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AC 33 i 19-13 w, a 4., " " ' vi - - ••• «fc - ' " " ' X sSc I E -i . c ' V-- " S ■ • : ' -- ■ r- f ' I fe -. .iiiwiwwsei -v I CHARIOT 1973 ma J. mm ' •» V " V ■ M n - v 1 A. .. ,J h ' . ' .A}K i ■. »»!.• ' i rf im. " ¥ YEAR IN REVIEW m - 1 m -.. f -»■— 1 r i Ll ' . ' ' » ' PI r I Hft , 3 igi- - - t - . Although it is but a minor honor, the Editors of this Yearbook take great pleasure and satisfaction in the dedication of this book to President Marvin K. Peterson. The pictures on these pages show a man who is ded- icated and hard working. They show an individual who has often put this University ahead of his person- al desires. In order to record the extraordinary record of President Peterson, it would take a volume the size of this publication. However, let it be understood that without this man of achievement, there would not be today a University of New Haven Chariot or a Day Student Government or, for that matter, a University of New Haven. There would not have been a New Haven College from which the University has sprung, or a beautiful campus in West Haven that has grown steadily since the institution took over the grounds and the three old buildings that were present here in 1960. After almost a quarter of a century of accomplish- ments and devoted service. Dr. Peterson is stepping down this year as the President of this institution. He is the only President the school has ever known, and all its achievements and accomplishments in some form can be traced back to the hard work and dedica- tion of this outstanding individual . We, the Editors of this publication, would like to thank President Peterson for every student that has gone to this University for the tremendous job that he has done in our behalf. We wish Dr. Peterson well in the future, knowing that his future endeavors will undoubtedly be as successful as his past accomplishments. ■ ■H HHI n 1 Sfl H H i B I H S ( mi wa, t WNHU Four years ago several students got together and decided that it might be interesting and fun to have an FM educational radio station at the then New Haven College. Last year the day students of the re- named University of New Haven vot- ed to tax themselves five dollars a semester for the year in order to have an FM radio station on campus. About the same time, the Federal Communications Commission gave the school permission to begin con- struction on the station. The Student Government needed a strong leader to run the facilities, and they found one in Dick Gelgauda, a student with experience in radio, who volunteered to become the station ' s first general manager. However, be- fore he could be the general manager of anything, it had to be built. Gelgauda and other volunteer stu- dents began construction of the broadcast facilities in late August. Not much room was allocated to the 1700 Watt station, but Gelgauda used what little he had of the second floor in the Student Center to plan for a four-studio, multi-faceted complex that would also include maintenance space and a record library area. With the physical facilities slowly beginning to take shape, the need for a chief engineer to handle the vast amount of equipment became appar- ent. Vincent Berlutti, another student who had experience in radio opera- tion, volunteered and began the al- Continued on pg. 15 iferPtS , " s I :■ ' ' ' Work continues 12 ■»-.JV»«»A m -:.- -- ii.: A strain on the cables Studio walls go up. 14 And into the Student Center Chief Engineer Berlutti. Checking the wiring. 15 Until its in place. continued from page 12 most impossible job of installing the hundreds of miles of wiring and intri- cate electrical connections that would be needed, if the station was to get on the air. Bruce Gogel was appointed pro- gram director, and slowly but surely began to develop a staff of students that would help to build the station and would, hopefully, eventually be the voices that would fill the air of UNH ' s fledgling FM station. Each difficulty was met by Dick, Vince, and Bruce, and eventually overcome. Such problems as devising a soundproofing that would absorb the continuous sound of the Student Center game room, and devising a way to bring in the $8,000 transmitter without damaging the valuable piece of equipment, were met and conquered. Throughout the Fall and Spring semesters work progressed. Finally, in March, the station was ready to re- ceive its tower — a giant red and white steeled structure that stands seven times the height of the Student Center. With the tower in place, and the studio complex nearing completion, on-the-air training began with stu- dent disc jockeys preparing them- selves for the time when the station would be functioning. continued on page lo continued rroni page 1 On June 4, after ten months of grueling labor, WNHU went on the air. The station that had been only an interesting idea that might also be fun to do four years ago, was now a work- ing, powerful radio station that beamed throughout a vast area of Connecticut and Long Island, thanks to the almost superhuman efforts of its general manager, Dick Gelgauda; its chief engineer, Vince Berlutti; its program director, Bruce Gogel; and the other volunteer students . Radio Station WNHU will benefit the University, the alumni, the stu- dents, and the greater New Haven community for a great many years to come. i Gogel at work on the console. .e Dick and Vince before air time. wmt ten i I a ■SI m i »i SEPTEMBER " T::ht:, " a call to go back to school. To some it means a new experience, going to college for the first time. To others, it signifies their last September in school. And yet, to others, it simply means two more days a week when they won ' t be home with the family be- cause they ' re still trying to get their degree at night. The month brings with it orientation for the freshmen, and the problem for some of getting adjusted to the dorm. There is also the all-school continued on page 19 D. C. Reams always makes his point. 1 continued from page 18 picnic and, of course, the continuing problem of trying to find a parking space or, better yet, trying to remember where you parked the family car. The month also is the time to get I.D. cards and parking permits, and to per- haps learn a little something about the different clubs and organizations on campus. continued on page 20 Dorm life and getting adjusted for both sexes. L r Always the parking problem. 19 continued from page 19 The present student government ad- ministration began its second term in of- fice, with Bill Bazilchuk as president, and Bruce Gogel as its vice-president, along with Bill Bruce as its capable treasurer. The Day Student Government Lecture Committee began its series of lectures with Christine Jorgensen, the woman who in 1952 made international head- lines when she was surgically trans- formed from a man. She said to the more than 500 present at the lecture, " I have found the oldest gift in Heaven — to be myself. " The soccer team also began its season, a season that would eventually lead the team to an NCAA tournament berth. However, perhaps the most important thing to happen in September was the formation of the Presidential Search Committee under the leadership of Dr. Gwendolyn Jensen. The Presidential Search Committee was set up by the Board of Governors in order to find a continued on page 21 The open hearing of the Presidential Search Committee. 20 continued from page 20 person to replace retiring President Mar- vin K. Peterson. In September, the Committee held open hearings to hear from the University community the type of- man they would like to see as UNH ' s next President. Before its completion, the Committee eventually went over 350 names of potential candidates before fi- nally submitting its conclusion to the Board of Governors in May. The D.S.G. administration in September- Soccer season begins . OCTOBER amonghs develop- ments, the settling down to a fairly normal every-day existence. People by now have forgotten about the good times of summer, and are beginning to become adjusted to the upcoming winter. The fraternities, in October, hold their annual Fall Pledge Week, a week in which the fraternal organizations take over the Student Lounge and try to woo interested students into pledg- ing their fraternity. Such service and professional fraternities as APO and LAE also begin their activities, as exemplified by the appearance of State Police Commissioner Cleveland B. Fussenich, who was just one of several prominent speakers who spoke at UNH during the year, thanks to the activity of the Criminal Justice Fraternity. UNH also, during October, had such other speakers at the school as Udar Pinto, an Indian philosopher who also is a physicist. He has been developing a movement called Sri Aurobindo ' s Action, a movement that Pinto hopes will " make a place where man can live away from national rival- ries, social conventions, and contend- ing religions. " The English Club sponsored poet Al Poulin, Jr. as a speaker, who gave readings of his works to several Eng- lish classes, and also discussed with the students the problems of becom- ing a published author. Linda Butler, a Criminal J ustice student, was appointed the new direc- tor for the New Haven Sponsorship Program, a program whose purpose it is to provide a one-to-one relationship between a sponsor and a juvenile in trouble. The faculty wives began their social activities also in October with a facul- ty wives ' tea. Cleveland B. Fuss I mi ma i nas B» i Faculty Federation Supports McGovern i George McGovem received he unanimous support of the . —a JNH Faculty Federation, Local f Mo. 2064, AFL-CIO. The en- lorsement came during the ■ Jept. 13 meeting of that organi- .ation. ■ The motion giving support to II McGovem was: The University of New RHaven Faculty Federation supports George McGovem for President of the United States. Our reas(»is are as follows: By introducing an equitable tax Iscale for all incomes, McGovem will correct the unfair tax load that now falls upon the wage- learner. " He will provide useful and eacerul jobs for millions of the low unemployed. " He will take prompt steps to !nd inflation and reverse the ' ising cost of living. " He will end the war without trying to exact vengeance or maintain a nationally dishonor- able position. " He will bring to a majority of Americans the educational ad- vantages now reserved for a privileged minority. " He will ensure, for both sexes and all races, equal employment opportunity and equal compensation for equal services. " By buying what the nation needs instead of what the Generals demand, he will streamline and strengthen our national defense... " He will correct our militarized foreign policy so as to restore world confidence in our world leadership. " He will end our national support of foreign dictators and restore to American Goverment the credibility and confidence a great nation should inspire. " He will resotre hope and incentive to those caught in the despair of family burdens and unjust welfare rules. " Ralph E. Carriuolo is the President of the UNH Faculty Federation. Mkl ■ H WELEARE, TAXES QUOTAS. even to Co " f hrivex Govern ma a me ISt i mt Be i ms t » i Ml RR i I 1 ELECTIONS This October also brought with it the carripaign for a new Pres- ident of the United States, and students throughout the n ation, as well as at UNH, took a very active part, primarily because of one of the candidates. Senator George McGovern, who sparked the interest and enthusiasm of the college community with his new and revolutionary ideas. However, when all the votes were counted, McGovern had only carried one state, Massachusetts, and President Richard M. Nixon had his second term in office. The politician 1. j l t K£ Folk Mass. ' MO " F 4RP " R ' ' University, a i l V- V tiVl. DLL AX. potpourri of events, in- cluding a Mark Twain impersonator, an escape artist who claimed to be the reincar- nation of the great Harry Houdini, and a week of interna- tional music sponsored by the Music Department of the school. The Mark Twain impersonator was a man by the name of Tom Noel, who gave his performance to a Standing Room Only crowd of people in the Student Center Lounge. The escape artist, Norman Bigelow, also performed during the month before a capacity crowd in the cafeteria . On the more serious side, the Black Student Union of the school sponsored Brother Charles L., Minister of the New Haven Mosque and representative of the nation of Islam. He told an audience that was predominantly black, that blacks should not try to live with " the white man " any more. " The white man is too hard to get along with, " he said. Father Clifford, the UNH Chaplain, also held a folk mass in the Student Center during the month. However, perhaps the most important item to happen during the month for some seniors was the Federal Career Day Program that was held in the Gymnasium Auditorium Building on the North Campus by the University ' s Place- ment Office. I Norman Bigelow, escape artist. Brother Charles. R i NOVEMBER PHONATHON The November Phonathon was the cul- mination of the annual alumni donatian campaign, a campaign that eventually brought to the school more than $36,000 in donations from alumni. All the donations went toward the Library Building Fund. The Phonathon was a total University community effort, with administration, faculty, staff, and students calling up alum- ni and asking them to help make UNH grow. The total cost of the new library is around $1,600,000 and the new building is expected to be completed in June of 1974. S flias MacDuffie will never make it as a head waiter. If ■ Jim Fanning is a better counselor. Dorm life can sometimes be depressing, especially in the middle of November. So, in order to cheer things up a little, the admin- istrative staff of the University decided to go a little out of their way one night to make things a bit more interesting. They got together and served dinner to the dorm students, dressing up in bright red waiters ' outfits, and although none of them will ever make it to head waiter at the Four Seasons, nevertheless, the event was an enjoyable one for both the dorm stu- dents and the staff. NOVEMBER CAMARADERIE Tom Masse looking for a bigg rv KBl »l m H a BID i n ! B H I B I H i ■ J m m I B THE FOUNDLING THEATRE GROUP 32 Each year UNHs Foundling Theatre Group presents theatrical plays that are usually far above what one would expect fron an amateur theatrical group. This year ' s production was no exception as the FTG presented " America Hurrah " . " America Hurrah " was actually two indi- vidual one-act plays; the first called " Inter- view " ; the second " Motel " ; and although both were extremely provocative and com- plex in stage direction and acting ability, our Foundling Theatre handled itself with a professionalism that was able to tackle the difficult problems involved in the produc- tion of the presentation, as the pictures on these pages so evidently show. 33 ..I III. w D. S. G. Elections. ' m, u t Charter baskethall in t ' olistiuji- Chill m J B A - t r .rfft »— J s 4 j H m- J t A MT r " " v Charger Invitational Tourney. 1— k -j --« y-i m yfOTTT) ' " ' ' 8 with it the end |_JtV».tJVlDtlx of the semester, and a time to catch up on all that studying you put off for so long a time. It ' s cram time and exam time, and also time for the second an- nual Charger Invitational Basketball Tournament, a tournament that saw Quinnipiac College the eventual winners, and their Coach, Bert Quinn, pick up his 200th win incur Gymagainst Eastern Connecticut. Our own Charger Five, although not winners in the Charger Invitational Tournament, did win the first college basketball game ever to be played in the new New Haven Veterans ' Memorial Coliseum by a score of 67 to 46 from New Paltz State College. The Evening Student Council, an active but at times overlooked part of the University, sponsored a Christ- mas Children ' s Dinner, complete with Santa Claus, for the children of the students of the Evening School. For those who believe in other kinds of fantasy, the Student Government Lecture Series sponsored Profes- sor Raymond T. McNally, the author of " The Search for Dracula. " The Day Student Government elections were also held in December to decide who would hold the admin- istrative positions of President and Treasurer for the following year, in addition to positions for sixteen del- egates on the Student Council. Evening students ' children ' s Christmas party. T A T TT T 1 -% started the second semester, and J .i l LJr rV I with it the end of school for some, as UNH held its second January commencement with over 400 students graduating. New Day Student Government President, Bill Bruce, also took over his office in January, along with his appointed Vice-President, Jerry Weber, and the new Day Student Gov- ernment Treasurer, Harry Baker. One of the first tasks DSG President Bruce had after his appointment, was the presen- tation of the Student Government gavel to his predecessor. Bill Bazilchuk, at a luncheon in the Student Center. The DSG Lecture Committee continued its fine lecture series with the Amazing Kreskin packing a filled cafeteria. Also, LAE, the Law Enforcement Fraternity, presented yet another outstanding lecturer in the field of Law Enforce- ment in the personage of Carl Hamm. In addition, the assistant to the Dean of Students, Thom- as Masse, left the school in order to go into the business world. KS ' t- Tom Masse LAE Lecturer, Carl Hamm FEBRUARY for many seniors, is the time when they think of employment after grad- uation. So once again, the Placement Office arranged for a career seminar to be held in the Gymnasium Audito- rium Building on the North Campus. The fraternal organizations had their Spring Rush in February, and the school re-named the Student Emergency Loan Fund the C. L. Rob- inson Emergency Loan Fund, in honor of C. L. Robinson, a man who had done an outstanding job as part of the UNH administration for a great many years. C. L. Robinson Emergency Loan Fund. Career seminar at the North Campus. Mr. Albert Weber, a Southern Con- necticut State Legislator, spoke here at the end of the month on taxes and mental health. He said, " Allocations in dollars for these youngsters is comparatively dwindling. " Weber also stated that retarded children needed foster homes and " tender love and affection of a mother. " Lecturer Albert Weber. w TEP frat during pledge week. vmmsmanmmi if f ■4 TOfiw ledge week of the year in lebruary . n LIBRARY I a m I H I ) I ) ( BSS J I Construction of the University ' s 1.6 million dollar Library began in February, with the official ground-breaking ceremonies . The Library will be finished in June of 1974 and will give a horseshoe effect to the main cam- pus. The triangular building will be attached to the the main building, and will stand three stories high. It will, upon its completion, be a tremendous asset to the entire University community. ; " t 1 1 .- ■ 4 0 ' . ■taek ■ - — r i MARCH is a bloody month if you ' re around UNH; bloody because the Red Cross comes to UNH for a week and asks members of the UNH communi- ty to give of themselves by taking a few moments of their time and donat- ing their blood in order to help others. Each year UNH students, faculty, and staff come out in large numbers, and do give of themselves, as the pictures on this page so evidently show. March, this year, was also an active month as regards lecturers at the school, with four distinguished speakers coming to UNH to address the student body. State Attorney General Robert K. Killian spoke to UNH students on dif- ferent aspects of state and federal government. He was followed by Bill Beutel, the anchor man of WABC- TV ' s Eye Witness News. Beutel, speaking on government and the press, said, " News is unique and should be treated as a special kind of thing. Everybody depends on the news, and there should be certain protections to make sure the news never stops flowing. " continued on page 43 Speaker Boris Bohun-Chudyniv- continued from page 42 Boris Bohun-Chudyniv was the primary speaker at a drug culture seminar sponsored by the Behavioral Science Group; his subject, the con- sciousness of self and how each indi- vidual must find his true self. Mrs. Beth Bawles, who is the pro- gram director of Channel 30, also spoke in the Student Center on the comparison between the black move- ment and women ' s liberation movement. The most notable happening of the month, however, had to be the con- struction on top of the Student Center of the University ' s new radio station tower, a tower that rises seven times the height of the Student Center. Bill Beutei. l HI Chariot Sports Editor Zev Hertz (second from left) interviewing running back Larry Brown. Senator Tunney Arts Festival. A " PIJ ¥T 15 really the final ac- . VX XxALi live month of the year at UNH, since May is filled with exams and preparations for the summer. In April, we have the lovely sight of Chi Kappa Rho ' s tenth annual fashion show held in the Student Center Lounge, and the artistic sight brought on by the Art Festival that highlights the best work of UNH students. The International Food Fair represented the foods of India, Iran, Portugal, Greece, China, and the United Arab Republic. The evening was also highlighted by Nadina, who demonstrated the mystical art of belly dancing. LAE sponsored two esteemed lecturers, UNH alumni Biagio DiLieto, the Police Commissioner of New Haven; and former Police Chief of New York City, Patrick Murphy. Also in April, Senator John A. Tunney, the Junior Senator from California, spoke on the confrontation between Congress and the Executive Branch. Senator Tunney was fol- lowed the following week by star running back of the Washington Redskins, Larry Brown, who talked about the problems of a black man making it in big time football . Neville Brown, star soccer player at UNH, proved also that he s a bright student, by receiving a $500 prize for being named an outstanding accounting student . With the semester closing, we look back and see a productive and interesting year at the University, a year that for some 900 day and evening students ended in their receiv- ing that long awaited degree. 45 IS mi i 1 tm i m I it THE UNIVERSITY i ' - c ( X i f 1- -.. . I WV fi it 1 W !.J rf — f . -i4 ' . i ur.: i--.t ' -: : l " W T..-,i1 ■■J I ■i I ■I I I Hi ■i I I 9 Ketailin niversitv The Professional degree of Master of Busines: i UNIVERSITY O Master of Science i i- UNIVERSITY O I UNIVERSITY O %-9 Major in Political Science AT UNH laniim irauon EW HAVEN Criminal Justice 0 ' NEW HAVEN NEW HAVEN I t ART 3v O O 51 % ' ' f V ARTS SCIENCES The School of Arts and Sciences at the University maintains a vast field of study for UNH students, unlike the other two undergraduate schools of the institution which specialize in the development of specific areas of study. An Arts and Sciences student can be an Art major, or a Biology or Chemistry major; his field of interest could be Mathematics, Music, History, English, or Politi- cal Science. He or she might be inter- ested in Philosophy, Physics, Psychol- ogy, or Social Welfare. The student might pick up a two- year degree in Commercial and Adver- tising Art, or in Journalism, or Biolo- gy, or General Studies, if he or she had an interest in these varied fields of study. In short, the School of Arts and Sciences provides a person wnth the basis to go out into the world and ex- plore those interests which he found w hile being in the School of Arts and Sciences at the University of New- Haven. I 55 The School of Business Administra- tion is geared to those students who plan to go into the business world upon grad- uating from the University, or those stu- dents (mostly night) who are already in business and are looking to improve themselves through a college degree. In this regard, the Business School offers a wide variance of specific majors, such as Accounting, Economics, Finance, General Management, Operations Man- agement, Marketing, or Retailing. The school also offers such other majors as Hotel Administration, International Business, and Public Administration. Two-year degrees may also be obtained in Business Administration, Hotel Ad- ministration, and Retailing. However, perhaps the most notable part of the Business School is its Divi- sion of Criminal Justice, and because it is probably the largest and best known sec- tion of the University, we have devoted a special section to it later on in this book. 59 The true success of the Business School must, however, be determined by how its students do after they get out of the institution. In this regard, UNH is second to none in placing its graduates in business in the Connecti- cut area; not only placing its gradu- ates in good positions, but in posi- tions that will also grow and bring with them prestige and security for both the individual and his family, as well as the University, in coming years. 60 J I If one were to ask all the students at UNH what course offered the tough- est academic requirement at the insti- tution, the resounding answer would most certainly be that of the School of Engineering. No student at the school must work any harder or study more diligently than Engineering students, and al- though in recent years the enrollment of the Engineering School has gone down some, it is still an extremely strong part of the University. Students in the Engineering School have their choice of such Engineering majors as Civil, Electrical, Industrial, II t Material, or Mechanical Engineering. A stu- dent might also be studying Industrial Tech- nology, with a Computer Option or a Manage- ment Option; or he or she could pick up a two-year degree in Engineering Science, or Engineering, or Occupational Safety and Hygiene. Engineering is a highly fascinating and ex- tremely difficult science to master, but the University does teach the student of the Engi- neering School the technology and application to do his job to the best of his ability. 67 p I f I The Division of Criminal Justice develops people who will be able to handle the difficult problems of law en- forcement in the coming years. Not only does the Divi- sion turn out capable students for the Connecticut area, but it is really the first section of the University to receive national recognition for its outstanding work. Its recogni- tion comes in the high appointments and national acclaim of many of its alumni. The Division of Criminal Justice has done an outstand- ing job in the past, and most assuredly will do an out- standing job in the future. 3 S B I MS ■ ( m i mt m i B I B I n i B I OB M) £ B J IS m i Mi ■ B i m B i Hi B I B ! SB H I B I Sm ' B I B I s M. _Jl0MUMS40 mm ,-j • ,y ...-«;!« 70 .L .-«?• 71, COACHES • i Don Wynschenk Coordinator of Physical Education 1972-1973 V.fc ' .-:- ' , ' 3 -J iSrjWdi -s-i; B I B I I .«-«gi ak»i i-vl ' i - SOCCER SOCCER RESULTS St. Francis W 3-1 Assumption W Pratt W 4-1 SCSC W Fairfield W 3-1 Oneonta State L Philadelphia Textile T 2-2 Quinnipiac W CCNY W 3-2 Fairleigh-Dickinson W CCSC T 4-4 NYU w NCAA COLLEGE DIVISION TOURNAMENT Bridgeport L 0-1 k A 9-1-2 seasonal record and an NCAA tournament invitation high- ighted another successful year. This was the third consecutive season the Chargers were invited to national tournaments under mentor Joe Machnik. The hooters were undefeated the first nine games, beginning with vic- tories over St. Francis, Fairfield and Pratt. Nationally ranked Philadelphia Textile needed a penalty kick in the waning moments to tie the Chargers at 2-2. Two days later New Haven traveled to New York and rallied from a 2-0 deficit to edge CCNY 3-2. A 4-4 tie against CCSC, followed by shut- out victories over Assumption and Southern Connecticut, supplied 6-0-2 cushion for the Chargers to bring to Oneonta, New York. Suffering their first setback in reg- ular season play, the Chargers were defeated by a superior Oneonta State 6-1. The same Oneonta later finished second in the NCAA National College Division tournament in St. Louis. The hooters wrapped up their regu- ar season with a decisive 4-2 win over FDU-Madison and 1-0 shutouts over NYU and Quinnipiac. The finale against Bridgeport in the NCAA round highlighted the season. In a hard fought match which was decided by a fluke goal, the Chargers fell 1-0, their first loss at home in fifteen games. Seven seniors provided much talent and experience necessary for a suc- cessful season. Armando Touron was a defensive backbone with consistent excellence in heading, passing and endurance. Manpower and counterat- tack were provided by John and Tom Kowalski, the unsung stalwarts for the past four seasons. Reuben Salas, Ray Connolly, George Rand and Joe DiCostanzo contributed fine depend- able performances in clutch situa- tions. The Chargers face the dim task of replacing these star performers next season. Neville Brown (4 goals), Ulado Ula- kovic (10 goals), and John Carbone (7 goals) delivered the offensive prowess and, combining with John Clarke, Wayne Finley, Frank Laurero and Steve Dunne, should form a nucleus for the 1973 season. Joe DiCostanzo I, ' .L-s h i !3%iiF 79 :; ' i ' - :- , ' " ' i !! ! !;! tH Ci :- .»r ' .--»r :• » 15 . ■uy i£i :tu::A I I saaj 1 «Jii V FOOTBALL 33 £5 FOOTBALL RESULTS University of Hartford T 6- 6 Seton Hall L 0-15 Mattatuck W 7- 6 Marist L 7-34 Westchester C.C. L 20-30 lona L 6-21 Fairfield L 0-27 Norwalk L 2-14 i ; The UNH Football Club completed their last sea- son in 1972 with a 1-6-1 record. The gridders next year will become a full varsity team, along with the Lacrosse Club. However, fans of UNH football should not be fooled by an apparent poor 1-6-1 record, because the Charger gridders performed quite admirably on the field. In their first contest of the season, played at Quigley Stadium on Saturday, September 23, the Chargers played Hartford University to a 6-6 tie. Hartford went on to win the Continental Divi- sion of the Eastern Collegiate Club Football Con- ference. The Chargers who played tight defense in the game, as they did throughout the season, scored their touchdown on a three yard run over the left side of Hartford ' s defensive front four by fullback Mike Anthony . The opening game of the season, however, did show a perennial weakness of the Charger eleven, as they once again demonstrated a lack of offensive punch. This was even more apparent in their sec- ond game of the year as UNH, for the first time, faced Seton Hall and held the tough Seton Hall gridders to just fifteen points. However, the Charg- er offense just couldn ' t get untracked in the game, and was unable to score. In their first away game of the year, the Chargers showed once again out- standing defense against a team that would end the year nationally rank among club football teams, and was able to defeat Mattatuck College by a 7-6 margin. Charger football mentor, Joe McHugh, in order to get more punch in his offense, moved his all league defensive back, Steve DiMungo, to running back for this game, and DiMungo responded beau- tifully by running for over a hundred yards in the contest. It was his seventeen yard run that put the Chargers ahead in the contest, 6-0; but it was Jim Viteli ' s kick that gave them what would eventually be the winning margin, as Mattatuck came back late in the fourth quarter to score on a four yard run up the middle. However, cornerback Rich Dor- an was able to stop a two yard conversion attempt by Mattatuck, and preserve the win for the gridders. After their outstanding 7-6 win against Matta- tuck, the Chargers went down to two heartbreak- ing defeats to Marist College on Homecoming Day 34-7, and to Westchester Community at Mt. Ver- non 30-20. In the Marist game, the Chargers lost both their starting running backs, Steve DiMungo and Lenny Galbicsek, to injuries which hurt their attack im- mensely; and in the WCC game, the footballers lost to the clock after being down 30-6, and coming back to score two touchdowns before time ran out. In their last three games of the year, lack of depth hurt the Chargers as they were devastated with injured players, losing to lona 21-6, Fairfield 27-0, and Norwalk 14-2, to end their season with a 1-6-1 record. With varsity status coming next year, and with the University finally recognizing football, it seems ikely that UNH football fans will not have to wor- ry too often in the future about 1-6-1 seasons. The best is yet to come. •,? -.V; m .■ ' -.. ;.---:: ' . , r -- - ' " t5 ;AS- p« " " . im r x " - ' ■ - ' r« 3 » l v 7 S? I! i 1 I BASKETBALL BASKETBALL RESULTS New Paltz (Coliseum) W 67- 46 Trenton State L 41- 45 Rhode Island College W 69- 63 Bentley L 73- 91 Quinnipiac L 82- 88 Monmouth W 87- 82 St. Mary ' s College W 91- 75 William Paterson L 80- 94 Farleigh-Dickinson (Madison) L 84- 96 Southampton L 74- 83 Central Connecticut L 63- 67 Brockport State L 80- 106 Babson W 86- 78 Southeastern Massachusetts L 59- 71 Jersey City State W 74- 62 Quinnipiac L 65- 83 Nasson L 59- 64 Bryant L 61- 73 Worcester State W 108- 105 (2 ot) SCSC W 94- 84 Marist L 78- 83 Nichols W 91- 71 Merrimack w 90- 85 CHARGER INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT Susquehanna w 87- 81 Quinnipiac L 59- 73 E- Vv - K 1 1 Tr flB i I 1 " The biggest accomplishment of this years basketball team was the experi- ence gained by our underclassmen, " stat- ed Coach Don Burns as he discussed the good points of the 12-13 record compiled by the hoopsters this season. Probably the highlight of the 1972- 1973 hoop season was the big win over Southern Connecticut State College in the only meeting of the year of the cross town rivals; the Chargers found them- selves on the winning end of a ball game which saw them lead by as many as twenty points. This undoubtedly was the finest game played all year by the Charger Five. The three losses to the overpowering Braves from Quinnipiac College hurt the Chargers. Later the Quinns went to the NAIA tournament in St. Louis. The con- soling statistic about this year ' s season. Coach Burns was quick to point out, is the fact that both his leading scorer and rebounder are freshmen, Stan Mac- Lachlan and Greg Rudomanski. Next year offers a brand new team with many new faces and, hopefully, a better quality team which will be sup- ported by the students. There seems to be much optimism both in the coach and the players that next year the University of New Haven basketball team will have a winning season, a season that will have large home crowds, a season that will put the Chargers back on top once again . Senior tri-captain Bob Foglio, from Bergenfield, New Jersey, averaged 12.9 points per game in 25 games for the Chargers. He also grabbed 57 rebounds and has added back court leadership to the squad for the past four years. Also a tri-captain and graduating this year is Tony Simonelli, from Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Simonelli averaged seven rebounds a game and contributed 13.8 points also. Tony was a great two-way player whom the Chargers will miss tremendously. Bill Kirkpatrick, the last of the tri- captains, has also completed four years at UNH. He averaged 7.5 points per game in 19 games. Bill is from Monroe, New York, and was a player who always gave 100% on the court. The team this past season faced some outstanding small college squads in Brockport State, Bentley, and Sou- thampton College. Coach Burns, in talk- ing about this year ' s season, stated, " I am disappointed with this year ' s squad, but not discouraged. I am very optimistic about next year and the next few years. 1 feel we have some excellent basketba prospects in our freshmen and sopho- mores. We also have a few boys in school that will be eligible next year that will definitely help our basketball program. If we can recruit two or three players in key positions, I feel we should definitely be a contender for a post-season tournament bid next year. ' This is the second year the team has played a full season in its new home on the North Campus. With a bit more sup- port from the fans, and with the im- provement of some key players, next year ' s season should be the first winning one for the Chargers in their new home. Paul Zampier i » i m t ( m I m ■8 n ■a ; :-i. ;j: a -1 ' ?%• i 1 « HOCKEY HOCKEY RESULTS Worcester State W 7- 2 Bridgewater W 4- 1 Salem State L 1- 7 Wesleyan L 3- 5 University of Connecticut L 3- 5 Wesleyan W 9- 4 AIC L 5- 7 New England L 0- 8 Holy Cross W 5- 3 Trinity W 3- 1 North Adams w 5- 2 University of Connecticut w 4- 2 Bridgewater L 4- 7 Babson L 1- 4 Worcester State L 3- 4 Nichols W 7- 5 St. Anselm L 0-11 Lowell Tech L 1- 9 Trinity W 6- 1 New England L 5- 7 Babson L 4- 5 (ot) r mt I a BE i m i vm m i mi The 1972-1973 edition of the UNH Charger hockey team was faced with an impossible task before the season even opened. They had a tough act to follow. A year earlier, the squad managed 20 victories in 2 9 starts, many of which were lopsided landslides in favor of New Haven. However, in 1972 the schedule was shaved; stripped of eight games, most of which were easy wins a year before. As a result, with only the more difficult competition remaining, the Chargers could only muster 9 wins against a dozen losses. Effectively, however, the record was quite similar to the previous season . Leading the assault for New Haven this year was a junior named Joe Muskin. Muskin scored 22 goals and added 14 assists for 36 points. He was honored by the ECAC on several occasions ! as he was repeatedly named to their weekly teams. Another junior that was a standout perform- er for the skaters was goaltender Buddy Hea- ney. Heaney is a superb netminder, and per- haps the best illustration of this is the fact that he has been promised a tryout with the Muske- gon Mohawks of the International League upon graduation. Speaking of graduation, it is hitting UNH rather hard this year. Seven seniors have posi- tions on the current squad. Among them are Henry Avelin, Bob Hutchinson, Joe Di- Costanzo, Glenn St. Jean, Mark VVhelan, John Truesdell and Craig Wooster. Avelin, this years captain, is a superior de- fenseman. During the course of his career he collected more points than any other defense- man in Charger Hockey history. He recently became only the fourth player to come up with more than 100 points in his four years at UNH. Henry plans to continue playing hockey semi- pro level. He is counting on playing for the New Jersey Rockets, a team which will compete in France at the end of March. Rob Hutchinson is truly an all around player. In the eyes of many, he is the finest player on the team. He is an excellent skater and contrib- utes both offensively and defensively. Rob fin- ished second in the scoring race this year with 8 goals and 12 assists. Glenn St. Jean was another big asset to the club this year. Known to his friends as " Black Bart " , he has a knack of being in the right place at the right time. Bart is always in position, and after a dry spell at the beginning of the year, it began to pay off. He went on somewhat of a scoring rampage late in the season and finished with 9 goals and 10 assists. Joe " DiCo " DiCostanzo, who sat out the first half of his last hockey season, stepped in and settled the defense admirably. DiCo is a great body checker and a knowledgeable defenseman. He contributed immensely during the stretch drive. Mark Whelan is a work horse, a courageous competitor. Whelan has been known to ride a puck into the net. He never loses a battle for a loose disc in the corner: (some players won t even go into that no man ' s land). In his final season Whelan tallied four times and added 10 assists, for a total of 14 points. John Truesdell and Craig Wooster were re- serves throughout their career. But these guys filled in so well so often that head coach Art Crouse feels that they were indeed a big asset to the team. The seven guys mentioned are on their way now. Undoubtedly, they have gained invaluable experience and will have pleasant memories of their playing for the rest of their lives. All in all, it has been a decent year for the skaters. Among the highlights was a comeback win over Wesleyan in which they exploded for seven goals in the final period. There were a pair of moral victories that were most gratifying, including a 6-5 loss to New England and 7-5 losstoAlC. Next year the team faces four new additions to the schedule. These include Rochester, Os- wego, Buffalo and Army. Ed Regan Uij jf B 1 na » t an ■ I MSP 01 B) I ■ ( HI Hi i » I on nt sw ■ i ■ ! ■ I Sn I ■ I ■ 1 1 I CROSS COUNTRY RESULTS Keene State L 49-15 Harrington W 28-29 Southeastern Massachusetts L 47-16 Northwestern Connecticut W 29-38 Brown L 40-18 Yale L 47-16 St. Anselm W 23-32 Clark L 33-22 Bridgewater W 22-33 Quinnipiac W 19-42 Wesleyan L 38-19 SCSC L 47-16 Eastern Connecticut L 39-20 Salem W 24-31 Bryant L 39-18 Fairfield W 25-32 CROSS COUNTRY si, 98 , i ;; This year ' s cross country team compiled a rec- ord of 7-9, but there ' s more to cross country than just a record. Unhke the other sports at UNH, one does not participate in cross country for the glory of the sport. There isn ' t any glory in running the five miles of pavement, grass, and wooded paths that makes up a cross country course. Rather a person runs cross country to see if he can beat the ele- ments, if he can just get over that next hill or round that last bend, so that maybe this time his time will be a fraction of a second faster than it ' s ever been before. That ' s the glory of cross coun- try, and those people who participated in the ex- citement of it for themselves and for UNH are co- captains Herb Dunn and Joe Janiga, along with Rich Massella, Charlie Reithel, Ron Sadaro, John Grudzien, and Charlie Miller. ■ ' •vii .w.ij . ' KW fV Mt u i GOLF The first sport at the University of New Haven to be invited to a National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) University Division Tourna- ment was not our baseball team or our soccer team, or even our basketball team, but was our golf contingent . Golf, for a great many years at UNH, was one of the winningest sports the school had. Times have changed some, however, and Coach Al Nicholson no longer takes out to Lyman Meadow Golf Club in Middle- field (the Charger home course) a squad of scratch golfers. However, he is still able to put together a highly competitive team, a team that on any given day can beat some very good competition. It seems enough to say that al- though our golf team is not as good as it once was, that with a coach like Al Nicholson in charge, this situation will be remedied within the near fu- ture, and UNH golf will once more be number one. ,jB « — r. TENNIS In recent years UNH ' s tennis team has not been anything to rave about, as the team compiled several losing seasons. However, that was not the story this year, as the team recorded a very respect- able 6-4-1 record against difficult competition. Coach Frank Flaumenhaft ' s team reg- istered four early wins against Bridgewa- ter. Eastern Nazarene, Southern Con- necticut (by a very tight 5-4 score), and Quinnipiac, before losing three in a row to Monmouth, the Yale JV ' s, and the Coast Guard Academy. In the second half of the season, the Chargers tied Central Connecticut, and beat Eastern Nazarene and Quinnipiac for a second time, while losing to Fairfield. This year ' s team lacked any real top stars, but was deep in talent and very well balanced. The team was headed by returning lettermen senior Joel Hersh- man and sophomore Eric Lovendahl, with newcomers juniors Ray Wilson and Bob Cizmadia, along with sophomores Ken Villani, Brian Barton, and Rich Gar- ofall, all contributing to the overall depth of the young club. With a young club and a successful 6- 4-1 season completed, fans of UNH ten- nis shouldn ' t have to worry about losing seasons for a good many years to come. .A Not everyone can be a Joe Namath or a Willis Reed or a Tom Seaver, and for those of us at UNH who aren ' t the best athletes in the world, the school has an extensive and diversified intra- mural program headed by Don Wyn- schenk, Coordinator of Physical Education. Those non-athletes among us who feel like demonstrating their athletic prowess once a week can participate in touch football, basketball (of both the three- and five-man variety), and Softball, and there are other programs in such sports as handball, volleyball, and table tennis. The importance of intramurals is not in the winning, but in the partici- pating. At UNH this past year, more people participated in the intramural program than ever before, and al- though but a few were declared cham- pions, in reality each individual was a winner because he participated. INTRAMURALS M I LACROSSE rii LACROSSE RESULTS Marist W 0- 2 scsc L 7- 8 Universitv of Rhode Island L 2 13 Fairfield L 4- 9 Dean Junior L 2-15 Trinity Frosh W 11- o Army JV L 4-15 Springfield B L 4-lo Cdbleskill Junior L 4-15 Yale Frosh L 4- 8 Vassar W 6- 5 Worcester W 5- 4 Uli A -s; -4 .1 •: : vi £::»::::, si;; iiifmm»mmm»m ' • ir B I ■ 1 m I Ml m I ■ I ■ I ■ I ■ I E ■I ■) ■ I S I OB ■ i ■ I urn a ! M ■ I ■I u In their second year, the University of New Haven Club Lacrosse Team (the club team goes Varsity next year) compiled a 4-8 record for their new head coach, William Verhoeff. Coach V ' erhoeff, who came to UNH after being an assistant coach at Brown University, took an inexperienced and young squad into a difficult schedule this season, with surprising results. The Charger stickmen opened their 1973 season with a win over Marist College by a score of 6-2. In their first contest of the year, the UNH defense, led by Butch Van Asco, Jim McKinnon, and Tony Mortali, played briUiantly, constantly keeping the Marist attack away from UNH goalie, Tim Cox. The Chargers followed their opening day win with a heartbreak- ir g 8-7 loss at the hands of cross town arch rival Southern Connecti- cut. The attack was led by team captain George Sexton, and all around team player from the Baltimore area. In the SCSC game. Sex- ton had two goals and an assist, and ended the season with well over 30 points for the twelve game schedule, leading the team in scoring. After the Easter vacation break, the laxmen went down to three quick defeats at the hands of URl. Fairfield, and nationally ranked junior college Dean, before playing their first home game ever at the 1 ' ■■ ,. !E»-- ' ( i.i.K -m North Campus field against the freshmen of Trinity College. The Chargers played inspired ball and defeated Trinity by a score of 11-6. UNHs sophomore attack- man, Harry Nye, playe his best game of the year, scor- ing five goals. Nye finished second in scoring for the year to team captain Sexton, with 20 goals. After the Trinity win, the lacrosse team traveled up the Hudson River in New York to take on the junior varsity team of Army, losing 15-4. The laxmen followed their loss to Army with two other defeats to Springfield College s B Squad at the North Campus, and to Cables- kill Junior College in New York. The Chargers had been gaining experience, and against another arch rival, the Yale freshmen, the stick- men showed signs of what was to come. The Chargers played the Yalies even in the first half of play, tying them at the midway point 3-3. With New Haven goalie Tim Cox playing superbly, the stickmen of UNH had been able to hold the future stars of ivy league lacrosse even. In the second half of play, Yale ' s larger, more well rested squad took advantage of the small New Haven squad, and finally won the contest 8-4, but the Chargers had played one of their best games of the year. In their next contest against Vassar, the stickmen were behind at the end of the first half by a score of 4-0, but rallied in spectacular fashion in a come-from-behind victory to win the game 6-5. The Charger team was once again led by the outstanding play of its captain. Sexton, along with the brilliant goal tending of Tim Cox. In the season ' s final game, the laxmen took an early five goal lead and held off Worcester Polytech, thanks to the outstanding defense of their midfield lines, especial- ly the play of their two senior midfielders, Steve Macau- ley and Paul Bianchi, who were playing their last game for the Charger blue and gold. R. Zeig ■ ifiiJTTtl " - 109 BASEBALL BASEBALL RESULTS Farleigh-Dickinson-Madison W 6-3 Stony Brook w 5-1 Babson (21 w lJ-1 w 5-1 Stonehill w 7-0 Bentley L 1-8 Quinnipiac W 0-1 Brooklyn w 12-0 Adelphi w 5-1 Monmouth w 5-4(10) Fairfield w 6-2 Yale w 3-1 Eastern Connecticut L 2-3 Siena w 1-0 Sacred Heart w 3-2 Quinnipiac w 6-1 Stony Brook w 7-4 Southeastern w 15-0 Massachusetts (2) w O-I Assumption w 4-3 Pace w 7-3 Western Connecticut CITY SERIES w 7-1 Quinnipiac L 1-2 NCAA COLLEGE DIVISION BASEBALL TOURNAMENT Glassboro L 2-3 Centra! Connecticut L 0-4 IlO ' .! Wi f ' $ • ' X » «K ' . i ll 1 In each of his ten seasons as skipper of the New Haven Baseball Team, Coach Frank Vieira has led the Chargers to post-season tournament competition. This year ' s team was no exception, as the 1973 version of the Charger Nine was honored by being named the home school for this year ' s National Collegiate Athletic Association ' s Regional Champi- onship, and although the Chargers were eliminated by Glassboro and Central Connecticut in the Regionals, it is easy to see the respect that baseball people have in the area for the growth of UNH baseball. The real success of this year ' s team goes to Coach Vieira who entered this season with only one established per- former, Captain Frank Santino, in the Charger lineup. Santino was the only remaining member of the 1970 baseball team that competed in the Na- tional Collegiate Baseball Cham- pionship in Phoenix, Arizona. With the Chargers being faced with a tough 30-game schedule, which included such teams as Assumption (4-3), Fairfield (6-2), Sacred Heart (3-2), and Mon- mouth (5-1), it seemed almost impossible for the Chargers to be able to register a 20-win sea- son. Yet, they finished the 1973 season with a record of 20-3 (several games were rained out), mainly due to the new faces Coach Vieira was able to put in the lineup. Among those new faces who made the Charger team go this year, was transfer student Joe Small, who filled the gap left by Mark Kilmurray, last year ' s shortstop, who signed this year to play professional ball in the Boston Red Sox organization. Junior Doug Fortune, who ended the year by signing with the White Sox chain, Len Paglialun- ga, John Basso, and Carl Malmquist all contributed with outstanding play for the base- ballers this year. It was Fortune who provided the hitting and run production, but it was the usual Charger strong-point of pitching that made the club go. This year ' s Charger mound staff was headed up by Dave Schuler, a big 6 ' 3 " hard throwing lefthander; and by sophomore Bob Powers and junior John Pulit. In short, this year ' s season was primarily no diffrent from any of the last ten, as once more the Chargers were winners; and as long as the Charger Nine have a skipper like Frank Vieira, the University of New Haven Base- ball Team will always remain winners. ■ r f 1 115 9 » I ■ I ■ It ul VI ! ■ I ■ I BB M I an i a a i ■ I ■ a ) ■ I OB » ■ u ( I ■ I I Bi t II m I I m 1 1 • 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I I I 66 . r . V , ' m ' - f - " ' i ' ' ORGANIZATIONS ' S i itNit .L LC Bau«ia int mmi ■KltUUlU «99 Q Jim Toomey — American Yearbook Representative Hockey writer Ed Reagen consulting with Editor Zeig n{ CHARIOT Tony Picagli and John Stillwell — Photographers . 119 Sv - ' f i» f r K, : Aliilia Plji ©wcija fclNAtSffiVICEfRATfRNITY PHI OMEGA E0Ot«.1 iS (■•, UXIVtllMTV Ot I - XtVM-TH ' HVID K JAClilis mi ■I »11.I.U« ««!.« SHAW J - Hts STUDENT GOVERNMENT ' - DSG Presiden- tial Secf TaVy " EVENING STUDENT GOVERNMENT .. ' - Evening Student Council — (seated left to right) James Criscuola, Vice-President; E. James Kazaleh, President; Mrs. Lydia Romanik, Secre- tary; Miss Mary Ann Mikos- ky. Social Chairman; (stand- ing left to right) Frank Cassel- lo, Student-faculty advisor; Morton Denerstein, Repre- sentative to the Board of Gov- ernors and member of ESC; and Mario Garofalo, member ESC. Ov X BflP a « ■ 1 m t B I » I tm m i m I I ■ i B i ■ M B f ■ I I I m ■ I ■ ' ll ■ i l| ■ I I I I El III 1 1 VOL. 48 NO. 2 THE ' NEW ' NEWS WEDNESDAY, O Z CZ6I ' z Kwn AvasHNaaM SM3N 3H1 l 124 ' 7 ' Hea JANUARY 31, 1973 VOL. 48 NO. 13 THE NEWS m a z m O •a 70 O z o H X m Paul Zampier — Sports Editor f I ON 91- lOA eZ61 ' 91 liadV ' AVaSHNQHM 125 SM3N : t »ASS »S.C5ffi T; Cv.3 sr.i.T ri«IS, (f-N-B-V, " ' T TV£ iSlYtSiin JF ■y.z T- ' . ST»ncN ?Ufc: tj ;o «-tv£-»i; vtiS tisai i »r-. mi ciMs a sAMSi! u ;ic« cn.c«,i«. rss ?:»T!os is «t j3 :sa ' -k Program Director Bruce Gogel with Gelgauda and Berlutti 126 127 I , ' S 128 129 130 LAE An LAE lecturer 1 LAE sponsored event — The Police Surgeon Sweepstakes 132 The University has grown so rapidly, and with it the growth of clubs and organizations on campus, that it becomes impossible for a limited yearbook such as this to photograph all the different organizations. We deeply regret not being able to do so. However, this should not stand in the way of our recognition of their important part in this University. No UNH Yearbook would be complete without mentioning the work done by such important organizations as the Black Student Union, and this year ' s President Walt Aarons. The Black Student Union not only does important work on the campus, but also assists with a vast variety of programs in the black community. Nor should we forget about the good jobs being done by the International Students Club, the Jewish Alliance, and the Newman Club. Each club makes a relevant statement and a significant contribution to the different groups that each one of these fine organizations represents . It would not be right, either, not to mention the work of the Society for the Preservation of the American Indian and its founder, Philip Rabito. The Society attempts to make all of us aware of the proud heritage of the first people to live in the Americas, and also reminds us of the grave injustice carried out by this country against the Indian. " The Noiseless Spider " is t he literary magazine and symbol of the hard work and accomplishments of the English Club. The Club sponsors a wide variety of speakers, and encourages people to improve their writing skills by printing such publications as " The Noiseless Spider " . The professional engineering societies aid the students in learning the place of professional engineering in today ' s world. Such engineering societies as The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the American Institute of Indus- trial Engineers Student Club, the Student Chapter of the Society for Advancement of Management, and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers are too often not recognized by the average student, but nevertheless, are still a very vital part of the University. In this regard also, the Chess Club, Accounting Club, and American Marketing Association are very often forgotten about by most people. Yet, their presence helps to give the broad range of achievement that comprises a university. Although this Yearbook already has a picture layout of the Day Student Government, it would be improper not to mention the hard work of its committees, such as the Lecture Committee and its co-chairmen Gary Salemme and Ann Brodycz, or the Social Committee and its chairman John Dwyer, or the Film Committee and Don Pascale. These com- mittees, and the other committees that comprise the Day Student Government, do a vital and significant job in order to serve the best interests of the students . The strength of our University lies in the fact that there are so many students interested and willing to participate and give of themselves in various clubs and organizations so that they might enjoy and learn and help to give UNH a true university atmosphere, an atmosphere where each individual can find his own interest and pursue that interest. Robert Zeig Editor UNH Chariot 133 ln iP jfl 1 TM ' j ' — ■iitt Bl I t r ' ! • 1 tl 1 1 fw te U WL t . 1 i |jr V As. ' " ' (. y ■ ' -2 «r " ■ k. ••S i r- f 1 w i I MR 1 1 11 I I I t I I I I ■ III I I ! I I ■i u II Si 1 1 ■ 1 1 ■ 1 1 The quotes appearing on the forthcoming pages in this book are those of the graduating seniors of the University, and rep- resent solely their own individual opinions. They in no way should be considered the opinions of the Editors of this publi- cation or of the Day Student Government or the University administration. Names were withheld of seniors upon their request to the Editor of this publication. 1 136 :,? v ? i i-6 ._.«« ««• ♦ " -:S 5, - Angelo Accuosti David Arco Neil Abel Lawrence Alonzo Charles Artese Brien Ash I Charles Ashburn Eugene Bagnoli George Baldwin Ralph Barra UNH ' s athletic program should gear itself to some more money making spec- tator interested sports — hockey. Varsity football, etc., along with more pro- motions for these sports. Too much is spent on bas- ketball and there are not enough returns. The Ath- letic Department should also lengthen the Intra- mural program to serve more University students not on a Varsity team. David Theis B.A. Political Science Day Salvatore Bartolo Flordia Baskin William Bazilchuk Richard Becher Richard Bihlmeyer Joseph Birkenmeyer Richard Bisaillon 141 m i i «k i t M ■ I I t r I m I I 1 1 r I ir I I 1 1 II Mi ' I q I I J ' l: li I ■ II I Michael Blackstone Rene Blais Football is like anthing else you struggle for, whether it be change or perfection. For one to play football, you must have commit- ment, dedication, discip- line, and principles. Clifton Bush Captain Club Football B.A. Sociology Day Frederick Blakeslee Joseph Bodakowski Ann Marie Bondy :i Ralph Broderick Ann Brodycz George Brown, Jr. Trevor Browne Allen Broggi Robert Brown Bruce Brunquell Richard Bryk 143 Roland Buchs 1 m i KB I m " 1 Jean Byrnes Donald Cady I Edward Byrd Fred Caccavale John Campbell Richard Capone John Carfora William Carrano 144 LI Concetta Caruso Kenneth Caserta Michael Catalano John Cavoto Walter Chicoine The Law Enforcement pro- gran at UNH should go back and deal with the problems of Law Enforce- ment, how a police depart- ment works and the super- vising of policemen. At the present time the courses are turning more towards sociology and psychology instead of police work. Criminal Justice should inform the students of the field of Law Enforcement how to deal with problems in the field, instead of tell- ing of the problems of de- viants and criminals and telling how we should bend over backwards to help them. Name Withheld B.S. Law Enforcement Richard Christian Ann Ciarlone Glen Ciepielowski Thomas Cioletti 145 John Civitello Charles Colbert I If we can think for today, we can build for tomorrow. Glenn B. Cronin B.S. Oper. Management Day I Louis Colella Forrest Compton Gordon Conrad Daniel Conti Lillian Conti Thomas Coria ■k 4F " II ii Shirley Cornell H . George Delicato Dominick Dellavalle Michael DelVecchio Louis DeMaio James DiCarlo Mary Ann DiGiovanni Alvin Ditman Peter Domalavage i John Dubicki 148 Rene Dubois Michael Duffy Peter Dufourny If I had it to do all over again at UNH, I would open my books a little nnore often and make a bet- ter effort in class. Now that it ' s all over, I wonder how much of it I ' ll remem- ber and use. Right now I ' m scared I don ' t know all I ' m supposed to in order to hold the position I was educated for. Michael R. DiDato B.S. Gen. Management Day Philip Duperry Harry Duren Howard Dwyer Wayne Edwards Terry Eisensmith Randolph Ellis, Jr. Bruce Essig ititm )» - 149 Robert Fassett i Carl Fappiano Joseph Fazzino Halyna Fedoruk Stephen Farruggio Dominic Federico Paul Fiasconaro [ Ik i i Watergate may prove ben- eficial in time, resulting in less government corruption. Daniel Fluter B.S. Elec. Engineering Evening I ' Peter Firla Arthur Gagnon Henry Garbatini Clementina Gaudio John Gasparine Glory George Anthony Giaimo Darick Gill Howard Gilreath Albert Gioiele 152 Robert Givens Albert Glazer Matthew Glen If I had one thing to do over again at UNH, I would take more History and PoHtical Science cours- es to prepare me with a background for a better understanding of world politics. Any of my involvements on campus probably would not be changed a second time around. Ellen M. Glosser DSG Rep. BOG Student Member B.A. English Day Stephen Glossa Ellen Glosser David Goffi Benjamin Graves Eric Greenberg 153 David Greenstein Steven Greto I hope that the enormous potential of radio station WNHU can be realized. As a broadcasting station it has fine technical facilities and the power capacity to reach a large portion of Southern Connecticut. Its primary responsibility is to itself, the FCC and the lis- tening community; but if run in a responsible man- ner with enough support from staff, and financially from students and admin- istration, there could be much mutual benefit. Jack Hearn Music Director WNHU B.A. Economics Day John Grimes Carl Grosso Sami Hakim Bnan Hall Stanley Hall III Michael Hanlon Patrick Harding Michael Harelik Charles Harris James Hazelton John Hearn 155 Joel Hershman Zev Herz Thomas Hoboken Kenneth Hopkins Michael Hindinger Peter Holden Kenneth Houle 1 T. ■-■ ' •■ | X ZX5 iM ■ 4 1 R@ 2 M t : mm I ( Robert Houston Frederick HuUey John Hunn 156 Robert Hupka Bruce Hurlburt Brian Hutchinson The University should have an evaluation system for all the teachers at this college, the outcome of which would have some positive effect on their teaching habits and attitudes. Charles R. Geyer, Jr. B.S. Law Enforcement Day Arthur Johnson Douglas Johnson 157 Mihran Joulakian Milton Kahl UNH is a great place and I will always come back. I am looking forward to sending my children here while I am trout fishing. Franklin Konowitz B.S. Oper. Management Day Paul Kaspezak David Kassay Paul Kelley Arthur Kellv Linda Kibarl Charles King J- Vance Lamb Michael Lane I ' Sarah Lee George Lehr Edward Leonard Joan Lipp 160 Alan Leaser I ' ve been with the college so long that my first class- es were on Prospect Street in New Haven. Since that time the strides made by UNH under President Pe- terson have been enormous and beneficial to the Uni- versity and to the com- munity. I will be sorry to see him leave, ironically, the same time as my " long " college life is concluded. Nicholas E. Lucente B.S. Gen. Management Evening Richard Losh Nicholas Lucente Glenn Luisi m m li Clark Magness Anthony Majewski The Watergate Investiga- tion shows what will hap- pen to America if the peo- ple in this country refuse to question the power structure. Michael A. Maida B.S. Marketing Day Chhabil Majmuhdar Guv Malanson Gary Mangiacopra E- Marchessault Thomas Marchessault William Martingano Emile Massad John Mastroianni James McCarthy John McCatherin WilUam McDonald M ' . f ' Ellen McNally James McVerry PPj Michael McSherry William Meisser 163 Edward Merril Mary-Ann Micorell Peter Monroy I I I Henry Misiak Gregory Moore Michael Mitchell President Nixon, in regard to the Vietnam War, did the best he could, and de- serves credit for ending it in an honorable way. John Morrissey B.S. Accounting Day William Morris 4 I John Morrissey Thomas Mulligan Rita Neff Joao Neves i William Neuweiler Thomas Nolan Sheila O Brien William O Brien Donald O ' Connell Howard Odom Donald O ' Hara Margaret Olcavage James O Leary, Jr. David Paige 165 Donald Panii Arthur Pauk Raymond Pangi Frank Pannizzo Augusto Perez Wilfred Perez I Ronald Peterson Edward Petroski, Jr. 166 The state should stop pay- ing ' high salaries to useless people and create realistic sources of revenue in the form of legalized gambling and horse race tracks. Af- ter this, more industries will come about. Ramon Parenti B.A. Psychology Day k Carolyn Prato M Frank Pugliese Raymond Pulaski The Watergate affair could be the result of eroding ideals and principles. Emphasis placed on suc- cess by any means, ques- tions the causal relation- ship between a facade of deceit and the tentacles of corruption, namely politi- cal espionage through the abuse of political power, and lack of civic responsi- bility. The Watergate reve- lations presently before the court of public opinion may revive our traditional integrity. Because of our resilient system, our values may be reborn. Rita H. Neff B.A. Political Science Evening if les. uc- les- on- of of liti- the r m, isi- ' ve- the ion nal Dur ues Anthony Rebelo Albert Recchi Carl Rehnberg Hubert Rice John Rodican Richard Reynolds Carolyn Roche Charles Rosabianca 169 Douglas Rosenstein Edward Roslon William Rothfuss i C, Judith Rozie James Ruth William Rutkauskas Paul Sachs i Gary Salemme Stephen Salinger Irvin Sanders 170 David Santas Lois Santoro Susan Sawyer UNH ' s athletic program needs more student and faculty support. Certain Varsity sports get all the financial support and ben- efits from the school when it should be equally divided. Leo J. Vallee, Jr. B.S. Criminal Justice Day Louis Scarfo Lawrence Schneider William Schultz, Jr David Schwartz Robert Scotti Michael Sette Edward Seward 171 Jess Shandrowski John Shea Birth control and abortion are every woman ' s own decision. It is much worse to have an unwanted, un- loved child than to end a " life " before it is actually begun. June Stronk B.S. Marketing Day Charles Sherwood Raymond Siedlarz Bruce Siegel John Sierota James Sundermeyer William Swatkoski I a HS i i est ; i K I t m , I K ! i m m ■ , Charles Terbush ; " V,- .. -i. ' t-.inai Robert Tichy Frank Tolisano Eric Toatley Ronald Trench, Jr. Roxanne Vaccaro IN MEhORr: OlCKBy iL Richard Vencus David Weisbrot John Weiss Russell Weiss, Jr If you believe that the bombing of innocent wom- en and children to force a democracy on a foreign country is justified, then Nixon did fine. Clifford R. Winkel B.S. Civil Engineering Day James Zolnik Paul Zygmont Jayson Waldman The University of Nca Haven ' s cut policy almoi kept me from graduatin this semester. If a studer cannot cope with his or ht own self control in clas attendance, this is a pro ! lem that they must de. with. They ' ll be a bett person for learning to rej ulate their own life. Christopher S. Tasso B.A. Psychology Day Louis Feniola Rachel Sandman Ruben Salas Morteza Sonbolian John Schdffer Susan Sawyer Thomas Mansfield pon iFcommtn nliun of Hit Jocull nnb bj! uitlur of Hit aull orilg br«le6 in iht antb of (fioUdiiPr lint (onteirtft on yplrr -AUrn Snnrre ll]f brgrct of Barl(tlor nt rtnup i„ tctdsmlion of till .atj.laclor tpmvWiion .! iV. f.c.c ' ! ' r BuBiiicBfl Aiuniutfilnilimt .,» .1 met H...n., 0...»,„.., «.. W ' «.. ' i! i»5 .f .V " . " -.. . f ] GRADUATES JUNE 1973 B.A. B. S. - DAY Abel, Neil M. 67 Hillside Ave. Milford, Ct. B.S. Hotel Mgmt. Food Ahnert, Susan P. ,f4 Dell Ave. 2-A New London, Ct. B.A. English Alaimo, Alan S. 64 Horse Plain Road New Britain, Ct. B.S. Acctg. Alexander, Thomas F. 126PineridgeRd.,RFDl Peterborough, NH. I B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Aluknavich, Anthony J. 48 Moreland Ave. Oakville,Ct. B.S. Ind. Eng. Amato, Michael A. 46 Bristol Street West Haven, Ct. B.S. Econ. Andreano, Anthony F. 146 Anderson Ave. Waterbury, Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. .Andrew, Newell 144 West River Street Milford, Ct. B.S. LawEnf. Anselmi, Alan 116 Brook St. Methuen, Mass. B.A. Biology Attruia, Joseph J. 41 Whitest. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Baldwin, George H. II 449 Booth Hill Rd. Trumbull, Ct. B.S. Oper. Mgmt. Banno, Stephen A. 765 Washington Ave. Ext. Waterbury, Ct. B.S. ME. Banyai, Thomas J. 4 First Avenue Shelton,Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Barra, Ralph J. i731So. MainSt. Waterbury, Ct. B.S. Acctg. Barrows, Paul R. 144 Ashton St. Bridgeport, Ct. B.A. Sociology Bartolo, Salvatore 41 Walter Ave. Norwalk, Ct. B.S. Marketing Basista, John J. 4 Lois Cir. Monroe, Ct. B.S. Oper. Mgmt. Baskin, Flordia B. 189 Ivy Street New Haven, Ct. B.A. Psychology Birkenmeyer, Joseph L. 235 Boston Post Road Orange, Ct. B.S. Marketing Blackwell, Ulysses S. 95 Homeside Ave. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Blais, Rene J. 36 Berlin St. Auburn, Mass. B.S. Marketing Blackstone, Michael P. 87 Damascus Rd. Branford, Ct. B.S. Marketing Blakeslee, Frederick 78 Arch St. Hamden, Ct. B.S. Mech. Eng. Bloom, Barry P. 11 Russell St. Cornwall, NY. B.S. Crim Just. Boehmke, Ronald J. 1818 Benson St. Philadelphia, Pa. B.S. Opr. Mgmt. Bogucki, Larry E. 171 Maple St. Branford, Ct. B.S. Econ. Bondy , Ann Marie T. 621 Race Street Scranton, Pa. B.S. Acctg. Borla, Gary F. 152 Frederick Street Torrington, Ct. B.S. Elec. Engr. BoUton, Kurt M. 344 Lalley Blvd. Fairfield, Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Bray, Sarah E. 24 Hemingway St. New Haven, Ct. B.A. Biology Brem, Gerald M. 465 Sawmill Road, Apt. 308 West Haven, Ct. B.S. Indust. Engr. Broccoli, Edward A. 45 Hillcrest Ave. West Haven, Ct. B S. Gen. Mgmt. Broderick, Ralph G. 37 Cherry St. Milford, Cl. B.S. Mech. Engr. Brodycz, Anna N. 77 Sylvan Ave. New Haven, Ct. B.A. English Broggi, Allen RR. 1, Box 178 Westbrook, Ct. B.S. Chemistry Brown, Robert K. 8 B. Malcolm Ct. New Haven, Ct. B.A.Polit. Sci. Bruno, Kenneth C. 567 Wilcoxson Ave. Stratford, Ct. B.S. Pub. Admin. Brunquell, Bruce H. 238 Kamda Blvd. New Hyde Pk., NY. B.S. Elec. Engr. Bush, Clifton 55 Truman Street New Haven, Ct. B.A. Sociology Byrnes, Jean M. 52A Village Green No. E. Providence, RI B.A. English Caccavale, Frederick 321 Dogburn Lane Orange, Ct. B.S. Pub. Admin. Cameron, Robert J. 4 Morton St. NianticCt. B.S. Econ. Capone, Richard J. 134 Alps Rd. Branford, Ct. B.S. LawEnf. Carr, James W. 63 Admiral St. West Haven, Ct. B.A. Psychology Carrano, William J. 1 Farmhill Rd. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Elec. Engr. Carroll, David B. 1014 Pleasant Hill Rd. Orange, Ct. B.S. Acctg. Caruso, Concetta A. 27 Knollwood Drive Branford, Ct. B.A. Art Catalano, Michael Jr. 229 Poplar St. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Elec. Engr. Cavallaro, Richard N. 9 Highview Ave. West Haven, Ct. B.A. History Cavoto, John J. 2911 Paulding Ave. Bronx, NY. B.A. Soc. Welfare Ceccolini, Phyllis A. 26 Palmer Wood Cir. Branford, Ct. B.A. English Christensen, Cara J. High Acres Rd. Ansonia, Ct. B.A. Psychology Christopher, Donald 3 Overbrook Rd. Norwalk, Ct. B.A. Sociology Church, Robert E. 203 Blanchard St. Waterbury, Ct. B.S. Mech. Engr. Ciarlone, Ann Marie 316 Lambert Rd. Orange, Ct. B.A. English Ciepielowski, Glen F. 9 Gagan St. Uxbridge, Mass. B.S. Marketing Civitello, John V. Jr. 32 Frost Drive No. Haven, Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Colbert, Charles W. 210 Hewitt Street Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. Marketing Compton, Forrest M. R.D.I Moscow, Pa. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Conlon, Stephen W. 38 Spring Rorck Road Branford, Ct. B.A. Chemistry Conrad, Gordon E.W. Box 974, 11 Huntington PI. Norwich, Ct. B.S. Mech. Engr. Conti, Daniel 359 Soundview Ave. Stratford, Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Cornell, Shirley D. 285 Savin Ave. West Haven, Ct. B.A. Social Services Covino, Anthony, Jr. 425 Circular Ave. Hamden, Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Cronin, Glenn B. 761 Brewster Street Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. Oper. Mgmt. Cusano, Henry J. 33 Tyler St. East Haven, Ct. B.A. English Cusson, Richard J. 130 Addison Rd. Glastonbury, Ct. B.S. Civil. Engr. Cuticelli, John J. Jr. 81 Ansonia Road Woodbride, Ct. B.S. Finance Damico, Edward F. 146 Davenport Avenue New Haven, Ct. B.S. Acctg. Davidson, Russell A. 21 Crestview Drive No. Haven, Ct. B.S. Elec. Engr. Davis, Richard L. 6 Reservoir St. Bethel, Ct. B.S. Elec. Eng. Deas, Melvin L. 26 Ridge Court W. Apt. 5B West Haven, Ct. B.S. Finance Dellamura, Ralph F. 17TreadwellSt. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Dellavalle, Dominick 31 Greenwood St. New Haven, Ct. B.S. E.E. Delvecchio, Michael J. 40 Manilla Avenue Milford, Ct. B.S. Oper. Mgmt. Demaille, Alfred P. lllTaftSt. Stratford, Ct. B.S. Elec. Engr. Dempsey, Donald 124 Vista Drive East Haven, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Dicarlo, James X. 32 Bonnie Court Wallingford,Ct. B.S. LawEnf. Dicostanzo, Joseph J. 2033 Matthews Ave. Bronx, NY. B.A. English Didato, Michael R. 1565 Rhey Ave. Wallingford, Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. DiStasio, Frank B. 130 Piping Rock Dr. Waterbury, Ct. B.S. Marketing Domalavage, Peter K. 60 May St. Meriden, Ct. B.S. Mat. Engr. Donovan, Thomas W. 68 Norton Stapt. 43 New Haven, Ct. B.A. Polit. Sci. Duffy, Michael J. 86 Greenview Drive Waterbury, Ct. B.S. Acctg. Dufourny, Peter G. Twin Lakes Rd. No. Branford,Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Dumont, Paul S. Box 64 Rock Hill, NY. B.S. LawEnf. Dunavin, Robert E. Box 76 East Chatham, NY. B.S. Elec. Engr. Duperry, Philip L. 61 Gladiola St. New Britain, Ct. B.S. Ind. Engr. Dunseath, James J. Box 86, 25 Library Rd. Tuxedo, NY. B.S. Law Enf. Edwards, Wayne A. 537-1 Main St. Monroe, Ct. B.S. Marketing Errichetti, Anthony F. 363 Exeter St. Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. Acctg. Esposito, Ralph W. 74 Lindsley Pi. Stratford, Ct. B.S. Civil Engr. Essig, Bruce R. lOErindaleDr. Marlton, NJ. B.S. Mech. Engr. Fanning, James J. Jr. 403 Third Ave. West Haven, Ct. B.A. English Fappiano, Carl J. 16 Orchard Ave. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Acctg. Farrar, John J. 1200 New Haven Rd. Naugatuck, Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Farruggio, Stephen R. 80 Brandon Ave. Wayne, NJ. B.S. Oper. Mgmt. Fazzino, Joseph C. 128 Oak St. Naugatuck, Ct. B.S. Marketing Federico, Dominic A. 83 Blake St. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Acctg. Federico, Lawrence D. 25 Maple St. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Marketing Feniola, Louis E. Jr. 17 Naugatuck St. East Haven, Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Fiasconaro, Paul V. 36 Highland Ave. East Haven, Ct. B.S. Marketing Fitzgerald, Joel P. 138 Clinton Ave. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Marketing Foglio, Robert C. 14 Sylvamdur Ave. Bergenfield, NJ. B.S. Polit. Sci. Forte, Henry 1 Mill Rd. No. Branford, Ct. B.S. Law Enf. Fossett, Robert D. 92 Mayflower PL Milford,Ct. B.A. Psychology Foster, Michael R. 24 Dawes St. Milford,Ct. B.S. Acctg. Froehlich, Eric C. 115 Marconi St. Clifton, NJ. B.S. Law Enforcement Fuhr, William T. 63 Jones Rd. Wallingford, Ct. B.S. Gen Mgmt. Fulco, Lucille 48 Evergreen Ave. New Hyde Pk., NY. B.A. English Galbraith, James J. 1819 E. Clementine Philadelphia, Pa. B.A. History Gasparine, John M. 14 Springbrook Road Livingston, NJ. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Gaudio, Clementina 41 WestfieldSt. West Haven, Ct. B.A. English Geyer, Charles R. Jr. Farm Rd. Copake, NY. B.S. LawEnf. Giaimo, Anthony J. 10 Featherbed Lane Branford, Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Giannelli, Mark W. 140 Kaynor Drive Waterbury, Ct. B.S. Ind. Engr. Gill, DarickC. 15 Brentwood Road NewMilford.Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Gioiele, Albert N. 403 New Litchfield St. Torrington, Ct. B.S. Marketing Gizara, Paul L. 38 W. Enterprise St. Glen Lyon, Pa. B.S. Hotel Mgmt. Gleffe, Frederick L. 7 Washington St. Cornwall Hud., NY. B.S. Law Enf. Glossa, Stephen Valley Road No. Branford, Ct. B.S. Civil Engr. Glosser, Ellen M. 191 High St. E. Hartford, Ct. B.A. English Goodwin, Betty R. 91 Curtis Drive New Haven, Ct. B.A. Soc. Welfare Granucci, Ralph 248 Lombard St. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Acctg. Greenberg, Eric J. 83 75 Woodhaven Blvd. New York, NY. B.A. English Greenstein, David C. 103 Belden Rd. Hamden, Ct. B.A. Social Services Greton, Steven L. 635 Merwin Ave. Milford.Ct. B.S. Mech. Engr. Gross, Stuart A. 99 Coleman St., Apt. B5 West Haven, Ct. B.S. Acctg. Gush, Thomas S. 310 Cutters Farm Road Monroe, Ct. B.S. Marketing Hall, Stanley S. 8 Ward Place West Haven, Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Harcourt, David L. 100 Ascolese Road Trumbull, Ct. B.S. Mech. Engr. Harding, Patrick E. 12 Hilton Drive, Apt. C3 West Haven, Ct. B.S. Acctg. Harelik, Michael J. 58 West Clark St. Milford,Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Harrison, John A. 28 Harrington ave. Westwood, NJ. B.S. Hotel Mgmt. Hearn, John W. Jr. 46 Bertmor Dr. Stamford, Ct. B.A. Econ. Heidelberger, Charles PomfretCntr., Ct. B.S. Indust. Engr. Heinmiller, David H. 34 Briar Oak Dr. Weston, Ct. B.S. Crim Just. Hermann, Charles W. 300 Meadowside Rd. Milford,Ct. B.S. Acctg. Hershman, Joel 5. 203 Winslow Ave. Norwood, Mass. B.S. Law Enf. Herz, Zev 3 Burnham Road W. Hartford, Ct. B.S. Gen Mgmt. Hines, Allan P. 6Ballou Rd. Branford, Ct. B.S. Oper. Mgmt. Hoboken, Thomas A. 2430 Broadbridge Ave. Stratford, Ct. B.S. Acctg. Holden, Peter R. 105 Goodwin Street Bristol, Ct. B.S. Gen Mgmt. Hopkins, Kenneth C. 72 Twin Oaks Dr. Thomaston, Ct. B.S. Law Enf. Houle, Kenneth M. 7 Rosengarten Drive Waterbury, Ct. B.A. Social Welfare Hunn, John A. P.O. Box 145 Unh. West Haven, Ct. B.A. Art Hurlburt, Bruce E. 34 Middlesex Ave. Ext. Portland, Ct. B.S. Elec. Eng. Hutchinson, Robert E. 78 Thurton drive New Canaan, Ct. B.A. Sociology Igoe, John F. 2 Elm Place Msspequ Pk., NY. B.S. Mech. Engr. Jackson, Michael J. 33 Robinhood Rd. Danbury, Ct. B.S. Elec. Engr. Jacobs, Carol A. 48 Pauline Avenue West Haven, Ct. B.S. Art Jarjura, Charles J. 10-4 Villagewood Drive Waterbury, Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Jayne, William A. 64 N. Summit Ave. Chatham, NJ. B.A. English Jerrell, James S. 1199 Campbell Ave., Apt. A6 West Haven, Ct. B.S. Acctg. Johnson, Douglas B. 431 North Main St. Wallingford, Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Johnson, Elizabeth M. 539 Wiese Rd. Cheshire, Ct. B.A. English Johnson, Douglas A. 262 Gramercy Dr. Jericho, NY. B.S.LE. Joulakian, Mirhan O. 52 Hillside Place New Haven, Ct. B.S. Mech. Engr. Kahl, Milton G. 99 William Street Wallingford.Ct. B.S. Elec. Engr. Kasprzak, Paul L. 181 Washington St. Worcester, Mass. B.S. Marketing Kassay, David E. 695 Ellsworth St. Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. Law Eng. Keating, Robert K. 24 Alanby Drive Meriden, Ct. B.A. English Keegan, Bridget A. 200 Rimmon road No. Haven, Ct. B.A. Chemistry Keegan, Bridget A. 200 Rimmon Road No. Haven, Ct. B S Biology Kelleher, Gary R. 79 New Rd. Madison, Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Kelly, Arthur]. 23 Whippcorwill Rd. Southington, Ct. B.S. Civil Engr. Kelly, Paul E. 47 Federal St. New London, Ct. B.S. Elec. Engr. Kibbe, Karl 199 Sunnyside Ave. Oakville, Ct. B.S. E.E. Kirkpatrick, William 7 Merriwold Lane So. Montroe, NY. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Kiss, William A. P.O. Box E Rowayton, Ct. B.S. E.E. Knickerbocker, Robert 51 Benton Lane Glastonbury, Ct. B.S. Acctg. Konowitz, Franklin N. ol Pershing Ave. Seymour, Ct. B.S. Oper. Mgmt. Kores, Thomas M. 388 Third Avenue West Haven, Ct. B.A. History Kuzmik, Paul T. 82 Morningside Drive Torrington, Ct. B.S. Elec. Engr. Lapomardo, John M. 57 Wheelock Street Oxford, Mass. B.S. Ind. Engr. Lebrun, Robert E. 19 Sarah Dr. Uncasville, Ct. B.S. Ind. Engr. Lehr, George W. 50 High Rock Rd. Hamden, Ct. B.S. Mech. Engr. Leizure, Larry F. 75 Greenacre Ave. Longmeadow, Mass. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Lheureux, Arthur J. 35 Parkview Rd. Wallingford, Ct. B.S. E.E. Loomis, Peter D. 199 Wilmot Road Hamden, Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Lorello, Nicholas G. 750 Legion Ave. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Marketing Luisi, Glenn R. 317 Victoria Lawn Stratford, Ct. B.S. Acctg. Lutkus, William J. 85 Raymond St. Waterbury, Ct. B.S. Mech. Engr. Macauley, Stephen H. 19 Brook Lane Smithtown, NY. B.S.LawEnf. Macclino, Anthony 293 Park St. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Finance Maclaughlan, Geo. A. Jr. 41 Oryden Drive Meriden, Ct. B.S. Civil Engr. Maglaris, Ann J. 50 Stevens St. New Haven, Ct. B.A. Polit. Sci. Maida, Michael A. 1275 Wolf Hill Rd. Cheshire, Ct. B.S. Marketing Majewski, Anthony F. 1969 Park Ave. Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. Acctg. Malanson, Guy T. 34 Irving st. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Oper. Mgmt. Mansfield, Thomas E. 39 Front Ave. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Pub. Admin. Mansourian, Carmen 57 Pendleton Street New Haven, Ct. B.A. English Marchand, Charles A. 116 So. Main St. Wallingford.Ct. B.S. Marketing Mastroianni, John A. 369 Piedmont St. Waterbury, Ct. B.S. Elec. Engr. May, Arthur W. 90 Maureen Street Lordship, Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. McBride, John J. 8 Trinity Place So. Norwalk, Ct. B.S. Acctg. McCarthy, James Joseph 16 Johnson Lane Madison, Ct. B.S. Crim. Jus. McNally, Ellen M. 90 Chestnut Street West Haven, Ct. B.A. English McReynolds, George 724 Savin Avenue West Haven, Ct. B.S. Hotel Manage. McSherry, Michael J. 211 East Main Street 71 Branford, Ct. B.S. Food Mgmt. McV ' erry, James P. 77 Woodlawn Avenue Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. Elec. Engr. Meisser, William D. IV 2290 Hynes Place Bellmore, NY. B.S. Mech. Engr. Mercier, William A. 39 South A. Street Taftville, Ct. B.S. ME. Merriam, Allan E. 88 Longmeadow Ave. Hamden, Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Merwin, Delight 439 Beach Rd. Fairfield, Ct. B.A. English Meskill, Thomas J. 390 Union Ave. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Econ. Metcalf, William F. 905 Mix Ave. Apt. 3D Hamden, Ct. B.A. History Micarelli, Mary A. 257 Greene St. New Haven, Ct. B.A. English Miller, Steven B. 105 Hughes St. East Haven, Ct. B.A. Art Mitchell, Michael D. 124 Kensington St. Hartford, Ct. B.A. Soc. Serv. Mitrevics, Egils A. 33 Richard Road Manchester, Ct. B.S. Marketing Mole, David 387 Manley Hghts. Road Orange, Ct. B.S. Hotel Mgmt. Monroy, Peter A. 10 Woodbury Cir., Apt. 161 Middletown, Ct. B.S. Elec. Engr. Morris, William E. 87 Richmond Hill Ave. Stamford, Ct. B.S. Elec. Engr. Morrissey, John P. 3051 Old Town Rd. Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. Acctg. Mullin, William F. 1758 Newfield Ave. Stamford, Ct. B.S.LawEnf. Nally, Richard S. 20 Bungay Terrace Seymour, Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Neuweiler, William J. 49 Martin St. West Haven, Ct. B.S. CJ Corrections Niforatos, James T. 1363 Chapel Street New Haven, Ct. B.S. Food Mgmt. Nolan, Thomas F., Jr. Maple Vale Dr. Woodbridge, Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Novak, Joseph P. 92 Avon St. New Haven, Ct. B.S.LawEnf. Nuss, Robert A. 12-18 Ellis Ave. Fairlawn, NJ. B.S. Marketing Obrien, Sheila J. 112 Gilbert St. West Haven, Ct. B.A. English Obrien, Thomas J. 151 Flagler Ave. Stratford, Ct. B.A. Social Welfare Ohara, Donald W. 14 Oliver St. Worcester, Mass. B.S. Finance Okeefe, Richard M. 1044 Campbell Avenue West Haven, Ct. B.A. English Olcavage, Margaret A. 107 No. School St. Manchester, Ct B.A. Sociology Oleary, James F. Jr. 353 Meadowbrook Court West Haven, Ct. B.S. Acctg. Palmese, Louis A. 17 Gentile Place Branford. Ct. B.S. Acctg. Palmieri, Angela J. 1 Lynette Dr. No. Haven, Ct. B.A. English Pandolfo, Peter ]. Jr. 37 S. Broad St. Meriden, Ct. B.S. Ind. Engr. Parenti, Ramon 51 Broadway Milford.Ct. B.A. Psychology Parker, Edward E. 564 Rowland Rd. Fairfield, Ct. B.A. Polit. Sci. Parker, Eileen M. 10 Roma St. Apt.SE East Haven, Ct. B.A. English Patel, Arvindkumar, M. 54 Hillside Place New Haven, Ct. B.S. Elec. Engr. Patterson, David L. 40 Brill Ave. Waterford, Ct. B.S. Marketing Pavelko, James E. 250 W. Rutland Rd. Milford,Ct. B.S. Law Enf. Perusi, Richard D. 805 Church Hill Rd. Fairfield, Ct. B.S. Finance Petuch, John F. 187 Fenn Rd. Cheshire, Ct. B.S. Pub. Adm. Piccuillo, Ronald J. 337 Weber St. Stratford, Ct. B.S. Mech. Engr. Pigaty, Allan J. 76 Grandview Blvd. Derby, Ct. B.A. History Pillo, Donald J. 655 Bridgeport Ave. Milford.Ct. B.S. Elec. Engr. Pirro, Anthony M. 72 Beach Drive Prospect, Ct. B.A.English Plummer, Paul P. 88 Fountain St. Norwich, Ct. B.S. Oper, Mgmt. Pohl, Ralph]. 915D Boulevard NewMilford, NJ. B.S. Acctg. Polidori, Donald 111 PapeRd. New Britain, Ct. B.S. Gen, Mgmt. Potter, Kathaleen W. 1 Wayfarer Street New Haven, Ct. B.S. Gen Mgmt. Prato, Carolyn M. 27 David Drive East Haven, Ct. B.A. English Prescott, N. Parker 155 Sherman Ave. Glen Ridge, NJ. B.A. English Prindle, Bruce D. 112PhippsDr. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Oper. Mgmt. Pubusky, Myron W. 1363 Chapel Street New Haven, Ct. B.S. Food Mgmt. Quails, Marlene 141 DaltonSt. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Acctg. Raiche, Gregory M. 87 Horseshoe Rd. Guilford, Ct. B.A. History Rattley, Herbert C. 110 Valley Circle Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. Elec. Engr. Rebelo, Anthony M. 400 Millville Ave. Naugatuck, Ct. B.S. Marketing Reddington, Thomas B. 1112 Dunbar Hill Rd. Hamden, Ct. B.A. Pysics Regan, John M. 603 Surrey Rd. Chester, NY. B.S. LawEnf. Riccio, Thomas L. 68 Bartram Avenue Bridgeport, Ct. B.A. Pol.Sci. Richardson, Robert J. 347 Alden Ave. New Haven, Ct. B.S. LawEnf. Riggar, Theodore F. 6 Pratt Rd. Clinton, Ct. B.A. Psychology Roche, Carolyn Ann West 76 Glen Avenue Paramus, NJ. B.A. English Rodican, John Wm. 145 RamsdellSt. New Haven, Ct. B.S. LawEnf. Rodriguez, Luis R. 112LasalleSt. Apt. 84 New Britain, Ct. B.S. Mat. Engr. Rosabianca, Charles J. 201 Augur St. Hamden, Ct. B.S. Marketing Rossi, Cataldo E. 85 Lenox Avenue Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. Engr. Rothfuss, William K. 26 Wade St. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Rozie, Judith L. 78 King Court E. Hartford, Ct. B.A. Social Services Rubino, Katherine A. 274 Sentinel Hill Derby, Ct. B.A.Polit. Sci. Ruddy, Richard A. 496 Mill St. Worcester, Mass. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Ruffer, James F. 148 Fifth Avenue Troy, NY. B.S. LawEnf. Ruth, James G. 38CarmelSt. New Haven, Ct. B.A. Sociology Sabine, Charles F. Jr. 95 Kaye Vue Dr. Hamden, Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Salas, Ruben D. 1 Rock Spring Road Stamford, Ct. B.S. Econ. Salemme, Gary A. lOSalemmeLane Orange, Ct. B.S. Marketing Salinger, Stephen 408 Edgewood Ave. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Oper. Mgmt. Sandman, Rachel D. 150 Dyer St. New Haven, Ct. B.A. English Savenelli, Fred F. Jr. 182 Foster St. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Marketing Scarfo, Louis J. 18 Lyons PL New Britain, Ct. B.S. Chemistry Schaeffer, John R. 39 Parkside Drive New Haven, Ct. B.A. Sociology Schneider, Lawrence H. 149 87 254th St. Rosedale, NY. B.S. Marketing Scotti, Robert L. 95 Bailey Rd. Middletown, Ct. B.S. Civil Engr. Sette, Michael A. 22 Tyler City Rd. Orange, Ct. B.S. Pub. Admin. Sgueglia, Robert F. 369 Orange Center Road Orange, Ct. B.A. English Shadd, Erwin D. 1285 Boulevard New Haven, Ct. B.S. Hotel Mgmt. Shandrowski, Jesse J. 15 Lindsley Place Stratford, Ct. B.S. Acctg. Shapiro, Paul A. 375 Broadway Newburgh, NY. B.S. Law Enforcement Shea, John P. 17 Meadowbrook Dr. Waterbury, Ct. B.S. Marketing Sheridan, Thomas W. 256 Abrams Street Stratford, Ct. B S. Marketing Sherwood, Charles W. 161 Tyler City Rd. Orange, Ct B.S. LawEnf. Siedlarz, Raymond T. 167 Park Road Hamden, Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Siegel, Bruce D. 64 33 99th Street Forest Hills, NY. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Sierota, John P. 49Tredeau St. Hartford, Ct. B.S. Chemistry Sikorski, Paul A. 147 Asylum Street Norwich, Ct. B.S Oper. Mgmt. Silvia, Lawrence V. 236 Glade St. West Haven, Ct. B.A. Social Services Simonelli, Anthony J. 27 Greenway St. Pittsfield, Mass. B.A. Polit.Sci. Simpson, James R., Jr. 45 Sunrise Cir. Huntington, Ct. B.S. Acctg. Slawski, Donald S. 50 Cherry St. Naugatuck, Ct. B.S. Elec. Engr. Slusher, Marcel A. 34 Maplewood Ave. Carneys Pt., NJ. B.S. LawEnf. Smey, Steven L. 2 di Riverview Circle Fairfield, Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Smith, Milton P., Jr. 13 Woodridge Dr. Cheshire, Ct. B.S. Mech. Engr. Smyth, William T. 42 Knighton St. Manchester, Ct. B.A. History Snyder, Mark J. 58 Milford Rd. Manchester, Ct. B.S. Acctg. Snyder, Charles A. 8 Waterbury Ave. Milford, Ct. B.S. Mech. Engr. Spagnoletti, Andrew 520 Scott Rd. Waterbury, Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Spamer, Lawrence E. 121 Huntington Rd. Stratford, Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Spencer, Susan P. 6 Manor Rd. East Haven, Ct. B.A.English St. Pierre, Raymond R. 20 Middle St. Biddeford, Me. B.S. Law Enforcement Stabach, John J. Plain Hill Rd. Norwich, Ct. B.S. Ind. Engr. Staniszewski, Peter Devils Garden Rd. Norwalk, Ct. B.S. Econ. Stepleman, Ravelle, M. 2010 Newkirk Avenue Brooklyn, NY. B.A. English Strona, Robert D. 433 Howellton Rd. Orange, Ct. B.S. LawEnf. Stronk, June E. Litchfield Tpke. Bethany, Ct. B.S. Marketing Sundermeyer, James J. 189 Drake Ave. NewRochelle, NY. B.A. Polit.Sci. Tasso, Christopher S. 708 Orange Street New Haven, Ct. B.A. Psychology Testa, Augustine 51 Lucy St. Woodbridge, Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Theis, David N. 24 Sinaway Rd. COS COB, Ct. B.A. Polit. Sci. Toatley, Eric I. 2802 13th St. NE Washington, DC. B.S. Econ. Tolisano, Frank D. 55 Darwell Dr. Wethersfield, Ct. B.S. Mech. Engr. Touron, Armando F. 420 Front Ave. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Marketing Tremaglio, Donald J. 1405 Highland Ave. Waterbury, Ct. B.S. Mech. Engr. Tutino, Joseph RDl,Box493 Warwick, NY. B.S. Gen Mgmt Uljens, John B. 62 ArkRd. Branford, Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Varella, Frank J. 150 Meridian St. Groton, Ct. B.S. Acctg. Vaspasiano, John 44 Belden Rd. : Hamden, Ct. B.S.LawEnf. Vitiello, John M. 56 Hill St. Naugatuck, Ct. B.S. Oper. Mgmt. Waldman, Jayson R. 175-lt 50th Ave. Flushing, NY. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. VValkup, Robert A. 60 Hillside Ave. Noank. Ct. B.S. Indust. Eng. Wallnau, Larry B. 25 Curtis Drive New Haven, Ct. B.A. Psychology Waskowich, James F. 63 Orford Street West Haven, Ct. B.S. Elec. Engr. Weisbrot, David M. 55 Wilder St. Hillside, NJ. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Whalen, Dennis M. 24 Union St. Emerson, NJ. B.S. Acctg. Wight, Larry A. 491 Prospect St. Plantsville, Ct. B.S.LawEnf. Wilson, Frederick I. 1400Cut6pring Rd. Stratford, Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Winkel, Clifford R. 7 Oakland Ave. Milford, Ct. B.S. Civil Engr. Winogradow, Victor 29 Crestwood Rd. Milford, Ct. B.S. Marketing Wooster, Craig H. 12Briarcliff Lane Paxton, Mass. B.S. Marketing Wuerth, Steven P. 11 Clover Drive Wilton, Ct. B.S. Oper. Mgmt. Wysccki, John J. 122 Hellstrom Rd. East Haven, Ct. B.S. Elec. Engr. Yorkavich, Edw. F. Jr. Brush Hill Road Litchfield, Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Zander, James P. 55 Lafayette Ave. Hillsdale, NJ. B.A. Polit. Sci. Zeig, Robert G. 22 Simpson Place Yonkers, NY. B.A. English Willis, Donna L. 16 Van Burkirk Ave. Stamford, Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Zulcarelli, Michael J. 61 Canner St. New Haven, Ct. B.A. Sociology GRADUATES JUNE 1973 B.A. B.S. - EVE Alonzo, Lawrence J. 137 Manchester Ave. Waterbury, Ct. B.S. Ind. Engr. Ash, Brien J. 94 KinlockTerr. Milford, Ct. B.S. Op. Mgmt. Averill, Norman C. 25 Cochero Ave. Branford, Ct. B.S. Elec. Engr. Bauman, Roger F. 294 Greenwood Drive Cheshire, Ct. B.S. Marketing Bihlmeyer, Richard T. 257 Adrian Ave. Newington, Ct. B.S. Mat. Engr. Brennan, Vincent P. 516 Windsor Ave. Stratford, Ct. B.S.LawEnf. Brown, George Wm., Jr. 18 Heine Ave. Meriden, Ct. B.S. Mech. Engr. Burt, David E. 131 Cornflower Dr. Milford, Ct. B.S. Oper. Mgmt. Carter, Michael L. 661 Booth Hill Road Huntington, Ct, B.S. Op. Mgmt. Caulfield, James F. 43 Stuart Ave. Norwalk, Ct. B.S. Marketing Chayer, James R. 549 Moose Hill Rd. Monroe, Ct. B.S.LawEnf. Clemens, Curtiss B. 219 Blackstone Village Meriden, Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Coria, Thomas J. 31 Orchard Heights Dr. Hamden, Ct B.S. Marketing Cosentino, Frank 42 Imlay St. Hartford, Ct. B.S. Acct. Dallaire, Lucien J. 12 Meadow Lane Prospect, Ct. B.S. Mech. Engr. Doran, Joseph E., Jr. 29 Lenox Ave. Devon, Ct. B.S. Elec Engr. Duren, Harry J. 239 Sherman Ave., Apt. 28 New Haven, Ct. B.S. Acct. Eisensmith, Terry 63A. Briarwood Lane Branford, Ct. B.S. Op. Mgmt. Fahy, Thomas J. 83 Disbrow Street Stafford, Ct. B.S. Mech. Engr. Falco, Peter J. 70 Woodlawn St. Hamden, Ct. B.S. Sco. Adm. Ferraiolo, Gaetano 445 Poplar St. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Findley, Lawrence 44 Chatham Dr. S. Norwalk, Ct. B.S. Mech. Engr. Fluter, Daniel 219 South NewRd. Hamden. Ct. B.S. Elec. Engr. Galligan, Robert J. Box 326 NianticCt. B.S. Mech. Engr. Gallo, Pasquale M. 49 Mill Rd. No. Branford, Ct. B.S. Acct. Garbatini, Henry E. 443 Treat Lane Orange, Ct. B.S. Acct. Garren, Robert 24 High wood Rd. Waterbury, Ct. B.S. Elec. Engr. Gircux, Armand B. 11 Carriage Hill Dr. Niantic, Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Givens, Robert L. 11 Caroline Drive Milford, Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Gordiski, Ronald J. 7 Eagle St. Ansonia, Ct. B.S. Elec. Engr. Guzowski, Lawrence T. 26 Alice Lane Southington, Ct. B.S. CP. Mgmt. Hakim, Sami A. 123 Green Street New Britain, Ct. B.S. Acct. Harkins, Bernard J. 14 Skyline Dr. Oakdale.Ct. B.S. Acct. Houston, Robert D. 146 Benz Street Ansonia, Ct. B.S. Econ. Landry, Wayne P. 61 Garden St. Ansonia, Ct. B.S. Oper. Mgmt. Lang, John Joseph 9 Sunrise Circle Wallingford,Ct. B.S. Ind. Engr. Lattig, Karl Jay 57 Stewart St. New Haven, Ct. B.AChem. Leclerc, Leon Gene 280 Fairlawn Ave. Waterbury, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Levine, Martin W. 154 Towne House Rd. Hamden, Ct. B.S. Acct. Lucente, Nicolas E. 35 Wayne Road Milford, Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Maferdinand, C. Y. lei West Rock Ave. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Civil Engr. Magness, Clark S. 7 Baxter Rd. Clinton, Ct. B.S.LawEnf. Mancini, George F. 143 Meadow View Road New Haven, Ct. B.A. Math Marks, Nathan H. 331 Edgewood Circle Southington, Ct. B.S. Mech. Engr. Martino, Francis J. 7 Yale Ave. Middlebury, Ct. B.S. Elec. Engr. Matula, Ronald L. 13 Walnut St. Ext. Seymour, Ct B.S. Op. Mgmt. McKeon, James F. 761 Riverside Drive Orange, Ct. B.S. Pub Soc. Adm. Neff, Rita H. 684 Washington Ave. West Haven, Ct. B.A. Pol. Sci. Oshaughnessy, Robert Box 259 NianticCt. B.S.LawEnf. Parker, John Allen 12 Dinwoodie Drive No. Branford, Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Patuzzi, Victor L. 572 Main St. Portland, Ct. B.A. Physics Pearson, Gary B. 45 Indian Hill Rd, Northford, Ct. B.S. Mech. Engr. Peterson, Jos. A., Jr. 242 Scotland Rd. Madison, Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Post, Barry K. 4968 Radmere Rd. Cheshire, Ct. B.S. See. Adm. Reimer, Mary G. Flat Meadow Road Guilford, Ct. B.A. English Roscetti, Peter O. 37 Glen Drive Ansonia, Ct. B.S. Mech. Engr. Rubino, Richard F. 20 Eden St. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Santilli, Craig L. 91 Strawberry Hill Rd. Stamford, Ct. B.S. Op. Mgmt. Santoro, Lois M. 100 Deer Lane Guilford, Ct. B.S. Op, Mgmt. Smith, Frank G. 67 Tyler Ave. Groton, Ct. B.S. Gen. Mgmt. Stoccatore, James 8 Roosevelt Dr. Seymour, Ct. B.S. Ind. Engr. Studwell, Edward W. P.O. Box 693 Groton, Ct. B.S. LawEnf. Terbush, Charles 85 Lafayette St. Milford.Ct. B.S. LawEnf. Thompson, Donald E. 61 Providence Ave. Shelton, Ct. B.S. LawEnf. Tosi, Angelo F. Carlen Drive Northford.Ct. B.S. Law Enf. Wilkes, Robert T., Jr. 160 So. Main St. Newtown, Ct. GRADUATES JANUARY 1973 B.S. B.A. - DAY B.S. Acct. Wolkovitz, Jacob 10 Hesse Rd. Hamden, Ct. B.S. Elec. Engr. Wolog, Walter 1397 Boulevard New Haven, Ct. B.S. Mech. Engr. Wynne, Thomas V. 160 Glenwood Road Clinton, Ct. B.S. Op. Mgmt. I I Accuosti, Angelo V. 53 Academy Hill Rd. Derby, Ct. B.A. Sociology Alpert, Barry C. Blackberry Lane Norwalk, Ct. B.A. Political Science Amendola, Joseph 640 Mix Ave. Hamden, Ct. B.S. Hotel Mgmt. Food Mgmt. Ames, Michael K. Ill Second Ave. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Bus Adm. Gen. Mgmt. Andrews, Jeffrey M. 3 Maher Ave. Hamden, Ct. B.A. History Andrews, Newell 144 West River Street Milford, Ct. B.S. LawEnf. Adm. Anzellotti, Rocco A. 27 Cooper St. Torrington, Ct. B S. Bus. Adm. Marketing Arco, David C. 78 Saratega Ave. Pleasantville, NY. B.S. Bus. Adm. Oper. Mgmt. Avgerinos, Theodore G. 384 West River Rd. Orange, Ct. B.S. Civil Eng. Babyak, Richard J. 2191 Kings Highway East Fairfield, Ct. B.S. Mech. Eng. Bailey, Peter W. 068 Mill Hill Terrace Southport, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Marketing Barbour, Richard A. OstlingRd. Chester, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Acct. Barr, Richard H. 449 Oliver Rd. Sewickley, Pa. B.A. Politica l Science Becher, Richard H. 10 Elmhurst Drive Westbury, NY. B.S. Public Adm. Benincas, Thomas P. Jr. 10 Spring Lake Drive Kingston, NY. B.S. Bus. Adm, Marketing Benko, Stephen E. 34 Orchard Drive New Canaan, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Pub. Adm, Bird, Robert E. 21 Fay Place Summit, NJ B.S. Bus. Adm. Gen. Mgmt. Blanchard, David A. 118 Knox Road Stamford, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Marketing Borgerson, Steven N. 48 Chestnut Ave. Auburn, Mass. B.S. Civil Eng. Borysiewicz, Francis 79 Timberlane Drive Huntington, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Oper. Mgml. Boughner, Douglas E. 127 W. Cliff St. Somerville, NJ. B.A. Social Services Bowerman, Terry L. 25 Bertrose Ave. Milford.Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Gen. Mgmt. Boyd, Richard K. 262 Thimble Islands Road Branford, CtmF B.S. Law Enf Adm. Brogan, James M. 31 Ruden Place West Haven, Ct. B.A. English Browne, Trevor W. 75 Willis St. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Gen. Mgmt. Buchs, Roland A. 251 Jersey St. Waterbury, Ct. B.S. Elect. Eng. Bunce, John J., Jr. 114 Balance Rock Rd. Seymour, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Oper. Mgmt. Byrd, Edward l60 Fountain St., Apt. 15D New Haven, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Gen. Mgmt. Cady, Donald S. 119 Main Street, Apt. Cl West Haven, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Oper. Mgmt. Camputaro, Michael L. 12 Meloy Road West Haven, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Gen. Mgmt. Carfora, John M. 2 Russell Street A-6 Branford, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Econ. Cascarelli, Donna M. 129 Center St. Stamford, Ct. B.A. History Caserta, Kenneth G. 279 Wilmont Ave. Bridgeport, Ct. B.S, Bus. Adm. Marketing Charbonneau, Paul J. 59 Hervey St. New Haven, Ct. B.S Bus. Adm. Marketing Chicoine, Walter L. J. 13 Fairmount St. Waterbury, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm, Law Enf. Adm. Christian, Richard H. 7 Cocheco Avenue Branford, Ct. B.A. History Ciardi, John P. 590 First Ave. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Gen. Mgmt. Cioletti, Thomas J. 15 Beam Place Haledon, NJ. B.S. Bus. Adm. Econ. Connors, Thomas J. 2636 Birney Ave. Scranton, Pa. B.S. Bus. Adm. Gen. Mgmt. Conroy, Robert B. 109 Hodge Ave. Ansonia, Ct. B.A. Sociology Conti, Lillian A. 70 Pauline Ave. West Haven, Ct. B.A. History Contillo, Leonard G. J. 65 Mather Ave. Groton, Ct, B.A. Chemistry Coppola, Salvatore J 18 Evelyn Road Derby, Ct. B.S. Law Enf, Adm. Coughlan, William 37 C.Wharton Brook Dr. Wallingford.Ct, B.A. Political Science Coutant, Jon O 47 Cooper PI. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Marketing Crook, Gregory J. 3 Davis Ave. PomptonPl.NJ B.S. Elct. Eng. CuUen, Richard M. 11-lA Clarmore Drive Norwalk, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Acct. Daddario, Paul M. 9 Randolph Avenue Meriden, Ct. B.S. Mech. Eng. Davidson, Bobby L. 74 Henry St. Bridgeport, Ct. B.A. Political Science Davis, John L. 93 Kent St. Hartford, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Marketing Dean, Henry A. 96 Cliff St. Naugatuck, Ct. B.A. Sociology Defelice, John J. 41 Emmett Ave. Derby, Ct. B.S. Mech. Eng. 1 Defaico, Linda A. Roseview Lane Woodbridge, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Gen. Mgmt. Demaio, Louis A. 6 Cold Spring Rd. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Acct. Deschenes, Ronald J. 34 Edge Rd. Watertown, Ct. B.S. Mech. Eng. Devaul, John J. ' 325 Leonard St. Mattydale, NY B.S. Marketing Deyo, Donald K. 6 Capitol Court Newburgh, NY B.S, Bus. Adm. Oper. Mgmt. Digovanni, Mary Ann 40 Lewis St. Derby, Ct. B.A. Sociology Ditman, Alvin Z. 150 Maple St. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Marketing Dorr, George Wm. 825 Savage St. Southington, Ct. B.S. Mech. Eng. Dubicki, John C. 56 Cameo Drive WillimanticCt. B.S. Ind. Eng. Dudley, Myra S. Hilltop Rd. Bethany, Ct. B.A. English Edwards, Patricia E. 365 C. Schley St., Apt. 5 Newark, NJ B.A. A S Biology Edwards, Ralph 1111 Purgatory Road Campbell Hal, NY B.S. Bus. Adm. Gen. Mgmt. Eklof, EricS. 5. Londondery, Vt. B.S. Civil Eng. Family, Khashayer 51 Wade Street West Haven, Ct. B.S. Mech. Eng. Farrell, Robert L. 2 Paris St. Milford,Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Gen. Mgmt. Feibel, Harold J. 170 London Dr. Hamden, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Gen. Mgmt. Figlewski, John J. 41 Monteith St. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Marketing Fricker, Philip H. 92 Rocton Ave. Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. Elect Eng. Gesick, Dorothy R. Roast Meat Hill Rd. Killingworth, Ct. B.A. Economics Giacobbe, Dennis G. 27 Harrison St. Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Gen. Mgmt. Glossa, Paul L. 271 Valley Rd. No. Branford, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Gen. Mgmt. Golarz, Jeffrey C. Claire Hill Rd. CoUinsville. Ct. B.S. Mech. Eng. Gonyer, Bradley K. 489 Turkey Hill, Rd. Orange, Ct. B.S. Law Enf. Adm. Grandfield, Maria L. So Gorham Avenue Hamden, Ct. B.A. English Graves, Benjamin J. 545 Sherman Parkway No. 4 New Haven, Ct. B.A. Social Services Greco, Dominic F. 864 Vi R. So. Main St. Old Forge, Pa B.S. Bus. Adm. Gen. Mgmt. Grich, Richard A. Bethmour Road Bethany, Ct. B.S. Mech. Eng. Grimm, Joan A. (Mrs.) 27 Frederick St. Naugatuck, Ct. B.A. History Haberern, Robert W. 240-F New State Road Manchester, Ct. B.S. Mech. Eng. Hall, Brian M. o Overlook Lane Southington, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Oper. Mgmt. Pembroke, Maureen (Mrs) 87 Dickson Ave. Arlington, Mass. B.A. Social Services Hennes, Leon M. 67 Fairfield St. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Finance Hermanowski, Jean M. 240 Robbins Lane Hartford, Ct. B.A. English Herold, Roger A. Route One Guilford, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Marketing Hindinger, Michael J. 8 Edward Road No. Branford, Ct. B.S. Civil Eng. Holser, Marianne 31 Ruden PL West Haven, Ct. B.A. English Home, Michael E. 5 Ave. E Norwalk, Ct. B.S. Bus Adm. Finance Hubler, Allen G 27lChurchhillRd. Trumbull, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Marketing Hulley, Frederick 34 Winter St. Stratford, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Oper. Mgmt. Hupka, Robert F. CahoonzieClub Sparrowbush, NY B.S. Bus. Adm. Gen. Mgmt. Hurley, Gary M. 263 Marion Street Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. Mech. Eng. Hussey, Paul T. 102 Laurel St. West Haven, Ct. B.A. English Hylton, Charlotte H. 121 Centerbrook Rd. Hamden, Ct. B.A. Sociology lovieno, Vincent J. 264 First Ave. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Econ. Izard, Richard L., Jr. 100 State St., Apt. 67 No. Haven, Ct. B.A. American Studies Jacaruso, Michael 21 Poplar Place Waterbury, Ct. B.S. Ind. Eng. Jacy, John 26 Landers Road E. Hartford, Ct. B.S. Civil Eng. Johnson, Arthur A., Jr. 246 Peck Ave. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Bus. .Adm. Marketing Johnson, CarlL. 94 Knollwood Dr. Branford, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Soc. Adm. Jones, Gregory G. 462 Marcy Ave. Brooklyn, NY B.S. Bus. Adm. Gen. Mgmt. Jordan, Carl H. 116 Kimberly Ave. East Haven, Ct. B.S. Law Enf. Adm. Kaledas, Anthony W. 400 Willow St. Bridgeport, Ct. B.S. Law Enf. Adm. Kamas, Edward John 281 Hattertown Rd. Monroe, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Oper. Mgmt. Kibart, Linda H. 96 Powell Terrace Bridgeport, Ct. B.A. Sociology Kiss, Douglas Alan 1499 Fairfield Woods Rd. Fairfield, Ct. B.A. English Kitchener, Barry S. 829 Elm Street, Apt. C2 New Haven, Ct, B.S. Marketing Kogan, Richard 156 Osborn Ave. New Haven, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Gen. Mgmt. Kravontka, Robert J. 1992 Manchester Rd. Glastonbury, Ct. B.S. Ind. Eng. Lane, Michael J. 394 No. Main St. Wallingford, Ct. B.S. Civil Eng. Lane, Richard A. 28 Harrington Rd. Framingham, Mass. B.S. Elect. Eng. Laraway, Stephen G. 64 Sixth Ave. Milford, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Marketing Larocque, Daniel 33 Ridge Ct. East West Haven, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Oper. Mgmt. Lavine, William 423 Saw Mill Rd. Apt. 202 West Haven, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Gen. Mgmt. Leach, William J. 169 Chestnut Ave. Waterbury, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Acct. Leblanc, Robert N. 611 Meriden Rd. Waterbury, Ct. B.S. Ind. Eng. Lee, William B. 49 Second Street Hamden, Ct. B.A. Social Services Levine, Harold D. 11 Hilltop Acres Yonkers, NY B.S. Bus. Adm. Gen. Mgmt. Loeser, Alan D. 3880 Redding Rd. Fairfield, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Gen. Mgmt. Loomis, James D. 199 Wilmot Rd. Hamden, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Gen. Mgmt. Losh, Richard C. 715 Lambert Road Orange, Ct. B.S. Civil Eng. Ma Ruth, Ching-Keung 9 Kohary Drive New Haven, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Acct. MacDougall, Kevin B. 1571 Dixwell Ave. Hamden, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm Gen. Mgmt. MacGregor Richard E. 19 Peck Lane Cheshire, Ct. B.S. Elect. Eng. Majmuhdar, Chhabil C. 59 Glade Street, Apt. A4 West Haven, Ct. B.S. Mech. Eng. Mancini, Andrew R. i7 East Ninth St. Derby, Ct. B.S. Law Enf. Adm. Marchessault, Thomas 420 Front Avenue West Haven, Ct. B.S. Elect Eng. Martingano, William A. 103 Foxon Rd. East Haven, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Oper. Mgmt. Martins, Joaquin A. 93 Revere St. Waterbury, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Gen. Mgmt. Massad, Emile M. 229 Broad St. New London, Ct. B.S. Mech Eng. Mayer, William J. 182 Old Farm Rd. Meriden, Ct. B.A. Social Services McDonald, John R. 80 Shennecosett Pkwy. Groton, Ct. B.S. Law Enf. Adm. McDonald, William J. 50 Virginia Avenue Bridgeport, Ct. B.A. History McNeil, Henri L. 84 Hedley Ave. Central Fall, RI B.A. History Merrill, Edward L. 14 Wendover Rd. Longmeadow, Mass. B.S. Bus. Adm. Gen. Mgmt. Mish, BrianP. Bundy Hill Rd. Lisbon, Ct. B.S. 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P.O Box 562 West Haven, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm, Oper. Mgmt, OneillHughT, 127 Fort Hale Rd. New Haven, Ct, B,S, Bus. Adm. Gen. Mgmt. Paradise, John F,, Jr, 10 Russell St, Wallingford,Cl. B.S Mech. Eng. Pascale, Ralph J 103 Pheasant Rd, West Haven, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Peterson, Ronald W, 366 Boston Post Rd, East Lyme, Ct. B.S. Bus, Adm. Oper, Mgmt. Ransom, Robert C. 60 Country Way No. Haven. Ct. B.S.Bus. Adm Rice, Hubert G. 52 Warren St. New London, Ct. B.S. Mech. Eng. 119 High Street Portland, Conn. B.S, Law Enforcement George, Kathleen F. 82 Willow Rd. East Haven, Ct, B.A. Art Rosa, Michael J. 243 Moran St, Waterbury, Ct, B.S. Bus. Adm. Gen. Mgmt. Shamaly, John J. IS Cameo Dr, Shelton,Ct, B.S. Elect. Eng. Stairs, John D. 17 Elm Hill Drive Wallingford, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Acct. Thomas, Marshall R. 46 Howard Drive Hamden, Ct. B.S. Bus. Adm. Gen. Mgmt. Thurber, Clifford K. 31 Honor Rd. West Haven, Ct. B.S. Ind. Eng. Tierney, John R. Colonial Drive Prospect, Ct, B.S. Bus Adm. Gen. 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Studies Mayo, Keith P. 31 Sherwood Dr. New Milford.Ct. A.S. Law Enf. McCusker, Ellen M. 215 PeacedaleSt. Bristol, Ct. A.S. Comm, Art Adv. McManus, Julie 151 Alden Ave. New Haven, Ct. AS. Gen. Stud. Meister. Arthur P. 29 Kenneth Street West Haven. Ct. A.S. Law Enf. Morgan, Nancy J. 37 Mountain View Rd. Ansonia, Ct. A.S. Comm. Art Adv. Phillips. Robert A. 269 Andrews Road Wolcott.Ct. A.S. Journalism Reutenauer. Robert G. 125 Pine Orchard Rd. Branford. Ct. AS. Gen. Stud. Shapiro. Paul A. 35 Soundview Ave. Milford.Ct. A.S. Law Enf. Stephens. Claudia M. 1222 Bronson Rd. Fairfield. Ct. A.S. Jounalism Toles. Clinton C. 97 Read St. New Haven, ct. A.S. Bus. Adm. Wilton. Deborah A. 50 West Hills Rd. New Haven. Ct. A.S. Journalism GRADUATES JUNE 1973 A.S. - EVE Adams. Theodore R. 14 Fordyce Rd. New Milford. Ct. AS. Law Enf. Auburn. Daniel J. o5 Village Drive Shelton.Ct. A.S. Engr. Balsis. Jeanine Ann 44 Spring St. Ansonia. Ct. AS. Bus. Adm. Barham. Lonnie L. 93 Paul Revere Road Groton, Ct. AS. Pol. Sci. Beatty. Thomas P. 15 Forest Lane Bloomfield.Ct. AS. Law Enf. Berkel. David H. 212 Kelsey St. New Britain, Ct. A.S. Law Enf. Bryk, Richard 33 Mountain View Rd. Ansonia. Ct. A.S. Ind. Engr. Cashman. Daniel H. 80 Oldham Ave. Waterbury. Ct. A.S. Pol. Sci. Cavanaugh. James M. 258 Hitchcock Rd. Southington. Ct. A.S. Pol. Sci. Christenson. Glenn R. 32 Jane St. Bridgeport. Ct. A.S. Law Enf. Czaja. Robert L. 151 Standish Ave. No, Haven. Ct. A.S.LawEnf. Dolan. James J 168 Fairlawn Ave. Waterbury. Ct. AS. Pol. Sci. Dorfman. Richard J. 282 Evergreen Ave. Hamden. Ct. A.S. Pol. Sci. Downs. Frederick S. 325 Race Hill Rd. Madison. Ct. A.S. Law Enf. Dwyer. Howard F. 151 Jersey St. Waterbury. Ct. A.S. Pol. Sci. Esposito, Nunzio A. 1830 Thompson St East Haven, Ct. A.S. Engr. Faughnan, Joseph P. 374 Meadowbrook Ct. West Haven, Ct. A.S. Pol. Sci. Gimler, Robert 79 Live Oaks Rd. Milford.Ct. A.S. Pol. Sci. Glen, Matthew John 48 Webster St. Meriden, Ct. AS. Bus. Adm. Glover. Jimmy D. 56 Yarwood St. Stratford. Ct. A.S. Law Enf. Gray. Donald R. 598 Skiff St. No. Haven. Ct. A.S. Law Enf. Grimes. John J. 168 Abbotsford Ave. W, Hartford. Ct. AS. Pol. Sci. Guglielmo. Canio T. 47 Prospect St. Waterbury, Ct. AS. Pol. Sci. Gugliotti, Thomas J. 9 Hickory Hill Drive Waterbury, Ct. AS. Pol. Sci. Hauslaib, Brett M. 1 Good Hill Rd. Weston. Ct. A.S. Law Enf. Hedge. Patrick F. 25 Jefferson Circle Clinton. Ct. A.S. Pol. Sci. Hennessey. Dennis 93 St. John St. No. Haven. Ct. A.S. Pol. Sci. Johnson. Thomas J. Bell Street Middletown. Ct. AS. Pol. Sci. Koritke. Richard F. 127 Fountain St. New Haven. Ct. AS. Bus. Adm. Linden. Denise 1071 Dixwell Ave. Hamden. Ct. A.S. Law Enf. Lindsey. John E, 113 Bristol St. New Haven. Ct. A.S. Bus. Adm Logan. Richard A. 94 Breezy Knoll Mystic, Ct. AS, Pol. Sci. McRin, Anne M. 55 Home Acres Ave. Milford. 3T. A S. Gen, Studies Neil. Raymond M. 75 Northwood Dr. Waterbury. Ct. AS. Law Enf. Oschalins. Siefried R. 87 Twin Lakes Road No. Branford. Ct. A.S. Engr. Paige. David 59 Ruby Road West Haven, Ct. A.S. Law Enf. Palmieri. James E. 1131 W. Center St. Southington Ct. A.S. Engr. Redman. Carlton 61 Chester St. Hamden. Ct. A.S. Pol. Sci. Reynolds. Richard A. Clark Road Naugatuck. Ct. AS. Pol. Sci. Riley. Joel F. 190 Thames St. New London. Ct. A.S. Law Enf. Lecza. Adelaide P. 76 Robert Dr. East Haven. Ct. A.S. Bus. Adm. Rosen. Robert J. RR2 New Milford. Ct. AS. Pol. Sci. Rowley, Joseph 6 Elliott Rd. Ansonia. Ct. A.S.Pol. Sci. Rubino. Robert A. 51 Paschal Dr. Milford.Ct. A.S.Pol. Sci. Rutkoswki. Michael S. Chandler Dr. Prospect. Ct. AS. Law Enforcement Rykowski. Robert 7 Dempsey Ct. Ansonia. Ct. A.S. Law Enf. Santino. John P.. Jr. 8 Medley Lane Branford. Ct. A.S. Mech. Engr, Schultz. William J.. Jr. 48 Noble Ave. Milford.Ct. AS. Pol. Sci. Schurawich. Anthony 86 Grove St. Shelton. Ct. A.S. Bus. Adm. Shea. William C. 49 Wilbar Ave. Milford.Ct. AS. Gen. Studies Shugdinis. David F. 118 Byan Rd. Waterbury. Ct. A.S. Law Enf. Simpson. James S. 41 Nutmeg Lane Milford.Ct. A.S. Bus. Adm. Sullivan, Martin 39 Indian Field Rd. Groton. Ct. AS. Law Enf. Syskowski, Henry R.. Jr. 27 Walker Rd. New Britain. Ct. AS. Pol. Sci. Viarengo. Robert T. 38 St. Augustine St. W.Hartford. Ct. AS. Pol- Sci ADM. Vida. Rudolph R. 62 Sigwin Drive Fairfield. Ct. AS. Pol. Sci. Weiss. John G. 43 BrooklaneRd. Plantsville. Ct. A.S. Pol. Sci. White, Richard ; 199 Purdy Rd. Waterbury, Ct. A.S. Pol. Sci. White, Robert E. Jr. 69 Howe Ave. Shelton, Ct. AS. Pol. Sci. Whitham, Craig 42 Winterberry Circle Westbrook, Ct. A.S. Eng. GRADUATES JANUARY 1973 A.S. DAY Ambrisco, Stephen G. 207 W. Main St. Milford, Ct. A.S.PoIiceSci. Adm. Anacki, John D. 516 South Gran W. Suffield.Ct. AS. Gen. Studies Andrade, Ariosto 345 Winthrop Ave. New Haven, Ct. A.S. Bus. Adm. Avgerinos, Theodore G. 384 West River Rd. Orange, Ct. A.S. Eng. Civitello, Gaetano 407 Washington aave. West Haven, Ct. A.S. Gen. Studies Crocamo, Anthony T. 205 Hawkins St. Derby, Ct. A.S. Journalism Deming, Bruce A. 158 So. Main St. Wallingford,Ct. AS. Gen. Studies Emerson, Beverly J. 41 Grove Ave. Madison, Ct. A.S. Comm. Adv. Art Foyer, Susan A. 163 Indian River Rd. Orange, Ct. A.S. Gen. Studies George, Kathlen F. 82 Willow Rd. East Haven, Ct A.S. Comm. Adv. Art Hanlon, Michael S. 290 W. Main St. Milford, Ct. A.S. Law Enf. Adm. Ignatowski, Michael Great Hill Rd. N. Banford.Ct. AS. Eng. Science Albinger Jo-Anna I. (Mrs.) 178 LamsonSt. West Haven, Ct. A.S. Gen. Studies Kearne ' , Kathleen A. 14 Ann St. West Haven, Ct. AS. Gen. Studies Lockwood, Thomas B. September Lane Weston, Ct. A.S. Comm. Adv. Art Maiorano, Barbara E. 172 Martin Lane Orange, Ct. A.S. General Studies Mazzarella, Annmarie 9 Garden St. Branford, Ct. AS. Law Enformcement Messercola, Robert J. 265 Belden Rd. Hamden, Ct. A.S. Police Science Adm. Parkinson, Lawrence J. 2030 Holly Oak Dr. Shreveport, La. A.S. Bus. Adm. Pozycki, Maryann 54WillrySt. Woodbridge, NJ AS. Gen. Studies Romero, Carlos G. 19 Asylum St. New Haven, Ct. AS. Engineering Rothgeb, James E. 8240 S.W. 90th Street Miami, Fla. A.S. Engineering Walters, Moses L. 384 Crown Street New Haven, Ct. AS. Eng. Anderson, Eric J. 360 Monroe Turnpike Monroe, Conn. AS. Commercial Advertising Art Duffy, John B. S. Weaver Circle No. Haven, Ct. AS. Comm. Adv. Art Carter, Lawrence 62 Arch St. New Haven, Ct. A.S. Journalism Johnson, Arthur A., Jr. 24o Peck Ave. West Haven, Ct. AS. Journalism MacRino, Paul 172 Lincoln Ave. New London, Ct. A.S. Law Enforcement Civitillo, Jacqueline R. 103 Judson Ave. New Haven, Conn. A.S. General Stud. GRADUATES JANUARY 1973 A.S. EVE Abraham, Rudolph S. 605 New Haven Ave. Milford, Ct. A.S. Bus. Adm. Bagnoli, Eugene 430 Third Ave. West Haven, Ct. A.S. Police Science Adm. Blois, Brian K. 155 W. Helen St. Hamden, Ct. AS. General Studies Boivin, Joseph J. 14 Maplewood Dr. E. Lyme, Ct. A.S. Engineering Brodeur, Raymond J. Baum Drive Thomaston, Ct. A.S.PoIiceSci. Adm, Brown, Robert, Jr. 53 Rodney St. West Haven, Ct A.S. Police Science Adm. Carusello, Fiore A. 253 Bradley Ave. Waterbury, Ct. AS. Police Science Adm. Chasse, Paul G. 413 Willow St. Waterbury, Ct. AS. General Studies Dandrea, Joseph P, 68 Magnolia Rd. Trumbull, Ct. A.S. Law Enf. Adm. Gagne, Albert J. 205 Maryellen Drive Milford, Ct. A.S. Police Science Adm. Gagnon, Arthur E. 23 Butternut St. Middletown, Ct. A.S. Eng. Goldstein, William 42DwightSt. Waterbury, Ct. A.S. Bus. Adm. Habetz, Beverly N. 95 Pine Crest Rd. Orange, Ct. A.S. Bus. Adm, Harris, Charles M. 137 Beth Lane Waterbury, Ct. AS. Police Science Adm Hood, Kenneth B. 90 Shuttle Meadow Ave. New Britain, Ct. A.S. Elect. Engineering Imperati, Richard W. 739 No. Greenbrier Drive Orange, Ct. AS. Bus. Adm. Johnson, Paul A. RFD5,Box587 Gales Ferry, Ct. A.S. Police Science Adm. Kerwin, Cornelius J. 349 Naugatuck Ave. Milford, Ct. AS. Police ScL Adm. Leonard, Edward P., Jr. 100 Hinman St. Stratford, Ct. A.S. Law Enf- Adm. Lipp, Joan 6 Pioneer Dr. No. Branford, Ct. A.S. Gen. Studies Maynard, Harry K. 322 Elm St. West Haven, Ct. A.S. Bus. Adm. Neil, Raymond, M. 650 Highland Ave. Waterbury, Ct. A.S. Police Science Adm. Nepiarsky, Jerome 55 Daniel Rd. West Haven, Ct. A.S. Police Science Adm. Pekera, Daniel R. 72 New St. Shelton, Ct, A.S. Bus. Adm. Polio, Joseph R. 211 Seymour Road Woodbridge, Ct. AS. Law Enforcement Tallia, Eugene J. 9 Elaine PL Trumbull, Ct. A.S. Bus. Adm. Tirita, Joseph A. Ill 6 Elizabeth St. West Haven, Ct. A.S. Engineering Verrengia, Rita A. 6 Birch Lane East Haven, Ct. AS. Gen. Studies Vets, Robert A. lie Central Ave. West Haven, Ct. A.S. Gen. Studies Tallia. Eugene J. 9 Elaine PI. Trumbull, Ct. AS. Bus. Adm. Williams, Leslie, Jr. Shore Drive Lyme, Ct. A.S. Police Science Adm. Zampano, Joseph J. 38 Sunnyside Drive Shelton, Ct. A.S. Police Science Adm. Rohloff.CharleneL. 145 Diamond St. New Haven, Ct. A.S. Bus. Admin. Trudelle, Andre P. Hazelwood Drive Baltic, Conn. AS. Law Enforcement » A yearbook should be more than just a book. It should be a chronology of the events that hap- pened over the past year. It should catch the mood and the feeling of the time that it deals with. It should, in fact, hold that instant of time that the book elaborates on motionless and perennially present between its pages. If a yearbook can do this, then it must be characterized as a successful book. If it does not, then the Editors of that book have not done the job asked of them. We who are involved in the produc- tion of the 1973 edition of the Chariot hope that we have caught for you the events, emotions and feelings that comprise the 1972-1973 year at the University of New Haven. In our attempt to relate to the reader the occurrences of the past year, we have tried to be honest and sincere in our appraisal of the people, clubs, organizations, and events that comprise the Uni- versity, and in our honesty we hope never to wrongly offend a ny member of the University; nor have we tried to omit any person or organization from the pages of this publication. If, however, we have, let us apologize for it beforehand. Yearbooks, like people, have a character all their own. We hope that the character of this Year- book meets with your approval and acceptance the first time you pick it up, and the last. We sincerely hope that your life is successful now and in the future, and that nothing but good befalls you and your family. Robert G. Zeig Editor 1973 Chariot 188 yy H HHB ' Tvxwuj H i4 ym ' vSlwli l ■ ' V V X TvVV B | ' - v ' ' ' .: ' ;- ,■ ■■i ' i- ' ' ■:::■■ ■k:.m 7 ' ,fv. " i.- j ' 7_ " l ,=; ' ts ' :vftV i i l y.- ' vf.- ' - 0tm ■i4«- ' K ' ? ' 5 i k T 4 -ii ' r ifi ' V ' i N,; iv i l?K ; i gjgp

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