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AC 35 1914 ■m ' trnfmrnm v K M ttiir lSBI - ' - Cnh ' KLOX 191 A UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAVEN fi mmmmmm m University of New Haven ... a potpourri of people with diver- sity of goals, difference of ages and cultural backgrounds . . . ... all merging either by day or by night . . . some coming for the sake of coming, but others coming to grow as individuals. A college student . . . lost in a maze of lines, printouts, ID cards, parking stickers, course changes and the high cost of books . . . only wish people were more than a shadow on a macadam parking lot. Wish someone would say ' ' Hi ' ' ... that first hello stimulates a chain reaction of friendship . . . I may make it through the semester. Student involvement triggers interest for various campus activities. Wine and soft music create an atmosphere of friendship and togetherness . . . we begin to feel we belong . . . « N» « 1%, . mumm : I Football ' s first varsity season . . . Soccer successful . . . Bas- ketball on the move upward . . . LaCrosse going varsity . . . Baseball always a winning sea- son . . . so many gave so much for so few who came to see. Organizations bring social life on campus . . . people helping . . . people enjoying . . . . people just beingthemselves. UNH offers many di- verse opportunities for student involvement — sororities, fraterni- ties, and clubs to which many students turn: for studies advance- ment, for serving the academic community, and, of course, for sheer fun and pleasure. . ' timti But there is another type of in- volvement on campus which needs no specific title: that of people interacting with each oth- er; people meeting other people, and people pulling their weight to help each other. Whether you participate with a group or circu- late alone, you can ' t help seeing all sorts of individuals enjoying themselves, perhaps reflecting, but all giving a little to the school in their own way. It ' s an unending cycle — each step forward is a result of a previous endeavor, and will affect the next. k ♦ S ' w r ' Sounds of shoulder pads banging on a fall day . . . rock sounds echo on an often quiet campus . . . while a silver bell deter- mines your success or failure. 22 i;%,4- . 1 c i o iW HATIM ABDULLAH B.S. Mech. Engr. RICHARD M.ABRAMS B.A. Pol. Sci. BERNICEA.ALDRICH B.A. Sociology DONALD ALLEN B.S. Economics ERIC J. ANDERSON A.S. Com.Adv. ROBERT B. ANSON B.S. Htl. Rest.Adm. ROBERT ANZOVINO B.S. Htl.Mgmt. BRIAN BAILEY B.A. Chemistry DONALD A. BARNES B.S. Elec. Eng JOHN BASSO B.S. Gen.Mgmt. BERNARD BECKER B.S. Marketing ELLEN BECKERMAN B.A.Soc. Welfare ERIC BEERWALD B.S. Marketing R.C.BELL B.S. Finance DAVID BENCIVENGA B.S. Gen.Mgmt. JERRY BENCIVENGA B.S. Biology PETER BENCIVENGA B.S. Gen.Mgmt. Evening students host their annual children ' s Christmas Party. GAIL BENSON B.S. Bus.Adm FLOYD BLACK B.S. Oper. Mgmt. KENNETH BLOCK JR. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. PAUL R. BLOCK B.S. Htl. Rest.Adm. EMANUEL BRANDAO B.S. Mech.Engr. WILLIAM BROWNE B.A. Psychology WILLIAM BRUCE B.A. Pol.Sci. GEORGE BRUSZNICK B.A. Pol.Sci. ROBERT BUDNY 28 DIANE BURGHARDT B.S. Law Enf. Sci. JAMES BARSON B.S. Management LINDA BUTLER WILLIAM P. CADWELL JR. B.S. Corrections B. A. Sociology J. A. CALKA B.S. Public Adm. NELSON CAMPAGNANO JR. DANIEL W. CAMPBELL JR. BRUCE CAPEN B.S. Mech.Engr. B.A.Pol. Sci. PAULCARDILE B.S. Civil Engr. 1 NICKCARLINO B.S. Biology JOSEPH CARLTON B.S. Accounting RICHARD CASOLINO B.S. Oper. Mgmt. FRANK L.CASSELLO B.S. Crim. Just. WAYNE CIANO B.S. Marketing RONALD COHICK B.S. Htl. Rest Adm. DONNA COLAVOLPE B.A. English LOUCOLELLA B.S. AccountinE JAMES G.COOKE B.S. Indus. Engr. DALE W.CROSS B.S. Marketing L. JOSEPH DIBETTA B.S. Accounting MARKT. DIGIROLAMO B.S. Marketing PHIL DODSON B.S. Crim. Just. Adm. STEPHEN J. DOMOROD B.S. Gen.Mgmt. ROBERT DONOVAN B.S. Finance MARTIN F. DORO B.S. Accounting » GERALD DUFF B.S. Elec. Engr. JOHN DUFFY B.A. Art ANTHONY DUMOLO B.S. Gen.Mgmt. BRIAN DUTILLY B.S. Civil Engr. ROBERT ELLIOT B.S. Crim. Just. JACK FESTA B.A. Soc. Services DAVID FINCK B.A. Biology PAUL V.FONTAINE B.S. Elec.Engr. SUSAN FOYER B.A. Soc. Welfare . 5%«r ' - «irf SUSAN FRECHETTE B.A. Mathematics FERNANDO GARCIA B.S. Civil Engr. ROBERT GARIEPY B.S. Civil Engr. RICHARD GELGAUDA B.S.Oper. Mgmt. H H •■JS!S!!-!»5« .r - : - ■ ■ i ■ H j iJifiS iglllligi 3 K? c-w " ' A J T A (i S l L ii SIHAHRAZ GHOFRANY GORDON GIANNINOTO B.S. Civil Engr. B.A. Psychology FRANK GIORDANO JOHN M. GLOSS B.A. History BRUCE GOGEL B.S. Accounting PHILIPPE GONVERS B.A. English GLENN GRAY B.S. Marketing FREDGREENBERG B.S. Marketing GEORGE GREIM B.S. Crim. Just. JOHNM.GRYDZIEN B.S. Public Adm. RAJAN M. GUPTE B.S. Elec. Engr. ALAN HAEFNER B.S.Crim. Just. MICHAEL HANLON B.S. Crim. Just. DONALD H. HASBROUCK EDWARD M. HAS SMAN B.S.Crim. Just. Adm. B.S. Marketing CHARLES J. HEANEY HELGA HERMAN B.S. Psychology A.S. Law Enf. RONALD J. HEROUX WAYNE T.HILL B.S. Htl. Rest. Adm. B.S. Crim. Just. CHRISTOPHER HOGAN B.A. English ♦ ♦ LENA JOHNSON B.A. Sociology JAMES L.JOHNSTONE B.S. Htl. Rest.Adm. DONALD JONES B.S. Gen.Mgmt. LARRY KALBFELD B.A.Art JERRY KATZ B.S.Gen.Mgmt. PHILLIP KENNEDY B.S. Elec. Engr. GARY KARR B.A. Pol.Sci. JAMES E. KAZALEH B.S. Crim. Just. Adm. SORAYA KHALKHALI B.S. Accounting LAWRENCE KLEIN B.S.Gen.Mgmt. DONALD E. KNOWLTON B.S.Gen.Mgmt. RICHARD KOZMA B.S.Gen.Mgmt. MORTON E. KRAVET B.A. Pol.Sci. MURRAY S. KRINSKY B.S. Marketing THOMAS S.KUCENSKI B.S.Gen.Mgmt. KENNETH KYEHLEWIND B.S. Elect. Engr. JAMES LaBONCA DANIEL LADUTKO B.S. Indust. Engr. REMO LALAMA B.S. Civil Engr. frh LARRY LAMBERT B.S. Mat.Engr. JOHN LAMMERS B.S. History KEVIN LASH B.S. Crim. Just. THOMAS LEWIS B.S. Htl. Rest. Adm. JOAN S. LIPP LARRY D. LLOYD B.S. Economics RONALD LODZIATO B.S. Accounting EDWIN LOMBARD B.S. Mech. Engr. ROBERT LONGYEAR B.S. Public Adm. NICKLOUSSIDES B.S. Gen.Mgmt. JOSEPH LOVALLO B.S. Marketing SYCHINDERLYALL B.S. Elect. Engr. THOMAS MAGUIRE B.S. Mat. Engr. JATIVAEHRIQUE MADRIGAL B.S. Htl. Rest. Adm. JOHNMAJNEBER B.A. Biology MARTIN MANCINELLI B.S. Crim. Just. GARY MANGIACOPRA B.A. Biology ROBERT MANSFIELD B.S. Civil Engr. ANN P. MANSKY B.S. Marketing JOHN MARTUCCI B.S. Marketing JOSEPH MIRANDA B.S. Accounting CONNIE MOELLER B.S. Htl. Rest. Adm. ALLAN MOODY B.S. Crim Just. Adm. JOSEPH MOULE B.S. Accounting GEV PANTHAKI B.S.EIec. Engr. DONALD PASCALE B.S. Forensic Sci. LOUIS PASSARIELLO B.S. Gen. Mgmt. LARRY PASTER B.A. Biology f L00KJUK£IT ' $ COINC TO BE ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE YEARS! DEBORAH PISCITELLI A.S. Bus. Adm. ROGER PLOURDE B.S. Mech. Engr. OLEH PODRYHULA B.A. Pol.Sci, JUSTINE POKRINCHAK B.S. Water Qual. Con. f. JOHN POZNIAK B.S. Crim. Just. JOHNPULIT B.S. Crim. Just. DAVID RAINEY B.S. Gen.Mgmt. QUILLERMO RAMIREZ B.S. Mech. Engr. DAVID ROCHE B.S. Marketing ROBERT ROTH ROBERT C. RUGGERIO B.S. Marketing B.A. English DON RUSSO B.S. Gen.Mgmt. JAMES N.SADLER JR. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. ANTHONY SALZO EDWARD SCARANITZSKY B.A, Pol.Sci. B.S. Gen.Mgmt. ANDREW SCALA B.S. Chemistry STEPHEN SARNOSKI B.S. Crim. Just. .?»■ JOHNSAVINO B.A. History HE! - S? ? . s i ' RAYMONA SBREGA B.S. Marketing CATHY SCARDUZIO B.A. Biology PAULSCHAEFER B.S. Mech. Engr. 50 SHARON SODERQUIST CAROLYN M. SOMMENS B.S. Oper.Mgmt. B.S. Gen, Mgmt. VINCENT SOSNOWSKI B.A. Pol.Sci. PETERA.SOTERE B.S. Gen.Mgmt. ROBIN SOUDER B.S. Gen.Mgmt. HOWARD SPLAUER B.S. Gen.Mgmt. STEPHEN STADNICK B.S. Mech. Engr. EDWARD STAPLETON B.S. Mech. Engr. ROBERT STRANGO B.S. Mech. Engr. JOHN P. STROCZKOWSKI WILLIAM SWATKOSKI B.S. Civil Engr. B.S. Grim. Just. THOMAS O.SYPHER B.S. Elect. Engr. LINDA TEITZMAN B.A.Soc. Welfare EUGENE TELKER B.S. Elect. Engr. GARY TELLER B.S. Marketing ANGELA TETA B.A. Sociology JOHN THRALL B.S. Accounting JOHNTRUESDELL B.S. Mech. Engr. DAVID TUCCIO B.S. Marketing JOHNATHAN Y.TUCKER B. S. Marketing TONYVANZINO B.S. Oper. Mgmt m i k. «ari SALVATORE VOTTO B.S. Oper. Mgmt. ROBERT WADE B.S. Accounting KARL WAGNER JOHN WALKER B.S. Mech. Engr. MOSES WALTERS B.S. Elect. Engr. JERRY WEBER B.A. Sociology DEBRA WEED B.A. English STEPHEN WEINBERG B.A. History RITA WELCH B.A. Soc. Services MARTIN WEXLER B.A. Psychology KARLWIDMANN B.S. Crim. Just. DEBORAH WILTON B.S. Marketing THOMAS WISE B.S. Oper. Mgmt. IVAN WITKIN B.S. Gen. Mgmt. BERNICE WOODWARD B.S. Envir. Studies 1 t Kti: ! -44lillll l IVERSITY Ctf " AVEN ► PAMELA ZDANOWICZ B.A. Soc. Services JH»:| LAWRENCE ZULKOWSKI B.S. Marketing I .] I ¥■■■ 1 ] ' W : ' i ' ' t!- „ mmg SOCCER In 1973, the UNH Soccer team fell short of its season objective, the selection to participate in the NCAA College division tournament. Losses to FDD Madison and Babson plus a tie with Central Connecticut were the main negative aspects of the season which could not offset outstanding games against L.I.U. and Philadelphia Textile, both of which ended in 1-1 draws. Overall, the Soccer team posted a 9-4-3 season and was selected to participate in the ECAC Central Regional Tournament in which it achieved second place, having been defeated by Hunter College 1-0 after a 4-1 win over Kean College. Junior college transfer Robert Taylor led all scorers with 14 goals and 5 assists and along with Senior Co-captain Neville Brown was selected to the NEISL All-Star team as well as being named to the All-New England Area team. Center half-back Winston Campbell was named MVP by Coach Mach- nik. The season marked the end of UNH playing careers for Vlado Vla- hovic, John Clarke and Neville Brown, who was one of only a few athletes to receive a four year participation award at the Annual Sports Banquet. Coach Machnik is looking forward to the improved play of goal keep- ers John Tarascio and Wayne Finley, in addition to increased effective- ness from Fred Brown, Frank AM and Frank Lovreiro for the 1974 season which includes Yale, and several other new opponents. SOCCER RESULTS Fairfield Babson Monmouth St. Francis Philadelphia Textile C.C.N.Y. Central Conn. 10-0 2-6 4-0 3-2 1-1 5-1 0-0 Assumption S.C.S.C. Oneonta Fairlelgh-Dicklnson New York University Quinnipiac L.I.U. 6-1 1-0 0-3 3-4 2-0 1-0 1-1 ECAC College Division Tournament Kean College Hunter College 4-1 01 Won 9, Lost 4, Tied 3 Row 1: John Clarke, Neville Brown. Row 2 Joseph Machnick, Coach; Peter Kovalkis, Tom Allison, Miles Anderson, Frank Ali, Jeff Fenn, George Griffiths, Manfred Voss, Clyde Voce, Vincent Lyddy, Rui Afonso, John Kowalski (Assistant Coach). Row 3: Owen Dixon, Fred Brown, Winston Campbell (MVP), Robert Taylor, Vlado Vlahovich, Gregorie Charles, Frank Lovreiro, Tim Granfield, John Terascio (Goal Keeper), Wayne Finley (Goal Keeper). 62 » " • • FOOTBALL FOOTBALL RESULTS Trenton State . 0-24 Nichols . 0-21 Hartford . 14-17 Curry . 6-27 Mass. Maritime 8-13 Marist 0-27 Western Conn. 0-41 Maine Maritime 0-51 won lost 8 Row 1 Captains Steve DiMugo, John BeFus, John Cicarella. Row 2 Dan Primich, Mike Plouffe, Tony Mortali, Pat Civetello, Bil Dwyer, Ben Mondrone, Mario Lucibello, Art Edwards. Row 3 Mike Copolla, Gene CoFrancesco, Nick Antana, Tony Ferraro, Alex CoFrancesco, John Savi- no, Russ Sharpe, Pete DeGragario, Jim Scanlon, Jim Menge, Lenny Galbicsek. Row 4 Chris O ' Connor, John Buckley, Neal Martino, Don Broperick, John Berone, Vinni Tozzi, Rick Doran, Leon Jones, Carmen lannuzzi, Joe Consiglio, Tony Elia, Bob Mines, Rich Standash Mang, Leo Vallee(Not Pictured). 65 66 The University of New Haven football team ended its first varsity season with a 51-0 loss to Maine Maritime Academy and a record of 0-8. Although winless, the Chargers maintained high spirit and unity throughout the season with stand- out performances from John Befus (MVP) at middle guard and John Cicarela at linebacker. The coaching staff of Joe Mc- Hugh, Charles Solomon, Gennaro Germy, and Kayo Rodriguez knew that this was going to be a rough year right at the start of the season when they were greeted by only 10 players from last year ' s squad. Many of the inexperienced players had to be trained, and taught the finer points of football, while the coaches also had to piece together that combination that would spell victory. Sometimes during the year, it almost looked like the coaching staff had met the chal- lenge, but key injuries and a lack of depth at all positions hampered the Chargers and served to add to their misfortune as the season pro- gressed. When combined with the unfortunate circumstance of being minimally experienced, the first- year varsity came out somewhat less than impressive when pitted against well-established, fortified teams. Ben Mondrone was the leading rusher for the Chargers with a 2.6 yard per carry average despite being sidelined with a shoulder separation for most of the season. Another outstanding player, Len Galbieseh, led the team in kickoff returns with a 15.5 yard average. Missing from next year ' s gridders will be John Savino, Leo Vallee, and Captain John Befus, but the coach- ing staff still feels that with the help of returning lettermen such as Bill D wyer, John Cicarela, Pat Civitello, Jim Scailian, and Dan Primich, along with a few " Blue Chip " re- cruits, they should have what it takes to make a winning ball club. Many thanks and much appre- ciation go out from the squad to managers. Rich Standlsh and Cliff Prumm and also to the diehard students who supported the team throughout the season . te ' i -r !. ' te -S fe - ■ ■ ' MK K 1 1 - — a He 1973-74 UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAVEN BASKETBALL STATISTICS Opponent UNH OPP Sacred Heart L 74 123 New Paltz State W 78 67 William Paterson W 120 84 Bentley L 79 82 Quinnipiac W 76 74 Marist L 84 86 -(OT) Trenton State L 67 71 Biscayne L 84 95 Palm Beach Atlantic L 71 109 Baptist Univ. (Fla.) W 150 50 Monmouth L 63 82 Trinity (a) L 80 81 Southern Connecticut (a) W 92 82 Babson W 79 69 Southeastern Massachusetts W 126 99 Jersey City State L 70 72 Quinnipiac W 64 63 (OT) FDU — Madison L 70 71 Central Connecticut W 76 69 Bryant L 69 74 Southern Connecticut W 60 58 Eastern Connecticut W 58 56 Nichols W 70 60 Merrimack W 109 74 American International L 84 93 NCAA RECORD: 13-12 (a) Charger Invitationa BASKETBALL The UNH basketball team fin- ished with a good 13-12 season, including two big victories over cross-town rivals. For the first time in many years, the Chargers swept both games from Quinni- piac College. They also beat Southern Connecticut State Col- lege twice during the season . Coach Don Burns experienced many hardships early in the sea- son with a 4-8 record and the loss of top-notch players. Both Stan MacLaughlin and John Mulligan quit the team and left the Univer- sity. After these early crises, the tide turned and the Chargers ral- lied, winning 9 of the remaining 13 games. Much spirit was provided by freshman Barry Cunningham and junior Andrew Wilder in the backcourt; and once teamed up with the talent of Tom Milone, the Chargers were supplied with the good shooting and ball-control they needed. At forward position. Wilder, a transfer from a junior college in North Carolina, led the team in scoring and rebounding, while Vic Kirlichin at center proved to be a key player in utilizing a high- ly successful ' fast-break ' play. And next year? The Charg- ers have plenty to look forward to. The team missed the ECAC playoffs this season by one game; next year, the same team spirit will be around, and all the players will be returning as well. Coach Burns has a feeling that next year will most assuredly be the year of the Chargers. Row 1 Larry Black, Keith Hilton, Andrew Wilder, MVP; Vic Kirilichin, Al Corbin, Ron Smith, Ted Manltowski. Row 2; Don Burns, Coach; Mark Federico, Tom Malone, Larry Seilhamer, Barry Cun- ningham, Larry Scepanik, Tom Carey, Stan Macglauchlin, John Mulligan, Bill Farrow, Assistant Coach. 73 MZ ' Of HOCKEY IN 4 76 The 1973-74 Charger hockey team finished a very tough schedule with a 9-1 record, one victory short of the pre-season expectations made by Coach JoeMachniit. The season was highlighted by continuously impressive goaltending exhibitions by senior Bud- dy Heaney, who was named Most Valuable Player for the third consecutive year. Senior Joe Muskin made a season-long assault on the career goal- scoring record held by Dick Hildebrand, but fell one goal short. Freshman Mike McDonnell had a highly successful season as center in the team ' s most consistent line, between wings Ed Scott and Peter Gones. Two Hamden High graduates, James Pitts and Jack Coutts, led the defense with Wayne Finley, Rich Berlinski, Gary Moraleito and Jim Cursio; all of them providing depth and spirit in front of the Charger goal. A 6-4 victory over New England College on the road and a 4-1 home decision over Babson were the season ' s most impressive wins. The team played well in defeating Wesleyan to place third in the Wesleyan Invitational Tournament. Scott Fera played effectively all season long and key goals were scored by Bob Salvatore, Bob Mon- gillo, and Billy Seymore, who joined the team in the spring semester. Frank Keyes had his most effective season to date and Larry Tomaselli fin- ished out a fine year. Coach Machnik is ending his career as hockey coach at UNH. He has aided in the growth and development of the program, which, in 1969, had played mainly on a club, rather than varsity, level. Today it is a solid member of Division II of the ECAC. Machnik finished with a 47-50-1 coaching record and will continue as varsity soccer coach at UNH. He will also be attempting to create a sup- porting club for Hockey, as the administration places more emphasis on building UNH Hockey to a major level. 78 A HOCKEY RESULTS 1973-74 UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAVEN HOCKEY STATISTICS Opponent UNH OPP Worcester State L 4 6 Connecticut L 1 4 Bridgewater State W 4 3 Trinity W 6 4 Wesleyan L 3 4 North Adams State W 4 1 Trinity (a) L 2 3 Wesleyan (a) W 10 3 St. Anselm ' s L 1 18 American International L 3 8 Connecticut L 3 10 Holy Cross L 2 11 Babson W 4 2 New England L 6 North Adams State W 5 4 Oswego State L 2 6 R.I.T. W 3 1 Salem State L 4 6 Babson L 2 6 Worcester State L 1 9 Buffalo L 2 15 Nichols W 8 2 Army L 1 12 Lowell Tech L 3 6 New England W 6 4 Bridgewater State L 4 8 1973-74 Record: 9-17 (a) Wesleyan Invitationa i Bi B MJSSfe M B M ]alirCou«ri„P M?.ct-n f Aderson Buddy Heaney, Joe DeFelice, Paul Skranski. Mike McDonnell. 2nd Row: Jim Curzio, Gary Morabito. i L or LHtinn i ' ll, ?• y " t , ' " ' «y- P « Gomes. 3rd Row; Coach Joe Machnik, Larry Tomaselli, Billy Seymour. Ed Scott, Bob Salvatore, Bob Mongillo, Rich Liesler, Coach Art Crouse. Not in Photo — Frank Keyes, Jamie Pitts. 81 BASEBALL 83 For the past 11 seasons, the University of New Haven ' s baseball program has been under the direction of Head Coach Frank Vieira, who has developed the baseball team into one of the finest in the east. Vieira has led the Chargers to 11 consecutive post-season tournaments. With the assistance of Joe Tonelli, Coach Vieira has es- tablished a total record of 252 wins and 55 losses, with 13 of his former players now in pro- fessional baseball. This years ' team was no exception; the 1974 " Charger Nine " won their way to the ACAA Tournament, then kept working hard, and continued to the College Nationals in Springfield, Illinois. The Charg- ers were faced with a tough 29 game schedule, which includ- ed such teams as Fairfield, Southeastern Mass., and Sto- nehill. It looked like a near impossibility for the Chargers to register a 21 win season; yet they finished the 1974 season with a record of 21-5. New Havens ' first honor of the season was capturing the championship title in the fifth annual New Haven City Ser- ies. The Chargers defeated Yale Univ. in the opener and beat Southern Connecticut in the Championship game. This is the third time New Haven has won the City Series Championship. During the season. Junior first-baseman Len Paglialunga led the squad with a .412 bat- ting average; followed by shortstop Joe Small with an average of .340; Rich Montoni hit a .308, and Sophomore second-baseman John Cipolli- ni of North Haven hit a .300. This years ' Chargers Mound Staff was headed by Dave Schuler and John Pulit. Pulit held the best ERA in the coun- try — a 0.71 average. Other top pitchers were Junior Bob Pow- ers and Bob Mitchell. Once again the Chargers had a winning season, and as long as the " Charger Nine " have a skipper like Frank Vie- ira, the Univ. of New Haven Baseball Team will surely re- main winners. Row 1 John Pulit, Bob Coppola, Rich Montoni, Dave Schller, Bob Mitchell, Joe Small, Lenny Paglialunga, Carmen Renzulli, Richard Orm- rod. Second Row Joe Tonelli, Assistant Coach; Bud Sayles, Carl IVIacmquist.Ed Pikor, Don Menswar, Jack Cipollini, John Basso, Brian Brow, Tom Keating, Bob Powers, Frank Vieira, Head Coach. 85 1 a34Bb 1 yiS oooo UNHOO 1 d 87 si ' ?M»i i immvittrf:tti m ' 51 ijr w aw- ,f i l Jt ' i ' ' v " i-,v.:i r ime Tff ' UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAVEN CHARGERS GO TO THE NATIONALS! The high point of my coaching career would have to be when the 1974 Chargers came in third in the NCAA College World Series. We are now an established " Baseball " school throughout the United States. Last year ' s great showing and eleven other years of tournament participation are also records to be proud of. My only hope is that we can continue on this level, not only for the next year, but many years to come. There is no question in my mind — along with everyone else who is familiar with the UNH teams — that Baseball is a number one sport, and will continue to be so for a long time. — Frank Vieira, Coach. NCAA NATIONALS U.Cal L 6-2 Vaddosta W 1-0 Central Missouri W 4-0 New Orleans L 9-2 L A C R S S E IKV ' Ktv lUik.UJ f- .-l:i ' :y- 1 • " " - LACROSSE RESULTS Duke JV N.C. State Univ. N. Carolina Southern Conn Univ. Rhode Island Yale Frosh Hartford Nichols College York College Dean Jr. College FDU Madison Trinity Dowling College Marist College Southern Conn. Worcester Polytech Won 5, Lost 11 The University of New Haven Lacrosse team made the big switch from a club team to a varsity squad this year and came up with a good 5-9 season. Maybe, one of the most important factors for the successful year was the southern trip which gave experience to the new players while improving the stick handling of all. The Chargers came back from their trip with a big 7-3 win over North Carolina State. But probably the sweetest-tasting victory this year was a 7-5 win over cross-town rival Southern Connecticut at the North Campus. The teams most valuable player award went to Co-Captain George Sexton, leading the team in scoring with goals assists. Brendon McDermott re- ceived rookie of the year honors, and Rich Villeux was outstanding in the goal all year. There will be several players who will be missing for the Charger blue and gold next year. These seniors are George Sexton, Dan Mecozzi, Rob Reutenauer, Charlie Riethel, Harry Baker, and Kevin Meehan. The Chargers were guided through their season this year by coach Will Verhoeff who received excel- lent assistance from Tom DeFillipo and the co-op- eration of trainer Bob Dillion . With Lacrosse improving as it is each year it won ' t be long before UNH has a top notch team that will be competing with nationally ranked college teams. Front Row (Kneeling) Jim McKinnon. Kevin Meehan, George Sexton, MVP; Tom Van Asco, Rich Veilleux, Bob Reutenauer, Don Mecozzi, Harry Baker, Rick Swanson. Second Row Will Voerhoeff, Bill Hewitt, Barry Santoro, Jack Drasdis, George Bonessi, John Rodolico, Mike McDonnell, Brendon McDermott, Mickey Ku- cera, Harry Nye, Cliff Drumm. Third Row Bob Dillon (Manager), Tony Mortali, Rick Gennett, Paul Zampier, John Gilburn, Kurt Reinecke, Charles Reithel, Jeff Poirier. Fourth Row; John Roest, Batting Cage. Missing from Photo: Thomas DeFlippo, Assistant Coach. WW Row 1: Mike D ' Eugenio, Ken Villani, Jim Blasczyk, Rick Garofolo. Row 2: Gary Liberatore, Head Coach; Scott Fera, MVP; Ray Wilson, Co-Captain; Bob Cizmadia, Co-Captain; George Ellice, Frank Flaumenhoft, Assistant Coach. ■; J-r r.- - jl This years tennis team compiled a record of 6 wins and 8 loss- es. Coach Gary Liberatore ' s and assistant Coach Frank Flaumen- haft ' s team registered two early wins against Eastern Nazarene, who, as quoted by the sports writers of the Boston press, were to have an unbeatable season. Well, the chargers netters proved that theory wrong as they beat Eastern Nazarene by the scores of 6-3, 5-4 to hand them their first two losses of the season . The highlights of this years tennis season was the prouncing of arch-rival Southern Connecticut, who, for the first time in fif- teen years, were beaten twice in one season by the Chargers of UNH, the scores being 8-1 and 6-3. In the second half of the season, the Chargers lost to the Uni- versity of Bridgeport, Quinnipiac (by a very tight 5-4 score) and Central Connecticut. The Charger netters then came back to their winning ways by beating Marist College 9-0 and Bryant Col- lege 8-1. This years team was well balanced and deep in talent. There was complete dedication by all to the team and the coaches. The team was headed by Senior Co-Captains Bob Cizmadia and Ray Wilson. Both had fine performances on the year and will be missed by returning lettermen: Seniors Ken Villani, Rick Gara- falo (Captain next season), Mike D ' Eugio, junior Scott Fera (MVP winner this past season) and freshman Jim Blasczyk. Tennis Results Eastern Nazarene W 6-3 Eastern Nazarene W 5-4 Quinnipiac L 4-5 Monmouth L 2-7 Southern Connecticut W 8-1 Southern Connecticut W 6-3 Salem State L 3-6 Yale J.V. L 0-9 Fairfield L 1-8 University of Bridgeport L 3-6 Quinnipiac L 4-5 Central Connecticut L 3-6 Marist W 9-0 Bryant W 8-1 1 GOLF The University of New Haven golf team, aided by four returning seniors and some fine talent, ran up a fine record of 10 wins and 10 losses in 1974. After a very successful trip to Scotland, the Chargers opened their regular season, winning their first two matches and then played just a little under the .500 mark through the rest of the schedule. The high- light of the season for the linksmen of Al Nicholson was spectacular win over Southern Connecticut and a fourth place finish in the Hartford Invitational Team Championship. Leading the team throughout the year was Co- Captain and Most Valuable Player Bill Ginna, plac- ing twenty-second in the Annual New England Inter- collegiate Championship. New Haven also got fine play from seniors Tony Vanzino (Co-Captain), Kevin Lash and Kevin Denny; Sophomores Peter Gerardi, Brian LaSalle and Tom Weldon. The first year winner of the most honored Paul A. Sperry award was Senior Co-Captain Tony Vanzino, who showed courageous loyalty to the team and teammates throughout the season. CROSS-COUNTRY The University of New Haven Cross-Country team facing its toughest schedule ever, finished the season with a fine 3 and 8 record. As it turned out, lack of depth and experience proved to be the downfall of Coach Gary Libera- tores team, but with everyone returning for the 1974 team, the future looks bright. Captain Herb Dunn turned in an outstanding per- formance at each outing. Dunne cane in first place several times and finished no less than fifth in any race. Other members of the team included: Charles Reithel, Ken Lawton, Rich Massella, Mark Pierce and Charles Miller. 1 I KK ' ART Elizabeth Moffitt, Fine Arts Chairman 104 ECONOMICS Willard Petersen, Economics Franklin Sherwood, Economics Chairman John Teluk. Economics HISTORY . , . POLITICAL SCIENCE Joseph Bernard. History Thomas Katsaros, History Chairman Joshua Sandman. Political Sci. Chairman 106 Timothy Terrell. Political Science ACCOUNTING . . . CHEMISTRY . . . MARKETING ZuheirAmin, Accounting Jeffrey Williams, Accounting Peter Desio, Chemistry 107 Henry Lemaire, Chemistry Gladys Hardy, Coordinator — Social Welfare m Walter Jewell, Sociology William White, Transitional Studies SOCIOLOGY . . . HUMANITIES Nathaniel Kaplan Paul Marx. En glish Chairman Kay Stevenson Donald Smith ENGLISH BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Henry Vasileff, Bus. Admin. Warren Smith, Dean of Business PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION MK Norman Hopmayer, Bus. Admin. Satish Chandra, Bus. Admin. Ruth Yanover, Bus. Admin. Charles Flynn, Public Admin. Ward Theilman, Finance Chairman BIOLOGY . . . PHYSICS Ekkehard Tscholl, Physics Henry Voegeli. Biology 112 Fessendon Wright, Science Biology Chairman Thomas Mentzer. Psychology PhilipOlgin. Dir. Teacher ' s Ed, chael York. Psychology SCIENCE . . . PSYCHOLOGY DATA PROCESSING Richard Greet. Materials Engr. ENGINEERING Richard Mann, Civil Engr. Thomas Warner. Jr., Dean of Engineering ( 1 Buddy Saleeby, Mech. Engr. Alexis Sommers, Ind. Engr.; Dean of Grad. School Kantilal Surti, Elec. Engr. MikeTullo, N.H.P.D. John Meyer. Criminal Justice Capt. Burg. N.H.P.D. CRIMINAL JUSTICE Robert Cornell, Sports Info. Donald Ormrod, Athletics PHYSICAL EDUCATION AlphonseCannavaciolo, Math Miguel Garcia-Negron, Math MATH Richard Stanley, Math Joseph Gangler, Math Luis Garcia-Abrines, Languages LANGUAGES o organ CO U izations TAU EPSILON PHI Tau Epsilon Phi International, Tau Kappa Beta Chapter, is the oldest fraternity on campus and is open to any male of good moral character who conforms to the ideals of the fraternity. The members of Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity fully believe that a feeling of true brotherly love and spirit of self- sacrifice can best be promoted by a fraternity of college men. This brotherhood is an inspiration for men to achieve high ideals, noble actions, and outstanding scholastic at- tainment. A phrase you will hear on campus exemplifying the students ' feelings is " TEPS are TOPS. " Officers of TEP President Edward Drew Vice-President Mike McGrath Treasurer Bob Galuzzo Secretary Mark Worley r § t im ZETA BETA TAU Officers of ZBT President GeneTe lker Vice-President Chucl Manns Treasurer Ed Davies Secretary Jay Andruskiwec Historian Tom Pallone ZBT raised $1,700.00 for the American Cancer Society by selling Florida citrus fruits. 123 TAU KAPPA EPSILON Tau Kappa Epsilon International Fraternity is a network of individual chapters throughout the United States and Canada. The philosophy that motivates men to band into groups — that of being able to accomplish things as a unit that would be unattainable as individuals — is also the impelling force that causes individuals to join together into this international society. Tau Kapp Epsilon has gained a position of strength — not by luck or lowered standards, but by detailed planning, devoted service and inspired leadership. Instrumental in its suc- cess has been a " pioneering " spirit that has characterized Teke from its beginning and farsighted leaders who have had the fortitude to accept the challenge of the unknown . 124 ■ |i!TrnTTt!rrrr| i_,- ' m i i % WM L • . " -f , K avH lf Li H v iP% IHhI! Hij BriHni i! ' fl EB ■ ' l B ■■ ' ' ' iX ' . j 11 - i . ' ' CHI KAPPA RHO Chi Kappa Rho Sorority was founded in 1963 for the purpose of rendering service to the Uni- versity, promoting better understanding among the girls of the University, and increasing female participation in University activities. Any full-time female student maintaining a cumulative QPR of 2.0 or better is eligible to join Chi Kappa Rho. Officers of Chi Kappa Rho President Clancy Walsh Vice-President Patti Coppinger Secretary Barbara Peluse Treasurer Mary Ann Signori Social Chairperson Kathy Widger Chi Kappa Rho. First Row: Clancy Walsh. Second Row: Barbara Peluse, Janet Specht, Christine Melillo. Third Row: Aletha Tenedine, Kathy Widger, Mary Ann Signori. LAMBDA ALPHA EPSILON ? : li;! Z ' ' L:J-., £ Lambda Alpha Epsilon (Phi Lambda Epsilon Chapter) is a national law enforcement fraternity open to stu- dents in the Criminal Justice program. Day and Evening Divisions, and graduates of the University of New Ha- ven two or four year Criminal Justice program. VETERAN ' S CLUB Officers: Bob Ryan — President, Bill Flor — Vice President, Pat Ar- busto — Secretary, Barry Bosworth — Treasurer, Jim Scanlon — Exec- utive Officer. This was the scene at the annual Veteran ' s Club picnic which wound up a year filled with var- ious activities. During the year, one item on the agenda was a book drive to collect reading mate- rial for patients at the Veteran ' s Hospital in West Haven. The remainder of the year was devoted primarily to furthering the interests of veterans by urging state and federal legislation to help al- leviate costs being incurred by the veteran at- tempting to continue his education. Letter-writ- ing campaigns and a seminar with other clubs from surrounding colleges were conducted in line with these purposes. The club serves as a source of information on other matters which may be of concern to veter- ans on campus these days while also endeavor- ing to be a positive influence within the UNH community by taking an interest in all student activities. } ' WNHU-FM 88.7 West Haven, Conn. From a distance, the only visible sign of the radio station ' s existence is the red and white tower, identical to the three or four others shooting up from the city. At night, the framework comes alive, silently flashing red warning lights to alert passing airplanes of its majestic presence. In the far distance, a lone smokestack wildly flashes its light- ning white lights in constant re- sponse. Reaching down from the tower are arms of guide wire latch- ing to various spots of the surround- ing buildings, seemingly to keep the tower from exploding skyward . The building supporting the an- tennae structure is a relatively small, modern, two story, brick unit on the campus of a small northeast- ern college. The radio station is lo- cated in a multi-subdivided room, once a music room, In one corner of the second floor. A plaque on the door reads: " WNHU-FM, BROAD- CAST CENTER " . Behind it lies an intricate maze of rooms, equip- ment, and people. A narrow corridor connects two main offices with the broadcast studios. The walls are filled with posters, the bulletin boards with directives and schedules, and the air with sounds reaching a potential audience of 1.5 million people. The offices look and sound much the same. Desks are covered with memos, interference complaints, copy to be approved, and old hot chocolate cups. The files are crammed with information that must be kept for up to five years. Records to be reviewed and tapes to be edited lie in wait. The hallway rises a step and en- ters the broadcast areas. The Asso- ciated Press news machine clacks the familiar " six o ' clock news " background sound. Remaining space is occupied by a news room, main studio, production studio, transmitter room, maintenance room, and record library, together, resembling a puzzle where the pieces fit but the picture is wrong. Every step leads to a door or a room, like an old mansion shrunk down twenty times. During the day, the rooms are bustling with nervous activity; people hurrying to meet deadlines and solve problems. Tour groups often visit making the cramped quarters even more hec- tic. The " on air " disc jockey is never alone; he has help from everyone and visitors all the time. Night reveals a startling change. This isolated area of the student center is still bright with lights when all other buildings are silent and dark. Inside, the D.J. is alone with himself, his music, and his audi- ence. The offices and halls are locked and empty. Sometimes the phone rings — maybe a request or someone just wanting to talk. Either is welcome. As the last record ends, the announcer signs off and bids good night to his listeners. The turntables stop, the microphone dies, and the transmitter spews its last bit of electricity. The only sound for the next few hours is the news machine, clacking its mes- sages to posters, doors, and empty rooms. Outside, the tower still stretches into the night, flashing a warning red, while the lone smokes- tack, now only a faint silhouette, responds in lightning white. Tom Kuser Society for the Advancement of Management: Bottom Row: Eric Fahrman, Peter Bencevenga, Barry Bosworth (Club Officers). Middle Row: Michael Fuschi, Don McKendall, Tony Falcigno, Steve Birn, Joe D ' Amico, Rich Mahoney, Dennis Meligonis. Top Row: Robert Weber, Bruce Gilston, Bob Ryan, Bob Biedermann. MANAGEMENT CLUB Campus Ed., Gary Alexander Editor Tom Murphy " THE NEWS " STAFF Editor-in-Chief — Thomas W. Murphy Managing Editor — Richard Veilleux Advertising Director — John Stillwell Senior Sports Editor — Paul Zampier Campus Editor — Gary Alexander Features Editor — William Murphy Photography Editor — Anthony Picagli Campus Staff: Wendy Kristoff, Joan Mitchell, Harry Baker, Tim Cox. Features Staff: Bill Elander, Barrett J. Wolf, Douglas Ostwald, Joe Martin. Sports Staff: Jack Larocca, Peter Ger- ard, Joe Amarante. Photography Staff: John D ' Amico. Money Talk Student Activity Fee : Raised PvDSG y " ballplayers, " 7% T Here is your chance to )n your campus by There are many o- vJIIIng to work ii. involved Mith people yearbook staff. ' ' le for people time Dur next meeting will . ' 3, 1974 at 12:30 in the StuQ ballplayers, " " interested please attend. - " - oH olease contact The Y f System ol ' i Z Sii cess rbook ' ■Q ' . ■+6 o - „ pub Op - 1 No rrf- " - ' ; ,;: O r. o i C 5 . Q % ' " » . ftl ■Jl -f v ■fitoL 0,, ■oo, •ft] ' i es c K . ff .w ' s •m Jo 00 s. ' til ' " e, Ut, WH » ' . :; % - r, y Of New Haven ... lOfl f -6 O End of the Year Beer Bas rv Saturday, May 4th from 6 pm to 2 - V UNH Front Parking Lot gra .al oni Jv Cookouts, soda, beer, volleyball, frisbee T and from 9 - 2 am Rock band WOODWIND CLEJj N FREE TO ALL UNH STUDENTS W I.D. homort Orange ven; 192 laven ; on, a junior, ivenue. New W C y ' -tardsl facui are THE INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS, INC. Chairman Leamon Moore Vice-Chairman Robert Russo Secretary Ronald De Rosa Treasurer Dennis Meligonis Advisor Dr. Stephen Grodzinsky Associate Professor Electrical Engineering The purpose of I.E.E.E. is the dissemi- nation of knowledge (by a program of lec- tures, projects, etc.) of the theory and practice of all aspects of electri- cal engineering, elec- tronics, radio, allied branches of engineer- ing or the related arts and sciences, as well as the promotion of the professional develop- ment of the student. y D.S.G. DSG Secretary, Mrs. Fran Erba. M ' The present Student Government was initiated on May 14, 1971 with the ratification of the Day Student Constitution by the Day Students of the University. The DSG is a unique student govern- ment in its independence from the school ' s administration. Some $100,000 in Student Activity Fees are distributed by the DSG. This represents a $25 per semester investment by you, the student. The question is, what are you getting for your money? The DSG sponsors social events throughout the year. Caberets, picnics, lectures, and films are all subsidized by the Student Activi- ty Fee. If you don ' t like something, the DGS is the avenue to take to change it. The individual student can change nothing by himself or herself. The DSG is the representative of student opinion in areas ranging from academic to social. It ' s your choice: you can spend four years as a nobody, meeting few people, accepting everything you are told, influencing nothing; or you can meet a lot of great people, and have a great deal of influence on the matters that ef- fect you. The DSG needs good people on every committee in every area. Whether you have an hour a week or 10 hours a week, you can get involved. The choice is up to you: you can influence what ef- fects you, or accepts whatever happens. This year ' s DSG officers are: President Ted Kunkel, Vice Pres- ident Steve DiMungo, Treasurer Ed Davies, and Secretary Terry Principi. ■j . " . i Ted Kunkel presents the Past-Presidents ' Gavel to Bill Bruce. THE CHARIOT - 1974 Robert Reutenauer Editor-in-Chief Kathy-Leigh Huber Co-Editor GENERAL STAFF Brad Lyons BobCizmadia Elizabeth lorfino Chris Deleone Marlene Gentile Paul Price PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF John Musco John Stillwell Phil Rosenfeld John D ' Amico Barry Wolf Bill Murphy Brad Lyons. i Even in a school the size of the University of New Haven, student clubs and activities are many and varied. It is a near impossibility to cover, and cover adequately, the scores of organizations operating within UNH. The Chariot staff has tried to present, through this book, the tone of the University ' s activities. If we have left anyone out, or misrep- resented any club or organization, it was not intentional; nor did we intend to editorialize on any activity. We have tried to portray the clubs and organizations at the Universi- ty as we saw them, and as the students participated in them. — the Staff of the Chariot 74 A A 1 r ■ .) M H l5 w 1 ■1 1 NERDS OHMS The University ' s newspaper and radio station, along with a few " extras " from other clubs and or- ganizations, participate in many extra-curricular functions. They aid in the broadcasting and cover- age of many of the home and away sports matches, and also hold their own softball games against local teams. On May 5th, they lost to the team from Chuck ' s Steak House, but regained their dignity lat- er that day by crushing C. W. Post in a frisbee mara- thon, sponsored by Schaeffer Beer, at Quigley Stadium. RATHSKELLAR OPENS 141 CAMPUS BEAUTIFICATION COMMITTEE With the coming of spring, many UNH students joined a new club — the Campus Beautification Committee. The committee members, and any volunteers who showed up to work, planted shrubs, trees, and lots of flowers in various spots around the Stu- dent Center and Bookstore. The change was gradual, but effective: people began to no- tice, and appreciate, the colorful, flowering borders and the new trees and shrubs. A string of small street lamps were later In- stalled, and the spring " re-landscaping " was complete: a quiet, pretty scene at UNH, which added greatly to the campus. EVENING DIVISION Sitting L to R Richard Kozma, Night Beat Chairman; Mary Ann MIkosky, Treasurer Social Chairman; Frank Cassello, President, Board of Gov. representative; Standing L to R: Tim Sadler, Chairman; John Larafino Jr., Student-Faculty Advisor; George Baker, John Comchik, Night Beat Chairman; Mario Garfalo, member; Richard, Advisor; John Hunter, Members Not Present: Morton Oeneistein, Vice President GOB rep.; Walter Conley, Secretary; Raymond Flimn, member. t t , 1 k» ' • il. ■r ' . ,:M m%. SUPPOSE YOU NEEDED BLOOD AND THERE WASN ' T ANY NEXT BLOODMOBILE VISIT DATE: February 25, 1974 TIME: 10:: A.M.-3:00 P.M. PLACE: Student lounge [ii 153 DORM LIFE -UNH- OR: Everything you always wanted to know about living in a strange place, but were afraid to ask! WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES 1973-74 On May 6th, 1974, 32 students from the University of New Haven were presented with an award for lead- ership and excellence in extra-curricular activities by the committee for Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. The certificates were presented by President Kaplan, as Bob Petrashune announced the names of the recipients. The students receiving awards were: Walter Aaron Patricia Arbusto Harry Baker John Basso Vincent Berluti William Bruce Neville Brown Linda Butler Lawrence Carter Mark Dougherty Edward Drew Robert Elliot Michael Frechette John Festa Paul Fontaine Richard Gelgauda Gordon Gianninoto Charles Heaney Paul Klein Roseann Kolar Maureen Mangan Peter Moore Thomas Perrett David Schuler Sharon Soderquist Carolyn Sommers Thomas Sypher Leo Vallee David Villa Brian Wallace Jerome Weber Kathleen Widger fl ' ' P -Wyi ' - ' A Daniel Ellsberg Jukido demonstration LECTURES 73-74 44 1 Stokely Charmichael 156 Jacques D ' Amboisa Ram Das Cbakravarty ifii tm i ' l UNH Bookstore — where books, school supplies, and other necessities may be purchased. Gatehouse — Admissions department, veteran ' s administration, and home of the new UNH computer. ft U lTi ■ ■■du iHir III student Center — most of the out-of-class activity happens here — eating, studying, gameroom and headquarters for most club organizations. 158 The Dorm — our " live-in ' s " home away from home. The New UNH Library — it ' s been taking shape all winter, slowly, but surely. ; — most of the fac ' e inside. -UNH i AJt 51 ST COMMENCEMENT- The University of New Haven ' s Fifty-First annual graduation ceremony was held Sunday, June 9. George R. Vila, Chairman of the Board and President of Uniroyal, Inc., delivered the commencement address. Degrees were conferred upon the 572 graduates by Phillip Kaplan, UNH president. Eighty-five gradu- ates received Associate in Science degrees and 435 Bachelor of Arts or Bache- lor of Science degrees were awarded. Fifty-two Master ' s degrees were award- ed: forty-two Master of Business Administration degrees, two Master of Public Administration degrees, and eight Master of Science degrees. The honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters was conferred upon five eminent candidates: Roland H. Bainton, Yale Professor Emeritus and authori- ty on the Reformation and the history of the church; Stuart Chase, an econo- mist, semanticist, and prolific author of more than thirty volumes; State Rep- resentative Mary Brooks Griswold; artist Natalie Hays Hammond, founder of the Hammond Museum in North Salem, N.Y.; and Francis H. Horn, President of Albertus Magnus College. Associate degree candidates were presented by Provost Alexis N. Sommers. Bachelor degree recipients were presented by their respective Deans: Dr. Douglas Robillard, School of Arts and Sciences; Warren J. Smith, School of Business Administration; and Thomas C. Warner, Jr., School of Engineering. Dr. Joseph Parker, Dean of the Graduate School, presented the Master degree candidates. The Dean ' s Awards for outstanding achievement and service to the Univer- sity were awarded to the following graduates: Mark H. Dougherty, B.A., Politi- cal Science, from Morris; Sharon D. Soderquist, B.S., Operations Manage- ment, From Gibsonia, Pa.; and Jerome P. Weber, B.A., Sociology, from New Haven. Dean of Students John W. Ghoreyeb made the presentations. Receiving the Alpha Chi Honor Society Awards, signifying the highest aca- demic average for a day student in each of the three schools were: Anthony Priore, Jr., B.S., Accounting, from North Haven, School of Business Adminis- tration; Donald F. Pegnataro, B.S., Civil Engineering, from Woodbridge, School of Engineering; and Jerome P. Weber, B.A., Sociology, from New Ha- ven, School of Arts and Sciences. W. Story Leavesley, B.S., Operations Man- agement, of Meriden, was awarded the Alpha Sigma Honor Society Award, given to an out-standing evening student. Richard L. Gelgauda, B.S., Operations Management, of Milford, and Frank L. Cassello, B.S., Criminal Justice Administration, of Wallingford, were pre- sented with the Alumni Association Awards. • ;;;?« " »•? « ti ■.y.Mj-H l ' M ' l GRADUATES JANUARY 1974 Achorn, William A. Old Mill Rd. Georgetown, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Ahnert, Glenn E. 15 Stony Brook Dr. Waterford, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Allard, Elizabeth A. 51 East Brown St. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Marketing Almeida, Ronald J. 265 Lighthouse Ave. Stratford, Ct. B.S. Industrial Engineering Anson, Robert B. 136 Derby Ave. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Hotel Restaurant Adm. Arndt, WalterJ.Jr. 3 Granite Drive Norwalk, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice — Adm. Barnes, Donald A. 14 Arlington Street West Haven, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Barrett, Peter J. 82 Highland Ave. Danubry,Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice — Adm. Beerwald, Eric F. 3 Ark Road Clinton, Ct. B.S. Marketing Bell, Richard C. 277 Barnes Ave. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Finance Bencivenga, Jerry C. leWilshireBlvd. Milford, Ct. B.S. Biology Benedetti, John F. 72 Hoffman Street West Haven, Ct. B.S. General Management Benivegna, David W. 204 Elaine Terrace New Haven, Ct. B.S. General Management Biondi, Gennard 633 Savin Ave West Haven, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice — Adm. Bishop, Wayne C. 65-C IVV Circle West Haven Ct. A. S. Criminal Justice Black Floyd 168 Woodward Ave. So. Norwalk, Ct. B.S. Operations Management Block, Paul R. 407 Flint Street Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. Hotel Restaurant Adm. Bochet, Robert L. 23 Batter Terrace New Haven, Ct. B.A. Political Science Boddie, Milton 541 Eastern Street New Haven, Ct. B.S. Hotel Restaurant Adm. Bodge, David A. 1195 Kossuth St. Bridgeport, Ct. A.S. Criminal Justice Bolan, Phillip E. 2 Hilltop Road New Haven, Ct. B.S. Accounting Bonds, Samuel Jr. 18B Station Court New Haven, Ct. B.S. Public Administration Bonito, Louis J. 1667 Ridge Road No. Haven, Ct. B.S. Public Administration Borson, James C. 46 Kaye Road West Haven, Ct. B.S. General Management Bowes, George T. 858 Beardsley St. Galton,Ohio B.S. Electrical Engineering Brandad, Emanuel L. Jr. 137 Catherine Street Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Braun, Peter M. 74 Live Oaks Rd. Milford, Ct. B.A. English Brisimitzakis, Peters. 54 85th Street Brooklyn, NY B.A. Psychology Brozek, Richard L. 4 0akDaleCir. Wallingford, Ct. A.S. Criminal Justice Bruce, William 10 Iroquois Drive Clinton, Ct. B.A. Political Science Brushitis, James M. 208 Silver Hill Road Derby, Ct. B.S. Operations Management Buffaloe, Otha C. 659 WinthropAve. New Haven, Ct. A.S. Criminal Justice Burt, David E. 131 Cornflower Drive Milford, Ct. B.S. Operations Management Cacchillo, JohnG. 4 Lakevlew Ave. Shelton,Ct. A.S. General Studies Cadwell, William P. Jr. 224 Highland Ave. West Haven, Ct. B.A. Sociology Cagginello, William R. 970 Madison Ave. Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. General Management Calka, James A. 24 Wakeman Road Darien, Ct. B.S. Public Administration Campagnano, Nelson J. 65 Beecher St. Southington,Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Capen, Bruce G. 95 Merwin Avenue Milford, Ct. B.A. Sociology Caporale, Richard P. 236 Derby Ave. Orange, Ct. B.A. English Carangelo, Anthony A. 162 London Drive Hamden, Ct. B.S. Hotel Restaurant Adm. Cardile, Paul E. 28 Pendleton St. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Cariello, Joseph S. 37 Pardee PI. East Haven, Ct. B.A. Sociology Carlson, Norman J. Jr. 54 Summit Road Naugatuck,Ct. B.A. Sociology Carroccio, Paul T. 35 Washington Ave. Danbury,Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Carroll, Cornelius 94GlendaleAve. Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice — Adm. Carubia, John M. 211 Hotchkiss Grove Rd. Branford, Ct. B.S. Chemistry Caserta, Gary 180 Henry Ave. Stratford, Ct. B.S. General Management Chase, Ellsworth E. Jr. RRlBox76 Durham Ct. B.S. Industrial Engineering Cichocki, Walter A. 4 Diaz St. East Haven, Ct. B.S. General Management Ciesco, Michael F. 160 Trolley Crossing Middletown,Ct. B.S. General Management Cimino, Peter Jr. HamreLa Apt. 13A Branford, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice — Adm. Cohick, Ronald B. 20 Lamberton Street New Haven, Ct. B.S. Hotel Restaurant Adm. Colavoipe, Donna M. 103 Prospect PI. Ext. East Haven, Ct. B.A. English Colella,Louis J. lllGranby St. Waterbury, Ct. B.S. Accounting Collins, Richard E. 26 Terrace Ave. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Accounting Collora, Joseph 110 Galloway Ave. Staten, Isl. , NY B.S. Hotel Restaurant Adm. Cooke, James G. 303 Strawberry Hill Ave. Norwalk, Ct. B.S. Industrial Engineering Cookley, Peter E. 164 Juniper Dr. Southington,Ct. A.S. Criminal Justice Coon, Edward H. III. 126 Hungerford Ave. Oakville. Ct. B.S. Hotel Restaurant Adm. Corcoran, William J. 12 Linda Ave. Uncasville, Ct. A.S. Criminal Justice Corsi, Marilina 251 Davenport Ave. New Haven, Ct. B.A. Art Costa, Lina 108 Pearl Ave. Hamden, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Adm. Covey, John M. 101 Montrose Ave. Bryn Mawr, Pa. B.S. Hotel Restaurant Adm. Coyle, Thomas 232 Forest Lane Cheshire, Ct. A.S. Criminal Justice Coyle, Gerald R. 920 Delaware St. Scranton, Pa. B.S. General Management Crawford, Norman D. 147 Bradley Street New Haven, Ct. B.S. Hotel Restaurant Adm. Cross, DaleW. 56 Laurel Hill Rd. Branford, Ct. B.S. Marketing Cucinelli, Jane B. 78 Fairview Ave. West Haven, Ct. B.S. General Management Cummiskey, Robert J. 7019 Penarth Ave. Upper Darby, Pa. B.S. Hotel Restaurant Adm. Cwirka, Edwin T. Millstream Rd. Amston, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Daddio, Lawrence J. 12 Manor Rd. East Haven, Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Dangelo, Lawrence J. 1088 Chase Pkwy. Waterbury, Ct. B.S. General Management Dardashti, Soleiman 127 Dogwood Road Apt 7A West Haven, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Dawson, Susan J. 26 Palmer Road Branford, Ct. B.S. Finance Defazio, Daniel 3Seitz Lane Cos Cob, Ct. B.S. Accounting Degennaro, Vincent A. 196 West Side Drive Hamden.Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Demaille, Alfred 62 Fawn Hill Rd. Huntington, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Denerstein, Morton 6 Lochwood Drive Clinton, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Adm. Deschenes, James E. 622 Naugatuck Ave. Milford, Ct. B.S. General Management Deschesnes, Roger J. 941 Guernsey Town Rd. Watertown,Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Duegenio, Michael J. 50 Cedar Ave. No. Haven, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Adm. Devine, James J. 30Sigwin Circle Wallingford, Ct. B.A. History Devito, Patrick A. 6 Lighthouse Lane Norwalk, Ct. B.S. Marketing Dicke, Peter V. 7 Burr Ave. Hempstead, Ny B.S. Hotel Restaurant Adm. Diehl, Bert A. Jr. 380 Ocean Ave. Stratford, Ct. A.S. Engineering Dilorenzo, John R. 17 Simon Place Apt A4 West Haven, Ct. B.S. Hotel Restaurant Adm. Dinello, Theresa M. 54 Frank St. New Haven, Ct. B.A. English Dodson, Philip A. 18 Field Rd. Cos Cob, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice — Adm. Donner, William E. 39 Briarwood Drive Danbury,Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Doro, Martin F. 141 Main St. Apt. Al West Haven, Ct. B.S. Accounting Drugonis, Jerome S. 4 Bungay Terrace Seymour, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Adm. Duff, Gerald A. Jr. 1 Pleasant Trail Killingworth, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Dumolo, Anthony R. 930 Park Drive Wantagh, NY B.S. General Management Duva, Frank A. 558 Fan Hill Rd. Monroe, Ct. A.S. Industrial Engineering Dutilly. Brian G. 49 Ledyard Ave. Groton,Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Duva, Agnes D. 322 Willow St. Waterbury, Ct. B.A. History Dwyer, John F. Route 45 New Preston, Ct. B.S. Biology Earl, Terry W. 23 Hancock Drive Butter, NJ B.S. Hotel Restaurant Adm. Echlov, Richard L. 56 Blake St. Newton, Mass. B.A. History Eberth, Linda D. Box 386 Ironworks Road Clinton, Ct. B.A. Sociology Ebner, Raymond C. 114 Palmer Ave. N.Tarrytown, NY B.S. Mechanical Engineering Ellis, Jeffrey S. 334 Broadwell Ave. Union, NJ B.S. Marketing Ellis, Randolph Jr. 465 Sawmill Rd. West Haven, Ct. B.A. English Emmerich, Frederick L. 55 Putney Drive West Haven, Ct. A.S. Business Estok, PaulJ.III Pleasant Rise 2 Brookfield, Ct. A.S. Business Administration Faria, FredT. 211 Boston Street Coventry, Rl. B.S. Hotel Restaurant Adm. Fedoruk, Halyna 37 Arch St. Hamden,Ct. B.A. Mathematics Felix, Ronald A. 113 Morgan Ave. East Haven, Ct. B.S. Materials Engineering Ferrara, Douglas L. 37 Penzance Road Stamford, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Ferris, Carl J. 105 Botsford Street Meriden,Ct. B.S. Hotel Restaurant Adm. Ferro, Val A. 318 Noble St. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Marketing Field, Thomas T. 19 Morton Road Meriden, Ct. B.S. Materials Engineering Fitzsimmons, Thomas W. 5 Whitney Rd. Bethel, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Flynn, Robert M. 568 Clinton Ave. New Haven, Ct. B.S. General Management Fontaine, Paul V. 15 Old Canterbury Tpke. Norwich, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Franzetti, Carl J. 7 Ann St. Greenwich, Ct. B.S. Industrial Engineering Frechette, Susan 43 Church Drive Cheshire, Ct. B.A. Mathematics Friedman, Richard A. C 0 Raders Hotel Spring Valley, NY B.S. Hotel Restaurant Adm. Gagnon, Arthur E. 1546 Willard Ave. Newington,Ct. B.S. CJ-Forensic Science Garcia, Fernando 78 Albion Ave. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Berger, Glory S. 255 Overlook Rd. New Rochelle, NY B.A. History Ghofrani, Shahnaz J. 57 Pendleton Street New Haven, Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Gill. Robert W. 10 Evergreen Place Branford, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Adm. Giordano, Frank J. 196 Rockdale Road West Haven, Ct. A.S. General Studies Goetz, Jerry E. 9 Crestwood Road Danbury ,Ct. B.S. Economics Green, Arthur S. 66 Halsey Dr. Old Greenwich Ct. A.S. Comm. Art Advertising Greenwood, Ernest Jr. 25 Washington St. Pawcatuck, Ct. A.S. Criminal Justice Greiner, Leslie L RFD5 Norwich, Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Greim, George R. 71 Albion Ave. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice — Adm. Hallissy, Robert P. 10 Lakeview Dr. Niantic, Ct. B.S. Chemistry Hassman, Edward M. 7 Brian Drive Trumbull, Ct. B.S. Marketing Hauser, Edward A. 40 Virginia Ave. Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. Marketing Hayduk, Edward Alan No. Humiston Dr. Bethany, Ct. B.S. Operations Management Heroux, Ronald J. 176 Leete Street West Haven, Ct. B.S. Hotel Restaurant Adm. Hocking, Roger Leslie 312 Parker Farms Rd. Wallingford, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Hoffman, Paul A. 821 Derby-Milford Rd. Orange, Ct. B.S. Accounting Hogan, Christopher B. 290 Timber Lane Cheshire, Ct. B.A. English Howard, Arthur E. 271 James Street New Haven, Ct. B.S. Hotel Restaurant Adm. Hull, William R. 64-34 233 St. Bayside, Ny B.S. Hotel Restaurant Adm. Hunter, Stuart W. 35 Adams Avenue Milford, Ct. B.S. Hotel Restaurant Adm. Huntington, Frederick 93 Roseville Road Westport, Ct. B.S. Community Ecology Husband, Frederick C. 50 Dante Place Hamden,Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice — Corrections Hutchinson, Brian W. 305 Dunbar Hill Rd. Hamden,Ct. B.A.Art Infanti, Linda A. 40 Lynwood Place New Haven, Ct. B.A. Biology Javins, Roscoe B. Jr. 80 First St. New Haven, Ct. B.A. History Johnson, Douglas B. 175 Cutlery Ave. So. Meriden B.S. General Management Johnson, Maureen E. 954 Elm St. New Haven, Ct. B.A. English Johnson, Tord R. 8 Wildwood Drive Branford, Ct. B.S. General Management Johnstone, James L. 45 Harlburt Street New Haven, Ct. B.S. Hotel Restaurant Adm. Jones, Thomas S. 9 Mary Ann Lane Wallingford, Ct. A.S. Engineering Joseph, Carlton M. 690 Howard Ave. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Accounting Kalafut, Stephen J. 23 Laurelwood Dr. Shelton, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engr. Kantrowitz, Seth 8 Pryde Drive Orange, Ct. B.A. English Katz, Penny Sue 7821 Brier Street Philadelpha, Pa. B.A. Social Welfare Katz, Jerome H. 412 Clay Ave. Scranton, Pa. B.S. General Management Kazaleh, Elias James 154ClintonvilleRd. Northford, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice — Adm. Kennedy, Phillip T. 87 Third Ave. Ext. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering King. Charles E.A.M. 200 York St. Apt 2D New Haven, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice — Adm. Klein, Lawrence P. 315 Washington Ave. West Haven, Ct. B.S. General Management Klein, Paul L. 23 Carlson Rd. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Biology Klim, Edmund 77 Ridgetop Rd. Wallingford.Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Koch, Jane H. 279 Park Road Hamden, Ct. A.S. General Studies Koekkoek,JanW. 156 Eastern Ave. Waterbury, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Kolendo, William C. 15 Beverly Drive Ansonia, Ct. A.S. Engineering Konarski, Dennis F. 5645 Linden Drive Dearborn, Mich. H.O. Tel Restaurant Adm. Kootz, John P. Jr. 40 Bassett St. West Haven, Ct. B.A. Psychology Kovalsky, David A. ISOGIenfieldAve. Stratford, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Kowalski, JanuszZ. 6116 169th Street Flushing, NY B.A. Art Krinsky, Murry S. 18 So. Forest Circle West Haven, Ct. B.S. Marketing Kucenski, Thomas S. 7 Hobson Ave. East Haven, Ct. B.S. General Management Kuzmik, Paul T. 82 Morningside Drive Torrington, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Labanca, James 907 North High St. East Haven, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice — Adm. Ladutko, Daniel 116KnorrRd. Monroe, Ct. B.S. Industrial Engineering Lane, Alan C. 19 Sumac St. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice-Adm. Leavitt, Richard F. 674 New Britain Ave. Hartford, Ct. B.S. General Management Lee, Song 132 Spruce St. Meriden, Ct. A.S. Engineering Leiderman, Gary 18 Beverly Road New Haven, Ct. A.S. Journalism Lewis, Carl A. 27 Marlin Dr. Norwalk, Ct. B.S. Marketing Lewis, R. Kenvil 15 Donna Dr. Apt C 3 New Haven, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Lewis, Thomas K. 19 Bradley Ave. Branford.Ct. B.S. Hotel Restaurant Adm. Lockwood, Thomas B. 7 November Trail Weston, Ct. B.A. Art Loethen, Robert M. 7 Shaw Dr. No. Haven, Ct. B.S. General Management Loguidice, Nicholas J. 24 Park Place Middletown.Ct. B.S. General Management Lounsbury, David A. 22WoodsbridgeRoad Katonah, NY B.S. Law Enforcement — Science Lucey, Stephen A. SCanady Lane Madison, Ct. B.S. General Management Madrigal, Enrique J. 10 Highland St. Apt. L. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Hotel Restaurant Am. Macrino, Maria D. 170HalleyAve. Fairfield, Ct. A.S. Criminal Justice Macrino, Paul M. 170 Halley Ave. Fairfield, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice — Adm. Madhani, Mahesh J. 50 Allan Street West Haven, Ct. B.S. Materials Engineering Maltese, Philip N. 12 Highview Ave. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Hotel Restaurant Adm. Mansfield, Robert H. 94 Ridgeland Circle Wallingford,Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Manuel, Barbara T. 16 Woodland St. New Haven, Ct. B.A. Sociology Marchand, Charles 116 So. Main St. Wallingford, Ct. B.S. Marketing Marcy, Walter D. 52 Bridgewater Rd. New Milford, Ct. A.S. Criminal Justice Marion, Duward 0. Jr. 164 1806 Carolina Ave. Ormond Beach, Fla. B.S. Hotel Restaurant Adm. Mark, Robert F. Jr. 155 Ivy St. Branford.Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Marks, Jeffrey R. 20BSheaRd. Milford, Ct. B.A. English Maru, Robert J. 141 Twin Brook Rd. Hamden, Ct. B.S. Finance Mason, Marte E. P.O. Box 0092 New Haven, Ct. B.S. Hotel Restaurant Adm. Massa, Robert A. 144 Floral Blvd. Floral Pk. LI, NY B.S. Electrical Engineering Mayoros, John L. 35 Evergreen Ave. Middletown, Ct. A.S. Criminal Justice McCasland, Donald J. 628 Frost Rd. Waterbury, Ct. B.A. Political Science McCatherine John S. 1 Price Road Peabody, Ct. B.A. English McCormick, Gilbert D. 19 Jefferson St. Norwalk, Ct. B.S. Accounting McLoughlin, Stephen B. 47LoulthropSt. Ansonia, Ct. A.S. Engineering Meehan, Robert P. 29 Monroe St. No. Haven, Ct. B.S. General Management Melone, Robert A. 5 Westwood Road Milford. Ct. B.A. Psychology Mercuriano, Anthony M. 294 Piatt Avenue West Haven, Ct. B.S. General Management Milite, Louis V. 138 Poplar Street New Haven, Ct. B.S. Public Administration Mingrone, Richard F. 141 Cricket Lane Orange, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice — Adm. Minnick, Richard J. 147 Cedar Lane Beacon Falls. Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Moeller. Connie A. Rd. 3 Box 426 Stroudsburg. Pa. B.S. Hotel Restaurant Adm. Moody, Alan R. 1040 Campbell Ave. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice — Adm. Moranski, John J. 156 Canfield Avenue Bridgeport. Ct. B.A. History Morrow. Francis B. 89 Kosko Lane Naugatuck.Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice — Adm. Mulroney, John P. 372 Piute Lane Box 86 Stratford, Ct. B.S. Marketing Murphy, Thomas J. Jr. 12 Norchester Dr. Princeton, NJ B.S. General Management Musgrave, George C. 83 Bulkeley Ave. Hartford, Ct. B.S. Accounting Neil, Raymond M. 75 Northwood Dr. Waterbury, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice — Adm. Northway, Barry A. 25 High St. CollinsvilleCt. B.S. Operations Management Oaks, Harold B. 675 Elm St. New Haven, Ct. A.S. Comm. Art Advert. Offchiss. David 80 Franklin St. Ansonia. Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice — Adm. Olbrys, Lewis M. 6 Success Village Apt 6 Bridgeport Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering O ' Leary. Daniel J. 484 Orange Street New Haven. Ct. B.S. Hotel Restaurant Adm. Orlowski, Joseph E. 60 Silver Hill Rd. Derby, Ct. B.S. Economics Overton, Jeff W. 245 Field Street Naugatuck,Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice — Adm. Ozinsky. Joseph T. 396 E. Main St. Stratford, Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Paletsky, Marc A. RFDl Morris. Ct. B.A. Political Science Panagoulias. Lee 275SeahillRd. No. Branford. Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Pannizo, Frank J. 670Oradell Ave. Oradell, NJ B.S. Electrical Engineering Panzarino, Fedele J. 57-10 226 St. Bayside, NY B.S. Hotel Restaurant Adm. Passariello, Louis A. 57 Blake St. New Haven Ct. B.S. General Management Paul, Glenn E. P.O. Box 196 Sharon, Mass. 02067 B.S. Marketing Peck, William D. 28 Division St. Danbury,Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Peckham, Daniel W. Prattsville, NY B.S. Operations Management Pekar, Nicholas M. Jr. 411 Meadow St. Fairfield, Ct. B.S. Accounting Pembroke, James P. 656 E. Seventh St. S. Boston, Mass. B.A. Political Science Percivalle, Vincent F. 2004 150th Street Whitestone, NY B.S. General Management Perkins, Joseph T. 50 Massachusetts Rd. Oakdale, Ct. A.S. Criminal Justice Peryer, Lawrence 0. 250 Four Rod Rd. Hamden, Ct. A.S. Criminal Justice Petrini, Leonard A. 228 E. Morton St. Old Forge, Pa. B.S. Marketing Petrone, Donald 36 Linden St. Norwalk,Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice — Adm. Pokrinchak, Justine A. 139 Walnut Tree Hill Rd. Shelton, Ct. B.S. Water Quality Control Powell, Deborah J. 40 Reservoir St. Bethel, Ct. B.A. Sociology Prasauckas, Richard 25 Surrey Trail Sandy Hook, Ct. B.S. Operations Management Prokopec, Gary S. 3489 Burkeshire Dr. Horseheads, NY B.S. Criminal Justice Corrections Quigley, Thomas V. 50 Wintergreen Lane Cheshire, Ct. A.S. Business Rainey, David J. 287 West River St. Milford,Ct. B.S. General Management Ramirez, Guillermo 50 North Second Merlden, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Randall, Gary L. lOOWestfordSt. Chelmsford, Mass. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Recasino, Christopher 798 Lake Shore Dr. Parsippany, NJ B.S. Operations Management Regueira, Edward 200 Nutmeg Lane E. Hartford, Ct. B.S. Accounting Relvas, Abilio A. 167 No. Hoadley St. Naugatuck,Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Reocigno, Anthony P. B.S. Public asocial Adm. Richardson, Jesse 84 Howe Street New Haven, Ct. B.A. History Richardson, Robert J. 347 Alden Ave. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Riskalla, John J. lOStonehouseRd. Trumbull, Ct. B.S. Materials Engineering Roberts, Mark H. 31 Flat Iron Rd. Guilford, Ct. B.A. Sociology Roess, Richard H. 3 Fieldbrook Ave. Clinton, Ct. B.A. Chemistry Rosenbeck, Paula H. 1579 Chapel Street New Haven, Ct. B.A. Art Rosenstein, Douglas J. 136-04 Cherry Ave. Flushing, NY B.S. Criminal Justice — Adm. Rosner, Robert Allan 433 Ellsworth Ave. New Haven, Ct. B.S. General Management Roth, Robert I. 16 Chester Drive Rye, NY A.S. Hotel Restaurant Mgmt. Sapper, Stephen 55 Beach Lane No. Haven, Ct. B.S. General Management Saranitzky, Edward A. 1307 Quinnipiac Ave. New Haven, Ct. B.S. General Management Sbrega, Raymond J. 324 Olivia St. Derby, Ct. B.S. Marketing Schaefer, Paul J. 115 S. Brooksvale Road Cheshire, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Schinell,Christos M. 66 Greenwich Way Milford, Ct. B.S. Operations Management Selleck, Robert C. 21 Springside Avenue Danbury,Ct. B.S. Marketing Senese, Mary A. 253 Peck Hill Road Woodbridge, Ct. B.A. English Sheeler, Edward T. 1060 Hunter Avenue Valley Strm, NY. B.S. Hotel Restaurant Adm. Sherman Stuart R. 354 Coachmans Lane Orange, Ct. A.S. Biology Shine, Daniel R. 9 Colonial Blvd. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Marketing Slatick, Robert J. 117 Helen St. Hamden, Ct. B.S. General Management Silvanik, Paul S. 28 Cottage Place Trumbull, Ct. B.S. Accounting Smith, Wallace A. Jr. 113 Old Nod Road Clinton, Ct. B.S. Marketing Sobieski, William 199 Skokonet Rd. Beacon Falls, Ct. B.S. Hotel Restaurant Adm. Sommer, Carolyn M. 50 Salem Street New Haven, Ct. B.S. General Management Sonbolian, Morteza 152 Meadowbrook Court West Haven, Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Sosnowski, Vincent R. 40 Manners Ave. Naugatuck,Ct. B.A. Political Science Sotere, Peter A. 17 Kenmore Lane Milford, Ct. B.S. General Management Splaver, Howard E. 23 Laurie Road Trumbull, Ct. B.S. General Management Stango, Robert J. 179WilkendaAve. Waterbury, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Stanton, Charles T. 179 Broat St. Norwich, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Stapleton, Edward J. 147 Brown St. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Steele, Edward A. 32 Moss St. Pawcatuck, Ct. A.S. Criminal Justice Stickney, Eugene E. 30 Jefferson Cir. Clinton, Ct. A.S. Criminal Justice Stimler, Jack 0. U of Conn. Health Ct. Farmington,Ct. B.A. Mathematics Sullivan, Martin D. 39 Indian Field Rd. Groton, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice — Adm. Swatkoski, William M. 587 Birmingham St. Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Adm. Sweet, Richard W. 509 Burnside Ave. E. Hartford, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice — Adm. Swoszowski, Thomas S. 19 Maple St. Shelton, Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Sypher, Thomas 0. 65 Clark Street New Haven, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Tamburo, Anthony 557MilvilleAve. Apt2-5 Naugatuck, Ct. A.S. Bus. Adm. Targowski, Edward F. 7 Nero St. Fairfield, Ct. A.S. Criminal Justice Teardo, Thomas F. 199 Colonial Street Oakville, Ct. A.S. Criminal Justice Tennant, David 252 Seaside Ave. Milford, Ct. B.S. Economics Termehchi, Shahrokh 97 The Circle Passaic, NJ B.S. Mechanical Engineering Thomas, Gary M. 66-4 Gloucester Ct. Newington,Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Thrall, John R. 673 Spring St. Manchester, Ct. B.S. Accounting Tiano, Robert Francis 900 Robert Treat Drive Milford, Ct. A.S. General Studies Timberman, Dewilton 132 Standish Ave. Haven, Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Torino, Anthony R. 1047 Campbell Ave. West Haven, Ct. B.A. Electrical Engineering Traski, Gary M. 317 Ellsworth St. Bridgeport, Ct. B.A. Art Tremper, Gregory B. 71 Terrace Gardens Walllngford, Ct. B.S. Economics French, Ronald I. 67 Lake Rd. No. Branford, Ct. B.S. Law Enforcement— Science Truesdell, John E. Manning St. Holden, Mass. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Uljens, John B. 62ArkRd. Branford, Ct. B.S. General Management Valente, Edward A. 74DBrooksideAve. New Haven, Ct. B.S. General Management Valentin, Rafael C. 403 Blackstone Village Meriden,Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice — Adm. Vallee, LeoJ.Jr. 187 No. Main St. Wallingofr, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice — Corrections Veale, Lemuel M. 111-27 Lincoln St. So. Ozone Pk, NY B.S. Hotel Restaurant Adm. Veguez, Jose 27 Glendale Rd. Oakdale, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Viscomi, Phillip A. 292 Putnam Avenue Hamden, Ct. B.S. Operations Management Vitale, Suzanne 30 Salem Dr. Newington, Ct. B.A. Psychology Votto,SalvatoreJr. 45 Huntington Road New Haven, Ct. B.S. Operations Management Warren, Francis L. Jr. 7Cedarwood Lane Old Saybrook Ct. A.S. Business Watson, Bolyn S. 216 Morse St. Hamden,Ct. B.A. Sociology Weed, Debra E. 18 Pine Street West Haven, Ct. B.A. English Wiggins, Jon A. 128 Englewood Ave. Prospect, Ct. B.A. History Wilson, Carl L. 52 Howe St. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Wolfenson, Howard P. 757 Mix Avenue Apt. C Hamden, Ct. B.A. Art Zatarga, Richard A. 8 Sorrento Rd. Wallingford,Ct. B.S. Operations Management Zembrzuski, Mark D. 248 Frost Rd. Waterbury,Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Zezima, Anthony J. 56 Stephen St. Stamford, Ct. B.S. General Management Whitlock, David H. Morris Rd. Woodbridge, Ct. B.A. English GRADUATES JUNE 1974 Abbott, Gregory J. 48 Snow Crystal Rd. Naugatuck, Ct. B.S. Marketing Abdullah, Hatim M. 413 Thompson Ave. East Haven, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Abrams, Richard M. 61-16 Madison Street Brooklyn, Ny B.S. Hotel Management Adm. Abrams, Robert L. 2467 Williams Ct. Bellmore, Ny. B.A Political Science Akpan, Ani E. 155 Temple Street New Haven, Ct. B.S. Hotel Management Adm. Aldrich, Bernlce M. 35 Trade Union Plaza New Haven, Ct. B.A. Sociology Allen, Donald F. 11 Beverly Dr. No. Haven, Ct. B.S. Economics Allen, OllieW. 133 Davenport Ave. New Haven, Ct. B.A. Mathematics Allessio, Robert J. 2-26 32nd Street Fairlawn, Nj. B.S. Marketing Allgeyer, Robert E. 18 Fountain Terrace New Haven, Ct. B.S. Hotel Management Adm. Amell, Donald Ralph 852ClintonvilleRd. Wallingford, Ct. B.S. General Management Anderson, Douglas K. 3E Dogwood Hill Rd. Hamden, Ct. B.S. Accounting Anderson, Eric Nelson 284 Pequot Sepos Road Mystic, Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Anderson, Eric J. 360 Monroe Tpke Monroe, Ct. B.A. Art Anderson, John W. 37 Karen Drive Monroe, Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Anzovino, Robert A. 95 Beekman Ave. Apt. 428M N.Tarrytown, Ny B.S. Hotel Management Adm. Appicelli, Peter F. 19Zolan Dr. East Haven, Ct. B.S. General Management Ares, Joseph 32 Rockwell Ave. Stratford, Ct. B.S. Operations Management Armenio, James E. 13 Schuyler Drive Saratoga, Spg, Ny. B.S. Marketing Aufiero, Joesph E. 128 Beverly Ave. Waterbury, Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Autuori, Roger V. 1310 Melville Ave. Fairfield, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Avatapalli, Ramarao 382 New Britain Ave. Hartford, Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Ayer, Edward M. 369 Leavenworth Rd. Shelton.Ct. B.A. Art Bailey, Brian 448 Durham Rd. Madison, Ct. B.S. Marketing Bailey, William H. 197 Pine Hill Road Thomaston, Ct. B.S. Economics Baker, Harry 21 Mohawk St. Sharon, Mass. B.S. Civil Engineering. Barone, Ralph P. 22 Jewitt St. Ansonia, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Barrett, Philip 35 Ivy Circle Apt E. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Hotel Management Adm. Basso, John J. 32 Melony Ave. Plainview, Ny B.S. General Management Bates, Peter D. 680 Dixwell Ave. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Gen Mgmt. Becker, Bernard A. 331 WinthropAve. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Marketing Bellucci, Edward M. 83 Hemingway Ave. East Haven, Ct. A.S. General Studies Bencivenga, Peter Jr. 16WilshireBlvd. Milford,Ct. B.S. General Management Benson, Gail 49 Old Farms Road Woodcliff, Lk., NJ B.S. General Management Berg, RomaineM. 83 Division St. Groton,Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Bergin, Ronald F. 36 Debbie Lane Naugatuck, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Berluti, Vincent Jr. 198 Noble Street West Haven, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engr. Birch, Lawrence A. 88 Malvern Road Stamford, Ct. B.S. Marketing Bishop, Gregory J. 144 Peck St. New Haven, Ct. B.A. Psychology Birn, Stephen C. 187CedrusAve E. North port, Ny B.S. General Management Block, Kenneth F. Jr. 66 Aimes Drive West Haven, Ct. B.S. General Management Bodytko, Cynthia C. 231 Brook Street Hamden, Ct. B.A. Sociology Bonang, Philip J. 5 Roosevelt Ave. Mystic, Ct. B.A. English Bonnanzio, Richard L. 42 Light Street Stratford, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Bovee, Meredith 99 Oswegatchie Hills Rd. NianticCt. A.S. Law Enforcement Boyce, Robert J. 106 Lawrence Street Saratoga Spg, Ny. B.S. Accounting Boyce, Marilyn B. 17CharlevouxSt. Waterbury, Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Bozentka, Stephen J. 41 Mather St. Hamden, Ct. B.S. Accounting Branco, Anthony P. 580 Capitol Ave. Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. Accounting Brayton, Robert A. 131 Dogwood Rd. Apt. 3A West Haven, Ct. B.S. Hotel Management Adm. Brokofsky, Peter R. 3804 31st Ave. No. Robbinsdale, Minn. B.S. Hotel Mgmt Food Mgmt Brunko, Walter 153 Parkway Drive Stratford, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Brown, Neville R. 40 Emma Street West Haven, Ct. B.S. Accounting Browne, William A. 35 Oberlin Road Hamden, Ct. B.A. Psychology Brunson, Gwendolyn 99 Goodrich St. Hamden, Ct. B.A. History Brusznicki, George S. 30 Gold St. New Britain, Ct. B.A. Political Science Buckley, Craig A. 31 Ruden PI 407 West Haven, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Budny, Robert J. 5 Peter Manor Hamden, Ct. B.S. Operations Management Burgers, Henri T. 3 East St. Ansonia, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Burkell, Thomas C. 19Elmhill Drive Wallingford, Ct. B.S. General Management Buziak, Richard E. 913 0sborn Ave. Riverhead, Ny. B.S. Criminal Justice Campbell, Daniel W. Jr. 6B Cinque Green New Haven, Ct. B.A. Political Science Capece, Vincent G. 337 Colonial St. Oakville, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Capezzone, Thomas L. 8 Boxford St. East Haven, Ct. B.S. General Management Caponera, Michael S. 85 Greenhill Road Killlngworth, Ct. B.A. English Caputo, John A. 106 Blueberry Hill Waterbury, Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Carlino, Nicholas S. 189 Laurel St. West Haven, Ct. B.A. Biology Carlson, Ronald 52 Springbrook Rd. Waterbury, Ct. A.S. Business Adm. Carman, Colin C. 90Gerrish Ave. Apt24 East Haven, Ct. B.S. General Management Carmon, Richard L. 6 Poquonock Ave. Windsor, Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Carozza, Patrick 15 Herkimer St. Waterbury, Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Casey, Kevin J. 33 Richfield Rd. Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Casolino, Richard 20 White Dr. Hamden, Ct. B.S. Operations Management Cassello, Frank L. 43 Woodland Drive Wallingford.Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Cassidy, George A. 2 Marilyn Road Waterford, Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Cerniglia, Eugene N. 14 Wildwood Drive Pughkeepsie, Ny B.S. Hotel Management Adm. Cerullo, Paul M. 23 David Drive Wallingford,Ct. B.S. Hotel Management Adm. Ceruzzi, Frank J. 5 Bassett St. Apt. C12 West Haven, Ct. B.S. Industrial Engineering Chaghatzbanian, Zakar 538 Orange Ave. West Haven, Ct. B.S.Oper Mgmt Champagne, Malcolm Jr. Break Neck Hill Rd. Westbrook, Ct. B.S. Marketing Chandon, Richard M. 48 Walnut St. Thomaston, Ct. B.S. Accounting Chiodo, George E. 36 Rochdale Terrace West Haven, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Choyce, John D. 4 Visconti St. Norwalk,Ct. B.A. Art Christiansen, Jan D. 5 Woodland Rd. NianticCt. A.S. Industrial Engineering Christos, John W. 7 So. Meadow Drive Danbury.Ct. B.S. Operations Management Chrostowski, Gary W. 680 S. Main St. Seymour, Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Ciano, Wayne E. 33 Ruden PI. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Marketing CIrillo.Carol A. 42 Maple Ave. Derby, Ct. B.A. Social Welfare Ciriello, Gary J. 15 Sprucewood Road Watertown, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Clzmadia, Robert A. 3 Lebanon Ave. Colchester, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Clarke, John W. 25 Norwalk St. West Haven, Ct. B.A. History Clarke, Lewis D. Jr. 53 Salem Walk Milford,Ct. B.S. Operations Management Coady, Roxanne J. 228 Main Street SouthportCt. B.S. Accounting Collins, Edward F. Dodge Farm Rd Po Box 1 Wash Depot, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Cologgi, Raymond E. 21 Old Sawmill Rd. Trumbull, Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Coombes, Diane J. 4 Stockade Road WSimsbury Ct. B.A Psychology Coppola, Vito A. 68 Stephen Street Stamford, Ct. B.S. Material Engineering Cornwell, Stephen T. 387 Manley Hghts Road Orange, Ct. B.S. Hotel Management Coutu, Richard J. 394 Whitney Ave. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Hotel Management Covello, Richard G. Lake Plymouth Blvd. Plymouth, Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Crandall, Kenneth D. Clark Road Naugatuck, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Crescenti, Gerald E. 87 Bradford Ave. East Haven, Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Criscuolo, James 57 Waldo St. East Haven, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Crooker, Vernon C. 87 Oslo St. Mystic, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Cullen William C. 133 Whitfield St. Guilford Ct. A.S. Business Admin. Cummings, Chris C. 161 Ivy Street West Haven, Ct. B.A. Sociology Curioso, Raymond J. 58 Buckingham St. Pawcatuck,Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Csengery, Thomas E. 99 Alfred St. Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Daddona, Cosmas 70 Suffolk St. Waterbury, Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Daly Charles F. 68 Crescent St. Waterbury, Ct. B.S. General Management Damico, Joseph M. 47 Elinor Place Yonkers, NY B.S. Economics Davino Frederick P. 22 Berkshire Dr. Waterbury, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Delbene, David J. 42 Stratfield Place Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. Accounting Deleone, Chris A. 23LandinSt. WoodbridgeCt. B.A. Political Science Delguidice, Julius 4 Hughes St. East Haven, Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Delizio, John 696 Benham St. Hamden, Ct. B.S. Marketing Dellaselva, Robert M. 120 First St. Hamden, Ct. B.A. Sociology Deluke, Otto J. 65 Carroll St. Stamford, Ct. B.S. Operations Management Demarco, Albert T. Purdy Ave. Marlboro, NY B.S. Criminal Justice Demarest, James A. 59 Welch St. Plainville, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Demonte, Louis J. 532 Rowland Road Fairfield, Ct. B.S. Marketing Denny Kevin R. 617 Ridge Rd. Orange, Ct. B.S. Public Adm. Derosa, Paul J. 112 High St. East Haven, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Digirolamo, MarkT. 92GroverRd. No. Haven, Ct. B.S. Marketing Dilan Edwin 205 Norton St. New Haven, Ct. B.S. General Management Dilullo, Thomas F. 73 Coppola Terrace Derby, Ct. B.S. Accounting Dombrowski, James R. 18 Newton St. Meriden, Ct. B.A. Art Domorod, Stephen, Jr. 114MaltbySt. Shelton,Ct. B.S. General Management Donovan, Robert W. 2 Colony Street Shelton,Ct. B.S. Finance Dougherty, Mark H. Trotta Lane Morris, Ct. B.A. Political Science Douglas Albert 52Sanford Place Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. General Management Drozdowski, Jean L. 19 Ruden Place West Haven, Ct. B.A. Social Welfare Duffy, John B. 2 Weaver Circle No. Haven, Ct. B.A. Art Dukes, John T. 388Courtland Ave. Stamford, Ct. B.S. Marketing Dulepski, Edward 36 Hawthorne Dr. Monroe, Ct. A.S. Business Administration Duva, Vincent D. 275 Edison Rd. Trumbull, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Elliott, Robert G. 36 Phillips Dr. Oakville, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Epstein, Michael G. 40 Reservoir Street Brocton, Mass. B.S. Marketing Eriand, Kenneth B. 21 McDermott Circle Hamden, Ct. B.S. Hotel Management Faignant, John P. 16 Claire Terrace Hamden, Ct. B.A. Political Science Falcone Eugene 1097 Hamilton Ave. Waterbury, Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Fanning, James J. 403 Third Ave. West Haven, Ct. B.A. English Feeny, Raymond 130 Nutmeg Lane E. Hartford, Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Fenger, Frederick C. 488 Main Street Old Saybrook, Ct. B.A. Political Science Fenn, Austin W. Hurds Hill Road Woodbury, Ct. B.A. English Ferenc, Lidia M. 89 Dartley St. Stamford, Ct. B.A. Sociology Ferrell, Guy L. 37 Madison St. Waterbury,Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Ferrillo, Andrew 80 Garden St. Ansonia, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Ferrucci, Dominic R. 69 0akleaf Dr. Waterbury.Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Festa, John P. 9 Edward Road No. Branford, Ct. B.A. Social Welfare Finck, David 21 Brownell St. New Haven Ct. B.S. Biology Fitch, James H., Jr. 166 Glenwood Rd. Clinton, Ct. A.S. Business Administration Fladd, Leslie A. 64 Pond Point Ave. Milford, Ct. B.A. History Ford, Gilbe rt H. 15 Patton Road Wallingford.Ct. B.S. Accounting Foyer, Susan A. 163 Indian River Rd. Orange, Ct. B.A. Sociology Freeman, Elaine H. 31 Claridge Drive Worcester, Mass. B.A. Art Freer, Kenneth G. 5017 Main St. Trumbull, Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Gallagher, Thomas E. 166 Pool Road No. Haven, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Gait, Kenneth M. 13 Irvine Road Greenwich, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Garcia, Robert M. 11 Avon PI. Mystic, Ct. A.S. Criminal Justice Gariepy, Robert J. 25 Hillsview Road Wallingford,Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Garofalo, Mario A. 52Selma Ave. Derby, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Gawron, Paul F., Jr. 216 Rimmon Rd. Woodbridge, Ct. B.S. Economics Gawronski, James C. 62 River Rd. Clinton, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Geary, John Edw. 4 Timothy Rd. Naugatuck, Ct. B.S. Accounting Gelgauda, Richard L. 63 Washington St. Milford, Ct. B.S. Operations Management Gemperle, John J. 48 Grand View Terrace Essex, Ct. B.S. General Management Gendron, Joseph A. 8477 Bird Rd., Apt. 1 Miami, Fla B.S. Electrical Engineering Gentile, Eugene L. 953 Old Post Road Fairfield, Ct. A.S. Business Administration Giannelli, MarkW. 140 Kaynor Dr. Waterbury,Ct. B.S. Industrial Engineering Gianninoto, Gordon J. Mohawk Hill Rt. 107 Redding, Ct. B.A. Psychology Giantonio, Andrea M. 73 Sylvan Street Avon,Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Ginna, William L. 19 Mallard Rd. Levittown, NY B.S. Accounting Gloss, John M. 115 Meadowbrook Rd. Stratford, Ct. B.A. History Godlewski, JohnS. 6 Lynn Ct. East Haven, Ct. B.A. Political Science Goffi, David C. 600 Shingle Hill Rd. West Haven, Ct. B.A. Biology Gogel, Bruce L. 1096LauxPI. N. Bellmore, NY B.S. Accounting Gonvers, Philippe A. 174 Union Ave. West Haven, Ct. B.A. English Grady, Kerry M. Parmalee Hill Road Newtown, Ct. B.A. Political Science Grasso, Stephen J. 139 Strobel Rd. Trumbull, Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Gray, Glenn J. 1486 Vaux Halt Rd. Union, NJ. B.S. Marketing Greco, Madelyn A. 60 Ranch Road Milford, Ct. A.S. General Studies Greenberg, Fred E. 44 West Rock Ave. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Marketing Grotta, Bruce C. 79 Ansaldi Road Manchester, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Grudzien, John M. Old Ben Sherman Hill Woodbury, Ct. B.S. Public Administration Gruttadauria, A. 56 Rees Drive Oxford, Ct. B.S. Accounting Guenzburger, Eric P. 258-15 Kensington Place Great Neck, NY B.S. Hotel Management Guido, Louis J. 86 Francis Street Ext. East Haven, Ct. B.S. Marketing Gupte, Rajan M. 16 High St. West Haven, Ct. Gustafson, James B. 17 Melven Rd. W. Hartford, Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Haefner, Alan M. 306 Shipley Road, Apt. 609 Wilmington, Del. B.S. Criminal Justice Haines, Bruce W. 9 Sunset Lane Wolcott, Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Hamilton, John A. 50 Byam Road Waterbury, Ct. B.A. History Hamilton, Marjorie B. 140 Henry St. New Haven, Ct. B.A. History Hanahan, Douglas F. Pleasant Drive Bethany, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Hanlon, Michael S. 290 West Main St. Milford. Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Harakal, Warren R. 7 Dale St. Stamford, Ct. B.S. Public Adm. Hardy, Robert T. 84 Fenway Dr. Hamden, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Hasbrouck, Donald H. 116 Cumpstone Drive Hamden, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Haurilak, Sam 387 Long Hill Ave. Shelton,Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Hauslaib, Jonath S. 322 Wade St. Bridgeport, Ct. B.A. Psychology Heaney, Charles J. 90 Ellswood St. New York, N.Y B.A. Psychology Hendrickson, Alfred 15 Green Gardens Court East Haven, Ct. B.S. General Management Hill, Roy W. 36Tailsome Ave. Norwalk, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Hill, Wayne T. 713 Wilson Court Rivervale, NJ B.S. Criminal Justice Hintz, David C. 369 Willis Street Bristol, Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Hofrichter, Ronald R. 63 Ivy St. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Hogan, James Francis 433 Herbert St. Orange, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Holdwright, Edmund G. 3 Woodbine St. Hamden, Ct. B.A. Psychology Holtz, Earl B. 27 Webster Dr. Ansonia, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Horelik, Michael 440 Amsterdam Ave. Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Hornak, John C. 294 Pemburn Dr. Fairfield, Ct. B.A. Biology Horrigan, William J. 61 Village Drive Shelton,Ct. B.S. General Management Howard, Timothy G. 25 Lakeside Drive Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. Accounting Hubbard, Scott II George Street Guilford, Ct. B.A. Social Welfare Hui, Joy Yee 1128 Campbell Ave. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Accounting Hull, George R. 3517 Union Deposit Road Harrisburg, Pa. B.S. Hotel Management Hunt, Gary M. III Second Ave. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Hunter, Barry J. Church Street Canaan, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice lannucci, Frederick 364 West River Rd. Orange, Ct. B.S. Physics Ifejika, MikeC. 2183 Yale Sta. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Marketing Imhoff, JohnW., Jr. 201 Scribner Ave. S. Norwalk, Ct. B.S. Finance lorfino, Dominic F. 36 Van Buskirk Ave. Stamford, Ct. B.S. Marketing lovieno, John A. 55 Arthur Rd. No. Branford, Ct. B.S. Accounting Jacaruso, Gary J. 110 Los Angelos Ave Stratford, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Jackson, Edward W. 16 River Rd. East Haven, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Jemioto, Joseph F. 2 Ashwood Terrace Derby, Ct. B.S. Hotel Management Jennings, Edward D. 4 Bayview Ave. So. Norwalk,Ct. B.S. General Management Jette, John M. 226 Elliott Ave. Waterbury, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Johnson, Lena L. 107 Manchester St. Hartford, Ct. B.A. Sociology Jones, Donald T. 22 Pond Hill Ave. Warwick, NY B.S. General Management Jordan Richard P. 94 New St. Shelton,Ct. B.S. General Management Kahl, Milton G. 66 William St. Wallingford, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engr. Kalbfeld, Lawrence D. 50 Robbins Court Milford,Ct. B.A. Art Kapral, Nancy J. 117 Chatham Ave. Milford,Ct. A.S. Commerical Adv. Art Karr, Gary M. 390 Wyckoff Avenue Ramsey, NJ B.A. Political Science Keating, Charles F. 18 Woodland Drive Clinton, Ct. B.S.Gen.Mgmt. Keller, Robert!. 1372 New Haven Ave. Naugatuck, Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Kellner, Peter B. 23 Claire Circle Woodcliff, Lk, NJ B.S. Hotel Management Kenney, Barbara 40CrestwoodDr. Bristol, Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Kilfoile, William J. 264 Pawling Ave. Troy, NY B.S. Criminal Justice Kilteen, Michael B. 68 Edson Ave. Waterbury, Ct. A.S. Business Administration Kinglsey, Joseph R. 1406 Westwoods Road Hamden, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Kitlas, Joseph S. 154 Oxford Rd. Milford,Ct. A.S. Industrial Engineering Knight, John A. 414 Old Tavern Orange, Ct. A.S. Business Administration Knowlton, Don 512 Anderson Ave. Milford,Ct. B.S. General Management Kohn, Adam L. 140 Old Farm Rd. Fairfield, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Kolendo, Allen S. 22 Hickory Street Trumbull, Ct. B.A. Political Science Kolisko, William L. 289 Bridgeport Ave. Shelton,Ct. A.S. Commercial Adv. Art Kology, Russell 596 3 D Ave. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Kopchik, Kenneth S. 84 Elizabeth St. Stratford, Ct. B.S. General Management Kosowsky, Paul S. 30 Fairfield Ave. Shelton,Ct. B.S. General Management Kowal, Russell M. 114 Orchard St. Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Kowalski, Theodore, Sr. 363 North Elm St. Wallingford, Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Kozma, Richard J. 12 Ruth Drive OldSayBrook, Ct. B.S. General Management Kravet, Morton E. 205ElmSt., Apt 13 West Haven, Ct. B.A. Political Science Kristoff, Wendy E. 875 Queen St. Bridgeport, Ct. A.S. Journalism Krivda, William J. 51 Woodside Drive Orange, Ct. B.A. Psychology Krueger, Richard H. 1 Pilgrim Lane Milford.Ct. B.S. Biology Kuehlewind, Kenneth 7 Rimmon Rd. No. Haven, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Kurpiewski, Gary A. 213HollisterSt. Stratford, Ct. B.S. Accounting Lachance, Jeanette 201 Durfee Street Southbridge, Mass. A.S. Journalism Lalama, Remo 43 Redding St. Hartford, Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Lamb, William F. 34 Cozy Lane Waterbury, Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Lambert, Larry A. 1409 Norman St. Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. Materials Engineering Lammers, John R. 1224 Racebrook Road Woodbridge, Ct. B.A. History Lanigan, Lawrence J. 59 Beaver Drive Barrington, NJ B.S. Hotel Management Lash, Kevin W. RD 2, Box 620 Seneca Falls, NY B.S. Criminal Justice Lavertu, Robert 40 Parkview Road Wallingford, Ct. B.S. Marketing Leachman, Frank A. Jr. 54 Sunset Dr. Bristol, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Leavesley W. Story 268 Paddock Ave. Meriden,Ct. B.S. Operations Management Leete, William H. 51 Harbor Street Branford, Ct. B.S. General Management Liebler, Richard C, II 11 Kenny Court East Haven, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Lipp, Joan S. 6 Pioneer Dr. No. Branford, Ct. B.A. Social Welfare Little, Ernest Frank 210 Raymond Rd. W. Hartford, Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Lloyd Larry D. 136 Lyons Plain Rd. Weston, Ct. B.S. Economics Lodziato, Ronald J. 39 Railroad Ave. Beacon Falls, Ct. B.S. Accounting Loforte, Jeffery 69 Horseshoe Road Guilford, Ct. B.A. History Logan, James X. 930 E. Center St. Wallingford, Ct. A.S. Accounting Lombard, Edwin V. Notch Hill Road No. Branford, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Lombard, Thomas H. 95 Boston Street Guilford, Ct. B.S. General Managment Longyear, Robert P. 50St. Mihiel Drive Hamden, Ct. B.S. Public Administration Loussides, Nick 165 Center St. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Lovallo, Joseph P. 76 Knox Rd. Stamford, Ct. 169 B.S. Marketing Lyall Suchlnder S. 16 High St. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engr. Macary, Joseph P. 12WymanSt. Waterbury, Ct. B.S. Accounting Maguire, Thomas A. 26TopfieldRoad Milford,Ct. B.S. Materials Engineering Majneber, John J. 96 Kneeland Road New Haven, Ct. B.A. Biology Malmquist,Carl Y. 45 Brookway Dr. Shrewsbury, Mass. B.A. Political Science Mancinelli, Martin E. 271 Parklawn Drive Waterbury, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Mandeville, William A. 34KamahaSt. Groton,Ct. B.S. Operations Management Mangiacopra, Gary S. 7 Arlmont St. Milford,Ct. B.A. Biology Manor, Bernard C. 141 Pleasant View Rd. Thomaston,Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Mansky, Ann P. 26 Sherwood Lane Norwich, Ct. B.S. Marketing Marino, Thomas M. 7 Munson Road Wolcott,Ct. B.S. Biology Markiw, Nicholas 17 Matthew Rd. Branford, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Martin, Frank C. 12 Valley PI. So. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Public Administration Martinez, Ronald Eric Meadowbrook Ct., Apt. 236 West Haven, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Martucci, John S. 35 Roosevelt St. Ext. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Marketing Masarsky, Stephen C. 104 20 68th Drive Forest Hills, NY B.A. Economics Mascola, Donald S. 102 Peck St. New Haven, Ct. B.A. Biology Masi, Richard A. 16 Heritage Cir. RFD2 Clinton, Ct. B.S. Industrial Engineering Massimo, Michael A. lOOFarmdaleRaod Watertown,Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Matican, Gary 114 Elizabeth St. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Marketing Matteo, Leonard E. 19 Bagley Ave. Hamden, Ct. A.S. Journalism l atthews, Elizabeth 31 Glade St. West Haven, Ct. B.A. Social Welfare Matwjejko, Peter W. 228 E.Grand Ave. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Accounting Mayernick, Eugene R. 27 Elberta Trumbull, Ct. B.S. Hotel Management Mazur, John F. 42Conestoga Drive Madison, Ct. B.S.Oper. Mgmt. McDermott, Peter J. 254 Hillside Ave. Hartford, Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement McElligott, Barbara I. 2TreatSt. Apt. 9A West Haven, Ct. B.S. Accounting McKeon, John J. 53 Thornton Street Hamden, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering McKinnon, James J. Ill State Vet Horn. Hosp. Rocky Hill, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice McLaughlin, Alexander 265 Tumblebroo k Rd. Meriden, Ct. B.S. Chemistry McLean, Frederick N. 19 John St. Norwich, Ct. B.S. Industrial Engineering Meeklns, Theophilus 35 Exeter St. Bridgeport, Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Mele, Thomas 77 Bailey Rd. No. Haven, Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Meyer, Donald P. 265 Bassett Street New Haven, Ct. B.S. Hotel Management Miller, Charles S. 310 N. Providence Road Wallingford, Pa. B.S. Hotel Management Miner, Roger S. 26 Morning Mist Milford, Ct. B.S. Communications Miranda, Joseph A. 47 Culver Lane No. Haven, Ct. B.S. Accounting Mitchell, Paul J., Jr. P.O. Box 298 Mystic, Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Mockalis, William E. 56 Perry St. Fairfield, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Moore, DeniseO. 31 RudenPI.,Apt. 306 West Haven, Ct. B.A. Art Morey, Clifford C, Jr. RFD l,Cedarledge Stonington, Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Morgan, Joseph F. 167 Munson Rd. Wolcott, Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Morrone, James 250 Grand Ave. Saratoga Spr., NY B.S. Accounting Morse, Drew H. 186 Burnt Plains Rd. Milford, Ct. B.A. Social Welfare Moscato, Angelo R. 826 Foxon Rd. East Haven, Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Moule, Joseph E. Sheffield Rd. Orange, Ct. B.S. Accounting Moura, Antonio P. 267 Pearl Lake Road Waterbury, Ct. B.S. Accounting Mrak, Joseph G. Luther Drive Southbury.Ct. B.S. Operations Management Murphy, Francis J. 381 Smith Avenue New Haven, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Murphy, Thomas T. 139 Bunker Hill Ave. Waterbury, Ct. B.A. Political Science Murray, James D. 40 Ellis Street Milford, Ct. B.S. Hotel Management Nagle, Joseph W. 241 Quinnipiac Ave., Apt 3 New Haven, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Nagle, Richard J. 38 Hill St. Hamden, Ct. B.S. Accounting Nappi, Kenneth F. 119 Cliff Street Shelton,Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Neagle, Christopher 160 Atwater St. West Haven, Ct. B.A. Social Welfare Neelans, Kathleen A. 416 Wood Ave. Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Nelkin, Douglas 140 Kohary Drive New Haven, Ct. B.S. General Management Nelson, Jon L. 81 Rogers St. Branford, Ct. B.S. Materials Engineering Nelson, Steven 61 North Ave. Bridgefwrt, Ct. B.S. General Management Nowikow, Tony 41 Edith St. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Marketing Nowotka, Alfred L. Wanzer Hill Rd. Sherman, Ct. B.S. Materials Eng. Obenhoff, Thomas H. 43 Morris Lane Milford, Ct. A.S. Mechanical Engineering O ' Brien, Thomas J. 151 Flagler Ave. Stratford, Ct. B.A. Social Welfare O ' Connor, Michael J. 51 Walter Avenue W. Hartford, Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Okawa, Clark T. Amer. Consulate Gen. APO San Francisco, Cal. B.A. Social Welfare Olson, Roy G. 10 Virginia Rd. East Haven, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Omeara, Christopher J. 633 Woodruff Rd. Milford. Ct. B.S. Marketing Orenstein, Harvey C. 56 Thames Street New London, Ct. B.S. General Management Orkin, Jeffrey S. 4201 Germantown Ave. Philadelphia, Pa. B.S. Criminal Justice Ornato, Louis C. 18 Carina Rd. No. Haven, Ct. B.S. Marketing Ostapeck, Gary L. 2 Barcelona Drive EInora, NY B.S. Finance Ouellette, Donald A. 163 New Street Bristol, Ct. B.S. Hotel Management Pabilonia, Max L. 25 Broad St. Ext. Groton,Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Padien, Richard G. 17 Barnard Street Pawtucket, Rl B.S. Hotel Management Palmer, AlvordC. 31 Belair Drive Danbury, Ct. B.S. Operations Management Panthaki,Gev P. 56 Lawrence St. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Pappadoulis, John F. 456 Meloy Road West Haven, Ct. B.S. Hotel Management Parrella, Patrick Jr. 626 Riverdale Drive Stratford, Ct. B.A. Psychology Pascale, Donald J. 6332 W. Fremont Drive Littleton, Co. B.S. Criminal Justice Paster, Laurence 161 AvenueC. Bayonne, NJ B.S. Biology Patterson, Bruce J. 85 Lenox Ave. Devon, Ct. B.S. Finance Patusky, Joseph W. 81 Morningside Drive Stratford, Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Pegnataro, Donald F. 21 Dogwood Circle Woodbridge, Ct. B.S. Civil Engr. Pekera, Daniel R. 72 New Street Shelton,Ct. B.S. Public Administration Pesavento, Frank L. 45 Emerson Ave. Crton-Hudson, NY B.S. Electrical Engineering Petaway, John B. P.O. Box 7172 New Haven, Ct. B.A. Social Welfare Pierce, John F. 197 Academy Ave. Waterbury, Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Pilch, Denis M. 302 Dwight St. Waterbury, Ct. B.S. Accounting Piscitelli, Deborah F. 190 Silver Sands Rd. East Haven, Ct. A.S. Business Administration Plourde, Roger L. 108 Dixie Ave. Waterbury, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Podryhula, Oleh 37 Arch St. Hamden, Ct. B.A. Political Science Polio, Joseph R. 211 Seymour Road Woodbridge, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Polinsky, John R. 50 Stoddard Place Beacon Falls, Ct. B.S. Operations Management Porter, James S. 1033 Meriden Ave. Southington.Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Pozniak, John R. 51 Goodwin St. New Britain, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Priore, Anthony, Jr. 108 Mowry Street No. Haven, Ct. B.S. Accounting Prokop, Edward B., Jr. Rt.47 Washington, Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Pulit, John, Jr. 214 Lane St. Hamden, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Quinn, Thomas P. 150 Greenwood St. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Hotel Management Rabito, Philip A. 348 First Ave. West Haven, Ct. B.A. History Randazzo, Joseph E. Rose Hill Road Portland, Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Rastelli, Donald E. 670 Frenchtown Road Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. General Management Rawson, David G. 181 Cooper PI. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Economics Reams, Brook W. 208 McKinley Ave. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Reilly, Edward J. 1644 Chapel St. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Reithel, Charles 1796 Washington Ave. Seaford, NY. B.S. Criminal Justice Rice, Robert W. 6 Ridgeland Dr. Naugatuck, Ct. B.S. Physics Righter, Anne R. 184 Livingston St. New Haven, Ct. B.A. Sociology Robertson, David R. 16 Inwood Road Chatham, NJ B.A. Psychology Roche, David J. 69 Ardmore St. Hamden,Ct. B.S. Marketing Rodgers, James J. 1064 Summit Rd. Cheshire, Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Roderick, Walter J. Greenhaven Rd. Pawcatuck, Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Rogoff, William H., Jr. 6 Lamphere Road Waterford, Ct. B.S. Marketing Romano, Arthur A. 39 Nashawena Ave. West Haven, Ct. A.S. General Studies Romero, Carlos G. 32 Pardee St. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Industrial Engineering Ronaldes, Mark A. 6 The Green Collinsville, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Rosabianca, Charles J. 201 Augur St. Hamden,Ct. B.S. Marketin g Rosenberg, Gary E. 40 Seymour Ave. Derby, Ct. B.S. General Management Roth, Robert I. 30WhalleyAve. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Marketing Roth, Stephen B. 15 Field Road Danbury, Ct. A.S. Commercial Adv. Art Rowe, Harry W., Jr. 8 Nancy Mae Ave. Prospect, Ct. B.S. General Management Rowley, Lee A. 451 Thompson Ave. East Haven, Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Rubenstein, Bruce D. 1196 West Middle Tnpk. Manchester, Ct. B.S. Accounting Rushen, William J. Sexton Hollow Rd. Canton, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Russo, Donald R. 196 Piatt Ave. West Haven, Ct. B.S. General Management Ryan, John V. 45 Hollywood Ave. Stratford, Ct. B.A. Psychology Sacre, Bernard B. C 0 Ivory Coast Embassy Wash. D.C. B.S. Hotel Management Sadler, James N., Jr. Bumper Hill Rd. Harwington, Ct. B.S. General Management Safranek, Joseph F. 211 Sheppard Ave. Hamden, Ct. A.S. Criminal Justice Salavatore, John L. 46 Kimball Road Wethersfield, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Saizo, Anthony, Jr. low. Spring Street West Haven, Ct. B.A. Political Science Sanghvl, R.G. 581 Orange Ave. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Materials Engineering Sanseverino, Emilio M. 227 Forbes Ave. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Industrial Engineering Santino, Frank R. 115 Girard Avenue New Haven, Ct. B.S. General Management Savino, John E. 322 Ann Rose Drive Orange, Ct. B.A. History Scala, Andrew D. 21 Brownell St. New Haven, Ct. B.A. Chemistry Scarduzio, Catherine 594 Shelton Street Bridgeport, Ct. B.A. Biology Schloemann, Arnold A. 34 Indian Neck Ave. Branford, Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Schmitter, Tom E. 245 Ellsworth Ave. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Hotel Management Scholtz, Walter J. 7 Rainbow Trail Vernon, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Schulman, Daniel A. 2180 Center Avenue Fort Lee, NJ B.S. Hotel Management Schultz, Dennis J. Cedar Swamp Rd. Deep River, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Scirpo, Paul A. 11 Thomas St. Wolcott.Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Sebben, Domenic J., Jr. 17-19 Simon PI., Apt. C 5 West Haven, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Sexton, George A., Jr. Unh Box 14 West Haven, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Shaffery, Robert T. 72 Further Lane Riverhead, NY B.S. Marketing Siconolfi, Louis C. 156 Hanover St. Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. Marketing Siegel, John S. 91 Williamsburg Dr. Cheshire, Ct. B.S. Marketing Sinclair, Roxanne 87 Garden Cir. Waterbury, Ct. B.A. History Singh, Mohinder Paul 149 Hill Side Ave. Milford.Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Skrip, Anthony 115Brookshill Rd. Wolcott, Ct. A.S. Commercial Adv. Art Smith, Gaylord,H. 89HardOgAve. Lynbrook, NY B.S. Marketing Smith, Lee A. 64 Virginia Ave. Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. Accounting Smith, Louise J. Howard Road Durham, Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Smuda, Robert T. 15 Rudolph PI. Bristol. Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Soderquist, Sharon D. 3620CrestviewDr. Gibsonia, Pa. B.S. Operations Management Solenski, John J. 238 S. Center St. Windsor, Lock, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Solomon, Louis P. 77 Lenox Ave. Stratford, Ct. B.S. Materials Engineering Sommers, Charles E. 114 Red Bush Lane Milford,Ct. A.S. Business Admin. Souder, Robin N. 74 Church Rd. Telford, Pa. B.S. General Management Spangler, Dale E. 23N. HetrickAve. Palmyra, Pa. B.S. Hotel Management Spinato, James R. 120 Meadowbrook Ct. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Spivey, William G., Jr. 14 Eagle Dr. Huntington, Ct. B.S. Marketing Sroka, James F. 23 Munson Road Wolcott, Ct. B.S. Operations Management Stackpole, James H. 92Bellevue Ave. West Haven, Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Stadnick, Stephen L. 13 Roxbury Road Niantic.Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Stadnicki, William M. 124 First Ave. New Haven, Ct. B.A. Political Science Stroczkowski, John P. 25 Linden Street New Britain, Ct. B.S. Civil Engineering Swidrak, John F. 10 Fortune Drive North Haven, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Swietek, Franciszek 223 Ward Street Hartford, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Synhorst Paul D. 2833 N. Harrison St. Arlington Va. B.A. Psychology Tacinelli, Barbara A. 252 Winthrop Ave. New Haven, Ct. A.S. General Studies Takacs, James C. 177 Ash St. Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. Operations Management Tamowski, Raymond S. 59 School St. Naugatuck, Ct. B.S. Materials Engineering Tattersall, Maurice J. 381 Middle Rd. Farmington,Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Taylor, John E. 3 Colonial Ct. Plainville, Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Teitzman, Linda R. 230 Lawrence Avenue Staten Islnd. NY B.A. So iai Welfare Telker, Eugene L. 42 Roller Terrace Milford,Ct. B.S.Civil Engineering Teller, Gary R. 513 Fountain St. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Marketing Teluk, Myron J. 105 McKinley Ave. 171 New Haven, Ct. 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Criminal Justice Williams, Donald P. 110 Beech Ave. Aldan, Pa. B.S. Hotel Management Willis, Clifford J. 171ChildsSt. New Britain, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Wilson, David R. 56 Snow Crystal Road Naugatuck, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Wilson, Steven L. 625 Congress Ave., Apt 1-E New Haven, Ct. B.S. Marketing Wilton, Deborah A. 50 West Hills Rd. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Marketing Wisniewski, Jerry G. 80 Allen Place Hartford, Ct. B.S. Mechanical Engineering Witkin, Ivan A. 1 Carol PI. Plainview, NY B.S. General Management Witkowski. Charles J. Kearney Place Poquonock. Ct. B.S. Hotel Management Wolin, Cynthia L. 79 Englewood Drive New Haven, Ct. A.S. Commercial Adv. Art Woodard Bernice E. 106 Farview Ave. Wolcott, Ct. B.S. Environmental Studies Wynne, John J. 106 Richards Place West Haven, Ct. B.S. Economics Yates, Jeffrey S. Metacomet Road Farmington.Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Young, Thomas J. 242 Grove St. Shelton, Ct. B.S. Criminal Justice Zdanowicz, Pamela N. 615 Main St. Branford, Ct. B.A. Social Welfare Zeranski, Robert R. 34 City Hill Court Naugatuck, Ct. B.S. Electrical Engineering Zingoni, Ronald J. 281 Ell Rd. Hillsdale, NJ. B.S. General Management Zulkowski, Lawrence J. 506 Silver Sands Road East Haven, Ct. B.S. Marketing lank Y6ilto our generous Patri i f Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. 1 George E. HI A ictor Hull yMr. Mrs. Jjli Mrs. Qblnlnthony S r S ope Hun S Mr. Mrs. E C.P.Verin L. J.Coieiia J.Carubia Dodson F. Roberts J. Orlowski F.Warren ey enese ii 1 riliirM ' " ' " 11I BMW T Sm, ll m MBftji.. . nE is V2 : ' Mr. Mrs. A. Mansky l . Mr Mrs ' c- ! " - - » m J. raigiiciiii " l liLSdams, Jr. Sb J A R mre m dlBii f9m Wflpv t . ' ' 4 ' - . r. Congratulations Class of " 74 " from SERVOMATION CORPORATION UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAVEN FOOD SERVICE Good Luck to the Class of 1974 McGRATH EMPLOYMENT SERVICE Executive Search Administrative Engineering Accounting Sales COLLEGE SERVICE CORP. UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAVEN BOOKSTORE Manager — Ed. Rogowski Best Wishes to the GraduatingClass of 1974 CHARIOT " 74 " WISHES THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1974 BEST OF LUCK AND HAPPINESS IN THE FUTURE TO COME CHARIOT " 74 " ■UiLDINO aUPPLY CO Ino. AMITY RD. ond LANDIN ST. WOODBRIDGE, CONN. 06525 TELEPHONE 389-9509 FRANK PERROTTI AND SONS, INC MODERN REFUSE AND CONTAINERSERVICE TEL: 387-2021 175 Well, It ' s about that time again. The school term of 1973-74 is only a collection of memories now. It ' s been hard, and it ' s been a lot of work, but now it ' s all over. It ' s time now: party one last time, then say goodbye, pack up and leave, head for home or a summer job — all the work here is done. To all those who have graduated, we say " Congratula- tions " and " Come back and see us someday. " We hope that the Chariot 1974 is everything that you wanted it to be. To all those who will be back in September, all we can say is " Have a good summer " and " We ' ll see you soon . " We would like to add a special thank you to everyone who hel ped with the production of this yearbook: to all the generous businesses and parents who helped to sup- port the yearbook financially, to Joe Cieplak, in the Pub- lic Relations Dept. for the advice and all the pictures, to the Data Center, for all the endless print-outs they sup- plied us with, to the News staff for all the pictures and help they gave us in those terrible couple of weeks before deadlines, to Jim Toomey, our American Yearbook Co. Representative, for all his hard work and unbelievable patience, and to everyone who worked on this book in any way — by submitting pictures, giving advice, selling ads, supplying information, writing stories, typing, or just lending moral support. Thank you all. It ' s about that time again — take care, and we wish you all the very best in life. We hope that our yearbook, our capsule of The University of New Haven, 1973-74, pleases you. — the Staff, Chariot 1974 ti ' J ' msil s

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