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 - Class of 1945

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University of New Hampshire - Granite Yearbook (Durham, NH) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Cover

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1 ur v 'i1'3f,a MT' I M s 5 KLM W'm,wN W M JK V E b MJ' T'g?fY?fHyyj JA Q A Q ,L X ,Ju IK: r iF: 'X af' ' 1 V x-'NI 16 ffiq-+0 fo' g,,,. "uw, 4. ff we 5.5 F51 u ,' L L., al", 'a Us QI MO fh- 3? 'Tl 73 l IQ ' 6 - .4 Q r F, H i k if "',,f9? F- ' A ' ' C ' ,VV , fs Y 2 Lf 1 E " IE' -f J mf " W " I 40 2 K f- gi + 2 V x , . . 1 THE UNIVERSITY UE NEW HAMPSHIRE AT DURHAM NEW HAMPSHIRE ER ITE W M45 UEUIUATUQUN TU BUY UENEALE HU Un Apri 12, 1573, Roy D. 1 Nevada. t1is secondary educatioi xvtiicta tue was emptoyed in ttie Su 1892 tie was transferred to ttie turanc retiring from ttue position ot genera period tie traveted extensivety. v countries. After tturttiering 111s education 1 NTE11.-1U7E1-1511111 unter was tiorn in Carson City, was o1Jtained in fxtiicago, atter U1ivan Ntactiinery Company. tn 1 in fU1aremont. New ttampstiire, U manager in 1012. During ttais isiting mining districts in many in ttie 11e1ct ot agricutture at ttie University ot Xvisconsin and at tX!1i1SSElC't1tIS6ttS State C Uottege, tie estab- 1is1aed a very successtu1 dairy tarm in Xvest C taremont. 1Deep1y interested in agricutture, tie was o tarmers cooperatives. 1n 1 utstanding in its progress and in U10 1V1r. 1 1unter was appointed to ttie Board ot Trustees ot ttiis ttniversity thy Ctovernor 1Qo11and Spaidding and 1iad acted as its president since 1031. 1 te atso served as ctiairman ot ttie Executive and Properties twommittees and as a memtuer ot' ttwe !Xgricu1tura1 Attairs txommittee. 1115 is ttie distinction o1 twice serving as ttle ftliet tfxecutive Otticer ot ttie University, once atter ttme deatti ot President Hdward tV1. Lewis and again atter ttie deatti ot President tired Engettiardt. 1115 comptete understanding of ttie purpose and operation ot ttie institution. as we11 as tiis 11ne judgment and executive a1di1ity, were recognized by ttie Board. wtnictu, in 1937, conferred upon 111m ttwe tionorary degree ot Doctor ot Laws. 1t is Mr. 1 1unter,s remartma1a1e vision of ttle tuture institution ttwat twas so great1y contritnuted to ttae progress ot this University. 11e provided ttdat torce wtuicti is essentiat to counter1Ja1ance t1ie intierent conservatism ot most edueationa1 institutions. Mucti ot wtiat we see and enjoy in ttais University is ours tbecause of tits vision, Utiis wi11ingness to serve, and tiis utter devotion to ttie tastc. transtating tiis dreams into reatity. 1t is to ttwis memory ot 1V1r. Hunter ttiat we. ttie txttass ot' 1045, dedicate our vo1ume ot ttde Granite. B9 K 21543215 ' . W--fs T iss - is EWUHU Xve. tlie tfctituriat Statqt. representing the Class ot' IUMI3. present ttwis ttwirtyesixtti volume ot ttie firrziiite as the first senior yeartmols sirire IUI3 witti ltie hope that it will take its plaee in your titvrary, keeping the traetition of yearly rlass twinks. Vxyartime restrictions anct stint . r ages of material aiict tatwr have not mwrte t 1 f I e task of putvtislwirmgj ltiis yeai'tmol4 ' dll CFISB' OHS. Conditions have existed and incidents 1'!E1VC OCCLIITGCI XVIHCINI DCVGI' XVOLIIC1 I1HVG except during a state of war Conse- quently, in View of the tact that this staff In in f ' C s een aced with unprecedented prob- lems, we asia that you accept this book and regard with tolerance the effort to continue ther d' ' fa IUOI1 of HHHIIHI classlnoolis. Our hope is that the 1945 Granite will at some later date reach time hands of an who have found it necessary to leave our Alma Nlater in order to serve our nation. and that it will serve as a reminder to their ow ti ' ' c n appy days spent on the campus of the University of New Hampshire. fx-f"?'b W WSZX i QQ 791, 4 Q i be--ff V if - 11: 1 I if 1 ME1V1UH1A1V1 FRED ENGLEHARDT R051 1957 to 19-1-1 one oi! 111e most vitat itorces on tire campus oi time University ot New 11ainps11ire was 111e teaderstwip and personatity ot 1:red Eng1e11arc1t, president, tvaittitut servant ot t1we t1niversi1,y and ttie State ot' New 11ainps11ire. To ttiose students wtno attended time University oi New Hampshire during ttiose ctiaotic and hectic years, time spirit ot t11e University was personified in 1.11e toterance, understancting and aid given so generousiy tmy Prexy. Prexy was a man oi: time present and tile tuture. He 11ac1 taitti in t11e yout11 ot today. tn memoriam, Fred tilngteiiardt, your spirit wi11 ma1ce us inetter citizens. ROY D. 1"1UNTER OY D. HUNTER was a inein13cr ot 111e Board ot Trustees oi 111e 11niversi1y ot New t'1ainps1iire troin lflio to 104-1. As c11ainnan ot t11c Board ot 'trustees 1'1e served twice as president pro leinpore ot 11ie 11niversi1y. 11 was during 11iese periods that ttie students came to 14now 11ini for 11is aimitity as a 1eader. as a courageous pioneer in education. and 11is sincere desire lo serve 111e students ot' 1.11e University ofNeWHamps1'1ire, 111e University itse11. time gtate o11 New 11amps11ire, and 111e peopte. The students ot 1110 University of New Hainps11ire wi11 not forget you-torever in memoriam. JAM ES A. VVE LLMAN AMES A. NVELLNAN served as a member ot t11e Board of Trustees ot the Unia versity of New 1'1amps1iire from 1028 to 1043. A1t1ioug1i 11e was not tcnown by many ot the students they owed tum a de13t they cou1c1 never repay, tor much of ttwe progress and expansion ot the University of New Hampsiiire has been due, in part at ieast, to 1iis initiative, toresigiwt. and unceasing eiztorts. tn memoriam, James A. Wettman, we strait endeavor to fu1Fi11 t11e gtorious destiny of our University w11ic11 you foresaw and wor14ed so notJ1y to achieve. 8 FACULTY HU!-XRD U17 TRUSTEES His IQ1xCeIIe11Cy, Governor' CjI'1iiI4ICS M. UaIC, BL. - Presidcrnl HaroIcIVvI. SloIqc,pI1.D. - Cx umcio r'IXIlLII'CVV I.. I7cIIufr'. Cornrnrssiurrer of Agric'r1II11r0 - I'1ranI4Vx'. IQEIIHIHII, BS.. I,rvsirI0r1I - IJm'iSrnmliI1 Harry U. Sawyer - Vw'rwrIslw'Ic Ifrrrffst VNV. fxI1risIPr1scrr. BS.. gmwvlary f- Ilfwcr IX'Iar'garci, Dorrwriil cwl'UQI1fll1. MS. - XXWIHIJEIII. Mass. rIer0n1yR. XxVIilICIl'Ul'l.IXI.S. - I3fmr'lsm0IIlI1 FXYIINII' IxIfJI'Ciill, AAI. - IXIilINfI'lCSI,CI' I-arrrc'r1r'0 VN'II1ilIcrrwrQ - I,cr11ImmI4r' Ilan-yl.. I:dTllIldl1l.I5.F. - Ilrwcr Mary FPIIIUI' Ijrrmwrr - fxcrrivr I Iarlwr Austin I, I IrrIdI9arfI, I5. S, -XVaIpuIe IRON' I'4r'IIr-r. firoghan Brown San-yrr KMLP RanvIaII. .Qvffmrf Run' VX'IrrIIf'mv xx IIYIYOU IIIlI7IlE!l'1I,c INIfl5If'Hbl'lI. ex omcio ex rvmfro IVF' IXIVYFPRYI I YUIW TU 10 ttarotct XV. Stotqe 'NME' Prcsirlent ot the University ot New Hampshire txtarion College i'X.B. till-t University ot Southern Catitornia tX't.A. 1925 ,tohns t'topt4ins University tjtrtl. V150 PHESIDE T5 MESSAGE NCB more an ectition ot the Cirunilv is heing issuert in the mictst ot war. No phase ot the lite anct wortq ot the ttniversity as reveatect in these pages is unattteetect that tact. Halt ot the stuctent tmorty. a large numtmer ot the instructors are away. twtany are in the armect services. others in war ar't,ivit,ies ot various txinrts. The stuctents anrt tarutty wh., are tettt have speectert up their rourses, rarriect extra toacts anct actjustect themselves gtartty anct phitosophieatty to the limitations anrt ineon- venierifes ot a College lite tar trom norlnat. The war is not over. vet its rteepest shactovvs have hegun to pass. Vt he lite xvhieh tor so long has tneen ehhing trom the rainpus has tnegun to ttovv hartc again. liven a total eetipse ctoes not last torcver. The spirit reveatect in the rontinueft puhtication ot the Granite is inrtieative ot the spirit which Witt restore peafe anrt strength to the universities anrt to the Fountry. How welt we can unite anrt aevoinptisti this purpose vvitt he the real test, old vvtietheii the wal rnrtert in vietory. YJMAL4 ou UPFIEEHS UF AUMI ISTHATIU I'1vc'rcll,pJ. Suc'Lc-'ll.Pl1.lJ., Rvggnlml' Riiyllltbllil Ixliljjlillll. ,I4I'GilSIll'Kfl' l7rul1v1slL.Rolnrlsmn,NJN..,'Xsslslm1l,lw1ll1Ql'1'osu,Icil1l Xvilliuln Alxleclesy, B.S.,bl.I7.,,'Xv1i11Q l,DCllllt7I-BIC!! IQULII X?NIUUflI'llH'. 'JOHN HI. IDUIIIOII IQIISSKXH Slicllmyf Avlingg lfirvvlrn' lznllrcwullrmff'Xpp4u11lll lilly! Roll! Sm LMI. Xxfrmrllllllk 514-Jwfy, .gr'lrn1lr!R1r!l4 QLVIIUII Nnlvlllsull. IC 12 I3liAN I'ItiRMoN I.. St.oP,lN AB. CIarI4 Univorsily. IOO5: PhD.. thtft. tooa. MEMBERS OF CRAIDI MTH SFI IOOI. Brown. DavirI I.. CIarIi. Iwarion I.. Conover, CharIotte D. Cunningham, Ehzaheth R. DeGmsS. PauI Edson. Ehzaheth I htt-fling Frienft, Rohcrt C. KeIIy, Ruth B. Kenyan, Dhhaltl IXIcI.aughIin. Pttttl R. OIson. httttgttt-tit I.. Xviesen, George NV 15 IJiment0I. Cvorgc Ricciarth, RiChartI S. RiCharcIs, PcncIop0 N. Richardson, Roxanna Scott, R. Bcxatrice Sn-tttttn, Th f-.-ff at A. Smith, Chttttltttttt Smith. Virlor I I. SloweII. D fttt ghts We-Ic'I1,,IttI1tt'I'...It'. Vxfhitney. I,ztt1Iitte I IDEAN M,CT,x1.EE1xsTMfxN Pug., New I lzunpshiro C0116-gp w1515lS..C1.mf1II10131 PHD., fr orncll 1931, luwl Rum' f5fXu1n-, Purnnluln. 1 lmriw- Rnllmsm KIIIIIHPH l,JhlIIlAll, lvxfmxlrlx Flwvwln Mmlrm, ljluunpx N-wwluf Run: fonum, Nllwff-, H:-gzlvl. :NH-Alu. Ilmrlun, I,lAXIN, lninlxwry Nmgn-1, 5IIlllll, Prlruwf-. lwwx, Flaw, arlalw. 'Nami Rumi Kunlvw. SIIHIIVY ffwfln-ll, Xxvnllvl. Slflllklll. ilflllllvi. Rifxgmw. ff. Rnlmlwlx, ,lnxm-X, l'1ggvl'l, IX lol sv. 14 EULLEGE UE AGRICULTURE ANR EXPERIMENT STRTIUN Max F. Abell, PHD., Assistant Professor Frecl E. Allen, D.Y.M., Assistant Professor Philip S. Barton, Mlicl., Associate Professor Paul T. Bloocl, Assistant Professor George N. Bauer, PRD. Ella S. Bowles, Ertilor T. Burr Ctiarles, MS., Professor Henry S. Clapp, Nts., instructor Nicholas F. Colovos, MS., Assistant Professor James G. C0flliliH,Pl1. U., Associate Professor Alan C. Corbett, D.X'.M., Assistant Professor Donalcl Cross, Assistant Tectinician Henry A. Davis, MS., instructor L. A. Dougherty, BS., Assistant Professor Stuart Dunn, PRD., Assistant Professor M. Gale Eastman,Pl1.D., ttean anrt Director Russell Eggert, MS., instructor Rictiarcl Foul, Assistant Tectinician Eclwarcl W. Poss, BS., instructor George Rl. Fonllgrocl, MS., Assistant Professor Harolcl C. Grinnell, PRD., Associate Professor Jesse R. Hepler, M.S,, Associate Professor Leroy J. Higgins, BS., Assistant Professor AllJionl'locigclon,Pl1.D., Plant Taxonomist Wintred l lolley, MS., Assistant Professor Allen G. Holmes, Assistant Professor .lolin C. Holmes, Research Assistant Louis T. Karclos, PRD., Assistant Professor Harry A. Keener, PRD., Assistant Professor Helen H. Latimer, Assistant in Animal Husbandry Phelps lo. l.,atimer,Pl1.D., Assistant Professor Tatian l.evcowicl1, MS., Research Assistant Margaret E. Louglilin, AB., Assistant .lames McFarlane, instructor Emeritus William A. Meclesy, MF., Assistant Professor l lertuert C. Moore, RTS., Associate Professor Kenneth S. lxflorrow, MS., Professor Wallace J. lxlorse, Researcti Assistant Arline Nichols, BS., Assistant Laboratory Technician Vxfalter C. O'Kane, lxl.A., Professor Cordon P. Percival, MS., Assistant Professor Thomas G. Phillips, PRD., Professor Ford S. Prince, Professor Helen .l. Purinton, PRD., Assistant Professor Mathias C.Ricl1arcls,Pl1.lJ., Ptunt Pattiotogist Ricliarfl C. Ringrose, PRD., Assistant Professor Rutlm E. Rinta, Assistant Laboratory Tectinician lfrnest G. Ritzman,lXlS.,Researr't1 Professor Emeritus Belly G. Sanborn, Seert Analyst Stanley R, St1imer,lX'l.S., Associate Professor Lawrence W. Slanetz, PRD., Bacieriotogist Todd O. Smitli, MS., Assistant Professor Xrvilliam W. Smitti, PRD., Assistant Professor Clarlc l... Stevens, MP., PHD., Professor Artlmur E. Teeri, PRD., Assistant Professor Loring V. Tirrell, BS., Professor ion leavef Ernest F. Waller. D.V.M., Associate Professor Harry C. Woodworth, MS., Professor Alluert F. Yeager, Pl1.D., Professor 15 Y , Slain! L '11ix'vl'Qily IW-IU. K f , - 1 1 INN! Rmrf .X XX. IUIIIINUH NI.I4.uQi1Im 1 lumll l,1.l.mL IQH.I.l lm L-my lvlwxxvll N mfmlvr 'Ulla-1, ,vm under, XXVOOKIFIIH-. SIiuLr'. Swvnrnf Rum' fsmln-1 l'w1flu1fz1, isf.ujLvmNLi l,vxwmxnM XXUHXIIIN K.-Ily Ruff: mlmxu, Hourly Pr-pnrm. Nmlml llxowe-n, SK'Ilf'lt'I'. ,llfunf Run' NI1.wHf-r VIQIIHIXMH. Vinlnulgl-. ll R, lnlm lm Slanetz, Marston, Bingham, Ure-e-ne-, Noorf-, fl. ll. flnggvll, ISIIHQIIIQIUII, kllowl:-, lfffmlfn Rmw: lin'-ll, Half lor, Grant, Rirluewfls, Thul. 16 Him:I'.lnw.X1mN,1511-wi-I I l5..X.,l'.N,ll. If'ln1,fNl,,X,,UI114, , EULLEGE UP LIBERAL ARTS N. .f'XIcxannIer. I',I1.I J., Associalc Professor If. ."xl1fII'CNX'S.BI.S..ll!SIf!lCIOI' I 5. CI. I5aIucocIc. NJX.. Professor .I. fi. IIalCI1cIIer. IDI1. D..fIsSisla11I Professor .I. Igcrzunza. IXIA., Assisfani Professor S. I I. IIIIIQIIEIIH. IJI1. ID., Assislcmf Profvssor II. XV. I5isIJee.1X.IXI.. .'IssoCic1I0Profossor Ifmarilus I. C. Bowen, IJJS.. .Issociafe Profcfssor W. IJ. Brett, B.IfcI.. Inslruclor A. IT. Bumngton, PILD., Assisfunl Professor I. A. CarroII. PHIU.. l'rofess0r WMD. 1 1. Chapmm.. Plrn.. .xM1r..r.,1w.,,f0..f,f E. A. Corlez. IX'I.IfcI., INIA., Associulc Professor fri. NV. CouIIer. IJILI D.. Professor ,I. IXI. CzajI4owsI4i, I5S..Irr5tmf1or C. I I. Daggett. IJILID., zIssis1an1' Profvssor CI. IVI. I3egIer. INI.I3.A., Associulc Professor fu. CI. DoIJrox'oIny.IJI1.Ij..fIssislUr1l Professor S. Dunn, I3I1.ID.. .Issislrxrzl Professor R. II. Grant. IXIA.. fIssislan.l Profvssor A. W. Green. M.A..Ins1mc1or .I. IJ. I'IausIein. FIA.. Assisfalrl Professor VJ. G. Hennessy. AIXI.. Professor IJ. W. Henry, ISS., Lafnorulory Tcrfznician A. IQ. I IorIgcIon. IDI1.I J., xIssoCiula Professor C. I". .IacIqson. IXIS.. Professor fx. W. .IoI1nson,IXI.II.A.,C.IJ.1X..I7rof0sSor C. R. .IOI1nson. IJILIJ.. rIssisfnnl Professor R. IJJ. Kelly, Inslrucfor IJ. If. KIine. IX'I.IX'I., Inslruclor I. I-. I.aoIcI. INICS.. Inslrucfor FII. I-cx'CowiCI1.IxIS.,IHsfrl1CIor R. NV. IVIanton. Professor ID. IVI. IVIarsIon. IXIA.. .'IssoCir1l0 Professor R. If. IVIcDanieI. IBS.. lnslruclor II. I . IXIcvI-z1ugI1Im, IN1..fX..ProfQssor E. FI. IXIvIfon2ic, IX'IS.C., Irzslruclor I. IQ. IXI0yCrs. IXIJX., .'Issoc'iul0 Profwssor IXI. I.. FIIIIS. IXIIX., .Issfslrlrrl flrofvssor IXI. IQ. IX'IOOCIy, IIISSISIGIII Profvssor C. IXI. IXIoore, IDI1.ID.. rIssoCiuie Profwssor . 3 ' X . Ii. IXIouIIon. IXI.If.fI.. .'Iss1sIm1t ll'1IIl'SSllI' IXI. I.. OIson.B.IXI..fISs1slanl Prohfssor C. S. I'mI4cr. I3I1.ID., Profc-ssor A. II. IJau'IrirIge. AAI., 1IssisIr1nl llrofvssor I.. Ijcpoon. BIS.. Assislanl Professor A. Ii. IQirI1arc.Is. I7I1.D.. ljrofvssor Emvrlilus PI. C. Ric:I1arcIs. IJI'1.D.. .Issislunf Profcssor E. T. Ric'I1arcIson,IXI.S.. .Issislzlrrl Profvssor I'I. I". R11cIrI. IXIA.. Profvssor E. II. SACIQCII. .Issocirllc Ilrofvssor IXI. IQ. Suc'IcCII,B.EX..Il1slruf'!0r P. If. Sr'I1aCIer,I3I1.Ij.. .'IssisIrml Ilrofvssor E. SI'I'10II', Inslruvior A. .I. SIWFIIIEIIIEID. lnslrlzrlor .I. T. gCI1ooICraII.A.5I.. .-Issisfnnl flrofwssor II. I I. SCucIcIer. BS., Professor F. .I. Shaw. IDILD.. z'Issisl0nI Profvssor T. A. Sic'iIian, BS., Grmluale .Issislrwrzl I.. VXI. FIEiI1GIZ.PI1.I.D.. .'Iss0Cinl0 Professor I.. IB. SIHIII1. IXIJX., .Issmvlalo Professor R. R. Slarke, Professor A. IXI. glowe. IDI1.D.,PflJfl'S5lJf E. glroIvI.IIA..xIssisIm1lProfessor G. R. IIIImmas. B.Arc'Ir.. .Issociulc Ijrofvssor I. N. VIIIIIIIQ, I3I1.D.,nIssor'ic1l0 Professor C. S. 'IIowIe, PHD., .'Issof'inl0 Professor D. Ii. Tyr1'eII. FIA.. .Issoricxlv Profcssor .I. 5. XV.1Ish. .'Issof'ml0 Profvssor R. C. Vx'cIwsIcr, IXIA.. .-Issislclnf Profwssor D. If. Vv'iII4inS. Inslruclor I J R. .I.XVooqIruII,IDILII.,.IssoCir1l0Irof0ss0r 17 IXII1IIIu I XIII Il , , .. q ,. ,JI IPI ,xx Imax I Il l'1'slc'm'l4 XXI4II'f'L'SICI' IJuIylvr'Imir' lm mn, 1ffmvwI'INw1lImlzm IWW. ,HI IQ 1: I1I1II IvXXI:'1', III1xx1x XIUIIHI IIIIIIIUIII flu!-INII II, IMIU-I II1Il1I1vIrI4-l'. 5wfm4I RMU I IIIIIVIIIMIII X Ihufr I31-ru-III-I XlI1n-Im FlHIxxullI1x, 131 H1111--I -Ixmmlu. VIIHHI ffm: f1rIu1II I MIIXII- .X I Ilduum-Il. XIwIm11 I1ll1II141L1w1'. 18 EULLEGE UF TECHNULUEY E. R. Atkinson, Pli.D., Associate Professor L. J. Betclielcler, Instructor Emeritus N. Bower, Pli.D., Assislont Professor E. W. Bowler. Pl1.D., Professor D. F. Carlisle, S.B..1nstrucior A. F. Doggett, Pli.D.. Associate Professor H. C. Fogg, Pli.D., Assistant J. A. Funlchouser.Pt1.D.,Associoie Professor E. L. Getclnell, BS., EE., Professor H. A. Gicldings, Pl1.D., Associate Professor A. E. Hanson. Pli.D., Associate Professor W. H. Hartwell. M.A., Associate Professor L. W. Hitchcock, BS., Acting Dean, College of Technology ' H. L. Howes, PHD., Professor E. T. Huddleston, B. Arch., Professor H. A. lclcttes,Pl1.D., Professor T. S. Knuppinen, BS., Instructor W. L. Kichline, NIS., Assislant Professor H. l. Leavitt, lVI.Ec.l., M.A., Associate Professor W. B. Nulsen, MS., Associate Professor E. B. O'Connell, Instructor D. M. Perkins, MS., Assistant Professor R. R. Skelton, SE., SM, Associate Professor H. L. Sloliin, Pli.D., Prof esso r N. M. Smith, M.A., Associate Professor Emeritus M. R. Solt, MS., Associate Professor E. H. Stolwortliy, BS., Associate Professor N. E. Toran, Instructor J. L. Torgesen, Pli.D., Assistant Professor C. T. Zimmerman, PHD., Professor BUTE 11111 C1111 111 XXv1f11f1 Xxviil' ci1JIlQ1'C'NN 11111 11111111 111 111111111 1111111115 111 1111111 111 111111' 111 17l11ll'1' il 1111311 I'C'FL1I'X1'1I1 U1'111'l'I'S, 511 111111 1Il 1 111511 11. 11 111111111 XXE11 11111 111'111y11113111 1111 1111111 111 11l1il4 11111 1111111 11111111 111111111111x'. 11111311155 1111111'111111111 111111 11111 17l'N1 11111' 111 111'1'111111111s11 11115 XV11b11i11111'1'1l1I11111If 11111111113 11141111111111 1111111 11"1411111111511I11'11'11111131'S. 11 111111111111111111- I11111171'1 11111 11x111111141111111111 111 1111111 111 11111 1-V .,. . 1x1,1f11rv11 c,11111'l4 11111111113 C11111S 111 511011 1111111'11111111111 111x11111111111N11s 11113111 1'e111111s1 11115 11111111113-111 1lIl1XOI'S1111'r 511111 1'111111311s 3111111- 1113 11K'Ql'l'4'i1 1111111111112 5111111 11111x'1,11s111114 111111 11111s1' s111111 1I1S111l11111I14 11'1111'11 11111 1111111111111 111 11111111111 Il1N1ll111I1lIl Ill 11111111111 11111114 1111- 11111 11111 ,X11 111 1111131115 111 ,1l11y l. lH112. 131111 s111'11 111111 1111s 11111111 1'1Q1111111s111111 111 1111' 1'1111111x11x' 111 Nvxx' 1111111114111111, 1111s1111 11131111 il11UIl1'1'1l1NY1111111l11111'I1'4 Q1111'11y111 .Xll1i'I11'1l1l 11I'1I11'11111'4 111111 111111111 11111 111111111' 1111 Ill1111?iI'Y 11111111113 Ill 1111111 11111111.11 1IIN111ll1I111lS 11111 1ll'UX 1111 1.'1'.C'O1-, 1.12 1'J.X1,Y 11 1111 111' 11x111111111111x' 114 1'11Il'll'll1XX 111111 1111 bc-'1-13-11-V11111-AN KX 1111111111 111 11111 11111' 1111'1'i' 1IlIIIl1l1'I' 111 R1 1-. 1 41'IXl' c111111'lN XX1111 111lX C 171'1'lI 1'IIIl1IIlIS4If1llCl1 111111 11111 .X1'111x' 111 11111 1 111111111 5111111x. 111111111 1 114 11 11111 ,,,i . 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ROBINSON County .NUI-nl If-z1rIvr I7'XNII'4.I. :X OISRIIQN SIIIFIIKFVIQUI' I'iIIIlxIQl'III'y XXVIII' I'4n IjI'UIlI'flIIl CfI..XRIiNCIIf I5. XX'.XI'DI.IiICI'I , Slab'I,VIuIuI.n-.1fIc'l' NIARY I.. SXNIBORN IXSFISIEIIII SIEIIIX CIUIQ I.cmrIr-1' SSXRQX KERR SIEIII- I Iomf- IYBCWIIHIISIIKTIIOII I.:-zu KENNEII I IT, IB.-XIQIQAXCRI ,OUGI I Supwrx Iim' Irjzxrux I.fIIur,1r IIITJQIEIITI AI JINIINIFTRATION I I,mrII1cIlm1 NORMAN If. XVIIIIJIJIZN .xixislnnl Sup0rvii0l'IT.1ru1I.fIIwr Ilrour III IiI?INIUNI'J CORTFZ In CI1urgc' OI IQarIiu AIQNOID If. I IIXNSON In CI1z1rg1'fmIIfxIc-niinrx C,ImI,w..mI ImIlIulw-2 IEIIIIXRIHXND P, NXFYIK In cjIlilI'Qt' of PIIUIOAYIQUJII N-rvx - 'SIIQS FIXIQY I..XNIII.I3QY N I I III In IIIN I0 Y I Igux I 55 5 rl I ' IX I1I , II I FIISS IRIS XX'OOI.C'C'HC'Ii IDIIUIIIQITIIDIIPI' FIIQF. 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IOI INSON Xmmm I L,HgC,XI H:qqliftEln5TW:lL???rl2Iu'Hl X A I,'lXI63IWSlOI14kIJI'fTILilIISI In IVfIr1II1mg ' T ' "5 , . V . IQ.XI.PII IS. IAI'I"I'I,IfI'IIiI.I'J Ilxte-:mmm I Iurln IIIIIIIIFI, In IIumc: GMQII-D111 F A f A ,vicnsnrm ,Xgronumlst :F On Ivavc- 23 'X 4 if? M... s Y tv r 5 , 1 ' Q x f, 'x"':" Q if Y ' , 'if' K x N X . X X L' N ' ' Qi' X f lk R- K m XX x LAS S ES CLASS UF 1 9 4 5 III!li'I1.giLkILTIlOI1. Ohxvil, Brown OFFICERS President David Brown Vice-President George Hatch Secretary Mary OyNeil Treasurer Suzanne Sickrnon 24 IILASS HISTUHY HAT is the senior class this year? Classes now are not measuredby a tour year yarclsticlc, but by crowded days and weelcs, and the members of classes are uni- fied not by the year in which they are grad- uated and a common range of experience but by a more subtle bond that reaches baclc into time for a memory and thrusts into the future for an ideal. Freshman weel: was a whirlwind of activi- ties - exams, the presidentys reception, dan- ces, a picnic at the beach and, best of all, the forming of a new friendships. College life loolced long and bright. How could we lcnow that within the year the cheers we sent up for our victory over the Sophomores on Univer- sity Day would be changed to prayers for a far greater victory. Under our ofhcersg president, Red Croryg vice-president, Joyce Smithg secretary, Bar- bara Shepherd, and treasurer, .lo Strumslai we soon made our presence felt on Campus. We had freshman teams in football, baseball, la- crosse, hoclcey and baslcetball. Members of our class became active in Outing Club, Mite and Dial, the Debating Society, student pub- lications, etc. in preparation for becoming leaders later on. But December seventh saw the fall ot Pearl Harbor and with it all our dreams of individ- ual glory and the pursuit ot individual happi- ness. A lot ot us began to help out at the meetings of the Durham Red Cross, left oft having fun and began to consider ourselves as students at war. Some ot our number left to join the armed services and there began to be tallc ot an accelerated school program. ln accordance with such a program, we re- turned to school in October, where we dis- covered that courses in shop practice and welding had become popular with the girls, and that phys. ed. classes had talcen on the rigor of army training. ln fact the girls became such Amazons that a Lite photographer tools pictures while they paraded around in shorts on a day made memorable by its extreme Cold. s Our otticers this year were president, Joe Strumslcig vice-president, Joyce Smith: secre- tary. Barbara Shepherdg and treasurer, Phil Pallas. We began to strut our stutt when some of our class became stars on the unde- feated football team. tHow Hall bell rung out the victories that year.J We were right there when it came to electing the Hmayorn of Durham, and our Ann Miller and .toe Riccardone starred in ltlaslz and Daggerls play Arsenic and Old Lace. Despite these triumphs war was taliing its toll ot our members, and the coming ot spring saw the virtual end ot us as a unified class. Halt our members lett by the end ot the hrst semester to join the army and navy, and the ASTP and STAR units marched in to talze their places. Though we continued to study, College was a Hremember whenn sort of at- tair f- a faded corsage, a crumpled football score, a well-loved subject of discussion among those who had lqnown what Hit used to be lilcef, Vxfell, we tools it in our stride - the end ot college activities, the mixed up classes of the Following Fall. Vxfe watched some ot our classmates go on ahead ot us. welcomed others to our ranlts, and saw many others leave us tor all time. And we did all this to a Hcadence count" a pace that the army taught us. lt allowed us time to write air mail letters every day, buy war stamps in the booth at lxlurlcland. study and entertain the Aglpls. Though activities were pared to the mini- tConiinued on Page 655 yd.. ,ily '53 .13-Ba nv , fl' 7 .ff Aff' Y, ,A-pix. JM I-27+W?l1A-A ff -J, If ELINOR ABBOTT Reading, Mass. Flajorz Hospital Dietetics Alpha Cixi Omega: Bils Sister Committee 2, 5, 4: Prom Queen 4: Quting Club lg Pan Hellenic 4: Tllllz GRANITE, Business Boarcl 4: W. A. A., Publicity Diswrior 1, 2, Rec. Alanager 3, Trcflsurer 4: Class Baslcellmall 2. 3. 4: Class Social Committee 4: Dramatifs I. 2, 4. RACHEL H. ADAMS Gorliam, N. ll. lxluyorz P. l. P. K... Blue Circle 2, 3, 4: S. C. M, 1: Cuting Clulo lg Plmi Sigma 3, 4: Cogswcll Srliolarsliip 2: THE GRANITE, Sports lfflilor 4: Yarlmt Club I, 2, 3: XV. A. A., Secrclrlry 2, Vice Prcsirlcnl 3, Prrfsiilunl 4: flass Pmaslcetlnall i, 2. 3, 4: All-Star Team 1, Q, 3: Class Hockey 3, 4: All-Star Team 4: Class Softball 1, 2, 3, 4: Riding Club 4: Tennis Champion 2: Nlortar Boarcl 4: Vx'l1o's NVluo fi. rl 4 X , rf : si. 1, 'sky MIRIAM L. AMES Somerswortli, N. ll. SHIRLEY ANCELONVITZ Berlin. N. H. lvlajorz Economics 2, 3: Sociology Club 1, Dormitory Treasurer 3: Pi Gamma Nu 4. lxlcnorall Society 1, V, ELAINE AUDERER XX'oIFeboro, N. II. lxlajorz Social Service Alplua Kappa Delta 3, Prcsirlrfnt 4: Scholastic Honors 1, 2. 3, 4: University Clioir 2, 3: Vvlomcns Glcc Clulu 1: Pi Gamma lxflu 3, 4. Vice President 3: lxlarlrigal Group Q. 3. 26 c A , A r . W magger 4: Outing Ciuiu i. 2. 5, 43 XVomen's Student Government 4 i Presiflwiil is iltite Bureau 41CarnivaiCommiltee I JANE BARTON New London. N. H. Major: Secretnriai Aipiia Ciii Omcgag Granite Varieties lg Masic anti Dagger 2, 5, 4: Outing Ciuiz lg Pan Heiienie 55 Dean's List lg Tennis Champion Q, Finalists 3, 41 Basicetimii 41 Hoeicey 1, 2, 5, 4: Soitiaaii 1, 2, 3: Student Xvar Activities Committee 4. 4 V10 Q0 Unit? i4CsU'C 'QOUW 5 S 4 Q 3 Nome .1-P3314 ties' 'Q Lioigdiil banter: L6 A-nov Webl- ii""5" . JHQKUYH BO ire , we iff Q5 if 9W"6'To b ' QNNWOW li L ap 6 UQov UCAN VWOPQD me-Csosw ' k-c.d.vcci""' 5 Ulawzomih :W SKQK , Qsgxg. owonsnbi' S ic. goin 1: VV. A. A. L l. 2, 3. 4: RGIWI3 V 5ent 4: Deimg l, 2. 3. . egg Z Wx Shes' 6 ' Viiiiam's uncigCogsweii5rgiioiarsi'iip. QQ Qrdm gy X -Mises W 4 Q, M Q iffk 2 +4 if BARBARA i-. mee Pittsiieiri. N. ii. Major: Qccupationni Tiierapy Theta Upsiiong Big Sister Committee 5, 4: S. ff, Fi. 1, 2. 4: Student Xvar Activities Committee 45 Quting Ciuia I, 2, 3. -iz Psyfiioiogy Ciuin 23 Deanvs List 2, 53 Basiqetimii 1, 2. 5: Soitlioaii l. 23 iioriqey Sporlsiearier 4: Senior Commencement Coinniitler- -I. PRISCILLA N. BROCK Rochester, N. I Yariit Ciuiu Z5 :Xssoc of Xvomen Day Students 1. 2. hilt ig. .-4 L ur:S'CrS G-:xi-1.5 sub -U-+555 'sg-. cs..Q..'Lu.s Q.-.4 wisk is 'ff A L-,'Q,',,, ug haf' gtk 'SIN' 'L-L 51. T ...A 9: .A-0-H x Nam ' -sw 'Q .Mass iei.1'1g1E.d Towns, gggwm, 5 S Iilf Of,N.Hl l Q ' : A Li 'gg-gilor Lv-XS X Paine feircie 2. Trips Dirt-1' ii , Treasurer 4: Granite Varieties l, Niasic anci vomenys Give Ciuiv lp Xviiips, Riciing Ciuio, President 43 Dormitory Vice mis:-J P-?S.Qzsx Nm Q7 i. Nfkifif W Xtptia Xi Della, Qvsidanf 4: Big Sister Committee 5, 4g Btue Circte Q, 5, Vice President 4: 5. C. Ft. I: Granite Varieties 23 Quting Ctub I, 2, 5, 43 1-tt Ctuta, Vice Hrisiilciil 3, pI'A1StllL'llt 4, Cogswett Sctiotarstlip 43 Vatentinc ANN I. BUCIAK Newtauryport, Ntnss, Major: Biotogy Ptii Ntu: S. txt 2, 5, 4: Outing Ctut: I, 2, 5, 4: Ptii Sigma 43 Vwvomcnt Gtee Ctuto Q. A aff my I . J lf, H W piwf' , Ruin M. CARENS ly V ' 'XJ I f Ncwtmuryport,iX'taSS. if fl"-Q., tvtajorz Secretariat Erturation 'tRtivta'tUpsitong Editor 5, 4: Big Sister Committee 5, 4: Granite Varieties 2 Ftastc and Dagger 2: Newman Ctutn 1, 2, preside-iii 5, Vin- Pfxfsiclvvlt Al Prcsirlunl 5: Cottege Cticst Fund 'Committee 5, 4. JUNE N. CARPENTER ttzinipsteaft, N. tt, Rtf'l'H ll, CARRIER Xvinctiester. Ntass. txtajor: Botany Ptii Sigma 3. -1: Psyritiotogy Ctuta 21 Deans List 1. ,IUNE E. CHASE Hittstmoro, N, H. Ftajor: Chemistry mitti Awrmt I, 2, fi. -1l- ttonur Rott I, Q, 5, 4: tntrvrriationnt RC.tEltiOI1S Ctutm 1. Q8 Outing Ctutm I, 5: Psyctmotogy Ctutn 5, 4: THE GRANITE Q. Assoriiiti Ffliior 45 THE NENV PILXRIPSHIRE 2, Sorority lfrtilor 5: Dormitory Vffl 4 ff D ,524 FQYCQ . X fyzibp 'if "Q ' 1 C Q' Xp' . . PnIfR'l'HA I-. CLARK Blahlf-n, F Niajorz English' FHL? and Dial 3, -4: Tl 4: Univrvrsiiy Qvrviicfslra I, 2, 3, -15 Xx'OIHl'f1.S Glu- lflub lg Assoc. ol' Xvomen Day Siuclvnis 1. :X lflJOI'I FZITQII in , . . . I MARION I A. CLARK Kingston N H XX fJITii'll S C 'IUUK llll? 11 IIIIUIIIKIIIOINIEII IQUIQIUOHSK ILIIJ 'L R. JOYE CIAIURCIHLL Vxfcslmorcizinci Dcpot, N. H. ixiajorz Pi'1ysicaiEniuralion Phi Niu, Vice President 3: Big Sister Corniniiivc 2. 3, 4: 4-H Club 1: Outing Club 1, 2, 31 Cogswcu gi'l'l0I3TShiI'J fl: Xvonu-nvs Stucic-ni Govern- mrnl 3, Presiilvnt 4: University Band 2, Cilaiss iiuc'iu'y 2, 3, -4: Class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 All-Star Basiqc-liaaii 3: Class Softball I, 2, 3, inter! house Bowling, Pmadminion, Basin-llmaii, Ping Pongg ixlortur Boarrl 3, Seam! fury 41 Stucicnl Commiltvv on Eciiivziiional Polify 3, 4: fxssoriaicwl Student Organimiions Cornrnillee 4gXVI1o's Xviio 4. BARBARA BI. FLAPP NasI1ua,N.ii. Niajor: Biology Cixi Umegag Big Sister Cnminitive 2. 3, 43 Nvwrnnn Ciuim I. 2, 3, -ig Outing Club 1, 2, 3, -lg Phi Sigma 4. IBEATRICI-Q Cl .ARK Snnfrml, Fiainz- Najorz BIfliI10i'T'IiliifS .Xipim fiiii CjI'lli'f,1i1I Big Sislvr Cmnniilloc 2, li 5. CJ lg Ollllrig Kimi: 5 I, 2: Dvzuirr l.isi I. fig fxivli Air I film' llcxlmlriRiilQC3Uf'I1iTliiit'l'. QU H1 lily ll: NI, 'XRCfXRliT COBURN Tyngslyoro, Blass. Major: English up fluling Cluln l, 2, 5, 4: MARILYN If CULBX' I hllslmro, N. H. MARY LOUISE COL! Sprifmfivlnl, Yi. Major: Uusinvss.xrlnmirxislmliu R Q N1 I 7 3 I Honorary Er'onrmn1ic's Srmriviy Q J 4 X 1 1 ,XNITIZ i. 2: Tl Hi NEW' IIAXNP ll T 7 r I IC r I V 3, 4: XVom4-nl Clce Club 1. 2 3 P1Gamma 'lrwn fer rom C nlcnary Junlorf ,II gc P f 'X 1 X . Q.. Fl. 5. Vive aplwu Della: f. xl. PII' ICIQI EDITH V. COSTLEY Xvimllxam, N. H. lxlajor: Social Science mittee 4. DORIS A. CRANE llillslaoro, N. H. Major: Languages I, 2. 31 fildr5iI'?ll Clulm 33 4-ll Clulu 3: Psyvlmlogy filulu l. if -1: Sociology Club 4: Collcgv Cliest ljunrl Coin- if , f?.fi7f Jf'-ai' . QM N. CII.'XRI-U'I4'I'li D. CfC7NOYliR ,537 0,r"D 3 Durham, N. It lxlujorz History Classical Club 53 Folio Clulb 55 lnivrnaiinnnl Rr-lations Clulm -1: Pi Curnma Blu -1gStuclcntCo1urnittoo on Ezliifatiomxl Poli' y, Cliairmnn 4. NORDLX E. CfORIiY lvlancliestcr, N. H. Plajor: Gcrrnun German Clula 4: Lamlnilu lli -1. PATRICIA J. COSTIN Norlli Xvalpoli-, N. l l. Major: Home lfvnnomim s lxlaslq ancl Dagger 41 Sturlr-nt Xvar rxxrlivilicfs Commit! mics Clulm -1, 'J ODD 'I RI 'TI I P. I DAVIS XII-rm-rIlIlI, Ixlajor: Englisli Iiig SMI-r QXIIIIIIIIIIIPP 2: Claim aI CILIIJ 5: l:r4IrIr'II CILIII I: l. '31 I9IIiIiaIIpa IJIII-I:PsyIII1IIrIgyfNIl1I1 21XXl0II1I'Yl,ic:IC'Ccjllllh I IiI-I7AISIiTII DIINIICK Izzracllqorcl, Vt. Flajnrz II. E. T. P. Pu I.aIIIIIrIa -I: IIoIIIc lfronomics Club, Prcsicleni 4: Dormitory Ilousc Coun- cll -I: Ilrvsiclc-IIIIIII Inaugural In-a II: IHIIIYIPI lrom Qrccnc Plouulain .Iuruur Collvgc. 5I:XR.IORIE .I. DOIAN FIancIIeslr:r, N. H. Flajorz S0rgioIogy 7 'xlplia Kappa Delia Q, 3, Vice lrvsidvni 4: Classical Clulz 4: Ouling CILIII 2, 5: XV. A. A. 1. 4. 52 Big Sister CoIImIitieo 53 RUIII A. CRIQSSI BIQIIPOIII, N. II. blajorz Srvfirviarial S. C, BI. 4: Xvomvuls KIII Ivall 1.15. T. ANNE IJJXI 'IQXS NasI1ua,N.I'I. Blajorz I.ZIIlQUZ1glt'S I Ijuig Sisif-r COIIIIUIIICC '51 Classical CIIIII 3: FI'IIlIf'I1 CIIIIII I, Q, 35 U f CI I ' Lslllll I. 2, 5: Ixlasli aIIcI Dagger 55 Outing IIII I 1- lIIIvI-Isily l II I 'I .J XIII 1IIrfIIiII III III III I. 1. '31 XXYOITICHIS CIN Clulu , -, 'g . II ugw 7 -5 .II .Inv Ia I: PIII l.i'lIT'IIJfIil PIII 5. 5, 4, Caiminet 5, 45 4-H Ciuin 1, 2, 3. 4: Yaciil Ciuiu 2, 5, .W M H ESTHER S. nieigw bnion, N. ii. f ixiajor: Qccupationat Tiierapy I Tileta Upsiiong Big Sister Committee 2, 33 Blue Circle 2, 3, Svcretciiy 45 C. M. 1, 2, 5, Vice-President 4: Outing Ciuia 1, Q, 3, 43 Psychology Ciuix Q3 Cogsweii Sciioiarsilip 45 THE fiR1XNiTE ig Xvomc-rr's Stucient Government 4: Univcrsity Banri 21 University Orriar-stra I: Pmasiqettvaii I: Soitixati 23 Tennis Team l, 2, 35 Ski Tvam 1, 2: XVIWOVS Xytio 43 Student Committee on Educational Poiicy 4: Stucivnt Xvar rxciiviiivs Cornmiitee 5, 4: Niortar Boarfi, Vice lll'l'SiLIPI1i 4. ' Sl. ,lEANlfl"i'Ii IJUBE Conway, N. ii. Pi Lamiuria Sigma,Pi'vsiclv11i 43 Newman iiiuin. ROSAMQND iiCKIifiiLlD'I' Fitcimtaurg, Mass. Biaior: Frencim MARGARET C. EDCERLY Pittsiieici. N. H. ixiaiorz H. E. T. P. 43 Psi Lamiaria 4. MARCIA L. EDNVARDS Antrim. H. Major: Business Aciministralion 2, 55 Sanlortl, lxlaimr lxlajorz Biology DORICE. F. l.fl.KlNS llampton Falls, N. H. lVlajor: H. E. T. P. :Xlplizi Clii Gmegap Big Sister Committee 2, 5: Pan lla-llvnic 5. Ili il nt l Plii lxuppa Plii -lg Xvornenls Nuclcnt fiovvrrimiirii 3, Viva l'1 if nt 1 florlar Hoiirrl 5, -I: Xxvliols Xvlio -lg fxogsxvwll Srliolfirsliip -4: l lirnsn Councillor 3: Siurlcnt Commilli-iz on li1clur'ational llolivy 53 llmxcr Fliiclcrit Lomnrittec on lfclucational l'olic'y 5: llsi l.EllTllD4lLl 3 1 FAITH E. ILMERY ljlii lxlug German Club 13 Lens and Sliuttf-r 23 Outing Clulw I 5 4 Yacht Clula 15 Class Softball 2. MARIAN H. ERLANDFON Malden, Mass. lxlaiort Social Service Transfer from Given Mountain Junior College: Alplia Kappa Delta 5, 4, MABEL M. FARR Salem Depot, N. H. Major: Zoology PI1iSigma 5, 4: Womcn's Cleo Club 1. GLENNA S. FERRIS Springvalc, Maine Major: Secretarial Clii Omega: Guling Clula I, 2, 5, 4: rl-HE GRiAxNl-l-E Q1 Vxromens Cleo Club 2. 5-4 Iii . islf-r unirniiim' I: ixvwninn I Iuim I, -, J, 4: OLIIIIIQ Ciuiu I. .. 3. I 1 r J 1 I Iiviiring ciillil I: Sluiivni finminiiiir-c' on IQIIIIVFIIIOIIFII Poiimiy -I: University iii I.-imimria Sigrnfi: gxssm, oi Xxvrmnivn Day giuric-1115 I, 3 -I: Ni-wnwn Ciuiy .1 '1 fp-. 11 f J ,J AGNES S. FITCH Vviilnington. Vt. Major: Engiisii VIIIIOIII YUpsiIon: Big Sister Committee 2, 5: S. C. Iwi. 2, 5, 4: Pan Iioiif-nic 3. -1, frcuszmfr 4, Sciioiastic Honors 1: Vv'omcn's Giee Ciuin Q5 Senior Constituilion Commilic-0. DOROTHY FITTS DurI1am,N.II. Major: II. E. T. P. Kappa D1-Ita, Vice Prcuident Q, President 5, 4: Arson. of XVomr-n Day Siu- fim-nis 2: Puig Sisier Committee 3: S, C. Fi. I, 2. 5. -I: Yairiit Ciuiz 3, 4, Xyomf-n's Give- Ciuiu 5: XV. A. A. I. Q, 5, -I: Us-anis I, 2, 5. 4: Cogwvii gviioiarsiiip 35 Psi I.amIJcia 3, V1wI'0USlH'L'l' I: Iionxf- Eronomics fiuim I, 2, 5, -I: Omviia Ciuid I. 2, NAXINE FLANDERF Nanciicslcr, N. Ii. ixiajorz Engiisii Bing Sisicr Commiticc Ig iXIii4e anci Daii I: Ouiing Ciuiw 1pYavIil Ciuia I. Q ANNE E. FLYNN NOW SITiyI'Hil -BCZIFII, ixinjor: Pro-Ivicriicai Sigma 5. I iw lu-fiiiuril -I: Isyriioiogy fini: 3. -I: University Orriiesira Nurivni I iuiimillc-1' on i'.ci1ir'uIinr1zxiPoiiry -I. I.Oi,II5I'. 5. I'I NNN I, Q: Outing Iiiuii 1: Pan I Iviivnii 3: Xxvornz-iiis Give Ciuin 2. 33 ww ' ' I W. I E 1 .IEIIXN IfOL'LKRUID IJIITIIIIITI, I FIexjfvr: I'x.np1I.u IJvIl.11 5. I., FI. I. 1, -I: Oulmg CIUI: I: Pun IIvIIc-nic 5, 'IL NYIIFIII IXIHIJ 5 -I: XXIUYIIUIIIS CIM- CNIIIID l, 2, 53 Il"ItC'I'I10lISC AIIWIQIRS 2, 5, 4: PQI I.amIarIa1g I Iumu Iifonomiws CIuIJ. I If! I I'ALII-INI-Q I.. FOL'RNIIiR I II Il, XYI1ilc-II4-IcI,N. II. W C V47 I I I' I FIIIIM: Hlslory J Nm-wrnan f.IuIJ I, 2 5. -IE SrI10Iz1fIir' I'Irmori I: XXIOITIOTIIS SIurIvnI Cowlrn- mr-nt -I: XYor111frx's1IIIc0 CIUIJ lx I'i Uzxmmu NIU -I: Dormitory l7I'f'SIfll'I'I,f 4. INYVI' I7 FIQII7 ,.. . . II1rmmI4IiIw Vai: IX Ifxjnr: Pfy'f'IWOIoQx' I'rr-nv I1 CIuIq I: CJOIIIILIII QIHII -I: IIsyz7I10IrmQy fIIuIm 43 SL'ImI:1sIim' IIonms I 1, '52VI-I'?1l'lSIIf'I'fIIlII1fxZlITlI?I'III A W' I. CAROLYN Ii. FOI.I:QY Dow-r, N. II, BIaj0r: Som'iaISc'rx'if'0 Jxsgoci of Xxvoruvn Day SIllfIE'l"lI5 I. 2, 5. 'Iz S4'I10IurlI4' IIrrn0rS 2, 3: Sw'ioI0gy LIIIID 5, 4: XX'vUl'Il1'I1-S SILIIICHI fIm's-1111114-nl 3, -I: XXI0ITlC'1'1,S CI00 f,IuIx lg XY. xx. .X 1, 2, 33 Ili Gamma Mu 3, I,l'l'SIfIl'fII fli 5IufIr-nt XVJU Artivities C ummillw-. CAROLYN A. FOLSUNI ArIinglon, IXIass. Major: EngIisI1 cming club 1, 2, 5, THE c3R.IxNI'rI1 1, Qg 'I'I ni Nm' II.'XNI'SIIIIQF 1,fZ. gf- ,Iunior ffoIIvg0. QIMIMW I 1 76 ,LP I I L Xtptra Kappa Uvttzi 3. fl: ifrenctw Ctutq I: Newman Ctllh 1, 2, 5, 43 Psychot- Xtpira Cixi Omega, Virfsicltlnf: ixtortar Boarci 5. 4, Secreiuryp S, C. 31. 5, 41 ELIZABETI I il. GIES Newton, Conn. txtajorz Psyctrotogy Club 5, 4: NV. A. A. 5, 41 Student Committee on Ecturationat Poticy 41 Dormitory burial Clmirrnmr. MARIAN A. CORD IAN Durham. N. H. Ixtajorz Engiiftm cient 33 Newman Ctutn 1, Q, 3: Uuting Cftuta 1, 5: THE GRANITE. ftciivilies Ediior 43 THE NEVV ttr5x1XttJSt1tRE. Norm lfitiior 1, Erlitowin- Chief 41 UNH News, Associaio ffutitor 2: tnivrnationai Rc-tations Club 43 Coitege Chest Fund Committee 33 Dramatifs 1. 2. 55 Student Representa- tive on Boarct of Directors for Ame-rirans Unilmt for XVortrt Organization -13 Dante fitlltl 2. SYLVIA L. CRAIJAFI Bietiruen, Blass. Ftajori Zooiogy S. C. Ft. tg Quting Ctuta 1: Phi Sigma rl: XY. .X N. 1. 2 3 1 tft.1.EN C. CRL-XZ1ANt San Pedro, Calif. Fiaior: 5or'ia1SQrViCo y fslutm Z. 3: ,ttttf Ntfxx' l'I.'X3lPStIIRE 1: Nvomenls Gtee Ctutx 1. DOROTI IY R. CUNTI IER Drarut, Ftass. . CTHIJIJCHFXLi1lOtVQNxXvI'lOyS Nvtio 4. 57 Transfer from Denison Univcrsityy Big Sister Committee 5, 43 Psyctuoiogy Pi Lambda Sigma, Hisloriun 23 Ixtitcc anrt Diat, Pubiiriiiy Director Q, Presi- Im .I.XCQl.'IiI.INIi V. I:I.'XI.I..XIJ ,f f XY I IiIIsImoro, N. I I. SpzmifI1 Ouling fiIuIx I, 2: ScI10Ias1ic Honors I I XII1Iel1n'iI 7 3 'I IIXTTIE If. II Cornish BIQ1j0r: ARRINKTION ,N H. II I7 'I' I' N I NI I I J III fI11I1 I '7 J. Vim' I71'I'f11I1'11I -Ig IJIII I.f1mIJrI11 III11 5.1: I I4r11w I'.c 111111111111 I IL If. I5IiYIiRI,Y I I.'XR'I4I'f IIUIINIYIOIIIII, N, II. IXI11jrxrt I,Jir1Iogy Aism. 1vIXY111111'11 may iIlIIII'I1IS I 2 3 'I. RAC! IliI. I IIiIf'I'IiR5I.XN FI11m'I1f-sir-r, N. II. N In jul" 5r1r'1uIr1gjx' IIIFI Ixrlppn III-Il.1 5. I: IIig SisIf'1' fxr1111111iIIr-1- 3. fI' CWIPFIIIIIII fNI11Iw I L, AI1 RI:-r1rvmI1 Srmvivly I. J 3: IXIIIQ- .111cI I3i11I I: fI11li11g CIIIIII I. l: Ily1I1-Iluuy KIIIIH 3: 5r'I1oII1fl11' IIflIIflIr 3 I: 5rmr'IoIof,1v KVIIIII 3, 'I: VIQIIII 1 lg IIII'. IXI'.XX II.XNII'5IIIIQI'. I. J. IIIIII-I CIIIII 1. 51-I-111111111 1 3 I, IiXI'I'llIIX'1' fNu111111iII1-4: 3. l:I'iU:1mmz1 IxIll'I. U NUM,-X IQ. IIIIQSCNII IIUSIMH IXIIIH. IXIf1j111': I'1ru1m1111rw 11SIc-rI1'1m111 II:11nImrnIgv ,I11m111-IEIIII-gf-1 IIIIII-I C-IIIIH, Svrrm-Iuzy 5. lI1'm11Iw11! . , . . . I I11I1-r11z1I1u11:1I IIc'Iz1l1u11s I IuIm I3 IXIurI11r IIJ1mrcI -I: CJUIIIIQ I IllIb -I: I,I1i Ix11111 IIIII I II1 I XI11 I X II C1111 I rI1 lun N I14I 1 IIII I J D vs ' : ' vsu111111a1. 31. . 'v1-.1'1 ,r I.1f'1-: IJCJIII s I.ifl 5. -I: NIAX' Blzsillvsf ixfrlllmlglwr' II11i- Xtlsily IQ:-Iigimns INHIIIIVII 3: XYI1rm's XVIN1 fl: SIIIIIQDI-ITm:11IIy SOCIIII 5l.'IOIl1'i' Icrum f4m1111111llr'c- I: I . 5. II. cUIIlIlIIII1'I' -I: f11Il111:1I fI1J11r111n11 yxsmv. 0111011 Sl114Ir'11IS I: SI11rI4-11l fNrm111111ill1-1- 011 IirI11f'11Ii0naI PoIiFy, St!l,'l'I'IIlIj' -I lullfg- I In-bl I 1111rII u1111111Il4'm- I1I71wl114'I1f up z. 38 ' w 1Im 2 5.fI3fI111x1Iz1f IuIm I. ,4fff"f'fff-Qiffl N. ELiZABii'i'i1 How M Hanover, N. H. Major: Music S, C. NI. 1: Sftiotastic Honors lt Univorsity Ctioir -I: Univvrwty Orftivstra l. 2. 3, 4: XX omcns Give Club 1. 2, -I: Sturli-nl Commitlvv on Educa- tionat Policy. ESTELLA E. IalUBl-MIQID Exvtvr. N, twajorz Ilklory H153 Fiftcr f OIIIIXIIHUU 2: Irilio Qluiv 2 J. ft: C lmeifzil Klulw l. 3 4: Flay Dany' Pagvanl J: 5lilw ami mial 1. 2: f5uting fglulu I: lit-ans list I: lg Yziralit Club I: Xxvuiiiviis Kilt-p Cxluly 13 xxtlilvlirs 5. ARDELIA I llfrtifwl HNF Neirosv. Mais. lxiajor: Biology Theta Upsiiong Big Sistc-r Committcc' 5, -1: Win- fxirvlf- J. illwcisiirvi' 5. Pnifimlcnt -1: Cjuling Club l, 2, 5, 4: Phi Sigma 5, Il: Sorority Editor 43 Xvomcnys film-c Club I J: Ftxi 'l'f'.iin I. ETHEI- FI. INNIAIS Franklin, N. H. ixtajorz Secretarial Chi Omega: Big Sister fsommittvo 43 Outing Club 2, 4g Pan Hellenic 5 4. VER,-X XV. JACKSON Fatt River, iwass. ixtajorz Social Service Theta Upsitonz Alpha Kappa Delta 5. 4: Outing Club l, 23 Psychology Club 2, Sc-cretury 3, 43 Xxfomcnys Gtee Club 4. 59 PAUJJNE A. JAMHSON Canaan, N. II. lxlajorz History I 4-ll Clulv 1, 2, 5, Secretory 4: Cogswell gvlmlnrslwip Pi Cuninia Flu 5 Vice Presiulcnl 4, lnternatiorml Rm-lations fxlulz I. ELEANOR L, JIiXNli'I"l' Gloucester, lvlnss blajorz Serra-larial Sci:-rim' Plii Flu: Big Sister Committee 4: Quting filula 1, 2. 5: 'I'I Ili fJR.XNl'l'l'. Businr-ss AIKIIIUQUI' 4g University Band 1: Vxloiiwnvs Oli-it fqlulw 1, 2. 5. GRACE Ii, JOHNSON Nlanclieste-r, N. H. fxlajor: Rf-rrcaiion Kappa 'Dcliaz S, ff. Nl. I 2, 5. 4: 4-H Clulx, Sovial Clmirmun l, 2, 4, President 53 Softball I: Fic-lvl llomilwy 5: Home Economics Club 1, 2, 5 4: Canlvrlwury Cluln 5, Secretary 4: Dmmatics 4. MARGARI-fl' JOHNSON Xvinvlwster, N. ll. Nlajor: ll. E. T. P. Kappa Delta, Treasurer 5, 4: S. C. N. 2, 5. 4: NV. A, A. 1. 2, 5, 4: Uni- versity Clioir 2, 5: Vvomenvs Glee Clulm 1: Home Economics Club l, 2, 5, 4, Seureimy 5: Qmvila Cluln 1: Psi lnmlscla 4. MARION J.. JOHNSON Durliam, N. H, 1 lxlajor: lnst. Administration Plli Nlug Big Sister Committee -I: S. C. 51. 1, 2: Outing Clulm 1: Pan Hellenic 5, 4: Dean's List l, 2: Tllli GRANVFE, Organization Editor 4: VVomen's Glce Club l, 2: Psi Lamlncla 4: Home Economics Clulm 2, 5, 4. 40 ' ,rx fr' ..t . ,v f .1 1' f -wr P Lf fi' MILIDRED 1... .noi msox Iconcorri, N. i'I. Ixiajorr I'IospiiaI Diets-tics I, 2, 53 Psi I.amIJria 5. VIRGINIA I.-. .IOHNSUN NOI'i!iNX'0OCI IVUTIOXYS, I5.XRI5AR.AX .IONFQS Newton Ci-nlvr, 5Ia5s. ANNA KARANIKAS Cniistown, N. I'I. Ixiujorz EngIisIw Big Sister Committee 2, 5, 4: S. C. N. I, 43 Debating Ciuia 11 Mask and Dagger 43 IVIiIcc: ami DiaI 1, 2, President 5, Technical Director 41 Quting Citrix fl: SctI1oIastiC IIonors I, lp THE NEVV HAIVIPSIIIRE 1, fxinnoging Ifrlilur 41 Xvomvns Student Government 43 Vvomcnys Giee CIuIJ 1: LI, N. I'I. Nc-ws. Circulation Alimager and Exciicmgv Editor 5: Mortar Board. Vin- Prcsicicni A13 XxXrI'10,S XVIWO 4: Dormitory President 45 Internationai Re-Izitions CIUIJ I, Q, Vin' President, Treasurer -ip Siuricnt Government Irlnnro Committee -1. BARBARA E. KATZINIAN CIzircrmoni, N. II. Niaiorz Economics Big Sister Commilivv 45 Fir-nornii Sorivly 1, 2: THE GRANITE 4g THE NIQXN' HAIVIPSIIIRE 1, XVIIVIIL CIuI3 5, -I: Pi Gamma Mu 5, 4, Prvsicfefnt 5: CoIIQgv Cl1CStlTUI"llI Committee 5. 41 'Iwiiola UpsiIon: Big Sister Committee 5: S. C. INI. I, 2, 55 Quting Ciuiy I, 2: University Orciiesim I. 2. 5: Xvorne-nys Give- f5IuIJ 11 XY, A, A 'f muff 44.659, QL , Lv-1 ..7fQ- fm' 5 r IfI,I5ANOR C. KNOVv'LTON II11rnsiuurI,N. II. IXIajor: SoviaI Servifc' ii Omcgag gXIpIm Kappa DrIIn 2, 5: Assoc. OI Xvomcn Day 5lucIcni5 135. ff. 51.3. University Qrfhcslra I, 2, 5: Ifusc' c liI-IXABE'I'II C. KNOXVLTON Barnslvzrd, N. H. BIajor: I7mcterioIogy CIN Omega: S. C. N. 5: University Qrchcstra 1,15 MARC.-XRIYI' A. KURTZ Exelcr, N. H. Major: SecreIariaI 42 VIRGINIA F. KENDRICK HiIIsIJor0. N. I'I. EDITH N. KING SaImon I7nIIs. N, II. IXIaj0r: I'Iospili1I I,Jic'if'Iim's ,Qsv .,' lsr' 'g av I l1"4'iSS I , ui .r- Y C XI I 5 I Q0 WPII QcI1oIrirIip 5 X1 Iii fIuIm 5 -1 Iii i Ii Ilorlwy Q, 53 Radmirilon CIuIo 25 Psi I.nmIxIa 5, Swii-Iui'v 4- II in- I'4'o I I I ilu Iwirlnx 3 fir rife nl I Nliil nl nomifs Q.IuI1 1, 2. 5, -ig QZ1I1fCfIJlIfX'CfIl , 5 1, "I " ' Committee on.EcIur:iiIifmaI Pfrli. y -I. AI, cf' Y ROSALIE E. LAMO'l'lIIi Arlington, Mass. Nlajor: Secretarial 1, 2, 5. -1: Outing Club 15 Pan llc-llc-nic, Presifli-nt 4: Psychology Club 5 Tl IE GRANl'lqE 4: University flwoir 5: XYOmr'n's Glee Cluln 1. EVELYN R. LARABA Nlanclinslcr, N. ll. lxlajorz Pulylicily S. C. Nl. 1. 2. 5, 4: Outing Cluln 1: 'lql IE Nlixx' ll.XNlPSHlRE I, 2, 5 Xvome-n Ulm' lflulv l. MARY J. MACCLEAYIQ Hanson, Mass. Flajor: Social Service Transfer from Sliiflmorc College: Alplia Kappa llclln 4: XV. A. fx. 5, 4. JANET MACFARLANE Nancl1ester,N. H. lklajorz German German Clulv, Sccrclury 4: Outing Club 1: Cogswell Sclwlarsliip 5: Lambda Pi 4. BARBARA I. MACKAY lxlclliuen, Blass, Major: Occupational Tlierapy Alplia Clii Gmega: Quting Club 1, 2: Fencing Club 1: Ricling Club 4: Draniaiivs 1, 2, 4: Uccupalional rl-lierapyfcluli 4. 45 Alplm Xi Delta, 7'l'l'I1SllT0l'j Big Sisir-r Commillvc- 2, 5. 4: Newman Club i Assoc. of VV'omcn Day Students 1, 2, 5, 45 Newman CIuI9 5. 4. S. C. M. 1, 2, 5, 4: Outing CIuIm I, Q3 XVomen's GIce CIuIm 1, Q3 Bad- minton CIuIw 23 Home Economirs CIuI'J I, Q, 5, 4, Vice President 51 Psi PI1iIVlu: S. C. INI. 1, MARY K. IVICKERNAN BEVERLY A. IVIERRIIL RUFIIII C. FILXYO DuiI1am,N. II. Major: History PIU Kappa Phi 43 Pi Gamma Nu 3, -1g Transfer from IVIiiIcIIe-Inury CoIIege C-LADYS I. INIQCRONE ' Dover, N. I I. IX'Iajor: Botany 5, -lg Xvomenl GIee CIUIJ 1: IIor3Iqcy 1,2, 5: I7JasIcvIIJaII I, 2, 5. Dover, N. I'I. Major: SccretariaI I Ianovcr, N. H. IVIajor: I IospitaI Dietetics Lambda 4. RITA N. IYIITCHELL XVOorI5viII6', Major: EngIisI1 2, Outing CIuIm 1, Q5 Pan IIcIIonic 2. 31 XVomen's GI:-0 CIUIJ I. Q, 5, 4. 44 Assoc. of Vfomon Day Stuclcnts 1: S. C. IVI. Ig Quting CIuIm I: PIN Sigm GLORIA A. MONROE Rochester, N. H. MARY A. MURFI IIE Dover, N. H. Major: Hospitat Dirtr-lirs Co-op 1. GRACE Ii. INlL'RI'I IY Xvosttictd, N. J, Ntajorz Secretariat ictli Gmega: Committee on Defense 33 Outing Ctutn tiX'til.YN I-. NORTON Rottinstorct. N, tt. Ftajor: ttospitat Dir-tc-tics Assoc. of Vfomen Day Sturtc-nts t, 2. 5, 4: Psi Lamtarta 3, 41 Commute-rys fo-op l. NORBIA J. O'DOXX'D Ixtanctweslcr, N, H. Ftajrmrz Socrvtariat Granite Variz-ties I: Mask ami Daggc-r Q. 4: Nc-wman Ctutn 1, 2, 5, Execu- tive Counrit 41 Outilig fitutm l: Vt-t 23 SHIRE Q21 Yactxt fftutm I: Univvrsity Ctioir 3: Vxfomcrfs Gtce Ctutu Q tntc-rtiousv Ping Pong I 2, -4: tnlt-rtiousc Tennis 2, 33 Civit Air Patrol 4 Assoc, of Xvonmn Day Students 1, 2, 5, 41 Psi tamta 3, 4: Commutufs 1, 2, 4, Pc-pfats 2. -1. 0502 pf, 1-1114 3-'KT kfdfl' 19.4. Wh? 45 Ztwvs ou!-s Z 'C 0031-vw-N WC., 0l""m-0' Alplia Xi Delta: Bi S. CM lllii Kappa .HZXN lf. PARKER lxlerllmril, lxlass. Fliljllfi llnglisld Outing fvluli 1. 2. KATHRYN I J. PEARCE Eclgewoocl, R. l. Flajor: Art g Sister Committee Q, 5, 4: Outing Club tlellenic 2: Baslcetlaall 1, 4. DOROTHY E. PEASLEE Pittslielcl, N. H. lxlajorz Education . 1, 2: Plii Kappa Plii 4: Psycliology Club 2. 46 MARY E. ONEIL Dedham, Nlassarliusetts lxlajorz Pliysical lfrlucation rxlplia Clii Omegag Big Sister Committee Q, 3, -1: Newman Clulm 1 Vice President 3, Prcsitfcnt A11 Outing Clulv 1, -lg Dvarils l, 33 XX Oman Student Government, Vice President 43 University llziml lg Bas el a I 2, 5, 4: Hoclcey lwanager 53 All Star Pmsketlaall Vlqc-am -1: U. S. U Q mitteeg College Cticst Fuml fiommittev Siirrf-l1iv'y, BEVERLY PARKER Neecllaam, Blass. lxlajor: Education Alpha Xi Delta: Big Sister Committee 2, 5: S. C, N. lg Outing Clul 1 2 Phi 5g Deanys List 112. 5i Xvoxncnvs filer' Clula 1 1, 2: Pan X X n"J- . Q Y ' ,A 9, , ,A , fu, 2 1 . QQ-ff W 1 In 5 xmlav IEQPICKARD Sf-f1ImmL Beach, N. H. W Mayor: Spanish mn' f-1-J ous vc- . 1- z s 'wg -an s RUTH PIPER Rf-mling lxlass. Q1 1f,w"vux' :,. ,.. Q: mn 4-1-J' 1'.1 Q Imnsfcr fro? lmsley f,1UHv,QO. Canwhrirlgv. NPNYINFIH Club 7 I: XY. X X J 4, , ,IACQUELYN V. PERVIYAI, Hampton PJCRCPHIIY. H. Nfajor: lfflllratirm vnior Class 8011511 Commille-L--1: fsarniwnl QlIf'I'I1vS.XiCIQ'1 C-XROLYN J, PHIIHPF Qlnrvmonl. N. H. lwaior: IIflIHl'IZf'0I1UIUi1', Hu-ln Upsilong Big Sislvr Cimmnmillw 5 -1: Hmm- lfrononmifg Cwlulw I Outing Club 1, 2, 33 Psyrllology Cilulm 2. 5 -1. Tl Ili UN.XNlbl4If 2 MARY V. PHILLIPS Hopewell lunflion, N, Y. Ixfajorz IX'IalI'1c'mativs Theta Upsdong Ouling Club 1.2. 3qYm'lmtCl11l,3. .,fs avgwv H1 l I I ll H: I-In-rn I1 1 lub I1 clt'IIll0.H Cluln -1: Nownmn I, Q, 3 4 nil f x ll N Ixollrlllg llc 'JL VN X X I 7 J 4 I ml lx Pi, Prwsivfwlxl -4. Sllulf-nl Cfwnmllmiiir-4' on Iirlurnlional Prmlify Al. man Qkillllfi 1qi71llIIII11l'K' I, Q3 'l'I GRAN' II 7 -lf' Assoc. of Vxvomcn Day Slmlc-nls 1, 2, 5, '13 Nc-wman Club Q, 51 XY, .X ,X Pfvllmm, N. H. Blajor: History lnln-rnalional Re-lalioni Club: Dan: f- fxl LUNVILDA N. PIACY Colvlvrook, H, Blajorz Uomc- Economn 5. C , NI. l, 23 Dc-hating Club Ig xxlfxlvtirs 1, Q, 5, al: P Economics Club 3, 4. BERNICE I.. PI.ACEN'l'INEi 'i l.amIJrIa -13 H0 NOREEN A. RAY Xxyilcler, Yi. Major: Sofial Svrvicc Pi Immlnla SIQIIHII .Nlpfm kappa Dc-lla, 5. Al. llrvsicfcnf 3: Big Sister Com- millm' 2: Nrxwrnan fwlulm I. J. 3. 43 Cjllliflll Club 1, 2. 3: Xxrnmf-n'5 Glsw fxlulm 1. 2: Slurlvnl lsarxllly Commillvv un Sofizxlgcaiz-1114-3. xx ROl'ml'.R'lNA A. Rl'.DDl'4N Dover, N. H. I,2,3,4:F1vlfl Horkc-y 53 Baskvllxau 55 Danfc Club 5. SYISII. G. RENXNICK f,vHcr?11x'1Hc, I I. Major: Sociology Alpha Kappa Della -lg Snriulogy Club Q1 Yacht Club 4: Rirliug Club -l. 48 .NIICTE I.. ROIISINFON IQf1i1IIII1U.BI?ISS. N Injor: I'.nuIi I1 .'XIpIiii IIII-funn-gn: Igig NIJ:-r InrniniIlm-0 2. 5, -I: OLIIIHQ CIuIu I, 1: Xyuiiis-ifs 5luiIi'nI I,Iuwrniii+'r'il -I' 5lncIi-nt Xyar .Niiivitios Cominille-fl 5. II iIr1I I fcII fIi I IiinIf IIN' V1 Pl ICICIII I X CI f l'4'5 I C' ' I I VEC' KN ' I UIHIIII I ui1i1111II0f"I:XXIirns XX Im -I. IIIfI.IfN I.. ROBINSON xIf1l'11'IM'-lvli 5. I . NI. I, 3. -I. Uulinu CIIiiIn: PIU Numa 4: ji'I1oInQIir: IIonors I, 2. 5, -I: I IELEN L. RESFECEL 'IE NIHHCIILESICF, N. II. IXIaj0r: Home Economic Q PIU FIU: Big Sister Committee 4: BIUC CircIc- 5, -I: Granilv Varictivs I Lens and Shutter 21 Outing CILIIQ 1, Q, 5, 4: XVui11e'n's Glu- CIuI'w 1, 2. 5 BARBARA I... RICI1 BIanm Iwslvr. II. bInjor: Businvss zxdminislrzilion S. 45 IXIIIQC and DiaI 5, 4: OLIIIUQ CIUIJ I, 2: IIAFIP SI IIRE 45 Xvomz-n'5 GIW-C'IiiI1 1, l. MARY J. RGBERTS Alum. N. II. bIajor: OCKQILIJZIIIOHHI 'I'I1wmpy 4-H CIUIJ I, 2, 5, -I, Secretary 2. 35 Quling CIuIv -Ig Donnitory I'Iousm COIIINXII 3, 4. I .-wi.-II N IiuIiir Imp 49 JACQUELINE F. ROE Dover, N. ll. lxlajorz Pre-lxlotliml Kssoc. of XVomen Day Stiiclents 1, 2, 5, ll: ljlii Sigma 5, 4. MARY LOU RONISY Cape Elizalnetli, Naiiiitv Major: Zoology Alplia Omicron Pig TIUHSIQPF from Jackson ffollvgv: llrig Sistvr floininiltce 5, fi: Deans l.ist5.1I. ' Af.: In ff f ' 1 l Ol-YlYlPlA SACRIS bf 5 Porlsmoull1,N. l'l. 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H, Btajorz Soviotogy .Xtptm Kappa Dvtta 2, 5: Uniting Ctutm lp Sctxotasiic tto-nors 1, 2, 5: Uni- vc-rgity tftioir 1, 2, 53 Xvomcnts Gtcc Ctutu 5: Stuctvnt Qomnmitioo on tfni- vt-rsxty Poticyp Lituerat Arts Entucationat Poticy Committee: Folio Ctuts. J. MARIE SEUG Gtoucestcr, Nass. Major: Biotogy Pi Lamtocta Sigma, Treasurer 5, 43 Newman Ctutx 2, 5, 41 Ou-ling Ctutm lg Ptwi Sigma 5, Secretary -ig bvtwtastic ttonors l, 4: Xxtoiuen s Ftuttent Gov- ernment 4, Xvoincuts Gtee Ltutn 1: Dormitory Prusittvrzl -1. MARION D. SHEAt IAN Somerswortti, N. H. txtajor: txtusic titturation rxxtptia Dettag Big Sister Committee 21 Btue tfirrtt- 5, S. tt. M, t, l, 5: Granite Yarictics 1: Outing Ctutn 1, 2, 5L Ptxi Kappa Ptmi ,lg tjsycitmotogy Ctuta lg Yactxt Ctut: 1, 23 University Ctioir l, J, 53 ttnivz-rsity Orctu-stra I '7 5 Xian: vr 'V XV 'X Trvtlsiirvr 5- Ntuitar tgoarrt, tl-l'L'USlH'UT' 5, Prusitttinf 45 XX tio s XX two Y: ,M mlttue on tutiitationut t o ' va it 5 i -V Y , rg ,., , i . i N., Q . Q ' Y ' 4 Loviwvtt 54't10tili'StltID 'lg t.itx'r11t Arts Qftllll- I tux P1 111.13 SMRLEY B. SHERXVO fvvfr torccs er, Mass. vfl' if 5. it . ff MJ' ayorz fyc oogy W, 1 S. C. Nt. lg Outing Ctutw 1: Psvrtmotogy Ctutm 5, Presizlcni 43 Deants 5.4:XV.fX,fX. l,Q, 3, 4. , K J .SUZANNE SICKNON Springtictrt, Hass. tvtajorz Engtisti Big Sister Crunrnittcv 2, 5, -lg Btuc Circte 2, 5, Putaticity Dircrtor fig Uu- tnnting Ctuta lg Quting Ctutx I, 2, 5, 4: THE NEXV t'tAtXtPSt'ttRti -I: Ya-'txt Ctutn Q, 5. Vim- Cornnzmlorv 4, Sotttuatt ffunugvr 5: tntertiouse Pmrtrninlon, t5owting, Ping Pong, tunnis, Skating Ctutx 41 Bactminton Ctuta 15 ttomc Economics Ctuta 1. M?"s. 5 l , . N 4 1' ' . . ,M t" , , Q-, Ct tARLOT't'Ii IN I. Stl .VA S0merswortI1, N. II, Ftajorz Pri'-FIerIicraI Pi I.amIxIa Sigma, Vice Prvsiden! 4: tXrc'I'1c-ry Ctmarripion 53 Intf-rm'Insi .'XnIn-ry' 5, 43 Intcrnationat Rr-Iations ffIuIJ 4: IIousrr T11-rmrlw' 31 Itousc lNounwiI I. Q, 3: Dramatics 43 Big Sistf-r Conrrnrtte-v 2. 5. fl: Iituc CirCIv J 3, 1, Song Loader 4: S. C. NI. 13 Gorman CIIUIJ 43 Niki- and Diat 4: Nowman CIuIm 1, Q, 3, 41 Outing Ctutm 1, 2, 5, 43 Srtwnlnstir' IIon0rs 43 'I'l ttf GR.rXNl'l'lf, Businosg Board 4, TI Ili NIYXY IIANPSI HNF, Atl:-airy ing .xlrznrzger -lg Yar:I1tCIuIa 2, 55 Irrtc-rImufo PsoarrI I. ft. NATALIE L. SHALI. GOI'II'1iXI1,3I?til'tC Najor: ,Nrt SrImIastit3 Itonors 5, 4: Ttltj GRrXNI'I4I11 -lp Lvruvvrsitv Un'In-stra 3, -1: XXvUIT1C'I1AS Gttrc QIUIJ 5: Trarwfer from NYQSLIJTUOIQ .Iunior CUIII-go: CarniYaI Committee for Snow Scutpturcs 4: Hornn- Ifwonornin's QNIUI1-fl. ,ANNITA .I. SMITH I.fiXVfCn1f', Ftujor: Music Pmigz Sister Committee 2, 31 Granite: Varieties 13 1xIcnoraI1 Socivty l. 2: THE GRANIYI-If 43 Univ-rsity Choir 1, 2, 5, 4: VNfomvn's GICQ CIUIJ 4: CoIIf'Qc Chest Fund Committee 5, 4. FRANCES B. SMITH Uunvcrs, Mass. Ixtajorz Ixtusic Education '- w . . '. . .- ... ' IIN-ta Lpsrtong Big brstvr Committee 2, 3: S. C. BI, 1, fl, 3, bccrvlury -tg Uronrto Yarivtif-s 1: Psyctrotogy CIUIJ Q: Alumni ScIr0IarsI1ip:: THE UIQ.'XNI'I4I.f .23 University Choir 1, 2, 5: University Orchestra 4g Vforna-nys CIQQ Ctutn 1. IDIS IJ. SOBERS DcLII1nm, Ix'IaSS. Major: Gcotogy t,I1i Mug S. C. N. 1, 21 Uuting CIuIi tg Yacht CIuIJ 2. 52 31.5. IXIRISIQ fInfI Ijflgg ,Qi 'F Qff. LUX .fp A Jw ' KP? A fx. ELAINE F. STILLER I5eImont, Mass. IXIaior: IN'IatI1c'matiCs QuI1ngfRIuI,w -1: I IIIIIWI lfIuIu 5,-1g'I'ransI'erfrom Simmons ARLEAN I. TAYLOR I IouIton, Maine Major: fDcCupaIionuIrI4I1erapy ela LIps1Iong Big Sislvr er 4: IXIiL4 rv, COII HELEN INI. SOBIES MarIzIeI1eacI, Mass. IXIajor: I5ioIogy Guiing IIIuIn 1pSuI1oIasliI: I Ionors -I, 'XIPINIB Kappa DeIIa 5 4' as G0'k5:'s'X ENID L. SORC Xbsgg Nw-s-4 X I7t.I.aucIerrIaIv,ITIn. sgqiygga ygg, W,.'sX':"X Major: SociaI Svrviro ji-sz: 'Q uggl N41 Biff Sister Commille-0 5. I: S. FI. 2, 5. -4: Iurom AICIC 51 Outing CIlrIm IRQ, 5, 43 Psy-I-IIaIagy CILIIJ .Z. 5. 4: Soci0Iogy ww' .W 1, 2, 5, 4: TIIE GRANITE Q: Nvomenys UI1-v CIUIJ I. J. 5, 4: AtI1Ietics 'xugk X545 lg-5 1, Q5 AIpI1a Xi DeIIa 1, 2g CiviI :Xir PaIroI 4. BARBARA D. STACKPOLE I 57 LI-TDS ego. ffwnrmittc-e 5: S. C. IVI. 2: Outing CIUIJ 2, 3, 4: FIanuI1esIc-r. N. I I, 3Iajor: Art 2 amI DiaI 51 OLIIIIIQ LRIUID I, 25 -I-IIE 4: Dance CIQIJ 1.4. xf Lwf K Q' 'IJCALI H R I . :X :X 2, 5, -lg :XII-Flnr I5asLetIJaII If-am 21 0ccupationaI Therapy CIuIJ. 55 I I NN--R Ya. . x-og So-:Rami ya as 'Six' 'sk M QU- 1-ass, Wo NS' 2.12. V lm LC JU I FE TE? IPI-E SIUiiI!lONX'I'1.N.lI. N. yor. I I. 11. l.P. Phi Flu, ll'l'0f1SIlI'L'l' 55 Cliiling fqiuli 2. 3, -lg Umliiiiiiiuii fiuiu ,lz Hemi MARYVALICE THOBIPSC JN Higliloncl Park, N. ,5, Flajor: Orriipnlioiizil 'Hivriipy Xxboini-ii's Simlcnt Governrm-nl 1. l N LXRY TILLSCJN Mirlruvboro, Blass. Nnlnr: Occupational Therapy Ouling CiuiJ1,2.5,4. El-lZAl5liTIiI A. TINKER XVoIfslzoro, N. H. Major: Social Service nu Dc-lla 3. bl l'syr'l1oiogy Club I, 2: Intcrclass Hockey 1, 2: II Iiiicxrvlaiss Hamill-livilll 1, 23 OmX'iia Club 1. Q. NURFIA V. VOLKFIAN Porlsmoutii, N. H. Major: English Transfer from Emerson College: Lens and Sliullcr Club 2, 54 HOIIIIVS Klub 2, 3, -1, Dorm! ffmirnmri gg Psi liiiiiimrln J, -I1 llwsiifiril 1 Plii Mug Big Sislor Comiiiiiivc 2, -I3 miie' Citric 1, 5, Fm-nil flfmirni n 1 Grziiiilu Ynrivlies 1: Binsk ami Daggor 2, 3, 43 Ouling C luln I, 2, J 1 .-. 'I 0 PH. . 4 AIpI1a Chi Omcgng 1XIpI1 TI 6 ka UpsiIon: Big LUIS .l. XVATERIIOIIIFIY .-U .. iemiimb. MM. Oiiliiigf IiiIi I: Pan I'IvIIvnir fl. AI-ICfIi L. XVI-lI5IiR Fr Iivnc-ctacIy, N, Y, IKIaij1ir: IIomc Eronomirs "III Ii. XVIXIJII If H IjLlI'I'13l'T1, N. I I. IXIaijor: I4IOl'l'1UliK0Il0IHI Qi I in 4- I, reiary 2, 3, Vice Prvsiilviil -lg S. Cf. NI, I, 2, Vim' Presi- IIUYII 3, 1l'l'SillOTlf 45 4-II CIHIQ I, 2, 3. fl: fIrwg1sxvvII S4'I'10IZiI'SIlII7j IDL-nn'S I.iSl I I r C-IUIJ I Pi I mI I I II5m ii mi IIIUIJ .. . Q H 4:IX'IortarI'm1mrrI I ELIZABETH A. XVARID Hanover. N. I I. Ivlajor: BioIogy 5. fx. III, 3: Outing fIIuIm I: Phi Sigma AtIiIvtics 1.2, 'S -I NANCY B. XVASSAII Xvorccsier, Mass. IXIajor': EngfIisIx 1 N 1 I. XXHXUX. l. 2. J. -I. AIpIizi CIN Omega: S, CI. III. I: IXIIIW anfI IIi.iI I: Ouiiiig CIIuI1 I3 Us-anvs l,QQXx'0II1l'I1I5 GIccQIiiI1 I, J. 'ig Ibraiinziliw 3. n Ifnpim I3f'IIa 3. 4: Puig Sister Comniillvv 2. 5. -1: SisIvr Commilicc 3, 4: Outing CIUIJ lg Pan IIr'IIrXnir 5g Xvoiric-nqs GIQG CIIII7 I. 2. 55 Q, C XI, Ig I Insw-.II I IuIa Ig I'rr'ncI1 CIUIW I, 2, 3, 43 Cr-rrnan f,IuIw ,lg Psyf:I1uIogy f,IuI3 1, 2, 3. -I: ITem'in,q CIuI3 1, '23 Dance CIUIJ I, 2, -I1 MARION I'. XVESTON Excl:-r, N. I-I. Iwaiorz Inst, ,'XrIminisImIior1 -III CIuIw 33 Psi I.amI3CIag AII Slnr I"i0IrI IIocI4ey 2: AII Star Soft I5aII Q Nu Beta UpsiIon. VIRGINK If. W'III'I'Nl1IY C1rmI1erIanrI Center, IVIainv Ixlaiorz II05pimI Dir-mir Q PIII IXIU: Big SisIvr Committee 3, -4: S. C. FI. I, 1. 3. -I: Outing CIuIu I, 2 -lg PIII Sigma 4: Xvomenys CIW- CIuIu 2: PJasIietIJaII fl: Home Economic cilllll I, 22 Psi I..amI1cIn -Ig Senior CIuss ffmnslilllliorl f'ommiIIr'e. FIsI.XIQI,CYI"I'If B. XVII.I.IANS IJurImm, H. xIninr: FTCHCII KIuIing fNIuIw I 1 L'IlIX'I'ISIIf'l1lill"I4I 1: Omw'iIa CIUIB 1, 2: I.nmI9rIa Pi -I. IDI 'ISE XVILLIANS Ix'I!lI'1ChOStCl", N. II. IxIzxjor: PI1ysicaI I::cIur'aIi0n ITOIIOICIUIJ. INIIXRY U. NVIILIAFIS Exeter, N. H. Major: GcneraI Business I Uuruma IVIU 3, 45 Quling CIuIr 1, 35 Scholastic IIonors Q5 AII1IeIica 1.25. 4. 56 5 PRIFCILLA A. NVINCIWNPJACH South Portlanrl, Maine lxflajor: H. E. T. P. rrI'ilIlSl'l'I' PFOHI Xxr9StlJi'OOli ,lllliilif College. JANET D. XVINN Somerswortlw, N. ll. lvlajorr llistory' MINNIE F. XWTI IAM NOItl1NN'OOfl. N. l l. Flajor: Qrfupntiorml llii-rtipy Occupational 'lqlu-mpy fflulv 4. ELIZABETH S. YOUNG Melrose, Mass. flzijor: Chemistry 'lllic-ta Epsilon, Tr'eusiu'ur 5, -I: Big Sister Committee 2: Oiiting Clulv 13 llc-anis List 1, 21 Xvomc-nys Sturlent Government 1, 2, 5. 4: College Cliest liuncl Committee lg Stuclc-nl Committee on Educational Policy 2g Vfliovs Xvlwo -4: Sm-nior Commencement Committee 4. 57 Psi Lamlnfla 45 llomi- Economics Clulu 4: Pri-siflf-ritial lnaugural Tea 4 Assoc. of Xvomcn Day Students 1: S. fl, I, 2, 3, -lg Frr-ncll German Clulm 5: Kappa Pllig Scholastic llnnorsg XV. fx. A. T. Q, 3 1 L ni c-rsily Clioir 31 C Fl., becrvlury 5. lfxerutive Council Vi. 'nn Club I Q KENNETH :XI .I,IfN NHIIII I I-Irm'ny, II. NI.Iymr: I'I1r'm1-IIN' AIIIIIII I II151gm: T 1. -I IIIIIIIIUI IuI+ 1,1 ,ILII IN If. 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I , IIIIIIII QIIIII I J J I IIIIIMIIIOIII 1 J: LIIIII-IQIIV RI-IIIIIIIIM IIIIIIIIII I I' 4 CII' IIIIIIIIIIIPI' 3 XXVIII' IIIII-NI I'1I.InII C-OIIIIIIIIII-VI' 2 T XXIIIII - XXIIIII I I IYII ,XII IIIIIIIII Ifxv- IIIIYI' OIIGII III III IIIIIIIIII III I Tr xr:II11 Irwm FI. .XIIXIIIIIN RIM I'x.1ppfI Nunn: Xfxxlunm I,IuII 'I' IIIIIIIIQ I1 Ixaxplm QXIIIIILI. IIIIIIIIQ IILII.: I3 I . 5. XX FUIIIVI' III1swrx'z-r I l. I, -I: NL :XI IIXIXNI NCR SAXBC UI, Ilflwf N II. IXIIAIHI' NIVIIIIKIIIIIAI ICIIQIIIVIIIIIU 5. XI. I VI: 311114 41u11nuIrrfI IuIv I Q. IQI3I'vIfIQ'I' IQ, XX'.IXKIi5I.IXN NIIIIM: Nw Immf III I'.mgrr1wrinp. S. BI. If, 3, Smlwfurv. vI'lf'l!SlIl'L'lI I: S. I.. I -I' I7vImIin1J -1Ix I Inmrl QLI r1ixf'rxIlxIIrvIwf-lim I I I ,Ii II IN 'If XX'IfI.VI I. IR. NIAIII Imfwlwr. N. II. XIIWI1: IIl1fImw XfImirxi21mI1-ul I IHIJ ,I IJ1 I m111x11fI XIII I, Ilffr'l1xxI11ryIIuu-uf mm-zIIm'AI, IIIII IIQCI: If XX'lI,I.I.XNIS Nuiu.It+ Nusa XIMUI Xlvlwr-1I+v'W .4,. , 1cIw-III I.uIn-mI QXIIN I -Imm1IIr-ch fm Xxur Ilmc I'.mIm..In1rx 3. 'I' I'u1xwrb1Iy I I1I1I1mIIm' J. ' I .,h I.mur1l.1 N Imrxf IIIIII 5I1uIIf-r I: IHIIIIIIII I IHIU I. VI: N'ImI.,Itu IIUIIUI- I 'J -I I IIIXII' WILLIAM l'l. M. GLAZIER Peterlmorouglm, N. lrl, DONALD KENYON Lalceport, N. l'l. lxlajorz English STANLEY PETRONVSKI Nashua, N. H. HELEN S. WAKEFIELD Salem, N. ll. lvlajor: lVlatl'1ematics Plli lvlu: Big Sister Committee 4: Quling Clulu I: Plwi Kappa Plii 4: llc-anls List 1, Q, 5, 4: University Band l: VV. A. A. I, 2, 5, 4: Baslzetlnall l, Qi Fencing Clula 1: Dance Cluln 1. Q: Dormitory Treasurer 4 fconiinued from Page 255 mum we still found plenty to do. rllliere was a small newspaper, The UNH News, and we liad several dances, all of wlqicli seemecl more lilce Military balls tlien tlie Carnival dance, Commencement and Pan-Hellenic dances, that tliey were called. Wye had made many friends among tlue Aglllys and it was a sad clay wlwen we saw tlwe last of tlwe long green-lurown, undulating lines tliat marclied up and down tlie campus Wallis, 'lllsiere wasnll inuclw left laiit a lot of studying and wistful luopes for tlwe new year coming. We made plans for that year - we lwad to lyring luaclc some of tlwe old so tlwe new could lcnow its way around. Tlwis fall tlie New Hampshire and Granite resumed pulalication, lxlaslq and Dagger got on its feet again and Carvinal was a lnig suc- cess. Xfve again elected class omcers, presi- dent, David Browng vice-president, George Hatclig secretary, lxlary O'Neil: and treas- urer, Sue Siclcmon. Vxfeyve all been active in campus alltairs, putting our very liearts into trying to revive tliat incletinalnle spirit tl1at college luas meant to us tlirougli all tluese try- ing times. Tlie Veterans liave done mucli to aid us in our attempt as laave many of tlie otlier underclassman. lVlany lwave already con- trilxuted muclri to tlie linuilding of a new world - surely tlriey can ancl will malce our college - our alma mater a place tliat will live for all time in tlie liearts of tl'10se wlio liave lcnoxvn lier. CLASS UF 19115 1 THE SEHVIIQE ii1QiL'1'1NC,1S to the memhers ot the C1ass o1' 1945, hut more especia11y to those of the class who have serv ecl and are now serving in the aimed 1'orces o1 the Units-11 States. When your ctass enro11ec1 in the Unix ersity on September 15, 19-11 vvith a tota1 memher- ship of 617 - 390 men and 227 women, it was the targest c1ass of recorcl. 1t was soon to he greatty c1ep1etec1, for after Peart 1'1arhor, December 7, 1941, draft and en1istments ctaimect 509 men and 10 women. Un a1most every 1Jatt1e front are to he founct men of the c1ass. Eteven of your classmates have paic1 the great sacrifice in fu11 and forever. They found Peace in the 1anc1s they fought to tree of ruthtess invadersg one 1anguishes in an enemy prison camp, and four more tost their tives in 1ine of duty in the home1anc1. Of the ten girls, Five joined the XNAVES, four the WACS, and one the 1X'1AR1NEg. There is a pu11 at the heart strings when one thinks of the potentia1 va1ue society has 10st in each of these hne young men as we11 as others in this tand of ours. The answer to the query, UVv'hy shou1d it must he cleterminect hy those uncter arms and we on the home front to see to it that never again shou1c1 the youth of this or any other 1anc1 su11xer the cost and awfulness of another war. So. young friends in the armed forces my prayer is that when your present tas14 is comp1etec1, you may have a safe return to the campus to Finish the joh hegun here. Y fr 64 ELA55 UF 1 9 4 E I.e'rIxxn1'CI, Lunar, Blilcol, Hofrlvn QFFICERS Presicfcnt Elton Kalmar Vice-Prcsirfent Constance Ledxvarcl Sccrelary Frances Nmiol ,lvl'CC'1Sll!'Gl' Plwyuis Holclcn 65 Alvorrl, lvlarjorie F. Nvorcester. Blass. Arnold, Anne, Melrose. Mass, Averill, Pauline R., txoncord, N, l'l. Barron, Natalie F., Somerville. lxlass. Barton. lxlahel K, Alton Beclzley. Carolyn C., Santa Paula, Cal. P1elios,Vasilil:e, lvlanrhester Berger, Pbarlaara F., lvlanchester Bislaee, M. Lee, Vvaitslielcl, Vt. Pblodgott. Beverly, Concord Plothteld. lvlary, Cahot, vt, Bowen, Marilyn l... Lowell, lxlass. Bowley, Betty C., lvlillorcl Bratt, Barbara G., Wcvllesley Farms, Mass. Braun, Eloise R., Syracuse, New Yorlc Brisson, Paul R., Nashua Broolcs, Natalie l.., Portsmouth Brown, Pretty J., Hampton Cass, Evelyn P., Southwiclc, lvlass. Caughey, Vvinslow Antrim Chamberlain, Mary l.., Yvoltehoro Falls Cherin, Alfred B., Belleville, N. J. Clarli, Genevieve, Buffalo, N. Y. Clement. l.uther A., Manchester Cleveland, Jane. Wellesley Hill, Mass. Cline, Herbert S., Boston. Mass. Coolze, Betty-Jeanne, Durham Cooper, E. Jane, Rochester Coparan, Dorothy E., Haverhill, Mass. Crory, Fred J., Durham Cumings, William F.. Troy, N. Y. Curran, Elizabeth J., Portland, Wlaine Daniels. Phyllis R., Gorham Daulcas. T. Anne, Nashua Deming, Elizalieth A.. Cornish Deming, Elsie ld., Vvindsor, Vt. DeQuoy, Paul B., Nashua Dolan, Marjorie J., Manchester Donahue, M. Claire, lawrence, Mass, Donovan. C. Janet, Fitchluu-rg. Mass. Dragon. Alhert, Penacoolc Drolet, Phyllis D. Pittslield Dumont, Doris M., Manchester Elcman, Arline V., Manchester Ellingwood, Edward, lll, Peterborough Fassas, Thomai, Salem Depot Fairhanlc, Rehecca. Suclhury, Mass. Fay, llelen E., Holyolze, Mass. Fenton. C. Fredericla, Jr., Atlcinson Ferguson, Barbara E., St. Albans, Vt. Ferguson, Nancy, Pittslleld Field. VVesley F., Mont Vernon Flanders, Maxine, Manchester Flanders, Ruth l., North Xlveare Foster, l.ois C., Dover Foster, Madeline D., VVoltetzoro Francis, Barbara, Springfield, Mass. French. Bernice Rand. New Castle French, Jean, Fremont Fritz, Janet F., Broolcline, Mass. Fromm, Rohert, Rockville Center, N. Y. Garvin, Mary' E.. Sanlaornville Gawron. Helen D., Chicopee, Blass. Getter, Eleanor, Dumont, N. J. Ginns, Bernice tl., Broolcline, Mass. Goertz, Georgia A., Alton Goodman, Charlotte H., Brighton, Mass. Goodyear, Jean A., Tenally, N. J. Graves, Charles M. Brookline, Mass. Grorlzins, Leon, Springfield, Mass. Hallady, .Jacqueline V., Hillslnorn Hallam, Priscilla J., lvlelrose, lxlass. Ham, Judith A., Tappahannoclc. Va. Hamilton, Dorothy A.. Durham Hamm, Laura E., Reading, Mass. ' Hanson, Alma J., Concord Harding, Barlaara R., Springvale, lvlaine Harney. Lois C., Marhlehead, Mass. llarris, Edith R., Caratunlc, Maine Hayden, Barbara. Pemlarolce Hayden, Barbara Helen, New Castle Heclzer, Ann E., Manchester Hendriclcs, Jaclc R., Wallingford, Conn. Henry, Claude. Camhridge, Mass. tligson, Kenneth J., Middletown, Conn, llilton, Myrtle A.. Keene llodglcins, Ruth Needham, Mass, llolden, Phyllis E., Concord llolland, Lois E., Derby Line, Vt. l lowatt. Charlotte J.. Tenally, N. J. Howe, Rosemary, Broolcline, Mass. Hutchins, Frances VValcel:ield, Kennelzunltport Maine lsacson, Scott D., Malden, Mass. Johnson, Mildred L., Concord Jones, Frangcon ls., Gilsum Kearney, Charles A., Aulnurndale, Mass. Kenevel, Robert G., Boscawen Kildult, Jeanne F., Ameslaury, Mass. Kingsbury, Donald l.., Framingham, Mass Kirlc. Beatrice M., Berlin Klimas, Julie Lawrence, Mass. Kriegel, Alton, Jersey City, N. J., Joan R., Somersworlh l.ahar, Elton B., Concord l.edward, Constance l.., Hancoclc l.yons, Phyllis M.. Manchester Maguire, lxlary E., Nashua lvlaher, Marilyrr Exeter Malsch, Adelyn C., Cranston, R. l. Marden, lvlarie, Newton Marshall, David C., Nashua Nlarvin, Jane E., Deep River, Conn. Mason, Eunice E., North Conway Mazzolini, Mary E., Ranclolph, Vt. Messler, Katharine, Beacon, New Yorl: Meyer, Miriam C., Medford, Mass. Milcol, Frances H., Hartford, Conn. Moody, Olive G., Exeter Moore, Anstes D.. Littleton Morin, Ann N.. Dover Moses. Beverly Ann, Groveton Nevers, Virginia, Vvaterlnury, Conn. Newconler, J., Nceclham, bllass. Newell, Nellie E., Nashua Nourse, Patricia, Norton, Mass. Nye, Dorothy E., Vvestville Parlcer, Ann C., West Swanzey Parlcer, Virginia EH Newport Paulson, Robert E., Concord Peel, Frances A., North Andover, Mass. Phill:-roolc. Elmer L., Chester J Placentine, Bernice Lanclry, Pelham Plummer, Jane, Milton Poclolslcy, Selma. Roxbury, Mass Renwiclr, Sybil Greene, Greenville Revene, Paul J., Brooklyn, N. Y. Rice, Beatrice, Keene Richarcls, Lillian M., Suncoolc Robinson, Mary L., Lancaster Rogers, Barbara D., Broolzline, Mass. Rosotf, Betty J., Monistown. N. J. Ryaclc, Jean, Roxbury. Mass. Salta, Hope, Laconia Schramm, Lieselotte H., Irvington, N, .l. Serliclc. Rita, Portland, Maine Sherman, Diana, New Rochelle, N. Y. Shortell. Elizabeth A., Manchester Siagel, S. Rose, Roxbury, Mass. Silver, Marjorie V., New lpswich Simpson, Allene G., Pbracllord Smith, Rupert W., Wilton ' Sprague, Lila M., Manchester Starlc, Richard l., Ossipee Steacie, Jeanne, Wellesley Hills, lvlass. Sterling, Elinor F., Claremont Stimson, Beryle M., Woodsville Swallield, Millicent R.. Taunton, Mass. Swift, Janet H., Wolfelmoro Taylor, Arlean ll, lloulton, Maine Thomas, James M., Salem Depot Thompson, Barbara A.. Haverhill, Mass. Toussaint, George E., Portsmouth Tower, Margaret K., North Hampton Turcotte, Gloria C., Nashua Turcotte, Richard R., Somersworth Uniaclz. Elizabeth A., Somersworth Xvall, Eclwarcl. Hampton Falls Yveelcs, Dorothy, Rochester Whalen, Marjorie C.. Portlancl, Maine Whitcher, Chester R., VVarren Whittemore, Arianna, Portland, Maine Yvilliams, Mary O., Exeter Willis, Jane C., Broolzline, Mass. Vvinn, Ruth E., Somersworth NVitham, Minnie F., Northwoocl Nvoodwarrl, Elizabeth, Melrose. Mass. Vxlright. Elizabeth A., Nashua Wunderlich, Brigitte Pr., Washington, D. Yogee, Marcia, Portsmouth Zz-linslzy, Shirley P., Manchester C U xf- ,, I L! ,. J 'v ll Inm I 5gwrl'1rlI1 l54'I1HI'H :LX Ill Prcsiffvnl XYfCCAlJI'L'SfllL'lIl 5cc'1'0l1 :rv !l'UllSllI'l'l' 0I7l'4lCIiRS 055 ELAS5 UF 1 9 4 7 Joseph Bennett .lean Firllm Nancy Tuppcr 101111 Hnslmim Abbott, Ruth D., Bethel, Vt. Ahrahams, Dorothy R., Newton. Mass. Alhee, Lee A., Woltehoro Alhcrt, Joyce L., Manchester Alexancler, Nancy D., Brocltton, Mass. Alen, Margaret E., Exeter Allen, lvlillicent D., Fairhaven, hlass. Amey, Maude E., Pittshurg Anclerson, Mary E., Manomet, Mass. Armstrong, Constance M., Plymouth, lvlass. Amo, Gloria E., Errol Ashton. Jean R., West Newton, hlass. , Atwoocl, Priscilla E., Sanhornton Atwoorl, Virginia, VVohurn, lvlass. Balclic, Joyce E., East Haven, Conn. Barlcer, Sally L., Keene Bartlett, Florence. galishury. hlass. Batchelcler, Arlene. Chichester Bates, Carolyn S.. Melrose. Mass. Beaver, Cynthia A.. Vwlaltham, lVlass. Be-ij,.Barhara E., Vtlashington, D. Belcher, l.0uise. Melrose, hlass. tleneclict. Agnes M., Seahrool: Bennett. Joseph tl.. Newmarket tliclctorcl, Eclith l., Rochester llishas. Ancligone. Manchester Blaclzmore, Anclrew J., Jr., Montpelier, Vt. Bratiotis. Kilci, Portsmouth Pmroclericlz, lVlarilyn K., Exeter Brown, Rosahelle F., Hinsclale Brown. William T., Ayer, Mass. Bunnell, Jeannette E., Colehroolc Burgiel. lsahelle B., Xvare, Mass. Burns, lrma lvl., Nasua Pruser, Doris E., Ruthertorrl, N. J. Pmushway, Marjorie E., Dover Buzza, Conlon VV. tl., XV:-st Newllelrl, Blaine Cannon. Ernestine E., Tilton Caron, Elizaheth M., Troy Carr, Marietta, Concord Chesley, Nancy E., Manchester Chiclc, Natalie F., Arlington, Mass. Cohen, Rosalyn l.., Broolcline, Mass. Cole, Barhara J., Kennehunlc. Maine Collins, Elizaheth M., Lalqeport Collins. .lane E., Rochester Collishaw, Ruth B., Exeter Coolc, Anna C., Keene Coomhs, lwlinott l.., Portlanrl, lvle. Cornaviclis. Chris, lvlanchester Creeclen. Ruth H., Danvcrs, Nlass. Cummings, lrving P., Northwood Danes, Penelope ls., hlanchester lrlavitlson, Gloria J., Newton, lvlass. Dearhorn, Joseph P., Xvinclham DeHayes, Roger B., Somersworth DeLotto, llelen l.., Gloucester, Mass. Derhyshire, Mary' F., Fall River, Mass. cleRochemont, .lane Y., Newington Dinneen, Alice K., Dover Dixon, June A., North Rochester lloon, lhlary, Hennilccr lloran. Sally XV., Bristol Doyle. lfrvin F., West Swanzey Dunlap, Barbara B., Malden, Mass. Elgar, Jane F., Jamacia, N. Y. Ellsworth, Muriel A., Cambridge. Mass. Emerson, Grace S., New Rochelle, N. Y. Emery, Edith A., Moriroe Evans, Alice E., Nashua Fafarcl, Agnes L., Lehanon Farrow. Ellen' J., Northwoorl Firth, Elizaheth J., Gloucester, Mass. Fitts, Sylvia, Durham Flint, Joanne P., Deertfielcl Foley, Joan B., Manchester Fox, tiene M., Vxfilton Frazer Jeanne A., Nortollc, Mass. Fuller, Enoch D., Jr., Manchester Gale, lwlartha G., East Lehanon, lxlaine Gartner, Jean, Neeclham, Mass. Gihsor: Barhara J., Concord Gillon, Geralcline N.. Southhrirlge, Mass. Gleason. Jean, Rearling, Mass. Gortlon, Geralcl D.. Nashua Gorvcrs. Thelma R.. l.ynn, Mass. Granton, Joyce lvl., Stratham Grass. Bertha M., Sugar Hill Gray, Patricia J.. l-aconia Grerller, Cvilhert R., Norton, lvlass. Greene, Amy R..,Rocl:port, lvlass. Haines, Virginia A., East Xvoltehoro tlancoclc. Gerald S., Concorcl Hansen, Dorothy lxfl., Belmar, N. J. llartman, Alan G., Broolzline. Mass. Hashim, .lohn S., Haverhill, Mass. llawlce, John A.. Salishury, hlass. Hayner, tlerhert P., Laconia Haynes, Dorothy M., Lishon 1 Haynes, Stephen G.. Penacool: Heath, George A.. Concorcl llellzt, Virginia L., Yonlrers, N. Y. Hennessy, Jean K., Schenectady, N. Y. Hershman, Thelma R., Littleton, Mass. Hewey, Pmarhara A., Cape Elizaheth, lvlaine Hiller, Alva R., New Rochelle, N. Y. l'lirschherg,'Eclith D., Portsmouth Horne, Roherta, Melrose, Mass. Houcle, Rita B., Nashua Hudson, Clare, Flushing, N, Y. Hunt, Fred M., West Rintlgc Hunter, Ella-Claire, Winthroiu, Blass. James, Donalcl L. Lancaster Jarvis, XVilliam V., l.ehanon Johnson, Elizaheth, Nashua Johnson, Mary V.. Durham Johnson, Sally U., Lowell, Mass. Kacer, Jean A., Brirlgeport. Conn. Kemp, Natalie M., East Xvalpole, Mass. Kerr, Ellsworth R., Nashua Keyes, Gertrucle T., Lowell. Mass. King, Doris M., Nvest Lehanon Kittleson, Anita F., Portland, Maine Knight, 'lnhena L.. Manchester Koorlcanian, Katherine D., lwlanchestcr .' Lalolwe, Joseph P.. Dover l.adcley, David, Durham Laing, Jacqueline, Manchester Larrahee, Lucille, Nashua Larrow, Louise E., Vylooclsville l-eonarcl, Nancy J., Mont Vernon Levin, Janice R., Prroolqline, Mass, Lewis, Dorothy E., llamclen, Conn. Little, Geraldine, Concord Lohn, Barbara D., New Yorlc, N. Y Lord, Emily F., Francestown MacDonald, Joan E., Roxlnury, Mass. lvlanville. Lillian lf., Center Harhor Marshall, Pauline l., Exeter Martin, Margery l.., Portland, Maine Martin, Mary E.. Sunapee Mason, Barlmara, Saxonville, Mass. Mathes, Graetta, lvlarlnlehead, Mass. McClelland, Elizabeth R., Rochester Mccrudden, Richarrl S., W. Newton, Mass. Mr:Kee, Rohert VV.. llaverhill, Mass. McKinnon, Madeline A., Windsor. Vt. lVlcl.auglilin, Paul R., Nashua McQuillan. Margaret l.,awrenr'e, lxlass. McRae, Emily R.. Stoneham, Mass. McTaggart, Doreen C., Keene Meade, Richarrl ll.. 'Concord Milllzerry. Roberta M.. Manchester Milliiia, Anita, Nashua Moore, Brenda, Nashua Nzrary, Anne F., Randolph, Mass. Newell, Catherine 'T,, Lawrence, Mass. Nicltolls, Jane A., Melrose, Mass. Omsteen, Naita l.., Haverhill, Mass Osgood. Janice P., Milton Osgood, Margaret B., Claremont Pacheco. Jean M., Arlington. Mass. Papageorge, Mary, Portsmouth Pappathan, Arthur D., Nashua Parker, Anne Patricia, Fitchlnurg, Mass Parlcer, Stanley R., Taunton, Mass. Parlcliurst, Gertrude H., Portsmouth Pease, Patricia, W. Palm Beach, Fla. Pendleton, Jean E., Concord Perliam, Richard L., l.islJon Phipps,Ja:1e G., Walpole Pierce, Doris H., Melrose, Mass. , ' Pillshury, Lena R., Grantham Pollcher, lvlarilyn l'l,, Revere, Massx Poirier. Estelle, Arlington, Mass Potter. Shirley Marlhoro, Mass, Powers, Ruth E., Mont Vernon Pratt, Jean W.. Rochester Priestly, Mabel F., Manchester Purington, Muriel E., Exeter Pinliliain Ellen E., Alton qw Reid, Nancy, Manchester Reisman, Muriel l., Brighton. Mass. Ricard, Barbara Canaan Riendeau. Claire G., lloolcsett Roluie. Jean, Wooclsvrille Rogers, Daniel B., l.aconia Rosa Betty C., Bridgewater ,Q xxx VA! 70 Rowe, Arlene lvladhury Runnals, Jean L., Lislnon Saiclel, Evelyn R., Manchester Sanford, Rosamond GN lVlanc'l1ester Sargent, M,, Concorcl Sawyer, Elizabeth J.. Lawrence. Mass. Sawyer, Leonard S., Vxfoodstorlc Serlcess, Leonard, Dorchester, lxlass. Seymour, Ruth M., Concord Shafran, Bernice, Roxhury. Mass. Sllaffan, Florence, R.0XlJufyl, N1a55. Shangraw, Joanne, Glens Falls, N. Y. Shapiro, Anne H., Roxlaury, Mass. Sharroclc, Barluara A., Dover Shaylor. Grace, Agawam, Mass. Shillady. Dorothy M.. Keene Shine, Roberta, New Bedford, lvlass. Sinclair, June F., Newport Slcinner, Virginia L., Manchester Sotiropoulos. Constantina C., Newburyport, Mass Spiller, Jean M., Kennehunlc, Maine Stems, Rolnert F., Hancoclc Steele, J. Jeannette, Kennelaunlc, Maine Stevens, Dorothy l,., East Kingston Stevens, Joan, Walpole Stevens, Leon B., Farmington Stewart, Mary E., Belmont, Mass. Strachan, Barlvara, Manchester Stuart, John J.. Allston, Mass, Thayer Charles lu., Epping Thayer, Grace E., Worcester, Mass, Thomas, Mildred E., Concord Thomas, Roberta H., Greenfield Thompson. C. Anne, Claremont Tilalmetts, Fredericlc H., Melrose, Mass. Tierney. lrene M., Eliot, Me. Towers, Sigricl C., Berlin Trott, Prarlnara G., Manchester Truland, Margaret M., Lancaster Tupper, Nancy H., Dover Turner, .loan E., Waltham, Mass, Tyler, Roger C., Lee l Uhr. Lucille R.. New Yorlc, N. Y. Vogt, Pmarlnara A., XNQ-st Roxlaury, Mass. Vtfarner, Eleanor M., Kennehunlcport. Me. Xveinliraum, lvlarilyn, Newton, Mass. Vvetherhee, Ethel H., Rochester Vtfhite, VVarren. Taunton, Mass. Whitman, Ethel B., Brighton. Mass. Whitney, l-. Jane, Roclzland, Mass. VN7illey, Doris Newmarlcet Vvilley, Phyllis J., Greenshoro, Vt. Vvilliams, Elizalveth Vwl., Grafton Center Vvilliams, Frances S,, Scituate, Mass. Xvilliams, Priscilla Alden, Exeter Ylxl rXVA ard, Jane, Portsmouth V' Vvilliams, Priscilla Dame, Newlauryport, lvla Vtlinn, Virginia M., Portsmouth Vxlooclard, D. Kenneth, Jr., Fitchhurg, Mass xxl00ClNNard, Sylvia H., Gofhanl, Yeaton, Charles B., Suncoolc Young, Barlmara L., Broolcline, Mass. Young, Dorothy M., Randolph. Mass. CLASS UF 1 Q 4 8 Presirfcnt V ice-Presifl ent Secrelary Treasurer UI - Swcua Xxlnlv, Soucy ugsr OFFICERS 71 Joseph Swelcla Fred Xvhite Emil F. Soucy Bruce Bulger Abbott, Dorothy Andover, lvlass, Abell, Robert L., Durham Abelson, l.aurel L., Broolzline. Mass. Adams, Rodney R., Charlestown Ahern, Anne DH Wakeheld, Mass. Aisenberg, Mlurray L., Vvorcester, lvlass. Aldrich, Ann G., Berlin Aliapoulios, Theolsilos A., Manchester Allison, Robert F., Manchester Ambler, Beatrice Nl., Chelmsford. Mass. Ames, Barbara, Vvest Merltord. Mass. Andelman, Charna L., Concord Anderson, Gail, Eliot, Maine Anderson, Jane, Ballston Spa, New Yorlc Anderson, Nancy J., Manchester, Conn. Arigelopoulos, Martha, Dover Annis, Richard R., Colehroolc Arnold, l.ois H., Newtonville. lvlass. Audley, Robert S., Lincoln Avery, Ruth VVest Campton Ayer, Florence E., Bradford Bailey, llenry R., .lr., Hampton Balqe, Norma Springllelrl, Vt. Barrows, Patricia G., West llarttorcl, Conn. Barton, Douglas R., Newport Barton, Ruth H., Albany, N. Y. Baum, Morton S., Lynn, Mass. Beals, Virginia lvl., New Boston Beauregard, Robert A., Marllxoro Beclaer. Gladys G., Roxbury, Mass. Pmelyea, Ruth E., Rutherford, N. .l. Bennett, Nancy E., Broolzline, Mass. Bentas, ttelen lt., Manchester Berry, lvlaurice .l., Rochester Pmertranrl, Wilfred A., Pmerlin tficlqtord. Eleanor M., Tamworth Bignell, Artis A., Salem Depot Bill, Mabel A., Nvest Newbury, ltlass, Binder, Judith L., Newport News, Va, Blaclz, Beverly M., Gloucester, lvlass. Blaclc, William P., Nashua Blake, Deborah E., Exeter Blossom, Beth O.. Babylon Boclcus, Mary E., Pittstield Boton, Teresa V., Derry Bonarcli, Betty B., Larchmont, N. Borotslcy, Carolyn, Concord Boyd. Shirley, Chelmsford, Mass. Brady, Olive E.. Melrose, Mass. Breynaert, John A., Manchester Brisson, Paul E., Exeter Broad, Robert Jr., Gloucester, Mass. Broclc, Nancy E.. Duxbury, Mass. Broclericlc, James J., Manchester Brown, Bemice A., Berlin Brown, Vvilliam M., Jr., lvlanchester Bulger, R. Bruce, Durham Burbanlc, Rachel A., Rochester Bfurrno, Frantz l., Haverhill, Mass. Byers, Margery A., Flushing, N. Y. Bvrne, Betty l., Vvinchester Cabrera, Ramona L., Portsmouth Cachiona, Eleanor L., Nashua Carey, Nancy, Newburyport, Mass. Carlisle, ,lean D., Durham Caron, Patsy A., lxllanchester Carroll, Phyllis A., Bennington Cassily, Rose Dover Chamberlain, tlenry .l., Claremont Chandler, Joyce E., Concord Chapman, ,lanet L., Southhridge. Mass Chase, Bradford A., South Easton, lvlass Qheney, Robert A., Farmington Clarlc, Albert P., Portsmouth Clarlc, Phyllis North Attleboro, lxlass Clarlc, Priscilla txt., Xvorcester, lxlass. Clough. Carolyn, Newton Center, lvloss Clow, Avis, Rochester Cohen, Paul S, Haverhill, lvlass. Cohen, Rhoda l.., Roxbury. Mass, Colburn, Ruth E., New Boston Colcorrl, Donald l.., Atlqinson Cole. Esther L., Providence, R. l, Cololaathis. Daniel .l., Dover Comolli, Evora J., lvliltord Condon, Ralph l., Kenmore, N. Y. Connor, Carolyn L., Gottstown Constantinides, Helen, l.owell, lvlass. Cook, Elisabeth l... Newburyport, lvlass Coolc, .loseph F.. 3rd, Vxlest Nottingham Cooper. joan, Xvaban, lxlass. Cote, Albert .l., Concord Cote, tvlarcel PM lvlanrhester Cotton, Katherine E., Rochester Cotton, Kenneth VV., Tilton Courtney, Charles M.. Rochester Covell, Geraldine L., Colebroolc Crane. Xvallace S.. lvlanrhester Crawford. .lacquelyn A., Tilton Cressy, Nl.. Kathleen. Bradford Cross, Kathleen M., New london Cutler, Gloria M., Dorchester, Mass. Dalain. Nancy L., lnteryale Daly, lwliriam K., Verona, N. J. ttatson, Janet E., Concord Davis, Stephen H., Gloucester, Mass. Davis, Thomas M., Grasmere l-Jay, Mary R. F., Manchester Degnan, Jacquelyn A., Stratford, Conn. Delaand, .lean E., Fairport, N. Y. Delano, lvlariorie, XNellesley, Mass. Delvlerritt, Eunice M., Nortollc, Mass. Demopulos, Casidine, Tamaqua, Pa. Dennett, VVilliam A., Kittery, Me. DeslVlarais, Elaine C., Somersworth Dodge. .lanis E., Dover Donahue, Thelma l., Vxfatertown, Mass Doucette, Sylvia C., Haverhill, Mass. Douglass, Marjorie A., Belmont, Mass. Douillette, Priscilla J., Pembrolze Downing, Jane, Hingham, Mass. Droplcin, Doris P., Manchester Drouin, Etzear E., Manchester Duda, Marion G., Manchester Dumont, Normand E., Haverhill, Mass. Dunn, Helen V., Northwood Dunnells, Marjorie L., Sanford, Me. Duran, Nancy G., Manchester Durant, Jeanmary, Franltlin Easterbroolc, Eliot K., Dudley. Mass, Eaton, David l., Yonlzers, N. Y. Eaton, Marilyn L., lvlanchester Economou, Zoe A., Manchester Eldridge, Frances D., Gloucester, Mass. Eldridge, .loan E., Plymouth, Mass, Ellis, Barbara A., Brunswick, Me. Eluto. Herman B., Manchester Erh. Ruth B., Hudson Evangelou, Van S., Newport Fairchild, Natalie, Athol, Mass. Farnum. Mary E., Suncool: Farrington, Jean, New Canaan, Conn. Faullcner, Susan B., Keene Feldlnlum, Sylvia M,, Hillslmoro Feuer, Gloria J., Marlow Filield, Oliver R., Penacool: Finlcs, Ruthe B., Dorchester, lvlass. Flanagan, Arthur D., Concord Fleischer, lvlarilyn, Brighton, Mass. Flynn T. Claire, Springtield, Mass Foley, Richard F., Manchester Fortier, Vvilliam K,, Chocorua Foti, Genevieve P., Medford, Mass. Fournier, Madeleine R., Whiteheld Fox, Geraldine T., Lisbon Fox, Leona Wilton Frazee, Beverly H., Penacoolc French, Compton E., Pemlvrolce Frihorg, J. Kenneth, lvlanchester Friedman, Judith H., New Yorlc, N. Y. Fritz. James D.. Manchester Fritz, l.awrence G., Wlanchester Froton, lrene F., Dover Gallagher, John R., Concord Gallant. Rohert, Brighton, Mass. Gammons, Adele, Plymouth Gangi, Dominic P., East Boston, lvlass. Gardner, Norma A., Concord Gardner, Patricia A., Concord Gartield, Constance L., Medford, Mass. Garlic-ld, Jean M., Medford, Mass. Garland, John, Manchester Garland, Nancy T., Boscawen Gay, Eleanor V., New London Glichouse, Leonard, Haverhill, Mass. Glidden, Virginia T., Dover Glines, Edna L., Wilton Glines, Kathleen M., Andover, Maine Goldlmaum, Richard E., Haverhill, Mass. Goldman, Morry L., Brighton, Mass. Goldthwait, Lucy F., Melrose, Mass. Goss, Earl D., Kittery, Maine Gould, Kay, Pittsburgh, Pa. Grady, John H., Manchester Grant, Arnold J., Jr., New Britain, Conn. Grant, Virginia M., Manchester Grass, William H., Jr., Sugar Hill Gregory, Gloria M., Watertown, Mass. Grim, Dale E.. Portsmouth Gross, Shirley, Derry Grunwald, Robert l., Exeter Grupe, Kathryn A., Vtfinchester Gulutniclcy, Edward P., Haverhill, Mass. Guntzy, Rottie, Winchester, Mass. Gureclcis, Adam C., Nashua Gureclcis, Peter V.. Nashua Haley, Andrew T., Dover Haley, John T.. Dover Haley. Robert A., Haverhill, Mass. Hall. Jean W., Marshfield, Mass. Hanagan. John J., Somersworth Hargraves, Richard .l,, Concord Harmon, Russell S., Jr., Durham Harper, Marion A., Middleluury, Conn. Harrer, Jane, West Newton, Mass. Harris, Ann W., Salem, Mass. Harvey, Jean L.. Exeter Haselton, George Montclair, N. Haslam, Charlotte A., VV:-stwood, lvlass Hauslein, Lucy E., Durham Healield, Lucy Gottstown Healy, John R., Manchester Heath, David J., Danville Henderson, XrVarren R., Boston, Mass. Hennelnerger, .lohn XV., l.alrc-port Hewson, Lila, Winthrop, lvlass. Higgirfs, George R., Meredith Hill, Judith A., Nlethuen, Mass. Holason. Helen E., Southlaridge, Mass. Hodgson, Priscilla l.., Somersworth Hogan, Alice l.,, Nvinchester Hollingsworth, John A., Peabody, Mass. Holmgren, Betty-Lee, Concord Holton, Gloria M., Dover Hornlueclz. Jacl: R., East Orange, N. J. Horne, Edwin C., Rochester Horne, Shirley, J., Plaistow Hough, Janice D., Enfield Howard, Janet B., Belmont, Mass. Hudson, Clifford A., Concord Hultgren Evelyn A., Vx'olnurn, lvlass. Humphreys, Shirley L., Dover Ingram, Clifton A.. Nashua lsaacson, Jeanette, Berlin lwahashi, Miy'uLi, Topaz, Utah Jacohs, Josephine J., Beach Blutt, Mass. Jewett, Nancie R., Newtonville, Mass. Jones, Bronwen VV., Sanhornville Jordan, Gerard W., Exeter Josephson, Ellen V., Canton, Mass. Juengst. Dale A., Edgewood. R, l. Kapp, Helen R., Haverhill, Mass. Karelitz, Lois, Haverhill, Mass. Karpinslci, Arline E., North Walpole Keet-e, Patricia A., Haverhill, Mass. Kelley. Barbara T., Pittsfield Kent, A. Rolnert, Lawrence. Mass. Kerr. Elcanore D., Feeding Hills, Mass. Kimball, Howard C,, Lancaster Koslzela, Otto A., Peterborough Kramer, Thelma, Roxbury, Mass. Krieger, Barbara E., Woltlaston, Mass. Kurland, Laura L., Lynn, Mass. Kyriacopoulos, Stella, l.owell, Mass. Lacaillade, Albert J., Laconia Lationatis, Folcion, Haverhill, Mass. Lajoie, Leo R., Berlin Lane, Barbara L., Alton Lang, Kennard H., lhflanchester Lange, Barbara-Ann, lvlelrose, Mass. Langton, Joseph A., Kittery, Maine Lavoie, Rita. Epping Lawrence, Edith M., Nvinchester Lawrence, Ruth A., Haverhill, Mass. Leavitt, Catherine E., Concord LeBouthillier, Raymond VV., Rochester Lengas, Harry E., Manchester Lerner, Ruth A.. Lynn, Mass. Libby, Donald H., Biddeford, lvle, Libby, Marcia N., Providence, R. l. Lincoln. Patricia, Warwick, lvlass. Little, Arthur D., Warner Little, Elizabeth A., Nvhiteheld Longstreth, Lois, Medford, Mass. Lonsbrough, Patricia A.. Needham, Blass, Loverude, Ruth M., Lowell, Mass. Lucas, Fannie E, Lancaster Lucy, Chester B., North Conway Lusignan. Doris C., Southbridge, lxlass. Lutts, Helen L., Eliot, Maine lVlacAslrill, Betty A., Exeter MacDonald, Joan, XVaban, lxlass. Maclcay, Jeanette H., Dedham, lxlass. Nlagrath, Helen G., Durham Mallan, Ann E., Manchester Manson, Nancy, Center Harbor Mantos, Peter VX7.. Lowell, lvlass. lvlarshall, Ethel lvl., Jersey City, N. J. Marshall, Peggy D., XV. Roxbury, Mass. lVlartin, Ralene F., Danbury Mascott, Richard A., Lynn. Mass. lxlason, Claudia E.. Keene Master, Gloria S, Lawrence. Mass. Masterton, Vx7illiam L., Center Conway Maynard, Donald G., Nashua Mayor, Doris L., Franldin Mazeilca, Benjamin, Nashua McCartney. Margaret P., Manchester, Conn. Mccrone, Robert W., Dover McDonald, Marie Hampton Beach McDonough, Joseph E., Dover McGinn, John C., Sanford, Maine McGrath, Ann V., Alton Bay McGrath, Barbara F., Pittslield McGrath. Madelyn S., Rochester McGrath, Maralyn L., Danville McGrath, Mary J., Milton McNeilly. Jacqueline A., Brookline, Mass. McNulty. Pauline A., Waddington, N. Y. Nlcrlqerney, Judith A., Schenectady. N, Y. Means. Marion C., Newton Center, Mass. Meardon, Shirley A., Great Neclc, N.Y. Merrill, Barbara A., South Berwiclc, Maine Marryman. Shirley, Lexington. Mass. Meyer, Warren D,, Manchester Miles, Alfred R., Winthrop, Mass. Miller, Dorothy M., Manchester Nliller, Grace M,, Keene Miller, June F., Kennebunlcport, Maine Milnes, Barbara E, Cvroveland, Mass. lxlitchell. Joyce A., Xvoodsville Mooradian, Andrew, Revere, Mass. Morang, Steven, Portsmouth Morrison, Eugene M,, Dover lvlorse, Nancy C., Sanbornton Nloscowitz, Tobia M., New Yorlc, N. Y. Moses, Frances E., Bennington, Vt. Murray, M. Gloria. East llampstead Myers, Charlotte A., Brighton, Mass. Naillon, Pauline O., Pilce Najarian, Salter, Salem Nelson, Anne L., Dover Nelson. Virginia, Manchester Nevers, Priscilla G., Xwhitetield Niclcerson, Norma ht., Lexington. Blass. Novalc. Hyman E., Manchester Noyes, Edward W., Manchester Noyes, Elizabeth M.. Lawrence, Mass. Nunes, Hannibal A., Jr., Gloucester, Mass. Nuzzo, Nancy A.. New l laven, Conn. Nyman, Priscilla, Beverly, lxlass. O't'learn, Eileen Fl.. Quincy, Mass. Olausen, Margaret G., New Ipswich Olson, Astrid. Keene Paige. Gilbert S., Pittsfield Paine, Lorraine F., Dover Palmer, Vesta F., Durham Parlqer, Patricia, Newton, Mass. Patmore, Lorraine E., Millbroolc, Mass. Pearson, Robert Needham, Mass. Peaslec. Barbara A.. Kittery, Maine Peavey, Sarah F., Milford Pepin, Bertha Marie, Rochester Perham, Mary S., Lisbon Perlcins, Dorothy L.. Lebanon Person, Constance M.. Littleton Pesner, Hershel, Montreal, P. Canada Peterson, Elaine l., Rochester Pettingill, June A., Tilton Pisczelc, Yanina J.. Franklin Pizzano, William C., Revere, Mass. Plaisted, Jane, Manchester Poland, Milton W., Farmington Poplcin, Jordan J.. Beverly, Mass. Porter, Harriet J., Manchester Poudrier, George L., Somersworth Poulos, Arthur, Manchester Powers, Phyllis M., Gloucester, Mass. Prain, Barbara l., Lexington, Mass. Preble, Margaret A., Jamaica Plains, Ma Prescott, Helen B., Franlclin Proctor, Jean J., Laconia Qua, Patricia H., Concord Raab, Eleanor l,, Rochester Raby, Claude A., Nashua Ralph, Carol L., Keansburg, N. J. Randall, David G., Durham Randall, Fredericlc l.. Roclzland, Mass. Rasmussen, Elsie D., Andover, Mass, Ravgiala, Richard P.. Methuen, Mass. Reynolds, Harriet A., Rochester Richardson, Jaclc C., Miami, Fla. Robb, Alvin S.. Jr., Dracut, Mass. Robbins. Alice Vyyarren Roberge, Roland R., Salmon Falls SS Robinson, Phyllis, Manchester Roclc, Phyllis M., Salem, Mass. Rosenberg, Estelle, Mattapan, Mass. Rosenberg, Sarita l., Newton, Mass. Rosenblum, Lester A., Manchester Rounds, Burton NV., Berlin Roy, Luciette RH Berlin Ryder, Edward rl.. Jr., Durham St. Clair, Corinne lxl., E. Orange, N. J. Samaha, Ameen G., Plymouth Sanborn, Kenneth O., Manchester Sandler. Elinor J., Lawrence, Mass. Sawyer, David T., Franlclin Schanda, Franlc M.. Newmarlret Schmidt, Katharine .l.. Vtlhite Plains, N. Y Schneider, Ruth A. M., Laconia Schohan, George, Laconia Scott. Betty-Lou, Manchester Scott, Helen H.. Jamaica, N. Y. Secor, Sally. Waltham, Mass. Seeley, Harriett Oxford. Conn. Selig, Catherine L., Gloucester, Mass. Selzer, Norman S., Portsmouth Shapiro. Charles l.. Broolzline, Mass. Shapiro. Shirley, Mattapan, Mass. Sherman. Mary J.. Medford, Mass. Sherry. Patricia Dover Shulins, Philip H., Newport Singleton, Gerald A., Manchester Slzalidas, Helen, Nashua Small. Robert H.. Plymouth Smith, Daniel P., Jr.. Newtields Smith, Jean, Portsmouth Smith, Mary L.. Laconia Smith, Winslow W., Jr.. Hanover Snyder. Sara H., Berlin Socorelis, Pauline L., Bristol, Conn. Soderston, Hope W., Gorham Sorelt. Eileen E., Lawrence, Mass. Soucy, Emil F., East Hampton. Mass. Spargo, David W., Broolclyn, N. Y. Spencer, Burdell D., Greenland Spencer. Robert W., Lebanon Spott-ord. T. Ann, Wellesley Hills, Mass. Starlr, Naomi B., Chevy Chase, Md. Steacie. Pauline S., Newtonville, Mass. Steinlield, Robert J.. Claremont Stepanian S. Sharon, Watertown, Mass. Stern, Murray E.. Broolcline, Mass. Stevens, Barbara L., Portsmouth Stier. Arthur W., New Boston , Stiles, Nancy A., Keene Stoclc, Harriet M., Wellesley Hills, Mass. Sturtevant. Jean. Woltehoro Sullivan. Marjorie A., Newton, Mass. Sullivan, Mary L.. Portsmouth Sundeen, Robert W., Manchester Susmann. Marie H., Farmington Sutton, Joan E., Saranac Lalce, N. Y. Sweeney, William G., Merrimac, Mass. Swellca, Joseph J., Nashua Sycleman, Nancy M., Concord Szaluclca. Vistor W.. Claremont Taft, Nathaniel C., Oxford, Mass. Tarbell, Edmund C., New Castle Taube, lrving l., Manchester Taylor, .lane E, Concord Taylor, Ruth Barrington Theodosopoulos, Nicholas, Manchester Therrian, Kenneth .l.. Claremont Thomas. Joseph G., Manchester Thurlow, ,lane O., VW-st Newbury, Mass. Tilton, David, Manchester Tilton. Howard P., East Rochester Tilton, .loan D., North Conway Tinlcer. lanet D., Vvolfehoro Toolrcr, Ruth C., Littleton, hlass. Topham, John tl., Dover Trcgaliza, Eunice C., Enfield Tripp, Lorna Rochester Tripp, Theodore N.. Wilton Vllsimtsos, Aglaia, Manchester Tuclcf-1'. Martha C., Peabody, hlass. Tuttle, Dorothy .l., Portsmouth Ulin, Lawrence G., Manchester Urbanowicz, Helen F,, Manchester Vangos, Aphrodite, Nashua Viclcery. Glenn C., Manchester Nvadleigh, Mary C. Durham XX'ahl, Harold G., lvlanchester XX'ainwright, Joan, Nvest Vvarwiclc, R. l. Vwlalzefield, Esther P., Concord Vtlalcetield, Veronica M., North Stratford Vvarren, Marilyn, Gottstown Vvfatniclz, David M., Haverhill, Mass. Xvatts, Phyllis N., Derry NVeigel. Charles F.. East Lynn, Mass. Weissblatt. Richard XV., Nvaban, Mass. Nvelch, Francis P., Lawrence, Mass. West, Elizabeth. Woburn, Mass. Whelan. Francis X., Manchester Whipp White. en, Mae C., Durham Charles D., West Newton, Mass. White. Fred A., Pilce XVhite, Harriette E., Concord Nvhite, Joan, S., Portsmouth White, Marjorie J., Somerville, Mass. Whirte more, James F.. Winchester, Mass Vx-liesen. Anne R.. Epping Vtfilmarth, George H. Jr., Claremont Wood. E. Louise, Media, Penn. Vxfoodbury. Harland S,, Jr., So. Braintree, Mass Worster, Virginia, Rochester Wulfing, George A., Roclrville Centre, N Y Youmans, Sally F.. Fort Knox, Kentuclry Zachow, Adolphus E.. Portland, Maine Ziman, Zocchi, Zulcas. Beverly, Brighton, Mass. John B.. Exeter Claudia M., Lawrence. Mass. I I ACTIVITIES I l IHNRY HUFE HO! I,ENqXN BKNXI I I STUDENT EUUNEIL President Vice-Prcsiflenl Secretary Treasurer Alfred Cfherin .loscplm fxcyte OFFICERS MEMBERS Claude Henry Efle Huge Vdillmm Holleman ,lmeph Bennett Casidcnc Demopulos Theofilos Aliapoulios CI IERIN COTE DESK DPULOS ALEAPOLI lOx TS l'lll'lQf'IlII.l. ICHQINS IIQIJXYXIQIB ASS UEIATIU UF WUME ST DE TS liXIfCNl 'TlX'If C'Ol 'NC'll. FNZFIISIQIQF Ol'l'lC'lfI'F . , X lxllwr' I Drvxx AX111mlX.n1.u11L1 l,I'i'5ifiL'lll ,Icwyv filillrvlwill ,,, cxivl 'IQAIYI' "PHI S XVif'l"IJI'i'Nflll'lIl Drmrifc Iilkms H HH fy H1 X ml I gM.n,,um. 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Following tliis many Vliluirsclay supper outings are lielcl at one ol tlie calmins situaterl on the sliore ol lxlen- nluinys ponfl, aluout seven miles from cam- pus. Xvitli a raluin on tlae slope of lron lxloiintain in larlison, New llampsliire anrl anotlaer in ljranronia Notclw. in tlie Xvliite lxlountains, weelqencls of slciing anal moune tain Cliinlming may also lie enioyecl. Higli- lighting tlie events of the year is tlie An- nual Vvfinter Carnival sponsorecl by tlae Gut- ingj Clulu. ljeatures ol tlie Carnival xveelcenfl program are slqits ancl movies. sliiing anal sliat- ing events, snow sculpture ancl tlie Carnival Hall. 'lglie governing lnocly ol Outing Clulu is tlie Hllmlue Circlen, wliicli consists of inernlgers Clirisen lor tlicir genuine interest anal parti- cipation in tlie activities and lor tlxeir service as Mlieelersn. Flglric crlulu is a inemluer ol tlae lntereollegiate Outing Clulm Association, wliirli comprises tlie leacling Quling Clulms of lfastern Colleges ancl Universities. Joint trips ancl eonlerences provicle opportunities to meet other Uelulm- lnersq ancl to exCl1ange icleas. Presitlent Vine-Presitlerit Serrelciry Treasurer Trips Cwlmirnion f, U. f , .Xecrelciry Pulmlivily fwurriimzl Cliriirniczri Tronsporlalion Cabins Um! Trails Social Clmirman Arclelia Hutelains Rutli Carrier lfstliei' Drew Rutld Brown Frances txlilqol llarlvara ljmrice Suzanne Siclcmon Nancy lierguson Vvarren Rolulnins Davicl ljbrown lllary-Alice Thompson Q 'Qs N x a UNI I. 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Afuslvr of C l'l'l'lllfilIfUS Ixllllilllfll' 5CCl'l'fllI'f' ALPHA CHI SIGMA OFFICERS Alczslcfr rifrhornisl Ifrie Ihisc: Xrilfd' Alrislvr gucfhcnrisl Xvirwsifmxx' CNEIIIQIWCX Roporlvr James Day Rcfcwrrfvi' Rllpcri Smith 74f't'llSllH'V l.iil,hcr Ciemeirl Kcrimelh KXHOH I'-t'lf'Lllf'X' ,hfvisor Ur. Ailqirrsmm Dr. lfhllcs ifRfX'l'RIiS IN ICXCAI 'IfI'A'l'li Echxarrl Allxirmsmi. Nwrrrrms HEIIICV. Aiherf U vhnpier of Alpha Chi Sigina was fuunded at lhe Urmivcrsiiy of New Hampshire m 1011. Alpha Chi Sigma is a Cumhinniiumpmicssiomalam!srsfialfr'ate1'1iily. Nh: Cheiplcr im SllC'4'GSSlEliHy lliiiwiirwm-fl as surh smrc rib iiifhrilfalicmii on thi, cfunpm m IUII its purpuso is 1,0 hmcl lngclher m fm- Lvrnni spirit thosc rrwn whim iriicml to maxiae some hc-Isl of Chemislry their x'fic11l,im1. Aiming Alpha Chi Signmhs pmfessioiial ar- iivilicfb mr rampiis is ihe prcisorrialrmr wi the Uericral Chemistry Award in the highesl ramiqirxg lkeshmzm inaioriiug in Chemistry. 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Smith E.veCrilir.'e CjOlfllIiillC'Q Philip lxl. lxlarston, llelen lj. lXlC'l..EllIQl1llIl l"AC'ULTY MEMBERS Norman Alexanfler ls. .l. lliggins l lelen F. lxlclcaiighlin l larolcl l l. Scuclcler Donalcl C. Bahcoclx W. Hitchcoclc Ralph T. lxleyers Stanley R. Shimer Eclmoncl Vvl. Bowler H. l.. lloxves XValter C, Ollfane l-iicincla P. Smith Alhert l5lIl:l'lIiQlUIi l larolcl A. lclclles Clillorcl S. ljarlqer lvlelvin M. Smith Donalcl ll. Chapman C. Floycl laclason Thomas C. Phillips Arthur lf. Teeri T. Burr Charles l.-. Phelps Latimer Fowl S. Prince Ruth .l. Nvooclrnff M. Gale Eastman Phillip lvl. lvlarston Allrecl E. Richarcls Allmert lj. Yeager STUDENT IN'lElNlBERS INITIATED SINCE FEBRUARY 1943 APRIL 12143 Joseph A. Arena .lr. Arthur G. Barrett .lohn Colocousis Miriam E.l2as1mai1 Charles S. Forhes Roluert .l. Harcling rlaclc'l'l. Lepofl Charles F. Qherg Hyman N. Stone Evelyn D. Tipping Marcia Weathcrill Herhert Vvyielan cl .1ANU.4iav 1044 Williain L. Hartop. ,li-. 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XX UIlll'lll. cl4'GVE5, Qf0pill'flI'l, lUl'Ilt'l'. lQUlll3ll'lS. 5IlfQ4'Ill. l.9XYlS, clllflflfxfl. lhlll! ,QIIHJI IlllI'I'4'l, ll0lITlQI'i'll Belyea, lxlvycr, Ayer, lluulas, lxlilflu-ll, flaron, l:lynn, Flyers U IVEHSITY EHUIH llli University Xvuinenys Clloir is an in- Bllilxlglillg formal group macle up of girls selectecl from tlie llniversity Vxfomenys Clee Cluly uncler tlsie clircrlion ol ljrnlessor Rolqert XV. lxlanton. -lqlie Clmir macle its First appearance al. llie inauguration ol llresiclent Slolge last Decemloer. rlqlieir seleflion was HL0 A Voice lfrnm lleaven Sounclingu by Borlniunslsy. ln lxlarcli llie group gave ii concert at -lqlie First liuplist Cliurrli in llax'vi'l1ill. lxlassacliusetts. IOS Kallwerine Collon Gloria l lolton Flary Dupri Nancy Nuzzo Elizalmelli Hoyt Eloise Braun Sally ,lolmson .lean Carlisle Sara Peavey Anita Sinitli Rlwlii Vvraricielcl Florence Ayer ,loyce lvlitcliell Claire Flynn Agnes lralarrl l larriel. .l. 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Norman Sl'lZ6'I', Hel- :E:Nf+rina U'Dowcl, :Eflane Barlon. iicblary- en Nlagralli, l.ayx'i'cnc'e Ulin, lfsllier Cole, Alive Flglwinpson. :E:1XlilSliilINllYDE1QQCI'IIlK'lNlD6'1'S IO9 110 AXQ X ff' D Z Q' dw D K Q M I X A35 QT SQRCDRITIES NKNLOYLS, Q. 6V5 x59 OFFICERS President Dorice Elkins Secretary Ethel Innes Treasurer Agnes Fitch Q 6009 mx NON qE4fXRT ICLKINS 1 FITCH INNES :WMM FOULKROD. PA HELL UHF HNF? E IE EDU EIL AXU .Lois XX,illCIAI"IUlISC I.uriHc lnrra IHOP A.. X Rcmszmliv l.ar1mlIw -. , A -' Nlaricfxlarclmx lik -I I XS X9 L umm N Iargurvl lrwwm' , ,IQa111I'ul1Hu'ml lx A Dm1'ull1yLQxx'i' BI2lI'IUIl,IOhI1SHll fDM .lean flmclycr H ,xv Imlxisc- lnrlmxx . ... Slary Ruluimswll GT Hsiolbmni g Agnes Fitflw n, .5 Y' Qi 'I 'O xx vin, 1? ,, OB1,X,ON WWf ,f N , M MO A W jf, C, n 73 .'.' XX'.X'I'IilQI IOL 'SIC IHXIXIXAXBI .I. ALPHA CHI UMEGA OI"IfICfERS Prvsirlcnl Beatrice CIarI1c xIICC'l,FCSIl1l'IlI IXIa1ry GINCII SC'f'l'OIUTy If1niIy IXICRUC 7Il'L'C1Slll'Ul' Nziiiry AIexa111I0r I CIN 01111-Q11 wz1fII111111cIc1I III V453 5111110 11I' II111 1111111115 111'I1x'iI1cs11I1I1eI1011sc z1I Ilf-I1111' II11ix111siIy 111 I111Iif111a1 1111 1110 IIz11'11IIy Ivas, I11111sc' 1Ia111'0s, c'CIeIJr11Ii011 QGYGII 11111111111 wI111f1' 11111111 111I1'1'1'-I 11'e1f11111411'. "I I""""If"' 9 H5157 NWI BI'-'IIWV5 I-335' WWI This isII1c' rcf1s1111 II111I lI10Iy1'1' if II111 sv111I111I IMI 5 'DMV I1I p - '11, 'II-I -fI 'I' 1-1 IR1 X U IC mummy N Ilia Ilhgp HJIXMIXIHI ,XI11I111 C I11 01111-Q11 Ims 1-111Ioe1x'11r0cI I11 1 'VQ5U1If4'fI H1 l"l 1 H4 I N I' If' I' II- W WW 1'111'I'5'1111 II11'11Ic-11Is11IIII1CLI11ix'111'siI5'OINQW Hier I11'1'a1111r' 11 1I1a111I1'1' 111 II111 11f1I11111a1I 411111 rity. AI 1I11 N ' 1-1. 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U1"1"lCliRS President Ruth Carrier Vice-Presiclenl Prisciua Ha11am Svrrclary Rosa1ie Lamotlae Treasurer Ruth piper 1311i De11a was 1110 Rrsl 100511 sororily 1111110 Lyiiiversiiy of New 11amps11ire 10 become a1w- H1ia1cc1 xvi111 a iia1ioiia1 organization. xv11en iii 1014 it 1ieCame Tau f11Wap1er of fxllllnlil Xi De11a. Among 1110 11ig1si1igg1i1s of 111is year have 1JCen 1iouscc1anCes, Leas, rus11iiig, the forma1 rus11 banquel, Card parlies, guest night each Vxfcdnesday evening and an active partici- pa1ion of a11 members in campus activities. I'u'5i ww- 5I!UiiI1ilI1 I"-nnv I.anmIIn- IIfnIILnn IXIIN. I llIlI'IIlUIldIIl funn-r Illpf-r IB. I,.nIwr Iv1I1fur1.Nwfm1I 1 row: IX'InrrI:-n, I..nsxgnun, NIU-'.XxInII, IQ, ,IoIxnfnn Ix1llIPsrrn I.vnIxv:xrLI. Illll I.in1'oIn, BI, .IoI1nson. Iwrlla-r, XXYIIIIQIIIS, BIIIIQIIQII, Xvvfl NvIfun I.nng 'I-Innl mn If CUII- IJ. 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INFN fXIIL'ILiI.dXvL1liCIC ,Ium1lleI1m' NIVNI-Illy SIHVIQ5' Puller iss I,dtI'I1'IilI.IIll'UII1 ,Iuyfe 5Iilc'I1c-II IJcImmI1'I'rImIm1lx IJi1II'Ii'IiiI.Ul15I,JI'UllQII .Xnn NeIs1wn I'iIcn11wr Xvunnr IJnrisI.nsignQn1 ,Iu11eIJIai4In'rI Iilmlu-th XX 1 I Betty INIav.'XsI4iII PLEDGES Betty Bonarcli I.Lll"j'I'IdL1SICII'l Lucy I IeaHeIcI 117 CHI UMEE N April 5, 18415 Clmi Omega was louncleel ul, the Universiiy ol' Arluinsas lay four women SlllCl6I1lS.QlI1flCCl lay Ur. Cliarles Ricli- :irclsnn ai Kappa Siggnm aincl regenl ol' llmzii iinix eisily. SUNY? lliul lime ilwe sororily lms lwroine naiion wirle. lmviiig ai presenl ninely- sexen aieiixe vlmzipieis in llnrly-lliree slziles. Vllliis your Clii Uinvgzis ilirouglnoiil ilwe country will mlelmriilcw ilie lillieilw anniversary ol- llxe loiincliiig. li is ein ocvzision lor all lliese OFFICERS Presiclenl Glenna Sanborn Ferris X7iCG'pfQSilIL'Y1l Eleanor Huse Kemp Secrefary Eiliel lnnes Treasurer Grace Miirplwy aieiive Cliaplers in reullnirin ilie Clii Omega policies. among wlmicli ure llie furilwering ol inlerest in social servire worlc, pulolic allairs. sciences, ancl ilmc urls. The estalglislwmeni of flu Omega on ilu- Campus of llie University ol New Hampslwire occurrecl in 1915, when loral organizalion, Alpha Alpha Alpha, lmecame lvlu cliapler of Clwi Omega. 1:1151 lglfll' Nlllljllf Nlrllhllllll llk'llll"'NX Q-NNN lxlla. Nlrlllllllll 'l-lllllllllnllll llI1lX llrf lXlI Hlllill lllllva - I , Nwolnl nur: llarlon ljllXXIllIlQ l wllrnf. llolrlvll l'x-rmlwrm 5l1nrlvll K layup ixruln-rwrr. lllvv Xlwyrr, J X X xl ml VlwOXYt'l', vllllllkl lull' l UHIUI' Slll'IIllull KEIUXINH N .xllkliffallll lillltlli . 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OFFICERS Presirtcnl Dornltny Fitts Vice-tjrvsirlvril Rulti Vxfactteigta Secrelury Doris Crane Treasurer Margaret ,totunson Atptaa Sigma Ctmapter ot Kappa Detta was Organizect at ttae University ot' New Hamp stiire in 1920 at ttie request ot a toCat sorore ity, Cattect ttae Detta Kappas. Since ltaat time it taas afitivety ctnne its part in promoting Pan- Hettenic anct ttae poticies nt ttie University. tt has atso attempted to cto its part towarrt rouncting out anct matcing worttiwtiite ttie cottege tite ut its members, as wett as making ltiem a part ot an organization ot' wtaicti they may tie pmutt lhrougtnout tite. Ir lr I In If III I r 11 I XX II I II xIv- IHUIIII1-I If III! Nl I Iwv-rw I I In 1 HIV 1 1 I I I II I Ix I III INIIIL' I HKIIIXUNI IIHVI VIII IIfK'IflIlI I I IX I II I I I I VL N NIIfNlI5lflQF SIfNIl FI mn IJHII fllllf If lll I UlIIIxI'4HI X H IlHfl IHITII till I Inc IuI1l1 U11 Nl ll url ,I1wIm11su111 IQIIIII XV I rI1lI1 IXIII IJ1w1rwlI1x'I 1IIs I 1InII1 X1mIl11r1x XXI SUP! If UN IC PRIX III ills I3fIrf1II1x I xxx: HX HIYHL IJIIMIIIHC IlIIx IxulI1I :I+ I ImlIrwlIc IInsIfnm Ima. Inna IHII1 l'lQIfSl I5 I ., Iury Xvf1rII0iQI1 I'l,Ifl JCI! IIf'IIx'I,f1I1 Frwii Ill PHI MU Ht MU is the serond otdest Greek-tetter organization tor women. tt was started as the Phitomathean Society hy three progres- sive students at Vtfesteyan Cottege, tx'1HC'OI1. Georgia. Among the ttrst notahte honorary memhers were Robert E. Lee and .tetterson Davis. At- ter the Civit War, the mother chapter en- targed rapidty. So surresstnt was this First fraternity that it became a nationat organ- ization in 19011. Phi Mu was admitted to the National Pan-Hettenic Congress in 101 1. Most inttuentiat among the phitanthropies of OFFICERS President Rita Mitchett Vice Prcsirtvnt titeanor Jewett Sevrvtury txtarion Johnson Treasurer Virginia Vvfhitney the fraternity are the Nationat tteatthmohite and the Buitding Fund which aids many chapters in Financing their houses. , The tovat sorority Pi Detta was founded in 1916, petitioning tor a chapter membership in the nationat Phi Mu in 1918. The charter tor Beta Gamma Chapter was granted in Fehruary, 1919. Today sixty-tour chapters spread the tra- dition anct heritage ot Phi Mu across the en! tire United States. frm! mlwz 'I-IIUINIINHII I"v1uusm1 XYI1ilm-5, FIN, XY:-Ixxlf-r fNIilII1vII IUIHINHII IQ1-Nwullu' IKIIIIIVIIIII, Sm mmf 1 mm IZJIII IH ip Kimi I VIIIIIII ,I-IIIIII XXVI I II XIHI I II gm Im XI: I N 5 I'l1ll'Z I IIPSIPN I IN If '. 'nur rw , fl 1' , ww fi I It ' Ir' Nw: 1' Nw r I . .nz mv . Him, mu" XXfmrIxx'furrI NIf1lxm Imw-II If1lIvr ,XIuvrrI Iymrmxn ImwIx IIIIIIIIVIIMIII IIflI11. 1'r:1IrII1mrr- IgIIi'IrlIi, I,llIbI1XX'rly, XXVJIIQPIIPIII, K1'IIC'!'. KIIIIUII. IIIEIIIYIVIF. SIYIUUIQ. I'-fly. I,IIl'9IIf', Rm'IwI IVSITIXYII Ann I,Juc'iaI4 ,Ioyft ciI'1llI'K'I1III IXI-LlI'jHl'IS f'XIx'fm1'rI IICIPII I4EiY Tail I'IHilI'il PYQIISI Ill Barham BPH RrvsnIwIIC Ijmrmvn mIilI'Ifll'IC' ISIISIIXYJIB' CMI ,'XncI01'smm MEN IIEERS SILNIC DRS I"ailI1IfmG1'y HGIQI1 Ilvsseguif' I,f7llISf"I4l'I11DIf' I'1I0m1fn',IewcIl I IeIc'n SrniII1XVnI4c-Rc-IfI IXIm'yfXIIc'o'I4Iwlnpsm1 IVIarim1.IuIwnsfm Imis IDIIIIHQ SUIN-rs Virginia Vvyhilnvy Ruler IXIiIf'I10II ,IITNIC DRS RIIII1I:IEiI1CIGfS I.al1raIIamm .Ioan Slcwncie ,Ioan CIOUCIYCEII' ,Iano INIarx'in IiIi7enIwlI1 XXVOUIIXYEII ,Iuc,IilI1 I Iam Yirgir1iaIJa1'I4c'r SOPI IC IMORFS Ne1r1ryCI10sIr'y MIEIIDPI I'riestIy Nam 5' IIIIDITGI' .Ivan CTliII'lI5PI'ISHll .Iune Sinvlair IX'Iarjm'iv VX"ImIv11 C31-mlflnm I IIIIUII Ba1'ImrnSlrar'I1f'l1 IfRIiSIIIN1IiN EIizaImelI1 COOL B3fIDflI'i1 KeIIey IXIf1IwI IIIII Susan I:auIImer IQ5 PI LAMBDA SIGMA N ,lime 24, 1941 Pi l.amlmrla Sigma was loiinclccl al lloslon Unix'0rsil,y lay len ciarncsl young woincn in orqler lo give its mom- laers opporlunilics lo form rlose ancl lasling lricnrlsliips ancl lo enjoy a rivh anfl culliirecl social lilo, This was originally lo he a non-sectarian sororily. hut, flue lo furlhci' lhoughl, lhe louiirlcirs realizecl lhal lhe necrls ol lhe Calho- lirc women sluclenls reqilirccl a Calholic sor- orily. The sororily ol l7i l-amlJcla Sigma joinecl OFFICERS Pri-siflolil ,lvannelle lliilne Xylfl'-IJfC'Slfll'Ill Charlollc Silva SUfTl'ClCIfy lxlargarcl 'liriilanml l Treiiszzrer lxlaric Selig lhe Pan-l lellcnir' Sociely of Boslon Universily in 1925-24. On February '23, 1929 liamlicla Phi ol lhe University ol New Hampshire hefame lipsi- lon Chapter ol lui Lamhfla Sigma, Nalional Calholic Sororily. Sinfe lhal lime, lhc aims ol the lounclcrs have heen perpelualerl: lhc eslahlishmenl ol a Closer lnoncl luelweeri Calh- olirs, which will conlimie lhroughoul lhc years alter College, as well as lhe Cullivaliori ol lhe elhifal, inlellectual, social. and spiril- ual life of lhe memlners. 1111 1'f111-- IIXIIII I111I11111I X1I1,1 NI NI1g IQIIII111-11 1ff1f11I11111' CIIIII1111 I II xx NI II11II ' 1 K Illlvlll I XIIIQ XIIINIIIIIIMII IIIIIMII IXIIIIIIIHIII NIIFIIIIYIQS FITNIOIQF DIII'II4'I,lII'1f' xIf11'1e111II111'111f111 IXI111111 Selig I f111is1'I'4Iy'1111 Nf11'0e11IQ.1y fII1111I11lIQg1Ix Il INIUR9 XIAV3' IQf1I1111sfw11 AIIIIIP IiI1111z1Q FOI'II1HNICHIQIfS NI 113111111 .XIIPV1 f'Ia111'1 IXIc'Il111IIf111 IXIs11'Q111'1'l'I41'11I1111I I r1111Q1" I.1111f1w fIe1II1e1'1111- Nvxx II111'I+:11's1X'11Ql I11 111 IXI:11'I I1ma1IcI fxIa111'cIQ1c-11rIcv111 I'J111'1s XX'1IIpy IIQIQSI ISHN Ns1111'yIJ111'z111 If1I1'C11 CII I1'1a111 III .IQIIJCEIA1 I,11111s0 59I1g 125 THETA PSILU HE founding of Theta Upsiton can tue traeect back to ,tunuary 1, 1914, when twetyc gifts at ttie University of Catitorrlia organizect the tvtetcatiua Ctutn. tu 1921 ttae Ctutin founded the new nationat fraternity, and ttie memtders tootq ttae vows ot Ttieta Upsiton. tt was agtmitteft to tutt memtoerstdip in ttne Nationat Pan-tiettenic Congr s in 1928. 0- rvsd.xgXuVJ:S1. ion VVS. -" Qc Ttuvvxnxg, C DFIJICIERS Presirlent Atiee Wetmer vice-Presirtenl Carotyn tjtiittips Seerelury Arrtetia l1lttCl'1tllS Treasurer Etizatnettr Young On this campus Tau Ctmapter was formerly the toeat organization. Sigma Omicron, tuut in 1930 its memtmers were ptectged to Theta Upsiton. The sorority inspires ttae members to strive for greater areomptistaments and to Covert taigtier icteats. ' Sorority activities iuvturte ttie observance of Founcters, Day, Parents, Day, teas, Ctan- ces, rushing, and ex-Cottegio weetiencts. , . l 4 of ' ew 'WL . ' 11,251 X M ,ti it Q4?'Ff'f" Q MLW J "Ts rf, V111 1 1'Hsl 1111: II1:1w11 I'1I1I1 Y1111l1g f. I,I1lIIl11S, BIIN 5Il1111I1y' XXIr'I1z'1' IIlII1IIIIlN f11l1111N I111I01111. 5 HI 111 Q1 I1 XI1I11 NI1 NI1 II11 II x I II Nl III11II11 f'Il1r1 IJ 111111 I' I1 II R1 H111I11 I 11. ,111 ,511 , 1 1 11- 11 'f 1' 1 1x 111 1 1- Q. 1111 V ' ' ' 1 111g Nl I r IDI JH Ijr x I711L-111I K I1-11-I.1111I, X11 L1-111111 xI1III11111x Ix I.1x'I11r XX I11I111-Y fII1111w11, f'11111II1 1 XX 111 N rl IIIHI X11 I1 H1111 IX11 111I f1I11 XIIX1111111 I r1l11I111I 1 Paw 12 1' ,1 11 r' Y 'nu' 11x1y ,ng N CIIIVIIIVII S1lXYfl'I HZlI'I3?1lA?l Brirc' IQLIII1 Carcns IXIHFQHTCI CCIIJIIIAII I':SII1GI'IDI'CXX' I5z1rIvara Hrait Iymclly ,lane PJ1'11xx'11 ,Ivan XXSIIIOH 1XIlIl6l Cif1f1I'i Ilvlf-1115111-11110 Ra1111111a CaI11'01':1 I ICIC11 C1111sla11'1li1111I11s ,I11a11I'.IrI1'icI,QC CWIGFIFIICIG Keyes . fu-1, 11l 1- N11 1-11 1- 11- 11N 1 111 .1 . 1 SHNIK HRS QIICS I'41l1'I1 f'a11'11Iy11I7I11II111s 'XrfI0I1i1IIl1lc'I1111S Maury I,I11II1ps Vvm .Is1c'I4s1111 Mary Ilic-I4z11'1I IXI1IrIrc'1I ,I11I111s1111 Uly-111pmS.1gm ,IUNIURS ,I1111c' CiIl'X'PIilIlKI lgiiI4I7ElI'Ei I Iay1Ic'11 I1Is1c1IJf'111i11g NIe11'y IXIe11'CCf111 11 ,"X1'I0e111 VI'11yI111' FOV! If INK JREF If 111110 I4I'?l7lI IXIe11I0I1110 IXIVIX1111111 , . ilIl1'B'IXIilI'ff'Hll IQf'I7f'l'Iii I2J?lI'I3ElI'ElIxI1iSUll IQHIICIIC IQI1'I'1ElI'lIN Xvllnl ,Ia11C XX'I11l11r'y' l"RlfFI INlfN IIC IIfIfICll ',11f 1 I.11-fx' fI1lIfIlIrlXX'HII IJIEI II CXVSUH Xrlfglillirl XY SIOIIA Ky1'ia1'f1pf1l1I11 Nwrma Ni1'LOl'Sf1Il FIa1'gar0l C'IIe111w11 111slor PIEDCFS 127 11 11x111111- I:1'f1111'c's S1111!I1 1'XIi1'c' VX'0I101' Ii. I':Iiff1I10lI1 swung Kz1lI1111'111c- IXIcwsIc1r Nplliv N1-111-II Il IiIiys1Iwl I1 Saw KIITIVI' gI1ilf'IUl' .IUEIII I111111-1' FIz1i11v I4,f'If'TFf'W I.11r'ir'll0 Roy RIIII1 vI1z1yIf1r ,I0a11 Ijmrlor yel I1 ATHLETICS THE WUME ,S ATHLETIE ASSUEIATIU 1:11-I Rfiir: li.-iuii-.iii llniiii-ill Kilninx blqiilipvr. Qeffiri1lR1i11', Xxlliililey. gxlwlwoll llorlgjliinl. . , . lll'. XX wvineii 5 yxllmleiii' .XSS4'lf'lilllllll pin- mutes ii wicle rznigge nl nviivilies Ilirniipli ils IIlll'I'VllibS ariicl iiilerlimise i'rvi1ipelilifviis .iiinl Il5 Siilkliil pI'UQI'iHIl. lljilly XXUIIICII illlllblll I4 it ITlf'llll3f'I'. Vlqlie iiilerrlnfs rimrif lllflllill' l1Ol'lil'X, luis- l4ellmll, sulllmll. mlI'l'lN'l'y. fmcl leniiis. lleggin- ners are zilxxaiys welmine, lor ai iiuinlier nl praieliees wiilw iiiclivicllml aiicl leiiin 1-imelif ing are lielcl lac-lipiwf llw leaims ure elwsen. 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Vlqalble tennis. iennis. lmrlininlmi, lmslcetlmll, lmwliiig, arcilieiy. anal ai pusliiie-prwise eniiiesl are incluclerl in tlic c-uinpeliiiuii lor the lwig silver tray wlwicli is aiwarrlecl iw tlie cloimilory or sorority wliicli Im llic liiggliesl secure. Last ye-ar Cungreve South was the proud winner of this souglit nller lrupliy. -Reel? iiielucles an lwour ol hvicw clancing in New l lmnpsliire l lall in tlie evening wiili lvairiliiies lui' lmpliiiiiilwii, ping pong, sliullle- iiimfl, nncl mul games avziilalnle for men anal wrwiiieii f1lil4e. I TEHHUUSE BOARD I ' V ' ' ' I .' ' L. ---. .,.,,,- f , ' . . ' 1' - x HS! Row: Ablzoll, Silva, Goodyear Brown, Vx-lpmuxx Ste-xvm Peuvsfy, U1-l.Lu14l, Swffruf Rumi I:EtifbElI1L Emerson, Parham Us-nung Stllm Mar:XsL1H Haxrrwy, vlfznnf lou' Bwgm Ufrwrlf NULVIXIYII Slvpauiuu, 131 ALL STAR HUEEEY lui fl ll I Luv 5Iz114lwrx l'fx111m11L Hurxfluli I51ul4m. Vninv Ilulm-x, fmmivm Nwffr f Vx 1 ll x . , I SLASS WINNERS lIw:uI1m,.X1luznx4 91:-xvm. INIHQILXNS 152 THE WHIP5 ff . If , .f::,z:5. . web .,-12 ' " LQ? I:I1'xlRfff:1 Rugs-rf IJKJIIKIIVIOII I,I11II1px IQ Iimxxu I' III.-xxu Xn1ImIIx fIxll1I1x,5wf1111I Rum Iux .X1l..m: IQQIQIH. XXVIIIIN SHQLIPH FILIXOI. 'I'I11nIIfrf11 15 l. Iamxxlx fultn-I IOIIIJZIIIIX xImIX.Iy IIIm..11, XXIIIIIIS XYGFP UYQZIIIIYOII Ill IJl'1'L'lIIIN'f IWI-l,lI1v In-st RicIi11Qf In1Iu ul IINI I. IIN- purpuso UI lI1v c'IuIm IS In IlIIAII1i'l' Lmwlfwlgf- UI Imam-s MINI I1m'selmmsI1ip. In vrmlc- inlvr- ui lll 1'1cImg as in spurl, In cxpIm'v lI1c' Will!!- xsi1Ic2 IIIIIIIUYU lI1Q lmlIs, LIIIKI prmlmiv mlm'- XPIUIU Ll Qfilllll HI l'IfIi'I'4 XYIIH txilli Fill? 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Barlm Krieger .418 gave Li Lriclcy solo, and Phil Rock ancl Glenn Vicliory cle- nmnsiratenl several dances. lfloise Braun and Sue Siclurwn supplied the lwmor, and six- teen eapeltes performed a group routine. MUUEH DA EE ELUB I . 2 I . ' A Mikie: W,,M,,,, L U. i V. liuvl Rum' Smge-I. KNHIIPI' glauhmlv iklmLw.S1-ruin! Run' I-ull1ml.S!nIll1 Mqfflf-In NIILUI Xxvnllnfum Rn'- flfilf, lldI'Ili'y IIUHHYU Pldlkfilllllf' L :hx llli lxlfrfllxfll Dmwo Cxlulm ul l'NlI xxm PGI'fOI'Il1ilI1k'l'S fmvv Iwmm gin-11 ul llw linux Organized this year under HK, Icmlwship filulm. ilu' Hmm' lff':wr1n111ic'4 Slylv Slwwm1cl UI' bling. Hazel Remgv and bliss Phyuis mlm u general exluilrillrm lm' Ifw Villllpllf Klllfflljj Ivy To qlmlilvy ai an memlver :uw musl pm: tho year' V ' ' ' M Creal elxllillsimlln Inns IFPUII NIUWXYII lax' H10 me uppxunllnn ulvll1l'I1C'Il1 f'Cl'liiill I4i'KIlliI'Cl11f'I1tS, whifh uw jurlgvcl lay mcmbefsq mul Xu, .V Hl'IIN'l'll1C'lUI7CfS. given us by lxlrs. Rvllig mul Mis 631121052 135 ATHLETICS lflc plllillfilllilll of lhe Iusl clflllllfii H1 IYH1. Yill'Sltb ir1lc1'c'rmH4-glale allmlcllrs have fic-on suspcncle-cl al llmc Um xcrsily. Spurls on an iIllUI'lIlill basis, lmwcvcr, wcrv ITSIIIIIPKI usl spring wilh the 0I'QilIli7IlliUI1 of a fmsclmll loam. This yu-ur Y NGN' llfllllllilllfl' IWHS IJCUII I'0l5I'CSCl1tC!I il Ilbfbtljiiu illlfl El IDRS Lvlluzafl lvnm. mul zxnmllmm' Iuusf-'mu mm-. 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Spirit ot ttlis ttinct voutct not tae cteniert as was stwwn tny ttie resutts pt ttue seeonct game ptayect wittu ntaino at Lewis t'4ietct un Niweintner tt. Vttraiting tuy a 'I-I-in margin in ttie ttmirct periort, ttuf Vxtitctrats vaine truni tmetxinct to win a tt?-'l-fl vivtory iwer ttue txtaine Bears, witti 1200 twans ctmcering ttlem on. New Hampstiire openect ttme sroring earty in ttde First perimt witti .toe Swctita ptunggingj avross tvrom ttae -I-yarct tiruf, txtainc' scorect two touctartowns in ttie tirst ten minutes ot ttie seroiiit tmtt, tmut New ttampstmirc Came rigtwt tmartt wittw a pair nt' turuftwftmvns ot tuer own in ttie tourttu pcrioct to sew up ttme tmatt game. 't'tffXtNt ROSTIQR tiuztsg ttnwarct ftiaiictter. tlttuut tiastertuumutt, Ctiartvs txearni-y. two t.a- joie, tfctwarct Noyes, tfitwarct Ryiter, ,tarts Stuart, t:rect Vwttwitix ,l4Ctf't3!t'S1 ttotvert Beauregarct. tjavict tirnwn. tfctwarct fiututnivtsy, Xvittiam ttntte- man, Catvin ,tones Eugene Nturrismi, ,taurtt Rivtmaiitsnii, Daniel Rogers. Guurits: txtcirtnii tlxauin, Yan tiXf'IlQtittllI.cxtQtlI'g1Cttiliittttltl.fXtt.I't'fttXtttt'S. Leon Stevens. Centers: t,Lvervtt Atutwtt. Stcwen btinangg, ttictiaict tim- giata, Ruger tyter. Barts: Steve Kxtiapmitms. Hitt tjmtartt. tttiver twtu-tit. Kennettw t:ritwi'g. ,totwn ttawtce, Ctaucte t tenry, Xvittiam tjiyyuiui, t3itYtft Ranctatt, ttenry Spear, .toseptw Swettta, Victor Szatuvtta. C'-tmartes Vtqtmayer. Assistant txtumigersg Gten Yiftcery Kennettm Russc-tt, Comme trjorutiiei. Rotuert gtientietct. i Ntoorartiaii ir Audlui ,XY BASKETBALL Coach .,.,.. , ...,.. l tenry Swasey fwnpluin ,,.... ,......,.,.. F red White lxlflllltgcff ...... ..........,.,...... , ltlt'lIl I51eHI1eb6fgEI' HE year I945 also saw hasttethatl resumed at the University on an informal hasis with an eight game schedule, seven games ot' which were played at home. the squad. coached hy veteran Vvfildcate mentor, Henry Swasey, had a fairly successful season winning tive out ol the eight games played. The lirst contest scheduled was with the Portsmouth ttarhor De- tnenes Five, a team of semi-pro strength. The Wildcats, starting lineup found Vic Szatulia, at right forward and Fred White at the other forward position. Starting center was .lohn tloltingsworth. Rounding out the tive at the guard positions were Andy lttooradian and Rip Therrian. The game, won hy the soldiers T5-00, was thrill-paclxed lrom start to Finish with the lead Changing hands constantly. Laclc ot reserves Finally caught up with the Wilctcats in the last quarter as the soldiers got hot, pouring in hasttet alter hasltet to put the duel on ice. Sparlcing the Swaseymen were Vvfhite who notched 2-t points and Therrian whose tqine defensive worlq was a feature ot the game. New tlampshires second game with the highly touted North- eastern tivc found a renovated Vvfildcat lineup with apparently paid dividends as the Vvfitdcats outscored. outtought, and outplayed the ttuslties, winning O8-57. The New ltampshire defense played ltawless hall and showed much improvement over their performance in their previous game. The third game ot the season found the Vvfilctcats completely out,- Ctassing an undermanned Portsmouth Naval ltospitat live, winning hy the top-heavy score of 53-32. New t tampshire torged into an early lead and soon put the fray on ice. The Swaseymen were paced lay Therrian and vtthite who gathered up 57 points hetween them, and Hollingsworth who played a great game at guard. The Vvfildcats tasted the second delqeat ol the season when the University ot lvtaine Bears sprang a mild upset to topple them 71- 61. The game, playect at Orono, saw the Vvtildcats deliinitely ollt the heam as the Bears jumped to a quicla I8 point lead which the Cats, though they rallied valiantly could not overcome. The First, game ot the second semester against a strong Santord Naval Air Station live found Hanlq Swasey starting an entirely re- juvenated lineup. Hollingsworth. Therrian. and Szalulxa had tell school, hut their loss was partially ottset, hy the return ot Red Ryder and a numlmer of new candidates. Tataing over at center was Andy txtoordian white the guard posts were occupied hy .tohn ttonnea herger, the team manager and .tactc Richardson. Ryder and Vvfhite t39 starterl at forwarcl, The sailors startecl Ott at a whirlwincl pare ancl assumecl an early leafl. The Wildcats Finally Came to life in the seeoncl Canto anrl with the speetaeular playing ol Frecl White who pourerl 33 points through the twines, soon overeame the rlellieit ancl waltzecl away to a 5-I-49 verfliet. The hig gun in the New tlampshire at- taclx in aclclition to Whitt' was the cle- tuensive play of slaeli Rieharclson. Playing hefore a Capacity Vxfinter Carnival crowcl. the Wilcleats were clowneel hy the Boston University Ter- riers 48-54 to sullrer their thirrl tleteat in six starts. New llampshire eoulcl tlo nothing against the strong B. tl. Lle- tense anel as a result were helcl to their lowest score ol' the year. The seventh game ol the seheclule louncl the Swaseymen more than male ing up lor their previous cleleat as they pourecl it on against the unflermannerl l.ovvell Textile aggregation to win hy the top-heavy margin ot 51 - 50. For the first time in the season llanlc Swasey usecl the entire squatl ol six- teen players as the pluelay Vwteavers hacl little manpower anrl lqatlecl to a mere shaclow in the last stanza. The last game ol' the campaign was a sweet one lor the Vxfilclrats as they gainecl revenge over their previous Con- querers, the lxlaine Bears, in a spine- tingling Contest, winning hy the slim margin ol 66-OO. The game starterl ollt at a furious pare with the leant swapping hancls many times. hut it re- mainecl for the two Vyfilrleat lCl1'9l1UIASCS, Vvyhite anrl Rycler to put the game on ive in the closing minutes ol the cluel as tht-v eountererl with sensational lav- up shots. Uther meinlyers ot the lmaslxethall squacl were: lfliot lfasterluroole Rohert Pmroarl, Burl Tilnhetts, Rieharcl Nleatle. Hill llolleman, Dielt llaquette, lgolu fxuclley, Bill llalerino, Rieharrl Barron, llenry ljmiley, ancl Chester Sim. llennenherger, lxlooraflian Xyhite. lxleacle Rit harrlson. BASEBALL ul Sflmll mul llwu p1c'scm'c' on vumpus gave the lwpc lm' il lmsvlmll lvum ix real lwust. ln aulclilimn. l"1'c'cl Ulfcwclm Cirmy, vrslwllilm- mmm' lmguc player pl sonlc clislillvlimm was vlrgllmlc' lp par- lwspalc, clue lp flu- ullwrnml zmlurc ul ilu: lcmn. .xffjllllll llwfc mvn filmull Sxmscy lmflf1gm1p.,l XXilI'Yl'll' lilllcwul pl' pracliffc luul will1 plvnly pl' pcpg mul r an group ul vc-ry lllilllllilllgj l1c'sl1mc11. l'Jmc'lir'e slurlcwl vmly in .Xpril llrsl illclpprs in llw uugrx ll1m'11 up mx llw lm frcwssc' In-lfl, llllsllly IIMIIIEIQIIIQ lu gp! 1lmx'nlpl5mr'l4r-ll l'ic'lmlxx'l1ic'l1 lmcl flml-fl sullrcinenlly In lil'IlllIl an Im svssums llicrv lwlprv llw lllsl gum' will! Norllm- caslem, flu .xplil JJ. lllc' Immun jml1'11c'yvcl flmwalllllmxmgaflflIn-lflmIS..,..LI11w In Ifulxlv llw l4.HQllll'l'l4 lwm lguslull. 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Nfvrln ljlinl amcl Curl fxililllw. hlwllf? mpSl lwmlwlv l'!'rlllIH' pl' llw Qilllli' iw, f,Hlg1m,fliUQ lmlflmvf-I-S fmm ilu- was llucf anlmllllflzulwc' nl' i'I'I'UI'91 viglml lm' Nc-w lfnglaml C4'Jl1ff'Yl'llFC' Clmxnpipn- fmfl SCYCI1 lm' llw Hllllslqicsw Nlnp XX'iIfh-at team of 10,12 wmv lym-L fV5lIl'lwysl1arl1m pm'lic'1Ilurl1'fwlllwlc'will1 I-11 the amhidextrous hurting ot George Ro' satto, who attempted to confuse op- posing hatsmeri hy changing pitching arms on them during their times at hat. Not too greatty phased hy their de- teat at the hands ot Northeastern, the Swaseymen returned to their home tietd on Ntay 6 and rteteated a strong hut not too coordinated Portsmouth htarine team. The Vtfitdcats tightened up their hetding considerahty and made their own nine hits go for seven runs, atiowing the servicemen hut tour. A weetc tater, New Hampshire, on a three day satari into the State ot Maine, dropped a ctose one to Bates Cottege, of5, hut hounced tiiifti the next day to overwhetm the University ot Maine on the Orono Diamond hy a score of 1945. This game was a wattiaway from the hrst inning when UNH piied up ten runs on six hits. Adams hetpect win his own game hy contrihuting a rtouhte and two triptes white Hchuctan Thayer potect a tong home run into the woods and added a singte for good measure. Thayer. hotcting down second hase, tottowed in the footsteps ot his hrolher Jerry Thayer who was an out- standing memhcr ot the 1041 Vxfitdcat nine. Vxfatiy Kane had heen shifted from second to hrst, Htqiutyu Hontqoia was at the hot corner, and Tony Adametcos, versatite and a very naturat hatt player, was moved hy Coach Swasey to the txactqstop position with Daimont taicing over in right Field. Despite a revised and more ettective tineup, New Hampshiras good fortune encted at Orono. They dropped their next encounter to Northeastern 13 -9 in a rather disappointing game which saw a great deat ot errors chatted up against the Witdcats. After two practice games, a much im- proved New Hampshire team tootc the iiietd against a vastly superior Harvard nine at Bractcett Fietd and despite good- as-usuat hurting hy Crory, his own 800921 halting average, and heads up hatt ptaying hy New Hampshire, the game ended with Harvard the victor hy a 6 - 4 score. That game ended the season in which New Hampshire won hut two and tost tour games. was not as had as the record might indicate, how- ever. For the team was a step in the right directiong the First step atong the road toward the renewat ot' varsity in- tercottegiate athtetics. Qther memhers ot the hasehatt squad not mentioned ahove were: Etton Lahar, Dave Pheasant, ,toe McDon- ough, John Hawke, and Bernie Dwori: and .tohn Hannigan, assistant managers. 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Nuliiruif lklosf Surmslif lxlosl Xvilly imfvif lwosf fmqiiucioii fwosl Hulpfiif lxlosl Typical Lxlosf Liked Alhon F. Bnlhnaion Donald ll. Clwiipmaii John S. Walsh Alhoii E. Richards Rohan W. Blanton William C. Hennessy Sylvoaiai ll. Bingham Eilm iiiii l A. Coiiez C. Harris Daggeii G. Harris Daggaii. Eilmnnil A. Cortez Donald H. Chapman Alheii E. Richards Donald H. Chapman SENIUR CLASS PULL George Hatch Dave Brown George Hatch Jaclr Flaherty Warren French Don Kingsbury Dave Brown Dave Brown lelonlry Honlrola George Hatch Dave Brown Erle Hiree Honlcy llonlcola Dave Brown M Besl Looking Best Athlete Best I Dressed Wiriieat Close Grind Close Aclor lxlusl P rrrrrr inent lxlosl Reepecierl lxlosl Collegiate Beat Dancer lxlosl Popular Class Flirt lxlosl Representative of llte Blue and Xvliite 155 osl Lileely lo Succeed Elie Abbott Rae Adams Elie Abbott Chancie Silva Janet Winn Barbara Mackay .loye Chiirchill Joye Churchill Jaclrie Percival Noreen Ray Elie Abbott Norma Hirsch Nancy Wassal Dodo Ellcins THA H YU , . V tg, ttre stutt ot the 1045 Granite, wistr to cxtenct our sinvere ttmnts nntt apprecialmii to att ltmose wtm tmve assistect in ttie preparzrtiuii nt ttris Yotume. Vvfe ure purticntarty inctetmlcct to: Sargent Stlictio tor their nnliring service anct mmqerailion as otticiut , I ptrotogmptiers ot ttie yeartmotc. txtr. Rotmeit NV. Ketty ot ltre Robert NV. Ketty ttntatistiing Corpora- tion tor tris untiring ettorts unct aid in planning. printing, and servifing ttris tnooti. txtr. l.CilIlItI'6 Stranctt ot ttie ttnion-Leacter tjutptistring Gompany tor tris prnnrpt service anct Cure in ttmo engraving wortq. Ttre meintmers ot ttre actministrnlion tor their tllYiltllIltJtG Conlritmn- tions unct assistance. n The New Hnmpslrirv for ltreii' interest anct servire. tjrot. A. W.,Iflt1IlSl,ll'lt1lJf t"ltSCOlIStZtfltiiSStStflDCCill1Ct actviee ttirmigtr- out ttre vmnpiting ot ltiis ttre Snttm VUttllT1C ot ttre Crcmile. Ft-tie tytwotoevisuat Department tor ptrotogrfiptlic serViCe anct in matting uvuitatnte for use ot' ttme Granite prints from ttreir cottection. Ins BEF LEBTIDHS orc you and your classmates upon your school lite achieve immortality in a carefully planned and executed yearbook. From the arid desert ol: Arizona, and the sultry green island ol-A Puerto Rico, to the snow-blanketed slopes ot Northern New England, we have traveled, happy and proud to have been an instrument in the translating into print, the humor pathos, excitement, and sentiment Found in the campus lite ol: over seventy-tive colleges and preparatory schools. As Former members ot yearbook staffs in our school days, we bring into our professional duties a real understanding of the many problems confronting each yearbook editor. MEMBER OE COLLEGE ANNUAL PRODUCERS ASSOCIATION AND AMERICAN INSTITUTE OE GRAPHIC ARTS I C' a 6 C omplele Photographic Service to the 1945 GRANITE SARGENT STUDIO .699 ggw 154 BOYLST ON ST. BOSTON, MASS. l 8 Success Depends on Saiisfied Cus+omers Quality engravings mean saiisfied Cnslorners. Sulislierl Cusloincrs mean repeat nrclors. Repeat nrclcrs ine n more business. More Bnsincs ine 1 Cvess. - On such a fuiinclalion we have luuiil uni' lvnsiness for ilie past lwcnly years a VV e are proud of lhe fart lliai we still nuinlxer among our present Cuslomer H1050 who Iirsl vriiriisiecl ns wilim liieii' firsi orders. - DOES THIS MEAN ANYTHING TO YOU MR. BUYER? The Union-Leader Publishing Company Engraving Dvpurfnwnt MANCHESTER - - - NEYV HAMPSHIRE 159 Ilfl THE UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE The ottieiaI unviersity agency Ior textI3ooIcs and etassroom necessities. I3raIting room suppIies, fountain pens, stationery, university jeweIry anft a Iarge variety ot ottler suppIies for stuctents. THE UNIVERSITY DINING HALL O QuaIity food preparert uncter tI1e direction ot a university cIietiIian. QuaIiIy purctmsing and Comparative Iow cost ot operation rnaIQe it possitaIe to serve gooct Iooct at Iower prices. 160 JAMES W. HILL CO U niverfizfy Shop BIANCHESTER, N. H. Bmfzcb at U 7Zi1!67'.fifj! . Of I New H am prbire A llcpemlalnlcr Inslilulion for Severllyfnvo Years 161 H. E. HUMPHREYS COMPANY Rofimcimiiiiig Linginvcrs uni! n nlmulors Cooling. Cfiiiiiing zinrl ifroozingg ifqiiipnienl Ivor c-vc-i'v Milk Cooivrs, Cold Slorage ainfl ifrcvzor Lociccr Pi and fxiisloin Biiiil, Cooiors. Timo niosl complete engineering and scrvicic faciiliiios BT SOUTH Ni-XIN STR Coxvoizo, N. H. lJllI'lJOSK mils, Apple Slorago P i i N in Norliicirn New Engl in EET T131 'Qui 162 M. J. MURPHY 8: SONS. INC. ANDREA J. LaROCHELLE Roojqng am! sheet metal work Venlilolion Contractor, Rubber and jeweler Asphalt Tile Flooring 1 1 R ' I f Cl l'orn1erIy IL. R. IxIc'CIinloCL epamng O ai m S Vvfatchmalcing, Engraving and Jewelry Repairing IQ PORTLAND AVENUE LQUYER, TEL. 169 CANAL STREET DOVER. N. H. RoCnEsTER, N. H IXIANCHESTER, TEL. 2848 fwomplimvnis Complimenis of ofthe . RIVAL FOOD, INC. COLLEGE PHARMACY Xvlrolesnle Cimmg 165 f UlHl7lfllll'llfS CN1JlIllJlfl71l"HlS of llw JENNISON COMPANY l3Ilffilll'Uf'S fwunlmctors l'l'I'C'IiI5l'RC1 NXSS. of a FRIEND a..-IQ" 6eRVlc64N --':'- f f - X1 uaffrzmf 'X uwv AMIISKEI SAVINGS BMI WMWMW5 MANCHESTER .-Af:3,t: NEW HAMPSHIRE ' X--V-V-v-ff" 43.85 41- fwUlI'IlJlilH1'lIlS of CwUlllf7Ifll7l'lIfS of ROSS FURNITURE CO. L A C Y' S IJOYILIQ N, ll, IJCDYKR N. ll, 1611 fNompIimenls of ALBERT E. ALIE I'7iumomI AIGVCIIUIII ar1fIIc'u'cIer BERNARITS MILLINERY Sim? W4 . 460 C'IfNTRAI. AVENUIC-IN'IORI'II.I. IEIITQIK DOVER. N. I'I. Dovzpk, NEW II.xx1PsHmI3 XXVEIIVIIOS ITIIIIQ THE BARRETT INSURANCE AGENCY If Ii. IQIVIIXRDSON VOR, XX'.XSIIINITI'ON G I.CX'US'I' STS l'XJX'IiR, N, II. I funpI1n1r-mls of KIMBALL'S JEWELRY 103 XX'.XSIIINfTl'ON SI. Iimnirz N, II. .I11lImri:4-II Km-psufcr' IJIIIHIUIIII IJVIIIUI' KWUIITIIIIIIIUITIS of II141 J. E. LOTHROP PIANO COMPANY IIPCIIGTS in Fine Pianos mul Organs TJOYIQR. N. II, CIompIimcnIs of THOMPSON - WINCHESTER COMPANY SERVICE SHOP. INC. , . II1:11-'N XX mum I'.m.xew' I-AI3IIf9' FVIQNISIIIAQIQS fwr1IIi11gxIIIGirIs.I L'PS'I'.'XIRS. ROOM 0, NORRII.I. ITI.I'X1. Im, 'Ml-M I9m1.R. N. II. T-Irv Ifousv ufCJL1UIiIy BURLEIGH OPTICAL CO. 'I'II.'I4ON, N. II. 5 GRANT'S CAFE DURHAM, NEXV HAMPSHIRE Comphmenis of RAND'S STORE CIOIVIIJIITTIGIIIS of Con1pIirnenIs of the FOLLANSBEE'S FRANKLIN THEATER fI0mpIimenls C umpIimenIs of THE RUNLETT HOUSE ofa FRIEND THE WILDCAT Complimenis of DURHAM SHOE REPAIR CompIirnenIs of THE NEWS SHOP Books and Lenffing Library Compliments of NATIONAL CREAMERY COMPANY Iwugcizines Gifts Stationary and OfIice SuppIies 66 XVAQIIINGTON STREET Som:Rx'1LLE, MASS. 469 CENTRAI. Avi, Ivioviiiz, N. II MARCHANT CALCULATING MACHINE COMPANY 98 IiXCfII:XNCIi STREET Puwilaxlm, BIAINE IXIiII.onI In KifIna-y. Disfrirf ivgr. L. G. BALFOUR CO. AT'I'I.EBORO, MASS CfIuss Rings and Pins CiOlTllIIC'I1C8TTlC2llI Irwifoiions DipIomas - Personal Farris Represented Iiy SJXXVYEII CI. 1130 Box'1.Es'roN STREET Basins, INIAFSACHUSETTS OUR BANK USE ALL OF IT We are in Igmusiness to IaeIp you maIce money, save money, protect your money, and in many ways to concIucI I'inanciaI aIIairs in an orfIerIy, economicaI and efficient manner. Vxfe invite you to use ALI, oI our services toward tI1is encI. - STRAFFORD NATIONAL BANK IKDOVER. New I'IAMPsH1RE Pfwnfwer FerIernI Deposit Insurance fworporaiion 7 w C OIIIIJIITIIOIIIS of CONSOLIDATION COAL COMPANY New YorIc, Y. IJOFISITIOIIIII, N. II. IIIIIIIEIIU, N. Y. III1iIncIQIpI1i:1. Iyn. IIaIlimor0, NILI. XXIIISIIIDQIOVI, II. ff. Newporl, Nvws, Yu. CIEIVIQITTOIII. Ilan. ITZIIYIIIOIII, XXI. Yu. IIIIISIIIITQII. Ijn. CIN c':a go, Ijvlroil. IXIivI1. COIL-x'0IamcI. C 5I1io CTUIIIIDIIIIIUIIIS of CONTINENTAL SHOE COMPANY IOS

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