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mU if B ■ » ■i- ■„„-. ' „ , ; ' , jj .. ' ■•,i.,i,..i.:r . ' table of contents title page 1 opening 3 " people " opening 13 faculty 18 administration 34 graduates 44 organizations 74 " places " opening 81 a campus tour 86 " things " opening 117 the academic year 122 " etc. " opening 201 the coloring book 206 graduate directory 224 ads 236 closing 248 index 250 ' then and now. " it ' s as simple as that; for the rest of our lives . . . " then and now. " no matter where we go, what we do, who we become. . . . it will always be the comparison; the evaluation — " then and now. " •■• dd we judge what now exists by what once was; we hold hope in today for what will someday be. f 1 what do we have? is it better?. ... or worse? how?. . . . and why? f7 M the critique is endless, and it is good, we learn best by fumbling over our errors, by dreaming, and striving, to improve. our hearts are filled with the past, our minds, of the future, . . . and our souls, of today — creating a blend of all there once was, now exists, and that we will to be. someday, the " now " will be a " then " , but the comparison — and the learning — will go on V people " » .- ■• faculty » ' « jVii ii JM u 4 . MOTPTTT E CHMN FINE ARTS OLSIN f COORD TtACHE« ECU C ATOM PARKER LC OR DEVELOPMENT A ALUMNI PARKER V OtR SPECIAL RTUOIES PETERSON MR PRESWENT EMERITUS raULMN C OIR CARCER DEVELOPMENT ROBERTSON T DIN MOUSING I STUDENT Cf NTCI SCWAEFER G VETERAN AFFAWS COORO E SMATTUCK J DM PERSONNEL SMALLNOGO T OM PUSUC RELATOM SQMMCRS A PROVOST TELUK J ACTING CHNN ECONOMICS WANNER T MAN ENGINEERING I NHITEMAN G CHMN COMMUNICATION 1 NILLIAMt J CHMN ACCOUNTING WILSON N ACTING OUN GRADUATE SCHOOL | URICHT HF CHMN SCIENCE! SIOLOOY NVNNE M COORD SOCIAL WELFARE NTNSCMSJIK o CHMN PHVS EO 1 T ° M (MR COUNSELING t •USlNESS SLOG EC -STUDENT CENTO E - ENC4NCERMG BLOC gg .hqhth rilTTJl Ramona Beeken English Br (3 t r iff! SLc Alfred Bradshaw Sociology David Brown Psychology Donald Burns Physical Education Kee Chun Physics Chairman Frank Flaumenhaft Management Science Bruce French English Ronald Haberman Industrial Engineering Gerald Kirwin Electrical Engineering Chairman Robert Kravet Accounting Ivan Lobay Mechanical Engineering Constantine Lambrakis Mechanical Engineering Chairman Henry Lemaire Chemistry » Edward Maffeo Fine Arts lv i ' ' 1 Richard Mann Civil Engineering John Martin Civil Engineering Donald Ormrod Physics 1 Education 1 BR C ■j " i l 1 •jl I j H J y P i _. Alan Plotnick Economics Myrna Rottman English Garo Ray Communication 2S Daniel Ryan Criminal Justice BX ]i i Y n 1 1 v »fc j i ■ 1 B . 1 v Joshua Sandman Political Science Franklin Sherwood Economics Louis Silbert Management Science Burton Staugaard Biology Kantilal Surti Electrical Engineering John Teluk Economics, Acting Chairman Ward Theilman Economics Henry Vasileff Finance 30 Ruth Yanover Marketing Intn ' l Business Martin Zern Management Scienc Paul Zingale Management Science 3? NATHANIEL KAPLAN FEBRUARY 8, 1920 — FEBRUARY 19, 1976 From " Song of Myself By Walt Whitman The spotted hawk swoops by accuses me. he complaines of my gab and loitering. I loo am not a bit tamed, I too am untranslatable. I sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world The last scud of day holds back for me. It flings my likeness after the rest and true as any on the shadow ' s wilds. It coazes me to the vapor and the dusk. I depart as air. I shake my white locks at the runaway sun, I effuse my flesh in eddies, and drift it in lacy jags. I bequeath myself to the dirt to grow from the grass I love. If you want me again look for me under your boot-soles. You will hardly know who I am or what I mean. But I shall be good health to you nevertheless. And filter and fibre your blood. Failing to fetch me at first keep encouraged. Missing me one place search another. I stop somewhere waiting for you. In tribute to our mentor and guide to life. (From) the Students of NATHANIEL KAPLAN 2 76 33 administration Dr. Phillip Kaplan President Dr. Alexis Sommers Provost Dalen Bowles Assistant to the President Marvin K. Peterson President Emeritus 36 Richard Lipp Director of Continuing Education Lawrence Parker Director of Development and Alumni 38 Continuing Education: A part-time study which enables you to continue to learn and grow in any you choose; Courses are offered in areas ranging from Accounting to Zoology, and there is a program to fit your needs. Over 2,500 Students are now enrolled at the University of New Haven . . . Your education need not end with college, continuing education can help you make learning part of your life. Muriel MacKay Registrar of Continuing Education Alumni Association: As a degree graduate of UNH, you have now joined over 7,500 other gradu- ates who make up the University of New Haven Alumni Association. Your Alumni Association sponsors the Annu- al Homecoming in October of each year, the Annual Phonathon to raise money for the University, and such other activi- ties as Alumni Day and group charter trips to Europe and South America. You will receive the Alumni News two or three times each year, as well as the UNH Commentary, a quarterly newslet- ter written for alumni, parents and friends. These two publications will be mailed to you free of charge if you will be sure to keep the Alumni Office in- formed at all times of your mailing ad- dress. You are also entitled to a permanent alumni " ident " card which entitles you to use of the Library and to receive certain other privileges includ- ing, by arrangement, use of the athletic facilities on the North Campus. Matthew Connery Assistant Director of Continuing Education Virginia Parker Director of Special Studies Richard Gelgauda General Manager, WNHU Donald Scotl Director of Security ■ nr; 3 ; i Elizabeth Bennett Staff Assistant Public Relations Samuel Baker Head Librarian James Shattuck Personnel Director people people people people 43 graduates Cheryl Abrams B.S. Criminal Justice Robert M. Abrams B.S. Electrical Engineering Charles A. Adonizio III B.S. Marketing Homayoon Ajodanpour B.S. Civil Engineering 46 Thomas R. Allison B.S. Accounting John G. Altermatt, Jr. B.S. Management Science Birhanei Amare B.S. Accounting Edward J. Amato B.S. Financial Accounting Miles C. Anderson B.S. Civil Engineering Karen F. Andrulatis B.S. Criminal Justice Carl Babb B.A. Social Welfare Michael G. Balog B.S. Criminal Justice Leslie T. Bartiroma B.A. Art Stephen J. Belchak B.S. Accounting Bag! yp. V 9 T W Carl P. Bell B.S. Hotel Restaurant Administration David J. Bell B.S. Law Enforcement Administration Dorothy L. Bellamy AS. General Studies Robert E. Biedermann B.S. Operations Management Ken W. Biermacher B.S. Forensic Science Tom F. Birmingham B.S. Criminal Justice Paul D. Blair B.S. Hotel Restaurant Administration Lori Bober B.S. Chemistry Antolij Bochan B.S. Financial Accounting Robert E. Bordonaco B.S. Accounting Thomas E. Boyce B.S. Operations Management Janice F. Brown B.S. Operations Management Roger D. Breunig B.S. Mechanical Engineering Peter Burstynski B.S. Operations Management Robert D. Butler B.S. Accounting Francis R. Caprio A.S. Art Dominic J. Carini B A. Political Science David B. Carroll B.S. Economics Mary L. Carroll B.A. Social Welfare James V. Cassella B.A. Psychology Holly J. Chaplick B.A. Psychology Jerry Ciardiello B.S. Electrical Engineering John C. Cicarella B.S. Criminal Justice 51 Carol A. Ciociola B.A. English Robert W. Cooke B.S. Criminal Justice Patricia Coppinger B.S. Business Administration Louis Coppola B.A. History Deborah Cox 52 B.S. Criminal Justice Administration Timothy Cox B.S. Criminal Justice Daniel Criswel] John R. Da Costa B.A. History Edward J. Davies B.S. Correctional Administration Gladys S. Davis B.S. Financial Accounting Gary J. De Filippo B.S. Finance John J. De Francesco B.A. Psychology Peter A. De Gregorio B.S. Business Administration Mark J. De Lieto B.S. Criminal Justice Denise H. De Lisle A.S. Journalism Thomas A. Delia Ventura B.S. Accounting Cathy L. De Matteis A.S. Journalism ■ Ronald J. De Rosa B.S. Electrical Engineering Robert F. Dillon B.A. History John F. Drasdis B.S. Criminal Justice Joseph Draus Maureen A. Drew B.S. Communications Glenn J. Earl !.S. Hotel Restaurant Administration William E. Elander B.S. Communications Anthony J. Elia Jr. B.S. Criminal Justice Edward J. Emielitia Jr. B.S. Criminal Justice Mark A. Federico B.S. Accounting Donald Fertman B.S. Communications Cosette Fournier B.S. Operations Management William D. Ferri B.S. Criminal Justice Wayne Finley B.S. Law Enforcement John P. Franzis B.A. Mathematics Psychology James P. Freed B.S. Criminal Justice Larry J. Gallichio B.A. Social Welfare Richard A. Genett B.S. Law Enforcement Administration Dennis J. Genito B.S. Pre-Medical " 5S _ J .« .iwa. , Anne P. Giglilo I. A. Social Welfare Ann M. Grabowski B.A. Psychology John H. Hamlyn Jr. B.S Hotel Restaurant Administration Wayne H. Hollenbeck B.S. Marketing Nicholas T. Hovland B.A. Sociology David H. Huston A.S. Criminal Justice Bruce M. Iannucci B.S. Water Quality Control John F. Incampo B.S. Law Enforcement Administration Carolyn Isaacson B.S. Criminal Justice Kevin H. Janicke I.S. Forensic Science Michael R. Kalakay B.S. Electrical Engineering r Lewis Kasowitz Michael Keahy Deborah D. Kelly B.S. Management Science Deborah J. Kielbassa B.A. Psychology Donna Kinsler B.S. Criminal Justice Matthew M. Klos B.S. Political Science Diana J. Korenchuk B.A. Psychology Joseph Kovach B.S. Law Enforcement Administration Patricia G. Kupson B.S. Retailing Mindy J. Kushner B.S. Operations Management William Larson B.S. Electrical Engineering | Frank Laveiro Dawn M. Leonardo B.A. Psychology Shelley D. Levin A.S. Law Enforcement James X. Logan B.S. Accounting Lawrence E. Logan B.S. Marketing Vincent T. Luciano B.S. Criminal Justice Thomas Luxeder B.S. General Management Scott F. McLean B.S. Law Enforcement Administration Julie McManus B.A. Social Welfare Melanie McTiernan 63 Ted F. Mankowski B.S. Civil Engineering Chuck Manns Marshall D. Marcus B.S. Management Science Robert E. Meagher Jr. B.S. Accounting Theophilus Meekins II B.A. Criminal Justice Christine L. Melillo B.S. Correctional Administration Benita Mellow B.A. Social Welfare Denis W. Mentha B.S. Management Science Rita Miller B.S. Accounting Robert A. Miller B.S. Operations Management 66 David A. Moll B.S. Mechanical Engineering Joseph Mrazik B.S. Marketing Mandr Nabizadeh Vincent Nisivoccia B.S. Marketing Patrick O ' Sullivan B.S. Finance Eugene I. Olewine B.S. Operations Management Thomas J. Pallone B.S. Criminal Justice Pascal G. Panza B.S. General Management John A. Pasquella B.S. Marketing Art J. Penna Jr. B.A. World Music Mary M. Perham B.S. Environmental Studies Brian E. Phelps B.S. Marketing Ken A. Pol B.S. Hotel Management Mary Poro Dawn E. Reiss A.S. Commercial Advertising Art . 1 Rita P. Reutter B.S. Public Administration Victor Rezalde Harold E. Riley B.S. Management Science Steven D. Rosenfield B.S. Management Science Cindy A. Ross B.A. Political Science Allen E. Roy B.S. Criminal Justice Robert E. Russo B.S. Electrical Engineering Nancy A. Sailer B.A. Chemistry 69 Lawrence N. Seilhamer B.S. Civil Engineering Claudia G. Seward B.A. Art 7 Brenda G. Shore B.S. Accounting Paul N. Simpson B.A. History Jeffrey Skaanning B.S. Criminal Justice Beverly E. Smith B.S. Public Administration Bruce F. Smith B.S. Hotel Restaurant Administration Alice J. Steinert B.A. English Jed H. Strasser B.S. Marketing Grace H. Stuckey B.A. Social Welfare Victor Swyrydenko B.A. Political Science Tajudeen Towolawl B.S. Hotel Administration . Vl Vern C. VanFleet Jr. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Richard Vargoshe B.S. Criminal Justice Frank J. Verdone B.S. Public Administration Howard J. Wurzak I.S. Hotel Restaurant Administration Sande J. Zander A.S. Criminal Justice organizations Chi Kappa Rho Sorority Left to Right (FRONT ROW) Doris Yuhas, Diane Vitelle, Laura Fnnt. (2nd ROW) Carol Savoie, Lori Vail. (3rd ROW) Debbie Torniero, Janet Specht. (4th ROW) Marion Garnitz, Patty Coppinger. (BACK ROW) Wendy Taubman, Haydee Galligo. Cns Melillo, Gina Petanito. OFFICERS: President: Patty Coppinger, Vice-President: Janet Specht, Secretary: Lori Bober, Treasurer: Marion Garnitz. Evening Student Council llli Left to Right: George Baker, Delma Hueffman, James Stakpole. Lester Forst, Richard Lipp. John Tarantino. OFFICERS: President: Barbara Taylor, Vice-President: George Baker, Secretary: Mary Minshall, Treasurer: John Tarantino. Alpha Chi Honor Society Left to Right: OFFICERS: Dr. Peter Desior. President: Stephen Belchak, Vice-President: Ken Biermacher, Secretary: Nancy Sailer, Treasurer: John Franzis, Public- Relations: Susan Voll, Dr. Burton Staugaard. Civil Engineering Club Left to Right: (FRONT ROW) Ten Mankowski, Dr. Ross Lanius, Jr. (Advisor), Mike Tamsin, Don Broderick, Gary Buteau, Antonio Santiago, unknown. Dave Ziaks, (BACK ROW) Dave Crumb, Miles Anderson, Keith Crumb, Kevin Mahoney, Ed Bale, Ed Nycek, Tom Weldon. OFFICERS: President: Gary Buteau, Vice-President: Tom Weldon, Secretary: Keith Crumb, Treasurer: Dave Crumb. Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity Left to Right (FRONT ROW) Joe Lagrotteria, Fred Pope (2ND ROW) Paul Chnstianson. Craig Fontaine. Jay Andruskiwec, Jim Hill. Russ Bailey. Henry Cortina. Dave Andrenyak. (BACK ROW) Ed Davies, Tom Pollone, Chuck Manns, Bruce Smith, Dick Travers. OFFICERS: President: Bruce Smith, Vice-President: Jay Andruskiwec, Secretary: Russ Bailey, Treasurer: Tom Pallone. Tau Epsilon Phi International Fraternity Left to Right (FRONT ROW) John McMahon. Mark Delito. Joe Confrencisco, Gary Kamuda, Chuck Turcio, Carlos Palencio, Terry Teneyck. (2nd ROW) Anthony Guanno. Tom Russell, Joe Redente, Lou Faiella, Phil Biondi, Larry Cozzolino, Dale Burtyk. Leonard Bratchell. Mike Reiss, Russ Arpaia. Paul Wiess, Kevin Moradian. (BACK ROW) Al Misorski, Daryl Albanese. Bob Cook, Dave Marsden, Al Gambardella, Rick Dilella, Dave Moll, Brian Havens, Mike Murphy. OFFICERS: President: Lousi Faiellla, Vice-President: Al Misorski, Secretary: Tom Russell, Treasurer: Keven Moradian, Public Relations: Dave Marsden. Forensic Society Left to Right (FRONT ROW) Dave Andrenyak. Ed Heller. Ed Banasiak. Bruce Kelly, Mike Sosnicki, Mark Illuminati. George Snieckus, Craig Fontaine, Ken Biermacher. (BACK ROW) Sue Voll. Rich Aicken, Bebi Lambert. Dr. Henry Lee. Mary Cortiese. Linda Rodriquez, Wolfgang Schlader. Dave Ruffino, Chris Grise. Kevin Balou. OFFICERS: President: Ken Biermacher. Vice-President: George Snieckus. Secretary: Craig Fontaine. Treasurer: Mark Illuminati. American Marketing Association WA Left to Right (FRONT ROW) Robert Rowan, Carol Pesenti, Charles Adonizio, Thomas Papa. (BACK ROW) Al Vanacore, John Altermatt, Eugene Gentile, Paul Pollikoff, David Hallman, Mark Carbone. 79 OFFICERS: President: Charles Adonizo, Vice-President: Carol Pesenti, Secretary: Robert Roman, Treasurer: Thomas Papa. Society For Advancement Of Management Left to Right (FRONT ROW) Ken Antone, Bob Rowan, Steve Rosenfield, Chuck Adonizio, Gene Gentile, John Altermatt, Janice Brown, Bev Smith, Bill Figlar, David Meagher. (BACK ROW) Bob Galluzzo, Jim Ciarlegio, Charles Serviss, Frank Uerdone, Harold Riley, Deborah Kelly, Jim Menge, Ida Mia, Joe Lagritteora. OFFICERS: President: John Altermatt, Vice-President: Gene Gentile, Secretary: Janice Brown, Treasurer: Chuck Adonizio. Cheerleaders Left to Right (FRONT ROW) Robin Hudson, Bonnie Sendler. (BACK ROW) Madge Miles, Shellay Ebron (Capt). Gina Petonito. 46 places " JPW s J 1 . , 1m! I4V-H .!3 " » % 1 ' I • " H H k • .i ' « f m % 49 b« IV Tf w y ,-- " -■■ »-3. . •- p £l 4. ■! 1 - •Mt 1 ta n m ! S3 ■■■■■H ■ • ' ■- - ' ,,• A Campus Tour . . . Well, if we are going to give you a tour of the UNH campus, perhaps we had better start right at the beginning of the day. If you are like most of the stu- dents at UNH, you are battling the traffic, rushing to make it in time for your first class. The first couple of jour- neys, the signposts were necessary to help you remember how to get to the new (to you) school; the old pros hardly bother to glance at them, except perhaps to judge how much more time they have on the road. You may be singing with the radio, or a tape, or listening to the news, or you may have an open book on the seat next to you and read another chapter at every red light. Univ. of . New Haven EXIT 43 86 UNIVERSITY 4 M SOUTH CAMPUS ADMISSIONS CAREER DEVELOPMENT COUNSELING CRIMINAL JUSTICE FINANCIAL AID SCHEDULING STUDENT RECORDS VETERANS ACEAIRS VISITORS PARKING OF NEW HAVEN MAIN AND Mt NORTH CAMPUSES W} ALL OTHER ACTIVITIES. FUNCTIONS ANO OFFICES Follow Mow Arrows to : INFORMATION AND VISITORS PARKING 87 The most dominant structure on campus is the main build- ing. This Facility was originally designed as an " early or- phanage " , it was remodeled into " tentative classrooms. " Most administrative offices are in here, as well as a good percentage of classrooms and science labs, if you can find some of them — " 200C? . . . that ' s behind 200B which is behind 200A? . . . " Never be late for a class like that, you disturb 3 classes instead of just one, and it isn ' t worth the bother. ■ ' • ; The book store has a new look; it ' s the newly chris- tened placemaker: all on-campus directions are given, " and when you come to the wildly colored, square building . . . " all class supplies are purchased there, for the price of standing in long, long lines at the begin- ning of each semester; available too, is all sorts of UNH para-phrenalial for the " rah-rah " in each of us. The structure is also the home of the Post Office, Joe ' s Capasso ' s Barber Shop, and last, but certainly not least, the illustratious Yearbook office. Dormitory Dorm students: a small minority: those who do live on campus. The commuters see only the virtue of living so close, of not having to drive 20 or 30 miles in order to be home; the dorm residents see a place where home is a too-small room, shared with a stranger- turned-friend, where meals are selections on a tray, and where Sundays maybe " what can we do today? " instead of " oh, boy — a free day! " The Dorm ' s Residence Council attempts to sponsor events for the weekend, but somehow with a predominately com- muter school, there never seems to be quite enough to do on the weekends. 91 tesm iMrMliM 93 Business Building It always looks like it ' s sliding off the hill and onto Campbell Avenue; hopefully — it won ' t. There is office space only for the graduate school, all the rest is classroom space. Most non-busi- ness majors rarely see the inside of the Business Building, — except, of course, during Summer classes, when air-conditioning is fully tak- en advantage of. 94 Parking Lot Perhaps the largest number of gripes and complaints revolve around the parking problem at UNH. Almost all students do commute, as well as all faculty and adminis- trative members. Every day from 8:15 to 1:30, the lots are packed and three or four people will vie for the space of one departing car. But as lunchtime rolls around, the cars disappear as if they melted in the sun, and only the strag- glers dot the barren lot. 96 South Campus Once the old library, the South Campus building now houses a lot of the administrative offices and student services. Financial Aid, Student Records, and Career De- velopment are always full of stu- dents; but even though it is only across the street, only the most ambitious will walk the distance — the lazy at heart would rather drive over (once a commuter, al- ways a commuter). i . J» Library Our beautiful new library, finally a reality after last October ' s dedication ceremony; it is now a focal point of the UNH student ' s existence. There have been squir- mishes over hours, and fusses over material available, but most students are pleased. Art work is often on display, it ' s the only one of our buildings with a name: " The Mar- vin K. Peterson Library " , but the more persistant of us still only speak of working at " the library. " NO FOOD OR BEVERAGES PERMITTED I IN THIS BUILDING Student Center A lot goes on in the student center. Perhaps wisely, it was constructed in the center of the campus. Almost all activities on campus happen somewhere in the student center, and you ' ll almost always meet people you know. The gameroom is busy from the moment it opens until the supervisors throw everyone out to close. A little showing-off of a practiced skill, a little friendly competition — the best ways to relax after classes, or pass the time between committments. — - MIXER _ ' • 1 The Student Center " proper " is probably the upper level entrance lobby. Most advertising for general student information is posted or distributed there, and tables for display are set up almost every day for some group. The D.S.G. offices and main desk are close nearby, for the access of all university members, as is the Housing Office. WNHU 88.7FM West Haven, Conn. WNHU Staff. Left to right. (FRONT ROW) W. Gamache, R. Sharpe, T. Sabellico, T. Kuser, D. Fertman, K. Korenchuk, P. Marcucci. (SECOND ROW) R. DeRosa, G. Telker, T. Glifort, P. Sotere, B. Scialabba, M. Geltman, R. Lysak, J. Ciardella. (BACK ROW) J. Stillwell, D. Knowlton, A. Corbin, L. Crescenti, D. Lister, J. Cerreta, T. Gartland, S. Marino. The University ' s FM radio station, WNHU, is also located in the Student Center. Their growing pains have b een felt by everyone else on the second floor, as WNHU first filled one hallway ' s worth of space, then an entire side of the D.S.G. ' s allocated office space, . . . and now seems to be bursting at the seams again. The staff has grown in size as well. People float in and out, preparing for shows, editing new and community calenders, making general re- pairs, or stopping in to say hello. It ' s a happy crew up on the second floor, getting together for Softball games on weekends, and " informal meetings " on Thursday nights at Chuck ' s Steak House. Any UNH student is welcome to join in. There have been rumblings of late that " going stereo " is in the nearby future, but not quite yet. We will all just have to wait and see, or listen, as the case may be. ,: " ' :- ;.•;.,..•■ The " heirarchy " of WNHU, hard at work, as usual: (L to R) Tom Kuser, Station Manager; Dick Gelgauda, General Manag- er; Bob Russo, Chief Engineer. 103 »■ Rathskellar ... is the atmosphere of the " Famous " Rathskellar. It has a whole new image now, with paneling, new furniture, and a refurbished bar area, courtesy of Pat Panza. Now that the snack bar, newly christened Omar ' s Wooden Nickel, is opened for evening hours, " The Rat " is turning into the campus meeting place, both day and evening, all week and most of the weekends. 104 ' Cafeteria And Lounge The cafeteria and lounge, as well as being functional as places to eat, sleep, and study, serve the university community as general meeting places. The Student Rally for Awareness was held in the cafeteria, and saw the best student-interest turnout in the D.S.G. ' s history. The sorority and fraternities, as well as some clubs, occupy standing tables in the cafe, and if you are ever searching for someone, the best places to start are the lounge and cafeteria. The News Another of the University ' s media, the News, is also located in the Student Cen- ter. The newspaper office is off the main lobby, next door to the D.S.G. (perhaps the BEST place to find out what ' s going on! ). The News is published and dis- tributed (both on and off campus) week- ly, with the aid of their newly purchased type-setting machine, and a remarkably professional and smooth-working staff. The Editor-in-Chief, Joe Amarante. JACK LAROCCA Managing Editor TIM MARSHALL Campus Editor DENISE DeLISLE Womens Editor PHIL PAPA Co-Photo Editor PENNY AVGERINOS Circulation Director LOUSE VERINO Advertising Director RICH HANLEY Features Editor WALT HOFF Sports Editor CHET MALIN Co-Photo Editor GARY MOORE Cartoonist 108 :.:: . .. ' .:.--. . .. . ;;:■;: n . :.;:; . ■■■■ - , ■- :-.. ' - : ' ■■ ' ■.- ,..v - " ; .: ' .: " ::; ' ■ ' ■ ■ places places places places places Nobody can quite figure out why this building is called the Gatehouse, or why it is shaped like a capital I or H — depending on the angle from which it is viewed. The Gatehouse is one of the older structures on campus, and houses mostly administrative and faculty offices. Downstairs is the Data Center, complete with keypunch room, trouble-shooting area, and a friendly computer — one of the two on campus. ■•■■ ■-■ ' ■:::. . ' ■■: ' .. ' : 0 UJ 0F % The North Campus c The gymnasium complex serves a multitude of purposes — home sports game, indoors and out, except hockey, are hosted there, as well as large lectures demonstrations, graduation exercises, and registrations for classes. The athletic department offers a wide range of gym classes and intermural programs, and the facilities are available for use by any member of the UNH community. Engineering Building Perhaps the most simplistically designed structure on the entire cam pus, as well it may be — for it houses, as it ' s name sug- gests, the Engineering Dept. There are sev- eral offices, science and communication labs, and classrooms. Off one of the EE classrooms is a smaller room, where " Nomad " , the second of UNH ' S comput- ers, lives. Unlike the Data Center comput- er, Nomad — if you know the right words to type — will devistate your ego by defeat- ing you at chess, tic-tac-toe, and a number of other skill games, as well as solving engi- neering problems. 115 Well, that ' s about it, that ' s every aspect and landmark of the UNH campus. But maybe the tour would be incomplete without at least an introduction to the newest members of the UNH community: the proposed University Center, to be built in the near future where parking lot 1, and Harugari Hall , newly purchased from Notre Dame, and situated next door to South Campus. " things " 119 4 WELCOME TO UNH u " Getting to know you 4 Orientation The fall semester starts with the annual orientation for all new incoming students. All facets of campus life are represented, from the student organizations to head administration. Each in turn vies for the attention of the con- fused freshmen in a series of lectures, speeches and luncheons. Returning students search out room numbers, old friends and new books; finding long lines, familiar faces, and a cold beer in the Rat. Dean Ghoreyeb ' s annual speech to incoming students. Textbooks are coded to make the annual search a little easier. You could mortgage your house!? " 123 The UNH cafeteria disquised as a " Disco " . MixCrS tra ditional part of the social atmosphere at UNH are the weekend celebrations affec- tionately known as " mixers. " These events are usually frequented by many of the girls from SCSC, and attended by a vast majority of UNH singles. Mixers are sponsored by many of the clubs and organizations for the purpose of fund rai- sing, as well as end-of-the-year ' s parties. Dave Levinson in one of his " off ' hours. 124 M Keeping up with the action presents a challenge to even the best of A Charger must make split second judgements in attempting passes to his teammates, atheletes. With determination and skill, one of the UNH booters intercepts a pass. i $ 3 University of New Haven 1975 Soccer Roster NO. NAME 2 Glenn Joseph 3 Frank Ali 4 Alvaro Barrios 5 Winston Campbell 6 Charlos Palencia 7 Charles Smith 8 Chris Furman 9 John Jedrelinic 10 Carl Babb 11 Frank Loureiro 14 Peter Zimmerman 15 Alex Mikusow lb Kevin Sculley 17 Tom Allison 18 Ian Simpson 19 Rick Weldon 20 Jako Nikaci 21 Richard Glass Kurt Nedrick Goal Rick Kessel Goal John Tarascio Head Coach: Dr. Joseph A. Machnik Assistant: John Kowalski (■ " tffe.V. 1 V " ■RSIBBBBBIBlHhlHnMBI Team spirit runs high at the UNH North Campus after a big win. A University of New Haven 1975 Soccer Results Opponents UNH OPP. Connecticut College 2 1 Onennta State 3 Yale University 2 1 Fairfield University 3 Quinnipiac College 4 Long Island University 1 Philadelphia Textile 1 5 C.C.N.Y. 3 Central Connecticut Sacred Heart 3 St. Francis College 1 1 Keene State College 1 5 FDU-Madison 3 1 New York University 2 Babson College 2 Southern Connecticut 2 NCAA DIVISION II PLAYOFF Lemeyne College 2 Won 10, Lost 5, Tied 2 Tom Allison puts his head to work while trying to redirect a pass in flight. President ' s Fall Welcome Dance This year ' s Annual Presidents Fall Wel- come Dance was held at the Graduate Club on November 8th. The event was attended by many of the evening school students as well as faculty and administrators. The dance is spon- sored each year by the Evening Student Coun- cil for the purpose of getting acquainted with one another and just having a good time. Mrs. Peterson receives her corsage for the evening ' s dinner-dance. 128 The Evening Student Council members pose for a formal group picture. Everyone huddles around to sign the guest book On the weekend of October 3rd and 4th, the Annual Homecoming for UNH Alumni took place. It featured both soccer and football games at the North Campus; a get-to-know-you hour at the Rathskellar; a Cabaret complete with Humphrey Bogart impersonationist, and lots of good and friendly conversation. . . . This familiar face as portrayed by Robert Sacchi at the Cabaret to entertain and amuse the Homecoming audience. The West Haven High School band turned out to supply the familiar music heard at a weekend College football game. . . . Homecoming weekend is a time to get together with friends and enjoy yourself, ... a time for getting reacquainted, recalling past experiences, and developing new hopes, ... a weekend for relaxing from classes and mixing with the alumni that we hope to someday join. The weather cooperated with the Homecoming Committee and supplied a sunny and warm autumn weekend. The Charger football squad had their thrill of victory by beating the Massachusetts Maritime team. Campaign tor Excellence UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAVEN Joe Amarante and his date spend a quiet moment together at the event. The Campaign for Excellence of the Universi- ty of New Haven has a long-term goal of twelve million dollars: For the construction of the University Cen- ter, a multi-purpose classroom building, con- ference center, auditorium and center for the arts, a building which will complete the quad- rangle on the Main Campus; $4.2 Million For the endowment of scholarships, recog- nizing that a diversity of students is an essen- tial part of the learning experience, and that no qualified student should be denied an educa- tion because of financial need; $1.8 Million For the improvement of faculty, through the establishment of faculty chairs, distin- guished professorships and a visiting scholar program, recognizing that the main strength of a teaching institution is the quality of its faculty; $1.8 Million For general campus improvement, through the renovation and upgrading of present facili- ties, and for the acquisition and development of any contiguous property that may become available in the future; $2.2 Million For the purchase of library and laboratory materials, including additions to the scholarly resources of the Marvin K. Peterson Library and additional laboratory equipment needed to provide present and future scientific facili- ties which will meet the changing needs of modern technology. $2.0 Million Total: The Campaign for Excellence — $12.0 Million While the principal goals of the Campaign for Excellence represent all of the foreseeable major needs of the university and are planned to evolve over a period of years, the first effort will center around the construction of the Uni- versity Center, a center for academic activities and cultural events which will link the campus with the community. President Kaplan poses with two of the honored guests. 133 A few of the guest speakers tire of reciting their names and titles for picture-taking newsmen, and jokingly hold up their placecards for identification. On November 20, 1975 the gymnasium was turned into a banquet hall to kick off the Campaign for Excellence. Food and drinks were served as board members, alumni and students mixed. This brainstorm was started by the administration in or- der to raise money for a new arts building, scholar- ships in varying amounts, and for research projects. Attending the banquet were people who donated large and small sums of money. The largest donation was one million dollars given anonymously. There was also a $400,000 chair-endowment. WNHU Chief Engineer Bob Russo and Chariot Editor Kathy Huber were two of the students attending the banquet. A guest lecturer sponsored by the lecture committee, speaks to his audience. A Ukranian group plays for the enjoyment of the senior citizens and students alike. A haircutting demonstration sponsored by Haircutting Institute (HI) Here we see a judo demonstration being held at the gymnasium. Football A dejected player tries to relax and think over the last couple of plays. University of New Haven 1975 Football Results Opponents UNH OPP Bridgewater State College 6 44 Curry College 13 7 Framingham State 7 17 Mass. Maritime Academy 12 6 Plymouth State College 24 Maine Maritime Academy 6 34 Western Connecticut 6 30 Nichols College 28 Boston State College 32 Won 2, lost 7 136 A mean-looking number 64 blocks for his fullback. A successfully executed tackle by UNH Charger number 35. " Charge! ' University of New Haven 1975 Football Roster NO. NAME NO. NAME 2 Tom Blake 3 Ed Pikor 12 Bill Grabowski 15 Bill McDonald 17 Jim Martone 20 Butch Lastrina 21 Bill Gerardi 22 Larry Cozzolino 24 Julius Stone 30 Mark Fransoeur 31 Rich Kowalewski 34 Bill Maher 35 Robert Currie 40 Mike Plouffe 42 Bob Holtz 43 Bob Walsh 44 Bob Chmura 50 Bill Dwyer (c) 51 Joe Consiglio 53 Pat Civitello 54 Dave Giddings 55 Daryl Albanese 56 Tim Bond 58 Brian Nugent 59 Bill King 61 Tony Mortali (c) 62 Rich Holmes 63 Jim Scanlon 64 Kirk Schultz 65 Gene Stahley 66 Paul Bowman 68 Gerard Scavone 69 Harold Ruffin 71 Steve Lebeau 72 Chack Turcio 74 Mike Schiffer 75 Chris Cattaneo 76 George DeMartino 77 John Strasnik 78 Ray Machanezyk 79 Gabe Lupo 80 Vin Tozzi 81 Mike Williams 82 Sam Smith 83 Russ Sharpe 85 Kevin Moorer 86 Dave Zrecki 89 Tom Lee Head Coach: Joseph S. McHugh, Jr. Assistants: Gennaro Germe Charles Solomon Robert Potter Kayo Rodriquez One of the UNH Chargers watches the action from the bench. = 1 i j ; T v =- £TiZ W %Wl Jfi =fc. t r : auja . m m mmM mJMmo The 1975 UNH Charger Football Team. 138 Pat Spagnuolo poses with Donald Duck. Apple dunking was one of the events that took place. The Rathskeller saw many students Oct. 31 st. All party goers had to be in costume. Before the evening was over there were awards given for cos- tumes in many different categories. Apple dunking and general merry mak- ing ensued. Some of the party goers were just babies at heart. 139 D.S.G. Elections In this year ' s Campaign for Presidency of the Day Student Gov ' t, the four candidates were Dave Bufalini, Dave Burke, Kathy Huber, and Russ Sharpe. This was the first election at UNH that had a woman running for the position. Elections this past semester were held during registration, figuring even the apathetic students might be motivated to vote. This was the first time that the D.S.G. re-elected a president. As Dave Bufalini answers a question from the floor, the other candidates compose their thoughts Incumbent DSG Treasurer Tom Sullivan was unopposed in his bid for re-election. The D.S.G. logo, as it is proudly displayed on the window of the main office. This year ' s D.S.G. elections finished up with the incumbent president, Dave Bufalini becoming the first D.S.G. president to win two consecutive terms of office. In so doing, he reinstated his entire staff of officers to assist him for a second term. Shortly afterward, Treasurer Tom Sullivan decided to step down from his post. This created a void, filled by a shift which moved Chuck Manns from Vice-Pres. to Treasurer, and Dave Levinson from D.S.G. delegate and committee chairman to the VP posi- tion. " • ' ' 4 ■ t • One of the five man teams is being put through its paces as they compete in the difficult five legged race. Members of the SAM Field Day Follies Committee pose with the prizes awarded to contestants before the action started. 142 Field Day Follies The Management Club ' s version of " Almost Any- thing Goes " , entitled the " Field Day Follies, " pro- vided students with some weekend fun. The contest was held at the North Campus football field and featured five man teams competing in egg throwing, beer drinking, frisbee tossing, five-legged races, and tug-of-war events. It proved to be an exciting and interesting week- end, ' especially for the winners who received a keg of beer to wet their parched spirits as well as other prizes which were donated by area merchants. The Field Day Follies will became an annual event because of the wide interest it created. Two members of the Field Day Follies committee take time out to enjoy the action. The winning team! L to R, Brian Kelley, Jim Menge, Eugene Gentile. Jim Ciarleglio, Mark Lineweber, Marty Lauginiger. 143 • ' ' t II Registration Fall registration was held at the gym on November 18th and 19th. As usual, stu- dents disregarded the set times for each class and ar- rived in clumps, only to have to stand in lines, again as usual. An added attraction at Registration IV was the D.S.G. Presidential Election, and candidates ' campaigns were mixed with academic councellings and semi-free cups of coffee. The gym was mobbed with students not knowing what to do. The students who were at the back of the line were getting frustrated as they waited on the long line to enter the gym for registration. Some students came in the early hours of the morning hoping not to get closed out of the classes they were registered for. Dave Bufalini, President of the Dav Student Government, moderates this event. A student rally was held in the cafete- ria informing and asking students ' ideas about their rights in this institution. It was triggered by the administrations cancellation of the Shockley lecture sponsored by the D.S.G. Word spread quickly making this rally the largest turnout ever seen at UNH. Everyone listens as one of the ralliers speaks. • " ' 4 ■ ' ■ Evening Students Host Childrens ' Christmas Party One of the little girls in wide-eyed conference with Santa. Each child was able to visit with Santa Cluas, in order to make last minute " list changes " for the big day. " I ' ll trade you two of my yellow lollypops for one of your red ones ■4 : ' J, .-. i § M • 1 1 WA Once they had lost their initial shyness, the children formed a line to " chat " with Santa. Every year, close to holiday time, the Evening Students of UNH sponsor and host a chil- drens ' Christmas Party. Gifts and goodies are distributed, and the special guest of honor is Santa Claus. The children always have a wonderful time, as do the hosting Evening Students. •i • " ■ » • 4 ' Rock ' n Roll reins supreme. " Concerts " Come on now, applaud A Charger aims for the basket. The players on-court grapple for the free basketball. The 1975 UNH Charger Basketball Team. University of New H aven 1975- -76 Basketball Results UNH OPPONENTS OPP 92 FDU-Madison 84 82 Babson College 65 84 Sacred Heart 76 85 Western Conn. 58 79 Bentley College 84 64 Southern Ct. 74 76 Quinnipiac 103 71 Quinnipiac 62 89 Brooklyn Colleg e 74 85 Central Ct. 90 59 Trenton State 60 73 Merrimack 91 100 Clark 81 81 Eastern Ct. 75 99 Monmouth 114 99 Southeastern College Mass 79 81 AIC 89 75 Nichols 67 98 St. Joseph ' s 49 79 Rhode Island 94 99 U. of Me. 68 68 Southern Ct. 74 Portland 77 Bryant College 91 75 Eastern Ct. 67 NCAA Record — 13 Wins, 68 Bridgeport 79 12 Losses A Charger leaps up to throw a pass. With practiced skill, number 21 steals the ball away. 150 SCSC players watch a Charger sink a basket. " Hey, . . . shere ' s the rest of my team!? " The University of New Haven 1975-76 Basketball Roster Number H A 21 5 10 11 12 13 14 15 11 21 13 23 32 25 25 31 22 41 40 43 23 53 33 54 34 55 Name Robert Brown Barry Cunningham Larry Haney Vin Laczkoski James Allen Larry Johnson Ron Dolecki Gary Taylor Alvin Pope Mark Suchenski Geffrey Fletcher Jim McTygue Al Corbin HEAD COACH: Bill Farrow (First Year) 151 • • wmHii Despite overcast skies, many people gathered outside the gymnasium after graduation. The commencement for the January graduation took place up at the gymnasi- um on January 25, 1976. Diplomas were distributed to all the graduates and a presentations to candi- dates and honary degree recipients. Approximately 225 students graduat- ed on this day. There was a reception for the faculty, honary degree recipients, and administration following the graduation exercises. Graduates wait anxiously for their names to be called, while guests look on. One graduate poses as his family proudly takes a picture. 153 • • ■ 4 Gene Roddenberry And Star Trek At UNH April 1st found the North Campus swamped with Trekkies . . . Gene Roddenberry, the creator and producer of Star Trek, came the UNH. He lectured to a packed gymnasium, then ran a " Blooper Reel " and the original pilot episode. Command insignia. Enterprise models, and Star Trek tee-shirts abounded; other assorted Trek paraphrenalia was available at dealers tables in the lobby. A press conference was held before the lecture for the enthusiastic media reps. Gene Roddenbery lectures from a podium carefully decorated by the " United Federation of Planets " flag. Trekkies from the greater New Haven area fill the gymnasium to capacity Gene responds to questions from area media representatives at a pre-lecture press conference. 154 Two trek fans debate over their purchases at one of the dealer ' s tables. Hockey University of New Haven 1975-76 Hoekey Results UNH Opponents OPP 6 Worcestor State 5 2 ' Connecticut 4 3 New England 2 1 Fairfield 4 4 •Connecticut 5 3 •Bridgewater State 3 9 Fairfield 2 2 •Massachusetts 6 3 ' American 11 3 •North Adams State 5 International 5 •Holy Cross 1 5 Army 8 4 •New England 2 3 Bryant 6 7 •Oswego State 5 4 •North Adams State 3 6 Trinity 4 3 Wesleyan 1 7 •Babson 5 8 Fairfield 5 3 •Bridgewater State 2 5 Trinity Overall: 13 wins, 8 Losses, 1 Tie Hockey University of New Haven 1975 Varsity Hockey Roster Number (H) (A) Name 1 1 Ray Hussong 2 2 Roger Lawler 3 3 Tom Dillon 4 4 Don Boyle 5 5 Ian Hendry 6 6 Dean Coogan 7 7 Steve Dunne 8 8 ♦Bob Salvatore 27 9 Jim Butler 10 10 •Torn Westervelt 11 11 Leo McCarthy 12 12 Kevin Breslin 14 14 Jim Dupee 15 15 Ken Gill 16 16 Mike McGee 17 17 Dave Katchpole 18 18 Jack McKeon 19 19 Ed Scott (C) 20 20 Bob Blakeslee 21 21 Dave Hargather 22 22 Bob Macchie 25 25 Jay Leach (C) 29 29 Jim McWade 30 30 Bob Blaikie HEAD COACH: Stephen Lane ASSISTANTS: Art Crouse Buddy Heaney A skirmish in front of the net is a common sight at any hotly contested UNH hockey game. The 1975-76 Charger Hockey Team The goalie attempts to block a Charger shot :■:• ' . ■ 157 Lectures Jack Anderson posing with UNH " dignitaries " . Binnie Kirshinbaum, lecture chairperson and famed colum nist, Jack Anderson. The Guru expounding on some of his theories. John Esposito ' s campaign manager giving UNH students the candidate ' s viewpoints. The enthralled audience listening to one of UNH ' s many lectures. 159 t 160 - - ■ - » J ll • « % - I ffi Things Things Things Things Things UUoruzn TastzMflY Hr »4 lo W 1 nn uonnn Shnpcd by ytflfis of h.sTony Pffst .SuFfn 2 %S P ' onc««s Southern b .- OIThc n uoqlfafis Irtn won Stffivnq ;o By disftn ToVflC ' knliflf. infctfiqence k;(cS Of OUtCCSS One of the models, Julie McManus. Chairmen at work! Haydee, Patty and Marion Chi Kappa Rho held its 13th Annual Fash- ion Show-Card Party on Monday evening April 12th, in the UNH student Center. Fash- ion were by Ann Taylor ' s of New Haven and hair styles by Headhunter ' s of Orange. His- torical costumes — dating back to 1790 — were rented from Costume Bazaar, with the exception of Cris Melillo ' s gown fashioned by her mother. " Woman Yesterday and Today " was the most successful show ever held. This event is sponsored to raise money for the Virginia M. Parker Scholarship Fund, awarded annually to a female student of UNH. I An mo n ah Stipv nq fon caun ' ify ioaA ' a rny r ofenfa " net; Pi articles u ± n uuorifln »- By JiS-i (Ryina To French Gucfft foe fly rny rjofentiflt. infe fiqsnce " of 5jcccss Historical Fashions oi thenn belles nonthenn uoitlfcus nr wo nnn ivmq fof cqu PrviHO the ofi the dnucj " The number is . . . 70425!! " The ladies having home made goodies ' And, now we have . . . " J Spring Dance An open bar and friendly bartenders. The Evening Division presented their Spring Dance which attract- ed many students from the evening school with many faculty and administrations as invited guests. There was plenty of good food and talk, while the music of a slow dance band supplied the proper atmos- phere. The mood was casual and everyone in attendance had a splen- did time. A quiet moment The Buffet dinner offered many tempting entrees Patchwork ' 76 People attending the event were greeted by paintings, drawings, photography and other art items created by UNH student. A student puts her finishing touches on her sculpture which will be shown at Patchwork. Idle chat over a cup of coffee depicts a relaxed atmosphere at the event. A group of art students prepare their pottery before Patchwork can begin. 167 r t Picking up a few brochures for the next trip abroad. 168 Claudia Seward, chairperson of Patchwork ' 76 working on preparations for the show. Painting with straws as a part of " do your own thing " with the art show. t t t Alpha Chi Induction The UNH Alpha Chi National Honor Society holds inductions to its chapter once each year. Membership to this organization is one of the highest academic honors to be bestowed upon Ju- nior and Seniors. This year ' s ceremony was held on April 8th. in the S. C. Lounge. Each member-candidate recited a pledge and lit a candle from the podium. Each vear. the members of AX elect a Teacher of the Year from the academic schools. This year ' s recipients were: Robert Harrison. Arts Sciences; Steve Grodzinsky, Engineering; and Shiv Sawhney. Business Admin- istration. School of Engineering Professor Steve Grodzinsky is honored with a Teacher of the Year Award. Alpha Chi membership candidates recite their pledge for parents, guests, and friends. L jjn iaiiiAi Hh a i .:. :. Lighting the candle of Knowledge, Pat Kupson officially becomes a member of Alpha Chi. Dr. Douglas Robillard was a most entertaining guest speaker. Vice-President Ken Biermacher receives a ceremonial gavel for his office t Student-Faculty Get-Togethers Dean Ghoreyeb in a new and different role Throughout the year, different clubs and or- ganizations sponsor various activities to make the social life at UNH a little more interesting. One of the more unique ways are the Faculty- Student Wine and Cheese Parties. Administra- tors, faculty members, and students all gather together and relax; there ' s a lot of good talk and refreshments. These get-togethers allow the relationships between teachers and stu- dents to be much closer, and more friendly. President Kaplan is in complete agreement with the students he is chatting with. nWfi ' 4j»? . ■-■- 1 i h-— 4i ] mm J m J?Wll sflH 161 | f£f iWf g KT 3 wm « M Mr. Silbert lends a hand behind the refreshment table. 172 Ji»t.iti.-jtiiaiU»fcmii ; ilt 1 liaS;tAi.i.J,.,.i--t-vi.Hii-JJd i ii--;-... ig- After a successful shot an goal, the enthusiasm of a team effort is evident. The man at the net blocks a shot, and the chances for a winning game get a bit better. The 1976 University of New Haven Lacrosse Team. ■ • ♦ ' ♦• ' • liTttinift The handshake before each game is a part of fnendly inter-Colligiate competition. Anticipation shows on the faces of the rivals as they watch the ball head toward its target. Action in front of the goal becomes quick as a UNH player prepares tc hurl a shot. iiiiiiift i iiaiiiiiiiiiiiAiihiliift iiiiimiiiiHiiliitfliiitMfiii University of New Haven 1976 Lacrosse Record UNH 7 M.I.T. 9 (L) UNH 10 Mass. Maritime 17 (L) UNH 21 Marist 5 (W) UNH 16 Trinity 8 (W) UNH 5 Bowdion 12 (L) UNH 8 Nichols 8 (L) UNH 15 Holy Cross 2 (W) UNH 18 Worcester Poly 7 (W) UNH 20 Westfireld State 6 (W) UNH 22 Univ. of Rhode Island 3 (W) UNH 1 1 FED-Teaneck 8 (W) UNH 11 TS Southern Ct. 14 (L) USLIA RECORD: 6 Wins 4 Losses University of New Name Jim Mcwade Mark Errett Mark Downton Wayne Macuirzynski Jeff Fitzpatrick Alan May Bob Macchi Mike Romeo Kevin Reardon Vin Tozzi James Campbell Bob Cooke Herbert Hunt Jim Beattie Frank Tomaselli George Bonessi Haven Lacrosse Roster 20 20 21 21 22 22 24 24 25 25 26 26 27 27 28 28 29 29 30 30 31 31 33 33 34 34 Phil Warchol Dale Sarno Paul Beattie Mike Kucera Mark Lineweber Daryl Albanese Carl Bell Jeffrey Brown Chris Pfahl Bob Gilman Art Penna Mike Donnelly Rick Genett Head Coach: Will Verhoeff Assistant: Tom Defilippo No team can ever hope to be a winner without that all-important team spirit! A UNH defense-man stays with his opponent as the action moves down field. t ■ 4 ■ • ' ■ ' With each new semester comes the trials and tribulations of " Registration " . In the past, this event has drawn wide attention for its unstructural nature. It is a time of frustration and confu- sion for both students and administration. Closed section num- bers; improper card coding; and lost and misplaced work-sheets are all common-place occurrences for the students to contend with. At this spring ' s Registration, most of the bugs in the system had been worked out. Students were filed in and processed in a more orderly fashion, with the least amount of confusion ever experienced. Oh, what ever happened to the good old days! Registration Amongst the confusion and coffee, Registrar Joe Macionus explains the proper procedures in filing for courses. University of New Haven 1975 Golf Roster Phil Biondi Rich Bonito Mike Brady John Butzek Jim Buyjanavowski George Chamberlain Peter Gerardi Brian Holt Mike McGee George Mercado Ed Pikor Steve Thompson On the green in two, this golfer lines up a putt with extra care and consideration. Evening Students Host Annual Graduation Prom Dance The annual awarding of P.H.T. (Putting Him Her Through) College diplomas. fhe music was good and invited lots of dancing. The reception hour featured good food, sparkling punch and nice conversation. I ' ll try some of this ... but what IS it? " UNH faculty and administrators attended as guests of honor. 179 ■ Whenever the Red Cross sounds the call for much-needed blood, the UNH community is ready to respond. The annual ZBT Fraternity blood drive is an important source of the essential plasma. Over the years, both the faculty and students on campus have been responsive to the Red Cross drives. Giving blood is a relatively quick and painless procedure. ZBT Sponsored Bloodmobile The 1976 University of New Haven Tennis Team. Tennis University of New Haven Tennis Roster David Blake James Blasczyk Dean Coogan Tom D ' Ambrosio Greg Garvey John Gibbons Gary Kamuda Dave Katchpole Brad Lorensen Kevin Prentice Owen Stewart Leonard Velardi Peter Zimmermann Head Coach: Don Wvnschenk Leaping through the air, this Charger hits a powerful forward smash. 181 t ■ ' 4 • l — ■ The serve, well executed, can be a team ' s most deadly offense A mean backhand! University of New Haven Tennis Results Mar. 31 Southern Connecticut 5, UNH 4 Apr. 7 UNH 9, Marist Apr. 9 UNH 6, Quinnipiac 3 Apr. 10 Southern Connecticut 5, UNH 4 Apr. 13 UNH 7, Bridgewater State 2 Apr. 16 UNH 5, Stonehill 4 Apr. 21 Connecticut College 6, UNH 3 Apr. 23 UNH 7, Quinnipiac 2 May 5 Bridgeport 7, UNH 2 5 Wins, 4 Losses This player looks relaxed and confident as he moves to pick up a deeply placed return. The customary handshake and congratulations for the winner of the match. t t .♦ (T: ' ..!i 1 v Mm II Master of Ceremonies, Dick Gelgauda. The recipients of the Alumni Awards. Patty Coppinger and Ofelia Crane pose with ' .heir plaques. First Annual UNH Awards Ceremony 184 Jim Scanlon enthusiastically receives his Dean ' s Award from Dean Ghoreyeb. Award recipients and their guests mingle the ceremony. and exchange congratulations at the reception following This year at UNH, a new and unique event took place, the first annual University Awards Ceremony, which was held on April 22nd. The ceremony featured the presentation of various awards to outstanding students from clubs, organizations, and departments on campus. Mr. Richard Gelgauda was the Master of Ceremonies, and Dr. Phillip Kaplan, President of the University, opened the ceremony with preliminary remarks and congratulations to all recipients. Some of the awards presented that evening were: The Alumni Awards, The Dean of Students Awards, The Wallace Silvers- mith Award, The Woman of the Year The Woman Return- ing, The Virginia M. Parker Scholarship Award, The D.S.G. Most Active Club Students ' Contribution Award, and many others. The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the " Who ' s Who Among Students " Awards to outstanding Juniors and Seniors. These are nationally recognized awards made on the basis of academic merit and campus participation. The ceremony was enjoyed by the many friends and guests of the honored students. Afterwards, a reception — complete with wine, coffee, refreshments, and musical entertainment — was held. Women ' s Director, Carole Aiken honors Debbie Kelly, who was named UNH Woman of the Year. Dr. Joe Machnik presents an award to Susan Yoll. Annual Sports Awards Banquet Hearty and well-deserved congratulations! ....:,.,., ..i.i.i.uMU ' l,.: i nliliininiMlMiMiaaMtMini i ...n Mt uMMiJu Presentation Of Awards WOMEN ' S TENNIS Most valuable player: Bonnie Lee Most improved player: Ann LaTorraca WOMEN ' S VOLLEYBALL Most valuable player: Sue Voll Most improved player: Karen Houston WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL Most valuable player: Vanessa Cappello Most improved player: Luann Brunetti WOMEN ' S SOFTBALL Most valuable player: Jeanne Conners Most improved: Karen Lombardo FOOTBALL Most valuable player: Mark Francoeur Most improved player: Charles Turcio SOCCER Most valuable player: Carl Babb Most improved player: John Tarascio CROSS COUNTRY Most valuable player: Joe Kingston Most improved player: Tom Wilson BASKETBALL Most valuable player: Gary Taylor Most improved player: Jim McTygue HOCKEY Most valuable players: Ed Scott, Jack McKeon Most improved player: Ken Gill GOLF Most valuable player: Brian Holt Most improved player: Steve Thompson TENNIS Most valuable player: Owen Steward LACROSSE Most valuable player: Mike Kucera Most improved player: Mike Donnelly BASEBALL Most valuable players: Tim Tobin, Brian Brown Most improved player: Tom Michalczyk SPECIAL TRAINING ASSISTANT AWARD: Mel Cox ANNUAL PAUL SPERRY GOLF AWARD: Steve Thompson 1975 EASTERN COLLEGE ATHLETIC CONFERENCE AWARD: Bob Powers 1976 EASTER COLLEGE ATHLETIC CONFERENCE AWARD: Tim Tobin 1976 ECAC WEEKLY ALL-STAR TEAM WINNERS: Bob Salvatore, Dave Katchpole, Bob Brown 1976 ATHLETE OF THE YEAR AWARD: Tim Tobin 187 • ' ♦ » International Food Fair A good turn-out was expected at the International Food Fair; and the UNH community did not disappoint the organizers. An oriental dancer does her thing part of the entertainment featured at the years Food Fair. Along with good food and an interesting atmosphere, this event featured good people having a great time. imildllliffiMlltiilllililiiiiiriiilkikiUaM The international students of the University of New Haven held their annual International Food Fair this year in early Spring. As expect- ed — the turn-out for this event was a large one, due to the delicious foods of many coun- tries and the interesting variety of entertain- ment. Those who attended were allowed to sample a number of dishes prepared and served by the students themselves. And after they had finished a fine meal and had a chance to social- ize, they were captiviated by a number of song and dance routines from the student ' s native lands. The evening was an extremely successful one and it reflected all of the time and effort which went into making it possible. These three little pixies charmed the audience with their dance number. The international students rolled out a table of food from their native lands that created an eating experience for all. The variety of exciting entertainment which went on throughout the event supplied the evening with just the right touch to make it a success. Jimmy Carter listens to the warm introduction given by lecture coordinator David Burke. Looking picturesque beneath the UNH logo, Jimmy Carter answers questions from the audience. Jimmy Carter Lectures At UNH Democratic Presidential can- didate for 1976, Governor Jimmy Carter, made a surprise appear- ance at the UNH North Campus on his swing through Connecti- cut. Dave Burke, a Political Sci- ence major at the University played an important part in coordinating the days events. The schedule of events started with a press conference for vari- ous members of the news media, followed by a lecture and ques- tion and answer period. The crowd was attentive and responded warmly to Governor Carter ' s appearance; the first at UNH of a national Presidential candidate. Many of the Carter supporters gathered around to ask questions and get autographs after the lecture. iiirmiii ' iiitiiiamiMMMyaAtfjIhiliMtoM Track And Cross-Country Getting good distance requires total concentration University of New Haven Track Roster Barry Albright James Allen Carl Babb David Baumhover Wayne Cable Larry Cogle Barry Cunningham Mike Czerwiec Frank Galloway Thomas Green Richard Hanley Bob Holt James Hughes Joe Kingston Steve LeBeau Kurt Miglinas Kevin Moorer Carl Offner Paul Oxford Tony Peterson John Poulton Galen Priestley- Gerry Scavone Rich Schultz Gary Sugnonelh Charles Smith Sam Smith Jeff Tanchon Ken Thompson Tom Wilson Al Zullo Head Coach: Bob Deobil Warm-ups and practice races are often more strenuous than season matches. University of New Haven Cross Country Roster Barry Albright Larry Cogal Mike Czerwiec Greg Gerzabek Mike Gillern Jay Hart Joe Kingston Gary Popolizio John Poulton Rich Shultz Jeff Steady Ken Thompson Head Coach: Bob Deobil t t t . UNH Spring Weekend Festival They all came to listen to the bands and play frisbee. 192 ■ ' ■-■■■ ' ■■■■•■■■ " •inUAi MiMltiiimikmmmkibmmummsm ' ma£m " One, two, three ZBT hard at work May 2nd, turned out to be a great day for the Spring Festival at the North Campus. The sun finally made its way through all the rain and clouds of just hours before. More than 2,000 people attended, and enjoyed the music and the warmth of the sunshine. This event was unique in itself, for the fact that the Social Com- mittee actually made a profit. The time had come for the students at UNH to support the activities sponsored by the Social Commit- tee. The festival featured Raven Mad, Laughin ' Back, Andy Mer- win, Tricks, and Jasper Wrath. ZBT ran the concession stand, serving beer, hot dogs, and ham- burgers. It looked like all those attending had a great time. ' Man. this outfit is drafty. " 193 ,r . " " B ' •i r fTmi 1976 Women ' s Tennis Team. 1976 Women ' s Basketball Team. Women ' s Sports " Oops! " " If you want it, come and get it. " I Full swing 1976 Womens Volleyball Team 1976 Womens Softball Team University Of New Haven Holds 53 rd Annual Commencement Jj % Jk, Guest speakers addressed a filled-to-capacity gymnasiur Faculty members and Administrators chat in groups while awaiting the beginning of the ceremonies. Glad that the ordeal is over, happy graduates pose for picture after picture. With words of congratulations and returned " thank you ' s " . each degree is conferred. muJMiLL ±iUm a iiiiammmmim m immmmmima Unaccustomed to the dress clothes and earlv hours, graduates and faculty grope their way to the gymnasium. President-Emeritus Marvin K. Peterson awards BOG. Chairman Norman Botwinik an honorary Doctorate Degree . . . and then warmly congratulates his old friend. The Stony Creek Fife and Drum Corps added a Bicentennial note to the gradu- ation ceremom 197 ' » . ' • .- • . University of New Haven Baseball Results Date Opponent UNH OPP. 4-3 Monmouth College 8 2 4-3 Monmouth College (7) 4 4-4 Pace College 24 4-5 Fairfield University 25 10 4-7 Yale University 3 1 m 4-8 Quinnipiac College 1 6 4-10 Bentley College (7) 19 4-10 Bentley College 12 1 4-11 Brooklyn College 9 4 4-12 University of Bridgeport 14 3 4-13 Sacred Heart University 9 6 4-14 Eastern Connecticut 7 5 4-15 Southern Connecticut 2 9 4-16 Stonehill College 3 2 4-17 Central Connecticut 11 5 4-17 Central Connecticut (7) 6 3 4-19 University of Bridgeport 16 2 4-20 S.U.N.Y. Stonybrook 15 1 4-22 Adelphi University 4 1 4-23 Quinnipiac College 6 4-24 Albany State (7) 13 5 4-24 Albany State (7) 8 1 rrfcrnrttrtta ' inni 4-28 Western Connecticut 15 6 ■ 4-30 Southeastern Massachusetts 4 5-1 Assumption College (5) 5 - 5-2 Yale University 2 1 isBBP ' v 5-2 Southern Connecticut 6 1 5-4 Eastern Connecticut 7 4 5-6 Fairfield University 12 5 5-8 Siena College (7) 4 3 -ju. ' ' u«bSr i(ft»» ta. 5-8 Siena College (7) 21 3 5-9 North Adams State (7) 2 1 On the mount, and in h 5-9 North Adams State (7) 7 10 form. MHQfliMJtW ind-up, this Charger pitcher displays " Picture-Perfect " ■•■ ■ ' - " -■ mmmmummtmimaammmmmaim The UNH 1976 Charger Baseball Team. Coach Vierra, cheering his team on. Going after a double play can often be a hazardous situation. 199 UNH apponent was no doubt surprised to find the ball already there. University of New Haven 1976 Baseball Roster V 1 Tom Grant 2 Brian Brown 4 Ken Young 5 Jerry Perry 6 Bruce Urso 7 Steve Tipa 8 Tony Notorino 9 Pete Tranquillo 10 Tom Riley 11 Tom Keating 12 Tim Tobin 14 Don Murelli 15 Bill Shortell 16 Pat Murphy 17 Tom French 18 John Valeri 19 Dave Caiazzo 21 Dennis Paglialunga 22T Tom Michalczyk 25 Bob Turcio 26 Joe Marchese 20 Frank Vieira — Head Coach 23 Joe Tonelli — Assistant Coach 3 Bob Powers — Assistant Coach This is what ' s termed a Charger BLAST. -— ■— " ■— .•■■ ' -- iftakiiaaaiwWiWWM MMi MMlH t " etc. " 202 iiUtiiitiUiimtikmkiUkmmm mMiiMm the very first, extra-special u.n.h. student ' s own all artwork by in keeping with our long tradition of putting a little ' comic relief a coloring book, it contains super connect-the-dots, an ironic maze, up poster, and some not-so-difficult enjoy . . . with our compliments! so-much-fun-you-won ' t-believe-it, coloring book !!! nick hoynak (the one that we started last year! ) in THE CHARIOT, we present you with pictures to creatively color, fun great color-by-number scenes, a pin- (ha! ha! ) puzzles, so enjoy, for the editor . . . " Bambi " " ' ..I,:, -... shade in each space that has a dot, and you will find something near and dear to every UNH commuter student. » • " ■ • color by number, for the An majors . . . color code: 1 — white 5 — green 2 — grey 6 — yellow 3 — brown 7 — oragne 4 — black 8 — blue IMItaiuUljmi»iuitiit.i-.i ' Kiiii,i;.:.J:i.i.U— . ..»... ln.i.i»...,.,.u.Llii l jj mimmmimmijj j il for our Engineering majors . . . connect the dots, when you ' ve mastered this, turn the page! A« now try your skill with our Bicentennial design. ' " 212 213 how the UNH students pick out a place for lunch, (clip out and hang on a wall to use next year.) 5TUDEAIT _ auiL tt.;.i. .iiiiiiiiiiiit . ■■ il...i -k. ■ ,. „i,i,.i,„- -- 1— J — lit-— J — u -, .,.- . . — ;: - - ; —- » — - it ' s 9:25 am on a Wednesday morning, . . . you are here, now find your way to the empty parking space. the available parking space. color by number for the Civil Engineers — although, our apologies, it ' s not concrete! color code: 1 — grey 4 — purple 2 — black 5 — yellow 3 — orange 6 — brown " REVERSAL " A triangle of ten pennies points away from you. Moving only three pennies, make the triangle point toward you. ©0 " WHO IS THE ENGINEER? " The following puzzle, known as the Smith-Jones-Robinson classic, is a lively test of reasoning power. It is reported that, in one group of 240 people trying it, only six came up with the solution. But there is no " catch " in it, and the answer has been worked out by many persons in five to ten minutes. EVERY FACT is important, and must be consid- ered. On a train, Smith, Robinson and Jones are the fireman, brakeman and engineer, but NOT respectively. Also aboard the train are three business- men who have the same names: a Mr. Smith, a Mr. Robinson and a Mr. Jones. 1. Mr. Robinson lives in Detroit. 2. The brakeman lives exactly halfway between Chicago and Detroit. 3. Mr. Jones earns exactly $20,000 per year. 4. The brakeman ' s nearest neighbor, one of the passengers, earns exactly three times as much as the brakeman. 5. Smith beats the fireman at billiards. 6. The passenger whose name is the same as the brakeman ' s lives in Chicago. WHO IS THE ENGINEER? " WHO OWNS THE ZEBRA? " The facts essential to solving the problem — which can indeed be solved by combining deduction, analysis and sheer persistence — are as follows: 1. There are five houses, each of a different color and inhabited by men of different nationalities, with different pets, drinks, and cigarettes. 2. The Englishman lives in the red house. 3. The Spaniard owns the dog. 4. Coffee is drunk in the green house. 5. The Ukrainian drinks tea. 6. The green house is immediately to the right (your right) of the ivory house. 7. The Old Gold smoker owns snails. 8. Kools are smoked in the yellow house. 9. Milk is drunk in the middle house. 10. The Norwegian lives in the first house on the left. 1 1. The man who smokes Chester-fields lives in the house next to the man with the fox. 12. Kools are smoked in the house next to the house where the horse is kept. 13. The Lucky Strike smoker drinks orange juice. 14. The Japanese smokes Parliaments. 15. The Norwegian lives next to the blue house. Now, who drinks water? And who owns the zebra? ( " FOURSQUARE " Place four rectangular cards of identical size in the positions shown. Now form a square by moving only one card. y—wmtaihMii iiiii clip out this coupon, and mail it to: the 1 76 CHARIOT university of new haven 300 orange avenue west haven, Connecticut 06516 check the appropriate box or boxes: □ please send me a box of 8 great crayons to color in this super coloring book! □ please send me the answer sheet for the exciting and enthralling puzzels! please print: address _ city apt. no. .zip now wait by the mail box for about a week, and you will receive your return letter. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. Graduate Directory January Graduates a Abrams, Cheryl 409 Poplar Street New Haven, Conn. 06513 B.S. Criminal Justice Ajodanpour. Homayoon 1 Goose Lane Guilford. Conn. B.S. Civil Engineering Albinger, John J. 490 Shore Dr. Branford, Conn. B.S. Accounting Antaya, Paul R. 121 Deer Run Rd Menden, Conn. 06450 B.S. Electrical Engineering Armstrong, John J. 78 Union Ave. West Haven. Conn. 06516 A.S. Criminal Justice Avery, Frederick H. 296 Old Colchester Rd Uncasville, Conn. 06392 A.S. Criminal Justice Bagnoli, Eugene 430 Third Ave. West Haven, Conn. 06516 B.S. Criminal Justice Banos, Christos P. Peckhill Rd. Woodbndge, Conn. 06525 B.S Accounting Barone, John A. 498 Sportsman Rd Orange, Conn. 06477 B.A. Art A.S. Commercial Art Barr, Jerry C. 233 Long Hill Ave. Shelton, Conn. 06484 B.S. Hotel Administration Barton, Brian J. 80 Apple Farm Rd. Red Bank, N.J. 07701 B.S. Criminal Justice Bartulevicz, George 40 High Meadow Rd. Easton, Conn. A.S. Criminal Justice Beauchemin. Gerald R.R. 1, Box 1089 Middlefield, Conn. 06455 A.S. Engineering Bell, K. Deane, Jr. 384 Elm St., Apt. 29 West Haven, Conn. 06516 B.S. Operations Management Bellamy, Dorothy L. 7 Shepard St. New Haven, Conn. 0651 1 A.S. General Studies Benatti, Ronald R. 150 School St. Hamden. Conn. 06518 B.S. Mechanical Engineering Bergami, John F. 7 Meadow PI. East Haven, Conn. B.S. Operations Management Bjork, Klas H. 58 Ark Road Branford, Conn. 06405 B.S. Electrical Engineering Boudreau, Peter 3304 Park Ave. Oceanside. N.Y. 11572 B.S. Hotel Administration Bourget. Larry R. Thunderbird Lodge Taos. N.M. 87571 B.S. Hotel Administration Boyce. Thomas E. 96 Morning Mist Rd. Milford. Conn. 06460 B.S. Operatio ns Management Braychak, Robert F. 302 West Rutland Rd Milford, Conn. 06460 B.S. Criminal Justice Breunig, Roger D. 332 Elmwood Dr. Meriden, Conn. 06450 B.S. Mechanical Engineering Burkman. William P. 207 Spindle Hill Rd Wolcott. Conn. 06716 B.S. Accounting Burstynski, Peter 47 Spoke Dr Shelton. Conn. 06848 B.S. Operations Management Butler, Joyce 71 Tetlow St. West Haven, Conn. 06516 B.A. Social Welfare Cannata, Thomas 23 Edgewood Dr. Baldwinsvil, N.Y. 13027 B.S. Criminal Justice Carlisle, Douglas R. Liberty Apt. 28 Clinton, Conn. 06413 B.S. Accounting Carroll, Lisa 1523 Chapel St. New Haven, Conn. 06511 A.S. Commercial Art Adver. Castellazzo, A.J. 488 Summit Dr. Orange, Conn. 06477 B.S. Civil Engineering Cassella, H. Richard 3 Chauncey St. West Haven, Conn. 06516 B.S. Civil Engineering Cavanaugh, James M. 258 Hitchcock Rd. Southington. Conn. 06489 B.S. Criminal Justice Chute, David L. 90 Meryl Court Groton, Conn. 06340 B.S. Electrical Engineering Ciardiello, Jerry 38 Fourth St. Hamden, Conn. 06514 B.S. Electrical Engineering Cicarella, John C. 120 Hemingway St. New Haven, Conn. 06513 B.S. Criminal Justice Comis, Louis M. 354 Circular Ave. Hamden. Conn. 06514 B.S. Criminal Justice Constantine, George 44 Windward Way Waterford, Conn. B.S. Criminal Justice Constantine, Judith 44 Windward Way Waterford, Conn. B.A. Psychology Cook, Judith G. 255 Main St., Apt. B 9 West Haven. Conn. 06516 B.S. Hotel Administration Cook, Thomas R. 77 Oak Ave. Shelton, Conn. 06484 B.S. Electrical Engineering Cowan. William A. 19 Walnut St. Naugatiick, Conn. 06770 B.S. Accounting Cox, Timothy 106 Mansfield St. New Haven, Conn. 06511 B.S. Criminal Justice Cozzolino, Richard 3 Corbin Rd. East Haven, Conn. 06512 B.S. Criminal Justice Cullen, Warren 69 Snugharbor Rd. Milford, Conn. 06460 B.S. Accounting Da Costa, John R. 45 Massachusetts Ave. East Haven, Conn. 06512 B.A. History D ' Amico, Robert A. 459 Quinnipiac Ave. North Haven, Conn. 06473 B.S. Marketing De Chiaro. Ralph M. 36 Lipton Lane Williston Pk, N.Y. 11596 B.S. Hotel Administration De Gennaro, John P. 92 Mountain Rd. Cheshire, Conn. 06410 B.S. Operations Management De La Cruz, Alfonso 44 Highland Dr. Ledyard, Conn. 06339 B.S. Mechanical Engineering Dimaio, John 33 Parkland PI. Milford, Conn. 06460 B.A. Psychology De Marco, Randall 125 Round Hill Rd. Naugatuck, Conn. 06770 B.S. Economics Dewitt, Patricia 12 Stevens St. New Haven, Conn. 06519 A.S. Business Administration Dickey. Donald K. 60 Round Hill Rd. North Haven, Conn. 06518 B.S. Mechanical Engineering Dorfman, Richard J. 138 Northwood Dr. Guilford, Conn. 06437 B.S. Criminal Justice Drasdis, John F. 4027 Hartel Ave. Phila, Pa. 19136 B.S. Criminal Justice Elliott, James F. 805 Campbell Ave. West Haven, Conn. 06516 B.A. Political Science 224 Felix. Laura 8007 La Pietra Cir. Honolulu, Ha. A.S. General Studies Femiak, Peter 9-1 Ridge Rd. Naugatuek, Conn. B.S. Marketing Fenn. Jeffrey W. 31 Grove St. Branford, Conn. 06405 A.S. Commercial Art Adver. Ferri, William D 21 Saxon Court Stamford, Conn. 06905 B.S. Criminal Justice Fitzsimmons. Larry 465 Sawmill Rd. Apt. 401 West Haven. Conn. 06516 B.S. Electrical Engineering Foullon. Peter 64 Oxbow Dr. Apt. CI Glastonbury, Conn. 06033 B.S. Materials Engineering Francis, Rudolph 29 Manchester Circle W. Hartford, Conn. 06 110 B.S. Accounting Freed, James P. 173 Chatham St. New Haven, Conn. 06513 B.S. Criminal Justice Freed, Kenneth H 48 Fulton St. New Haven, Conn. 06513 B.S. Hotel Administration Frey, Edwin J. 10 Settler Circle Windsor, Conn. 06095 B.S. Operations Management Gagne, Albert J. 46 Goodchild St. Milford, Conn. 06460 B.S. Criminal Justice Gallas, Strat 17 Hobart St. New Haven, Conn. 065 1 1 B.S. Hotel Administration Ganley, Thomas G. 223 Goodale Dr. Newington, Conn. 061 1 1 B.S. Criminal Justice Gawron, Paul F. 216 Rimmon Rd. Woodbridge, Conn. 06525 B.S. Economics Ghoreyeb, Honour 1791 Orchard Hill Rd. Cheshire, Conn. BA. English Gianni, Alfred A. 5 Cedar Terr. Denville, N.J. 07834 B.S. Industrial Engineering Gibson, Robert 10-J Shewville Rd. Ledyard, Conn. B.S. Management Science Goffin, Stuart 36 Cardinal Dr. Walli ngford. Conn. 06492 B.S. Accounting Grady, Kerry M. Barbara Manor. Apt. C-6 W. Willing, Conn. 06279 BA. Political Science Greenwald, Lisa 120 Depot Rd. Milford. Conn. 06460 B.S. Public Administration h Haten, Lorraine 17 Carmel St. New Haven, Conn. 06511 B.A. Sociology Hayward. John C. 51 Oakwood St. Bridgeport, Conn. B.S. Marketing Henderson, Carl L. 22-C Steven St. W. Hartford. Conn. 06110 B.S. Criminal Justice Herman, John E. 129 Sandy Lane Norwich, Conn. 06360 B.A. Political Science Higgins, David K. 42 Harvester Rd Monroe, Conn. 06468 B.S. Civil Engineering Hill, Robert F. 691 Wheelers Farms Rd. Orange, Conn. B.S Criminal Justice Hoffman, Clyde R. 24 Glenwood Rd N. Branford. Conn. 06471 B.S. Operations Management Horbal, Alexis T. 133 Dirienzo Hghts. Derby, Conn. 06418 A.S. General Studies Horowitz, Wendy Harbour Village Apt.-4D Branford, Conn. 06405 B.S. Criminal Justice Horsey, Elwood L. 66 Skitchewaug St. Windsor, Conn. 06095 B.S. Criminal Justice Hovland, Nicholas T. 109 Coleman St. E-10 West Haven, Conn. 06516 B.A. Sociology Hoynack, Nicholas 43 Peach Drive Seymour, Conn. 06483 B.A. Art Huff. William M. 10 Lynn Terrace Seymour, Conn. 06483 B.S. Industrial Engineering Jamele, Edward L. 136 Dan Parker Dr Waterbury, Conn. 06704 B.A. History Kateley, Richard Nod Place Clinton. Conn. 06413 A.S. Criminal Justice Kelleher, George 10 Highland St. Apt. 2C West Haven. Conn. 06516 B.S. Accounting Kinsler. Donna 550 Prospect St — 19 New Haven, Conn. 0651 1 B.S. Criminal Justice Kirk. Charles C. 59 Goodyear Ave. Naugatuek, Conn. 06770 B.S. General Management Klein, Thomas W. 10074 Dwight Dr St. Louis. Mo. 63137 B.S. Hotel Administration Knowles, Kenneth J. 466 Riverdale Dr. Stratford, Conn. 06497 A.S. Criminal Justice Konnsar, Barbara 51 Brookwood Dr. Woodbridge, Conn. 06525 B.S. Criminal Justice Koski. Lawrence F. 104 Pepperidge Dr. Southington, Conn. 06489 B.S. Criminal Justice Kowalski, Thomas W. 1 136 Campbell Ave. West Haven, Conn. 06516 B.S. Criminal Justice Kraska, John J. 38 Dinwoodie Dr N. Branford, Conn. 06471 B.S. Industrial Engineering Kushner. Mindy J. 38 Kathnne Dr Hamden, Conn. 06514 B.S. Operations Management Lacey, Thomas J. 110 W. Adams St. Vandergnft, Pa. 15690 B.S. Accounting Landry, Thomas J. 1 1 Homestead St. Old Saybrok, Conn. 06475 B.S. Mechanical Engineering Larson, William 12 N. Main St. Chester. Conn. 06412 B.S. Electrical Engineering Laterra. Richard G 107 Park Ave. Ext. Uncasville. Conn. 06382 B.S. General Management Leonardo. Dawn M. Twin Lakes Rd. N. Branford, Conn. 06471 B.A. Psychology Lewis, Leslie N. 56 Outlook Lane Levittown, Pa. 19055 B.S. Hotel Administration Libby. Dennis 33 Spice Hill Dr. Wallingford, Conn. B.A. English Lia, John A. 70 Douglas St. Stratford, Conn. 06497 B.S. Marketing Lindsey, John E. 172 South New Rd. Hamden, Conn. 06518 B.S. General Management Long. Donald J. 20 Grandview Terr. Essex. Conn. 06425 B.S. Criminal Justice Luciano. Vincent T. 40 Mortimer St. New Canaan, Conn. 06840 B.S. Criminal Justice Luria, Sara 122 Ansonia Rd. Woodbridge. Conn. 06525 B.A. Political Science Luxeder, Thomas 143 Leete St. West Haven, Conn. 06516 B.S. General Management m Maddas. Judy 41 Tremont St. Apt. 2 Meriden, Conn. 06450 B.S. Criminal Justice Maher, Robert J. 71 Saxon Rd. Wethersfld, Conn. 06109 B.S. Criminal Justice Maltese, Patricia A. 59 Lee Street West Haven, Conn. 06516 B.S. Criminal Justice Markitan, Juliann 3022 East Main St. Bridgeport, Conn. 06610 B.S. Criminal Justice Marseglia, Joseph J. 97-B Hemingway Ave. 225 East Haven, Conn. 06512 B.S. Industrial Engineering Marshall. F. G. 70 Hampshire Crt. Menden, Conn. 06450 A.S. Engineering Maynard. Harry K. 322 Elm Street West Haven. Conn. 06516 B.S. Accounting Mazzone, Angelo 282 Terrace Ave. West Haven, Conn. 06516 B.S. Hotel Administration McDougall, Lome W. 38 Lakeview Ave. Shelton. Conn. 06484 A.S. General Studies McManus, Julie 151 Alden Avenue New Haven, Conn. 06515 B.A. Social Welfare Mellow. Benita 23 Simon PI. Apt. B2 West Haven. Conn. 06516 B.A. Social Welfare Merola, Albert 2 Mary Street Shelton, Conn. 06484 B.S Accounting Merola, Peter J. 3 Brookwood Dr. Branford, Conn. 06405 A.S. Engineering Mickewich, Valerie 554 Chipman St. Ext. Waterbury. Conn. 06708 B.S. Operations Management Midolo. Christopher 169 Weybosset St. New Haven, Conn. 06513 B S Electrical Engineering Miller, Edward G. B. 1719 Simon PI. Apt. C4 West Haven, Conn. 06516 B.A. Sociology Miller, Robert A. 4 Maher Dr. Norwalk, Conn. 06850 B.S. Operations Management Milone, Thomas 21 Kalda Lane Plainview, N.Y. B.S. Marketing Moffett, Kevin 2 Stella Drive Wallingford, Conn. 06492 B.S. General Management Moldovan, Donald Z. 65 Elizabeth St. West Haven, Conn. 06516 B.A. Political Science Moore, Denise 33 Ruden PI. Apt. 226 West Haven, Conn. 06516 B.A. Art Moran, William J. 288 S. Brooksvale Rd. Cheshire. Conn. 06410 B.S. Hotel Administration Morton, Matthew J. 167 D St. High Rock Park Groton, Conn. 06340 B.S. Criminal Justice Mrazik, Joseph 67 Monteith St. West Haven, Conn. 06516 B.S. Marketing Mulhollan, F. N. 88 Waverly Rd. Huntington, Conn. 06484 A.S. Business Administration Mulligan, Edward 103 Dunn Rd. Hamden, Conn. 06518 B.S. Communication n Nastri, Robert 13 Jardin Drive East Haven, Conn. A.S. General Studies Newbury. Horace M. 279 Thames St. Groton, Conn. 06340 B.S. Civil Engineering O ' Connell, Daniel P. Wakeman Hill Rd Sherman, Conn. 06784 B.S. Criminal Justice Onofrio, Chris-Philip 1 Stephen St. Derby, Conn. 06418 B.S. Civil Engineering Onorato, Karen 384 Edison Rd. Trumbull, Conn. 06611 A.S. Criminal Justice Ostwald. Douglas 479 Carlton Blvd. Staten Is., N.Y. 10312 A.S. Journalism O ' Sulhvan. Patrick 954 Orange Ctr Rd. Orange, Conn. 06477 B.S. Finance Palazzi, Robert 12 Fairview Rd. Woodbndge, Conn. 06525 B.S. Mechanical Engineering Palmisano, Mark 42 Pineview Dr. East Haven, Conn. 06518 A.S. Journalism Pangia, Vincent M 61 Sherwood Rd. Stamford, Conn. 06905 B.S. Criminal Justice Pasquella, John A. 149 Canton St. 16 West Haven, Conn. 06516 B.S. Marketing Pastick, Steve J. 7 Pleasant St. Ansonia, Conn. B.A. Environmental Studies Pechalonis, John F. 128 National Ave. Apt. 4 Waterbury. Conn. 06705 B.S. Marketing Perkins. Joseph T. 55 Carriage Hill Dr. Niantic. Conn. 06357 B.S. Criminal Justice Perrone, Joseph 50 Piatt Ave. West Haven, Conn. 06516 B.A. Art Petrossian, Robert 933 Elm St. New Haven, Conn. 06511 B.S. Civil Engineering Picken, Ernest O. 85 Oak St. Stoneham, Mass. 02180 B.S. Electrical Engineering Pidluski, Gregory H. 1 10 Florence Lane Fairfield, Conn. 06430 B.S. Civil Engineering Pion, Robert A. 7 N. Fifth Ave. Taftville, Conn. 06380 B.S. Industrial Engineering Pleckaitis, John M. 188 Clinton Ave. New Haven, Conn. 06513 B.S. Criminal Justice Pleckaitis, Vincent 12 Bellaire Manor Cromwell, Conn. 06416 B.S. Operations Management Plumley. Christopher 17 Temple Street Rutland, Vt. 05701 B.S. Operations Management Porter, Kenneth G. 65 Ford Street Hamden, Conn. B.S. Criminal Justice Powers, Robert H. 78 Luby Avenue Milford, Mass. 01757 B.S. Marketing Primich, Daniel 554 Mt. Hope Avenue Dover. N.J. B.S. Management Science Puglisi, Sebastian P. 16 Stillman Rd. Wethersfld. Conn. 06109 B.S. Civil Engineering Raczka. Stephen A. 274 Pearl Lake Rd. Waterbury, Conn. 06706 B.S. Industrial Engineering Ragone, Frank P. Lajoie Lane Milford, Conn. 06460 B.S. General Management Recalde, Victor H. 5 Belmont Avenue Shelton, Conn. 06484 B.S. Hotel Administration Rehnberg, Paul P. 150 Huntington St. Shelt on. Conn. 06484 B.S. Criminal Justice Reti, Thomas 880 New Brunswick Ave. Piscataway. N.J. 08854 B.A. Philosophy Ricci, Ulderico 50 Maltby Avenue West Haven, Conn. 06516 B.A. Psychology Riley, Joel F. 190 Thames Street New London, Conn. 06320 B.S. Criminal Justice Root, Lyn D. 60 Hawley Ave. 1 1 Milford, Conn. 06460 B A. English Rosabianca, Joseph 59 Haverford St. Hamden, Conn. 06514 B.S. General Management Rose. Gary L. 181 Moss Farms Rd. Cheshire. Conn. 06410 B.A. Political Science Rowley, Joseph 6 Elliott Rd. Ansonia, Conn. 06401 B.S. Criminal Justice Roy, Alan E. 2224 Simon PI. Apt. C-8 West Haven, Conn. 06516 B.S. Criminal Justice Rubino, Robert 51 Paschal Dr. Milford, Conn. 06460 B.S. Criminal Justice B Salvestrini, David Ninhatn Road Carmel. N.Y. 10512 B.S. Hotel Administration Samakfekr. F. 730 George Street 208 New Haven, Conn. 06511 B.S. Industrial Engineering Scarpa, William L. Old Country Rd. N. Guilford, Conn. B.S. Electrical Engineering Schaeffer, Roberta E. 14 Lea Rd N. Branford. Conn. 06471 B A Political Science Serphillips, Robert 38 Orlando Street West Haven, Conn. 06516 B.S. Electrical Engineering Shanahan, Dennis M. 77 Housatonic Ave. Milford, Conn. 06460 B.S. Operations Management Shiner. Stephen J. 218 South Union St. Guilford, Conn. 06437 A.S. Criminal Justice Shore, Brenda G. 760 Ocean Avenue West Haven, Conn. 06516 B.S. Accounting Simchak, Rudolph 140 Fowler Ave. Ext. Menden, Conn. 06450 B.S. Hotel Administration Simpson, James 41 Nutmeg Lane Milford, Conn. B.S. General Management Singer, Neil M. 465 Sawmill Rd. Apt. 403 West Haven, Conn. 06516 B.S. Communication Skaanning, Jeffrey 12 Wildwood Rd. Cromwell, Conn. 0641b B.S. Criminal Justice Sloan, Richard S. 86 Spnngside Ave. 9 F3 New Haven, Conn. 06515 B.S. Management Science Smith, Beverly E. 106 Ivy Street New Haven, Conn. 06511 B.S. Public Administration Smith, Laurie D. 28 Millwood Drive Branford, Conn. 06405 A.S. Commercial Art Adver. Smith, Roger R. 235 Sylvan Valley Rd. Orange, Conn. B.A. Sociology Spadaccini, Anthony 30 Bartlett Avenue Norwalk, Conn. 06850 B.A. Political Science Straznitskas, George 478 City Hill Ext. Naugatuck, Conn. 06770 B.S. Business Administration Stupakevich, John 85 Michael Dr. Guilford, Conn. 06437 A.S. Business Administration Suarez Alvaro, Juan 16 Gresham Street Milford. Conn. 06460 A.S. Criminal Justice Suchocki. John T. 97 Moreland Avenue Newington, Conn. 06111 B.S. Criminal Justice Sweeney, Timothy 9 Blue Trail Drive Prospect, Conn. 06712 B.S. General Management Tamburo, Anthony 125 Farmdale Rd. Watertown, Conn. B.S. Economics Tanzer, Stephen 19 Stepping Stone Lane Madison, Conn. 06443 A.S. Business Administration Terwilliger, Robert 33 Sherman Crt. New Haven. Conn. 06511 B.S. General Management Thalacker, James A. 528 Sawmill Rd. 1I-2A West Haven. Conn. 06516 B.S. Hotel Administration Thomas, Harvey A. 172 Beechwood Dr. Wayne, N.J. 07470 B.S. Civil Engineering Thompson, Michael J. Seemans Ln. Bid. 133-Apt. 6 Milford, Conn. 06460 B.S. Fire Science Admin. Tice, Jon 10 Westfield Pk. Cortland, NY. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Tigner, M. E. 26 Silhman Rd. Wallingford, Conn. 06492 B.S. Economics Tomchik, John Pine Tree Hill Rd Newtown, Conn. 06470 B.S. Operations Management Towolawi, Tajudeen UNH — Box 54 300 Org. Ave. West Haven, Conn. 06516 B.S. Hotel Administration Treschuk, Terrance 380 Wolcott Hill Rd. Wethersfld, Conn. 06019 B.S. Criminal Justice Tudor. Sybil B. 251 Talmadge Rd. Cheshire, Conn. 06410 B.A. Political Science u Vargoshe, Richard 1188 Main St. South Woodbury, Conn. 06798 B.S. Criminal Justice Verrastro, George 16 Bennett Ave. Waterbury, Conn. 06708 B.S. Personnel Management Vesterman, Charles M. 4 Columbine Lane Beacon Fals, Conn. 06403 A.S. Communication Viarengo, Robert T. 38 St. Augustine St. W. Hartford, Conn. 06110 B.S. Criminal Justice Villoverde, Murray 226 West Walk West Haven. Conn. 06516 A.S. Business Administration ro Warren. Francis L. 7 Cedarwood Lane Old Saybrook, Conn. 06475 B.S. Operations Management Whipple, Karen M. 71 Piper Brook Ave. Newington, Conn. 061 1 1 B.S. Criminal Justice White, Edward M. 380 Welsh ' s Pt. Road Milford. Conn. 06460 B.S. Business Administration Wilhelm, Theodore 903 Wheelers Farms Rd. Milford, Conn. 06460 B.S. Criminal Justice Winbourn, Sue Ann 122 Tillman Lane Aston, Pa. 19014 B.S. Hotel Administration Zander, Sande J. 71 Hoffman Street West Haven, Conn. 06516 A.S. Criminal Justice Zamulinsky. Joseph 234 W. Elm Street New Haven. Conn. 06515 B.S. Hotel Administration Zinn, Harry J. 30 West Walk West Haven, Conn. 06516 B.S. Accounting u Ulrich, John A. 30 Applewood Rd. Branford, Conn. B.S. Public Administration June Graduates a Abrams, Robert 439 Washington Ave. West Haven. Ct. 06316 B.S. Electrical Engineering Acas, Thomas 30 Chipman St. Waterbury, Ct. 06708 B.S. Crim. Just. Ackley, Harry R. 77 Green Acre Lane Fairfield, Ct. 06430 B.S. Fire Science Agee, Phillip R 735 Seventh Ridge Rd. Wallingford. Ct. 06492 A.S. Crim. Just. Adonizio, Charles 117 Bulter St. Pittston, Pa. 18640 B.S. Marketing Albo, Harold C. 5 Edwards Road Old Saybrook, Ct. 06375 B.S. Industrial Engineering Aldo, Andrew F. 1070 Whitney Ave. Hamden, Ct. 06514 B.S. Business Administration Ali, Frank 909 S.E. 3rd St. Boynton Bch, Fl. 33433 B.S. Crim. Just. Allen, Berhard H 282 Virgo Drive RFD 1 Groton, Ct. 06340 A.S. Criminal Justice Allinson, Thomas 12 Wildwood Drive Branford, Ct. 06405 B.S. Accounting Altermatt, John 24 Howd Ave. Branford. Ct. 06405 B.S. Management Science Amato, Edward J. 72 Elizabeth Ann Drive New Haven, Ct. B.S. Accounting Ambrosini, Theodore J. 13 MacArthur Road Trumbull. Ct. 06611 A.S. Crim. Just. Anderson. James 2516 Valley View Dr. Allison Pk, Pa. 15101 B.S. Hotel Adm. Anderson. Miles 585 Derby-Milford Road Orange, Ct. 06477 B.S. Civil Engineering ■ " ♦ ■ Andrulatis. Karen F. 20 Pine St. New Haven, Ct. 06513 B.S. Criminal Justice Andruskiewec, Edward V. 37 Laurel St. Trumbull. Ct. 06611 B.S. Civil Engineering Angelo, Mary Jane 81 Cass Ave. Wallingofrd, Ct. 06492 A.S. Crim. Just. Anthony, Dominie J. Jr. 140 Fulton St. New Haven, Ct. 06512 B.A. Philosophy Antinolfi, Joseph 298 Sherman Ave. New Haven. Ct. 06510 A.S. Hotel Adm. Anton, Kenneth G. 180 Oakwood Drive Fairfield, Ct. 06430 B.S. General Management Arcaro, Jerome S. 31 Robertson St. Bristol, Ct. 06010 B.S. Crim. Just. Argeris, Danny 8 Leander St. Danielson, Ct. 06239 B.A. Political Science Armstrong, John J. 78 Union Ave. West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.S. Criminal Justice Asprelh, Steven M. 888 Mt. Carmel Ave. Hamden, Ct. 06518 A.S. Engineering Avgerinos, Penelope 384 West River Rd Orange, Ct. 06477 B.A. Psychology Babb. Carl S. 9 Fern St. West Haven, Ct. 06316 B.A. Social Welfare Bacchiocchi, Edward G. 17 Ellyn Drive West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.S. Marketing Bahnt, Bernard M. 35 Apple Wood Dr. Huntington, Ct. 06484 B.S. Gen. Mgt. Ballou, Kevin B. Cabbage Lane Bethlehem, Ct. 06751 B.S. Crim. Just. Balog, Michael G. 10 Quinlan Ave. Bridgeport, Ct. 06605 B.S. Crim. Just. Barham, Lonnie L. 1 12 Brookshaven Rd. Groton, Ct. 06340 B.S. Crim. Just. Bartiromo, Leslie T. 139 Clinton Ave. New Haven, Ct. 06513 B.A. Art A.S. Com. Art Bartolini, George 29 Carroll Court New London, Ct. 06320 B.S. Electrical Engineering Beatty, Thomas P. 15 Forest Lane Bloomfield, Ct. 06002 B.S. Crim. Just. Bclchak. Stephen J. 22 Spring St. Shelton, Ct. 06484 B.S. Accounting Bell. Carl 1032 Bangs Ave. Asbury Park. N.J. 07712 B.S. Hotel Adm. Bell, Dave 64 Shepards Knoll Hamden. Ct. 06514 B.S. Crim. Just. Bell. Hugh L. Jr. 145 Greenfield St. Waterford, Ct. 06385 A.S. Crim. Just. Bencivengo, Nicholas 34 Lindberg St. East Haven, Ct. 06512 A.S. Crim. Just. Benson, Robert 28 Navarro Road East Haven, Ct. 06512 B.S. Criminal Justice Bergmann, David W. 50 Laurel St. East Haven, Ct. 06512 B.S. Electrical Engineering Berlinski, Richard 306 Smelkoff Road Syracuse, N.Y. 13209 B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Bernardo, Donald 336 Pease Rd. Williamson, N.Y. B.S. Hotel Admin. Bethke, Edward Jr. 21 Lombard St. New Haven, Ct. 06513 A.S. Criminal Justice Biedermann, Robert E. 561 Winnepoge Dr. Fairfield, Ct. 06430 B.S. Operations Mgmt. Biermacher. Kenneth 1132 Campbell Ave. West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.S. Crim. Just Bird, Frederick Hopkins Road Ellington, Ct. 06029 B.S. Criminal Justice Birmingham, Thomas Jr. 309 Pine Tree Drive Orange, Ct. 06477 B.S. Criminal Justice Bishop, Alan W. 636 Storrs Road Mansfield, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Blake, David N. 19 Seminole Ave. Hamden, Ct. 06518 B.S. Crim. Just. Blair, Paul D. 325 S. Broadway Pennsville, N.J. B.S. Hotel Adm. Black, Roy E. Fordham Road Essex, Ct. A.S. Engineering Bloechle, Thomas J. 746 7th Ridge Road Wallingford. Ct. 06492 A.S. Engineering Bober, Lori K. 121 Benham Hill Rd. West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.S. Chemistry Bobbie. Doris 14 River St. East Haven, Ct. 06512 B.S. Biology Bochan, Anatolij 73 Kay Ave. Milford. Ct. 06460 B.S. Accounting Bohan, Timothy M 111 17-19 Simon PI. Apt. C-2 West Haven. Ct. 06516 B.S. Hotel Adm. Bond, Wayne M. 144 Cobb St. Oakville, Ct. B.S. Operations Management Borden, Francis 51 Eastern Ave. Waterbury, Ct. 06708 B.S. Criminal Justice Bordonaro, Robert E. 4 Great Oak Rd. Huntington, Ct. 06484 B.S. Accounting Borkowski, Saul 10 Stave Mill Rd. Bndgeton, N.J. 08302 B.S. Hotel Adm. Bratchell, Leonard Jp. 873 Old Town Rd. Bridgeport, Ct. B.A. Psychology Brazey, Joseph T. 65 Weybossett St. Hamden. Ct. 06514 A.S. Crim. Just. Brennan, David J. 8 Larry St. Norwich. Ct 06360 B.S. Accounting Brooks. Roger C. 529 Park Rd. 101 Waterbury, Ct. 06708 B.S. Accounting Brown. Bruce R. 1 1 1 Jordan Lane Stamford, Ct. B.S. Hotel Adm. Brown, Janice F. 400 Cold Spring Rd. Rocky Hill, Ct. 06067 B.S. Operation Management Brown, Robert F. Cow Pen Hill Rd Killingworth, Ct. 06417 B.S. Crim. Justice Bruce, Pamela J. 53 Lamson St. West Haven, Ct. 06516 A.S. Journalism Bryk. Richard F. 33 Mt. View Rd. Ansoma, Ct. 06401 B.S. Operations Management Buijnarowski, James J. 9 Clearview Ave. Meriden. Ct. 06450 B.A. Art A.S. Com. Art. Burke. David J. Ill 92A Kaye Vue Dr. Hamden, Ct. 06514 B.A. Political Science Butindari, Joseph 51 Sherwood Drive Huntington N.Y. 11743 B.S. C riminal Justice Butler. Robert 92 Hoffman St. West Haven. Ct. 06516 B.S. Accounting Buturla, Michael 25 Dodd Ave. Bridgeport. Ct. 06606 B.S. Civil Engineering Bystryk, Henry J. 80 Colony St. Ansonia, Ct. 06401 A.S. Business Administration Cantore. Richard 93 Smith St. West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.S. Criminal Justice Caprio, Frances 142 Smmit Dr. N Branford, Ct. 06471 A.S. Commerical Art Carey, Thomas 175 Kelsey Ave. West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.S. Crim. Just Carini, Dominic J. Jr. 22 Jodie Circle Waterbury. Ct. 06706 B.A. Political Science Carlquist, Roger A. 357 Walden Green Branford, Ct. 06405 B.S- Economics Carroll. David B. 263 Blake St. 3 New Haven, Ct. 06315 B.S. Economics Carroll, Mary Lee 448 Ferry St. New Haven, Ct. 06513 B.A. Social Welfare Cassella, James V. Jr. 257 Campbell Ave. West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.A. Psychology Castellano, Dennis 1 ' 803 Church St. Moosic, Pa. 81507 B.S. Cnm. Just Chaphck, Holly J. 10 Hickory Lane Ansonia. Ct. 06401 B.A. History Chateauneuf, George L. 46 Vail St. Waterbury, Ct. 06708 B.S. Cnm. Just. Cheesman, Paul E. Jr 72 Bluff Ave. West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.S. Operations Management Christenson, Glenn R. 102 Cross Hill Rd Monroe, Ct. 06468 B.S. Criminal Justice Christiansen. Jan D 5 Woodland Rd. Niantic, Ct. 06357 B.S. Industrial Engineering Church, William 20 Academy Ave. Waterbury, Ct. 06705 B.S. Material Engineering Ciarlegho, James 742 Bunker Hill Ave. Waterbury. Ct. B.S. Management Science Ciociola, Carol 6 Anthony Drive New Haven, Ct. B.A. English Cinllo, Nicholas J. 430 Old Country Rd. Orange, Ct. 06477 B.S. Accounting Clarke, John W. 16 Medoza Lane Trinidad, Wi. B.A. History Coates, Joseph P 16 Christy Hill Rd Gales Ferry, Ct. 06335 B.S. Marketing Coelho, Valentine 88 Driftway Rd Danbury. Ct A.S. Cnm. Just Cofrancesco, Alex L. 4 Dayton Rd Bethany. Ct. 06525 B.S. Management Science Cohen, Edward J 25 F Liberty St. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Communication Coker, Sulola A. 315 Huntington Ave. 3B Boston. Ma. 02115 B.S. Hotel Adm. Coleman, John N. Box 3 Fitchville, Ct. 06334 B.S. Civil Engineering Collinson, Charles M. 987 Boulevard 10 New Haven, Ct. 06511 B.S. Accounting Connolly, Jeffrey 31 Ruden Place West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.A. English Cooke. Robert 6 Pheasant Farm Rd. Wilbraham. Ma. B.S. Criminal Justice Cooley. Michael J 11- 10th Ave. Huntington. NY. 11746 B.S. Hotel Adm. Coppmger. Patricia 31 Mohawk Dn e West Ha en. Ct. 06516 B.S. Business Administration Coppola, Louis 206 Exchange St. New Haven. Ct. 06513 B.A. History Costello, John 1016 Madison Ave. Bridgeport, Ct. 06606 B.S. Cnm. Just. Crane. Ofelia S. 42 Washington Road Woodbury, Ct. 06798 B.S. Accounting Craw. Robert R Jr 53 Emerald St. Bridgeport. Ct. 06610 AS. Crim. Just. Cretella, Anthony P.O. Box 5482 Hamden. Ct. 06518 B.S. Accounting Cullen. William C. 32 Mafre Drive Guilford. Ct. B.S. General Mgmt. Curtis. Richard R. 133 Castle Lane Milford, Ct. 06460 B.S. Accounting Curwen, Charles Jr. 3233 Main St. Bridgeport, Ct. 06606 A.S. Crim. Just. Cushman, Frederick B. 57 Whitecar Road Niantic, Ct. 06357 AS. Crim. Just. Cutillo, Robert 7 Grand St. Box 508 Niantic, Ct. A.S. Crim. Just Czuchra, Roger A. 15 Meadow St. Ansonia, Ct. 06401 B.S. Marketing D ' Amto. Paul 95 Sunset Hill Branford. Ct. 06405 B.S. Accounting D ' Ambrosio, Thomas 439 Evergreen Ave. Hamden, Ct. 06518 B.S. Cnm. Just Davies, Edward J 38 White Birch Dr Trumbull. Ct. 06611 B.S Cnm. Just Davis, Dorothy K. 342 W. Division St. New Haven. Ct. 06511 B.S. Crim. Just Davis, Gladys L. 37 Dorman St. New Haven. Ct. 06511 B.S. Accounting Defihppo. Gary J. 50 Highland Ave Shelton, Ct. 06484 B.S. Finance DeFilippo. Richard P. 67 Hellstrom Rd. East Haven, Ct. 06512 A.S. Engineering DeFonzo. Douglas 5 Robert Treat Drive Milford. Ct. 06460 B.A. History DeFrancesco. John 110 Kennedy Drive Meriden, Ct. 06450 B.A. Psychology DeGregono. Peter 40 Hellstrom Rd. East Haven. Ct. 06512 B.S. Bus. Admin. DeLieto. Mark 63 Franklin Road Hamden, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Dehsle. Denise M. 48 Field Road Cromwell, Ct. 06416 A.S. Journalism Delia, Ventura Thomas 42 Summit Ave. East Haven, Ct 06512 B.S. Accounting Deluca, Michele 8 Country Ridge Dr. Huntington. Ct. B.S. Oper. Management DeMarco. Ronald G 6 Bargate Road Clinton. Ct. 06413 B.S. Marketing DeMatteis. Catherine 147 English St. New Haven. Ct. 06513 A.S. Journalism Dering, John J. 453 Renfrew Ave. Ambleb. Pa. 19002 B.S. Hotel Adm. DeRosa. Ronald 285 Willow St. New Haven, Ct. 06511 B.S. Electrical Engineering Diehl, James E. Box 343 Union. Me. 04862 B.S. Crim. Just. Dijulio, Henry R D Jr. 53 Norwood Ter. Trumbull, Ct. 06611 A.S. Crim. Just. Dillon. Robert F. 29 Foss St. Medford. Ma. 02155 B.A. History A.S. Crim. Just. Divenere, John 130 School St. Bristol, Ct. 06010 B.S. Cnm. Just. Dixon, Barbara A. 8 Toto Lane Ansonia. Ct. 06401 A.S. Business Admin. Doneghy, John S. 7501 Clifton Rd. Clinton, Va. 22024 B.S. Fire Science Doran, John J. Jr. 96 Edgar St. East Haven, Ct. 06512 A.S. Criminal Justice Dowhng. Mark 30 Coleman St. Apt. UH West Haven. Ct. 06516 B.S. Hotel Adm Drant, George 3139 Magnolia Dr. Hendersonvll, N.C. B.S. General Mgmt. Drew, Maureen 337 McKinley Ave. New Haven, Ct. 06515 B.S. Communication Dunlop, James 88 Anson St. Stratford. Ct. B.S. Crim. Just Dunn, David 41 Meadowbrook Dr. Waterbury, Ct. A.S. Commerical Adv. Art D ' Urso, Richard A 4 Old Middletown Tpk. Northford, Ct. 06472 AS. Crim. Just. Dyer, Patrick J. 37 Rena Place Fairfield. Ct. B.S. Accounting Eagan, Mary C. 1193 Campbell Ave. West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.S. Retailing Earl, Glenn J. 44 Overlook Rd. West Milford, N.J. 07480 B.S. Hotel Admin. Eckert, Frank 230 M. Cherry St. Wallmgofrd, Ct. 06492 B.S. General Management Edwards, Joseph A. 634 Old Town Rd. Trumbull. Ct. 06611 A.S. Crim. Just. Elander, William 31 Ivy Circle Apt. C West Haven. Ct. 06516 B.S. Communications Elia, Anthony J. Jr. 25 Montowese Ave. No Haven, Ct. 06473 B.S. Crim. Just. Emielita, Edward, Jr. 394 North High St. East Haven, Ct. 06512 B.S. Criminal Justice Emmerich, Frederick L. 1 1 Honeycomb Lane No Haven, Ct. 06473 B.S. Economics Enson, David 730 George St. Apt. K09 New Haven. Ct. 06511 B.S. Electrical Engineering Epperson, Jack E. 195 Orchard Hill Lane Willimantic. Ct. 06226 B.S. Marketing Evans, Nalcolm N. 1836 Whitney Ave. New Haven. Ct. 06517 B.S. Civil Engineering Evon, Frank G. Jr. 23 East Ave. Norwalk. Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Faenza, Michael 32 Vincent St. W Hartford, Ct. B.S. Hotel Admin. Falvey, James P. 1 1 Sachem Road Groton, Ct. 06340 B.S. Crim. Just. Fanning, Joanne 403 Third Ave. West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.A. Economic History Fausel, Richard J. 14 Barbara Dr. Milford, Ct. 06460 A.S. Business Administration Federico, Mark A. 28 Forest Glen Dr. Woodbridge. Ct. 06525 B.S. Accounting Feniola, Julius 17 Naugatuck St. East Haven. Ct. B.S. Bus. Administration Fenn, Austin W. Jr. 138 Hurd ' s Hill Rd. Woodbury, Ct. 06798 B.A. English A.S. Journalism Fertman, Donald G. Jr. 157 Bull Hill Lane West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.S. Communication Fesh, Mark S. 24 Brushy Hill Rd. Newtown, Ct. B.S. Crim. Just. Fiaschetti, Keith M. 25 Mallory Hill Road Georgetown, Ct. 06829 B.S. Criminal Justice Filicko, Richard 25 Legion Ave. Stratford, Ct. 06497 B.S. Mechanical Engineering Finley, Wayne 304 Third Ave. West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.S. Crim. Just. Fiore, Frederico 659 Totoket Rd Northford, Ct. B.S. Crim. Just. Fitch, James H. Jr. 166 Glenwood Rd. Clinton, Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Fitter, George W. 31 Atwater St. New Haven, Ct. 06513 B.S. Management Science Flaherty, Thomas E. 12 Center St. Milford, Ct. 06460 B.S. Crim. Just Flor, William B Riverside Farm Totoket R. Northford, Ct. 06472 B.S. Hotel Admin Flynn, Peter M. 77 Cottage Ave. Ansonia, Ct. 06401 B.S. Crim. Just. Forst, Lester J. Woodland Hills Rd. Southbury, Ct. 06488 B.S. Crim. Just. Forkin, Kathleen A. 14 Fourth Ave. West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.A. History Fournier, Cosette D. 10 Luke Hill Bethany. Ct. 06525 B.S. Operations Management Franklin. Patricia 99 Edgewood Ave. New Haven, Ct. 06511 B.S. Accounting Franzis, John P. 64 Colony Rd. Seymour, Ct. 06483 B.A. Mathematics Gabucci, Harold L. Jr Ailing Road Northford, Ct. 06472 B.S. Accounting Gaenzle, Harry 9 Dover Lane Old Bethpage, N.Y. B.S. Criminal Justice Gaetano. Robert 72 South St. West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.S. Management Science Galhchio, Lawrence 23 Ridge Ct. East B4 West Haven. Ct. 06516 B.A. Social Welfare Galluzzo, Robert J. 41 Antonio Ave. Meriden, Ct. B.S. General Management Garber, Albert 187 Lawrence St. New Haven. Ct. B.S. Marketing Garcia, Robert M. 1 1 Avon Place Mystic, Ct. B.S. Crim. Just. Ganca, Teofilo A. 114 Wall St. Waterbury, Ct. 06705 B.S. Mechanical Eng. Gargano, Loraine A. 48 Claudia Dr. Apt. 55 West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.S. Accounting Garnitz, Marion M. 76 West Walk West Haven, Ct. 06516 A.S. Hotel Adm. Genett, Richard A. 25 Sunrise Ave. Katonah, N.Y. 10536 B.S. Crim. Just. Genito, Dennis J. P.O. Box 81 N. Brunswick, N.J. 08902 B.S. Biology Gentile, Eugene L. 953 Old Pst Rd. Fairfield, Ct. 06430 B.S. International Bus. Gerardi, Peter V. 35 Adelaide St. Danielson, Ct. 06239 B.S. Crim. Just. Getchell, Robert J. 39 Carr St. Wallingofrd, Ct. 06492 B.S. Crim. Just. Giannelli, Mark 63 Phillips Dr. Oakville, Ct. 06779 B.S. Industrial Engr. Giglio, Anne P. 174 Blatchley Ave. New Haven. Ct. B.A. Social Welfare Gilbert, Guy Bushy Hill Rd. Eepriver, Ct. 06417 B.S. General Management Gilbertie, John S. 16 Sunrise Rd. Westport, Ct. 06880 B.A. Chemistry Gillern. Michael 1016 So. Webster Ave. Scranton, Pa. 18505 B.S. Crim. Just. Giordano. Pamela D. 510 Long Hill Rd. Guilford, Ct. 06437 A.S. Criminal Justice Giudice, Joseph 108 Hilltop Lane West Haven. Ct. 06516 B.S. Crim. Just. Gleason, Steven R. 41 Roberts St. New Britain. Ct. B.S. Crim. Just. Goldstein, William 42 Dwight St. Waterbury, Ct. 06710 B.S. Accounting Gormally, Mary 151 Chipman Dr. Cheshire, Ct. B.S. Crim. Just. Grabowski, Anne M. 81 Birch Dr. Stratford, Ct. 06497 B.A. Psychology Granger, Roe A. 306 Chesterfield Rd. E Lyme, Ct. 06333 A.S. Crim. Just. Green, Thomas B. Hewes, George E. Incampo, John F. 22 Schuiler Road 75 Longwood Dr. 652 Circular Ave. Lowdonville. N.Y. 12211 Naugatuck, Ct. 06770 Hamden. Ct. 06514 B.S. Hotel Admin. B.S. Accounting B.S. Crim. Just. Greene, Richard H. Hollenbeck, Wayne Inguaggiato, Jo-Ann 33 Winding Lane 30 Lawrence Rd. 235 Quinnipiac Ave. E Hartford. Ct. 06118 Hamden, Ct. 06518 No Haven. Ct. 06473 B.S. Criminal Justice B.S. Marketing A.S. Crim. Just Grillo. James Holroyd, Bonnie A. Isaacson, Carolyn 394 Yale Ave. 26 Laurel Crest Rd. 139 York Ave. New Haven, Ct. 06515 Madison. Ct. 06443 Saratoga Spg. N.Y. 12866 B.A. Sociology A.S. Journalism B.S. Crim. Just Griswold. Arthur R. Jr Horvath, Robert B. Izzo, Cynthia 38 High St. 24 Fanny St. 476 Savoy St. New Haven, Ct. 06510 Shelton, Ct Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering A.S. Crim. Just A.S. Journalism Grogan, Keith J. Houston, Cynthia L. i 24 Maxwell Drive 858 Village Green Milford, Ct. 06460 Westfield, N.J. 07090 B.S. Accounting B.A. Art A.S. Com. Art Jachinowski, Paul H. Gulino, Dante 213 Atwater St. New Haven, Ct. B.A Social Welfare Gunter, Richard B. 112 Wilson St. Fairfield. Ct. 06432 B.S. Crim. Just. Gustafson, James B. 17 Melven Road W. Hartford, Ct. 061 10 B.S. Crim. Just. 1? Hallberg, Raymond 26 Balance Rock Rd. Apt. 6 Seymour, Ct. 06483 B.S. Marketing Hamilton, William 277 So. Rolling Acres Rd. Cheshire, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Hamlyn, John H. Jr 101 West Holly Terr. Bridgeton. N.J. 08302 B.S. Hotel Admin. Hassan, Dane 197 Cook Rd. Prospect, Ct. 06712 A.S. Criminal Justice Hauslaib, Brett 67 Riverview Dr Bridgeport, Ct. 06606 B.S. Crim. Just Hawco. George B. 648 Pine Rock Ave. Hamden, Ct. 06514 B.S. Crim. Just. Hazzard, Bernard J. 519 George St. New Haven, Ct. 06511 A.S. Commerical Art Hedge, Patrick F. 25 Jefferson Circle Clinton, Ct. 06413 B.S. Crim. Just. Houston, Mary Ellen 86 Hinsdale Ave. Waterbury, Ct. 06705 A.S. Business Admin. Hoxie, Richard Lake Shore Dr. Middlefield, Ct. 06455 B.S. Crim. Just. Hughes. Michael F. 28 Lester St. West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.S. Hotel Hunter, John L. 128 Park Ave. Derby, Ct. 06418 B.S. Accounting Houston, David 72 Walnut Lane Northford, Ct. 06472 A.S. Criminal Justice Hutchinson. Harold J. 427 Nortontown Rd. Guilford. Ct. A.S. Business Administration Hylton, Keith A. 614 Monroe Tpk. Monroe, Ct. 06468 B.S. Mechanical Engineering Hyne, Edward 19 Florida Drive Oakdale, Ct. 06370 B.S. Industrial Engineering Iagrosse, Thomas 25 Albertson Rd. Hamden, Ct. 06514 B.S. Accounting Iaguessa, Richard F. 124 Sorrento Ave. East Haven, Ct. 06512 A.S. Crim. Just. Iannucci, Bruce M. 489 Long Hill Ave. Shelton. Ct. B.S. Environ. Studies 36 Patton Ave. Seymour, Ct. 06483 B.S. Crim. Just. Jacko, Robert E. Jr. 151 Lorraine St. Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. Crim Just Jacobson, Donald W. 167 Meadow Pk Dr Milford, Ct. 06460 B.S. Biology Jalbert, Vincent P. 333 Breakneck Hill Rd Middlebury, Ct. 06762 B.S. Electrical Engineering Janicke, Kevin H. 167 West St. Cromwell. Ct. 06416 B.S. Crim. Just. Jaskilka. Robert 45 Woodlawn Ave. Ansonia, Ct. 06401 B.S. Accounting Jedrzejczyk. John 374 Broad St. New Britain, Ct. B.S. Accounting Jones, James J. Mary Holmes College West Point, Ms. 39773 B.S. Operations Management Jones, Stephen T. 9 Mary Ann Lane Walhngford. Ct. 06492 B.S. Civil Engineering Jordan, Leroy W. 1 16 Kimberly Ave. East Haven, Ct. 06512 A.S. Journalism Jordan, Frank A. Jr. 40 Dayton St. New Haven, Ct. 06515 B.S. Accounting Kalakay, Michael R. Jr. 82 Oronoque Rd. Milfrod, Ct. 06460 B.S. Electrical Engineering Kapral, Janie R. 268 High St. Milford, Ct. 06460 B.S. Management Science Karbowicz, Chester J 93 School St. Naugatuck, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Karkut, Gary E. 206 Sunset Dr. Ansonia. Ct. 06401 B.S. Crim. Just. Keefe, Kimberley 183 Oxford Rd. Milford. Ct. 06460 A.S. Crim. Just. Kelly, Deborah 6 Fenwood Place Old Saybrook, Ct. 06475 B.S. Management Science Kelsey, Susan P. Paynes Point Branford. Ct. 06405 B.S. Retailing Kenniston. Donald T. Box 173 Rt 4 W Cornwall. Ct. 06796 B.S. Criminal Justice Kielbasa, Debora J. 300 Orange Ave. Bx. 146 West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.A Psychology Kiley, John Jr. 88 Bee Mountain Rd. Oxford, Ct. B.S. Accounting Klos, Matthew 100 Prospect St. Glastonbury, Ct. 06033 B.A. Political Science Knap. Michael P. 396 Edison Rd. Trumbull. Ct. A.S. Criminal Justice Knight. Richard 854 Oakwood Rd. Orange, Ct. 06477 B.S. Internation. Business Knowles. Kenneth J 466 Riverdale Dr. Stratford, Ct. 06497 B.S. Crim. Just. Korenchuk. Diana 100 Lori Drive Milford, Ct. 06460 B.A. Psychology Korenchuk, Janet 100 Lori Drive Milford, Ct. 06460 A.S. Environmental Science Korenchuk, Karen 100 Lori Drive Milford, Ct. 06460 A.S. Biology -V • " ♦ t • Kotowski, Daniel G. 38 Mansfield Rd. East Haven, Ct. 06512 B.S. Hotel Adm. Kovach, Joseph 112 Fred Allen Dr. S Plainfield, N.J. 07080 B.S Crim. Just Kovlak. Daniel L. 66 Mohawk St. Stratford, Ct. 06497 B.S. Accounting Kozlowski, Edmund 64 Goodale Dr. Newington, Ct. 06111 AS. Crim. Just. Kristoff, Wendy 875 Queen St. Bridgeport, Ct. B.A. English Kroh, Steven U. 7114 Reservoir Rd. Springfield, Va. 22150 B.S. Fire Science Kupson, Patricia G. 47 Knollwood Road Milford, Ct. 06460 B.S. Retailing Kubala, Charles P. 18 Vera St. East Haven, Ct. 06512 A.S. Business Admin. Kurz, Marta 760 Mix Ave. Hamden, Ct. 06514 A.S. Criminal Justice Labanara, Paul M. 62 Treat St. Apt. 104 West Haven. Ct. 06516 B.A. Sociology Lahey, Karen 541 Eastern St. Apt. 8 New Haven, Ct. 06513 B.S. Crim. Just. Langello, Nicholas Sr. 20 Elm St. East Haven, Ct. 06512 A.S. Crim. Just. Larson, George L. 43 Country Lane Bristol, Ct. 06010 B.S. Accounting Laurinaitis, William 152 Rose Circle Middletown, Ct. 06457 B.S. Crim. Just Lavorgna, Paul 36 Willow St. West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.S. General Management Leahy, Michael 46 Lilac Lane Milford, Ct. 06460 B.S. Business Administration Ledbetter, Paula A. 617 Elm St. New Haven, Ct. 06511 B.S. Hotel Adm. Lee, Julian C. Jr. 4 Olean St. 5 Norwalk, Ct. B.A. Political Science Levack, Robert P. 88 Cheshire Rd. Wallmgford, Ct. 06492 B.S. Crim. Just. Levesque, Roger 1 14 Schoolhouse Rd. Newington, Ct. 06111 B.S. Civil Engr. Levin, Shelley D. 1522 Westmorland St. Mclean, Va. 22101 A.S. Crim. Just. Lewis, Daniel Main St. Southbury, Ct. 06487 B.S. Crim. Just. Lmdquist, David W. 17 Sycamore Rd. Niantic, Ct. B.S. General Management Lindsey. Dennis 560 Main St. Apt. 3G West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.S. Marketing Link, Donald E. 1118 Townsend Ave. New Haven, Ct. 06512 A.S. Bus. Admin. Link. James P. 517C No. Spring St. Naugatuck, Ct. B.A. Chemistry Livolsi, Gerald M. 162 Helen St. Hamden, Ct. B.S. Accounting Logan, James X. 930 E. Center St. Wallmgford. Ct. 06492 B.S. Accounting Logan, Lawrence E. 977 Whalley Ave. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Marketing Loos, Melanie 42 Griffing Pond Rd. Branford, Ct. 06405 A.S. Business Administration Lorenzo, Robert 317 Cook Ave. Meriden, Ct. 06450 B.A. History Lougal, Frederick 654 Main St. East Haven, Ct. 06512 A.S. Journalism Lumpkin. Richard W. 44 North St. Plymouth. Ct. 06782 B.S. Hotel Administratii Lupkas. Raymond 54 Mt. Pleasant Dr. Trumbull, Ct. 06611 B.S. Civil Engr. Lupone, Salvatore 289 McKinley Ave. New Haven, Ct. 06515 B.S. Electrical Engr. m Mackay, Muriel 139 Totoket Rd. N Branford. Ct. 06471 A.S. Bus. Admin. Macy, Dana L. 1030 Campbell Ave. West Haven, Ct. 06516 A.S. Bus. Admin. Mahoney, Jeffrey M. 381 Ocean Ave. West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.S. Bus. Admin. Majewski, Armand J. 329 Willow St. Bridgeport, Ct. 06610 B.A. Political Science Mallmson, Mary E. 261 Amity Road Woodbndge, Ct. 06525 B.S. Crim. Justice Mandicz, Oksana D. 45 Sheldon Terrace New Haven, Ct. 06511 B.S. Cnm. Just. Mankowski. Ted 1181 East St. New Britain, Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Mansourian, Nina 2 Treat St. Apt. 14E West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.A. Psychology Marcus, Marshall D. 1 10 Stevenson Road New Haven, Ct. 06515 B.S. Management Science Mariano, Antoinette 202 Barnes Ave. New Haven, Ct. 06513 B.A. English Marino, Frank 10 Cosey Beach Rd East Haven, Ct. 06512 B.S. Marketing Marmelstein, Harold R. 10 Court St. West Haven. Ct. 06516 B.S. Marketing Martone, Barbara 92 Main St. New Haven, Ct. 06512 A.S. Business Administration Massaro, Steve 186 Old Stage Coach Rd. Ridgefield, Ct. B.S. Accounting Mastracchio, Maureen 52 Blohm St. West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.A. English A.S. Journalisn Mazzei, Adolph D. 112 Shelley St. Waterbury. Ct. 06705 B.A. Political Sci. McAvinney. William 31 Ruden PI. Apt. 112 West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.S. Criminal Justice McGuire, Michale P.O. Box 1766 Poughkeepsie, N.Y. B.A. Political Science McKenna, Mark 1 Bean Rd. Sterling, Ma. 01565 B.S. Hotel Admin. McLean, Scott F. 768 Derby Ave. Orange, Ct. 06477 B.S. Crim. Just. Meagher. Robert Chidsey Dr. N. Branford. Ct. 06471 B.S. Accounting Meagher. David G. 6 Cecelia Dr. East Haven, Ct. 06512 B.S. Management Science Meekins, Theophilus B. 35 Exeter St. Bridgeport, Ct. 06606 B.S. Crim. Just. Melillo, Christine L. 97 South Lawn Ave. Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. 10522 B.S. Crim. Just. Menge, James E. 36 Fawn Dr. Stamford, Ct. 06905 B.S. Management Science Mentha, Denis 70 Greewood Lane Monroe, Ct. 06468 B.S. Management Science Mica. Louis J. 15 Bissell PI. Seymour, Ct. 06483 B.S. Cnm. Just. Micci. Gustave 261 Riverview Ave. Shelton, Ct. 06484 B.S. Marketing Miglinas, Kurt E. 12 Valley View Rd. Brookfield, Ct. 06804 A.S. Crim. Just. Migliore, Robert W. 25 Linden St. New Haven, Ct. 06511 B.S. Communication Miksa. John W. 24 High St. Wt ...... | ' ■ L._. , ' .,.- ' . . ■ Chester, Ct. 06412 Napychank, Patricia Offen, Robert W. AS. Crim. Just. 9 Hotchkiss Terr. P.O. Box 183 Mileto, Diane C Ansonia, Ct. N. Stonington, Ct. 271 Village Lane B.S. Criminal Justice Adm. A.S. Criminal Justice Southport, Ct. 06490 Narad. Richard M. Ogonowski, Frank B.S. Crim. Just. 1 10 May view Ave. 25 Eden St. Miles. John R. Cheshire, Ct. New Haven, Ct. 1342 Sehoolhouse La. B.S. Bus. Admin. B.S. Marketing Jamison, Pa. 18929 Nevers, Evelyn L. Olderman, Gary B.S Communication 54 Glade St. 59 Leo Road Miller. Patricia West Haven, Ct. 06516 Hamden. Ct. 06517 P.O. Box 365 B.A. Social Welfare B.S. Hotel Adm. Ivoryton, Ct. Newbury, Peter C. Jr. O ' Leary, Patricia L. B.A. Psychology 34 Grove Hill Rd 81 Ronald Road Miller, Rita Guilford. Ct. Groton. Ct. 06340 12 Collins Dr B.A. Sociology- A.S. Crim. Just. West Haven, Ct. 06516 Newman, Clarence O ' Leary, John H B.S. Accounting Box 86 UNH 258 Eknsington Ave. 1 Miller, Stephen L. West Haven, Ct. 06516 Meriden, Ct. 06450 1789 Broadbndge Ave. B.S. Accounting B.S. Economics Stratford, Ct. Newman, Robert Olewine. Eugene I. B.A. English 166 Martin Lane 236 Deepwood Drive Minichino, Robert A. Orange, Ct. 06477 Cheshire, Ct 211 Crosswoods Lane B.S. Gen. Management B.S. Operations Management Branford. Ct. 06405 Newton. Richard R. Olson, Thomas P. B.S. Electrical Engr. 1 Elm Rd. 8 Woodvale Drive Misenti, Phillip G. Cromwell. Ct. 06416 Northford, Ct. 06472 86 Westmont Dr. B.S. Civil Engineering B.S. Electrical Engineering Middletown. Ct. 06457 Nichols. Tracy L. Orr, Paul A. B.S. General Management 10 Sorghum Rd 484 Norton Parkway Moffitt. Steven Shelton. Ct New Haven, Ct. 06515 203 Deer Lane B.S. Operations Management B.S. Industrial Engineering Guilford. Ct. Nicholson, Richard D Orsatti, Michael P. B.S. General Management 16 Soljer Dr. 73 Glen Hollow Rd Moll, David Waterford, Ct. Watertown, Ct. 06795 25 Davenport St. A.S. Criminal Justice B.S. Accounting Harrison, NY. 10528 Nisivoccia, Vincent B.S. Mech. Engr. 1 1 Lafayette Dr. P Moreland. Alonzo Hazlet. N.J. 07730 121 David St. B.S. Marketing Pallone, Thomas J. West Haven. Ct. 06516 Nolan. Frank H. Laurel Way B.S. Crim. Just 33 Valley Shores Dr. Norfolk, Ct. 06058 Morgan, James W. Ill Guilford, Ct. 06437 B.S Criminal Justice 14 Kathy Lane B.S. Marketing Palmieri, James E. Ansonia, Ct. 06401 Northrop, Walter W. Jr. 1131 W. Center St. B.S. Fire Science 22 Larson Dr. Southington, Ct. 06489 Morgan, Putnam V. Jr No Haven, Ct. 06473 B.S. Operations Management 107 State St. B.S. Crim. Just Pantaleo, Glenn L. Guilford, Ct. 06437 Novicki, Thomas E. 239 McKinley Ave. A.S. Engineering 39 Judith Terrace New Haven. Ct. 06515 Moss, Edgar J. New Haven, Ct. 06513 B.S. General Management 220 Munson St. B.S. Accounting Panza, Pascal G New Haven. Ct. 06511 Nuzzi, John N. 181 Lee St. B.A. Sociology 10 Timber Lane West Haven, Ct. 06516 Moulton. David W. Woodbndge. Ct. 06525 B.S. General Management 23 Norwalk St. A.S. Criminal Justice Pari, Gene T. West Haven. Ct. 06516 38 High View Terr. B.A. Art Hamden. Ct. 06514 Mueller, Peter E. A.S. Hotel Admin. 520 Howelltown Rd. Obenhoff, Thomas H. Park, David Orange, Ct. 06477 43 Morris Lane 84 Maple St. AS. General Studies Milford, Ct. 06460 Branford. Ct. 06405 Mulvihill, Michael A. B.S. Mech. Engrg. B.S. Criminal Justice 35 Howard St. O ' Connor, Martin J. Patrissi. Gregory A. Old Saybrook, Ct. 06475 512 Townsend Ave. 200 Cold Spring Dr. 510 A.S. Criminal Justice New Haven, Ct. 06512 Rocky Hill, Ct. 06067 n B.A. History B.S. Fire Science Pavao, Mary L. 71 Spring St West Haven. Ct. 06516 A.S. Commerical Art Pearson. Glen 7 Paul Ave. Apt. 2 West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.S. Fire Science Pember. Harry E. 4 Watrous Lane Milford, Ct. 06460 B.S. Accounting Pendleton, Murray J. Center Beach Ave. Old Lyme. Ct. 06371 A.S. Criminal Justice Penna, Arthur J. Jr. 4 Sunflower Circle West Haven, Ct. 06516 B A World Music Perham, Mary M. 570 Amity Rd. Woodbndge. Ct. 06525 B.S. Environmental Studies Perkins, Edward Jr 110 Nut Plains Rd. Guilford. Ct. B.S. Accounting Perucki, Henry I. 1 16 Lyman St. New Britain, Ct. 06053 B.S. Crim. Just. Peryer, Lawrence O. 250 Four Rod Rd. Hamden, Ct. 06514 B.S. Criminal Justice Petruzzello. S. J. 22 Cheryl Jane Dr. Waterbury, Ct. 06705 A.S. Business Administration Phelps, Brian 1 1 Farview Ave. Milford. Ct. 06460 B.S. Marketing Lehrer, Linda P. 20 Colby Court New Haven, Ct. 06515 B.A. Social Welfare Picariello. Henry J. 17 Douglass Ave. New Haven, Ct. 06510 B.A. Political Science Piccolo, Frank A. 766 Townsend Ave. New Haven. Ct. 06512 B.A Political Science Pietri. Domingo A. 85 Harland Ave. Waterbury, Ct. 06705 B.S. Crim. Just. Plocharczyk. Raymond 2097 Corbin Ave. New Britain. Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Pol. Kenneth A. 226 Sylvan Valley Rd. Orange, Ct. 06477 B.S. Hotel Admin. 233 Porter, James S. 1033 Meriden Ave. Southington, Ct. 06489 B.S. Criminal Justice Portlock, Lawrence 676 Litchfield Tpke. Bethany, Ct. 06525 B.S. Mech. Engr. Pouliot, Cynthia 8 Primrose St. Milford, Ct. 06460 A.S. Retailing Powers, John 2 Mt. Ridge Ter. 103 New Haven, Ct. B.S. Hotel Admin. Pratt, Robert J. 320 Indigo St. Mystic, Ct. 06355 B.S. Crim. Just. Preiss, Frederick 69 Compass Lane West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.S. General Management Principi, Therese 24 Colonial Lane Ridgefield. Ct. 06877 B.S. Crim. Just. Pusateri. Paul 241 Sound View Ave. Stamford, Ct. 06902 B.S. Hotel Admin. Pyshnik, Anna M. 1233 Campbell Ave. West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.S. Hotel Admin. Quinn, John J. 70 Lynmoor Place Hamden, Ct. 06517 A.S. Criminal Justice Rancourt. Michael RFD 2 Box 284 Ledyard, Ct. 06339 B.S. Electrical Engineering Rebelowski, Stephen J. 5 Atwood Drive Niantic, Ct. 06357 A.S. Crim. Just. Rehm, John R. 226 Charles St. S. Meriden, Ct. B.S. Crim. Just Reid, Paul E. 57 Snow Crystal Rd. Naugatuck, Ct. 06770 A.S. Criminal Justice Reiss, Dawn E. 267 Front Ave. West Haven, Ct. 06516 A.S. Commerical Art Renzulli, Carmine 4790 Madison Ave. Trumbull, Ct. 06611 B.S. Genl. Mgmt. Reutter, Rita 12 Edna St. West Haven. Ct. 06516 B.S. Public Admin. Riley, Harold E. 39 Park Ave. Meriden, Ct. 06450 B.S. Management Science Rivard, Ronald L Roaring Brook Rd. Prospect. Ct. 06712 B.S. Operations Management Roche, Michael F. 24 Tour Ave. New Haven, Ct. 06515 B.A. History Rogers, William M. 17-19 Simon PI. Apt. C-6 West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.S. Accounting Rosenblum, Allan B. 2928 W. 5th St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 11224 B.S. Hotel Admin. Rosenfield, Steven D. 151 Cooper Rd. West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.S. Management Science Ross, Cynthia A. 21 Mohegan Dr. W. Hartford, Ct. 06117 B.A. Political Science Rossi, Richard 680 Mix Ave. Apt. 5B Hamden. Ct. 06514 B.S. Accounting Ruiz, Gustavo E. Jr. 16 Sheridan St. Stamford, Ct. A.S. Communication Ruocco, Alfonse, G. 254 Cosey Beach Ave. East Haven, Ct. 06512 B.S. Hotel Admin. Runlett, Dean B. 178 Knob Hill Dr Hamden, Ct. 06518 A.S. Crim. Just. Russo, Robert E. 1401 Boulevard New Haven. Ct. 06511 B.S. Electrical Engineering Rykowski, Robert A. 7 Dempsey Crt. Ansoma, Ct. 06401 B.S. Crim. Just. fi Sabetta, Andrew 46 Academy Hill Derby, Ct. B.S. Crim. Just. Salemme, Jo-Anne 221 Cranston St. New Haven, Ct. 06513 B.S. Crim. Just. Sailer, Nancy A. 50 Allene Dr. Hamden, Ct. 06517 B.S. Chemistry Samal. Michael 91 Lakeview Ave. Cheshire, Ct. 06410 A.S. Journalism San Juan, Joseph A. 10 Fulmore Drive Waterford. Ct. 06385 A.S. Crim. Just. Santore, Richard T. 17 Riggs St. Ansonia, Ct. 06401 B.S. Operations Mgmt. Sayers, Thomas H. 95 Tyler Ave. West Haven, Ct. 06516 A.S. Bus. Admin. Scanlon, James E. 795 Nott St. Wethersfield, Ct. 06109 B.S. Communication Scannell, John L. 23 Seventh St. Newington, Ct. 061 11 A.S. Crim. Just. Scappaticci, Richard 81 Sterling Ave. Harrison, N.Y. 10528 B.S. Accounting Schleppy, Jeff 1 Greta St. West Haven. Ct. 06516 B.S. Management Science Schull, Derrick 19 Wilson Ave. West Haven. Ct. 06516 A.S. Engineering Schultz, William Jr. 48 Noble Ave. Milford, Ct. 06460 B.S. Crim. Just Emslander. Elizabeth 1225 Broad St. Apt. 8 Whitehall. Pa. 18052 B.S. Hotel Adm. Scott, John E. 150 E. Menrietta Rd. Rochester. N.Y. 14620 B.S. Marketing Seilhamer, Lawrence G-6-A Villa Grillasca Ponce, Pr. 00731 B.S. Civil Engineering Seward, Claudia G. Sachem ' s Head Guilford. Ct. 06437 B.A. Art A.S. Com Art Schapiro, Howard L. 8400 Shore Ft. Pkwy. Rockaway Bch, N.Y. 11693 B.S. Hotel Admin. Shedd. Charles 2 Salem St. Naugatuck, Ct. 06770 B.A. Chemistry Shcppard, Frerick L. 22 Warner PI. Waterbury, Ct. 06704 B.A. History Shugdinis. David F. 17 Edgewood Dr. Beacon Falls. Ct. 06403 B.S. Criminal Justice Siena, Robert P. 70 Irvington St. New Haven, Ct. 06513 B.S. Biology Silks, John 1476 Chapel St. Apt. U02 New Haven, Ct. 06511 B.S. Hotel Admin. Simpson, Paul N. 181 Sunset Dr. Ansonia, Ct. 06401 B.A. History Skrainski, Paul 437 Orange St. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Genl. Mgmt. Skolones, Raymond 60 Iron Works Rd. Clinton. Ct. 06413 B.S. Electrical Engineering Slezak, David 67 Pulaski Hwy. Ansonia, Ct. 06401 B.S. Criminal Justice Smith, Bruce F. 14 Crescent Dr. Goshen, N.Y. 10924 B.S. Hotel Admin. Smith. James R. 174 Andrews Rd. Wolcott, Ct. 06716 B.S. Criminal Justice Adm. Smith, Mark 53 Star St. Ansonia, Ct. 06401 B.S. Marketing Solakian. Michael 417 Third Ave. West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.S. Accounting Stackpole, James H. 92 Bellevue Ave. West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.S. Criminal Justice Steinert, Alice J. 20 East Creek Circle Guilford, Ct. 06437 B.A. English Stengel, Charles J. Buckboard Rd Durham, Ct. 06422 B.S. Electrical Engineering Stephens, Theodore P. 1 Burchwood PI. West Haven, Ct. 06516 234 A.S. Crim. Just. Stewart, Owen 132 Fountain Terrace New Haven, Ct. 06515 B.S. Accounting Stillwell, Eileen 22-24 Simon PI. West Haven. Ct. 06516 B.S. Environmental Studies Stillwell, John N. 18 Madison Ave. Summit, N.J. 07901 B.S. Communication Stokes, Richard 34W Brookside Av e. Ansoma. Ct. 06401 B.S. Personnel Mgmt. Strasser, Jed 37-03 Northern Dr. Fairlawn, M.J. B.S. Marketing Stuart, James R. 43 Trumbull Ave. Plainville. Ct. 06062 B.S. Crim. Just. Stuckey, Grace H. 12 Vernon St. New Haven, Ct. 06519 B.A. Social Welfare Sullivan, Roger G. 8% Lindley St. Bridgeport, Ct. 06606 B.S. Industrial Engineering Surprenant, Edgar R. 81 Pinski Dr. Branford. Ct. 06405 B.S. Industrial Engineering Swanson, Richard A. Jr. Calhou St. Washington. Ct. 06794 B S Crim. Just. Swyrydenko, Victor 14 Philip Dr. Huntington, Ct. B.A. Political Science Tamsin, Micaehl 25 Ivy St. Branford, Ct. 06405 B.S. Civil Engineering Tarascio, John P. 96 Firetown Rd. Simsbury, Ct. B.S. Crim. Just. Teplansky, John Deer Ridge Rd Killingworth, Ct. 06417 B.S. Marketing Testo, Paula 93 Terrace Ave. West Haven, Ct. 06516 A.S. Gener al Studies Thomspon, Stephen M. 243 W. Elm St. New Haven. Ct. 06515 B.S. Industrial Engineering Tiano, Robert F. 104 Botsford Ave. Milford, Ct. 06460 B.A. History Tobin, Timothy 120 Dickerman St Hamden. Ct. 06518 B.A. Political Science Tommessilli, Steve 17 Highwood Ave. Hamden, Ct. 06514 A.S. General Studies Tousey, Richard 32 Wellsweep Rd. Branford, Ct. 06405 B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Tozzi, Vincent A. 815 Mace Ave. Bronx. NY. B.A. History Trudeau, Larry Jr. 62 Fairview Ter. Glastonbury. Ct. B.S. Crim. Just. Trzaskos. Frank 16 West Beacon St. W. Hartford. Ct. 06119 B.S. Crim. Just Trungadi. Rocco G. 572 Garfield Ave. Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. Crim. Just. u Vanacore, Alfred A. 6 Shady Lane Branford, Ct. 06405 B.S. Marketing Vanacore, Ronald 60 High Rock Rd Hamden, Ct. 06514 A.S. Crim. Just. Van Fleet, Vern C. Jr 445 Milford Point Rd. Milford, Ct. 06460 B.S. Mechanical Engineering Verdone, Frank J. 855 First Ave. Apt. 5 West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.S. Public Admin Verry, David Boston Post Rd Westbrook. Ct. B.S. Crim. Just. Viarengo, Ronald S. 129 Federal St. W. Hartford. Ct. B.S. Crim. Just. Viens, Thomas W. 11 Mullin Hill Rd. Waterford, Ct. 06385 A.S. Crim. Just. Vincent, Wilfred E. J37 Canaan Rd. Stratford, Ct. 06497 B.S. Accounting Virzi, Joseph 154 Pulaski Hwy. Ansonia, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Vogt, Carl F. 496 Grace Tr. Orange. Ct. 06477 A.S. Commerical Art Vones. James G. 4 Sycamore Lane Oxford, Ct. 06483 B.S. Crim. Just. m Waldmiller, Gregory 35 Cobbler ' s Hill Rd. Trumbull, Ct. B.S. Crim. Just. Ward, Relford M 118 Bailey Rd. Middletown. Ct. 06457 B.S. Crim. Just Warren, Peter F 25 Chambe rs Rd. Danbury, Ct. B.S. Crim. Just. Waters, Derek M. 25 Barbara St. West Haven, Ct. 06516 B.S. Public Administration Wegner, Bruno L. 226 Daniel Rd. Hamden, Ct. 06517 B.S. Operations Management Weisslender, Herbert 36 Fairview Ave. Binghamton, N.Y. B.S. Accounting Weldon, Thomas E. Sr. 74 Sunvalley Dr. Southington, Ct. 06489 B.S. Mechanical Engineering Wheeler, Frederick 48 Morning Mist Rd. Milford, Ct. 06460 B.S. Accounting Whelan, Diane M. 61 High St. East Haven. Ct. 06512 B.A. History White. John J Jr 9 Eleanor St. Hamden, Ct. 06514 B.S. Accounting Wilbanks, Lester E. 45 Quintard Terrace Stamford, Ct. B.S. Accounting Williams, Leslie W. Jr Shore Dr. Rogers Lake Lyme, Ct. 06371 B.S. Crim. Just. Wisniewski, Gary Box 326 Uncasville, Ct. 06382 B.S. Materials Engr. Wood, Melanie P. 382 Campbell Mill Rd. Voluntown, Ct. B.S. Chemistry Wood, Ronald 17 Maurice St. Norwalk, Ct. B.S. Operations Management Workman, Robert L. Jr. 63 Niles Hill Rd. C-2 New London, Ct. 06320 A.S. Criminal Justice Wurzak. Howard 80-03 258st Floral Park Queens, N.Y. 11004 B.S. Hotel y Youle, Robert 49 Andrew Ave. Naugatuck, Ct. 06770 B.S. Electrical Engineering Zavagnin. Robert Lower Rd. E. Canaan, Ct. 06024 B.S. Criminal Justice Zemaitis, Donald F. 32 Fifth St. Ansonia, Ct. 06401 B.S. Accounting Ziyadeh, Basem 518 Central Ave. New Haven, Ct. 06515 B.S. Hotel 235 ads Page ' s Sport Shop 1DDD MAIN ST. BRANFDRD, CONN. D64DS (Cmtgratulaitnns to tbr (filaaa nf IflfB Whafe bur Function? o The Red Coach Grill is the place to have it We have function facilities to handle almost any size group. Whether it ' s for a breakfast, luncheon, dinner, cocktail party or whatever you may have in mind. And the service and prices will be exactly what you ' re looking for. Ask the manager for further details. Red Coach Grill West Haven 354 Saw Mill Road Exit 42 932-2235 " The language of friendship is not words, but meaning. " — Henry David Thoreau To all the people who have given meaning to the past few years and have come to mean so very much to me, thank you. I wish you nothing but the best in whatever you do. Luck and love. God bless, " Kel " " To meet someone halfway, to communicate, is the beginning of understanding. " To Diz, Love, Me! The Day Student Government of The University of New Haven the representatives, committee members, and officers Dave Bufalini, Dave Levinson, Chuck Manns, and Judy Tavella congratulate every UNH graduate of 1976 for their achievements and wish them all a very happy future. 240 The Heart is the Capital of the Mind The Heart is the Capital of the mind — The Mind is a single State — The Heart and the Mind together make A Single Continent — One — is the Population — Numerous enough This eostatis Nation Seek — it is Yourself. Love and Luck, Class of 1976 Emily Dickinson John Altermatt I £ !§§ 1 STEAK HOUSE PHONE 934-5300 CONN. - NEW YORK - MASS. - FLORIDA - CALIF. - HAWAII 1003 ORANGE AVE. . WEST HAVEN Robert L. McVay, Prop. _ YANKEE REDALLER 4 VETO STREET, BRANFORD, CONN. 06405 May you live as long as you like, and have all that you like as long as you live. — Anonymous To My Special Friends In The Graduating _l Phone 932-3003 Class of " 1976 " J|h-J CATERING AFFAIRS OF ALL TYPES Patty Goppinger, Jrj p Stags Private Parties Weddings ■ Christmas Parties Glenn Earl, Catering by ■ Mark Dowling, ©ejffle o ' si Deborah Kelly, John Altermatt, RESTAURANT Donald Fertman, ITALIAN-AMERICAN CUISINE Lori Bober, 241 CAMPBELL AVE. WEST HAVEN. CONN. John M amlyn, Robert Russo, and — of course — Gary Olderman. The Best Of Luck And Happiness, In Whatever You All May Do. With Love Marion Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1976 College Series Corporation University of New Haven Bookstore compliments of: The Portrait Studio of The Edward Malley Company 3 Church Street, New Haven 562-0111 TJ DONALD H. PURSELL AOXIgLXIZgI Manager -. ■ 203 933-9602 Sirloin Pit 848 Orange Avenue • West Haven, Connecticut 0651 6 Arthur T. Barbieri, Inc. Insurance — Travel — Real Estate 199 Crown Street New Haven, Connecticut 772-1322 772-2466 from THE PROPHET, by gibran: " . . . yesterday is but today ' s memory and tomorrow is today ' s dream. . . . and is not time even as love is, undivided and paceless? ... let today embrace the past with rememberance and the future with longing. " ... to all of the people who have made an impression of friendship and love on my time at unh and who are now graduating and beginning new chapters in their own times, i can only thank you for what you have shared, and wish you as much happiness and satisfaction as your hearts can hold. love, kathy-leigh credits and acknowledgements there are a lot of people that should be thanked here; without all of the friends that lent assistance and moral support, the 1976 CHARIOT would have been much less than it turned out to be. the staff would first like to thank our super publishing rep, brian hawthorne. he gave us all sorts of ideas and advice, and when deadlines closed in upon us, thought nothing of rolling up his sleeves to help with layouts and caption-writing, he was a friend as well as a consultant, and we owe him a great deal. we also would like to thank the nice people in the student records dept., especially joe macionus, who — as always — was as patient and helpful as can be. the public relations staff also gave much in the way of needed advice and photos; the NEWS, our sister publication, offered us the use of their data records and picture files whenever we were in a bind. we thank you all for supplying us with the pictures, information, advice, and assistance that you all did. " thanks, we needed that! " and speaking of giving credit where credit is due: the U.S.S. Enterprise, page 10; used with the permission of Gene Roddenberry. Bambi and Thumper, page 208; used with the permission of Western Publishing Company. " Reversal " , page 219 and " Foursquare " , page 220; by Jules Leopold, reprinted from the Readers Digest 1974 Desk Calendar Appointment Book, by permission of Readers Digest Association. " Who is the Engineer " , page 219; reprinted from the Readers Digest 1974 Desk Calendar Appointment Book, by permission of Readers Digest Association. " Who Owns the Zebra " , page 220; from Life International, Dec. 1962 and Mar., 1963 editions; this version is a condensation by Readers Digest. " A Song Not For Now " , page 252; from " Ten Ever-Lovin ' Blue Eyed Years With Pogo ' copyright, 1959 by Walt Kelly. Reprinted by permission of Simon Schuster, Inc. 245 the 1976 chariot marion garnitz, editor ' s assistant kathy huber, editor-in-chief editor-in-chief: kathy-leigh huber editor ' s assistant: marion garnitz photography editor: terry peikin artwork: nick hoynak copywriting: John altermatt graduates: debbie kelly patty coppinger — the layouts and design for most of the yearbook were done by a combination of all of us, each doing whatever task seemed to have needed doing at the time — klh. photographers: terry peiken alan goldfinger John musco phil papa chet malin John stillwell tony picagli John altermatt gustavo ruiz contributing artists: nick hoynak rod kolwicz albert carrano copyreading, " go-fers " general help: gene gentile betsy burke bob russo maureen platt senior portraits and faculty administration candids by malley ' s portrait studio, new haven. the chariot was printed by the western publishing company; brian hawthorne publishing representative. terry piekin, photography editor 246 the 1976 chariot staff — debbie kelly FROM THE DESK OF kathy huber " then and now. " it may seem as though we ' ve bombarded you with that phrase more times, and with more illustrations of it than you may have thought possible, but we tried, in the 1976 CHARIOT, to bring the bicentennial down to a more local level, we attempted to translate the fireworks-display, the all-town-parade-and- picnic. the fifty-person-chorus-line interpretations of those soda commercials into a more personal and individual experience for each of our readers, we hoped that each person would take the phrase " then and now " , and, in relating it to the commonplace events and elements of their own lives, see themselves as a unique and important part of the two hundred years ' celebration . . . each person has his own beginnings, and his own history of growth and development, it is only through the collecting and blending of these seperate and individual histories that we achieve the total two hundred years ' worth of growth and change, we tried to show that the bicentennial is not just a madison avenue creation, but a part of each one of us, just as we each are a componant of it. so much for what we tried to do . . . our hope now is that we have succeeded, in my particular case, the " then and now " of our theme has brought to mind and heart a thousand thoughts and emotions, when i relate to " then and now, " i consider my " history " at the university of new haven, i came here, as most of us do, leaving the top of some ladder, some place where we were comfortable and self-assured — whether high school senior, business person, wife and mother, or veteran — in order to start again at the bottom of a new ladder, as a college freshman, my tentative gropings for a new routine, new friends, new knowledge and experiences, and a way and place to belong are far from unique, but are nonetheless emotional and personal memories, i was fortunate; i quickly found my way and place to belong — i joined (and slowly took over??! ) the yearbook staff, i had found my niche, and comfortably established an identity, everything else a unh — knowledge, friendships, experiences, involvements, even my ultimate career choice — stemmed from my long association with THE CHARIOT, that is why my " history " at unh is not easy to discuss without some reference to the yearbook, others on campus have had similar experiences with other clubs, organizations, and fields of interest, i empathize with them in their attachments and debts of gratitude, it makes it all the more difficult to say goodbye and leave it all behind you. it ' s the continual change-over; from the top of one ladder to the bottom of another, over and over again, we can take so little with us as we make these transitions; i think that is what makes farewells so emotional and hard to say. through all of this, i have been desperately searching for a way to say goodbye, this is my last yearbook, and i can barely believe that it ' s all over, last year ' s closing was a bit easier; i was closing a yearbook, putting the bindings on a whole year, so to speak, but it was not the last book that i would do. there was still the promise of another book to be done, selfish, i know, to think in these terms, but true nevertheless, this year, i am not just bidding goodbye to graduating friends, consoling them over their losses in transition, for now i am also one of the people who is leaving a part of his life behind to become only " history. " in the parting, there are a few thank you ' s and messages that i must include, brian hawthorne. of western publishing, was not only a publishing rep and an advisor, but a confidant and friend, the 1976 CHARIOT would not have been so beautiful, nor the editor quite so sane, without his help and direction. the office was always filled with staff members and visitors; a friendly place to share coffee and conversation, (a lot of gossip- ping, crying and consoling, and congratulations and celebrating went on within the confines of those four walls! ) my staff was wonderful, one of the best that i ' ve had the pleasure to work with: marion, terry, nick, debbie, patty, John a., gene, John m., phil, chet, John s., tony, gus, . . . thank you all so much, the care and dedication you gave to your work will be on display for as long as a copy of the 1976 CHARIOT exists, (think we can get the smithstonian to file a copy away next to their display of the u.s.s. enterprise??) debbie, one of the staff members, turned into close- friend and almost-sister as we finished homework papers on year- book time, fought to meet deadlines, and argued with malley ' s about misnamed and unprinted senior portraits, " kel " , thanks so yearbook ' brain-storming ' sessions occasionally turned into gossipping sessions instead; it was much ... for everything a good way to keep informed on all sorts of unh happenings. manon will be taking over the editor ' s position when 1 leave, i wish that there was a ceremonial gavel or something to commemorate September first, she is as anxious and apprehensive as i was when i took over; i hope that i have been able to impart some of the fine points of " yearbooking " to you. marion, or at least an example of what sometimes NOT to do. but if you ever run into problems, just call me, and i ' ll try to help out as best i can. i wish you as much enjoyment and fulfillment in doing the 1977 CHARIOT as i experienced in my terms of office. ( . . . and ' 77 yearbook better be good, remember, it ' s MY yearbook! ) many thanks for your help on my books, and good luck with yours. please pardon my emotionalism and my attachment to all of you . . . it ' s been a good year, i hate to see it end, and i ' m not very good at saying goodbye, as diaries schultz said, through the character of linus, " editors are sort of human, too, you know. " just as everyone and everything has an inspiration and a purpose for being, so the 1976 CHARIOT has its own. many of the staff members were seniors; it always feels nice to look back on your class book and know that you were a part of its creation and completion, it gives you the feeling of having offered up a part of yourself as a graduation gift to all of your friends and fellow graduates, all of the staff worked hard and long hours individually, and as a group, in order to give this little bit of themselves to the graduates, to the university of new haven, and to their friends, this yearbook is especially for all of the friends who helped us through the long, tired hours before deadlines, and celebrated with us when those deadlines were met. it is also for the friends who pitched in to ' ■J contribute ideas, manhours, and support whenever they f HI I 4 l? K needed (one such friend, a combination ol K Lg k I " K| | H5 win ' tough, roads __.-fc K flM HjBfljjjjjjjjjjjL " s ' " y I H r areas, and many more) for all of the friends who helped us create the yearbook that you have in front of you, thank you. this volume is for you. well, that ' s about it. the yearbook is done, my thank you ' s are said, my my obligations are met. it ' s time to close this letter, take my nameplate and my bambi poster and leave, i hope that i haven ' t bored you with my recounting of past and present " history " inspired by the " then and now " , i hope that each of you, in your own remembering, will be as happy in your achievements and as touched by your personal and academic experiences. as you graduate and leave, think of this: from THE P ROPHET, by kalil gibran: " . . . how shall i go in peace and without sorrow? nay, not without a wound in the spirit shall i leave ... it is not a garment that i cast off this day. but a skin that i tear with my own hands . . . yet i cannot tarry longer ... for to stay, though the hours burn in the night, is to freeze and crystallize and be bound in a mould, fain would i take with me all that is here, but how shall i? " . . . i hope that the 1976 CHARIOT will fill that need in each of you, and that it will make the " then and now " pleasurable to consider and review, good luck to you all. i leave you with a wish that i offered last year, but it still seems the most expressive and apropos . . . peace, live long and prosper. with love. " tony, if you take that picture, i ' ll kill you . . . (click)! ' kathv. 249 Index a Abrams, Cheryl 46 Abrams, Robert 46 Adonizio, Charles 46 Ads 236 Aiken, Carol 39 Ajodanpour, Homayoon 46 Allison, Thomas 46 Alpha Chi Honor Society 77 Alpha Chi Induction 170 Altermatt, John Jr 46 Amare, Birhanei 46 Amato, Ed 47 American Marketing Association. . . 79 Anderson, Miles 47 Andrulatis, Karen 47 Andruskiwec, Jay 47 Arnold, Joseph 20 Avgerinos, Penny 47 Awards Ceremony 184 b Babb, Carl 47 Baker, Richard 39 Baker, Samuel 40 Ballou, Kevin 47 Balog, Michael 48 Bartiroma, Leslie 48 Baseball 198 Basketball 149 Beeken, Ramona 20 Belchak, Stephen 48 Bell, Carl 48 Bell, Dave 48 Bell, Srilekha 20 Bellamy, Dorothy 48 Benevento, John 41 Bennett, Elizabeth 40 Bernard, Joseph 20 Biedermann, Robert 48 Biermacher, Ken 49 Birmingham, Tom 49 Blair, Paul 49 Bloodmobile 180 Bober, Lori 49 Bochan, Anatolij 49 Bordonaco, Robert 49 Bowles, Dalen 36 Boyce, Thomas 50 Bradshaw, Alfred 20 Breunig, Roger 50 Brown, David 20 Brown, Janice 50 Burns, Donald 20 Burstynski, Peter 50 Butler, Robert 50 r Cafeteria 105 Campaign for Excellence 132 Campbell, Robert 41 Caprio, Frances 50 Carini, Dominic Jr 51 Carroll, David 51 Carroll, Mary 51 Carson, George 21 Carter 190 Cassella, James 51 Chandra, Satish 21 Chaplick, Holly 51 Cheerleaders 80 Chepaitis, Joseph 21 Chi Kappa Rho 76 Chi Kappa Rho Fashion Show ... 162 Chin, Deborah 21 Chun, Kee 21 Ciardiello, Jerry 51 Cicarella, John 51 Cieplak, Joseph 40 Ciociola, Carol 52 Civil Engineering Club 77 Clifford, Frank 21 Closing 248 Coloring Book 206 Concerts 148 Connery, Matthew 38 Cooke, Bob 52 Coppinger, Patty 52 Coppola, Louis 52 Coupon Page 221 Courtney, Dennis 21 Cox, Deborah 52 Cox, Timothy 52 Credits 245 Criswell, Daniel 52 DaCosto, John 53 D ' Ambruoso, Jeanne 41 Davies, Edward 53 Davis, Gladys 53 DeFilippo, Gary 53 DeFrancesco, John 53 DeGregorio, Peter 54 DeLieto, Mark 53 DeLisle, Denise 54 Delia Ventura, Tom 54 DeMatteis, Cathy 54 DeRosa, Ronald 54 Desio, Peter 22 Dillon, Robert 54 Dinegar, Caroline 22 Drasdis, John 54 Draus, Joe 54 Drew, Maureen 55 D.S.G. elections 141 D.S.G. (new and old) 141 DuBuisson, David 39 Dull, James 22 e Earl, Glenn 55 Elander, William 55 Elia, Anthony 55 Emielitia, Ed 55 Engineering Building 114 " Etc " 205 Eve. Student ' s Grad. Prom 178 Eve. Student ' s Spring Dance 164 Eve. Student Council 76 Eve. Student ' s Christmas Party . . . 146 f Faculty and Student Wine Cheese Parties 172 Farrow, William 22 Federico, Mark 55 Ferri, William 56 Fertitta, Sal 55 Fertman, Donald 56 Fidler, Howard 22 Finley, Wayne 56 Fiore, Fred 56 Fitter, George 56 Flaumenhaft, Frank 22 Football 136 Forensic Society 79 Fournier, Cosette 56 Franklin, Patricia 57 Franzis, John 56 Freed, James 57 French. Burce 22 Fryer, Johnnie 23 8 Gallichio, Larry 57 Gameroom 100 Gangler, Joseph 23 Gargano, Loraine 57 Garnitz, Marion 57 Gatehouse 110 Gelgauda, Richard 39 Genett, Richard 57 Genito, Dennis 57 Gentile, Eugene 58 Gerardi, Peter 58 Ghoreyeb, John 37 Giglilo, Anne 58 Golf 177 Grabowski, Anne 58 Graduation (January) 152 Graduation (June) 196 Greet, Richard 23 Grisword, Arthur 58 Grodzinsky, Stephen 23 Gulino, Dante 58 If Haberman, Ronald 23 Hallberg, Ray 58 Halloween Party 139 Hamlyn, John Jr 59 Hockey 155 Hoffnung. Robert 23 Hollenbeck, Wayne 59 Homecoming 130 Horning. Darrell 23 Hovland, Nicholas 59 Howling, Robert 24 Hull, Frank 40 Huston, David 59 Hyman, Arnold 24 i Iannucci, Bruce 59 Incampo, John 59 International Food Fair 188 Isaacson, Carolyn 60 i Janicke, Kevin 60 Jensen, Gwendolyn 24 Jewell, Walter 24 k Kakalik, John 24 Kalakay, Michael 60 Kalma, Dennis 24 Kaplan, Phillip 36 Kasowitz, Lewis 60 Keahy, Michael 60 Kelly, Deborah 60 Kielbassa, Debora Kinsler, Donna 61 Kirwin, Gerald 24 Klos, Mathew 61 Korenchuk, Diana 61 Korenchuk, Karen 61 Korenchuk, Janet 61 Kovach, Joseph 61 Kravet, Robert 25 Kristoff, Wendy 61 Kupson, Patricia 62 Kushner, Mindy 62 I Lacrosse 173 Lambrakis, Constantine 25 Larson, William 62 Laveiro, Frank 62 Lectures 158 Lecture-Demonstrations 135 Lemaire, Henry 25 Leonardo, Dawn 62 Levin, Shelley 62 Lipp, Richard 38 Lobay, Ivan 25 Logan, James 62 Logan, Lawrence 63 Luciano, Vincent 63 Luxeder, Thomas 63 m Machnik, Joseph 39 Macionus, Joseph 39 MacKay, Muriel 38 Maffeo, Edward 25 Mahoney. Jeffrey 64 Majewski, Armand 64 Maltese, Patricia 64 Mandicz, Oksana 64 Mankowski, Ted 64 Mann, Richard 25 Manns, Chuck 64 Marcus, Marshall 65 Mariano, Antoinette 65 Martin, John 25 Mastracchio, Maureen 65 Mathieu, Bertrand 26 McGee, Frank 26 McLean, Scott 63 McManus, Julie 63 McTiernan, Melanie 63 Meagher, David 65 Meagher, Robert 65 Meekins, Theophilus 65 Meier, Robert 26 Melillo, Christine 65 Mellow, Benita 66 Mentha, Denis 66 Mentzer, Thomas 26 Meyer, John 26 Millen, Roger 26 Miller, Rita 66 Miller, Robert 66 Mixers 124 Moffitt, Elizabeth 26 Moll, David 66 Monahan, Lynn 41 Monks. Dana 66 Montague, Richard 27 Morrison, Richard 27 Murillo, Robert 27 n Nabizadeh, Mandr 67 Naccarato, David 27 Nisivoccia, Vincent 67 New Buildings 116 News 106 North Campus Ill Noyes, Richard 40 Nyce, William 27 O ' Keefe, Daniel 27 Olgin, Philip 27 O ' Sullivan, Patrick 67 Olewine, Eugene 67 Orientation 122 Ormrod, Donald 28 V Pallone, Thomas 67 Panza, Pascal 67 Parker, Lawrence 38 Parker, Virginia 38 Pasquella, John 67 Patchwork 1 66 Penna, Art 68 " People " 17 Perham, Mary 68 Peterson, Marvin 36 Petersen, Willard 28 Phelps, Brian 68 " Places " 85 Piatt, Tom 28 Plotnick, Alan 28 Pol, Ken 68 Poro, Mary 68 Poulson, Christian 41 Pres ' Fall Welcome Dance (Eve. Stu.) 128 Puzzels 219 r Rathskeller 104 Ray, Garo 28 Registration (Fall) 176 Registration (Spring) 144 Reiss, Dawn 68 Reutter, Rita 68 Rezalde, Victor 69 Riley, Harold 69 Robillard, Douglas 37 Roddenberry, Gene 154 Rogers, Peter 41 Rosenfield, Steven 69 Ross, Bertran 28 Ross, Cindy 69 Rottman, Myrna 28 Roy, Allan 69 Russo, Robert 69 Ryan, Daniel 29 B Sack, Allan 29 Sailer, Nancy 69 S.A.M. Field Day F ollies 142 Sandman, Joshua 29 Scanlon, James 70 Scappaticci, Richard 70 Scholl, Willam 29 Scott, Donald 39 Seilhamer, Lawrence 70 Senior Directory 224 Seward, Claudia 70 Shattuck, James 40 Sherwood, Franklin 29 Shore, Brenda 70 Silbert, Louis 29 Simpson, Paul 70 Skaanning. Jeffrey 70 Smallwood, Thornton 40 Smith, Beverly 71 Smith, Bruce 71 Smith, Donald 29 Smith, Warren 37 Soccer 125 Society for Advancement of Manage- ment 80 Sports Awards Dinner 186 Sommers, Alexis 36 Spring Festival 192 Stanley, Richard 30 Staugaard, Burton 30 Steinert, Alice 71 Stewart, Owen 71 Stillwell, Eileen 71 Stillwell, John 71 Strasser, Jed 72 Stuckey, Grace 72 Student Rally 145 Surti, Kantilal 30 Swyrydenko, Victor 72 t Tarascio, John 72 Tau Epsilon Phi 78 Teluk, John 30 Tennis 183 Testo, Paula 72 Theilman, Ward 30 " Things " 121 Towolawl, Tajudeen 72 Track 191 Tudor, Sybil 72 Tyndall, Bruce 30 u VanFleet, Vern 73 Vargoshe, Richard 73 Vasileff, Henry 30 Verdone, Frank 73 Vieira, Frank 31 Voegeli, Henry 31 m Warner, Thomas 37 Waters, Derek 73 Wegner, Bruno 73 Wentworth, Ronald 31 White, William 31 Whiteman, Silbert 31 Wiener, Bernard 31 Williams, Jeffrey 31 WNHU 102 Women ' s Sports 194 Wright, Fessenden 32 Wilson, Ned 32 Wurzak, Howard 73 Wynne, Michael 32 Wynschenk, Donald 32 H Yanover, Ruth 32 Yearbook Staff 246 York, Michael 41 z Zander, Sande 73 Zern, Martin 32 Zeta Beta Tau 78 Zingale, Paul 32 " A SONG NOT FOR NOW " by Walt Kelly A song not for Now You need not put stay . . . A tune for the Was Can be sung for Today . . . The notes of the Does-not Will sounds as the Does . . . Today you can sing For the Will-be that was.

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