University of New Hampshire - Granite Yearbook (Durham, NH)

 - Class of 1950

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University of New Hampshire - Granite Yearbook (Durham, NH) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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'A ,. 11' "dn g 'Ef11i3'3i',,45-' ,-fyf 5.15 'fFi.-?f.3L1.91g.,f' tfj'-igIZ1'f.eZ" i:r.4.-5-fufsitia animal ...Ie3-:- l.'3-31:':- ' .:1g1'-..- ,' li . IL- 5?-.1-1.-:.-:5:i2'5I'5'X,V2fff1-2: F!-f.f:,-QFHIL . V. , n ' .-:' , I- , -- . - 1-7 2. ' f' .11 ' ' ' 1I.I I I.: -.,.:y,-I 1 -3: - .11--L---' . 4--v1?2wLfd.'E.Vf5L:f:1:1-4142.12-211-11f11"-g--4'.'-5'ws"5'-'-4:-.',a:fI",. I lf '. . . ... ff.'..-.-1Q'2X'1f:5"if::-14.-+g::ffS'V1-1-:fig 1-iif'-'?'1-9551-3-5.-113-::1.211Ku-1-V-71--L11-'VI-ikiffg-?1'5ai:+Z'"iii-ZH' -- V1, .IVVq: .'. ,":.5 J . :-, ".s.-. . ,'I: ..1 fx I-f-ui-f1w.1'.'I :1'.y'-a4,'gv1'Z1.'1- ' . , .'r ',-I Q,,I..-.1 + .1-.I'.I 'Ig 1...-f:Ig.-IL,..'.' 5--I 1 Ip.: '., ,Ji 1. :. " '..,. -4..--,:,L..,p - , I 1 . I -. V . Vg. . If .1.. .I ....Mw.,1... ,f,. ...I Ijm, .-1 1.4-' -I 4. "1I .. - 3-P .. IQ-'F-, - ,gt-I - Ir, 151-f,I1. 1.1, . L 1 ..,, ,- , - , In-:I -AI5.II-I-.:.. ,IW 5 IGM? 115 - -- ,- dwg- " I, I,.I':w4 -.II IE I.: Ia' III., I..I . Iq.,'.lg.1'. ,I I ,I5.,a:?g:' , ,-A.-II.L.-'I Ik'- gil?--'. I gf . . I' .. ,J ,-., i -W - 1 ft: . .-. p, m , . .. , . . 1 4 ' - ' , ,,- ..,- Y., , , - Y 'W-W -Y V' I V f - Q L V-L' V2K""13if1.2ii7f igiig. . . , ' "Y "4 "' ' 1 - -fm I I . ,, . .-.-. ,.. .. ...,,.. . I I I I II I . . 1 ' ' ' 1 W ' 1 W 1 ' ' . . ' I , , I, I. 11 11 1 THE Q , VE AML. i- Fonsialluirszw FIFTY RICHARD P. BROUILLARD Ediior-in-Chief HERBERT W. WHEELER Business Manager ARTHUR W. JOHNSON 4 Faculfy Adviser A-ggi in 5 'nv- Hi Nw f,"1,fA" w 5 Vljit i1 l' 4 aillagf N M X Z 49 5' -'-295s WWW ,Z W . . I . -X , if M , WI Q , W E' 4165, 91 7950 Qzzfzzfe W gf X142 wzfzfmszfy M hw: af 'Im' W D RHAM HAMPSHIRE . Hamhxizke ., A ! Q Q VOLUM 6 4 W 95 as J zebra ffm Midway 'l'hrough 'l'he cenfury we can look back wi'l'h pride on 'I'he progress and developmeni' of our universi'I'y. We look forward fo a fufure of coniinued progress and ii' is fo 'lhis - we dedicafe our yearbook. WX um 3 'U'-fx lmsiwhfxx ' X X M A "" m nj: 11:5 X N li . h ', J flap 4 M- NL' 'Z ,. x w ' V' xx- Nw h h-'iff r eng ' . .1 .shv N -:A 1 J P' 4 'S ' .,.-A s 1 F 1- s, ig h l iiixri W- XNw:'- 3 XX N Y 1. " J X X 5f' Z'f' X N xx xxmxxx w 1 M 1 ixlf , Tj H GRANITE A9 9 0 ' r f ' ' , , I y -,, I N ' ' , N 1 1 , f , . , . V A , 4 . ' ,ff nga' - , N 1' - 5 9-f N . Ak, x ' .424 7 . Y, ,4J, 5 ,. 'hx , "HN.,X'w, NN," "-N N . 4 4f:52:f'iS- ff Y ww I , X mx W X N fy.. Z , .ii A-2-3125" -I ' J Y x" '- l . .I.tuX' ' 11 x X, -"1 -'.-"N .XX - 1 x X" -H , ,M-X I X., N I Nj-Qmlk' Q 'N'--N . A X, , , ' , If ' 1 ,hi . , - X X -- . D I xxx M--m-u.w .1 K New-f,x:x'w .xizz-3 . 5 ,- ,- ,.. .., ,, .f ,Z ff CHAPTER one to the ARTHUR S. ADAMS D.Eng., D.l"l.l.. class of 1950 AlThough everyThing and everybody you have known during your liTe as a sTudenT aT The UniversiTy of New Hampshire are now vivid in your mind, iT is ineviTalole ThaT The passing oT Time will Tend To make less disTincT your recollecTion of The personali- Ties, evenTs, places, and experiences oT your universiTy life. This yearbook. Therefore, serves The high purpose of keeping Those memories Tresh. As you look Through iT in The years To come, you will live again Through The medium oT iTs pages The happy experiences oT The pasT Tour years. This is your UniversiTy. Even Though you are leaving The campus, you will always be a parT of iT and iT will always be a parT of you. CongraTulaTions To each one oT you. May I exTend my sincere wishes Tor your healTh and happiness in all your endeavors. ARTHUR S. ADAMS lvl.A.. Sc.D., LL.D., D.C.L., board of trustees His excellency, Governor Sherman Adams, A. B., ex-orlicio Perley I. Pills. B.S., Commissioner of Agriculrure, ex olziicio, Alumnus Presiclen+Ar'rl1ur S. Adams, Sc.D., ex officio Harry D. Sawyer, Farmer, Srare Legislarure - Frank W. Randall, l..l..D., Presidenl' of Jrhe Board, Inclusrrialisi Arllwur Moreau, A.M., Mercliani Laurence F. Wlwirremore, M.A., lnduslrialisr Mary S. Brown, Housewife Alberr S. Baker, B.S., Journalisr, Alumnus Maurice Devine, A.B., L.L.B., L.L.D., Ariorney Anna L. Plwilbroolc, B.S., M.D.C.M., Physician, Alumnae Ernesl W. Clmrislensen, B.S., Insurance, Alumnus Ausrin I. Hubbard, B.S., Secreiary, Farmer, Alumnus Adams Sawyer Randall Pills Wlwilrlemore Plwilbrooln Hubbard Moreau Brown Clwrislensen Balcer . Devine QT! it -15" Q, rf 'KI is J' 'Full arf' , jl 3..-fi-Rf. 53 ' ' A-.4 I officers of the administration John B. Davis, Jr., lvi.Ed., Acring Dean of lvlen Ruih J. Woodruff, Ph.D., Dean of Women Evererr B. Saclceil, Ph.D., Dean of Sludenr Adminislrarion Jere A. Chase, M.Ed., Direcior of Admis- sion Henry B, Slevens, A.B., Direclor of The General Exrension Service l-lerberr J. Moss, Ph.D., Secrerary of The Universiiy William L. Prince, B.A., Alumni Secrelary Donald l-l. Richards, B.A., Direclor of Place- menr Raymond C. Maqraih, Treasurer Francis E. Robinson, lVl.A., Universiry Ediior Davis Woodruff Sackerr Chase Sievens Moss Prince i Richards Maqraih Robinson liberal arts EDWARD Y. BLEWETT B.A.. UniversiTy of New Hampshire: lvl.A., Ohio STaTe UniversiTy: Dean of College of Liberal Arls. l-IILE The College of Liberal ArTs is designed To prepare some sTudenTs Tor scholarly achievemenT in graduaTe and professional schools and To Train oThers Tor immediaTe gainful service, iT develops in all OT iTs sTudenTs undersTanding, inTeresTs, appreciaTion, and abiliTies which make possible The living of a richer and more saTisTying life. IT is The purpose of The College To help all iTs sTudenTs To become beTTer adiusTed To The world in which They live, To increase Their eTFi- ciency as sTudenTs, To learn how To work and To enioy work as well as leisure, To solve Their college and life problems, and To prepare Themselves Tor inTelligenT parTicipaTion in The acTiviTies oT modern liTe as socially compeTenT human beings willing To meeT Their respon- sibiliTies To socieTy. The work of The College is accomplished Through TiTTeen deparT- menTs lThe ArTs, BacTeriology, Economics and Business AdminisTra- Tion, Edu.caTion, English, Geology, GovernmenT, I-lisTory, l-loTel Man- agement Languages, Music, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, and Zoologyl which are organized inTo Tour divisions lBiological Sciences, The l-lumaniTies, Physical Sciences, and Social Sciencesl. A maior in any one of The areas in The General Liberal ArTs Curriculum leads To The Bachelor of ArTs degree. A sTudenT may choose To compleTe The requiremenTs of any one of Twelve prescribed curriculums and earn The Bachelor oT Science degree. ln The senior year a superior sTudenT in eiTher degree program may be permiHed To pursue independenT sTudy as a College Scholar. I3 l-IE College oT Technology serves The Universiiy in The Tieids oT science and engineering. lT oTTers insTrucTion in Chemisrry, MaThe- maTics, Physics, and The Tour major branches oi engineering: Chem- ical, Civil, ElecTrical, and Mechanical. Some oT The deparTmenTs oTTer graduaTe work leading To The MasTer's Degree. Also in The College OT Technology is The Engineering ExperimenT STaTion, a research agency seT up To aid New Hampshire inclusTry. The enrollmenT in The College oT Technology is relaTively small, ranging beTween TiTTeen and TwenTy percenT oT The ToTal sTudenT loody. The space required is relaTively large due To The many lab- oraTories needed Tor insTrucTional purposes. The cosT oT conducTing an engineering program is considerable, as is The sTuclenT eTiorT To acquire an engineering educaTion. The obiecT OT The College OT Technology is To make compeTenT young engineers and scienTisTs. IT also inTencls To encourage Their de- velopmenT as well-rounded persons capable oT Taking Their place in our presenT-day socieTy. To accomplish an inTensive, specialized Train- ing and aT The same Time imparT The Teachings required Tor an en- lighTened ciTizenship is an educaTional Task ThaT challenges our insTi- Tujrions Today. The new engineering building now under consTrucTion will have more and loeTTer TaciliTies Tor engineering insTrucTion, and will pro- vide added space Tor research worlc. The College oT Technology, in common wiTh The resT OT The UniversiTy, has seen many improvc- menTs, all oT which mean a beTTer school and a beTTer educaTion Tor our sTudenTs. T4 technology LAUREN E. SEELEY Ph.B.. M.E., LLB., Yale: Dean oT College OT Technology. agriculture ROBERT F. CHANDLER. JR. B.S., UniversiTy oT Maine: Ph.D., siTy of Maryland: Dean OT College oT Agri- culTure. Univer- l HE College oT AgriculTure aT The UniversiTy oT New Hampshire has a sTaTT of 55 members and a sTudenT body oT 4OO Tour-year sTu denTs and aloouT l25 Two-year applied farming sTudenTs. The course olilerings embrace The enTire Tield OT agriculTure and ToresTry, prepar- ing sTudenTs noT only Tor modern scienTiTic Tarming, buT also Tor pro- Tessional scienTiTic work in research, Teaching and exTension. Approxi- maTely one Third OT our graduaTes are going To oTher universiTies To underTake graduaTe sTuolies To loeTTer prepare Themselves Tor careers in The proTessional areas. The College oT AgriculTure also includes The DeparTmenT oT Home Economics where girls are prepared Tor posiTions in Teaching, insTi- TuTional management and dieTeTics. PasT experience indicaTes ThaT The supply of qualiTied graduaTes in AgriculTure and Home Economics has never equalled The demand. This poinTs ouT The excellenT vocaTional opporTuniTies exisTing in These areas. The College, oT,AgriculTure mainTains iTs oTTices, lalooraTories, and classrooms in paris oT Morrill, NesmiTh, PeTTee, James, and PuTnam Halls, and in The Dairy and l:oresTry Buildings. ln addiTion iT has iTs Tield lalooraTories in The Torm of Tarm uniTs aT The PoulTry Farm, HorTiculTural Farm, Dairy Barns, LivesTock Barns, and aT The Green- houses. STudenTs and TaculTy are always welcome To visiT These uniTs To view high qualify producTs oT modern agriculTure. I 5 L .,TYY . .. ,cc ,.,,.., Tw - .c HE Graduafe School, which has offered insfrucfion since l903, has for ifs obiecfives fhe bringing fogefher of faculfy and quali- fied sfudenfs in a spirif of scholarship and research. The graduafe sfudenf is given opporfunify fo specialize in some field of knowledge, and fo develop a mafurify of fhoughf and affifude foward his pro- fessional field, so fhaf bofh his professional and his culfural life may be enriched. During fhe period of ifs exisfence 797 graduafe sfudenfs, repre- senfing some 90 educafional insfifufions, received fhe Masfer's de- gree. This year, i949-50, finds approximafely 800 graduafe sfudenfs af various sfages of developmenf of fheir graduafe programs. wifh I93 sfudenfs, from fwenfy sfafes and fwo foreign counfries, in resi- dence. - Graduafe programs are offered by fhe following deparfmenfs: Agriculfural and Biological Chemisfry, Agronomy, Animal Husban- dry, Bacferiology, Biology, Bofany, Chemisfry and Chemical Engineer- ing, Civil Engineering, Dairy Husbandry, Elecfrical Engineering, Enfo- mology, Horficulfure, Mafhemafics, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Poulfry Husbandry, and Zoology leading fo a Masfer of Science degree: Agriculfural Economics, Economics, English, Governmenf, Hisfory, Languages, Psychology, and Sociology leading fo fhe Mas- fer of Arfs degree, and Educafion leading fo fhe Masfer of Educa- fion degree. The members of fhe Graduafe Execufive Council are: Presidenf Arfhur S. Adams, ex officio: Prof. Herberf A. Carroll: Prof. William G. Hennessy: Prof. Albion R. Hodgdon.: Prof. Harold A. lddles: Prof. Thomas O. Marshall: Prof. Philip M. Marsfon: and Prof. George M. Moore. I6 graduate school ALBERT F. DAGGETT y B.S., M.S., Universify of New Hampshire '1 Ph.D., Columbia Universify: Dean of Grad uafe School. , . ' AY. 'f, 3' ' fn ,lf 5 'fi ruff. ,nh vw-1' v f, 'I A ' - 'JD' 'JV' . U ,. - .QW A 1, . '1- ,W 'X ji ,, . -' 5:5 lr -I '4 fc r-1 www 1'.' 'fishy hood house Si'Hing, leff 'io rigid: Mrs. Harrief B. Nason, Mrs. Cora Dr.JoelJ.Whi+e Gray, Mrs. Florence Bureau, Miss Lillian Cavanauqlw. D G d S Grimm Siandingz Miss Lois M. Nuiion, Mrs. Mary Gagnon, Sec- F' eral ' relary: Mrs. Elsie Nelson. Miss Ruih L. Wright Dr. William D. Crandall f' ' iw :+:-fgr . :L -in l igidfl . 'Y ix if ' l v l 1 +I 5 lull? N J Q ill Q military department COLONEL WILMERN S. PHILLIPS BIN.. St. Jol1n's College, Professor ot Mill- JS- - '- tary Science and Tactics. Left to right: L+. Dreilvelbis, Mai. Knox, Mai. Veyette, Lt. Col. Gilbert, Col. Phillips, Mai. Royce Mai. Sullivan, Mai. Green, Ll, Estfon. 4 rvffffj- 'T vi V- -L--.-.-Tig V - 1 1 X I - IK- 'f,r.,L,, V . -'. Lllligli' I , :i,, V . i fy ,- Y y ' .. '.-...wx .1 R ,f,1f .f . , .1 . . 4 if, ig A' If mc Wilmer S. Phillips l-lunlinglon K. Gilberi Warren J. Green Roloeri B. Knox Philip M. Royce James A. Sullivan John l'l. Veyeile, Jr. Waller E. Dreibelbis Mervin A. Chamberlain Earl R. Crabrree Clarence B. Daylon Wesley W. Gilford Richard J. Monihan Joseph L. Mroz Joseph A. While Roberi E. Sl. Cyr Richard H. Thrasher Alvin H. Williams Colonel, Professor lvlililary Science and Taclics L+. Col., Professor Air Science and Taciics Maior, Assr. PlvlS8cTlFAl Major, Assi. PAS8rT Major, Asslr. PMS8cTllNFl Major, Assl. PlvlS8fTlCACl Major, Assi. PASS:-l' Isl' Li., Assi. PASXXI' MXSQT., Ass'r. lnslruclor MfSg'r., Assi. Inslruclor MXSQT., Asslr. lnslrucior MfSgi., Assr. lnsrruclor lv1fSg+ Assl. lnsrrucior lvlfSg1'., Aclmin. Assislanl' lVlfSg+., Assl. lnslrruclor Sgt, Aolmin. Assisianl Sgt, Supply Cpl., Assl. lnslruclor I9 Piclureol in Pulnam Hall newly eslablishecl clomain of lhe Applied Farming Deparl- menl: lefl lo righl: PHILIP S. BARTON, B.S., M.Ecl., Associale Professor of Appliecl Earmingg PAUL A. GILMAN, B.S., ancl GERALD L. SMITH, B.S., lnslruclors in Applied Farming. Aller dinner relaxalion lor HAROLD C. GRINNELL, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Professor of Agricullural Economics, Associale Dean, College ol Agricullure, and Associale Di- reclor, Agricullural Experimenl Slalion. NORMAN ALEXANDER. B.A., M.A., LL.B.. Ph.D., Professor of Governmenl, enioys lhe comlorl of his slucly al home. CHARLES W. COU LTER, B.A., B D M A Ph.D., Professor of Sociology, busy in his work shop al home. Momenls ol leisure al' The Facully Club for JOHN C. TONKIN, lnslruclor in Mechani cal Engineering, Machine Shop G. HARRIS DAGGETT, A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Assislanl Professor ol English: THOMAS O. MARSHALL, A.B., Ecl.M., Ecl.D., Pro- fessor of Eclucaliong ancl JAMES C. EAULKNER, oliplome avec menlion, M.A., Assislanl Professor of Languages, char in Murlcland Lobby belween aflernoon classes. Work always keeps for LEROY J. HIG- GINS, B.S., Associafe Professor of Agron- omy, al' his home on lvlaclloury Road in Durham. A few minufes during a rainy Safurday affernoon for EDWARD T. DON- OVAN, B.S., Associafe Professor of Me- chanical Engineering. ALDEN R. KUHLTHAU, B.S., MS., Ph.D.. Assisfanf Professor of Physics1 LEON W. HITCHCOCK, B.S., Professor of Elecfrical Engineering: and FREDERICK A. SCOTT, B.S.. lvi.S., Ph.D., Professor of Physics, in The laffer's office in Demeriff Hall. Subiecf of fhe falk--non-professional. Tuesday evening card game af fhe Eaculfy Club: reading clockwise from fhe leff: JOHN D. HAUSLEIN, B.A., lvl.A., As- sisfanf Professor of Business Adminisfra- fion: HENRY C. SWASEY, B.S., MS., As- sociafe Professor of Physical Educafion and Afhleficsg DONALD lvl. PERKINS, B.S., lv1.S., Assisfanf Professor of Mafhemaficsg and RAYMOND C. MAGRATH, Treasurer of fhe Universify. On his way fo a class in Demeriff Hall is HOWARD E. STOLWORTHY, BS A sociafe Professor of Mechanical Engineer ing. CARROLL S. TOWLE, A.B PhD Professor of English, hurries fo make affer noon conferences wifh sfudenfs. tx S .S . SL K SN I- NE ' tk I NN: X 51.5 , L5 -, tN's:' s ssgg, s k'gSsL hkgixs 555 L Push'-5 sus55' 'lsNN5 5 g LSB s k 5, 5 5 is ' ttf' K' tc- 5-L S E D 0 IN M-EMORIAM Jarlene A. Elmgren lvlanclwesier, New Hampshire Helen F. Tucker Franklin, New Hampshire fff"""f' ' " ' M X A x. ll I clo noi Jrlwinlc Life provides for all and for Time and Space, buf I believe Heavenly Deailn provides 'For all. WALT WHITMAN 24 Charles Long HE weT roads of New Hampshire on The firsT Tuesday of Ocfober in The year I946 lead To Durham and The UniversiTy of New Hamp- shire, and To whaT, we, of The class of l95O, looked forward To as four awe-inspiring years of college life. The heavy rainfall failed To dampen Ths spiriT of The girls on ThaT day: however, The same cannoT be said for The men. Anxious To Take over The new dorms Thaf They had read so much abouT, They were disTurbed To find a naive sign saying ThaT The dorms were noT ready for occupancy. The mud of The area behind Com- mons To College Road and a miniafure Panama Canal broughT baclc foreign scenes To The many "veTs," a word which was To become almosT synonymous wiTh "sTudenTs" here aT New Hamp- shire and ThroughouT The U. S. However, Prexy Harold STolces did a good iob of pulling our spiriTs ouT of The mud and giving us encourage- menT aT our TirsT assembly. We became more class of 1950 aware oT our idenTiTy by Brad MclnTyre's window greeTing "To The Class of l95O" and by The size of our class, which could barely squeeze inTo New Hampshire Hall. As eager freshmen we Took parT in snake dances, fooTball rallies. and various campus acTiviTies. We can easily recall The crowded classrooms and The Time spenT sTanding in line aT Commons Through Those cold winTer monThs. For many of The veTerans The previous summer session had inTroduced or refreshed college life and sfudying. Emerging from The green look aTTribuTed To "froshes," we elecfed our TirsT class officers aT UNH. Our Prexy was Gus Gilman, already a fooTball sTar. Assisfing him were Joe DuTfy as vice-presidenT, Lillian "BeH'y" Taylor as secrefary, and STu Shaines, Treasurer. ln our sophomore year. we bid Prexy Sfolces good-bye and welcomed ArThur S. Adams as our universiTy presidenf. The NoTch made iTs debuT and became one of The gaThering spoTs Tor class- maTes. N. H. Hall and The Field House were no longer men's dorms. ingress and egress To The new dorms was possible in Durham's dry season. Our vicTorious TooTball season ended finding us undefeafed and sending our "heroes" off To Ohio To compeTe wiTh Toledo in The Glass Bowl. As fooTball players we conTribuTed PriT- Chard. Gage, Begin, MaTher, Pasalis, Tupper, Swelcla, NesTor, Levandowslci, Noel, BenoiT, Mi- kazenas, Nixon, Kachavos, DeTalis. Amid BiTT GlassTord's successes on Lewis Field and Through- ouT New England, we elecTed Joe DuTTy as our presidenT: Jim NesTor, vice-presiclenT: Shirley Hoyle, secreTaryg Bill Charron, Treasurer: and DoroThy DuTTy and Torn Powers, class represen- TaTives. "HuTch" Long, KaTsiTicas, Millman, Mc- Cormick, and Levandowski were members oT The varsiTy baskeTball squad. Dave McCullough helped To represenT The class in baseball, while SweeT, HarTneTT, Webb, Barndollar, Gambel, MaTher, Barns, Tupper, and Kiepper were acTive in Track. We saw The achievemenTs oT' Si Dunk- New England, ThaT The Hammer and Sickle was Tlying Trom The Tlag pole aT T-Hall, we managed To become oT age! We learned To Take our roles in campus acTiviTies, and we elecTed as Junior Class oTTicers, "HuTch" Long, presidenTg DOT DuTTy BarreTT, vice-president Shirley Hoyle, sec- reTaryg and Earl Barnes, Treasurer. Jim Wedge and Joy AhrendT were elecTed class represenTa- Tives, and STU Shaines and BeTTy Ahern were puT in charge oT The class rings commiTTee. The specTacular success oT our Junior Prom under The leadership oT BeTTy Lou Perley and ArT HarTneTT impressed The enTire UniversiTy wiTh The poTen- ,a2z3.:..,.T,..:.T-- . Y --.V Y. .. ...,,- , iP'b'Tr1- -, r 'Q' l li if X Xx if N X Bruce MaTher, Vice-Presidenh Shirley Hoyle, SecreTary7 Earl Barnes, Treasurer lee, Ralph Townsend, and Boo Morcom, The lasT Two members oT The U. S. Olympic Teams Tor I948. Our Hobo Hop under The direcTion oT BeTTy Ahern and Jim Wedge was held in The N. H. Hall. As Freshmen we had Tound ThaT The in- TormaliTy of The Hobo Theme was well received, and so we repeaTed iT our Sophomore year. Since Then, The Hobo Hop has almosT become a TradiTion as The annual dance given by The Sophomore Class. ln our Junior year, despiTe rumors Throughouf TialiTies oT The members of iTs largesT class. Rep- resenTing our Temale classmaTes in The Junior Prom CourT, our secreTary reigned as queen aTTended by Lorna Hadley and JaneTTe Furman. By now, The original T300 sTudenTs of our class had been wiTled down To approximaTely IOOO: neverTheless, The impacT oT The class was TelT in The Twice-winning Yankee ConTerence TooTball Team and oTher aThleTic Teams, as well as in publicaTions and organizaTions circles. This year, Too, saw The developmenT oT poliTical hisTory in Durham as Mayor Frank Robie l"l'lis'oner The Mayor, Threadbare McNair"l became The leader oT The power machine ThaT was To rule Durham Two successful years. Assuming The role oT reverenT seniors. we re- elecTed "l-luTch" Long as our prexy and The "MOST BeauTiTul Co-ed in New England," Shirley Hoyle, To her Third Term as our secreTary. Earl Barnes was also re-elecTed Treasurer, while Bruce MaTher was elecTed vice-presidenT. We looked on The revival oT Frosh l-lazing wiTh reserved en- Thusiasm. Our classmaTes assumed posiTions oT leadership in sTudenT governmenTs, publicaTions, AnoTher Topic OT much imporT.ance discussed concerned a group plan Tor purchasing The ALUMNUS, under which plan The magazine could be purchased aT a- lower raTe individually provided The class as a whole subscribed. AT a class meeTing on February 22, These Two Topics were discussed wiTh class members. AT The same meeTing, Anne Marie Flanagan and John Sakow- ski were elecTed co-chairmen oT The Commence- menT program. Big weekends like Mil ArT, Car- nival, Junior Prom, and Pan-Hel meanT more To us as we reached The lasT cycle oT college liTe. YeT "nexT year" loomed large beTore us. We ExecuTive CornmiTT'ee: James Wedge, Joy AhrendT, Class RepresenTaTiveg Charles Long, Shirley Hoyle, Bruce MaTher, Thomas Charron, acTing Treasurer, NoT picTured: Professor Philip Wl-ieaTon, Class Adviser. clubs, aThleTics, and oThers wenT as Tar as as- suming domesTic responsibiliTies. During The year The execuTive commiTTee meT several Times To discuss various projecTs. One oT These was The life insurance program oTTered by NaTional Life of VermonT which was endorsed by aclminisTra- Tive oTTicers and The class execuTive commiTTee. Under This plan, aT The end of TwenTy-Tive years, one hundred dollars OT' The dividends due on policies Taken ouT by our class members will be reTurned To The UniversiTy as an alumni giTT. realized ThaT our lives aT Durham were coming To an end. We would soon Take up our respec- Tive roles in The world ouTside. As we donned our caps and gowns, we .could reminisce over The years since The TirsT Tall in '46 and could look Torward To being The largesT class ever To be graduaTed Trom The UniversiTy oT New Hampshire. We would look back wiTh pride and joy on The pasT Tour years aT Durham: we could look Torward wiTh hope and courage To The Tu- Ture years in The world ouTside. .,a:,.,, l Achber Adams, B. Ahern Ahrendl HAROLD ACHBER Laconia ' Maior: Governmeni: 'PA Vice-Pres. 4: TKA 3, 4: De-an's Lisr 2, 3: Debafing Club 2, 3, 4: Hillel I, 2, 3, 4: In+ra- mural Sporfs 2, 3, 4: Lens 8: Shuffer l, 2: ROTC Air: NHOC l. 2. BERNARD R. ADAMS Exeler Maior: Governmenl. RICHARD O. ADAMS Durham Maior: Chemislry: Newman Club I: Die Minnaesanger I: Dean's Lisl l, 2, 3, 4. RICHMOND H. ADAMS Porlsmoulh Malor: Mechanical Engineering. A - . ll fl l v Adams. R. I-l. Allen Adams, R. O. Alterman BETTY AHERN Concord Maior: Bacieriology: XM: NHOC I: Blue Circle 2, 3, 4: Newman Club l, 2, 3, 4: House Council 2, Vice-Pres. 3: WRA Trees. 4: Class Ring Com. 3, 4: Yachl' Club 3: lnlerclass Soffball 3. JOY AH RENDT Nashua Maior: Bacleriology: GT Trees. 3, Pres. 4: XM 3, 4: THE GRANITE 3, Feafures Ed. 4: Big Sisler 2, 3, 4: Class Exec. Council 3. 4: Opus 45 3: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4: Campus Killen 4. LAWERENCE R. AKERMAN Dover Major: Hislory: KE Vice-Pres. 3: NHOC 3, 4: Scabbard 81 Blade 2, 3: ROTC Adv. Air 2, 3. COURTNEY P. ALLEN Easl Derry Maior: Poullry Husbandry: AFP: AZ: Dean's Lisl' 3: Foullry Science Club 3, Pres. 4. SENIORS NINETEEN HUND ff 25-+C X 2,2 I3 , al.: wr f .Lia ,I . ian! Ed' N E X R E D II I, :JM 1-E. YNIIIV ,II LII N' M13 HAROLD B. ALMOND Durham Maior: Physics: 1I1A1l13,4: HMIE 3,4: Die Minnaesanger I: Dean's Lis+ I. 2, 3: 1111012 4, NANCY E. AMEY Piilsburg Maior: Biology: SCM I, 3: Durham Reelers 4: TI-IE GRANITE 4: Big Sisfer 3, 4: Dean's Lis? 2, 3. EUGENE APPLEBAUM Porlsmoulh Maior: Business Adminisiralionz Hillel I, 2, 3, 4. RICHARD ARMSTRONG Lebanon, Connecficul Maior: I-Iisiory: A419 Sec. 4: SCM 2, 3, 4: Dean's I.isI I. ODYSSIAS ATI-IANASIOU Manchesier Major: Baezlerioloqy: OX House Mgr. 4: Lens 81 Shuller I: German Club I: Dean's Lisl 2. PATRICIA E. ATKINSON Nashua Maior: Business Adminislralion: Durham Reelers 3: Dean's Lisi I: Women's Glee Club 3, 4: Home Ec. Club 3, 4: Rifle Club 3, 4: Inlerhouse Badminlon I: SCM I, 2, 3: NI-IOC 2, 3, 4: Slucl. Union 3. Almond Amey Applebaum Armslrong Afhanasiou Afkinson FIFTY E 'I l N. ff-fav - - . . my- - - I' gl I uw lil ., Xl A 5 . I i l 5 , Afwood Auslin Baghdasarian Bailey, A, Bailey, J. Baird Baker, E. Baker, L. IRVING S. ATWOOD JAMES T. BAILEY Concord Whi'IeIield Maier: I-Iorel Adminislralion: GX: Cross Counlry Mgr. Major: Zoology: GX: Slci Team 2. 3, 4: Blue Key 4: Varsify I, 2: Sporrs Mgr. I, 2: Jr. Greelers of America I, 2, 3, Club 3, 4: Nl-IOC 2, 3, 4. Sec. 4: N. H. Club 3, 4: Jr. Holel Men ol' America 4. ROBERT M. BAIRD ' ' DAVID AUSTIN PO,-fs,-,-,Cui-11 ManCl"95'ler Maior: Government Maior: Chemical Engineering: GMA: AXE 2, 3, 4: Nl-IOC I, 2, 3, 4: Hockey 2, 3: Daan's Lisl' I, 2: lnlerhouse SPOHS 2- 31 4- EDWARD BAKER Dorchesrer, Massachusells Maier: Business Adminislralion: 'IDA Sec. 4: TE 3, Prog. JOSEPH Z' BAGHDASARIAN Chmn. 4: TKA 4: Drum Maior ROTC Band I: Drum IVISUCIWGSIEF Major Univ. Band 2, 3, 4: Hillel I, 2, Pres, 3, Exec. Coun- Maior: C-Eovernmenl: Foolball I: Mike 84 Dial 2, 3, 4: CII 4: Univ. RSI- COUHCII 2: Dean's Lisl I. 2. 3. 41 German Pre-Law Club 2, 4, Vice-Pres. 3: Debarinq Club 3, 4, Club I: DOFITW TFGHS. 3- ARLENE BAILEY LOUIS N. BAKER ' Manchesler Durham Maior: Home Economics: Durham Reelers 2, 3, 4: Home Major: Animal Husbandry: AFP Trees. 4: AZ 3, 4: Ec. Club 2, 3, Trees. 4: Folio Club 2: SCM 2, 3, 4: Durham NHOC 2, 3, 4. Reelers 3, 4: Dean's Lis? 2. NINETEEN HUND SALLY BAKER Laconia Maior: Secrelarial Sludiesg GT: Dean's Lisl I. 2: Newman Club Council 3. 4: Greek World 4: NHOC I. 2. 3: French Club I, 2: THE GRANITE 3: Big Sisler 2. 3: Slud. Union Com. 2: THE NEW HAMPSHIRE 4. WILLIAM S. BAKES Exoler Maior: Eleclrical Engineering. WILLIAM E. BALLARD PorI'smou'Ih Major: Psychology: Glee Club 2. 3, 4: SCM 3, 4: Liberal Club 3: German Club 3: NHOC 4. FREDERICK BALLHAUSSEN Weslmoreland Depol Maier: Mechanical Engineering: 'DAG' 4: Dean's I-isI 3 FREDERICK D. BARDWELL Mounl Vernon RE D H.: Maier: Mechanical Engineering: AFP: ASME 3, 4: NH Club 4-: Air ROTC 3, 4: Track Mgr. 3. BETTY BARKER Keene Major: Music: GT: Univ. Choir I, 2, 3, 4: SCM I Orch. 4: Winler Carnival Aide 3: Dorm Sec.-Treas. Big Sisler 2. Baker, S. Bakes Ballard Ballhaussen Bardwell Barker. B. .1 ,, Y .Wi - ,J Iii: I will VIE' I -.f elf. llllr ,lf" :Ng 5232 ii iffy. 3525-'I ffliffil 'riffs ' if-' "-'-' ' - '+'1"1:L15+,A llll f F I F 1' Y f I '-Q-1.. 'ffz I 'Ill I ll ,I QIIS . 46: rail II . Rimini I . ,L::.e:ag., , 1 sr ' --'-F-ffrfiiif-L::::.:. ' ' -uw, ' ' "H Pi .:::i,1:f 'fg:. . 49: , 7 ,- 1 "uw "M gm ,ff .- 1 IA., I QU" is-A i' 3 I wf in IIIIXB I. , IX I ,. f I Ik 5 ,J in Barker, L. Barnes Barllell, D. Barlleil, L. LAWRENCE M. BARKER Danbury Maior: Business Adminisfraiion: Newman Club 4: Dean's Lisf 3: Rifle Team 4. EARL D. BARNES Hillsboro Major: Physical Eclucaiion Training Preparalion: GX: JV Baslcelball I: Class Treas. 3, 4: ASO Board 3, 4: Senior Skulls, Pres. 4. JAMES F. BARRETT Chicopee Falls, Massachuseiis Maior: Psychology. THOMAS W. BARRETT Laconia 'Maiorz Economics: ZAE: :PE 4: ASO 3: Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: Blue Key 4: Dean's Lis+ 3: Iniramural Sporis 2, 3, 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: ROTC Adv. Air: Sfudenl Council 3, 4: Scabbard 81 Blade 3, 4: Univ. Day Com. 4. . I H, ,. I . 'I I 'f' Barre'l'I, J. Barre'H, T. Basseli' Balclrielder, B. DONALD E. BARTLETT Claremoni Major: Pre-Medical: WAT: AEA 4: Dorm. Treas. 2: Dean's Lisl 2: Pre-Med Sociefy 2, 3, Treas. 4: NHOC I. LOUIS BARTLETT Porismouilw Maior: Governmenl: KAIT: HUM: AVC 2: Dean's Lisi 2, 3: NHOC 2, 3, 4: IRC 3, 4: SCM 2, 3, 4: House Councilor. JOSEPH A. BASSETT Dover Major: Chemislry ATU: AXE 3, 4: THE GRANITE 2: Dean's Lisi 3. BRADFORD P. BATCHELDER, JR. Wes? Noliingliam Maior: Agricullural Engineering: ASAE 2, 3, 4: NHOC I. . ' wi. . -,Y ' I . I I . . ,-. . gg, A :X ,AL igllgf , '37 - 'I-Ib-. :fi 121.1 L1 1...-Y: ','.s l. ff' -f,-,-:f-,,-,i- -, 2' : ' .32 will ll? , ii: I NINETEEN I-IUNURED ,,e,,Q FIFTY l l ,,M' I lllllll -, EDWIN L. BATCHELDER, JR. Hamplon Maior: Agricullural Engineering: ATU: ASME: ASAE Sec.-Treas. 4. GERALD M. BATCHELDER Exeler Maior: Civil Engineering: ASCE 3, 41 Dean's Lisl 3. JOHN G. BATCHELDER Durham Maior: Physics. JOHN H. BATCHELD ER Claremonl Maior: Hislory: HKA: Basicelball Mgr. 2: ROTC Air 2, 3 Scabbard 8: Blade 2,31 NH Varsily Club 4. WILLIAM BATCHELDER Porlsmoullw Maior: Malhemalics: fI'AfI': Canlerbury Club l, 2, 3, 4 Concerl Choir l, 2, 3, 4: Dean's Lisl l, 2, 3. ARTH U R E. BATTEY Goffslown Maior: Business Adminislrafion: ATS! Trees. 4: UTM 3, 4, Dean's Lisl I, 2. Balchelder, E. Bal'cl'1elder.G. Balchelder, J. G. Balchelcler, J. H. Balclmlcler. W. Bailey 3. 1.3.4621 , llf' ,L ,gjfiliii Zrk , ' if " 'f '-'t7'g:-gpg f- il-'5-fl'-'ii I Q... -lllllll' ' Qi if J , 'swf' 33 Q l l l l l 1' , , .QE ,..7,- . ..T.T,?..... . , Ev j' .L.Q j fr x I' Il , 45 I HQ, Bean Beauregard Beck Belanger. A. Belanger, M. Beliorcl Bellucci Benoii JOHN E. BEAN, JR. MAURICE BELANGER Conloocook Franklin Major: Social Service: AKA 3, Pres. 4: A1119 3, 4: Scouf Service Fral' Sec. 3: IDC Sec.-Treas. 3: Dorm. Soc, Climn. 2, Pres. 3: Nl-IOC 2: Dean's Lisl 2. 3. ROBERT A. BEAUREGARD Marlboro Major: Business Adnwinisiralion: Foolball I: ROTC Air 3.4: Rifle Team I: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4. WARREN BECK Lawrence, Massachuselis Major: Business Adminislraiion. ARTH U R C. BELANGER Farmingron Major: Business Adminislralion: EAE: Newman Club 3, 4: Dorm. Sec. 2: Allwlelic Chrnn. 3: lnlramural Sporls I, 2. 3, 4, Major: Pre-Medical: Newman Club I, 2. 3, 4: Die Minne- saenger I. 2. 3: Men's Glee Club 3, 4: Nl-IOC 3, 4: Opus 45 2, 3: Cercle Francais 3. 4: SCM 3, 4: Dramalics 2: Dorm. Sec. 4 Tl-IE GRANITE 4: College Chas? Funcl 2, 3. ROBERT E. BELFORD Laconia Major: Business Aclminisiralion: BAE: NI-IOC 2, 3, 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Inlramurals 2. AMERICO J. BELLUCCI Porlsmoullw Major: Mechanical Engineering: ASME 3.4. DONALD G. BENOIT Manchesler Major: Business Aclminisrraiion: Foolball I, 2, 3: Newman Club I, 2: Sludenl Council Sec. 3, Exec. Com. and Corres, Sec. 4: Aclv. ROTC. X NINETEEN HUN DONALD T. BENSON Pembroke Meier: Mechanical Engineering: EB: ASME 3, 4: Canler- bury Club 2, 3, 4: Dorm. Pres. 2, Trees. 3: Dean's Lisf 3: IDC 4: Lens 31 Slxuller 2: NI-IOC 2. 3, 4. WILLIAM BERGERON Keene Maier: Elecirical Engineering: NI-IOC I, 2, 3, 4: AIEE 3. 4: Newman Club I: Srud. Union Org. Cull. Com. 3. WALTER J. BERNARD Mancliesler Maior: Clwmisiryz QIIKIIY: AXE 4: Dean's Lis? 2, 3, 4. JEANNE BERRY Nashua Maier: PI1ysics:'liA'I1 4: Big Sisier 2, 4: NHOC I. 4. MILDRED BEST Enfield, Norllm Carolina Maier: Sociology. WILLIAM T. BICKFORD Porlsmoulh Maier: Business Adminisiraiion: Newman Club 2, 3. Benson Bergeron Bernard Berry Besl Biclciord DR ED - .I 1 ' 'fr-1I I: I ' II. , I'iI' - I I I 'IIE ill I5 Iv Ii' Lf III z. III , 1"" I"I.ll! . Ii I: I vi. . .Ii -x--f--In'-f -. QI :I V - -.--I'---- lu., Qi I EIL Ei 1. 'i 1.151 P JL iz.. IW mlm um Q Iii W II Inll I :Ip ffl I Iii lI'I :gl I . 4+ I' 552-:isfgu -.-Q... I. ..--.., Ae-:JPY-:zr .,Q, fi ' ,,.J., 31412511421-53 55 I I I II 35211 1' 'I I ,Z . cf' sql '22 IFTY I i'r'.-in T : If .I- 315, f 1' Qi A I rs. is I ,ja ,I If A , I' ' - I lv ' '-I , I X 5, ' - I II I EY: .'iy:'I:I1L- ' -. .- if . I 5 I iii? ef? J ' :1:1.11:2a1 ' E -f III I LI- 1:-:ifcvis-M II::I.ft''a?. - -Eh1:.15.-.if 5:11. i Q I I L, 35 I , M. 5 I J, I if I N : I I . I -I I ll II Bisson Blair Blanchard Blixl' WILFRED BISSON Manchesfer Maior: Psychology: AXA: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Dean's Lis'I 3: Debafing Sociely: Flying Club 2. PERSIS BLAIR Fiizwilliam Maior: English: TKA 3, 4: Debaling Club 2, 4: Soflball I, 2, 3: Dean's Lisl 2, 3: Hockey 4: Sfud. Union 2: Soc. Rec. Com. Vice-Pres. 4 NHOC I. PHYLLIS BLAIS M Ilford Maior: Social Service: Women's Glee Club I, 2, 3: Orch. 3: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: WRA Co-Rec. Dir. 3: Inlerhouse Bd. and Chmn. 2: Inierclass Sporls I, 2, 3, 4: THE NEW HAMPSHIRE I: House Council 4: Opus 45, 3, 4: OT 2: Sfud. Union Org. Com. 2, 3: Inferhouse Sporls I, 2, 3, 4: Big Sisler 3, 4: Sporis Mgr. Field Hockey and Baskefball 3. GORDON R. BLAKEN EY Concord Maior: Chemisfry: ATQ: Records I, Vice4Pres. 2: NHOC I, 2: Track 2. I I ' . J rf in "P.':"' Q- Blais Blalueney Boak Bonk RALPH S. BLANCHARD, JR. Amhersr 4 3 ASME 3, 4: Channing Club I, 2, 3, 4: NHOC I, 2, : Dean's Lisl I, 2, 3, 4. WESLEY E. BLIXT Manchasler Maior: Business Aclminislraliong Inlerclass Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT S. BOAK, JR. Millon Maior: Music: Concerl Choir 3. JOSEPH J. BONK Franlclin Maior: EIec'rricaI Engineering: KIJKKI' 3, 4: AIEE 3, 4: Vecfor Sociely 3, Vice-Pres. 4: Newman Club 2: Dean's Lisl I, 2, 3. 4. 7 -,, 7 vm., 7 ,,,,, 2,3 ,I , .-, I ' I - I Ma'or Mechanical En ineerin 1IJA1If2 3 4 HWIE 3 4: I : g Q: . . : 1' , Vecior Socieiy 3. 4: THE NEW HAMPSHIRE 2, 3, : NINETEEN HUNDRED GEORGE BOUCHARD Nashua Maior: French. WINTHROP BOURN Milford Maior: Business Adrninislraiion: AT!! Pres. 3. 4: IFC Pres. 3. 4: Siuclenf Council 3, 4: NHOC 2, 3: lnlramural Fool' ball 3, 4: Univ. Day Com. 4: Dad's Day Com. 4: Home- coming Day Com. 4. LEON BOWEN Penacoolc Maior: Mechanical Engineering: BAE: ASME 3, 4. DONALD A. BOYLE Newporl' Maior: Elecfrical Engineering: AIEE 3, 4. JAMES F. BOYLE Rochesier Maior: Horel Adrninsiraiiong IDAT: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Jr. Greeiers of America l, 2, 3, 4: Nl-IOC I, 2. NANCY BRACKETT Porfsmouih Maior: English: AXQ Pres. 4: lnlerclass Hockey 2, 3: lnlerclass Baskeiball 3, 4, Capi. 2: lnferclass Soffball 3, 4: Dean's Lisi 3: THE GRANITE 3, Pholo. Co-Ed. 4: Wildcai Review 3: Winier Carnival Queen 2: SCM 2, 3, 4: NHOC 2, 3, 4: Big smer 4. Bouchard Bourn Bowen Boyle, D. Boyle, J. Braclceli, N. 44 V . ,ij Jffiyg ,. :., . - ,. . -E.: ing., ' 'lljfr :1 j1'-:3g-Ifiafii EQ: if '2'ivl'7'l . ill' li li ' I lllll' lil Qi.-. .ll limi!! alll' ,Jiri fill. A ' will wi-fi Biff: lllrsl Hill F I F, T Y lllif! M 3 Elf Ll: il I f New fff , - ia' iii!" All Till 5 532333-1: ' ,Eli ' fljff1Y!',1f.i7il"' "'- "1-,214 pi- fu - ,:.:- lg, ' - :,,, +I E 4, X . I I j Q I f- 'N I' w Y-4 'S' 1 I -:V X BraCIte'H', R. Bradford Bragdon Brennan Braverman Breck Briclceii, D. Brickeif, R. ROBERT BRACKETT KENNETH BRAVEMAN BSFWICIC, Maine Manchegler Maior: Mechanical Engineering: Fooiball 3, 4: Lacrosse I: Maior: Business Adminisiraiiong 'I'A: Hillel 2, 3, 4. ASME 3, 4: Dean's Lisi' 2. DAVID Z. BRECK Wenlworfh CARLTON R. BRADFORD, JR. Norih Su+I'on ' Maior: Pre-Medical: SCM I, 2, 3: Dorm, Sec. 4: NHOC I, 2: German Club, 2. EDWARD A. BRAGDON, JR. York Village, Maine - Maior: Business Adminisfralion: BAE. THOMAS BRANN EN Berlin Maior: Business Adminis'Ira+ion: Newman Club I, 2. 3, 4: Dorm. Rep. 3, 4. Major: Eleclrical Engineering: AIEE 3, Chrnn. 4: Blue Circle 4: Concerf Choir 2, Siud. Mgr. 3, Pres. 4: Dean's Lisi 2, 3, 4: NI-IOC 2, 3, 4: Univ, Sailing Assoc. 3: Vecior Socieiy 4. DOROTHY BRICKETT I-Iampsiead Maior: Biology: Wornen's Glee Club 2, 3: German 3: SCM I, 2, 3, 4: Sfud, Cull. Rec. 3, 4: Dorm. Treas. 4: NHOC I, 2: Orclway Scholarship 2. RALPH E. BRICKETT I-Iampslead Maier: Sociology: AKA 3, 4: HUM 3, 4: Dean's Lis? I, 2, 3, 4. ., ii, 1 A fi - 1: 'IVV-I' nl NINETEEN Hunonsn Fl BARBARA BRI DLE Porismourh Maior: Physical Educalion: AEA: Cheerleader 2, 3, 4: Dance Club 3, 4: Freshman Camp Counselor 4: Inferclass Hockey 3, 4: All-Slar Hockey 3: Inlerclass BaskeIbaIl 3: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4: AWS, Trees. 3, Senior Mem. 4: AWDS Treas. I, 2. KENNETH F. BRIGGS, JR. Newlon Meier: Civil Engineering: ASCE 3, 4: Dean's Lisl I, 3. JOI-IN s. snonlcowlcz Maior: Elecfrical Engineering: fI'AfIf 3, 4: Vedor Sociely 3, 4: AIEE 3, 4: Dean's Lisr I, 2, 3, 4. RICHARD P. BROUILLARD Laconia Maior: Governrnenl: IIPMA: AIT 3, 4: Newman Club I, Pub. Chmn. 2, Ed, NEWVOX 2, 3, Pres. 4: THE GRANITE I, 2, Assoc. Ed. 3, Edilor-in-Chief 4: Pre-Law Club I, 2, Soc.-Treas. 3, Pres. 4: College Chesl Fund Vice-Chmn. 3: Sfudenf Council 4: IRC 2, 4: Dorrn. Officer 2: Sfud. Union 3: THE NEW HAMPSHIRE 2: Ds-an's Lisf 4. GORDON H. BROWN . Franklin Meier: Biology: 'DAT Trees. 3, Pres. 4: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4: Track I, 2: Senior Skulls: Dean's Lis? 3: Lens 8: Shufler 3, Sec.-Trees. 4: THE NEW HAMPSHIRE 3. MARY ANN BRUCE Nashua Major: Bacleriology: 1I1KfI1: KDE: Dean's Lisl' I, 2, 3, 4: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4. Bridle Briggs Brodlcowicz Brouillard Brown Bruce , Q, I ,TI llll ll ' ,. GD rf! ' I 'l 45? -, ' x FTY ' '5- I ., ,, , I Bryani Buchanan Burbank Burdwood HARRY L. BRYANT, JR. Lakepori' Major: Business Adminisfrafion: EAE. JOHN D. BUCHANAN Concord Major: Civil Engineering: ASCE 3, 4: SCM 3, 4: NI-IOC. THOMAS W. BUCKLEY Concord Major: Hoiel Adminisiraiion: 'OKKIP 2, 3, 4: Men's Glee Club 2, 3: Jr. Greefers of America 2, 3, 4: Newman Club 2, 3, 4. ALEX F. BUCZYNSKI Franklin Major: Elecirical Engineering: AIEE 3, 4: Dean's Lisi I, 2: Newman Club I. f"...,i' Buckley Buczynski Burleigh Bullet' DONALD G. BURBANK Piiisiield Major: Agronomy: AZ. WILLIAM O. BU RDWOOD BarIIeH Major: Pre-Medical: AEA 2, 3, 4: Dean's LisI' I, 2, 3, 4: NHOC I: SCM I, 2: German Club 2: Scholarship 2. JOHN R. BURLEIGH Easf Rockaway, New York Major: Chemical Engineering. HERBERT W. BUTLER Franklin Major: Eleclrrical Engineering: AIEE 2, 3, 4: Chess Club I, 2: Rifle Club 4. -Gif NINETEEN HUNDR HARRY R. BUXTON Porlsmoulh Maier: Agronomy: AVP: AZ. ROBERT E. BUZZELL Fryburq, Maine Maior: Animal I-Iusbandyg AVP: AZg Animal Incl. Club 3, 4. JOHN BYCHOH Claremonl Maior: Geology. JOAN ROBINSON CALKIN Anlrirn Maier: French: IDBI: AU: Poefry Workshop 21 Folio Club 2: THE NEW HAMPSHIRE Ig Mike and Dial I. AUDREY CAMPBELL La rchmonl. New York Maior: Economics: BT: Mask Xa Dagger 3. 43 Sfuclenl Union: Soc. Rec. Com. 3. JANE CAMPBELL Nashua Maior: Bccferiologyg 'IPM Sec. 3: Dean's Lis'r 2, 3: NI-IOC I, 2. 3, 4: SCM I, 2, 3: Big Sisler 2, 3: Fresh. Camp Coun- .elor 4. Buxlon Buzzell Bychok Calkin CampbelI,A. CampbeII,J. I F mlm- , l "wif we Campbell, P. Canada Carlson Carpenler, A. A. PATRICIA CAMPBELL New Caslle Major: Music: Blue and WI'iiIe Series Com.: SCM I, 2: Tlrieaire Ensemble I, 2, 3, 4: Sfring Orch. I, 2, 3: Opus 45 2, Ed. 3, Sec. 4: House Council Vice-Pres 3, Pres. 4: AWS 4. ROBERT L. CANADA Keene Maior: Business Aclrninislralion: NPE Pres, 4: TKA 3, 4: VeI's Com, Inc. Treas. 2, 3, 4. ARTHUR J. CARD Manchesier Maior: Business Adminisirafiong APE 4: Dean's Lis+ 2, 3: Air ROTC 3, 4: Disiinguislwed Mililary S'I'ud.: Newman Club I, 2, 3.4. FREDERICK CARLIN LiI+leIon Maior: ArI': IIKA: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: NI-IOC 3, 4: Die Minnesaenger I: IRC I. I I i Carcl Carlin Carpenler, A. M. Carr MARY A. CARLSON PiHsIieId Maier: Home Economics: KIHTO 3, Vice-Pres. 4: SCM I, 2, 3: IOO Club I: Home Ec. Club 2, 3, 4: Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4: Soffball 2. ALBERT A. CARPENTER Concord Maior: Pre-Medical: AEA 3, Vice-Pres. 4: GDB: Dean's Lisl I, 2, 3, 4. ANNE M. CARPENTER Somersworflw Maier: Hisiory: GT: Dance Club 3, 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: AWDS 2, 3: NI-IOC I: Big Sisier 4: Inferhouse Board 4. DAVID CARR Brislol Maior: Mechanical Engineering: EB: ASME. .mfy , Ugfigfgi' ll ' ' Q 'llillllly 'lllll lil NINETEEN HUNDRED lff' il HARRY R. CARROLL Durham Maior: Psychology: 'I'MA: YPX 3, 4: AKA 3, 4: D-ean's Lisf 2, 3, 4. ROBERT CARTIER Roclwesler Major: Accounring. DONALD A. CARVER Porrsmoullw Maior: Elecrrical Engineering: AIEE 3, 4. FIFTY 1 HUGH J. CASSIDY, JR. y H g Concord :"'??' Q Maier: Englislw: fI'MA Vice-Pres. 3, 4: Newman Club I, 2, . V Council 3, 4: Newman Club Play 2, 3: Social Chmn. 3: -. ' 44 - Dramalics Dir. 4: Mike 8r Dial 3, 4. l " J' " 'l K Q A, 1' l 16" I: DONALD w. CAVERLY ,. Laconia Maier: Eleclrical Engineering: AlEE 3, 4: 'DAG' 3 Dean's Lisl 2: Sfud. Union Com. 3, 4. BENNY CENTARICZKI Claremonl Maior: Mechanical Engineering: ASME. Carroll Carlier Carver Cassidy Caverly Cenlariczki l l 1 A ' il , i j j' gfilff l .D -Y gl ,N vi- f . 'Q' '4 '- Li ' V 'l V - '1 ,Z fl l , f --v ' . . 4 , If ' jk- 1' Mig, . fa. '- :cz-4-.mvg V rv. V ga:3:j.Qlq 2,1 , ' . 3 52:31:54-r'.-, f-fi ""j-K . x X: "l i, .,1,.:e-...,.,g,-,, wg.- A 5.l'1f- A LW 41" 'aiu '- U:.:::5'! ?"q"'rP,53,:-W--Jfzu - tan-1 . nm. milf- '- '- Tr. 1 , I I 1, Chaffee Chalmers Chase. L. Chase, M. RUTH CHAFFEE Easi' Andover Major: Home Economics Exlension: KIITO 3, I-IISI. 4: Dur- ham Reelers 3. 4: Home Ec. Club 2, 3. Sec. 4: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: NHOC I, 2, 4: Club I: Rifle Club 2, 3, 4: JOYCE CHALMERS Carmel, New York Maior: Physical Eclucaiion: Tennis All Siar 2, 3, 4: lnler- class Mgr. 4: Baskefball Class Mgr. 3: Ski Club Vice- Chmn. 3. 4: Hockey All Siar 3: Yachi Club 3: NHOC 3, 4: Inierclass Sporis 2, 3, 4. H WARREN R. CHAMBERLAIN Franklin Maier: Elecirical Engineering: AIEE 3, 4: Dean's Lisi I. THOMAS W. CHARRON Lincoln Maier: Biology: GKHIH: Baskefball I: Newman CIub'I, 2, 3, 4: NHOC I. 2, 3, 4: Class Treas. 2: Scabbarcl 81 Blade Trees. 3, 4. .ki 9' Chamberlain Charron Chase, M. Chase. P. LIVINGSTON CHASE Manchesier Maior: Geology: AIME 2, 3. Correa. Sec. 4: Yachi Club I: SCM I: NHOC 4: Dean's Lis? 2, 3. MARCELLA CHASE Keene Maier: Biology: KDE 4: SCM I: NHOC I: Durham Reel- ers 2: House Council 4: Chess Club I: Glee Club I, 2. MARSTON CHASE Manchesier Maior: Geology: AIME 2, 3, Corres. Sec. 4: SCM I: Yachl' Club I: NHOC 4: Dean's Lisi' I, 2, 3, 4. PHILIP A. CHASE Rochesier Maior: Mechanical Engineering: ASME 3, 4: Dean's Lisi 3, 4: Univ. Symphonic Band I. 2, 3, 4. 4 A- e, ne. WY4 fl . Y -i,- .. A . ' - - -. ,, . wh NINETEEN HUND RUSSELL B. CHASE Soulh Su+'ron Maior: Dairy Husbandy: AVI? Pres. 4: AZ: NHOC I: VarsiIy Cross Counlry I, 2, 3, Capf. 4: Winler Track I, 2, 3, 4: Spring Track I, 2, 3, 4: Dean's Lisf 4: Animal Incl. Club 3, Vice'Pres. 4: Blue Key 4: IFC 4. WILLIAM D. CHASE Manchesler Maior: Holel Adminislralion: GX: Jr. Greefers of America I, 2, 3. 4: Varsify Club 3, 4: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4: Adv. ROTC 3, 4: Jr. Prom. Com. 3: Canlerbury Club I, 2, 3, 4. DONALD C. CHENEY Dover Maior: Foreslryg NI-IOC I, 2, 3: Foreslry Club I, 2, 3, 4. PRESTON CH EN EY Easl Kings'Ion Maior: French: ATI 3, 4: Dean's Lisi' 4-: French Club 2, 3, 4: Lens 81 Shuller 3: NI-IOC 3. SHERBURNE M. CHICKERING Pembroke Maior: Mechanical Agriculfural: AVP: AZ: ASAE 2, 3, 4: Conceri Choir 2, 3, 4: Dean's Lisf 3: Glee Club I: Infer- class Sporfs I, 2, 3, 4: Track I. WILLIAM CHRISTY Manchesler Major: Business Adminislrafiong KE: Foo+baI I, 2: I-Ioclzey 3, 4: Scabbard 8: Blade 3, 4: NH Varsily Club 3. 4. Chase. R. Chase, W. Cheney, D. Cheney, P. Chickering Chrisly ' .-. rig. ' RED I' I I grief :iii I I I " II IIIIII5 M, ,I :III II :II - I . -SEI? IH ,III 'IIIII IQ :ju I - :III 1 I ui V ll ,, V: V V U , , y., '-an.: ff- Ezgff-.ff we 4 I-IMI ,- , ' 5 M- - f. -1.4 , N I ,y 6 -,: -issf 1 f Q'-71-ri '-sffrt 4 ' - I ' 5- , I K I I X I 5 L I -SXII. 1 J I , ..Q:I2J'i'kf.fxI1-N 2,44 -I I- ', 43291- -1 ,v lf 1. ,-Ivwyfm :IIIIIL-'-F ,F -' I . ' I 2,1-',::,,l', , 1, ' IA! 333.25123 45 FTY FAI If ' I . '.:.:::P - , I f III 5-my ' I' If L P, -' H. Q na 'K' , .J-. M A , I air: N ii N ., '- ."-.Q Lila 5' " I Pais I ' 1 if '. ,ff, 1? ,I-v 1 ,HAR , 'f.. A :aggl- r--- -ff nf- V f ,V-:ff -f-Y: -sr w , -ns: -, if Cilley Clayion Cobb Colley Cogger Cohn Cole, M. G. Cole, M. F. CHARLES E. CILLEY GLORIA P. COGGER Concord ReecI's Ferry Maior: Chemisiryz AXE Trees. 3, 4: SCM Com. Chmn. 2, Maior: English: NI-IOC I: SCM I, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club Treas. 3: German Club I, 2: Sfudeni Council 3: NI-IOC I: 2, 3: Folio 3: Big Sisier Z, 3. Dean's Lisf I: Joseph L. Fearer Scholarship: Alpha Chi Sigma Chemisiry Award. ARLEN L. COHN MARY F' CLAYTON Beverly, Massachusells Madison Maior: Business Aclrninislralion: TA: NI-IOC I, 2, 3: Maier: OCCUPEHOMI Therapy: SCM I' 2: Glee Club 2: Track 2: Hillel I, 2, 3,41 Univ. Sailing Assoc. 3. Spanish Club 2: I-louse Council 2, 4: O. T. Club 2, 3, Treas. 4: Dorm. Sec. 4: Mike 81 Dial 4: Big Sisler 2, 3, 4. MALCOLM G. COLE, JR. Durham WILLIS E- COBB Major: I-Iolel Adminislralion: fIfA'I': Jr. Greelezrs of Amer- Lebanon ica 3: lnlramural Soflball 3: Dean's l-isI 3. Maior: English: CDAT. ' MURIEL COLE DONALD C. COFFEY Lebanon P0f'ISm0Uil1 Maior: Animal Husbandry: Animal Ind. Club 4: Dean's Maior: Zoology, Pre-Denial: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Lis'I 3: Rifle Club 3: Big Sisier 2, 4: Glas Club 2: Deanls Lisf 3, NHOC I: Chess Club I. SENIORS NETE N HUND iq i ii, "F 3, 4 ,.. , 1. .R . 'Eli ' uwng I Hill? I N I E R E D billwf-' e if F I F T Y ',l m li 1 REUBEN D. COLE Lebanon Maior: Business Adminisiraiiong WAT: Rifle Team I: Dean's Lisl' 3: Lens 8: Shuiler 3. RICHARD E. COLE Porlsmoulh Maior: Foreslry: Foreslry Club l, 2, Vice-Pres, 3, -4. ERIC C. COLEN Rye Maior: Mechanical Engineering: ASME 3, 4. BARBARA JOAN COLLINS Nashua Maier: Home Economics Exlension ROBERT E. COLLINS Durham Maier: Hislory and Lilerafure- IIINIA NH , . 7 OC 3, 41 Tl-IE GRANITE Bus. Mgr. 3, 4-. SYLVIA A. COLLINS Roclwesler Maier: Educaiion' L'-TA Nl-IO ,.',.: C I, 2, 3: SCM l:THE GRANITE 3, Org. Ed. 4: French Club 2: Press Club 2: House Counsellor 2: Big Sisler 2, 3, 4: Inlerhouse Sporls 2, 3, 4: AWDS I. Cole, R. E. Cole, R. Colen Collins, B.J. , Collins, R. Collins, S. L 47 E, , 'if -.yi 'hr X Q 'Sf '1 L xx.- l sslr A .Q .Q fig Collishaw Cololcalhis Connors Conrad EDWIN L. COLLISHAW. JR. Exeler Major: Business Aclminisjrralion. BERNARD COLOKATHIS Dover Maior: Pre-Medical. FRED H. COMINGS Foxboro, Massachuselfs Maier: Physical Educafion Training Preparalion: KE: Foofball 2, 3, 4: Hockey 2, 3, 4: Dean's Lisf 2, 3: NH Varsiiy Club 2, 3, 4: Freshman Foofball Coach 4. ROBERT E. CON NER Lebanon Maior: Civil Engineering: Adv. Army ROTC 3, 4: ASCE 3, 4, Vice-Pres.: Dean's Lisl' 3. . , 4 I .1 '43, , 1- f -- l,..xr,. .kg-A - ' .. 1 ' A ' ' ' :,' ' r 'I 9 J ' Z R Comings Conner Converse Conway RALPH P. CONNORS Por+smou+h Maior: Eclucaiion: KAII: llfliflf: Dorm. Pres. 2, Vice-Pres. I Newman Club I, 2: Play 2: IRC 2, 3: French Club 2 College Chesl Funcl Treas. 2: Dean's Lisl I, 2, 3, 4: IDC 2 Nl-IOC I. CARL C. CONRAD Nashua Maior: Pre-Medical: AEA 2, 3, 4: Fencing Club I: Sym phony Orch. 3, 4: Dean's Lisr I, 3: NI-IOC I, 2, 3: IDC 2 RAYMOND E. CONVERSE Rochesfer Maior: Physics: Lens 8: Shuiier I, 2: Newman Club 3, 4 Adv. Army ROTC 3, 4. EDWARD R. CONWAY Concord Major: Business Aclrninisiraiionz IKE: Newman Club I, 2 , , , ii ' 1 . : . l ll . l m I EFX vife ,l l li NINETEEN HUNDRED FIFTY LEON E. COOK Kiiiery, Maine Maior: Hisiory: IIVMQ Dean's Lisi I, 2, 3, 4. NICHOLAS G. COPADIS Manclwesier Maier: Government IIFRI 41 Scabbard 3: Blade 4: IRC 3, 45 Dean's Lisl' I. 2, 3. 4. HOWARD W. COPE Porismcuilw Maior: Mechanical Engineering: fI1Aflf 2, 3, Sec. 4: Dean's Lisl I, 2, 35 ASME 3. 4-. RICHARD H. CORRETTE Keene Maior: Mechanical Engineerinqg THIS Sec. 3, Vice-Pres. -1: TIME 3, 41fl'A,'I'3,41ASiViE 3, 4: Dean's Lisl 1.2. GERALD J. CORSON Roclwesler P Moior: Mechanical Engineering: ASME 3, 4. CLAYTON M. COX Laconia Maior: Business Aclminis1'ra'l'ion: SAE. Cool: Copaclis Cope Correlle Corson Cox fi 4, ,I . . . Q , I K I , El I I I , I I . l I I W4 K Cox Crane Cressy Croleau Cullen Cunningham Currier, C. Currier, E. ROBERTO G. COX JOSEPH H. CULLEN, JR. Easi' Haverhill pO,.,SmO,,H,, Maior: Foreslryg fI1Eg Foreslry Club I, 2, 3, 43 NHOC I7 M . , A ,. Lens 8: SI'1uHer 27 Dean's Lis? I, 2, 3, 4. elm' Ccoun mg' New London Henniker Maior: I-Iofel Adminisfraiiong Jr. Gree+ers of America Maia,-5 Agrigulfural Engineering, 9X1 AZ 2, 3, 47 ASAE 3. 42 IUIFGWUVGI SPOFIS l..2, 3. 43 DOFVTW- Treas- 3? DSGUIS I, 2, Sec. 3, Pres. 4: Dean's Lis? I, 3: Track 2, 31 Canier- I-lS'f 3, 4. bury Club I. KENNETH D. CRESSY CLAIRE CURRIER Bradford Concord Mayor: Dairy Husbandry: 15132127 NHOC I, 2, 3, 4: SCM Maiorz Languages: AWS 2. HOWARD E. CROTEAU ELINOR CURRIER Marlboro Colebrook Major: Governmenl: Newman Club I, 2, 3: NI-IOC I, 2, Maior: Sociology: IRC 45 NI-IOC I, 3, 43 Glue Club I: 3, 4, IRC I, 2, 3, 4, Pre-Law I, 2, 3, 4, Dean's Lisi 3, 4: lnlerlwouse Sporis I, 2, 3, 4: Big Sxsier 4. SENIORS .-ici , , -x." - - v we 1' ' - , T,-ff. lil 'T llll N I N E T E E N H u N D R E n ,fl lllll m , F I F T Y Mi i Xl'-W g JACQUELINE CURRIER Laconia Maior: Home Economics Teacher Preparalion: 'IPTG 3, Sec. 4: SCM I: Dean's Lisl' 1: Home Ec. Club 3, 4: Women's Glee Club I, Z, 3. SHIRLEY CURRIER Belmoni' Maier: Dielelics: AEA Rec. Sec. 4: Nl-IOC I, 2: Blue Circle Sec. 3, 4: Home EC, Club 2, 3: Big Sisier 2, 3, 4: SCM 2. THOMAS O. CURRIER Madison Meier: Civil Engineering: ASCE 3, 4: Nl-IOC I. CARL CUTLER Chelsea, Massachusells Major: G-overnmenl. HOWARD C. DALY Hudson Major: Chemislry: AXE: Cross Counlry I: Dorm. Offi- cer 4: Deerfs Lisl' I, 2, 3: Freshman Camp Councilor 4: Glee Club Co-Chrnn. 3: lnlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4: Mike 8: Dial: lO0 Club: SCM Com. Chrnn. 2, Pres. 3. Vice-Pres. 4: Track. FRANCES DAME Concord Maior: Sociology: I-louse Trees. l: SCM I, 2, Cabinei 3, 4: Nl-IOC I: Slucl, Union Cull. Rec. Com. 2, 3: Glee Club 2, Sec. 3: I-louse Social Chmn. 3: Big Sisler 2, 3, 4: Doan's Lisf 3: Freshman Camp Counselor 4: AWS Vice- Pres. 4: Soph. Sphinx Chief Juslice 4: Univ. Disciplinary Com. 4: Morlar Boarcl 4. Currier,J. Currier. S. Currier, T. Culler Daly Dame iwfakriwzf,-i' mkmgxg - 'vw2l9'm J iff' I . :ji x -if 1 ' Ji - Arg ., , I Danielson Dansereau Davis, C. Davis, H. Davis, J. Davis, Richard Davis. Roberi Day RAYMOND N. DANIELSON JOHN D. DAVIS, SR. Manchesfer Durham Major: Business Adminisirafiong Newman Club 3. Major: Foreslryg Foresiry Club 4: Lens 8: Shulier 4. RICHARD F. DAVIS JOHN L. DANSEREAU V Keene Claremonl Maior: Dairy Husbandry: TKE Treas. 3. Pres. 4: AZ Maier: Chemical Engineering: Newm CARL E. DAVIS, JR. Porlsmourh Major: Hislory: Iniramural Sporl HERBERT M. DAVIS Berlin an Club I, Z. I, 2, 3, Pres. 45 Cross Country I: Senior Skulls 4: IFC 4: Dean's Lisl I. 2, 3. ROBERT S. DAVIS. JR. Durham s 2, 3, 4. Major: Elecrrical Engineering: EB: IIHAIIH 3, 43 AIEE 3, 4. JOAN E. DAY , Manchesler Maior: Pre-Medical: Chess Club I, 21 Soffball All Slar 2: Maior: Chemisrryg IDA: Dean's Lisl' 2, 3. Glee Club I, 2, 3. I SIENIORS f-:Jw ,, V Y Q li I lk, ,ill ,. uw ,5 V A, ..,.., H-H' ,:' : Zgg, ' L21 - 1, IWW V wifi! ,-',+ 1 llall I-Ll llll l N I N E T E E N H u N D R E D .ljjjlj F I F 'r Y ' ll f I -,QI:Q1:-:,,.,j4.-.-,y-.:f:''.val: . 'I '. ALAN G. DEALE Pembroke Major: English. MIRIAM DEARBORN Windham Major: Sociology: XS! Soc. Clwmn. 4: AKA 3, 4: Dean's Lisl 3: House Council 3: Mask and Dagger 3, 4: NI-I Drama Feslival: lnlerlwouse, Inferclass Hockey 3, 4: Bas- kelball 3, 4. MAURICE E. DEMERS Pelham Major: Elecirical Engineering: Newman Club I, 4: AIEE 3, 4: Inler Dorm. Sporls 2, 3, 4. JOHN DE PALMA Lebanon ' Major: Zoology: KPAT. JEANNETTE F. DE ROME Manchesrer Major: Economics: AII 4: Dorm. Vice-Pres. 1: Dean's Lisl 3: Cercle Francais 4: IRC 4: Nl-IOC 3: Inlerhouse Sporls I, 2, 3, 4, WILLIAM F. DEVINE Manchesler Major: G-overnmenl: Newman Club 2, 3, 4: IRC 3, 4. Deale Dearborn Demers DePalma De Rome Devine 65? I I 'i , - Dick Dickey Dodge Doesclier JOAN DICK Topslield, Massachusells Major: Economics: QT Ed. 43 Mask 8: Dagger 3, 4: Slud. Union Soc. Rec. Com. 31 lnferclass Hockey 3, 43 All Siar Hockey 3, 4: THE GRANITE 3. DAVID V. DICKEY Dover Maior: Eleclrical Engineering, AIEE. CARYL A. DINEEN Raymond Maier: English: AEA: Dean's Lisl I, 4: NHOC 2, 3, 4, Siud. Union Rec. Com. Sec. 2: SCM 2, 3, 4: Folio Club 3, Sec. Siud. Union Bd. 3: THE GRANITE 4. NANCY DINSMORE Jackson Maior: Bacieriologyq IPM Sec. 3, Pres. 41 XM 3, 43 Can- 'ierbury Club 2, Soc. Chmn. 3, Sec. 4: Big Sisier 2, 3, 4: Dorm. Vice-Pres. I1 Dean's Lisl 2, 31 Morlar Board 4: SCM I, 2, 3, 43 NHOC I, 2, 3: Inierclass Hockey I. .LA 'V I I I ' I, -. I' x '-.X -U . , I 'IIII ff' I I I QUQ, I 1 i"! Dineen Dinsmore Dole Domoracki ARTHUR R. DODGE Lililelon Maior: Mechanical Engineering: ASME 3, 4. MARIETTA DOESCHER Houlion, Maine Major: Occupalional Therapy: Univ. Symphonic Band I, 2, 37 CT Club 2, 3, 47 Lens Xi SI'luI"ler Club 2, 3, 41 Mask Sc Dagger 3. 4: NHOC I, 3, 45 SCM I, 2, 3, 4: NH Drama Feslival 41 Opus 45 4. WINSTON R. DOLE Groveland, Massaclwusells Major: Physics, TMA: Dean's Lisl I. ALFRED DOMORACKI Lowell, Massaclwusells Maior: Hisloryg KE. , , .- -. .- ,,.. - , .V -s 1 ,uY.... 'A -L!-v. ,... -, 4 Cir, .f f. f. .ff if. V-4-+1 f -Q -. -r X I I . If I V' 1 ' - -.Lg I, ..-ga in ,ylriri V- -- '. ,, .' iw W , . . -I , -I N ' L-.-J 'T ,I , : Ji ' I I M- I. ""f Major Major: Major Maier Maier: Economics: KDMA: THE NEW HAMPSHIRE 2. Bus. Mgr. 3: Newman Club I. 2, 3, 4: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4, 59-1 '2 'i ,.. ., H. J. U1 - ll!! Illllllll ll llzl E T E E N H u N D R E D Q' , F N ,Q l g ! 2 Imnnl ll JOSEPH P. DONNELLY Dover ' Business Adminislralion: X1'E 4: Newman Club 3, 4. SYLVIA DOUCETTE Haverhill. Massaclmusells ,L, mmf'- IFTY Home Economics: AXQ: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: NEWVOX Slcrff 3: Home EC. Club 2, 3, 4. 5' ROBERT J. DOW Porfsmoullw Mechanical Engineering: ROTC 3, 4: Veclor So- ciely 4: ASME 3, 4: Bridge Club 4. JOHN J. DOWNES Manchesfer Governmenl: IDC 3: Dorm. Vice'Pres. 2: Dorm. ' Pres. 3: Debaling Club 3, 4: Law Club 3, 4. JOHN G. DOWNS Pori'smou'rl1 ASO 3, Bd. of Dir.: Pre-Law Club 4. xp NSU.-:,!wvll I ERNEST R. DRAKE ' V l Dover ll g l- Maior: Hislory: SCM I, 2. 'QW' " ' Q Donnelly Doucelle Q 'I K Dow Downes Downs Drake 55 q T., Q f- ,. 1 1 va I 435, M I 471 '.-..J Driscoll Drolef Duffy Dufour TIMOTHY J. DRISCOLL Porlsmouill , Maior: Pre4MedicaI: AEA: German Club 2: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Winfer Track: Symphonic Band I, 2, 3, 4. BEATRICE DROLET Pilfsfield Maior: Bacferiology: Glee Club I, 2, 3, Choir 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Opus 45 3: House Council 4: Big Sisler I, 2, 3. ROBERT J. DUBOIS Manclaesler Major: Sociology: QAT: NI-IOC I, 2, 3, 4: Lens 81 Sl'1uHer I, 2, Pres. 3, 4: Dean's Lis'r 3: TI-IE GRANITE Pho+og- raplwer 3, 4. STEPHEN C. DUDLEY Porlsmoufh Maior: Ari: Sfagecraff 3: Dorm. Officer I, 2, 3: SCM 3. i. V.. yi I if--S.. ,J ' ..-- 1- "' ., y , I I Q' . I- A :gli I.. wi, K X I Dubois ' Ducllay Dunfey Dunham JOSEPH M. DUFFY Concord Maior: Governmenf: GKIII: Sludenl' Council Sec.-Treas. 2, Pres. 4: Class Vice-Pres. I, Pres. 2: Dorm. Pres. I: Infer- Dorrn. Council I: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: ASO Treas. 2: College Clwesl Fund Com. 2: NI-IOC I: Freshman Acfivi- fries Week 4: Slud. Union Planning Com, 3, 4: Convoca- Iion Clwmn. 4: DacI's Day 4: Universily Day 4: Pre-Law Club I, 2, 3, 4. PAUL A. DUFOUR Porismouilw Maior: Art WILLIAM L. DUNFEY I-Iamplon Maior: Economics. CARROLL K. DUNHAM Keene Maior: I-Iisfory: KAII 3, 4: Dean's Lis? 2, 3: SCM I. NINETEEN HUNDR CHARMIAN DUNHAM Wolfeboro Maier: Pre-Medical: 'DAKIJQ XM 3, 4: AEA 41 Pre-Med. Soc. 2, 3, 41 Dean's Lisf I, 2, 3. ROGER DUPONT Nashua Maior: Economics: UVM 3: 'PE 43 Rifle Team I: Dean's Lisl' I. 2, 3. 4: lnlramural Sporls 2, 3, 47 Pre-Law Club 1.2, 3,45 Newman Club I, 2, 3,41 IRC 4. CHARLES DUSTIN Plymoullw Maior: I'-Iisforyg TKEg HFM 33 Newman Club I, 2, 33 Doan's Lis? I. 2. WALTER J. DWYER Porlsmoufh Major: Biology. CHARLES EASTMAN Berlin Maior: Agronomy: AVP: AZ: NHOC Ig Poullry Science Club 4: Dean's Lisl l, 2, 3: Animal Incl. Club 3, 4. ROBERT L EICHEL Gorham Major: Business Aclminislralion. Dunham Duponf Duslin Dwyer Easlman Eichel E D I--fi. . , W ji, 'r7?-!'r1'LI-..'T'- j'f..g 5.15 I nf., ..,. ,- Y.. ..,..,.LM'?,. , . My III lyi 'V . II? J.: , 21,-:-1,:3'g , 1 1:5 1 nf I mlsr -V, I I F IFTY IV, s . J-ml lEl1'.il':' 1, 'll' .- is . .iffiflar I f 4 I ,i'q..'IH+-':r2'l--- xg Li. 57 3 GUI Km T 1 if i 4, l lf I ., I l, l . , l , lf 5 Elias Ellingwoocl Elliof. B. Elliol, H Ellis, H. Ellis. J. Elulo Emons LEO J. ELIAS Manchesler Maier: Hisrory: IRC 2. DAVID G. ELLINWOOD Grovelon Major: Geology: BAE, BARBARA S. ELLIOTT Durham Maior: Psychology: Bridge Club 3: Dean's Lis'l 3. HERBERT M. ELLIOTT New York, New York Maior: Eleclrical Engineering: IIME 3, Pres. 4: CI-'Adv 3, 4: HARRY B. ELLIS, JR. Conloocoolc Maior: I-lolel Aclminislralion: Dean's Lisl' I, 2, 3, 4: Jr. Greelers of America 2, 3, Pres. 4: NH Holel Men's Scholarship 3. JAMES ELLIS Laconia Maior: Business Adminislralion. Maior: Business HERMAN B. ELUTO Manclwesler Aclminislralion: :PE 2: Ge Hillel I, 2, 3, 4: IZFA 4. NATHANIEL C. EMENS New Hampion rman Club 2: '73 Veclor Socieiy 3, Treas. 4: Dean's Lisl 2, 3, 4: Bridge Maier: Hislory: Varsiiy Assf. Mgr. I, 2, 3: Foolball Mgr. 4: Club 3, 4: IRE 3, 4. Dorm. Soc. Chmn. 3: IRC 4. NINETEEN HUNDRED DONALD EMERY Souih Berwick, Maine Maior: Agronomy: AZ 2, 3, 4: Sears Roebuck Scholar- ship 2. LEONARD D. EMOND Greenville Maior: Pre-Medical: Men's Glee Club Ig Baseball I: Die Minnesaenger I, 2: College Chesi Fund 37 Newman Club I, 2. 3, 47 Concerr Choir 2, 3, 4: Dorm. Pres. 4: lDC 4. JOHN H. ERSKINE ll Manchesler Maior: Business Aclminisiralion. JAMES FALLON Concord Major: Mechanical Engineering: ASME 2: Dean's Lisl 3. HAROLD FELLBAU M, JR. Manchesler Maier: Sociology: ATG: Canlerbury Club I, 2: THE GRANITE 4: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4: THE NEW HAMPSHIRE: ROTC Air 3, 4: Press Club 3, 4: SCM l, 2. THOMAS FERGUSON Porismoulh Maior: Business Adminislraiion: Dean's Lisi 3, 4. Emery Emond Erskine Fallon Felbaum Ferguson ,. . . r -Y ,,,.. A . .1-is-1,3 ,Y ini? rail' ., 'fi i -:SQL rms , , ' ,F i rll 5 fn L 'ii ' 1 E555 ' iilg' wg- :Lying e fix f .352 - r. 1 ' lim' x ni 'i .1 1,1 .,. ali l in ll ,ly lull lllu lim I ,li , wg I , 1 WI Q ri: ,Q 3 1 H7 " l' WCHELI, . .L .,,.,, M-L -iii 'TE li 4. l ' ' li' A l 'r si .Ly ,' fi, 4 sf 4 '- l " W ,,. 65 , , filler X, sl. , r .K , JN 41 M rr , A n P- ann. , il 1' A ER' X ' l ,yy by 'ES nl' 3' f . fy 44 ' L Q - ' n -x. , , -,I 'Q . - . ',. i , F V . ' i?if2!'?.. L ,Il AA-Ak.-.N V 1 Ii L - .Ll1.Lg2ff.Q' 59 IFTY ' ',., S .. .,,,gn-sg A wen Q Y Ll A JN, 'I " if 3 ,. i' . . LR ' X' 2251.59 I . 195211 7 1 aw r I , . 1- - A, V 5' 1 -,Mg ,.,'5-1,1-vmm efswil I . I F I I I I I I I was Field Fifield Flanagan Flanders KENNETH A. FIELD, JR. Newion Maior: I-Iisfory. OLIVER R. FIFIELD Penacoolc Major: Agricullure: Animal lndusiry Club 3, 4. KENNETH L. FISH Concord Maior: I-lisiory: IIFM 3, 4: Men's Glee Club I, 2, Pres. 3, 4: Band I, 2, Vice-Pres. 3, 4: Orch. I: Nl-IOC 3 Liberal Club I, 2: SCM 2, 3, 4: Channing Club 2, 3 ,4 IRC 3. 4. GEORGE F. FISHER I-Iollislon, Massachuseils Maiorz Elecirical Engineering: ATG: KIYAKIP 3, 4: AIEE 3, 4 Dean's Lisl 3, 4: Freshman Track I. Fish Fisher Fleil' Fooie ANNE MARIE FLANAGAN I-Iampfon Maior: Business Adrninisiralion: OT Vice-Pres. 3: Newman Club I, Soc. Chmn. 2, Sec. 3, Vice-Pres. 4: Panhell. 3, Pres. 4: Slud. Union Fin. Com. 2: Opus 45 3: Big Sisrer 2, 3, 4: THE GRANITE 3, Frai. and Sor. Ed. 4: Glee Club I: College Fund 3: NHOC I, 2, 3. LOUIS FLANDERS Souih Berwick, Maine Maior: Biology: KA: AWDS I: Co-op I: SCM 4. GERALD FLEIT Claramonl Major: Economics: Foolball I: Baskelball I, 2. RAYMOND E. FOOTE Porlsmouih Major: Mechanical Engineering: ASME 3.4. IORS .-ffl - 4 -..FE-LQ f rraa SVS -' lll ii N I N E T E E N H U N D R E D me F I F 'r Y iailw A4 FRANK FORBES Newrnarkei Maior: Building Civil Engineering: EB Vice-Pres. 31 New- man Club 3. BARBARA FORD Danbury Maier: Music Eclucaliong HAH 3, 4, Dean's Lisl' 3: Glee Club 3: Concarl' Choir 4: Opus 45: SCM 3: Organ Club 3. JANET E. FORSLUND Wesr Franklin Maior: French: AH 3, 4: Cercle Francaise 45 Univ. Sym- phony Orch. 3. 4: Dean's Lisl 3, 4. "'-'u' .'4--.- --" .,, .. 1' +3 gf? if lr' ROBERT Foss n"n ff Aquirre, Puerlo Rico I H I Major: Agriculiural Engineering: GX: ASAE I, 2. 3. 4: ,., -P'-'V ' Q V., Spanish Club 3, 4. " 'Q' is. qi' X 3 .L is WILLIAM L. FOSTER Salem Depol . ,gk ,Q Maier: Economics: AXA: Baseball 2. 4: JV Baskelball I. s7'a!w'?Zi? '." ROBERT M. FOULKROD Durham Maior: Mechanical Engineering, 'DNP 3, 4: ASME 3, 4: Blue Circle 3, 4: Univ. Sailing Assoc. I, Commodore 3, 4: Nl-lOC I: ROTC Adv. Air 3, 4: Dean's Lisi' l, 2, 3, 4. Forbes Ford Forslund Foss Fosler Foullrrod ., 'I I ugm., . V K' Fowler, A. Fowler, D. French Friborg ARTHUR H. FOWLER York Village, Maine Major: Dairy Husbandry: Animal lncluslry Club 3, 4: Bridge Club 3. DEAN R. FOWLER Newburyporl, Massacluusefls Maior: Dairy Husbancly: EB Soc. Clwmn.: Jr, Varsily Foorball I: NHOC I, 2, 3: German Club 2: Canlerbury Club: Rifle Team 4: SCM 2: Dean's Lisr 4: Folio Club. ANTONIO R. FREDETTE Porlsmoufh Maior: Elecirical Engineering. 'ROBERT H. FREEDMAN Exeler Maior: Business Adminisirafion KIDA: Hillel 4. l yl A . X X l y Frederic Freedman Friend Furbush DERWOOD FRENCH Hennilcer Maior: General Agricullure: AZ Sec. 4. JOHN K. FRlBORG Manclwesler Major: English: ZAE Sec. 3: Foolball I: Track 2: Infra- mural Sporls I, 2, 3: Dean's Lisr 4. RICHARD L. FRIEND Wes? Nofiingham Maier: Poullry Husbendy: Dean's Lisl' l: NHOC I, 2, 3. ALLEN FURBUSH Manchesrer Maior: Zoology: Fooilaall l, 2, 3, 4, If IE: N I N E T E E N H U N D R E D , gifs F I F T Y 49,2 I' gag I I Ii... I II I n All JANETTE K. FURMAN ManchesIer Maior: Physics: AEA: KIIAKIJ 3, Trees. 4: IIME 3, Vice- Pres. 4: Dorm. Vice-Pros. I, Soc. Chmn. 2: German Club I: In+arcIass BasIceII'JaII I, 2, 3: Sofiball I, 2: Tennis Team 3: Aide MiI. Ari Ball 3: Aide Carnival Ball 3: Aide Junior Prom 3: Pep CaI's 2, 3, 4: AWS 4: Morrar Board, Treas. 4. GENEVIEVE FURMAN MancI'1esI'er Maior: Chemisiryz AEA: XM 2, Assr. Chem. 3, 4: UNH Choir 2, 3, 4: Tennis Team 3. HADLEY GADBOIS LiHIeIon Maior: Governrneni: HKA: IIFM 3, 4: Dean's Lisf I, 2, 3, 4: Pre-Law Club I, 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 4: IRC 3: ROTC Adv. Air 3, 4. JOHN C. GAGE. JR. Porfsmouih Maior: Hoiel AdminisI'raI'ion: BAE Vice-Pres. 4: Foofball I, 2, 3, Co-Capt 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Jr. Greerers of America I. 2, 3, Treas. 4: Senior Skulls 4. NORMAN R. GAGNON Nashua Maior: I-Iisfory: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4. RAYMOND C. GAGNON Manchesfer Maier: Civil Engineering: ASCE 3, 4: Air ROTC 3, 4: Newman Club I, 2. Furman, J. Furman. G. Gaclbois Gage Gagnon, N. Gagnon. R. .."'!'. 5, 1.-1 elif 47 il I 'I I ,MAL I Gallagher, J. Gallagher, R. Gardner Garland, D. Maior: Maior: I,2,3 Major: I, 2, 3 I, 2, 3 JAMES M. GALLAGHER Norlh Walpole Maior: Business Adminislrallon. J. RICHARD GALLAGHER Concord Accounling: GMA: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Advanced Army ROTC I, 2. GEORGE A. GALLANT Manclwesler Eleclrical Engineering: CDAKIY 3, 4: Newman Club , 4: Winler Track 3: Dean's Lisl I, 2, 3, 4: Nl-IOC 3: Rifle Team 3, 4. JOHN GAMBLE Porlsmoulh Agronomy: KE: Foolball 2, 3, 4: Winfer Track Capt 4: Spring Track I, 2, 3, 4: Newman Club 4: Bridge Club 3, 4: NH Varsily Club I, 2, 3, 4: Dean's Lisl' 2. IV my G-allanl Gamble Garland, E. Garland, R. GERALD c. GARDNER Suncoolc Maior: Holel Aclrnlnislrallon: Junior Greelers of America l, 2, 3, 4. DAVID S. GARLAND I-lamplon Major: Government EDMUND T, GARLAND Dover Maior: Business Aclminislralionz NI'E 3, 4: Commufers Club 3. RUTH GARLAND Henniker Maier: Social Service: Baslcelball I, 2, 3: SCM I, 2, 3: Sociology Club 2: House Council I. H NINETEEN HUNDR PAUL GEDDES Nashua Maior: Business Adminis'I'raI'ion: SCM 2, 3, 4: Nl-IOC I, 2. 3, 4: College Cliesl' Funcl 3: Proclor 3, 4. PAULA GELB Wesl' Englewood, New Jersey Maior: Educaliong KAU 3, 4: TKA 3, Sec. 4: Dance Club 2, 3, Pres. 4: NHOC 3, 4: Riding Club 3: Debaling Club 4: Dean's Lisi' 2, 3, 4. HUGHES E. GEMMIL. JR. Chicago, Illinois Maier: Civil Engineering: VeIeran's Commissary I, 2, 3, 4: ASCE 3, 4: Dean's 3. CARTER B. GIBBS Hebron Major: Foresiry: AZ: Nl-IOC 2, 3, 4: Foreslry Club 2, 3.4, Sec. 3: Nl-I Varsify Club 2, 3, 4: Cross Counlry I, 2, 3: Dean's Lisl' l, 3, 4: Adv. Air ROTC 3, 4. PAUL E. GIGUERE Manchesier Major: Zoology: Dean's Lisl' 3. GEORGE T. GILMAN Manchesler Maior: Business Aclminislralion: SX: Class Presidenl' I: Sfudenl Council 2, 3: Blue Key 4: Foolball I, 2, 3, 4: NI-I Varsily Club 3, Pres. 4 Army ROTC 3, 4: lnlramural Sporfs I, 2, 3, 4: Jr. Prom Commilfee 3. Geddes Gelb Gemmill Gibbs Giguere Gilman ,I A ,VW Wi fz, '?"?T-f J Q Q lullllll, ll? Tl E D I im,-A N I lf all sq.. FIFTY ,Foy , K- J 41 Ginn Gleason Goodwin Soon THOMAS J. GINN Dover Maior: Foresiryg Foresl' Club I, 2, 3, 4: Dean's Lisl' I, 3. CARRIE LOWD GLEASO N Conway Maier: Occupalional Therapy: O. T. Club I, 2, 3, SCM li Nl-IOC l. ROBERT GLIDDEN Rocl1es'rer Maier: Me+eoroIogy. ARTHUR R. GLINES Twin Mounlain Maier: Mechanical Engineering: TKEQ Rifle Team I, 3, 43 ASME 3, 4: Adv. Air ROTC 3, 4. Glidden Glines Gould, I. Gould. R. RUSSELL C. GOODWIN Soullw Berwick, Maine 4. Maior: Animal Husbandry: APP: Animal Indusiry Club I 4: 2. Track lg Univ. Band I. EDWARD SOON Porismouih Maior: Eleclfrical Engineering. IRVING A. GOULD Cambridge. Massachuseifs Major: Hislory: Foolball 3, 4. ROGER B. GOULD Newporl Maior: Hofel Adminisiraliong EB: Jr. Greeiers of Amer ica 3, 4. NET H DRED .21 Ma1or Chemical Engmeerlnq TAI 2 3 4 Deans Lus+ " Ii- Q wi -,wk 67 H, .I , a.,, I 'S-.4 I 55 N, 5. 'M Far ' :J Hadley Hagopian I-Iam, D. Hamillon LORNA HADLEY Concord Maier: Psychology: AXS2 Vice-Pres. 4: Blue Circle 3, 4: NHOC I, 2: Dean's Lisl 3: THE GRANITE 4: Jr. Prom Commillee 3: Jr. Prom Aide 3: House Council I. VARANT G. HAC-JOPIAN Salem Depol' Maior: Pre-Medical: AEA 2. 3, 4: IIE 4: KIPAHIP 4: NHOC I: Dorm. Officer 3, 4: Univ. Siring Orch. 4: Dean's Lisl I, 2, 3, 4. MARJORIE HALE Newmarkel' Maier: Music Eclucalion: KAH 3, Rec, I-Iisl, 4: AWDS I, 2, 3, 4: Dean's Lisl I, 2, 3, 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Univ. Symphony Orch. 4: Univ. Thealer Ensemble 4: Women's Glee Club I, 2, 3. CHARLES W. HAM Porlsmoulh Maior: Business Adminislralion. Hale Ham,C. Hankins Hanson DONALD M. HAM Rochesier Maior: Mechanical Engineering: 'PAID Vice-Pres. 3, 4: ASME 3, Vice-Pres. 4: Dean's Lisl I, 2, 3: VecIor So- Maior Maier: Maior: Spring ciely 3, Sec. 4. KENNETH E. HAMILTON Porlsmoulh Business Adminislralion: APE 3, 4: Dean's Lisl I, 3. 4. LOGAN A. HANKINS Wellinglon, Kansas Chemislryg AXE 2, Sec. 3, Pres. 4: Pep Cars 4: SCM I: Mask 84 Dagger 3.4. WILLIAM E. HANSON Hancock Holel Adminislralion: KE Trees. 3: NHOC I, 2: Track 2: Fall Track I: Lacrosse 3, 4: Jr. Greelers of America 2, 3, 4: Varsily Club 4. ,MJ Zifll , . Ii 'MWFil li I 11,1 N IN E 'r E E N H u N D R E D F I PTY MARSHALL D. HARRIS Marlboro Maier: Business Aclminislraliong GX: Baskelloall I: Base- ball 2: Inlramural Sporls 2, 3. 4. ARTHUR J. HARTNETT. JR. Manchesler Major: Business Adminislralion: IIIIIIA Vice-Pres, 2, 33 Spring Track I, 2: Winler Track 3: Co-Chmn. Junior Prom: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: NI-I Varsily Club 2, 3, 4: Infra- mural Sporls I, 2: NI-IOC I, 2. ROLAND E. HARWOOD Nashua ' Horliculfure: AFP Pres. 3: AZ Vice-Pres. 4: Mayor: . I SCM I 2 3 4' Freshman Camp Counselor Z, NI-IOC : . . . . 3, 4: I-lorficullure Club I, 2, 3, Pres. 4: IFC 3: Lacrosse 3, 4: Senior Slculls. RICHARD S. HASTY Dover bbarcl Sc Maier: English: 'QDMA Chap. 3, 4: AKDS2 3, 4: Sca Blade 3, 4: Army ROTC 3, 4: Freshman Camp. ROBERT B. HATTON Kiflery, Maine Maier: Eleclrical Engineering: AIEE 3, 4. HANS R. HAUGE Claremonf Major: Mechanical Engineering: ATU: ASME 3, 4: NI-IOC 2, 3: Air ROTC 3, 4: Track 2. Harris HarIneH Harwood Hasly Halion Hauge I , I 'N' " 'f2..,,-I,':9.i --, I if 4, mf I Legs- ,- , -- 1214 ' . 33,3131 -,,-'71, ful - A " ' I . lll J 9 Q- F. o I "1 . I " '-rag 95 : xg' ,A-aa.. la .41- ' x H, ,. ,,,, -- g.. 1 Hawes Hayford HSBFIZ. D- Heariz, J. WARREN G. HAWES Pirrsburg Maier: FOFGSIFYI AFP Vice-Pres. 3: AZ 3, 4: Foresiry Club 2, 3, 4: Band I: Dean's Lisl 3. 4. JOHN S. HAYFORD Chocorua Maior: Chemical Engineering: AXE 3, 4: q1AfI13, 4. EM ERSON HEALD Manchesler Maior: Dairy Manufacruring: ATP: Ski Team I: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4: Cross Counrryg Animal Ind. Club 3, 4: Dairy Judging Teams 4. BERNARTH HEATH Porlsmouih Maior: Business Adminisiralion: Flying Club I: NHOC 4: Vers Org. I, 2, 3, 4. ...iz Healcl Heafh I-Iendzel Hennessy DANIEL L. HEARTZ Exeler Maior: Music: Dean's Lisl' I, 2, 3: Opus 45 2, 3, 4, Trees, 3: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4. JOAN HEARTZ Concord Maior: Spanish: ATI 4: House Council I: Dean's Lisl' 3: Spanish Club I: SCM I, 3, 4: NHOC l, 3.4. EDWARD T. HENDZEL Newmarkel Maior: Mechanical Engineering: EB: NHOC 2, 3, 4: ASME 3, 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4. JAMES HENNESSEY Newpori Maier: French: AII 3, 4: Cercle Francais I, 2, 3: Dean's Lisl I, 2, 4: THE NEW HAMPSHIRE I. 2. ,,g, ,Z I rl , IIIII 'W I NINETEEN HUNDRED igI,',ilII3y9 FIFTY iai, 'Il A ml 1, IIIQ NED E. HERRIN Concord Maior: Civil Engineering: ASCE 3, 4: Dean's Lisi' I, JOSEPH O. HOBBS Norih Hampion Major: Mechanical Engineering: ASME 3, 4: Dean's I, 3. MARTHA J. KING HOBBS Woiieboro Maior: Ari: GPM: Lens Xe Shuiier 4: NHOC I, 2, Whips 3: Rifle Club 3: SCM I, 2, 3, 4: Big Sisier 2. Conceri Choir 3: Dean's Lis'I 2, 3: Glee Club 2. EARL W. HODGKINS, JR. Woodsvilie Maior: Civil Engineering: ASCE.. LINWOOD L. HODGKINS Kiiiery, Maine Maior: Accounfing: TKA 2, 3, Trees. 4: WE 3, 4: II ASO 2, 3, Sec. 4: Deen's Lisi I, 2, 3, 4. ASTUART B. HOLBROOK Concord Maior: Business Adminisirafion. Herrin Hobbs. J. Hobbs, M. Hodgkins. E. Hodgkins, L. Holbrook 2, 3. Lis? 3, 4: 3, 4: PM 4: - me - ,-.21 Q15-I ::g:'.',.: I-f'-"i: W-' ,VX if .LL L . . Holden Holder Holi, H. Holi, V. KENNETH R. HOLDEN Porismouih Major: Eniomology. EVELYN HOLDER Concord Major: English: YIDM: Mike 34 Dial Sec. 3, 4: Band 3, 4: Moriar Board Ed.: NHOC 4: Dorm. Vice-Pres. 4: Dean's Lisi 3: Lens 8: Sluulier: Big Sisier 4: Siud. Worshop. JOHN A. HOLLINGSWORTH Peabody, Massachuseiis Major: Business Adminisiraiion: K2 Pres. 4: Baslceiball I: Fooiball 4: Hockey 3, 4: Golf 3, 4: Blue Key Pres. 4: NHOC 3: IFC 4. MARJORIE E. HOLMES Wakefield, Massaclwuselis Major: Secreiarial Sludies: GT Sec, 4: Slud. Union Ser. Com. 3: House Pres. I: AWS Sec. 2: Prog. Com. 3: Winier Carnival I, 2: Glee Club Bus. Mgr. I: House Counselor 2, 3: NHOC I, 2, 3: TI-IE GRANITE 3, Senior Ed. 4: Pan Hell. 4: Big Sisler 2, 3, 4: Alumni Scholar- ship I, 3. 1 Hollingsworllw Holmes I-loll, W. Hood,J. VIRGINIA HOLT Epping Major: Maihemaiics: AEA Treas. 4: HME 3, Sec. 4: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4: Dean's Lisi I, 2, 3, 4. HUGHIN D. HOLT Raymond Major: Hislory. WILLARD G. HOLT, JR. Epping Major: Mechanical Engineering: ASME 3, 4: Dean's Lisi 2. 3. JOHN M. HOOD Dover Major: Accounling. l 5' -il .. ,. ....E lllll. IFJ, ' lllll'H1'.- NINETEEN Hunnnsn FIFTY 3 .illll 5 3 if 2: RICHARD F. HOOD Meredilh Maior: Biology: OX: Freshman Track Mgr. 2, 3: Scabbarcl 84 Blacle 3, 4: Dean's Lis? 2: NH Varsify Club 3, 4. HAROLD F. HOOGHKIRK . Wolfeboro W I Maior: Elec:-rical Engineering, iff Q is W' R or - . Q JusTlN r. HORAN ' I Concord ' V IVA H Major: Business Aclminisiralionz GKfD: :PE 4: Band I. 2: , .:.:. , , Vice-Pros. Dorm. 3:dDean's Lisl 3: IDC 3: Newman Club ' ':': huzu Y I, 2. 3, 4 ROTC A v. Army: Univ. Symphonic Band 3, 4: 1' ' mv ymp lony 1 JQi f'FL7'iQ25.,.WlB1 , , , HARVEY HOU LE Laconia Maior: Economics: 'IIE 4: IRC I: Dean's Lis? 2, 3. RAYMOND HOULE Dover Maior: Accounfinqg Newman Club I, 2. SHIRLEY HOYLE Manchesier Maior: Biology: AEA Ed. 3: Acfivilies Clwmn. 4: Dean's Lisl' I: Big Sisfer 2, 3, 4: SCM 2, 3: Folio Club 2: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4: Carnival Aide 3: Junior Prom Queen 3: Class Secrelary 2. 3, 4. Hood. R. Hooghkirk Horan Houle, H. Houle. R. Hoyle 73 M V, I, HubbarcI,J. Hubbard,O. Hursl' Ireland JOHN A. HUBBARD Walpole Major: Poulfry Husbanclry: ATP: Poullry Science Club 2, 3, 4. OLIVER W. HUBBARD Walpole Maior: Poullryq AZ Trees. 4: Baseball I: Winler Track I, 2: Men's Glee Club I: Poullry Science Club 2, 3, Sec.- Treas. 4: Fooiball I: Cross Counlry 2: Dean's Lisl 3. DANIEL J. HUGHES Dover Ma'or En Iish Scabbard 84 BIacIe3 4 Folio Club I 2 I 3 Q i I i I I 3, 4: Poe'rry Workshop 3, 4: Dean's Lisl I. 2, 3. 4: .New- man Club I. 2: lndepencleni Sludy 4: Allanlic Poelry Conlesl 3: Alfred Richards Prizes: De Rochemonl Award 3. ROLLIN P. HUGNY, JR. Washinglon Maier: Eleclrical Engineering: AIEE 3, 4: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4. 'Ee 'I I ls, 1 ' I I l , I to M I 'P X xl I , n , I r, IQEIII ' ' :g:1+:s1rL-- U W Q.-.C-:m!'... 'i -f 1 '.'.'.-.Hell Y...-A L- ' ' , -- I ' .il-ill. li ll , 'Q ff Hughes I-Iugny Jackson. G. Jackson. S. ERNEST M. HURST Greensboro, Vermonr Maier: Sociology: Opus 45 I, 2, 3, 4: Mike 8: Dial I. 2. 3, 4: Univ. Concerl Choir I. 2. 3, Vice-Pres. 4: SCM I, 2, 3. NANCY IRELAND Dover Maier: English: NHOC 3, 4. STERLING W. JACKSON Laconia Maior: Pre-Medical: Dean's Lisl 3: Track I: German Club 2: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4. GORDON E. JACKSON Ashuelol Maier: Chemical Engineering: AXE 2, 3, 4: IIME 3, 4: Dean's Lisl I, 2: German Club 2: Univ. Symphonic Bancl I, 2, 3: Univ. Symphony I, 2, 3. rr' ' ' ' Y . . ' YW' I I vi ' 1 7 I ' W Nh' .f , , , ,- :ill 'vpll-S' -' -I-iff -1 f J- l'fXr.f ' ,npr ir Y V .v.'. mil um " NINETEEN HUNDRED ig4,,1F3zlFIF ill "" - Y-I 9 . Win' 5- 'fill " L, ' , ANNA E. JANETOS l Q Dover Maier: Home Economics Teacher Training: Home Ec. Club 3, 4: Riding Club 3, 4. TY i COSTAS S. JANETOS Dover Mejor: Governmenl: Pre-Law Club 3, 4. ANNE JOHNSON ' I - Walpole V V V I Y , . Maior: Business Adminisiraiiong Big Sisler 2, 3, 4: Dorm. Officer 37 NHOC 3: Opus 45 3: SCM 3. , F ' 1 ff- Q U - DUDLEY C. JOHNSON 1 ' il " 'S Norih Slraiford gig, Y 'Z Q ,k A " Maior: Eleclrical Engineering: AFP: AIEE 3, 4: lnfra .5 mural Sporls 3. 4: NI-IOC I, 2: Univ. Band I. ,J I ' .fr Tb ,QQ , ' T' 'H Fifi 'ziiffssqihz 1' K . MYLE JOHNSON Berlin Maior: Hisloryg German Club 31 IRC 4: De-an's Lisl 2 Janeios,A. Janelos. C. Johnson, A. Johnson, D. Johnson, M. 75 I .E A' 3 I Johnsion Jones, P. Jones. R. Jones. W. Jordan, L. Jordan, T. Jordan, W. Junkins, E, DOUGLAS JOHNSTON LLOYD JORDAN Claremoni' Nashua Maior: Business Adminisfraiiong BAE: Iniramural Basker- ball and Sofiball 2, 3, 4: Inframural All-Sfar Baskeiball Team 2, 3. PERLEY JONES Wolfeboro Maier: Civil Engineeringq ASCE 3, 4: NI-IOC Ig Rifle Team 1.2, 3,4-. ROBERT L. JONES Concord Maior: English: Iniramural Fooiball, Baske+baII and Sofi- ball. WILLIAM L. C. JONES Keene Maior: Business Adminisiraliong ATQ7 NHOC I, 3, 4: Dorm. Officer Sec. I: Inframural Soffball, Golf and Bas- I:eII:aII I, 3. Maier: Maior: I. Maior: Maior: EIec'rricaI Engineering: Band I: Orchesira I: AIEE 3, 43 Dean's Lisi I: NI-IOC 4. TRENHOLM JORDAN Durham I-Ioriicullure: I'Ior'ricuI'Iure Club 3, 43 NI-IOC 2, 41 Spring Track 23 Univ. Orch. I: SCM I. WILLIAM T. JORDAN, JR. Concord Dairy Husbandry: AFP: Animal Ind. Club 3, 4: Univ. Band I: Univ. Orch. I. ERNEST M. JUNKINS. JR. Hampion Beach Mechanical Engineering: fIPMAg HIDAIIM Vecior So- ciefyg ASME Treas. 4-x - .rl 4 . A 3 I -3 1 . I A I r ' N in .' A g- Ay. Ju - I . I'--'V ,. -.,. 1" M., . , ., ,- - Z Q -. , I if ,IF NINETEEN HUNDRED FIFTY I M ,,F, SETH M. JUNKINS Hampfon Beach Maier: Business Adminislraliong IIPMA Compi. 4: Cercle Francaise 3: THE GRANITE 3, 4. ALKIVEADIS JURIS Manchesier Maior: I-Iisloryg AXA: Foolball I. 2. GEORGE J. KACHAVOS Derry Maior: Economicsq EB Pres. 45 IFC 4: Foofbell I. 2, 3, 4: Baslcefball I, 2i Nl-I Varsily Club 2, 3, 47 Senior Skulls 43 ROTC Air Advance 3, 4: Scabbard 81 Blade 3. 4. NICHOLAS KAGELEIRY Dover Maier: Business Adminislralionq 11'E 3, 43 De-an's L OLIVER KATHAN Walpole Maior: Horficullure. CHRIS KAZANAS Keene Maier: English: OX: French Club 2. Junlcins, S. Juris Kachavcs Kageleiry Kalhan Kazanas Isl' 2 "if, 59 5' BK. v i l K v e wif .V a X , 'gi ,qaifllx sl li ' , smug. 'f i i "1 A fZ5xv.?x .514-4yq.'l?i ,L Xrzw-.c F:.:.'.i'.il "f- ' iz l g Keenan, E. Keenan, J. Kelley, D. Kelley, P. PHILIP E. KEENAN Dover Maier: Biology: Baseball 3, 4: Newman Club I, 4. JACK KELLER Decaiur, illinois Maior: Economics: KE: Dorm. Officer I, 2: Dean's Lisl 2: lnlramural Sporfs 2, 3, 4: Army ROTC 3, 4: Newman Club 3, 4. DONALD P. KELLEY Pillsiield Maior: Dairy Husbandry: APP: SCM 3, 4. PAUL A. KELLEY Ashland Maior: Business Adminisiraliong TKEg NHOC I, 2: Infra- mural Sporfs 2, 3, 4. tex' I , , 4 I i g ,,., i 3533 fl IMIIIIIW I iiiillll N I N ETEEN HUN DRE D Iiifwifll I FTY Iflli' :ix " 3 ' I I I ii :I llia WILLIS E. KELLEY iiililiwilrriw YA 1:1713 Rochesier Maier: Civil Engineering: ASCE 3, 4. ROBERT G. KENEVEL Bescawen Maier: Civil Engineering: ASCE 3.4. JOSEPH P. KENN EY Epping Maier: Governmeni: KE: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: IRC 4: Fooiball I: Track I, 2, 3, 4: Hockey I: Iniramural Sporis I, 2, 3, 4 NHOC I. MARY KENNEY Lancasier Maier: French: AIT 3, Vice-Pres. 4: KAH 3, Sec. 4: Moriar Board 4: Newman Club I, 2, Council 2, 3. 4: NI-IOC I, 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 2: French Club 3. 4: Dean's Lisi- I, 2, 3, 4: Big Sisier 2, 3. 4. ISABELLE KEROACK Gorham Maier: Geology: 'PTO 2, 3, 4: Newman Club I: Rifle Team I: AIME 3, Sec.-Trees. 4: Home Ec. Club I, 2, 3, 4: Dc-:an's Lisl I, 3. LOUIS J. KEROACK Gorham Maier: Mechanical Engineering: BX: ASME 3, 4. Kelley. W. Kenevel Kenney, J. Kenney, M. Keroack. I. Keroaclc, L. I I I IQ LI I I I I , . , I, L , 79 . LQ. Q 'i . , , I - . 4, f 1 I I ,tif .I I I I 1' - ff W 9 bla: ,, La Kershaw Kiepper King Kinslow GEORGE 6. KERSHAW Exerer Maior: Maihemaiics: EB: Dean's Lisi I, 3: NI-IOC:YacI1+ Club I, 3. ALAN F. KIEPPER Concord Maior: Governmenl: ATQ: TKA: IIFM: Senior Skulls 4: Blue Circle 3, 4: Dean's Lisi I, 2, 3, 4: Varsiry Club I, 2, 3, 4: Wellman Trophy 3: Williams Scholarship 2: Sanders Scholarship 3: Debafing 3, 4: Pre-Law Club 2, 3, 4: Var- siiy Track I. MURIEL KILEY Porismouih Maior: Educariong KAII 3, 4: Newman Club 4: Dean's Lisr I. 2, 3, 4. PHYLLIS KILLAM Laconia Major: Chemisiry: 91" Chaplain 3: Moriar Board Sec. 4: Glee Club Vice-Pres. I: Choir 2, 3: SCM I, 2, 3, 4: House Council Sec. 2: AWS 3, Prog. Com. Chmn. 3, Pres. 4: NHOC 3: Freshman Camp Counselor 4: Dean's Lisr 3: Kaiherine DeMerriI"i Memorial Prize 3. , . M- 1 AA I " '42, . 3 54.14, ' I " ' . fri - - 'I If rf I ..4, . 3 , ,,....- . x wp, 'W A f , , 5 -- . , .. - - l . . N E 'Y .. . -- -'-'r 'If . 5 I ,L r 3 X 1 x ,- 'ar ., Kiley Killam Kirlcman Kiiching MARTIN KING Concord Maior: Business Adminisiraiion: Newman Club I ' Iniramural Sporis I, 2, 3, 4: IRC 4. .2, 3. 4. HOLLIS A. KINSLOW Conway Maier: Maihemalics: IIIAT Soc. Chmn. 3: Dean's Lisi I: Inrramural Debaie 3: Folio 3, 4: Mike 81 Dial 3, 4: Mask X1 Dagger 2, 3, Treas. 4: Greek World 4: THE NEW HAMPSHIRE 4: Drama Fesiival 3, 4: Opus 45 3: Siud. Union Pub. Com. 2, 3. KARL A. KIRKMAN, JR. Laconia Maior: Social Service: AKA 3, 4: Folio I, 2, 3, 4: Dean's Lisi' 2, 3. HAROLD M. KITCHING Merediih Maior: Elecirical Engineering: IIME: 'IPAQ' 3, Pres. 4: Vecior Socieiy 4: Commuiers Club: AIEE 3, 4: Bridge Club 3, Pres. 4: Dean's Lisi I, 2, 3, 4. 4-4. Y., - 4 -- .--l4l- -J i I , ' I. . V C A I II ' .' I, ' , , I ill I . ' 1 - r g --4, ,, , ,. v".:'n' ' " ' -- 7- 7 'sf - " -- , A K..- , 4gL.L-.-A-EL., , -S .1 -.' .1, bl- ..,.!Q.iI4gi.-,-,...- .. . -, Y Y Y H ..- ' 3 , 6' f Y Y Y ii .4311 I fif. ' il NINETEEN HUNDRED ll! ,. my N II y n 'Il N .gig fi,-'Y li, i--'v :lb DWIGHT E. KNOX Cenler Ossipee Maior: Biology: SCM I, Treas. 2, Social Chmn. 3, 4: Mike 84 Dial I, 2, 3, 4-1 Aclv. Air ROTC 3, 4. HARRY B. KNOX Allenslown Maier: Dairy Husbandry: Al'Pg AZ, Animal Incl. Club Sec.-Treas. 4. SUE KOBZIK Naslwua Maier: Languages: NHOC 2. 3, 4: Newman Club 41 House Pres. 4. WILLIAM F. Koci-1, JR. , - ' Haverlwill ' ' E fir Maior: Foresfry: AFP: Foresiry Club. I A I y V ARAM KOLTOOKIAN -' Concord I . Major: Chemisiryg AXE 3, 4. ' IU i In -I, . GEORGE D. KOORKANIAN Manclwesfer Maior: Business Adminislraliong IRC 4: NHOC 2, 3: Bas- lcelball Mgr. 4: House Officer 3: IDC 3. Knox, D. Knox, H. Kolazilc Koch Kolloolcian Koorkanian 8 I FIFTY is f .wg I , I I f , , ' KouIreIakos Krusiewski Koski Kriiikos W. ALBERT KOSKI Uniiy, Maine Major: Mechanical Engineering: ASME 3, 4: SCM 3, 4 NHOC 3, 4. GREGORY KOUTRELAKOS Dover Major: Elecrrical Engineering: AIEE 3, 4. PHYLLIS KOVNER Brockfon, Massachusefis Major: Spanish: AII 3, Treas. 4: Dean's Lisf I, 3: IRC 4: In'IerI'1ouse Sporfs 2, 3, 4: NI-IOC 2, 3, 4. RICHARD B. KREPPS Keene Major: EIecI'ricaI Engineering: Dean's LisI I: AIEE 2, 3, 4. I3 of-' 5' Kovner Krepps Kuchar: Kusira STEPHEN J. KRITIKOS Dover Major: Psychology: 1I'X: German CIub. S. VICTORIA KRUSIEWSKI Winchesier Major: GeoIogy: AIME 3, 4: NHOC 3: German Club 2. 3: THE GRANITE 4: IRC 2: Inier Dorm. Sporis I, 2, 3, 4: CharIes. Wiggin Scholarship 3, 4: French CIub 2: One-ACI' Plays 2: Big Sisier 3, 4: Mike 8: DiaI 4: Sfud. Union Soc. Rec. Com. 4: Newman Club 2, 3: NEWVOX 4: Dean's Lisi 2: Opus 45 4. WALTER F. KUCHARSKI Newporr Major: Business Adrninisfraiion: TKA 2, 3, Pres. 4: :PE 3.4: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4. JOSEPHINE H. KUSTRA Manclweslrer Major: Business Adminisfrafion: Assoc. Women Veis 2, 3: German Club 2: AII-Shar Soffbail Team 3. SENIORS NINETEEN HUND ERNEST C. LADD Morodilh Maior: Biology: Dean's LIsI' 2, 3: Inlramural Sporls 3: Vels Org. 4. LEVI K. LADD, JR. Loudon Maior: Civil Engineering: ASCE 3, 4: Dean's Lisi' 3. RICHARD J. LADD Epping Maior: Biology: HKA: Cross Couniry 3: Men's Glee Club I, 2: IRC 3, 4: SCM 3, 4: Inframural Sporls 2, 3. 4. JOHN LAFAYETTE Berlin Major: Business Adminislralion 9KfI': Scabbard Xe Blade 3, 4: Track I, 2: SI'ud. Union Com. 3, 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4. BETTY LAMBERT ExeIer Maier: Horliculfure: Horliculiural Club: Women's Glee Club 3, 4. ELIZABETH L. LAMBERTSON New Durham Maior: Chemisiryz XM 2, Sec.-Treas. 3, Pres, 4: Dean's Lisl I, 2, 3: SCM I, 2. Ladd, E. Ladd. L. Ladd, R. Lafayeife Lamberf Lamberfson r r .VI .I . .LQ -MEI ,V 1. ff.: 1.4.-:eJ1 . wif.. 'LL,'i,.. fgi .-fif- ' Wir "' ' few.: Q 71-ll liflii "- Illia: Inn, I 111: Efll :, I llll' D ml: , ' l iiillll III " , - QIIIIZ Il-ff? -P 2221. llli' " Ill l will IIH5 MQ, ill ' or - Y- -Q . fgiffii-12 J 5513 I ii Iii: ii Eff' If ,.-lg., 3 IFTY ,gr- 13, , Landau Lane, B. F. Lang Langelier VIVIAN LANDAU Newporl' Major: I-Iislory: Hillel I, 2. 3, 4, Sec. 3: Inler-Rel. Coun- cil 2: Nl-IOC I: Dean's Lisl 3. BARBARA FRENCH LANE Wesl' Cheslerlield Maior: Physical Educalion: X9 Sec. 2, Pres. 3, 4: All-Slar Sporrs 3: Inlerclass Sporfs I, 2, 3, 4: Mask 8: Dagger 3, 4: Big Sisler 2, 3. BARBARA M. LANE Alion Maier: French: Cercle Francais 2, 3, 4: House Council 4: Spanish Club 2: Canrerbury Club I, 2, 4: SCM 2, 3, 4: Freshman Camp Counselor 4: NHOC 2, 3. NORRIS J. LANE Wesl' Cheslerfield Maior: Business Adminisrralion: AXA Sec. 3, 4: Dean's Lis? 2: Pre-Law Club 3, 4: NI-IOC 3, 4: Inlramural Sporls 3, 4: SCM 4. SENIORS QM 'F' Q.. 1 Lane, B. M. Lane, N. Langevin Lapierre GILMAN A. LANG Filchburg, Massachuseils Maior: Chemislry: AXE 2, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4: Newman Club 2, 3, Council 4. ROBERT A. LANGELIER Manchesler Maier: Business Adminisrralion: TMA: College Chesr Fund 3: Cercle Francais 3: Dean's Lisr 2: French Club 2: Men's Glee Club 2: Tl-IE GRANITE 3: Mike 81 Dial 2, 3, 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Universiry Bancl I. VALMORE T. LANGEVIN Bellmore, New York Maior: Business Adminislrafion: :PE 3, 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: NHOC 3: IRC 4: Die Minnesaenger I. RAYMOND J. LA PIERRE Franklin Maior: Chemislry: German Club I: Newman Club I: Dean's Lis? I, 2, 3. W.- ....: WI pl I llIlIIlIllW llrl NINETEEN HUNDRED -I, -, FI I I ,fy ?",, I" vi 2 Ir yy -:La - HI I. CLAIRE LAPORTE Claremonl' Major: Ari: 91" I, 2, 3, 4: Home Ec. Club I, Sec. 2: Newman Club 2, 3, 4: Mil. Ari' Queen 2: Dean's Lisi 4: Big Sisler 2, 3: Kampus Killen 3. HENRY A. LARAMIE Enfield Major: Foreslryg AFP: AZ 3, 4: Dean's Lisl 3: Foreslry Club I, 2, 3, 4. DOROTHY LAROCQUE Berlin Major: Business Aclminislraiion: WRA lnlerclass 4: Infer- house Board I: Big Sisier 2, 3, 4: Dorm. Sec. 3: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: NI-IOC I, 4: Slucl. Union Fin. Com. Sec. 2: lnierhouse Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. HAROLD F. LARRAB EE Manclwesler Maier: Business Aclminisfraiion: Varsily Baseball 2, 3: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: lnlramural Baslceiball I, 2, 3, 4. BETTY LARSEN Ormond Beach, Florida Maior: Occupalional Therapy: O. T. Club I, 2, 3, 4: Inlerclass Hockey Capl. I, 2, 3, 4: NHOC I, 2: Siud. Union 2, 3: Dance Com. I, 2: Junior Prom Dance Com. 3. BETTY A. LAVERY Manclwesler' Maier: Ari Educaiion: AXS2: Nl-IOC 2, 3, 4: Mask 81 Dagger 2, 4, Sec. 3: Newman Club 2, 3, 4: Pres. Com. 3: New Hampshire Drama Fest Siudenl Chmn. 3, 4: Dean's Lisf 3: Big Sisier 3, 4: lnlerclass Sporis 3. La Porfe Laramie Larocque Larrabee Larsen Lavery . "un, . ., , 1:1 ,-1' if filo: '-'J-,I ie... ,.,. , V: .,- -W. . 1. . DU' 'G' FTY .Q it .... in 'ka y I ' ' ,. z.. r .fi I Y it ji . J I' , , LI ,1- .. I.. ': vf Q I gi, gf- , ' i -- ' , I -iii -:f1g,'i1': firm Lis.-i5Q'::,f4 I f? a asf' -.i ref Lavoie Law Le Baron Le Boufhillier f OSCAR L. LAVOIE Kiilery, Maine I Major: Agronomy: Varsily Baseball 2, 3. ROBERT LAW Manclwesier Major: Eleclrical Engineering: AIEE. LORA J. LAWRENCE Lisbon Falls, Maine Major: Sociology: House Council 3. Pres. 4: AWS 4: Major: SCM 3, 4: Orch. I, 2: Glee Club I, 2. WILLIAM M. LAWRENCE Tilion Major: Business Adminisirafion: ATS! Sec. 3: NHOC Major: 2, 3, 4: Inframural Golf 3, 4. Major: Major: Lawrence, L. , Le Clair JOHN E. LE BARON New London I-Io'I'eI Adminislrafion: Jr. Greefers of America 3, 4. RAYMOND LE BOUTHILLIER Rochesier CI1ernisIry:KAII 3, 4: IIME 3, 4: Newman Club I: NI-IOC I: Dean's Lisl I. 2, 3, 4. ' PAUL E. LE CLAIR Durham Agricullure Teacher Preparariong AZ: Dean's Lisf I, 2, 3, 4: Inlramural Soflball 2, 3. ERIC C. LEE New York, New York Governmenf: ,NI-IOC 2. 3, 45 D German Club 3: IRC 2, 3 Lawrence, W. Lee ean's Lisi 2, 3, 4: . 4. NINETEEN HUND I BLAI NE A. LEIGHTON Belmonl' Maier: I-Iisloryg EB Pres. 3: IFC 3: Senior Skulls 4: ROTC Adv. Air: SCM I, 2, 3: NI-IOC I, 2, 3: Dean's Lisl 3: Inlramural Sporfs I, 2, 3. CARL A. LEIN Manchesler Maior: Geology Dean's Lis? I, 2, 3, 4: NI-IOC I: AIME 2, Vice-Pres. 3, 4. PHOCION LELLOS Nashua Maior: Mechanical Engineering: ASME 2, 3, 4. GERALD J. LEMIRE Franklin Maier: Civil Engineering: BKKII: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: ASCE 3, 4. GEORGE N. LEOUTSAKOS Manchesier Maior: Elecirical Engineering: AIRE 3, 4: Dean's LisI' 4. LEO R. LESIEUR Nashua Maier: Pre-Law, Governmenf: KE: Pre-Law Club 2, 3, 4: Tennis Team 3, 4: Inframural Sporis I, 2, 3, 4: Newman Club I, 2. 3, Council 4: Dean's Lis? 2: IRC 3, 4. Leighion Lein Lellos Lemire Leouisalcos Lesieur, L. RED .gy I-'II' II'II I-'I :A :r I II '. .I . II I gz. L ,L 1 ,212 elif fgffg. I , Q I Ill ' N F I F 1' Y 2, IIIII I ,UIQ I II! Il II, f .I - . .I III I I III 'I If QI zggg-21,521-, ,I.I,,, Y., ,I- ,,,I l,. - ...II .VV-TEFL. re cfizlffe 2 I JF 'L 4, - ' ,..-4.4.5 ,5 , ,-.w - ' 4' -' I I' I 'T IIIIIW -iff:-v'J' Har GSI I ann 'SKA I I -42-if -: 2 1,55 'e ,QQ 3 I jfs A l ,fam mm..- sages :Eve if Lesieur, R. Levandowski Libby Liden ROLAND M. LESIEUR Nashua Major: Business Adminislrafion: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: ROTC Adv. Army 3, 4. WILLIAM J. LEVANDOWSKI Manchesler , Major: Physical Educalion Teachers Preparalion: EB Football 2, 3, 4: Baslcelball I, 2, 3, 4: Soffball I, 2, 3, 4 NH Varsily Club I, 2, '3, 4: Dean's Lis+ 3, 4, ROBERT LEVESQUE Manchesler Major: Elecirical Engineering: Dean's Lisf I, 2, 3, 4 Dorrn. Sec. 2, Pres. 3: IDC Pres. 3: Sfudenl' Council 3 AIEE. GEORGE LIAMOS Nashua Major: Hisfory: KE. 1. :. 1. --.. .11 e L. I n li l ,l , ' j l Levesque Liamos Lindh Lipman PATRICIA LIBBY Newpori' Major: French: 'IDM Treas. 3: KAII 3, 4: AIT 3, 4: Pan Hell 3, 4: SCM 3: Yachi Club I: Gercle Francaise I, 2, 3: Dean's Lisr 1.2, 3. SALLY LIDEN New Hill Village Major: Psychology: :PX 3, Sec. 4: Dorm. Pres. I: House Council 3. Vice-Pres. 4: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4: Dean's Lisl 2, 3, 4. FRANK B. LINDH Manchesfer Major: Civil Engineering: ASCE 3, 4: Rifle Team 3, 4: NHOC 3: ROTC 3, 4. MAURICE S. LIPMAN Revere, Massachusefls Major: Business Aclminisfralion: IIFM 4: :PE 3, 4: Dean's Lis? 2, 3, 4: AVC 2. I - -- l-in ' i V ' i. , N ' ' 7:1 . . 1 I I' A -I T43 . I "1 ir' lll in H ,,,i. I j. ,W ili- ' V 2 .,,-,V j,--.-. ----Y- , V. TM V - . , 3 jjj .. Wd NINETEEN HUND H ERBERT R. LIPPOLD Mellmuen. Massachusells Major: Civil Engineering: NI-IOC I, 2, 3, 41 ASCE 4. HERBERT l. LIS Keene Maier: Business Adminislraliong fI'Ag SPE ' ' Treas. 4: IZFA 4: Lens 81 Sluuller I, 25 3, 41 Class Ring Com. 4. HERBERT LITTLE Concord Maior: Business Adminislrafiong WE 3, 4: Dorm. Sec. 4. I I CHARLES LONG Manchesfer Maier: Accounling: GKKII Trees. 47 Class Presidenf 3, 4: JV Baskofball I7 Varsily Baslcelball 2, 3, 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3. 4: Nl-I Club 4: ROTC Adv, Air: Scabbard 81 Blade 45 Sludenr Council 3. 4: Senior Skulls 4. WILLIAM H. LONGMAID Norfh Hampfon Maior: English. LEON E. LOOS Keene Maior: Mechanical Engineering: HKA: ASME 3, 4. Lippold Lis Lilrle Long Longmaid Loos 3, 4, Hillel l, 2,3 ROTC Adv. Army , v. L" ,.,,. . .- ll 1. ,. , Y , - V: .J-.,.f,. Wx, . .Lg ...-,-,Y ,if ,I UQ, HW ' . 'lf 13.21, :gf-,E 5, , ri., ,, vllllrl ' , l l F l lll Y get IFTY 'Ss N542 Y ., ,. ., W, N, , ,,.Y, WTF.- E I I ,- -. ' 4:5 . '. I Ii II li 5 T V ' -, I T. ' ' . ' , ' " Ii ' - e . ' , .. A ' I "I , ., , if -1'.5CL'LIl' ' - 1. .i' if f?"f"gi.f' - fl - '77 37' 53 -, QIL'r.I-fl. as-3 .f . 4 , 1-535 f f ig . in -I' li Fl x .'Ti,,,?5.I , ',ll':lj:iE,' " 5' .ef ,.i.'i::f' 'L-F " 'il H Lorenz Lougee Luneau Lynch, E. PHILIP LORENZ Porlsmoulh Maior: Eleclrical Engineering. GLEN A. LOUGEE Laconia Maior: Biology: ATO NHOC I, 2, 3: Sailing Assoc. I, 2, 3. ROBERT B. LOVEJOY Sanford, Maine Maiorz' Boiany: AT-Q: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4: Ski Team Dean's Lisi' I, 3. CH ESTER B. LUCY Norfh Conway Maier: Business Adminisfralion: AXA: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4 Loveioy Lucy LyncI1,I-I. Machell, D. BRUCE R. LUNEAU Laconia Maier: Business Adminislralion: KDMA: Nl-IOC 2, 3, 4: Newman Club 2. 3, 4: ROTC Adv. 3, 4: Band 2, 3: Opus 45 2: Rifle Team 4. EDWIN A. LYNCH Thomasion, Maine Maior: Economics: ZAE 3, 4: 1I'E: Track 3, 4: NI-IOC 3, 4: Blue Circle 3, 4: lnllramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. HENRY E. LYNCH Andover Major: Mechanical Engineering: Lens 81 SI1uI"Ier 2: ASME 3, 4: Dean's Lisi 2, 3, 4. DAVID MACHELL Lililelon Maior: English: Yachl Club I: Folio Club 3: THE NEW HAMPSHIRE I. NIORS K' NINETEEN HUNDRE MARJORIE MACHELL Tuclcahoe. New York Maior: Psychology. KEITH MacPHERSON Norlhwood Maier: Civil Engineering: ASCE 3, 4. ALFRED N. MAJOR Somersworlh Maior: Chemical Engineeringq AXE 3, Vice-Pres, 4: lI'Afb 3. 41 HME 3, 4: Veclor Sociely 4: Rifle Team I: Deans Lisl I 2 JOHN R. MALONE Porlsmoufh Maior: Business Adminisiraliong EB: WE 3, Sec. 4: Sfud. Union Ser. Com. 3: lnlramural Sporls 2. 3, 4g Golf 3. 4. CHRISTOS E. MANDRAVELIS Durham Maier: Physics: KIIAKID 3. 4. LAWRENCE F. MARCOUS Porismoulh Maior: Mechanical Engineering: ASME 3, 4: Dean's Lisl 2. 3: Ve+s Org. I, 2. Machell. M. MacPherson Meior Malone Mandravelis Marcous HT! 1:l,',,... V , ,Chl-i 1 A-. , ...- ,. .. 1 24 if .Mr ,X .- H i lllll I 1 IIII ii . . omg: K 1- ii-:TM W1 Eel.. l , -c v We yi 'Z' lang: FTY i i f' yli I WS I il B. nj! 4 . Q I lil 2 4 , I ixil-IINXX. gi C' -'x :If I. I .f,Ilx.3,Q,:a:n:a.. . J ga' ::'H:':-A . Mariel Marslon Marshall. F. Marshall, J. Marshall, L.J. Marshall, R. Marsh Males CARLTONV. MARTEL L. JOYCE MARSHALL Gorham Dover Maior: Governrnenl: KE.: Fra-Law Club 2, 3, 4: IRC 3, 4: Maior: I-lislory: HFM 3, 4: AWDS I, 2, Pres. 4: Dance House Treas. 3, 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Inlramural Club I, 2: German Club l: Dean's Lisl I, 2, 3: Folio Sollball 3. Club I, 2: IRC 2, 4: Mask 8: Dagger 2, 3, Sec, 4: NH Drama Feslival 3: Williams Fund 2: Big Sisler 4: AWS 4. NANCY W-RSTON RAY H. MARSHALL M s A AH 3 AIBIEEIOW is ci is H Lancasler aior: panis : , : anlar ury u 3, 4: ouse ' r . A :AJ 3 . - . F Council, 2: Morlar Board: Spanish Club 2: SCM I. 2: Malo' I:oresIgI'ub E113 4?N:L:gbSIlIJe3iIITJ1,.3' 4' oreslry NHOCl,4, "' "' PAUL G. MARSH FENTON MARSHALL, JR. Gorham Grovelan Maior: Zoology. Major: Foreslry: IIKA: Foreslry Club 2, 3, 4. JEANN E MARSHALL Laconia Maior: Biology: Choir 2, 3, 4: Glee Club I: Canlerbury Club I, 2: Dean's Lisl 2, 3: "I00" Club I: SCM I, 2, 3. WILLIAM B. MATES, JR. Porlsmoufh Maior: Biology: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: NHOC I, 2, 3: Scabbarcl 8: Blade 2, Sec. 3: Mililary Ball Com.: Junior Prom Com.: Lacrosse Mgr. 3: ROTC Adv. Army 2, 3: Varsily Club 3. 4. SENIORS y I . I . I ' -, . I., ,- 7--- . .1 . . I ',' ', 'i ,,,"',I- '- Vrrir 7 ir YYY V... ,- .ga-. ....,.,af:3, Y QL? 2' I as , NINETEEN HuNnREo FIFTY Q BRUCE D. MATHER Medford, Massachuseils Maior: Economics: AXA: Foolball I, 2, 3, 4: Track I, 2: Sludenf Council 2, 3: N. H. Varsily Club 2, Sec. 3, 4: Class Vice-Pres. 4. RICHARD MATHES Dover 4 Maior: English. WILLIAM MATHURIN Grovelon Maior: Governmenr: Newman Club: Dean's Lis? 2, 3. KENNETH R. MATTSON Norlh Providence, Rhode Island Maior: Business Adminisrralion: Univ. Choir: Ver. Com. Trees.: Inlramural Tennis. JANE L. MAYNARD Nashua Maior: English: Folio 4: Gloe Club I: Univ. Choir 2. 3: Mask 8: Dagger 2, 3, 4: Newman Club I: NH Drama Fesfival 3: Poefry Club 4. BENJAMIN MAZEIKA Nashua Mafor: Malhemalics: Dean's Lisl' 3. Malher Malhes Mafhurin Mallson Maynard Mazeilca in by .,-.j.JT'4e'f. ' sf- egg., . .75 :seq ,-2:15 'wffwa ll Pr' . ll McClellan McConnell McCulcl1eon McLoud MARION R. McCLELLAN Bradford, Vermonl' Maiorz General Home Economics, GPM: Home Ec. Club 2, 3, 4: lnlerhouse Play Conlesl 3, Cl1mn.g Mask 81 Dag- ger 4: NH Drama Feslival 4: Pan Hell. 2, 3, SCM 2: Big Slsler 2, 3, 4. JAMES F. McCONNELL Dover Major: Pre-Medical: Newman Club 3, 4, Dean's Lis? I. PAUL l.. McCORMlCK Nashua Maior: Pre-Medical: GX: Baslcelball I: Newman Club l, 2, 3, 41 NHOC l, 2, 3, 4. DAVID W. McCULLOUGH Manchesler Maier: Business Adminisfraliong EB: Varslly Baseball l, 2, 3, 4: NH Club 2, 3, 4. McCormick McCullough McManus McNally HENRY N. McCUTCHEON Nashua Major: Biology: Track I. HAROLD McLOUD Norllwwood Maior: Malhemalicsq TKEg Track 3, 4, Newman Club 3, 4. JAMES R. McMANUS Dover Malorqzl-llsloryg Poelry Workshop l, 2, 3, 47 Newman Club l, 2, 3, 4: Dean's Lisl' 3. FRANCIS J. McNALLY Dover Maior: Hislory: EB: lnlramural Sporls I, 45' NINETEEN HUNDRE BARBARA McNAMARA Claremoni Maier: Englisl1:AXQ Vice-Pres. 3, Treas. 4: Lens 3: Shuiler Sec.-Treas. 2: Mask X: Dagger 3, Rec. Sec. 4: THE GRANITE Co-Plwoio. Ed. 4: Dean's Lisl 3: NH Drama Fesiival 4. HARRY P. McNEIL Mereclillw Maior: Psychology: Acacia: Dorm. Pres. I: Proclor 2: Slud. Union Bcl. of Dir. 2. 3, 4: Siud. Union Chmn. Ser. Corn. 3: NHOC 3: SCM 3: Sociology Club 2: Pres. Sfud. Union 4. WILLIAM H. NICREEL Exeler Maier: Hislory: EB: Nl-IOC. CARLETON E. MEADER, JR. Por'lsmoul'l1 Maior: Mechanical Engineering: ASME 3, 4. DONALD E. MEADER Roclwesfer Maier: Mechanical Engineering: ASME 3. 4: SCM 3, 4. MAURICE D. MEADER Roclnesier Major: Mechanical Engineering: IUIE 4: 'PAID 3, 4: Vecfor Sociely 3, Pres. 4: Dean's Lis? 2, 3, 4: ASME 3, Sec. 4. McNamara McNeil McReeI Meader. C. Meacler, D. Meader, M. mi -..--.,-,fre 1942? ,.',.,' ij: 'Lil - ffm: I :rife Y 4. ,-: '44-2 -1--1-'L -Q--11-zz-, 35 fl i S Mellell Merrill Mikszenas Miller WILLIAM L. MELLETT Wallham, Massachusells Maior: Mechanical Engineering: Ski Team 2, 3, 4: NI-IOC I, 2, 3: ASME 3, 4: Dean's Lisf 3: Dorm. Vice-Pres. 4: IDC 4-. SYDNEY MERRITT Keene Maior: Eleclrical Engineering: Dean's Lisi I, 2: AIEE 3, 4: Blue Key Sec.-Treas. 4: Dorm. Pres. 4: Social Chmn. 2: IDC 4: Inlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. GEORGE MERRITZ Porlsmoulh Maior: Sociology: AKA 4: Bridge Club I, 2, 3, 4: Dean's Lisl 3, 4: Slud. Union 3. WILLIAM W. METCALFE Chalham, New Jersey Maior: General Agricullure: QIPMA: AZ: Scabbard 8: Blade 3, 4: Sludenl' Council 3: NHOC I, 2: Blue Circle 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 4: Senior Slculls Sec. 4: Freshman Foolball: Mililary Ball Chmn. 4: Winler Carnival Chmn. 4: ROTC Army Cadel Colonel 4: Freshman Camp Counselor. Merrilz Melcalfe Millman Molloy ROBERT C. MIKSZENAS Lynn, Massa chusells Maier: Pre-Denial, Zoology: OX: Varsily Foolball 2, 3, 4 NI-I Varslly Club 2, 3 4' Newman Club I 2 3 4' Saab bard 8: Blade 3, 4: lhdxlanced ROTC 3, li: 'Blue 'Key 4- Pan Hell Page 3: Inlrarnural Baslcelball: Track 2, 3. LEO G. MILLER, JR. Penacoolc Maior: Governmenlg Pre-Law Club 2. JULIUS MILLMAN Manchesler Maior: Accounling: IPA: BasIceIball I, 2, 3, Co-Capl. 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4: Blue Key: Varsily Club I. 2, 3, Treas. 4 Scabbard 81 Blade 4. EUGENE P. MOLLOY Nashua Maior: Civil Engineering: SKKIP Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: IFC 3, 4: ASCE: Sludenl Coun- cil 3: Blue Key 4: Dean's Lisl I. , , , . V..- -.-.-,,-.- ii il IQ NINETEEN HUNDRE RICHARD A. MOODY Swampscoll, Massaclwuselfs Maior: Bacleriology: Poullry Science Club I: Dean's Lis? I. CURTIS MOONEY Brislol Maior: Civil Engineering: ASCE 3, 4. GEORGE R. MOORE Dover Maior: Agronomy: Varsify Baseball Mgr. 3, 4: Varsily Club. STEVEN MORANG Porlsrnoullw Maior: English: BAE: Dean's Lisl I: Foolball I: Jr. Greolers of America: NHOC I, 2, 3: ROTC Advanced Army. ROBERT MORIN Laconia Maior: Chemislry: AXE 3, 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4. FRANK C. MORRISON Nashua Maior: Business Adminislraiion: Fooiball I. Moody Mooney Moore Morang Morin Morrison f Q ll Ill? , Te ' 1' 2 ff: - 2:-"" - 1 5 wil llllll A Q 4 5, '43 -is. II ' Ii' I 'Cyril-S T GSI' 'hr I lt' I1 , . g . :I K .f I 'I ,H ,ggi gig? ,,:4 ,In f Y nd wfw 'H5A,yjF- 11, all is Y ,.., - Q 1 Morse Moses Mousley Mulslay Murphy Murray Muzzey Myers FRANK S. MORSE ROBERT J. MURPHY Easl Hebron Porrsmouilru Maior: Foreslryg AZ: Foreslry Club 2, 3, 43 Nl-IOC 21 Major: Governmeni: Mike X1 Dial 4. Univ. Sailing Assoc. 1,21 Dean's Lisl I, 2, 3, 4. GEORGE C. MURRAY JEAN MOSES Manchesier Concord Maior: Accouniing. Maier: Zoology: Dorm. Vice-Pres. 4: NHOC lg SCM I. ELWI N E. MUZZEY H ' D GEORGE Moususv OHS 'ml Alsfead 2gXI'E 3,41 IRC 3, 4, SCM 1. Major: General Agriculiureg ATP Sec. 4. Maior: Business Aclminisiraiiong TKE Treas. 3, 4: Ni-IOC NORMAN W. MYERS WALTER MULSTAY 5a'em Wesi Peferbom Maior: Business Adminisiraiiong KIJKKIPQ IIPM3 1I'E 3, Vicef Pres, 4: Bridge Club 2. Sec. 3, 4: Chmn. Bd. Dir. Vers Maior: English. Commissary 3: lniramural Sporisg Dean's Lis? I, 2, 3, 4. NINETEEN HUNDRED JOHN L. NELSON Charleslown Maier: Economics: Foolball I: Baslcelball I: Newman Club I, 2: Foreslry Club 2. WALTER NELSON Durham Maior: Dairy Husbandry: AZ 2, 3, 4: Animal Ind. Club 3, 4. PETER NESTERVICH Claremonl' Maier: Accounling: Xlfli 2, 3, 4: Dean's Lisl I: Canlerbury Club 3, 4. HENRY E. NEVEUX, JR. Manchesfer Maior: Business Adrninislrafrion: Newman Club 3. BARBARA NEWALI. Derry Village Major: Occupalional Therapy: House Pres. I, Soc. Chmn. 3: SCM I: NHOC I: Baslcelball Mqr. I: lnframural Bas' kelball I: Canlerbury Club 3, 4: OT Club I, 2, 3, 4. CHAUNCEY J. NEWELL Nashua Maior: Eleclrical Engineering: fIfAfI1 2, 3, 4: AIEE 3, 4: De-an's Lisi' I, 2, 3, 4: Vecfor Sociely 3, 4: SCM I. Nelson, J. Nelson, W. Nesfervich Neveux Newell, B. Newell, C. sf Pfr ,,, ,. I .JP I I I 11:1 if fgllil, in ,gil Ill 'I-I-lr: ll lll E ,lla ,fl .Illia 'I ill I pill . V. I' IFTY , Lj..,:'-ff ' i 3 . .: 'AP .Q ' - I like N. I 'ifvl " in 'I I I All 'I Newell 'Nicholas Nicolosi Nielsen RUSSELL D. NEWELL, JR. Dover Maior: Dairy I-Iusbandy: Univ. Band I. 2, 3, 4: Animal Ind. Club: Dean's Lisi 3. DOUGLAS NICHOLAS Concord Maior: Civil Engineering: ASCE Sec.-Treas.: Canferbury Club I, 2, 3, 4: Dean's Lis'I 3: NH Wildcafs I, 2, 3. BURTON E. NICHOLS Weirs D Major: Governmeni: ATU: AVC 2: TI-IE NEW HAMP- SHIRE Special Fearures Ed. 2, Managing Ed. 4, Asso. Ed. 4: Press Club 2, Chmn. 3: Srudenl Council 2: SCM 2: Senior Skulls 4: Dorm. Proclor 2: World Slud. Conf. Chmn. 2. MARJORIE NICHOLS Chesier Maior: I-Iospiial Dieielics: f1JT0 2, 3, Pres. 4: Dean's Lisi' I, 3: Home Ec. Club 2, 3, 4: NI-IOC I: IO0 Club I. .n , I SENIORS I, I Nichols, B. Niclwols, M. Nilczas Nixon . SANTO S. NICOLOSI Lawrence. Massaclwusefls Maior: Civil Engineering: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Fenc- ing Club I, 2, Pres. 3, 4: ASCE: Spanish Club I, 2: Lens 8: Shuller I, 2: NHOC 3, 4. DONALD E. NIELSEN Berwick, Maine Maior: Accounling: Adv. ROTC 3, 4: Dean's Lisi 2, 3. JOHN NIKZAS Porlsmouih Maior: Business Adminisiralion: 'PE 3, 4. LEONARD R. NIXON New Brilain, Conneclicul Maior: Business Adminisfralion: Foolball I, 2, 3: Lacrosse 2, 3, Capl. 4: NH VarsiIy2C:lulli 2, 3, 4: Inlramural Sporfs .4 cc ,,:3.:'r" fi ' , . .QL .f21A.g ,V ,-,, - - - 3,331 'WTI' f ,' " i?':i' .TI "- " ' " ""3IiiI'?' ' Iilff .ff-. ,, ,. 5-I5 . " I' II 'I III NINETEEN HUNDRED ij, i- " A 'III hifi, '31-,if?"f 1 B. ELAINE NORDHOLM Tillon Major: Bacleriologyg GT Sec. 3: Dean's Lisl' I: Concerl Choir I, 2, 3: WRA Pub. Clwmn. 3, Sec. 2: Mil. Arr Aide 4: THE NEW HAMPSHIRE 2: NHOC I, 2, 3: SCM I, 2, 3: Opus 45 3: Press Club 2. V 1 :V-:G I, 5" lay 'lp 4' .ff 'I JOEL NORDHOLM ' '-I? 315' ' my - - ' I 'IK vb.: ,I-IIIOVI - - f 6. SL Major: Agronomy-Animal Husbandry: EB: Crozs Coun- h D - -- I 'I Iry I, 2, 3: NHOC I, 2, 3: Inlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. A N ' . ' I I X KENNETH NOYES A 1 Z M a n c I1 e sle r , :W I L Maier: Business Adminislralion. if EDWARD H. NUTTER Epsom Maior: Eleclrical Engineering: IRE: Dean's Lisf I. 2, 3, 4. MICHAEL L. O'CONNELL Berlin Maior: English: Newman Club I, Council 2, 3, 4: Play I, 2, 3: Dorm. Social Chmn. I: Dean's Lisf I: German I, 2: Cross Counlry I: NI-IOC I: Jr. Prom Dance Com. 3. ARTHUR A. OLDONI Revere, Massachuseffs Mafor: Business Adminislraliong KE: SPE 4: Newman Club 3, 4. Nordlwolm, E. Nordholm. J. Noyes Nufler O'ConneII Oldoni I , -ge 4.15 f-li' an If Y FIFTY R ,LS "I V ' .xq - , ' I Olson, L. Olson, R. Osgood Ouallelle LOIS M. OLSON Marlboro Maior: Pre-Medical: AEA 2, 3, 4: XM 3, 4: Nl-IOC 4: SCM I, 2, 3, 4: Grange Scholarship I: Dean's Lisl' I. RICHARD H. OLSON Swampscoll, Massachuselis Maior: Business Aclminislrralion: EAE Vice-Pres. 3: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4: lnlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. FREDERICK W. ORDWAY, JR. Porlsmoulh Maior: Accounling: 'PE 3, 4: Cross Counlry I. STANLEY J. ORZECHOWSKI Bridgeport Conneclicul Major: Accoun'ring:NI1E 3, 4: TKA 3, 4: HFM 3, 4: New- man Club 4. Orclway Orzechowski Owen Page FREEMAN H. OSGOOD Rockland, Massachusells Maior: Economics: Nl-IOC 2: SCM 2, 3: Dean's Llsl 2, 3. RAY OUELLETTE Nashua Maior: Mechanical Engineering: EB: Blue Circle 3, 4: 4 Nl-IOC l, 2: College Chesl' Fund 2, 3: ASME I, 2, 3, : IDC l, 2: Dean's Llsl' 2. HAVEN T. OWEN Colebrook Major: Mechanical Engineering: KIVMA: Afbft: NHOC I: Blue Circle 3, 4: Sluclenl' Council 4: Univ. Band I, 2, 3, 4: ASME 3, 4. S. THEODORE PAGE Plymoulh Maior: Psychology: Men's Glee Club I: Concerl Choir 3, 4: Psychology Club I, 2: Track I, 2: Liberal Club I, 2, 3, 4: Mike 8: Dial I, 2: Madrigals 2: Conlemp. Music Forum 2, 3, 4: Dramalic Workshop 2. sENloRs NINETEEN HUNDRED ANSELL PALMER Hamplon Maier: Mechanical Engineering: ASME 3, 4: Dean's Lisf I, 3. 4: Vecior Sociefy 4. ARTHUR PAPPATHAN Nashua Maior: Psychology: 313: Varsily Club 3, 4: Siudenl Coun- cil 2: Psychology Club 2, 3: NHOC 1.2, 3: Winler Track Mgr. 3: Dean's Lisf 3. DONALD I. PARK Porfsmoulh Maior: l-lisfory: 'I'MA: Mike Z1 Dial 2, 3. CHARLES S. PARKER Goflslown Major: Civil Engineering: ASCE 3, 4. LEON T. PARKER, JR. Concord Maior: Business Aclminisfralion. ROBERT A. PARKER Durham ' Maior: Civil Engineering: ASCE 3, 4: lnframural Sporls 3. Palmer Pappafhan Park Parker, C. S. Parker, L. T. Parker. R. v " " W4-3155: - llf y ' ,dw ' .,,r 'Rini pg. -'Eli ma 1315 1 f-in zI'i': y 1 . gf, lf, ll? lf -,l ,lllll Q F lllll Ig mu R 3 ge -V fn v.. ..., 1.21:-.,,:f F33- V1-fl 1 .4 -' 'f.1:::.1:-sy ,mg wi x v f i - :Am wg.. C IFTY I I li gi lll i I i I Pasalis Parsons Pallerson Paulson LOUIS C. PASALIS Manchesler i l I l Parmenler Parlchursl Payne Pelczar GEORGE N. PATTERSON Brighfon, Massachuseffs Maior: Economics: AXA: Scabbarcl 8a.BlacIe 3, 4: Mike 81 Maior: Biology: Univ. Orch. 4: SCM 4: Dean's Lis? I Dial 3, 4: Foolball 2, 3. 4: Press Club 3, 4: NI-IOC 3, 4: 3. 4. Adv. ROTC 3, 4: Varsily Club 2, 3, 4. ROBERT W. PAULSON RICHARIE PARSONS Edgewood, Rhode Island ur am . . . lvl II'I'l I'l :AXl:AZ:I-I If Clb ,2 Maior: Poulfry Husbandry: Poullry Science Club I, Pres. 2: P,jl?2,, grlgiuclgzermy If 2' 3l 4. Syzlliirufsacklll E 3 Chrislian Science Org. I, Reader 2, Sac.-Treas. 3: Dean's Spring Track 2' 3' 4: NH Varsm, Club II 2' 3: SBC Lrsl' I. Dean's Lisl' 3. VIRGINIA J. PARMENTER WINSLOW C PAYNE M ,Dug-Irml, h Nashua alor' ng is ' Major: Mechanical Engineering. JEAN PARKHURST Wolfeboro LEWIS PELCZAR Major: Ari: Durham Reelers 2, Sec. 3, Co-Chmn. 4: Newmarkel' ' Dean's Lisi l, 3. Maior: Accounling. SENIORS ii-:III will lily' 2- ' - . ,j.g,QEf" ,,. 'xx -I Iii lllll N I N E T E E N H u N D R E n F llllle ROMEO C. PELLETIER Nashua Maior: Bacleriology: Newman Club 3: NEWVOX 3: N. H. Symphony 3. JOHN PENN New Yorlc, New Yorlc Maier: Governmenlg Cercle Francaise I, 2, 3, 4: Cenier- bury Club I, 2, Exec. Corn. 3.4: IRC I, 2, 3, 4: SDA I, 2, Chmn. 4: Pre-Law Club I, 2, 3, 4: Sfud. Union 2, 3, 4: Culi. Rec. Corn. 3, 4: SCM I, 2, Cabinei 3, 4. ROBERT PERI-IAM Porlsrnoulh ' Maier: Zoology: Inframural Sporls 2, 3. NORMA C. PERKINS Keene Malor: Bacleriology: AXS2: NHOC I, 2, Blue Circle 3, Trees. 4: Inlerclass Sporls I, 2, 3, 4: All-Slar Field I, 4: Rifle Club I: Pon Hell Council 3, Sec. 4: SCM 3: GirI's Ski Club 3, 4: WRA lnierhouse Board 3. BETTY LOU PERLEY Ipswich, Massaclwusells Maier: Ari: OT Soc. Chmn. 4: NHOC I, 2, Blue Circle 3, 4: Dean's Lisl 2, 4: Big Sisler 2, 3, 4: House Council I. 2: SCM 2, 3: Dorm Social Chmn. I: Junior Prom Co- Chmn. 3: Opus 45 3: Slud. Union Soc. Rec. 2, 3: Slud. Union Slud. Ser. 2. GEORGE H. PERLMAN Manchesler Maior: Business Adminislralion: 'fI1A: Class Trees. I, 2 ASO I, 2: Hillel Club I, 2, 3, 4: Track I: NHOC 2, 3 Pellelier Penn Ferham Perkins Perley Perlman IFTY 'R Ziff. Vw ffjv' f'-"':aQ, ' ,., . - , 5145! if ,P 1-jg,-fl? 3 L ied: ' ,..f N. ,HI J" , i Ir Pelers Peiriee Peylon Phenix STANLEY W. PETERS Pelerborough Meior: Physical Educalion Teacher Preparaliong Dean's Lisl 3, 4. LEROY A. PETTEE Porlsmoulh Maior: Business Adminislraiionz XPE 3, 41 NI-IOC I, 2, 3, 4: Dean's Lisl 2, 3. WALDO E. PETTERSON Manchesler Maior: Business Adminislralion. JEAN PETTES Penacook Maier: I-Iome Economics Teacher Preparaiiong 'PTO 2, Chap. 3, Ed. 45 KAII 3, Treas. 45 NI-IOC I: Slud. Union 2: Dean's Lisl 2: Home Economics Club 2, 3, 4. Pellerson Pelles Phillips Phipps JAMES P. PEYTON Brooklyn. New York Maior: Business Adminislrafiong SPE Exec. Council, Chmn Membership Com. 3, 4, Newman Club I. JOAN PHENIX Chocorua Maior: English. ARTHUR F. PHILLIPS Brislol Major: Pre-Medical. JOHN W. PHIPPS Dover Maior: Eleclrical Engineering: AIEE 3, 43 Newman Club I NIQRS N NINETEEN HUNDRED H, CYRIL C. PIKE Dover Major: Civil Engineering: ASCE 3, 4. REBECCA PILVER Claremonl Maior: Social Service: IRC 4: Hillel Club I, 2, 3, 41 I-I Council 2: Big Sisler Freshman Dance Com. lp ouse 2, 3, 4. STEPHEN F. PIPER Rochesler Maior: Mechanical Engineering: Aclv. ROTC 3, 4-5 ASME 3, 4. THOMAS C. PIPILAS Nashua Maior: Business Aclminisfrafion. RAE A. PHIPPS Gorham Maier' General Home Economics: IIITO 3, Treas. 4: ' I-I Economics Nl-IOC 4: French Club 27 SCM 2, 3, 4. ome Club 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM I. PHIPPS Walpole Maier: Hisloryg Baseball I, 2. Pike Pilver Piper Pipilas Phipps. R. Phipps. W. ri, 21:11 EIL- ,Lg ? Q .A 'MH' 1-1 1 ...i 'Q .Il':g, llllll all ' all 3 I lllll ga E121-4 -1 l L iii Till ini? fiiil :,,.2- A---Lv-L -1. ,-, n,-..,- I -- --,,,- --- .Y.... Wy- ,V : 1-.4 i:??:.':-4 -fl 4,51 ,rf .Ki IFTY 1 'i '. .,.. , '-1 - ' 'J "TI" ,M '.n aw- I ff- X '12 - , -f '4 ... 7' ' -I I n, ' L Aki .fe - f YV i' yr, I J 'Q '. . f. l... If-' f .. 'ff ---J ae. ilu M, Y -- ff 'V'5T'ii1::ii"v,' ' 1 f f A-3'-f.l:1 ,miiafiifffli 2: ff fx-?W5:'E'f:iI . wig" vx5q:2'1"'5',,, J ,ev--if .is I Z, 24,1 -1 ' 11, -: l I II I Piiman, D. Pilman, F. an Planle Plaline hr Pokigo Pollock Pofhier PoHer, A. DONALD W. PITMAN Laconia Maier: Business Aclminislraiion: NI-IOC I, 4: SCM I, Maslc and Dagger 4. FREDERICK V. PITMAN Newporl' Maior: Elecfrical Engineering: Dean's Lisl 3, 4: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4: NI-IOC Board of Truslees 3, 4: Blue Circle I. 2, 3, Pres. 4: AIEE 3, 4: Sailing Assoc.: VeI"s Org. 2, 3, 4: Durham Reelers I, 2. NORMAN PLANTE Grasmere Maior: Governmenl: KZ: IIFM2 Dean's Lisf I, 2, 3, 4. BETTY A. PLATINE Concord 4 Maier: Languages: AII 3, Pres. 4: Dean's Lis? 3: THE GRANITE 2: Span. Club 2: Cercle Francais 2, 3, 4: NHOC I, 2. ROBERT J. H. POKIGO Manchesler Maior: Civil Engineering: ASCE 3, 4: Newman Club I 2, 4: Track I: Dorm. Social Chmn. 3. JOSEPH K. POLLOCK Willon Maier: General Agricullure: Rifle Club 3, JOHN F. POTHIER Salem, Massaclnusells Maior: Eleclrical Engineering: EAE: AIEE I, Veclor Socieiy 4: Dean's Lisl' I, 3, 4: Yachl NI-IOC 3.4: Newman Club 2, 3, 4. ALLAN R. POTTER Dorchesler, Massachusefis Maior: Civil Engineering: AXA Treas. 4: Dean's 3, 4: Vice-Pres. Sludeni' Council 4: Freshman Inlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. 4. 2, 3, 4 Club 2 Lisl I, 2 Foolball , - .- 'I -'W' M T- ,ri , N I N E T E E N H U N D R E D F I F T Y 'A , :gi-g., ' Mali., ,I l,',lll,, 'JZ . 7 A , , . E iff' 5-:if 'Qi' .1g.2:ff2:.31 I ,.,,. . .,..V . CARL H. POTTER. JR. New Rochelle, New York Maior: Chemical Engineering: AXE 2, 3, 43 Dean's Lisl I: Nl-IOC I, 2: Chrisfian Science Org. I, 2, 4, Pres. 3, German Club I. THOMAS E. POWERS Woodsville I Maier: Zoology: 0K1lfg Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Die Minnesaenger 2: Dorm. Pres. 2. . ,, ASW. ' THOMAS P. POWERS Porlsmoullw Maior: Business Adminis'IraIion7 IIFM 3, 4: Dean's LisI I, 2, 3, 4: Newman Club I, 2. DONALD W. PREGENT Keene Maier: English: HKAg lnlramural Sporfs I, 2, 3, 4: Folio Club 4: Poelry Club 4: Nl-IOC I, 4. SETS' ," . 'Y MARTIN A. PRIMOSHIC Porlsmouih Major: Hisloryg IIPMQ Dean's Lisl' I, 2, 3. .V . "f , JAMES F. PRITCHARD I,,' If " 'f f' Q Leominsier. Massaclwusefls A . Mai: Business Aclminisiralion: GX: Foolball 2, 3: Track 2: ' l Nl-IOC 2, 3, 4: Newman Club 2, 3, 47 ROTC Adv. Air. ' ' f l i ' ' I 3 ' I 4. .H I ""' i- ,l . if - IJ 1' I I in , 'i I Poller, C. Powers, T. E. ' . If i Powers,T. P. Pregenf i V . Prirnoshic Prifchard A 7 i ,. 109 I I. , Quinn Racine Reardon Reclfern VIRGINIA A. QUINN Hancock Maior: Bacieriology: AXQ Sec. 4: QE 3, Vice-Pres. 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: WRA 2: AWS 3: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4: Blue Circle 3, 4: College Clwesl Fund Com. 3: Infer- class Baslcelball, Field Hockey, Solilball, I, 2, 3: All-Siar Baslcelball 2, 3: Ski Club 3: Big Sisler 3.4. FRANCIS R. RACINE Durham Maier: Bolany. WILLIAM RAWLINGS Springfield, Missouri Maior: I-Iisiory. ROBERT B. RAY Anson, Maine Maior: Eleclrical Engineering: Hockey 2, 3, 4. 'I if I ,. I be .D c- , I I Ii II ja Rawling Ray Reed Regan JOHN F. REARDON Porisrnouil-i Maior: Accounfing: HFM 3, 4. LEO F. REDFERN Berlin Maier: Governmenl: EB: AVC I, 2: Blue Key 4: Dorm. Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4: IDC 2, 3: TI-IE NEW HAMPSHIRE I, 2, 3, Ed. 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Press Club I, 2, 3, 4: Sludenl Council 3.4: Dean's Lisl 2, 3, 4. MARIE REED Newporl' Maior: Medical Secreiariali CIDM Vice-Pres. 3, Treas. 4: Dean's Lisl' I, 3: NHOC 2, 3: Dance Club I, 2, Pres. 3, 4: SCM 2, 3, Sec. 4: Freshman Camp Counselor 4. ROBERT'B. REGAN Newporl' Major: Civil Engineering: ASCE 3, 4. NINETEEN HUN ELEANOR REYNOLDS Walpole, Messachusells Meier: Occupalional Therapy: GT: NI-IOC 2: SCM -2, 3, 4: OT Club 2, 3. 4: Inlerclass Sporfs 2, 3: Verslly Hockey 2. 3. LEO A. RHEAUME Berlin Maior: Chemislry: AXE: +All: 2, 3, 4: TIME 2, 3, 4: Dean's Lisl I, 2, 3: Newman Club I. 2, 3, 4: Cross Coun- 'rry I: German Club 2: Morris Locke Memorial Scholarship. NORMAN D. RICE New Orleans. Louisiana l Maier: Elecirical Engineering: AIEE 3, 4: Newman Club I I, 2, 3, 4-7 Dean's Lisl 2, 3, 4: NI-IOC I: Track I: Inrra- I mural Sporfs 2, 3, 4. JOSEPH R. RICHARD Exerer Maior: French: EB. JACK C. RICHARDSON Miami, Florida Maior: Zoology: KE. THOMAS RICHMOND Porlsmouih Meier: Business Adminislrafion: Dean's'f I: Adv, ROTC. Reynolds Rheaume Rice Richard Richmond Richardson DRED 1Ig,13' I . Ji fig!! .- 1' ' fiigii efiiljggg 31. nfzef'-'f' H21-1,12 I lllo ,.,f ...,- ,, wg, ""1-'ff-'f' vf-"1'w:: -gf:-'--fm Mfg- V.: ' 3 ? ?'. 71 HJX ' IG- I' I "3 1 . lil! ,Q ,, , -. M 'I V f . 4. -17 1 -Q , 2:-,I ?' , f ll " Ill? ll I A 4 1 I ll! I' lIl " 51 -I -i iziii il5?'ll'R iiilll I A , ggi., FIFTY 'Q I K. I ,AQH , do - QI III N, V lx -we ' T1 .ai ,. . , I I as , , 5 ' 4 K f. 'I 'QT -AWIW' W I 4 I I I I . -4, . 'm HX Riclcer , Ridley Ring Rilchie EDWIN C. RICKER Fifzwilliam Maior: Animal Husbandry: Durham Reelers I, 2, Treas. 3, Co-Chmn. 4: Dorm. Vice-Pres. 4: NHOC I, 4: Animal Husbandry Club 3, 4: Slud. Union Club Ser. Com. Vice- Chmn. 3.4: IDC 4: Dean's Lisl 4. LORNA RIDLEY Easr Swanzey Maior: Malhemarics: Dean's Lisf 3: Morrar Board Pres. 4: AWS 3: Dorm. Pres. 3, Treas. 2: Dance Club 3, 4: Big Sisler 2, 3, 4: Phofo Club 4: Jr. Prom Com. 3: NHOC I: SCM I: Glee Club I, 2: College Chesl' Fund 2. JAMES R. RIDLON Haverhill, Massachusefls Maior: I-Iolel Aclminislralion: EB: Jr. Greelers ol' Amer- ica 3, 4: NHOC 3, 4. GORDON RIEDELL Roslinclale, Massachusells Maier: Psychology: EAE Pres. 4: XIIX 4: Cheerleader 3, Head 4: Srud. Union 2, Vice-Pres. 3: Senior Skulls: Inlra- murals 3, 4: THE NEW HAMPSHIRE 2. bfx, Riedell Ridlon Robbins Roberlson LAURENCE S. RING. JR. Durham Maior: Physics: fPAfI1 3, 4: Dean's Lisr I, 2, 3, 4: Dorm. Pres. 3: IDC 3. PAULINE RITCHIE Charleslown Cheerleaders 3, 4. FRANK ROBBINS Porlsmoulh Major: Business Adminislralion. BRUCE L. ROBERTSON Claremonl' Maior: Insrilufional Adminislralion: EB: TKA 4: Mask 3: Dagger Pres, 3, 4. I I CCSE IORS , ' I' z I II I , I .I I Maior: English: XYZ: Newman Club I, 2: Dance Club 2: NINETEEN HUNDRED FRANK D. ROBIE Porfsmoulh Maior: I-Ioiel AdminisI'ruI'ion: KIDMA: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Jr. Greelers of America I, 2: Blue Key 4: Adv. ROTC 3, 4: Scabbard 8s Blade 3, 4: I9I'h and 2OIh Mayor of Durham 3, 4: Jr. Prom Com. 3: Siud. Union Org. 3: Chmn. Commufers Com. 3. JEAN ROBIE Woodsville Maior: Nursing: SCM I, 2: House Councilor 3: Canier- bury Club I, Exec. Council 2, 3. RICHARD A. ROBINSON Salem Depol Maier: Chemical Engineering: KIYAT, Vice-Pres, 4: AXE 2 Pres. 3. 4: American Chemical Socieiy 3, 4. RICHARD J. ROBINSON LaureI'I'on, New York Maior: Eleclrical Engineering: TKE: NI-IOC I, 2, 3, 4 AIEE 3, 4: IRE 3, 4. RODNEY A. ROBINSON Porfsmouih Maier: Elecfrical Engineering: AIEE 3. 4: Adv. ROTC 3, 4 Dean's Lisf I. ROSLYN Q. ROBINSON Chocorua Maior: Bacferiologyz Dorm. Sec. 3, 4: Lens 81 Shufier 2 Adv. ROTC 3, 4: NI-IOC I, 4. Robie, F. Robie, J. Robinson, R. A. Robinson. R. J. Robinson, Rodney Robinson, Roslyn .. - . I1 . A My F I F TY in III I fy I IIQII N I Ill I I I II'I X, XIII I-U , .J,.,-1, , ,,,l,,..,L:A 4:3-,V 'lp I Qi I I f ,, ' X ,L A+ b I . 3 L- xi., in II 'li I i I of WY I 5 Robinson, S. Roclcly Rollins, G. Rollins, J. SPENCER E. ROBINSON Rochesier Maior: Hoiel Adminisiraiion: EB: Jr. Greelers of Amer- ica 2, 3, 4: Brewsier Corp. Scholarship: Dean's Lisi 3. WILBUR C. RODDEY Porismouih Maior: Eclucaiion. THOMAS E. RODGER Concord Maior: Civil Engineering: ASCE 3, 4: NHOC 2, 3, 4. ALAN D. ROGERS Manchesier Maior: Economics: YPA: Hillel Club I, 2, 3, 4: Fooiball I, 2: AVC I, 2: Dean's Lisi I: Inframural Sporis I, 2, 3: NHOC I, 2: Siud. Union Pub. Com. 3, 4. , , I .- v. 'S-E L ,, H M W H I, - -1 JW V-'C"F'i 4 rr: : jf? - 2 ?"' , fd' ' :I "'-, f-ei '- J a -lf-14 uh" .,,, Rodger Rogers Rollins, J. F. Rosewaler GEORGE A. ROLLINS Concord Maior: Business Adminisirarion: :IIE 3, 4: IIPM 3, Pres. 4 Choir 2: NHOC 2. JANET ROLLINS Roslindale, Massachuseiis Major: Social Service: BT Alumni Sec. 4: AKA Sec, 3 Vice-Pres. 4: IIFM 4: Siucl. Union BCI. 3: Chmn. Siud. Ser Com. 3: NHOC I, 2: Soc. Club 2: Dean's Lis? I, 2, 3, 4 Big Sisier 2, 3: SCM I: Alumni Scholarship I, 2, 3, 4 JOHN F. ROLLINS Hancock Maior: Geology: ASME 3, 4. JOSEPH ROSEWATER Clarernoni Major: Zoology: ATU, Treas, 3: AH: Spanish Club 2 Dean's Lisr I: Mike 84 Dial I, 2: Spring Track 2: SCM I I Lrlllyl 11: - " Fil!-fl - if In" Iill. -3- lil: ll xlli. rig? ,I ' N I N E T E E N H u N n R E n ,jllliil F I F T Y H .I r- lfzifll --" --Q All ,ff wr! 5211-.-4 ffffzpzlggbf yin.: 1, LQRRAINE M. Rosi-lou Tillon Major: English: Folio Club 2. 3: Poelry Workshop 3: THE NEW HAMPSHIRE I: House Counselor 4: Social Chmn, 3: Glee Club I, 2: House Council 3: Newman Club 1.2: Rifle Team 3: Slucl. Union 3. n..- Mv .. , 'a,,-, A - .f ' LOUISE ROUNDS Berlin Major: Meleorology: Dean's Lisl I, 3, 4: Spanish Club 2: SCM 2, 3, 4: Charles Wiqgin Scholarship 2, 3: AWS Award 2. JOSEPH L. ROUSSEAU Dover Maior: Mechanical Engineering: ASME 3, Pres. 4: Dean's s LISI I, 3. I 1 .ARLENE ROY Claremonl Major: Biology: AXQ Vice-Pres. 4: 'IIE 3, Sec. 4: NHOC I, 3, 4: Blue Circle 3, 4: Dean's Lis? I, 2, 3: Inferclass Hockey I: Big Sisler 2. 3: Newman Club I, 2: Women's Ski Club 3: Univ. Sym. Band I, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT G. RUEL V 5' Sornersworlh 2 Maior: Business Adminisfrafion: Newman Club I: Fool- ifliixxx , , is II 1. .. ., HJ 5 ...fs 'J JANICE Russeu. V, N,-,Q N. al '- I ' ':" ji ' Porfsmoulh if A ' ' . Maier: Occupalional Therapy: GT: O. T. Club I, 2, 3: ' U, I r 5 SCM I. 2: Freshman Camp Counselor 2: Pres. AWDS 2: I ,I ,. ' , V " Social Chmn. AWDS 3, 4. be 1 Y A , Y 5, I Q 'l 1 ""AI " H I " ,V . ' fi -E I Rosholl Rounds ,Q ' , , ' "ia rw ' iw R -. filsvzrf-. 2 Ruel RUSSGII gflixi .Iii ., EM II5 I I In I I ,, . I . ' . .KK .E.,.g...,.- Y HW x ff . I Yi K If I 'Ai' I 1. , V fs .L s. X ' 1 ex. . ' Q I ii . Ryan Ryll SI. Amour SI. Cyr SI. Pierre Saad Sabourin Sakowski WILLIAM H. RYAN. JR. ROLAND A. ST. PIERRE Nashua Nashua Maior: Mechanical Engineering: ASME: Adv. ROTC 3, 41 Maior: EIecIricaI Engineering. Commufers Club. FERRIS F. SAAD PAUL A. RYLL Ma,-,chesier AshueIoI' Maior: Accouniingg KE: Cross Couniry I: Adv. ROTC 3, 4. Maier: EIec+ricaI Engineering: AIEE Sec.-Treas. 3, 4. JOSEPH ST. AMOUR Exeier Maior: Mechanical Engineering: 'IPAQ 2, 41 ASME 3, 41 Dean's Lisi I, 2, 3, 4. J. CHARLES ST. CYR Bridgeport Connecficui Major: Geology: AIME 3,41 French Club 3. ROLAND E. SABOURIN Haverhill, Massachuseiis Major: Ho'reI Adminisiraiion: Jr. Greeiers of America 2, 3, 4: Jr. I-IoIeI Men oi America 4, Iniramural Sporis 4. JOHN M. SAKOWSKI Franklin Maier: Business Adminisrraiiong 9KfI1g WE 3: Scabbard 8: Blade 3, 4, Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4. i. I . I H . e . . -- ., ,, W NETEEN HUN MAX SALDEN Porlsmoulln Major: Business Adrninislralion: Hillel I, 2, 3, 4. AM EEN L. SAMAHA Plyrnoullr Maior: Business Adminislralionq OX Trees. 3, Pres, 4: Mgr. Ski Team 3: Scalnbard 8: Blade 2, Trees. 37 IFC Sec. 4: Dean's Lisl 2, 3: NHOC I, 2: ROTC 2.3. JOHN L. SANBORN Kingslon - - . .at-.fre , DRED ll g,-3. . fm: l' l l T1 l" lf l 1' N , l ll I' f -1 , V I 1 J Q l lllll llllll +2 '7'l ll I ' Ar A l H l, I l l. 1 ng? A Maiorz Maflwemalicsz NHOC I: Glae Club I, 2: Choir 2, 3, 4: Track I: Debaling Club 3, WARREN C. SANDER Concord Maier: Geology: AIME 3, 4. HENRY SAUNDERS Allon 4. Maior: English: BAE: Nl-lOC 2, 3. 4: Varsily Foofball I, 2, 3: Varsily Baseball 2, 3, 4: Varsily Club 2, 3, 4: Inlra- Maior: mural Sporfs I, 2, 3, 4: SCM 4. DAVID A. SAYWARD Manclwesler Hofel Adminisfralion: Jr. Greefers Vice-Pres. 4: lnframural Sporfs 3, Selden Samaha Sanborn Sander Saunders Sayward of America 4. ,Hr ,, V -.,. , 9, .llll Tj 2222? . , . Isl .,,..,,.. ,W A f A: if 'ff Y: 5' , fi 351 fi? ifafeiifii f,, E :JE .,.' gr HUD-- lfig l. . IFTY Y ,K , 3459?-'2-1' 4-L, ll- Eau ' .lf-'11, 3- . .l5T'l 1 Leg Q A4 F lu! 3? Q Qu- ., , ,LJ Seaverns Severance Shannon Sharps GRANT H. SEAVERNS Weirs Maior: Mechanical Engineering: GX: NI-IOC I, 2, 3, 4: ASME 3. 4: Yachf Club I, 2. CONSTANCE M. SEVERANCE Concord Maier: Occupalional Therapy: Occupaiional Therapy Club I, 2, 3, 4: Dean's Lisi 2: Folia Club 2: Dance Club 2: Canlerbury Club 4: Mike 81 Dial I: NHOC I. STUART N. SHAINES Porfsmoulh Maior: Business Adrninislralion: GPA Treas. 3, Pres. 4: :PE 2, 3, 4: TKA 3, 4: Siu. Union 2, 3, Fin. Com.: Class Treas. I: College Chesf Funcl 2: Dorm. Treas. I, 2: Dean's Lis? 2, 3: Class Exec. Com. 4: Granile Heeler 3: Hillel I, 2, 3, 4: IFC Vice-Pres. 4: NHOC I, 2: ROTC Adv. Air 3, 4: Rifle Team I: ROTC Rifle Team I: Track I, 2. FRANK D. SHAKESPEARE Chichesfrer Maior: Mechanical Engineering: KDIIA: ASME 2, 3, 4: Rifle Team 2. Shaines Shakespeare Shaw. J. Shaw, L. PAUL D. SHANNON Laconia Maior: Business Aclminislraiion: College Chesl' Fund 3' Cross Counlry 3: Canlerbury Club 4: NEW I-IAMP: SHIRE 3: Folio Club I, 2, 4: Track I, 2, 3: SCM 2. SEYMOUR L. SHARPS Newbury Maior: Geology: 'PAID 2, 3, 4: NHOC I, 2: Yachi Club I, 2: AIME 3, 4: Dean's Lis? I, 2, 3. JANE N. SHAW Chichesler Maior: Biology: AEA Corres. Sec. 4: 4112 3, Corres. Sec. 4: XXI 3, 4: IIDKKIP 4: Biq Sisler 2. 3, 4: NI-IOC I, 2, 3: Dean's Lisl I, 2, 3, 4. LESLIE W. SHAW Manchesfer Maior: Malhemalics: SCM I, 2, 3, 4: Bridge Club 4: Chess Club 3, 4: Debaling Club 2: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4: Track 2: Symphony Orch. 3, 4: Siring Orch. 3, 4. SENIORIS F NINETEEN HUND RICHARD F. SHELLEY Laconia Maior: Eiecfrical Engineering: Acacia: Siu. Union 3, 4: IRE 3, 45 Dean's Lisi I. DONALD M. SHERK Lisbon Maior: Hisioryq Cross Couniry 4. PHILIP SHULINS Newporf Maior: Economics: AVC Ig Mike 81 Dial I, 2, 3, 43 Mask 8: Dagger 3, Siege Mgr. 4: Adv. ROTC: Siud, Union 2. HENRY SI ELIAN RocI1esIer Meior: Accoun+ing. DAVID SIESICKI PorIsmouII1 Maior: French: AH 3, 4: KAIT 3, 45 Germanic Sociefy 37 Dean s LisI' 2, 3. ANN SILVER MancIiesI'er Mfaiorz English: THE NEW HAMPSHIRE 3, News EGI. 4' Mike 84 Dial Bus. Mgr. 3, 4: Conceri' Choir 3 4' I-IiIIeI 3,41 NI-IOC: Mask Bi Dagger 4, Junior Prom Coin. 3. Shelley Sherk Shulins Sielian Siesicki Silver RED Mr I E. ,JIII riq III I I I' :I I H 1 III " ' Inuml I ii igi, ., I'-- I-bf? Iii? -5 : :. :E:E'!'f..,- -..'- 'Iii 'I 5114, Iffl 4.10 'V' FTY , . fmvzvrii . - ' f1..x4:1, QI: Yak x w,QSIIXR', Q WRg.,..,,- - '-'WI " " DX' . I. I 'E' 2-ff if, 'If -- 'YN X I. . he uf 1 43-,f.5,,,, I I, 3 Iliiiw jf-IIIII f -- ' f ..f'a"iTE-5-a-f it 'C' X' J, ' L .gy I V , l l L, ,X X. ly in I F H, Q, . ' Th! It l.,- ig- .l I '. ,Iwi .V 4 Si: .-Ll. 31,4 'T'i:': . . Q ii I -. 1 l'? I .V ,ll . ,3 Silverman Simonds Skelly Skinner NATHAN M. SILVERMAN Newporf Maier: Malhemalics: Dean's Lis+ I, 2, 3, 4: Hillel I, 2, 3, 4, GEORGE N. SIMONDS Exeler Maior: Zoology. PHILIP E. SIMOULIS Nashua Maior: Languages: AIT 4: College Chesl' Fund Com. I: Die Minnesaenger I: Univ. Band I: Yachf Club I: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4: Men's Glee Club 3, 4: Cercle Francaise 3, Treas. 4: THE GRANITE Asst Senior Ed. 4: Mask 8: Dagger 4. ' GREGORY J. SKAFIDAS Nashua Maior: Pre-Medical: Germanic Club 3: Rifle Team 2: Con- ceri' Choir 3, 4: SCM 3, 4: IDC 4: Dorm. Vice-Pres. 4: Bridge Club 4. 'Vila Simoulis Skaficlas Skoby Slaneiz FLOYD C. SKELLY Dover Maior: Business Aclminisfralion: Freshman Track: Dean's Lisl' I, 2, 3, 4. HARRIS F. SKINNER Woodsville Maior: Business Adminislraiion: 1I'E 3, 4: Mike 8: Dial 4: Dean's Lisf 2. 3, 4. NICHOLAS M. SKOBY Claremonl Maior: Mechanical Engineering: ASME 3, 4: Adv. Air ROTC 3, 4. LAWRENCE W. SLANETZ, JR. Durham Maier: Psychology: 1IPMA: Blue Circle 2, 3, 4: Glee Club I, 2, 4: Choir 3: Lacrosse I, 2, 3, 4: Varsily Club 2, 3, 4. SENIORS i I NINETEEN HUNDRED FRANK R. SLEEPER Lalceporl' Maior: Civil Engineering: IIPAKI1 4: Cross Counlry 3, 4: Veclor Sociefy 4: Dorm. Sec. 3: Track I, 2. GEORGE R. SLEETH Wollaslon, Massaclwusells Maier: Economics: ATQ: German Club 2: NI-IOC I: Nl-I Versily Club 2, 3, 4: Varsily Hockey I, 2, 3, Capl. 4: ROTC Adv. Air: lnlremural Soilball 2, 3, 4. BARBARA F. SMART Walerlown, Massachusells Major: Biology: X9 Sec. 3, Treas. 4: Big Sisler 2, 3, 4: Concerl Choir 2, 3. 4: Dance Workshop 3: Dean's Lisl 3: Women's Glee Club I: Pan Hell. 4: Slucl. Union Org. 2, 3, 4: SCM I, 3, 4: Alumni Memorial Scholarship I. 3. CHARLOTTE SMART Porlsmoufh Maior: Governmenl: IIPM 3, Vice-Pres. 4: AWDS I. 2: Dean's Lisl I. 2. 3, 4: IRC 3, Pres. 4: lnlerclass Sporls 3: Nl-IOC I, 2: lnlerhouse Board I. DWIGHT W. SMITH Nashua Maior: Economics: EB Soc, Chmn. 4: :PE 4: I-lorlicullure Club I: NI-IOC I, 2, 4: SCM I. 2. 4: ROTC Adv. Army: Deen's Lisl' 3. JANICE SMITH New I-lamplon Maier: English: AEA Membership Chmn. 3, Pres. 4: Big Sisfer 3, 4: SCM 2. Pub. Chmn. 3, 4: Folio Club 2, 4: NHOC l, 2, 3, 4. Sleeper Sleelh Smarl, B. Smarf, C. Smilh. D. Smilh, J. - .1 2.7: ' ' -RIM 'Zf2::ii':2'F?Ef-T. :fi-f. 'iii IW? ,- Q ll .I ,. rr il rlllll ll ll F41 ., ,,,, iq -P L. , ici., Z ' ju. 425543-I iii? A rgffg fi' ' r af:-ul Wm I Ir., IFTY I ..,,., 1,11 , I L I I I , F.' ' , . .5 I 'A -L ' fS, I jf' Q-Jvixwgsfr I ' .- 'Z " ' I2I E., R. Srnilh. J. Somero k':Vq1b,.,.x q QI L 1: wg,-g.f x K , I T 4 - . LLL x L., -- . E EL x H, Smilh, M. Soulcaris JOHN H. SMITH Easl Paferson, New Jersey Maior: Mechanical Engineering: EAE: Freshman Foolball Coach 3, 4: Assf. Freshman Lacrosse Coach 3, 4. MARTIN F. SMITH Maior: Business Aclminislralion: GMA: Newman Club 2, 3, 4: TI-IE GRANITE 3, 4, Aclverlising Mgr. 4: Treas. College Chesi' Fund 4: NHOC 4: ROTC Adv. Army 3, 4: RONALD J. SMITH Maior: Pre-Medical: AEA: Newman Club 3, 4: Dean's WILLIAM B. SMITH ' Maior: Hislory: CDMA: Chair 3, 4: Glee Club I, 2: Wild- Smilh, R. Smilh, W. Sparrow Sprague WILLIAM E. J. SOMERO Greenville Maior: Business Adminislrarion: NI-IOC 4: SCM 3. PAULINE SOUKARIS Dover Major: Social Service: AKA 3, Sec. 4: NI-IOC l: So- ciology Club 2: Dean's Lisl 2, 3. EDWARD SPARROW Ma rlboro Maior: Eleclrical Engineering: KIIAKII: TIME: AIEE: Dean's Lis? 2, 3: Veclor Sociely 4. ROGER SPRAGUE Troy Maior: Mechanical Engineering: TKE Soc. Chmn. 3: NI-IOC I, 4: Yachl Club I: Track 2, 3: ASME 3, 4: Cross Counlry I. I I, SENIORS 5 NETEEN HUNDREDII ELEANOR A. STANSFIELD Wakefield. Massachusells Maier: Occupalional Therapy: Lens 81 Shuhler 2, 3: Mask Za Dagger 4: O. T. Club 2, Vice-Pres. 3, 4: NHOC 3, 4: Maior: Big Sisler. ELMER STARK New Ipswich Mechanical Engineering: lnlerhouse Sporls I, 2, 3: O. T. Club: Dean's Lisl 2, 3: ASME ARISTIDIS STATHOPLOS Manchesler Maier: Zoology. ARTHUR G. STAVROS Concord Maior: English: Dean's Lisl' I, 2, RICHARD STEARNS Epping 3, 4. 4. Maior: Business Adminislralion: 1IKAg Adv. Air ROTC Major: 3. 4. DONALD A. STECHER Durham Foreslryg AZ: Foresiry Club I, 2, Lisf I, 2, 3, 4: NI'-IOC I. Slansfield Slarlc Slafhopolos Slavros Slearns Slecher 3, 4: Dean's , In 5 ' Fil-' . ' ' I FIFTY , I - :pil II I IIIIIIII IIIII ll I X55 ' fi- - '-V - ,,.Z3T, f - . .. rbjffixiifi fy Q51 P . I .P-. :WCA I-'S MQ ' , .ws-xyfqxx-s:.-4 1 A H E-,gj,'gigagg2!.,r3'2f':' ' ,I - -- A-fs. xx... mb.: , I 1225- Higwzigpfg.,-.Qq,, 561 - inf?" QS Ex-11" 1 , , Y 's.:0r vigil I ui-,I xf XA me if .EL I if XX X ff wkigwz i f" f , I .,. X, l l i l l 1: 1 , ,-4 . ' .Q lei' - 43" T u. , Y , i .ii . I A 'off fy If ,ul ,IQ-4'-:Tu , W 'll -oo orzs l r E! Siein Slergion Slevens. P. Slewarl' DOROTHY STEIN Brookline, Massachuselfs Maior: Sociology: AKA: Soc. Club 2: Hillel Clu Dean's Lisl' 3, 4. SOTIRIOS P. STERGION Nashua Maior: Business Adminislralion. STANWOOD STERLING Manchesier Maior: Pre-Velerinarian: KE. ERN EST L. STEVENS l i :inf T ll b2, Sw if Slerling Slevens. E. Sliles Slolzberg PETER R. STEVENS Durham Maior: Geology: TAT: AIME 3, 4: German Club 2 Tennis 4, ROY H. STEWART Manchesfer Maior: Business Aclminislralion: AXA: IIFM 4: :PE 4 Dean's Lisl 3: lnlerhouse Sporfs 3, 4: ROTC Adv. Army 3 . College Scholar 4. WALTER A, STILES Manchesler Maior: Psychology: Men's Glee Club 3. 4: Dorm. Officer 3 Conloocoolc . BE Maior: Music Educalion: fDKi1: A1119 2, Pres. 3, 4: Dean's LEONARDNA hsll-OLZ RG Lisf l, 2, 3, 4: Opus 45 I, 2, 3, 4: Band l, Sec.-Trees. 2, ' as ua . 3' 4: Orch. ll 2, 3' 4, Maior: Econom1cs:'IlA: Hillel I, 2, 3. 4. ENIORS .,:., I. 4 E ' V. QVZQ j.':,-12111: -.E dll, ,-1' .-EiE?':iE:ii??i'52 IIE: ,,.. l :l I .IIIIII 1 N I N E T E E N H U N D R E D III2- LI" I I . .sl If , Wm ll E ., f,, , ,, .. CAROLYN B. STORER Durham Maier: Governmenlg 1I1'N 2, 3, 4: Dean's Lisl I, 2, 3, 4: Folio Club I, 2, 35 Glee Club 2, 3: IRC 25 Morfar Board Scholarship Plaque. - .sa :Ai-E . , JOSEPH E. sum-IAM ' Lilllelon I 3, - 5. 9 v 1' mr . Maier: Sociology: TTKA Pres. 4: Dorm. Pres. I. 2: IFC 3 , "' I, 23 IDC 43 Sfucl. Union Trees. 2, Pres. 31 Lens 84 Shul- 'gal 'N Ier I: ROTC Adv. Air. 'r"Q'W R5 Ax I-2 . II 'S FREDERICK T. suLLlvAN -' I 'I ' QT17 Nashua Maior: I-Iisloryr Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Newman Club A -X 1 "X Council I, 2, 3: French Club I, 2: German Club 23 Folio T Club 3 Wu- ROGER L. SUNDSTROM Marlboro A ,. ' I, Major: I-lislory. I- 1 , ' ,il , 2' 4, in-..,, 'i1 QQr, if A CHARLES SWAN f '-T, E .. Orfordville 'L " .- I A ' Maior: Chemislry and Eclucaliong AXE 3, 4: Ski Team I. Y fi LCE V N. E . , , , X 5, ,,.lffjIlffIIY?ff3 C I 4 CHARLOTTE A. SWEET Durham Maier: Ari: ASIA: Dean's Lisl 47 NI-IOC 3, 4. Siorer Sulham Sullivan Sunclslrom Swan Swear I25 ill R e ' IFTY -- I i E L I f . "5 , . E., . . .E il 'X , I I I I I I I ' I 'in J' Sweei Swelcla Tamborello Tanguay RICHARD M. SWEET Durham Maier: Psychology: Cross Counlry I, 2: Winler Track I, 2, 3, 4: Spring Track I. 2, 3, Co-Capl. 4: Varsily Club 2, 3.4. ALPHONSE J. SWEKLA Nashua Maior: Biology: KE: Fooiball I, 2, 3, Co-Caplain 4: Baseball 2, 3: N. H. Club I, 2, 3, 4: Blue Key 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Dean's Lisl 4. WALTER P. SWIST Ma nchesler Maior: Elecirical Engineering: Dean's Lisi: AIEE 3. 4: IRC 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: IDC 3: NI-IOC: Infra- mural Baslcelball. VICTOR SZALUCKA Claremonl Maior: Business Adminislralion: KZ: Baseball 3: Baslcel- ball I, 2: Fooiball I: Inlerhouse Sporis: Newman Club. I P l.'.'if'7"?1ff.'f, H-1',':' .... -- ...4.. .... L .H..4... can W s--5?"Iv A '3li..il4' if ' i V I ' ' , . 5 ' " I I I L T' - I ,,,. ,-Emi L 4' I I L' gli? IS: - I if .fi LQilf':1?i1'T'1-, I Y X Swisl Szaluclca Tarbell Talarinsky RUSSELL D. TAMBORELLO Durham Major: Civil Engineering: ASCE 3, 4. ALPH EE E. TANGUAY Gorham Maior: Bacleriology: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: NHOC I: Dean's Lisl 3. EDMUND C. TARBELL, ll New Caslle Maior: Economics: GX: Track Team I, 3, 4: Rifle Team I: Yachf Club I, 2, 3. JACK B. TATARINSKY Monlreal. Canada Maior: Accounling: :PE 3, 4: Hillel 2, 3, 4: IRC I: Dean's Lisl' I. ENIORS I RAYMOND W. TAYLOR Dover Maior: Mechanical Engineering. RICHARD C. TEBO Laconia Maior: Accounfingq EIB: Dean's Lisi' I, 2: Foofball 3: German Club I. ALEXANDER TELLOU Manchesler Maior: Languages: fI'MA: Cercle Francais 3, 4: Germanic Socieiy 3, 4: Baseball 3: NHOC 4. JOHN W. TERKOW Newporf Maier: Pre-Medical. JOYCE ANN THOMAS Berlin Major: Languages: KAII 3, 4: AH 3, 4: Dean's Lisl' I, 2, 3, 4. JOYCE G. THOMAS Concord Maior: Bacferiology: fI1M: XM 3, 4: NI-IOC I, 2, 3: Lens 8: Shuffer 4: Ski Club 4: Rifle Club 2, 3: All-Sfar Hockey 2, 3, 4: WRA Sporls Chmn. I, 4: All-Slor Soflball 3. Taylor Tebo Tellou Terlcow Thomas. J. A. Thomas, J. NINETEEN HUNDRED FIFTY .W YI' -I.-,V x -':T'- U9 WW ,, If ,iii 'ic-f, ' I ff L Q W Thorne Thyng Tolland Tougas VIRGINIA CHANDLER THORNE Concord Maiorzlalwysical Eolucaliong X93 Tennis Team 3, 4: WRA 4: Dean's Lis'l 3: lnlerclass Hockey 45 Moriar Board Treas. 4: Sailing Assoc. 43 Blue Circle 4. PRISCILLA THYNG Sanford, Maine Major: Government IRC, Sec.-Traas, 4. CHESTER R. TITUS Concord Maior: Sociology: 'PX 3, 47 Scabbard 8: Blade 2, 31 Can- 'ferbury Club 41 ROTC Adv. Air 2. 3: Dean's Lisf I, 3 ALFRED TOLAN Newmarlcei Maior: Accounlingg 'I-'A Treas. 4: Hillel. L I yr, N., ' ' r ,."1.'ir. ' I' x. NCQ, x f I l I ig a . 7- ,1 "' Wh , , L i lf Ie r T 'ii' I ,. ,I ,. I ,,,,f Tilus Towle ' Maior: Tolan Traclwy JOHN S. TOLLAND Manchesler Hislory: NHOC I: Newman Club 2. CHARLES A. TOUGAS Manchesler Maior: Languages. PATRICIA J. TOWLE Farmingion Maior: English: Dean's Lis? 3, 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4 LAWRENCE TRACHY Franklin Maior: Business Adminislraliong GKCII 2, 3, 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: ROTC Adv. Army 3, 4: Scabbard 8x Blade 3, 4. I -.,. r, 4. , . ' I i ' rj 1 5- 3, ,r , .- i ,Tl-.u,. . 1 , , , fa., ' . . I - - , A 1 av- . ' , , , if 1 . . .., ,... . . ,. of fr - ., V 1- f r f f W- 2 f V -f I K A A i i Y AVA- V NYY g K ' . ,A , A Y ' ... Y i ,, - V-Ki' NINETEEN HUNDRED BURTON W. TRAFTON. JR. Soullw Berwick, Maine Maior: Psycl1ology3'I'X 3, 43 Psych, Club I. DANIEL C. TUBMAN Baldwin, Long island, New York Maior: Dairy Mennulucfuringg AXA. CARLETON TUCKER Sanford. Maine Major: Business Aclminislraliong CDMA: NHOC 4. PAUL P. TUCKER Troy Maior: Business Aclminislralion: KE. A. NORTON TU PPER Dover Major: English: AXA Vice-Pres. 3, 4: Dean's Lisi 3: Fool- ' ball l, 2, 3: N. H, Club I, 2, 3, 4: Adv. Army R Sludenl' Council Exec. Corn. 4: Scabbard 81 Blade 3, 4: Track I, 2, 3, Winler and Spring Co-Capr. 4. OLIVER C. TURCOTTE Porlsmourh Maior: English. Trallon Tubman Tucker. C. Tucker, P. Tupper Turcofle .r :,, f,-,-,....s..,...,,ff- ., if .rr . 1-12' J .-.....-. ,...,: Q wx, F si lt'-11 af Til. gli, 'lulll l Q55 all fills JU! ' - lil' i ' " ' Wir-1 'fifiliv L-.1 1 1 f iff f .. Q A. I .ug . fE,..f..f,m,,,,,.:2 4- aj QQ fugz 'ff IX F: ,, b A QQ' 'W' fl Q! , A2 , V N .nl i 1' l29 .1 1, F FTY , Jg.,,,:-, , , ,-S. 1-. ,,.-I i -p-If 1?N 'T ' ' '- t. sg K. f I ,L f '-4" X nik Jai. Q .r-. .. . , H-.. ' ' .-ml-'T 1. "Hg, , W , 3 I A i ' P 4 . fav-Y kv 9- I i M- ,Fl 'x 1 r X x f 1 xx, .- r x , , sX,.La,L:. ,- Q, Lx 1 T5-f , I ' .WA-1 ' ,, f fI!Es1:X .i. f" ,J r-,,:-'igiy ,r y .N '- . A.. -,iw -' " 4554 . lx-, gil-' .u l J A 1 I T v ,l,4itf- 2 ll .,.. -. , n . J. . , 0 ll .IJ Vachon, J. Vachon, T. Van De Meulebroeclce Vangas JOSEPH A. VACHON lvlillcn Maior: Physical Educaiiong KAII Vice-Pres. 3. 4: Blue Circle 3, 4: Cross Counfry 2: Dean's Lisf I, 2, 4: La- crosse 3: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3, Trees. 4: Cross Counlry Mgr. 3: Track I: Univ. Sailing Assoc. 3, 4: Varsily Club 4. THOMAS J. VACHON Porlsmouih Maier: Business Adminisrraliong EB: Baslcelball I: Nl-IOC I. 2. JOSEPH G. VALLO Berlin Maier: Business Aclminislralion: Dean's Lisl' 3: Newman Club I, 2, Council 3, 4: Baslcelball 2: lnlerdorm. Sporls 2, 3. WILLIAM E. VANDER HAEGEN Maier: Business Aclminislralion: HKA. I I l Valle Vander Heegen Van Pell Varney ROGER VAN DE MEULEBROECKE Salmon Falls Maier: Elecirical Engineering: AFP: AIEE: Adv. Army ROTC. E. TRAFTON VANGAS Manchesler Maier: I-lisrory anal Lileralure: Canlerbury Club I, Trees. 2. 3, 4: French Club I, 4: SCM I, 4: SDA 4: IRC 4: Nl-IOC 4. STANLEY M. VAN PELT Norrh Woodsiock Maier: Elecirical Engineering: fI1AfD: Dean's Lisl' 2, 3: AIEE 3. SHELDON VARNEY Roclwesler Maier: Hislory: AXA Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4: Ski Team I, 2, 3, Capr. 4: Track I, 2, 3. 4: Blue Key 4: IFC 4: Var- sily Club I, 2, 3, 4: Scabbard Sc Blade 3. 4. sENloRs 6' l ,Q NINETEEN HUNDR JAMES N. VASILAS Nashua Maior: Psychology: 'PX 3, 4: Psych. Club 2: Cercle Fran- cais 3: lnlerhouse Sporls. WILLIAM VERBURG Durham Maiorz Business Adminisfralion: Chess Club I, 2: THE NEW HAMPSHIRE I: NHOC 2,31 Fencing Club 2. PAUL A. VERRETTE Durham Maior: Eleclrical EngineeringgfI'AlI1 3, 4: AIEE 3, 4. HERBERT C. VERRY Hillsboro Maior: Occupalional Therapy: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Orch. I, 2, 3: Chorus I: Glee Club I, 2: Liberal Club 2, 4: Mike 8: Dial 4: OT Club 3, 4: German Club I, 2: SCM I, 2: Nl-IOC I, 2, 3, 4 Opus 45 I. 2. LAURA W. VERRY Orforcl Maior: Occupafional Therapy: AVC: OT Club I, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2: NHOC 2. EARL P. WADSWORTH, JR. Colebroolc Maier: Chemislryg AXE: Dean's Lisl I. Vasiles Verburg Verrelfe Verry, H. Verry, L. Wadsworlh ,U ii , Qjllfgl I I ,,, ,Cf KT I I , . ,i-nl ,Q . -U ., lllf I. FTY 13- iii '7"'f, ir. 1 I In 1 .i . Walcefielcl, J. Wakefield, L. Warner Warren JULIAN WAKEFIELD. JR. Wesl Siewarisfown Major: Eleclrical Engineering: KIIMA Sec. 3: AIEE 3, 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Univ. Sym. Band I, 2, 3: Inlrae mural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. LAWRENCE WAKEFIELD Goflsiown Major: Geology: AIME Sec.-Treas. 3, Pres. 4: Dean's Lisi 3, 4. PATRICIA WALKER Granll-lam Major: Social Service: KIHM: AKA 3, Treas. 4: Glee Club 3: Soc. Club 2: Big Sisier 2, 3, 4: Dean's LisI I, 2, 3: SCM l, 2, 3, 4. JAMES F. WALSH Winlhrop, Massachusells Major: Economics. Walker Walsh Waferhouse Wafson STEPHEN WARNER Wesfmoreland Major: English: Lens 8: Shuiler I: Mike 81 Dial l, 2, 3, 4: Opus 45 I, 2, 3: Folio I, 2, 3, 4: Poelry Club 2, 3, 4: Conlamp. Music Forum 3, 4: Nl-IOC I, 2, 3, 4: Dean's Lisf l. 2. TIMOTHY F. WARREN Manchesler Major: Business Adminislraliong KE: lrrlrarnural Sporls: Newman Club. SAM WATERHOUSE, JR. Salem Major: Economics: TAT: NI'E 3, 4: Newman Club I, 2, Council 3, 4. JAMES R. WATSON Harlford, Conneclicul Major: Psychology: 'PMA Alla. Chmn. 3, Pres. 4: :PX 4: J. V. Baskelball I: Spring Foolball 2: Men's Glee Club 3: Yankee Conference Tennis Tournamenl 3: THE NEW HAMPSHIRE Assi. Bus. Mgr. 3: Bus. Mgr. 4: ASO Board 3, 4: Nl-IOC 3, 4: IFC 4. ENIORS X B NINETEEN HUND RODNEY B. WEBB Gorham Maior: Foreslry: ATQg AZ 3, 4: Blue Key 4: Cross Counlry I: Dean's Lisl I, 4: Foreslry Club I, 2, 3, Pres. 4: Varsiiy Club I, 2, 3, Co-Vice-Pres. 4: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4g Board of Truslees ol Nl-IOC 4-g Siudenl Union Com- mi'H'0e 2. MARGERY L. WEBSTER Concord Melorz Pre-Medical: AEA 2, Trees. 3, 47 German Club 21 De-an's Lisl I, 3. RALPH WEBSTER Manclwesler Maier: Governmenl: Dean's Lisl 2, 4: College Clwesi Fund: Newman Club I, Council 2, 3: IRC I, 2, 3, Vice- Pres. 4. JAMES R. WEDGE Berlin Maier: l-Ioiel Adminislraiiong SKIP, l-Iolel Greelers of America: Newman Club I. 2. 3, 4: Class Execulive Coun- cil 4. GORDON W. WEEKS Porlsmoulh Major: Business Adminisrralion. STEPHEN P. WEGLARZ Maier: Pre-Medical: KE, AEA Pres. 3, 4: Die Minne- saenger I, 27 Dean's Lisl I, 2, 3, 4: Pre-Med Sociely 21 Newman Club I, 2, 3, Exaculive Council 4: lnlramural Sporls. Webb Websler, M. Websfer. R. Wedge Weelcs Wcagla rz RED .L ir- - . .4 q ,,,,, 2. .. I 'ici Willis g lllll 5-ill? -.- 2 ar, IFTY I I X Milf ? ' 'fiiil -i. I -a I j, I I , , I-P7-wr. . V ' A 14 .11. A , il Ex If 'adj , 'x We Wenmark WesI' Wesion Welherbee Whedon Wheeler Wheelock Whelan STANLEY E. WENMARK ROBERT E. WHEDON Rochesfer Manchesler Major: Languages: KATI 3, Pres. 43 AII 3, 45 Dean's Lis'r Major: Business Adminisfraiiong EB: NI-IOC 2, 3, 4: New- 2, 3, 4. man Club 3. 4. PAUL R. WEST HERBERT W. WHEELER Wesl Somerville, Massachusefls Major: Business Adminislrafiong Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: NHOC I, 2, 3, 45 Inlramural Baslcefball I, 2, 3, 4. ANDREW N. WESTON Nashua Major: Zoology. ETHEL H. WETHERBEE Rochesier Major: Pre-Nursing: SCM I. 2: NHOC I, 2: UNH Chris- 'Iian Fellowship 4. Dover Major: Biology-Educaiiong KDMA Sec, 3: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Subs. Mgr. NEW HAMPSHIRE 41 Scabbard 31 Blade 4: Dean's Lisi' 3: Bus. Mgr. THE GRANITE 4. ALBERT N. WHEELOCK Londonderry, Vermonl Major: Hisfory: Dup. Bridge Club 3.4. FRANCIS X. WHELAN. JR. Porismoulh Major: Eleclrical Engineering: AIEE. . j A ' HARRY J. WHIPPLE Porlsmoulh Major: Accounllng. ,J :tr , lllll ', N E T E E N H u N n R E D F l ' I 33'-:'2' ., 4 vi EARL c. WHITE A . " -. Lisbon ' Mayor: Hisloryg AFP: Newman Club I. lf' 1 VV L N1 , X -I X, WILLIAM C. WHITMAN , A Bellows Falls, Vermonf 235.32 " ,. li Fil 1 53' Maior: Hislory. 'l'A ' DUANE H. WHITTIER Lebanon chology: Conlemporary M usic EDWARD P. WIELGOS Manclwsler Major: Accounlingg Band 4. RUTH WIGGIN Cenler Ossipee gy: KA Trees. 4: Glas Club 27 Opus 45 I, 2, 3, 4: Fan Hell. 4. Whipple Wlwife Wlwilman Whillier Wielgos Wiggin, R. fum- , Wiggins Williams Wilson, S. Wilson, H. STUART D. WIGGIN Sanbornville Maior: Foresiry: Dean's Lisi 3: NI-IOC 3, 4: Foreslry Club I, 2, 3, 4. IRVIN WILLIAMS Easl' Jaiirey Maior: Mechanical Engineering: IIKA: SCM I: College Keys 4: Conceri Choir 2, 3, 4: Dean's List I: NI-IOC I, 2, 3. 4: Opus 45 3, 4: Univ. Sfring Orch. 3: Men's Glee Club I: Univ. Symphony Orch. 3: ROTC Adv. Air 3, 4: ASME 3, 4. H ELEN WILLAND Porlsmouih Maior: Bacieriology: KA Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4: KDE 3, 4: XM 3, 4: Dean's Lisl I, 2, 3: Durham Reelers 3, Sec. 4: Pan Hell. Council 3, Treas. 4: Glee Club I, 2, 3: SCM I, 3: NHOC I, 3. ALFRED H. WILSON. JR. Sugar Hill Maior: Zoology: KIIKKIJ 4: Dean's Lisl 3, 4. A Wllland Wilson A Winn Winslow SELMA WILSON Porfsmouih Maior Folio Club 3 Inferhouse Sporis I HARRISON P WILSON Sanbornvllle Maior: Zoology: 'IIE 3, 4: Dup. Bridge Club 3, 4: Univ Choir 3: Dean's Lisl 3, 4: Nl-IOC 2, 3. CHARLES WINN Dover Maior: Hislory: OKKP: Pres. IRC 4: Newman Club I, 2 German Club I, 2. PRISCILLA WINSLOW Easi Jaffray Maior: Economics: OT Soc. Chmn. 4: Blue Circle 2, 3, 4 Dance Club 2, 3: Siuclanl Union 2: Big Sis+er 2, 3: Jr Prom Com.: NHOC I. SENIORS x N Business Admlnlsirahon Hillel I 2 3 4 IZFA 3: J -'llli l ,,ll L, N I N E T E E N H U ND R E D lyuniljw F I F T Y 'al llll 4,54 ifil f f:f --, f':f15 V fr- --f i EDMUND J. WOJNILOWICZ Manchesfer Maior: Elecfrical Engineering: AIEE 3, 4: Newman Club l, 2, 3, 4. ERNEST J. P. WOLCOTT Berhlehem Maior: Business Aclminislralion: OKKP: Newman Club: Golf 3, 4: Baslcelball J. V. I. ROGER S. WOOD Lebanon Maior: Mechanical Engineering: EB: ASME 3, 4: NHOC I. 3: Yaclwl' Club I: Sfucl. Union 3, 4: Dean's Lisf 3: Mask 81 Dagger 3, 4. J. LORING WOODWARD l Porlsmoulh l Major: Clwemisrry. PATRICIA WOODWARD Rockport M assachuseiis Maior: Psychology: Ski Team 3: Ski Club Pres. 4: Hockey All Srar 3: Hockey lnlerclass 3, Mgr. 4: lnrerclass Sporrs 3, 4: Dean's Lisl 3: Yachr Club 3. : N HILDA M. WOOLFSON Porismoullfa Major: Hospi+aI Dielorics: Hillel I, 2, Hillel Honor Key 3, Vice-Pros. 4: IZFA I. 2, 3, 4: Home Ec, Club. Woinilowicz Wolcoil' 3.11 Wood Woodward. J. Q , Woodward, P. Woolfson , l37 fbx 2' . I H" ' 1 355: , .My H -1 -x, I , , I ,. ,.' - I xi is i I 1 I 5 Worihen Wyman Youngman Youngquisi JOHN WORTHEN Nashua Maier: Business Adminisirarion: GX: Nl-IOC 47 German Club 4. Maior: Maior: ALFRED C. WYMAN Wesiford, Massachuseiis Maior: Government KE, Dean's Lisr I. CHESTER E. WYSKIEL Manchesier Business Adminisrrafionq NI'E 3, 4: NI-IOC 23 SCM I, 23 German Club I, 2: Dean's Lisi I, 2, 4. STANTON H. YOUNG Sunapee Civil Engineering: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4: Senior Skulls 4: ASCE 3, 4, Pres. 41 Dorm. Pres I. i , . 5- -- 'I I 2: ' in 'I Wyskiei Young Zaricki Zecchini HARRY YOUNGMAN I-Iampion Maior: Business Adminisiraiion. STANLEY O. YOUNGQUIST Manchesier Maior: Mechanical Engineering: TKE 2, 3, I-Iis'r.g Univ. Symphonic Band I, 2, 3, 4: Univ. Symphony Orch. I Bd. Dir. Flying CIub I, 2: Wiidcar Dance Orch. I. 2. ASME WASYL ZARICKI Manchesier Maior: Eleclrrical Engineering: EB Vice-Pres. 4: AIEE 3, 4 Pub. Chmn. 4. CHARLES R. ZECCHINI Porismouih Bridge Club 3, Sec.-Trees. 4: AIEE 3, 4. SENIORS I PW XIII 'W m Maier: Eiecirical Engineering: YIIKKIH 41 IIME 3, Trees. 4: KIIAKP 3, 43 Vecior Socieiy 3, 4: Dean's Lisr I, 2, 3, 4g , jf", 3' if 'iiili Q.. NETEEN HUNDRED IIIIIIRW FIFTY ,,.. Vw X ' .f:' 'I :-:- will 'j :efA:g..g: ',r,j"f'.'f" ' -'Y'-lffr' ?T2:12' 'I JOSEPH F. ZIMMERMAN Keene Major: Government HFM 3, 4: IRC 43 Newman Club I, 2, 3, 45 S'rucI. Union Fin. Culr. Com. 3, 4. Zimmerman ' t ' t d AMY VAN DE BOGART AYRE Durham Major: Physical Educafion Recreaiion WILLIAM M. BROWN Manchesfer Major Chemical Engineering WILLIAM J. BUCHNER Durham Major: La'Iin IRENE CRAVEN Norih Hampion Major EIemem'ary Educaiion JEAN M. CROSS PHILIP L. EMILIO STUART P. FRENCH RAYMOND C. HALL RICHARD M. HART CLAIRE HILL ROY R. W. HILL JACK R. HORNBECK ROBERT J. KANE, JR. RAYMOND A. LA PRISE ETTA P. LARAMIE EDWARD H. LEAVITT HOMER C. LITTLEFIELD HOWARD MacCLEAVE ROGER MAREK RALPH MUNN, JR. HARRY O'BRlEN BERTHA SAIC-SH JOHN J. WATTERSON JAMES A. WHITEHEAD Wasiwood, Mass. Exeier New Casrie Porismourh Durham Porismouih Porisrnoufh Eas+ Orange, N. Porismourh Lakeporr Beverly. Mass. Porismouih Porrsmouih Hanson, Mass. Clarernoni Fairlee, V+. Manchesier Manchesier Marlboro Pufnam, Conn. I39 Major Major Major Major Major: Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Biology General Agriculrure Governmeni :Animal Husbandry Economics Home Economics Teacher Preparaiion Psychology G-overnrneni Business Adminisiraiion English Educaiion Dairy Manufacjruring Business Adminisfrarion Hisiory Business Adminisiraiion Mechanical Engineering Ari Nursing Economics Educafion class of 1951 WILLIAM HAUBRICH Presidenlr ............ ., WVVILLIAM HAUBRICH Vice Presideni' ,..,,..,.. .,....,............ B ETTY GREENE Secrerary ,,.....,... ..E,..,.....,......,,. E VELYN BLISI-I Treasurer ..,.......,.. ROBERT CROMPTON ln befween cl asse S 6+ we Nohzhz Hwree coffees coming up! Len +0 figm: BeHy Greene. Evelyn Blish, and Roberf Crompfon. I4O Who is winning? A+ a checker game af Hwe Nofcl-1: leff 'fo right James Shea, Sfanley Faryniarz. and Goerge Brefon. Presiden+ .,..,. ,.. A.,.,w...w... R OBERT WHITTEMORE Vice Presiden+ .,...............ww.ww..w.w.. JAMES SHEA Secrefary ..,.,,.. E .w...,.,..,w.... GEORGE BRETON Treasurer w.......,...... STANLEY EARYNIARZ ROBERT WI-IITTEMORE class of 1952 class of 1953 l A Presidenl ..........., r l F l DGNALD LEAVITT Vice Presiclenl ......,.,. Secrela ry .....,...... Treasurer ....... Taking lime off from :gf 'nm 'W "' - Q5 v i DONALD LEAVITT .....i.,...iJOAN SHAW .i,..,4,..,.VlRGlNlA ROSS planning class affairs: lefl' Jro rigl1'r: Joan Shaw. Marshall ,En-' I42 MARSHALL HUNT Hun? and Virginia Ross. 2 .".,""" E: . - ,- . , ,.. -1 ll "-x:. . -U, um., 1 - 1,.-an m.., Wm A '. ill? L, - , 3,-Q " - ' - - J. ,. ,kk -, "J..', , sw ' - -- .'i'21.'. " "W . . - M,-Af-. .f"'-f-P?--,4Qm.-, PUTNAM HALL two year ,pf -' , 4 1 ff. . 0 , - mf-fn! ' a rlcultural f Q,mW,kQQ4 - ,, .,.. ,-gg, 'fig 1.'V f ' " f5"""5F4?"-" -9- Jf' , .nf J I .-,.. 4 .hlfw-1.04.'. 11 -, 1 rf f 7-.-.fb mv. ,.- -,fl 7 I llff if 4 4 '22, 151' '-: an f,'F ,fy X,wM?QQig x , .:u ..-'H . .- X . ' ' 1 "' f-""' ,.-:::f::Lu,x- ' ',,,f .. .:f" .-:hal-is-fl' PX J ' , raduates fwfwwwwff .F fl"-"3" ' Wi" 5 3' f V 4 : 55 ' X 0 s I43 mw's:s4,xQ, 9 QTY A x 5 ,fwxbg , 'G xN '-all"-""N ' " JFK - .7 .1 , ' ,i"5"" f Wff' - ' .flW':'-y ' 'j.lJ,,h I li .M I-of ,, fA,,,.,,,f f Q7 4. . 1 if ' Q X ff 1 ,- DONALD BARNARD RICHARD SMITH ROBERT MOORE Presidenlr .....,....,....,..... JONATHAN HUNTINGTON Vice Presideni . ...... ..,,... ..... D O NALD C. BARNARD Secrelrary M.. .... ..,..,..,,.,,.. R ICHARD B. SMITH Treasurer ., I.I..,..v ROBERT W. MOORE JONATHAN HUNTINGTON I44 N I Maior: NETEEN HUND EVERETT D. ABBOTT Salem Depol Maier: Dairy: Applied Farming Organizaiion. JAMES ADAMS SOl'T'ISfSWOl"il'1 Dairy? Applied Farming Org.: Freshman Fool- ball: Freshman Track. DONALD C. BARNARD Dover Maior: Dairy: Class Vice President EVERETT E. BLAKE Kiliery Poinl, Maine Maior: Poullryg Poullry Science Club. JOHN B. BLAKE Concord Major: Poullry. Abboll' Barnard Adams Blalce, J. Blake. E. 10 r U., , , . ,,-Lx,-in ., ,. 1 A ,Li JS, A - - ,-yi-1 rl lil Hr :ll :fi l:l 351 ng: r. . ,rug fi -'Q 225 23 9225? ' . ' ,Q ii l lll V F I PTY s . Jill-,T-V -li"-A 1 idk ,.p.Q51'w.:'.- .- , - '- - ., .z,,-' . .fx - 5:1519fear-Q12-.:. A iv, A A wirfifiii36514-SP?-I--. ,. rf- Qui 1 I-Q5-,,,g - v.4:igi1.Q., k-I Agp .i-- : ,A v!:1.1f:3.n?Cq al rapgiv rg :-' Li :.,:-r. . -:aww-.1-. - .,ff,..-: ,. vw, :- V: i 'I SJ, I45 'G+ sr E555 ,Q gg QE Brown, F. Brown, R. Colburn DesRoclnes FORREST C. BROWN Hampion Falls Major: Applied Farming: Applied Farming Org.: Infer- mural Sporls. ROBERT W. BROWN Franklin A Major: Horlicullure: Horriculfure Club: NHOC: Applied Farming Org. JOHN R. CANNELL Norih Conway Maior: Dairy: Applied Farming Org.: Freshman Asslz Foolball Mgr.: Asst Varsiiy Mgr. Foolball and Baskef- ball: NHOC: lniramural Sporls. EDWIN CHURCHILL So. Acworlh Maior: Dairy: Canlerbury Club: Applied Farming Or- ganizaiion. Churchill Flanders Cannell Dulwamel RICHARD W. COLBURN Durham Maior: Pouliry: Poulfry Science Club Vice Pres. JOSEPH DesROCHES Exeier Maior: Dairy: Applied Farming Organizaiion. PAUL R. DUHAMEL Porlsmouih Major: Horliculiure: Poullry Science Club: Horlicullure Club Vice Pres.: Applied Farming Org.: De-an's Lisi. RUDOLPH N. FLANDERS Keene Major: Dairy: THE NEW HAMPSHIRE. SENIORS NINETEEN HUN MILTON P. GAGNE Powluckef. Rhode Island Maior: Agriculture: Applied Farming Org.: IRC: Yachf Club: Poullry Club. ALFRED E. GRIMES Cliesferfield, Maior: General Farming: Applied Farming Organizalion. JOHN E. GRONBECK Salem Depol' Maier: l-lorl'icul'rure7 Horficullure Club. EDWIN F. GRUNWALD Durham Maior: General Farming. EDWIN G. HALL Pilfsfield Maior: Dairy: Applied Farming Organizalion. WALDON A. HASKELL Chesferfield Maior: Dairy: Applied Farming Organizalion. Gagna Grimes Gronbeclc Grunwald Hall Haskell DRED V,-Lf' Eff' ,-Mi, i, ,,Al.i,,,w F I F 'r Y C9 'V' ,, . IP .Env I 'if I47 Q 2 i H T55 ii mir . ,,, , X 1-X ,Ny .- , . fQ .N Q. V J V53-XIN-Q Hunringlon Johnson Laber Leavill JONATHAN H UNTI NGTON Sou+l1poini', Connecricul' Maior: Dairy: Class Presideni 2: Applied Farming Or- ganizaliong Canferbur Club: Men's Glee Club: lnrra- Y mural Sporls. ROBERT JOHNSON Georgeiown, Massaclwusells Maior: Dairy. EVERETT W. JOS LYN Laconia Maior: General Farming: Applied Farming Orqanizafion. DONALD KEMP Easl' Kinqslon Maior: General Farming: Applied Farming Orqanizalion. if f' MLP- jg, -,wig i L. R' . 'A J az-I' if i 'e- 'W . Joslyn Kemp MacKenzie McDuPlee ROGER C. LABER Newporl Maior: Dairy: NHOC: Applied Farming Organizaliong Yachl' Club: Durham Reelers. HAROLD A. LEAVITT Newporlr Maior: Dairy: Applied Farming Orqanizalion: lnframural Sporls. ALLAN MacKENZlE. JR. Glen Cove, New York Maior: General Agricullure: Applied Farming Organiza lion. GERALD E. MCDUFFEE Ossipee Maior: Dairy: Nl-IOC: Applied Farming Organizalion. ff' J F SENIORLS 4,1-. '5?5'V -ga, wr X ,,,, i...,, A' fir:-1, . ll Ml A all NINETEEN HUNDRED :yginllw FIFTY l i .. -illll Il CHARLES J. McVElGH, JR. Slanhope, New Jersey Maior: Dairy: Applied Farming Orqanizalion: Glee Club. Ju.,-.J v Y.-.5 ,V-LJ! :- ROBERT W. MOORE Wesfmoreland Depof Major: Dairy: Newman Club: Class Treasurer 2: Applied Farming Orgenizaiion. THOMAS MUCCI Scarborough, Maine Maior: Horlicullureg Horfricullure Club. SABRA L. OULTON Middlebury. Vermonr Maior: General Agriculfure: Applied Farming Organiza- lion. CHARLES H. ROY Rochesrer Maior: Dairy. D. CAMERON SEWALL S'rrai'ham Major: Horliculrure: Horiiculiure Club: Applied Farm- ing Organizafion. McVeigl1 Moore Mucci Oulfon Roy Sewall I4-9 af l.1Q' I-2 A N 3.4 G l 'A I , A, A ,ij - ::!,-fB.1a- ' ' , I -r .. ."!"'w-way , X . . .1 fi., , Y 1 QPEH' me , L H 1 A e..r.+' Sharp Simpson Siarr Tallarico REGINALD H. SHARP Slraiharn Maior: Dairy: Applied Farming Organizaiion: lniarmural Sporfs. ROBERT H. SIMPSON Dover Maior: Dairy: Applied Farming Organizaiion Vice Pres. I: Iniermural Sporis. Q PHILIP R. SMITH Claremom' Maier: Applied Farming: NHOC: Sailing Assoc.: Horri- culiure Club: Applied Farming Org.: Newman Club. RICHARD B. SMITH Porismouill Major: Dairy: Crass Secrelary: Applied Farming Organi- zafion: Iniermural Sporis: Dean's Lisi. y :ini-i-f3:,e: .i. if I: . V u.a,f -V if I M54 rv, ifeffef -i I A 'il I 'ilxLL ?iFf rx. T s l 'ir 54' -an gsnev SmiIl1, P. Smiih, R. Tillinghasi' Wheeler CONRAD W. STARR, JR. Newpori Maior: Dairy: Applied Farming Organizaiion. LESLIE P. TALLARICO Wilion Maior: I-lorliculiure: Nl-IOC. ROBERT O. TILLINGHAST Ogunquif, Maine Maier: Horficuliureg Nl-IOC: Canlerbury Club: Horii- culiure Club: Applied Farming Organizaiion. J. THOMAS WHEELER Berlin Nlaior: Dairy: Applied Farming Orqanizaiion: Iniermural Sporls: Newman Club. SENIORS applied farming students not pictured JOSEPH S.PELlS HENRY R. BORCHERS, JR. Exeter Hinsdale Maior: Poultry: Applied Farming Organization. Horticulture THOMAS B. HEAVNER RICHARD L. SPRAGUE Keene M 'orz Poultry. Portsmouth al Maior: Poultry CLIFFORD R. WHIPPIE Winchester Major: Poultry: Poultry S cience Club. ROBERT S. WILLIAMS Soulli Sutton Ch 'i Applied GERALD E. THORNE Stratford Poultry Major: Dairy l-lusbanclryp AFP: Concert org ' ' " ' SCMq Canterbury Club: Dean's Farming Organization, List. Wliippio Williams 4331. I5l 1,-2 CTIVITILES student council Allan PoTTer, PresiclenT Thomas BarreTT, Vice-PresidenT Gerald Nolan.Secre1'ary ' ruglfqi l VH A il " , alfienigiflf fifiai' MLM-fr 1955143 . wel -ef f ,.-' f frff .1 : THE' mr- si l . . V ,i ' il I William lvlclielvie, Treasurer John B. Davis, Jr., Dean oi Men l-lE esTablishmenT of a permanenT oTTice aT NoTch Hall, opened Tive days weekly and managed by a parT-Time secreTary, enabled The STudenT Council This year To Take over more maTTers relaTing direcTly To The sTudenT body and To deal wiTh These problems in an eTiicienT manner. A sTep oT greaT imporTance Taken aT The beginning OT The year was The assumpTion loy The Council OT responsibiliTy Tor a maior parT oT The operaTion OT The moTor vehicle regulaTions oT The UniversiTy. STudenT violaTions and complainTs have been clealT wiTh by sTuolenTs insTead oT The adminisTraTive person- nel. This move marked an imporTanT sTep Torward in The drive Tor more sTudenT selT-governmenT on This campus. Taking The lead in a new Tield, STudenT Council sponsored a conTerence Tor The leaders oT Men STudenT GovernmenTs in The Land GranT Colleges oT New England. New Hamp- shire's lead in This Tield indicaTes To oTher schools iTs keen inTeresT in The promoTion oT selT-government The Council This year considered such maTTers as joining The NaTional STudenT AssociaTion, class and sTudenT govern- menT elecTions, and sTudenT welTare in general. Along wiTh The AThleTic DeparTmenT, The Council helped 'subsidize and arrange Tor The aTTendance oT The cheerleaders and The band aT OTT-campus TooTloall games. l l l il Fourllw row: Bourn, W.: Redfern, L.: Brouillard, R. Fillh row: Long, C.: Whilfemore, R.: l-laubriclc, W.: Morse, R.: Vialora, R. Nor picluredz Donald Hulroyd, Daniel Dillon, Gordon Dooliflle, Slanley Salnowskl. Donald Leavull. i O 12 6' Firsf row: Benoii, D.: wen H e if kowski, J,: Tupper, N. Second row Bulfrick L Merrill, W.: Robinson, A Third row Brown D Skinner, R., Dalwar V Phyllis Killam President Frances Dame Vice-President ,J -Qfk association of women students Patricia Shaw Segzreta ry fe? Betty Greene Treasurer I56 1i'iw,f+'f i Es: s. - "- :L ,2- Sf-' E215 .fl ' -- :1'-- .1f'+v'x.-A -" Ap' Q 1 2 ' 51 i 'nzkzf-:Qfiif , N. -: .-. ',..,w -.vm .35 M ii ':. lj 3124? -'jen .. ,- , .::- :T:,...1. :EE - :.3',g,.--A 53- -25, i . --TBS '-'JT F' .-.3 :5 - - .f-"' -If 7,232 -- -'AV' , 1:1 ":,1T 3 ' ..-' f ,R f' 2 K ' HE AssociaTion oT Women STuclenTs is an organizaTion in which membership is aT- Torded all women regisTered as sTudenTs aT The UniversiTy oT New Hampshire. ITs represenTaTive governing body is called The ExecuTive Council and is composed oT elecTed members in addiTion To The presidenTs oT The Three upper-class women's dor- miTories. The obiecTives oT The AssociaTion of Women STudenTs are: To promoTe The highesT sTandards oT honor and inTegriTy in all maTTers OT personal conducTq To enacT and enTorce laws in all maTTers operaTing Tor The welTare oT The members and which do noT Tall under The immediaTe iurisdicTion OT The adminisTraTion: and To encourage acTive co-operaTion in The work OT self-governmenjr among The women sTudenTs, which is imporTanT in bringing Them TogeTher as a working uniT. The acTiviTies oT The execuTive council oT The AssociaTion oT Women STudenTs con- sisT oT hearing cases oT minor inTracTions oT UniversiTy rules by women sTudenTs and holding an inTormal Tea held each Tall in honor oT The Treshman girls. Periodically during The year The ExecuTive Council calls a convocaTion aT which aTTendance is required oT all women sTudenTs. AT These "convos" prominenT speakers are TeaTured and discussions oT exisTing rules governing women sTudenTs are held: The council Takes Them up wiTh The UniversiTy oTTicials and Then puTs Them To a voTe oT The sTudenT body aT The Time oT elecTions in The spring. Furman, J. Huclcins, J. Campbell, P. Bridle, B. Lawrence. L. Marshall, J. Sanderson, J. Hayes, J. 1' em... i. X N' 75:- l57 the granite Feb. 27, l95O The Affic Ballard Hall EAR guys and gals, Well, if was a long, hard sfruggle buf we made if! Here if is-your GRANITE! Hope you like if-we added, we subfracfed, and we racked our brains 'fill now we feel fhaf we can read fhe finished producf wifh "fafherly" pride. We, fhe edifors, have worked and worried: we've worked 'fill dawn many a nighfg we've losf our friends and failed 'ro influence people: we've sweafed ouf deadlines: we've harassed fhe felephone operafors lun-huh, you are parfly responsible for fhaflg we've flunked exams lmore 'n onelg we've REALLY faken ad- vanfage of fhe unlimifed cuf sysfem liusf ask our profsl, and we have made general nuisances of ourselves all over campus. And JUST EOR YOU! Ain'f we nice, now? Anyway, here's your GRANITE-now, Joe, you can find ouf who belongs fo fhose blue eyes fhaf haunf you in Hisfory 2 class. And Susie, iusf flip over a few pages and you'll find a picfure of fhaf wonderful homo- sapien lwe fook biologyl complefe wifh NH sweafer and famous grin. Seriously, fho, kids, we hope fhaf you aren'f dis- appoinfed, buf if you do have any gripes send fhem in fo our complainf deparfmenf lwhich we'll organize upon receiving 500 or more complainfsl. Excuse fhe inferrupfion, buf fhe foofhpicks fhaf have been holding our eyes open fell ouf-fherefore fhe recess for a shorf snooze before fhe chief once again cracked fhe whip. Ooops! Runnin' ouf of space-bye! Special Assisfanfs Grace Ausfin, Secrefary Janef Sundeen, Women's Sporfs Philip Simoulis, Senior Secfion Claire Lamie, Feafures Clerical ' Pafricia Barry Connie Easfman Roslyn Robinson Maurice Belanger Jean Garside Donald Spadone Muriel Bragdon Lorna Hadley Ellen Sanborn Marga Buhrer Lois Hayes Phyllis Sproul Barbara Campbell Enid Hill Jean Sfockwell Jean Chrisfopher Pafricia Kling Barbara Wiegand Joan Dale Polly Perley Ann Whifing Caryl Dineen Roberf Riedeman Doris Zocchi -1- 'if 5.-4 ,G x 4? ,Q ..,,,....,..- Top leff Edward Duffy Assoclare Ecllfor Anne Marne Flanagan Fra? Sor Edllor Top righlc Harry Fellbaum, Sporrs Ecliforq Mar- iorie Holmes, Senior Eclilor. Cenfer lefi: Janaf Suncleen, Phillip Simoulis, Grace Aus- lin, Assisranls. Canrer right Joy Ahrendr. Fealures Edifor: Marlin Smiflw, Adverrising Edifor. Borrom leff: Nancy Brackefl, Barbara MacNamara. Pholography Co-Edifors. Bor- Tom righr: Sylvia Collins, Organizarions Ecli- rorg Phil Neugebauer, Ari Edilor. fv- 'rt I ... gli ORGED amid iangling phones, claTTering Type- wriTers and exciTed voices, The campus and communiTy news is weekly welded TogeTher by The craTTsmen oT The New Hampshire, The oTiicial undergraduaTe newspaper oT The UniversiTy. EnTirely sTudenT operaTed and conTrolled, The paper has consisTenTly been among The mosT vigorous champions OT sTudenTs' righTs on cam- pus and has acTed as The voice OT The sTudenT body. lTs crusading spiriT has been Tempered by a sense oT high responsibiliTy and The knowledge oT iTs privileged posiTion as a channel oT opin- ion and inTormaTion beTween sTudenTs and ad- minisTraTion. The New l-lampshire's influence and presTige has been commensuraTe wiTh iTs sucs cess in TuncTioning under These principles oT good iournalism. The paper has TreaTed exTensively such issues as The poliTical ban, grading proTs and safe driv- the new hampshire lx Leo Redfern. ediTor-in-chieT. ' l James WaTson, business manager: BurTon Nich- ols, associaTe ediTorp ArT Grant managing ecliTor. ing campaigns. IT has puT ouT special ediTions Tor dedicaTions, dances and oTher large social TuncTions. lTs coverage is as compleTe as space and money permiT. DespiTe The Turmoil and confusion in The news oiliices The inTernal sTrucTure oT The organizaTion allows iT To TuncTion rapidly and eTTicienTly. The New l-lampshire sponsors The Press Club, a Torum OT eminenT iournalisTs who speak on newspaper Topics. IT has insTiTuTed The pracTice oT awarding sTerling Journalism Keys To reporT- ers who have done ouTsTanding work. One oT The mosT successTul programs of inTer- nal improvemenT was made when The paper es- Tablished a Tield Training program Tor sTudenTs working on The sTaTi. Under This program, quali- Tied reporTers are recommended by The EdiTor To publishers oT regular commercial newspapers who hire These sTudenTs as parT-Time workers or as campus correspondenTs. fx The New Hampshire Takes considerable pride in iTs Personal Achievemenlr Award, a Trophy . . which is presenTed annually To ThaT sTudenT whose 1 ouTsTanding personal achievemenTs exemplify and are consisTenT wiTh The highesT ideals of The 'r' UniversiTy. ' 1 "'5: Q eff T? l I V Good characTer is ThaT qualiTy which malces one courageous when Taced wiTh greaTer volosTa- 'Li , -- 4 cles, and which endows one wiTh The Tirmness '- ' ' . ' which comes Trom wise selT-discipline. Because fli I ii The developmenT oT good characTer is The es- T sence oT educaTion, The New Hampshire Teels ThaT sTudenTs possessing These virTues To an ouT- I i sTandir1g degree should receive recogniTion in The Torm oT The Personal AchievemenT Award. The New Hampshire sponsored Shirley Hoyle in The MosT BeauTiTul New England Coed con- TesT and Miss Hoyle was crowned Queen over IO oTher conTesTanTs. fill ,- 1. . 'l'l5:-.r V, ,ii x . K , lf" I- 'T The campus weelcly is a member oT The New in l' Hampshire Weelcly Publishers AssociaTion and ,, sl Top ediTors aTTend The annual AssociaTion ban- The New Hampshire has consisTenTly received The Winged VicTory Trophy presenred To a TirsT-class honor raTing from The AssociaTed Miss Norma Farrar, firsT recipienT of The Personal AchievernenT Award. CollegiaTe Press. William Reid, sporTs ediTor: Virginia Deschenes, news ediTor: Jane Black, adv. manager, William Bingham, news ediTor: Barbara Grinnell. Jr., managing ediTorg Ann Silver, news ediTor. rage- -- - ff 'T '1 l A i i,,I.-, ' ,i. T., l, V 4 L ' 'I' , T111 . x.,,f I6I iff 1 -' -.. J V V P v s- vm 5 dw Y ,4 wx 'PQ ' In X -' 4 -1 ' ri- - 5311" A f igq-Q-ji ' Y ,' :j4f,1.! . ,W 35 ' ."" -' senior skulls .f5i"l'E' ,,,gQ3f"f-ii is ff , -- ,.,Q,,.,, v 5 Q .3121 :Qi 1 zz g ' A ,...,,, 55555215 I .if .pf at EEF' l ' 'l ", '-:.:- ' ' . 4. l fs ' sv sf. ., :V A' 'iii 29 . ' ."--,-Z. .... , fi 4 .pil ,E :Q r 1 lflymw V, - '. -wg.. ,K ..., ., e . . ,,.,- ,T ': ' 555231122 2-1 1, ' ' 14,71- : J' ,ig-11: ' :if 3- - 'Qu ff'-gs. f 'EZ 5' I 1' -"li-27:-' Earl Barnes, Presidenl John Gage, Vice-Presidenl Alan Kiepper, Treasurer William Mefca ll. Secrela ry L V.. F. 1 A r 1 162 RGANIZED in l909, The Senior Skulls was The TirsT senior men's honorary socieTy aT New Hampshire. IT was 'Founded by a group oT seniors who wished To bring recognilrion To leading men oT The class. Membership is limiTed To TiTTeen men who have in Their TirsT Three years proved Their abiliTy as leaders in exTra-curricula acTiviTies as well as soholarship. C. Long, R.Jervis R. Harwood. G. Kachavos. S. Young. G. Reidell B. LeighTon, R. Davis, B. Nichols. G. Brown ObiecTives of The socieTy are The recogniTion of sTudenT leadership and assislrance in advancing The welfare and preslrige of The college. The Skulls have encouraged Triendliness among The sTudenTs by building a sTrong inTramural pro- gram and acTing as hosTs To visiTing aThleTic Teams. l 3 'W ,Aid V' "- "T Qs.- ,-L: 1 x l l ' iff lar. . lf xxx' N l l l John Hollingsworih, Presicleni James Bailey, Vice-Presidenf Sydney Merrill, Secrefaryffreasurer Ju 0 Mg! f Gilman. G. Molloy E Robie, F. Varney S blue key LUE KEY, a men's honorary sociely, was organized in l92l loy a group of seniors who fell lhe need of anolher such sociely on campus. Since ilsiounclalrion, lhe sociery has aided in lhe evoluiion of various campus reforms and has made a malerial confriloulion lo The spirir and Jrradi- lions of ihe Universiiy. No more Than fiflreen men of The iunior class are selecled each spring la become aclive members lhe nexl fall. Can- clidaies for membership are selecled on Jrhe following quali- ficarionsx successful pariiciparion in exlra-curricular aclivi- lies, qualifies of leadership as revealed by coniribuiions io The campus life and service ro lhe Universily, and a saiis- I64 V hr' g X . 5 1 I 1 . Swelcla. A. ' Chase, R. Millman, J. Mikszenas, R. Redfern, L. BarreTT. T. KaTsiaTicas, G. Webb. R. TacTory academic record in The TirsT Three years oT under- graduaTe sTudy. The Two mosT ouTsTanding evenTs sponsored and super- vised by Blue Key are The colorTul MayoraliTy Campaign each Tall and The annual STunT NighT Program in The early spring. ln addilrion To These evenTs, The members oT The socieTy parTicipaTe in many oTher campus acTiviTies, one oT The mosT inTeresTing being The annual baskeTball game beTween Blue Key and an all-sTar girls' Team aT WinTer Carnival Time. This year's members oT Blue Key sponsored a permanenT scholarship which is awarded To an ouTsTanding member oT The incoming iunior class who has shown The required quali- Ties OT scholarship, leadership, and parTicipaTion in campus acTiviTies, The scholarship was given Tor The TirsT Time aT This year's STunT NighT Program. I65 T .rx x , Ridley, L. MarsTon, N. Killam, P. Thorne, V. Dame. F. l-lolder, E. mortar board N I938 The local socieTy, Cap and Gown, was admiTTed To mem- bership in The narional senior women's service honorary TraTerniTy, lvlorTar Board. The purposes OT lVlorTar Board are To promoTe college loyalTy, To mainTain a high sTandard OT scholarship, To advance The spiriT oT service and Tellowship among UniversiTy women, To recognize and encourage leadership, and To sTimulaTe and develop a Tiner Type oT college woman. On The basis oT leadership and service To The UniversiTy, as well as scholarship, nine girls are chosen Trom The iunior class in May oT each year. A weelc aTTer The impressive midnighT Tapping ceremony, a Tormal iniTiaTion and banqueT are held. During Freshman OrienTaTion Weelc, lv1orTar Board cooperaTes wiTh The AdminisTraTion in welcoming incoming Treshmen and TransTers, and helps acquainT Them wiTh campus liTe in Durham. ln addiTion, This small buT eTTicienT group sponsors The Big and LiT+le SisTer pro- gram and picnic, The November Tea Tor Treshmen held aT The home oT PresidenT Adams, and aT The end oT The TirsT semesTer, a "SmarTy" parTy which honors Treshmen wiTh a high scholasTic average. Funds Tor The group's many proiecTs are raised by The lv1orTar Board dance and a beneTiT bridge. I66 Furman, J. Kenney, M. Lorna Ridley, PresidenT Nancy Marsfon, Vice-PresidenT Phyllis Killam, SecreTary JaneTTe Furman, Treasurer sophomore sphinx HE Sophomore Sphinx. newly reorganized honorary socieTy, is com- posed oT TwenTy-Tour sophomores. Members include The sopho- more class orciicers, The sophomore sTudenT council members, A. W. S. member, and The Treshmen class oTFicers oT The previous year, plus :T 'L as L- appoinTed members. L-.ia--' 1 - 4 The purpose oT The Sphinx is To enforce The Freshman rules, which were broughT back on campus This year. During Freshman Week, The Sphinx members conducTed Tours on campus and gave lecTures Q,m,l,M7' ,MR To The freshmen sTressing The TacT ThaT Freshman rules are Tor The wrlibrl Ilff fiiljffgfy Z Tun oT all and are To increase school spiriT. In The Tall The Freshmen my-fl"L-'klsrwyf - 'EXE wore beanies and marched en masse behind The band To The home TooTball games where They saT in Da body and cheered under The Q24 - dlrechon oT Their own Freshmen pepkiTTens'. Prexy's promenade lent su was considered "ouT oT bounds" and They were required To remove -1..- Their beanies under T-l-lall arch, as well as greeT each upperclassman wiTh a cheery "hil" 'T-Sl Each week The Sphinx held a Freshmen CourT aT which rules "of- --i Tenders" were given penalTies, such as: sweeping "Prexy's Prom," washing Commons' sTeps, shining shoes under T-Hall arch, eTc. Freshmen rules were abolished UniversiTy Day when The Treshmen Teams broughT a humiliaTing deTeaT To The sophomores. FirsT row: PaTricia Shaw. Joyce Cook, sec.: William McKelvie. pres.: STanley Farynairz, vice-pres.: Lawrence MarTin, Trees.: CaTherine Irish. Second row: PaTricia Wilkie, James Shea, John Jacobs- meyer, George BreTTon. RoberT Whiflemore, Muriel Darling. Third row: RuTh GoldThwaiTe, STanley Sakowski, CarlTon Allen, VicTor Dahar, John Pasqual, Jeanne, Miville. NoT picTured: HerberT Follans- bee, Joan Briqhiman, Travis NuTTing, RoberT Lilliedahl, Paul Weeks. fl i 'Fi'-P A +2 ' . -- . -.- 5 es of . 167 l , ,- Hui. aut' student christian movement First row: Marie Reed, sec.: Norma Farrar, Jane Hayes, vice-pres.: Phyllis Spattord, pres. Second row: Robert Dorman, Howard Daly, vice-pres.: John Hall, Richard Armstrong, William White. Not pictured: Neil Butiett, 'treas.g David Crowell, Lora Lawrence. Jean Farrar. 4.1s4eaI113i':?2-so, .. ,. e ,.1f.3.g.-'-,-gy Q fsv.-.- .g. .3114 gy. ii' Xitiitwiittl?-2'-2E2E?i:ft1p In-J-'-gL'Q'g.e W ,I-. k?,,, 2g.,,,,,,, ',.5:gj 1: W4 - Xe- v2:Lgj3r,- X934-33?-,12f 1 ZZ 15512211 -ff 4516" " 422, 4 'lf-7'C'. sv ' ' is - ' -e-:"'e ,-,. f gg . zgggsi - V . i - ,. . P' :iff 'r A .:, 5 .ix-. 5, jp- xg, I V 'F 1 cjr- 13, 'xx ' -:fr ' if u egg ,Aj 'L 1 1 sz' -3- ,-. . 4- hr-ge va . iii.-' -""'I5i'.t"iltt-5-"'Q. f' 2,5 X "' wrist: -w-":rT'.."Z f 3 1 - v.-x--S15 :' I - -. -5. X515-fi, :ass f 1 V . - :- f'-.".fg., 4124? ,-' i m f. 'I-:' APA 9' .-" .L -21-fa-es 'f-,'-,szf-2-1'- -:lf -3:!'f-:-vkga, Qi A,q7, ' fqsf.3,.-' ffifi'Z2-7:-fg:g:Q..+.x:gfxfirzgwf l-lE Student Christian Movement is an inclu- sive religious organization cornbining Chris- tian groups in a program ot worship, study, and action. Its purpose is to develop a tellowship ot students united in the desire to understand the Christian taith and live the Christian lite in real- istic awareness. The S. C. M. is sponsored by the United Protestant Association. Within the organization are tour permanent Commissions: Christian Her- itage, Personal and Campus Relations, Com- munity Responsibilities and World Relatedness. These Commissions promote many activities in- cluding Deputations, Retreats. Bible and inter- cultural Study, Chapel Services, Faculty Fire- sides, and a Marriage Course. The organiza- tion also sponsors Freshman Camp, Student- Faculty Week, and a Christmas Decorations con- test. The spiritual and executive center ot S. C. M. is the Cabinet which is composed ot the tive otti- cers, tour commission chairmen, and the publicity. and membership committee chairmen. The stati and cooperating statt as determined by the U. P. A. are ex-otiicio members. Planning and executing a strategic campus program is the responsibility ot the Cabinet. - 1 -fi geneva? l HE CanTerbury Club is The oTTicial sTudenT or- ganizaTion Tor Episcopalian sTudenTs in col- leges and universiTies ThroughouT The world. A loosely TederaTed movemenT, iTs'purpose is To TosTer a fellowship among Episcopal sTudenTs in six areas oT ChrisTian acTiviTy: sTudy, prayer, uniTy, worship, Evangelism, and giving. The Can- Terbury Club aT UNH Takes iTs place in The ToTal religious life oT The campus sharing in The Uni- versiTy Religious Council programs and plans. The Canierbury Club This year has a member- ship of sevenTy-six sTudenTs who meeT The TirsT and Third Thursdays OT each monTh. The yearly program revolves around The purpose of The club wiTh appropriaTe Trips To orher churches, and To hear disTinguished speakers. To Tollow up The program aT home Chaplain's hours are held each semesTer. In addiTion To These acTivi- Ties, The club parTicipaTes in The New England annual conference on The MinisTry Tor Men, and The conference on VocaTions in The Church Tor Women. Also, an annual dance is sponsored by The club and The closing evenTs of The year's acTiviTies are The Annual BanqueT and The Visi- TaTion of The Bishop. canterbury club FirsT row: Richard Hogan, Elaine Sawyer, Mary BeTh Crouch, Nancy Dinsmore, Trees., R. Eugene Rice, pres.: FaTher Randall Giddings, advisor: Nancy WebsTer, sec.: E. TraTTon Vangas, Barbara Wiegand, Elinor Burleigh. Sec- ond row: Lois Kezar, Imogene OpTon, ElizabeTh Brown, William CroTT, RoberT TillinghasT, lvan Burnell, George Manuel, Thomas Addison. Edwin Churchill, Naomi Jordan, Virginia CvalbraiTh, Elaine JohnsTon. Third row: Lora Joan Lawrence, Ross Hall, Barbara Lane, JonaThan HunTing- Ton, Ray Campbell, Roland JuTras. Barbara Newall, Charles Bowman, June Cook. Fourih row: Angel Asadoorian, Ro- berTa OpTon, Nancy Miller. Edward Chadbourne, Fred Ballhaussen, Marshall HunT, ConsTance Severence, Dolores SmiTh, MargareT Coombs, PaTricia Berry. Noi' picfuredz Hope MacDonald. . v - ---4.-zz.-..- ,EEEET ' 5- 'i, .if - fo Ti . - 0 2-. 1 - f '5 .. ? ' . : - .2 Sr, '-Ee 1 " : E ,f - : f, 6' f' , . T - 'T' T 5531-fffT7:s A: 188 - - n il - 1- 'T - 'E if 1? - f + 3 - .wii :- :L .E7'L' 1- newman club NEWMAN CLUB COUNCIL FirsT row: FaTher J. Desmond O'Connor, chaplain: Anne Crawford, Gerald Nolan, CharloTTe Sheehy, sec.: Richard Brouillard, pres.: Joseph Vachon, Trees.: Norma Farrar, Joyce McCue, Marcia Sullivan, John Ahern, Second row: Noreen Joy, Lois Greaves, Mary STanulis, James McCon- nell, John Reardon, Maurice Belanger, Eugene BoudeTTe, Francis Penney. Mary Kenney, Delores Holleran, Mary Jane Wedge. Third row: Raymond OuelleTTe. VicTor Four- nier, Thomas BarreTT, Nicholas Capron, Leonard Emond, Roger DuponT, MarTin King, Thomas Brannen, Leo E. Redfern, l-lerberT Wheeler. FourTh row: James Shea, Vernon LeTourneau, Edward Capron, Paul VerreTTe, RoberT Morin, l-lugh Cassidy, Thomas O'Brien. Nof picTured: Ann Marie Flanagan, vice-pres.: Barbara l-laTch, 'Y 'ri' i'q::,3-if-X 1-. ry surf X. A 'ff t-D' N- 'P :Nh eff' ' f A T ' s...-f' r 'T T. T "M X X. 4 QA -T i ...Sh Wi' .' 'T T 1 i X gg A. i', , ' V --- 1f.'::.ixY:- XX' I 3,9 fe -gh-5:11:23- X :J " X 3 TN.-NW .1: '1' Q ---.... .xu ..1. ..:-. Y 1 HE purpose oT The Newman Club is To TosTer The spiriTual, educaTional, and social liTe oT CaTholic sTudenTs aT The Universiry. The paTron oT our organizaTion is John l-lenry, Cardinal New- man. Our club moTTo is: Cor ad Cor LoquiTor. -Newman Club was Tounded aT The UniversiTy OT Pennsylvania in IS93. Since Tha+ Time mem- bership has grown To 80,000 in The 300 Newman Clubs EederaTion. Since our club merged wiTh The TederaTion in l938, iT has Tlourished under The consTanT guidance and capable leadership oT The chaplain. Rev. EaTher J. Desmond O'Connor. A viTal parT oT The organizaTion is The Coun- cil consisTing oT a repre-senTaTive Trom each dor- miTory, TraTerniTy, and sororiTy. The council mem- bers keep all members in close conTacT wiTh all Club acTiviTies. The acTiviTies Tor which Newman Club is besT known are: iTs annual play, a spring ouTing, all- universiTy sporTs' nighT, The ChrisTmas Dance, and The Communion Breakfast all annual evenTs. Members oT The club have oTTen served as oTTicers oT The New England Province and have also acTed as hosTs To The ConvenTion when iT convened in Durham. F, v L HE Hillel Foundaiion aT The Universilry OT New Hampshire was organized To provide re- ligious, c:ulTural, and social TuncTions Tor Jewish sTudenTs and any oThers who are inTeresTed. The club calendar has been Tull during boTh semesTers. Friday evening services, supper meeT- ings wiTh Topics oT currenT inTeresT being dis- cussed, Sunday morning brealcTasTs wiTh lox and bagels, and Israeli dancing have been parT oT The acTiviTies. This year The Hillel newspaper was reacTivaTed and has proved To be very suc- cessTul. Hillel Club sponsored an all-campus dance To welcome The year I95O. Balloon Tilled New Hampshire Hall was The scene OT an enjoyable evening Tor The many who aTTended The dance. Our represenTaTives on The InTerTaiTh Coun- cil have co-operaTed wiTh The oTher religious groups in sponsoring Religious Emphasis Week which was held in April. The acTiviTies of Hillel were TerminaTed Tor The year in May aT The annual banqueT where new oflficers were insTalled. Keys and cerTiTicaTes were given To Those members whose worlc in Hillel over The years had been ouTsTanding. Rabbi Aaron llson, ToundaTion advisor, made The presenTaTions. hillel foundation FirsT row: Barbara Freedman, HerberT Lis, Treas.: Phyllis Berson, sec.: Bernard Delman, pres.: Hilda Woolfson. Edward Baker, HarrieT Kaplan. Second row: JudiTh Kali- man, Joel Bass, Sheldon Adler, STuarT Shaines, RoberT Kaiser, Harold Achber, Phoebe Goodman. Third row: Vivian Landau, AniTa Saidel, Herman EluTo, Gerald Kap- lan, Gerald Carmen, Myron RoThschild, Ann Silver. FourTh row: Selma Richelson, Roslyn Oberlander, Lawrence SchwarTz, Harlan FuersTein, Sidney Gross, RoberTa Brad- barr, Beverly Borr. ii 4 'E' T THE BOARD FlrsT row Dean EvereTT B. SackeTT, ForresT LiTTle, vice-pres.: Harry McNeil, pres.: Maxine ArmsTrong, sec James Gele Trees.: Mrs. Phyllis McDonald, DirecTor. Second row: Mrs. Clara BarTley, Mary CrockeTT Edwin Robinson, Leigh Cree, RoberT Viafora, ElizabeTh Sprague. Persis Blair. HE STudenT Union was Tounded in The spring OT I948, wiTh The obiecT oT providing a recreaTional, culTural, and educaTionaI cenTer Tor The sTudenTs. Housed Temporarily in Durham NoTch Hall, The Union has become The mosT acTive S t u d e u n I0 n organizaTion on campus. The execuTive body is The STudenT Union Board whose primary TuncTion is To coordinaTe and approve The policies carried ouT by The commiTTees. f. A The seven commiTTees were esTablished To conducT The .ggi --i 1235353 - service, recreaTional. and culTural programs, available To all. einer- The STudenT Union oTTice is open Trom Ten a.m. unTil Ten- ThirTy p.m. every school day oT The year. From This oTTice services such as The TransporTaTion pool, TuToring pool. and V The handling oT game equipment magazines and papers, are '4 rendered. ik! The social program, designed To make available To The 1 i if , sTudenTs every Type oT social gaThering, included cabareTs, 'T open house, Halloween and ValenTine parTies, song TesTs, an szifxrez annual semi-Tormal dance, and many inTormal dances. The -i CulTural program included TaculTy coTTee hours, lecTures wiTh visiTing speakers, open discussions, an annual TalenT show, i- A debaTes and music hours. 1 ff- New addiTions To The S. U. This year include a I6 inch Television seT, several hundred dollars worTh oT records, Two TypewriTers Tor sTudenT use, and a new Long-Play record player. PAGE OPPOSITE While some play aT NoTch Hall, oThers work. RepresenTaTive acTiviTies oT The commiTTees are TeaTured on This page. Top row: leTT, CommuTers: righT, STudenT Service. Row 2: leTT, Winner oT TalenT Show presenTed by CulTural RecreaTiong cenTer, conTesTanTsg righT, sTudenTs line aT The TounTain in The NoTch. Row 3: leTT, one oT The many dances sponsored by Social Recrealriong righT, NoTch Hall in January. Row 4: leTT, PubliciTy: righT, Finance CommiTTee. I72 l 1 ,- Q IBS? 'QQ -5:-1 ,ff-fflkl 1' ,GQQLQ Y V12 2 .gd-.-...Q T ' 7?X4V' if , 3 J. 's .X nv v 'H . CS. 5" V .m.,gE: ...I wb cv-, A-,..-I X RT v K C w S .lk 1 , H ff F 17,12 'A :.' , - Am I K RN f I , 7 ' ed YV lf' 1 I : 4- i .f 5 if H'-if -If s ""'fw .. . 'G if ' ' Wf- 1- ' ,. 1 , , 1 ' 'N Wu: - f -1, Lv .J 1 ' Q 2 OJ 1 st 3 4' fgy,-If f -'f' f in f' - Y 1.47" 1 1 ,J-v-"' -,.. -1,4L- outing club l-TE UniversiTy oT New Hampshire OuTing Club proudly holds The honor oT having The largesT membership and The mosT sTudenT parTicipaTion of any oT our campus organizaTions. The club owns and mainTains Two passenger Trucks, and Three cabins locaTed aT lvlendum's Pond, Jackson, and Franconia. The locaTion oT These cabins enables The club To oTTer a varied program oT hiking, sailing, skiing, mounTain climb- ing, Tishing, and supper parTies Tor all Those in- TeresTed in parTicipaTing. WiTh OuTing Club's large membership, The governing body, Blue Circle, carries on The acl- minisTraTive duTies oT The club. By an exTensive heeling sysTem, ThirTy members OT ouTsTanding leadership abiliTies are selecTed each year To serve on This governing body. 7---wsnagf-h,-KIA W A One oT The club's mosT ouTsTanding acTiviTies A OT The year is The annual Tour-day WinTer Car- -la."-i-.. nival wiTh iTs varied program oT The coronaTion. An OuTing Club member displays his besT ski-booT dGI'1C6, movies, TOFITIGT ball, ski GVGFITS, form during 6 'ace' ice show, and social skiing. CompeTiTion beTween The houses is enjoyed as snow sculpTures rise, and ski evenTs oTTer Their challenge. This year, as "G-uiTe" McMurTrie swings a mean axe aT Four UNI-l'ers ready To make a Franconia. day Of Skiing. ' 19g 43 in years pasT, The campus experienced a lack oT snow scare: buT, The week-end proved To be very successTul under The leadership of Bill MeTcalTe. The Sailing AssociaTion oT The OuTing Club also has an exTensive program consisTing oT rac- ing, sailing insTrucTion, shore school, and movies which iT oTTers iTs immediaTe members, as well as The resT oT The campus. The members oT This group played an acTive parT in our annual lvioTher's Day acTiviTies lasT year by holding a clam bake in Their honor down on The shore. Their sTanding in The racing field has also been commendable during The pasT year. RecenTly, The club has incorporaTed 'a Board oT TrusTees in iTs consTiTuTion whose TuncTion is To promoTe The expansion oT The club's TaciliTies in The ouTdoor Tield Tor The use oT The under- graduaTe group, as well as Tor our alumni. We are very TorTunaTe in having many oT our ablesT alumni inTeresTed in This Tield as acTive members oT The board. WiTh This being The lceynoTe To OuTing Club's presenT acTiviTies, we have been very pleased wiTh The TormaTion and TuncTions oT Blue Circle This year. This year The club acTed as hosT To The an- nual lnTercollegiaTe OuTing Club AssociaTion's conTerence wiTh represenTaTives Trom colleges in all The norTheasTern sTaTes presenT. Problems common To all clubs were discussed and social acTiviTies enjoyed. FirsT row: Rodney Webb, Jane Hayes, Shirley Currier, sec.: Fred PiTman, pres.: William MeTcalTe, vice-pres., Norma Perkins, Trees.: BeTTy Perley, Alan Kiepper. Sec- ond row: Raymond OuelleTTe, Carolyn Brownrigg, Virginia Quinn, Clarence Wadleigh, Jr., Haven Owen, Edward Lynch, William SlaneTz, Joseph Vachon, Priscilla Winslow, AlberT Hood. Third row: Mariorie Evans, MargareT Wil- lard, Arlene Roy, JaneT Sanderson, PaTricia Wood, Hilda SmiTh, Leigh Cree, Barbara HunT, Lorna Hadley, BeTTy Ahern. Noi' picTured: Donald BenT, William Bowman, David Breclc, David Dupee, Melvin Johnson. -- -oe?6ZZZt7v,'Z 'Cav' , ' ' fo iff 1' ' 9, 7 1. 4, ' ffgca--,j'g,f,,f 4? 'ii " 4 Q1 A y ,aff-'11 ' si " '4 ' .ffif.fW 44, ,gnizv f 525' 1: f . ZX: ' f f ' we ' ,,,,T' 21? '-l"' " ff,,,,2 Z Q 9577! 1 Lf ff '73 7 02 f , :7fZ5fgfZ1Q X ' ' . f' ' g, P 'f 12.4, ,fk 1 ' phi kappa phi Firsl' row: Sfephen Weglarz, Alfred Wilson, Marsfon Chase, Carl Lien, John Brodkowicz, Charles Zecchini, Bernard Lepoff, Howard Cope, HerloerT EllioTT, Second row: Prof. Tenho Kauppinen, Trees.: Carolyn Sforer, Prof. ErnesT Boulay, sec., Maurice Meader, Dean Rufh Wood- ruTT, pres.: Pres. Arfhur S. Adams, ProT. Helen McLaugh- lin, Prof. Thomas Phillips, Prof. Philip Marsfon, Prof, Nor- man Alexander. Third row: Nancy Marsfon, Donald Ham, Prof. Clifford Parker, Ludvig Sfangeland, Richard Adams, Ralph Blanchard, Prof, Donald Chapman, Norman Myers, Harold Almond, Charmian Dunham. FourTh row: STanley Orzechwski, Jackson Newell, Daniel Hughes, Hadley Gad- bois, Richard Davis, Duane Whiffier. Joseph Bonk, Al- l:erT McReel, PaTricia Libby, Avis Gray. Fiffh row: Mary Ann Bruce, Jane Shaw, Eugene Levy, Joseph Zimmer- man, Leo Rheaume, VaranT Hagopian, Raymond La Pierre, Roscoe Pike, Joan Calkin, Muriel Kiley, Paula Gelb. Noi' picTured: WalTer Bernard, Ralph BrickeTT, Ralph Connors, Charles EasTman, STuarT French, Daniel Hearfz, Roy Hill, James Horne, Sfephen Krifikos, Ray- mond LeBouThillier. Marfin Primoshic, Charloffe SmarT, Joyce A. Thomas, Jerome Sfein. Eva Thomas, George Buckley, Paul Quinney, Roland Gray, Waldron Newell. "T ' Hl KAPPA PHI is an honorary sociefy com- posed' of graduaTe and undergraduaTe mem- bers of all deparTmenTs of American universiTies and colleges. lTs prime obiecT is To emphasize scholarship and characTer in The ThoughTs of college sTudenTs. To hold fasT To The original pur- poses for which insTiTuTions oT learning were founded, and To sTimulaTe menTal achievemenT by The prize of membership. This socieTy differs from oiher honor socieTies chiefly in The TacT Thaf iTs doors are open To sTudenTs in any de- parTmenT of sTudy in The insTiTuTion where a chapfer exisfs. The socieTy was founded aT The UniversiTy of Maine in I897, and soon became a naTional so- ciefy wiTh chapTers aT The UniversiTy oT Maine, over conTinenTal UniTed STaTes, and in The Ha- waiian and Philippine Islands. The chapTer af The UniversiTy of New Hamp- shire, which is The ThirTieTh in order OT esfalolish- menT, was organized in I922. Asmall percenTage oT senior sTudenTs who have mainTained a high scholasfic average for Three and one-half years of undergraduafe siucly are inviTed To join and are iniTiaTed each Tall and spring. " ' T ' .11'T'j-PE SI CHI is a naiional honorary psychological frarernily. The purpose of This organizaiion is primarily To advance rhe science of psychol- ogy: and secondly fo encourage, siimulaie, and mainrain ihe scholarship of rhe individual mem- bers of all academic fields, pariicularly in psy- chology. The local chapier of Psi Chi was organized ai The Universily of New Hampshire in I948, and is open 'ro graduaie and undergraduaie siudenisg principally, 'rhose majoring in psychology or in closely allied fields, who have mei ihe necessary requiremenis. The aims of rhe local chapier are 'ro carry oul ihe purposes ser up by ihe Naiional chaprer and lo promoie a greaier inieresi in psychology on This campus. The members are asked from Time To +ime io presenr 'rheir own pariicular re- search proiecrs and surveys for 'rhe discussion of rhe group. ' lllusiraied ialks and lecrures by facully, slu- denis. and guesl speakers, consiiiule a viral parr in siimularing psychological discussions and cre- aling an inreresr in Jrhe currenr psychological problems which are discussed ai 'rhe meeiings oi 'rhis socieiy. O h Q Firsi' row: Miss Doroihy Kohl, advisor: Sally Liden, sec.- freasq James Vasilas, pres.: Bernard Lepoff, vice-pres.: Dona Adams. Prof. George I-laselrud, advisor. Second row: Barbara Ellio'l"r, Cheslrer Tiius, Harry Carroll, Henry Hogue, Dwaine Whiliier, Efraim Zimror, Keifh Cooper. Third row: Charles Perkins, James Koufrelalcos, Harold Chadwick, James Waison. Noi' picfured: Clyde Slcelly, Slephen Krifikos, Roberl Bowden, Gordon Riedell, Fran- cis Hugo, Edward Kiffield. George McElroy, Norman Turcoiie, Sumner Allen. . -4' " ' f f 2 5 T , I ' , ,jff 1 ' r'f f A fl"-flffo , - C, Q, ? fffffiy ' 5 , f':,"f,,, . DZ ' 1. I wx .il , i 4 - , Z 1 ' sf- nf., f, "f, f " , ,H 1 , I, . , fa '- 'fc " -iff, 22 -zzz ,, I .- ala 6 - . . ' V Z". 2 K" fi 3 ' ' 54 ' 9. 've f - , W - : v , 1,4 -in 1- g 1 5 ' 4127 ,, , Wh , l, avg . . ,I 4' 563153 '? f,.:f, f 'UM Q Q 44 ,N 1 N Q ac fjf, 5 an ,Q . 016 si 0914, V, :f 'Q I 'ffji .3221 'ff' r Y' 5" fl .. - lffx va- Z 5 '.5,gf,, ,es , ff , gy . :,, ,, ., A ,Wg Z -,7 ', f, , ,fp fx" , . f1eZ'fQ':'4.ffZ f- wf,,4Cf,'Q4y ff psi epsilon Firsl' row: Dean Rulh WoodruFF, advisor: James Keenan. frees.: Roberl Canada, pres.: Norman Meyers, vice-pres.: John Malone, sec.: Mr. Carlos Weiman. Second row: Edwin Muzzey, I-larris Skinner, Richard Sherwood, Ken- nelh l-lamilfon, Gordon Allen, Raymond Slewarf, Sluarl Shaines, Freeman Osgood. Third row: Leroy Peflee, Val- mora Langevin, Roger Duponi, George Rollins, Thomas Addison, John Nikzis, Edward Baker, Thomas Barrefl. Fourlh row: l-lerberl Lis, Dudley Hall, Arlhur Card, Waller Kucharski, l-lerberl Lillie, Linwood l-lodglcins, Maurice Lipman. Noi picfuredz Lyle Easlman, Winlon Easlman, l-lerberl Davis, Ellsworlh Frye, Edmund Gar- land, Werner Gunlher, Theodore Moulcerezi, Peler Nes- lervich, Arlhur Oldoni, Charles l-lealer, Nicholas Kage- leiry, John Keenan, Oliver McKinnon, Frederick Ordway, Sfanley Orsechowslci, James Peylon, Dwighl' Smirh. Jack Talerinslzi, Richard Turcolle, Samuel Walerhouse, Jr., Chesier Wyskiel. L 2" 1 , ?LE-g. 3 -Z' 4:1 ' :iii- Q5: - -' 4 3 1.- Zf I '- 15. . 1: Q02 ., E' ' -' Z: .: I - 2 : - ' J' We W - - 1 - g h. ,.,, 5' 5 , E 5 T L 'Te-02 529 -ei HIS year was rhe second lull year lor Psi Epsilon, formerly known as lhe Economics- Business Club. Psi Epsilon is an honorary sociely composed ol lhose sludenrs maioring in eiiher economics or business adminislralion who have mainlained ouisianding scholasric records dur- ing rheir unclergraduare clays. The obieclives of Psi Epsilon are lo promole inleresl and unclerslanding in economics and business affairs among The members: lo advance lhe principles ol elhical business praclicesg and lo promole good cilizenship Through an under- sianding of public issues. These obieclives have been achieved Through a very exlensive program which included infor- malrive 'rallcs by experls in lhe fields of business and economics, group discussions ar lhe regu- lar meelings of Jrhe group, open forums, public leciures by emineni business aulhorilies, indus- irial films, lield lrips lo many places of inleresi lo rhe group, and lhe sludies of currenl eco- nomic lireralure noir only al club meelings, buh by lhe members ai rheir leisure. i i l x i I N l908, a+ 'rhe Universiiy of Virginia, 'rhe hon- orary frarerniiy of Tau Kappa Alpha was es- iablished. T. K. A. came 'ro New Hampshire in I926 and, excepr for 'rwo war years. has con- 'rinued sirongly ever since. There are over one hundred chapiers of T. K. A. from coasi io coasi' in rhe universiiies and colleges of The counrry. Each year ihey honor undergraduares and fac- uliy members who have fulfilled rhe requiremenis and who' have excelled in public speaking or debaring aciiviries. Here ai' Jrhe Universiiy, 1949-50 marked a bei- ier year Jrhan ever for T. K. A. As in pasr years, if again sponsored an iniramural debare which included all inieresred groups on campus. Also under iis able iurisdiciion, a new organizaiion was formed, known as 'rhe "SJrumpers." This or- ganizarion is an aciive debaiing group, under +he auspices of T. K. A.: whereas The Fraierniry has remained as an honorary group. ln Jrhe pasi several years, inrer-collegiaie de- baiing has gained much popularily and inieresi. A+ The Universiry of New Hampshire, 'rhe sup- pori and encouragemeni of Tau Kappa Alpha has done much io pur U. N. H. 'Forward in The debaiing field. tau kappa alpha Firsf row: Prof. J. Donald Bafcheller. advisor: Linwood Hodgkins, frees.: Walfer Kucharski, pres.: Leo Redfern, vice-pres., Paula Gelb, sec.: Mr. Philip Wheaion, advisor. Second row: Persis Blair, Richard Dodge, Charles Henry, Alan Kiepper, John Henry, Sfuari Shaines, Edward Baker. Third row: Sfanley Orsechowski, Dick Morse, Bob Canada, Bruce Robinson, Harold Achber, Raymond Grady. .-L r- -'- ' .-xi-F-J'-. -, . -.-.-211.-.' -.: '-rs.-.n g.j.j.ub '.54.g.-ga3g.g,.5-,:.5.g PZ., J ' 1...- tefrrfffri.-5E11'a . -11:24, 4 X - 3555, jf, df!!! fl y -. ,ya K fa "' f ff 5 X QT I v.-.-,---,Af -.0 ,. :3.Q:5:.: f',,,,' 5F:?f'1-:L'51fi--.-. sf as ',-'-'xc ' L4"I:'3ff i H ' -V3 xr' 5 WW , ,CK ,, he V! QKQXNNX 5- fir . ., t JV f' .si ii E ' - vi:f'3'.1 . .'.1,w"' 44 . -56, -W K, 5.1. ,,5' .QZWMZ Zz. "L-'Tia' . .- ,.. .7 ' ""-fn' ' . 54 ' '.-,','.-A',-' . . , - - i-Eu. lambda pi Firsf row: Dr. Clifford S. Parker, advisor: Prof. James C. Faulkner, Theresa Casfonguay, sec.: BeTTy Plafine, pres.: Mary Kenney, vice-pres., Phyllis Kovner, 'l'reas.q Prof. Julio Berzunza. Second row: Claire Currier, Prof. Alexander P. Danoff, Prof. Ernesf Boulay, Prof. J. S. Walsh, Alexander Tellou, Roy Grim, Joan HearTz. Third row: Glenna Yeafon, Nancy Marsfon, Richard Brouillard, Presfon Cheney, Arno Lepke, Maurice Landry, Pafricia Libby, Mary McSkimmon, Joan Calkin. Noi picfuredz JaneT Forslund, Pafricia Barry, Thelma Osgood, Sfanley Wenmark, David Siesicki. Joyce A. Thomas, Wilfred Harwood, Joseph Rosewafer, James Aldrich, Eva Thomas, James Hennesy, William Buehner, Gerald McCarfhy. UHG NWN gy Pnldloll. .,.r' -al i::1 T? 1 - 'S :-'T -:I 135- - f-- '- Ji' as s R0 A ' ff-'71 7- ' If '1p- ' 35.3. Q: ge. I 1, -H . -1.- ,5 , ms a Te " .- ..-11:15-1' ,- - ', - , .tick ,.aLL:.--Wu pg' , ' :lf , fiai-1-:xiii ' - -. "- ::,,r53, Q "gf'::.-as--.5 79- - . , 5' - -t-9:21 M111 4 ,---1...-1 '. z..-su ir -i "g, .ff--,I , 35-'-2Z."","--, 5: -'i:- 'ii' AMBDA Pl, honorary language socieTy, was organized on campus in 1945, in order To en- courage ancl reward superior achievemenf in for- eign languages, To unife sTudenTs of similar in- TeresTs and accomplishmenfs, and To encourage The furTher sTudy of languages in an aTTempT To undersfand The hisfory, cusfoms, and ideas of foreign peoples. IT is The hope of This organiza- Tion Thaf iTs members may help ofhers To Tind enioymenf and knowledge of merif, and ThaT They may play Their role in The developmenT of a beTTer undersfanding among The foreign lan- guages Through direcT aid whenever possible. Membership in This honorary language sociefy includes The Taculfy of The DeparTmenT of Lan- guages and sTudenTs who have obfained a high academic average and who have Taken a re- quired number of courses in languages. Talks are given on various subiecfs by The faculfy aT regu- lar club meeTings. Discussions of These subiecfs climax The meefings. The evenT of The year is The annual Pan-Amen ican Pandemonium which is held each spring in The gayly decorafed New Hampshire Hall. IT represenfs all nafions wiTh Their respecTive flags and has The afmosphere of a fair wiTh games, enTerTainmenT, and dancing. , I.. . .T "T HI LAMBDA Pl-ll, The honorary physics so- cieTy on campus, was 'Founded in l9I9. The purposes oi The socieTy are: To sTimulaTe an in- TeresT in physics Through The discussion oT scien- TiTic maTTers: and, To oTier The opporTuniTy To associaTe wiTh oThers who have muTual inTeresTs. The acTiviTies oT The socieTy are varied and are designed To saTisTy The desires of The mem- bers. Some of The acTiviTies ThaT have been scheduled during This year are demonsTraTions by sTudenTs and professors, lecTures by TaculTy members and ouTside speakers, picnics, and The annual iniTiaTion banqueT which is held in The Tall soon aTTer school commences. Also, This year The socieTy made a series oi Trips To various poinTs oi scienTiTic inTeresT. Membership in Phi Lambda Phi is open To Those sTudenTs who have achieved The required scholasTic grade in a minimum oT Twelve crediTs oT physics. Considerable presTige is associaTed wiTh membership in The socieTy and To mainTain This presTige The socieTy encourages The acTive parTicipaTion oi each member in iTs programs. phi lambda phi Firsi' row: Prof. A. R. KuhlThau, advisor: Ralph Blanchard, Richard CorreTTe, JaneTTe Furman, Treas.: Harold KiTch- ing, pres., Donald Ham, vice-pres.: Howard Cope, sec.: Harold Almond, Charles Zecchini, George Fisher. Second row: Jeanne Berry, George Gallanr, Seymour Sharps. RoberT Foulkrod, John Hayiord, STanley Van PelT, Paul VerreTTe, Harry Bowles, Leo Rheaume, VaranT Hagopian. Third row: Sidney Gross, John Brodkowicz, Donald Chap- man, William GoldThwaiTe, AlberT Morse, Craig Crowell. ChrisTos Mandrovelis, William Prindle, Frederick Russell, Edward Sparrow, Charmian Dunham, Alfred Maior. FourTh row: Maurice Meader, RoberT Davis, Frederic Ballhausen, Julius Jakobiec, Edward Cheney, Edward Demers. ErnesT Junlcins, Jaclcson Newell. HerberT EllioTT, Donald Caverly. NoT piciured: William BaTchelder, ArThur Dion, Joseph ST. Amour, James DevaliTei Wesley Paige, Jr., ScoTT Par er. , .,,,, ,.,. I W 7 I ' 1 'I'f', 2511 QQ' Z fefi-1 7 I 7 49 'Q- Q! fd af I f 7 -'ai' V 4 1 1 4 I " '- 5 I -F45 I 7 . 7 , 2 4 Q A. C Q: . Z : I : . I I X . , 5' f 'ii' Q F .3 We ----- Z .I .Rl 35' 2 ji- ? ra . ' syn, .',.,',v, , -.,,'-..,.4.,,,-'.- . E' phi upsilon omicron Firsi' row: Mrs, Helen F. McLaughlin, advisor: Jacqueline Currier, sec.: Mariorie Nichols, pres.: Mary A. Carlson, vice-pres.: Rae Phipps, Treas.: Miss ElizabeTh Edson, ad- visor. Second row: Phyllis SpaTTord, RuTh Whipple, Pris- cilla T-larTwell, Eleanor Brocklebanlc, Isabelle Keroaclc, Arlene Bailey, RuTh Olney. Third row: RuTh ChaTTee, Lucille Lawrence, Jean Peiries, Barbara Neville. Noi pic- Turecl: Barbara BennoiT. T T , 1.1 LPHA ZETA CHAPTER oT Phi Upsilon Omi- cron is a naTional honorary home economics TraTerniTy. IT was organized on This campus in T926 and was lcnown as Psi Lambda unTil T94-5 when iT became The Alpha ZeTa ChapTer OT Phi Upsilon Omicron. The purpose oT This organizaTion is To promoTe an inTeresT in home economics ThroughouT The sTaTe Through academic and social conTacTs. The acTiviTies oT Phi Upsilon Omicron consisT oT a parTy given every Tall Tor all oT The sTu- denTs in home economics To acquainT Them wiTh The purposes OT This organizaTion. This year our chapTer gave much supporT and assisTance To The dedicaTion service OT The new George Mar- Tin PuTnam building. Each semesTer an iniTiaTion service is held, Tollowed by a banqueT Tor The new iniTiaTes. Upperclassmen wiTh ouTsTanding scholasTic records, parTicularly in The Tielcl oT home economics, as well as noTeworThy personal qualiiies are selecTed Tor membership. Each year The Alpha ZeTa Chaplrer OT Phi Upsilon Omicron sponsors The home economics award which is presenTed To ThaT senior girl maioring in home economics who has shown The greaTesT achievemenT in scholarship and char- acTer during her Tour years in college. Q ' A I ,V IQJJU4' ' A hi j l T L L Q j ' it R: rf-7v.,7 X i: l L l , +51 ' ic sq . E, 5- A ii I H xmb. I A T X 1 LPI-lA ChapTer oT The naTional honorary maThemaTics socieTy Pi Mu Epsilon was or- ganized on February I7, I948 Trom The local socieTy, Delia Chi. The purpose OT This organizaTion is The pro- moTion of maThemaTical scholarship. WiTh This in mind, membership is limifed To Those !sTudenTs who have excelled in advanced' maThemaTics courses and who have aTTained superior grades in Their general college work. Pi Mu Epsilon oTFers a number of group ac- TiviTies which are aimed To inTluence The schol- arly developmenr oT iTs members. Each Tall The socieTy holds iTs annual naTional iniTiaTion banqueT Tor new sTudenT and TaculTy members. AT monThly meeTings members pre- senT papers dealing wiTh praciical maThemaTical problems and phases of maThemaTics covered by The courses oTl7ered on campus. AT regular in- Tervals Throughoulr The year, disTinguished lecTur- ers are inviTed To speak To The club. Each spring, Pi Mu Epsilon oliiers a prize oT Ten dollars To The sTudenT who has aTTained The highesT over-all average in maTh ll, I3, I4, and l6. Dr. Dennis Ames, head oT The ma+hema+ics deparTmenT is The new advisor To The club. i il, A O O p I m u e p s I lo n Firsi' row: Prof. Charles Sewell, Charles Zecchini, JaneTTe Furman, vice-pres.: Prof. Dennis Ames, Treas.-advisor: l-lerberT EllioTT, pres.: Virginia HolT, sec.: Frederick Robin- son, Sven PeTerson. Second row: Frederick Russell, Har- old Almond, Ralph Blanchard, George Gallant Evelyn Snow, Mr. RoberT Kimball, Joseph Bonk, Prof. Marvin SolT, Alfred Maior, John Brodlcowicz. Third row: Maurice Meader, Philip BarTleTT, Edward Sparrow, Leo Rheaume, Marion BurneTT, Gordon Jackson, DoroThy BreynaerT, Cornelius Schneck, James Konides, Richard CorreTTe, Charles Gerrish. NoT picTured: Harold Almond, Raymond Le BouThillier, Prof. William Kichline, Roy Hill, Joseph Lambert Prof. Richard Somers, Prof. John French, I f l ni l 4 i .. l - A. alpha chi sigma Firsf row: Dr. Edward Aflcinson, advisor: Mr. Sfanley Cay wood, John Burleigh, John Henry, recorder: Alfred Ma ior, vice-masler chemish Logan Hanlcins, masler chemisi Carl Porler, reporferg Charles Cilley, 'lreas.g Gilman Lang Howard Daly, Roberl' Morin. Joseph Bassefl. Second row Frederick Hilfon, Charles Henry, William Pafferson Harry Bowles. Harvey Dolliver, John Hayford. Gordon Jackson, Richard Birch. Nalhan Marfin, Nicholas Cap ron, Leigh Cooley. Third row: Sidney Gross, Edgar Ben nerr, Aram Kalloolcian, Dean Robinson. Arihur Paige Frederick Russell Earl 'Wadsworlh Richard Robinson Roberl Wiles, Leo Rheaume. Charles Swan, Frederick Langevin, Noi piciured: David Auslin, Roberl Brown Richard Crowley, Reber? Lavallee, Charles MacKenzie Thomas McCready, Scoll Parker gf fm' ,-r HE Mu chaprer of Alpha Chl Sigma oblalned Hrs charrer from ihe nahonal honorary chem nslry fralernniy in l9lI nine years aller 'rhe na 'rlonal fralernlly was founded al Wisconsin Since Then lhe local chapler has expanded inlo an or ganizahon of lorry six achve members one ol The largesl' chaprers in 'rhe nahonal fraiernnly Any male sludenl who is malorrng in chem lsrry chemical engineering or allied fields IH any of The colleges of lhe Universlly as eligible lo become a member of Alpha Chl Sigma The common nnieresl' ol lhe club members hes in ihe advancemenr of rhe greal science of chemisrry bolh in research and lndusiry Speakers on all phases of chemuslry were engaged for publlc leclures Jrhroughour lhe year educalional and enlerlalnmg mohon plciures were exhlbiied and an aclive safely program was promoiecl by 'rhe lraiermly during The course ol 'rhe year Social achvnhes of Alpha Chu Sigma included irequenr smokers and a parry al Chrrslmas lime which consusied of a buffer supper followed by a brief program ln The Sprung ihe newly mu 'naiecl members and +he faculry of lhe chemls Try deparimenr were guesls ol 'rhe chapler af Jrhe annual formal dinner dance A . I . - i ' ' - r . . . . I ' 1 I . . . l . I . . . 4 . . . . , , .... . I ' . . l , . . . Eg , ' - 1 ' 'E . - . . . . v ... J , :f- , jj-r I ' .Z if 1 - 1 a l . a .- 1 : -iii - i l84 'v I r i i Hl MU was Tounded in The spring oT 1948 by a group of girls majoring in chemisTry. Be- cause of The limiTed number oT girls in chemis- Try The consTiTuTion was revised in I949 To in- clude qualified girls Taking advanced chemisTry courses. Besides acTive sTudenT members all women insTrucTors in The Tield of chemisTry are auTomaTically made associaTe members. The purpose of Chi Mu is To promoTe scholar- ship and inTeresT in chemisTry as well as a beT- Ter knowledge oT The opporTuniTies exisTing Tor women in The Tield of chemisTry. Une oT The main proiecTs each year has been The serving oT reTreshmenTs aT The chemisTry de- parTmenT lecTures ThaT are given aT regular in- Tervals Through The year. This Tall a group oT club members, accom- panied by Dr. Harold A. lddles, our TaculTy ad- visor, Toolc a conducTed Tour Through The sTaTe healTh laboraTories in Concord. There, we were shown many pracTical applicaTions oT chemisTry in Tood and waTer saniTaTion. The club hopes To malce similar Trips every year. AlThough sTiIl a relaTively young organizaTion, Chi Mu has made a deTiniTe addiTion To campus liTe and promises To conTinue To be one oT The more acTive campus groups in TuTur'e years. chi mu Firsi' row: Dr. Harold lddles, advisor: Margery WebsTer, BeTTy LamberTson, pres.: Genevieve Furman, ElizabeTh ScoTT, sec.-Trees.: Lois Olson. Second row: Joyce G. Thomas, Jane Shaw, Charmian Dunham, Joy AhrendT, Helen Willand, BeTTy Ahern, Nancy Dinsmore. Noi pic- Tured: Miss Helen PuringTon, Miss DoroThy Josselyn, Miss Margarel' Laughlin, Mrs. Marilyn STapIes, Mrs. Beverly Quinney. -Ei? X - KV' ' "EA, 222, ,f':r"': ' ' 3:2 51 fi , E , Q fr, 55523, ' 'A :,:Z, "'1sg,,. . .- fs f gf' o N - - v . 2-fQ'fQa .ffl-" .7- 'ililii-, ,"3:1:?-,-. f5t1:f:f:5:- .pg-:-ff:-, .A Q .2-:s:-:-1-: '- "S-g-QS - ,-. 131.-Q., 55.13111-2 ' :-:-338-'iliii-1-s 44- '.'4'oj -2- Q-S.-fefe. 'ffgfgl-f-251' ' " ' -152724-I-1sQg.f.-,.-'- ".1w1.'.a-'--'-.,j4:51.-.M-' alpha epsilon delta Firsl' row: Prof. W. H. l-larTwell, Dr. George M. Moore, advisor: John H. Shaw, sec.: STephen Weglarz. pres.: A. Alden Carpenlrer, vice-pres.: Margery WelasTer, Carl Conrad, Trees.: Frank Gilberi. Second row: Lois Olson, TimoThy Driscoll. John E. Hall. Mendon MacDonald. Donald Barflefr, Varanl Hagopian, Charmian Dunham. NoT picTured: William Burdwood, Jerome Sfein. HE New Hampshire Alpha ChapTer of Alpha Epsilon DelTa naTional honorary socieTy was insTalled March 5. I949, aT The UniversiTy OT New Hampshire. This chapier has The dis'TincTion OT being The Tirsl' To be insTallecl in New England. Alpha Epsilon DelTa was Touncleol on April 28. l926, aT The Universiry oi Alabama, wiTh The obiecT of encouraging excellence in premedical scholarship. The socieTy acTs very insTrumenTally in binding TogeTher The sTudenTs who wish To malce medicine Their liie worlc. Allhough The sociejry is s+iII in an embryonic sTage, iTs program has already been Tillecl wiTh a varieTy of acTiviTies. Medical movies: lecTures by nearby physicians, medical missionaries, and members of The TaculTyg field Trips To hospiTals in nearby ciTiesp visiTing lecTurers from medical schools, and annual ouTings are examples oi' The conTribuTion New Hampshire Alpha has made To college acTiviTy. Each spring an iniTiaTion banquel' is held aT which all sTudenTs in The premedical curriculum who have mainTained high scholasTic sTancling are insTalled in The socieiy. Alpha Epsilon DelTa has enTered eagerly inTo The circle oT acTive organizaTions on campus and promises To conTribuTe To TraTernal and educa- Tional acTiviTies. i ir . .' xl! HE VecTor SocieTy was organized in The Spring oT I947 aT The UniversiTy of New Hampshire. lTs purpose is To recognize in a TiT- Ting manner, Those engineering sTudenTs who, by virTue oT Their ouTsTanding scholarship, breadTh oT inTeresT, and inTegriTy, give promise of suc- cess in be+h Their professional and communiTy liTe. Dean Lauren E. Seeley oT The College oT Tech- nology was insTrumenTal in The Tounding oT The organiza'l'ion, and has mainTained an acTive in- TeresT by having served conTinuously as TaculTy advisor. Membership in The VecTor SocieTy is open To junior and senior male sTuclenTs enrolled in one oT The regular engineering curricula. Pledges To The socieTy submir a wriTTen paper on some phase oT engineering. This pasT year saw The conTinuaTion oT The pracTice oT holding an Open House Tor Tech- nology Freshmen. a policy iniTiaTed by lasT year's members. Also, The socieTy has sponsored a series oT lecTures by eminenT engineering au- ThoriTies. VecTor SocieTy has submiTTed a preliminary peTiTion To Tau BeTa Pi, The naTional engineer- ing honor socieTy, Tor membership in ThaT or- ganizaTion. vector society Firsf row: Dean Lauren Seeley, ProT. E. Howard STol- worThy. Donald Ham, sec.: Maurice Meader, pres.: Jo- seph Bonlc, vice-pres.: HerberT EllioTT, Trees.: Prof. Wil- liam Nulsen, Prof. Edward GeTchell. Second row: Ned Herrin, Ansell Palmer. George Gallant Harold KiTching, Ralph Blanchard, STanley Van PelT, Willard I-lolT, David Breck. Third row: Fred PoThier, RoberT Dow, Charles Zecchini, Charles Henry, Henry Lynch, ErnesT Junlcins, Jackson Newell, Edward Demers. Fourfh row: Howard Cope, John Brodlcowicz. Edward Sparrow, Richard Cor- reTTe, Donald Meader, Roberl' Sleeper, Alfred lvlaior. I e . i , i l ' 1 i i i i l 6. I. E. E. Firsf row: Frank Jellerson, Phillippe Dufor, Edward Spar- row, Donald Caverly, Edward Goon, Roberf i-laffon, Rob- erf Davis, Roland Hugny. John Pofhier, John Phipps. Theodore Capron, Vincenf Grande, Joseph Lamberi. Sec- ond row: Roger Van de Meulebroecke, Richard Robinson, William Bergeron, Herberf Bufler, Roland Sf. Pierre, Paul Ryll, sec.-freas.: David Breck, pres.: Jackson Newell,vice- pres.: Wasyl Zaricki, prog. chair.: Harold Kifching, Greg- ory Koufrelakos, George Fisher, Donald Boyle, John Brod- kowicz. Edward Trachy. Third row: Antonio Fredeffe, Julius Jacobiec, Dudley Johnson, Sydney Merriff, George Gallanf, Philip Lorenz, George Flinf, Charles Drake, Sfan- ley Van Pelf, Paul Verreffe, Roberf Levesque, Edward Bullard. Richard Krepps, Charles Zecchini, Herberf El- lioff, Warren Chamberlain. Fourfh row: Theofelos isa- coumis, Arfhur Alexiou, George Leoufsalcos, Alan Buczyn- ski, Edward Cheney, Fred Pifman, John Kazanouski, Roberf Farland, Craig Crowell, Edmund Woinilowicz, Daniel Walsh, Roberf Carignan, William Virgin, Julian Wakefield. Fiffh row: Walfer Swisf, Maurice Demers. Edward Demers, Norman Rice, Edward Nuffer, Lloyd Jordan, Francis Whelan, Rodney Robinson, Edgar Sfubbs, Joseph Bonlc, James Brock. HE sfudenf branch of fhe American lnsfifufe of Elecfrical Engineers was firsf organized af Yale Universify for 'rhe purpose of acquainfing sfudenfs wifh professional ideas and problems before fhey go info indusiry. The Universify of New Hampshire sfudenf branch of 'ihe A. I. E. E. was formed in i909 as an oufgrowfh of fhe Engineering Sociefy esfab- lished fwo years before by J. l-i. Priesf, and if is fhe oldesf of fhe engineering sociefies on cam- pus. ' Today, fhere are sfudenf branches in very sfafe of fhe Union and several allied branches in Canada. The Insfifufe ifself holds disfricf and nafional meefings for fhe discussion of elecfrical engineering problems. The acfivifies of 'rhe sfudenf branch of A. I. E. E. af fhe Universify of New Hampshire con- sisf of monfhly meefings and several insfrucfion frips fo various elecfrical developmenfs. The members also have fhe privilege of affending bofh fhe Manchesfer Branch and fhe Bosfon Branch of fhe parenf sociefy. The sfudenf branch is composed of iuniors and seniors maioring in Elecfrical Engineering. lnformafive fallis, illusfrafed lecfures, and dis- cussions by guesf speakers and members of fhe faculfy, presenf an exchange of ideas af fhe bi- monfhly meefings of A. l. E. E. HE UniversiTy of New Hampshire STudenT ChapTer oT The American lnsTiTuTe of Mining and MeTallurgical Engineers. Inc., composed oT sophomores, juniors, and seniors maioring in geology, was esTablished on This campus in I942. The obiecT oT The organizaiion is To promoTe among iTs members a selT-soughT, increasing knowledge oT geology and mining in all oT iTs branches, and To insTill a professional pride in The life work which They have chosen. The acTiviTies of The 5TudenT ChapTer consisT oT lecTures by prominenT geologisTs, gemolo- gisTs, mining engineers. and vulcanologisTs: edu- caTional Tilms on diHierenT phases oT geology: and Tielcl Trips To mines. In addiTion To Glenn W. STuarT, The TaculTy advisor Tor A. l. M. E., The chapTer has Mr. Daniel Cushing, Consuliing MeTallurgisT and member oT The American InsTiTuTe oT Mining and MeTallurgical Engineers. Inc. as a counselor To Their group. a. i. m. e. FirsT row: Prof. Glenn STewarT, advisor: S. VicToria Kru- siewski, Isabelle Keroaclc, sec.: Lawrence Wakefield. pres.: Carl Lein, vice-pres.: LivingsTon Chase, corr. sec.: Prof. T. Ralph Meyers, advisor. Second row: John Nelson, MargareT ChaTTee, John Rollins, Eugene BoudeTTe, MarsTon Chase. PeTer STevens, PaTricia Berry, ProT. Donald H. Chapman. Third row: Lionel Harbin, David Ellingwood, Warren Sander, Seymour Sharps, Thomas Sharps, Edwin Blaclrey. FourTh row: Lawrence Ricci, John WiThy, ChesTer SmiTh, Charles ST. Cyr, Eugene Levy. Noi' picfured: John Bycholc. 8. S. 8. E. Firsf row: Robei-T Foss, sec.-Trees.: Edwin BaTchelder. Henry Cunningham, pres.: BradTord BaTchelder, vice-pres.: John STeele, scribe: Joseph Pollock. Second row: ErnesT George, Joseph Digilio, Russell Goodwin, RoberT YeaTon, Henry STevens. Third row: Donald Gregoire, Sherburne Chickering, Weilcko Koslci, Donald Meader, Richard Fowler. 12 Qmif 7' T' T f TTMTH ff, Wa? ' - Ti- -Tm-l if T T IZ f 2' .f Ma? Tlil zu few. 'ef :- , Aish-Warp. - f , .silly fag- ZZ! I , if ' :b i ' is ' , 'W , ' , -f ., ' -i -, 55.2 I "4 teffgjij' ef 1 4' fn, 'f,..W"f '- .piffzfiff hz? 5 15 1. f-4" I . HE New Hampshire STudenT Branch oT The American SocieTy oT AgriculTural Engineers was esTablished on campus in March, l948. This chapTer is closely aTFiliaTed wiTh The parenT or- ganizaTion, The American SocieTy oT Agricul- Tural Engineers. The local socieTy is composed oT sTudenTs ma- joring in AgriculTural Engineering or closely allied Tields, who are inTeresTed in agriculTural engineering. The main purpose oT The STudenT Branch is To promofre agriculTural engineering on campus and ThroughouT The sTaTe. Toward This end, The socieTy brings The agriculTural engineering sTu- denTs oT The UniversiTy inTo close conTacT wiTh prominenT men in This Tield To discuss Those cur- renT problems perlraining To AgriculTural Engi- neering. AT The regular bi-monThly meeTings oT The so- cieTy educaTional Tilms are shown To The group and lecTures by The members oT The TaculTy and by guesT speakers are given. Upon graduaTion Trom The UniversiTy, The members oT This STudenT Branch are enTiTled To apply Tor membership in The American Socieiy oT AgriculTural Engineers. . l i ,l ii 'T HE STudenT Branch of The American SocieTy OT Mechanical Engineers, composed oT sTu- denTs maioring in The Tield, was esTablished on The UniversiTy, oT New Hampshire campus in l926. Among The obiecTives oT This organizaTion are The disseminaTion oT Technical inTormaTion, The developmenT oT sound personal and proTessional aTTiTudes, and The encouragemenT oT conTinued parTicipaTion in The aTTairs oT professional or- ganizaTions. The TirsT acTiviTy oT The year, a Three-day in- specTion Trip To indusTrial concerns in The Wor- cesTer, MassachuseTTs area, was scheduled and made a week beTore regular classes began. The experience gained by The sTudenTs was Tound Too be OT inTiniTe value in planning Tor careers in The Tield oT engineering. The program oT The year TeaTured movies, discussions OT proTessional Topics by qualiTied men, inspecTion Trips and lec- Tures oT a non-Technical naTure. Much oT The program was inTenTionally beamed aT developing The personaliTy oT indi- vidual members. Mr. ClemenT, The TaculTy ad- visor, and The oTTicers TelT Thar any accomplish- menT in This direcTion would more Than repay The eTTorT puT TorTh: Tor success in The engineer- ing proTession depends To no small degree upon The personaliTy OT The individual. 8. S. m. E. FirsT row: Weikko Koski, Leon Bowen, Howard Cope, Roger Wood, Edward Hendzel, Carlefon ivleader, Donald Meader, Irwin Williams, Frederic Balhaussen, Richard CorreTTe. Second row: Raymond OuelleTTe, Louis Keroack, Americo Bellucci, Maurice Meader, sec.: Joseph Rous- seau, pres.: Donald Ham, vice-pres., Ernesl' Junlcins, frees.: RoberT BraclceTT, John Grady, David Carr. Third row: Philip Chase, Nicholas Skoby, Ralph Blanchard, Ansell Palmer, Roger Sprague, Raymond Taylor, STephen Piper. RoberT Foullcrod, Raymond EooTe, STanley YoungquisT. FourTh row: Haven Owen, William MelleTT, Willard HolT, William Ryan, Fred Bardwell, Richmond Adams, Donald Benson, Elmer STark, Henry Lynch, Phocian Lellos. FifTh row: Gerald Corson, RoberT Dow, Eric Colen, Joseph Hobbs, ArThur Dodge, Winslow Payne, James Fallon, Douglas Shakespeare, GranT Seaverns, Benny CenTariczki. -gy I-.-'iffy z-:ifff ff' -sf V,-4 , 4 f 1 42 . 4 f4ff4 46,2 , ff T - 7 I W.-. Zf 'P Z- ? .Q zz Q T 7 K V J 'T . f f '-: Qrigfgx f Z Z , 4 2, 5 I X IQ Q ,fs 9 sy - Y sg: ' Z 2 rrr f 4 " ' ' .fi X f. X 79 'J 42 X 2 , Q1 f T 4 -ff Af., Z ' Q: X 1 J 2 I Q EQ,-, 522 'T ,. 1 'N I X f, 212 ,5 ' ', 5-'2y?'f?5-'1 ya 47 3' f' -- --2-if-14 04.4 f' Af, 1 f. ..-,. 1.,. , J ,x,,. -. . .-,,.,,,, I FirsT row: T 1, r . . -on ,A ? A A , 3, I .. ,lu F n-K"-P. - 1 8. S. C. E. homas Rodgers, Jr., David Dearborn, sec.- Trees.: RoberT Shaw, pres., MarTin Kelley, vice-pres.: Eu- gene Malloy rello, CurTis erT Kenevel, PoTTer. Second row: Russell Tambu- , Allan Mooney, Perley Jones, SanTo Nicolosi, Rob- E. Hughes Gemill, RoberT CroThers, RoberT Sleeper. Third row: John Buchanan, Charles Parker, ,Rob- erT Neilsen, Gagnon, Fra EvereTT Herrin, RoberT Conner, Raymond nk Lindh, STanTon Young. Fourih row: John Herrin, Gerald Lemire, RoberT Regan, Louis Nadeau, Frank Sprague, Roberl' Pokigo, Thomas Currier. Noi' pic- Tured: Geral d Bafchelder KenneTh Bri s Edward Cas I Q9 1 - Taldo, William CasTaldo, Earl Hodgkins, Jr., Willis Kelley, Levi Ladd, HerberT Lippold, Keifh MacPherson, Douglas Nicholas, RoberT Parker, Cyril Pike, AlberT Adams, Michael Bucz old Langley, E- ,fxi is sz is as yanski, RoberT Fournier, Wilfred Houle, Har- Jr., RoberT Noble, Richard Rock, Herbe-rT Towle. , . . - ' , . 5' r'oV"'?',' ' 'CNRS 'M I A . 5 .O r o T, nba 055, ' ut, ef., Mo, ', ' sy., 0 'Q ',.b,':, ago 'o 'gt QQ s '- n f31stf37Z''.2'..fZ!Qf.p:.t- 15 Q HE UniversiTy oT New Hampshire STudenT ChapTer oT The American SocieTy OT Civil Engineers was esTablished in l928, and since ThaT Time has made iTs principal aim To ac- quainT iTs members wiTh an over all picTure oT The proTession in iTs various phases as They ex- isT Today. Under The guidance oT The Civil Engineering DeparTmenT, and wiTh a record membership, This year's program was a success and included many vvorTh while acTiviTies. Each sTudenT presenTed Two Technical papers aT The regular meeTings held each week. Five guesT speakers were ob- Tained during The year, among These, being rep- resenTaTives Trom The PorTland CemenT Associa- Tion, and The American AsphalT lnsTiTuTe. The group made Two inspecTion Trips To The newly consTrucTed New Hampshire Toll Road. On No- vember l5Th, The members Traveled To BosTon Tor an inspecTion Trip OT The lVlysTic River Bridge, and also OT The new consTrucTion aT The Logan AirporT. ThroughouT The year employmenT op- porTuniTies were presenTed aT The regular meeT- ings. The A. S. C. E. oTFers a monThly publicaTion, "Civil Engineering" To members aT a special sTudenT raTe. Upon graduaTion, a sTudenT mem- ber may apply Tor iunior membership in The parenT organizaTion. ' ' ,w el! I l I .Q I 5 I - Q. ' . ei? - . 'gg-7f.-. HE EraTerniTy oT Alpha ZeTa was Tounded aT Columbus, Ohio on November 4, I897. IT was esTablished neiTher as an honorary socieTy, nor as a social TraTerniTy, buT, as a professional Tra- TerniTy in whose membership shall be combined The qualiTies oT high scholarship, Tine Tellowship and sound characTer. These are The viTal qualiTies oT real leadership, and iT was The acTual and poTenTial leadership in The Tield oT agricuITure Tor which The FraTerniTy was esTablished To en- courage and develop. The esTablishmenT oT gen- eral policies and TransacTing oT oTher business as aTFecTs The FraTerniTy is Taken care oT aT The biennial conclaves. Alpha ZeTa, in cooperaTion wiTh The oTher de- parTmenl's in The College oT AgricuITure, spon- sored an exhibiT in coniuncTion wiTh The dedica- Tion oT The new Applied Farming building. called The George W. PuTnam building. Perley I.. FiTTs, an alumni oT Alpha ZeTa and aT presenT, The STaTe Commissioner oT Agricul- Ture, was one oT The TeaTure speakers aT an Alpha ZeTa meeTing. IT is The policy of The EraTerniTy To have enTerTainmenT ThaT is educaTionaI and of inTeresT To sTudenTs in all branches of agricuITure. alpha zeta FirsT row: Dr. M. C. Richards, advisor: William MeTcaITe. Donald STecher, Oliver Hubbard, Treas.: Richard Davis, pres.: Roland Harwood, vice-pres.: Durwood French, sec.: Roberl' Paulson, Charles EasTman, Dr. H. A. Keener. ad- visor. Second row: Philip Neugebauer, CourTney Allen, Harry BuxTon, ClayTon HeaTh, Jr., Rodney Webb, Ivan I-lead, Edward l.eaviTT, Warren Hawes, Sidney Davis, Henry STevens. Third row: RoberT Buzzell, Sherburne Chickering, WalTer Nelson, Louis Baker, Donald Emery, Russell Chase, Frank Morse, Marfin Townsend, CarTer Gibbs, ErnesT George, Raymond Marshall. Noi' picTured: Mr. Reeshon Eeuer, advisor: Donald Burbank, Henry Cun- ningham, Gerald FarringTon, Raymond I'-Iall, Harry Knox, Henry Laramie, Paul LeClair. I I. ,13',i.-Hg:5ig5::, :, ,!3E5g-:-:- ,A.,Q'i, Ii, 1, II,'II.,I!,Igi.g,E5E5:!i! 5Qgaa:i: ..1'I" ' li ,lllgl '.' ' niliii tilflhil I 45553 lyi limili ,,Y'l-Q: I ,Iii-jtigeibiixll. .iw , D-ig., lil iw, iffl -:M . A ,iff T '- -,'.-f.,s' 1- Q Iwi s. fl aff!! 'i ' -we 14. 'il .'-ii"i ,'I'I'iZ15. M ... sQ'.1a'.' :-.I-ua ,- '- +I- 555 Iii- ' u fir. fiIif.f1.f '7s i:i'.l. I' 'laii-II-' willlfilig -:fm-5 -il -33' I , p aws .I.,'1I.,:,'2!Illflllllmli- -is . 4-:agen 4' ' fsigz. nl" F 'IIi5iii':i5'EE2,L" :5f'5ET scabbard and blade Firsi' row: Hugo RicipuTi, RoberT Senechelc, Henry For- resT, John Baies, Edward Capron, STerling Hamlin, Frank GilberT, Bruce Barber. Second row: Major James A. Sul- livan, William MeTcalTe, John Salcowslci, Thomas Charron, Treas.: Richard Dodge, pres.: Thomas BarreTT, vice-pres.: Lawrence Trachy, sec.: John LaTayeTTe, William Chrisiy, LT. Charles Drake. Third row: Richard Hood, Daniel Hughes, RoberT Belford, Philip Hughes, Gordon Allen. Paul Harvey, Raymond Giles, Paul Wyman, RoberT Mik- szenas, Thomas Richmond, HerberT Wheeler, John Simp- son. Fourfh row: Paul Rich, Schyler Berry, Louis Pasalis, ChesTer Lucy, Frank Robie. Daniel Walsh, AlberT Card, James Konides, Sheldon Varney, Jacob Rofhsrein, Don- ald Winlcley. Fifih row: George Manuel, Jack Keller, Richard HasTy, Paul Lepage, Charles Long, RoberT Ord- way, Frank Wilson, Nicholas Copadis, Edward Duily, Les- Ter Sanborn, Dudley Hall. 1 ,,,, 522 - M if :EEE 1 E ei ?1" seas Ti, . - ,if A -E215 "Ci, E .f"f" ,, :assi '-.-. .-".-i . 1222- 2 V- ' r'f .5 22522 - ,illf -iiiiii :assess ,-T.-"-9-, 55555555 "if" N-F-. 5 EEEEEEEE- ' 3535232 .:::::::: .'.' N.'-. 1.14. i I, ,.,.. 5, , .... CABBARD AND BLADE is ai narional honor- ary socieTy Tor sTudenTs oT advanced mili- Tary science which is deolicared To The promoTion of good fellowship and The developmenT oT Those qualiTies which are necessary Tor leadership in peace and war. "E" Company 6Th RegimenT Scabbard and Blade was esTablished aT UNH in i926 and has been prominenT among sTudenT acTiviTies since Then. Among The many acTiviTies oT Scabbard and Blade are The sponsoring oT The annual Mili- Tary Ball which is highlighTed by The commission- ing oT an Honorary CadeT Colonel who Then commands The inducTion ceremony Tor new ini- TiaTes: and, The oTTering oT a scholarship To an ouTsTanding member oT The sophomore class who is enrolled in The elemenTary ROTC program aT The UniversiTy. This year The commissioning oT The CadeT Colonel aT Mil-ArT Ball was done by His Ex- cellency Sherman Adams, Governor oT New Hampshire. Membership in Scabbard and Blade is on a compeTiTive basis and only sTudenTs oT The ad- vanced ROTC course wiTh saTisTacTory academic records are selecTed. , I i HE College Chesi' Fund was esTablished aT The Universil'y of New Hampshire in l942. The purpose oT The commiTTee is To conducT an annual drive To raise money Tor relief organiza- Tions. The execuTive commiTTee is composed oT rep- resenTaTives Trom various sTudenT organizaTions on campus. This commiTTee seTs The goal, organ- izes The drive, and issues The conTrilouTions To The relief organizaTions. A large group of The soliciTors Trom each dor- miTory, TraTerniTy and sororiTy collecT The money. The TaculTy members, adminisTraTive sTaTT and members of The service deparTmenT are also con- TacTed by These soliciTors. Everyone who con- TribuTes To The Fund is given a Tag as evidence of his parTicipaTion in The drive. The goal Tor This year was seT aT ffI,500. Al- mosT 52,000 was realized Trom The drive To be disTribuTecl To sTaTe, naTional, ancliinTernaTional relief agencies. college chest fund CharloTTe Sheehy, sec.: MarTin F. SmiTh, Trees.: WinThrop Bourn, PaTricia Shaw, viceechair.: JonaThan l-lunTingTon, Waldo Sanders, chair. ......-........ ......L.:L.:L---- V-..-..---12:-Ii -4 s jfs 3-- :SLM ' i' sii l iirz rir' 'Z ""' '-'-' 4----i-. : - ' "" J-111-il , 1211-H . . . ---. z ,....- A - '-"' -iff-f ,.s 4. .::.::....--s -,....f--A - '- ' ""' vii ,,-.,.-1-I-S-: . . " 7 ,......-.. K .1131---51-,,...-f Q...--ees .. un . iz. A12-'-5 -----:x::.'.."'..:::S '. ., ... Q qu--u -xx-X-K-X, ,. Q- ---ww.-..-.-sum.-. ...-.., ' . ,v-,qu mmnxvn .xxx!"' . A I if l music organizations The Men's Glee Club, one of The music or- ganizaiions, ar a rehearsal conducred by Roloeri Whiiiemore. I-IE UNIVERSITY of New Hampshire Depari- meni of Music susiains ihe following organiza- iionsz The Symphony Orchesira oi 65 pieces wirh Mr. George E. Reynolds, as Direcror: The Sym- phonic Band of 80 pieces wiih Mr. George E. Reynolds, Direcior: Theaire Ensemble of I8 pieces wiih Mr. William Marshall, Direclorg The Men's Glee Club of 60 voices wiih Mr. Karl H. Brarion, Direciorg The Women's Glee Club of 72 voices wiih Miss Elaine Maichrzalc, Direcior: and Concerr Choir of 60 voices wiih Mr. Karl H. Brairion, Direcror. Each year The Symphony. Glee Clubs and Conceri Choir collaboraie wiih ihe Deparimeni of ihe Aris and 'rhe Speech Division of ihe Eng- lish Deparimeni io preseni a Chrisimas Program in New Hampshire Hall. This year ihe Dance Club assisiecl in Jrhe produciion. These same musical organizaiions also preseni a Spring Con- ceri in New Hampshire Hall. Siaie wicle Jrours, campus conceris and radio broadcasrs are given by ihe difiereni musical organizaiions during ihe year. A special Sunday evening conceri was given by The Symphony Orchesira rhis year. lr was preseniecl in New Hampshire Hall and Teaiured Professor Donald E. Sieele as 'rhe guesi soloisi. He played Tschail4owslcy's Piano Concerio. , l PUS "45" was originally lormed by lwenly sludenls aclively inleresled in music. The club name is derived lrom lhe year ol organi- zalion, 1945. A new conslilulion was adopled lhis year, lhe major change being in lhe membership require- menls. In order lo become a member one musl allend lhree conseculive meelings. ll a member misses lhree meelings wilhoul adequale excuse his name is removed lrom lhe membership lisl unlil he has allended lhe required number ol meelings lo again be eligible lor membership. ll is lhe aim ol Opus "45" lo give lo lhe slu- denls al lhe Universily an opporlunily lo lur- lher lheir inleresls in music oulside ol lhe class- room. Special programs are arranged lo pro- vide enlerlainmenl and also lo give lhe members valuable inlormalion on currenl musical develop- menls. Opporlunilies in lhe field ol music are examined and discussed. This year il' has been lhe pleasure ol lhe club lo hold receplions lor lhe arlisls on lhe Blue and While Leclure and Concerl Series. These receplions give lhe sludenls a chance lo meel many noled arlisls, and lo become beller ac- quainled wilh many ol lhe lacully ol lhe Univer- sily. - Q A li mp.. r i l l opus "45" Firsi' row: Hazen Biclclord, Palricia Campbell, sec.: Wil- liam Ramsay, pres.: Paul Verrelle, vice-pres.: Roger Hardy, frees.: Doris Burbeclc. Second row: Norma Farrar, Elizabelh Holme, James Owen, Casmir Kuliga, Richard Chambers, John Lyon, Beverly Pilman. Third row: Phyllis Blais, Barbara Ford, lrving Williams, Norman Cousins, Jean Garside, S. Vicloria Krusiewslci. Nof piciured: Brenda Allen, Phyllis Davis, Priscilla Fields, Barbara Freed- man, Muriel Johnson, Dorolhy Kershaw, Belly Laurie, Belly McClure, Henry McCrillis, Mike Milchell, Edwin Preble, Mary Rasmussen, Roberl Skinner, Ernesl Slevens. Merrilyn Schanche, Palricia Filzgerald, Dully Briggs. ,. --.1 Jiri'-:T-. , X l --S' , x-:rage .eh .5 75: sxxabl '-- s f'-11'-1 :1 :. 'ZS-.' .,.,. -,,.- --.-, -,. - .4 1, ,,.--L-, Z-. 4 . :. ... 'ff :Z-if-'Z -Q. 7-:. 1' '1': ff 't-. 11-1-' i-:f '-- -' rr.- 'PY Y 5-335535,- " 5 E11 r ae: .1 Ea 4:-5:-' 17?-1 xx Ex T-2, :i ,-ij: 5. -9 .11 'cm Q, -: E-., 55-, ... 5 :,:Y :-x-,- are fi '-:f fE- f-' ? I '- 'af' Xe' 'E "'-Z-: ':: -,-F 1. 1-'15 -1 . gggg x F?,7.' , -3.-G ...-.' :ft - -J: gg. .-5 -'Ti 3,-: A .- -5 -11 -qw- fx -,gi ..... .'111,-. 335 x 1253 A552 " E EQ- gi: 'I 'TE' "Ili -E -Q '5If- W? 'Til-1 CJ , :-1 lim: 1' :1 - 1 1- .-,ff ,rg - 51- 1-I- 11 2-1 :::- 2- --- E 115- if-' Z-1 5 -'rf Q12 is -'Q '31-" T: '21 ' ff" -1-1 53- 'CS E: E- -1 ' -'-1 'Eff 2' Q1 5 :'-'. Cd- . 'itil 3-11 mx - :-:--"L- :, ,,:' :g-1:55 X3- tlq. ,E:'.1.2-Z. gi?-: :QA ,ra-sr 1,3 is- 2-Jig .rf --rr:-c -f- - g. ,1.-sf .:-,. - -' --.-.1-, '.-.1--. .7-:---4-: .' .T-Tex' iff " L', ', ' ggiu, '-'-, 13.-.a-s, -. . -, .. . . -, . - ,X-5, --EEHX 1'.1 - 1 4 . - - 'si 1 - J-4 vie?-ii 'J-Z - 'ix fi 1 -2 ' ,Ji-- -3:-:Pt :me ff--:Qi '1iT"-I- bf'.1' r ?3.'t:- va 3.-1-T-'-I' I - H Sie' Q g .-.-.:- -:ax Z. -N-.xx -- 1'-1'-K--:x:'f-'-. -:-:Q .- -. 1'P?3-::TNq,-me - - g.,v.g-.2.j:.r:.- xsxifbpp- mask and dagger Firsi' row: Prof. Joseph BaTcheller, advisor: lrene Scrog- gins, Hollis Kinslow, Trees.: Eric Kromphold, pres.: Joyce Marshall, sec.: Prof. Philip Wheafon, advisor. Second row: Priscilla HarTwell, Theofelos Aliapoulios, Jacob RoThsTein, Bruce RoberTson, Logan Hankins, Norman Caron. YeTTa Doescher, Miriam Dearborn. Third row: Marion McClel- lan, Eleanor STansTield, Roger Wood, Fred Parker, Wal- Ter Fisher. Jane Maynard, Ann Silver, Bernice Hasfings. Fourih row: Evelyn Marsh, David Hemingway, Donald PiTman, John Farrell. Philip Shulins, Mary ChrisTie. '37 iz -. s T eff "A 545' -'fr i l l l I ASK AND DAGGER is an honorary dra- maTics socieTy, designed To honor sTudenTs who have shown unusual acTing abiliry and also Those who have worked behind The scenes of many oT The socie-Ty's successful producTions. Membership in Mask and Dagger is awarded To sTudenTs who earn a required number oT "poinTs" Through parTicipaTion in campus dra- maTical producTions. This year. Mask and Dagger members were hosTs To The New England Drama FesTival. The experiences gained Trom parTicipaTing in This FesTival had a Tremendous influence on The would-be acTors aT UNH. ProducTions oT Maslc and Dagger This year in- cluded "High Tor"g Three one-acT plays direcTed by members of The socieTy, and The annual spring producTion. Mask and Dagger owes much oT iTs success as a campus organizaTion To iTs advisor Proiessor J. Donald BaTcheller, whose unTiring eTForTs on behalT of The socieTy have inspired club mem- bers To sTrive To emulaTe him. la?-gr 'EF 2 IGH aTop Thompson Hall lThree TlighTs up To be exacTl is The Radio STudio in which are produced The programs oT Mike and Dial, The campus radio workshop. Mike and Dial. now in iTs elevenTh year, was founded by a group oT undergraduaTes, many of whom are now acTu- ally aT work in professional broadcasTing. The purpose oT The club is To oTTer an oppor- TuniTy Tor U. N. H. sTudenTs To become ac- quainTed wiTh The various aspecTs oT radio pro- ducTion including announcing, wriTing, direcTing, dramaTics, sound eTTecTs and conTrol room opera- Tion. In adcliTion, The workshop encourages musi- cal programs boTh on The air and on The sTage. ln The pasT members oT Mike and Dial have made some halT-dozen personal appearances beTore TraTernal groups in The surrounding area. These mock broadcasTs have been exTremely well-re- ceivecl. During The I949-50 season The workshop pro- duced a series oT scripTs chieTly Through The work oT newcomers. The workshop provides an- nouncers Tor various campus broadcasTs and con- cerTs. Several live broadcasTs are made Trom Time To Time on The air. These cover such currenT Topics oT inTeresT as: Tashions, discussions oT naTional aTFairs, and commenTaries on campus acTiviTies. mike and dial Firsi' row: Raymond Grady, John Farrell, Ann Silver, bus.- mgr.g Philip Shulins, chief engineer: Ralph Mann, Roberi' Viafora. Second row: Lorraine Washburn, Harold Van Siclen, William Rhines, RoberT Murphy, Nancy Cole, Barbara Weigand. Third row: Enid Hill, Nelson Guild, Priscilla Hariwell, Jack Brooks, Evelyn Hodges, Donald Morrison. F'ourTh row: Joseph Baghdasarian, Richard Lucas, HerberT Verry, Hugh Cassidy, Roberi' Tripp. Noi picfuredz John ScoTT, pres.: Evelyn Holder, sec. V - ""'4J3ff.'- ' ,, 7 lp' ff f 2 4 1 ,.f. 1' if! 3' ig .15 T ? jf fi I '5 6- ' . Q If g- e ' 5 , ' .3 0 f . , I T 27 5 V :A f ' '1 3 Z T f 4? 3 , ,f , I W f Q ' ' 4 if 2 . . 'y 21 f. W 157' 'f W f flr' rg af., r4f,,571,1,4! 'lf L, JIJCGZ' 'NPT , pl 1 ' ' I , r cercle francais Firsi row: Dr. CliTFord S. Parker, advisor: Prof. James Faulkner, Philip Simoulis, Trees.: Rudolph Bergeron, pres.g Jo Ann Rydin, vice-pres.: Lois HunT, sec.: Shirley Ayers, YveTTe Bergeron, Carmen Nadeau. Second row: HugeTTe Roy, Jacqueline BasTille, Mary Kenney, STuarT Whipple, Russell STeinerT, Norman Prudhomme, Emile Chagnon, Warren Bodwell, Louise PiTman, Joy Harold. Third row: Theresa LeBlanc, Nancy Cole, Alrhea Golding, Joseph Richard, Donald Burns, RoberT Langelier, Maurice Belan- ger, Maurice Landry, Theresa CasTonguay, Barbara Lane, Claire Currier. FourTh row: Marie Walker, Wilfred Vail- lancourT, Hugh Cassidy, Leonce Maynard, Lois Greaves. NoT picfuredz Barbara Allwork, George Bouchard, Ray- mond ClouTier, JeanneTTe DeRome, James Faskianos, Vic- Tor Fournier, Roy Grim, Barbara Hayes, Francis JeTon, Boris Landry, Paul Lepage, Barbara Lord, Phyllis Mac- Kown, Roy MaTheson, BeTTy PlaTine, Jeannine PrecourT, DoroThy Reed, RoberT Salois, Jean Saunders, Charles Tougas. 1 HE Cercle Francais, Tormerly known as The French Club, is composed oT sTudenTs aT The UniversiTy oT New Hampshire who are eiTher regisTered in, or inTeresTed in The language and cusToms of France. The club's main purpose is To give pracTical value To The sTudy oT The French language as an aid To The members in TurTher- ing Their knowledge oT French cusToms. The club meeTs on The TirsT Monday oT every monTh. A program is planned by a sTanding commiTTee. The programs presenTed This year have included a lecTure on French cusToms, a French movie, and The singing oT Tolk-songs in French. The main TuncTion oT The club is The sTaging of The annual French Day in early May. ln The spring OT l948 a special day was seT aside as French Day in honor oT France and French- speaking people. The club held a similar pro- gram This year which included displays oT French producTs and books wiTh an aTTernoon and eve- ning program oT speeches and music. As in Tor- mer years, The sTuclenTs and TaculTy oT The sec- ondary schools were inviTed To aTTend The ses- sions oT French Day. This unusual educaTionally and culTurally inTeresTing clay has become an in- sTiTuTion on campus. I i l I MH -' N i ' , we NH, Z HE New Hampshire VarsiTy Club, an organi- zaTion oT aThleTes and Team managers who have won Their leTTers in varsiTy sporTs, has en- joyed a parricularly successTul year under The able leadership oi Gus Gilman, club presidenT. The VarsiTy Club sTarTed ouT This year by awarding a plaque To Coach Paul SweeT, in rec- ogniTion of his 25Th anniversary as Track coach aT The UniversiTy of New Hampshire. AnoTher award, To be given each year To a senior who is ouTsTanding in aThleTics, exTra-cur- ricular acTiviTies, and who is high in scholasTic sTanding, was given lasT year To Si Dunlclee. ivliniaTure lapel pins, done in blue and whire wiTh a small "N.H." embossed upon Them were presenTed To The acTive members oT The club during The year. As in previous years, The club, in coniunciion wiTh The Senior Skulls, operaTecl The concession aT The home TooTball games, providing Tonic, hoidogs, candy, and hoT drinks Tor The specTa- Tors. The VarsiTy Club's annual dance was held in November, aTTer The TuTTs TooTball game, and as usual was a greaT success. The club also has been working on plans To make sweaTer award presenTaTions Three Times a year-iT is hoped This pracTice will go inTo eTFecT nexT year. varsity club Firsl' row: Mr. Carl Lundholm, advisor: Alphonse Swekla, Richard Sweer, RoberT Paulson, sec.: Rodney Webb., vice- pres.: George Gilman, pres., William Haubrich, vice- pres.: Julius Millman, Trees.: William Levandowski, Rus- sell Chase, Dr. Wayne Koch, advisor. Second row: Louis Pasalis, Harry Campbell, Clarence Granf, James Bailey, Arihur l-larTneTT, Alan Kiepper, William Hanson, Srillman Clark, Roberi' CrompTon, Henry Sanders, Fred Bardwell. Third row: Henry Langevin, Clarence Wadleigh, Frank Penney, Lionel Carbonneau, Jack Gamble, RoberT lvliks- zenas, RoberT Eichel, Joseph Sione, KenneTh TUTTS, Wil- liam MaTes. Fourih row: Richard PraTT, Phillip Harmon, William Slaneiz, Charles Long, Edmond Boulanger, Charles Karsiaficas, Philip Neugebauer, Theodore STanley, Richard Hood, Hugo Ricipufi. Noi' picfuredz Mr. Paul SweeT, advisor: Schyler Berry, William Chase, William ChrisTie, Wesley Clapp, Fred Comings, Edward Fraser, Irving Gould, Andrew STergion, Leonard Nixon, Howard Mc- Cleave, Sheldon Varney. Z 5 wi f? ' ' 5, i 2 ' X I f' .U-f ' W 2' 3175 'Sai i 'fi ' 412519 C ,.,9-mi, Z1 "5 5 X ' 7 eh. Ze 4g 'se fe.: f , 4 ,,-1 , g k f Q X Q .ig , L 4 7 'sie 2, f ' . ,' ,am " W 4 ' W fy ' XT Z , fw , .y - f 1 , , , A ,Zi 1 ,,-, f f ' . 2 4 f f , 1 - f f Z? ..:.:fV, ff ,fgdy - ,' ' .' Q lf:--'-v' ' "f f I home economics club FirsT row: Miss Alice FosTer, advisor: Marion McClellan, Eleanor Broclclebank. vice pres.: Phyllis SpaTTord, pres.: RuTh ChaTTee, sec., Arlene Bailey, Trees.: Miss ElizabeTh Edson. Second row: Joan Kapopoulas, Leigh Cree, Pris- cilla HarTwell. PaTricia ATkinson, Jacqueline Currier, Lu- cille Lawrence, Mariorie Nichols. Third row: Mary A. Carlson, Anna JaneTos, Angel Asadoorian, Hilda Woolf- son, Jean PeTTes, Jean PuringTon, Evelyn Hodges. FourTh row: Marion Perlcins. DoroThea WhiTney, Joan Dane, Bar- bara JaneTos, Elizabefh Young. NoT picfuredz Sylvia Dou- ceTTe, Claire Conway, Barbara Merrill, Sally Lou Wheeler, Marcia Severence, Janice Darby. . ' pf-Va ' ,, -V, i .fZ1'.f .ff ' I ly' 5 -A , L ' J' . Neve if-19 -:fqgk-. Y: '1 ' rs . Q T X sf in s - f ' -'X-7-'T-fl-T"f N5-Q ' :, 'T Q' " X fi , Z B 7 A 4 rep, PR 'X " Q X' N , ' 'Q xc T 1 'xx xX Xl ,. f a Q- ,. ., x 49 Z ff ' x Q - was .fi- ,..g:-, . f .-:ss-ff A ---1-sf 1 . -Q. ' ""'L'1T.C-Self! 312592, . M3325 '-T" ' is HE Home Economics Club oTTers membership To any girl enrolled in, or inTeresTed in Home Economics. The purposes of This club are: To acquainT sTudenTs on campus wiTh The Tields oT Home Eco- nomics: To sTudy conTemporary problems in Home Economics: and To promoTe good Tellow- ship among The women sTudenTs oT The univer- siTy. This year The Home Economics Club was par- Ticularly acTive. Some of The many acTiviTies oT The group were: The sponsoring OT a "coke" parTy, which was very successTul: a Tormal Tea aT which Miss Sarah Thames spoke To The mem- bers oT The club on DieTeTicsg a buTTeT supper, Tollowed by a gay evening oT Tinger painTing aT PeTTee Hall which served as parT of The annual membership drive: and, The sending oT Two club members To The annual Home Economics Work- shop, held This year aT The UniversiTy oT Maine. The highlighi' OT This year was The annual ChrisTmas parTy held aT The pracTice house Tor The children oT The Dover Orphanage. A wonder- ful Time was had by everyone, especially The youngsTers whose exciTemenT was only surpassed by Their appeTiTes. . 3 ex.. . P lv- "i. f T ? y N, H y i Q -B L , ., " ' ' '- --,:. ,:, .J . 1 T -,. Q: , -in - 6 HE OccupaTional Therapy Club has become one oT The largesT groups on campus since iTs organizaTion in I945. This year wiTh a member- ship oT sevenTy-Tour sTudenTs The club has been parTicularly successful. The purposes of The club are To sTimulaTe and TurTher inTeresT in OccupaTional Therapy, broaden The knowledge in This Tield, and creaTe a Teeling oT uniTy and Triendship among The sTudenTs. ThroughouT The year The OccupaTional Ther- apy Club has speakers, demonsTraTions, and dis- cussions aT The monThly meeTings, This Tall The group sponsored a public lecTure by Mr. Morris S. Frank who described The won- derTul work being done Tor blind persons aT Seeing-Eye, lnc. in MorrisTown, New Jersey. Mr. Erank's remarkable masTery oT his own handicap oT blindness was an inspiraTion To all who heard him speak. AnoTher ouTsTanding evenT of The year was The annual ChrisTmas parTy Tor children oT The PorTsmouTh RehabiliTaTion CenTer. The evening was compleTe wiTh TesTive decoraTions, reTresh- menTs, SanTa Claus himselT. a magician, and giTTs Tor each child. Every O. T. was rewarded wiTh a Teeling oT saTisTacTion aT The success OT The parTy. occupational therapy cluh FirsT row: Florence Bean, AniTa Saidel, PaTricia Calef. Genevieve Ford, BeTTy Phillips, Rhoda Pickwick, Virginia Hero, Barbara Morrison. Second row: Eleanor STansTield, Barbara Newell, Joyce Cook, sec., Laura Verry, pres.: Mary ClayTon, Trees.: Carolyn Brownrigg, MarieTTa Doe- scher, ConsTance Severance. Third row: Jean CoTfin, Gloria 5TansTTeld, Anne Crawford, Norman Holden, Her- berT Verry, Wesley Wells, Louise French, Marilyn Waris. FourTh row: Barbara Campbell, Ann Baldwin, Nancy WebsTer, RuTh Drake, Joan McLeod, Caroline Smalley, Barbara Dockum, LiseTTa McKinzie. Fifih row: EdiTh Tho- lander, Della Whippie, Ann Van Allen, Sheila McMahon, Joan Comolli. l ,f .g.,.-14.-:+'Y:f.2'P-'f.'Zf:371'- ..'!-'-L- .- -:- '-'-:::-a+:s:4-:-:r.- 'Z3'3f7:ft35:f:f:"f" '5' P W"5:5:5,.-T 4-i:I323"31-' . i' ' f ' ' ' 423: ,ZQIEZQSN f3'35q7 '9 'Q Q qi A-:5:1' 5 N -s QT -5 .13 Pfiilvi' 4. X -1 . e 5-,. , -gig 'Bs-' 15 .G s jfrseii: -lfx 2 -:fr Ii: IE" 9 ' 4-gs V . M-5,75 A . 4 1.9, X : ..Agi'.'?','Y',- A 455 " 7' -E -ff X T ' H C- ,ir A 36 F5542 S -'lligi 'frefl-ff? .-'A-.-' -f - I-.i f ,f:,, ..s.,:'?f2: , " -ff5f??1i ie. :gash FWZ " ::r,I' :Zi-1' 614253 ,qi ui- .gs ,A-f7:'2"' .21-p,,g,x ", .' 1551:-:f 4. .' Zwxx Ex -'A-'lfie' 'f'5if'5?ii5i5" ' s'-.45 or ku! junior greeters Firsi' row: Prof. Raymond- Sfark, advisor: Roland Sabou- rin, Irving Arwood, sec.: Harry Ellis, pres.: David Say- wood, vice-pres.: James Ridlon, Malcolm Cole, James Wedge. Second row: Richard McLaughlin, George Man- uel, Richard Meriens. Jerry Aaris, William Hanson, Roberi Gagnon, Harold Van Siclen, David Siahford. Third row: Richard Sargeni, Carl Digilio, Carlion Allen, Earl Chase. Vicior Saraceno, Frederick Chamberlin, lrwin Daub, Roberl' Kaiser. Fourfh row: Philip Crane, Donald Chrisrian, Thomas O'Brien, Richard Clarke, Sfanley Kar' pinslni, Raymond La Roche, Edmund Branch, Thomas Greenwood, Henry Forest ,cj 7 , . ? , ' '? .f 'ff Z ' X. 4 . 1, '. X , , ,Qw ,V Wu Z iffy 4 ,I 5 ll "Ai r04fQ' , 1 'I , ' WW -.4 , f i f 'IW - .4 UNIOR GREETERS is a naiional collegiaie associaiion which has represeniaiive organi- zaiions on ihe campuses of colleges offering courses in Hoiel Adminisrraiion. The Junior Greeiers Chapier Number One was founded ai rhe Universiiy oi New Hampshire in ihe fall oi I943. ' The local chaprer has carried on iis iradirion of hospiialiiy ihis year, by puffing on several dinners for The diiiereni groups on campus. ln addirion, 'rhe Greeiers have provided a series of news leriers io hoiel operaiors in Jrhis area, coniribuiing ro ihe local hoiel indusiry whai They have io offer from iheir "bool: larning" on modern hoiel management This service is a new innovaiion io resori operarors, who believe rhai a manager should srarr as a bell-boy, lour 'rhe rerurn leiiers have shown 'iheir evideni ap- preciaiion. The Junior Greeier boys receive a loi of kid- ding irorn Their colleagues, who like io reier io Jrhem as glorified Home Eccie majors-ihe same iolcers who will wani a horel room on some cold winier nighr. HE Applied Farming Sludeni Organizaiion is made up of siudenis currenlly enrolled in 'rhe Applied Farming course. The purpose of Jrhe or- ganizaiion is 'ro iosier lhe principles of educa- 'rion and 'ro promoie aciive parlicipalion in ex'rra-curricula aciiviiies borh on campus and in homelown cornmuniiies. The aims of lhe Applied Farming Sludenl Organiza+ion are achieved Jrhrough an aclive social calendar. A+ The meelings Jrhe members discuss ihe means of irnprovemeni of farming slandards. The s+uden+'s apprecialion of farm life is increased Through lhe lallcs given by promi- nenr speakers. and by eolucaiional movies which are shown a+ regular iniervals lhroughoul 'rhe year. The recreaiional aciivilies oi +he organizalion include round and square dances, hay rides, slcai- ing parries and weenie-roasls. Because oi The many and varied inleresis of 'rhe organizaiion, lhe iaculiy and sludenl body form a close-lcnil homogeneous group. applied farming Firsl' row: Evereii Joslyn, Norman S+. Aubin, Roberi Williams, Oliver Kaihan, Evereli Blake, Gerald McDuf- fee, Second row: Prof. Gerald Smiih, advisor: Donald Barnard, +reas.g Roberi Simpson, pres.: Janei' John, sec.: Roberl' Brown, Clilzlord Whippie. Third row: Waldon Has- kell, Frederick Fries, Roberi Tillinghasl, Philip Smilh. Rob- erl Moore, Richard Lawrence, Alvin Clark. Fourfh row: Leslie Tallarico. Arnold Ruch, Thomas Mucci, John Gron- beclc, Reginald Sharp, Evereil Abloof, Edwin Churchill, John Connell. Fiffh row: Milron Gagne, Conrad Srarr, John l-luniingion, Donald Ferren, Francis Hall. horticultural club FirsT row: Paul Duhamel, Janei' John, BeTTy LamberT, sec.- Treas.g Roland Harwood, pres.: Paul Joly, vice-pres., Joan deLearie, Trenholm Jordan, Leslie Tallarico. Second row: RoberT Brown, Philip SmiTh, Ivan Head, Kendall French. RoberT Paulson, Roberi' TillinghasT, RoberT ChrisTensen, KenneTh TuTTs. Third row: Thomas Mucci, John Gronbeck, Alvin Clark, James PraTT, Howard Brooks. Charles Jack. KenneTh Marshall. FourTh row: Thomas Callnin, George Birse, Lawrence Nason, Roberl' Goodman, RoberT MeTTi- son. Noi' picTured: Dr. AlberT Yeager, advisor: Dr. L. Phelps LaTimer, advisor: Cameron Sewell, Wally Newell. r wid! if NRA Q, x . ....,,.., .. . ns. ... ,J .l l .I v .A1 " :V ' - .. 1 D. am 1" ,. , '4"5aTi.'Q'.- :Ml ,-i1ff1'I?1fi':S3f5'Q1' ' 164-249'4lq:1'L:11'E::E ,.g21:3:?1:':4.11e3'-5' , .2:fff1ffff11E2Es2a2ai1 A2-"-f"s'n'y.' . .1 f 3 Q-'lf' :,.z- 'W' i -rf. I 1:11 .1 -e .- 4: 1 WM -ggi., Ti War: f, 5 'Ir um. W ,iw ' y ' '51 .f., . 1 11 ' , ,.3. .5121 illmrdn, K X -XX XXX lvl 1'gZ-x . ii, r -L-. ,I 'Fc -fag-iirrxfi'.TFT-.1-..:' f l i. HE New Hampshire HorTiculTural Club is an organizaTion open To any sTudenT inTeresTed in HorTiculTure. lTs main purpose is To o'lTer To iTs members The more pracTical and inTeresTing phases OT This proTession. The club was organ- ized in l94O, Through The inTeresT oT a small number oT sTudenTs, and has grown since, con- Tinuously. For This year, The l-lorTiculTural Club has Three ouTsTanding accomplishmenTs To iTs crediT. FirsT, The HorTiculTural Fair which was held on Dad's Day in The new UniversiTy Greehouses. The ex- hibiTs included many varied examples oT The dif- TerenT divisions oT HorTiculTure. AnoTher proiecT compleTed was The publicaTion oT The second issue oT The GraTTer. The Third accomplishmenT was making and selling cider To supplemenlr The Treasury. AT an early meeTing, The club members voTed To ioin "The American SocieTy oT HorTiculTural Science." This gave The UniversiTy oT New Hamp- shire's HorTiculTural Club The disTincTion oT being The TourTh such club ThroughouT The counTry. This enables The sTudenTs To become iunior mem- bers, and enrilles Them To receive The monThly publicairion oT The American SocieTy. Band drilling a++l1e half. A Mask and Dagger produciionz "High Tor 207 0600 dwii DORMITORIES 1-I 54' F Richard lvlorse, Presidenf William Reid, Treasurer Xxx QD fi NW 3,55 V173 Edward Capron, Secrefary John B. Davis, Jr., Dean of Men inter-dormitory council NTER DORMITORY COUNCIL began fhe fhird year of ifs exisfence lasf spring on a surer basis fhan if had ever held before. The refurning members leff wifh a feeling fhaf fhey had achieved fheir purpose as a liaison unif be- fween dormifory men and fhe adminisfrafion. Early season acfivify was limifed in good pari fo infernal fighfening of our own sfrucfure. ln November, fhe Council, in coniuncfion wifh IFC sponsored a dance on Toledo weekend. As IDC chairman, Roger Hardy deserves much credif for ifs success. The Council really found ifs worfh in December when if was called- upon fo baffle for dormifory inferesfs in fhe guesfion of reversion fo Freshman dorms. IDC acfed as a coordinafing agenf in fhe preparing of a ioinf appeal 'ro be presenfed fo fhe adminisfrafion. On January IO, fhe Council, acfing as a commiffee, mef wifh fhe universify Housing Commiffee in a fwo-hour session. On January I4, fhe adminisfrafion announced fhaf if would heed fhe sfudenf plea and shelve fhe Frosh dorm idea in l95O-5l. The Commiffee in furn congrafulafed IDC on fhe sfoufness of ifs defense and expressed pride in fhe spirif of ifs members. The Council has under considerafion in i950 fhe carrying ouf a survey of land granf colleges and living condifions in fhem. ln addifion, sup- porf is fo be urged for fhe consfrucfion of a recreafion area along College Road. Melle-'rl Benedici ,VTE l-lehel Fairchild Commons Easl-Wesl Engelhardlr Hunler Gibbs inter-dormitory council Slcaiidas Merrill' l MEMBERS OF IDC Leonard Emond, Gregory Slcafidas George Koorlcanian, William Melleli Ronald Benson, Bradford Benedici Emond Benson 155 DHD Q-ff ' 'f V . .-V: Q- , Donald Dunbar, Edward Riclcer Edward Capron, Richard Morse Sydney Merrill, Phil Hall William Reid, Melvin Brodie Koorlsanian Riclcer Dunbar l-lall w A '2:lfl URING The pasT year, as iT moves inTo The sphere oT acTiviTies enioyed by The more esTablished houses, The parTicipaTion of College Road DormiTory in campus acTiviTies has in- creased To a marked exTenT. Among The 5l in- habiTanTs oT This small dormiTory. a new apprecia- Tion and Teeling oT campus spiriT has evolved. CompeTiTion in lnTramural sporTs wiTh oTher dor- miTories and TraTerniTies on campus has helped our school spiriT To Tlourish. ln I946 The UniTed STaTes GovernmenT made available To The UniversiTy several buildings To be used as Temporary living quarTers. parT oT one becoming whaT is now lcnown as College Road DormiTory. During The summer oT l949, The Uni- versiTy came inTo permanenT possession oT These buildings. lT is The belieT oT The inhabiTanTs oT This Triendly house ThaT due To The enlarged en- rollmenT, This may become a permanenT sTrucTure. Some oT The quieTesT and mosT spacious rooms on campus are To be Tound in College Road Dor- miTory. The congenialiTy oT iTs members con- TribuTes Towards making This one oT The TinesT dormiTories in which To live on campus. college road dormitory OFFICERS Fresidenh John Gagnon Vice-PresiclenT: RoberT Young SecreTary-Treasurer: STephen Pipe i Y : rw -1 ,11 .55f:j.:ij:EP'm.EQII H I , -" -' Pl p1y'4"l'p'. l ' P I llhlld T ni- lull! ll l l- ll Wg TTI' ffl' l T llllyl. f lu 4 l , 'llll"l ln' 'lllll 1 lit' TlSlllll'lll'l 'll 'V ill l l lll 1 l firm.. fr .ull I-ll?-l1vr:gnr T. if ,1-' 'T W:.'fz',lll'T",:i,.l f' .. ' 2' 'Trl -. l llzshsff1zz:11r11?ia1:flallllfllwill l commons shall ' Nl ' L'.:1i':' I--.Z .' 3 ll . iilr'.""' Ii'-lillflzllvi . hill il Wi MH'-Iwi? iaiillviyiyiyi- i lil .l'Gilli:g1-.i5llt::i...,'l..i', ff, ' will !i"l:lf-1'-"'lFiV " J 41' '.i.fl1',"i',':giw ', 'Ll !:lii"'4 .F:.:l"":-wi' 'fini T T' - I" .""' iin'.'JI 1v'l"i"" .'- . :::t,:'I'5 ':f'f!i"':H:'m:.L"if' H HH i i:55':a3ii 'f-lil-PFW-':i iwlqpilil -WHT' .i'i'n-.-'11 ,, ..,, ggi :Ziff-iiim my , if -5'1li!-Ijwi':'lf,-ffiiii3y,'l.5Qx'i','fjf152' 2 iw :Q!eS:,. I,J.c?5f .1 . if 'il'f Presidenh Donald Benson Vice-PresidenT: Bradford Benedid SecreTary-Treasurer: RoberT Heald OMMONS, due To iTs cenTral locaTion, is inhabiTed mosTly by upperclassmen. Since iT is quiTe a small organizaTion, an aTmosphere of exTreme congenialiTy exisTs resulTing in The esTablishmenT oT many TasT and lasTing Triend- ships. The social acTiviTies OT This group are quiTe varied-Trom lisTening To classical recordings in The lounge To waTching The members OT The Treshmen class line up Tor Their "Three squares a day." On Homecoming Day, as on various oTher auspicious occasions ThroughouT The school year. guesTs and parenTs are enTerTained in The lounge. Commons can always depend upon a large Turn- ouT Trom iTs members Tor The decoraTion OT Their building on special evenTs. The dormiTory, Tor The enTerTai'nmenT of iTs residenTs, provides smokers, lecTures, parTies, and house dances generously sprinkled ThroughouT The academic year. During The winTer monThs a ping-pong TournamenT is scheduled Tor The dormiTory's members. Com- mons is always well represenTed in inTramural sporTs. Each year as spring rolls around, a gala clambake and ouTing climaxes anoTher year oT companionship and congenialiTy. in-.. - .Vx 1, i.' NGLEHARDT HALL has experienced a full social season Jrhis year. We have had five open houses-affer homecoming, on Dad's Day. afrer 'rhe Toledo game and on MoJrher's Day. These open house affairs proved ro be very suc- cessful and under The capable guidance of our house direclor, Mrs. Louise Cobb, 'rhe e1Cliicien+ handling of These funcfions was assured. A "Vic" dance following Mil Arr Ball was also arranged and The large aH'endance made if very success- ful. A Chrisimas Pariy was enjoyed again This year and we gave our rradirional Chrisimas gifr +o a needy family. A general discussion was held during Religious Emphasis Week wirh a member of The clergy presenlr. Engelhardr pariicipaied successfully in all infra-mural comperiiion and Hs alhleiic reams fared well. Several smokers rounded our The program for The year. engelhardt hall OFFICERS Presidenfz Edward Capron Vice-Presidenl: Richard Morse Secrelary: l-lerberl' Lillie Treasurer: Norman Prudhomme , 5,5-Q Qwfiisil east-west hall OFFICERS Presidanl: Donald Dunbar Vice-Praside-nl: Edward Ricker Secrelary: Carllon Bradford Treasurer: Shirley Downing ,l'..,." i ., A ' , -. , lf""". , i Ii' fl 'l'i"" 7' l i w'. i ilgnuiinpi ,Ulu 1 illllql i i If i,"+.'. ni in I ..... lun i,i,'li -ifun lil,W,5.,'jI-i.l'. Mill, lnl.g1iIf5,1.ggl Illpwfrl '.,'.'.','lf- 'ill5l"I! ' i'fg'l.'i,'l."' :5ilig'l'l1:llf::f'IE' :plan1-L,i1'g'.f3i,"f,"ll l Q ll.,,i'llll-f:e.'p:'-Il 'll"l'llll-1-':af: X , X ,I Ii I,'lI.llIlii..y:f l fl' 'lllwllll'l ll l i ll' ll l , ill xlllj ln llliillllll l giuifI':',fl,l'. limi' """ll i 'alll llli ll il ll,1l AST and Wesl Halls. one of lhe successfully enlerprising dormilories on The campus, has caplured lhe highesl scholaslic slanding among dormilories for bolh semeslers of lasl year. Noi only have we Jrriumphed scholaslically, bul also alhlelically, under Jrhe capable managemenl of our alhlelic chairman, Eugene Cushing. To dale, Easl and Wesl l-lalls are heading League C in baslcelball, wilh four wins and no deleals, and wilh high hopes ol: lceeping up fhe good record. Socially our schedule is full. slarling oil 'rhis year wilh a firsl'-class smoker, during which Pro- fessor John Holden delivered a laik on "World Al3Fairs." A large allendance and aclive parlici- palion in The ensuing discussion spoke well for ils success. On December I2 we had a Chrislmas parly sponsoring excelleni enlerlainmeni, carol- ing and relreshmenls, wilh a record breaking aliendance. Lasi' year we won honorable menlion lor our Chrislmas decoralions. These aclivilies are made possible by lhe hard work of our social chairman Rodney Mansfield. Direcling The dormiiory and all ils aclivilies is our house molher Mrs. Edwards, whose willing- ness lo be of service is greally apprecialed by everyone who is associaleol wilh her. 'AIRCHILD HALL, one of The dorms locaTed on Durham's main Thoroughfare, had one oT iTs mosT successful years. A clambalce Tor The members of The hall was The sTarT of many ac- TiviTies ThaT were To conTinue ThroughouT The year. This aTTair served To help The members oT The dorm To become beTTer acquainTed and sTarTed The year OTF wiTh a Triendly and informal air. This has been characTerisTic oT Fairchild Hall Tor many years. Open house was held aTTer all The home TooTball games and These aTl:airs were very popular wiTh The members oT The dormiTory. AT winTer Carnival, a Tea danceiwas held and reTreshmenTs were served. Smokers were also very popular in The dorm and inTeresTing speak- ers made aTTendance worThwhile. A Tea and so- cial was held on ivloTher's Day. AThleTic acTivi- Ties played an imporTanT parT in The dormiTory's recreaTional acTiviTies. Fairchild was well repre- senTed in all inTra-mural sporTs. These and oTher evenTs were all insTrumenTal in making liTe aT Fairchild Hall more inTeresTing and enjoyable. ZI6 fairchild hall OFFICERS President George Koorlcanian Vice-President William MelleTT SecreTary: Leland Towle Treasurer: Carl Ordway 'I'I'-:'.fJfiii2:fl!,''IJii'.ii'lf'lli:i1-.Wi ' iii: 1. ...M . Mm iw,i'i',u , , I.-, 7, ,,,,ll,f ilu, ,,,,i miili M4.?II.,, , ,, i ,liimiit :ii 'UM' if:1',fIJ .4 i'.,.-'yi-. .miI,.y,,w. I ::,':':l,'il 'iliigiflm ,l1QgIf'l:','ll,'f,1'., ,:5:nlw.ji lvl 'Jw W, l..-Tim. ,i-fi-.ff-ii. - i. T. . 1, 'fIi':":i:h-' f."i'i:.',l,f'f ly' ygi -,-1.511 M-i. ,-UNA U 1, 1 fi ,- 1,11 "-ifi1ifl,iii in wva1i'i:.':i inlzlllllli iII7:,IlIh,,lii' um' zi'.,l'!i',ll" il? 5' Vi fully, 'Ill "' U Nl T ,J ,, , ni .H 1, hltlvyiyll in ,Vi ' ,I hllylwl i ' ' l, i:lil':i.i ' ' I l 'l y Il l 'i 'lr3:.-'i-iii.. y If M.: - -,l".'., gibbs hall , . . . iirwiw i ..' w"l.-T ' ...T " f ,ffiilfilllflfirilll if 1ilEll.'ii'il-'ii' illf.lilll'T'f W i. iygvi- in 'Mil frllll wlllllf- M ilf, lll.'ll" il flyl.'i'.i'f ll1llll"llli ' li , - ' mi' in .-,fi V. '..i-it J "eEv's1'xii..r 'l 'Teil l?i:1'f"'fffi1'lwe4-fffwllrlllll . OFFICERS Presiclenlz William Reid Vice-PresidenT: Melvin Brodie SecreTary: Roslyn Robinson Treasurer: Thomas McShane ROM The annex To The lounge, ne'er breaThed There a more noisy, zany, l6O young Ameri- cans. This seems To be a TiT place Tor The l5O of us who are going To college, To apologize To The IO sTudenTs in The house Tor innumerable disTurbances, To beg lvlrs. Wallace's Torgiveness Tor cussing inexhausTibly, and To Thank The iani- Tor Tor all The dirT he had To Take. Seriously, The oTTicers oT Gibbs wanT To Thank all The guys Tor The help ThaT They have given This year. Those homecoming decoraTions, weekly break4 TasTs, TooTball game open houses, and dances wouldn'T have been possible wiThouT Their help. We lose by gracluaTion, I3 seniors including campus leaders like Ed Vangas, a pioneer in our Third Tloor bookie ioinT, Phil Schulens, and a Trio of work horses inside The house-Bill lvlaTes, DwighT Knox, and Roz Robinson. WiTh The grace of The gods and The adminisTraTion we'll carry on. ETZEL HALL, louilT in'I925, was named Tor The laTe Ralph D. l-letel, PresidenT from l9l7 To l927. This clormiTory, one of The largesl' on campus, accommoclaTing. aT presenT, 254 un- dergraduaTe men, is locared near The cenTer of Town. Mrs. Arlene Dame has been House Direc- Tor during The Summer Sessions since l935, and in I946 became The permanenT direcTor oT Heizel Hall. Social evenTs Tor The year included movies of The imporTanT fooTball games during The fall. informal smokers, ChrisTmas parTy, and an in- Tormal house dance scheduled during The spring. AThleTic acTiviTies occupy l-leTzel men during The enTire scholasTic year. lnTer-mural TooTball aT- TracTecl a large number oT men and l'leTzel emerged aT The end oT The season wiTh Tour vicTories and Two deTeaTs. The inTermural bas- kerball Team. alThough noT as successful sTaTis- Tically, provided The men wiTh addiTional recrea- Tion. - hetzel hall f H-.1 .f 41, " ' ff' 1- ' J i Mil :'f'z':1-'Will:'?ff'fiZ".','I1lliE'lill2l lfria:-ff'fl:.'::-ei:'1'2P.1af-inflclflil ':'l'f:'rr.'liil"':f'i'f.l'fr1 'IW' lfilllffl I, l llllf llllilill :frm -lr llffll' quill pnlrlll ll" lllyll .illlln I1 H A Ml HIM Wir, ,Wu li 1.192 I IJ WW -i':fl"if2f llfllfsl 'l'1f:iff,',f tifilyr' .Ql.I.,4.ig, :-all-'f"i 'l"""lll wlyllil HW' lilliillalxc if Iv- ,nr 1-1 f:5'r.'.f.l1?l'uf,l4l'-'fiflllllmrY-ci- l,'I: l li .lfkfllilzlll 'tallied M4 lyqltlvnilll OFFICERS President Leonard Emond Vice-PresidenT: Gregory Skafidas SecreTary: Maurice Belanger Treasurer: Sidney Gross hunter hall OFFICERS Presidenl: Sydney Merri++ Vice-Presidenr: Philip Hall Secrelary: Arrhur Phillips Treasurer: Evan Day 11 lu l v I 'nf l"l . "!.i'1'-' llllhn' iii, I' I 'll 1 n 1 Hi lf'r.:'."lifll1lI,c"f1l,','':ll':,lflllii,",:'Ip' "l"l"ii'i'i'1"' intl ll l'l' i""l 'Fifi51'YiFiflfwfif-??fli'5'?i.i1"Zi21fi?QfiEi IW-,f.'?i.'::55!:1.i-".zi'."-fz':-:IIS-i':1f4fi:1::1 'r""'1'l fi u IU? in I ri I .'v."x 'fi' .:fg'.1:,:,1,'1.f:::.'-:i'-.':.'.i'1if,':i'--'f,'5f.::'-,rg :,:g,l.g,wL., 'I4Qy1i,f., ,,-ili:i.fg- li.q"li1i1gQ gll,liZl,ill'i Qiyjiiil, 2'.'i.f:71i5' """'i""' 'Qiliii iyiljifflrl , IW I ilMIIy'ii, l lhl il fill mix! l,r'-'I'.'r llilsllilfll lllfi?1'l'Ii'iv1 hlllllihh 'lhf'il1r"l .g1jiilf"'i 'lii.iif" lf 'H-"g illlill gn lll Iii -" l' flllll ill li limi Uhr I . I' i'J4',"1l,ll llgpil' li ",f,vi,'f.I'l. ' ."' f. il l,' "fm I ENERALLY speaking, a dormiiory is merely noihing more ihan a suppori for so much climbing ivy. Thar is, un+il you uniie I62 resi- den'rs whose spirii and cooperarion combine ro form ihe fine organizalion which is Hunier Hall. During 'rhe four years which Hunrer has been a parr of Jrhe universily, 'rhe dorm boasis Jrwo homecoming decorarion awards, a campus soli- ball championship, 'rhe disiincrion of being The firsr organizaiion io "adop'r" a war orphan, and lhe iirsr dormiiory To own a ielevision sei. Dur- ing iis compararively shorr exislrence, Hunier Hall has gained a repuiarion for being a leading con- lencler for alhleiic and social honors on campus. We're proud Jrhar men of Hunier Hall have disringuished Themselves as oufsranding leaders in universiiry aclivilies and as graduales. We poinr wi'rh pariicular pride To "Buck" Johnsion, whose life siory inspired rhe oulsranding molion piciure, "Los+ Boundaries," and 'ro Carmen Ra- gonese, "liHle all-American" 'and a UNH "all- 'rime great" Our special voie of ihanlfs goes io our house morher, Mrs. America Durrance, whose spirii and enrhusiasm has conrribuied so much in making dormiiory life an experience raiher rhan a neces- siiy. ,L me Q1 n PRESIDENT OF WOMENS DORMS Fronl row, leff fo righi: Jane Huckins, Scoh' Hall: Palricia Sleezer, Brook House: Laura Joy Lawrence, A Smifh Hall. Baci: row: Polly Perley, Congreve Norih Hall: Sally Jobes, Schofield Hall: Pafricia Camp- bell, Congreve Soulh Hall: Sophie Kobzilc, Gran? House. women's dorms ERE we are. The presidenls of all The women's dormirories., Firsi, we have Jane Huclcins, presidenr of Scoii Hall, who hails from Bow Lake, N. H. Pal' Campbell, presidenr of Congreve Souih, . .. is a senior, and comes from Carlise, Mass. Pai is majoring in music. Sue Cobczylc is presideni of Grani House and ' comes from Nashua, N. H. Sue is a major in - 4 languages. Belly Sleezer is from Gloversville, N. Y. She majors in commercial reaching and maih. Belly is presidenl of Brook House. Sally Joloes of Newporl, N. H. is presideni of - Schofield. She majors in hospilal dieie'ricsQ Polly Perley of Ipswich, Mass. is presidenr of Congreve Norih. Poor Polly can'i decide wheiher '- +o major in animals or people. Lorajoan Lawrence of Lisbon Falls, Maine is presidenr of Smirh Hall. Lorajoan majors in so- ciology. 220 congreve hall north Lrll ,JL iq" -. .-V 1 ' . Q Lrg. rl , L I li' f rl ' 1: WS-z':':'rf"ff-:T-1, ' '- ,j .'yv.r.-'- '.."7 . -' 1.2.4'.:",i,-Wm.,,yrlrI,,l. I. U, , hm ,J-gym., -,-...1!'- ..,.l',grfn .,gi1:5',.,g,.:-4., - sr- mn... .:wf'.!1t'.f 'f 2 ,'1:f'..-,3.,',1- ,-hazuzqg . l flllllf, .iif::gf,iam fl 'rlslil 1ErlLiis:1'5sl H 1'-7. llllll ll' ll ' i .lf ill l il ii. lil ww ral: in T,-i lihl g, el1lll5"lTl'l i ,,:gil,.,fr'mc' , ' Tlll lla? "-fm:-. 1 . rl. fi ,r:'l'w,l ll, 'flu ' IXLT OFFICERS PresidenT: Pauline Perley Vice-PresidenT: Roberra Carr Secrelary: Joan WaTson Treasurer: Jean SToclcwell F all The years spenT aT The UniversiTy oT New Hampshire, perhaps The one which will prove To be The mosT exciTing Tor all oT us will be our Treshman year. Since Congreve NorTh is The largesT Treshman dormiTory Tor girls on campus, iT is always busTling wiTh exc:iTemenT. Mrs. McLellan, The house moTher, and Beulah Young, The iunior house counselor were always ready To give The girls a helping hand. ATTer The members oT The l-louse Council were chosen, The dormiTory was run lay an eTl:ic:ienT loody of house oTlicers and Tloor represenTaTives. AT ChrisTmas Time we won a prize Tor The besT deco- raTed dormiTory. We also sponsored a dance and gave aid To The needy. ATTer The arrival OT The new year, The dorm became unusually quieT so ThaT Those sTudying Tor mid-Terms would be undisTurbed. ThroughouT The year The girls aT Congreve NorTh had many wonderTul Times and made many good Triends. ONGREVE SOUTH, The largesf dorm on campus, has complefed an acfive and suc- cessful year Through The help and supporf of every girl in The dorm, and Through The lcindly direcfion of Mrs. Esfher Dunning, house mofher. AT The monfhly house meefings, which were filled wifh lively discussions, suggesfions, and fun, enough money was donafed by The girls To send "Care" paclcages overseas every monfh. On December ll, Congreve Soufh held a Faculfy Tea which was enjoyed by bofh The fac- ulfy and sTudenTs. During The course of The aff- ernoon one of The professors played The piano. and everyone else gafhered around To sing Chrisfmas Carols. A Chrisfmas parfy was held for underprivi- leged children. IT was grafifying To all, To see The glorious Time The children had playing games. eafing refreshmenfs, wafching The amazing feafs of a magician, and receiving giffs from Sanfa Claus himself. congreve hall south if-3-j..':3-jf' iff lf' -ii Lf, fm:-Z: W... -'ll .Iliff':f:ii!2f:5fQf'-l:?' . 'lik '-'TQ' "1 snr.. 1 iw -H Q i:,'yH,iyry sp qylfhy vl'lll'f " il?f'i.i,'f:T'.':'.,:l i yi il ,14l.,lm.,":AU 1 all will lllililllliiil iz. T' . ,11l5:yiii!ii-ll:i:i- I , I' l fill,1l'c" gl" l W, :alll I ,T 'pl T l ii in-T T i-fi l I WH K k HW ITU..-1lll,yI ' yfliiiilllglulil fllylfli lin' I ln , HV if I if OFFICERS Presidenfz Pafricia Campbell Vice-Presidenfsz Virginia Wa Jean Moses Secrefaryz Joyce Cook Treasurer: Dorofhy Brickeff ll ' ? - SOON schofield hall fl'a::i:':5. ljlifq llfhxllz,ilfifllgiflflxl ll, Il. H., Ar, .. .,la,l,l,,l. Il ilnll, i'-lm i,".'-"1'i""-17 'hh' l I'llll'i"."" "'2'-'iI'.'.'i'l'i i., 1, .. ,.,,-,-, I ln 'f,q.'a I 1 ll ll f. , lillllillf iii iiiiln I , A A 'l, llli"llilf-mi' 'iliillillr'i'Iiif:2 -ig-.l'.':.l.lIg ll, vf"Il:f5gj1i '- 'Lil-' 'l""l"ul l'll.lIil- fililmnll 'lllllfilzh 11',lli:Ml -fJ5,':':f' WI' ,-1gb,.g'.' mi.-lil-dl H :qi-,4f,-,M 'lllliln I .lull .liilwl ,ml H ',':Iilr'II,l'Ml:'l Wlfillgljli im.lllfg.,f,f,:.h:1.'.4,,',5 ll'iLilm,iii g:if:.,...LJ:f,',f,'.9:,'1.',,,f1f,q,'.,ily, OFFICERS Presideni: Sally Jobes Vice-Presidenl: Ellen Manslell Secrelary: Barbara Dillon Treasurer: Barbara Sherburne Cl-IOFIELD HOUSE! Across from Ballard and hallway lo Fral Row, Schofield is Jrhe home-on-campus for sixiy freshman women, un- der Jrhe capable guidance of The house molher Mrs. Bess Mauldin, She is aided in keeping law and order, peace, and quiet by Becky Ely, Jrhe sophomore counselor. Schofield boasls celebriries, also! Two of lhe freshman class orlicers are Schofield girls, Joan Shaw. vice-president and Ginny Ross, secrelary. Joan Kuehn showed Scholield's alhlelic prowess by winning ihe W. R. A. inlrerdorm lennis com- pelilion. Open house afrer every game, wiih a parlicu- larly gala pariy afler lhe Vermonl game on Dad's Day, was parl of Scholield's social calen- dar. We enleriained again on The allernoon of lhe U. N. l-l. concerr choir broadcast Chrislmas caroling, a parly al l-lunier, The presidemus receplrion escoried by l-lerzel and beanies embroidered wilh SKC: These are all memories of lhe lirsl year Jrhe Schofield girls speni on Jrhe UNI-l campus. v i r rim' M... l-lAT'S fhaf busfling beehive of acfivify fhaf is locafed in fhe cenfer of campus, direcfly opposife Thompson I-fall? Scoff l-lall, of course. This dorm houses I35 girls from all four classes. under fhe capable and friendly guidance of Mrs. Wilbur E. Andrews, who has been our house direcfor for fhe pasf fhree years. l-ler help and advice have been insfrumenfal in making Scoff Hall a more enioyable place fo live. Our social calendar was filled from Ocfober fo June wifh many lively and inferesfing meef- ings, dances, open houses and parfies. A Fac- ulfy Tea was held in February along wifh a Val- enfine parfy for fhe children of fhe faculfy mem- bers, We also adopfed a needy family and pro- vided many giffs for fhem, especially af Chrisf- mas fime when we provided fhem wifh 'rheir Chrisfmas dinner and giffs. Afhlefic acfivifies are nof overlooked af Scoff. We have parfici- pafed in all infra-mural sporfs wifh enfhusiasm and on "Woodsman's Weekend" we capfured fhe N. l-l. O. C.'s cup. scott hall 5+ ' 1 .,-tulzyt, 'flil-Miami ., ,y nn . 'll l"l'lli'.ff"f.i':1.51-iA1'l',.fi'll'll i I I lu " 1 , AIIIAIV! ll ll' -ll i . llliilllll I V ji- ll 'hill I I i T clip lim, ilh ggyr' L "I, dlllllll il llllllp ' 'Zi T' lillllll il lll":l'.' T ' 1'-Wi sriiilg , .W iflllui '4"' ' lllnlyll iinyfiigf an ,-1 , .glffll iiiZiil'gi f'ff -i1lf'ib.f ,ll,il,:',,lll . fini' 1 OFFICERS Presidenf: Jane Huckins Vice-Presidenf: Sally Liden Secrefary: Rhoda Pickwick Treasurer: Norma Boudeffe ui ' h4 "-f smith hall l I ll iii i 'l'.,1 'I I ii 'il mi , . , i 1 I .lvil'i,l:lli I ,V MW., yi, L4 ,llzllq il,'ll' M,1r,i,'y illli, ll' Illhihil f-'ffmfrffif:iiiavifi:eiif:ii,:ci ll 'il ""'.--:H-f'-'-fwi.'-rfizfz-lil: Jil lil llll' I 1 X' ",fli'l:ilAli -ii ill fri' rw 'll nl lf - ' i l lllil'-'iii li, Ml W1 1 ullil. -l"il."l.'1li -. 'll llillllrli iljllll -:i.i:.ig-.ri i"ill'l '?'iFllllll wl"f"ll' l III I I l HI ls le., lw,l lg l li . i., .'1f'.z4-iizli'-lf.'1-l."lrfi2'ii'y. OFFICERS Presidenl: Lora Joy Lawrence Vice-Presidenf: Lynn Holder Secrela ry: Mary Claylon Treasurer: Marcella Chase l-IEN all 'rhe girls reiurned home To Smirh Jrhis fall we were faced wiih a chaos which could be compared wirh a hypolhelical Smyrhe Manor of posr-war England. However, being a resourceful group, we convinced The crew-men 'ro leave lhe dirches open wilh plans for consirucring a subway 'ro Alpha Gibbs, buf laced wiih adminislrarional difficulries, decided 'ro urilize ihem for our "Down 'rhe Drain Wirh Maine" homecoming Theme and won The cup for rhe second year. The season conrinued wilh a slar dusr dance, open house coffees afrer every game, Two of our members being chosen l-lon. Cade? Colonel candiola+es, and a very successful Chrisrmas fac- ulry rea, wilh enierrainmenr for The children in lhe rec-room by a l-lunrer Hall Sanla Claus. Smirh is a prerlry busy place wifh all irs ac- rive commurors giving dances and card parlies in 'rhe house, and ifs own members-Jrwo Morrar board members. including The president Vice- presidenl of Phi Gamma Mu, and Jrwo of The peppiesr pep-cars on 'rhe squad. brook grant houses HIRTEEN freshman. hailing from Pennsyl- vania To Maine, live aT Brook I-louse. We had a ChrisTmas ParTy loe-Tore vacaTion and had a wonderful Time exchanging presenTs. During The second semesTer we gave a FaculTy Tea and also a house dance. Because OT our small Treasury we could only send one box To "Care" during The year. Brook l-louse is small and To many, un- known, louT we srill compeTe in many acTiviTies. RIGINALLY esTablished Tor women veTer- ans on campus, GranT House has come To house boTh veTeran and non-veTeran women sTu- denTs, wiTh The dwindling OT The number OT Tor- mer servicewomen enrolled aT The UniversiTy. STudying is Taken seriously aT GranT l-louse, which lasT year led The campus in scholarship. During T949-50, There were many acTiviTies, including enTerTaining guesTs aTTer The Dads' Day TooTball game and ChrisTmas caroling. Plans were made Tor The snow sculpTure during The WinTer Carnival. and oTher numerous acTiviTies rounded ouT The year. mp irl,',,'frsgg-ii:r..s'ii-inirg.-fi i . 'lily ' oFFicERs T r ' if ' , H' lf ' i ' il 'l 'JM' T : fy,'.i,yc T ll ll PresidenT: Parricia Sleezer I i' gl Vice-Presidenf: Marilyn Wifbeclc 1 hlllll 'L llfgfllgl SecreTary: Jane Keller 'N l' thI,l:l'Ql:y Treasurer: Elizaberh SchmidT TTI'-ll 1 ...M I. , l.,f,'.l'fJglfg5,f T li' ,WW " 'l 1' 'lllqllril ll l ll lr ,J . rl fig ylfyy llll rl , Ill all ' lull El il-'Ull il llill T l . filllu-T 'I I' .yi it V "'ff 'l"!'i , ' OFHCERS - llll'1?T:1.lii"rffilm imm llllll lllil"rf1lfTiifPI""'r1'lfll'ill ll PresidenT: Sophie Kobzik -"' ' ' Vice-PresidenT: Margery Webs'rer SecreTaryfl'reasurer: Louise AndreveTTe -,...L.. T ,.... i Sco+'r l-lall Enqelhardlr and l-lunler l-lalls l l . lv 'I r' H, , all Q: ' f 5 .gil .,-I I J 'ii' l' J x1"l'1N!hx-. ill-1113 I xt "ll 'WN Ina-1 an ixlllillf nuli gd Wx D' i ixixinn lKll1l' Xl anna- xltlhi 'HIM wWlYl'l11l" XM'-'W ' W-3' W9 s ' 'xx' x N If X. Ji ll s .nun I 'K-as F 0 1 Vx til Nl 1, Xxx 'A I Y Ag dw MM Bourne, Presidenjr Shaines, Vice-Pres. interfraternity council HE lnTerTraTerniTy Council is The governing body oT The TourTeen campus Traierni- Ties. lTs purpose is To promoTe a spiriT of uniTy among The TraTerniTies, To regulaTe inTerTraTerniTy acTiviTies and Through The TraTerniTies,, To bring crediT and honor To The UniversiTy. '- The new council This year has been acTiye. New second semesTer pledging rules were drawn and adopTedg a ioinT inTerTraTerniTy and inTerdormiTory Council Dance was heldg The Spring Song FesT added inTeresT To iTs acTiviTies and The Council prinTed and disTribuTed bookleTs To all Treshman on "lnTormaTion Regarding FraTerniTies." A new addiTion To The pledging program This year is "Greek" Week which will be a ioinT consTrucTive acTiviTy oT The Council replacing The week 'formerly known as "Hell" Week. The Council consisTs oT Two members, The presidenT and a junior oTFicer, Trom each TraTerniTy house on campus. Samaha, SecreTary Brown, Treasurer 230 Kacha Richard Sievens ...,w,.,A,, Russell Chase .......... Winrhrop Bourne .......,... John Hollingsworrh ..,,.,,..... Sheldon Varney .....,...,. ........,...,-.-,.,.-....-.AC6CI5 ,,.,,......,.Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha Tau Omega ..............Kappa Sigma ,...s.Y...,Lambda Chi Alpha Sruari Shaines ..,.,.....,.. ...........,....,......... P hi Alpha Gordon Brown ,....... .,,. Phi Delia Upsilon vos Hollingsworlh Molloy Davis Waison QQ! i tf Varney Riedell Sulham Chase Sieve James Walson ,,....,, .........,...... P hi Mu Delia Joseph Sulham ......,,..... .,..,.............. P i Kappa Alpha Sigma Alpha Epsilon Gordon Riedell, ...,.. George Kachavos ............... .,.,..,,.,.,,.,,.,,....., S igma Be+a Richard Davis .,............. ...........,. T au Kappa Epsilon Ameen Samaha .,... Gene Malloy ...,.....,.. .,.,..,,...,.,.,.......Thel'a Chl .........,..'l'he+a Kappa Phi A Fine Beginning Lois of Snow new hampshire chapter NATIONAL irarerni'ry of 'rhirly-'rhree acrive chaprers, Acacia boasrs qualiry rarher 'rhan quanriiy. Founded al' Ann Arbor, Michigan in l904, i'rs sready grow'l'h ro i'rs presenr srafus is based on high scholarship, and on ideals which allow no liquor or gambling in The chaprer house. The morro of Acacia, and rhe ulrimare goal of irs members is "Human Service." The New Hampshire Chapler of Acacia Frarernify was inslalled December 3, l949, wirh 'rwenry-nine acrive and fifry-live alumni and laculry members. Since This dale a house has been purchased and plans made for occupaiion nex'r fall. Allhough lacking a house, Acacia parlricipared in Homecoming, by clecoraiing i'he Alumni Room ar New Hampshire Hall. Due ro irs infancy as well as i'rs lack of a house, Acacia has been less aclive arhlelically and socially rhan ir would desire. However if has high hope for 'lhe fulure. We'll always remember . . . Doc's beaJr-up ha'r . . . Gor- don and "I make a mo'rion". . . Georges laugh . . . Sam and Maison-power ar Homecoming . . . Chuck's culi'iva+ed sideburns and Ken's glasses: answers io "Who's Who?" . . . Phil, Don, and Canasra . . . Phil HaII's assumed naivere . . . The eve of inslrallarion lyawnl . . . Dick Shelley's Masonic ac- Jriviries . . . French life cycle: play cards and sleep . . . Too much food ar par+ies . . . Charlie Wi+ham's mischievousness . . . Jack Baker's beieweled aHachmen+ . . . Howie "l can fix you up!". . . Bob Chamberlain's "Been hun+ing?". . . Fred, Jrelevision, coke, and "Have you done your German?" . . . Dick Hendricks flivver . . . and above all December 3, I9-49. s"'::: H. M' .,f-:,'7a.1,5a,f" Z Q,"-ag '14 'A ' '-1-.4j'.-1..Iff1 X,"-.,'f"fi,:'f'FsY P-I4 ifffag- ?sJ,,"Y"544 7544 "FJ ' ' -1"34.'?fu'9s'f ' f'54:'7'F4f:i?""fi117J?is.'7'5i ,.,-,"V-,grijqiqi -u.:J"Q,f'1P42c:"f9J4':'FJ-.g,:"!J.,l:"f-.1 L '. ' 'v"1, "r ",l Il, ' 1 -I - ,"-.g 7'fipTf.-Y, '-.,":,T' '-?'5-..g'I1'-g,"pa,-Th. ..,vLf-Qaa, ,. K I .lvwfgu ,Mary -"-,Q ig, YY ' . H., ,'vJ, r ', pgar.-Ffa '. .,u'-'d.,,g. V fl4f.44:Q'la.:aJ:iL,:, H 1..,01,,ifh,- A ,K . .QA ,575-,wsu "'1'f4-'u 4. 'Ny -.-,. '-f'4iaD9!7i9Pfg?. 'Q J' '.,- i"33"ff'4i:."i .,,'Ff'5,ffQ6'g-, 'L fl . ., in .'-".'1?f'j-sg -5. -.ymgg -'F '- A . '--4.,fff-ge, Myra- Q . , ' - 1 c , , fps., +4 f-.ZT'+'?H:g"-'r. 1 .+i,g7f'f-if 44' ' p 'i -- 'H-ai.-.f.'-4 Q 'eg QSM . ' . . . 'Rik'-Q 55,1 4 '- 1 'I l' 5 4 ' 1. '4 -,""4fTX-'45, W. , ,f i , N . , u .A , .Y . ::..QL,,T,,,h::4g 1, , h ' - ,H-.q.:4,k,v.,Li'1-v,- V- . ,I ,.m::l.:5i:l':.,LVwn-.fs . Q 1, vt 1 . "W, '+f7'Ys'f'5'9?f77'-fi," J' ifa.'fw-.F-1"w.T'w.4 .lug-.zsfnl , ..A' x , ag x...4i,s,4 'Hn ...H f- "'. " -- 3V..'v--A- 'A-A."-. Un--1"'. 'M ef?-z.:'s'f'r'a5"--'f'.' V r-,3-'-eF",g,:,4,4,, f., kyzfyad'-aa, 5143-14.5 f . A f:w,.fw 4 --:4'4:?r'f"'-E4 "'-- "Zi ,fs 'r "ees '-k:2'fsFf- . ' '-'. 4,Q'i4""-4 F'-Q, ' ', 4,,.gq,4,-.. . i W-:-'?+l:- 4- . '-.""f.g .u,gJ.gff,1,! 1 ,l r , uv., i -,O - 4.4, xi, U1-a. ' 232 l I f"l'Xf,'?.ji5ff , f J 1 W Y l Mf lil A WM' x 40 url of acacia ROW l...Paul Gilman: Faculiy Advisor, Carl Quimby, Richard French: Sec., Richard Shavens: Pres., Kennefh Tuflsg Vice-Pres., Charles Tufisg Treas., Richard Shelley, Harold McNeil. ROW 2...Frederick Lewis, Samuel Maison, Donald Jamieson, Richard Hendrick, John Jacobsmeyer, George Wesion, Donald Hellberg, Charles Hamilfon, Roberf Chamberlain, Paul Pennoclc, Richard Pra'f'r. 4 ROW 3...John Lyon, Rodney Sfeele, James Praif, Philip Hall, Charles Wiiham, Gordon Mayo, David Jackson, John Baker. ROW 4... Howard Brooks, Roberr Sherman, Thomas Feary, Gardner Smiih, Charles Carr, Ted Chadbourne, Philip Yearon. ,OD Jr "l" omega chapter E'Ll. Always Remember . . . The T949-1950 college year opening wiTh Lou reminding everyone OT The six per-cenT inTeresT charge which he had so craTTily goTTen passed during one oT The meeTings lasT spring. John, wiTh his Twelve million chiclcs running around The counTry-side. sTarTed his season's social liTe QTT well by calling Congreve and laTer Phi Mu . . . Si,Buzzell being very lucky when no one unplugged his elecTric blanlceT all winTer . . . OUT oT The noisiesT room in The house: Tinding Fred wiTh his Erslcin, The greaT woodsman Hank, Dud burning more midnighT oil Than any scholar in The house, and Van whose accordian playing is an aTTempT aT The simpler Things in liTe . . . George's sponTaneous wiT making iTselT TelT aT every and any mid- niTe discussion . . . Warren Tinding a new car compleTe wiTh Teminine charm . . . Woody's booming voice and words oT wisdom . . . Bill, seelcing sympaThy in maTh companions and geTTing iT . . . Buck never having any Troubles and always wiTh a smile and friendly word . . . Harry and his enviable personaliTy . . . Russ, being The harmless person ThaT he is. holding The mosT soughT aTTer job on campus. ianiTor aT A. Z. D. Alpha Gamma Rho was Tounded aT Ghio STaTe UniversiTy in The Tall oT T904 as a limiTed general agriculTural TraTer- niTy. Alpha Gamma Rho has grown To 3I chapTers, locaTed in leading STaTe UniversiTies ThroughouT The naTion wiTh a membership oT nearly I l,OOO. The local chapTer was founded in I923, as a local TraTerniTy, BeTa Sigma Alpha. ln The spring oT I924, iT aTTiliaTed wiTh Alpha Gamma Rho. While The membership is composed primarily oT agriculTural sTu- denTs, sTudenTs in oTher colleges oT The UniversiTy are admiTTed. l of alpha gamma rho ROW I ROW 2 Mousely ROW 3 ROW 4 Merrull Henry Laramie Jr C Dudley Johnson George Bmse Charles Easiman Junior Prom Show Boat Forty-Fathom Fling --5 delta delta chapter LWAYS Remember . . . The "35" who inhabit the Morgue, decks, and heads ot ATO are changing. Those pillars ot the past, the Seniors ot '50 lit is hopedl. will graduate. Future Delta Delta Taus won't have Papa Bourne to open house meetings, which may be hard to con- trol without Al Kiepper's parliamentary etiquette. A new, and worried, Treasurer will replace Art Batta, and the min- utes land l-lati ot Bill Lawrence will no longer stand as read. Bob l-lauge takes his Model "T" with him, while Rommy Sleeth, another precise militarist, leaves emotion in the hearts ot Sergeants M. and G. Future dance decorations will laclc the spark in the dark ot Glen Lougee's enthusiasm and the Picassoriginality ot Paul Sipe . . . The bowls in the Aquarium where Joe Rosewater lcept his tlora and tauna leave water rings on the turniture to recall him to later brethren . . . Ted Batchelder, the man who came to dinner . . . Those rare gems, Joe Bassett, Bob Lovejoy, and George Fisher. It will be long betore the dust settles behind pro- moter Burt Nichols and Rod "tleet-toot" Webb, while Gor- den Blakeney leaves the white house with only an old gui-tar tor musicating. From its origin at Virginia Military Institute in l865, Alpha Tau Omega has grown to IO6 chapters nationally. The tirst college traternity to be tormed atter the Civil War, ATO was tounded to bring a bond ot triendship to the na- tion in place ot the strite ot war. During the current year the Alpha Taus have won the Homecoming Decorations cup, established a chapter news- paper and pride themselves on active presentation on var- sity athletic teams, honorary societies and other campus organizations. 236 'Ii ln i M199 a X J --. . . ii l ' l ofa ROW I... ROW 2... don ROW 3... ROW 4... MISSING: lpha tau omega Paul Sipe, Roberl Wiles, Roberl Jervis. Burlon Nichols, William Jones. Roberi Uplon, Richard lmus, Glen Louqee. Harold Fellbaum, Al Robinson, William Lawrence: Sec.. Win Bourn: Pres., Gor- Blakeney: Vice-Pres., Arfhur Barley: Treas., Alan Kiepper, Rodney Webb. Raymond Johnslon. Donald Olson, Roberf I-lauge, Al Greenlaw, Peler Bai-l'le'H, Joseph Chandler. Roberr Cressey, 'James Sevigny. Frederick Parker, Dean Robinson, Roberr Leavifl, Warren Pillsbury, Gordon Bennell. Parker Riddle, Douglas Whilcomb, Joseph Rosewarer. ROW 5 .. . Donald Sipe, Bradley Nees, David Barfleli. Edwin Blackey. George Fisher, Ted Bafchelder, Ronald Sleefh, Joseph Basseil, Charles Johns, Jake Johnson, Roberf Lovejoy, 1 fa - 'G-- - G '- "U ' ' ' 7' NJ V .gf '-fe EI . YE? use Y ,. . .- -,-A ,,-,, . Ji- The Snow Menagerie Main STreeT Splendor ii-H1 beta kappa chapter E'LL never Torgei' . . . Al "GeeTle" Wyman, Kappa Sig's "Pogo"...Vic and his car: many's The mile we've pushed iT . . . Our "Come Dressed as a Song Dance": whaT a rioT! . . ."Joe RiveTTe" Warren and Those Tamous jokes, "You goT some number?". . . Bud, Jack, and Norm, our Terrific Trio singing "I Had Some Chickens". . . Bill "Crack The Whip" ChrisTy. our house manager . . . Freddy D., The King oT Rockingham Ballroom . . . Paiama-clad girls cheering Tor more of our Tour AM serenades . . . KaTTy. baskeTball's co-capTain, giving Sam some Tine poinTs . . . Larry iuggling his sTocks and bonds aT midnighT. . . Giorgi, our board manager, repelling aTTacks on The ice box . . . Mike in a Tux singing "Log on The BoTTom of The Sea". . . Buzzing down To Shannon's . . . Bud Conway lending a Touch of Eire To The Conclave . . . Pappy's Tenor rendiTions . . . "Miami" Richardson spreading sunshine on gloomy days . . . FranTic anTics in The "Deep Freeze". . . Norm PlanTe making like Chopin wiTh a concerTo . . . Oldy, The mayor of Salmon Falls . . . Yes, and These seniors will never TorgeT Kappa Sig. Founded aT The Universilry of Virginia in IS69, Kappa Sigma has grown To be The second largesT TraTerniTy in The counTry, wiTh II4 chapTers. BeTa Kappa. The local chapfrer. was founded in I9Ol as The TirsT naTional TraTerniTy on campus. Kappa Sigs This year were found excelling on all varsiTy Teams. BroTher Al Swekla co-capTained TooTloall while Charlie KaTsiaTicas was one oT The baskeTball leaders. Kappa Sigma's acTiviTy in inTra-mural sporTs and exTra- curricular compeTiTion is evidenced by Their Trophy-adorned rnanTelpiece. 238 rh -uW-,,.,.Y ..... Y. .Y .--, ,i,, L, , W ics? 19 " 41:-K-9' of kappa sigma ROW I...Mrs. Ealon. Al Swekla, Norma Grandmaison: Sec., Bud I-lollingsworlhg Pres., William Chrisly: Vice-Pres., Jack Keller, Carl Mariel: Treas., AI Wyman, Timofhy Warren ROW 2...Norman Planfe, Robert Loullir, Jack Richardson. Slillman Clark, John Hayes. William I-Ianson. Gordon Allen, Andrew Sfargian, Slephen Weglarz, Leo Lesieur. ROW 3..,Theodore Moukerzi, Samuel Srralfon, James Plealsikos, Lionel Carboneau, George Leamos, Thomas Gormley, Frederick Domarachi, Edmund Boulanqer, John Bowes, Loren Dillon. ROW 4-...Arlhur Oldoni, Cliflon Ingram, John Bolos, Vincenr Caramello, Slanwoocl Srerling, Daniel Morrissey, Viclor Szalucka, Rodger McGIone. MISSING . . . Charles Kalsiaficas, Francis Murphy, Tony Bahros, John Emerson, Neal Harris, Joseph Kenney, Paul Harvey, John Bagonzi, Roberf Smilh, Jack Gamble, Larry Akerman, Charles Barrlell, Frederick Coming, Sfeven Perrichi, Richard Perrichi. ' we 'e we a-on Y 7 in Q Q I The More The Merrier We're Having a GreaT Time alpha xi zeta chapter EST We l:orgeT . . . Bruce MaTher and The passes ThaT made him Tamous . . . Che+ Lucy and his lNorTh Conwayl homespun philosophy . . . Lou Pasalis and his unspun phi- losophy . . . Maggie, our dog, and her 'eTFervescenT' good company . . . Tupper's loTf keyl Troubadors, who Tinally ended up in Durham's own Carnegie Hall, The NoTch . . . AI "The Bear" PoTTer who will be Taking his 'growls' elsewhere . . ."SaTchmo" Bill FosTer saying "This parTy is kind oT dying down". . . Norris "The STudenT" Lane wanTing To know whaT moTion is being voTed on . . . Homecoming and The high spiriTs oT The reTurning alumni . . . Roy STewarT and his bow Ties . . . The sTolen rugs and Time Trials oT "Hell Week" . . . Ike Horne and his crowded schedule llvlon.. Wed., Fri. aT 81, . . . lke doesn'T like SaTurday classes . . .The horse rac- ing game given To us by Mrs. "D," Two sixes and a Three . . . The house menagerie, The Duck, The Crane, The Bird, RudolT, and The Bear . . . Farewell Seniors . . . Don'T Toul us up by noT graduaTing! The Lambda Chi Alpha TraTerniTy was Tounded aT Bos- Ton UniversiTy on November 2, l909. Since Thaf Time The TraTerniTy has charTered I33 chapTers in This counTry and in Canada, making iT one OT The Tew inTernaTional TraTerni- Ties. The local ChapTer oT Lambda Chi was Tounded in l9I8 and moved To iTs presenT locaTion in l922 where iT became known as "The CasTle on The Hill." ln I938 some oT The ambiTious broThers consTrucTed a Tobaggon slide on The hill in back oT The house. IT has been The scene oT many a winTer's parTy. STill oTher ambiTious broThers have disTin- guished Themselves in The Ski Team, Hockey, FooTball, and Blue Key, being Tops in all oTher endeavors. 240 11116111 Cm J! 0 2 'GEN' lf 5 s as Q u X :Mi xx w 5 M' ff" 'A J: 5531 a- Q4 VIR Xivwrf 'QQ :'x Xq61 1. ,Q N 'l' - 1 ,gi l lll'v3d ',v, l i"' I -s 4 X Ja R ill of lambda chi alpha ROW I...Louis Pasalis, Elmer Horne, Norris Lane: Sec., Sheldon Varneyg Pres., Allan Polierg Treas., Frank Gilbert Bruce Mailier, Clriesler Lucy. ROW 2 . .. Roberf Senechelc. Harold Campbell. Mowry Yeung. Neal l-lerric, William Fosfer, Russ Lanqlois, William McKelvie, Roy Slewarl, Frank Eyden'r,Tirno+l1y Woods. ROW 3...William Adams. Lewis Nassilcas, Wayne Sherman, Arlhur Alexiou, Arfhur Posh Clarence Grant James Malalras. Paul Weeks. Rick Richards, Donald Philbrick. , I I ' . . , - im ., MISSlNG...Norlori Tupperp Vice-Pres., Hugo Ricipuli. Daniel Tubman, Foresl' McKerbey. 43 alla ' R L i ' R fi . .1 ,-. - - I ,,,.-.t ' . , V' I' , Q1 -1,2 h -L U x Q H A Eg -,:1' , . 4 -5:1554 4 ,-:rp in 'f 'F VQ2,.Lg:"1j's 4- A R' I S " '!': . in W ww Q- I-li Cie Bean The Singing Belles omicron chapter RADUATION is Taking from us many oi our besT men. ln February we lose our PresidenT STu Shaines and SecreTary Eddie Baker. We will always remember Eddie leading The band Through all iTs inTricaTe maneuvers . . . STU will long be remembered Tor his weekend Trips To BosTon To see The liTTle woman. . . In June we lose The maioriTy oT our broThers, namely: Vice PresidenT Hal Achber who will be remembered Tor his car and aTTairs wiTh women . . . George Perlman, Treasurer oT his class Tor Two years and social chairman oT The house . . . We'll all miss Al Rogers and his Treasure chesT oT anec- doTes, dialogues and skiTs . . . Herb Lis will long be remem- bered Tor The superb iob he did as our TirsT sreward and Tor his laTe hours . . . Ken Braverman is The guy who wriTes To his besT Triend's girl-all on The up and up Though . . . We won'T TorgeT Al Cohn and his drawings Tor every house parTy . . . AnoTher guy we Thinlc of Tor never a dull momenT is Robby Freedman and his imiTaTive dances . . . AI Tolan, our Treasurer, will be remembered Tor his business and gambling venTures, including Trips To The race Track . . . Bub Millman will be remembered Tor such noTable aThleTic achievemenTs as seTTing The all Time baslceTball scoring rec- ord here and being co-capTain oT The baslceTball Team . . . Len Sjrolzberg will be ThoughT oT Tor his special Trips To l-lampTon and Salisbury. H 242 k , of phi alpha 4 23 xii N V A I ,-,A Wi if e P' gi I I XX I "fl all W 1 ANDIS' I I ROW l...AIan Rogers, Edward Bakery Sec., Sluarl Shainesg Pres., Harold Aclwberg Vice- Pres., Alfred Lolang Treas., Herberi' Lis. ROW 2 ...Gerald Carmen, l-larold Rolhsiein, Samuel Borlhwiclc, Leonard Srolzberg, George Perlman, Norman Lumian, Samuel Adler, Kenne+I1 Braverman. ROW 3...AIan Lysson, Alan Silverman, Arlen Colin, Roberf Freedman, Bernard Delman, Bernard Kaminslcy. MISSING ...Julius Millman. Charles Pasror, Channing Morrison Circus Carousel Clownin' Around W AY up on Frafernify Row, behind our small spruce, if you look carefully you will fincl fhe Hbiggesf liffle" house on Fraf Row: whife painf, blue and gold sign, and all. Look a liffle more carefully and you'll find fhe popula- fion consisfing of a weird assorfmenf of "hosses." Come on in and meef such famous people as our Pride and Joy, Bob "Coolwafer" Dussaulf, who will fell you abouf his room- mafe Duffy Gordon, "Lof of Laughs" Brown who will fell you abouf being free'cl by an elk, Don "Black Barr" Barfleff who will fell you abouf his beffer half, and Reuben "Cony" Cole who will fell you abouf anyfhing under fhe sun . . . l'r's a greaf life . . . Handsome Bill "been here since fhe Indians" Wal- lace . . . Jim "souvenir" Boyle who knows all fhe exifs from Jakie Worfhs. Sam "Track Odds" Waferhouse . . . Will "firsf-prize" Cobb who will give his aufomobile for a five- leffer worcl wifh no vowels . . . l-lollis "Lumbhead" Kinslow who fakes The shorf way fhrough everyfhing . . . Bob "life is buf a bowl of psychoses" DuBois who shoofs people wifh a camera . . . Maurice "Spafs" Labrie who is perpefually in mourning for fhe Red Sox. We sfarfecl ouf 25 years ago as an engineer's frafernify, buf worked our way upward lfhe morfalify rafe for engineers is highl fo where Dick "Telephone" Robinson is fhe lasf of fhe fechnicians, and we are now all shapes and sizes. We have been a local fraf all fhe way, and from fhe "resf" fo fhe red leafher furnifure downsfairs, fo fhe kifchen where lvlrs. Corf performs her magic if has always been home. Those of us who leave fhis year will never forgef fhe "an- nuals" wifh PiKA ancl Phi Alpha, fhe Mayoralfy Campaign -we fried anyway, ancl of course fhe clambakes ouf back. lf's been fun. Come up and join us somefime. 244 phi ROW I Donald Bar'rle-H Ar+hur Lemlre Reuben Cole Trees Gordon Brown Pres Ri ROW 2 ROW 3 ROW 4 Clean Up Capers "Red"-l-lol' Time nu beta chapter 24 MADBURY ROAD, lhe house Thar Phi Mu Delia buili, is again discharging a group oi precocious geniuses inlo a waiiing world. Their asiuieness promises glorious iuiures . . . buf is rhe world ready? Take brorher Frank Robie, beiier known as Mary Margarei McNair . . . he capiured ihe campus and ihe Mayorally iwo years in a row . . . anoiher clown well remembered was "Ari" Hari- ne+'r . . . alihough "SilenJr Bill" Mercali is leaving, his echoes will long remain . . . Mariy Smiih may have no iurure, buf whar a pasil . . . Bob "Sl a iirewa'rch" Collins plans To SLEEP nighis . . . Carl Tucker and "Huge" Cassidy leli school wiih a fine head oi hair . , . Only an odor of Glovers Mange Cure lingers afier Them . . . Dick Gallagher, Doug Shakespeare, and Dave Ausiin pledged The Mariral Bliss Club , . . Julie Wakefield and Bob Langelier have swirched io Ponds . . . Dick l-lasry wenl over io Moxie . . . Alex Tellou sils by his TV ser evenings and soiily sips sirychnine . . ."Diamond Jim" Waison bequeaihed his derailed map of campus parking spols ro one "Tiger", . . K.K, Brouillard, our Kampus Kai, has rerired on his Graniie grair . . ."Lico- rice Siick" Luneau has esiablished a new bus line io Exerer . . . Speed Owen had +o hurry ro make This issue . . . Seih and Ernie Junkins, The Candy Kings of ihe Cape, have a new conlieciion . . . wiih foam on rhe rop. Phi Mu Delia again pursues iis unwririen policy of parlri- cipaiion in all campus aciiviiies. The McNair Pariy Mayor- aH'y campaign and show were enjoyed by all. especially 'rhe PMD's. Homecoming decorarions received ihe same recep- rion. Our parries reached a new high in good enieriainmeni, as all will vow who came behind "+he iron Cur'rain." Wirh all lhis, we srill rank high scholaslically. 246 of phi mu delta ROW I ...Roberl Collins, John Downs, Donald Chrisiian. Julian Wakefield, John Duggan, Peler Schrnidl, Wesley Brown, Andrew Hasfings, Ronald Pererson, Richard Brouillard. ROW 2... Mrs. Fowler, Marlin Smirh, Jr., Arlhur Har'rne'r+, Herberr Wheeler: Sec., Paul l-leberlg 2nd Vice-Pres., James Walson: Pres., Hugh Cassidy: lsr Vice-Pres., Rudy Smirh, Selh Junkinsq Compfroller, Carlelon Tucker, Reber? Langelier. ROW 3 . . . Roloerl Farland, Winsion Dole, Gordon Doolirile, Paul Dyer, John Guay, Alexander Tellou, Lee Sarly, Douglas Keough, George Flinl, William Mercalfe, Hazen Bickiord. ROW 4...Harold Chadwick, Paul C-Bamsby, James Konides. Edward Soboczenski, Charles Prescoll, John Herring, Nicholas Capron, Frederick Russell, Harland Woodbury, James Hickey, Carlron Cross. ROW 5 . . .William Slanelz, Richard Hasiy, Haven Owen, Bruce Luneau, Douglas Shakespeare, Marshall Corbell, Edward Duffy, Henry Forresl, Verne Ray, Edward Kirfield. I r rm, lf, .4 Punch Line Leisure Time gamma mu chapter HEY ain'+ gone, buf They're GOING, and yei' despire 'rhis good news, lhere is a-a Touch of remorse? . . . For we will miss . . . "Doolie" Donald Pregenr whose song "Doole Ooolie" made hisrory along wirh rhe foofball Jream ar every game . . . "i'loppy and his Rocker," Hadley Gad- bois and his Ford, in his famous missions across ihe border . . . "Hof John" Barchelder, escorr of The campus queens Jrhaf made his beachwagon a slighily fabulous vehicle . . . "Lucky" Leon Loos, whose becoming a parenr cosi 'rhe house hours of sleep and sludy . . ."Lover" Richard Ladd, The srrilce-our icing whose record wasn'i' earned on The diamond . . ."Old Howard" Richard Srearns who loved ro keep Jrhe freshman girls charmed . . ."The Eye" Joseph Sulham, famous campus derecfive who despife his derby, bloodhound, and glasses couldn'i solve Jrhe myslery of rhe lipsliclced cigarelie in his ash fray . . ."Aiax" Fenron Mar- shall, ihe golden voice whose singing commercials could be heard ar Jrhe oddesi Jrimes . . ."Specs" Carlin and his snow sculprures on which old man weaiher smiled his approval and melred Jrhem repearedly . . ."Willie" Van der l-lagean. who never missedl?l KP-especially when he received his daily "Tele-June" call . . . And las+ bujr noi leasr "S+ubby" Irv Williams 'rhe only man capable of Taking care of 28 girls-all Chi O's. Pi Kappa Alpha was founded al 'rhe Universiiy of Vir- ginia in l868, by six vererans of rhe Conlederare Army who were joined Jrogerher by ihe bonds of comradeship and de- voiion. Pi Kappa Alpha has exrended ifs bonds of firm and lasiing friendship lo include IOO chaprers ihroughour rhe- Unired Slales. Gamma Mu had Hs beginning as a local, Tri Gamma in I92I. In i929 if was insialled as Gamma Mu chaprer of Pi Kappa Alpha. i 248 , . 4-3' YIJW W UKA' Avtlflgag .-. n MK .' ' .-all XX 5 , 'Juli Einar? for Ti X X 1.5 n' . X j 3:11. XX of pi kappa alpha ROW I . . . Richard Siearns, Leon Loos, Richard Ladd: Sec., Joseph Sulham: Pres.. Frederick Carlin: Vice-Pres,, William VanDerl-laegen. lrvin Williams. George Cole. ROW 2 . . . Norman Landrey, Richard Keane, William Palierson, Roberi Barker, Louis Williams, Arihur Lynch, Parker Ballard, William Tasker, Harold Plumb, Charles Loos. ROW 3..,Vernon LeTourneau, Hadley Gadbois, Roger l-larcly, Joseph Gray, Norman Prudhome, Donald Pregeni, Fenlon Marshall..Charles Laugher. Raymond Chase. Charles Mcl-luqh. MISSING ...John Balchelder, Richard Muzzey, Thomas McCredy, William Alexander. l. ' I l Him, I , 1 'fwiwl ' .l'-fl., 1 if hi ,, t Drumming up a Clown Skiers' Holiday beta chapter NE Tor The Books . . . Mickey "Hole in The Head" Gage being caughT from behind by a VermonT lines- man . . . Gordon "Yogi" Riedell leading cheers and sTop- ping TighTs aT The same Time . . ."Hennery" Sanders, who hi+ The only 54-O TT. single in The hisTory oT UNH baseball . . . Ken Friborg aT The "Rock" using yesTerday's racing form . . . STeve Morang helping Ben Thompson build The school . . . Bob "SecreT Sam" Belford and his inTeresT in roof repairs, how abouT ThaT Alpha Chi? , . . ClayTon Cox and his housemaid's knee . . . Dick "Once Around" Olson, "The SweeThearT of TheTa U". . . Ed Lynch, "Boy, did I meeT a queen This weekend!". . . Sam Belanger and his crooner girl Triend . . . Tom BarreTT wiTh his lay-up shoTs . . . Doub "Pay Your Board Bills" JohnsTon and his "Darling" . . . Jack "HoT Dog" SrniTh wiTh his Taxi service To "Joe's" in NewmarkeT . . . Fred "Chief" PoThier wiTh his ineviTable slide rule and sea sTories . . . The broThers will cerTainly be sorry To see Those boys leave. SAE sTarTed iTs Tall season oTi wiTh a coTFee hour Tor The Freshmenigirlsg The aTFair was more of a success Than They had expecTed-wiTh an esTimaTed 250 girls aT-Tending. Our annual Bowery Ball was acclaimed as The social evenT of The season wiTh a huge crowd presenT. PeTe "Whirlwind" ForTescue parTicularly enjoyed himself. SAE has always been prominenT in sporTs and oTher campus acTiviTies, This year winning The much soughT aTTer golf championship. Mickey Gage was co-capTain of The TooTball Team This year, an honor The broThers are proud To acclaim. SAE was Tounded in T865 aT The UniversiTy of Alabama, and is now one oi The largesT naTional TraTerniTies, wiTh over 125 chapTers. ln l9l7, a local, ZeTa Epsilon ZeTa, became The New Hampshire BeTa ChapTer of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 250 W k' ' ' . 2 '- 5 E l ? mul L fp UI gd, of sigma alpha epsilon ROW I...John Smirh, Sfevan Morang, Charles Daunf, Gerald Hague, Samuel Balanger, James DeRocher, Edward Fraser. ROW 2 . . . Mrs. Abboll, Kennelh Friborg, John Gage. Roberr Irwin: Treas., Richard Olson: Pres., Roberl Belford: Vice-Pres., Clayfon Cox, Edward Lynch, Henry Sanders, John Polhier. ROW 3...Pe+er Forleslque, George Manuel, Charles Forsailh, Raymond Gile, William Slone, Edward Bragdon, Hugh Morione, Harold Bryanl, Brad Hughes, Waldo Sanders. ROW 4...Bruce Barber, Thomas Barrell, Roberr Ealon, William Knipe, David Ellinqwood, Douglas Johnson, Peler Blake. Roloerl Taylor, Roberl Johnson, David Conant ROW 5...Dominic Zappalla, Richard Vogel, Thomas Addison, Lesler Chapman, James Lazarus, Louis Kochanek, Arlhur Browning, Gordon Riedell, John Gibbons, Samuel Zappalla. MISSING . . .William Powers, Leon Bowen. r"'WC1rfNm,cT2p, n LJ, Sealin' iT up Smile PreTTy ACK in I92l . . . New Hampshire was sTill a colliTch and Jim Ridlon was planning To enroll: Television and Roger Gould awaiTed MilTon Berleg a TooTball knew no kick- ing specialisTs like George Kachavos . . . a group oT HoraTio Alger heroes seTTled in The Jenkins House as charTer mem- bers oT Sigma BeTa. In l924 . . . Ringling BroThers gave up Their colorful parades, buT Sigma BeTa has upheld The circus TradiTion wiTh Their MayoralTy candidaTesg Red Grange became The "Galloping GhosT OT Illinois" porTending The arrival of "STreTch" Kershaw, "The Galloping GhosT oT Durham": John Scopes was deTendanT in The Tarned "monkey Trial" Tor Teach- ing evoluTion . . . Wasyl Zaricki was born: The New York Graphic became The mosT lurid oT yellow iournals . . . 24 years laTer Leo RedTern assumed ediTorship oT The New Hampshire . . .Sigma BeTa wenT naTional. Then in i927 . . . Lindbergh Tlew The ATlanTic solo T22 years laTer Bob "Lone Eagle" WiTham compieTed a Trans- conTinenTal Tripl: The year before, Rudolph ValenTino died buT Lover-boy LeighTon was an inTanT replacement The Tour- ing car was The pluTocraT's playThing and Al lvlcReel is sTill driving one. IT was ProhibiTion . . . PeTe Brunelle, Dave Carr and Joe Richards were glad They weren'T in college yeT . . . The chapfer Took up iTs presenT residence aT 26 lvladbury Rd. I936 rolled around . . . FDR was conserving resources wiTh TVA l"LeTTy" OuelleTTe has his own liTTle TVA-incan- descenT conservaTionlg The Marines were ouT oT Nicaragua and Ten years laTer Bruce RoberTson was ouT of The Marines . . . Sigma BeTa wenT back To being an independenT local TraTerniTy. 1 . 252 M L4..,iw,, V X Y , ,s . 11 lf' 1 1 ,-',-1:-wx:-.-Q Kfffgilr' 1 y l My JH :NJ y. l. ROW I ...Herberi Follansbee, Leonard Smiih, Naihan Balfles, David Carr, James Shea, ,E sig m a beta f in ' N A J, 1 , ip Q l 4' 'fm M!" John Pasqual, Arlhur Grani, Bruce Roberison. ROW 2...l.ouis Kachavos, Dean Fowler, Edward Hendzel, Raymond Oulelreg Treas., George Kachavos: Pres., Wasyl Zarichig Vice-Pres., Slirling Hamlin: Sec., Blaine Leiqhron, Roger Wood. ROW 3... Donald Dunbar, William Levandowski, Bob Carrier, Danield Mayner, Glen Kershaw, David Hemmingway, Roger Heiheman, Al Hood. Daniel Couiurier, Thomas Canon. ROW 4...Dwighl' Smilh, Roberl Whedon, Donald Callahan, Joel Nordholm, William McReel, Roger Gould, Daniel Haugaard, Alberi McReel, Peier Brunelle, Spencer Robinson. ROW 5...James Ridlon, Leo Redfern, J. Richard Callahan, George Healey, Norman Baichelder, Philip Harringion, Maiihew Lonsdale, Richard Tebo. MlSSlNG...Joseph Richards, David McCullogh, William Chase, Frederick Houle, Roberl Malone, Thomas Vachon, Roberi Perkins, Frank Forbes, Rupperr Brown, Francis Taiarzeck, John Buckley, Roberf Shaw. D ,, , 4 ' Q L A F V Familiar Landmark CanasTa ConcenTraTion alpha nu chapter HIS year Ten seniors will be leaving us. They have con- TribuTed much To The house and are leaving iT consider- ably beTTer Than They Tound iT when They came. IT each succeeding group can say as much aT The end oT Their sTay here, The House will be a much Tiner one indeed. lTems we'Il remember . . . ThaT losT weekend abouT which some TraTers have The audaciTy To claim ThaT religion was discussed unTil seven a.m .... Prexy Dick "Scrooge" Davis also prexying Alpha ZeTa, and acTive in Senior Skulls and Phi Kappa Phi . . . Our socialiTe Diclc "Veep" CorreTTe enmeshed in a conTinuous barrage oT socieTy meeTings and banqueTs . . . The many "showers" given in and ouT oT The usual place and sudden appearances of waTer oT unusual TemperaTures Therein . . . The Green Bomber Telce FleeT . . . Our cornering oT The inTerTraTerniTy scholasTic plaque . . . Elwin lvluzzey as cash receiver and scooTer owner . . . Roger "lvlonTana" Sprague's posTed slip oT Ten warnings, or was iT eleven, lwhaT's more, some TraTers believed iT!l . . . Don "Muldoon" Mullen's hammer Throwing and TooTball ac- complishmenTs . . . Bob "RabbiT" Wherland's new Ford con- verTible on sale Tor S50 'cause iT was minus keys one day . . . Warren Adam's Teminine disTracTions lor should we puT ThaT in The singular Torm?l . . . The Thursday ThaT Bill Arms goT The big word ThaT Two school Teachers would sub Tor his girl as weekend visiTors . . . Danny lvlcKinzie's "corrup- Tion" by his roommaTes. In I889, Tive sTudenTs aT Illinois Wesleyan UniversiTy bonded Themselves TogeTher To live as broThers oT Tau Kappa Epsilon. Since Then, TKE has spread iTs inTluence To all secTions of The counTry, having an enrollmenT oT 43 ac- Tive chapTers. DelTa Sigma Chi, The original local chapTer became Alpha Nu ChapTer oT TKE in 1931. 254 V110 REQ? W W V QQ5352 49 R f z I "W f L X5 1 'nv' oftau kappa epsHon ROW ROW ROW ROW Slanley Younqquisl, Slephen Pearson: Sec., Richard Davis: Pres., Richard Correlle: Vice-Pres., Elwin Muzzey: Treas., Sidney Davis Charles Dusfen, Palriclc Gray, Casimir Kuliga, Roger Sprague, Arfhur Glines, Donald Mullen, Paul Kelley, James Brock. Roberl Wherland, John Tewlcsbury, Gulhrie Colpiffs, Frederick Hilfon, Douglas Boswell, Daniel McKinzie. Foresl' Lillle, William Barms, Warren Adams. Erwin Pearson, Richard Robinson, John Millar. MISSING . . . Harold Mcl.oud. ? zeta chapter E'l.l. Always Remember . . . "Shirley Mae" Spaine and his dash info The chill wafers of fhe Aflanfic . . . The 5:00 AM rising in order fo puf up Homecoming deco- rafions . . . The emergence of our famed characfers such as "The Prince," Capiain lvlidnighf, "The Nose," The Greek, efc .... Gerry Phaneuf, fhe fearless sfranger, riding maies- fically down fhe aisle of Nl-l I-lall during Sfunf Nighf . . . Oh yes, Sam Samaha and Jim Mclzayden comparing "bealcs" . . . The wonderful dinner for 'rhe seniors and fhe farewells io such grand guys . , . Our money-man, Li'l Toof, who iusf couldn'f pass fhai exfra piece of pie . . . Remember and shudder when you recall fhe mysferies of Jrhe "Phan- +om," confinually being hunfed down by Hank Cunningham and Dick Barnes . . . Chrisfo Kazanas, fhe undefeafed coach, leading his foofball forces fearlessly info baffle . . . The Shadrans . . . The hand-wresfling of Bob Milczenas . . . The wabbling four, our Quarlef . . . Our wonderful house dances . . . and lasf buf nof soon forgoifen, we'll always remember af our annual Chrisfmas pariy The expressions of ioy and overwhelming faifh on 'rhe ever believing faces of fhe chil- dren, in fhaf grand old fellow, Sf. Niclc. Thefa Chi sfarfed as a local chapfer and was known as Delfa Xi. lf was formally insfalled as Zefa Chapfer on May 2I, I9IO. Since fhen, if has grown in prosperify and achieve- menf. The building of our new house was complefed in I93O, fhus accommodafing fhirfy-eighf residenfs and wifh feeding facilifies for fiffy-five men. Thefa Chi has always remained near fhe Top scholasfically, socially, and afhlerically. We have seen many improvemenfs made, and feel as fhough our "home away from home" is somefhing fhaf we can be proud of. We'll confinue io sfrive for beffer frafernal life. 256 esfwa' I I lv""i a l in ' , yi 1 Ly? A ll J x w ill in A 1 l l .JJ 1 Gffvansr A 1' ' of theta chi ROW I Richard Hood, Edward Wisniewski, Carlion Allen, Donald Bent Sianley Parker, Granl Seaverns, Arrhur Page, Clarence Wadleigh, Roberi Wiiremore, Bradley Jones. ROW 2...Mrs. Bailey. George Gilman, Odyssias Aihanasiou, Richard Sidqreavesg Trees., Samuel Samahag Pres., Richard Dodge: Vice-Pres.. Henry Langeving Sec., Chrisfo Kazanas Richard Barnes, Earl Barnes. ROW 3 ...John Sfevens, Leigh Cooley, Henry Cunningham, Roberf Milcszenas, Paul Wyman. James Bailey, William Haubrich, William Chase, Paul MacCormick, Richard Warner, Joseph Sione, James Prirchard. ROW 4.,.Edward Cooley. Paul Rich, Theofelos Aliapoulious, Slanley Wyman, Laurence Marlin. lrvinq Arwood, John Sandsirom, John Worihen, Wesley Clapp, James McFadyen, Bradley Coburn, Edmund Tarball. ROW 5...Theodore Housion. Charles Henry, David Dupee, Herberr Richardson, Louis Keroaclc, Rolaerr Foss, Louis Newman, John Henry, William Spaine. FviISSlNG...Travis Nuriing, Schyler Berry, Marshall Harris, Louis Siangeland, Ronald Pike, Roscoe Pike. James Nassichos, Richard Sears. . .iipplg i ,, Xe, ,, ,.,, Q 'A Q.. Jilrrerbuggin? Mil Arr Mood epsilon chapter ROM The raille of The paddles in "46" ro commencemenr in June we have.coun+less memories lo linger wilh us. We'll Always Remember . . . The annual Spring sporrs bar- Jrle berween Jrhe quarler ceniury club and-The youngsrers . .. The snowball iighrs wirh Schofield, of course we had binocu- lars 'ro spor 'rhe Jrargers . . . The parries Thar reached spec- Jracular heighrs . . . The 25+h Anniversary . . . Everyone had a hunch aboui Jrhe punch, bul who'll forger whar happened airer lunch . . . Wherever we rravel Duncan Hines will remind us of our famed slewarr . . . Our ace polirician "Du1Cley" who had Thar famous "BosJron Man" bear . . . The Sunday airernoon club rhar ended in a midnighr hockey game . . ."Ole Sabu" somelimes known as +he squarrer . . . The Traveller who pul us on The map wiih his wanderings . . . John "Brad" who could oulsell his boss . . . Good ole Huich, ably leading our Senior class . . . Thar renown finger rrick, rhe laik of rhe house . . . Those laughable ses- sions on deck Thar lasled far inro Jrhe morning . . . Who can Torger "Phonophobia" Casey who owned The rifle of Beals. loo . . . We'll always remember sending Ernie oii ro cam- paign Jrhe Glass Bowl eleven and Trapper oil ro Jrhe Olympics . . . Remember Those house parries, Jrhey always ended wirh serenades 'ro Schofield . . . The farewell banquel' To The Seniors . . . and ioremosr of all, rhe wonderful, lasring friendships we have Jro rake wirh us ar Jrhe end of our col- lege days. Thera Kappa Phi originared ar Lehigh Universiry as rhe Jrhe X Club. I+ was organized inro a Greek leller sociery in l9I9. Today. Thela Kappa Phi chaprers can be found in Jrhe leading colleges and universiries in Jrhe counrry. The local chaprer, Epsilon, was inslalled in I924. ln arhlelics and honors, Thela Kap ranks high, wilh members on all varsiry clubs, and represenralives in Blue Key and Senior Skulls. l 258 ,nu 1 I' 6 X1 Mllllllilllll lrlllmm Q ,H illl nl? .-255 of theta kappa phi ROW l...Ernes'r Wolcolf. Gerald Lemire, Charles Long: Treas., Eugene Molloy: Pres. Gerald Nolan: Sec., Russell Page, James Wedge, Rev. J. Desmond O'Connor. ROW 2 . ..Thomas Powers, Jusiin Horan, Charles Winn, Carroll Cheslousky, George Breion Sianley Salcowski, Roberr Crompron, Daniel Walsh. ROW 3...John Simpson, Jack Lafayelie, Arihur Lane, Lawrence Trachy, John Sakowslci Warren Cadorer, Thomas Gorman, Lawrence Winn. ROW 4. . .John Ahearn, Albari Adams, Paul LePage, Valerian Lavernclich, William Charron Roberi Firzsimmons, Slanley Faryniarz, Clemenr Genclron. Perkins Flanagan Willand L pan hellenic council S early as 1883 TraTerniTy oTFicers TelT ThaT ioinT consideraTion and acTion in a Pan- l-lellenic associaTion would make possible The soluTion oT problems common To all. Kappa Kappa Gamma has The disTincTion oT being The TirsT women's TraTerniTy To acT upon This realizaTion. AT iTs I8'-70 ConvenTion inviTa- Tions were exTended To cliTTerenT women's Tra- TerniTies To meeT in a Pan-Hellenic ConvenTion. Six TraTerniTies accepTed, and This ConvenTion was conceded To be The Torerunner oT The pres- enT NaTional Pan-l-lellenic. lT was noT unTil I902 ThaT anoTher conTerence was called To meeT by inviTaTion oT Alpha Phi. This ConvenTion recom- mended ThaT a similar meeTing be held annually To which a delegaTe was appoinTed Trom each TraTerniTy. Thus The NaTional Pan-l-lellenic Con- Terence as iT is known Today has developed. ConTerence aT presenT is made up oT TwenTy member groups. As a naTural ouTgrowTh oT Na- Tional Pan-Hellenic ConTerence, a plan was evolved Tor The organizaTion oT College Pan- l-lellenic Councils. Since I9l6, The Pan-l-lellenic Council aT The UniversiTy oT New Hampshire has been TuncTion- ing as a member oT The NaTional Pan-Hellenic ConTerence which Torms The Tramework oT soror- iTy acTiviTy ThroughouT The counTry. ThirTeen members make up The council. The consTiTuenTs include Two represenTaTives Trom each sororiTy and a presidenT elecTecl by The council each February. Among iTs aims is The mainTaining oT a high plane oT TraTerniTy liTe and inTerTraTerniTy relaTions wiThin our universiTy, The compiling oT The rushing rules, and The governing oT rushing, pledging and iniTiaTion. This year has been a year oT "TirsTs" Tor The council as iT has broadened The scope oT iTs ac- TiviTies on campus. A novel idea was inTroduced in The Torm oT a Tour day MER? season, culminaTing in The Pan- l'lellenic semi-Tormal, an annual evenT. Adding To The lisT oT Freshman bookleTs was The rushing bookleT sponsored by all sororiTies and conTaining The newly revised rushing rules. Resuming an old cusTom, Pan-Hellenic honored The Freshman girls wiTh a winTer Tea-one oT The many ways in which sororiTy girls cordially exTend a welcome To campus newcomers. ALPHA CHI OM EGA Norma Perkins Muriel Bragolon ALPHA Xl DELTA Shirley Hoyle Joyce Brown CHI OMEGA Barbara Smarl' Shirley Lemieux KAPPA DELTA Helen Willanczl Ruin Wiggin PHI MU Parricia Libby Carol Seyboli' THETA UPSILON Marjorie Holmes Ann Conlin Anne Marie Flanagan fa-' Bragcl Hoyle. Brown Conlin. Holmes Lemieux, Smarl on, Wigqin. Seybolf, Libby 'EBL x riff xx .R yt .L x ,wid-i ff ,.: 4, I f' 1 J A , y -' ' '42 .lTf':1 'iw " V l f' -1"-:i:1'-" '1 e l iff ' il js fl A K . g if .- i - i fa- we il - 5 K. V ll 4 y A in A - f X 'J ' 'fi L . .. -risgii' .N rl ' Hb i Rn I K l - , I . . l ix ls Maine on The Map? Comparing NoTes alpha tau chapter l-TOULD Ol' AcguainTance Be PorgoT . . . l-low could we . . . "Rip Van" Gina and her abiliTy To "crump ouT" aT any Time, convenienl' or oTherwise . . . Barbie's "Max Jr." who was sTar boarcler aT Alpha Chi Tor Three weeks . . . Lee and Nancy discussing The meriTs oT OgunquiT ancl l-lampTon beaches and making TreguenT Trips To Tinol ouT which is The beTTer place . . . Lorna's more Than capable abiliTy To TuTor French evenings . . . Perk's week-encl ex- cursions land she claims They are all Tor OuTing Clubl . . . Sylvia's Troubles wiTh "T" l-lall as To whaT consTiTuTes a gracluaTe . . . And B. A.'s readiness Tor a parTy-parTyl So Proudly We Hail . . . an imporTanT newcomer To our house, Mrs. Blanche "Mama" Foulkrocl whose unTiring eT- TorTs have been a consTanT inspiraTion . . . Ancl To our ever TaiThTul "Cora" . . . And our Tive wonolerTul pledges oT lasT Fall. K Alpha Chi is noT wiThouT iTs honors, as we had This year's aicle To CacleT Colonel . . . honorable menTion aT Home- coming . . . The Treasurer oT Blue Circle . . . The Vice- PresiclenT ancl SecreTary of Phi Sigma . . . The SecreTary oT Mask and Dagger . . . The SecreTary oT Pan Hell . . . Pho- Tography EdiTors oT GraniTe . . . All-STar members in lnTer- class sporTs . . . And among our Treasury oT memories we recall TorTy smiling Taces oT The Orphans aT The ChrisTmas parTy, Greek Week, Alpha Chi Week-end, The ChrisTmas Tormal wiTh TheTa U, The Senior BreakTasT, and many Toncl Tarewells come June. 262 xv . -W in I 5 H 5 of alpha chi omega ROW I...Elinor Burleigh. Pafricia Wilkie, Midge Evans, Ann Whilinq, Mary Lou Barion, Mariorie Larocque, Belly Jane Carpenler, Rhoda Pickwick. ROW 2...Mrs. Blanche Foulkrod, Barbara MacNamara: Treas., Lorna Hadley: Vice-Pres., Nancy Brackelfg Pres., Arlene Royg Vice-Pres., Mary Chrislieg Sec,, Virginia Quinny Sec., Doris Scharif. ROW 3...Grace Ausiin, Ann Jewell, Connie Sf. Jean. Louise Pilman, Shirley Cassell, Joyce Whedon, Evelyn Blish, Muriel Bragdon, ROW 4...Pa1'ricia Coombs, Norma Perkins, Gerene Trudeau, Jane Bresnahan, Barbara Kern. Pafricia Perkins, Nancy Carllon, Gloria Waison. iw. 1 i rio B .gfiv lr? Leo The Lion Mail Time tau chapter E'l.l. Always Remember . . . Queen BeTTy, aides Shirley and Jan aT Carnival Ball . . . The laclc oT snow Tor Carnival . . . Jan Furman in a leopard slcin-whaT The well dressed cave woman wears . . . The cup won Tor second prize in sTunT nighT . . . Barb Briclle's impersonaTion of a Kampus KaT . . . Shirley Hoyle winning a walTzing conTesT beTore she had learned To walTz, and being chosen New England's mosT beauTiTul cofed . . . Our clam-digger's dance Pan-l-lellenic week-end, and our annual Rose Formal . . . Gen Eurman's impersonaTion of Robinson Crusoe . . . The early Spring sunbaThing on The Terrace, and The colds ob- Tained Thereby . . . Our Alpha Xi Junior Prom Queen Tor The Third consecuTive year . . . The Toolrball games wiTh our Tour represenTaTives on The Pep-CaT squad . . . The many Alums ThaT reTurned Tor homecoming . . . CharloTTe SweeT's arTisTic inspiraTions . . . Having "Dad" To dinner and singing all The old songs . . . The evening serenaders, bless 'em . . . Ginny l-lolT's nighTly subconscious conversaTions on deck . . . Caryl Dineen's Blue Danube alarm clock . . . The Devil's Walk aT our l-lallowe'en dance . . . Jane Shaw's burning The midnighT oil . . . The ChrisTmas Tormal. soTT music, ever- green, and misTleToe . . . Syl Collins' accounTs oT The Wild 'n Wooley WesT . . . Jan SmiTh's accounTs OT The Wild 'n Wooley New England . . . Exchange suppers wiTh FraTerni- Ties . . . lnTer-SororiTy coTTee hours and gab sessions . . . Lee Currier's rendiTion oT "Every Day's a Holiday" . . . EaculTy guesT nigh'Ts and Tireside discussions . . . Mrs. Ches- ley and Mabel . . . Barbie's acTiviTies as one of our Two Senior RepresenTaTives To Woman's STudenT GovernrnenT . . . Lee's elecTion as SecreTary of Blue Circle . . . TheTa Chi's impressive public pinning ceremony Tor Connie . . . The happy days, The Trienclships gained . . . aT Alpha Xi DelTa. 264 ,, . , f J 'lf .1 ggriaafg- Nil ., J.I,jWv-, 4 .,bXgf..Q!e 2? T35 4.5 E if? . ff is, fi,-341-. .....f5ii f P31 .4 N L , fQ'gW3J55?l'!fs of alpha xi delta ROW I ...Connie Ballaniine, Jeanne lvliville, Barbara Gilmore, Joyce Lanyon, Joan Brigl-it man, Elizabellw Bryclen. Marga Bulwrer. Barbara I-lalciw. ROW 2 . . . Mrs. Chesley, Jane? Sundeen, Caryl Dineen, Shirley Currierg Sec., Janice Smiilig Pres., Joanne Ryden: Vice-Pres., Janel Shaw, Virginia Holi: Treas., Shirley Hoyle. ROW 3...Jean Coffin, Virginia Waslo, Ruflw Gold+hwai+, Joyce Worden, Jackie Basfille, Connie Easiman, Ann Farrell, Genevieve Furman, Pairicia Porier, Shirley Ayres, Alice Hauselin. ROW 4.. . Barbara Campbell, Sally Roy, Merrilyn Schanclwe, Pafricia Klinq, Marnie Brazier, Virginia Deshenes, Joyce Brown, Joan Kapapaulaus, Barbara Grinnell, Glenna Yeaion, Lisella McKinzie. ROW 5...Joan Gobbi, Mariorie Ballles, Beiry Laurie, Charloife Sweei, Sylvia Collins. Barbara Bridle, Joyce Cook, Paula Webb, Nancy Dearborn. Sunday al' Chi O New Records mu alpha chapter l-IIS is The Chi O family of gay and loyal sisfers lovingly presided over by "Mom" Worman. We'll cerfainly miss our seniors when They leave. BUT could we ever forgeT how Prexy Barbie French Lane and Ginny Chandler Thorne made Those wedding bells ring . . . Or Thespian Mim Dearborn. The boy wiTh green hair had noThing on her when The direcTor of "l-ligh Tor" demanded she Turn red-head. WhaT will we do wiThouT our efficiency experf, Barbie Smarf. Remember l-loney Bunney and The leTTers from Norfh Conway? ThaT flash you jusT saw was Polly Rifchie. The busiesT gal on campus, en rouTe To coach a baskefball Team in Rochesfrer. And whaf is ThaT coming affer her? Oh. Bonnie Burbank iusT squeezing in before we close and almosf noT making iT again. How did you ever find Time for all Those commiffee meeTings and lecTures and ThaT boy, Too? They'll miss Chi O, Too, we know. lvlrs. Worman's "hen" parTies . . . our Twin kiTTens . . . The fun aT The annual or- phanage parTy . . . snacks in The kifchen iusT before eleven . . . exchange dinners . . . ploTTing for sTunT nighT . . . our gliTTering array of cups . . . and gay and serious conversa- Tion during dinner by candlelighT . . . and singing senTimenTal songs afferwarcl . . . "When day is done, we'll Think of you. Chi Omega was founded aT The UniversiTy of Arkansas in l895. The lvlu Alpha chapTer was esTablishecl aT The Universify of New Hampshire in l9l5. 266 R Q 'Q 'Ii-HD 2 of chi omega ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW I... 2... 3... 4 5 Elizaberh I-Iarlow, Mariorie MacCauley, Joan Dane, Nancy Graham, Belly Winn, Frances Adams. Mrs. Worman, Barbara Smarrg Treas., Nancy Vogel: Pres.. Cyn+hia Merrill: Vice-Pres., Janef Murphy: Sec., Barbara Lane. Lydia Thorne, Marcia Sullivan, Parricia Wood, Shirley Lemieux, Eleanor Burbank, Michelena Medzela, Mary Anne I-learn. Barbara Neville, Virginia Thorne, Marguerefe McMu'Irie, Esrher Mclieage, Miriam Dearborne. Joan Dale, Pafricia Shaw. Maryann Maffila, Pricilla Tacey, Drusilla Nelson. MISSING . . . Pauline Rilchie, Anile Kiclcline, Elizabefh Jane Sinclair. I L . YL , ,. 4 :Ee a n I 'fr I - I 1' if -ir ' --1:n:"'I'n.n-nbirlfi fr Kyra! H's All in Fun Only 'fill Eleven alpha sigma chapter APPA DELTA SORCRITY was founded al Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia on Ociober 23, IS37. If grew from a group of four women To The 'iifih largesi' Pan Hellenic Sororijry. An inieresiing highlighi This year was 'rhe reaclivaiion of Alpha Chapier when Farmville Siaie Teach- er's College became Longwood College. The local sororily of Delia Kappa, formed in I9l9, became Alpha Sigma Chapier of Naiional Kappa Delia on November 23, l929, wiih a group of eighieen girls. This year Alpha Sigma cele- brafed Hs 'rwenlieih anniversary. We'll always remember. . . The exciremenr of moving info our new house . . . Rushing +o gef rhings ready . . . l-Ielen Willand remembering especially 'rhe lale hours ironing cur- Jrains . . . finding new pieces of furnilure . . . running behind The painlers TFYTDQ lo puf 'rhings in wiih Them sfill working. Afier finally moving in bag and baggage . . . We'll never forge? . . . The house warming given us by all ihe oiher sororiiies . . . Winning rhe homecoming cup . . . red painl dripping all over our freshly painfed house . . . scrubbing and scraping The paini aflrerwards . . . and displaying red hands for a weelc. "Ginger" Wiggin will always remember balancing The budger. . . Thinking 'rhe house was on fire and 'rhe insurance noi' paid. We'll miss Louise Flanders. her sense of humor and her love for cabbage . . . livening up any meal. We'll always 'rhanlc "Mama" Keen for her enihusiasm and inieresr in us and our ac'rivi+ies. of kappa delta ROW I ...lv1rs. Keen. Pl1yliss Sproul, Sec.: Helen Willand, Pres.: Jacqueline Revaz. Vice- Pres.: Rulh Wiggin, Treas. ROW 2...Eli2abell1 Holmes, Barbara Saunclers, Margarel O'Brien, Theresa Caslonquay, Eleanor Juranies. ROW 3 ...Jean Chrislopher, Louise Flanders, Barbara Bellafly, Palrlcia Filzgerald, Virginia Wrighl. No STudying? lT's NoT as QuieT as IT Looks beta gamma chapter lTl'l seven bossy Seniors living aT our house iT musT have been a Trying year for The Sophomores and Juniors who "Took" orders. The girls showed Their abiliTy To cooperaTe, however, when They ioined The Repulsive parTy Tor Charles Scollay. lT's hard To say which was more Tun. The MayoralTy Campaign or being under siege on Hallo- we'en nighT. Probably Joyce would prefer The ChrisTmas ParTy when we enTerTained TwenTy-six orphans Trom Roch- esTer . . . her TavoriTe SanTa Claus was here. A New Year's Tormal Took The place oT The usual ChrisTmas dance and welcomed i950 wiTh a bang! The monThs Trom January To June seemed To Tly pasT. Before we knew iT. The Spring Tormal and The PaTroness Tea were successes To remember. Many oT The Seniors began To look bleak aT The ThoughT of facing The cold, cruel world aTTer CommencemenT buf Marie, Mikie, and PaT jusT gazed aT Their diamonds wiTh dreamy looks. Any way you looked aT iT, Though. iT was a wonderTul year! Phi Mu prides iTselT on being The second oldesT Greek- leTTer socieTy Tor women. IT was Tounded aT Wesleyan Col- lege, Macon, Georgia on March 4. I852. Since Then The original PhilomaThian SocieTy has advanced greaTly. Today Phi Mu has over sixTy acTive chapTers and more Than one hundred alumni chapTers. A l"lealThmobile operaTing in Georgia and Phi Mu Toy-carTs in children's hospiTals are Two oT our besT known philanThropies. Several scholarships Tor graduaTe work are awarded and a one Thousand dollar scholarship is given To women Trom devasTaTed counTries who wish To sTudy in American colleges. l 270 li-15 .4'ff?"--.5 i 75,3 if 3v?,2.+Ju1T4!xX 9 'Qld fwfr-3.-':,3 ag tp-,E if iA,, fi, va! dl ,fn i Q fl.. 'ra e nl 'vi f , i - "il, ' gwrwi A of phi mu ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW I 2 3 4 5 Miriam Newell, Marion McClellan, Barbara l-lunf Pauline l-leberr Connie Paige Barbara Wiegand, Virginia Rand, Barbara Morrison Mrs. Priesl, Marfha Hobbs, Jane'Campbellg Sec Nancy Din more Pres Carol Seybolrg Vice-Pres., Marie Reed: Treas., Pairicia Walker Joyce Thomas Kaihleen Donovan, Rufh Drake, Louise French June Simpson Palricia Libby 'Marilyn Rand, Caroline Smalley, Lucille Newell Janice Darby, Ann Baldwin, Virginia Bailey, Florence Chandler Janer Dodge Elaine Sawyer, Nancy Meyers, Noreen Joy Carmen Nadeau, Joyce McCue, Lynn Holder Barbara Deans Lois Hayes Joy Johnson, Palricia Calef MISSING . . . Lois l-luni, Joan Callcin Q f 'f 57 2 J U4 'd Q was ,. a- . so N 17' 41 1 I, f .aa 1- A . 5 .Y .,., ,E-ily , .3 s i 186 45 k'wr'4 .'.1 Q .6 5 ' y ,5 J, 1- The Big Parade. Favorire Pasiime. tau chapter HANKS, Theia U, for The memories oi: Berry Lou's bears overrunning 'rhe dining room as she direcred rhe paini crews . . . Margie's "big black bear" overrunning her conver- sarion . . . Jan's advice To Jrhe lovelorn . . . Joy's pholrogenic qualifies revealed in informal shors . . . Carp's "coming of The revoluJrion" . . . The mysrery of The penihouse inhabifed by Ann Marie, Joy, and Pris . . . Bake, wir of Greek World. and sophisricared "Hedda Hopper" . . . Our pride in cam- pus queens Belly, Claire, and Elaine . . . Everyone's sudden liking for "virus" . . . lv1om's horn calling us from 'ihe porch ai' eleven . . . Our reluciance in leaving 'rhe Pan-Hel picnic despiie 'rhe rain . . . Beansie's uniiring help wifh our many Teas . . . The soorhing afier-dinner music offered by Audrey . . . The sparkle of Joanie and Phyl's diamonds surpassed only by 'rhe siars in rheir eyes . . . The specrre of Midge in The gray dawn wriring her unending lerrers . . . "Yes'ier- days" honorable menrion . . . The midnighi snacks and gab sessions when we look 'rhe world aparf and pur ii back 'ro- ge'rher . . . The iuriliry shown by our Three Granile Edifors frying To make 'rhe "deadline" . . . Our Pep-Car Jean cheer- ing us on ar home games . . . The parliameniarian advice of AWS Prexy Phyl and Pan-Hel Prexy Anne Marie . . . The happiness which our "Mom" Tharcher has broughr 'lo us . . . These Jrhings, and many more, we will always re- member as we look back over The wonderful days spenl' wi+h sisiers of Theia U. Nor lei us forger . . . Our early sisiers who founded 'rhe lvlekaiina Club . . . Our firsi chaprer. Alpha, formed ai' The Universiiy of California in l9l4 . . . These beginnings mak- ing possible our own chapier, Tau, ar UNH since 1929. 272 -4 ' 'l' QR ! 'll' W J 4, ll ,lf Hx af ' S ull of theta upsilon ROW I . . . Pairicia Yeaion, Claire LaPorie, Maxine Armsirong, Beiiy Barker, Beverly Lessard, Mario:ie Sawyer, Ruilr Olney, Mary Beih Noyes. ROW 2 . . . Mrs. Tliafclier, Priscilla Winslow, Beiiy Greene: Treas., Joy Alwrendh Pres., Pamela Low: Vice-Pres., Marjorie Holmes: Sec., Beiiy Lou Perley, Joan Dick. ROW 3...Elaine Norcllwolm, Beisy Scoii, Doris Zocchi, Charlissa Chase, Eleanor Brockle- bank, Sally Baker, Mariha Gagnon, Eleanor Reynolds, Mary Lou Gilman. ROW 4- . . . Ruin Berry, Carolyn Browririgg, Audrey Campbell. Reba Perkins, Virginia McLain, Claire Lamie, Marilyn Waris, Anne Marie Flanagan, Anne Marie Carpenier, Joanne Snow. ROW 5...Jean Parmenier, Ailwena Cosiarakis, Siella Soiiropoulos, Ann Coburn, Jean Garside, Jane? Rollins, Loraine Morin. MlSSlNG... Pliyliss Killam, Ann Conlin, Rosemary Flanagan, Anne Shuliz, Jean Raymond, Janice Russell. i , Q. .A H V, I ,t J xg I i Ri! lei .wil 3 1 4 F " ? A i I yi fl' .l l bd' xk Q-M 5 ,ff W' Y :Po g V, ""'Q 9 sv , 9 1- ff! K- '- 5 1 X 3 x, a ' . 49' 4- '. , 59 1 X .,, f JM., 'X 1 Q' s,,I , , fifw'1'c'5 5 xxsxvf W-31 1' 'S X 'ix 1- Q if I If Y' :I ' f X x ' is x f f, A 1 . , 1' a. f I. 'f I , D gf! Q i if .- l,"1 I Z5 X -I Q' Z ff' .I 'fl' . Z im' I . if f 5 . , V . X 1 I ' F: I ,1 f I 'V f f I ' ' I If Q 5: I If f fi Iffflx- P P A Q ,' .1 1 ' ' 'nk I ' 1 F Qi I Q 1 JS. ' :I ' I ' f:.,.' . " ,! +2-,.,..s:,:. ' -L"L-.Q I I NN 19' 'Nik J-f A 1 . 'if :fue i v....L,,.' ' . ' ,, we- ' , ' QA:-T , A ' - - A -arse. f-J - . . ,,,4-napa - ., , - - ., ,. -.rlff.,,- ' "' f f4--Leave? A-f, . 1 , . . ,wr - . '-3 732' 1, , , - , - Q.: ',-". , 5.14, -- g A - - . 1 ,ug ,. , , .V , --f--:if Afu-1q'5fl1-'flu -1 ff " L,......., . , v Y N ,. gl 276 1 . 1 X W Mr. Carl Lundholm Direcror of Arhlelics THIS seclion of 'rhe l95O Graniie is declicaled Jro all Those associaied wilh alhlelrics al UNH. Mr. Carl Lundholm, our Direclor of Alhlelics, provides us wilh a lop-llighf alhlelic program. "Lundie's" ouislanding leadership and abiliiy should be recognized by all. He has planned a program Through which we can learn The spiril of sporismanship and compelilion wilh olhers. "Lundie" cannol do all fhe work alone. and working wilh him are a grand group of men who have dedicaied 'rhemselves To 'reaching ihe undergraduales of UNH +he finer poin+s of Jrheir respeclive sporrs. These men are: Hank Swasey, Baseball: Paul Sweel, Cross Counlry and Track: Ed Blood, Skiing and Track: Clarence Bosion, Hockey, Lacrosse and Foolrballg Ed Sianczyk, Baskelball and Foolballg Pepper Marlin, Fool'- ball, Hockey and Lacrosse: Andy Mooradian, Baskelball, Baseball and Foofball. ., 'Tl ' i ,, ll - T 1 T i 1 A varsity football HEN The virus-ridden, Mars-bound Joey Kollege, vinTage T960 circles aTop his own decade and Takes a long look inTo The pre- vious TwenTy years oT New Hampshire TooTball. chances are They will Tab The l949 grid season as a year oT imporTanT TransiTion. The campaign was, as cerTainly a year oT change as I946 was, where ThaT Tall was mobbed by an overTlow oT cleaT-TalenTed ex-G. l.'s, The presenT semesTer waTched The deparTure oT The lasT oT ThaT group. J. William GlassTord, who ushered in The posT- era, pulled a quick sTop To his Three-year suc- ,,.-.,.. .,...,,, W .v . ......-, , ,. . FronT row: Senechek, Rosse, Durand, Gorman, Winn, Wis- niewski, Fraser, Bowes, Bahros. Second row: MacCleave, Hollingsworih, Pasalis, Furbush, Gage, Swekla, MaTher. KGCTIGVOS. Gilman, Gould. Third row: Wyman, Town- send, Gagnon, Feero, Herrick, Haubrich, PosT, Penney, Miosky, Eddy, l.eighTon, Emens. ln place oT The baTTle-hardened veTeran, a la Ralph Pino, Ernie Rainey, and Ted Pieciorak, Durham waTched a new Type oT gridder, an equally capable ex-high school or prep school sTar, a non-veT, buT dead serious abouT TooTball. And To all This The adiusTmenTs necessary To a new sTyle oT play, The ineviTable clash oT per- sonaliTies, an unshrinking schedule, The loss oT all-Time greaTs like Carmen Ragonese and Bob Mikszenas and a 4-4 season emerges as highly saTisTacTory. 'vkilvlvkllvklkilfikiif New Hampshire 28-Rhode Island 20, """'l""""""""""""""""""' New Hampshire I3--Maine 26 'l' lkilvlfiklllllf cess sTory here in Durham, when he bowed ouT quieTly Tor Nebraska. In his sTeacl, The WildcaTs grabbed oTF The I948 backTield assisTanT oT Army's Earl Blaik, The KaydeTs' 32-year-old maesTro played his TooTball aT Harvard and prepped Tor The coaching game under The old masTer, Dick Harlow. The I949 WildcaTs goT Their bapTism oT Tire in grabbing a rugged lid-liTTer 28-20 againsT Rhode Island STaTe on OcTober 8. WiTh no less Than 22 sophomores in uniTorm, The CaTs eyed raTher doubTTully Their TourTh consecuTive Yan- kee Comcerence TiTIe. lv1aTher rammed across Tor The WildcaTs' TirsT ew Hampshire 40-NorTheasTern IZ, """"' New Hampshire 6-VermonT I3, i"""" New Hampshire 25 TuTTs T T . . y-,,.,, A Co-Capiain Alphie Swekla, Coach "Chief" Bosion. Co-Capiain Mickey Gage. "U" New Hampshire 20-Springfield 7 "Big" Bill Haubrich abouT To close his gianT paws over a MaTher aerial. ,E li I949 Touchdown on a quarTerbac:k sneak early in The TirsT period. He flipped To hahfbaclq Ed Fraser and end Frank Penney Tor Two more, while Larry Winn regisTered The clincher in The Tinal sTanza. 1 Early season opTimisTs aT The WildcaT Coun- Try Club goT a severe iolT The Tollowing game, when a rugged lvlaine eleven dumped The Wild- caTs, 26-I3. MaTher lcepT up The scoring Tempo Tor The BosTons wiTh anoTher bullseye heave To Ed Eraser in The TirsT period. The CaTs preserved ThaT spread unTil The Bruins shoved across a pair oT quick Tallies To lead aT halT Time, I3-6. New Hampshire hopes were chilled in session Three when King Tossed To Lord Tor a Third Maine score. A Tinal WildcaT Tally wenT To no avail as The Bruins maTched The scoring To win ouT, 26-I 3. To The scanT hundred WildcaT Tans who were TorTunaTe enough To waTch The SpringTield Tray The Tollowing weelc, The season was a successTul one, regardless oT The CaTs' oTher perTormances. The BosTon's, raTed as impossible underdogs. played All-American TooTball Through Tour pe- riods Tor a "Whoopee" 20-7 Triumph ThaT a Tan had To see To enjoy. WiTh nine minuTes gone, The CaTs sTrained a score oT eyelids aT Springfield by going ouT in TronT, 7-O. The breaTh-sTopper was a 3l-yard pass, MaTher To Penney, in The GymnasTs end zone. The CaTs had The insolence To acTually anTag- onize The Homecoming Day Throng by repeaTing Their TirsT period eTTorT. ivlaTher was on The chuclcing end again and Bill Haubrich wheeled over Trom The i5. A sensaTional caTch by Bobby Durand seT up The Third Tally. Mickey Gage Then scored Trom l . :., Vi. MX- L N. . .na Qi .3 .vi -' X, ' is P X Q -. Q Q ow T' w- .rr-. SRT' .QI XX K X X XX NX I I .fs :sac-.ff 1 , -' ,il If V- T C, 2 'g If 3 r' " "1 4' ' Q - , V 'y.'9 V . 3 72 , j 9 7 9 A f 441 ,V 1,53 ,- V, ff L-Q--""' ' J-' - 1 I X., iffy 5 24 Egflhlfs mf Q, . ' 957731 'T fuk-1 Fyfvffff -'. Mari, Q f 7 'SHP ' 5, T' 4 f' ' 1 "' .- ' I I . fa:-7 . , . .. .. .. , ,...a4-.g.,.,.,. I ff, "The Chief" and Sophomore Quaderback Don Miosky. pon- dering The acTiviTy on The fiield. The one-yard line. The CaTs walked OTT wiTh The UNH win oT The decade. The BosTons TasTed Their second seTbaclc The Tollowing SaTurday. Fuzzy Evan's VermonT CaTa- mounTs puT TogeTher a couple oT lighTning-like scores in The closing n'iinuTes oT The TirsT halT and sTood OTT Two more periods of WildcaT hammering Tor a I3-6 win. Ed Fraser challced oTT The BosTon's lone Tally on an end sweep, buT Don CoTe's booming punTs and a sTubborn CaTa- mounT line Turned The Trick Tor VermonT. The VermonT deTeaT musT have Tired The CaTs Tor They Turned abouT and won Their Two mosT lop-sided decisions oT The semesTer The Tollow- ing TorTnighT: clawing ouT a 40-I2 decision over The NorTheasTern Huskies and an equally happy Gus Gilman Bill I-laubrich Bruce MaTher Jack Bowes Bobby Du George Kachavos Lou Pasalis Ed Fraser Bud I-lollingsworTh Mickey Gage 25-O win over Fred Ellis' TuTTs eleven. Mickey Gage was The ramrod in The CaTs oTTense ThaT picked up an amazing 462 yards againsT The Huskies. Mickey chalked up a pair oT TD's as did MaTher. while Bobby Durand and Bill Hau- brich scored once each. DurhamiTes goT Their TirsT winning look aT The CaTs in The Jumbo geT-TogeTher The Tollow- ing week. A pair oT MaTher aerials carried The BosTon's scoring spurTs. Ed Fraser broughT on- lookers To Their TeeT wiTh a Tremendous zig-zag, scarnpering 65 yards inTo The end zone. The Tally was nulliTied, buT The run can'T be ThaT easily TorgoTTen. The BosTon's Two-game win sTreak came To grieT The Tollowing Two SaTurdays when The CaTs Goal line sTand againsT To- 'i , Iedo's one man Team, Emerson , Took Twin pasTings Trom ConnecTicuT and The UniversiTy oT Toledo. J. O. ChrisTian's ConnecTicuT crew assured Themselves oT a Tie wiTh Maine Tor The Yankee Comcerence TiTle wiTh a Trio oT second-halT Touchdowns againsT The CaTs. The Three scores broke a 7-7 halT-Time Tie and nullified a TirsT-halT score by Mickey Gage. IT was The TirsT Uconn win in 22 years and The Huskies ouTlasTed New Hampshire To corner The decision. The Toledo RockeTs, on Their way up The TooT- ball ladder, unveiled a brand new sTar To Dur- ham Tans in Their Trip EasT. He was quarTerback Bill Johnson and he could make any coach Tor- geT The loss oT Lee PeTe. Cole. Al Swekla X lf N s. For The Third sTraighT year Skip STahley's brillianT Negro halfback Emerson Cole un- corked a one-man job on The WildcaTs line. He carried I8 Times Tor 206 yards. MaTher seT up The TirsT TD on a couple oT heaves, one To Bud HollingsworTh and The nexT To Bill Haubrich in The end zone. Gage rammed across Tor The CaTs' second score Trom I8 yards ouT. The Toleclo's had more Than enough sTaying gave WildcaT Tans some oT The TinesT TooTball Durham has ever seen. Guards Gus Gilman and Al Swekla, wiTh 65 games beTween Them, came along wiTh BiTT GlassTord, played Through The Glass Bowl and Tinished againsT The RockeTs aT Lewis Field. Mickey Gage, aTTer Three seasons in The shadows, came inTo his own This season. MaTher, whom Time alone will iudge, Threw III passes Tor 49 compleTions and eighT Touchdowns. SH' Ikikikikllvkflf New Hampshire 7-ConnecTicuT 28, """"""""""""""""""""""' New Hampshire I4-Toledo 48 "W" "' power, however, and ouTlasTed The CaTs in The season's Tinale, 48-I4. Ten WildcaT seniors Took Their Tinal Tling aT collegiaTe TooTball in The Toledo Traces. They were backs Bruce MaTher, Mickey Gage and Leroy Gould, ends Bud HollingsworTh and George Kachavos, Tackles Allan Furbush and Lou Pasalis,'cenTer Howie McCleave, and guards Alphi Swekla and Gus Gilman. A quarTeT oT Those Ten seniors wound up Tour years oT varsiTy TooTball during which Time They George Kachavos, Tor Three seasons The place kicker, spliT The uprighTs 64 Times ouT oT 84 aTTempTs Tor a .762 average. For memorable momenTs, remember Ed Fraser's nulliTied TD bursT againsT TuTTs aT Lewis Field and again a week laTer aT ConnecTicuT, Frank Penney's Tairy-Tale caTch. During The Ver- monT Tray, STeve Perocchi's sTubborn end play againsT The CaTamounTs, and Tommy Gorman's pass-snaTching Trom his saTeTy posiTion will noT soon be TorgoTTen. The New Hampshire CaTs score agair1sT The Maine Bears. OuTclassed, buT never ouTToughT, The de- Termined CaTs block a Toledo conversion. Ns 35 ,,,-73? BB 3 Y .l If NNI., 4uA1Sfe23f as A EMT, iiiC2.faei5Q1s F5 freshman football LARENCE BOSTOINVS varsiiy veierans will be husiling nexr fall. They'll be husiling for 'rwo excellenr reasons. Firsi' of all, +hey'll be our io prove +ha'r I949's season can be improved upon: secondly, 'rhey will be pressed heavily by several graduaies of 'rhis year's Freshman ouifir. The varsiiies' undersrudies, in compiling a 2-2 record, gave Their coaches and fans muiual sai- isiaciion. The Frosh won as expecied from Tilron, 28-I2, and Exeier, 27-7, and were eked our Twice, Brown's Cubs Turning Jrhe Trick, I8-I6 as did undefeaied Brewsier Academy, 20-I9. To single our even several members oi a squad ihai lacked nor Tor size, speed, and deprh would do iniusrice io orhers. However, ii we were +o nominaie members of Horace Mar+in's Jream ihai' will bear waiching in years ro come, Jrhe lisr would be made of backs Ted Trudel, Tom Ruiliin, and Dick Smiih, and linesmen Bill Green, Cliff Dever, John Clancy, and Roy Lindburg. These boys and many of Their ieammaies will be on hand Seprember nexr, noi only ro keep Chief Bosion in a merry frame oi mind, buf 'ro bring 'rhe Yankee Conference Championship back io Durham afrer a year's slay ar Orono. Isp: SXQT ZQ5 4- 7 i A T A -as , 5 f 'H' L as Nfl Fronl row: Begin, Cufler, Campbell, Annaldo, Salois, W. Bray, Smiih, Ruffin, Lindberg, Carver. Second row: Com- ings, Duiille, Murphy, Dellisola, Doig, Dever, 6.,Bray, Kooislra, Trudel. Third row: Jones, l-lariin, Gosselin. Sadow, Crane, Clancy, Harringion, Cassily, Brooks, Di Lorenzo, Regan, Coach Marlin, Parkey. Fourlh row: Spin- ney. Galucia, Willeif, Brazinski, McFarland,-Boucher, Boydon, Page, Dewing, Kelley. Dick Dewinq crashing over for a Kilren TD aqainsr Brewsier. I-IE I949-50 season sTarTed OTT on a vicTorious noTe, when in a revival oT an old TradiTion The VarsiTy deTeaTed The alumni 73-46. The CaTs led all The way sporTing a 36-22 lead aT halT- Time. Bub Millman Tossed in I8 markers and Ken SchulTz I3 Tor The varsiTy while Dale O'Connell sparked The Grads wiTh I6 poinTs. A droughT in The vicTory column was The re- sulTs oT The nexT Three games, Two oT which were on The road. BaTes Tipped The 5Tanczykmen 60- 53 in LewisTon, buT only aTTer Tour oT The sTarTing Tive Touled ouT in The laTTer sTages oT The game. Once again Bub lvlillman led The scoring parade Tor The CaTs wiTh I9 poinTs. Quimby. The big BaTes cenTer, scored 2I poinTs. The UniversiTy oT VermonT handed The STan- czykmen Their second deTeaT oT The season by a 66-5I margin as The CaTamounT courT magicians rolled up an insurmounTabIe TirsT halT lead To win going away. Bill I-Iaubrich was The big gun in The WiIdcaT aTTack wiTh 23 poinTs. The nexT game on The schedule Tound The CaTs on The road again This Time playing Spring- Tield and The GymnasTs, wiTh a well balanced club. came up wiTh a 69-36 vicTory over The undermanned STanczykmen. I-lome again in Their own lair, The CaTs puT on a susTained aTTack againsT Bowdoin To Topple New Hampshire immorTal, Bub Millman, scores wiTh anofher oT his paTenTed lay- up shoTs. varsity basketball Co-capTains Charlie KaTsiaTicas and Bub Millman. The Polar Bears 53-43 as "Big Bill" I-Iaubrich once again led his TeammaTes wiTh 23 poinTs. The WildcaTs broughT Their record up To The .500 mark by upseTTing The UniversiTy oT Massa- chuseTTs 52-45. Behind 32-29 aT The half The CaTs puT on a second halT surge To puT The game on ice. Bub lvlillman paced The aTTack wiTh I8 poinTs. The Uconns were The nexT Toe on The sched- ule and They proved To be a TarTar as Tar as The CaT's cause was concerned as They racked up an easy 73-55 win over The STanczykmen. . -fief -ITIL, y f J BarTnicki, SaroTa and company Took over aT The ouTseT and conTinued To roll Throughout Once again New l-lampshire's "waTch charm" co-cap- Tain led The aTTaclc by dumping in I4 markers. The WildcaTs snapped back The very nexT eve- ning To pin an upse-T 53-SI deTeaT on AmhersT aT AmhersT. IT was The STanczylcmen's TirsT vic- Tory away Trom home oT The season and evened The season's record aT 4 vicTories and 4 de- TeaTs. Bub lvlillman and Bill Haubrich pumped home 37 oT The 53 poinTs, Bub coming up wifh his besT scoring performance oT The season noTch- ing 24. Here New l-lampshire's aTTaclc spuTTered and sTalled Through a Tive game losing sTrealc. BeseT by injuries and hard luck everyThing wenT wrong Tor The CaTs. NorTheasTern Toppled The CaTs in a hard ToughT game in BosTon 5l-44. The lead changed hands several Times in The laTTer sTage of The game. buT The STanczylcmen couldn'T geT any susTained drive going ThaT would enable Them To hop aboard The vicTory wagon once again. Once "Big" Bill l-laubrich up on a iurnp ball againsT mighTy Rhode Island, while Bob CrompTon looks on. FronT row: Haubrich, Long, Millman, KaTsiaTicas, Levan- dowski, Manager Koorkanian. Second row: Grandmaison, Bagonzi, CrompTon, Sfikas, Miner, SchulTz. Third row: Freedman, Pucci, STraTTon. more Millman and Haubrich combined To lead The home Torces, scoring 27 oT The 44 poinTs Tallied by The CaTs. The annual Maine soiourn broughT more grieT To The WiIdcaTs in The Torm oT Two deTeaTs, one aT The hands OT Maine 5l-42 and The nexT aT Colby 59-54. AT Orono, Tour OT The sTarTing Tive Touled ouT aT crucial sTages oT The game To aid The Bears cause no end. Big Charley Goddard was a Thorn in New Hampshire's side all eve- ning as he Tallied TwenTy poinTs Tor Maine, TiTTeen oT which came in The second haIT. For New Hampshire Co-capTain Charley KaTsiaTicas was The big gun Tossing in I7. The nexT evening was a carbon copy oT The previous nighT. WhaT wiTh key players Touling ouT aT crucial sTages and being unable To sTem one man in a desperaTe IasT minuTe scoring bursT. Ted Shiro was The villain This Time as he came up wiTh eleven big poinTs in The second haIT To hand New Hamp- shire Their Third sTraighT deTeaT, 59-54. Hau- brich and Millman wiTh I2 poinTs apiece led The CaTs scoring parade. The annual ST. AnseIm's game produced a Tew early game Thrills buT ThaT was all as The Hawks applied a crushing 79-53 deTeaT on The CaTs in ManchesTer To avenge Two previous humiIiaTing deTeaTs. Billy O'Connor and Nick BasTin paced LeTT: I.iTTIe Bob CrompTon ouTIeaps a Ram To lay The well oiled Hawk aTTack wiTh 2l and I9 poinTs respecTiveIy, while Bill Levandowski Iecl his Team- maTes wiTh I2. New Hampshire suTTered iTs Tiffh sTraighT de- TeaT aT The hands oT The Engineers of MIT 64- 6I. IT was a hearT breaking deTeaT Tor The STan- czykmen who led aT The haIT 37-35 only To lose To superior manpower in The closing minuTes. Bub Millman again led The way wiTh I5 markers. The CaTs Tinally broke The long losing sTreak by Tripping up Lowell TexTiIe 54-52. Bub Mill- man seT some kind oT a record by neTTing I2 ouT oT I3 Toul shoTs To again lead his maTes wiTh I8 poinTs. Bill Haubrich ably assisTed wiTh I4-. Superior manpower plus being The besT baskeT- ball Team The CaTs had Tacecl all winTer. paved The way Tor Rhode Island STaTe To a 72-55 con- quesT oT The STanczykmen. Bruce BIounT wiTh I7 poinTs led The visiTors, while Co-capTain Mill- man upped his seasons ToTal To 2l4 poinTs wiTh I9 markers. Co-CapTain Bub, over The lpasT Tour years has proven himself To be The mosT ouTsTanding bas- keTbaII player To ever perTorm in The WiIdca+ spangles. up Two poinTs. Middle: Don Miner pops in Two more againsT "RhocIie." RighT: Bill Haubrich screening, Gus STicas shooTing. varsity OACH SWASEY'S varsiTy baseball Team sTarTed The I949 season raTher auspiciously by overcoming a Three run deTiciT To edge BaTes aT LewisTon IO-8 behind The combined piTching eTiorTs oT Charley Copp, Bob l-laller and Fran Penney. The nexT Tive games were a nighTmare To The ,Ll Capiain Emil Krupa, mainsTay oi The I949 nine. Swaseymen. The CaTs bowed To ST. Michaels ll-5 in Their home debuT as The Mikemen, aided by 4 N. l'l. errors, pushed across IO big runs in The TirsT Two Trarnes To win going away. Spring- Tield gained sweeT revenge on The CaTs by blank- ing The Swaseys 4-O. Errors in The cluTch once more proved To be New I-lampshire's undoing. Charley Copp drew The sTarTing assignmenT and he spun a one hiTTer only To be a vicTim oT TaulTy Tielding. Joe STone was The oTiensive sTar Tor The CaTs, collecTing Three hiTs. By Tar The besT piTched game oT The enTire season wenT Tor naughT when Mass. STaTe Topped baseball Fran Penney and The WildcaTs 2-I in a I2 inning maraThon aT AmhersT. Fran piTched a Tour hiH'er only To lose as numerous scoring chances wenT by The boards in The laTe innings. The TourTh loss was To NorTheasTern as The Huskies exploded Tor seven runs in The eighTh inning To overcome an early WildcaT lead and win 9-6. MoTher's Day Touncl The WildcaTs on The Tail end oT anoTher scoring duel, This Time wiTh Rhode Island, as The Rams came up wiTh Two unearned runs in The Top of The eighTh To Tag New Hamp- shire wiTh iTs TiTTh consecuTive loss 9-7. Here The Swaseymen called a "Screaming HalT" To The embarrassing chain oT evenTs by doing an "abouT Tace" and conducTing a laTe game rally Tor Themselves. salvaging an 8-6 Tri- umph Trom The Maine Bears To record Their TirsT Yankee ConTerence win oT The year. Joy was shorT-lived in The WildcaTs lair as The rampaging NuTmeggers Trom ConnecTicuT broke a one-all Tie wiTh one run in The TourTh, Tour more Coach Hank Swasey sounding oTT from The dugouT, wiih Manager George Moore doing The heavy looking on. in 'rhe iiflh, and seven in lhe sixlh +o 'rack a crushing l4-I defeai' on 'rhe Swaseys. The only brighl' spoi' was Emil Krupa who collecled lhree conseculive hiis. However, The following day Jrhe Cals showed a remarkable reversal of form and shook ihem- selves our of 'iheir slump long enough io admin- isler an 8-4 drubbing lo Norlheasiern as Charley Copp hung up his second lriumph of The season. Charley also proved wrong ihe old adage lhal "a piicher can'+ hir" when, during lhe progress of rhe game, he beliecl a homer wi'rh lwo on, and a lead-off 'lriple in Jrhe eighlh inning. He scored a momen+ laler on Emil Krupa's sharp single lo lefl, Emil's fourlh hil of The day, and his sevenlh hii' in succession in 'rhe lasl 'rwo games. Following Jrhis viclory, lhe Wildcafs engaged second viclory of 'rhe campaign over 'rhe Wild- cais 9-3. Dave McCullough was The Cars hi+'ring s'rar of Jrhe day, rapping our lhree singles. The Cais' lasi opponenl of 'rhe season, cur shorl' by cancellalions due 'ro rain, was Lowell Texlile, and ihe Spinners deiinirely had rhe ber- l'er of lhe going. winning 7-4. Charley Copp weni Jrhe dislance for 'rhe Swaseymen, bulr ir was apparenl Jrhal Jrhis wasn'l' his day as errors and laclc of his usual conirol lcepi him in conslainl hol' wafer. As usual l'he Wildcais foughl hard and had enough for a lal'e inning spurl lo come wilhin one run of a lie, bui Lowell Texlile salled 'rhe verolicl away wilh a Jrwo run ou+burs'r in The in anofher disasrrous lour, 'rhe annual Soulhern New England lrip wilh a game in Conneclicul and Rhode Island. ln a relurn game wilh l'he Uconns ai Srorrs, Fran Penney was sailing along smooihly for five innings wiih a 2-I lead going inlo ihe Top of lhe sixih, when The roof caved in. Errors and bad plays seemed l'o sproul every- where, nolhing seemed lo go righr, and 'rhe Con- neclricul' Huskies blasled Jrhe Wildcals I4-2. Ai' Rhode Island lwo innings were all Thar was needed as Jrhe Rams reached Whiley Fehlam for five runs in 'rhe fifrh and sixih To posl' Jrheir The I949 version of lhe Swasey infield includes: firsl' baseman Dave McCullough, second baseman Bob Fran- couer, Jrhird baseman Joe Slone, and shorfslop Johnny Walierson. Lillie Bobby Francouer smashes oul a resounding single in The Norfheaslern game. ninTh. Hank Sanders was The big sTick Tor The home forces, belTing ouT a brace oT singles. The CaTs were ouT-lucked, ouT-scored, and on several occasions, ouT-played, buT never were They ouT-ToughT. WiTh a Timely hiT here and There, combined wiTh beTTer relief piTching, New Hampshire's losses could easily have been re- versed. Among The leading swaTsmen for The season were Dave McCullough 327, CapTain Emil Krupa .323. CapTain-elecT Johnny WaTTerson .303, and Hank Sanders .333 in The role of pinch hiTTer and parT Time caTcher. l.eTTermen for 1949 include Dave McCullough, Babby Francoeur, Johnny WaTTerson, Joe STone, and Jerry Lachance, inTieldersq ouT'lielders Bub Millman. Emil Krupa, George MeTalious, and Bob Eichel: caTchers Hank Sanders and Al Swekla: piTchers Charley Copp and Fran Penney, ouT- Tield-piTcher Bob Haller and Manager George Moore. Of The leTTermen rnenTionecl above, Ten re- Turn To form The nucleus of Coach Swasey's 3OTh WildcaT nine. Led by CapTain-elecT Johnny WaT- Terson, nexT year's baseball Team should prove To be a Tairly formidable unilz Add To This veTeran nucleus The dash and Tire of a fine freshman Team plus a couple of Transfers. and nexT year's record could easily be one of The besT in The Univen-siTy of New Hampshire's hisTory. FronT row: Sanders, BarreTT, Francouer, Krupa, Copp, WaTTerson, STone. Second row: Millman, Fraser, Swekla, LaChance, HunT, Heller. Third row: MeTalious, Keenan, Callahan, Eichel, Penney. Fourfh row: Coach Hank Swasey, ForresT, Falhman, Farland, McCullough, Moore. Coach "Rhubarb" Swasey abouT To sTraighTen ouT affairs wiTh The urnp in The annual Norfheasfern game. CapTain Jack Gamble and Coach Paul Sweet HE 1950 ediTion oT The UniversiTy OT New l-lampshire's WinTer Track Team sparked by a well-seasoned veTeran nucleus, parTicipaTed in a schedule oT Tive meeTs, of which Three have been held aT This wriTing. Included on The re- maining schedule is The annual sojourn To New York CiTy Tor The ICAAAPCS. and in The season's wind-up The CaTs iousT AmhersT and Sprinqifield in a Tri-meeT aT AmhersT. The WildcaTs opened Their season by severely Trouncing BaTes on The Bobcafs' own Track by Firsf row: Bodwell, Chase, Paulson, Webb, Gamble, Tup- per. Sweet Lanqevin, O'Brien. Second row: Sweel' Coach: Chapman, Grant Lurnian, Boulanger, Hall, Mullen STone. Harmon, Forrest Third row: Cole, Hahn, JohnsTon Glines, Herrick, McKelvie. Jacobsrneyer. Crowley, Weeks Sherman. winter track The sensaTional score oT T07-9. The SweeTmen copped TirsT places in all buT one evenT, ThaT being The 40 yard dash. An inTeresTing sidelighT on ThaT TirsT place won by BaTes, is ThaT The BaTes man should have been penalized Tor a Talse sTarT buT was noT done so by The iudges. The judges score sheeTs bore many New Hamp- shire names in TirsT, second and Third places. NorTon Tupper garnered TirsT place in boTh dis- cus and shoT puT, Don Mullen scored wiTh The hammer, Jack Gamble, capTain oT The Team, won The high iump, while TeammaTe Henry Langevin was high man in The pole vaulT. Phil Hall broke The Tape in The 45 yard high hurdles, Phil Har- mon won The 600, Rod Webb, as usual, Tin- ished TirsT in The IO00. Dick Cole Took The mile while TeammaTe Bob Paulson was TirsT To cross The Tinish line in The gruelling Two-mile run. TeammaTes Dick SweeT and John Jacobsmeyer Tinished The 300 in a Tie. Many New Hampshire men also crossed The 'Finish line in second and Third places, Thus adding depfh To The Team sTrengTh. The second opponenT To be Taced by The SweeTmen was Bowdoin. This very sTrong Bruin Team deTeaTed The New Hampshire squad by a score oT 74-43. ln This meeT The WildcaTs Took Tour TirsTs and Tied Tor Two oThers. Joe STone leaped To TirsT in The broad jump, Bob Bod- well broke The Tape in The Two-mile run. Rod "ole TaiThTul" Webb again copped Top honors in The, l000 To remain urideTeaTed in ThaT evenT Tor Two sTraighT years. Phil Harmon placed TirsT in The 600. Henry Langevin Tinished in a Three way Tie Tor TirsT place in The pole vaulT, and Neal Herrick wound up in a Tour way Tie Tor TirsT in The high jump. Also scoring Tor The WildcaTs were Dick Cole and Russ Chase in The mile, Dick SweeT in The 40 yard dash and 600, John Jacobs- meyer in The 40 yard dash, Phil Harmon in The Sophomore flash, John Jacobsrneyer, leads The pack home againsT l-he Maine Bears. FleeT-TooTed Jack Gamble pushing The compeTiTion in The high-hurdles. Paul Weeks Takes The law-hurdles inTo hand. 600, Ed Boulanger in The 1000, Tommy Hahn in The Two-mile, Paul Weeks in The high hurdles, NorTon Tupper and CapTain Gamble in The dis- cus, and Tom O'Brien in The broad iump. Four meeT records were broken during This Bruin-Wild- caT clash, one oT Them by New Hampshire TracksTer Phil Harmon, who ran The 600 in l:I5.9, a Tull second ahead oT The previous record. For iTs Third meeT The Track Team iourneyed To Orono, Maine. To meeT The Maine Bears. Here The second deTeaT oT The I950 season was received, given by The Bears To The Tune oT 70- 47. The New Hampshire TracksTers copped only Three TirsT places. NorTon Tupper scored in The discus, John Jacobsmeyer led The way home in The 50 yard dash, while Neal Herrick and Cap- Tain Jack Gamble along wiTh Roy JohnsTon Tied Tor TirsT place in The high iump, Thus sweeping The evenT. John Jacobsmeyer was high man oT The meeT wiTh a score oT eleven poinTs. Cop- ping second and Third places Tor New Hamp- shire were Jack Gamble in The discus and high Tommy O'Brien Takes a Tremendous leap in The broad lump. hurdles, NorTon Tupper in The shoT puT. Tommy O'Brien in The 50 yard dash and broad iump, Dick Cole in The mile and l000 yard run, Phil Harmon in The 600 and 280. Bodwell in The Two- mile, Phil Hall in The 65 yard law hurdles. Rod Webb in The lO0O, who suTTered his TirsT de- TeaT in Two years, John Jacobsmeyer in The 280 and broad jump. and Henry Langevin in The pole vaulT. Again. as in previous years, The greaTesT ob- sTable To be overcome by The Team is iTs lack oT adequaTe winTer-Track Training TaciliTies. Hard working runners oTTen musT Tree The ouTdoor Track oT snow and ice beTore They can sTarT Their workouTs. WeighTmen musT saTisTy Themselves wiTh ThaT secTion oT The Tieldhouse unused by The baskeTball Team. Hurdlers and broad iumpers musT pracTice underneaTh The baskefball bleach- ers. BoTh Track men and Their coach, Paul 5weeT, deserve crediT and praise Tor Their spiriT and deTerminaTion despiTe These adverse condiTions and disadvanTages. Dick 5weeT and John Jacobsmeyer make a TighT pair in The quarTer aT Maine. HE New Hampshire Varsiiy Ice Men, con- fronied wiih Jrropical weaiher, a la Miami Beach, ran info iough sledding This year. Wiih old man winler 'raking an Augus+ vacalion, Pai Pe+roski's charges had a hard Time finding ice for his lalenl-siuclclecl hockey Team. The ouilook for 'rhe l95O season was wilhoul a doubi one of The mosi opfirnisiic in 'rhe lasl' 'few years. Having losi 'rwo of 'rhe greaiesl goalers Jrhe Wildcais haveoever had, Billy Moore and Bob Keilh, They had an excess of ialeni elsewhere, especially up on 'rhe froni line. The Wildcals siarled, whenever condijrions permiiied. a hard- ened and lighlninglfasl line, ceniered by To- ronio-born Caplain Ronnie Sleelh, wiih Wali Fournier and John Simpson on his wings. The second line found sophomore John Callahan . ,.- fy .,jI',,i-T-:.' ,' Q. "f!'2"':-"' fj-3' r 11.1" ff 'fig f. Kr-"1 iff' ftp' Q '.f,rf.,f': 4f:,:e,:f5,f . .1 Af ff, .. 1. ,,f fo", 15104-:9?j:":Qg'-41' , f,.f'g,.., up ,gffiyjft X f ff-' ' fff we fiftf-ri'u1i' I ,gp G, -,V .- fp.: ,r 3. f ' 4' fx -' U'2'fa', ' ' if' 41- ww? rf:-'--f ' " 'Lei' 4'4" , , 'if,,,4f: 74- A51-Pffifg X I M ' Ei",w.,,,f .1 ff -- , ,,,j,,f: ,, 4 .. . - few' - "ff I fi '-27'f1'f , , , W 'fl 34 " 712 f, .p .:,, I, ,, A4 1, wi, , ,1. ---. ' f' ,Zz-ff 7' 7,455,,f,f-fri. 5' f A",'f' f' , , 4'ji"f'f varsity hockey John Simpson l I l . I l , - ,- 1, 45735 acfff' I ff 2 gf, ' ' ,- ,f Z' 'java' George Healey Cal Chandler John Callahan Rocco Palumbo AI Adams Dick Sears I l T T Coach PaT PeTroslci and Capiain Ronnie SleeTh. FronT row: PeTroslci, Simpson, SleeTh, Adams, McCrillis, Sears, Chandler, Second row: Mason, Hollingsworjrh, Cal- lahan, PrescoTT, Palumbo, Healey, Manager Jervis. cenTering Tor wings Bud I-lollingsworTh and Bill ChrisTy. The defense was packed wiTh poTenTial power, having Roc Pullumbo. Sky Berry, Al Adams and George l-lealey. Cal Chandler and Bob Feero shared The goal Tending duTies Tor The abbreviaTed season. The sTarT OT The season presenTed a series oT cancellaTions wiTh Norwich and Mass STaTe due To poor ice condiTions. Finally The Team Travelled To BeanTown To play The TuTTs SexTeT. Time Tool: iTs Toll and The uncondijrioned WildcaTs Tell by The wayside, 8-3. NexT was an exciTing game wiTh Mass STaTe, and only aTTer a game baTTle did The PeTrosl4imen go down To deTeaT in over- Time, 5-4. Again The CaTs Travelled To BosTon To Tace NorTheasTern and were beaTen 9-2. The TuTTs Jumbos Travelled To BosTon. WiTh a greaT TighT only did TuTTs win, 5-2. The lasT game played was wiTh Bowdoin. The CaTs displayed Tlashes oT power and sTellar goal Tending by Cal Chandler, bur The New Hampshire men wenT down To deTeaT, 9-O. The T950 season was indeed a disasTrous one, buT iT showed down- righT deTerminaTion and TorTiTude ThaT New Hampshire men had and They are To be con- graTulaTed on The work and spiriT They showed under adverse condiTions. X Ci Ci Trosh hockey HE Wild KiTTen lcemen in i950 showed ThaT nexT year's varsiTy will have plenTy oT addi- Tional help Trom This year's Trosh club. Coach Pepper MarTin's boys compleTed The season wiTh an impressive 5 and I record and served noTice To waTch ouT come anoTher year. The KiTTens were anoTher winTer Team ThaT was handicapped by lack oT pracTice due To inclemenT weaTher A reTurn maTch wiTh ExeTer had Gil Bray and Bill Payson boTh scoring Two goals apiece To Turn back ExeTer once again, 4-2. The Third game oT The season was played againsT New l-lampTon, highscoring Gil Bray again Tlipped in Two more goals, buT in a losing cause, only To be Turned baclc, 3-2. The BrewsTer game saw The MarTinmen again hiT Their sTride by Turning back The boys Trom WolTboro, 7-2. The nexT game saw The KiTTens enTerTaining TilTon. Tone Dolan was The sTar OT This game, sinking Two condiTions, buT wiTh plenTy oT naTural abiliTy and spiriT This club overcame These handicaps and wenT on To a very successTul season as is well shown by Their record. The Team shaped up wiTh CapTain Bill Payson cenTering on The TirsT line wiTh Gil Bray and Tom Dolon on The wings. The equally good second line was cenTered by Jimmy Miller, ex-KUA sTalwarT, wiTh Bob ChrisTy and Fred Graves on his wings. The deTense had plenTy of size and power wiTh Bip Dever and Phil Regan alTernaTing wiTh Phil Cassily and Ralph McCarThy. The goal Tending duTies were shared by Bob l-lauley and Bob Lewis. The TirsT game oT The year saw The KiTTens piTTed againsT ExeTer, Gil Bray proceeded To sink Two goals in The second period To person- ally beaT The Red and WhiTe's Trom ExeTer, 2-I. Fronl' row: Regan, Bray, Passon, Houley, Dolan, Dever Second row: Sadow, ChrisTy, Sears, Spinney, Miller Farrar, Coach "Pepper" MarTin. goals. The game ended wiTh The New Hamp- shire boys holding The reins OT a neaT shuTouT, 3-O. The lasT game oT The season was a reTurn maTch wiTh BrewsTer, TradiTional rivals wiTh all New Hampshire Prosh Teams. This Time BrewsTer was much improved over The TirsT game, buT aTTer a Thrilling and well-ToughT baTTle and The game all Tied up in The waning minuTes oT The Third period, Gil Bray leT loose wiTh anoTher goal bound shoT puTTing The game on ice To rack up anoTher win Tor The Freshmen, 6-5. CongraTulaTions To a spunlcy and spiriTed club who will deTiniTely be an asseT To TuTure varsiTy Teams. Capfain "Moe" Varney and Coach Ed Blood. Fronl' row: Armsfronq, Varney. Carfer, Arsanaulf. Second row: Vaufour, Keen, Deviff, Jacoby. Siclcels. S m Capfain "Moe" Varney sfrufs his sfuff and proving fha? HE New Hampshire, under fhe 'rufelage of mighfy Ed Blood, handicapped by inexperi- ence and lack of pracfice, complefed anofher successful season and again mainfained fhe dis- fincfion of never having finished lower fhan fourfh place in infercollegiafe compefifion. The firsf infercollegiafe meef fhaf fhe New Hamp- shire boardmen compefed in during fhe l95O season was fhe Annual Darfrnoufh Winfer Carni- val. The Wildcafs were nosed ouf by fhe experi- enced Darfmoufh and Middlebury feams, buf only affer a gallanf fighf by an underdog New Hampshire feam, who are fo be feared and respecfed by everyone come anofher year. Coach Blood found a couple of sfalwarfs in Jaclc Arm- sfrong and Fred Carfer, bofh freshmen. These birds aren'i' fha only Things fhai' fly 296 Two men Tinished Third and TiTTh, respecTively, in The cross-counTry Tour, and were nosed ouT in The ToTaI by DarTmouTh. DarTmouTh copped The slalom wiTh The WiIdcaTs picking up TourTh place honors. Jack ArmsTrong Tinished sixTh, again leading The WiIdcaTs across The Tinish line. The WiIdcaTs also gaThered in sixTh, TenTh and TourTeenTh places in a surprise Tinish. The DarT- mouTh Indians Took The downhill, buT Jack Arm- sTrong again led The New Hampshire aggrega- Tion home wiTh sevenTh place. The CaTs Tell down in The jumping wiTh Roland VauTour pacing Them Jack Armsfrong. The CaTs' Top man This year, rushes Through a conTrol gaTe aT The ISU MeeT aT Middlebury. wiTh an eIevenTh place Tinish. New Hampshire Tinished Third in This meeT only 33 poinTs behind vicTorious DarTmouTh. Two weeks IaTer The WiIdcaT snow men sTarTed ouT Tor The McGill Carnival, buT were waylaid en rouTe and had To enTer The nearby Norwich WinTer Carnival, which had numerous small powers racing in The meeT. Needless To say New Hampshire Skiers wenT on To romp all over Ver- monT, Williams, Harvard and Norwich as is shown by The many medals won. A run down of The scoring shows The downhill having Tive Team ResulTs Tor I950 DarTmouTh Winier Carnival DarTmouTh 588.6, Middlebury 57I.8, UNH 555.4, ST. Lawrence 54-7.8, VermonT 554.I, Syracuse 54-I.6, Maine 5285, McGill 5l0.0 and Harvard 5OI.6. Norwich WinTer Carnival FirsT, UNH: Second, VermonTg Third, Wil- liams: Fourfh, Harvard: FiTTh, Norwich. ISU Meei aT Middlebury Middlebury 570.232, DarTmouTh 56l.'-79, UNH 55725, Vermonl' 539.470, McGill 53739. Maine 527.00 ,MIT 525.947, Syracuse 523.75, ST. Lawrence 50790. Hockgebirqe Run aT Fanconia UNH 454, Doc 457, I-lockgebirge Ski Club 505, Middlebury 523, Bowdoin 6I9, Yale 621.1 'These scores were compiled on elapsed Time and noT on poinTs as were The oTher scores IisTed. New Hampshire men Tinishing in The TirsT six. FirsT place was a Tie beTween Jack ArmsTrong and Jim Bailey, Third spoT was Taken by Fred CarTerq TourTh, Dick Snow: sixTh, Eddie Cole. Cross counTry: TirsT, ArmsTrong: Third, Bob Arse- nauIT: TourTh, Dick Snow: sixTh, Moe Varney: sevenTh, Jim Baily. In The Slalom, Fred CarTer and Eddie Cole Tied Tor TirsT place: Third, Jack ArmsTrongg TiTTh, Jim Baily: sixTh, Bob ArsenauIT. In The jumping Roland VauTour copped TirsT place: Bob ArsenauIT, second: TourTh, Moe Var- ney: sixTh, Dick Snow: sevenTh, Fred CarTer. WiTh all These evenTs compIeTeIy dominaTed by New Hampshire men, They naTuraIIy came home wiTh The Iaurels. Which iusT goes To prove once again ThaT DurhamiTes can be proud of Their mighTy miTes on skiis. fl!! CapTain Russ Chase and Bob Bodwell Train- ing Tor Their long cross-counTry grinds. Russ Chase, Bob Bodwell, Dick Cole, Fefe A Ladd. cross country HE varsiTy Cross CounTy Team opened iTs season wiTh a win over NorTheasTern. Russ Chase celebraTed his elecTion To CapTaincy as well as his TwenTy-TirsT birThday wiTh a sensaTional Tinish. Russ chased NorTheasTern's Zappulla unTil The lasT halT-mile when he Turned on The sTeam, ouTsprinTecl The Huslcie, and broke The Tape wiTh a subsTanTial lead. Tommy Hahn placed Third, Bob Bodwell TourTh, Bill Adams sixTh, and Don Sherlc sevenTh. The Tollowing weekend New Hampshire played hosT-an amiable hosT aT ThaT, Tor The visiTors were vicTors-To The BosTon UniversiTy Terriers. On his own 4.3 mile course, Hahn was The TirsT CaT To reach The Tinish line, placing Third. He was Tollowed by Chase TourTh, Bodwell TiTTh, Sherlc eighTh, and Paulson ninTh. Also Tinishing were Adams, Ladd, Diclc PraTT, and Bob Sher- man. The nexT meeT was wiTh Maine, aT The rain- Coach Paul SweeT congraTulaTes CapTain Chase. drenched Durham course. This Time iT was Bob Bodwell who made a sensaTional Tinish, leading his TeammaTes To vicTory. He came Trom behind wiTh a beauTiTul sprinT and Toolc a well-deserved TirsT. He was Tollowed by Chase in Third place, Hahn in TourTh, Shark in eighTh, and Bob Paulson in TenTh. CompleTing The New Hampshire Team were Adams, PraTT, and Sherman Tinishing TwelTTh, TourTeenTh, and TiTTeenTh, respecTively. Perhaps The besT example OT harriers TuncTion- ing as a Team occurred in The nexT and Tinal dual meeT oT The season, This conTesT wiTh MIT aT Franklin Park in Bosfon ended in a learn finish- fhe fype of blanlcef finish which is valued by coaches. While firsf and second places were filled by fechmen, fhe nexf five were filled by New Hampshire runners in fhe following order: Hahn, Sherlc, Bodwell. Paulson, and Chase. This meef was definifely won by a feam. The feam's showing af fhe New Englands TNEICAAT The following week was somewhaf dis- appoinfing in view of ifs pasf seasonal records. New Hampshire placed elevenfh ouf of fourfeen parficipanfs, wifh a score of 220 poinfs as com- pared fo fhe winning score of 83 lRhode lslandl. Capfain Chase ended his cross counfry career by leading his feam home. He finished fwenfy-eighlh, followed closely by Hahn fhirfiefh, 2-'ss 'KV X ss- W .'- 'f f .'.- 'Zn-'ff . ,JW .4 V f., - ', . I fd., sf' fs.-:rims '- i 'f F, W L., ' 'ff' Q ' v- ,-"V "ci 'sf f - , ,-- - as. .x "Y-,.-,- .av ,' f ' !,,x- -4 .45 , .,, V42 ffggsg., .45 ,nf h fffliiff s ' ,ff ya MP2 QQff.3'a-'l- '-If, "DG "fi .-5 ,.,.-yr-.f' -ix:-M - .:'53y,. .' 1.5 ,' '--:cz R"'l'i-3::.-:'f3" ' ' .io 1 1' 2- f-i-1:12--' -' --u .H f. w V .-- '41 '4"fLa-"' . ' ff -7, rl, ...H 4 Ax. 1 0, ,r . g with , 1 F -.IP .-:315 51,9 X x,Filn M 1 l "-:Q rv, is aff 'f Vx - V"1f1p:':-.2-fig' 2' c V' . i 'fr 4. .,-.1-,il .I G -5 7 1' wx- f f 14' 6 Q 1 rf ' ' Q f, '. 1 Q53 ,J 1 j 1 r 7 iq: 0 "Ke r FC .4 Q wi, " '-t"' inf. ' t,l " .. 9.13,-.,l.fp,' ,ny ' A' .S ' V 44 3-. ,eq ZQ"?a3::QS.f'5'. ,x. .eV .-g.fp1:7f' ' - W sawn- ' Sherk forfy-fhird, Bodwell forfy-eighfh, and Paul- son sevenfy-firsf, wifh Adams and Praff also fin- ishing. No represenfafives from New Hampshire were presenf af fhe lCAAAA's in New York Cify. ln Their firsf meef fhe varsify suffered a loss when feammafe Dick Cole was forced fo drop our of fhe race due fo fhe recurrence of an old ankle iniury. This iniury kepf him on fhe bench for fhe remainder of fhe season. He, Bodwell. Hahn, and Adams had all been members of fhe l948 Freshman Cross Counfy Team which fook firsf place af The NElCAAA's. Alfhough miss- ing Cole, fhis group was of greaf help fo fhis year's varsify feam. A senior fhis year, Capfain Russ Chase is fhe lasf of a group of four year varsify runners who exisfed as a resulf of war-fime changes in eli- gibilify rulings. ,For his four years as a consisfenf poinf-gaining varsify harrier, Russ received a spe- cial four-year sweafer. He shares fhis honor wifh buf one ofher man-Si Dunklee '49. This year Tommy Hahn, Bob Bodwell, Don Sherk, and Bill Adams earned fheir sweafers. Dick Praff was given a sfar in lieu of a second sweafer, and Bob Paulson received fhe whife sweafer given fo men who have been varsify runners for fhree years. Fronf row: Bodwell, Hahn, Paulson, Chase, Shark, Praff. Second row: Coach Sweelr, Sherman, Cole, Ladd, Adams, Caron. -----f.-asm... .,.-.. . '. W 4 ,.., . ,Lx KX Fronf row: Varney, Paulson, Chase, Dunklee, Barker, Barn dollar, Langfon, Kenney, Gamble, Tupper. Second row: SweeT, Ayer, Burns, Langevin, SweaT, Mullen, Webb, Gour- ley, Boulanger, Harmon, G-lines, Bardwell. Third row Ricipufi, Tarball, Chandler, Lumian, Lynch, Hall, Granfi Neugebauer, Chapman, Walker, PraTT. O s p r I n g tra ck Capfain Frank Barndollar and Coach Paul SweeT. HE I949 Spring Track Team ended iTs acTivi- Ties wiTh an undeTeaTed season. This was The second undeTeaTed season since I'-732. Coach SweeT and his men are iusTified in feeling quife proud oT boTh Their individual and Team records. The Team opened iTs season by downing Bos- Ton UniversiTy. New Hampshire Took firsT places in ThirTeen ouT of The fiffeen evenTs. Againsf Maine, Their second vicfim, The Tracksfers copped Top honors in eleven ouT of The TifTeen evenfs. Againsf NorTheasTern, UNH won wiTh a margin of sevenTyQeighT poinTs. The Cafs final vicfory, a close one over MIT, was made possible by Their depfh-by Those Too-ofTen-overlooked men who finish in second and Third places. During The season, firsTs were collecfed in field-evenTs by The following men: Sheldon Var- ney in The high jump, Henry Langevin in The pole vaulT, BurT Barker in The broad jump, Nor- Ton Tupper in bofh The iavelin and discus. Tape- breakers in running evenTs were Si Dunklee and Bob Paulson in The Two-mile, Dunklee in The one- mile, Rod Webb in The half-mile, Dick Sweef in The quarfer-mile, and Frank Barndollar in The IOO-yard and 220-yard dashes as well as The 220- yard low hurdles. AT The Second Annual Yankee Conference MeeT, New Hampshire was runner-up To Rhode Island. Frank Barndollar, capTain of The Team, won Two of New Hampshire's five firsT places. ai: High sTepping Jack Gamble. Jack Gamble leading The way home in The high hurdles againsT The Bruins from Maine. Rod "Ever-ready" Webb. He broke The Tape in The 220-yard dash and The 220-yard low hurdles. NorTon Tupper puT The shoT Tor a win, and Dick SweeT Tinished TirsT in The 440. Sheldon Varney made a new Con- Terence Record Tor The high jump, reaching The heighT oT 6 TeeT V4 inch. Si Dunklee running againsT his old rival, Black, placed second in The Two-mile. AT The New Englands, New Hampshire placed TourTh as Don Mullen Took The CaTs' sole TirsT wiTh a specTacular vicTory in The hammer-Throw. Barndollar copped a second in The 220-yard low hurdles. Varney Tied Tor second in The high iump, Langevin scored a Third in The pole vaulT, and Barker placed TourTh in The broad jump. The only New Hampshire man To place in The ICAAANS aT New York CiTy was Don Mullen, finishing TiTTh in The hammer-Throw. AT New York Dunklee ran his second TasTesT ouTdoor Two- mile, wiTh a Time oT 9 minuTes and 32 seconds, yeT he didn'T even place in The evenT. BurT Barker, CapTain Barndollar, Jack Gamble. Dick SweeT, NorTon Tupper, Sheldon Varney, Rod Webb, Phil Harmon, Clarence GranT, Hugo Rici- puTi, Henry Langevin, Joe LangTon, Don Mullen, Bob Paulson, and Si Dunklee all received leTTers Tor Their exTended eTiorTs in compIe+ing a very successTul season. varsity lacrosse HE I949 ediTion of The WildcaT Sfickmen proved To be a "Tough nuT To crack" in The New England lnfercollegiafe ranks as The PeT- roski-men garnered four vicfories ouT of a seven game schedule for Their besT record since The sporT was renewed aT UNH in I946. The opening game of The season found The Cafs Travelling To Hanover To iousf The vaunfed DarTmouTh Indians, New England lnfercollegiafe champions of I947-I948, and The oufcome was never in doubT as The Indians rolled up an I8-2 vicfory. However The following Safurday saw The Wildcafs aT home playing The Springfield Gym- nasTs and iT was a see-saw baffle all The way unTil Springfield's superior manpower Took ifs Toll on UNH and The Gymnasfs upended The CaTs I4-8. "Big" Bill Harkaway nofched four goals and Sfillman Clark one goal and an assisf To lead The Pefroskimen in The scoring parade. Springfield's Bill Gerber was high man for The day wiTh six goals and Two assisfs. The firsT vicfory of The season came aT Henni- ker, New Hampshire, where The Wildcafs blasfed FronT row: Coach PeTroski, Richmond. Granf, Nixon, HunTress, Harkaway, The Pilgrims of New England College I I-4. Once again Bill Harkaway was The high scorer, This Time wiTh Two goals and four assisfs. Punchy Hunfress, Bruce Granf, Dick Smifh, and Clarence Wadleigh each nofched a pair of goals, wifh NuTe Shaw collecTing one, To complefe The scor- ing picfure for The CaTs. The Pefroskimen made iT Two in a row win- ning a "squeaker" over Tuffs IO-7. This game was Tied 3-3 aT The end of The firsf quarfer, 6-6 aT The half and 7-7 in The Third period. when The Wildcafs powered once more by Bill Hark- away who Tallied Three goals and an assisf, pulled away from The Jumbos. Punchy Hunfress also sfarred in The winning UNH efforf by scoring Three goals. SlaneTz, Sfanely, Shaw, SmiTh. Second row: Hanson, Keifh. Clark, Harwood. High scoring Capfain Punchy Yeafon, Hendrick, Andrews. Senechek. Lepage, Hornbeck. Wadleigh. HUVITFSSS. 302 A K 6 I- A. . . .. Clarence Wadleigh combining fo score againsf ihe Engineers from MIT. The Wildcafs dropped below ihe .500 mark once again as fhey fell before fhe Crimson of Harvard. The Canfabs held a slim 3-I lead af fhe half only fo gef fheir affack rolling in, fhe second half fo rouf fhe undermanned Cafs I3-2. Clarence Wadleigh scored bofh goals for New Hampshire one in each of fhe second and fhircl periods. Playing fheir fhird home game of Jrhe season, 'rhe Wildcafs rebounded from fhe disasfrous de- feaf af fhe hands of Harvard fo pin a I4-7 defeaf on The Bosfon Lacross Club. Clarence Wadleigh had a field day scoring five goals and fwo as- sisfs. - The season's finale found fhe Cafs playing hosf fo fhe Engineers of MIT, and alfhough MIT never led af any fime ii' was a nip and fuck baf- fle all fhe way wifh 'rhe Pefroskimen coming ouf on fop, Il-8. Once again Clarence Wadleigh was fhe day's fop scorer wifh five goals and an assisf. Dick Smifh finished his college career by nofching four goals, wifh Nufe Shaw and Harold Sanborn chipping in a goal apiece. Losf by graduafion from fhis successful ouffif were Capfain Punchy Hunfress, Bruce Granf. Dick Smifh, Nufe Shaw, goalie Bob Keifh, and fhe high scoring Bill Harkaway, However, all is nof Iosf for Coach Paf Pe'rroski's fufure as he has a number of oufsfanding leffermen refurn- ing for fhe nucleus of fhis year's feam, including Clarence Wadleigh, iop scorer of fhe feam, Sfillman Clark, Swede Hanson. Harold Sanborn, Ted Sfanley, Billy Slanefz, and Len Nixon. This formidable group of Ieffermen plus some of lasf year's beffer frosh prospecfs should combine fo ease Coach Pefroski's acufe man shorfage prob- lem of seasons pasf. High scorer for fhe season was sophomore sfar Clarence Wadleigh wifh sixfeen goals and five assisfs for fwenfy-one poinfs. Bill Harkaway scored fhirfeen and seven assisfs for fwenfy poinfs. Dick Smifh hif for fen goals, Punchy Hunfress for six goals, Bruce Granf four goals, Nufe Shaw one goal and fwo assisfs for fhree poinfs. Ted Sfanley fwo goals, and bofh Len Nixon and Harold Sanborn one goal each. Coach Paf Pefroski is fo be congrafulafed on his handling of inexperienced players. In fhe Iasf few years he has developed feams which any member of fhis insfifufion can be proud of. They are nof always vicforious buf always play a fire- horse brand of ball and have a fighfing defer- minafion fo make a good showing. Sfillman Clark and Roland Harwood clicking fogefher wifh anofher scoring drive for fhe vicforious sfickmen againsf MIT. varsity rifle l-lE I949-50 riTle season began wiTh a marked increase in enThusiasm over previous years. Over l3O sTudenTs showed an acTive inTeresT aT The opening OT The season. MfSgT. Joseph WhiTe again was Team coach, and aTTer several weeks oT inTense pracTice The varsiTy squad was selecTed Trom The reTurning veTerans oT lasT year's Team, plus Tormer Tresh- man marksmen, and several TalenTed newcomers To parTicipaTe in The I949-50 compeTiTion. The old-Timers were Frank Lindh, Perley Jones, Joseph Pollock, George GallanT, ArThur Glines, RoberT Ordway, and Norman Berry. Erom lasT year's Treshman Team came PaTrick Gray, How- ard Brooks, Joseph Despres and STuarT Sher- burne. Newcomers l-lerberT BuTler and RoberT Sprague compleTed a rosTer oT versaTile and de- pendable riTle men. ln The Tace oT sTiTF comps-TiTion, early season maTches included vicTories over W. P. l., Bow- doin, and Johns Hopkins. Losses were To Ver- monT, M. I. T. and Harvard. The Team will parTicipaTe in The second annual New England College RiTle League Tournamen'r againsT oTher collegiaTe riTle Teams in NorTh- ern New England. This Tournamenjr is The high- lighT of The New England collegiaTe riTle season. The NaTional Rifle AssociaTion has awarded Their highesT honor, The experT medal, To How- ard Brooks, Perley Jones, Frank Lindh and Joseph Despres. SharpshooTer awards wenT To Joseph Pollock, George Orclway, ArThur Glines, Norman Berry and RoloerT Sprague. Those receiving marksman awards were I-lerberT BuTler, PaTrick Gray, and STuarT Sherburne. 304 Sql: Whife, The coach, shows CapTain Perley Jones a Tew Tricks. FronT row: Pollock, Berry, BuTler, Jones, Sql: WhiTe, Sprague, Despres. Back row: Ordway, Gray, Glines. GallanT, Lindh, Brooks, Sherburne. T .ri I 1. T' , -i v 1 1 Bw T ' I E - T- c Dick FronT row: Lindberg, PaTTon, Huey, Slmeneou. SrniTh. McCormick. O'Donneii. Barden, Dalryimple, Hogan, Trolson. Second row: Coach ' Sweet FonTaine. Borden. Webber. STevens, Johnson, MeinelT, BooTey. W FiTTs. Parsons. Dewing. McDanolds, mgr. frosh winter track S This arTicle goes To press, The Freshman WinTer Track Team has iusT compIeTed iTs second oT Tive meeTs. In The near TuTure The Team will compeTe againsT Bowdoin, TuTTs, and NorTheasTern. The KiTTens opened Their season by deTeaTing ManchesTer CenTral and PorTsmouTh High Schools 59lf2-26lf2-I3 in a Triangular meeT. The SweeT- men copped six TirsT places. Three oT Them being Taken by Ed SmiTh, high scorer Tor The day. He Took Top honors in The 50 and 300 yard dashes and in The broad jump. TeammaTe Web Boodey . 13' cfggfjfQ-,"-25.22-sixzfslw,. , x X 1--:,,Lsvxlsfffzifl'-Qfffrzazwi A-:If-0, . fri.-ss-amixv'-rw-:,. - - vw-sf f. -1 1.-,. '4 - 5-.-. if-.-.'-.4 :1-f?- -1:.:i::vf' 'p, 's,:--S-N ' T355-'fvigvi-1238 -is igs?1:ff'a1::5f:f+?f- Y, ?l1:w..q:-' .. X' .,15,1-L-5-g.'4.s' 'rg . f wifi:-.4 V. s32'.,gs,1'-5:51 .-' f za . ' 1.- ,. .TSW .-rf.. yw " " 'vrfzwlv zfw - .gs ,, 1 4 .X r- T r?" T ff Y 92212-F-,f Qkfgx fl Xx , , -.I ,'.',j'!5:.,afX-, -'w'.-w- s f .- 41--.-sf .vii -Pit-fJ42:2'iJ-tlw' 'Q-X ':,:f?j4gsQ.-5-PC' : vw" Z-92'-3? '. ,-'-4221!-1-:wx 'V . NT 'ng '-Q19-.-f - f '.'3'..-.1 as-v A -. 35, 104, Z. 4. .,.::,:g,5Q'.1 x X .. , ,I ., .X -.A SmiTh placed TirsT in The mile, while Dick MacCormick paced a sweep in The IOOO, and Roy Lindberg led a sweep in The shoT puT. The second WinTer Track meeT was wiTh ExeTer Academy. Here The New Hampshire suTTered a deTeaT, losing by a score oT 48-33. AT This meeT. Johnny Parker was high man Tor The KiTTens. He Took second in The broad iump, TirsT in The 45 yard high hurdles. and leaped six TeeT Three inches To seT a new cage record Tor The high jump, Thus winning The evenT. Bob Parsons Tied Tor TirsT in The 300 yard dash and O'Donnell Tied Tor TirsT in The pole vaulT. Also Tinishing Tor The Frosh was Ed SmiTh in The 40 and 300 yard dashes, Boodey in The 300 and IOOO, Jim Dai- rymple in The 600. and Roy Lindberg in The shoT puT. So anoTher season OT grooming Tor Coach Paul SweeT's VarsiTy runners passes. DurhamiTes can resT assured ThaT come anoTher varsiTy sea- son and This years Frosh will prove very beneTi- cial. W J Simoneau Durki Webber Averill STeven' Ca Ter. Third ro : Paul SweeT Marquis BaTTs Johnson MeInelT Boodey Crane Al Robinson -1:3 freshman cross country OR Their debuT The Treshmen harriers meT The BosTon UniversiTy year.ings here on The rain-drenched now 2.7 mile Trosh course Al Though The Puppies won The winning margin was very small 29-27. For New Hampshire Earl Aver 'll placed TirsT EvereT'T Webber TourTh Ralph STevens Fred CarTer and Jean Simoneau sev enTh eighTh and ninTh respecTively. Also Tinish ing were TeammaTes Jerry Durkin Ken lvleinelT Web Boodey Dan Hogan and 6ilberT GilleTTe The Tollowing weekend Coach SweeT divided his Team inTo A and B squads. The A squad was To Tackle ExeTer The B squad was To con Tend wiTh ManchesTer CenTral Dover and Keene High Schools. A win was scored againsT ExeTer by squad A wiTh Averill again Taking TirsT A week laTer The Freshmen lourneyed wiTh Their varsITy breThren To MIT Here They scored a vIcTory wITh New Hampshire capTur1ng Trve ouT oT The TIrsT seven places STevens broke The Tape wiTh newly elecred CapTain Averill Taking second Webber Third Durkin TITTh and Simon eau sevenTh AT The New Englands NElCAAA The Tollowing weekend New Hampshire placed second Ever consIsTenT STevens Webber and Averill placed e1ghTh elevenTh and Th1rTeenTh wiTh CarTer Taking sevenTeenTh and Slmoneau TwenTy sevenTh The KuTTens complejred Their sea son by placing nInTh ouT oT sevenTeen compeT Ing Teams in The ICAAAAS aT New York CITy Leading his Team CapTaIn Averill placed TwenTy JM, ! eflifgtagyfff -14" ' i ' l ii Ii' T' l -.::'-2 4 A .:-, 3-. X- ,:',- .-fur: .' ,fi 5 :-ggi.-:, E E.: '.f 'EST ' 5 5 if 5-" - 5 E'-gi' Q' , F 5 .-QA .,I-I is fi .f 'ZZ I 1231 is 5 'eqi T354 , Tw - .4 li 'T 5 rx? ' K .41 .""" A.. f 2. ' rj if 'W e FronT row: Koske, GilleTTe, Dalryrnple, Hogan, BeairsTo, Hill, SweeT. Second row: if I VT. T . s. r w 532 S Jw' hi .E ' 1 n - 'L 'LT- ' I I I f - 1121. .. - 5 -Ei? 1 LZ I I n n I - ' I , . I ' I " l I I I I I ' I I ' - T I I ' I ' ' - I I I I 1 - ' I I I II II ll ll Il ll II ll - D - , - . . , , . . , . H H . . ' . . u ' o a u a n STevens Third, and Webber, CarTer. and Durkin placing sixTh, sevenTh, and eighTh respecTively. The "B" squad suTTered a deTeaT Trom Keene, buT was able To wresT second place Trorn Cen- Tral. lThe Dover conTingenT never puT in an ap- pearance aT This meeT.l TITTh, Webber ThIrTy-sIxTh, STevens TITTy-T1rsT. Car- Ter TiTTy-Third, Durkin sevenTy-TiTTh. Also in Their TighTing were Simoneau and Boodey. Averill, STevens, Weber, CarTer, Durkin, Simoneau, Hill. Boodey, Meinelr, and Hogan all earned Their numerals. Trosh basketball N sTacking up I2 consecuTive wins wiTh nary a negaTive reacTion, Andy lviooraclian's Fresh- men dribble arTisTs noT only esTablished Them- selves as one oT The greaTesT Frosh Teams ever To ma+ricuIa+e on The Durham campus, buT re- signed VarsiTy coach Ed STanczyk To The TacT ThaT liTe was worTh living Tor anoTher year, aT leasT. The Tinal squad was jammed wiTh abiliTy. The TirsT Team had John Parker, ex oT Wells. Maine High and Hebron Academy. and George Ford, a I949 grad of Concord High. aT Torwards. AT The pivoT was Bob "Hymie" Gordon. a T949 All-New England selecTion aT Nashua. Two oTher gaTe ciTy residenTs, CapTain Ted Trudel and Joe WhelTon, occupied The back courT. The resT oT The squad included Bob HarringTon and Bob Dyermond, cenTers, Jim Hodgclon, Tom RuTTin, Dick Roberlrs, John STevens, and "DuTchy" Van- den Heuvel, Torwarcls, and Carmen lvlarTellini. ArT Pipelas, Bruce CuTler, Ken Lippman. Jerry Schulman, and Bob Campbell, guards. The year's opener aT TilTon was won wiTh com- paraTive ease, as The KiTTen's running and shooT- ing aTTack TuncTioned perTecTly. John Parker and Hymie Gordon were ouTsTanding in The 62-34 win. The home debuT was more oT The same as The DurhamiTes were again vicTorious. 7l-56. Real opposiTion was encounTered aT Andover Academy. buT The Forsh TasT break prevailed, 60-45. A modern New Hampshire scoring record was esTablished as The KiTTens really hung one on Phillips ExeTer, IO4-68. WhelTon, Parker, Trudel and Gordon all hiT double Tigures. Squeezing ouT a 73-70 overTime win over NorTheasTern yearlings a Tew days laTer, The Mooradians exTended Their sTreak To Tive. PorT- land Junior College Tollowed suiT, 79-65. The season's mosT spine-Tingling exhibiTion was sTageol wiTh The ST. Anselm's Frosh. The liTTle CaTs pulled iT ouT, Though, 59-57. The schedule ended wiTh impressive wins over MIT Freshmen. Lowell TexTile JV, ExeTer, and Governor Dummer. Fronl' row: Ford, Pipilas, CuTler, lvlarTellini, WhelTon, Trudel. Second row: Schul- man, Hoclgedon, STevens, RuTlin, W. Bray. Smifh, Vanden Heuvel. Third row: Chandler. Gordon, Parker. RoberTs, HarringTon, Deyermoncl, 5chwarTz. a f. - ---.1 -:Q "2 ' 1:1-.:'.P E-al r- 1-,Q A is ,- , ,pq NH fav' Q' u Q 'lf-:Q , , '. -lg, 1 r .l .. -i -'tv E .zz 5.32 'EQ IV ' "L:-L "Q, ' ' 1 ', J' 1..:L T . Fi'-1: . TL- -gf ., L-' I , E :. ..- '- 3 .-"5 :. I ' "T ':r 5,3 Q 12.1.- ' g-115,77 Sig!-1' Eff. ' , .,-5.-n 3,,?,., -' l i .-w - 4, :-:L , P c --- ,. .- f i.i', Qi'Ti5?t"-'.".r. - '- -' .- ' A-1 A . 1 I ' 'x 1 . , . - lj' . 4 W ..s,. .g.s,..y.A, - Q ,A ..,w,., ,ggi y . .Trix V ..,J'f ', 1,' . , . K I tl XV Wy: Ll.: 5 HE? ,i N ' 4 jiri..-I-. s H N sw - I . at .34 at-5 i l' Lxzpxd 1 hbiigl: , s , .v,'f 'if-ggi' -N 4 1" 1" Q'-' , ' SU A' L - - -- A Y J , 0 P'-. --"lf,-Ka-ifff jf! S 1'-,M "ifi"1 'T'1 -A .rr i ...ii T - ds' 'T -fs. T .r T or iPMa'i2'1..:T':'. 41 4 . 2:-n--. L v " r " ' 1 ' ' s. if ' ' "T '1 7 Tiffa-:iNl'Tiih3'i-" . -N T . . f rr T 1 - if - .Yi "WY lv ' ififni-E'-'r-'i. . 7 -' . T ' 1-Tig. 7 . ' ' K 1 f ' Tig5312.59-5'1',n'.2fTp.5 359,21 1 E .wry-:,:1Li ffa . ru AN. Y nvtggr x f kt! , A 5 him:5I.L3,,Ai:3..,LT,l-Q3 - sry. .,: if is . , . 'F' sq 191 gf:-T'-X Y 1'5" ,'igi?f3g, Q-fD5.jfgZ7i2i1f - Q4 T . Q s . - .- ..i:,f'.A -M' A 1 . ' -r' , -mln . A A ' ' N , gil, 5 A1 A ,5 . 'r .V .Wf'5":ff 1 -1- pa:-49. - . - ' fl ' ' r ' . 1 f 1- 'D' 'fl' T Tri",-Avbf! 1,71 V.. 5511 if,',Q W N - 1- ' V Il ' , lx ' '4 '-- I in-'Z X H ' F 1 . 'Q "1 'Ty g.,27f31f,gQ'Q',,1-'fbi if f -- TT 'T .sf - 1 X ,--if A- ie- ' 1 ' by - ,.-,Tygf - ., I-KT n . ,ang A -. , X ,H Nl , L ,iyyffugsyr-31,1 -L '4 ., ,",,- - - ' X W ' q- -jk, 4 Q -. -'K-.r , C- ii, ,tr vi if.,-xv.. me -. 1 . , 2 - . i,X.i,' f 5:44 M5351 I - .Q - 2 zfLe.f,-me fx., iii 1 253- I 3 ,rw . . I .s ' 'T N - T E. -S -T x"-' Q' -1 ' ' Q-H . -. ' ' 'J J ' ' ' ' ii "'.Tg,i,"3,i4'-"ig S if Q' i f 5' T - is W1 A Ji A Y ' U if ' -Ql :ggi K L' I A , K I I K. 4- - V i,,.g . ',54s5.:3-v'.4y gif' r- 1 Kai iff V20 P .W . -fdalf as .-E ' -f '-3 V: N iff- ' iii?-34.23 l NM j' ', " s ' ' x- .2 ,Fw .x ,N ' QTMT Frosh shckrnen showing The 13 ' fa ' Q N . ' ,4 s, -' fl. -H '. ' ' Ri' ,,vgxS MIT Frosh how Tough They can ., - I , 1 i , H . . -: . , ,- .1 xx VA- ., ' -.W . - ,x-L, Q s.. '1,h,. 4 ' A - ,' . ' T o r be' .1 - - -f - ' --'. , -- s - ' Vs , rf T i ".- Y' I 6 W Ni gy K, A . i .Q ' .ff Y s N -'lk My N, 1 A . .,, i , , , l ,pac K- . r U - . ld l 7 In-?fA ,.:: D' K-L4 lil. if i 1Jr"i? ' - , f . " ' y gi ' ifgfv ' 1 ' -' ,'. N 5- T- - ip: 'L T'-'uv F f:"'I LJ-fvy Ji?-5 59'-kf"' T" 1 A' 7 rf fi " T, M, age. , ,ns ffl ' -Y? T C. .M "Vi s . 2 .-. 'i ?'. 'ff 1' . Fronl' row: Ricci, RoberTs, Morrison, Gibbons, Tucker, Heard. Second row: Blake. Nassikas, BenneTT, DaugherTy. Sanborn. Third row: BreTTon, Sullivan, Herrick, BaTchelder, Callahan. FourTh row: S'Tenberg, McKennie, Lessels, SToneham, Allen. FiTTh row: WesTon, Coach "Pepper" MarTin. Chandler. Newman. freshman INDERED by The lack oT depTh and inex- perience, Coach MarTin's Frosh Lacrosse Team salvaged one vicTory ouT oT six sTarTs in a season marked more by progress and learning oT basic TundamenTals Than oT personal saTisTac- Tion in The way oT vicTories. Experience is a greaT Teacher and ExeTer Academy used iT To Their besT advanTage as They gave The WildkiTTens a I4-O lesson in The rudi- menTs of The old Indian game. Governor Dum- mer Academy whacked The Fresh 9-4 and The TuTTs Freshmen Tipped The improving KiTTens 5-3. Chan Morrison sTarred in These TilTs by blasTing home Tour goals. PeTe Blake and Billy STone combined To Tally The oTher Three goals beTween Them. The ExeTer sTickmen maTched Their early sea- lacrosse son whiTewashing oT The hapless KiTTens by drub- bing Them once more I2-O. However The Frosh redeemed Themselves and bounced inTo The win column Tor The TirsT Time during The season by dumping The MIT Jay Vees 6-2. Chan Morrison won The scoring honors by neTTing a goal and Two assisTs, Cal Chandler noTched Three assIsTs while ClayT STeinberg and Don BenneTT scored a pair oT goals each. The season's Tinale Tound Andover Academy seTTing a blisTering scoring pace as They piled up a 20-2 margin over The hapless Frosh. How- ever, boTh Chan Morrison and PeTe Blake Tound The neT Tor goals To averT anoTher shuTouT. Players of varsiTy poTenTial include Frosh Cap- Tain Chan Morrison, PeTe BarTleTT, and Cal Chandler. file Tommy O'Brian flying Through The air wnlh The graalasl of ease. freshman spring track HE Freshmen Trackslers ended lheir season wilh a score oi four wins and +wo losses. On The whole, 'rhis was a good season since il de- veloped several promising men Tor nexl year's varsily squad. A lew men successfully parrici- paled in more lhan one evenly somelimes plac- ing iirsl in each one. In running evenls Jrhrough- our Jrhe season, firsis were collecled by Jacobs- meyer in +he IOO-yard and lhe 220-yard dashes las well as The broad iumpl, by Bob Bodwell in The mile, Paul Weeks in 'rhe l2O high and 220 ,X- , 7 f vga' rd-Q.. -' X QQ: f iz, 3,1-.jf,o,g w,'1w.?E?!1,4'1.,czf , :L-I Z-,. .vzgib W., 1' , ,fgee--7:,,v.', , - ' 4'-:f-, . f: - , f- f :fy -1'f,,47 '1 ,fm "f- , , I ,,.g,a,f'-' f.:.,,f4,,,4,. v... f , . mfs, f:,.'.' f ' '--. - a ,'-,va J -: ' ff' .1 .1- cf 24:5 1 14' ,gi ' 3,12 r' . 'Q ffw , : -. 5. 5, - ,121 f 1 , .' 'g' 222: f .' -- Jr: 2 , evra, .-fp-, ' -- i: ' ,'s1 34,515 .- - .I 1 , ,3- '95' sf X 4 - ?Z- " - 2 ' 5 5 45 :1 . Y? .11--., I' I' 7,451 JZ- A' " L .' 7 :i7'7 "32:., ' 1 i f f ' 4 f'41'f71",7f:'2 1 15 , 74231145-:Q,2e4:,, . f ce f:f'f55h'.425f1-T373 I - X H162 QWQZQ' f If 7 V ? - f 4 ff low hurdles, and by boih Bob Bailey and Dick Cole in lhe half mile. In field evenis 'rhroughoui The season firsl places were copped by Conery in The hammer, lvlclfelvie in The discus and shoi, Townsend in The iavelin and hammer, Johnsion in The high and broad jumps, and Bailey and Burr in l'he pole vaull. Seconds and Jrhirds were scored in various evenls by 'rhe Gallani broihers, Ted Flanders, Charlesion, and Ladd, as well as The men already menrioned above. These many supporling posilions provided valuable deplh for 'rhe Team, in some cases providing a wide win- ning margin, and in o'rhers aclually making Jrhe win a possibiliiy. Class numerals were earned by Bod Bodwell, Bill Burr, Dick Cole, Ted Flanders, Tom Gallanl, Tommy l-lahn, John Jacobsmeyer, Roy Johnsion, Tom O'Brien, Bill McKelvie, Amos Townsend, Paul Weeks, and Caplain Bob Bailey. Fronl row: Hahn, Weeks, Cole, Burr, Bailey, Bodwell, Jacobsmeyer, Gallant Second row: Coach Paul Swear, Gallant Johnslon, Ladd, McKelvie, Townsend, Flanders, Sherman, Kaisiaficas. men's intramurals HE lnTra-mural program, sponsored by Sen- ior Skulls, has been a huge success on campus. AThleTic conTesTs are run on TooTball, baslceTball, soTTball, Track, golT, and Tennis. LasT Spring Sig- ma Alpha Epsilon won The golT Tournament Kappa Sigma won The Track: The soTTball Tour- ney was won by Kappa Sigma also: Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Kappa Sigma s+ilI have To play oTT Tor The TiTle in The Tennis TournamenT. This Fall TheTa Chi won The TooTball Trophy. A large Trophy is given To The organizaTion ThaT amasses ii ii ri Kappa Sigma's winning soTTball Team. FronT row: Keller, Wyman, Dillon, Szalucka, Weglarz. Back row: KaTsiaTicas, McGlone, Allen STraTTon, I-lollingsworTh, Richardson, Domoracki, MarTel. Caramello. STergion. The mosT poinTs in The over all program. This Trophy is To be roTaTed Trom year To year. Senior Skulls Took This program over in T948 wiTh The cooperaTion oT The AThleTic DeparT- menT. They have done a wonderful iob in or- ganizing and running The inTra-mural program This pasT year. The Skulls Teel ThaT in The TuTure many new TeaTures will be added and a more rounded program will be available To The sTu- denTs. Sigma Alpha Epsilon's winning golT Team. D. Zappala, ForsaiTh, BarreTT, S. Zappala. V , H X XE ix i T 8 i i l l i , ' :N 3 J New l-iampshire's high- sfepping Maioreffes. Consfance Page, Eve- lyn Blish, PaT Peppin. and Virginia Wrighf. 'ir V! xl.: E 1' i by l Z pepcats pepkittens majorettes NDER The leadership of Junior Riedell and wiTh The addiTion of Logan l-lanlcins, Ber- nie Delman. and Jody Lanyon, The Pepcafs con- Tinued Their efTorTs in inspiring spirif and enfhu- siasm aT rallies, foofball, and baslcefball games. WiTh The addiTion of bonfires, skiTs, new cheers, and The familiar cry of "Who's gonna win This game?" a big sfep was made in resToring school spiriT To a place reminiscenT of pre-war days. Our Thanks To Them all. The Peplciffens, a new group of cheerleaders composed enTirely of freshmen, played a big parf in resforing freshmen TradiTions and spiriT FirsT row: Lionel WhiTa, RobcsrT Malloy. Second row: Shir- ley Aalfonen, Barbara Prifchard, Muriel Blazek, Joan Shaw. Third row: Shirley Robarlq Alma Whifiemore, Arla Whiffe- more, Elaine Kosfaras. , ff' ri .i".i"E7iT'i7f "f T177 '1 i 'I ' T. iw vs" ' qv .i--. Qi -- -vi, 'r .J v ,J ' , A.. . 'V in ,T I -ly . cv' l .' T A T X .if ii vw up .. ,L I .Q if-ff' A .sf X' . ' ' ,fM174?3. ,GN ME A , . J T gn J' 2: , , 5 -sr. V T' .' : , -P' 5 , K 7 f f W X. , l T A ifliiiiiiii-iuiiinf' - 'J Ivsffwiff T -1-ir ' -A I M' - i . 443+ -in v H04 -lx ygA..f.4!,f?, ij. fi:-2-f1i..',,, " ."q'f. 'Qs' ' xg. ' xy 53, , .- l y "mfg v as W 4: I Q rv J vu . Y ,- w lug, ! if L Fixx' A Lf x, . of UNH. Selecfed by The PepcaTs and coached by Junior Riedell, They became a familiar scene aT freshmen funcfions and also aT various varsiTy games. WiTh Their enThusiasm, iniTiaTive, and spiriT They have succeeded in seffing a worThy example To succeeding freshmen classes. Already familiar To The sTudenT body for Their color- and skill, The MaioreTTes again added Their parT To The show aT foofball games and rallies. In The person of Evelyn Blish, ConsTance Paige, Virginia Wrighf and Paf Peppin, Their perfec- Tion was achieved only Through hard work and consTanT pracTice. Firsf row: Joyce Lanyon, Pauline Rifchie, Joan BrighTman. Second row: Jean Garside, Margaref McCauley, Janef Furman, Barbara Neville. Third row: Logan Hankins, Gor- don Riedell, Bernard Delman. 495-R Miss Marion BeckwiTh, chair- man of The DeparTmenT of Physical EducaTion Tor Women. women's physical education To lighTen The requiremenTs There is a broad elecTive sysTem wiTh a wide varieTy oT sporTs and acTiviTies To meeT The inTeresTs of girls of all Types. Clubs and inTerclass sporTs can be sub- sTiTuTed Tor These IT cerTain requiremenTs are Tul- Tilled. . The deparTmenT offers a Three-way inTra- mural program Through The Women's RecreaTion AssociaTion consisTing of lnTerhouse, InTercIass. and CorrecTional Divisions, To meeT The need for ' ' l Barbara Newman. Myra STowe, Mariorie Badger, Evelyn ' Browne. HE aim of The Physical EducaTion DeparTmenT for Women is To give each girl skills in The recreaTional ouTleTs ThaT will lead To happier liv- ing when ouT oT school and make social eTii- ciency a liTTle easier. To accomplish This, a Two- Told program has been designed: The Service Program, required of all sTudenTs and The ExTra- curricular Program, which is volunTary parTicipa- Tion. 3I2 l T W JeaneTTe Goodwin, Marion Beckwijrh, Carol i Gordon. .- o. exTra-curricular acTiviTies. In compeTiTive sporTs among colleges we have been represenTed aT Jackson, Colby Junior, Nasson, and WesTbrook Junior College This year by The All-STar hockey, Tennis, soTTball, and baskeTball Teams. The sTudenTs can appraise The whole program Through a quesjrionnaire and personal invenTory of leisure-Time skills presenTed every year. women's recreation assn. HE Women's Recrealion Associaiion has as iis purpose The fuliillmeni oi ihe recrearional needs and desires oi mosi col- lege women and creaiing an inreresi in every girl for some aih- leiic aciiviiy. To succeed in ihis purpose, lnierclass, lnierhouse, and Co-recreaiional sporrs and aciiviiies are sponsored. lnierclass provides opporluniiies for beginners io learn, ihe more skilled lo improve, and ihe advanced players ro masier iheir game on a class ieam basis. Baslcelball, iennis, hockey, and soiiball Teams have been organized in each class and members oi All-Siar ieams are piclced from 'rhese groups. The Co-recreaiion Division gives men and women of The Uni- versiiy The chance 'ro pariicipaie in sporis iogeiher. On a com- periiive basis, volleyball and soiiball are played. Beginners Rec. a class for social dancing insiruciion, and a Siag Dance in Ocio- ber were pari' of 'rhe Co-rec program Jrhis year. Five Clubs: The Whips, Rifle Club, Dance Club, and Worlc- shop, and Ski Club are open 'ro all women siudenis especially slcilled or inieresled in ihese aciiviiies. Margueriie McMuririe, Janel Sanderson, Barbara Grinnell, i Hilda Srniih, Secreiary. - ' Joyce McCue Fresiden? S 'fi Doroihy Larocque Eliza beih Ahearn Treasurer M ' . as ies -e 3 Froni' row: PaTricia YeaTon, Emy Lou Mercer, Mary Lou BarTorx, PaT Perkins, Back row: Marguerile Mclvluririe, MargareT O'Brien, Pyliss Blais, Imogene OpTon, Joan Kuehn, Joyce Thomas. inteirhouse board HE lnTerhouse Board is designed To give each girl, regardless of her aTh- leTic abiliTy, an opporTuniTy To engage in a varieTy oT acTiviTies and sporTs. Each sororiTy and dormiTory elecTs a member To The lnTerhouse Board who is responsible Tor organizing and Torming Teams wiThin her house. ParTicipa- Tion by all girls, noT iusT The highly raTed ones, is encouraged and poinTs are awarded Tor IOO percenT represenTaTion. A house Team or any individual girl winning one of The compeTiTive sporTs sponsored by The board receives poinTs Tor The house also. The prize Tor The mosT poinTs is- a silver Tray, en- graved wiTh The house name and lcepT if won Three successive Times. The compeTiTive sporTs in which houses can Talce parT are: Touch TooTball. Table Tennis, archery, baskeTball. and baolminTon. Chi Omega. SmiTh Hall and Alpha Chi Omega were The Three TinalisTs in The Touch TooTball games, wiTh Chi Omega winning. The Table Tennis' TournamenT, played beTween Lydia Thorne, Chi Omega, and Jo Young, SmiTh Hall, was won by Lydia Thorne. The PosTure Poise conTesT is sponsored by The Board each spring To en- courage awareness oT These qualiTies. ConTesTanTs consisT oT one girl elecTed by each sororiTy and dormiTory on her posTure, neaT appearance. abiliry To speak, poise, and charm. AT a Tea They are iudged by members oT The TaculTy. The direcTor OT The lnTerhouse Board is C5uiTe MclvlurTrie and iTs members Tor I949-50 are: PaT Perkins, Marnie Brazier, Ginny Chandler, lmogene OpTon, PaT Willcie, Jaclcie Revarz, Joyce Thomas, Joan Kuehn, Hilda SmiTh, lviarTie Gagnon, Ann CarpenTer, and BeTTy Davis. 3I4 x xy X x 'ivxiixxx U x Kan y X ff 'xx T"-,W-. ,Q 2 ix! - T . , ' g"lX,,XXXXyXXX gi . xiplx-XDX , - X '15 I 42 xxx.. ': 11 KXNX-XXXXXX gg "' K K' x 'l m 31: C' 'Hx' ii V. gf, '..f'f 2 'f, f'- 1: f '-f L"- if f Z , vc a' fa 'fn . ' I 'f r 'f 'f ff ' f' f v,f, 9, X '- X 1 4 fl . , I , 1 nl 1 i. may iii - V ul , 'I-mv! ml yilil. ,in ,, ' T ., ff ,ik M ' .ffl pi, ,ni " 1 MMT itll! MIA! In :H ' Th' lmqn ' 54 'I - L11 4l,7l 1 I l Jmwnhydlyf 1 ' .fflrnlqii I .I iillnlll' .iiliff J 429 I 1 ning, -'I' ,V A fm-f-ff" ,im 'T Ml li ll 'W' 'lr I T 1 fi f ii- 1 l mix ill X I I nmcllt f My i' I T I , fl M,ri'l A' I l l l , k v V Hhilliilwrrlimwy Illll ll., - - fiif N ,MII llwf L, if , ill: I, ll ,1 . i A p U1 All ufffll' in I .. I women's softball HE inTramural soTTloall season, sponsored loy The Women's RecreaTion AssociaTion, opened an exciTing season righT aTTer Spring VacaTion wiTh The TirsT oT The series OT inTerclass pracTices and games. Because OT The even playing abiIiTy oT The Tour class Teams, The compeTiTion was sTrenuous, and noT unTil The lasT game was played OTT could a winner be deTermined. The Treshman squad emerged vicTorious wiTh Three wins: The Seniors Tinished in second place wiTh Two wins and a loss: The Sophomores placed Third wiTh one win and Two losses, and The Juniors ToTalled Three losses. ATTer The InTramural compeTiTion was run oTT, The All-STars oT The ball squad was chosen and a series OT pracTices was scheduled in preparaTion Tor The All-STar compeTiTion. Because oT The shorT season, There was Time Tor only one All-STar game. This was played againsT WesTloroolc Junior College and The New Hampshire Team journeyed To PorTland To deTeaT The WesTlorook squad by a score oT six To noThing. The Tollowing women were named To The I949 SoTTball squad: ConsTance GarbuTT, Phyllis Messer, Ingrid Ingles, KaTh- erine McLaughlin, JaneT Tinker, Shirley O'NeiI, Josephine KosTra, Beverly Allen, AniTa Kichline, Lucille Newell, Hilda SmiTh, Jane Chorowski, Marguer- iTe ivicMurTrie, Barbara Freedman, Joyce Thomas and Marie lvieilcleiohn. A Co-RecreaTion soTTball TournamenT was also sponsored by The Women's RecreaTion AssociaTion during The 1949 season. Three dorms and eighT Tra- TerniTies played oTT Three separaTe league championships and The Three league winners played an eliminaTion TournamenT To deTermine The Tinal winner. Lambda Chi TraTerniTy emerged vicTorious, adding This win To Their Co-Rec volley ball championship. FronT row: Kay McLaughlin, Joyce Thomas. Second row: Phylis Messer, JaneT Tinlcer, Sally O'Neil, Barbara Newell. Third row: Barbara Freedman, Hilda SmiTh. J. CosTa, Carol Gordon. T 1 fs 1 V x , View yt A I, A -Q4 ,V 1 - fi 3I5 Froni' row: Emy Lou Mercer, Imogene OpTon. Second row: GuiTe McMurTrie, Joan Dick, Rebecca Ely, Mary Lou Barion, Lucille Newall, PaT Woodward, Joyce McCue, Joyce Chalmers, Beverly Severns, Joyce Thomas. Third row: Barbara Bridle, CynThia Merrill, Joan WaTson, Mary Rasmussen, JaneT Sanderson, Barbara Freedman, Eloise STocldard, AniTa Kickline, and Coach Barbara Newman. women's hockey NTERCLASS Women's hockey, sponsored by The Women's RecreaTion AssociaTion, sTarTed The hockey season lasT Tall. There was a big Turn- ouT OT girls and Those who came To The required number oT pracTices were allowed To play Tor Their class. ATTer The Teams had been Tormed a TournamenT began, which The seniors won by only a halT game over The iuniors. From The members OT These inTerclass Teams girls who showed good sporTsmanship, skill, and inTeresT were chosen To be on The All-STar Team. Miss Barbara Newman and Miss Carol Gordon coached This Team, which was made up OT The Tollowing girls- Forwards: Rebecca Ely, Lucille Newell, Erny Lou Mercer, Beverly Severence, Eloise SToddard, Barbara Bridle, Joyce Chalmers. Joan Dick. Goalies: Joyce Thomas, C5uiTe McMur- Trie, Mary Rasmussen. Fullbacks: Joan WaTson, AniTa Kichline, Barbara Freedman. l-lahfbacks: PaT Woodward, Norma Perkins, Imogene OpTon, Mary Lou BarTon, JaneT Sanderson, CynThia Merrill. RepresenTing The Physical EducaTion DeparT- menT OT The UniversiTy The All-STars played Nas- son College here, Through The very good deTen- Q1Z7fi"-2 5 .I -,::7:::QffQf'f,'iIrim, L- sive work on The parT oT New Hampshire we won 6-0. The nexT game was played in New London, where we losT To Colby Junior College by a score OT 3-O. The Colby girls had dinner Tor our Team and were very Triendly, making iT an enioyable Trip. Jackson College, which came up here To play, proved To be anoTher deTeaT, wirh The score being 3-O again. ATTer The home games reTreshmenTs were served and The girls had a chance To become acguainTed. Imogene Oplon. one of The EasT's beTTer women skiers. ski club NEW underTaking oT The Women's RecreaTion AssociaTion This year is The Ski Club. Because oT The enThusiasm Tor skiing shown around cam- pus a club was organized lasT year under The STudenT Union, and became oTFicially parT oT The Physical EclucaTion DeparTmenT Tor Women This winTer. The purpose OT The club is To TosTer inTeresT and parTicipaTion in The sporT and Take advanTage OT all The recreaTional possibiliTies available in skiing. Membership is open To all sTudenTs who are inTeresTecl, regardless OT Their skill. For The novice, insTrucTions are oTFered in The TundamenTals and Tech- niques of skiing. More advanced and inTermediaTe skiers have an opporTu- niTy To improve and learn new meThods. SaTeTy precauTions and oTher skills relaTed To The sporT are Taughr also boTh To new and old skiers. LasT winTer a ski Trip To Cannon MounTain was made. Some oT The girls also wenT To The KenT's Hill, Maine Ski MeeT and compeTed wiTh sTudenTs Trom such schools as WesTbrook Junior College and The UniversiTy oT Maine. ln The individual races, a New Hampshire girl won TirsT place in The slalom ancl second place in The downhill. ParT oT The program This winTer included various speakers, ski Trips To The mounTains, and movies Tor pleasure and insTrucTion. The U. S. E. A. S. A. proTiciency TesTs were also adminisTered To all The members oT The club. To make an All-STar Ski Team, members oT The club who show The mosT skill and abiliTy are selecTed. The Team has hopes OT being able To represenT New Hampshire in Carnivals and compeTiTive meeTs wiTh oTher schools and colleges. We wish loTs OT success To Miss Newman, who is coaching The Team, and we're sure The TuTure will bring a Team and club To be proud oT. FronT row: Pal' Wilkie, ElizabeTh Brown, JaneT Tasker, Joyce Chalmers, Diane Cohen, Lydia Thorne. Back row: Coach Barbara Newman, Barbara l-lunT, Marcia Sullivan, Merrilyn Schanche, PaT Woodward, Barbara STerling, Rhoda Pickwick, Jean Morrison, RoberTa OpTon, Barbara Grainer. .-cf, an-' ,-. ,- ...Kg hr .- Mf- ..: x.- .. , . Jin'-!'7 ' 3l7 ..."' We 4 FronT row: DoroThy EasTman, Coach Myra STowe, Joyce Chalmers. Back row: AniTa Kickline, Barbara Grainger, Virginia Thorne, Lydia Thorne, Genevieve Furman. women's tennis T a meeTing called by DoroThy Larogue, DirecTor oT W. R. A.'s Divif sion oT InTercIass, The I95O Women's Tennis Team was picked. Each Tall This Team is chosen by class managers and The sTudenTs head oT Tennis. IT Torms The backbone oT The All-STar Tennis Team which sTarTed iTs season aTTer EasTer. The Tour winners oT The Women's Singles InTercIass Tennis TournamenT, played oTT IasT Tall, were auTomaTicaIIy placed on The Team by virTue oT win- ning Their respecTive class TournamenTs. The winners oT These games are as r ii - T ii J K 11 - ii A '+ K' hr - ' ' D Th o ows. res man, oan ue n, sop omore, ni a ic ine. iunior, oro y EasTmang senior, Joyce Chalmers, In addiTion To The above people, Tive oThers were seIecTed To be on The Team. They are: Barbara Grainger lTresh- manj, Lydia Thorne lseniorl, Genevieve Furman lseniorl, and JaneTTe Furman lseniorl. The above chosen girls Tormed The nucleus around which The I950 Team was buiIT. IT, aTTer The Team has been chosen, anyone inTeresTed in ff" challenging a member oT The Team may do so. In The evenT ThaT The chal- Ienger wins, she will be Trom ThaT Time on considered a member oT The Tennis Team. The Women's All-STar Tennis Team has had a Tine record in The Tour years since iT was Tounded. IT has never IosT a TournamenT and has compeTed againsT Colby Junior College, Jackson, Nasson, and Green MounTain College. Miss Myra STowe oT The DeparTmenT oT Physical EducaTion Tor Women has acTed as coach Tor The Team This year. Plans were made To schedule Tor The I95O season Jackson, Colby Junior College, and Nasson College. 3l8 1-T TWKQQ Mary Lou I-lanson, Takes aim and Tires. womeNsrHh I-lE Women's RiTle Club, which is sponsored by The Women's RecreaTionai AssociaTion, aTTords an opporTuniTy Tor girls who are especially inTeresTed in riflery To perTecT Their skill and parTicipaTe in compeTiTive maTches. Mem- bers are selecTed sharpshooTers Trom The riTIery classes held by The Physical EducaTion DeparTmenT. The only requiremenT is ThaT each member musT puT in Three hours a week oT pracTice, which subsTiTuTes Tor her Third required physical educaTion hour. An incenTive Tor pracTice is The NaTional RiTle AssociaTion CollegiaTe Quali- TicaTion Awards. There are Three medals ThaT are oTTered To Those gualiTyingp The marlcsman. Tor a 92 average: The sharpshooTer Tor a 95 average: and The experT Tor a 99 average. Everyone on The Team has won aT leasT The rnarksman, wiTh several girls geTTing The sharpshooTer and experT. The Physi- cal EducaTion DeparTmenT provides Them wiTh WinchesTer RiTles Tor The club To use. Every girl aims Tor a "possible," an achievemenT worTh pracTicing Tor. IT is hiTTing IO bull's eyes ouT oT IO TargeTs aT a 50 TooT disTance, wiTh a bulI's eye oT I5flOOThs oT an inch. This year There has been someThing new added by Frank Lindh, who is The coach oT The Team. Three posiTions, insTead oT The previously used single prone posiTion, are used now. The Two new added ones are siTTing and kneeling. There have been aT leasT TwenTy posTal maTches planned during The pasT year and one shoulder-To-shoulder maTch away Trom here. We have been represenTed aT such schools as The UniversiTy oT Illinois and STanTord. FronT row: Nancy Hall. PaT Calef, Nancy Meyers, Charlessa Chase, RuTh ChaTTee, Hazel l-lane-Tied. Back row: Coach Frank Lindh, Julie Phelan, Joan Day, PaTricia ATlcinson, Anne Carey, Mary Lou Hanson, 319 i i HE Dance Club is composed oT girls who are inTeresTed and advanced in modern danc- ing. The Dance Workshop, which is closely con- necTed wiTh The club, oTTers an opporTuniTy Tor everyone To parTicipaTe, giving Those who are inexperienced a chance To learn and appreciaTe more The modern dance. From This group, invi- TaTions To become members oT Dance Club are exTended To Those who show The mosT skill, abil- iTy oT conTrol, and sense oT rhyThm. The program Tor This year consisTed of learn- ing Techniques and composiTions in preparaTion Tor The Dance Club ReciTal This spring, which dance club was sponsored by The Wome-n's Recrealrion Asso- ciaTion. The group also worked wiTh The Uni- versiTy Glee Club in puTTing on The ChrisTmas ConcerT. Programs were presenjred ThroughouT The year Tor such organizaTions as The ParenTs Teachers AssociaTion. oTher colleges and schools. and The Women's Club oT Durham. To more Tully appreciaTe and learn Techniques oT modern dancing, Trips were made To BosTon and oTher ciTies To aTTend ouTsTanding concerTs. MarTha Graham, a leading New Yorlc dancer, gave an enlighTening concerT Tor The people OT Durham lasT November. FronT row: Jacqueline Revaz, RuTh Drake, Barbara Bridle Sheila WorThley. Back row: Shirley Ayres, Alice I-lauslein Barbara BellaTTy, Sally Roy, Shirley AalTonen. Paula Gelb Donna Adams, Marie Reed, Joyce Lanyon, Jeanne Somes Barbara Hayes. if ul - V J- 3,1 ' I X QW Q -01-,- at 3 IPX. 5-,. -. f .1 ,W I A H Ly' W fc, " -N, 1 w 5 X -- v . ...xr V W TU ,,,f.,,1,,,,., - -, .Jai if-"f IA 1 g, k -"ij1'fgj.3I"f7 .j'!,',' H ,gym-' I' 'au My, V,-A,w X N NW r..'-'fmt ' ,' , ' ' Infxihlxil j ,N-' H 1 . MTH U ' fi ,' XTWNV-k v -VJ V L I 1 .1 I f', 1, I 4, JV, .O 'X' 41' ,1 J fl: ,,r 'A Af!! 1 1 ,. X211 , ,V , .,+1,,,,mdb Al , 1 fax' f x gf .1 f- lwxfv Ax' ,V-'fl i?f,"3' KX f LL ' wJ J ', A - -.. V " ' ' - 4' - H: Lf , 1 r, ' - -1 fr 1, 4 , H, J 'fx ll l I N? l N Nj - '- ' 1 , i,, - 1' +1 1 A -fu X ' A-W - f ' .g -' ' ' A,f:,i.,-5.14-,1 ng., J , 4,, f - , U . Xjn' I "j"f' 1' 'H' 1 I 3 7 ,nf J .-Ylfiif' 25' 'f f"' f l'V' . 1 ' f f- ,qw 3 I U fl I N ,-K f"-EW' ., M U 'I' 'ff cl l'.,. f' .H ,.f':', , .1 fy 4'-Q. . A ,, I' 'z . jr' ,1u1111f.Uuf-f. V f' al", r I3 J " ,I " , , ' 1. "L .ff f" A-13Q"'1" ' dz? ', ", if ' I' ' mi ' IQ , . ,: M f' Jw, '-' I 'V' I 'e ,' , UV ,,'7?l11IJ'.' .'j"'lff-" . Q-'l ' , f'-'E' , 1 " D, '-ffqlf.',' J' , , :I ,-I, v, 'Q-:ff-'lg'-5. - ,Lf 1, ' Higf., 'W ,- " 5 f f " Du, . ".f':11LLN?l'.'V A 2 "1:jA.3'f 1 ,' ,,' lil" , uv. .f.w' 1' I 1' if-'dag' L1 ,TA df" gl ' wj Vx," J, F' , gf- A-1 ' ,'11f""' Jw 'JH-H, ' . ,M :,1N,j1,,. xg ,. ',f L vlxw .gyfx pf- - .V ' -f' . In 'L Ah 1, J,.-3 I f' ' 4.5 14,15 3,11 f '1'vv'i.'r"' if Lf 1 'IM H 'K' A, . A lm -mf. ,,Wb" 9 Maw., , ., A . fr - U.. 4, F"l. homecoming WO THOUSAND alumni venTured back To Their dear Alma MaTer on SaTurday, OcTober 8Th, To see once more Tamiliar scenes and Taces. DespiTe The WildcaT's loss To The UniversiTy oT Maine on The gridiron, and The damp Durham weaTher, The grads Took over The campus on Their day To Talk over old Times wiTh young and old alike. A hearTy welcome was given Them by Mayor Threadbare McNair. Alumni acTiviTies oT The day included a recep- Tion in The morning, conducTed Tours oT The campus, a louTTeT luncheon served in N. H. l-lall. and open houses To all grads aTTer The TooTloall game. ln The evening, The alumni danced To The music oT BerT Donnelly's orchesTra aT The annual Home- coming dance given in Their honor. AT inTermis- Winner in The women's division, Kappa DelTa. Winning men's decoraTion, Alpha Tau Omega. ATU WH rants Y W.. SBSH? sion, Alumnae AssociaTion cups Tor The loesT deco- raTions oT The day were presenTed. Rewarded Tor Their eTTorTs were Kappa DelTa and SmiTh in The women's division, and Alpha Tau Omega in The men's division. IT was a greaT day Tor all Homecomers. QIQ FI' TheTa U's "BosTon Baked Bears." Phi Mu DelTa's alumni spiriTs. junior prom ANTASY and sophisTicaTion marked The season of The annual Junior Prom as couples passed Through a whiie Trellisecl arch To The garden OT perk spring Tlowers inside New Hampshire Hall on Friday, May Thirieen Special lighTing eTFecT helped make This one of The mosT successful Tormals of The year's social evenTs. N. H. Hall was Transformed inTo a mysTic world wiTh crysial loalls reileciing The siorm of colors displaying a shower of color conTeTTi while couples swayed dreamily To The music of Boyd Rae burn and his orchesTra A+ Ten ThirTy. heralds broke Through The crowd as The playing of The Alma Maier signified The arrival of The coro naiion ceremony. Hush enveloped The hall as The honored couple. Miss Shirley Hoyle and Mr. Dorian Lamieux were escoried To The sTage Tor insTallaTion as Queen and King Her Royal Highness was presenTed wiTh a springTime crown of gay Tlowers, and His Maiesiy wiih a laurel wreaTh by Presidem' Arihur Adams Miss Jan Furman and Miss Lorna Hadley were insTalled as aides To The queen, and Their escoris as barons, by Mayor McNair. Giiis were also presenTed To The royal couples Wiih pomp and pageaniry oi ceremony. The royal courT Then followed The King and Queen inTo The misi of color and music which engulfed The dancers rp, I .. I QL. in . . Q U' ,I ' f A X .A 7 7 ' z, ,i 'Fi' Her Royal Highness ueen Shirley Hoyle hai? J fa - +w"'? , ll T l 4 ' l - V N N ' li, 1' N X1 - il if T ff 'J s ., fl ff -sf l . 'f f 4 " sw 'i - ilk- n Q . LeTT To righT: King Dorian Lamieux, Queen Shirley Hoyle, and Presidemh Adams. "Women OT America. Men oT The WorI'T." The TwenTieTh Mayor OT Durham. Miss Mary MargareT 'McNair. mayorality AZZ bands blared, pamphIeTs were dropped Trom The skies, well-versed poIiTicians and Their cohorTs harangued DurhamiTes, and sTudenTs gaThered wiTh anTicipaTion aT NoTch Hill: The annual MayoraITy Campaign, sponsored by Blue Key, was OTT To anoTher rip-roaring sTarTI Before our eyes candidaTes came TasT and Turious. Charles Scollay, The Square Trom BosTon, bursT inTo Town wiTh his manager, Hollis Kinslow, To harass voTers Tor one of The sparIciesT oT campaigns. Scollay, in The person oT Phi D U's John Emery, wiTh solid supporT and subTIe ora- Tory, sTiII lacked The "someThing" which was nec- essary To converT conservaTive Durham inTo an- oTher "ScoIIay Square." A weak buT deTermined bid Tor Durham's high- esT oTTice was made by Sigma BeTa's capiTaIisT, PIuTo H. CraT. Blaine LeighTon and his henchmen oTFered a smooTh policy oT high Tinances which, aIThough TempTing, did noT convince The large maioriTy OT Durham's bourgeoisie. The Irishman oT S. A. E., Mickey Finnegan, and his Tour-IeaT clover supporTers Turned on The charm Trom swanky converribles. YeT Finnegan, alias Bob Taylor, did noT have The luck oT The Irish wiTh his "wine, women, and song" campaign To sway The voTers. He could noT corrupT The morals OT The high spiriTed and inTeIIigen+ sTu- denTs OT U. N. H. For The TirsT Time in The hisTory OT This college Town, iT was a woman who dared enTer The poIiTicaI whirl as a candidaTe Tor The honored posiTion oT Mayor oT Durham. IT was a surprise To everyone when The McNair ParTy presenTed The sisTer oT ex-Mayor Threaclbare McNair as Their candidaTe, endeavoring To conTinue The suc- cess OT The McNair Tamily in poIiTics. A TavoriTe all The way, This campus bombshell Took an ardenT sTand Tor clean poIiTics and women suTTrage. This lady, endowed wiTh The vivaciTy and sweeT- ness oT any woman in poIiTics, won many a TaiTh- TuI Tollower and supporTer. In reaIiTy, Mary Mar- gareT is Frank Robie oT Phi Mu DeITa who capTivaTed The voTers IasT year as Threadbare Charles Scollay and supporTers bursTing inTo Town To harass voTers. McNair, proving The McNair parTy To be an im- peneTrable and uniTed poliTical machine. l-laTs OTT To This genTleman who has broughT To This college Town much spiriT and The mosT acTive mayor ever in iTs hisTory! Thus, a week oT boisTerous campaigning broughT consTrucTive poliTical promises, rallies aT every! hour, glib-Tipped campaign managers TighTing Tor Their candidaTe, and sTudenTs. being Thrown inTo The Trenzy of iT all. The climax oT everyone's eTTorTs To puT inTo oTTice The mosT deserving candidaTe came Thursday nighf wiTh The TradiTional and Tinal rally oT The campaign. This wildesT and sparkiesT oT all campaigns was given To bring The voTers To The polls. Much color and Tervor TerminaTed The hilarious poliTical anTics. And Then iT was over-candidaTes and voTers alike wenT home conTused buT happy, Charles Q. Scollay and lady Triencl on a bicycle builT Tor Two. Mickey Finnegan Turns on The charm Trom his swanky converTible. looking Torward To The nexT day which was To bring To Durham The ciTizen elecTed To uphold The honor and digniTy OT The oTFice oT Mayor oT Durham. Tension mounTedp The day oT voTing arrived. Soon, all The innumerable hours spenT by counT- less sTudenTs in wriTing, planning, organizing, and building The various campaigns would pay oTT in one way or anoTher. As The smoke and dusT oT The campaign explosion cleared, iT was realized ThaT Tor The TirsT Time in Durham's hisTory, iT was a woman who was Taken inTo The hearTs oT voTers and TownTolk alike To come shining Through all The poliTical Tracas as The TirsT woman mayor oT Durham. The voTers acknowledged The policy and enThusiasm oT Miss Mary MargareT McNair by elecTing her, on Friday, OcTober 2lsT, The Twen- +ie+h Mayor oT Durham. Miss Mary MargareT oTTicially assumed oTTice during The halT oT The VermonT-New Hampshire game on OcTober 22nd, when Pre-sidenT ArThur Adams presenTed To her The keys oT Durham. Mary MargareT made The halT oT This game one To be well remembered. The woman mayor Turned ouT in all her Tancy regalia wiTh her Tull-Tledged musicians and The remnanTs oT her handsome goon squad. A mosT acTive mayor, Miss Mary MargareT McNair is heard many Times and wiTh as much enThusiasm as ever when she speaks her Tamous words: "Women OT America, Men oT The World!" ! A . ,. ..,. u , A T ' 4-. " , 4 "' ffiifi F' T V 'T 1,111 iiefgil - -' T . - . .. "1 Lf, L. ii . , , ii., J - J T ,X , x if i X X ii f 1 1 1' ., X A imvbgi ,T as , 3' i Ti! :il ,1 ' 1 'ufils .v s i- l il Ti ,X x ,-i. ii ,7 jr . 7. if ll , i EH' i F" V 13' i A - . iii-,ii Z", Fi ' - TI Lvi.1Lh. e ui! git.. , , A - y .L i 4- W' 31:1 ' g.. O. , .fri " ' mil art ball HE TemperaTure was Trigid ouTside on The evening OT December ninTh, buT wiThin The miliTarisTically decoraTed New Hampshire Hall glowed The Taces OT beauTiTully gowned girls wiTh Their escOrTs handsomely garbed in Tuxedoes. ROTC, Army, Navy, and OTher such uniTOrms, as They danced To The lilTing rhyThm OT Tommy Tucker and his OrchesTra aT The TirsT Tormal OT The season, The annual Mil ArT Ball. Red, whiTe, and blue sTreamers miliTanTly sTrung overhead provided an aTmosphere OT gaieTy and splendor. As The hour approached eleven o'clock, a Tlourish OT TrumpeTs broughT on The highlighT of The evening. The TradiTional march OT The mem- bers OT Scabbard and Blade inTo The hall her- alded The long awaiTed idenTiTy OT The Honorary CadeT Colonel. Gowned in pale blue, lovely Jean Raymond, OT 'l'heTa Upsilon was escorTed by Richard Dodge, CapTain OT Scabbard and Blade, Honorary CadeT Colonel, Miss Jean Raymond. Through an arch OT sabres up onTo The sTage where she was commissioned Honorary CadeT Colonel, as a resulT OT The sTudenTs' choice, by His Honor, Governor Sherman Adams OT New Hampshire. Jean was presenTed a beauTiTul bou- queT OT roses, a colonel's pin OT silver eagles, and a miniaTure sabre OT Scabbard and Blade. Also commissioned were Miss Elaine Nordholm, OT TheTa Upsilon, and Miss Jane Bresnahan. OT Alpha Chi Omega, as CadeT Maiors by Colonel Phillips and PresidenT ArThur Adams. BougueTs and gold oak leaves were presenTed To The CadeT Majors. Scabbard and Blade held iTs annual pledging ceremony aT This appropriaTe Time. The pledges and Their daTes marched in behind The high honorary cOurT. As The names OT The pledges were announced by Thomas BarreTT. cadeT, They mounTed The sTeps To The sTage and presenTed Themselves on bended lcnee beTore The Honorary CadeT Colonel, who dubbed Them on boTh shoul- ders. Pledge ribbons and bars were given each by The CadeT Maiors. CadeT Colonel, Jean Raymond. and her CadeT Majors, Jane Bresnahan and Elaine CapT. oT Scabbard 8: Blade escorTs Jean Raymond under The TradiTional arch of salores. Nordholm. ATTer The presenTaTion ceremony, Honorary CadeT Colonel, Jean Raymond, danced The TirsT walTz wiTh PresidenT Adams. lmmediaTely Tollow- ing, The dance floor was Thronged wiTh couples and The CadeT Colonel and her CadeT Majors were losT amid The crowd. A The chaperones Tor The evening were Miss RuTh WoodruTi, Mr. and Mrs. EvereTT SackeTT, and Major and Mrs. James Sullivan. Tommy Tucker and his orchesTra noT only pro- vided TanTalizing music Tor This gala aTFair, l:nuT also a comedy skiT which The UNl-l'ers readily accepTed. lnTermission was announced and re- TreshmenTs were served in The hemlock room which was decoraTed wiTh hemlock sprigs, and Tables wiTh lorighTly covered cloThs. Once again dancingrwas resumed. BuT all Too soon The magic hour arrived as The T-Hall loell sTruck Twice. The annual MiliTary Ball aT UNH was now jusT a mosT wonderTul memory To many weary buT happy sTudenTs. .iiei . ? :I YZ Ng iv :A 'T JT J - . -41-N's'A. 'QHKTQ "- w .G .iff -one-1-owl i - -r ,.ag1,f-,V 4. -4. . Y li HunTer's winning, "Calliope," FraTerniTy Winner-Phi ivlu DelTa's "Big Top." N The opening day oT New l-lampshire's 29Th Annual WinTer Carnival, enThusiasm came wiTh The li++Ie whiTe snowflakes which driTTed down Trom The skies above. The snow which came To Durham was sure To make This, The highlighT oT The year's social evenTs. a greaT success. STudies were TorgoTTen as The main ThoughT now was This "Snow Circus" weekend. Everyone Turned ouT Tor The TradiTional Torch LighT Parade which ended aT The snow Throne on No+ch l-lill where insTallaTion oT The royal courT Took place. On hand was The presidenlr oT Blue Circle, Fred PiTman, who inTroduced Presi- denT ArThur Adams. ATTer a welcoming address, Pres. Adams presenTed Miss Joanne Nelson wiTh a scepTre, marking her oTFicial insTallaTion as Queen oT The l95O WinTer Carnival. The crowd dispersed quickly To The Field House To wiTness The l::askeTloall vicTory oT The Fresh- man Team over The InTramural All STars. AT halT Time, The annual loaskeTball game loeTween The "girls" oT Blue Key, and The "sTalwarTs" oT A. W. S. Took place. Blue Key came dressed in burlap loags, and TooTball helmeTs, while The girls arrived in red Tlannels and graduaTion gowns. Mary lVlargareT McNair was The oTTicial reTeree OT The anTics which Tollowed. AT The close OT The game, a "Snow Brawl" dance was held aT The Field House. For Those who preTerred movies, Two shows were shown aT The Franklin. Early Friday morning, lasT minuTe Touches were being adminisiered TO The snow sculpTures. Prize winner in The FraTerniTy compeTiTions was Phi Mu DelTa Tor Their Circus Theme sculpTure. ln The SororiTy division, Chi Omega emerged vicTori- ous wiTh Their reproducTion OT Trolicing circus clowns. SmiTh Hall's eguiTaTion sculpTure, and EnglehardT's calliope sculpTure broughT winning Trophies inTo Their possession. Honorable men- Tion awards were received by Phi DelTa Upsilon, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Zi DelTa, and Kappa DelTa. AT nine o'clock ThaT evening, The gala carnival ball goT underway. Many beauTiTuliy gowned co-eds and Their escorTs danced amidsT The circus TenT decoraTions and color. The soTT sTrains OT Ray McKinley and his orchesTra TloaTed Through The air. The coronaTion OT Queen Joanne marked The climax OT The evening as The orches- Tra played The Marine's Hymn. The honey-haired Queen graciously accepTed her Tloral crown Trom PresidenT Adams. Her royal courT OT beau- Ties, Maxine ArmsTrong, BeTTy Winn, Lorna Had- ley, and PaT Wilkie, received bouqueTs. ATTer The ceremony, dancing was resumed in This world OT circus TanTasy. SaTurday loroughT The snow evenTs. Cross coun- ,I .- Try, snow shoeing, and slalom races were held. Alpha Chi Omega and Phi Mu DelTa were awarded plaques Tor Their winning eTTOrTs. ThaT evening, cOlorTul house dances Took place in The Greek World and aT The NoTch. CosTumes were The order OT The evening, and laughTer and eniOymenT was in The air. No maTTer how Tired They were, The ski enThusiasTs were up brighT and early Sunday morning Tor The all day Trip To GilTord. Those who preTerred To save Them- selves Trom any ski mishaps enioyed a concerT by The Men's Glee club ThaT aTTernoon. Holiday acTiviTies came To a close beTore any- one realized iT. WiTh The memory OT This glori- ous circus weekend sTill in mind. The dusT was blown OTT The books by The sTudenTs as prepara- Tion Tor "Those classes" had again begun. SmiTh Hall. winner in Women's Dorrns, "The Bear-back Rider." Winner-Chi Omega's "Frolicking Clowns." carnival ball Presidenl Adams places Hue Royal Crown on Queen Joanne Nelson as Belly Winn looks on. l . Queen Joanne and her royal courl -Maxine, Belly, Lorna, and Pal. Aides Lorna Hadley and Pal Wilkie. - i l 'ia l . N 1 N I I' -' I Ng- i i I -1 1 1 Queen Joanne Nelson Aides Be++y Winn ancl Maxine Armslrrong. stunt nite TUDENTS and TaculTy alike gaThered in N. H. Hall on Friday, April 29Th. To wiTness The annual baTTle oT wiT and humor among The Greek LeTTer houses. This nighT of nonsense and sporTive enTerTainmenT marked The always hilarious "STunT NiTe" show sponsored by Blue Key. Four sorori- Ties and Tive Tra'TerniTies used every resource They had To make Their burlesque presenTaTion a win- ner. Chi Omega and TheTa Chi emerged vic- Torious and were rewarded Tor Their eTTorTs wiTh gold loving cups. Chi Omega presenTed "The Three l.iTTle KiT- Tens Who LosT Their Permissions." A dancing eTFecT was creaTed in The background by Alice Taylor, as The devil, and Mary Jane STaTTord, as The angel, TormenTing. in a musical Tashion. The Three kampus kiTTens who were led asTray To Dover by Three Kampus Tom CaTs. TheTa Chi presenTed a panTomirne specTacle oT "The ShooTing oT Dan McGraw." Dick Dodge, as narraTor, seT The scene oT a colorTul Yukon saloon where everyThing Trom prospecTors To polar bears were "Whooping iT up." An old Teud beTween Dan lvlcOrew, porTrayed by Bill Haub- rich, and The sTranger, oTherwise known as Gerard Phaneuf, was Told. An amusing biT was The "Lady known as Lou" depicTed by Jim Mclzadyen. The varieTy oT cosTume, and The Time spenT in The adapTaTion of This barroom ballad assured TheTa Chi oT iTs vicTory. Honorable menTion cups wenT To Alpha Xi DelTa Tor Their rendiTion oT The escapades oT a Kampus KiTTen. and Kappa Sigma who Thrilled The audience wi+h a minsTrel show. An evening oT laughTer and enioymenT ended all Too soon wiTh The presenTaTion oT awards, and Then iT was back To The more serious side oT college liTe! Top leTT: TheTa Chi's Malamoof Saloon. NTT' Top righT: We'll shooT ThaT Kampus KaTl Alpha Chi Omega. BoTTom leTT: "Come 5 wiTh me." said The KaT To The KiTTen, sung ouT by Alpha Xi DeITa. BoTTom: "Oh horrors, we're TaTe," proclaimed Chi Omega's Kampus KiTTens. 5 E .life 'Le ie, - :.' .- pan-hel :lance HE long awaiTed Male Economic Recovery Plan proclaimed by His Honor Threadbare McNair became a realiTy on April 2IsT. as The weaker sex oT The UniversiTy were desTined To bear The Tinancial worries during This season. Officially designaTed as The Pan-Hellenic MERF' Season, This program began wiTh a Sadie Hawk- ins dance and movies aT NoTch Hall on Thursday evening. On Friday evening, The 22nd oT April, The Tra- diTional Pan-Hellenic semi-formal was held. An April shower moTiT was carried ouT very eTTec- Tively wiTh a Trog and ToadsTool cenTerpiece, and gay Tlowers marking The gaieTy oT The sea- son. Around This magical seTTing, couples danced To The sTrains of Ned Barry and his orchesTra. AT Ten ThirTy, The orchesTra's rendiTion oT "You've GoT To be a FooTball Hero" proclaimed The crowning oT TheTa Chi's Bill Haubrich as King oT The MERP Season. lvliss Anne Marie Flanagan, Pre-sidenT oT The Pan-Hellenic Council. crowned The King wiTh The TradiTional laurel wreaTh, and presenTed him wiTh a gold loving cup. Two more handsome TheTa Chi's, George "Gus" Gilman and Bob lvlikszenas, were insTalled as pages. ATTer The coronaTion, King Bill Haubrich, and his pages sTepped Trom The sTage, and wiTh Their daTes danced inTo The crowd and The TuTure, leaving The Pan-Hellenic social whirl a memory. buT eagerly looking Torward To The nexT evenT oT This mosT popular season wiTh The male elemenl on campus. . OuTsTanding were The gay and spriTe cor- sages presenTed To The Tellows by Their daTes. This Turn-abouT oT chivalry also saw The girls calling Tor Their daTes, paying all expenses, dis- playing such acTs oT eTiqueTTe Tamiliar To The opposiTe sex, and reTurning Their Tellows home saTely. This season puT all men in a sTaTe oi ecsTasy! SaTurday broughT more surprises Tor The more TorTunaTe men on campus. Showers in The aTTer- noon did noT upseT The plans Tor beach parTies on near-by shores sponsored by The sororiTies. Clams and lobsTer were The order oT The day, while Tun and Trolic reigned supreme. ln The evening, colorTul house parTies, ranging Trom CusTomary oT MERP Season, UNH co-eds call Tor Their daTes carrying The corsages oT "gay" Tlowers. Miss Anne Marie Flanagan crowns Bill Haubrich, King oT The MERP Season, as pages "Gus" Gil- man and Bob lvlikzenas give Their smile oT ap- proval. a cabareT dance To a hobo dance, were given by Those girls wearing Greek l.eTTer Badges. The girls presenTed Their daTes wiTh gay Tavors in Token oT an evening oT Tun. This was by no means The end oT The MERP season. Realizing The way To a man's hearT, The girls prepared luscious buTTeT suppers on Sun- day. For one lasT Tling, many Took in The movie aT The Franklin ThaT evening. As The clock in T-Halls Tower sTruck, The Tinancial worries oT The Tairer sex Tlew ouT The window and all ThaT was leTT was The wonderTul memory oT iT all. The Freshmen Tollowing The band up To Memorial Field Tor The baTTle wiTh The Sophomores. PresidenT ArThur Adams presenTing The UniversiTy Day Address. FuTure Freedom! The burning oT The beanies by The Frosh PeplciTTens. Qi? TTY 0 Fiif ilii EveryThing was up in The air Tha+ clay! N observance OT UniversiTy Day, The Sopho- mores and Freshmen meT on Memorial Field To seTTle The issue oT class supremacy on campus. The quesTions aT sTalce were The wearing oT The "Beanies" and The Freshmen rules edicT. ATTer a series OT evenTs Tor boTh men and women. The Frosh Triumphed over The second year sTuclenTs. During The conTesT, The PepcaTs cheered The upperclassmen, and The PeplciTTens led a large Frosh cheering secTion. The Freshmen received The news oT vicTory wiTh a bursT oT enThusiasm heard all over Durham, as Mayor Threadbare McNair announced The cloTTing oT The shorT-lived beanies and The ousTing oT The Freshmen rules aT Thanksgiving Time. A guieT rnomenT Tor The cheering secTion. The Frosh PepkiTTens leading The band on To Memorial Field. Some oT The evenTs which broughT vicTory To The "Beanie Wearers" were The men's CaTer- pillar Race, pushball conTesTs, The men's Bon- Tire Race, and The women's Ballpassing Relay. The conTesT was a close and spiriTed one, buT The Freshmen came Through To uphold The honor oT Their class. A large cardboard replica of a beanie was burned as a symbol of TuTure Treedom by The Freshmen. As a resulT OT The Frosh V-day, The Sophomore Sphinx, governing body OT Freshman regulalrions, was Thrown ouT of work oT enforcing rules of The Neophyjres and handling courT sessions. lT's "l"laTs OTP' To one oT The mosT spiriTed Freshmen classes aT U. N. H.! On To vicTory! The winner oT The women's suiTcase race. acknowledgments ANDING The yearbook TO you cOmpleTes The work OT The sTaTT Tor This year- The l95O GRANITE is a cOncreTe Thing To you and To us as well. IT represenTs TO us a greaT deal OT work and Tun. Those who shared in The Task OT producing This yearbook, experienced wiTh us a Teeling OT pride in The resulTs OT our combined eTTOrTs. A Thank you aT This Time inadequaTely expresses Our graTiTude Tor The assisT- ance ThaT We have received Trom Them ThroughOuT The year. Our experience OT work and play wiTh Them will be a parT OT The memory OT college liTe here in Durham. To The Tollowing we say, very sincerely, Thanks. lvlr. ROberT W. Kelly OT The ROberT W. Kelly Publishing COrpOraTiOn Tor his keen inTeresT in helping us To realize an excellenT yearbook. l-lis service and Triendship has made Our assOciaTiOn wiTh his Tirm a valuable one. PrOTessOr ArThur W. Johnson Tor his willingness To be OT cOnsTanT service To us as our EaculTy Adviser. Hampshire Engraving COrpOraTiOn Tor The experT workmanship and coOperaTion They exTe-nded To us. The personnel OT SargenT STudio lncorpOraTed Tor Their help as Our OTTicial pho- Tographers in handling a diTTiculT aspecT OT yearbook work. Messrs. ROberT Dubois and Charles Vogeler Tor The mammOTh Task OT Taking The inTormal candids used exTensively in This book. lvlessrs. Richard lvlerriTT, ROlOerT G. lvlorin, and STephen Warner Tor making avail- able To us The colored phoTOs used in The T950 GRANITE. Mr. RoberT LindquesT, EdiTOr-in-ChieT OT The I949 GRANITE, whose ready advice enabled us To Overcome innumerable ObsTacles. Chase STudiO Tor The use OT PresidenT Adams' phOTOgraph. The sTudenT body and members OT The TaculTy and sTaTT whose inTeresT and under- sTanding greaTly TaciliTaTOd The succe-ssTul compleTiOn OT Our work. 338 BEF LEBTIDH3 ol: you and your classmates upon your school lilie achieve immortality in a carefully planned and executed yearbook. From the arid desert ol: Arizona, and the sultry green island ot Puerto l2ico, to the snow-blanlceted slopes ot Northern New England, we have traveled, happy and proud to have been an instrument in the translating into print, the humor pathos, excitement, and sentiment Found in the campus life oF over seventy-Five colleges and preparatory schools. As Former members oF yearbook statlis in our school days, we bring into our professional duties a real understanding ol: the many PfOlfl4..T1S confronting each yearboolc editor. A-.'2L:.M:- Q S -1 Once again The GRANITE reiclecis +he life and spirijr of +he Universi+y of New Hampshire Comple+e pho+ographic service by SARGENT STUDIO I 54 BOYLSTON STREET BOSTON o Pholrography - Design - Technical Assisiance 340 TRAFFIC CIRCLE RT. JUNCTION 4-I HARLEY'S DINER Famous for Delicious Home-Cooking Pies and Do-nu'rs Our Specialiy STEAKS - CHOPS - SEAFOOD 25 CompIimenIs of . Q- , .1 ' .J i1 1, ,.- IIITAOSKEAG sivlis IIAITK E.-5? MANCHESTER. N. H. STRAND THEATRE H. E. HUMPHREYS CO.. Inc. 50 05 Y L Refrigeraiing Engineers and Disiribuiors Z0 I lx V' 55.57 soum MAIN STREET CONCCRD. N. I-I. DOVER, N. H. Telephone 33 ComplimenIs of VICTOR SHOES CENTRAL AVENUE DOVER, N. H. 376 BeHer Shoes for Less A Trial Convinces CornpIimen+s of GREAT BAY MOTOR CO. NEWMARKET, N. H. Your Local CI1evroIe'r Dealer 34I "The Houge of Qualify" BURLEIGH OPTICAL COMPANY WHOLESALERS AND MANUFACTURERS TILTON, NEW HAMPSHIRE ' ST. JOHNSBURY. VERMONT Please Reply +o Tilfon, N. H. Q f Complimenfs of Complimenfs of M. J. MURPHY 8: SONS, Inc. R. THEODORE, Inc. DOVER MANCHESTER PORTSMOUTH 52 ELM STREET MANCHESTER. N. H. Heading - Flooring - Roofing Slweef Mefal Work 342 PALMER PLUMBING SUPPLY COMPANY RocHEsTER, N. H. WHOLESALERS OF Plumbing - I-Iealing - Mill Supplies Weil-McLain Boilers and Raolialors Kohler of Kohler Plumbing Fixlures PETRO OIL BURNERS LUNKENI-IEIMER VALVES Branch Branch Branch 30-32 Union Ave, I3I Waler Sheer 488-504 Fore SI. LACONIA, N. H. 'KEENE, N. I-I. PORTLAND, ME. F U , R I N G Aclopled by THE CLASS OF I950 Designed and Manulaclurecl Exclusively by Ihe LEAVENS MANUFACTURING CO., Inc. ATTLEBoRo, MASS. 343 THE UNIVERSITY DININ6 HALL Qualify food prepared under Ihe direclrions of a universiiy diefician. QuaIi+y purchasing and compararive Iow cos+ of operaIion make II possibIe Io serve good food aI Iower prices. THE UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE The official universify agency for Iexlrbooks and cIassroom necessifies. Draflring room supplies, Iounfain pens, sIaIionery, universify iewelry and o+her supplies for slrudenfs. 344 - ESQUIRE CLUB 37 LOCUST ST. DOVER, N. Tel. I932 Complimenis of ROBBINS AUTO SUPPLY CO. Dancing every Salurdey Io 'rhe Esquires Calering el' Club or Oufside IIO WASHINGTON STREET PRIVATE BANQUET HALL DOVER. N. H. No Pariy loo big or loo small H New Hampshire's Finesl Dinners or a Snack S+uden'r Tours Io Europe AND Plane, Sleamship and Hofel Reservaiions Anywhere - U. S. or Abroad SUN SUN RESTAURANT Flnesll Chlnese For Reservafions and Tickeis Phone THE BARRETT INSURANCE AGENCY FRED RICHARDSON IO2 WASHINGTON STREET DOVER, N. H. Telephone IOI and American Dishes 5I3 CENTRAL AVENUE DOVER, N. H. Complimenis of Ari and Drafling Supplies P ' I. Ei . A. LIPSON C 45 LQCUST STREET HOITT 8: WENTWORTH DOVER. N. H. DOVER, NEW HAMPSHIRE 345 M I C H E L ' S Dresses. IvIiIIinery and Accessories 458 CENTRAL AVENUE DOVER. N. H. Tcl. mo FLoRENcE LUNEAU, Prop SEAVEY HARDWARE CO., Inc. Hardware - Sporfing Goods - Appliances - Giffs Nexf Io Ciiy Hall DOVER, N. H. Phone 430 A ReIiebIe Hardware S+ore for 7l Years Complimewrs of PITTSBURGH CONSOLIDATION COAL CO. PORTSMOUTH. N. H. 346, I Il W!- BOOK OF THE YEAR . . . EVERY YEAR We invile you lo come in and open a convenienl checking accounl wilh us. STRAFFORD NATIONAL BANK DOVER, NEW HAMPSHIRE Member Federal Deposif Insurance Corporafi Complimenfs of DOWALIBY CLEANERS 39 LOCUST STREET DOVER, N. H. Campus Represenlredive G. E. MCCARTHY Apl. D-2, College Road Tel. Durlwam I O3-M 347 LANDERS AND GRIFFIN, Inc. G-EN ERAL CONTRACTINC5 800 ISLINGTON STREET PORTSMOUTH, N. H. Telephone 3 IZO I , S insisl upon perfecl filling, along willm qualily in nalionally adverlised brands of clollwing, sporlswear, or uniforms for men or women. Renfal Deparfmenf for All Formal Occasions FLIDYDQS OF MANCHESTER 348 Complimenis of Ihe NATIONAL CREAMERY COMPANY Dairy Proclucls SOMERVILLE AND BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS Complimenis of The Folsom-Saller House ResI'auranI 130 COURT STREET - PORTSMOUTH, N. H. Open for Ihe season April 3OIh Privaie loanquei rooms available. I Caiering service for wedding receplions, privaie parries, eic. For informalion phone Porismoulh 48 Complimenjrs of RIVAL FOODS, Inc. Wholesale Grocers PORTSMOUTH. N. I-I. Telephone Porismoulh 80 Will you miss ii . . . if you lose if Then . . . insure ii Chris+ensen 8: MacDonald 40 MAIN STREET DURHAM, N. H. Complimenis of I PARISEAU'S, INC. THE STYLE CENTER OF NEW HAMPSHIRE MANCHESTER. N. H. I Complimenlrs of THE JENNISON COMPANY FITCI-IBU RG. MASS. E. LOTHROP CO., Inc. FRANKLIN SQUARE DOVER, N. I-I. Telephone 320 DeaIers in Fine Furnifure and Appliances PIANOS - FURNITURE MUSICAL MERCHANDISE TELEVISION QW 60" SI R' ZJZH I 'IIIIIIII FRUIT ' Assrul. ' 'Luc f ' ' EXTIIQII EIILERY RAS.I1Q,E.RR Y FULL QUAFIT A BEVERAGES S6055 01" 'ww :Ian L. I I s . STUDENTS Ig FACULTY Q, ALUMNI FRIENDS Ay is I sf I'm Your 24-I-IOUR-A-DAY I-IELPER . . . a+ work, a+ play, a+ school! Reddy KiIowaTT Your Eleciric Servani PUBLIC SERVICE Company of New Hampshire THE MEMORIAL UNION A Social and Recreaiional Cenfer on Campus wiII be possibIe Through your generous supporr Universify of New Hampshire Alumni Associaiion MERRIMACK FARMERS' EXCHANGE, Inc. "Tire Farmers Business " O'NEIL'S GRILL LigI1'r Lunches - Friendly Service CLEANLINESS OUR MOTTO D Iy7AM I2 PM. SuncIay8A.M I2 DU RHAM, N. H CompIImenIs of COMMUNITY MARKET J. GRIMES. Prop DURI-IAM il I CompIImenIs of THE RUNLETT HOUSE Compliment of GRANTS CAFE DURHAM Complimenfs of WARREN'S KITTERY, ME. Complimenjrs of DURHAM SHOE REPAIR Refreshmenf Heaclquarfers BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY THE COCA-COLA BOTTLING PLANTS, Inc. SANFQRDI MAINE Q I949,The Coca-Cola Company 353 Va 4 wr 41 Complimenfs of JAMES W. HILL CO MANCHESTER, N. H. Branch UNIVERSITY SHOP Durham, N. H. Complimerfrs of THE RUMFORD PRESS 354 FRANKLIN THEATRE DURHAM. N. H. How many s+uden+s of Huis generafion know Their U. N. H. Afhlefic His+ory'7 Who were 'rhese s+uden'rs? Whaf did Jrhey do? And when? ERNIEWCHRISTENSEN - DUTCH CONNOR - CY WENTWORTH 'L-01 Auuy .peeq IMI ug +Qq,L penbs Heq1,oo5 Q Jmo snapnu ang GJQM aa.:LH esaqi iff' Q.. if You will find EVERY BANKING SERVICE af DURHAM TRUST CO. 3 MADBURY ROAD DURHAM, N. H. Tel. Durham IO Compliment of THE WILDCAT Complimenfs of FOLLANSBEE'S A DURHAM SKIF COLLEGE PHARMACY complame-ms THE DUNFEYS of H16 JACK , VBOB - BILL - DICK ROCKINGHAM HOTEL CompHmenk of Complimenfs of HAM'S MARKET M 81 M BAKERIES. Inc. DURHAM 356 w I 1 w VL. : ' " .4 . + 'Lg .IL,..I'fIiffg.4f:I,g-jlxgiqgj I I .,:s n:.':1Ie-:, 2: .:.'.r',-,:- .121-'.-I gg , 'AVL' LK::.s4.x'vx.1l4.:-I-2-'-1-r':QQf2i1v?5,2,- . 5 4- yQ'I'SI2g7:lI., Ha." 14' - Il.:,g'lpi1"S':,g?v'p.,.-'- .gn :.f-',.rr- yi' .:.:',2,I,,.57-Jai,--,-.-535:54-Z',f,1',-?gf:.,,,, - . - ',1'l4.2'...f,'f+1.",5I-"--.::- 2.-,IW '-.W-f-.1157-1.:1f'1 .1 -: a-x..,...f---S.:-"',. f-"--. ' .- .'. . - fp zg- -f.-9.- . -, '-- -' T 5523?-?g5i3ff'43Ps4z3'-' 'f25i'f'f-V-:ff12if'2?.-: ' cfqfirri--3.1-+sf'?.f.-1'Ififsitf '-::. ' "G-fifiiif-:Sql . , . -.,'.,7-3 -. ..., :I I I, .I ,5,,..,g-:.5I,,,,1,,.- .,: ,.,,II. -,II -wg:-.,.-51'-.-.if-1. -1----:.w-rs '- -':2' -.' --- - rf1f.,,f'E'S-Q qg'I:ig7?jfII,!5Q!fF..II r , 1. ,TIQW 4 I-.GII3 Q.,1f::c,:4iI,!.','. . I. I 4.3-gv fgpgfyir. ' '1'i:"?E7-1.-ifwy.. '-if:-z .. -:'-"'Y"" .5541 ' 'I .g?gQg33f3rz.:r25s:i,g4, My--':f-,-I, 'I 'fx I f .Ix.F5I.p:FI,3?,1 - -..: I .- .IEI-git.: II- , - V r I 0. 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Suggestions in the University of New Hampshire - Granite Yearbook (Durham, NH) collection:

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