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L :4 f n, 4 Ld' . " 51 4. -434-' 1 ,. , mam, .own , --I 'mx - an A .. A W1 ,px 'as-' 324.135 1 x .1 ...-wt 'W - NNW? , , 'vu .F ,, , 54' a ' I li :arm -, J."--4' , X J ' ' ,itw 1 4Ps-. 1. Y "s. A ,mf- I 1, N m-ez' .LH - La ,, , -x - 5 .:'1'v,,,::ll,?5'gj ' V ' N A - ' k Q ..J J , A , , f- 1:4 . Cx ' . nb Q I ' ' ' ' 1 - - '. ,::-15:-vi--fq!' 5e::': m , V N' , K X Q my 1 n, -, ,,, ,M , . HH II AV n H N X 'Y A ' . '54 W ., , M mu, T- ...n.u1i1, - FW' F o R N I N E 4 Ar H- 'r M- ff' "f:Tf:f. 0 ra n I fe D F o R 1' Y- N I N E Edifor-in-Chief RQBERT LIN DQUEST 'Business Manager Faculfy Adviser ARTHUR W. JOHNSON I ,t , 'C' I I X . 14, . I c gs c . 'Q J I 1 1 . sw , ..- -5" ' gl'-:. 5:1 r - , 3. V .,..t.n V '. ' "QF: - ' -51 ' 1' -,.j .D if-.'ifv1'1.. . . I 23:5 1 I .1 fyj-.. ' 3 . nffrfifaiiv'-:V I- ,'fl.I.'f! 1 , , H ff, 1, ' 'n s' ,ir , , x2.g.,3iz,2?i::E-.:. A V V ROBERT COLLINS 1' 4 f51'f"" T". 'f' :Goff TT: ' A n' 1 A - ' ' - J L lx, . -Jin ,,,,f , N f -1. L-, S ' 33. , 7 X B 4 . zmww? 2541 Qwfydlhfe DURHAM, NEW HAMPSHIRE presenfs A 'A' THE GRANITE Y, For Ninefeen Forfy-nine Mm- ., fT'E"TETs.x J fri. ' HI' gf: N L fe wlssfznz-1 ,rgSl:5f?.Q:,..f.l1.?f-'- Lil 51. X af ' ,. -rg ff, - . Volume 715 Forfy , .- V J. --..j,.1,.' 'rf EL: Fm, ..., ., . fx Xx- Q X f' E, fhe sf-aff of ihe I949 Granife, in presen+ing fhis mirror of a year in fhe life of +he Universify, hope lhaf 'lhe value of 'lhis volume which confains +he personali+ies aciivifies, scholarship, and fun of college life, will increase as 'rime and clisfance separafe us. If ai' lhe same fime, we have a'H'ainecl a new sfandard in issuing fhis Granife, ihe hours of work and pleasure derived while planning fhis volume, will signify fo us, 'lhe fuliillmeni of our purpose. I 7', .ur ' , 1 , n-if -f 7 -- Af ., Y.e,x.f, 4 .- I ix . -3' 1 W . ij: z L , P-fay .9 3 -- gpg, Ld --wtf . ., v--L . - ,,- WWW! 'Ei ll' , if 'A KX, , '1 " ' J . 5 X . . 'I W-, '.. . 1 f wk ,wr Mg, -1 . ' w baggage ' 'Y ,X AA 5f5?,7?llfl l FlfIP?' gWJfI'fiY1Niil elfmifvrnseiffliff "I ""' Q1 EIIHHEIIIIIWEPMIMIWHI if? T .... M Gm H 1 mmnmnur mwmrnlnm 5 I 4 "Q- .... 4 .El - A l vfvmwi K i ., ,N .J . 1 K.. !' t,g,... ,Q f ' uk ir -- , I .W ' x V x. 'gif' Q EJ b -u .n"" V 49" 1 'fi I fi Q' l dzfutbk qxaf' 'e n f -"' 5'5" '1.!.vA..,,gL-AL, 'V-,J , ,bf -Q Avg?" ,Air W :M . :1 if V. Q f 4 " fi L' 't i 53A fain ty It ,. R n ' ,gg -, fi ' 5 E Z. ., if Y 21.2-,f'EE .r . H71 , , ,4 61.77 .. . , -, . -' ' "' F -A- -?fr'f1P"'f1 '--,TEN , ,Q 4' ' - ' X A f ffl iii? 1 U 1 4 ,. iw: ,,,,,u?,La x, gf A HE?- ,,....,,,,1J:,eLA Z ir ffiir 1 Ei11 A HV, ,, ,.,,, F- -HY- vh:,:,,,T.,-,.: T., i ly A , V ' " 1 ..- H4 iw., - milk- ,. ,'.:- , - " -4 '-" "' -Q ,. . A L ..,. ,,.... A L1 'w r OU4 , - -,....,.......if,,. . , - -,,........--..-...- We, lhe slaff of flue I949 Granife, being deeply convinced +l1a+ fhe fufure of our nafion lies in flue freedom of i'ls democralic ins+i'I'u+ions, nolably 'H1a'l'ins'li+u+ion of learning embodied in our colleges and universifies, de,dica'l'e 'lhis yearbook fo fhe cause of academic freedom. W., ,If '-Jw' fs! Y ,- .. .N .5531 H-.K Q1 117 C mg.-ff..n- 7 I X L ,lgf f.: 35.54 1.7 , 5 X fligxu amy QL Q.-' 4- ""'g:,' .JT Pl M w 13112. Y J' 'SYTJ' if ,lj 'QQQW2 ,y ,:f.M, .4, , S , . 'til '.fgiq: JIM: P f .LLYQL ,. XIX. fp f we' 11 :P+ - N, ,I v' 1 K-,fry ' U .ff-y2.A,:f"U f AQWZ , f 'V'Jf', f Zi' SJ I f f 1 2' , 1' fl MWZ M., Q.,-mf, ff HI .- 11 ,. f'--mm" ' . E, jr if I mm, 1 fu ..- -1' 1 ,...w,':,w., mg ' u1"'3' 'LT"'r' -f,. '. .-,. u L1 qw -4---,M fx 1,1 14 1 . mg, M " yu lu ,Mu ,, . lg '1,,',Qg'u 'Arg I ,JL 1, y " A A .,f'., u 1 ,W ' Lv' x, xy., 1 k 11,9 me ' "Wax fi .f-,K,v'. f uw H SA'-QJIH , . :2 xii Mlidg-.Lf L! ' , , .li ,133-N ' I 1 ,K A A 5, -,lt-i:,fLl 1 gl .qwff ' ff 2 ,f L- Q42 1 .1.::i?J r M ' if mal ji ,. 1' . 'T-f-.7 7'1,.mf .mfvf 7,4 w 4 .T.:g".! --,3k.'5,,l ,QV J "f-Le.iLi'.v.Z?: 1 ,L if K A ,sf,3g.X" 'If.1,fz A' W H V A yi sei 3' Q 5225 ' ,- "1" ' .f:.,K ,I ,. f. ' f Ag. 1 ' 'ie 1 I 'f' Ix,,,-:C - . Qifif-44, fi- ' y,, ,A .f , .Q fm 1 . -:Q J A N' ' X I 31 I ,ffl I Z f ! 1 ,f KMJWZJ m m ' 'uh n . 'iw"m ., Ii sv, V, Y' Q", . K I 1 lj"-Q . ' f F, -Wgv w,,,, X - , .F cf , ff! ln., 'f ff-f QW-1 ' 1 W . v i I - . , gsi . .5 af N Q. S Q n 1 aft? 6- ' 7 ?. '.1. iiif' Q iw? . . N mf . Q J, I J A I vb 5 t. J LQMW "For we eniay a form of governmenf which does noi copy fhe laws of our neighbors: 5, , IX lx buf we are ourselves rafher a paffern W 495 juni' Q" Ffqf fo ofhers 'Haan lmlfafors of fhem." I X x - H' V X 1 .. 1 v i Fericles I Wx 113 ,.gg3gf1ji " f fA I"" '41, W X Hb -Wi? ,K J CHAPTERONEf Ag, J 4, 1 f Jn ., T- 4 uw' . ' Pre ident' Message AlThOugh new To The UniversiTy in The sense OT Time. Dr. ArThur STanTon Adams. is as much a parT OT The insTiTuTion OT which he is presidenT, as is The Class OT I949. ln The raTher shOrT Time ThaT he has been here. Dr. Adams has won The admiraTion OT all who have come To know him .... His calm, Thorough. and cOnTidenT aTTiTude is an inspiraTion TO The members OT The Class OT I949 as They leave The UniversiTy To assume Their re- specTive respOnsibiliTies. HERE is no oTher publicaTiOn so TreighTed wiTh memories as a universiTy yearbook. BeTween The covers OT This issue OT The Grar1iTe all OT Those who have been on The campus during T948-49 will Tind iTems which will evoke Tor Them special and personal recOllecTiOns which will become more and more pleasurable and saTisTying in The years ahead. This will be especially True Tor The members OT The graduaTing class, Tor The book is parTicularly The record OT Their universiTy days aT Durham. I am conTidenT ThaT each graduaTe will Tind ThaT, unlike an Ordinary publicaTion, The value OT This record To him will become greaT'er wiTh each passing year. STudenT days Take on added lusTer when seen in The perspecTive OT Time and each qraduaTe will Tind ThaT, as a resulT OT his sTay here, The UniversiTy in a very real sense has become a parT OT him and he has become a cOnTinuing parT OT iT. The Uni- versiTy is made up OT Three viTal cOmpOnenTs-The STudenTs, The FaculTy, and The Alumni. As sTudenTs b'ecome alumni, The 6raniTe is a Tie which gives expression To The relaTionship beTween These Three compOnenTs. To each OT The graduaTes l wish To exTend my mosT sincere wishes Tor your success. ARTHUR S. ADAMS I6 mpo ium CHARLES E. GRATKE Foreign EdiTor oT The ChrisTian Science MoniTor. JOHN L. SULLIVAN SecreTary oT The Navy. ADMIRAL LEWIS L. STRAUSS Member oT The ATomic Energy Commission. MAJOR GENERAL LEWIS B. HERSHEY DirecTor OT SeiecTive Serv- ice. DOCTOR SUMNER SCLICHTER Chairman oT The Research Advisory Board Tor The CommiTTe'e on Economic Development DOCTOR CHARLES E. KELLO66 DirecTor oT The Soil Survey oT The U. S. DeparTmenT oT AgriculTure. MAX W. BALL DirecTor of The Oil and Gas Division OT The U. S. DeparTmenT of The In' Terior. DR. ALFRED NEAL DirecTor of Research Tor The Federal Reserve Bank oT BosTon. I4 FiH's Adams Sawyer Randall Waldron Wlwiffemore Brown Hibbard Moreau Burns Knox Baker Board of Tru tees His Excellency, Governor Sherman Adams, AB., ex officio Perley I. Fiffs, B.S., Commissioner of Agriculfure, ex officio Presidenf Arflwur S. Adams, Sc.D., ex officio Harry D. Sawyer Frank W. Randall, LL.D., Presidenf of The Board Jeremy R. Waldron, M.S. Arfhur E. Moreau, A.M. Laurence F. Whifremore Mary S. Brown Ausfin I. Hubbard, BS., Secrefary Sfanley M. Burns, LLB. William E. Knox. B.S. Alloerf S. Baker, B.S. I8 Officer of the Rurh J. Woodruff, Pm., Dean of wpmen William A. lvledesy, M.F., Dean of Men William L. Prince, B.A., Alumni Secrerary Henry B. Srevens, A.B., Direcror ol Hue General Exrension Service Raymond C. Magrarh, Treasurer Donald H. Riclrarcls, B.A., Direcror of Placemenl' Francis E. Robinson, M.A., Universily Ecliror Evereri' B. Saclcerr, Pl1.D., Dean of Sludenr Ad- minisrrarion Jere A. Chase, lvl.Ecl., Direcror of Admission Woodruff Prince S+evens Magrarlw Medesy Richards Robinson Saclceri Chase I 9 Eg -- ' www" ifggw- i,4Mf.-+:g,- :E:g-sE ,yi-1-'--f- ii ww . in A Q F saws- - W- F . ' 4 in -.Ify--A, I .55 i,G. r- , F" Dr. Heclor Tlwibaull Dr. Gerard Griffin . 6551 1 , ,, 1' -,.o' ,S .sf - 'S wif 3, t .7 ' rs". YQ. 'V Q Q., " FsFr.Q:.1...:t'il:f4 f- Hood Hou e Sirring, lei? 'ro righf: Mrs. Harrie? B. Nason, Mrs. Cara Gray, Mrs. Florence Bureau, Miss Lillian Cavanauglw. Slandingz Miss Lois M. Nurlon, Mrs. Mary Gagnon, Secreiaryq Mrs. Elsie Nelson, Miss Ru+l1 L. Wright H ..... ... ......., I s, . 535 20 1.512 ff if-' Q. iig i f"' 6 . '53 Bgfyyqgzx Liberal Art EDWARD Y. BLEWETT B.A., Universily of New Hampshire. l926g MA., Ohio Sfafe Universiiy, I94Og Dean of College of Liberal Aris. .29 LAWRENCE W. SLANETZ B.S., Pl1.D., Assoc. Prof. Bacieriology, Bacleriolo- gisl for Agr, Exp. Sfa. PAUL E. SCHAEFER AB., MS., Pl1.D., Assisfanl' Dean of Liberal Arls. GEORGE R. THOMAS B.Arcl'1., Assoc. Prof. of Aris, Head of Depl. of Hue Arls. EDWIN SCHEIER Asst Prof. of Ari. HAROLD H. SCUDDER B.S., Prof. of English. CARROLL S. TOWLE A.B., Ph.D., Prof. of English. JOSEPH E. SHAFER B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Prof. of Economics, Head of Dept of Economics and Bus. Admin. ARTHUR W. JOHNSON B.B.A., M.B.A., Prof. of Bus. Admin. THOMAS O. MARSHALL, JR. B.A., Ed.M., Ecl.D., Prof. of Educafion, Head of Dept of Educaiion. A. MONROE STOWE Ph.B., A.M., Ph.D., Prof. of Eclucalion. SYLVESTER H. BINGHAM A.B., A.M., Ph.D., Prof. of English, Head Depf. of English. WILLIAM G. HENNESSY A.B., A.M., Prof. of English. X DONALD H. CHAPMAN B.A., IvI.A., PI'u.D.. Assoc. Prof. of Geology. T. RALPH MEYERS B.A., M.A., Prof. of Geology, H'ead of Geology Deplr. NORMAN ALEXANDER B.A., M.A., I.L.B., PIw.D., Prof. of Gov., Head of DepI. of Governmenf. PHILIP M. MARSTON B.A., IvI.A., Assoc. Prof. of His+ory, Head of . His+ory Dept CLIFFORD S. PARKER A.B., A.IvI., PI1.D., Prof. of Languages, Head of Language Depf. JOHN S. WALSH A.B., IvI.A., Assoc. Prof. of Languages. G. HARRIS DAGGETT A.B., IvI.A., PI'1. D., Ass"r ProI.ofEngIisI'1. EDMUND A. CORTEZ B.A., B.A. in Orafory, M.A., M.A.Ed., B.DivInIIy, Assoc. Prof. of Speech. 4 , DONALD C. BABCOCK BA., MA., S.T.B., Prof. of Philosophy. l-lead of Depf. of Philosophy. HERBERT A. CARROLL AB.. A.M., Ph.D., Prof. of Psychology, Head of Depf. of Psychology. .E in B.A., B.D., 'sl X CHARLES W. COULTER M.A., Ph.D., Prof. of Sociology, Head of Sociology Depf. RAYMOND R. STARKE AB., A.M., Prof. of Hofel Aclminisfrafion. KARL H. BRATTON B.M., M.A., Assoc. Prof. of Music, Head of Depf. B.A., M.S., of Music. ROBERT W. MANTON Prof. of Music. C. FLOYD JACKSON Prof. of Zoology, Direcror of Biol. lnsfifufe. GEORGE M. MOORE ASC., B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. of Zoology, Head of Depf. of Zoology. Technolog LAUREN E. SEELEY Ph.B., Yale, I92I: ME., Yale, l924: LL.B., Yale, I935: Dean, College of Technology. 5 - ,. OSWALD T. ZIMMERMAN B.S.E. lCh.E.l, M.S.E., Ph.D., Prof. of Chem. Eng HAROLD A. IDDLES B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Prof. of Chem., I-lead of Chem Dept HELMUT M. HAENDLER B.S., Ph.D., Assl. Prof. ol: Chem. ALBERT F. DAGGETT B,S., lVl.S., Ph.D., Prof. of Chem. JAMES C. MACE, JR. PI1.B., M.S., Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. of Elec. Eng. WILLIAM L. KICHLINE B.A., M.S., Prof. of Marh., Acfing Chairman of Marh. Depf. EDWARD R. ATKINSON B.S.. Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. of Chem. JAMES A. FUNKHOUSER B.S.. Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. of Chem. EDMOND W. BOWLER B.S., Prof. of Civil Eng., I-lead of Depr. of Civil Eng. CHARLES O. DAWSON B.C.E., M.S., Assoc. Prof. of CiviI Eng. LEON W. HITCHCOCK B.S., Prof. of Elec. Eng., Head of Depr. of Elec. Eng. ERIC T. HUDDLESTON B.Arch., Prof. of Arch.. Super. Arch. EDWARD L. GETCHELL is E.E., Prof. of Mech. Eng., Head of Depjr. of Mech. Eng. EDWARD T. DCNOVAN B.S., Assoc. Prof. of Mech. Eng. E. HOWARD STOLWORTHY B.S., Assoc. Prof. of Mech. Eng. FREDERIC A. SCOTT M.S.. Ph.D., Prof. of Physics, H Physics Dept HORACE L. HOWES B.S., Ph.D., Prof. of Physics WILLIAM H. HARTWELL B.S., M.A., Assoc. Prof. of Physics ead HORACE A. GIDDINGS B.S., Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. of Mafh MARVIN R. SOLT BS., M.S., Assoc. Prof. of Marh. HAROLD C. GRINNELL BS., lvl.S., Ph.D.. Assoc. Prof. of Agr. Econ., Assf. 'ro Dean, College of Agriculfure. Ass+. Io Dir. Agr. Exp. Sie. PHILIP S. BARTON B.S.. M.Ed., Assoc. Prof. in Charge of Applied Farming. HARRY C. WOODWORTH B.S., MS., Prof. Agr. Econ., Agr. Exp. Sla. and Exl. Service. I-lead of Depl. of Agr. Economics. THOMAS G. PHILLIPS BS., IVLS., Pl1.D., Prof. of Agr. and Biol., Clwem., Agr. Exp. Sla. -an i f" vi' f?1 ff . H " I ' 5 2 Q. L32 IP. if I 4' E' VAL 'L P? :gf - - 1 A S , is . - 1 ' 'f ' ,J 1' - C . v 'C' C , .-Q Dba nl, Agriculture ROBERT F. CHANDLER, JR. BS.. Universily of Maine, l929qPl1.D., Universily of Maryland, I934: Dean of +l1e College of Agricullure, Di- reclor ol: 'l'l'1G Agricullural Experimenl Slalion. 311 28 LORING V. TIRRELL B.S., M.S., Prof. of Animal Husbandry. ALBION R. HODGDON B.S.. NLS., Pl1.D., Assoc. Prof. of Bofany, Agr Exp. Sfa. ALBERT F. YEAGER B.S., M.S.. Ph.D., Prof. of Horf. Agr. Exp. Sfa., Assoc. Dir. of Biol. lnsfifufe. Head of Horficul- fu re Depf. CLARK L. STEVENS B.S., M.F., Ph.D., Prof. of Foresfry, Agr. Exp. Sfa., Head of Foresfry Depf. T. BURR CHARLES B.S., M.S., Prof. of Poulfry Husb., Agr. Exp. Sfa., Head of Poulfry Depf. HELEN F. McLAUGHLIN B.A., B.S., M.A., Prof. of Home Economics, Head of Depf. of Home and Insfifufional Managemenf. FORD S. PRINCE B.S., Prof. of Agronomy, Agr. Exp. Sfa.. Heacl of Depf. of Agronomy. GEORGE M. FOULKROD B.S., B.S. fAgr. Eng.j. M.S. fAgr. Ed.j, Assoc. Prof. of Agr. Eng., Agr. Exp. Sfa. V , 1,-,-Em - Q- , M' ii ' Slanclingz Mai. Green, Capf. Slwaka. Sir- ring: Mai. Veyefle, Mai. Sullivan, Mai. Royce. Sfanding: L+. Col. Gilbert Sif- ling: Col. Phillips, Command! ing Officer. Prexy Adams and Milirary Deparimenl Slaff review R. O. T. C. Barlalion. N Phillips, Wilmer S. Gilbert Hunlinglon Green, Warren J. Royce, Philip lvl. Sullivan, James A. Veyelle, John l-l. Shalca, Napoleon A. Chamberlain, Mervin Daylon, Clarence B. Gilford, Wesley W. Kyle, Roberl Monihan, Richard J. Mroz, Joseph L. S+. Cyr, Roberl E. Slemplcowski, John J. While, Joseph A. ilitar Department Colonel, Professor lvlililary Science and Tachcs K. Ll. Col.. Assl. PMS8aT for Air Major, Assl. PMS8cT FAl lvlaior, Assl. PMSXKI' lNFl Major, Ass+. PMSXQT lCACl lvlaior, Assl. PlvlS3cT for Air Capt, Assl. PMSPLT for Air MXSQT., Assl lnslruclor MfSg'r., Assl lnsiruclor MfSgl., Ass? lnslruclor lvlfSgl., Admin Assl MfSg+., Assl lnslruclror Isl Sql., Admin Assl Sql., Admin Assl lv1fSg+ Supply MXSQT., Assl Ins+ruc+or . m as J ssssll Al "fill Tl X ,rf s 5, . s l Q +3 :I y. , in lt -3 . l Qjqfgp . . . f . +wff""671J07ZW! 564 WZ Q 01910 ' "Old friends burn dim. like lamps in noisome air: Love Hlem for wllaf fhey are: nor love fhem less. 1 Because fo Hlee flley are nof wha? flley were." 172 VW TWV? ' ul X Samuel Taylor Coldridge ,.' A L F03 h , , , x, 1 V li.. ,lx--'gp Y , 4 Y fl " 'tif-"'. .,'3i'lU 1fg":i-Gres, blk CHAPTER TWO? N nh' 7 if m. E. The TorTy-niners, will always remember our Tun and sTudy-Tilled college y'ears. The maioriTy OT us who enTered in The Tall oT '45 were co-eds. IT was noT unTil December, when The TirsT "refresher" courses began Tor veTerans ThaT eyes began To brighTen, and The real Trash- man college year began. BuT The pre-war, easy- going aTmosphere was noT To reTurn. The veTeran who had had To delay his college educaTion was deTermined To work and as possible. Tude Toward geT Through as soon BUT despiTe a new and beTTer aTTi- work a college spiriT pervaded The campus and our loyalTy To U. N. l-l. grew daily. We elecTed as class oTTicers, PresidenT William l-layes, Vice PresidenT Wesley Clapp Secr'eTar PaT Walsh, under Their leadership The upperclassman became more aware oT The Treshman. I Y and Treasurer Spiro AnasTos, and 34 ii Class g of E 1949 NEIL GLYNN PresidenT The building oT new dorm d l s e ayed The open- T ing o college a week in The Tall oT I946. In TacT, many oT The male sTudenTs can remember sTe P ping ouT oT bed onTo a cold, dirT Tloor when coTs were seT up in The Field l-louse as Tenn- porary quarTers unTil The dorms were compleTed We also remember The new-Tangled creaTures lcnown as babies ThaT were prevalenT on The campus This year. And we soon learned ThaT a place called College Road was Tilled wiTh new aparTmenTs Tor married veTerans-many oT whom were in The class oT '49. The TradiTion oT male leadership was upheld by our elecTing James Powers, PresidenT' l-lunTress, Vice President ClayTon Lane, Secre- Taryg and Neil Glynn, Treasurer. Carroll By This Time we were Tully enioying liTe-rooTing loudly Tor our candidaTe in The college mayoralTy campaign. building snow sculpTures, sTudying, and meeTing new Triends in The libe and spending a weekend aT one oT The OuTing Club cabins wiTh a ski-happy crowd. This was our lasT year under The abl'e leader- ship oT PresidenT STokes, whom we had all grown To appreciaTe and admire. The Tall oT '47 was a memorable year in The annals of N. I-I. FooTball hisTory. ATTer winning eighT games The UNH WildcaTs wiTh a peT roosTer were cheered on Their way To The Glass Bowl To play The Toledo RockeTs. IT was noT surprising ThaT we should choose The likable Co-CapTain OT our TooTball Team. Ernie Rainey, To be PresidenT oT our class. Our oTher oTiicers were Vice PresidenT, Shane Devine: SecreTary, ClayTon Lane, and Treasurer. Neil Glynn. In The spring of '48 a long awaiTed "Rec" building Trom ForT Devens wenT up almosT over nighT in famed Durham NoTch. This STudenT Union Building wiTh soda TounTain. ping pong Tables and a large dance Tloor and iuke box was iusT whaT we needed. The password beTween and during classes became, "l.eT's go To The 'NoTch.' " We all TelT honored To be a parT OT The inaug- uraTion of our new Prexy, PresidenT ArThur STan- Ton Adams and To be able To aTTend The sym- posium which Tollowed in The Tall oT 1948. PresidenT. Ned Glynn: Vice PresidenT, ShorTy Bulger: S'ecreTary, Joan Boodey, and Treasurer, Frank Callahan led us in our new role as seniors. IT was wiTh greaT pride ThaT we welcomed home "Boo" Morcom, Tlying pole vaulTer, and Ralph Townsend, mighTy miTe oT skiing, Trom The Olympics. Our lasT year aT UNH was packed wiTh ac- TiviTies. AlThough ready To Tace The world, we knew we would miss our Tour happy years aT UNH-even Though brighT, TluorescenT lighTs had now been placed in The sTacks aT The Libe. We, The TorTy-niners, inTend To live up To all our name implies. "Time will run back and TeTch The age oT gold." BRUCE BULGER JOAN BOODY FRANK CALLAI-lAN Vice PresidenT SecreTary Treasurer In emoriam THOUGH ollmer memories may fade as llwe years pass: 'rlie allainmenls in The brief lives of Jrlmese five class- males, wl'1om we lcnew and loved, will always be a beacon guiding us onward in llreir line pallws. 36 BRADLEY NIC!-TOLSON -1- I FRANK FLANDERS ROBERT HANDY Any man's cleaih diminishes me, because l am involved in man- kind. and ThereTore never send To know Tor whom The loell Tolls: iT Tolls Tor Thee." LOUIS DI PIETRO JOHN DONNE EINO KOSONEN Qs' 2 37 E -Q -1 5,5 ll ROBERT L. ABELL Durham Malor: English: New Hampshire Reelers I: Folio Club I, 2, 4: Poefry Club I, 2, 3, 4: Men's Glee Club 4: SCM I, 2, 4. CHARLOTTE E. ACKERMAN Salem Depof Maier: Chemislry: KA: XM 3, 4: SCM 4: German Club I, 2: Women's Glee Club I: House Counsellor 3, 4. CHARLES ADAMS Somersworlh Maior: Business Aclminisiralion. DONALD K. ADAMS Ogunquir, Me. Maior: Malhemalics: GPAT Pres. 3: KAII Pres. 3: Dean's Lisf I, 2, 3, 4: NHOC. HAROLD W. ADAMS Keene Major: Physical Eclucalion Teacher Preparalion: KAH 3, 4- THE NEW HAMPSHIRE 2: THE GRANITE 2, 3: Mike BI Dial 2, 3, 4: J. V. Baseball 2: Inlramural Baskefball 2: Infro- mural Solfball 2, 3. WILLIAM A. ADAMS, JR. Manchesier Malor: Eleclrical Engineering: ATO V. Pres. 4: AIEE: Men's Glee Club I: Soph. Dance Chairman. RUTH M. ADNOFF Dover Maier: Government Hillel I, 2, 3, 4: AWDS I, 2 ,3, 4: Dance Club 2, 3, 4: IZFA 3, 4. THOMAS P. AHEARN Porlsmouih Maior: Hislory. Lefi' Hand Page Abell Ackerman Adams, C. Adams. D. I Adams, H. I , Adams, W. V, Adnoff Ahearn To Ihe Righi' Top Row: Albren Aliapoulios Aliber Boiiom Row Allard Ambrose, C Ambrose. R. SYDNEY L. ALIBER Keene Maior: Accounling: Dean's Lis? I, 2, 3: Dorm Vice-Pres. 4: Dorm Afhl. Chairman 2, 3: Hillel I, 2, 3, Treas. 4: SUO Treas. 4: IDC Exec. Com. 4: Inlramural Sporfs 2, 3, 4. ANDRE L. ALLARD Salem Depor Major: Economics: TAT: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4. EDWARD J. ALBREN Manclwesler Maier: Civil Engineering: Dean's Lisl' I, 2: ASCE. TH EOFELOS A. ALIAPOU LIOS Manchesler Maior: Zoology, Pre-Denial: GX: Class Pres. 2: Mask Xe Dag ger Treas. 2, 3, Pres. 4: Senior Skulls: Scabbard 84 Blade 3 Pres. 4: Baseball I: Foolbal Il. CONSTANCE AMBROSE Norllwwood Ridge Major: Music: Dean's Lisl' 3: Univ. Choir Z, Club I, 3: Psych. Club 2. ROBERT D. AMBROSE Norfhwood Ridge Major: Agricullural Engineering: Men's G Soc. of Ag. Eng. 3, 4. 4: Women's Glee lee Club 3: Arn. MAUDE E. AMEY Piflsburg Major: English: Dean's Lisi 2: SCM: NI-IOC: Opus '45: Univ. Glee Club. RALPH V. AMSDEN, JR. Durham Major: Economics: GX: NHOC I: Com.CI'1esI' Fund 2: Win- Ier Track I, 2. SPIRO A. ANASTOS Newporl Major: Business Adminislraiion: TIKA: Class Treas. I: Univ. Orch. I: TI-IE NEW HAMPSHIRE I: Opus '45 I, 2, 3: SCM I, 2: Ereshman 'IOO' Club: Fresh. Dance Com.: Siud. Union Drive I. GEORGE J. ANGELOPOULOS Dover Major: Economics: BAE. NICHOLAS P. ARMATO Winchesier, Mass. Major: Business Aclminislraiion: BAE: Dean's I.isI' I: Jr. Prom. Com.: Newman Club l, 2, 3, Treas. 4: Univ. Rel. Coun- cil 2, 3, 4: NHOC I, 2: Baseball 2: Inlramural Sporfs 2, 3, 4: Inf. Baskefball AII-Srar Coach 3. RICHARD S. AUSTIN Manchesler Major: Eledrical Engineering: AXA Sec. 2, 3, 4: Dean's Lis? I, 2, 3, 4: Nl-IOC I, 2, 3, 4: AIEE 3, 4: Ski Team I, 2: SCM I: Yachf Club 2, 3: Inf. Sporrs 3, 4. AHTI E. AUTIO Chocorua Major: Mechanical Engineering: 1-IME: AX: Vecior Socieiy: ASME: Track. JUDITH A. AVERILL Kiflery, Me. Major: English: Dean's Lisf 2, 3: Poelry Workshop 3, 4. Leff Hand Page ROBERT H. AYER Plymoulh Maior: Business Adminislrallon. MARGARET M. BADGER Porlsmoulh Major: Physical Educalion and Recrealion Leadership: XYZ: Freshman Camp Council 2, 3, 4: CofDirecIor Freshman Camp 3: Univ. Choir 2, 3, 4: Nl-ICC I, 2, 3, 4: Opus '45 2, 3: SCM I, 2, 3, 4: Women's Glee Club I: Jr. Prom. Dance Com.: Dance Club 2, 3, Treas. 4: Sludanl Union 3. Amey Amsden Anasfos Angelopoulos Armalo Auslin Aulio Averill To The Righf Top Row: Ayer Badger Baker, G. Bo'Hom Row: Baker, I-l. Barker, A. Barker. M. GEORGE O. BAKER ALLEN M. BARKER Raymond Nashua Maior: Eleclrical Enginering: Dean's Llsr I, 2: AIEE 3, 4: Maior: Accounling: Dean's Lisl 2, 3, Slud, Council I: Plays I, 2: Pres. Slud. Body 2. HAROLD A. BAKER MARSHALL B. BARKER Berlin Aulourndale, Mass. Major: Bacleriology. Major: Biology: HKA Sec. 3, 4: Non-Res. Scholarship 2, 3: ln+. Rel. Club 3: Nl-IOC I: Nl-I Varsily Club 2, 3, 4: SCM 4: Dorm Com. lg Spring Traclc I, 2, 3, 4: Winler Track I. 2, 4: Hockey 3: lnlramural Alhleiics l. 4I 'I 4.4 GORDON L. BARNARD Manchesrer Maior: English: AFP: AZ: Dean's Lisl I, 2 3 THE EW HAMPSHIRE 3, 4: THE GRANITE 4: Advanced ROTC 3 4 NH Varsify Club 3, 4: Winfer Traci: 2, 3: Spring Traclc I 2 Cross Counlry 2, 3. FRANK W. BARNDOLLAR Manchesler Maior: English: NH Varsily Club: Hockey I Winler Track 2, 3, Capl. 4: Spring Track 2, 3, Capl 4 RAYMOND G. BARON Nashua Maior: Mechanical Engineering: ASME: Newman Club 3 4 JOSEPH M. BARRETT Porlsmoufh Maior: General Agricullure: Agricullural Engineer Club 3 4 ROBERT E. BARRETT Newfon Junclion Maior: Business Adminisiraliong Inler Dorm Council Pres 3 Dorm Vice Pres. 2: Dorm Pres. 3: Eco. Bus Club 3 Exec Com. 4. RALPH H. BARRIS Brandon, V+. Maior: Agricullure: AFP ERNEST J. BARRY Nashua Maior: Languages: AH: Die Minnesaenge Francaise 3, 4: Spring Track FRANCIS C. BARRY Nashua Major: Governmenl: IIFM 3, 4: 11210113 Dean s Lisf I 2 Leff Hand Page DONALD E. BARTLETT Claremonf Maier: Pre-Mec.IicaI:1IfAT: Univ. Band I: Univ. Glee Club I Pre-Med Socieiy 3, 4. HO LLIS E. BARTLETT Haverhill, Mass. Major: I-Iisforyg THE NEW HAMPSHIRE I, Circ. Mgr NHOC I, 2: Univ. Glee Club 2: SCM I, 2. Barnard , , Barndollar ' N Baron " MTTW IIIII ' ' I" 'll Barre+I',J. V ,, I Barrefl, R. J Barris Barry, E. Barry, F. To 'Ihe Righf Top Row: Barlleli, D. Bar+Ie++. H. Barlon Boffom Row: Barlrarn Basseil Balclwelder THEODORE S. BARTON CHARLES BASSETT Newmarlcei' Epping Maior: Social Service: AKA 4: Soc. Club: NHOC 3, 4: THE Maior: Agriculiural Engineering: AFP: Dean's Lisl 2 3 NEW HAMPSHIRE, Circ. Mgr. 2, 3. 4. ASAE. STANLEY F. BARTRAM WILLIAM BATCHELDER Wes'I Nolfinglnam PIymouII1 Maior: Chemisiry. Maior: Government TKE: Pre-Law Club 4: IRC 4 NHOC I, 4: SCM I: Freshman Track I. BRADFORD R. BEAN Mad bury Major: Meleorology: TKA Trees. 3: NHOC I, 2, 3: U. S. Wealher Sla. I, 2. 3, FRANKLIN E. BEAN Porlsrnourh Maior: Eleclrical Engineering: TKE: KIDACIP: Dean's Lisl I, 2, 3: AIEE. JACQUELINE H. BEAN Errol Maior: Pre-Medical: KIJKJP: 1112: Dean's Lisl I, 2, 3, 4: Morlar Board Treas.: Pre-Med. Sociefy Sec. 3, 4: Moriar Board Plaque: TAKII: fI1KfI1 Cerlihcafesq S. Morris Locke Scholarship: 2nd French Prize I947: Nl-IOC I, 2, 3: House Counsellor: Inlerclass Baskelball and Soflball I, 3: lnlerhouse Sporls. JOSEPH W. BEAUDET Porlsmoulh Maior: Mechanical Engineering: TKE: ASME: Newman Club l, 2. BETTY BECKER Walerlown. Mass. Maior: Occupalional Therapy: AEA Trees. 4: Dorm Pres. I: THE GRANITE Arr. Ed. 4: O. T. Club I, 2, 3, 4: NI-IOC l, 2. 3, 4: SCM. ROSALEEN BECKI NGHAM Dover Maior: Physical Educarion Teacher Preparaiion: AEA: AWDS I, 2, 3, 4: Newman Club I, 2, 4: German Club I: Soc. Club 2: lnlerclass Arhlelics I, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM H. BELL Porlsmoulh Major: Business Aclminisfralion: ITFMA: Dean's Lisl 2: NHOC 4: Spring Track 4. HENRY S. BELSON Mallapan, Mass. Major: Physics: CIIAJIP 3, 4: Dean's Lisl 2, 3: Malh. Soc. 4: Mike 8: Dial 3, 4: Mask 81 Dagger 3, 4: Nl-IOC 2, 3: Psych. Club 2: Chess Club 2, 3, 4: Yachl Club 2, 3. ROBERT H. BENSON Lebanon Maior: Dairy Husbandry: 'DAT Trees. 3, V. Pres. 4: 1112: AZ 3 Treas. 4: Senior Skulls: Dean's Lisf 2, 3: Spring Track 3. RUDOLPH A. BERGERON Dover Treas. 4: CommuI'er's Club 3, 4. Leif Hand Page Bean. B. Bean, F. Bean. J. Beauder Becker Beckingham Bell Belson, H. To 'Ihe Righf Top Row: Benson Bergeron Berlrand Bo'H'om Row: Beyer Bissell' Blackwell WILFRED BERTRAND HAROLD R. BISSETT Berlin Berlin Maier: Civil Engineering: GKKIP: ASCE 3.4: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4: Maior: Social Service: Soc. Club 2, 3: NHOC 3: SCM 4: Newman Club I, Sec. 2, 3, 4: ASO 3. Inlramural Sporfs I, 2, 3, 4. RICHARD BEYER WALLACE H. BLACKWELL, JR. Springfield, VI. Buzzards Bay, Mass. Maior: Mechanical Engineering: TKE Treas. 3: Dean's Lisl I: Maior: Civil Engineering: Dean's LisI 2, 3: ASCE: NHOC ASME 3, 4: Univ. Srring Orch. 3, 4: Symphony 4. I, 4, 45 Maior: Cl1ernisIry: Newman Club 3, 4: French Club 3, FRANK X. BLAIR Walerbury, Conn. Maior: English: 'PMA House Ed. 2, 3: TKA 2, 3, Pres. 4' Dean's Lisl 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3, Dramalics Clwmn. 4: Newman Play 2, 3: Newman Council 2, 3: Mike 81 Dial I Program Direclor 3, 4: Mask 8: Dagger Radio Publicily 3' Granile Varielies I: Univ. Concerls Announcer I, 2, 3, 4 ,2f PAULINE D. BLAIR Millon Major: Home Economics: AWS: AWDS: Home Ec. Club. SAMUEL E. BLANCHARD Ill Amlnersf Major: Chemislryg AXE: THE NEW HAMPSHIRE 3, 4: NHOC 3, 4: Channing Club 3, 4. CHARLES BLOCK Winllirop, Mass. Maior: Mallmemalics: Dean's Lisl: Hillel: IZFA: Chess Club. GENEVA BOCCARD Brooklyn, N. Y. Maior: English Educalion: KAII: Dean's Lisl I, 2, 3, 4: NHOC 2, 3: Blue Circle 4: Univ. Glee Club 3, 4: Women Ver. Assoc. Pres. 2, 3, 4. RAYMOND E. BODEUR Claremonl Maier: Accounling: Newman 'Club I, 2, 3: Inrramural Sol?- ball 3. NATHANIEL BOGDANOVE Monlwegan Island, Me. Maior: Government THE NEW HAMPSHIRE 3: NHOC 2, 3, 4: Yaclwl Club 3, 4: Lacrosse 2, 3: Hillel 2, 3, 4: Inf. Rel. Club 4: Seoul Service Fral. 3, 4. THERESA V. BOKON Derry Malor: Baclerioloqy: Newman Club I, 2: NHOC 2, 3: Ger- man Club 2, 3: AWDS 4. 1 ei Leff Hand Page RICHARD BONIN Manclnesler Maior: Eleclrical Engineering: 'PAT Vice Pres 3 Pes an's Lisl I, 2, 3, 4: Vecfor Sociely IFC 4 AI E Newman Club 2, 3,4 JOAN BOODEY Yonkers, N. Y. Maior: Englisl'1:A'::A: Class Sec. 4: WRA Publuculy I Treas SCM I,2, 3, 4: THE NEW HAMPSHIRE I Nl-IOC I 2 3 Inrerhouse Board 2, 3: House Council Treas I Blair, F. Blair. P. Blanchard Bloclc Boccard Bodeur Bogdanove Bokon To 'Ihe Righl Top Row: Bonin Boodey Bougioulcas Bo'Hom Row: Boulanger Bourgeois Bowden JAMES W. BOUGIOUKAS ALDRIC BOURGEOIS Haverhill. Mass. Berwick, Me. Maior: Mafhemalics: Lens and Shuller 3. Maior: Governmenl HKA Sec. 3: Inl. R I Club 2 3 4 Inlramural Baskelball MAURICE BOULANGER ROBERT BOWDEN Dover Gloucesler, Mass. Major: I-lislory: French Club 3: Newman Club 3: Baseball Maior: Psychology: AKA: Dean's LI51- I 2 3 4 NHOC I 2, 3: Inf. Rel. Club I, 2: Commu+er's Org. 3. 4. Liberal Club 2, 3: SCM Corn. Clwmn 2 Pres 3 4 31 F. DOUGLAS BOWLES Mirror Lake Maior: English: THE NEW HAMPSHIRE 3: THE GRANITE. Feaiures Ed. 4: NHOC 3: Yachl' Club 3: Freshman Fooiball: JV Fooiball 2. WALTER BOYCE Manchesier Maior: Chemisiry: Nl-IOC 4: Liberal Club 3, 4: Lens 81 Shuiler 3, 4: Sludeni Union Culi. Rec. Com. 3, 4. JOHN M. BRADLEY Wesl Swanzey Maier: Zoology: Yachl Club l: NHOC I: Fooiball 2: Ger- man Club 2. BARTRAM BRANCH Manchesler Maior: Hislory: Dean's Lisl' I, 2: IIFM: NHOC 2: Liberal Club 2: Freshman Cross Couniry. CHARLES BREEDING Porlsmouih Maior: Horlicullure: KDKKII: Dean's Lisi 3: Horii. Club 3, 4. CELIA BROCK Rochesler Maior: Home Economics: Univ. C-lee Club I, 2: Univ. Choir 2, 4: Nl-IOC I, 2, 3, 4: Folio Club l, 2, 3: Home Ec. Club 3, 4: Opus '45 4: Siucl. Union Culi. Com. 3, Chmn. 4. ELBRIDGE BROOKS, JR. Saugus, Mass. Major: English: ATS? Pres. 4: Blue Key 4: IFC Sec. 4: New Hampshire Club 3, 4: Col. Chesl Fund Chmn. 4: Siudeni Union Member oi Board of Direciors 3: Nolch Hall Bd. Chrnn. Dec. Com. 3. BYRON R. BROWN, JR. Porfsmouih Maior: Mechanical Engineering: ASME 3, 4. Leff Hand Page Bowles Boyce Bradley Branch Breeding Brock Brooks Brown. B. To ihe Right Top Row: Brown, C. S. Brown, C. I. Brown, H. Bofiom Row: Brown, L. Brown, M. Brown, M. L. HAROLD B. BROWN Weniworih Major: Animal Husbandry: AFP. Major: Mechanical LOUIS E. BROWN Durham Engineermgq ATU: NHOC Club 3: ASME 3, 4. CECIL S. BROWN Claremonf Major: Agronomy: KTHKYP: AZ: Dean's Lis? I, 2, 3. CHARLOTTE I. BROWN Beihlehem Major: Home Economics Teacher Preparalion: AEA Sec. 4: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4: Home Ec. Club Vice Pres. 2, 3, 4: SCM 3, I ... I, . .I I gm, Cf?"-ziiii -.4-' '? I Press Major MARGARET BROWN Hanover :Ari:fI1M: NHOC I: SCM I, 2, 3: Club I, 2, 3. MARSHALL L. BROWN Farmingron Women's Glee Major: English: Dean's Lisi I, 2. FREDERICK BROWNING Beverly, Mass. Maior: Civil Engineering: GX: Dean's Lisf 3: Blue Circle I, 2, 3, 4: Mike 8: Dial 3, 4: ASCE 3, 4: Yachr Club I: New Hamp- shire Club 3, 4: Winfer Track Mgr. 3. HARRY BROWNWORTH Porfsmouih Maior: Accounlring: IIFM: Dean's Lisl I, 2: Bus. Eco. Club. ROBERT L. BRUNELLE Gonic Maior: Hislory: De-an's Lisl 2, 3, 4, NANCY HEAD BRYANT Laconia Maier: Economics UTM 4: Dean's I.isI' 3. WALTER BRYANT Plaislow Maior: Chemical Engineering: Dean's Lisl' I: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4: THE NEW HAMPSHIRE I, 2, 3, FRANK A. BUCCI Porl Chesler, N. Y. Major: I-Iofel Aclminislrarion: KE: Jr. Greelers of America 2, 3, 4: Foolball I, 2: Track I, 2. GEORGE BUCKLEY Porllancl, Me. Ma'or' En lish' VAE- Slud Council 3' Dean's Lisi I 2 3 4- I - Q I -' I . . I I I I Senior Skulls: Mike X1 Dial I, Bus. Mgr. 2, 3: Sr. Exec. Com.: NI-IOC I: THE NEW HAMPSHIRE News Ed. I, Mang. Ed. 2, Ecl. 3: Press Club I, 2, Pres. 3. BRUCE BULGER Durham Maior: Holel Adminislraiion: OX: Class Treas. I, 2, Vice Pres. 4: Senior Skulls: Slud. Council Sec. 2: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4: Ski Team 2, 3, 4: Cheerleader I, 2: Jr. Greelers of Amer- ica 3, Pres. 4: Fresh. Camp Councilor 2, 3. ELM ER BULLOCK Porismoulh Maior: Economics: KE: Scabbarcl 81 Blade. HAROLD BURBY Marlboro Maior: Economics: EB: Senior Skulls Vice-Pres.: New I-lamp shire Club: Baskeiball I: Baseball I, 2, 3, 4. Lef'I Hand Page Browning Brownworrln Brunelle Bryani. N. Bryant W. Bucci Buckley Bulger To -Ihe RigI'i+ Top Row: Bullock Burby Burger BoHom Row: Burns Burpee Byron HARRY BURGER HOWARD A. BURPEE, JR. Irvinglon, N. J. Manclnesfer Major: Mechanical Engineering: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Maior: Business Adminisiralion: BAE Treas. 4: Track I. ASME 3, 4: Track I: Univ. Choir 3, 4: Univ. Band I, 2: Univ. Glee Club I: Univ. Orchesfra I: NI-IOC I. MILDRED BURNS ROBERT H. BYRON Dover Exeler Major: I-Iisiory: KIPM: AWDS I, 2, 3, 4: Newman Club I, 2, Maior: Elecirical Engineering: Dean's Lisl' I: AIEE. 3, 4. 5I FRANK CALLAHAN Woburn, Mass. Major: Economics: 91311: Class Treasurer 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: ASO Board 3, 4: J. V. Baskelfball 2: Capt J. V. Baseball 2: Varsiiy Baseball 3, 4. JOSEPH T. CALLAHAN Concord Maior: Geology: Dean's Lis+ I, 4: AIME 3, Pres. 4. MATTHEW CARN EVALE Ma nchesier Maior: Economics: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: IRC 2, 4: IDC 3: Dorm Sec. 2, 3: Dorm Vice-Pres. 3: NHOC: SAA: German Club 3. JEAN E. CARR Lincoln Maior: CI'1emis+ry:XM 3. Pres. 4: HME 4: Dean's Lis? I, 2, 3: N!-IOC I, 2: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Dorm Treas. I: Opus '45 2, 3, 4: Women's Gvlee Club I, 2. JEAN L. CARRAGHER A Lowell, Mass. Major: Sociology: AXQ: Tl-IE GRANITE Plwol. Co-Ed. 4: NHOC 3: Newman Club 3, 4. CLAUDIA J. CARTER Elma Major: English: Newman Club 4. JOSEPH A. CATALFO Dover Maior: Social Service: CDMA: Advanced ROTC: Mask Xi Dagger 2, 3, 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Mike gl Dial 3: Cheerleader I, 3: NI-IOC I, 3. CHARLES CATHCART Reed's Ferry Maier: Business Adminis+ra+ion: Dorm Officer 3: Baseball I: NI-IOC I: Baskefball Mgr. 4: NI-I Club: Iniramural Sporfs 3 4 ' FREDERICK F. CEELY, JR. Greenpori, N. Y. Maior: Civil Engineering: Dean's Lisi I, 2, 3: ASCE: Nl-IOC. ALD EN CENTER Souih Lyndeboro Maior: English: SCM 4: Guild Siuci. Group 4: Dorm Sec. 4: Track I. LeH' Hand Page l l Callahan, F. l Callahan, J. Carnevale 3' Carr S- Ei Carragher ' Carier Cafalio ,,i,i" I sl CaI'hcarI To 'the Righi' Top Row: Ceely Cenfer Chandler BoHom Row: Chapman Chase Chasse KENNETH CHANDLER RAYMOND C. CHASE Cqngord Salmon Falls Maior: Business Adminisiraiionp ATS? Treas. 3: NI-IOC 2, 4: Maier: Business Aclminisiraiion: TKA 3, Sec.-Treas. 4: Dean's Yacht Club 3.4: Canierbury Club 3, 4: lniramural Baskeiball Lis+ I. 2. 37 ECO. Business Club 4- 2, 3, 4. RUTH J. CHAPMAN PAUL P. CHASSE Cenier Harbor Sornerswor+h Maior: English: KA Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 4: Pan Hell. Trees. 3, Maior: Language Educaiion: French Club: NI-IOC. Sec. 4: Dorm. Sec. 2, Vice Pres. 4: House Council 2, 4: ASO 3: SCM I, 2, 3, 4: Nl-IOC I, 2, 4: German Club I: Poefry Club 3, 4. 53 THOMAS G. CH ESLEY Farminglon Major: I-Iisloryz KIJAT: Inf. Rel. Club 2, 3: Pre-Law Club 3 MARY E. CHISHOLM Brocklon, Mass. Maior: Occupafional Therapy: AXQ: Dorm Vice Pres. 3 NHOC I, 2. 3, 4: SCM I, 4: O. T. Club I, 4: Yachfr Club 2 Opus '45 3: Univ. Choir 3, 4: TI-IE GRANITE 4. MILTON J. CHRISTIAN, JR. Nashua Maior: Chemisfry: Dean's Lis+ I. ROBERT J. CILLEY Concord Maior: Biology: Scabbard and Blade: Univ. Choir. NORMAN W. CLAPP I-Ienniker Major: General Agricullureg SCM 4. WENDELL P. CLARE Porlsmoullw Maior: Business Adminislrafion: HFM: Dean's Lis? I, 2, 3, 4 DONALD H. CLARK Porfsmoulh Maior: Physical Educafion Teacher Preperafiong KAH Treas. 4 Dean's Lisl 2, 3: Lacrosse 2: Hockey 2: Winler Track 3: Foo? ball Mgr. 2: Vefs. Org. STANLEY CLARK Grovelon Maier: Eleclrical Engineering: KDKKIP 3, 4: TIME 2, Pres. 3, 4 Dean's Lisf I, 2, 3, 4: Veclor Sociely 3, 4: AIEE: SCM 4 Inlramural Sporls. Lefl Hand Page CLINTON CLOUGH Lisbon Major: Chemical Engineering SCM PAUL S. COHEN Haverhill, Mass. Major: Business Aclminislrafiong Hillel I 2 3 4 Exec Co cil 2. 31 NHOC li ROTC Chesley Chisholm Chrisfian Cilley Clapp Clare Clark. D. Clark, S. To fha Right Top Row: Clough Cohen Colocousis BoH'om Royv: Connors CooIc,J, Cook. R. ELECTRA COLOCOUSIS JOSEPH F. COOK Ill Haverhill. Mass. Wesl' Nollingham Maior: English: Univ. Glee Club 23 NHOC Ig Folio Club 4. Maior: Eleclrical Engineering: EB: Newman Club I 2 3 4 AIEE 3, Sec.-Treas. 4: IRE 3 4 JOHN E. CONNORS ROBERT E. COOK Norlh Charleslown Wesl Nollingham Maier: Psychology: 1I'X 4: Dean's Lisl' 3: Folio Club 4: Maior: Mechanical Engineringg EB: Scabbard 8: Blade 3 4 Liberal Club 2, 3, 4: Am. Vefs. Com. 2, 3: Slucl. Peace-Day Dean's Lisf 3: ASME 3, 4: Newman Club I 2 3 Scabbard Rally 3. 84 Blade Scholarship 35 Rifle Team I CAROL L. COOKE Dover Major: Psychology: XPX Sec.-Trees. 4: Dean's Lisl I: NHOC: SCM I, 2, 3: O. T. Club I: Psycl-I. Club 2, 3: Siuclenl Union Cull. Rec. Com. BARBARA A. CRANE Hillsboro Maior: Hospilal Diefelics: 'PTO 3, 4: SCM I, 2, 3, 4: NHOC I, 2, 3: Home Ec. Club 2, 3, Sec. 4: Freshman "lOO" Club. WALLACE S. CRANE Manclwesler Maior: Business Adminislralion: Dean's Lisl 3: THE NEW HAMPSHIRE 2: Slud. Union Pub. Comm. 4: AVC 2: NHOC 2, 3, 4. GLORIA J. CRICENTI New London Maior: Physical Eclucalion, Recrealion: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4: Women's Glee Club I: Soflball I, 2, 3: Hockey 2, 3, 4: Baslcefball 2, 3. AVALON L. CROSBY Clwesfer Maior: Home Economics: fI2T0. WILLIAM E. CROSBY Porlsmoulh Maior: Hislory: Dean's Lis? 3: Newman Club. RICHARD N. CROSS Berlin Maier: Eleclrical Engineering: QKKII: Dean's Lisl I: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: AIEE 3.4: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4: Ski Team I. HERBERT F. CUMMINGS Porlsmoullw Maior: English: Newman Club I. Treas. 2, 4: Inf. Rel. Club I, 2. PAUL M. CUNNINGHAM Porrsmourh Maier: I-Iislory: Baslcerball I: Ve+'s Commissary. BARBARA P. CURRIER Ma nchesler Maior: Occuparional Therapy: NI-IOC I, 2: Blue Circle 3, Treas. 4: ASO Sec. 4: OT Club 2, 3, 4: Women Vet Assoc. Lefl Hand Page Cooke Crane, B. Crane, W. Cricenfi Crosby, A. Crosby, W. Cross Cummings To 'Ihe Righ+ Top Row: Cunningham Currier Cushing, J. Bo'H'om Row: Cushing, P. Cushing,T. Culler JOHN D. CUSHING THOMAS W. CUSHING Hampron Franklin Maior: I-Iisrory: Dean's Lisl I, 3: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Maior: Elecrrical Engineering: ITME 3, 4: Dean's Lisl 2, 3: NHOC I, 2: Yachl Club I: Lens X: Shurrer 3: Track I. VGCIOF Sociefy 4: DUP- Bridge Club 3. 4- PRISCILLA C. CUSHING NANCY CUTLER Wooclsville Melrose, Mass. Maior: Music Eclucalionz GT Ediror 4: Dorm Pres. 4: Opus Major: Occupalional Therapy: Morlar Board: AWS 3: Slu- '45 2, 3, 4: Univ. Glee Club 3: Univ. Orch. I, 2, 3, 4: Univ. clenl Union Bd. 3: SCM I, 2: Opus '45 I, 2, 3: O. T. Club Band 4: Lecrures 8: Con. Corn. 3, 4: NI-IOC I, 2, 3: SCM I: I, 2, 3, Treas. 4. House Council I. 57 FRANK J. CZAJA Salem Maior: Chemical Engineering: fI1Ad1:AXE: Dean's Lisl' l, 2, 3: NHOC: Newman Club: ACS. ANN DALTON Lebanon Major: Biology: Newman Club 2, 3, 4: Nl-IOC 2, 3, 4: Yachr Club 2: Sludenf Union 3. 4: Sludenl Service 4. RUTH DALZELL Walpole Maior: Home Economics: 9T: AWS 4: Home Ec. Club 2, 3, Pres. 4: Opus '45 2, 3: Col. Chesr Com. 3: NHOC I, 2, 3: Slud. Union Bd. 3, 4: Sfudenl' Service Com. 3, Sec. 4: SCM 2, 3. LIONEL DANCAUSE Greenville Major: Civil Engineering: ASCE 3, 4: IDC 4: Newman Club l, 2, 3, 4. MERRlCK A. DANFORTH Concord Maior: Music Eclucafion: AXA: Univ. Band 4: Univ. Choir 3. 4: Opus '45 3, Pres. 4: Mike Xe Dial 3, 4. FREDERIC G. DARRAH Saraloga Springs, N. Y. Major: Governrnenl: Newman Club l, 2, 3.4: NHOC l, 2, 3: Pre-Law Club: lnl. Relafions Club. RICHARD D. DART Pelerborough Maior: Physical Educalion Teacher Preparafion: Senior Skulls Pres.: N. H. Varsify Club 2, 3, 4: Baslcelball 2, 3, 4: Pan Hell. King 2. ELWYN N. DAVIS Berlin Maior: Physical Eclucaiionz KE: N. H. Varsily Club 4: Bas- lcelball l: J. V. Baskelball l, 2: lnlramural Football I. i l . l I l 58 Lef+ Hand Page Czaia Dallon Dalzell Dancause Daniorlh Darrah Dari Davis. E. To 'Hue Rigl-if Top Row: Davis, L. De Luca Des Marais BoHom Row: Devine LUCILLE W. DAVIS Melrose, Mass. Maior: Biology: GPM: SCM 2, 3, 4: NI-IOC 2, 3, 4. PASQUALE M. De LUCA Bradford, Mass. Maior: Chemical Engineering: AXE 3, 4: Scabloarcl X1 Blade 3, 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Oui-of-Siaie Scholarship il ii Dinwooclie Dionne LIONEL A. DES MARAIS DAVID W. DINWOODIE Somersworlh Laconia Maior: Zoology: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Nl-IOC I, 2. Maior: Mechanical Engineering: ASME. SHANE DEVINE MARTIN J. DIONNE Manchesler Somersworlh Maior: Governmeni: 91011: Senior Skulls: Class Vice Pres. 3: Maior: Biology: Newman Club I, 2, 3. Siud. Council Sec.-Treas. 3: Newman Club 2, 3, 4: Pre'Law Club 2, 3, 4: Lacrosse 3, 4. 59 AUGUSTINE C. DI RUBIO Beverly, Mass. Major: Physical Educafion Teacher Preparalion: 9KfI': Dean's Lisf 3: Blue Key Sec.-Treas. 4: ASO 4: Alhlelic Council Com. 4: N. H. Varsily Club 2, 3, 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: Foolball 2, 3, 4. CAR LOTTA DONDERO Porlsmourh Major: English: GT Edilor 4: THE NEW HAMPSHIRE I, 3, 4: THE GRANITE 3, Senior Ed. 4: Jr. Prom Com. 3: Univ. Rel. Council Vice Pres. 3. 4: AWDS Vice Pres. 2: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Newman Club Council 3, 4: Newvox 3. Assoc. Ed. 4: Women Ver. Org. Vice Pres. 2, 3: German Club I. DONALD DON EGAN Hillsboro Major: Civil Engineering: Dean's Lisl' 2, 3: ASCE 3. 4: New- man Club 2, 3, 4. DONALD P. DONOVAN Durham Major: Mechanical Engineering: Scabbard 31 Blade 3, 4: Senior Slculls: ASME 2, 3, Treas. 4: Advanced ROTC 3: Men's Glee Club 3, 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Vice Chmn. New Eng. Province of Newman Club 4: Newman Club Play 3, 4: Newman Choir Direclor 3, 4. LORNA C. DOON Hennilcer Major: Secrelarial: Univ. Glee Club I, 2: Sec. Club 2: New- man Club I, 2, 3, 4: Newvox Assoc. Ed. 3, 4: House Council 2, 4. MARSHALL H. DOUGH ERTY Porlsmoulh Major: Chemical Engineering: AXA: AXE: Freshman Foor- ball: Freshman Traclc. DWIGHT DOUGLAS Eliol, Me. Major: Chemical Engineering: KDHA: AXE: Dean's Lisl I: NHOC 2, 3, 4: SCM I: lnlramural Sporls: 'Die Minnen- saenger 2. ALBERT H. DOW. JR. Tullonboro Major: Economics: EAE: Dean's Lisl 2, 3. Lefi' Hand Page Di Rubio Dondero Donegan Donovan Doon Dougherry Douglas URBAIN L. DOYLE Porrsmouih Maior: Chemical Engineering: AXE: Dean's Lisi' I: Newman Club I, 2. FREDERICK E. DREW. JR. Dover Major: Civil Engineering: ASCE 3, 4: NI-IOC 2, 4: Lens 8: Shulier 3: German Club 2. vigil Dow To ihe Righi' Top Row: Doyle Drew Dunlclee BoH'om Row: Durgin Earon Eckfeldl SILAS B. DUNKLEE Brailleboro, VI. Maior: Agriculfure Teacher Preparalion: AFP: AZ 2, 3, Vice Pres. 4: Blue Key Vice Pres. 4: Siud. Council 4: NI-I Varsilry Club I, 2, Treas. 3, Pres. 4: NI-IOC 3: Cross Counlry I, Capf. 2, 3, 4: Ski Team I, 2, 3, 4: Winler Track I: Spring Traclc I, 2. 3.4. ROBERT O. DURGIN Porisrnouih Major: Civil Engineering: Dean's Lisr 3: ASCE. .il CAROLIN E B. EATON Durham Maior: I-Iospiial Dierelics: OT: fI,TO Treas. 3, 4: Morlar Bd. Sec. 4: Dorm. Pres. I: Opus '45 2, 3: Univ. Choir 2, 3. Sec.- Treas. 4: Women's Glee Club I: Home Ec. Club I, 3: NI-IOC I: Canierbury Club I, 2, 3. JOHN M. ECKFELDT Grofon, Mass. Maior: Chemical Engineering: ATQ: Dean's Lisi' I: NHOC I, 2. LEONARD C. EDWARDS Pellriam Major: Eleclrical Engineering: fI1KfIf: TIME 2, 3, 4: 1I1AfI1 3, 4: Dean's Lisl I, 2, 3, 4: Veclor Sociely 3, Vice Pres. 4: AIEE 3, 4: IRE 3, 4. KENNETH 6. ELKINS Brighlon, Mass. Major: Business Adminislraiion: Hillel Club. CAROL ELLIOTT Amesbury, Mass. Major: Business Adminisfralion: AEA: Jr. Prom Queen 3: NI-IOC I, 2, 3, 4: SCM I, 2: Folio Club 3: Col. CI'iesICon1. I, 2: Slud. Union Exec. Bd. 3, 4. LAWRENCE ELLIS Berlin Major: Business Aclminislralion: EB Treas. 3: Dean's Lisf I, 2: NI-IOC I, 2, 3. NORMAN R. ELLIS Porlsmoullw Major: Eleclrical Engineering: AIEE 3, 4. GERALD M. ELLSWORTH Salisbury, Mass. Major: Clnemical Engineering: IIIAT: AXE 2, 3, 4: Nl-IOC I, 2, 3: German Club 2: Scabloard 81 Blade 3, 4: Newman Club 2, 3, 4. BETTY J. ERICSON Wesl Concord Major: Bacleriology: GT Vice Pres. 3: Pres. 4: Dean's Lisl I, 2, 3: Jr. Prom Aide 3: Mike X4 Dial 4: Mask 8: Dagger 3, 4: Univ. Choir 2, 3, 4: Women's G-lee Club I, 2: Nl-IOC I, 2, 3. MARTIN ERICSON Concord Major: Chemical Engineering: CDMA: AXE 3, 4: Yachl Club I. I 1 , II... ,, I . f E, STUART EYNON Lynn. Mass. Maior: Foresiry: KE Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 4: Blue Key Pres. 4: IFC Vice Pres. 4: NI-IOC I, 2, 3, 4: Foresiry Club 3, 4: Fooiball I. FREEMAN FARMAN Charlesiown Maior: Geology. Leff Hand Page Edwards , Elkins EIIioI'r ,Z E I I EIIis, L. ,, Ellis, N. EIIsworII1 Ericson, B. Ericson, M. To 'Phe Righ+ Top Row: Eynon Farman Farnham, H. Boifom Row: FarnI'lam,J. Farr I Farrar HARRY FARNHAM BENJAMIN FARR Concord Por'I'smouII1 Maicr: Chemical Engineering: AXE 2. 3. 4: 41419191 IIHE 3. Maier: Pouliry Husbandry: Pouli-ry Science Club I, 2, 3, 4. Pres. 4: KPAKIH 3, Pres. 4: Vecior Sociely 3, Treas. 4: Dean's I.isI' I, 2, 3, 4. JOHN F. FARNHAM DORIS J. FARRAR Lawrence, Mass. Durl-iam Maior: English: EAE Vice Pres. 3, Sec. 4: Dean's Lisi I, 2: Maier: Biology: NI-IOC I, 2, 4: Opus '45 2: Univ. BancI Scalabard 81 Blade 2, 3: Adv. Mil. Science 2, 3: Newman I, 2, 4: Univ. Orch. I, 2, 4: Univ. Ensemble 2: Durham Club I, 2, 3, 4: TI-IE GRANITE 2. Reelers I, 2, 4. 63 CHARLES FARWELL Nashua Maior: Psychology: Col. Chesl' Com. l, 2, 3, 4: Psych. Club 3. FRANCIS H. FAY Dover Maior: Foreslry: QE: Dean's Lisl 3: Foreslry Club 2, 3, 4: Rifle Team l: Nl-lOC 3. WALTER B. FERNALD Nollingliam Maior: Economics. HERBERT J. FETTERMAN Porlland, Me. Maior: Accounfing: TKA: Dean's Lisl 2, 3, 4: Eco. Bus. Club Vice Pres. 3, 4: Hillel l, 2, 3, 4. MARTIN FEUERSTEIN Franklin Maior: General Agriculfure: fI1A: Scabbard 8: Blade l: ROTC I: Hillel l, 2, 3, 4: Freshman Foolballg Track I, 2, 3. PAULlNE KROPP FEU ERSTEIN Franklin Maior: Social Service: Hillel Club 2, 3: Soc. Club I, 2, 3: lnf. Relafions Club I. JAN ETTE FICKERT Middleboro, Mass. Maior: l-lislory: Univ. Glee Club I, 2: SCM I, 2, 4: Inf. Rel. Club Sec.-Trees. 4: AWS: Nolclw Hall Com. 3. CHARLES D. FlFlEl.D Exeler Maier: Sociology: Dean's Lisl l: Nl-IOC 3, 4. S OF 1949 Lelil' Hand Page Farwell ERLING FINNE Oslo, Norway Major: Chemical Engineering: GX: AXE 2, 3, 4: lIfKfD: KIPME: Veclor Socielyg Dean's Lisl I, 2, 3, 4: Blue Key: NH Varsily Club 3: Ski Team I, 2, 3. ALBERT FISHER Porlsmoulh Maior: Governmenl: HKA: Dean's Lisl 3, 4: IRC I, 2, 3: Vice Pres. 4: Nl-IOC I: Spanish Club 3. Fay Fernald Fellerman Feuerslein, M. Feuerslein, P. Fickerl Filield To 'Phe Righi' Top Row: Finne Fisher Filzpalriclc BoHom Row: Flanagan Flanders Flinl EDWARD FITZPATRICK JOHN T. FLANDERS Manchesler Concord Maier: Civil Engineering: TKE Pres. 4: Newman Club 2, Maior: Mafhemaiics: KE. 3, 4: ASCE Vice Pres. 4. EDMUND FLANAGAN FLORENCE FLINT Dover Jackson Maior: Governmenlg Pre-Law Club 3, 4: Newman Club I, 2, Maior: Secrelarial: fI'KfI': KAH 3, 4: Dean's Lisl I, 2, 3: 3, 4: IRC l,2:Com. Rep. ol Sluclenl Union. SCM 2, 3, 4: Nl-IOC I. 2, 3: Mask Xe Dagger 2, 3, 4: Grange Scholarship I. 65 WILLIAM S. FLOYD Beverly, Mass. Maier: Business Adminislraliong fI1MA7 Scabbard 81 Blade 3, 4: Advanced ROTC 3, 4: N. H. Varsily Club 4: NHOC 2, 3, 4: Assr. Track Mgr. 2, Track Mgr. 3. KENNETH E. FOLSOM Penacoolc Maior: Eleclrical Engineering, AIEE. FRED R. FORD Guildhall, V+. Major: General Agricullureg AZ 2, 3, 47 Dean's ROBERT W. FORTNAM Quincy. Mass. Major: Mechanical Engineering: ASME. KARL W. FORWARD Nashua Lisl 2, 3. Maier: Business Adminislraliong TIFM Vice Pres. 3, 4: Dean's Lis? 2, 3: Eco. Bus. Club Treas. 3, 47 Dislinguished WARREN M. FOSS Porlsmoulh Maior: Chemislryg AXE 2, 3, 47 Dean's Lis ENZO FRANCESCONI Porlsmoulh Major: Psychology: Psych. Club I. ROBERT FRANCOEUR Manchesler Major: Eleclrical Engineering, Baseball I, 2, Club, N. H. Club. ,I 3.4 Mil. Grad. TIZ4 : Newman Le'II' Hand Page KENNETH FRENCH I-Iennilcer Maior: Horiiculiure: Applied Farming Org Horliculfure Club: Poulrry Science Club NI-IOC JOHN P. FRINK Norlh Haverhill Maior: Chemical Engineering: AFP Chaplain 2 3 Sec 4 Dean's Lisl I, 3: AXE 2, 3, 4: Col Chesi Com 3 Floyd Folsom Ford Forfnam Forward " Foss Francesconi Francoeur To Ihe Righf Top Row: French Frinlc Frizzell, G. BoHom Row: Frizzell, K. Gabriel Gagne, C. GEORGE FRIZZELL WILLIAM J. GABRIEL Durham Springfield, Ill. Major: General Agriculrure: ATP Sec. 2, Vice Pres. 3: Dean's Maior: Foresiryr IIDKG1: AZ 3, Pres. 4: Dear s Lisi I 2 Lisl 3. Senior Skulls: NHOC I, 2: Blue Circle 3 4 Foreslry Club Vice Pres. 4: German Club 3 4 KATHARINE L. FRIZZELL CORINNE GAGNE Charlesfown Franklin Maior: Pre-Medical: fPK1I': Dean's Lisr I, 2, 3, 4: Pre-Mecl. Maior: English: NHOC I, 2, 3: SC 4 Folio Clu Socieiy 3, 4: Univ. Rel. Council 3: SCM I, 2, 3, Sec. 4: Univ. Orch. I. 2, 4: Univ. Ensemble 2, 3: Opus '45 I, 2, 3. FRANCOIS W. GAGNE Dover Maior: Elecfrical Engineering: Dean's Lisl 2, 3: AIEE: IRE. GEORGE GALANES Dover Maior: Chemical Engineering: AXE: Dean's Lisi' I, 2, 3. JOHN J. GALLAGHER Norlh Walpole Major: English: Dean's Lisl' 3: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: New- man Club Council 3, 4. JOHN J. GALVIN Fairhaven, Mass. Maior: Governmenlg IIKA Pres. 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: IRC I, 2, Treas. 3, Pres. 4: IFC 4: Pre4Law Club 4: Slud. Union Finance Com. 4. CONSTANCE S. GARBUTT Hollislon, Mass. Major: Social Service: AXQ Sec. 3: WRA Co-Rec. Dir. 3: Pres. 4: NI-IOC I: Blue Circle 2, 3, Sec. 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3. 4: Soc. Club 2, 3: Sailing Assoc. 2: Women's G-lee Club I: Rifle Club: All-Slar Solfball I: All-SI'ar Hockey 2. CHARLES GARDNER Lilllelon Major: Psychology: Slci Team 3, 4. CARL A. GAREY Durham Maior: Foreslry: Dean's Lisl' 2: Foreslry Club 2, Pres. 3. JEAN GARFIELD Cambridge, Mass. Maior: Home Ecoomics: KA: flJ"I'O: Dean's Lisl 2: Nl-IOC I. 2, 3: SCM l, 2. 3, 4: Home EC. Club 2, 3, 4: Durham Reelers 4. OF 1949 Le'H Hand Page Gagne, F. Galanes Gallagher Galvin Garbulf Gardner Garey Garfield To flue Righi Top Row: Garland Garside Gaulin Bo'Hom Row: Geary George Gibbons JOSEPH GAULIN Exefer Maier: Civil Engineering: Dean's Lis? 3: ASCE Pres. 4. JOSEPH E. GEARY Gloucesler, Mass. MARY GARLAND Conway Maior: Languages: KA: AIT 4: Col. Cl1esl Com. l: SCM I, 2, 3, 4: Mask 81 Dagger 2, 3, 4: German Club I: Spanish Club 3, 4: Cercle Francais 3, 4. JOHN l. GARSIDE, JR. Hunlingdon, Pa. Major: English: EB Sec. 4: Mike 8: Dial 2, 3, 4: Mask 8: Dagger 3, 4: Opus '45 4: Univ. Ckioir 3, 4: lnrramural Fool- ball: College Keys Quarlel 3, 4. ELMER S. GEORGE Fremom' Maior: Bacleriology: 1112: Dean's Lisi 3. LOlS A. GIBBONS Wesl Newbury, Mass. Maier: Clwemislry: KE: Pre-Medical Sociely 4: Dean's Lis? Major: English: AWS Vice Pres. 4: Dorm Soc. Cl-imn. 3, I, 2, 3, 4: Newman Club l, 2, 3, 4: Track l, 2, 3: Hockey 4. Pres. 4: NHOC l, 2: Blue Circle 3, 4: SCM I, 2, 3, 4: Rifle Club 3: Univ. Glee Club l, 2, 3: German Club 2: Flyino Club 2: lnferclass Hockey, Baskelball, Sofiball I, 2, 3. 1 JL ROBERT GIBSON Porismouih Maior: Mechanical Engineering: PJAE: Dean's Lisl I, 2, 3: ASME 3, 4: Bridge Club 3, Pres. 4. KENNETH GILES Nashua Maior: Governmenl: SKIP: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Scab- bard 84 Blade 3, 4. NYLA J. GINDER Arlingfon, Mass. Maior: English: Canierbury Club I, 2, 3, 4: Mike 31 Dial I, 2: NI-IOC: Rifle Club 3, 4: Siudenl' Union 3, 4. JOHN GLEASON Wincliesier, Mass. Maior: Business Adminisiralion: TKE: House Counsellor 2, 3, 4: Canrerbury Club 3, 4: Men's Glee Club I: NHOC 3, 4: ROTC I, 3, 4: Scabbard 8: Blade 3, 4: Fooiball I: Hockey I, 4: Lacrosse I, 2, 3, 4. NEIL GLYNN Franklin Park, Mass. Maior: Business Adminisiraiion: AXA: Blue Key: Class Treas. 2, 3: Class Pres. 4: ASO Board 3: Scabbard 81 Blade: Siudeni Council 3, 4: Sluclenl Union Bd. 4: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4: N. H. Varsily Club 3, 4: SCM "IOC" Club Trees.: Lacrosse I, 2, 3, 4: Hockey 2, 3, 4: ROTC Rifle Team I. EDWARD E. GODFREY Newburgh, N. Y. Major: Pouliry Husbandry: ATP: QE 4: AZ 4: Dean's Lisi 3, 4: Freshman Rifle Medal: Lens 8: Slwufier I: NHOC I: Rifle Team I: Pouliry Science Club I, 2, 3, 4. BERNARD P. GOLDSMITH Durham Major: Mailiemaiics: TIKA: 'FAKE 3, 4: AX I, 2: TIME 3, 4: Scabbarcl 81 Blade: SCM I: NHOC 4. RUTH GOODRIDGE Worcesier, Mass. Maior: PI-iysical Educarion: XQ: Univ. Choir 3, 4: NHOC 3, 4: Dance Club 4: All-Slar Hockey 3. Leif Hand Page ARNOLD A. GORDON Nashua Maior: Business Aclminislralion: '-IPA Sec. 4: Mike 3: Dial I Hillel I, 2, 3, 4: AVC 2. JOSEPH GORMAN Woburn, Mass, Maier: Economics: SKIP: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4. Gibson Giles Gincler Gleason Glynn Godfrey Golclsmilh Goodridge To Ihe Righf Top Row: Gordon Gorman Gove Bo'Hom Row: Gran? Gray Grinnell SHERBURN GOVE DAVID S. GRAY Fremonl Durham Major: Mechanical Enqineering:A1'I: Dean's Lis'I' I, 2, 3, 4: Maior: Business Adminislralion: GX: ROTC: Scabbarcl 8: Veclor Socielyg ASME: NI-IOC 2, 4. Blade: Flying Club. BRUCE GRANT HELEN A. GRINNELL Durham Durham Maior: Business AcIminis'fra+ion: AXA: Hockey I: Lacrosse Maior: English: AEA Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 4: Dean's Lisl' I, 2, 3: I, 3: N. H. Club. NHOC I, 2, 3, 4: German Club 3: Folio Club 3: SCM I, 3: Dorm House Council I. 7l RICHARD GROSSMAN Menclwesler Maior: Civil Engineering: EB: f1lKfI1: fblxfli 3, 4: De-an's Lisl I, 2, 3: Vecior Sociel' 3, 4: Blue Circle 2, 3, 4: ASCE 3, 4: Y NI-IOC I, 2. 3, 4. FRANK P. HAD LEY Porisrnoullw Maior: Elecirical Engineering Dean's Lisl 2, 3: AIEE: IRE. ROBERT HAGEN Berlin Major: Economics: EAR Pres. 4: Dean's Lis Bus. Club 3, 4. JOHN I. HALE, JR. Laconia Maior: Elecfrical Engineering. ANDREW HALEY Dover Major: Eleclrical Engineering: TIME 3, 4: 3, 4: AIEE 3, 4. A. JAMES HALEY Plymoufh lviaior: Biology: 11,2 4: Dean's Lisl JOH N HALEY Dover Engineering: HMB Vice Lisl I, 2, 3: AIEE. Maior: Eleclrical ROBERT HALEY Haverhill, Mass. Maier: Bacreriology. 2: IFC 4: Eco. Dean's Lis? I, 2, 2, 4. Pres. 4: Dean's Leff Hand Page RALPH HALL Porlsmoulh Maior: Business AcIminisI'ra+ion: GKGD Treas. 2: Dean's Lisf 2, 3: Newman Club 2, 3: Foofball I: Bus. Adm. Eco. Club: Ve1"s Commissary. VERNON H. HALL Durham Maior: Civil Engineering: KE: Blue Key 4: N. H. Varsily Club 3, Vice-Pres. 4: THE GRANITE 4: Spring Track I, 2, 3, 4: Winlrer Track 2: Cross Counlry 2: ASCE 3, 4: Sfucl. Union Pub. Com. 4: Campus Correspondenf 3, 4. Grossman Hadley Hagen Hale Haley, A. Haley, A.J. Haley, J. Haley, R. To fhe Righf Top Row: Hall, R. Hall, V. Haller BoHom Row: Hamlin Hammond Hand ROBERT HALLER HARRIETT HAMMOND New Durham Newingfon Maior: Chemical Engineering: Baseball 2, 3: N. H. Varsily Maior: Bacleriologyg AWDS I, 2: SCM 3, 4: German Club 3: Club 2, 3, 4. Univ. Orch. I, 2: NHOC I, 2, 4: SI'ucI. Union CuII. Rec. Com. Sec. 3, 4: Flying Club I, 2. VERNON H. HAMLIN CHARLES R. HAND Gorham Lancasfer Maior: Business Adminislrafiong 1I2MA: NHOC I: THE NEW Maior: Malhemafics: Dean's Lisi' I: SCM I, 2, Vice-Pres. 3, HAMPSHIRE Subs. Mgr. 3, 4: Track I. Pres. 4: Mask 8: Dagger 2, 3, 4. 73 ROBERT HANSON Wolfeboro Maier: Economics: GX: Ski Team: Varsily Club. WENDELL A. HARDY Manchesfer Maior: Business Adminislralion. WILLIAM HARKAWAY Nashua Major: Pre-Medical: 111A Sec. 3, Vice Pres. 4: Dean's Lisl I: THE GRANITE 4: Hillel Club I, 2, 3, 4: N. H. Varsily Club 4: Lacrosse 3, 4: NHOC I. RUSSELL HARMON, JR. Durham Maier: Psychology: AXA: Class Sec. I: Cheerleader I, 2, 3, Head 4: Lacrosse 2, 3, 4: NHOC 3, 4: Adv. ROTC 2, 3: Fresh. Camp Com. 2, 3. NORRIS B. HARRIMAN Anlrim Maier: Civil Engineering: KDMA: ASCE 3, 4: Inlramural Baslcelball. PAULINE B. HARRIS Pelham Maior: Physical Educalion: XQ: Cadel Colonel 4: SCM I, 2: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4: The Whips 3: Dance Club 4: Jr. Prom Aide 3: O. T. Club I. ROBERT HARRIS Winchesler, Mass. Maior: Economics: ATQ: NI-IOC I, 2, 3: Baslcelball Mgr. I. GEORGE HASELTON Moniclair, N. J, Ma'or: Governmenl' Dean's Lisl I 2 3' IIFM 3 4' THE I I I , I . . NEW HAMPSHIRE I, 2, Sporls Ed. 3, 4: THE GRANITE 3, 4: Press Club 3, 4: Yachl Club I: SCM I: Inl. Rel. Club 3, 4: JV Foolball I: Inf. Sporls Chmn. Lefi' Hand Page ANDREW HASTINGS Newpori Maior: Physical Educafiong TMA, Dean's Lisl 3: N. H. Varsiiy Club 2, 3, 4: SCM 3: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4, Mike 8: Dial 2, 3, 4 Opus '45 I, 2, 3, 43 Press Club 2, 3: Univ. Band I: Univ I234-SIciTeamI34 Orch. I 2 3' Univ. Ensemble N. I-I. vlfalflcais Dance Band Ldr.'2,l3,'4g'THE NEW IJIAIIAP SHIRE Bcl. of Ecls. 3. GEORGE HATCH Hennilcer Maier: Governmenlg IIFM 4: Dean's Lisl' I, 2, 3, 4: IRC 2, 4 Liberal Club 2, 3: Inf. Baskelball I, 2. Hanson Hardy Harkaway Harmon Harriman Harris, P. Harris, R. Hasellon To 'Ihe RigI1I Top Row: Hasrings Hafclu Hawkenson BoH'om Row: Hayden Hayes Healy LLOYD HAWKENSON MILDRED HAYES Berlin Enfield Maier: Foresiryg ATU: AZ 2, 3, 4: Dean's Lisl' 37 Foresiry Major: Englisl-up Newman Club I: Women's Glee Club I, 2, 3 Club 2, 3, 4: Ski Team I. 2. 3, 4: N. H. Varsiiy Club I, 2, NI-IOC I. 3, 4: Blue Circle 2, 3, 4. HUGH HAYDEN JOHN HEALY Norllw IRCIBYYIS, INAGSS. Manghegfer Maior: MaIl1emaIics:Dean's Lisf I: Univ. Band I. Maior: Ma+I'1emaI'icsgEBg Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4, NI-IOC I Baskefball I. FREDERICK HELLEN Porfsmoulh Maior: Physical Educalion. PETER HENEAGE Hanover Major: Bioloqv, WARREN HENDERSON Wesl Roxbury, Mass. Major: Horliculfure: AFP: AZ 2, 3, Chron. 4: SCM I: Canlerbury Club 2, 3, 4: Horf. Club 2, 3, Sec.-Treas. 4. PHYLLIS HENRY Hopedale, Mass. Maior: Malhemafics: TIME 4: Dearfs Lisr I. 2, 3, 4: Edmund L. Brigham Scholarship 2: PIII-Sawyer Willard Alumni Scholar- ship 3, 4: Non-Resiclenf Scholarship 2, 4: Dorm Pres. 4: SCM I, 2, 3, 4: Mike 8: Dial 3, Treas. 4: AWS 4: NHOC I, 2, 3: Opus '45 I, 2, 3, 4: Women's Glee Club I, 2, 3. RUTH COOMBS HENRY Maplewood, N. J. Maior: Hospilal Dielelics: XYZ: Moriar Board Pres.: AWS 3, 4: Carnival Aide 3, 4: Pep Cal 3: SCM I, 2, 3: Pan Hell. 3: Skaling Club I: Dorm Sec. I, Treas. 2. DORIS M. HEWITT Manchesler Maior: Physical Educaiion Teacher Preparaiiong XD: Dean's Lis+ 3: THE NEW HAMPSHIRE I: Yachl Club I: NHOC I, 2: Fresh. Council I: Tennis Team I, 3, 4: Tennis Champion I, 3, 4: Baskelball I, 3. JOHN HIBBARD Porlland, Me. Maior: Eclucalion: N. H. Varsiry Club I, 2, 3, 4: Ski Team 2, 3, 4. DAVID HIGGINS Easl Barringlon Maior: Horlicullure: Horliculiure Club. Lefl' Hand Page I-Iellen Heneage Henderson Henry, P. Henry, R. Hewili' Hibbarcl Higgins, D. To Ihe Righf Top Row: Higgins, J. Hill Hilliard Bo'H'om Row: I'-IiI'Ion Hui Hird Hirsch :I ROBERT HILLIARD La ncasler Major: Eleclrical Engineering: Dean's Lisl 2, 3: AIEE 3, 4: Newman Club 2. ELROY HILTON Dover Maior: Psychology: ROTC 3, 4. ,W 7, :, , , , JEAN S. HIGGINS Durham Maior: Hospiial Dieieiics: GT: HIPTO Sec. 3, 4: 422 4: Dean's Lisi 2, 3: Pan Hell. 3, 4: SCM I: NHOC I, 2: Home Ec. Club 3, 4: Opus '45 3: Women's Glee Club I: Univ. Choir 2, 3. JAMES HILL Egypi, Mass. Major: Chemical Engineering: AXE: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: NI-IOC I. JOHN HIRD Wakefield, Mass. Maior: Civil Engineering: AXA: ASCE 3, 4: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4: Press Club 2: Baslcelball I: J. V. Baseball I: Slci Team 2: Hockey 4. DOROTHY HIRSCH Boslon, Mass. Maior: English: Dean's Lisl I, 3: AIT 3, Treas. 4: Morlar Bd.: THE GRANITE 3: THE NEW HAMPSHIRE I, Hisl. 2, News Ed. 3, Mg. Ecl. 4: NI-IOC I: Press Club 2, 3: Folio Club 3: Hillel Club I, 2, 3, 4: Poerry Workshop 3, 4: Dance Club 4. HENRY W. HOGUE Porlsmoufh Maior: Psychologyq TKE: 'PX Pres. 47 Newman Club I, 2, 35 NI-IOC I, 25 Psych. Club 2, Treas. 3. WALTER HOLDEN Norlh Weare Maior: English. ELMER A. HORNE Farminglon Major: I-lofel Aclminisirafionq AXA, Jr. Greelers of America 2, 3, 41 Jr. I-Iolel Men of America 4: Nl-IOC 3, 4. HAROLD HORNE Berlin Major: Hislory: Dean's Lisi 2: Liberal Club Chmn. 3, 41 SCM 3, 4: AVC 2, 3: Nl-IOC 2: Slud. Peace-Day Rally 3. CHARLES L. HOWARD Keene Maier: Business Adminislraiion: Eco-Business Club: Infra- mural Baslcelball. RICHARD HOWARD Lebanon Maier: Zoology: Ski Team I, 2, Baseball I. JOHN HOWKER Durham Mafor: Bacieriologyg Dean's Lis? 43 Nl-IOC I, 2, 3: Yachl Club I. PRISCILLA HOWKER Durham Maior: Occupafional Therapy: Dean's Lisl' I, 2, 3: SCM I, 2: Cpus '45 3: O. T. Club 4: Univ. Ensemble 3, Yachl Club 21 NHOC I. Lefl' Hand Page EDGAR W. HUCKINS. JR. Siralziord Maior: Civil Engineering: AXA: NHOC 2, 4: Flying Club 2 ASCE. LOUIS R. HUGGINS Pembroke Maior: Governmenig HKA Treas. 37 A4191 IRC l, 2, 3, 4 NHOC 43 German Club 3: French Club 4: Freshman Fooiball Hogue Holden Horne, E. Horne, H. Howard, C. Howarcl. R. Howlcer. J. Howlcer, P To The Righf Top Row: Huckins Huggins Hughes BoHom Row: Huisak Huni Huniley LAWRENCE J. HUGHES HOWARD C. HUNT Dover Chesfer Maior: Zoology: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4, S+uden+ Union 4: Major: Mechanical Engineering: fI'ATg NHOC I: ASME 3. 4 Commu'rer's Org. 4. EDWARD J. HUJSAK OUENTIN W. HUNTLEY Reed's Ferry Goifsiown Maior: Chemical Engineering: AXE: Newman Club 3, 45 Maior: General Agricullure: Dean's Lis'r 3: J. V. Baseball 4 ROTC I, 2, 3, 4. CARROLL P. HUNTRESS Saco, Me. Maior: Physical Educalional Teacher Preparalion: Class Vice Pres. 2: Foolball 2, 3, 4: Lacrosse 2, 3, Capl. 4: NH Varsily Club Treas. 4. BEVERLEY HURD Concord Major: Biology: Dean's Lisl 2: Canierbury Club I, 2, 3, 4: lnlerclass Sollball I, 2, 3, 4. CLYDE IGNASZEWSKI Erving, Mass. Maior: Eleclrical Engineering: fI1KfIf: 1121141 2, 3, 4: HMB 3, 4: Dean's Lisl I, 2, 3, 4: Veclor Sociely 3, 4: AIEE 3, 4: NI-IOC I: Baseball Mgr. 2. 3. PHYLLIS I. INGLE Manchesler Maior: Social Service: AXQ Pres. 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Soc. Club 3: NI-IOC I, 2, 3, 4: All-Slar Tennis 3. INGRID E. INGLES Cenler Sandwich Maior: Physical Educalional Recrealion: Nl-IOC I, 2, 3, 4: SCM I: Home Ec. Club 3: Opus '45 I, 2, 3, 4: Univ. Orch. I, 2, 3, 4: Univ. Glee Club I: All-Slar Sollball I, 2, 3: Inlerclass Soflball I, 2, 3: Inlerclass Baskelball I, 2, 3: Inlerclass Hockey I, 2, 3. VERNON INGRAHAM Exeier Maior: English: QMA Sec. 2, 3: Mask 8: Dagger 3, Bus. Sup. 4: Mike 81 Dial 3, 4: Poelry Club I, 2, 3, 4: Classical Club 4: College Keys Ouarfel 3, 4. RUSSELL F. INGRAM Salem Depol Maior: Agricullural Engineering: NI-IOC I: Soc. ol Ag. Eng. JAMES IRWIN Laconia Maior: Business Aclminislraiion: BAE Vice Pres. 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Jr. Prom. Com.: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4: Winler Track I, 2: Inlramural Sporls 2, 3, 4. 31 if -, , LeH Hand Page Hunfress Hurd Ignaszewski Ingls Ingles Ingraham Ingram Irwin To Ihe Righf Top Row: Isaak Jackson, H Jackson, M. BoH'om Row: Jackson, S. Jacobs Jacobson LOUIS ISAAK Manchesier Maior: Public Adminisiraiion: KZ: Dean's Lis? 3: IRC 2, 3, 4: Inframural Sporis 2, 3. 4. HAROLD JACKSON Wesf Haven, Conn. Maior: Dairy Husbandry: AZ: CIDALIDQ Dean's Lisf 2, 3, 4: NHOC 3. MARY E. JACKSON PiI"IsIieId Major: English: Dean's Lisi 3: SCM I, 2, 3: NHOC I. STERLING W. JACKSON Laconia Maior: Pre-Medical: NHOC I, 4: Track I: German CIub 2. ELIZABETH M. JACOBS Alsiead Maior: Home Economics Teacher PreparaIion: fI1T0: Dean's Lisf 2, 3: Home Ec. Club 2, 3, 4: NHOC 3, 4: Women Ve'r. Assoc. 2, 3, 4: Durham Reelers 4. PHYLLIS JACOBSON Manchesfer NHOC I, 3: THE GRANITE 4: SCM 4: Col. Ches+ Com. 3, Sec. 4. Major: English: AXQ Vice Pres. 4: Pan HeII. 3, Pres. 4: LEWIS JANETOS A Dover Maior: Elec?rical Engineering: Dean's Lis? 2, 37 AIEE. WILLIAM JARVIS Lebanon Maior: Chemical Engineering: AXE 3, 4: Dean's Lis? 2: Newman Club I, 2: ln?rarnural Spor?s I, 2. ROY JEFFREY Walpole Major: Business Aclminis?ra?ion. MAX JENNESS Plymou?l'1 Maior: His?ory: THE NEW HAMPSHIRE 3: IRC 43 S?uclen? Union Cul?. Rec. Com. 4. I CHARLES JOHNSON Por?smou?lf1 Y Maior: Mailwemalicsg Nl-IOC I, 2: Dup. Bridge Club 21 Men's G-lee Club 2: Ve?. Co-op. Com. 4. DONALD JOHNSON Gorham Major: Pre-Medicalg Dean's Lis? 3: French Club 3, 4: Fresh- man Cross Coun?ry. RALPH H. JOHNSON Ki??ery, Me. Maior: Business Adminis?ra?iong Bridge Club 4. RICHARD JOHNSON Hinsdale Maior: Economics: Dean's Lis? 2, 3, 4: Eco. Bus. Club 4. CLASS OF1949 ROBERT A. JOHNSON Durham Maior: Business Aclminislrafiong HIOIA: Dean's Lis'I 2. 3: THE GRANITE 3, Sporis Ed. 4: N. H. Varsiiy Club: Cross Couniry 3, 4: Winler Track 3, 4: Spring Track 2, 3. ROBERT G. JOHNSON Derry Maior: English: KE. , l Lefl' Hand Page I I l Janefos Jarvis Jeffrey Jenness Johnson, C. Johnson, D. Johnson. R. H. Johnson, R. To The Righi' Top Row: Johnson, R. A. Johnson. R. G. Johnsfon Boffom Row: Jones Jordan. H. Jordan, M. f ALBERT C. JOHNSTON, JR. HAROLD V. JORDAN, JR. Keene Laconia Major: Music: Opus '45 2, 3, 4. Major: Bacleriology. SHIRLEY JONES MARGUERITE JORDAN Olcl Orchard, Me. Lynn, Mass. Maior: English: THE NEW HAMPSHIRE 3: NHOC I: SCM Maior: Physical Educallon: GT: WRA 4: NHOC I: Blue I, 3, 4: Inferclass Baskeiball 3, 4: Soffball 3: German Club 4: Circle 2, 3, 4: SCM I, 4: House Council I: Slcaiing Club I: French Club 4: Dorm House Council I, 2, 3. lnferclass Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. 83 ALDEN R. JOY Dover Maior: Chemical Engineering: AXE. STANLEY J. JUREKA Nashua Maior: Business Adminislraliong Dean's Lisf 2, 3, 43 Nl-IOC 47 ROTC 2, 3, Newman Club 3, 4, Eco. Bus. Club 3, 4. JAMES KAGELEIRY Dover Maior: Business Adminislraliong Eco. Bus. Club. ZACHARIAS KAGELEIRY Dover Maior: Accounfingg HFM: Dean's Lisl I, 2, 3: Eco. Bus. Club. ANN E KARGAS Dover Maior: English: KAII 43 AIT 41 Dean's Lisl' I, 2, 3, 4, AWDS I, 2, 3, Pres. 4: Sludenl Union CommuIer's Com. 3, Sec. 4: G. l-I. Williams Scholarship 2: Spanish Club 3: Classical Club I. PHYLLIS KARPINSKI Norlh Walpole Maior: Physical Educaliong Nl-IOC Ig Blue Circle 2, 3, 4, Newman Club I, 2, 3, 41 Newman Club Council 4: Won-nen's Glee Club Ig Univ. Choir 2, 3, 4: Home Ec. Club I, 2, 3, lnlerclass Sporfs I, 2, 3, 43 All-Slar Sofiball 2, 3, Dorm Aihl. Chairman 4. BURTON KAT2 Brookline, Mass. Major: Economics: Hillel Club 3, 4: Maslr 31 Dagger 3, 4. FRANCIS E. KEATI NG Franklin Maior: Physical Educafion Teacher Preparalionp 91011 Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 47 IFC Treas. 3, 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 43 ASO Bd. 4: Slucl. Council Vice Pres. 4: Senior Skulls: Siudenf Union Rec. Com. Le'F'l' Hand Page ROBERT KEITH Wallham, Mass. Maior: Civil Engineering: AXA Pres. 4: Dean's Lisl 2, 3: IFC 4: Sludenl Council 4: N. H. Varsily Club 3, 4: ASCE 3,41 Hockey 2, 3, Co-Capi. 4: Lacrosse 2, 3, 4. BARBARA KEMP Alsleacl Major: Home Economics Teacher Preparalion: KPTO 3, Pres. 4: Home Ec. Club Trees. 2, 3, 4: Univ. Glee Club l: House Counsellor 2: Dorm Sec. 4. Joy Jurelca Kageleiry. J. Kageleiry, Z. Kargas Karpinslci Kafz Kealing To 'Hue Rig'i' Top Row: Keifh Kemp Ken? Bofiom Row: Kielman Kilburn Kimball, C. ROBERT A. KENT LAWRENCE KILBURN Lawrence, Mass. Walpole Maior: Foreslryg IIHAT: Foreslry Club 2, 3, 4. Major: English: Mask X: Dagger 2, 3, Vice Pres. 4: Mike 31 Dial 3, 4: Lens 8: Shulfer 3: Folio Club. JOHN KIELMAN CAROL KIMBALL Kiflery, Me. Moullonborough Maier: Holel Aclminislraliong KDAT: Jr. Greelers of America Maior: English: NHOC 2, 3, 4: Rifle Club 2, 3: All-Slar Soil'- ball 2: Dorm Aflwl. Chairman 4. 85 CLARENCE KIMBALL Norfh Berwick, Me. Maior: Eleclrical Engineering: AIEE 3, 4, GEORGE H. KIMBALL Ashland. Mass. Major: Elecirical Engineering: AIEE 3, 4. NICHOLAS KISCHITZ Newporl Maior: Eleclrical Engineering: EB Vice Pres. 2: Sphinx AIEE 3, 4: Lens 84 Shulier I, 2: NHOC I, 23 Lacrosse A. RAYMOND KNIGHT, JR. Elioi, Me. 2. I . Maior: Eleclrical Engineering: HHH: AIEE: Dean's Lisl: Vecror Sociely. MARY KNIGHT Bradenlon, Fla. Major: Business Adminisfrafion: AXQ Trees. 4: Dean's Lisl Eco. Bus. Club 4: Mask 8: Dagger 3, 4: NI-IOC 3, 4: SCM ARLIENE KNOWLTON Barnslead Major: Ari: XQ: THE GRANITE 2: SCM I: NI-IOC I, 2, 3, Dance Club 4: O. T, Club I. JOHN W. KNOWLTON Salem, Mass. Major: Chemical Engineering: EB Sec. 4: AXE Vice Pres. Pres. 4: Dean's Lisl I: TI-IE NEW HAMPSHIRE News Ed. Mg. Ed. 2, Ed. in Chief 3: NI-IOC I, 3, 4: Univ. Band Univ. Orch. I. DORIS KOEHLER Pelham Maior: Ari: NI-IOC I: Blue Circle 2, 3, 4: O. T. Club Sludenl Union 3, 4: SCM I, 2, 3, 4: Dorm Soc. Chairman 3. 4 4 3 I I 4 Leff Hand Page JAMES KOLBE Concord Maior: Business Adminisralion: THE NEW HAMPSHIRE I Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Eco. Bus Club 3 4 ANDREW KOSKI, JR Uni+y Maior: Agricullural Engineering: ATP ASAE Sec 3 4 -I Kimball, C. Kimball, G. Kischifz Kniglfr, A. Knigl1I,M. Knowlion, A. Knowllon, J. Koehler To The Righl' Top Row: Kolbe Koslce Krasker Boffom Row: Krefsepis Krupa Knyslynialc ELAINE SADOS KRASKER EMIL KRUPA Porlsmoufl-I Manclwesfer Maier: Governmenl: KDKQP: IIFM 3, Pres. 4: Dean's Lisl' I, 2, MGIOVC BUSIUSSS Adminisfralionz 3131 N l 5 3, 4: German Club I: Hillel Club I, 2, 3, 4: AWDS 2, 3: Baslaeiball I: Baseball I, 2 3 NHOC I, 2. SOPHIE KRETSEPIS WALTER J. KRZYSTYNIAK Dover Manchesler Maior:OccupaIionalTl1erapy: NHOC I: O. T. Club 4. Maior: Mechanical Engineering: ASME 3 4 Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: NI-IOC: ROTC I: ROTC Bancl I EDMUND A. KUBLISKI Newporr Maior: Elecrrical Engineering: Dean's Lisf: Newman Club: AIEE. MAURICE KUCHAR Manchesler Major: Governmenf: EAE Asst Treas, 2: Newman Club 2, 3, 4: Foofball 2. 3, 4. FREDERICK KU EHN Lawrence, Mass. Malor: Business Adminisiraiion: Dean's Lisjr 2, 3: NI-IOC 4: Eco. Bus. Club 4. HENRY KULIGOWSKI e Derry Maier: Chemisiry: HKA Vice Pres. 3: Newman Club 2, 3, 4. WI N I FRED LABONTE Liiilefon Maior: Home Economics: Dean's Lisr 3: NHOC I, 2, 4: New- man Club I, 2, 3, 4: Home Ec. Club 3, 4. MAURICE LABRIE Nashua Malor: Business Aclminislraliong fI1AT Treas. I. 2: Newman Club 2, 3, 4: THE NEW HAMPSHIRE 3. FOKION LAFIONATIS Haverhill, Mass. Maier: German: GX: German Club 3, 4: Dorm Treas. 3. DONALD B. LAKE Porlsmouih Maior:Cl'1emis+ry: AXE Pres. 3: Dean's Lis? 3. Leff Hand Page Kubliski Kuchar Keuhn Kuligowslci Labonle Labrie Lafionaiis Lake To Ihe Righf Top Row: Lamberf La Monfagne Lamy Roffom Row: Landry Lane Lang, C. JOSEPH A. LAMY Manchesier Major: Bacieriology: IDE: Dean's Lisl I, ERNEST L. LANDRY Nashua Major: Agriculfural Economics. THORWALD A. LAMBERT Auburn Maier: Elecirical Engineering: TKE: Senior Skulls: NHOC 2: Flying Club I, 2: Dean's Lisl' I: AIEE. CECILE LA MONTAGNE Nashua Maier: English: Deans' Lisr: Newman Club 2, 3, 4: House Council 4: Univ. Glee Club 3, 4. I I I I CLAYTON LANE Wes? Cheslerfielcl Maier: Economics: AXA Sec. 2, 3: Freshman Foolball Co- Capl.: Freshman Winler ancl Spring Track: Foofball 2, 3, Co-Capt 4: Class Sec. 2, 3: NHOC I: Blue Circle 2, 3, 4: N I-I Club. CLESSON LANG Keene Maior: Chemisfryg OKIII Sec. 3, Treas. 4: AXE 2, 3, 4: New- man Club I, 2, Treas. 3, 4: NHOC I, 2, 3: THE NEW HAMP- SHIRE 2. KENNERD LANG Manchesfer Major: I-lolel Adminisrralion: KIDHA: Univ. Band I, 2: Jr. Greelers of America 2, 3, Sec. 4: Jr. I-lolel Men of Amer- ica 4. G. ROBERT LANGE Melrose, Mass. Major: Geology: KIHMA: NHOC l: Blue Circle 2, 3, Vice Pres. 4: Senior Skulls: AIME 3, 4: Ski Team I, 2: Winler Track I, 2: Spring Track I, 2. JOSEPH LANGTON Porlsmoullw Major: Mallwemalics: Dean's Lis? 3: N. H. Varsily Club 3, 4: NI-IOC I: Track 3,'4: Cross Counfry 3. DOROTHY LA ROCHELLE Berlin Major: Secrerariel: Newman Club I, 2, 3: NI-IOC I, 2, 3, 4: Women's G-lee Club I. EDWARD LAVERNOICH Berlin Major: Governmenl: 6KfI1: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: IRC. ANDREW LAVOIE Franklin Major: Mechanical Engineering: KPKKIP 3 ,4: AX 3, 4: Dean's Lisl l, 2, 3, 4: ASME 3, 4: Veclor Socie+y 4: Dup. Bridge Club 3, 4. JEANNETTE LAVOIE Lilllelon Major: English: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Nl-IOC I: Sfudeni Union 4: Dorm Pres. I: THE NEW HAMPSHIRE I. LUTHER LAWRENCE Berwick, Me. Major: Mechanical Engineering. Leif Hand Page Lang, K. Lange Langfon La Rochelle Lavernoich Lavoie. A. Lavoie. J. Lawrence To Ihe Righf Top Row: Lawson Leah Leaviff Bo'Hom Row: Lemieux Lemplce LepoFF JOHN H. LAWSON Gloucesler, Mass. Major: Physical Eclucalion Teacher Preparahon Shi Sec 2 KAIIQ Dean's Lisl 2, 33 Sludenl Council Pres 4 Blue Key Scabbard 84 Blade 3, 47 Newman Club I 2 3 4 NI-I Varslly Club: Baskeiball I, 3: Baseball I 2 3 CARMEN LEAH Waferlown, Mass Maior: Social Service EARLE E. LEAVITT BETTY LEMPKE CIaremon'I' Dover Maior: Pre-Medical: fI1A1I1: CPE: Dean's Lish Grad. Science Maier: Occuparional Therapy: O T CIub4 SoCie'I'y: Pre-Med. Soc.: ROTC: Lacrosse Ig Cross Counfry I: DORIAN LEMIEUX, JR. BERNARD LEPOFF Manchesler Porlsmoulh Maier: Business AcIminis+ra+iong EAE: Newman Club I, 2, Major: Psychology: fI1KfIlg1I1X Vice Pres 4 Deans Llsi' I 2 3, 4: Jr. Prom. Com. 3: Eco. Bus. Club 47 NHOC ? 3, 4: 3, 47 Psych. CIuI::3 EDGAR LESSARD Plymoulh Maor: Elecirical Engineering: KE: Dean's Lisl I: AIEE 3, 4. RAYMOND LEVINE Manchesfer Major: Accounling: Dorm Sec. 4: Hillel I, 2, 3, 4: Sludem' Union Vice Chmn. Fin. Com. 4. HERBERT H. LEVINGSTON Durham Major: Business Adminisirelion: 'IPA Trees. 3, Pres. 4: Hillel I, 2, 3, 4: IFC 4: NHOC I, 2, 3: Track I. EDMONDE LEVITAN Winlhrop, Mass. Maior: English: Dean's Lisf 3, 4: THE NEW HAMPSHIRE I: NHOC I: Univ. Glee Club I, 2: Classical Club 3, 4: Opus '45 3, 4: Dorm Trees. 4. LIONEL LEVITT Porlsmoulh Maior: Business Adminislralion: Hillel I, 2, 3, 4: Exec. Coun- cil 4: Eco. Bus. Club 3, Sec. 4. PEARL LEWIS Sfraflord Major: English: Dean's Lisl 2, 3: Mike 81 Dial I, 2, 3, 4: THE NEW HAMPSHIRE I: NHOC l, 2, 3, 4: Folio Club I: Hillel I, 2, 3, 4. LOUIS G. LIBBARES Keene Maior: Accounling: Eco. Bus. Club 3: NHOC 2, 3: lnlra- mural Sporls 2, 3, 4: JV Basliefball 2. R. WANDA LIBBY Porlsmoulh Maior: Music Educalion: GT: Dean's Lisi' I, 2, 3, 4: KAH: Morlar Bd. Edilor: Alumni Scholarship: Opus '45 Treas. 3. Vice Pres. 4: Univ. Symphony I, 2, 3, Concerlmisfress 4: Univ. Slring Ensemble l, 2, 3, Concerlmislress 4: Thealer Ensemble I, 2, 3, 4: Univ. Com. on Lec. 8: Con. 4. ., N ROBERT M. LINDQUEST Claremonl Maior: English: YIPMAI Dean's Lis'r I, 2, 3, 4: THE GRANITE Feafures Ed. 3, Edifor-in-Chief 4: Sfudenf Council 43 Ger- man Club 23 NHOC 4. Qi : JAM ES LI O NTAS f fa' Manchesfer Maior: Chemical Engineering: fI1Kfl5g AXE3 TKAg Dean's , 'i-'IT Lis+ 1, 2, 3. I Leff Hand Page Lessard Levine Levingsfon Levifan Levifl' Lewis Libbares Libby To fhe RigI1I' Top Row: Lochen Linclquesf Lionlas Boffom Row: LH+Ie Liiflefield Long ARTHUR LITTLE KAI LOCHEN Warner Oslo, Norway Maior: Agriculfural Economics: THE NEW HAMPSHIRE 2, 3: Major: Mechanical Engineering: OX: AX I, 2, 3, 4: TIME NHOC Ig Dorm Sec.-Treas. 2, 3. 3, 43 ASME: Vecfor Sociefyg Dean's Lisl I, 2, 3, 4. PHILIP G. LITTLEFIELD PATRICK C. LONG, JR. Dover Sanford, Me. Maier: Business Consfrucliong 'I,MA: Dean's Lisf 3: THE Maior: Economics: BAE: Foo+baII Ig NHOC Ig Folio Club 3: GRANITE 4: Canferbury Club 3, 4. Mayor of Durham 3. 93 CHARLES LORD Dover Maior: Englislw. JOAN LOVERING Berlin Maior: Biology: 9T: Dorm Officer I: House Counsellor I, 2: NI-IOC I, 2. 3, 4: SCM I, 2, 4. RUSSELL V. LOW Sanford, Me. Maior: Mechanical Engineering: ASME 3, 4. GERTRUDE E. LU KASAVI Mancl1esI'er Maior: Social Service: UAE Sec. 2, Vice Pres. 3: Pan Hell 3: Opus '45 I, 2: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Newman Club Ccun' cil 3: Soc. Club 2: Yaclwl Club 2: NHOC I, 2, 3. HENRY LUTZ Suncoolc Major: Civil Engineering: Lens 8: Slwuller I, 2: Scabbard 81 Blade 2, 3, 4: THE NEW HAMPSHIRE I, 2: NHOC I, 2, 3: Canlerbury Club 4: Sluclenl Union Soc. Rec. Treas. 3.4. DENNIS C. LYNCH Wesl Haven, Conn. i Maier: Eleclrical Engineering: QIIMA: AIEE 3, 4: Milce 2: Dial 4: NI-IOC I, 2: Newman Club I, 3, 4: Univ. Gleo Club 2: Univ. Choir 3, Vice Pres. 4: College Keys Quarlel 3, 4. DONALD N. LYNCH Penacoolc Maior: Eleclrical Engineering: KPKKD: Dean's Lis? 2, 3, 4: AIEE: NHOC 3, 4. WALLACE L. MACAULAY Manclwesler Maior: Business Adminislraliong Dorm Treas.: Baslcelball 2: Eco. Bus. Club. ,g iff: ' ,1 5.11. ,V -.' .4 1 ' Leff Hand Page , :Z WILLIAM MACDONALD Hanover Maior: Foreslryg BAE: N. H. Varsily Club 3, 4: Hockey 3, 4: Foofball I: Foresfry Club. BENJAMIN MACEY Concord Maior: Biology: SX. Lord Lovering Low Lukasavi Luiz Lynch. D. C. Lynch, D. N. Macaulay To 'II-ne Righf Top Row: MacDonald Macey MacLane Boffom Row: Mallais Magoon Makris MARION MacLANE HARRY MAKRIS Alslead Nashua Major: Social Service: GT: AKA 3, 47 HTH 43 Dean's Lisl Maior: Business Aclminislralionp KE: TKAQ Foofball Ig I. 31 Mike 8: Dial 3, 4: Univ. Choir 3, 4: Soc. Club 3: Inframural Sporfs I, 2, 3, 4. Opus '45 I, 2, 3, 4. PAUL MAGOON RICHARD E. MALTAIS Gilman. VI. Franklin Maior: Foresfry CIYAT: Univ. Choir: NHOC SCM Ig Maior: I-Iisloryg Dean's Lis'r I, 31 Dorm Pres. 47 ID Council 4. Foresfry Club 2, 3, 4. 95 HAROLD MANION Concord Maior: Holel Adminislralion: BX Vice Pres. 4: SCM I: NHOC I: Blue Circle 3, 4: N. H. Varsily Club: Lacrosse 3: Jr. Greelers of America 3, 4: Jr. Hoiel Men of America 3, 4. BARBARA MARDEN Lincoln Maior: English: X9 Vice Pres. 4: Univ. Glee Club I, 2: Maslc 8: Dagger 2, 3, Trees. 4: French Club : SCM I, 2, 3: NHOC l, 2, 3, 4: House Council I: Jr. Prom Com. DONALD A. MARSDEN, JR. Lynn, Mass. Maior: Business Adminislraliong EAE. DEXTER B. MARSH Conway Major: Psychology: SCM 3, 4: Univ. Rel. Council Pres. 3, 4: Yachr Club 2: Univ. Mixed Chorus 2: Univ. Glee Club 3: Psych Club 3: French Club 3: SCM Rep. 'Io FRONCON 3, and ESCON 4: Assoc. Member of DCC: DCC Choir: Chrisl. Herif. Com. 3, 4. NEAL L. MARTIN Franklin Maior: Chemical Engineering: fI1AT:AXE:Scabbard 84 Blade: Newman Club: Dean's Lisl I. RICHARD F. MASON Baldwinville, Mass. Maier: Chemical Engineering: TKE: AXE: Dean's Lisl 2: Univ. Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Vel. Co-op. Com. WILLIAM L. MASTERTON Cenfer Conway Maier: Chemislry: fI1KfI': AXE. CONSTANCE MATTHEWS Dover Maior: Psychology: De-an's Lisl 3: AWDS I, 2, 3, 4: Psych. Club 4: Univ. Choir 2, 3: NHOC 3, 4: Dance Club. i , Lefi Hand Page J EAN N ETTE MATTH EWS New Hamplon Maior: Home Economics, XSZ: NI-IOC I 2 3 4 SCM 3 4 Home Ec. Club 3, 4, House Council I 3 MARY E. MAXWELL Henniker Maior: Biology: Dean's Lis'r 2, 3: SCM I Col Chesf Com I Manion Marclen Marsden Marsh Marlin Mason Masferfon Maflhews, C. To 'Ihe Righf Top Row: Maiihews, J. Maxwell Maynard Boffom Row: Mayrand Mazeau McCool ROGER MAYNARD JOHN MAZEAU Lebanon Milford, Conn. Maior: Elecfrical Engineeringg AIEE 3, 41 Newman Club 3, 4. Major: Chemical Engineering: 'DMA Vice Pres 3 Compl 3, 4: AXE Rec. 2, Na+. Del. 4: Dean s Lisl' I FRED R. MAYRAND MATILDA McCOOL Dover I-Iamplon Beach Maier: Psychology: French Club 2, German Club 23 Newman Major: Home Economics: KIPTO 47 Newman Club 2 3 Home Club 2. EC. Club I, 2, 3, 4: Inierclass Sporis 3 JOYCE McCUE Easl Brainiree, Mass. Major: Physical Educafion: KIHM Vice Pres. 2, Pres. 3: NHOC I, 2, 3: Newman Club I, 2, Sec. 3, Vice Pres. 4: Univ. Rel. Coun.: All-Sfar Hockey 4: Hockey 2, 3: Sofiball I, 2. EDWIN L. McDONALD Durham Maior: Elecirical Engineering: AXE: IIME: Dean's Lisi' I, 2, 3, 4: AIEE 3. JANE MCDONOUGH ManchesIer Maior: English: Newman Club I. 2, 3, 4: NHOC I, 4: Pouliry Sci. Club I, Sec.-Treas. 2, 3, 4: Siudenl Union 4. RALPH E. McGlNNIS Rumney Depof Maior: Mechanical Engineering: 'IPAQ 2, 3, 4: KIDKIDQ IIME 3, 4: Vecfor Sociery 3, 4: Dean's Lisi I, 2, 3. WILLIAM P. MCGOVERN Manchesler Major: Government KE: IRC: Scabbard 31 Blade 3, 4: ROTC 3, 4: Newman Club: Pre-Law Club. - WILLIAM McKAY Ma nchesier Major: Elecirical Engineering: Dean's Lisl 2: AIEE: Univ. Band 2, 3, 4: Univ. Orch. 2, 4. GEORGE McKELVEY Lowell, Mass. Maior: Hisiory: Dean's Lisl I, 2, 3: Univ. Band I. BARBARA MCKINZIE Plymoulh Maior: Arfs: AEA: Dean's Lisl' 3: Newman Club I, 2: Univ. Glee Club I: NHOC 4. LeH Hand Page KATHERINE McLAUGHLIN Nashua Maior: Physical Educalion: Nl-IOC I, 2, 3, 4: Newman Club: Newman Club Council I: lnierdorm Council I: WRA 3, 4: Dorm Trees. 3: German Club I: Bridge Club 2, 3: Hockey 2, 3: Basketball 2, 3: Sofiball 3: House Council Treas. 3. JEAN E. McNEIL Dover Maior: Bacieriology: Flying Club: German Club: Sruclenl Union 3, 4: AWDS I, 2, 3, 4: Baskeiball. McCue McDonald McDonough McGinnis McGovern McKay McKelvey McKinzie To Ihe Righf Top Row: McLaughlin McNeil, J. McNeil. L. BoHom Row: McReeI Mead Merrifield 1 LESLIE McNElL A. RICHARD MEAD Porlsmoulh Siralforcl, Conn. Major: Business Aclminisiraiion: Eco. Bus. Club. Maior: Business Aclminisfraiiong Baslcefball 2: Baseball 2: Newman Club 2, 3, 4: IRC 3, 4. ALBERT R. McREEL RAYMOND E. MERRIFIELD Exeler Newion Major: Geology: EB Vice Pres. 2: IFC 2: NHOC 3, 4: Fool- Major: Physical Educarion Teacher Preparafion: Baseball: ball I, 2, 3, 4: Dean's Lisl I, 2, 3. 4. I-lockey: Vet Co-op. Com. 99 l RICHARD MESERVE KiHery, Me. Maior: Business Aclrninisfralion: Hoclcey 3, 4: Baseball 2, 4: Dean's Lisl 4. PHYLLIS M. MESSER New London Major: Physical Educalion Recreaiion: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4: Univ. Glee Club I: All-Slar Hockey 3, 4: All-Siar Soli+balI I, 2, 3: All-Sfar Baskelball I, 3: Dean's Lisl 2: SCM I: Home Ec. Club 3: Inirarnural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4. LOIS M. MILBURY Easl Kingsfon Maior: Bacleriology: KDE Sec. 4: Univ. Glee Club I, 2: Univ. Choir 2, 3, 4: Nl-IOC 3, 4: German Club 2: Sollball I: Skaling Club I: Dean's Lisl 3. CARL R. MILLER Porismoulh Maior: Civil Engineering: Dean's Lisl 3: ASCE Sec.-Treas. 4. FREDERICK MINDT Pembroke Maior: Elecirical Engineering: fPKfIf 4: IIME 3, 4: fI1AfI2 2, 3, Treas. 4: Dean's Lisl' I, 2, 3, 4: Veclor Sociely 3, Pres. 4: AIEE 3, 4. FORREST C. MINER Brailleboro, VI. Maier: Physical Eclucafion Teacher Preparafion: AXA: NHOC I: Blue Circle 2, 3, 4. MIRIAM MINER Manchesler Maior: Occupalional Therapy: AXSZ: Dean's Lisl' 3: Nl-IOC I: Blue Circle 2, 3, 4: O. T. Club 2, 3, 4: SCM I. RAY MINER Keene Maior: Hoiel Adminislralion: CDMA Chaplain 2, 3: Dean's Lisl 2, 3: Jr. Greefers of America 2, 3, 4: Jr. I-lolelmen of America 3, 4: Univ. Choir I, 2, 3, 4: Nl-IOC I, 2: Milne 8: Dial 3. I , Vi. E IOO Lef'I Hand Page Meserve Messer Milbury Miller Mind? Miner, F. Miner, M. Miner, R. To 'Ihe Righf Top Row: Milchell Moore Morehouse Boffom Row: Morrison. E. Morrison, P. Morse DAVID M. MITCHELL Walpole Maior: English. WILLIAM J. MOORE, JR. Manchesler Maier: Mechanical Engineering: ATQ Treas. 3: N. H. Club 2, 3, 4: Lacrosse I: Hockey I, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT MOREHOUSE Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Malor: Business Adminisiraliong ATS21 NHOC I, 2: Fool- ball I. EUGENE MORRISON Dover Maior: Business Aclminislraiiong fI'A: Hillel 2, 3, 4: Scabloarcl 31 Blacle 4. I PHILIP H. MORRISON Kilfery, Me. Maior: Pre-Medical: 'PAID 3, 4: Pre-Medical Soc. 2, 3, 4: Lens 81 Shuller I. 2. Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 4: Univ. Orch. I, 2: Univ. Band I, 2, 3: ROTC Rifle Team I: Chess Club. ANTHONY E. MORSE Manchesler Maior: Business Adminisrralion: IIHAKIP 3: HAH 4: IIFM 4: Dean's Lis+ I, 2, 3: Mike 8: Dial 2: Mask 8: Dagger 4. RALPH MOSH ER Exeier Major: Mechanical Engineering: KIIMA Pres. 4: HME 4: AX: Dean's Lisl I, 2: Nl-IOC 2, 4: Bridge Club: IFC 4. ALICE T. MOUL Easl Kingslon Major: Hospilal Dielelics: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Home Ec. Club 2, 3, 4: Nl-IOC 3: Sollball 3: Baslcelball 3. GEORGE MOULTON Porfsmoulh Maior: Building Consfruciion Engineering. RUSSELL MU LLEN Manchesler Maier: Business Adminislralion: EAE: NHOC I, 2, 3: Pep- cals 2, 3: Head Cheerleader 3: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Dorm Pres.: IDC: Track I. RALPH H. MUNN, JR. Fairlee, VI. Maior: Mechanical Engineering: ASME 3, 4: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4: Lens X: Shuller I: Mike 8: Dial 3, 4. THOMAS M U NSON Dover Maier: Hislory: EB: Dean's Lisl I, 2: N. H. Club: Com- mu+er's Org.: Foolball I, 2, 3, 4. KATHLEEN MUNTON Nashua Maier: Chemislry: ASIA: Dorm Sec. 2: Newman Club I, 2, 3: Council 4: NI-IOC I, 2, 3, 4. ARTHUR F. MURPHY Wesl Medford, Mass. Maior: I-lolel Adminisfralion: BAE Asst Trees. I: Dean's Lisl' I: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Jr. Greelers of America 2, 3, 4: Jr. Holelmen of America: Univ. Com. on Ed. Pol. 3. - OF 1949 Lef'I' Hand Page Munlon Mosher Moul Moulfon Mullen Munn Munson Murphy, A. To'II1e Riglmi' Top Row: Nalli, T. Murphy, D. Murphy, G. Bolfom Row: Murphy, R. Nalli, W. Nesfor DOUGLAS R. MURPHY Porlsmoulh Maier: Horliculrure: AZ: I-Ioriicullure Club. GEORGE E. MURPHY Porlsmouflm Maior: Social Service: AKA 2: Pres. 3, 4: VeI"s Org. I I7 Q 34, RUTH MURPHY Nor+I'1 A'I+Ieboro, Mass. Maior: Bacleriology: Dean's Lisl' 3: NI-IOC I, 2, 3, 4: New- man Club I, 2, 4: Sludenl Union. THEODORE NATTI Gloucesler, Mass. Maior: Foreslry: ATU: AZ 3, 4: 1121011 4: Senior Skulls 4: Dean's Lisl I, 2, 3, 4: Blue Circle 2, 3, 4: Foresfry Club 2, 3, 4: Trees. 3.4: Hockey 2. WILLIAM E. NATTI Gloucesler, Mass. Major: Mechanical Engineering: IDAIP: fDK4I1 TIME: Dean's Lisl I. 2, 3, 4: Veclor Sociely: ASME. JAMES F. NESTOR Medford, Mass. Maior: Business Adrninislralion: GKKP: Blue Key: Scabbard 8: Blade Vice Pres. 2: Newman Club Pres. 2: N. H. Club: Jr. Prom Dance Com.: Foolball I, 2, 3, 4: Hockey I: Sfudenl Council 2. WILLIAM NEVILLE Manclmesier Maior: English: fPKKP: Dean's Lis? I, 2, 3: THE NEW HAMP4 SHIRE: Liberal Club 2, 3: Freshman Cross Counfry. WALDRON W. NEWELL Durham Maier: Horliculiure: EB: AZ: IDE: Dean's Lis+ 2, 3, 4: Hor- Iicullure Club. ESTELLE NEWMAN Lawrence, Mass. Major: Biology: IZFA 2, 3, 4: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4: Hillel I, 2, 3, 4: Liberal Club 3, 4. RICHARD A. NICHOLS Chesier Major: Eleclrical Engineering: ATU Treas. 4: Dean's Lis'r 2, 3: Nl-IOC I, 4: AIEE 3, 4: Fresh. Track Mgr.: Yachl Club 3, 4: Varsily Hockey Mgr. 4. MARGARET B. NIXON Gorham Maior: Horiiculfure: XIQ: Univ. Orclw. I: NHOC I, 2, 3: Dance Club 2, 3: House Council 3: Dorm Sporis Chairman 2. EDWARD J. NOEL Nashua Maior: Business AcIminis+ra+ion: EB: N. H. Varsily Club: Foolball 2, 3.4: Hockey 2, 3, 4. MILTON R. NOVAK Manclwesler Major: Business Adminisfralion: fIvA: TKA 3, 4: IIFM 4: Dean's Lisf 2, 3, 4: Hillel I, 2, 4: Eco-Bus. Club 3, Pres. 4. WALLACE NOWAK Alslead Maior: Accouniing: Eco-Bus. Club 3, 4. Leif Hand Page Neville Newell Newman Nichols Nixon Noel Novak Nowak To 'I'I1e Righf Top Row: Nylen O'Brien Olson BoH'om Row: O'NeiI, A. O'NeiI, S. Osborne BARBARA NYLEN Clearwaler, Fla. Maior: English: AEA: KDKKIP: Dean's Lis? I, 2, 3. 4: Moriar Board: AWS Trees. 3: THE NEW HAMPSHIRE 2, 3. Ed. 4: Mike 8: Dial 2: Press Club 3, Pres. 4: Yachi Club I: Univ. Glee Club I: Valenline Smiih Scholarship: House Council I. DONALD G. O'BRI EN Porismoulh Maior: Elecirical Engineering: fI1KfI1: TKA Sec.-Treas. 3, 4: HME 3, Treas. 4: :PAID 3, 4: Dean's Lisl I, 2, 3, 4: Veclor Sociely Pres. 4: AIEE 3, Pres. 4. ' t .. GEORGE OLSON Manchesier Maior: Accounling: BX: Baseball I, 2. ALLAN O'NEIL Monlpelier, V+. Maior: Malhemalics. SHIRLEY O'NEIL Dover Maior: Physical Eclucalion: LPM Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4: NHOC I, 2, 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Pan Hell. 3, 4: Univ. Rel. Council 4: AII'S+ar Hockey 3, 4: All-Sfar Foofball 2: Baskel- ball, Soflball and Hockey I, 2, 3, 4. CHARLES E. OSBORNE Marblehead, Mass. Major: Business Aclminisfrarion: GX Pres. 4: IFC Pres. 4: Blue Key: Siuclenl Council 4. THADDEUS T. OZOG Franklin Maior: I-lofel Adminis+ra+ion: KE: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Jr. Greelers of America 2, 3, 4. AUDREY L. PARKER Manchesler Maior: Bacleriologyg '-PE 4: Dean's Lis? I, 2, 3: Morlar Board: AWS Pres. 4: SCM I, 2, 3, 4: NI-IOC I, 2, 3, 4: Elizabefh DeMerri+I Award 3: Durham Nolch Bd. 3: Dorm Vice-Pres. 3: , House Counsellor 3: Univ. Rel. Council 2. ROBERT S. PARKER Manchesfer Maior: Eleclrical Engineering: WMA: Dean's Lis+ 2: IDC 3: AIEE. ANN PAU L Wakefield Maior: Chemisfry: KA Treas. 3, 4: XM 3, 4: SCM I, 2, 4: "IOC" Club Cabinel: German Club 4. EDWARD PEARSON Norwich, VI: Maior: Business Adminislrafion: ATO: TKA: Dean's Lisf I: Yachl Club 2: IRC 2, 3: NI-IOC I, 2, 3: Chairman I-Iobo I-Iop Com. I. ROBERT PEARSON Needham, Mass. IM, 'ifiiw Maior: Business Adminislralion: EB. l ll BENSON PERRY Durham Major: Physics. ELAINE I. PETERSON Rochesler Maiorz Biology: OT Treas. 3: Pan Hell. Treas. 3. IO6 Q Le'H' Hand Page Ozog Parker, A. Parker, R. Paul Pearson, E. Pearson. R. Perry Pelerson, E. To 'lhe Riglrl' Top Row: Pfaneuf Pheasanl Peierson, J. ' BoHom Row: Pelroff, G. Pelroff, A Pelligrew GEORGE PETROFF Porl'smoul'l1 Major: Business Adminisfralion: Dean's 2, 3: Bus.-E Club 4: Erencln Club 4. DAVID PETTIGREW Kiflery, Me. Maier: Civil Engineering: QPMA: ASCE 3, 4. i gf JOHN E. PETERSON Porlsmouih lvlaior: Civil Engineering: ASCE. A. MARGARET PETROFF Mancliesler Maior: Business Aclminislralion: Dean's Lis'r l: l-lome Ec. Club 3, 4: Univ. Choir 3, 4: Univ. Glee Club I, 2. 3 l i l l l , F .vm , X, Nfl GERARD PFANEUF Concord Maier: l'-lofel Adminislralion: GX: NHOC 2, 3, 4: Newman Club 2, 3, 4: Jr. Greelers of America 2, 3, 4: Jr. l-lolelmen A of America 3, 4. DAVlD PHEASANT Winihrop, Mass. Maier: Economics: GX House Mgr. 4: AXE I, 2, 3: NHOC I, 2, 3: Blue Circle 4: Clnrisfian Sci. Org. Pres. 3, Trees. 4: Sailing Assoc. Commodore 3, Sreward 2, 4. lO7 HERCULES PHYLLIDES Haverhill, Mass. Maior: Economics. THADDEUS J. PIECIORAK Long Island, N. Y. Maior: Hisforyg EB House Mgr. 2, 3, 4: Scabbard X: Blade 3, 4: N. H. Varsily Club 3, 4: Newman Club 2: German Club 3: Foolloall I, 2, 3, Cap'I'. 4: Spring Track 2, 3, 4: Win'rer Track 2, 3, 4. PAUL F. PIERCE Nashua Maior: English: Dean's LisI 3, 4. DAVID PIKE LiI"IIeIon Maior: Elecfrical Engineering: AIEE. RONALD PIKE Manchesfer Maior: Clwemisfry: GX: Dean's LisI I, 3, 4: AXE. ROSCOE PIKE Manchesfer Maior:CI1emis'rry: 9X:AXE: De-an's Lisl' I, 2, 3, 4-. CHARLES PIN KHAM Taunfon, Mass. Major: Sociology: EB: IDC Pres. 3: Senior Skulls: SIucIenI Council 3: Soc. Club 3: NHOC I: Dorm Pres. 3. WILLIAM C. PIZZANO Revere, Mass. Maior: Business Aclminisfraliong KE: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Foofball 2: Lacrosse 2. JEANNE SMART PLACE Swampscofr, Mass. NI-IOC I, 2: Soc. Club 3: Dramafics 2. JUDITH PLOSS Grasmere ball 2. Lefl Hand Page Phyllides Pieciorak Pierce Pike, D. Pike. Ronald Pike, Roscoe Pinkham Pizzano To 'Phe Righi' Top Row: Place Ploss Plumer BoI'Iom Row: Popkin Porler Powers. W. WILLIAM E. PLUMER CAROLINE A. PORTER Norfliwood Langdon Maior: Business Adminislralionz Dup. Bridge Club 3, 4: Maior: Ar:-S: Deaffs Lis: I, 2, 3. 4: Mike 3, Dial 1, 2, Sec NHOC I. 2: Freshman Foofball. 3, 4: NHOC I, 2, 3: SCM l:S+uden1' Union 4. JORDAN J. POPKIN WILLIAM R. POWERS Beverly, Mass. Mouni' Vernon Major: Economics: HFM: Dean's Lisf I, 2, 3, 4: Mask 8: Maier: Pre-Veierinarian: Folio Club 3, 4: SCM I: NHOC 4 Dagger 3, 4: Hillel I, 2, 3, Vice Pres. 4: NHOC 3: Eco.-Bus. Club 4: Sludeni' Union Fin. Com. and Soc. Rec. Com. 4. IO9 Maior: Social Service: AXS2 Sec. 4: AKA 4: Dean's Lisi' 3: Major: Biology: Dean's Lisl 2, 3: NI-IOC I: SCM I: Baskel- WILLIAM T. POWERS, JR. Cenierville, Mass. Major: Business Adminisiraiion: fI1MA: Newman Club 2, 4: NHOC 4. ROBERT P. PRICE Darien, Conn. Maior: Foresiry: AFP: Dean's Lisr 4: Newman Club: Dorm Soc. Chmn. I: Foresiry Club I, 2, 3, 4: Univ. Rel. Council Pres. 3: NI-IOC 4: Yachi' Club 4: Newman Club Council 3, 4. JOAN F. PRINCE Durham Major: English: Dean's Lisi 3, 4: Folio Club 3, 4: Poeiry Workshop 3, 4: NI-IOC I: Univ. Orch. I: Univ. Glee Club I: Univ. Ensemble I. WILLIAM H. PROCTOR Jackson Major: Economics: IRC: Dramaiics 2. ROGER A. PROVENCHER Manchesier Maior: Languages: AIT 4: Newman Club 2: French Club 2, Chmn. 3, Pres. 4: Spanish Club 2, 3: NHOC 2: Winier Track 2. EDWARD W. PUTNEY. JR. Durham Maier: Foresiry: Foresiry Club 2, 3, 4: German Club 4. MARION F. OUIMBY Newion Maior: Biology: KDE: KAH Sec. 3, 4: Dean's Lisi I, 2, 3, 4: Sandar's Scholarship 3: AWDS 2, 3: Dorm Counsellor 4. PAUL R. QUINNEY Durham Maior: Chemislry: GX: AX 3, 4: AXE Treas. 3, 4: Dean's Lisi I, 2, 3: Univ. Glee Club 2: Univ. Choir 2, 3: Opus '45 2. 0 1949 3 ARTH UR J. RAFFERTY Porlsmourh Maior: Physical Educalion Teacher Prepararion: Scabbard 8: Blade 3, 4: Advanced ROTC 3, 4: Foolball 2, 3, 4: NH Varsily Club 2, 3, 4. NICHOLAS J. RAFTOPOU LOS Manchesler Maior: l-lisiory: KI: Dean's Lisl 3: Scabbard 81 Blade: Dorm Athi. Chairman 2, 3. Lefl Hand Page Powers, W. T. Price Prince Proclcr Provencher Pulney Ouimby Quinney To fhe Righ+ Top Row: Ratclerly l Rafropoulos Ragonese Boiiom Row: Rand Rangazes Ravgiala CARMEN D. RAGONESE ERNEST P. RANGAZES Bridgeport Conn. Nashua Maior: Sociology: Blue Key: Newman Club I, 2, Vice Pres. 3, Maier: Physical Educariong EB: Dean's Lisr 3, 4: THE NEW Pres. 4: Scabbard 84 Blade 3, Vice Pres. 4: Sfudenl Council HAMPSHIRE I, 2: Baseball, Baslcerball and Foolball l, 2: 3, 4: Foolball I, 2, 3, 4: NH Varsiry Club Sec. 3, 4: Ad- Freshman Baseball Coach 4: Sup. lnrramural Alhl. 4. vanced ROTC: Univ. Corn. on Lecr. 8: Con. 4. NED S. RAND, JR. RICHARD P. RAVGIALA Rye Melhuen. Mass. Maior: Social Service: Dean's Lisl 4: Club. NHOC: Sociology Maior: Zoology: KDAT: KDE: Scabbard 81 Blade Fooiball l GEORGE T. RAY, JR. Plymouih Maior: Governmenl: TKE: Dean's Lis? 3, 4: IIFM 4: IRC 4. HOWARD RAYMOND Millsfield Maior: Civil Engineering: ATP: Dean's Lisl 3: ASCE 3, 4: Freshman Lacrosse. SHERMAN REED Keene Major: Mechanical Engineering: TAT Sec. 2: Scablaard 8: Blade 3: ASME 3, 4. AUBREY K. REID Franconia Maior: Business Adminislraiion: Eco. Bus. Club 4: NHOC I: Track I. MARY A. REID Dover Maior: I-lisiory: AXS2: Newman Club 2, 3, 4: THE GRANITE Phor. Co-Ed. 4: NHOC 2, 3, 4: IRC 4: AWDS 2, 3. ELAINE A. REILLY Dover Maier: English: CPM: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: AWDS I, 2, 3. WILLIAM J. RELFE Porlsmoulh Maior: Business Adminislralion: Dean's Lis? 3, 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Council 3, 4: Univ. Rel. Council Trees 3: Eco.-Bus, Club: Sludenl Union Fin. 8: Cult Com.: IDC Sec.- Treas. 3: Dorm Pres. 3. GEORGE S. RETALIS Ipswich, Mass. Maior: English: NHOC: Foolloall I, 2, 3, 4: NH Club 3, 4. Le'F+ Hand Page Ray Raymond Reed Reid, A. Reid. M. Reilly Relfe Relalis To 'lhe Righf Top Row: Rice Rich Richardson Bo'I"l'om Row: Riis Roberrs Rock DONALD N. RlCE Conioocoolc Maior: l-lorliculfure: AZ 2, 3, Sec. 4: QE 3, 4: Dean's Lis'r 2, 3, 4: Horl. Club Pres. 3. ROBERT C. RICH Berlin Maier: Social Service: Univ. Band 2, 3: Pre-Law 2, 3: Dorm Officer 2, 3: NHOC 3, 4. HOWARD S. RICHARDSON STEPHEN J. ROBERTS Marlboro Dover Maior: Chemislry: AXE 2, 3, 4: Dean's Lisi' l: Univ. Band I: Major: Business Adminisrralion: EAE, Univ. Orch. I: Baske+balI l. J. WARD RIIS JAMES ROCK Warner Por1'smou+h Maier: Agriicullure Maior: General Agricullure: AZ 3, 4: 1112 3, 4: Dean's Lisr 2, 3: Pculf. Sci. Club 2, 3, Pres. 4. II3 CLARENCE M. ROLLINS Alion Bay Major: Elecirical Engineering: HKA: Dean's Lisi I: NI-IOC 3: AIEE 3, 4: Mask 84 Dagger 2: Freshman Cross Couniry: ROTC. JANET ROLLINS Franklin Maior: English: NI-IOC 3: Sheri' Siory Workshop: Women VeI'. Assoc. BERNARD ROSS Johannesburg, Soufh Africa Maior: Agronomy: Dean's Lisl I, 2, 3: AZ: NI-IOC 2. MAU RICE J. ROSS Somersworih Maior: Mechanical Engineering: HKA: Dean's Lisi' 2: Newman Club 2, 3: NH Varsiiy Club 2, 3: Fooiball 2, 3, Co-Capi. 4: ASME 3, Vice Pres. 4: Baskeiball I. CLAIRE ROUILLARD Claremoni' Major: Maihemaiics: XD: QDAKII 3, 4: HME 3, 4: NI-IOC I, 2, 3, 4: Carnival Aide 3: Newman Club I, Soc. Chmn. 2, 3, 4. ARMAND H. ROY Manchesier Major: Governmeni: NHOC I, 2: Blue Circle 3, 4. LUCI ETTE R. ROY Berlin Maior: Languages: OT: ATI 3, Vice Pres. 4: Dean's Lisf I: TI-IE GRANITE Fraf. gl Sor. Ed. 4: Univ. Rel. Council Sec. 4: Univ. Glee Club I, 2: Univ. Choir I: Univ. Orch. 2: Univ. Bancl 3, 4: Univ. Ensemble 2: Newman Club I, 2, 3. 4: Council 4: Opus '45 I, 2, 3: Newvox 4. FREDERICK E. RUSHLOW, JR. Concord Maior: Chemical Engineering: EAE: AXE 3, 4: Dean's Lisi I, 2, 3, 4: Vecior Socieiy 4: Newman Club I. .ai "lr-311 ,J .W es fl se-es' Leff Hand Page JOAN D. RYAN Dover Maier: BIOIOQYP Riding Club 3, 4: Rifle Club 3, 4: NHOC 3, 4. JOHN W. RYAN Nashua Maier: Chemislry: AXE: Dean's Lis? I: Am. Chem. Soc. 2, 3, 4: THE NEW HAMPSHIRE 33 Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: German Club 2, 3: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4: Inlramural Foolball I: Inlramural Baskelball I, 2, 3, 4: Spring Track I. RoIIins,C. RoIIins,J. Ross, B. Ross. M. Rouillard Roy, A. Roy. L. Rushlow Toihe Right Top Row: Ryan. J. D. Ryan.J.W. Ryan, L. Boifom Row: Ryll Saboslci Saielel ?:5.x5f. 'fe - - . . LEO T. RYAN, JR. ARTHUR F. SABOSKI Dover Hanover Maior: Ari Eclucaiion. Maier: I-Iolel Adminisrra+ion: EAE: Jr. Greeiers of Amer- ica 2, 3, 4: Jr. I-Iolelmen of America 4: Senior Skulls 4: NI-IOC 2. WALTER O. RYLL, JR. CYNTHIA SAIDEL Ashuelol Manchesler Maior: Mechanical Engineering: Dean's Lis+ I, 2, 3: ASME. Maier: Languages: THE NEW HAMPSHIRE I, 2: ATI 3, 4: Hillel I, 2, 3, 4: Hillel Newspaper 2: NI-IOC I, 2, 3: French Club 2: Col. Com. Chesl 2. II5 PHILIP A. ST. JOHN Pilisiield Maior: Zoology: 1112: Dean's Lisl I, 2, 3, 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: German Club I, 2: Fencing Club I, 2. HENRY A. SAKOWSKI Franklin Maior: Geology: GKQIP: AIME 4: Newman Club 2, 3, 4: NHOC 4. ROBERT SANDERSON Durham Maior: Elecirical Engineering: NI-IOC l. HAROLD G. SANDS Easl Jaltfrey Maior: Mechanical Engineering: ASME. ROBERT A. SARGENT Amesbury, Mass. Maior: Civil Engineering: ASCE 3, 4: NHOC 2, 4. GEORGE C. SAUNDERS Plaisiow Maior: Languages: QAT: KAII 3, Pres. 4: AH 4: Dean's Lisi 2, 3, 4: Hockey 2, 3, 4: French Club 2, 3, 4: NI-I Varsiiy Club 4: Spanish Club 2, 3. M. KATHERINE WATT SAUNDERS Holyoke, Mass. Maior: English: OT Club I: SCM 2, 3: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4: Univ. Glee Club I. JAMES H. SAWYER Porismouih Major: Chemical Engineering: EAE: AXE: Dean's Lisi 2. L OF 1949 Le'H Hand Page MARJORIE L. SAWYER Concord Maior: Ari: 9Tg Univ. Glee Club I: NHOC I 4 SCM I STEPHEN P. SAYEWICH Franklin Malorz Languages: AH 4: Dean's Lisl I 2 3 Germa C Socieiy 4. S+. John Sakowski Sanderson Sands Sargenl Saunders, G. Saunders, M. Sawyer, J. To 'ihe Righf Top Row: Sawyer, M. Sayewich Schroeder Bo'H'om Row: Scoli Scroggins Searles RUDOLF J. SCHROEDER IRENE W. SCROGGINS Manchesier Manchesier Maier: Mechanical Engineeringg ASME 3, 4. Maior: Physical Eclucaiionz Durham Reelers 4 Dance Club 4 Mask 84 Dagger 4 KARL S. SCOTT ERNEST O. SEARLES Piiisburg Eliot Me- Maior: Foresiry: AFP: NHOC I: Foreslry Club 3. Maior: Civil Engineering: ASCE: Track I Cross Couniry EAR LAN L. SEAWARDS Dover Maior: Hisloryg EB: Scabbard 81 Blade 3, 4: NH Varsily Club l, 2, 3, 4: Eoofball I. 2, 3, 4: Cornmuiers Org. MARCIA L. SETZER M anclwesler Maior: Languages: AH 3, Sec. 4: SCM I, 2, Sec. 3, Vice Pres. 4: Univ. Glee Club I: Univ. Choir 4: House Counsel- lor 4. HENRY SHAHEEN Dover Maior: Governmenl: Pre-Law Club. ELMER A. SHATTUCK Easi Pepperell, Mass. Maior: Civil Engineering: Eli Pres. 3: Blue Key 3, 4: IEC: ASCE 3, 4: NHOC l, 2: Blue Circle 3, Pres. 4. JAMES F. SHAUGHNESSY Norlh Walpole Maior: Accounling: fI'KfP: IIFM: Dean's Lisl 2, 3: Newman Club 2, 3, 4. ROBERT N. SHAW Derry Village Major: Economics: KE: NH Club 2, 3, 4: Lacrosse 2, 3, 4: Track I: Folio Club: Baseball I: Sollball I, 2, 3, 4. JAMES D. SHEA Nashua Major: English: Newman Club l, 2, 3, 4. ELIZABETH J. SHEARER Tlwomaslon, Conn. Maior: 4 Year Secrelarial: AEA Sec. 4: Pan Hell. 3, Treas. 4: SCM 3, 4: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 3. Lef'I Hand Page HAROLD S. SHEFFIELD Killery, Me. Maier: Forestry: Foresfry Club 3, 4. JOHN L. SHERBURNE Porlsmoulh Malor: Economics: Founder Ve'r's Co-op. Com.: Inrramural Baslcelball I. 2, 3: Spring Track 3. Seawards Selzer Shaheen Shalluclc Shaughnessy Shaw Shea Shearer To fhe Righf Top Row: Shefhelcl Sherburne Shirley Boflom Row: Shoslalc Shulins Shulinslci I CLIFFORD G. SHIRLEY ARNOLD P. SHULINS Melrose, Mass. Claremonl Maior: Economics: EAEg NI-IOC 2, 3, 4: Lacrosse 2: Hoclcey Maior: Business Adminislrariong IPA: Lens 81 Shuffer I: Bas- l 3, 4. kefball Mgr. 2: Hillel I, 2. 3, 4: NI-IOC I. STANLEY M. SHOSTAK RUTH B. SHULINSKI Nashua Worcesler, Mass. Major: Pre-Medical: Newman Club I, 2, 3: German Club 2. Maier: Sociology: AKA 3, 4: IZFA 2, 3, 4: Soc. Club 2, 37 Liberal Club 3, 4: Hillel I, 2, 3, 4: NHOC I, 2, 3. I I9 RAYMOND SIESICKI Nashua Maior: Psychology: AXA: Psych. Club. BERTRAM SILVER Manchesler Maior: Mechanical Engineering: ASME. CLYDE G. SKELLY Dover Maior: Psychology. JEAN SMITH Porlsmoulh Maior: English. MELBA SMITH Ashland Maior: Languages: KA: AH 3, 4: Opus '45 I, 2, 3, 4: Soil'- ball I. RICHARD C. SMITH Wellesley, Mass. Maior: Business Adminisfralion: KE: NH Varsify Club 2, 3, 4 Nl-IOC I: Lacrosse I, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM R. SMITH Nashua Maior: Business Aclminisiralion: KAII 3, 4: TIFM 3, 4: Dean' Lis? I, 2, 3, 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4. I JOHN G. SNOW Porlsmoufh Maior: French: AIT: French Club. S Lefi' Hand Page Siesiclci Silver Skelly Smilh, J, Smi+h, M. Smilh. R. Smirh, W. Snow, J. To 'fhe Righl Top Row: Snow, R. Soule Soulhern BoHom Row: Spaulding Spurr Spylios ROGER C. SNOW, JR. Sourh Berwick, Me. Maior: Music: Dean's Lisl' 3: Univ. Band I, 2, 3, 4 Orch I, 2, 3: Univ. Ensemble I, 2, 3, 4: Srudenl Conduclor ol Band I, 2: Opus '45 I, 2, 3. H ERBERT D. SOU LE Salem Maior: Pre-Medical: AXA: NI-l Varsily Club: Lacrosse 2 KENDALL B. SOUTHERN Mansfield, Mass. Maior: English: AXA. THOMAS J. SPAULDING Manchesler I. a DILYS ANN SPURR Easlchesler, N. Y. Zoology: KAH 4: Dean's Llsl 3, 4: Univ. Ch Durham Reelers 3, 4: Poullry Sci. Club 4. ANGELICA SPYLIOS Nashua Major: Accounling: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4. Maior: French: AII 2, Treas. 3, Pres. 4: Dean's Lisl' 3 THE NEW HAMPSHIRE Circ. Dept: SCM I, 2, 3: French Club I, 2, 3, 4: German Club: Dorm Sporfs Chmn. 3: Baslcelball and Soflball I, 2, 3, 4: Inler-Class Baskelball Mgr 4 LUDVIG B. STANGELAND Haugesund, Norway Maior: Mechanical Engineering: GX: IIPME 3, 4: IIDKIII: KIIAKII 2, 3, Sec. 4: Dean's Lisr I, 2, 3: Vecfor Sociery 3, Sec. 4: SCM I, 2, 3, 4: ASME 3, 4: Col. Chesl Fund 2, Vice Chairman 3, 4. LAWRENCE F. STAPLES Manchesfer Maier: Zoology: 1112 4: KAII 3, 4: Dean's Lisi I, 2, 3, 4: Sfudenf Council I: NHOC I: Newman Club I: Co-Ecl. Freshman Handbook 2. HELEN N. STEARNS Hinsdale Maior: Home Economics: NHOC I. HERBERT C. STEARNS Fremonl Maior: Mechanical Engineering: TIKA: Dean's Lisl' I: ASME 3, Pres. 4: German Club 2.3: NHOC 2. HERBERT B. STEBBINS Bedford Maior: HoI'eI Adminisfralion: GX: Dean's Lisf I: Jr. Greelers of America I, 2, 3, Treas. 4: Jr. Holelmen of America I, 2, 3, Treas. 4: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4: JV Foolball I: Freshman Dance Com. JEROME E. STEIN New York Cily, N. Y. Maior: Pre-Medical: 4I1KfIP: Dean's Lisl I, 2, 3, 4: IDC 4: Dorm Vice-Pres. 4: Hillel 3: Liberal Club 2, 3: NHOC 4: Pre'-Medical Sociefy 3, 4. ELM ER G. STORY Porlsmoufh Dorm Vice-Pres. 4: Hillel 3: Liberal Club 2, 3: NHOC 4: Maior: Business Adminislralion: Jr. Greefers of America 2: Eco.-Bus. Club 3, 4: Newman Club 2, 3. ALCOT H. STOVER Porlsrnoulh Maier: Mechanical Engineering: Dean's Lisi' I, 3, 4: ASME: Baslcefball I. Leff Hand Page WILLIAM A. STUART C-loucesler, Mass. Maior: Governmenl: Dean's Lisl' 3: NHOC 2, 4. ANNE L. STU RTEVANT Andover Maier: Occupalional Therapy: AWS 3: O. T. Club 3, 4: Univ. Glee Club I, 2: Dorm Pres. 3: Channing Club 3, 4. Sfangeland Slaples Sfearns, H. Sfearns, H. C. Srebbins Slain Slory Sfover To 'Phe Righf Top Row: Sfuarl' Slurfevanl' Sullivan, C. Bo'H'om Row: Sullivan, D. Sullivan,J. Sullivan,T. CHARLES F. SULLIVAN JEANNETTE F. SULLIVAN Porlsmoulh Dover Maior: Elecfrical Engineering: Dean's Lis'I I, 2, 3: AIEE 3, 4. Maior: French: AXQ Sec. 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Coun- cil I, 3: Univ. Glee Club I, 2: Univ. Choir 3,.4: NHOC I, 4: AWDS 2, 3: Cercle Francais 2, 3, 4. DANIEL F. SULLIVAN THOMAS B. SULLIVAN Newlouryporr, Mass. Manchesler Maier: Zoology: GKQP: Scabberd 81 Blade 2. 3: Newman Club Maier: Psychology: KIIXQ Dean's Lisf I, 2, 3, 4: Ps ch Club 3. I, 2, 3: Yachl Club: Jr. Prom Chairman. Y 4 I RICHARD P. SUMPTER I-Iuclson, Mass. Maier: Economics: CIJACIP: HFM: Dean's Lisf: Newman Club. FRANCES SWALLOW Kingsion Maior: Social Service: KA Sec. 4: Univ. Glee Club 2: Univ. Choir 3, 4: Soc. Club 3: SCM 3, 4: NHOC 4: Women Vei. Assoc. 2, 3, 4. W. GWYNN SWEENEY Merrimac, Mass. Major: Mechanical Engineering: GX: Dean's Lisf: ASME: SCM: NI-IOC. PAUL A. TACEWICZ Nashua Maior: Mechanical Engineering: Newman Club 2, 3, 4: Yachl' Club 3, 4: ASME 3, 4: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4. NATHANIEL C. TAFT Durham Maier: Mechanical Engineering: EB: ASME 3, 4: Yachl' Club I, 2, Vice Com. 3, 4. WAYNE A. TAGGART Grasmere Major: Chemical Engineering: ATSZ: AXE: Dean's LisI 2: Traci: I, 3: Foolball I: NHOC I, 3. ALICE J. TAYLOR Fifchburg, Mass. Maior: English: X52 Chapfer Corres. 4: THE GRANITE 4: NHOC I, 2, 3: THE NEW HAMPSHIRE I, 2, 3: Dance Club I, Pres. 2, 3, 4: Can+erIoury Club I: SCM I. HERBERT E. TAYLOR Conway Maior: Malhemalicsg IIKA: Dean's Lisl I, 3, 4: Yachl' Club 4: Univ. Sym. Band I, 2, 3, 4: Univ. SIring Orch. I, 2, 3, 4: Univ. Ensemble 3, 4: Symphony I, 2, 3, 4: Bridge Club 4: SIuden+ Union 3, 4: Soc. Rec. Com. Pres. 4: Opus '45 I, 2. 3. 4. I l Lefi' Hand Page Sumpier Swallow Sweeney Tacewicz Tai? Taggari Taylor, A. Taylor, I-I. To fhe Righf Top Row: Taylor, V. Thayer Thomas, E. Boifom Row: Thomas, J. Thomas, R. Thompson VICTOR E. TAYLOR Newbury Maior: Civil Engineering: Dean's I..isI' 3: ASCE 3, 4: NI-IOC I, 2: In'I'ramuraI Sporis l, 2, 3. CHARLES L. THAYER Epping Maior: Pre-Medical: 9KfI1: 'IDE 3, 4: Pre-Med. Socieiy 3, 4: Dean's Lis+ I, 2, 3: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3: Fooibail 2: Soiiball 3, 4: German Club 3, 4: Rifle Club I, 2. i 1 'III I. , EVA THOMAS Durham Maior: French: A1'I:1IfKfI': Dean's Lis'r 3 JEANNE E. THOMAS I i fa I I ROBERT C. THOMAS Bridgepori, Conn. ,Cercle Francais Maier: Mechanical Engineering: EB Treas, 4: ASME 3, 4: Flying Club 3: NI-IOC I, 2, 3, 4: Basiceiball I. DONALD T. THOMPSON, JR. Brainiree, Mass. Claremoni Maior: English: AEA Vice Pres. 4: THE GRANITE 2, Org. Maior: Spanish: EB Chaplain 4. Ed. 4: SCM I, 2, 4: NI-IOC I, 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club: Folio Club 3: Univ. Orch. 2. I25 ALLEN J. THORNTON Hanover Maior: Mechanical Engineering: ASME: SCM: NHOC. JANET TI NKER Wolfeboro Maior: Physical Eclucalion Teacher Preparaiion: SCM I, 2, 3: WRA 4: All-Slar Hockey I, 2, Mgr. 3, 4: All-Sfar Sofiball 2, 3. I EDWARD A. TOMPKINS Por+smou'rI'n Maior: Agronomy: fIJMA. JOHN A. TOOHER Sfamford, Conn. Major: Economics: KE: Dean's Lisi' 2: NHOC I: Eco.-Bus. Club: Newman Club I, 2. RICHARD A. TOOMEY Porlsmoufl-I Maior: Chemical Engineering: AXE: Dean's Lis? I, 2, 3, 4: Veclor Socieiy. PHILLIP E. TOOMIRE POFISFTIOUII1 Maior: Eleclrical Engineering: fIfAfIP 3, 4: 'PK-'bg QME 3, 4: Dean's Lisl I, 2, 3, 4: Veclor Sociely 3. 4: AIEE 3, 4. RALPH J. TOWNSEND Lebanon Maior: I-IorI'icuI'rure: 9KfI1: AZ 2, 3, 4: 'IIE 3, 4: Blue Key 4: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: NH Varsify Club I, 2, 3, 4: Horf. Club I, 2, Pres. 3, 4: Ski Team l, 2, 3, Capf. 4: U. S. Olympic Ski Team 4. WILLIAM TRASK Peabody, Mass. Maior: Business Adminislralion. FRANCIS W. TREMBLAY Lebanon Maior: I-lislory: Newman Club I, 2, 4: Mask 8: Dagger 2, 4: Dorm Treas. I: Dorm Vice Pres, 2, Pres. 3: Univ. Glee Club I, 2. EZRA C. TRUMBULL I-Iamplon Maior: Mechanical Engineering: IIME 3, 4: KIPAII, 2, 3, 4: Dean's Lisl I, 2, 3, 4: ASME 3, 4: NHOC I: Scabbard 8: Blade 3, 4. Lefi Hand Page Thornlon Tinker Tompkins Tooher Toomire Toomey Townsend Trask To The Righf I Top Row: Tremblay Trumbull Tubman Bo'H'om Row Tucker Turmelle Turgeon LOIS W. TUBMAN OSCAR J. TURMELLE, JR. Dover Maior: Psychology: Deian's Lisl 3: Dance Club 3, 4: Univ. Rochesier Choir 2, 3, 4: Univ. Gee Club I: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4: Psych - A . . . . I I I Club 2' 3: SCM I: Camerbury Club 2' Malor. C1v1l Enginee'rilr1'g6CABC5, 1, Baskeiball Mgr. I. BARBARA TUCKER R RAPHAEL F. TURGEON ye D Maior: Occupalional Therapy: Dean's Lisl I, 2, 3: Exec. Com. over 4: OT Club I, 2, 3, Pres. 4: SCM I, 2, 3: Opus '45 3: Univ. Maior: Biology: Pre-Medical Soc.4: Newman Club I: NHOC l. Glee Club I: Univ. Choir 2, 3, 4: Sludem' Union Cull. Rec. Com. 3, 4. I27 JOSEPH A. URBAN Manchesler Maior: German: AH 4: Dean's Lisl 2, 3: Folio Club 3: IDC Vice Pres.: Dorm Treas. 3, Pres. 4: Die Minnesaenger Pres. I, 2, 3: French Club 3, 4. MORTON W. VITTUM Cenler I-Iarbor Maier: Mechanical Engineering: AX 3: GPAKII 3, 4: Dean's Lisl I, 2, 3: Veclor Sociely: ASME 3, Sec. 4: IDC 4. JAMES G. WAKEFIELD Wesl S'I'ewar+s+own Maier: Mechanical Engineering: fI1MA: Newman Club: NI-IOC: ASME. VERONICA M. WAKEFIELD Wesl Slewarfslown Maior: Biology: Newman Club I: NHOC I, 2: Soflball 4. ALMIRA L. WALKER Hollis Maior: English: Dean's Lisl I: Dorm Vice Pres. I: Poelry Worlcshop 3. ROBERT S. WALKER New Brilain, Conn. Maior: Economics: AXA: Dean's Lisl I. 3, 4: Ski Team I: NI-IOC I: Blue Circle 3, 4. EDWARD WALL I-Iamplon Falls Maior: Physics: TKE Vice Pres. 4: Dean's Lis+ 2, 3, 4: Chess Club I: Canlerbury Club 2: Univ. Orch. I, 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA E. WALL I-Iamplon Falls Maior: Biology. Leif Hand Page Urban Villum Wakefield, J. Wakefield, V. Walker, A. Wallcer, R. Wall, E. Wall. P. To 'Phe Righf Top Row: Warringlon Walson, D. Walson, E. Bo'Hom Row: Wells Wesl Weslelman ALLEN R. WARRINGTON Kingslon Major: Governmenl: CDMA: fIDKfI': IIFM: TKA 3, 4: Dean's Lisl I, 2, 3, 4: Mike 81 Dial I, 2, Prod. Mgr. 3, 4: Opus '45 3, Treas. 4: Dorm Pres. 2, 3: IDC 2, 3: Pre-Law Club 3: Univ. Glee Club I, 2: Univ. Choir 3: Wellman Trophy: Brigham Scholarship: Debaling Club 2, 3: Univ. Choir Bus. Mgr. 3. DAVID B. WATSON Newinglon Major: I-lorlicullure: Milce 8: Dial 3: Durham Reelers 3, Co- Chmn. 4: Dramalics 2, 3: I-Iorl. Club I, 2, 3, 4: Advanced Air ROTC 3, 4: Channing Club I, 2: SCM I, 2, 3. EUGENE S. WATSON EUGENE C. WEST Tillon I-Iampslead Maior: Sociology: SCM I, 2, 3, Vice'Pres. 4: Opus '45 2, 3: Maior: Eleclrical Engineering: Dean's Lisl I: AIEE. Univ. Choir I, 2, 3, 4: Univ. Glee Club I, 2. RALPH D. WELLS SAUL WESTELMAN Melrose, Mass. Brighlon, Mass. Maior:Malhemalics:ATQ:Varsi+y Club 3,4:Cross Counlry 2. Maior: Pre-Medical: Hillel I, 2, 3, 4: German Club I, 2. I29 RICHARD E. WHIPPLE Concord Maier: Eleclrical Engineering: Dean's Lisl' I, 2, 3: Dorm Sec.-Treas. 2: Lens 8: Sl1uH'er 2: AIEE 2, 3. FREDERICK E. WHITCHER Lebanon Major: Accounling. CHARLES D. WHITE, JR. Wesf Newfon, Mass. Maior: Governmenf: THE NEW HAMPSHIRE I: Hillel I, 2, 4: NHOC I: Dorm Officer 2: Dramalics 3. F. WARREN WHITE Taunlon, Mass. Maier: Business Adminislralion: SX Sec. 2, 4: IIFM 3, 4: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4: Yachf Club Commodore I, 4: Freshman Track Mgr. 3: NH Varsily Club 3, 4: Dean's Lisl I, 2, 3, 4. NATHAN P. WHITE, JR. Concord Maier: Elecfrical Engineering: 'PACE 3, 4: Dean's Lisi' 2, 3, 4: AIEE 3.4: IRE 3, 4. FREDERICK G. WHITEHOUSE Keene Maior: Business Adminislralion: GX Treas.: Canferbury Club I: NHOC I, 2, 3: Baseball 2. FREDERICK H. WHITHAM Pillsfield, Mass. Major: Ari: 'PMA Vice Pres. 3, 4: AXE 2, 3, 4: German Club 2: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4. CALVIN H. WHITNEY Cumberland Cenrer, Me. Maior: Dairy Husbandry: AFP. CHARLES F. WHITTEMORE Concord Major: Governmenl: KIHKKII: ITFM 3, 4: Dean's Lisr I, 2, 3, 4: Pre-Law Club 3, Pres. 4: IRC 4. ELIZABETH A. WHITTEMORE Pembroke Major: Nursing: NHOC 3, 4: House Direclor 3, 4: Women Ver. Org. 3, 4. Lefi' Hand Page Whipple Whircher While, C. While, F. While, N. WI1i'rel'nouse Whilliam Whi+ney To ihe Righf Top Row: WI1iHemore, C. Whillemore, E. Wliillier Bo'Hom Row: Wilcox Wilder Wiqgin I HAROLD W. WHITTIER HAROLD S. WILDER Kingslon Plainfield Malorz Business Adminisfralion: TKA 3, Vice Pres. 4: Dean's Maiorg Elecfrical Engineering: Dean's Lisl- I, 2, 3: AIEE: Lisl' I, 2, 3, 4: Eco. Bus. Club 2, 3, 4: VeI'. Com. 2, Trees. Univ, Band, 3, 4. PAUL A. WILCOX GEORGE T. WIGGIN. JR. Concord Bedford Major: Business Adminisrrafion: NHOC 4: Newman Club Major: Pre-Vererinarian: Dean's LisI' I: Dorm Sec. 3: NHOC I, 2, 4: House Counsellor 2, 3, 4. I: SCM 4. I3I EARLE WILLIAMS New Caslle Major: Eledrical Engineering: ATQ: Dean's Lisl I, 2, 3. 47 AIEE 3, 4. JOHN A. WILLIAMS, JR. Brooklyn, N. Y. Major: Chemical Engineering: SX. WENDELL C. WILLIAMS Craflsbury Common. VI. Major: Dairy Husbandry: ATS2: Dean's Lisl 3: Cross Coun- Iry I. FREDERICK L. WILSON Por'rsmou'rl'l Major: Business Adminisfralion: EAE: Univ. Band: VeI's Co-op. Com. HILARY W. WILSON Enlielcl Major: Governmenfg EB: IRC: Pre-Law Club. CARL E. WINKLER Manclwesler Major: Eleclrical Engineering: AXA: Dean's Lisl' I: AIEE. HARVEL E. WI NKLEY Rochesler Foresfry Club 3, 4. FREDERICK J. WITZEL Manclwesler Major: Eleclrical Engineering: AIEE 3, 4. Major: Foreslryg CDE 3. Treas. 4: Dean's Lisl' 2, 3: NHOC I: Leff Hand Page ERNEST J. WOLCOTT Be+I1Iehem Major: Business Adminislrarionp GIVE: Newman Club I, 2, 35 JV Basltelball I. HORACE W. WOLVERTON Marion, Mass. Major: Elecirical Engineering AIEE 3, 4-5 SCM 4: Nl-IOC 3, 4: Univ. Glee Club 2. 3: Bridge Club 3: Univ. Band 2. Williams. E. Williams, J. Williams, W. Wilson, F. Wilson. H. Winkler Winkley Wiizel To 'II1e Righi' Top Row: Wolcolf Wolverlon Wood, D. Bo'Hom Row: Wood. I. Woodburn WriqI1'r DAVID E. WOOD RALPH R. WOODBURN Porfsmoulh Porlsmoulh Major: Business Adminisrafiong OX: Dean's Lis? 3, 4: Eco.- Maier: Chemisfry: AXE 3, 4: Dean's Lisl 3: Spring Track I. Bus. Club. IRWIN WOOD FRANK WRIGHT Concord Barr, R. I. Maier: Pre-Medical: KIYAT. Maior: Dairy Husbandry. l33 MANFRED G. WUERSLIN New York Cily, N. Y. Maior: English: GX Sec. 3. 4: Dean's Lisl I, 2, 3, 4: NHOC I, 2: Blue Circle 3, 4: Yachlf Club I, 2: German Club I, 2. LOUIS P. XANTHANKY Manchesler Maior: Business Adrninisfraiion. ELSIE M. YEATON Gossville Maior: Social Service: XO.: Pan Hell. 4: Soc. Club: NHOC I, 2, 3, 4. EDITH M. YORK Hillsboro Major: Social Service: SCM I, 2: NHOC I: Soc. Club 3: Sludenl' Union 3, 4. DONALD M. YOUNG Soulh Walpole, Mass. Maior: Agriculiural Engineering: ATG. Sec. 4: Dean's Lisl' 3: AZ 3, 4: Senior Skulls Sec. 4: ASAE 3. Pres. 4: NH Varsily Club 4: NHOC 2, 3. ROBERT L. YOUNG LiI"rIe'Ion Maior: English: KE: Folio Club 3: Chess Club 3: Poeiry Club 3: NHOC 3: THE NEW HAMPSHIRE: Mike 81 Dial 3. Drarnalics Direcior 4: Young Prog. of Am. 4: Chairman of Prog. 8: ACI. Com. Nolch Hall 3: Exec. Bd. Nolch Hall 3. JOHN B. ZOCCHI, JR. Exeler Maier: Business Adminisiralion: Dean's Lisi I, 4: THE GRANITE, Phol. 4: Newman Club 4: NHOC I, 4: Eco. Club 4: Lens 84 Shulrer 2, 3, 4. ALLAN V. DAVIS Haverhill, Mass. Maior: Governmenl: EAE: Pre-Law Club: Bridge Club. eniors Not Pictured SHIRLEY A. ATWOOD F. LEROY BEARD DONALD R. BEGIN JOHN BELCHER ARTHUR BOYCE GEORGE L. BROWN WILLIAM M. BROWNING. JR ALBERT BURBANK ARTHUR F. BUTLER JOHN CARLISLE JOHN F. CARTER PRESTON B. CHENEY CHRISTOPHER S. CHRISTO RICHARD M. CLARK CAL E. CLOBATH CLAYTON CONN AUDREY CONSTABLE FRANCIS CROWLEY JAMES C. CROWLEY HELEN COPELAND DAHL MARION M. DAVIS DANIEL F. DAYTON JOHN DE MERRITT JOHN R. DILLINGHAM HENRY DUMAINE, JR. ALFRED B. ECKMAN WALLACE F. EMERSON RICHARD FAHLMAN GORDON R. FOLSOM ELWOOD FRASER NORMAN FRENCH WILLIAM J. GAGNON ALAN S. GOLDMAN SAMUEL GOODHUE ABRAHAM D. GOSMAN FREDERICK A. GOWEN AVIS GRAY DONALD GRAY GEORGE H. GRAY WILLIAM HALL ROBERT A. HEARTZ CLAIRE HARDY HILL JAMES HORNE JONATHAN KAHARL HAROLD LANGLEY HELMUT LEHMUT Pelham Dover Salem, Mass. Porismoulh Haverhill, Mass. Lebanon Manchesier Alion Porismouih Monroe Manchesier Easl Kingsion Concord Manchesier Dover Melrose, Mass. Durham Rochesier Porismouih Durham Newion Cenier, Mass. Dover Penningion, N. J. Shori Falls Nashua Manchesier New Rochelle, N. Y. Tuiionboro Souih Berwick, Me. Durham Manchesier Bellrose Manor, N. Y. Durham Ceniral Village, Mass Manchesier Siraiham Porismouih Porismouih Errol Pleasaniville, N. Y. Concord Porismouih Dover New Bedford, Mass. Concord Manchesier Major: Major. Major: Nursing English l-lisiory Major: Geology Major. Mechanical Engineering Major: English Major: Chemical Engineering Major. Music Educaiion Major: Chemisiry Major. Foresrry Major Business Adminisirarion Major French Major Sociology Major' General Agriculiure Tea Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major: Major Major Major Major Major: Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Business Adminisiraiion English Ari Eclucaiion Business Adminisiraiion Business Aclminisiraiion Home Economics Horiiculiure Mechanical Engineering English Music English Elecirical Engineering Bacieriology English Maihemaiics Biology Business Adminisiraiion Agriculiural Economics Mechanical Engineering Economics Horiiculrure Educaiion Business Adminisiraiion Educaiion Ari Elecirical Engineering Cher Preparaiion Home Economics Teacher Preparalion Mechanical Engineering English : Chemisiry Hisiory EDWARD H. LINCOLN ANGUS MacDONALD NAZARETH MALOOMIAN RICHARD C. MANSFIELD STANLEY R. MASON DORIS C. McCARTHY GERALD MCCARTHY JOHN McGILL ROLAND J. MELANSON DAVID N. MERRILL ROBERT MIKSZENAS WILLIAM MOORENOVICH DONALD G. MORRISON JAMES W. OLNEY WILLIAM W. O'MEARA, JR. PHILIP S. PALLAS JOHN J. PALMER HERSHEL PESNER ALBERT PHIPPS EDEN T. PRAY ROBERT L. RAMSEY LEWIS T. REYNOLDS H. DAVID RITCHIE FREDERICK J. ROBINSON WILBUR C. RODDEY ROBERT I. SHACKFORD CHARLES I. SHAPIRO FRED S. SILANDER ARTHUR F. SMITH CARL B. SMITH, JR. HOWARD M. SMITH MINARD E. SMITH JOHN P. SPILLER JOHN C. STEVENS DALE STEVENSON DAVID S. TILTON THERON L. TIRRELL ALBERT A. TWOMBLY DOROTHY R. UNDERWOOD CHARLES W. UPHAM GLENN C. VICKERY JOHN M. WARREN SHIRLEY WEXLER EDSON F. WHITE KENNETH R. WOODWARD HOLMAN H. YOUNG eniors Not Pictured Winihrop, Mass. Laconia Haverhill, Mass. Newporr Lalceporr Manchesrer Manchesfer Porismoulh Manchesler Manczhesler Lynn, Mass. Greenland Brookline, Mass. Rochesler Manchesrer Rochesier Porlsmoulh Monireal, Quebec Gorham Berwick, Me. Berlin Concord Dover Exeler Porrsmoulh Porrsmoulh Brookline, Mass. Newporl Laconia Durham I-Iaddarn, Conn. Rochesler Beverly, Mass, Alslead Edgewood, R. I. Manchesrer Durham Lakepori' Chesler Reed's Ferry Manchesier Durham Somersworrh Wakefield, Mass. Porrsmourh Pillslourg Major: Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Mejor Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major Major: Economics Business Adminisiraiion Elecirical Engineering Chemislry Civil Engineering Home Economics Spanish English Elecrrical Engineering Chemical Engineering : Zoology Horriculrure Zoology Biology Music Educalion Economics English Animal Husbandry Business Adminisiraiion :Chernislry : Chemisrry Economics English Marhemarics Educalion Sociology Economics Business Adminisiralion Mechanical Engineering Bacreriology English English Business Adminisirarion Pre-Medical Psychology Eleclrical Engineering General Agricullure Eleclrical Engineering : Arr Educarion Agronomy : Chemislry Business Adminisiralion English Foresrry Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineering f Q f ,A 'jj ii if ' ,g , 'W?T'-"'...,....i"f -1 ' rn, A:-:-fgl xf 1 -'Y--:S Qi' E 5- X 1 1. -1,1 ., Q A E-,,i5,'KiI"'f -,Q ........a 1: -fr- -as YY' I YJ., :rar -M, f.. -:V . ', ,L-M 5. gf " ' 1: 5-vs! 3gvk'fJS,x - , 6, .. , , M '. Mt V' .Q-J ' A x f y 5 x A . X ,Q ' . V W A 'X Q! ' ,4 "" . tk 4-M Xu. ong Presidenf ........,. Vice Presidenf Secrefary ,...,,,,,AA Treasurer ..,... Doroihy Duffy 6 mf f 'V f Q rv .g,f33k 'QE .- 5 EEEEFZEEEEEEEP 7.::: 'fill , " ' ' ":":' 'uk '-- '-, ,f. ag. 'Q'-3 Ne'-s y ..,...........CHARLES LONG ....,,...,A.DOROTHY DUFFY ,....,,.......,.SHlRLEY HOYLE ,,,...,,..,EARL BARNES Shirley Hoyle Earl Barnes qi r XX 1. xx .-.5 -'31 r, Lx -- rr , J 138 Joseph Slone Evelyn Blislfx Presiclenl' ,,,,,,4,,,,,,,,,,, ..,,,...... R USSELL PAGE Vice Preslclenl ,,,,,,,,, ,,.,,........, J OSEPH STONE Secrelary .,,,,,,,,A, ,,.x,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, W ,,,A.,...,,...,.,.. E VELYN Bl..lSl"l Treasurer , ,,.,.,.,, -lnol piclurecll PAUL WYMAN Class 6421 do M. QQOM. fg 00 Z ' ' 'W I , gf 1 .,. ., ll-1 T lv 4 '- in of 19 1 WW, - x .. X f in ,C .. ., A . sb tlylx 5 fi . l7Qu , g nQQ,757, If Russell Peg Don Tebbeifs Presidenf ........... Vice Presideni' Secrefa ry .......... Treasurer .,,.,...,.. Valerian Lavernoich P 1' Class of 1952 1 GL . Q gg, ' ,FFF QQ' i .rf f f ' W ' b":.-7-"- 'xlib' - 4' X14 ,-:Ly 5 31' . --f 5-if-a':""-N u If' TEBBETTS VALERIAN LAVERNOICH .................,.,....PATRICIA WILKIE .......x.,ROBERT BODWELL Wilkie Roberf Bodweli Ein, W? m JZ, , Q, , -S1 LA , if x xy l4O Tabor Gray Harold W. Ayer, Jr. Presidenr ...............w,, .....,.,..,... C HARLES BURWELL Vice Presidenr .w.,..... ..A...........,,......,...............Y,..............,.... T ABOR GRAY Secrerary .......,.,. ......,ww... f nor picfuredl FREEMAN YARDLEY Treasurer ..........,........,.,...... HAROLD AYER, JR. 2-Year Qricultural -95 Q ..-N 4 U 1. I . 2 A 'We ag! I X 1, Q , -Z :K ,, QP """'Ng Charles Burwell RAYMOND B. ALDRICH Gerrislw Major: Horficullure: I-lorliculfure Club: Applied Farming Org HAROLD W. AYER, JR. I-lennilrer Maior: Applied Farming: Treas. 2: Applied Farming Org. lnlramural Sporls KARL L. BARNARD Tillon Maior: Dairy: Applied Farming Slud. Org. Vice Pres. I Pres. 2: SCM I, 2: Iniramural Foolball and Baskelball. KENNETH BASCOM Alslead Major: Dairy. HUGH E. BEMIS Charleslown Maior: Dairy: Applied Farming Org.: lnlramural Baskelball JOSEPH W. BINGS Lisbon Major: Dairy: Applied Farming Org. 2: Newman Club I Horlicullure Club l. NORMAN BOWLES Franconia Maior: Dairy: Applied Farming Org. I, 2: NI-IOC I, 2. DWIGHT W. BROWN Epping Maior: General Agricullure: Univ. Glee Club I, 2: Class Sec. I: Prog. Com. Chairman I, 2. Leif Hand Page CHARLES BURWELL Exeler Maior: Agricullure: Dean's Lisl I7 Poullry Club I, 2 RUSSELL F. BUSWELL Easl Kingsfon Maior: Dairy: Applied Farming Org. I, 2. I Aldricln Ayer Barnard Bascom Bemis Bings Bowles Brown To II'1e Righli Top Row: Burwell Buswell CoI"ron Boffom Row: Docos Fife Gray JOSEPH H. COTTON, JR. CLARENCE FIFE Barnslead Canlerbury Maior: I-Iorliculiureg Applied Farming Org. I, 2: Horlicullure Major: Dairy, Applied Farming Org. I, 2. Club. SPYROS C. DOCOS TABOR GRAY Nashua Piflsburg Maier: Poullry Husbandry: PouI'Iry Science Club. Maior: Dairy: Dean's.Lis+ Ip Applied Farming Org. I Poulfry Science Club I, 21 SCM I, 2. I43 Maior: Poullryg Applied Farming Org. I, 2: Hillel I, 2: Maior: Horlicullureg Applied Farming Org. I, 21 Horlicul- Maior: Horlicullureg Applied Farming Org. 2: Horlicullure Maier: Poullryg Applied Farming Org. I, 2: Poullry Science Maier: Poullryg Applied Farming Org. Vice Pres. I, 2: Maior: LAWRENCE KAPILOFF Keene NH Poullry Club I, 2. JOHN C. LEWIS Concord lure Club Vice Pres. I, 2. DONALD C. SMITH Slepney, Conn. Club 2, NI-IOC 2. WINFIELD S. STAPLES, JR. Eliol, Me. Club. H. DONALD STEVENS Plaislow Pouliry Science Club: Univ. Glee Club. RICHARD L. VAN DYNE Derry Poullryq Applied Farming Org. l, 2: Poullry Science Club I, 2: Freshman 'I00' Club. Agricultural JAMES C. BATES Clwiclresler ROBERT BEALE Salem E. Manchegfer GEORGE BRADEN KiI'Iery, Me. THORNTON E. CASS Belrnonl HENRY C. CHICKERING, JR. Chesleriield ALLAN B. DETSHER Wolieboro JOHN DONALDSON Norlln Hamplon FRANK W. HADGMAN Concgrd WILLIAM G. KIBBLE Nashua ROBERT H. KNIGHT Keene CHARLES C. POTTER Keene DOUGLAS E. RIX Millon Mills FREELAND S. YARDLEY Marlboro I44 turleuts Nut Pictured Maior: Major Major: Major Major: Maier Maior Maior Maior Maier Maior Major Maior Maior Poullry Dairy General Agricullure General Agricullure General Agricullure Dairy Horlicullure Dairy Dairy Dairy Dairy Dairy General Agricullure Dairy m ,. ,gy g Q ,ig W nv I w nil M w afwggqggwggm N ' H Q Z , N u N 'N H " V H E, Q " '. , " H ' Hiqvlfzvxx 'w?5.5'M.1113ggggi ' ywf ",..h.n3g1j'.. ffm-V M, ? .H ' W .fini N ,w"nE,,N . yea., Q41 !1QMwg?wQ,W ,W,l M H M HmmmwwfwmkwggwwgiNgwwwywwwwwUMmQWggmwwww HW W-M H H M W W W M W A gig ggggggwg Hg ge M 14 M mx M1 ,311 H M 41 Mlf A M M .41 L ,xx w . H- L". 1 1 I w 1 N .. ,an 952:91 m::.Eg- an f 445, -vb if .N W W A , ' r ff . 1 1 . fl. wi, .Ls Q- -1 .uw ' A , a f , ,HSI ' rf- K' gf X ' -' 1' My ' fo V f' L, Fi , , z. r 8 ,ai . 15" --4 W Yiwu f ' g,-,Q 45, - ' -S + ,fat -, .f.,.... 4, gi X ff EIA 3 . . , Y' 1 4' .. ,' V . 8 . U , ' W. K ' x - f Mfr- FF X .19 F V . A. ww ww f. 'c2iI7.,,gw --simi- Hawaii. A29 M W fiqf Ci! ef' , f ,W 3321, riff: eq! f ,f W 9255 f Ha f----. . ' ..- , Vgv ,ffZ,jlig4'.5V N W N 1 M , h JOHN LAWSON PresidenT tudent Council DONALD BENOIT Secrefary FRANCIS KEATING Vice4PresidenT HE expanded Council, under iTs new consTiTuTion, has gone Tar along The road Towards being a more acTive body in The liTe oT The male sTudenT aT The UniversiTy. This year, as in years previous, The Council sponsored such well-known and widely aTTended evenTs as Dad's Day and The annual Homecoming Dance, The laTTer in con- iuncTion wiTh Th'e AssociaTion oT Women STudenTs. The UniversiTy Band and The PepcaTs were senT To BosTon Tor supporT in The TuTTs game, and all The members OT This1year's Yankee ConTerence Cham- pionship FooTball Team were pres'enTed gold TooTballs on behalf oT The sTudenT body. The ouTsTanding achievemenTs oT The year, however, were Those gains connecTed direcTly wiTh Th'e sTudenT body, Through represenTa- Tion on The STudenT Council, gaining a voice in aTTairs aT The Uni- versiTy which were beTore considered purely adminisTraTive in naTure. A member OT The STud'enT Council has been serving in The capaciTy oT an observer aT all disciplinary hearings involving sTud'enTs on cam- pus, wiTh an eye To more sTudenT parTicipaTion in The TuTure. A Three- man commiTTee has been creaTed To siT wiTh The PresidenT oT The UniversiTy in an advisory capaciTy wiTh an aim To develop more compleTe undersTanding beTween The adminisTraTion and The sTudenT body on viTal maTTers. l48 DEAN MEDESY NEIL GLYNN BRUCE MATHER THOMAS BARRETT ROBERT KEITH CARMEN RAGONESE CHARLES OSBORNE SILAS DUNKLEE ROBERT LEVESQUE CHARLES LONG RUSSELL PAGE WILLIAM MOORE ALBERT ROBINSON WILLIAM METCALFE CHARLES CILLEY EUGENE MOLLOY RAYMOND GRADY ALBERT ADAMS VICTOR DAHAR WILLIAM McKENNEY CALVIN CHANDLER EO REDFERN OBERT LINDQUEST TANLEY SAKOWSKI OHN COWAN ONALD TIBBETTS 1 f AUDREY PARKER I Presidem' LOIS GIBBONS Vice-Presidenf Association of omen tudent MARGUERITE McMURTRlE Secrefary BARBARA BRIDLE Treasurer I5O HE AssociaTion oT Women STudenTs is an organizaTion To which all undergracIuaTe women belong. ITs precursor, The Girls' Council, was Tormed in I9Il buT iT was noT unTiI I922 ThaT They Took on any iucliciary TuncTion. Through The years, increasing responsibiIiTy has been given This organizaTion. The ExecuTive Council, The represenTaTiv'e governing. body, is made up oT eIecTed members ancl The presidenTs OT The upper class women's cIormiTories. The iucliciary TuncTion is only half oT iTs job on campus. IT sTrives To work wiTh The TacuITy and adminislralion on behaIT oT Th'e women sTucIenTs ancl vice versa. IT also serves Through exTra-curricular programs. AcTive cooperaTion and bringing The women sTudenTs TogeTher in a meaningful and working ur1iT are mosT imporTanT To The AssociaTion oT Women STucIenTs, Tor only in These ways can a sTrong seIT-governmenT be realized. NOT picTured: CLAIRE CURRIER PHYLLIS KILLAM VIRGINIA QUINN RUTH C. HENRY LORNA RIDLEY MARY HENRY RUTH DALZELL I5I B'na,i B'rith Hillel Foundation A . rv ni! If Q , I x 0 71" 17" if NV' v' , ' v M '?5. s:i!i"a S O xxi' Q 'Q f'4 Q 0 0+ 5 Q ,O Q O O s,Q.....9,Q.O.9 Firsl row: Lionel Leaviii, Hilda Woolison, Phyllis Berson, Jordan Poplcin, Vice-Presiclenlg Edward Baker, Presidenig Vivian Lancleau, Secrelary: Syd Aliber, Treasurer: Phoebe Newman. Second row: Harrier Kaplan, Ruih Adnori, Charles Block, Paul Cohen, Eslelle Newman, Rulh Shu- linski, Pearl Lewis. Third row: Nalhaniel Bagdonove, Burl' Silver, Ray Levine, Gene Morrison, Sluarl Shaines, Burl' Kaiz. Noi piciuredz Rabbi Aaron llson, Advisor: Mary Goodman. xl-IIS year Hillel celebraled Hs Third year as a Foundaiion of lhe campus of 'rhe Universily of New Hampshire having been organized as a club in I94-l. Wilh 'rhe helpful guidance of Rabbi Aaron llson, 'rhe club's advisor, l-lillel has fulfilled ils four primary aims: lo orier a "home away from home"g io acl as a cenier for social, re- ligious and culrural iuncrions for Jewish sludenlsg 'ro prepare young men and women for leadership: and ro develop harmonious relaiions wilh all groups on lhie campus. ln 'iuliillmenl' oi lhese aims, The program oi Hillel ihis year has included movie and slide programs dealing wirh phases oi Jewish hislory and cullure, as well as lrips io nearby communi- lies io celeloraie religious feslivals. Guesi lec- rurers and discussion groups on curreni' iopics have been sponsored. Socials, brealcfasis, and suppers have helped To round ouT The program. The new posiTion oT The Jew in PalesTine has made The sponsoring OT The lnTercollegiaTe ZionisT Federalrion oT America an imporTanT phase OT Hillel AcTiviTy. Through This group, members OT Hillel have been made aware OT The meaning oT Zionism. One OT The highlighTs oT Hillel's acTiviTies This year was The sponsoring oT an all-campus dance in commemoraTion oT The TwenTy-TiTTh anniversary oT The Tounding oT The B'nai B'riTh Hillel Foun- daTion, Since iTs incepTion aT The UniversiTy oT Illinois in l923, iT has spread, unTil now iT is To be Tound on I46 campuses ThroughouT The UniT'ed STaTes, Canada, and The LaTin American coun- Tries. Hillel held iTs annual loanqueT and insTalla- Tion OT oTfic'ers during The monTh OT May and co-sponsored UniversiTy Religious Emphasis Week wiTh The oTher campus religious organizaTions. FirsT row: Marcia Black, Beverly Borr, Judy Axelrood, EThel Wexler, Joanne KaTz, BurT KaTz. Second row: Bernard Delmar, Harold Achber, George Perlman, HerberT Lis, Sidney Gross. Bill O'Meara's Band playing aT The Hillel 25Th Anniversary Dance. TeTe-a-TeTe aT inTermission. l.eTT To righT: Ann Silver, Ed Baker, Hilda Woolfson, Jordan Poplcin, Sfuarl' Eynon Presfdenf Silas Dunlclee Vice Presidenl Augusllne Dillubio Secrela ry-Treasurer Blue Ke Elbridge Brooks John Lawson Carroll I-lurfrress E , : l E ll' lu ooliolll l I 54V Carmen Ragonese Neil Glynn Vernon Hall James Nesfor Erling Finne Elmer Shaffuclc Ralph Townsend Charles Osbourne v. LUE KEY, a men's honorary sociefy, was organized in l92l by a group of seniors who felf fhe need of anofher such sociefy on fhe universify campus. Since ifs founding, fhe Sociefy has aided in fhe evolufion of various campus reforms and has made maferial con- fribufion fo fhe spirif and fraclifions of fhe universify. No more fhan fiffeen men of fhe iunior class are selecfed each spring fo become acfive members fh'e following fall. Candidafes for membership are selecfecl on fhe following qualificafions: "Successful parficipafion in exfra-curricular acfivifies, qualifies of leadership as reveal'ecl by confribufions fo fhe campus life and service of fhe uni- versify, and a safisfacfory academic record." Blue Key sponsors fhe Mayoralfy Campaigns and Sfunf Nife, and lends supporf fo many ofher campus acfivifies. I55 1 Vi Harold Burby Bruce Bulger Vice-Presidenf Treasurer Richard Darf Presiclenr Donald Young Secrejrary enior kull HE old'esT organizaTion oT iTs kind on campus. Senior Skulls was Tounded in I909 by a group oT seniors as an organizaTion which would bring recogniTion To The leading men oT The class. IT limiTs iTs membership To The TiTTeen men who have, in Their TirsT Three years, proved Th'eir abiliTy as leaders in exTra-curricular acTiviTies as well as scholarship. This year The Skulls have gone all ouT in an eTTorT To encourage and increase Triendly relaTionships among UniversiTy sTudenTs and in exTending UNH hospiTaliTy To visiTing Teams by seeing ThaT They are adequaTely housed and Ted during Their sTay in Durham. Skulls recognized The need Tor increasing dor- miTory and TraT'erniTy spiriT in regard To parTici- paTion in inTramural sporTs. ConseguenTly, They planned and insTigaTed an elaboraTe inTramural spor-Ts program which encompassed The Tielcls oT TooTball, baskeTbaII, Track. soTTball. golf, and Tennis. Cups were awarded To The winning group in each sporT. Skulls plan To conTinue Their 'eTTorTs in This direcTion and To broaden The scope of acTiviTies wiThin The coming year. The services of The Skulls are always aT The disposal of any UniversiTy organizaTion. Thus The primary obiecTives oT Th'e SocieTy are To promoTe recogniTion oT ouTsTanding sTudenT leadership and To assisT in advancing The welTare and pres- Tige oT The UniversiTy. Charles Pinkham Richard Benson Ar'Thur Saboski Thorwald LamberT Theofelos Aliapoulios Francis KeaTing William Gabriel Theodore NaTTi Donald Donovan G. RoberT Lange George Buckley Shane Devine The Granite ' O The sTaTT members, unlike mosT sTudenTs of The UniversiTy, The GraniT'e means more Than iusT a yearbook, handed ouT aT The end oT a school year. Perhaps using The words "unlike mosT sTudenTs" is a biT harsh and selTish on our parT. ExcepT Tor The Tew noTices and appoinTmenTs Tor picTures, ThaT meeT The eyes oT our busy classmaTes, The name oT The GraniTe means a very disTanT Thing. For The sTaTT, however, iT means The culminaTion oT many hours oT work, worry and play. The eleven ediTors have experienced a loT oT muTual Teelings Trom OcTober, The Time when The work begins, To The Time when They proudly disTribuTe The Tinished producT aT The NoTch To The "now" eager and inTeresTed sTudenTs. Working in The sTaTT oTTices on winTer days when all ThoughTs are on skiing and skaTing: on beauTiTul spring days observing Tennis and baseball players, moTorisTs and saddle-riding enThusiasTs enioying Their sporTsg working unTil I2 P.M. many evenings: cuTTing classes, RoberT Collins ProT. A. W. Johnson RoberT LindquesT Business Manager FaculTy Adviser EdiTor-in-Chief beam.: NE .- -foggy..- L? Nm 51 l 4 Q' -T i 4 ? X ,, , 'if' 1 4 .l' J a J if sts -.1 -41 -- T ' L.,- especially eighT o'clocks: also The running ouT oT buTTs, as well as working on overshoT nerves in our all-buT-spacious offices, are rouTine To The ediTors and To Their heelers, The TuTure sTaTT-members. However, The conTacTs wiTh The sTudenTs, TaculTy, and sTaTT oT The UniversiTy are 'experiences which will noT soon be TorgoTTen. Likewise, Those ol: working wiTh our publisher, phoTographer and adverTising subscribers are opporTuniTies, The value oT which we appreciaTe. The ediTors appreciaTe The work of Bill l-larkaway, Gordon Barnard, DOT DuTTy, John Zocchi, Bill Reid, Alice Taylor, RuTh Pierce, Anne Marie Flannagan, SeTh Junkins, Bob Langelier, Joy AhrendT, Midge Holmes, Phil Neugerbauer and Jack Guay. I58 BeHy Becker, Ari Edifor Carlofia Dondero, Senior Edifor Richard Brouillard, Associafe EdlfOF -f :fznfwimm , 15", il? X -'N.f,, tzr- Jean Carragher and M. Anne Reid, Phofography Co-Edifors RoberfJol1nson, Sporfs Ediior Douglas Bowles, Feafures Edi'ror Jeanne Thomas,Orqanize1'ions Edi+or Lucieffe Roy, Frat-Sor. Edifor I59 The e Hamp hire VERY Thursday aT UNH The campus paper appears carrying news oT sTudenT hap- penings, adminisTraTion decisions, resulTs oT campus elecTions, organizaTional meelrings and programs, plus sporTs coverage. poeTry, picTures, humor and TeaTures. This compIe+e coverage oT-campus acTiviTies requires days oT preparaTion by The New Hampshire sT'aTT. Days oT hecTic inTerviewing, reviewing, wriTing, rewriTing, ploTTing and "puTTing The paper inTo bed." Each Sunday and Monday nighT The sTaTT gaThers in The oTFices aT Ballard Hall To puT The polishing Touches To The news oT The week. IT is here ThaT The reporTers wriTe Their sToriesg The nellvs ediTors ediT and assign copy: The managing ediTors cr'eaTe headlines and assign beaTs Tor The coming week: and The associaTe ediTor ploTs The paper prior To delivery To The prinT shop. The business sTaTT, headed by The business manager, is responsible Tor The Tinances oT The publicaTion. The adverTising d'eparTmenT handles accounTs Tor boTh local and naTional business Tirms. The subscripTion and circulaTion cleparTmenTs handl'e mailing and disTribuTion oT The weelcly. Over all These acTiviTies presides The ediTor-in-chieT who acTs as consulTanT, coordi- naTor and Tinal arbiTraTor. He is assisTed by The execuTive commiTTee, composed oT The ediTors from The ediTorial sTaTf and managers Trom The business sTaTT, and by The BurTon Nichols Barbara Nylen EdiTor-in-ChieT Leo RedTern AssociaTe EdiTor l6O Senior Managing EdiTor Facully Advisor, who offers advice and sugqesiions on all mailers in which his counsel is soughi. The execuiive comrniiiee, deiermining policy and procedures for The paper, has made The New Hampshire a crusading, liberal voice of Jrhe campus, and has ai all limes adhered To ils policy of being "The official undergraduaie newspaper of +h'e Universiiy of New Hampshire." The New Hampshire has nor hesiraied 'ro adrnonish, crificize, and recommend pro- posals Jro 'rhe aclminisiraiion or sludeni body for wha? ii feels 'ro be shoricomings. H has aHemp'red io aid and assisl all worfhy projecis underialcen by sfudenis and adminisfraiion officials. The New Hampshire has worked for improvernenl and progress in all phases of campus aciiviiy. I+ has siriven io be a conslruclive force on campus. The New Hampshife is wholly siudeni operaied and conlrolled, and has consislemlly mainiained a firsf class raiing wilh Jrhe Associaied Collegialre Press. I+ is regarded as one of The beifer college publicaiions in i'rs own class. George Hasellon, Sporls Edi- 'lorg Barbara Grinnell, News Edifor: Ari Grant News Edi- lor: Doroihy Hirsch, Managing Edifor. i John Downs, Business Manager: Jane Black, Adver- lising Manager. :si V as P G Ad anced Air 11.0. T.C. HREE years ago, when Air ROTC uniTs were esTablished ThroughouT The naTion Tor The TirsT Time, The UniversiTy of New Hampshire was one OT The TirsT insTiTuTions To parTicipaTe in The program. During The college year oT I946-47 only Air Force suloiecTs Tor The TirsT year advance sTudenTs were TaughT. The Tollowing college year I947- 48, The second year advance curriculum was added wiTh The Air Force specialized course in mainTenance engineering being oTTered. This cur- renT year, an addiTional specialized course was oTTered To The second year advance sTudenTs. namely AdminisTraTion and MiliTary Management Thus giving The sTudenTs an opporTuniTy To choose Their specialTy. The Air Force has Two purposes in Air ROTC Training: To lay The ToundaTions oT inTelligenT ciTiz'enship wiThin The sTudenT and give him such Air Force Training as will be oT beneTiT To him- seli and To The Air Force, and To produce iunior oTTicers who have qualiTies and aTTribuTes essen- Tial To Their progressive and conTinued develop- menTs as oTTicers. FirsT row: Donald STecher, James PriTchard, Dwighi Knox, Gordon Barnard, Elmer Bullock, Gene Morrison, Colonel Sieve Aliapoulios, Carmen Ragonese, David Grey, ChesTer TiTus, Ari Card, Bill Floyd, Firsi LieuTenanT Sam Samaha, Paul Guimont Second row: Leon Parker, CarTer Gibbs, Bill Alexander, Raymond Gagnon, Roberi' Jones, STuarT Shaines, John Gleason, Joseph Sulham, Hadley Gadbois, Ronald Sleeih, Richard STearns, Irvin Williams, Donald Nielson, RoberT Des Roches, David Garland. Third row: Louis La Vaude, Chesier Lucy, Joseph CaTalTo, Roberf Turner. RoberT Beauregard, Donald BenoiT, William Ryan, Sheldon Varney, Neil Glynn, William Charron, Alan Deale, David WaTson, Harold Achber, Joseph Zimmerman. FourTh row: Roberi' Cilley, Harold Fellbaum, Roslyn Robinson, RoberT Foulkrod, ArThur Glines, RoberT Hauge, FirsT LieuTenanT Lawrence Alcerman, William TibbeTTs, Nicholas Skoby, Frederick Bradwell. NOT picTured: CapTain Richard Ravgiala, John H. BaTchelder, Roberi Crory, KenneTh Giles, Edward Hughes, Harry Kimball, Frank Morrison, James NesTor, Earlan Seawards, Thomas BarreTT, James Gleason, George Kachavos, Blaine Leighion, Charles Long, George Manuel, Julius Millman, John Rollins, Ferris Saad. ' If ., '? s sim 4 ,A . y u. fc -X X ni 'l'- rr 'X X o NT. ri T' H 2 danced rm R.0.T. . WW T T Tlx ' W Sa l 4lgJ-5' Firsl row: Marlin Smilh, Elroy Hillon, Ezra Trumbull, Ralph Munn, Bernard Goldsmilh, Roberl Ambros, Bill Males, Charles Drake, Maior Thaddeus Pieciorak, Roberl Cook, Gerald Ellsworlh, Joseph Cook, Donald Chapman, Neal Marlin, Edward Huisak, Dick Hood. Second row: Raymond Converse, Herberl Lis, Roger Van de Meulebroecke, Rudy Smilh, Leonard Blake, Nick Copadis, Richard Rozek, Harold Larrabee, Dwighr Smilh, Frank Robie, Louis Pasalis, William Meicalie, Ernesl Sievens, Wilfred Brunelle, Eben Allen, Roberl Dow, Roberl Record, John McLean, James Carberry, Remi Morin. Third row: Raymond Gagnon, Alfred Gagnon, Roland Lesieur, Rodney Robinson, Roberl Whedon, Richard Van Lunen, Bruce Luneau, Frank Lindh, Daniel Hughes, Norlon Tupper, Richard Dodge, Sleve Morang, Edward Conway, William Chrisly, Jack Keller, Thomas Richmond, Richard Hasly, William Vander Haigen, Philip Shulins, Fourlh row: Leo Miller. Roberl' Belforcl, Brad Hughes, Roy Sleward, Juslin Horan, Allen Kiepper, Slephen Piper, Thomas Rodgers, Gilberi Perry, William Chase. Roberl Mikszenas. Noi piclured: Pasquale De Luca Kenneih Hamillon, Arlhur Rafferfy, Warren Cadorel, George Gilman, George Koorkanian, John Lafayelie, John Sakowski, Donald Spadone, Lawrence Trachy, Herberl Wheeler. EQUIRED by lhe Morrill Acl oil862 and lhe New Hampshire legislaiure incorporaling The college, mililary Jrraining has been a pari of lhe curriculum since The college was olzlicially moved from Hanover io Durham in lhe fall of I893. ln ils presenr form, The Army Reserve Olllicers Training Corps was aulhorized by lhe Nalional Defense Aci of l92O. For lhe pasl lhree decades 'rhe Universily of New Hampshire has conlribuied 'foward 'lhe iulfillmenl' of The Corps' mission by lraining olziicers lo serve wilh lhe Reserve Com- ponenrs of lhe Army of lhe Uniled Slales and by providing a principal source of procuremenl of junior officers for The Regular Army rhrough recommendalion of a number of disringuished miliiary graduales for direcl' Regular Army ap- poinlmenlr. Successful complelion of 'rhe Army Reserve Oliicers Training Corps program ai rhe Univer- sily of New Hampshire leads 'ro a commission in eilher l'he Coasr Arlillery Corps or 'rh'e lnfaniry. The program is designed lo qualify 'rhe srudenr as a leader whelrher in peace or in war. ' i , We l ., Q, I I 1 I , sm sw, - -ifizis ff2rwJS2E,,r lr- - il ,.'5,Q5' r z- 1,--ea: r ,ei n" lxx Swliizr -" ' "i A' ..-v' ff, -X -s- --e -Q - HE UniversiTy oT New Hampshire OuTing Club, one OT The old'esT and cerTainly The largesT sTudenT organizaTion on campus, promoTes recre- aTional and social TuncTions such as: mounTain climbing, hiking, skiing, supper parTies, yachTing and The WinTer Carnival. The governing body, Blue Circle, is chosen Trom Those members oT OuTing Club ThaT have shown an ouTsTanding inTer'esT and abiliTy in The club's acTiviTies. Leji w- "Q" ' ' ,ed l "Hee, ess in The norThern parT oT The sTaTe aT Franconia and Jackson. These serve as excellenT base camps Tor Tall and spring hiking, and skiing Trips. The Third cabin aT nearby Mendum's Pond is The scene oT many colorTul supper parTies ThroughouT The year. The highlighT oT Blue Circle's social calendar was again Their Tour-day specTacular WinTer Car- nival. The organizaTion Tilled in Their year's ac- TiviTies wiTh The Freshman and Spring OuTing, - f --.. - - .-.-YY Nl.-, ' sis i g i In The las+ Tew years The organizaTion has been conTinually expanding. This pasT year The YachT- ing Club was incorporaTed inTo The OuTing Club as The YachTing AssociaTion To simplify admin- isTraTion and increase accessibiliTy oT equipmenT oT boTh acTiviTies. The usual sailing opporTuniTies will be available wiTh increased emphasis on racing meeTs. An addiTional suburban Truck was purchased To make possible Two Trips a weekend To The cabins in Th'e WhiTe MounTains. The club mainTains Three cabins, Two oT These various movies, lecTures, and a club sponsored ski Team. The keynoTe To all presenT plans is The expansion oT The club. FirsT row: ForesT Miner, Miss Evelyn Browne, Advisor: Mr. William Prince,Advisor: RoberT Lange, Vice-PresidenT: Al ShaTTuck, PresidenT: Barbara Currier, Treasurer: Connie GarbuTT, SecreTary: John Simpson, Bill Gabriel. Second row: David Pheasant Armand Roy, Shirley Currier, Pris- cilla Winslow, Phyllis Karpinski, Ginna Quinn, MargueriTe Jordan, Norma Perkins, BeTTy Ahearn, Dick Gross, Bill Slaneh. Third row: Manfred Wuerslin, Theodore NaTTi, William MeTcalTe, Dave Dupee, Fred Browning, ClayTon Lane, Dick Mansfield, Fred PiTman, Hal Manion, Lloyd Hawkinson. Outing Club Q f 'J'-ef, Ar Q Iggy! - f g vlvv I ff ' 1 V 1 Y t ff-I :.' S' ' fx 222. Q 'NU RUN 'x g' 'Ki sr.. " 'v xx Off To ski af Cannon Mounfain. On fop of Mi. Washingfon. 1 .9 E253 Off +0 Darfmoufh Hackers Race Franconia cabin af+er snowfall. HE purpose oT The SCM is The developmenl' of a sTudenT Tellowship uniTed in The desire To undersTand The ChrisTian TaiTh and To Trans- laTe iTs beliefs inTo acTion. IT is parT OT The World STudenT ChrisTian FederaTion represenTed in This counTry by The NaTional lnTercollegiaTe ChrisTian Council, and as such, brings iTs memb'ers inTo a naTional and inTernaTional sTudenT organizaTion commiTTed To a religious inTerpreTaTion oT living. Varied inTeresTs' means a varied program. RadiaTing ouT Trom weelcly cabineT and monThly membership meeTings, This is broughT abouT under The heading oT The CommuniTy Responsi- biliTy, ChrisTian HeriTage, Personal and Campus ATTairs, and World RelaTedness commissions. UNH sTudenTs have oTFered excellenT speakers, Freshman Camp, meeTings on Timely subiecTs, marriage courses. TaculTy Tiresides, chapel serv- ices, denominaTional group meeTings, such as CanTerbury Club and The ChrisTian Science Or- ganizaTion, inTormaTion on summer proiecTs, and opporTuniTi'es To aTTend inTercollegiaTe conTer- ences. The work is cenTered in The rooms, oTTice and chapel of SCM. The Reverend ClinTon CondicT resigned as direcTor oT The organizaTions This year, aTTer Tive years aT This iob. T tudent Chri Tian Movement FirsT row: Marcia SeTzer, Vice-President Rev. Randall C, Giddings, Chaplain: Charles Hand, President Eugene WaTson, Vice-President Charles Cilley, Treasurer: KaThe- rine Frizzell, SecreTary. Second row: RoberT Dorman, Richard ArmsTrong, DwighT Knox, Mary Rasmussen, Jane Hayes, Waldo Sanders, Howard Daly, DexTer Marsh. NOT picTured: Dr. Donald C. Babcock, Advisor: Dr. G. R. John- son, Advisor: William Ballard, Frances Dame, Charles Henry, Marie Reed. Xx X 0 9 Q X ,. ni Rm bs-' ' wa I V 1 22.3 1 l 9 li - sg, l -:xxx ' e.. l lll 1 Taxi 5 Iv 'ni - z-:ts,.Q "l. Et' ,- - - , - ' -sees' f ' 6 'lg' , Canterbur Club 4559 f ,V 'QM I J i s X '-,Heyy l I . Firsi' row: Henry l.uTZ, E. T. Vangas, Treasurer: Nyla Gin- der, Verne Ray, Presidenfg Rev. Randall C. Giddings, Advisor: Leroy Beard, Vice-President Second row: Lois Kezer, Elaine Sawyer, Richard Rozelc, RoberT EaTon, Nancy WebsTer, Bunny HasTings. Third row: Eugene Rice, Thomas Addison, John Penn, Edwin Churchill, Ted Chadbourne. NoT picTured: Julie Phelan, SecreTary: Mary BeTh Crouch, Nancy Dinsmore, Dick STeeves. l-lE CanTerbury Club is The oTTicial organiza- Tion Tor Episcopal Church STudenTs in col- leges. ITs purpose is To TosTer a Tellowship among Episcopal sTudenTs in six areas oT ChrisTian ac- TiviTy: Worship, Service, STudy, Prayer, UniTy, and Giving. The CanTerbury Club aT UNH Talces iTs place in The ToTal religious liTe OT The campus wiTh The SCM, and shares in The sTrucTure OT iT. The CanTerbury Club This year has a member- ship oT sixTy sTudenTs who meeT on The TirsT and Third Thursdays oT each monTh in a UniversiTy room or in The Chaplain To Episcopal STudenTs' home. The y'early program revolves around The purpose oT The Club wiTh appropriaTe Tollow-up in Chaplain's Discussion Groups and dorm dis- cussions. The meeTings consisT oT Two parTs: a spealcer on som'e phase oT The Church's l.iTe, and a business meeTing. ln adcliTion, aTTenclance on The parT oT individuals To Churchmanship ConTer- ences, VocaTional and lnTer-Club Conferences, and The World STudenT Conference, was ous. Each year an ouTsTanding TeaTure numer- oT The Club is The Annual Dinner aT which The Bishop visiTs and sTudenTs are presenTed Tor The RiTe oT ConTirmaTion. ' H BS 1 ll' "ll -H2 i j. : 55' T Tl ' r .., rs Qi 'T' 2 H iii? i'i l lliziii. ' i es.:-f H, ,MV - Q . 3 , 5 S xivniiu - aff . if'- T T ' J, "' 'ff - 1, -mmf, Q, T ,. i 1 T .sfssrfr A- sg, . ,. , S, 'Alai iiil," i .n , 4 - - l, , 55 I -Y-Y-Y-Y 1 -, V. , ' T . if , ' i T . J- -..i. i . cl Our purpose: To TosTer The spiriTual, educa- Tional and social liTe of CaTholic sTudenTs aT The UniversiTy. Our paTrons: John Henry Cardinal Newman. Our moTTo: Cor ad Cor LoquiTur. The Newman Club was organized in i893 aT The UniversiTy oT Pennsylvania, and ThroughouT The counTry Today There ar'e over 80,000 mem- bers of 300 Newman Clubs aTTiliaTed wiTh The Newman Club FederaTion. On This campus, The club merged wiTh The TederaTion in l938 under The direcTion OT FaTher O'Connor, and has b'een Tlourishing under his capable leadership ever since. The council, which consisTs of a represenTaTive Trom each dormiTory, sororiTy, and TraTerniTy on campus, Torms a viTal parT of The organizaTion by keeping The members in close conTacT wiTh evenTs ThroughouT The year. Annual evenTs OT The Newman Club including The play, The ouTing, sporTs nighT, The ChrisTmas Dance, and Communion BrealcTasT are aTTribuTa- ble To The recogniTion which The club has. e man Club FirsT row: RoberT Milcszenas, Joseph Vachon, Ray Ouel- leTTe, Edward Capron, Fred Sullivan, RoberT Morin, Thomas Brannen, RoberT Fillian. Second row: Leo RedTern, Car- loTTa Dondero, Richard Brouillard, Nick ArmaTo, Treasurer, Joyce McCue, Vice-PresidenT: Carmen Ragonese, Presi- denT: Anne Marie Flanagan, SecreTary5 Rev. J. Desmond O'Connor, Chaplain: Frank Blair, Hugh Cassidy. Third row: Lorna Doon, JeanneTTe Sullivan, KaThleen MunTon, Phyllis Karpinski, Neal MarTin, Bob Price, Fred Burger, Bill RelTe, Bill Pizzano, John Gallagher, Connie GarbuTT, Claire LaporTe, CharloTTe Sheehy. FourTh row: Mary Ken- ney, Sally Baker, STephen Weglarz, Edward FiTzpaTriclc, Gerald Nolan, Province DelegaTe: Russell Page, Eugene BoudeTTe, Ralph WebsTar, Michael O'Connell, Phyllis DroleT, Anne CrawTord, Jeannine PrecourT. NOT picTured: Theodore Capron, Shaine Devine, John Duggan, Joseph Gallo, William MaTes, Sam WaTerhouse, Warren CadoreT, James Sheridan, Henry Kulilcowslci, Clesson Lang, Barbara Neville, Shirley O'Neil, Frank Robie. , xx,,E.3 n-L :TTTKTV SX T ,, 'll fi ,D .: , fy--' ,1 bf University Rehghni Council 1' 'V'- ? if X' 1x I fi f f W f Q ,K I f JQ:-Yrs? X A p 57 5-if lil l Q1 l L FirsT row: Rev. J. Desmond O'Connor, Gerald Nolan, Treasurer: Bernard Delman, Vice-Chairman, Leroy Beard, Chairman: Lucieiie Roy. SecreTary: Rev. Randall Giddings, Advisor. Second row: Phyllis Berson, Lois Lord, CarloTTa Donclero, Sidney Gross. NOT picTured: Nancy Dinsmore, Ken Hirshberg, Dexler Marsh, Shirley O'Neil. HE Univ'ersiTy Religious Council consisTs oT Three advisors and Tour represenTaTives Trom The Three religious organizaTions on campus, Newman Club, l-lillel Club, and STudenT ChrisTian MovemenT. lTs main TuncTion is ThaT oT inTegraT- ing The religious clubs Tor work on ioinT proiecTs and promoTing Tolerance and undersTanding among These groups on campus. The main evenT oi The year is Religious Enn- phasis Weelc. AT This Time, prominenT religious leaders speak aT a Univ'ersiTy-side assembly, and discussion groups led by These religious leaders occur in each OT The dormiTories and in The Tra- TerniTy and sororiTy houses. The Council has sponsored ioinr religious meeT- ings aT which Tim'e subiecTs oi inTeresT To all religious groups are discussed and sociabiliTy is enjoyed. The conTinuous school year cloThing drive is carried on and sponsored by The UniversiTy Re- ligious Council To aid European relieT. is 1 ii V iii V if HE Applied Farming STudenT Organizalrion is made up oT sTudenTs enrolled in The Applied Farming course. This organizaTion has been re- vived since The war and has grown aT a rapid raTe unTil aT The presenT Time iT has a membership oT over one hundred members. The purpose oT The organizaTion is To TosTer The principles oT educaTion and To promoTe acTive parTicipaTion in exTra-curricular acTiviTies, boTh on campus and in home Town communiTies. The Applied Farming STudenT OrganizaTion achieves This aim Through an acTiv'e social calendar. Wifh The aid oT a compeTenT sTudenT social commiTTee, geT-TogeThers wiTh The TaculTy and The sTudenT body are held, and dances and parTies are planned. Speakers and educaTional Tilms high- lighT many oT The scheduled business meeTings. Through The cooperafrive eTTorTs oT lasT year's organizaTion, The club was admiTTed To inTra- mural sporTs This year and sponsored Teams in Touch TooTball and baslceTloall. Because This group has such varied inTeresTs and backgrounds, iT has become one OT The mosT closely-lcniT informal organizalrions on campus. lT is hoped ThaT The principles oT cooperaTion TosTered by The club will help iTs members in Their laTer agriculTural pursuiTs. pplied Farming tudent llrganizzition FirsT row: Douglas Rix, Thomas Heavner, Roy Olson, Frank Buchanan, Donald Barnard, SecreTaryg Karl Barnard, Pres.: RoberT Simpson, Vice-President Harry STevens, Treasurer: Richard Van Dye, Roberi' Kelley, Noyes STiclcney, James BaTes. Second row: Roberf Lowell, Thomas Wheeler, Thomas Mucci, CliTTord Whippie, Richard SmiTh, Edwin Churchill, RoberT Beal, Freeland Yardley, Leslie Tallarico. Charles McVeigh, Carroll Spaulding. Paul Manning, Law- rence Kapiloicli. Third row: Allan MacKenzie, Hugh Bemis, Roger Laber, William Kibble, Don SmiTh, Tabor Grey, Norman Bowles, RoberT KnighT, Charles Roy, RoberT Williams, MaTT Lonsdale, JonaThan HunTingTon. FourTh row: Charles PoTTer, WinTield STaples, Joseph Newcomb, Arnold Ruch, Philip Smifh, DwighT Brown, RoberT ChrisTen- sen, Harold Ayer, John Lewis, Joseph CoTTon. V i' ' Q0 f 0 T ' ' . Q S bf , w 5, Je f , X A7 1 1 , 9' "9" 1' , X A' , ,', , ,, f "-K - QA' f Q -4:",f P Q! 69 ,3 -- ,,' '11, -,, "" , x . be-, . . "ff 4-A 1-U5 " 2 :"P 0' --"es-,Zi -- - ff I X f 'Q ' , egisg 4'r 'rf' ' , S I A. .A.E. is '65 I . CE-.J L l-4-'NFT,M TL.-:-if-TT'-E? ' :J -5 gg, 4 .ff N -:L .-1-, A Q 2:43 , - 151' FirsT row: Joseph BarreTT, Andrew Kaski, Charles BasseTT, Vice-PresiclenT: Prof. G. M. Foullcrod, Advisor: Donald Young, Presiclenh Henry Cunningham, SecreTary-Treasurer: RoberT Foss. Second row: Sherburne Chiclcering, RoberT Ambrose, John STeele, Edwin Bachelder, John WhiTney, Russell Ingram, Brad Bachelclor, RoberT Troy, Norman Bowles. -HE New Hampshire STudenT Branch of The American SocieTy oT AgriculTural Engineers was iniTiaTed on campus in March, l948. The Branch is aTFiliaTed wiTh The parenT American SocieTy of AgriculTural Engineers, whose execu- Tive oTFices are in ST. Joseph, Michigan. The Branch is governed by This body, as well as by iTs own by-laws. The STudenT Branch is composed of sTudenTs maioring in agriculTural engineering. The TaculTy advisor is Professor George lvl. Foulkrod, Head oT The D'eparTrnenT oT AgriculTural Engineering. and a senior member OT The American SocieTy OT AgriculTural Engineers. The purpose oT The STudenT Branch is To pro' moTe agriculTural engineering on campus and ThroughouT The sTaTeg To bring agriculTural en- gineering sTucl'enTs in conTacT wiTh prominenT men in The Tieldg To discuss agriculTural engineering problems: and To presenT educaTional Tilms and lecTures aT all meeTings which are held Twice each monTh. In pasT meeTings we hav'e had speakers on The subiecTs oT soil conservaTion. rural elecTri- TicaTion, use, design and sales managemenf of agriculTural equipmenT and machines. Usually The laTTer parT of each m'eeTing is open Tor a ques- Tion and answer period. ' . 1 ' ' ' . . l . 1. l, l 1 , iii Q51 ' 1 Z.. .. , ss . 1 . .'a.ifw.s X2 I- . are T f ze: 1 - . l .-new was i v V. sr, all Af. wif i: - - :zi- - T- . ,. 1 L .ii H. 1:1 - 1 1:-,V 1 sf: " 111 1 A ri . -HE STudenT ChapTer oT The American SocieTy oT Civil Engineers was iniTiaTed aT The Uni- versiTy oT New Hampshire in I928. The ChapTer is composed oT iuniors and seniors maioring in Th'e Tield. The purpose oT The socieTy is To help The sTu- denT prepare himselT Tor enTrance inTo The pro- Tession oT Civil Engineering and To develop a proTessional aTTiTude. This is accomplished by wriTing and presenTing oT Technical papers re- garding engineering Trends. AcTiviTies This pasT year consisTed oT movies oT boTh a Technical and non-Technical naTure. several gu'esT speakers, and inspecTion Trips To various consTrucTion siTes. lnspecTion Trips ac- quainT The sTudenT wiTh acTual engineering prac- Tices. One oT The ouTsTanding Tield Trips oT The year was To The new Toll highway beTween Maine and MassachuseTTs. ln addiTion To Mr. Dawson, TaculTy advisor, The chapTer has The assisjrance OT CapTain John N. Laycock, USN lReT.l oT Derry as ConTacT Memloer. . .C.E. FirsT row: Russell Tamburello, John Buchanan, Thomas Currier, RoberT Regan. Second row: John PeTerson, How- ard Raymond, Norris Harriman, Elmer ShaTTuck, Douglas Nickolas, SecreTary-Treasurer, Rol::erT Connor, Vice-Presi- denT: STanTon Young, PresidenTg Russell Skelfon, Oscar Turmelle, Roberf KeiTh, Willfred BerTrand, John Hurd. Third row: Greg Prior. RoberT Parker, Gerard Grossman, STanley Mason, Fred Ceely, Edgar l-luckins, John Mc- AuliTTe, Wallace Blackwell, Frederick Browning, Carl Miller, ErnesT Searles. Raymond Gagnon, Gerald Bachelder. Fourfh row: RoberT Keneval, CurTis Mooney, Perley James, EvereTT Herrin, Sanfo Nicolosi, Frank Lindle, Thomas Rodgers, Charles Parlsee, Eugene Molloy, Allan PoTTer. RoberT Polsigo. X P A 2 is 1240 -144.Tsx' .S.lVl. . M 4. 1 ""r'aXk: S Gb 1, . F' T : 'SS --i FirsT row: Kai Lochen. Gwynn Sweeney, Howard HunT, Sherman Gove, Rudolph Schroeder. Second row: RoloerT ForTnam, AhTi AuTio, Maurice Ross, Vice-PresidenT, Her- bei-T STearns, PresidenTg MorTon ViTTum, SecreTaryg John DeMerriTT, Louis Brown, Ludvig STangeland. Third row: WalTer Ryll, Allen ThornTon, Ralph McGinnis, Ralph Munn, BurT Silver, Richard Beyer, Fred Burger, WalTer KrzysTyniak. NOT picTured: ProT. William D. ClemenT, Advisor: ErnesT Junkins, Treasurer: James Wakefield, KenneTh Woodard, LuTher Lawrence, Alcor STover, Sam Goodhue, Frederick MindT, William NaTTi, Raymond Baron, Byron Brown, David Dinwoodie, Donald Donovan, James Horne, Phocion Lellos, William Moore, Ralph Mosher, Sherman Reed, Harold Sands. - HE sTud'enT branch OT The American SocieTy oT Mechanical Engineers was esTablished on This campus in l926. lT is composed oT juniors and seniors maioring in This subiecT. The main obiecTives OT The organizaTion are To promoTe inTeresT in The parenT socieTy, ac- quainT The sTud'enT wiTh pracTical aspecTs oT his field, and To develop incenTive among The Treshmen. The program Tor The year consisTed OT speeches given by prominenT men in The Tield, movies, and Trips To various indusTrial planTs. The ouTsTanding Tield Trip was made To The General MoTors Assembly PlanT in Framingham, Mass., where everyone enjoyed The specTacle oT a compleTe auTomobile developed and TesTed beTore Them. IT was voTed ThaT The socieTy would conducT Tours To nearby planTs. in The ensuing years, Tor Treshmen sTudenTs in Mechanical Engineering To TurTher The "Treshman incenTive." The policy oT resuming The Three day Tield Trip, by The seniors in The early Tall, To indusTrial concerns in New England has been discussed Tavorably. l HE College Chesf Fund was esfablished af fhe Universify of New Hampshire in I942. The purpose of fhe Fund is fo raise money in one large and infensive drive fo be apporfioned among various relief organizafions. The execufive commiffee of fhe Fund is com- posed of sfudenf represenfafives from campus organizafions. The commiffee defermines fhe amounf of money fo be raised, organizes fhe drive, and issues fhe confriloufions fo fhe relief agencies. The money is collecfed by a large group of solicifors from each dormifory, frafernify, and sororify on campus, They also confacf fhe com- mufers, and fhe Universify faculfy, adminisfra- fion, and service deparfmenf. Each confriloufor is given a fag fo signify fhaf he has donafed fo fhe Fund. This year fhe goal of fhe drive was sef af a conservafive SI,500: approximafely 52,000 was collecfed and disfribufed fo sfafe, nafional, and infernafional relief agencies. College Che t Fund Richard Brouillard, Vice-Chairman: Phyllis Jacobson, Sec- refary: Elbridge Brooks, Chairman: Waldo Sanders, Treas- urer. Nof picfured: Mrs. America Durance. Faculfy Advisor: Prof. John Hauslein, Financial Advisor: Virginia Quinn. U I AZ 9 '-'47 E531 'QJV70 iff t f 6 f f L' ' 4' 5 I ' 123 -" 'N w N fi , X' if Durham Reeler Ss- E- Qu '43 an X X N LE f iq, ' 1, C K a Q , 1-7 - T 7 ff 4- i uf 5-i S23 Xxsx. FirsT row: Ann Spurr, Co-Chairman: Jean ParkhursT, Sec- reTary. Second row: Helen Tucker, Richard Crane, Evelyn Hodges, David Waison, Co-Chairman: Eloise SToddard, PubliciTy Chairman: Beniamin OrcuTT, Helen Willand, Louis Baker, Barbara BenoiT, RoberT BenoiT, lrene Scroggins, Philip YeaTon, RuTh Berry, Rodger Laber. Third row: Ra- mona Brown, Clarence Wadlaigh, AniTa Glaubit Fred Carlson, Mrs. B. E. Huggins, Accompanisig Miss Priscilla L. RabeThge, Advisor: Ruih Hodges, Edwin Ricker, ElizabeTh Jacobs: Lewis Goffe, Marilyn Waris, James Parker, Jean Farrar, Charles Jordan. NoT picTured: Maude Amey, Vir- ginia Long, Raymond Palmer, Waldo Sanders, Frances Sherburne, RuTh Winn. ie Tsai i Q ' THREE years ago a group oi sTudenTs and Taculfy members inTeresTed in Tolk dancing and singing decided To Torm The Folk Dance and Song SocieTy which is now known as Th'e Durham Reelers. The name came Trom a TavoriTe dance, The Durham Reel of Durham. England. Besides enioying dancing and singing and refreshmenTs in The club meeTings, The Reelers demonsTraTe songs and dances Tor people all over The sTaTe as parT oT a program, "New l-lampshire's C5iTTs From OTh'er Lands," conducTed by The advisor, Miss Priscilla RabeThge. Some oi The dances demonsTraTed by The group are: The Swiss Weggis, ScoTTish EighTsome Reel, Ger- man PuTTienTer, Russian Korobushlca, LiThuanian Kalvelis, and The Serbian Kolo. Every spring The club parTicipaTes in Two regional TesTivals, The New l-lampshire Folk Fes- Tival and The Massachuse-TTs Folk FesTival. AT These occasions, American counTry dances and Tolk dances ancl music of many counlrries are shared Through demonsTraTions and general par- TicipaTion. Th'e greaT value of The organizaTion is The gaining oi: knowledge and The awakening of inTeresT in The ways and Tolk lore of all peoples. , T l T l l . I A ++++ + cc HE membership OT The Home Economics Club is open To sTudenTs who are enrolled in home economics classes. The purpose oT The club is To sTudy conTemporary problems in Home Eco- nomics, To sTimulaTe inTeresT in Home Economics on This campus and To promoTe a liTelong inTer- esT in The Tield. The club opened The year wiTh a supper me'eTing which was held aT PeTTee Hall. This fall The club sponsored a Tashion show in New Hampshire Hall which was loroughT To campus by The educaTional deparTmenT oT The SimpliciTy PaTTern Company. Miss Olive Berry was The misTress oT ceremonies and chose as her models TwenTy girls Trom The Home Economics Club. Some oT The members aTTended The New Eng- land ConTerenc'e which was held aT Keene Teach- ers College in OcTober, and received some very good ideas Trorn girls in oTher clubs which They would like To puT inTo eTTecT on This campus. OT parTicular inTeresT was The panel discussion oT Toreign sTudenTs in which They explained some oT The cusToms OT Their counTries and how They diTTered Trom our own. Home Economic Club FirsT row: Celia Brock, Mrs. Helen McLaughlin, Advisor: Barbara Kemp. CharloTTe Brown, Vice-President RuTh Dalzell, President Barbara Crane, SecreTary-Treasurer: Miss Alice FosTer, Advisor: ElizabeTh Jacobs. Second row: RuTh Chaffee, Arlene Bailey. ElizabeTh Phillips, Winifred LabonTe, PaTricia STocl1er. MargareT PeTroTT, Alice Moul, Phyllis SpaTTord, Sylvia DouceTTe. Third row: Lucille Law- rence, Marion McClellan, Jacqueline Currier, PaTricia ATlcinson. Eleanor Broclclebanlc. Jean PeTTes, Rae Phipps. S A far X I9 X fi., f N ,, Z egg Z I-:-95" 544 Horticultural Club xx X j X Tl.. S ci? " --' s E A FirsT row: Ralph Townsend, George Birse, John Lewis, Vice-Presidenlg RoberT Paulson, President Warren Hender- son, SecreTary-Treasurer: Prof. A. F. Yeager, Advisor. Second row: David WaTson, Trenholm Jordan, Roy Olson, Waldron Newell, Philip SmiTh, Roland Harwood, lleslie Tallarico. Third row: Frederick Carlson, James PraTT, Roberr Tillinghasf, Joe CoTTon, Roberl' Chrisfensen, Don Smifh, Fred Gowen. l - I-IE l-lorTiculTure Club was organized in l94O, Through The inTeresT oT a small numb'er of horTiculTure sTudenTs and wiTh The assisTance OT The TaculTy of ThaT deparTmenT. Previous To ThaT Time There had been no sTudenT organizaTionlon campus specifically inTeresTeol in horTiculTure. Since iTs organizafion, The club has grown, and gives iTs members a pracTical approach To hor- TiculTure and a greaTer knowledge oT horTicul- Tural acTiviTies ThroughouT The world. This is achieved by diversified monThly programs of speakers, slides, and movies. The club sTarTed ouT The year wiTh Three proiecTs in mind, all of which were successTully compleTed. The TirsT proiecT was To have a Hor- TiculTure Open I-louse, The purpose of which was To show horTiculTural producTs and The equipm'enT and insTrumenTs used To obTain experirnenTal' daTa. The second proiecT was Taking over The making and selling oT cider Trom The T'lorTicul- 'rural DeparTmenT. The Third was a revival of The- club paper which was disconTinued during The- war. The paper, called "The GraTTer," is To be- published Twice yearly, and by This means TurTher increase The inTeresT of horTiculTure Throughoul' The counTry. l HE lnTerdormiTory Council. represenTing The dormiTory men of The UniversiTy, was formed in OcTober, I947. IT was originally formed To be a connecTing link beTween The adminisTraTion and The men sTudenTs Themselves. Moreover, iTs purpose was To give dormiTory men an oppor- TuniTy for greaTer parTicipaTion in campus a'FFairs by Taking parl' in inTramural and inTer-dormiTory aThleTics, social alifairs. and self governmenT. The membership of The council is compos'ed oT The presidenTs and vice-presidenTs of The eighT men's clormiTories. who meeT once each rnonTh To discuss The problems OT Their member houses. By The organized eTForT oT The lnTerdormiTory Council To aid in promoTing proiecTs This organi- zaTion has sTrived To sTrengThen boTh The repre- senTecl dormiTories and The UniversiTy as a whole. The lnTerdormiTory Council is recognized as a responsible sTudenT agenT Through which and by which sTudenT suggesTions and proposals aTFecTing dormiTory residenTs may be channeled To The UniversiTy AdminisTraTion. Interdormitor Council Firsl' row: Sydney Aliber, John Bean, SecreTaryfTreasurer: RoberT Levesque, PresidenT7 Joseph Urban, Roger Hardy, MorTon ViTTurn. Second row: Gerald Nolan, Richard Mal- Tais. Leo Reclfern, Lionel Dancause, JusTin Horan. NoT picTured: WalTer STyles, Jerome STein, John Downs, Philip Yea+on. Joseph Burleigh. X . . X 'E 7 HOURS ...f7:g,-.. Y 4-5.1 ff, 9. Q I k 1 lg .Tumor Greeter r:,,':'4 A daily FirsT row: Malcolm Cole, John Sheridan, Richard Sargent Don Chrisiian, Roberi' UpTon, Philip Crane. Second row: Thaddeus Ozog, Ray Miner, Thomas Buckley, Prof. Ray- mond STarke, Advisor: Kennard Lang, AssisTanT Manager: Bruce Bulger, Manager: Roland Sabourin, HosTg James Wedge, STewardg Arlhur Saboski, ArT Murphy, John Kiel- man. Third row: John STevens, Edwin Robinson, Vicfor Soroceno, Gerald PhaneuT, David Sayward, Gerald Gard- ner, Elmer Horne, James Ridlon, Richard STark, William Powers. FourTh row: Harlan Woodbury, Spencer Robinson, James McFadyen, John Sandsfrom. William Hanson, Irving ATwood, Roberl' Crory, James Boyle, Harry Ellis, Charles Clement NOT picTured: HerberT Sfebbins, CompTroller. ATIONAL ChapTer Number One of The Junior Greefers ol: America was Tounded aT The UniversiTy oT New Hampshire in The Tall of 1943. Junior GreeTers is a collegiafe associaTion which has represenTaTive organizaTions on The campuses oT colleges oTFering courses in HoTel AdminisTraTion. This organizaTion gives The sTuclenTs The ad- vanTages and backing of The Senior GreeTers, an organizaTion composed oT successTul operaTors and TronT oTFice men in The hoTel world. Th'e purposes OT The organizaTion are: To uniTe Those who inTend To make hoTel work a career: To discuss hoTel businesses and allied subiecTs: and To cr'eaTe a deeper inTeresT in hoTel work as a profession. This year The GreeTers have been especially acTive wiTh a Harvesi' Supper in The Tall caTering To 300 and caTering Tor The Folk Dance Group OT I5O. This spring The group enTerTained The New Hampshire hoTel men and had a weekend ouiing aT NorTh Conway. Each monTh Th'e Junior GreeTers publish a newsleTTer which is senT To all New Hampshire hoTel men and The large hoTel associaTions. TT. sasfmsai Q I r ITH 'rwenry-Tive years of dramaric achieve- menr ro irs creclir, Mask and Dagger has broughr 'ro Jrhe campus anorher year of rhearrical enioymenr. Under The pos? war consrirurion Mask and Dagger became an honorary sociery wirh enrrance requiremenrs which can be mer by srudenrs inreresred in acring, backsrage work, and various aspecrs of publiciry and business managemenr. The purpose of Mask and Dagger is ro aid The dramarics program of The Speech Division of 'rhe English Deparrmenr in The proclucrion of plays, and in 'The promorion of inreresr in dramarics. Mask and Dagger, wirh dramarics direcror Professor J. D. Barcheller of The English Deparr- menr ar Hs head and wirh rhe capable comperenr assisrance of Mr. Philip Whearon, also of The English Deparrmenr, were hosrs once again for 'rhe successful New Hampshire Play Fesrival for secondary school dramarics. Th'e Jrableaux for rhe annual Chrisrmas concerr were Jrradirionally pre- senred by Mask and Dagger. The iirsr producrion for The year 1948-49 was "All My Sons," followed by a sevenreenrh cen- 'rury French farce wrirren by Moli'ere, "A Docror in Spire of Himself." The lasr of The 'rhree-acl' plays was "No Morher ro Guide Her." a k and Dagger Firsr row: Jeoffrey Duflill, Dominic Gangi, William Robin- son, Henry Belson, Francis Tremblay, John Garsicle. Second row: Mary Garland, Barbara Marden, Treasurer: Mr. Philip Whearon, Advisor: Sieve Aliapoulios, Presidenl: Lawrence Kilburn, Vice-Presidenr: Prof. Joseph D. Barcheller, Ad- visor: Florence Flinl, Secreiaryqi Mary Knighr, Virginia Grider. Third row: Tony Morse, Hollis Kinslow, Berry Lavery, Barbara Campbell, Jordan Popkin, Jarlene Elm- gren, Berry Jane Ericson, Burr Karz, Kerry Rorhsrein. r A W E 'Q as. ike and Dial i e FirsT row: Prof. E. A. CorTez, Advisor: Caroline PorTer, SecreTary: Allen WarringTon, Frank Blair, Presidenig Bob Young, DramaTics DirecTorg Richard Rozelc, Phyllis Henry, Treasurer: Ralph Munn. Second row: Sonia Marlcarian, Ann Silver, Philip Shuline. ChieT Engineer: Ray LaPrise, David WaTson, Lynn Holder, Barbara SchimpTF. Third row: Bob Langelier, Fred Browning, John ScoTT, Henry Belson, Don TibbeTTs, Bill Arms, Hugh Cassidy. NoT picTurecl: Harold Adams, Joseph Baghadasarian. George Buckley, Merrick DanTorTh, BeTTy Jane Ericson, George FlinT, John Garside, Roger Hardy. Andy HasTings, ErnesT HursT, Vernon ln- graham, Larry Kilburn, Dennis Lynch, Marion Macl.ane, Ray Miner, Joe RosewaTer, David Warner, Shirley Wexler, STeven Warner. IGH aTop Thompson Hall lThree TlighTs up To be exacTl is The Radio STudio in which are produced The programs oT Mike and Dial, The campus radio worlcshop. Mike and Dial, now in iTs TenTh year, was Tounded by a group oT under- graduaTes, many of whom are now acTually aT work in some Torm oT proTessional broadcasTing. The purpose OT The club is To oTier an oppor- TuniTy Tor UNH sTudenTs To become acquainTed wiTh The various aspecTs oT radio producTion including announcing, wriTing, direcTing, dra- maTics, sound eTTecTs and conTrol room opera- Tion. ln addiTion, The workshop encourages musi- cal programs boTh on The air and on The sTage. ln The pasT Milce and Dial has made some halT- dozen personal appearances beTore TraTernal groups in The surrounding area. These mock broaclcasTs have been exTremely well-received. During The I948-49 season The workshop pro- duced a series OT dramaTic scripTs chielily Through The work oT many newcomers To The group. Musical programs were aired along wiTh inTer- views oT The CadeT Colonel and her aides. The workshop also provided announcers Tor The Uni- versiTy symposium loroadcasTs and The concerTs in New Hampshire Hall. Jacqueline Bean Nancy Cufler Treasurer Vice-Presidenf Wanda Libby Audrey Parker Ruth C. Henry Caroline Eafon Presidenf Secrefary Dorofhy Hirsch Barbara Nylen ortar Board ORTAR BOARD became a pari' of fhe Uni- versify of New Hampshire in 1938. li' re- placed fhe local service honorary sociefy Cap and Gown. The purpose of Morfar Board is fo promofe college loyalfy, fo mainfain a high sfandard of scholarship, fo advance fhe spirif of service and fellowship among Universify women, fo recognize and encourage leadership, and fo sfimulafe and develop a finer fype of college woman. ln ivlay of each year nine girls are chosen from fhe junior class on fhe basis of leadership. scholar- ship and service. This is done af a very impressive fapping ceremony followed lafer by a formal inifiafion. Alfhough Morfar Board is a small group ifs proiecfs are many and varied. During freshman Orienfafion Week Morfar Boards are on hand fo aid fhe freshmen and help fo acquainf fhem wifh fhe campus. lf sponsors fhe Big and Liffle Sisfer program and picnic, fhe freshman fea, and finally honors freshmen who make fhe Dean's Lisf. Individual services are rendered whenever fhey are needed. The funds for Morfar Board proiecfs are raised by sponsoring fhe lvlorfar Board Dance in fhe fall, and a Benefif Bridge. .M Z X fi I Music anization fra: QA. if I ai N -az Xe, M c'ii22"'J'a-' : ' ' ' - HE Universiiy of New Hampshire Deparimeni of Music is composed of Symphony Orches- +ra, Symphonic Band, Sfring Orchesira, Th'ea+re Ensemble, Men's Glee Club, Women's Glee Club, and Conceri Choir. Each year The Symphony, Srring Orchesira, Glee Clubs and Conceri Choir collaboraie wiih The Deparimeni of The Arrs and ihe Speech Divi- sion of The English Deparimenr and preseni' a Chrisimas Program which is broadcasi from New Hampshire Hall. The evening is filled wiih music and Jrableaux. These same musical organizaiions also presenl a Siring Concerl and broadcasl from New Hampshire Hall. The Symphonic Band goes on a siaiewide 'four and presenis a campus concerl' and broadcasf ai which lime Jrhey are assisied by The Universily Chorus consisiing of members from The Glee Clubs and Jrhe Concerf Choir. The Band also plays for all aihleiic evenis, convocafions, rallies, commencemeni exercises, e+c. This year The Band gave a sp'ecial Sunday evening conceri in New Hampshire Hall. The Symphonic Band and Con- cerl' Choir provided ihe music for ihe inaugura- 'rion ceremonies 'For Presidenf Arfhur S. Adams af 'rhe opening of school. . f - - M .we l-IE UniversiTy Sailing AssociaTion, successor To The YachT Club, has become aTfiliaT'ed wiTh The OuTing Club wiThin The pasT year. By ioining Torces, The club has opened The way Tor greaTer sTudenT parTicipaTion in The grand old sporT oT sailing. Six Town Class Junior Sloops sail ouT oT The GreaT Bay landing in The warmer seasons oT The year. WinTer Tinds The members hard aT "work on The boaTs," preparing and repairing Them Tor The nexT season's use. Shore schools are held Tor novices, crews. slcippers and racing slsippers. so ThaT come spring Suzie won'T pull up The cenTer- board insTead OT dropping The mainsail. During The war a scarceness oT men on campus caused a curTailmenT in The acTiviTies oT The club. Now wiTh ample Tonnage in manpower The boaTs are all once again under sail. This does noT elimi- naTe The girls because There's many a Tine seam To be sewn on sails, and loTs oT sandpaper ThaT The gals can use. There are many excellenT sailor- eTTes sailing wiTh The UniversiTy, and members parTicipaTe in races and regaTTas ThroughouT The year. ailing Association Firsi row: Louis Newman, Warren Whiie, Dave Breclc, Ed Lincoln, Glen Lougee. Second row: Peggy Willard, Secre- Tary-Treasurer: William l.. Prince, Advisor: Dave Dupee, Commodore, Miss Marion Beckwiih, Advisor: Bob Fould- rod, Vice-Commodore: Barbara Campbell. Third row: Vir- ginia Chancller, Bonnie Burbanlc, JaneT Sanderson, Elizabc-:Th Nye. DoroThy BreynaerT, Midge Evans. FourTh row: Na- Thaniel Bogdanove, Philip SmiTh, William Bowman. Fred Piiman, Richard Nichols, Edmund Tarbell. Noi' picTured: Dave PheasanT, Joe Vachon, Jane Schmidt Roberi Bliclcle, Advisor. T .si ,gm .X 4 1? . Ni , ' ..-ff' 'X.. ' 'Iii' .J - ,:l-g:.:i:::1 ' 'll ll , :,4.22f.ji:".' Varsity Club :FL fa IV 4 Q If- ' " 'I .LI-I s Ui l U Qefeeifiiz Firsl' row: Gordon Barnard, Louis Pasalis, Dick SweeT, Bill SlaneTz, Bill Gagnon, ArT RaTTerTy, Warren Whife, ArThur PappaThan, Ralph Townsend. Second row: Rodney Webb, Alan Kiepper, NorTon Tupper, Carroll l-lunTress, Treasurer, Si Dunklee, PresidenTg Vern l-lall, Vice-PresidenTg Bruce MaTher, SecreTary: Thaddeus Piecorak, Frank Barndollar, ClayT Lane. Third row: George Saunders, Emil Krupa, Bill MaTes, Harold Burby, Ron SleeTh, Elbridge Brooks, Neil Glynn, Bruce GranT, Fred Browningul-lal lvlanion, Gus DiRubio, Bob CrompTon, Gus Gilman. FourTh row: RoberT KeiTh, Bob Johnson, Irving ATwood, RoberT Francoeur, Lloyd Hawkinson, David McCullough, Earlan Seawards, AlberT McReel, Thomas Munson, Moe Varney. l:iTTh row: ArThur l-larTneTT, William Floyd, Russell Chase, BurT Barker, William l-larkaway, RoberT Paulson. NoT picjrured: ProT. Paul SweeT, Advisor: Prof. Carl Lundholm, Prof. Wayne Koch. NDER The very able leadership oT iTs presi- denT, Si Dunklee, The New Hampshire VarsiTy Club, an organizaTion OT aThleTes and managers who have won Their leTTers in varsiTy sporTs, has accomplished much during The pasT year. The VarsiTy Club sTarTecl OTT The year by assisT- ing The TaculTy commiTTee in caring Tor The needs oT The guesTs who came To campus in connecTion wiTh The inauguraTion oT PresidenT Adams. The club members perTormed courier services abouT campus and manned The regisTraTion desk aT New l-lampshire l-lall during The enTire cere- monies. ln coniuncTion wiTh The Senior Skulls, The Club operaTed The concession aT The home TooTball games providing Tonic, hoT dogs, and hoT drinks Tor The paTrons. The club is now working on plans To presenT each member a miniaTure lapel pin clone in blue and whiT'e wiTh a small "Nl-l" embossed upon iT. To raise money Tor These pins a very successTul "l-lop" was sponsored by The club early in Janu- ary. The members also enioyecl a very humorous Talk by "Boo" lvlorcom abouT his experiences in The l948 Olympic Gam'es. . rs, liz: sr rrrrrrrr snr ini was 4 as r r sara azzzr asa W yr r r warm rs Pe 'El 0ccupational Therap Club HE OccupaTional Therapy Club, organized in l945, is open for membership To all sTudenTs majoring in Occupafional Therapy. The purposes of The club are To sTimulaTe and furTher inTeresT in OccupaTional Therapy, broaden The knowledge of This field, and creaTe a feeling of unify and friendship among The sTudenTs. The meeTings are held once a monfh and programs have feafured speakers in Occupafional Therapy work, demonsTraTions of arTs and crafTs, discussions, and moving picfures. Miss Doris Wil- kins, who is The head of The OccupaTional Therapy DeparTmenT, has given a greaT deal of Time and efforf as advisor in helping The sTudenTs To make a success of The club. During The pasT year The club sponsored an informal dance and held a banqueT aT The Folsom SalTer House in Porfsmoufh for club members, insTrucTors in Occupafional Therapy courses and graduaTe sTudenTs affiliafing in nearby hospifals. One of The maior acTiviTies of Th'e club is The annual Chrisfmas ParTy for The paTienTs of The PorTsmouTh Rehabilifafion CenTer. The parfy which was held aT The Pine Room was a huge success. FirsT row: Carrie Lowd, Nancy CuTler, Treasurer: Barbara Tucker, PresidenTg Laura Verry, Marjorie Anderson. Carolyn Brownrigg, Anne STurTevanT. Second row: Genevieve Ford, LiseTTa McKinzie, Joyce Cook, Ann Baldwin, Herb Very, Ann Crawford, Mary Clayfon, Barbara Morrison, Barbara Campbell. Third row: Virginia Hero, Beverly JohnsTon, Eleanor Reynolds, WeITa Doescher, Rosemary Bruckman, Eleanor STansTield, Vice-Presidanf: Barbara Currier, Jean Coffin. NOT picfuredz Virginia Grider, SecreTaryg BeTTy Becker, Mary Chisholm, Priscilla Howker, Sophie Krefsepsis, BeTTe Lempke, Janice Russell, Miriam Miner, BeTTy Larson, Barbara Newall, ConsTance Severance, Clair WrighT, Bar- bara BelIa++i, Pafricia CaleT, Dorofhy Clark, Barbara Deans, Barbara Dockum, RuTh Drake, Bernice HasTings, Maryann MaTTila, Jacqueline Revaz, Gloria Sfanchfield, Nancy Websfar, Barbara Weeden, Nancy Wilkinson, Joan Ballou, Joyce Brown, Judifh Brown, AThena Cosfarakis, Pafricia Coombes, Louise French, ElizabeTh Harlow, Norman Holden, Barbara Milbury, Mary Noyes, Julie Phalen, Miss Doris Wilkins, Advisor. 3- V T3-1 T T-il ul ,T J L 66 99 fi Firsi' row: Jean Garside, Helen Tucker, Shirley Ayres, Rosemary O'Meara, RuTh Greenword, Barbara Freedman, Priscilla Field. Second row: Tage Taylor, John Garside, Shirley Underwood, William O'Meara, Wanda Libby, Vice- Presidenf: Merrick Danforfh, PresidenTg Priscilla Cushing, Secrefaryz Daniel HearTz, Treasurer, Pafricia Campbell, Edifor: Allen Warringfon. Third row: Phyllis Henry, Jean Carr, Doris Burbeck, Rufh Hodges, Anne Johnson, Mary Rasmussen, BeaTrice Drolif, BeTTy Perley, Joy AhrendT, Anne Marie Flanagan. Fourfh row: Celia Brock, Sfephen Warner, Ernesf Sfevens, RoberT EaTon, William McKenney, Hazen Bickford, Richard Sfark, Roberf Marfoff, Phyllis Blais. NoT picfurecl: Prof. Roberf W. Manton, Advisor: Maude Amey, Mary Lu Barfon, Phyllis Chamberlain, Vir- ginia Galbraifh, Andrew Hasfings, Armand Hemon, Dor- ofhy Jeffrey, Hollis Kinslow, John Lyons, Marion MacLane, BeTTy McClure, MargueriTe McMurTrie, Elain Nordholm, Marilyn Rand. PUS "45" was formed in I945 wiTh TwenTy members making up iTs rosfer. Today The rosTer is composed of some sevenTy sTudenTs inTeresTed in music. A new sysfem was adopTed This year dividing The club info six clifferenT groups. Each group is headed by a commiTTee chairman, This giving much more varieTy To The individual inTeresTs found in The club. The differenT commiTTees found in The organizaTion are: creaTion, appre- ciaTion, religious, music educafion, communify service, performance. IT is The aim of The club To give To The sTudenTs aT The UniversiTy a chance To furTher Their inTer- esTs in music ouTside of The class room. Speakers and guesT arTisTs are inviT'ed To perform and speak aT many of The meefings, Thus giving The sfudenf somefhing To look forward To. This year iT has been The pleasure of Opus "45" To hold recepTions for The arTisTs lisTed wiTh The Concerf and Lecfure Series. This gives The sTudenT a chance To come info conTacT wiTh many nofed and disfinguished arTisTs, and also wiTh many of The faculfy of The Universify. l i N December, l945, six inTeresTed sTudenTs meT To reorganize The PoulTry Science Club of New Hampshire, which had been disbanded in I943. Since ThaT Time The club's enroIlmenT has increased sTeadily unTil This year There are ThirTy acTive members. This club is noT conTined To poulTry majors buT is open To anyone wiTh an inTeresT in poulTry. ITS purpose is To promoTe inTeresT in poulTry husbandry, and To bring TogeTher informally The sTudenTs and TaculTy in This Tield, MeeTings are held The Third Monday oT each monTh during The school year. These meeTings usually consisl' of a demonsTraTion, movies, or a guesT spealcer. Many inTeresTing and inTormaTive Topics are discussed and in The course OT The year nearly every phase oT The poulTry indusTry is covered. A new innovaTion This year has been The inTro- duc'l'ion oT a Coffee Hour, which is held one aTTernoon a monTh aT NesmiTh Hall. The purpose of This gaThering is To acquainT wiTh The PoulTry Club and iTs members Those agriculTural sTudenTs who oTherwise mighT noT realize ThaT There is such a club. The PoulTry Science Club oT New Hampshire is aTTiliaTed wiTh The NaTional CollegiaTe PoulTry Club. Poultr cience Club FirsT row: Jane McDonough, SecreTary-Treasurer: Prof. T. B. Charles, Advisor: James Rock, PresidenT: Charles Mcl.oon, Vice-PresidenT1 Laura Whipple. Second row: Harry S'l'e- vens. MaTThew Lonsdale, ProT. Ralph H. Granger, Advisor: Richard Van Dyne, James BaTes, CourTney Allen, Richard Colburn. NoT picTured: ProT. Carl Hess, Advisor: Prof. Richard C. Ringrose, Mr. E. T. Bardwell, Mr. Philip Wilcox, EvereTT Blalce, Benjamin Farr, Tabor Gray, John FosTer, Edward Godlirey, RoberT Greeley, Thomas Heavner, Oliver Hubbard, RoberT Kelly, Dllys Spurr, Noyes STickney, Clihford Whippie. f N yi 'TIC '1 'fl 'flff 1 i -06 ,, QN '74 ,4- U I O ' ' A TW 9-S 'J A ,svn Q 0 A, ' -ggi: vs' . " ff cabbard and Blade U4 L-'UC "' 5 QQZJ , . - f. :ici 2 'fi -Ja' ' '-f fl I ff .lt. 4- . .'u',i m' lc, i f FirsT row: Pasquale DeLuca, Elmer Bullock, Dick Hood, Tom BarreTT, Thomas Sharran. Second row: Bill Floyd, John Gleason, Earlan Seawards, William MaTes. SecreTaryg Sam Samaha, Treasurer: Slave Aliapoulios, President Carmen Ragonese, Vice-President Major James A. Sullivan, Charles Drake, KenneTh Giles, Gregory Dobrenchuk. Third row: Charles Long, Roberf Crory, Gerald EllsworTh, John BaTch- elder, ChesTer TiTus, RoberT Cook, David Gray, Larry Akerman, Nail Glynn, Don Chapman, Edward Huisek, ArThur RaTFerTy. FourTh row: Richard HasTy, Bill MeTcalTe, William ChrisTy, James Gleason, John LaTayeTTe, Lawrence Trechy, Louis Pasalis, Richard Dodge, Daniel Hughes, Neal MarTin, George Gilman. FiTTh row: Brad Hughes, Edward Hughes, Bernard GoldsmiTh, Joseph GoldsmiTh, Joseph Cook, NorTon Tupper, Sheldon Varney, Cecil Seawards, Frank Robie, John Salcowski, RoberT Mikszenas. NoT pic- Tured: RoberT Cilley, Gene Morrison, George Kachavos, James Nes+or. Thaddeus Pieciorak, Nicholas RaTTopoulos, Ezra Trumbull. CABBARD AND BLADE is a naTional honorary miliTary socieTy Tor sTudenTs oT ad- vanced miliTary science ThaT is dedicaTed To The promoTion OT good Tellowship and The develop- menT OT Those qualiTies which are necessary Tor leadership in Times oT peace or war. "E" Company, 6Th Regiment Scabbarcl and Blade, was esTablished aT UNH in I926, and has been prominenT among sTudenT acTiviTies since Then excepT Tor a necessary warTime inacTivaTion. ITs members are selecTed on a compeTiTive basis Trom The sTudenTs oT The advanced R. O. T. C. course. Cne OT The maior TuncTions oT Scalobard and Blade is The annual MiliTary Ball which is one oT The big evenTs oT The year. Scabbard and Blade also oTTers a scholarship To an ouTsTanding sopho- more in elemenTary R. O. T. C. who is mosT needing and deserving OT such an award. The SocieTy assisTed The UniversiTy aT The inaugura- Tion oT our PresidenT and is always willing To lend a hand in maTTers oT a miliTary naTure or oTher- wise. ParTicipaTion in pisTol and riTle maTches wiTh oTh'er similar uniTs ThroughouT The counTry is anoTher mosT viTal TuncTion oT Scabbard and Blade. N 'Ea ll" W " Pm? " ' A i M gl? -HE VecTor SocieTy was organized in The Spring oT I947 To Till a long-TelT need Tor an hon- orary engineering socieTy aT The UniversiTy oT New Hampshire. IT is The purpose oT The soci'eTy To recognize, in a TiTTing manner, Those engi- neering sTudenTs who, by virTue oT ouTsTanding scholarship, loreadTh oT inTeresT, and inTegriTy, give promise oT success in l3oTh Their professional and communiTy liTe. Dean Lauren E. Seeley oT The College oT Technology, TaculTy counselor Tor The SocieTy, was insTrumenTal in The Tounding oT The organi- zaTion and has evidenced a mosT acTive inTeresT in iTs progress. Membership is open To junior and senior male sTudenTs who are enrolled in one oT The regular engineering curricula. Pledges To The socieTy sub- miT a wriTTen paper on some phase oT engi- neering. This pasT year saw The beginning oT an Open House Tor Technology Freshmen. This program was well received and iT is planned To make This Open House program an annual evenT. ml! Vector ociet FirsT row: Erling Finne, ProT. E. L. GeTchell, Advisor: William NaTTi, Harry Farnham, Treasurer: Leonard Ed- wards, Vice-PresidenT: Frederick MindT, PresidenTg Ludvig STangeland, SecreTary: Donald O'Brien, Mr. R. E. Ander- son, Prof. William B. Nulsen. Second row: Maurice Meader, Andrew Lavoie, Richard Grossman, Kai Lochen, AlberT Twombley, Richard AusTin, Wallace Blackwell, Sian- ley Clark, Joseph Bonk, Jackson Newell, Raymond Knight Third row: Clyde lgnaszewski, Frederick Drew, Phillip Toomire, Ralph McGinnis, AhTi AuTio, Andrew Haley, Thomas Cushing, Richard Toomey, Richard Bonin, Sher- burne Gove. flee ijgsev-, 5 +15 l NA '-XL' 5.5, NA.x. TX 558500-s uhh Alpha eta I ri cj- ' T, -' X N ll " 40- ""'fr ' ' ,lf Q0 QW' ,' " ri f .I ,O .N 'ffm ad.. .- FirsT row: Ralph Townsend, Dr. H. C. Grinnell, Dr. M. C. Richards, Advisor: Donald Rice, Scribe: William Gabriel, Chancellor: Silas Dunlclee, Censorg RoberT Benson, Treas- urer: Warren Henderson, Chronicler: ProT. L. J. Higgins, Advisory Lloyd Hawlcensen. Second row: Paul Le Clair, Sherburne Chickering, James Rock, Theodore NaTTi, Doug- las Murphy, Daniel DayTon, Cecil Brown, Harold Jackson, Waldron Newell, Roland Harwood, CarTer Gibbs, Charles EasTman. Third row: WalTer Nelson, Richard Davis, Donald Emery, Henry Cunningham, Fred R. Ford, Rodney Webb, Edward LeaviTT, CourTney Allen, Harry Knox, Frank Morse, Durwood French. NOT picTured: ProT. T. Burr Charles, Advisor, Gordon Barnard, Russell Chase, Frederick Gowen, William MeTcalT, Bernard Ross, Charles Upham. Donald Young. HE FraTerniTy OT Alpha ZeTa was founded aT Ohio STaTe Univ'ersiTy, in IS97, and since Then has grown unTil iT now embraces TorTy-Three sTaTes. IT was es+ablished neiTher as an honorary socieTy nor as a social TraTerniTy buT as a pro- Tessional organizaTion in which all branches oT agriculTure are represenTed. The GraniTe Chap- Ter, represenTing The UniversiTy oT New Hamp- shire, was The sixTh To be Taken inTo The Fra- TerniTy. Membership is chosen Trom The upper Two TiTThs oT The classes in The College oT AgriculTure. ln addiTion To ranking scholarship, leadership and characTer musT be shown. By means oT associaTion wiTh one anoTher, and by insTrucTive and enTer- Taining programs, men in diTFerenT branches oT agriculTure gain a broader view and deeper con- cepT oT Their worlc. Social TuncTions are held Trom Time To Time and are climaxed by The Annual All AgriculTural Ge-T-Togefher, sponsored by Alpha ZeTa. This is a program designed To furnish enTerTainmenT and serve as a means of inTroducTion oT TaculTy members To sTudenTs. resulTing in a more closely kniT organizaTion. LPHA KAPPA DELTA is a naTional, honorary, sociological TraTerniTy. The organizaTion was Tounded in I92O To encourage The scienTiTic sTudy oT social phenomena Tor The amelioraTion oT human welfare. IT is composed oT members Trom all over The counTry who are inTeresTed in The sTudy oT socieTy and human behavior. The local Alpha ChapT'er, organized aT The UniversiTy oT New Hampshire in I939, is one oT ThirTy-Three chapTers. AT TirsT iT was mainly Tor graduaTe sTudenTs, buT iT is now open To uncler- graduaTes wiTh a high scholasTic sTanding. The aims OT The local chapTer are To carry ouT The purpose s'eT up by The naTional chapTer and To promoTe a greaT inTeresT in sociology on This campus. The members are aslced Trom Time To Time To presenT Their own parTicular research proiecTs and surveys Tor The discussion oT The group. During The year There are Two Tormal iniTiaTions and The group enTerTains guesT spealcers. These speakers are prominenT ciTizens acTiv'e in The Tield oT sociology. lpha Kappa, Delta FirsT row: Marion lvlacLane, Treasurer: JaneT Rollins, Sec- reTary: RuTh Shulinslcy, Vice-PresidenTp PaTricia Walker. Second row: William FelTon, Pauline Souliaris, Jeanne Place, Clihcord Jones, NOT picTured: George Murphy, President Prof. Charles Coulter, Advisor: Prof. He-rberT Moss, Ralph BrickeTT, Harry Carroll, DoroThy Cole, Mary Lalce, RoberT Shaclcford. ,JT lg? -V+ 1 ,Q T - T 2, fll gil! lpha Chi igma f if ss NH 4-an Firsf row: Neal Marfin, Pasquale DeLuca, Bob Morin, Donald Chapman, Howard Daly, Leo Rheaume, John Burleigh, Alfred Maior. Second row: John Hayiord, War- ren Foss, Masfer of Ceremonies: Paul Quinney, Treasurer: Logan Hankins, Recorder: John Knowlfon, Presidenf: John Williams, Vice-Presidenf: Erling Finne, Reporfer: Prof. Edward Afkinson, Advisor: Gordon Jackson. Third row: Ronald Pike, Roscoe Pike, William Jarvis, Richard Mason, Richard Robinson, Howard Richardson, Gerald Ellsworfh, Carl Wordsworfh, Charles Cilley, Liefh Cooley, Edward Huisalr. Fourfh row: Frederick Manley, William Brown, Clesson Lang, Samuel Blanchard, Richard Mansfield, James Hill, Joseph Basseff, Gilman Lang, Carl Poffer, Dwighi Douglas. l 2 I - . E - l E - U CHAPTER of Alpha Chi Sigma, a naiional chemical frafernify, was charfered in l9l I, some nine years affer fhe frafernify was founded af Wisconsin in l902. Since fhaf fime fhe chapfer has grown and prospered, unfil now if is 'rhe second largesf chapfer in fhe frafernify, wifh more fhan I2O members. The frafernify is open io men majoring in chemisfry, chemical engineering, or allied fields: and has for ifs purposes fhe advancemenf of chemisfry bofh as a science and as a profession, and fhe provision of an opporfunify for men wifh similar inferesfs fo gef fogefher fo promofe fhose inferesfs. These ends are accomplished by obfaining speakers who are acfively engaged in fhe profession, fhe promofion of a safefy program, and fhe use of educafional and enfer- faining mofion picfures. ln addifion fo fhe smokers which ar'e held al' frequenf infervals, Mu Chapfer sponsors a Chrisf- mas Parfy each December, af which an informal buffef supper is served, followed by a brief affer- dinner program. ln April or May of each year, fhe organizafion holds ifs annual formal dinner dance af which new members and fhe faculfy are guesfs of fhe Chapfer. ,T T I ri + W -T - , iv We err? '- gees- ii ETA BETA CHAPTER oT Kappa DelTa Pi, a naTional, honorary, educaTional TraTerniTy, was insTalled in I928, and has grown unTil iT now is composed oT Two secTions, The Summer School group and The regular school group. Because OT diTTiculTies during The war, The winTer group was Torced To cease operaTions Tor several years, and was iusT reacTivaTed lasT year by TaculTy members, and Those who remained Trom summer school. However, Th'e maior parT oT This group were seniors, so This year only a small group were leTT. The socieTy is boTh honorary and proTessional. IT consisTs oT members oT The TaculTy, The gradu- aTe school, and The iunior and senior classes in The Tield oT educaTion. The purpose is To en- courage a high degree OT social service among iTs members. IT seeks To advance The Teaching proTession, and To bring To iTs members, and oThers inTeresTed, programs dealing wiTh viTal Teaching problems. The SocieTy sponsors qualiTied speakers in educaTion and also Tilms supplemenTing The courses given aT The UniversiTy. Kappa Delta Pi FirsT row: Dean E. B. SackeTT, Florence FlinT, Donald Clark, Treasurer: Lawrence STaples, Vice-President George Saun- ders, PresidenT: Marion Quimby, SecreTary: Dr. T. O. Marshall, Advisor: Harlan Bisbee. Second row: Wanda Libby, Muriel Kiley, Elsie JeweTT, Avis Gray, Prof. ErnesT Boulay, ProT. Edmund CorTez, PaTricia Libby, Jean PeTTes, Joyce A. Thomas, Mariorie Hale, Shirley Gray. Third row: Fred Silander, Joseph Vachon, Lawrence Reed, John Lawson, Tony Morse, STanley Wenmark, Ralph Connors. M r ia - lllilll ,l Q llflll N l -za J ti! Lambda Pi N fz, Ag., is .rig in gi, 4, Q FirsT row: ProT. Julio Berzunza. Prof. A. P. DanoTT, Dr. Clifford Parker, Advisor: Mr. Thomas Clohezy, Mr. Eugene MeTZ, Mr. ErnesT Boulay. Second row: Marcia SeTzer, Sec- reTary: Mary Garland, Melba SmiTh, Nancy lvlarsTon, Lucy Roy, Vice-PresidenT: BeTTy PlaTine, DoroThy Hirsh, Treasurer. Third row: Mr. Wilfred Harwood, STanley Wen- mark, Joseph Urban, Roger Provencher, ProT. James Faulk- ner, ErnesT Barry. NOT picTured: Angelica Spylios, Presi- denT7 MargareT Meader. AMBDA PI, honorary language socieTy, was organized on campus in i945 in order To encourage and reward superior achievemenT in Toreign languages, To uniTe sTudenTs OT similar inTer'esTs and accomplishmenTs, and To encourage The TurTher sTudy oT languages in an aTTempT To undersTand The hisTory, cusToms, and ideas oT Toreign peoples. IT is The hope oT This organiza- Tion ThaT iTs members help oThers Tind enioymenT and knowledge oT meriT, and ThaT They play Their role in The developmenT oT undersTanding amongsT The various naTions. AnoTher oT iTs goals is ThaT oT The pracTice oT inTernaTional coopera- Tion and Triendship. To show This, aid has been given To needy European counTries in The Torm oT Care packages. This honorary language socieTy includes The DeparTmenT oT Languages and sTudenTs who have obTained The necessary grades. Talks are given on various subiecTs by The TaculTy members, and discussions climax The meeTings. The greaT evenT oT The year is The annual Pan- American Pandemonium which is held each spring in The gayly decoraT'ed New Hampshire Hall. IT represenTs all naTions wiTh Their respecTive Tlags and has The aTmosphere of a Tair. l N February l7, I94-8, lhe local honorary malhemalics sociely, Delra Chi, became Alpha Chapler in The nalional honorary malhe- malrics sociely of Pi Mu Epsilon. The purpose of fhe organizalion is The promolion of malhemali- cal scholarship. lf aims 'ro do This by elecling members on an honorary basis according lo lheir proficiency in malhemalicsg by engaging in ac- 'rivilies designed 'ro promole 'rhe ma'l'h'ema+ical and scholarly developmenl of ils members: and by Taking any oiher measures which will luriher The purpose. The aclivilies consisls of rhe nalional inilialion banquel and s1'ud'en'r papers dealing wilh prac- lical maihemalical problems, or furlher sludy of fhose phases of malhemalics covered by our currenl courses. Lasl spring lhe sociely presenled Dr. Slobin wilh a key lo lhe organizalion Jro symbolize our apprecialion and respecl for one who had done so much for lhe malhemalics sociely and deparlmenl. Membership in 'rhe sociely is exlended lo all siudenls who have excelled in marhemalics and have done 'lheir general college work wilh dis- l'inc'rion. Pi u Ep ilon Firsi row: Charles Bock, Kai Lochen, Raymond LeBoufhil- lair, Leo Rheaume, Richard Correl-le, Herberl Elliolf, Frederick Rushlow, Alfred Maior. Second row: Paul Quin- nev, Prof. William Kickline, Advisor: Donald O'Brien, Treasurer: Claire Roulliard, Secrelaryg Harry Farnham, Direclorq John Haley, Vice-Direcforg Prof. Horace Gide dings, Prof. Marvin Soll, Erlinq Finne. Third row: Bernard Goldsmilh, Gordon Jackson, Ralph Blanchard, Ed Mc- Donald, Jean Carr, Phyllis Henry, Virginia Holi, Janeile Furman, Ahli Aufio, Andrew Haley, Ludvig Slangeland. Fourlh row: Charles Zecchini, Slanley Clark, Ray Knighl, Leonard Edwards. Henry Kenislon, Ralph McGinnis, Thomas Cushing, Harold Almond, Philip Toomire, Clyde lgnaszewshi, Henry Belson. nyfix .f Q ,X N H f ll 2 5 .. W .a rf ' lit? .L 5,5 A . Tau Kappa lpha 3573.68 ' :CWA YT-if 0 V-2 1 24.- :rru-,I N -, ,5 3.7 :S H 1 1 FirsT row: Prof. E. A. CorTez, Harold WhiTTier, Vice-Presi- denTg Frank Blair, PresidenTg Raymond Chase, SecreTary- Treasurer: Prof. Philip WheaTon, Advisor: Prof. Joseph BaTcheller. Second row: HerberT FeTTerman, WalTer Ku- charski, Edward Pearson, MilTon Novak, Allen WarringTon, Leo Redfern, James LionTas, Donald O'Brien, Linwood Hodgkins. FUTURE poliTicians, masTers OT ceremonies and RoTary presidenTs are gaTher'ed TogeTher aT UNH under The one heading oT Tau Kappa Alpha, honorary deloaTing and oraTory TraTerniTy. The naTional organizaTion was esTablished aT The UniversiTy OT Virginia in l908. Locally, The Tau Kappa Alpha chapTer was given iTs charTer in l926 and has mainTained iTs acTiviTy conTinually wiTh The excepTion OT Two war years. On The naTionwide level There are a ToTal OT one hun- dred and Tour chapTers in universiTies and col- leges honoring undergraduaTes and TaculTy members who are ouTsTanding in public speaking or debaTe. AT New Hampshire The I948-49 season marked The r'esumpTion oT The inTramural debaTing which had been carried on before The laTe war. An inviTaTion was exTended by TKA To all dormi- Tories, sororiTies, and TraTerniTies To parTicipaTe. EighT houses, all TraTerniTies, overcame Their bashTulness and enTered Teams To debaTe The Topic, Resolved: ThaT UNH should engage in aThleTic subsidizaTion. Wi+h This issue TKA hoped To arouse suTTici'enT inTeresT To esTalolish such debaTing pe-rmanenTly as a meeTing ground Tor UNH groups oTher Than The aThleTic field. l 1 .11 2, ... ff. 1 W - N' X T i af. Hl KAPPA PHI is an honor socieTy composed of graduaTe and undergraduaTe members oT all deparTmenTs oT American univ'ersiTies and colleges. lTs prime obiecT is To emphasize scholar- ship and characTer in The ThouqhTs of college sTudenTs, To hold TasT To The original purpose Tor which insTiTuTions oT learning were Tounded, and To sTimulaT'e menTal achievemenT by The prize oT membership. This socieTy diTTers Trom oTher honor soci'eTies chieTly in The TacT ThaT iTs doors are open To sTudenTs in any deparTmenT oT sTudy in The insTiTuTion where a chapTer exisTs. The soci'eTy was Tounded aT The UniversiTy oT Maine in I897, and soon ThereaTTer became a naTional socieTy wiTh chapTers aT The UniversiTy OT Maine, The UniversiTy oT Tennessee, and The Pennsylvania STaTe College, There are now TorTy- Tive chapTers disTribuTed over The conTinenTal UniTecl STaTes, and in The Hawaiian and Philip- pine lslands. The ChapTer aT The UniversiTy oT New Hamp- shire, which is The ThirTieTh in order OT esTablish- menT, was organized in l922. ie? i is i 5l,,l l fi Phi Kappa Phi FirsT row: Dr. Horace Giddinqs, Mrs. Helen McLaughlin, Miss RuTh WoodruTf, Dr. RoberT Chandler, Prof. T. S. Kauppinen, Treasurer: Mr. ErnesT Boulay, SecreTary: Prof, Harold Scudder, PresidenT: Dr. SyIvesTer H. Bingham, Vice-Presidenfz Dr. D. H. Chapman, Dr. CliTTord Parker, Prof. Norman Alexander, Dr. T. G. Phillips. Second row: Frederick Sillander, Ka'rherine Frizzell, Jacqueline Bean, ProT. L. W. HiTchcock, Dr. H. C. Grinnell, Prof. STanley Shimer, Dean Edward BleweTT, Prof. KenneTh S. Morrow, Prof. Eric T. HuddlesTon, Helen Dahl, Florence FlinT, Richard Grossman, Andrew Lavoie, John Romani. Third row: Marshall Brown, Cecil Brown, Frederick MindT. Joseph Bouls, Stanley Charles, William NaTTi, Allen WarrinqTon, RoberT Abell, Harry Farnham, Bernard LepoTf, Leonard Edwards, James Shaughnessy, ErnesT STevens, Francis Barry. FourTh row: James LionTas, Donald O'Brien, Wil- liam Gabriel, Ludvig STangeland, Erling Finne, Jerome Sfein, Phillip Toomire, Clyde lgnaszewski, Ralph McGinnis, Charles WhiTTemore, Charles Breeding. ll ij vnnwmu Tnnnmm 5,3239 ,Tu Sell Pl --.-:H -',. 7:-"i Phi Lambda Phi Q! 1 -S vi-1 N-1-Z 6 Y fi M T13 Q gas :M A HWY .Q10b F Firsi row: Harold Kilching, Jacqueline Bean, Janefie Fur- man, Ludvig Sianqeland, Secrelary: Harry Farnham. Presideni: Donald Ham, Vice-Presidenip Frederick Mindi, Treasurer: A. R. Kuhllhan, John Hayford. Second row: William Na+i'i, Donald O'Brien, Leo Rheaume. Earle l.eavi'r+, Henry Benson. Edward McDonald, Sherburne Gove, Harold Jackson, Edward Sparrow, Ernesr Junlrins, John Bradlcowicz. Third row: William Baichelder, Harold Almond. Ralph McGinnis, George Gallanl, Bernard Gold- smirh, Ralph Blanchard. Paul Verrerie, Seymour Sharps, Philip Toomire. Chrisias Mandravelis, Alfred Maior. Hl LAMBDA PHI, 'rhe local honorary physics socieiy, was organized in l9l9. The obiec- iives of The socieiy are io furiher 'rhe inieresis of i'rs members in physics and io oiier Jrhe op- poriuniiy +o associaie wiih ihose wi+h a muiual inieresi. The acriviiies are designed 'ro sarisiy +he de- sires of Jrhe members and may include siudenl' papers, group d'emons1'ra'rions, faculiy and ou+- side speakers, picnics and lrips io poinis of scieniific inieresr. The socieiy also holds iis an- nual iniiiaiion banquei ai ihe end oi each aca- demic year. Membership in Phi Lambda Phi is open 'ro any siuclenr who has 'ralcen physics and has ihe re- quired scholasiic sianding 'ro qualify for mem- bership. To mainiain' 'rhe presfige which Jrhe organizaiion has acquired since iis beginning, The aciive pariicipaiion of every member is essenrial. This y'ear 'rhe socieiy had many in+eres+ing lecrures and demonsiraiions have been presenied by siudenis and professors. , , . .5 Q A A . , ., 1- A. . 1 'Z - .Y ,:- ' ,K I lr -1 - .. -- -Ir. 1 v s - , . , v , , . . i L , 7 T sis - e , 1- QLQQQ. 1 mm 3 E ,. . , 2ZZ . L... ,ig ,. . , mszzssii - , is -fi in :aa S zi ee. V -ii ,l Qi. Eigg . i Hl CHAPTER oT Phi Sigma was organized in I926 under The name oT Pi Gamma. The purpose oT This organizaTion is To TurTher The inTeresTs OT iTs members in scienTiTic fields. espe- cially research. A beTTer undersTanding and knowledge oT all sciences is obTained by each individual due To The TacT ThaT The members have specialized in various Tields such as ToresTry. boTany, Zoology, enTomology, bacTeriology, biol- ogy, horTiculTure, and oTher sciences. Phi ChapTer has had many inTeresTing and varied programs. Speakers have been obTained and slides shown on The various aspecTs oT The inTeresTs oT The socieTy. Ever popular wiTh The members are camping Trips which are sponsored as oTTen as possible. LasT spring a group oT members. praying Tor sunny weaTher which didn'T come, climbed inTo cars and Trucks and headed Tor Wild River Camp which is seT up in The NaTional ForesT Camp area. Some OT The group wenT on excursions To collecT specimens Tor boTany and Zoology, oThers Tried Their luck aT Tishing, and a Tew braved The Trails oT WesT Royce MounTain. This Tall a small group wenT To The UniversiTy oT New Hampshire ForesTry Camp in Passaconaway. MounTain climbing and excursions along The lake were enjoyed. Ph' 'Q a FirsT row: Frances BenedicT, Virginia Quinn, Leonard WolTe, Harvel Winkley, Treasurer: Dick Kerwin, Vice-Presi- denTg Charles McLaughlin, PresidenT: Lois Milbury, Secre- Tary: Dr, Clark STevens, Advisor: Jacqueline Bean, Marion Quimby. Second row: Jean Higgins, Audrey Parker, Helen Willancl, Arlene Roy, Ralph Townsend, Charles Jack, Elmer George, Jane Shaw, l'i5'!if1' Reynolds, CharloTTe Langley. Third row: Richard Rangala, RoberT Benson, Lawrence Sia- ples, RoberT Cox, Harrison Wilson, Roger Davidheiser, Merrick TibbeTTs, James Haley, Frances Fay. NOT picTured: Mrs. Erma Jackson, ProT. Fred Allen, Dr. RoberT Blickle, Proli. C. Lyman Calahan, Dr. James Conklin, Dr. STuarT Dunn, ProT. MilTon Farrar, Prof. Leroy Higgins, Dr. Albion Hodgdon, Dr. L. Phelps LaTimer, ProT. Edwin Rasmussen, Mrs, Edirh Richardson, Mrs. ConsTance Rollins, Dr. Paul 5chaeTer, Dr. Lawrence SlaneTz, Dr. William SmiTh, Dr. AlberT Yeager, Mariory Milne, Wilbur Bullock, Jean Allen, Dick Foley, Marfha Gale, Fred Gowen, Joseph Lamy, Maxim LeaviTT, Pefe Moorenovich, Waldron Newell, Charles Thayer. 511 fri ire' ff .5 +fyi,, QfjTf'f.E i XZ .'r. si ', frmfnv ..- 1-if T T S . ff , ',i ,,,l. WW, ,H r fi Phi Upsilon Omicron Wiilflrrp c, ky? 5 LX Firsf row: Mrs. Helen McLaughlin, Advisor: Caroline EaTon, Treasurer: ElizabeTh Jacobs, Vice-President Barbara Kemp, Presidenip Jean Higgins, SecreTaryg Miss ElizabeTh Edson, Mrs. Barbara Ryll. Second row: Barbara Crane, Rae Phipps, Jean PeTTes, Jean Garfield, Mrs, lsabelle Keroack, Jacqueline Currier, Mary Carlson, Avalon Crosby, Marioria Nichols. NOT picTured: MaTilda McCool. l-ll UPSILON OMICRON, The honorary home economics TraT'erniTy, was known on campus Trom I926 To I945 as Psi Lambda. ln I945 iT became The Alpha ZeTa Chaplrer of The naTional TraTerniTy, Phi Upsilon Omicron. Phi Upsilon Omicron as parT oT iTs acTiviTies, sponsors The annual ChrisTmas sale of Tood and clorhing, and each semesTer The organizaTion holds an iniTiaTion Tolloweol by a banqueT. Upper- classmen wiTh ouTsTanding scholasTic r'ecords in This Tield are eligible Tor membership. The purpose of such an organizajrion is To pronnoTe The inTeresT of home economics on This and every campus Through academic and social conTacTs. The Alpha ZeTa ChapT'er sponsors The home economics award which is given each year To a home economics senior girl who has shown The greaTesT achievemenT in personaliTy and scholar- ship during her Tour years in college. 'E . 7215122 'ri - l - .HIS year is The Tirsf full year for Psi Epsilon, formerly known as The Economics-Business Club. This club was reacfivafed lasf year afTer a lapse of five years. Psi Epsilon is an honorary socieTy for sTudenTs majoring in economics and business adminisTraTion. The purposes of The socieTy are: To promoTe inTeresT and undersTanding in economics and business affairs: To advance The principles of efhical business pracTices: and To promoTe good cifizenship Through knowledge and undersfanding of public issues. This year a series of Talks was given concern- ing banking, insurance, indusfry and ofher fields. These Talks were given by leaders in These fields and discussions followed each such program. One of The ouTsTanding programs of The year was The co-sponsorship wiTh The Forum and lnTernaTional-Relafions Club of Donald McLach- lan.iMr. McLachlan is Th'e associaTe edifor of The EconomisT, a London newspaper. P i Ep ilon Firsf row: Zacharias Kagerleiry, Wallace Nowak, Roberl' Hagan, Karl Forward, Treasurer: Pefer NesTervich. Vice' PresidenTp MilTon Novak. PresidenT: Lionel LeviTT, Secrefaryg Roberf Barreff, Dr. Joseph E. Shafer, Advisor: James Peyfon. Second row: John Nikzas, Harris Skinner, John Zocchi, John Tooker, Roberf Malone, Owen McKinnon, Elmer Sfory, Valimore, Langevin, STuarT Shaines, William Rilfe. Third row: l-lerberf Lis, James Kagerleiry, George Rollins, Raymond Chase, Jack Tafarinsky, James Kienan. Sfanley Jureka, George Pefroff. EourTl'1 row: Edward Baker, Frederick Kuehan, Harold Whiffier, l-lerberT Feffer- man, Leslie McNeil. Rev T RED srofk 1 WOUWEQPL 'u N 1? EBV' -N vff4?ime "QF Q 'fi '2 5 if ' :Hr ,.,. 165210 W 1 i Ti! ' QJf"""5T27' " " X M mx 3,3455 ,I . . , ,wi A . , A Q. -Q gg v H Y .P P 'Y "ling ,' Jw' M w',':' 1' - ,'," V41 'Wi' f' ' fx ,'-3 11. ""e,"b,9i'g'QY:Ej'N 91'-is , ' A M , 1,1111 .12 yy "1 I 1 r x- . J U .4 w f . ,.'V, A - D A K4 . , ,,,'. f' if 'fig'-3 .- n. ' " . V 4- .. - . Isis ' 'fig My 1 Lf:-' -Y ,, 5 F-1' Vg '- ' " 1. Q' W V, ' . ' N4 ' f i g, A . I ., ' 1 "Aff Tiff? H Band af foo+loall game-half Time. Mask 84 Dagger Play-"All My Sons." I 1 -4 203 All , e f 'A "Friendship, like love. ls the mosf Imporfenf m yr' H Q3 ly bread and buffer for life." ' X -' vgna n ers Dv A E 1 ' f ,yi 5 X: + 71 5 it on-lAr'rsnsoun Elbridge Brooks Charles Osloornfey SecreTary P1-esidenT T Francis KeaTing STuarT Eynon Treasurer X Vice-PresidenT Interfraternit Council l-TE lnTerTraTerniTy Council, Tormerly known as Casque and CaslceT, was Tounded in The Tall oT l938. The creed oT The Council is based on The inTernal relaTions oT The male Greek world and The TosTering oT TraTerniTy spiriT and ideals in all male undergraduaires oT The UniversiTy. lTs purpose is To sTimu'laTe a Triendly spiriT among The TraTerniTies, To regulaTe inTerTraTerniTy acTiviTies. and To promoTe The welTare and inTeresT of The UniversiTy and oT The TraTerniTies associaTed wiTh his organizaTion. Membership in The Council consisTs oT Two members. The presidenT and a iunior oTTicer, Trom each TraT'erniTy chapTer on campus. The Council is The governing body 'Tor all rushing TuncTions in The Tall ancl spring oT each year. As parT oT iTs acTiviTies. The Council annually sponsors The InTerTraTerniTy Ball and The SpringTime Song Fesiival. 206 ALPHA GAMMA RHO Roland Harwood Inof piduredj ALPHA 'IAU OMEGA EIbridge Brooks KAPPA SIGMA S+uar+ Eynon LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Roberf Keiih PI KAPPA ALPHA John Galvin PHI ALPHA Ralph Paresky Inolr pic+urecII PHI DELTA UPSILON Richard Bonin PHI MU DELTA RaIph Mosher SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Roberf Hagen SIGMA BETA John Economopoulos InoI picIuredI TAU KAPPA EPSILON Edward Fi'rzpa+ricIc THETA CHI Charles Osborne THETA KAPPA PHI Francis Keaiing Bonin Hagen Galvin Mosher Pi'rzpa+ricIc Kei'rh 207 6 ,L-,Qx ALPHA GAMMA RHO 0MEGA CHAPTER ff R T MTNA? AUT-1 gg ' T +3 0 I Q' wg LPHA GAMMA Ri-IO perTorms a dual TuncTion. On The naTional scene iT is a TraTerniTy oT men drawn TogeTher by The world's mosT Time honored and essenTial profession-agriculTure. On The college campus iT Takes, wiTh iTs TullesT implicaTions, The posiTion OT a social TraTerniTy. In I924 The UniversiTy oT New Hampshire Tell heir To The embryonic Omega chapTer oT Alpha Gamma Rho. Since, Omega's alumni has reached a ToTal oT slighTly over 300. Perhaps Omega's chieT accomplishmenT during This period was reaching The Top oT The TraTerniTy scholasTic raTing on campus. Scholarship, however, is noT The only goal The AGRiTes work Tor. One oT Their mosT imporTanT jobs is To provide an aTmosphere conducive To social growTh oT The members. Toward This end each oT The UniversiTy's Three major Tormal dances OT The year is Tollowed by a maior house dance and. as The whims oT The memb'ers dicTaTe, vic dances and sTag parTies break up The weekly grind. A "Barn" dance wiTh all The realisTic Trimmings, including live animals, Tollowed The lviiliTary Ball This year. The ever-increasing scope oT scienTiTic agriculTure necessarily demands m'en willing and capable oT sTudying iT. The end is beTTer living Through beTTer agriculTure. To This end, The m'en oT Alpha Gamma Rho are dedicaTed. l 208 LeTT: PorTable pillow RighT: An "udder' sTory Firs+ row: Sherburne Chickering, Sluarr Sherburn, Raymond Marshall, Roloerl Buzzell, Charles Easlman, Paul Holbrook, Jr. Second row: Gordon Barnard, Andrew Koslci, Jr., Warren Henderson, Edward Godfrey, John Frinlc, Secreraryg Roland Harwood, Presidenlg Warren Hawes, Vice-Presidenl: Edward Leavi'r'r, Calvin Whiiney, Harold Brown, Charles Basself. Third row: Kenneth Marshall, Frederick Roberis, Gerald Farringlon, Roger Van de Meulebroeclce, Roberl Williams, Kennelh Cressey. Silas Dunlclee, George Mousley, Sfanley Byczkowslsi, Henry McCrillis, Emerson Heald, Thomas Callcin. Fourfh row: Louis Baker, Harry Knox, Clem Lyon, Leland Towle, Glendon Sfelson, Dudley Johnson, Henry Laramie, Roberl' Fillian, Alfred Olivier, James Goldsmilh, Richard Norlon. Fillh row: Tom Hahn, Allen Courlney. George Carlisle, Earl While, Russell Chase, John Sleele, William Merrill, Harold Fuller, Jr., Frederick Bardwell, Harry Buxlon. Noi' picfuredz Ralph Barris, Sidney Doyle, Jr., Roberl' Fancy. George Frizzell, Russell Goodwin, William Jordan, William Koch, Jr., Richard Mac Donald, Charles McLoon, Francis Racine, Karl Scolr, Henry Slevens. Roberf Thibodeau, Roberl Yealon, Holman Young. 209 'L ALPHA TAU oMEGA f d DELTA DELTA CHAPTER N l865, Three Civil War veTerans meT aT Virginia MiliTary lnsTiTuTe To Tound a TraTerniTy ThaT would bring a close bond oT Triendship To The naTion in place oT The sTriTe and alienaTion caused by The war. WiTh This high ideal, Alpha Tau Omega became The TirsT college TraTerniTy Tounded aTTer The Civil War. IT has grown Today To lO2 chapTers and TiTTy Thousand members. In I946, The TraTerniTy became inTer- naTional by adding a chapTer aT The UniversiTy oT BriTish Columbia. During The currenT year, A. T. O. has enTered inTo many campus acTiviTies. In The lv1ayoralTy Campaign, Th'e house became The Gremlin, headquarTers oT The hero oT The class sTruggle, lben STallin'. Homecoming Tound The WildcaT STeamroller on The TronT lawn. For The Mil ArT's house dance, The chapTer reTurned To The life oT The caveman wiTh iTs Cro-magnon Crawl. Before we wenT home Tor ChrisTmas, The house Took on The holiday spiriT wiTh a ChrisTmas parTy Tor The Dover Orphanage. A. T. O. became a Tyrol'ean ResorT, wiTh ice slcaTing included, over The WinTer Carnival Weekend. The acTiviTies oT Taus on campus are widespread and include parTicipaTion in mosT oT The UniversiTy organizaTions. ZIO l.eTT: WildcaT express RighT: Roman holiday Firsl row: Merle Eggerl, Calvin Chandler, Donald Sipe, David Barflelf, Roberl Leaviif, Glen Lougee, Fred Parker, Edward Blackey, Second row: Ralph Wells, George Sleelh, William Moore, Richard Nichols, Treasurer: Don Young, Secrelary: Elbridge Brooks, Presidenlg William Adams, Vice-Presideni: Louis Brown, Theodore Nafli, Earle Williams, Roloerl' Harris. Third row: Lloyd l-lawkenson, Edward Lincoln, Roberi' Morehouse, Beri' Nichols, Kennelh Chandler, Wayne Taggarl, Diclc Mansfield, Edward Pearson, Sam Goodhue, John EdkTeld'r, Dean Robinson, Roberl Wiles. Fourlh row: William Jones, I. l L , i ,T .!.... James Sevigny, Joseph Robinson, Donald Olson, Roy Johnslon, Paul Hamlin, William Bowman, Parker Riddell, William Barllefl, Alberr Robinson, Gordon Blakeney, Roberl Jervis, William Lawrence, Joseph Rosewaier. Fililh row: Arrhur Bailey, Roberl' Cressey, Allan Kiepper, Rodney Webb, Roberl Hauge, Joseph C, Chandler, Winlhrop Brown, Harold Fellbaum, Peler Barllefl, Joseph Basself, Richard Kennell, Sumner Dodge, Paul Sipe. Noi piclured: Edwin Balchelder, Gordon Bennell, George Fisher, Charles Johns, Howard Johnson, Roberl' Loveioy, Warren Pillsbury, Douglas Whilcomb, 2II if-+14 html fn' KAPPA SIGMA ll 15 ' lllll " BETA KAPPA CHAPTER EKD OUNDED aT The UniversiTy of Virginia in I869, Kappa Sigma has grown To be one of The largesT TraTerniTies in The counTry, wiTh I I4 acTive chapTers. Kappa Sigma was 'founded by five men aT The UniversiTy of Virginia who had opporTuniTies To ioin oTher TraTerniTies buT wishing To remain TogeTher, decided To form a new one. BeTa Kappa, The local chapTer, was founded in I9Ol. IT was The TirsT naTional Tra- TerniTy on campus and iT remained as such Tor over sixTeen years. The TraTerniTy has grown Trom TwenTy-seven acTive members To include over TiTTy acTive broThers plus TorTy-Three pledges. Always leaders in sporTs. The house has consisT'enTly placed men on The varsiTy squads. This year's baslceTball squad is bolsTered by six oT our members, one of whom is capTain. Also nexT year's TooTball Team will be co-capTained by a broTher Trom The house. The house lnTramural FooTball Team won The championship This pasT season and The baslceTball Team is well on iTs way Toward a repeaT. Kappa Sigma is always up in TronT in The exTra-curricular acTiviTies oT The campus. IT was awarded second place in lasT year's STunT NighT and was among The leaders in The Song FesT. 212 LeTT: Li'l de-icers RighT: Kappa's lxul ups Firsf row: Sluari' Eynon, Presidenl: Vernon Hall, Frank Bucci, Thaddeus Ozog, John Tooher, Carlfon Mariel, Jack Keller, TuFly, Harry Makris, Larry Alcerman, Lenn Blake, Louis Isaak, Jonalhan Kaharl, Vice-President John Flynn, Dick Smilh, Joseph Geary. Second row: Joseph Kenney, John Kenney, Rodger McClone, William Rexforcl, Clillon, James Plealsilcas, John Emerson, Roberl Johnson, Nicholas Rallopoulos, Edgar Lessard, William Pizzano, Sfanwood Slerling, Edmond Boulanger, James Gallagher, Sfephen Weqlarz, Leo Lessieur, Charles aK1siahcas, Timolhy Warren. Third row: Francis Murphy, James Gleason, Daniel Morrissey, Vincenf Caramaello, Alphy Swelcla, John Bowes, Charles Copp, Neal Harris, Samuel Slraffon, Thomas Gormley, Fred Domoraclci, Lionel Carbonneau, Guy . 2 E ET . fHQ:L:'i 'N SLE H 1 MQSEZE51 1: ll 355 ' ' ' lf M i i -sv" .een 'M ,vii rfssifsseeff ,, ii rg ii, ir 1 Mes.. 2 iiesfsig, :ggi xx,,.EfL'1" ii gf ii, ii ii S T, is l , T353 ll i ll.,iT,ieiisi,,iMAN, 2,,,,,U,,x,r,l l A rw were ii -are i ,le K ,, F i , fa r T in rr ,, rr all , , 5 ix 1 LQ 4 A L . 4 :Eg L 1 Q ii l - M l....H .i ...KJ , Q We we - ,her x 7.1, f A H L E ll Kelly, Gordon Allen, John Bagonzi, Edward Conway, William Chrlsly, Allred Wyman. Fourlh row: Loren Dillon, Paul Harvey, Andrew Slergion, George Liamos, Norman Granclrnaison, Palmer Reeves, William Hanson, Treasurer: Jack Richardson, Slillman Clarlc, John Hayes, Roberl Loulil, H. Morlon Smilh, Secrelaryg David Lee Brown, John Gamble, Arlhur Olcloni. Noi piclured: Anlhony Bahros, Charles Barllerl, John Bell, Fred Comings, Ellsworlh Davis, James Hinchey, John Hollingsworih, Jack LeBaron, Theodore Maulaerizi, Sleven Peracchi, Norman Planle, John Russa, Roberl N. Shaw, Henry S. Sheldon, John Spillane, Viclor W. Szaluclca, Paul Tuclcer. 213 gguaam age-ve LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Z " Gi f 11 -A ' EL! .4 A T ' Q lfff i'5 g2QL AT' 'A Q4 f ALPHA ZI ZETA CHAPTER AMBDA Cl-ll ALPHA was Tounded aT BosTon UniversiTy on November 2, l909, when The CosmopoliTan Law Club decided To Torm iTselT inTo a Greek-leTTer socieTy. ln 1939, under The Terms OT a merger wiTh TheTa Kappa Nu, Lambda Chi Alpha became The second ranking TraTerniTy. l-lowever, Through recenT insTallaTions Lambda Chi Alpha has become The largesT Greek-leTTer TraTerniTy in The world, now numbering I3O chapTers in TorTy-Two sTaTes and Two provinces OT Canada. The local chapTer oT Lambda Chi sTarTed The season OTT righT by geTTing The porch painTed and The halls repapered in green. A new maroon rug has been obTained Tor The living room and iTs TurniTure renovaTed. The annual homecoming weekend drew The largesT number oT Lambda Chis in many years. The welcome decoraTions were displayed and a guesT book was seT up in Ken Lucy's Tormer headquarTers. In The mayoralTy campaigns, RoberT Record was sponsored under The slogan oT "Twelve Inch Record," The music maker. Mil ArT weekend provided The Lambda Chis and Their guesTs wiTh a bang-up house dance. The PresidenT and SecreTary oT The Senior Class are also Lambda Chis. RighT: A Triend in need l 2l4 LeTT: Chrisjrmas holiday. Firsl row: Lewis Reynolds, Claylon Lane, Russell l-larmon, Jr., Bruce lvlalher, Sheldon Varney, Vice- Presidenl: Roberl Keilh, Presidenlg Edgar Huclcins, Carl Winkler, Secrelaryp Richard Auslin, Kendall Soulhern, Treasurer: Raymond Siesiclci. Second row: Louis Nassilcas, Roberl Senecheclc, Francis Gilbert Fred Brooks, Norris Lane, Merrick Danlorlh, Neil Glynn, l-lerloerl Soule, Elmer l-lorne, John l-lird, Jr., Louis Pasalis, Chesler Lucy, Paul Weeks, Roberl Record, Ted Woods. Third row: William Adams, . if ,ge ez: ,T M if 1, --A- ,L - me-,, 1 is U , sc AT' f m " ' F724 is i l' 'T 'i i I' 5 ii 4 -, .V 5 - ., .4 Arlhur Posr, Al Poller, Peler Herrick, Roy Slewarl, William Mclielvie, A. Norlon Tupper, Donald Richmond. William Fosler, Allan l-lannah. Clarence Richards, William lvlclienney, Donald Philbriclc, Nor piclured: Thomas Bean, Don Braulf, Roberl Forslund, Arnold G-ranl, Jr., John McDaniel, Daniel Tubman, Noyes Sliclcney, Roberl Walker. 2I5 OA , A A, , A , ,N 'fix- l 1 I '29 - 3 y ' 'bn' 3 Pdf l K lllli " ' 1-- '6 fy I fix' 191 12 Y Jh l 1 ,f A PQ ll I ijt, w 4 iff SIGMA ALPHA APs1L0N iggg xi Li,Q5g AAA A A ghggg, B TA CHAPTER OUNDED al' rhe Universiry of Alabama in l856, Sigma Alpha Epsilon is now one of The largesf nalional fra+erni+ies. wi'rh more 'rhan II9 chapfers and over 65,000 members lhroughoul' The counfry. On March IO, l9I7, Zefa Epsilon Zela, a local fralerniiy and rhe firsr frarerniry al UNH, became The New Hampshire Bela Chapfer of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Formerly occupying Jrhe building which is now Schofield l-lall, The chapler moved from 'rhere lo Hs presenr house in I927. SAE's will be found in Jrhe varsify foofball, hoclcey. and baseball line-ups ancl Brofher Mickey "Leadfoo+" Gage will co-cap+ain lhe I949 foorball aggregafion. Also prominenr in baseball and baskelball inlramural comp'e+i+ion, +he SAE five unoificially clefea+ed 'rhe Freshman baskelball 'ream in an "off-The-record" mafch lasr winrer. During 1'he V948 Winfer Carnival, an icy buf kindly King Winier beamed down from his Jrhrone arop our broad expanse of lawn. Thai' nighr he reigned supreme over our annual "Win+er Wonderland" dance. which inciclemially was enjoyed by well over ZOO people from various olher houses on campus. ' The annual spring song conlesr broughr 'rl-ie 1'irs+ cup To SAE. Leif: Slringing along Righrz Pigale. 2l6 Firsr row: Russell Mullen, Nick Armalo, Ari Murphy, Maurice Kuchar, Frank Farnham, Secrefaryg George Buckley, Correspondent James Irwin, Jr., Vice-Presidenlg Mrs. Gerfrude Abboff, Roberi Hagen, Presidenr: Howard Burpee, Jr., Treasurer: George Angelopoulos, Clifford Shirley, C. Pafrick Long, Jr., Dorian Lemieux, Jr., Arrhur Saboski. Second row: Sam Zappala, Louis Kochanek, Roger Sundeen, Tom Barrelr, Dominick Zappala, David Ellingwood, Archie Taylor, Bruce Barber, James Carberry, Les Chapman, Roberf Ealon, William Powers, John McLean, Roberf Morin, Jr., John Porhier, A. Roberf Nassikas, Gordon D. Riedell. Third row: Waller L. Fournier, Edward Hughes, K' T' 'Tl l , i s y , Perer Blake, Harry Slone, Edward Lynch, William Donnelly, Roberf Johnson, Charles Forsailh, Bruce Hawley, Henry Sanders, Douglas Johnsron, Edward Fraser, John Gage, Jr., Brad Hughes, Sleven Morang. Fourrh row: James Lazarus, Richard Bolduc, David Burns, Roy Olson, Richard Olson. William Srone, John O'Brien, Hugh Morfon, Bob Irwin, Raymond Giles, Roberl Taylor, Donald Curris, Wally Sanders. Roberr Belford. Noi' picrured: Larry Bowen, Clayron Conn, Alberr Dow, Frank DuGrenier, Peler Forrescue, James Kelly, Bill MacDonald, Donald Mioslcy, Donald Marsdenr, David Richie, Sreven Roberfs, John Smilh, Richard Vogel. 2I7 T ff 9 H. J T! f T 'X' T v A T 3' " ha ir 1 ' 57 rxif X - ff T Ki ,X - ... as il IGMA BETA Q ,..' X I, .1 , - i T Zx ,M " Pm A 0 IGMA BETA coniinues ro mainrain Thai balanced membership which has enabled ii' 'I'o make so many rich and varied coniribuiions To campus life. Ten varsiiy lerrermen, plus The lniramural Baslceiball Trophy, give ample evidence of The broihers' aihleric skill. In addirion, Sigma BeJra's represenraiion in Phi Kappa Phi, narional scholaslic honor sociely, signifies The house's conlribuiion To scholasiic srandards. "The Fral Wi+hou+ a Typical Member" has brorhers in organizarions such as Blue Key, Senior Skulls, Scabbard 84 Blade, The New Hampshire, Milce 8m Dial, Maslc 8: Dagger. Ouring Club, Siudeni Council, in fad, Sigma Bela is- represenred by iis well- rounded membership in every phase of campus aclivily. Sigma Be'ra's social acliviiies have always been characrerized by exuberanr enrhu- siasm. Their candidales for Mayor have always made very credifable and colorful showings. The Firsi Annual Chrislmas Decorarions Prize won by 'rhe house aHes+s 'ro The skill and originaliiy of iis planning programs. Sigma Be+a house dances are nored for Their congenial aimosphere. The broihers of Sigma Bela 'rake pride in 'rhe fad Jrhar Their house provides a friendly home on campus. i 2l8 Leif: Bowery Mission Righf: Full house K se Firsl row: Thomas Caron, Francis Parlridge, Hilary Wilson, Ray Ouelleile, Ed Hendzel, Burl Proulx, Dan Haugaard, Slerling Hamlin. Second row: Glen Kershaw, Charles Pinkham, Elmer Shafluck, James Ridlon, John Garside, Secrelary: Frank Forbes, Vice-President Blaine Leighlon, Presidenlg Roberl Thomas, Treasurer: Donald Thompson, Thaddeus Pieciorak, Richard Grossman, Nicholas Kischilz, Carl Siembab. Third row: Peler Brunelle, William McReel, Ernesr Rangazas, Roberl Francoeur, Thomas Munson, Edward Noel, Roberl Pearson, Richard Healy, Alberl McReel, Emil Krupa, Harold Burby, Lawrence Ellis, Charles Upham, William Malsis. Fourfh row: Roger Wood, David Carr, Karl Schanda, - fr , , 73.6 Z Y. I , T 7 'KT' ' QTL! YQ- 'iwf is is 1 l l 1 ,X V' fee- 4 N335 ,S wi. 21.1. 'QWSH' lu :Tow : M 3 I . 5, W Q fee. ,,, 3,3 eg , All l - 2 E w . PTE F , Henry Cournoyer, George Kachavos, Wesley Noyes, Joel Nordholm, Wasyl Zariclci, Malfhew Lonsdale, Roloerl Wheedon, Dwighl' Smifh, Bruce Roberlson, Leo F. Redfern, Arfhur Paparhan, Wilfred Houle. Fiflh row: Raymond Ungar, George Lambert Arlhur Ford, Donald Benson, Al Hood, Daniel Maynard, John W. Knowllon, Ruperf Brown, Dean Fowler, Cecil Seaward, Richard Rock. No'r piclured: Richard Callahan, Granl Carrow, Roger Gould, William Levandowski, David McCullough, Don Moynihan, Roberl' Perkins, Roberf Pollock, Joe Richards, Earlan Seawards, Nalhaniel Tall. 2I9 TMA TAU KAPPA EPSILON V . Sf l V J 1 i V ii' vwf' R N X N 4 f V A ALPHA NU CHAPTER N l926, DelTa Sigma Chi FraTerniTy was Tormed aT The UniversiTy of New l-lamp shire. A year laTer. iT purchased The house on STaTford Avenue iT now occupies Upon peTiTioning, DelTa Sigma Chi was adrniTTed To Tau Kappa Epsilon FraTerniTy as Alpha Nu ChapTer in 1931. The NaTional FraTerniTy consisTs oT 67 acTive chapTers The mosl' recenT oT which was insTalled by The oTiicers of Alpha Nu as BeTa Upsilon ChapTer aT The UniversiTy of Maine. The TraTerniTy had iTs beginnings in The middle - wesT, buT is now evenly disTribuTed ThroughouT The counTry. The members OT The House come Trom all Three colleges and nearly every malor sulojecT. There are aT presenT I9 men in Th'e house and a ToTal membership of 28. The pl'edging season produced Twelve pledges To replace The eighT men graduajring This year. Toward The end OT The TirsT semesTer, painTers and redecoraTors converged on "Telce." The resulT was a complejrely refurnished living room wiTh wiring and oTher improvemenlrs. New leaTher TurniTure was purchased and The resulT was well wiThm The exp'ecTaTions oT all and much beTTer in many respecis. 1 ' ,, -if - TQ ,Jug li' , if - 2 2 O LeTT: TeeToTalers7 Righi: Sleepy T me lad Firsl' row: Donald Mullen, Richard Davis, Treasurer: Richard Corre'H'e, Secreiary: Slanley Youngquisf, Edward Filzpalrick, Presidenlg Edward Wall, Vice-Presiclenlg George Ray, Richard Beyer, John Millar, Second row: Slephen Pearson, William Balchelder, Elwin Muzzey, James M. Brock, Warren Adams, Harold McLoud, Charles Duslin, Forresf LiHle, Roberi' Wherland, Bill Arms, Erwin Pearson, Sam Gammons. Third row: Gulhrie Colpills, John Tewlcsbury, Pafrick Gray, Paul Kelley, Roger Sprague Arfhur Glines, Roberl l-l. Turner, Sidney Davis, Douglas A. Buswell. Noi' piclured: Franklin Bean Joseph Beaudel, John Gleason. Daniel McKinzie, Richard Robinson. 22I t o Tum CHI ' li -H11 r - Q J l mtiflmm inf. , l5lllllil lg1 had lp 14 as lllllll ZETA CHAPTER Q N Sepfember 9, I948, The nineiy-second anniversary convenlion of Thefa Chi Fralernify was held in Bosfon, Massachuseifs. Founded ai Norwich Universify in I856, Theia Chi has Taken Hs place as one of fh'e leading frafernilies in 'rhe coun'rry, boasfing 82 aclive chapiers. Zera Chapier of Thefa Chi was founded ai' The Universiiy of New Hampshire on March l6, l9lO. ln exlrra-curricular aclivilies Theia Chi is nofed for i'rs enfhusiaslic parficipaiion. For +he second successive lime if has won lhe Homecoming Decoralions Award. Hs produc+ion of a salrire on Jrhe Uniied Na+ions won firsl' place during Slunf Nighlr bringing Hs record 'ro eighl firsl' places in fhe lasr seven years. On The field of aihlerics Thela Chi ranks wilh The loesf on campus. They placed four men on The s+ariing foofloall Jream, and one man was selecired +0 play in 'rhe annual Blue-Gray game in Monfgomery, Alabama. A ln +he Greek Social World, Thefa Chi feafured Jrheir annual Barn Dance and have enioyed skaling pariies and dances 'rhroughour rhe year. Lef+: Cow cow boogie. Right 'Twas fhe nighl before Chrisrmas. 222 as...- 2 Firsf row: Travis Nufling, Bradley Jones, Edward Cooley, Paul Rich, Bill Spain, Bob Whillemore, Richard Sidgreaves, Dick Hood, Granl' Seaverns, Clarence Wadleigh, Edward Wisniewski, Carllon Allen, Louis Newman, Leigh Cooley. Second row-Paul R. Quinney, David Pheasanf, Bruce Bolger, Marshall Harris, Frederick Whiiehouse, Sam Samaha, Treasurer: Charles Osborne, Presidenf: Mrs. Jean Bailey, Harold Manion, Vice-President Warren Whife, Secrelaryg Ludvig Sfangeland, Erling Finne, Gerald Phaneuf, William Gagnon, Ralph Amsden. Third row: Earl Barnes, Sfanley Wyman, Dave Dupee, Manfred Wuerslin, Fred Browning, Gwynn Sweeney, Ronald Pike, Roscoe Pike, George Olson, Fokion Lafionafis, John Williams, Sleve Aliapoulios, Herb Slebbins, David Gray, Don Graham, i I l . f ii, is 5 l 5? gl Kai Lochen, Schuyler Berry, John Conanr, Larry Marlin, Dick Barnes. Fourih row: Henry Langevin, Jim Mclzadyn, Jack Worihen, John Henry, Charles Henry, Arihur Page, Richard Warner, Joseph Sione, Wes Clapp, Richard Dodge, Roberf Foss, Roberf Mikszenas, Gus Nunes, Odyssias Afhanasiou, Chris S. Kazanas, George Gilman, Louis Keroack, Jim Nassikas, Bradley Coburn. Fifih row: John E. Srevens, Paul Wyman, Dick Kerwin, Irving Afwood, William Haubrick, William Chase, James Bailey, Paul McCormick, John Sandslrom, Henry Cunningham, Herberl Richardson, Arfhur Crofeau, Edwin Tarbell. Nor picfuredz James Prirchard, Richard Sears, John Sfevens. 223 Tum KAPPA PHI iliiiiiiiil is EPSILON CHAPTER , ,I h N 5.m,..r1I,,-F, L l lllll sal 732556 HE naTional TraTerniTy, TheTa Kappa Phi, originaTed aT Lehigh UniversiTy as The "X" Club. IT was organized inTo a Greek-leTTer socieTy on OcTober I, l9I9. Today, TheTa Kappa Phi chapTers can be Tound in The leading colleges and universiTies of The UniTed STaTes. Epsilon has been very acTive in The pasT year in all phases of campus liTe. Many of The leading campus oiciices are held by The men OT TheTa Kappa'Phi. Our inTramural sporTs Teams hav'e compiled excellenT records in all sporTs. The social season aT Epsilon has been boTh pleasing and educaTional. HighlighTs of The social season were The Homecoming CelebraTion and The Open House Tor del'e- gaTes from many New England colleges who aTTended The Newman Club Province meeTing on The campus. A successful rushing season was concluded wiTh The pledging oT sevenTeen excellenT Freshmen. Honors were besTowed upon six oT our Seniors who were elecTed To The Two honorary SocieTies Tor Seniors: Blue Key and Senior Skulls. ScholasTic records showed an improvem'enT over The previous years and all indica- Tions poinT To sTill TurTher improvemenT. LeTT: Home brewed RighT: Home brood A-'-v 224 Firsl' row: Lawrence Winn, Gerard LeBlanc, John Ahern, Clemenl Gendron, Slanley Farynez, Vinceni' Cole. Second row: Henry Sakowski, Maior James Sullivan, James Nesior, Ralph Townsend, James Wedge, Secrelaryg Francis Kealing, Presidenlp Eugene Malloy, Vice-Presiclenlg Clesson Lang, Treasurer: Falher O'Connor, Ernesl Wolcoll, Shane Devine. Third row: Daniel Dillon, Alberl E. Adams, Paul Lepage, Daniel Sullivan, Gus DiRubio, Joe Gorman, Ken Giles, Dick Cross, Frank Callahan, Edward Lavernoich, Bill Lavernoich, Tom Gorman, Arr Ross. Fourih row: Thomas Buckley, Gerard Lemire, 4 2 , - A - Thomas Charron, Charles Long, Alfred Donaii, Donald Dubois, John Laiayeiie, Joseph Znaidowslcy, Lawrence Trachy, William Filzgerald, William Manson, Slanley Sakowslci, Roberl Fiizsimmons. Fiiih row: Charles Winn, Russell Page, John Sakowski, Roberi' Crornpion, Gerald Nolan, Jusiin Horan, Carroll Cheslouslcy, George Brelion, Roberr King, Thomas Powers, Arihur Lane, Daniel Walsh. Noi' piciured: Wilfred Berirand, Warren Cadorel, Joseph Duffy, Ralph l-lall, Arfhur Lane, John Lawson. Richard Leary, Phillip Roy, John Simpson, Charles Thayer. 225 l i i A l l . , l f l L if PI KAPPA ALPHA 'J3i5QfKAiInfifr page l ' -A X GAMMA MU CHAPTER ' OUNDED af fhe Universify of Virginia on March l, l868, by six veferans of fhe Confederafe Army. Pi Kappa Alpha has exfended ifs bonds of firm and lasfing friendship fo include ninefy-five chapfers fhroughouf The Unifed Sfafes and ranks as one of fhe oldesf and largesf nafional frafernifies. Gamma Mu had ifs beginning as a local frafernify, Tri-Gamma, in l92I. On December I, I929, if was insfalled as Gamma Mu Chapfer of Pi Kappa Alpha. The house for fhe frafernify was originally af 8 Main Sfreef, buf in I935, new quarfers were esfablished af 'rhe presenf locafion, IO Sfrafford Avenue. The informal afmosphere fo be found in fhe home of fhe Pi K A's lends ifself fo The success of frequenf social evenfs. The various sporfs programs have always shown Pi K A's acfively parficipafing, and fhe same can be said of all Universify funcfions. Gamma Mu has confinued fo mainfain ifs high scholasfic sfanding on campus. Pi K A's vic dances have confinued fo be hifs on fhe social calendar, largely due 'ro gala informal afmosphere in which everyone falls righf info fhe spirif of fhings. Leffz Tumbleweeds. Righfz Zoof suif iamboree 226 Firsr row: Vernon Lerourneau, Leon Loos, Charles Loos, Roberr J. Thursron. Second row: Arrhur Lynch, Herberr Srearns, Aldric Bourgeois, Spiro Anasros, Burfon Barker, Secreraryg John J. Galvin, President Henry Kuligowslci, Vice-President Bradford Bean, Treasurer: "Tags" Taylor, Clarence M. Rollins, John W. Cole. Third row: Harry A, Thorpe, John H. Bafchelder, Louis E. Williams, Alberr Fisher, Maurice Ross, Louis Huggins, Leslie Currice, Joseph Gray, William Alexander, Frederick Carlin. Fourrh row: Irvin Williams, Richard Keane, Roberl' Barker. Richard Ladd, William Pailerson, Donald Thompson, Charles Laugher, Richard Slearns, Hadley Gadbois, Joseph Suchan, William Vander Haegen. Nor picrured: Bernard Goldsrnirh, Chrisro Kazanas, Roberr Lamb, Fenron Marshall, Jr., Donald Pregenr, Sranwood Slack, James Tennanr. 227 PHI DELTA UPSILO M WAY up on Fralernily Row one sees our small frees lsprucel surrounding an efier- vesceni, conlinually erupiing and exploding Frafernily House. Avoided by peace- loving cilizens for miles around, 'rhis is Phi Delia Upsilon, lhe "big-liJr+le" house on Fralernily Row, formed in February, I925, as a home for brow-furrowing engineers. The morl'ali'ry rale for engineers being high. il now boasls of a slrange assorlmerrl' of wizards, geniuses, precocious youngsfers and sage old men hailing from Agricullure, Liberal Arls and Slide Rules. The Phi Mu boys are a secret exclusive, mysiical organizaiion wilh a branch ollfice in The nexi house. The Joy Boys grew ou'r of ihe inward ringing spiri+ of man, sorf of a cancerous growih. Numerous debaling and discussing lhicl groups unforlunalely persisl also. Le+'s go upslairs where The Engineers are soriing elecirons, The Aggies are halching Aggs and 'rhe Lib Arls men are looking Through binoculars al Phi Mu. Our canclidale 'for mayor may noi have won buf, being a corpse, he gave 'rhe opposiiion some srilif comperilion. We had a clambalce wilh real clams here lasl' fall and are sfill wondering how many people crashed lhe parly. Drop in again for one of our house dances We don"r ask queslions, we iusr have fun! L 228 Leif: Riding high Right High spirals Firsi' row: Marlin Townsend, Donald Snodgrass, Delmar Thibideau, Roberi Dubois, William Virgin, Arlhur Creighfon. Second row: Roberi Kenr, Maurice Labrie, Thomas Chesley, Neal Mariin, Gerald Ellsworlh, Secreiary: Dick Bonin, Presidenig Bob Benson, Vice-Presidenrg Gordon Brown, Treasurer: Reuben Cole, Roberi' Crory, John Kielman. Third row: Arrhur Lemire, John DePalma, John Emery, Howard Hunr, lrwin Wood, Richard Ravgiola, Donald E. Barrleli, George Saunders, Hollis Kinslow, I . V i ai -D 0 "l i , John Sokul, Roberf Dorman. Fourih row: Malcolm Cole, Amos Townsend, James Boyle, Arfhur Cole. Richard Fellows, Roberr Dussaulf, Roberi' Eaion, Richard Charellier, Arihur Leach, Richard Robinson. Vivror Fournier. No? picfured: Andre Allard, Donald Benoit Lyle Easrman, Paul Magoon, Joseph Pelis, Sherman Reed, Peier S+evens, Sam Warerhouse. 229 .Ui W1 A AT H PHI ALPHA XXX IS 4 2 Q HMICHO CHAPTER l-ll ALPHA once again occupies a place oT prominence on our campus. During The pasT summer monThs, Their recenTly purchased house was compleTely renovaTed and now They poinT wiTh pride aT Their pine panelled dining room, compleTe wiTh TluorescenT lighTing, Their brighT chapTer room, and an ever enlarging guesT book NOT conTenT wiTh merely occupying The house, Phi Alpha seT a precedenT on campus when. during rushing season, iT imporT'ed as guesT speakers such well-known sporTing genTlemen as Earl Torgerson, colorful TirsT baseman of The BosTon Braves Bill STearns, sporTs publiciTy direcTor Tor The UniversiTy: and Joe BronsTein, The popular baskeTball coach Trom lvlanchesTer CenTral. The broThers of Phi Alpha have also conTribuTed To many campus acTiviTies one being presidenT of The Eco-Business Club, anoTher presidenT of The Hillel organizahon anoTher Treasurer of The class oT '5 I, and oThers in many prominenT posiTions. The high spoT on The social calendar was The highly successful WinTer Carnival banqueT aT The Rockingham I-loTel in PorTsmouTh. Wi+h many guesTs from Phi Alpha chapTers in BosTon and WorcesTer, The exciTemenT and good Times exTended well mTo The wee hours oT The morning. 230 LeTT: Balancing acT RighT: Melody Time Firsi row: Edward Baker, Abraham Gosman, Milron Novak, Siuarr Shaines, Treasurer: Arrhur A. Gordon, Secreraryr l-lerberr H. Livinqsfon, Presidenlq William Harlcaway, Vice-President Arnold Shulins, Gene Morrison, Kerry Rolhslein, George H. Perlman. Second row: Bernard Delmanj Kenneih Braverman, Bernard Kamensky, Samuel Adler, Joseph Harris, Leland Bradbard, Maynard Orris, Alan 4 :sg Yu, Y -,af QI Lipson, Gerald Carmen, I-lerberl Lis. Third row: Allan Sillnerman, Roberl Freedman, Samuel Borwiclc, Burr Silver, Leonard Slolzloerg. Roloerl Shaines, Norman Lumian, Arlen Cohn, Harold Achber, Alan Rogers. Nor piciured: Sidney Aliber, Robari Goodman, Morris Gozonsky, Sranley lsenslen, Maurice Lipman, Julius Millman, Channing Morrison, Charles Pasror, Sam Shipley, Al Tolan. 23I PHI MU DELTA ni ai A, Fl NU BETA CHAPTER U BETA CHAPTER oT Phi Mu DelTa's unwriTTen policy of parTicipaTion in every campus acTiviTy was again pursued very successfully This year. The sevenTy man broTherhood sTarTed The year by rushing and pledging a new class oT TwenTy ouT- sTanding men. Such oTTic'ers as GraniTe EdiTor, STudenT Council Prexy, Frosh Class PresidenT and Mike 8: Dial PresidenT TesTiTy To The leadership versaTiliTy oT The house. UndoubTedly The mosT ouTsTanding single achievemenT oT The year was The poliTical vicTory which seaTecl BroTher Frank Robie in The oTTice OT Mayor OT Durham in The guise oT "Theadbare McNair." I-lizzoner is seTTing a welcom'e precedenT by execuTing The implied duTies oT his posT ThroughouT his enTire Term. BroTher "ShorTy" Lange broughf honor To The broTherhood Through his appoinTmenT To The Washburn ExpediTion in The ascenT of MT. McKinley and his subsequenT debuT in The RKO movie. "OperaTion WhiTe Tower." As usual The colorTul ouTdoor Homecoming and Dad's Day decoraTions broughT high praise Trom dads, alumni and sTudenTs. A mock Television quiz program lcepT The audience in sTiTches aT STunT NighT. BroTh'er "Trapper" Lynch's male quarTeT and Andy l-lasTings' "WildcaTs" dance band were acTive in enTerTainmenT circles. LeTT: A song is born RighT: Time ouT. 232 3 ..W, N 1 my Firsi' row: Donald Chrisiian, Marlin Smiih, Donald F. Chapman, Verna A. Ray. Carleion Cross. Second row: Dwighl Douglas, Bill O'Meara, Roberr Parker. Ray Miner, Serh Junkins, Arr Harrneif, Ralph 5. Mosher, Presidenfg Mrs. Ruby Fowler, Fred Whilham, Vice-Presidenlg Jack Mazeau, Treasurer: Julian Wakelield, Secrelary: Roloerf Lindquesi, Bill Floyd, Andy Hasiings, Denny Lynch, Third row: Roberl Collins, William Smilh, Rudy Smilh, Ernesi Junkins, Jim Wakefield, Philip Lirilefield, Roberl Johnson, Frank Blair, Kennard Lang, Richard Hasry, Doug Shakespeare, Fred Russell, Wes Brown, Hugh Cassidy, Richard Bergholiz, Richard Brouillard. Fourih row: Carleron Tucker, David Austin, Roberf Gourley, Don Tibbelfs, Roberf Langelier, William Melcalfe, Frank Roloie, Greg Prior, George Flint 5 . R M M . Vp. we 2,5 Wa " eiilii 4 M. L, W ,i,. 12 ii' .. .. Z V Richard Gallagher, Haven Owen, Bruce Luneau, Marshall Corbelr, Jim Walson, John Duggan, Bill Slaneii, Herb Wheeler. Fiflh row-James Konides, Paul Heberl, Douglas Keough, John Guay, Charles Prescofi, Eugene Boudeiie. Paul Crandall, Alexander Tallou, Paul Dyer, Winsion Dole, Harold Chadwick. Noi' piclured: William Bell, Roberf Brown, Harry Carroll, Paul Crandall, John Downs, Edward Duffy, Marlin Ericson, Henry Forresr, Conrad Graham. Vernon Hamlin, Norris Harriman, James High, Allen Horne, Vernon lngraham, George Lange, Rolaeri Moss, Donald Park, William Powers, Edson Whife. , 233 I. 1 ' ' ' in E Pan Hellenic Council Phyllis Jacobson Presideni l Ruih Chapman Secreiary l: ' :C 5, , :P l fi il'-'I 1 l i Beiiy Shearer Vice-Presideni HE Pan Hellenic Organizaiion, growing oul of lnlersororiiy Council or Sphinx of l9I4, was 'iirsi esiablished on ihe campus of lhe Universiiy of New Hampshire on Ociober 8, I9l6. The purpose of "Pan Hell" is io coorclinaie sororiiy acliviiies, supervise rushing, promoie iniersororiiy harmony, as well as mainiaining a irienclly aimosphere of fellow- ship among all ihe girls on campus. The Council consisis of iwo girls from each of ihe six naiional sororiiies. Each girl serves a lwo-year l'erm, one as a junior member, 'rhe oiher as a senior member. Philanihropic work for ihe pasl' lwo years has been concenlralecl on a War Orphan. The Pan Hellenic Formal in April culminaies 'rhe aciiviiies of lhe year. 234 APHA CHI OMEGA Phyllis Jacobson, Norma Perkins ALPHA Xl DELTA Belly sheerer, Dere+hy Du'FFy CHI OMEGA Jarlene Elrhgreh, Elsie Yealon lrler piciuredl KAPPA DELTA Rulh chepmerr, Helen W.Iland PHI MU Shirley o'hlell, lvlerieh lvleclelleha lhel piciufedl THETA uPslLoN Jean Higgins, Anne Marie Flanagan Reading clockwise: Doroihy Duffy, Jarlene Elmgren, Sllirley O'Neil, Jean Higgins, Helen Willard, Norma Perlcins, Anne Marie Flanagan. 235 4 W ALPHA CHI oMEGA 55 at t x IIWUI- Ai ig ALPHA TAU CHAPTER LPI-lA Cl-ll OMEGA was founded af DePauw Universiiy in lndiana in l885, making 'rhe sixlh nalional Greek-leHer fraiernify for wom'en in exisience. I+ was originally organized as a sororiry for girls wilh an in'reres+ in music and a+ presenl sfill re+ains a lyre as ils symbol along wiih oiher musical iradirions. The local chapfer was firsi organized as Pi Alpha Phi, The oldesl' women's frafernily on fhis campus, and in l9I3 became ihe Alpha Tau Chaplrer of lhe nafional organizafion. This pasl' year The girls have shown varied inferesfs and have represenraiives in WRA, AWS, 'rhle Granife Siahc. Newman Club, Mask and Dagger, Le Cercle Francais, SCM, Opus 45, Blue Circle, all 'rhe campus musical organizafions, and such honor socieiies as Alpha Kappa Delia and Phi Sigma. The Alpha Chi's also hold The cup for 'rhe bes'r homecoming decoraiions and have one member who gives a weekly broaclcaslr of campus news. i Through a balanc'ed medium of social, scholaslic and aliruislic aciiviiies Jrhe sororify endeavors +o mainlain a spiril' of friendship and cooperaiion wi+hin rhe house and wilh The Universiiy. Righl: Gay leisure l 236 Leif: Allar bound. Firsl row: Pal Perkins, Midge Evans, Anne Whifing, Mary Chrislie, Barbara Randall, Belly Jane Carpenler, Gloria Walson. Second row: Connie Garbull, Mary Chisholm, Mrs. Jeanne Place, Secre- raryg Mary Knighl, Treasurer: Phyllis Jacobson, Vice-President Mrs, Margarel' Dunn, Phyllis lngle, Presidenlq Barbara McNamara, Jeannelle Sullivan, Anne Reid. Third row: Shirley Warren, Muriel e 'r ai rg:,,1fG" mfxc miiwfee " sa " " ' "uf 7105512 ewgsgfi7aee1vw1K,fee?y -'vf 1- -- - ,-ge----q 'iff-f 9. V, gil? wg fzffm me rifx --if 9555 lf. fs A :nu .-J - , , A T ' sul? E Q Q iii 1 W " 342- "rev - . ,, 1.51, A 2 , M ' .-'-uw: Q T-4 , jig, -A K ,ff Qi V ,I sf - f , . :lil JL :-L syf mg, , 11 Jigs, sf 7 ff ff . -A ix-,j,5,-,f p V 4 I , ' i S ll". off: r gs T5 L55 il li? l3U:Q,ilfif wifi fl'i,, lf ' I - 1 AEN' ' A" 1-E1 1- 25555 T' - .. Jizz? Ki " , .' ,,. ' 'ul '-'i TE , 'Q 2 ' N e wif'-,5,f e H . Ly: Ll TH , , r Q - , .augur V-1, ' 'lf if Jyaa A ii in . L f -, we I - - , n H ,. If. .i gr S ij , K Q Q Q ,P ,, i . .- Y ,il N.. . L N ., , , , , 3 J ,, .. ., ,, 1- ,, ,H kj A A -f . ' i .. ,F -Q. Bragdon, Sylvia Doucelle, Grace Auslin, Norma Perkins, Belly Lavery, Audrey Conslable, Jean Carragher, Gerene Trudeau, Mary Lou Barron, Evelyn Blish, Janel Smilh. Fourlh row: Priscilla Lewis, Nancy Brackelf, Lorna Hadley, Arlene Roy, Louise Pilman, Virginia Quinn, Dorolhy Clark, Bev Johnslon, Sally lde, Joyce Whedon. Nol picluredz Pal' Coombs, Mariorie Larocque. 237 n l i '1 Qs ALPHA XI DELTA A AAU CHAPTER AU CHAPTER of Alpha Xi Della once planied some ivy. H died. Bui 'rhe house and i'rs members have grown 'ihrough 'rhe years. Las+ y'ear's Carnival saw Alpha Xi win The women's ski meet Junior Prom broughi one of our members as queen, and our Faculiy Tea in 'rhe spring was a greai success. The fall of '48 broughi a social innovarion-exchange dinners wi'rh l'he frarerniiies. The Alpha Xi's are proud of our new house-moiher. Mrs. Pearl Chesley, who has indeed proved a "mo'rher" To ihe 27 girls in ihe house. Our cools, afieciionafely called "Mabel," surprised us by coming back wirh a wedding ring. One of our pledges was chosen as an aide ar The Mil Arr Ball-and wallzed wiih "Prexy"! The New Hampshire had as ediror an Alpha Xi who was also on Moriar Board and a member of Phi Kappa Phi. The fall sped by in a whirlwind of rushing, foorball games, and, incidenfally. sfudying. The ski fiends eagerly awailed winier and snow. Winfer came, period. LL WIN TODA nerve anucle QELL Leif: Siiiing preriy. Righi: An answered prayer 238 Firsr row: Barbara Campbell, Mariella Boyden, Margarei Gline, Jean Smirh, Jane? Sundeen, Joan Gobbi, Shirley Currier, Carol Grace, Alice Hauslein, Charloffe Sweel, Janice Smi+h. Second row: Barbara McKenzie, Kafhleen Munfon. Joan Boodey, Charlolle Brown, Belly Becker, Treasurer: Jeanne Thomas, Vice-Presidenig Mrs. Pearl Chesley, Helen Grinnell, Presiclenig Elizabeih Shearer, Secrefary: Barbara Nylen, Carol Elliolf, Rosaleen Beclcingham. Third row: Joyce Cook, Belly Laurie, JoAnn fe fi - ,. .. ,, -' , 'Sf-gn, 4, -4 y -A Y A . Ryclin, Jean Coffin, Liselia McKenzie, Virginia Deschenes, Joyce Brown, Shirley Hoyle, Caryl Dineen, Barbara Bridle, Sylvia Collins, Jane Shaw, Elizabelh Bryde.n Fourfh row: Pairicia Kling, Louise Hebbard, Ann Farrell, Connie Easlman, Jacqueline Baslille, Dorofhy Duffy, Virginia Waslo, Barbara Grinnell, Gen Furnam, Jan Furnam, Margarer Brazier, Ginny Holf, Marga Buhrer. Nor picfureclz Rulh Johnson. 239 i S e AQ CHI oMEGA 3 MU ALPHA CHAPTER HI OMEGA is The largesT naTional sororiTy, having T05 chap-Ters ThroughouT The counTry. IT was Tounded aT The UniversiTy oT Arkansas in l895, and The Mu Alpha ChapTer was esTablished aT The UniversiTy of New Hampshire in I9 I 5. Chi Omega sponsors a naTional achievemenT award which wenT To Lady Reading lasT year. IT also presenTs a gold medal To The mosT ouTsTanding woman in The Tollowing Tields: social service, vocaTions, business, public aTTairs, science or arTs. Our chapTer boasTs The presidenT oT MorTar Board, The Treasurer of Mask and Dagger. The secreTary oT A. W. S., The secreTary oT Pi Mu Epsilon, Three oTFicers in Dance Club and Three "Pep CaTs." LasT year was The Third consecuTive year ThaT Chi Omega Tool: Top honors in STunT NighT. Mil ArT Ball had as iTs CadeT Colonel a member oT Chi Omega. The highlighT of The holiday TesTiviTies is our annual ChrisTmas Tormal which meT wiTh iTs usual success This year. One oT our greaTesT asseTs This year has been our new house moTher Tor whom we proudly gave a Tea aT The beginning oT The school season. LeTT: Harmony. RighT: Flip oT The coin 240 Firsl row: Theresa Trombly, Nancy Graham, Pauline Rilchie, Margarel McCauley, Miriam Dearborn. Second row: Arliene Knowllon, Pauline l-larris, Claire Rouillard, Secrelary: Barbara Marclen, Vice- Presidenlg Mrs. Dorolhy Warman, Barbara French, Presidenfg Barbara Smarl, Treasurer: Margarel' Badger, Alice Taylor. Third row: Frances Adams, Mary Jane Slalilord, Maryann Mallila, Anila Kichline, Jarlene Elmgren, Rulh Goodridge, Jeanelle Mallhews, Elsie Yealon, Bonnie Burbank, Ginnie Chandler, l l I al - ssi, , , . Cynlhia Merrill, Barbara Neville, Palricia Shaw. Fourlh row: Ginny Doclcham, Sheila McKeown, Marcia Sullivan, Nancy Vogel, Janel Murphy, Ginny Grider, Toni Townsend, Shirley Lemieux, Pal Wood, Alice Amsclen, Guile McMurl'rie, Ann Ackerman, Marry l-lunlley. Noi' picfured: Joan Dale, Mary A. Hearn, Rulh Henry, Margarel Nixon, Barbara Schimpll. 24I Azffff KAPPA DELTA A b ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER APPA DELTA SORORITY was Tounded aT Farmville STaTe Teachers College, Farm- ville, Virginia, on OcTober 23, I897. IT grew Trom a group of Tour women To The TiTTh largesT Pan Hellenic SororiTy. The Kappa DelTa's big news cenTers around The purchase of Their new house aT number TourTeen STraTTord Avenue. Already Th'e Kappa DelTa's have held rush parTies and a recepTion There. Kappa DelTa's pasT scholasiic acTiviTy resulTed lasT year in The winning of The Pan Hellenic SororiTy Scholarship Cup. Kappa DelTa's are also represenTed in The Tollowing socieTies: Phi Upsilon Omicron, Phi Sigma. Lambda Phi. Chi Mu, Mask and Dagger. STudenT ChrisTian MovemenT, OuTing Club, UniversiTy Women's Glee Club, German Club, Home Economics Club, UniversiTy OrchesTra and STring OrchesTra, Spanish Club, and The Cercle Francais. The desire oT Kappa DelTa is To Tulfill The purpose oT Triendship, acTiviTies, educaTion. social service, civic service and vocaTions. 242 Home aT lasT Flrsf row: Ann Paul, Treasurer: Helen Willand, Vice-President Mrs. George Faulkrod, Rulh Chapman Presldenlg Frances Swallow, Secrefary. Second row: Mary Garland, Melba Smilh, Jean Garfield Charlolfe Ackerman, Rulh Wiggin. Nol pidurecl: Theresa Casfonguay. 243 l wif? A a re PHI MU A it Qffa fx' XXXL l-E 4, ?'S1?7f-Z X 4. .. Assn? A 3 3 qi ' e-- n ----v ' glptfpil' I l,r.1i'XQ i -113.3 '-TT' X iff" i ,ig if' L? 'K X BETA GAMMA CH PTER Hl MU, The second oldesr Greek-leifer socieiy, was founded on March 4, I852. Hs 'rhree illusirious founders were sfudenrs a+ Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia. Al' presenl' Phi Mu has over sixi'y ac+iv'e chapiers and more 1'han one hundred alumnae chap+ers. Among Hs nalional philanfhropies are a Healihmobile operaied in Georgia, and roy-car+s in children's hospiial wards. Several scholarships for graduaie work are awarded, and a one ihousand dollar scholarship is given +o women from devasiaied counrries who desire +0 siudy in American colleges. g The rushing season found us full of ideas for Jrhe rushes, from whom we pledged an oulsianding group of girls. They pariicipared in on'e of fhe largesi pre-Chrisimas dances 'rhe house has ever seen. For a slci-minded house The lack of snow during 'rhe winfer was appalling, buf spring aciiviiies-Carnival, a Spring Formal, and The annual Pafroness Tea-provided pleniy of social aciiviiies. Phi Mu received boih Jrhe nafional chapier and local Pan Hellenic cups for Hs scholaslic achievement Wifh many Physical Educaiion majors, if has 'ralcen a high place in lnrer-House sporis. Phi Mu boasfs The Presideni' of Jrhe Dance Club and rhe Vice-Presidenf of Newman Club. fl 5,9 ln. i 5, 4.11 H ' .X Af,YY, ,. . 5 5T'B9-?31Pff j - Leif: Hickory lodge. Righi: College spirii 244 Firsl' row: Marion McClelland, lvlargarel Brown, Lucille Davis, Nancy Dinsmore, Secrelary: Marie Reed, Vice-President Mrs. Rulh Priesl, Shirley O'Neil, Presidenl: Palricia Libby, Treasurer: Mildred Burns, Elaine Reilly, Joyce McCue. Second row: Lois l-lunl. Barbara H-unl, Lois Hayes, Palricia Walker, Joan Robinson, Jane Hayes, Joy Johnson, Joyce G. Thomas, Lucille Newell, Pauline l-leberl, i i eiee T i L l f 'ian h u L 2 ' 1 ' ,,' i Jw. fr Bealrice Alden, Noreen Joy. Third row: Virginia Rand, Elaine Sawyer, Kalhleen Donovan, Florence Chandler, Carol Seyboll, Marlha King, Jane Schmidl, Jane Campbell, Joan Wallace, Janel Dodge, Connie Paige. Noi piclured: Palricia Breslin, Lyn l-lolder, Barbara Weigand. 245 5221 THEM UPSILON i i TAU CHAPTER le an fs -rvXG y3' NY day or nighT in The week will Tind The members OT Tau ChapTer oT TheTa Upsilon busily aT work burning The midnighf oil To keep up Thdir good work in languages, home economics and The sciences honorary socieTies. And To prove ThaT beauTy and brains do mix, Three TheTa U's have been chosen To be aides To The Carnival Queen, CacleT Colonel and Junior Prom Queen respecTively. The phone rings-buT, The TheTa U is hard To Tind. Maybe sh'e'll be aT a GraniTe meeTing, aT The New Hampshire wriTing The scoop OT The week, aT rehearsals of plays presenTed by Mask gl Dagger or presiding aT a Pan Hellenic meeTing. Yes, They're always on The run-especially Those in Blue Circle, AWS, WRA, and Religious OrganizaTions. They don'T lack cooperaTion eiTher, and prooT of This can be Tound in Their aTTracTive snow sculpTures, decoraTions, and Th'e Honorable MenTion Cup won Tor STunT NighT. If you wanT To go To a lively house dance-or iusT go To a lively house-drop in aT TheTa U. They're down To earTh-and They would love To ,see you. Always acTive, The ChapTer has held Teas as well as dances Tor The members and The pledges ever since Tau ChapTer was opened on campus. Ti - T 246 LeTT: A warm welcome RighT: WinTer wonderland Cl Firsl row: Janel Rollins, Loraine Morin, Ann Colburn, Jean Gaside, Mary Belh Noyes, Alhena Coslarakis, Ann Conlin, Joan Dick, Anne Carpenler. Second row: Reelie Jordan, Elaine Pelerson, Carlolla Dondero, Joy Ahrendl, Treasurer: Belly Jane Ericson, Presidenlg Anne Marie Flanagan, Vice- Presidenlg Elaine Nordholm, Secrelaryq Priscilla Winslow, Caroline Ealon, Jo Loverinq, Lucy Roy. Third row: Marjorie Sawyer, Mariorie Holmes, Shirley Underwood, Rulh Dalzell, Jean Higgins, Priscilla H 4 . hai Y Cushing, Wanda Libby, Belly Barker, Claire LaPorle, Audrey Campbell, Mary Lou Gilman. Fourlh row: Slella Soliropoulos, Belly Green, Anne Schullz, Doris Zocchi, Eleanor Brocklebank, Belly Perley, Eleanor Reynolds, Sally Baker, Reba Perkins, Pamela Low. Nol piclured: Rosemary Flanagan, Phyllis Killam, Claire Lamie, Marion MacLane, Jan Russell, Pal Yealon, 247 I fir CQ' f J - x V 1 . ah Jae amid! v W "The imporfanf fhing is not Winning I , - buf faking parf , X Jig , The essenfial Hling is nof conquesfing ' 6 buf fighfing well." WZ? XV" Baron de Couber-lin J A, XA- ' ' X f . A -' I-514. , 4130 M40 CHAPTER FIVE 1 X 1 i w f I . 5 - ' 349,11 -5- - , I awp . VH? -A gg' X '-. .n -. x b mm QV 'lf ' K g 15,1 ' ADEZWQ, 'qv M. 'jT"':f hi - I ag' .5 - 4 4 Q-, . K ' 1 5 'Vu Q g . "'S"",v" ' r 'V' 0' -f ' . J , 'UN M ' M fxx- 4 mm: ' 'ff' ' - t ' Eff' ' -- , 4 Q i 1 MQ l f A A K 9 V ,, ,,, "' . Q U ' x, , ' ' .1 'if' .- ' - 'F ' i W W V Vx L 1 ' Q . -.,- 7 Jaw- ':':" " " . I .W ,, L- th I . ---Vg -h,......a,::,, 4 5 . , it - 5 rl- lmg , V ?v:w,,H 1 N ?gHl.,.l ' ,-4, 54 x -A . , ' Lf' 1 - - Y N. 2,7 ws- v , , f ' X 1... v fmz? - ' A 'I-Q' '. w V u' .T , 5, , x X -.-.,,.-main 'E+ was mg? EAR 'aw Wi it QQ ,,,. wa.. QQ. qiwwk ,,, may-'.4.Qa-s-we-va -An sa.:- 'E-'Fw '55 af , 1-SF' at 1, and 'Ii Perf' 'X Auf fin 'WT 1. X 1 u ' n- ' 3-Q , - Il A-. ,,,,,,.1LTo-'1' ltmif Ale: A? . -"fE"Z Q ' 4 fm "' -iz' 'J 4 Ea? 5 1 ' ' 7' 'f W 7? M Ya 4 - 4. , fi-s -- gh f". .. ,., fgfff 1 W 2 W , , A .M I g . it ...L t.'4-allied-.Q .U t L Z, , G'-. , H , ,lv v , Y' law. 1 - if - r.n.....,. iw, j y K - ' . ' AA" ' . was I "' if P' Y :X LM W , Lf' f F kk If X bf N ak IVL.. L , ,:.. N .. M v 4- E r .V - Glasslord Perroski Mooraclian Blood Coache F Carl Lundholm, Direclor of Alhlelics. Hank Swasey, Coach of Varsily Baseball. Paul Sweei, Coach of Varsily and Freshman Cross Counfry, Winler Track and Spring Track. Ed Blood, Coach of Skiing, Assisfanl Coach of Spring Track. Biff Glassford, Head Coach of Foolball, Coach of Freshman Baseball. Pal' Pelroski, Coach of Hockey and Lacrosse, Assislanl Coach of Foofball. Ed Sianczyk, Coach of Baslielball, Assl. Coach of Foolball. Pepper Marlin, Coach of Freshman Fooiloall, Hockey and Lacrosse. Andy Mooradian, Coach of Freshman Baskerball and Base- Lundlqolm ball, Assislanl Coach of Freshman Foolball. Marlin Swasey Sweel Sfanczyk 25I HI' LeTT: Co-CapTain Mo Ross. RighT: Co-CapTain Ted Piecioralc. Pieciorak, Ross. FirsT row: ReTaIis, BenoiT. Mikszenas, PriTchard, Ragonese, DiRubio, i-lunTress, Gage, RaTTerTy, Comings. Second row: Nixon, Sanders, Furbush, Pasalis, Swellca, Gilman, Noel, Seawards, NesTor, MaTher. Third row: SmiTh, Mullen, Clark, Gamble, McReel, Kachavos. Levandowslci, Gorman, Fraser, Caramello, FourTh row: Berry, Kucher, MacCleave, Munson, King, Taylor, Tebo, Gould, Haubrich, Leary, Clapp. , 252 Varsity Football FTER Two chapTers oT nearly unblemished TexT, The sTory-book career OT melon-iawed BITT 6lassTord as Boss Man OT New Hampshire TooTball, began To read more like realiTy in chapTer Three This Tall. AT ThaT, The genial Ohioan spurred, squeezed or scholared his w'eighTy charges To a very resp'ecTable 5-3 record Through whaT DirecTor oT AThleTics Carl Lundholm alleged To be The mosT ambiTious schedule any Blue and WhiTe eleven has conTronTed in recenT years. The win-happy heyday oT The WildcaT grid machine, '46 and '47, during which The Glassfords developed The delighTTul pracTice oT razing en- emy TooTball Teams, SaTurday upon SaTurday, seemed aT a Time This Tall To be an exploded era, The mosT Trying momenTs came during The Springfield Tracas when a big Homecoming Day crowd waTched The Wildcals clobbered by a pile-driving GymnasT eleven, 23-O, Tor Their TirsT blanlfing in more Than Three years oT com- peTiTion. The Tollowing weekend aT BurlingTon hope slipped anoTher niche when The CaTamounTs repeaTed Th'e whiTewash iob. The BiTFer. however, reTused To Take The Ten-counT. WiTh Time running ouT, The CaTs hoisTed Themselves by Their own booTsTraps, rediscovered Their iolly generalissimo's win Tormula. and one murky SaTurday in Novem- ber were rewarded wiTh a brillianT 20-7 upseT Triumph over The UniversiTy OT ConnecTicuT and Ther'eby gained possession oT Their second consecuTive Yankee ConTerence Championship. Though a conTirmed exponenT of The pre-season weeping rag, lvlr. GlassTord leaves The alibis To Those who need Them. NeverTheless iT musT be observed, The Good Dame ForTune, SaTurday aTTer SaTurday, smugly Took her place on The bench opposiTe The WildcaTs. Her mosT ungracious whimsy was The chipped leTT elbow oT signal caller Bruce MaTher. Under The Glassford version oT The "T" Mr. lvlaTher's righT Tlipper Tell claimanT To a goodly porTion oT The WildcaTs' scoring Thunder. To make maTTers worse. The ground-gaining half oT The one- Two punch, Tullback Carmen Ragonese, was plagued wiTh a hosT OT aches and pains ThaT crimped his eTFecTiveness Tor a good parT oT The campaign. However, Trom Orono To The ovals oT BeanTown, spoTTy or specTacular in perTormance, wheTher iniury-jinxed or aT Their brawling besT, The WildcaTs gave an exhibiTion oT conscienTious spiriTed TooTball oT which undergrads and alumni need indeed To be proud. The I948 TooTball season had aged only Tour minuTes when Carmen Ragonese Tummied a piTch-ouT Trom Bruce lv1aTher and boomed UNH R. I. 0 UNH Maine Woody Noel Jim PriTchard Bruce MaTher Gus Gilman Al Swekla around leTT end Tor a Tee dee. George Kachavos converTed Tor his TirsT poinT. WiTh a 7-0 lead, UNH kepT The speedy Rams boxed in Their own end mosT oT The TirsT halT, unTil a diminuTive Rhodie wingman, Sal VenTo, shocked The crowd by inTercepTing a MaTher aerial and skip- ping dowmfield some 80 yards Tor a TD. The half Time score re- mained 7-7. Bruce MaTher incurred his arm iniury while seTTing up The CaTs' score in The Third period. Tommy Gorman sp'elled Bruce and Tlipped a Tour-yard pass To Bob Mikszenas Tor a I3-7 lead. 253 UNH Spr"f'd UNH VermonT Carman Ragonese The C5lassTords Took advanTage oT a Rhodie miscue To pick up Their Tinal Tally. Ragonese squirmed oTT-Tackle Tor The TD. Kachavos missed To leave iT I9-7. Minus The servic'es oT lviaTher, The CaTs held a scanTy 7-6 lead aT half Time in Orono buT They broke The sTandoTT in session Three and added a brace OT scores in The lasT period To win going ayvay. They Thereby broughT back To Durham The Brice-Cowell Memorial Trophy, a pre-RevoluTionary War muskeT granTed by The PorTland alumni chapTers oT The Two schools To The annual winner oT The Maine-UNH series. In The Third period Carmen Ragonese bucked over Trom The seven To seT The pace Tor New Hampshire, alThough he collapsed and had To be helped Trom The Tield. Ed Fraser made iT 20-6 wiTh a 55-yard punT reTurn and in The closing minuTes Tommy Gorman Taded back and hiT lvlikszenas wiTh his second payoTT piTch oT The season To posT The counT aT 27-6. An overTlow crowd oT some 6500 Homecoming Day Tans Tound liTTle To cheer abouT as The scrappy C5ymnasTs mauled Th'e CaTs 23-O To regisTer The mosT lopsided Triumph in The series since The Tar disTanT pasT oT I9l I. The SpringTields losT no Time in proving Their class. HalTed in NH TerriTory, They summoned KeiTh King, Their Tield goal specialisT, and The liTTle halfback booTed The GymnasTs inTo a 3-O lead Trom 40 yards ouT. King made iT I0 sTraighT poinTs in session Two by.bolTing around righT end Tor a TD and Then converTing successTully. The Glassfords had begun To Teel The iniury pinch, whaT wiTh Tupper, Ragonese, MaTher, Mikszenas and Moe Ross on The Trainer's Table. Gorman connecTed wiTh IO aerials Tor IO4 yards, buT The GymnasTs' Torward wall was Too much To move wiTh The reksulT ThaT The GlassTord men never were wiThin The 20-yard sTripe. SpringTield added Two more Talli'es in The second halT. In BurlingTon. The baTTered Glassfords were issued Their second sTraighT blanking, This Tim'e aT The hands oT The CaTamounTs, I4-O. VermonT's Two Tallies came in The middle periods on idenTical passing plays-Hurky To Collier-boTh in The end zone. The WildcaTs had a Tield day on The ground. rolling up I8 TirsT downs To The CaTamounTs' Tour, Tor a ToTal oT 205 yards. The payoTT, however, was The TiT oT poor ball handling on The parT oT UNH, six Tumbles in all, coupled wiTh Tive VermonT inTercepTions and IO5 yards losT on penalTies, spelling Tinis To The UNH scoring opporTuniTies. A deTermined Earlan Seawards Jim NesTor Gus DiRubio ArT RaTTerTy 254- Bob Mikszenas UNH bid in The closing minuTes was chilled when The Vermonfs inTercepTed a Wildcaf aerial and froze The ball for a I4-O vicTory. Some 900 Dad's Day guesfs were on hand To waTch The Glassfords sTage a TerriTic comeback by swamping Joe Zabilski's Huskies under a sev'en-Touch- down barrage, 48-O. Bruce lvlafher, back once again in The piloT's seaT, was The wheelhorse and generalissimo. Micky Gage slcirfed righT end from The Three midway Through The firsT period for The WildcaTs' inifial six-poinfer. In The closing minufes of The same canTo, Mafher unlimbered his well-resfed righf arm, flipping a 25-yard spiral To 'end Bob Mikszenas for a score. In The second period, Don Benoif, reserve line-backer, picked oTf an enemy pass and romped 25 yards inTo The end zone. Punchy Hunfress goT Tee dee number four on a preTTy end sweep from The I7. Vinnie Carmello finished The firsT half fesTiviTies by bulling over cenTer from The II. On The second TD in The lasf half, George Kachavos boofed wide and low, leaving him wiTh a six-for-seven record for The day, and The Durhams a 48-O vicfory. In BeanTown The Wildcafs clung doggedly To a 21-6 firsT period lead To emerge wiTh Their fourfh Triumph, buT noT before The wing-fooTed Jumbos had scared The collecfive beieepers ouT OT Biff Glassford and a big UNH assemblage aT The TufTs Oval. The MaTher raz-ma-Taz goT UNH off To a seven poinf advanfage. He rifled Three sTraighT sTrik'es To Bob lviikszenas, The final one inTo The end zone for a Touchdown. Alphie Swekla was on The end of The mosT unusual New Hampshire scoring play of The season a few minufes laTer. Alphie broke Through To block a Jumpo punT, recovered The pigskin and scampered 65 yards down field To Tally. The Jumbos roared back wiTh a 43- yard scoring play, buT Ragonese soon mafched iT. Picking up a TufTs kickoff on The I7, Carmen whipsawed 83 yards downfield Through The enfire Jumbo squad To score sfanding' up. The Glassfords added a Mafher To lvlikszenas scoring aerial in The second half and sTood off The Jumbos To win 28-I8. Bofh The championship of The newly organized Yankee Conference and possession of The "LiTTle Brown BeanpoT" were on The block in This November l4Th fracas aT Lewis Field. The Mafher-Ragonese combine clicked again for a Two-Touchdown lasT period. and a 20-7 Triumph. The Uconns drew firsT blood, wiTh only a few minuTes gone, when Boll bucked over cenfer for a 7-O lead. The Cafs, sTifled Twice by goal-line sTands, UNH 48 N. E. O UNH TufTs I 8 New Hampshire men close againsf NorTheasTern. 27 y LeTT: ThaT man Ragonese again. This Time againsT Rhode Island. RighT: Mikszenas Takes pass Tor shorT gain againsT Toledo. UNH 20 Conn. 7 UNH I4 Toledo 28 hammered across The clincher in The second period. Kachavos, however. missed The conversion To leave The NuTmeggers in Th'e driver's seaT, 7-6. New Hampshire moved ahead in The Third period. Capping a susTained drive, Ragonese bolTed around righT end Trom The ll. Kachavos converTed To make iT I3-7. A Tew momenTs laTer, ouT oT nowhere The Glassfords came up wiTh The pigskin Thrill of The year. Bruce MaTher Taded back To his own I5-yard line and Thread-needled a magniiceni' 50-yard spiral inTo The hands oT Bob Mikszenas on The Uconn 40. The Lynn speedboy sprinTed inTo The end zone To ice The win Tor New Hampshire. UnTorTunaTely, The TirsT regularly scheduled inTersecTional clash in The modern hisTory OT The UniversiTy oT New Hampshire was dampened wiTh a mulTiTude oT raindrops by The unpredicTable weaTherman. AlThough The WildcaTs pounded ouT To a quick I4-poinT lead and The RockeTs roared back wiTh a Tour-Touchdown second halT, There' was liTTIe doubT ThaT Jupe Pluvius ruled. DespiTe The brillianT legwork OT Carmen Ragonese in his Tinal appearance aT UNH-he lugged a mighTy slippery TooTball Tor The WildcaTs' TirsT Touch- down-and despiT'e The equally dazzling piTch-caTch prowess oT lv1aTher and Mikszenas, The laurels Tor performance OT The year musT go To a 2IO pound Negro Tullback, Emmerson Cole, oT The UniversiTy oT Toledo. WiTh The highly TouTed Lee PeTe Thoroughly grounded because oT The murk and mire, The RockeTs Tell heavily upon Cole Tor oTTensive power. Carrying Tour Times ouT of every Tive Tries, The dusky gianT boosTed Toledo back inTo The ball game wiTh a Trio oT second half TDs, which were The major TacTors in dumping The WildcaTs. Come June, we will waTch The graduaTion Trom The TooTball wars OT some oT UNH's all-Time greaTs. ln addiTion To Blue-Gray sTars, Ragonese and Mikszenas, TourTeen oTher veTerans made Their swan-song appearance againsT Toledo. Co-CapTains Moe Ross and Ted Pieciorak, backs ArT RaTTerTy, Punchy HunTress, Jim PriTchard and Gus DiRubio, cenTers Al McR'eel and Tommy Munson, ends Jim NesTor and Slop Seawards and guards George ReTalis, Jim Kucher and Woody Noel. 256 NSPIRED by The perTormance oT The unde- TeaTed VarsiTy oT I947, The Freshmen TooT- ballers plowed Through an abbreviaTed Three- game schedule wiThouT a loss. Opening The sea- son wiTh a surprising 8-6 vicTory over The power- Tul Brown Frosh, The KiTTens wenT on To win over BrewsTe.' Academy and Phillips ExeTer by The idenTical scores oT I3-7. A brief recap oT The season's highlighTs should include The criTical poinT in The biTTerly conTesTed Brown game when end STeve Perocchi and Tackle Beal Herrick broke Through The Bear's defense To block an end-zone kick Tor a saTeTy. A 6I- yard scoring 'drive in The Tinal sTanza, sparked by Tullback John Bowes, quarTerback Don Miosky and halfback Bob Durand provided The clincher. A'erial bombardmenTs by boTh Teams TeaTured The BrewsTer game. A 60-yard compleTion by The Mioski-Perocchi duo broughT The pigskin To The enemy one-yard sTripe, Trom where Mioski sneaked over Tor The TD. In The Tinal period, passes Took The Frosh To The BrewsTer nine and Durand slashed oTF Tackle To make iT I3-7. STeady plunging by The "D"-men, Durand and Duguay, TeaTured The EXeTer game as The Frosh overcame an early score by The prepsTers To go on To Their TirsT win over The Red and Black in eleven years. The rugged Frosh line, anchored by CapT. Ed Wisnewski, again showed iTs meTTle Ere hman Football FirsT row: Begin, AssisTanT Coach: Murphy, NuTTing, Kachavos, MarTin. Edy, Miosky, Perocchi, DonaTi, Wis- mewshi, CapTain7 LeighTon, Haley, Harris, Morrison, Cannell, AssisTanT Manager. Second row: SmiTh, AssisTanT Coach: Dunbar, Lilliedahl, Bowes. Rosse, Allen, Durand, Babros, TibbeTTs, BarTholomew, O'Brien, MorTon, Winn, Townsend, Emons, Manager. Third row: MarTin, Coach: Duguay, CreighTon, Flanders, KnighT, Kennell, EydenT, DoherTy, McKelvie, Blake, Herrick, PosT, Bolduc, Brown, SmiTh, Mooradian, AssisTanT Coach. FirsT row: Carbonneau, DarT, Harvey, Haubrich, STergion, Levandowski, CrompTon. Second row: KaTsiaTicas, STone, Millman, Long, Barnes, Copp, CaThcarT, Manager. Harvey sinks one againsT Springfield. CapTaln Charlie KaTslaTicas. Ba ketball PENING a season ThaT was To produce some oT The, mosT exciTing baslceTball ever seen on The UNH campus, The WildcaTs drove a TighT- ing Lowell TexTile Team To deTeaT, 62-42. The CaTs' power really showed iTselT when They gar- nered ThirTy-Two poinTs To Lowell's Twelve in The second half To run away wi+h The game. Bulo Millman, wiTh 22 poinTs: Diclc DarT, wiTh I3, and CapTain KaTsiaTicas, wiTh IZ, were The big guns Tor New Hampshire. The WildcaTs ran roughshod over The hapless PuriTans OT New England College as every mem- ber OT The UNH squad saw acTion. The CaTs opened TasT To pour 33 poinTs Through The hoop in The TirsT halT and were never headed as The game Tinished wiTh a 69-37 vicTory Tor UNH. KaTsiaTicas, lviillman, and DarT again proved To be The high scorers Tor New Hampshire as col- lecTively They poured in 38 poinTs. A TasT-lorealcing and sharpshooTing quinTeT from Rhode lslanded handed New Hampshire iTs TirsT deTeaT oT The season aT KingsTon. Paced by Their ouTsTanding cenTer, Ken Goodwin, The Rams ran roughshod To rack up an 86-4I win. A classy Vermonf aggregafion proved To be Too much for New Hampshire as They scored a 53-46 win. The Cafamounfs' cenTer, Galli, simply overwhelmed New Hampshire as he pushed I8 poinfs Through and seT up many more. Bub Mill- man l4epT New Hampshire in The game wiTh his conTribuTion of I6 poinfs. ln The firsT of a seT of The mosT excifing bas- lcefball games ever wifnessed in Durham, The Gymnasfs of Springfield managed To overcome New Hampshire in an overfime period, 53-52. WiTh seconds To go during The regular game, Kafsiaficas shoT in Two long shoTs To Tie The game up: howev'er, Springfield managed To gain a one-poinT advanfage in The overTime To emerge vicforious. A disasfrous road Trip found UNH losing To Bowdoin, The Universify of Massachuseffs, and fl' L35 , X , , M M fi , ,.T-ml 'T T' 'W i ConnecTicuT. ln a ball game ThaT saw a prepon- derance of fouls-The maiorify againsf New Hampshire-Bowdoin seT UNH down, 55-45. The firsT half found an exfremely clos'e encounfer, buf wiTh Levandowslci and Millman fouling ouT in The second half, defeaf was imminenf. AT Amhersf, The Cafs could seem To do no righT, and The U. of Mass., capiTalizing on numerous misfalces, won, 64-36. Againsf one of Th'e Top Teams in New England, New Hampshire again Tasfed The biTTer dregs of defeaT as Connecficuf won, 66 To 37, aT Sforrs. Before The largesf home crowd of The season, N'ew Hampshire gained The heighfs of glory as They forced a highly favored ST. Anselm Team info submission in an overfime period, 60-57. Capfain KaTsiaficas, Throwing in some of his paTenTed long shofs, lcepT New Hampshire in The ball game when defeaf se'emed imminenf. Garner- ing eighTeen poinTs, Kafsiaficas proved his greaT abiliTy in This, The climax game of The season. NoT conTenT wiTh Two sTraighT overfime games aT The Lewis Fieldhouse, The Wildcafs again scored a roof-raising vicfory over Norfheasfern in an overfime period, 54-50. Wifh Bill Haubrich playing his besl' game of The season, snaring rv "Jump ball!" Carbonneau lays iT up. Haubriclc on a "Tapin." Bub Millman Paul Harvey Bill Haubrich rebounds and holding NorTheasTern's high-scoring cenTer, Walsh, To a meager I3 poinTs. The CaTs played superb ball To give New Hamp- shire iTs TourTh vicTory. CapTain KaTsiaTicas again was high scorer wiTh TwenTy-one poinTs. Travelling To Orono, Maine, The New Hampshire Blue and WhiTe conTinued Their upward surge To squeeze by in a closely conTesTed game wiTh a 52-5I vicTory. Millman and Levandowski were The big guns in deTeaTing Maine wiTh I6 and I5 poinTs, respecTively. NorTheasTern wreaked iTs revenge on a hapless New Hampshire squad in BosTon as They iumped inTo a quick lead which They never relinquished. Leading 34-I8 aT halT Time, The Huskies conTinued on To a devasTaTing 75-54 vicTory. Bill Haubrich gave The CaTs a semblance oT an aTTack as he poured 24 poinTs Through The hoop. The powerful NuTmeggers Trom ConnecTicuT invaded Durham To encounTer a vasTly improved WildcaT hoop Team. NeverTheless, They mainTained a quickly gained lead To win by nine poinTs, 52-43. The CaTs almosT proved Too much Tor ConnecTicuT as They closed The lead To Tour poinTs in The sesocnd halT, buT The rally was soon sToppecl. In view oT Their previous disasTrous deTeaT aT ConnecTicuT's hands, This showed a compleTe reversal oT Torm Tor New Hampshire. A high-scoring quinTeT Trom ST. Michaels played The WildcaTs To a sTandsTill in The TirsT half before a large WinTer Carnival Throng. and Then commenced To make The game a runaway as big Ted Burzenski wenT wild and Tallied 30 poinTs. ShoTs oT sensaTional Torm by KaTsiaTicas and Millmen kepT The aTfair inTeresTing all The way as Kaddy racked up 20 poinTs and Millman noTched I7. Bill Levandowski Lionel Carbonneau Danny STergion The Tamous Rhode Island Rams were given a bad scare by The TighTing CaTs in a laTe season game aT Lewis Fieldhouse, buT Their power Tinally prevailed, 70-49. Though never recorded in The record books, The sTeady improve- menT OT The WildcaT squad was evidenced by The smooTher ball- playing, The convincing Teamwork, and air oT conTid'ence shown by sTalwarTs like CapTain KaTsiaTicas, Haubrich, Millman, Levandowski, and Carbonneau. 260 Varsity Ba eball as I-IaI Burby Bob Haller Ari' Massucco FTER a dismal I947 season, which included only four vicfories, Hank Swasey's I948 version of fhe Wildcaf baseball feam came up wifh a very successful year, winning 8 games while losing only 4 and fying I. The Wildcafs. I'ed by Capfain Soc Bobofas of Man- chesfer, beaf Massachuseffs, Bafes, Springfield, Lowell Tech, Upsala and Bowdoin, splif wifh Norfheasfern, won and fied againsf Maine. and Iosf only fo Rhode Island, Bosfon College, and Darfmoufh. Two of Coach Swasey's pifchers, Gil Sfandish of Bosfon and Leffy Lavoie of Kiffery, Maine, furned in perfecf performances on fhe mound, each winning fwo and losing none. Bob I-Ialler of New Durham compiled a 3-2 record, and Joe Beaudin won I and Iosf 2. Beaudin's 3-hif performance againsf Bowdoin was fhe besf pifched game of fhe year, and I-IaIIer and Sfandish each pifched one 5-hiffer. The season's opener, againsf Bafes af Durham, found I'IaIIer and Beaudin Iimifing The opposifion fo four runs. The Wildcafs, aided by a big fhird inning in which Bob Francoeur's double and Gus DiRubio's single accounfed for fhre'e runs, scored five runs fo win, 5-4. DiRubio's 2 hifs paced fhe Wildcafs' offensive affaclc. Upsala, New I-Iampshire's second opponenf, fravelled all fhe way up from New Jersey only fo have fhe Wildcafs frounce fhem, 9-5. Ollie CoIe's pinch hir friple wifh fhe bases loaded was fhe big blow of 'rhe game, buf four ofher Wildcafs, Bobofas, Dave McCullough, I-Ial Burby, and DiRubio, aided fhe affack wifh fwo hifs apiece. For fheir firsf game away from home, New Hampshire journeyed fo Brunswick, Me., fo furn back fhe Bowdoin Bears for fheir fhird sfraighf vicfory. Soufhpaw Joe Beaudin scaffered fhree hifs over fhe nine inning roufe fo give fhe Wildcafs a 5-I friumph. Arf Iviassucco, 26I s 5 . 2? s . 'El .. Dave McCullough Bob Francoeur Gus DiRubio 1 ?,,, sr :gi ' "T -'T -" 2"-' --"' 'H '-E' is ' ,Y ia'-is as 517. b I .L . Y , xl X I I 1:- Erf' r j' x I 57' I is I1 I y I 15 . - I . -wr, 'Si , . Igirrimrs ,ri I .255 .as-. .ju ' " F? , " ' a 5 L . 'I 1 .F Yi K V-I i I ' f I ' I P I Q "III . it rpm H 1 . a f if 0 ' I v W! X . , , giiifiisg- .,,.. in w,,,wmY im,-g.,,QI ez ll ' T , fi ouTTield Trom ArlingTon, Mass., collecTed a double and single To aid The aTTack. AlThough ouThiT, 9-4, in Their nexT conTesT, luck and The w'eaTherman seemed To be on The Wild caTs' side as They pulled ouT a 6-4 7-inning win over Lowell TexTile. Taking advanTage oT I I bases on balls, coupled wiTh some Timely long ball hiTTing by CapTain BoboTas and Emil Krupa oT lvlanchesTer. New Hampshire managed To hold oTT unTil rain Torced calling The game. WiTh Tour sTraighT vicTories, as many as They had won during The enTire I947 season, The WildcaTs really poured iT on Their nexT oppo- nenTs, slaughTering The UniversiTy oT Massachu- seT'Ts, I4-4. Big guns Tor New Hampshire were TirsT bas'eman Dave McCullough wiTh 2 doubles and a single. and Bob Francoeur wiTh a Triple and Two singles. The Huskies Trom NorTheasTern were The nexT Team To seT TooT on Lewis Field, and Their game wiTh The WildcaTs produced one oT The closesT and cerTainly The mosT conTroversial baTTles oT The year. Going inTo The eighTh inning iT looked like a sure vicTory Tor New Hampshire. Soc BoboTas' Terrific home run and Hal Burby's sT'eal home, boTh in The TourTh inning, looked good enough To give piTcher Bob Haller a well-de- i Top:RBob Haller lays down a sacriTice bunT. BoTTom: Gus DiRubio lines one To leTT field. served vicTory. NorTheasTern, aided by several Time-consuming argumenTs by Their Coach Galla- gher, scored Three unearned runs To win 3-2 Tor The TirsT WildcaT deTeaT oT The year. The Wildcafs and The Indians Trom DarTmouTh provided The Thrills Tor The crowd aT Hanover when They came TogeTher in The nexT game oT The season. LimiTed To only six hiTs. The WildcaTs' aggressive play kepT Them in The game righT up To The Tinal ouT. The Indians won, 6-4, To send Coach Swasey and The boys back To Durham wiTh a 5-2 record Tor The games played. Hal Burby's 2 singles accounTed Tor 2 runs, and Soc BoboTas' Triple broughT in anoTher. STill smarTing Trom The 3-2 deTeaT aT The hands OT NorTheasTern, The CaTs wenT down To BosTon To pound 4 Husky hurlers Tor I9 hiTs and a de- cisive I6-6 vicTory. Th'e sevenTh inning really saw New Hampshire displaying iTs power aT Th'e pIaTe, as The Team accounTecI Tor 9 big runs. Winning piTcher Bob Haller also led The CaTs aT baT, as he knocked ouT a double and a Triple, boTh in The big sevenTh Trame. In The TirsT game oT a home-and-home series againsT The Maine Bears, The New Hampshire nine Travelled To Orono Tor a I2-inning 2-2 Tie which had To be called because oT rain. I.eTTy Beaudin wenT The rouTe Tor Th'e CaTs, scaTTering 8 hiTs. BosTon College spoiled The WildcaTs' nexT ouTing by IimiTing UNH To only 5 hiTs. Three WiIdcaT hurlers were Tagged Tor I7 hiTs in The I3-3 Trouncing. Coming up againsT Their Third Tine piTching performance in as many games, The WildcaTs' Trip To KingsTon, R. I., was spoiled by a Tour-hiT shuTouT. Haller wenT The disTance Tor New Hampshire, buT iusT didn'T have The necessary assisTance aT The pIaTe as UNH IosT, 6-0. In whaT many specTaTors considered The b'esT game oT The year, hurler Gil STandish scored The winning run in The IasT oT The ninTh To beaT The Springfield GymnasTs, 2-I. Hal Burby, Wild- caT backsTop, opened The scoring in The iniTiaI Trame when he came in on a clean single by McCullough. ATTer SpringTieId had Tied iT up, I-I, in The 7Th, The sTage was seT Tor The winning Tally. STandish, who IimiTed The opposiTion To 5 hiTs, sTarTed The 9Th wiTh a walk, was advanced on a hiT and a sacriTice, and scored on ArT Mas- succo's long Tly ouT To deep cenTer. The season's Tinale broughT TogeTher The Wild- caTs and The Maine Bears To seTTIe Their previous 2-2 Tie. NHU IeTT IiTTIe doubT in The specTaTors' mind as They hopped on Maine sTarTer Dick Preble, Tor 6 Tallies in The opening inning To win a weird Tive inning aTTair, 7-4. DespiTe The ToTaI oT II runs scored, The Two Teams could collecT only 3 hiTs, Two Tor The CaTs and a single hiT Tor Maine. UNH was aided by 7 bases on balls, 3 wild piTches and a passed ball. LeTTermen Tor I948 included piTchers Beaudin, Haller, Lavoie, and STandish: caTcher Burbyg in- Tielders BoboTas, DiRubio, Francoeur, and Mc- Cullough: ouTTieIders Krupa, Massucco, and Bub Millman. FirsT row: Olson, Millman, Krupa, BoboTas, Fancoeur. Second row: Haller, Burroughs, Phipps, Fahlman, Burby, Beaudin. Third row: BarreTT, Lawson, Callahan, Cole, FosTer, STandisI1, Grenier. FourTh row: Swekla, McCullough, Harris, DiRubio, Massucco, Lavoie, Larrabee. 3- FirsT row: Glidden, Glines, Gross. Langevin. Daly, Shannon, RieipuTi. Second row: Mullen, Tupper, Barker, Barndollar, CapTain: Webb, R. Chase, Gamble, Paulson. Third row: SweeT, Coach: LangTon, lngraham, GranT, GallanT, Hall, Boulanger, Libbares, W. Chase, Manager. FourTh row: TuTTs, Neugebauer, Chapman, D. Chase, Gorley, Lumian R. Sweet Chandler, Walker. CapTain Frank Barndollar. Winter Track OTHING can sTop winTer Trackmen. They'll dodge under bleachers in The Tieldhouse To pracTice hurdling and broadiumping. They'll prac- Tice ouTdoors in rain, Treezing weaTher, and snow, and shovel The board Track oTT To do iT. So al- Though The sTory oT winTer Track is, in parT aT leasT, one oT inadequaTe equipmenT and lack oT TaciliTies, you can be cerTain ThaT spiriT is always presenT. AT press Time The l949 WinTer Track Team has compleTed Three-TiTTh oT Their schedule. BaTes College, The season's TirsT oppon'enT, was soundly deTeaTed, buT a Tollowing meeT wiTh Bowdoin College resulTed in a seTbaclc Tor The N. l-l. men and on Carnival weekend The Team suTTered Their second loss aT The hands oT Maine in a meeT aT Orono. The win over BaTes was a decisive one Tor The WildcaTs. They placed men in every evenT and capTured nine oT The ThirTeen possible TirsTs, Barndollar copped The 40-yard dash wiTh Team- maTe Libbares a close second. Barndollar was also Top man in The 45-yard high hurdles. ln The IOOO-yard run, veTeran middle disTance runner Rod Webb sTreTched his long legs To lead The Tielcl To The Tape. NorTon Tupper Turned in his reliable perTormanc:e in The shoT, winning ThaT evenT wiTh a heave oT over 42 TeeT. BaTes provided no c:ompeTiTion in The pole-vaulT, allowing Hervy Langevin and Joe LangTon a Tield day. Langevin cleared The bar aT I2 TeeT To Take TirsT, leaving The second spoT Tor LangTon. New Hampshire's high iumpers, sparked by Jack Gamble! winning leap oT six TeeT, shuT ouT The BaTes men. The broad iump provided anoTher sweep Tor New Hampshire wiTh BurT Barker TirsT, Langevin second and STeve Walker Third. W? Z L's 8 5 'L'-rf' NY!- -...4 L, U00 1 Lf BJ 'I K li Q T fin , ' 11' j ,xl 3 ll -.. . f .f Top: A close one in The 600, buT Ed Boulanqer was The winner. CenTer: Webb in The IOO0. He was undeTeaTed This season. BoTTom: Hank Langevin over wiTh plenTy To spare aT Bow- doin. In The plodders' speciaTly, The Two-mile run, Bob Paulson seT a noT-so-plodding pace oT I0 minuTes I7 seconds To win ThaT evenT Tor The TirsT Time in his college career. Phil Neugebauer Tol- lowed him across The line in Third place. Else- where There were several second and Third com- binaTions. ln The mile Russ Chase was second and Lloyd Glidden Third. Gamble and Tupper Took second and Third in The discus. Dick SweeT was second in The 300-yard run and Bob Boulanger Third. Reversing The order in The 600, Boulanger evenT, Don Mullen garnered a second. Gamble Tied Tor secopd in The high iump and anoTher second was won by Barker in The broad iump. Score-UNH T46, Bowdoin 7I. AT The Maine WinTer Carnival, February I9, several hundred specTaTors were on hand To wa+ch The Black Bears hand New Hampshire Their second deTeaT of The season. CapTain Barndollar won The low hurdles and was The only NH man To score in ThaT evenT. Henry Langevin liT'erally soared To new heighTs, Taking The pole vaulT wiTh Bob Paulson NorT Tupper Rod Webb Jack Gamble Henry Langevnn was second and SweeT Third. The, Tinal score- UNH 78, BaTes 38. The Tollowing week The Blue and WhiTe expe- rienced Their TirsT deTeaT aT The hands oT a sTrong Bowdoin Team. The opposiTion dominaTed mosT oT The Tield evenTs, buT The WildcaTs pressed hard in The running evenTs. Rod Webb capTured The l000 and Ken TuTFs Took second. Ed Boulanger puT on a driving Tinish To win The 600. Langevin Tied wiTh a Bowdoin man To round ouT The Tew and Tar beTween TirsTs Taken by U. N. H. LangTon Took Third in This evenT. Barn- dollar copped second in The dash, wiTh SweeT edging inTo Third. The 300 saw Boulanger and Barndollar place second and Third in ThaT order. Chase and Chapman gaThered The runner-up posiTions in The mile: Chase placing second and Chapman Third. A 9 minuTe 58 second performance in The Two mile by a Bowdoin man pushed Paulson inTo second place. Chase, wiTh only a shorT resT aTTer his earlier sTinT in The mile. succeeded in Taking Third. Up againsT sTiTT compeTiTion in The hammer a vaulT oT I2 TeeT 6 inches. Tupper repeaTed his BaTes perTormanceg placing TirsT in The shoT. Gamble goT oTT anoTher six TooT high iump which broughT him Top honors. Boulanger showed The Mainemen The way To The Tape in The 300 and Webb displayed his usual Tine Torm in winning The IOOO. Seconds were gaThered by Tupper in The discus, Paulson in The Two-mile, Barker in The broad iump, SweeT in Ther 600, Barndollar in The high hurdles and LangTon in The high jump. Mullen, Gamble and Barndollar were responsible Tor New Hampshire's only Thirds. Final Tally- UNH 5l, Maine 7l.A WiTh Two more meeTs remaining, The SweeT- men can sTill break inTo The win column again. However, win, lose or draw, These men have shown a Tine spiriT in conTinuing Their Training under The adverse condiTions They have To endure and our haTs go oTT To Them Tor The deTermina- Tion and courage They have shown. Coach SweeT as usual has done a Tine iob and deserves much crediT Tor The Tine Teams he has Turned ouT in TwenTy-Tive years aT UNH. l .E Kr I Tx is 51 1' , ...4,... CapTain Bob KeiTh FirsT row: Comings, Ray, SleeTh, Saboslci, Fournier. Second row: PeTroski, Coach: Moore. Lepage, Adams, Noel, ChrisTie, KeiTh, CapTain. Third row: AusTin, Begin, Pres- coTT, MacDonald, Berry, Glynn. Varsity Hocke O ice! Game cancelled! This was The cry as one oT The mildesT winTers in The hisTory oT Durham broughT disasTer To The I949 ediTion of The WildcaT hockey Team. The unseasonable weaTher wiped ouT all The home games and lim- iTed The schedule To Three games-Army, Bow- doin, and NorTheasTern-on Their respecTive rinlss. ProspecTs had been good wiTh eighT leTTer- m'en reTurning, led by CapTain Bob KeiTh guard- ing The neTs. Co-CapTain elecT Tom Kelly was losT beTore The season ever sTarTed as he Trans- Terred To DenTal School aT Temple. His place on defense was Tilleal by Sky Berry and AI Adams, promising sophomores up Trom lasT year's crack freshman Team. This nucleus was bolsTered by several newcomers To The squad and by several oThers Trom The Treshman Team. DespiTe The promising TorecasTs, Coach PaT PeTroslci, wiThouT The proper slcaTing TaciliTies Tor pracTice, was unable To smooTh ouT his aTTaclc ancl deTense as iT should have been. WiTh halT a chance Tor d'ecenT ice The ouTcome OT The Two close games mighT have been a diTFerenT sTory. si , Hier, , -is is 41.33-,..!" Lale in lhe season, a briel spell ol cold wealher enabled volunleer workers led by Noel lo make good ice on lhe local rink, bul before any games could be played warm wealher sel in. The squad relurned during lhe second week ol lhe Chrislmas vacalion and managed lo gel a couple ol lheir lew days ol skaling in on lhe home rink. Aller lhal, lhe wealher look over and Coach Pelroski had lo keep his charges skaling on lhe reservoir in order lo keep in shape. wel slushy ice slowing down lhe allack ol bolh leams, Goals by Bill MacDonald, Ronie Sleelh, Pappy Comings, and Wall Fournier were nulli- lied by lhe Bowdoin forwards. Berry, fiery- lempered defenseman lor lhe Cals, was lwice clamped inlo lhe penally box lor over-aggres- siveness. Bill Moore, guarding lhe nels, held Bowdoin on 'even lerms lor lhe lirsl lwo periods. However, in lhe linal slanza, wilh Bob Keilh laking lhe goal-lending dulies, lhe Polar Bears RL 1 ii t . i ,An 'T ' W T L,.4.511 ,pr VT! a'-, i+ ii'?x1fF ' 1 i 'EV 'E v - V' . ' ' ' l 1 F ' Fug' i 1 il-, lii lli T'-W y 'V 4 . :J In 1 .i br,,,. . JF. 4 J -r - Bill Moore Ron Sleelh Bill McDonald Pappy Cummings Woody Noel The allacking slrenglh ol lhe squad was weak- ened iusl before lhe Army game when Bud Hollingsworlh, reserve wingman, lraclured his collarbone and was losl lo lhe leam lor lhe resl ol lhe year. ln lhe lirsl game ol lhe briel season, UNH langled wilh lhe mighly Cadels ol Wesl Poinl, forcing lhem lo lhe limil belore bowing, 4-3. Bill Chrislie, newcomer lo lhe leam, opened lhe season's scoring lor lhe Puckslers lo lie up lhe game, I-I. Woody Noel, playing his lasl year lor lhe Blue and While, laler lied up lhe game again aller Army had laken a 2-I lead. Despile Waller Fournier's lhird period goal, lhe liring Cals couldn'l keep up wilh lhe hosl leam and were linally nosed oul. Fine defensive play by Berry, Begin, and Adams kepl lhe Army allack bollled up lhroughoul mosl ol lhe game. An encounler wilh Bowdoin College saw much rough aclion and numerous penallies. The Wild- cal sexlel was delermined lo break inlo lhe win column, only lo be lurned back, 6-4. The game was played under exlremely poor condilions wilh slipped in lwo more lallies lo lake lhe decision and hand lhe varsily lheir second slraighl deleal ol lhe season. Slill hoping lor a break in lhe wealher, lhe leam lravelled lo Boslon, where lhey look on lhe powerlul Norlheaslern Huskies, only lo be swamped lo lhe lune ol I3-4. The UNH defense was unable lo keep up wilh lhe brillianl allack ol lhe hub sexlel, and only lhe acrobalic saves of lhe Wildcal goalies kepl lhe score down where il was. The slarling lineup in all lhe games was Auslin and Berry al lhe delense posls: wilh Wall Four- nier al lell wing, Ronnie Sleelh al cenler, and Woody Noel palrolling lhe righl wing lane. Capl. Bob Keilh and Bill Moore allernaled in lhe cage. Allernaling wilh lhe lorwards and delensemen were Bill Chrislie, Bill MacDonald, Neil Glynn, Don Begin, Pappy Comings, and Al Adams. Thus, wilh an almosl complele reversal ol lasl winler's condiilions, lhe Puckslers saw lheir dismal season end wilh no viclories, lhree deleals, and eleven cancellalions. Fre hman Hocke EPPER MARTlN'S Freshman Hockey Team had The unique disTinc- Tion, unparalleled in UNH sporTs hisTory, oT noT winning or losing a single game. This sTrange occurrence was due To Old lvian WeaTher who almosT washed ouT The enTire nine-game schedule Tor The PucksTers. The Team had Two games wiTh ExeTer Academy wiped ouT by bad ice condiTions, as well as Two wiTh BrewsTer. These were supposed To b'e home and home encounTers. Home games wiTh Nichols, NorTh- easTern Frosh and TilTon also wenT by The boards. ln TacT, neiTher The varsiTy nor The Treshmen goT in a single game aT The Lewis Field rink. Finally, aTTer seven sTraighT washouTs, The lViarTir1men goT a game in againsT a powerTul TilTon aggregaTion in TilTon. IT wound up in a 5-5 deadlock. For The home Team iT was The highlighT oT a successTul WinTer Carnival and broughT The PrepsTers' record all square aT Two wins, Two losses, and Two draws, This l'eTT boTh Teams all Tied up in knoTs on Their season's record. Wingman La Salle oT The KiTTens goes down as The year's high scorer as he made The haT Trick wiTh Three goals. LeTTy Callahan was righf on his heels wiTh Two shoTs ThaT hiT The corcls. AlThough The KiTTens played only This one game They had several good scrimmages againsT ExeTer, holding The prepsTers Tairly well in check. ATTer Their Tinale againsT New HampTon was cancelled due To bad ice, They played Two unoTTicial Ten-minuTe periods aT The New HampTon arena and came ouT on The shorT end oT a 5-2 score. In The brieT look we had aT This Team goalie Calvin Chandler looked very promising, along wiTh Muise, Healy, and McCullis. ii: fm, gat, FirsT row: Coburn, Jervis, Man- ager: Follansbee, AssisTanT Manager. Second row: MarTin, Coach: Callahan, Chandler, Bowes, Sears, Healey, Muise. ' 1 w, , :xi ' i?:W,E,13-'::fFL:55f , ki Team f.-T' 20 . nffiff. wr 41241:-52 af -1 "-zi,1fI -.A ' 'Q " . :. 1,2-P 19, 5 X I 4 N , 4... 2-9 ,- f , gy ff if X meeis: The Lyndonville Oufing Club meef, fhe Darfmoufh Winfer Carnival, fhe McGill Carni- val, and ihe Middlebury Winfer Carnival. Lack of snow and poor skiing condifions forced can- cellafion of bofh fhe Lyndonville meef and fhe Middlebury Carnival. Of fhe fwo ieam meefs enfered, fhe Cafs fared well, recording a v'ery respecfable fourfh place ai fhe Darfmoufh, "King of Carnivals," and surprising fhe ski world wifh a near-miss. second place finish ai' MCC-Sill. As expecfed by mosi' Wildcaf backers, ihe ILDCAT cold weafher enfhusiasfs all over New England had iusf cause for looking opfimisfically foward fhe I949 ski campaign. Wiih fhe refurn of Olympic siar Ralph Town- send and fhe already formidable array of ski faleni' primed by Ed Blood fo bear fhe banner of UNI-l, prospecfs were brighf indeed. In general, New Hampshire hopes for a successful season were fhwarfed a good deal more by fhe poor weafher condifions fhan by overwh'elming dis- plays of abilify by opposing colleges. The Wild- cais' original schedule called for four feam Firsi row: Hasiings, Townsend, Dunklee, Samaha. Second row: Blood, Coach, Mellefi, i-libbard, Varney, Hawkensen. Cole, Bailey. Opposife Page Top: Capfain Ralph Townsend. Cenfer: Moe Varney comes off 'rhe iump ai' fhe Darimoufh Winfer Carnival. Boffom: Jim Bailey nears fhe finish of a successful run in fhe slalom af Darfmoufh. biggesT poinT-gainers Tor The Bloodmen over The season were Si Dunklee and Ralph Townsend. A 1948 Olympic enTry, Townsend is generally regarded as an all-round ThreaT aboard The hickories. AlThough his Tive TooT plus Trame af- Tords him a minimum sTride, Ralph has emerged sTrongesT in The cross counTry evenTs. WiTh Dunk- lee, he insures Ed Blood wiTh a sure-place duo in langlauf runs againsT The besT oT opposiTion. The limber-legged, long-winded BraTTleboro na- Tive has consisTenTly demonsTraTed ThaT he is as smooTh sTepping on The waxed boards as on The cinder Tracks, Topping all TeammaT'es, including Townsend, aT all Times This season. AT The 39Th DarTrnouTh WinTer Carnival, Blood's crew held a very Tavorable second spoT, 9 poinTs behind The Indians, aT The conclusion oT The opening sessions. The big conTribuTion To The CaT cause was The eTTorT oT Dunklee and Town- send in placing Third and TourTh along The eighT mile Hanover cross counTry course. Townsend added a TenTh spoT in The slalom which, wiTh John Hibbard's eighT in The same evenT, kepT New Hampshire aT The Top oT The heap. However, came The closing runs in down- hill and jumping, The WildcaTs were shuT ouT compleTely, boosTing Middlebury and McGill To second and Third spoTs in The Tinal TabulaTion. AT MonTreal, aTTer waTching The classy DarT- mouTh squad repeaT iTs dominaTion oT The down- hill and slalom evenTs, The Wildcafs came on To narrowly miss eTFecTing The ski upseT oT The year. Trailing The indians by a wide margin, The CaTs embarked on The eighT-mile ST. Sauveur course norTh oT MonTreal. Proving beyond a doubT Their masTery oT The langlauT, Dunklee, Townsend. and Ralph Hawken- sen oT New Hampshire wound up in a brillianT one-Two-Three Tinish. Only by virTue of an equally dazzling shuTouT in The iumping Trials ThaT Tol- lowed did The lndians regain Their slim lead and Thereby The myThical ski supremacy of New England. The CaTs bagged a close second spoT wiTh MCG-ill and Middlebury bringing up The rear. The backbone oT Ed Blood's crew will noT re- Turn anoTher year. Dunklee, Townsend, Hawken- sen, and Hibbard are s'eT To graduaTe Trom The ski wars in June. The brunT oT responsibiliTy will be borne by Jim Bailey, Ed Cole and Mo Varney Tor 1950. FirsT row: Barnard, Chase, Gibbs, Dunkiee, Capiaing Paulson, Nordholm, Johnson. Second ro SweeT Coach: Shannon, PraTT, FarringTon, Hood, Ladd, TuTTs, Bulanger, Lumian, Haighr l1a'i gcr Varsity Cross Countr , HE TirsT inTended vicTim oT The 1948 cross counTry Team was NorTheasTern, buT The more experienced Huskies Turned The Tables and deTeaTed The CaTs, 25-30, in a meeT held aT Durham. Si Dunklee won, Turning in his besT Time Tor The course, buT The main New Hampshire group was Too Tar back. The nexT week, more experienced and in beTTer condiTion, The Team Traveled To The big ciTy To down a BosTon UniversiTy aggregaTion, 2l-24. Again Dunklee was ouT TronT. Paulson Tinished second, Chase TourTh, Gibbs TiTTh, and DosTie ninTh. Also in There TighTing were: Dick PraTT I2+h, Joe Nordholm I3Th, Norm Lumian l5Th, and Al Hood l6Th. A week laT'er on The course aT Orono, The harriers meT Their TradiTional rival, Maine, and deTeaTed Them in a nip-and-Tuck race, 26-29. Once more Dunkiee led The pack. Bob Paulson was Third, wiTh oTher NH men placing sixTh, sevenTh, and ninTh. Si seT a new course record. Dunklee had Tormed The habiT by The Time The iasT dual meeT rolled around and was again ouT TronT as The CaTs wenT down beTore a sTrong M. l. T. Team, 23-33. The hearT-breaking close one in This race was a lasT Ten yard duel beTween Paulson and Holland OT Tech. Paulson losT by a mere sT'ep. The 36+h annual NEICAAA meeT was noT Too successTui Tor The Team as a whole. They Tinished Twelve in a Tield oT eighT'een. For Si, however, iT was a noTable race. Running close To Top Torm Tor his college careerl he Tinished second. bowing only To naTional champ Bob Black oT Rhode island. Si was The only varsiTy runner To go To Th'e lC4A's in New York. There he Tinished TourTh, his besT eTTorT on The naTional scene. In addiTion To being The TirsT UNH runner ever To capTain his Team Tor Three consecuTive years, Si won all The dual meeTs, placed second in The 272 New Englands, TourTh in The lC4A's and won his TenTh varsiTy leTTer, Thus esTablishing himselT as one oT New l-lampshire's ouTsTanding aThleTes. However, no cross-counTry record can b'e The hisTory oT one man. IT is The ToTal eTTorT oT a Team, a Team willing To TighT Tor Those imporTanT TourTh and TiTTh places. IT was Bob Paulson going all ouT in The lasT mile, losing Third by a sTep because he had gone The limiT. IT was Chase or Gibbs or DosTie, Thr'ee miles ouT, singling ouT a red shirT and Tracking iT sTep by sTep unTil aT The Tinish he had moved The genTleman back one place, and The race was won. The successTul coach musT be imparTial and paTienT, musT have a vasT amounT oT exp'erience, and beyond The mere professional approach, an inTeresT in The individual. These qualiTies and many more are possessed by Paul SweeT. Work- ing wiTh aThl'eTes of various running experience, Paul has consisTenTly builT Teams ThaT could hold Their own in any league. The men on The squad oT '48 shared This experience, inTeresT and per- sonaliTy. IT cannoT help buT remain a parT oT Them. LeTT: Bob Paulson, CarTer Gibbs, Russ Chase. CW'-s I lln iowa x ix FR . Z 4 . 12 .. ,-,N Z For The runners, The 4 o'clock session oTTen provided an invigoraTing climax To The college day. The gaThering of The men, The locker-room quips bound To come Trom college men. Then The warm-up and The assignmenT Trom Paul. "Easy work-ouT TonighT, men. A brisk pac'e Tor Tive miles, Then cuT iT down To 80 seconds per quarTer Tor The Iasf Two miles." The lasT-minuTe iokes TaceTiously given in The manner oT men going To Their deaTh and Tinally The brisk run Through The fallen leaves and bridle paThs oT The woods. Righr: "They're off" againsT NorTheasTern aT Lewis Field. , , x gf -ifxs ll , A g s QQ'--'-e1fi'r.'.?-P-Tel ff' 1 s ' T -..-1,' - f Ta,,,,f'- ' ' '--.Ae-yv, ,',,,H , L, iv . A -,Len , f ,. A- 4- 2. ' , ' -swf - -' f. hg5 5,, 'Qfi1s J'2,,7 Tf7l""T, is 2 , we ' s ' J' -'f'..,' .. 'Tiff 'xw43",r,' T' -V Q ,Jim Two T - ,T ll s i ef: ' 'c 1 -if i lc..-is-g fi .Q . Y i f" - 71 1' 'faq msn- ,Q . Evil-.'mT.f ,g - i Lag: g .L 13934. ,Q-ngxmggi . ,si , ...J . LL- H! m...s.z.f' 'V-u.iam...:. -A A ' QW- New 273 FirsT row: Hall, MaTher, SweeT, Barker, Barndollar, STyrna CapTain: Gamble, Tupper, Webb, Johnson. Second row Dunklee, LangTon, Barnes, Lumian, Barry, Wilson, Paulson NeTT, Wuliing, Lopes, SweeT, Coach. Third row: Blood AssisTanT Coach: TuTTs, Cunningham, Welch, TaggarT: Lamson, Brown, Daly, BaTTy, Glines, Varney, Floyd, Man- ager. 'Z .-fre -f -il I gif' , ATT ',., L, CapTain Ed STyrna l Varsity pring Track S scores go, The I948 spring Track Team was all-ouT. They won each dual meeT They en- Tered by large margins. Their TirsT vicTim, on April 26, was ForT Devens, whom They ouTclassed by 90 poinTs. SaTurday in Thar same week, They made The long Trip To The UniversiTy oT Maine and puT Them down by 30 poinTs. A week laTer NorTheasTern Tell To The CaTs' claws, and again N. l-l.'s surplus was deci- sive-80 poinTs. A Yankee ConTerence MeeT, The TirsT oT iTs kind, held in Durham May 8, provided The Team's TirsT seTback. CompeTing wiTh Rhode Island, Maine, and ConnecTicuT, New Hampshire Tinished runner-up To Rhode Island. The annual New England inTercollegiaTe meeT found The WiIdca+s enTering only a small, picked squad. ShorT in number, buT long in abiliTy, They placed Third ouT oT sixTeen colleges. Big Ed STyrna warmed up by placing Third in The harn- mer, Then leT go Tor a long heave oT over T92 TeeT wiTh The iavelin To Take TirsT. NoT To be ouT- done, Dick Lopes spun The discus Tor a Third, and broadiumped beTT'er Than 22 TeeT To Top The Tield in ThaT evenT. Running againsT an old rival, Josh Toby oT Brown, Si Dunklee ToughT To a second in The gruelling Two-mile. Frank Barndollar, Yankee Conference winner in The IOO and 220, came across wiTh a Third in The 220. Sophomore NorTon Tupper rounded ouT The poinT ToTal wiTh a TourTh in The shoT. Bob Wilson, Bob Paulson, Dick SweeT, Rod Webb, and Sheldon Varney also parTicipaTecl buT did noT score in The Tinals. In The naTional ICAAAA meeT, Ed STyrna was The only man To bring home The bacon. He Frank Barndollar winning heaT in NEICAA IOO yarddash. - T- v - -, -in we-we -. iii ii iixii ', I g MH , W . NorT Tupper winding up. placed TiTTh in boTh The iavelin and The hammer. lronically enough, The winning iavelin disTance was a TooT less Than Ed's Throw in The New Englands. For The Team as a whole, The me'eTing wiTh Maine seemed To be The high spoT oT The season. In Two previous years many oT The men had been on winTer Track Teams ThaT had come To grieT aT The hands OT The Maine men. Maine, as a group, were good sporTsmen, and keen compeTiTors. ln addiTion To balancing The accounT, deTeaTing Them gave The Tull saTisTacTion oT an earned vic- Tory. D'evens and NorTheasTern are, of course, noT To be slighTed, buT The brand oT compeTiTion They oTTered was noT up To ThaT oT Maine or oT The Yankee ConTerence. Several combinaTions of evenTs, 'enTirely pos- sible, could have broken The New Englands wide open and given The championship To N. H. However, such were noT TorThcoming, and UNH, sTrong in many evenTs, lacked The susTaining depTh usually necessary To win such a meeT. The lCAAAA's, excepT Tor noTable cases, were ouT oT N. H.'s class. The season was successTul. IT had iTs vicTories. BuT whaT is perhaps The mosT imporTanT elemenT oT all has noT been menTioned. Behind The sTars and The headlines were The men who acTually made The compeTiTion. They ToughT Tor seconds, Thirds, someTimes losing ouT compleTely. BUT They were presenT, and Tor Their inTeresT and parTici- paTion, The Team and The sporT owe Them Thanks. Dick Lopes Takes oTT on winning jump aT NEICAA meeT ' V iii - W: lf. Varsity Lacrosse ITH The final winfry blasTs reverberaTing Throughouf Durham, Coach PaT PeTroslci is- sued The firsT call for The i948 ediTion of The Varsiiy Lacrosse squad. Refurning from previous years were only six leTTermen: once again This was To be a year of indocTrinaTion To The maioriTy of The squad members. The firsf game of The season againsT sTrong and very capable Harvard resulfed in a IO-I vicTory for Th'e Crimson. Playing Harvard on a par for The greaTer parT of The firsT half, The Wildcaf defenses were loosened up wiTh buT Two minufes remaining and The Harvard sficlcmen were able To pile up a fiv'e poinT advanTage. AfTer Two long years of sTarvaTion, The Wild- caTs finally "broughT home Th'e bacon" from Springfield wiTh a close 7-6 vicTory. No less Than five of The CaTs scored in This well-earned vic- Tory. Goals by Dick SmiTh, Hal Sanborn, and Hal lvianion gave The Cafs a 3-2 lead aT half-Time. Springfield sTruclc quickly To even up The score FirsT row: Harmon, BenT, Fever, Shaw, Smiih, Keifh. Second row: Morrison, Nixon, Glynn Slaneiiz, Briffon, Munson, Snoolc. Third row: MaTes, Manager: Harkaway, Powers, Soule Manion, Hunfress, PeTroski, Coach. 'fs ic Twig if T if S ,f 25' X is ' .fell li er. ' T if: ,Ai . H Y 1 .. li, if lx is CapTain'ElecT, Punchy Hunfre early in The Third period, buf HunTress drove Through To give The CaTs a lead which They never relinquished. Bill Harkaway flashed in Two goals and The winning sevenfh goal was scored by Hunfress afTer six minuTes of The final quarfer. A susfained drive by Springfield was cuT shorr, and The WhiTe and Blue of UNH had Their firsT vicfory in Two years. Bob Keifh, playing his firsf game as goalie, showed signs of sensaTionalism, coming up wiTh magnificenf sfop afTer sTop, Playing on a smolcy, muddy field, UNH was 1595! mf 1-i.-H senT To a 7-3 deTeaT by TuTTs College. There was no scoring aT all in The TirsT period and an even exchange in The second. The second halT oT Th'e game was all TuTTs, however, as They rornped To a well- earned vicTory. The shining lighTs Tor New Hampshire were Bill SlaneTz, scoring his TirsT goal, and high scorers HunTress and SmiTh. Herb Soule Dick SmiTh Bob KeiTh The CaTs climbed back on The vicTory Train wiTh a Thrilling 7-6 vicTory over The experienced BosTon Lacrosse Club b'eTore a large home crowd. PredominaTing The oTTense was The hard, accuraTe shooT- ing oT midTielder, "NuTe" Shaw, who garnered Tour goals. The win- ning margin was supplied by Dick SmiTh in a sudden deaTh overTime period on a preTTy, backhand Tlip. Traveling To Cambridge, The CaTs Took on a sTrong MIT aggre- gaTion and played Their only Tie game oT The season. WiTh HunTress clicking Tor Three goals, and oThers by SlaneTz and SmiTh, The CaTs wenT inTo The Tinal Tiv'e minuTes oT play wiTh a Two goal lead, only To have The score Tied 5-5. ATTer Two overTime periods The score sTill read MIT 5, NHU 5. The Tinal game oT The season againsT a well-condiTioned Williams Team r'esulTed in deTeaT Tor UNH. Seerning To lose The edge They builT up in The Two previous games, The CaTs were simply no maTch Tor Williams and The Tinal score ended wiTh The Purple in The van, IO-2. The True value oT This Team will noT be TelT unTil n'exT year. However, iT These resulTs can be predicTed Trom The vasT improvemenT devel- oped in The Team during Th'e I948 campaign, NHU will be looking Torward To a highly successTul season. Too oTTen in The recording oT games The splendid play of The defense is TorgoTTen. IT would be impossible To slighT such players as CapTain MarTy Feu'er, Doc Sould, and Jim Powers, who sTeadily ThroughouT The season showed The Tighf and deTerminaTion ThaT TypiTied The enTire club. 277 Bill SlaneTZ Bill Harkaway NuTe Shaw N arsity Rifle HE RiTle Team selecTed Th'e veTeran ExperT Rifleman, Perley Jones, as Team capTain and, wiTh MfSgT. Joseph WhiTe as The Team coach, a sharpshooTing Rhcle Team was developed. The v'eTerans on The squad were Perley Jones, ArThur Glines, GeoTTrey DuTTill, RoberT Ordway, and John BaTes. Newcomers Frank Lindh, Joseph Pollock, RoberT Sprague, George GallanT and Norman Berry, The Team manager, compleTed a crack RiTle Squad. l'lighlighTs OT The season were The maTches aT Durham wiTh M. l. T., Harvard, U. oT Mass., and Bowdoin. The Team ouTshoT Bowdoin I32l-1245. The oTher home maTches were losT by very close scores. U. N. l-l. IZ74, U. OT Mass. l2837 U. N. l-l. I278, Harvard l298g and U. N. T-l. l28O, M. l. T. I36O. In posTal maTches The Team won seven maTches and losT nine. The Team ouTshoT U. of Conn.. U. oT Nevada, U. oT Toledo, N. Texas Aggies, Pres- byTerian, DarTmouTh, and MonTana STaTe. The Team Tied DarTmouTh Tor TourTh place in The New England College RiTle League. The climax oT The season is The annual New England College Rifle League TournamenT scheduled Tor March 26. The NaTional lnTercoll'egiaTe RiTle AssociaTion awarded ExperT RiTle Medals To CapT. Jones, Glines, Lindh and DuTTill Tor high scoring during The season. Firs'r row: Ordway, 'Foloclg Duffill, BaTes. Second row: MfSqT. WhiTe, Coach: Glines Berry, Manager: Jones, CapTain: Lindh, GallanT. 11' CapTain Perley Jones l l ,. dx I .r in 'E .f.::s,,,'i ' T . Ne- , F., . 1-sms. iv-i my -. 13 ii ,. -B K T if ,, t W. ,,,v V 55. i ,,,..,,, si ,,,x . , , X W... -s H ix 55X,W,f1,, Q5 is . ,iii - , ,f-,yi 1 ijjjpyf-is-s-ii 5 Mais, Y T 55 FirsT row: Cowan, E. Bailey Cole, Bodwell. R. Bailey, Burr Conerey, T. Gallant O'Brien Second row: SweeT, Coach RoberTs Sherman Townsend Hahn, Jiocobsmyeri G. GalIanTi JohnsTon, Hood, Manager. :NE 5-:E Q I- an f v I g 4 I I xx Z Zif- . 'X - ug n 1 v kgs .f ,. .. 'X ' . by ! . 72 T 15 - ips 'Up' ""' Fre hman Winter Track ITT-l Two-sixThs oT Their schedule compleTed The Freshman WinTer Track Team has an even record, having deTeaTed Bowdoin Fresh- men and losT To ExeTer Academy. In Their TirsT meeT aT ExeTer The TuTure varsiTy greaTs succumbed To The PrepsTers in a close me'eT, 47 To 34. O'Brien sTarTed The season oTT by winning The 40-yard dash and Bodwell conTribuTed anoTher TirsT in The IOOO yard run, Seconds were garnered Tor The KiTTens by Burr in The pole vaulT, Cole in The IOOO, Jacobsmyer in The 300, Hahn in The 600, Weeks in The broad iump and Perkins in The shoT. The Frosh meT inTercollegiaTe compeTiTion Tor The TirsT Time when They Travelled To Brunswick To down The Bowdoin Frosh, 54 To 44. Bob Bodwell and Bob Bailey highlighTed The meeT as Bodwell Turned in a very good Time in winning The mile, and Bailey soared over The pole vaulT bar aT I2 TeeT. Tom O'Brein repeaTed his ExeTer perform- ance in winning The dash and Perkins capTured The shoT. Burr gave way To Bailey in The pole vaulT buT managed a second in This evenT. In addiTion To his pole vaulT vicTory Bailey Took second place in The IOOO and oTh'er seconds were gajrhered by Jacobsmeyer in The dash and 300, O'Brein in The broad iump, Hahn in The 600 and Perkins in The discus. Several ouTsTanding perTormers have been uncovered by Coach SweeT in Bailey, Bodwell and Perkins, To name only a Tew, and if pasT perTormances are a Tair indicaTion This Freshman Team bids Tair To pass on many valuable men Tor nexT year's varsiTy. The remaining schedule includes m'eeTs wiTh TuTTs and NorTheasTern Treshmen and PorTsmouTh and ManchesTer CenTral high schools and iT appears ThaT The Freshmen will give a very Tine accounT oT Themselves. 279 'pf xx ff me ..l, L, .1 Fre hman Cross Countr HE I948 Treshmen harriers were liTTle shorT oT sensaTional. They Tied Their 'hrsT meeT, Tinished TiTTh in The lCAAAA's aT New York, and won 'every oTher meeT They parTicipaTed in, including The New Englands. Th'e Trosh sTarTed wiTh BosTon UniversiTy's yearlings. A hard race over BU's 3.25 mile course ended in a 28-28 Tie. Philips oT BU won, buT Bailey was only Tour seconds behind in second place. Bodwell Took TourTh Tor The KiTTens. The second meeT was Triangular, bringing compeTiTion Trom Th'e ManchesTer CenTral and Dover High Schools. IT Tailed To Taze The Treshmen, Tor The Tinal Tally read: UNH Zi, CenTral 5I, Dover 54. Bodwell won, legging iT over The 2.4 mile Durham course in a cool ThirTeen minuTes. TeammaTe Bailey was second: Then, in TiTTh, sixTh, and sevenTh, came DaTson, Adams, and Hahn. Cole Tinished TenTh. The Treshmen accompanied The varsiTy To lvl. I. T. and succeeded in sTealing The show by blankeTing The Tech Frosh, I9-4l. EighT oT The eleven places Tell To The KiTTens. Their well-placed grouping provided The key To The lop-sided win. Bailey and Bodwell Tinished arm-in-arm in a Tie Tor TirsT. An M. l, T. man managed To squeeze in Third, buT was immediaTely 'Followed by Adams and DaTson in TourTh and TiTTh. A Techman, sixTh, was Tollowed by Cole and Hahn. This musT have been a day Tor dead heaTs Tor Ladd and Caswell repeaTed The earlier performance by Tying Tor TenTh. Shea and Sherman also Tinished Tor New Hampshire. For This exTraordinary squad, The climax oT The year came in winning The nineTeenTh annual New England Freshman Run lNElCAAAl in BosTon's Franklin Park. A Team score oT 63 was TwenTy-Thre'e poinTs less Than ThaT OT second place BU. Bodwell was 5Th, Bailey 7Th, DaTson lOTh, Adams I5Th, Hahn 27Th, and Cole 29Th. Ladd also Tinished well up in The Tield. 280 FirsT row: Caswell, Cole, Ad- ams, Bailey, Bodwell, Hahn, DaTson. Second row: SweeT, Coach: Shea, Weeks, DeviTT, JohnsTon, Sherman, Ladd, Vachon, Manager. is 64, A hy' x X r .- s- J'-' i 'ATQVQ-Zig Firsf row: Leaviff, Manager: Carpenfer, B. Murphy, Sfraf- fon, Bell, Moran, Pucci, Greer- son, Manager. Second row Faryniarz. Perocchi, Kenney, Emma, Dodge, Bagonzi. F. Murphy, Adams, Marfin, Man- ager: Mooradian, Coach. A , i 'Il ,. 3 I r -3, ,A fa Fre hman Ba ketball OACI-I ANDY MOORADIAN, wifh lasf year's greaf freshman record sfaring him in fh'e face, called his I949 version of The Wildlciffens fogefher wifh high hopes of molding anofher fine feam. This did nof immediafely maferialize as fhe Frosh dropped fheir firsf seven encounfers, sev'eral'of fhem real hearfbrealcers. Opening fhe season againsf a good Tilfon Prep aggregafion, fhe Frosh came ouf on fhe shorf end ofa 5l-42 score, despife fhe efforfs of Sfenberg and Bagonzi who nofched I2 and I0 poinfs respecfively, Nexf found Phillips Exefer's greaf Tony Loch puffing fhe clincher on anofher defeaf for fhe Kiffens, 42-35, following which fhe freshman dropped a 'rough one in fhe lasf fen seconds fo Porfland Junior College, 33-3 I. A home and home series wifh Norfheasfern followed, wifh fhe Bay Sfafers faking bofh games, 62-53 and 6I-48. Bahros and Bagonzi wifh I3 poinfs each almosf pulled fhe Kiiriens info fhe win column againsf Nichols Junior College, buf "almosf" was nof quife enough as fhe final score show'ed fhe Frosh lacking 7 poinfs, 43-50. ' New I-Iampfon lilcewise pushed fhe Freshmen even furfher info fhe loss column by handing fhem a 57-46 defeaf: il' was fhe sev'enfh con- secufive sefback for The luckless Frosh. Alfhough fhe Kiffens had no laclc of heighf wifh nearly a dozen six-foofers on fhe squad. fhey found fhe going rough and lolew whaf appeared as sure wins info obiecf defeafs. l-lowever, many of Jrhe Mooradianmen will cerfainly be welcomed 'addifions fo fhe '50 Varsify. Good courfmen such as AI Pucci, Tony Bahros, and fhe aforemenfioned Bagonzi and Sfenberg. wifh a year of seasoning under fheir loelfs, figure prominenfly in nexf year's hoop plans, 28I Pre hman Lacrosse ACROSSE is probably The only college sporT in which The maioriTy of The Treshman players have had no previous experience and, as a resulT, The Treshman coach has To sTarT preTTy much Trom scraTch each year. The Team has as iTs main obiecTive The masTering oT The TundamenTals and Tor This reason should noT be judged solely on iTs won and losT record, buT on how many men iT prepares Tor TuTure varsiTy compeTiTion. Pepper MarTin's aspiring Treshmen opened Their season againsT a sTrong, prep school sTudded, Harvard club and, in spiTe oT Their spiriTed game, wenT down To d'eTeaT, I I-2. The lessons They learned in The Harvard game were used To good advanTage in The nexT game as The KiTTens scored a h'earTy 6-4 win over The M. l. T. Frosh. WiTh Co-CapTains Wadleigh and STanley leading The way, and The defense checking closely, The boys OT '5l showed Themselves To be a much improved Team. NOT conTenT wiTh a single win, The Frosh nexT pasTed The TuTTs Baby ElephanTs, IO-3. Thaddeus STanley Tairly ran wild, sTroking Through Tour goals To pace The aTTack, DeTenseman STillman Clark and Goalie John Andrews played ouTsTanding games Tor The KiTTens. The Tinal games oT The season, againsT Two oT The leading prep school conTingenTs in New England, Phillips ExeTer and Phillips Andover, gave TherdeTensemen a good-dzeal oT pracTice as The expe- rienced, and well manned schoolboy clubs s'enT The KiTTens down To deTeaT. The scores OT any OT The season's games can hardly show The greaT improvemenT ThaT The KiTTens made during The season. Beginning wiTh Ii++Ie knowledge oT The game, They developed The poise and conTidence which com'es only Trom hard pracTice and compeTiTive experience. G1 2,59 ff X ,Lil x 515 4092 Firsl' row: Andrews, Delany STanley, Co-CapTaing Wad- leigh, Co-CapTain: Boulanger Fowler. Second row: Troy Senechek, Dearborn, Rich Hendricks, Lewis, Lepage Third row: AssT. Coach Per- kins, Mgr. Furlong, Rexford Richmond, Clark, YeaTon, AssT Mgr. SmiTh. KX X qi iell 16 i , l ' ss- FirsT row: Walker, Gourley, RieipuTi, Chapman, Neuge- bauer, Langevin, TuTTs. Second row: Nichols, Manager: Shaines, Bradburns, Grant DosTie, Fiske, McDaniel. Third row: Cheney, CrompTon, PraTT, Whippie, Bullard, Hall, Sweet Coach. Pre hman pring Track . HE Treshmen oT Today are The varsiTy oT Tomorrow, and The I948 Treshman Track Team bids Tair To pass on invaluable maTerial To TuTure varsiTy Teams. Looked aT Trom a win-loss view, such would noT seem To be The case. They succeeded in winning only one ouT oT Tive dual meeTs: ThaT wiTh TilTon School. BuT in geTTing a compleTe picTure, oTher TacTors musT be considered. They gave The NorTh- easTern Frosh a running ba++le and came wiThin Tour poinTs of Tying MIT. For The mosT parT, Th'ey compeTed wiTh experienced Teams or wiTh colleges ThaT puT more emphasis on Track Than does UNH. The major diTTiculTy can be Traced To acTual lack oT aThle+es To give ThaT all-essenTial depTh. VersaTiliTy was The order and men doubled and Tripled in evenTs. Hugo RicipuTi performed Triple operaTions in The hammer, shoT, and discus. Henry Langevin pole-vaulTed, high-jumped, and broad-jumped. STeve Walker conc'enTraTed on The broad iump, buT also Tossed The discus and ran in The TOO. Phil Hall compeTed in boTh The high and low hurdles, and Bob CrompTon also doubled in The hurdle races To The advanTage of The Frosh. Ray DosTie ran in The 440 and 880 wiTh success in boTh. ln The 880 Don Chapman conTinued To be a big help. "Tiny" GranT and Bob Shaines lenT Their weighT To The hammer, giving iT more depTh Than oTher evenTs. Bob Gourley did his parT in The 440 and Ed Cheny Tossed The iavelin inTo The scoring brackeTs. Phil Neugebauer, The specialisT in The mile, Turned in some excellenT Times and garnered many poinTs. As can be s'een The work Tor a number OT men was TasT and con- cenTraTed. To parTicipaTe in one evenT and do iT well requires much condiTioning and energy, buT To Take parT in Two or Three Takes excep- Tional pe-rTormance. Looking over The season's sTaTisTics and comparing Them wiTh The number OT men performing, iT is seen ThaT The Team well exceeded all reasonable expecTaTions. len' Intramural AST spring fh'e newly elecfed members of Senior Skulls decided fhaf somefhing should be done fo increase fhe scope of The inframural program on campus. Wifh fhe co-operafion of fhe Afhlefic Deparfmenf, arrangemenfs were made for Senior Skulls fo manage fhe inframural program under fhe direcfion of lvlr. Hank Swasey. The Afhlefic Deparfmenf purchased 'rrophies and individual charms were given fo winning Teams. The program was enlarged from baskefball and soffball fo include 'rouch-foofloall, frack, golf, and fennis. Mr. Lundholm presenfed a frophy fo be used as fhe grand prize sfarfing nexf fall. The feam 'rhaf compiles fhe mosf poinfs during fhe enfire year will be enfifled fo have ifs name in- scribed on fhe frophy and 'ro keep if for a year. This fall Kappa Sigma emerged fhe winn'er wifh a clean slafe of seven wins and no losses in fouch foofball. Fourfeen feams parficipafed in fwo leagues wifh Lambda Chi and Sigma Befa rw si' 'l' a f , , 1 fopping League l wifh 5-I records and Kappa Sigma wifh 6-O and Thefa Chi 5-I fopping League ll. lvleefing wifh similar success in lnframural Baskeiball. fhe Skulls feel fhar in years fo come fhe lnframural Sporfs program ai U. N. H. will grow info a well-rounded program fhal' will give all sfudenfs a chance fo parficipafe in fhe various sporfs of fheir preference. Sigma Befa, for fhe second sfraighf year, emerged as fhe ulfimafe winner in The baskefball play-off fournamenf affer compiling a season's record of 6-I while playing in League ll. Thefa Chi, 7-I, led fhis league during The regular sea- son. ln League I, Wenfworfh Acres and Engel- hardf l-lall 'lied wifh 6-I records and in League III, Kappa Sigma, 7-O. and Gibbs Hall, 6-I. were fhe 'rop fwo feams. ln all fwenfy-four feams par- ficipafed, playing abouf one hundred games. - 1 Top: Kappa Sigma Touch Foofball ., Champions. Firsf row: McGlone, Warren, Szalucka, Pizzano, Keller, - Flanders, Wyman. Second row: Chrisfie, Carbonneau, Hollingsworfh, s' 2 Fi - Grandmaison. Reeves, Harvey, "H Sfergion, Copp, Hall. Q l Boffom: A scramble during frenzied acfion in Dorm-Fraf All Sfar game in fhe lnframural Baskefball League. Top, Clockwise from upper lefi: Janeile Furman, Louis Lavaude, Russ Harmon, Gordon Riedell, Lorelia Godboui, Bar- bara Bridle, Barbara Neville, Joan Brighi- man, Jean G-arside, Pauline Rifchie, Margie McCauley. Rlajorette IGH siepping in while and blue uniforms, Consfance Paige, Evelyn Blish, Virginia Wright and Pairicia Peppin precede ihe Univer- si+y band in mosr of Jrheir public appearances. This is ihe firsr year for all four maioreries. Evelyn Blish and Pai Peppin are sophomores. Eve is 'From Belmoni, Mass., where she led 'rhe band, and Par is from Porfsmouih, N. H. Consiance Paige is a freshman. Lasi year she was head maiorerfe for ihe Keene High School Band. Virginia Wrighr comes from Newporr, N. H., and she is also a freshman. Besides praclicing weekly wiih ihe band. addifional meerings are held ro achieve fhe perfeciion we wirness ai parades, fooiball games, and rallies. Come nexi fall we hope lo see rhese girls again adding 'rheir color ancl skill 'ro our foolball games. Pepcat 55 ET'S give a long UNH for The Team" are familiar words a+ ralli'es. fooiball and bas- kerball games. Undoubfedly, ihe cry comes from head cheerleader Russ Harmon. Russ, wiih Gor- don Riedell, Louis LaVaude, Barbara Bridle, Joan Brighiman, Jan Furman, Jean Garside, LoreHa Godbour, Margie McCauley, Barbara Neville, and Polly Riichie have expended a greai deal of effori ihis year in organizing a siudenl' cheering secrion, developing many new cheers from wel- comed suggesrions, and sponsoring bigger and berler rallies. For Jrhe firsr Time in eighi years, rhe Toledo rally marked ihe reiurn of rhe bonfire io i'he UNH campus. Thanks +0 Russ and ihe Pepcais for a wonderful iob and a special 'rhanks io Leigh Cree, whose help and suggesrions were greaily appreciaied. elyn Blish, Virginia Wrighi. Boliom: Consiance Paige, Ev- HE DeparTmenT oT Physical EducaTion Tor Women aims To develop in each individual The physical, social and menTal qualiTies which will enable her To meeT successfully The demands oT modern socieTy. Through Th'e years The deparT- menT has aTTempTed, Through The use oT TesTing devices, sTudenT quesTionnaires and surveys oT programs in ofher insTiTuTions, To oTFer To U. N. H. women a program which will mean The mosT To Them whil'e here on campus and aTTer They leave us. Each class is supposed To be Tun and aT The same Time Teach someThing ThaT will be oT value years Trom now. 5 AlThough required, The deparTmenT's program oTTers a wide varieTy of acTiviTies on an 'elecTive basis. These acTiviTies, numbering 22, range Trom Tollc dancing and loaslceTball To riflery and skaTing. In addiTion iT sponsors The Women's RecreaTion AssociaTion which oTliers a varieTy OT sporTs in The aTTernoons ThroughouT Th'e year as well as These clubs. The Dance Clubs puTs on The annual Dance Club ReciTal. "The Whips" produces The annual Gymlchana and Horse Show and The RiTle Club represenTs The deparTm'enT in a number oT naTionwide posTal riTle TournamenTs. ln addiTion To Their regular program Tor all U. N. H. sTudenTs iT graduaTes annually abouT I2 sTudenTs who have majored in Physical EducaTion. Women' Physical Education Top: Miss Marion BeckwiTh, Chairman of The DeparTrnenT of Physical EducaTion Tor Women. CenTer: Evelyn Browne, Sonya Hamlin, JeaneTTe Goodwin. BoTTom: Caroline WoosTer, Carol Gordon, Barbara New- man. 1 , W M , ir' if - -Q s' l eu iss Y N S 2 'ly ww 7.7 - ' 1 K 4 ii ??,5r.,, . E T f 'E T f .i i T f , sway. 4, ' ' 5 T.: 5 A : . 5- .. 4 - ... 35- 5' , .iii -:K 1:5 5.55 - . . k AV Y 5 R rick H 4. ,, Li, ,I ix . . ,M T' I ' ' ' I . T 5 . I -t.h' 2Q , lil, 1 Y l N. l T ' J. A ' . T .C+ - T 5 , X 5 gs? Phyllis Blais Kay McLaughlin Women' Recreation Association HE Women's Recreaiion Associalion plays an imporiani pari in The college life of every UNH woman by pro- moiing a wide range of recreaiional aciiviiies 'rhrough iis 'rhree-fold program, which provides an 'fopporiunify for all girls fo learn and pariicipaie in a varieiy of sporis. I. The division of inierclass is based on games beiween +h'e classes. 2. The division of inierhouse is based on 'rournamenis be- 'iween ihe women's dorms and sororiiies. 3. The division oi co-operarion includes boih m'en and women in iis aciiviiies. To 'Furiher 'rhis a slag dance is sponsored in Ociober 'ro acquaini new sfudenis wiih 'rhe campus social life. Susan Wilson Elaine Nordholm Joan Boodey 287 Interhou e Board O have every girl on campus inTeresTed and eager Tor parTicipaTion in The various acTiviTies sponsor'ed by The Women's Physical Edu- caTion deparTmenT is The purpose of The lnTerhouse Board. CompeTiTion, based on TournamenTs beTween The various women's dorms and sororiTies on campus, provides ke'en inTeresT Tor Those Taking parT as well as Tor The specTaTors. The poinT sysTem is used ,in deTermining The winning dorm or sororiTy. When a house has IOO per cenT parTicipaTion in an acTiviTy a clesignaTed number of poinTs are award'ed. For each acTiviTy a house wins, more poinTs are added. AT The end oT The year The house wiTh The highesT number oT poinTs wins The silver Tray wiTh iTs name engraved on iT. IT The same house succeeds in winning iT Thr'ee years in succession, iT keeps The Tray. The following acTiviTies are oTFered by The Division oT lnTerhouse: Table Tennis, Touch TooTball, baskeTball, and badminTon. Congreve NorTh won The Touch TooTball Tournam'enT, and Schofield Topped honors in The Table Tennis compeTiTion. A PosTure-Poise conTesT is held each spring. Each dorm and sororiTy enTers one canclidaTe who will be iudged by The TaculTy aT a Tea on her beauTy, n'eaTness, pos- Ture, and poise. BeTore The sTarT oT each speciTic aThleTic season, The lnTerhouse Board meeTs To discuss Th'e TorThcoming acTiviTy, and To iniTiaTe new meThods OT arousing enThusiasm Tor lnTerhouse sporTs. Each SporTs Chairman organizes The Teams wiThin her respecTive house and is responsible Tor Their Training. JaneT Tinker is direcTor of lnTerhouse Board, and SporTs Chairmen Tor I948-I949 are: Barbara Bridle, GuiTe lviclviurhrie, Joyce McCue, Norma Perkins, Pamela Low, Char- loTTe Ackerman, Joan Wallace, Jan lv1alleTT, Carol Kimball. Sue Wilson, and Phyllis Karpinski. X 288 FirsT row: GuiTe McMurTie, Susan Wilson, Norma Perkins, Carol Kimball, JaneT MalleTT. Second row: Joyce McCue, Barbara Bridle, Phyllis Karpin- ski, Joan Wallace, CharloTTe Ackerman, Pamela Low. QLETZFP JJ-rr.ff' W- M 17? 'K 1gQgfqq,2 ,sv Q -0 L ,5 , 1 AWK FirsT row: Phyllis Messer, Mary Lue Barfon, Kay McLaughlin, Suzanne Townsend, Virginia Quinn. Second row: Carol Gordon, Coach: JaneT Sander- son, CharloTTe Sheehy, Mar- garef Brazier, Hilda SmiTh, Shirley O'Neil, Phyllis Karpin- slci, Gloria Cricenfi, Manager. NoT picfured: GuiTe McMur- Trie, Susan Wilson. TSW J A 1 3 1 L X - I, i Women' Ba ketball ' HE 1948-I949 baslc'eTball season swung info operafion The weelc of November ThirTieTh wiTh girls from each class Trying ouT for Their respecfive class Teams. Class managers were Joan Wallace, freshmen, JaneT Sanderson, sophomores: Joyce Chalmers, iuniors, and Kilcy Spylios, seniors. The leader for The baskeTball season was Gloria Cricenfi. Miss Carol Gordon and Miss Barbara Newman coached The Teams. Affer several pracfices in which each class had a chance To Try iTs skill againsf The oihers, The inferclass games began. The large number of girls parficipafing in inferclass allowed The faculfy coaches To form Two leagues which proved To be equally as powerful. In boTh leagues The freshmen were vicTorious, and in The playoff League I defeaTed League ll. Then The W. R. A. Board wiTh The help of The Tour class managers and The inTerclass leaders chose an All-STar Team To represenT The Universify in compeTiTion wiTh oTher colleges, Those selecTed were as follows: forwards, Marni Brazi'er, Mary Lou Barfon, Kay McLaugh- lin, Guife McMurTrie, Shirley O'Neil, Janef Sanderson, and Joan Wallace: guards, Gina Quinn, Phyl Messer, Phyl Karpinslci, CharloTTe Sheehy, Hilda SmiTh, Tucly Townsend, and Sue Wilson. Gloria Cricenfi was Team manager. Games are scheduled wiTh Colby Junior, Nason, Jackson, and possibly Wesfbrook Junior Colleges. From The ouTcome of pracTice games The season should prove successful for The Team for iT is com- posed of fasT and sTraighT shooTing forwards, wiTh guards who are sfrong on The offensive as well as The defensive. Much sfress has been placed on new Techniques for guards ThaT have proved success- ful in previous years. 289 r Women' Hocke I-IE i948 hockey season swung inTo operaTion The week oT OcTober TiTTh wiTh girls Trom 'each class Trying ouT Tor Their respecTive class Teams. Class managers were AniTa Kickline, Treshmang Barbara Freedman, sophomore: Phyllis Blais, iuniors: and Kay McLaughlin, seniors. Miss Barbara Newman coached The Teams assisTed by Miss Carol Gordon. ATTer several pracTices in which each class had a chance To Try iTs skill againsT The oThers, The inTerclass games began. These games conTinued Tor a Tew weeks wiTh The Tinal winner b'eing The seniors, wiTh The iuniors and Treshmen Ti'ed Tor second place. The sophomores Tollowed closely. Then The coaches wiTh The help OT The Tour class members and The inTerclass leaders chose an All-STar Team Trom The inTerclass Teams To represenT The UniversiTy in compeTiTion wiTh oTher colleges. Those selecTed were as Tollows: Goalie, Joyce Thomas: Tullbacks, Phyllis Karpinski, Ellie Reynolds, Barbara Freedman, Jane Chuorowski: halT- backs, JaneT Tinker, Joyce McCue, PaTricia Woodward, PaTricia Milbury, Tudy Townsend, AniTa Kickline: Torwards, Shirley O'Neil, Phyl Messer, Joan Dick, Joyce Chalmers, Barbara Bridle, Sue Wilson, Connie Paige, Rebecca Ely, and Joan Wallace. This number oT girls allowed Miss Newman To assign Two Teams which proved To be equally good. BoTh Teams had sTrong Torward lines and powerful backTields. The TirsT game was played wiTh Nason College on November 3 aT Memorial Field. DespiTe The excepTionally damp weaTher, we managed To squeeze by wiTh a score oT 9 To O. Our nexT game was played wiTh Jackson College aT MedTord, Mass. We had a liTTle harder Time wiTh Them buT came up wiTh a 4-O vicTory. ATTer each game reTreshmenTs were served by The home Team, Thus giving The girls a chance To geT acquainTed. Our record Tor The season showed Two wins, no losses, and no Ties. 'fix 12" 9 2 . M A124 I wi 4 x x p-I I I fff1 l'1,l T s llx, X 'ATTN f i , f , 1 f X 5 X 5 f 'irffg Y K! FirsT row: Barbara Bridle, Su- zanne Townsend, JaneT Tinker, Phyllis Karpinski, Joan Wallace, AniTa Kichline, Barbara Mil- bury, Susan Wilson, Joan Dick, Joyce Chalmers. Second row: Barbara Newman, Coach: Joyce Thomas. Shirley O'Neil, ConsTance Paige, PaTricia Woodward, Joyce McCue, Manager: Barbara Freedman. NoT picTured: Jane Chworosky, Rebecca Ely. Phyllis Masser, Eleanor Reynolds. N l ,af 2 I' ' ' 4-we SIM X waz? 1 ' go If' i V lr ex... X,-jf . 4? - Tia X S f slr.-' FirsT row: Eloise SToddard, Kay McLaughlin, Joan Day, Phyllis Karpinski, Guife McMurTrie, JaneT Tinker. NOT picTured: Phyllis Messer, Ingrid Ingles. Mary Duncan, Ralene MarTin, Jane Thurlow, Veronica Wake- field, Mary Day, Mrs. CaTh- erine Sheehy, Coach. Womenis Softball N The Spring oT I948 sevenTy soTTball enThusiasTs gaThered aT Memorial Field To welcome The opening oT The inTercIass Tourna- menT. Girls Trom Tour classes Tried ouT Tor Their respecTive class Teams. ATTer several pracTices in which each class Tried iTs skill againsT The oThers, The class Teams were chosen. WiTh many games played To decide The vicTors, The seniors emerged as inTercIass champs Tor The TourTh year in succession. The iuniors Tollowed in a close second. Class managers were: Treshmen, JaneT Sanderson: sophomores. Joyce G. Thomas: iuniors, Phyl Karpinskig and seniors, Mary Day. The Teams were coached by Mrs. CaTherine Sheehy. To represenT The IJniversiTy in compeTiTion wiTh oTher colleges an All-STar Team was chosen which proved iTs skill in The TilT wiTh Jackson College aT Memorial Field on May I9. The game ended wiTh New Hampshire vicTorious, 23-4. UnTorTunaTeIy This was The only game ThaT The Team could arrange. Surely, had iT been possible To schedule TurTher games, our Team would have showed iTselT To The TuIIesT. The Tollowing girls won Their place on All-STar SoTTbaII: Joan Day, Mary Duncan, Ingrid Ingles, GuiTe McMurTrie, Phyl Messer, Phyl Karpinski, Ralene MarTin, Eloise SToddard, Jane Thurlow, Kay Mc- Laughlin, JaneT Tinker, and Veronica Wakefield. Ingrid Ingles served as class manager. Many v'eTerans will again Turn Their sTeps Towards Lewis Field when The TirsT signs oT spring appear, and The Tans eagerly awaiT ThaT TirsT championship. From These winners and runners-ups an All-STar Team pasT years. Good luck To Them and To The Teams ThaT will come in The TuTure years. Women' All- tar Tenni OR The pasT Three years a Girls' Tennis Team aT The UniversiTy oT New Hampshire has disTinguished iTselT and honored The school, yeT iT has remained comparaTively unknown. The Team originaTes in The lnTerclass Tennis TournamenT organized every Tall by The Women's RecreaTion AssociaTion OT The DeparTmenT oT Physical EducaTion Tor Women. Each class Tournam'enT is played OTT To deTermine The class winners. In The semi-Tinals The class winners play OTT and The vicTors oT These maTches play in The Tinal maTches To deTermine The campus championship. From Thes ewinners and runners-ups an All-STar T'eam is chosen which pracTices in The spring and is coached by a repre- senTaTive oT The Physical EducaTion DeparTmenT. During The lasT Three seasons The Team has engaged in seven meeTs againsT Nason College, Jaclcson College, and Colby Junior College. OT These seven meeTs iusT one was losT. This To Colby Junior in I947. LasT May, The i948 Team wenT To Colby Junior and won 3 ouT oT Their 4 maTches. LaTer in May, Jackson College came To Durham and Tive maTches were played on The ScoTT Hall courTs. OT These New Hampshire won 3 and Jaclcson 2. Considering This record, w'e do Teei The Team deserves recogni- Tion Tor Their sporTsmanship. courage, and physical prowess. Com- posing This successful I948 Team were Doris l-lewiTT, a Junior lasT year and Three-Time campus champion: Lydia Thorne, lasT year's Sophomore Class winner and runner-up in The Tinals: Jean Deland, Senior Class winner: Ellie Pierce, Senior and Tennis Team Manager: Sue Wilson, Freshman Class winner: Phyllis Ingles, Junior: BeTTy Emer- son, Freshman: and Joyce Chalmer, Sophomore. We wish To con- graTulaTe The Team on Their success and hope Tor The same in seasons To come. 292 i FirsT row: Suzanne Townsend, Joyce Chalmers. Second row: Barbara Newman, Coach: Su- san Wilson, JaneTTe Furman, Doris l-lewiTT, Genevieve Fur- man, Virqinia Chandler, BeTTy Lou Perley, Manager. l TX. U i. ,, FirsT row: Edson WhiTe, Coach: Mary Lou Hanson. BeTTy Greene, lvierrilyn Schanche, RuTh ChaTTee, PaTricia ATkin- son. Second row: Jeanne Berry, PaTricia YeaTon, PaTricia Kling, PaTricia Wood, Lorraine Ro- sholT, Muriel Cole. 'N ff R ' 1 I lf 5 X -' I i it V T 5 TT, gg . i l i ' 7 X T Z X x f Q I Q X c , f fiff V. omen' Rifle T-TE Women's RiTle Team and Club, under The iurisdicTion OT The Women's Physical EclucaTion DeparTmenT, has iusTly earned iTs place in compeTiTive sporTs along wiTh oTher Teams on The campus. RiTlery is a parTicipanT's sporT, noT a specTaTor's sporT: ThereTore, The maioriTy OT people Tound on The range. under Th'e Eire STaTion, are shooTing enThusiasTs. Edson WhiTe. Team coach, Turns ouT crack riTle Teams, and is l4epT busy giving assisTance in sTraighTening a ballcy Trigger. The Ten Tiring poinTs are always Tilled during pracTices, and a Tew shooTers musT waiT Their Turns. The Women's Physical EducaTion DeparTmenT supplies Ten sTurdy WinchesTer TargeT riTles which The girls use. All on'e needs To shooT here is The iniTial inTeresT. The insTrucTions and maTerials are provided. This Spring There are To be abouT eighTeen posTal maTches, Scores are senT by mail To The compeTing Teams which in Turn s'end Their scores To us. UNl'l's Club and Team have always been successTul in pasT years, and much is expecTed Tor The coming season. The Tiring room is usually noisy, buT every so oTTen a deadening quieT Talls abouT The room-someone has hiT "a possible." Yes, one oT The girls has iusT puT Ten shoTs inTo Ten separaTe V8 inch diameTer circles- bulls-eyes aT TiTTy TeeT. NOT all Th'e girls make "possibles," buT They all have The desire and receive The individual aTTenTion needed To assisT Them. The eagerness and delighT shown by The Club reveals The success OT The Tairly new sporT OT riTlery on campus in a woman's Tield. This sporT Tills more Than The recreaTion requiremenTs oT UNH women. IT Teaches Them The correcT use oT Tirearms ThaT They may proTecT Themselves and pass The inTormaTion on To oThers. The RiTle Club looks Torward To even beTTer seasons in The coming years. 293 , , ,, ,Hal l i Dance Club . HE original Dance Club was TirsT organized in I944 Tor The pro- moTion and appreciaTion oT The dance. ParTicipaTion in The Dance Club Then as now saTisTied The Physical EducaTion requiremenT Tor girls. Membership in The club was limiTed To Those girls who qualified in The TryouTs, which senior m'embers oT The group judged. Girls were chosen Tor Their rhyThmic response To music, Their coordinaTion, and qualiTies oT selT-expression. From The small group oT girls in The Tall oT '44, membership has increased, making The compeTiTion more keen and Thereby increasing The perTormance oT The club Through The years. Perhaps The inTeresT in The Dance Club is TirsT aroused in The modern danc'e classes spon- sored by The DeparTmenT oT Physical EducaTion Tor Women. lT is here +ha+ The sTudenTs TirsT Tind The means OT expression Tor Their creaTiv'e abiliTies in dancing and The enThusiasm To increase Their skill. In April, I948, The club presenTed a colorTul program in New Hampshire Hall under The guidance of Miss Phyliss Ongley and Miss JeanneTTe Goodwin. FeaTured were demonsTraTions oT limbering Techniques, numbers Trom Tschaikowsky's NuTcracker SuiTe and "CiTy Whirl," a specialTy number. The Women's Glee Club parTicipaTed in one selecTion enTiTIed "The OrchesTra Song." WiTh The increase in membership This Tall, Mrs. Sonia Hamlin has creaTed The Dance Workshop in addiTion To The Dance Club in order ThaT all inTeresTed mighT have The opporTuniTy To learn The Tunda- menTals OT rhyThmic expression in dance. No TryouTs are necessary Tor This group. The Dance Workshop aTTempTs To develop a b'eTTer undersTanding and appreciaTion OT dance Trom boTh The specTaTor's and parTicipaTor's poinT oT view. I I l i 1 X f 5 . - ., T T-'.'.' ' .ufa .. 1 -, iix' F .1 I V T -, f 2 4311 155551 - Nw ,i- :EE - -. .. I Q, '12 ' XX R ' T4 T . li . 1215- . 2115: 'ji FirsT row: Mary Jane 5TaTTord, Barbara BellaTTi, Barbara Frazee, RuTh LeaviTT, Paula Gelb, Alice Hauslein, Marie Reed. Second row: Jacqueline Revaz, Barbara Whedon, Eliza- beTh Young, BeaTrice Alden, Iris Yang, Shirley Ayres, Sheila WorThly. Third row: ConsTance MaTThews, MargareT Badger, Alice Taylor, Irene Scroggins, Anne CarpenTer, Mrs. Sonia Hamlin, lnsTrucTor. FourTh row: JeanneTTe Goodwin, lnsTrucTor: Ann JeweTT, Phyllis WhiTe, Pauline Harris, Mariorie Frye, RuTh Goodrich. FiTTh row: Vir- ginia WasTo, Virginia Chandler, RuTh Drake. DoroThy Hirsch, Florence Chandler, Sally Roy 1 ll ' T' ii iii iii H3331 ii V H M A A ...,, H 1 'ss . . , Cai. 2 I ,..,.3,N.,::,,. ,rig I Wu Z ,s. YWQI3' 15 w r N w ' n y N y . y . ,QW alan! iZQ7fldl E :ZEN Gafller ye rosebuds while ye may. Roberi' Herrick 2214947- y ,. . i, Yi ' ' OR kj : I e 4, kffqf, 4? XXDEN 44 I GY- CHAPTER SIX w X iw , Wg, .H my ww - v , 13 em- 4. ' ,. W, , F - gg -A J, N, 5? 1. E - A 3..f,f.V W, " ' . ' ' 1 " ,, XM ' 4 x' ,' 45. w - A - ,Q . X 'Llp 1 W' ,m PW? ' 1 v P H ir- - F 9 W Q ' Nfl pk. N ,623-,5, ,A ,Wi K5 Homecoming OMECOMING DAY aT The UniversiTy on OcTober I6, I948, included everyThing Trom recepTions and dinners, To a dance in New Hampshire Hall which broughT a climax To The clay's ac- TiviTies. BeTween The halves of The SpringTi'eld game, Mayor "Thread- bare McNair" addressed The sec- ond largesT alumni group ever To reTurn To ETS alma rnaTer in The his- Tory oT The UniversiTy. AlThough The resulT oT The game was disappoinlring, iT was soon overcome loy inTer'esT in The judg- ing of Homecoming Day decora- Tions. DespiTe The "BeaT Spring- Tield" Theme, Alpha Chi Omega received The WashingTon Cup Tor The besT decoraT'eol sororiTy. TheTa Chi capTured The ivlanchesTer Cup as The besT decoraTed TraTerniTy, EngelhardT The Concord Cup Tor The loesT men's dormiTory, and SmiTh Hall The BosTon Cup Tor The besT wom'en's dormiTory. WINNERS-HOMECGMING DAY DECORATIONS Top To looTTom: TheTa Chi-OpTi- misTic, Huh! SmiTh Hall-A Dead Issue, EnglehardT-Who's Calling? Alpha Chi Omega-PlasTeredl tt 5 T LQTEJSI 7 ' 5? 4 gill T HD T' . as ti' l Queen Carol EllioTT and her aides, Pauline Harris and BeTTy Jane Erickson. Junior Prom The CoronaTion-Shane Devine, PresidenT OT The Junior Class, crowns lovely Carol EllioTT queen. LeTT To righT: Pauline Harris. aide: Shane Devine, Queen EllioTT and BeTTy Jane Erick- son, aide. SPRINGTIME scene of whiTe Trellises and brighT Tlowers embellished The walls OT New I-larnpshire l-lallg long sTreamers sTreTched from a cenTer ring: poTTed palms and baskeTs oT cherry blossoms covered The TooT oT The sTage, wel- coming young couples-and old-To The annual Junior Prom. ln The background, upon The sTage, The musical sTrains oT Tommy Reynolds' orchesTra inviTed all To dance. AT approximaTely IO:3O all eyes Turned To- wards lovely Carol EllioTT, queen elecT, as she enTered The hall To receive The queen's crown. Begowned in pale aqua, she and her Two aides, Pauline Harris OT Chi Omega and BeTTy Jane Erickson oT TheTa Upsilon, were escorTed down The cenTer OT The hall. As The crowd sTepped back To Torm an aisle To The Throne, They ap- proached The sTairs which were covered wiTh soTT, red velveT carpeTing. The oTiicers of The Junior class received Them on sTage and Carol was crowned queen by Shane Devine, presidenT OT The class. Soon The senTimenTal music oT Tommy Reynolds Tilled The hall and couples driTTed onTo The Tloor To sway and dream To The TernpTing rhyThms oT The year's lasT Tormal dance. nun.-nm.4Lli ,ga W' JJ: 'if 4 L - l5o I in T S ,,,, . , . boggkiqfp M 5 Gglrlx 4 ' X l XS Q5 , 5, 5 QQ xx . The high seas up OysTer River, and inTo Durham wiTh a harem OT exoTic supporTers. CiT1zens OT Dur ham! l'laTs oTT To one of The greaTesT oT all Time poliTicians oT our meTropolis, Threadbare McNair alias Frank Robie: This year's mayor oT Durham On OcTober l2Th seven hopeful candidaTes exploded inTo The peace and quieT of Durham. The populace oT This quieT liTTle college com- muniTy was subiecTed To The hurly burly oT a Tull-Tledged, razzle dazzle poliTical campaign. Airplanes whined overhead, bands blared, sirens screamed, moTors roared, and crowds screeched. The exciTemenT reached a maddening crescendo oT losT inhibiTions. T MTH S QI Sigma BeTa's Sinbad The Sailor rolled over .css ,X l fi g - U I gl 3 1 ' 1 1' ji. g v - . . -Y f' i f- " T '. ' N , 5,4 MY . MF 741, Ji - i I I -ii 52 .11?9 -- HE conT'esT quiclcly equalled all ThaT The violenT opening predicTed. Tempers Tlared under The sTress oT passions. STudenTs grew acTively anTi and pro. Even proTessors losT Their academic rea- soning. The voTer eiTh'er was or he wasn'T! No Tence siTTers allowed! Cyclone Cy, mor'e commonly Richard Crane, perhaps aroused more argumenT and inTeresT Than any opponenT oT The mayor. Cy, who was sponsored by a dormiTory block, ToughT wiTh all The sTraTegem oT a wily old poliTico, and almosT -almosT was elecTed mayor. This "almosT" was erased by Cy's early morning zealousness. He commiTTed poliTical suicide by arousing a noTo- riously laTe sleeping sTudenT body aT six A.M.! Alpha Tau Omega's Iben STallin accomplished The impossible. l-le was killed in The middle oT a Tierce poliTical harangue by hard riding, whiTe Russians, only To be resurrecTed by The "veTo" magic oT his commiTTeemen. BuT, he could noT converT sTaid, democraTic Durham To a commu- nisTic regime! BuT The hubbulo, The campaign Tever, was only The overT expression oT This, The besT mayoralTy campaign in Durham's hisTory. Many hours oT planning, wriTing and rewriTing wenT inTo The ToundaTion oT This campaign. AcTually some of The plans were made in The summer monThs, and "CiTizens oT Durr-ham!" Theadloare McNair-The Mayor! -oddly enough--The same sTudenTs who groaned over Term papers gave Their all. BuT, The r'esulTs! The resulTs! CoTFins, communisTic Themes, in- spired oraTory, orchesTras, wonderland TloaTs and -Sally KeiTh! BUT, Sinbad anchored aT The wrong porT. Imagine! A harem in Durham! Phi DelTa Upsilon, Tau Kappa Epsilon, and Phi Kappa Alpha amalgamaT'ed behind Mr. Riga MorTis Big. Mr. Big excelled in The arT oT public oraTory. No word can be said againsT iT. DespiTe his pine plaTTorm, Mr. Big was buried under sTiTTer cor'npeTiTion. Lambda Chi's Twelve Inch Record swung ouT wiTh an unusual appeal. l-lis campaign recordings were placed in The local iukeboxes and The elecTo- raTe iived To his musical plaTTorm. BUT, Kappa Sigma's Bozo The Clown really marked a new era in Durham poliTics. I-le presenTed an endorse- menT To end endorsem'enT-Sally KeiTh, The Tassel queen! BuT unTorTunaTely Tor Bozo's presTige, Sally leTT her Tassels aT home. No Tassels-no Sally! No Sally-no voT'e! Through The bedlam, aT The head OT Torch parades, under a shower QT TloaTing leaTleTs, Phi Mu DelTa's McNair slowly, relenTlessly casT a spell oT oraTory ThaT wound a maioriTy wiThin an inexTricable web. l-lis personaliTy SinaTranized The Temale voTe. l-lis plaTTorm, The raTional beings: and his music, The sTudenTs. And so The cry be- came noT "Cyl" buT "McNair Tor Mayor! Mc- Nair! McNair!" On Thursday nighT The poTenTial mayors gave one Tinal, all-ouT perTormance. The sparks Tlew TasT and Turiously: surprise came upon surprise. InducemenT aTTer inducemenT was casT before The audience: campaigners worked Teverishlyg The Tempo oT The crowd rose To a high piTch. Then, swiTTly, suddenly, iT was over. ElecToraTe and cam- paigners crawled home To awaiT The morning when They could casT Their balloT in The aTTer- maTh oT The poliTical Tornado. From The momenT PresidenT Adams presenTed his excellency wiTh The keys To The colleg'e. McNair, The masTer oT poliTical oraTory, The masTer oT enTerTainmenT, became The masTer oT Durham, The besT liked and mosT acTive mayor in Durham's hisTory. l'le esTablished a precedenT in The Durham poIiTicaI scene. He gave gener- ously oT his Time, noT only during The campaign, buT ThroughouT The year. He presided over dances, held a TalenT show, conTribuTed his clear, analyTical ThoughT To The Tiery quesTion oT MERP and appeared aT every maior campus TuncTion ThroughouT The year! 'bi WhaT's The cry-"Sigh!" Cyclone Cy-who shoulda sTood in bed. Bozo The Clown and enTourage. CenTer background: Sally KeiTh, sans Tassels. il Art Ball 'BH-'i Pauline Harris Honorary CadeT Colonel NDER a 'huge crysTal ball revolving To The ' music oT Ranny Weeks and his dance band, The gala Mil ArT Ball was held on December IOTh. A miliTary moTiT oT insignia represenTing uniTs in which The Scabbard and Blade members had served, illuminaTed silhoueTT'es TlaunTing The walls. and regimenTal Tlags decoraTed The ball- room. ' The commissioning OT Pauline Harris as Hon- orary CadeT Colonel was The highlighT oT This TirsT Tormal oT The season. Wearing a dark blue and gold cape over a black lace gown, she was escorT'ed inTo The hall by Governor Charles lvl. Dale and STeve Aliapoulos, Scabbard and Blade CapTain. The cadeT colonel and her aides, JaneT Furman and Jean Garside, Then marched Through an arch oT shining sabres, held aloTT by Scab- bard and Blade members, To The royal Throne on The sTage. Following a TrumpeT Tanfare by The orchesTra, Gov. Dale commissioned Polly wiTh a Tloral miliTary cap, and presenT'ed her wiTh a miniaTure inscribed sabre and a colonel's pin, also inscribed. JaneT Furman received a large bouqueT oT red roses Trom PresidenT Adams. Col. W. S. Phillips, uniTormed in Army dress blues, sTepped Torward To presenT anoTher bou- queT To Jean Garside. The aides also received miniaTure sabres, inscribed wiTh Their name and The occasiom Honorary CadeT Colonel Harris Then receiv'ed a sabre Trom Ameen Samaha, 2nd LT. OT Scabbard and Blade. As The names oT The iniTiaTes were announced by Carmen Ragonese, cadeT, They mounTed The sTeps To The sTag'e To receive Their bids. Col. Harris Tapped Them on boTh shoulders wiTh The sabre, while The aides presenTed Them wiTh a ribbon and pledge ban af Scabbard and Blade. NaTional Honorary MiliTary SocieTy and sponsors oT The ball. ATTer Th'e presenTaTion ceremony, The cadeT colonel and Gov. Dale led a grand march, winding Their way Through The hall while hundreds OT couples Tollowed. Begowned beauTies wiTh escorTs in Tuxedoes or colorful uniTorms, broke away Trom The line To dance graceTully To The rising sTrains oT The melodic Tunes. The dancers swayed, dipped and whirled in a splendor of color and loeauTy. BUT, all Too soon The chords oT "GoodnighT SweeThearT" rose To Tade all inTo memory's background. Dale commissions Miss Harris. Background Adams, S+ev'e Aliapoulos, Janer Furman Jean Garside. Presidenlr Adams presen+s a bou quef 'ro Janef Furman, aid. Back ground: Gov. Dale, Jean Garside The iradiiional Arch of Sabres. fo right Pres. Adams, Aide Jane? Furman, oodruff and Cadelr Col. Harris. i 303 W. S. Phillips, Aide Jean Garside, Gen. inter Cami al HE evening was cold and brisk louT The Theme was "Hickory Holiday" and The TesTiviTies had begun. Fireworks boomed in The sky, Torch- lighTs ToughT The dark and spoTlighTs loomed upon soliTary Tigur'es working over snow sculpTure. The crowd gaThered around The Throne on Bon- Tire Hill where The oTTicial insTallaTion oT BeTTy Laurie, Queen oT The 28Th annual WinTer Car- nival, was Taking place. ATTer a brieT speech oT inTroducTion, Al ShaT- Tuck, presidenT OT The QuTing Clulo, sponsors oT The carnival, inTroduced PresidenT ArThur S. Adams who presenTed Queen Laurie wiTh The badge oT oTTice. The College Keys, local quarTeT, sang The "WinTer Song" and a special song dedicaTed To The queen. Then, Tollowing The pres- enTaTion oT an evening gown To The queen and evening slippers To The aides, The crowd swarmed down The hill To The acTiviTies remaining. This, The TirsT evening oT "Hickory Holiday," was a lousy one. Following The TirsT halT oT an inTramural playoTT, The W. R. A. and Blue Key baTTled in Their TradiTional baskeTball game. Blue Key arrived upon The Tield oT baTTle dressed in women's gym suiTs fwiTh accessoriesl, while Their Snow Train-sororiTy winner, Chi Omega. adversaries arrived in dueling cosTumes. Mayor McNair oTTiciaTed Tor The ensuing hi-iinks, which included everyThing buT The baskeT in baskeTball. ImmediaTely aTTer The game The Throng spliT beTWeen a special show aT The local TheaTre and an inTormal "Snow Brawl" dance aT The "NoTch." BoTh acTiviTies were Tilled To capaciTy, while merrimenT reigned supreme. . I N C lnsTallaTion oT Queen Laurie. Snow SculpTure-winner TraTerniTies, Phi Mu DelTa. W.R.A. vs. Blue Key. A TiskeT, a TaskeT, almosT goT a baskeT! The Tollowing morning dawned surprisingly warm and soon acTiviTies were cancelled, buT The carnival spiriT could noT be dampened by The Thaw. While The ski evenTs scheduled Tor SaT- urday and Sunday were cancelled along wiTh The hockey games and The much anTicipaTed ice show, There was The snow sculpTure, a varsiTy baske+baII game and, To Top QTF The evening, The house dances. DespiTe The lack oT snow and warm weaTher The snow sculpTure was varied and well done. The compeTiTors worked hard and long Trucking in The "missing guesT" snow. Phi Mu DelTa once again capTured TirsT prize Tor The TraTerniTies, Chi Omega Tor The sororiTies, Gibbs Hall, men's dorm, and SchoTield l-louse Tor The wom'en's dor- miTories. The sculpTure varied Trom drinking sTeins wiTh superimposed Tigures To ski booTs, ski lodges, a snow Train, a simulaTed magazine cover and an open Touring car Tilled wiTh skiers. BuT, despiTe The hard work and skill, The sculprure gradually succumbed To The warm weaTher and Trickled away, much as The pleasanT memories will driTT away on The rivuleT oT Time. The evening house parTies ignored The weaTher and aided wiTh The bubbling energy OT The car- nival spiriT succeeded in being among The besT ever To be held. TheTa Chi welcomed iTs guesTs wiTh a TiTTeen TooT scaTTold Trom which a dummy hung, buT This was The only sombre noTe in The evening. Everywhere The penT-up energy spilled over: aT Tau Kappa Epsilon's Klondike ParTy, Sigma Alpha Epsilon's Snow ParTy, Kappa Sig- ma's I-lay ParTy. The crowds wandered Trom house To house or remained aT one parTy unTil T-hall bell signaled The end of The evening, wiTh only The morrow and a more or less resTFul Glee Club concerT To end Th'e "Holiday." Z1 U. S. Con r g essman Chesfe M r errow crowns Miss Laurie Queen. HE Time, nine P.M. The place, N. H. Hall. And so iT was Friday, February I8Th, Tor The an- nual Carnival Ball. Cars lined The sTreeT and couples moved in digniTied grace To This gay. mid-season Tormal. The lighTs oT The enTrance casT shadows upon The array oT gowns as The aTTracTive couples 'enTered The hall. WiThin was gayeTy and music by Ted HerberT and his band beneaTh The simple buT TasTeTul winTer Theme decoraTions. The walls were deco- raTed wiTh ski poles and skis and TrosT crysTals: over The door The insignia oT The sponsors, The NHQC, and in The cenTer oT The Tloor-The piece de resisTance-a cleverly designed Tigure oT a skier posed in mid-air. Soon The hall was filled wiTh romance, and happiness oT beauTy and pleasure combined. The soTT, sooThing music TloaTed Through The hall, couples danced graceTully oblivious To all around Them. AT Ten-ThirTy The reverie was inTerrupTed by a TrumpeT TanTare. Carnival Queen BeTTy Laurie and her aides, JeanneTTe Furman, BeTTy Barker, Shirley Hoyle and Mrs. RuTh Henry, Took Their places on The sTage. U. S. Congressman ChesTer Marrow made a brieT speech and crowned The queen wiTh a Tloral crown. Preside-nT Adams and Mr. Guy SmarT pr'esenTed bouqueTs To The aides. The queen and her aides remained on The sTage while Queen Laurie presenTed cups To The win- ners OT Th'e snow sculpTure conTesT, Then, all Too soon, They descended To The Tloor while Queen Laurie danced a walTz wiTh her escorT and she was soon losT among The dancers on The Tloor. Following This ceremony Ted HerberT's orches- Tra once again lulled The crowd wiTh iTs smooTh, lilTing rhyrhms enhanced by The romanTic voice oT The vocalisT, while The couples driTTed around in This world oT TanTasy and carnival spiriT. Soon, Too soon, The evening was gone. The lasT sTrains OT music driTTed Through The empTy- ing hall. The couples wandered regreTTully Trom The building, down The now almosT empTy sTreeT, never noTicing The lack oT snow. Their only ThoughTs were OT The evening and oT The TesTivi- Ties srill To come. Gradually even These couples disappeared: a door slammed, a lilT oT laughTer TloaTed in The air. Then all was quieT. Hickory Holiday BeauTies: Que'en's Aides Shirley Hoyle and Mrs. RuTh Henry. Cami al T: ig' TT x ll g 5 gi W 1 I N. x x x A Ball More oT The Royal CourT: Aides BeTTy Barker and JaneT Furman. FirsT row: Jean McNeil, Mrs. MacDonald, Caryl Dineen, Joseph Sulharn, PresidenTg Jane Black, Carol EllioTT, SecreTary. Second row: RuTh Dalzell, Harry McNeil, Arihur Cole. Dean SackeTT, Edwin Taylor, Sidney Aliber, Treasurer: Celia Brock. NOT picTured: Dr. DaggeTT, Dr. Moss, Dr. Morrow. Mr. Ringrose, Mr. Hall, Miss BeckwiTh, Miss RabeThge, Leigh Cree, Maxine ArmsTrong, Winn Robin- son, Gordon Riedell, Ross Seymour, ForesT LiTTle, Frank Robie, Neil Glynn. ctivities Center ef:- E176 "9 -. 'if. ..f"f'7, e J., 22 X Wil T" 1911.2 455 527 EQ f+..,g,,.,, gi! A ik., , 1 1 , . i ii fr i fe I .' xl 5 li g - ,ga 1 x as 'sl x. Sr" gjfl' fl 1 1 1-. "F 5953 Wmf Lf 'TL I X ir L :KL Ji ,Yi 'w f ,r -v -' TNT' 'T Z' gf' af: " S+ I 14" .LT :Y 75 qi 'gains ff r ig- f f ' -' , .y 24 7-5 4' f' 2 'f1'- 's . 'WH f .-',- 11 " ' T'Lg-Q-ni.ruii .irirrwuii-u-nur irirvii'ii.iuini...,.-,V , l., Tlf is-sg If 'ii' , I ruse L a'-sr: ' ' ' ,f Q , A . lc ff' lf " , l - ii -f a 4. T ,mf L, if .. .-X., ff" we '49 , 44' ,V-if T ,' .1 Z 5 l 1 ', ff ' ,L -,.,,,mffg gr ir' " 'll'1fI' wf 5 Ti rr 4 T - HHH' il? . 3 ' V' R " -fewer ..97 HE STudenT Union, housed Temporarily in ThaT "TugiTive U. S. O. building"-Durham NoTch Hall-is an inTanT or- ganizaTion wiTh adulT ambiTions. lTs overall obiecTive, To pro- vide a recreaTional, culTural and educaTional cenTer. is direcTed Towards iTs ulTimaTe goal by The STudenT Union Board: composed of The chairmen oT seven commiTTees, Two elecTed members oT The sTudenT body, one represenTaTive Trom A. W. S.. one Trom The sTudenT council, one elecTed memb'er Trom The previous board, Tour TaculTy members, The Dean oT STudenT AdminisTraTion, and The direcTor oT The STudenT Union. DespiTe This imposing governing body, STudenT Union PresidenT Harry McNeill, Vice-Chairman Gordon Reidell and SecreTary Maxine ArmsTrong direcT The acTiviTies oT The commiTTees where, as in all organizaTions, The work is really accomplished. These are: The CulTural RecreaTion CommiTTee -chairman, Edwin Robinson: The Club Service CommiTTee- chairman, Maxine ArmsTrong: The CommuTers CommiTTee- chairman, Frank Robie: The Finance CommiTTee-chairman, ForresT LiTTe: The PubliciTy CommiTTee-chairman, Ross Sey- mour: The STudenT Service CommiTTee-chairman, Lee Creigh, and The Social RecreaTion CommiTTe'e-chairman, Gordon Reidell. Being a cenTralized organizaTion wiTh campus-wide mem- bership, iT Tollows ThaT iTs acTiviTies would be widely varied. They include coTTee hours, dances and debaTes along wiTh such dissimilar acTiviTies as TuToring and baby siTTers. 308 ia ' rv ff' A 4' W .FIM X, 1 .4 ' V 'FQ-qv : ' , ,- 1:3335 ftp., . ' ,f' 1:--21 V Q-af A -,Q A .4 .- lJ,.5-:-k- -fn p . 'Q ' 'I 'AILJMH'-'.' i-ff1'i":' '49 ' nf- w fn.- : 31 5 R-A 1 mfr PIX, ' Av,g5g2g3!ig:ALf 'swath' Y 'Q .f V R ,,,4:lq,,V i,:w1.g'.:5 , .- W., ,. Vg, " v" . 'f9i,if5w?' 1-51' ' , kr- Q 1.5 , ,V .4-'jg film- ? V L r . . , ws .- if if 7, .M,,V,,,,F3,.i .. 1 w... Q , V .. a vw. 1 , W E E "I 9 'S hi HMM? .X s' 5 H . '22 - :. E, Q, fs 1' ,rv JUN ,Ml 'alr- ff . . Q, 4' 5 'H J? A 'W fb IJ .um 'K .,, 1' iw, I J' if L.-1 I u Q LA ks Lf? VJ usa is gmllll -.2-Y, un- 'x www J fp J L fs J s.-P" si.i",,..-P s l::.-'- N-'39 , ..- W if TJ I gig' 52 Xb: LE, Thanks! NCE again fhe second semesfer of a school year nears ifs finish. Wifh if ends a year of work and a year of pleasure in fhe creafion of fhis, fhe I949 GRANITE. Nof 'everyone is able fo appreciafe fhe feeling of accomplishrnenf and pride fhaf fhe eclifors and sfaff have as fheir book goes fo press: buf all have experienced fhe sfrange combinafion of ioy and sadness as a year of new acquainfances and friendships draws fo a close. And if is wifh fhis sadness fhaf we say goodby'e and affempf fo express our appreciafion in cold black fype fo fhose who have been of so much help in fhe planning and publicafion of fhis GRANITE. So we say fo fhe following a simple buf meaningful "Thank you." Mr. Roberf W. Kelly of fhe Roberf W. Kelly Publishing Corporafion, who has become a friend of all and wifhouf whose personal inferesf and inesfimable help if would nof be fhe same book. The l-lampshire Engraving Corporafion for ifs skillful and immediafe afienfion fo fhe engraving work. Professor A. W. Johnson, a fradifional friend of fhe GRANITE, buf an unfiring advisor who has helped consfanfly fhroughouf fhe year. lvlr. lrving Green and sf-aff from Sargenf Sfudio for fh'eir fine work as official phofographers for fhis yearbook. Mr. Elwood Frazer for his experf phofography and fhe seemingly limifless energy which he devofed fo fhe GRANITE. The U. N. l-l. Phofo Service for making available prinfs from fheir files. The New l-lampshire for fheir assisfance and inferesf. The members of lasf year's sfaff for much needed encouragemenf. The Aclminisfrafion and fhe Universify Sfaff for fheir cooperafion. Chase-Sfafler Phofo for fhe phofograph of Presidenf Adams. 3l2 RIF LEBTIDIIS ot you and your classmates upon your school lite achieve immortality in a carefully planned and executed yearbook. From the arid desert oi: Arizona, and the sultry green island ot Puerto Rico, to the snow-blanlteted slopes ol: Northern New England, we have traveled, happy and proud to have been an instrument in the translating into print, the humor pathos, excitement, and sentiment Found in the campus life ot over seventy-tive colleges and preparatory schools. As Former members oi' yearbook statts in our school days, we bring into our professional duties a real understanding ot the many prol-'ems confronting each yearbook editor. f u - as U Once again ihe GRANITE reilecfs The life and spirii of 'rhe Universiiy of New Hampshire Comple+e phoioqraphic service by SARGENT STUDIO 154 BOYLSTON ST. BOSTON 0 Phdrography - Design - Technical Assisfance 3l4 Aff and Draffing Supplies Complimenfs of P + E+ THE WILDCAT ein , c. HOITT 81 WENTWORTH DOVER, NEW HAMPSHIRE Complimerfrg 01: Complimerfrs of GRANTS CAFE COMMUNITY MARKET J. Grimes, Prop. DURHAM DURHAM Complimerfrs of Complimenfs of S H A I N E S We FH Feef +o Keep Fee? FH DURHAM DOVER PORTSMOUTH In A. H. I..IacIcI RICE 8: COMPANY 78 WEST CENTRAL ST. MANCHESTER, N. I-I. Tel. 6278 I-Iollis, N. I-I. Tel. 90 ENTIRELY INDEPENDENT Bell and Howell Mofion Piclure Proieclors - Cameras - Screens EVERYTHING IN VISUAL AIDS affine QTHRUP FRANKLIN S0 TEL 320 DOVER N H IIlIllIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Dealers in Fine Furnilure and Appliances PIANOS - RADIOS MUSICAL MERCHANDISE TELEVISION Ivlaylag Washers Weslinglwouse Appliances EI'ecIrIcaI Conlracfing J. P. KEENAN LOWER SQUARE DOVER, N. H. 3I6 PALMER PLUMBING SUPPLY COMPANY ROCHESTER, N. H. WHOLESALERS OF Plumbing - Healing - Mill Supplies Weil-McLain Boilers and Radialors Kohler of Kohler Plumbing Fixlures PETRO OIL BURNERS PEERLESS STOKERS Branch Branch Branch 30-32 Union Ave. l3l Wafer Slreel 488-504 Fore S+. LACONIA, N. l"l. KEENE, N. H. PORTLAND, ME. A Deparrmenl Slrore of Qualify MARKET STREET PORTSMOUTH, NEW HAMPSHIRE 3l7 1 1 , IAFOLLA CONSTRUCTION CO., Inc. PEVERLY HILL RD., PQRTSMOUTH, New HAMPSHIRE Tel. 680-681 EOUIPMENT RENTALS GENERAL CONSTRUCTION ROADS - BRIDGES DRIVEWAYS - SIDEWALKS WATER AND DRAINAGE SYSTEMS PARKING AREAS GRADING - IAFOLLA CRUSHED STONE CO., Inc. CRUSI-IED STONE - ALL SIZES STONE DUST BITUMINOUS ASPHALT CONCRETE COLD PATCI-I o PEVERLY I-IILL ROAD TELEPHONE PORTSMOUTI-I, N. I-I. PORTSMOUTH 680-681 3I8 FF ESQUIRE CLUB 37 LOCUST ST. DOVER, N. H. Tel. I932 New HampsI'1ire's Fines? Dinners or a Snack Dancing every SaIurcIay 'ro Ihe Esquires Cafering aI CIub or Oufside PRIVATE BANOUET HALL No Parfy Ioo big or Ioo smaII Complimenlrs of WARREN'S KITTERY, ME. Complimenjrs of ROBBINS AUTO SUPPLY CO. IIO WASHINGTON ST. DOVER, N. H. BARRETT INSURANCE AGENCY F. E. RICHARDSON - F. S. RICHARDSON IO2 WASHINGTON ST. DOVER, N. H. Complimenfs of DAERIS' TEA ROOM DOVER, NEW HAMPSHIRE CompIImenIs of DURHAM SHOE REPAIR Complimenls of Complimenls of A. LIPSON THE COLLEGE PHARM BURNS BLOCK DURHAM, N. H. 45 LOCUST STREET DOVER, N. H. M. J. MURPHY 81 SONS, Inc. Roofing and Slweel Melal Conlracfor Asplwall and Rubber Tile Flooring Plasfic Wall Tile I2 Porllancl Ave. Canal Slrfeel 502 lslinglon ST. DOVER, N. H. MANCHESTER. N. H. PORTSMOUTH, N. H. Tel. lbq Tel. 4-4593 Tel. 3590 320 Complimenfs of DOWALIBY CLEANERS 39 LQCUST STREET DOVER, N. I-4 l- -1 Campus Represen+aHve G. E. MCCARTHY Apf. D-2, College Road Tel. Durl1amlO3-M Complimenfs of THE RUMFORD PRESS 32I Wholesale PHILIP PORTER, Inc. 375 WEST HOLLIS STREET NASHUA. N. H. Tel. Nashua 4420 - 4421 - 4422 DIsIriIouIors of Pure Food Produ ELEGANT LABEL and Supply House for The CLOVER FARM STORES of +iie efweway Division cfs Under The - ESTABLISHED IQI4 322 Complimenls of Your Local Clwevrolel Dealer HOTEL KIMBALL GREAT BAY MOTOR CO. AND LOUNGE DOVER, NEW HAMPSHlRE s NEWMARKET. N. H. Complimenfs of M 81 M BAKERIES, Inc. O'NEIL'S GRILL Liglml Lunches - Friendly Service CLEANLINESS OUR MOTTO Dly7AMI2PM Sdy8AMI2PM DURHAM N H Complimenls of THE RUNLETT HOUSE REFRIGERATING EQUIPMENT H. E. HUMPHREYS CO. New I-lampl'xire's Largesf Dis+ril3u+or 55-57 SO. MAIN STREET CONCORD, N. H. TI 33 l1..l SEAVEY HARDWARE CO., Inc. Hardware - Sporling Goods - Appliances - Gills Nex'r lo Cily Hall DOVER, N. H Phone 430 A Reliable Hardware Srore for 70 Years -'TI M l C l"l E L' S Dresses, lvlillinery and Accessories 458 CENTRAL AVENUE DOVER, N. H. Tel. 2280 FLORENCE LUNEAU, Prop INTERSTATE LINES "Bus Transporlalion al Hs Bed" SERVES DURHAM TO EVERYWHERE Our Fine Busses Available for Clwarlers I0 lvlll.ES OR IOOO Call Rocl1es+er '544 324 1..,...-.- ...if LANDERS AND GRIFFIN, Inc. GENERAL CONTRACTING 800 ISLINGTON STREET PORTSMOUTH. N. H. Telephone 3I2O CompIimen'rs of PITTSBURGH CONSOLIDATION COAL CO PORTSMOUTH, N. H. - NEW YORK, N. Y. 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H. 1' A+ Your Conviviai Convenience THE KITSHOPPE ALUMNI FRIENDS coniribuie Io The MEMORIAL UNION FUND and snorfen ine Time for consfruciion 327 Complimenfs of THE JENNISON COMPANY FITCH BU RG, MASS. FRANKLIN THEATRE SILVER ANNIVERSARY Alumni Have "Rendezvoused" Here af 6:I5 For 25 Years LET NOT THE OLD TRADITIONS FAIL R. THEODORE, Inc. Disfribufor of Unifruilr Bananas 5 2 E L M MANCHESTER, N. H. 34I2 Complimenfs of JAMES W. HILL CO. MANCHESTER, N. H. Branch UNIVERSITY SI-IOP DURHAM, N. H. Complimenls of The STRAND THEATRE , 01 6 5 5 1 l QQ l S2 9 wr 62'-A Siudying, Reading, Working... The "Righl' Ligh+" is imporianl . . . 'rhe correcl' size bulb. Check your reading lamp now for Beiler Lighi' means Belief Sight Avoid glare, dirly reflecfors and bulbs. Be kind To your eyes now. Elec- 'fricify cosis so lH'+le for lighiing-use i+ correcrly in These impor'ran'r days of sfudying. PUBLIC SERVICE Company of New Hampshire DOVER, N. H. Tops in Molion Picfure En+er+ainmenl' H Ufliiili i 'M ' ' ,,yf,Jf"'zf ,, I Q ff' - -- -- ri QQFWGINGER y ls Al.: A if wg-lli1'l l zxrnmv ammo W - funn ruvon 'WW lrmsnmcnsomns l34M9,, ruu. auzxnrs E 7,1112 and 1-oz. Boiilcs N . 'J' rn Y llfll GIASSII EVERY BOYTLE COTT BOTTLING CO., Inc. MANCHESTER, N. H. F STRAFFORD NATIONAL BANK DOVER, NEW HAMPSHIRE Member of fhe Federal Deposif Insurance Corporalrion AX- AIA1 W A M. 11 v Vw ru ""llU " I -s we of rr J- M 71 We J ' l 1 , 'W Heblng many people in all walksl r L 1 of life to solve their money problems, nla enables us to help you solve yours. liwhy not draw on our experience? fl 'f' : 7 ' l5! f K 3 . I if 'f , q N 1 WV ! ff if 330 COLLEGE MEN AND WOMEN KNOW TI-IE IMPORTANCE OE PERFECT EITTINO F L 0 Y D9 S OE MANCHESTER INSISTS UPON IT, ALONG WITI-I OUALITY IN NATIONALLY ADVERTISED BRANDS OE CLOTI-IINO, SPORTSWEAR, OR UNIEORMS EOR MEN OR WOMEN. Rental Department for All Formal Occasions F L 0 Y D 9 S OE MANCHESTER TI'IE COLLEGE SHCPPING CENTER OF NEW HAMPSHIRE 33l Ura VEGETABLE GROWERS Rear-mounted engine puts you next to the Job, where you can watch these im- plements work. POWER-DRIVEN SEEDER 1. Plants 2 to 6 rows at a timeg smallest seeds to large beans, with greater accuracy. 2. Front-mounted-Operator can actually watch seeds drop into each row without turning his head. 3. Quickly attached or detachedg simple adjustment for uniform depth and row spacing. INDEPENDENT GANG CULTIVATOR 'l. Perfectly matches and cultivates crops planted with Model G seeders, 2 to 6 rows. 2. Front-mounted. Easily attached or detached. 3. Controlled penetra- 4 tion permits closer cultivation. Requires These important operations are - only two of many for the versa- tile Model G line of equipmemi ASK US FOR FULL INFORMATION. BRACKETT AND SHAW COMPANY SQMERSWQRTH, NEW HAMPSHIRE New Englancts Largest Farm Equipment Distributor 332 YOU'RE ON THE RIGHT TRACK IF YOU START AND END YOUR VACATION BY TAKING THE TRAIN! V ' I "T Don'I le+ bad wea+her or las?- - minulrevcancellalions gyp you ouf . Af,:,, A::..Av..b' of parl of your vacalrion. Play if ' K' . smart fake The B and M and be fl 'JII :" zzz. '..'- f -':4 " sure of Q6-HiV1Q home ll-ISI when UIEI IIP you wanl lo and gelding back in Time for your Tirsl class. Gel Ihe ' V .,.,., m.1, .,. 53 ,my ,.,,g,,:-:T mos? ou? of every vacahon or week-end. Save money and go Fffi?-3EE:.f' ,. ISV" 1 Wx SW YA AW -..Q.,1a-5,.- ,.. ,e,y:, 2? E I .QQ ,QS X, Ne X 5 , Qzeylpf xg.-A , W ,Mun , sf, A 'W ?' ?XXf'Vw yew 4g ,fgugvxsex H -Q., X M , W, ,vm ,.f,,,e? .W Q." X I -:3.55:5P'51:1, h qv , ,FAN 2 YPXQQ, 49 XVQMH, is I QW SMX aazgffyf X xffdiw 2, E' A 5 X X . 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Suggestions in the University of New Hampshire - Granite Yearbook (Durham, NH) collection:

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