 B.S. C.E. Bradley C. Sherwood Amherst, MA B.S. Hotel Rest Mgmt. David J. Shine West Haven, CT 06516 B.S. Comp Sci-lnd Appl. Steven J. Siedzik Meriden, CT 06450 B.S. E.E. George B. Sirmis New Haven, CT 06511 B.S. E.E. Jeffrey J. Smith Bristol, CT 06010 B.A. Mathematics Richard K. Smith West Haven, CT 06516 B.S. Fin Acctg. Terry W. Smith Naugatuck, CT 06770 B.S. Environ Studies William J. Smith III Milford, CT 06460 A.S. Hotel Rest Mgmt. Ralph J. Soldano New Haven, CT 06513 B.S. Air Trans Mgmt. Charles J. Stavros Westerly, Rl 02891 B.S. Bus Adm Shipyard Mgt. Harlan L. Tait West Haven, CT 06516 A.S. M.E. Meaghan M. Taylor New Haven, CT 06515 B.A. Communication Maria I. Teixeira Bridgeport, CT 06606 B.S. CJ-Corr Admin. Lisa A. Timmons W. Syracuse, NY 13212 A.S. Bus Admin. Susan R. Tiso Hamden, CT 06517 A.S. Bus Admin. Randall P. Tyler East Haven, CT 06512 B.S. Mgmt Sci. u Ellen O. Uihlein New Haven, CT 06515 B.S. CJ-Corr Admin. William C. Utter Mamaroneck, NY 10543 B.S. Air Trans Mgmt. Jesus M. Valle Jr. Bridgeport, CT 06610 A.S. Graph Adv Dsgn. Daniel A. Vanacore Hamden, CT 06514 Elsie M. Vavrek Woodbridge, CT 06525 B.S. Bus Admin. w Nancy N. Wang Cheshire, CT 06410 A.S. Fashion Dsgn. Thomas G. Warren Philadelphia, PA 19149 B.S. Hotel Rest Mgmt. Edward J. Wayman Beacon Falls, CT 06403 B.S. Marketing Gail L. Whitney Norwich, CT 06360 B.S. Fin Acctg. John D. Wickham Hamden, CT 06514 B.S. Marketing Michael D. Willmott East Haven, CT 06512 B.S. E.E. Donald M. Wilson Avon, CT 06001 B.S. CJ-Law Enf Sci. David W. Winched Northford, CT 06472 B.S. Marketing Kimberly A. Woodward Watertown, CT 06795 B.S. M.E. Nelson E. Wyman Chester, CT 06412 B.S. Bus Admin. loannis N. Yiannakou West Haven, CT 06516 B.S. C.E. Thomas D. Zaveski West Haven, CT 06516 B.S. Forensic Sci. Mariner J. Pezza Norwalk, CT 06850 B.S. C.E. Peter B. Salzberg Walpole, MA 02081 B.S. CJ-Law Enf Adm. Lon E. Sulomita Waterbury, CT 06708 B.S. Chem Engr. Sherri A. Vegliante Ansonia, CT 06401 A.S. Bus Admin. Joseph A. Zavorskas Guilford, CT 06437 B.S. Bus Data Proc. Robert A. Piccirillo Stratford, CT 06497 B.S. M.E. Joseph M. Santiso II Seymour, CT 06483 B.S. M.E. Richard V. Sparago West Haven, CT 06516 B.S. Bus Admin. Joan A. Vilone West Haven, CT 06516 A.S. Bus Admin. Ronald J. Zuk West Haven, CT 06516 A.S. CJ-Law Enf Adm. 255 " All good things must come to an end. "

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