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W M •w . ' ' ' ' ' »«.■• ' ■ i cnanot 1975 ' fc I m it m chariot 1975 university of new haven west haven, Connecticut introducti bookone fall winter spring summer unh by day boo ad faculty ||| organiza|tibns niors senior directory advertising closing index 129 131 137 149 177 208 219 224 226 the university of new haven — ' - ' ,««• 1 established in 1920, incorporated in 1926; 2400 day students, 2400 evening students, and 1000 graduate students; and granted university status in 1970; . X. i — but why do we come here? Ifi to develop a social life. or to develop our minds? to learn. ( or to teach? Id i. to find a husband or a wife. 10 ■ w or to find a career and a place in society? n 12 to simply get a degree. or to give something along the way? 13 m to find ourselves. 14 i or to find :- friends? .- t -t in our times here, do we accomplish all of these things — or do we just stand in lines? 16 fi v } ■| it 3 yi 1 K ( yWJ V ) A i ' i5. . VJ A ' . ' f ' v ■i y f y- %, 7 . r l ' iv % h - ' A -if: :f- .- 17 V 5» • 5 V ' rt-.; ' ? .N 5 l»■ • - ' wTsO.- ' - ' .-.•1 • .V ♦?: — - ■ . $ :i 5 ■ ' ! V ' V• ■ ■ " ■J? • • -r V •• i " - =» .?• .■- -• " ( 3 res h( A V-.- ■v.- sunrise is the light by which man travels the sands of time, his way is not straight, but waivers to and fro. his path is not one, but many, so that he may choose . . . paths that are bordered by flowers, or harbor thorns, some show the trial of those before us, that we may learn from them; others are bare that we may lead the way for those to come, in all ways, we leave our footprints on the sands so that we may say: " i have passed this way. " r hidden ■ -- E.. ' )jfC . ' 1 .- f ..i " Sr ' i-) Oc:V •• ' ..•• • ! •. V- - ' % ' J - k 1 wil I biff " mt m Jikl H Orientation Sept. 3rd. AFter a warm, sleepy summer, the UNH campus swung back into lively activity for the fall orientation of about 975 new stu- dents. A number of returning students, fa- culty, and administrators served as guides on tours of the campus, gave speeches on clubs, organizations and other UNH ser- vices, acted as hostesses at the Women ' s welcoming tea and collected the lost stragglers, herding them back to the student center. Recruitment for clubs and commit- tees went on in full force; and a frantic grappling ensued for a place at the board to discover course names and room numbers. 20 fall One of the first things you learn at UNH is where the Bookstore is — the next is that you must get your books ear- ly in the semester (if they sell out, they might not re-order, and, also, most in- structors prefer that you get your text a little before the mid-term anyway) and the third is that you must get there early, and be able to spare anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours finding your books and notebooks, deciphering the prices, and standing in line to pay for them. Take heart, it ' s only this busy at the be- ginning of each semester, and the people are helpful and friendly. Its an exper- ience. 21 fall Ui - . ■ L. w r-i-Jt t :. l ' ? ' !g ' S :.. I Football 22 fall Ql 1974 New Haven Varsity Football Roster (Numerical) No Name 44 Dave Moll 1 John Montano 50 Bill Dwyer 2 Tom Blake 51 Ray Smith 3 Joe Lagrottena 52 JoeConsiglio 4 Peter Gerardi 53 Pat Civitello 5 Victor Markie 54 Dan Quinn 12 Jim Menge 60 Rich Holmes 14 Len Galbiscek 61 Tony Mortali 16 John McCarthy 62 Pete DeGregorio 17 Jim Martone 63 Larry Cozzolino 18 Steve DiMugno 64 Mark Lineweber 20 Steve Borkowski 65 John Cicarella 21 Ron Masse 66 Don Broderick 22 Ed Murphy 70 DaleBurtyk 23 Richard Doran 71 Joe Lucibello 24 Rich Hanley 72 Richard Tavares 30 Art Edwards 73 Charles Turcio 31 Joe Sponzo 74 RickCaprio 32 Bill Gerardi 75 Lou Mica 33 Leon Jones 76 Hyman Glick 34 Thomas Vincent 80 Vin Tozzi 35 Bob Proto 81 Mike Williams 40 MikePlouffe 82 Dan Rivellini 41 Chris O ' Connor 83 Russ Sharpe 42 Bob Holtz 84 Barry Rosner 43 Bob Chmura 86 Rick Kowalewski fall 23 1974 New Haven Football Results Date Opponents UNH OPP Sept. 14 Bridgewater State 10 Sept. 21 Curry College 14 Oct. 5 at Massachusetts Mar. 21 Oct. 12 Plymouth State 29 Oct. 19 Maine Maritime 12 18 Oct. 26 at Framingham State 12 20 Nov. 2 at Western Conn. 8 20 Nov. 9 Nichols College 49 Nov. 16 Boston State 6 35 WonO,L ost 9 24 fall rfSKvWk ! ' - fall 25 ■ • t-i V .. .X:, 11 :• -.. ::■»; _ ' . r V ijs. ? - nS.Z ffiiJS Bfe ' ' ..W gj fe S v 1 I j -jii-s " ' ' ' ■■ " " i-i ■Sy iiHyK- ' ' :« i H «» , -$rv«f ' . KEi ' ' l l M J sfe " ' ' ' H " jl rn, ' il ■ li 26 fall Mixers The mixers on campus are sponsored by various clubs and organizations, and can accomodate the most varied tastes — folk, country, rock, soul or oldies, depending upon the weekend that you chose to go. The music and dancing are good, the people are rowdy, and sometimes even free beer! fall 27 N All School Picnic Every fall, the D5G throws an on-campus picnic, with the entire UNH community in- vited. Committee workers cook endless numbers of hot dogs and harn,burgers, while everybody helps themselves to salads and soda. A place to sit is easy — anywhere in the vicinity of the grills (so you can go back for seconds), out of the way of traffic, in a cir- cle with some friends, and preferably in the shade. It ' s a good way to relax, get a free meal, and get used to being on the UNH campus. A 28 fall % fall 29 i 30 fall Getting settled in at the dorm is no easy matter. It ' s a whole new routine to your life — walking to another building for your meals, trying to find a quiet place to study, getting used to being a member of the " on-campus minority " in a commuter school, making it all a place where you can really be comfortable. fall 31 32 fall i» 1974 Soccer Results Date OPPONENT UNH OPP Sept. 16 Mexico 2 Sept. 23 at Yale 1 Sept. 25 at Fairfield 9 3 Sept. 28 Babson 1 Oct. 8 at Long Island 1 6 Oct. 12 Phila, Textile 1 Oct. 14 at CCNY 2 3 Oct. 21 St. Francis (N.Y.) 1 2 Oct. 24 Quinnipiac 3 1 Oct. 26 at Keene St. 3 Oct. 30 FDU-Madison 4 Nov. 2 New York Univ. 1 Nov. 7 at Central Conn. 6 2 Nov. 9 Southern Conn. 3 1 Won 5, Los t8 Exhibition game. J ii s ' - fall 33 w 1974 University Of New j Haven Soccer Roster Number Name B W 2 2 Frank Ali 24 24 Tom Allinson 8 23 Carl Babb 4 19 Alvaro Barrios 3 3 Fred Brown 18 18 Robert Brown 5 14 Winston Campbell 20 20 Steve Dunne 31 31 Wayne Finley 15 15 Richard Glass 10 10 Scott Humphrey 7 7 George Griffiths 11 11 Frank Louriero 12 12 Douglas Mousquito 9 9 Carlos Palencia 21 21 Al Rolli 16 16 Charles Smith 1 1 John Tarascio 6 6 Robert Taylor Head Coach Dr. Joseph A . Machnik (Sixth Season) Assistant Coach: John Kowalski (Second Season) Co-captains Rob ert Taylor ' 75, Winston Campbell ' 76 I ' .»- " A, ' iS ' ' ■ ■ i 34 fal I v l % fall 35 Homecoming Weekend The turn-out for the UNH alumni homecoming was over whelming and enthusiastic, even if the day was gray, and damp, and cool. Actually, the weekend started on the evening before, with a little reminiscing at the Bob-Shoo-Bop Rock n ' Roll Revue Friday. Saturday morning, alumni signed in at the Hospitality Tent, and helped themselves to coffee and donuts. The UNH Soccer team hosted Philadelphia Textile, and, later, our Football team challenged Plymouth State. Between the two sporting events was an " all-you-can-eat " cookout, and everyone took advantage of the good food and the heat from the grills to fortify themselves for the rest of the activities. The DSH ran a caberet that evening to round-out the celebrations. Varied entertainments made for an interesting and happy time; and the wine flowed like, well . . . wine! The alumni were duly welcomed back! 36 fall Pf rt- I n rl Lectures Fall ' 74 Robert Steele debates with Gloria Schaffer as both Political Parties try for the Governors title. ii » 1 1 iri M iii The Marshal Arts demonstration of Kung Fu. fall 39 Fall Baseball Final Record — Won 20, Lost 5, Tied 2 1 UNH Builds A Brand New Library! For years, the UNH community used the old brown building as an adequate, if somewhat crowded, library — but always held on to the hopes of a more modern library facility. In 1971, the dream was put to the test, and a funny triangular-shaped building was designed, to be attached to the end of the Main Building. Ground was broken, plywood walls were put up, and construc- tion was underway. As everyone kept a watchful eye on the library ' s slow progress, some students happily decorated the campus by converting the plywood walls into a permanent art display. We almost hated to see those walls taken down; but they were removed, and our beautiful new library was finally finished! The library was named for our President-Emeritus, Marvin K. Peterson, and dedicated on a windy Sunday, Oc- tober 20th. fall 41 .J k_ I -Upa. - rr 42 fa - The President 1 aod The Board of Governors of |V The University of New Haven •--v cordially invite you to attend the 7 DEDICATION CEREMONIES r of the new k UNIVERSITY LIBRARY Sunday, October the twentieth Nineteen hundred seventy-four at three o ' clock in the afternoon • at the West Haven campus I I I 71 WNHU y| -1 1 I Ik I o fall 43 Evening Students Host The President ' s Fall Welcome Dance Every fall, the evening students hold a dinner dance to welcome their new students to UNH and acquaint them with the evening division. This year, the dance was held at Rapp ' s Pardise Inn, on Saturday, November 16th. There were flowers and bouteniers for the administrative guests, and a receiving line, so that everyone could greet the newcomers. 46 Spring Registration At every pre-registration, confusion reigns su- preme, and the registration for the spring ' 75 se- mester was no exception. In fear of not being able to get a place in the classes and sections they preferred, students arrived en masse at the gym, 8;30 AM, on the first of two days. Doing so, they pushed the system to its workable limits for for that morning and left it practically deserted and non- functional on the second day. Early instruc- tions shouted out by faculty aides (once you got inside the gym), were confusing, but somewhat helpful — at least you got started in the right direction. Most students really had little trouble in selecting and being listed in the courses they wanted or needed. Everyone is starting to get the hang of it now, and given a few more times around, will have it down pat and the system will probably be revised again! . . . oh, well. X- S. Sn r ' - ' - ' T-J - - - v. Basketball I I Head Coach: Donald Burns (7th Season) Assistant Coach: WilHam Farrow (2nd Season) Captains: Vic Kirihchin and Andrew Wilder Manager: Mark Federico ' 76 1974-75 University of New Haven Basketball Roster H A NAME H A NAME 50 51 Corbin, Al 24 25 Milone, Tom 10 11 Cunningham, Barry 20 21 Selhamer, Larry 42 35 Kirilichin, Vic 44 43 Suchenski, Mark 14 15 Laczkowski, Vin 30 31 Taylor, Gary 52 33 Mandowski.Ted 32 33 Wilder, Andrew 48 winter 1974-75 Basketball Statistics i Opponent UNH OPP. Sacred Heart 62 71- Brooklyn College 74 94- Marist College 75 78- Quinnipiac College 78 71 Bentley College 79 118- William Paterson 69 83- FDU-Madison 92 109- Western Connecticut 93 80 Monmouth 84 92- Kean College 67 64 Trenton State 56 59- Babson College 106 95 Jersey City 86 61 Southern Connecticut 62 83- Quinnipiac College 69 84- Central Connecticut 62 82- St. Joseph ' s (Maine) 95 65 Eastern Connecticut 61 95- Bryant College 74 78- Nichols College 107 68 Southeastern Massachusetts 107 83 Merrimack College 81 83- Southern Connecticut 68 79- American International 87 67 NCAA Record: 9-15 ' , ■ ' ■■ ' T ' 50 winter ' m vfinter 51 The real end of the semester was, as always, final exams. Having to study for them is exhausting, and sometimes seems so pointless; but nothing creates a feeling of " do or die " more readily than sitting in your class for the last time and staring down at one of those little blue books. At least they ' re done and out of your mind for the Christmas holidays; now all you have to think about are the grades that should be arriving soon 52 winter HONK STY HAUD-WOUK LEADBttS«n VOTE ANVIllt RESIDENT i D S G Elections It was one of the most boisterous campaigns the UNH campus has ever seen. The candidates for president of the DSG hung posters, made speeches, created campaign slogaiis, and handed out pencils and leaflets like they were going out of style. Traces of the campaigning were everywhere, but the Stu- dent Center was furiously busy, ablaze with politics and smiles. The voting was set for December 2-5, and the Elections Committee kept a watchful eye on the pro- ceedings. Late on Thursday night, the ballots were counted, and the results were brought down to the waiting crowd of candidates, delegates, and friends: DaveBufalini— 270 PaulBanville- 265 Chuck Manns — 138 Russ Sharpe — 87 and for Treasurer: Tom Sullivan — 465 Dan Criswell — 248 The crowd reacted both happily for the winners, and compassionately, understandingly, for the losers — for everyone had tried. It was all over . everyone walked over to the Rathskellar, to talk, or think, and to settle things in their minds to wish the winners the best of luck in their offices . 53 ?, ifi Evening Students ' Annual Children ' s Christmas Party On a Saturday before the Christmas holiday, the UNH Ca- feteria turns into a wonderland of wrapped gifts, elves, and Christmas trees. The children of the evening students are all invited to come. They visit with Santa, telling him things they ' d forgotten to include on their lists for Christmas, and playing with the toys he gives them as " early " Christmas pre- sents. Many of their parents volunteered to help serve cookies, candy, soda to the excited and happy children who have already spoken with Santa, and listen as they recount what Santa has promised to bring them. 54 winter t winter 55 I I HOCKEY 56 winter Opponent UNH Opp. Worcester State 4 6 Army 3 12 Elmira College 1 10 Fairfield 6 1 Trinity 8 5 New England College 6 3 North Adams State 1 2 University of Conn. 1 6 New England College 3 4 University of Mass. 3 7 American International St. Anselm ' s College 3 4 12 13 Over-all Lehigh University Elmira College Fairfield 5 2 ECAC Record -5-21 4 5 6 3 ECAC Division 11 - 1 16 Bryant College 3 8 Bridgewater State 4 5(OT) University of Conn. 4 7 Worcester State 6 9 Buffalo University 1 11 Lowell Tech 1 11 Salem State 1 11 North Adams State 3 5 Holy Cross 4 7 Babson College 7 9 Bridgewater State 2 3 . ' -iMWJJ,:« ' .-iiil. ' J winter 57 k O 1 58 winter HEAD COACH: Steve Lane (1st year) Assistant coach: Art Crouse (8th year) Co-captains: Scott Fera and mie Pitts Managers: Bruce Aarons and Sam Celone ' 4 ■ I 1974-75 New Haven Varsity Hockey Roster H A Name 20 20 •Rich Berlinski 25 25 Bob Blakeslee 30 30 Bob Blaikie 4 4 Don Boyle 12 12 Kevin BresUn 27 27 Jim Butler 15 16 John Cantwell 10 10 JackCoutts 1 1 Mark Demchak 7 7 Steve Dunne 18 18 Scott Fera 16 16 Wayne Finley Jeff Foito 11 11 Peter Gomes 6 6 Bill Hannigan 1 1 Ray Hussong 30 30 Scott Humphrey 2 2 Roger Lawler 22 22 Jay Leach 24 24 Mike McDonnell 21 21 Cary Morabito 14 14 •Jamie Pitts 8 8 •Bob Salvatore 19 19 •Ed Scott winter 59 . Mid-Year Commencement Four hundred twenty-nine degrees were awarded by the University of New Haven at its fourth annual mid-year commencement exercises at 10:30 a.m., Sunday, January 26, 1975. Norman I. Botwinik, Chairman of the Universi- ty ' s Board of Governors presided over the ceremon- ies. President PhiUip Kaplan conferred the d egrees. One hundred and nineteen Master ' s degrees were awarded; fifty Bachelor of Arts degrees and two hundred and eight Bachelor of Science degrees were conferred; and fifty-two graduates received Asso- ciate in Science degrees. The Universitv of New Haven also awarded four Honarary Degrees: Dr. William R. Bennett, J., Doc- tor of Science; Garo Willard Ray, Doctor of Engin- eering; John Hersey, Doctor of Humane Letters; and Myres Smith McDougal, Doctor of Laws. The Dean of Students awards for outstanding achievement and service to the University were pre- sented to the following graduates: Bennie J. Haynes, B.A. Political Science; Theodore F. Kunkel, B.S. Cri- minal Justice; Thomas W. Murphy, B.A. Sociology; and Edward Joseph Regan, III, B.S. Civil Engineer- ing. 60 winter I winter t l li , 1 The DSG Christmas Party The DSG held a Christmas party for the Day Students, but it was a little different from the Evening Students version. It was held in the Cafeteria, but Santa wasn ' t there, and instead of cookies and soda, the DSG provided free beer. Everyone sang, and danced, and had a good time even if Santa couldn ' t attend. i m i 62 winter Spring Orientation Two weeks after Christmas, students and faculty began to return to the University and prepare for the Spring ' 75 semester. A small orientation was held to welcome the new students on January 16th, and ever- yone on campus settled down to the business of classes and studying. m winter 63 11 i - s winter 65 A gymnastics group displayed their tumbling and vaulting abilities. Lecture — Demonstrations Members of the Ukranian society explained and performed some of the more popular folk dances. 66 winter (Paul Price - Station Manager, WNHU Bob Russo - Chief Engineer, WNHU) DIS RADIC STATIPN tfNH H FROM_ ACTION NEEDED _yesHnoQ_ EMERGENCY y. PHI()RITY ROUTINE DATE ° J TIME " - ( BJECT rSH ARKSi ' : evsiQ ADT)R?: CFE i ObUCTICN " LIBRARY MUSIC NEWS gPQR TS ENGINEERING AUDIO RF ADMINISTRATION LOG PREP, DATA PROG. BUSINESS wSSi DO NOT DSSTROr ACTION TAKEN B5f DAfl " TIME ' REMARKS OVER ADDIT. SHEETS WNHU FORK 4 KAR ?3 OF LOgH MAINT LOgQ PROG LOgQ PILeQ . Well, It ' s Been A Hard WinterFor AllOf Us! ssasi- winter 67 1 V 41 .1, , »■ 68 winter Caberet! Possibly the best-loved form of social function on campus is the Caberet. They are free to UNH students, and tables are set up with bowls of potato chips and pretzels. (You ' d never recognize the cafeteria, it looks so much different with little tables — complete with checked cloths — and dimmed lighting!) Ice and glasses are pro- vided; you bring your own wine or beer. The bands, dancers, comedians, and poets are chosen from a wide and varied selection, and there is almost always an oppor- tunity to dance. No matter what sort of mood you find yourself in on Saturday night — you ' re almost sure of enjoying the ca- beret so come! I winter 69 With the start of the new semester, the Day Student Government underwent its annual change-over of officers and delegates. It ' s a sad time; the " Kunkel Administration " held its last meeting, and a luncheon was given in honor of the four departing DSG officers: Ted Kunkel, President; Steve DiMugno, Vice President; Ed Davies, Treasurer; Terry Principi, Secretary. Ted expressed his appreciation to the people who had worked for the DSG and congratulatory speeches were made all around Steve DiMugno, Ted Kunl .el, Terry Principi, Ed Davies 70 winter Tom Sullivan, Judy Tavella, Dave Bufalini, Chuck Manns . . . and it s also an eager time. The new DSG administration moved in, hung its own posters, and set down to business. President Dave Bufalini and his officers — Chuck Manns, Vice President — Tom Sullivan, Treasurer — Judy Tavella, Se- cretary — had the honor of celebrating, at one of their first meetings, the 100th meeting of the Day Student Government Council. winter 71 »■ . 76 spring mr Chi Kappa Rho ' s Fashion Show — Card Party This year marked the 12th Annual Fashion-Card Party Show, sponsored by the Chi Kappa Rho Soroity. The Show is held each year for the benefit of the Virginia M. Parker Scholarship Fund, which goes to one incoming Fall Freshman Girl. All the sisters in the sorority work on the show in one way or an other. They bake, sell tickets, get door prizes, set-up and decorate the Student Center the day of the Show, and do many other things that go along with putting on a show like this one. The sorority ' s advisor, who is Mrs. Muriel MacKay works hard afl year around on the show. All the sorority sisters would like to extend a warm THANK YOU to her, and all those who donated their time and effort. FASHIONS BY PACE SETTERS EAST HAIR STYLING BY ARTISTICE BEAUTY CHAIRMEN OF THE FASHION SHOW ris Melillo Gina Petonito Chairmanof Advertisement Marion Garnitz Chairmanof Letters Patty Coppinger Chairmanof Tickets Marv (Clancy) Walsh Chairman of Tables Alethea (Lee) Tenedine Fashion Models Lori Bober Patty Coppinger Haydee Galligo Marion Garnitz Barbara Stashkebeth Cheryl Wright Alumna Fashion Models Pat Maloney Palma Pogoda Hair Models All Models Mary Ann Signori Janet Specht h m:: .v ' fu ' Hfifellf 1. i A : H ■11 tJ «■ »-{ sprmg 77 I Mixers! Where to go on a Friday night? — We ' ve got the place — UNH! Together, with your friends at a place where money is no object, (admission free) — Well, at least most of the time — Students and friends are wel- comed to relax and have a good time. Let the music take over and forget all your troubles. 78 sprmg " ! . ' ■ spring 79 i I 80 spring The Gameroom Step right in and play the pinball wizard! The game room — When you ' ve got nothing to do. Try your luck — there is also ping pong and pool: great games of skill — indoor soccer is the new rage; spinning the ball, slamming it until your opponent collapses . . . spring 81 I Lacrosse ?2 spring Sff 1975 University of | New Haven L acrosse Roster H A Name 28 28 Beattie, Paul 19 19 Benessi, George 15 15 Cooke, Bob 10 10 Downton, Mark 7 7 Gabucci, Harold 20 20 Genett, Rich 22 22 Hewitt, William Heltz, Bob 24 24 Kucers, Mike 25 25 Lineweber, Mark 4 4 Macuirzynski, Wayne 30 30 Mazzene, Angelo 23 23 McDermett, Brendon 34 34 Mertali, Anthony 27 27 Noble, Louis 11 11 Nye, Harry 31 31 Penna, Art 33 32 Redelice, John 8 8 Santere, Barry 2 2 Sullivan, Timothy 13 13 Tezzi, Vinnie Head Coach — Will Verhoeff Assistant — TomDeflippo | Captain — Joh n Redelice spring 83 ■I 84 spring 1975 Lacrosse Results March 17 at Morgan State 8-24 March 18 at Hampden-Sydney 7- 3 March 20 at North Carolina State 3-14 March 21 at Univ. of North Carolina 7- 6 March 29 Alumni 5- 4 Apr. 2 atYaleFrosh 3-12 Apr. 5 at Marist 11- 3 Apr. 8 at Dean Jr. Coll. 7- 4 Apr. 11 at Suffolk Comm. Coll. 2-13 Apr. 16 Univ. of Conn. JV 15- 3 Apr. 18 at Nichols 5-16 Apr. 23 at FDU-Madison 7-21 Apr. 26 WestfieldSt. 14- 8 Apr. 30 Worcester Poly Tech 6- 7 May 3 Rhode Island 8- 9 May 7 Southern Conn. St. Coll. 10- 8 Final record — 8 wins, 8 losses M iHii •—--,. i-t " ' .. : spring 85 II 1 Arts Festival I The Fourth Annual U.N.H. Arts Festival opened on April 12 and continued through the 15th. Judging the art work was Mr. Fussner, and the photography by Mr. Eastwood. To add to the excitement " The Eastern Brass Quartet " performed and re- freshments were served. Congratulations to the planners: John Williams, Pres.; Joanne Micknack, V.P.; Dawn Reiss, Sec; and all the others who helped! This is an event which demonstrated the quality and creati- vity of the students . . Unique! y 86 spring spring 87 ■ V Cabaret! Lenny Bruce — " What is a word? What is a sound — each person ' s opinion has a double meaning — what he means — and what people think he means?? " These thoughts, a band, food drinks, red white checked cloths, all this became part of Cabaret that night. A night that not many people will forget. 88 spring ( I I ' ■ ? ' -■ ' ' ..f ' ,- . .«rt . Will The Owner Of A Car — License Plate ' BD 347 ' Please Report To The Main Desk?! " spring 89 Who ' s Who Among Students In American Colleges And Universities Who ' s That? No Who ' s Who! The committee, headed by Carole Aiken, chose the 25 students out of those no- minated. It was a hard decision — to help them, the previous QPR was upped from 2.5 to 3.0, and along with this, they should have made a major contribution in at least one club or organization on campus. It was a tough decision but one that had to be made! Congratulations to those who made it! 90 sprmg This year ' s group of students representing UNH — Who ' s Who Award recipients, Gery P. Alexander, Dianne P Barnes, Barry C. Bosworth, Dennis 5. Brunelle, Lynn A. Bundy, Leo ]. Calderone, James V. Cassella, Edward J. Davies, Ernest M. Dichele, William B. Flor, Bennie J. Haynes, Harry W. Koots, Mary E. Maton, Chris J Mature, Virginia M. McAvinney, Rebecca D. Morgan, Richard T. Pile, Paul G. Price, Therese M. Principi, Peter R. Porrino, Robert W. Ryan, Nancy A. Sailer, Terry B. Schwartz, Lawrence N. Seilhamer, Jon K. Tice, Mark A. Walters, Peter E. Wiese, David S. Wilkinson, Paulette J. Williams, and Jeanette P. Zechman. H - spnng 91 I v Registration Back in line — can you believe it! This semester they actually told you the time and the right door in which to go for registration. What to take? Can ' t take 2 courses at the same time! First of all — what is required? What have you already taken? got to get the right time. Oh no — class isn ' t available — back to the old drawing board 92 sprmg Lectures — Demonstrations During the weeks , in the Student Center, you may find chess tournaments spring 93 Tennis ' - ' ' SP yTlS ' ii3»:j4?42i SS 3BBBB: 94 Spring 1975 University Of New Haven Tennis Roster Owen Stewart Kevin Prentice Mike D ' Eugenio Jim Blase zyk Gary Kamuda Scott Fera Rick Garofalo — Capt. Coach — Dr. Franklin Sherwood spring 95 t t 1975 Tennis Results Apr. 8 Quinnipiac 5 V2-3 Vi Apr. 10 at Marist 8-1 Apr. 12 at Southern Conn. St. Coll. 3-6 Apr. 14 at Bridgeport 4-5 Apr. 23 at Yale JV 0-9 Apr. 26 at Bryant 7-2 Apr. 28 at Fairfield 1-8 May 3 at Connecticut College 3-6 May 7 at Connecticut Coll. 1-8 May 10 at Bridgewater St. 5-4 Final record — 4 wins, 6 losses 96 spring J i spring 97 98 spring iTi Ms a iiar m Finals Finals again! Studying until 4:30 and waking up at 6:30 — Cramming — Why did I wait til the last minute? Oh — please help! Papers due: only 2 more! Can you believe it ' s here already! The time has come — and soon vacation — can ' t wait ! Hoping everything turns out alright — what more can be done? — Nothing . just wait for grades . . 100 summer summer 101 1975 BASEBALL RESULTS Central Connecticut Apr. 1 State College 7- 8 11 inn. at Monmouth 4- 5 Apr. 5 North Adams St. 3- 8 Apr. 6 North Adams St. 18- 9 Apr. 8 Quinnipiac 8- 4 Apr. 9 Bridgeport 13- 4 Apr. 10 Fairfield 4- 5 Apr. 12 at Bentley 5- 3 Apr. 12 at Bentley 4- 3 Apr. 13 St. Johns 4- 11 Apr. 14 at Eastern Conn. St. College 6- 7 10 inn. Apr. 15 at Sacred Heart 5- 1 Apr. 17 at Quinnipiac 9- Apr. 19 Southeastern Mass. Univ. 3- 1 Apr. 19 Southeastern Mass. Univ. 2- 1 Apr. 20 Brooklyn Coll. 9- 6 Apr. 22 at Fairfield 25- 11 Apr. 23 WesternConn. St. Coll. 7- Apr. 25 at Stonehill 1- Apr. 26 at Assumption 17- 6 Apr. 27 at Bryant 3- 4 Apr. 27 at Bryant 9- 6 Apr. 28 StonybrookColl. 10- 1 Mays Sacred Heart 6- 1 May 6 Quinnipiac 11- 3 May 8 Southern Conn. St. Coll. 5- 4 10 inn. May 9 at Central Conn. St. Coll. 12- 7 May 10 at Albany St. 18- 4 May 10 at Albany St. 8- May 11 at Siena 20- May 11 at Siena 4- 3 May 14 Bridgeport 1- May 17 Assumption 11- 2 May 18 Springfield 2- » Opening round City Series » Champ onship round City Series Opening round ECAC New England Regionals ' " •Chan- pionship game ECAC New Englar d Regionals | F inal record 27 wins, 7 losses. 102 ;ummer Ri ■ii Baseball summer 103 . J 104 summer 1975 University Of New Haven Varsity Baseball Roster No Name H. A. 2 2 Brown, Brian 11 11 Keating, Tom 19 19 Menswar, Don 18 18 Michalczyk,Tom 26 24 Mitchell, Bob 21 21 Paglialunga, Len 10 10 Pikor, Ed 3 3 Powers, Bob 15 15 RensuUi, Carmen 8 8 Ryan, Mike 18 18 Santos, Rick 25 25 Schuler, Dave 24 26 Shoretell, Bill 6 4 Tipa, Steve 12 12 Tobin,Tim 9 9 Tranquillo, Pete 26 26 Petrashune, Glynn 20 20 Vieira, Frank Head Coach (13th Season) 23 23 Tonelli, Joe Assistant Coach (6th Season) h summer 105 V 106 summer ate. Like the Pied Piper, the music magically drew stu- dents together in the warm, sunny afternoon on cam- pus. It ' s nice to think a group of people can do that — what started as practice soon became a concert. summer 107 • 108 summer D.S.G. Throughout the spring and summer months, many of the local clubs and organizations put softball teams to- gether and challenge each other to nu- merous play-offs. One such " contest " was the DSG vs. The NEWS. After many verbal disagreements during the year, both groups decided to put it all to the test: a softball game! The final result was DSG - 9, The NEWS - 8; the MVP ' s were Bob Ryan, shortstop (DSG), and Bill Murphy, pitcher (NEWS). Vs. The News summer 109 • ■ • - ' ..-..Vrf.tKtSKmit .fv ' :— ' :.a.:.-feM A Meanwhile, Back At The Dorm . . . summer 111 Athletic Awards Banquet April 30, 1975 I t 112 summer p ) i [ ■■■H 1 i Every year, the Varsity Club of UNH sponsors a banquet to present awards to the outstanding athletes and to honor the recei- pients. This year, the pre- sentation of awards went as follows: BASEBALL (Coach Frank Vieira) Most Improved Player: Carmine RenzuUi Most Valuable Player: Bob Powers BASKETBALLL: (Coach Don Burns) Most Improved Player: Gary Taylor Most Valuable Player: Barry Cunningham FOOTBALL (Coach Joe McHugh) Most Improved Player: Pat Civitello Most Valuable Player: Bill Dwyer CROSS COUNTRY (Coach Bob Deobil) Most Improved Player: Richard Massella Most Valuable Player: Joe Kingston GOLF (Coach Al Nicholsen) Most Valuable Player: Pete Gerardi HOCKEY (Coach Steve Lane) Most Improved Player: Peter Gomes Most Valuable Player: Jamie Pitts LACROSSE (Coach Will Verhoef f) Most Improved Player: Rich Gennett Most Valuable Player: Mickey Kucera SOCCER (Coach Joe Machnik) Most Improved Player: Frank Ali Most Valuable Player: Robert Taylor TENNIS (Coach Frank Sherwood) Most Improved Player: Jim Blasczyk Most Valuable Player: Rick Garofalo WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL (Coach Lois Kelly) Most Improved Player: Eileen Stillwell Most Valuable Player: Sue Voll WOMEN ' S TENNIS (Coach Lois Kelly) Most Improved Player: Linda LaTorraca Most Valuable Player: Bonnie Lee ATHLETE OF THE YEAR AWARD (Jack LaRocca, UNH News): Robert Taylor, Soccer ± I [ Evening Students Host 1975 Graduation Prom Dance ' 11 d| . B k -r " I V w i B ■ K. l 1 ■ m 114 summer On Saturday, May 24, 1975, the Evening Student Council sponsored the Graduation Prom Dance for the 1975 Evening Student Graduates. It was held at the Ramada Inn, North Ha- ven, Connecticut; and 200 people attended. There was a cock- tail hour, dinner, and dancing, with an open bar. After dinner, three awards were presented (The Marvin K. Peterson Scholarship Fund) to the following recipients; Nicho- las Cifaldi, Patricia Henry, and Edward Smith. Also, certificates were given to the husbands and wives who helped " push " their spouses through college. CI summer 115 ■ UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAVEN AND Evening Student Council ipgm of p. % ®. (Pushing Him Through) (Htvtifmtt THIS CERTIFIES THAT has satisfactorily completed a course in Pushing Him Through - This gives said Spouse the right to go out more than once a week and takes away the Spouse ' s right to be grouchy, irritable and sarcastic. IN APPRECIATION OF THE EFFORT put forth by said Spouse in getting Her Husband graduated, this Certi ficate is awarded, this ..... »» .. day of 19 Evening Director - ujiiifeRSiy F NEW HAVEN President EVENING STUDENT! I I 116 summer summer 117 118 summer ! ir-% 5 University of New Haven Holds 52nd Annual Commencement Five hundred and thirty-five degrees were awarded by the Uni- versity of New Haven at the fifty-second annual commencement excercises, on Sunday, June 8th. Norman Botwinik, chairman of the UNH Board of Governers, presided over the ceremonies. President Phillip Kaplan conferred all degrees. Eighty-two Master ' s degrees were awarded; 79 Bachelor of Arts degrees and 301 Bachelor of Science degrees were conferred; and 73 graduates received Associate in Science degrees. The University also awarded three honorary degrees: Herta Glaz Redlich, founder and artistic director of the New Haven Opera Theatre, received a Doctor of Fine Arts; Dr. RoUin Gustav Oster- weis, Yale University Professor of History and Oratory, was given a Doctor of Humane Letters; and Dr. Ruth Patrick, Chief Curator of the Limnology Department at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, received a Doctor of Science. Dr. Patrick also delivered the commencement address. Dr. Joseph Parker, Dean of the Graduate School, presented the Masters degree candidates. Bachelor degree recipients were presented by their respective deans: Dr. Douglas Robillard, School of Arts and Sciences; Warren Smith, School of Business Administration; and Thomas Warner, Jr., School of Engineering. Associate degree candi- dates were presented by Dr. Alexis Sommers, provost. The Dean of Students ' awards were presented to the following graduates: Leon E. Jones, B.A. in Sociology; Gery P. Alexander, B.S. in Criminal Justice; and Edward J. Drew, J r., B.S. in Criminal Justice. Mary E. Maton, B.S. in Communications; and Thomas J. Lynskey, B.S. in General Management, were presented with the Alumni Asso- ciation awards. The Wallace Silversmiths award was given to Robert W. Ryan, B.S. in Economics. Alpha Sigma (Evening Honor Society) honored Ronald J. Fachini, B.A. in Marketing; while the Alpha Chi Honor Society awards were presented to Erline A. Reilly, B.A. in Sociology; Harry B. Kirchner, B.S. in Hotel and Restaurant Administration; and Kenneth D. Ash- ton, B.S. in Civil Engineering. I J summer 119 unh by day and by night ' when a college or university is large, there are more chances for an extremely diverse population — but then, these differences are more difficult to detect because of the size of the scale, the larger the means of comparison, the more generalities one tends to use. with a university the size of unh, the differences between people can often go unnoted, but rarely go undetected, if you stop to think about it, there are some 5500 students here, and each is very unique, we have tried, throughout this book, to represent the people who attend this university, and why they have chosen to do so. perhaps the following comparing and contrasting categories will help you to understand a little more clearly what different people hope to achieve in their time here. ' ■ ' ' ' ■. ■ ■r .r;» ,. . ' .. ,y,.,k " ;M ?ivi 120 day night they come during the day, D 3- S S53SSi|5p— and in the evening; day night 121 ♦ ... all alone. and surrounded by crowds; - - - J-e-» iv 122 day night straight out of high school, and after working a while; day night 123 m the fall, winter, spring, and summer. 5S»» 124 the students of unh are commuters. and dorm residents; day night 125 " mm both black, and white; 126 day night male, and female; day night 127 artistic, athletic, and studious. ! each person, in his uniqueness, contributes vastly to the totality of the university of new haven. X 128 day night 130 Ni V -NT ' " ' V " i ' •■•••. - ! : ' VI •. r ' r .•• ..• vi- - " •■■4 " V J- sunrise is the light by which man travels the sands of time, his way is not straight, but waivers to and fro. his path is not one, but many, so that he may choose . . . paths that are bordered by flowers, or harbor hidden thorns, some show the trial of those before us, that we may learn from them; others are bare that we may lead the way for those to come, in all ways, we leave our footprints on the sands so that we may say: " i have passed this way. " ■t :.•■ , . • • • I ■. ' . " ' . V . ■•. ' • ' . ' ' .J -, . - • " •VV--- ' ' - ' - • • - • : ..-..-. ■ ..■ .••V M . »r.-- .-it: ,..;-■ rv ., - 1 «. : V-- ■ H " ■ " -. ' .. .: J. ' - iflf ' I: ' . . A= rt. ' ..- ' ' j- x. • • • •• • ' " •, • » V.- " •5» ....» .. ; v.- ( ' fe -X-S .-•:. vy . " • I I ' Dalen Bowles Assistant to the President Dr. Phillip Kaplan President iin I J n F 1 m WM T ' i f mwm H m Hi sl t ' M iipi| I0 .. ■ ■1 ■ :S .:jii " Dr. Alexis Sommers Provost Marvin K. Peterson President Emeritus » I I Richard Lipp Continuing Education Director Muriel MacKay Continuing Education Registrar Matthew Connery Continuing Education Assistant Director 132 Dr. Douglas Robillard Dean of Arts and Sciences mmmm 4 Warren Smith Dean of Business Administration John Ghoreyeb Dean of Students Dr Thomas Warner Dean of Engineering 133 r- ■« rTiTm ' niTTfime ' m-aiaii " v Frank Hull Treasurer John Benevento Director of Admissions " T I Robert Campbell Assistant Director of Admissions Peter Rogers Admissions Counselor Jeanne D ' Ambruoso Admissions Counselor I Christian Poulson Career Development Director Dr. Michael York Counseling Director 134 David DuBuisson Director oF Financial Aid Richard Gelgauda General Manager of WNHU Joseph Macionus Registrar Carole Aiken Director of Women ' s Affairs Philip Robertson Housing and Student Center Director Joseph Machnik Director of Athletics Samuel Baker Head Librarian Dorothy Lockrow Assistant Librarian 135 James Shattuck Personnel Director .y- Joseph Cieplak Assistant Director of Public Relations Thornton Smallwood Public Relations Director Elizabeth Bennett Staff Assistant of Public Relations Donald Scott Security Director Richard Baker Supervisor — Investigations Assistant to the Director 136 Joseph Arnold Industrial Engineering Edward Astarita Hotel and Restaurant Administration brilekha Bell English Jerry Berglund Mechanical Engineering Joseph Bernard History Alfred Bradshaw Sociology David Brown Psychology (Chrmn. 138 nSW 1 George Carson Civil Engineering Satish Chandra Marketing and Intern! Business Joseph Chepaitis History KeeChun Physics (Chrmn.l Frank Clifford Industrial Engineering Thomas DiLullo Accounting William Farrow Physical Education Howard Fidler Hotel and Restaurant Mgt. (Chrmn.) Johnnie Fryer General Studies (Chrmn. Richard Greet Materials Engineering (Chrmn. Fran Grodzinsky French ' - ■ Stephen Grodzinsky Electrical Engineering Ronald Haberman Industrial Engineering 140 f Earl Hamel Business Administration Robert Hoffnung Psychology Darrell Horning Electrical Engineering Robert Howling English Arnold Hyman Psychology Samuel James Economics 141 Gwendolyn Jensen History Nathaniel Kaplan English Dennis Kalma Biology Gerald Kirwin Electrical Engineering (Chrmn.) Robert Kravet Accounting Constantine Lambrakis Mechanical Engineering (Chrmn.) Roger Lanahan Fire Science (Dir.) 142 Henry Lemaire Chemistry Richard Mann Civil Engineering Roger Millen Management Science (Chrmn.) John Martin Civil Engineering (Chrmn.) Ivan Lobay Mechanical Engineering Bertrand Mathieu English (ActingChrmn.) ' ' ■ ■ ( jL Elizabeth Mof f itt Fine Arts (Chrmn.) Charles MuUard History Robert Murillo Criminal Justice (Acad. Coord.) Richard Morrison Physics David Naccarato Mathematics J ' Kai Nordlund Finance William Nyce Chemistry (Chrmn.) 144 Kathleen OHara Mathematics Daniel O ' Keefe Electrical Engineering Philip Olgin Teacher Education (Dir.) Willard Petersen Economics 1 c , 1 ,. p. Rajeswaran Criminal Justice Garo Ray Communications Dinwiddle Reams, Jr. Biology Myrna Rottman English Allen Sack Sociology I Frank Roddy Economics Joshua Sandman Political Science (Chrmn.) Oliver Sarosi Economics Shiv Sawhney International Bus, Management 146 William SchoU Philosophy Franklin Sherwood Economics (Chrmn.) Donald Smith English Richard Stanley Mathematics (Chrmn.) Burton Staugaard Biology Karl Tolonen Biology Frank Vieira Physical Education ' H 1 P 1 1 Gilbert Whiteman Communications (Chrmn.) Bernard Wiener Marketing Henry Voegeli Biology Jeffrey Williams Accounting (Chrmn.) i Ned Wilson Industrial Engineering H. Fessanden Wright Science and Biology (Chrmn.) 148 NkMRWH )UNTINr? J.UB Accounting Club The Accounting Club strives to promote the field of Accounting at the University of New Haven, and increase the student ' s understanding of the various careers open to them. To achieve these goals, the Club frequently hosts guest speakers from various professional areas, such as the Internal Revenue Service, Public Accounting firms, and Corporate Accounting. In addition to these activities, the club helps promote an annual field trip to an estab- lished financial institution, such as the Securities Ex- change Commission, or the New York Stock Exchange; and organizes Student-Faculty Forums where accounting courses and programs at the University are discussed and evaluated. The activities of the Accounting Club have expanded through continually increasing students sup- port, and looks forward to continued success in the fu- ture. Officers President Fall -74 Ernest Dichele Spring — 75 Steve Belchuk Greg Chvisuk Tom Delia Ventura Secretary Program Chmn. Diane Barnes JeanetteZeckman Hal Jordan 150 I CHEERLEADERS Seen at most of the Foot- ball games and many of the Basketball contests this year was a group brand new to UNH — Cheer- leaders! With the initial backing and advice from Don Ormrod, the squad was organized by Jeanne D ' Ambruoso — and many hours were dedicated to practice. These women worked, learned, and exhibited more enthusiasm than ever seen before. They did so with- out any athletic or profes- sional coaching. Even though they received mini- mal student support, they enjoyed their endeavor and plan to continue next year. Many thanks to Dr. Joe who supported them all the way. Members of the Cheering Squad: Peggy Bisher, Mary Egan, Starr Thorne, Dee Dee Fallon, Joanne Connors, Kathy Mikiewicz, Barbara Stashkivich, Chris Melillo, Carol Staugaard, Haydee Gallego, Peggy Ramirez, Renee La Casse. . ?5i -. - Jr .:iJEsas 151 « MANAGEMENT CLUB The purpose of the Management Club is to give its members valuable insight into the management workings of the outside world. Together, they explore management techniques and how they will affect companies and the working environment. The club offers valuable experience not found in classroom teachings. " One Learns By Doing. " Officers President Secretary Treasurer Membership Chmn. Committee Coordinator . .Eric Fahrman . Rich Maloney Bruce Cilston Tony Falcigno Barry Goldman Guest speaker Wayne DeSerba, lecturing on Affirmative Action. LEFT TO RIGHT (FRONT ROW) Rich Maloney, Eric Fahrman, Tony Falcigno, Barry Bosworth. (BACK ROW) James Jones, Ron Petsonis, Janice Brown, Don McKendall, Bill Johns, Chuck Addonizio, Peter Czuchra, Paul Hebert, Gene C.entibe, Matt Wright, Elizabeth Breed, Michael Fuschi, Dr. Allen Marber. I I 152 i American Society Of Civil Engineers Club members holding the 3rd place trophy that they won at the concrete canoe race in Bangor, Maine. 153 Evening Student Council The Evening Student Council is an organization established to unite the Evening Students for the purpose of pro- moting the welfare of the student body of the University; to develop and encourage a school spirit among the evening student body through social and other activities; to convey evening student opinion to the administration of the University; and to cooperate with the administration of the University in accomplishing these objectives. The council has also been active in assuring continued veteran benefits to qualified students. The Evening Student Council meetings are usually held the first Saturday of each month in the faculty lounge. The following is a list of the 1974-75 representatives on the Evening Student Council: Harry Ackley, George R. Baker, Christos P. Bancs, John L. Hunter, Edmund Kozlowski, Thomas Lacey, Mary Ann Mikosky, Louise ]. Smith, John F. Tarantino, Jr., Barbara Taylor, John Tomchick, and William Vos. 154 I Chemistry Club Chemistry Club. (STANDING) Karen Civitello, Nancy Seller, Anne MacGregor, Tim Szczesiul. (SEATED) Dr. Desio, Robert Araujo. D.S.G. Social Committee FRONT ROW: Janet Specht, Joe Hurbon, Pat Arbusto, Terri Principi, Connie Dispirito, Marie Mandeville, BACK ROW: Tom Greene. Rich Travers, Andy Madga, Bruce Kelly, Dave Levison. 155 i TheD.S.G. „ The DS G is a unique student government in its independence from the school ' s ad- ministration. Some $100,000 in Student Ac- tivity Fees are distributed by the DSG. This represents a $30 per semester investment by you, the student. The Question is, what are you getting for your money? The DSG sponsors social events through- out the year. Caberets, picnics, lectures, and films are all subsidized by the Student Ac- tivity Fee. It is up to the Student body to tell the DSG what activities they want. An in- dividual student can change nothing by himself or herself. The DSG is the represen- tative of student opinion in areas ranging from academic to social. So the choice is up to you: you can influence what effects you, or accept whatever happens. h Ur Mr I Erha 156 D.S.G. Secretary D.S.G. Advisor, Dr. D.C. Reams, was honored at the last meeting of the spring semester. Dr. Reams will begin a 1 yr. sabbatical next year. 157 ji ' T m ii ' ' ' : i - - kathy-leigh huber. editor-in-chief. Liz lorfino. Art. Marion Garnitz, Faculty Administration The Chariot 1975 Bill Murphy, Lithography 158 Terry Peiken, Photographer. Phil Papa, Photographer. ¥ Phil Rosenfeld, Photographic Editor. Chet Mahn, Photographer. Chariot Staff kathy-leigh huber, editor-in-chief. phil rosenfeld, photographic editor. marion garnitz, faculty administration, and organizations. nick haynack, seniors. liz iorfino, artwork, and cover design. betsy burke, creative writing, and artwork. jim toomey, american yearbook representative. senior portraits by malley ' s. Photographers: Alan Goldfinger Phil Papa Chet Malin Phil Rosenfeld Bill Murphy Terry Peiken Tony Picagli Tom Sullivan. Ads: Kathy Huber Bob Ryan John Stillwell Phil Rosenfeld 159 The students FM radio station, VVNHU, has now been on the air two years and keeps grow- ing almost daily Staff members come from vir- tually every major curriculum without broad- casting experience. When they leave, though, not only have they acquired practical broadcast- ing, engineering and journalistic skills, but also a definite attitude of pride at having been members of the single, fastest-growing activity on campus and an integral part of station pic- nics, contests, ballgames, West Campus meet- ings, and the infamous (incredibleT) annual paper plate awards. Built entirely by energetic students, WNHU has twice achieved a national recognition. The first time was in January of 1974. when an- nouncer Tony Salzo broke the world s record for the most continuous hours of broadcasting singles — 270 hours, nearly 12 days. Then, in April of this year, the readers of Broadcast Management Engineering Magazine voted WNHU Best FM Station in the nation for it ' s cost saving ideas and economic structural de- sign. Located in the south wing of the third floor in the student center, the community-minded sta- tion has played an active role in social functions, too. For example, they took portable equipment down to the New Haven Green last year to broadcast live concerts being sponsored by NARCO, Inc., a drug rehabilitation clinic, and have stationed reporters at political campaign headquarters in all the area towns during major elections. Additionally, to keep sports fans in- formed, the station has broadcast both home WNHU - 88.7 FM 160 and away games of the University ' s baseball, football, hockey and basketball teams. Currently, WNHU broadcasts 365 eighteen- hour days a year at a frequency of 88.7 mega- hertz. With room for all musical preferences, they now play primarily progressive rock, inter- spersed with generous helpings of soul, jazz, folk, classical, blues, and disco along with nu- merous educational programs for the more intel- lectual listeners " We can teach anyone with in- itiative to be a broadcaster, " claims WNHU ' s proud management. I Dick Gelgauda, General Manager Bob Russo, Chief Engineer Paul Price, Station Manager 161 yi T HE NEWS . Berrigan Speaks About Torture Administration Willing To Pay Audit Charges K-Cop Fights For Job Bill Murphy, Managing tditor J y f Gery Alexander, Editor-in-Chief The News I I Phil Papa, Co-Photo Editor 162 Jim Martin, Advertizing Director IfSSSSR Jack LaRocca, Sports Editor Joe Amarante, Campus Editor 163 •T ALPHA CHI Alpha Chi Honorary Scholarship Society is the high- est honor conferred on any student at the University of New Haven. Students who rank in the top ten per- cent of the Junior and Senior classes are invited to become members. The society has over one hundred chapters nationwide and UNH ' s is the only existing one at a University in Connecticut. Activities of Alpha Chi include a formal induction ceremony, which was held in the Student Center Lounge on April 12th. The ceremony included the pre- sentation and induction of new members, a guest speaker, recognition of " Teacher-of-the-Year " and " Outstanding Seniors " awards and installation of of- ficers. This year, the audience was enthralled by the quick wit of Professor Wilbert Snow. Noted poet, statesman and scholar, the 91-year-old Professor Snow is still active in education and writing. Forty-seven new members were inducted at that ceremony. The goals of Alpha Chi include scholarship, char- acter and service as the traits which combined make education effective for good in society. The society ' s motto is " Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free " . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Public Relations 164 ( XKP - Chi Kappa Rho Chi Kappa Rho Sorority was founded in 1963 for the purpose of rendering service to the University, promoting better understanding among the girls of the University, and increasing female participation in University activi- ties. The sorority holds an annual Card Party-Fashion Show, benefiting the Virginia M. Parker Scholarship, makes a Thanksgiving Basket for a needy person in the area, holds a Toys for Tots Drive, and is involved in many other area and University functions. Any full-time, female student, maintaining a cumula- tive QPR of 2.0 or better is eligible to join Chi Kappa Rho. XKP Officers President Patti Coppinger Vice-President Aletha Tenedine Secretary Barbara Peluse Treasurer Mary (Clancy) Walsh Social Chairperson Janet Specht 166 aitt- « Ci - 1 » ' 167 LAE — Lambda Alpha Epsilon Lambda Alpha Epsilon (Phi Lambda Epsilon Chapter) is a national law enforcement frater- nity open to students in the Criminal Justice program, Day and Evening Divisions, and gra- duates of the University of New H aven ' s two or four year Criminal Justice Program. 168 I Li4 M I t? - ' - " ilC " .- " -.4.._ . i j g f TKE — Tau Kappa Epsilon Tau Kappa Epsilon International Fraternity is a network of individual chapters throughout the United States and Canada. The philosophy that motivates men to band into groups — that of being able to accomplish things as a unit that would be unattainable as individuals — is also the im- pelling force that causes individuals to join together into this international society. Tau Kappa Epsilon has gained a posi- tion of strength — not by luck or lowered standards, but by detailed planning, devoted service and inspired leadership. Instrumental in its success has been a " pioneering " spirit that has characterized Teke from its beginning and far- sighted leaders who have had the fortitude to accept the challenge of the unknown. % f ■■• ; r 1 t l 169 ■ ZBT - Zeta Beta Tau 170 ujt. TnjtMm»wmnm Veterans Club The Veterans Club concluded the year with a pic- nic at Sleeping Giant State Park on May 17, 1975. The purpose was to acknowledge the hard work of those who helped the club conduct a successful raf- fle to support its activities. The club ' s functions were somewhat limited, but included year ' round letter-writing campaigns and lobbying on behalf of veterans legislation. In addi- tion, the club sponsored promotion of campuswide recognition of Veterans Day. Officers Bob Ryan, President Bill Fl or, Vice-President Pat Arhusto, Secretary Barry Bosworth, Treasurer 171 " The Grave Problem Of The Tweeners " By Art Hoppe ■ The Grave Problem of theTweeners " copyright, 1971, Cronicle Publishing Company, reprinted by permission of the author. Once upon a time in the country called Wonderfuland, The Elders faced a grave problem: What to do with the Tweeners. " Now everybody in Wonderfuland had some- thing to do — everybody but the Tweeners. The children went to school and learned mostly useful things and the grown-ups went to work and did mostly useful things. And being most-usefully busy, they were mostfuUy-usefully happy. But the Tweeners were too old to be children and too young to be grown-ups. And far too smart- alecky to have around the house. 172 " There ' s only one solution ' said the eldest Elder gravely. " As soon as they ' re too old to be chil- dren, we must put them away in an institution until they ' re old enough to be grownups ' The other Elders re- coiled in horror. " Let ' s think of something else ' said one with a shudder. So they thought. And thought. And thought. " Perhaps, if it were a nice institution, " said a kindly elder tentatively, " with lots of grass and trees .. " " ... and games for them to play, " said another brightly. " ... and cars and beer and dances, " said a third enthusiasti- cally, " and if it had an impressive name, " said a fourth. " I know! Let ' s call it college. " J — f ,:« All i ' ' N|f 173 .:. ■r — ' ■■■ I So the Elders built an institution, called it College and put the Tweeners away there until they could grow up. " Of course, they didn ' t tell them that. They told them, " you must widen your hori- zons, assimilate ideas and prepare for life. " " " To widen horizons, instill ideas and prepare them for life, the Elders staffed the college with old men called " Scholars, ' ' who weren ' t good for much else. " Naturally, the Scholars, being Scholars, were not interested in Scholarship then in talking to Tweeners. But twice or thrice a week they dutifully tore themselves away from their Schol- arship to talk for 50 minutes about what they were interested in to the Tweeners. Like, The Sex Life of the Angiosperm. Or, the Use of the Dipthong in Etruscan Funeral Orations. " As an incentive to assimilating ideas, the Tweeners 174 were given letters. They got big letters to wear on their sweaters for playing games well. And lit- tle tiny letters, ranging from A to F, for studying what the Scholars were interested in. ' After four years, they were certified ' ' prepared for life ' ' and released from the institution. Everybody was happy. The Tweeners were happy playing games, drinking beer, dancing and accumulating letters. And The Elders were happy to have them out of the house. ' Then one day a Tweener looked thoughtfully around and said, " But what ' s all this got to do with anything? " And the other Tweeners said, somewhat surprised, that they were hanged if 175 they knew. And pretty soon the Tweeners were demonstrating from dawn to dusk, raising a ter- rible fuss. ' ' ' But we ' ve given you grass and trees and games and dances and beer and letters ' said the Elders, rather plaintively. ' ' What is it you want? " " Frankly, we ' re darned if we know, " ad- mitted a Tweener Leader, scratching his head. " But whatever it is, this isn ' t it. " Moral: College is - ' :- a wonderful in- stitution — for those who want to grow up in an institution. 176 " ' ' ' ' ' ' " - ' ' ' - " " ' ' " rr Thomas Accuosti B.A. Sociology Alexander Angal B.S. Criminal Justice Kenneth Ashton B.S. Civil Engineering Gery Alexander B.S. Criminal Justice Patricia Arbusto B.S. Criminal Justice K. A. Alencynowicz B.A. History Lawrence Asch i.S. Hotel Administration I I 178 Angelo Bdldmo B.S. Criminal Justice Joseph Barkhordari B.S. Civil Engineering Dianne Barnes B.S . Accounting Stephen Barr !.S. Management Science Ellen Beckerman B.S. Social Welfare James Benas B.S Industrial Engineering Pierre Blanche! B.S. Civil Engineering 179 H i HT I r Margaret Bogerty B.S. Political Science Thomas Bonfiglio B.S. Hotel Administration Barry Bosworth B.S. Accounting James Bouvier B.S. Accounting ■ William Brechlin B.S. Electrical Engineering Catherine Bresnahan B.S. General Management Nicholas Brignola B.S. Accounting 180 Diane Brown Donald Brown, Jr. B.A. Political Science Robert Brown, Jr. B.S. Criminal Justice Frances Bucciero B.A. Social Welfare Edward Bullwinkel B.S. Hotel Administration Lynn Bundy B.S. Retailing Julianne Buono B.S. Public Administration 181 . LJ - " T P Jeffrey Burdelski B.5. Criminal Justice Ernest Byar B.S. Operations Management David Burke B.A. Political Science Leo Calderone B.A. Psychology r I I Michael Caprio B.S. General Management Richard Castiglioni B.S. Operations Management Carl Cecere B.S. Communications 182 Kevin Cleary B.S. Marketin;? Roxanne Clemens B.S. Criminal Justice John Clouse B.S. Criminal Justice James Corbett B.S. Hotel Management 183 Frederick Cotter B.S. Public Administration William Cox B.S. General Management Henry Crawford B.S. Criminal Justice Dennis Criscuolo B.S. Hotel Management Joseph Cue B.A. Political Science Peter Czuchra B.S. General Management 184 ' ■ - ■ Joseph D Arco B.S. Management Science William Hewitt B.S. Criminal Justice Joyce Dawson B.S. Retailing AS. Business Admin. Gary Del Vecchio B.S. General Management Edward Delaney Jr. B.S. Criminal Justice Neal DePersia B.S. Marketing 185 Ernest Dichele B.5 Accounting John DiMaio Michael Dimaria 1.5. Criminal Justice Edward Drew. Jr. B.5. Criminal Justice Maureen Drew AS. Journalism Kenneth Dubin B.A. Political Science 186 -•V ■ Henry-John Dzialo B.A.English ' Tl James Egan B.A. Political Science i Herbert Dunn B.S. Electrical Engineering Eric Fahrman B.S. General Management Anthony Falcigno B.S. General Management Scott Fera B.S. General Management Miguel Figueroa B.A. Sociology 187 ti pr- Michele Fox B.A. Sociology Joseph Franco B.S. Accounting Michael Fuschi B.S. Hotel Administration Michael Galaida B.S. Hotel Administration Wayne Gamache B A. Political Science Mark Gant B S. General Management John Gasiorek B S. Criminal Justice 188 Edward Gatavaski B.S. Criminal Justice Howard Gay B.S. Industrial Engineering i Thomas Gelozm B.A. Political Science Mariene Gentile B.A. English Frances Giglio B.S. Public Administration Bruce Gilston B.S. Hotel Administration 11 i Joseph Grandel B.A. Political Science 189 •5517 7. ' -T:rv_ ir 5 Cs I Thomas Grandel George Griffiths B.S. Marketing Beverly Habetz B.S. Marketing Sharon Harvill B.S. Civil Engineering Bennie Haynes B.A. Political Science James Healey B.S. Criminal Justice Elisabeth Hetes B.A. Social Welfare 190 David Higgins Edward Huff B.S. Hotel Administration Joseph Hurbon B.S. Criminal Justice Donald Jacobson B.S. Biology Robert Jerin B.S. Criminal Justice Leon Jones B.A. Sociology Abby Kennedy B.A. Sociology 191 Elmer Kiessling B.S. General Management Karl Kleefeld B.S, Hotel Administration l[ Roseanne Kolar B.A. Psychology iJ Harry Kootz B.S. Biology Stefan Kucharyk B.S. Chemistry Theodore Kunkel B.S. Criminal Justice 192 Paula Ladbetter William LaFrance B.S. General Management md 1 B6ifi ' ' j jtjQ|» i ■R - V H Ig v ;J| 1 fl L s 1 m 1 1 ■ ' » 1 ■K 1 L J H H K J HL ' ' H Vt ' 1 B H w H HH % Rocco LaPorte B.S. General Management Diane Lent B.A. Sociology A.S. General Studies :: A ..: ' " •■ A John Lia Roger Louise B.S. Criminal Justice Steven Lurcell 193 ' jaA -VJ I HIM»- Stuart Lyman B.S. Criminal Justice William Lynch B.S. Accounting Aggaeveal Madhu ' ,i H Lki l l ki r« - . I B ' i l ■ ' ■ ».. «-fl % 1 ; ' %; ' ' W ■ fl ,M " yys -t ■■ ' ' V ■ ' ' : E. . i H Richard Maginnis B.S. Criminal Justice |1 Vincent Malerba B.S. General Management Maria Malley B.S. Criminal justice Richard Maloney B.S- General Management 194 ly Anna Manus B.A. Art Gary Marabito Peter Marchetti, Jr. B.5. Mechanical Engineering Thomas Mardicai James Martin, Jr. A.S. Communications Mary Maton B.S. Communications Chris Maturo B.S. Mechanical Engineering Virginia McAvinney B.A. History y David McElroy B.5. Environmental Studies Dennis Meligonis B.S. Electrical Engineering Ann McGregor Mary Ann Mikowsky B.S. General Management Neil Millstein B.S. General Management n Ifc 1 VI Robert Mclntire B.S. Hotel Administration Ronda Mills B.A. English Marion Mitchell i.A. Social Welfare f V . ■■ica I Leamon Moore B.5. Electrical Engineering Thomas Mordecai A-S. General Studies I tir t, A i Liz lorfino AS. Commercial Art Gary Morris B.5- Hotel Administration Thomas Murphy B.A. Sociology Rosemarie Nardi B.S. Accounting f Armand Onorato B.S. Marketing Cindy Ormrod B.A. Psychology John Pagliaro B.S. Hotel Administration 197 198 Joseph Payea B.S. Accounting Thomas Pietrini B.S. Criminal Justice Martin Piatt B.S. Accounting Barbara Peluse ' A. Social Welfare Leroy Pittman, Jr. B.S. Criminal Justice Gerald Pesce B.S. Marketing .-A- James Pitts B.A. Political Science ! it li Dennis Pomeroy B.S. Electrical Engineering Paul Price B.A. Mathematics Linda Randolph i.S. General Management William Raro B.S. General Management Ralph Reedy A.S. Advertising and Commercial Art Edward Regan B.S. Civil Engineering Edward Reilly B.S. Criminal Justice 199 § i Thomas Reti Michael Ribnicky B.S. Electrical Engineering Daniel Riccio Jr. B.S. Marketing Myron Rich ' .S. Operations Management Richard Root B.S. Criminal Justice Frank Robinson B.S. Criminal Justice Armand Rossi B.S. Accounting 200 Nicholas Ruotolo B.S. Electrical Engineering Robert Ryan B.S. Economics Francis Sawicki B.S. Industrial Engineering Terry Schwartz B.S. Criminal Justice Thomas Santoro B.S. Criminal Justice William Sawicki B.S. Accounting I i t , V « Wm Hp IlL n P -i B " w flF B-. , ' r ' K " i .. V r 1 Donnie Sellers B.A. Political Science 201 3S2xc Myron Senczikowska B.S. Criminal Justice Robert berphillips B.S. Electrical Engineering James Sherwonit B S Civil Engmeermg Marv Ann Signori B.A. Social Welfare Steph en Silverstein B.S. Hotel Administration Gary Simpson B.S. Accounting 202 •■.■■■v,,f .-J-: f?tJ4 ' Linda Skowronski B.S. Criminal Justice Richard Sloan James Small B.S. Criminal Justice John Smialowski B.S. Criminal Justice Thomas Spears Oscar Stanley ' B.S. Crimmal Justice Louis Stein B.S- Operations Management 203 Steven bt. Laurent B S Accounting Mark Strucaly B.S. Marketing Dennis Swanson B.S General Management John Swanson B.S. Civil Engineering Gary Swantko B.S. Criminal Justice Robert Taylor B.S. Criminal Justice 204 Alethea Tenedine B.A. Social Welfare Mark Tenzer • ,S. Criminal Justice Sandra Thompson Steven Trapani B.5. Operations Management B.S. Mechanical Engineei ing H ft -mU 1 1 1 B A ' 1 IPH r ♦■ W B- " " ■j 1 1 I Carmine Trotta B S Civil Engineering Karen Trzcinski IS Crimmal Justice 205 r: I Albert Valletta B.S. Electrical Fni;inrrrins Mary WaUli B.S- Criminal Justice I Barbara Von Hagen B.S. Operations Management Mark Walters B.S. Hotel Administration Ronald Wachter B.S. Civil Engineering Peter Weise B.S. Criminal Justice John White Jr. B.S Marketing 206 Michael White B.A. Sociology Kathleen Widger B.A. Psychologv Andrew Wilder Jr. B.A Sociology Paulette Williams B.S. General Management Eugene Wittenberg Frank Wood B.A. Sociology Matthew Wright Jr. B.S. General Management 207 January Graduates Albon, William R. 297 Church St. Naugatuck, Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Alencynowicz, K. A. Spring Road Naugatuck, Ct. B.A. History Amare, Birhanei 843 Congress Ave. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Accounting Andrews, John E. 106 Elizabeth Street Stratford, Ct. B.S. General Management Angal, Alexander E. 12 Doyle Drive Ansonia, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Ariola, Paul J. 182 Edgewood Ave. Waterbury, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Asch, Lawrence A. 206 Lareine Ave. Bradley Bch.,NJ B.S. Hotel Administration Ashman, David S. 186 Leetes Island Rd. Branford, Ct. B.S. General Management Baker, John C. M. 176 Renfrew Ave. Adrian, Mich. B.S. Hotel Administration Baker, J. Douglas 179 High Top Circle W Hamden, Ct. B.S. General Management Baker, Robert B. 7 Meadow Place East Haven, Ct. B.S. Environmental Studies Bandino, Angelo J. 441 Poplar St. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Baldrachi, Donald 8 Nemczuk Drive Norwich, Ct. B.S. General Management Baldwin, Thomas W. 1015 Racebrook Rd. Woodbridge, Ct. A.S. Business Administration Bango, James J. 410 Evergreen Ave. Hamden, Ct. B.S. General Management Barnes, Ronald 99 Edgewood Ave. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Public Administration Barome, Ralph P. 22 JewittSt. Ansonia, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Bartley, Christina L. 67 Chestnut St. Branford, Ct. AS. Business Administration Battistoni, Anthony P. 88 Oak Avenue Torrington, ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Bazilchuk, William C. 29 Styles Lane Norwalk, Ct. B.S. Accounting Beauchemin, Rhett 1865 Chapel St. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Hotel Administration Beckerman, Ellen J. 308 Alden Ave. New Haven, Ct. B.A. Social Welfare Behnke, David H. 8 Rose Circle Meriden, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Behuniak, James P. Jeremy Swamp Southbury, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Beraduce, James S. 341 Smith Ave. New Haven, Conn. B.S. Marketing Berkel, David W. 212Kelsey St. New Britain, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Bijanada, Thanu 12 WymanSt. Waterbury, Ct. B.S. Accounting Bilyo, William J. 12 Randall Dr. Trumbull, Ct. B.S. General Management Blomerth, Kenneth P. Boston Post Road Westbrook, Ct. B.A. Art Bognar, Stephen A. 334 Cedarknoll Drive Stratford, Ct. A.S. Criminal Justice Borino, Thomas M. 140 Poplar St. New Haven, Ct. B.S. General Management Bourdon, Paul E. 355Coe Ave. Apt. 152 Meriden, Ct. AS. General Studies Boydston, William L. 225 Hudson Terrace Piermont, NY B.S. Hotel Administration Brechlin, William H. 152 Spruce Brook Road Berlin, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Bresnahan, Catherine 147 South Street Waterbury, Ct. B.S. General Management Brokofsky, Peter 3804 31st Ave. Robbinsdale, MN B.S. Hotel Administratior Brown, Robert Jr. 53 Rodney St. West Haven Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Buckley, James W. 421 Wakelee Ave. Stratford, Ct. BS. Marketing Burdelski, Jeffrey J. 100 McKinley Drive New Britain Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Butler, Linda L. 28 Brushy HQl Rd. Newtown, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Caesar, Anthony A. Pelican Ext. Road Morvant, Trin. B.S. Public Administration Campbell, Clark C. Jr. Dutch Gardens Apt. 41-C Poughkeepsie, NY B.S. Hotel Administration Cangelosi, John N. 1832 Serpentine Dr. Forked Riv., NH B.S. General Management Caprio, Michael C. 117 North St. Apt. 4-C Seymour, Ct. B.S. General Management Carney, Thomas F. 8 Cupry Drive Newtown, Ct. A.S. Criminal Justice Carpp, Edward D. 20 Chaden Road Seymour, Ct. B.S. Finance Carr, RuthB. 28 Sonenison Road West Haven, Ct. B.A. Psychology Carroll, Plummer J. 26 Sterling Street Hartford, Ct. B.A. Social Welfare Carter, Lawrence T. 62 Arch St. New Haven, Ct. B.A. English Carusello, Fiore A. 253 Bradley Ave. Waterbury, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Castiglioni, Richard 123 Frank St. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Operations Management Charles, John H. 350QuinnSt. Naugatuck, Ct. AS. Business Administration Charron, Donald D. 19 Butlertown Road Waterford, Ct. B.S. Marketing Chester, Richard J. 28 Duncan St. Wallingford, Ct. A.S. Engineering Clemens, Roxanne J. RFD 1, Munyan Rd. Putnam, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Clifford, Gary L. 563 Meeting House Circle Orange, Ct. B.S. Psychology Clouse, John A. Jr. Deer HUl Rd. Redding, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Cohen, Alan J. 353 McClintock St. New Britain, Ct. B.S. Accounting Collins, Charles 26 Forest St. Torrington, Ct. A.S. Engineering Colucci, Edward E. 82 Riverside Lane Riverside Ct B.S. Mechanical Engineering Conroy, Francis H. Jr. 167SkokoratSt. Seymour, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Conte, Hariy A. Jr. 45 Van Horn Dr. East Haven, Ct. AS. Criminal Justice Conway, William J. 32 Hawley Ave. Milford,Ct. B.S. Industrial Engineering Crawford, Michael A. 1400 Dunbar Hill Rd. Hamden, Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Crawford, William R. 11025 E. Prichard, Lot 26 Mt. Pleasant, Mich. B.S. Hotel Administration Crouch, Donald A. 37 Carey La. Norwich, Ct. AS. Criminal Justice Cweklinsky, Victor Jr. 625 So. Main St. Seymour, Ct. AS. Business Administration Davis, Michael J. 58 Bailey Dr. N. Branford, Ct. B.S. General Management 4 i ' I 208 Defelice, Joseph P. 156 Russo Drive Hamden, Ct. B.S. Hotel Administration Defilippo. John A. 1456 Boulevard New Haven, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Dellavolpe, John A. Dells Rd. Ansonia, Ct. A.S. Criminal Justice Delvecchio, Gary L. 72, Fairfield Ave. Stamford, Ct. B.S. General Management Demusis, Thomas P. 461 Lombard Street New Haven, Ct. B.S General Management Denuzzo, Ronald A. 9 Branhaven Dr. East Haven, Ct. A.S. Criminal Justice Derosa, Paul J. 112 High St. East Haven, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Devenport, Donna J. 17 Balance Rock Rd. Seymour, Ct. B.A. Sociology Dimugno, Steve J. 75 Round Hill Rd. New Britain, Ct. B.S. General Management Diorio, PauletteS. 19 Quarry St. Bridgeport, Ct. B.A. Sociology Dipietro, Anthony J. J. 582 Stanley Street New Britain, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Drew, Maureen A. 337 McKinley Ave. New Haven, Ct. A.S. Journalism Dubin, Kenneth P. 102 W.Helen St. Hamden, Ct. B.A. Political Science Dulepski, Edward 36 Hawthorne Dr. Monroe, Ct. A.S. Business Administration Dwyer, Maurice E. 1453 Elbor Ave. Lakewood, Ohio B.S. Hotel Administration Dylong, John R. 183 Linden Ave. Jersey City, NJ B.S. Hotel Administration Dziurzynski, Stanley 657 William Street Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Eddy, Roberts. 7 Debby Drive Groton, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Edward, Jonathan Main Street Kent,Ct. B.S. Marketing Ely, J. Forest Stony Hill Bethel, Ct. B.S. Materials Engineering Ernst, James P. 774 White Plains Road Trumbull, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Fallen, Kevin A. 218 Davenport Ave. Apt. 2B New Haven, Ct. B.S. Hotel Administration Faller, Robert B. 255 Maple Ave. Hillsdale, NJ B.S. Marketing Faulkner, Gary A. 51 Ross Hill Road Fairfield, Ct. B.S. Hotel Administration Faure, Severine M. Geneva Switzerland B.A. Art Ferreri, Michael A. 1136 Pamela Lane Cheshire, Ct. B.S. General Management Fields, Robert 21 Deepwood Lane Norwalk, Ct. B.S. Marketing Fladd, Leslie A. 64 Pond Point Ave. Milford,Ct. B.A. History Forti, Frank R. 30 Nutmeg Lane Shelton,Ct. B.S. Operations ManagemenI Frechette, Michael D. 43 Church Drive Cheshire, Ct. B.A. English Fulvi, John E. 15 Heritage Circle Clinton, Ct. B.S. Industrial Engineering Gagliola, Lucian R. 22 Jewett Street Ansonia, Ct. B.S. General Management Galovic, Kathleen M. 49 Glade St. Apt B2 West Haven, Ct. B.A. Mathematics Gamache, Wayne 12 Jef fry Rd. East Haven, Ct. B.A. Political Science Garatoni, Patrick F. 564 Hawkins Street Derby, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Gardella, Cameron G. 34 Judson Ave. Woodbury, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Gentile, Eugene L. 953 Old Post Rd. Fairfield, Ct. AS. Business Administration Gerber, Armin 1671 Orchard Hill Rd. Cheshire, Ct. AS. General Studies Germain, Donald E. 16 Lakeview Terrace Derby, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Giannelli, Richard L. 80 Sherman Ave. Meriden, Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Giglietti, Joseph P. 52WilbertSt. Hamden, Ct. B.A. History Gilbeaux, Wardell Jr. 251 Blue Hills Ave. Hartford, Ct. B.S. Accounting Gilmore, John R. 215 Morgan Lane West Haven, Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Goldman, Diane C. 146 Indian River Rd. Orange, Ct. B.A. Music Govoni, Peter F. 10 Plymouth Court Milford,Ct. B.S Operations Management Granton, John S. 21 Maltby Lane Northford.Ct. AS Commerical Art Grudzien, John M. Old Ben Sherman Hill Woodbury, Ct. B.S. Public Administration Guthrie, Byron 814TaftRd. Orange, Ct. B.S. Accounting Hackathorn, James J. 32Saley Rd. Milford, Ct. B.S. Operations Management Haddock, John S. 12 Hardwood Rd. Plainville,Ct. AS. Criminal Justice Harris, Charles M. 137 Beth Lane Waterbury, Ct. B.S Criminal Justice Hart, Ronald F. 33 Ridgecrest Rd. Wallingford, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Haynes, Bennie J. 323 Center Street West Haven, Ct. B.A Political Science Hilcoff, Sandy P. 601 Avon Drive Orange, Ct. B.A. Sociology Hinman, Gayle R. 769 Barnes Road Apt. B-West Wallingford, Conn. B.A. Sociology Hintz, David C. 369 Willis Street Bristol, Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Hofrichter, Ronald R. 63 Ivy St. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Horowitz, Wendy HarbourVa Apt. 4D Branford, Ct. A.S. Criminal Justice Iwanicki, Daniel A. 243 Curtis St. Meriden, Ct. B.S. Hotel Administration Jacob, James M. 139 Pine Knob Terr. MUford.Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Jahn, Robert R. ' 254 Sunnybank Ave. Stratford, Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Jalutkewicz, James H. 309 Crystal Ave. Apt. 15A New London, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Jesudowich, Stanley T. 228 Roses Mill Rd. Milford, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Johnson, Lena L. 107 Manchester St. Hartford, Ct. B.A. Sociology Johnson, Paul A. RFD.5,Box587 Gales Ferry, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Johnson, Robert E. 1378 East 31st Brooklyn, NY B.S. Hotel Administration Jones, Norris E. 374 Huntington Street New Haven, Ct. B.S. General Management Jones, Ronald L. 297 Meadowbrook Lane West Haven, Ct. B.S. General Management Jones, Wade 67 Mechanic Street New Haven, Ct. AS. Business Administration Kantrow, Richard E. 110 Robert Treat Drive Milford, Ct. B.S. General Management Karlicek, Paul S. 389 East Ave. Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. Marketing Kennedy, Abby S. 209 33 West Orland St. Milford, Ct. B.A. Sociology Kennedy, Robert C. 27 Sweetbrier Road E. Granby, Ct. B.S Operations Management Khalkhali, Soraya 59 Pendleton Street New Haven, Ct. B.S. Accounting Kiely, Thomas H. 168 Marion St. Bridgeport, Ct. B.S Criminal Justice Kiessling, Elmer C. Old Sherman Hill Woodbury, Ct. B.S. General Management Kilmurray, Mark S. 26 Vitory Dr. Harwichport, Ma. B.S. Criminal Justice King, Robert P. 251 Elm St. West Haven, Ct. AS. Criminal Justice Klein, Arthur S. 25 Glen Rd. West Haven, Ct. B S Materials Engineering Kolar, Roseanne L. 1041 Jeter Ave. Bethleham, Pa. B.A. Psychology Kohn, See Bonnie Rovven Kozak, Russell F. 18 Lincoln St. No. Haven, Ct. AS. Criminal Justice Kraus, George F. 15 Overbrook Lane Weston, Ct. B.S. Hotel Administration Kucharyk, Stefan RFD2, Box70 Lisbon, Ct. B.S. Chemistry Kunkel, Theodore F. 44 Jog Hill Rd. Trumbull, Ct, B.S. Criminal Justice Lafrance, William E. 16 Enright St. West Haven, Ct. B.S. General Management Laporte, Rocco A. 160 Cooper Lane Hamden, Ct. B.S. General Management Lasellf, Bryan S. Box 21 Londonderry, VT AS. Business Administration Leroux, Lonni J. 418 Farmington Ave. F-5 New Britain, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Lewis, Brian 481 Thompson Ave. East Haven, Ct. B.S. General Management Linner, Abraham M. 69 High St. Monticello, NY B.S. Hotel Administration Liston, Daniel A. 92KayeVueDr. Hamden, Ct. AS. Criminal Justice Loforte, Jeffery 69 Horseshoe Road Guilford, Ct. B.A. History Loftus, Peter H. RFD 2, River Road Pawcatuck, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Lorusso, Michael J. 585 Hill Street Hamden, Ct. A.S. Commercial Art Losito, Thomas R. 4 Rockwell Road Bethel, Ct. B.A. Art Lovendahl, Erik L. 24 Sturbridge Lane Pittsford, NY AS. General Studies Lufix, David P. 1080 New Haven Ave. Apt. C3 Milford, Ct. B.S. Marketing Lyman, Stuart D. 20 Emmans Rd. Ledgewood, NJ B.S. Criminal Justice Lyons, George D. 78 Knox St. Apt.6C West Haven, Ct. B.S. Hotel Administration MacNeal, Robert E. Georgetown Sq. Apt. G-4 Poughkeepsie, NY B.S. Hotel Administration Macy, Andrew W. 17-19 Simon PI. Apt. C-4 West Haven, Ct. B.S. Hotel Administration Maler, Robert 302 Caroline St. Derby, Ct. AS. Business Administration Malerba, Vincent C. 95 Burke St. Hamden, Ct. B.S. General Management Manus, Anna F. 30 Bryson Ave. Seymour, Ct. B.A. Art Manware, Evelyn N. 40 Adla Drive Hamden, Ct. B.A. Social Welfare Mascoli, Richard J. Laurel Lane Prospect, Ct. B.S. Hotel Administration Matecki, Michael C. IbServiss Ave. E. Brunswick, NJ B.A Psychology Mathieu, Edward F. RFDl WillimanticCt. B.S Operations Management Matsagas, Mary Ellen 63 Springside Ave. New Haven, Ct. B A. Art Mauro, Michael T. 1781 Litchfield Tnpk. Woodbridge, Ct. B.A. History McDermott, Edward N. 34 Wood St. Meriden, Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Meach, Christopher A. Granite Ave. Ext. Canaan, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Mecozzi, Daniel D. Redding Road Georgetown, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Meisel, Leslie R. 96 Roydon Road New Haven, Ct. B.A. Sociology Meister, Arthur P. 15 Currier Way Cheshire, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Melendez, Hector 700 Westchester Ave. Bronx, NY B S Hotel Administration Mickiewicz, Lorna 48 Elmwood Drive Meriden, Ct. AS. Commercial Art Middleton, James H. 250 Strawberry Hill Ave. Norwalk, Ct. B.S. General Management Mikosky, Mary A. 511 Quintard Lane Orange, Ct. B.S. General Management Mitchell, Francis D. RFDl Fitchville, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Mitchell, William M. 98 Oslo St. Mystic, Ct. B.S Criminal Justice Mocki, Joseph A. Jr. 213 Wakelee Ave. Ansonia, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Mohs, James N. 26 Ridge St. Milford, Ct. B.S Accounting Monaco, Mary L. 15 Mt. Pleasant Rd. West Haven, Ct. A.S. General Studies Mordecai, Thomas D. Frderick St. N. Branford, Ct. A.S. General Studies Moretti, Louis P. 283 Waterview Ave. Bridgeport, Ct. B.A. Environmental Studies Morris, Barbara D. 14 Old Quarry Road Woodbridge, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Moser, George H. Jr. 308 Meadowside Rd. Apt. 311 Milford, Ct. B.S. Marketing Mullen, Thomas E. 17 Monroe St. Branford, Ct. B.S Criminal Justice Murphy, Thomas W. 527 Hundred Acre Rd. Orange, Ct B.A. Sociology Nardi, Rosemarie M. 212 English St. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Accounting Neverman, Nichael E. 231 Cresent Lane Cliffside, New Jersey B.S. Criminal Justice Niewadomski, Joseph Box 354, Dock Rd. Westhampton, NY B.S. Hotel Administration Noble, PhUipS. 74 Mountain Road Cheshire, Ct. B.S Electrical Engineering Nolan, Barbara H. 33 Valley Shore Dr. Guilford, Ct. AS. General Studies Nuber, Gerard E. Brookside Ave. Westbrook, Ct. AS. Criminal Justice Olsen, James F. 129 Glen wood Road Clinton, Ct. B.S. Hotel Administration Olson, David R. 5 Birch Knoll Rd. Collinsville, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Pagliaro, John J. Vaccaro Hts. Shelton,Ct. B.S. Hotel Administration Paladino, Anthony J. 16 Village Rd. Woodmont, Ct. B S. Marketing Papandrea, Vincent S. 183 Livingston Street New Haven, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Parkinson, Lawrence J. 2148 Francais Dr. Shreveport, La. B S Operations Management 210 Pastore, Nicholas 642 Woodward Ave. New Haven, Ct. AS. Criminal Justice Paulson, Donald A. 30 Coleman, St Apt Cl5 Birdgeport, Conn. B.A. Political Science Pawlitz, Donald 100 Pond Rd. Wilton, Ct. AS. Criminal Justice Pechinski, Therese 287 North High St. East Haven, Ct. B.S. Public Administration Ferret, Thomas F. Box 343 Bethlehem, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Pessina, Philip J. 444 Washington St. Middletown, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Peternich, Keith J. 12-22 Ellis Ave. Fairlawn, NJ B.S. Marketing Petrecca, Gerald P. Jr. 141 Aimes Dr. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Operations Management Pettini, Norman R. Stanton Rd. Stonington, Ct. B.S. General Management Philbrick, Robert A. 266 Maple Ave. Hartford, Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Pittman, Leroy Jr. P.O. Box 30302 Hartford, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Plouffe, Kathryn A. 25 Lawncrest Road West Haven, Ct. AS. General Studies Porter, Paul E. 9-A Alpine Dr. Wappingers F., NY B.S. Hotel Administration Pozzuoli, Stephen L. 170 Lloyd Street New Haven, Ct. AS. Journalism Proto, Andrew J. 237 Wooster Street New Haven, Ct. B.A. Political Science Proulx, John J. Jr. 53 Triangle Blvd. Middlebury, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Pyszkowski, Gayle 1 Meadowbrook Court West Haven, Ct. Married name: Mirto A.S. General Studies Quiello, Michael J. 67 Warren St. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Raffin, Claude H. 701 Angewood Lane Wolcott.Ct. B.S. Industrial Engineering Randolph, Linda D. 13 ArtizanSt. New Haven, Ct. B.S. General Management Rand, George P. 136ShunpikeRd. Cromwell, Ct, B.S. General Management Redfern, Robert J. 132 Edwards St. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Hotel Administration Reutenauer, Robert G. 125 Pine Orchard Rd. Branford, Ct. B.A. Art Reyen, Edward L. 1240 Hill St. Shelton.Ct. B.S. Hotel Administration Reynolds, Robert E. 31 Carriage Cheshire, Ct. B.S. General Management Ribnicky, Michael P. 120 College Street Stratford, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Rich, Myron N. 10 Bow Lane Middletown, Ct. B.S Operations Management Rider, Arthur C. 49 Day St. Seymour, Ct. B.S. Operations Management Robertson, Paul S. Dolbia Rd. Colchester, Ct. AS. Commercial Art Rogers, Glen A. 31 Bayview Circle Wolcott,Ct. B.S. Accounting Root, Robert J. 13 Winnipauk Drive Norwalk, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Rowen, Bonnie R. 489 Shore Drive Branford, Ct. Married name: Kohn B.S. Public Administration Rowley, Lee A. 451 Thompson Ave. East Haven, Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Ruocco, Vincent 654 Orange Street New Haven, Ct. B.S. Accounting Satula, Anthony M. Box 280 A Bethleh em, Ct. B.S. Accounting Schilling, Paul M. 129 Main St. Durham, Ct. AS. Criminal Justice Schneider, Jack W. Edgewood Drive Westbrook, Ct. A.S. Criminal Justice Senczikowska, Myron 29 Ash Street Willimantic, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Sherwood, William B. 29 Grove St. Bergenfield, NJ B.A. Social Welfare Silverstein, Stephen 32 Belmont Ave. Plainview, NY B.S. Hotel Administration Simons, George K. 228 Princeton Street Hartford, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Singer, Bernard J. 830 Old Durham Rd. Wallingford, Ct. AS. Engineering Singh, Mohinder P. 149 Hill Side Ave. Milford.Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Skeeter, Malcolm P. 41 Day Street Norwalk, Ct. B.A. Political Science Smith, David G. 477 Orange Center Rd. Orange, Ct. AS. Criminal Justice Smith, David M. 30 Westminster Street E. Longmeadow, Mass. AS. Journalism Smith, Gaylord H. 89 Harding Ave. Lynbrook, NY B.S. Marketing Smith, Jon H. Holland Rd. Fiskdale, Ma. B.S. Marketing Smith, Richard K. 73 Eagle Place West Haven, Ct. AS. Criminal Justice Smith, Ronnie D. 5114 Sumac Circle Fayetteville, North Carolina B.A. History Solenski. John J. 238 5. Center St. Windsor Lock, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Squeo, Michael G. 163 Linden Ave. Branford, Ct. B.S. Hotel Administration Stanaway, Nerval R. 30 Minosa Drive Newport News, Va. B.S Hotel Administration Standish, Richard A. 43 Denslow Hill Road Hamden, Ct. B.S. General Management Stanley, Oscar J. 18 Tilton Street New Haven, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Stephens, Robert L. 52 Forest Rd. W. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Accounting Stewart, David L. 19 Sapia Dr. NianticCt. B.S. Criminal Justice Stipp, DruanneH. West River Vil. 7C Gutlford, Ct. B.S. Business Administration Streeter, James L. 64 Pleasant St. Groton, Ct. AS. Criminal Justice Strucaly, Mary R. 14 Cromwell Street Hamden, Ct. B.S. Marketing Stude, Edward T, 66 Timberlane Drive Huntington, Ct. AS. Business Administration Sullivan, William B. 319 Rimmon Rd. Woodbridge, Ct. B.S. Industrial Engineering Sutherland, MarkT. 50 North Ballou Street Woonsocket, RI B.S. Hotel Administration Swanson, Dennis A. 29 Mansfield Rd. No. Haven, Co. B.S. General Management Talbot, Michael R. P.O. Box 21 W. Warwick, RI B.S. Civil Engineering Tarr, Nancy S. 100 Maybrook Road Waterbury, Ct. Married name: Carlson B.A. Sociology Taylor, William E. 165 Norton Street New Haven, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Terribile, William J. 16 Wall Road Guilford, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Thorne, Cora M. 1221 Massachusetts Ave. N.W. Apt. 804 Washington, D.C. B.S. Criminal Justice Thurston, Wayne F. 64 Glen wood Ave. Poughkeepsie, NY B.S. Hotel Administration 211 Tucker, Evelyne 350 Congress Ave. New Haven, Ct. B.A. Social Welfare Valentino, Neil D, 220 South End Road New Haven, Ct. B.S. Economics Vlahovic, Vlado 10 Mallard Lane Islip, New York B.S. Civil Engineering Vol!, Susan M. Gail Road Farmington, Ct. A.S. Criminal Justice Vones, James G. 4 Sycamore Lane Oxford, Ct. A.S. Criminal Justice Vos, William H. 97 Laurel wood Rd. Groton, Ct. B.S. Operations Management Walters, Mark A. 242 No. Oration Parkway East Orange, NJ. B.S Hotel Administration Wargo, John J. 229 Victory St. Stratford, Ct. AS. Criminal Justice Waters, Daniel Rt. 28 A W.Shokan, NY B.S. Accounting Weber, Robert A. 2 Kings Court Road Derby, Ct. B.S. Marketing Webster, Lucy R. 178 Nick Road Madison, Ct. B.A. Sociology Welch, Robert C. 214 Hillcrest Ave. New Britain, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Wells, John J. Jr. 61 Richards Street West Haven, Ct. AS. Engineering West, Anna R. 65G Brookside Ave. New Haven, Ct. B.A. Sociology Wexler, Martin C. 105-29 b3rdRd. Forest Hills, NY B.A. Psychology White, John J. Jr. 1020 Norman Street Bridgeport, Conn. B.S. Marketing White, William T. 29 Oak Ave. Shelton,Ct. B.A. Art Wiese, Peter F. 270 Lovely Street Avon. Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Williams, Paulette J. 99 Edgewood Ave. 44 New Haven, Ct. B.S. General Management Wilson, David A. 17 George St. Trumbull, Ct. AS. Criminal Justice Wilson, Ray L. 10 Pin Oak Drive Telford, Pa. B.S. Criminal Justice Winton, Herbert 453 Oakwood Ave. Columbus, Ohio Wise, Thomas L. 8 Iroquois Road W. Hartford, Ct. B.S. Operations Management Wolski, Linda M. 2 Highland Ave. Seymour, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Woods, John P. 24 Culver St. Seymour, Ct. B.A. Sociology Wright, Diane L. 48 Dayton St. New Haven, Ct. B.A. Sociology Wynosky, Joan A. 19 Mohawk Drive West Haven, Ct. B.A. Art Zagun, Jeffrey W. 52 Emma St. Seymour, Ct. B.A. Biology Zimmer, Robert H. 57 Stonycrest Dr. Meriden, Ct. B.S. Operations Management Zuber, David P. 31 Ruden PI. Apt. 404 West Haven, Ct. B.S. Accounting June Graduates Accuosti, Thomas J. 53 Lin wood St. Waterbury, Ct B.A. Sociology Achille, Joanne B. 116 Long Hill Ave. Shelton,Ct. AS. Biology Ackermann, Alan W. 30 Shea Ave. Apt C Milford,Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Adams, Charles F. 123YorkSt.22-N New Haven, Ct. B.A. Mathematics Aggarwal, Madhu 39 Anne Marie Dr. Brockton, Mass. B.S. Hotel Administration Albright, William H. 70 Anderson Ave. West Haven, Ct. B.S Hotel Administration Alexander, Gery P. Simon Place, Apt. B3 West Haven, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Amato, Alphonse J. 62 Towne House Rd. Hamden, Ct. B.S. Marketing Amey, Charles R. Ill 220 E. Broad St. Gibbstown, NJ B.S. Hotel Administration Anderson, William J. 21 Hale Avenue Milford, Conn. B.S. Criminal Justice Aniballi, Alfred V. 781 Orange St. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Accounting Anthony, John S. 151 Bellevue Ave. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Economics Anthony, Norman J. 62 Shady Lane Trenton, NJ B.S. Hotel Administration Antonelli, Alan W. 33 Michael Dr. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Apell, Richard J. 101 Beechwoods Drive Madison, Ct. B.S. Accounting Arbusto, Patricia A. 12 Rockland Ave. Port C hester, NY B.S. Criminal Justice Ashton, Kenneth D. 221 HorseneckRd. So. Dartmouth, Mass. B.S. Civil Engineering Atkins, Robert Green Haven Road Pawcatuck, Ct. B.S. Industrial Engineering Austin, Carll L. 205 Newton Ave. Riverhead, NY B.S. Business Administration Avery, Alan S. 132 Bonner St. Hartford, Ct. B.A. English Avigne, Lawrence R. 44 S. RidgelandRd. Wallingford, Ct. B.S. General Management Ayers, Raymond E. Rd. 1, Box 522 Branchville, NJ B.S, Hotel Administration Ball, Roger J. 22 Oak Ridge Drive Clinton, Ct. AS. Criminal Justice Bardelii, JohnF. Elbow Hill Road Brookfield, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Barkhordari, Joseph K. 155 Edgefield Avenue Milford, Conn. B.S. Civil Engineering Barnes, Dianne P. 80 Cheryl Ann Dr. Milford, Ct. B.S. Accounting Barone, Charles S. 211 E. Main St., No. 59 Branford, Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Barr, Stephen P. 288 Hawthorne Lane Orange, Ct. B.S. Management Science Bastura, Ronald A. Derby Road RockfalLCt. A.S. Criminal Justice Battistelli, Esther 508 Main St. West Haven, Ct. B.A. Psychology Bauknecht, Paul J. 10 Ridgecrest Drive Cheshire, Ct. B.S. Hotel Administration Begansky, Ronald J. 5 Robin Lane Cromwell, Ct. B.S. Accounting Beliveau, Ronald G. 41 Morehouse Drive Fairfield, Ct. A.S. Criminal Justice Benas, James 2 Mtn. Ridge Ter., Apt. 108 New Haven, Ct. B.S Industrial Engineering Beschen, Emil N. 8369 Wagon Wheel Rd. Alexandria, Va. B.S. Hotel Administration Bibisi, Joseph E. 668 Prospect St. Wethersfield,Ct. B.S Criminal Justice Bishop, Wayne C. 65 -C Ivy Circle West Haven, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Blackie, James R. 112 Pleasant Drive Hamden, Ct. AS. Commerical Art Blanchet, Pierre L. 881 Burnside Ave. E Hartford, Ct. II ' 111 B.5. Civil Engineering Blazi, John A. 43 Giles St. Hamden, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Bogerty, Margaret 281 North High St. East Haven, Ct. B.A. Political Science Bonci, Dean L. 183 Richmond Ave. West Haven, Ct. AS. General Studies Bonfiglio, Thomas A. 425 Seventh Ave, Pelham, NY B.S. Hotel Administration Bonyak, Ronald P. 163 McCauley Avenue ElmiraHgts.NY B.S. Accounting Bornheim, Dand P. 90lTaftHill,No. 4 Ft. Collins, Co. A.S. Criminal Justice Bosworth, Barry C, 756 Naugatuck Ave. Devon, Ct. B.S. Accounting Bouchard, Kenneth P. 15 Emerson Street Bloomfield.Ct. B.S. Operations Management Bouvier, James E. 15 Campfield Dr. Fairfield, Ct. B.S. Accounting Boyer, James M. 334 E. MainSt., Apt. 21 Marlboro, Mass. B.A.English Breed, Elizabeth C. 91 Totoket Road Branford, Ct. B.S. Management Science Br ignola, Nicholas T. 49 Elizabeth Ann Dr. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Accounting Brown, Donald A. Jr. 683 Myrtle Ave. Bridgeport, Ct. B.A. Political Science Brown, William F 17 Summer St. Waterford,Ct. AS. Criminal Justice Brunelle, Dennis S. 41 Cunningham Drive Guilford, Ct. B.A. History B.A. Political Science Bucciero, Frances L. 20 Broad Street Flemington, NJ B.A. Social Welfare Buchanan, Philip R. 55 Webster St. Plainville, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Bullwinkel, Edward P. 36 Whittlesey Ave. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Hotel Administration Bundy, Lynn A, 33 Ruden PI, Apt. 225 West Haven, Ct. B.S. Retailing Bunk, Marietta Sabetta Addison St. Ansonia, Ct. B.A. English Buono, Julianne 19 Carriage Path Milford,Ct. B.S. Public Administration Burge, Craig W. 4 BurgevilleCt. Groton, Ct. AS. Criminal Justice Burghardt, Diane L. Route 80 Killingworth, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Burke, David J. 15 Central Ave. Hamden, Ct. B.A. Political Science Burns, Lawrence E. 59 Hellstrom Road East Haven, Ct. AS. Engineering Butindari, Rocco L. 51 Sherwood Drive Huntington, NY B.S. Criminal Justice Butler, James E. 85 Hillcrest Ave. West Haven, Ct. A.S. Engineering Byar, Ernest, J. 80 Terrace Gardens Wallingford,Ct. B.S. Operations Management Calderone, Leo J. 156 Lyons St. New Britain, Ct. B.A. Psychology Cannistra, John D. 15 Lynn Drive Wallingford.Ct. AS. Criminal Justice CastroU, Michael L. P.O. Box 65 West Haven, Ct. B.S. Communications Cecere, Carl D. 72 Burwell Rd. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Communications Chase, Sharon L. Harvill 71 Blake St. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Cleary, T. Kevin 10 Beach Ave. Woodmont, Ct. B.S. Marketing Colbeth, Gary A 761 Burnahm Street E. Hartford, Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Collinson, Charles M. 987 Boulevard New Haven, Ct. B.S. Accounting Connolly, Jeffrey M. 31 Ruden Place West Haven, Ct. Cooney, Peter W. W152N 6977 Westwood Dr. Memomonee, Fl. Wi. B.S. General Management Corbett, James J, 201 Clearview Ave. Trucksville, Pa, B.S. Hotel Management Cotter, Frederick W. 2275 Elm St. Stratford, Ct. B.S. Public Administration Cox, William C. 60 Patricia Rd. Sudbury, Mass. B.S. General Management Crawford, Henry O. 1867 Summer St. Stamford, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Criscuolo, Dennis J 9 Florence Ave. Derby, Ct. B.S. Hotel Management Cruz, Kenneth Robt. 45 Fairview Ave. Hamden, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Cue, Joseph R. 90 Willis St. New Haven, Ct. B.A. Political Science Currivan, Timothy J. 85 Ashley St. Bridgeport, Ct. B.A. Psychology Cushion, Robert H. 58 Putney St. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Operations Management Czuchra, Peter S. 61 Atwater Street New Haven, Ct. B.S. General Management Dalessandro, Donald 5444 Homestead Ave. Pennsauken, NJ B.S. Hotel Administration Dale, Robert A. Jr. 26-28 Simon Place West Haven, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Damon, Donna M. 22 Ridgemont Lane Milford.Ct. A.S. Business Administration Dandrea, Joseph P. 68 Magnolia Rd. Trumbull, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Darco, Joseph A. 248 Brown Street West Haven, Ct. B.S. Management Science Dawson, Joyce E. Snuffins Lane Berlin, NJ B.S. Retailing AS. Business Administration Delaney, Edward J. Jr. SllOakwoodRd. Orange, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Dellacamera, Ralph Jr. 685 Totoket Road Northford.Ct. B.S. Marketing Dellavecchia, Paul 28 Walnut St. Southington, Ct. B.S. Operations Management Depersia, Neal C. 45 Plainfield Ave. Floral Park, NY B.S. Marketing Derosa, Raymond M. 18CorbinSt. East Haven, Ct B.S. Operations Management Desena, Robert J. 123 Stoddard Road Waterbury, Ct. A.S. Criminal Justice Dichele, Ernest M. 89 Wooster St. Shelton.Ct. B.S. Accounting Dickens, Gordon A. P.O. Box 1454 New London, Ct. AS. Criminal Justice Dierman, Gerald F. 28 Merchants Ave. Taftville,Ct. B.S. General Management Dimaria, Michael V. 19 Luke St. Waterbury, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Divincenzo, David A. 270 So. MainSt. Putnam, Ct. B.S. Operations Management Dolan, James J. 8 Alexander Drive Meriden, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Doran, Richard F. 10 Taylor Dr. Apt. 102 Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Doss, Ellsworth R. 2 Surrey Drive Shelton, Ct. B.S. Operations Management Draiss, Carl E. 25 Dubois Ave. Poughkeepsie, NY B.S. Criminal Justice Dragoo, Robert L. Black Ash Road I- 213 Oakdale, Ct. B.S. General Management Drew, Edward J. Jr. 337 McKinley Ave. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Dube, Richard Edward 25 Fern Drive Northford,Ct. B.S. General Management Dunn, Herbert C. 93 Madson Avd. Staten Island, NY B.S. Electrical Engineering Dzialo, Henry-John X. 138 Rimmon Road No. Haven, Ct. B.A. English Egan, James J. 81 Marshall Ave. Floral Pk, NY B.A. Political Science Ellice, George V. 208 Center St. West Haven, Ct. B.A.English Engtrakul, Somchai 215 West Rock Ave. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Fachini, Ronald J. 222 Little Fawn Rd. Southington, Ct. B.S. Marketing Fagan, William R. 24 Valley Shore Dr. Guilford, Ct. B.S, Marketing Fahrman, Eric J. 200 Perry St. Dover, NJ B.S. General Management Falcigno, Anthony P. 15 High View Lane New Haven, Ct. B.S. General Management Falcioni, Kevin W. 334 Hilltop Dr. Stratford, Ct. B.S. Marketing Fasulo, Joseph S. 22 Nash St. Apt 1 New Haven, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Febbroriello, Michael 87 Whitethorn Drive Guilford, Ct. B.S. Public Administration Fedorek, Albert R. 444 Davidson St. Bridgeport, Ct. A.5. Criminal Justice Fera, Scott A. 467 Lantern Lane Berv n, Pa. B.S. General Management Ferraro, Anthony 8 Concord St. Smithfield, Rl. B.A. History Figueroa, Miguel A. 8 Lines Street New Haven, Ct. B.A. Sociology Flynn, Raymond H. Indian Lane Durham, Ct. B.S Operations Management Flynn, Ronald J. 39 Fairview Ave. West Haven, Ct. B.S. General Management Foley, Gary J. 26 Mill St. Newington, Ct. B.S. Hotel Administration Forader, Niles F. 532 Boston Post Rd. Waterford, Ct. AS. Criminal Justice Fowler, Peter W. 316 Meadows End Rd. Milford.Ct. B.S. Operations Management Fox, Michele A. 215-06B 69th Ave. Bayside, NY B.A. Sociology Franco, Joseph A. 97 Morgan Lane West Haven, Ct. B.S. Accounting Fujiwara, Kazumi 156 Bull Hill Lane West Haven, Ct. B.A. Art Fuschi, Michael J. 196StandishSt. Hartford, Ct. B.S. Hotel Administration Gabrielson, Peter F. 4 LongviewCt. Norwalk, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Galaida, Michael H. 555 Main Rd. Wilkes, Barre, Pa. B.S. Hotel Administration Gant, Mark S. 55 Glade St. Apt. C-5 West Haven, Ct. B.S. General Management Garguilo, Robert V. 18 Shumway St. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Garofalo, Richard A. 5 Housman St. Danbury, Ct. B.S. Accounting Gasiorek, John P. Box 276, S. Shore Road Dayville, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Gatavaski, Edward J. 34 Wilcox Place New Haven, Ct. B.S. Finance Gay, Howards. 2TreatSt. Apt. 2E West Haven, Ct. B.S. Industrial Engineering Geida, Chester J. 70 Belmont Drive Torrington, Ct. A.S. Criminal Justice Gelozin, Thomas A. 107 Clarence St. Bridgeport, Ct. B.A. Political Science Gentile, Marlene M. 40 Averill Place Branford, Ct B.A. English George, James W. 45 Maple St. Norwalk, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Giglio, Francis M. 84 Mary knoll Rd. Hamden, Ct. B.S. Public Administration Gilston, Bruce J. 168-34 127 Ave. Jamaica, NY B.S. Hotel Administration Girodano, Louise B. 510 Long Hill Road West Haven, Ct. A.S. Journalism Giudice, Joseph J. 108 Hilltop Lane West Haven, Ct. A.S. Criminal Justice Gleason, Steven R. 41 Roberts St. New Brittain, Ct. A.S. Criminal Justice Golden, Neale 1025 Avon Boulevard Cheshire, Ct. B.S. General Management Grandel, Joseph P. 35 Watrous Avenue Stony Creek, Ct. B.A. Political Science Greeley, William C. 102 Leonard Rd. Hamden, Ct. B.S. Marketing Greene, Gordon D. 8 West St. Westerly, Rl. B.S. Industrial Engineering Griffiths, George S. 82 Rockaway Pkway. Brooklyn, NY B.S. Marketing Gronda, Enzo F. 84 Country Lane E.Hartford, Ct. B.S. Hotel Administration Guzowski, Matthew M. 88 Kondracki Lane Wallingford, Ct. AS. Engineering Habetz, Beverly N. 95 Pin e Crest Rd. Orange, Ct. B.S. Marketing Hadfield, Scott Liberty AP 37 Liberty Rd. Clinton, Ct. B.S. Marketing Halligan, John P. 36 Roosevelt Drive Seymour, Ct. B.S. Operations Management Hannon, Richard T. 696 Russell Street New Haven, Ct. A.S Criminal Justice Hart, Wilbur K. Jr. 103 Valley Shore Dr. Guilford, Ct. AS. Business Administration HarvQI — See Chase Havens, Gary S. 39 Allendale Dr. No. Haven, Ct. B.A. English Healey, James F. 28 Beacon Hill Road E.Hartford, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Hebert, Paul E. 33 Vermont St. Waterbury, Ct. B.S. Marketing Hendrickson, Alfred W. 15 Green Gardens Court East Haven, Ct. A.S. Business Administration Herrick, Richard 21 Indianola Drive Old Saybrook B.S. Hotel Administration Hersant, David G. 28 Denison Ave. Mystic, Ct. B.S. Accounting Herwerth, Graham G. Jr. I WinthropDr Groton, Ct. AS. Criminal Justice Hetes, Elizabeth A. II Randall Drive Trumbull, Ct. B.A. Social Welfare Hewitt, William R. Jr. 97 Olympus Pkway. Middletown, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Hildebrand, Wendy J. 20 Hawley Road Huntington, Ct. AS. Advertising and Commercial Art Hill, E.Clifford Jr. 531 Mohegan Ave. Pkwy. Quaker Hill, Ct. B.S. General Management Hill, Robert J. 60 Eckart St. Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. Operations Management Hodge, Hubert C. Jr. Deer Run Road Woodbridge, Ct. B.S. Marketing ! 214 Hogan, Mark J. 32 Chester Street Ansonia, Ct. B.A. Criminal Justice Holmes, Joseph John 140 Indigo St. Mystic, Ct. A. 5. Criminal Justice Hopson, Lynne A. 86 Birch Lane East Haven, Ct. B.S. Retailing Houston, Mary Ellen 86 Hinsdale Ave. Waterbury, Conn. A. 5. General Studies Huber, Kathy-Leigh 44 Cynthia Drive Milford, Ct. A.S. Busin ess Administration Huckaby, Willamae 15 Goffe Terrace New Haven, Ct. B.A. Social Welfare Huff, Edward H. 143 Cherry Ann St. Apt. 16 Hamden, Ct. B.S. Management Hunt, Arthur R. Jr. 110 Woodbridge Ave. Ansonia, Ct. B.S. Accounting Hurbon, Joseph P. 12 Clover St. Waterbury, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Huskes, Wayne A. 12 Overlook Drive Wallingford, Ct. B.S. Accounting Hyland, Richard G. 1724 Hartford Tpke. North Haven, Ct. Criminal Justice lannuzzi. Carmen B. 826 N. Farms Road Wallington,Ct. B.S. Hotel Administration Imperati, Richard W. 739 No. Breenbrier Drive Orange, Ct B.S. General Management lorfino, Elizabeth 28 AldenSt. Stamford, Ct. A.S. Commercial Art Izzo, Guy M 660W.Taft Ave. Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Jackson, Edward 66 Camp St. Middletown, Ct. AS. Criminal Justice Jackson, John R. 208 Center St. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Management Science Jacobson, Donald W. 160 Meadow Park Dr. Milford, Ct. B.S. Biology Jalbert, Donald A. 295 Judson Place Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. Hotel Administration Janiga, Joseph F. 80 Howe St. Apt. 209 New Haven, Ct. B.A. History Jaundrill, David A. 3800 Madison Ave. Apt. 210 Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Jerin, Robert A. 643 Maple Ave. Cheshire, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Johns, William M. 41 Sunny Lane Oakville,Ct. B.S General Management Johnson, George E. 73 Rowan St. Danbury, Ct. AS. Criminal Justice Johnson, Frederic M. 175 Moss Farms Rd. Cheshire, Ct. A.S. Criminal Justice Jones, Leon W. 300 Orange Ave., Box 33 West Haven, Ct. B.A. Sociology Julianelle, Bruce R. 116 Cherry Lane West Haven, Ct. B.A. Sociology Kapral, Janie R. 268 High Street Milford, Ct. AS. Business Administration Kassay, Richard A. 695 Ellsworth St. Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. Accounting Keefe, Robert A. Ill 706 Ocean Avenue West Haven, Conn. A.S. Criminal Justice Kellaher, Robert J. 32 Gorham Avenue Hamden, Ct. B.S. General Management Kenney, Thomas F. 40 Crestwood Dr. Bristol, Ct. A.S. Criminal Justice Kirchner, Harry B. 988 Sunset Way Cliffwood BH, NJ B.S. Hotel Administration Kirilichin, Victor 55 Franklin St. Ansonia, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Kleefeld, Karl F. 79 Claudia Dr. Apt. 145 West Haven, Ct. B.S. Hotel Administration Klepacki, Joe D. West Street Southington, Ct. B.A. Psychology Kootz, Harry W. 13 Blue Trails Drive Northford, Ct. B.S. Biology Kopernik, Walter 258 Coggswell St. Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. Accounting Kowalchik, Richard M. 540 Granfield Ave. Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. Accounting Kwalek, Ronald 4 Dolly Drive Beacon Falls, Ct. AS. Business Administration Kwiatkowski, Robert M. 20 Wanda Drive Beacon Falls, Ct. B.A. Accounting Kydes, Peter 5. 16 Prospect Ave. Norwalk, Ct. B.S. Marketing Lachance, Jeanette 201 DurfeeSt. Southbridge, Ma AS. Journalism Lambert, Joseph R. 386 Cartridge Trl, Rfd, 6 Ledyard, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Laput, Joseph 82 Marshway Stratford, Ct. AS. Criminal Justice Lawson, William E. 387 Fort Hale Rd. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Marketing Leary, John M. 17 Elder Ave. Hamden, Ct. B.A. History Lebov, Bennet L 640 Mix Ave. Apt 4A Hamden, Ct. B.S. General Management Lent, Diane R. 40 Reservoir St. Bethel, Ct. B.A. Sociology A.S. General Studies Levesque, Leo J. 181 Landers Ave. New Britain, Ct. B.S. Hotel Administration Lieberman, Isaac 589 Central Ave. New Haven, Conn. B.S. Civil Engineering Louise, Roger P. 1491 Adams St. Elmont, NY B.S. Criminal Justice Lovell, Robert E. Filmore Ave. Danbury, Ct. A.S. Criminal lustice Lucas, David F. 38 Capitol Dr. Shelton, Ct. B.S. Accounting Luria, Sara M. 122 Ansonia Road Woodbridge, Ct. B.A. Political Science Lynch, William S. 21 Brocketts Point Branford, Ct. B.S. Accounting Lynsky, MarkT. Horseshoe Drive Westbrook,Ct. B.S. Chemistry Lynskey, Thomas J. E. Pond Meadow Rd. Westbrook, Ct. B.S. General Management Lyon, Edmond F 33 Maplevale Rd. East Haven, Ct. B.S. Accounting Ma Alfred, C.K. 9 Kohary Drive New Haven, Ct. B.S. Management Science MacGregor, Anne E. 19 Peck Lane Cheshire, Ct. B.A. Chemistry A.S. Engineering Mack, John P. 59 FiskSt. W. Dennis, Mass. B.S. Hotel Administration Magazian, Victor E. 228 Palisade Ave. Bridgeport, Ct. B.S Criminal Justice Maginnis, Richard J. 12Boothbay St Milford, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Mahoney, Kenneth P. 153 Briarclife Hamden, Ct. B.S. Hotel Administration Mallinson, Mary E. 221 Highland St. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Mally, Maria 31 Charter Oak Ave. Hartford, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Maloney, Richard A. 83 Munson Road Wolcott,Ct. B.S. General Management Mantovani, Donald A. 514 Lombard St. New Haven, Ct. AS. Business Administration Marchetti, Peter G. Jr. 496 West River St. MUford,Ct. B.S Mechanical Engineering Martin, James L. Jr. 17 Maddox Ave. 215 MUford.Ct. AS. Communications Martin, Joseph L. 17 Maddox Ave. MUford.Ct. A.S. Journalism Masella, Richard P. 91 Oceanic Ave. Staten Island, NY A.S. Criminal Justice Maton, Mary E. Hog Hill Road E. Hampton, Ct. B.S. Communications Matula, Francis E. Roxbury Rd. Southbury, Ct. B.S. Hotel Administration Mature, Chris J. 200 Maple Street New Haven, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Mauro, Anthony Jr. 365 Howard Ave. New Haven, Ct. A.S. Business Administration McAllister, Kenneth A. 383 Sedgewick Ave. Stratford, Ct. B.S. Operations Management McAvinney, Virginia M. 31 Ruden PI. Apt. 302 West Haven, Ct. B.A. History McDonald, Joseph E. 15 Maple Road West Haven, Ct. B.S. General Management McElroy,DavidP. P.O. Box 55 Rye Beach, NH B.S. Environmental Studies Mclntire, Robert N. 362 South St. Reading, Mass. B.S. Hotel Administration McKendall, F. Donald 47 Fairfield Rd. Cranston, RI B.S. Management Science McKiver, Marshall J. 32 Acton Street West Haven, Ct. B.S Public Administration McNerndy, Kevin 121 Belden Road Hamden, Ct. B.A. Social Welfare Meligonis, P. Dennis 657 Griffin Rd. So. Windsor, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Menswar, Don G. 100 Pond Lilly Ave. New Haven, Ct. B.A. Social Welfare Mesner, Thomas E. 77 Blue Hills Ave. Hamden, Ct. B.S. Hotel Administration Mikush, Paul L. 264 Waterbury Rd. Naugatuck, Ct. B.S General Management Miller, Donald L. 136 Meadow Park Drive Milford,Ct. B.S. Accounting Miller, Edwin B. 55 Nosahogan Drive Plantsville, Ct. B.S. Hotel Administration Miller, Richard A. 260 Harvester Rd. Orange, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Mills,RondaA. 528 Boston Post Rd. Waterford, Ct. B.A. English Millstein, Neil 28 De Haven Drive Yonkers, NY B.S. General Management Milner, David R. 94 Ivy Street Branford, Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Mitchell, Marion C. 30 Pearl Street New Haven, Ct. B.S. Social Welfare Monocchi, Michael 175 Anderson Ave. Milford,Ct. B.S. Marketing Monteiro, Anthony J. 54 Meadowlark Dr. Waterbury, Ct. B.S. General Management Moore, Leamon E. 191 Foxon Road East Haven, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Morabito, Gary 46 Wilson Ave. Valhalla, NY B.A. Political Science Morgan, Rebecca D. 37 Church Street Shelton,Ct. B.A. English Morganelli, James M. 210Centerbrook Rd. Hamden, Ct. B.S. General Management Morris, Gary R. Box 345, Ro. 3 Dallas, Pa. B.S. Hotel Administration Moyer, Eugene G. 52 W, Broad St. Souderton, Pa. B.A. Political Science Moyher, George C. 44 Pasadena Ave. Stratford, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Muccino, Fred M. 35 Englewood Ave. Waterbury, Ct. B.A. Political Science Muller, James R. 33 Town Beach Rd. OldSaybrookCt. B.S. Criminal Justice Mulligan, William M. 366BrooksideDr. Fairfield, Ct. B.S. Marketing Murray — See Reid Napolitano, Frank M. 20 Edgehill Dr. East Haven, Ct. AS. Criminal Justice Napolillo, David C. 58 Kentucky Ave. Warwick, RI B.S. Hotel Administration Nappi, Gaetano J. 16 Jardin Drive East Haven, Ct. AS. Criminal Justice Nevers, Evelyn L. 53 Thomaston St. Hartford, Ct. B.A. Social Welfare Nicolato, Jerome L. Route 22 Dover Plains, NY B.S. Criminal Justice Nye, Harry G. 421 Sawmill Rd. Apt. B-1 West Haven, Ct. B.A. Psychology Onorato, Armand A. 75 Karen Ave. Stratford, Ct. B.S. Marketing Ostwald, Douglas 479 Carlton Blvd. Staten Isl, NY AS. Journalism Overton, Richard S. 24 Coleman St. Apt L. West Haven, Ct AS. Business Administration Paige, Robert I. 942 Orange Center Road Orange, Ct. B.S. Marketing Paige, David J. 59 Ruby St. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Panettiere, Paul J. 1278 Whalley Ave. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Hotel Administration Papp, Richard L. 12 Henry St. Darien, Ct. B.S. Management Science Park, David W. 350 County Road N.Guilford, Ct. A.S. Criminal Justice Pascone, Anthony R. 83 Pepperidge Circle Fairfield, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Patten, Michael S. 156 Glen Haven Road New Haven, Ct. A.S. Criminal Justice Payea, Joseph F. 19 Arnold Street O. Greenwich, Ct. B.S. Accounting Peluse, Barbara E. 93 Seaview Ave. West Haven, Ct. B.A. Social Welfare Perkins, James A. 14 Avery Lane Waterford, Ct. A.S. Criminal Justice Perkowski, Frank Jr. 93 Hogsback Rd. Oxford, Ct. B.S. Industrial Engineering Perry, Wallace E. Jr. 120 Longfellow Rd. Huntington, Ct. A.S. Business Administration Pesce, Gerald A. South St. Bantam, Ct. B.S. Marketing Petrilack, Dennis G. 218 Tewksbury Road Fairless Hil, Pa. B.S. Criminal Justice Petronis, Ronald A. 42 Judith Lane Waterbury, Ct. B.S. Operations Management Petrosky, Raymond W. 4 Windy HQl Road Milford,Ct. A.S. Criminal Justice Pfannenbecker, John A. 44 Sound View Ter. New Haven, Ct. AS. Criminal Justice Pianka, WalterJ. Jr. 33 Marlborough Portland, Ct. B.S. Materials Engineering Pietrini, Thomas C. R. 2, Bentagrass Lane Newtown, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Pile, Richard T. Rogers Lake Trail Lyme, Ct. B.A. Political Science Pitts, James J. 39 Leonard Rd. Hamden, Ct. B.A. Political Science Piatt, Martin J. 92 WestfieldSt. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Accounting Plavcan, Edward J. 100 Hoyt St. Stamford, Ct. B.A Mathematics Poirot, Donald A. 251 Boston Post Rd. Madison, Ct. AS. Hotel Management Pomeroy, Dennis L. |1 216 5 Matthew Rd. Branford, Ct. B.5. Electrical Engineering Porrino, Peter R. 139 Summer HUlRd. Madison, Ct. B.A. Political Science Prescott, Janet L. 327 Fountain St. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Psychology Prescott, N. Parker 327 Fountain St. Apt. 3C New Haven, Ct. B.A. English Price, Paul G. 19 Ford Road Ansonia, Ct. B.A. Mathematics Psybyski, Henry P. Tingley Dr. Cumberland, RI B.S. General Management Purcell, Steven 99 Coleman St. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Accounting Rak, Joseph P. Jr. 670 Middletown Ave. North Haven, Ct. B.A. Social Welfare Ramos, Maria C. 321 Alden Ave. New Haven, Ct. B.A. Psychology Raro, William J. 15 Talmadge St. Derby, Ct. B.S. General Management Rasmussen, Raymond F. 39 Adley Road Fairfield, Ct. AS. Criminal Justice Reedy, Ralph A. 17 Maddox Ave. Milford,Ct. A.S. Advertising and Commercial Art Rehnberg, Paul P. 150 Huntington St. Shelton, Conn. B.S. Criminal Justice Reid, Laura J. Murray 315 West River Road Orange, Ct. B.A. Psychology Reilly, Edward J. 103 Flora Blvd. Fairfield, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Reilly, Erline A. 200 Elm St. Apt. 314 West Haven, Ct. B.A. Sociology Reilly, John F. Ill 155 AtwaterSt. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Marketing Reinhold, Ralph W. II Quaker Hill Pawling, NY B.S. Accounting Reneson, Joseph Jr. 5 Wildwood Acres Rd. Rockfall.Ct. B.A. Social Welfare Renson, Peter H. 215 Woodruff Rd. Milford.Ct. B.S. General Management Riccio, Daniel Jr. lllj Hemingway Ave. East Haven, Ct. B.S. Marketing Roberts, Thomas A. 31 Charnes Dr. East Haven, Ct. A.S. Engineering Science Robinson, Frank R. Huckleberry Rd. Redding, Ct. B.S Criminal Justice Rodolico, John M. 17 Harvard St. Massapequa, NY B.S. Criminal Justice Rossi, Armand E. 96 Fourth St. Hamden, Ct. B.S. Accounting Ruddell, William E. 355 Cpt. Thomas Blvd. 47 West Haven, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Runlett, Sheldon Jr. 127 Battis Road Hamden, Ct. AS. Criminal Justice Ruppert, Eugene W. 215 Centerbrook Rd. Hamden, Ct. B.S. General Management Ruotolo, Nicholas J. 21 Tennyson Ave. No. Haven, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Ryan, Robert W. 546 Washington Avenue West Haven, Ct. B.S. Economics Sabetta— See Bunk Salerno, Louis A. 55 Glade St. B-8 West Haven, Ct. B.S. Accounting Salzano — See Volkmar Samotis, Nancy J. 57 Hotchkiss St. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Marketing Sanger, Howard C. Jr. 81 ShadysideLane MUford,Ct. AS. Criminal Justice Santoro, Thomas M. 288 Bucks Hill Rd. Waterbury, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Sarnoski, Stephen R. 36 Becker, Circle Windsor, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Savino, Michael 1473 Nicholas Ave. Stratford, Ct. AS. Criminal Justice Savitsky, Daniel C. 32 Hunters Ridge Rd. Huntington, Ct. B.S. Finance Sawhil l, Marcia Ann 19 RudenPl. Apt. M. West Haven, Ct. B.A. English Sawicki, Francis A. 299 Lombard St. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Industrial Engineering Sawicki, William D. 68 Maple St. Seymour, Ct. B.S. Accounting Scalia, Patsy A. Jr. 39 Farview Ave. Old Saybrook, Ct. B.S. Accounting Schmitz, John J. 285 Davis St. Hamden, Ct. B.S. Accounting Schuler, David P. 71 Higgins Rd. Framingham, Mass. B.S. General Management Schwartz, Terry B. 68 Furman Rd. Hamden, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Sellers, Donnie R. 59 Marlin Dr. So. Norwalk,Ct. B.A. Political Science Serphillips, Robert L. 45 BrowerSt. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Shaw, Thomasine L. 165 Livingston St. New Haven, Ct. B.A. Sociology Sheridan, Joseph L. 6353 Main St. Trumbull, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Sherman, Steven M. 373 Alden Ave. New Haven, Ct. B.A. Political Science Sherwonit, James E. 430Meloy Rd. AptC4 West Haven, Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Sienkiwicz, Rene J. 49 Horace St. Springfield, Mass. B.S. Hotel Administration Signori, Mary Ann 123 Ruden St. West Haven, Ct. B.A. Social Welfare Simpson, Gary P. 66 Green Meadow Rd. Milford, Ct. B.S. Accounting Skowronski, Linda S. 44 Francis St. Ansonia, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Slogeris, Joseph A. 133DraherSt. Waterburg, Ct. B.S. Materials Engineering Small, James H. Salisbury Road Sheffield, Mass. B.S. Criminal Justice Small, Linda Ann 34CanfieldRd. Seymour, Ct. A.S. Commercial Art Smialowski, John M. 365 High Street New Britain, Ct. B. S. Criminal Justice Smith, Laurie D. 28 Millwood Drive Branford, Ct. A.S. Advertising and Commercial Art Souney, Kathleen A. 78 Homeside Ave. Apt. 207 West Haven, Ct. B.A. Social Welfare Sprague, Keith R. 45 Green St. Valley Strm., NY B.S. Criminal Justice St. Jean Glenn 1009 Tollgate Road Warwick, RI B.S. Marketing St. Laurent, Steven J. 76 Chestnut Street Branford, Ct. B.S. Accounting Stanish, Thomas R. 1931 Long Hill Road Guilford, Ct. B.S. Accounting Steeves, Richard W. 90 Lombard St. New Haven, Ct. AS. Business Administration Stein, Louis J. 34 Mt. View Dr. Clifton, NJ B.S. Operations Management Stein, Roger A. 1276 North Ave. Stratford, Ct. B.S. Accounting Steinnecker, Robert A. 95 Clark Street Apt. D West Haven, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Stisser, David C. 23 Owenoke Way Riverside, Ct. B.S. Accounting Stoddard, Robert 41 Jones Hill Rd. Apt 308 West Haven, Ct. B.S. Hotel Administration Swanson, John H. 217 LJ» 18 View St. Plainville, Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Swantko, Gary M. 48 Hull St. Ansonia, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Sweeney, Michael J. llSHolcombSt. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Szczesiul, Timothy Perock Lane Naugatuck, Ct. B.S. Chemistry Tarinelli, William B. 245 Sunnyridge Ave. Apt. 27 Fairfield, Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Templehoff, Howard M. 100 E. 18th Street Brooklyn, NY B.S. Hotel Administration Tenedine, Alethea A. 141 LeeteSt. West Haven, Ct. B.A. Social Welfare Tenzer, Mark W. 7 Valley View Rd. Amsterdam, NY B.S. Criminal Justice Theriault, Andrew D. Fable Lane Farmington, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Thompson, George A. 9 Deepwood Drive Manchester, Ct. A.S. Criminal Justice Thompson, Sandra K. 15 Lynne Terrace Shelton.Ct. B.S. Operations Management Thorpe, Thomas H. 9 Nepaug Street Hartford, Ct. B.S. Accounting Timiraos, Segundo 11 BassettSt. AptDl4 West Haven, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Toles, Clinton C. 97 Read St. New Haven, Ct. B.S. General Management Tomlinson, Robert J. Ash Swamp Rd. New Preston, Ct. AS. Criminal Justice Tommell, Robert W. 104 Dear Run Rd. So. Meridan, Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Townsend, Henry 65 Lincoln Ave. Ext. So. Norwalk,Ct. B.A. Political Science Trapani, Steven 68 Blakeslee Rd. Wallingford, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Traficante, Joseph 556 Long Hill Ave. Shelton,Ct. B.S. Marketing Troisi, William A. 19 Ivy Circle Apt. C West Haven, Ct. B.S. Hotel Administration Trotta, Carmine P. 19 Pope St. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Trzcinski, Karen J. 123RudenSt. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Tuneski, Glenn E. 404 VauxhallSt. New London, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Turechek, David P. 84 Rose St. Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Tureski, Glenn R. Sims Road Sag Harbor, NY B.S. Criminal Justice Turner, William F. 7 Frost St. Norwalk, Ct. B.S. Finance Uliano, Anthony L. Jr. 87 6th Street Pelham, NY B.A. Environmental Science Ulm, Jerry E. 127 Pond Lily Ave. New Haven, Ct. B.A. Biology Unger, Larry J. Old Farms Road Durham, Ct. A.S. Mechanical Engineering Valletta, Albert R. 64 Brewster St. Waterbury, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Varsallone, Robert 38 Bennett Ave. Waterbury, Ct. B.A. History Veneri, Charles F. 7 Bona Vists Terrace Shelton,Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Verderame, Sheila A. 694 Woodward Ave. Apt. 9 New Haven, Ct. B.A. English Vidou, Edward P. 28 Honor Road West Haven, Ct. B.S. Biology Villani, Kenneth E. 202 Foster St. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Marketing Volk,JohnH. 7 Wall Street Woodmont. Ct B.S. Environmental Science Volkmar, Lynn Frances Salzano 179 Rose Circle Middletown, Ct. AS. Business Administration Vonhagen, Barbara A. River Road Columbia, NJ B.S. Operations Management VonHoltz, Arthur G. Jeremy Swamp Rd. Southbury, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Vreeland, Edward R. 143 Centerbrook Rd. Hamden, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Wachter, Ronald H. 23 Robin Road West Haven, Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Waitkus, James L. 10 Mozart St. W. Hartford, Ct. A.S. Criminal Justice Walsh, Mary I. 38 Gerard St. Manchester, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Waskowich, James F. 63 Orford Street West Haven, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Weber, Mark 32 Girard Ave. Hartford, Ct. B.S Industrial Engineering West, Richard H. 127 Norwood Ave. New London, Ct. A.S. Criminal Justice White, Michael A. 25 Morris St. Brentwood, NY B.A. Sociology Whitney, Susan J. 220 Sea Hill Rd. No. Branford, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Widger, Kathleen A. • 237 RudenSt. West Haven, Ct. B.A. Psychology Wiganowske, Wayne R. 129 Walker Street Manchester, Ct. B.S. Hotel Administration Wilder, Andrew N. Jr. 5018 Butterfield Drive Winston Salem, NC B.A. Sociology Winter, Ronald 234 Bashan Road East Haddam, Conn. B.A. English Wood, Frank M 17 Jo Drive Peekskill, NY B.A. Sociology Woods, Edward R. 15 Coach Drive No. Haven, Ct. A.S. Criminal Justice Wright, Matthew L. Jr. 49 Glade St. Apt. C 4 West Haven, Ct. B.S. General Management Yee, Zee K. 5 Brandyvine Rd. Stamford, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Yenco, Steven D. 131 Dogwood Rd. Apt. 3B West Haven, Ct. B.S. Hotel Administration Yundt, George E. 5th Rd. 3 Stonesthrow Rd. Bethlehem, Pa. B.S. Hotel Administration Zelevaris, John 28 Kassandrou Thessaloniki, Grce. B. S. Economics Zinno, Robert J. 134 Edin Ave. Waterbury, Ct. B.S. Management Science 218 ■ . . - . ---.. .... . .. ' .-.- Jj r ' ' — MP! ,T ' ' ' ' ' Compliments of: DAVENPORT PHOTO SUPPLY CO. 1205 CHAPEL STREET NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT 06511 SCIENTIFIC INDUSTRIAL DIVISION PHONE: 772-1660 Specializing in Medical and Clinical Photography Tel. 777-2112 865-6153 624-7654 MODERN CIGARETTE SERVICE, INC. ACME MUSIC COMPANY YALE AMUSEMENT, INC. 229 Grand Ave. New Haven, Conn. Good Luck to the Class of 1975 Congratulations, Class of ' 75 from SERVOMATION CORPORATION UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAVEN VENDING AND FOOD SERVICE 220 Mjit. MM«aBtfiiMia aMMiteri M " just you and me, babe! " to John bob love, liz kathy compliments of: . Cferf STEAK HOUSE PHONE 934-5300 CONNECTICUT . NEW YORK - FLORIDA ■ CALIFORNIA HAWAII 1003 ORANGE AVE. • WEST HAVEN COLLEGE SERVICE CORP. UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAVEN BOOKSTORE MANAGER - Ed Rogowski BEST Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1975 M Sharon, Je taime beaucoup Phil BEST OF LUCK TO THE 1975 CLASS OF UNH THE WINE RACK 694 Orange Avenue West Haven, Connecticut CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1975 from KARBER TOTAL PHOTO 1399 DIXWELL AVENUE HAMDEN, CONN. 203 281-3771 221 1 1 Best of Luck to the i [ Congratulations to the 1975 UNH Graduates! 1 Class of ' 75 from: FOOD FESTIVAL i FAIR HAVEN CAMERA 1029 Bridgeport Avenue Milford, Connecticut 06460 All Major Brands Industrial and Graphical Supplies 878-3506 NEW HAVEN and HARTFORD Charles H. Huber l C.A. Colangelo ■ ' w ■i I 1 i i Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1975 from: Mary Lou, Debbie, and Patty — THE PORTRAIT STUDIO, EDWARD MALLEY COMPANY 2 Church Street New Haven, Conn. 222 5b2-0111 The Day Student Government of The University of New Haven the representatives, committee members and officers: Dave Bufalini, Chuck Manns, Tom Sullivan, . Judy Tavella congratulate every UNH 1975 graduate for their achievements and wish them all a very happy future. this small space is reserved for a few 1975 graduates who are my special friends: torn murphy, Julie buono, lou stein, patty arbusto, ed drew, mary maton, barry bosworth, donna damon, gery alexander, mary walsh, Hz iorfino, joe hurbon, and — of course — bob ryan. in whatever you all do, where ever you go ... i can only wish for you the very best things that life can offer. with love, kathy a college is made up of many people, who hold a number of varied, and some times conflicting, opinions, therefore, in its attempt to represent the entire collegiate population, the yearbook will, at one time or another, give voice to these opinions, and will in no way deem any one opinion totally correct for, or entirely representative of, the whole, in the attempt to represent each and every idea and opinion, we have tried to incorporate as many of them as possible into the " 1975 chariot " . FROM THE DESK OF kathy huber I !• it is very difficult to write this closing these two pages are the only place where i can express my feelings and comment on the happenings of 1974-75 university of new haven, on the average, i believe that it was a good year for the unh community, the people here were sometimes faced with a difficult decision, and — as usual — it was a small number who came up with workable solutions, so many people come and go at unh, and only a few of them give of themselves for the benefit of fellow students, faculty members, or administrators, and for the benefit of the university itself, i wish that more people could care as much but apathy is an old song here, and many have come to simply accept it and try to make the very best of the situation that exists, perhaps such comments do not even belong in this closing perhaps. when discussing and planning the con- tent of this open letter, i was told that my closing should be one word: " amen! " i al- most took that suggestion — but then, no- body else would have felt all the relief and thanksgiving packed into that one word, without further explanation, as i ' d said be- fore, on the average, it has been a good year, with both high and low points, the creation of this yearbook was with uncommonly good feelings, but it all wrapped up on a really hard note — the angry resignation of a staff member, coupled with the end-of- the-year blues that always seem to appear around the finishing of a yearbook, it was all truly a shame, a lot of hard feelings were created i wish that it never had hap- pened, the main reason that such an occur- ance is so hard to take is the staff who created and worked on this book — it was a small staff, but a dedicated one. i wish that i could really tell them all how much their participation meant, id like to thank them all, at least one more time, for marion, nick, tony, terry, chet, and phil — you all will be back again next year, only heaven knows why it ' s a thankless job you ' ve chosen to do but i ' m looking forward to working with you all again, the yearbook has become a challenge, and an art, to those who ' ve tried it once and decided to give it another go. i ' m glad that you all were able to join the chariot staff for another year, for liz, and phil — thank you for working on the book inf( sen as: he ' old i tica ol gav i has of I onh leai i at fri an jus ts III 22A ■imJ. this year, your contributions really made this book special, even more so because it was your final project before leaving unh. for betsy, for coming over to help out all the way from the university of bridgeport — just " thanks " you ' ll be around as long as we ' re friends — forever, that is my staff — all such nice people, who listened to each other — and especially me — gripe and complain, and then pitched in to help in the trouble-area, and all took such pride in the development and completion of this yearbook, i couldn ' t have even tried to do it without any of you. there are also many other people on cam- pus who took an active part in the creation of the 1975 chariot, mrs. erba, in the dsg office, who always had the right informa- tion at the right time; joe cieplak, from public relations, who was always there with pictures for us to " borrow " and advice to give; joe macionus, from student records, how he patiently listened to our crazy requests and then always got the right information to us from the data center; jim toomey, our repre- sentative from american yearbook co., who had the patience of a saint with us all when we missed all those deadlines (even if he was always late for our meetings!), and to david milne, my old yearbook advisor from high school, who i sometimes fran- tically called just before a deadline, for advice and opinions, all of these people, and so many more that i just cannot name, gave so much for the production of this book, thank you all. i know that i should be bidding farewell to all of the gra- duates, but maybe i ' m one of the few who don ' t have to say goodbye, the yearbook that i ' ve designed and put together will be the most steadfast key to the memories that each graduate has accumulated from his stay at unh. whenever he or she looks through their copy of the 1975 chariot, it will bring to mind many forgotten moments — some good, some bad, but all of them safely tucked aw ay in a corner of their minds, needing only to be touched upon to be seen, it is through such a chain reaction that i hope, perhaps, this book, and the staff who created it, will achieve a little bit of timelessness. i know, i know . . . i should be leaving you all to get on with the futures you ' ve prepared for, (i always have had a tendency to talk too much!) but closing phrases come hard and seem so trite when they are meant to be given to friends, " good luck, " " congratulations on your achievements, " " best wishes for the future " — all of these are proper, and certainly apropos, but they seem somehow empty of the feelings that i wish to convey, perhaps, then, i should just leave you with a salutation and a wish that a " mr. spock " -type person (to whom this book truly belongs) once gave to me: peace, live long and prosper. t 1 with love. ) Au- 225 Accounting Club 150 Accuosti, Thomas 178 Administration Section 131 Advertizements Section 219 Alencynowicz, Kathy 178 Alexander, Gery 178 All School (Fall) Picnic 28 Alpha Chi 164 American Society of Civil Eng 153 Angal, Alexander 178 Arbusto, Patty 178 Arnold, Joseph 138 Arts Festival 86 Asch, Lawrence 178 Ashton, Kenneth 178 Astarita, Edward 138 Baker, Richard 136 Baker, Samuel 135 Saldino Jr., Angelo 179 Barkhordari Jr., Joseph 179 Barnes, Dianne 179 Barr, Stephen 179 Baseball (Fall) 40 Baseball (Spring) 104 Basketball 48 Beckerman, Ellen 179 Bell, Srilekha 138 Benas, James 179 Benevento, John 134 Bennet, Elizabeth 136 Berglund, Jerry 138 Bernard, Joseph 138 Blanchet, Pierre 179 Bloodmobile 74 Bogerty, Margaret 180 Bonfiglio, Thomas 180 Bosworth, Barry 180 Bouvier, James 180 Bowles, Dalen 132 Bradshaw, Alfred 138 Brechlin, William 180 Bresnahan, Cathy 180 Brignola, Nick 180 Brown, David 138 Brown, Diane 18 Brown, Donald 18 Brown, Robert 18 Bucciero, Frances 18 BuUwinkel, Edward 18 Bundy, Lynn 18 Buono, Julie 18 Burdelski, Jeff 182 Burke, David 182 Byer, Ernest 182 Caberets (Winter) 69 Caberets (Spring) 88 Calderone, Leo 182 Campbell, Robert 134 Caprio, Michael 182 Castiglioni, Richard 182 Carson, George 139 Cecere, Carl 182 Chandra, Satish 139 Chariot 158 Cheerleaders 151 Chemistry Club 155 Chepaitis, Joseph 139 Chi Kappa Rho 166 Chun, Kee 139 Cieplak, Joseph 136 Cleary, Kevin 183 Clemens, Roxanne 183 Clifford, Frank 139 Closing 224 Clouse, John 183 Connery, Matthew 132 Corbett, Jim 183 Cotter, Fred 184 Cox, William 184 Crawford, Henry 184 Criscuolo, Dennis 184 Cue, Joseph 184 Czuchra, Peter 184 DAmbruoso, Jeanne 134 DArco, Joe 185 Dawson, Joyce 185 Delaney, Ed 185 Del Vecchio, Gary 185 Depersia, Neal 185 Dichele, Ernest 186 Dilullo, Thomas 139 DiMario, John 186 Dimaria, Michael 186 Dorm Life 30, 111 Drew, Edward 186 Drew, Maureen 186 DSG 156 DSG Elections 53 DSG Govt Change-Over 70 DSG Vs News softball game 109 Dubin, Kenneth 186 DuBuisson, David 135 Dunn, Herbert 187 Dzialo, Henry 187 Egan, Jim 187 Erba, Fran 156 Eve. Stud. Grad. Prom 114 Eve. Students Christmas Party 54 Evening Student ' s Council 154 Faculty Section 137 Fahrman, Eric 187 Falcigno, Anthony 187 Fall 74 19 Farrow, William 140 Fera, Scott 187 Fidler, Howard 140 Figueroa, Miguel 187 Finals Fall 74 52 Finals, Spring ' 75 100 Football 22 Fox, Michelle 188 Franco, Joseph 188 Fryer, Johnnie 140 Fuschi, Michael 188 Galaida, Michael 188 Gamache, Wayne 188 Game room 80 Gant, Mark 188 Gasiorek, John 188 Gatavaski, Edward 189 Gay, Howard 189 Gelgauda, Richard 135 Gelozin, Tom 189 Gentile, Marlene 189 Ghoreyeb, John 133 Giglio, Francis 189 Gilston, Bruce 189 Graduation (January) 60 Graduation (June) 118 Grandel, Joe 189 " Grave Problem of theTweeners, the " 172 Grendel, Tom 190 Greet, Richard 140 Griffiths, George 190 Grodzinsky, Fran 140 Grodzinsky, Stephen 140 Haberman, Ronald 140 Habetz, Beverly 190 Hamel, Earl 141 Harvill, Sharon 190 Haynes, Bennie 190 Healey, James 190 Hetes, Elizabeth 190 Hewitt, William 185 Higgins, David 191 Hockey 56 Hoffnung, Robert 141 Homecoming 36 Horning, Darrell 141 Howling, Robert 141 Huff, Edward 191 Hull, Frank 134 Hurbon, Joe 191 Hyman, Arnold 141 lorfino, Elizabeth 197 Jacobson, Don 191 James, Samuel 141 Jensen, Gwendolyn 142 Jerin, Robert 191 Jones, Leon 191 Kalma, Dennis 142 Kaplan, Nathaniel 142 Kaplan, Philip 132 Kennedy, Abby 191 Kiessling, Elmer 192 Kirwin, Gerald 142 Kleefeld, Karl 192 Kolar, Rose Anne 192 Kootz, Harry 192 Kravet, Robert 142 Kucharyk, Stefan 192 Kunkel,Ted 192 Lacrosse 82 Ladbetter, Paula 193 LaFrance, William 193 Lambrakis, Constantine 142 Lamda Alpha Epsilon 168 Lanahan, Roger 142 LaPorte, Rocco 193 Lectures (Fall) 39 Lectures (Winter) 93 Lemaire, Henry 143 226 Lent, Diane 193 Lia, John 193 Library Dedication 41 Lipp, Richard 132 Literary Works 18, 130 Lobay, Ivan 143 Lockrow, Dorothy 135 Louise, Roger 193 Lurcell, Steven 193 Lyman, Stuart 194 Lynch, William 194 Macionous, Joseph 135 Machnik, Joe 135 MacKay, Muriel 132 Madhu, Aggaeveal 194 Maginnis, Richard 194 Malerba, Vincent 194 Mally, Maria 194 Maloney, Richard 194 Management Club 152 Mann, Richard 143 Manus, Anna 195 Marabito, Gary 195 Marchetti, Peter 195 Mardicai, Thomas 195 Martin, John 143 Martin, James 195 Mathieu, Bertrand 143 Maton, Mary 195 Mature, Chris 195 McAvinney, Virginia 196 McElroy, David 196 McGregor, Ann 196 Mclntire, Robert 196 Meligonis, Dennis 196 Mikowski, Mary 196 Millen, Roger 143 Mills, Ronda 196 MiUstein, Neil 196 Mitchell, Marion 196 Mixers. (Fall) 27 Mixers: (Spring) 78 Moffitt, Elizabeth 144 Moore Jr., Leamon 197 Mordecai, Thomas 197 Morris, Gary 197 Morrison, Richard 144 Mullard, Charles 144 Murillo, Robert 144 Murphy, Thomas 197 Naccarato, David 144 Nardi, Rosmarie 197 News 162 Nordlund, Kai 144 Nyce, William 144 O ' Hara, C 145 O ' Keefe, Daniel 145 Olgin, Philip 145 Onorato, Armand 197 Opening Theme 3 Organizations Section 149 Orientation (Fall) 20 Orientation (Spring) 63 Ormrod, Cindy 197 Pagliaro, John 197 Payea, Joseph 198 Peluse, Barbara 198 Pesce, Gerald 198 Petersen, Willard 145 Peterson, Marvin K 132 Pietrini, Thomas 198 Pittman, Leroy 198 Pitts, James 198 Platl, Martin 198 Pomeroy, Dennis 199 Poulson, Christian 134 Pres ' Fall Welcome Dance (Eve. Stu) 44 Price, Paul 199 Rajeswaran, P 145 Randolph, Linda Raro, William Ray, Garo Reedy, Ralph Regan, Edward Registration For Spring Registration For Fall Reilley, Ed Reti, Thomas Reams, Dinwiddie 199 199 145 199 199 46 92 199 200 200 Ribnicky, Mike 200 Riccio, Daniel 200 Rich, Myron 200 Robinson, Frank 200 Robertson, Philip 135 RobiUard, Douglas 133 Roddy, Frank 146 Rogers, Peter 134 Root, Robert 200 Rossi, Armand 200 Rottman, Myrna 146 Ruotolo, Nicholas 201 Ryan, Robert 201 Sack, Allen 146 Sandman, Joshua 146 Santoro, Thomas 201 Sarosi, Oliver 146 Sawhney, Shiv 146 Sawicki, Frank 201 Sawicki, William 201 SchoU, William 147 Schwartz, Terry 201 Scott, Donald 136 Sellers, Donnie 201 Senior Directory 208 Senior Section 177 Senczikowska, Myron 202 Serphillips, Robert 202 Shattuck, James 136 Sherwonit, James 202 Sherwood, Franklin 147 Signori, Mary Ann 202 Silverstein, Stephen 202 Simpson, Gary 202 Skowronski, Linda 203 Sloan, Richard 203 Small, James 203 Smallwood, Thornton 136 Smialowski, John 203 Smith, Donald 147 Smith, Warren 133 Soccer 34 Social Committee 155 Sommers, Alexis 132 Spears, Thomas 203 Sports Banquet 112 Spring ' 75 73 Spring Fashion Show (Chi Kappa Rho) 76 Stanley, Oscar 203 Stanley. Richard 147 Staugaard, Burton 147 Stein, Louis 203 St. Lavrent, Steven 204 Strucaly, Mark 204 Summer ' 75 99 Swanson, Dennis 204 Swanson, John 204 Swantko, Gary 204 Table of Contents 2 Tau Kappa Epsilon 169 Taylor, Robert 204 Tenedine, Althea 205 Tenzer, Mark ' 205 Tennis 94 Thompson, Sandra 205 Tolenen, Karl 147 Trapani, Steven 205 Trotta, Carmine 205 Trzcinski, Karen 205 UNH by Day Night 120 Valletta, Albert 206 Veteran ' s Club 171 Vieira, Frank 148 Voegeli, Henry 148 Vonhagen, Barbara 206 Wachter, Ronald 206 Walsh, Mary 206 Walters, Mark 206 Warner, Thomas 133 Weise, Peter 206 White Jr., John 206 White, Michael 207 Whiteman, Gilbert 148 Who s Who in American Colleges Univ 90 Widger, Kathy 207 Wilder Jr., Andrew 207 Wiener, Bernard 148 Williams, Jeffery 148 Williams, Paulette 207 Wilson, Ned 148 Winter ' 74 47 Wittenberg, Eugene 207 WNHU 160 Wood, Frank 207 Wright, Fessenden 148 Wright, Mathew 207 Year End Concert 106 York, Michael 134 Zetz Beta Tau 170 227

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University of New Haven - Chariot Yearbook (West Haven, CT) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


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