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?. k olPffty 4ii-%-% %- -%-4 TABLE OF CONTENTS THEME PART I PEOPLE SENIORS ADMINISTRATION FACULTY CLUBS PART II FALL SEMESTER FALL ACTIVITIES FALL SPORTS PART III SPRING SEMESTER SPRING ACTIVITIES SPRING SPORTS PART IV I REMEMBER WHEN! FLASH BACK ON PAST 4 YEARS NEWS HEADLINES SENIOR DIRECTORY ADVERTISING CHARIOT STAFF ACKNOWLEDGEMENT INDEX SPORTS ' SCORES CLOSING » % ♦ ♦ ♦ %• tl 4 . .f »■•.«. Remember I If W " ' WOi Learning - ' - • • ♦ • Assorted Skills partaking in Sportive Activities -m ' lL f vll. U ' Countless Forms of Relaxation the anxieties of adjusting and the pleasures of belonging. PROMISE YOURSELF PROMISE YOURSELF Promise Yourself . To be so strong that nothing can disturb ;our peace of mind. To talk health, happiness and prosperity to every person you meet. To look at the sunny side of everything and make your optimism come true. To think only the best, to work only for the best, and expect only the best. To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own. To forget about the mistakes of the past and to press on to greater achievements of the future. ' ROMISE YOURSELF PROMISE YOURSELF PROMIS To wear a cheerful countenance at all times and give even; person you meet a smile. To give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others. To be too big to worry and too noble for anger. To be too strong for fear and too happy to permit the presence of trouble. ■ ♦ ♦■•-%•( SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIOi f - " - ' lilt ' I V SENIORS SEN DON ' T Qa T When things go wrong, as the ; sometimes will, When the road you ' re trudging seems all uphill, When the funds are low and the debts are high And you want to smile, But you have to sigh. When care is pressing you down a bit — Rest if you must, but don ' t you quit. Life is queer with its twists and turns. As every one of us sometimes learns, And many a fellow turns about When he might have won had he stuck it out. Don ' t give up though the pace seems slow - You may succeed with another blow. Often the goal is nearer than It seems to a faint and faltering man; Often the struggler has given up When he might have captured the victor ' s cup; And he learned too late when the night came down, How close he was to the golden crown. Success is failure turned inside out - The silver tint of the clouds of doubt. And you never can tell how close you are. It may be near when it seems afar; So stick to the fight when you ' re hardest hit, - It ' s when things seem worst that you mustn ' t quit. :i.«i!m!niTw»i!ilMiii!ii! f- hiup - fe ( arof -yvg Lferafdine -Jrhern iDaOid ke. J anti . {-..yiuCaib Oaf naila IKuiiell rpaia Juaniel ubur f oUlJSarU. Cjregoru vSa JDuane vSeale KoLerl iBeiltel jbavid Beil ZJhomai l i. fJlake maria Bla .J4arveu fjoenm C dward l jradu. III lAAliiam iSra i C dwina llJrandoi Jbavid iiraif field ir ti larihat iirereton r aumona y rodet Pamela Brt oLuann Jrunetti okn Br. Aouce L.amBOeli amei ( apoccitii f ichard Carrano yjregor L hviiuk Aharon Cianciulli llicholai ( ifaidi Uhotnai ( ilfford J ennelh ( ooperslein riooun ( ornwell Aeffreif ( ouimine fKichard Coveiii ZJhomai jDa Lfforia Jjau WarL 2)e3eL ffoieph JjeJLet jDaniei JDelKo. Eleven JJe r y 1 ■ ' Cr- J ' W. v rJ-aura Jje I ' ilo f- alricia Jjewitl oLinaa Jji -inque jDavia oDickin Cjregoru oDittoi Cornelia JJolana lllickaei Ju LJnofrio niark Jbreckiler rioberl Jjunlap JLaura Zreii Jienneth Zfurlado oLaurie (jatinol ' V .« t i «%.«•« f- auf (-fctg Zrrank (jaliowaif -y iphonie Lfambaraeifa onn (jamoaraella Uera Cfambardelta iflafion (jarnitz 33 oiepn Lferemia, . jDorotn Cjomez r ohert Cjiinulu, -4r f- am yjiordano Uikki Cforman f- eter C regorio, J r ffoiepn Cfutaa WJter QuiiLaJl I f f- aul Lfuitamachio Juavid J4al ZJaiflor j4arpeir riooerl J4ouz rJLinda .J4uqhei j4arold ,J4ulchinion Illartin J ! ' Uhomai Jfz JUeoorah knion f aumona Aonnson Jjarbara gfoune (jarif J amuda JJruce J ellif (jilberl J eitif f rick J in iepti Jiin iton Steven J(fe, C award Jsoethe J oru .y ennelh r oberf ArM»i ,mm f oberl JLa ( ralg JLa I Hare Francisco ' -JLcon Aean rJLephowAKi S a.iJJe. -•• " Jti.-.l ifMUJl.UlJiJJS IJiy l.l;( • ' ; tanteu oti ' j Koberl oLivelii y aren oLombardo Aamei JLubi ««.%.« «■•«■( J amei Illarlh JUauid if aridan . ■■ % ■%•• «••-«• Uae Weffi, . Aohn IHenguat .lyUfik -- ntnonif lllieie, r. Pkihp Wifte, ■sLouii fflit lan nltAioriki ♦ « « ♦ % % • • • - ZrredericK Ululnotland Ljeorge lllulliqar Aamei fllurawiki ( arot ilaraii ' . i%% «•«• £Ju,aJ flask Koiemaru flavin Juavid lli C dwin iliezgorii ..yienneln Kjakei PaJ Oxford CarCoi f- alencla ftlark J- almiiari ' ■ « t % ' • «••«• oieph f- erno JLeilie l- nelpi 4ohn J- ir, illarianne J- oiaiUi Zfred f- op l odepn f- opolizo .jKevin f- renlii Zrrank f- rii rimerano Eleven ipCeff (foie r odriqw juez Moieph Ko erman WarL Ro, L ' ■3S- 4- ::• ' » -■ JUaniel r oi -if— ■ T ' a.y RusJl i : T— a ' ik Ljregoru Siimhanii m 5 i dv |k|i 1 p %- ' amei tnctatr Claire Jm Stephanie nifaer Mi J4enr Jioteiki, r. f- amela ole, oDaniet par uian ianJiih Cyi-p J fanfora uian tepanik Uaiarie to Calvin blotter ill Stephen ZJanz - ■ - - « •« ■Siaitu IJaulc ¥ - «y Uerri Uen ifch Eleven ZJoi ohn ZJr Tacanna Jjebta ZJranberg Aonn ZJre ' uhel J4afru ZJrieoei C lizaoein ZJuohu K-ftorqe ZJurrell J artn Van JOuke Zrrank l oi Aa WJis jokn WeiL JLn IVenL VU Wkile RaU WU ( ean li iltiami 2)a.J WiL Jennifer lAJilion oieph tyufenkai Zrrank 2— in Unomai ] iz ADMINISTRATION FACULTY ADMINISTEIATIO :j :3 l) g g cj :j :j LI D mm ■ ■ ■■» • IS • Here - where the ageless hills reach upward to the ageless stars - here where a centun; is measured as a da ; - I hold these numbered years called life within m ; trembling hands - these fragile years touched with wonder and with mysten; - there seems to be so little time in which to learn the purpose for our living - and yet - in the changeless pattern of things that are to be - there must be both meaning and purpose - or we would be insensitive to the healing power of beauty - and the sustaining power of love - perhaps I am here to touch but a single heart - or to fill a single need - or to share my strength with one who needs d shield against a hostile world- I do not know - perhaps it is destined that I should not know - but another may know - and understand - and be grateful. Dr. Phillip Kaplan President Dalen Bowles Assistant to the President Dean Warren Smith School of Business Administration Carole Aiken Director of Equal Opportunity Director of Women ' s Affairs Dean John Ghoreyeb Dean of Students Richard Lipp Associate Dean of Evening Studies Lau-Tence Parker Director of Development and Alumni Virginia Parker Director of Special Studies % ' i % ' % ' %••• ' Richard Baker Assistant Director of Security Samuel Baker Head Librarian Thomas Bell Day Admission Counselor Head Football Coach John Benevento Director of Day Admission Joseph Cieplak Associate Director of Public Relations Elizabeth Bennett Coordinator of Advertising Office of Public Relations Robert Campbell Assistant Director of Day Admission George Davis Counselor David DuBuisson Director of Financial Aid Richard Gelgauda Manager of Radio Station Dr. Joseph Machnick Director of Athletics Philip Robertson Director of Housing and Student Center ' ' « .« % ' i «.%-%•• Peter Rogers Director of Minority Affairs Donald Scott Director of Security James Shattuck Director of Personnel ' I ' 1 " " Louis Silbert Director of Local Business Development Office Michael York Director of Counseling Scott Tildon Director of Public Relations Sheila Wade Manager of Rattiskellar . .. FACULTY Srilekha BeU English Tom Bell Physical Education Head Football Coach Eugene Brady Management Science David Brown Psi chology Donald Bums Phi sical Education Ralf Carriuolo Humanities George Carson Civil Engineering Satish Chandra international Business x ' mm res Joseph Chepaitis History Deborah Chin Coordinator of Women s Athletics Kee Chun Chairman Physics Robert Deobil Physical Education Peter Desio Chairman Chemistry Caroline Dinegar Chairperson Political Science m . 1 Hi E t s .. , Noreen Domenburg Humanities James Dull Political Science Robert Elting Hotel Administration Stephen Grodzinsky Electrical Engineering Ronald Haberman Industrial Engineering ' ' V .« « ' i «% « • • Arnold Hyman Psychologi Walter Jewell Chairman Sociology ' 1 i i 1 k r Andrew Kayiira Gerald Criminal Justice »--- Chaim Chairman Electrical Engineering Ira Kleinfeld Industrial Engineering Konstantine Lambrakis Dean of Engineering Steve Lane Physical Education Henry Lee Criminal Justice Ira Leonard Political Science Edward Maffeo Fine Arts Richard Mann Civil Engineering Paul Marx Chairman English Bertrand Mathieu English Frank McGce Chairman Public Administration Tom Meagher Psychologi Robert Meier Chairman Criminal Justice Thomas Mentzer Psychology :::::::? Elizabeth Moffitt Chairperson Fine Arts H m wK -- Lynn Monahan Criminal Justice Richard Montague Industrial Engineering Richard Morrison Ph sics David Naccarato Mathematics Craig Parker Criminal Justice Joseph Parker Economics !•♦ ♦%■%•• • ' Steven Raucher Communication Dinwiddie Reams Biology Belinda Rodgers CriminalJustice Bertram Ross Mathematics t K tk. Steve Ross Mechanical Engineering Allen Sack Sociologii Joshua Sandman Political Science Frank Sherwood Economics David Sloane English Richard Stanley Mathematics ' V .« « - « «% ' %•• • Burton Staugaard Biologi JohnTeiuk Chairman Economics Ward Thcilman Economics Henry Vasileff Finance Frank Vieira Physical Education Henry Vocgeii Bio ogy iBdofl»«« B lAttra lRevefl« Bernard Wiener Marketing Jeffrey Williams Chairman Accounting and Finance % ' ( ' %•• %■• ' % wWffffw 4 b H. F. Wright Chairman Biology Science Donald Wynshenk Chairman Phiisical Education Michael Wynne Coordinator Social Welfare Ruth Yanover Marketing Sclntn ' t Bus. th« tftun Who Shakes the Money TreeliK; HOW THEY RIG OKTiONS tHI COMING DICTATORSHIP Of eiC LABOR »»iOTME RADICALS Martin Zern Accounting Finance Paul Zingale Management Science XUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUB! HUMAN RELATIONS The most important 6 words: " I admit I made a mistake. " The most important 5 words: " I am proud of you. " The most important 4 words: " What is ;our opinion? " The most important 3 words: " If you please. " The most important 2 words: " Thank you. " The most important word: " We. " And the least important word: " I. " • •• « CHEERLEADERS LTanja Watley — Captain, Karen Hill — CoCaptain. Arlene Watson. Alice Sicard, Elisa Powell. Gwen Poole. Cindy Livingston and Mariam Eisher. RESIDENTS ' COUNCIL Residents ' Council — Fall Semester, Gary Baillargeon — Pres.. Leslie Philps — V Pres., Aldo Gigliotti — Treas. and Sharon Hannaford — Sec. — Spring Semester, Leslie Philips — Pres.. Patricia Sounders — VPres., Aldo Gigliotti — Treas. and Sharon Hannaford — Sec. Sec. c ««.«■• «••■%•( ALPHA CHI NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY MEMBERS: Catherine Critelli-Pres., Deborah Johnson— V. Pres., Richard Aiken— Treas., Ellen Kyder— Sec. Petra Mursch— P.R., Gregor Chvisuk, Joseph Geremia, Sally Taylor, Jean Williams, Arthur Egan, David Andrenyak, Martin Iverson, Ann Aavran, Gregory Garvey, Maria Blasi. Edward Heller, Dulcie Mez- zanotte, William Lee, William Cole, Kevin Flynn, Richard Viola, George Stitchalk, Gilbert Earl, Jean Fessel, Maria Lull, Anthony Mieele. Joseph Deleeuw, Dennis Prussen, George Mulligan, Karen Lom- bardo, Lawrence McGowan, Lome McDougall, Kerry Mosdale, Patricia DeMaio, Gregory Dillon, Timothy Buckky. Carol Nardini and Steven Tomasco. ZETA BETA TAU FRATERNITY ZBT MEMBERS: Randy Braren-Pres., Fred Pope— V. Pres., Bruce Kelly— Treas. Dave Monroe— Sec, Rick Burns, Larry Rubin, Bob Giroux, Ray Coggeshall, Paul Christensen, Rich Ladyko, Tony Schirillo, Wally Lawson, Rob Mabie, Matt Fertitta, Warren Schlickenrieder, Terry Shines, Ed Koether, Willy Heafy. Russ Bailey, Gary Baillargeon, Tony Arpino, Jerry Dandrow, John Daikus, Dave Andrenyak, Brian Booth. Mike Stewart, Chris Sage, Brad Copeland and Brad Sherwood. ENGLISH CLUB MEMBERS: Bernice Diaba. M. Lisa Ferguson. Pan Giordano, Valerie Jones, Robin Loney — Sec, Bertrand Mathieu— Advisor. Karen Mattimore, Marcuss Oslander— Co. Advisor, Michael Petriccione, Chris Sage— Co-Editor. Pat Tiemye— Treas., Jean Williams— Co-Editor and Sharon Worster. CHI KAPPA RHO SORORITY MEMBERS: CHane Vitelli-Pres.. Elizabeth Levine — V. Pres., Roseann Massarelli — Treas., Wendy Birkmaier — Sec, Pan Giunti — Serg. of Arms, Laura Print — S.C., Ellia George, Laureen, Hannie Martinez, Susan Nolan, Fay Peart. Joanne Ryder and Kathy Sisson. MEMBERS: Cedric Dew. Doc Hyman, Mark Trojanowski, Joe Castellno. John Fryer, Bob Ronne. Paul Blackwell, and Mike Samuels. FRISBEE CLUB MEMBERS: Rick Saunders— Captain, John McWilliams. Paul Therrien, Glen Young, Frank Casagrande, Joe Maru, Phil Duffy, Joe Roggeman— Treas., Kathy Stephens, John Wilson, Ted Hale, Marty Lavginiger, Mark Lineweber. Dave Peloski. Gary Buchanon, Brian Kilmurray and Brad Copeland. LECTURE COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Lany Rubin Rick Sands Ray Coggeshall PEP CLUB MEMBERS: Mr. J. Fiver-Advisor. Martha L Walls-Pres.. Wilson Canteen-V. Pres.. Rushie Lee — Sec. and Bernice Jones— Treas. - ft ' SKI CLUB MEMBERS: Joe Ceiplak-Advisor. Calvin Brodie— Pres., Anthony Schirillo— V. Pres.. Amy Schultz— Sec, Byron Zanella— Treas., Hans Bietsch. Bob Bohn. Chris Erca. Steve Fiondella, Rich Ladyko, Laurie Lcndacky, Steve Manion, Peter McGinn, Pete Skews, Lynn Silver and George Tyrrell, SOCIAL COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Bill Lee, Robert Mabie, Randy Braren, Debbie Apuzzo, Anne Simjian, Bonnie Sadler, Peter Fabiaschi, Michael Stewart, Joanne Ryder. Jerry Marquis. Wendy Dolittle and Kathy Stephens. STUDENT COURT MEMBERS: Frank Galloway. Fred Gilman. Scott Greenstreet. and Camille Giordano. POLITICAL SCIENCE AND PRE-LAW SOCIETY MEMBERS: Catherine Critelli-Pres., Scott Greenstreet— 1st V. Pres. Pamela Gior- dano— 2nd V.Pres , Deborah Johnson— Treas.. Rey Alvarado— Sec. Chuck Rockwell. Paula Ranciato. Dulcie Mezzanotte. Laila Mandour, Perry Hoffner. Camile Giordano. Brian Booth, Steve Schultis. Frank Galloway. Anthony Pur- pora. Stephen Zotto. Alan Williams. Janis Webster. Peter Mcrcier. Maria Blasi and Lome McDougall. ' ft % «.% ».%» ' SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT MEMBERS: Terrence M, Moore— Pres., Ken Blade-V.Pres.. Richard Carrano— Treas.. Terry Chvisuk— Sec. John Oronzo. Mike Mackey. Bernice E. Jones. Kevin Scully. Don Mineiti, John Nuzzi. Chris O ' Connor, Bryan Mullins. Sal Trombetta, Pat Cuddy, Julia Gagliardi. Mike Panasci, Jean Fessel and Jerry Li- quori. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS MEMBERS; Richard P. Carrano-Chair- man, Kenneth A. Blade— V. Pres., Kim Lo Chan— Treas., Frank Jurczyk, Steven Cer- mole, Mike Buccieri, Tom Lambert, Hamid Saleh, Walt Glifort, Colin Yankee, Henry Yazdzik, Prof, John Sarris, Mark Lemoine, Joseph Maru and John Vause. FOOD SERVICE ASSOCIATION MEMBERS: Marshall Brereton, Joseph Cipolla, Charles Colbassani, Beth C on- stantino, Kenny Cooperstein, Kenneth Cyr, Mark Fischer, Barbara Fox, Ken- neth Furtado, Marion Garnitz. William Gerard, Laurcen Grimaldi, Albert Lisi, Mike Mackey, John Moglia, Julie San- ders, Rosemarv Navin, Abby Sussman, Fran Turley, Glen Young and Joan Wesa. ACCOUNTING CLUB MEMBERS: George Stit- chalk — Pres., Fred Bernard —V. Pres. Bob Bartormo — Sec, John Ehrhardt— Treas.. Lawrence Kurlansky. Joe Yarsawich. David Nixon. Sharon Lanza, Laura DcVito, John Trucanna, Charles Samson, Larry Altavilla, Patricia Culkin, Joseph Matthews, Michael Guarino. Martha Rich, Mark Tro- janowski, Robert Dunlap, Aldo Gigliotti. Paul Storiale, Jerry Bonini, Daniel Sperano, Anthony Mancin, Nichlas Fantano, Janet Nowak, Ann Rohinsky, Diane Horowitz, Charlene Rohloff, Susan Decerbo, Debra Hawkins and Daniel Earle. » « « MI; ? ' I 1 1 ♦ ' ♦ ♦-% ■ SOCIETY FOR ADVANCEMENT OF WOMEN IN BUSINESS MEMBERS: Arlene Cullen-Pres.. Debbie Apuzzo— V. Pres., Sharon Lanza— Treas., Hope Thomson— Scc-, Tina Kayat, Carol Weeks, Jon Novak. Martha Walls, Janis Webster, Sandra Selenskas, Marilyn Monahan, Marion Gamitz, Carol Pesenti, Jan Kiewlen. Michelle Peluso, Elizabeth Bennet, Claudette Grant, Joan Wesa and Martha Rich. FORENSIC SCIENCE SOCIETY MEMBERS: Edward E, Hellec-Dir Lambert— Dir, Richard L. Aiken- David Andenyak— Sec, George James Bloxson, Peter Skewes, Champon, Chris Grice, Bruce S Wayne Buck and Larry Mazzolla. Debra -Treas.. Fluter, Albert Kelly, BETA BETA BETA MEMBERS: Jeffry Cousimer-Pres., Jack Boghossian— V.Pres., Deborah Tran- berg— Treas.. Carmen Rivera— Sec. Rick Aiken. James Bloxson. Edwina Brandon. Donna Chambers, Albert Champon. John Conway. Joseph DeLeeuw, George FHuter. Star Gilliams, Ed Heller, Robert Jackson, Deborah Lambert. Petra Mursch. Peter Skewes and Carol Staugaard. n , « « ♦ % INTERFRATERNITY SORORITY COUNCIL I BLACK STUDENT UNION J isii:: m i m: .■■.. }r 4- ' --T t « • »♦■%»-%» r ii rff WNHU ' TM f «! ♦ ♦ ♦ » THE NEWS ti « % « « % % r Founded in 1938, the News is the student ' s organ for journalistic expression on campus. This extracurricular organization published a weekly newspaper during the academic year. The News is written and composed entirely by students; it is printed locally. Currently, The News has a weekly readership of 4,000. Over the years, many News staff members have taken positions on professional publications through their experience with The News. D.S.G. fp - ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;i I REMEMBER I REMEMBER I REMEMBEP AND I REMEMBER - standing in the fragrant orchard and grieving as the pink and white petals drifted slowl ; down upon the grass - and this was in the spring and I remember - returning after man ; da ;s had passed to find the trees bending with the burden of the harvest - and it was autumn f % » ♦ ♦ » REMEMBER I REMEMBER I REMEMBER I REMEI but life has no seasons - it is a journey from shadow into the sunlight - and from sunlight into the shadow again - and from this time of transition we learn that yesterday and tomorrow are but the same - and life is real only in the beauty of this moment - this very moment. moMEcoMmm 1 OCTOBER 8 i t ' a -!?!?! ft ! « » % » ORIENTATION WEEK After a warm, funfilled summer, it was back to business and lively activity for the UNH campus. It all started with orientation for new students on Sept. 6th. The purpose of orientation is to acquaint new students to college life. Welcoming speeches were given by administrator and students, followed by a picnic. During the remainder of the week. recruitments for clubs and committees went on in full force; and a frantic grappling ensured for a place at the board to discover course names and room numbers. Then to settle down to the more important business of relaxing with old friends and making new ones, at the all day picnic. The end of the week, dancing up a storm was next on the program, if you like to dance, at the evening mixer. . OF s » 3 : So once a student passes these tests of patience, (meeting people, waiting in lines, getting I.D. card. etc.). he has taken the first steps toward becoming a member of university community. f - • % .- ' ' j ' _.J % ' % %•••%■ ' - ♦ % CABARET I ■ 1 v i l H M H " i ■ 111 1g 4 ii B J ' JkI Mm Cabarets arc as Traditional to UNH as apple pie is to America. It is a time when friends get together to unwind after a hectic day. This year ' s Cabarets have featured a variety of acts from marionettes to hypnosis. Performers included the National Theatre Company, and The National Lamoon Show, a situational comedy group. Ken Webber a mentalist used audience participation for his act, which consisted of mental telethapy and hypnosis. Each performer added their own style to make CABARETS a source of good entertainment. HOMECOMING Homecoming, a traditional time on the social calendar is a weekend that both alumni and students look forward to. It is a time when memories are dwelt on or built. This year ' s homecoming games were victorious for both the soccer and football teams. The soccer team was equally as victorious in the Chariot race. The activities moved from the north campus fields with Sgt. Pepperoni in lead, to the Main campus. There behind the student Center Oktoberfest was held. Night time at a mixer which featured Homesick John O ' Leary brought the day ' s activities to a closing. All and all it was, as are all homecomings, a day to remember. !% i: m ' - ' - « %• « • % t ( . % » «•« » « % 1 As has been the recent fashion, the OSG sponsored a series of lectures on a variety of subjects. Some of the featured subjects were Ghost Hunting, Exorcism, Helter Skelter and Human Rights. Some of the personalities presented were Dick Gregory, the Warrens and Vince Bulgiosi. Many students and members of the greater U.N.H. community attended these sessions. ft % • « i % FOUNDING THEATER New Foundling Theatre (NFT) has sponsored various events to promote drama at U.N.H. In the fall a Spaghetti Supper was held, to raise money for the spring production. Following dinner the audience was entertained by a Talent show. Noreen Dorenenburg was the master of ceremonies, introducing the acts of the evening. There were scenes from For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Isn ' t Enough, and The Member of the Wedding. Dance and Song was also included in the show. -. f ♦ . » - i » - « .X : ■- " H . The 3rd Annual DSG Awards were held on December 2nd. These awards are presented to individuals who add life and spirit through their good works to make UNH a better place to be. However, the awards ceremony was not a boring affair, there was plenty of good humor and excitement to make the annual event enjoyable for everyone in attendance. I ! « ' % « »••-% ' . . D.S.G. AWARDS Social Committee Randy Braren, Co-Chaimian Social Committee Lee, Co-Chairman Lecture Committee Larry Rubin, Co-Chairman Lecture Committee Ray Coggeshall, Co-Chairman Film Committee Brad Sherwood, Co-Chairman Film Committee Steve Ripley, Co-Chairman Student Center Committee Ed Koether, Co-Chairman Student Center Committee Julie Sanders, Co-Chairman Communication Board Arlene Collen, Chairperson The Chariot Marion Garnitz, Editor TTie News Leonard Galbicsek, Editor WNHU Carole Aiken D.S.G. Advisor Rich Ladyko D.S.G. Treasurer Rose Navin D.S.G. Secretary Dave Hoffman D.S.G. Vice President Dibbie Apuzzo D.S.G. Treasurer The Student Court Frank Galloway, Chief Justice Residence Council The officers The Black Student Union Each Cabinet member and Delegate received an Award. ♦ •♦■ ■ Sponsored by the various clubs and organizations on campus, mixers have held their popularity as a social function. As always there is a variety of music to suit everyone ' s taste depending on the weekend you choose to attend. There was disc jockey Jack Flash who had Everybody ' s Everything, and Walrus who played Beatles ' hits for the Beatles freaks of U.N.H. Our first mixer of the year at which Eyes was featured held some unexpected events. Did anyone mention a blackout? 132 4 % » %•« •••-%- ♦ % i ♦- FINALS Finals are always a time of mixed emotions and high pressures and few students at U.N.H. are an exception to the rule. During the week of finals may be the only time that the university looks like what it is, a place to learn. Everywhere you look, one can find students cramming for exams, reading assignments neglected all semester, researching and writing papers, in short, the students are going crazy. However, be it winter or spring there is one thing all of us, with the exception of the graduates look forward to besides our grades and that is VACATION. EVENING STUDENTS CHRISTMAS PARTY Christmas is a season of joy and immense pleasures and children probably enjoy it the most. Although at this year ' s annual Evening Students Christmas Party it would have been difficult to decide who enjoyed the party more, the children or their parents. This year ' s party took place on Dec. lOth and there was plenty of entertainment including Bill Dayton a Magician. The children also enjoyed the silly antics of two clowns, Patricia Keane and Al Mitchell, university evening students. The party was a memorable experience for all involved. r ' L. » % i i i %■•«•« 1 WOMEN ' S TENNIS Linda LaTorraca Joy McDonald Marilyn Moahan Marybeth Mordecai Linda Spivey Migdalia Vega Kathy Ouelette Lorraine Gilroy Julie Gagliardi VOLLEYBALL Vo ' . Laura Cassidento Jackie Cipollini Sheryll Davis Michele Fraser Agec Lamorte Mary Ann Lynch Gina Paolillo Cynthia Taggert Joan Zurlo «iv " y ' ' 1 K 1 CROSS COUNTRY David Babcock Kevin Brown David Cashour Daniel Dannenhoffer Carl Draper Al Forbes Mark Grimshaw David Hillman Joseph Kingston John Krupke Wally Lawson John Mendell Perry Pausig Bob Fellow John Poulton Joe Reopelle Rich Shultz Mark Stephen Ken Thompson John Trentalange ♦j» % ♦•% ♦■ ♦•% ■ ' ' " mMM t ♦ FOOTBALL Danyl Albanese Joe Kubik Ugo Anesike John Large Jay Barrcro Richard Lee Ed Belli Mark Mahoney Greg Bodytko Mike Martini Mile Bouwman Jim Massella Ned Bowman John Meehan Paul Bowman Walter Melfi Bill Bozoiam Ray Michanczyk Tom Campanelli Bob Moquin Joe Clements Pat Morelli Vernon Cole Ray Mulligan Tony Connors John Mungo Carl Couch Brian Nugent Bob Currie Manty O ' Connell Bill Daniels Paul Philips Time Deane Ed Rightmeyer Don Dunlop Derwin Ross Bennis Ferry Tony Schirillo Bruce Fottrell Sam Smith Joe Gallagher Mike Soucy Mike Gardner Sam Spoto Bill Gerardi Tom Sprague Bob Gilman Elmen Steeprock Bill Gilmore Dave Storm Tony Harper Jim Stumpf Ray Hanton Athan Tasoulas Kevin Havanel Mike Tullo Ken Hays Chuck Turcio Tom Homat Brian Turner Bob Houlihan Bob Walsh Jerry Kopanza Mike Whalen Paul Kostopoulas Bob Williams John Kovach Mike Williams t: h « ».» ».% %. u|m ip-: fl O t IV ■, A " i ' X m .3 «» % % i » ' » Anthony Amato Aivaro Banios Samil Batirbek Bimas Couto Kris Fuiman Daniel Gourash Andrew Guziewicz Earl Howard Rick Kessel Alex Mikusow Darko Mrakoucic Mario Oliva Carlos Palencia Edison Penafiel Oscar Rendon John Roros Larry Schoen Ricky Schweizer Kevin Scully Gus Tsilfides Keith Van Ness Paul Walker Howard Wulf Bernard Zimmerman Peter Zimmerman WM ' i-K. s: M .: r. - :.- T n V V " . A HOCKEY Don Boyle Jim Butler Tom Dillon Dave Drew Paul Fitzgerald Ken Gill David Hargather Craig Harrison Rick Hines Bruce Hird Bob Langevin Roger Lawler Jay Leach Leo McCarthy Mark Ortyl Sean Ryan Doug Scudder . % » ( 4 ■ ' J- ' 1 1 1 1 ? -. y ' - i i - k ft « .% ♦♦ •% ' The present is our own; live, love, toil with a will; Place no faith in tomorrow, for the clock may then be still. 159 REMEMBER LAUGHTER REMEMBER LAU When I have fears, as keats had fears, Of the moment I ' ll cease to be I console m ;self with vanished years Remembered laughter, remembered tears, And the peace of the changing sea. When I feel sad, as keats felt sad, h k % ♦•% % ♦•♦ ITER REMEMBER LAUGHTER REMEMBER LAUGB That my life is so nearly done It gives me comfort to dwell upon Remembered friends who are dead and gone And the jokes we had and the fun. How happy they are I cannot know But happy am I who loved them so. EASTER EGG HUNT East events traditionally separate the cold winter and approaching warm springtime. This year the Evening Student Council held an Easter Egg Hunt on March 11 to welcome in the spring. Due to the inclement weather the hunt for candy and eggs was held in the Student Center. Mr. Bunny Rabbit was present to add to the festivities and make it a fun filled day. The children of the Evening shjdents who attended the event enjoyed an afternoon of fun and excitement. f ♦ i ♦♦ A dancathon for the benefit of St. Jude ' s Children Hospital was held on March 4. Over 50 students participated in this event. Dancing went on for 12 hours, with breaks in between. Through good food and stamina all the couples made it to the " midnight hour " . With the cooperation of the students, by either dancing or pledging money, the children of St. Jude ' s have another fighting chance. PATCHWORK This year Patchwork, UNH ' s Annual Arts Festival, expanded its horizons by adding new features to this event. Traditional art displays of photography, sculpture, paintings, graphics, original crafts and commercial art presented. The new features included student and faculty presentations not necessarily oi an artistic nature. The Pilots Association demonstrated a helicopter landing, and the Behavioral Science Club presented a biofeedback experiment. Film interviews which featured comedian Woody Allen and another about poet Allan Ginsberg, were sponsored by the English Club in addition to a reading and lecture by poet W.D Snodgrass. Aesthetics and Athletics were under the direction of Debbie Chin. The soccer team, under the guidance of Coach Joe Machnik, demonstrated soccer techniques. Chi Kappa Rho Sorority presented their 15 annual Fashion Show and New Foundling Theatre previewed a scene from Don ' t Drink the Water. A Coffee House was held in the Rathskellar and featured the play For Colored Girls to round out a week of activity, an Awards Ceremony was held to honor artistic creativity as well as those individuals who helped make Patchwork ' 78 a successful event ackwNorij truuuHti i list • f,30 ' Z 1 - - i i » ♦ SPRING DANCE On April 1, 1978, the Evening Student Council sponsored their annual spring dinner dance at the Yankee Silversmith in Wallingford. After the guests signed in, some headed for the bar while others went to get cheese and crackers. When dinner was finished, everyone got out on the dance floor and boogied to the beat of the music. The dinner was an evening of fun and excitement for all who attended. - ' A- - » % % » ♦• This year the sisters of Chi Kappa Rho Sorority sponsored their 15th Annual Fashion Show and Card Party on April 14th. This event is held for the benefit of the Virginia M. Parker Scholarship fund, which is awarded to a sophomore woman on the basis of financial need and scholastic ability. HoxwWz Brothers of West Haven provided men ' s and women ' s fashions. This year ' s theme " This Magic Moment " was appropriate because for the first time in the History of the fashion show, children modeled. In addition. Mermaid Beauty Salon of East Haven created hair styles for some of the XKP women. As a result of the leadership of chairwomen Elizabeth Levine and Laureen Grimaldi, the sorority produced a show which was a tremendous success. u I. -»»r " KMBMKiil HI ' -I ♦ i ZB.T. BLOODMOBILE Zeta Beta Tau sponsored their Second bloodmobile of the year on Thursday March 2nd, from 1 1 :00 AM to 4:00 PM in the student center lounge. UNH students and residents of the area contributed to this life giving cause and donated 110 pints of blood. The American Red Cross and the brothers of ZBT were once again pleased that so many people took the time to support this simple act, that saves so many lives. i b 175 • ••■ ♦ MUSIC AND DANCE AROUND THE WORLD " Music and Dance from Around the World " was the theme for the series of concerts held at the Student Center Lounge from February 27 to May 10. The concerts which took place on Monday evenings included music and dance from the near East to the United States. Some artists who participated in this event included George Mgridichian and his group which performed music from the Near East, the Balinese Topeng Performers exhibited dance from Indonesia and the Anthony Davis Quartet played music spanning from early jazz to contemporary innovations. A returning performer from last year ' s series was Jacques d ' Amboise and members of the New York City Ballet Company. They provided an open rehearsal of material in the present repertoire of the company. The final concert of the series was held on May 8th and included students and faculty of the UNH Music Department. f. ft ' •% .4 »■♦■ i ♦ ♦ i i » ♦ CONTINUING EDUCATION (GENERAL INFORMATION) TALENT SHOW On April 15th, the Day Student Government sponsored a talent show, featuring the students of UNH. A special added attraction was the appearance of the Norwich Free Academy Jazz Ensemble, who performed throughout the evening. David Hoffman,VicePresident of the D.S.G., was the master of ceremonies for the evening. He introduced the acts, which consisted of song and musical accompaniment. Original songs were performed, as well as popular ones. Three cash prizes were awarded, along with the Dean ' s Award. Gary Baillargeon won first prize, which was $50., and the Dean ' s Award. Ron Chapdelain was the winner of $25., second prize and third prize went to Arthur Gottlieb, a cash award of $10. It was a night for everyone to remember and enjoy. ' ■ % % ♦ ♦•I nirifiniUmiiiiaiiiimiliiiiUSffiiii NEW FOUNDING THEATRE The New Foundling Theatre presented its annual spring production on April 20, 21, 22, and 23rd, in the Little Theatre. This year Woody Allen ' s " Don ' t Drink the Water " was the featured play. The play revolves around the adventures of the Hollanders, an American family, vacationing behind the Iron Curtain. Under the direction of Joseph Perronc, an UNH alumnus, the group performed its third production, since its revitalization in 1976. After the April 21st performance a champagne party was held in honor of the play ' s official opening night. With continued support from the UNH community, the group plans to sponsor additional productions. t % « i i » « « DON ' T DRINK THE WATER MAY DAY The Social Committee presented an outdoor concert on the Main campus lawn Wednesday April 26th. Hot Head Slater and Eight to the Bar were the featured groups. Hot Head Slater performed first and blasted the crowd ' s blues away, with their hard driving rock sound. Eight to the Bar was the next act and the group had the students swinging and swaying to that good old country music, with some popular and rock numbers for good measure. Throughout the afternoon, free beer was available, to add to the good time. It was a day that students would remember for a long time to come. % • « « % i » %-« It ♦ ♦ % i i % % IFYOUVUTl: FURDEBl 1 D.S.G. ELECTIONS Elections were held on April 17, 18 and 19th for Day Student Government offices. Offices included President, Treasurer, Board of Governors and delegates. Lloyd Parks, Charles Vecchio, Debi Whitaker and Bill Williams ran for the Presidency. Williams was the winner in this race. Incumbent Debbie Apuzzo was challenged by Larry Rubin for the office of Treasurer. Apuzzo was reelected to her position. Gary Baillargeon and Anthony Schirillo were elected to the Board of Governors. The 22 candidates for the delegate positions were also elected. SPORTS AWARDS llk iiPK m r l ■ t Jh hHK ' i « S- l K m- ' l l Vv A B % H % » « 1 The annual Varsity Sports Awards Banquet was held on May 4th. Most Valuable Player of the Year Award was given to athletes who displayed outstanding skills in their specific sport. Most Improved Player went to those who had shown significant improvement in their particular team. Varsity teams honored were Cross Country, Track, Basketball, Women ' s Volleyball, Basketball, Softball and Tennis. Also Football, Cheerleading, Soccer, Tennis, Lacrosse, Hockey, Golf and Baseball. Cross Country player Joe Kinston received Athlete of the Year Award. It was a night when UHH ' s finest in sports were honored and would be remembered by all those who attended. 4 • • niffln WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL SOFTBALL :J;ii.i . f pWwMHHilBBBBlW p ■I s hB 9 1 • - .--v Patricia Bums Vanessa Cappello Laura Cassidento Sandy Castlevetro Jackie Cipollini Michelle Fraser Laurie Galinot Janet Galya Janet Kiewlen Mary Anne Lynch Mary Beth Mordecai Fran Panzo Gina Paolillo Teresa Valerio Mickey Vega Joan Zurlo WT M -Aa m I . ( . HC jSt tl V ' a • i _. ' -i- ' V 1 »e! t . _i_J. ;,;. ' . - - ' -. " - - . • . - ' tI -- - ' z -•■ ' - " , ' - . . ■»;■■ ' --3 -, - ' ' • j.fcmfc ' - - :-. i .; - " ' ' ' • ' ■ ' ' ' ! ■r--, ; ... " - .1 ' .t - ' " ' - " - " jl Douglas Brohan Michael Chapman Michael Donnelly David Drake Chris Erca Mark Errett Stephen Esposito Ed Fayle Jimmy Hirsch James Lavelle Rick Maltz Alan May Brendan McDermott Jim McSwiggin Howard Mofsen Chris Pfahl Kevin Reardon Sean Ryan Geoffrey Stone Bob Trenkle Mickey Zippo Ronnie Zuk ♦ ♦♦ %•• % i k ' - ' ' mM Tim Courville Bob Fucci John Konesky Mark Losh John Mogiia Scott Morris Mike Scanlon Mark Stansfield Paul Vaccaro ' f TRACK .u:iii - i Joseph Albert James Allen Hans Bietsch Harvey Boehm Matt Brinckerhoff Kevin Brown Wayne Cable Dan Dannenhoffer Carl Draper Alphonzo Forbes Mark Grimshaw Raymond Harton David Hillman Robert Holtz James Hyman Bill John Bruce Katzman Joseph Kingston John Krupke Fred Marra Thomas Massar Lloyd Parks Peiry Pausig Robert Pellows John Poulton Timothy Quinn Joseph Reopelle Thomas Richard Anthony Rosa Richard Shultz Sam Smith Henry Spellman Elmer Steeprock Kenneth Thompson James Tucker V f • ♦ ' ♦• ■♦ irf -- , . m ' Ww S ji " ' ■v ' ;- . ' iss " - ' 205 iT ' jr EVENING STUDENT GRADUATION DINNER «♦ • ' • On Saturday, May 13th, the Evening Student Council held its annual graduation dinner at the Preston Hill Inn in Middlebury. Prospective graduates and their dates shared this evening together and celebrated this momentous occasion. An added attraction was the presentation of male and female statuettes to all graduating students. The evening will be remembered for yeare to come. ANNUAL AWARDS CEREMONY The University of New Haven held its annual awards ceremony on May 3rd. Certificates were given out to approximately 26 students for their selection to " Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. " Elizabeth Curren, president of the Alumni Association presented an alumni award to Marion Gamitz, a day student and Patricia DeWitt, a night student. The WNHU Broadcaster of the Year Award was presented to Paul Gagne. Larry McGowan received the Chariot Yearbook, Worker of the Year Award. The annual Virginia M. Parker Scholarship Award was presented by Chi Kappa Rho Sorority to Raissa Markiw. Dean John Ghoreyeb was present to give Dean ' s Awards to outstanding students at UNH. Jean Williams was the recipient of the Wallace Silversmith Award! Dean ' s Awards were presented to Bob Besket, Arlene Cullen, Frank Galloway, Lanv McGowan, and Carol Pesenti. Before the Dean ' s Awards were presented, Mr. Ghoreyeb recognized the service of past, present and future presidents of the Day Student Government. Presidents recognized were Joe Cieplak, Dave Bufalini, Rick Bums and Bill Williams. After the ceremony, students and their families mingled and enjoyed refreshments. ♦ ♦-♦• ' ifiHJ m ' TM —f g HH m. " J Dk DAY GRADUATION DANCE 4 RECEPTION JUNE COMMENCEMENT The stairs of opportunity Are sometimes hard to climb; And that can only well be done By one step at a time. But he who goes to the top Ne ' r sits down and despairs; Instead of staring up those steps He just steps up the stairs! OF liiiiiDiniituuliltiilinuuiiiiii Cy ' 920 Jj . . J ♦ ♦ I BEST OF TIMES BEST OF TIMES BEST OF Tt It was the best of times, It was the epoch of belief It was the worst of times, It was the epoch of incredulit} . It was the age of wisdom, It was the season of light. It was the age of foolishness, It was the season of darkness. IBS BEST OF TIMES BEST OF TIMES BEST OF TIME It was the spring of hope, We are all going direct to heaven, It was the winter of despair. We are all going direct the other way We had euen;thing before us. We had nothing before us, Charles Dickens LJm ' ;iii;!i!iliiimii ' ;;ili;i;ii; iiiiiUuiiJuiUitiluJiuuiii rr WAS THE AGE OF WISDOM AGE OF FOOLISHNESS EPOCH OF BELIEF IT WAS THE ' - ' ■♦•■ WE HAD EVERYTHING BEFORE US IT WAS THE BEST OF TIMES ♦•♦• • ■ WAS THE SPRING OF HOPE. ;;Ti.i:iiii: ' nr:i:r.i He conciuaea Dy quoting most distineuishPH ,nH H..n g ' ve you a h.stoncal overview " Foods and Cuisine Course Offered -t ...,„ .__ „, Queen Nzinga, an really is, ne .am. ' : Farrow Looks Back ?::Z .: ai " " LdTetrtf I in the 16th century. black America ' s revolution- Its Wait Until Next Year - .R«no,.,noth=.f thev respect and sell aeicnbc, m Soccer Kayiira Protests - Wins Uganda Executions t C ben Twice festivp atr at many peupie nave tvjim. the wrong conclusion on Students, •Faculty tie. 40-40 leration of blacks in South He concluded by quoting e v( art )inj loc n ( ;tte Follo ' le age rofess om the Department of THE NEWS Invites All Students To Join The Staff Leonard Galbicsek Editor oi ine Airo-Mmenran rw -ir ie, NEWS Photographers Attend ;; Photo-Journahsm Seminar ° ' Letters To The EditorroS:: , " he Department of • Following that, thev respect and sell defense, in Harriers Wrap Up Season - " »»rc_ author of the xri-jisciici - ' . . " " !. " " V " cfoVpiv Apuzzo Elected Treasurer Ipremist SVSWm. He said Their third dance was ' ' " K prcniisi SV51CI1I. lit aaiu 1 iitii iiiiiu " y " " -■ ' , . . Robert Paglia, Professor And Critic hat the South African own students were invitc-d to M S . hrot ' eTh " University Combats Winter Snows ? significance to Dr. Waller. polictical power, not civil movement yet very powerful The movie. The Education UNH Victim Of " Previous Commitments " Waller, In this system where organizations working for the tribe of very tall African men movie depicted the police Womens Volleyball Spiked By Yale white brother ana cnarge mm Tuesday. The Nzinga dancers On Wednesday the Black with slavery, I suggest we take an the Far Beyond Percussion Student Union presented The message in the song at " Competence and excel- He concluded by quoting most distinguished and deep g ' . ' yo " . historical overview _ B KHii B iKaBaB iK B l BB B _B rican pCOplC, cnnpiTS of Dr. presidei Comm spoke h Dr. series o recognition of Black Historv Mc impc exceller " You are. kr played. _ you will play it. " he said, " anyone not willing to fight for his own integrity is not worth more than a doormat. " n see how it d. lowned poet- the years of nCt Booters er . " Win First " sor Ben Magubane. the lis plea self-determination. self- He spoke of his plea for :S Homecoming Oktoberfest Oct. 8. e African National is the home of Alex Halev. he revolutionary movements of ubane spo Structuial Changcs Made oVItreiy Eldridge Robert Luther struggle for freed South Afr Movement suDremist system. He said -,r After Last DSG Meeting r.°„ Their third dance was Kmg Jr. Personality Conflict Leads To Hospital A c political process. The David Bakl signi " A throi have Wall educ success pHiirafinn is as Hear Competence and excel- lence are the key. " These motivating words were those of Dr W nehomer Waller is he actually fighting for. Black Budget Requests Due; Deadline is April 10 __said. was dedicated to people Happy Blue Magic. " Birthday Afnra He concluded by quoting the very familiar words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., " I ' m The " Bota Fanta • " eamlike and sm ovement yet very ] Rirthrlnv he Education Id action filled. " inuuy ;. " was shown The final dance v flathskellci " ' Baraka had lasai. " It is the da.. . „. _ ;cture. The ibe of very tall African men movie depicted the police ,1(1- wr mpn Fmntinns were brutality, sane wars. wl Softball Ready really is, " he said. presi Com spoki Dr Spirits Roam the Halls of UNH l;, ui lecturers to speak in the agenda of lecturers was danced with sharp, strong iviaicoim y anu ....- p.ea for -••■-• -f Di-- - ' •• „ - „ .. , self-determination, self- Will Library See The Midnight Hour are, know how the game is Congress. J 111 uuiiic oi MCA naicv, - . " luthor of the bestseller Malcolm X, but he spoke Booters Head South For Top Spot " He added that black people, as members of the American that many people have cbmd to the wrong conclusion on caufti i nt riafvest " uance from Ghana. Some of our DaraKa conciuaed his lecture with two poems. One •o the murdei . " " tT.l ' UNH Graduates Can And Have Made ItStop ' eop ' .: political pro Bakke case was of grave significance to Dr. Waller. " A shock wave is on ' xno through this cot have never seen Waller. " In this • education success, educat to us as the con.-tT said. " While I will not take my white brother and charee him people in South Africa want polictical power, not civil rioVift ho saiH dreamlike and smooth in movement yet very powerful Campus Ministry Has Spirit ■For UNH Interfaith Religion activities presented on Tuesday. The Nzinea dancers chants. On Wednesday the Black like the group. Blue Magic. " The movie, ' The Education f irinny Carson. " was shown Imamu Baraka had ;d his lecture. The depicted the police lity, gang wars, mg, humiliation and ce cast on youth living in the ghetto. The message in the song at aS ' gK;K :y»i ' ;liS{S:iy A ' ' : ' ' t!;.i . • ' : a;; Black History Week Commemorated MEMORIESJTHAT WILL LAST A LIFETIME. $15.00 YEARBOOKS ON SALE SEPT. 12-16 IN THE STUDENT CENTER LOBBY African esenteri e in ind de incing inga, Ango centu a cha iple " a , strc Imamu Baraka (Leroi Jones). Raraka lertnrpH nn Black ngto rview ople, iw it UNH Frisbee Beaten they " Welcome Doet- rs of on- e of I for eii-ucici mil. " ..«.., -ell- respect and self defense, in detail. importance of academic Sociology at the Universitv ot performed Rathskeller TV Raffle Lacks Student Support played, and determine how Magubane spoke of the " Roots. " During the dance you will play it, " he said, struggle for freedom by the they used bright yellow and " anyone not willing ' : ' J: ::.i::tl Bookstore Lists Procedures He added that people, as mem American soci aDOUi i.. ..-t oi lONCiv Carmichael, Eldridge r-1 j ap Brown, Robert and Martin Luther concern themselves Competence and lenc mot of 1 pre; Coi spo Dr. Waller was the first in a t: For 1977-1978 School Year :a concluded his ' ith two poems. One cated to the murder luuea oy quoting • ' " )r. most distinguished and deep rooted form. Fest Cancellation; No April Fool ' s Joke give you a historical overview, of the Afro-American people,. «n that vou Can See how it ke Patqhwork ' 78 Begins be who ruled in the 1 6th century. They began with a chant. Following Dr Waller on jet- author scannea ' uic tu.o of black America ' s revolution- ary strueeles. He spoke of for If- Chargers Looking For ECAC Bid Connecticut, and spokes man Dance " from Gambia, which First Time For Football Team, Bouwman Named All League excellence and self-integrity " You must are, know h played, and you will pi. " anyone not for his own worth more He added pe A Not only did he speak of the movements of but he spoke of Stokely 1, Eldridge Brown, Robert Martin Luther that black aybiem. Me said Their thiru uance was u , ' The Harvest Dance " of our vited to Financial Aid Suggestions B „- - significance to Dr. Waller. " A shock wave is going through this country like we have never seen before, " said Waller. " In this system where education is the ticket to succ to u said white oruiiici aim (.imigt. umi jvith slavery I snoopst we take polictical righ H in th orga libetu.i power, not civil sy " was U.1-QII.I1IV-- aiiu .....ooth in movement vet verv Dowerful Thursday Mixer Successful — it ' s all happening on campus 1 uc. uay. I ne rszinga dancers theF On Wednesday the Black Baraka concluded his lecture with two poems. One was dedicated to the murder of Malcolm X. The other, he said, was dedicated to people like the group, " Blue Magic. " The movie. ' The EHnration ' n ad he ice ,, „-..„ ..-fs, suffering, humiliation and unjustice cast on youth living in the ghetto. The message in the song at Booters Win Two More; " Compelence and excel- len( moi of 1 presiuciii oi ioum ( enirai Community College, who spoke here Tuesday. Dr. Waller was the first in a series of lecturers to speak in recoenition rif m — ' ■ " ■■ He concluded bv oiiotine mo ;t Hi«ti a looK ai iiseii. it America can doth ' - " — •he m ' ii all hp African Queen of Angola, give you a historical overview of the Afro-American people, so that you can see how it really is, " he said. The world renowned poet- ant ir.r ■jr.anncd the years of " Ton; Evening Student Council Elects Officers the agenda ot lecturers was danced with sharp, strong 3n- : of Malcolm X and his plea for self-determination, self- ::COPUS Seeks Financial Assistance " OU muM ucLiut v».ivj you are. know how the game is played, and determine how lor the Atrican INationai Congress. IS iiic iiuiiie ol Alex Maiey. author of the bestseller Malcolm X. but he spoke Magubar " you will play .t. " he said. struggle foiL Ql Jng f SOmCthlng Orientation South Afr ' Movement, supremist that many to the wro tvhat the conc ' • Liberation poiiFrogram in lauany r., Bak leople in S sign lolictical ights. he s for wor H peo Am a little different? thro Second Day » " er, he inc. iMctr " Comoetence and excel- sith rather people to peopie, saiu Waller. He concluded hv mint W N H U WANTS YOU!! 88.7 FM STEREO udnccb, wiiicn represeniea black african culture in itc BaraKa lecturea on uio, ; Amprira tnHav ' Tm trvinn tQ v-uiiiucicncc dim CAUci- Me conciuaefl nv niintin; ._ - • :;TKE Takes Grid Crown Tuition Increase Pending; ,oI Dt. W. Dehomer Waller, president of South Central going to make America tak a look at itself. If America Rising Costs At Fault ■f Gridders Loss To Nichols 13-0 »;::„„r,; ._,. " „, Eight Turnovers Costly; excellence and self-integrity. " You must decide who you -Connecticut, and spokesman Dance " from Gambia, which ary struggles. He spoke of Malcolm X and his plea for self-determination, self- respect and self defense, in detail. Not only did he speak of the •s of Ith Afri.- " - are, know how the game is Dr. Greenwood AutHors Management Brief oke played, and determine how kely you will play it, " he said, siruggic lui ncc ' uom by the they used bright yellow and carmicnaci, Liu..dge a Cleaver, Rap Brown, Robert Williams and Martin Luther King Jr. Baraka concluded his lecture with two poems. One was dedicated to the murder of Malcolm X. The other, he le Alumni Plan Phonathon American societv. must to me wrong conclusion on ..,ko. .v,„ Qr,i,th Afriran 1 Graduate School To Offer ' Program In Gerontology Irom Ghana. Some of our own students were invited to student Frustration through this country like we have never seen before, " said W Uov " In tKJc cvstpm where He added that black people in this country should support nroaniTatinnc u nrHno for fho View From The Bell Tower SI t( white brother and charge him dkii V lllc pic ciii.v.u v .. Tuesday. The Nzinga dancers The final dance was The Masai. " It is the dance of a - ' : of very tall African men women. Emoti essed in all dai strong, ear-piercing _..ts. On Wednesday the Black )n after Imamu Baraka had finished his lecture. The movie depicted the police ig wars, iation and unjustice cast on youth living in the ghetto. The message in the song at Graduation Dance R ' jr ' ' jr?-- WRB»35£yia?3HwJb. t;;j :iSi j -1 I7;»IH«; either, he DointeH out. hut Ensemble nerformed African Kayo Rodriguez The Father Of Football At UNH motivating words were those of Dr. W. De president of ! Community spoke here Tu Dr. Waller series of lectui recognition of Month. Walk importance excellence ano li-im gnty. " You must decide who you are, know how the game is played, and determine how- Martin Luther King Jr., " I ' m -— -, . make America ta ' KObertSOn itself U Amerc lis, maybe we ' ll all the dancers were uancingin Imamu Baraka (Leroi Jones). Baraka lectured on Black America today. " I ' m trying to give you a historical overview of the Afro-American people, so that you can see how it Seeks Sarasin ' s Seat lis plea for lion, self- defense, in University Life Forum $5000 Set As Goal „„:..., ■ r J " " i .i„„m ' o detail. Dr. Paelet Appointed Associate Dean UNH ing Dr. Wallfr da of lecti .or Ben M the Depar ' Magubane spoke of the Foundling Theatre people, as memoers ol the American societv. must to the wrong conclusion on what the South African auFhor ol the ber " Roots. " During the sed bright yelli arfs, which a ' atmosphere, ir third dan The Harvest from Ghana. Some own students were in ' Escapes Flu of Stokely , Eldridge irown, Robert Martin Luther Charger Soccer Prepares For Road To Nationals was 5y _ African esented e in its ind deep Iciicc are tne Key. 1 hese motivating words were those of Dr. W. Dehomer Waller, Com. Ski Club spoke the very familiar words of Dr Martin Luther going to make a look at itseli can do this, ma ' . ' ' " tter " series C? . ,.,c agenda recognition of Black History Professor L... Month. Waller stressed the from the Department of importa excellenc " You mi are, kno played, . you will " anyone for his own integrity is not Movement, from the white worth more than a doormat. " suoremist svstem. He said rooted form. ncluded his ■0 poems. One to the murder The other, he said, was dedicated to people i;vc the cimiin " Rliip Maeic. " Imamu Baraka (Leroi Jones). Baraka lectured on Black America today. " I ' m trying to give you a historical overview of the Afro-American people, Fire Science Students Experiment With Fire Follow! (hat thev respect and self defense, in ii HURRICANE HANK " FLUNKS FLIGHT TEST Cross Country Wins With Record Time festive atmosphere. . Their third dance was d The Harvest Dance ' )eakofthe ements of he spoke Stokely ' . 1 d r i d g e n, Robert Williams and Martin Luther King Jr. Baraka concluded his Gargoyle Research; OUUlll rvi significance to Dr. Waller. " A shock wave is going through this country not civil ui mlike and smooth in movement yet very powerful and action filled. like the group, " Blue Magic. " The movie, The Education of Sonny Carson, " was shown Baraka had ecture. The 1 the police ' ' c6ul2li: Makes It With The N. Y. Yankees u ' tZ ' nd ■ ■ 1 youth livmg polictical power, rights, he said. w TiernnSsytrA vv Haveu Basetall Alumni education success to us as the constitut said. " While I will not .„ _ white brother and charge him with slavery, I suggest we take _. ._ pit..- (;iiica on Tuesday. The Nzinga dancers an the Far Bevond Percussion chants. On Wednesday the Black Student Union oresented in the ghetto. The message in the song at January Graduates 1978 Agria, Carol 85A East Broadway Milford. Ct. 06460 BS Financial Accounting Ahem. Geraldine 29 Florence Ave. West Haven, Ct. 06516 BA Ps jcholog]j Al-Asaimi. Awadh Jahra P.O Box 40051 Kuwait BS Mechanical Engineering Al-Najem. Najem P.O Box U3335 Kgifan Kuwait BS Mechanical Engineering Alvarado. Reynaldo 422 Ocean Ave West Haven, Ct. 06516 BA. Political Science Amato. Alan J. 14 Big Dipper Dr. Seymour, Ct 06483 AS Engineering Andrews, Donna 98B Robert Treat Drive Miiford, Ct. 06460 BA Graphic Advertising Design Anyzeski, Darlene 288 Putnam Ave. Hamden. Ct. 06517 BA English Arpaia, Russell C. 70 Center Rd. Woodbridge. Ct. 06525 BS General Managen ent Asamoah. Benoni A. 406 Elm St. Apt C2 New Haven, Ct. 06511 B S Criminal Justice Corr. Ajbum. Daniel J. 65 Village Dnve Shelton. Ct. BS Industrial Engineering Babian. Philip 592 Light St. Stratford, Ct 06497 B S Management Science Badon. Edward J. Jr. 31 Bristol St, Wallingford, Ct. 06492 BS Electrical Engineering Bailey. Russell M. 364 Edison Road Trumbull, Ct. 06611 BS Criminal Justice Admin. Baldwin. Raymond Jr. 700 Booth Hill Rd Tmmbull, Ct. 06611 BS Criminal Justice-Admin Balsis. Jeanine A. 26 Stevenson Rd. New Haven, Ct. 06515 B S General Management Bamum, Danny A. 33 Ruden PI. Apt. 125 West Haven, Ct. 06516 B S Electrical Engineering Beach. Margaret M. 2 Deerfield Rd. Old Saybrook, Ct. 06475 BS Public Administration Beale, Duane 164 Washington Ave Hamden, Ct. 06518 B S. Management Science Bennett. Donald J. 16 Hamilton Drive Madison, Ct. 06443 BS Hotel Administration Bennett. Elizabeth 82 Howard Ave. New Haven. Ct. 06519 BA Communication Berman. Christopher A. 65 Laurel Crest Rd. Madison. Ct. BS Communication 230 Bingham. Rae L 162 Bishop St. New Haven, Ct. 06511 BS Marketing Bivelacque. John T. 118 Campbell Ave. West Haven, Ct. 06516 BA. Biohgv Blasi. Maria E. 83 West Prospect St. West Haven. Ct. 06516 BA Political Science Blinn. JohnC. 29 Smith Ave. Waterbury. Ct. 06708 BS Criminal Justice Admin. Bloch. Edward 33 Darren Court Waterbury. Ct. 06708 BS Financial Accounting Bodak. Stephen C. 4 Avon St. Ansonia. Ct. 06401 AS. Criminal Justice Boncal. Joyce Rt 1 Box 239B Warehouse Pt., Ct. 06088 B S Environmental Studies Bowden. William C. 19 West St, Wallingford, Ct. 06492 AS Business Administration Breslin. Kevin M. 7 Conestoga Road Lexington. Ma. 02173 BS Occupational Sa ely Health Brochu. Michael J. 2 Reservoir Rd Clinton, Ct. 06413 B S Electrical Engineering Brownell. Daniel L. 124 Baldwin Road Orange, Ct. 06477 AS. Business Administration Brunetti. Louise Ann 142 Oak ' nd Ave. Hamson, N.Y. 10528 BS. Criminal Justice-Corr. Bruss, John P. 37 Patrick St. Carteret. N.J. 07008 BS Hotel Administration Bufalini. David A. 927 Wayne St. Bridgeport. Ct BA Political Science Burr, Terry 8 Jamaica Court East Haven. Ct, 06512 BA English Caceres. Pedro G. 16 Lincoln St. New London, Ct 06320 BS. Management Science Calo, Ralph A. 92 Anderson Ave Waterbury. Ct. 06708 AS Aeronautical Technology Campbell, Joyce A. 22 Live Oaks Rd Milford. Ct. 06460 BS Public Administration Carbone. Linda R. 96 High Meadow Lane West Haven. Ct. 06516 AS Occupational Safety Health Caricchio. Maria 36 Fairlea Road West Haven, Ct. 06516 BS Criminal Justice-Corr. Carmody. Patrick B. 54 Milton Ave, Waterbury, Ct. 06706 BS. Physics Cass. Edward 241 Linwood St, New Britain, Ct. BS Criminal Justice- Admin Cass. Joseph A. 378 Colonial Ave. Waterbury. Ct. 06714 BS Criminal Justice-Admin. Castiello. Joseph 170 Park Ave. Derby Ct, BS Business Administration Chaiklin. Gary I. 63 Coolridge Rd. Milford, Ct. 06460 B S Financial Accounting Chapman, Samuel J. P.O. Box 275 Wallingford. Ct. 06492 AS Business Administration Chase, Merle E. Jr. 12 Lucille Drive Shelton, Ct 06484 AS Cnminal Justice Cianciulli. Sharon A. 273 Sikles Ave, New Rochelle, N.Y. 10801 BS Criminal Justice-Corr. Collins. William J. 428 Main St. West Haven, Ct. 06516 B S Marketing Cooperstein. Kenneth 1084 East 59th St, Brooklyn, NY. 11234 B S Hotel Administration Cooper. Herihel L. Sr. 89 Militan,- Highway Gales Ferry, Ct, B S. Criminal Justice-Admin. Coppola. Louis 526 Blackstone Village Meriden, Ct. 06450 AS. Business Administration Comwell. Robyn 52 Madison Springs Dr Madison, Ct. 06443 BS. International Business Cosby, John A. Jr. 180 Midway Oval Groton, Ct. AS Business Administration Cosciello. Ralph L. 125 Colony St. Seymo ur. Ct, 06483 BS Industrial Engineering Crescenti, Louis J. 826 Sheffield Road Orange. Ct. 06477 BS. Communication Cunningham, Barry S. Success Park 31-83 Bndgeport. Ct. 06610 BA Social Welfare Cupoli, Kevin A. 82 Central St. Aubumdale, Ma, 02166 BS. Criminal Justice-Admin. Daddona, Cosmas 70 Ellen St. Waterbury, Ct. BS. Criminal Justice-Admin Dance, Thomas 110 Halstead Ave. Greenwich, Ct, BS. Electrical Engineering Dellarocco. Michele 18 Arch St. Ansonia, Ct, 06401 B S Computer Technolog[ Demaio. Patricia A. 32 Beacon St, Hamden. Ct, 06514 BS Communication Denuzzo. Ronald A. 9 Branhaven Drive East Haven, Ct, 06512 BS. Criminal Justice-Admin. Depetto. Joseph D. 356 Blohm St, West Haven. Ct, 06516 AS. Business Administration Detullio. Thomas J.C. 45 Sea Hill Rd. N. Stanford. Ct. 06471 BS. Finance Devote. Robert E. RFD 1 27 Fairy Uke Rd, Oakdale. Ct. 06370 AS. Business Administration Dirienzo. Ronald 650 Hawthorne Ave. Ferby, Ct, 06418 BS Criminal Justice-Admin. D ' Onofrio. Michael A. 20 White Birch Lane Branford, Ct 06405 BS Industrial Engineering Doran. John J. Jr. 96 Edgar St. East Haven, Ct, 06512 BS Cnminal Justice-Admin. Drechsler. Mark A. 189 Hitchcock Road Southington, Ct. 06489 BS. Mechanical Engineering Draskinis. Richard 21 Chipman St. Waterbury, Ct, 06708 BA Chemistiy Dwyer. Howard F. 151 Jersey St, Waterbun, ' , Ct. BS Criminal Justice-Admin. e Ellsworth, John H. Box 27 Abington, Ct. B.S. Criwinal Justice- Admin. Erickson, Robert L. 1768 Boulevard New Haven, Ct. 06511 AS Criminal Justice Esposito, Anthony 26 Williams Road Cheshire, Ct, 06410 B.S Business Data Processing Falcigno, Carlo A. 74 Rockefeller Ave. West Haven, Ct. 06516 BA Sociolog]j Fazzio, Richard J. 83 White Road Meriden, Ct. 06450 B.S. Occupational Safeb; Hygiene Fenimore. Robert 16 Brian Road Wallingford, Ct. 06492 BA. Histon Ferrucci, Frank A. 135 Pendelton St. New Haven, Ct. 06511 BA Communication Fessell, Jean D. 164 State St. Guilford, Ct. 06437 BS Marketing Filowicz, James R. 315 Palisade Ave. Apt. 38 Bridgeport. Ct. 06610 BS General Management Finnigan, Richard E. 226 Seneca Drive Noank, Ct. 06340 AS. Business Administration Fischer. Mark J. 33 Renee Road Syosset, N.Y. 11791 B.S. Hotel Administration Fitch, Allyn Raye Sr. 5 Terrace Ave. Taftville, Ct. 06380 AS. Business Administration Fitz, Corey 60 Wheeler Road Monroe, Ct. BS. Criminal Justice Admin. Frechette, William 289 Taylor Ave. Cheshire, Ct. 06410 B.S. Electrical Engineering Fuller, Elliott F. Jr. 110 Park Terrace Ave. West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.S Ciuil Engineering Gagnon. Ronald W. 1150 S. Main St. Apt. 320 Middletown. Ct. 06457 B.S. Mechanical Engineering Gambardella, John F. 167 Middletown Ave. No. Haven. Ct. 06473 B.S. Electrical Engineering Gambardella, Vera 19 Eaton Drive Wallingford. Ct. 06492 BS Communication Garcia, Rafael 45 Hurlburt St. New Haven, Ct. AS. Criminal Justice Gawronski, James C. 62 River Road Clinton, Ct. 06413 B.S. Mechanical Engineering Glifort.WalterJ.Jr. 21 Valley View Road Milford. Ct. 06460 B S Mechanical Engineering Glover, Jimmy D. 56 Yarwood St. Stratford, Ct. 06497 B S. Criminal Justice Admin. Glowa, Metro P. 746 Elm St. New Haven. Ct. 06511 B.S Management Science Gobeli, Wendell L 15 Winthrop Drive East Lyme. Ct. 06333 AS. Business Administration Golike, James D. 120 Polly ' s Lane Uncasville. Ct. 06382 AS. Business Administration Goodman, Adanna F. 121 Shakesphere St. Daly City. Ca, 94014 BA. Social Welfare Gorman, Jane E. 9th and Broadway Banger. Pa. 18013 BS Marketing Gregorio, Peter M. Jr. 331 West St. Harrison. NY. 10528 BS Retailing Guilbeault. Walter W. Wagon Wheel Drive Prospect, Ct 06712 BS Operations Management Guinan, William D. 4 Butternut Drive Glastonbury, Ct. 06033 AS Business Administration Gulisano, Anthony 14 Simon Place West Haven, Ct. 06516 AS. Business Administration Hamad, Lafi A. P O. Box 40051 Aljahra Kuwait B S. Mechanical Engineering Hankaro, Stephen J. 56 Farmstead Road E. Hartford, Ct. BS Criminal Justice Admin. Hansen, William T. 50 Peck Hill Road Woodbridge. Ct. 06525 BA. Sociologi Hawks, Donald L Jr. 6 Pope Road Oxford. Ct. 06483 AS. Engineering Haynes, Roy D. L-18 268 Flanders Rd. Mystic. Ct. 06355 AS. Business Administration Headford, Charles E. 4154 Madison Ave. Trumbull, Ct 06611 B.S Financial Accounting Higgins, Reginald A.S. 6 Flower Drive Hamden, Ct. 06518 AS. Criminal Justice Hodge, Damley 229 Barnes Ave. New Haven, Ct. 06513 BS. Criminal Justice Admin. Homick, John 60 Edward St. West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.S. Hotel Administration Houde, David R. Jr. 3 Granite Road Branford, Ct. 06405 BA. English Hudson, Patricia A. 129 Fountain St. New Haven, Ct 06515 AS. Business Administration 1 lezzi, Calvin 54 Tood Drive So. No. Haven. Ct. 06473 B.S. Business Data Processing Ignatowski, Stan J. Jr. 1095 Rt. 80 N, Branford. Ct. 06471 B.S. Business Administration Iglesias. Avelino 23 Hancock Dr W. Milford, N.J. 07480 B.S Marketing llluminati, Mark J. 61 S Kingman Rd. S. Orange. N.J. 07079 B.S Criminal Justice-Forensic Iribhogbe, Michael M. 34 Trade Union Plaza New Haven. Ct. 06511 BS Materials Engineering Izzo, Thomas 328 Olivia St. Derby, Ct. 06418 AS Business Administration Johnson, Karl Chestnut Hill Rd. Killingworth. Ct. AS. Business Administration Joseph, Glenn L P.O. Box 155 Brooklyn, N.Y. 11225 B.S. Financial Accounting Kahl. David E. 1179 So. Curtis St Wallingford. Ct. 06492 B.S. Criminal Justice-Con. Keefe, Kim 183 Oxford Rd. Milford, Ct. 06460 B.S Criminal Justice-Admin. Keefe, Patricia 377 No. Main St. Naugatuck. Ct. 06770 B.S. Criminal Justice-Admin. Kennedy, Neil 4 Lochboume Drive Clinton, Ct. 06413 B.S Marketing Kocon, Forrest A. 36 Bushnell Hollow Rd. Baltic. Ct. 06330 B.S. Ciuil Engineering Koegel, Gloria 52 Nutmeg Lane Milford, Ct. 06460 B S International Business Konlecki, Louis P. 30 Admiral Drive New London, Ct. 06320 BA Political Science Kovacs, Andrew Jr. 9 Hadik Pkwy. S. Norwalk, Ct. B.S. Business Administration Kranyak, James 85 Hayes Drive Milford, Ct. 06460 B.S. Communication Krasicky, Karen 225 Funston Ave. Bridgeport, Ct. 06606 B S Criminal Justice-Admin. Krueger, Richard 1 Pilgrim Land Milford, Ct. 06460 BA. Chemistr ) Kurz, Maria 760 Mix Ave. Hamden, Ct. 06514 BA. Psycho ogy Ladyko. Richard 5 Ezra St. Bridgeport. Ct. 06606 B.S Business Administration Lcbejko, Michael 158 No. Wawecus Hill Rd. Norwich. Ct. 06360 BS Mechanical Engineering Lemoine, Mark 51 Westcott Road Hamden, Ct. 06517 B.S. Mechanical Engineering Lepkowski, Jean 51 So Broad St. Meriden, Ct. 06450 B.S. Criminal Justice-Corr. Lepper, Diane 30 North St. Hamden, Ct. 06514 AS. Criminal Justice Levinson. David S. 404 Ward St. Newton Ctre., Ma. 02159 B.S. Marketing Liguori, Gerald A. 20 Peace Acre Lane Stratford, Ct. 06497 BS Finance Lindblom. Albert 49 Linwood St. West Haven, Ct. 06516 A S. Criminal Justice Lombardi. William 35 Acton Road Bridgeport. Ct. 06606 B.S. Computer Technology; Lopez. Carlos 7 Valley Brook Road West Haven, Ct. 06516 BS Industrial Engineering Lorensen, John B, 25 East St. Watertown, Ct, B S. Criminal Justice-Corr. Lougal. Frederick 654 Main St. East Haven, Ct. 06512 BA. Communication Lubs, James C. 18 Quanv St. Old Saybrook, Ct 06475 BS Marketing Lucas. William M. Jr. 71 Far Horizon Drive Monroe, Ct. 06468 B.S Criminal JusticeAdmin. Luedee, Peter C. 35 Eaton Drive Wallingford, Ct. 06492 B S. Finance Lush. Tom 19 Alger Place New London, Ct. 06340 B.S Management Science Lyman. Nathaniel East Shore Drive Higganum, Ct. 06441 B.S Operations Management m Madsen. David J. 714 Main St. West Haven, Ct. 06516 B S. Financial Accounting Makris, Angelo 293 Gaylord Drive WaterbuTV, Ct. 06708 BS Mechanical Engineering Malaro. Joseph 171 Westminster St. Hamden, Ct. 06518 AS Engineering Maler. Robert E. 54 McLaughlin Terr. Derby, Ct. 06418 B.S. General Management Malone. Raymond M, 383 Short Beach Road East Haven, Ct. 06512 BS Criminal JusticeAdmin. Maloney. Martin 3 Eli Yale Terrace Branford, Ct. 06405 B.S. Electrical Engineering Maltby. Peter F, 12 Beechwood Drive Wallingford, Ct. 06492 BS Electrical Engineering Maltese. Frank 920 Bun- St. Fairfield, Ct. B.S Hotel Administration Maltese. John Jr. 920 Bun- St. Fairfield, Ct. 06430 BS Marketing Marangell. Joseph P, 183 Circular Ave. Hamden, Ct. 06514 B.S Financial Accounting Marin, Amador 156 Palatka St. West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.S Occupational Sajetj Hygiene Marsden. David 17 Ancient Hyw. Oxford, Ct. BS. Public Administration Munir. Jihad 17 Edwards St. Hamden, Ct. 06517 BS Marketing Martin. Dennis E. 174 Union Ave. West Haven. Ct. 06516 AS Criminal Justice Martinez. Rolando T. 187 Ailing Crossing Rd. 4 West Haven, Ct 06516 BA Social Welfare Matican. Gary 107 Marlin Drive New Haven, Ct. 06515 B S Marketing McCowen. Doris 10 Carriage Drive Woodbndge, Ct. 06525 B.S Public Administration McDougall. Lome W, 36 Field Ct. Milford, Ct. 06460 BA. Political Science McKee. John 69 Blue Hills Ave. Hamden, Ct. B.S. Hotel Administration McKeon. John C, 81 Gosnold St. Hyannis, Ma. B S Financial Accounting McMahon, John 45 Estelle Road East Haven, Ct. 06512 B.S Biolog i Mercier. Peter J. 36 West Arch St. Pawcatuck, Ct. 02891 AS. Criminal Justice Met2. Daniel J. Jr. 121 Cooper Place New Haven, Ct. 06515 BS. Financial Accounting Miko. Dennis A. 103 Clark St. Bridgeport, Ct. 06606 B S Financial Accounting Mirkarimi. Hamzeh 175 Canton St. D-14 West Haven. Ct. 06516 B.S Hotel Administration Mitchell. John P, 452 Bell St. Glastonbury, Ct. 06033 B S Criminal Justice Admin. Moore. Terrence M. 205 Columbia Blvd. Waterbury, Ct. 06710 BS General Management Mordecai. Thomas D. 14 Frederick St. N. Branford, Ct. 06471 B.S. Environmental Studies Morello. Phil B. 4133 Whitney Ave. Hamden, Ct. 06518 BS. Civil Engineering Morgan. V, Putnam Jr. 101 Boston Post Rd Guilford, Ct. 06437 B.S Business Administration Morton. Frederic J. Jr. 15 Laydon Ave. No. Haven, Ct. 06473 B.S. Criminal JusticeAdmin. Mulholland. Frederick 88 Waverly Road Huntington, Ct. 06484 B S Managerial Accounting Mulholland. James C, 51 Dydo Drive Uncasville, Ct. 06382 B.S Public Administration Munoz. Anthony 75 Oakwood Road Niantic, Ct. AS. Criminal Justice Murphy. Thomas J. PO Box " 211 Southington, Ct. 06489 B.S Public Administration Murphy. Timothy Rd 3 Route 376 Wappinger Fl., N.Y, 12590 B.S. Hotel Administration n Navin, Rosemary 64 Outlook Ave. W Hartford, Ct. 06119 B.S. Hotel Administration Nuber. Gerard E, Horse Shoe Drive Westbrook, Ct. 06498 B.S Criminal Justice-Forensic o Cakes. Kenneth J. 37 Village Road Milford, Ct, 06460 BS Electrical Engineering Oertel. James R, 32 Armstrong St. Hamden, Ct. 06511 BS Economics Otrin. Gerald A. E. Pond Meadow Road Westbrook, Ct. AS. Business Administration Overton, Christine L. 96 Elm St. Apt. «7 West Haven, Ct. 06516 AS. Business Administration Pabilonia. Max L, 1591 N-N Ldn. Tpke. Uncasville, Ct. 06382 BS Criminal JusticeAdmin. Pedevillano. Carol A, 151 Andrew Ave. Apt. J6 Naugatuck, Ct. 06770 AS. Business Administration Peeke, Robert E. 152 Whitney Ave. Bridgeport, Ct 06606 B.S Mechanical Engineering Peluso. Michelle 26K Coleman Road West Haven, Ct. 06516 B S Computer Technology Perkins. Donald 150 Elliott St. Stratford, Ct. 06497 B S Electrical Engineering Perry, John J, 205E Dyer Circle R,S.A., A. 35808 B.S Electrical Engineering Pesenti. Carol 168 Christianlane Beriin, Ct. 06037 B.S. Marketing Petriw. Jerry A. 43 Malcein Drive Southington, Ct. 06489 BS Accounting Petrucci. Mark 579 Three Mile Hill Rd. Middlebury, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Pieper, Gary V. 156 Uurel Hill Road Branford, Ct. 06405 B.S. Electrical Engineering Polzella. Angelo 12 Richard Lane Prospect, Ct. 06712 AS. Criminal Justice Poplizio. Joseph A. 43 David Drive East Haven, Ct. 06512 AS. Business Administration Primerano. Frank 222 South St. Fairfield, Ct. 06430 B S. Computer Technology Prokop. John H. Jr. 1456 Boulevard New Haven, Ct. 06511 B S Criminal JusticeAdmin. Quinn. Eileen M. 19 Ford Road Ansonia, Ct. 06401 BA Ps cholog ; Rabideau. Henry J, 336 Gallup Hill Rd, Ledyard, Ct. 06339 B.S Business Administration Rajcok. Martin J. Jr. 16 Homestead Ave. Apt, 2 Danbury, Ct. 06810 B S Criminal JusticeAdmin. Ranciato. Paula 204 Kimberly Ave. East Haven, Ct. 06512 AS. Criminal Justice Ranucci. Ralph 69 Amsterdam Ave. Bridgeport, Ct. AS. Criminal Justice Riley. Roy R, Sr. 11 William St. No. Haven, Ct. 06473 AS. Criminal Justice Ristau, Gary 6 Old Orchard Road Bloomfield, Ct. 06002 B.S. Hotel Administration Rolli. Alfonso A. 51 Admiral St. West Haven, Ct. 06516 BS Occupational Safeti; Hygiene Roy. William A. Jr. 28 Can-oil St. West Haven, Ct. 06516 B S. Fire Science-Admin. Russell. Albert 16 Woodvale Road Branford, Ct. 06405 B.S. Management Science Russell. Mary 40 Webster St. New Haven, Ct. BA Fashion Design Sacchetillo. James A, 30 So. Turnpike Rd. Wallingford, Ct. 06492 B.S. Hotel Administration Salvatore. Robert P, 986 Prospect Rd. Cheshire, Ct. 06410 B.S. General Management Savran. Anne 58-31 196th St. Flushing, NY, 11365 AS. Criminal Justice 232 Schepis, David F. 74 Mt. Carmel Ave. Waterburv. Ct, 06708 BS. Criminal Justice- Admin. Schneider. Jack Edgewood Drive Westbrook, Ct. 06498 BS- Criminal Justice- Admin. Selvidio, George R. 36 Nathan Hale St . New London, Ct. 06320 BS Hotel Administration Serenson, James 34 Williams St. Thomaston, Ct. BS Electrical Engineering Shanley. Elizabeth 14 Twilight Candlewood S. Brookfield, Ct. 06804 BA. Social Welfare Shannon. John M. Lanter Hill Road Mystic, Ct. 06355 AS Business Administration Shepard. Charles Tulip Tree Lane Woodbridge, Ct. 06525 AS. Business Administration Sileo. John A. 75 Sanford Lane Stamford, Ct. BS Fire Science Technology Simon. Stephen 1274 East Main St. C2 Meriden, Ct. 06450 BS Criminal Justice-Admin. Soleski. Henry J. Jr. 23 Thomas Court East Haven, Ct. 06513 BS Electrical Engineering Stachyra. Robert J. 1016 S. Prospect St. Nanticoke, Pa. 18634 BS. Hotel Administration Stanford. Gregorv D. 73 Oxbow Lane West Haven, Ct. 06516 B S. Electrical Engineering Steele. Edward A. 19 William St. Pawcatuck, Ct. 02891 BS. Criminal Justice Admin. Steer, Richard G. 32 Grcsham St. Milford, Ct. 06460 B S. Operations Management Stephens. Roger 69 Sylvan Ave. New Haven, Ct. 06519 B S Business Administration Stepler, David L. 671 Andrews St. Southington, Ct. B S Mechanicial Engineering Sullivan. Kathleen 22 Walden St. Hamden, Ct. 06517 BS Criminal Justice-Admin. Susi. Linda E. 2 Colonial Drive Waterford. Ct. 06385 B.S. Marketing Teneyck. Terry 115 Rose Lane Terrace Syracus, N.Y. 13219 BS. Hotel Administration Tewksbury. William 27 Manwaring Road Norwich, Ct. 06360 BS. Criminal Justice-Admin. Thayer. David 94 Joyce Court Milford, Ct. 06460 B S. Criminal Justice-Admin. Tomlinson, Robert J. Ash Swamp Road New Perston, Ct. 06777 BS. Criminal Justice-Admin. Torres. Mary L. 24 Taylor Ave. Norwalk, Ct. 06854 BA English Tortora. Richard R. 25 Stowe Court Hamden, Ct. 06514 BS Accounting Tra pp. Mark 71316 St. Union City. N.J. 07087 BA. Histon) Traylor, Richard L. 607 Rte. 163 Montville, Ct. 06353 BS- Operations Management V Vander Veer. Peter H. RFD 3 Lot 4 Oakdale. Ct. 06370 BA History Vanderheyden, Brian 66 White Birch Rd. New Canaan, Ct. 06840 BS. Criminal Justice-Admin. Webster. Douglas E. 49 Lewis Circle Naugatuck, Ct. BS Criminal Justice Admin. Weeks. Charles E. 127 Sea Cliff Ave. Sea Cliff, N.Y. 11579 BS Hotel Administration Weiss. Ann 54 Wepawaug Dnve Milford, Ct. 06460 AS. Biology Wells. John J. Jr. 2 Cables Drive Niantic, Ct. BS Electrical Engineering White, Eugenia E. 330 Eastern Pt. Rd Groton, Ct. 06340 A.S. Criminal Justice White. Mark A. 300 Femdale Ave. Stratford, Ct. 06497 BS. Criminal Justice-Admin. ¥m •3(4. Varasallone. Robert 38 Bennett Ave. Waterbury, Ct. BA Histonj Varsh. Richard 241 Derby Ave. Orange, Ct. 06477 BS. Communication Violano. Michael 462 Blohm St. West Haven, Ct. 06516 AS. Occupational Safety Hygiene Viero. Hugo 87 George St. Stamford. Ct. 06902 BS. Financial Accounting w Watterson. Joseph 31 Colman St. New London. Ct. 06320 AS. Criminal Justice White. Richard J. 199 Purdy Road Waterbury, Ct. 06702 BS Criminal Justice-Admin. Wiley. Cornell 439 Gungywamp Road Groton, Ct. BS Hotel Administration Williams. David E. 32 Judson PI. Ansonia, Ct. 06401 AS. Criminal Justice Williams. Michael 440 Meloy Rd. Apt. C6 West Haven, Ct. 06516 BS Criminal Justice-Admin. Williams. Keith 27 Estwick PI. Stamford, Ct, BS Financial Accounting Williams. Thomas J. 129 Judith Drive Milford. Ct. 06460 BS General Management Williams. Paul V. 27 Hewitt Road Mystic, Ct. 06355 B S Occupational Safety Hygiene Woodhull. Joyce 87 Clark St. Apt. D West Haven, Ct. 06516 BA- Communication Woolf. Robert S. P O. Box 75 Ivoryton, Ct. 06442 A.S. General Studies Wright. Richard A. 63 Country Way No Haven, Ct 06473 AS. Business Administration Yutenkas, Joseph S. Jr. 834 State St. New Haven, Ct. 06511 BS Business Administration Ziron, Frank J. 11 Huntington Circle Huntington, Ct. 06484 BS. Operations Management June Graduates 1978 Agee, Phillip Reynard 735 7th Ridge Rd. Wallingford, Ct. 06492 BS. Criminal Justice-Admin. Albanese, Daryl R. 37 Morell Ave. Milford, Ct. 06460 BS. Criminal Justice-Admin. Akers, David W. 117 Grandview Ave. Honesdale, Pa. 18431 BS. Business Administration Aiken. Richard Louis 1132 Campbell Ave. West Haven, Ct. 06516 BS- Criminal Justice-Forensic Sci. Al-Kulaib. Sami M. 19 Ruden PI. 5 West Haven, Ct. 06516 BS Mechanical Engineering Al-Mazeedi. Zuhair M. 31 B Coleman St. West Haven, Ct. 06516 B S Mechanical Engineering Alongi. Francis S. 11 Bradley St. North Haven, Ct. 06473 BS Criminal Justice-Admin. Amantea. Robert J. 807 Murdock Ave. Meriden, Ct. 06450 BS. Civil Engineering Amato. John H. 23 Thorpe St. North Haven, Ct. 06473 BS. Criminal Justice-Admin. Ambrisco, Stephen G. 207 W. Main St. Milford, Ct. 06460 BS. Criminal Justice-Admin. Anastasio. Salvatore 47 Victor St. East Haven, Ct. 06512 BA English Andrenyak. David M. 425 California St. Stratford, Ct. 06497 BS. Criminal Justice-Forensic Sci. Andrus. Jeffrey Lenz 711 Orange Center Rd. Orange. Ct B S Financial Accounting 233 Angelo. Mary Jane C. 81 Cass Ave. Wallingford. Ct. 06492 B.S Criminal Justice-Admin. Anton. Mark Alexander 101 Swarthmore St. Hamden. Ct. 06518 B S Business Administration Aurigemma, Louis C. 141 Geddes Terrace Waterbury, Ct. 06708 B.S. Ciuil Engineering Bailey. Harry W. 14 Bronson Rd. Prospect, Ct. 06712 B.S Mechanical Engineering Bailey. Philip Joseph 33 Rosewood Drive Prospect. Ct. 06712 B S Criminal Justice-Admin. Bailey. Russell M. 364 Edison Rd. Trumbull, Ct. 06611 B S Criminal Justice- Admin. Banti, David R. 81 Burr St. East Haven. Ct. 06512 B.S. Financial Accounting Barretta. Dominic A. 15 Brooklawn Ct. Milford, Ct. 06460 AS. Communication Bartiromo. Robert G. 139 Clinton Ave. New Haven, Ct. 06513 BS Financial Accounting Besket. Robert John 13 Campfield Drive Fairfield, Ct. 06430 BS Business Administration Best. David John 177 Oakwood Ave W. Hartford, Ct 06119 B.S Criminal Justice-Admin. Bienkowski. Joseph E. 403 Longhill Ave. Shelton, Ct. 06484 BA History Blade. Kenneth Alan 6 Leonard St. West Haven, Ct. 06516 BS Mechanical Engineering Blaikie. Robert 1582 Chapel St. New Haven, Ct. 06511 BA. Political Science Blake. Thomas Richard 119 Kelsey Ave. West Haven, Ct. 06516 BS Criminal Justice-Admin. Boehm. Harvey 65 N Hillside Ave. Chatham, N.J 07928 B.S Criminal Justice-Admin Bonaguiso. Robert 48 St. Andrews Ave. East Haven, Ct. 06512 B.S Financial Accounting Bonanno. Gino 420 Fountain St. New Haven, Ct. B S Communication Bonini. Gerald F, 57 Allings Crossing Rd. West Haven, Ct. 06516 B S Financial Accounting Borkowski. Stephen M. 17 Canton St. West Haven, Ct. 06516 B S Criminal Justice- Admin. Botler Lopez. Carlos 558 Winthrop Ave. New Haven, Ct. 06511 B.S. Fire Science Technologi; Brady. Edward J. Ill 70 Tuthill St. West Haven, Ct. 06516 B S Hotel Administration Braggs. William T. 7 Jones Road Wallingford, Ct. 06492 B.S Financial Accounting Brandon. Edwina J. 33 N. 3rd Ave. Mt. Vernon, N.Y. 10550 BS Biology; Brayfield. David E. 32 Keifer Road Southington, Ct. B S Criminal JusticeAdmin Brereton. Marshal H. 313 Stahl Ave. Neu ' Castle, De 19720 B S Hotel Administration Brodeur. Raymond J. Jr, Baum Drive Thomaston. Ct. 06787 B.S Criminal JusticeAdmin. Brown. Ronald Francis 39 Forest Ave. Meriden, Ct. 06450 B S Electrical Engineering Brown. Robert Vincent 35 Cassandra Drive Wolcott. Ct. 06716 B.S. Criminal JusticeAdmin. Bruce. Pamela Jean 53 Lamson St. West Haven, Ct. 06516 BA. English Buckley, Timothy P. 18 Stonegate Drive Branford, Ct. 06505 BS Criminal JusticeAdmin. Buick. Thomas A. 47 Montowese Ave. North Haven, Ct. 06473 B S. Public Administration Burns. Patricia Ann 512 Wilson St. Waterbury, Ct, BA. Social Welfare Burns. Richard David DSG 300 Orange Ave. West Haven, Ct 06516 B.S Hotel Administration Burtyk. Dale Andrew 129 Williams Ave. Pocasset, Ma 02559 B S Criminal JusticeAdmin. Buturla. Michael 25 Dodd Ave. Bridgeport, Ct. B S Cwil Engineering Byrnes. Robert S. 40 Salem Road Stratford, Ct. 06497 AS Criminal JusticeAdmin. Cable. Wayne Allan 49 Carmel Road Bethany, Ct. 06525 B.S. Financial Accounting Cappello. Vanessa L. 125 Leonard Road Hamden, Ct. 06514 BS Computer Technologii Caputo. James A. 35 Maywood St. Waterbury, Ct. B.S. Criminal JusticeAdmin. Caputo. John Andrew 106 Blueberry Hill Waterbury, Ct. 06704 B.S Criminal JusticeAdmin. Carrano. Albert G. 884 Townsend Ave. New Haven, Ct. 06512 BA Graphic Advertising Design Carrano. Richard P. 1 Fann Hill Road West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.S. Mechanical Engineering Carrano. Richard V. 401 Grovers Ave Bridgeport, Ct. 06605 BS Materials Engineering Ceraso. Angelina 21 Scott St, Hamden, Ct. 06514 B.S. Public Administration Charabowski. George R. 30 Karen Ave. Stratford, Ct. 06497 B.S. Operations Management Charland. Dennis J. Trimtown Road Scituate, R.I. 02857 B.S Criminal Justice-Corr. Chisefsky. Tamara A. 4 Beveriv Drive Ansonia. ' Ct. 06401 AS Business Administration Chmura. Robert H. 250 Coseybeach Ave. East Haven, Ct. 06512 B S Criminal JusticeAdmin. Christensen. Lynn M. 31 West Mystic Ave. Mystic, Ct. 06355 BS Criminal JusticeAdmin. Christina. John F. Jr. 268 Flanders Rd. Mystic, Ct 06355 B.S Financial Accounting Chvisuk. Gregor S. 37 George St. West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.S. Financial Accounting Cifaldi. Nicholas A. 76 Longfellow Rd Shelton, Ct. BS. Materials Engineering Cilyo, John David 122 Beacon Manor Circle Naugatuck, Ct. 06770 B S Marketing Clarke, James Walter 17 Weybosset St. Shelton, Ct. 06484 B.S Cnminal JusticeAdmin. Cleary, Richard T. 130 Mansfield St. New Haven, Ct. B S Civil Engineering Clifford, Thomas J. 22 June St. Naugatuck. Ct. 06770 BA English Coggeshall, Raymond W. 856 Rt. 163 Oakdale, Ct. 06370 B S Criminal JusticeAdmin. Collins, Michael John 182 Sunnyside Rd Norwood, Ma. 02062 BS Criminal Justice-Corr. Conte, Vincent 19 Miner Rd. West Haven, Ct 06516 B.S Ciuil Engineering Corbin, Allen R. 120 B Brookside Ave. New Haven. Ct. B.S Biology Cousminer. Jeffrey J. 898 Ocean Ave. West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.S Biology Covello. Richard G. P.O. Box 74 Plymouth, Ct 06782 B.S Criminal JusticeAdmin. Craw. Robert R. Jr. 53 Emerald St. Bridgeport, Ct. 06610 BS Criminal JusticeAdmin. Cretella. Joan K. 10 Green Hill Lane West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.S Criminal Justice-Con. Critelli. Catherine A. 265 Washington Ave. Apt. 12 West Haven, Ct. 06516 BA Political Science Cullen. Arlene Ann 92 Hawlev Ave Milford, Ct. BS. Retailing Cullen. Sean Michael 19 Check Point Lane West Haven, Ct. 06516 B S Financial Accounting Cusano. Robert Joseph 70 First Ave. East Haven, Ct. AS. Business Administration Cyr. Russell N. 68 Russell Rd. Milford. Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Daniels. Edward P. Jr. 40 Brookhedge Rd. Trumbull. Ct. B S Electrical Engineering Darr. Earl Robert 16 Flaum Drive West Haven, Ct. 06516 AS Occupationa l Safety Decerbo. Susan M. 101 Bender Road Hamden, Ct. 06518 B S. Financial Accounting Dechello. Paul L. 826 Edgewood Ave. New Haven, Ct. 06515 AS. Business Administration Defelice. Mark F. 45 Canna Drive East Haven, Ct. 06512 B S Financial Accounting Deleeww. Joseph 67 Curtis Drive New Haven, Ct. 06516 B S Biology i Demeo, Steven Wayne 36 Arbutus St. E. Hartford, Ct. 06108 B.S Criminal Justice-Admin. Demeusy. John W. 223 Windsor Ave, Brightwaters. N.Y. 11718 B.S Criminal Justice-Admin Depaolo, John L. Jr. 77 Woicott St, New Haven, Ct, B.S. Business Economics Depault. Theodore J. 140 Union Ave. West Haven, Ct, 06516 BA. Political Science Derosa, Daniel R. 18 Corbin Road East Haven, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice-Admin. Devito. Laura Ann 17 Burma Road Woodbridge. Ct. 06525 B.S. Financial Accounting Dewitt, Patricia A. 12 Stevens St. New Haven. Ct. 06519 BS Management Science Dicinque, Linda M. 6 Bloomer Drive Burlington, N.J. 08016 BA. Psychology Dickinson, David L. 139 Lewis St. Naugatuck, Ct. 06770 B S Mechanical Engineering Dieisi, Maria R. 133 West St. Apt. lA Seymour, Ct. 06483 A.S Business Administration Dilella, Richard R. 15 Barard Ave. North Haven, Ct. B.S Criminal Justice-Admin. Dillon, Gregory B. 1403 Boulevard New Haven. Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice- Admin. Dinicola, Fernando 68 Englewood Ave. Waterbury, Ct. 06705 B.S Electrical Engineering Dinneen. James J. 85 Twilight Drive Madison, Ct. B.S. Operations Management Dolana, Cornelia 139 Summit Drive No. Branford, Ct. B.S. Finance Doram, Eustace H. 56 Swampscott St. West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.S. Financial Accounting Dowling, Sheridan J. 107 Sherman Ave. New Haven, Ct. 06511 B.S. Ciuil Engineering Drake. David Arthur 12 Overhill Rd. Matawan, N.J. 07747 AS. Criminal Justice-Admin. Dragalin. Peter F. 93 Balance Rock Rd. Seymour. Ct. 06483 B.S Financial Accounting Dray. James F. 7 Cross Drive Waterford, Ct. 06385 B.S Operations Management Duffy, Edward A. 502 Mulberry Pt. Rd. Guilford, Ct. 06437 B.S. Communication Dunn, Michael 136 Timber Lane Levittown, Pa. 19054 B.S Hotel Administration Dunlap, Robert J. 9 Lancewood Lane Woicott, Ct. 06716 BS Financial Accounting Dziengeleski. Linda M. 146 Cove St. New Haven. Ct. 06512 B S Public Administration Earl, Gilbert C. Jr. 147 Pond Lily Ave. New Haven. Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice-Admin. Early. Rita A. 70 Spice Hill Drive Wallingford, Ct. 06492 AS Business Administration Early. Patrick F. 33 Pardee Place New Haven, Ct. B.S. Business Economics Edgecomb. Roswell G . 20 Maiv St. Waterford. Ct. 06385 AS. Criminal Justice- Admin. English. Charles C. Jr. Meeting House Hill Rd. Durham, Ct. 06422 B S Electrical Engineering E chen. Laurie S. 41 Vemon Drive Scarsdale, N.Y. 10583 AS. General Studies Fadyn. Cindy M. 195 Canton St. Apt D 11 West Haven. Ct. 06516 ' •- " •••Pf B.S. Business Data Processing Fanning. Joanne V. 403 Third Ave. West Haven, Ct. 06516 BA. Economic Histon Feeley, Francis J. 24 Ricardo St. West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.S Public Administration Felix, Laura Marie 1523 Chapel St New Haven, Ct. B.S. Occupational Safety Finkbeiner, Peter J. 64 Locust St Milford, Ct. 06460 B.S Civil Engineering Fisher, Bruce L 1030 West Lake Ave. Guilford, Ct. B.S Financial Accounting Fitzgerald. James M. 31 West Road Clinton, Ct, 06413 B.S Criminal Justice-Admin. Fitzpatrick. Jeffrey 845 Grand Blvd. Westbury, N.Y. 11590 BA Art Flanagan. Gean F. 89 Baldwin St. West Haven, Ct 06516 AS Criminal Justice-Corr. Flemming, James D. 40 Cow Hill Rd. Clinton, Ct. B.S. Operations Management Foltz. Stephen Guy 159 Captains Walk, Apt. E New London, Ct. 06320 A.S. Journalism Fox, Barbara J. 203 Chatham Road Tumersville, N.J. 08012 A.S. Hotel Administration Fraulo. Andrew S. 9 Alpine Drive East Haven, Ct. BS Business Administration Friedman, Arlene S. 91 Boylston St. North Meriden, Ct. 06450 BA Sociology Fusco. Louis J. 270 Frost Road Waterbury, Ct. 06705 BS Criminal Justice-Admin. Gagne. Paul Ralph 4 Farmhill Road West Haven, Ct. 06516 B S Communication Galinot. Laurie Lee 28 David Drive East Haven, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice-Admin. Galloway. Frank H. Ill 89 Phillips Ave, Box 6245 Laurenceville, N,J, BA Political Science Gambardella. Alphonse 182 Quinnipiac Ave. New Haven. Ct. 06513 B S Criminal Justice-Admin. Gamitz. Marion M. 37 SoundviewSt. West Haven. Ct. 06516 BS Hotel Administration Garvey. Gregory S. 889 Mapledale Rd. Orange, Ct. 06477 BS Financial Accounting Gauthier. Raymond F. 59 Pierson Drive Wallingford. Ct. 06492 BS Civil Engineering Geremia. Joseph A. Jr. 144 Montowese Ave. North Haven. Ct. B.S Criminal Justice-Admin. Gilhuly, Robert T. Jr. 202 Maple St. New Haven. Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice-Admin. Giordano, Pamela D. 510 Long Hill Rd. Guilford, Ct 06437 BA. Political Science Giori. Michael Paul 36 Sunbrook Road Woodbridge, Ct. 06525 AS Business Administration Glasser, David Alan 1468 Poulson St. Wantagh, N.Y. BS Communication Gomez. Dorothy W. 60 M Brookside Ave. New Haven, Ct. BA- Sociology Good, Sandra 50 Sheldon Terrace New Haven, Ct. AS Graphic Advertising Design Gookin, Richard M. 252 Alden Ave. New Haven, Ct. AS Criminal Justice Admin. Goralski, Joseph A. 43 Mendingwall Circle Madison, Ct. AS. Business Administration Gorman, Vikki A. 74 Woodland Rd. Madison, N.J. 07940 BS. Hotel Administration Gould, Stephen J. 9 Somersett Drive Pawcatuck, Ct. 02891 BS Materials Engineering Grice, Christopher W. 62 Meadowbrook Crt. West Haven. Ct 06516 BS Criminal Justice-Forensic Sci. Griffin, Anne 19 Seaview Ave. E. Norwalk, Ct. 06855 BS Financial Accounting Guida, Joseph F. 132 Quinnipiac Ave. North Haven, Ct. 06473 B S Communication .justamacho, Paul J. 30 Clairemont Ave. Norwich, Ct. B.S. Materials Engineering Mailman, David Mark 7 Sailors Lane Milford. Ct. 06460 BS Business Administration Harper, Taylor Wm. 10 Millwood St. Milford, Ct. 06460 BS Hotel Administration Harrison, Francine E. 1030 Wolcott Road Wolcott, Ct. 06716 BS. Criminal Justice Admin. Hays, James J. 15 Mayflower Ave. Pawcatuck, Ct. 06379 BS. Mechanical Engineering Haynes, Eilfen M. 140 Boston Post Rd. Westbrook, Ct. 06498 A.S. Criminal Justice Admin. Heller, Edward E. 582 Haydenville Rd. Northampton. Ma. 01060 BS Criminal Justice-Forensic Sci. Hendry, Ian Douglas 11231 Segrell Way Culver City, Ca. 90230 AS. Criminal Justice-Admin. Henry, David Lee 6 Hilton Dr. »C5 West Haven, Ct. 06516 BAArt Heon, Paul Edward Wheeling Road Andover, Ct. BS. Criminal Justice-Admin. Hird, Francis H. II 50 Wakefield St. Hamden, Ct. 06517 BS. Business Administration Hodge, William H. 606 Washington Ave. West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.S Business Administration Hoff, Walter Wm. 160 Morse St. Hamden, Ct. 06517 BA. Sociologi Hoffner, Peri Dawn 572A North Trail Stratford, Ct. 06497 BA Political Science Holt, Harrv W. 131 Oneida Drive Greenwich, Ct. B.S Public Administration Holtz. Robert J. 212 Redwood Lane Cheshire, Ct. 06410 BS Criminal Justice-Admin. Hovey. Scott I. P.O. Box 3961 Woodbridge, Ct. 06525 AS Criminal Justice-Admin. Hricko. Cheryl Eve 20 Richmond Dr. Monroe, Ct. 06468 B.S Criminal Justice-Admin. Hughes. Linda M. 63 Abbe Rd. Warehouse Pt., Ct. 06088 B.S. Criminal Justice-Corr. Hultman, Carl A. 31 Hodge Ave. Ansonia, Ct. 06401 BS Business Economics Hutchinson, Harold J. 427 Nortontown Rd. Guilford, Ct. 06437 B.S. Business Economics 1 Iverson, Martin J. 136 Summerhill Rd. Middletown, Ct. 06457 B.S. Criminal Justice- Admin. Iwaniw, Wolodymyr 223 Fitch St. New Haven. Ct. 06515 BS. Communication Jobst. Walter H. Jr. 6 Beardsley Dr. Monroe. Ct. 06468 BS. Civil Engineering Johnson. Deborah B. 502 Downs Road Bethany, Ct. BA. Political Science Johnson. Raymond L. 101 Borrmann Rd East Haven, Ct. B.S Criminal Justice-Admin. Johnson. Thomas J. 237 New Britain Ave. Hartford, Ct. BS Criminal Justice-Admin. Joyner. Barbara L 434 So. 6th Ave. Mt. Vemon, N.Y. 10550 BA. Psiichohgi Kamuda. Gary Michael 27 Cottage St. Danielson, Ct. 06239 B.S Criminal Justice-Admin. Karpel. Karen Maria 18 Jeffry Road East Haven, Ct. 06513 AS Graphic Advertising Design Kasack, Evan Russell 23 Gay St. Meriden, Ct. 06450 AS Business Administration Kauczka, Joseph F. 18 Thompson St. Pittston, Pa. 18640 B.S. Hotel Administration 236 Keating. Robert Nick Road Middleburv, Ct. 06762 BS Financial Accounting Keating. Robert M. 673 Griswold St. Glastonbury, Ct. 06033 BS. Business Administration Kelley. Michelle L. 371 Great Swamp Rd. Glastonbury, Ct. 06033 BS. Marketing Kelly. Bruce Scott P.O. Box 287 West Haven, Ct. 06516 B S. Criminal Justice-Forensic Sci. Kelly. Gilbert T. Hulls Hill Rd. Southbury, Ct. 06448 BS. Financial Accounting Kelly. Thomas J. 11 Seth Den Rd. Oxford, Ct. 06483 AS. Business Administration Kessler. Jodie Ann 7 Berkshire Circle Ansonia, Ct. BS Criminal Justice-Admin. King, Brick Robert 56 Huntington Rd. Apt. 1 New Haven, Ct. 06512 BS. Industrial Engineering King. Robert Paul 47 Nicholas Dr. East Haven, Ct. BS. Marketing Kingston, Joseph Wm. 2 Remer St. Ansonia, Ct. 06401 BS Electrical Engineering Kelmenz, Steven T. 33 Putney Dr West Haven, Ct. 06516 BS. Hotel Administration Koch. Charles T. Jr. 21 Meadowlark Dr. Huntington, Ct. 06484 AS. Engineering Kory. Kenneth M, Indian Lane Durham, Ct. BS Industrial Engineering Krzak. George S, 4 Coolidge St. Walerford, Ct. 06385 AS Business Administration Krupinski, Edward S. 638 Sixth Ridge Rd. Wallingford, Ct. 06492 B S. Occupational Safety Kuester, Kenneth E. 219 Great Hill Rd. No. Guilford, Ct. 06437 BS Criminal Justice-Admin. Kyder. Ellen Kadri Parker Hill Rd. Killingworth, Ct. 06417 BS Financial Accounting Laccone, Robert J, 21 Mills Drive West Haven, Ct. 06516 BS. Finance Lacoursiere, Richard 143 Sampson St. Bridgeport, Ct. 06606 BS. Hotel Administration Lamare. Craig T. 687 Wood Ave. Bridgeport, Ct. 06604 BS Marketing Lashway, Kenneth G. P.O. Box 442 Amenia, N.Y. 12501 B S Criminal Justice-Admin. Lassiter. Dorothea 144 Butler St. New Haven. Ct. 06511 BA. Psychologic Latorraca, Linda A. 75 Quaker Rd. Hamden, Ct. 6 • ' Criminal Justice-Corr. Lauginiger. E, Martin 3 Pinecrest Rd. Framingham, Ma. BS Electrical Engineering Laivler. Roger L. 17 Noble Drive Chelmsford, Ma. BS. Business Administration Lee, Crystal S. 380 Meloy Rd. Apt. B7 West Haven, Ct. 06516 BA. Psychology Lee. James E, 322 Pine St. Waterbury, Ct. 06704 BS Hotel Administration Lee, Robert Merrick 52 Watenvheel Apt. 5 Huntington, Ct. BS. Mechanical Engineering Lee, William John 106 Fairview Ave. West Haven, Ct. 06516 BS. Criminal Justice-Admin. Lemay. James F. Jr. 6 Watercress Ave, Norwich, Ct 06360 BA. Mathematics Leon. Francisco S. 182 Mansfield St. New Haven, Ct. 06511 BS. Data Processing Levine. Elizabeth L. 3409 Willow Wood Rd. Lauderhill, Fl. 33319 BA. Social Welfare Lewis, George Trevor 45 Joy Road Milford, Ct. 06460 AS. Aero Technology Lewis, Jean E. 72 Flyers Drive Norwich, Ct. 06360 BS. Business Administration Lindsay, Todd Douglas 615 Second St. West Haven, Ct. 06516 B S Hotel Administration Lineweber, Mark H. 11 Whipple Drive Ledyard, Ct. BS. Criminal Justice- Admin. Lis, Stanley P. 72 Nott St. Wethersfield, Ct. 06109 BS. Criminal Justice-Admin. Liston, Daniel A, 56 East Gate La. Hamden, Ct. 06514 BS. Criminal Justice- Admin. Little. Stevan C, 78 K Michael Rd. New London, Ct. AS. Criminal Justice-Admin. Livolsi. Robert Louis 230 New Haven Ave. Derby, Ct. 06418 BS Computer Technology Lombardo. Karen C. Chestnut Hill Middlefield, Ct. 06455 BS. Criminal Justice-Corr. Lopes, Veronica M. 19 Lincoln Ave. Pawcatuck, Ct. 02891 BS Personnel Management Lucht, Susan L 73 Pine Crest Rd. Orange, Ct. BA Graphic Advertising Design Lynch, Raymond J. 148 Dellwood Dr. Waterbury, Ct. 06708 B S Financial Accounting m Macaluso, Paul James 51 Prospect Ave. Norwalk, Ct. 06851 BS. Mechanical Engineering Mackinnel, Douglas S. 10 Wildwood Dr. Branford, Ct. BS. Management Science Magnanimo, Rocco, W. Jr. 246 Johnson St. Naugatuck, Ct. 06770 BS Electrical Engineering Maher, William C. 48 Claudia Dr. West Haven, Ct. 06516 BS. Criminal Justice-Admin. Mancini. Anthony J. 60 Oakridge Dr. New Haven, Ct. 06513 BS. Financial Accounting Manderino. Stephen R, 55 Newfield Ave. Waterbury, Ct. 06708 BA Chemistry Mandour. Laila A. 680 Mix Ave. Apt. 3B Hamden. Ct. 06514 BA Political Science Marchese. Peter A, 10 Homestead St. Old Saybrook, Ct. 06475 AS Criminal Justice-Admin. Marin. Amador A. 156 Palatka St. West Haven, Ct. 06516 BS Occupational Safety Mariano. Anthony C. Lee Farm Dr. Southbury, Ct. 06488 BS. Criminal Justice-Admin. Marinuzzi. Carlo Jr. 96 South Ave. North Haven, Ct. 06473 BS Financial Accounting Marlin. Karen A. 19 Cottage St. Branford, Ct, 06405 BS Public Administration Marti. David Frank 46 Buckingham Rd. Seymour, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Mascia. Alfred J, Jr. 9 Purdy Road Norwalk, Ct. 06850 BS. Civil Engineering Mayoros. John C. 35 Evergreen Ave. Middletown, Ct. 06457 B S. Criminal Justice-Admin. McCormick. Daniel J. 176 Greenhill Lane Cheshire, Ct 06410 BS Criminal Justice-Admin. McGovern. John B. 11 Deerfield Rd. Waterford, Ct. 06385 BS Management Science McGowan. Lawrence A. 34 Bull Ave. Wallingford, Ct. 06492 BS. Criminal Justice-Admin. McGuire, Richard F. 523 Ocean Ave. New London, Ct. 06320 B.S. Business Administration McKeon. Patrick G. 60 Hawthorne Ave. Hamden, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice-Admin. McLeod, Ronald Sean 60 Chamberlain Ave, Bridgeport. Ct. B.S Criminal Justice-Admin. McNamara, Bernard C. 122 Maple St. New Haven, Ct. BS. Management Scienc McTague, Joseph M. 21 Hawthorne Ave. Hamden, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice-Admin. McWilliams, John F. 429 Quaker Famis Rd. Oxford, Ct. 06483 B.S. Business Administration Misiorski. Alan D. 267 Linwood St. New Britain, Ct. BA. Psychology Moffat. Nancy Ann 54 Oxbow Lane Guilford, Ct. 06437 B.S. Retailing Monast, Roger R. 94 Thimble Isl. Rd. Stonv Creek. Ct. 06405 B.S. General Management Moore, David L. 304 Clifton St. New Haven, Ct. 06513 AS. Communication Moore, William E. 75 Van Rose Drive North Haven, Ct. 06517 B.S. Financial Accounting Morris, William C. 53 Elm Street Wethersfield. Ct. 06109 B.S. Fire Science Administration Melissano, Alfred 84 Goldenrod Ave. Bridgeport, Ct. 06606 AS. Engineering Melli. Michael E. 80 Canary Place Stamford, Ct. B.S Data Processing Mengual. John B. 502 Lower Lane Berlin, Ct. BS Criminal Justice-Admin. Merancy, Ronald J. Ill Margaret Circle Naugatuck, Ct. B.S. Management Science Metz. Lori R. 46 Fayette Road Scansdale, N.Y. 10583 B.S Hotel Administration Meyers, James T. 39 Fox Street Waterbury, Ct. 06708 B.S. Civil Engineering Mezzanotte, Dulcie S. 739 Opening Hill Rd. Madison, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice-Admin. Mezzi, Andrew J. 41 Oakdale Circle Wallingford, Ct. 06492 B.S. Public Administration Miele, Anthony G. Jr. 39 Bnissels Ave. Wethersfield, Ct. 06109 B.S Criminal Justice-Admin. Miller, Bruce G. 181 Parkway Drive Stratford, Ct. B.S. Hotel Administration Miller, Philip M. 15 Melrose Court Hamden, Ct. 06518 B.S. Management Science 238 Mosdale, Kerry J. 40 Wilton Road Windsor, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice-Admin. Mulligan. George F. 23 Arch Street Waterbury, Ct. 06710 BS Marketing Murawski. James W. 97 West 19th St. Bayonne. N.J. 07002 B.S Criminal Justice-Admin. Murphy. Edward P. 143 North Street Wallingford, Ct. 06492 AS. Criminal Justice-Admin. Murphy. John C. Jr. 34 Livingston St. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Hotel Administration Mursch. Petra Irmgard 21 Colonial St. W. Hartford. Ct. 06110 BS Biology N Nardini, Carol D. 186 Elm St. Apt. 15 West Haven, Ct. 06516 BS Criminal Justice-Corr. Nash, Edward J. 31 Kerema Ave. Milford. Ct. 06460 BS. Management Science Nash. George S. 304 Davis Street Hamden, Ct. 06517 AS. Business Administration Necheles. Michael D. 79 Shomecliffe Rd. Newton. Ma. 02158 A.S. Communication Niezgorski, Edwin J. 1509 Meriden Ave. Southington. Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice-Admin. Nixon, David J. 740 Field Street Naugatuck, Ct. 06770 B.S. Financial Accounting Nolan. Kelly B. 175 Chenv St. Naugatuck. Ct. 06770 B.S. Hotel Administration Nowak, Janet P. 180 Bumtt Ave. Stratford. Ct. B.S Financial Accounting Nycek, Edward John 84 David Street West Haven, Ct. 06516 BS. Civil Engineering o O ' Connell, Thomas M. 761 Belmont St, Manchester. N.H. 03104 A.S. Criminal Justice-Admin. O ' Donnell. William E. 46 Horseshoe Rd. Guilford. Ct, 06437 B.S Management Science O ' Dwyer, Susanna L. 195 Canton St, A12 West Haven. Ct. 06516 BA. Sociology Ottaviano. Dennis 51 Oak St. Meriden, Ct. 06450 BS Management Science Owens, Harriet H. 151 Conn Blvd, Oakdale, Ct, 06370 B.S. Operation Management Oxford. Paul F. 14 Orchard St, Franklin, Ma, 02038 B.S Criminal Justice-Admin. Padams. James N. 4 Enid Road East Lyme, Ct, 06333 B.S. Hotel Administration Palmisano, Mark A. 42 Pineview Drive East Haven. Ct, 06512 B.S. Communication Parillo. Richard 29 Farren Ave, New Haven, Ct, 06513 B.S. Personnel Management Pattv, Robert J. 10 Campfield Circle Milford, Ct, 06460 B.S Business Administration Peck, Margaret E. 80 Woodside Ave, Oxford. Ct, 06483 AS. Graphic Advertising Design Peluso, Michael Jr. 2 Queen St. Enfield. Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice- Admin. Perikilakad, Abraham 5301 Main St. Tnjmbull, Ct. 06611 B.S. Civil Engineering Perlstein, Jay 231 Washington Ave. Union, N.J.07083 B.S. Biology Perno, Joseph 27 Hugo St. West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.S. Criminal Justice-Admin. Perricone, Vincent 531 Hill St. Hamden, Ct. 06514 BS. Criminal Justice-Admin. Perry, Chrystal 1 Campbell Ave. West Haven, Ct. 06516 AS. Retailing Phelps. Leslie J. 78 Kirtland St. Deep River. Ct. 06417 B.S. Business Administration Phillips, Daniel M. 367 Broad St. New Britain, Ct. 06053 B.S. Criminal Justice-Admin. Phipps. Dennis M. 74 Prospect St. Ansonia. Ct. 06401 A.S. Criminal Justice-Admin. Piccirillo, James 28 Laurelwood Dr. Shelton, Ct. 06484 B.S. Operations Management Pighinni, Richard G. 20 Ojibwa Rd. Shelton, Ct. 06484 AS. Business Administration Pilch. Michael J. 784 Prospect St. Naugatuck. Ct. 06770 B.S. Financial Accounting Pinto, Michael J. 4 Kirby St. S. Dartmouth. Ma. 02748 B.S. Hotel Administration Poirier, James W. 1351 No. High St. East Haven, Ct. 06512 AS. Engineering Poissant, Paul M. Brainard Hill Rd. Higganum, Ct. 06441 A.S. Criminal Justice-Admin. Polaski, Marianne 10 Julius Drive East Haven, Ct. 06512 BS. Financial Accounting Pope, Alvin 712 E. Main St. Waterbury, Ct. B.S. Hotel Administration Pope, Fred M. 26 Toms Road Stamford, Ct, 06906 B.S. Criminal Justice-Admin. Potts, Robert D. 230 E, Main St, Apt, 9 Branford. Ct, 06405 B.S. Financial Accounting Prentice. Kevin 22 Hollywood Ave. Milford, Ct. 06460 B.S. Criminal Justice Admin. Prete. John 121 Church St. West Haven, Ct. 06516 AS. Criminal Justice-Admin. Pribula, Joyce 121 Main St Helmetta, N,J. BS Criminal Justice-Corr. Prokupek, Eleanor S. 5 Hollow Tree Court So. Norwalk, Ct. BA. Chemjstrv Prunier, John P. 57 Augur Rd. Ext. Northford. Ct. 06472 A.S. Business Administration Prussen. Dennis T. 13 Newport St. Mystic, Ct. 06355 B S. Criminal Justice-Admin. Pulaski, Edwin J. 6 South Side Court Wallingford, Ct. 06492 B.S. Industrial Engineering Quarz. Joanne P. 212 No. Main St. Branford, Ct. 06405 BA. Social Welfare Kabun, Terri L. 52 Riuerview Ave. New London, Ct, 06320 B S Criminal Justice-Corr. Ramirez. Peggy A. I Scenic Drive Highlands, N.J. BA Psvcholog] Rand, Steven 23 Riversedge Ivoryton, Ct. 06442 B.S. Communication Reardon, Kevin J. 10 Berkshire Road Bethpage, N.Y. 11714 B.S Marketing Reeves, William F. 9 Merwin Ave. Apt. 1 Milford, Ct. 06460 B.S Criminal Justice -Admin. Rendon, Oscar A. 41 Carnage House Monticello, N.Y. 12701 BS. International Business Reynolds, David 30-3 Gloucester Ct. Newington, Ct. 06111 B S Financial Accounting Richardson, Robert D. 82 Hillcrest Rd. Niantic, Ct. 06357 BA Political Science Rigo, Stephen J. 1086 Stillwater Road Stamford, Ct. 06902 B.S Mechanical Engineering Ripley, Steven M. 9 Cottage Court Maplewood, N.J. 07040 B.S. Criminal Justice-Admin. Roczynski, Robert 67 Woodhouse Ave. Northford, Ct. 06472 AS. Business Rodriguez, Jose E, 20 Lines St. New Haven, Ct. 06519 BA History Rogers, Alvin C. 9 Taimbull St. New Haven, Ct. 06511 B S Business Administration Roggemann, Joseph T. 453 Walnut Tree Hill Rd. Shelton, Ct. 06484 B S Management Science Rohloff, Charlene 59 Hard St. New Haven, Ct. 06515 B S. Financial Accounting Rosano, Frank J. 45 Randall Dnve No. Haven, Ct. 06473 B.S Management Science Rosen, Robert J. Candlewood Mtn. Rd. New Milford, Ct. B.S Cnminal Justice-Admin. Rousseau, Mark E. 1027 Old Turnpike Rd. Plantsville, Ct. 06479 B S Criminal Justice-Admin. Roy. Robert N. 31 Finley St. Manchester, Ct. 06040 B S Criminal Justice-Admin.- Royce. Daniel P. 1476 Chapel St. New Haven, Ct. 06510 B.S. Personnel Management Ryerson. Jay W. RD 1 Box 172 A N. Stonington, Ct. 06359 A.S. Business Administration Sabetta, Lillian M. 46 Academy Hill Derby, Ct. BA. Psychology Saleh. Hamid 26-28 Simon PI. Apt. C4 West Haven. Ct. 06516 B.S. Mechanical Engineering Salvano. Anthony 6 Driftwood La. Shelton, Ct. 06484 B.S. Marketing Sanders, Julie Route 1 Box 40-A Key Largo, Fl. 33037 A.S. Hotel Administration Sanfilippo. Michael 401 Ellsworth Ave. New Haven, Ct. 06511 B S Electrical Engineering Sawyer, Carl R. P.O. Box 801 Groton, Ct. 06340 B.S. Fire Science Admin. Scarpa, Ronald L. 31 Farten Ave. Apt. 3 New Haven, Ct. 06513 B.S Criminal Justice-Admin. Schulthess, Stephen J, RFD 3 Box 138 Killingworth, Ct. 06417 BA. Political Science Scrapchansky, Michael 345 Bayonet St. New London, Ct. 06320 AS. Business Administration Sembler, Frederick L, 11 Long Beach Ave. Milford. Ct. 06460 AS. Engineering Sevcrino, Louis 20 Pineview Dr. East Haven, Ct. 06512 BA. Communication Shalkowski, Thomas E. 17 West Town St. Noavich, Ct. 06360 AS. Business Administration Sickinger, Erwin A. 318 Meadow Ridge Rd. Huntington, Ct. 06484 B.S Marketing Siegle, Robert A. 29 Maplevale Rd East Haven, Ct. 06512 B.S. Criminal Justice-Admin. Simkanin. Gregory M. 19 Elk Terrace Stratford, Ct. 06497 BS Marketing Sinclair. James E. 55 Visconti Ave. Waterbury, Ct. 06704 B S Financial Accounting Skinsacos. George N. 54 Walnut Street Orchard Bh., Me. B.S Criminal Justice-Admin. Slattery, Stephen 16 Sair Ave. Waterford, Ct. 06385 BS Criminal Justice-Admin. Smith. Louise J. Howard Road Durham, Ct. 06422 B S Criminal Justice-Admin. Smollon. Claire Astor Dr. Mahopac, N,Y. 10541 B S Criminal Justice-Corr. Snider. Frank E. 381 Hitching Post Dr Orange, Ct. 06477 B S Financial Accounting Snyder. Stephanie M, 19 Ruden Place Apt. P West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.S Public Administration Solomon. Daniel E. 50 Edgewood Ave. Stamford, Ct. 06907 B.S. Accounting Sotere. Pamela 17 Kenmore Lane Milford. Ct. 06460 B.S Electrical Engineering Spagnola. Robert A. II Patricia Terrace Beacon Falls, Ct. 06403 B.S. Hotel Administration Sparano. Daniel P. 124 Plymouth St. New Haven, Ct. B.S Financial Accounting Spewak. Maria III Rimmon Road Woodbridge, Ct. 06525 BA. Sociology Standish, Susan A, 100 Concord St. Hamden. Ct. 06514 AS. Business Administration Stansfield, Mark A. 11 Cedar Ridge Drive Fannington, Ct. 06032 B.S. Personnel Management Stein, Philip 52 Wintergreen Drive Quaker Hill, Ct. 06375 B S. Operations Management Stepanik. Susan E. 150 Gay Hill Rd. Montville, Ct. BS Criminal Justice-Admin. Stephens, Kathryn 49 Fenimore St. Lynbrook, N.Y. 11563 BS Criminal Justice-Corr. Stitchalk. George 10 Meetinghouse Lane Milford, Ct. 06460 B S Financial Accounting Storiale. Paul D. 32 Ninth St. Derby, Ct. 06418 BS. Financial Accounting Strang. Allen J. 24 Bugg Hill Rd. Monroe. Ct. 06468 B.S Financial Accounting Straznitskas. David L 35 Candee Rd. Naugatuck. Ct. 06770 B.S. Management Science Streeter, Durwin D. 91 Clearview Dr. Bridgeport. Ct. 06606 BA. Social Welfare Suffrcdini, Louis D. 69 Bankside St. Bndgeport. Ct. 06606 B.S- Criminal Justice-Admin. SuUo, Debra A. 36 Carroll St. New Haven, Ct BA Graphic Advertising Design Summerlin, John Jr. John St. RFD 2 Lisbon. Ct. 06351 B S. Occupational Sajet; Sylvester, Kimlea 38 Summe r St Waterford. Ct. B.S. Criminal JusticeCorr. Talipan, Robert 1404 Main St. Pittston. Pa. 18640 B.S Hotel Administration Tanzer. Stephen A. 19 Stepping Stone Lane Madison. Ct. 06443 BS Marketing Tapley, Edward L. 6 Panpock Run Westerly. R.I. 02891 B.S Occupational Sa ely Tarantino. John F. Jr. 84 Temple St. Stratford. Ct. 06497 BS Financial Accounting Taroli, William P. 51 Wade St. West Haven. Ct. 06516 B.S. Personnel Management Tart, Willie B. 35 Houston St. New Haven, Ct. 06513 BA. Political Science Tavares, Richard E. 1070 Old Sandwich Rd. Sagamore, Ma. BS Criminal Justice Admin. Taylor. Sally 940 South Main Ave. Scranton. Pa 18504 B S. Criminal JusticeCorr. TeeLHughC.Jr. Rt. 82 RFD 4 Colchester Salem. Ct 06415 BS. Criminal JusticeAdmin. Terenzio. Joseph G. Jr. 1329 Riverbank Rd. Stamford. Ct. 06903 BS Business Administration Thangjitham, Surot 300 Orange Ave. Box OC-26 West Haven. Ct. 06516 B S Civil Engineering Tieman, Frederick L. 47 ' 2 Park St. West Haven. Ct. 06516 BS. Criminal Justice- Admin. Tomasco, Steven A. 19 Gulf Pond U. Milford. Ct. 06460 BS. Criminal Justice-Admin. Tracanna, John E. 46 Pleasant Drive Bethany, Ct. 06525 B.S. Financial Accounting Tranberg, Debra M. 176 Lake Ave. Trumbull. Ct. 06611 B.S. Environmental Studies Treichel, John 1561 Whitney Ave. Hamden, Ct. 06517 B.S. Civil Engineering 240 Triebel, Harry 38 Rosemary Lane Guilford. Ct. 06437 B.S Electrical Engineering Troy, Ralph M. 19 Chester St. Ansonia. Ct. 06401 AS Criminal Justice-Admin. Tuohy, Elizabeth Saybrook Rd. Higganum, Ct. 06441 A.S. Criminal Justice-Admin. Turgeon. Roger E. 3 Nod Court Clinton. Ct. B.S Operations Management Tyrrell. George R. Ill 114 Maple Ave. No. Haven. Ct. B.S. Marketing V Van Dyke. Karen K. 1039 Rt. 163 Oakdale. Ct. 06370 B.S Criminal JusticeCorr. Veneziano, Marianne 73 A Mohawk St. Waterbury. Ct. 06706 B.S Criminal JusticeCorr. Verderame, James M. 310 Berlin St. Southington. Ct. 06489 B S Business Administration Vernuccio. Paul J. 57 Tuckahoe Dr. Shelton. Ct. 06484 BS Business Science Verrastro, Domenic A. 24 Holohan Ave. Waterbuty. Ct. 06705 BS Business Data Processing Vibberts. Robert A. 44 Fannstead Rd. E Hartford. Ct. 06118 B S Business Data Processing Viola, Richard C. 15 Myers Ln. Milford. Ct. 06460 B.S. Financial Accounting Vitale. David 34 Gertrude Lane West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.S Marketing Vitali, Thomas 7 Dell Court Wallingford, Ct. 06492 B S Business Administration Volpicelli, James S. 427 Eastfield St. Nanticoke. Pa. 18634 B.S. Hotel Administration Vonella, Francesco 108 Dean St. Stamford, Ct. 06902 B.S Civil Engineering w Wait, Leonard 10 Sunset Manor Rd. Branford, Ct. 06405 B.S Management Science Walls, Martha L P.O. Box 1446 Bridgeport. Ct. 06601 BA. Social Welfare Walsh, Bonnie P. 285 Greene St. Apt. G-6 New Haven, Ct. 06511 BS. Public Administration Walsh, Susanne B. 61C Nob Hill Rd. New London. Ct. 06320 B.S Business Economics Wargo, John J. 227 Victory St. Stratford. Ct. 06497 B S Criminal Jsutice-Admin. Wasel. Robert J. 105 Juniper Rd. Southington. Ct. 06489 B.S. Criminal Justice-Admin. Wayne, James H. Jr. 14 Gaints Neck Rd. Niantic. Ct. 06357 AS. Business Administration Wenk, Alan 76 Leete St. West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.S. Criminal Justice-Admin. Whipple, Robert P. 20 Robert St. Jewett City. Ct. 06351 A.S. Business Administration White, Ralph E. 300 Orange Av. UNH HS-2 West Haven, Ct. 06516 BA. Social Welfare Willefsky.John 53 Emerson St. New Haven. Ct. 06515 AS Graphic Advertising Design Williams. Carolyn J. 1 Hilton Dr. B-2 West Haven, Ct. 06516 B S Hotel Administration Wilson. David A. 17 George St. Trumbull. Ct. 06611 B.S. Criminal Justice-Admin. Williams. Jean E. The Choate School Wallingford. Ct. 06492 BA. English Williams, Patricia A. 124 Scotland Rd. Madison, Ct. B.S Communication Wilson. Jennifer 300 Orange Ave. UNH Domi West Haven. Ct. 06516 BA Psychology; Wizevich. Mary Jane 138 Robin Hill Rd. Meriden. Ct. 06450 AS. Retailing Wojtczak. Joseph J. Jr. 113 Margaret Circle Naugatuck. Ct. 06770 B.S. Operations Management Wolfenden, Daphne 231 West Ave. Darlen. Ct. 06820 A.S. Journalism Wright, Derrick 77 Yates St West Haven. Ct. 06516 B.S Computer Technology Yanaivay. Philip E. 205 Seneca Drive Noank, Ct. 06340 B.S. Financial Accounting Yankee, Colin J. 103 Seaview Ave. West Haven, Ct. 06516 BS. Mechanical Engineering Yeitz, Fred J. 208 Simpson Lane Oakdale, Ct. 06370 B.S Industrial Engineering York, Russell 10 Longview Rd. Shelton. Ct. B.S. Financial Accounting Zaikind, Shelley R. 173 Park St. Apt. 3 New Haven, Ct. 06511 AS. Criminal JusticeCorr. Zengilowski, John J. 276 Ring Drive Groton. Ct. 06340 BS Financial Accounting Ziemba. David RFD 1 Edmond Rd. Jewett City, Ct. 06351 B.S. Management Science Earle, Danile E. 125 Court Street New Haven. Ct. 06511 B.S. Financial Accounting Justus, Hans D. 1462 Waterbury Road Cheshire. Ct. 06410 B.S. Operations Management Good-bye is a difficult word to say in any language. Good-bye like the word commence- ment is part of a cycle. A cycle in which we meet, grow together, laugh, learn, love, grow apart and leave. To Jako and all my special Friends in the class of 1978, 1 wish you the best of everything throughout all your lives. Adios, Sbagom, Ciao Haydee P.S. Jako, volim te mnogo! L.B. ADVERTISEMENT PATRONS Mr. Mrs. Carrano Mr. Mrs. Tavers Mr. S. M. Ripley Walter Perry Lois Dunlap Peter Luedee Howard Akers Ursula Crete Gamitz CONGRATULATIONS To The CLASS OF 1978 From The BOOKSTORE COLLEGE SERVICE CORP. - BRENNAN BOOK CO. ♦ ♦ ♦ Congratulations to the Class of 1978 DAVENPORT PHOTO SUPPLY CO. 1215 Chapel Street New Haven, Connecticut Phone: 772-1660 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES to my friends in the Class of 1978 Delma Hueffman THE DAY STUDENT GOVERNMENT THE UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAVEN The representatives, committee members and officers: RICK BURNS, DAVE HOFFMAN, DEBBIE APUZZO, BILL WILLIAMS AND CLARICE SORCINELU congratulate every UNH graduate of 1978 for their achievements and wish the best of luck and a very happy future. IHt I Al (,i S Sf I I IN(, in I IN WW WOUll) !;hT2S«t3!!n3i ' ' r!miwinim«m?iwm ' mn»an?HTr.!tHm!iU!H Ti!?.! ' !Fmmi»B!iii ' m«w«™ (Congratulations Co Z )t Class of 1078 » N5!g CHARM ' S SECURITY HARDWARD, INC. 32 Howe Street New Haven, Connecticut Compliments of KOBE APPLIANCE CO. INC. Sales Service Lack LaRocca Dennis Bach 884 Campbell Ave. West Haven, Cl 934-9288 BLANCHETTE ' S SPORTING GOODS 417 Bridgeport Avenue off Route 8 Shelton, Ct. 06484 ORANGE-WOOD TRAVEL AGENCY " try Us . . . Any Time ... To Any Place " Marion Art Audry Elizabeth 392 Boston Post Road Orange, Conn. 06477 Here ' s Looking at You CU SSofl978 Good Luck, lARRYMCGOWAN •I f r i ' p P ' ■ ■ 1 • Hj STEAK HOUSE PHONE 934-5300 1003 ORANGE AVE. WEST HAVEN CONN. - NEW YORK - MASS. - FLORIDA - CALIF. - HAWAII Congrats to the Class of 78 Marion, you made it! Take it easy relax— it ' s finally finished. The best of luck in your future, though I know you don ' t need it. To everybody at the Chariot, You were terrific, and I hope to see you next year. Peace everybody have a great summer. Take it easy, PAT Compliments of CBT Connecticut Bank And Trust Company Hartford, Connecticut f 4 • IK . Class of 1978 i remember yesterday because i couldn ' t wait for tomorrow now suddenly today is Tomorrow May all your tomorrows be filled with health happiness and peace. Roseann M. Masarelli The East s No.l draft choice CONNECTICUT UMOUSINE Connecticnt UmomIm Scryice, lac. 1060 State Street, New Haven, CT. 065 1 1 JFK or LaGUARDIA? CONNECTICUT LIMOUSINE IS THE MOST CONVENIENT SERVICE YOU ' LL FIND WHEN IT COMES TO GETTING FROM HERE TO THERE. Frequent Regularly Scheduled Departures to and from both New York Airports firom early morning till late evening. Flexible Charter Service available in one of our 5, 7 or 11 passenger Limousines to the airports or cruise piers. World ' s largest scheduled limousane service. City Phone Terminal New Haven 865-5166 Stratford 336-2561 Bridgeport 336-2561 Fairfield 336-2561 Park Plaza Hotel West Broad Chevron Station Holiday Inn Fairfield Motor Inn Dave Hoffman, Rose Navin, Rick Aiken, Debbie Apuzzo, Bill Williams, Anne Simijian, Dave Bufalini, Bob Besket, Arlene Cullen, Larry Rubin. Rob Mabie. Steve Ripley, Brad Sherwood. ZBT BROTHERS. Doug Turcotte. Mike Stewart. ESPECIALLY Claire Sorcinelli. Dr. Phillip Kapaln. Dot Levitsky. John Ghoreyeb. Mrs. Irene Perry. Dave DuBuisson. Aaron Tobe. Frank Galloway. Marion Garnitz. Ann Doherty. Frank Sherwood. Dick Gelgauda. Bill Lee. Val Arlow. Kelly Johnson. Nancy Coward, Karen Karpel. Larry McGowan. Paul Christensen. Russ Bailey. Marvin Peterson, Frank Ver- done, Carole Aiken, Frank Hull, Connie Goodman. Debi Whitaker. Scott Tilden, and all delegates, committee chairmen, clubs and organizations, communication board, administrators, faculty, staff and students . . . THANKS I feel privileged to have worked with each of you. Good luck, Bill, with your Presidency, I have con- fidence in you and know you will do a fine job. I regreat that I have to leave and I will miss each one of you. With Fondest Memories, God Bless, Rick Bums 78, D.S.G. President Lives of great men all remind us We can make our lives sublime, And, departing, leave behind us Footprints on the sands of time. Longfellow. " A Psalm of Life ' Ave atque vale, Jean E. Williams I WEST HAVEN LUMBER CO. Mason ' s materials Paints— hardware— lumber trim— sash— doors insulation— roofing kitchens Kitchen Appliances 933-1641 ■ ' 741 Washington Ave. West Haven Connecticut Best Wished to the Class of 1978 HERMANS PANTS POCKET 212A Boston Post Rd., Milford. Phone 239-5301 NORTH HAVEN Plumbing Heating Co. 348 Sackett Point Road North Haven, Ct. 06473 Randolph Brancato Earl Thompson BIC Compliments of NANKIN ' S INC. 45 College Street New Haven, Conn. 06510 Phone 624-7774 To the Class of 1977 YALE AMUSEMENTS CO. MODERN CIGARETTER SERVICE, INC ACME MUSIC CO. MODERN AUTOMATIC VENDING CO. Douglas Montano — Prcs. 229 Grand Ave. New Haven, Connecticut Phone: 865-6153 777-2112 624-7654 BEST WISHES SERVOMATION CORPORATION NEW HAVEN DISTRICT 50 UNITED DRIVE ■ NORTH HAVEN • CT ■ 06473 203 • 239 • 5676 Remember: The darker the Night sky becomes, The more the stars Shine. Sincere Congratulations to the Class of 1978 Rik Godfrey For your first checking account, graduate to the one that earns 5% interest. . . N.O.W. Checking Account at. Wiih convenieni ofdces throu hi mi New Haven County . , NEW HAVEN SAVINGS BANK! LnH!nBfOwnnnOT!iJmTO;n«i;if;n5!!T!nR:nwmpn ' !ifi!ran»wH!«5B!riiri!i!reiT »i Congratulations Class of 1978 Yesterday is already a dream. Tomorrow is only a vision. But. today, well-lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vi- sion of hope. Best of luck Lucinda Amendola Adver. Mgr. inwifpwnnfffiirennimrenn As a college senior or recent college graduate. The last thing a college senior needs is another pat on the back. As d college senior, credit-card offerv. promises and congraiulations come pc uring m. Fnjoy il while you can Because il won ' t last Out m the worid. you ' ll have lo work things out for yourself And one of those ihmps i life insurance hidelity Union Life has a plan designed for you the ColiegeMaster the ir ancc plan chosen h more (. lege seniors than any other C all the CollegeMasier Field Associate in your area: GJlesciVtastET. Phone: 878-5737 Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1978 From SAGA Food Service Who have serviced you all year long. May you Live As long as you like, and have all that you like As long as you live. —Anonymous To My Special Friends In The Graduating Class of " 1978 " Remember the Language of friendship is not words, but meaning. The Best of Luck And Happiness, in Whatever you all May Do. Love Marion 1978 CHARIOT Editor-In-Chiefi MARION MICHELLE GARNITZ Ass ' t Editor Pat Normandin Photograplty Editor Larry McGowan Art Editor Richard D. Godfrey Literary Editor Jean Williams Copywriter Roseann Massarelli Advertising Manager . . . .Cindy Amendola Section Editor Haydee Gallego Photographers: Al Cronk Alan Goldfinger John Cutillo Senior Portraits and facult)- administration candlds by DELMA STLTDIOS of New York. The 1978 Chariot was printed by THE DELMAR COM- PANY ' of North Carolina; Brian Hawthorne — Publishing Representative. MARION MICHELLE GARNITZ " Hi -i PAT NORMANDIN RICHARD D. GODFREY ROSEANN MASSARELLI LARRY McGOWAN AL CRONK CINDY AMENDOLA JEAN WILLIAMS HAYDEE GALLEGO V k - % ' %•• ' % Of}C£ W£ WS C b DJ4€ WJJJCS 03 VflM . . . We Jff: DracJfeJ Llk menlJi and pk suJf . C xplorea into everif direclion. jCauqlieJ, cried, foked and had food and bad limei. Entered into courhhip, love, freedom and opportaniliei jHearned aLout anger, reipecl, amLilion. pride, danger and honor. Reached out for courage, wiidom, peace and hope. Oook and Qaue advice from our famitg, friendi, facutlg, and loved onei. jDream of our aclioni, future and livei. By experiencing all this, we found " To meet someone halfway and to communicate is the beginning of understanding " . I hope we were able to communicate with you, our theme of " I Remember When " to meet with your reflections of your times spent here at the University of New Haven. The CHARIOT office was a place where I spent four years of my life, filled with reflections and memories. And now I find it time to leave and say " auf Wiedersehen " . I find this very hard to say, it seems to get hard to write this closing as I go on. I just keep seeing four years passing me by, just to leave and say good- bye. To you my Staff; Pat, Larry, Roseann, Cindy, Jean, Haydee, Al, Alan, John and the rest who helped out during the year, what can I say, but that I had the best staff on campus working for me. For without your help, we would still be needing a great deal of help NOW. PAT, you really learned yearbooking this year, and thanks for being around. fYou were around. ' . ' J RIK, again the endsheets were great and your layouts, fnot too bad. ' !) ROSEANN, it ' s said, that if you keep trying, you ' ll get it right, and Ro you got it fkeep trying] LARRY AND AL, the yearbook would not have been anything without your pictures, fyou can take pictures. ' . ' J HAYDEE, thanks for everything, for writing, typing, and layouts fyou can do a that. ' . ' J BRIAN HAWTHORNE, our publishing rep. and advisor. You ' ll always have that special touch, (must be magicj Well Pat it ' s your show now, and I wish you all the best of luck in the world. We both know the time needed to put one of these books together. Remember this: (Take it one day at a time and everything will get done.) I don ' t know where 1 11 be, but if you need any help justcall. I hope you get as much fulfillment and enjoyment out of it as I did. Again the best to you always. To you, members of the Class of 1978, when looking back on your college days, I hope that this book clearly portrays your reflections. I hope you enjoy the ' 78 CHARIOT and I wish you all the best of happiness in the future years to come. Love — ' nPi!!Un7nnTO!; i ' ! ' ;M ' ;Tnn!nn ' firi!!!Fi;iiiti ' !?nTin ' H;fiiTnff;!i;iM!!nM ' iiti:HnT ' iri!mn!siiini!iii!i!;n!Trti-iH:K7Tnm!imm f T Jr 1978 Chariot has blossomed into a bigger, better and more ful rememberance of UNH activities than ever before with fond memories pressed between each and every page. Under the direction of our editor-in-chief, Marion M. Gamitz, and the guiding hand of Brian Hawthorne, pbulishing representative, the long hours and collaborated fforts of the staff have finally come to a realization. Many thanks to Joe Macionus and the entire Student Records Department, Joe Cieplak and the staff in the Public Relations Office, The News, Margaret Bertolini and Barbara McGill for game results, and to our advertisers and patrons for their contributions. Thanks to Marge Bullenhamp, Joe Cieplak, John Cutillo, Dorothea Lassiter, Penv McLean, Jim McWade and Calvin Stoner for their photographic entiles. Special thanks for " Promise Yourself by Msgr. Charles McCarthy, " Don ' t Quit " , " Life ' s Clock " , " Human Relations " , and " Stairs To Op- portunity " , authors unknown; all from Into the Woods and Other Favorite Verses cl973 by the Daughters of St. Paul, Boston, Mass. 02130. Untitled poem from Sing Wth The Wind, c 1968 by WO. Abbot and B. Eaton Bossen. By permission of Inspiration House Publishers, So. Windsor, Ct " When 1 Have Fears " from Remembered Laughter cl976 by Alfit A. Knops Inc.. NY Passage from A Tale of Two Cities, • ' £harles Dicke Acknowledgement 260 Accounting Club 100 Ads 241 Agree, Philip 18 Agria, Carol 18 Ahard, Alfred 74 Ahem, Geraldine 18 Aiken, Carole 69 Aiken, Richard 18 Akers, David 18 Al-kulaib, Sami 18 Alpha Chi Induction 93 Amer. Soc. of Mech. Eng 99 Andrews, Donna 19 Andrenyak, David 19 Angelo, Mary Jane 19 Angiollo, Mary Jane 19 Arnold, Joseph 74 Arpaia, Russell 19 Asamoah, Benoni 19 Auburn, Daniel 19 Awards Ceremony 208 B Bailey, Russell 20 Baldwin Jr., Raymond 20 Balsis, Jeanine 20 Banti, David 20 Bartiromo, Robert 20 Baker, Richard 71 Baker, Samuel 71 Baseball 202 Basketball 155 Bauer, Gregory 20 Beale, Duane 20 Beeken, Romona 74 Behavioral Science Club 102 Bell, Thomas 71, 74 Benevento, John E 71 Bennett, Elizabeth 21, 71 Besket, Robert 21 Best, David 21 Beta Beta Beta 102 Black Student Union 103 Blade, Kenneth A. 21 Blake, Thomas R 21 Blasi, Maria 21 Blasky, Joel 74 Bloodmobile 175 Boehm, Harvey 21 Boncal, Joyce 22 Bonini, Gerald 22 Borkowski, Stephen 22 Botler, Carlos 22 Bradshaw, Alfred 75 Brady III, Edward 22 Brady, Eugene 75 Braggs, William 22 Brayfield, David 23 Brereton, Marshal 23 Broduer, Raymond 23 Brown, David 75 Brown, Ronald 23 Bruce, Pamela 23 Brunetti, Luann 23 Bruss, John 23 Buckley, Timothy 24 Bums, Donald 75 Bums, Richard 24 Burtyk, Dale 24 Cabarets 121 Cable, Wayne 24 Campbell, Joyce 24 Campbell, Robert 71 Capoccitti, James 24 Cappello, Vanessa 25 Caputo, John 25 Carbone, Lisa 25 Carrano, Albert 25 Carrano, Richard 25 Carriolo, Ralf 75 Carruba, John 25 Carson, George 75 Cass, Joseph 26 Chandra, Satish 75 Chariot Staff 256 Chariand, Dennis 26 Cheerleaders 92 Chepaitis, Joseph 76 Chess Club 95 Chi Kappa Rho 94 Chin, Deborah 76 Christensen, Paul 26 Chun, Kee 76 Chvisuk, Gregory 26 Cianculli, Sharon 26 Cieplak, Joseph 71 Cifaldi, Nicholas 26 Clifford, Thomas 26 Closing 266 Coggeshall, Raymond 27 Collins, Michael 27 Collins, William 27 Cooperstein, Kenneth 27 Comwall, Robyn 27 Courtney, Dennis 76 Cousimer, Jeffrey 27 Craw, Robert 27 Crescenti, Louis 28 Critelli, Catherine 28 Cross Country 144 Cupoli, Kevin 28 Cyr, Russell 28 D Danceathon 165 Dance, Thomas 28 Day, Gloria 28 DeFelice, Mark 28 DeLeeuw, Joseph 29 Demeo, Steven 29 Deobil, Robert 76 DeRosa, Daniel 29 Desio, Peter 76 DeVito, Laura 29 Dewitt, Patricia 29 DiCinque, Linda 29 Dickenson, David 29 Dillon, Gregory 30 Dinegar, Caroline 76 Dolana, Comelia 30 D ' Onofrio, Michael 30 " Don ' t Drink the Water " 182 Doram, Eustace 30 Dorenberg, Noreen 77 Dragalin, Peter 30 Dreschler, Mark 30 DSG Awards 130 DSG Elections 187 DuBuisson, David 72 Dull, James 77 Dunlap, Robert 30 Earl Jr., Gilbert 31 Earie, Daniel 31 Early, Patrick 31 Easter Egg Hunt 164 English Club 96 Etiing, Robert 77 Eve. Students Spring Dance ... 170 Eve. Students Christmas Party . . 134 Fadyn, Cindy 31 Farrow, William 31 Fashion Show 172 Fazzio, Richard 31 Felix, Laura 31 Fessel, Jean 31 Finals 133 Firshein, Adele 77 Fischer, Mark 32 Fisher, Bruce 32 Fitzgerald, Jim 32 Flaumenhaft, Frank 77 Football 146 Forensic Science 101 Fox, Barbara 32 French, Bruce 77 Frisbee Club 95 Fryer, Johnnie 78 Furtado, Kenneth 32 Galinot, Laurie 32 Gagne, Paul 33 Galloway, Frank 33 Gamberdella, Alphonse 33 261 a!gn!!l!nfK!n8!l!l!!!!!i!i!!S5;!lwmBtJia Gamberdella. John 33 Gamerdella, Vera 33 Gangler, Joseph 78 Gamitz, Marion M 33 Gere. William 78 Germia Jr.. Joseph 34 Ghoreyeb. John 69 Gilhuly Jr.. Robert 34 Giordano, Pam 34 Glover, Jimmy 34 Golf 198 Gorman. Vikki 34 Gomez. Dorothy 34 Greet, Richard 78 Gregorio Jr.. Peter 34 Grodzinsky, Stephen 78 Guida. Joseph 35 Guilbeault. Walter 35 Gustamachio, Paul 35 H Haberman, Ronald 78 Hallman. David 35 Hardy. Levinsky 35 Harper, Taylor 35 Hanicharan, Wilfred 79 Heller, Edward 35 Henry, David 36 Hird, Francis 36 Hockey 152 Hoff, Walter 36 Hoffner. Peri 36 Hoffung. Robert 79 Holtz. Robert 36 Homecoming 122 Homing, Darrell 79 Howling, Robert 79 Hughes, Linda 36 Hutchinson. Harold 36 Hyman. Arnold 79 I Intrafratemity-Sorority Council . . . 103 Irabhogue. Michael 37 Iverson. Martin 37 Izzo, Thomas 37 J January Commencement 158 Jensen, Gwendolyn 68 Jewell, Walter 79 Johnson, Deborah 37 Johnson. Raymond L 37 Joyner, Barbara 37 June Commencement 210 K Kaklik,John 80 262 Kalma, Dennis 80 Kaloyanides, Michael 80 Kamuda. Gary 37 Karpel, Karen 38 Kayiira, Andrew 80 Keefe. Kimberly 38 Kelley. Michelle 38 Kelly, Bruce 38 Kelly, Gilbert 38 King, Brick 38 Kingston. Joseph 38 Kirwin, Gerald 80 Kleinfeld, Ira 80 Klemenz, Steven 39 Koether. Edward 39 Kenneth. Kory 39 Kovacs, Andrew 39 Kravet. Robert 80 Krupa, Robert 39 Kuester, Kenneth 39 Kyder, Ellen 39 Laccone, Robert 40 Lacrosse 195 Ladyko. Richard 40 LaMare. Craig 40 Lambrakis. Konstantine 68, 81 LaTorraca, Linda 40 Lane, Steve 81 Lauginger, Edward 40 Lecture Committee 96 Lectures 126 Lee. Henry 81 Lee, William 40 Leon, Francisco 41 Leonard, Ira 81 Lepkowski. Jean 41 Levinson. Da■. d 41 Liguori. Gerald 41 Lindsay. Todd 41 Lineweber, Mark 41 Lis, Stanley 42 Livolsi. Robert 42 Logan. Lawrence 81 Lombardo, Karen 42 Lopes, Jorge 42 Lougal, Frederick 42 Lombardi, William 42 Lubs. James 42 Lucas Jr.. William 43 Luedee. Peter 43 Lynch, Raymond 43 M Machnick, Joseph 72 Macionus, Joseph 72 Maffeo, Edward 81 Magnanimo Jr., Rocco 43 Maltby. Peter 43 Maltese Jr., John 43 Mancini, Anthony ... 43 Mandor. Laila 44 Mandour, Ahmed 69 Mann. Richard 81 Marangell. Joseph 44 Marin, Amadour 44 Marinuzzi. Carl 44 Marth. James 44 Martin. John 82 Marsdan. David 44 Maru. Joseph 44 Maix Paul 82 Mathieu. Bertrand 82 May Day 184 McCormick. Daniel 45 McGee. Frank 82 McGowan. Lawrence 45 McKean. Patrick 45 McLaughlin. James 45 McTague. Joseph 45 McWilliams, John 45 Meagher, Tom 82 Meier, Robert 82 Melly Jr.. Michael 45 Mengual. John 46 Mentzer. Thomas 82 Metz, Daniel 46 Meile Jr., Anthony 46 Mikosky. Mary Ann 72 Miller. Philip 46 Mims. Louis 46 Misiorski. Alan 46 Mitchell, John 47 Mixers 132 Moffat. Nancy 47 Moffitt. Elizabeth 83 Monahan. Lynn 83 Montague. Richard 83 Moore. Terence 47 Moore. William 47 Mordacai. Thomas 47 Mo ms. William 47 Morrison, Richard 83 Mosdale, Kerry 47 Mulholland, Frederick 48 Mulligan, George 48 Murawski, James 48 Mursch. Petra 48 Murphy. Thomas 48 MyThank-You 256 N Naccarato. David 83 Nardini. Carol 48 Nash, Ed 49 Navin, Rosemary 49 News 108 New Foundling Theatre 128 Nixon. David 49 Niezgorski. Edwin 49 Nordlund. Kai 83 Nuber. Gerard 49 Nyce, William 83 o Oakes, Kenneth 49 Oertel, James 50 O ' Dwyer, Susanne 50 O ' Keefe, Daniel 84 Olgin, Philip 84 Orientation Week 116 Ormrod, Donald 84 Oliva, Mario 50 Oxford, Paul 50 Palencia, Carlos 50 Palmisano, Mark 50 Pan, William 84 Parker, Craig 84 Parker, Joseph 84 Patchwork 167 Peck, Margaret 51 Peluso, Michael 51 Peluso. Michelle 51 Pep Club 96 Perrone, Jeanne D 72 Pesenti, Carol 51 Pemo, Joseph 51 Phelps, Leslie 51 Pilch, Michael 51 Pinto, Michael 52 Pires, John 52 Plotnick, Alan 85 Polaski, Marianne 52 Pope, Fred 52 Popoliso, Joseph 52 Potochney, Janice 85 Prentice, Kevin 52 Primerano, Frank 52 R Rajcok Jr., Martin 53 Ranciato, Paula 53 Rand, Steven 53 Raucher, Steven 85 Reams, Dinwiddle 85 Reeves, William 53 Ripley, Steven 53 Robertson, Philip 72 Rodgers, Belinda 85 Rogers, Peter 73 Rodriguez, Jose 53 Roggeman, Joseph 53 Roggeman, Joseph 53 Ross, Bertram 85 Ross, Steve 86 Rousseau, Mark 54 Roycc, Daniel 54 Russell, Marv ' M Sack, Allen 86 Salik, Hamid 54 Sanders, Julie 54 Sandman, Joshua 86 Sawhney, Shiv 86 Scarpa, Ronald 54 Schepis, David 55 Scott, Donald 73 Senior Directory 230 Sherwood, Frank 86 Siege, Robert 55 Simkanin, Gregory 55 Sinclair, James 55 Ski Club 97 Sloane, David 86 Smith, Warren 69 Smollen, Claire 55 Sneider, Jack 55 Snyder, Stephanie 55 Soccer 149 Social Comm 97 Soleski Jr., Henry 56 Sotere, Pamela 56 Sparano, Daniel 56 Sports Award 188 Sports Results 264 Standish, Susan 56 Stanford, Greg 56 Stanley, Richard 86 Staugaard, Burton 87 Stepanik, Susan 56 Stein, Philip 57 Stephens, Kathryn 57 Stephens, Roger 57 Stitchalk, George 57 Stone, Valerie 57 Stoner III, Calvin 57 Strang, Allen 58 Straenitskas, David 58 Streeter, Durwin 58 Student Court 98 Sufferedini, Louis 58 Sullo, Debbie 58 Sullivan, Kathleen 58 Superstars Competition 186 Tuohy, Elizabeth 60 Tyndall, Bnice 87 Tyrell, George 60 V Van Dyke 60 Vasileff, Henry 87 Veneziano, Mariane 61 Verderame, James 61 Verastro, Dominic 61 Viera, Frank 61 Vitali, Thomas 61 Voegeli, Henry 87 Vonella, Frank 61 w Wade,Shelia 73 Walls, Martha . 61 Warner, Thomas 88 Wells, John 61 Wenk, Allan 62 Wentworth, Ronald 88 Weselch, Eleanor 88 White, Mark 62 White, Ralph 62 Whiteman, Silbert 88 Wiener, Bernard 88 Williams, Jean 62 Williams, Jeffery 88 Wilson, David 62 Wilson, David 62 Wilson, Jennifer 62 WNHU 106 Wojlczak Jr., Joseph 63 Women ' s Basketball 190 Women ' s Baseball 190 Women ' s Volleyball 190 Worid Music 176 Wright, H.F 88 Wynne, Michael 89 Wynshenk, Donald 89 Talent Show 180 Tanzer, Stephen 58 Tart, William 59 Taroli, William 59 Tavares, Richard 59 Taylor, Sally 59 Teluk, John 87 Teneyck, Terry 59 Tennis 193 Theilman, Ward 87 Tomasino, Steven 59 Tomlinson, Robert 59 Tracana, John 60 Track 200 Tranberg, Debra 60 Treichell, John 60 Triebel, Harry 60 Yankee, Colin 63 Yanover, Ruth 89 York, Michael 73 Yutenkas, Joseph 63 Zem, Martin 89 Zingate, Paul 89 Ziron, Frank 63 •1!J!;H.!.{amBiJ»H IWiro ' J!i!il!iim!lt:!H ItffilWiniTiTtfirrTrBitnfnimirTnHnwiTwmiHHinTran FOOTBALL UNH Opponent OPP. SPORTS CROSS COUNTRY 3 Framingham State 15 Maine Maritime Academy 44 UNH Opponents OPP 24 Bridgewater State 7 17 Plymouth State 14 14 Fairfield 50 Nichols College 13 15 Hartford 50 19 Curry College Boston State 21 6 15 USMMA 49 15 St Peters NS 3 Massachusetts Maritime Academy 28 15 St. Francis NS 7 Fordham University 78 50 Yale 15 WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL 45 SMU 17 3 Wins 6 Losses 17 15 RIC Barrington 40 50 UNH Opponent OPP. Coach - Tom Bel! 17 Bryant 44 73 Eastern Connecticut State College 87 15 E. Mazarene 50 58 Rhode Island College 65 15 Quinnipiac 48 63 Quinnipiac College 62 20 Assumption 39 67 University of Bridgeport 63 SOCCER 16 Connecticut College 43 62 Manhattanville College 50 16 Stonehill 47 51 Sacred Heart University 85 UNH Opponents OPP 15 Nichols 50 63 100 Western Connecticut State College Connecticut College 42 37 2 Western New England College 5 Fairfield University 1 City Series-UNH vs. So. Conn. 1 1 First Place Fairfield Invitation Fifth Place SMU Invitation Second Place (College Division) Cod Fish Invitation 57 94 61 Quinnipiac College Mitchell College Brooklyn College 49 26 71 5 City Series-UNH vs. Quin. 71 Assumption College 68 , 2 St. Francis College 1 67 Bryant College 50 1 City SenesUNH vs. Yale 14 Wins 2 Losses 66 Wesleyan University 59 4 Southampton College 1 Coach — Bob Deobil SMALL COLLEGE TOURNAMENT 4 City College of New York 2 Central Conn. State College 1 1 56 61 Sacred Heart University Eastem Connecticut State College 67 86 6 Stonehill College HOCKEY 4 Sacred Heart University UNH Opponent OPP 10 Wins 7 Losses 5 University of Lowell 1 Keene State College OSWEGO TOURNAMENT: Coach - - Deborah Chin 2 Babson College 1 Eastern Conn. State College 1 6 4 Elmira Oswego 12 7 2 Long Island University 3 PILGRIM TOURNAMENT: BASKETBALL 3 Bridgewater State 6 NCAA TOURNAMENT: Semi-Final 2 North Adams State College 6 UNH Opponent OPP University of Hartford 3-0 5 North Adams State College 4 NCAA TOURNAMENT: Final 6 Fairfield 3 79 Eastem Connecticut State College 72 SCSC 1-0 3 American International College 5 SOUTHAMPTON COLLEGE TOURN.: NCAA TOURNAMENT: NATIONALS. Semi-Final 1 Neu ' England College 4 76 M.M.A 68 Alabama A M 0-2 4 Bryant College 1 76 Southampton College 84 University of Wisconsin 2-2 WILLIAMS TOURNAMENT: 80 Quinnipiac College 83 Green-Bay 3-2 5 Williams 6 81 Stonehill College 105 (3rd in Country) 2 Hamilton 5 SACRED HEART UNIVERSITY TOURN.: 16 Wins 2 Losses 3 Ties SALEM STATE TOURNAMENT: 75 CCSC 77 Coach — Joseph A. Machnik 4 Salem State 7 85 University of Hartford 88 3 St. Anselm ' s 6 108 Keene State College 99 5 New England College 4 97 C.W. Post College 82 3 Trinity College 4 86 Wagner College 83 4 Fairfield University 72 Ha rtwick College 81 4 University of MaineOrono 2 89 Southem Connecticut State College 83 2 North Adams State College 5 78 Quinnipiac College 75 3 University of Massachusetts 8 102 Western Connecticut State College 83 3 University of Connecticut 2 75 Central Connecticut State College 76 4 U.S. Military AcademyW. Point 4 79 Western New England College 74 1 Norwich University 7 82 Sacred Heart University 87 8 Bryant College 7 86 Merrimack College 78 6 Babson College 5 88 Nichols College 61 8 Wesleyan University 101 University of Hartford 119 1 University of Connecticut 5 80 89 New Hampshire College Southem Connecticut State College 88 83 10 Wins 15 Losses 1 Tie 76 85 Bryant College American Intemational College 80 96 Coach - - Stephen Lane 12 Wins 12 Losses Coach - William Farrow lUiui.. RESULTS BASEBALL UNH Opponent OPP 12 Fordham Universitv 7 7 Pace University 6 12 Southern Connecticut State College 3 11 Quinnipiac College 4 Central Connecticut State College 3 9 11 Stonehill College 2 1 12 Bryant College 20 Western Connecticut State College 5 University of Bridgeport 4 St. John ' s University 5 7 3 6 So. Mass. University Southern Connecticut State College 4 1 4 5 Quinnipiac College 3 LACROSSE 11 University of Bridgeport 2 11 Assumption College 7 UNH Opponent OPP 8 19 Bentley College 3 3 14 Westfield State College 4 9 Massachusetts Maritime Academy 6 5 Eastern Connecticut State College 2 18 Southern Connecticut State College 1 10 Siena College CITY SERIES 9 6 9 Fairleigh Dickinson University Bowdoin College 7 8 8 S.C.S.C. 3 9 University of Connecticut 12 CITY SERIES 12 Wesleyan University 9 9 Yale University 2 6 C-W. Post College 10 TRACK 5 Sacred Heart University 4 4 New York Institute of Technology 21 11 Eastern Connecticut State College 9 15 Nichols College 4 New Haven 81 13 Central Connecticut State College 1 16 Springfield College 8 Worcester State 53 3 Rhode Island College 4 12 New England College 5 Salem State 33 12 Trinity College 9 Bryant 32 26 Wins 2 Losses 14 Holy Cross College 7 8 State University of New York-Albany 10 Southem Connecticut 121 Coach - - Frank Vieira 19 Siena College NCAA TOURNAMENT 16 New Haven Rhode Island College 67 4 5 Towson State College 24 New Haven 78 WOMEN ' S SOFTBALL 10 Wins 6 Losses Westfield State Williams 28 Coach - - Will Verhoeff UNH Opponent University of Rhode Island OPP 6 Tri State Conference Champions 6 Wins 1 L-OSS 2 Rhode Island College 9 MEN ' S TENNIS 13 Bryant College 7 Coach - Bob Deobil 6 Fairfield University 4 UNH Opponent OPP 7 Manhattanville College 1 16 Western Connecticut State College 2 9 Quinnipiac College 8 Quinnipiac College 2 3 Bryant College 6 24 Quinnipiac College 3 7 Marist College 2 5 University of Bridgeport 1 4 University of Bridgeport 5 13 Yale University 9 2 Connecticut College 7 3 Eastern Connecticut State College 4 5 Quinnipiac College 4 CITY SERIES: 3 Stonehill College 6 13 Quinnipiac College 8 5 Bridgewater State College 4 2 S.C.S.C. 9 Wins 4 Losses 7 3 3 Southern Connecticut State College Fairfield University 4 Wins 6 Losses 6 6 Coach - Deborah Chin Coach - Donald Wynschenk 265 i Ih:- GRADUATES I COAT ROOM GRADUATES ROBES ASSEMBLY AREA GRADUATES, LOWER LEVEL STAIRWAY IT WAS NEW AND UNFAMILIAR m 1 m E |i»«— 1 4 1 i I y amRs TO RELAX, TO PLAY TO LEARN AND TO BE TAUGHT ♦ A PLACE WHERE LIVES MET 1 t t i imriiiiftiiiBiMiiiiiiiiaiiriri A PLACE WHERE MEMORIES WERE MADE. 1lititiHyMH " ' «JM » - " " " ' M H ' « «) ' «-%• -•

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