University of New Hampshire - Granite Yearbook (Durham, NH)

 - Class of 1940

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' A L' 4' 'I bi . ,H 1 . ' r - la., r ' '?"1' fa 'ws In 1 " - f ' W' Y 3 ? Q wi ', I 'Vi' liglif' . 'QL . ., J , V. , -4: 4- K' , .B A 4 , i BT 1: L- in Q! ,6,lv-, Q . A 01 ,' W v '39, -P nn A -. ,...+F""4j H ' ' , . -.amz . , -,gl -H- ,- ., .-1 . v I H1 Hefi. 'S . , . gi? " NW! V J I ' 'V nf, F.. My-,Q ' by .Vi Vf, V4.1 V4 r -V . . . -. - . . , - - -- . - - f-ff .. .-:- ' ' ' 'f ' . ,- . e"". - ' -f .-f".'f ,' . --"" I T M.. W' W,Vq,V,V .VH mf Vi! . ,Q,,... Vi ,1 , Vw Vt .V I , yi . V , ,V . v . ' . '1- :ZH .jf . L. --- ' " , Q V 5 '14 J ,iq ." ' - , J , f ' A 1" F ' 1 -,L 'rf 1 "" .- ' - W " i - 4111 , .1 , a . - V W N-1. ' - .,"-., Lf- l .V '53 -.1 1. - ,- "' f -:,' V .1 - 2 V 1-fr , 53.5. VV 1 PM QV, Q, url? V. If LV ,' 1: 'jg 5 , X , , -1- - V -,V HV V V 1' gf vt. J ' XV' V1'.jV- .V V . .1 ,- V.. f V , ' JL XV 'E V, y .. ,VV f .9 V VV .I , lmqlmn , V VV V VV 'f V. V 11VV...w . ' Vim! -. -xi K VV, VV V 65' .v V-x V gsfih.,-gg , V VV, V - 1 V4 ...V Vp JEQVJK Mn.-:V 1 'L V V - V. V V AV A V-VI. ' V Vp - V V ..,,.,, ' V V 4, . J 211. .- gnv ' Q' ', '-1 fx Va' ' 1 QV 3 1 ' ' .1 , 'I "' ' J. . , -.., W J . ,- V "ff" V k" f1F 1, . ',- " 1 -, . A . . f ,--1 1 Q ,h V V. .V V V5 VV ,HV ,I 4 . V .VVV3-, .J ... .. . 'f , ' ' ' '--si ' 'f ' 1 71 nk 1: , .. i " , , 5 . gt? 4"""'? 'ff 1' if.-x551AU twist' WV. Q 4 a " 1 ' f V -:VV . , ' 13 :, ' "-15 71-' Q. .. - f iz A. ,V t V - -1 1 fn" A ik .V V - K ,KV V .V V -. H 1 V 1. - "HV ja ' ' . - 5 ... 5 .8 ., ' , - f - -.3-6 -ff'-r 1 "' 1 - . - .. -11 .1 - -1 ,. 1 a Q ,. 'W 9' 3'-1 1.- .- 'I 3 . . 'ia - .. ,wk ' 1 4 in 1 A . V V .1 4 1 K 4155 VVL VJAVV VV.-E V .tv i' V f I ' ' ' iff " .' N-1 '- - v V I. 11" 3-, " ' I ' 1 f 1' , Q V . , , 'VV ., V , ,V V - m 'M 7 . . 1 " 1. . 1 2 xy.,,' . P I 1 .f"'f , 'Y 1 -'Y . .. ,, -W, V V V ' 45, . ' s '1 . ",ff1t11 +1 -z -1 'ff 1 1 1 ,Zz 1n.:VVzV.V gr .nw :fi , V V A , 4 7 V, ' A ' ' 5 V V ,I G B , f G l V: 4- ' . V.V 1 N. - "' ' - , .fmt A 5 'i:"'2575?:g.4'if1".' -. 1: 1644+-.-.- ' . 1 .-.' 11' - - 4 A' A ,. 1 . ., ' -- , NV. 5' L -'Igw - - 1 ' - .-.- ,- -5 ,7 , 1' ' G., ' K 2, 51" -- . - - 'iff . -'if-f -.1 1.51. 2 , . .ah-0-5 'f' . . 11--155 .. 7 3 " W V t ,V ,vV, VJ. V V . V .P .Q .g en -.VVQV 1 . V 'LI 1 ' - w .1 1 - irfgvf . if ' 11 ' . fn: . - 1,1 . , ' v - 1, ' I ' " -' L' ' V- ,,V,,. , ' W 'ts 5 ' fb' VV. . - A V .., .V 2 11 VV ffl' 1 Veg. 1,'.4f.V, . ' V ' ' ' ' ' f U. -' . .Ip .. 1? ,Q ' 1 f f' ff - - - ' ra- s -' . S4 ' - vc , 1 - .V 1 1 -'-.-- . I 01" ' S ..- 'f 4 .v .' 7 ' 1' 1" -v 3 5? . ' F1 , . .v . --.J - 'f--, . . 1.- 1: pu If t It . 1 ff , 1 V V, , 1 ' . ..- 4 - 1 ' rf 31' ' V VI, H - . ' ' ' I ' -V V ' VVV , .., 5' ,,V '-i i -J .V VV .' V ' 1 ' A ..-I :V,VgV H ' " 1- 5 - ,wb I V . V VV, .V - ' F V f ,VVV V-T1 M lm: . , . q.. Q, as A -J 5 u Vs V ' 1 1-1.-' - VV 1 Hi-1. -. -I 5 . - 1 ,, A ,- .. -ge,:V , f 4 .I ivy., ' ff V VV 430. 'v if 1 4 :rx ' D ,-.." ,:' "V VXKP 4' . 5 . ,- .. J.. -. V . sg V V V , . -,V Vw . yE,?i?' ' 'V sl'-wk' rv . ' if lb EBV. 1 ' ef .-. ---,fig " .. 1 ' f If 2, .im . . 9, . .V V, , n. gps. ' g.,-.-.V-,L V. ! 1 - . 1 1 11,-. 1 "' ' 1's'.V'f'V,'.,V EM. ,V"t 965'- su. E ' ' .'5nrnI-'.:.. .I Q-,-,, ,5-,,,4 . 'I-Q!gV1Lg ,0T- AV-V V Copyright 1939 FRANCIS H. Avian, Eclilor-in-Chief RAYMOND ll. CDICONNOII, Business Manner U Anwuua W. JOHNSON, Facully Advisor if J ,MG f 'v ,, ,A ,fi , fur '--vw , QQ ,I x E is . - n ' lxnr- Q .- ....Q1-.,- ' .I+ v,. 'l . if ' - ' W '7' . Yhf'9v"A N 'A V. I 3.3, 5 . . . A gi ..',. Qfyzxa 5' -E-.....,5.k --X H , XX I xx. I X. ' . Pufnlisllwed by The Class of 19.40 in their Junior Year at the University of New Hampshire Durham, New Hampshire 1 9 4 O GIRANIHVIE QIRE This volume of time 19410 GRANITE presents to the classmates and friends of tiie University of New Hampsinire, an everlasting i'einen1i3rance of the beautiful campus, a iwaitinftii record of time yearns events, and an atmospuliere of college spirit as siiown by the class of 1940. r R HD XM e hope that tile students and faculty Witt enjoy the novel page arrangement, anct ideas expressed ttirougtuout the book. It is an attempt to make an original putati- calgion to which the Class of 1940 may in the future point with pricle f- their book in which they are an integral part. ttl it His Excellency, Governor Fran- cis P. MLIFPIIY, a 'native of New Hampshire, who by this own efforts Elias actvancect to a ,leader in the state in civic, inclusliriat, and governmental lite. XN e, the class of 19110, in appre- ciation of his invaluable assistance and interest in the University, take pricle in dedicating ttiis boot: lio him. I Govrirwok IVTRANCIS P. MU1zP1 1Y, ANI., LL.D A N TIMTH l FRED ENGELHARDT President PILB. Yale 19081 AM. Columbia 1915: Ph.D. Colunxbia 19211: Became President of University April 1, 1957. RISSIDENT Fred C. Engcnmrcil has luccn a new guiding force in ihe growth and expansion of limo Unix'crsil.y. A naiivc of New England, he has combined iiio ideals and bacicgroiirid of ilic lizrsi with the progressive spirii, of liic West, anci brought to us an open-minrlcci and cncrgelic prograin of education. Dr. E1T1QGH'1B.l'CIil received his Baciicior' of Piiilosopiiy ricgrcc al Yale in 1908, his Nlaslcr of Arts degree at Columbia in 1915, and his Doclor of Piiiiosoplly degree at Columbia in 192-1. 17.2 I I , .. 'WA ,, . . ' . 1, Q IJJ1..-'L' Back Row: Sawyer, Rnnclzill, Dalles, Kingsliury, Elliot. F I R II l D II L F IL YOU. OLUJ ' UQ ICS, OC 'UH CF. 'C 'Cl'. BOARD OF TRUSTEES His Exeelleriey, GOVERNOR FRANCIS P. ROBERT T. 'KINOSISURY lVlURljl'lY, Alxfl., LED., ex omcio Keene Presiclcnl. FRED ENOELHARDT, AM., Pl1.D., OECEGE T. HUGHES, AM., LL.D. ex ollicio OVCF ANDREVV le. FELKER, Commissioner ol? AQl'lClIl- ll-IOHN ELUOVI' Secretary ture, ex omeio IFQSTEIILQEE ROY D. HUNTER, LL.D., ljresiclent ' JL' PAH, QI. fl West Claremont XO mb OH' , , , , JOHN T. DALLAS. AB., DD., LL.D. 1-IARRY D. SAWYER Comm, Woodstock FRANK W. RANDAIL, 13.5. JAMES A. XNELLIVIAN, BS. Perrgmeiiih Manchester itljlecteel by Alumni OFFICERS OF ADMINISTRATION FRED ENGELHARDT, Presiclent ol: tlie University, Ph.B., AM., PIi.D. B. PED., Associate Registrar and Associate Professor of Eclucation JOHN C. KENDALL, Director of tlie Experiment Station eincl Extension Service, ES. GEORGE W. CASE, Dean of tlie College ol Teclinology, Director ol tlie Engineering Experi- ment Station, ancl Professor of lvleclmnical En- gineering, BS., lVl.C.E. C. FLOYD JACKSON, Dean el tlic College ol Lilqernl Arts ancl Frollcssor ol' Zoology, IS.A., MS. lVl, GALE EASTIVIAN, Dean of tlie College ol Agriculture anrl Professor of Agricultural Eco- nomics, BS., MS. Fl1.D. llERlVlON L. SLOIBIN, Dean of Ilie Gracluate Scliool nncl Professor of lvlatlwinatics, AE., A.lVI., Pl1.D. NOR MAN IAXLEXANDIER .f.,' . if .- ic 2 nf . RUTl'l WOODIIUFIT RAYMOND MAGllA'I'll JOHN KENDALL GREN t'.tENDERSON EDWARD BLEWETT EUGENE IAXUERBACI-I EVERETT SACKETT NORMAN Al.liXANIiDI.iR, Demi of Men and Asseciulc t,rntessOl' of Economics, BA., M.A., LLB. RUTH .t. VNfOUURUFt7, Donn Ot Vxfomen and Assistant tjrnfcssor of Economics, AB., A.M., PILD. RAYMOND C. IVIAGRATII, rtwreusurcr anct Busi- ness Secretary ORIEN V. IHIENIDERSON, Registrar tftDWAtQtJ Y. PJt..ENVErt1T, Assistant to the Presi- ctent, HA. XNILLIAM J. OBERLANDER, University Physician BS., MD. HAROLD LQVEREN, Superintenctent of Property, BS. ERIC T. HUDDLESTQN, Professor Ot' Arctwitec- ture anct Supervising Arctlitect of the University, B.Arct1. EUGENE K. AUERBACH, Atumni Secretary anct Director of the Bureau Ot? Appointments, BA., MBA. w N '51,- Q J " M, w Q.-' . HY N ji: ,. , Qv x '41 ix X T: B, 'v' iw cl .Q' fi 5'f.- . 'F ,LM I... N ,nz F5-,Q J., 1 -Af in RW' . ' .- ' .,.i' f w-- 'lfhlw .Q 1 K , "f'5g-+.,.p- "fr:'V,f 4 a:,gQ4.' , -A-ha ' 1 . - Q A 'cy - , .-1' " fl' "A, -. -'fii-'Fw .' ' .. " rg-.. 1 4: ,i i f " f-rfttpflq ,4jl,r.f1,- a lg . f YT Y -,N-' '-L '11 Arggfp ls 4. ..' 'f --CQ ' 1 A ff w.,.v.5-,--mn.. 2m,,f, , -.4-,, . ij, H' f" :Q gi-1' '41:!ggE wZ.? FT- A ' - "V ' V - :fin D-.A 5:93 -7 .LA , eg 121+ N: V- gf '-f g Q., ' W 5 b P - . , at ,- 5, Jig - - 1 . - in 'SUM MI: ,, :K -Tr, ,V E.: 11 -:ga I :El f H MQW' -"W f---4-"f"" 1 '15 '. 1' fi: f Q T77 , fl" A E - W' """-""-'--.' .. f ff. 5155.4-i' .f.'- "' 414591: ' -fvkw x:g,-L-l.,, 3714-Qv' . W "kJ.1-.47L-..,HN:l:fM'g..,,-- - ., Rav.: ,,.,.. lwgfz, hmmm ',rs-.w,,4m'1.,..4-vwnmggikgwhy - A md' ' " ul., .T i I. ,, 1 ff: UU IUIW y ,,.f' ,,- i ,,44' 'R P11-,r At. +414 I '., 1 f .bl -as-, . 4 v 'R v , . ' , ",:-v,,1.1i- ' ..f'.,1 , ll I' . ' X 'H 1, 1 F . f , .1 i V. M V '72, 4 N ? 1 v Dean IVI. Gate Eastman, B.S. New I'Iamp- sI1i1'e Cottege in 19133 IVI.S. at Cornctt in 19165 PhD. Cornett in 1951. FACULTY OF THE COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE ACKERINIAN, WAIJTER, BS., B.S.A.E. Assistant Professor of AgricuI- turaI Engineering in tI1e Depart- ment ot Agronomy ancI Agricul- turaI Engineer in ttie Experiment Station. ANIQSESSON, KENNETH E., Gractuate Assistant in Bacteriot- ogy in tI1e Department ot' Botany. AYER, PERLEY F., B.S. Instructor in AgricuIturaI Eco- nomics and Speciatist in Rurat Qrganization anct Recreation in tI'1e Extension Service. BOTTORFF, CHARLES A., D.V.M Assistant Professor of PouItry I'Iust1ancIry and I3ouItry Patho- Iogist in tI1e Experiment Station.. BREON, WILLARD S., B.S. Graduate Assistant in AgricuI- turaI and BioIogicaI Chemistry. BUTLER, ORIVIOND R., PI1.D. Professor of Botany ancI Botanist of tI'1e Experiment Station. CHARLES, T. BURR, IVI.S. Professor of PouItry I'IusIJancIry and Pouttry I'IusIJandman of ttie Experiment Station. CLAPP, HENRY S., B.S. Instructor in Ornamentat I'Iorti- cuIture anct Supervising Isanct- scape Arctiitect. CONKLIN, .IAIVIES G., IVIS. Instructor in Entomotogy anct As- sistant Entomotogist ot ttie Ex- periment Station. DUNN, STUART, PHD. Assistant Professor of Botany an1I Assistant Botanist ot the Experi- ment Station. EASTMAN, M GALE, PHD. Dean of Cottege ot Agricutture anct Vice-Director of tI1e Agricut- turaI Experiment Station. FOUILIKSOD, GEORGE M, Assistant Professor ot Agricut- turaI Engineering in the Depart- ment ot Agronomy. anct Assistant AgricuIturaI Engineer in tI1e Ex- tension Service. GRINELL, HAROLD C., M.S. Assistant Professor ot' Agricut- turat Economics and Assistant Agricutturat Economist in tI1e Experiment Station. HEPLER, JESSE R.. MS. Associate Professor of I'IorticuI- ture and Associate I'Io1'ticuIturist ot ttie Experiment Station. 16 HIGGINS, LEROY J., B.S. Assistant Professor of Agronomy anct Assistant Agronomist ot ttie Experiment Station. HODGDON, ALBION R.. PHD. Instructor in Botany. LATIIVIER, L. PI-IELPS, PILD. Assistant Professor of I'IorticuI- ture ancI Assistant I'IorticuIturist of ttie Experiment Station. LITTLE, EARLE H., MS. Instructor in AgricuIturaI Ectuca- tion, State Supervisor anct Teactier Trainer, Agricutturat Education, State Boarct ot Ectu- cation. MACFARLANE, JAMES Instructor in EIoricuIture and Etorist of the Experiment Station. MART IN, CARL L., D.V.M Assistant Professor of Veterinary Science and Veterinarian of tI'1e Experiment Station. MILLS, MARION E., IVI.A. Assistant Professor of Botany MOORE, HERBERT C., MS. Assistant Professor ot Dairy I'Ius- Iaanctry and Assistant Dairy I'Ius- IJancIman of the Experiment Station. MURRUXN, KIiNNI2'I'H S.. MS. tjrotlessor ot' Dniry ttustmnrtry nnrt Dairy ttustmnrtnmn ot ttic tfxperiinent Slntion. CYKANIVI, XVAITIZR C., M.A.. USv. Professor of tfeonomie tfntoinot- ogy aunt tfntoinotogist of ttic tix- periment Station. PIiIl.l.Il'S, 'VIIUMAS G., i't1.l3. ttrotessor ot AQl'tK'lltttll'ilt nnrt Biotoggimt Ctmomislry nnct Ctwemist . , ot ttre t3xpf-rirnent. Station. I'lliRCIi, ICIMXOOID CT., ISS. tirzutnnle Assistant. in Agrieut- turnt nnrt ttriotogivnt Ctwemislry. t'RlNt"I'I, FURIJ IRS. t'rotlt-ssor ot' ' Agronomy unrt Agronoinist. ot ttio tfxperiincnt Station. SHIMICR, S'l'ANl.t'fY R., MS. Assistant ttrotessor ot Agrieut- turnt nnft tyriotogient Qt1Cll1tStfj' unft Assistant Ctiemist ot the Ex- periment Station. SLANETZ, LAXNRENCE W., PHD. Assistant Professor ot Baeteriotogy in ttme Department. ot Botany anct Assistant Bncteriotogist in ttie Ex- periment Station. STIQVIZNS, CLARK L., APHD. Professor of Forestry anct Forestor ot ttlc Experiment Station. SNVAIN, LEXVIS C., BS. tnstruetor in Forestry anct tvtusie. TEERI, ARTHUR E.. BS. Croctiiulc Assistant in Agricut- turrrt unrt Biotogieat Cticmistry. 'I'lfl'PIZR. ALIBERT MS. tnstruelor in Pouttry Hustmnctry zinrt Assistant Pouttry Hristmnct- man of ttwe Experiment Station. 't'IRRt31L'l., LORING V.. BS. IJIUIVCSSUI' of Alitlllitt twIllStJ?'tIKtl'y. WCUODWAIQD, KARL, NLF. ttrotessor of Forestry. WCJCRJIQWCURTI-I, HARRY C., M ttrotossor of Agricutturat Eco- nomies unit Agrieutturat tlco- nomist in time Experiment Station. IN MEMORIAM EARLE E. Hoovmz, BS. Assistant Professor Economic Zoology tX,16I'HtfJCi' of tt1e University tacutty 1958 to 1959 First Row: Vx"oo1twan'rt. Stiimer. Grinnett, Prince, O'Kane. Eastinzin, Morrow, Ptnttips. Ctmrtcs, Stevens. t.ntlimcr. Smitti. Suronrt Row: tlorugtuerty, .tot1nson, Tepper, Brarttey, Scripture. Gtovcrr. Btooct, Battort, ttirlgins. Ctnpp. Fouttrrort, ttnrtttovtz. Tliirrl Roni: Mnrsrten, txtnrlin. Swain, ttodgrten, Dunn, Moore, Hcpter, Vtx. Smilti, tvtmiturtiilie. Davis. fourlfi Roux: Percival. tjurgin. rtqytorrt, Stanelz, Cover, Ayer, Vxfooutworltx. Q0 17 Dean C. Ftoyct Jackson, B.A. Dc Ranw Uni- versity in 19061 M.S. in Otwio State Uni- versity 1906. Became Dean in 1950. COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS ALEXANDER, NORMAN. PILD. Dean ot IVIQ-n anit Associate Pro- . It-ssor of Economics BABCOCK, DONALD C. M.A.. STB. Professor of Itistory BACHELDER, JOSEPH E., JR.. PI1.D. Instructor in Sociotogy BAILEY, MARION A., M.S. Instructor in Horne Economics BERZUNZA, JULIO. M.A. Assistant Professor of Languages BINGHAM, SYLVESTER H.. PRD, . Assistant Professor of Engtisti BISBEE, HARLAN M., A.M. Associate Professor of Ectucation BOWEN, IRMA G., BS: Assistant Professor of Home Eco- nomics BUFFINGTON, ALBERT F., PRD. Instructor in Languages CHAPMAN, DONALD,-f H.. CORTEZ, EDMUND A., M.A., E4I.M. Assistant Professor of Engtista CC 3ttt.'l'IE1R.. CHARLES W., PHD. Professor ot Sociotogy DECLER. CARROLL IVI.. MBA. Assistant Professor of Economics DICKEY. EDNA F., M.A. Assistant in History EKDAHL. ADOLPH G., PRD. Associate Professor of Psyctiotogy EKDAHL, NAOMI M. G., PHD. Assistant Professor of Psyctiotogy EVANS, FRANCIS G., PHD. Instructor in Zooto-gy FLOYD, JOHN A., M.A. Instructor in Languages FLOYD, LAWRENCE C., B.A. Gractuatc Assistant in Economics FOGG, LLOYD C., PRD. Associate Professor ot Zootogy GRANT, ROBERT II., A.B. tnstructor in IingIisI1 PHD. GRIGAUT, PAUL L ., L. Assistant Professor of GeoIogy Assistant Professor ot Languages 18 HAGER, RUSSELL P., M.A. Instructor in Zootogy HARRINGTON, ROBERT VJ., JR., AB. Graduate Assistant in Zootogy HARVEY, LASHLEY G., A.M. Assistant Professor in Potiticat Science anct Ectucation IIAUSLEIN, JOHN D., M.A. Assistant Professor of Economics HENNESSY, WILLIAM G.. A.M. Associate professor ot Engtisti JACKSON, C. FLOYD, M.S. Dean of the Cottege ot LiIneraI Arts anct Professor of Zootogy JOHNSON, ARTHUR W., M.B.A., C.P.A. Associate Professor of Economics JOHNSON, GIBSON R., PHD. Assistant Professor of I'Iistory JONES, ARTHUR W., M.A. Assistant Professor ot History KALIJARV I, TH-ORSTEN V.. PRD. Professor of I9oIiticaI Science KARR, MARGARET, M.S. Instructor in Home Economics LAMOIJRELIX, LUCILLE L.. A.B. Graciuatc Assistant in Languages MANTON. ROBERT W. Director anti Associate Professor of Music MARSTON. I'I'III.lP M, M.A. Assistant IJroi'c-ssor oiw I Iistory MifC1RAII., TI IOMAS II., PI1.D. Assistant Ilroic-ssor rxIII2l1gIiSI1 McI.Al,IGIIi.IN. IlliI..IiN F.. MA. I'IroI'essor oi' I Ioine Ifcorimnics MIil..NICK. CIIARI.I:1S II., BA. Assistant in Ifngiisii Ml'IYliRS, TI IEODORE R.. M.A. , i Assistant Ijroiqcssor of fmcoiogy IVIC 7UI.'I'UN. VIIIQNA If., BS. GracIuate Assistant in I Iorne Eco- nninics PARIQICR. CIIITIIORD S.. IIILD. Iiroiicssoi' oi Imiignuiges I'AR'I'I-QIDGIC. ALLAN I5., M.A. Assistant I,i'oi'essor oi Iiistory I'I'INSACfli. .IOSEPII M., BS. t,IrarIuatc Assistant in fooiogy RICHARDS, ALFRED E., Ph.D. Professor of EngIisI1 RICI-MXSDSON, EDYTIHIE T.. Assistant Professor of ZooIogy ROWELL. BARBARA, M.A. Assistant in EngIisI1 RUDD, HERBERT F., PI1.D. Professor of I3I1iIosopI1y SACKETT, EVERETT B.. PI1.D. Associate Registrar anci Associate Professor oi' Eciucation SCH-OEDINGER, PAUL S., M.A. Assistant Professor of Engiisii SCI IOOLCRAFT, .IAMES T., JR., A.M. Instructor in I..21l'l,QtIE1QGS SCUDDER, HAROLD I-I., B.S. Professor oi' Engiisil SI IEEHAN, ELEANOR L., MS. Instructor in ZooIogy SMITH. IIARRY W., A.M. Professor of Iiconomics SMITII, LUCINDA P., M.A. Associate Professor of Engiisil STARKE, RAYMOND R., A.M. Associate Professor of Isiotei ArI- ministration STEWART, GLENN W., M.S. Assistant in Geoiogy STOWE. A. MONROE, PILD. Professor of Education SWAIN. LEWIS C., BS. Instructor in Forestry ancI Ixiusic SWONGER. CLAIR W., A.M. Assistant Professor oi: Economics TOWLE, CARROLL S., PHD. Assistant Professor of EngIisI1 TYRRELL, DORIS E., M.A. Instructor in Economics WALSH, JOHN S., M.A. Associate Professor of Languages WEBSTER, ROBERT G., M.A. Assistant Professor of EngIisI1 WHITE, GEORGE W., PIi.D. Professor of Geoiogy ami As- sistant to tI1c Dean of tI1e CoIIege of LiIueraI Arts WILSON, C. ELMER Instructor in IVIusic WQQDIQLIFPI, RUTH J., PILD. .Dean of Women anci Assistant Professor of Economics YALE, WILLIAM, M.A. Assistant Professor of History l'irsl Row: Kniijarvi, I'iaImr-or-It Ixirimiggiiiin. Smitim, Jacicson. xN'I00lII'llII, Aicxamicr, Parker, Iiotzan, Scucicier, IIIS ll Itlg,II Ill I u I3IyqI1I1 CIIJIX E btt QU1 C. . PUUUIII QOUII Dill' ric omson. iius ein, .amo reux. aie', c ec 0 y. 'arr, "vans, qco ', IIL-riawilim. Riviiariison, blariae. .ioIinson. Tfxirrl Row: Hager, Fogg, Fioyd. Ifrunington. Evans, bwongcr, Dcgicr. Lvrunt, Surriwlt, Itnitiieiricr. l'mn'Iii Row: Marston. Mccraii, Harvey, Qiiapman, Stewart, Yaie, Hennessy, Eitci II Iiiflii Row: Sciiooicrailt, Berzunza. I'IoIaIJy, Meyers. 19 Donn Gcrwrgc W. Cnsc, IIS. uncI CE. at I3urcIuc in H7063 IVI.C.I3. ut CorncII in IQIQ.: Became Donn in 1923. FACULTY OF THE COLLEGE OE TECHNOLOGY ATKINSON, EDXVARD R., PILD. Assistant Professor of Chcinistry BATCHELDER, LYIVIAN J. Insl.rucI.or in ix"IccI1anicaI En- gincering BAUER, GEORGE N.. PILD. Professor of Statistics in tI1c Dc- parlment of IXfIz1lI1emaIics ancI OIIiCcr in Charge of Frcstnnon BOND, RICHARD G., ES. Assistant in CiviI Engineering BOVZLER, EDMOND XV., L B. Professor of Civit Engineering CALKIN, JOHN W., PIID. Assistant Professor of NIaxII1c- matics CASE, GEORGE XV.. MCQE. Dean of tIie COIIege ot TCCIX- ITOIOQY GUCI PITHIICSSOF OIT IVIC- cImnicnI Engineering CAUGHEY, ROBERT A.. MS Research Assistant in IncIusIria Engineering I DAGGETT. ALBERT F.. PIID. Assistant Professor of CI1cmisti'y DAXNSON, CHARLES O.. BCE. Instructor in Cix'iI Engineering I DEMOS, MILTIADES S., PI1.D. Assistant Igmfcssor of IVIatI1c- matics DONCQVAN, EDNVARD T., B. . Assistant Professor of MccImnicaI Engineering EI'PIiI.SInIEIIVIIflR, DANIEL S., DSC. 'J Ixcsc-zii'cI1 Associate PruIcssor of IllfIllSlI'IilI ILnginCei'ing EUNKI IOUSER, .IAIVIES A., PHD. Assrwintc IIi'uII0ssrir of CI1cinisl,ry ITIIRIYIAN, ALBERT, BS. Grz'lcIlia1lc l'lIHI.ICS ASSISI.i'll'l l. in IVIz'1tI1 0- GETCIEIELL, EI DXNARD L.. ISS., EE. fxssorinlc' IDFOITCSSOI'IJFMC'PI1flIlIl'i1I I'n IIICKIIII '1r'w3-'U A H ' I' GRAFSYO, SALVATORE, IBS Instructor in CiviI IELIIQIIICCIAIIH1 IIART, ROBERT T., IES. CIi':irIiinIcr Asfaistmll in Cncinistry IIIPIQCIICCXTK, I..ITIUN XV., ILS. I'mIc-ssur HI' I,'IIcclricaI Engineer- ing IIOIISTON. NORMAN .I.. BS. Roscui'f'I1 Assislunl. in IncIustriaI I'.iig1iiiocring IIOWES, IIORACE L., PILD. I7i'rnIIc::sni' UI' I3I1ysiCs I Il II HI DLIQSTON, ERIC T.. I 5.Al'ffI1. AIJITUIIUSSUI' UI' AI'CfI1Ill'FIllI'C? nnrI Siipcwvisiiig AIAC-I1Ilf?l'I. nII lIw Uni- vi-rsily II3I7I.I'F. IIAROLD A., I'I1.I7. IIi'uIIc's::ui' UI' CTI1CINI5'II'V a IACKSON, I"RIiDERICK D.. ISS. Assistant IIi'uI'cssnr UI LIIccvli'ir.'nI I?II'fII'll'C'I'II1U .5 ,., .IARIiS'I', .IOSEPII R., ISS. IQC'SCfilI'f'I1 Assistniil, in InfIiisIrinI I'.IlQIIN'Cl'Ill" r IiICIII.INE, NVII.I.IAIN'I L., IVIS. Iiifetnirilrii' in IvIilIIl0II1ilIIf'S . f- 1 , , , iiwcin, 'ri ioivifxs I.. ns. IIIXIEXIITRIIIAIAL' XVII'I'IAIVI II.. Assislunl I,i'nIc'ssm'ofIX"I0i'I1niiir'nI fxsfaigziaint I7i'nI'cvssm' nf I7I1ysir's I'.iigjiiicci'iiig IIICKIJIY, .IOEEAIJII W., BS. I.IiAVI'I"I', IIAROLI7 I., IVI.II'fr,I. 'J Instructor in CTIIIODIISIQIY 20 Inslnic'Ior in I Iwysics MASON, CI IARIE9 M., PIID. Assovizilc IIroI1'ssor of CIlKIlT'lISIl'5' MIiI,I,ON, IQIJXNARIJ II., AIS. ' . . W . fu'mIunlc Assislunl. in f..I1cniisll'y MORAN. CI.IiMI'IN'I'. MS. Assovinlc' IJl'llI'C'SSOI' UI' IJI1ysir's NIIISIIIN. NVILLIAM IS.. MS. Assislzuil. Iirofcssor UI' I'IIor:lricziI IiIIQIIlCCl'IIIQ O'CONNEI,Ii, ELIAS M. IIlSI.l'lIi'I.Ol' in IVIcCImnicaiI Ifii- I.ZIllCCl'IlIfj PERKINS. IJIONAIID M.. MS. Inslruc'lor in IxfIIlII1Cl'l1ilIIf'S I'IiRRl'1'I'ON, ARNOID. IS.Ai-CII. Assislunl. Iyrofcssor of Al'CI1II.L!C- lure IJOVVERS, VxfENIDIf1I,Ii II., IES. Insl.rui'lor in Chomislry SILCOX. IIICRISICRT E., ISS. KIITIKIIIIIIC Assislzuil in CIicmislry SKEI,'I'ON. RUSSEI, R., ES.. C I' -. 4. Associnlo IJroIcssor QI' CiviI Ifn- ginccring SLOIBIN, IIERMON L., PIID. Ijrofcssoi' of IVIilII1CfI1Z1I.ICS oncI Dcam of lI1c fIrm.IuaLe ScI1ooI SMITH, MEININ M., A.M. Assooialo I3roI'cssor of CI1CmisLry SOIJT, IRVIN II., PHD. fXssisIm'iL Ijrofcssor of III1ysics SOIIV, MARVIN R., IVIS. Assislanl Ijrofcssor of IVIHIIXC- mzilics I.cnx'c of aImscnCc 1038-39 S'I'OiiXgVOR'I'I IY, E. HOXNARD. Assigmil Iji'oI'cssor of IVICCIWIIIIICEII Iinginccring STONE. SAMUEL A., MS. Inslruclor in IVIalI1omalics TI' I-OMAS. GEORGE R.. E.ArcIu. Assislmil Ijrofcssor of ArrI1iI.cC- Iurc TONKIN. .IOIIN C. Il1slr1icI.or in IVICCI'li1llICilI I-511- ginccring VIER. XNAYNE T.. BS. CracIimI.c Assistant in CI1cmisIi'y Vx!EBBER, LAURANCE E., BS. Research Assislnnl in IncIi1sIriuI Ifiiginccring WELCII. ALBERT G., BS. Inslruclor in IVIccImnicaI En- gineering ZIMMERMAN. OSWALID T., PILD. Associate Professor of CI1cmicaI Iinginccring IN MEMORIAM Vx7Ai.TiiR E. XVILBUR, BS., MS. Associcilc Professor of Affilfwcrnalics IVIemIJer of tIwc University facuIty, 'IQQQ Io 1958 :'rsl Row: Bauer, UnIcI1oIcIor, IIiIcI1cocI:, IIowcs, EppcIsIicimcr, Case, I3owIc:r, IILIKILIICSIOH, IiIrIIcs, GcIcI1cII, r I ox l I SIOIJin, IVIomn. Scconfl Row: KicI1Iinc, Zimmerman, Powers, I'IicI:cy, IVIcIIon, O'ConncII, Jarcs, Sic fr so I7 s n C. I Tfiirff Row Dzivvclt Izickion IVInsrm FIIIIOHIUS V' Pcrrclon Lciivi in .1 us , ilX'SU , ,nu mf. lcr, , ' lt, IXIIQ' son, Q IIarlxvcII. l'ourtfi how: IonIcin, I"I:ir1If. NVQIQI1, Slonc. Solt, Bond, Houston, Furman, NuIscn. 21 Colonel Edward K. Smith, 'Professor of Military Science and Tactics. Graduate Cornell M. E. 1906. Came here 1958, loe- A ginning of school year. RE ERVE QFFICER TRAINING CORP First Row, lofi Io rigfri: Majors S. L, Buraclcer. Donovan Sxvanlon, Colonel Smith, Mnjors ljrincllc, Cowan. Second Row: Scrgeants Woocl, Brown. 22 Ilr. I Icrmrm I-. SIoImin, AE. CIarIc Universily. 1101 IJIIIJ :Inf IJO8 I3 I1 IIC: I1 VF: ...'1'.,' irvr' mm' 0 -1 'ac I - nic sf-Imul. IU28-305:IoanuIICrzuI1laIc SQIWII. H750 - GRADUATE SCHOOL IQZQ ADAMS, EI.IZABE'I'I I MARYIII ANDRI WS I RMA I ANDRUCI IUK MAIXH BA IN WAI'III II BENN. LORDON B. BENNETT. XVEN DEI .L F. BI..IC'KI.E. ROBERT L. BOOTI IROYD. CARL . BOWLEY. HAROLD C. BREON. WILLARD S. BRUCE. BURTON I-. BURKE. JAMES F. CAIN. TI IERESA E. CANN. DORC DTI IYIIZ COATES. WILLIAM H. CONON. OLGAE CONROY. .IOI IN J. COLITURE, I'I'III..IP G. CROSBY, FLORENCE G. DU RIE, JOI IN D. FABEI..I.O, .IOI IN T. FEUER, REESI ION FISIIER, ELNVOOD G. FLOYD, LAWRENCE C, ANDERSON. KENNETH F ANDREWS, ELMER V. ' 3' I-L. -II.i'. Efil . W 1 A fv v Q J w -1 Y-w . . . 1 4 IOLLLI I, ARCI III. I.. FRENCH. DOROTHY I "A F URMAN . ALBERT GOODWIN. GEORGE F. GRANT, JEAN H. GRASSO, SAI .VATORE GRIFFITHS, LESLIE OROVER, ROGER M. IIAM, .IUDITII J. 4. IIARRIMAN. BYRON L. HARRINGTON. ROBERT XV. HART, ROBERT T. I IARTFIEL, NORMAN R. I IARVEY, PI IILIP C. HICKEY. JOSEPH W. IIOLBROOK, RUTH L. JONES. RICIIARD C. KAZIENKO, LOUIS W. KENNEY. JOI IN XV. KIDDER, ROBERT NV. LADD. GARDNER LAMOUREUX. I.UCIL'LE LANDRY. DONALD H. LIPPMAN. I.II.I.IAN Fifi LYFORD. NVALTER H. McCARTHY, DANIEL F. MCDONALD. JOHN T. McGREAI.. ELEANOR T. I.. MCLAUGI II.IN, EILEEN R. MELLON. EDWARD F. MONTRONE. LEXVIS L. IVIOULTON. VERNA IVIURPIEIY, PETER .I. NICXVTON, .IOHN R. NOLAN. KENNETH G. NORTON, ANNA K. NORTON. ROBERT J. PARRISH, MARY Big PEASE, PERLEY H. - PENSACK, JOSEPH M. PENTTILA, ELMA Dff: PERCIVAL, GORDON P. PERKINS. ERNEST M. PERRY. LLOYD H. 25 I'I IEI.I'S, DOROTHY SPIEIIPPS. MAY E. PICKARD, ELIZABETH XV. PIERCE. ELNVOOD C. PIERCE. PEARL Sf: POXVERS. XVENDELL H. RAXVLINGS. CECIL O. RICH, JANE F. ROGERS. XVARREN H. ROXVE, JAMES MILTONIII SCOTT, ROBERTA JEANNE SCRIPTURE. PAUI NENVT ' . O SCRUTON, HORACE Sf? SI IAXM BERNARD? SI IAY. BARBARA E. SILCOX. HERBERT E. SILLERS. ERNEST D. SIMMONS, ROLAND L. SMITH, FRANCES H. SMITI'I, RALMOND SPENCE, DOROTHY A. STUART, LOUISA H. SWEENY, CHARLES T. TAYLOR. CLIFFORD H. TEERI. ARTHUR E. TI-IOMPSON. MARJORIE G. THURSTON, EDMUND VV. TILTON, ROBERT P. TINKER, JOSEPH W. TON DREAULT, JEANNETT VIER, DWAYNE T. XVELCH, ALBERT G. XVILSON, STANLEY E. Rcgisl.crccI as Seniors, Loo. N E+ .i - - . ...TL I If Iwrsi Rom-Grinnr:II, O'IXUl1f', Prince, RIIZITIEITI. KencIziII, Iiaslmun, Phillips, CIuirIcs, IVIorruw, Vxfoodwvordi, Stevens, TVTEICFHFTHHC. Sccrmrl Row-Scriplurv, LILLICIIUIO, Blood, Dougfxvrly, I3rmIIr'y, Glover, Sliimor, Tcppvr, D Il IIIR MINVSUISLID . f 1 . I3oLlorII, Higgins, Sl. Stevens, R. Stevens, , nvis, ,ci imvr. lin ow- urs: mn, Moore, lIL'pIcr, BIickIo, Cozxlcs. Fnurlli Rml'-PcrrivnI, Lyl-0rcI. Slvvcn qlunclz, Cover, Doc. ABELL, MAX F., PI1.D. BLICKLE, ROBERT L., B.S. BLOOD PAUL T., M.S. COATES, WII.I..IAIVI H., B.S COLOVOS, NICHOLAS F., MS. COVER, MORRIS S.. V.M.D. DAVIS, HENRY A., M.S. DOE, ROGER M., M.S. DOUGHERTY, LAXNRENCE A., B.S. DURCIN, ROSLYN C., BS. EASTMAN, M. GALE, PIm.D. Dean, of the CoIIcge of AgricuI- ture and Vice-Director of II1e Agric'uIlui'aI Experiment Station FORD, RICHARD OERAOHTY, MARY L., AB. CLOVER, LEON C.. PI1.D. KENDALL, .IOHN C., BS. Direclor of LI'w AgricuIturaI Ex- pcrimcnl. Slalion LITTI,EI IALE. ALBERT D. LYITORD. XVALTER H., MS. IVIACLEOD, ALAN O., IN-'I.A. NEVILLE, .IOHN P., B.A. NOLAN, KENNETH C., B.S. PERCIVAL, GORDON P., MS. RITZMAN. ERNEST C., M.S. SCRIPTLIRIZ, PAUL N., BS. SMITH, TODD O., MS. SMITII, XfVII.I.IAM W., PHD. STEVENS. HENRY B., AB. Excfulive Sccl'Clu1'y of the Agri- CuIluruI I'lxperimc'nI Slalion STEVENS, SAMLIEI. EXPERIMENTAL STATION 24 EXTENSION SERVICE IiNOIiI.IIARD'I', FRED, A.M.. IJILD. Ijresictent KENDAI.I,, ,IOI IN C.. BS. I Director ABELI., MAX If., I'I1.D. Ifcononmist, I7arnr IVIHIIZIQCIUCIII ACIiI'iRIN'IAN. WAI.'I'I1lIt T.. BS. AgricuIturaI Engineer AYI-IR, I'ERI.I'iY If., BS. SpeciaIist in Rurat Organization anrI Recreation 4 J., ..-. BARRACLOUOII. KENNETI I I' BB Assistant Professor of Forestry 5 . and Extension Forester BEGGS, ANN F. Assistant Professor of Home Eco- nomics anct E.xtension Economist, Home IVIanagement BRADLEY, R. CLAUDE, PILD. Assistant Professor of Pouttry IA'IusInandry anct Extension Pout- tryman ELLIS, ELIZABETIEI E., M.A. J Y I .,, Assistant I rotessor of Home Itco- . nomics antt Itxtcnsion Nutritionist - , 1 HADDOCK, .IAY L., MS. Assistant. Protessor of Agronomy ancI Itxtcnsion Agronomist HALL, CLYDE N., BS. Assistant Professor of Dairy I'Ius- Imanrtry anct Assistant Extension Dairyman IIERR, CLARENCE S.. MS. Assistant Professor of Forestry ancI Assistant Ilxtension Forester IIII.L, IIAZEL E., BS. Assistant Professor of Home Eco- nomics anct Ilxtension CIotI1ing Speciatisl. HOITT. SAMUEL W., MS. Assistant State I.eacIer, Boys, anct GirIs, CIIIIJ Work JOHNSON, LAWRENCE A., MS. Instructor in Dairy I'IusInanc,Iry anct Extension Dairyman KENDALL, JOHN C., BS. Director of tI1e Generat Extension Service MARSDEN, THOMAS A., JR., BS. Instructor in I'IorIicuIture anrt Ex- tension I'IorticuIturist in Isanct- scape Garrtening l'il'sl Ixou'-IYIarsrIc-ii, I'UllHiI'4!fI Ni-viIIe, .IoI1nson, Ilouglrerty. bvcomt Rau'-Raxvlin SI IIII It ll Il I5 II Ax NX I II XVII II . l'Vl'tI5. fltI1l4", lH'l I.'i . I I QUII'-' ffl! t'V 'UI' 'IOOK VVUI' 1 ' I IIIIIIQUVI XVafIIr-iutw, IIaII. IxemIaII. RANVLINGS, CECIL O., BS. Assistant Ijrotessor ot Hort.icuI- ture ancI Extension I'IorticuIturist ROBINSON, EARL P., BS. County Agent Leacter in the Ex- tension Service BANBORN, MARY L. Assistant State Iseacter, Boys, anct CirIs' CIuIu Vxfork SPAVEN. .IOHN XV.. BS. EcIitnriaI Assistant in tI1e Exten- sion Service STEVENS HENRY B., A.B. Assistant Director of tIae Generat Extension Service XNAPEEICIEI, CLARENCE B., 5.-. State Leader, Boys, ancI Cvirts Clalw Wt7I'k VJILLIAMSAON, DAISY D., B. ot' IIE. State Home Demonstration I-eacIer XNILSON, STANLEY E., BS. Instructor in Pouttry IIusIJancIry and I'IorticuIture anct Assistant Extension Pouttryinan anrI As- sistant Ifxtcnsion I"IorticuIturist gs, Xyitson. Powers, Roger. I S II I I is, fan: mornc, toxinson, 25 S E N H Q IR S EDWIN S. PREBLE President " "lit" , ,. - . ," THE CLASS fi .Q 0F1 Q5Q .losxam-1 W. TINKHR 7'l'0C1SLll'G7' lxu'rL-1A.BuC1u.uY Secretary Blix'rim.Y SXVAIN SOCOM! Vice-f'l'Qsiflc'11,t R PIERRE D. BOY Vicu-Prc:siclcnl T v I w L 50 AIII5O'I"l', GEORGE C.. 'I'iIlan. N. II. ADAMS, I,iI.IZAIIli'l'II M.. Ifxr.-Iur ADAMS, IiVI-1RIi'I"I' M.. Kr-unc AI IEARN, CATIIIIRINIE C.. Ijurlsmoulh AI.I.EN, GIiORCI'i Ii.. ISI-I,I1Ir-In-m ANIJRUCIIUK. INIARY, INI!.lIN.'IIl'SI1'f I'.AKI:'IR. SIIDNIZY R., Rm'I1vsLr'i' IIAI.I.OU. VxlAl.I,ACIi. I.iliIr-Ion l5ARRIi'I"I'. IiS'I'IlIiR. I:ranI:Iin IBAR'I'I-Ii'I"I', KIiNNIi'I'II R.. Cunrnrrl I'.A'I'CI'IIiI.DliR. IlII.DA. Conviord IXA'I'CI'IEI.DI.iR. JAMES II., Nkfimrisirir-Ir IIA'I'I.I'fY, .IOI IN VV., Iirwr-r IIALIINfI, ANNA. I,,0I'ISII10lIII1 III'.AI IIIf.. .IAMI-.5 R., I.nr1r'asI0r I'1IfCKIE'I"I', DOROTI IY VV., IIrisIoI IIIfI,I., I'7IIII.I,II, R., Coni'nrcI I'1Il:NNI:l'IvI', A. NAI.. IIing1Iiam, Mass. IIRRKGVICII, NORMAN. Ncexvririnrkul IIIQRRY, IEAIQIBARA, SI,raIIinm IlrI1IR'I'OI.INI, GUIiI.IiO, Barre, Vi. BESAVV. CI IARI.IfS K., I..isImn. N. II. BISHOP. ARTIIUII IJ., I.isIJon IEISI IOP. IRYAVARII I... IIrnoI:Iini- IIISSIiI.I.. RAIPII II., IN'I:irIImro III.AKIiY. XVII.I.IAIN'I C.. Cnnvorfl III.ANKIiNIII3lRC7, SYLVIA, I3orISnwIIlI1 IIOIIANAN. ASI I'I'ON .I,, ConIuurouI4 ROY, PIERRIEI D., Par-rIin BOYD, IVIARCARHI' NV., Nrewlon IIOZIQQR. .IOSIiI'II, IVIarirIwslvr I'IRADI-IiY. R. IT.. Xvvsl IIz1vun, Conn. IIREIVIIVIIER, I'1I.IZ. R.. OrIrruns. Mass. IIROXVN, IfI.IZAIII'f'IAII, PvlcrI9oro BROVVN, GRACE R.. INIFIIIFIIOSIUF IIIRUITORIJ, R, RusIimIaIc. Mass. I3UCKI.IiY. RI,I'I'II A., ArIinplon, IVIuss. IIUSIINVAY. IIICNRY T., Durham K'AI.I5Vx'IiI.I.. INIAIJI-II.ITINli, Dover CTANN. IDOROTI IY. New Boston FARHY. VxfII.I.IAIVI R.. Hampton Dr-rir'I1 C'ARI.ISI.If. IIARIIARA I... Conr'orcI CARR, TIIOIVIAS, Cape EIizaImcII1, Mc. YCARRIIER. PAUI. S.. II:-Imonl, Mass. CARIQOII., .IAIVIRS XV., Dover CHAIEOT. IIRRI7 R.. VVI1il1-IIcIrI CIIACNON. IVIALIRICTI2 E., NasI1i.m CIIAMBI2RI.IN, NI:f'IvI'IE E., I.isIJon CI IAMIIIERLIN. PI IINIQAS, No. IIavcrrI1iII CI IAPIVIAN, .IOI IN II., SnnI90rnviIIc CIIASI2. IVIURIEI. Iii., Ruc:Imslur CIIIENEY. .IOI'IN. IVIanf'I1cslvr CLARK, ITRIQIJIYQRICK E., Troy CLISI IAM, IIARIIARA. XAJIIIIIIFGIT, Mass. COE. .IANIZ IN'Ianr'I1c-slvr FOLIIY, I3E'I"ItY, Ifxuivr CONON, OLGA, BcrIin COOKE, MARCARIYI' IIuvr-rI1iII, Muss. COUSIER, JAMES I., Dov:-r CRAIVI, INSARIIARA I... NowmarI:cI CUIVIINIINCS, PIIII.IP. I.yn1Ix-Imro CUIVIIVIINGS, NN'II,I.ARI'J CoIraImrooI4 CURRIER, RICIIARD C., MiIIor:I IJAERIS, CI.AIR C., Dovvr I5AI.'l'ON, ARCIIIR C., INIilI'lC'IllISIl'I' DAVIDSON. ALFIQIEID R., CIarc-monl DAVIS. CIIARIES C., NVaIpoIc DAVIS. MAR.lORII2 G., C0nlnor'ooI: DAY. OHORCTIZ C., I-JIIFIIEIUI IIIZCKER. .IOI IN, Puri Vx7asI1ing1lnn. N, Y. IHDIIVIOCK, X1VII.I.IAIVI IB., IX'IancIicsIur IUOIUCE, ITLORIZNCE R., DurI1am DONLE, KENNIITII XV., Durham DOOI..I'I'TI.Ii. IlIiRBER'I' S., VW-slx'iIIrr DONVER, RAYMOND S. PIaisl.ow IDOYLE, .IOSEPI I. Nowburypork. IX'Iass. IDIQEXY, IDAUI. XV.. XA'csI.IicIcI. N. .I. IYRRYV. VIRGINIA. XA"I1iLe PIuins. N. Y. IVJROVVNS, I2I.IZAISE'I'II S.. INIIISIIUKI INDUITITY, 'I'IIOIN"IAS .I., ConcorcI I'JUI9IiI.I.. PAUI., Rec-1I's Ferry IDURNINC. INIARY R.. IXIilhFI1C'SIl'l' IfAS'l'MAN. NA'I'I IAN C., Ancglovr-r HIJSON. GEORGE. II., Nvirst I,oIJanon IiI.I.ERY. ELEANQR D.. Korm- RMIERY, S.'XINIUliI. IB.. Sanford, Mc. EVANS. AI.I.AN V.. CIarem0nt IZXNIINC, I.YI.Ii XV., CIarcmonI FAIRVx'I2A'I'I IIZIQ.. 'I'I IOMAS IJ., I7amviIIG FARR, ROGER. I.r:I1anon ITARREII., l.I.OYD II.. Dover FARRIS, IX'IAR'I'I'IA No. ALlIeIJoro. Mass. FAUI..KINGIIAIN'I. I.ES'I'E.R. Ror:I1r'slur FEINAUER. ROY PJ., Derry VIIIBQ4- ITIZNNING, GRRVIORUDE .IacIcson, Ohio FERRIN, IIAROI.D NV.. .IVIilIlC'I'IC5ICI' FIERRIS, IIASII. I.0I3imon ITRUER, REESIION. IVIurIow ITOIZ, DOROTI IY C., PorlsmmiII1 FOOYIWE, IIICI IARI3 A.. C0nfurrI IfOR'I'IER. NORMAN I... Berlin FOSS, CTI.AY'I'ON IJorIIunrI, Mr- ITOSTER, BARIIARA IE.. I.ynn. IVIass. I'fOl.IRNIIER. ANN, N. AIlIcI9oro, Miiss, ITOURNIER. IVI.. N. AIlIc:I9oro, Mass. FRANK. LOUIS I.., NnrlI'1 Vv'oorIslocI: ITRAZER. I.YI.I2 IVI. Monroe I:RI3NCI"I, DOROVIVIIY I.., INIcrrrin1ar:I: ITUDAIMA, I.Ol,IISIi. INIEIFICIICSICI' GARIFJNIER, IYJIEAN I... NasIiuu GAIQI.ANI'D. MARTI IA I.,. Ninnclmrfsirfr CTARIJNSIQI. VIRCTINIA, Claremont. UFIDDIS. IIOXNIARD A.. East Iflrrlmm GELT. IIARRY. Dr-rry C1II.GUN. CI'IARI.I,fS F.. Keene GI.IiI3OVxI, SOPIIII2, Iioslon, Iviass. CIICKIVIAN. INI., .Iamziira PIILII1, IVIIISS. Gf3I.DBIiRG, T.. CNKIIVIIPSICF. Corin. CIOODNOXV. LIESLIIF. II., Keene GRANT, .IAKDK C., I3ucIcIamI, Conn. GRANT. .IAINIILS VV.. Grafton GREEN. DOROVIOI IY N., DcrIIiam, IVIass. GREEN. .IIZROIVIR Drighlon, IN'Iass. 51 IIAI.I., ,IOIIN II.. IX"I0nroc IIAI.I., .IOI IN P., Cc-nlzrr I?zarri5lrrmI HANSON, ARTI IUR F., Durham IIARVEY, PHII.I.IP C.. Nashua IIASI'fI.'I'lNI2. JR.. CARROLI., Ilavr-rIiiII IIASKIZIJ.. PIIIIIP IQ., Prrrllanrl, Mu. IIAUISRICII. XVIII .IAM P., Clan-rmml. IIAXN-'IVIEI.I, NORMAN. Par-rIm I IAYDEN, IIARRY XV., ArIingglon, VL. I'IEAI.D. FRANKLIN. I.illIelon HEMENXVAY. ANNA, INIanrImr-sufr. VI. IIIQN.-Xl7I.'I', IANITI' D., Nou-port IIHNDITRSON. I'IFINRIE'I"I'A. I'JurIwm IIEPLER. IIIZLIZN l.., DurI1am IIFAVITPIA, IX"IADI1:I.IZINE C., P0rlsmr1uLI1 IIIBI5IjR'I', LESLIE lj.. I.aConia IIII.I.IILIx. FRI'.DI'.RIC. F., Brirlgr-wriirfr IIINCKIEY, DORINDA, Durham IIINDS, DORIS C.. AllIcI3oro, INJIIISS. IIINES, CAIIRII'2I.I..-X. Bmaklyri. N. Y. IIORNI2. NGRIXIAN P., ROC'I1l'5Il?I' IIORNIT. PAUI. If., XX'nIIcIm0ro IIOXVARD. C.. Frm-SI Hills. N, Y. IIUITF, KEN., I.ynnIicIcI Conlc-r. Mass. IILIJSAK. KAROI. I... Rr'CrI's Ferry I IUITORIVIN. I IERIIERT, XN'oIJurn. Mass. IIUFSIYY, AI.I.I3fN S., IVIancIu-str-r ,IAC'K9ON. CAIIOLYN F., I'0rlsrnmi!.I1 .IANI1l'I'OS ANOITLINI2, Drwvr .IONES IQOISIQRT If., Imxinglon, Mass. KAI-'KAR XN'II.l.IAM C.. Dnrry KALII., .IOIIN II.. R'IilI'1CI'I6'SI.l'I' KAPIAN. IXIELVIN S.. BFOOICIIIID, Mass KAUPPINILN. TENHO, GnrrIrir-r, Mass. KAY. .IOI2 C.. IVIancIicslcr KIZNISTON. IYDXVIN E., DurI1am KENNEY. IIARRY E., Nr-wnmrIccL KERR. DAVID C.. Nashua RIIX'II7uAI.I., EIVIORY II., IJ0I"IIHIIfI, INI0, KIMIBAII.. INIIEIAIIN IDS., Dov:-r KINION. AINIIIROSE .I.. I7awIuvI4r-I, R. I. KNICIIT, I2'IwI'II7II. IVI., NVQSL Ossipur: KNUVv'I.'I-ON, RGIIERT B.. Dover KORAII, .IOHN .I., INIidcIIoIown, Conn. KORPITIA. AI-I.AN IT.. I.:-Ivanon I.AI7I.AIXIIXIR. I... ArIric'n. INIanr'I1r-sIc'r I ..1' X NDRY, DONALD II., Dover IANGDON. FRANK II., I..owcII, Mass. I.AXN'I.ER. HENRY .I.. Frm-mont IIZATHERS IIERTIHIA M., Drm-r I.E BLANC, .IUI.IITI'TE V., IN'IanfgI1r-sir-r IE CLAIR, DORIS Frrmonl LITE. CONSTANCIZ II,, I7ouIInoy, VI. IEE. EIEANOR I... Amesbury, Mass. IIZICIITON. ATI'IAI.IIf Cenlc-r I'IrrrImr LENNON, .IOIIN A.. Dovcr LESSARD. GIZNEVIIZVE A., Nashua IIEIVINE. I. SAIN-'II.IITI., Durham IIZVY. LOUIS, Porlsrnoulh LIBERTY, JAMES S., Farmington 444.5 Jay, g ' fx 19 I-. ., If ,sf , fffiki' ' - .-Q., V' 1 a ' V ' LIPPIVIAN, I.lI..I.lAN III.. IVIancIiesler LI'I"'I'LE. ART!-IUR S., New London LORD. Pl-lII.IP I'I.. I',orlIantI, Me, LOVETYII, .IOI'IN R., Franconia LUITKIIVI, CLARENCE R.. Conway IVICAILISTER. E'I'I'IEI.. Center Barnstead IVICCAR'I'IIY, .IOI IN IU., Dover MCCAUGNEY. ALBERT .I.. Nashua IVICCARTI IY. .IOIIN II.. IVIant'hester IVICCRONE. .IANEVII C., Dover IVICCRUIYI. IQALPII C., Durham IVIACDONAI.D, GORDON A.. Nashua IVIACEACHERN. .IOIIN I5rooI4Iir1c, IVIass. IVIACINTOSII. IVIAXVVELI.. B., Ecrhn IVICENIIIIEE, DORIS Nc-xvhuryport, Iwass. INIACKAY. TI IOIVIAS R., Nashua IVICI.ASIfEY. EOITII Dover IX'IrfI,AI,IGI'II.IN, I... Nvohurn, Ix'Iass. IVICLAUGI ll.IN. ROBERT' .I., I.aconi'x INIACOUEEN, GEORGE, IIristoI IN"IAlI.l.ARlD, CIIARIE9 A., Dover MACAY, GORDON, Vxforrosler, Mass. IVIARINEI.. I.. T.. N. KEIll'Ii115IN0l'KI. Mass. IVIARLONV, CTI.IFI"ORIl IZ.. N, Y. City IVIARTIN, FIIARLEF Ii, Dnntmry MARTIN. IIORIPYON If., Nashua IVIARTINILIAII, PAIII.. Durham IVIARTINEAII, KATIIERINE, Durham MASON, RAICII, DurI1arn MASON, SIIIRIEY IX'Ianrhester IVIECKLEIVI, DOROTHY E., Durham IVIERRILI.. ROSAIVIONI-I II., I'IurIson IVIIIJES. EDVVARD E., IVIouIlrmhoro IVIIITIIVIORE, IIARIIARA IVIONFIIS. IVI. I... I'InvcrIiiII. Mass. MOORE. HELEN. XV:-sl I3cahorIy, IVIass. MOORE, RICIIARD N., Peterhoro MORGAN, RAYIVIOND, Durham IVIORIN. ARIVIAND G.. Laconia IVIORIN, FRANCIS, Lnconia MURRAY, RUTH IVI., Penar'ooI: NACLE. .IR., EDNV.. NVaIceIIr-IrI, Mass. NASI I. ROBERT IVI.. XVI-st Swanzey NEBESKY. ANTHONY. Amr-shury, IVIass. NICRO, .IOSEPII .I.. I.nhr-nnn NOIAN. .IOSEPII .I.. East ,IaIIrey NORMAN. YVES C.. IVIanrthestrvt NU'I'I'ER. .IOI IN, Swmnpsroli. Mass. OAKES. RAY E.. Cont-nrrI OILEARY, .IOSEPII R.. I'orlsmouI:h O'NEII.. CI-IARLES II.. Nashua OSIEORNE. ROIIERVII V.. Newton Junc. OTIS, DONALD II., f'onvorcI PAGE, ITI .OYI1 IVI0nrme IDALIZZA, IVIAURICE. I-,rovirIence, IIARRISII. IVIARY II., IVInrhIt:hearI, Mass, PARSONS. IIARIIJARA 'I'.. Dover I"AT'I'EN, RAY. Port Xxfashinglon, N. Y. PAYNE. RUTH, Nashua PEASE. JR., I'IARL. PIymouth PENTILLA. ELIVIA D.. Rindge PERKINS, VIRGINIA A., Clrerleston PERRAS. PAUL L.. IVIanchester PETTENGILL, AUDREY IVI., Fremont PIIELPS. DOROTHY, RocI:IancI, Mass. PICKARD, ELIZABETH SeaInrooIc Beach PICKESS, CLAUDIA M., Franhtin PICKETT, NVILEY J.. Concord PIERCE, PEARL S., Nashua PLAISTED. DONALD E., Meredith PI..A'I'TS, I-IONVARD IVI.. NVoocIsviIIe POLLARD, RUTH E.. AIton IJOZNIAK. VICTOR, Ctaremont PRATT, DONNA I-I., Rochester PRATT. XVENDALL E.. hfvater ViIIage PREELE. EDNVIN S.. Portsmouth PRESBY, RAYMOND I'I.. I'IenniIcer PRIFE. ELIOT S., XIV. SomerviIIe. Mass. PIIl.I.EN, I.EON C.. I7orlIamI, Me. QUIIVIBY, LLOYD VV., Durham QUINN, JR.. XVILLIAIVI. Hingham, Mass. RALEIGH, XX-'AI.TER P.. Antrim RAINISDEIDI.. FRANCES, S. Benvich. Me. READ, EDVVARD R., VVamer REDDEN, LOUISE, Portsmouth REBER, DOROTHE. Lawrence, Mass. RICHARDS. NAGELLA. Rochester RICHARDSON, INI., Bradford, Mass. RICHARDSON, RUSSELL B.. I..ittIeton RILEY. ELIZABETH. Lawrence. Mass. RIPLEY, JR., G. S., Mt. Vemon, N. Y. ROBINSON. LELAND P., Concord RODRIGUES. JOHN G.. Newmarket hxVII..I.IAIVI. I'IuvcrhiII, Mass. ROWE. BETTY I.. Durham ROWE. .IAIVIES INI.. Exeter ROY. CHARLES B., Barnet, Vt. RUTLEDGE. ESTI-IER A., Durham ST. JACQUES. XVIXI. O.. Newtielcls SAITIR, EDNVIN, E. NorwaII:, Conn. SAIVIIEC. XVINI., CIarcmonI. SAIVIPATACOS. PETER, Durham SCHIIVIKE, DONALD, Fairview, Mass, SCI ILESINCER. PATRICIA IVI.. FranIcIin FCRUTON. IIORACE S.. Dover SHAPIRO, I. IAI., N. Xvestchester, Conn. SHAXV, BERNARD. StraII'orcI SI'IEEFIEI.D, IIENRY F., S. I'Iampton SI-IELDON. JOHN XV., Ee-rIin SHIELDS, BARBARA A.. Pserhn SINCLAIR, ROBERT Y., Gorham SMAIEI... GEORGE F.. IVIapIewootI. N. ,I. SIVIALLEY. LOUISE, Lynn, IVIass. SIVIITH, CARL D.. Reading, Mass. SIXIITII, V. VVINSTON, I'IinscIaIe SNOXV. PARKER E.. Chartestown SOIVIERO, ANDRENV L.. New Ipswich SPAULDING, ROBERT .I.. Laconia STANTON, DANIEL .I., VViIton 55 STEARNS. MARY L., I'IancocI: STEVENSON, G., Queens Viltage, N. Y. SULLIVAN, BARBARA U., Ivlanchestcr SNVAIN. BEVERLY, Concord SXVALLOVV. LAWRENCE. Ivtanchester SWENSEN. ANNA G., Arhngton, Mass. SNVENSON, KARL E., Concorzl SXVETT, ALAN IVI., Antrim TABB. DONALD C., Penacooh TEAGUE. ADELBERT F.. Mt. Sunnper- THOMPSON. J. REGINALD. Berlin TI-IYNG. HARRISON R.. Barnstead TIBBETTS, GORDON Manchester TIMBERLAKE. A. G.. Portland. Me. TINKER. JOSEPH VV.. Nashua. TONDREAULT. II., Berwick. IVIe. TORREY. PRESTON C., Edinburg, N. Y. TONVER, GORDON C., Lynclehoro TONVLE, PAUL E.. IVIeIrose, IVIass. TUINIEI.. FRANCES IVI., Concord TUTTLE. SHERVVOOD. I'IancoeI: UICKER, GEORGE B., Derry UPTON. IVIARGERY G.. Hancock URBAN, PETER L.. CIarcmont VAN DYKE. E, A.. Kennehunhport, IVIe. VANGEL. Z. IVI., Titton VANNI. ANITA S., Pcterhoro XVALDRON. GEORGE F.. Dover XVARD, LESLIE J., Monroe XVATKINS, ARTHUR S., WaIpoIe XIVIYIISE. NVALTER P., Newmarket XAIEBB, LOUISE I-I., Newmarket XVEINSTAT, JUDITH. Dover XVEIR, MARGARET, Durham XVEISISERG. PI-IILIP. CheIsea. Mass. XVENTZELL. I-IOIVIER. Somervitle, IVIass. XVESCOTT, BENJAMIN W.. Durham XX'I'IITE, NVILLIAIVI IVI., Smithtown XVI-IITNEY, JEAN. hrvorcester, Mass. XVILDER. NORMAN. NVakeIIeIcI, Mass. XVIIIIAIVIS. ROBERT F., Portland. Me. XVILSON. FREDERIC K., Newport. Vt. XVILSON. VVILFRED K., Newton XYINER. ROBERT. Nashua XVOOD, JR.. HARRY F., Plymouth XVOODEURY, XV. NV.. Manchester XVOODXVARD. EI .I .IOT Pr., NVaIpoIo XVOZMAK. EUGENE H., East Jatfrey XN'RIGI'IT, OLEEN C.. Rochester NVYATT, XVILLA A.. Portsmouth YOUNG, LAVINIA PI, XV. Stewarislown ZAGRESKI, STEPHEN ,I., Inmnm ZEIVE. LEONARD. Manchester JJ U N H Q R S i , H-I. RICHARD F. NELLSUN Presiclent THE CLASS ,.. HU' '94- OF1940 FRAN KLIN A. AYEIQ THOMAS F. JOHNSON Vice-Presicfeni VFFUIISIITUI' . gg' l5,xlm,xreA B. CI-l1XSE Sccrelary fvh"r"g to s -A-5,k Y WAi,Do M. A1,DllICl'I Q , A r . A i ' hf""'Af X, E 2 -r 5 ,xv 1951.53 -lg " Keene High School 1 1:15 . 2: .. 4, . Q' 22? g 2 2 I- I Riclgewood Avenue , V I. , f i X Keene. N. H. 'I - M Fiwgfgi evghlr-- . . .M - 4 , Q E Lamhcla Chi Alpha: A.S.C.E. f3J: Outing Cluh f3l' 'lu ' L 'ifg'--:V -M., Scalzharel anal Blucle f5J: Aclvainccil Mil. Art f3l: F 5 H fi 1 H L U01 Q W- f-71 -M0550 U31 OWN Ut My , .Qt 1 if-1. ex, .,,. ..., hail.: ' I " 2: IQ -- J f 2, -. ' 1" - -w?3'Ez3:? t 2 f i f i1,f.:.-flf,' ' 2 5. , 'NS' 4: x D l i ' : ii i 5. . 1' BMJ g' , . ll 4 : 523 2. iii, . . W. ' Q. 51:1 :"5,f31s!"5" i 'fZ'f"1 el C5 l 1. :gp X5:wff3+.:Q.w wimen.,1.1 nigh sum: v 'a - L-: f1f11."f:+2-225 sflzi 2 f' LV'Hs5'f"'1,'.' -LJ: . . - I lf" ff., J ig: Sgi gig Xiggy -?5 k' .7::,l5jAA1.:. I ' Vxflmitellelcl. N. ll. :'t.1:':f',:s:.s 3555 :sv ef , f . . - - lil! 535:13 :Wil-. i - fransfer from Lascll Junior College: Outing Cluh ' J ' ,.i:1 :f wifizff fi" wif N K :THA ' -- - el.l.w ....Mwia :T-wi ll il" 'Wt' f 1 PX fr -J! -Q ---- V, if jki . "bug 4 fiw .ig L Qtfg'-1'-. A' 55 ff., '-Q 4 t J F A ',Tp, ' .5f .,,g 'fff1s 2 25: " X CHN ' RCPUBALD Q3 - .59 Pl mouth Hi h School r, -I ,i gg 3 "HQ , " T l., 6,1 .a 5 'Q-Q M. ' ' " y 9 ' .lf :fix ' +- . -, ii IQ Cooper Sheet 4' . 2 -' A Plymouth. N. H. Q 593,21 1- -' ri 657,333 :g ig .Ms PhiS1gmn. ., K ..f fi. I-Immy H. Arwoon Lowell High School Pelham. N. H. Lambda Chi Alpha: Cross Counlr 2 5 ' Wirilc-r PTOLEMY A. AD1XMS VVallhaim High School 11141 Crescent Street Xfvalthum, Mass. Phi Nu Delta: Outing Club QU: Casquc and Casket fil, f3J: J. V. Football: Junior Prom Committee. ESTHER L. ADNOFF Dover High School 17 Hamilton Street Dover, N. H. Mcnornli Society f2l, ffilz Outing Cluln til: Le Cercle Franquis fll: W.A.A. fllz Pageant 58 l l. t l. Traclc CU: Spring rlxrziclc H. Club. I w 'L DAviD G. BAR KIN Broolrlinc High School Brookline, Mass. Phi Al ln' M-rel: and Danger UD f'7D Trewsurcr 3 ii l l Casquepahrl Chelrctt f3D: Football tif: 'Tracll Baslcethall Manager 153: Refugee Com- mittee. AI-BEItT L. BARNEY Canaan High School Grafton, N. H. Alplla GEKHIHID Rho: Casque Elfld C FRANCIS H. AYER Keene High School Stoclrlartl, N. H. Lamhrln Chi Alpha: THE CvRANlTE f2Dg Editor-in- Chief l5D: Outing Clula f3Dg Advanced Mil. Art CSD: Yacht Cluh f5Dg Truclc KQD, f3D: Winter Relay KID. CSD: Fresl1maEIlgzu1ce Committecp N. I-I. u . FRANKLIN A. AYER Keene High 'School Stoddard. N. l-1. l.amhrla Chi Alpha: Class Treasurer 153: lX.S.C.lS. CID. KQD. CBD: THE GRANITE, Photog- raphy Editor f3D: Outing Club f3Dg Aelvancecl Mil. 1 'l aslret CSD. .1 , ll i Art 153: Yacht Cluh f3D: Traclc CID. CSD: 1 XX'inter Relay 151: Junior Prom Committee: 'QL' Freshman Dance Committee: Sophomore Court: N. H. 3 Cluh. 6 -piu .,,. ,, 'v'j.'4:.v:i34 Mitmizo L. BACON ' . ..- .lellerson High School QL ,fr RN IT A N 'el . f-A--rf: JC Orson' 'I ' ?.:"i'-'5 5335. :S.?x'.:"Q' ."fz5"'7' ' Phi Mu: XVomens Executive Committee f5D: Mask 11'Fb,yT"Qg,'Hw2? Q , If . ' -T' anal Dagger KID: Guting Clula KID: Sociology Club I CCZD. f3D: Class Baslretlmall CQD, 653: All Star g,, .5TQv9e-"'f,f,g Pmaslcelhall f2D: Field Hoclccy f2D: Bagelaall f2D: Alpha ,cial U ext.-44 nxsfgfrg Kappa Delta: Big Sister Committee: May Day N Pageant 4 - ' ""P"lvE4a.':1E-L- fi 'rffgi 7522. L, 1 i r ef L?i'53iffif:?'?f.'ff:+SS1?fQ2' .Zif f 5-?jj-.fy ,'iilf-M4r?g,fA2v?2fa' --.124 it F25-,Zs5if ,? 1 , f'2iNf5zZi131 ,, ,-ff, Z-pf, y 3.3 V. 1X. x1x4,?f' ,, AZ - MnHN L,,M N L-jig' 'Q-,fig 543: ally,-he -.4534- . X .1 ,QQ 3 4 ,..i?- D if. p, A 'Wi' 2 ' .1,f.-.f.6' 1':::r - 1 g...u:, .W g',j1..f",l4,.-4' ., AVIS E- BAILEY ' llaverhill High School ilxiwfgf Eilis l. lffgf' , 211 2 V, ' - 't Iiampsicad, N. I-I. jg' zi rf qhffi' ..,.. jT,H?...n. .... ..., ......,. . . . 'theta Upsilon: Mash anrl Dagger f3D: Outing Clula 'ij ff ! pq w43fm.,g.. 555551-gferg' If UD, Q2DpYucI1tClub 1531 Psychology Clul: QQD, EN, 'ii ffrbi-4: "" 4 --ir' , JW .-'xv e. , .3 'Jing -gi -it 33.-1 ,-, qw . QQQ3,,,.-mH.A .,,r .... ,- 1 I. U - .-,,"if.:- 11 !4.. " 'Zi2tR12-2 2:,gZ.'?f5E'f,:',424z5.,.l,:..Q: ,-iggjjjjrg!-N A fr A .. ........ .A '--- 59 -mais . L- BESSIE A. BARNEY Manchester Central High School 708 Pine Slrcct Manchcslrr, N. H. JAMES F. BARRETT Bristol High School Bristol. N. H. Glee Clula f5J: Christian Work HELEN F. BARTLETT Simonrls Free High School Warner, N. I-I. Theta Upsilon: Christian Work lil, f5l: Cahincl. fill. Chl: W.A.A. Board Treasurer f5l: Ficlcl Hoclcey QU, f5l: Baseball f2l: Baslcclluall f1l. f5l:AllStar Hoclccy lfilz All Star Basketball QD: Home Economics Clula. LEW A. BATCHELDER Concorcl High School 27 Merrimack Street Concord. N. H. Alpha Gamma Rho: A.S.M.E. flijg Phi l..amlJrla Phi CQJ. 131. RALP11 W. BAYEER Williani I-I. Hall High School Vxfest Harlforcl. Conn. Rockaway Slreet Portsmouth. N. H. Sigma Beta: A.S.M.E.. f5l: Outing Club KQJ: Phi Lambda Phi f5l: Flying Clulm f5l: Uni- versity Bancl . . ff i E' l Q -.. A 1-Q - .i-.-. -,-,.,.,, . 'B ' f 'vi.'s , - ....., -vu'-, , .E ' 'L ll3'.iiL2??Svr514fr. LL-'21 ,E -..,,,, .- .,,.,.. ,.-.,,, ... wi 5 .. . -'-Li 'lliliil' 'rf'-5. . 4 . . 4,31 . AR1 NUR E. BILAN, JR. ,A Q. .fi . - , ,.,A,.5g-,, D -f -.Y 1 :P I EL.,-:faq N.,,,5:,2 .1 I 'if ji . Qfa , ggi '- Concorcl i-hgh School if ai fl I8 South Spring Slrect ,sr Concorcl. N. l'l. 4,7 1?-'. n?"' i "' '..3p41..,-Lfif, '-E-. :G iii wg . -6 1".'d.i-3,4 QQQIQQQ Tennis fll. My Y?,Ja!g,hyi!i52EiFk.iw LM -jp, , R Ill li YJ -L54 -l r' ' I X 'L """W' 5-M' 6 31 3.52-' ETH - 1 .--'S ""'.7' v . .:,r --4, .gan--. - l' - :"'f'T:.::'L'f: ' " ' "" 1-'r.f... GZ' 40 3 aw - ,xii LV. T ' A' J fill: ' rm J . i a J 3 -. 4 L ...ijxgvu 1, WLAN X J my . ff R- ,. 0 V Ak V J, f f' ' 1 ' Fry gk' vfjfg f, K AC,- .rf -M. .fb -f ,. . V1'f?'1?'3ff F'g'7Cx?Q. .HUA 'libs -ffffgglrl EL 'P ' LQ-H! - A 4l'fnll" rim -. LT. 33-:gy . yi ::.5M. .1 -fjEQsi,.",'-1 If Janfyygif if " -4' E, ,J 51" A-73-L 'lj , ' '-I K ii.K'g,, .,' X G ?i" f..1qfifl1l Jllifljg xfifv' Fil' -. TSW 5 ,ff , ' ,759 5' ff A I' " ' ff .f i "-, , 'QTL' '- ,zlj 5-ig?.a'1? , , ' ,-.. Qi- if ' lfigfil' r 4 1 F: T-fgiiffsif .V , . -' ' Y" "5-2 :Fwd ff. - " f " Jia. .' Ggzfifflfriiy' f., 1' r' - Q' J- friifiixi '..'EfZ:iiQ'i3f-.255 ,ff ui.'7J 4l'L4 1':f,.:j:: . . f fl 'T .. ', ...llw ig"'uLl.l' U :. -Q ' Q , ,- --- A ,,,,,q,-J. - E.. - L - .AL -7. .....n...., ,V MIL. rw W? ?rgj,T"'fWl Hulk? i ' ' if I. y I I ' . In NELSON A. BENNETT Lancaster Academy Williams Street Lancaster, N. H. Outing Clulo f5l: Blue Circle BJ: Flying Club f5l: Football fill Slci Team UD. Lil: Forestry Cluln fll, P1f1Y1.L1s A. BETLEY lvlnnclmstcr Central Higll Scliool 145.1 Mancliesler Street Mancliestcr. N. H. Pi Lnmlnrla Sigma: Glce Club QI. C532 Newman Cluln SO?lOlg0g?' gluln f5l: Baslzekloall 15, 2 , 5. Cl'IARLES H. BETZ, JR. Riclimonrl I-Iiil Higli Scliool S715-86lli Street NVoocll1avcn, N. Y. Alplla 'I-fm Gmegaz Executive Commillce QSJ: Outing Clulaz Baseball fil: Foollmall ffilg lnlrn- mural Council Secretary ffil: Sophomore Court: Della Plii Sigma. LEON W. BILLS, JR. Milford l'ligl1 School ll Clinlon Street lwlillorrl, N. l'l. lnlernalionul Rclnlions Cluln: Outing Clulng Cross Counlry: Traclc. KATHLEEN R. l5EcKlNc11AM Pi LBUIIJCIH Dover Higli Scliool 128 Cenlrul Avenue Dover. N. H. Sigma: THE GRANITE f2l: Newman Club f5l: Association of Women Day Stu- Llc l CI l Clmi Omega: ns ill. 153: Ynclmt ug. MARY A. BELDING Waicrloivn lligll Scliool 277 Scliool Slreet VValcrlown, Moss. Univcrsily Holcl Clulu: rlqrainsller-'Green Mountain Junior College. 41 Tau Kappa Epsilon: Alplia Zeta f5l: Gul- i LEWIS P. Bissnm. Beacon Scliool - East Xfvolfelnoro, N. l'l, wa s Lamtmcla Clii Alpliag Outing Club fll, f5l: Blue Circle Lil: Yaclit Club fllz Flying Cluls 'mm' M lil, fill, Treasurer President f2l: Forestry l H U l 1 Club my. isp. J' 1 4 + if .-1 - Y ' ,Q lm' itll' A il A i w - . lk 'ii' .fi-i'- l" L il-'if aug .- . ei--. f-- -,L-Q-. . : LU... ,.vPp,:!5'b. .Aa I 'jf lfzf' ll meg ,-, , V,-...-3.-z-no-V. Q rx.. JO1-IN B. BLACKXVOOD Concorrl Higli Scliool 29 Lynclon Street Concorcl, N. H. Sigma Beta: Outing Clula f2l: Traclc fll: Slci Team lil: Forestry Cluln. RICHARD D. BRAUN Marquand l'ligl1 Scliool 8629-Qsth Street Woodhavcn, N. Y. Glee Clulo f5l: The GRANHHE. Pliotograplly Editor f3l: Tlie NEVV FIAMPSHIRE f3l: Maslc ancl Dagger f5l: Cldristian Vtforlc f5Jg German Clulm fly. f'2l. Cal: Gillnert ancl Sullivan f5l: Base- lnall fly: Hoclcey f2l: Cross Country KQJ: lntramuruls lil: Zee Melting Pott l5l: Camera Clula QQJ. f5l: Outing Clula ROBERT NV. Bnncic Palo Alto l'ligli School, California 20 XfVal1crlJury Roarl -- Upper Montclair, N. .l. ing Cluln Cdl: Forestry Clulaz Fresliman Lacrosse. Ill.. .W V ., ., W. OTIS Bmcos, JR. Pcalaorly l'ligli Scliool XVarncr, N. H. Outing Cluljg Sociology Clula fill, lfnl: Alplaa Kappa Delta. DONALD J. Brzosius Berlin Higli Scliool 102 Mannering Street Berlin, N. H. Alplia Tau Omega: Quting Clulng Casque and Caslrel: Yaclit Clulz: Xrvintcr Sports Ill: Lacrosse lll: Delta Plii Sigma. 42 I l Z 2 Q i Q 5 E ,Zyl r 5,022 L'-In O 59? 2 E92 wma 2 25+ ' Tia E: :-' P' Q gp 2 r' Z O O - Tun Kappa Epsilon: Outing Clula f2l. l3l: Cllristian Vtforlc Cabinet f5l: Sociology Club 151: Aclvancerl Mil. Art t5l: Yacht Club- KQD. 453: Cross Country UD: Spring Track , : CREELEY S. BUCHANAN Tilton School 55 Concord Avenue Camlarirlgo, Mass. Alplm Tau Omega: Sturlcnt Council: Senior Skulls: 'l'l1c GRANITE Sports Ezlitor ffwl: The R5 NEXV News Erlilor Managing Editor Eclitor QED: Outing Clula: Casque and Casket: Football f5l: Lacrosse fQ.J: Track KSJ: N. H. Cluli: Junior Prom Committee. i Joi-iN P. BULGER Nasliua Higli School I5 Mill Road Bulger, N. I-I. Alplia Clmi Sigma: Outing Clula fill: Scalabrirrl and Blade: Arlvancecl Mil. Art: German Clulu ffllz Yaclit Club f5l: Lacrosse Curifono W. BULLOCK Sanford Higlx School, lxflaine -I my Main Street Keene. N. H. 'r Sigma Beta: Alplm Zeta: Aclvuncecl Mil. Art f5l: Yaclit Clula KZSU: Football f5l: lntramurals fij, KU: Psychology Club: Poultry Science Cluln. l'lONVARD W. BURCI-1 Provincetown High School 2 Gosnold Street Provincetown, lxflass. A.l.E..E. 455: Table Tennis Champion QU.N.H.J A LELAND D. BURIJNGAME y lclxanon Higli Sclicol Lclmnori. N. H. Plii Delta Upsilon: American Society of Civil En- gineers. Secretary and Treasurer ' + - I , f- i - :- .:'- V T. i'.,,,.--:v.5ij-.,-- - ,, iii '.,1lf,'f'1" , ' -.K . 1-14 V ag.: Q..-141, A 5- . f i ri 1' 'sp' ii ulllf 2 ' T fi -7' 5:15 ., "' WWC 4 ' ,J . 'S 'Sp y 3, HA, W L.-' -A :D what , . .wa f i, Q 5 lv' -T ,H , I ' ,,y,. ., ., .I U , K.. My is Zvi .5 :s 1 f -1 irfi"'1q4:, +-V pts 1 f - 4. - .lip .-l. -1 r. iv- I Q f. - J - .rsail-3 il' 41,5 '-A .fyi i nik, xy I' L .I 7, ,r.j,.i..- - ur' ' ' , - ' 45 ELOISE V. BURQUE Nashua High School 553 Main Street Nashua, N. H. Pi Lamhcla Sigma: The NENV HAMPSHIRE UI: Outing Cluh KU: Newman Cluh f5lg Pan Hellenic HARRY S. BUTTERWORTH Newarlc High School 50 Broaclway Street Beverly, Mass. Kappa Sigma.: Pep Cats f5l: A.S.M.E. WILLIAM J. CALVE1-T1 hflilforcl High School 24 West Street Milford. N. H. Economics Cluh. FRANKLIN A. CAREY Keene High School 36 South Lincoln Street Keene, N. I-I. Theta Chi: Guting Cluh 657: Freshman Baseball: Sophomore Executive Committee: Junior Prom Committee. ARTHUR CARLSON Concord High School 572 North State Street Concord, N. H. Q Immun A lllfx xx- n Flhlmwwuozllhl t " ' ,f 'QL' ' i L li R' X me R -- '- Q 1 7 ' tlwllcvl "" H, -"':'--11-..7 """ it ' L1 llllllllllm 4 15? X A1'f1.:,I l N ,:I',22-3?2'lQ1Q.-, R gl ei f , 2' Vgfgglg ts .oxlv-a, from A ' 5 I oil C W, ,,,.5lilT?i3'lEEElF-3 -v w Flip IE Wa' ff 55 2 'Y 'tif V473 .L "V ff' -.lil 'P -kllff Ji? i I ll' 1' 'S 'i Q . I Lf -, 1.-'vu ,Qty i p"-in A Z? B ot, Sf ,Ulf v-- G . r rf' s. ml, and . ,Q A i it R K O l 2L ""l.,l 3 l GS '1 "' A ' W i451,y. F 221 limi F. - 'J' IZ -. 'I , ' 1 'gi' 5 x - .iii-ii if -in 'S- Sigma Beta: Outing Cluh til: Traclc til: Hoclccy fn, 425. faJ1N. H. Cul.. KATHERINE L. CARPENTER Newmarket High School 204 Main Street Newmarket, N. H. Theta Upsilong Outing Cluh til: Christian Vxforlr fll: Sociology Cluh f5l: Association of Women Day Stuclents til. CH: May Day Pageant: Big Sister Committee. 44 l V DAVID H. CHADWICK Simoncls Free Higll Scllool Sutton. N. H. Plii Mu Della: Alpha Clii Sigma f5l: Outing Clula flj: Phi Lambda Phi f5l: German Club KATHLEEN O. CHANDLER Pittsllelcl Higlm Scliool Bumstead, N. H. in Clrristian Vvorlc fll, f5J: Classical Cluln GJ: Frcncli Clulo QD, l5D: German Clula f2J, NELSQN S. CARPENTER Newmarket Higli School 204 Main Street Newmarket, N. H. Alplia Tau Omega: Lacrosse ARTHUR T. CARR Towle Higlr Sclrool 51 Clieney Street Newport, N. l'l. American lnstitute of Electrical Engineers lfil: New-- mun Clula l'5D: Aclvancecl Mil. Art CSI: Skiing UD. 121. RALPH O. CARRUTH Manchester Central Higlx Sclrool 777 Grove Street Manchester, N. H. Phi Mu Delta: Glee Clulm CSD: Gilbert anal Sullivan UL: Rifle Team fQl. CBJ: Pep Cats IQJ: S ort Story Worksliop MARIE E. CARSON Rolmcrt E. Fitcll l'liglr Sclrool, Groton. Conn. 26 l-ligli Street Noanlc. Conn. Alplma Xi Delta: Outing Clul: lil, f2l. 45 r U. W' ,.+r.L51AEcJQi , U A Lv v ' 'ff jigzgr , WQF5 QM: V , , ., 2, .,-r4,. L, "n, '. ....',Q'."3-7+ '. I xv., g?fit'iiA'11g:1j"fa":'r ff ff 'f i 'ri'tQMll5f'Y1 ix t tr S' A 1 . . v -L, -. , fff l saw? - 'W '. 'ff' ' A D Y f lug IE . .4-Q, 'j5:2,2Tfs"r53l 35 df - Fgrtilittr Un' 7 " . , E. 4- -I -, Mfg. 1 '5 , All tj. ' .75 'A' l 'rt .F :? '1 gL,,ZZY ,p : il ' Q-' -wr' H j Vi.-4 , ' - j I, . im .J i - Vl. LJ ,I 155' - ' lltil l 'f'Z'1lll nf. l 4 531 'r 'P :Jamie , I J-'rr Wir ,-tr, g, ' Jil. W."-,ff . ef f Q "'. . 'uf L im "flux" 151: hm.. ' jq.YM!,i i .. 7'-fttgwl '11 . Qui .,f2""' - rrfrirvifl' v - .-:r!ziv.r.Wg:g1?5?!:5'z ,' -..'1Qr9,j,1f"lff?' Zfgfl-'Zi rig::?w-ff2:'?-giltlgrelm' -' " f " .-fff'5-QM?" that'-5 "i "' ,ff R .M 4 :.,-53.1, 'lgrglww--1 , , A ,':F.:::! Q .' nu , J 5,51 4:4 ' 3' ef-"QL,1'a11tf.'l'llTsi5tiff5'ff -"' ' - 1 , mv , 1 n '5l.9..55.rJH:1tT5..54Eq' 7,1-1 555:51 uggglf, 5:4 2'rf,.?f'mZvIf,EM,.xq.2:gQ. nf . rqumu m1,,jHU.,,, rr ziirlialgngigcga,kxzw 4- " ' f ' - r . .rg gn--A. ' 1- .,f.:f:M,- l f' - Atv u I I N . gl , 1- 1 Y ' Y t f Y J. 1. 1 it I ul' pf .Min lwblgg nf Illllfiz X EW HUGH J. CHAPMAN Alton High School Alton. N. l'l. Alpha Gamma Rho: Track ftlg Aclvancecl lVlil. Art. LEON F. CHARITY Manchester Central High School Chester. N. I-I. Alpha Zeta. BARBARA B. C1-1AsE Manchester Central High School 420 East High Slrcct Manclicstcr, N. l'l. Chi Omega: Class Secretary The GRANITIZ W f2l. Asst. Managing Editor f5l: Outing Clula lil. t f5l Pwn llellenic f J Ge a 1 1 ' f ' 5 7 -nn n Cluh f2l: XfV.A.A. Pulolicity Manager f3Qg May Day Pageant fllg Pep Cats CQJ: Big Sister Committee JOSEPH R. Ci-IASE Laconia High School Lnconia, N. H. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Outing Chl: I BARBARA E. CIIENEY Manchester Central High School 37 Broolc Street Manchester. N. H. Alpha Chi Omega: Outing Cluh f2l: Maslc and Dagger T1-1oMAs E. CI-IRETIEN Mcrlforcl High School 59 Sticlcney Road Medford, lwlztss. Football fill: Relay ill: Tracl: f2l: Phi Sigma UI: Dcan's Aclvisory Council K5 . 46 -AQ BETTY CLARK Howe tligli Scliool, Billcrica, Mass. Sanrlwicli. N. H. Transfer from Lascll Junior College. l BARBARA l. CLAUSEN Columbia High School 16 New Britain Avenue Plninvillc. Conn. , , H Q V 1 1. ,.1'--, cm omega. ' SHIRLEY E. Cl.EMENT Nashua l'ligl1 School 13 Reservoir Street Nasliua. N. I-I. llictu Upsiton: Glen Club QQJ: Outing Club flj: Cliristian Work tfll: German Club 151: Home Economics Clulag Girls' Rifle Club. lVlARGERY J. CODAIRE Melrose High Scliool ' 1141 Commonwcaltli Avenue Boston, Mass. Phi Mu: The NEXV HAMPSHIRE til, 121. Inter- national Relations Cluln f'2.l: Cliristian Work 153: Lilncrul Clulag May Day Pageant ' JUDITH S. COHEN , x P L rl l'l'l1Sl1 l , ,ftp or ST5'i3.Zy.1'ii.,...f no l . . 11521 Portsmoutli, N. H. Outing Club til: German Clula t2l, Lil: lvlenorali Society f5l: May Day Pageant Mantra Coi.L1Ns Somcrswortli High Scliool Rochester, N. H. Alplia Xi Delta: Tlie GRANITE Managing Editor f3l: Outing Clutafftl, C213 May Day Pageant Il. 47 i3'ifa52':i1 wg? l. ffj-' Students KQJ, ffrlg Class Hoclcey lil. f2l: May F , n . . . .. EDWARD E. COPLEN ff'-' " ' U 1 Boston Latin School 1554 Covmmonwealtlm Avenue Boston. Mass. t Glee Clulv Presirlent f5l: The NEW PIAMPSPIIRE fl J: Mast: ancl Dagger. Music Director fll, ffilg German Cluln f2lg Gillaert and Sul- ' livan lfilg Dean's Aclvisory Council tsl: 3 University Symphony Orclieslra, Concert Master fill, tsl: Sturlenl Concert Soloist f5l: Folio Clula. 'J DOROTHY M. CORBIN PorI.smoutl1 High Sellool l55 Orcluarfl Street Portsmouth, N. H. Tlleta Upsilon: Cvlee Clulx f5l: Outing Clulu Ill. ffilz Cllristian Worlc Cabinet Memlner 15,1 Association of YVomen Day Stutlents fll. f5Jp Gillmert ancl Sullivan fill: Baslcetlnall fll. f5Jg Hoclcey f3l: Baseball fllg Psychology Clulwg May Day Pageant. JAMES L. CORCORAN Manchester Central High Sclxool 626 Pine Street Manchester, N. I-I. ScalJl1arcl and Blarleg Aclvancecl Mil. Art: Rifle Team KQD. 153. JUNE E. COIIDEAU Lancaster Academy 99 Summer Street Lancaster, N. H. Kappa Della: Quling Clulo lil: Newman Clulw ffil: v Economics Clula Ol: Erielnclm Clultr fll, f2l: Baslcet- zx CQJ. ALICE C. COLMAN Rochester Higli Scliool 83 Charles Street Rocllcster, N. H. Theta Upsilon: Vvomerfs Executive Committee lfzlz Outing Cluln ffilg Association ol: Women Day v Day Pageant Big Sister Committee FRLT FA Cooicn lvlalvcrn Collegiate lnstitute 65 Aslm Street: N Braintree Mass Plmi Mug Outing Clulz l2l: Cliristian Work I2 7 H German Clula Cal: Lens aml Sliutter Club. 48 ALITIZED O. Cosrfxwzo Manchcslcr Cenlrul High School 61 Appleton Street lllanchcslcr, N. H. Kappa Sigma: Ouling Clula lil: PLA. News l5l: V7 Lacrosse LLOYD G. Courrs Somerville High School 6 De Morrill: Street Gonic. N. H. Theta Chi: Outing Clula l3l: Scnlslmrcl nncl I lllacle l3l: Aclvancecl Mil. Art. l5l: Yacht Club l5l: 4 '5- w in 1 L ii 1 J l qhu1il4lhr -1-n ..... 1 'd w -i"' Alu 33 l I llllllvllilill If lflflll I ruff' 'll gill lljl :lily i. , up 6 W W 'ii - mov in, ,KF "1 - .- +-- 3-riv-,Lf 5--- 5 .TEL ii ff i-1 ' i .. N - ' VT. 1 .. in! 1.5 .1 il il :iii3lll'fi5i?i i11 :lillefew-fm'i.vi1Jizamili-'i il: 15'5l'I' ii' lr f' ,f--:wgt'l1 -L' - ' uv ., ,.- ,,,-1 na. ,-:,. nrfr Ln '1' 1:11518 " 'U I Fl ' we-'ll ,, my I , llnh .7:g1.ll,T,' Y .. 13, V- ggj Qu .mall 1,1 Lulu I i' ' Qygli .E Q I is sire ill., I.,-will 'Ei5:'fE,4 'E.J153f?i5,fJ5ViT -' ' ef". ' if. Ulf! 5' .. if-im-.-ml!!-ff.xglgfi fi i ill lr ii. W. sw iw it 1.1 ,fl . g l . -af: 4 .,-,- 15.51. yU5,,fg-gi 'H ,ui --ur. ,,,, z:f115'fff4?5??1' iffFlU"'5" E-1' '-'A 15' o ne """' I ., llzislccllmll l2l: Lacrosse l5l: Pep Cats l5lg N. H. Club l5l: Junior Prom Commillce. RAc1'mE1. M. Cox l-isl'mon High School 250 lllain SlrceL Lisbon, N. l'l. Alpha Chi Cm:-gn: Cleo Cluln lil: The GRANITE l5l: The NEXV l'lAlN'lPSlAllRE. l2l: Mask anml Dagger lil, l2l: Outing Clula l3l: Christian Yvorlc lll: Sociology Club l5lg Xvriters' xN10fliSl1DP f5l1 Poetry Clula l'5l: Psychology Club l3l: Pep Cnls lvl. THOMAS CRAVEN Portsmoulh High School Allnnlic Avenue North Hnmpion. N. H. Phi Della Upsilon: Outing Clnla lll, lil. l5lg Scala- lzarcl nncl Blmlc l3l: Aclvancccl Nil. Art. Fiumcis W. CRoNiN Nceclham High School I2 Vxlnlnut Street Needham. Mass. Traclc Doizorx-iv E. CROUCH Dover High School 78 Perla Slrcct Dover. N. H. Glec Clulo l3l: Outing Clula lllz Associalion of lNomen Day Sluflenls lfll. l5lg German Cluln l3l: French Cluln 49 BEVERLEY C. DAVIS Hollis Higli Scliool Nasliua Roarl Hollis. N. H. Glee Cluln lil, l2l, f5l: Cliristian Vvorlc l5l: Gillacit and Sullivan f2l, Vice-Presiclenl: LEONARD W. DAVIS Austin Cate Academy Slrallorcl. Bow Lalce. N. H. Spring Traclc fl. f2lg Winter Traclc RAYMOND CROWLEY Fmnlclin Higli Scliool Salislnury Street Franlclin. N. H. American Society ol Mechanical Engineers: Newman Club. FREDEIIICIQ G. Cusi-IING, JR. Lelzanon Higli Scliool 29 Sliaw Street Lclmanon, N. l'l. Plii Mu Delta: Ouling Clula lil, fill, f5l: Yaclil Cluln f5l. OLIVE L. DANIELS Dover Higli Scliool Mill Roacl Durliam, N. H. Cliristian Vvorlc ill: Sociology Clulm DONALD T. DAX-'IIJSON Concorcl Higli Sclmol Clinton Sire:-L Concorcl, N. l--1. Plii Mu Delta: American Society of Civil Engineers 1531 Outing Cluls lll: Pl1i Lamlxla Plli f2l. fab: Aclvancecl lVlil. Art. l5lg Yaclit Clulr l5l: Cross Counlry fll: Basclxall 50 'l'lu-la Clmi: lloclcey f5l: Lacrosse fll: 'l1l.'lIl'llS fll. fllz N. lfl. Club f2l: Sophomore Court ELIZABETH N. DILLOB Kimlaall Union Acaclemy '. l99 Xvallingforcl Hill Alllol, lxlass. I Clli Omega: Tl1c NEXV l'lAMPSl'llRE fll: Cllrislian Vxforlc: Sociology Club ALBLRT W. DINIAIX Dover High Sclmool ll Portlancl Slreet Dover. N. H. Ouling Clula Lil . I l PHILIP S. DUNLAP I Concord Higlu Scliool r l Concord, N. l-l. l.amlncla Cl1i Alplmac Blue Key f3l: Economics Cluln I . Q V515 The NEVV l'lAMPSl'llRE Assistant Busi- I ness Nlanager Bly .lunior Prom Commilleo l'loclcey lvlanagcr fill: Mayor RAYFIOND B. DUNN Porllancl l'ligl1 Scliool, 48 Morning Slrecl Portland, Me. Sigma Alplia, Epsilon: Senior Slculls f5l: American Society of Civil Engineers: Scalulaard anal Blacle f5l: Aclvaneerl Mil. Arl 151: Basketball KQD: Base- lmll lil: N. l-l. Club f2l. RUTH lg. DAVISON lxlanclicsler Cenlral lligll School 757 Hanover Street Manclmesler, N. lfl. lllii Ornega: The GRANITE fill: Ouling Clulm Ill: Carman Clula, Vicenprosiclenl Treasurer KSJ: May Day Pageant WARIIEN R. DAVISON Melrose l'li11lI Seliool Mcrlrose l'llQl1lElI'illS, Mass. lil: Arlvanrorl lvlil. Art.: Sealnlnarcl aml Blarle. 51 ROBERT H. Ec1c1'1ARD'r Nanclicslcr Central High School 542A Briclgc Strock Nanclicster, N. l-l. Ouling Clulu l5l: Gorman Cluln f5l A1-13i5izT D. EDGIZRLY Laconia lligli School Gilmanton, N. H. Alpha Gamma Rho: The NEXV l'lAlVlPSl'llRl2 IQJ: Outing Cluh ll l3j: Christian XVorl: lil: I lf lll lil lOl .'Xclvani:ecl Nil, Ari l3l: laclil. Clu , Uriivcrsiiy kill Cluln QISJ: Lens and Sliullur Club f5J. BARBARA H. lDXVlGI-1T lxlanchosler Central High School 629 Aulnurn Slrcclz lxlanclicslur. N. H. Chi Omega: Big Sislcr Commillcc: Economics Club. CHARLES A. DNVX'ER, lll Nashua High School Nashua, N. H. Kappa Sigma: Christian Xvorlc ffllz Newman Cluh. Viizcimix l'l. DYK12 Atlcinson Acaclcmy Alliinson, N. l'l. Kappa Della: Glen Club lil: May Day Pageant , 2 4231 Kappa 130110 Pi gay. l ami . S' li---..',L ff- 1: -M,-fda :..'., ' 4-f-. slid'-41.2.-aa-. :.4ac-'Eff i H, f ff ibflffl . Q , TJ f' 'Li .9-'952i3Q1'h1 'fri 6, WTTN, W, , Jxjfvls gi Q .pi-rf 553,13 J. UN . . IL.. ii -Lia: I'-I..Q1i'iikf, ,222-fsffiff a-'L' ' vga? :Her "5-L - " af" 5-if-fl -.4 U- Gif 'iPFf P. 4 . HI ,'--.,. 'A' A : 5 fd? '- f DOIllSJ.EC1il'IARDT 31, l m:-mgHii.i.5'gw ,li V-ffjnf,-'T-,gfi K ' 'S 5" ' L V .'- ,J I fl 'V-:"',5,'1,r' Manchester Ccnlral High School Hb,L5ugg5'i75i',.-.ff 'lk 5, if 5'?j:y3j? 570 Hanover Street I' ,jg ,v'4f2,'1?' f"' l,' -fl Mancheslcr. N. H. l K,'Q7Q'2d TwlL:Si""'. 'sXf,,Q' ,451 ,V ,i 4575.7 '- :f.l"A" ill W ff' ,, 2' fl'-l xl-I ' In-' 7 Alpha Chi Omega: Glco Clula fill, President g "-Ig 1' .:l,ffl,g,l 'jg-,g4lll 4g"' Yffl 'Fl ,iff ' - . . . 1 i- . .i,,u.ll1. l er.. - 5 - f X . Kal: Outing Club l3l: Cullacrt ancl Sullivan .A ,g,,,'S.,,5m N, MEW,',vl i f-:Jdfg Q. fill: May Day Pageant: Carnival Queen s Pxllcnrlanl b L kf'htA.?,. 'f 53, 3 JNjfA.fu,lfQ,,?CC ' it lil: Le Cercle Francais: Big Sislcr Commiltcc . ' M Q,iQf1,Z59Q"Q 'J' 'jf 'Q :ggi bfi- f 4 fr, fc .3 e n"f.f1.4-f,:,:": 52 DONALD H. EGAN ' Nvinthrop Senior High School ' ' Main Street East l'lampslcac.l, N. H. Outing Club til: Newman Cluln Cul: WML Caulrlrons f2l7 Aclvancecl Mil. Art f3l: Basket- 5 lmlt f2lg Spring Truck fll: Cheer Learler V x x ,Q nn Quik ,L'1'! 'mn um- Q .t:Q'.i'f" '- ,MW 5 7'14" Q l. fy wax, ,, .-Q1-A '. 1.-ff l" ' eil- ' fs- Sffifl fr-:,3g,"1fQf - 'Ni -we .cr T 'ns A x --JX,u .4-...z " r--1 f H Ij-gag-4'5f:.'..r5f,1:i,.'5j V 1"- gn:-,,,i:h,.L , . . f f .,.tEiff21FZQ:-fy ,M 1,11 Ein. nj- V ,H . '25 Nfl ::..1s :Tr HQK ui' f?.',"pf-f,yx'fN-i'.- fftilp'-1 1- ' Y 'i v ' , , 7 Y., "f'e:2-:V Lg? 'fzrwi-C-. 'qw-ra Lsfrwiiil 552' 1 . ,. f'-pri ' 1:2126 'liiflflftlf I. ft. Y - it WS' .ws ua-a1z.i11:'r:l - , i-:Trl ' :g'5,gQe-:,:,.-'4 sffgl ,W 4,i:,.- 11: , 1,-' 4 '.",'-'lr' 5' "f, pp ' .-' .l gfg'-ff' V- 'Q' ' . vw 'HV' 'N 5 nt -. V '.,v' . " '3'f31QgJ-filll'2iifa?ESfQ:k" ' ' " ft ': " "1 ' -2 ff" x 'LX-.-, ,M "" 'z-Q.Q1fQ,, P" " if Fig., I Q',:'lft151"V" NEW f 'N' Q it - ' w:' A .fr . 'li'-7 X' I' " i fc ' ff' ' N 7 F---IJ'F-1'7.."."-aj-If ' ' 1. ft rx if is ,-V f-mxw , . . , NJN! ai., T, 4, ,i V, if ,g-.r ' -K -6'--A.-. W N' 4" tflf0 5595 3 , A Q3- - X . t p .i.g.1'5' t f' SNA X- 'V " .llf,? 9-'vi ll, AH - t V' , , " ,X . V i,i:,"lK?Ffr--jlf2,g2 " .A I v : fs: 'PU' .loi1NL.Ecoi-EsToN 'r ,Q M ,jump W l I, Sunapee lligh Svhool T t ff' l Z Sunapee. N. l'l. '-Z? me 44:26 Cross Country f2l: Spring Traclc til: Alpha XQXNXH lliltf, X, --.1313-lil'-fin V Sigma. if UI X l va.. lx 'ef -Va ni' ' xt JL! . V., 'I ,W,.,AX-AJ W , xy! cbs 44!NiJ4,,a.l I H V- i J,-X 'I 1' . Ill- J, ALMA E. El.i.1oT'r X Laconia High School 115 Oak Street Lixconia. N. H. ,Xlplna Chi Omega: Outing Clulm fllz Yacht Cluln tilg llaislmtlmall All Star fil: Big Sister Com- mittee f5l: XfV.S.G. Social Committee PRISCILLA Emmy Porlsniouth High School l . 5-'i Riclge's Court Portsmouth, N. H. Xlplia Xi Deltng The GRANITE fill: Outing Clulm " 1 Blue Circle Cal: Bnslcetloall I , fl: llmzlrey til: llome Economics Club l f5l: Vx7.A.A. Luzixneru Ffxrzxswoitri-1 Lnconia High School 59 Dewey Street Laconia, N. I-t. Kappa Delta: Sociology Clula ffilz Pan Hellenic f5l: Folio f'5l: May Day Pageant I t l 1 t l ALFRED E. FERNALD Exeter High School Nottingham, N, I-I. Phi Delta Upsilon: American lnstitute of Electrical Engineers f5l: Nast: and Dagger f3l: Outing Club f5lg PK Lakmlxla Phi: Aclvanceel lVlil. rt Bl. 55 : ,,gV ,il b y MAQED -A BEATRICE. V. Fisi-IMAN l E ll ll l - , Dover l'ligl1 Scliool A ' f Q 1 - 1 2 fi 54 Court Street f 2 3- 535 gg Dovcr,N.H. iL'jI' 3 i Outing Club f2l: Association ol Xfvomcn Day '25-'f Qsi . :- Tf f jz v . . . -U MW Stuclents lil: Le Carole Franqais f5lg University g mim i "-Af-i11-::- - ' Sympl1onyhOrcl1estra flilz Glee Club f5l: Student C ristian Wor' l3l: May Day Pageant my, The NEW HAMPSHIRE up, 425: Interna- I tional Relations Cluls CQJ: WOUIEHIS Mcnorali .- 'gfqkfal 1 Society f3l, Social Chairman f2l: Folio gyil,4ji7,i 1. 5: fill. Maslc ancl Dagger 6531: 'flue I E i f yt! -36,3 jgjig igi ifi .5 .A ,Na E x GRANT E, Art Eclitor 457: Drum Major, University f 5 I : 32 , i: mifig: ..g t I' 3441 'IQ' Bancl f'.2lg Gilbert ancl Sullivan Society ill: Sliori Q 5 .J Story ancl Poetry Cluln , l I A G,l?'ff??'f1iiQlfC15li5?fAf' ff f '- l as! m fig Q'E.,2iefoLfan-w'.1,f.2fm'.ff 4 l it, ' Wifi-,5,'Z ' 5"?'5vif1'5A - J , liirf' i .f iii.-if wi , Q ' A .r-U 'i 55 GORDON B- FLINT 'Q' ' jk v.'. f Towle l'ligl'1 Scliool -- -5 1 :- 3313 14 X E . 1 1- Nc N 1-1 f. 'LMI Ei' 1 I 15-li - gli .'-.y -5, . WPOFL - - LA iw' ew .v 'A , jk? 3, ,Q .-:A , Q -A . l pfig f f i s f .,., gfq 1 lnternational Relations Clulo f5l:HOutiqng Club I .Ki b,qk ' .,y' , '-fZ:4,.,Q., ' ..J.... 2..,5-,QL ',., ,Q-f'r,j-5':-'i an ' Clmstian xlVDTli lil. lol: f.,aulrlrons. 5 ,-V.,5 .e,. i,, f'- . , ' 4 h5:5g,j,,:,f.i,,Ix ',V.'. ,.H?,1,. 5, . f.: -, A - ii -vw 'iviffif-. QT " . 2 ' 1 ili" 'T A , 'fi "fx, , 71 ... - E' W- 4f'z':'1l i ,:,I4" JE5 .V 4. .42 ga - ffl,-gf.f:i -,lk-.qv A . N----"" 'M 41 ' gif'-gtf'i i ff- - . , - H -g 1, .'r',,- gt., " " . --'ff 3 " ' lu' fig CHARLES M. Fococrr . , 5 Clxapman Tcclmology, New London, Conn. lntcrvalc, N. l'l. Outing Clulo f5l: Plli Lamlzcla Plli l3l: German Cluln lVlARGAR13'r J. FOLEY ' Portsmoutli l'ligl1 Scliool l 18 Rayncs Avenue Portsmoutlm, N. l'l. ' Outing Clula lil: Cliristian Work C1 , Association ot Xafomen Day Sluclcnls f3l: Com- mutcrls Co-operative Clula WAL1'ER H. FERRIS Mancliester Central l'ligl1 Scliool 185 lvlystic Street Manclicster, N. l'l. Plii lVlu Della: Cvlce fll, f5l: Outing Clulp ll: Economics Clulu ffilz Track fllz Traclc Manager f2l. ffxl: lntramurals: lntcrscliolastic Traclc. JANICE S.F1F1ELo Penacoolc l'ligl1 Scliool Warner. N. I-I. Wellesley College Transfer: Sociology Cluln lil. 154 lVlARY G. FREEMAN Robinson Seminary Epping Road Exeter. N. H. 'lilmta Upsilon: Music anal Dagger f5l: Outing Clula GJ: Newman Club Url: Cliristian Work l2l. f5J: Economics Club C511 Association of Women Day Students ill: Baseball CQJ: Hoclcey lfrl: Baslcctlvall PETER E. GALANES Dover l'ligl1 Scliool 56 Locust Street Dover, N. H. American institute ol: Electrical Engineers lol: Arlvancccl Mil. Art lVlIl.TON L. FONTAINI3 Peierlaorougli Higli Scliool '20 Granite Street Peterlnorongli, N. lil. Caulclrons: Scalnlnarcl and Blade fill: Aclvanced Mil. Art f2l: Basketball. Wll,LiAM J. FORD Coneorcl laligli School 2711 Pleasant Street Concord. N. lil. Tau Kappa Epsilon: Tlie NENV l'lAlVlPSl'llRE. lil: international Relations Cluln f5l: Outing J 1 Llnlm fll: Newman Club lil: Cliristian NVorlc GJ: 'ii' l..ilJcral Clulp. : 533- ini ,..L..ii1iQ: if - ---- wa, if 5?:f..:if " IRVING L. FRANKLIN 1 H-is""f.'-1:i"fQ. 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' ' " K' ax "' 'lf rw " 4f:., .w-. m : - V34 3' Zi ,CW -F "1 alfa" lViARJoRnz FREEDMAN ,e ff .5 ,ia , tglfg S l ll la S l'1 l 'f -wi-"Yit-'lf'f'9-lt3ff?w.1.f2'i -'Wifi I P' H Cm h ig C OO i??s:.fifr:...37f , ' -,.f" t ' -' f ' ' M f ' . f, 1215-'Fw iff Mf Q11 -' " rw. a s " " fuw - ..w--- 2'3ls'3i1lZ.yCi5i.f'm ,iii it 3 - - ' -1 is-wif i:5ui.f ,,. HI:-f 'V -, ' " ' ' " ' ' E 44 1:9 Ly, 1fz17't25g,f22,1 1--9 : 35-..--..?..-..,,,....' .... Gleo Club ill, KQJ: lnternational Relations Clula ,,j'2Prlggm,, ,,., ,K, U W , f ,.... 1 . ,, - . - , 2 ,' " " .'4+9 3'f"IQr-iE1"i3q.... ' rf' 1: .wif 2 . J . Outing Club t , 2 , lnter-House Team Q ,-Q, -,-..-3 1--.,' -glifkrrf .a-1-f-'-wir,-,-+,i,,..,.,.-,,:1 ,iv-: v w J Hy -'f-- f--1-.,,:,.- -- .ftgtzv .... A... , ., ..,, Q, :Q ,' ff: ' " "fi mf 3 'E. ..aj'-,g ' .. 1 ' Jae?-ff - rw -it" . "?" "' ' ,f f Qzplfkif-I-4-l,Qf.Q1..i1V3I' - 5' ' . -.1 .V 1, Q if 4- ' ' 1 feffgilai-fn, - 4..,, ---q-. ..... --- - i. Q' ...- ..... .. .. 'f'f'f,,l .. - ,, 3.1 f-,....,, 4....... ,, ,Mmm 'jr " ...- " , " 65 l GAY LORD C. GALE Towle l'ligl1 Scliool Slowe, Vt. W llaselnall. ill: Cross Country f2l: Xlvinter Traclc l . IVIARY W. GALLYON lVlarlalcl'1nncl l'ligl1 Scliool 7 Xvcst Street lx'lGl'lJlL!l1CElLl. Mass Give Cluln fil, f3l: Outing Clula f5l: Cillacrt and Sullivan f3lg Pep Cats fill. f3l: May Day Pagcani QQJ: llomc Economics Clula -, . f ,N - 451 , . A Q 3 fi. X . PIE - ,rr f - -Q "1 f--'-4...lYE' 1 , , ' f?.+::'1',:l---ff-J Qi"-, , ,F ,:,.1'j3Eq5,rff' f-'-iii: gf if 4 '.L,,.'fV'!- ' l 'fl -.-.. ' -:?f1'5?9i?"'fT47v'- .ff "' J fail at . .-: -1"f?4:"'pf11- . 'L--g. 2: mabim' K M fr... gSL,.5?1 A N M- ' ' ic ,1 T T-gi-Qu,-:T - ? 1 rf H" ' 121,33 iq A --: -V H, . 1.1.5 -F "-fm ' 3 2' ,Jr B ll ' L , i sa .. , , . ,, TT., .QL - I g .1 755.-:ig-, --uv:-5 . :- . - i Jlf .: "'- fi - - 5- - -- 'qu El .i:...'3'Js' Y-5-sp:-.Q 'ff' . . , f cw Q .. . 4 -4... ..-i . , --jr.. ' '7r,:yI:.ri?3i' i wha, j-. 3395. " ' -. - ff" .pl J-,-,iii ikmpswl-V 5:-Embnmw 331, .hwy WEE, 1 ' 'iii Nl -W5'iril"?'fb..g.Ttfc." -:W M ffvffl W M X ,L 1.53 f f' 'M' . "-.f'7'5lf"4'.i:"'ill g" ' if "W my ' ' , 'A 'A ' 6 1 Y ,AU " :Uv f-A' ff" ,. 5 VY ' '. ' f .'1 'V w X I V '- ' " ' ' "---A" "" sr LIQQ. :Pi-",' . fi fl ' " 'l vi aw ' - .F-1-5 ' gi-fi: .TT '17 - ,- ,M , xg, 1?-rw... JAMLS lvl. Gmzx EY Lawrence Higli Scliool 5 l'lillsirlc Avenue lczuvrcncc, Mass. Sigma fxxlplia Epsilon: Quling Cluln ill. f2l: New- man Clulr ill: Casquc anrl Caslq-L ffilg Tennis lnl ISD llwmc GERSH Roxlnury l'ligl1 Scliool Roxbury, Mass. lntcmalional Relations Clulu DAVID A. G1i.E Tilton Scliool F Loclimerc, N. l'l. Pi Kappa Alpha. American lnstilulc ol Electrical Enginc-c-rs f3l: lklnsli amcl Dagger f'5l: Cnsquc anal Casket 155: Aclvancccl Nil. Art Louis S.GlI.bi1XN lX'ldI1CllCStCT Ccnlral Higli Scliool QS Nasliua Slrcct lvlzincliuslcr. N. ll. lnlcrnnliunal Rclalions Clulm ill: Ouling Clulm 56 Economics Cluln f5l: Ouling Clulw fil, Cal: a 912 - "if ' ' .V f ,- iz ,ZKJQ57 ll lvlgfzw it" 7 Lf.fJfl'Nl.fn,e ' 'Q' lilw f . V1"fvr,," 25'fWLegA. if aiQ,fyf,r'ig'x,7 -1 ' W I M117 : ' wb: F9 'Zi'-:I 75'1f45l . -tiff" f Q rg: :.z 252+ ill' my ei-By , --: -.A,. 72X.7.:.:1l' ' 'Q ,V - .' if C' v m ff" ' , tiff-W 41 if . .t 1Ig-4.-5.-.,Q'Zg:e:::-4215:-Liinfe' fy . -xii' . .....FfE.'1r2,Caf:f ffl i. 5' f V "'f"" 'f-fe '3f..f1fw:s:?-'.f-'- ,f'-'?1 , f24.:12i,-'1- 5 i 5779? iv Nl' -.3 .lf-J LMS - 'N - - If .-9 '.:' l . 3 . .,1 .-.v-,- ,,- ..,j 1, , Q . - .44 ' ' ,gr , ' . 3 pf.: ' . P v 43 .EA:i?.g:Txlifzjgigf.-3719. lg 1-gif? ,, ,.'1?.1.5+'a2.. ,ly 7 -. 'lll -'L -iffli , -'gina' -l -rl" .Aim ..,., 7' kj",-iI"' ' H- elf, ,,,,v E It I-l.:7HL?isM: xi? .. l ll lv llfi. '.U,i,',2,-gfET'?,v,um'?Z5-. N,x' E. GOODHUE Brewster Academy Wfollclioro, N. H. Tlx:-la Upsilonp Naslc aml Dagger llil: Yacht Cuts: Psycliology Clulm: Nay Day Pageant. HAROLD H. GOODNIAN Manclicstcr Central Higli School 581 Lalcc Avenue Manclicsler, N. H. Outing Clulu l2l: Le Cercle Franqais. CLYDE A. GOODRUM Keene Higli Scliool Nxfcstinorulancl, N. I-I. Tau Kappa Epsilon: Glue Clulm: Gorman Clula: Gilbert anal Sullivan: Baslcellaall Nlanager fm: Winter Trael: lil: Cross Country f2l: Baseball Manager f3l: Tracl: Manager lil: Plii Sigma: Lilacral Cluln. l'lfxruuET L. GOODNVIN VVall.liam Higli Scliool Xvclls, Maine Alplia Clii Omega: Outing Clula l2l: Sophomore Court f2l: Junior Prom Committee 153: May Day Pageant Committee. CONRAD T. Gorznrz Allen Higli Scliool Alton, N. H. Sigma Alplm Epsilon: Glee Cluln lflirislian Work fll. l2l: Aclvancecl Mil. Art Gillqert anal Sullivan lil: Rille Team fQ.l, EUGENE W. GOLDFARB New l5cLll'orcl Higli Scliool 554 Roclcclale Avenue New Beclforcl, Mass. Plii Alpliaz Outing Clulu 57 l I l 'Q A19- Theta Upsilon: Outing Cluln lil: Newman Club t2 LORRAINE A. GORMAN Littleton Higli Scliool 4 Soutlw Street 4- -. Littleton, N. H, if-i v Q X Glee Cluln f5Jg Maslc ancl Dagger f3lg Outing riff in .,,, fx"KJ,"'1,,Li,,g4,.m"L' Club KQJ: Class Basketball til: Class Field HL ,jj 'isle 1 'rf' Hockey 429- i1il"ilt g-giJi4t ' ,'i' '-.Q . 1 jZ"- f W. up 4 ,gud 'Env-ll - ir- - Q rl tif A I N f ':'4'r"' ' -1 J l - l A 'kirsutirr -. . .. .Mi . - ..! g, Ng, .:t,ag,'L,' I " 'Q-'Q' Mfglj' N9 " avr? ,ffm-1-1" osx A- -A 7 Z? 5 r----, J: l l C531 i-DJ J fill: J: l D. J, C J- . l fgiiv.-rw 11512, 'R A ERNEST M. GOULD Newton High Scliool 514 Washington Street Wellesley, Mass. Tau Kappa Epsilon: Alplm Zeta flil: Outing Clulo f2l: Blue Circle f2l: German Clula t3 Cross Country QD: S.S.S.S. ill, 2, Forestry Cluln tfil: Plli Sigma " . JANICE A. GOWEN Robinson Seminary Stratliam, N. l'l. Outing Clul: flip Christian Work til, K2 . " German Clula f5l: All-Star Fielrl Hoclccy til, K2 Le Cerclc Frnnqais. RUTH M. GRADY Pinlcerton Acaclcrny East Derry, N. l'l. lfrl: German Club f2l. f5l: All-Star Hoclzcy fl 121: All-Star Buslcetluall fm: Secretary NV.A.A fill: Sophomore Court fill: Big Sister Committee 5 W1Ll.IAM E. GREEK Portsmoutlw Higli Scliool 942 Mirlrlle Roarl Portsmouth, N. l'l. Sigma Beta: Outing Cluln fill: Scalnlmrcl aml Blrulcg Aclvnncetl Mil. Art: German Cluln fljg 'llerinis f2l, f3l: Barnacles GEIQALD J. Grurifm SI.. Mfrryls Higli Scliool, Nvaltliam 410 Dartmouth Struct Vv'altlmm, Mass, Plmi Mu Delta: The NEXV IIAMPSI URE. fllg New- - -q i. mun Cluln 153: Economics Clul: MJ: Arlvzinr-ml I, ' Mil. Art f5J: Football fll: Lacrosse '3 .1 1'- '- 58 JOI-IN K. GRIFFIN Portsmouth l'liglI Scluool Riclmrcls Avenue Portsmouth, N. H. ROY G. GRIFFIN Concorcl l'ligl1 School Rye, N. l'l. fxlflllil Gamnm Rlroz Outing Clulu fllg Yaclwt Cluln 425- ISD. GEORGE H. GUILD Naslmua High Sclmol 29 Granite Street Nashua. N. H. Sigma Beta: Economics Clula 151: Manager, Cross Country f2J, I MAURICIE F. l'lAMBLETT SomerswortlI Higlm School Q15 Main Street Somerswortlw, N. H. AnIoriczIn lnslilulc ol: Electrical Engineers JOHN D. HAN LON NVinclIoster Higlm Sclxool 6 Briclgc Street Winchester, Mass. l.rIIIIlJIla Clii Alpha: Sluclcnt Council Casque mul Ccislzet lfil: Aclvancecl Mil. Art: Foot- Imll QSJ: l'loclIcy UI: Lacrosse f5l Clmirman. .lunior Prom Committee. ,f"'-f- FW- V.-nf" -:NL ll YAYLTVG -' -'ll E :Te "F ggi? Q: QQ "Z ,my WILLIAM G. HAPPNY -f 4 " gi. 73- h,L1f:y'lFQr' 'V'llQQ'iy--G'ls'H ',l- 'Q' JJ 'J Concord Higlw Sclwol .X Ahil fr gfjy i.E'1l,-' l A ,P:"",' 46 Vxfarron Street S .QQ .T 5 2,--"LES A- - Concord, N. l'l. 531-5.2 3 Z.. - if ' . Eb Lf" -EH" ,ff4I',, 'ftfr-JL 'Agi -- -ll Sigma Alplm Epsilon: Outing Clula rfQlg Manager, -' . - .MMI " '-Q. G, " . Cross Country .1 " .F,,' -1,-. .w 1 1 . 'I I. Q ',- Axiaxla M " ' . " ' I -, 1 -V -1 1.1,-I-.s ff.-.'4.-...f ' - 59' .aug 12' Transfer from Northeastern University: Football fll: it ALBERT L. HARDY 1 4 E 4 ,.-S. N h H11 St t A mwvff Y" . ix!-Q ai'luI3sorligN, HTOO C ' 1 A.s.M.E. fan, outing Citi. rn, 425. Phi Lambda iuiii I th. IX .ry .' -- y Phi KQJ, f3J: Advanced Mit. Art UD: German Ctuh 'u2q.,4fygl57'E,f!Qg,im , - - 4, Aj KQJJ Yacht Ctuh f5J: Cross Country QU: Riftc 1 if "N Team GJ: Camera Ctuh: N. H. Ctuh. ' h I 4? K-X '- ,uh ' 'rlrfl ' W my ' ,x 2' I W W Q Mx-li x V i 4 sfdiwrlgftfffr-.,,Fv?5fiQ7i:17 L' "t .tjfi '- trrfgi iggtf 6 1 , Z I! . -, Q. 'i','E , ",4, ' - V s.: . 5' ' , t1LrzABE'r1-1HARmMAN ,i ' 0 4' 1 1 iirdflvffgttn 'rj k pfiifihp 155-qi Classical High School ' 'j"jflf" "" qgl:' I !3'j,:t a:1., :Q 42. ek, P, Providence, R. I. 2.5.4 I "u l AS' I?i'!iQ,Ll't ' 21 . H 'J ' 61 Center Street 'Il R". I " UL. Jgiijflfll 4. Q Concord, N. H. Ei? 'Q H f", 'Li gc' ,i W 'YI 'I' ' N 'H - ' ' W. -Q, X ' 'A Theta Upsitonz Outing Ctuh til, f3J: German A I cr " 0 J lglizlg' it Cin, rap. cap. 5, f fH ,y,L m '-E mlgrw gi 1 ,iii mv L ROBERT C. HAsE1.'r1NE Haverhill High School 57 Commonwealth Avenue Haverhill, Mass. Phi Dctta Upsilon: Gorman Club ALDER T. I'lATC1'I Dover High School 24 Hitt Street Dover, N. H. ir Basketball KU, f2J: Freshman Nominating Com- mittee: N. H. Basketball IU. Consr NNCF G HATCI-I Traip Academy Xycstwotd Street Kittery, Mc. Transfer from Lasctt Junior Cottage: Gtee Ctuti flii: txtastc anrt Dagger - i r i its ,Q I i i Rici-IARD H I'IAWK1NS Stevens High School 184 Broad Street Claremont N H Phi Nu Dctta: Gtec Ctuh 123: Githert and Sut- tivan GJ: Foottvatt- Hotel Club' University Quartet 60 if A PHu.1P R. HENDERSON Uerwiclc Academy 155 Locust Slrcct Dover, N. H. Joi-IN L. l-liinsizx' Portsmouth High School 100 Ash Slrcct Portsmouth, N. H. W l Outing Clula fllg Cross Counlry ill: Economics ,I l' Clulm fill: llolcl Aflminislralion Cluln C57 xr in 'V ii . I" r' Theta Chi: Class Treasurer fill: Senior Slculls f3l: Buschnll ml: lrlaslcclhull l2l: N. H. Cluh. IQICHARD H. HAY Portsmouth High School 53 lvlillc-r Avenue Porlsmouih. N. l'l. igmn Alpha Epsilon: Glcc Clul: fill, fil 3 The NEXV llAlVlPSl'llRl3 fill, f3l: 'Mash ancl Dagger f3lg Gut- ing Cluh lil: Chrislinn Xfxlflfli Cal: Eco- nomics Cluh f5lg Manager XVinLcr Truclc l'lARRY L. l'lAYNES Porismouih High School Portsmouih. N. l'l. ,lwlllllfl Chi: Sluclcnt Council. Treasurer 455: Blue Kay f3l: Sphinx. Prcsirlcnt f5l: Outing Club fQl. f5l: Blue Circle ffvl: German Clulo f5l: Yacht Clulm IQJ: Foollmll ffzlg Traclc f'2l: Xlvinlcr Sports Nil... -f :I .-7 EI' JNWM ,..- il '-' : -' ,, 5 H." V,'kV5fgQ Yflglgj- '4 il? . f J-'f 'ii-1, '-12.f?jj"f':':-:mpg in Fx 'fi 'E lllimf -K 1' ,.. fi :, 0, 4' - DAVID IVLHAZEN K' 1 limi V- ni iv' f rdlffs ' il-,l 'E Bethlehem High School , 612, 5 Pmelhlchcm, N. H. ,,, Alf' -'I f "' :' .sz "., 'Arai-i -.. Nnslc and Dagger Cal: Economics Club ISSJ: . Ji gf' Pop Cats fill: Folio Cluh 'll L ggi fl ll nf pf ' f ff .Q - ii A wx. ,W - if up A ,- ' , lil .iiiiv rs. -iff' 5: 'I ' -PM , ,"ni'iaf5gw 43 : , 4 allen. N - ffl r..e' -, . -- J Mita: eZi::4ii..iiiv CAIRL W. HEAT!-I ffgaif, or r ., - :w ry -if1.35f5.,iQfz'.fgip1:4213-1252f Nanclicsier Lcntml High School I. 141362120-' .e5Salil'.Vf!FIiZ'zi'EH.f. urn. -f ' -. :'-2fffr'r 'r'f- -. 1,-ii -1, vm- .ml liclmonl Slrcrcl nl I V- i,:j:,:m4:' Mom if-sicr, iN, ll. 5255 - 4.5, ,5?i'Q,5aiZ4.a,g5g,L, gi., ffl 91 5 ' '5' ,f"f'ff ',-'E , ,gf-fdlu. ii-F ,.. V .... U- ,, . ,L , A,' l I Alpha Pau Qmcgug Outing Club: Gorman Cluh: fi, . - A 1 .m'l.'121i'1raf". I,"MH'5u'fg3.-fr' l.fiS""mE-15-"'ki1i?F'E9E.f1-'50 5 Della Pu Si ma . r il . if Q u E - f.-iff' 1 Wm. if-r --1-f . .2-lt' 1 .-' 1- i-.V - - "X, .Q yfipfa vi A will ,..:i JIM' .1 'N--il ?'4--1?.. 45.35. ,ity lmliilw- ll ' i'55'il5!l-i.!J, il-75Efl'-12""i"ill-K 2-WE-"" " f :gina iQi:4r2,,.g1r4ii . rli Q2 u II 4 x '." Y 1 ' 61 N , in 3i,f,5,,,,,'l v LESLIE E. l-lIIsIIEIzT, JR. Laconia Higli Scliool 56 Pine Street Laconia, N. l'l. Plii Mu Delta: Aclvancccl Nlil. Art. A1..FRED H. l'llGGINS Exeter l'liglI Scliool 14 Portsmoutli Avenue Exeter. N. I-I. Gutlng Clula fll: University Bancl f2l, flil: Traclc ftl: Sturlcnt Co-op. ESTHER B. l'llGGlNS lvlassena Higli Sclwool 161 Main Street Norway. Mc. Transfer from Bracllorcl Junior College: Outing Clulv f3J. RUTH L. HILl,.SON lxflzilclen Higlm Scliool 41 Pierce Street Malden, Mass. Outing Cluln fljg Sociology Cluln UD: Alplia Kappa Delta f5J: Lilaeral Club f3l: Mcnorali Clul: 0 l-D. 655- LuI5LI.A D. l'lIRsCIAINEIz Amesluury Higli Scliool Derry. N. l-l. Clii Omega: Executive Committee lil: YVomen's Executive Committee fll: Glee Clula Lil: Tl1e GRANITE Women's Pliotograp y Eclitor QU: Outing Club 153: German Clula lil: Junior Prom Committee f5l: Frcsliman Dance Com- mittee PHILIP W. HODGDON Portsmouth High Sclmool 29 Sllerluoume Avenue Portsmouth, N. H. Tlieta Chi: Outing Club fill: Baselmall UI: Economics Cluln: Sopliomore Court: Pep Cats. 62 CALEB L. I'IODSDON Portsmouth Higlm Scluool 159 Willard Avenue Portsmouth. N. H. Sigma Bela. DAVID Hom' Walpole High Sclxool Walpole. N. l-I. Clrcss Cluln ffzlg Psyclrology Clulu MAIITIN Hom' Naslxua Higll Sclrool 40 Granite Street Naslrua, N. l-l. Plii Delta Upsilon: International Relations Clula f3l: Mnslc zmcl Dagger lil. Bl: Cross Country fill: University' and Clxristian Work Bromlcnsting fll, C53- FR1iDERrC1c S. l'lONKAI.A Frnnlclin ltliglm Srlrool Salislnury, N. l'l. Pi Kappa Alplm: Gamma Kappa f'5J: The NEW l'lAMPSl'llRE fll. f2l: Outing Club 157: Christian Work f5l: German Clulz f3l1 Cross Country f3l: Winter Traclc Jo1-IN S. Huoomzs roN Dover Hxglrr Scliool 29 Mill Road Durlram. N. I-I. Cleo Clula f2lg Outing Clula C515 Cliristion NVork KID. f2J. 151. MILDRED E. HUTTON Pinlccrton Academy 15 Oal: Street Derry, N. H. Tlicta Upsilon: Glee Club fljg Masl: and Dagger f3J: Outing Club filg German Club f5J: All- Star Hockey f2l: All-Star Baslcetlaall IQJ: Sophomore Court. 65 JEAN A. ISENBERG .lcrciah E. Burlcc High School 47 Biclancll Slrcct Dorcheslcr, Mass. Menorah Clulm fll, fill, fill: Ouling Clulm ill: Christian XVorlc ill: Folio f2l. f3l: Short Slory Rici-lmao W. IVERS Lowell High School Pelham. N. lfl. Theta Kappa Phi: Ouling Cluh fll, f2l: Newman Clula UH: Scahharfl ancl Blade: Aclvancccl Mil Art CBJ. BXIARION E. JAMES Dover High School 56 lVlacllaury Roacl Durham, N. I-I. Alpha Xi Delta: The NEVV l'lAMPSHlRE lil. f2l: Maslq ancl Dagger ffvlz Outing Clulz fll: Pan llcllcnic f3l: May Day Pageant fll: Great Buy Project ffil: Folio ELI JAM oocu1,xN XVoocllJury lligh School 185 Salem Slrcct Salem Depot. N. H. Outing Clulx fll: Caulclrons f3l: Spring Traclc ill. Al.X'lN R. lNGRA M Enllclcl High School Enllclcl, N. ll. 'llau Kappa Epsilon: Alpha Chi Sigma flil: The NEXV HAlVlPSl'llRE ill: Phi Lamlacla Phi f5l: German Clula f3l: Univcrsily Bancl flj, fill: Spring Traclc, Manager f5l: NVintcr Sports ill: Valentine Smilh Scholarship Awarml. CLAIQENCE E. lssAcsoN Porlsmouth High School 116 Sparhawlc Slreet Portsmoulh, N. H. German Club CSD: Yacht Clula 6-I 3 fr, .E m f 4-. QJT7 Y' A. n 1 -.51 - .vi ...ig- rfl . hy. w 5, 'ig V . 'Pd' . 1 . :pf Niunm Alpliu lAlJSll0Tl2 'llm NEW llAlVlPSl'llRl:. EVERETT K. JENKINS, JR. l'laSl1ngS-on-Hudson Hlglm School Louclon, N. H. Circulation Nlanagcr HAROLD F. JriNN1SON, JR. Dover I-hgh Scliool Loc. N, l'l. Cwross Country lil, filz rlwraclc f2l: XN'inler Relay ffil: N. ll. Cluln f'2l. Chl: Yacht Clulu my Miiyfci 'IU .lyllllsllml -lklwlnil Tl Y I , U .. l H ll ul :u...ui nl ' if-1 ll jg.-P. 57 dl in Nl llnll' ll I Allin' lllalrru 'IBM 1 WT'ml 2r llllllull Ulf J If-ml wlll I WLWU N J i H," lv-nnzqik. -fy, fn? in I N .131 mifjl fp , fixing if IE I ,-viii., 3,7 :lui1.vj.faffi:s1s1iallifl il: it I. Hin. . -: QTIVH- Lf M7115 . -5 'W .1 : "" 1f l41' if, l N ..' . lla-M: 474:-gl wa fiiff' ras' '-"- .lfL3l5"l. " 'LZ "1 .wllt N ,I ,l 'll .ilpgl-llillli,Will 'lu"gl"'li'l'l!.hw 121: I 1 'f l llllil lliilinil fit ' 'lllllll in ' tflflifl i Pl-vi' lr 1 4-51 3 . ,..l f- .-'E-.tits A ' , rar H4 Ml iw ,Q 1f':i:ir3 1,1i'ili1-W: li lil fllll 'Pl 'lf' 'lip lg,,5,1-.'r!liF 1 1 "l' J li l 11112-i.t., ' "" - 11332 ,'f1l,1'l'sfj't':,5f'fHL.:!2fa2.'QlfffH, i '2:::se..1'.5. f e. ' ff- HERBEIZ1' A. JOHNSON, JR. Putnam lligli Sclmool Putnam. Conn. Sigma Bela: Blue lxcy. Splunx LaSque anrl Caslmt ffil: Scalmluarrl ancl Blarle l'5l: Advanced lVlil. ' Art: Outing Clulz: Baseball f5l: Junior Prom Committee. PHILIP C. JOHNSON XrVilton Higli Scliool rl wmmi. N. H. I fx Flu Mn Delta: Alplia Clli Sigma fll. l3l: Outing l Clula lil: German Cluln lil. l5l l Ric:-man H. .lOl-INSON Concorcl l'ligl1 School Q6 Pemllrolie Strock Concord, N. l'l. Lamlncla Clui Alplia: Spliinx f5l: Senior Slcullsg Scalolnard anal Blaclc: Aclvanccrl Mil. Art. - THOMAS F. JOHNSON Arlington l'ligl1 Scliool ancl Nt. Hcrmon Scliool H V 45 Linclcn Street tr'-V, Arlington. Mass. Alplma Tau Omega: Spliinx Vice-Pre-Siclcnt f3l: Senior Slculls Cal: American Society ol Civil En- gineers f5l: Football ffilz Lacrosse fll: Hoclcey lil: lncloor Traclr ffil: Outdoor Traclc f2l, f5l: N. l'l. Clula f5l: Class Vice-Prcsiclcnt 65 if - V.--Ulf fs- . ..r l'.if'?'V.'- MILTON M. KAPLAN ' ' Central l'ligl1 Scliool j 479 Hawley Avenue l Bridgeport, Conn. I Transfer from tlic Junior College ol: Connecticut.: l Spring Traclc HJ: Dclmting ' i Louis P. KAROSAS Nasliua Higli Sclaool 4 East Pearl Street Naslwua, N. l'l. Newman Cluln: Traclc IQJ: lntramural Sports. DOROTHY V. JONES Laconia Higli Sclxool 743 Union Avenue M Lalceport, N. l'l. l Outing Clul: lil: German Clula f2lg Buslmtlzall 2 f3J: Hockey f5J: May Day Pageant f2J. GEORGE E. JONES, JR. William l'lall l'ligl1 Scliool 9 Dale Street Xfvcst Hartllorcl, Conn. Sigma Alplia Epsilon: Tlie NEW l'lAlVlPSl'llRE f2J: Outing Clula UH: University Banrl f2Jg Drum Major f5J. W. DRAYTON JON Es, JR. Malden Higli Scliool 66A N. State Street Concord, N. I-I. lntcrnalional Relations Clula flil: Mask and Dagger GJ: Outing Cluln f3Jg Cliristinn Work f5l: Yaclut Clula f5l: Lens and Slautter Clula WILI.lAM R. JORDAN Fryelaurg Academy Conway Center, N. l"l. Tlieta Chi: Outing Clulo fllz Yacht Clula ffils Fly- ing Clulo fQJg lfmsclnall IQJ: Sopliomore Court. 66 E' K. MADE LINE C. KELLIGREW Franlzlin Higll Scliool 14 Russell Street Franlclin, N. H. Alplia Xi Delta: Outing Club: Newman Clulu: Sociology Clula. E. KENNETH KEN1soN Kennett l'ligl1 School Nortli Conway, N. I-I. The NEVV l'lAlVlPSHlRE UD: Outing Club f'.2l, Cul: Blue Circle KID, f2l, Pululicity Director 131: Plii Sigma 159: Forestry Clul: l2D- l5l- JOHN K. Kew Mount Hemion Scliool 259 Roxlzury Street Keene. N. l'l. Alplm Tau Omega: Traclc f5l: Outing Clulv. THOMAS P. K1c11LiNE Betlileliem l'ligl1 Scltool Macllwury Road Durlmm. N. l'l. Alpha Clit Sigma 155: Outing Clula fly: Plii Lamlocla Plli l5J: Gennan Club QD. 153: Yacllt Cluli l2l- 153- l'lERBERT J. KEADIN Knott Teimce l'ligl'x Scliool Q05 Division Street Sclicnectucly, N. Y. Sigma Alplia Epsilon: Transfer from Manhattan Col- lege, Vice-President lil: Senior Slzullsg Economics Club: Xvintcr Traclcz Spring ,Traclcg Football. ELizAB12T141lVl. KEEFE Dover Higll Sclwool 20 Stark Avenue Dover, N. H. Pi Lumlacla Sigma: Outing Clula H211 Newman Clula fll, f3l: Sociology Cluls f5J: Association of Women Day Stuclents HJ, f2l. 67 H? JAMES R. LANE Exeter Higli Sclxool 87 Main Street Exeter. N. H. American lnstitute of Electrical Engineers f5lg Outing Club Url: Aclvancecl Mil. Art f5l: Foot- ball til: Winter Sports V211 Tracl: MARGARET M. LANE Franklin Higli Scliool Franklin. N, l'l. Alplia Xi Delta: Outing Club f Club ALBEIQT J. KLINGE. Somerville Higli Scliool Genie, N. H. Sigma Alplia Epsilon: Quting Club ftl: Yaclit Club lil: Flying Club f2l, Baslcetball filg Football t2 . MANUEL E. KOPELMAN Boston Latin Scliool 71 Georgia Street Boston. Moss. Glce Club Business Manager Cal: The NENV l'lAMPSl'llRE ffzl: Gilbert ancl Sullivan fQlg Liberal Club Cul: Student Writer f2lg Short Story Workshop t3l: Le Cercle Francais til, 155: Sympliony Or- cliestra CONSTANTINE W. KOSSONVAN Danvers Higli School 21 Braman Street Danvers, Mass. L. ADRIEN LAFLAMME Manchester Central Higli Scbool 16 Prospect Street Nlancliester, N. H. Theta Kappa Phi: Mask and Dagger Orcliestra til: Newman Club Hall: University Bancl fll, f2l, f3l: Gilbert and Sullivan Orcliestra t2l: Barnacles KQJ, 453: Sympliony Orchestra 151: Le Cercle Francais C211 R.O.T.C. Bugler til. f2l: University Dance Buncl 68 'N A---fi' Sociology .151-. .-:,,-.K,-a '1af- ' ' X' in 5712 .g. T9 iz, - -' ""----, QW' --?:s,,Ys'. La A ' 1 532 f .: fl- ,.'.f5,5f+,'ifs E-infer 4 , 'iifgr uf 154-le -if 5 1- rftitfifii X' LH' ef ,.,,:5' ...A X, 5 55 53 25. 41: 1: , 7? ' Vfvffh. . W vi H94 -L its -Ez rilgzfif 'PHA ' .' ff1+'iGM2f-1 " xref'-7 C157 L" 4:5-Lfhflil' 15.5 ,L,:13d5 '-r -, 'yr-fi'-.1'1:CT'7U .1 Q ferr" ' A 'po "r- ' -""--" -r- -sin'-If-25f",.ZI. - 'QA -1:1- -' "fi , 1. A.-t5!5J,fp:'f11'-f'P-'f"f"'F'+" '-,A f 9 ' -muff '- , G++' A ,,,g:r' 4 RA W. fe? H- 4 am. -A N- A fi. ., J' wssirff' -f' ni .5'lui"riii ll! . 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Advanced Mil. Art Cul: Tmclc fll, f'2l. 1531 Junior Prom Committee. ROGER J. LA11O1N'ri3 lVlanual Training Higli School Broolclyn, N. Y. Derry Village. N. H. 'lllivlu Kappa Plriz Newman Club f5l: Maslc :intl Dagger f2l: Scalvlmrd ancl Blacle f3lg Aclvancecl Mil. Art f3l: Gilbert ancl Sullivan . 1 lil!!! I5 1 i QQ. QF-Q -'lliilrr sx4,eS,A Lf-I M' .Sgr 9 I si :Ji S Q' J! M ff 53l3Z?Lgo,gkTk Nm frcsfrrzl Mini QNX Xl 0 5 wi ,DTE GEORGE H. LARAMiiz Enlielcl Higli Sclwol Maple Street Enliclnl. N. H. Nimmo Alplma Epsilon: Alplm Zeta f5l: Glee Clula lll, ffol: Quting Clula fll, f3l: Scalnlnard ancl lllaclc f5l: Aclvanccd Mil. Art f5l: Yaclit Clula 1571 llasclnall fll: Traclr lil: Forestry Club lil, f5l: Rillc Tr-ani, lxlannger Junior Manager DANA F. LARSON llycle Pnrlc Higlm Sclmol 14 Quarley Road Boston, Mass. Football f5l: Traclc f2l: N. H. Club. DONALD A. LAWSON Stonclmm l'ligl1 Sclmool IO NVest Street Stomlmm, Mass. Tlie NENV l'lAlVlPSl'llRE, News Editor Mrrnaging Eclitor f5lg Outing Cluln ftl. f5l: Cliristian Work f'll: Caulclrons SOLOMON LEAVITT Haverlwill Higlm School 9.4 Highland Avenue Haverliill, Mass. Economics Flillng Hoclcey fll: Tennis 5 . lllii Alpliag 69 , r Nsf ell I gi 4 ..5f,x'fi'Ae,. l. -5 '- it -4 -0141"-fiI'.f,vff5.' ' gi: - 1 - Psa f-gf.'-SWL! T f, S?- ,. cY"'fQ4,5 ' 5, fi Me-E -. 1-?"s.:X'Q' .ill-1'-we O 'Z " -+- -e .. 1 n 'Qeff --' ?E.:EL-libffrftll is lf- 1: 3232+ 'fif?f-i'l'-'limi'iff. wqifhaf .-Psa-. '. f-flu-'r5,a1iiLf?. 916.1435 ,fi 'YW,7,:tg,.ML- xl x .g- .i .154 3 bw ,x 1.Q.,,'3:.iF, ft grim -E nxt., .N 1. .I -5 fx., " 'Ry NN.. X, ' r Q., ig. 1.1.1 X X ' -lc, -lf:y.f-.vfugfx nf'-nmklm i wi i 1,.M ' 5, ' ri' -i N-F JU U NJN- ,Idsf Il 1 :MQ life, X. U Ik .Nf-N . ff .,. 1 - W. N Xb,v.l,.,,....Q?:,f,, 1 X X, I , X . .. , J' 1 2 1 . ,I in ,, xii'--., '1 fe oft-f I ir- i 1. it X' !r' wmv . L ,fu . M HNQ, G RALP1-1 LIVINGSTON 5 ' ' r. , V ' 3 'A "1 N "'-- . ., lxeene Higli Scliool if 6 iw ', gi 5 I8 Blalce Street I Keene, N. H. ' ,... H ... gi fir, lf,,.lf-'f1".,' " ' 'v i Plii Lamlnla Phi 5 5 German Clula K2 . ' In in 1 '- ' -' ' fl 'A ' 5 Q 1 . ,..:I w:,..l , bugzzgf - i -' WH?" 5' . ij. -3 i 1 Zeer' 5 Z DONALD LO1sELLE lf f S - 1 " 5 in ,.:2i53YQ5'fi , .- Concord High 505001 ' :ii sz- 151: i flglzr ,rffifff EA, F"-'. .jf - l 1 3rife--.?s'.rff1f2fE2."'..,.i'i2i'5f'f' if Conml' N' H' sf' -2.5 .-fi-if 2 4-"'2..!".5ifrfJ,v .f1j,fj-f, f A , , 5 V- V :'5g. c Qg2 , I Plii Mu Delta: American Society of Civil Engineers . ' i'if"i'ff57'3E1 ?V5- ii - 2' C i 5 .:..j,f.f. gf -'-, L ' -2, wifi. . ' 'YQ' ' .1-' - T I A . . - 54 1' li ' ' . '. : 'fi2"7sff.?fi5" 11 : if - ii. J' ML? if 5,51 1-ew ai fyn:-x-1- :-:.' pexivgvjv -'-,,4..-abil 'M' 15' A 'l'3+7? 2ff' .,1.'lf f ' yin' :Qi 522213, w Ei " jiri". ,W ' . ROBERT L. LORD f ' fag'-mi lf Somcrswortll l'ligl1 Scliool ,t iff if 15 Lincoln Slreet 'J' '-'Q 'ff gg lggzfgif ? V' A ' Somersxvorlli, N. I-I. ., H ' A 1,74 5 " 5, UT American Society of Meclmnical Engineers f3l: All .f ' i?:3ZW,l.-gli :jilf ' " vancecl Mil. Ari: Hwy M, .7 4 -in ,fl-L ANNE W. LOUG1-11..1N Dover l'ligl1 Scliool 45 Arch Street Dover, N. 1-I. Theta Upsilong Outing Club: Newman Club: Claris tian Xvorlcz Association ol Xwomen Day Stuclenis. ROBERT D. LEWIS Concorcl Higli School Sanborn Roacl Concord, N. H. Sigma Alpha Epsilon: The NEW HAMPSHIRE f5l: Advertising Manager fill: Business Manager f3l: Outing Clulo ffllg Aclvancecl Mil. Art MILTON S. LIDER New Bedford Higli Scliool 151 Brownell Street New Bedford, Mass. Plii Alpha: Mask nncl Dagger QQJ, f5l: Outing Clulr fll, QQ: Casque emcl Caslcet QED: University Bancl fll, QQ: Tennis ffilg Pageant KU: Liberal Club. 70 ARTHUR J. MADDEN ' Somersworth High School W 154 Green Street l Somcrsworth. N. H. Sigma f2l, f3l: Phi Lamln Alpha Chi f5l: German Clulo f5J , ,.. l l ALBERT C. MAN'fON Berlin High School 58 Jasper Street Berlin. N. 1-I. Alpha Tau Omega: Outing Cluh: W l da Phi KQJ, inlzer Sports: N. H. Cluh: Della Phi Sigma. KENNET1-1 R. Lovnm. Slamlorcl fconnecticutl High School 678 Middle Slreet Porlsmoulh, N. H. Kappa Sigma: American Sociely of lxlechanical En- gineers flil: Ouiing Cluh lil: Arlvancecl Mil. Art: Chess Club Cul: lntramural Sporls Wll.rN1A F. l.iUN'l' Rochester High School I5 Acuclemy Slrc-el. Rochesler. N. H. Association ol Xvmncn Day Slurlc-nls f5l: German Cluh f3l: Le Cerclc Franqais DOUGi.AS H. MACDONALD Nashua High School Q ig. I i wg A . -.ILE .- , . lm, J , 40 6. ,. .. 34-gig! ,,v.i" ' A . . -5 jg X'2,i ...W , if A N 6 'Ury WI H ew , it I , 4 , i x " R ai ADW ' ' J, MW? gg f 5 " S. .x vi- vf N, if F 79' .1 7 : .fag 5'-1 X r 9.5 ,A . ,D - M1 A ,fn 42.Z...,, ' f -i"ff-1.,. -Z ,,::r:"j:, ': I-'a 1 - "'- 27 Hall Avenue --fifa ' te' H IAVV g if ' Nashua, N. H. ,QQ',zf- i T , ' 'sl .11 -f Q., -iz , - - -'f' I.- ' ' -' --' :P . if-J' Sigma Bela: Basehall f5l: Foolhall ,Z 'l.:'ij'53f'fj'i,gvyf 'R g1 17.4. 2 .fi 5- wx' ry, , . Q TJ.- Mff. T1 1119 . , i '.--,-ef'-ky V- ffkvrr if f? 4 ff-iff M, 'Q ffm . - me . silly? , ' .rifle-i iflkgfaai- free, ,, ,,,. , ,. 5 p 3. 1- A, ,A jf- frf. 1" I-Q:3xQ?7r!4f-li fl-girly, .R .EU W i ' f "5 'fl' ,ffwfi J-Pff' 1 ' if iq 9. .fs ,rg-gv..,g.0. ,ffii K.mC'4 fji8Q' 'sf-ie" ff sg Q- I. 1- .-.HS - ' 5' ff2??5-32271723-11143.-27: ' -'1x:.1g1'52' N" . b' 'mg MARION P. MACMARTIN L', ,ff. :Q,r 5gg,, . ,, i : w g, , :E "4 r J "'f'.:- 2141" , , ?'-'f' "gfQ3,:,.fz:1f'f2?"' 1. 3.-3, 2 -? ,ERP .' Q,gQ"' 1 f-an ' I. , its-.Y F Brewster Free Acaclcmy 5' -2g53!g.f,... ?"iq,.,, ' ,L . 6 if " 1 filiv l- . v. Crescent Lalce Avenue ., -' A Wfolfelaoro. N- H- 25352-j?7fQl" iff if Li U :in-.4 - W . - 1 --1 "i . ' uf:-. -'gif' .-.., 1 .rf '- 1' 1" . -':,j,gg,-1 . , . 'V' fi? 1 ' G+' af EE"""'i??'-i:z:r-:'--.,:---V--5---------N Thola Upsilon: Glec Cluh fll, f5l: Outing Cluh 3-Z:,:gg,?,:,,9554,. irq ,K 'zu I mnwmm " ' . ,. ,, ,. ., . , lwwww . . .. . 1 f m i l" fr' "" .- - ' -V -f -. ""' - - A 2, : Christian NVorl: fll. f2l. lol: Pan Hellenic 3 -,.Q:'. .M , 5:...-.,g,jf,l .. Ll: Gilhert unrl Sullivan fE2,??"'1 6 G'?5Z l f : gl: 5 Q'1'WU,w ww .. .. , ,'-j,"'jj' 1 ,N -l,, .:P, 24 g.Z,,a,?g'.?,...ian.!N gf. u p .tif if-zur"-,.:.,1 ' ..' "'.1' ""' "" 'wif' ' ""'f.1' --1 ,, :'1-s-fm, 71 RUT 11 lVlARON Xveslwood lliglx Scliool 55 Clinlon Avenue NVcstwoorl, N. .l. Cibmmlis S. lVlARSl'l Bristol l'ligli Scliool Aslilancl, N. 1-I. :Xlplizi Gamma Rliog lVlaslc ancl Dagger: Clfirisliun Xvorlcz Cross Country lil: Full Traclc fllz Spring Tracl: f5l: Band ,- .. STUART lN'lmzsi-mi.i. Orforrl l'ligl1 Scliool Orllorcl, N. H. Circle l2l, 153: Cllristian Vxlorlcz VVinLcr Sports lil lill- KATHARINE Nl. lvlAR'l'lNEAU Towle l'ligll Scliool Newporl., N. l'l. Glee Club 251 The NEVV l-IAMPSHIRE C251 Oul- l ing Clula l1J1Folio f3l: l.ilJcrol Clula NORMAN l... MAYNARD Concord l'ligl1 School Concorcl, N. l'l. lllli lxlu Della: Glee Club l5l: Gillacrl uncl Sullivan fi L' , - E . 5. Q- 'H . ' 2:9-ci" : 5' - , E if GEORGE W. lVlcCArFnuY ,S 1.25 7 Lincoln High School '-'- f '..':g.5ggE?,i34l l..1ncoln.N. ll. 'X' ' L -.3-f A .. , , -, A, ,. .V-, lhcta kappa Pliig Blue lxeyg Spliinxg Outing Clulaz " " Newman Club 21. President f5 1 Economics -3 ., , -- , . , 1- f-,fi ff.-f Q. .QW-. if--i:.ij51, -".i?Q:i..i'g:giSf', "f:vKEf. Clulng Scalulmrnl anal Blade: Arlvancccl Mil. Art: Casque lancl Caslcctg Baslcetlmll 'lqrnclc .' 1-4.-P' -- " ' .nerr-fri r,. 41'---,,"?,1' .., "-01 - - - -. 1 , -rg i , 1.-1, M .Z,jll1l.i-nz..-Vi.. .," BM lol: Re ay Kal: Junior Prom ommitlec: lx.. ll. Vw' H i. "ily J E' Club. ll lf"-X' - ' ' " KA-""-' ' - - - l,.,.'.1ulIii'W1' Y 'a A H-,.,a1T13fA,' ',--w- l 1. --'gf-1' - - ,.-1--5.13 - - -- - "' f H2 rm... 72 bloc Cluln lil: Outing Clulv fll: lVlcnornl1 Clulx W lil, l5l: May Day Pageant f'2l: NV.A.A. 1 Plii Mu Della: Outing Club l5lg Blue I . FRANCES lX'lCCilIl..l-lS L? 2 . - X . I Muncliesler Central Higll Scliool , ij 'l X , 545 Pine Slrcct E-50, IBM .X l N3 .Q M477 . U lxlunclicslcr. N. l'l. , ll Mlm ,N ,, 7' cm omega. The GRANITE 423, Engraving Eflilor 'V 74' K 'lifsfxxjg AQ ' ' if L' ' 1 f'5J: Outing Club fllg German Club QQJQ May Day W "Q vflf ' - of . Q 1, Pnguziril ill, H215 Pop Cals Secrclary f2l: Cami! ,,xCjQq.?: '. Q59 rf' JM. - ml Qurrcn's Court CQ: .lunior Prom Queen. 365.11 fg,f,ffw' ., ,4'f" V: 593' . ,s If L42 . 5' Jw I'n.f1, f Q T QTWZ ' ai--Pzf. ,uf . ' I fl jls-xl 'lf ' Ei.1zA13ii'rii M. MCCRONE Amesbury lligli Scliool ll ' Atal Amcsluury, lvlass. 'Z '59 '5::Lw:...'r:n':- I .1 1" :11 I .,, FFgfI15f,5 ,l ff,-if N I v Q Knox lxliirsli Road ff N H- ,-QI oi.-.f Club fu. ouimg club fi J, my Ciifrgmm ,gl-f VVorlc Cal: Cabinet f'.2l: Sociology Clulw Tlx.: " "' 'A Qi "F " "Ziff ' f2l. f5lg Association ol: Vxfomen Day Sturlcnis fll. - f.l' i-Tfgjifi-5'-Q,-L?ff'iE-5 fill, C515 Gcmmn Clula fll: Class Basketball: hvuislkhfvi A, Mm:,,, '1 tj'-' 991 Hoclccyz Bnsclmllg Nay Day Pageant -have 4,5 gully' N WV 'lJ.,.ir' X57 mu V -Q - 1 A - 1 V, 1. , r 1 1-u,..- 01 Iv.. .. 'YW 1-f rzirrii-Q-wx-NW,T..,...,.. . . .P '.' ARTHUR W. MCDEIlMOT'T Franklin Higlm Scliool 151 Prospect Slrccl Franklin, N. H. Outing Clulv Louis W. IVIcDoNoucH Manclmslcr Central l'ligl1 School 1018 Union Street Mnnrlicsizrr, N. l'l. llic- NEXV l'l.'XMPS.l'llRE: lvlaslc :xml Dagger 455: Newman Clulo SIDNEY W. MCCARTNEY lrhivrvr Iliglu Scliool Dover, N. I-I. Kappa Sigrrm: Ouling Clulx f5l: l.acrosGL gn. Hoxvmzo C. MCCLARY Xvoorllmury Higlm Scliool Parlc Avenue Salem Depot. N. H. l.ilmr'ral Clulm: Sociology Club: Cnulclrons: Spring Truffle 75 EUGENE J. MCFADYEN I - . tsl L' l l'l'l'1Sl l 'ff' uflgogclioj Strtoolzm F 1,3-3-' ri ,TY Lincoln, N. H. g gi-1 ge Plmi Mu Delta: American Society ol: Mechanical En- ' 'W W V Sliiiw l gineers l5J: Outing Club KQJ: Lacrosse QQJ. I lv Nx 1 .5 gl? rg' ,nigh rg uub lj!! r, dyl-fi. I4-,ffm gf,-ff --K-x.lXX , ..... . .. . ., i I -.iff '. 1, . .ctk A: Jog. tif fe "f+ifr'5i.ff? A? 'fefawrs-W A - 1 flaw .. oy . . , 1- Q-. " ., 1, -.9-f ..j,' 1 1 -- I '1"M "' -7 v-,ics-2-"fl gf..-.3?L" 'V2. f' ff' .215 ' -, ..-. YN-P F I , ,F N- NGK Q K f ff- X RAC1-nal. B. MCINTIRE A Essex Higlm Scliool Soutlicrn Avenue Soutlw Essex. Mass. Tlieta Upsilon: Outing Clula f2l: Cliristian Work lil, l5l: GcrmanDClulJPS5l: Psi loamtacla. Kappa , is tn i. ARLENE H. MCM1XSTER Woodbury High Scluool Lawrence Street Salem, N. H. Christian Work FRANCES L. MCNALLY Attlclnoro Higli Scluool 9 Merritt Street Attlcluoro. Mass. fxlplza Clii Omega: Outing Clula lil. l2l: Newman Cluln f5J: Economics Clula l5l: Soplmomorc Court, ELEANOR W. MCNULTY Hinglmm Higlm Sclwool 246 Central Street Hinglmm, Mass. Alplm Xi Delta: Outing Club f5l: Newman Clulln CQJ, lfil: Class Baslcctlmllg Class Hoclccyg l'lornc- Economics Cluln C591 Big Sister Committee l3lg Trans- lcr. Simmons Collffgf-1 Psi Lamlxla, Kappa Delta Pi .lunior Prom Aicl. MARGARET M. METCALF Kimball Union Acaclcmy lxfVCSt Springllclfl, N. t-l. Clli Omega: Sociology Clulm fill: Le Cerclc Franqais 74 .l .lunior Prom Committee: Sluclent Atlrletic Aclvisory ROBERT A. MILIN ER Concorml l'ligl1 Scliool 6 Lalce Street Concorcl, N. H. Caulrlrons lil: Outing Clula fllg Traclc BURTON I. MlTC1'IELL 'lqlrornton Academy 165 Pleasant Street Snco. Me. ljclta Upsilnn: Alana Clii Sigma Cul: Blue Key tfllz Outing Clull: Ill: Scatnlaarcl and Blnclc Url: Ixrlvuncecl Mil. Art IESJ: Football 153: Council: Tmcl: f3l, l'lAROLD N. IVIITC1-mu. Plymoutll High Scliool Plymoutli. N. H. Outing Clulx lil: University -fl-H Cluln Vice-Presiclent BriNJAM1N W. MOONEY, Rochester l'ligl1 Sclrool Nortlw Roclrcster, N. H. BRADFORD D. lVlOORE Swampscott Higlr Sclrool 25 Plrillips Street Swampscott. Mass. Lnmlxla Clii Alpha: Outing Club: Footlnall 5 : N. ll. Clulag Delta Phi Sigma: Transfer from Nort - eastern University. if '+-. if RACHEL C. lVlOORE ,..- ' W ,ff in-H NA ggi? ?L' Pctcrlaorouglr tliglm Sclrool rf slgfk- at r 'hm Pcterlaorougli, N. l'l. 'h 7:4-,du Ti., -Q"x',.- my Tlrclu Upsilon: Womenls Executive Committee 'T' TT L , VI- 'di ,. f5l: Guting Clula til, f2l: Clirislian Work , '-xfz ry , 35?v'."fq , Ull, Cal: VV.A.fX. President f3l: Home Economics Fil ,,,. 5if"'. UQ: 3 L- N Clulm fill, f5l: Big Sister Committee f5l: University "l" f""'9':Mi1 ,,, iflfilg 9 QL L '- -1-H Cluli l5l: Psi Lnmlocla f5l: Kappa .. . J. X if--l 1111, If 'A -. Delta Pi. . .vwizff V .N A., 'LJ . ' 'Viv ,L .A 54 17.1-.N 75 WILIJIAM B. IVIOORE, JR. Pealaocly Higli Scliool 2 rll 'r',1n "'W 'W flfkjh L -ll Si or fm! ,7?1'y'0W' A f , N I-gk . , W...0.2z2r.ig?if..... so A., N ldamlncla Clii Alpliag American Society of Mechanical V jml,l,,,IIi,V,v, 5 i ' 19 ti- 7 Engineers: Outing Clula f5lg Blue Circle 1 .ri 3,1 If f l :N ff! Qt. f5l: Aclvancerl lVlil. Art: Scalaloard ancl Blarle1 gm: ' 'fi ij V Cross Country flj, f2l: Track KQJ: Hoclcey IU: LL "" N WK X, , Hocliey Manager f3J: leacrosse Fm- .gxllmn V, "-15:12--Jf,' s .rr l fluff' QQ. vt" "am-jZ'i-s34A:E'i7fllil' llll' 'lf:il1l'El:QZEv:lhX"x ' x f li1V'?2'4?"il'?'ifiifs:l'gSLfv2f'1f'f'-4 it .fsitiir -' i 1 MZ? Q iw Rs' aff 5' sf, wise , ' 9-4+ 7' ' " E! " f, A J' Vxfooclsville Higlw Scliool ' " rl Ella 1, 2 lip I N - 4 J I 6 Cliapel Street ., ifsluf. ,,",' r! .6Ml!TP':, -425 11 Vvooclsville, N. l'l. It f ' "cf :L Sw f-A Alplia xi Delia: outing cm, fn. fm, f5Jg New- E, K 0 'i"i',.1QlllI:!g5ii't man club rip, mi. mi PM 1-iciienic my gay. Big ' fi m ift . .' 22,gu' Sister Committee ' 'imiiliiQ l' 5' ll im: r 'V M y PHYLLIS N. MORANG Portsmouth Higli Scliool Beverly Hill Road Portsmouth, N. l'l. Nappa Delta: Outing Clula f2l: Christian XVorlc KQJ, f5l: Association of Women Day Stuclcnts 629. 653- Leo R. lVlOSCARDlNI Tilton Scliool 9 Sclwool Street Tilton, N. H. Sigma Beta: Newman Clula 635: Economics Clula til, f5l:Yacl1tCluta FRANK A. MUCGl.ESTON Roclwcster Higli Scliool Charles Street Rocliester, N. H. ARTI-IUR T. lVlULI.EN Tilton Scliool 575 Main Street West Concorcl. Mass. a Epsilon: Frencli Clula: Gillocrt anal Sullivan. Sigma Alpli 76 l i i l l l i Mfxumcrz C. NASON Roclicster Higlm Scliool R.F.D. No. 1 Rochester, N. H. Gorman Club Ricimim F. Nlil-l-SON Tilton Scliool 58 Hawlliornc Road Xofaltliam, Mass. Tlictn Clii: Class Prcsiclent 131: Stutlcnl Council QQJ, Treasurer 155: Blue Key: Outing Club 1591 Sociology Club ffilz Casque ancl Caslcct ffalg Yaclit Clula f2l: 'llraclc Cul: Vtfinlcr Traclc Cal: Footloall ffilg Cheer-- lcacler l5l: University Stuclent Survey Com- mitlccg Frcsliman Dance Committee: Sopliomore Hop Commiltco: Alplia Kappa Delta. MYER MULMAN nclicsler Central Higli School 330 Central Simi Mancllcstcr, N. H. Na Plii Alplmn, CAROLYN MYHRE XVnl4cliclr.l Higlw Scllool Rye. N. H. .Xlplm Clii Omega: Glcc Club fQl: Outing Club lil, Culp Christian Vxforlc lil: Sociology Clula f3lg l.c Ccrclc ljranrais fllg May Day Pageant 121: Alplm Kappa Delta If , 2- , nm- 'U gn- l 5' Uv' vX4flZll KATHERINE MY1-me fp vqffflyj Q. Xvalceliclcl Higli Scliool ' Rye. N. H. KN, .LW f ,4ff,y, n zi1 fi 'W .af?'?f, 4 MAL-f1' 57 ua' - - .fxlplia Clii Cmega: Glee Clulo Lilararian ' 'fi GJ: Nasl: and Dagger Cyl: Outing Club if ,C 131: Cliristian Xvorlc fllg Cvemian Clula fQ.lg Gillaert 7 I ,f llqfjllr-rg ' ,QR :incl Sullivan lil: May Day Pageant , KE: 1 Ei , .ff I fin 'Zu' ' L E 'rl iff! f P! - fi I : -12452 M gl , l ,iw :iii 'if i 'J f ini' . -H ifi! 5 H s -miss. ' '39 "ll!l'5l'Qf4?- l i , J MAXIAIAM E. NASH ., ' 1 , Fmmingliam Higli Scliool ,x xx v hifgfvej 1 Furnnwalanc Samet r ,yffggkfby ' 1 ' '1 1 . IN 1... ' , 'l jf' ' '3i.1.El!fff',l'G .',,H'g'l1f'f,""5l ' mmmg mm ws gil' I dggsbgi, Sltflliil :Xlplia Epsilon: Tlio NEXV l'lAMPSl'llRE. fll: 33" - I ' .- mi. Nlnslf anrl Dagger ill: Outing Cluls C311 Q"-g.1jiQQ-' lQQQf5-1915?-:f'fER?L M f Yi hi, CI I Q05 1 ,.w,6V.,4:.l' 1-'gf'V.352:51,.:gTI1fI'x.L'.3n':fx. "N:-fpaK493,.,.:,,p fc . um - . 3.5215-. mr.-,wmrmumgfggi lgggaglllm' X,5:4,L,,.f,,mg.E:55,gg525altq 1522515 .. ""'W' 'V -ii?4!'f!w-inf:.m.16?4F!4iffmaf-11.o" ' 2 I 1 ' 5" "' 5l-W'-ur, 77 '1 BARBARA NELSON Austin-Cate Academy Ctr. Stralllorcl, N. I-I. PAUL R. NICI-IOLS Yvlxitman High Scllool Salem, N. l'l. llie NEW I-IAMPSHIRE flj, CQJ: Outing Club 3 Economics Club QSJQ Transfer from Boston University. JOHN F. NORTON Greenfield l'ligl1 Scliool. Mass Clement Roacl Dover, N. lnl. M. ELTZAEETT-1 NORTON Portsmoutli l'ligl1 Sclwool Nortli Hampton, N. ll. Glee Clula QQJ: Outing ClulJ lil 2 Christian NVorlt ill, 121, 151: Yaclit Clula 'F Gillwert anal Sullivan tsl KENNETH A. NOSECK Tlmyer l'ligl1 School 7 Mcclmnic Street Wincl'1estcr, N. l'l. Tlweta Kappa Pllig Outing Club K2 Clulstmn Vwlorlq lllz Aclvancccl Mil. Art: Scalalaarcl ancl Blucl Newman Clula l5l: Baslcetlaall Baseball Footlaall. ELOISE E. NOYES Haverliill l'ligl1 Sclwool Plaistow, N. l'l. Clli Omega: Glee Club lllg Economics Cluls J 78 RAYMOND H. OICONNOR Berlin l'ligl1 Scliool 165 Mmlison Avenue Berlin, N. l'l. II1 ClxANlTE fill. Business Manager Lil: Newman Clulz i . Treasurer UD: Economics Cluls f3l: .lunior Manager VN7inier Sports. Rizcis E. C'CoNNo1z Berlin Higli Scliool 165 Madison Avenue Berlin, N. H. llic GRANl'l'E Aclverlising Manager 153: Out- ing Clulm IQI: Newman Clula f3l: Economics Cluln EVIZLYN KRls'r1N 13 QLSEN Snnlnorn Seminary lrlurlmm, N. ll, Clulu lil, f5l: Clirislian Work lil: Yarzlit Clulo Rim 0'S1e1EA Manchester Central l'ligli Srrliool Mancliesler. New Hampsliire SEYMOUR OSMAN Salem Higli School 159 Lafayclie Street Salem, Mass. Plii Alplmg Spliinxg Tracl: lil: Foolla lnlrnmurals f5l Ju1.1UsJ. OZOG Franlflin Higll Scliool 85 VVinnipiseogee Street Franklin. N. H. The NEW HAlVlPSl'llRE lil: Culing Club KID Newman Clula f5l: Sociology Cluln Lil Umvcrsily Bancl lil, QQJ: Alpha Kappa Della 79 FRANK E. PERRON ll . lxlnnclicsler Cenlrnl lligli Sclmol ' '- 279 Pearl Street lxlanclieslcr, N, l-l. Plii Della Upsilong rlllif: NENV l'lAlVll3SlllRl3 lil. f2lg Ouliug Clulm f2l:ljl1iSigmo l'lERllliR'I' C. PERSON lllymoullr lligli Sirlwol l.angrlon Slrccl Plymoulli. N. I-l. Plri Mu Della: Spliinx l'2l: Guling Clul: l2l: Clirislian Xvorlc f2l: German Cluls Url: Footlaall W-.N fl -Q., Q, 13 PREMO E. PESARISI V- A,- Nicliols .lunior College 256 Tlwaxlcr Roarl Portsmoutli, N. l'l. llaselmll l7RiiuER1RA lVl. PETERSON Colclzrool: Acnilcmy Colclmroolc, N. H. 'lqlie NEW ll1'XlN'lPSl'llRE C211 llnme Economics Club KQJ. l5J. VIRGlNl1X PARKER Xfvcston leligli Sizliool Glen Rocul Vxlellcslcy Farms. lxilnss. Alplm Xi Delta: Quting Clul: ffal: Yllmnslcricil lnrom Tennessee College lor Nvomen: .luuior Prom Commillec. ROBEI2'l' NV. l31iRR1Ns Noll Terrace l'ligl1 Scliool 1404 Myron Street Sclwcneclmly, N. Y. Plli Della Upsilon: Sphinx: Outing Club: Blue Circle: Casque ancl Coslcel: Aclvancerl lVlil. Art. 80 LV M ar will k -,-5 J lllEl 'wlma u 'lui iv in -11L.lll..i. I WSJ is f lilo., l M gl igi,.l5llil, I l A BARBARA PHILLIPS Raymoncl High School East Canclia, N. H. Chi Omega: llome Economics Clulo Cal: Psi Pi Kappa 4., , . flllil I f ' fi' f -tit Ifliitli 'ri 11 '.i'it'- T 'll 1-1" -m ":'7 il?-l yllll lgl . lr..--5.1: .a.., 1. ..r': l2f' ti- Ishii iii iw lti1ii"'..l,.i,itil!-lllll'll ". lT lf 'f ' ' .P W 5 .f. fi.Fiu- ajjjfir- -4 ifftlgqlm fjigf' 'fralal . an-vgvegiiv-:'1 ' ul. X -x . rim -, ,U -T - f71-ff!!..,'1+-.i1l.'n1,'- ' if l '- l ll' -f A ll . .'?r'I.'tl rm?-iPfl.'Z'i5lilIl2.ll ll I l i'lzj,llll,",7lllllml"HHllalgl"llHll'li'l9' ' fi iilflq . N -'Q.,Q4.h r filing' 'l ' Q -FF. ll' fm' " 'l"'l ' l' U l U ' i- 'i3llIi,1'ml,i Q 'ia,ig+f. turr et' L i I ,I 2" ,..if,, n"'1wl li qi J I , f, - .., Q A 4 T"""'g5.'i'.il'l Qffmii lf il 4- il ld 'l- il-' if . 1:.f1fi11.!N+,fvgIll ' ai . :lt , 315' Lil ll? Jfgif Q-1'-l'l.::l E W- it.. -' 'l. . l J iligg ,Lt ,'f-' "y'1f,,i ry. -'lf-1 ,2.'?!5:"L'H: . : r .. gvf-I pai J i:,.g.:'l.'.:5!.sf12:r" iw 'i-- " ' '- 1-... "ff1:.f,ff 1.5 fi 'l!7"'4:-xl 1- 1 f-'Ja ' N- ,,. . I -, Lamlncla E. MALCOLM Picxsizmc. Enfield High School Enlield, N. H. Alpha: Mask and Dagger C215 Baseball Manager flj. STELLA M. P1Ns1ax Manchester Central High School 409 Shasta Street Nancliester. N. H. lniemalional Relations Clula f5l: Newman Cluh f5l: Sociology Cluh ffmlg German Cluh Cal: gracluatecl lrom Lesley School ALFIIIED Prom Petcrhorough High School i9 lilm Street Peterborough, N. I-I. Outing Cluh f2l: Newman Cluh: Football til: 1 lacrosse lah: Football Manager fill. CSX l Amo XV. Pmsrri Spaulrling lligh School 403 North Main Street Barre. Vt. Kappa Sigma: Outing Cluh: Foolloall fel: Lufrosse THEODORE PLANTIS Pittsfield High School 8 Lylorcl Hill Pillslielcl, N. l'l. Theta Kappa Phi: lntcrnational Relations Clulng Gul- ing Club: Newman Clulog Economics Clulag Scahlnaril and Blarle: Aclvnncccl Mil. Art: Yacht Clulag Flying Cluh: Baslrethall f3J: Basehall C1 , L. . 131: Football fly: N. H. Club: N.H.A.A. 81 Jw ,359-yi, i. .ll If? l.,Esi.1E F. PRICE Concorcl lfligli School 545 Noitli Suite Street Concorcl, N. l'l. Outing Clula ftl: Aclvancccl lVlil. Art 455: Gorman as Club l2l: Yacht Cluh fali Cross Country f2l. PAUL VV. PRINCE New Boston tligli School 8 Amherst Street New Boston. N. H. Alpha Gamma Rho: Sphinx f2l. f5l: Alpha Zeln f2l, l3l: Maslc ancl Dagger l5lg Aclvanceil Mil. Ari fzlg Phi Sigma i5l. EDNVARD W. PLODZIK, JR. Maneliester Central High School l69 Union Street lVlanchester, N. H. Theta Kappa Plii: Outing Cluls l2l: Newman Cluh ffll: Economics Cluh: Aelvancecl lvlil. Art: German Cluh: Yacht Club: Flying Cluh: Football I lg l,,avrosse fll: Baslcctliall DAVID C. PLUMPTON Manchester Central I-ligli School 278 Myrtle Street Manchester, N. l-l. Cleo Cluh l5l: llflasl: ancl Dagger f3lg Christian Vxlorlr f5lg University Band Sl: Lacrosse fill: University Orchestra f5lg French Cluli lll. l5l: Sturlent Co-op, ELI E. PONVER Mairlalchcacl High School 7 Jersey Street Marhlehcacl. Mass. 'l'hc-la Chip Senior Slculls: Gloe Clulng lnternational Rr-lations Cluh: Outing Cluh: Christian Work: Eco- nomics Clulog Yacht Cluh: Flying Club: Baslcetlnall lil, fill, f5l3 Cross Country l2l: Baseball l2l: Football lil: Cercrle Francais: N. l'l. Cluh. ART1'I UR L. PRESCOTT lvlt. Harmon School ,,,, , ' , Antrim. N. H. . n N' W , Alpha Zeta: Cross Country lil: Traclc 82 Joi-iN W. RAINEY New Boston High School 11 Main Street Durham. N. H. ARCHIBALD P. RAMAGE QND Lincoln High School Lincoln, N. H. Phi Mu Delta: German Cluln CARL O. RANDALL, JR. Kennett High School North Conway. N. H. Lamlicla Chi Alpha: Blue Key: Outing Cluh Ui: Casquc ancl Caslcct f5l: Scalaharcl and Blacle: Acl- vancccl Mil. Art: Hoclccy Co-Captain f5l: Lacrosse Captain f2l, Url: Chaimxan of Barrel Committee, Junior Prom: N. H. Club EVA E. RANGAZAS Nashua High School I2 Grand Ave. Nashua, N. H. SU7ANNE M, PUDIAC Binghamion Central High School 18 Lyclia Street Binghamton, N. Y. Pi Lamlxlm Sigma: Glee Club fllz Newman Clula fll: Christian Vxlorlc CSD: Gillnert ancl Sullivan 'lllcla Up f2l. f3l: Freshman Pageant. Louisa M.PULS1FER Plymouth High School Plymouth, N. l'l. silon: Outing Cluln fll: Christian Worl: f5l: 4,1-I Clulu: Psi Lamlicla 85 Suit' JOHN A. RE1D Clwelmsforcl Higli Scliool Jordan Roacl West Cllelmsforcl. Mass. Sigma Beta: German Clula: Baseball 121 NATALIE S. REINPIERZ Chelsea High Scliool 270 Cliestnut Street Chelsea. Mass. Traclc German Club f3Jg Menoralw Society f5J: Refugee Committee Cal: Member Student Chairman CSD. JOHN C. RAYNES Raymond High Scliool Chester, N. H. 'lllieta Chi: The NENV l'lAlVlPSl'llRE til: Outing Clulm flj, f2l: Yacl1tClula lil, f5l: Baslcetlzull PAUL M. RAYNES Raymoncl High Scliool Cliester, N. H. Kappa Sigma: Alplaa Zeta C511 Outing Clulm ll. f2J. l5l: Casquc ancl Casket QQD: Foollaall Manager f5J: Poultry Science Club ANN REDER Lawrence Higlx School I R 9 Plymoutli Street .?5Z.,E.:i 3: Lawrence, Mass. x X M5551-' ,S f 34l"'+1lJ. VVomen's Student Govemment: Li " 5.17 X ' I rar, L' "f'3fD75A'5f1i':i 'fi 'J-ZQ"i",i' f 5' Ei-5 'A' X , 'T .. ,ffgaf '?i 45453 r- . BWll'liEpef: .- 9 f'- fi -'1JP'1- --' .,- tl?-1'.f..'..J1? '59 J O., . -an v- U ""df33Zf'15:2" ,PT faif?7fu?5.?i!'t- -cg' H :gg "' 76'?'1::. fr' " . 1 E, 552 6 .. . ,-. V S y 5 W' ff. 'F .. fffii M ill vii-f'3f""5-5 L . . Ki-4 GARDNER C. REED -ikf , l img-xi -4- , fi L i5,jf,t.'? rg' Al-l'5:,v:k, I - ,WJ-gg! I S N it y i-Lit: ..y1 "5-AI. f-Qi' Xvalcelleld Higll Sclwol f' 4" fJ7nf 'W-fl? g, w ,N "Lili 7-f"'l'l2j,:2l 1 '.ff.,,.,'E'I'115l15M',f -, , fag: vc' F . i ,, 55 Lawrence Street I 1 '-:meh ' igsiioee-17" - " .A V " 4 . -i fi - vi' . iq-1' ,-News f-1 ll ,X 13. ff Wakeneld, Mass. ,v 5 '..f2.o1'v'1gf.m.:,i, ,g'ji11,QFI " ,,,- L- Rt .til QE., Ai! , . V H' "rc ,LA ljplfllai '-gQ.:',.11vgf gp-' Yfff X' -'L' 'X 'evra Sigma: Svhmx 4291 Oufmg Club UF' 429' ' r i'ilQ5if2ff'li i :'mwf'f:.1QQ f-'E-air: ' - T. KSJ: Economics Club flil: Hoclcey til: Lacrosse if j ,J K ,gl u:,.'y,tn,A,5QrE 1 1 fem. ob. " 'Wfigiiefe --1 testi 84 CI-IARLES l'l. RICHARDS Portsmoutll l'liglI Scllool ' l -107 Union Street fr Portsmoutlw. N. l'l. K ' American lnslilule ol Electrical Engineers ffilg Outing Clul: lil: Cliristian Xfvorlt fllg Yacllt Clula lil: '. f ig- 1 Couuuulcrs Co-op. 1 -if-p,.? "'ff'ifiE!'1ssi1'iM'I , -- ' . If '- .'I:AtQh? Kr' . ,. V56 .l'?'?II1 ". E F29 .:'llf?a?."" 'I '.f3'iQw 1-1r:H1v:1-zelw lt- Af 4 ' QSYQQ1 ,Qfwg:.zg,w'vf..-wvg It--Ip,-31.1 , 2- 3 .5t, . V ELISABETI-I RICHARDS 5zgf,'gf..3:,wf3 lifgzlgifggr I' ,f V' T ' ' T' :A wi'-"ii"-,ffesiil f I P ln lc A l Sq. 9 wif? Suncoolc. N. l'l. XXV j , i f x Outing Clulm fll: Xyillillt Clula l5l: Girls' Rille Team lfvll' ,715 F lv hifi? -v E X J F rSQk-fqki., I N att N AS. " 1 i" " .llwlf FMF . "Q All-f izxigilgif 'X ' Eu gil:-"'gIijfIL:5i' W 1 1 A fl ll 'X I! Il' .lol-IN S. RICIIAIIDSON Stratlorcl l'ligl1 Scliool 1496 Broacllnriclge Avenue Stratford. Conn. American Society ol Meclianical Engineers: Tlxe NEW IIAMPSI-IIRE. f2l: Cuting Clula 455: Cuulclrons lil: Aclvancenl lVlil. Art 153: Yao t Clulw fll. l2l. 453: Rille Team lil, f2l. f5l: N. l'l. Clulag Spring Traclc J01-IN V. RICHARDSON 1511 Blnclcmorc Street Cranston, R. l. Alplm lfpsilonp Bnsclaull lil: Footlaall fllg I Q Sigma I lloclny lil. f2l. 155. ROBERT L. RICHARDSON linconia l'liglI Scluool 150 Valley Street Lnlccport, N. l'l. Ill. f2l: Outing Clulo lil: Economics Glee Cluln Clula f5lg Winter Truclc l2l: Tennis l2l: Dean'S Aclvisory Council l LILLIAN l... ROBINSON Portsmoutlm l'ligl1 Scliool 506 Alclricli Roacl Porlsmoutll, N. H. Theta Upsilon: Outing Clul: fllz Home Economic: Clula fll, l5l: Psi Lamlncla 85 f , V . l f ltr' ' w id ALBERT L, ROPER 4 . New Hampton School ,V - -5 ? l l ' 2 Q52 Pleasant Street l V Tewlcsloury, Mass. Sigma Beta: Freshman Hoclcey lil: Varsity Hoclcey -.W ig lzfff i ggjs f5l: Freshman Baseball lil: Varsity Baselwall 'fgglief-raging?" l' df ET'l"f' . ..,, f I If 2" ' . I ":". ,1Aon1Ig29:"- 1 1 'f tra E '. E' a 1 ' 3 , . ' l ,zfslflggh , , BEVERLY E. ROWELL if , Q 5 5 li? all YK'ff2,Rg--2?Jjiim-Jf,,bf Portsmouth High School 'l lit T' . l, 415 Bwafl Street i' I 355 ' I .ull I f, 135.6 if .M P h N 1,1 Lflla, -,fl g 1,51-55 ' E354 .H ,wily -'..- .4 0t'tSm0lll , . . 1 i f Alplll XlD21'illOllllllg Clll ell all Bla' W",-,QT Q . 'I Qi 5 5223533 ,.QQg?1P.Q5Q'i Committee l3lg Transfer, Simmons College. .ly . ' - . A f11s5,g'K.5 Mk 11, vii lil I ff' W 5 'lb al -- ilf 5" 4 sq . ' V -I ? :,f... 2g , ' fg .' ,,- '5,41'f.3y , f.,I'c.,.y, 'N ::,. I ,,..,.: .ai ..,, iv 5511: -, Lf: K K 'lima' lxft ecil ll 125212, " fill li A '44 J - ,V fifffff 1 JOHN C. ROWELL 41 , If , fy Concord High School ' gfzfitly fl. l a .. 45' 55 Rumforcl Street in Q, 44ff'i ?Qf. 3.2 i' 'X' Concord. N. H. ,--: ,. ,.- ff - Sigma Beta: Alpha Chi Sigma 151: Outing Clulp lil: Christian Worlc lil: German Cluln f5l: Yacht Clula ffrlg Baseball l. R1cilmRD R. RUTHERFORD Plymouth High School Plymouth. N. l'l. Christian Vxforla Cal: 4-l'l Cluh Presiclent XIVILLIAM F. RoE1NsoN Dover High School Ncwmarlcet Road Dtlfllam, Lamlacla Chi Alpha: The NEW HAlN'lPSl'llRE l2l: Cross Country f2lg Baslcetlaall lil: Traclc l l l.. GEOIIGE B. ROGERS Coe's Acaclemy 61 Lincoln Street Exeter, N. lil. Alpha Zeta: Phi Lamlscla Phi: Baseball 86 VQ Aa - ,ffi 'C -ll i 'V Q.- ' fi I ,Y H NA EDWARD K. SAUER Lincoln l-liglx Sclmool 941 Claremont Street Lincoln. Nelu. Blue Key l5l: Outing Clultr l5l: lilaclc l5l: Aclvancecl Mil. Art l5l: l5J: Baseball: N. H. Club. Pi-n1.1P J. SAWYER Concorcl l'ligl'1 School 5 Elm Street Concorcl, N. l'l. Sigma Alplia Epsilon: Forestry CARROLL E. SANDERSON Concorcl l'ligl1 Scliool Boscawen. N. l'l. Alplia Gamma lllmz lvlaslc anal Dagger l2l: X,E1Cl'll. Club l3Jp University Bannl l5l: 4-ll Cluln ll'Jl: Camera Clulo W11.i.ifxM R. SANDERSON A. B. Davis l'ligl1 Scliool 7111 Soutll Sixtli Avenue lVlt. Vernon. N. Y. Sigma Alplia Epsilon: Spliinx l5lg Guting Clulv lll, l2l3 Casquc anzl Caslcet l5l: Scalulsard arxcl lllaclc l5l: Arlvancecl lVlil. Art l3l: Tracl: lll: Lacrosse l'.2l: ,lunior Prom Committee. GWliNDo1.YN P. SANDLER 4 Scalolnarcl ancl Footlaall l2l. 4 Club. ll.: i sg. 2 Y la " 5 ,Q X f E s " "' , 4 .75 Bi -3 ' bfi Q,,,,j'f1n Q--Wlsii I """" awrcnec i 1 1: oo - 'jx' - .1 4 . fag .lgglgif ,Q L Hill 5 l' l -1... K . .. , , ,,. ,, 55 Hullcnan Avenue -'flsoiy ff ' Lawrence, Mass. Ii " .., l nw, 'gg fifg sgi -- Gluq- Clulu lil: lnlernalional llolalions Clulz lil: Ii Ouling Clulz lvlenorall Smrielv .gi J'.'m ...5.,,jr15. ,-l isw' ., . ,. I , :wg '53 ..,ff.f51ZfQ: 74 'ff' hs-'If qv... . , -' 1.34 ,W h,.p1, 1i.L.Q, . f-fr gg, . ' .. 5 ' A - ff fwifg, ls ' iiigliy aiauif - Aff ' f diy , ..3f':.,.,- Z'f.5,y4f:1g '1 N ' 0 0:5 ' " X-f'5f,'g,ff' x syf gig , w ?s-V . H lVl 'E S :fi "fb 'W . ARX . ARSON , .335 V1 M33 11 .. ,gm ..,5w,1.,, . ti, ,h i gf- Ph L ,i,..s 1: i: 5,.-nip: ,,,-, g Q, - M'-4.51551-z:' ' - -E+:..'.'v s' ,g.E2ZJ' .,i2i., - - 5s:"'fe, - lfiarllcll l'ligl1 Scliool 5 wf7,:?l :ZQ: . - .,3.. L is 1 l n.. f b ? N:i7f'.WfT3f f 'f3i'Q. if ' fffw f "nw " Bdrucu' N' H' i5':5if2?2ii..,Jfp, 12?-i 275 1 fig' .2 , if ,, ,, l 5.-Q ., 1, 5,--s ,rye ,ff-. .U T3 ., . 131, f'.f:.' " " ' llicla Upsilong Mask and Dagger lol: Dating x"'g"':?:i: sgffzg: ji., --'-4- If--.5g?,,..., .... Club llj, lol: Clmsllan XVorli Isl: w7Q.. g 23jgf" w ..,. , N Psycliology Club: .lunior Prom Committee: May Dayg zfl l. "J H 2 1'-ffl' p , UEZCUUL .- 1 - , f'-, -l-'f-Lltfmsf' fgfieiv-..,,,.,f -,W .-'- .' 4, ' 1-' . 2 . . ...F ,mf -ff-1:3 D. M 5,,:,,,,,,,,,, 87 lf! f Z. WALTER M. SENIOR Brewster Acaclemy Melvin Village, N. I-I. Sigma Beta: Outing Club f2l: Yacht Clulo fill: Forestry Cluh f5l: Hoclcey EDMUND C. Si-iEAi4-iAN Tilton Street Prospect Street Somerswortli. N. l'l. Tau Kappa Epsilon: Sphinx f5l: American Society of Civil Engineers: Glee Club: Christian Xvorlr lil, Cdl: Yacht Cluln Bl: Winter Sports lil: Lacrosse lil: Vxlinter Traclc flilx Spring Track ffll, f5l: J. V. Footlxall l5l: N. H. Cluh. RUTH E. SHERBURNE Nashua High School Pelham, N. H. The NENV l'lAlVlPSl'llRE lil: Outing Clula fllg Christian Work f5l: German Club fffrl: Yacht Clula f2l, flil: Rille Cluh ffilg Hoclcey f2l: Baselaall f2l: Liberal Clulo f5l: Poetry Clula KID. 125. FRANCIS J. SI-IERRY Somersworth High School First Street Somcrsworth, N. H. German Cluln S'rANi.i5Y Suivilsrixiss Lynn Classical I-hgh School 341 Linwood Roacl Lynn, Mass. outing cm. m. fm. 4331 rant ug. 'mfg 2' A .lz-5 1' is? -f 51 ' . rL,:f. 1 . ., Q' ,Qr 'fiif Pflifrrvgi---vf ri -S151 .1 QR -1 ggi. -gl----5-all ' Sn""f- 1 .. -Clk-l?5?ff--N' '-59 'T " ' x l Jag l 3: "lllLill?5l7n.'l44I l Q 1 ' Z,3ff-Hlkgl CARL L. SYMPSON -4 it-f - . Laconia High School S? lj 'E' CP"'t' ' ' . 5 ftlw Sigma Beta: Glee Clula fljg Outing Clula lil: Yacht .S Club f5l: Cross Country ':5f,,f' -'ef':,."" 1.9 ' rf ,-g,' Z:e,.s'.iiffl'1a3' i? '!" ' 'I me as.f if?rr:'l'1f W X VI- .... K , '.,,-- , - .- .4-' J -. - 1 -,,,,f:"T , LQQ41- ' " ',.., "' ' ',-- , ": NP .. 88 4' 'Q H ms. u C1-lAlll,.OT1'E L. Sivrzs 1' " ' . ,K 2 . A X Pinlccrlon Academy fxff. Q A 'l X Lonclonclcrry,N. l'l. p if - .1 L, -yd " X TF U A " A " ,I Outing Clul: lil: Clirislian Work l'2l, Lil: German A7 l Xxfgfvll.-3.Kl gy- - Clulo l3l: Baslcelluall lil: Le Ccrcle Franqais N 'QRxPL11?. -' L' 't- Cal: Classical Cluln A54 I A, . vfe??x,f 'i45'3y.lfigSx -4 VQQ . 4555 E, 'ig' cfflpuc f' 4" 'SQL ill -A 1 5.-'.."i" f girl"-f':Ql tiff? 'I-fl 51 .2 -"'f"' ' 95' 11' ' V " 4' 'rl -Q34 ' 'QV-' wk lr . -f7Ff"x:::..f'afgfM" .1 f- 1 ff .,-- ...J , :'fl,'-- f ,r , 4. -fn , f ,Q 1: -,.-3. g all aJuJJf,f ,sv-if W11.L1AM S. SLATER i. r s q -vw' we ff' llilllrouse l'ligl1 Sclmol 'fl ,' 9,1 'I L' 255 Lloycl Street M751 New Haven, Conn. 4" Vi' J ff. y " ' 1 + Fil '24 Alplla Tau Omega: American lnstilutc of Electrical Engineers: Outing Clula fll: Christian Worlc . f'4!.' gE?f?Ti l2l: Scalalparrl ancl Blacle: Aclvancecl Mil. Ari: f5l: ,li Cross Country Captain lil: Winter 7.3, ilulf' it "I: --, Tracl: f2l: Spring Tracl: lfrlt N. l'l. 5 ' TW" 5 ffl' ' f, .1, Q . Ulu, .,, WAHM -.,,, , 1 . WAHPA, Awww-.i5iY-, Y. ..1lL.a W ,MI eaf'1lhroa.,yMffl -'T-,M ll Ill qv' - 47.-1lflU.ri'.t.4:r.,Mm,l,,.nn, if ' ' ' ' LOUISE C. SM1'rH luuconia l'ligl'1 Scliool Gillornl, N. I-l. Omvilla Clulm. PHIL J. SMITH Newlzurglm Free Acaclcmy Tnmworlli, N. l'l. Pi Kappa Alplm: Maslc and Dagger f3l: Rillc f3l: A.I,E.E. 159: Casque ancl Caslcct 153: Newman Club l5l: Clirislian Work. LAu1m.l.S1Ms Concorrl l'lir1l1 Sclrool 55 Allison Slrccl Conrznrrl. N. I-I. Clii Omega: Execulivc Cornmiller: f3lg Outing Cluli l'.2l: Clieerlcarler lil: Miss I9fIO: Big Sister' Corn- miltee f5l: .lunior Prom Aiml, l'lr5Lr5N Srvvriu. Nyaclc l'ligl1 Sfzlwool 189 Norlli lvlirllancl Avenue Nynclc. N. Y. Alplm X1 Della, Qulrng Cluln fill, 89 RUTI1 SMITH Lincoln Higli Sclwool Cllurcll Street Lincoln, N. l'l. B E Plii Mu: Outing Club: Cliristian Xvorlc ill: Sociology l m ' i Clula 131: Alpha Kappa Delta 155: May Day P I J. Pageant 'L Au 'stil' j"f,L..-:iffy ,qi-u3Vf,,a 'hs 5 ll I 4',14'fii.2,Z?is K ,fag l 'Z 'L+' ll' it F -gl HE1.EN M. SNOOK Z- X fm nw Portsmoulli l'ligl1 Sclionl 54 lVleNalnlu Ct. Portsmouth, N. ll. 'lwlieta Upsilon: Class Secretary fill: Outing Clulw ill: Cliristian Vxforlc f3l: Association ol VVomcn Day Students Cal: Comrnutcrrs Co-op UD: Menu Manager LU: Psyclioloay Clula C515 VV.A.A. lil: l'loclcey f3l: Tennis Tournament f2l: Baslcctloall 153: Archery KAZMIERA M. Sovm. Newmarltct Higli Scliool 217 Main Street Newmarlict. N. l'l. Pi Lambda Sigma: Glce Clul: f5l: Outing Clula lil: Newman Cluly f'2l: Association of Vxlomen Day Stu- clents f2l: Baslcetlmll lil: Hoclccy ill: Nay Day Pageant l'lENizY L. Soma: Littleton l'ligl1 Sclionl 75 Pleasant Street Iitilcton, N. tl. Alpina Tau Gmc-ga: Transfer from University ol Vermont. . .. c gi ,Y i i si 1 . fb ::- 1+ 1---. 'g.g,i"ll'uwi,l lil, ,N till! , if all f 'lift , it ii- i 1- f i .iw-ei .fmfh eil? 'll 1 '- . ., .Y -,dll .fn D 3: 1.1.-S, Mtg: 4!,5sL3?.xLA ki, fray:-gwarf "stiff f 'ms 'I 2 , ..- . 421.1 --W 1' 'i"?,.-" " gr., F V. 3? , ,vst,:.7r.',f2fi li'-l lik,-Tai .5 1.5. 151 Elf- .,..::: Q-.?,.f he.. ,. ...,... .41"J.-. --' 1 . ' df" 'Q' --W-XL? P XXIILLIAM E. SPEARMAN Tilton Sclmol 0 Nvallcer Struct Concorcl, N. H. Kappa Sigma: Blue Key f3l: American Society ol' W Civil Engineers: Base-liall fll: Hoclccy lfll, . Fuixx cis A. SPE I- I . MAN Com-orcl l'ligl1 Scliool 225 Norlli Main Sircrrt Cjljlllftlffl, ll. Sigma fxlllllil Epsilon: Outing Clulm l3l: Newman Cluln f3l: German Clulr f3l. 90 Er l . lf' .F . . l l llicizi Clrig I - . ' V ' ' ff-I T -, K E-. -4- "' j ' QQ' " E TK .. -- 21. .iff Kiwi?-.1-7-vw ,, -' A ixiffl . 'a . f. "c-2' 'iii' f'- '- QA ' ' - mini g!.vf: 'f5..l" tQ f1,Tf 2 aff-' ir-v.: ..-. Q Q -Y -. 3 A QJTQAH '53 Q""1'i . ' H ,V ..i ' .A - -1 -. I ' : .-- 1- rglfllaqailg -' Trli? rfv az , Z' L' .71 ' 1' i .i1J:,J Lf' fig! .jfj A . I . I' .. .,.' :1v?.'f, 5 gf-,r f 2. 'V Q." 1 'S ' . , . wg.,-T , li, f - . f -1 lasik x f . ri ' - ' v'fU v " 5 NA ' w-a pr . , - J.. , ...V T. . .-f4--- f. 9.1. .- ' f Fiuinn Beta: Lxiwls C. SPINNEY Kennett Higli Scliool 1005 Conewango Avenue Vwfarrcn. Penn. Outing Club lil: Yaclit Cluln f5lg Foreslry Club fill. EDWARD R. STAFFORD Berlin High Scliool 100 High Street Berlin. N. H. Outing Clulo f5l: Blue Circle KQH. 151. FMT1-1 H. STANTON Falmoullr High Sclrool 53 Mndlnury Roacl Durluam. N. H. Alplia Clwi Omega: Glee Club fllp Outing Club fll. 13,1 Christian Work ill: German Club ffilz Gillacrt ancl Sullivan ill: Psi Lamlarla RUTH G. STTMSON Dover Higll School 10 Richmond Street Dover. N. H. Kappa Delta: Outing Club lil: Association of Xvomen Day Students f5l: lnterlmousc Sport Com! petitions C215 Home Economics Cluln f5l: May Day Pageant JOSEPH L. STONE Stevens Higli School 3 Tremont Street Claremont. N. H. Plri Alplmg lritcrnalional Relations Club QSM Plri Sigma f3l: Liluernl Club f5l. MVEDA E. STONE Holten Higtl School 147 Holton Street Danvers, lvlass. Chi Omega: GRfXNlTE Hceler KQJ: Outing Clulm til, 453. Sociology Club f5l: Pep Cats f5l: Cheer- leader f5J: Sophomore Court 91 T l ir ,, ..-1 A J Y, gif- .WF-5 - nr . :flu , y 4 H -1' Az. l ,fs -V4 Alpha YI Deltw lrwnsfer from Gres-n Mt Junior g g I gy Club 31: Psychology Club 0 3 Hof Ley 'J , .ffswwf 1g1iwfH2 11151-33112.-V' " Mr l1lUl5lliW-11 457 -1 4 4 I I ,149 7 W" z I , jd JG gg ., In I' ff. 1 ' f x2 fp . fgfwz' -K' J A 5i'fr " -'l g .ELI 13-'xx , rm .S Mw jwlla' Aff, F AI' ' I 4, 1 xii, Rug 1, ns in Q ylmzlti iunlaii ,Th Q 3 Pfgf+HW' 'gin QM' - L, Sx 1 ,X ff'- K H nl":n"X r I x' V11 fp '1 ' 5 T, 1,51 4 vp V IFN A 51 " d??m Q! lL' Q' .1 N A F I 75 t -' A f ga 56 C L9 'L' ef J En Q i ' . uflf nyvlv p ' ' '-" Y L V w Tlmeh Ch Lxlplm ChlSIgm1 Glce Club U 221: -M Chrrslnn Xfvorlx I German CI In f5J Yacht Cixlm 3 Unncrsltx B111 I '7 Trac 1 . 5 , , ROBERT TAYLOR Canaan l-ligli Scliool Canaan, N. H. Plri Delta Upsilong American Society of lVIecl1anical Engineers. MARY E. TEMPLE Rolainson Female Seminary 100 Main Street Exeter, N. H. Clmi Omega: GRANITE Healer QQJ: lVlasl: and Dagger KQJQ Outing Club lil: Sociology Clula f5l: German Clula KQJ: Pep Cats IQJL Junior Prom Y 1 Committee ROBINSON Swim' Brewster Acaclumy Wolfehoro. N. I-I. Sigma Alplma Epsilon: Transfer from NVorcester. WA1.T ER SZOT Nanclreslcr Central Higll Scliool 691 Mammolli Road lvlanclicsler. N. H. Economics Club: Slrork Story Vxforlcsliop. fe 2- - e' -' l,'i..,v .U Hr- :f":.,, U .uf Elf ,liwm r V if - f.: "x,.,w+ , FX lllgivl .'.feza14'8'3ii7ll ll li -' a Pi ill 'liiiillllii ' is . ff' l' 19,9 1 LESLIE R. TASKER, JR. QLLV Pi Fi . . .Kg fi-f-ffzihlel 4 lLpp-ing l'ligla Sclwool 4, ' ,jf ,v- ' 493: ,'fQ53'lfl I ... lf. i f it Q3 . 1 "l7"' lui! , l I "1 -' 2 --ffl l Ilpli Q '67 rr lr' l :ms , 'l r-"l "iii lil, '. 3 jsliqllli, . 4 rl! Yggb-' fy" .4 ' , I , .I 'fm ' -J.. ', g -Zim, .H-4 iq 1, ' Eu. 'lim ul 5.11 gap mil' D C T --fa -' ONALD . AYLOR ,xg wig. Trigg . , ' x l A --.Vi 1 6:3 v- A",.w"r .y . ,!,.,.-V 5:15 ,J-'eg A115--Q:,L Berlin l'ligl1 Sclaool v 4'l 125 Slrcpard Street nf! Berlin, N. H. - .glwwi 1' 1 I ,J-.:.a1sh:g:-W., U zxf' U, 'I f,,!.g,1j iif,':"' 5" Alplm Gamma Rliog Mask ancl Dagger fll: Gillaert .,f-iEii?Qg2- lllm5,!g5:Q?l-Ffivvfgfijfggllll . m .bl 5-Quran' lm-'I-L'i1i1,gg-1-'::Hvfg "4 J if 453- ,513 'wr'-n'llnh.x.F.,,'v and Sullivan f2l, ffij, 4-Sql,-'Q 'hlu 1 mm, fp, '..:g3 mg? , fy.'gJ5:-J--u-Wgl if 919.44 up ,nf r...,I.i-Ein , 4 MII "...,M1i'-'fzha-lui-44. . f - 1 "K - 4 .w"4-' no - - - . 'Wm' - All 1155?-ll 44- fE.:i1Av'L:La...aaia'' , 'n 5r:a. rs '1 ' . ' :ni ..,. A 95 ARTHUR G. Ti-IEROS Nashua High School 1565 Xvest Pearl Street Nashua, N. H. German Clulz fllz Fall Traclg f3l: Xvinter lrac: lj. f2Jg Spring Trnclc f2l: Footlmll DONALD R. THOMPSON Plymouth High School IQ High Street Plymouth, N. H. Transfer from Boston University. PAUL TOUSSAINT Berlin High School School Street Berlin, N. H. Phi Mu Delta: Newman Clulx Cyl: lntramurwls I 427. f5l. l'lARRY F. TRUE Traip Acaclemy 47 South Same: Portsmouth. N. H. American Society of Mechanical Engineers Outing Clulo fllg Yacht Clulo is KENNET1-1 F. TUXBURY Hanover High School Hanover, N. I-I. Phi Delta Upsilon: Transfer from Emerson College Mask and Dagger f5l: Gillzert anal Sulln an 'W fat: Outing Cluln ROBERT W. TWOMBLEY Portsmouth High School 47 Elwyn Avenue Portsmouth, N. H. Pi Kappa Alpha: Sphinx: Mask and Dagger CSD: Rifle Squacl 94 I lowmm W. Tx 1.1311 Manlius School 2689 Sl. Paul Boulevard Rochester. N. Y. Outing Clula lil, ffalz Christian Vxlorlc lil: German Clulz l3l: University Band fll, l5l: A Forestry Cluln Triilonoluz Unmlizwooo Amherst lligh School Amherst, N. H. Alpha Tau Omega: Spring Track f2l: Cross Country fill: VVinlor Tracl: lVlAlJ1il.lNE E. UP1-mm Nashua High School Merrirnnclc. N. l'l. ffhristian Work lil: Ficlfl gloclcoy filg Baseball l . l'liSl.liN E. VAsu.loU Nuncliesler Central High School 4 I6 Ceclur Street Manrtlmcslcr. N. H. . fshi Omega: Cllr-o Clula fll: lnlernationnl Relations I Cflulx f3l: Masl: and Dagger fll, 157: l Outing Clul: lil, QQD: May Day Pageant fill: l Cheerlcacler f3lg Classical Cluln f5l: Le Salon Frnnqais l3l: The GRANITE STi2wfuz1'J. WALIQEIQ Penncoolc High School 16 Church Street American Society of lvlechanical Engineers: Arlvancecl Nil. Art 155. WIi,FRIiiJ G. WALTON Newton High School South Sutton, N. H. Theta Kappa Phi: Newman Clula f5l: Scali- laarcl axncl Blade f3l: Aclvancerl Mil. Art 95 -5? 'Of i ELLEN E. WATSON lvlanchcstcr Central High School Q 260 Harrison Street Manchester. N. H. Glee Clula fll: Mask and Dagger: Outing Cluls til: Christian Wvorlc til: Gilbert and Sullivan KQJ, f5l: liloclccy f5lg Folio f2lg Barnacles KQJ: Le Salon Francais THOMAS WEBB Dover I'-Iigh School 34 Floral Avenue Dover, N. H. Outing Clulw fll: Dean's Aclvisory Council. Emma A. WEIN High School 876 Main Street Laconia, N. l'l. Phi Alpha: Ouling Clulv til: German Cluloi Lacrosse Cl J. MAIiGARE'1' WEIR Northllclcl Seminary Durham, N. I-I. Phi Mug Glee Clula f5Jg The NEW l'lAlVlPSl'llRE l Ill, CJ: Outing Clula fll: German Clulo lil: Gilhcrt and Sullivan f5l: Baslcctloall f2l: l Phi Sigma lQl. f3l: Barnacles FRANK O. W,xrz1aiiN, JR. Manchester Central lliglx School 759 Hall Struct Manchester, N. ll. Foolhall C1 5. fam. V l i 1 MAIQY Wix'rEiai-IOUSE Mcrrimnc High School 41 Linclenwoocl Road Stoneham, Mass. Alpha Chi Omega: Outing Clula lil: Yacht Clula Cal: Gillaert annl Sullivan f2l: May Day Pageant 5 1 Big, Sister Committee 5 . 96 1 H15 I 'N Vracic Cl F urn 2 4rTW?? ZW4 mir 1 u , 'WMI M I Ii Ji .llkjrl L .5543 1 i Ll: imghlix 11, 'Lil f 'fu f1'Z'I."f'6iiA'Iviih '17 H ' 7 ffwvf 'iW? .f'.-1, :I 11g.'j'1jif-1 ... 15155: " . ' ' lu ...Ag ia gl iii .,f5". f11 15255ii'fEg5gii"!IAigg'.51Hfi if Mig. .' EEN? F - . E21 'I-'F':"5,j.e5I,5 'g 5' A 571 irilfi -iii," I, 'f :if ' 4 'H ,' 1 r ,if','.sE-Whlifiiliyfv Tr , F H ' iii i' J.: 1 Il.S41!.ipain'1ffii1m "m i 5 for .uf!i:1"':1,-fi-afa 1 -. J ...,p,,,4 L ,y.:,,,IE! fill .l I I I rip Q ,gl '- .- , 1 .':3Qwa'..1"1'i a ria, 1. ,i ' .lun 3 1' 'Wir cxiufmittiilrftitt 5 -hw ,L ' . "fni,'.7""i!i 'isffl t firfS.n"' 'fi it rm "1 wir - A -M. .. - '. -w-I .g- f A XF-0-um Przrmz WEL: ENBERGER Lynhrooic High School 105 Spencer Avenue Lynhrooi: N Y lxnppu Sigma: Blue Key f5Dg The NEW HAMP- SHIRE UU: Newman Chih H511 Pep Cats, Presiclcnt f3j: Junior Prom Committee DONALD WEi.1-s Conrorii High School 15 Hownrci Street Concorri, N. H. 213 American Socicly of Civil Engine-vis, I-IELEN WENDELI. Portsmouth High School 115 South Street Portsmouth, N. H. Cflii Omega: Economics Ciuh CU: Dearfs Advisory Council GJ: Executive Committee Eowm J. Wl'IEiii,Eit Milford High School Spauiciing Street Milford. N. H. Phi Delta Upsiionp Alpha Zeta fill, f5J: Baschali 113-029- GLADYS N. Vx7Hl2Ei.ER Dover High School 650 Ccntrai Avenue Dover, N. H. Newmnn Chxh f3l: Association of Women Day Slu- denis RAYMOND R. W1-1l1'Ci-IER Berlin High School 147 Maple Street Berlin. N. H. American Society of Mechanical Engineers: Outing Club fll, f2J, LTU: Blue Circle 153: Slci Team fly, 131: Cross Country ill: Spring Tracie flj, 121: N. I-I. Club CQJ. 97 JO1'1NWOLCO'l"F l 'lf' ' ' ' ' Bethlehem High School ' i Agassiz Street Bethleliem, N. ll. " l Theta Kappa Phi: Mask and Dagger: Outing Clula l lil, ffxlg Newman Cluln fill, Cul: Scalalnzm ancl Blarle: Aclvancecl Mil. Art: Cross Country fll: K XVinier Sports lil. l3l: Trziclc l3l: Fool- iiu 453. l l MYER R. WOLF Haverhill High School 91 Howarzl Street Haverliill, Mass. HH V b Mn Outing Clulz ffml: Foollnnll QU: Hoclrey fllg Traclc lil: Alpha Sigma. DOllO'1'I'IY M. W1'lI1'E Concord High School R.F.D. No. 5 Concorcl. N. 1-I. Tlic-ta Upsilon: Christian Work lil, f5l: 4-l'l Cluh ROYCE E. WHLTTLER Concorcl High School 55 Louclon Slrcct lai Kappa Alpha: Outing Clula fil: Christian Work lil: Spring Track ill: Winter Tracl: Dwiour V WILLIAMS Ame laury lligh School Amcshury Mass i Mu Delta Outing Cl la il Football 5 Psychology Cluln lol 5 Folio Club C2 5 FRED W. WINTERBOTTOBT Bethlehem High School Bethlehem. N. H. Theta Chi: Outing f2l: Blue Circle Eco- nomics Clulu f3l: Scaliluarcl anrl Blade 453: l vancecl Mil. Art l3l: Flying Clula fQl: Football ffilg Hockey CU: Baselanll lil: N. H. Clula f2l: Pep Cats 98 .lor-iN M. WOODNVARD Southlooro High School Oalchill Roacl Southlnoro. Mass. Outing Cluh f3l: Christian Xfvorlc l3l: li University Banrl fill, KARL W. Woonxxffxizn, JR. Dover High School Durham, N. l-l. Durham. N. Y. Tau Kappa Epsilon: Quting Cluh fll. ffilc Blue Circle l3lg Yacht Cluln lfilz Cross Country lil, QQJ: Slti Team filg Lacrosse f'2lg Forestry Clulu GORDON P. NVOOLNER lvlnnchester Central High School 80 West Merrimaclr Street Manchester, N. H. Alpha Zeta QQJ, 153: Rifle Team tsl: Phi Sigma. BENJAMIN F. WORCESTER Manchester Central High School 491 Halt Street lxflanchestor, N. l'l. Outing Clula lil: Cross Country lil: Winter Sports lil: Alpha Sigma: XVinlcr Tracl: Manager hm R ETH D. WOODBUIIY Pemlnrolre Acaclcmy 56 lVlain Street Suncoolc, N. H. Economics Club flilg Baslcctlaall Manager flilz Dean's Aclvisory Council WALTER C. Wooos Bath High School Bath, N. l-l. Alpha Gamma Rho: Alpha Zeta 121, f5lg Outing Club lil: Christian Worlc lil: Yacht Club l3jg Phi Lamlacla Phi l2l. 99 Roisnar W Younc Newport News fvirginial l'ligli Scliool 135 Lincoln Street Portsmoullm N ll Sigma Beta: American Society of Meclianical lfnl ginecrs: Outing Club f5lg Arlvancecl Mil. Art l3l Y clit Clula GLADYS l. LULAUI llarnclen Higli Scliool Soutli lVlain Street Wolfelaoro, N, l'l. Glee Clula ffilg lnternational Relations Clulm l5'l: Outing Clul: ffll, f5l: German Cluln f'2l: Gillwrl I 9 ainfl Sullivan f5l: PUD Lats Fiafwcis H.XVoRcEsT1zn Keene Higli Sclwool Vxfest Swanzcy, N. l'l. Spliinx f3lg American lnstitulc of Electrical Engineers l3l: Cliristian Xnforlc ffilz Caulclrons l3l: Aclvancecl Nlil. Art f5l: Ril-le Team fil, f5l: 4-l'l Cluln. JOHN C. WORDEN Hinsclale High Scliool Hinsdale, N. H. lamlxla Clii Alpliag Outing Clula f2l: Scalnluarrl fuul Blaclcg Arlvanceil Mil. Art f5lg Lacrosse fill, Cal: Rille Team Manager FRAN K C. Wkici-iT Y Brunswick l'ligl1 Scliool Nortli Harpswcll, Mc. Tau Kappa Epsilon: American Society of Civil En' ginccrsg Cliristian Vxforlc f'5lg Yaclit Club fill. Cdl: Cross Country ill: Winter rlwraclr Captain: Spring Trael: Captain: Relay Captain fill- l5l- l.ilNWOOD S. WYMAN Bcrwiclc Academy 42 Goodwin Street So. Berwiclr, Me. American Society of Civil Engineers Cal: Cross Country 100 ' f. 1 l 1 i xk .2-ri-A.. -,...,.,ff F. ' - 5' 3938? -:i ii ' -L 4.-:Q-. ' 4- 4- .-7, 2:T i,f.t'1,Q'j74, f fl ,X , W ue... .4 .... M-1 1-v..'."" :ff ' ,i-11 -, afwia., in Qi' if ar J x -' , V52 if " -f f1':f' 12.13 C"" ' ':"' -lzi-5,755 5 - ,.....:4i4'i.'2'-A'i fifff-,U Q fffdaf' .f,124,LfP5-f- fra 5' K, ,af ia , A .9:-'fl:',-W,FE,.rnix-g,'3f- Lv li. -F U, iifix :F-1. I , .Li-I ggi. ...A WNFR N Q ,ia .,.,.1.-f , LI. iftln. ij "5 f" J "QQ nfl' L- lf'-'.P . , ,4,l,LiIt-HI -A . .nv . 4. . liliit get-il '35, it .,,,,..i , .rv J ff ,. di", ff ' fi. :qi - ur 'GL ' " .J ff jg, A-95 ,H ff-Wupll dal .Jinx Q ,V i 1, . tat: . '--fr. ,.,, 1 gf? ir. .A-T'lA,... ',-'jlfgiff' K Q X H ,ji A 'fill wiv? C - fJ,lQ.,-it -fl I "fff.'i"Z, mg' t'1f,,,w.- , -4' tv, ,. I, I , ,,,--:F ' A Q A-Cf? QVC i eff - -f" far f'iiiP'-.fwfr Aj ,.,. vii- "-if, ,llfv X 0 Qffi 'Qifkf r-l 51- r? - 'NV f- +gm,-jlii irmugliua, ILPX . 'ix .A-1, ,HI f f.-1 ' r '. 'lu 'n " I.. 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O., BcrIin ANGERS, .IR., XVALTER .I., Laifonia ANNIS, CLIITFORD L., CoIesI1rooIc ARMSTRONG, GEORGE H., Y1VincII1am CI'-IAIVII3ERI.AIN. KATE. E., N. I'IaverI1iII CI I.-'XNDI.ER, NATALIE M., New Boston CHAPMAN, CHARLES C.. Rochester CHASE, FRANCIS F.. Canton. Mass. CI IASI3, GORDON VV.. W. Concord Cl'lEESIZIN"IAN, HERBERT L., MarItzoro CI-IORNEY, ISRAEL, Kc-cnc III IRYSLER, GORDON M.. SaIem Depot Cl IURCH, AI .I .EN VXI.. DurI1am CHURCH, EDXVARD H., DurI1am CHURCII. HAZEI. M.. N. I'IaverI1iII ARMSTRONG, I'I. O., NorlI1woocI Ridge ASTROFF, EVERETT O., Lawrence BALL, DANA K., CIaremont BARNARD, ROPJERT' T.. Keene I3ARNAT'l', XV. K.. MiIIviIIe, Mass. CII.I.EY CI ARK. GEORGE C.. Concord .IAIVIES Dover CILARK, MII.I.ARD S.. BelI1IeI1cm TIARK RICI IARD H., NasI1ua CI ARK. COLBY XVALLACE T., Potter PIace I IIVIIEN C., Youngstown, OI1io BARNES, NVILLIAM A., E. ,IaII'rey BARNETT, AARON P., Manchester BARNETT, .I. LOUIS. Manchester BARRETT, IZUNICE E.. Newton .Iuncton BARRETT, .IAMES IT., North VX7ooLIslocIc BARRY. KATHRYN V., NasI1ua BAR'l'LET'I'. PAUL V.. NasI1ua BEAN, ARTI IUR E.. Concord BEAULIIZU, I7. F.. XA.'II1IIlUI1l'1, Mass. ISEIANGER, GEORGE R., Nashua BIILINGS, LINXVOOD VV., Dover BIRENBAUM, N., Hz1verI1iII, Mass. BLANCIAIARD, KENNETH I'I,. Derry BODNVEI,.I,. VxfAI.'I'ER A., OoIIstown BOORETT, JR., VICTOR, Hampton BOOTH, P. R.. StoneImm, Mass. BOYLE, ESTHER, Oonic BRALEY, RUTH. IVIanCI'1csIcr BREXVSTER, DOROTHY L., Exeter I3RIGI'I'I'ON, KENNETH A., PeterIJoro IBRODIE. ,IAIVIES A., Hampton BROOKS, GEORGE W., Xvarren, Vt. ISROVVN CLYDE C., Center Harbor BROVVN, EARLINE B., RearIing, Mass. BROWN, KATI-IERINE A., Concord BROWN IVIILDRED E.. BcrIin BRONVN. RONALD P., HinscIaIe , NVILLIAM I., Lexington, Mass. C'OI-I.IER, DOROTHY B., Portsmouth C'CDI-OKA'l'I IIS, LOUIS P.. Dover COOK, CI IARLIZS H., PorI.srnoutI1 CRAIG, C. XV., XV. I'IarlI'orrI, Conn. CRICITNTI. GEORGE S., New London CROITT, XVlI.I.IAIVI, SaIc'm Depot CRONIN. .IOI-IN .I.. Porlsrnouth CROOK, XVIIIARD E., I.a1:onia CROORS, IIE'I"l'Y C., WIIDIIIFOD, Mass. CROSS. RU'l'I'I E., GoIIsiown CRYANS. LOUIS G.. BcrIin CUIVIIVIINCS, FRED T., Troy CURRIER. I7. ROI AND, PIn.istow DAVIS, EDITH IVI.. AmI1erst DAVIS, ITl'IAIEI. V.. Fremont DAVISON, .IOIIN IJ., VV'oocIsviIIc DAY. IVIURIEI. W., NVoorIsviIIe DENIG, JAMES L., Portsmouth DENNIZ'l"I', OLIVER E., PitlsIIcIcI DERBY. .IAMES V., 'MarIIJoro DEXHEIMIQR. D. A., Taunton. Mass. DIXON, .IONATHAN S., N. Rochester DODGE. GUY A., Newport DONAI IOE, RITA M., Concord DONAI-IUI2, MARIE A.. S. Berwick, Me. DONVNINC. .IOHN E.. Nashua BRONVNE. BETTY Keene BRUNEL, XVILSON, Concord BRUNGOT, NORMAN S.. BcrIin BUCHAN, JEAN S., TcanecIc. N. J. BUCHANAN, VVALTER, WincI1cster BULGER, ERNEST N., Durtxam BURLEIGH, CHARLES S., BaIcIwin, N.Y. BURNS, PAUL E., Nastxua BURTT, EDVJARD H.. I'IancocIc BUXTON. ELIZABETH I-I.. Hudson OALLAHAN, IVIARJORIE C., Manchester CAMPBELL, ALLAN M., VVincII1am CAMPBELL, MAXWELI. S.. YViImot CARLING. ALBERT E., NasI1ua CARLISLE, GORDON, South VVoIIcIJoro CARROLL, ROBERT T., Dovcr CARRUTII, RALPH O., Manchester CARTER, HOPE, LynnIIeIcI, Mass. CATES, NEIL C., NortI1 Conway CATTABRIGA. ROGER, EnIIeIcI CHADNVICK, JR., ARTHUR, ConcorcI CI-IADWICK, 5rcI, J. YV., BoxI'orcI, Mass. 106 IUOWNS, WII.I,IAIN'I D.. Manchester DOYLE, GEORGE E., Hanover DRAPER, I.OIS B., Exeter DUDLEY. ROBERT P., West Swanzey DUFFY. EUGENE N., I.cIaanon DYER, RAYMOND VXI.. Portsmouth EASTMAN. ANN-LOUISE, DcImar. N.Y. IZASTMAN, BESSIE E., East Andover EASTIVIAN, LAURENIA A., Durham EASTMAN, RUTI--I S., Andover ECKIVIAN, GEORGE, IVIancI1cster EDMUNDS, RICHARD D., I7ranItIin EDSON, ELIZABETI-I Ifl., NVCSL Lebanon IfiL.I-IO'l"I', ANDREW C., MiIIorcI I2LI..IO'I"F. ROY H.. Laconia ENGLERT, THOMAS NV., Portsmouth EPSTEIN. IVIAURICE, BrooI:Iinc, Mass. ERB, GEORGE I .... , Newton, Conn. ETTER, GRACE. N. AttIeIJoro. Mass. EVANS, SHIRLEY Amr:sIaury, Mass. EVANS. VERNON XV., Saugus, Mass. FAIIIZY. JOHN, COI1f'0I'lI FARNSVVOR"I'I'I, EI..IZAI3E'I'I'I, Laconra FARRAR, PRESCOTT S.. I'IcnniI:er EARRIS, E. W.. N. AltIcIJo1'o. Mass. EECKE. JOI'-IN. MiIlon, Moss. FELLIVIAN. S., Nowlxuryport. Mass. FENERTY, IIARIIARA M., East Jaffrey ITERNALD. ARTHUR T.. IXI0I.III'lI,1IliIITI FERRY. DOROTHY E., Rortsmouttm FINDIHISEN, W. A., Mc-lI1ucn. Mass. CHARI IVI.. IVInnr'I' FISI-IER, IEI2'I"I'Y, Vx7oIrurn. Moss. FISK. ROBERT H.. North Vxfr-are FITZGERALD, PATRICK J., Concord I9I..AIAII3fR'I'Y, IVIATI IEW J.. Derry ITOIJANSBEE, CLAYTON L., DurI1am EOLZ. IVIARJORII2. PorIsmoulI1 FORD, JANET II., Dover FOSS, EIIJYITN M., Eur-rwir:Ic. IVIC. FOSTER. A., RillsIIeIrI. IN'Inss. FOSTER. RLISSELL D., IVInnrIu:sl0r FOX. ALDEN E.. VX7iIl.on FREEDIVIAN. I'-IIiR'BER'I', Portsmoutlm FRENCH. CARI, F.. Oxford FRENCH. RUTH L.. Center Conway Erainlrco. Mass. GAC-NON. J.. N. AIlIcImro. Mass. GAI..I..YON. M. W.. IVIZIFIDICIICIIII, IVIass. GARDNER, NfVII..I.IAM A., Concord GARLAND, FREDERICK. PcII1am GAY, EURT C.. New London GAY, EIJZANOR E, Dnnvors, Mass. GELATT, DORIS. Vx7oonsocIcet, R. I. OERIIER, SIIERVJIN .I., CI1eIseo, Maxss. OERRISII. IJYONA R., I3orlsrnoulIx OERSI I, IRVINO RoxIzury, Mass. C1ILI JNGHAIVI. ESTHER A.. Concord GLINIIS. IIIERIBIZRT E.. Twin Mountain GODEREY. CEORGIZS E., LisImon COERTZ, CONRAD T. M., AIlon GOODIZLI., RICHARD A.. GOODXVIN. ELLA ti... AIlon GORDON, AI.ICE L.. Hanover GORDON. ARLENE D.. Nashua GORDON LURLINE A.. East Derry GORDON. PAUL J.. Manchester GORDON, ANNE, Dover GORIVIAN LORRAINE A., LiltIcton GORMLY. RICHARD E., PIaistow COULD. ELEANOR A., Newport GONVEN. MAX E.. Concord GRAI-IAM, ITVERETT, Leicester, Mass. GRAI-IAIVI, AR"I'I-IUR D., I..eicoslcr. Mass. GRAHAM. ROBERT E., Percy GRANT. KENNI2'I'I'I E.. SnImon Falls RUTH A., PUTISITIOIIIII GRIZGG, JR.. AI..IIER'I' .I.. Conway GREGORY. CARLSON A.. Warner GRENIIZR. OLIVER A.. Manchester GRIFFIN. FOREST IT., Eromont GRIFFIN, SAMUEL O., Portsmouth I-IAASE. RUTH, Mattnpnn. Iwass. I-IAINES. DOROTHY, I-Insungs, N. Y. HALE. VVILMA A.. East Rmdge IIALEY. NVAIDRON B.. E. Ezlrringlon I'IAI.I.,, FOREST E., NVestmoreIand Depot IIAI.I., FRED XV.. Hudson I IALL, LLOYD C. A.. Andover I IALL, PHILIP A., XVcslmorcIand Depot IIALIJIN, JEAN C., Yonkers, N. Y. HAM, BARBARA E., Durham IIAIVIILTON, AUSTIN P., MancI1cster IIANILIN. CAROLYN Cv.. C1orI1am IIANDLEY, EVELYN J.. CIaremont IIANNINEN, JOHN IMI., Manchester I IARDING, CLIPSTON S., Porl.smoutI1 IIARMON, DONALD S., Raymond IIARRISON. MARGARET E., Dovcr I IARRISON, ROBERT A., Portsmouth IIART, RALPH XV., Concord I'IAR'I'Ii. URSULA P., NasI1ua I'IAWKINS, RICHARD H.. CIaremont I-IAY, RICHARD H., Portsmouth HAYDEN, CLARA L., I-IoIIis HAYES, J. RUSSELL. Portsmouth HAYNER. IVIARY R., Luconia HEALD, L. JAMES, I.ittIclon I-IEATI-I. GEORGE E.. VVamer I IIEIIERT, DONALD R.. Manchester IIIYNDERSON. PI-IIIJP R.. Dover HITNDRICK. Qrvn, I... Ijocasset, IVIass. I IERIJI-IY, FREDERICK D., NViIton IIIIEIBERT. LESLIE Laconia HICKIN, S. E., Nr-xvIonviIIe, 'Mass IIILDRIZTI-I JR.. VV. W., VXfoIfeIuoro IIIIJ.. IVIARGARET E., PIainIIeIrI IIILLIER. EI ,EANOR E.. Lancaster HOGAN. JAMES E.. VVincI1ester HOLT. CHARLES NV.. Hudson IIOLT. DAVID, VVaIpoIc IIOLT. IVIARTHA. VxfiIlon HONKALA. FREDERICK S.. OerrisI1 IIOXVE. IVIARY Cv.. Dover IIOXVE. NVILMA L.. EranIcIin I'IUGI'II2S, MARGARET M.. Dover HLISSEY, FREDERICK EI., MancI1estcr INCALLS, MURRAY I-I.. TiIton ISRAEL. LOUIS J., HcnniI:cr JACQUES. ROBERT E., SomerswortI1 JAHODA, IVV. .I.. Bridgeport, Conn. JENNISON. HAROLD E.. Lee JIZNVELL. DAVID O.. Rinde POI-INSON, ROBERT VV., Newmarket JOHNSON. S., Norltmwood Narrows JOHNSON, XVILLIAM A., PittsI:urg JONES. ABBOTT R.. East Rochester JONES. DONALD R., LeI1anon JONES. NETTIE M.. Vtfcst Rindge JONES. VVARREN IMI., LaIccport JORDAN, CARI- M.. LitlIcton KATRANIS, ALEX N.. NasI'1ua KATZIT. STUART, Lawrence, Mass. REACH, VVIIJIAIVI O.. CoIeImrooIc KIEARNEY, MARY II... I'JEIV8l'I'1TII. Mass. REE, .IR., HARRISON E.. VV. Hampton REHOE, KENNETH E. Lawrence, Mass. KENNEDY, XA-IILLIAINI E.. SomcrswortI1 KI3INNE'l"I'. Vv'AIfI'ER L.. Snort EaIIs KIMBALI., JOHN P.. Exeter 107 KIMIBALL, ROBERT O., Manchester KINSMAN, ELIZABETH. Roxbury. Mass. KIRK, JACK NV., Bayard, NeIJr. KICKLAND. ELIZABETH M.. VV'oIfeIJoro KI'I'FIEI..D. EDNVARD, Hartford. Conn. KIZALA. VICTOR. Nashua KLECZYNSKA. JOSEPHINE, MancI1ester KLINCE. ALBERT J.. Comic KNOX. ROBERT E., Concord KRAUZER, EARL I., IVIancI1cster LAING, DOROTHY M., Manchester LAIVIPSON, STEVEN, IpswicI1, Mass. LANE, LOUISE A., Groton LANG, R. P.. Port XVasIxington, N. Y. LAZAREVICIAI, V.. MacIison, Conn. LAZARIEVICI-I. V., IVIacIIson, Conn. LEAVITT, XVINSTON T., CIarcmont LE CLAIR, RUTH M., Fremont LEGGETT, KENNETH R., EerIin LEIGI'I'I'ON, JOHN, Vxfarron LEIGHTON. ROGER S., Bow LaIce LENNON, ROBERT E.. EcrIin LEONARD. THOIVIAS J., NasI1ua LESLIE, EDIVIUND S.. Manchester LESSARD. IVIARY O.. Nashua LETENDRE, EUGENE J.. Mt. Vernon LEXVIS. JEANETTE. Manchester IJPPIVIAN, PEARL, .IVIHTICIIGSICF LISLE. VJENDELL K., LoweII, Mass. LISTER, LEILA R., Concord LOBDELL. KENNETH C.. LeInanon LOVE, NATIJANIEL N.. Ipswich. Mass. LOVE'I"I', KENNETH, Durham LONV, STANLEY D., Dover LONV. ROBERT A., Northwood Ridge LUCIER, ALPHONSE E., PortIand, Me. LUEKIN, JAMES E., CIoucester, Mass. LUNDIN. R. N., New Britain, Conn. LUNT, NVILIVIA E.. Rochester LYON. .IOSEPI-IINE. New Boston LYON, VERNON, Nashua LYONS, PAUL H.. Swampscott, Mass. MCCARTHY, MARY G.. Lawrence. Mass. INICCARTNEY, SIDNEY XV.. Dover EICGILL. JOHN C., Portsmouth IX'IacINTOSI'I, GORDON, EerIin IVICKENNA. M. E., Lawrence, Mass. MCIIANE. ELLINGVVOOD, LittIeton IYICLAREN, IAN R.. IVIarIow McL.EOD, KENNETH A., PetcrIxoro MACALASTER. GORDON G., Laconia IVIALKIN, SIDNEY I-I., Manchester IVIALLEN. JAMES C.. Dover MALSCI-I, SUSAN C., Cranston, R. I. INIANOS, PETER N.. Port Chester. N. Y. IVIARCOTTE, EDXN' ARD I-I., Manchester IVIARSHALL, BARBARA, Manchester IVIARTIN. EARL P.. CvoII'stown MARTIN, HORACE S., Warner IVIARTIN, ROBERT S., Concord MATHER. VVALLACE A., Derry MATHENVS. ROBERT E., BerwicIc. Me. INIAYNARD. NORMAN L., Concord MEAD. HENRY L., BartIett MEAD. VINCENT, Amesbury, Mass. 1 s Jie 'nil N f , lyf' I 1 i IWIEADE. RICI IARD II.. CnnL'on.I IVIICI Illi. Pl III.I.II' A.. Ilirlrli-Iorll, IVR, IYIIIAIAVI IIK. III ,..' N INE D., Norlliwoorl IN'III.I-IR. RIITII I... Cliarlc-slown IN'III.I.ER, LYLIAN A.. Nr-wliury IXIII.I.I'I'I'TE. IIRANFICS NV.. Ryu INIITCI IEI.I.. .IOIIN II.. S. Easlon. IVIziss. INIOFK. .IOSITPII .I.. New Ipswivli IVIOIQC,-NN. II. RICI IARD. Ixlnnrlicslcr IVIORRISON. IXIARION A.. Derry INIORRILI., iHl'URO'I1I IY O., XV. Cr-rrrrnrri IXIORRISON. ROIIERT I I., Di-rry MORSE. XVARREN C.. Innrlonrlcrry IN'IOIII.'I'ON. EIUXVIN NV.. INIC-ri4IclIi iN'IOlIl.'I'ON. XVII.I.IAINI IRI., Concorrl INIIII .I .I IN. E. O.. Puri.VN.Ii'lSIiii11,!L0n,N.N. IXIYERS. IR.. PIIIRRE II., IJLIIIHIITI, Conn. 1 NIil.SON. I l.'XRI.C AV A.. IX'IiII Village NI'II.SON, T. P.. c1l'I1Il'I' Slralgliornl NOIJXN. ROIIIIIITI' II.. IX'IilI1l"Ill'SIl"I' NOTES. XX'Il-I.I.'XM If.. I.illIr-lon NI II II J. ADA I.. I Iamplon NIITIQ. IQIIUIZNE IJ.. ITJIFIIIIIIQIDII NU'I"I'INfI. I.. A.. Sul:-in Depol NYE. IIDXVIN P., Nvvsivilln OAKES. OLIVE I-I.. IVInnr:Iir-slr-r O'IIRIIiN. ROIIERI' .I.. Nnslnm ONNICIA. ROIIIfiR'I' Ii.. Nr-wpori OPENSI IAXV. FRANK, IN'Irmclir-slrer OSIEORN. IWIONAID I... Gossvilln PAINTING. N.-'X'I'AI.IE. Conrorcl PALIVIER. INIARGERY Comisli Flat PAPACIIRISTOS. IVIADELINE. Nasliua PAQUIN. ERNEST XV.. Ivlnncliosler PARKER. CLARENCE P.. Claremont PARKER. XVII.I.IAIX'I E., Slrnlliam PAROIII. .IOI IN A.. Iluvvrliill. Mass. PATEE. P.'N'I'RICTIA IIS.. RATRICIK. DOROTI IY C.. Ilmr-Ililclir-m Pl'IASI'I. IJOROTI IITDA Tcnafly. N. .I. PERFY, VIRGINIA IVI.. Porllanrl, IVIQ. PERKINS. .IOIIN A.. Soillll I.r-rr PERRY. ARLENE Il., AIITIIPFSII I"E'I'ROI7I7. CI IRIS'I'OI"I IER, lX'IuncIu-slr-r PI IIZNIX. RICIIARIA7, Cliororua PICKERINC. INI., Enllolcl PICKERINC. P. D., IImllIv Crnclc. IVIICIH. PIFKIi'I"I', .I.fXNIE'I' I.. Concorfl I'IEC'EXVIC'Z. IVI. A.. Nnslnm PIERFIQ, .IOIIN C., Ilanovcr PIERCE. REITA A.. Dover IJIERSON. ERIC T.. Ilzimrlvn, Conn. I'IFFARI'D. CI'IARI.l.'IS l'I.. Plninllr-Ifl. N. .I. PIKE, I.I.OYD P.. Dnvs-r PII.I.SII5lIRY. .IUSTINE I... Ilosf-awvn PINKS. NORRIS IVI.. IVIancIicslcr PINSKA. 9'I'IiI.LA lvl.. IVIanc'I1r'slcr PIPER, .IANES XV.. Concorrl PIPER. ROIIERT IVI.. Rnarling. IVIass. I'I.l.II'i'F. I'fREEIN"IAN A.. Roclicslor POKICIO. ITRANICIS .I., IVIiincImsIcr POI'I..fXXV9KI. 9'I'ANI.EY P.. IK'Iane'Iir-slur PRATT. IDXVIGI I'l' XV.. Dnllon. Mass. PR.YI'T. .Il.'IJI'I'II D.. Anlrim PR.ESCO'I"I'. R. W.. Kittery Point, Me. PRICSTON. ROBERT S.. Nlnncliestcr RAND, AINIY E.. Porlsmoulli RASSIAS, IVIARIE. IN'IancI1cslcr REDDEN. ROSENARY, Dover REED. IQDNVARD L.. IN'InrIIJoro REED. XVAIIACE, Porlsmoulli RICI IARDSON, ROGER II.. Lilllz-lon ROBERTS. RALPH L., Nnrlli Conway ROIBIiR'I'SON. EVELYN A.. IVIancI'icsIvr ROBINSON. XVII..I.IAIX'I A., Dover ROISINSON. XVILLIAINI O.. IVIancI1csIer RODOERS. STANLEY D.. Ixlanclieslcr ROIIINS. FERNE E., Dover ROOTI I, CARI, I'I., Pcnacooli ROSEN, IN-IYRON .I.. Porlsmoulli ROLINSEITEIL. IAI. P.. Kc-nsinglon ROXNDEN, RACI-IEI.. D., Xlvooclsvillc ROXVIZ. ROIZERT O.. Exclvr RUSSEII.. PRANCES E.. Norlli Conway RUSSEIJ.. .IAIN-IES O., Ixlillon, Mass. SAIVIAIIA. UNVXIAR .I.. IVIvrccIiIIi SANIIORN. JOYCE. Sprinpvalfr, IVIe. SANIUUSKI. FRANK A., l'IiIIsIuoro SAROENT. ROLAND L., P0rlsmoulI1 SAVAN. Milton. Ivlanrzlioslcr SAYENVICI-I, MARY R.. Eranlclin SCI IAAKE. .lR.. R. R., Ilnmpion SCI II .ESINCER FRANCIS, I7ranIcIin SCI IUI.'I'Z. EVERETT, Amr-slurry, Mass. Sf'O'I"I'. IWIERIVIAN A., Piilslnrrg SEIIAR, VJILIVIONT C.. Nvarner SEYIVIOUR. VVINTON I... VVInteIlelcI SIHIAVNI, .IOHN P., Ncwporl. SIIANV, PAUL S.. Bristol SI'IAVx1. SARA I'I.. N. Easlon, Mass. SI IEINUK. .IACOI3 II., Taunton, Mass. SI IERPIURNE. Rrriir E.. Pvllmm SI IERIVIAN. ROSE A.. Plymoiilli. Mass. SI IERRY. Vx'AI..TER I... Somorsworlla Sl IOREY. ALICE IVI.. Oorliam SILVER. CARI.. M., IVInIrIr-n. Mass. SKERRY. .IOI-IN R.. Izmrringlon, R. I. SLOAN. ROGER P.. Claremont SINfII'I'I I. CONSTANCE. XVoorIsviIIc SIVIITI I. EIUXVARD D.. XViIlon SIVIITI I. ELTON I3.. Nr-wnmrlrrwt SINII'I'Ilf I'IifXROI.D II.. Inlrnpnri- SIVIITI I. RICIIARD P.. Snlr-m Depot SIVIITII. IT.. Pnrl Yvasliingjlon. N. Y. SNONVIVIAN. RICI IARIU T.. I.c-Imanon SOPER. HENRY I... I.iilIr:lon SONIDERS, IVIARTIN R.. Ewrtrwr SOIITI IER. CHESTER H., Serilnoolr SOU'I'I'IXVICK. ROBERT M.. AcworlI1 SPARKS. DOROTHY. Flrr-slmrn SPEAR, RUTH LOUISE. Dcrry SPICER. LEONARD R., I'IaverIiiII. IVIass. STANLEY. D. O.. Pori Nxfasliinglon. N. Y. STANNARI7. EDSON L.. Wfoorlsville STANTON. PHYI .LIS A.. Roclicster STEARNS. INI!Xl'3EI.INE A.. I'IanconIr STEARNS. XVARREN F., XVQSL. LeInanon S'I'ERI.INC. ITRKXNKLIN XV.. I'IiIIsImro STEVENS, IHRENTON IYI., Salmon Falls ICG STEVENS. VAUGI-IAN O., Derry STEVVART. CLAYTON T., Hampton S'l'OCKXVEI.L. DONALD IVI.. Amliersl STOUGI-I'I'ON. RUTH. Nfvlwifeflelcl STUART, EDNA E.. Concorrl STUBPJE. JOHN Newport STYRNA. STANLEY. Naslmuo SULLIVAN. K. E.. Hillslaoro SULLIVAN. ROBERT O.. Gorlmam SXVEATT. RO'l'1ER.'I' A.. Conloocoolc SXVEET. DANA VV., Rocliestcr SXVEET. EDITH O., Lisloon SXVEET. .IOAN RocI1cslcr TAYLOR. FRANCES P.. YVcslviIIe TAYLOR. PRISCIIJJX IW., Concord 'I'EIN'IPI.-E, E. S.. Longmcac.Iow, Mass. TESSIER. RALPH ,I.. Roclicstcr 'l'HIBODEz'XU. RGSARIO L.. Lelmanon 'l'I'IOIN"IPSON. NANCY. Nvcst I'InrlI0rcI 'I'I'IONPSON. RUSSELL E.. E. Roclwcslcr TI-IOIYISEN. HENNINC-. Harlllorcl. Conn, TIIVIINIER. R. XV., Haslzrooclc I'Ic-iglals. N, .I. TODRIN. IIERNARD S.. Roxlnury. Mass. TOI.-INI.fXN. CAROL V.. Quincy. Mass. TORREY. IVIARY E.. Nlanclmcster TOVVNSEND. PAUL A.. Lebanon TRASK. RUSSELL L., Norilr Conway TRAVER. GORDON A.. Raymoncl TUFTS, GEORGE C.. Brighton. Mass. TYSON. VICTOR E., Milton. Mass. UPTON, ALLAN E.. Concord VAI.I..EYI. IRIS. Lincoln VERNA. .IOSEPI--I IVI.. PortsmoutI1 XIVAKEEIELD. RALPI-I E.. GoIIslown VUALLACE. RICHARD rl.. Claremont NVAYNE. XVARNER VV.. Durliam NVEIBSTER. HAROLD A.. Plymoutlx VVEIN. EBER A.. Laconia XVEINSTAT, HERTZEL, Dover VxfEN'I'7EI.I.. .IOI-IN L.. Somerville. Mass. XX-'I'Il'I'EI'IOUSE. HENRY S., Dover VxlI'II'I'IN'IYRE. GORDON L., Scotia, NY. VVII.I.CERO'l'I-I, G. B.. Oalc Parlc, III. NVILI .IAIN'IS. CHARLOTTE. Ixflanclieslcr Vx-'II.I.IAINIS, D, V.. Amcslmry. Mass. NVILLIAIXIS, GREGORY A.. Claremont XVILLIAIVIS. HERBERT O.. New Lonclon XVILLIS. INIADELON. Brorlilon. Mass. XVILSON, GEORGE P.. IVIancI1ester VVILSON. IIONVARD L., Lalccport VVINN, RICHARD .I., Porlsmoulli XVITI'IING'I'ON. RICHARD. Hillslaoro VVOOD. RAYIVIOND S., VVooclsviIIr: NVOODPIURY. EARL N.. Concorcl XVOODEURY, ELEANOR B.. Salem XVORCESTER. E. E.. Vxfest Swanzey WYIXTT. IVIARY PATRICIA. Dover YA'TSEVI'I'CI'I. IVI. IVI.. NVincIsor. Vt. YOEPEE. BERNARD. Porlsm0uII1 YOUNG. GEORGE, Dover ZELINSKY, IVIYRON S., IVIancI1esker ZULAUP. GLADYS I., Xfvolfclaoro .iw 'f'--W - ' -m 1 0 I I 14 w. w ' w , b ' r Q Ii Yr .I I if Y . , , -,-Yu, Y iii -, S -I r. r L. f. 5. K. 1 1. I 4 I N P 6 M RAYMOND N. DOYLE President THE C -ASS CDF1 impure l5..lumK1Ns Tl'C'flSllfUf W QQQ ,ii 'S 94 Q . 'h1!1."'Y nf " K '-X K . , ' ' , J ELINOR M. Dovma Secrelary Luoxfx F. DUMONT Vice-President ig Us QC ' v 1 -l "7,. 3 1 J S ,- lm S -I Aim' ,in J I ' . , Y ' if: .xc D24 , .gx ' ' xg J umlllnu., M .4f- w I 'Jr 'Mig . .f 1 M .nJ,,. 1 I -sq "23his1:a1: 7?s-4' -:ll ? V"'5 ' I-vpacun ABl3O'l"l', FRANK .I., TiIlon Al-IERN, KATI ILEEN IYI., CI1arIcstown AINSXVORTI I, RAYMOND F., Derry ALIBEE. ROIIERT VV., FranI:Iin ALDEN, FRISCILLA F., I'Iampl,on Al FXANDIQR, ROBERT H., Kiltcry, Mc. ALIIVII, GEORGE P., Reelresier ALLARD, ROIIERT ll.. IVIcIrose, Mass. AI.l.l'2N, El.lZAI'lETII II.. IX'IancI1ester ALIVIOND, IIELEN E.. CI1esIer, Conn. AMES. IIARTIARA E.. IIerIin ANASFIIOS, PERICLES. Manchester ANDERSON. IIERTRAIVI C., IVIancI1eslcr ANDERSON, Cl IARLES E., Derry ANDERSON, R. C.. W. Newbury. IVIass. ANDREXVS, RAI .PII H., Ror'I1esler ARIVISIIIRONG. ROIIERT G., XVincIIiarn ARNO, .IR., IVAN XV., Errol ATKINSON, ELEANOR IXI., Lnconm AIIIXVOOD, IVIARTI IA F., Ns-Irose, Mass. AUl'7E'l"l', EDXVARD .I., Concord AUSTIN, ROBERT II.. VX-Turner AVIERY, ILENE E., XN'I1iie FIrrIrI AYTOUN, IVIARIE R.. Amherst IIAIICOCK, NATHAN I'I.. Durham BACON, I.. VV., .IeIIr-rson IIACON. IJI lYI.l.IS E., XV. I.vImnon LIACON, SELINIA. Havr-rI1iII, Mass. TSAER, XVILLIAIVI, Dover BALI., NORXVOOD A., Frnnronia IIANDIDOS, PAUL C,, ConrorcI BARIIOLIR, ARTHUR XV., Union BAR IENBIHRG, C1lrnI1rifIg1v, F'IaSS. ITIARNETT, LYNDON R., N. SlralIonI BASCOIVI, HORACE N., AIslc-nr,I EASDEKIS, COSTAS H., IVIuncI1esler I71ATCI'IEI.DER, .IOIIN E., Exeter F1AT'CI'IEI.DER, NEAL A., Com-onI BEAUDET, TIIOIVIAS XV., Ik'Iill1CIlC'SICI' I'rA'Ul,,lEL.l, II, II., XA'II'lIII"llill'l, IYInss. BECK, FRANKLIN XV., Gres-nInnrI LIECKER, ROBERT. l'Iavr-rlrill, Mass. EEIIAN, GEORGE XV.. Dover BENNETT, FRANK IVI., Derry IJIERNIKOXVICZ. VETO .I., Nashua BER RY, .IOSEFII Conc'orcI IIERSON, GEORGE I... SomursworlIr EILLINGS, ROIIERT S.. Dover I?-ISIIOP. IIARIIARA II.. IIrooIqIino BISSELI., RUSSELL II., IN'InrIIroro BLACK, HARVEY K.. Anlrim BIAINE, RALFII R., IX'Ianr'I1esler BLAIS, LAVVRENCE F.. SLvwarLIsiown BLAKE, IEDITII IVI., I7iIce BLODGE'I"l', .I., XV. Slmwirlslown BLOOD. D,. East Fellerc-II, IYIi,1ss. IILYTIIE, EDXVARD S., Portsmouth BOCI IAN .IOI-IN. Chirumont DODGE. PAULA IVI.. GOITstown ' EOGDAN, IRSENJAIVIIN NV., Nashua BOGGS, VIRGINIA. IxIIi1l"I.7ICIII!?l!.I, IVIass. IBOGRIFITT. .IOIIN L., I'Iarnplon BOODEY, l.UCll.l.E A.. E. Barrington ITIOUCHER, ARIYIAND R., Nashua BOULTON, Al .TON F., GnITs1own BOURN, .IR., TLIEODORE, IVIiII'orrI BOWEN, PATRICIA I... IVIiIIorcI BOWLES, FRED B.. Franconia BOYCE, ROBERT E.. Manchester IIOZZO. JEROIVIE, N. AilIeIaoro, Mass. BRACKETT, ANNETTE. Greenland BRAGG, DEAN S.. Farmington BRAKELEY, IIARIIARA, IVIanr'Iic-stcr BRECK. DONALD RV., NV:-nlworlI1 BRIGGS, DOROTHY IVI., Dover BROONE, JOSEPH XV., Barrington IIROXVN, CHARLES I-,, Newport BROXVN, ,IULIET E.. XVenlworlIr IIROXVN, RUSSISI .L C., IVIanoIxcster BRYANT, RICHARD XV., Ix'IanrtIwstcr ISUCKl.EY, A. ,I.. Swnmpscolt, IX'Iass. IIUDZIANOXVSKI, A., I'J0I'LSl'l10LIIIl IIUI,I.EN, ISIARIBARA, ltlarlrle-Irearl, h'Iass. BURNHAN, FLETCHER II., Nashua BURNS, ALEXANDER .I., FranI:Iin BURNS, BARBARA XV., IVIaneIre5l,er IIURROUGLIS, ROBERT B., SanIJorm'iIIe BURT, LLOYD H., VVest Rumney BUTTRICK. .lOl IN XV., Greenville CAIVIPBELL, GRACE E., EnIIeIcI CAME. VIRGINIA, Rochester CANFIELD, N. L., New I..oncIon. Conn. CANNELL. XVILLIAM IRI.. Lehanon CARIIONNEAII, LIONEL .I., Exeter CARLISLE, ANNE L., Concorr,I CARLSON, EDXVIN I., Conrord CARPENTER. .IR., L., VVaIceIIc:IcI CARR, IIRLICE XV., Concorr.I CARR, ROBERT IT.. AIlon CI IAIIOT, RALFI I I I.. Somc-rsworlh CI'IAIN'IITERI..IN, LEXVIS IIS., New Durham CI IARAIT, ALITERT A., IIrooIcIine CHASE, ANGELA G., IVIanrhcster Cl IASE, Pl'lYl.,l..lS A., IX'IeIrose, Mass. CI IENEY. L. II.. East Kingslon CLARK. EIYIERSON, IYIarIJIeI1eaLI, IVIGSS. CLARK. JANET, Rochester CLARK, .IOI IN XV., XVC-ymoulh, LIGS. CLARK, ROBERT IYI., Franconia CI .EMENT ARTHUR E., Nashua CLEIVIENT, VVILLIAIVI D., Nashua COGGER. ROSALIND G., NI:-rrimacIc COLE, HARLOXV XV.. Fremont FOLLAY. PETER N., Somersworlh COLLINS, BETTY IIS., Rochester COLIVIAN, FRANCES IVI., SanInornviIIc CONE, NVILLIAIVI II., Fillshurgh. Fa. FREDA E.. I'IcnniIcer COIXIIVIOR, .IEANETTE F., Rochester CONNOR. .IOI-IN H., Hanover CONNVAY. PAUL F., Exeter COOK, RICHARD F., IVIiII Village COOIVIBS, NVEBSTER E., Vx'I1iicIIeInI C'OSTELl.Of 'EDGAR F.. BerIin COULONIIIE, RHETA lvl.. BerIin COURY, ALMA F., Bc-rIin COX, ELLIS T., Furlsrnouth COX, EUNICE IVI., East I'IaverI1iII COX. GLADYS E., Vx7oIIoIuoro FOXY, DOROTHY M., Rochester CRAFTS, DONALD RIIGUCIICSICF CRAFTS, JOHN IXI.. IYIanchcstPr CRITCHERSON, E., Swampscoll. Mass. CROCKETT, DAVID R., New LomIon CROOKS, FAULINE, Xvinthrop, Mass. CROSBY, CYNTHIA N., Dunharton 115 CULLEN, ROLAND F., Rochester CUIVIIVIINGS, IVIARVIS E., Nashua CURRUI., RUTI'I I"I., Nashua CUSHING, DAVID I.,, HiIIsIaoro DAVIS, CONSTANCE I., Laeonia DAVIS, EDXVARD T., Portsmouth DAY, THOIVIAS B.. Raymond DEARBORN, ELVVYN F.. Epping DEARBORN, GRACE I., North Weard DENT, RICHARD D.. Newport DOYLE, IZLINOR IYI.. Portsmouth DONAHUE, NANCY, HaverhiII, INIass. DICKSON, RUTH, IVIancIiester DINIOCK. NEVE H.. Exeter DOXV, VIRGINIA IVI., XVcare DONVELL, DOROTHEA A., Franconia DOYLE, R. N., Newhnryport. Mass. DRAPER, FREDERICK A., Derry DROVVNS, BARBARA L., Nashua DLICLOS, FRANCIS G.. Contoocooh DLIFF. PAUL IVI., IVIiIIoreI DUINIONT, LEONA F., Derry DUINIONT, ROGER .I., Manchester DUPELI., RAYMOND R., ReecI's Ferry DURFEE. EUNICE A., Concord DURNING, VIRGINIA A., Manchester DZIADOSZ, GEORGE S., IVIancI1ester EASTIVIAN, DAVID G., Durham EASTIVIAN. LOUISE A,, LaIccport EDSON, LOUISE H., VVI-sl Lehanon EKDAHI., IVIIRIAIVI C.. XVorcester, Mass EI .I..lOTT, BRUCE O., East Rochester ENERSON, ROBERT C., Intervale EVANS. .IOHN T., Portsmouth EVANS, LORING D.. Dover EVANS, RICHARD L., XV:-ntwertlm FAY. NELSON .I., SoulI'iIuricIge, IVIass. FECTEAU, RITA Y., Epping FEENEY, XVILFRED .I., I'IaverhiII, Mass FEINIIERG. ROSE, Rochester FERRANITE, ALFRED, Stamford, Conn. FEUER, SUNDAY, IVIarIow FINDEISEN, I--I. A.. IVICIIILIEEH. Mass. FINNIGAN. JOI-IN, gwampsrott. IYIass. FITZPATRICK. IVI. ELIZ., Exeter FITZSINIVIONS. XV. T., Keene Fl .AGG, NEAL R., Vxfarnor FLAVIN, MARGARET E.. Keene FLEIVIING. ALICE .I., I.nwrz-'nr'e, Mass. FLETCHER, CONSTANCE, Mancheste FOLEY, TERESA M., Dover FORBES. CHARLES S., Lisluen FONVLER, .IOHN F.. Nr-wlon FREEIVIAN, HELEN F., Exeter FRENCH, .IOSEPHINE C., IN'IerrimaeI: FRENCH. LEON E., Kittery, Me. FRENCH, PHILIP N., Forlsmoulh FRENCH, ROBERT XV., PillsHeIrI FRIZZELI., EDXVIN C., CoIeIJrooIq FROST, TERRY F., Derllram, Mass. FRYE, HENRY E., Conl0orooIc FULLER, VIRGINIA, IYIanchester GARLAND. BUHRIVIAN B.. Bartlett GAY, KATHLEEN E., New Lnnrlon GELT. SAMUEL. Derry GOLDIYIAN, HELEN N.. IVIiIInrrI COODI-IUE. RICHARD Y., VVoII'eIJoro GORDON, GEORGE, Rye, N. Y. T Ei GORDON, RICHARD E.. PortIand, Me. COULD, WlI.BUR A., CoIehrooIc GOVE. CAROLYN. E., Laconia GOVE. LEO T., Wentworth GRABONVSKI. PETER H., Laconia GRANT. ARLENE C., PIaistow GRANT, ROBERT 'I'., North Epping GRAY, JOHN H., Penacooh GREEN. RALPH H., WestviIIe OREENAWAY, DORIS M., Portsmouth GREENOUGH, F. XV.. GroveIanrI, Mass. GREENNVOOD, ALBERT R., Keene GRIFFITHS, JOSEPH R., Berwick, Me. CRIMES. ANN C., Dover GRINDLE, RALPH L.. Conway ORYGIEL, OENEVIEVE L., Nashua GUIBORD, GEORGE M., Lee HAI .E, CONSTANCE P., RocIcaway, N..I. HALE. JR., .IOHN I., Portsmouth HALE. RUTH E., CIaremont I'IAI.E, B., Wincllcgfgr HALEY. HAROLD A., Barrington HALL. CI-IESLEY E., London HALL, HAROLD ,I., N. AltIcIJoro, Mass. HAH.. JOHN D., MeIrose, Mass, HAMILTON, PAUL. N. Dighton, Mass. HAMMOND. CHARLES R.. Manchester HANCOCK, MARY L., Concord HARKINS. RICHARD ,I., Laconia HARNVOOD, RUTH B., Portsmouth IIASKINS, OLIVE E.. Troy HAUBRICH, .IANE A., CIaremont I IAUBRICH, LEONARD A., Claremont IIAZEN, ELINOR. BclhIchem HAZARD, L. R., Portsmouth I IENDERSON, E. S.. Melrose, Mass. HENDERSON, ERDINE V., Penacooh HEPLER, .IESSIE R., Durham IIIZRLIHY. RITA 'NViIlon lIlI.I.. ALICE H., Sanford, Me, I III.TON, BERNICE M.. Keene IIOEBS. .IOHN L.. MiIlon MiIIs I IODOKINS, JR., EARL, XfVoocIsviIIe I 'OI.T. IVIARIORIE L., Concord I IONKAIA, ADOIF U., Ga-rrish IIOOPER. .IOHN H., SnnhornviIIe HOPKINS. DAVID M., GreenIIeIrI I IOULIHAN. THOMAS E., Mitten, Mass. I IOUNSELI., VV. E., Conway HOXVARD. .IEAN N., Eartlett I IOXVKER, SHIRLEY H., Somersworth HUNT, STANLEY E.. Twin Morrntain IIUNTOON, CLINTON E., Danhury I IURLBERT. DAPI INE E., ErroI IIYATT. BARBARA E.. Keene IMIJROPIIA, P. O., Norolon I'IeigI1l.s, Conn. INCLESON. XVALTER, Manchester JACQUES, D. R., XR'oIIasl0n, IVIass. .IANESTOS CHRISTINIE. Dover IANVRIN, DOROTHY, Hampton Falls IENVELL, I2l.I.IOT'l' XV.. IVIanchesler .IEVVEt..L, ESTHER F., OrccnIam,I JOHNSON, DEXTER P.. Nashua .lOl INSON, JOSEPH NV., Rochester JOHNSON. IVIAXINE T., Manchester JOHNSON. XN'AI.TER C., Lee ,IOI3 DAN. OERARD XV., Ncxvrnnrhr-t JUDKINS. ROGER, NVIiilr- PIainS, N. Y. 116 KACHAROS. CHARLES ,I., Derry KALLED, JAMES, Nashua KATSIAEICAS, N., Nashua KEEGAN. BERNARD ,I., E. ,IaIIIrcy KIEET, ROBERT, Claremont KELLEY. ROBERT, PittsIIeIcI KENNEDY, WINIFRED, Newport KENNEY, EDITH M., Newmarket KIMEALI., ROLAND E., Manchester KNOVVLITS. P. G., Swampscott. IVIass. KNOYVLTON, ROBERT E.. Eoscawen KOUTSOTASEOS, SOCRATES, Nashua KREXVSKI, HELEN S.. Nashua KUNTZ, MINNIE M., Hampton LAMEERVII, V. G., I.ynnReIfI Center, Mass, LANG, KENNETH ,I., IVIanchesler LANGDELL, THEODORE R., YViIton LANGER, RAY E., Manchester LANYON, HAROLD M., Hanover LAPEZA, HENRY M., Nashua LARIVIERE. LOUIS O., Sunapec LANVRENCE, I.. D., Eerwiz:Ic, Mc. LEAVITT, FRANK E., Concord I.EGGE'I"l'. RICHARD H., BcrIin LESTER. ORLANDO A., Northwood LEVESQUE. GERARD ,I., Nashua LEVVIS. PIaistow LIEBY, DONEURY K., Laconia LIBBY. ROSALIE A., NVuIpoIe LING. ROI .AND H., Manchester LINNEIQI., R. D.. Northwooc.I Ridge LORD. ROBERT E.. Farmington LOVE, ROBERT O., Ipswich, Mass, l.YI..IS, TI IEO, Manchester LYSTER, .IOHN D., Concord I .YSZCZAS EDNVAR D. Nashua Mr-CORIVIICK, RITA P.. Exeter Mr-CRONIE. KENNY R.. Dover MCDANIIZI., GRACE M., E. Barrington MncDONAI.D, .FOI IN A., Bcrhn MACINTYRE, SYLVIA B., Portsmouth MFKEAGNIZY. R. E.. N. Rochester MADDOCK, ROBERT K., XVestviIIe MALI .ECK, LEO S., Manchester IVIALLIS, HEI .EN H.. Evrhn MANZONE, VIOI.ET'I'A, E. .IaII'rc-y MARCOTTE, BERYL C., Fremont MARDIGIAN. EDNA R., Manchester MARII.I.I, JOSEPH, Durham INMRSDIIN, PAUL W., Durham MARSIIAII.. VV. H., Nashua MARTIN, C. A., Portsmouth MARTIN, CI IARLES H., AnrIovc-r, Mass. MA RTIN, .IAMES .I., Concord MARTIN, .IEANNE'I'TE. MiII'orcI MASON, ,IFfANNE'V'l'lT E.. Ml.. Vernon MASON, 'VIYRESA A., Tamworth N.'N'l"l" IIHXVS. FLORENCE E.. Groveton IVIA"I"I'I IEXVS, XN!Il.l.IAM R.. Durham IVIAlII2ICTI2'I"I'E, EIEANOR F.. Dover MAXI7IEI.D. KEIGVVIN E., Dover MAYOR. ROIAND H., FranIcIin MEAD, NVAITFIR E., Mercrlith MITINEl.'I', O. E.. I.awrcnr:e MENDOZA, JOSEPH. N. Y. C. MITRSFRYIT, I IAROID A.. Nmvmarhet NIITSSER, MAHRIFE E., New London MII .I.AR, XVll.l..IAM K.. I7Iymouth IxIII.I.S, .IOI IN XV.. XVurncr INIII.'I'UN, I.IiXVl9, GrcevnInniI IXIITCI IIfI.I.. IJOROTI IY, I Iannplon INII'l'l.fIIIjI.l.. MARTIN I... A1'worlIn IXIONIIIA, IIfXROI.l3 R. IIunuvcr INIOK JNIIY. VIRGINIA A.. IrLlI'Il'lII'lI1IUIl INIOORII, IXI, D.. Ijign-on Cum-, IXInss. IXIfIRAN. AI XMWNISVIIIU INIORAN. K'.fX'I'I IIIIRINH A., XVoorIsviIIc MORGAN, .IR., .I. C., NvwtonviIIc:. Mass. INIURIN. I.AIJRIiN'I' E., IIr-rIin MORSE, XVAIIACE .I.. I.yn'1o NIIII'II.I.ER. IDONAIIJ N.. Smigus. Mass, INIlIl.l.liN, ROIIERT IVI.. KI0l'll'f'1l'fI IXIIIRCI IIIZ, lil JXNARIJ IXI.. Sultan INIl7RI'I IY. INIARY C.. Dov:-r IXIIIRIIIIY, ROIIIIRT II.. IYIurI'mm N."Xl'lIiR, C".'NRl'Dl.YN .I.. II..mfIi-n. Conn. N!X'I'l IANSON. S, C., I.ynn. Mass. Nl-IISON. CI IRlS'I'INl'1, Cr-nlvr SlraII'orrI NIIVIIRR. ASI Il.IiY D., XVI1ilm-IIa-I1I NIIIRIIRSON. I,. CI1m'urun NOONAN, ,IR., .IOI IN II., I'InIIvIiI Nc DI IRY, IJRANCIS A.. II'I:im'Iu-slur NTCIIIROS. I.YI7I.'X IJ., I'1rifIulnn, IN'Iv. NUGENIII, ITIAIII., Quinvy. IVIHSS. NYlIIiR,G, IIOROTI IY I... IX'InrirIwslcr O.'XKM.'NN. XVIIIIAN I".. XV1-sl Swurxzoy CJ'Ci'ONNlilI.l., ARTI IIIR XV., III-rIin OISEN. ROIII'iR'I' A.. Ilmlnm-I OISON. INIARCUI?RI'I'li. Dovvr ORI JXIVAY. RICI IARY ,I., I.illIi'lon ORR. IJAVID II.. NuilI1wonrI O'SlII.I.IVAN. I"RANK'IS A., INIanrIwsknr , ,,,..-- r- Q OlII:I.I.I'.I II'., lI'.I7I IIRINl'., Inmniai RAGE. IJOROTI IY. DuiI1:n11 P.'XflIi, OIICDRGE IJIIFIHIIII Ii'AfII'I. VIRGINIA NV., Conway I'fXI.IN"II'IR, RICI IARIJ I... Ilnmpion IIANAGOIILIS, NICI IOI.AS, NnsI1ua IIARKIQR. CLAIRE IRI.. Troy PIXRKER. .lR.. RAIPII .l.. XV. Swamzcy PARSONS, NANCY I... Dm-r-r Illi.-NIIOIUY. ROGER A.. I7rnm'oniu I7fX'I'tfI I. NORMAN Rnrlif-slr-r Col1r'0rfI I"IiNNIfI.I.. RIC! IARIU 'I'.. Durlmm PERKINS, AVIS E., Sclur-nnrlarIy, N. Y. IIIIRKINS, IIORUTI IY NI., Ki-i-nv PICRKINS, MAIQYIXON C., Dow-r PERRY. IUOROTIIY I... NnsIiun PIi'I'IiRIVIAN, XVARREN XV., DurIxnm I'II'i'I'IlRSON. IB. I... I"IymonlI1. Mass. PIITERSON. .I.. Narllnvnml Riflgn IJIITRYK. .IOSIQPII IVIanrIn-sivr PICARI3, FRANK G.. I.m'onia PINSKA, SUPI IIE. ManrI1rvslvr PI.NI'IfK. S'I'ANI.I2Y A,. IK'Inni'In-slcr I'OI.I .ARI1 FRANCIS IU.. Dnvi-r ROIYIEROY. IIEI Ix'Ic'mI Vvrnon POOR.. ERNIQFKI' R.. XN'omIsviIIu PI-2.-NY, EDEN 'I'.. IVInino I7REIII.E. M.fXRGARIi'I' ITS., ITUFISIIIUIIIII I'RI3ISC'CYII'I', ROIIERT II., PorlsmmilIi I"RI'ISCO'I"I'. VxfAI.'I'ER S., Dow-r PRESTON, PRISCIIIA. 'I'aunlmi. IN'Inss, PRIDE. IIARIIARA I... Vx-Inlllmm. Mass. QLIIMIIY. .IR.. EARLE C.. Ki-unc QUIIVIIBY. EDNVARD II., Dover QUINN. ROBERT IJ., I'IingI1am. Mass. RAIVISAY, ,IAIVIES VV., Dover RANVSTROIVI, IVI. I7., SpringIIcIcI, IVIass. REED, RALPH IVI.. Portsmouth RICI IARD. CLAIRE IT.. I'IucIson RICI IARDS. DONALD H., Exeter RICHARDS. PHILIP XV.. Exe-lcr RICIIARDSON. D. V.. SIroII'0rrI, Conn. RICI IARDSON. DXN'IGI'l'I' IIS., Ranc.IoIpI1 RICI IARDSON. EDXVIN H.. RnmIoIpI1 RICI IARDSON. I.. A.. SomcrviIIc, Mass. RIIJION, EI.IZABIT'I'I'I C., GoII'stown RIIIII.. ARTHUR D.. PiltsIIcIcI RILEY. EDNA IVI.. I7IninviIIe, Mass. RINES. I-JIIILIP I'I.. SZIIIIJOFHVIIIE RIVI'-IRA, EDVVARD XV., I'Innovcr RIVERS. RAYMOND A., AnrIovcr ROACIIE. IRVING R., Exeter ROISITRTS. .IOHN E., I.aconia ROCI IELEAU. ROBERT E.. Pcnacook ROCKVx'EI-I.., DAVID .I., AlIcinson ROC'KXVIZI.L, LESLIE I'I.. AlI:inson ROGERS, MARY E.. I3illsIIoTcI ROI.I.INS. LESTER G.. AII,on Bay ROUIIIARD, CARI.E'I'ON, HinsrInIo ROVVE. CHESTER R., Exeter ROXVE, .IOI IN A.. PorlsmoutI1 ROYVE, ROBERT INI.. PIaislow ROXVI'iI.I.. RUTH E.. Nr-wporl ROY, IUOROTHY A., Nashua RUDD. XVILLIAIVI R., DurI1am R USSELI., ROITIERT I'I., Keene SANIIORN. FRED H., CI1iitI'msIcr SANIIORN, MARGARET E., SanInornlon SANIWIORN, ROBERT D.. CI1icI1csIcr SANRORN. VVILLARD P.. Epping SCIIULTZ. SPAULDING. I'IoIIis SCI IIIRIVIAN. .IOHN C., Derry ViIIage SIFIIZIER. GEORGE II., POFISITIOUIIT SI IARPE, ARNOLD IVI.. NasI1ua SI I.-XRPS. ALBERT L., NcwIJury SI IAXV. .IOANNE. Gnffslown SI IAXV. KENNETH C., ConcorcI SI IIEDD. ARTHUR Pm., Hanover gIIT'RREI.I.E, CARI. N., XfVoocIsviIIe SKIDINIORE, SYLVIA C.. IVIancIicslcr SIN'IAI.I.IiY, ELIZABETI I. Lynn. IVIass. SIVIART. PHILIP E,. PorlsmoutI1 RIYIITII, ADELLA .I.. Portsmouth SINIITII. EVERT I'I.. PUI'ISITlOlllI1 SIVIITI I. IIARRISON E., I'IucIson SIVIITII, LUCILE A., IVIiIIorcI SINIITII, IVIALCOLIVI V.. DurI1am SMI'I'I'I. SHIRLEY L., Troy SINIITI I, VIRGINIA I"I.. Concord SNOXV. EDXVARD VV.. S. I'IcrwicI:, IVIC. SONOSKY, EDWARD .I., GiIsum SI'II.I.MAN. JANET B., Mont Vernon STACKROLE, PHILIP I.. Dover STANNARD, EDNVARD C.. VV'I1ilcIIi:IiI STANTON, EDIVIUND F., VViIton STACROU. OLEIVIBIA, IVIancI1eslcr STEELE. HOVVARD L., IVIancI1esctcr STEVENS. IVI.. XVCSLINDOIQ, Conn. S'l'IiVITNS. Cv. R.. Ni-xv Canaan. Conn. STEXN"ART, DONALD I-I.. Rochester STILES, DNVIGHT G., IVIiIan 117 STODDARD, ELLEN A.. Porlsmoulh STROUT. FLORENCE E., Lynn. Mass. SUGHRUE. RICHARD C.. SaIcm, Mass SULLIVAN, DAVID L.. BracII'orcI, Mass SULLIVAN. CATHARINE IRI.. I:ranI:Iin SZALUCKA. VXI, S., CIaremont TABER, RUTH IVI., IVIancI1ester TEMPLE. MORGAN I.. Dover TENNEY, ELAINE K., IVIancI1ester TESSIER. ROBERT E., PenacooI4 THAYER. .IERRY L., Epping TI-IOIVIES, IRVING, SI1rcwsIwury. Mass. 'I'HOMAS, NVILLIAIVI H., IVIancI1estcr TI'IOIX'IPSON, EDITH C., IVIancI1oslcr 'I'I'IOIVlPSON. EVERETT L., Dover TI-IURSTON, G. VV.. GIouccstcr, IVIass. THXVING. ELIZABETH, LamIocrt, Que TIBBETTS. LORNA. C., IVIancI1csler TIGHE. GEORGE E.. IVIanc:I1cstcr TOBEY, EDNVARD VV., Hampton TONIPKINS, VVYNTHA A.. Essex, IVIass 'I'ORTORELI,I, PHILIP. IX'IiII'orcI TOUART. ANTHONY ,I., Boston, IVInss TOUSSAINT. LUCILLE, BcrIin TOXVERS, ERNEST J., BerIin 'l'OVx!NE. CLIFFORD H.. Dover TRAFTON. DORIS IVI., PorlsmoulI1 TUTTLE. BEVERLY G., I3r0oIcIinc. Ix'Inss XVALKER, ROBERT H., Penarook XVARD, PIIILIP H., IVIonroe XVATSON, JOHN B., I'IartforcI, Conn. NVEBBER, DAVID A.. Portsmouth NVEBSTER, VXIIALTER E., Kingston XVEDEN. DOROTHY V.. VVoocIsviIIc XVEEKS, HAROLD B., SorncrsworlI1 XVEEKS, MARVIN F.. XrVincI1rvstcr NVELCH, DONALD IVIereCIiI:I1 XVELLS, ELVVOOD O., SI1ort I7aIIs VVELLS. LEON S., Derry XVENDELL, IVIARION R., Portsmouth NVENTXVORTH, N. A., Somersworlh NVESTFALL, NEALE O.. Rye Center XNIESTON, WILLIAM B., NasI1uz1 XVI-IEELER, CHESTER L.. ConcorcI XfVI'IEEI..ER, IVIARY A., VX7iIminglon, Del VvIIfIII3I3I..E, ALICE E., GOII-slown NVHITAKER, E. F., Berwick, IVIS. XVHITE. DAVID L., PittsIIeIrI XVHI'I'E, VVALTER C., NortI1 SancIwicI1 XVIDGER. NVILLIAIVI K., E. Lynn, IVIass XVIGGIN, .IOI-IN R., Portsmouth NVILD, ROBERT P.. Winchester, Mass. NVILKINS. VIOLET. IVIiIforcI XNILLIAIVIS. FAITH IVI., Portsmouth XVILLIAIVIS, RAMONA. Taunton, Mass XVILLIAIVIS. REBECCA, Danvers, Mass VVILSON. DONALD A.. Wcst Lebanon VVINN, IVIAURICE S.. Bennington, Vt. VVISE, GEORGE T., Hanover XIVITHAIVI. IVI. FRENCES. BrooIcIIeIcI MVOOD. ANNIE I... PorlsmoutI1 NVOOD. IVIILDRED E.. NasI1ua VVOOD. ROBERT E., Fort EcIwnrcI. N.Y XVOODARD. ERLON L., Dover WOODI-IOUSE, DAVID T., BristoI VVORTHEN. ROY E.. PIYIUOLIIII YOFFEE, JEANETTE, PortsmoutI'1 ZEEBURG, LEONARD S.. Laconin x9 3' Nj KY 3 SCIENT .ol 1 fyloos 15X U-Hunan -5809 '69 EAN 0,0 ,ob IU EDWIN S. PREBLIE Vice-Presialeni PAUL E. Houma Prcsirloni , RICHARD F. NELl.SON TFEUSLLTUF JOHN D. PIANLON IQCCOl'flif'l.Q Secrclary 120 IIARRY L. HAYNES Sccrclary TUDE IDONALD B. Una JOIIN K. NAc1Flxc'l:1iRN CGUNCIL RAY MQND N. DO3'l.E KENNETH P. HUFF H. Lxilzov B151-IOP MAX F. GOWEN 121 XVALTER M. WEBIS I RACH E 1. Moore E NIILDRED BACON V A R R Y r ALICE COIEliMAN BRR,xlsfxRA S141 I E LDS presiffenl E1.1zA13ET1-1 BREMNER Vice-President ELIZANOR ADRIAN Secrelary ASSCDCIATICDN OF VxfCDMEN STUDENTS 3? EXECUTIN E COUNCIL IVIART1-IA FARRIS El.lx,xBET1A1 BROXVN 122 I IX'IAR'I'lI.'X CEARLAND ANN REBER W MARY STEARNS IORTAR IXVIARRY I"ARR1s11 Vice-ljresirlcnl 4 M 8 BQARD BARBARA FOSTER S e cretury D, lVlARc:liRY U1"l'uN BARBARA PARSONS 71f'CUSUl'Gf' E1 IYABFTH BROXVN Preszdent JEANETTE TONDREAULT Ol GA CONON ANNA BAUM BARBARA ANNE S1-IIELDS Ecluor-Hislormn 125 The Nfuyomlly Campaign and Slunl Night arc yearly fealurcs of Blue Kay. President Vice-Presiclent Secralary-Treasurer DONAl.D B. QTIS BLUE KEY Senior Honorary Society FOUNDED 1921 OFFICERS PIIUI. E. PIORNE I'IARL PI-Lfxsri, lla. PIERRE D. BOY iAXR'I'HUR S. LITTLE RAYMOND B. P.fx'I'TIiN EDWIN S. PIIEBLE ROIIER XfVAl.TER M, WEBB, JR. 124 PAUI.. E. PIORNH DONALD B. OTIS EDWIN G. NAGI,lE, Jn. EDWIN C, NIxGI.I1:, lu. CLUIQDCJN MAGIIY 'I' .l. SPAIILDING AlJIil.I'5lil2'l' F. Two Josuvl-I W. TI N I4 IIII at M President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBER FIERBERT A. JOHNSON FIARRY L. I'lAYNES THOMAS F. JOHNSON RICHARD I-I. JOHNSON GEORGE. W. MCCAEFREY HERBERT B. PERSON FRANCES H. WORCESTER ROBERT W. TWOMBLY ROBERT XV. PERKINS PAUl.W. PRINCE SEYMOUR 'OSMAN EDMUND C. SHEAHAN GARDNER C. REED W11,L1rxM R. SANDERSON RICH ARD JOHNSON Secretary llllllllg S Illlll L4 :T 2. '1 OCD IPD O DI O 5?-11 P1 HZ O mx Q. CD PF '4 "" 1 OFFICERS HARRY L. IJAYNES TOM F. JOHNSON I-QICI-IARD H. JOHNSON GEORGE W. lX'lCC:AFFRliY FRATERN1TY Sigma Bela Tliela Clli Alplm Tau Omega l Lambda Clii Alplla Tliela Kappa Plli Plii Blu Delia Caalclrorzs Pi Kappa Alplia Plii Della Upsilon. Alpha Gamma Rho Plii Alplia Tau Kappa Epsilon Kappa Sigma Sigma Alplia Epsilon GEOIIGE NJCCAFFREY ,TFUCISUTGF ?.. L-- . 126 l-:ar HARRY HAYNE5 Prcsiclunl THOMAS Joi-INSON Vicerpresiclcnl l'lI:IIIIIaR'IA .IIIIINSON ! 1 I PAUL PRINCE ROBERT PERKINS l'!IiRlil'lK'I' PIIIISIINS Iq0lllill'l' 'l'woMIILY X ,Yan ,"'g4'I C-,IRDNI:R REED 127 Eml UNI: SH IEAIIAN SEYMOUR OSMAN FRANCIS X7XrORCESTER YVILLIAIII SIINDIZRSON 7 X ll 4 , , , I , I I I A ' i ' Q-FEDQ, L I : 'IT 'Bb Q i, QS Vi " ' . A ' ' xv V 2'-'W '3i'5lbQf1i.1f'- :,. . " ' Q! 'La ag, 1 A Y 1 -4 "im, . '7f:w..iM1!-T'm:,.,i.','i , 4- , I I I I I A I First Ixnm-1"Izirtin. Second Row-PIHIIS, I71isIiOp, Couscr. Tliircf Ruin--I Imvceii, I'IiIIic'r, IILIII, I5ruInrcI, Sinr'Iriir. SENICDR SKULLS President Vice-President Secrciciry Treasurer Robert Hart I-croy Higgins ArtI1ur Bishop Roger Bruford James Couscr ESTABLISHED OFFICERS 1910 GORDON IVIARTIN NORMAN I'IAWEELl KiiNNm'1A1 I'IUFF ROGER BRUFORO FRATRES IN FACULTATE I'Iz1rOIcI Leavitt InIarOIcI Loveren SENIORS Norman Hz1WccIi I7rccIeric I'IiIIior Kc-nnctI1 I'IuII' Cm-I IJLIDCIIIOIITI CMI Stevens ' Gordon IVIartin I'IOwnrcI PIatts RoImcrt SincImir I-IE Senior SICUIISY Organization. was IIOUIICICLI on lI1is campus in IQIO. It Ilas grown, lI1rougIi tracIitiOn ancI aivhieveincnt. untiI IOcIay lIic fippoinlinenli tO tI1c Senior SIQUIIS society is recognized as one OI' lIic I1igI1cst l'IOl'i-Sf'I1OIElSI.If' Imonors for men at I.I1e University. IX'IcmIJors are cI1oscn from l.Iic junior cIass on LIN: Imsis OI pcrsOnaIity, CI'1ilI'l1CtCI', prmpiiInrity, and participation in campus activities. The Orgziniznl.ion is active in prmnoiirifl cOIIegc I spirit, Lnivcrsity inl.crcsts, zzncI cnccmiiingiimgg IricnrIIy reInliOnsIiips ainmugj incinI3crs of tI1e University. 128 WMM! 777. W,LZZi R 3. F: 0'3,b+' 4 f7J:u,u.e1l-.L WL-kJ 7 Jfvmwlf W JW 'fF,...1.,,4 FFEXEQLQ., Lfnffgmff ViC0-Pl'6SifIL'TIf Sccrulury KENNEH1 PILJFF LYLE Frmzxirz Treasurer RICHARH P:m'l"rlrf ADELBERT TEAGUE Presirlcul JOHN IVIACEACH ERN I TER-FRATER ITY COUNCIL OFFICERS President Vice-Presiclent Secretary TYFQCISLLFEF .IOHN MACEAC1 lIiRN KENNETH Huw LYLE Flmzrilc AIJ13LBER'r TEAGUE KliNNli'l'Iil'lUlfl:,7',IUlL1Cl1i l.YI.I-1 ITRAZER, Kappa Sigma SENIORS .IOIIN lx"IACEACllliRN, Sigma Alplza Epsilon RICIIARD l1,DIiA'l'TIE, Alplza Tau. Omega HIJXVIN PRiiIBl.E, Lambda ClIi Alplla PIIIIII' SMITII, Pi Kappa Alplm NVII 'JAM PAIII. RAYNES, Kappa Sigma RICIIARD Nlil.I,SKJN, Tlzela Clli .IAMES CARx'EY, Sigma Alplm Epsilon IIOIIN SXVASEY, Alplm Tau Omega CARI. R,xNIIAI,I., Lumlncla Cla Alplza I,'l'0I.IiMY ADAMS, Plzi Mu Delia xVlIl'I'li, Plii NORMAN WII.DIiR, Sigma Baia DAVID BARKIN, Phi Alplza ADIiI.BER'F TEAGUE, Tlmia Kappa l'lIi ROGER F.-XRR, Alplia Gamma Rlzo LESLIE CZOODNOXV, Pla Delia Upsilon JAMES LRWLER, Tau Kappa Epsilon lxlu Delia JUNIORS DAVID GlI-E, Phi Kappa Alplm HERBERT JOI--INSON, Sigma Bela lVl1LTON LIDER, Phi Alplm GEORCIE MCCAFFREX', Tlzcia Kappa Pla ALITRED BARNEY, Alplm Gamma Rho ROBERT PERKINS, Phi Della Upsilon ROBERT BRECK, Tau Kappa Epsilon ITIIIWIN PREIIII NVILLIAII XVIIITE PI-III. SMITH NORMIW NVILIJER IJAVIII B.-XRKIN ROGER FARR LESLIE CIOODNONV JAMLS I XXVI ER 131 First Rolu-Upton, Moore, Parrish, Moran, Lcclair, Cram. Sccoml Row-Sullivan Rullcrlgc, Mason, Chase, Burke, Bremner, Marine-1. PA HELLENIC Inter-Sorority Governing Council OFFICERS Presicl ent MARX' PARRISH Secreiary-Treasurer WINNIFREIJ MORAN Alpha Xi Delta L1 LLIAN MARINEL WINNIFRED MORAN Alpha Chi Qmega BETTY BREMNER BARBARA SULLIVAN REPRESENTATIVES Chi Omega ELIZABET1-1 MOORE BARBARA CHASE Kappa Delta BARBARA CRAb'I M ESTHER RUTLEDGE Thela Upsiion IQOSAMOND MERRILL SHIRLM' IVIASON 132 Pi Lambda Sigma DORIS LECLAIR ELOISE BURQUE Phi IWU IVIARJORIE UPTON E1.1zAn12'r11PlCKARD H, HCIC Cf, ' ISOH , ill' 'I I IC 'L' ', ol COZ. OXVC . First Row: Dr. Nason. Dr. IcIrIIes, Stott, Hussey, Ingram, Prof. Doggett, Prof. Atkinson. Second Row: B tl ld VN I Cl L II' L5 QI R II Maclden, HuItgrcn, Eastman. Third Row: Robinson. I nwlvr Morin CarroII KicI1I Mt In-II, Johnson, 'I'asIcc-r, CII CI It H ' I: ALPHA CHI SIGIVIA Honorary Chemistry Society , ujsa . Chapter: Mu EstaI3IisIiecI 1911 I7ouncIecI at tI1e University of Xvisconsin 1909 Masler Alchemist HERBERT I'IULTGREN Vice-Iifosler Alchemist ARTHUR IVIADDEN Masler Chemist DAVID C1-IADWICK Reporter JOHN STOTT Treasurer JAMES Camzou. Recorder .Ioi-IN ROXVELL Dr. E. R. Atkinson Dr. A. IT. Daggett .Iamcs I-I. BatcI1eIcIer James W. CarroII I7recIcricIc E. Clark .IoI1n BuIger .IoI1n Davison Kenneth DonIe RicI1arcI GormIy Ka.roI Hujsak FRATRES IN FACULTATE LI. XV. Hickey R. T. Hurt Dr. H. A. IcIdIes Dr. C. IVI. Mason SEN IORS Nathan C. Eastman AIIen S. Hussey CarroII HaseItine H erbert H uItgren Harrison Kee Thomas KicI1Iine Emory KimIJaII James I..ufIcin James H. I..awIer Francis Morin JUNIORS Burton IX'IitcI1eII C. Richard Morgan Frances Pokigo Edward Read 153 Dr, S. R. SI1imer H. E. SiIcox I..eIand Robinson WiIfred WiIson RusseII Richardson HaroIcI Sweet Robinson Swift I-IowarcI WiIson 4i"r' .-'re L . ' t"!rL ' ' . I ' irs ow- ii imc GCOH OLD'-' 0 F t R L t r, Ctiarles, Eastman, Dicltcy, Plulllps. Moran, Mclsauglilnn, lclnllcs, Y ooclwarl AI l S cl R NV odwarcl, Upton, Katijarvi, Smitti, Prince, Bauer, Sltimer, Higgins, Hitclwcoclt l lt B tt MtTlclR KcllAll1LCM'llV lAl Mt ars on. zil ' ow- icer, ncruc UC ', BIT, OXTI , Zlnflill A v Baum, Frencli, Penttilla, Merrill, Leathers, Korpcla. Rosen. Fourth Row'-Rolainson, Swenson. Day Pratt. Dupell, Hussey. Harvey, Slwaw, Tceri. PHI KAPPA PHI Honorary Scholastic Society L . CXFJTII CF. ..J. , , ar er, arrc , . R . nr rcws, cc lem. lslppman. Conan, Claapterz University of New Hampstiire Estalalisliecl 1922 Founctecl at University of Maine 1897 President DR. THOMAS P1-11l..L1r1S Vice-President Miss RUT1-1 Woooizurr Treasurer PROFESSOR CLEMENT MORAN Secretary Miss EDNA F. DICKEY Mary Anclrucliulc Estluer Barrett Anna Baum Olga Conan George Day Norman Alexancler Elmer Anclrews lrma Anclrews Florence Armstrong Donald Balycoclc George Bauer Eclmond Bowler George Case T. Burr Charles Edna Diclcey lVl. Gale Eastman Paul Dupell Dorotliy Frenclu Ptiilip Harvey Allan Hussey Etliel Kniglat Naomi Eclcdalll Dorottly Grittqin Horace Hawes Jesse Hepler .losepli Hiclcey Leroy Higgins Leon Hitclicoclc Harold iddtes Alma D. Jackson c. Floyd Jackson Tliorsten Kalijarvi STUDENT MEMBERS Allan Korpela Bertlwa Leatliers Lillian Lippman Dorotluy Meclflem REGULAR MEMBE Margaret Karr Jolm Kenclall Rolaert Kiclcler L. Ptmilip Latimer Viola Marclen Philip Marston Thomas McGrail Helen Mclsauglulin Vvillaur Miller Clement Moran Allaerta Morrill Barbara Morrill 154 Rosamoncl Merrill Wenclell Pratt Lelancl Robinson William Rosen RS Walter G,Kane Cliflorcl Parker Elma Pentilla Thomas Plwillips George Potter F. S. Prince Alfrecl Rictiarcls Eclytlme Rictiarclson Emest Ritzman Herlaert Ruclcl Harolcl Scuclcler Pacrnarcl Straw George Small Karl Swenson Margery Upton Stanley Stiimer Howarcl Smitla Lucincla P. Smitli Melx'in Smitti Alvi Teeri Betsey Vannal1 Dwayne Vier George Wlaite Rutla Wooclrtilt Karl Woodward Harry Vxfooclwortli girsl Row- Prof Wilson Director lx lll P f Cla l , r 1 a , ro. ar cs, Prof. Morrow. Wlaeeler, Page, Grant, Ward. TCC ' rntl., Donn Eastman, Director laylor. Second Row: Rolwerts, Wilder, Prof. Smitli, B lt M. F. Aliell Perley Ayer T. B. Cliarles l-l. A. Davis L. A. Douglwerty M. G. Eastman lames Beattie l'lerl9ert Doolittle Roger Farr Roluert Breclc Clillorcl Bnlloclq Walter Boclwell ilolin Clwaclwicli Prescott Farrar Prof. lliggins, Prof. Latimer, Prol. Davis, Raynes, Parr Third Row Rogers, Prof Woorlxvorth Prol: Martin Prof. Stevens, Prof. Pliillips, Nvoolncr, llaulmriclc. Fourllz Row: Bulloclc, Small, Nvoocl. Prince, Fcuer, Gould. ALPHA ZETA Honorary Agricultural Society Cliapter: Granite Estalzlisluecl 1903 Founclecl at Qliio State University Chancellor Scribe Treasurer Clironicler L. C. Glover .l. R. Hepler L. S. Higgins l-l. A. lclclles .l. C. Kenclall L. P. Latimer Rceslron Peuer ilaclc Grant William l'laulJricl1 Leon Cluarity Ernest Goulcl Wilfred Fincleisen Preclericlc Garlancl George Goclfrey Prof. Hepler. FLOYD PAGE EDNVIN WHEELER LESLIE WARD WENDELL PRATT FRATRES IN FACULTATE C. L. Martin l'lerlJert Moore K. S. Morrow T. G. Philips E. C. Pierce SENIORS Robert Knowlton Armancl Morin Floyd Page JUNIORS Artliur Prescott Paul Prince Paul Raynes SOPHOMORES William Keaclm Samuel .lolanson William .lolmson 155 W. l'l. Rogers Claarles Ross S. R. Sliimer William Smith C. L. Stevens Wendell Pratt Rolnert Sinclair George Small George Rogers Eclwin Wlieeler .laclc Kirlc Roger Leigliton Gorclon lVlaclnto Sli P. W. Taylor L. V. Tirrell C. B. Waclleigli Stanley Wilson K. W. Wooclward Norman Wilder Leslie Wood Walter Woods Gorclon Woolner Edwin Moulton Herman Scott First Row-Jaclcson, Dunn. Hager. Tlwompson, Upton, Harvey, Batchetclcr, Bratt, Latimer, Stevens Smith. Second Row'--Tinlcer, McLaughlin, Cvoorlrum, Jackson, Weir, Penttila, Stewart. Glover, Shapiro, Stone. Chretien. Third Row-Feuer, Prince, Arclwitmalcl, Perron, Hoclgrlon, Couture, Ripley. Wilcler. Third Row-' Smnu, Nvoolner, Page, Osborne, Tcerie, Gould. Siclney Balcer Hilcla Batctietcter Reestion Feuer Pliilip Harvey Jolun Archibald Thomas Chretien PHI SlGlVlA Honorary Zoological Society Chapter: Ptii Estatvlistiect 1926 Founded at Ohio State University, 1915 President PHILIP I'lARVEY Viceepresiclent Hi LDA BATCI-iE1-D12R Recording Secretary MARGERY UPTON Treasurer REGINALD THOMPSON Corresponding Secrelary WENDELL PRATT SENKDRS Carolyn Jaclcson Floyd Page lrving Shapiro Gorclon Tower Lawrence lVIcLaugl1linElma Penttila George Small Margery Upton Charles O,Neil Claudia Piclcess Reginald Thompson Margziret Weir Robert Osborne Xafenclell Pratt Josepti Tinker Norman Wilder JUNlORS Clyde Gooolrum Kenneth Kenison Paul Prince Gordon Wrgiolner Ernest Gould Franlc Perron Joseph Stone RESIDENT MEMBERS Kenneth Anclerson Dr. James Conlrlin Mitclred Fogg Dr. Norman Arnold Mildred Conlclin Dr. Glover Willard Breon Philip Couture Russell Hager Rolnert Bticlcte Dr. Stuart Dunn Dr. Atlnion Hoclgclon Carl Boottiroyd Dr, F. Gaynor Evans Alma Jaclcson Ruth Colby Dr. L. C. Fogg Prof. C. F. Jaclcson 156 Richarcl Jones Dr. L. P. Latimer Kenneth Nolan Robert Norton Dr. J. Qlyerlancler Elwood Pierce Eleanor Slweetian Dr. Slanetz Dr. W. Smith Howarcl Smith Louisa Stuart Artliur Teeri First Row: Prof. Ilnrtwvll, Berry, Prof. Moran, Prof. Howes, Swenson, Madden, Riley, Upton, Prof. Leavitt. Second Row: Ilisliop. Zaproslci, Milincr, Daviclson, Ingram, Denig, Stott, .IoI1nson, Foggett, Kieliline, Faullcinglram. Holley. Tlrirrf Row: Osborne, Livingston, Hardy, Batcllclnler. Cliaclwiclc, Femalcl, Pratt, Vvoocl. Da y, Hugsalc, Bayrcr. PHI LAMBDA PHI Established 1919 Founclecl at University of New I'IampsI1ire Presiflenl KARL SWENSON Vice-Presirlcnl ELIZABETH RILEY Secrelnry-Treasurer Anrrfiun IVIADDEN Scnlinel JOHN STOTT FRATRES IN FACULTATE W. H. Hartwell Dr. lil. Ir. Howes H. I, Leavitt R. H. Stall-e .lolm Halley I3nrIJara Berry I'l. LeRoy Bisliop Lew Alan Balcliclcler Ralpli Bayrer Davicl Clwaclwiclc Donalcl Daviclson .lirrnes Deriig Clement IVIoran George C. Day Lester lraullcingliam Karol Hujsalc .lnlin Kalil Ivlaurirc Epstein Allrecl Fernalcl Clmrles Foggett Allncrt I'IarcIy Alvin Ingram Alluert Furman SEN IORS I'Ienry Lawler Robert MacKay Elizalnetlw Riley Daniel Stanton JUNIORS Pliilip ,lolrmson Thomas Kicliline Ralph Livingston Arthur tl. Ivlaclde Robert Usborne 137 T1 Karl E. Swenson .loseplsn Tinlcer Stephen Zagreslei George Rogers .Iolm Stott Walter Vvlootls Ixlargery Upton Ftrs! Row: Dean Alcxancler, R. H. O'Connor, Prnt. Jolwnson. Prof. Dcglcr, Bartlett, Clwalaot. Polonslcy. Grillin, Prof. Smith, Dean Nrvoorlrult, Prof. Swongcr. Second Row: Leavitt, Chase, Noyes, McNally, Corrleau, Freeman. Ferris, Moscarrlini, Ploclzilc. Gcrslr, Calvetti. Tfzirrl Row: Hay, Niclaols, Hoclgtlon, Mccallnrey, Noseclc, Tliornpson, Vxfootllnury, Szot, Riclmrclson. Fourth Rom: Davison. R. E. O'Connor, Kcaclin. ECONGMIC. HO QRARY SQCHETY Founclecl 1937 President FRED CI-lrXBOT Vice-President KENNIETH BARTLETT Treasurer THOMAS CARR Secrelary BEATRICE Potowsm' Honorary lxlemtacrs: H. W. Smith, Norman Alexander, Rutlr X!VC70flFllll7, Clair XV. Kenneth Bartlett Joseph Bozelc William Calvetti Tlwomas Carr Frecl Claalaot Muriel Cluase June Corcleau Alfred Daviclson Jolm Declcer Barlnara Dwight Walter Ferris Mary Freeman SXVOTIQGI, CdfTOll Degler, JOl'tI1 PlElLlSl.CtU, tlOl'lI'lS0l'l, Doris 'TyffC4l. lrving Gerslu Leslie C-ooclnow Gerald Grimm George Guild .lolun Halt Riclmarcl Hay Davicl Hazen Philip Hoclgclon Kermetlu Hutt Herbert Keaclin Ecl Kenislon Solomon Leavitt MEMBERS George lVlcCallrey A. McCaugney Ralph Mccrum Francis lX'lCNally Paul Nichols Leo lvloscarclini Eloise Noyes Raymoncl O'Connor Regis O'Connor Donalcl Qtis Beatrice Polonslcy Eclwarcl Ploclzilc 138 Garclner Reecl Robert Riclaarclson Esther Rutlcclge Davicl Stanton Thomas Street Walter Slot Paul Tlw om pson George Walclrriii Helen Wenr,lell Harry Woorl Donalcl Vxfooclluury First Row: G. Nvright. Levine. KaIiI, GEITLIIIGF, BurIingame, AIJIJOLL Magay, Dawson, Grasso, BowIer. Kay. I7runIc. Second Row: Dunn. CI1urcIi, Wnynne. SI1caImn, F. A. Ayer, LoiseIIe, Fox, Spearman, Davidson. WrigI1t. Tllircl Row: Chase, Bond. I-tall, AIcIricI1, Wyman, Lapeza, Johnson, WeIIs. AIVIERICAN SOCIETY CDE CIVIL I ENGINEERS Chapter: New I'IampsI1ire Student EstaIJIisI1ec.I 1928 Founded in 1852 Prcsicfcrzl GEORGE C. ABBOT Vice-Presirlenl ROBERT T. IVIACKAY Sccrelnry CHIC! TFGGSIITCF George C. AIJIJot Louis Frank VNfaIcIo AIcIricI1 FranI4Iin Ayer LeIancI D. IBIIFIIUQEXIDG DonaIcI Dm'icIson EcIwarcI CIiurcI1 Iljrancis Chase AnrIrew EIIiot AIcIen Fox Dean Gardener ..IoI1n KaIiI Raymond Dunn Thomas .IoIwnson Chester Lapeza Forest I-IQII .IoI1n Hanninen PI1iIip IVIicI1ie LELAND D. BURLINGAME SENIORS Joe C. Kay SamueI Levine JUNIORS Donald I.oiseIIe Edmiind SIIGHIIGH WiIIiain Spearman SOPI-IOMORES Harry Parr LIoycI F. Pike Richard Smith 159 Robert T. Mackay GIenn Wright DonaIcI XfVeIIs FranIc Wright I.inwoocI Wyman DonaIcI StocIcweII Paul Townsend Warner Wayne Froni Row, left io riglzl: Dacris, Bremner, Nnsli, lrippmnn, Stcams. Seconfl Row: Merrill, Bacon, Hillson Mildred Bacon Mr. Barclrelder Robert Briggs Betty Bremner ALPHA KAPPA DELT President ROBERT NASH Vice-President BETTY BREMNER Secreiary-Treasurer LILLIAN LIPPMAN MEMBERS Claire Daeris Rosamoncl Merrill William Scott Rutlu l'lillson Carolyn Mylire Rutli Smillw Etluel Kniglit Rolnert Nasli Mary l... Steams Lillian Lippman Julius Ozog 140 la la., N! First Row: Eastman. Callalmn. Davis. Prof. Manton, Clarlc, Pierce, Ramsclell. Second Row: Taylor, Lennon, Lnllarnme, ljrult, Fisliman, Piclcell, Martin, Kiclclcr, Spear. Tliirrl Row: lrlawlcins, Maynarcl. Coplen, Evans, lsracl. Braun. GILBERT A D ULLIVA l. Everett Aclams James Emtclwelrlcr Neal Balclielcler Rielwarcl Brqun Marjorie Callalwan Ralpli Carrutll Frecl Clarl: Dorotliy Collier Leonarcl Coplcn Dorotliy Corlain Beverly Davis Marjorie Davis Florence Doclge Estalolislwecl 1955 President CHARLES Dfxvis Vice-Prcsiflenl BEVERLY Dfwis Secretary FLORENCE DODGE Treasurer l'lERTZEL XVEINSTAT MEMBERS Rolaert Durlley Laurcnia Eastman Elizalaetlm Eclson Allen Evans Vernon Evans Lyle W. Ewing Mary Gallyon George Gorclon Wilina Hall Riclwarcl l'lawl4ins .lessie Helper Louis lsrael Roluert Kirlcler Robert Lennon Patricia Mz1cMartin Rolaert Marlin Norman Maynarcl Rolaert lvlcloaiiglulin Dorotlmy Meclqlem Riclwarcl lxfloore Artlurr lvlullen Rolaert Nolan Elizalaetli Norton Penelope Ntceros Marjorie Palmer Pearl Pierce Janet Piclcett ..luclitl'1 Pratt 141 Susan Pucliali Hertzel Nveinstat Frances Ramsclell Raclwel Rowclen Manton Spear Donald Taylor Harolcl Trojano Frances Tumel F. Kennetll Tuxlaury Ellen Watson Davicl Welalaer Margaret Wier Gladys Zulauf T First Row: Hirclmer. Franlalin Ayer. Francis Ayer, Prof. Jolwnson, Raymoncl O'Connor. Regis O'Connor. Second Row: Buctianan, Fishman, Collins, Chase. Mccrillis. Braun. THE 1Q4O GRA ITE STAFF ECINOI'-ill-Chief FRANCIS H. AY'Eli Business Manager RAYMOND H. OYCONNOR Managing Editor MAIQIE COLLINS Assislant Managing Eclilor BARBARA B. CI-IASI5 Engraving Eclilor FRANCES lVlCCRlLLIS ArtEcli1Or BEATRICE V. FISHMAN Mens Pnolograpfiy Eclilor FRANKLIN A. AYEI2 TVomen's Pnolograpliy Eclilor, LOUELLA D. lTllRSCHNER Advertising Manager REGIS E. OlCONNOR CREELEY S. BLICI-IANAN RICI-IARD D. BRAUN ARTI-I UR W. JOH NSON Sporls Erlitor Staff Plroiograpllcr Faculfy Adviser FRANCIS H. AYER PROP. A. W. JOHNSON R HEELERS Kcnnetlu Aclilner. Eleanore Aclrian, Virginia Alclcn, Kathleen Beclcinglaam, Russell Bissell, Priscilla Bootln, Rutlw Braley, Virginia Came, Hope Carter, Arthur Clement, Ricliarcl Coolc, Rlwta Coulomlae, Betty Croolcs, Elinor Doyle, Sumner Fellman, Allan Ferry, Dorothy Ferry, Willrerl Fincleisen, Rutlx Frenclm, Janet Forcl, Eleanor Gay, Doris Gelatt, Arthur Gralmm., Dorotlwy Haines, Jean Halpin, Eleanor Hillier, lVlartl1a Holt, Mary Kcanrey, Wiiinilred Kennecly, Elizalnotlw Kinsman, Kennetll Miller, Macle- line Fapaclnistos, Dwight Pratt, Barbara Frirle, lxflary Rogers, Willialn Ruclcl, Erlwina Russell, Alive Slsiorey, Dorothy Sparks, Olemlpia Stavrou, Joan Sweet, Priscilla Taylor. AYMOND H. 0,CONNOR lx'llARIE Cf'JI.l.lNS XXV' if 4 ISQUL Q MZ 1.1. 9, Q Y fav'-:llt il i rf, 'Q , . 17 'Ji :dl 'L ' 111353 l ' f' 1 . ,, :f L""1.' . r Q: is .L , --iff . avug ' ' L-ft 'V-, 3 . 2, 1 ' ' ' t ' my s V Q ' X, 1 if use PmR1iARA Cimsis t'RANRi,iN A. ZKXYER Luiitrix PIIRSCHNER RHGIS E- OCONNOK Cuiiiirm' S. t5ncnANAN t7RRNCizs tX'lCCIiIl.l,,lS This votume consists of a ctigest of campus activities cottectect and tatnorect over by ttie Granite Staff antt tieeters. Ttirougtwut ttie year parts of this taootc have been cottectect piece by piece to proctuce this votume for your inspection. We are futty aware that mislatces or even ommissions may occur, for ttiis we are sorry, but you must futty reatize ttiat a task ot suetw votume is not a simpte one to perform in every ftetait, and to tit eacti part in its respective place wittiout imperfection of seine form. We Witt not object to having our mistakes pointed out to us, but att cri- tisms we expect to be otterect in a con- structive manner. Our ctass ot 1940 Witt soon seek its ptace in ltie wortct, anct by time use of ttiis tzootc we tiope you Witt be atate to recatt many of ttie tiappy tuonrs spent tiere at ttie University with your ctassmates and triencts, txftay ttiis Granite tae in memory ot ttie ctass of 1940 anct a source of enjoyment to you to-ctay anct in tater years. At tins time t wisti to express my ttuantqs to ttie Granite Statt for ttweir tine cooperation uncut tietptut service so necessary to futtitt the requirements ot a putatication sucti as ttiis. Craletut actcnowtectgement is atso stiown to: .gre psig? RICHARD BRAUN J . 3 Q BEATRICE Fisnwmn Mr. U. R. Gtierin ot Gticrin Gatteries for tiis untaiting tietp in ttie ptanning of ttie photography. tX"tr. Rotierl. W. Kelty ot time Rotnert W. Ketty Putntistiing Corporation for ttie care stiown ttiis votume in print- ing anct servicing. Mr. t.eanrter Stranitt of ttie Union-Leacter engraving department for tiis prompt service in engraving. Miss Ractiet Cox for time spent in ttie titerary ctepartment. tjretlessor Clement Moran for tiis untaiting aid in securing ptiotograptis. Mrs. Vxfinttirop Perry ot Dover, for the airptane ptiotograptis usect in ttie enct streets. Time NENV t"tAtVtt'St"ttRE for ttieir interest anct service tturing ttie year. Professor Arltinr NV. Johnson for tiis constant assistance anct actvice in ttie guictance of this putntication. 143 FRANCIS H. AYER Ertitor-in-Ctiiet ..- 'T v . ' . r If ., , , 1'Il'5l RUIL lrfl Io rzgfil laxwon Barrail Xlncizqncirrrn Pic-nw Buclnnan Second P D 1 I . .... ..I - . .r. L . . xow: . unap, Phenix. Feilman, Taylor, Jenkins, Lewis, Braun. THE EW HAMPSHIRE 1 9 59 Erlilor JOHN K. BXIACEACI-IERN Business Manager CI'IARl.ES K. BESAW Managing Editor CREELEY S. BUCHANAN Managing Editor 'DONALD A. LAWSON Associaie Editor ES'l'HIiR S. BARRETT Assisianl Business Manager PHILIP S. IDUNLAI' Circulalion Manager EVERETT K. JENKINS Aafuerlising Manager ROBERT D. LEWIS News Editor PRISCILLA TAYLOR News Edilor SUMNER FEI.I.IvIAN News Eclilor RICHARD PI-IENIX REPORTERS Barbara Ames Dorothy Ferry Gertrude iweineil Doris Tmftori Edith Blake Nlarlim Holt Barbara Peterson Willizxirr Wirlger Richard Cook Winifred Kennedy Myron Rosen Louise Wooci George Erb Manuel Kopeiman Albert Sharps BUSINESS ASSISTANTS Kenneth Acliber Richard H. Hay Vxfinslon Leavilt Olernimia SlavrIIII Charles Burleigh Robert Keet Williani R. Rudd Waillcr E. Xkfelmslcr Richard Gocieu STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER Ricimrci Braun 144 I-IEN four years ago The New Hampshire ctmangect from a weelcly to semi-weelqly pulnlication sctmeotule anti, witlm ttme inauguration ot ttme stuclent activity tax, in- creasecl its circulation to 2,000 from a paltry 750, time worlt of ttmat stall? was viewed as lacing Hlargely tlirectecl into tlme clmannels of internal retmaloilitation anct reorganization in orcler ttmat succeeding stalls miglmt progress wittm new ancl laetter tools towards a goat wlmiclm is constantly elucling pursuit in a rapiclly clmanging world." Tlme emplmasis appearecl to lae on increasing tlme paper's elliciency ol: performance, matting for more timely news, increasecl ciclcutation, ancl souncter financial set-up. Tlmose wlmo cleterminect llme erlitoriat policies of ttmis staff, tmowever, ctelinitely payect more attention to tlme part The New llmmmpslmire playecl in tlme life of its reacters -' its responsilmility to stuclents neecls. Tlme point of view ot tlme editorials - tlme life laloocl ol' tlme organization f- was slmapetl arouncl tlmis. Tlmis meant constant vigilance over campus events for ttmeir accurate reporting and for inclepenrlent comments ancl opinions on tlmem. It meant a realistic presentation of current affairs tlmrouglm tlme eyes of a lceen olnserver of potitical and economic forces in tlme nation. Greater stuclent responsitmility in tlme governing ot its own altairs and its own etlucalion was clmampionect. tnciclentally, too, cloulat of tlme good form ot a ugossipn column in college journalism gave way loelore a popular will clamoring for its con- tinuancc. For a smaller circle, tlme immecliate statt, tlme paper is a great experience. The life of a campus reporter or eclitor is riclm in claily contacts witlm new problems ancl new situations. Time lausiness department was tmancticappect constantly laecause of an inacle- quate numlzer el lmeelers. Proposecl dormitory room clelivery was impossible. Ttmere are unexplorect possibilities for future lnusiness ingenuity from up ancl coming lmeelersl Time elmaracter of tlme ectitorial staffs personnet will lne reflected in time ectitorial content of time newspaperg ttmis is inevitalate. And, wlmat is in time college press is in- exorably related in tlme long run to time question of wtmat ttme campus ttminlcs. Tlmis means tlmat tlme eclitorial clepartment stmoulcl searcti for lsoarcl recruits among llmose wlmo are acquainted wittm tlme social and economic prolnlems of our day, and wtmo tmave sometlming to say on ttmeir imptications in college affairs. 145 First Row: Goorlnow. Farr. Foster, Lcclair, Foote, lnlennessey, Baum, Barlzer, Coplnn, Nolan, Seconrl Row: Cox, James, Lee, Bailey, Swenson, Cann, Fislwman, Hutton, Ramsclcll, Shields. Ailams, Hamlin, Rowe, Gorman, Green. Montlils, Lessarcl. Tliirit Row: Page, Stern, Kiclrlcr, Kirlc, Lirlcr, X1Vooclluury. Winer, Prince Craig. Fourth Row: Braun, Chapman, Sweeney. lsrael, Birenlaaum. Fcrnalcl, Krauzz-r. Hazen. MASK A D DAGGER Director President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Technical Director Scenic Director Electrical Director Nlusicol Director Publicity Director Property Director RIC!-IAIQD FOOTE DORIS LrECI,AIll ANNA BAUM DAVID DARKIN ROGER FARR EDWARD MILES P1-nl. Sivnrr-1 LEONARD COPI.EN LESLIE GOODNOW BARBARA FOSTER .lean Adams Virginia Alden Avis Bailey Norman Birenlnaum Dorotlmy Cann Charles Chapman Barbara Cheney Barbara Clisliam Raclmael Cox Robert Duclley Elizabeth Edson Alfred Femalcl Artluur Fernalcl Beatrice Fishman William Gardner Davicl Gile Sophie Cvlelww Lorraine Gorman Dorotluy Green Carolyn Hamlin Richard Hay Davicl Hazen Martin Holt MEMBERS Mildrecl Hutton Marion James Jolsm Kirlc Roger La Pointe Eleanor Lee Milton Liclcr Robert lVlcLaugl1lin Margaret Monlils Rolnert Morrison Rolnert Nolan Floyfl Page 146 Paul Prince Frances Ramsrlell Betty Rowe Mary Sarson Barluara Slrielcls Clrarles Sweeney Anne Swenson Rolnert Twomlnly Helen Vasiliou Robert Winer Leonarcl Zeive ASK AND DAGGER presentecl Jolin Balderstons fantasy, Berkley Square, lirlmvej, wiili Barlnara Sliielcls playing Helen Pettigrew, tlie seventeentli century lacly, ancl Rolnert Nolan lier twenlietlw century lover. Built around the tlieme that Hreal lime -v real time is nothing laut an iclea in the mind of Goclf, f- the play was alnly pro- clncecl by a very ellicient cast. Jean Aclams as Kate Pettigrew, Justine Pillsbury as Mrs. Barwiclm ancl Ricliarcl Foote as Torn Pettigrew clicl rnnclu to contrilnute to the success of llic presentation. Mr. llennessey clirectecl tlie play. Joan Aclams starrccl in Siage Door, llnelowi, one of George S. Kaufman! laest comeclies anal one of Mask ancl Daggers greatest successes. Charlie Craig as David Kingsley ancl Mary Sarson as tlie tragic Kaye Hamilton tool: the otlier Ustraiglutn roles. Proviclingg llie cornecly were Doris LeClaire ancl .laclc Kirl: as rluclitli Canfield ancl Tom lvlillwauser, wliile tlie rest ol the cast ol tlsiirty-two supportecl tluern in a line manner. , W all 147 First Row' Sherry TyIer Martin Jones Moa-:Ie Israc-I KnowIcs Swain Milt-I1 eII Chapman Rohcrls Iing Second Row: Picltering, IHeaIy, Ematchelrter. JorcIanh, WicIger. Nviuiams, Cicenti, I.eIIamme, Nevers. Wizstoiiz VX7aIIcer, Shaw, French. Third Row: Shea, Xlvinn. Fanor, Wclvster, Johnson, NVr1rc.I, IngaIIs, Bcnscomhc, Newt. UNIVERSITY BAND Drum Major GEORGE E. JONES, Jia. Student Leader JOHN H. IVIITC1-1151.1 Director Lewis C. SVVAIN Horace Bascom NeaI A. BatcI1eIcIer CarI I'I. Booth Joseph W. Broome WaIter Buchanan CI1arIes Chapman George Cricenti OIiver Dennett Robert P. DucIIey George Eckman Prescott Farrar CahrIes S. Forhes CharIes S. Forbes CI1arIes IVI. Firestone Robert W. French WiIIiam, Gardner, BAND MEMBERS GeraIcI S. Griffin Richard Gordon WaIdron B. I'IaIey I3auI IrIamiIton FranIcIin I'IeaIcI James I'IeaIcI AIfrecI Higgins IVIurray H. IngaIIs Louis IsraeI Joseph W. Johnson Rohert E. Jones CarI IVI. Jordan Perry G. KnowIes Earl I. Krouzer AcIrien L. I..aIIamme ,Q . Roland H. Ling Kenneth C. I..ohcJeII Gordon IVIacaIaster Rohert S. IVIartin WaIter IT. IVIeacI John H. IVIitcheII AshIey D. Nevers WiIIiam E. Noyes Eugene F. Nute DonaInI F. Pickering Robert M. Piper Francis J. Pokigo David I3Iumpton Robert W. Prescott John C. Roberts 148 Rohert O. Rowe CarroII Sanderson I3auI S. Shaw John B. Skcrry Iseonard I. Shea IVIaIcoIm V. Smith Howard W. TyIer I'IaroIcI A. Webster, Jr. Benjamin W. Wescott WiIliam B. Weston WiIIiam K. Widger, Jr Herbert G. WiIIiams Rohcrt F. WiIIia1ns Maurice Winn Bernard Yottee I'irsI Row, Inf! I girl: Gocrlz. Winlcrnollom, Coutts, Noseck. IVIcCaIIrey. IVIitcI1eII. Ivers, F. I'I. Ayer. rr Join e. c n cr . rccr. - r C IDSOR. I CCOTI X L I I QI I G II I I S d Pow: Craven. FIante, Randall. Carr, Lord, Galanes, Egan, F. A. Ayer, I'IiIJIJc-rl, W Sanderson, Davidson. Lews Third Row: R. .IoImson, Fontaine. Worden. AIdricI1. IlILLb I I Ll I CI B ID I' tl Ro XVII II Io I I tt w . D oc zi '. . ant I.ilI1C. I.lll'lHl'lC. WaIcIo M. . XIdricI1 FranIcIin A. Ayer Francis I'I. Ayer .IoI1n F. Brdger Arthur T. Carr DonaId T. Davidson I..conard W. Davis CarIl.on W. Brown CIiIIIorcI W. BuIIocIc I'IugI'1 J. CI1apman .Iames I... Corcoran I.Ioyd G. Coutls LIeweIIyn T. Craven Xvurren R. Davidson T .' J' ' FSON, l'ClI'l In, l'll'lCC. 110, UFC1, Llnfl. 'OUT I lL'f El On. ' an n. I'ardy. Wo co . VVaII:er, Cocoran, Price, BuIger. Davis. Richardson. Firlh Row: XfVOfCSStCf, Lapeza, Chap- man, Moore, FcrnaIcI F.ggIcslon, Perkins, Love-II. JUNIQR OFFICER Raymond B. Dunn Alfred E. Femald Irving I... FranI:Iin Peter E. GaIanes David A. GiIe AIIJert L. Hardy LesIie E. I'IiIJIJert, Jr. .Iames R. Lane Chester R. Lapeza Robert Is. Lord Kenneth I... I..oveII Burton I. IVIitcI1eII WiIIiam B. Moore, .Ir Robert W. Perkins LesIie F. Price rIoIm S. Richardson IN FAN TRY AIIJert D. EdgerIy RonaId I--I. Egan IVIiIlon Is. Fontaine Conrad PII. N. Goertz WiIIiarn E. R. Greer GcraId J. Grimm .IoI1n D. HanIon RicI1ard W. Ivers Herbert A. .IoI1nson Richard H. .IoI1nson Roger .I. Lapointe George I-I. Laramie Robert D. Lewis George W. IVIcCaIIrey Kenneth A. NosecIc Theodore C. I3Iante 149 WiIIiam S. SIater, Jr. Richard C. Smith Stewart J. WaIker Francis H. Worcester .IoI1n I... WoIcott John C. Worden Robert W. Young Edward W. FIodziI4 FauI W. Prince CarI O. RandaII, .Ir. WiIIiam R. Sanderson Edward K. Sauer WiIIred G. WaIton Frederick W. Winterbottom I-irsl Row. Urlaan. Alnott, Boy. Bruforcl. Spaulding. Teague. Flcnncy. Lawler. llaslcell. Bcrlolim. Carrier. Farr. Second Row: Platts. Watkins. Little, Grant, Kallil. Dimoclr. Palizza, Riclrigucs. Eastman. Titmlactts. Z lttitlill H NID lVlllrlS TL Kimloall. Third Row: Clrelney. agres'i. a c erer, orne, as 1. rcw. ni ar., now, u llc, Garrlncr. Four Row: Webb, Adams. Magay. G. Martin. Frantz. Hujaalc, Sliea. Kerr, Morin. C. Marlin. Kenney. INFANTRY Pierre D. Boy Roger S. Bruforcl Paul S. Carrier, Jr. Paul W. Drew Roger Farr Harolcl W. Ferrin Maurice G. Fournier George C. Atnlzott Everett M. Aclams James H. Batchelder Guelfo Bertolini William B. Dimoclc Natllan C. Eastman Louis L. Franlc Dean L. Gardner James W. Grant Artluur S. Little, Jr. Gordon Magay Cluarles A. lvlaillarcl Ralph C. Mccrum Rolnert lvl. Nasll Raymond B. Patten Howarcl M. Platts Williani F. Quinn .lolm G. Roclrigues Horace S. Scruton Parker D. Snow COAST ARTILLERY Philip R. Haskell Paul E. Home Karol L. Hujsalc Jolin H. Kalil Harry E. Kenney Davicl C. Kerr Emory H. Kimball Henry .l. Lawler Charles B. lxflartin .lolm D. Mccarttiy Eclwarfl B. lxfliles Armancl G. lxflorin Donalcl B. Qtis lxlaurice J. Palizza 150 Robert Spaulding Acleltuert F. Teague .lotin R. Thompson Harrison R. Tlayng Slwerwoocl D. Tuttle Samuel R. Vxfiner Stcplicn .l. Sagreslei Daniel .l. Stanton Franlc F. Tenney, Jr. Gorclon E. Tilnlnets Peter l... Urlaan Artluu' S. X!VQtlilI'lS Walter lVl. Welaln, .l Steplnen rl. Zagreslci STUDE T MILITARY GFFICER CfDlClHCl I.ieut. Colonet Captain Captain Captain Captain Major First I.ieut. First Limit. First l.iettt. First Lietit. Captain First I..ieut. First I.ieut. First l..ieut. First lrIf'lIt. Second Licut. Captain First l.ieut. First Lieiit. First I.ieut. First I.irrtit. Second Isieut. Captain First I.ieut. First I..ieut. First Lietit. First Second Lieut. Major First lirrirt. First I.leut. First l.iet1t. First Lieut. Captain First Lietit. First Lieut. First Lieut. First l.itrirt. Second Lietit. Second Lieut. Captain First l.ieut. First Lit-ut. First l.ietit. First Second l-ietit. Second l.ieut. Second l.ictit. Captain First Isieut. First Limit. First l.ieiri. First l.ieul,. Second l.ivut. Second l..ieut. REGIMENTAL STAFF Re-pimenlal Commander ltr-gint:-ntal Executive Regimental Adjutant tit-uimt-ntal Intelligence Olticcr Rvgiiiwiital P. and T. Qllicer Regiineiital Supply Ollicer FIRST BATTALION Commanding Adjutant Intelligence Otticer Plans and Training Omcer Supply Otlicer Company "A" Commanding Iixocutive Commanding First Platoon Commanding Second Platoon Commanding Tliird Platoon Attaclied to First Platoon Company "B" Commanding Executive Commanding First Platoon Commanding Second Platoon Commanding Tliird Platoon Atlactied to First Platoon Company "C" Commanding Executive Commanding First Platoon Commanding Second Platoon Commanding Tl1ircl Platoon Attaelted to First Platoon SECOND BATTALION Commanding Adjutant Intelligence Ollicer Plans and Training Ollicer Supply Oflicer Battery "E" Commanding Executive Commanding First Platoon Commanding Second Platoon Commanding Tliird Platoon Attaclied to Second Platoon Altacliecl to Tliird Platoon Battery "Fu Commanrting Executive Commanding First Platoon Commanding Second Platoon Commanding Tliirrt Platoon fxtttictiecl to First Platoon Attaclic-fl to Second Platoon Attacliecl to Tliird Platoon Battery "Cv" Commanding Exr-cuiive Commanding First Platoon Commanding Second Platoon Commanding 'I-liirrl Platoon Attavlied to First Platoon Altaclied to Second Platoon 151 Tlwompson, .Iolan R. Horne, Paul E. Kenney, Harry E. Quinn, Xfvilliam F.. Jr. little. Artlwur dr. Cardncr. Dean I... Spaulding. Roloert Boy. Pierre D. Rodrigues, Jolin G. Drew, Paul XIV. Carrier, Paul S.. Jr. Brufortt. Roger S. Magay. Cordon Nash. Robert IVI. Maillard, Charles A. Snow. Parlcer DeW. Scruton, Horace S. Teague. Adcltnert F. Patten. Raymond B. Farr. Roger Platts. Howard M. Tlmyng. Harrison R. Ferrin, Harold W. McCrun. Ralpti C. Martin. Cvorclon E. Tuttle. Stierwood D. Foumier. Maurice G. Winer. Samui-:I R. Grant. James W. Vvetrtn. XValter lvl.. Jr. Batctielder. James H. Huisalt. Karol L. Adams. Everett M. Bertolini, Cxuelto Abbott, George C. Zagreslci, Steplien tt. Kimtvalt. Emory H. Lawlor, Henry .I. Miles. Edward B. XVatl:ins. Arthur S. Palizza. Ivlaurice Franti. Louis I., Otis, Donald B. Stanton. Daniel J. Haskell, Ptiilip R. Florin, Arrnand Kalil. .IoI1n I'I. lXleCartt'iy. .Iotin D. Eastman, Nathan C. Cltency. .Iotm Tilatzetts. Gordon E. Urban. Peter I... Tennev, Franl: F., Jr. Kerr, David Dimoclc. Vttilliam B. Martin. Cliarles B. First Row: Tenncy, Urlman, Magay, Teague, Yvclnlv. Spaulcling, Alaluotl. llrulorcl, Boy, Martin, Franlc, Naslw Second Row: lVlitcl1cll, Randall, Little, Zagrcslci, Flatts, Laljointe, lxflaillarrl, Farr, Horne, Tilwlmets. Plante Sanderson. Third Row: Coutts, Slater, Vxfoolcott, R, Jolinson, Greer, lvcrs, Mccallrcy, Noscclc, Worclcn, Alclricla. Fourth Row: Dunn. Lapeza, Fontaine, Moore, Bulger, l'l. Jolinson, Craven, XfVlDtCFlJ0ll0IH. Corcoran, Nvallon. SCABIZARDM5 Sn BLADE F. Company 6th Regiment Estalnlislmecl 1926 Founded 1904 Captain Roaiiirr SPAULDING First Lieuienanl WAl-TtiR M. Wiiaa, JR. Second Lieuienant Wil..LiAM Quinn First Sergeant GEORGE Amsorr lvlr. E. Y. Blewett Sergeant Brown Major Buraclcer George C. Alnlbott Pierre Boy Roger Brulorcl Roger Farr lVlaurice Fournier Louis Franlc Paul l'lorne Vxfalclo lxfl Alnlriclr .lolwn P. Bulger James le. Corcoran laloycl Coutts Tlromas L. Craven Vxfarren R. Daviclson FRATRES IN FACULTATE Major Cowen Presiclent Engellwarclt lVlajor Princlle Colonel Smitlw SENIORS Artliur l.ittle Gorclon lxlagay Clwarles lvlaillarcl Gorclon lvlartin Rolaert Nash Donalcl Otis Ray Patten l'lowarcl Platts Vxfilliam Quinn Rolmert Spaulding Aclellyert Teague Franlq Tenney JUNIORS Raymonrl PJ. Dunn Milton l-. Fontaine Williain E. Greer Ricliarcl W. lvers l'lerl3ert A. Jolinson, ilr. Riclaarcl I-I. ilolwnson Clwester R. l,apeza Roger rl. l.apoin'c George W. lVlcCalllrey Burton l. lvlitclwcll William B. Moore Kennetli A. Noserl: Tlieoclore Plante Carl O. Randall 152 Major Swanton Sergeant Woocl ilalm R. rlqluompson Harrison Tlwyng Gorclon Tilulyetts Peter Urluan Walter Welulm Sleplwen Zagreslsi Williaiir R. Sanclerson Erlwarcl l'l. Sauer Willrccl Walton lirefl Vxfinterlaottorn ,lolin Wolccutt .lolwn Worclen V, t . ISE.. IN l CQ . P l . - -'r First Row: Upton, Katijarvi. Winer, Edson, Vasitiou, Swallow, Stearns. Second Row: Korpcta, Weinstat. Pinstia, Bins. Jo Chapter: New Hampshire Estahtished 1928 President GEORGE EDSON -Vice-President ROBERT WEINER Treasurer-Secretary HELEN XXASILIOU Vincent Andrews Kenneth Bartlett Anna Baum Ruth Buckley John Decker Leon Bills Richard Braun Otis Briggs Crcetey Buchanan Barbara Cheney James Corcoran Thomas Craven Betty Barrett Norman Birenhaum James Denig John Downing Shirtey Nathanson Raymond Dower George Edson Basil Ferris Harry Gett Gahrietta Hines Wayne Dowst Gordon Flint William Ford James Garvey Ruth Grady Philip Harvey Mitdrect Hutton GRADUATES James Burke Nan Norton SENIORS Constance Howarct Allen Korpeta Eteanor Lee Lillian Lippman Rosamonct Merritt JUNIORS Marion James Brayton Jones Louis Karosas Herhert Keaclin John Kew Solomon Leavitt James Liberty Athert Manton Ray Oakes Joseph O'Leary Maurice Patizza Auctrey Pettengilt Leon Putten Gordon Martin Howard Mcctary Louis MCDOHOLlgh Maxham Nash Beatrice Potonstcy Suzanne Puctiac Ann Rader SOPHOMORES Virginia Drew Donatct Lawson Robert Monison John Fahey Thomas Leonarct Stella Pinstca Stuart Katze Pant Lyons Dwight Pratt Dorothy Laing Joseph Mock John Shaw FRESI-IMEN Dorothy Nyherg Earton Woodard 155 Bernard Shaw Ntary Louise Stearns Margery Upton Judith Weinstat Bill Rivers Frank Spettman Waiter Szot Paul Toussaint Helen Vasitiou John Wolcott Donald Vxfoocthury Constance Smith Rohert Sweatt Ralph Tessier Macteton Willis President Vice-President Horse Snow Trips Publicity DorotI1y Beckett Margaret Boyd Ruth BucIiIey NeIson Bennett Lewis BisseII Lois Draper Janet Gagnon Jean I'IaIpin First .Row-Bennett, Lovett, Payne, DonIe. Bur:IQIey, DaIton, Carrier, Beckett, Kcnison. Tenncy, Nuttcr, Second Row-Haynes, Low, Gagnon, Boyd, Draper, Sparks, I'IaIpin. Sweet, Lee, CaIzIwcII, Emery, VVIiilcI'icr. Third RoruHWI1itmyre, Sweet, StaIIorcI, McLane, I'IiIcIretI1, Seymour, IVIarsI1aII. BisseII. Fourllr Row-NVoocL ward, Nute, Perkins, Snowman, Moore, Gardner, Tyson. Liberty. CDUTI G CLUB EstaI5IisI1eCI I923 ARCPIIE DALTON Secreiary PAUL S. CrXRRIER, JR. Treasurer DIRECTORS DOROTI-IY BIECKETT Cabins and Trails RUTH PAYNE Transportation KENNETH KENNISON Ski Team . CarniUaI IVIAURICE If3AL1ZZrx SORORES IN FACULTATE Miss IVIarion I?JecI4witIi IVIrs. Henry S. CIapp FRATRES IN FACULTATE EcIwarcI Y. BIewett Loring B. TirreII BLUE CIRCLE IVIEIVIBERS SENIORS IVIacIeIine CaIcIweII Archie DaIton James Liberty Dean Gardner Kenneth DonIe PauI Carrier EIeanor Lee JUNIORS PrisciIIa Emery Stuart IVIarsI1aII Harry Haynes NViIIinm Moore Kenneth Kennison Robert Perkins SOPI-IOIVIORES iIoI1n Lovett LIUIIYI Nutter EcIwarcI Stafford I'IaroIcI Sweet Victor Tyson WiIIiam I'IiIcIretIm EIIingwoocI IVIcI..ane RicI1arcI Snowman WiIIiam iIaI1ocIa Eugene Nute StanIey Low Wiiiston Seymour 154 Dorothy Sparks Joan Sweet Rim-i BUCKLEY KENNETH DONLE NELSON BENNETT JOHN NUTTER JOHN LOVETT IVIaurice I3aIi2za RLltI1 Payne I:ranIc Tenney Raymond Whitcher KarI WoocIwvarcI I3auI Townsend Lynn Whitmyre 'v" J vid? CAB1N AT FRACONIA gc. N 4L...,,?. CANoE1NG AT IVIENDUMS POND 4 . A ' ,-"' 1 if 51' . .Qt Y 5. ..1 CAB1N AT MENDUMS POND 155 l l r i P First Row: Qslnorne, Corbin, Haugen, Moore. James, Swallow, Dean Eastman, Mason, McMartin, Bartlett, Brown. Second Row: Xvest, Gowen, Chandler, Pcrlcins, Krcwslci, Onlccs, M, Freeman, Goodwin Cross, E. Cox, Dowell, White, Bracliett, A. Eastman. Tfiircl Row: A. llill, Cv. Cox, Davis. Lambert. Jones French, Atliinson, Spillman, M. Hill, F. Eastman, Stevens, Page, Coggcr, Eclson. Fourlfx Row: Tomplcins Howlter, Trafton, Shorey, Sanlsm, Maclntyre, Blake, NVill:ins, Ethyl Davis. Janvrin. Brown, Crosby, Bacon Olsen, Gove. Fifth Row: Clarlc, Richards, D. Eastman, Sheehan, Knowles, Westfall, Vxfilcle, Jones, Flint Braun, Wright. TUDE T CHRISTIA MGVEME T President LAXVRENCE SWALLONV Vice-President RACHEI. Mooiua Secretary S1-IIRLEY MASON Treasurer MARY ANDRUCHUCK FRATRES IN FACULTATE Rolnert L. James, Jr. SENIORS Mary Andruchucl: Shirley Mason Bernard Shaw Lawrence Swallow Allan Korpela JUNIORS Helen Bartlett Dorothy Corhin Rachel Mclntire Charlotte Sives Carleton Brown Qlive Daniels Patricia McMartin Dorothy White Katherine Chandler Rachel Moore Davirl Plumpton SOPHOMORES Ethel Davis Elizabeth Edson Donald Qshorn Alice Shorey Laurenia Eastman Margaret Hill Arlene Perry 156 FV' ,,, 7' F - .1 il T, J , . F" .A ' 1 x Firsi Row: Xvcinsint. Snvnn, Hillson, Miss Dlclccy. Reinlwerz, Sancllcr, Lipp Second Row: Yollcc. llnusc, Lippman. Brown, Polonslcy. Fishman, Angelowitz, Goldlacrg, lsenlaerg, Aclnoff, Nallwanson. man. Bacon, BlZ1l"lliCI'IlJCI'g. MENORAH SGCIETY President NATAI-lE REINHERZ Vice-President GWENDOLYN SANDLER Secrelary NAOMI SAVAN Treasurer RUTH l'llLLSON MEMBERS SENIORS Sylvia Blanlcenlaerg Thelma Golcllaerg Lillian Lippman Juclitll Weinstat JUNIQRS Esther Aclnofla Rulli Hillson Ruth Maron Natalie Reinluerz Juclillu Cohen .lean lsenlnerg Beatrice Polonslcy Gwendolyn Sandler Beatrice Fisliman SOPHOMORES Sybil Angelowitz Rullu Haase Pearl Lippman Rose Slierman Mildred Brown Jcanelte Lewis Naomi Savan FRESHMEN Evelyn Barenloerg Shirley Nathanson Rose Teinloerg Jeanette Yolllee Selma Bacon 157 First Row-Leathers, A. Janetos, J, Mccrone, Arlams, Donahue, Tonctrr-nuti.. Miss Phipps, Colman, Valley Chase, Hughes. Seconrl Row-Martin, Yoft-ec, Micimaciiik, Crouch, Foley, Murphy, Olson, Pierce, Srnitti Rand, Harwood, Sopet, Snootz, Hayden, Hoody, Reciclcn, Briggs. Third Row-Jewell, C. Janetos, Freeman, Bectcingtiam, Stimson, E. Mecrone, Foss, Wheeler, Brewster, Morang, Grimes, Vxfoorl, Feinliurg, Mcmaniets. ASSQCIATIGN QF WOME DAY TUDENTS Lucite Boocly Dorothy Briggs Rita Fecteau Rose Feinlourg Berry Fitzpatrick Teresa Foley Dorothy Brewster Marie Donahue Lois Draper Eileen Foss Kathleen Beclcingtiam Alice Colman Dorothy Crouch President JEANNETTE TONDREAULT Vice-President ANNE LAuGH1.iN Secrelary-Treasurer MARIE DONAHUE Social Chairman Erizmrzrifr ADADIS FRESHMEN Ann Grimes Ruth Harwood Christine Janetos Esther Jewell Cassie Martin Grace McDa11iets Mary Murptiy Marguerite Qlson Nancy Parsons Marylyon Perkins SOPHOMORES Leona Gerrish Margaret Hughes Ann Gorman Elaine Mitiacliilc Ciara Hayden Rieta Pierce JUNIORS Katherine Carpenter Wilma Lunt Margaret Foley Elizabeth Mccrone Betty Keefe Phyllis Morang Anne Laughlin Helen Snoolc 158 A Rebecca Williams Louise Woratt Jeannette Yoftee Ntarion Weiictetl Natalie Weintxvortti Amy Rand Rosemary Redclen Iris Valley Kassie Sopel Ruth Stimson Gladys Wheeler First Row--Becicellz, Nfrs. McLaughlin, Garland. Miss Carr. Henderson. Second Row'-Carlisle, Mecklem Dorothy Beckett Belly Brown Eleanor IVIcNuIty Sniailey, Brown, Pickess. PSI LAMBDA Honorary Home Economics Society Presiclcm' Vice-President Treasurer Sales Clmirmun Faculty Advisor Barbara Carlisle Marliia Garland Rachel Moore Barbara Phillips Established 1926 MARTHA GARLAND DOROTHY BECKETT BETTY BROWN DOROTHY MECKLEM Miss MARGARET KARR SENIORS Henrietta Henderson Claudia Pickess Dorothy Mecklem Louise Smalley JUNIORS Louise Puisifer Ruth Stimson Lillian Robinson 159 Robert Nash Second Row-Brown i 1 --Scott, Cox, Batcliclcler, Nash, Lippman, Dacris, XN,Cl5b0fQ. Front Row, lofi to rgfl Goldberg. Hillson, Merrill, Famsworlh, Smith, Pinslaa. Kolligrew, Nason, Briggs. Tliiril Row-Ozog, Stearns Bacon. Eastman, Field Mylire, Miltmorc, Buckley, W lcLary. SGCICDLOGY CLUB President ROBERT NASI-I Vice-President BETTY BREMNER Secretary-Treasurer LILLIAN LIPPMAN FRATRES lN FACULTATE Dr. Batctlelder Elizabeth Bremner Grace Brown Robert Briggs Ruth Buclcley Claire Daeris Milcirecl Bacon Marion Bennett Carleton Brown Katherine Carpenter Rachel Cox Ruth Eastman Dr. Coulter Arcliie Dalton Thelma Goldberg Ethel Knight Lillian Lippmann SENIORS Rosamoncl Merrill Elizabeth McCrone Howard C. Mclueary Shirley Mason William Scott JUNIORS Elizabeth Famswortlu Maclelyn Kelligrew Janice Fitield Margaret Metcalf Ruth Hillson Barbara Miltimore Elizabeth Keefe Carolyn Myhre SOPHGMORES Mary Kearney Stella Pinslca PLEDGES Phyllis Bacon Theo Lylis 160 Nlary Stearns Louise Webb Philip Weisberg Eugene Wozmak Richard Neilson Julius Ozog Ruth Smith Mecla Stone Alice Stiorey Firsl Row: Adrian Moore, Barllclt. Sevond Row: Papaclwrislos, Chase, Nliss Evans. ME 'S AT ET AS 0 N HL IC SCDCIATIO President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Publicity lkfanagcr Facully Advisor RACHEL MOORE ELEANOR ADRIAN IVIADELINE PAPACHRISTOS HELEN BARTLETT BARBARA Cl1ASE NELL EVANS SOPHOMORES 4' First Row, left io righi'-Kaplan, Reirl, Sclioolcraft, Stnlzlae, Grilltin, lngram. Cliarait. Cvormly, Sherry. Second Row-Harriman, Taylor, Pinslca, Pinslca, Davison, Hines, Jolinson, Morgan, Rowell. Maclclen, Fox, Third Row-'l'lolt, Ferry, Sweet, Cliancller, Grecnaway, Collier, Reinlicrz, Wilson, Kicliline, lsaacson. Fourltz Row'-'l'lill, Rollins, Gowen, Buxton, Clement, Straw. Fiflli R010-SllHW, Tonclreault. Fitzpatriclc Mclntyre, Adrian, Sliertzurn, Coolre, Smitll. Sixth Row-Bullqinglon, Honlcola, Seymour, Eclcrlalal, Slierry Nolan, Donallue, Sturat, Graliam, Callahan, Noyes, Carlisle, Blanelwarcl, Hcalcl, Spear, Mnrlden, Piclcett Stott, Picliarcl, Foggett, Barcnlacrg, Papacliristos, Hillicr. GERMAN CLUB President GABRlELl,A l'liNEs Treasurer RUTH Dzxvison SENIORS Anna Baum Sopllie Cvlelaow Frecl Benton Katllleen Cliancfller Sliirley Clement Judith Colien Fretta Coolce Eleanor Aclrian Kennetli Blancluarcl Paul Burns Elizalaetli Buxton Marjorie Callalaan Corclon Carlisle Neil Cates Clwarles Clwapman Dorothy Collier Marie Donaliue lvlelvin Koplan lVlary Parrisla Cliarles Foggett Janice Cowan Rutla C1racly Harry Haynes Alvin lngram Pliilip Jolwnson Dorotliy Ferry Cliarles Firestone Arline Gorclon Ann Gorman Riclaarcl Gormlny Rolaert Graham Albert Gregg Forest Gritlin James Healcl Margaret Hill Eleanor Hillier Elizalnetli Piclcarcl Franlc Spellman Wenclell Pratt Beverly Swain JUNIORS Tlwomas Kiclrline .lolm Reirl Wilma lount Natalie Reinlierz Arthur Maclclen .lolwn Rowell Rutli lvliler Maurice Nason Rutli Sl'l6flJllI'I1C Francis Slierry Arcl1il3alrlRamage Clwarlotte Sives Martha Holt Fred Honlrala Margaret Huglies Alexancler Kalranio Mary Kearney Kennetla Leggett ,lames loutlcin Susan lvlalscli Cvertrucle Meinelt Riclaarrl Morgan Riclwarcl lvlorgan 162 Franlclin lxlullon Rolaert Nolan William E. Noyes Ada Nudd laeigliton Nulling Donalcl Qslvorne Nlacleline Papaclirislos .lanet Piclcett Amy Ranrl Eclwarcl Rcecl Jeannette Tonclreault Faitli Stanton Franlr Spellman ilolmn Sion Harold Sweet Howard Tyler Ferne Rollins Wiiiston Seymour Walter Sherry Rutlm Spear Eclson Slannarcl rlolin Stululne Eclitlw Sweet Ruclolplw Timmer Bernarcl Toclrin Howarcl Wilson Front Row, left to righl: Bradley, Nlariow, Swain, Woodward, Gould, Wilder, Pratt, Knowiton, Stevens Jones. Trojano. Second Row: Noseclc, Leighton, Jordan, Burtey. Breclc, Blaclcwooci, Tyler, Larmie, Bissell: Tfiircl Row: Pickering, Barnett, Sherry, Spinney. Wootner, Noury. Jatioda. Fourth Row: NVooC1warc1 Leavitt, Wtiitmyre. Rowe. FCDRESTRY CLUB Chapter: New Hampshire Established 1915 Founded at time University of New Hampshire Presiflerll NORMAN WILDER Vice-President ROBERT KNOXVLTON Sccrelory WENDELL PRATT Treasurer ERNEST GOULD FRATRES IN FACULTATE Mr. Lewis Swain Professor Kart Woodxvard SENIORS Dr. Clark L. Stevens Raipii Bissei, Jr. Robert Bradley Pierre Boy Nelson Bennett Lewis Bissell Jotm Btacttwooct Charles Burieigii Wiiiiaiin Jatiocta Joseph Crimttis Robert Jones Robert Knowlton Clifford Marlow Robert Brest: Ernest Gould Frank Kenison George Laramie Roger Leigtdto rr Rictiarci Phenix Frank Leavitt Francis Noury Donald Plaistect Howard Piatts Weiidell Pratt JUNIORS Kenneth Noseclc Ptiiiip Sawyer Walter Senior, Jr Louis Spinney SOPHOMORES Donatct Picicerii ig Charles Pifixorct PLEDGES Ralph Reed Robert Rowe 165 Robert Senclair Harold Trajano Norman Wilder Howard Tyler Kari Woodward, Gordon Woolmer John Sherry Lynn Wimitmyre txftaurice Winn J , '9' Front Row Ueft to rightbz Randall, Hirsclmer, Hanlon, Parker, Buchanan. Back Row: Mccanqray, Mitchell. SBIICICFSOFI. J01ll'lS0l'l. JU ICR PRGIVI CQNHVHTTEE CLASS OFFICERS President RICI'-IAIQD NELSON Vice-President THOMAS JOHNSON Secretary BARBARA CHASE Treasurer FRANKLIN AYIER General Chairman JOHN HANLON Orchestra CARI, RANDA1.I.,,p P'l'OI..E MY ADAMS Publicity CREELEH' S. BUCHANAN, Cliairmang PETER WEI.I.ENBEIlCIZl2 Cfiaperones VIRGINIA PARKER, cfwirmrmg PHILIP JDUNIAP Programs BURTON JVIITCI-IELL, cfrairmang JVIAIIY TEMPLE Decorations LOUELLA I'IIRSCl-INER, clmirmang LLOYD COUTTSQ I'lARRIIi'l' GOODWIN Refresfunenls WIl,I.lAM SANDERSON, cfmirmang JVIARY SARSON Ticfqcis Queerfs Cup GEORGE MCCAWREY HERBERT JOHNSON, cfzairrn.anig CIII2s'I'IiR LAPIQZA 164 .V First Ron 'X l lluttriclc. Mcsscr, Llia la l Burlce, Niclzerson, llc-clc. l'lolJlJs, lxnolton. Secona' Row: .lol1nson. llulc, l'rizzell, Slicrnian, bunoslay, Carpenter, l"msr:om. lngleson. 'lllirrl Row: Ferrer. Stewart, Xvllilgc, Ralpli Anclrcws Horace Bascom l7runlclin Bccli Dean Bragg Lloycl Burt .l. W. Buttricli Morse llall, Bragg. TWG YEAR AGRICULTURAL STUDENTS Sunclay Four l'lerlmert Finrleisen lolm Fowler Eclwin Frizzell Willard l.-lale .lolm D. Hall FIRST YEAR il. W. .lolmson Robert Knowlton Paul Langer Rolzert Low K. B. lVlaxl:lelcl lvlaurice lVlesser Lucius Carpenter l..conarcl l'laulJricl1 Wallace Morse Lewis Clmmlberlin rlolin l'lolJlJs Lawrence Niclcerson Walter lngleson .lolm Rowe SECOND YEAR Clillorcl Annis Carlson Gregory Earl lvlartin l'lerlmcrl Armstrong Davicl .lewcll Wilmont Sellar Ervin Livingstone Allnert E. Smitli 165 Willarcl Sanlnorn Eclwarcl Sonoslcy Donalcl Stewart W. Hervey Tluomas Phillip Tortorelli Leon Xfvells Walter White Roy Wortlien Robert Soutlxwicl: Stanley Stoclclard First Row: O Connen, Brown, Austin, ' u ivan OS ll . Second Ron P tl. Balntrcldcr. Prof. Starlite. ll L Healcl. Y ' FCSCO STUDENT LANDLGRDS Manager Assistant lwnnngcr Comptroller Host Steward Faculty Advisor Robert Austin Neal Batchetcter Clyde Brown OFFICERS MEMBERS Walter Buchanan Richard Hawkins James Ha-ald Edward Mnrchie 166- CLYDE BROWN ROBERT AUsTrN ARTHUR O'CoNNELL EDWARD Muracr-nr: FRANCIS O'SuLLwAN PROF. R. R. STARKE Arthur O'ConneH Francis Osullivan Walter Prescott Ff5'T5'? 292622 I . r. er O'Connor, Riley, Fuclala, lvlccallrey, l'irsl Row, lull lo right-O fsonnor. Lennon, Vxfoolcotl, Path l.a l7oinli-, l'p1an, lvers. bf-corul Rom-Downey. Baggzlvy, Schlcssing , La Blanc, Lamlmcrt. L f en, UNH, D . .A .. u'rn ' -naut lx' . UI' LlC. to ll'lSOn- essard. NVilliams, e son, ec 'man. Xll N l llorlng larqurs fluid Row-Q Il . llc . l, lason lf q l h Nl B ls lx l l:lamn'u:. Fllllflll Row-l-uciver. lX'lcKunna. Cain, Fectcau lxl ls B bl L Claire, Smith. 'IISSUXVEIIL .il -' 'ecvnva c cv c Schlesinger. I'xfll1 Roni-Chase. Moulton. Xvalton. EWNIAN CLUB FOUNDIED ISHS NATIONAL lVlElVlBER SEPTEMBER 1958 ESTABLISHED 1956 Clmpluin REVIEREND J. lDIiSMOND O,CONNOR Secretary ROGER LAPOINTE Prcsiclrenl GEORGE MCCAFFREX' Faculty Advisors lVlfxJOE DONOVAN SWANTON Vice-l,rr'sizlc,-lil Treasurer Elizalnctli Adams Williain Carey Thomas Carr l'lerlJert Doolittle Paul Dupall Raymond Dowcr Arthur Carr Thomas Chretien S. Des Garennes Charles Dwyer Donald Egan Ruth Grady l'lerhert Adams Walter Angus Thomas Bagley James Barrett Kathryn Barry George Belangcr Edward Audcttc A. Budzionowslci Arthur Buckley Thomas Beauclel: David Cushing Williani Cone Paul Conway ELIZABETH RILEX' RAYMOND O,CONNOR Thomas Dullly Joseph Doyle Louis ljranli lVlaurice Fournier Philip l'lasliell Fredericl: Gilgun Amlarose Kinion Gerald Grillln Richard lvers Louis Karosas Madeline Kelligrew lnlerlacrt Keadin Louis Cryans ljranlq Chase lVlillarcl Clarlc John Downing lvlathcw Flaherty Raymond Doyle Elinor Doyle Francis Duclos Raymond Dupell Rolaert Fitzimmons Thomas lmloulihan Rita Herlihy Richard llarlcins SENIORS John Kalil Donald Landry Adreau Lallamme Rolaert lVlcLaughlin Alhert lvlccaugney Rolaert Nash Joseph Nigro JUNIORS Roger Lapointe Eleanor McNulty Leo lVloscarclini George Mccaltrey John lvlccarthy SOPHOMORES Jean l'lalpin James Hogan Fredericlc l'lerlihy Rohert Jacques Williani Johoda FRESHMEN Jerry Jordan Bernard Keegan John Lyster Edward Lyszezcas Kenneth Lang Paul Lyons William Marshall John lxflartin 167 PROFESSOR Joi-iN S. WALSI-l PROFESSOR EDWARD T. DONOVAN Joseph Nolan Charles C,Neill lxflaurice Palizza Elizabeth Picard William Quinn Elizaheth Riley George Sullivan Kenneth Nosecl: Raymond Olconnor Regis 0,ConnOr Edward Ploclzilc Theodore Plante Alphonse Lucier Thomas Leonard lVlaurice McKenna Richard lVleon Rolnert Nolan James Marelli Alice Moran Catherine Moran Rolverli lvlullen Janet Mason Francis lvloury Rolaert Oyconnell Barbara Shields William Scott Philip Smith Adelhert Teague George Viclcer Aniha Varni Patricia Schlesinger Francis Spellman Paul Toussaint Wilfred Walton John Wolcott Rohert 0'Brien Francis Polcigo Emest Poquin Ruth Spear Franlc Soucluslci Richard Orclway Francis D'Sullivan Rohert Quinn Edna Riley Davicl Sullivan Richard Sughrue George Tighe 3 r,, -lair, First Row: Kauppinen, Slterry, Briglwlon, Xvilrlcr, Bown, Eelgerly. Selimielt, Forel, Woodard, lxflaclarie, Clarlc. Second Row: Arlams, Ham. A. Moran, M, Stearns, Straw, Cana, Cox, K. Moran. Olsen, Stearns, Monllls. Third Row: Cvliclcman, I-I. Sweet. Coults, Sargent, lngalls, Garclner, Spear. Jones, Price. Fourth Row: Street. D. Sweet, E, Bulger, J. Bulger, Camplacll, Davis. lVlary Anclrucluuli Anna Baum Guelllo Bertolini Ralpli Bissell Francis Ayer Franlclin Ayer Avis Bailey Lew Batclaeliler Carleton Brown .lolm Bulger Barlaara Aclams Clillorcl Annis Kennetlw Brigluton George Broolcs William Brown, rl r, Ernest Bulger Cliarles Burleigli YACHT CLUB SENIORS Reeslaon Fouer .lolin Lovett lxflurray Gliclrman Williann lVlaynarcl Tenluo Kauppinen Rosamoncl lVlerril,l Rolaert Knowlton rlolun lVlcCarll1y Eleanor Lee l"larl Pease, Jr. JUNICDRS lsloyecl Coutts Evelyn Glsen Wayne Dowst Russell Plumpton Albert Eclgerly Leslie Price lrving Gerslr Elizalnetli Riclmarcls Albert Plardy .lf1l'1f1 RlCl'1aI'ClS0f1 Elijah Jamgocliian George Rogers W. Brayton Jones John Rowell SOPl'lQlVlORES Alan Camplmell lVlillarcl Clarlc Eugene Dully Artlaur Fernalcl Dorotlay Feery Janet Forcl William Garcln Barlaara l'lam CI' Margaret l'larrison Eleanor l'lillier Mary Howe Murray lngalls William .lolmson Susan lVlalscl1 Barbara Marsliall Wericlell Pratt Victor Poznialc Manton Spear lVlary Louise Stearns Carroll Sanderson Neel Slneeluan Carl Simpson Garclner Small .lolm Stott Tluomas Street Dan Sweet Vivienne Mead .losepli lvloclc Franlclin lVlullon Ellingwoocl Mclaane Rolancl Sargent .lolm Slcerry Harold Smillu Norman lvlaynarcl Rolaert Soutluwiclc 168 Marjorie Upton Pliil Weritzell Norman Wilcler William Woocllniiry l'larolcl Sweet, ilr. Walter Woocls .lolm Vxfooclwarcl Carl Wooclwarcl, Jr. Franlc Wriglit Roluert Young Dorotliy Sparlcs Rutlm Spear Davicl Stanley Edson Stannard Macleline Stearns .loan Sweet Betty Torrey .lolwn Weiutzell First Row, lufl lu rigilil-Clmse, Mnrslmll, Smalley, Russell. Sf-mmf Row-Lister, Allen, Slciclmore. Sanborn GIRL 3 RIFLE TEAM NDER llie guiclance of Barbara Nlarslmll, lVliss Evans, ancl the criopernlion ol llwe lxflililnry Science Depurlment, a girls, rille team was cwgmiizecl nl llie Univcrsily ol New l'lZllTlIJSl1l1'C. The rilles and zirnnmnilion used Ly llwe loam are clonalefl lay llie lVlilil.ury Science l lepnrlinenl.. Two meels lmve lmeen lielcl tlwis season, one willi Ripon College unrl one willi llwe Universily ul Wlaine. Allliouglw, lJoll1 encounlers were lnsl, llic learn revealecl n cleciclecl improvement among its memlners. SQUAD lilmiliclli Allen Mm-y I-layner Bm-l i11i-L 1 Brnclcel Leila Lister Angela Clinsc Burl iiii- il Mmslmll Rulli Frenelm D firf J lliea Pease 169 Frances Russell iwimgmi sanbom Eimbcih Smalley syivia Skidmore H F WIVMHES Activities-Barbara Stwietcts Alpha Xi Detta, Sociat Committee f5Jg Gtee Ctuta U15 THE GRANITE CQJ: May Day Pageant fQDg Chairman Sophomore Court f2J: Outing Club f3Dg Pep Cats C515 Junior memtuer ot ANVS. Social Committeeg Newman Club QBJ, cdlbj Big Sister Com- mittee ffljg Mask and Dagger President Womenys Stu- ctent Government MJ: Sec- retary Deans Actvisory Councit ffljg Ntortar Board ffilg Who,s Who Among Stuctents in American Uni- versities and Cotteges. Most IBARHARA ANNE S1-IIELDS Ctiosen the most representative senior vvoman by popular vote of ttre ttiree upper Classes as the most oulslancting in setaotarstup, ctiar- acfter, and teacterstmip, cturing tier tour years al, lime University of New ttampstw ire. Representative if: 1 1759! - vt- , 4 - ' ,' ,-. 0 V., bk J.r' Y 5- .w',,L:Q.-'u, -- -r .,f' . - ' f AN - A. '. . if - N, ' .V ',fq1t?' " . . y yjifv i ':.,LJ- -"'t , , In Nlost Pfwi. lf. llolmli Clmscu ilic must rcprcsculativc Scninr maui lvy popular volc of llmc cc uppcr classes as ilu: most mil. l mlingf in sclmlnrslmip, clmraclciy mrl lcruclcrsliip cluring luis four yours it llwc UnivorsilyulNcw l lzimpslmiro. Reptresentmive Q 'Q 173 Activities-Paul Home Lanilacla Clii Alplmg Class Treasurer f5lg Vice- Presiclent ol luamlvcln Alpliag Siuclcnt Council f5l, Presiclcnl. lfllg Blue Key, Prcsiftcnt flllg Deanys Aclvisory Commit- tee flll: Whols Who Among Sluclents in Ameri- can Universities ancl Col- legesg Scizilploarcl anal Blade Hlg Baseball CSD, MJ: Football HJ, f2l, Captain filly Hocflccy filg -Outing Cluln fill: N. H. Club. MILITARY BALL Miss Beverley Swain reigned as Cadet Colonel ai the Scala- Iaarcl and Blade Ball. She is a member of Alpha Xi Delta Sorority. v -9 The nirlcs lo the cadet colonel wcrc: left. N155 BETTY Bmimxxan und right, N155 BETTY Tixzuww. 175 WI TER '- - V , wg.- 2 CAR ANAL Nliss Jcunnclte Gagnon, clmscn time Queen of the Carnival Bail, a gala affair sponsored by the Blue Circle, the gov- erning board of the Quting Club. SIIG is a member of Alpha Xi Dc-iln Sorority. Phi will Della in rn1' wiilw ull llic uihljl' lraicrnilics won firsl prize for liicir slum' scuipiurc. 176 Ixliss l,uh'ic'iu HUXVCII flupj of IIN: Class I0-IQ. :xml Bliss l,Jl'illI'if'C Ix!Iflf'l,JOlIgi1H of Igvrlin, Nvw llmnpslmircf z1llm-mlm,-rl llmc Calm nl CRIIUCII all Iwi' c'um1mli1.n. LVU x V 4 V f 1 1 '1 .:E" ' J 55.5.71 E L. xii.-..f, 4 uk G ,,- xy rw yr. x Rb 'bl-ffl. Il "'d!1f?2fffr- 3215- Miss Frances Mccrillis was chosen the queen of liwe Junior Prom by popular vole of Lire Junior Class. Sire is a member of Cixi Qmega Sororily. Miss Eleanor P'IcNulty flower rignkl ancl Miss Laura Sims flower Ieflj were chosen as fflUlGI'1CIilHtS by popular vote of Lune Junior Class. Miss McNulty is a member of Alpha Xi Della Sorority, anrl Miss Sims is il member of Cixi Omega Sororily. JU ICR PRCDM T110 Junior Prom, social iiigiwiigiul of the scholastic year, wus iueiri on time evening of Aprii 28 at Lhe X'VfQJliTCll,S Gynusium. Cimricy Bouianger and his orciicslru suppiicci lim music. 179 Best Looking CARL RANDALL NI ost M'ociest EDNVARD SAUER Class Polilician PHILIP DUNLAP W iiiiesi WILLIAM SPEARMAN Class Grind LOUIS GILMAN Nfost Respected - THOMAS JOHNSON Best Athlete BURTON MITCHELL Blast Capable and Besi Naturecl THE AYER TXVINS KFRANCIS AND FRANKLIN, CLASS Ixfosl Popular and Besi All Around RICHARD NIzI.I.soN bios! Tfiorougfi Genliemen JAMES CORCORAN Bas! Dancer Al.lfIZEl'J COSTANZO Nos! Collegiale ami Mos! Talkaiive CHARLES BETZ Class Bluffcr MAXHAM NASIYI Class Actor Lows MCDONOUGI-I Bus! Dressed AIl'F1-IUR MCDERMOTT Most Business Like THE O,CONNOR TWINS fREGlS AND RAYMOND, PULL Best Looking FRANCIS IVICCTRII. Most Morlesl Avis BAILEY Class Polilician, BARISARA C1 HiNIiN Wiuiesz RACHM. Cox lxfosl Likely lo S1 lwosl Rzzsperrlwl RACI 1 li I. Momma lwosl Capable MAIllli COLUNS Best Allllcic LIS ll'l'l'L'll U ELEANOR MCNULTY Bos! Nalurecl KAT1-m1Nla MYl'lRl2 Q , X 5, . . I. , JP lxlost Popular and Besl All Around BARBARA CIYIASE Most Tlzorougll Lady ANN REDER Class Grinal RUTH STIMSON Mos! Collegiate lvlARY TEMPLE Class Ffusician BEATRICE FISHMAN C lass Aclor MARY SARSON Best Dressed MARJOIZIE FRE ED MAN Most Business Like and Besl Dancer LOUELLA I'IIRSCI'INER i 1 1 V ' pvfiti twat is Y Y Itfosl flclpfuf Nfosl Loquacious fwosl Ecccrilric t-lmuzv SMITII Wli.l.I1XM PIENNESSEY Romzizr Wi1iss1'Elz P F YE 'o es 0' ' , ' i Associate Professor of Asst. Professor of English I S I 0 mnomlcb English FACULTY Best NCIIUFGJ Best Leclurcr Best Liked JAMES SCHOOLCRAFT Al.l5IiIi1' IDAGGli'l"I' , lizvmc HOBBY , , lHSlfUCf0F ln LHUEK-H1395 Assistant Protcssor ot Chemistry instructor in Political Science i 182 Wfmicsl Most Poisecl Best Nfarker HAROLD SCUDDER Ti-IORSTEN KALLUARV1 P1-uL1P MARSTON Professor of English Professor of Political Asst. Professor of History Science PULL h'lOSf 'fypicuf Al..lTI2!ED Riel-muos Professor of English Most Sarcastic PAUL SCHoED1NGER Asst. Professor of English Most Respected NORMAN ALEXANDER Associate Professor of Economics and Dean of Men 185 I D Q - - I , lr. ' l ' v 1 1 , I Il' 5 n " sxt. I ' O Y N ' , qi 'Q' d Q", a 1 ' -Y . Ivy.: aunt, 'pr ly .1 1 is: in , I I . n - W, . v.. I .Q , 1 .xA r . 2 -A "' "- 'Q . . .. I ' ua ' , Q . I. ' I Q' al - Q '- w 5 . ' V 0 -I ' ' . . I ' - ' ' -. , M 1 . ' - 'w ' - . -- ... .- im- . . '. f ' . ' f, '- , V in I 154. - v . ' . .- 1 . 1 0 1 Q- , .2 l,y.i- W- 1 ' Ty U I n J ' , .. 9,1-f , I , ' ' i. i l .ly , 5 5 I ' 5' - . i ' . .51 .- . xx. ' zfg- A ' ' 'I . , , ,. .f ' , 1 Q. wav" -QW' V 4 . xx . A s A "Tyr, ' . W . ' ' ', GJ-N ' . ,.r W .gi ...K Q", ... ga J ? . ' ' U . .- 1- 4- ' ' ' " ' 1. ' 49' tv i - . , . l i xl .,, I I. . I.,v -ii.-'ff 'V nw. " ' , V - I 7' 7 ' I - -1 , . I , , L, . - .f, 3 . '. I' ' yy 'if 5.1. lvl .L . '. -I V. V . , X 1 LQ! 5- , , r 1: -" . . :-4. R: I . I Ji, " ,- L.g.f?:.i an V N A. li I 'I I W N41 Q W i ! A. V ' "4 "-z 5515? ' , 1-md, M , 'i ' l I YI ', .-,.,3I ' :' g ' I . " I A ' V . - Y A firm my mr -rkguiix H ..1fI.f H ,f.,, 1 . , ,,-., . 'Ftim - ....,, " , - V- :+g':. ,: J -' ,, . . A.1..,. , f' 'bf-nr' 42' 1. V " R ws.: , - -. -3 -1'G4f1TT lf. 'N 'fS.'sf"':, - - - .dm-- ,. A b. -3 . .. . .. . . - . . . ... 7 , 1 W' A M.- M 1 -V.-Ar, '1- ,L Q. ,-, V -'f-,.- , X ' ' .. ' ' , . .P ,, ...',,,.1. N x,,..f. ,, VmEf31g,,.1. M .L ..,- .. MU? an IRQIR KAPPA SIGMA First Row: Stlimlce, Towle. O'Leary, Dulty, Nagle, Frazer, Scott. Spaulding, Eastman, Tcnney, Liberty. Second Row: Temple, 1"1a1ey, Morin, Tufts, Frost, Spearman, Costanzo, Pirciti. Croft. Nutting, Downs, Bertolini. Tfiircl Row: Judlcins, Wallenberger, Reed, Butterworttn, Mueller, Welch, Lennon. Lanyon, Raynes. Fourth Row: C. lsapcza. C. Kizala, Evans, Woods, 1'1. Lapeza, 1-1. Farrar, Nute. President LYLE N. 17izAzi2iz Vice-President THOMAS .1. 1D1JF1fY, JR. Secretary EDWARD G. Nixcua Treasurer Roniiirr fl. SPAui-p1NG Esta1J1is11ec1 19013 Founclecl at University ol Virginia 1869 HE Kappa Sigma Fraternity was founclecl at tlme University of Virginia in 1869. lt is one of the largest fraternities in the country, liaving one 11unc1rec1 and eight clwapters. The cliapter at the University of New 1'1amps11ire was estalalisldecl Felnruary 22, 1901 anc1 was namecl by t11e National Fraternity, l11e Beta Kappa Chapter of Kappa Sigma. This Chapter owes its existence to t11e inlluence of two men of Qtlio State, Charles W. Burkett and Freclericlc S. rlolmnson, past Professors in Agriculture at t11e University ol' New Hampshire. Gn tlwe c1ay of estalalistrment, twenty-seven men were initiated into t11e fraternity. The original location of Kappa Sigma on tlris campus was at 1.11e present site of t11e Lamlocla Alplia Fraternity. ln 1916, the c1'1apter movcrl to its present location. Among t1'1e outstancling Kappa Sigma Alumni of tlie University of New Hampsliire are Harry D. Batchelor 103 and Professor Clrarlcs L. Parsons '05, eminent clwemistsg Colonel Charles A. Hunt, U. S. A.g ancl Professor Ricliarrl Vxflworislacy '10, our 1ue1ovec1 past-Alumnus Aclvisor. 186 Jolmn Conroy .lolm Kenclall Guelfo Bertolini Thomas Duffy Natluan Eastman Harry Butterworllm Alfred Costanzo James Lilacrty William Croft William Downs Prescott Farrar Vernon Evans Terry Frost Elliot Jewell Roger .lucllcins Chester Lapcza BETA KAPPA CHAPTER Tliomas Laton Harolcl Loveren SENIORS Lyle Frazer Eclwarcl Nagle .loscpli Q'Leary JUNIORS Paul Rayncs Garclner Reecl 1 iam ., Carman Wil' gp SOPHOIVIORES XfVUlC.lliC7Il Haley Victor lfizala Siclnoy McCartney PLEDGES Henry Lapeza Robert Lennon Laurent Morin Donald Mueller Arlo Piretti Rolnert Rorlicleau Carl Lunclllolm Louis Swain William Scott Roloert Spaulding Paul Towle Franlc Tenney Peter Wellenberger Eugene Nuke Leighton Nutting Eclmuncl Temple Donalcl Sclumlce Howard Steele George Tufts Donalcl Welsh Rolaert Woods .pfgzqirlf 'L .ww 18 '7 4 THETA CHI First Row: 1'1i11ier, Li1t1e. Ti11on. Moore, Mrs. Smith, 1-11111, Fairwc-a1.11er, 170010, Priro, Far-ir-r. 1V1aynarc1. Second Row: Pease. Sta11orc1, Parker. Quimby, C1ar1c, .1. VX7entze11. Dacir1son, P. Wen1ze11. Kir1:, 1..an1pson. Frey. T11irr1 Row: Ro11er1s, Tessier. Piper, Ferris, 1'1oc1g1r1on, D. Crafts. Raynes, 131ainc-. 1'1. Swcrr-1. .1orr1an. Fourill Row: Fec1ce, Austin. Xrvebsler, D. Sweet, Coulls, 51. Crafls, Sc111.l1lz, 1.ac1c1. Croc1cr2I,1. 1:11111 Rom: B1yl11c, xV1l1lml1fC, Russe11, Lyson. Nvinlcrbollom, Rowe, President KENNET1-I P, 1'1.UFF Vice-President 1V1ERrul.1. MOORE Secrelary PHILIP W. HODGDEN Treasurer THOMAS A. FAIRNVEATI'IER Es1a1.11is11ec1 19103 1:ounc1ec1 at Norwic11 Universily 1856 1'1ETA C1'11 FRATERN11-Y was 1ounc1ec1 al Norwic11 Universily in Nor1111ie1c1, Ver- mont, in 1856. Zeta C11Gl31CI' of '1411e1a C111 was es1a111is11ec1 on 1110 campus 017 New 1'1amps11ire Co11ege, 1V1ay 21, 1910. 11, was 1110 second Hnaliona1" to 1.10 organized 11ere. Ze1a C11ap1er was origina11y a 1oca1 organizalion, De1la T110 origfina1 1oca1ion, was on 1ower Main Slreeli. Quarlers were soon 1ounc.1 10 1Je inac1equale for 1110 group, anc.1 the fralernily was movec1 1o a c1i11eren1 sile, l11c 11ouse now occupied 11y 1110 Phi Mu Sorori1y. 1n 1930, 1110 new 11ouse on 1N1ac111ury Road was rc-ac1y 1or occupancy anc1 111e 11oys n1ox'ec1 in February 211111. T11c1a C111 11as c11ap1ers on 111e campuses o1 1111131 co11eQes anr1 universilies in 111e Unil.ec1 Slates. 11 was main1y a New Eng1anc1 1ra1erni1y a1 11rs1, 11111 wi111 1110 grow111 of co11eges in 111e west, our c11ap1ers soon c1o11ec1 111050 regions, so we 11nc1 in 1958, r1'11e1a C111 c11ap1ers in many of 111e 1eac1ing ins1i1u1ions in 1111s eounlry. 188 Heman Fogg Anrlrew l5enncl,l Paul Currier TIIOIUUS l :i1il'XVCi1ll1CI' Frnnlclin Carey Lloyrl Couils Vxfrniruii .Davison l'1c,lxvarrl Farris .lolm Feclce Allan Ferry Clayton Follansloee Rolnert Allarcl Rolnert Austin Ralplm Blaine Edward Blythe Stacey Clarlc ZETA CHAPTER Leon Hilclicoclc Paul Schoeclinger Carl lVlarl,in Loring Tirrell SENIORS Riclmrcl Poole Arllmur Liltle Claylon Foss Vxfillimn lVlaynarcl ljrerleric Hillier lvlerrill Nloore Kcnneilm llull' l'larl Pease, Jr. JUNIORS l larry Haynes Riclmrcl Nellson ,lucla Horsey lfli Power lnliilip Hoclgflon ,lolin Raynes Xvilliam .lorclmn lfclwnrcl Slallorcl SOPHOMORES Gorclon Grey Sleven Lampson Porter Kimlnall Kcnnelli Mcleeocl .lolwn Kirlc Rolnerl Piper PLEDGES Donalcl Crall s Ralph Parlcer lxflaclo Crafts Vxfarren Peterman Davicl Croclcelt Earl Quimluy .lolm Gray Merricl: Rawstrom .lolm Hooper Jolm Rolaerts .lolun lxflills Spaulrling Sclwullz Rolaert Webster Elliot Price Roloert Tilton Pliilip Xvenizell 'Dan Sweet Harold Sweet Frecl Wirikerbottoni James Russell Jolm Wentzell Gordon Xvluitmyre Roloert Tessier George Tliurston Edward Tobey Walter Webster Rolaert Wilcl Nfl 189 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILCD First Row: Roderigues, Decker, Carr, Nigro, Miles, Macliacliern, Mrs. Donle, cles Garcnncs, Besaw Palizza Patten. Second Row: Happney, Mutlon, Weston. Jones, Sanderson, Garvey. Mullen, Burleigh Keet. Johnson, Stannard. Tfiirrl Row: G. Martin. Osullivan, Jenlcins, Jones. Haslcell, Smith, Cnnttelcl Rictiarclson, Finnegan, Coomlns. Fourth Row: Pillfarrl, Nasli, Kerr, C. Martin. Tliomas. Temple, Kounscll Morgan, Lang. Fifth Row: Dunn. Pullen, Keaclin, Lisle, Peirce. Cushing. Fahey, Shaw, Spcllman. President .1onN K. lVlACEACl-IERN E Vice-President Evrznerr JEN K1Ns Secretary BENTON MILES Treasurer RAYMOND DUNN Estalnlistiecl 19175 Founclecl at University of Alabama 1856 1GMA ALPHA EPSILON FRATERNITY contains 11.0 chapters in 42 states, 90 cliapters of wliicti own their own tiouses. The real estate value of the Fraternity amounts to over 554,250,000 Total memtverslnip is 46,727 mcmlbers. Tlie national nearl- quarters arc located in tlie Levere Memorial Temple in Evanston, lll., wlnere tlie National Fraternity is administered lay a Supreme Council. Qn Marcli 10, 1917, Zeta Epsilon Zeta, a local fraternity, lvecame New Hampstiire Beta Chapter of Sigma Alplia Epsilon, New Hampstiire Alplia lacing locatecl at Dart- moutlw. The Chapters are clesignatecl to Provinces, New Hampshire Beta sharing Province Alpha with ten other New England chapters, tlircc ol: which are locatecl in Boston. The local chapter was at lirst locatecl in Ballard Hall, tlwcn in the old lnlirmary and in 1927, movecl into its new liouse on tl'1e corner of Garrison Ave. and 'Macllnury Roacl wliere 38 members are lwousecl cluring the sclwool year. 190 Norman Alexander Ernest Christensen Charles Besaw Thomas Carr John Decker Joseph Chase Stephen ctesGarenn Raymond Dunn Charles Burleigh Andrew Elliot John Fahey Norman Canfield Welmster Comhs David Cushing BETA CHAPTER Harold Leavitt Arnoict Perreton SENIORS Philip Haskell Gordon Martin David Kerr Benton Miles Philip Lord Joseph Nigro John MacEachern Maurice Paiizza JUNIURS James Garvey Herbert Keadin es William Happny Rohert Lewis Everett Jenkins Maxham Nash George Jones Jack Richardson SQPHOMQRES Thomas Goertz Werideii Lisle Richard Huy Arthur Mullen Ahhott Jones Franklin Mullen Rohert Lang Michael Piecewicz PLEDGES John Finnigan Charles Martin Willizrin Hounselt John Morgan Joseph Johnson Francis Q'SuHivan Roherl Keet Kenneth Shaw Raymond Starke Raymond Patten Leon Pulten Gordon Rodrigues William Sanderson Philip Sawyer Francis Speiiman John Pierce Charles Piffarct Edson Stannarcl Morgan Temple Irving Thomas William Weston 191 ALPHA TAU OMEGA First Row: Titztzetts, Smitti, Haweeti, Bishop, Sinetair, Beattie. 1'1ea1c1, Rateigti Tintcer. Kimtmatt. Williams. Second Row: Betz, Swascy. Bastes, Stater, Heatti, Carpenter, Rietiarclson. Bogrctt, Pratt, Rictmrrlson. Buchanan. Third Row: Heatit, Ctartz, Patmer, Love, Bogrelt, Sopcr, Graham, Noyes. Cartiste. Fourth Row: Love, Manton, Hictcin, Johnson. Kew, Brosuis. President 1-QICHARD Bnfvrriis A I S 2 Vice-President IQOBERT SINCLAIR Secretary ARTHUR Bisuor Treasurer FRANKLIN 1'1EALD Estatutistled 19175 Founctecl at Rictmmonct, Virginia 1865 LPHA TAU ONIEGA was ttme ttrst Greet:-tetter cottage fraternity organized after the Civit War. It was founctect at Rictimonct, Virginia, on September '11, 1865, and its First ctiapter was esta1J1is11ec1 at the Virginia 1V1i1itary tnstitute at Lexington, Virginia. 1ts Fountters were ttlree young COI'117CCtCl'E11XC sotctiers. Ttmeir prime otaject was to restore the Union, to unite fraternatty the young men of t1'1e Soutti with those of the Nortti and to foster a Christian tnrottaertnooct ctecticalect to ttrie tastr of actaicving anrt ctieristiing permanent peace, Atptia Tau Omega tiact its origin on this campus as a tocat fraternity known as Gamma Ttoieta, estatntistriect in 1907. The tiouse, wtiieti 11as been recenlty tatcen clown, was tocated tnesicte t11e Durtuam Town Hott on ttie Newmarket react. Dean M. Gate Eastman joinect t11c tiouse in 1910. tn 1912, the property on wtiietu the Atptia Tau Qmega house new stands was puretaasect from Professor Parsons wtio tueactect t11e Department of Chemistry at that time. Our Detta Detla ctiapter 01' Atptia Tau Omega was estatutistuect as a Nationat fraternity in 1917. 192 DELTA DELTA CHAPTER Ricllarcl Beallie Arlluur Bisllop Norman llawceli Franlclin l loiilfl Cliarles lletz Donalcl llrosins Crecley llnclianan Nelson Carpenter Allen Bogrcll, Gorclon Carlisle Arllwnr Gralwam Neal Balclrclcler .lolm Bogrctt Frccl Bolcs lolm Clarlc SENIORS Emery Kimloall Wrxlter Ralicglu Russell Riclmarclson Rolaert Sinclair Carl Smitlx .IUNIORS Carl lfllfillll Tliomas .lolmson .lolmn Kew Franlc Leary SOPHOMORES .lames Healnl Stanley l'liclcin Natlraniel Love l'lcnry lVleacl ' PLEDGES Ralpli Grinclle Frecl Langer Rolaert Love l'larolcl Meserve Gorclon Tilolaett Joseph Tinlcer Walter Webb Rolaert Vxfilliams Cecil lVlantor1 William Slater ilolm Swasey Tlxeoclore Unclerwoocl Vxfilliam Noyes Dwigllt Pratt Roger Riclmarclson Ricluarcl Palmer Stanley Platelc Donalcl Richards Philip Ricliarcls 4 LAMBDA CHI ALPH First Row: Magay, Bruforrl. Hanlon. Duntap, Couser, Prebte, Horne. Emery, Otis, Safir, Ctmmtxertin Second Row: Worden, Flatts, Low, Atwood, Mattier, Randall, Johnson, F. A. Ayer, F. I-1. Ayer, Sweet Tliircl Row: Martin, Thompson, Bissett, Brown, Moore, Prescott, Atriricti, Moore. Fourlh Row: Nultcr Gardner, Tabtx, Burtt, Chrysler. Biunell. President EDWIN PREBLE K S A Vice-President Puinms Ci-iAMB1sRi.1N Secretary S. BENTON EMERY Treasurer WILFRED A. Gscooo '14 AMBDA CHI ALPHA was founded at Boston University on November 2, 1909, when time Cosmopolitan Law Ctutn decided to form itself into a Greek letter society. The present name of the fraternity was first recorded on April 27, 1910. it wasn't until January 10, 1912, that detiinite plans toward a national expansion program was begun. At present, the fraternity inctuctes seventy-eight chapters, one being at time University of Toronto, making it one of the few internationat fraternities. Beta Phi, a local fraternity, was founded at the University of New Hampshire in 1906. Twelve years later in 1918, George Btatctiforcl, Atrtiur Ctapp and Wilfred Osgood succeectecl in attitiating the society with Lambda Chi Alpha, and on March 29. it was installed as Alpha-Xi Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha by Warren Cote of the Grancl High Zeta. The chapter First occupied a house on Ballard Street, but in 1922, bought the present chapter house. For seventeen years, the fraternity taetcl time tiigtiest of scholastic averages and, in 1952-1955, held the distinction of winning ttie Tetrattiaton award, an honor given only to the best an-rouncl chapter, nationatty. 194 ALPHA Xl-ZETA CHAPTER Eclwarcl llmlcwett Riclrarcl lblalnncl Roger Brulorcl Phineas Cluainlnerlin James Couser S. Benton Emery Dean Garrlncr Wrrlr,lfi Alrlricli Harry Atwoocl Francis Ayer Franlclin Ayer Ronald Pmrown Edward llnrrtt Wilson Brunel .lolm Connor Wilfred Fincleisen George Gorclon FRATRES IN FACULTATE Wilfred Osgoocl Alfred Ricnarcls SENIGRS Paul l'lorne Eclwin Keniston Gorclon Nlagay .lolm Nuttcr Donalrl Otis JUNIORS l.ewis Bissell Plmitip Dunlap .lolwn l"lanlon Rictmarcl .lolmson SOl'l IOMORES Gorclon Clmryster lilrecl Curnmin,-ZS Donalcl .lones Rolmcrl Knox PLEDGES Stanley l'lunt George Page Rolmcrl. Prescott Vxfilliain Rurlrl Clarlc Stevens l'lowarrl Flatts Eclwin Prelule Eclwin Sallr Donald Tabla Williarrm lVloore Braclforcl Moore Carl Randall llolin Worclen Stanley Low Wallace: lvlatlrer Horace Martin Dana Sweet Russell Thompson Ch ester Wlweeler PHI MU DELTA Furs! Row Loisette Custiing, Adams, XIVOOJIJUTY, White, Mrs. Grille, Stott, Cummings, Marstiziti, Forlier. Second Row Gridctinm Piper. Mead. Hilnlaert, Kimball, Ferris, Ramage, Hopkins, Person, Smith. Tlrirrl Row: McLane Gardner Davidson, Kimtiatt, McFactyen, Brooks. Johnson, Ctiactwicla, Bennett. Fourth Row: Wtiilc, Batncoclt Mayor, Campbell, Dutty, Maynard. Oliver. Dennett. Vtfiltiams. Mascot, "Mickey," President WILl..lAM Wi-iirn Q A Vice-Presicleni Wii.i-iixM WOODBURY Secretary JOHN STOTT Treasurer STENVART MARS1-IALL Founctect 1918 HE Phi tVtu Delta tratemity was founctect on Marcti 1, 1918, during a convention of the National Federation ot Commons Club tietct at ttie Masszicitirisetts State Chapter of the Federation. At that time, the present Nu Beta Ctiapter ot Ptii Mu Delta at the University of New Hampshire, together with Nu Atptia at Connecticut State College and Nu Gamma at the University ot Vermont, broke away from the Commons Ctuln. During its twenty years of existence, Phi Mu Delta has grown from the original three ctiapters to the present sixteen chapters and now has a tolat of 5.200 members. Phi Mu Delta, on ttiis campus, was first tocatect in time otct Alpha Kappa Pi house, which was recently torn clown. tn 1920, time ctiapter moved to the tiouse recentty occupiecttay Coach Coweit on Main Street next to the First Nationat Store. After living il'1:tI18.t,I'1OllSC for over nine years, tide fraternity built its present etiapter house at Q4 Mactbury Road. 196 NU BETA CHAPTER Xvillarcl Cummings Ptolemy Aclams David Cliaclwiclc Frecl Cusliing DODalcl Diwiflson Waller Ferris George l5roolcs Allen Crimplzell Oliver Dennelt Nate Bnlacoclc Franlc Bennett lxflaxwell Cnrnplgell David Hoplcins SENIORS Nornmn Forlier Nvillizinn Wliile JUNIORS Gerulcl Grillin Leslie l lililaelt luliillip .lolinson Donald lsoiselle Siimrl lvlarslmll Eugene lVlel7ziclyeri SOPHOMQRES lfuggene Duffy Xfxlllllilill Garclner Rolwrl. Kimlmll PLEDGES Rolzincl Kimball Rolancl Mayor Wrilier Nleacl Crisloplier Peirolf lxlrilcoin Smitli Vxlilliam Vxfoocllaury Herlyert Persen Arcliie Ramage John Stork Paul Toussaint Dwiglit Williams Ellingwoocl lxflaclane Norman Mayfiiarcl James Piper .l. Blair Xvatson Dave While Dave Woodliouse Riclrarcl Braun 19 SIGMA BET j 1 -' Trfzmvai , , , 1 1 Firsl Row: Trojano, Nnsiw, Spf-ur, Drawer. Kelmv. Xrx"ilI'fK'1'l. Wfilcivr, Rowell. G. ixililf,'iYi0Hf1l4l, Rivers. 111-11. R. Bissell, Pratt. Sirvonrl Row: Simpson. Clement, igogniin, iiurnimm. ivlusrarriini, Duiiivy. 1x'iuri'iiiu, Murtiu. R. Bissell, Senior. Feeney, Laingciun. 'liiiirrl Rmr: liarlxins, Carey, 0'Ncil, iliiscltiric Guiici. 15. lViui:Domiicl. Spinney, Bull, Smitii, 1'1n11, Fuuriii Row: Evans, Snowman, Rei-'i, 1'Jinc'1cwOocl. Swenson. iiavrcr, Piclcerinu Fiflli Row: Sipprvlir-, D. Stanton, E. Stanton, ilzuiloric. i'1c'rlil1y. Presiclenl ' NKJIIMAN W1l.1J1il4 Vice-Prcsicicnl JOHN ROwiii,i. Secrelary Ai-B1CJN XVARREN Treasurer GOIIIJON lViACiDONA1.1J Eslaiilisiwcci 1921: Foiimlcri al. University of New ilampsinirc 1921 iG1V1A BETA lwaci its iounciing as a local fraternity on April 4-1, 1921, wiuen a group ol: interestecl umiergraciuales met in room 312 Fairciiiici. During 1921, tiie fraternity was located at tlie Brucicett House - now time University Grill, ami in time fail of tide next year it moveci into tiue Langley House on Niufiinury Roaci, now occupied lay P111 Delta Upsiion. in time winter Oli 1927, time cimpter movccl into its present iiousc. One ul' tlic Cimrier memldcrs of Timuiu Upsiion Orncggu, mcmiwrs Ol time lraternity were active cieiegates in time ivormatiun Ol time mntioriul oi'gui'iizzii,iOn ut Piuclqneil Uni- versity in 192-L1. Twelve years a national iiratcrnity, Tiweia Upsiiori Qmegga turned in its national cliarter on Wlay 15, 1936, ami again inccame ri local iraicrnity to lac imown by its original name - Sigma Beta. 198 John Gishurne Thomas Herlihy Phillip Bell Ralph Bissell Williain Carey Herlnert Doolittle Raymoncl Dower Ralph Bayrer Clillord Bullock George Guilcl William Greer Dam Ball Rolacrli Duclley Williarn Hall Frecl Herlihy Benjamin Bogdan Guy Alexanclcr Russell Bissell LGCAL CHAPTER Robert Kemp Henry Polcigo Homer Priest Arthur Snowman SEN IORS Carroll Haseltine Franlc Langdon Gordon MacDonald Clilldorcl lxilarlowe Charles O'Neil Wendell Pratt Manton Spear Daniel Stanton JUNIORS Calela Hoclsclon lrlerluert Johnson Douglas MacDonald Leo hloscarclini John Reccl Williani Rivers John Rowell Walter' Senior Carl Simpson Harolcl Trojano SOPl'lOlVIORES Kenneth Kehoe Rolaert lxflarlin Donal Pickering Eclwarcl Smith lQlCl1EiI'Cl lX'lCBClC l2lCl'1ZlI'Cl Snowman l'lamillon lvlyers Louis Spinney PLEDGES Fletcher Burnham Arthur Clement Loring Evans Vxfillrccl Gecney Richard Hawlains Eclwarcl Mrrrchie Franlc Picarcl Carl Sipprclle William Spaulcling Karl Swenson Alhian Warren Norman Wilder Roloert Qshourne Arthur Carlson John lxflccarlhy Alhert Roper Roloert Young Russell Hayes Richarcl Morgan Leonarcl Spicer Allan Upton Edrnuncl Stanton Leon Wells Bemarcl Keegan -S , JP 2 ,ff X 199 ALPHA GAMMA RHQ First Row: Westcott, Durgin, Percival, Wilson, Pago, Barney, Farr, Grant, Hcplcr, Iiiill, Sr:ripI,urc:, Prinre. Cummings. Second Row: Russell, Roclcwcll, Rogers, lVlorrow, Frvncli, Roberts, XVurcl, Joluison, Prince. Bloocl, Latimer, Tenncy, Hogan. Tliirrl Row: Marslr, Sanderson, Styles, Gregory, Crillin, Dupcll, lVloultcn. Buchanan. Cliaclwiclc, Garland, Scott. Fourlli Row: Gocllrcy, Stoclclarcl, Goulcl, ltmlwcll, Johnson, ltalianan, Perlcins, Nvooel, Xvarcl, Kelly. Fifth Row: Fcucr. Stearns. Keacli ltatcliclclcr. lfclgcrly Garlanrl, Dupcll. Milclwcll, Grccnwooil. President ROGER FARR A I-V P Vice-President ALBERT BARNEY Secrelary .... JOHN .HALL Treasurer STANLEY W1i.soN Established 19245 Founclccl at Oluio State University 190-'l LPHA GAMNIA RHO Was founclecl at Qliio State in tlne fall ol' 190-I as a limitecl- general agricultural fraternity. The name is oloviously clerivccl lrom llie worcl HAgriculture.H At present tllere are tliirty-one clwapters witli ai ineinlicrslnip of 1000. Fl-lie local chapter was founclecl in Novemlaer, 1923 as a local llraternity, Beta Sigma Alplia. ln the spring of 1924, it atliliatecl witli tlur national organization as Gmega Cliapter. Nlemlaersliip is composecl primarily of agricultural stutlcuts, liut some stuclents are aclmittecl from tlie other colleges of tlie University, The ralecl lwusc capacity is twentyseiglit stuclents, a nurnlner excceclecl lay tlwe actual momlversliip. During tlie last two terms of 1924, ancl for lliree conscr'utix'c years, Ouicga was tlwc liigluest fraternity on campus in sclmolarsliip. Frecl Umulqen ljcaslec, New Hamp- sl1ire's greatest mile runner, was an active mcmlier of tlie fraternity as were Elliot Alcwalcjian and Niclr Colovos college clmmpion lioxers. 200 Paul Bloocl Nicholas Colovos L. A. Douglmcrty C. R. Durgin Aslilon Bolmnon llliilip Cummings Paul Dupcll Low Pant clielclcr Albert Barney Walter' llmotlwell Wziller l,7IlCl1i1I'1FlI1 .lolin Clmclwiclc Frccl Garlancl Raymond Dupcll lfclwin Frizzell Burrman Garlancl Wiltvtir Goulcl f QMEGA CHAPTER lla. .l. Frcncli K. lvlorrow .l. R. Hoplcr Gortlon Percival L. lj. Latimer Forcl S. Prince SENIORS Roger Farr ,lolm Hall Recslion Fcucr Floycl Page rlaclc Grant Raymond Preslay JUNIORS Allnorl. Eclgerly Paul Prince Roy Grillin Cliarlcs Marslm SOPHOMORES George Cocllrey Williarn .lolinson Carlson Gregory Vxfilliam Keacla .lamcs lilogan lfclwin Moulton PLEDGES AllJC!l't GfCCHXVOOCl ilOl1l1 PCflilDS Robert Kelley Leslie Rockwell Martin Mitchell Rolaert Russell Warren Rogers Paul Scripture F. W. Taylor Benjamin Wescott Leslie Wood Carroll Sanderson XValter Woocls Herman Scott Vxfarren Stearns Stanley Stoclclarcl Dwight Styles Maurice VVinn Plwilip Wood lim 2 ""-viii. PHI DELTA UP ILC First Row: Degter, Swonger, Haustcin, Wneeter. Perron, Gooflnow, XVCHtllCfS. Drew. Snow, Riptey, Burlingame. Seconcl Row: Huntoon, Fcrnatci, Smith, Wood Knowles. Tuxbury, Taylor, Jordan, F. Halt. Openstiaw. Third Row: Adams, Perkins, At Fernatd, Cittey, Hasettine, Tuttle, M. Hott, Stccrry, Martin. Fourth Row: C. Hott, Xrvooclward, Robinson, Dalton, Ptaistecl, Davis, Burns. President LESLIE H. GOODNOW Q Vice-President t-Imam' D. WEATHERS Secretary FRANK PERRON Treasurer PAUL D. DREW Estatvtistrect 19253 Founctect at University of New Hampshire 1925 I-IE fraternity of Phi Delta Upsiton was founctect at the University of New Hamp- strire on February 22, 1925, and since has been active as a strictty tocat and infie- pencient social fraternity. tt is in no way amiiatect with any nationat organization, except that it has tuetct for some time membership in ttme National tnterfraternity Con- ference of Local Fraternities, which convenes annuatty in New York City. The twenty-two charter members of Pin Delta Upsiton tract as ltieir first home the tiouse at time corner of tVtacH9ury Road and tvtain Street. The present trouse was teased in the fait of 1926, and tias been occupied since that time. Since its founcting, Phi Delta Upsiton has been in ttme upper tiatt of Ltie fraternities in sctlotastic standing in time past four years, in the first ttrree and in 1954, 1956, and i957 was time first among the thirteen fraternities on the campus. 202 Carroll Dcgtcr RoIJertEac1ie Everett Adams Archie Dalton Leslie Goortnow Leland Blll'Iil1QilITlC Paul Drew Alfred Femnid George Citley Arthur Fcrnatcl Forest Halt Edwin Carlson Alexander Burns LGCAL CHAPTER FRATRES IN FACULTATE Freclerictc Jackson John t taustein SEN IDRS Cliartcs Martin Donald Ptaistect Sherman Ripley Ioelancl Robinson JUNIORS Rotzert Hasettine Martin Hott Robert Perkins Frantz Perron SOPHOMORES Carl Jordan Frank Qpcnshaw John Slcerry PLEDGES Edwin Davis Philip Hall Clinton Huntoon Russett Skelton Clair Swonger Parker Snow Sherwood Tuttle Elliot Vxfooctward Robert Taylor Kenneth Tuxtaury Edwin Wheeler George NVitgerott1 Raymond Vxfooct Perry Knowles Raymond Rivers Y 4' ww 5-A 159'- 205 THETA KAPPA PHI 1 A ' lf' Q if n ..- LQ.. Ls.. ez, fa, - First Row: lvers, La Pointe, Nosecla. Mccallrey, Lelilamme, Fatlxer O'Connor, Teague, Nolan, Doyle. Franlc, Plorlzila, Vxfalton. Second Row: Leonarcl, Jarques, Cone, Angers, Plante, Cryans. O'Connc11. Fitz- williams, Tlxaycr, 1,cy1:sas, Tlzircl Row: Flalicrty. VVa1cott, l'l0Ll111I?tl'1, Lystcr, Lucicr, Arlams, Sullivan, Butlzianawslqi, Jalxotla. Fourth Row: .1orc1an, Marslxall. McKenna, Pmuelalcy, Doyle, Claase, President ADiii.rniRT TEAGUE B T Vice-President Anrnaosa KINION Secretary ADt2tAN LAFLAMME Treasurer Roman LA Po1NTi5 Estalblislmecl 192-13 Founclecl at Leliigll University 1919 HETA KAPPA PH1 was founclecl in 1919 as tlle X Cluln at lselmigla University in Betilalelwem, Penn. luy stnclents wlao wislaecl to perpetuate an everlasting luoncl ol frienelslnp. ln 1917, tlae majority ol tluis group enlistecl in t11e Vv'ar anal tlwe Clnlo 19e- came inactive. 1L was reorganized as Tlueta Kappa 19111, a Creole-letter society on October 1, 1919. ln 1V1arc11, 1922, Tlaeta Kappa 1311i at 1..e11ig11 University anal Kappa Theta of Penn. State College amalgamateel, tlaus estalvlisliing a national social Collegiate lraternity. Since tlwal. time t11e organization lmas estalalisliecl Clwapters at leacling colleges and uni- versities tlarouglwut tlae Unitecl States. Nu Sigma Nu was founclecl at tlae University of New 1'1an'ips11ire to ronlorm wi111 the neecls ancl clesires of a group of stuclents wlio wisliecl to lminrl llieir loves more Closely togetlwer tlurougli one common icleal. On 1V1arc11 IO, 19211, t1'1is local was installecl as Epsilon clwapter ol Tlweta Kappa Plat. Sinre its installation on 1110 University of New Hampsliire campus, it has won permanent tropliies in 1Jas1cet1na11, laowling, ancl lnoxing, ancl lwas plaeeel its men in prominent campus omces anrl on many varsity alliletic teams, tlmus progressing steadily since its installation. 204 Captain Devens .losepli Doyle Cliarles F. Cilenn Rifliarrl lvers Roger La Poinle Herlnerl Arlanis Waller' Angers James Harrell Arllinr Bnclcley Anllwony Bnnlzianow Williiirii Cone Paul Conway Raymoncl Doyle Williain Filzsimmon slci EPSILON CHAPTER FRATRES IN FACULTATE Tliomas lVlcGrail Terrence Rafferty SENIORS Ainlarose Kinion Aclrian La Flamme .losepli Nolan JUN IORS George Mccallrey Kennelli Noseclc lfclwarcl Ploclzilc S-OPHOMORE Francis Cliase Louis Cryans Rolierl .lacqucs Williaiii .laliocla PLEDGES Clicslcy Hall Tliomas Houlilaan Gerarcl .lorclan Eclwarcl Lyszczas Williain Marshall .lames lvlartin Nlajor Swanton William Quinn Aclellnert Teague Wilfred Xvalton Jolun Wolcott lxlaurice lxflclfenna Robert O,Brien William Robinson Paul Nugent Arthur O'Connell Ricliarcl Suglirue David Sullivan Jerry Tluayer wi-w,"f w P1 KAPPA ALPHA Firsf Row: Clmdwiclc, VV11ittier, Twom111ey, Smith, 1V1c1..aup111in, Gi1e. Morin. Secoml Row: Kenm.-ll. XVe11s. Schlicscngpf. SUITICTO. IQUHIHS, lvggffy. lflOnlffilO1l', 1'1lfH'lIiEl101t!. President PHILIP J. SMITH I I B Vice-President ROBERT W. TWOMBLY Secretary DAX"lD GILE Treasurer ROBEl2'F .1 . 1V1CLAUeIII,IN Esta1J1is11ec1 19293 Founded at University of Virginia 1867 1 KAPPA ALPHA was founcteet at the University of Virginia in the cotlege year of 1867-1868 by six StLIC1Clfll,S whose aim, among ottlcr ttmings, was to c1eve1op and maintain a pecu1iar1y warm frienclstrip and a 1ceen1y cimeristmect ic1ea1ism. Pi Kappa A1p11a of today is a perpetuation of that friendship and ic,1ea1ism. Fouowing 1869, other etnapters were esLa1J1is11ec1 unl.i1, at the present day, prac- tica11y every state with accredited eoucges and universities has a I'epresenl,al,ive chapter of Pi Kappa A1p11a. As one of the olcter anc1 larger fraternities, Pi Kappa A1p11a stands out as a progressive na1iona1 organization. The 1oca1 chapter, Tri-Gamma, was forma11y insta11ec1 as the Gamma-1x"1u Chapter of Pi Kappa A1pt1a on Decemlyer 7, 1950. The chapter tmouse was origina11y al 8 1V1ain Street, opposite the ctmurch, but, in 1955, new quarters were esta1J1is11ec1 at 10 Strat- ford Avenue. 206 GAMMA MU CHAPTER C. Floyd Jackson Robert Mclmrxgliliri Duviri Clic Arliiur' Clmclwivk Guy Umlgc Rayirioriri AillSXN'OflIl Robert Aioxmiclcr FRATRES IN FACULTATE George R. Thomas SENIORS An drew Somero J UNIORS Philip Smilil SOPHOMORES Wziilci' Kennett Arrmmcl Morin PLEDGES Clare Berry Adolph Honkla Lcsier Rollins Robert Twomlnly Francis Schlesinger John SCIILIITIHTI Edward Vxfells O7 PHI ALPHA First Row: Osman. Go1c1far1a, Liclcr. 1-1. Galt, Harkin, Leavitt, Shapiro, Epstein, Zeivc. Second Row: Wein, Malkin, Becker, Zeitaerg, Katze, Zetinsky, Silver. Tfrirrl Row: S, Gett, Ac111mer, Slmeinuts, 17e11man, Stone. FlJUI'1ll Rtluli bxlulrrlun, Bcfcnllaurn, Kfallzltr. President DAVID BARK1N QA Vice-President NORMAN BERKOVICI-I Secretary WILLIAM Rosen Treasurer SOLOMON LIEAVITT Founder 19233 Esta1J1is11ec1 George XfVHS111l1gfOI1 University, 1914 HE P111 A1p1'Ia Fraternity was organizect in Qctober, 1914, by 11ve freshmen at the George Washington University. 1n November, 1914, a charter was grantecl P111 A1p11n 1Jy the George VXfast1ington University. anct the Fraternity became an esta131is11ec1 recognized 1'1e11enic institution. 1n 1923, at t11c University of New Hampstwire, a group Ot Jewish stuc1ents, founc1ec1 a 1oca1 chapter - Tau Gamma 13111. On 1V1ay 18, 1924, t11e 1Oea1 chapter was insta11ec1 as the Qmicron Ctlapter O17 t.11e Phi A1p11a Fraternity. Today the 1311i Atptma Fraternity has t11irty-six unrtergracluate and atumni chapters ttmrougtiout t11e eastern section of the Country. 208 QMICRGN CHAPTER Norman l5rrrl4oviclr I larry G4-Il Davin! lsilfliill IBLILICIICf1U'CH,ill'Il Kcnnollm Arrmucr' Norman Pwr-I1-rmlmnnlrr lwallrivc l',psl,il1O Summer Fcllrnnrr Rolxorl Becker SENIORS Xfvilliaun Rosen Irving Shapiro JUNIORS Solmnrm Lczrvilli lvlillon Lirfcr 1X'lycrrIX'l11ln1ar1 SOP! IOMORES Sluarl Kulzc Earl Krauzcr Sirlncy Mallain rlucoln Slminuclc PLEDGES Samuel Celt Robert Wein Lcrrorcl Zeive Seymour Qsrnan Eloer Worn Curl Silver Lnurance Stone Nfyron Zelinsky IACODHICI Zeelnurg V7 'FAU KAPPA EP ILC First Row: Dr. Herbert Ructrt, Ctapps, tngram, Brown, Lawter, tvtaittarft, Brectc, Goutrt, Reart. Secomt Row: Sloan. Moulton, Caugtuey, Goodrum, Stwatran, Sanrtustci, NVeslfa11, French, Sterling. Ttiirft Row: Strcttietrt, Carr, Pictcett, Noonan, Cattatnriga, Mctfeagney, Crook, Muttcn. Fourth Row: Nrvooctwarct, Farrett, Bnrttctt, Gtines, Wrigtit. President JA M cs LAwi.Eiz I K E Vice-President Ci-iAizi,i3s M,xil.i.AizD Secretary CARLTON BROXVN Treasurer ERNEST COULD Estatntistmect 19295 Founctect at tttinois Westeyaii University 1899 AU KAPPA EPS1t..QN was tormect in 1899 as ttie ltrst fraternity on ttme tttinois . Vxfesteyan University Campus. tn 1909, James tvtittitcan University otterecit ttie second chapter. Since ttaen, Ltme fraternity has grown to a nationat enrottment of 415 active ctwapters, anct severat gractuate ctuapters, ttue tast charter being grantect to a tocat at Rtwocte tstancl State. Among its ctaims to ctistinction, is its teacterstmip among nationat fraternities in sctwotarstmip for over ten consecutive years. Detta Sigma Ctwi was tounctect on ttlis campus in 1926 witti Q11 ctwartcr memtuers and Dr. Eugene Bishop as facutty actvisor. The present txome was purctiascrt in 1927. The tocat ctwapter ctecirtect to Ngo nationatn in 1929, and after two years of protnation, its petition to Tau Kappa Epsiton was acceptect and it became Atptma Nu Chapter. Q10 ALPHA MU CHAPTER Henry Clfipp Henry Davis Lloycl Farrell Roluerl. Brccli Carl Brown Clycle Coorlrurn Paul Burllell Roger Cullalariga Bruce Carr Willrirrl Croola Pliilip l?l'CllCll FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dr. .Allaion Horlgclon lierl. Huggins SENIORS James Lawler Wiley Pielcclt JUNIORS Xvilliain Forcl Ernesl Gould Alvin lngram SOPHOIVIORES Herlucrl, Glines Eclwarcl Reecl Franlr Sancluslci PLEDGES Riclmrrl Gormley Franlc Leavitt Rolieri Mclfeagney Dr. Herbert Rudd Henry Sluellsield Charles Maillard Enlmuncl Slaealuan Carl Woomglxvard Roger Sloan Frank Sterling Rolaert Mrillen John Noonan Franlc Wright . ' . VV, ALPHA CHI GMEGA First Row-Eclcliarzlt, Swenson, Coe, Mc'Nnlly, Glolzow. Brc-mner, Sullivan, Coorlxvin. Vxllntnvy, K. Mylirtv, lticliarclson. Seconrl Row-XVritcrl'iousc'. Rowe, Robrrtson, Ntreros, Brat:-lay, llennctl, l.iltl'1H, NVillis, Pmrown. Briggs. Cox. Tlzirtl Row-Fislier, Pnrrisli. Elliott. C. Nylirc. Tliwing. Mccnrtliy. Dt-xlicimnr. President El.lz,x1s12'ri1 lJJ1ui1w1NER A Vice-President Bmnfxlm SULLIVAN Secrelciry Sovifnii GLEBOW Treasurer Fimnciiis tVIcNAi,l.x' Estnlalisliecl t,9I'3: ljounnlccl at DCIDKIIIXW' University 1885 HE first clmptcr ol' Alplin Clii Omega, was Cstnlilisliocl att Dc lfnnw Univcrsity at Greencastle, lnclizinn in ISSS lny the clc-an ol' tlic Sclwol nl' Music. He conceivecl tlie iclea of an orgaiiizatnin similar to tlie literary srmciel.ics nlrcncly existing on tlint campus, to wliicli all music stnflents wlio rarecl to lie:-cinic incmlucrs mulcl liclong. Since its founcling in ISS5, up to lluo present time, Alplm Clmi Omega luis increasecl to tlic extent. of sixty-two clwnplcrs wlwirli limo liccn cstnlvlislicrl lmtli in tlic Unitccl States anal in Cnnacln. Pi Alplm Plii, tlwcr group wliirli lvecame Alplm Clii Oincggn, wus tlie lirst organiza- tion for women to lac eslnlulislnecl nt. tlie University nl New l"lz.ii'npsl1ii'c. lt was lmcgun in 1915, nncl in t923, it pclitionecl Alplm Clwi Omega witli tlic- result tlwnt a clwnrter was grantccl, ancl tlic cliaptei' installecl .tune 24, 1924 at. tlic National Corivcntnan asscmlalccl at Swampscott, IVlEtSSi'1Cl'ltlSCtlLS. Alpha Tau purcliziseql its present liome in 1927. 212 ALPHA TAU CHAPTER Elizzninellm Brcmncr .hum Cnc Sophie Clclmw Raclmcl Cox Doris Erfumrrll. Alma Eliioll, Euriinc Brown Dorolimy Dcximcimcr Bcity Fisiwcr Pmrlmra Bralrcly Dorothy Briggs SENIORS ixlairy Parrish Muriel Rivlmrclson Bully Rowe JUNIORS I izmrricl Gooriwin Fmiircrs lVIcNnHy Kaillicriric Myiire SOPHOMORES Doroliu y Lang Violci. l.ilZI1I'CYiCIl Mary Nlccariixy PLEDGES Barbara Burns Penelope Ntceros Priscilla Prcslon Barlmra Sullivan Anne Swensen ,Ioan Xfvhitney Caroline Myhre Elizabeth Waterhorlse Evelyn Robertson Mnclcion Vxfiuis Betty Riclion Betty Thwing ALPHA XI DELTA 2,1 Firsi Row, left to right: Carson, Smattey. Buctrtey, Straw, Swain. Marinet, Mrs. Manuet, Pratt, Catdwetl Duming. Boyct, Baum. Second Row: James, Etter, Ford. Fletcher, Kinsman, Napier, Stevens, Rogers, Preble, Conan, Duming, Hatpin. Gordon, Kennecly, Rowett, Sippctl, Stoughton. Third Row: Lee. Jasper, Hate, 1'1i11icr, Atcten. Hencterson, Gagnon, McNulty, Cottins, Papacliristos, Kcttigrew, Cottzy, Sweet. Ahern Adams. FOLIVIII Row: Adams. Moran, Mason, Moore. Parker, Swcczey, Moran, S11ie1c1s, Moran, Gould. Hyatt, Perkins, McEntee. Fifth Row: Futter, Crooks, Beckett, Leighton, Crooks. f'S Presirleril T1-IELMA 1N'1AiziNEL 'ii Vice-President SARAP1. SHANV fi Secretary 1V1ADizLEiNi3 CALDWELL Treasurer Bevizizm' SwA1N Estatatistlerl 191115 Founctect in 1895 at Gatestburg, 111inois N Aprit 17, 1893 at Lomtaarct Cottege, Gatcstpurg, minois fnow Knox Cottegef Atptua Xi Detta was founciect by ten earnest young women. From 1.110 very begin- ning it was ttie intention that Atptwa Xi Detta stioutct not remain a 1oea1. 111 1901- 1902 definite ptans for nationatization were tinatty inacte, and the constitution was formatty adopted on Aprit 17, 1902. Since t11en Atptia Xi Detta has grown and spread to 55 eotteges in 5111 parts ot' the Unitect States, concentratect particutarty in the Midctle Xrvest where it 11ac1 its lpeginning. At New 1'1amps11irc State Cottege in 19141, Phi Detta was the tirst tocat sorority to 1JeCome atlitiated wilti a Nationat organization, and became Tau Chapter of Atptua Xi Detta. tn 19211 Atptia Xi Detla built ttic tirst sorority house to 110 erected on this campus, ttie present home of Tau Chapter. Ttirougtiout the history of its growth, Atptia Xi Detta tias striven to promote the icteat of its founders, the spirit of friendship among its members and sister sororities. 214 Dorothy Beckett Anna Baum Ntargaret Boyrt Ruth Buckley Mattcteine Catclwelt Etizatoelti Colby Nlaricr Carson tqarie Collins Barbara Actams Virginia Atcten Ruth Bratey Betty Crooks Jean Adams Kattiicen Atmearn Polly Crooks Virginia Durning Constance Fletcher TAU CHAPTER Giga Conon Ruth Durning Henrietta Henderson 1-ieiai Heplcr Eleanor Lee Atiwatie Leighton Thelma Marinet Doris tVIcEntee Eleanor Mciaasley Barbara Parsons Ruth Payne Donna Pratt JUNIORS Priscilla Emery Ntarion James txiactotirie Ketiigrew Vxfinnifrect Ntoran Virginia Parker Beverly Rowett SOPHOIVIORES A Grace Etter Jean Hatpin Alice Gordon Eleanor Hitlier Eleanor Goutct Etizalietti Kinsman Dorothy Haines Madetine Papaciwristos PLEDGES Janet Ford Virginia Fuller Jeannette Gagnon Constance Hate Barbara Hyart Winnifrect Kennedy Jeannette Mason Eleanor McNutty Marjorie Moore Alice Moran Catherine Moran Carolyn Napier Barbara Shields Louise Smalley Beverly Swain Augusta Timberlake Louise Webb Helen Sippett Ruth Sweezy Sara Shaw Joan Sweet Dorothy Sparks Dorothy Perkins Niargaret Preble Mary Rogers Anne Stevens Ruth Stoughton 215 CHI CDMEGA Witt It I ,- .M .FA First Row: Nletcalt, Brown G., Ahearn, Gartinstci. Clistmam. txioore. Sims. Chase, Cooke, Hines, flzlorlggc-il,. Second Row: Dickson, Barry, Adams, Ctaase, Doyle, Vxfitliarns, Prirte, Davison, 'l1en'Iptr:, Atwoml. -Tlrirtl Row: Garland, Gay, Hirsctmer, Carter, Dillon, Phillips, Ctmamtrertain, Pwrrczhan, Betcliripg, Wfenrtetl. Stone. Fourlfr Row: Mccriltis, Percy. Brown B., Mitchell, Donahue, Riley, Noyes, Ricliarrtson, CFilL'l1i'fSOI1, Hoottw. Sanbofn. President EI-IzArsE'rIAI IVIOORE Vice-President BARBARA CIAlSl'tMAN Secretary VIRGINIA GrXRI.lNSliI Treasurer LAURA SIMS Estatutishect 19153 Founctect in I895 at Fayetteville, Arkansas I-ll OMEGA was foumtert at the University of Arkansas nn April 5, 1895 lay four co-eds xvilti the assistance of Dr. Charles Riculwarcflson, who was a DICIUIJCI' of the faculty and of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. Chi -Omega was forrndect as a national organization, and one to tue estalntistiect in III types of sctrnols. At present, there are ninety-two chapters of Ctni Omega in forty-two ot? our folfty-eight. states. The policies of Chi Omega tearl to interests in sociat service work, x'ocatioI,Is, busi- ness, public affairs, science, ancl the arts. Every year Chi Omega sponsors the presenta- tion of the National ,ACI1tG?X'CI11CI!t Award, wtiictm is a gntct ITICCIEII, presented to the most outslancting in any one of the Iietcts mentionect above. Chi Omega was estatatistmect on It-ns campus iII I9I5, wtmen the ITICINIDCFS of the tocat sorority H Alpina Atptm Alpha - tmecalne Inerniaers of ttwis Ol'Qill'IiZ?lli0U.. 216 MU ALPHA CHAPTER lflizalaetli Adams Catlierine Alicarn Elizalnctli Brown Grace Brown Pzarluara Cliase Barluara Clausen Rutli Davison Elizalyctli Dillon lauella Hirsclmer Katlierine Barry Priscilla Bootli Martlia Atwood Alison Belcling iloseplline Bloclgett Betsy Cliamlnerlain Phyllis Cliase Eleanor Critclierson SENIORS Barlbara Clisliam Margaret Cooke Elizalaetli Drowns Dorotliy Folz JUNIORS Frances Mccrillis Margaret Metcalf Eloise Noyes Barbara Phillips Laura Sims A SOPHOMORES Hope Carter Marjorie Folz PLEDGES Ruth Diclcson Nancy Donohue Elinor Doyle Rutli Ann Greenlee Dorotlwy Mitchell Virginia Percy Martlia Garland Virginia Garlinslci Gabriella Hines Elizabeth Moore Mecla Stone Mary Temple Helen Vasiliou Helen Wendell Eleanor Gay Joyce Sancllaorn Barbara Pride Lois Richardson Eclna Riley Constance Smith Rebecca Williams l I r PHI MU First Row: Vanni, Bacon, Batclielcler, lVlrs. Armstrong, Upton, Piclcarcl, Pliclps, Xlxllfif. Swcorul Row: Hodge, Strout, Hurllzzert, Piclcett, Page, A. Carlisle. Smillw, B. Carlisle. Thin! Row: Xvoorllnury, Perliins, Young, Coolcc, Doclge, Aflrian. President Mrxizciziu' UPTON m Vice-President Ei.iz,xBriT1-1 PICKARD Secretary lVlILDRED BACON Treasurer I-Ii LDA Bfirci-iEi.oR Estalnlislaecl 19163 Founclerl at Xvesleyan College, 1852 H1 lVlU, the seconcl oldest secret organization for women, was lounclecl January 4, 1852, lay tldree outsliancling stuclents in Wesleyaii College, Macon, Georgia, tlie olclest college for women in America. The organization was llrst callecl tlic Pliilo- matlriean Society. Robert E. Lee anal Jefferson Davis were among tlwe Hrst llonorary memlaers. Except for a sllort time cluring tlae Civil Xvar, when activities were suspenclecl, the motlier cliapter grew in traclition ancl inlluence, until it became a national organization in 19011. There are now Fifty-six claapters, 'llourisluing from lxflaine to California. ln 1911, Phi Mu was aclmittecl to tlie National Panliellenic Congress. The National Pliilantlmropic En- dowment Fund assures tlme permanence of a national plailantluroplay, tlic Healtlwinoloilc. The Building Fund luas assistecl many clwapters in ltnancing tlweir lrornes. Beta Gamma chapter of Plui Mu grew out of tlne local sorority, Pi Delta, loecoming a member chapter of the national organization in February, 1919. 218 BETA GAMMA CHAPTER Hilda Balcirelclci Barimm Carlisle Frcila Cooke Nliicireri Bacon Eleanor Acirinri Anne Carlisle Lucille Boocly Carolyn Cove SENIORS Flnrcnre Dodge Doroliuy Phelps Eiizaipc-lin Picarci JUNIORS Ruin Smilim S-OPHOIYIORES Virgiiuia Perkins .iancl Picicclt PLEDGES Uaplmne Huriiburlt Virginia Page Margery Upton Anita Vanni Lnviiriil Young ixfiargaret Xveir E.'Ci1H0l'xxIOOCHJlll'j- Florence Strout Q THETA UPSILQ ' ' ' ' ' 77" , , .. iA,!frfI'U':L', vfavqx H. . ri. ,hh-lfep if Q1 I Il Qi: 'lil-1 g'..'T1J-1 1 H 1 1 1 , ..rv, -'r i . mr, ' - 1 . .In ,gm A ,.,. .15 .A, - Q- 1' 1- 5-1 iD-:lt Lil- , '...l ' 'Af Q, . + .".5 qi . 1 4 ' 11111 ' '3315 1.11, -5 'f In 1 1231. - -. 11,1 .iii .11 . ,rajsl T First Row, left Io right: Homcnway, Grccn, Montlils, Hutton, Grarly. Mrs. Jarvis, Mr-rrill, Mrs. Eclcclnlil, Pettingill, Draper, Moore, Corlnin. Second Row: Smitli, Ricliurrls, Camplvcell, Lyons, Eastman, Perry, Clianrllcr, Freeman, Harriman, Vxfliitc, Bailey, Mason, Cann, Pcrlcins, Sarson, Eclson. 'fliirrl Rom: Trafton, Taylor Ames, Eastman, Murray, Ramsdell, Foster, Robinson, Grcenaway, Buxton. Clement, Stanton, llownrnl, Stoclclarcl, Ferry. Fourth Row: Smitli. Russell, Gelatt, Holt. lfclaclalil, Carpenter, Melnlyre, lxfleclclcm. Pulsifcr, Goorlhuc, Parlqer, Harlcins, Hayrlcn. Fiflli Row: Bartlett, lVlr'Nlru'lin, Colman, Sliorey, Reclrlcn Mclntyre. Brown, Meade, Bacon. C-DY' President ROSAN UND MriieR1i.L Vice-President Auniri-:Y PETTENGILL Secretary lVlII1DRIiD HUTTON Treasurer Louise Putsilfiziz Estalalisluecl 19505 Founflerl at University ol' Calilornia T the suggestion of Dean Lucy Nvarcl Stclnliins, University ol' Calilornia, twelve girls organizerl tlie lvlelqatina Cluly in 1913-I914 accorcling to universily regulations, ln 1921, also at tlie cleanys arlvice, tliey lounclecgl a new sorority, anrl on April 2-I, 1921 tluc Cluln lyecame Alplia Cliapter of Tlueta Upsilon. Vwllicn llwe Fraternity was aclmittecl to full memlncrslwip in tlie National Panliellenic Congress in 1928, it incluclerl lifteen clwapters. Since tlwat time tlie numlaer of cliapters lias increasecl to tlwirty-two. ln 1950, wliat liacl lieen a local organization Sigma Omicron. liecame Tan Chapter of the National sorority Tlieta Upsilon, on tlie campus of tlwe University ol New Hamp- sliire. Dr. Naomi Elcclalil, present national cliaplain ancl also laculty arlvisor to Tau, was tlie Hrst person to be initiatecl into memlaerslwip in Tau clmpler. QQG Doroi,l'1y Cann Barlnara Foster Dorothy Green Anna tlcmcrnvay . y . Avis lnarley l lelen llartlc-ll. Katherine Carpenlc Shirley Clement Alice Colman Belly Browne Nathalie Chancllcr Lois Draper l-orena Eastman Elizalmelh Eclson Dorothy Ferry Barhara Ames Phyllis Bacon lflizahel h lluxton Grace Campbell Louise lfaslman Louise lilrlson Miriam lflcclahl TAU CHAPTER SENIORS Shirley Mason Dorothy lvleclclem Rosainoncl lvlerrill Margaret lVlonl3ils Ruth lvlurray JUNIORS Nathalie Gooclhue Ruth Gracly lflizalneth Harriman lvlilclrecl l'lulton Anne lsoughlin Rachel Mclntyre SOPI-IOMORES Eileen Foss Doris Gelatt Clam Hayclen lvlartha l'lolt lVla ry Gertrucle l'loWe .lusephinc Lyons PLEDGES Doris Greenaway Olive Haslcins Jean l'lowarcl Margaret Hughes Sylvia lvlaclnlyre Claire Parlrer Avis Perlcins Auclrey Pettengill Frances Ramsclell Louise Reclclen lVlagella Richards Rachel lvloore Louise Pulsifer Lillian Rolainson lxlary Sarson Dorothy VVl'1ite Susan Malsch Vivienne lvleacl Eclwina Russell Phyllis Stanton Priscilla Taylor Dorothy Perry Reita Pierce Alice Sllorey Shirley Smith Virginia Smith Ellen Stoclclarcl Doris Trallton 221 KAPPA DELTA Presizfenl BARBARA CRAM Vice-Prosirlenl ELIZABETH FARNSXVORTH Secretary CAROLYN JACKSON Treasurer CTLAUDIA Prciusss SORORES IN FACULTATE. Barbara Rowett Eleanor Stieetuan SENIORS Barbara Cram Virginia Drew June Cordeau ' Katherine Brown tvtavis Cummings Eunice Durtfee Artine Grant Carolyn Jackson Ettwet tVIcAttister Barbara twittimore JUN IORS Virginia Dyke Betty Farnsworttx SGPHOMORE Patricia Pattes PLEDGES Dorott1y.tacques Esther .tewett Helen Krewstci Theo Lytis 222 Claudia Pictccss Estticr Ruttectgc Ptayttis tvtorang Heten Mattis Alice Pectctwam Barbara Peterson Ruth Stimson Pl LA IBDA SIGN I 1 i r l liirxl Run'-Sr'lilr'sii1g11'r, lmlzilnnc, lfurlcci, Riley, D. l,.c'Clair, l,.c':1sarrl, Furlula, Hr-naull, Sullivan. Second IQUII'-"XPNllllii1l'l1S. R. lim-flair, Purlinr, Q'l0ni1ic",Nllaync-r. Grirru-s, Avi-ry, Tliirrl Row-Kleczynslca, Sopel. HAZ 5 l'Pl'l!'?lll. l Presiclelil Vice-Pr'esirlw1l Sucrelury Treasurer Ann FL Boggs Louise Fuclula lvlacleline Hr-will lxlary llaylier Kallilecn Beclcingliam Plmyllis Bclley lrenc Avery Rila Fecleau Nancy Grimes 'xr-Ilvy, llc-Claingliani. SORORES IN FACUIjl'ATE Lucille Lamoreaux SENIORS Juliellc Le Blanc Doris Le Clair Genevieve Lessarcl SOPHOMORES .l0SCpl1iI1G Kl6CZy1'1SlirZ1 JUNIORS Eloise Burque Elizalnelli Keele PLEDGES rlanel, Henault Beryl lVlarcotle Eclna lxflarcligiam Virginia Mooney 223 Dems E. LE CLAIR Er.rzAm2'r'H Ru..izY GIENIZVIEVE Lizssmzn ELOISE BURQUE Elizalpelli Riley Patricia Sclilesinger Rulli Le Clair Susanne Pucliac Kassie Sopel Katherine Sullivan Faith Williams Glaclys Zulauf A --n -f - -1 f 1-rr-,-1-.1 ' l " ' . 4 5"f.,N. . , "faq ,N . H N ... :Susan , . . - Q - ' NIV -W H i li I l I l ll1- 1 1 First Row-Sauer. Martin, Xkialslw, llorne, Pattern, G1-ll, ltullou. ljrelmlv, l?ranl4. lgllfllilliilfl, .lolmusrmn. Xvinlvr- lwtlom, Bulloclc, Plorlxilc. Justice. Svconil Run'-Clunruings, Lows-, linux, lX'loore, l'url4z-r, Onvllu, Kaufiliu. lxlclienna, Nelson, llnnlon, Larson. lxlitrlufll. Sauer. Nlullwer, riviziril Rau'-ljlalls, IJIIIIIJSOII, l5l'lilUf.Il'l'. Robinson, Xvilson, Martin. Burll. .lone-s, lrlalmerty, Clmsv, Emery, Cowen, Nam-iq, Russell. l.illli-. VAR ITY S a natural consequence ol tlxe loss of nine lirsl- stringers ljy gracluation, tlwe 1938 varsity football eleven lailerl to approaclm tlme i'Cf'Ul'iQl macle lmy tlme outslancliug 1937 team. The lmys in Blue :uul Wlwite won only tluee games, wliile losing six. How- ever. with a large numlner ol veterans returning, ancl a line treslunan team coming up, all signs point to anoilmer successful team in tlme ltall ol 1930. Conclmes Sauer ancl Justice, tlwe two Former Nelmraslxa gricliron greats, neerl not lac asluunecl nl tlwe performance ol' tlme last lallys team, wlmicli playerl real lootlnall in every game, aucl laclaccl only experience anal reserves. The same lmolrls for Paul Horne, captain anal star llalllyaclc of tlie 1958 eleven. Paul was an inspiring leacler ancl a great player himself, carrying ell lwiglu scoring lmonors for tlme seconcl season in a row, while climaxing an envialble record for four years ot college footlaall. Pauls accurate passing, swivel-lmippecl run- ning, ancl sure-toecl placement lticlcs will lae greatly missed in future years. Septemlner Q4-Lowell Textile at Durlmm Score: N. H. O-Lowell Q0 The most stunning upset in many years ol New Hampslwire football tool: place on tlue Rrst Saturday of tlue season when a great little Lowell Textile eleven ran rouglmsluocl over New l'lampsl1ire's green varsity, FQOTBALL ...v ,Q f . . L- , , ,Y Y? ,A Clzolecziz Sfxuiiu Cl'IAIil.IiS .lUS'l'lCl5 Head Coach Assisiunl Cornell Trainer Cupiuiu lwarzagcr 226 GEORGE SAUER CHARLES Jusricis Wii,i.iixM lVlARSH PAUL HORNE Ali1't-IUIQ t.1'r'r1.E E CAI"l'. PAUL I-loimis ED SAUER Swami Lmzsoisi ED PREBLE winning hy ilirce loucliclowus. This was the lirst time in more Llinu a tlecufla ol' competition lnetween the two schools that a Lowell aggregation was ahle to licli the Wilclcals, aucl the result ol' the game sur- priscrl llic entire loollyall world. It was the olcl, olcl story ol in goorl lnaclrlielcl without a line. Most of the Blue :intl Wliite laaelcs who led New Hainpshire to scvcn viclorics in 1937 were present in the lineup, hut they were quite powerless to overcome the hancli- cap ol' an incxpcricncccl anal poorly-coorclinating for- warcl wall. Moreover, the Textilians, in aclclition to a line running attaclc, possessecl a passing threat of high caliloer in Bart Maclclcn, who heavecl the passes ac- WlNTEItBOT1'OM l'lAN LON counting for all three scores. New Hampshire never threatened to score and was ahle to gain consistently on only one play f- a Horne to Mitchell pass. Octoher 1HBates College at Lewiston Score: N. I-I. 22a-Bates 6 Exhibiting a complete reversal of form over their worlr on the previous Saturday, New l'lampshire's varsity footballers soarecl, on the wings of a smoothly- cliclcing passing attaclc, to a smashing 22-6 victory over Bates Bolacats, in a game playecl in Lewiston, Maine. After the tirst few minutes of play, the out- come of the game was never in question, except for a lone toucholown in the thircl period, the Bates eleven failed to threaten seriously, and the hall was lcept in their territory almost throughout the contest. A long pass from Horne to Frecl Vxfinterlaottom, in the seconcl periocl, accounted for the First New Hamp- shire touchdown, while Horne luggecl the hall over for the seconcl score, in the thircl period, after sopho- more Clarence Parlrer hacl almost single hancleclly car- riecl it clown from micllielcl. The linal tally came a few minutes later when Slug Knox, sophomore quarterlaaclc, interceptecl a Bates pass on the enemy 40 yarcl line and sped clown the sirlelines into Touch- clown T own. New l'lampshire's other three points were scored hy Pepper Martin on a seconcl period lielcl goal. Qctoher 8-'University of Maine at Durham Score: N. H. OHlVlaine 21 Poor tackling, hloclcing, ancl hall-handling were blamed when the Wildcats lost their thircl game of the season to an alert Maine eleven, before a huge Dads Day assemhlage. Uncertain playing and a numher of missed scoring opportunities provecl the nemesis of the Wilclcats, as the speedy Maine Bears, lecl hy a genuine triple-threat laaclc namecl Dana Drew, rompecl to a Qt-O victory. The hrilliant Drew was responsilale for two of his teamys scores with his fine passing ancl running, ancl aicled materially in the thircl, which was marle hy Dyer, on a 55 yarcl encl Mooma Joi-iNsoN 1 , , Boa ONELLA BURT lVlITCHEI.L l"lARRY Gem' run. Tlwe Wildcats missecl a cliance to score in tlxe early minutes of play, wlien, after aclvancing to tlae Maine 16 yarcl line, tlaey lost tlie luall on a fumlole. Cutstancling for New Hampslaire in the losing cause were Burt Mitchell, speecly lialflaaclc, who starrecl on tlae offense ancl cletense alilce, ancl Clarence Parlter, sopliomore fulllaaclc, wlao got liis team out of many tiglut holes witla liis Fine punting. Qctolaer 15f-Colby College at Waterville Score: N. H. O-Colley 6 An interceptecl Wildcat lateral, followed lay a Q5 yarcl jaunt over tlie goal line, in tlie early minutes of tlae contest, gave Colby tlie necessary margin for a 6-0 victory over New Hampsliire in tlie fourtli game of tlie season. ln spite of four scoring tlareats i in tlie tinal lialt, tlsie Sauermen were unable to pusla across tlie toucliclown necessary to overcome the early Mule l advantage. The unluclcy lnrealc for ' New Hampslwire occurrecl just after tlie game laacl luegun. Fincling tluemselves in possession of tlie ball on tlaeir own 50 yard line, tlie Wildcats attemptecl 1 1, a l'lorne-to-Mitchell lateral pass, only to have Bus Burrill, laarcl-cliarging-lvlule left encl, rusli in, intercept the ball in mid-air, ancl gallop over tlie goal line for tlie all-important toucliclown. While Collay, clacerecl lay tliis clevelop- ment, went on to outplay tlie Wilcl- cats cluring tlsie remaincler of tlie laalf. The seconcl laalf saw a revivecl New Hampsliire eleven return to tlae fray witli a laooming passing attaclc, ancl clo everytliing but score. The Wildcats loolcecl good in losing, ancl clelinitely L outplayecl tlaeir opponentsxin all cle- partinents of tlre game. Qctolner QQ-University of Vermont at Burlington Score: N. H. O-Vermont Q6 Unalnle to stop tlie powerful running attacla ol tlieir Catamount opponents, New l'lampsl1ire's varsity griclmen went clown to a 20-O defeat laetore tlie University of Vermont, at Burlington, as tlie soplao- more-stuclclecl Vermont eleven, lecl lay lialtlnaclc Franlcie Taylor, scorecl twice in tlie seconcl periocl ancl once in the tlwircl. The Hrst two Vermont toucliclowns came on long runs and were lnotli macle lay Taylor. on encl sweeps in tlie seconrl quarter. Taylor lieavecl a pass to Pye in the tliircl pcriocl lor tlie nnal tally. 228 s. . a -. as .- , R if .4-. v - r I . New llampshire managed lo push across a touch- down, early in the game, on a long run hy Burt lVlil.chell, hut the play was called haclc for a penalty. Another long Wilclcat gain, which brought the hall down to the Vermont I5 yard line on Patten-try Mitchell lateral, was ruled out when an omcial cle- ciclecl that ljattenys pass had heen forward, not lateral, lwlalcing eight ltrsl clowns to their opponents four, New l'lampshire easily had the edge in passing and punting, hut lacltecl the power in running plays. Qctoher Q9--St. Anselm College at Durham Score: N. H. Of-St. Anselm 26 The learn received its worst defeat of the season from the powerful St. Anselm Hawlfs, losing lay a score of 26-O. However, while they were outscored, the Wilclcats were lar from outtought, and Forced their opponents, hailed as the "strongest small college team in the countryf, to the limit lo win. St. Anselin's ltrst score came in the ltrst period on a pass from Silaor- slcy to .lohuson, after the play had lnecn set up on a long run hy sensational Ray lvlclsean, who also l made the second touch- , down possihle with a 56 yard jaunt around right end. Mitre Malio, Hawl: ' .1 center, made the third score on an in- ' tercepted pass. The victors scored again - X in the fourth period, on a hloclcecl lciclc. New Hampshires hest scoring threat . . came in the second period, when Prehle tool: the pass from center on his own 20, as if to punt, hut instead threw a pass to Burt Mitchell at midhelcl, Burt sped to the Hawlc 16 yard line hefore he was stopped, the impenetrahle Hawk defense prevented further advance. Novemloer 5'-Tufts College at lVI6ClfOI'Cl Score: N. H. 10-Tutt 6 Out-rushed, out-passed, even out- lciclced lay their opponents. New Hamp- shire's victory-starved gridsters played alert foothall in their seventh start, tool: advantage of every one of the hrealcs which came their way, and linished up a close First in one of the most ex- citing games ever seen in Medford. The actual scoring plays came as a result of fumhles and pass intercep- tions, of which there were many for hoth teams. New Hampshire got its ltrst tally in the closing minutes of the second quarter, when Paul Home dove over from the one foot line, after Mat Flaherty had intercepted a pass from the very arms of a Tufts receiver near midlteld, and Heefully scamperecl to that point. ln the fourth period, a placement lciclg hy Home netted the Sauermen their final score, while Tufts made its touchdown on a fourth quarter pass from Chiros to Smith, after recovering a New Hampshire fumhle on the tl yard line. The outstanding feature of the game was the large numher ot blunders committed hy hoth teams. Boer-MNAN Buizrr JON ES November '12-Springnetct Cottege at Durtiam Score: N. H. O-Springtietct 7 A touctictown drive in the tast two minutes of ptay gave the Springttetct Gymnasts a 7-O victory over New Hampstrires Wildcats, tuetore 6000 Homecoming Day fans, in the tast home game ot the season. tn tuattting Springtjietct lo a stanctstitt for practicatty tour tutt quarters, the Sauermen, outweigtmect 14 pounds to a man, ptayect one of their best games of ttme season. tn ttne closing minutes ot tlt'lC tourtta quarter, after Satoat, Gymnast tmatttnaetc, tlact comptetect a pass to quartertuaetc ttzirgreaves, on New ttampstmireys 13 yarct tine, Capiain Ctartc sped around ttie riggtxt ttant: anct turntntect the tsatt just as tue was tactttect on the goat tine. He recoverert in ttie enct zone for ttae touctuctown, taowever, giving his team the score wtwictx won ttne game. The most promising New Hampstwire ttnreat came early in ttie opening quarter when tiny Steve Lampson, Vxfitcteat enct, recovered a Springttetct tumtate on ttme enemy eigtmt yarnt line. However, at ttmis point, the Springnetct time rose up anct tietct for ctowns, preventing I1 Witctcat tatty. Lampson, Patten, and Batten starred for New Hampstrire. r'-1. . bf T., iff ffvlg , ti, I Qi' J, -....t. ,,.., , Y fav. ., 4,.T.,.- ... - ,,iT,,,, - - ,Q ' i - -in 4' I .,j,.. ,, - .ff ann i-,., L., Novemlaer 19'-Connecticut State at Storrs Score: N. H. 1.0-Connecticut State O Bringing tlieir season to a glorious linale, the Sauer- men slipped ancl slcicldecl to a 10-0 victory over Con- necticut State, at Storrs, in a clriving rain wliiclm made tlme nelcl a veritalnle lake. Again Captain Paul Home was tlie outstancling ligure in tlie Wildcat lineup, as tlie morlest Blue anal Wliite leacler formed tlie spearlwacl ol liis team's attaclr, tluowing a superlo pass from micl-field to lleet Ray Patten, wlao ran clown to tlie tliree yarcl line to set up llie llrst score, ancl laearing tlie lirnnt ot tlie laall-carrying wliicli put tlie pigslcin in position lor liim to placelciclc a tielcl goal. Horne also accountecl for the point alter touclaclown witli a perfect placement lciclc. Tlie final periocl was lfeaturerl lay a series ol' Connecticut spurts wlaicli nearly culminatccl in a score lor the Nutmeggers. This contest marlcecl the Hnal appearance in Wildcat uni- forms of seniors Paul Horne, Wally Ballou, Harry Gelt, Eel Preble, ancl Ray Patten. The remaining seniors, Walt Webb, Lou Frank, and Ben Emery, were unalnle to see action lnecause of injuries. The prospects for a goocl footlnall season loolc promis- ing next fall, lout too muclu success slioulcl not lie ex- pectecl in tlie face of tlie tougluest sclieclule in years. The mainstay of the team will lae soplaomores, especi- ally tlie laaclcs wlao will be very liglmt, lout will malce up for this lay tlieir speecl. ln fact, tliey promise to malce tlie fastest team of any of recent years, The laoys are young, mostly soplaomores, mostly inexperi- enced, ancl nothing talces tlrie place of experience in football. ll tlrie boys continue to clevelop as rapiclly as tlaey clicl in spring football practice, the season may liolcl many surprises. Tlie coacliing stall will depend upon Burt Mitchell, Jael: Hanlon, Eel Sauer for tlie laaelclielcl. Ario Pieretti, Buclc Buclaanan as guarcls, ancl Brad Moore ancl Fred Winterbottom as encls, ancl Tom Jolinson as taclcle. Juniors and Sopliomores wlio slaow promise are Ed Burt, Steve Lampson, Stan Low, Francis Clciase, Bela Knox, Matt Flalaerty, Max Gowen, Pepper Martin, Bolo Onella, John Connor, .laclc Fitiey, Tony Touart, James Martin, Ray Doyle, W. Marshall, Stan Pop- lawslci, Ed Lyszczas, C. Kacliaros, Paul Nugent, and A. Buclzianowslci. Firsi Row-Robinson, Popolowski, Cnllalsriga. Vxfatkins. Thompson, Clark, Wallace. Sovonrl Rolf Bro Sweet, Brown, Lang. Lucier, Beaulieu. Jones, Lunclin, Sheehan. Tllirll Row-Komb, Hnnnincn Henderson. Stevenson. Xvolcolt. Cricgnti, Preston, Dullie. JUNIQR VAR ITY FQCDTBAI L Coach Captain P. A. Adams C. Betz P. Beaulieu R. P. Brown C. Brown R. Cattabriga W. Calvetti lvl. Campbell W. Clafl. G. Cricenti A. Elliot A JOHN D. IDURIE STANLEY P. POPLOXVSKI MEMBERS OF THE SQUAD G. Efb H. Glines J. Hannien L. kICI1CIl'iCI'1 A. Jones J. KCJTEIID R. Lang VV. LISIC R. Lufkin R. Lunclin A. Lucicr W, Plckell 232 S. Poplowslqi R. Preston W. Robinson E. SIlGE1I'16.I'1 C. Stevenson D. Sweet R. Tllolnpsml R. Wlllllloe A. WHTfCI'l A. Wolkills J. Vxfalcolt .vV.,, O. Firsl Row--Blooft, Swasey, Kirk. Umterwoofl, Bishop, Mason, lennison, Atwooct, Sweet. Svconrl Row-Belt, Jones, Stockwell, Snowman. Shaw. Hontcata, Vvoocltnury, Kee, Towns:-nrt. VARSITY CROSS CQU TRY ETURNING to the campus after a semesteris leave of absence, Paul Sweet again assumed charge of ltie cross country teams. He was assistect try Ectctie Blount. Coach Sweet has tiact a most suc- cessful career in track circles tvotti as an active participant anct as a coach. His unttergractuale years were spent at the University of Illinois Where he was on a wortctys elwampionstiip relay team and was uot- stancting as an inctivictuat runner.' His years 'at the University of New Hampshire have been very suc- cessful, turning out consistent winners in cross-country, winter track and spring track. Until 1957 tie was tieact coactm of the winter sports team, and was succeettect in that position Ivy Ectctie Btooct, one of ttie greatest attmtetes ever to gracluate from the college. He was a ten teller man as an unctergractuate and captainect the winter sports team. He was International std champion and represented ttie United States in the Olympic games of 1932 and I956. He and Coach Sweet have had remarkable success in their respective Hetcts and have turned out many line runners and skiers. 255 PAUL SWEET EDXVARD BLOOD Coach PAUL SWEET Assistant Coach EDXVARD BLOOD Cciplain ARTI'IUIt Bisuor' Manager PHILIP BELL C:XP'l'AIN Pas: uw ' . 'E a Q 35 f' ' Wig ' , H fl I i t t t I t . I V . . 1 t t HAL JENNISON TED LJNDERXVOOD Qctotoer Swwtaine at Durtwam Score: N. H. 29-Maine 26 Running on a ctear, warm ritay taetween ttae twatves of a foottyatt game wittm ttwe same setwot, ttae varsity cross-country squact ctroppect its tirst meet of ttie sea- son to ttie University of Maine, tyetore a targe Darts Day Crowct. Smittw, of txftaine. ttwe rtetencting ctwam- pion of ttie New Engtancts. tinistaert tirst in 23:50, wett atmeact of Tect Underwood, New Hampstuire run- 254 ner, wtiose time was 24:21. Arttiur Bistiop, Captain ot ttie Witctcat taarriers, was ttiirct. Jennison, Kirtc, Swasey, Atwooct, anct Snowman tottowect in ttiat orcter for N. I-I. Qetotaer 14'-Rtiocte tstanct at Kingston Score: N. H. 21'-Rtsiocte tstanct State 35 rt-tue Rtaocte tstanrt Rams sutterect ttieir tirst cteteat in ctuat competition in seven years as ttaut Sweetls taoys tyeal ltiem sounctty. Running over ttie tiitts anct ctates ot Kingston on a rainy ctoucty afternoon, ttme New t tampstmire team ttiorougtity ctominatect ttie tuy capturing tour ot ltie tirst tive ptaces. Tent Uneter- woocts winning time was 22:45. t'tarotct Jennison, ttunior runner. ptaeect ttiirct, anct was tottowect tny Harry Atwooct in tourtti, anrt .taetc Kirtc, titltti. Qctotber 2il.-Harvarct anct Dartmoutti at Camtnrictge Score: Harvarct ist, N. tot. Qnct, Dartmoutta 3rct Ptacing tour men among ttic tirst ten, the Witctcats tinistiect seconct in ttiis triangutar meet against two sucti tonnictatote opponents. tstarvarrt, ttie tiost, was an easy tirst, anct Big Green traitect tar tmetiinct ttwe Btue anct Wtiite. Ttie Witctczils matte a gattant attempt to Capture tirst twnors. taut eoutct not out- ctistance Roswett Brayton, ot Harvarct, wtio tarotie ttie tape atieact ot tiis own team mate, Penn Tuttte. Ttie winning time over ttie exacting tive mite course in Camtarictge was 281522. t'tarotrt ,tennison was ttie tirst N. H. man to tinistl, tiis ptaee tneing titttm Uncter- wooct, Bistiop, anct txftason were sixtti, eigtattm, anct tentti rcspeetivety. November 7-N.E.t.C.A.A.A. at Boston Compteting ttae cross-country season, ttme varsity tiarriers ptacert sixttai among fourteen New Engtanct cotteges at ttie etwampionstiip run in Boston. Ttae tinest runners in ttais section ot' ttie Country racect over ttie ctitticutt Frantctin Part Course, arut Smitti ot: Maiiie, ctetencting ctiampion, emergert ttie winner in 2I:4l5. Unfterwooct was ttme tirst N. t't. man to tinistu, ptacing etcventti. Kirtc, Jennison, Ntason, Swasey, and Bistiop rcpresentect N. H. in ttiat orcter. Ttiis was ttie tast' cross-country rare in ttie eottcge careers ot: Captain Al'thllf Bistiop anct Raigtw tvtason. Firs! Row: Blood, Carlson. Costello, Xvclls. Hnrlcins, Rivers, Mullen, Huntoon. Sclmltz, Sweet Second Row: Ripley. Knowles. Bissell, Cnnnc-ll, Noury, Rawslrom. Armstrong, Dumont, Berry. Millar FRESHMAN CRCDSS COU TRY Capluin RAYMOND RIVERS Coach PAUL C. SNVEET flssislanl Coach EDNVARD BLOOD Nanngcr SHERMAN RIPLEY, JR. Oclolncr 7 H. Frosli, 58, Concord H. S., 19 Durlwam Oclolmcr 14 H. Frosli, '59, R. l. S. Frosli 20 Kingston Oclolaer 21-N. H. Froslw, 55, Harvarcl Frosli, 41, Darlmoutli Frosll, 27 Boston Orilolncr QS-N. H. Frosli, 55, lvlanclwesler Cenlral High School, 24 Durlmm Novcmloer 2-N. lol. Frosld, 17, Porlsmoulli H. S., 58 A Durliam Novcmlaer 7-N. H. Frosll al N.E.l.C.A.A.A., ninth Boston 235 .55 ,,,,.,,.1,.,.......Qp:a-H-.-.-...n. ..:.e,...,..f ...M , A . vii i . First Row'-Cryans, Plante, Boy, Vvctab, Adams, Flaherty, Knox. Second Row-Tongue. Powers, Mctseont, Fontaine. Stewart, Hatch. Herscy, Xvitson. VAR, ITY BASKETBALL UE to Coach Henry Swaseysteave of absence the Iaaslcetlnau team was coactiecl by George Sauer, varsity football mentor. Qpening the season with but three varsity per- formers, Walter Wet,9tu, Pierre Boy, and Ted Plante the new coach decided to use a new fast-breaking type of play with five men going down the Hoor at once. He groomed sophomores Herb Adams, Ntatt Flaherty, and Lou Cryans for varsity berths, and at the opening game his starting line-ups inctuctecl Co- Captains Boy and Vxfetab Iaesicte these second year men. The use of a new and larger Hoor in the new Lewis field house was a great advantage over the crowded conditions in the old gym. At time beginning of the season the slippery Hoor was quite a handi- cap, but eventually the surfacing was perfected. The increased seating capacity of time new athletic Iouitct- ing added to the comfort of the stuclents and visiting spectators. Q56 CEEORCE SAUER I' -EE..-' Coach GEORGE SAUER Co-Captains PIERRE BOY AND WALTER WEBB, JR. Manager MAUIQICE Pfxrizzix , . ' N Co-Captains 1311511115 Bev, WAl.'I'EIi Weiss December 9-dtxftassachusetts tnstitute ot Technotogy at Durham Score: N. H. 59-tV1.1.T. 45 The first hastccthatt game ot the season was ptayed against a smooth-tunctioning Tech quintet. This was the first athletic contest held in the newty completed held house whose targe hteachers and extensive court are such an improvement over the old gym. Before the game, President Engethardt presented the new huitding to Cart Lundhotm who accepted it on hehatt of the athtetic department. This heing the opening encounter ot the schedute. the ptayers were nervous and hampered hy the stippery tinish of the new ttoor. The Engineers ted throughout, although in the ctosing minutes the Witdcats piled up a score which tcept the targe crowd hopeful untit the nnat gun. Decemher 15-'Boston University at Boston Score: N. I-I. 45-B. U. 64 Leaving Durham for the second encounter of the winter campaign, Sauefs hoopsters journeyed to Boston. tn the opening period the New Hampshire tive hetd the score to a 12-12 count, hut thereafter they could not stand the pace. The height advantage held hy the home team, and their accurate passing were the deciding factors in the game. Lou Cryans ted the Durham contingent with 17 and Sparky Adams contributed IO to the New Hampshire total of 45 as against 64 for the Terriers. 257 January 5HRhocte tstand State at Kingston Score: N. H. 45-R. 1. 80 After returning from a resttut Christmas vacation, the tmastcethatt team ran into their toughest opponents ot the season when they tangled with the Rhode tstand Rams at Kingston. Led hy Capt. Chet Jaworstci who scored -110 of the team,s 80 points, the home team tore the Wildcats to pieces in a one-sided game 80-45. January 7HSt. Ansetm at Durham Score: N. H. 55-Si. A. 55 Returning to the home court tor the second tocat contest in tour attempts, the Sauermen played host to their friends from tvtanchester, the Hitttoppers. At the end ot the tirst hatt New Hampshire was teading a St. Anselm quintet, hy a seven point margin, 21-14. Then with a few minutes remaining, and with the Wildcats stitt on top 52-28, the visitors put on the pressure and etced out a 55-55 victory. Cutten and Jaworetc ted the St. Ansetm attack white it was Adams and Cryans for New Hampshire. January 1OHBates Cottege at Durham Score: N. H. 52-Bates 42 One ot the three teams which the toothatt team conquered was atso one ot the three teams which the hastcethatters suhctued. This was Bates. The Witdcats scored tirst, and ted throughout the entire game, the count at the halt heing 50-19 and the tinat score 58-42. The visitors presented a poor functioning team in att departments of the game, except tor Woodbury, their high scoring forward who cottected 14 points. Best point getters for the Blue and White were Herh Adams with 15 and Captain Waiter Wehh who accounted for 12. January 15-Springttietd Cottege at Springtietd Score: N. H. 27-Springtietd 42 Qtt on a two day tour through southern New Engtand, the Durham courtmen stopped ott in Springtietd, Mass. on Friday evening January 15 and were cordiatty received hy the Gymnasts who trounced them 42-27. The Springtietd cottege team showed its superiority throughout, hy out-shooting and out-passing their guests from New Hampshire. Little Lou Cryans, one of the shortest performers in New Engtand, ted the Witdeat attack with 11 points. January 14-Connecticute State at Storrs Score: N. H. 58-Conn. State 41 Penetrating further into enemy territory, the team continued its losing tactics as it was nosecl out by the Nutmeggers 41-58 at Storrs. Here again it was a case of height, as the towering Connecticut hoopsters gainecl control of the hall ancl put up a good clelense. February 1e-Tut ts College at Medford Score: N. H. 42HTufts 44 A new month, a new semester ancl the Wildcats were loolting for a new way of trying to win laasltet- ball games. lt was no use, however, for although the wearers ol: the Blue ancl White scorecl 42 points clown at Medforfl, Tufts elid them exactly one lnaslcet better hy matting their total 44. February 4HNortheastern University at Durham Score: N. H. 56-Northeastern 57 Playing against his former team-mates and Alma Mater, .lim Hatch, transfer from Northeastern pacect the Wildcats as they ctroppect the most exciting ancl closest game of the schedule hy one point, 57-56. At the half-time, New Hampshire, held a 10 point leacl 52-22, and up until the closing minutes they were ahead, hut a linal surge hy the Huslcies turnecl an expected victory into just another clefeat. JACK HERSEY Lou CRYANS J: . I 1 i . , i - i , . Foul shots were the clecicling factor in this game as the Sauer coachecl team scorecl 26 goals to 25 for the opponents, but the visitors clroppecl seven free throws as against three for the home team. Bela Gurney of Northeastern was high man for the evening with 25 points while ,lim Hatch anrl Lou Cryans topped the Wilclcats with 18 anal 15 re- spectively. February 6-Lowell. Textile at Durham Score: N. H. 56-Lowell. 52 New Hampshire scored il.s seconcl win in ten games lay defeating a poorly functioning Lowell Textile quin- tet in the Lewis Held house. The home team scored tirst and was never threal.enefl thereafter. At the halt, the score lqourcl react 28-14. Adams scoretl most for the locals lay dropping 11 points. February 10'-Connecticut State at Durham Score: N. H. 58-Conn. State 59 Playing a return engagement with the Connecticut Staters, this time on the Durham court, the Blue and White team sulflyerecl a worst defeat than previously as they were rlownect 59-58. Matt Flaherty, sophomore center, aclclecl the most to the Wildcat total by scoring ten points. Jim t'latch,s nine points rated him as seconcl highest. SPARKY Armivrs Tooria PLANTE. HIRE' ' . N .,1. ..g rl '. 1 .I ' . A t A. ' 2, 'lxi - f 1 V "4..T,?iT. 'A . ' E- ti? . ' - :il ying ft 'fs 1 D i N . i , . AI. , . 14' , . if mu MAT Fi,Aiii2R'rY Aramaic l'lATCt-I MILT FONTMNE KEN MCLEOD February 11-Northeastern University February 18-University of Maine at Qrno at Boston Score: N. I-I. 56HlVlaine 68 Score: N. H. 54-Northeastern 42 By following the examples of the Kittens who lost to the Northeastern yearlings, 54-412, the varsity clroppecl its game hy the same score. Teal Plante, Pittshelcts contribution to the New Hampshire varsity, led his team in points scorecl for the evening, hy accounting lor ten counters. February 15-American International at Durham Score: N. I-I. 46HA. 1. 59 Starting the fray with a revampecl lineup, the home team scored its thircl and last triumph in a 17 game scheclule hy clruhlning an inferior American inter- national live 46-59. By scoring one more point than in the prececling game, Plante was again high point getter with 11 marlcers. Feliruary I7HColloy College at Vxfaterville Score: N. I-I. 55HCollJy 66 Qpening a two-clay state ol Maine engagement at Vtlatervillc, the varsity hoopsters were soon to lincl that they haul a no more consiclerate host than on any other game away from home. The Colby Mtiles amassecl 66 points, their highest total in three years, as they outscored the amloitious visitors 66-55. The game was closely contestecl until the last live minutes when the home team hegan to sinlc laaslcets from all angles. 5 Fourteen Maine Bears all helped to scratch the Wildcats in another high scoring game on the evening following the Colby encounter. Coach Sauer also usecl over ten men in trying to turn the tide which was running so strongly against his charges. Lou Cryans tiecl with Drew of Maiiie for scoring honors with sixteen points. February 25-Rhocle lslancl State dat Durham Score: N. H. 59HR. l. S. 81 The largest crowcl of the season saw a hard-Fighting hut sadly outclassed New Hampshire quintet go clown in cleleat before the championship Rams in the Lewis Field House. To Co-Captain Pierre Boy goes the creclit of holding the brilliant Jaworslci to 21 points, one more than half the amount he scored in the previous meeting. Conley, while his captain was loeing watched, gathered 24 counters, while Ted Plante found the haslcet and contrihutecl 18 to New Hamp- shire's 59 total in the 81-59 defeat. February 25-University of Nlaine at Durham Score: N. H. 55'-lVlaine 45 The last game completed the season as the lirst one hacl opened it'-with a defeat. The first hall: was very listless, and was the lowest scoring first hall: ol' the home season as it closecl 14-15, with Maine on top. ln the second half the visitors passing and shooting improvecl and they began to clrop many lay-up shots so hy the final gun they had carried away the contest 45-55. First Row: des Garcnnes, Blythe, Griffith, Hall, Rocticlcau. Monica, Juiurins. Conroy. Second Row: Rivers Gray. Katsiaficas, Page. Barnett, Draper. FRESHMA BASKETBALL Co-Captains ROBERT RoC1fiEi.EAu, IMIAROLD l'IAl.l. Coach JOHN CONROY Manager STEPHEN DES GARENNES Score Date Opponent H. Dec. 9 M.l.T. 59 Durham Dec, 15 44 Boston Dec. 15 Con. Business 92 Durham Jan. 7 St. Anseims 30 - Durham Jan. 11 Exeter 51 Exeter lan. 13 Keene Normal 60 Durham Fein. 1 Tufts 38 Medford Feb. 8 Briclgton 41 Durham Feb. 11 N. E. U. 54 Boston Feta. 15 Tilton 42 Tilton 240 Opp 21 54 37 39 29 57 Q7 30 112 Q9 flulu .lflflllilfy February February Fcimuirry February Lvfl In riglrl-Aiatwoii. Piccewicz, Elliott. Vxfrigtmt. VARSITY MILE RELAY 1 Qocrcfr Manager Afool Q8 Prout Games fl Tufts il B. A. A. I4 Knights of Columbus Games Q2 Vets' Foreign War Games Place Boston Medford Boston Providence Boston PAUL SWEET JAMES LAWLER Result 1. Brown, 2. N. H4 5. Amtrerstg 4. Wesieyaiw 1. N. HJ Q. Tufts 1. Tuttsg 2. Amtierstg 3. N. H. I. Middteburyg Q. N. H.: 3. Tufts i. Northeasterng Q. Williams, 5, N. H. KID ABBGTT, Roy Ettiott, Mike Piecewicz, and Frank Wright ticked the Tufts' quartet in a ctuat meet at Mectforci. Other than that, the mite team came in seconct to Brown in tire Prout Games, anct fjinistwcct third to Tufts and Amherst in the B. A. A. Games, traitect Mictdiebrrry for a ctose seconct in the Knights of Columbus Games, and ended up third to Northeastern and Wiliiarns in the Veterans of Foreign Wars Games. Strict Abbott is the only member lost by graduation, and a good season is looked forward lo next year. 241 Left to right'-Jones, Jennison, Unctcrwooct, Mccattrf-y, Bishop. VAR ITY TWO MILE RELAY Coach PAUL SWEET Manager JAMES LAWLER Date Bfeet Place Result January 28 Prout Games Boston 'l. Boston Cottegeg 2. Northeastern: 3. Bates, 4, Tuttsg 5. N. H. February '11 B. A. A. Games Boston 1. Rhode tstanctg Q. Northeastern: 5. N. H., 4, Batesg 5. Holy Cross HE two mite team, made up of Art Bistiop, Ted Underwood, Hal Jennison, and Warren Jones, competed in only two meets, coming in last in ttie Prout Games, and ltiirct in ttie B. A. A. Games. Captain Skid Abbott, teactott man of the mite quartet, and Art Bishop, of the two mile team, will be the only men lost by graduation this June. With several proven runners to build a team around, next winterls squad stloutcl snow a ctecictcct improvement. 242 Firsl Row-Koulsolnsc-os. Cannell, Riclmrnls, Harlcins, Bc-nuclet, Millar. Second Row-Sweet, Hon on Sipprvllc, Mullen, Houlilmn. Huntoon. Third Row--Orclwuy, Blais, Prescott. FREE HMA WI TER TRACK Cuplaiu DONALD RICHARDS Coach PAUL C. SNVEET Manager RICliARD TOWER Score Dale Opponent N. H. Opp Jun. 28 Willianm Prout Games Boslon Feln Andover Acaclemy 21 42 Andover Fcln B.A.A. Games Boston Fela Kimball Union Academy .98 16 Durham Feb. - Exeter Acaclemy QQ-U3 49 'Ffa Exeter Won 1 '-1 Lost 2 243 Ftrs! Row'-Gould, Underwood, Xfvfight, Alahott. Mccatlrey, Coach Sweet. Second Row-Sheehan, F. A. Ayer, Bishop, Tabla, Jennison, Stewart. Third Row-ulones, Piecewicz, Elliott, Kew. Crooli. tlonlmla. F. H. Ayer. Fourlh Row-Davis. Keadin, Mather. VAR. ITY WI TER TRACK FTER a years ahsence while studying at the University of Southern California, Coach Paul Sweet returned to coach the Winter tracl: teams which had been alaly handled the previous year by Charles Uchiclcs' Justice. The team suttered the loss of two great runners in the co-captains, Huck Quinn and Percy Whitcomh. Graduation also toolc Chip Long, one of the laest weight men in New England. With Ahlaott and Wright returning, Sweet had a good nucleus for his mile relay team, and several excellent sophomores to choose from. Also returning were George lvlccattrey in the mile, and Ted Underwood in the two mile. On the Maine trip of the season, the squad honored uslcidn Ahhott with the captaincy of the team. Slcicl had heen a letterman in the sport for two years and was a mernlyer of the relay team the year previous which set a new record for mile relay teams at New Hampshire. Skid has heen active in spring tracl: and is also a letterman in football. 4 Paul, SXVEET Coach Captain Manager PAUL SNVEET GEORGE ABBOT ERNEST Gouto January Q8Hl3rout Nlemorial Games at Boston Garclen A seconcl place in tlwe varsity mile relay was tl1e only lnriglit spot in a clisappointing Wilclcat sltowing in tlue annual Prout games. New l'lampsl1ire's two mile relay team, tlie mile relay team, ancl tluc lrestiman mile relay team all lailecl to place in tlleir respective events. The results of a two weelc layolll cluring exams were eviclent, ancl it was clear tliat tl1e Blue anrl Wliite runners were not in particularly goocl conclition. Tlwe mile relay team clicl a goocl joln in tinisliing seconrl to Brown in a four-cornerecl race wl1icl1 saw Amlierst ancl Wesleyail llnislling laeliincl tlie New Hampslaire men. Elliott., running luis First varsity race, turnecl in a lnrilliant seconcl leg anal sent luis successor out witlm a goocl leacl. The leacl was climinislmerl in tliis l1cali anrl Constable of Brown specl past Wriglmt to win tlre race. From New Hamp- sl1ire,s point ol' view Art Bislsiopys 2.3 lialf mile was llie only lariglil spot in tliat race. Felvruary 4-flwufts College at lxfleclforcl Score: N. t-I. 44'-Tufts 51 ln a clual meet leaturcrl lay tlue incliviclual per- formance ol' lfcl Dugger, Tufts ace ancl Burl Keaclin, New Hanipsliire star, Tufts clelleatecl tlie Wildcats 51-f-Ill. Dugger accounterl lor tluree lirsts, wtzile Keaclin garnerecl seconcl place in tlie liurclles, sliot put liigll jump ancl a tie for seconcl place in tlwe pole vault. Tecl Unclerwoorl lost a close race in tlwe mile run, witli George lX'lcCall'rey Hnisliing a goocl tliircl. Slcicl Alalmott won tlic 600 wlwile Larry Stewart ancl Wally lVlatl1er placecl one-two, in tlic laroarl jump. Tlie mile relay team was victorious over Tufts in tlwe special race. Feloruary tl. lf-B.A.A. Games at Boston Some ol' tlie lmrl luclc wlmiclr liacl cloggecl the team all year croppcrl up in tlwis meet wlien Skid Alntxott learl-oll' man ol tlme mile relay team lost luis laaton, and lnelore tw coulcl recover it, lwacl lost too mucla clis- tance. Despite line running lwy Elliott, Wright ancl Piecewicx, New lrlampsliire was unalale to malce up 45 CAPT. Arsaorr FRANK Wizici-ir FRANKLIN AYER BUD KEADIN FRANCIS AYER . 51 M R11 I , U t x X , ' . -X . C g.l 'aj-,i -f. ' , ' Li, " Q, -1' . 5 . it Q.1rf'+- f.-f f ,fi ' 2 ' I . rlif a f s . we-L.. if . " . t' , i i V pf , 'V , Q swf.. l - W " --. .,, gr, 'i - - i tlle loss and liacl to lpe content with tlrircl. Rlwocle lslanct won, ancl Nortlueastcrn Hnishecl seconcl. The two mile relay team running in a race with four other teams was alnle to tlnislm tllircl. The race was teaturecl by a mistalce on the part of the olltcials which re- sultecl in tlle contestants on tl1e Final leg running one lap less tl'1an requirecl. The otlicials had apparently lost count of tlsie laps ancl tlie race was juclgecl as tluey linisliecl, minus tlie last lap. Again Rllocle lslancl and Northeastern ltnislwecl in tl'1e First anal seconcl positions. Felnruary 111HKnigl1ts of Columlaus lVleet at Providence The varsity mile relay team lfinislued second in a triangular mile relay race witli Middlebury and Tufts at tlme Providence K. of C. games at Providence. lvlidcllelnury won tlie race in 327.2 and Tufts trailed. Tlie Xvildcat team was again composed ol: George Alalaott, Roy Elliott, lVlilse Piecewicz, and Franlc Nvriglat. lxfliddlelnury set tlie pace all tlie way and tlae anclior man for ttie Vermont team managed to slave oll a last lap cliallenge ot Franlc Wright. Felnruary 18f-University of Maine at Qrono Score: N. H. 67-2X5-Maine 49-U5 ln a meet featured lny record lurealcing performances, tlie New Hampsluire traclc team defeated the Uni- versity ol lvlaine team, lay tlie score of 67-2X3 to 49-1f5. Larry Stewart lurolie two records when lie won tlie 70 yard clasli and tlie lvroad jump. Slcicl Alatnott copped two lirsts leading tlie tield in tlie 600 and 500 yard runs. Qtlicr records lnrolcen were tl1e sluot put, tlie 1000 yard run, and tl1e pole vault. Keaclin again proved luis versatility lay winning tlue laiglm liurdles, talcing ttiircl in tlie slaot put, and tieing for tl1ird in tlie pole vault. Piecewicz witti two tliirds in tlwe two liurdle events, .lennison witli a second in tl1e mile run, Elliottys tliircl in tlue 600, lirst place tie in tleie liurdles lnetween tlie Ayer twins, First place tie lpetween Bislciop and Underwood in tlie two mile run, and a second and tliircl in tlie 100 lay .lones and Underwood were ttic outstanding New Hampsliire performances. New Hampstiire swept tlae lnroad jump and tl'1e 500 yard run. lVlatl1er and lxflaillard talcing the otlier two places in tlae lnroad jump wlwile Sliealian and Wright followed Aluloott to tlae tape in tlie 500. Wriglmt also linislied second in tlie 70 yard dasli. Felnruary Q2-Veterans ol Foreign Xvars Meet at Boston ln tlue last meet of tlme year Ted Underwood star distance runner from New l'lampsl1ire won ttie 46 .uf " 'Q CJ Bef Q 'x l -47 if' 1 'Q 1.1 +1 if at fi' ,. L -y 'N ,.. P i . . Top: Nriu Si-mmvmw Center: Glzoizcii MCCAlfI'RYiY, WARIIEN JONES Borrow Mimi Pleciawicz, ROY Ei.i.ioTT N.E.A.A.U. two mile steeplecluase lay a wide margin. l'le lapped tlie tlwird linisluer and was 100 yards alweacl ol? ttie second place winner. Hal .lennison linislied tlxird in ttie mile race for collegians, wlwile Warren .lones tool: tlmird place in tlwe 1000 yard run. The varsity mile relay team linislied tlnird laetiind Nortli- eastern and Williaiiws. .iii . A v 1" ' S if' , . I : all :rf fi i 5- 5 'ns mn I 1 . iq lrirsl Run'-llzisellinv, Otis, llavison, Fournier, Patten. Quinn, NVentzul. Seronrl Row-Tllurston, Roper. llnll.. lxlarlin. Xvnucl, Consvr, Nirliarrlson, Pmrnnel. Rec-rl. VARSITY HGCKEY ECAUSE ol' tlie resignation ol' Ernest Clrrisiiian- sen as u-mrzlr ol' lroclqey ancl lacrosse to enter lnnsiness, llie atlwletic clcpnrtinenl, appointed George "Fuzz" rlilnrrslon as coacli. Tlwurston lmcl lneen in tlie past, one of llie onlstancling amateur lwoclcey players in New lfnglancl, anfl tlme season previous lmcl laeen coaelm ol a successful lreslunan team. Losing only llrrec players lay graclualion, Russ ancl Bull lxlarlin, uncl llolm Cnllis, Fuzz slartecl tlwe season witlr un experiencetl nucleus lor liis sextet. The rinla was nruvecl from lmelrinrl tlme rille range to a spot near llme college woocls, placing it nearer tlle incloor atlrletie lynilcling. Hall-xvay tlirouglm tlre season the team eleclecl "Ralf Fournier ancl Ray Patten Co- caplzains. Pmotli men lrave lneen on tlwe team for tliree years anil lruve been oulsizancling players eacll season. Ai: tlmc cncl of tlre season Patten and Fournier were namecl on tlme New England lntcrcollegiate lroclcey league All-team. Palten ancl Fournier were lnotlu foot- lmll lettermen as well. 247 GEORGE Tnurzsrox Head Coach GEORGE Tnurrsron Co-Captains NIAURICE FOURNIER RAX'MOND PATTEN Manager EDXVARD REED I i Co-Caplains Pfvrriin, Fouiwieiz January 'IQ-lW.l.T. at Boston Score: N. H. 5-lVl.l.T. Q ln the lirst game ol the season. played in the Boston Arena, the Vxfildcatsy hoclaey team defeated lVl.l.T. hy the score of 5-2. New Hampshire scored lirst in the lirst period when Davison tallied un- assisted, Davison also scored unassisted at the start of the second period, while Ray Patten, on passes from Don Otis and Bill Quinn, dented the strings twice hetore the period ended. After three minutes ot the third period, :Ralf Fournier toolc a pass from Ray Patten and scored. January 515-Middlebury at Durham Score: N. H. 1tHlVliddlehury O Opening the home season after two disappoint- ments, the Blue and Wlmite defeated lVliddlel9ury It-O. The game was a loosely played allair with New Hampshire leading from the middle of the First period, when Davison tool: a pass from Patten and scored. The game was featured in the second period lay a light lnetween the players which saw spectators and substitutes entering the Fisticults. Bill Quinn scored two goals white Patten, Carl- son, Davison, Ctis, Fournier, Roper, Couser, Hutt, and Brunel each tallied once. January 16 f-f Bowdoin at Brunswiclc Score: N. H. 1 f- Bowdoin O Playing a game which had heen moved haclc from earlier in the month, New Hampshire continued their , N. winning strealc to three when they defeated Bowdoin 1-O. M New l'lampshire scored the gamcfs only tally in the second period when Fournier passed to Patten and Ray tallied. The game was relatively tree 1 ot penalties with only six 'QM- eiven out. January 5 I. -f Boston College at Boston Score: N. H. 5 -- B. C. 6 ln the lirst game after the lVlid-year exam period, the Wilclcats went down to delfeat lay the score of 6-5. The laclq ol' practice necessitated hy the two-weeli layoll handicapped the team immensely. B. C. scored lirst after only one minute of play in the lirst period. .lim Couser tied it up alter sixteen minutes of play when he toolc a pass from Harry Woocl. Norherg scored for B. C. 17 seconds later unassisted. Patten scored the Wildcat's other goal, unassisted, in the third period. B. C. scored again in the Hrst period, once in the second, and twice in the thircl. Fehruary 4-'Northeastern at Durham Score N. H. 4HN. U. 5 Before a large crowd composed largely of Carnival guests. the New Hampshire hoclaey team howed to the Northeastern Huslaies to the tune of 5-5. The North- eastern lirst line ol Byrne, Chipman, and Ganong defeated the New Hampshire team hy themselves, heing responsihle for all goals. Patten, Davison, and Quinn tallied for the home team on passes from l7ournier, Patten, and Davison respectively. DON OTIS WARREN Davison February 9H1Vl.t.T. at Durtmam Score: N. H. 4HtVl.l.T. Q Showing a reversaf of form over tfie previous game wilfi Norlfleastern, tfsie Vxfifcfcats again cfefeatecf tfae fVf.f.'f'. fiocfqey team, lfwis l.ime fay a score of? 4-2. Tfwe first periocf was scorefess untif Hiffier taffierf for tfie engineers after twcfve minutes off pfay. New Hampsfiire slarlerf lfie seeoncf period witfi a faang, Otis ringing ttie fueff after one minute on a pass from Patten. The score remainetf tierf for ten minutes ancf tfien Harry Xvoocf loot: a pass from Fournier to sencf lfie Wifcfmiaits atieaff. Less tfian a minute fater Four- nier scorecf unassislecf. At tfie slarl: of tfie fast periocf. tVf.f.rf,. rfentecf llfie nets, and Quinn scforecf for New ffarnpsfiire to enrf tfie scoring for lfie game, Fefnruary I I-Army at West Point: Score: N. H. Q-Army l Scoring twice in lfie ftrst periocf tfie Wifcfeats nosecf out tfwe fiarcf figfiling Army sexlot fny tfre score of 2-l. Smitfi of tfie cacfels scored first after five minutes off pfay in tfie first. periocf. Twcfve minutes fater Ray Patten, on ai pass from Biff Quinn ancf Warren Davison, tiecf tfie score ancf witfi onfy forty seconcfs to pfay, .fini ffouser loot: a pass from tfarry Vxfoorf anrf Don Otis lo tafce tfme featf wfiirrfx tfiey never fost. .fixcii Ricimimsou f5u.i- Qu1NN Fefbruary 21-4Boston University at Boston Score: N. H. 5-B. U. 5 By ttmeir victory over New Hampshire the Terriers annexect ttie etiampionsfiip of the New Engfancf fntereoffegiate Hocfcey League. B. U. opened the scoring before tfme crowcf at ttwe Arena faacf faeen seatecf wfmen Conaty scored in one minute. Nine minutes fater Dow ffasfiecf ttle recf figfat for B. Ufs seconcf goat. Two minutes fnetwore tfie encf of the First periocf Harry Woocf on a pass from AI Roper and Jim Couser scorecf New f'fampsf1ire,s first goat. B. U. regained their two point feacf in tfmirty seconcfs wfmen Rictiarcfson foacfc-fiancfecf tfie puefq past Wentzef. Warren Davison scorecf for tfie Bfue and Vxffaite after tfiree minutes of pfay in the second periocf, but Cfiamtuers and Conaty eactu scorecf for B. U. ancf tfue New Hampshire tfwreat was queffecf. .fim Couser fater earrierf the pucf: into B. U. territory for tfie ftnaf score of Ifie game. Feforuary 28-Nortfieastern at Boston Score: N. H. LLHN. U. 5 fn tfie concfucfing game of the year ttme New ffampsfmire fioefcey team fost a cfose game to North- eastern at the Boston Arena. Patten was tfie out- stancfing performer for New Hampshire with ttlree goats, two unassistecf antf one on a pass from Fournier. VVarren Davison scorecf Lfwe otfier New Hampshire goat unassisted. This was tfae fast game for Patten, Fournier, Otis, Gifgun, Vv'oocf, Couser, Huff, and Hazeftine. JACK WEN1'zuLL FRED Gu.oUN -r i' f 'Ir it .sr L-is f N -' 1.11 I 5 t N., Firsl Row'-Connor, Allard, Conway, Macctonatct, Audct. Second Row-Fobclto, Brown, Hooper, Nugent, Thayer, Carlson, Peterrnan, Quinn, Rurtrt, Totucy. Mon FP. Caplain PAUL CONWAY COUCH JOHN FABIQLLO Manager ErJwlN KENISTON Score Date Opponent N. H. Opp. Jan. Tilton Acactemy O 4 Durham Jan. 11 Hebron Academy cancettect Durham Jan. 14 Brigclton Academy 4 O Durtwam tan. '16 Lawrence Academy I 5 Durham Feta. Exeter Academy I J Exeter Feta. 4 Northeastern Frosti U 5 Durham Feta. New Hampton School Q I Dllftlafn Feta. I4 Melrose High Sctmoot Q 1 Durham Won 5 - Lost 250 First Row-Clark, Pratt, llawc-eti, Nvtiitctier. Duffy. Townsend. Second Row-Bennett, Seymour, Sinclair. Snowman, Xfvoolroll. Tliirrl Roitr-Garctncr, Noury, Lotoctclt, Fitzsimmons, Peabody, Doyle, Blood. AROITY WI TER PORTS QRMER University of New Hampshire and Unitect States Olympic team skier, Coach Ectwarct Btoort turnect out a remarkable team this winter. Considering the tameniatute topograptiy of Durham insofar as ski slopes are concerned, and the comparatively smatt amount of snow during the ski season, Coach Blood proctucect a Rne group Ot per- formers. Placing second, tt1ii'rt, anct one fourth in the tive meets of the sctwctute, ttie snow men traveled to Canarta twice, Hanover anct Ntictrttetatiry. Ray Wtiitctmci' a junior from Berlin was etectect captain ot the team in mict-season breaking ttie tra- ctition of tiaving a senior as captain. Besides Wtlitctier, other veteran performers were Paul Townsenct, Gene Duffy, Dick Snowman, Another Outstanding accom- plishment of Coach Blood was the transformation of Bob Clark and Norwood Batt, frestiman stars from Dow Academy into finished collegiate competitors. Ttiese two Kittens actctecl many points to the im- pressive total pitect up by the Witctcat snow men during the 1939 season. 51 EDNVARD BLOOD Head Coach EDWARD BLOOD Captain RAYMOND WITCHER Manager DEAN GARDNER December 26-Q9-Quebec Vxfinter Sports Association at Quebec Opening the season during Christmas vacation at Lac Beauport, New l'lampshire,s team of three fresh- men and three upper-classmen linished third ahead ot Montreal, Quebec, and Laval. Dartmouthls re- nowned slciers tool: Hrst honors and were followed by Bobby Johannsen and his McGill snowmen. A third place in every event by the Wilclcats resulted in their 425 point total. New Hampshire representa- tives in this meet were Ray Xfvnitcher, Gene Dulty, Diclc Snowman, Bob Clarls, Roger Peabody, and Ed Rivera. February 5 and 4-University ot New Hamp- shire Yvinter Carnival at Durham A victory in their own winter carnival marlced the second meet of the season for Coach Ed Bloodys charges. The scene of the competition was divided between the Bellcnap Recreational Area in Gilford and Durham. Bob Clarlc, freshman star from Fran- conia was one of the individual high scorers with a lirst in downhill and a high place in the slalom. Ray Whitcher tied for second in slalom and won the jumping at Beech Hill. Paul Townsend was runner- up in cross-country and third in combined and Dial: Snowman was second-best leaper. The linal score showed New Hampshire Q5 points ahead of Dartmouth, 465 to 440. Maine and Ver- mont were third and fourth, respectively. February 'l O- 1 I -Dartmouth Vxf inter Carnival at Hanover ln a field of eleven New England colleges the NVild cats linished third at Hanover. Dicla Durrance, the NORM l'lANVEELI Dicx SNOWMAN EK, ti Q a .sf if Big C-reen's outstanding star, marlced himself as one of the greatest collegiate slciers in the country by capturing both downhill and slalom. Vxfithout a high place in any single event except cross-country, in which Paul Townsend Hnishecl fourth, the team average was sutlicient to lceep it well up in the competition. Here, as at Lac Beauport, they were betlered by Dartmouth and McGill. February '17-18-lVtiddlebury Vtfinter Carnival at tVliddlebury The Vxfildcat snowmen forced lvliddlebury College to the limit to win their own animal meet 489 to -4185. Qutstanding performances in the jumping and com- bined cross-country events furnished the New Hamp- shire team with most of their points. Paul Townsend captured both the cross-country and combined while Wliiliczhcr and Snowman toolc second and fourth places in jumping. February 25, 24, 25-lntercollegiate Slci Union Championship A tourth place in the l.S.U.C. was the lowest place for the Blue and White and was the concluding team meet ol the season although several individual per- formers entered separate races throughout the state, Dartmouth, McGill, and lxliddlebury linished ahead of the New Hampshire team. Townsendis third place in the grueling twelve-mile cross-country race was the highlight of the compe- tition. Clnrlc, with mth in both downhill and slalom, was also brilliant. Fair places in all events added to the Vxfildcat learn total to place ahead ol" live other schools. GENE DUFFY CAP'rAiN Wl'FCkIEii ,rf sax Q Jilll. .li!n. .lilll Feb Feb Feb Feb. Nlm- M-rr. Mar. lvlil I' l'irsl 1Qflll?"'lx'lOl'S1', Gocrlz, Smill1, l'larrly, Ricllarclson, J. S. Woolmer. Scconcl Row-Sclllcsinger, Ass't Mgr Fmlclrclclcr. Capt. 'l'l1OITlPS0l'I. Major Buraclcer, Major Prinzlle, Tenney, Gooclnow. Manager Farrell. Third Row-Finrlciscn, Opcnslmw, Frost, Oalcmun, Riclvarclson, Prescott. Corcoran, XIXIBYHC, Xzvorcesier. rlallocla Slcvcns. Small, Clarlc, Mills. RIFLE TEAM flnpluin REGINALD THOMPSON Couch MAJOR SAMUEL BURACKER Manager LLOYD H. FARREL1. N. 1-I. Opp 6 N. . vs. Lowell Textile 888 815 Lowell 7 N. . vs. Bowcloin College 902 838 Durlmm I5 N. . vs. Bowcloin College 897 878 Brunswiclc ll N. . vs. Army 1537 1362 Westpoinl I7 N. vs. Boston Universily 900 865 Boslon 17 N. vs. Norllweaslern 899 872 Boston 211 N. vs. Norllweaslern 911 861 Dllfllanl 3 N. ll. vs. Lowell Textile 905 852 Durluam fl N. ll. vs. Boslon University 917 886 Durluam IO N. H. vs. M. I. T. 1504 1527 Durlmam 11 N. ll. vs. l'larvarcl Cancelled lDlIl'l'1ElTTl 5 First Row--MacDonatct, Nathanson, Murphy, Cotton, Decker, Horsey. Second Row-Safir, Davis, Martin. Carey, Stewart, Jordan, Horne, Hanson, Swasey. Thirrl Rom-'Rictcn Kershaw, Ftanshnunz, Nosectc, Roper, Plante. Johnson. VAR, ITY BASEBALL ROSPECTS for a good team seemed assured at the outset of the season. However, lack of time to practice coupled with continued weak hitting on the part of the regulars resulted in one of the poorest seasons the veteran coach, Swasey, had experienced in several years. The season cticl have its bright spots, however, for the pitching tumeci in hy sophomores, Roper and Jordan, as welt as that of Butt Martin, a veteran, was excellent. The team was captainect jointly hy Peter Murphy, second hase-man for three years, and Charlie Cotton, hard-hitting outfielder. Both men were also hastcethatt tettermen. Several other sophomores, including Toot Plante at shortstop, Herb Johnson at first hase, and Doug MacDonald in the outfield, give promise of a hetter team next year and the year after. With the use of the new indoor building the team should he 'ahle to get in much- needing hatting and fielding practice which has heen denied them in the past hecause of poor facilities. 54 JOHN SWAZEY Coach t'lENRY SWASY Co-Caplain Pawn MURPHY, C1'iAm.Es COTTON Manager PAUL DAVIS 7 Co-CAP'rAiNs COTTON anal lVlURPl'1Y April Q7-lxflaine at Durham. Score: N. H. 3-Maine 5. ln the longest game playect on the local cliamoncl in more than liltecn years, the Wilclcrrts openecl the season howing to the University 017 Maine 55. 1Vlaine openccl the scoring, hut New Hanipshire soon tied up the game ancl after the seventh inning the score was tiect until the Bears managccl to push across four runs in the fourteenth inning. New Hampshire, in a time rally which lell short of tieing up the score, managecl to register lwo runs in the last inning. The sophomore pitchers, .lorclan ancl Roper, were oulsianrling on the mouncl in their early encounter. April 50-Northeastern at Boston. Score: N. H. 1-N. U. 9. Starting their lirst game away lrom home, the New Hampshire team louncl themselves up against Gus Rook, star Northeastern hurler, who held them to three hits, while his team mates ran up a total of 14 hits oft three New Hampshire iiingers. The Final score was 9-1, anct was the worst cleteat the team suffered all year. May 5HHarvarc1 at Durham. Score: N. H. 1Hl'1arvard 2. Behincl the canny, tive-hit pitching of Al Roper New l'lampshire's Wildcats were ahle to hold a proucl tlarvarcl team to a close score of Q-1. Roper struclc out eight men anct allowecl live hits, while Healy ol? Harvard struclc out live men and yielclecl four hits. Harvard scored twice in the Fifth inning. ln the ninth inning New Hampshire staged a ratly l.hat was thwartecl hy a marvetous play on the part of Captain Lupien of Harvarcl. 55 May 6-Connecticut at Storrs. Score: N. H. 2'-Connecticut 5. Against the Nutmeggers the New Hampshire team was timitecl to six hits hy Holcomb. The two runs which the team made were scored in the lirst two innings, white their opponents were scoring two in the thircl, one in the Fifth anct two in the seventh. New Hampshire triect two pitchers in this game with Bolo Kershaw opening, and followed hy Buclc Jordan. Against these two hurlers, Connecticut managed to whale out 11 hits, inclucling a three hagger and a home run. May 7-Rhocle lslancl at Kingston. Score: N. 1-1. 10'-R. t. 9. Playing Rhocle lslanct the day after the game with Connecticut didnt prove too much for the team, and they managed to annex their first victory of the sea- son at the expense of the Rams, heating them IO-9 in eleven innings. This was a much ctoser game than the one of the previous clay, and proved to he a pilcher,s hattle from start to linish. Roper startect for New Hampshire and was fottowecl in succession hy Slcitlin ancl Jorclan. The Wildcat cause was aided hy l'1ersey's two ctouhles, and the hitting of Cotton, Mac- Donald, and Johnson. May 10'-Proviclence at Durham. Score: N. H. lf-Providence 8. By smacking out eleven hits while New Hampshire was ahle to collect onty five, Providence cottege trouncecl the nine in one of the poorest games of the season, 8-1. Lacavetto on the mound for Providence managecl to holcl the home team clown, white Roper and Jorclan were touched for eleven sateties. Provi- clence scored one in the second, three in the sixth, and four in the ninth. New Hampshires lone run came in the sixth inning when Cotton triplecl anct scored on Herseyys single. lvlay 14HCothy at Durham. Score: N. H. 5HColhy 1. With AI Roper pitching masterful hall, attowing the Mules onty three hits, New Hampshire defeated Colhy 5-1. New Hampshire startecl ott hy scoring two runs in the lirst inning. Colhy hacl Roper in a hole in the third inning, hut hy putting on the pressure AI got himself out of trouhle. New Hampshire scored three runs in the sixth, when hases on halls, comhinecl with timely hits sent New Hampshireys total to five. Colhy tallied in the ninth when an error coupted with a lie1cler's choice atlowecl the visitorys to hrealc the ice. seventh inning when a wallc, coupled with errors and two excellent squeeze plays provided the Cross with their lirst run. The Crusaders scored again in the ninth inning after two were out to collect another in their long string ol victories. May 25-Northeastern at Durham. Score: N. l'l. 6HN. U. 1. KEN Nosecic l-lane Joi-rNsoN Douo lx!lACDONALD Blasting out twelve hits oil Gus Rook, who had lVlay l8HMaine at Orono. Score: N. l'l. 2HlVlaine 5. ln one of the ninth inning rallies that characterized the team's play throughout the season, New Hamp- shire was nipped in the linal frame when the umpire ruled that Jordan had interfered with the play as Johnny Declcer was malcing a clash for home. Maine had scored once in the seconcl and twice in the third. New Hampshire had scored in the second. Jordan was at hat when Declcer attempted to steal home, and the ruling was made which enclecl New l'lampshire,s hopes for victory. .lordan had pitched an excellent game, allowing the Bears only four hits while strilcing out six men. lVlay 21'-Mass. State College at Amherst. Score: N. l'l. OHlVlass. State 1. ln the hardest fought game of the year the Wildcats went down to defeat laefore lVlass. State 1-O. This was a pitchers' hattle all the way with a total of Five hits heing made lay hoth teams. Bull Martin on the mound for New Hampshire turned in his hest per- formance hy limiting the Statesmen to three hits. Bemlnen, for the home team was very eltective, pass- ing only one man, strilcing out ten, and holding the Wildcats to two hits, singles lay Pete lvlurphy and .lohnny Declcer. May 25'-l'loly Cross at Durham. Score: N. H. 0'-'Holy Cross 3. Al Roper again proved himself a great pitcher when he limited the strong l'loly Cross nine to four hits only to lose the game, 5-O, when his mates again were unahle to hit timely. The game was scorless until the stopped them in the lirst meeting of the teams, the Vxfilclcats turned in one of the host games of the season hy heating Northeastern 6-'l. Buclc .lorclan on the mound for the home team gave one of the lnest exhihitions of pitching a New Hampshire pitcher made all year when he held l.he l'luslcies to 6 hits. New Hampshire scored three in the thircl inning, two in the sixth, and one in the seventh. Norl.heastern's lone tally came in the fourth. May 27HRhocle lsland at Durham. Score: H. 5-JR. l. 7. Avenging their lormer defeat at the hands of the Wildcats, the Rhode lslancl haselaall team defeated the New Hampshire team 7-5 in the hnal game of the season for the Blue and White. New Hampshire managed to collect nine hits olt the Rams' pitcher, Fitch, while Roper and Kershaw permitted the visi- tors ten. Rhode Island scored one in the third and two in the litth, seventh, and eigth. New Hampshire scored three in the seventh. l'lersey with three hits, and Declcer with two, were the only New Hampshire men to malce much of a showing with the willow. Pete Murphy, Tom Giarla, Charlie Cotton, Les Flanzlaaum, Boln Kershaw, and Art l'lanson wound up their col- legiate careers with this contest. Ai- Roman Buena .loizoixn Alimi Anclcrson Barncll Beaurlcl, Bogrcll Buclziai mslfi Iairrnlimu Ijnrrmriglis Carr FRESHIVIA FOQTBALL Cupluin Riel-IARD GORDON C 'mwli CARL LUND1-1oLM xlssislrrnl Coach GEORGE GOODWIN Ixlurmgm' KENNETH HUFF N. I-I. Opp. Oclolbur Isl Frcslunan vs. V. I9 O Durlmrn Uclulqcr L22 Iireslimcri vs. Pllillips Exeter 6 O Ifxeler Novemlucr 5 Freslimen vs. Briclglon 6 Q4 Durliam Nuvernlver II Iireslwmcn vs. .I. V. QI 6 IVIEIVIBERS OI? SQUAD CI1aIJOI Ferrer I-angcIelI Prescott Stevens Clarlc I7crranIc Isevesque Riclmarcls, D. Stiles Collay Gorclon Isyszczas Ricliarcls, P. Tluomas Doyle Grimllms NIacDOn.alCI Riel Touart Draper I'IaII. Ivlarslaall Rivera Wells Dupcll I'IunI Marlin Rollins Wilsord Dziarlusz Improla Mueller Rfwuillarcl Vxflaeeler Ifrncrsrm .lulmson Nugent Ruclcl Wood Ijay Kaclmavos Palmer gnow V' -Infwcllw Iver-ily Keegan page Qcele I Q 58 FRESHMA BASEB- Li. Vripluin. PIERBERT ADAMS Cfoacli CARL I.,UNDl'IOLM Illcirrrrgrer IQOIBERT H. RAND SCHEDULE Score Dale Qpponenli Frosli Opp. April SO Austin Cale 9 5 Durlwam May fl Pliillips Andover 3 2 Anclover Ivlay io Trlirm L1 1 Durlmm May 'I I Phillips Exeler 2 6 Exeter May I3 B. U, Frcslmmen cancelled Durluam May I6 NewI'Iampl.On I7 5 Durliam May 21 I'5rirIgl,On Acaclemy I 1 7 Durluam Ixlay Q5 XfVCIlI.XX'l'7I'I,I1IINISIILIIIC 2 I Durliarn Ixlay 25 CIarI4ScI1OOI 6 5 Durlmam May '28 Keene Normal Scllool 7 1 Durlmam Yvnn 85 I.OsI I 2 5 USC -' we '-f--v- -ie -2 - Q nr..- rf iAYA.1,A YYYY Y ' - First Row-Larson, Winterbottom, Unclerwoocl, Mccaltrcy, Jolinson, Bisliop, Long, Quinn, Talab. Mason, Parker, Wriglit. Secorul Row--Justice, Hillier, F. A. Ayer, F. H. Ayer, Lapeza, Slater. Jcnnison, Brown. Slrealwan, Davis, Jotinson, Pease, Bloocl. Third Row-flVlitcl1cll. Alalaott. Woolcolt, Polaigo, Sweat, Moon-, Small, Nelson, Sweet, Maillarcl. Lane, Riclwarrlson. VARSITY TRACK UE to ttie fact tlwat Paul Sweet, regular traclc coaclx was on a half-year,s leave of absence, the 1958 track team was under the guiclance of Charles Hclwiclcn Justice, football line coacti. Well-qrlalittecl for his new cluties because of traclc-coacliing experi- ence laefore coming to New Hampslaire, Coacll Justice provecl a very able substitute for tlie absent Paul Sweet. Co-captains of the team wer Ctmip Long, star weiglit-laeaver, and Hucli Quinn, one of the greatest miflclle-distance runners in the ltistory of the Uni- versity ol: New Hampshire, and a nationally-recOg- nizecl performer as well. The two co-captains were consistent point-scorers tlmrougliout the season, with Long carrying the Blue and White tiopes in the liammer tlwrow and sliotput, anal UHurry-up Huck" gathering numerous first places in ttxe 440, 880, and mile run. With only four men, Quinn, Long, Vtfllitcomls, ancl Polcigo being lost lay graduation, prospects for the future seem exceedingly lnrigtmt. CFIARLES JUSTICE EDWARD BLOOD Coach CHARLES Jusricis Assistant Coach EDWARD BLOOD Co-Captains AVARD LONG AND GEORGE QU1NN Manager DONALD l'llLLtER Left: CO-CAPTAIN GEORGE "l'lucia" QUINNQ Right: Co-CAPTAIN AVARD HCHIPH LONG Brown at Durham The opening meet ol? the season, against the Brown Bears, resulted in a decisive victory for the well- lnalanced Providence squad. Led lay Kenny Clapp, one of the hncst sprinters in the East, and John Mc- Laughrey, powerful weight-thrower, the Bears ran up a 30 point margin over the Wilclcats. Clapp won easy victories in the 100, and Q20 yard yow hurdles, while lVlcl..aughrey captured the discuss and hammer throws. For New Hampshire, Huclc Quinn sped to triumphs in the 440 and 8805 Bishop, Jennison, and Underwood linished in a triple tie for lirst in the two mile run: and Mccalllrey and Underwood tied for lirst in the mile run. NGXV EHglHHCil RClHj7S Elli l'lE'iI'VE1I'Cl Ted Underwood, promising distance runner, was the only memlaer of the varsity squad ahle to accom- plish much in the season's second meet-'the New England Relays, at Harvard. The laarrel-chested, sophomore plodder placed third in the record-lorealcing two mile run, hehind Eclthardt of Rhode lsland, the winner, and Fredericlcson of Boston University, who came in second. An otherwise drab performance lay the Blue and Wlwite forces was oltset lay the fresh- man sprint relay team, which placed second to the c" . ' 1 X Harvard yearlings in its event, and lay Mat Flaherty, sensational freshman hammer-thrower, who toolc second in the fresh hammer throw, missing first hy a scant three-inch margin. Quadrangular lVleet at Boston Travelling again to Boston, this time for a four- cornered meet with Maine, Boston College, and Northeastern, the Wildcats had to he content with a third place, as Maine and B. C. captured First and second. New Hz-1mpshire's lone triumph was hy Huck Quinn, when the brilliant Wildcat co-captain out-sprinted heavily-favored Diclc Gill of Boston College to the tape in a hlistering 440. Second places in the mile, two mile, and hammer throw hy Mc- Caffrey, Underwood, and Long, respectively, gave New Hampshire enough points to nose out North- eastem for third place honors. Rhode lsland at Durham Scoring all hut two of the first places, and malcing almost a clean sweep of every field event, Rhode lslancl States well-halanced traclc team handed the Left: DON TABB1 right: RAIGH MASON l fl, i'aTTf""l7FYnF"iTfw New Hampshire tractcmen their worst cteteat in many years, winning hy a score ot 1063A to QSM. New Hampshires two wins came in the quarter miie, as Huck Quinn put on a home stretch spurt to hreat the tape aheact of Morritt of Rhode tstanct, and in the high jump, when tVtcLaren'teapect over the har at tive feet, eight anct SA inches, for First ptace. in att other events, the Vxfitdcats had to he content with a smattering of seconds anct thircts. N.E.t.C.A.A.A. at Provictence Once again it felt to Hucic Quinn to uphotct the New Hampshire colors, as the Witcats journeyect to Providence for the N.E.t.C.A.A.A. meet. And Huck, in spite of ittness, came through with a seconct ptace in the 440, hehinct his perenniat arch-rival, Diet: Gill of Boston Cottege, who atso won the hatt-mite. The only other New Hampshire men to place were Swede Larson, who came in thirct in the Q20 yarct tow hurcites, and ian McLaren, with a thirct place tie in the high jump. These were the only hright spots in a ctisappoint- LARSON JoHNsoN - D N ing performance hy New Hampshire. The meet, one ot the most exciting in years, was won hy Rhode lstancl, with Boston College anct Holy Cross tieci for second place. Springhetct at Springhetct In their tast meet of the season, the Wiirlcats par- tiatty macte up tor an otherwise ctrah record hy itat- tening Springtieict, 76-55. Taking first piaces in att hut three events, anct placing men in every event, the New Hampshire traetcmen attowect the Gymnasts victories only in the javeiin, hroact jump, and shot- put. Huck Quinn tinishect his hrittiant tract: career in the tractitionat htaze ot glory with sparkling triumphs in the mite anct halt' mite, teaving the 440 for Percy Whitcomtn to win. Chip Long accountecl tor tirsts in the hammer and discus throws, Swede Larson cap- turect hoth high anct low hurcttesg Uncterwooct, Bishop, anct Jennison swept the two mite: Whitcornto, in actcti- tion to winning the 440, toot: the 100 anct 2203 and Mitchell and McLaren ctimhect to honors in the pote vault and high jump. XfVRICl'iT NViu'rcoM is , , , y 1 . . i ,. , . ., .,Y. i 1 4 First Row-Marlin. Bail, Kirk, Shaw, Meade, Pieccwicz. Lang. Crooks, Mather, Jones, Swcatt. Second Row'-f .lusli4:o. Pmrllr-ll. Hamilton. Lulkin. Snowman, Opcnsimw, Folianslaee, Feuman, Brown, Samluslci, Blood 'fliirrl Roiu-'l.r:wis, Siyrnn, Jones, D. Fluimcrly, Cox, Eastman, Nvaiccfield, Hcnclrcclcs. Onelln. Lampson Dale April 23 April 30 May 6 May ii May 18 May 27 1938 FRESHMAN TRACK .fissislrmi Couch Eoxvmzn BLOOD Manager WILLIANI SPAULDING ffnplciin IVIATI-IEXV FLAHERTY SUMMARY OF SEASON Opponent N. H. Phillips Excler Exeler i ' New England Relays Cambridge Dartmouth '41 Hanover New Hampton Durham Brown ,111 Providence Si. Joi1n's Prep. Durham Q61 OPP 6-1 81 50 53 30 I i .. . ash. A . r First Row--Quinn, Preble, Conrad, Levine, DuRie, Karazia, Atmarn, Ballon. D, Otis, Kinion. Seizoml Roux- Coutls, Tinker, Carr, Liberty, Magay, Harkaway, Iscoctia, S. Otis. Piretli. Tliircl Row'-Evans, Carpenter, Sanctcrson, Reed, Buchanan. Yvooctwarcl, Nvorcten, Randall, Coslanzo, Ctwrislonsen. VAR.. ITY LACROSSE FTER a year's absence because of illness, Coach Ctmristiansen returnect to guide the lacrosse team to one of the Inest seasons it had enjoyed in many years. The toss of such men as Mattnewvs, Smart, Simpson and Ross left several openings to be titled. However, the team progressed rapidly, and the record of six victories and one defeat speaks for itself. Charlie Karazia, All-New England for 1937 was the out- standing player on the 1958 team. Near the encl of ttie season DuRie and Karazia were honored with the election of co-captains. At the enci of the season Karazia and Joe Tinker were unanimously chosen to positions on the All-New England lacrosse team. Ed Preble was chosen on the second team. Karazia was given AH-American mention as welt. Wally Ballon, Amloy Kinion, Don Otis, Sam Levine, Jim Conrad, Bob Atieam and Fred Gitgun were att instrumental in the success of the team. Conrad, Aluearn, DuRie, Karazia and Stan Otis att endect their collegiate careers with this season. 2 ERNizs'r CliillS'i'liNSEN Head Coach ERNEST Cl-IRISTENSEN Co-Captains JOHN Duma Cieimras KARAZIA ltfanager NEI.SON EVANS April il6HTul7ts at Durham. Score: N. H. 14-Tufts 5. Lecl lay Charlie Karazia, the Vxfilclcat lacrosse team openecl, what promiserl to lie a very successful year. lay whaling Tultts I4-5. Karazia was the outstancling man on the lielcl with live goals to his crerlit. Don Qtis ancl Vxfally Ballon were also instrumental in the victory lJy conlrilnuting three goals apiece. Kinion ancl Randall each scorecl once for New llampshire. From the outset. of the game there was no cloulut as to the outcome, ancl the encl of the ltrst periocl saw the home team learliug 7-O. Johnny Dultie turnecl in an ex- cellent game al. clelwcnse until a leg injury necessitaterl his removal from the game. The entire New Ham- shire squacl saw action in this game ancl all gave goocl accounts ot' tliernselves. April 25HlVl.l.T. at Camlarictge. Score: N. H. 1OHlVl.l.T. 1. Running up a total of ten goals to their opponents one, the team had a field clay at the expense of the engineers. Wally Ballon was the high scorer in this game with three goals to his crerlit. Don Otis ancl Ario Piretti with two goals apiece, shared the spot- light in this contest. After the lirst three periocls New Hampshire refrained from scoring ancl spent the last periocl in an attempt to perfect passing ancl teamworlc. Gilgun, Karazia and Kinion contributed the other scores. Tinlcer at defense and Levine at goal turnecl in line performances. April 26-Harvard at Camhrictge. Score: N. H. 9-Harvard 7. By scoring two goals in an overtime periocl the New Hainpslwire lacrosse team managecl to defeat the strong Harvard outlit 9-7 in the only overtime period of the season. Harvarcl scorecl lirst ancl led 4-2 at the encl of the lirst halt. After the intermission the Blue ancl White sticlcmen came laaclc ancl surged to a 7-6 leact over the Cantalariclgians. ln the final thirty seconds ol: play, however, Harvarct scored the tying point sencling the game into an overtime period. During the overtime periocl the play was very harcl and fast. However. Bill Quinn anal Wally Ballon each clentecl the nets cluring this periocl to put the game on ice. Karazia with two goals was again outstanding for New Hampshire while Gilgun, Kinion, Otis, Quinn ancl Ballon each talliecl once. l . " . ' .'-.l if. -1554 Top: Co-Captains DURIE, KARAZIA Middle: K1NION,BAl.I.OU Bollom: TINKER, LEVINE May 7-Vxfilliams at Durham. Score: N. H. ltfwilliams 7. By trouncing the visiting Williams team, 11-7, the New Hampshire lacrosse team lcept its undefeated record intact for another weelc. Williams, which had received a settxaclc at the hancts of Dartmouth the clay before, put up a stulolaorn game and for a while threat- enecl to win. However, in the seconct half the Wild- cats found their scoring eyes ancl rung up six goals to their opponents' one to cop the clecision. Witliams scored First, hut New Hampshire soon tool: the lead luy scoring Eve goals in the hrst periocl. Vxfilliam tal- liecl live times in the seconcl ancl helcl the home team scoreless leacling at the hall-time 6-5. Potter was outstancling lor Vxfilliams, while Karazia, Gilgun, Quinn anal Ballon were all high men lor New lelamp- shire with two goals apiece. May 14HDartmouth at Hanover. Score: Dartmouth l2HN. l'l. 1. Unalole to get going against the powerful Dart- mouth attaclr, the New Hampshire lacrosse team went clown to clefeat lyelore the Big Green 'I 2-1. Dartmouth, Top: QUINN, Ons Bollom: RANDAl.I,, Plnrirri , 1 Q with one ol the nationls highest scoring teams, stoppecl all the Wildcats hacl to olller, ancl scorecl themselves in each of the periocls .This was New lilampslaire's llrst ancl only cleleat of the season. Wally Ballon was the New Hampshire man who preventecl a shut out hy plunlcing the laall past Hastings in the thircl periocl. New l'lampsl1ire was wealcenecl in the llrst periocl when Charlie Karazia Was injurecl ancl removecl from the game. Tinlcer ancl Prelvle starrerl for New Hamp- shire, ancl clespite the size ol the Dartmouth score, Sam Levine, in the nets playecl a spectacular game. Merriman, Dartmoutlfs All-American player, talliecl live goals himsell, ancl Pielcering was a close seconcl with lour. lVlay Qligpringtlelcl at Durham. Score: N. l'l. IO-Springljielcl I. By virtue ol the victory over Springllelcl 'tO-I, the New l'lampshire lacrosse team lnecame assurecl ol seconcl place stancling in the New Englanrl lnter- cellegiale lacrosse league. The victory, lay such a large score, was somewhat ol a surprise in-as-much-as the championsliip Dartmouth team rleleatecl the Gym- nasts lay a smaller score. Karazia was outslancling lor New l'lampsl'1ire, anrl Kinion ancl Prelnle playecl their luest games ol the season. Quinn, Ballon, Damon. Coutts, Otis ancl Conrarl were other New Hampshire men who slarrecl. lVlay Q8-Union College at Durham. Score: N. l'l. 15-Union 7. Winrlirig up one ol the year's most successlul sport seasons, the varsity lacrosse team cleleatecl the team from Union College in Scllenectacly, N. Y. lay a score ol 15-7. At no time was the outcome ol the game in cloulut. ancl the home team was alple to score almost at will. Union clisplayecl ancl excellent lnrancl ol sliclcworlq anrl gave the New l'lampsl1ire clelense- men anal goalies plenty of worry. The entire New llampshire squacl saw action in the game, ancl lrom llie worlc ol some ol the sophomores ancl juniors, the team nexl year shoulcl he another goocl one. Don Otis anal Wrilt Piretti, with three goals apiece, lecl the New l'lampsl1ire atlaelc, while Lloycl Coutts with two goals was thircl high scorer. Karazia, Prelule, lseocha ancl Ranzlall each contriloutecl one goal. .lee Tinlier at rlelense playecl the outstancling game ol the clay, although -Otis, Pirelli ancl Karazia also playecl well. 5' - , V sim' 5lilH4 wc A Mrsllxnf WE, ' 'T PSYIIQ' First Row-Frey, Hayes, Kiznln, Graham, Glines, Piper, Smith, Mullen. llurl. Svcfmfl Roru-Cl'mrlwirl4 Richardson, Hager, Noyes. Bulger. Burtt, Callnbriga. Jernlains, Lucier. Knox. Tliiril Row-Somcro. Kclmo Kennett, Nule, Brunel. Blaclrlcr. Elliott. Morrissey. FRE HMA LACROSSE Coach .li3RliMlA1'i Mcmmusm Caplain, S'1'ANr.m' SMWH Manager ANDREW Soriano Scfjfe Date Opponent N. H. April 16 Tufts 11 Durham April 20 Exeter I Exeter April 25 Harvarcl 2 Durham April 50 Governor Dummer 10 Durlmm May 4 Exeter fl Durlmm May 14 Dartmouth 5 Hanover '24 265 O p p l 12 5 2 6 9 'J-I Success Depends on Satisfied Customers Quality engravings mean satisfied customers. Satisfied customers mean repeat orders. Repeat orders mean more business. More business means success. On such a foundation we have built our business for the past twenty years and we are proud of the fact that we still number among our present customers, those who first entrusted us with their first orders. Does this mean anything to you, Mr. Buyer? The Union-Leader Publishing Company Engraving Department Manchester - - New Hampshire 266 Com.pIim.or11s of BAT CI-IELDER 8 SNYDER COMPANY, INC. BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS Producers anrl Dislribulors of Fino Foorls OAKES BROS., Inc. 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MORE BUILDING PER DOLLAR ""l71llIfC'S'-' IYIORE XNORK FOR US SXVEIDIJLIVQ Construction Corporation IVIill'll'I'I0SI cr, New I'IampsI1ire CONCORD DAIRY, INC. CONCORD, N. H. 5 'S X Lax 'X V .1 .R 2 v E TIN: Sign f k A ff m BRAD MCINTIFQE DURHAM,NEW HAMPSHIRE- '2'Xv'f ol lim i ff SW? .,- ,,.-if - BLUE GOGSE Dining Rooms and Siiios Hold '27 Nlziin Slrccl H Diiiiiiiiii, N. H. Cornplimenls of RANDS STORE J. XV. GRANT CAFE OVER 20 YEARS A STUDENT INSTITUTION Cwomplimcmls of A F R I E N D STRAFFORD NATIONAL BANK COINIPI .ETE COlN'lMliRCl.-Xl. BANKING SERVICE Mc-mluci' Foclcral Doposii insurance Corp. Member Fccicrzil Reserve Syslcm DOVER, NliW HAMPSIEIIRE 74 I hr Pm linmpzhirv Murrilwcr Associulerl Collcgiule Press Piililashed Senii-Weekly llmng the Academic Year by the Suiflenis of ihe Umversiiy of New I-iampsinre D lll- ham, New Inlampshire I OFFICES: Editorial 307 Ballard Hall Business 205 Ballarcl Hall C Sulzscriplion and acfverlising rales on. request 275 BEF LEBTIUI13 ot you and your classmates upon your school life achieve immortality in a carefully planned and executed yearbook. From the arid desert ol: Arizona, and the sultry green island ol: Puerto Rico, to the snow-blanketed slopes ot Northern New England, we have traveled, happy and proud to have been an instrument in the translating into print, the humor pathos, excitement, and sentiment Found in the campus lilie ol: over seventy-Five colleges and preparatory schools. As Former members ot yearbook staffs in our school days, we bring into our professional duties a real understanding of the many problems confronting each yearbook editor. MEMBER OE COLLEGE ANNUAL PRODUCERS ASSOCIATION AND AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF GRAPHIC ARTS CANNON MOUNTAIN AERIAL PASSENGER T RAMXV AY WIIQIII in LIIC GRANITE STATE pIz1n an Irip on II1e IIrsI nmclern aCrIuI passenger rlqmrrnvzly in Anmerica FRANCONIA NUTCH NEW HAMPSHIRE INC'I,lIlDIi CONVENIENCE IN YOI IR FUTURE I IOIVIE ' Conlplimenls WIIUII you Imve a Iwnne UI your uwn, Iel IfIeCI1'ir: Applizmces provic,Ic IL WIII1 lrne mnmfnrl, and convenience. Ifvery rnnnm WIII Isecome more IIvca1IuIe of when IfIcr'lric'ily serves you fully. In llur pInns fur your I'llI.III'C Imme In- rluule I'1Im-vlricnl fXppIiances . . .and you,II Imve nnnrlern convenience. Ii PUIJIIC Service Company of New I IampsI1ire Q77 Engraved by Union Leader Publishing Company, Manchester, New Hampshire Ptuotograpqiwy by Glwerin Galleries, Neectiiam, Massachusetts. Printed by Robert W. Kelly Puiuiisiming Corporation, New York, New York. Main picture on page 7, and page 172, copyrighted by BACHRACH. 278

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