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".i0': 93' Q3 yawn' 423-LX ml1f.T',2'L""'W M' ZNPSHIRE. N - I Q X -'N if mL1'I.f. -"P ' .9 Qfm f wgfw Q ri ,,,, .,,, Q x an ,. ,A ff A-was fs Q X ff-- t C07 ... Q, Q ,SIL 1,7 D Ragk EW Q X Q i V :::.::.g:::. f i "EW f' , "'1!5. ' Y 'v' 5 f mgf N. , 'fzfe. ff1 F' -' Mama " S f ' lzwcmwn x " ' ' sl? L, .. I . 1. 4 Xa ,- 4 H 'D 5 1 ff., XX W .41 ,, ,MX MJ , , we . .......... ,Yi Q ,O iz ,4,,,,!x -I W X. I . 1 ' JW ix 563-' e Q ' , ...A. rf' Y 'f f f m gg ..-... an , .,.K ' """"" ELL Q ' :QC - l --I ,.., .,'. -,.'. 51 14'-',' .'-.q I, 53" ' ffqsq , ' if A W., V' .1459 - ' Heiuk max i 'A ? G19 , I ...ATP F " I 5 ,-fi mn ' !1r,vif..,,4 in 012222.-I E -. .T - -N -iw 5 O,,, g J 1' v .f.- v ff y Q. - I ,ftf:M::i:...f 1. EQ X . s,-1 n.2fna-lik 4, 5125 ,vim I 5 iii ff .v., ' W if-N' Lai " 4, Y "l1'lT,', S L' ' -'.Q - U 9- I .Q 2L - !Ji 4E ,.. 'L 0 f 93Nffjw6 ' I , -A fi QV , V T GD . -i....3- 'b ' PM 'A'--- .TE-T 1121 - 'S' G " Anon ,BY 'W' - 69 V , lx if '.-gi-Q'-Y-L-T55 ig?-.. ""' N. - '- - may Q .3 .-.. , Q - ,1--scams, ,CND -- 1.1, . ' """ I ' l' - fb A QD !:A'i-ilk W3 , - .V 4 pjq l ,, X A YA' fgcgm . H 'I Q., f ,.f--- .MA ,W 0 V ,W AUM, QS f'3l,2xg-79, 5 , A , bY hw QD f k"'45 " + efw 'W - :Nu 43,-'iq L- fix. :'.,f Q ,J , "' .-,.., 7 161, f. ' lfl. , "Z-T3 W ' Lfii M43 Q Q 6 Ri' QKQ'24Qf7gX A ' 4 A 'T TQ! 6 cf ,4, f -- f 0,4 E-J Nrnuznsows, 4 ,,.1Agb3'Qff. 6ZkQL'i.':vo,:rEfD::E,'Qwc 9, .- QMEQV' 1 QL if 2- MxiWyy,+1 a. QM? 4 My 1 In N 'w ,fa . .1, ', , .,.f . . ,. -K .- .VU ,. . L XII. .- 1, Ia I- , ,-5 ', . I 1 -f--.,I,:u.-.I,nI-,. ,- 1' 9 I .,, . - ,- ,gh 2 ., -- fx. ff- .1 -f . . I .I AI ,7 I., ,., 'I , : A .- t. , -1 I , X I .F ff' IQ: - ' ,M-.5,,,,II '- I: .Ii LI-.If 5-.I I I I I I7II,61q,,..I Tvyg: wg. - . I-2 X- gg. II.:-wif-3 .If-.K .I ' gg-jig . .4 3-Q21 '1'.II:gfg' .N - I - I II f .. I , . . x f M f,II.lx.- 1 II. ,I I- II' .. . , 4. . - I QI " . A ,III f it I . 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" .',. . . xx: '24, Q -QQ Q25 ,145-'dl - - fin-225'-1" fi N11 T.' ' .Lux-1:III .I I, Ig! ,eg,I,,-II-I 43' .xg .IIMTJI -339,3 I IQ It -: v..-5-55'i'f3'?5?'w'S, . "h:. 1:ms 'iffA. .1 HR I f?.'2'?:i2r9" 1 115.2-Vffkfig I 'fu ...I . I I, V wf f- 1 --..z,,,g.1.y,,5?...,.I. IrI,,1,:,- .I ww IIQQNW 1 I -' 19,4-, -aw ,If,4If,, ivvgg, ,II f- . -- :I ,Na f .ww :Pgg I " . .X S .t f 4 -I I .V . . I: I II - I L .I , I I fx g V, I - I' ' X " ' I. ' I ,bf , Q - , . - ' ' ' '- V v r- . .Ph "".4 , J , I -, 'f ' MP. R"i2'i:,.. r x -V -'fx - '35 if -5' 0'y'7'1J"-'4ff,3f?f4' -P-fwfr" " 5' -t-fe'-'.l,Z93'f,f'2"4' 'T iii? . J 7 -'f'Y5f'?7Tf'f5" A ii 7' "T if iii ' " I ' . -..,I.1 I .-15 p ,' .S " Ivy I f. X fy,-. I I' " I I V 'I I JIIJI- I N :IN-,,.:I , .ffl I, I .I sf.4I .IA I, I .. II .. I 1 S,I T3 Y A - . . I , . I I, . I 4, , r - , ' O' ' . ' ,v - y I - x , f ' ' , ' . ' . . ' ,F ' f, . Lx-f Q'-e ,rr .. 1 f ,- ,I.. ...II J.: .II .. III x i,-5 ., xg, W. . ,, I 33? . ,jx ff. , . I,I,gIf. , I I 1 . , X - , N- .., .. , A 4 .f Nm ,Q W fg WMM. f..Qc"3'l"f1.vl-'5rWf'S1.T,v9v.'3Q2?"'i'1I?x"g mm M 5- Q., Y Q?f?'Tg,?1-iff' If 'N U' .. - .,'?z...IMP', 5 VV N 8 ' " r N45 it 'wr 'LY Arvxeii.,.:'4:5'Ix":vF1-1.5-1-f'1"" A -9 1 The Gfraxmilf I ,r COPYQIQQQT :say- MAEQQQ, Q' EEEMAN ARTHUR ILEARNARD Bus E55 m nqgq f 4 . ,, ' ..' - ily ! Y Y IN ' AN 'Ti-'5'1 X I l 1' Q76 V V E E Q 1 , , X . 1 FOTCWOTA Times- relentless, an endless immen- sity favouring neither king nor knave, exacts much from labouring Man. Only with success, accomplishment, can Man rightfully claim distinction as a worthy adversary in this eternal race. Thus we, though humble exemplars of true accom- plishment, bid for this distinction with our 1935 GRANITE-a mute symbol of countless ambitions and sacrifices. KW Qjcomlffenlfs ADMINISTRATION CLASSES QRGANIZATIONS MILITARY SCIENCE ATHLETICS ACTIVITIES ADVERTISEMENTS My IMI ul IH'nllm lllHIIIII"Illl "' C7 ii'Iii"ilIIlHI ':-ll ' I viii .. Illllllllllllllllll IIEIIIIZ 'I'l0. . . . . to William H. Cowell in sincere apprecia- tion, as a tribute not only to a Director of Phys- ical Education, but also to a personality, a true exemplar of steadfast purpose untainted by per- sonal ambition - We, the class of l935, dedicate this book. High-sounding laudations are for the obscure. Worth is recognized by time and achievement. And so, without display, We present a person- ality, William H. Cowell, a name synonymous with 4'success,'l indicative not only of accom- plishment, but also of toil, perseverance, and courage. ., - ,,,., lflllllllllm'-" f-154553 " A 1 i nl ll -1 ,,,:7?f'11 -M2121 A':'f11""ul. 1- if .,.. a- ,- ,-, , V , 5i:'Q2Efl'i'! ' 3' ' IlIIl!l"':.l?b'i9 ', li' I IIIH un' H .- , 1 L.. ' x 1 V qv E1 M, ,, ,M E Q 5 I S 1 i , Q Q z 9 .i a izii liiiiillllll ' - Q , fr '!Y. . .Tiff:iiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllllll 1 ' ' HHH" iii' , 1 ' 'HUM llllllllltliiifiillllli? " Zin illilvmnrmm JUSTIN O VVELLMAN CECIL Y. CREATH EARLE CARR FWF I!! 'MM LU - ,I J: MFVED. f " If M ,-,azsisie z4a1.inw'ff.-4 ' " fi I'-li'Q':l'E., ' jiljR5f,f'P'f" . 1 ieesii ent E ward Lewis OR the past seven years, the University of New Hampshire has boasted of its leadership among the state universities of New England under the guiding per- sonality of its president, Edward M. Lewis. During these years of President Lewis' administration, this institution has extended its scope in many ways, so that now it can turn out men and women capable of holding their places among the complex situations that await them. has been proudly taking shape. The Hood house our inlirmary, and Scott hall, our new dormitory for women, are his achievements of the past. Nesmith hall has recently been iemfodeled. And, perhaps, closest to the hearts of New Hampshire students, the con- struction of the new athletic held is under President Fdward M Lewis way Lnder the careful guidai te of President Lewis, the University scholastic stand- is ii P ii T i -. The building program of President Lewis ii T' G ' . ' is ing has been steadily rising. fhe improved secondary school curricula, as a result of the more scientific entrance requirements, has produced excellent results, attested by the All-University average of last year, which was at its highest point since 1926. Dr. Lewis has been responsible for the decision of the Trustees of the Cogs- well Benevolent trust, of Manchester, to continue the Cogswell scholarships for another year. These scholarships are awarded to students for academic achieve- ment at the close of their junior year. lt is a sincere desire that the forward progress and expansion characterizing the past shall continue into the future, and that the guidance of President Edward M. Lewis and his staff will function with increasing efficiency in the interests of the University of New Hampshire. T121 llllboatrall Ol? Trustees HIS EXCELLENCY, GOVERNOR JOHN G. VVINANT, A.M., LL.D., av officio PRESIDENT 1fDVVARD M. LEWIS, All., Litt.D., LL.D., c.I' ojfcio ANDREW L. FELKER, COHH1'll5.S'i01lCl' of AgI'icnltIu'e, ex officio ROY D. HUN'FE1i, President, G VVest Claremont, N. H. June 14, 1916 to June 30, 1937 HARRY D. SAWYER, Vtlooclstock, N. H. September 15, 1926 tO June 30, 1934 JAMES A. VVELLMAN, B.S., Manchester, N. H. January 26, 1928 to June 30, 1935 ROBERT T. KINGSDURY, Keene, N. H. January 27, 1928 tO June 30, 1936 JOHN VV. PEARSON, A. B., January 26, 1928 to June 30, 1936 TCHARLES H. 110011, BS., D.Sc., B Concord, N. H. Stou, Massachusetts May 6, 1929 tO June 30, 1935 GEORGE T. HLTGHES, A.M., LL.D., Dover, N. H. July 1. 1931 tO June 30 1935 XJOHN S. ELLIOTT, B.5., Secretory, July 1, 1932 tO JESSIE DOE July 1 1932 to JOHN T. DALLAS, A.B., D.D., LL.D ul 1 1933 to 1"Elected bv Alumm June 30, June 3 une 3 1936 1934 931 Madbury, N. H. Rolhnsford IX H Concord 116C ers Olln mnnstrminom EDVVARD M. LEWIS, All., Litt.D., LL.D., President of tlze UYlIl'Z't'l'5IlJ CHARLES H. PETTEE, A.M., C.E., LL.D., Dean of the Fa.cult5 JOHN C. TQENDALL, B.S.. Director of the E.I'pc'I'inzcnt Station and E.rtension Service GEORGE VV. CASE, M.C.E., Dean of the College of TCClllI0l0g5 C. FLOYD JACKSON, B.A., MS., Dean of thc College of Liberal Arts M. GALE EASTMAN, Ph.D., Deon o the College of Agriclzlture NORNI xx ALEXANDER Ph D Deon of Ilflcn RUTH J. XR OODRUTF, Ph D., Dean 0 Women RAYMOND C MAGRATH 'l reaszrrer and buszzzess Secretarx OREN Y. HENDERSON, Rcgzstrcu FREDERICK XX TAYLOR BS 111 Agrlc Director o C0llllllCl"Cll1l Departments College of Aorzcultnre EDWARD X BLEWETT, B A. l:'Iecntii'c Sccietarg VVILLIAM M. PRINCE, MD. lflziwcrsitv Physician HAROLD VV. LOVEREN, BS., Stzzpcrilztendeizt of P1fof2crt3 ERIC T. HUDDLESTON, B. Arch., S1lperAz"isI'I1g Architect HARRY O. PAGE BA., Alu1nniSecretary lllllllilllllll I I II' lh HB1 A , 0, g I ., ' , N. H. E I I' , I 0. 1 ' . J ' ' I 5 . D110 A All Q' 4' . f - HERRION L. SLOBIN, Ph.D., Dean of the Graduate School. l I . I f . - ' , 1 ' , -I - I - 25 ' ' - V I 'E . . , . . , ' ' ' Xl .. l l ' I -I' IIIIIIII In III F I llll'-" I.-:IllJ 'lI2 13 N I N 'uv 5? ' i L-fliailill .1jf.flTGl9lEll 2.'l.Ri'il':"" ' 1 ' .2il551m"' X runes Awarded, Bailey Prize CHARLES REGINALD DAWSON Claremont, The Bartlett Prize ROY CHARLES LOESCHNER Salem Depot, Katherine Dellezitt Memorml Pri e CECILE MARTIN Lancaster, Diettrich Memorial Cup CECILE MARTIN' Lancaster, Erskine Mason Memorial Pri e EDWIN RUSSELL CHAMBERLAIN Alton, Hood All Round Achievement Prize ARTHUR BIGNOLD LEARMONTH Lawrence, Hood Dairy Cattle Judging Prizes First NORMAN FRANK CRFE Colebrook, Second STANLEY WOOD COLBY West Lebanon, Third KARL EDWIN FISH Peterboro, Nashua, Mask and Daqqer Achiezemrnt Pri e THONIAS SHIRLEY PINGREE Manchester, Delta Chi Trophy ELTON ROBERT GLOVER Milan, Phi Mn Medal DOROTHY MAE WILLIAMS Dover, Phi Sigma Pri e HARRY RALPH MUSHLIN Manchester, Class of 1899 Prize NEWTON LEROY CARROLL Dover, dwafrd T Fairchild Prize ROGER WHITCOMB HUNT Swanzey, si Lambda Cup FLORENCE ANNA B XRTLETT Claremont, Alpha Clzi Omeaa Pri e JOHN H-XYDEN STARI Amherst IER Manchester Edward M Stone Cup PHI -XLPHA FRATERNITY. Association of Women Students Auafa CONRADENE BOOTH BOWEN i,-if P ,L ' ' - . . . .ig - -ag - ,' ' 1 American Legion Award-WESLEY EATON HAYNES . I - P ' - .- . V -Z - A - X -I , - la? , 1 Charlestown, Alpha Zeta Scholarship Cup LATON MITCHELL HENDERSON Merrimack, Chi Omega Prine LUCEBA JANE SHERMAN Croyden, . . . EUNICE LUCILE THOMPSON Dover, Locke Frm'-D'7"ded PHYLLIS LOUISE SHOREY Rochester, Alpha Chi Sigma Chemistry Award-FRED WILLIS HOYT Weirs, Lawrence Hill Opdycke Prizes: RAYMOND BENEDICT SEYMOUR Dover, ROGER DAVIS GRAY Dover, American Association of University Women Award: MARY ALBERTA TINGLEY Amherst, Intercollegiate Writing Contest: Clnstitutions competing, Universities of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermontj Essays: First Prize-RICHARD BLODGETT CLARKSON Newburyport, Second Prize-JOHN HAYDEN STARIE Amherst, Short Stories: First Prize-CLYDE KING BLACKWELL Rochester, Poetry: First Prize-SHIRLEY FRANCES BARKER Farmington, Davis Cattle Judging Prizes for Two-year Students: First Prize-HAROLD WALTER CROSS Colebrook, SYDNEY KENNETH NORTHRUP Milford, Second Prize-Tie ROBERT BENJAMIN FISH Peterboro, LEONARD WALTER GRAY Colebrook, ll4I E , Alpha Xi Delta Cup GABRIFLLE MARGUFRITE GREN , N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. Mass. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N.H N.H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H Mass N. H N. H N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. Qollege oilf Agriculture HIsToRY GF THE COLLEGE HE legislative consideration by this state of a New 1 ' Hampshire agricultural college was promoted in 1862, when the Congressional land grant act of that year gave to the state of New Hampshire 150,000 acres of public lands to be used for the support of a college of agriculture and mechanic arts. In 1866, New Hampshire passed a law instituting the New Hampshire College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts. lt authorized the location of this institution at Hanover, though not specifically to be affiliated with Dartmouth college. In 1868, the official opening of the college, Ezekiel . - VVebster Dimond became the first professor. Until his death in 1876, he worked energetically and ably to foster the aims of this youthful institution in order to prove as practical what had been regarded as only an experiment. The proceeds of the script representing this land grant was not available for building purposes, and no other provision had been made for housing. Dartmouth college opened its classrooms and laboratories for the work of the new college. At the end of one year, Professor Dimond issued this statement: "A building of some sort we must have, in addition to all the facilities Dean Eastman that Dartmouth college can furnish .... there is a pressing demand for its im- mediate use." This rapid growth is a tribute to the efforts of Professor Dimond. Hari' Rr": l'oull'rod, Colby Tirrcll. Clapp, Potter, Grinnell Martin Third Rwv: Slan -tz Ackcrinan, Charlcs, Stevens, Phillips Sermzn' Row: lrincc Higgins, Tepper Shinier 'NIacFarl1ne Huggins FI'071tR0".' Mc-chcski Hottorff Nloore Eastman Donn Latimer XVoodward rllllllilllll I 4-.--.f -- - t . -4 L Jil ' x , y , 1 . 1 . 1 , K . z 1 , , , 1 1 , . 14' i y 1 1 y y y - 1 15 l 1 , ,,,,y Y liiismii-I I -nil" lllll-' I iflill' il" i Am ...aa v V .+A .-izeai' -2l4l?l9 nH1!ll' , -b V. 4-, ' 1" -"'- ' -'.1.-lnlglail , Qiimllrfiil' i" ' ....-...- o cege o L11 email rits Hl5TORY GF THE CQLLEGE HL history of the College of Liberal Arts is an encouraging one of gradual growth both in its numbers and in its fields of work. The first grad- 11 1t1ng class of l8!l of the New Hampshire College of Agriculture and llcchanic Arts had one liberal arts stu- d nt lhis number grew steadily until in 1920 fifty-two degrees in Arts and Sciences were conferred. On May 4 F323 the state legislature passed an act incorporating the Lnlxeisity of New Hampshire with the College of libci tl Arts as one of its constituent members. From that time on its growth was rapid. In 1933 two hundred Dean Jackson and thirty four Baccalaureate degrees were presented by this department 'lhe New Hampshire collcge catalog for 1885 offered Liberal Arts courses in the following subjects natural history, bookkeeping and drawing English and rhetoric political science history tnd lirench. The Liberal Arts faculty at that time included Dr Clarence VV Scott and the Bev. Henry G. jesup. Courses in agriculture and chemistry, and one in mechanical engineering were the only prescribed courses at that time 4 .1 -v . . , . ' . ,. " Y c ..' A fa - ,A . C . c , , K - c , , . . ' J-1 I . .. . c A ., . c C , C Y' 1 v 7 i . i A x A C ,' . ' .. '. ., . c V , 1 a ' .nf ' ' . . . i. 1 6 . . i 1 1- .f - , Hack Row: Abbe, Hauslein, Elliot, Marceau, Cortez. Fourth Row: Bard, Yale, Towle, Johnson, Partridge, Meyers, Chapman. Third Row: Herring, Griffin, Streeter, Barton, Thompson, Vlfoodruff, Cole, Sheehan. Second Row: Ekdahl, Bisbee, Ladd, Ekdahl, Degler, Swonger, VValsh. Front Row: Parlcer, Hoban, Smith, Kalijarvi, jackson, McLaughlin, NVl'1ite, Scudder, Alexander. USIAA if-e i A A "General Course, especially designed for women," was instituted in 1891. Ten years later, the college catalog states: "The General course . . . has been broad- ened and improved by additional studies, and by an extensive scheme of elections, until in its present form it offers to either men or women a liberal education on a scientific basis." Eight instructors then worked for this aim. In 1911, the college was divided into three divisions, making possible the introduction of many addi- tional liberal arts subjects. From 1920 until the present, the enrollment has increased steadily, the pre- scribed courses have been expanded, the curriculum has been broadened, and the teaching staff has been increased to include 85 members. Professor C. F. Jackson, who has been connected with the college since 1908 and was made Professor of Zoology in 1910, has been serving as Dean of the College of Liberal Arts since 1930. At this time the total registration in the College of Liberal Arts is 955 students. Faculty ol' ifsliie College oil lIsnilJwe1ealA1r'1ts PRoFESsoRs C. FLOYD JACKSON, B.A., M.S., Professor of Zoology. ALFRED E. RICHARDS, Ph.D., Professor of English. HARRY W. SMITH, A.M., Professor of Economics. ALBERT N. FRENCH, M.A., Professor of Sociology. HELEN F. MCLAUGHLIN, M.A., Professor of Home Economics. DONALD C. BABCOCK, S.T.B., M.A., Professor of History. HERBERT F. RUDD, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy and Psychology. JUSTIN O. WELLMAN, A.M., Ed.M., Pd.D., Professor of Education and Director of the Sununer School. Leave of absence, August 15, 1933-February 1, 1934. HAROLD H. SCUDDER, B.S., Professor of English CLIFFORD S. PARKER, Ph.D., Professor of Languages ASSOCIATE PROFESSORS JAMES H. MARCEAU, A.B., Associate Professor of Languages ARTHUR W. JOHNSON, M.B.A., C.P.A., Associate Professor of Economics WILLIAM G. HENNESSY, A.M., Associate Professor of English THORSTEN V. KALIJARVI, M.A., Associate Professor of Political Science NORMAN ALEXANDER, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Economics ADOLPH G. EKDAHL, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Philosophy and Psychology ROBERT W. MANTON, Associate Professor ana' Director of Music ALMA D. JACKSON, M.A., Associate Professor of Zoology LUCINDA P. SMITH, B.A., Associate Professor of English JOHN S. WALSH, A.M., Associate Professor of Languages HARLAN M. BISBEE, A.M., Associate Professor of Education ASSISTANT PROFESSORS ARTHUR W. JONES, M.A., Assistant Professor of History JOHN D. HAUSLEIN, M.A., Assistant Professor of Economics IRMA G. BOWEN, B.S., Assistant Professor of Home Economies RUDOLF L. HERING, Ph.B., M.A., Assistant Professor of Languages GEORGE W. WHITE, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Geology JULIO BERZUNZA, M.A., Assistant Professor of Languages EDYTHE T. RICHARDSON, M.S., Assistant Professor of Zoology ALLAN B. PARTRIDGE, M.A., Assistant Professor of History PHILIP M. MARSTON, M.A., Assistant Professor of History PAUL S. SCHOEDINGER, M.A., Assistant Professor of English NAOMI M. G. EKDAHL, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Education EDMUND A. CORTEZ, M.A., Ed.M., Assistant Professor of English 19 Htl!! llill I .rm E '51 QKI . ' 2 6, I I ' J' 5 . lli'ti:i-it " l .1 ,V mr il' lrtlllll I ill L-F' , 4 waivers - E , 'W ""'!f'f'rVl PAUL P GRICAUT Cert Sorbonne Dlpl Ecole du Louvre, Assistant Professor of Languages CARROLL S TOWLE Ph D Asszstarrt Professor of English. MARG ARET R HOBAN B S m Ed Assistant Professor and Director of Physical Educa tzon for Wornen 1 Q RUTH J WOODRU FI' Ph D Assistant Professor of Econnonucs. GIBSON R JOHNSON Ph D Asslstant Professor of History. CLAIR W SWONGER A M Assistant Professor of Econonizcs. WILLIAM YALE Ph B M A Assistant Professor of History. IXSTRUCTORS HELEN W LEICHTON Instructor in Horne Economics. ROBERT G WEBSTFR M A Instructor in English. LEWIS C SWAIN B S Instructor in Music JOHN C HERRING FdM Instructor in Ldncation. T RALPH MEYFRS MA Instructor in Geology. DOROTHY S BARTON M S Instructor in Zoology. VIARION J STOLWQRTHY Instructor rn Horne Economics. THOMAS H MCGRAIL MA Instructor zu English. JOHN A FLOYD AB Instructor 1nLanguag1s GENEVIEVE K PHII LIPS Instructor rn Home Econornics. LEONARD VN BUEI L A 'VI Instructor in English. ETHEL L COVVLFS B S Instructor rn Horne Irconorrzics. DOROTHY C SMALL B A Instructor rn Ecorrorriics. DONALD H CHAPMAN PhD Instructor in Geology. GWENY TH M LADD B S in Pd Instructor rn Physical Educa RUTH F THOMPSON 'VIS Instructor in Zoology. CH -XRLES N FLLIOTT 'VIA Instructor rn Sociology. WILLIAM M PRINCE M D Instructor zn Zoology. ERWIN W BARD MA Instructor rn Polrtrcal Science. ASSISTANTS BETHYL C I-IFNNESSY Assistant zn Oral English. M EVELYN BRANNEN B A Graduate Assistant in History. DORIS V PARADIS M A Assistant zn Languages. limi .owl ' I' lm ..siilm?-1,,'r ' , 12 ' I ' ' 2 l ' l A . , . ., ., .5 . f 4, . ., .- . , . ., I I v ' . - , . ., ' l I 77 . , . ., . . .3 - I ' r A - 'r . . . , . ., ' l U . , . ., , CARROLL M. DEGLER, M.B.A., Instructor in Economics. 1 . - ' . i r " I . , . .y ' , ' - v A - 'v ' . . I ' ' 4 . r . . . . , , L h , , . - . '73, . . , , .I ., . Q - 1 r - -r ' h 4, 7 . , 4. ., . ' . 1 LQ I . , . . . .,l I ' U A - A . . A - -r . , . ., ' 4 . , . ., ' . ' 9 ' 'S . I I LN 2 R CLYDE W. MONROE, M.S., Assistant in Zoology. tion for Worncn CAROLINE M. STREETER, Student Assistant in Physical Education for Women WILLIAM R. EADIE, M.S., Assistant in Zoology. GEORGE B. ABBE, 'B.A., Graduate Assistant in English. AUDREY GRIFFIN, B.S. in Ed., Graduate Assistant in Physical Education for Wornen BARBARA ROWELL, B.A., Student Assistant in English. HERMAN'H. HART, B.A., Student Assistant in Languages. ELEANOR L. SHEEHAN, M.S., Assistant in Zoology. i201 .F SN, - , we- - ,,.1 College off' Vflqeehnollogy HISTORY olf THE COLLEGE llli New Hampshire College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts at first otlered meager facilities for the teaching of engineering. As in the liberal arts division, only one degree was presented at the graduation of the first class in 1871. NYhen this department moved to Durham in 1893, an opportunity for development presented itself. The effort expended was at first directed towards instruction in applied work in the XYood and Machine shops. The first money received from the Federal fiovernment for the Technology department was expended for shop equipment. Dum page Then, as now, the basic courses and fundamentals for instruction in these fields of arts and applied sciences consisted of English, chem- istry, mathematics, and physics. lfor the first sixteen years, Charles ll. Pettee, who is now Dean of the Faculty of the lfniversity, at that time Head of the Department of Mathematics, directed this department and acted as a member of the teaching start. The first instructor engaged expressly for the teaching of engineering work was Thomas XY. Kincaid. He came to the College in 1886 and, in 1887. he lmecame Professor of Mechanical lfngineeriug. If'm'l.- Row: Donovan, Sewell, llartwell, 'l'oulqin Starke Tax Tlzird Rate: Perrelon, NLllSL'l'l, XYill1ur, liunlchouser, Llielier, Stolworthv Luton .S1L'4'l7I!lfRI?ix'.' Solt, Kicliline, Perlqins, Demos, llelchell Smith 'li1lOlll1lS Fran! Rnfv: Moran, jackson, Hitchcock. Case, lluddleston, Sloliin lddlcs 7 1 .. lllllllllllll lvl" 'I 't . .iw DH' Y I 3' .V mann fm . un it wi "l.: lllilillll NIV , 'tl '-1 Q , . glor. V ' . . l . . Ve I l -1 l I' i 1 i.ll I lliilff ' 6 l6llll!S "?'bIl Dr Charles L Parsons founded the Department of Technological Chemistry at the University and has since become one of the outstanding chemists of the country He came to Durham with the college, and left his position as head of the Department of Chemistry in 1912 to Professor Charles James. In 1914 an arbitrary division into departments was made in the New Hamp- shire College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts. The increasing enrollment of the technological division was one reason for this division. It was not until 1923, the year of the incorporation that this growing division became the College of Technology of the University of New Hampshire. In 1925, George VV. Case came to the Universlty as Dean of the College of Technology. The present total enrollment of the College of Technology is 327 students. A I M I' A L , . .- n.i.fl5'i'-' T ' . " ' Fffllfllil 3il55ih7" " ..,--. . , 5 . Y . . . . J . . 0. 221 Faculty ol, lclme College ol, Teelnmology PROFESSORS ERIC T. HUDDLESTON, B.Arch., Professor of Architecture. HORACE L. HOWES, Ph.D., Professor of Physics. HERMON L. SLOBIN, Ph.D., Professor of Illailieniatics. LEON W. HITCHCOCK, -B.S., Professor of Electrical Engineering. GEORGE W. CASE, M.C.E., Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Director of the Engineering Iixperinzeizt Station. GEORGE N. BAUER, Ph.D., Professor of Statistics and Officer-in-Charge of Freshmen. HAROLD A. IDDLES, Ph.D., Professor of Clienzistry. EDMOND W. BOVVLER, B.S., Professor of Citiil Engineering. AS SOCIATE PROFES SORS CLEMENT MORAN, B.A., Associate Professor of Physics. EDWARD L. GETCHELL, B.S., E.E., Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering. MELVIN M. SMITH, M.A., Associate Professor of Clzeinistry. VVALTER E. WILBUR, M.S., Associate Professor of Mathematics. ASSISTANT PROFESSORS THOMAS J. LATON, B.S., Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering. EDWARD T. DONOVAN, B.S., Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering. HEMAN C. FOGG, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Chemistry FREDERICK D. JACKSON, B.S., Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering RAYMOND R. STARKE A.M., Assistant Professor of Physics E. HOWARD STOLVVORTHY, B.S., Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering CHESTER E. DODGE, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering MARVIN R. SOLT M.S., Assistant Professor of Mathematics WILLIAM B. NULSEN, M.S., Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering RUSSELL R. SKELTON, B.S. in C.E., Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering JAMES A. FUNKHOUSER, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Chemistry ARNOLD PERRETON B.Arch., Assistant Professor of Architecture RICHARD H. KIMBALL, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of ClIEll1lSfI"j MILTIADES S. DEMOS Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Iilatlzeinatics CHARLES M. MASON, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Cheinistrg WILLIAM H. HARTVVELL, M.S., Assistant Professor of Physics EDWIN R. RATH B.S., E.E., Ina'nstrial Research Engineer, College of Tcclznologg INSTRUCTORS LYMAN J. BATCHELDER, Instructor in Irlechanical Engineering JOHN C. TONKIN, Instructor in Iblechanical Engineering ELIAS M. O'CONNELL, Instructor in Mechanical Engineering HAROLD I. LEAVITT, B.S., Instructor in Physics CHARLES O. DAWSON, B.C.E., Instructor in Civil Engineering GEORGE R. THOMAS, B. Arch., Instructor in Architecture WILLIAM L. KICHLINE, M.S., Instructor in Illathematics CHARLES A. SEWELL M.S., Instructor in Illatheinatzcs JOHN J. UICKER, B.S., Instructor in Illechanical Engineering DONALD M. PERKINS M.S., Instructor in Iblatlzeinatics CHARLES R. DAWSON, B.S., Instructor in Chemistry JAMES S. CHAMBERLIN, B.S. in C.E., Lecturer on Personnel Relationships ASSISTANTS RAYMOND B. SEYMOUR, B.S., Graduate Assistant in Chemistry EVERETT H. LANG B.S., Graduate Assistant in Chemistry EVAN C. NOONAN B.S., Graduate Assistant in Chemistry HOLLIS L. LELAND B.S., Graduate Assistant in Clzeznzstrg 23 Illltllilllll il , . - E . ' l .. ' ' 13 '. , la 5 :Q 1 2 y - . 2, '. V 2' 1 1' it : 5 .5 3 , . , . . ei 1 ' iii 1 - A ' . Q ! " i 6 I 1 -' I-A an V Ill'1l:Nw In 'lint' MIL" I My nut 1 "'-I Il I I Mmm E D N 4 +".fH'iI6Wl Hi!5'il't"t ' , s 'f'. I tsii , 2i!5.?-I D-' ' - ew Humps ure gritcuIitpumIl xpeimiimeimlf Slfzaufiicam THE STATION STAFF EDWARDM LFWIS AM L1ttD LLD President JOHN C KENDALL BS Dncctor FREDERICK W TAYI OR B S m A rxc Agrononiist WALTER C OKANE MA DSC Entomologist ORMOND R BUTLER PhD Botanivt ERNEST G RITZMAN M S Reseai ch Prcjcssor in Animal Husbandry. KARLW WOODWARD AB MF Iioiester JOHN M FULLER B S Dairy Huslwandman Leave of absence July 1 1933 June 30 1934 GEORGF F POTTFR PhD Hoiticultuiist THOMAS G PHILLIPS PhD Chemist HARRY C WOODWORTH M S Agricultural Economist. M GALE EASTMAN PhD Assoczate Agricultural Economist. TODD O SMITH 'VI S Associate Chemist FORD S PRINCE BS Associate flgrononiist JESSE R HEPLER M S Associate Hotticulturist CLARK L STEVFNS PhD Assistant liorester STANLEY R SHIMER M S Assistant Chemist WALTER T ACKERM AN B S B SAE flaiicnltuial Engineer. MAX F ABELL PhD Assistant 4giicultural Economist. CARL L MARTIN DVM Veterinarian CHARLES A BOTTORFF JR DVM Poultry Pathologist. FARL H RINEAR M S Specialist in lllarketing TE, 0 Q . . ' , . ., . ., ' . ' . y . I, ,f , I" ' All' . , . ., . ., S ' ' V. I . , . ., ' F' . ! Y 1 7 ' 4 . 4 , . ., " I '. . ,X . , . ., -'. . I T. BURR CHARLES, B.S., Poultry Husbandman. . , I . ., I ' . . . , . ., 7 . , ' . if . , . ., ' . 1 . . . 4 , . ., . ' . , . ., . . . . , . ., .,.. , - , -' ' K . , . . ., ' -' . P . . , ., . . ., ' F' K - . , . ., . HERBERT C. VIOORE, M S, Assistant Dany Husbandrnan. GORDON P. PERCIVAL, M.S., Assistant Chemist. STUART DUNN, Ph.D., Assistant Botanist. L. PHELPS LATIMER, Ph.D., Assistant Horticulturist. PAUL T. BLOOD, M.S., Assistant Agronomist. LEROY J. HIGGINS, B.S., Assistant Agronainist. JAMES G. CONKLIN, M.S., Assistant Entoinologist. HAROLD C. GRINNELL, M.S., Assistant Agricultural Economist. JAMES MACFARLANE, Florist. ALBERT D. LITTLEHALE, Shepherd. EDWARD J. RASMUSSEN, M.S., Research Assistant in Horticulture. ELMER W. LANG, White Diarrhea Tester. NICHOLOS F. COLOVOS, M.S., Assistant in Animal Husbandry. LEON C. GLOVER, M.S., Research Assistant in Entomology. WARREN A. WESTGATE, M.S., Research Clieniical Assistant in Entomology. ALBERT E. TEPPER, M.S., Assistant Poultry Husbandman. FRANK D. REED, B.S., Research Assistant in Poultry Husbandry. CHARLES W. HARRIS, JR., B.S., Research Field Assistant in Agriculture Economics GEORGE M. FOULKROD, M.S., Assistant in Agricultural Engineering, LOUIS R. BRYANT, M.S., Graduate Assistant in Horticulture. HENRY A. DAVIS, B.S., Graduate Assistant in Agricultural and Biological Chemistry LINWOOD J. BOWEN, B.S., Graduate Assistant in Botany. l24I . Extension Service GENERAL EXTENSION STAFF EDWARD M. LEWIS, A.M., Litt.D., LL.D., President. JOHN C. KENDALL, B.S., Director. EARL P. ROBINSON, B.S., County Agent Leader. DAISY D. WILLIAMSON, State Home Demonstration Leader. HARRY C. WOODWORTH, M.S., Farni Management Demonstrator. CLARENCE B. WADLEIGH, B.S., State Leader, Bays' and Girls' Club Work. HENRY B. STEVENS, A.B., Executive Seeretary. MARY L. SANBORN, Assistant State Leader, Boys' and Girls' Club Work. ANN F. BEGGS, Home Management Specialist. FORD S. PRINCE, B.S., Specialist in Sails and Cra1Js. KENNETH E. BARRACLOUGH, B.S., Extension Forester. MAX F. ABELL, Ph.D., Assistant Farm Management Deinonstrator. HAZEL E. HILL, B.S. in Ed., State Clothing Specialist. ELIZABETH E. ELLIS, B.S., M.A., State Nutrition Specialist. LAWRENCE A. DOUGHERTY, B.S. in Agric., Specialist in lllarketing. CECIL O. RAWLINGS, B.S., Extension Hortieulturist, EDSON F. EASTMAN, B.S., E.1'tension Dairynian. R. CLAUDE BRADLEY, Ph.D., Extension Poultryman. CLYDE N. HALL, B.S., Assistant Extension Dairyman. HALSTEAD N. COLBY, B.S., Extension Assistant in Rural Engineering. 'agp lllltltllill was NUIMEUI W New il 1 I t M' E 5 'isa t' A . 'Z r- E-A E .im WH! TH Wtfl -I .- E 1 Nl? ss 6 gi U51 f . ,t num m 'M1t"' ' 'I ' nw' ,t W.. I 1, I i I fli p'-1. all. Y. I 4 H I .rwun fzwmw 1 ' I FI.: . iilii-lf" , ' Advanced Degrees At the Sixty-Third Annual Commencement Exercises, Monday, June 12, 1933 at which Hamilton Holt, LL.D., Litt.D., President, Rollins College, VVinter Park, Florida, made the Commencement address, President Edward M. Lewisconferred the following honorary and advanced degrees HOIX ORARY DEGREES DOCTOR OF LAWS JOHN THOMSON DALLAS, Concord, N. H. HARVEY DOW GIBSON, New York City WILLIAM FRANKLIN KNOX, Chicago, Ill. DOCTOR OF SCIENCE ELMER SFTH SAVAGE, Ithaca, N. Y. MASTER OF ARTS In Edneatzon HENRY JOHNSOIN JAMES B A Wesltxan University, 1924 Simsbury, Conn. In English FRANCIS FDWIN ROBINSON B A University of New Hanzpshire, 1931 Durham, N. H. In Htstorg NAOMI WILLIAMS THOMAS B A University of Richmond, 1929 Durham, N.H. RUTH ELLEN DODGE, B.A., University of New Homlisliire, 1932 New Boston, N. H. In Languages: GEORGE OCTAVE CHARRON, Univezzrity of Montreal Nashua, N. H. EDWARD TUCKER DURANT, A.B., Bowdoin College, 1928 Pepperell, Mass. WILLIAM BOOTH HOUNSELL, B.A., University of New Hanillshire, 1930 Warner, N. H. DORIS VIOLA PARADIS, B.A., Univenrity of New Hampshire, 1930 Somersworth, N. H. ANNA JOSEPHINE REDDEN, B.A., University of New Hampshire, 1932 Dover, N. H. DOROTHY AUGUSTA SEWELL, B.A., University of New Hanipshire, 1930 Dover, N. H. MASTER OF EDUCATION In Education: HARLAN ERNEST ATHERTON, B.A., Yale University, 1925 Charlestown, N. H. CHARLES HUSSEY BROOKS, B.A., University of New HG111f7S11I7'U, 1931 Dover, N. H. ROLAND FRANCIS CHANDLER, B.S., University of New HIl7l1f7SI1lfC, 1928 North Attleboro, Mass. WARREN CLIFFORD CLARK, A.B., Dartmouth College, 1928 Portsmouth, N. H. LYLE WILSON EWING, A.B., ,McCormick Institute, 1906 Claremont, N. H. LEWIS FORD FOOTE, B.S., University of New Hampshire, 1925 Lincoln, N. H. CARL HANSON GARVIN, B.S., University of New Hanipsliire, 1926 Kingston, N. H. CHANNING HILDRETH GREENE, B.S., Middlebury College, 1920 Rye, N. H. MURIEL RUTLEDGE GROVER, A.B., Tufts College, 1932 Dover, N, H, CLARISSA HILLS, B.S., University of New Hampshire, 1929 Johnstown, Penn. E261 ROBERT LINCOLN LITTLEFIELD, B.S., University of lllaine, 1922 b Wells Beach, Maine CECILLE AGNES MESERVE, B,S. in Ed., Boston University, 1931 Newbury, Vt. PHYLLIS MARGUERITE MORAN, A.B., UnivFiisityi of New Hamlfsliire, 1930 Somersworth, N. H. GEORGE ALDRICH MUZZEY, B.A., University of Maine, 1925 Fairfield, Maine EVA SMALL PATRIDGE, A.B., University of New I'Iflll1fI7SlZi1'C, 1925 Newfields, N. H. HENRIETTA R. ROE, B.S. in Ed., State Teachers College, 1930 Dover, N. H. WILLARD BENJAMIN SPALDING, B.B.A., Boston University, 1926 Norwell, Mass. GORDON OLIVER THAYER, B.A., University of New I-Ianzpshire, 1932 Dover, N. H. WADLEIGH WINSTON WOODS, A.B., Dairlinonth College, 1927 Portsmouth, N. H. EDNA SUSAN YOUNG, B.S., University of New Hamllsliire, 1931 Ossipee, N. H. MASTER OF SCIENCE In Agricultural and Biological Chemistry .' LELAND BURKHART, B.S., Ohio State University, 1931 Pcrrysburg, Ohio LLOYD EUGENE WASHBURN, B.S., Penn State College, 1931 Roaring Branch, Penn. In Botany: ALBION REED HODGDON, B.S., University of New Hampshire, 1930, M.S., 1932 Dover, N. H. In Chemistry .' ERNEST WILLIAM ANDERSEN, B.S., University of Virginia, 1931 Portsmouth, Va. MERCHANT LEROY CUSHING, B.S., University of New I-Iainlvshire, 1931 Merrimac, Mass. DONALD RETTINGHOUSE PITZ, B.S., University of New Hampshire, 1931 Durham, N. H. ALFRED HENRY TAYLOR, 3rd., B.S., University of New Hampshire, 1930 Pearl River N Y In Entomology .' OWEN JEFFERSON SMITH, B.S. Iowa. Wesleyan College, 1932 Albia Iowa In Matlieiliatiesf MARSHALL EDWARD BOWKER B.S., University of New Hampshire, 1931 Kittery Maine PHILIP NUDD, B.S., University of New Hanrpshire, 1930 Hampton DONALD MERRILL PERKINS, B.S., University of New Hampshire, 1931 Sunapee MATTHEW HOWARD RILEY, B.S., University of New Hampshire, 1931 Somersworth In Sociology: FREDERIC WHITE MANN, B.S., University of New Hampshire, 1925 East Concord HARRIET LIBBY MANN, A.B., Oglethorp University 1927 East Concord In Zoology: CECIL VERNON CREATH, B.S., University of Illinois, 1930 Sullivan WILLIAM ROBERT EADIE, B.S., University of New Hampshire, 1932 Manchester N CLYDE WENTWORTH MONROE, B.S., R. I. State College, 1931 Dover N EVA SWEETSIR PRIDE, B.A., University of Maine, 1924 Portland Maine 27 uumuum KI, i.. 1 Y :E ' , N. H. I , N. H. V , N. H. , N. H. , , N. H. If FLOYD GOODWIN BRYANT, B.S., University of New Hamlnshire, 1931 Tilton, N. H. I , . H. A ' , 3 H. - I I - ,it-1 llllillliflfi ' ' ' l 3' H..:.m' I, Wh" . '- W ' ' I Mill' il" iaziliigijll. ' . W l -gait!-Plfillll f2.?Hifl'i"f I 1 1 -' 1 r.fiL'5d lill?fi.?f' 1' The Alumni Association HE Alumni of the University of New Hampshire started definitely to organize when on June 8 1898 they met in Durham and appointed a com- mittee to draw up a constitution and by-laws for the Associated Alumni of New Hampshire College. The constitution was adopted on june 7, 1899, and, with but few changes has remained as the guide for organized alumni activity since that time. A central alumni ofhce with a full-time Alumni Secretary, was estab- lished on August 2 1927 and an accurate file of all graduates was organized. VV ith the new Secretary alumni work was enlarged in all directions and the old organization gained in prestige. The object of the Alumni Association, according to its Constitution, is "to promote and maintain a closer friendship among its members, to promote the best interests of the University and to further strengthen our loyalty to our Alma Nlater. All graduates and former students of the University are eligible to membership in the Association. The governing unit of the Alumni association is a Board of Directors con- sisting of nine members chosen by ballot by the active members of the Association. The membership of the Board at present is: President VVendell P. Davis 2 yr. '12 lst Vice President Harry XV. Steere, '26 2nd Vice President Miss Ethel L. Cowles, '25 Alumni Secretary Harry O. Page, '27 E Donald P. Mattoon 22 Frank W. Randall 07 Everett S. Wliittemore 97 7 Y Y 3 J -. V Y 7 ,EE EE i 5 3 " a ,- 1 5 3 15 L 'J 77, 9 s Y 72 K U Q 3 9 3 7 Y X , , G. Donald Melville, '20 Lester A. Pratt, '09 Wilfred A. Osgood, '14 The work of the Alumni Office consists in keeping an accurate file of 3,965 graduates, publishing four times a year The New Hampshire Aliwnnus, sponsoring Home-Coming and Alumni Day each year, maintaining 17 alumni branches throughout the country, offering a personal service to each alumnus, and aiding in the maintenance of class organizations. i231 'cn Ulllfilllll X ll E gg 1 EE QH1. P ' i ... V rm' rf' - Q aiiiliiiiillllll ' Qtmllg-H' -I 51iiiiiiii!ll!!HlIllIIlllll I u uw- IIIH 'vm "' Q' 'nv I A, .1 .-lii?'5l' v s.w:u'+.1em P, Um- , :'.'gf.l, , H311-I ,W rllillll AMBTHC -:SHUI SCll110ll48llI" The scholar is that man who must take up into himself all the ability of the time all the contributions of the past all the hopes of the future. He must be an university of knowledges If there be one lesson more than another which should pierce his ear it IS The world is nothing the man is allg in yourself is the law of all nature and you know not yet how a globule of sap ascendsg in yourself slumbers the whole of Reason it is for you to know all, it is for you to dare allf' Nlr President and Gentlemen this confidence in the unsearched might of man belongs by 'ill motives by all prophecy by all preparation, to the American Scholar. VVe have listened too long to the courtly muses of Europe. The spirit of the American freeman is already suspected to be timid, imitative, tame. Public and prlvate avarice make the an we breathe thick and fat. The scholar is decent, lI1Cl0lC1'lt complaisant bee already the traglc consequence. The mind of this coun- try taught to ann at low objects eats upon itself. There is no work for any but the decorous and the complaisant Young men of the fairest promise, who begin life upon our shores inflated by the mountain winds, shined upon by all the stars of bod find the earth below not in unison with these, but are hindered from action by the disgust which the principles on which business is managed inspire, and turn drudges or die of disgust some of them suicides. VVhat is the remedy? They did not yet see and thousands OI young men as hopeful now crowding to the barriers for the career do not yet see that if the single man plant himself indomitably on his instincts and there abide the huge world will come around to him. Patience,- patienceg with the shades of all the good and great for company, and for solace the perspective of your own infinite life, and for work the study and the com- munication of principles, the making those instincts prevalent, the conversion of the world. Q 3 7 . . . . M . . ! 7 7 v a 1 . , ' s 1 y 1 , . 3 J 7 - Y . . Y. 7 . V . . . Y . ! S F 7 , . ' cr ! s 9 Is it not the chief disgrace in the world, not to be an unit g- not to be reckoned one character 3- not to yield that peculiar fruit which each man was created to bear, but to be reckoned in the gross, in the hundred, or the thousand, of the party, the section, to which we belong, and our opinion predicted geographically, as the north, or the south? Not so, brothers and friends-please God, ours shall not be so. We will walk on our own feet, we will work with our own handsg we will speak our own minds. The study of letters shall be no longer a name for pity, for doubt, and for sensual indulgence. The dread of man and the love of man shall be a wall of defence and wreath of joy around all. A nation of men will for the first time exist, because each believes himself inspired by the Divine Soul which also inspires all men. RALPH WALDO EMERSON Cambridge, August 31, 1837 l32l CLASS of 19514 ,jug MCGRAVV CHESLIEY WVILCOX RRUNEL JOHN R. NICGRAW . HARRISON W. CHEs1.1cY GLORIA WILCOX . . DONALD J. BRLTNEL . ARNOLD D. RHODES . RHODES . . . . President First Vine Prefident 7 Second I ice President . . . . Secretary Treasurer 33 1 v 4. E i 1 E :: .ZQA EE 5 . 1: , WV Nl 6 I I Miiflllllllllllll V lllHI:l1!fi X- ' init" l?ll!"' - "" ' i.1i"l !1l'2' I A . , -' li:'liiil5f1. ' . -,-I .q:.'1- Y "' '..1a2uI lfioriltl ' A 'e,i9,5pgp','-'5,.""' ' . f . I ' -:" 1W3f.'.liin .5l555lii'f" 1' P . K . MI'.i RAMONIA ADAMS 5 1 I C' 1' St., Burn-, Vermont Alpha Chi Oinugzi' Y XV C i , .. I, , 4. A. c2w, 135, 'z C11 .vi Kap . .. I. UL. E., O K- g - 1 'I I y lx t , KZQ, KKJQ Il '-KU, L..j. H' 19. ' A-'v' 5' QJQLQLG' Q5yA1 D0 ABMA1-1 Colby Jmzmr College Rl. A F A IQ Spaulding High School SVJPTOOI mich N- H- 4 LH RD ,' A F1 CRN 9, uct . V' . Concord Hzglz .School I Sl mx 44, Riding uw Concord, N. H. Cross reoumn U, Hockey U5 U 'U Ulm xx X- AA' B35 'C ' 1 Sigma Alpha Fpsilong Outing L Grosso 7 Ja 'lub' .gm .UI x-9 MARTIN AL' ARD Binx L Amufusox PAUL L' ANDERSON VI oodbzzrg High .School gfmdwson Aqmidcnw licrliiz High School Salem Cemcr' N' H' R05 m'irx I im iiurhqnih Y H 1563 Main St" Berlin' N' H' 'u z ' .1 A, . . i . . Phi Mu Delta: A. S. M. E.: l 1 , 1. I v Theta Chig A. S. C. E.: Delta Relay IU. QM 14,5 Track CU, Hgfliftig 111571142136 'X6'lg?QDtCQ7iX: Cfii 123. 131, 1-H Q XYinter Sports 7' , - , - . , 1 .- . . ' KJ' ml' 14" Big Sistcr Committc-eg 4-H Club L " KJ' Outing Club' Q1 JZ Bzisclvzill 121. , IS4 .1 C 1 ALLAN R. ARMSTRONG Plymouth High School 14 Nelson St., Plymouth, Mass. Lambda Chi Alpha: Alpha Sigma C35, C455 Scabbard and Blade C35, President C453 Senior Skulls C35, Vice President C453 "N. H." Club C25, C35, C453 Out- ing Club CI5, C25, C352 Football C153 Basketball C15, C25, C35, C45g Track C353 Lacrosse C35, C451 Advanced Mil. Arty Intra- mural Board C35, JOHN H. BAKER Concord HiggSg1ool JOHN BAKIE Concord ' Sanborn Semznarx Theta Chi: Outing Club. Kingston' N. H Alpha C 1mma Rho Intramural Basketb ill C PJ C 35 Ln estock Judging Team C35 Dairy Cattle 11:1 rr. lv Giokci M BARNETT Pemzcoole H1glz School 6 Vl1sh1ngton Sl Pnnacook N H CLARENCE A- BANFILL Phi Delta Upsilon' snhinx Colebrook Academy FSHCRLTY FILIJSQMEKIZR I C354 S. M. 5-5 CKN-LH-H C111 B M S q G . Ny' H- U""1l'1!7 071 1 1 F100 C 55 anagclr arslty acrosse mo yn t rmemn' 1 Summer St., Farmington, N. H. Advancfd Mll. Art 635. C452 I Alpha Gamma Rhog Track C25. tramural Board 3 Book and Scroll' Erato' Hocl cy C15 3 Tracl Q Ylflllllllllllll Ililalfg C,- , ...1-. , mu ' '-"C 2.':'jll f1l'i' l35 .." " +-. XIV . F' VN , . ' mx Jud . 1 I gmg eam C45. E .X gi lt b 55. nl C 5. c Cl5. B1 EE E Al ...J 11111111211 v . I 1.,-, 15,51 1 I .qi -..1.1.:1111s 1ew:11111'i ' . .1 .1115111,11-- ai EH 'fillll KXIERLE X Bmus Rox' R. Boucuign XX 1LT111 F BXTCHELDFR 1. ACHHLH High Swim! , .lI11111-lzryvtw' C1'ntr'11I High School hmm CHIC 4mdem'l L 5 Lonvlm Lenin- 3' H- 199 North Aclzuns St.. Durham N H Ill D1lt1 Lpmlon: Y. M. Lf N Mimcheswr- X1 Hu ,. Mpht Flu Omega Phi Sig X Qross Lountrw 111. 'Sigma fxllgll-il Epfilon. lvlm 1111 Flisebwll ill Intrfnnuril Alfm' Ha"'p5"lW .VM Hoclwy Qkdhan my 9 1-11 Advanced Mil, Art. HAROLD M. BOWMAN, jk. Q BU7'TC'I'Fl? 4461111011151 Cowkxnrixa B BOVVEN 10 Locust St., Clrmlcsfocn Hzgli School C h irhstown 'X H 111 l psllon Phi kappa 1 ll limp a 1 Sl im d XICL President 43 mu' Salmon Falls, N. H. l.z11nl1da Chi Alpha, High Epsi- lon: Scahbard and Blade: So- -.sw A' I S ' ' l.2lli' I.. S 1 . . HQ Binh' I K , 1-1f 131. ' 56'm""' K 11... 1 1 1 - V , Ph': Pl' .. ld Ph.: P ' V A A t l l.:Y lr Il: " 2 ' 1 g , ' 1 XX omzins Student Government, Trcasurcr 1233 Cap and Gown: xv0ll1Cl1'S Glcc Club 1393 Y. VV. C. A., Cabinet CH, 1415 Com- munity Church Student Group c1011l'lf'il 131: DPan's Student Advisory Board C3D. v v cioloffy Club 125, fflll Mask EDNA F Bkgjllx and Dagger 111, lib. 131: llll'!l'S Iwwrf 1111111 5141001 lill'L' Club 111: Y. M. C. A. 111. :N ortlzfield SCH1IlII11I'j' : T110 l.Yci1'XH11Ig1P-VlE1'ff'l 411' I - ,, V ., 11c.xN1'r12 1 P: uf. ." S um 1. 1. 230 bold Pleascmt All" 1-li: Outing Club: lllzinzigcr Spfmgfifld- MUSS' Yrnrsity Baskctball: Boxing 111, Pf 1.. 1 1. 121, 1.11, 1-111 IDI I-HCf9SSC11J1f21P1f-U1 Adr W0,?:L.n'Sq1li'J1Ke'g Ciul, 111' 131, xzincgrl Mil. Aqrt Q3AJ, 145: W'in- 431 MM Y. VV. C. A. 111, 131. I1-r lnrnivzxl Coinnixttcc 121. 133, C45. i l36l l Ronmvr lf. li mics D05AAL." igklijmil E.1'Utw' llilllz Sclzool QA' GURDOF BPEUCE C Oilfflfll 1111 51 -100 Exetcrv N. H. .Srijiwzs 1111111 :School 6133 Rumlord SL. Ll11fl'll'0UT, N- H- Qgngord, N, I-I, i Axe ginnl Compass: Track QED: l.umlnd:1 Chi Alpha: Sczilmlmrd Lmsb Ummm 115' X and Blzldv: Casqul' :xml CZlSli1'f, --551 lil't'1lSl.1I'l'I' 131, 1413 lilul- Ks-y. xvllfk' l'l'CSlLln'I1t 131, 1411 'liI'IlCli Dpjldlrq CAMINATI E 2 . 4. A ' . '. ' A 1, - Mll' Art' amor Q?:if'Q I'urtsnmuf1z High Sflzooi 5 " ' -' 250 New Vaughn sf., , ,Q Portsmouth, N. H. -5" 'W' Kappa Sigma: Student Conn- cil 151, Prvsidcnt 141: Senior ' Skulls: Musk and Dagger 111. -2 121, 131, 141: The .YFTU Hump- shire H1. Q11 Gkfxxin-1 121. E: Editor-in-Chief 1313 Athletic As- ' fsfffzfgmglfi,H131C221 2312 HUT'f"'11"H A4-Ul41'V"'5' DUANE ji. CARLISLE Hand 111 121 1 ivililitfzf L'z1'rnix'z1l 2: North Huvcrlull, N. ll. C . ,Y ,IU I, 4 d Lum. ll1, lZ1, 131, 141: Sopho- P. K' M I' . My QI, 1 I fps 'U'f"l4""' ' H1 only morn- Hop Com. 121: junior l7'l':"L'rdlJsZi AQ.1,1iTd'lI1ikhg'1:'Itir3:,Ril lNorthw0od Qi-nicr, N. H, Prom Com, V312 Convocation nfl? 1' ' ' ' , - ., V . 4 1 .l Com.: lJC11H'S Advisory Com.: Rllhmons Club Nl' Delta Lhl' Phi ldlmhdd Phl' Lfhuirmzm Coninicncement Ball Rmcry 43,5 'Mlwlnccd Mil' Art' Com ' Fditor 4f11IL'!ic 7Vc'i',v l 37 n'Ui1fl!!l "l"""' 'Q Q fi EI" z ' XI? Iw- 6 X ,yr F l l '32-'Y-Qs, 'wflllllllllllll llililll 'IW EF" Tiff- A six' llll'4" af:-1' i .gl hull' I 11 I '7""" 'as Ml" 111111 he-E 11 1..-laivstt v . jj' 'Z. 4' 1 .'.a1'.?l1?16l11l f2.l.h-sl1" - 1 'i Lauri. ' .blllftkb " Nfxxci lr CARI ISLE NORMANI S LAssr3L1. C,oufora' Hzgh .School Da fer High School 51 Rumford St Concord N H Dover B H. lhi 'Xiu Phi lcimbda Phi C31 in 'Xen Hampshzre 1 C31 W omens hditor C41 S1 mg IJ C71 V A A Ohm-4 TRXGVE C CHR1s'r1ANs1-:N Berlin Hzgh School . 3 ' f. 'l'1' , j 41, 41311 -I liatitbda C31, C41 3 VVOmen'syG1ee ' ' ' 71' '5 Cltl - , C313 Y. V. C, .C11, -' C21, 131: W. . A. C21, C31, W- Til LEAMJRE R CHAR1-:sr W , Y llunxtlusfcr Cuztrul Fzgh School 1 9 Mlm bf Berlm' IN' H' 407 Cyllson St Theta Chl Student Council C31, 1 A E Y Treasurer 1-11: Casque and Cas- M'mChLStLr' B' H' ket, Vice President 131: Sphinx Sigma Alpha Epsilong Asso- C21. 131, Secretary: President ciate Editor 1934 GKANITEQ Phi Senior Skulls C-111 A. S. C. E. Sigma: Intramural Debating, 131, Vice President C41 2 "N, H." Football 411: Boxing C11, C311 Club C31 1 Outing Club C313 Y, M, C, A. XYinter Sports C11, C21, C31, C41. MARY F. CAkswELL Gorlmm High School 4 Gray Road, Gorham, Maine Phi Mu: Womens Student Government 121, C31, C415 Pan Hellenic C311 Cap and Gown C413 iwiRANI'I'I2 C313 NV. A. A.g Basketball C11, C21, C31, C415 Hockey C11, C21, C31, C41. HARRISON W. CHESLEY Lynn Classical High School 17 Larch Road, Lynn, Mass. Lambda Chi Alpha, Alpha Zeta, Presidentg Scabbard and Blade, Secretary: Student Conn- cil C31, C411 Blue Key C413 Out- ing Club: Football C11, C215 La- crosse C11, C21, C313 Advanced Mil. Art C31, 141: Vice Presi- dent Freshman Class C115 Treas- urer Sophomore Class C211 Vice President junior Class C31 5 Vice President Senior Class C41 3 Ani- mal Husbandry Club, Lire Stock Judging Team. I 1381 1 XVll.Ll.XM H. COATES Pilfsbnrglz High School Pittsburgh, N. H. Aufmzu F. CONNER Exelw' High School 21 Forest St., Exeter, N. Alpha Zeta: Track QU, vcstock Judging 133. r NIILDRED M. COCHRANE HL'lllll.l'Ff High School AMASA G' COYDON Hmnilff N- H- Hmm High 5511001 Theta Epsilon: Pan Hcllenicg Berlin, N. H, Psi Lambda: Phi Lambda Phig . I 4-H Club' May Day Committecg Ph' Mu DCM- Rillery C135 Women's Glee Club C153 Outing Club 111 J VX BER x Ich M COOPLR Lincoln Hlgh School Church St. Lincoln N. H ELIYABILTL1 li CORRIYEAL Melrose Hzglz School 34 Upl md Road Mc-lrosc Mass Theti Upsilon Phi Kippl Phi Sociology Club lxl'lSlx md D gerf2l C33 L45 Y VV C A VX A A Outing Club C19 X ocdtion 11 Guid mce Chairnifm Club QU, CZJ: Y. XV. C. A 425, l3lg Outing u 39 l 1 0 1 lumvunu nw I 1 .1 l l u nllllllllgg lllll .J 1 , J Y l ' E Q 1 453515 ' T' ' il "fr "' 'Q 1 z , if . . ag' Y v ' D xg 1. I i Psi I.:m1lnla: YVOmcn's 141 mags Day Eomimittee' K ' ci il. ' ' 35 5 - v U 1 1' 1 ,Q , .. .J Ae l l' .J NIP 1.'lsF'l1. - il. 'WW J-, lil!! Wg. IRENE J. Cousin: XXYIRGILIU A. CORTI 1107.'L'I" High School ARMANIJ S. COUTURIER N. Y. IW. A. 274 XY:1sl1ingt0n St., Sorlziwxmiorflz High School rr 2. fWt1llIlI7'I7110L'h' High School Dover, N. ll. ll Grown Si., Somersworlh, N. H. ilhlllf mimi - 2 F .Ti F 5 V E 5 Ui ET Z3 : if : Q , lv 7-is ,J Z1 O u .-, r Q.: :DA Q. Q 5 E 3. 2' fi ,+ ,-:f " HT 1. um, nm. 1 winced Mil. Art. 29 While Plums Road. Alpha Chi Omega: Musk and Adygmcl-d Mil, Art, lXl2lIll1ll'OI'lL'Cli, N. Y. Dagger I2l, HJ. 445: Czirnivzil L icrosse Q15 Quonn 1933: Comiiiciici-im-111 lflzill 'rfuvv LEXVIS W. CROWELL Lcundvr Peck School 20 New Mr-udow Road, ' Harrington, R. l. .,,, " ' v .fi -..1:-.Qui-yi-ssna fem-llilii ' J ' wi V I I S Z E fi ' in Ph 121. ALBION R. CROSS Colebrook Amdeuiy Colm-broolc, N. H. i Sigma: Y. M. C. A. C15 l40l y Musk :md Dagger: Glider Club 131, 1-U: Student Council k4J: lzluu Circlc Council 133 M51 Outing Club President 143 3 XVin- KATHEMNE j. Ckowuzx' if-r Sports llb, tm: Carnival HL1lIOT'L'7' High Sflmnl lolnumtcu Ml' Hanover, N. H. I . 'hi S V, lm-.inhlclclx W. TJANL 'llurlflvllvad Hirjh STCIIIIUI G .l.. A ' ' ' T ' ' . OEDOV LlINXl,XCHAM l-l All-rsuv St., Marlxlolioad, Mass. I' I'0LiSh DAVIDSON COHCOVU HHU1 -5011001 , 1 Plymouth I-Izgh School HH Lai-myth, St- l.:m1lJd:1 Chi Alpha: Scalmliard Plvmouth Y H A I. ' ' an.l Blade: Blue lxey: liootball ' ' ' ' ' ' r mgtlm' Mass' lll. ill. 431, l-ll: Lacrosse ill, Alpha Chi Omega. Phi Mu Delta: Baseball mg 122, 151- 449.1 Advanced M11- "N. H," Club: Football ill, f3j, Aft- 2 2 f-ll: Relay ill. 125, 137, Cap- tain 141 3 Track 125, QSM C453 Advanced Mil. Art. Enom' li. DAV1s Tilton School ISS Grove St., Havcrhill, Mass. Theta Kappa Phi: Casque and Caskctg Sphinx: Scalmlnard and Blade: Blue Circlc: Advanced Mil. Arty Outing Club. 4417, - 5.7.5 all EVELYN DAVIS Lasell Seminary Transfer from Collcgc of XVm. and Mary 271 Chestnut St., Ne-cdham Mass Phi Mu. EDWARD C. DAXVSON liryluzt School 185 East 80th St., New York, X. Y. Thnla Chig Book and Scroll, Yicc Prcsidcnt QM, Prssidcnl K-ll: Blur licyg Mask and Dag- ger 111, LZJ, QM, Vice Prusidcul 132, Prcsidvnt Uljg Thai :Num Harzlffslrfrc. Managing lzdllor "East of the VVatCr TOWCI' 3 Associatu Editor, 1934 KJRANIVE5 Outing Club: Track tllg Blur " -cle' Folio. 41 as llllllllxllll llllllltl J' E 5 3 NI? , , CII . . 35 '5 QV l W l l -r ., uflllllllllllll IlllIl:l-lu l -r ..:isu-I mu--' QPU II 'l A Ml" 1 , "ff" , lf?" 'f I -.a1'.fll'?l9lHl -M-ill '-" , ' ,film . lilifli-71" ll X Ruru N D1 VARN1-Lv JOHN F DEE Lucmzza Hzqlz School lkx VY. DICKIEY Kpcm, High 5-Elmo! I6 Penton Axe I xconiu N. H. MUl1FH,3 Hfgj, 551,001 2 1 I 176 Elm St., Kggncy N. H, Psi Lambdag Y. VV. C. A,g 44 XfVilso11 St., Manchester, N. H. 3233 1 ffl?--'i - 1 i. w ' X -X Sl I .11 Y fli1l9m Thrtw Kwppa Phi Outmg Club Them Kwppa Phig Glirlcr Club . Vice Prusincnl 1431 Ad- vmccd Mil. Aft: A. S. M. E. .par Q S ICOBI-QRT F. DOWNS "Iv", Clnrtix llllglll Srzool f lenlmrolm- . ve., Q utvn sl' id, N. . MITCHELL P, DIRSA Phi Mu llnltug Class Treasf ,, - urn-r Ill. f3l1TYZlCli1llZ VYin- , LANL' High School lcr Sports ill KZD, 1353 "N, .ZZ Carroll St., Exeter, N. H. ROGER NI. DOE Hj' Club- HM 45, 13,5 Ad- Pi Kappa Alpha: Alpha Sigma. Dmvr H1-gh 5-H1001 Vmcfd Mll- Aft' l42l Dover, N. H. l . l CLESSON DUKE C v D Manclzestcr Central High School HENRY A. DUNN LEON UKE 414 Beacon St - h 1 Manchestevf Central High School M 1 5 Y N F'fChb""'g High 561100, HUCILSM1 - ' Clark si., shifluy, tim. 414 Beacon St., T h . . Theta Lpsilon Omegag Sp inxg - f , . , 3- , . Manchester, N. H. Advzmccd Mil. Art- Yqljlhll' gluAlJLlt.1, Clidtr Club, Theta Upsilon Omegag Sphinx. -u 1 , U 3 STANLLY E ILLSTROM 51,4 Conrord High School 16 Cladatont St VVest Concord N H Alpha Tau Onmga Stcretary HAROLD E' DUSTON ' 2 HN. H." Club l-U5 Outing Hamlfsfead High School JOHN EASTWICK 'u Cfij, 453 Band 3 Mana er Winter Sports Hamlgstcad' INA H' Hrczuxrcr Academy K B 10 Cfrcle im' fall: fin Theta Chl. South Tamworth N. H. ter Carnival Committee Qfij, C41 P i Mu Delta' A. S. C. E lllllllllllll 43 Hlllillll IT' ,- . ,if , 4 Mr., 5 ' " LYS .4 9. 4e'1,..D'9' i . E193 C' f ll- Q . , A x , ' 1 ' A - , Y ' H Q H N L .AvI.0!J A i1tllV..i1r.:,'i:. U I "1 -filly X Q0 lfllllullllhil z'::. I '--11 in In J Ll-1 " NC ,immll mlm Nll'lll1h"--1" 'I mmm 5 -4 av H15 mm alsvfm 4' i p Q lf' bi'lxa 95ll. V 1 rl 1 E1--"--' P .Summa .mv-1 I A SAML II C FxRR1NG1'oN F Srezens Hlglz School DONAID FASSNACHT ELIZABILTH B ARNIPR Cl XI H V' I f 4 IlfIaml1c'stLr Central H1011 School aremom ' 1?elYdW91H1.Gll 5511001 S1 m1 Alpha Ipsllon' Delta 1303 Church St., Rc-zxdiilg, Penn. 4Q3 Mxlton St N1 nch Slef lX H hh' Lmlerslty Band CU 25' Alpha Tau Ouwga: Masktand 11 e f , 2, C315 XVmter Alpha Y1 Deltfl Kappa Delta , QA ,W P1 Mask ,md Dagger XVOHIGH 5 Zpggil Cxllfrilmgiafgpllixiuraggmmf ,ee Club Y xx C A xx P x ' A Outlng Club mv, M4 l l 1 1 2 l C l TZ , l . A- ,. I U , llagsxr ill C H Cl 1 3 . W. . .5 V. A. 7JllfgrG?.ElFELZHI LOGAN S- FIELD HARRY E. FLANDERS Vviich tml NC 510 NEW Hw11Iff011 5011001 Ct17lU117l High School L ld CES ig h' ' 29 Flint Sf., Vlfatcrxown, Mass. Ijauburyy N. H. am: a i p ag Interna- Si ml A1 . . , .r l ' L - f g 2 pha Epsdon, Cdsque M V GI'-Q CI 1 35- tmnql Relatmns muh' and Casket: UN. Hf' Clubg Footf en S M um C hall Lll 1 Track CZD. l44l l l HXIKOLD B FOSHFR l BPLIAH C FIETUHR ll11114l1L.:tc'rlVc.sfH1yl1 51110111 111411111 J111110r Collagn Bedford X H 99 Main St, Sl. ohnshurv Yr. Phi Mu Delta: A. S. L SCllllJll'Cl 'md Blade loothwll 11'I,QK V 90:14 QT-XXIIX VV FRPPXIKN J IVCJII 010 1111111 511111111 l: stu' X H xcrnsm 1 1 n 1 lf Ru 111' Casquc d 12 Sphmx Scflhb ard 'md RI ldn Q ross Lountrx Adx mud Nlxl CHR1s1Ix12 FRI-ISI EIN XPDJ CIKHNH 1g,,S,01 Hwy! SL-1,001 Xaslzzm H1011 School Summlr St B1stol X H Xqghuq X H 'I hill L 1JbllOl'l Tcnms Tournl KPXT A FRENLH Delm EIJ5ll01'1 P Slfhlmx ,nt Sdnll 11 El!?fCI H1g11 SCIIUUI -Xlpha Ch1 S1 1111 'Xclx mend 'Xhl M-erN H f lhl Mu Delta Wflllllllilllll I 45 I 1 111,111 '. 1.LllIl I 'I ml' . 'CV 'I V' .. 1. :: 51-1 Xl? Q1 ,nj in . 1. 'Q 5 " vl .4::.1.', R. . 113. Aixdvmgced Mil. Ai-tl K Lambda Chi Alpha: Sales and ' .-Ed' ' ' g NI . zgnr 234 Z I1 1 Q ' 2111 C:.kc't: 2 ' I . 2 . 1 'Z 2 Art? Outing Clhh. K A I g- 11 x 19-2 lbw' +1 .7 1 ' V ' ., r' . . V Q ff' K- Av' - lf . 'Z .Q Z . ZA If l.A . I I V' i: ' ,Z m- 111. 121: Bal. 1, ' - ' '2 1 121: Y. W. C. A. li' 1 , . A 1. 3 ' ' 5 5 15:3 I 7'1" bfliilfll. " giri -' I A Y l ff ' .-.:z1'.5llilGfl1ii ?.fli5iEI'l'i" EEC' V W"-l1' 3li-El'J"f' A .. K lil? Ml' !o.w.fh Case High School JMU' llll Hxxill lox Xl f xulixriz N I Iorfsilmiltli High School lOl Aldrieh Road Riurlix louissmt M iss Iortsmouth IX H ri, Hoel 1 i Uutin ub 1s.v,. Qini-fx PR1sL1L1A GLAMHQ Woodbmg High School Sd em N H E- . H 4 .V ,K Ping" ...x ll. G.xi:1i1:'1-1' Alpha Xi Delta: Psi Lilllllldil Q l2m. QM: Y. XY. C. A.: l lrl -Q-1 A Ci . ' "' .1 Av. - Piiiimz li. GRAHAM kappa Delta. Womans Stu- LL lmnou High School dent Government, Treasurerg O Allfn St-' Ixbzlnoni X' H' Pan Hellenic Q37 3 Y- YV' C' A- Phi Mu: Psi Lambda QD, Q3D, ill' l-il' Ulf ,i4l,3 wg A' A- 141, Treasurer l3j : Pan Hellenic 139' i-il' i473 Olltmg UNI' ill, Lil, l-ll: Cap and Gown: Mask 157- 149- and Dasrller Lil, C432 Orelic-stra: Y. Vl'.L'.A.1ll.K2J,4.3l,1-ll. Slnxicx' l.. Giusox Porfsmozrlli Iliyh School 605 Lincoln Ave., Portsmouth, N. H. Delta Epsilon Pi: Scabbard and Blade: Advanced Mil. Artg Rifle Team Ill, l'3jg Rifle Club. DANA li. GOODWIN Hollis High School Hollis, N. H. Alpha liainma Rhog Alpha Zetag Phi Kappa Phig Phi Lamb- da Phi: Phi Signiag Sphinxg Y. M. C. A.: Class Day Com.g Athletic Associationg UN. H" Club L-lj: Band CID, C215 Mane ager Varsity and Freshman YVin- ter Track and Relay CID, QZJ, 137, l-ll: Dairy Products Judg- ing Team Lil: Fruit Judging Team L-lj: 4-H Club 1 , f2l, C J lm- Affric. vim, lin lei gap C455 Pcisultry .ludging 'C4H. , i l46l l WILLIAM A. GRIMIES Do cr Hzgh School ROCIR D KJRAY 52 P tl d A NATAIIE M HAIJIQJLI Concord High School D or MIN I-IC Manchestu' West I-hgh School 50 Summer Sl. Dover N. H. Iiticr C 135 North Boxnton St . . . S Cl li .Phl Delta L 112119112 Alpha Chl Me,ff?,QZm0f E212 10.221251 Mmchcsfef N H Slgmai Dflm,Lh13 Rifle Team 1933-1935 -Xlphl C111 Omega Outmg lg, S353 Outmg Club Club RIHE' Team UD Carmxal Queen 1931 fam 'X 5 Q xi, I ROBLRT D HAPHEY Laurence Hzgh School 385 X orth Mam St HOWARD-I HALL Andover Mass PNRRFR L HA1NCOCh Lozcll H1911 School tloweyl Mass C0"f0"d H1971 5011001 Student Councxl C33 Semor . , 79 Church St Concord N H uls H5 f4D N H ub Phl Mu Delta: Sphmxg Inter Q4 F00 3 7 xgational liclatxons Cluh CSDQ 'ghElflILFS:l?:fl CEQSGLHY CKISQUC Q39 L43 Ad. armed M11 Art 'g Cl D an usce -, J: . .L mm uj A: DL-zm's Committee: Outm Basdull U Club l47l u Illllllllllll Ill lf mlllrllllll IMI' r Il 4" Xl? , - 3 ' n 3 'Y 5 . . 5 69. -vbtftzl E Q 51 il . ,Z ' . 22 J A ' . V y - 3 " 4 A ' ' A Sczlbbzxrd and. Blade 131, UQ 3 ' y ' -. ., , . . sk1 . , 5 " . 1 C1 . ' , . ' - , , QP, 133- V5 th ll CHU, 1-5- 1 Cg '. I ' ji ' J 'J :4 l'-'75 l :qv T 5 A- W X v ,iff ., . '. ifliifll. W L: -,:l V F'-'T' 4 v ..4l,4w5 eea1J:n4l'4f. f f ww- . v 41-',':ri. 3il3-EM ff ' ' - " I ELIZABETH S HA1ix Lebanon High Sthool Whitc Rner junction Vt gg e Llub Ut IU L1 D Elm ARD VV HITLHLOCK . 5 1 of E al: . ? '. -H , , . if Alf 4. ' ' '- N ' U i .2 lrczi ff . H l , Cl l 1231 " 4 p U' , Alpha X1 DOIN? WOIHCHS Government: l':1n Hcllcnic 131, .K me ' - :Y, W. C. A.41l, 44,3 1 , g 4 42m, ma, 44mg W. A. A, 43m. 1 1 - 14lIO11t'g Cll 4.19, 441. , . 1-4 Q43 Wlrlpolc Hrgh School VYalpole, N. H. Phi Delta Llpsiloni A. l. E, l E.: The New Hanzfslzfrc' Ill. 42l, Q33- L HI Il N1 HENRY llzltuz 1114171 School itilehem N. H. LESLIE A. H1Nciu.Ev zllcmorial High School P l ml l Sl5,lll'lQ Sociology ' um vlOlll'l.l1-S Student C ip incl I ovm, Vice Presi- 17 Benton St., Middleboro, Mass dent lrisulint of Scott Hall Phi Mu Delta: Delta Chi W Raski-tlmll 41u, 421, 4333 Bast ball 415. 1117, 9 mf VIRCINIIN H HIXON Doon .-lfhdonry 48 Brimhlt-con St., Lynn, Mass. Alpha Chi Uincgaq Phi Kap- pa Phig Book and Scroll CZQ, l3l, 4455 fiRANI'l'li C331 Outing ROBERT W. Hoiri .XYIISHIIU High School 6 Fulton St., Hudson, N. H. Tau Kappa Epsilong Sphinx Casque and Casket. Club 435, 445. l43l LILLIAN HfJl.T EDITH V. Hom, Milford High Sclivrml HELEN AI. HOPE .Yaslzna High School 5011111 LyndL'b0"O1 N' H- A Hcnnilsvr High School 43 Chester Stn Naslum' N' H. KZIIHIZH Delta: P5111 lIk'HL'l'llC .1Yl7l'fflfiClt1'SClJIl.Hl1l"j' . 1413 Lcrcle Frznncms 131. l-H: Hlnnikcr y H Alpha X1 DQ1111. Y.W.C..-X.113,121.1-39,1411 7 . .1 ' ' XY, A. A. 131, K-H1 Outing Club XX omqns Lula-e Qillill Y. XY. Lf 113' 4271. -X.: Oulmg Club. MzXRIOR1E B. 11ORTON in , Dorchester High School ., " 188 Tonawanda St., ' NQJ .' Dorchester, Mass. MARHN IT, JACOBS Plflphilj .XiLDc-gtg: Pig Kappql I.tllIL'tlSiL'I' Academy 13 S1 zuu 1 ill ap ant 7 -U. 1 ' Gown: Mask and Dzxggurg NVQ. ,O I'I!,.,ll TL, Lancaster? IX. H. men's Glee Club: Y. W. C. A.g 3111111111 X1 13011211 P111 Sigma, Outing Clubg Sophomore Hop VICE Prcsldvnt 1473 VVOI11L'H'S Cum.g Juqior Prom C0m.g Sec- HILDA P, HUUMHANE C1100 Chilli Y. XV. C. AJ 01111112 rctary 'Tumor Class' .Sx0Illt'!'STt'01'HZ High Svhnol Club' SOITKCYSVVOTIYI, X. H. 49 Ulllilillll 1 E 2 S E.. E.- 2 : :: se 1-:EE www V li I ' ,W 411351 Illlilgmi ' P 1...2ii1!', I IlIl!1" 1 i.::iII !1I1V -7 b?llli95l1. "' ' 1 gsm' 'Y ,- ,. .W ' f W... -.5 ' ' : '-1 1- ,firm J. " ,... ,, . , . V n,..,,'q1b"l' 1 N .- . -, . gl... , 515.--1 ,f 1 f-E llilligzi MVB Grolzcl I JAQUFQ ZNU GEOPKE D JI-l'l'liRSON '?ocl1cJtL1f Hzqlz School Masscronnuton M1l1tary School East Rochcsnr N' H' 409 Chandler St XV0rcLster Miss Jllil Kappa Sxgnm Scabbard and GERALD E. JOHNSON Coe's lVo1'll11c'ood Aff1de111y Northwood Narrows, N. H. Tau Kappa Epsilon: Sphinx F, ASCE B11 e lx H Club football 'F"'fv UD Trac: fll ox mg U5 Licrosse C35 Adx anced RUTH H JOHNSON ,. . . '.1BOXll'lgflD. SHIRLEY D. KAAIPINSKE - E rg fi ,, 1 , 'L -A W 7 l xl . 1" fi .d Q H 1 1 4 lll, C25, . 1 l 5 B - Mil. :Xrl: buting CMS. 023355 Conant Hull: School RUTH V JOHNSON ,,N'1"1"'L' High School Eqst Jaffrty ,XI H P0y?g,Q0il11 1-flgh FL-hoo! 41 laylor St., Nashua, N. H. Rxiiiiilcheoxxsgaslflows Polfslliiiihl 37 Ti. ggf3fi15fFff52fif? bi?i2?11i2 gighiylgflggislclitlfaglulggl 3 gxfggf HAlpha, Cghl Slxhmetgay-I GRANITFE ments mltteo: Out-ing Clfllll. H2213 f25lg V VV. A. Uilllgilugffl AJ Outing Club' VV- C- A. lll. 425: May Pageant. E501 KENNETH E. KEARNS Brewster Academy Wolfclaoro, N. H. Lambda Chi Alphag The .Yew Hau1psl1ire CI5. RALPH D. KIMBALL llflilfora' High School 12 Pleasant St., Greenville, N. H. Phi Delta Upsilong Alpha Chi Sigma VCZ5, f35 3 The New Hamp- shire Q25: Track C15, Q25g In- tramural Track fl5, 125: Outing Club. DOROTHY C. KELLX' Concord Hzgh School 59 Broadway St., Concord, N. H Kappa Delta: Kappa Della Pi an e enic 3 "omcn's Glee Club 1-5, l V The New Hampshire XYomen's Editor C45 .gin 'YW 5' J , .-. Wziif VVILLLIAM C. KIM Bellozes Falls High School 16 Church St. Bellows Falls Vt Kappa Sigmag Casquu and Casket' Advanced Mil. Art Football C15 ' Basketball C15 Baseball 415 1 President lntra A ARTHUR E IQFNISOIX JR Brewster Academy IS Pliasmt St Conway N H lambd1 Chi Alpha Sociolobx Club 135 645 lnternxtional Re lations Club C45 Bmu STER H IXOEHLER Tzlton School 18 Liberty St Manchester IN H Alpht 'lau Omega Scabbard 'md Blade Student Council Q75 Nice President Senior Skulls 15 C75 Base a l 5 L35 athletic Ass0c1a tion NICE Presldent C45 C119 5 C35 C45 Outin um ll5 65 f35 Basket a 9 C35 Q45 Adxance 'Vll Art H35 K45 Intrsunural Bowrd C45 Secretary Qopho more Hop Coin Q25 Junior Prom C m L35 mural Board: Scahharrl an Blade. l 51 l '5 'llllllllllll Ililllvl lu k . nllllhllll llll' 1. .lIl 'I12 I W V XIV 9 I l . . lv V Q 4455 P. H11 ' 4.5, 1451 Chi :,"Vf.3 vx 1 sm, . . . . 5 1 1 - if 1453 Y. XMC. A. L15, 121. 1135: ' 5 . 55 f25, 135, 3' . ' E E ff' ,Y ',', . Em 5 T 3 'I WEEK f Bi . - Y 79 A - 1 I: ' : ig Y, M. C. A. 1 5, - 1 b ll -g . 115, 2 , .QQ . ' . ' - lg , . v ,. . 1 E ' H." 11 42 , , : ' g , , . C1 l , 2 , g . b ll 115, 6-5, , 5 ' d A l 1. . , 3 . ' Ci 'o . Q . if fi Hifi: ' Lb' BNIB un. '14 c I 7 FU 71 .4 Q E 3' Q Y r.. E Q, I 54 S - 1 1 L4 o U1 F1 '11 H .- 77 F14 K 5 ? P. '1 5 2 , w ' HELEN U. L um Exeter High Srlmnl Concord' N' H' .Vzzslzzm High Sclzrml gi 7 Cottage St., lixctur, N. H. Mask and Dzlggcr C353 Lu rl Bruce St., Nglglumy N, H, 5 A. I, E. ms.-:mln c 19. Eff'ffk'ff,': LXQ1QQ1QfQ?Qff,1TL. Pi Kappa ,Allllliklvlxlllllfg Signm ,Q muh My CD- CZJ, 133, fq4PZ X. H. Club: ' Manager l'fL'ShlllIlIl Iizlskutbzlll 1-H 3 Advzmcvcl Mil. Arti Sludcnt Supervisor lntcrsclmlznrstic Has- kcthall Tournzlmvnt 1934. fe , 'j , uv, 9023.59 A WILLIAM S. LAW H A ll . v .., . " ., ,.,,,.."' 4 I W l h.hw.i1'f1e ww- ,-: 1 41L1.f:ma :s1:vnrf'.A'Q' ' 3 , Y 7 l Nashua High School ' , E ' Q 1. L5 1 ' S4 Amherst St., Nashua, IN. H. LMABIT? 4I4HilfT01N Phi Mu D It C que and EDVAR IVBMV .41lSfIl1-CLIN, . cmzmy c all :ls ' ' ' " Y Casket: Sczxhlmznrd :md Bladeg Hmfztzhgtrm Svlmol 4 ' Stmtlord' N' H' A. S. M. li.: Advanced Mil. Art. Exotvrv N H. 4,111 Omega: Ilzlskctlmll Clj. Internzltionzll Rn-Izlliuns Club. 1 , h H21 Roy' C. LOESCHNER Woodbury High Svhool Brotdway St Salem N H RICHARD C. Low Pmkerton Armlnmg RUTH LIBBY Lime!! Stnzznmx 259 Court St. Plvmouth Mass Klplll Sl ma Ddtl Chl Phi 4 Lenox Road Duffy N H , .ambda Phi 31, A. . 11. . Al ha Chi Omeya: Riding Allfha T211-1 011108211 A- S- C Clu 5 May Pageant C293 Outing E. C3D, C433 HN. H." Club C2 Club. Outing Club CSD, C415 Chairman of Cabins and Trails Track C13 2 Cross ountrx 13 Wu' Circle up C45 HILPIN M Mclwmx Kam High 5511001 15 Ldkeuem St JOHN R VILQRAXX NU Roxburx St l lcoma X H D0 cr High School hunk N H lxxppl lhlta Vloinuns Ath Mt Plmsdm Rodd DOXU lx H 2 1 Kllllil lplm lla N124 ILUC A550'2'dl10U C37 lgfwlfienl S1 nm Alpha Fpsllon Class Hf1Hll7S1li1'L' C253 Advanced Mil. fill? Cli1551C?1l Club: Big Slstef President C355 "N, H." Clu Artg International Relations Club C0mm1'fl00 f3lS Soccer CU, C2 3 aseball Clj, CZJ, C35 3 Junior CZD- C-35, C4D, Secretary, E'31SkCfl9Hll CU, ml, C352 USS' Prom Committee Cll 2 ' Hockey l l l C23 C 2 X XX C A Outing u I . it lllllllllllll llilflfl 'li l Un" llll'-" 53 KI? J Y' "I'.'?4,-l'lE P 5 A b D: g v't" ' ' .. , Q c ug C I c , cell 5 CQJ 5 Advanced Mil. Arty Blue Q i L 4 . 4' Czaokul-3 H. BICDONAXLII Laggnqig H1'gI1St-11001 M v V -tx . Y. Y Y, N FA' .ll ' A ' E K Y Y.' -, .2 1, 1. . U Y 2 P' il 1 A A1:"1, 'Y'-i "', , '55 1 . 4' 5 C bs 7 B B . ball , C l. . , N .lg 7. '. . .1 ' " Cl b, .. E 2-E 15 fr 'l A 2 I ,jkiflli llli ' . .. H llfldglfl I 1 1 7 .f5'f' , T - ..ll'kl9lill UL'E?il'I" 5 A 1 l I I fg1',ulif 2il5JW' f' LLl'AIxoR T Mcbiu AL Somcrsuortli H1gh School 59 South St Soinersworth N H li I rimbda Sigma Commuters in UD Y VX C Cu nu I s D NICINTYRE Wlzztcjiiliz' High School Cross Qt Vllhitcfield, N. H. mv, 0-...,e' CI-l1L M MARTIN Lrmcastwf Academy E .Q I E l . N ci: -g 1 1 .'A. Y BASIL G. MARKOS Dover High School I7 Mechanic St,, Dover, N. H. Alpha Gamma Rho. Lancaster, N. H. Book and Scroll: Kappa Del ta Pi: Tau Kappa Alphag Inter- national Relations Clubg Debat ing 437 : 4-H Club: Archery Q31 Traclcg B!lSliL'lll2lll1 Y, XY. C, A l54l VVINSTON F. MCKEE Franklin High School 70 Thompson Park, Franklin, N. H. Theta Chip Outing Club KU i251 Manager Rifle Team Q41 gl Manager Baseball CU 3 Advanced Mil. Artg Rifle Team QZJ, UD. NELSON W. MARTIN Lawrence Academy 38 Beech St., Keene, N. H. Football CU, QZD. ARTIIUR E, MITCH ELL llfIllllCllC5lL?' Central High School LI1.L1ANNE MATHIEU CHARLEs W. l5f1ONAHAN , . Freedom N H. . Manclzcstor Central Hlgh School Erctcr Hlgh School , - Al ha Tau Omegag Alpha - 1662 lglm St., Manchester, N. H Alpha Xi Delta: Ccrcle Fran Cais, Vice President C25, President C452 Mask and Dag gerg Y. XY. C. A., Vice Presi dentg GR.xxI'rl2 C255 XY. A. A. P 7 1 C35 C45 Ylzc' New Hump 1Mam St slzrc C15 Sphinx C35 Y M C A Nice President C35 Outing Club: Sophomore Courtg May Pageant C25, C35, C453 Big A4-'f"m" Sister Com. C35, C45. CORNELIUS F. MORIN Derry, N. H. V QQW1-95, jouw P MUNTONI Auslzmz Hzgh School Phi MU Delta? A4 S- C' E5 29 Orchard Ave. Nashua N. H Football C15, C25, C35g Basket- ball Hy: 1-N. Club. Theta Kappa Phi: A. S 'lc C 15 L lcrossc Fast Kingston Y H Alpha Cwuuni 1 Rho Casque and Caslet C35 Dairy Cattle Judging A H Club Duck Club Abgie Club Dairy Products Judging MIRIHI H NIYLLYNI-Xkl Concord High School 12 K St Concord 'X H Kappa Delta Phi Kappa Phi C45 Kappa Delta P1 C35 C B001 and Scroll C25 C35 C Mask and Dagger C15 C25 Y VV C45 Outing Club C15 C25 1 1251 1. rllllllllllll IIJHI 1 .2 1163111 llll' I lllll S Il "l' L-, 2 KI? l ' -etz . , 3 ' ."' - . " - 1A . 1 ' " . 3 . . . 'L fc' - '1 f-gl: Aw Y ' ' ' . . 2 g ff' . K w . Q. : K' , E j I 3 . - .1 : E . ' if tg Phi Lambda Lfhi C15, 425, C351 . . l . 3 ' , 455 52 f 5 w f , , 45. ' c ' , ,CSL ' I ' 445: . ,C A. 115, c25, cw, F I lx .ESL Q , 435. J.: rl ' 1 z , L qsy. L Fi T V W I ll I iilm 1 I I F'-"1-' V 1 l .-..:21' .,ll'rl!'rill ulhlll ' .515-li'.!:l'il, ' . 5111551191 1' .s ,..f 1'IlIFN 'Xl O Cowmzu. IHXLRIUL F Nl-RBOINNE Vlfzzzclmster Cfwlllflll High School CLIFTON A, ORDXVAY 340 SDF'-100 Sf- New I-Iampion Academy Wunchcstir Cenfial Hzgh School 716 Harrison St Manchester N H bibma Alpha Epsilon A 1 E E Frack 115 125 Cross Coun try 15 3 Boxinb 135 Hoc y 1 VX inter Sports 2 M Lnchtster N. H. Bowling 115 B'1seb'111 1153 Nrchcry 1:5 VK onien's Glee Nairn! l 'Rr 1 V 3 . . . Club125. A I "1 ,q.g..' . , ie v C59 ' C5- ,-1:1 Wy. 1 . .2 xlV1LLIAM 'VI Oscoon Pztfsficld High School Pittsfield, N. H. Phi Delta Upsilong Football 1151 Boxing 125, 1354 Intra- mural Boxing 135. RICHARD O. PALMER Brewster Academy Center Ossipce, N. H. Alpha Tau Omega, Alpha New Hampton, N. H. ROBERT W. PAINE EastP1'ozf'idence High School S1 Strathmore Road, Cranston, R, 1. Alpha Tau Oniegag Phi Sigma 135, 145, Casque and Casket 135, Sphinx 1355 Cap and Gown Cont. 145, The New Hampshire 125, 135, Advertising Manager 1455 Athletic Associaf tion, HN. Club 135 145g Outing Club, Baseball 115, 125, 135, Forestry Club 125,135, 145. 1561 Sigma. - . ' l XY11.1,,xl:1v T. PAXRKER QGEORGE PIENALQCJULIE Cl5gz'jf'0il:'4fgfdfllb' L1-:LAND M. PARTRIDLQE ll- Ash St., Nashua, N. H. ' T0 'i 1 ' ' Keenp High SFIIVOOI Student Council C351 Football S ljfllllllillllpda Phi K25, 133, C433 61 Wilder St., KL-vnc, N. H. U35 Y. M. C. A-3 Quting Club. cammrdi Lmd. Blade C3j,1Q4jg 74 . Dance Lommxttec UU: Chau! .Student COHHCII 4433 Y- M- mml A. S. M. E, 135,105 Track VHA- CU, f2,J. l-ll, 4455 HN. 429g XYintcr Sports ill, CZM H- Club QL l-ll' 44,72 Tf21Ck Glider Club mp, 445. Advanced Squad c2ug Lross Countrb' Squad llil. Aft . K Q C1355 Gift , 1 CIYCB' lll K Committee ix-lj. A. nl. E. E., Vice Prcsidcnt Ph1 K1ppa Ihi f.lEORGIANA Pmksox Robinsuu Seminary ga-1r.v,. Strathum, N, H. 5 1' ARTHUR B. Pm Phi Mu: Phi Iiunbda Phi 4. . 'N Melww High SL-11001 Psi Lambda csv, mg The New gina-9 105 Sargent Sr Melrose Mass Hampshire H5 1 GIMNITE Q25 3 I ambdq Chi Alphq. Tmck v . ' . 1 1 Y 1 U5 ll A A 11' W 135 Q45 1113? Reln 111 can Crm Basketball 115, 133, 145: Hock- LfBLlnt11j',t'llJ:RlXIz1skvz1nl1 Dagger lb' UM Baseball Hb' Qu' qw' Mudismz High School Outing Club Nladlson N H l 57 l . Vllllllilllll lllhll I. 1 lu" HH' f -.. ll 'I f llllllllll E cn o fi 0 ff '1 C 3: ' 73 I . S 2 bf 'fukin T F '9 'L' 1 ' W A , . 5 '7f-.-555' ' I o ' Z E U . 2 Q . 5 T l V o . F: 3 1 D .. l , Q R f Us l W U Y I A: fx!-H 3 , A be ll B .Ln'l.l'J 4 illlll l.l1f1:,1aZ "Pill-1 lllrllllll X QC .V 1. .'-'fll '-il' 1 ll ll' ' 7 . -'flllllll llmlul 1 :l,1Z1C-.' 1.'Z1ll 3' llll'llllLlllllIl." NI 2 l-'I-inlflh -3 CAI I 3' 4 v ' - '.?l"?lvflill I l'lHil'l' i ' ., . ,W 3 . 1 I 5.3-I-rw in llll Ulll 'SM' lines H POLLARD JR. 'llmiclmsfcr Central High School EDITH F PIKE ,Z Newell St Xetport High School Mqnchester A H Gosh n N H 1 L K1pp1 Sigma Art Editor 1934 .illlm 1 Mu Y XV C A VN CRANIII lX'I'lSix and Dagber C213 Baseball 2 3 racl C21 Soccer 1 2 1 3 l l l Y Ph' ' 1 - '- - -3 '-A- 'Q "cg .Ui 0 1 A.: Outing Club: MHUHSCY1 Track C11 3 Outing Club. EES Archery C31 3 Basketball Clj, C21, C311 C C 1, C13 T - f A 9 C 1- C ll .0 it y 3 - If . .I ' - A - 2' ' - H clty C31 C41 Student Ad 4111, user to Dean C31 E V .- mu? ROBERT T PRENDERGAST Clark 591,001 ELIOT PRIEST 131 Myrtle SL, Keene Hzgh School Claremont, N. H. NSISOH, N- H- Kappa Slg1l1ZlQ Sphinxg Scab- 1Theta Upsilon Omegag Delta bard and Bladeg Advanced Mil. Chi C21, C31, C415 A- 5- E- E- Artl Outing Club. C31, C413 Y- M- C- A- CU, C21- C31, C413 Outing Club Cl1,C21, ESTELLE T. PRAX' Porfsuzouflz High School l Thornton St., Portsmouth, N. H. Phi A1112 Phi Lambda Phi C31, Vice President C413 Psi Lambda C213 C31, President C413 Mask and Dagger Orchestra C413 VVonIen's Glcc Club C113 C211 Y .W. C. A. Cl1, C213 C3j, C413 Governing Council C313 Tlzc New Humpslzire C113 Field Hockey C313 Dean's Advisory Council C41. HOWARD D. PRINCE New Boston High School New Boston, N. H. Alpha Gamma Rho3 Casquc and Casket C415 Sphinx C219 Aggie Clubg 4-H Club. C31. l5Sl KATHLEEN M. P UTN EY Hampton High School Hampton, Va. American University Washington, D. C. Durham, N. H. Cercle Francais 135. ARNoLn D. RHODES Lancaster Academy 78 Bunker Hill St., Lancaster, N. H. Alpha Tau Omega, President 1-I5: Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Sigma 135, 1455 Casque and Casket 135, 145, President 145, Blue Key 1455 Y. M. C. A. 115,125g The New Hd11l17Slll.78 125, 135, 145, Advertising Manager 135, Busie ness Manager 145 3 GRANITE 135 3 Athletic Association 115, 125, 135, 145: Outing Club 115, 125, 135, 1455 Blue Circle 135, 1453 Chairman XVinter Carnival Com. 135, Director of Carnival 1455 Class Treasurer 1453 FOYSSUY Club 125, 135, 1453 Chairman Class Day Com. 145. Dokis li. PUTNAM Eastlmmpfmz High School 314 Main St., Easthainpton Mass Sociology Club Y W C A VV. A. A., Outing Club 115, 125 Basketball 115, 125, Track 125 Hockey 1153 Rifle Team 115 411, A Q sf Nw' Trkki Nu 5 RAFFERTY Portsmouth High School 138 Bartlett St Portsmouth Xl H Theta Kappa Phi, Vice Presi dent: Delta Chi, Phi Kappa Phi: Kappa Delta Phi, Presi dent: Track 1255 Baseball 11 IZOLA M. PROHASKA Portsmoutlz High School Riverside Drive, New Castle N H Theta Upsllon Sociology Club 145 Womans Student Goxern ment Program Chairman 145 Womens Glec Club 115 5 V 12 145 President 135 Vocational Guidance Com 145 Chairman Bruce Curry Conference 145 Lnix erslty Social Com 145 S dent Group Social Chairman 195 Deputatlon Team 115 Big Sis te Com 135 145 Sophomore Court 125 Freshman Reception Com ocation Com 145 JONATHAN P RNC Wilton High School Wilton N H Lnnersity Band 115 25 Tgack 115 Cross Country 115 I - I. IIIIIIIIUIII l59l IIIIIII 'I I I :IIN I IlII' ' l I II I' I . KI V Il lIIIII II P I I A fvmfza e U ,57 'i. . 3 qi., 1 1 . - A 'L is .5 -- P .'.g,4y . I - ' 4 I ' ' . 'X :Cl 1 - A L. 9 -Z ' , S if . - Aa 4 l' - -. .. .' '41 - fx I I ' . W U - '1 -3 ' 'a ' ' Q . . ' O. 4 ' Z . E . ,. W M C U V I V 0 -. 2' ' . v- , . B' " .' P 1'D A -Q . .4 I t V. . A fa . I 'AA ' V 3.. ?N-. . I .Lvl.l!. LIIII' 'a.11:I:,-Izr I 'in iii 1'-.I IIIIIIIIIILI.-' I Ifllllllllllllll' Il p'.'I:- V I '-51' flllllllllllllll-. I' ,-,zumn mmuuua I-., 1...- 11f:--1-- 'lu -w'vr1.-- ' E ,yn 'fi 52' Ml' If Fl I 1 11:1.1?1s11. V . ' ii' 1. ist fi 'Z '-flnlif. ' 5l55l',F" f' 1 -' f 'll' ' I -, 1 L H1L1x M Rockwooo 13011115011 Se111111ary Fiuxus 'Xl Rlllll List Kmbston N. H. Protfor 16111111111 F1st Xndoxu X H Chi Omn 1 PS1 Lambda 123g C O1 111 Club 123 1111 1111 1 Ixos W 001110 1 If 1111111 Iilflll School x X Portsmouth lx II h'1 X1 Dltx li K1 Phi Bool 'md Scroll PrLs1dc nt 1 3 3301111115 Studc 11t bourn IIILH1 Pr1s1dLi11 143 C117 'md own 1sl 1 mr XV C A L1l11nLt 143 1110 New IIz111111sl11rf, 113 Logswdl PYIZL TI!! mfg DKJIQOTHY RUssELL l , Y. 111 . A. U' 2 ' ' M, 1, 1. ' 'SlCl.l, lf. S. Nzuj yilffl, Q' Alp . 1" 1- 1 1 l' 1' .2 ppzl A ' l 3 ' xii '- Q -' " L ' ' ' 3 lkliq c' :md 13: gl Y. 1433 Outing Qluhg lst. Prize In- tercollegiate Essay Comm-st 1235 Folio Cluh: Big Sistcr Com. 133, 1433 May Pagczmt 123, 133, 143. ELLA l.. Ro1.1.1Ns R0bi11.vo11 17011111111 SCIIIUZLIV-Y Rilj'lll0l1Cl, N. H. NATAL11: M. SA111ar:N'1' 711.11071 School 66 Park St.. Tilton, N. H. Theta Upsilrmg Phi Kappa Phig Book and Scroll 123, 133, Treasurer 1433 Cup and Gown lelllbltfj MCl1l0VlLll High School 44? Secretary-Trcusurcr. Y. W1 58 Arbonway St., JZ1Ill3lCil Plain, Mass. Phi Mug Basketball 123 g Bowl-- CA. 1l3,1231 03,1431 W-A- A. 121, 133, 143: Outing Club 1l3: lJl'Z111'S Advisory Board. l60l i EVELYN M. SEARLE ROLAND J. SAWYER W00db1"'3' Hlhfn' 5511001 HARIQIET R. SHERBURNE Brimsfwicle High Soho-ol Salem' H' Concord High School iV07"tl10IZSfCl'H University Cq??lPfD423 DQXEHS C?fCl?11Ff?11'5f1if 11 Eastman St., Concord, N. H. 131 Park Row, Brunswick, Maine dpi 625, fuk 272511 S ' SL U1 Delta Chi. YV VV' C. A. Theta Chig Gzunma Kappag Sports Editor 1934 GR,xN1T1a C35 5 The New Haznpshire CZD. J Www LE RAYMUNIJ S. SIMS E..- iwizziclwsfw' Central High Srlzoul PHYLLIS L SHOREY CLAIRE D, SHORT Pmctor Road, Mzmchester, N. H. if Rgghglgfgr High 5511001 Long Beach Polytffchizic Kappa Sigma: Sophomore Hop L Pearl St Rochester N H Long Beach, Cuiif' Comkmittecg Assistant Couch of 3 " ' ' ' I . BOXIHSII S 0 p 11 0 m 0 r e Courtg 'i Chi Omega: Phi KHPP21 Phi: Ch' OUUQHH3 TSOQOIOQY Club? lunior Prom Commitwug Y. M. 1" T110 Afgqgr flayllpghirg Pan HCllCl11C2 H. VX. C. AJ Out- C' AJ Outing Club. I ing Clubg Sophomore Hop Com.g Comme-nccuient Com. 1 1 I Ulllllilllll 6 5: . -- Ei fu '11 17 A 1: NIP Q - v i 1 1 . rj: ' IIBHI: -Y . Y' Allin" X NHL., ' I' ' f i.'i'1ii "hi ' r . 'ra GJ D. .,, " F.,-1, ' 'v ' , ...url-sm I sm-iw I I :ig-2-fri. ' .2i!SE11'.F' f' I ' l SlxUFII2LD DOROUM 51RHAh15 Nec lmrton Ilzqh School ARTHUR wr. SKOOG Somers north Hlglz School NCW Hoslfm N- H' 151-png High 5511001 High St Soimrsworth N H Y VV L A S7 Cross St., Keene, N. H. Clissical Club International HZISIQMIH11 425: Baseball Q35 XX omen s blcc Club 411 QZJ Y XX L A Outing lub qu., YQ 1-9 , E 1' E l Hxancx E, Q ' Relzilions Qlulw l-252 Riflery U55 junior Hockey Manager. lg JOHN P SMET HA11RIhT SMALLILY Medford Hzqh School Lynn Classical Hzgh School 107 P1rler St., ORA B. SMITH 46 Kernwood Drive, Manchester, N. H. Hinsdale High School Lynn, Mass. jstudgm Cigncilz sroggblalliny High St., Hinsdale, N, H. . X' 3 ' Ambda: l-li lkli A Vance 11' Hi A . T. 0' 5 5..2iET'2afI3Z1?flL?..fSE157 l Rifle Tw 143: Baseball fn: l1,fpl3?H..,7?3f?"mBa Bam" A. I. E. la.: Llass Constitutmn Cciiiiiiittcc. 1 1 Q.. ,, , if l62l M. NATALIE STEVENS HENRY VV' STEVENS .Yortlz Slrutford High School LAURA A' STOCKER NflydeSfsafilligllid-SCQIIUOI North Stratford N. H Snmipcc High School nam ., . ct e , A ass. K Kappa Sigmag Alpha Sigma? Alpha Xi Delta: Psi Lambda' Sunapec' N' H Outing Club. GRANITEQ Outing Club. Alpha Xi Delta: Phi Kappa HoLL1srER STU RGES, JR. Clzestnut Hill Academy Fairfield Cottage, Stone Ridge, N. Y. Theta Chi, Secretary QSD, President Q4fb: Student Council HDL Casque and Casket, Vice President C451 Senior Skulls 1455 Y. M, C. A.g The New Hampslzirc C-H: GRANITE, Man- aging Editor 631: Outing Club QZH, 135, President C431 Blue Circle, Secretary CD, President f4j: XVinter Carnival Com. QD, 1453 Sophomore Hop. Com. C253 International Relations Club 133, Treasurer 545: Dean's Com.g Society of Highlights. 118. Q x-f Phi Book and Scroll Cercle FYZIYICIIS XVomens Glee Club Y XX C A Outing, ub Frmzleltn, H1gh School 29XV1 B S.,F kl',N.H ALFRIQDA C. SUROXVIEC Lst OW t ran in F M. H. 'Theta Kappa Phi: A. S. E XYest Bow St.. Franklin N H ive- wiv- 'tllllllllllll ifwllhllllll l lllilw 1 U nm' L-Fi " n of 63 ll llllll W E i E oiflfmffg 6. 1 N b ,. 9 N 'QSM M LQ - S 2 :N . -5 F11 -H. ru 2 . ' 5 S l " - ,, V " - U 3. 5 4 5 , l . E: Sf' ' 0 73 ' D. Q O ef 2 ' 4- ' E F . - O DP 3 . " 4 .vg.1g..1:f:.-fs. 't"tr'2:i'1.. Hmlllllil it 1 1 ' Q4 I-T5'dl:iI 117511 Ji' fllllllilalllllgl. 'I ' V V JlsHF5.UILllr,.1.1:..' A '111:.:lI- 'Ili -Will' Xl ll.ll'l5 'ffltlllfl 'V' li' v -.lswwmc C 'asian I A e uarntgvsxi. ....l 1 ' :trim V WWA 4 l jouw C SVVPI-TSER H ll S l l Mendtth High School QSC igignldcgio Meredith lN H ALwA1I W Swaux Portsmouth Nl. H. Theta Kappa Phi President C45 Alpha Sigma President Q45 Kappl 391113 H Egimlbag SD' Ph1 lambda Phi President C45 we fi C: 'I I if-my Scabbard and Blade Casque ' ul ' WC- and Casket Sphinx GRANITIL stock ud in Team Art Award C15 Track C15 Ad xanced Mil Art E114 1-3 iz F T -Q fr ' 3 425, my in ' , Y cn, 4295 ,Iv . . 5 ' - 5 I .J - I 1, 1. -- fav? ELVIE L, TEER1 GERALDINE M. THAYER Nortlzfield Scm1'11a1'y Watson Afademy Point Road, Durham, N. H. Epping- N- H- Womt-n's Glot- Clulx CU, QW. Chi Omcgar Pan Hellenic: Outing Clubg Hockey. JOSEPH B. TARGONSKI Classical High School 106 Sterling St., VVorcester, Mass. Kappa Signiag Delta Chig Scabbard and Blade: Student Councilg Sphinxg Blue Keyg Athletic Association, Presidentg HN, H." Club: Outing Clubg Basketball Q15, C25, KS5, K45, Captain Q45 3 Advanced Mil. Artg Baseball CI5, C25, f35, M53 Highlights Club Q45g Mayor Q45. OLIVE J. THAYER Vlfatson Academy Epping, N. H. Chi Omegag Phi Sigmag Scabf bard and Blade, Honorary Cadet Colonelg Pan Hellenic, President Q35, i455 Cap and Gowng Out' mg Clubg Footballg Basketballg Junior Prom Committee. l64l SHERMAN VV. Tom Brcxstcr Academy 11 Hale Placc Exeter N Track CID, CZJ EUNICE L. THOMPSON Dover High School Dover, N. H. 18 U N1 x-P RICHARD A 'lowhu Columbza Hzgh School 66 Maple Ave Maplewood N J Lambda Chl Alpha GRAINI1E Hceler L75 Sphmx Football Baseball KU Q23 Hockey VD Outmg Club KEITH I TNVITCHELL Bcrlm Hlgh School Cascade N H Kappa Alpha A S C E H Club Football CD ROBERT M. TRIP? ack Q19 Q29 Q33 Q47 ox Pembroke Academy ROBERT W. TRUE Hg QU L33 Glider Club C45 Sh F H N Kimball Umon ACf'df"'3l Lacrosse KU Intramural Board Off a S' ' H' lVest Lebanon N. H. President Gamma Kappa 'l 1 wlllillflllll l65l um 1 I I n"IlHlllll lllI" I 1 .lll 'l'l I Xl? T ' . ' . , V , .H. - . I - 5 ' Cl! 1 U , 9 ' Q I- 1 . - L A" 'V 'Ir'-2. -5 N: .. 4 sax-Eg: -'iii f E.,- ' - , . . 2 Fi 3 .... 5 f'N- - ' 5 5 3.5 If , , . , 1 B - L . . 1 . 1 9 a ,J 152 K I 6 llnlll R15 I I I I 1:1.1?v111. v . 1 'Y ., - I ,-,.:E.'..ll'?l!'rllll ?5f1b'1l'1'A' 1 1-'5': I l. Wifi' 1' A I .-..',..l,.l 1 -lil! X A1111 E WHLKER .- S . gi l '7 15 1 ' Phi Mu: Kappa Delta P11 2-U WimhfUP Sf-1 Q k 1 - ' , 1 ' 1 fii A 3 . U .Y gg 3 . ' len' , X W Q I 147 R 1 1, cap, , .QE . V3 159' . lil' li 5- , Q5 'C-vw CHARMS F VARIMO Nt Uzmilct Hzgh Svhool V1kC1NIX VVASTCOAT IXgWy11'1fl Cf LHIFUIIL SC1l00l Rcdstone NI H I 1 Boo md Scroll I-U' The Now TIIUHIOH Mass. HtIlIIf7X1IIVC CU Third Prizu l - , 4 . , , AY tercollt mtt Essay Contest 1 Algpyb 9111. OQMC? Iloho Uub 3 G AXl'I'li Q3J: Outing Club 2 . L-U' Spanish Club, I resident. -5112. Q55 E W .1 M 1-0 TIIFODORE F VVEAWR IWW Af1ff'dU"5 JAMES E. XVENTNVORTH 50 Elwm AVC" Dover High School JOHN F- VVENTWORTH P0fYSH10l1lh, N' H- 5 East Concord St., Dover High School 'l'lu-ta llpsilon 01111-ga: Base- Dover, N. H. Dovvr, N- H- lmll KU, C21 3 Advanced Mil. Art. Sigma Alpha Epsilong Track l66l 4 I 1 2 Outing Club. N , DEXTER H. VVILCOMB ELIZAHETI1 C. WHITTIQMORE . GLORIA Vvnccox Pinkerton Academy Kcvne Normal School Londonderry, N. H. Y. XV. C. A. DOUGLAS R. VVOODNVARD Concord High School 44 North Pembroke St., Concord, N. H. Phi Delta Upsilong Phi Kappa Phi, Casquc and Casket 133: Sphinx 133, Treasurerg A. S. C. Mmzcliester Central High School 69 iviiddic st., Manchester, N. H. Sphinx: Phi Sigma. am, Reading High School Chestnut St., North Reading, Mass. Alpha Chi Oimcgag Phi Kappa Phig Sociology Club 143: Pan Hellenic 123, 133, 143: GRANITE 123, Outing Club 123, 1333 Class Secretary 123, Class Sec- ond Vice President 143, Uni- versity Social Com., Spanish Club, Secretary. CHARLES L. YORK, JR. Plymouth High School 18 Vllintvr St., Plyniouth,.N. H. Phi Mu Delta: Sphinx, Blue Key, Mask and Dagger, Man- ager 1433 Y. M. C. A., Secre- tary 133: The New Hampshire: Business Manager 1934 GRANH133 E- 133, 1451 Varsity Tfaflk, MSU- JABIES M. WRIGHT Freshman Baseball, Manage-rg agerg Advanced Mil. Art. 133, 143. Rochester High School Rochester N. H Relay 113, 143: Track 1135 lunior Prom Committee 133 67 N E E N 2 .. N Xl 1 5 E 5 2 if fa fi 6 ..p 3' I l f . - .2 uiffzzsenusunu lnim .ii .iInl"l i Illllf' 'WH 2 Au 1 Jll l l' WI' I I .vniirsxt V I f f:li f 1 1w:s'islsmf 1zwfn-.1 ' ' 1 HU Hifi", 'lt ' -. . .U -,,,,,,.,, AHERN CORNELIUS J Ch3flC5t0Wfl, N- H Boxing C15 C25 C35 Baseball C15 Cross Country Cl5. BATCHELDER EDWARD S 238 Lincoln Avenue,,Cliftondale, Mass. Kappa Sigma Scabbard and Blade -Xdwanced Mil. Art: Lacrosse Cl5, C25g Football C1 5 BACHFLLER GFORuE P 54 South Main Street, Concord, N. H. C1 ARK SCHOOL N H Club Football C15 C25 C35 C45 Hockey Cl5. C25, C35, C45, Captaing A. H. Judging Duck Club President A H Club Aggie Club, BASIM MARY M 390 State Street, Portsmouth, N. H. PORTSNIOLTH HICH SCHOOL Athlet1c Association C25 C35 C45 BLOOD EDWARD J Hanover, N. H. Cusnnwc ACADEMY Alpha Tau Omega Senior Skulls N H Club C15, C25, C35, President C45, Outing Club C15 C25 C35 C45 Track C15 C25 C35, Cross Country C25, C35, C453 Winter Sports C15 C25 C35 C45 Captain C35 If . , .. , 'L F ,fs . , ., 5, cz . A , 4 " ' -, 15 N YV . ' . Kappa Deltag 'Sociology Club C453 Y. VV. C. A.g The New Ha1npsl1i1fc C153 Women's r i - -1. -3: , ' ie 1 ' : " . . . . 1 . . , . . 3 5 . . BRETT HENRY F 45 Chester Road, Belmont, Mass. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Football C15 International Relations Club C35 3 Manager Freshman Football C35 Sophomore Court Advanced Mil. Art. BRYANT RAYMOND A Conway, N. H. Alpha Tau Omega, Advanced Mil Art, Hockey C153 Riflery C25, C35. CHASE, J. PHILIP, Locust Lane, Henniker, N. H. Delta Epsilon Pig Phi Lambda Phig Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, Glider Club, Outing Club. COLBY, STANLEY VV., West Lebanon, N. H. Phi Lambda Phig Alpha Zeta. DANFORTH, CONSTANCE, 435 Crafts Street. West Newton, Mass. NORTHFIELD SEMINARY Chi Omega: Sociology Club C253 Y. W. C. A., Women's Athletic Associationg Outing Club Cl5, C35 3 Basketball Cl5, C25, Hockey C153 Rifle Team Cl5. DORSON, BENJAMIN S-, 33 Pleasant Street, Keene, N. H. International Relations Club C25, C35, Football C35, Track C25, Boxing C253 Men's Glee Club, Outing Club. EMERSON. ELIZABETH J.. Fitzwilliam, N. H. COLBY JUNIOR COLLEGE Kappa Delta, Y. W. C. A. C355 Women's Athletic Association C35, C45. 1631 FATYLAK, WILLIAM C., Front Street, Suncook, N. H. Delta Epsilon Pi, Boxing 125 , Y. M. C. A. FELLMAN, DAVID, 340 Cedar Street, Manchester, N. H. The New Hampshire, Track 115, 125, Cross Country 115, 125, Boxing 125. FILES, CAROLYN M., Meredith, N- H- MEREDITH HIGH SCHOOL Kappa Delta, Kappa Delta Pi 135, 145, Book and Scroll 135, 145, Women's Glee Club 115,125,1355Y-W-C-A115,125,135,145- DIOTTE, NORBERT I., New1J0ff, N- H- ST. ANsELM's Pi Kappa Alpha, Casque and Casket, Secretary 145, Mask and Dagger, Electrical Direc- tor 135, 145, The New Hampshire 115, Manager Freshman Boxing 145, Advanced Mil. Art. GOODRICH, BURTON J., Epping Road, Exeter, N. H. Delta Epsilon Pi, Casque and Casket, Phi Lambda Phi, Track 115, 125. GRAFFAM, CHARLES A., 83 Malden Street, Everett, Mass. ' EVERETT HIGH SCHOOL and KPINT'S HILL SEMINARY Lambda Chi Alpha, Scabbard and Blade 135, 145, Vice President, Blue -Key, HN. H." Club, Football 115, 125, 135, 145, Boxing 125, Advanced Mil. Art, Baseball 125, 135. HOYT, PARK R., JR., 79 Gale Avenue, Laconia, N. H. LACONIA HIGH SCHOOL Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Sigma, U. N. H. Glider Club, Secretary 135. LEVVIS, ARTHUR C., 1158 Hayward Street, Manchester, N. H. MANCHESTER CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL Lambda Chi Alpha, Delta Chi, President135, Phi Kappa Phi, Blue Key, Society of Civil Engineers, President, Athletic Association, HN. H." Club, Outing Club 125, 135, Foot- ball 115, 125, 135, 145, Track 115, Lacrosse 125, 135. LIBBY, THEODORA C., Summit Avenue, Haverhill, Mass. Book and Scroll, Erato, The Student Writer 115, 125, 135, Women's Athletic Associa- tion, Folio Club, Hockey 115, 125, 135, Basketball 115, 125, 135, Baseball 115, 125, 135, Y. W. C. A. MARSTON, H. STEWART, Newmarket, N. H. A. I. E. E., University Band 125, 135. MARTIN, RICHARD A., Richmond, N. H. The New Hampshire 115, 125, Track 115, 125, Junior Manager Hockey, Y, M, C, A. MARTINEAU, FREDERICK J., Woodbury Avenue, Portsmouth, N. H. Kappa Sigma, Scabbard and Blade, "N. H." Club, Lacrosse 125 , Football 135 , Advanced Mil. Art. MILES, MOREY C-, 99 Chestnut Street, Claremont, N. H. STEVENS HIGH SCHOOL Theta Chi, Society of Civil Engineers 135, 145. 1691 , It lllllllllllll Ili'-lil li I .Qnl'!llfigl-I It llll'-" If-'E ia uuwi A P EEEEEE? WU 'VIOlxIN VVILFRED L Main Street, Marlboro, N. H. GRAINIT1- Heeler C15 Y M INOVVAK 'IHFODORE A South Street, Exeter, N. H. Theta Kappa Phi Scabbard and Blade Blue Key, Treasurer and Secretary, Society of Civil FII Ineers Athletic Association 'XI Club, Hockey Cl5, C25, C35, C45, -Xdxanced VIII Art OSBLRG NIARGERY 394 Bridge Street, Manchester, N. H. MANCHFSTER CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL Phi Mu Womens Athletic Association Basketball C35, C45, Hockey C35, C45. PEAIXSON CH ARLFS F 920 Middle Road, Portsmouth, N. H. PORTSMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL Alpha Tau Omega Alpha Chi Sigma Delta Chi, Y. M. C. A. C15, C25, Outing Club C25 PHILLIPS MARGERX M 4 Chauncy Terrace, Cambridge, Mass. DANA HALI and PINE MANOR JUNIOR COLLEGE -Xlpha X1 Delta Phi Kappa Phi Phi Sigma C45, WOman's Student Government, Pan Hellenic C35 Cap and Gown President Women's Glee Club C35, Y. VV. C. A. C45, Cabinet Outing Club C35 C45 Blue Circle C455 May Pageant C35, C45, Big Sister Committee C45 PHILLIPS, MARION L, . I East Candia, N. H. Su AMPSCOTT HIGH SCHOOL Kappa Delta, Y W C A C25, C35, C45, Woman's Athletic Association C35, C45 5 Outing , .N-L., ' " ' w- ., I livp 1' 4 H. TUGJG 2lt!94l'a'i I M. ii . -'.'l.1, .an-:ll in V . S 1' 1 -'Z 1 n 'J ' ' 1 g . . C. A. 512 ' ' I ' A R gf EXETER HIGII SCHOOL I5 - 8 . 1 Z - - A H A . . I I 3 A Y , , I , . - ., 5 ' 5 5, cn, , ISD. EI . ',A I a - ' ' - 5 is , I g , , gg . . . E . , y , Club C25, C35, C45 PRICE, TREVOR A., ' A , Candia, N. H. MANCIIESTER CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL Theta Chi, Society of Civil Engineers C35, C45 5 Outing Club C15, C25, Band C15, C25, Football C155 Relay C45, Track C25, C35. PURRINGTON, CARL H., 19 Thorndike Street, Concord, N. H. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Gamma Kappa, Sphinx C35, Football Cl5, C355 Boxing C153 Blue Circle, Outing Club, Blue Key C45. ROMEO, JAMES P., 32 Union Street, Milford, N. H. MILFORD HIGH SCHOOL Alpha Kappa Phi, Delta Chi, President, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Lambda Phi, Y. M. C. A. C155 Athletic Association, Outing Club Cl5, C25, Football Cl5, Boxing Cl5, C25, C45. ROSI, FRANK J., Main Street, Colebrook, N. H. Alpha Kappa Pi, Football C25, Basketball CI5, Intramural Board C35. RYDER, MIRIAM N., Cifre Plain, Plaistow, N. H. Alpha Xi Delta, Cap and Gown, Phi Sigma C35 , Big Sister Committee C35 , Y. W. C. A. l70l i SAIGH, ERNEST II., Manchester, N. H. Delta Epsilon Pig Y. M. C. A., Intramural Basketball 135 5 Intramural Baseball 125, 135. SMALLEY, HARRIET, 46 Kernwood Drive, Lynn, Mass. LYNN CL.xss1t'A1, HIGH SCHOOL Alpha Xi Delta, Psi Lambda 125, 135, 145, Soccer 115, Archery 115. STONE, JOHN E., Northwood, N. H. Phi Mu Delta: Advanced Mil. Art. SVVEENEY, GEORGE A., 229 Miller Avenue, Portsmouth, N. H. Kappa Sigma, International Relations Club, Football 115, Outing Club. WEBBER, LAXYRENCE E., 53 Rochester Street, Berwick, Maine A. S. M. E. VVERNER, ERNEST, 24 Charleston Avenue, Manchester, N. H. MANCHESTER Wizsr HIGH Scuoor. Sociology Club, President 1453 Band 115, 125 5 Cross Country, Managerg Track 115, 125, Cross Country 115, Boxing 135, 145. NVHIPPLE, ESTHER E., Lebanon, N. H Phi Lambda Phi 115, 125, 1353 Basketball 115, 125, 135, Baseball 115, 125, Hockey 125, 1355 Soccer 115, 125. VVHITNEY, RON.-XLD E., 26 Claremont Street, Pittsfield, N. H Delta Epsilon Pig Axe and Compass, Forestry Club, Y. W. C. A NVILLIAMS, COURTNEY, VVhitef1elcl N. H Theta Upsilon Omega, Casque and Casket 135, 145, Mask and Dagger 115, 125, 135 145, Y. M. C. A., Outing Club. WILLARD, RAYMON C., 9 South State Street Temple N. H WILTON H1011 SCHOOL Alpha Gamma Rho, Mens Glee Club 115, 125, 135, 145, Dairy Cattle judging Team 135, 4-H Club 115, 125, 135, 1453 Agricultural Club 71 fumuunu KI? . f 115. . E sa 6' l l .. 1. '. IW: 1 I 5 .gulf llll"LV lilo' iilfll' ii'i 'E I PM .ximtml li I rs ii U ,, v ' .Pa-sl'a'---' 1 .-..:E1'.1l-Frlfrm - J L I " l" 5Wi'.'-"V - 5 Class gf 31955 WALKER CALDERWOOD 1 U RNS GROCOTT Fknuliluui C. Wu IXER President President I .I 2-3 J 53 E J E . 5 J A I 2? if . A - A ,f ..,..., ' 5 WALTER A. CA1,m2Rwo0n .... Vice ' ' Y , I V 25 if A M , f 2 J K :num .M ff! ' min" ml!-" ., f X ,m fr-1 A.. 1 MARTHA V. BURNS . CH AR1,1is H. Gkoum' lllllllllllll LSec1eta13 I'rea.vu1er WP f ,'1'Q',.:1,.:ff ' 31j5!f,f1a-':' . - V ,I K-IL QJNQIS11 V ':'- A11-1 I f 1 -.1aZ'.?1!'?H ' ' .1111'1'11f , 111111 XX ANIIBIRK WAR111 IN V A11lw 1125111gl!dlllglinggrlimllx H Cosmo NI Xxmm S 1 1111 1111111 511111111 1 C L I 1111111111411 SL 111111 111110 1 S111dv11c11 St P1Nll1fJll111 N1 ws 'U X ' 11' I ful mt XX LS XX 11 111 me 11 19 1 1 1' 1 1 1 Q 1111x 1 11 xcroesn I A li, ' , C ' 11' . 1 Imcrnz Ili - 1 ' 7 ' ll 1 1- . . bounow 11 A11Q11111A1 11 ,1 , , 1 3 Y 'A 1 A -- 'RI ' . , v A . mf, 1 Higl 1 : , f ' , '. . A .' A I -, K .- I L ... A111: 1':1 :1 Pi, ' 41 K 1 V . "K 4' ' 'A 1 131: LH J ll 1 111111 Lfukct 131: 331' 1. Lfh 1 N" E '1'1'l1.'tZl Chi: At111L-tic IXSSOCIZI- Sphinx 1.11, 11511101 Cf' 3' H- 55 tim 1 Outh Q C111 1 171111111311 111. Phi Ml gym 1 km' Av j ,sf 1-115 Lf 111- 111lll'1i1'X'1'1'1'V11111f11RXY1'l1f1.21 Q 31:11 1211111 111111 131 tin 11 111111111115 L1 1 71 111 ,mv 1-11. 1 F T 7' ,Sfcz'u11s 1111111 511111111 NFM NI BADH-R 141 51111111161 bt., Q11lI'l'lll0l'lt, N. H. CUIWIWLI, High School RUBEN. A. BAILEY B1L'l1if Glcei C1L11J 111: Track 03 yynshingmu St., 15111911111 HI'!l11 5111111111 1411: Qross Lountry 1111 Blue umcmdv N. H' Elmdd Ccmrcv X. H- lH'C1l' 111. - Y Theta 11111511011 Omega. . ,- 1 1 1741 XY11.1.1A1x1 F. Bmiiik, DIR. Cnizzsfwz High Suhoal Sl Stratlmmrl- Roml. Cranston, R. I. 'l'ln'ta Chi, Secretary 1Qll Outing Club. Hiimn L. l5,xu14i:1: l'irH'HIl'l1gf0l1 High Salma! ll Sunnncr St., Farmington, N. H. Kappa Sigma: Track 117, 125 133: Hockey 1ll3 Y. M. C. A, Sociology Club. 1iD1Tn Tlll-IUILXTIC B,x1.mvIN .lfll7IL'fICA'fL'l' Ccziirizl llhfh Salina! JA MES II. HANNON 21194 Elm St.. NlZlI1L'll1'SlL'l', N. H. Sf, ,,1,,kW1,,,'S Alpha Chi 1lnu'ga: Hook and l,acnnia, N. H. Scroll 121, 1.313 Cap and Gown Tl lt. I, I P1 .V Q 1. H -J 1-lll Y, XV. C. A.g The New PI ,Mill V ,x.2lVlf'lX, W 'HH ' pnllffj A2 . v 1fH,,11,A.m,.l, 113' QD' xvomtn-S tang rch, I ails., L lla, Lllllfliifllll . Sportg liditor 131 1 XY. A. A. 125, I llfllri, n Jw?t.m.1llf 11? Rl" E 1.ll1 Outing Cluli 1 I J, 1JI 3 Field ffj, PI' U iii. 'il Q' J' nlcx ill' 3 llgclccy 121 3 Vlnnim' l'rmn Com- ' ' ' ut In L' 4 mittee. E Cl..XY'I'UN H. BARNARD EE 4.'m"'Q? lfuvlii' Iliyh School Z1 io ixifiqanllby sf., mem-, N. H. i Tau Kappa Epsilon: Delta Chi 5-. 12l, 'Vrcasurl-r 135 3 Outing Cluli " 115. 1231 ll: 1113, 2, 31 llrum Nl:1jorm1i2l, 135g lloilcify GEORGE A. BARTON 115 L Soplninmn- Hop Committee-5 Dotwr lfigfh ffvlzuzll A' 5' M' ll" Cm' 595 Central Aw.. lion-r. N. Win' 75 . . EE KI? - 6 i I 1 ..-mflllllllllllll nm: Wai., K b fiiiilu lllll-" ill.'I-'-ein ," -iv L.-:Gll F III ' ... L . W T' 5-i P 51 - E V ' uaidiwvz ,, A..f.f- e . .mv 1 .... .:ii9iramln 2:'1' Mm 1' . X F- 5 I imlmcll Lhi Xlphw Football 'Nl1n1ger QU lacrosse CU Q23 Xrlx mend 'XI1l Art VVILLININI B Bi:1xW:TT Hzllsloro High School H B bokuox xssi ri Hillsboro XI. HA Vu: Ibor o Hwlz School Mlrlbom X H ilu Kxppi lapsilou Presidunt l 1 lxmbdl Phig Casquc and Lasltt Sphinx Supremo ourt P stlnll fl? Q- . 1 C lidtr Llulm Xdx mend Mil. Art. 4111, V VQNIFI-9 Kb ix ix l'TH BLAISDELL .H , --S - I , TL V' " , A ..4., - i 7 V. H . , , ' ' y A ': 1 YAY. I V "Q y .1 4 Q , 4' i I N Q35: Vh -2 1 U gi., ,Z Z , 1 . Q L 1 'M gf 3 v A 1 f j -1 y S 1 za," 1 , Pl, Q32 .- 'Q X gi . . J f . , 5 -2 s ig Nxt li, P4595 Gojjfsiowaz Hzgh Srhool Goffstown, N. H. In V ZA- 1: 4' 1 Phi Delta Upsilong Phi Lamb- Qflkffffr ll ELQCIQEY da Phig A. 1. W. E.. Manager Lulu 41101, A ' ' Lacrosse CU, CED, C355 Vllinter Sports 615, QZJ, C351 Advanced V jixciasox BICKI-'ORD Holdcrrzcss School ljoffsvillc, N. Il. Alpha Kappa Pig Cross Coun- tryC1J, DURUTHY M. BOND illulzclzustor' Q1U!Zfl'LI, High School O2 Market St., Nlanchcstcr, N. H, Alpha Xi Dclta: Y. XV. C. A. lli, 425: VV. A. A. QU, CEB, l3fl: Outing Club QU, Q2jg Track CD. L76 Mil. Art. l l 3 I- , RUTH M. BR1isNAuAN Manchcsteff Cmziml Iliglz .Srliarzl 3l7 Merrimack St.. lllanchester, N. H. l'hi Mu. President CSI! NVO- man's Student liorerninent CAM Pan Hellenic CBP: The Xara' l1'r1m1ishirc tll, Clj, CSI: 'l'Hia Gleixxrria t27, XYOl1lL'll.S Erlitor t3Jg XY. 1-X. A. CZCJ, liiijl Field Hockey 121, t3J: international Relations Club C333 Baseball t2t 3 Cap and Gown C-13. How.x1m D. Bizooiis Gould 1'iC0dCllIy Errol, N. H. Alpha Tau Omega, Vice Presi- dent C492 Delta Chi C25, C353 Phi Lanihtla Phi CZH. C3D, Treasurer C375 Cross Country Clk. C2232 Advanced Mil. Artg The New Hmizpsliire CZJ, Na- tional Advertising Manager CSB, Business lllanager tf-U. ALBERT J. Bossrmir flfffflrfolz fiflldfllljl Greenville, N. H. V. Y, 1 Rifiir learn CZQ, tap. 4935-71- H1-:INZ CSERARD VY. BROWN Dover High School 20 Main St., Durham, N. H. Sigma Alpha Epsilong Sphinx, Mens Glee Club: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, Outing Club, Coin- munity Church Student Group, Vice President C25, President t l Ricrmrm C. Bieitsns i-lzzzavlrzzry High Sehzml 24 Hillside Ave., Aineshury. Mass. Theta Chig Athletic Associa- tion Cll, CZH, CTN: Outing Club CSM Basketball Manager CZQ, C33 5 Cross Country Cljg Hockey CU- MARTHA V. BURN s Mnncliixvter Central High School 334 Massabesie St., Manchester, N. H. Y. XV. C. A. CU, CZD, CSD, The New Hampshire CU, CZD, Society Editor CSD, XVon1enis Editor C431 THE GRANITE, XVO- 11l0I'I.S Associate Editor C351 Senior Sister Committee C351 XY. A. A. CZJ. C352 Field Hockey C2'r 1 lnternational Relations Club 425, Vice President C355 Secre- tary of Class Cll, C355 Varsity Debating t3J: Cap and Gown tftw. E 1 . utulhiill F"" 17 Q E E .J E E-. E- :4 : 2 la 1 5 Jig. .. my 'our i C - f vm... . 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I - 1 I ' ?5 B1 A' 3: fo :ll 1111 .115 111. 1-1, 4311 Tri 11 111. 1-11 I . ' . i ' . ' 5 3 g 5 '1 . , . . . ff? I Q ' 13,3 Q 'Ii I ' I 7:96, ISHJIQ 2 C , C2 .1 l , J 1 I.UIGI I. C11s'1'1a1.1.0 Woodsf.'iIIc High School 37 Court Sl., XV0o1IsviIlc, N. H. Phi Mu Dultzlq IVI,L'I'l'S Glu- Club fllz Hzlml 111, 125, LSD. l1111.11 CASNVELL Dofiw' High School 19 I.L'XIllg.ZI011 SL, Dover, N. H Al1ss1c1'11 -l. L'.xs11:111xx .Y11.1h1111 High School L'l11-5111111 SL, 'l'il11111, N, H 'I'l1v1:1 Iizqwpzu I'l1i: Cross Co Irv I I J. I,llYl.l.IS lu. LAsw11:1.1. 1.111'1111i11 High School Wh li:1lcIwl11 St., I.z1c011i:1, N. II XYU1111-11's Ulm' Club Ill: Y. I . ' 11 11. 111, 1311 111 A, A, 11 V111 Nu 191111111 Sfvclolvgy Club 1311 11118111-1111111 1.41: F11-ld Hocl 131: 'Franck ll 1, fljg Boxing K-y 131. fjj. lil 1 LlUIllI1lLIfl'1'.S Club. l73I ROBERT A. CAUGHEY fiilffl-Ill High School Antrim, N. H. Tau Kappa lipsilong Alpha Chi Sigma bij 1 lX1cn's Glce Club ill, 125, CSM Y. M. C. A. 121, MJ, Band HELEN CHASE PCWYCICUUIC High School Ponacook, N. H. Alpha Xi Delta. EARLIC XV. CHANDLER Bariiutt High School Bartlett, N. H. Alpha Tau Omega, Treasurer, Outing' Club ill, C25, Q35 3 Track QU, 125, 435 3 Winter Sports KU C75 C33 ,1-,-- av, 'tuaii' ELDUN C. CLARK Coe.: Northrvood Acnduuzy Northwood Ridge, N. H. Ueltt Epsilon P' Adiancen Mil. Art' Intramural Baseball BERTHA M. CHAPMAN Grovcfoiz High School Croveton, N. H. Book and Scroll CXZD, C35 5 XYomcn's Glec Club QZJ, C3j 3 Orchestra, THOMAS M. CLARKE St. f01171'S Prep. College Durham, N. H. Pi Kappa Alphag Student Council f2jg 'KNQW Hampshire" Club: Football Clj, CZD, Captain f3Jg Alumni Memorial Scholar- ship Cll, C253 Sphinx Junior Society Scholarship f2jg Base- ball Qll: Informal Dance Coni- miltce KZJQ C011111111llJI"S Club fl.. Y.. nz E . 5 'Q if 5? .E ' 5 Xl 79 WE il" 'W' 1 , 1Q ' ' .. K '.: -4 - V 6 I l g r ,,,vf .nurmnuuni J ilittrftfl . "rm A- .mix N I mp' p ' 4 , 'E II l mm' 1:-E -P , 1 ff 1:1.1i1111 v -' - . - 5 '111 , f - .:E-' all? 1 '11':1?.'.1Z ' .S!531'.F"1' A "'x 11111 11 A 1111 lllllll 8111111 111 s H IIN lx Jll H11151117111 1111111 S1 111101 Hxll-.l111r11 IN H Ill N ll L111111 flllffl S1 1111111 R1111l J rI1 ll ll 1111111111 X XV. C. A. Q'1l1 1. 11.7, sf Q1-P JOSI-PH P Qowxrzu, JR. 2 .2 'E' ' ' H.N'.11. X '. 1111.1 um i, lim . .f'l,l1l'lLIl U Y" 4- JIU 'h ,il 1 lXl1ll 1 , l ll 21 1, N. ll. XY1's1 .-Xllrm, N, ll. Kappa llcltzll mil llilljlllflil F , . . PV: js' .1 lla: '. E l'l1- 2 lp:1lm1 01111-1111. KIM 421. fc in ,t CM- . l 0 fi-vi l' I 11.113 '. Cc .-: 1' - - 3 .4 Book :1111l Scroll 1.31 1 Y. XV. L. A. llb, 131. 1313 Outing Clulmg Classical Vlulm 1l1: l'r0- rvssivo Cllulm 131. P07'1.YIll0Il11l High 56110111 38 VVill:1rd Ave., P0rts111ou1l1, N, H. Kappa Sigma: l'l0cl41-5' I ll 1 Rifle- VIlC2llll 121, 1.31. l211w.x1111 XY. LiOl.llY P1'11111'rl1111 .'1L'1lll'L'I1lj' l.11111l11111l1-fry, N. H. XX11111-r Sports Nl:111:1g1-r L I C33 LELAN11 B. COTTA111 .lI1'lf11011 M1'11'1'111'y School 7 Porter Tvrracv, VVOst Roxbury, Mass. Delta Epsilml Pl. 801 1 ' Irzlck IH: .Xelxzmccd NIH. .Xrl, W ' P'I.XRllI.Ib l,4l'RRllCR lilllllm, S. CVMNINHS ,Yzrfzfffwu Iligflzv .Sl'l:fm! OMER HAM MSE XO,-7,-My Hwy, 5'4-114,01 5u'l"1"'1" X- H' l'u!v1'I101'u11y1l1 lliyflz ,Sklzmfl V, 17,14-i,m 51-m X,,,-wily' Maine 'Vi Iizmpzn .xlphlll fJlSl11lt' mul fQfL't'I1XiH4'. X. II. l fht-in L'I,5i10n Ullwgil. Lnskctl Mm' in-Ch" Ih-11:1 lfpsilmm Vi: Y, M. C. AX.: 'Vruck 111, 111: IUHL- IIAPIIHI ,luninr xI2l1lllQ.11'l'Q .'Xdx'zxnccd Mil. E' .xfll l!1lf1i!ll1,ll'Ill l:2l5L'lJ2'lH. 5 - 5403 , , 9125? 1 LYL'R'1'1s H. IJPQARBORN 5? ILXRL 'I' IJANS URAXNT L. DAVIS H'U4lI'L' Hfglfl SL'fl00f l"1."'f11.-1' i'1' 4 ' zlliiuzillv gflflgf A HUHLY HI,NlIYSt-film, bouth X. H. HUHN X H Alpha lhuunm Rho? Alpha Alpha VINIIU Ulm-gn: .'X1m'ric:111 V A A " ' ' V Za-1:12 A101145 lil:-c flnlm KU, IDC civty of Uixil Enuim-4-rs: Foot- IJCUH fll!41 'Phu Lmnlulgn Phu: Xflvzu1cn-d Mil. .Xrlz Riflc 'IR-:nn h'1ll lll 2 .Xdxzlllcul MH. Art. AXHWYICZW 5"C'l'U' Of UNH fill' 133. 4.471 Fruit .lll4lQil'lQ' 133. gqxucersz flu-cl' 1.1-zldcr 1 I I, lla 1 H192 Y XI? 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'B 1 I 4313 XY 1 '1 Glu Chl 111. - 1 131:Y.XY.C.A.fI1,421,f3I: A ' ' fl 1, 1 C 1 I I-I 11 P11111 X I l 31 I III FR-XXl 7 XX X X 171 Q31 11111 IUIJ I-l11'1:1c'1111x lf. IJ1111caE 1N'1'r1' l?0.vI011 1111111 SC11001 Nvw II0stc111. N. H. Hockvy lil. Ro111c1a'1' fi, lJ17sT1N 1111 1 1 I 11811 111 I X111 XT Q DL mb 1x'u1'111' 111-1111 5511001 Ollllflg M U X11111111111I-111111 SL1I0f71 R6 IYVSI SV- 1411-1101 N- H- "H, ym, I1 ,,,I+,31m.L, H ' 3 . 4 lin-1 1 - 1 xx-., Outing Club II1, 421. 1313 . I 3 " -2 11 1 1' 'l'li 1-1, H1-4-Ier: N1-1-QII111111. Mass. fuck 'I '- '3'- 4,4313 uIiUIl'r .4 lx , T ' .H Y x C UL 1 g C Tnlu K1 1 F .I . O A U Spprts 13413 Ifluv L11rcIe121, 17311 121. 1.31: Hgglqpy 111, .. 1 'Dpi' 'PSHOH1 'limb Umlcr C11r111x'11I c0IIIIll1tIt'L' 1.31, C,l11l1 121: Lross C,c111ntry U1 , Blum- Circle IU. ISZ . 1 I NIARVIN .X. li1s11:11.1N ,Y01't11 P1111'11j91'1d H1911 5011001 Durham, N. H. Studvnt Council 1.11 3 Mask and Dagger 1l1, 121, 'l'r1'z1sur11r 131. Pvc-sid1-111 141 1 Editor-i11A Chief 1935 GR,ANI'lEj Y. M. C. A.g T110 Num' I1HlIlf7S11iJ'f' 111, 121: Outing Club 1l1g lizmd 111, l21g Cheer Lczulcr 1'li1. 121, 1313 Blue Key 141. CLIFFORD C. EL1.swo11T11 Pcnacook H1911 School l11l Pleasant St.. Penacook, N. H. Phi Delta lfpsilong Blue Key: Band 111, 121: Cross Country 111: lntra111urz1l Board 1315 Baseball CU, Y1111 v11'1 j F1sF11 ' 17111111111 11111111111 51111701 X lll ll -Xl11l11 Pr1e111m K IIOI' I 'l 1 s11l1 111 ls 111 Lllktf L1 1der 111 1111111 111 1 111111 1111 11 1:11111 4711 11.15, lr 11-7 11111111111 N I 1111115011 H11111psr1.11111 H1011 SL1I001 l1111rso11 -X11 111111s11 1 l -Xlph X10 H1115 'vc ' 1' N1- T11 N NI 411131. LRITE L1111 -XHI Lf1s1lI.S11111111111 R010 I rl1'1111 11t1 pn on ll 91 1111 0111111 Q 1 l11 L u1 X 1 Ll 131 1 r1sl1111 m L111111111ss1011 9 111 1 1 l1'lL'l'1l Sports l 1'1d1r 171 l r1sl1 111 Hocl LN L pt 1111 ll lr1s1 d1111 Lo111111un1t1 1l1111cl1 Qtudcnt 01111 R1l1 10115 1 Ullfltl I'r1sl1111 111 H1111 100 IN 1 01111111 L1 Q s 1r C0lllll11ll1k 151 11 KCI I LR1s1 S1011 I1ltl1l 5111001 School it 1X.Ill'lCl'lLStEf 111 the S1 1 Mus 1111 Ups1l011 V1 A 1 d H11cle1 1l1 llcin s M 1 IQOYN Po lfd N oc1t1o11 11 1 u1d1n11 I I'LSlLlt'll1 Suuth H111 131 Cl'lbb1C'1l 1b 1 I I 8 Illl1I'I '11 il S1 X V Xl V W 111 v .. .1. . .xx v v ,V 1 in i I v . . 5, V l.11l1l1l11111. . . H. ' Mm , I H Ju I ' N. H. li kilplf A 5- Tl 1 z 1' :'l 3 Pl ' ,fgg . 121,1.1111l' zl1l1,1l1.131, 13, 13,1 11' Q., '11 -A-.J l'r A 121: Klzxlq z1111l Dnggcr 111' 121 131: Y. 111. C. ,- A Cgli, i i 1.111 Y, Rl. 1f. A. 111. 121: Out- inf '. : I j E lllg Cl l 1212 1 " 12 1 . VV1 A A -1 13 . 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Delta Epsilon Pi: Football lll, Qllg Boxing UQ. k1ARLiARl-IT FPIl.IX Slt'111'I1S High Srlzzml 204 Ilighlund Ax Q., Klillinockn-1, Maim- Chi Ouu-gn: Ccrclu Frzmczus lgll Outing Club QZJ, QSJ. , nav, DAv1D FOLEY .lIlllll'1lE'5fFI' West High School 345 Mast Road, Mzmcliestcr, N. H. JOHN O. FELLOWS ,lIlIlIL'llt'.YlL'1' Ccrztml High School 396 l,owull St.. Mzmclicslcr, N. H. A. S. N. lf.: lN1z111:1ggL'r Boxing tll, L21: Glider Club UD QD. QSI. JOHN B. FOLSOM fffflilljf High 51711001 Epping, N. H. lfuotlmll M1m:1g:,cr ill, 125, lil 1-15 . -. l84l Rslay QD, f3D: Track QZD. RUlll'IR1' VV. Foss, Iimxois H. Fuss Cuulv .X'm'tlm'nml Afumlvlliy NIIl'lllXV0l1ll Cm-nu-r, N. ll. 'I' li will l'11sil4m1 xYi1llll'll'S lllm- Clul11l1.ll11N.XX.L.A.fl1. KZ1, lil: liwsliiiizxii Crwmmissimi 111. FRANHQS FRENCH 1,1'lItll'I1Uli' lliyflz Sflinnl I-'Q-nncsmls. N. ll. lilmi Mu 1 Musk :incl Dagger I l 1. 121, C31 1 7 lu' Nuw 114111111-1 .vlzirv CZ1. lCm'1u'.vli'i' Higflz ,slfllllllf 1 lirzmiu- St.. Roclwstvr, N. 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A. lllg "Xara I111l11f3S1l1:1"eU Club 121, Vicu President C353 Band 1113 Cross Country Clj, 121, 133: VVin1ur Sports 1395 Advanccd Mil. Art. - - li. I". ll. No. l. lxaymond, X. H. l36l ,Y 4 lixiiui P. CiRr1x1ER Marzflnnvlw' Central High School 163 Oak SL., Manchester, N. H. killARI.ES H. GRUCOTT Tlzayer Arudemy 4 Broad St., Nashua, N. H. Theta Kappa Phi, Casque and Casket QSM "New Hampshire" Club 1211 Hockey ill. lk2j, i331 Treasurer of Class QZJ, Q3j, Baseball Qlj, QZJ, Q35. FRA NCB R. GRE N IER Jlarxclwsfm' Central High School l63 Oak St.. lllanchestcr, N. H. Cerch- Francais. mv, NORMAN J. GROVER Concord High School Concord, N, H. Theta Upsilon Omega, A. I. li. E.: Manager Hockey CU, C2l, C35 ' Trac 1 XIARY B. GRINNELL Piizlccrtorz flfadcmy 8 Park Ave., Derry, N. H. Theta Upsilon, Y. XV. C. A., Chairman Recreation Committee l3l: Cahinetg XY, A. A. QZIZ Basketball ill, LU: Field Hock- ey CBJ: lnternational Relations Club 129, QLD. l.oR1Nu R. GUIBUKD Melrose High School 17 Lincoln St., Melrose, Mass. Lambda Chi Alpha: Scabbarrl and Blade l3,J: Track CD g Hockey 117, ill. Advanced Mil, Art UQ, 143. 87 ..- .- .. ... 3 2 NIP . . . klll,l2J. ' . T . ss gg EET - v l l . - 'l" 352' V in 'lllllllllllll llllilfi-ls ' '- " 1 ' . P .gum nur' V f" .',' J ,,:fII 'l'l 'Z '1 .-'Lf.':l'Z. ' h1'I11i5 D. Y' " ., -'I J-1I'l"-1' 1 -:ET 12 111111.11 -' " P xX1111 1111 11111 S1 It I Y 811111111 H. HANGAS U11 A IN H- .lN1l1'I1111 ,'11'11de111y 1111111111 1111111 S1 Ill 111111 Qt 11911111 X 1ms1I1111 O111cg1 Sphinx Nvw Ipswich, N. H. ant xrx Hu 111-1 - 5 Q .1 I ' 2 . 1' N H1 Nhn S lb 11111' NI1111 nr 111 PM I 111111 I J' C31 ll lllllg ul ls s 11 1 NY 111 1 1 rox-. l 1111111rx 11-,s1 1 XX mtcr Q 1r111x.1l 75 411.7 1 . . ' X'x11,1.1.m1 Im L 1' '14 F111c11Ii111141i S. H1111 41' "U", I-I1 -'I 'UI cf . , -N b-.1 Ml JN k'l111rcl1 SL. 'f.1c11r , '. lf1'j S1 ,. ., C0 ' ' . H. 'l'l11'1:1 l' 3: 1 Q 3 ' ' ,x , f - 1 l.:111 11141 Cl' A1111 2 . 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Mmns 4-lllElI1lm llnfxffllgffj l.:l'1Hf11flff 2'ffflrf,lg" lfli Hfjlfil Xhfxgrugifd c:1.-.- Club uw, my, cspg cms E 51 H k- my "V ' ' ' ' ' ' " Country mlb: XYimL-r Sports l . '- mum OC U W- Aff- mg Advnncecl xm, .mg Dairy ' Cinema H1l.1.1.xR1m Pirlvlumf Hzlflz 51711701 oducts Tcum 1373 4-H Club lll. 625, CSD. Ilrnuxlm lllNc4K1.l2Y XYINFIFIJI ,l. HIZNIUI-illSIiN IQ, ' Y'H ,lllmmrwm-l.' lliglz Sl-110111 ,VHXIIIHI lllkxlfl 501111111 ,, inilurs' A ' ' W . J-I TCl1llk'y Ave., 28 Summvr St., Nashua, N. H. mules? Gvlfzlfllk' lrfgtufgjlt' lvlznuzxroxu-ck, N. Y. 1 Mutiny Klub. X u...u. o lllllllllllll QA... S 'H ll L l elllll, lm ll E ' - E... E+ :n QXI P A ICQ I C :' "WM I H ..:IQf lllNl:1-:H 1 " V P y.'.nH nur--' ' ,ll Pmf' ,null F ll! 3212? " sv .la f-'fl lil all ,. grll H q:-."1- A Y ' 0 f "f EEE, 1 -1aZ'.fl1'?.l6lill i5Iil'I"5-V' 1 -2 1 '-'.'.rsf 3ilWr',?fi f' V lRl'Dl-RILlfx C HOXX'lCI.I. Huflm Hrqh School lJURlS M HosMx-R . 1111 St Berlm N. . 1 Mon School ng gumlml. St Tllton XI H Alphl L11 S1 a, Reporter 'lhul Upsllon Psx Iambdi X X -X Flcld Hoclxu bv' II 1 MM L Isluzlmoolu JR 95,34 Hulm H1gh School nr 1 S Bef m IN bonnlx I Curl Engmeers , . r ' - 5 1 1 " j. " ' 3 2281-'gg - , H iz- d Q - H ' ' A D ' 1 f1' 'gm - . N . 1 . ' 121. cm. xxulm-ne cies Clubg YT W. LCZ ie 1 A.. ' . ' ' QU .H w . Y , . f 'H l sm uf -1 f-1 f., H 1' , H. -' lla: .z.: Q3 j 'A A Nlxil and Dagger CU JOHN A JACKSON H N f X 2 4 - Ifcrlm Hzgh School My-n's Glu Llub lklj, Q I, LU , X' C- A4 llly lgly l-353 Uni' 347 Sweden St.. Berlin, N. H. xerslty Orchestra klfl, 421, UH: ,, . Progressix-Q Club C359 Glider a .-Xlphzl Inu Omegag Outmg Club 415' lb' lm. Lluh klb, CJD: Band HJ, KQJ: X Hockey 111 1 Lacrosse C13 3 XVIII- - ter Czxrnivzxl Committee CID. l l A , l90l DUX.Xl.lT lf. Hvsl-I Rl!I'l'0lIlflll,fll.V .flcadenzy North Sutton, N, H. Pi Kappa xxlllllill llzuuma Kap- pa lib, lil 1 Seulvburnl and Blade Pledge lib: Sphinx Supreme Council limp 'I'l1u Xstu Hamp- sllin' Ill 2 Ilzlskutlmzlll 425, Q35 I Track lil: .XilY!lllCCLl Mil. Arn MH 3 lnter11:1tim1ul Relations Club mga, 459. Rlfli.-XRD I. ,lunxsox .lrxzriuz fllwjffl Srlzool .3 Highlzmd .Xxm-., Antrim, X. H. Alpha Sienna 1313 Rifle Team lllg XYinter Sporrs KU. Ho Grzukczl-1 li. K1-:RR Tilton Svhool 39 Blillcr St.. Mudflcld. Blass. XIAURICI-1 A. KIDDER Lfmonia High School 62 Hilbert St., l.ZlCOI1lH, N. H. v ML-n's4Clec Club Vflj, QZJ, ffl: X, x1.L.A. ln, 124, psp, 1110 lxuppu Sigma: Football Clj. Xen' Hlzlzzpxlxxh' 1155 Truck QU, ckcy LU. L3l. CH.-XRLICS KIRK Kvcne High School 252 Church St., Kuene, N. H. Mexfs Glee Club 411, H352 A, . M. E. gil, lm: Folio Club KLU. 4117, PETER J. KTISTES Cilozrresfor High School 100 XX nbhm ton St Cloucuur Mass llll Mu Deltl Nevs Hump shin-" Club 141: Football lC L RIT,A M. KIDDER Marzclwster Cwzfml High School Mzxncllcslcr, N. H. Alpha Chi Omega: Psi Lamb- da: Y. XY. C, A.: Outing Club C17- TERRY F. LAPEZA Xaslzuu Hzyh School S623 XX mt Holhs Xl'lSl'1L1l N H loo Ja l 'WW' 1 Illllllllllll WF 'wi 91 --u., ..- E E uummufv lull! xl'- :E ' 3 3 v'r . -,N . .- ' St., 5-2 1 ' I : U , . Y l 1 1, . . ul- A. l. E. Eg 7 l ll ll 2k. 121, IFJ. 141: Tri kC1j,C2J, t ll L, 131,m4JgA.I, E. . E 5 zz 'E . . , 6 I l 5 f ., llnllum 'Ju 1 J 'nxllu iiglfll-"' ' fl ..:',Il' 'H H --n I v V" ' - . . ,I ' '- . - yll!E'fW'l-" I .1- , 1--I .,:.f ii!3P41'.F' f 3 L . ' An'1'1l1'l: T. H. uxxm, H Iilcluk C. I.. 'lx lllH6'L'l'lUlI Iwny l.l:u1x.1,1a H. - ' r. .X'wn'1Hrt 11111 ,"l ml th xr' X' H' Kr 'I 'R 1 ."l ml ,I V V A . H' 'lxlu-tu Cl 'Z SCI' 1 ' : I X1 -I K' uwuy, N. H. ,,, 'J Y n lflaldvl S1Illil1Xl TIN: 12kxx1'w, , , , , . , -1 E 4 5 5 ' I B M: U wr. , 1 . ., lh'1:1 L pwlmmz l -rc'lcI'r:1x1Q:11s E Mi, ,Xi N ' ' ' 1.2.1 Y.xx'.u.x.c1m,13w1ul1, V , in- KU Hmmm Llll ll? l'l 131 I l'1 um tl if QM lmx 1 11x ll I11 ll! 131. - --wp N C,-x . J. Ll'l"l'I.Ii ' - ' - lkltl X I JRD L x ll Xlilx UL L UHBX r I r 1 S1 It mlm um fllllfl S1 It XL wpm-1 V ll mb ull lm 1111 nu Ulm' IX WPA P1 umm ss H1 1 Xe x mu 11 ' N K r . . QT - I H 1' .v - ' 3 sunim' 'm Commi cv 3 ' ' L--4 -' Hrc cs 1 . 11.7 95111-7 lumix. 1 .Sivumzs Hull: ,Svlzunl B1-i-vt' 'Z X ' A ., . , 3 UY .LITTLE . I . .Q a+ lvulrnl bt.. klIll'L'lHUIlI, N, H. C. 1131. I 5.1, I Nfflfffflf HH!!! 5111f"'l M - IJ I 1 L. -.I Q .1 4 Umlml 'UI ' L Nm , lfnst l,1-lm:mm1, Nninv H " M l"""1' Vmlm' -10 Fflllllillll Sl., ffwncorll, X. H. Y Y A .xml Lluslcctl Sphinx. X.XX,1...X. lhltu I':1lSiI0!1 Pig Boxing llb. l 92 I mp. XN'u.i.mA1 l.i'i'lNs14i lltIT'L'7'f!liH llfgfl 50110111 34 Iiiiisluy Sl.. Xzlsliuzl. N, ll. lil: lizlppzl Sigma: Scziblmril :incl ulv: X. S. Lf li.: lfuutluill illg lloxing ill, 125 1 Aclxiliicvfl Nlil. Art.: lutrzmlurzxl Board CSJ. IJux.x1.n R. Kl.XL'.AxRTHl'R .'lm1zw'sf Iliglh School Amlivrsl, N. H. l'lu-tu Chi: Musk :incl llziggcr in U nhl, clw 2 uting ' 1 1 flu-or l.n-zulu' ill, l.lI 1 Foollmzlll I l J I Truck 1 l J 1 Hoclqcy ill 5 Inu-rf nziliunzil Rclutimls Club C352 Inf 1r:unur:1l Hzislu-tlxzill 633 2 Intru- lllll rznl Hoclccy 135: llllflllllllflll l7l-lmting 1.1! 1 L.znrn1x'z1l Play ini. JOHN li. I.x'i-'mm livlllmlzl High Sflrfml Bn-lnmnt, N. H. .. , ,. ,. lI'1lL'li lm : lxiflc lcum 125. 1 ' 117 Wig? XY1I.L1.xx1 T. KlCDI-1RNlKl'fT f'!7!lL'l7I'll lfliflfl Sulrrml I.6IZUI'l'lIt'L' ,ll'tldL'lIVAV IN Ik-clforcl Ct., Lfoncorcl, Mass. I'i Kappa .Xlplmz Footlmll 111 Ill,1311HOCliL'yllj.l2l.l3b Ilnsi-lmll ill: Truck lll. l3b .Yvrv HLlI7lf7.N'fIfI'l"' Club. Ai,nici:'r M. LYON L'm:1r:1w'u' and Iiryunr High, .S'm'11rml, N. Y. llnfwr' lligjlz Svlwnl Old Roclwsicr Ruud. Duvur, N. H. .Xlpha Kzippzi l'i. xlERYIN C. MACDUNALU Pnrtsfrmnlli High .Slvlmrrl IS6 livzirsnrgc Sl.. l7O1'lSll1Ul1ll1, N. 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C. A.: XX'. A. IX.: Outing Club: Girls' Track 1 l I : llzisehall 1 I l : May Pagvziilt Lmxmm E. RIARCH Xizsllmz High 5511001 7 Rockland SL., Nashua, N. H. Theta Chi: Scznlulmrd and Blade: .'XflX'ElIlCCCl Mil. Art. RAYMOND MARTIN Raymond, N. H. Alpha ljuiumzi Rho: Alpha Zi-tu 12j, 13jg Men's Glec Club 121: Track 1233 Advanced Mil. Art! Dairy Producis Judging 'IK-Lim 123. 1 A llullflgu 93 21. if I' : 3 Nl 111. 123. . 'L :i g 4.31, - ,, -- T337 i 'J pf-1 :rmnnuuna 'li'-'fl 1' fW"' IHA Wai? H lil- . num., h'M'w- Effie: yu: ill' " "7 'l"'H:i 'us :E -4 F.- A , ,-.fz-ms. ' ' kifl-APEX! V v ' I I9 'UT' I 'Z 'L -ff.-.ri ' 3'1i5l'.FT'1' P x ll hlXTIIl 111 I f S4 foo 1111 mf II Ill S4 lf 'Nm lo Smmmr Sl 'Sl 7 X " H xKlLNl1l' l r 11111 L um , E l P ' lil.lZ.Xlll'1'l'll R. hllil'lxI.lxNI CANON! A I .WS limi l'l'uri4'lf'l1z'u li-fl: ."! I I Rn' " 'ig ,"l ro! lmql 'X' H' . Q - Q N 'l'lu-tu l'1."lcn: Y ll -11's Gln-Q .. -' , , ,. , ' lflul ill. lfll Y. XY. ll. QX. fl l. Y " ' ' ' 'X' H' ill. 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Osuoon .Yushzm High School Lowell Road, Nashua, N. H. Phi Mu Dcltug Casque and Casket C395 Sphinx C353 Y. M. C. JK. Clj, C212 junior Manager of Football C-gill .Xdvnnced Mil. Ari. l9Sl 'il-ld Hockey Clj. 1 . l ' ' GICLIRGE P.XliliI'Qli, JR. Nl XE OVW VV11171'tl1If117I .lmuivrfzy . . 71.1.2 Rodzvsfw' Ilzglz 5611001 Il xx 'f1"1fm" - Y , . "iota Cu: hunim' Cross Coun- ljn xx akemlil St" lry BIZlI'l2lQt'T1 Hockvy 113, ffxli Rochester, N H- umm farm Q11 m, qsy, cm. XVintQr Chrllival C0lllll1ittC0. A :gd-147, ix P a 5? 1 f 'fo N45 95, flzvnf CHIQSTIQR F. PERKINS Suu' L PVRKN Lacmzirz High 3611001 L A H ' 4 A S 29 Gala' Ave., Lzlconia, N. H. Cushing Afmivmy Ph. D 1 Lv .1 S 1. South Sudbury, Mass. 1 c tn psi ony plmxz ,. , . A M: 22 'I' .1 .Cl .Nlphzl X17 Delta: ISI l.nn1Ixclz1 Junior "HAH "Ll uw. mm X. xv, Q1 A.. ranting Club Rr'1'u A. P.xL'I.soN FlI1'11ll'1IflfI711 1115111 School F!l!'!lliIlgtOll, X. H. Y. XY. C. A. ilk, 125, C335 .'XI'ChCI'j' 1235 May Day Pageant m I 1, Q21 br.1a.x1.11 R. 1'lc1ueAU1.'1' Sl. ,101111'.v 1"rUp. I XvL'I'01l1l St., Nlltihllfl, N. H. Phi Sigma: Rv.-lay CSD: Track 411. 121. 1311: Qross Country tl! 3 JXYIYZIIICCC1 Mal. .Xrt. 99 -'V 2 E ff 2 QXI s .5 . A V1 l I A Q mwzzannxufun Illillfwfi a,.:,aw nm-1, ' "fi" I 'rgg':.i 1" I . 1Il Amr- A .. 12. 1f11 D. -vi!" - il gaw- ,.- 14.15 ': f ll .f11'F19 H511'1" .. ..-32.41153 ' 51i1E111',F" un V f I 3 knxux l lm ' .nazi H. P1uaN'1x's 3 lin u Hnflz Sz 1001 1X1'1XN1'Tl1 1x IHILBRIQI ., I . U, HAMHUHW X01 Ilumfflmz Sclmol ur N ,mlf . h ,mn v ' 1 I 1 X X Horn Slum 1 5 4' 4 K ' A' ' mm P idx 'X 1 xx H unpslnrc 1 1 4 s lm lll 4 C' 1111111 15 K 1 7 xC1XdI1Cti1 11111 Xfl Basab 111 D011 IAS PRLSCOTT 1 1 E n ' IA1, ..1'.'i0 A .A ,M 4 , W W, - bf., L11 ms IN 'v ' ' i X DUN H Hwy C1711-11701111 i AT' L ,, ' Rxmm X11 Ryx 21-11Q1,.'.H. 1,,.H.' gr. -. H WMU -4 Alpha Tau 01111-51112 Sculvlmrd Art- l EET 1 1 11: -5 ".'- ' 2 .' 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Rixxx'c3L1if1fE Cmivora' High Sflmol 7 Holt Sl., Concord, N. H. Alpha Kappa Pi: Hand fll 1, 4-ll! Trziclc Clj. l joux XV. Ri-:Hu OVW, Tilton Sflmal IZS Daniels Au-., Rutherford, N. j. Q Q 1 I-an1l1d:i Chi Alphzig Sphinx JOHN F' R"'m'lH'l' THE liR.xxl'1'i2 ill. 131. Adxertis- llmwf' High 5511001 ing Klzinzigm-rg Truck lll, Q35 5 '1y,w1,. ,ywu 13m-1.1-. N, H, Outing' Club 131: Lacrosse C13 , ' Advrmccd Mil. Art. Ii liuppa Alphzlg Scabbard and lilailug Advzmcvd Mil. Art. I 01 'BW il" EY' l V A U ll 1 5?:l 'ws i.h.'lllIlllll1lll nail-lm , .If llrliflll llll'-" I ' "' ,,g,l 'I .. 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I S1 I 151-11011-s11ip 121, Pu-s1111'11t C31 3 U U' L lg lv C100 xYO11YL'11:S Student Gox'cr111111-111 11511170101 N- H- 1413 Lap and Gown C41' iLX1l1112l 112111111121 Rhog Football . . C17- CH111111-zs 13. R1c11A11Ds fJ1j'1l1Ul111L High School -10 1.1ll1gK10Il St., P1j'1l1U1111'l. N. H. WA11111-:N H. ROGERS 1fVa111o1c High School XYfi1D01C, N. H. Alpha Gz1111111:1 Rho: Sphinx 1.11: Football 111, 1315 Track 111, 121, 1.313 1ntra111ur:11 Board C91 l' 102 1 1 lfmcn A. Rocz1.12R ,XIm1d1c'5tcr' W'est High School 4 Gates St., AlLll'lCl1CSfCl', N. H. Sigma Alpha lfpsilong Delta Chig .-Xclvnncecl Mil. Art. L.xL'RA F. Rowli Kulrinson Scmimrry llOI'tSl110L1tll Avo., Exeter, Nm H. Tln-1:1 Upsilolfn: Commutefs Club, Tn-asurfsr 125, President C37. 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Mass' leHl7l'lIXl7lI S4'llIl'PI41?'j' Civil li1lg1:u-c1:dl3ll QFQXTILO 1 'l'lu-tu Kappa Phi: Boxing CIJ, Mudlmry Alqfmll' Hu!-hzllu' H' lllllusl-lrlllllllllg llllifllflgll I I rl ffl. fgrlg Busl-bull mln. mly. Alllhll llll Ulvvml. X100 l'rCSi- HJ. da-nt 1315 Y, XY. Lf .-X. QU, Qly, l104l 431 Q S I G1-'1111111N1f 511111 AVLPI 5'AXPX B1Mn11hqh Sammi R0c11es111 H11111 SCZIUIJI IH N1 Roch1 su r IX H ICIQOII XXK Qrlm N ll 111 Souolo 1 L um 11111111 L ub mv, Qimf joux ll ST XRIF IU H151 X 511111 1111191111 no i d oll 746 R1 s1r1 mr Ax 1 'Un S fl UU 1 .- 3 IYU 1 P O1'id1-11c1- R, l ry Llub llj lo 1 Y Club 133, I X. KI. 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'l'11,xv1:R livrlin High licrlin, N 131-1111 Epsilon l'i School . 11. 11061 EVA P. TIIIISODICAU Towlc High. School 13 Columbus Circle, Newport, N. H. Kappa Delta, Cerclc Francais C1D,C27, C3DsY.W.C.A.C1D, C2Dg VV. A. A. C1D, C2D3 Inter- national Rclations Club C2D. lvIARc:lx1us'1' TOBHY Hamplon Academy Hampton, N. H. Psi Lambda CZD, CQDQ Mask and Dagger CID, CZD CQ? DDQ' mcn's Glee Club C1Dg XX. C. A., Cabinet Cjlll Outing Club C333 University Orchestra CZD, CSD. ELI! XBl"l'll 'l'1ioMPsoY ulll llozmtlmz Ilzglz School Vlimhllll X H all 1 Y s.-1, Vw-mv? 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Poster Committee QKJQ VV. A. A, C21, U93 Orchestra 121, C3J, -RUTH TUWLE lflfhkofielzl High Sclzool 4 Karl Road, lYakt-Held, Mass Alpha Xi Delta, Presidcnt Pan Hcllenic QM: Y, W. C. A ill, 421, QSJ3 Outing Club Q25 Lil. HAlu11.D A. 'llL'CKlfR l'Vv.rt L0l14z11o11 High School ll'vst Lebanon, N. H. Lambcla Chi Alpha: Outing., Club Q27, Qfij. H081 l'I 11:11 TUCK1' 1111111161 IflIl1! 51111101 1 Lhapcl St QUILSNINL R NN 11111 D 1 11 L1111111111 H1011 8111001 L111o11 -Xu: 111111 lx IU lx 111111 I 11811011 1111111111 qu 11111111 I 11511011 1111 1 131 5111111111 Coun N C X P1151 111 H 1 111 C 117, iXdX'Zl!1Ck'l1 Mil, Art: Sopl1o111orc Hop i'o111111i1te0 Cl1:11r111a11 95,1-ig A111111 XX xxx nm 3-11 'North Stitz' gl Connord N H R V VIN 1 DLI11 USIIOII A 4111110111 H1011 5611001 1, lu 3 gif r111 1111 St LOIILCJY N Q lX rxcl ross Lountrx 111 Baie 11 R11111 RT I lLxP1 RX 111111111111 1111111 5611001 1 1 X 1 L11 IIS! 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NA- W- .-: - 2' - ' lib- rr E. T E1 - P , 'I 4 1' 1 I Q : 1 3 1 , 1-A UT" 6 ' , ' A J 41, 1"'f' .H A . 'Q. ' f ' ' , ... Vw f L fg ig it A I Gm 3 W . , -- '.--.' ,-1- 1 - . . ' 314 - ' 'LQ' ' A: - 'S ' 1 F" vi ,ya ' Q". '- 7 ,.' 15.2 J ' ' of ' 'f' ..' 14 3, mf. H ..- 'WQ - .-1 . " N.. 5 ,U ,. 5 , An 3- 1, 4 'A 24. 4 ,Z yn .. MAN . ,-A2 ,Q " -j rr -V ' A 1 , mf: N " ' if N uf? Y:,.:.E" 1 y ,, A F ' -I " 'T' , . . 5: N qi - L ,, I rf ' , A-4 V. A- ' V . ' 'Q I1 Q : , Q -- -5 - . 7. . V A' 9, It Z . ,. gn W I, . A I' v r P-4 V .' rvm '. ' 1 W' L: ' r' H 1' .1..-..zaff:.11:1 mv.. unnnmn.. 1 ,, of' al "awp --v. ,, .1 . ' 111.-9112-'1-'--1 I .1 LL. 1' -.llulmlll 1:1 11 ,.. , 12--I-I 1' 'Ill Wil I' 5? E 1:-E A' 121.19111 V I A M-1.:E3.J!'F1Q I 1431101-1-1' A' ' 'i'1-:1f.1.1'f ' 313511741 - N' Il XX IT11 2 Ii- . .1 '.- - ? ' v V' RV' 1 I.. ' .111 K ' V' lfv' 1' '. -' f 'U' X 1111 3 ox 1'1" 1 Al ."l 11711. .. ft . N ll H - . M . M. Y - ' " ' " ' ' lf1.11111 1 v Ill 11' ., . ,. K , X. ll. Th I H l. U-Hun: . I , ... r 'l'l11'l11 Xv1JS110l1 131111-5411: IXIc11's mln-111 111111-1'111111-111 Sccr1't'11'v 1 '1 , V 1iI1'1'L'l11l1: Y. M. C. A.: Ii1I'liL'y. Tr '1 .' - 1.311 XX 11111 15 X 11111111 1 1 : f ' . 1 - C111 111: Y. XY. L X Ir 11 11 I X XX X X 1 ngvr. 111:11 1f11111111issi4111 111 r H11 ' ' -1: ' 5 TZ X 1 " KY V " A M I f -, I 1 .H H1111 11111 XX 111111111 U, Hum SF H , FT I XVUUTT v I 111111 S4 mul A ' ' A UH f luss S Kuna . TM, U Ivmvm S A . . . D M 1 um 11 111 1101111111 5111 I4 C1-111.-f 51- XX'olf1-horo N. 11. L K lsunr 'K,,m.,Q'S' '--1 Q ri .z Y1 zu: XX'ome11's G11-Q 11sl1111 111 md Sopho11111r1 X1111 17 ', . . 9 1-s - U11 - 1 4- I - 1 1 5011111111111 1' 11 Lo11111111111 frcsh1111111 fuc- rct 1r3 Tl? H1111 1111 S XXRIC HT 9'-71" Q Q U x Y Q llollmz H1011 Smlmul Myliux X RM T N Ii1.1Lo11 St., IJAIIXKT5, IX1.1ss. V S H41XN'Ili IIQWIQSLIIOOL H 1'l'I11-tu fpsilonz XXvQlI1L'l1'S Glu- lfhmuml 12' wigmu k u lflm 4 Ulu' , um' A 1 A Llulv 111. 121, 1393 X. XX. C, A. 1X11-W1111' H'1lf1 51,1001 ,XI1-11 s 11.111 Klub: 31111111511-r 1I1, 121. 1313 W. A. A. 121 131: SI Pr11sc1111 S1., Nashua, N. II. XX111101 51111115 131 131: 111111111 ' .1 ' ' - - 11 1 2 . L, 31. Ummh Klub XD ' UrLhk51r'l XJ' .fXlpl1:1 C111 Slglllil, 13111111 115. ul X 3 7 125. . W 1 I , g L ' Il1.ZI l E. MARIE YOUNG M'gTIfElLl'huifg2SZAI' Wmrgfivzd High 5611001 Hag Qelggn St Whitt-acid, N. H. A I! Cercle Francais C23, C333 Y. South Barre, Mass. wi CA A- CU, 623, 4375 Progres- A. S, M. E., Manager Relay. git-Q 'Club C33, JOHN H. BAK!-:R Concord High School 5 Liberty St., Concord, N. H. Theta Chig Track C13, C23, til 1 "'Xcrv Htmzpxltircn Club. SHIRLEY E. BALDXVIN Sanborn Seminary East Kingston, N. H. Y. VX. C. A. GENEVIEVE BLAKE Bristol High School School St.. Bristol, N. H. Alpha Xi Delta, Blue Circle. EDWIN GALE Concord High School 128 South St., Concord, N. H. Theta Chi: Blue Keyg Mask and Dagger Cl3, C23, C33 3 Track 413. CZJ, C335 Sophomore Hop Committee. MAIIRICE GRIFFIN Tillon School VVinter St., Tilton, N. H. Lambda Chi Alpha, Football X335 Track C235 Advanced Mil. ft. CARL H. HANSEN Bcrlin High School 319 Norway St. Berlin N Theta llpsilon Omega NV. ROBERT HARRIS Ivlolztpelier Seminary North River Road Manchester N. H Theta Chi: Thc New Hump shire Cl3, Associate Editor C23 Outing Club C13, C235 Advanced Mil. Art C335 Junior Prom Com mittee C33g International Rela tions Cluh C33 WHITMAN LEVENSALER Concord High School ROM School St. Concord N Theta Chi: Football C13, 23 Relay 123, C33, C433 Trac Art. :XNNETTE LIVINGSTONE Ursztline Corwcht Meredith N. H Pi Lambda Sigmag Pan Hel lcnicl VVoinen's Glen Club' X XY, C. A., Outing Club, Univer sity Orchestra lllllllillfll ETHEL NIARSHALL llfoodbzir-y High School Plwsant St Salem, N H Phi lunbda Phi U5 C23 PS1 Laml1cl1l13 C71 Treasurer 33 X C RAXNIOND XX PARKER 'llozmt Harmon 37 Dunboy St Brighton M355 Theta Chi Hockey CU La crossc C13 Baseball MAURICE C PIKE JR Portshzoztth High School 9146 Lnion St Portsmouth IN H GOLLD S PITCHER Brockton High School South Main St Rochester Y H 1'hrta Chi Football C13 Ad sanccd M11 Art tim llllllllll Q E l , gy - ' 5 . . Q M u B , 4 Q. 'lar . A 1 4 ECA Q1 F1 ' I' . , I X I 2 . 1 J 'i 4 T 'A 1 fi l ' ' f '11 .Lt-lzm la ull' H nmlmlt c 'lil ':.:'.fI:: I , 1 P5 ' . '.3I2lllIlllllHllllllLIlI,: .::.i.- 'laihilf' llll'llllLll"l7l-" Nl? 'EEK HRRRY RADUAL0 Concord Hzglf School 35 'iwrence St Concord N H N H u 3 45 Outin Club Cl Track t D C J C21 C31 Cross Country C 5 C35 C45 VN inter Sports FILFNI B R1-DDPN Do er High School 22 Fifth St. Dover N. . XYILLIAM A. RUGG, JR. Brown and Nichols School Maple Ave., Atkinson, N. H. Theta Chig Scabbard and Blade C352 Outing Club C15, C25, C355 Track C155 Cross Country C155 Advanced Mil. Art C35. M. SALIBA Plymoulli High School Main St., Plymouth, N. H. Football C255 Basketball C155 Rc-lay C35 5 Track C25, C35 5 Cross Country C155 Boxing C25. .WW MARGUPRITE F SHANAHAN Somcrsworth High School 16 'Walnut St., 'iomersworth N. H. Pi Iqmbda S1gma5 Y. XV. C. W A A Basketball C255 Commuters Club CAROLIRE G SMITH Troip Academy Dover N. H. LILLIAN L. SMITH Traip Academy Dover, N. H. JOSEPH VANDERHOEFF Mtmclzcster West High School 178 Bismarck St., Manchester, N. H. Theta Chi5 Band C15, C25 Track C155 Cross Country C15 C255 Boxing C355 Hockey C15. i will I V I W 1, .w.:21'.ilGl ' "flfl"'-it ' 1 1ff'.ul's1l warm . C . I.. ' ., , 1 . . ' A. s. -1.'E.g ci b - y - , S g Z ' ,5 ' ill, - y I I- A.: ', 1 . .5 113. 2, - . 9 " ' , ttf. 435. IZ' . AY 1 I1141 EDNA M. WALTER West Springfield High School 72 Ashley St., NVest Springfield, Mass. Outing Club C3 5. HARRY WEST Madison High School 63 Grafton St., Newton Centre, Mass. Theta Upsilon Omega. lN1ATTI XVIITALA Barre High School Huhbardston, Mass. Theta Upsilon Oniegag Foot s ball C155 Track C15, C255 Cros Country C25, C35. J. M. VVRIGHT Rochester High School 47 Linden St., Rochester, N. H. Track C155 Baseball. Frederick VValker 1l.1llIl1ll01I" Qlass Best Looking Pull Pauline Martel Henry Demers Best "All Round" Ruth Vtfitham Fred Moody Best Athlete Genevieve Blake Hienz Brown Best Natured Martha Burns VVilliam Rugg Best Dressed Rita Kidder Busiest Marvin Eiseman Martha Burns VVittiest james Bannon Elinor Foss Harold Tucker Laziest Arlene Rowbotham Vtlilliam Ishervvood Class Grind Jane Slobodzian Clayton Barnard Ruth Merritt Fred Moody Most Popular Ruth Withain and Martha Burns Arthur Toll Most Modest Bertha Chapman Howard Brooks Most Capable Dorothy Richardson Curtis Funston Most Prominent Ruth Vvltlliiffl YV alter Calderwood Most Respected Edith Baldwin Elton Glover Most Studious Rosamon Cole Kenneth McKiniry Most Versatile Marjorie Martel Loring Guibord Most Vain -. Flllllllllllllll l.1lllll Dorothy Bond l 115 1 5? WV 1 I X llllllfl Jw' 1' llll' f imll fllft ! ' a ' 5 Biggest Bluller . f ' 57- - rf: I I U V E ,.-. NE Q FF . 5 lE'liH"Yl. A his C MS mf R956 'N JOSLIN VVIEIBSTER -,- ' In ll A . - -' v I , ' W A 'M PP' 4 , ' ' 'IH 'Tl' I In lf' '. 1 I A 1 . 2 H 54 z . 2- D1 E2 5 E CALDWELL CHARLES S. JOSLIN, President E E x E E :I c: :z CONSTANCE CA1 ,nWE1,1,, Semlmry 53 DAVID K. WEBSTER, Treasurer Y ,i .V ... 5 I5 I -.dkifflllllllllll nxmfhw 1.1 "Wil UIUIU, IHIPI1' we: i.'i!Il !4I'3' yr? K hill' 'Mill ,A ABBOTT FRANK R WAT ABBOTT PAUL C -ABBOTT RALPH EDMLND AHFRN FRAlNClS T GIAKP ALDEN ISABEL NI ALIAPOULOS COSVIAS SX ANDERSON ROBERT R ARKELL ELEANOR K BT ATH1- RTON THOMAS XX AKII AX ERX DONALD W BAER ARNOLD M QA BAGNELL JOHN JR B-XLDNNIN DOROTHX BALLARD HORACE C BARD MARX BELL AXQ BARNES KAT HRYN M AXQ BARRETT EARL H Bm BARRETT ROBERT G BARTON DAVID C BAT BATIA MAN MARY BEALI- ARLETA MARY BEALE FRANKLIN A BELINSLI HARMOIN S BELXFA BYARD C .BMA BFTLFY JOHND BRA BICKFORD ALBERT G BONDAR ANDREVX A 9144: BORXXILK BFSSIE BOSTON ELEANORA B QM BOWKER ROBERT E BOND HOWARD P IIXA BRADY DANIELJ BRAIEL ARLINEE X9 BRONSTEIN BEN R QA BRONVN, BARBARA R, BROWN, DAVID R, 1 .11 4.4 ff , ,LII T K ..l.'rl '!.'fMl'l ' -- , . . x, ... ' , K1 , .. v. 'K . - Al... .3i!5..., .1 V Q A I 'v J 5 A , 1 ., v , A 1 1 M - , , L 1 - 1 -1 1 E3 '7 1 4 'y V. . , . 1 A 1 1 3' 2 - 1 -1 751 1 -1 1 I f ', FPL 1 v Y r , Y 1-.1 .- f H.: , 1 -1 . -, 1 7-3 .. , ' " , .Z - , 1 ." 1 A -1 . , - 1 1 A Y 1 -1 1 V 1 '1 r 1 -1 . A , ., , V 4 1 v , . 47 J "i . . . ' - , " L ' , ., .- ' - 1 -1 A 1 5 ,J - , E l, B . , ., A , :Q .Y 1 -1 fee! .1 I B35 '1 1 A -1 1 '5- - Y V " Q 1 4 1 1 -1 1 I 15 1 -1 ' K Q2 1 'v 1 l , , -. . , . ., X , t . .. . , BROWN, WALTER E, BROWN, HARRY s., AXA, BRYAN, ARTHUR W., -IJAT, BUCHAN, RONALD E., BUMFORD, FORREST H., AXA, BUNKER, JESSIE M., -SAI, BURNS, PAUL W., EAE, BURNS, THOMAS R., JR., XX, BUTSON, HAZEL A., CALDWELL, CONSTANCE, ABA CAMPBELL, ANTHONY T., CAMPBELL, SHEFFIELD S., CANNELL, CHARLES F., AAT, CARLISLE, WINNIERED A., fm, CARNEGIE, ESTHER F.. CARRICO, RICHARD T., BAE, CAROS, PAUL N., IIKA, CARTER, JEAN P., AKIT, CHASE, JEREMIAH A., BX, CHASE, ROBERT P., AXA, CHEEVER, LEWIS A., IIKA, H181 14 High Street, Peterborough, Tilton, VVolfeboro, 62 Stark St1'eet, Manchester, Hampton, 424 Cedar Street, Manchester, Milton Mills, 12 Hamilton Street, Dover, NVest Lebanon, Plymouth, 10 Florence Street, Dover, Salem Depot, VVilton, 59 Washington Street, Penacook, Durham, 5 Park Vale Street, Brookline, Lisbon, 76 Pine Street, Franklin, 15 XVells Avenue, Amesbury, North Stratford, Exeter, Enfield, 64 Pine Street, Rochester, Dover, 208 Manchester Street, Manchester, 25 Academy Street, Rochester, 694 Howe Street, Manchester, 63 Cabot Street, Portsmouth, 7 Baker Street, Dover, Whitefield, Boston Road, Billerica, Newmarket Hartford, 360 Central Street, Manchester, Deerfield, 38 Ridge Road, Concord, 10 North Spring Street, Concord, 168 Pearl Street, Manchester, Wilton, 32 Pine Street, Concord, 38 Nelson Street, Dover, Kingston, 317 Myrtle Street, Manchester, 317 Myrtle Street, Manchester, 5 Maple Street, Woodsville, Longview Road, Port Washington, West Tisbury, Enfield, 16 Green Street, Lebanon, 53 Rumford Street, Concord, 66 Portland Street, Rochester, .56 Highland Avenue, Port Washington 84 VValnut Street, Nashua, Concord, Seabrook, 40 Rutland Street, Dover, Charlestown, N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H Mass N. H N. H Mass N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H Mass N. H Conn N. H N. H N. H N. .H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. Y Mass N. H N. H N. H N. H N. Y N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H CHRISTOPHER, PHILIP C., ATU, CLARK,RMHARDI, CLARKE, ROBERT B., QJMA, CLARKE, 'LHOMAS M., COCHRAN, ROBERT L., KE, COHLIN, JAMES KENNETH, COLB1, I5 TROIN E., COLE, VYILBAR Y., COMOLLI, JOSEPH F., QDMA, CONATHAN, hI.I4.tiNOR A., cONNER,ALFRED,JR,QMA LONNLMQISABLLLL CONRO1, JOSEPH V., OKQ, CORBETT, ELIZABET I-I R., AXS2, COROSA, JULIUS, elim, COT TON, MARION S., COUTURE, PHILIP G., AFP, LOWDEN, HERBERT B., QMA, COINE, JOHN vw., JR., KE, COX, RACHAEL M., CRAIG, CLARK A., CRATON, EVELIN F., CRONIN, EDXYARD W., AKII, CROSBY, GILBERT W., IIKA, CROSS, HAROLD W., CURRIER, EIJXVARD H., CURRIER, HERBERT S., CUTTER,ARTHLH2H,QAL DAMSELL, WILLIAM L., DAVENPORT, RUTH, DAVIS, EDGAR R., AXA, DAVISON, ELTLAHETH E., DAVOL, MADELETRE, AXA, DEARBORN, EDNA L., DEMERS, HENRY J., mm, DESMOND, ALICE c., DORSEY, JOSEPH S., em, DONV, ROBERT K., Xz, DOWNING, THOMAS S., DRAGO, VINCEN.-X M., XQ, DUFFY, THOMAS F., DUNBAR, JAMES B., AXA, DURGIN, CHESLEY F., AXA, EAMES, CARL D., EDSON, GEORGE H., AEH, EKSTROM, ROLAND, ELDREDGE, XVALTER N., SKHP, ELGLAND, VVAINO VV., ELGOSIN, EMID D., BKT, ELLINGVVOOD, CECIL, IIKA, ELLIOTT, BLANCHE D., ELLIOTT, ROBERT H., AKII, EMERY, XYALTER A., AXA, FENVVICK, MARSTON S., OTH, FIFIELD, STEPHEN D., FISH, RALPH M., ATU, Groveton, 42 Maple Street, Rochester, 159 Richards Avenue, Portsmouth, Durham, Andover, Alton, West Lebanon, Durham, 15 Eastman Street, Concord, East Rochester, N ewiields, 161 Salmon Street, Manchester, 268 Notre Dame Avenue, Manchester 2.5 Pleasant Street, Concord, - 51 XVorcester Street, Nashua, VVarren 73 Baldwin Street, Laeonia: Hampton, 730 Pine Street, Manchester 250 Main Street, Lisbon Antrim Hillsboro Goffstown Alton Colebrook Pelham Pelham Pelham .509 Water Street Idxeter South Danbury 71 Atkmson Street Dover 34 King Street VVoodsx1lle 48 XX est Clarke Street Nlanthester I acoma 33 'lurner Street Manchester 28 Park Street Nashua 102 Fenton Ax enue Laconla 165 Broad Street Claremont 21 Russell Axenue Nashua Mtlford Magnolla Newmarket Errol VX est Lebanon 303 lVIa1n Street Nashua L1ncoln Axenue Portsmouth 472 North State Street Concord 2 Manu Street Wh1teheld Newport Rummew 6 Thorndnke Street Concord 91 Russell Street Concord 251 Sagamore Axenue Portsmouth Durham East Kmgston A tltllllllllll , Nunmqggg IIN' II 'I' N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. zzzzzzzzz mmmmmmmmm I ta g xc C1 LA S 1 - I OX J , , t is I I ' ' 'I . H f E ' . I S ' 2 I ' A A T W 1 , , -4 gg ' a A q A ' P-1 ' R P ' .fi . . - vu' das uaaqviu 'xv-svilulwuwuvuv wqvniavuwu ft ... ........ A.. .EZZZZZZZZZZZZZ .n.... I ... .......... . ...,... , i I " 4 ..-g.5l:1:.-iz. I "i1'1liii'ir- lllmlltllttl- I I Q., f., tuuml.1mv.s. ft 1 In 15 .mm.uuu1f..1.::,.' f:::.::f-nun-nfntmw 1 Z III ZZZZZZZYZZ EET-.CEIIJIIZEIEICIICE Z E ZZ EE E f-. 7 v- ,.. A NO ... Xl L-P' T44 I M I l1 Wl Gm, W I1 ..g FISH ROBERT B FLANSBURG JESSIE B FLOYD GRANT A IIKA FOSS FDWARD WILBUR FOSS ESTHER J K9 FOSTER ROBERT K QDAT FODRINIER AIVIOINF A AEH FOWLER ELEANOR E FOWLFR DORIS Nl AXS2 FRAZER JAMES O FRE AMAN ESTHER FULLFR BARBARA FULTON G LYMAN FURNANS ALBERT D GALWAY RICHARD GAW EDSON D GX GEORGE H ALLAN AXA GIFFORD WILLIAM H CPMA f ILBERT GERALDIN11 G GILMAN SEWELL W QIJAT GODDARD GEORGE O GOLDSMITH KEINN-XRD E GOODMAN ROBERT A GOODWIN DELMAR W GOODWIN DORIS BUBERTA GORDON SAMIJEL L AKQ OSS ROBERT B COUCK HARRY K IIIXA GOULD THOMAS D GRANVILLE GLADYS H GRASSO SALVATORE AKH GRFENE P JOHN GREINIER RITA E hi GRIMES, DOROTHY I GRITZ, EDWIN D, ATSZ, GROUX, KATHLEEN A, GUILLOW, CHESTER R, QIJAT, gn A '. I 1. 3,51 ir, 1' 'V' ' . . 11' 1 l I 'wr ' ""fr1 -1 ..I mudl. - I A- 1 ,, ' A- Ir -,.11 I . . Ia' .,I:1.1-1,.' , . -1 1 -1 5 1 -1 A 1 1 4 1 . F 5 1 -1 1 1 -Z3 1 -1 1 .E 1 ' 1 1 1 - gs 1 - -1 1 A 1 '1 if . , I ., A . , .51 1 1 -1 asf" I "K . I 1 .. Es , AEA EE 1 1 1 'ji 1 - 1 1 'r ,Zz i , E., 7 'Y 1 , . , I I , y A -1 4' 1 RJ Y 'Y Y '! V Y V 5 Y 'Y . , Y 1 A U' - ' fj'j'. 1 -1 ii-. 1 -1 I. ' . T 211.5 1 1 . .Y T E 1 '1 1 . ,- G 1 11 ' 1 'I 1 EIFTE 1 'P 1 -1 1 E: E 1 1 1 E 4 1 - 1 .. A , ,V , 1 -1 1 -1 GUY, JOHN J., GWYNNE, ARTHUR W., HALE, WALTER S., A1-P, HALEY, SHUBEL C., HALLER, HAROLD, I-IAMLIN, ROBERT G., AMA, HAMLIN, ROLAND C., EAE, HANSCOM, R. ELIZABETH, HANSON, RUSSELL S., Aim, HARDING, JASPER J., AXA, HARVEY, DONALD W.. HATCH, ROBERT H., AT9, HAUBRICH, RICHARD T., MIA, HAYES, GORDON M., HAZLETT, ALICE J., er, HAZZARD, DAVID H., AXA, HENDERSON, HELEN, AEA, HERLIHY, MAURICE K., HERMES, ISABELLE K., er, HILLS, CHARLOTTE. I12oJ Peterborough, 116 Bridge Street, Manchester, South Tanworth, Laconia, Exeter, VValpole, 17 Bourgue Street, Somersworth, Rochester, 284 VVaShington Street, Dover, Monroe, 158 Central Avenue, Dover, Atkinson, 54 Appleton Street, Manchester, Farmington, 697 Hall Street, Manchester, Hampton, 61 Montvale Road, Milton Center, Concord, North Stratford, VValpole, Ashland, 293 Marcy Street, Portsmouth, 133 Hanover Street, Lebanon, 11 South Spring Street, Concord, Piermont, 51 Curve Street, Wellesley, Portsmouth 10 Burnham Road, Andover, 80 North Adams Street, Manchester, Madison, Milford, Windham, 370 Rimmon Street, Manchester, 52 Portland Avenue, Dover Summer Street, Adams, 1605 Elm Street, Manchester 125 Carroll Street, Keene, Lincoln, Georges Mills, 1 East Rindge, 773 Central Avenue, Dover, 13 Elm Street, Dover, 5 Church Street, Concord 490 Hanover Street, Manchester, 34 Summer Street, Nashua, Tilton, West Lebanon, Hillsboro, 38 Silver Street, Dover, 98 Myrtle Street Claremont 1 Littleworth Road, Dover, Durham, 507 Second Avenue, Berlin, Durham, Wilton, 254 South Street, Portsmouth, Mill Hall, ZZ 'SEI N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H Mass N. H N. H N. H N. H zzz mmm N. H Mass N. H Mass N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H Mass N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H Penn HODGON, EDWIN K., HODGON, JOHN G., BX, HOLMES, HARRY C., HOLMES, MARY L., ASA, HOLT, HARMON G., AXA, HOLT, PARKER E., ATS2, HOOPER, HENRY L., HORNE, NORMAN P., ZAE, HORTON, GEORGE STILLMAN, HOSMER, BARBARA A., HOSMER, DONALD G., AXA, HOYT, FRED W., HUBBARD, EDWARD O., AXA, HUDDLESTON, ELEANOR L., AXQ, HUNTER, DUNCAN U., GX, ISAAK, NICHOLAS, ATQ, ISRAEL, ELI S., QA, JACKSON, NORRIS L., JEANNOTTE, ROBERT E., JOHNSON, MILTON G., ATU, JONES, DELMAR E., JONES, EVELYN JONES, LESLIE E., AXA, JGSITAS, LEO E., IIXA, JOSLIN, CHARLES S., AXA, KEEEE, RICHARD H., KEITH, GEORGE M., KIDDER, WILLIAM E., BX, KIMBALL, HERBERT L., KIMBALL, WALLACE L., AXII, KIMBALL, WILLIAM R., AXA, KING, HARRY C., AXA, KNAPP, JANICE, KNIGHT, LAWRENCE W., -AMA, KNOTT, GERTRUDE D., KOLODZIE, BENJAMIN, KOSTICK, MAX, QA, LAMBERT, ROBERT R., RE, LAMY, ROBERT E., EAE, LANDRY, RONALDO A., em, LAWRENCE, CHARLES T., ATO, LEBEL, RAYMOND v., AEII, LEEN, MERVIN, QA, LEROY, MAURICE E., LEVIS, SAMUEL J., LOCKE, WILLIAM J., TIXA, LOMBARD, EVERETT F., AXII, LORING, RICHARD R., -IAMA, LOW, ALLAN W., AXA, LUCIER, PAUL A., MCCAEEERY, AUSTIN J., em, MCCARTHY, DANIEL F., MCCARTHY, MARY E., MCGIVNEY, RONALD J., Epping, N. H. 517 Second Avenue, Berlin, N. H. Northwood, N. H. Stoneham, Mass. Durham Point, N. H South Lyndeboro, N. H 210 North Main Street, Rochester, N. H Rochester, N. H Plaistow, N. H 6 Columbia Street, Westfield, Mass 247 Concord Street, Manchester, N. H Laconia, N. H Peterborough, N. H Durham, N. H West Claremont, N. H 63 South Main Street, Manchester, N. H. Henniker, N. H Rye, N. H 126 Ash Street, Nashua, N. H 201 Metacon Avenue, Warren, R. I Franconia, N. H 270 Richards Avenue, Portsmouth, N. H Goffstown, N. H. East Hollis Street, Nashua, N. H. 9 Hunting Street, North Attleboro, Mass. 20 Stark Avenue, Dover, N. H 20 Everett Street, Dover, N. H New London, N. H Sanbornville, N. H Derry, N. H Andover, Mass. Q' 5 611 Central Avenue, Dover, N. H. 60 Pillsbury Street, Concord, N. H. ' 'EQ Concord, N. H. 240 Hanover Street, Portsmouth, N. H. ff 344 VVaShington Street, Haverhill, Mass. 2' Farmington, N. H. Q5 497 Chestnut Street, Manchester, N. H. fl Reality Building, Rochester, N. H. 466 Main Street, Laconia, N. H. 63 Hilton Street, Manchester, N. H. 12 Myrtle Street, Somersworth, N. H. 305 Hawthorn Street, New Bedford, Mass. Stratham, N. H. Westville, N. H. 1011 Union Street, Manchester, N. H. ' Short Falls, N. H. Pine Hill Road, Norwalk, Conn. 95 North Hancock Street, Lexington, Mass. , 341 Myrtle Street, Manchester, N. H. Q5 Lincoln, N. H. .il 61 Court Street, Dover, N. H. 'f 365 Walnut Street, Manchester, N. H. Berlin, N. H. 5 V 1 H 3 I 121 1 A ' -7 .. 'I.' llllllllllfll lllllln -1-I if- v ' .QAIQIA mv--' .. . " ..w3Ili! 'I'1 -1- laifl I 'QW 1115.51 111. NICGUIPK ROBERTJ KE VICISAAC DONALD VV NIACKAY EARLE L CDAT NICKENNA CHARI FS B YZ. MCLANE CLINTON A VICLAUGHLIN DOROTHX MCLAUGHLIN NATALIE A NICLEAN ARTHURF ATS2 NICNALLY ROBERTJ NIADDOCK JOHN T QTQ NI -XGOON LEON F NIANGURIAN GFINEX IEVE X9 'VIANNION RICHARD T AKH 'VIARELLI CHARLES J NIARLAK CHARLES F BKQ MARSHALL WARREN E IXA NIARSTON CHARLES B IXA 'VIARTIIN GORDON X1 NIASON CATHARINE M X9 MASON LHARLES P GX NIATTEWS THOMAS V VIAYNARD GEORGE A NIAYNARD NFTTIE A NIELNICK CHARLES H IPA NIERRIAM PHILIP G MERRILL SYLN IA M A A MICHAEL FREDERICK W ATS! MILLER JOSEPH L JR ATS? MILLER WILBUR H MILLIREN JAMETTE D MITCHELL ELEANOR R MITCHENER ALLAN E MOODY EDWIN F mm NIOORE, BYRON H, MOORE, CAROLINA H, MORANC, RALPH W, Aim, MORRIS, FRANK A, MOTT, RALPH E., MOUNTAIN, HAROLD S., Am, MOWER, NATALIE R., MULLEN, FRANCIS em, MULLIGAN, MARY A., MUNSON, EVERETT R., AXA, MUSGROVE, FRANK R., ex, '--'I '4 1. -, 'nl ' :.I:'I- Y Q " .-l 'rl 'ili!9'9l'I'1-' " 31.353, " " - I . .. 1 i K I -I, I 1 I -I S 1 I -I I -I 1 .1 , ' I , 4 A ., x , 5'1" I 'J Y I 1 I ,I I , ., - 1 I -I I ,Eg A - I -I I I' I , I., MAMOS, PHOTIUS D., WMA, - ,. .. Y -. :Ji 1 I 4 ' I I .I 1 , -I I .'fi L I 'I L . I ' '7 ! 1 1 'I A A ! t 1 -I A A I I Y I I , I ., I - I -I I L 3 '! J v - I , A ., OX, 'If 1 1 , ., ziv? I , I ., , S- Q TE- -1 I 3 ' l 'S' 12551 A I " " J 5324 1 , -. A I ' '- .Z . gi, 1 I -I -I I 'f 1 I I -I Q? I -I -Q .17 Y -Q '7 I , ., OX, - I , .. I , I NANGLE, THOMAS P., NEWSKY, JOHN L., NIXON, ROBERT E., NORTON, ROY C., JR., ATU, NORTON, WILLIAM A., JR., NOSSIFF, VINCENT P., Aim, NOVAK, CURTIS W., O'NEAL, ROWLAND H., AXA. ORDWAY, HOWARD E., ex, ORGERA, LOUIS V., OSGOOD, ELINOR S., AEA, OSGOOD, MARTHA P., Am, 11221 45 Orchard Street, Dover, 30 Lyndon Street, Concord, 6 Lincoln Street, Concord, Cascade 32 South Main Street, Concord, Greenland, South Berwick, Nottingham, Z0 Pine Street, Concord, North Salem, 385 Main Street, Littleton, 54 School Street, Concord, 311 Hanover Street, Manchester, 16 North Spring Street, Concord, Durham, 22 Kenwood Avenue, Binghamton, 36 Appleton Street, Manchester, Marshall Street, Turners Falls, 528 Union Street, Manchester, Newmarket, NVinchester, 120 VVarren Street, Concord, 102 Knowlton Street, Manchester, South Deerfield, 146 Court Street, Laconia, Stratford, Etna, 10 Union Street, Rochester, 7 Sherbriile Street, Portland, Raymond, Freedom, 8 Garfield Court, Exeter, Fremont, 15 Shaw Street, Lebanon, Gottes Falls, 152 School Street, Concord, Wiscasset, 50 Summer Street, Newport 30 Charles Street, Rochester, 736 Second Avenue, Berlin, ll Union Street, Lebanon, Newmarket, Dover, 25 Thorndike Street, Concord, Hanover, 7 Church Street, Rochester, 68 'NValdron Street, Dover, Newtields, Kittery Point, 82 School Street, Concord, Dover, 46 Columbus Street, Exeter, Hinsdale, 308 Willard Street, Berlin, 678 Elm Street, Stamford, 53 Purchase Street, Newburyport, Pittsfield, N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. Maine N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. Y. N. H. Mass. N. I-1. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. Maine N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. Maine N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. Maine N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. Conn. Mass. N. H. PAGE, ROBERTSON, AXA, PAGE, SAMUEL R., AXA, PALMER, JACK H., PARISEAU, RONALD R., HRA, PARKER, ALVIN H., ATS2, PARKER, H. WENDELL, PARKER, RICHARD P., AKIT, PEARSON, ETHAN R., PEART, ELAINE C., PEART, HILDA PATRICIA, PEDERZANI, GUY A., SAE, PERKINS, JOHN H., QMA, PERKINS, MARY E., PETERSON, MILDRED P., PHILLIPS, MARJORIE S., AEA, PHILLIPS, WARREN A., Am, PIERCE, RICHARD D., PIKE, LESLIE H., em, PINEO, BARBARA L., PINSINCE, ADRIAN J., TIKA, PLATTS, KENNETH S., PLUMMER, CLAYTON R., TRB, POWERS, NANCY, Am, PRATT, MARGARET, PRESCOTT, RICHARD D., PRINCE, CLYDE D., PROVOST, LEO P., em, PUTNEY, ROSALIND E., RAEEERTY, HELEN W., RANCHYNOSKI, LEON A., em, RAYMOND, EDITH M., REED, RALPH K., AXA, RICHARDS, ROBERT B., em, RINALDUCCI, EDVVARD, ROBBINS, RALPH W., am, ROBERTS, HENRY AI-P, ROBERTS, OLIVE L., HI, ROBINSON, ARTHUR W., AXA, ROBINSON, JAMES M., em, ROGERS, EDWARD M., AXA, ROLLINS, SPENCER S., Am, ROSANDER, AINO A., ROWE, MARIAN E., Axe, ROWELL, CHARLES I., HKA, ROWELL, CHARLOTTE P., er, RUDD, RALPH C., TKE, SANBORN, WILLIAM H., SARGENT, RAY M., am-, SANBORN, FLORA, SARGENT, THERON W., SAWYER, WINSLOW A., em, SCHIPPER, WILLIAM P., ex, SEIDEL, RUTH L., SHANNON, CLARENCE P., AXA, SHAPLEIGH, RUTH E., SHARPS, CLAUD W., SHAW, MILLICENT M., Am, Concord, Tilton, 51a Summer Street, Rochester, Newport, 962 South Main Street, Attleboro, Stratham, South Merrimack, Dover Point Road, Dover, Zl Woodman Street, Rochester, Rochester, 28 Front Street, Nashua, 28 Carroll Street, Pittsfield, Rye, Rockland Street, Portsmouth, 112 Glenwood Street, East Lynn, East Candia, Goffstown, Monroe, Durham Road, Dover, 581 Ches.nut Street, Manchester, Bristol, Lochmere, 62 Allston Street, Medford, . Antrim, Exeter Andover 581 Umon Street Manchester Hopkinton 39 Arlington Street Manchester S6 Ledge Street Nashua 116 Academy Street Lacoma 125 Danlels Avenue Rutherford 123 Walnut Street Nashua Q25 Nlaplexxood Ave1Iue Portsmouth 18 Beech Street Keene Durham Dover Durham AntrIm 78 Bradford Street Everett Union Avenue Lacoma New IPSWICD 42 H1gh Street Exeter Newport Enfield Durham Seabrook 19 High Street Milford Exeter Epping AntrIm rou bridge Aw enue Neutomille North Salem Edgewood Road Lexington 72 Gox ernment Street Kittery Orford 48 Main Street Tllton I Illtlllllllll . 11"l1!lHQi ' I' N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. Mass. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. Mass. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. Mass. N. H. ZZZZ IECEIIIIE A . Nl t-I 'A E 1 A N 41 . A S A - - E 22?-EZQEHZQZ zzzzzzezzzzzzzkzzz . . C' .... , I . , . 'iH'1iil2I Mllflllllv 1 ...-IW UU -I.4.rI:.'-- , , - i i'nII1JJmmhi,:':1I i um:,r.3.:,lfflllU-'l11'15IrIL- 11231 Xl nll'Y 1 ' Gill SHEA DENIS A SHELDON THETIS P SHENTON ENOCH SHOREY SETH U AKII SHUMAN LENA SHUMAN RICHARD SILCOX HERBERT E TKE SMILEY PAUL M SMITH CAROLIN E AXSI SMITH RAYMOND AKH SPEAR JOHN T ATU SPEAR PAULINE G SPELLMAN KATHERINE AXQ STEARNS GRACE M STEELE ELSA L KA STEVENS LESTER C STEVENS MARTHA M A STEVENS, ROBERT E, KE, STICKNEY, MORGAN A, STOBIE, WILLIAM L, ex, STOLOFF, ELIZABETH R, STONE, SAMUEL A, QA, SUMNER, GEORGE H, em, SWETT, WILLIAM R, AXA, SYMONOVIT, JOSEPH W, TARR, CHARLES S, KIPMA, TATEM, JAMES B, ZAE, TAYLOR, MIRIAM M, KA, TECCE, CHESTER H, THOMPSON, ALICE M, THOMPSON, EDGAR S, THOMPSON, RUSSELL E, THOMPSON, WILLIAM J, TINKER, ALVAH G, ATQ, TOBIN, MADELYN E, AEA, TOOLIN, BRENDAN E., KE, TOWLE, HARRIET N., xo, TRACHIER, JAMES A., em, TRAVER, PAUL C., KB, TROWBRIDGE, PHILIP, TKE, TRUE, ROBERT B., AXA, , TRYON, EARL H., QAT, TUCKER, RANSOM E., AXA, TUTTLE, FRANCES E., 4,:,ln -Q M g:-.1- 41' T his ' fl' l ' 1- -df'-fl'?l 1 Yfll!5ifl'I" ' 1 In ' .zaiswrmr L- . 7 'Y y 'J Y ! I v 1 1 I s 1 F 'Y 5 A , ., Y 'Y Y Y Y Y r 'J 1 I :Y Y Y Y Y '7 1 -v 1 y -I I -I EA, VARN EY, BRUCE, AFP, VILLANOVA, ELIZABETH, VITAGLIANO, GUY R., WALL, ELIZABETH E., AEA, NVARREN, BURTT D., JR., WATKINS, ELIZABETH R., WEBSTER, DAVID K., ATSZ, WEEKS, WALTER D., ATQ, WEIR, WILLIAM E., ex, VVELCH, ALBERT G., em, WELCH, CAROLYN P., WELCH, NORMAN E., QMA, l1241 342 Auburn Street, Manchester, N. H. 1 Merrimack Street, Concord, N. H. Concord, N. H. Lancaster, N. H. 28 Hough Street, Dover, N. H. 28 Hough Street, Dover, N. H. Dover, N. H. 10 School Street, Riverton, Conn. Durham, N. H. Derry, N. H. South Acworth, N. H. 8 South Avenue, Derry, N. H. 225 North Main Street, Concord, N. H. Manchester, N. H. 40 Summer Street, Portsmouth, N. H. Walpole, N. H. North Stratford, N. H. Medfield, Mass. Plymouth, N. H. Hookset, N. H. 280 Taylor Street, Manchester, N. H. ll Walnut Street, Claremont, N. H. 16 Cabot Street, Portsmouth, N. H. ll Hall Avenue, Nashua, N. H. Pelham, N. H. East Wolfeboro, N. H. Center Street, Putnam, Conn. Hinsdale, N. H. Durham, N. H. Whitefield, N. H. 47 Fenton Avenue, Laconia, N. H. 24 Mount Vernon Street, Dover, N. H. Hampton, N. Y. 21M Norton Street, Nashua, N. H. 605 Beacon Street, Manchester, N. H. Richmond, Va. Exeter, N. H. 25 School Street, Hanover, N. H. Raymond, N. H. Durham, N. H. Fremont, N. H. 29 North Street, Portland, Maine Warren, Vt. Peterborough, N. H. Stratham, N. H. 22 King Street, Rochester, N. H. ll Franklin Street, Concord, N. H. 56 Wellington Street, Nashua, N. H. Nashua, N, H. Reeds Ferry, N. H. 118 School Street, Concord, N. H. Laconia, N. H. 57 Walton Park, Melrose, Mass. Kennebunkport, Maine Andover, N. H. 90 Borough Street, Penacook, N. H. WELLMAN, MURIEL J., KA, WESTON, RUTH L., xo, WHEELER, ELMER P., mr, WIGNOT, ROBERT E., WILCOX, ALBERT M., IIKA, WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH E., WILLIAMS, GEORGE C., VVILLIS, SAMUEL E., JR., Rx, VVISEMAN, ISRAEL, WITHAM, HOWARD VV., QTQ, WOLESON, VICTOR I., QA, WOODMAN, JAMES B., ox, WRIGHT, CONSTANCE E., WRIGHT, DEXTER C., Am, WRIGHT, PHILIP, YALOEP, DAVID N., YOUNG, BEULAH E., Durham, N. H. 53 Summer Street, Keene, N. H. Concord, N. H Silver Street, Dover, N. H. Center Ossipee, N. H Rochester, N. H Candia, N. H. Plymouth, N. H. 23 Belknap Street, Portsmouth, N. H 127 Cross' Street, Keene, N. H 15 Salem Street, Nashua, N. H. 234 Prospect Street, Franklin, N. H. Wilton, N. H. 40 Raymond Street, Nashua, N. H. 31 Prescott Street, Nashua, N. H. 37 Walter Street, Laconia, N. H. Sunapee, N. H. i nulldlllll 'mu i I 1 H251 wr 'W' i - 'HH llimfm mm ... . Iunnv' I.. F ml , - l:'li1P"I. ,131 'gg-j M51 ' A swim 'TI-:1'.fi1. ' .ggpqgq-mv ' NORRIS DAVISON DODGE TAYLOR KEIXNIFIH R. NORRI9 .... . . President ROBFRT C. DAWSON ...... Vice President RLTH DODGL ...... ROLAYD A. TAYLOR .... ifmmqsqnl . . Secremry . . lreasurer " '-+1-nr14 e1qul 'A . X v "" tn: I' , I 'I Q r"I 'MQ I 1 111 I ' 9 A I OHM Of 11957 E-1 2 hz: , 3 E A Q ' .J O. 5 N F3 R 1 I 'I I1 1? 1 :1 1 TA. Jr! L E , E J , T 1 I 1 I Y Q I A A L U 9 I va ' mu I 4 mp' Illfw I nal 'I' L-E 1 H 1 .1f.fl"?.lErlBl 1 ml J f- ,, - 'xl -'- " ' l -' f 'vm' rr- A ..t..wIr-N ' HMM milflr Adams Francis Q Adams Virginia Xllen Jessica D Allyn James W Almgren Neal Annett Donald A Annicchiarico Mary G Anton William P Arnfield John M Arnold Lloyd C Jr Atkins Ruth I Atoman D Babcock Nancy E Bailey Philip E Ballou Margaret L Barker Edmund L Barnard Mary K Barton Genella Batchelder Charles H Jr Batchelder Maynard S Baxter Thelma L Beck Marjorie H Beebe Radclyffe E Belanger Jeannette M Belanger Roger J Beliveau Robert L Belson Elliott E Benedick Muriel R Bennett Robert T Bergeron Leo A Bergeron Norbert L Bergquist Donald A Bertagna Caesar J T, ,. r .3 Q , U .Q ., ....... , t L., .,..... If E , ., ....... -' , , ., ...... . ,ii , , ........ 3 ,f U , ' ' ., ....... Q l , ., ...... f , ., ....... . 5 l , ., ....... 2 ' , ., ., ...... :jr , ., ........ ., , ., ........ . , . . ., ....... ', ., ....... , ., ..... . , ., ....... A , ., ....... I- . Bartlett, Edwin W., ...... . , E., .... . . . if , ., ..... . A , - . ., ...... . 2 , ., ...... . , ., ....... 5153 E , ., ...... . , l ., ..... . . , D ., ....... A ', . ., ...... . t , ., ....... . Q j' , ., ....... . l , ., ....... l D y . .qnqn Q V , ., ...... ' , . ., ....... , ., ...... Bieber Frederick E Bishop, Howard L., . Bishop, Kenneth P., . Blaney, Norman W., . Blood, Parkhurst, H., Bogaert, joseph R., . Bollea, Carlina, . . Bolles, Courtland F., . Boulton, Frederic H., Branch, Oliver W., Ir., Bratt, Ernest C. L., jr., Brooks, Lyman C., . Brown, Elinor F., . Brown, Frank A., Brownell, Barbara, . Browning, Robert W., Buckley, Dorothy M., Buckley, Timothy J., . Bume, Frederic L., Burns, Dorothy F., Butler, Malcolm S., Cadigan, Thomas F., . Call, Edwin F., . N281 . Dover, N. H. . Swanzey, N. H. . Springfield, Mass. Montreal, W., Quebec Rochester, N. H. . Rollinsford, N. H. . . Concord, N. H. . . Concord, N. H. Hampton Beach, N. H. . Manchester, N. H. . . Orford, N. H. . Lynn, Mass. . Durham, N. H. Rochester, N. H. . Keene, N. H. . East Rindge, N. H. . Andover, Mass. Salisbury, Mass. . Pittsfield, N. H. . . Exeter, N. H. . . Wilton, N. H. . East Cleveland, Ohio . . Everett, Mass. Centre Stratford, N. H. . Manchester, N. H. . Manchester, N. H. Manchester, N. H. . . Dover, N. H. . Manchester, N. H. Northwood Ridge, N. H. . . Nashua, N. H. . Rochester, N. H. Manchester, N. H. . Wilmot, N. H. Manchester, Conn. . Brookline, N. H. . Peterborough, N. H. Kensington, N. H. Manchester, N. H. Manchester, N. H. . Hanover, N. H. . Durham, N. H. . Goffstown, N. H. Manchester, N. H. . . Milton, Mass. . . Franconia, N. H. . Hampton Falls, N. H. . . . Lynn, Mass. . Dover, N. H. Manchester, N. I-1. . Plainfield, N. H. Portsmouth, N. H. . Newnelds, N. H. Whitefield, N. H. . Saugus, Mass. . Dover, N. H. . Hill, N. H. Campbell, Marguerite S., Carlisle, Marjorie C., Caron, Rachel C., Carr, Byron VV., Carr, Emily, . Carrier, John A., Cash, Francis J., Cassily, Marie M., Caverl' L nette S 5, Y -y - Chandler, Constance S., Chase, Adele B., . Chase, Curtis W., Chertok, Edwin I., Chodokoski, Edward J., Clark, Barbara E., . Clark, Clarence H., Clark, liarle D., Clark, Harold J., Clark, Roger E., . Clement, Richard W. Clow, livelyn M., . Cohen, Cecile C., Collins, Leo W., Colman, Dorothy Ii. Comerford, Edward Condos, Speros, . Coney, Richard J., Coopers.ein, Leon I., Corcoran, Maurice R., Corcoran, Vtfilliam V., Corson, Anne E., CosIa, Charles H., Cote, Leonard A., Cotton, Charles A., Courage, Morris L., Craigin, Karl F., Crandall, VVillian1 D., Crane, XVilliam, . Crawford, Edward W Crawford, Raymond D Cresine, Paul A., Lriccnti, Nicholas J., Cutter, Albert V., Dalrymple, Arthur VV Dancausc, Lucien A., 1Jane,I2leanore, . Dane, John P., Jr., Davis, Charles E., Davis, Dorothy A., Davis, Roliert C., Davison, Ralph A., Davison, Robert C., Day, Arthur K., Dearborn, Doris J., Desrochers, Guilbert, Dickey, Barbara E., Dickie, Erlon T., . Nashua, . Concord, . Nashua, Contoocook Philadelphia, . Passaconaway, . Dover, . Dover, . Laconia, . Barnstead, . Concord, . Rumney, . Laconia, . Berlin, . Franconia, Hampstead, Northwood, . Nashua, . South Hanson, . . . Nashua, . . . Greenville, Manchester Millis Rochester Bedford Stamford Bethlehem Manchester Manchester VIanchester Dover Lawrence Deering Conway 'VI1lford Dow er IN orthwood IN arrows Ashland Somersworth New I ondon Northwood New London Pelham Manchester Greenville Nashua Salem New London North Conway Hollis 'vlanchester Manchester Laconia I aconia Vlanchester Salem Past Rochester 'I lllllllllllll Ihl I I I Z I N. H. N. H. N. H. Penn. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. Mass. N. H. N. H. N H QZZS mmmmuzacmmi ZZZZZZZZZZZZ EEEEZDEEIEEECE ZZZ EEE ZZZZZZZZZZ EIIEEIIIEEEE r-u r-I IN! NO t-4 VIass Mass KI . . . ..... V . I, . . . ........., , I , . ......... , . . V., ......... , , , ' . ......... , . . . . . ..... , N. . . . . , ..... I , N. . 5: . ....... , N, , 5 . . . . . , . . I , N. . - . . . ...... , . -,L . . . .... . . . , I . if . . . , ...... , , . . , . , ...... A , . , ' ig- . . . . . . . . . . I , . I J " . . . ...... . v , . . if . . .... , , , . . . . - I . . . . ' , . , ., ........ , . . ., ........ I , . . . ........ , . . r . ........ , . . Currier, Don O., . . , ..... Manchester, . . . . , ..... . , . . ., . ....... I , , . . . . - .... . , . . . . . .... . . , I . . .,...... , . . . ...... I , . . . . . .... . , . . . . . . ..... , . . . ...... . . I , . . . .... ..., ' , , , L - ......... . , . . 'f . .... .... . , . . gi . 'I . ........ I , . . -P . . . . .... . Q . , . . 5' . . . ..... . , . . Q 1 V . -v 'I Y: ' 'l Ig .li I . ml llll' ' II 'lu , , . l irnirs. . , ..' 1:.f1:'rfsxu ii' iiii ii-6 Dickie Logan R. . Dinsmore Beatrice . Dodge Ruth . Doe Amelia . Doe Anna V. . Dominick Joseph . . Dondero Mary I. . Downs John A. . Drew Prentiss J. Drouin Dora L. . Dussault William . Eastman William . Edson Philip H. . Emerson Rosamond D. . Emery VVinston E. . Emmott Raymond W. Enman Arthur L. . Evans, George N., Evans, William T., . Evans, Winston D., . Facey, William B., . Farmer, William P., . . Farrington, Montgomery, . Feinberg, Doris, . . . Fernald, Frank VV., . Fernald, Mary F., Fisher, Barbara H., . Fishlock, Wesley T., . Fitch, Clarence L., . Flanders, Robert A., . Flanders, W. Clark, . Foster, Dorothy, . . Frisbee, Alberta A., . . Furnans, Ernest William, jr., . 4 '-" M ti Ji " t l" ' , 1 1 1 . W ,hiq3a..lfi , , , 3 7 7 7 , , , , , J , . , , , , , J Y E , , , H, 4 7 3 7 Q 3 y ! y Y Geddis, Howard A., . . Geno, Mary L., . Giblin, Alfred J., . Gilson, Wallace H., . Glover, Clayson I., Goertz, Georgia M., . Gonichon, James J., . Goodman, Eleanor N., Goodrich, Ferne, . Goodwin, Curtis L., . Gordon, Oscar L., Gowen, Lincoln E., Grad, Willard S., Green, Meyer, . Greenough, Barbara, . Griney, Mary G., Grover, William S., . Grupe, Wayne S., Hale, Rachel E., . Haley, Dorothy O., . Halladay, Dorothy E., H301 . New Boston, . Candia, . Durham, , Dover, , Dover, . . Ashuelot, . Portsmouth, New Brighton, . . Ossipee, . Laconia, . Franklin, . Springfield, . West Lebanon, . Newmarket, . Percy, . Uxbridge, . Fremont, . Rochester, Newmarket, Manchester, Manchester, Manchester, Portsmouth, . Dover, Nottingham, Portsmouth, . . Antrim, . . Sunapee, . . Concord, North Haverhill, . Manchester, . Portsmouth, . Portsmouth, South Dartmouth, . East Hebron 7 . Concord, . Concord, . Hanover, . Milan . Alton: . Alton, Portsmouth, . Epping, , Dover, . Ashland, . Concord, . Meredith, Manchester, . Concord, . Rochester, . Dover, Winchester, . East Rindge, . South Lee, . Claremont, N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. Y. N. H. N. H. N. H. Mass. N. H. N. H. N. H. Mass N. H N. H N. H N. H. N. H. N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H N. H Mass N. H N. H N. H. N. H N. H N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. N. H. Hance, Mary L., . Handschumaker, Dora, Hanus, Barbara A., Hargraves, Robert F., Harmon, Donald S., Hawkins, Wendell F., Hazen, Pauline E., Heard, Emily T., Heins, George D., Hemm, Carl O., . Henson, Dayton M., Hepworth, Alfred T., Hersey, Elizabeth W., Hickey, John L., Hickey, Joseph W., Hixon, Elizabeth W., Hobbs, John R., Holbrook, Marion E., Holt, Willard K., Hooper, Carol, . Horton, Horace R., Hosmer, Gaylord D., Houghton, Walter, Houston, Lester F., Howe, Charles M., Hoxie, Wilbar M., Hoyt, Edward J., Hubley, Barbara E., Hunt, Jane, . Huntington, Everett C. Hurd, William B., Ir. Hutchins, Leroy G., Hyrk, Alma L., . Jacques, Leo C., . Janvrin, Dorothy L., Johannis, Theodore B., ohnson Edgar N., J , Johnson, Frederick H., johnson, Philip E., Johnson, Robert E., Johnson, Ruth S., Johnson, Vance M., Jokinen, Weikko, Jordan, Barbara C., Karazia, Charles A., Karkavelas, Paul G., . Kay, Ruth E., . Keenan, Priscilla A., Kelly, Donald H., Kelly, John M., . Kendall, Harry A., Kennedy, Frances H., . Kimball, Howard R., . Kimball, Maurice C., Kingsinan, Chester F., . Kirby, Joseph B., Jr., . Kramer, Howard G., Jr. llllllllllll . u"ll1llilll l'1'l N in 1+ C '1 D3 C3 UQ 5' Z 'f' Manchester, N. H . Concord, N. H . Concord, N. H . Raymond, N. H . . Troy, N. H. . Bethlehem, N. H Center Sandwich, N. H . . Durham, N. H . Colebrook, N. H Winchester, N. H . Derry, N. H. . Wolfeboro, N. H . . Lancaster, N. H. . East Rochester, N. H . . Lynn Mass' . Somersworthj N. H . West Warwick, R. I me 5213 :25-M3 2222 :ummm ZZZZZZZZZZZ EEECEEIIEEIJZEEE New Boston Hampstead Plaistow Plaistow Portsmouth Exeter Nashua Gorham Raymond Dover East Jaffrey ZZZZZZZZZZZ Cfimmmmmmmiiliiil Somersworth Seabrook Claremont Milford Dover Milan Portsmouth Plaistow Concord Newport Plainfield 'ZZZZZZZ EEDIEIECU4 ZZZZZ mm!!! F-1 n-A bb ,.a l...i Port Washington Dover Dover Lancaster Newton Manchester West Thornton Danielson Conn North Haverhill Concord Winchester Goffstown Ossipee lllllll 'l I llll' IFF'- X n Hi F' I I ...... ............ i"1 .lvl-W A illll' 'i-:lf'i,- I-. '3jgg:ig,'jg,, - D ...V "7 Q4 Hlllllfvlllllf zifirt,1lugi,5 1- mmm' A ' 7 ' ' lllllllll'll'l ' il Ml" 01 VM 'I ? M Lacoss Niles A Lampesis Peter Lane Elizabeth lang Annie F Ian Benjamin Laramie Kenneth N Leavitt james K Lee Frederick W Lekesky BenJamin A Iennon Mary E Levine Noah M Lewis Alvin H Iilly Avalon R Link Howard C Littlefield George IV Jr Locke Howard R Locke Shelton H Lockwood Paul F Long Xvard C MacAulay John J MacCallum Alice S 'VIcCormack Stewart V 'VIcCorm1ck Owen N McDonough Augustin T McEvoy Weston E Vlclninch Geraldine 'VIcKean Glen W VICKIHHOH Mary J McKone jean E NIcLaughlm Eileen R XlacQueen George Madison Eugene W Mahoney 'Vlary E Nlahony John P 'vlallis Constantine Manchester Karl R Manchester, Winslow, I milf ,W ,..I ,L,, - V I? '24,-glam ' I Him ,2i!:y5:,,p3lh'9"l"i 5 1 l ,rj , O ,, ,,.. . . . , T., .... ' 1 , ' , , . . . . ' v . . 'J "" ' ' ' ' ' i , g, . R., ...... - - ' , , ., ..-- - - A - - - - ' Y . ., ...... - - ' 1 -7: v U . -1 -""' ' ' ' S 'y Q -1 "" ' ' ' ' . v , . Cz., ...... - - 3, , I , . ., ....... 1 1 2 Q , ., ....... vi, A , ' ., ..... ' . . - - . ' v ., L, - W l . . Hampstead, , ., Jr., .... . - - , ., ..... ' ' Y ,, .-aa. 1 ' ' , . ., . . . . . . , ' 1, -n...- ' ' ,I , , N ., ...... ' ' - A I I , ., ..... - - . , U ., ..... - ' , , ., ..... - - asa-,j ' , ' ., ...... - - " I , , ...... ' - I l , ., .....' . 4' ' A , r ., ...... '- -- .-:Qig A , D I ., ...... ' ' A A , ., ..... ' ' . . , , ...... A ' ' V g , ., ...... ' ' ' ,- A ', A ., ...... ' ' A . , h., ...... ' ' I ', , ...... ' ' I , . ., ...... ' ' Mangold, John W., . Marcy, Gloria B., . Martin, Francis' X., . Martin, Ida M., . . Matison, Matthew I., . Mattice, Edson R., Mead, Mary E., . Meeker, George H., . Merrill, H, Douglas, . Merrill, Herbert T., . Messer, Richard E., . Miller, Belle, . . Mirey, Walter L., Jr., . Monroe, Norma, . . Moore, Leonard S., . Morrill, Harry E., Morrill, Laurence B., . Morrison, jeremy, . Moscardini, Arthur A., Moulton, Lewis H., . Munger, Helen E., . 11321 . Etna, N. H Dover, N. H . Groton, N. H . Durham, N. H . . Onset, Mass . Canaan, N. H North Hampton, N. H Nottingham, N. H , Worcester, Mass . Dover, N. H . Chelsea, Mass Portsmouth, N. H Manchester, N. H Southington, Conn. N. H. . Amherst, N. H. . Berlin, N. H. . Dover, N. H. . Hampton, N. H. . Concord, N. H. . Everett, Mass. . Milford, N. H. . Hinsdale, N. H. Manchester, N. H. . Henniker, N. H. Manchester, N. H. . Haverhill, N. H. . Lancaster, N. H. . Dover, N. H. . Laconia, N. H. . Penacook, N. H. New Ipswich, N. H. Manchester, N. H. Manchester, N. H. . Berlin, N. H. . Providence, R. I. Manchester, N. H. Watertown, Mass. . Hillsboro, N. H. . Alton, N. H. . Hudson, N. H. . Dover, N. H. . Penacook, N. H. . Bartlett, N. H. . Endicott, NJY. . Concord, N. H. . Hanover, N. H. . New London, N. H, Charlestown, N. H. Ashbnrnham, Mass. . . Taunton, Mass. . . Milford, N. H. . Winnipesaukee, N. H. . . Concord, N. H. . Derry, N. H. . . Tilton, N. H. . Moultonboro, N. H. . Franklin, N. H. Munton, Alexander V., Nathanson, Joseph, Nawoj, Thaddeus, Neal, Robert, . Niggeman, Louis W., Norris, Kenneth R., Nottenburg, Alfred, Nutter, Elinor, . Nye, George P., . O'Brien, Frank E., O'Neil, Paul T., . Osborne, Clifford M., Osgood, George A., Paige, Margaret, Palmer, Marian M., Parker, Holmes, . Parlin, Marguerite E, Pearsons, Janice M., Pease, Chester C., Jr. Peavey, Estelle G., Petrie, William C., Peyser, Charles S., Phinney, John A., Pickett, Madlon F., Pickford, Walter J., Pierce, Donald V., Pike, Harry E., jr., Pike, Howard K., Pillsbury, Hobart B. Platts, Marion W., Plummer, William B. Plummer, Roger W. Pollard, Truman E., Polonsky, Arnold D., Powers, Grover O., Prince, Frances, . Prince, Ruth, . ProcLor, George W., Quadros, james G., Quinn, Margaret A., Redman, William S., Reid, Dorothy M., Remick, Roland A., Richards, Olive J., Riel, Hazel E., . Ring, Frances E., Ro'JI.e, Donald C., Robbins, William P., Roberts, Hall S., . Roberts, Olive C., Roberts, Ormond A., Robinson, Chester S. Robinson, William F., lllllllilllll I I ill' . .1 . Candia Littleton Hampstead H1 Greenville Exeter Woodsville Portsmouth Manchester Newport Berlin Tamworth Salem Goshen Manchester Keene Bristol Hopkinton Easton Brooklyn Center Sandwich New Boston Andover Newmarket Gloucester Manchester 'Vlanchester Bethlehem Bristol Exeter Manchester Wilton Nashua Portsmouth Dover South Royalton Dover N Suncook IN Durham N m' m 2 .... . g. .... . "1 -f w F 0050 EEQQZC 2 0300 K-5-0,.,rb0 ' Z :mms ...HD'fugD':i as na Oc 0 Umm' 'D--Z V1 2 2:52 SEESKQS: E w 9599 Pgnaggpg e av 22 2252 2g25Q225 2 EE Faiieimw 'JI ZZZZZZQZYZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ mmmmmeimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm E SD cn m I mmmfmmmmmmmmm r-1 r- bo LN i-I Illlilw 'Il 1 ro 'K El E 0 D' N E. C7 .f. .. ... .. .. ...Li.f.. .... .'.-.. ri Y .... ...., . ' sr E , . -. '. . 2 -. PE ' - ' ' . .4 ..a --.-..N,- -H -a,:f-,,,a. .,,, .,.,-,,F.,,, P .ff-222222222 2 ..... ,r..f ............ . . I .l'l?l'P 4 ilill'2'.EL1::.-::- "a, 1'::1E3i'1:i. HHllllll.l'1':i' S Q4 ,.lillllmHlU'fzi1:f::: -.:g.:Hp11m,1mgi,3,1f:: .1 - l qflillilllllltfllllllll 1.1. 1111- r131:.xm 12 nnlllllhlwm it-' 1 XIV iMl'V i flill i l lf!-if Rogean Arnold H Rogers Zygmond J omanox ski Genevieve L Rose VV1ll1am R Rosen Bernard D Rosi -Xlbert I Ross james O Ross Willis Rowe Emma P St Clair Richard H Sanborn Priscilla L Sanborn Winifred Sands Barbara W Saunders John J Scannell Leo R Scott Bernard E Seamans Roger A Segole Andrew A Shanahan Ann D Shaw Donald A Shaw Wyman B Silverman Ralph W Simpson Allan H Sleeper lVI1ll1CCI'lt E Smart Robert A Smith Clyde R Smith Howard W Smith John M Smith Paul A Spillman Ruth E Staniszewski Walter Stanley William C Stead George O Stevens, Jean W, Stevens, Robert A, P I , I ll V 1- .1 it In r .A v . , evil'-flf' wif:-it 44 ' i 1 "Al 5l553fuf'- ' .... , ., .... . . . , '. I., . - - . . R 'r ., ., ....... - , Y ., o s I - . ' , , ., . . . . . . , . ., . . . . . . . - , ' . ., .... . . . , , ..... . . . - , ., . . . . . - . i , ' ., . . . . . . Sanborn, Donald R., . . . . . . . , ' ' ,, , , , , , . Manchester, i , , . . . . . , ., . . . . . . , ., . . . . . . . , ., . . . . i , ., .... . . , ., .... . . , ., . . . . . . . ' , ., . . . . 4 , Y ., . . . . . v , ., . . . . n , ., . . . . . , 1 . .,, . . . . . i , ., ........ n , ., . . . 1 ' , ., . . . . i n , ., . . . . 1 1 , ., .... . . ' , ., . . . . . . , 1 ., . . . . . . ,U ., . . . . 1 ', ., . . - . . , ., . . . Stevens, Wayne O, Stone, Josephine B., Sudsbury, Ruth E., ullivan eremiah F., . 5 , J Sullivan, Robert E., Swidzinski, Edmund, Taylor, Roland A., Taylor, William E., Teeri, Arthur E., Temple, Rita M., Thayer, Martha L., Theberge, Mary E., Thompson, Frank D., Thompson, William I., Tinker, Rebecca I., Toll, Morris, . Tomkinson, Stanley E., Tower, Ruth, . Towers, Richard R., Towle, Doris P., . Trickey, Gertrude M., H341 . Tilton, N. H. Amesbury, Mass. . Hudson, N. H. Portsmouth, N. H. Portsmouth, N. H. . Colebrook, N. H. East Barrington, N. H. Pittstield, N. H. . Exeter, N. H. . Laconia, N. H. . Epping, N. H. N. H. . Contoocook, N. H. . Newmarket, N. H. Somerville, Mass. Manchester, N. H. . Hollis, N. H . . Newport, N. H . West Lebanon, N. H. . Somersworth, N. H. . Sandwich, N. H. . Dover, N. H Portsmouth, N. H. . Lakeport, N. H. . Sunapee, N. H Portsmouth, N. H. . New London, N. H. . Greenville, N. H. . Bow Lake, N. H . Concord, N. H . Durham, N. H . Middletown, Conn . New London, N. H . New London, Conn . Derry, N. H . Raymond, N. H . . Auburn, Me Claremont, N. H. . Hudson, N. H. Portsmouth, N. H. . Concord, N. H. West Lynn, Mass. Bennington, N. H. . Melrose, Mass. . Durham, N. H. . . Lincoln, N. H. . Woodsville, N. H. . Salmon Falls, N. H. . . Pittsfield, N. H. . Manchester, N. H. . Nashua, N. H. . Beverly, Mass. . Lebanon, N. H. Lexington, Mass. . . Berlin, N. H. . Somersworth, N. H. . Alton Bay, N. H. Trubenbach, Alfred C. E Tubinis, Joseph W., . Tufts, Lewis E., . . Turley, Anna A., . Twyon, Donald E., Uicker, George B., Usher, John J., . Varney, Fred M., Varney, Walter R., Verville, Homer A., . Vier, Dwayne T., Wageman, Frank A., . Waldo, Stanley C., . Walker, Genevieve R., Wallace, Oliver P., . VVarren, Priscilla, . Weatherb Albert M Jr.,. Y, -, Weaver, Edwina M., . Webb, Walter M., . Webster, Peter W., . Wells, Willard C., . Wells, Winthrop A., . VVentworth, Carleton M., Westfall, Lillian J., . Wheeler, Dorothy E., . Wheelock, Theron A., . White, Ruth M., . . Whitehouse, Darwin B., Wilbur, Herbert E., . Wilcox, Louis H., . Williams, Mary K., Wilson, Donald G. . Wilson, William G., . VVinn, Alden L., . Winn, Vernon C., Wise, Charles W., VVitter, Vincent M., Woodruff, John F., . Woodbury, Jane W., . Woodward, Philip L., . Wootton, Margaret B., Wright, Edward N., . Wright, Franklin T., . Wyman, Edgar P., Zagrecke, William C., . Zane, Edna E.-A., If llllillllllll l t ulullllillll . New Yo Newmarket Concord Portsmouth Concord Nashua Bristol Portsmouth Lebanon Concord Goff stown Durham Center Ossipee Manchester Hanover bouth Barnstead Portsmouth Franklin Goffstown Berlin Portsmouth Salem Center Walpole Wolf eboro Portsmouth Charlestown Somerville Laconia Exeter rk City Z O 6723235 .5 .... 2555355 E599 ig S555 22222222 22 gZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ 5CGEECEZUEICGEEEEUICCIEEIEEEIEEE NH NH H351 lllllI'l lf: 1 t XIV , ...... , . . . ..... , . . . . . . . . , . - , , ..... , . . , ...... , . . , ,,.. .... , . . . ...... , . . . . . . . , . . . . . . . . . . , . . 2' , . . . . . . , . . j Ei . . . . . . 1- E . , , ...... , . . 1 zi - mg . . . . , . . -V 2 , . . . . . , . . 1? 3 - E . . . . . . . . , . . 2 , ...... I , . . :- , , ...... , . . 35 . . . . . , . . ff , , ..... , . . . .... , . . , , ..... . , . . ...... , . . . . .... , . . .1 1 if ss 'JSE . ,ta , v C. lllll I . .lll 'Ifl H4 A ' , " n lunlllllm 'A' " W ' ' f -H----lllllllllllllllllll ' ' , ,l,.:..... , Y INN.:-:,!1 . A f ' .aw ' 1- 2-" ' - ' 1 QA. f 'kf' ,f, z'wix" iwvfefff Mi? 1' ' 117 1 .. . . . r IHHHIIIIIIIHIVHNM ' lllllll "un "' Q47 ' - YW-U.: -'X X lm NX mrs 4 OLIVE THAYER, Pravideiit L1LLiixN llOL'1', StTt'1'L'fl1I'y A-llflza Chi Omega Alfvlia Xi Delta Chi Omega Pall llmlliellfellia INTER-SORORlTY COUNCH, Established 191 5 Officers IJcmoT11 Y KELLY, Treczsmw' Residivizt illmxzbcrs M rs. lfreclericlq Busclmicyer Mrs, Paul Sweet Jleuzbvrs lxrlfffci Delia Dorotliy Kelly Lillian Holt Gloria VVilcox Virginia Vllastcoat Iii I ,auzbdiz Sigziza Hcleu Henry Annette liviiigstmi Laura Stocker Muriel Smith l'I11 lllzr Ruth lhcsiialiaii Clive Thayer Phcbc Graham Claire Short rllllffll Ufm'1'I011 Bernice XVhitehcacl Mildred Cochraiie I l Bark Row: l!vf6'SHl1hZll1, XVhituhead, Thompson, Xllistcozit, LiOCllf1lUL', Stuclscr, G. Thayer, Smith, Graham. Front Row: XVilcox, Henry, O. Thayer, Holt, lireniur. N381 L 1 4, - o ,lj -N -JM T ,WI A f Alpha Cilhni Umega Chapter: Alpha Tau Established 1924 Founded at DePauw University, 1885 'H Ojicers GLORIA VVILCOX, Presideni EL1ZAliETll SCUIJIJIQR, Vice President NANCY POWERs, Recording Sec1'vfary Dokis FONVLER, Treasurer ELVIRA SERAFINI, Corresponding Secretary RESIDENT JUNIORS Nancy Powers MEMBERS Mrs. Thomas G. Phillips Miss Lillian Hudon SENIORS Ramona Adams Irene Couser Louise Davidson Natalie Hadlock Virginia Hixon Ruth H. Johnson Ruth V. Johnson Elvira Serahni Ethel Tufts Virginia Wastcoat Gloria Wilcox Edith Baldwin Rita Kidder Marjorie Martel Pauline Martel Elizabeth Scudder Charlotte Taylor Mary VVinter SOPHOMORES Mary Belle Bard Kathryn Barnes Elizabeth Corbett Madeline Davol Doris Fowler Eleanor Huddleston Martha Osgood Marian Rowe Millicent Shaw Caroline Smith Katherine Spelhnan PLEDGES Ruth Dodge Dorothy Foster Alberta Frisbee Mary Geno Charlotte Hills Ruth S. johnson Natalie Mower Olive Richards Dorothy XVheeler Back Row: Hills, Baldwin, Osgood, XYinter. Fourth Row: Rowe, Kidder, Spelhnan, M. Martel, Hixon. R. H, johnson, Huddlcston. Third Row: XVheulcr, Gcno, Corbett, R. Y. Johnson, Hadloclc, XYHSICOIII, R. H. Johnson, Smith. Second Row: Dodge, Barnes, Cohen, Mrs. Heywood, Davidson, llavol, Taylor. Front Row: P. Martel, Powers, VVilcox, Scudder, Serahni, Cousmr, Fowlur, Tufts, Shaw. H391 -.-. rtw KXN , z LM. F--gi. Y L., zxllplliia X11 Delta Chapter: Tau Established 1914 Founded at Knox College, lllinois, 1893 Officers RUTH TOVVLE, Prvszllczit BETTY GALE, Secretary ELIZAIIETII HAZEN, Trcaszwer RESIDENT IUNIORS Beatrice Dinsmore MEMBERS Mrs. Edith Richardson Mrs. Dorothy Barton Mrs. Marjorie Monroe Miss Ethel Cowles Miss Audrey Griffin SENIORS Rochelle Black Elizabeth Farmer Priscilla Garrett Elizabeth Hazen Marjorie Horton Marion Jacobs Lillianne Mathieu Margery Phillips Margaret Rosell Harriet Smalley Natalie Stevens Laura Stocker Dorothy Bond Helen Chase Ruth Gale Silance Perkins Muriel Smith Ruth Towle SOPHOMORES Constance Caldwell Sylvia Merrill lileanor Osgood Marjorie Phillips 1-lelen Henderson Mary Holmes Madelyn Tobin Elizabeth Vlfall PLEDGES Marjorie Beck Barbara Fuller Barbara Hanus Emily Heard Elizabeth Hersey Elizabeth Hixon Edith Holt Dorothy janvrin Ruth Kay Norma Monroe Helen Munger Alice McCallum Janice Pearson Mazlelon Pickett Marion Platts Wiiiifrefl Sanborn Priscilla Sanborn Martha Stevens Natalie Smith Priscilla Warreii Jane VVoodbury Bark Roux' Gale, 1VIcCallain, P. Sanborn, N, Smith, Henderson, Rossell, Hixon. Fourth Row: Holt, Pickett, Munger, VV. Sanborn, Heard, VVZ11'l"CH, Vlfoodbury, Dinsniore, Janvrin, Platts, Pickwick, Chase. Third Row: Mathieu, Hazen, N. Stevens, M. Phillips, NVall, Osgood, Perkins. Second Row: Hersey, Smalley, Bond, Jacobs, Caldwell, M. Stevens, Tobin, Monroe. Front Roto: Pearsons, Farmer, Black, M. Smith, Mrs. Bartlett, Stocker, Garrett, Towle, Horton. 11401 ' -'Z 'L if V ,QL 1 V., If , Qhi get Chapterg Blu Alpha Established june ll, 1915 Founded at University of Arkansas, 1895 Ojjlicmiv CLAIRE SHORT, Prcsicivizf PHYLLIS Snoinlzv, Secretary RUTH LOGEE, Vice Pluridclzt OLIX'E TIIAYER, Trvaszarcr ,1IFlIlI7L'l'A' SENIORS Geraldine Stahl Frances Kennedy Eleanor Thompson Eft 11 P f Igljililileiiie Ilitzijfglicioiiil Ruth XVeston R151 Trmiilq Ruth Logee Helen Rockwood SOPHOMORES IDLEDGES Ph ' - Clasiigssilrgfiey 5Y11l16'B1'afC1V Mary K. Barnard G H. Th X ineena Drago Cqrlina Bouca 6.143 Zgle ayer Esther Foss L Ol ' h f D - me 1 ayer Genevieve Mangurian UWHTY Bufllb HOUSE Katherine Mason iarhara Clarke PRIXTILEGES Eleanor Mitchell meha Doe' Fl G d Harriet Towle Ferne Goodrich 4 631101' 00 mall lilizabeth XN'illiams Bama,-3 Hulyley Doris Putnam Jane Hunt UNIGRS FRESHMEN Geraldine Mclninch J rw Margaret Felix Eleanor Dane Martha lhayer Barbara Morrill Marion Holbrook Geffllllwf Westfall Lucille Sterling Priscilla Keenan Margaret VVooton Huck Rmu: Hublev, Foss, Mitchell. Clark, XYestfall, MacKinnon. Holbrook, 'Danfor1h, Hance. Third Ron" Tower Sterling. Loeee, Goodman, Kennedv, Keenan, Burns. Morrill. Second Rare: Dane, Leighton, Drago, Peavey, itrmgufirm, Goodrich, Stahl, Melnineh, Barnard. Front Row: Rockwood, XVL-ston, Felix, O. Thayer, Mrs. Hawkes, G. Thayer, Short, Shorey, Towle, Conathan, Brazel. I 1411 NN v-'1f.-f- my 'N -xxx N - "N NX M N xxx X X . Ykwv - -5 .X X X Plii Mu Chapter: Beta Gamma Established 1919 Founded at XVesleyan College, Georgia, 1852 Ojicers RUTH BRESNAHAN, Presidevzt lXlARGERY OSBERG, Secretary NANCY CARLISLE, Vice President JEAN MOURE, Treasurer M 6'1'1"Lb6VS RESIDENT Dorothy Russell Eleanora Boston KIENIBER Alice Vlfalker jeggig Bunker Marion Blewett JUNIORS LOUISE Roberts E, 4 Ruth Bresnahan PLEDGE5 5ENIORS Martha Burns , . . . N . A it Marjorie Carlisle i ancy Carlisle Frances French Al 1 Ch Mary Carswell jean Moore A ce e asa Evelyn Davis Nan Pearson Thelma Baxter Phoebe Graham Eclith Russell Egafbif? J 251311 lxffafgefy Qsbgfg 1 OSCP '111'1C tO1'lC Edith Pike SOPHOMURES Mary VVilliams Estelle Pray Xlinnifred Carlisle Dorothy Buckley H421 Back Row: Moore, Pearson. Fmzrrlz Row: Russell, Baxter, N. Carlisle, Buckley, Jordan. Third Row: Osberg, Carswell, Pray, Russvll, Boston. Second Row: French, Roberts, Bunker, XVilliams, M. Carlisle, XV. Carlisle. Front Row: Davis, Pike, Bresnahzin, Mrs. Tcwksbury, NValker, Graham, Burns. ' ' . ' ' X F"l' Kappa Delta Chapter: Alpha Sigma Established 1929 Founded at Virginia State Normal School, 1897 O jirfrx LILLIAN Hom, Prggidgnf PR1sf'11.1.A GLAZIER, SCC7'Ff07'j' BIILDRED IDOYLE, Vim IJ1'f'S'l.dl?llf RITA GRENIER, TWUSWCV ilfmz bers RESIDENT Evelyn Searle Muriel VVellman MEMBERS JUNIORS PLEDGES Barbara Rowell Eleanor Sheehan SENIORS Mary Basim Elizabeth Emerson Carolyn Files Priscilla Glazier Lillian Holt Dorothy Kelly Helen McEgan Marian Phillips Flora Diniond Mildred Doyle Eva Thibodeau SOPHOMORES Evelyn Craton Rita Grenier Dorothea Knott Edith Raymond Elsa Steele Miriam Taylor Ruth Seidel Jeanette Belanger Barbara Brown Hazel Colburn Dora Drouin Rosamond Emerson Annie Lang lda Martin Natalie McLaughlin Elinor Nutter Marjorie Sullivan Mary Theberge H 1 Back Rvrv: VVelln1ar1, Raymond. Searle, Steele, Craton. Second Roux' Thompson. Tlu-ln-rge,,Qhlin. Basim, Thilvodeau, Emerson. Front Row: Taylor, lXlcEgan, Glazier, Grenier, Mrs. Shorey, Holt, Doyle, Sullivan, Knott. l143l 7' 1' . I. I I QW :Ti . fi! 'N my -XXX N .'.-'. 4 .' 5 x N X x.. ---. . .1 T Theta Upsilon Chapter: Tau Established 1930 Founded at University of California, 1914 Officers liERNlL'E 1. X1vlIITli11E.XlJ, Presideazt RL"1'n I.. XYITHAM, Serrctary ELINUR Foss, Ivlvfl' Pl'l'.N'l-fitfllf Glmclz H11.1.1A1zn, Twvfzszfrer ,lfcuz bers RESIDENT MEMBERS Naomi M. G. likdalil Rose Jeffords Rena Torrey SENIORS Beda Anderson Conradene Bowen Mildred Cochrane Elizabeth Corriveau Christine Freese lzola Prohaska Natalie Sargent Louise Shaekford JUNIORS Marguerite Ekdahl Grace Ernst Elinor Foss Barbara Grinnell Grace Hilliard Doris Hosmer Lucille Libby Elizabeth Meeklem Laura Rowe Bernice XYhitehead Ruth XN'itham Barbara VVright SOPHOMORES Eleanor Arkell Alice Hazlitt Isabelle Hermes Charlotte Rowell PLEDGES ,lessica Allen Nancy Babcock Barbara Brownell Lynette Caverly Dorothy Colman Anne Carson Barbara Fisher Dorothy Grimes Dorothy Halladay Dora Handschumaker Alma Hyrk Gloria Marcy Mary Mead ,lean McKane Frances Prince Emma Pearl Rowe Millieent Sleeper Ruth Suclsbury Rebecca Tinker Gertrude Trickey Ruth W'hite Buffs Nou' : maker, Mc Kone. Grinnell, Carson, Ludsbury, Prince, Freese, Halladzny, Babcock, COll1lE1l1. H1lI1dSCl1H- Fozrrth Rate: Prohaska, Caverley, Mareey, McLaughlin, Baldwin, Ernst, Libby, Sargent, XX right. Third lrmef Arliell, l.. Rowe, E. Rowe, jfflilioftls, Bowen, MC'Clil1'l11. Alltxlfl. Seeond lfoiej llosnier, Fisher, Tinker, Rowell, Torrey, Cochrane, Hazlitt, Hermes. Y. Fronf Now: Anderson. Corriyeau, Hilliard, Mrs. Eekdahl, XYhilel1eac1, Mrs. Larrabee. Vtitham, Eckdahl, Foss. I 1441 121.15ANoR 1X14'GR1i.XI., Vin' PM - - , . . - .. "Z: .LII - ' ' ff 11311151 Lambda Sfig111111f11 Clmpter: Epsilon FK'll1I1dCf1 at 131151011 Lfuiversity, 1921 Ojicvrs 1'1FLICN H1fN1iX', f'1'usi111'11f BIARY Rl'IS1DICN'1' MEM H ER ,IUNIORS 1X1111ettc Livi11g5to11Q lfvclyn O'1i1'ic11 Nfarguerite 5113118111111 hlzmc 8101101121811 SC JPHf JMORICS Mary KlcCz11'tl1y Mary Ahllligllll A1111 F. Boggs SENIUR5 Helen 1,1CIl1'y lilczmor Mciirczll 2 ., ,M Estahlislwcl 1929 B1C14.XR'1'llY, .S'1'1'1'1'f111'A1 'SlAlI1t'J1f j.xx1-1 SI.1r1:o1Jz11xN, Y1I'l'tlA'lll't'l' PLEIJGES XYCFUHH A. Doe 1'2c1't1'111lc iirincy Mary 1X1Zl1llJl16y Margaret Quinn DlP1'll1115' Sllllllilllllll lf111'k lx'u71'.' .X, V1'1lUIlIITS0ll, I.ixi11gst1m111-, Sl1:111:1l1:1n, .'. ,. .S'1'1'r1111l' lx'071'.' I'lu11cl11-r, E, ,l1111lI11I?SlYll. S1U1ll7I1Z11lll, N1l'f11'K'Jl1. 01.111-11, llllhlxli. F lfrmzl lfmv: Cillllllll, 111101111-, 1:I'L'Sll!1Il!l11, H1'111'y, l.:111gluis. lollxus, Iiusldcll. 11451 M -RXK Q1.. ' ' -' 51 . , -- wmv li- ' awe " ' xi lx X J Ax xx Casquie aumll Qaslset IXTICR-FRA'l' ERN l'l'Y COC NCI le Offczrrir .XRXOLIJ ll. Rnolncs, PI't'.N'Iifft'IIf l'nn..1i- 'l'HoA1.xs, ,hlUt'l'f'fC1l'j' l'l'oi,i.1s'l'ic1: 5'l'l'R1iIiS. I'fru l'rvsidv11f lJoNAi.o lliwxiai., 'l'rm.vzr1'm' 1'll'tIfr'l'lIlfj' Kappa Sigma Sigma .Xlpha lipsilon Theta Chi .Xlpha 'liau Omega l.amlxla Chi ,Xlplia Theta Lpsilon Omega 'l'heta Kappa l'hi l'i Kappa .Xlpha Delta lipsilon lli l'hi Alpha l'hi Mu llelta .Xlpha Kiamina Rho llhi Delta Upsilon Tau Kappa Epsilon .Xlpha Kappa Pi St'1II.01' ,llr111lm' 'lohn C. Sweetser Logan S. liield Hollister Sturges. jr. .Xrnolcl D. Rhodes llonalfl Ul. lirunel F. Courtney XYillian1s .Xlvali NY. Swain Norbert l. lliotte Burton iiooclrieh Klervin l.een .Xinasa Ci. Condon llowarcl ll. llrinee Philip C. Thomas Roliert XY. lloitt Erie NY. .Xnclherg .IIIIIIIUV .llz'111l1v1' Henry XY. Trow Raoul li. Reeves lireclerielc C. Xlvalker Glen XY. Stewart Ronalcl ll. Xyilcle Leslie M. Pike Charles ll. Groeott Harold lf. Currier Klervin C. Xlaellonalcl Milton Rosen Roger l"l. Osgood llenjaniin French Carroll ll. Little XX'illiam ll. Bennett lirnanclo DeYittori liufk li'nfi'.' Xyilllilllli l'il4e. l.llllL'. 'l'111'rd lx'fm': XYallter, Currier, lliotle. Klaellonalil. Kioorlricll. ,Sbvozzrl li'ow: Hoitl. Cirocott, Wilde, l'rinee. Iireneli. lfielcl. f'il'0lIl Roux' Swtetsvr, Benin-lt. Sturges, Rhodes, Tlioinas, Stewart, Swain. 11461 f J r fl , - 'F ' f':.J-I ' f - ' aipipoet Riigimtai Chapter: Beta Kappa EStHbliSl16fl 1903 Founded :lt Lfniversity of Virginia, 1369 C 7l7'iCw's mx Swizi2'1's12R, l'l'FSflIll'lIf .lures Voi.L.xR11, IR., Srr1'vfarv XVILLIAM Kixfs, L"1'ml'wxidw1f Rox' LUICSCHNICR, T1'va.v111'm' RESIIJICNT MEN HIZRS john C. Kendall Lewis Swain Carl Lunclholm Thomas Leighton Harold Loveren S IQNIORS 4 Jsvalclo Abbiati Iiclwarcl Hatehelcler Delfo Czuninati George jacques XYilliani King Roy Loesehner Frederick Martineau 'lzunes Pollard Robert i,I'C1ldCl'0'ilSt 5 ,llv11zIw1'.v Raynioncl Sims Henry Stevens George Sweeney .lohn Sweetser joseph Targoiislci 'IUXIORS Hiram Harker .Ioseph Conner Robert K. Dow Donald .lensen tieorge Kerr XYi11ian1 Lucinski Robert Mcfiuirk Kenneth MeKiniry Maurice Pike H enry Tron' Sol'HoMoR1as Thomzis Burns Robert Cochran john Coyne, 'I r. -lohn Ifernzilcl Roger Lainbert Cliarles McKenna Louis Ugera Robert Stevens Paul 'l'rzivers Hrenclon Toolin Samuel XYillis I'l.lLDL1I'.S Norbert Bergeron XYilliznn Facey Lincoln Gowzm ,I ohn Greer Raul Kzlrkavelas joseph Kirby X ' Hifk lfotvj Hnrns. 'I'r:ix'ers, R. Stevens. Willis. fhird IQDTUI Pike, Coyne. Hznielleldvr. i!lC1UL'S, Dow. lioehrzm, lizirker. . 1 Swoml Roco: Trow, McKenna, Melinirk, Lncinski, Nillftilllilll. Kerr, I'oHz1rd. out Row: Connor. Ft-rnzihl, H. Stevens, lgiinhert, Sweetser, Loi-sehner, Greer, Ross, Sims. H471 V 1' i i x - SY.- at xx N X A 'lFh.eita Chi Qhapter: Zeta Established 1910 Founded at Norwieli University, 1850 Offli'4'l'S llUl,I.lS'l'ER S'1'L'Ror:s, jk., lJl'f'.Yl'tlt'lll XY1I.1.lAxi lglmuilc, jk.. Serrrtary l'1u'ox'r: CIIRISTI.-XNSICN, l'1'rc l,l'l'Sldl'lIf XY1Ns'roN lXlClNiIilQ, Trraszwm' RlfSlDliX'1' XYillard'R. Harris PLICDGES MEMBERS john G. Hodgdon Charles H. Batchclder llerinan C. Fogg Leon YY. Hitchcock Carl Martin Rohert G. Webster l'aul S. Schoedinger Charles R, Dawson Harry L. W'ood Howard Hanley SENIORS l'aul Anderson Trygve Christiansen Ilarry Dustin XYinston F. McKee Morey C. Miles Trevor A. Price Hollister Sturges. jr. lirnest XYerner jL'NIORS Vl'arren V. .Xllen William F. liaker, jr. Richard C. Briggs john XY. Carlin. jr. Theodore Darling lfdwin Gale lilton R. Glover Norris jackson Arthur T. Learnard VYliitn1an Levensaler Donald R. MacArthur Leon E. Magoon Stanley Manning George 1. Parker Raymond XY. Parker llonld 5. Pitcher Kenneth Reardon XN'illiam Ruggr joseph YanderHoett Frederick VValker SOPHOMORICS Cosmos Aliapoulos ,lereiniah Chase lfdson Gan' Duncan Lf Hunter Xhvllllillll F. Kidder Tliomas Matthews Allen Mitehiner Frank Musgrove Howard Urdway Frederick Sehipper W'illiam NVeir james B. NYoodman Frederick liieber Oliver Branch Rohert Browning john Carrier Roger Clark William Crandall john Dane Rohert Davison XYilliani Farmer Rohert Flanders Clayson Glover Charles Howe George Littlelield Howard Locke, jr. Karl Manchester Richard Messer Harry Morrill Kenneth Norris Frank tfllrien Howard l'ike Chester Rohinson George Stead W'illiani Stanley john XYoodruff lidward Conierford l Hurli' lx'ofi'.' Cliase. Scliinper, Stolvie, XYrrner, liaw. Kliles. A lfonrlli lfofig' l'riee, Hunter. XYalker. llawson, Selioeflinger. Darling. l.s-arnarsl, liale. flifril lx'1m': Rugg. Nliteliiner, Allen, tiloyvr, lA'X't'llSZllk'I'. liiilder, lloclggclon. A I 5'm-om! lforiu' lXliisgrox'e, ti. Parker. Mizipoulos, lNlJlC.X'l'1llll1', R. l'arker. Woodman, tarlin, tlrdway lfronl lx'ote: Weir, h7Zll1dCl'l'l0C1:l, Meliee, Sturges, Mrs. Smith, Clirislianseu, lfalser, Briggs, llustm ll-ltil ww 1 'ffl 1 " 'I 1 iiginriifn Alpha lliipmsiillfouu Chapter: New Hampsliire lieta Established 1917 l'itl11l1Clt'flZ11 1'niversity nf rXlE1lJilI11Zl, 1856 HAROLD A Nl nw I N, 1Il't'Sl'l17t'llf ,IAMES '1lATl-IMI, lylifl' lJl'l'.YltI1l'llf RlCSlDliN'l' Ml'fMB1'fRS Ntlflllflll Alexander Ernest Christensen lidwurtl Getchell Harultl LCZlYiIt Arnold Perreton Rayinnncl Starke SICNIORS Richard Ahern Roy linncht-r Henry Brett Linwuud Cungclon Sannit-l Farrington Logan Fields blames XYentw0rth George Sousane james Ballon Maurice Nerhonnc Richurrl Marsliall QI UNIORS Harnltl Angwin Ojiif 0 rx .llv111l1t'1'.v llcinz llrnwii Alfrt-cl Hnngli Park H1151 Russell KlCciOXYflll Rzumnl Reeves 1"l't'clt'I'it'li lqtlglfl' SOPIIOM C JRFIS l':n1l Burns Rit'l1Z1I'tl tlzirrico XYilli1nn Grover Nnrinzni llurne lfclwin Kluncly -lnhn Aclznns Rnlznicl llznnlin Rnlwrt Lanny blznnes Tzltuni tiny Peclerzani PLEIJCSICS l.lnyd Arnnld Mniirice KlUTCI'bl'1lIl Rirhartl Coney Rivlmrcl Clark Rit'H.xRlm Clxinnfri, ,S'i'r1'flar,x' l,liANllIllC CIIARICST, 'lsl't't1XllI'f'7' Nichnlfls Cricenti l'rentiss Drew Clark lflaiiclt-i's Stanley Grzul linhcrt Hargruves tharles Karnziu Robert Lilly llnwzircl Link .Inhn RlaCAnl:1y XY1llSltWV Mztnvliestvr ,lnhn Mangnlcl Augustine Nlclhmmigli llunglus Merrill Iltmhzlrt Pillshnry Richzmrcl Pratt Denis Shea XYilIi:nn Taylor Frank Tliuinpsun Frank XYagt'111zni Charles VVise lfclwztrcl XYright ,,4Lr' 4 ,, , - Xi . 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Stevens Wilfred Osgood SENIORS Allan Armstrong Harold Bowman Donald Brunel Harrison Chesley Frederick Dane Eugene Feleh KYhitman Freeman Charles Grafzfam Kenneth Kearns Arthur Kennison Arthur Lewis David deMoulpied Arthur Palisoul Arthur Pike Richard Tower Arthur Morse Jolm Reed Lewis Stone Bertram Tower Harold Tucker Ronald VVilde SUPHOMORES Forrest Bumford Robert Chase Edgar Davis ,lames Dunhar Chesley Durgin Halter Emery Montgomery Farrington Allan George Jasper Harding David Hazzard Harmon Holt Donald Hosmer Orton Hubbard Leslie Jones Charles Joslin XYiIliam Kimball Samuel Page Ralph Reed Arthur Robinson Edward Rogers Philip Shannon Donald Shaw XVilliam Swett XYilliam Tliompson Robert True Ransom Tucker Pl.1iDGES Donald Annett VN'illiam Anton Edward Barker Frederick Boulton Ernest Bratt XYilliam Crane Yanee Johnson Edson Mattiee George Meeker Herbert Merrill Xlfalter Mirey JUNIORS Harry Kim: Hilbert Neal Gordon Bassett Allan Lou' Louis Niggeinan Curtis Fnnston lyarren Marshall VVilliam Plummer Maurice Griffin Charles illarston Truman Pollard Loring Guibord Everett Munson XYilliam Robinson Frederick Hall Roland O'Neal XVilliam XYilson - V A . . ..1,x.,, ssxwt Buff: Rate: Che-sley, True. Fifflz Roto: Low, lllorsv, S. Page, XYilde, Shannon, Hall, Marshall. Fourth Raw: Bassett, Munson, lin-orge, Freeman. Tower, Stone, Swett. Tliird RON: Durgin. Broun, Pike, Shaw, I1-LlClik'l'. Guihord. Marston, llubhard, Svcm1dRo:o.' J. Reed, Kimball, R. Page. O'Xa-al. Harding, Dunbar, R. Tucker, Jones. Front Row: Griliin, Emery, Armstrong, Bowman, Brunel, liunston, Joslin, B. Tower, R. Reed 1151 ' f f7.'w NNN N N 1 Rik 5.1 ,',. ' 'l-'Iss lpllini Mu Delia Zliapterz Nu Beta Established 1918 lfmiiirlecl :lt Llmiiiiccticiit S-into .'Xg1'1C1llllll'Z1l College, 1918 Ojfim'i'.v AM,-xxx Coxncm, 1'rc'.rir1'v11l lxnmai: Osumm, 2nd l'1'r'v Pwsidmzi Liounnx kll'NNlNLlI1ANI, Vim l'n'.v1'i1'f'11f hlonx lEAs'rw1ck, Sl'l'l'4'llII"V XY1I.1.lixxl lnxw, fi01llflfl'UHUI' RICSIIJICNT ,Il7NlORS Ricllarcl Loring MICMI' llnnzllcl Balicnck Ci. 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Burley, Clzirlcc, Euros. 1ll1IfL1ROTx'.' Jositas, Mc.-Xllistvr, l':1risez1u, lL'z1111i-S, lilliiigwoml, XYilc0x. .SYECLPIIII Rtrrv: IXICIJEYIIIOII, lfurti. Llurrivr. Morin, Ctmrvper. Klurrzuy, Dirsn. Front Rare: Redfield, Rowell, Twitchell, Perettie, lliotte, IIIIIOIHLLS, llrunelle, Lzmipron. l 153 Q S x I .1. ep,,5v , i- f - -, ' 'NRS - '-" '- -'57,-'w NXTQLF i -.NM ,, X ,, X.. W X lm Nxt Vllqlheta Upsilorn mega Chapter: Theta Alpha Established 1921 Founded at Hotel Pennsylvania, V724 Offirws Cot'RTN1-:Y XYl1.L1A M s, Presidmif .IUIIN lilFFIN, View l,I't'.S'ltll'1If RlfSlD1fN'l' MEMBERS VValter Baker Chester Dodge Arthur johnson SENIORS Cleon Duke Lflesson Duke Parker Haneoek john Howard liliot Priest Courtney VYilliams liheodore YN'eaver JUNIORS Neal Badger Richard Brown lilliot Cummings Harold Clough Albert liurnans john Giftin Al1t'1llZlF1'.Y Norman Grover XYilliam Hancofk Karl Hansen George Murray Leslie Pike XYinslow Sawyer Harry XN'est Matti XYiitala lloward Xxvlllll-IIN SUPHCJMOR liarl Barrett Marston Fenwick George llorton john Maddoek tjeorge Sumner james Robinson PLHIJCSES Robert Bennett l.eo Collins lfdward Cfhodokoski l-IS XY1L1.l.x M llANCUl'K, .S't't'1't'ftzi'y l,.XRliliR Hrxxeoek, ,lll't'tlXIH'6Pl' Llztrenee Clark Ciuilbert Desrorlier, Robert Davis Raymond lfmniott lirnest linrnans l'lI'Ill1li fioodwlll Gaylord Hosnier Arthur Moscardini Charles l'ey5er XX'illiani Redman NX'illiani Robbins Robert Sullivan Laurence Morrill XYillia1n Thompson john Usher Albert XYeatlierby Alden XYinn Yinfent XYitter tfarlton XYentworth Huck' Row: Fenwick, l'ike, Grover, Cuinmings, Sawyer, Ylzird Rafe: Msxddock, Horton. Murray, XYiitala. lfernztns. Howard. Sevorzd Rafe: Clough, Badger, Priest, Baker, VVest, llarrett, l'1I'0IlfR0'IL'.' C. Duke, Cleon Duke, tliffin, P. llancock, AYllll2lllIS, XY. Hancock, Hansen, XX'itha1n Sumner. 11541 V A,'A 'i ,tqllpllita Kappa 1131 Chapter: Pi listahlisllecl 1951 lfoundecl :lt Newark College of Engineering, 1921 U.ffit'f'r.r lima.: XY. :XNlJBIiRlS, Pl't'.S'l.lft'l1f jacksox R. lrlicxrokn, .Srrrenzrvv ERNANDo lJliXv1T'l'ORI4, If'it'v fJl't'.9fll1FIIf 'fnoxias XY. .'XTni':RToN, Trmsirrw 1llt'lIIZ7t'1'.Y R 125117 ICX T MEMISE R Elias M, O'Connt'll SFNIURS Ralph Dt-Ronde Frank Rossi james Romeo JCNIORS lfric :Xnfllmerg Thomas 1-Xtherton jackson Bickforcl 1.. 1.. Blackley XYilhur Cole lfrnando DeYittori Albert Lyon Rayini incl Rawcliffe Everett Reney Harolcl Nossillf SOPHCDMC ,l can Carter lfclwarcl Cronin Robert lflliott Samuel Gordon Salvatore Grasso Russell Hanson XYallaee Kimball liverett Lomharcl Richard Mannion Ralph Morang' Vincent Nossift Richarcl Parker JRIZS llnnalcl Ronhe St-th C. Sliorey Raymond Smith Dexter XYright Stanley XYorra4l PLIQIJGES Caesar Ht-rtagna Morris Courage Xlillartl Holt lfugene Madison Lewnarcl Moore Allvert Rosi Clyde Smith 1-lnwarcl Thirston XYinthrop VVe1l+ lfafk lfimfp Reney, XYUITZICI, Cronin, 5 'l'l1ird lrmug Wright. H. Kiinlmzill. Sliort-3. Xossitl, Colt-, Lyons. I.:irlsin. 4, 510507111 lfoiwf l.U1HllZ1fl1, Rawcliile. Mornng, lflliott. liorilon. XY. Kiinhzill. Rohhe, Nossilli. Front Rrmw Smith, Atherton, Carter, lJeYit1ori, Amlherg, liiclcford, lilaclct-y, Grasso, Parker. l155l V 'QNXX - flint 'K ""' 'Z 1 ' , xxx.. X X N N 'ffjxw Wfgllx P111 Alpha Chapter: Omicron Established 192-1 Founded at George xvZISl1lI1Q'1Ul1 University, 11714 Kll-ZRVIN l.ic12N, Pm-.vidmzt IMAX KOSTICK, l'1i1'4' IJI'6'.Vl41t'IIf SENIURS Maurice Katz lidgnr l.ehow DIUNIURS Arthur Salden Milton Rosen SUl'llONlURliS Arnold liner Benjamin Bronstein fnvgzai-iw .llmlllvvrs lili lsrael Klux lilosticli Hervin l.een Charles Klelnirk Samuel Stone PLIEI X 1173 Daniel .Ntomun Elliott lielson Edwin Cliestok I.To N R r isE N, ,Sl4't'H'flII'.X MV!-il. S'l'1lNlC, Tfflljllft Leon fooperstein Meyer Green Nlhllll Levine .Ioseph Nzltliunson iXlfreml Noun-nlmnrg Arnolml Volonsky l-Zernzml Rosen Morris Toll Huck Rohn' Lelrow, llinnernmn, Xlelnick.A Sevond North' Sillllvll, lsruel, Rosen. XX'olIsou. V Front Row: Stone, lxosticls, Leun, Bronsiein, lxutz. H561 mf. 'ffl A ' H Y -ww ,.. V Vllqllimefai Kappa lplhii Qihaptgfj Epsilon EStab1iSl'lCd XLVAII XY. SNVAIN, l'1'v.vide11f lfounclefl at Lehigh U1 Ojivcrs I'l-LRRIQNVE ul. R.x1fif1au'1'x', lf'z'rf l're.vidvnf RICSIIHCNT Nl ICM HER Thomas MeGrail SIQNIORS lirnery Davis Ira Dickey john Munton Theoclore Nowak Terrence RaPferty lfclwarcl Surowiee Alvah Swain john Yilllgllilll JUNIORS jainew Bannon ,lohn Cashman Charles Groeott Robert jeannotte Ernest Maynard Stephen Novak 'Iohn Scanlon .llelazlnvrs Ilarolcl Telge Arthur Tobin Rolancl NX'hite Sf DPHK JM lfraneis Ahern Anclrew lionclar ,lulius Corosa ,loseph Conroy joseph Dorsey XX'alter lilclridge liniicl lilgosin Renaldo Lantlry Charles Marlak Austin MeCatTrey Kharles Morelli lfrancis Mullen Leo Provost Leon Ranehynoski Robert Richard blames Traehier Albert XYelch iiversity, 1922 lEnwARn bl. SUROVVIEC, Secretary jonx l'. BIUNTON, Trcasurer ORIES PLIEDGIES Roger lielanger Robert Beliveau Joseph Bogaert Thomas Cadigan Lucien Dancause Alfred Giblin john Kelly Chester Kingsman lienjainin Lekesky Samuel Levis ,lohn Mahoney Owen McCormick Klexauder Munton Tliaclfleus Nawoj XYilfred Poirier james Quadros l.e0 Seannell ,leremiah Sullivan XYillialn Zagrecke ' url: Nfmk' Scanlon, l7ielu'5'. Cfaroszi. Wi-leli. Yzuiglizin. fonroy. l1i1'r'u' lxHr:e.' NIeL'at'Irey, lilflridge, Riclnml. .-Xhern. Bannon. Trnehier. Proxost. 'lf Nowak. Seeozni lx'fm'. liroeotl, l.2l1lfll'j', S. Novak. lilgosin, Alennnotle, Tobin, fioulfl, XYl1itc'. 'rout lime: Rzmeliynoski. Illzxrlnlc, Munton. llnris. Swain. Rafferty, Surowiec, Telge, Cashman. 11571 ' 1 N . SF .:' Sb E rg. F -Q 4. XT.. .fl NSY? " 2 my -- '7-P51-Sig. ,'A' x X N ' ' gk-l - 1 Nbxxxl - Alpha Gamma Rlia Chapter: Omega Established 1924 lfounclecl at lfniversity of Uliio. WO-1 UfflU'1'.s' llowixun IJ. PIQINCE, l,I'L'Sl.dL'IIf DANA G0onw1N. SUC'I'0I'tll'gl' L VRTIS lJrcAR1ao1zN, l'1'rv lJI't'A'lffl'IIf lflrzxlrixxrix l"mzNt'n, T1't'tI5lll'0J' RESIDENT MEMBERS Nickolzzs Colovzls litlson liastnmn ,lesse Hepler lllielps Latinier liiwrenve Dougherty llordon Pereiwil lforcl Prince Frank Reerl lfrerlerielc Taylor SENIURS ,lolm liakie Paul liloofl Clarence Banfill Dana Goodwin George Hilton 4lft'll1I7l'I'.Y Basil Markus Charley Monalian Howzircl Prince Paul N. Scripture Raymoncl Li. Wvillarcl ,IUNIORS Curtis Dearlworn Clentlon Emerson Benjznnin lfrencli Rolmert Hayden lilllrll Henderson Harry Holmes Raymond Martin Frank Rock XY3l'l'Cl1 Rogers Lester Stevens SOPHUMORICS Pliil Couture Leonarfl Gray Stanley Hale Dayton llensen llenry Rolverts llruce Yarney Pl.liDGliS Curtis Chase lfrerl Conners XYalter Houghton XYe5ley Flatts liayarcl Rliocles Roger Sanborn Hernarfl Scott Robert Stevens lfreclerick Stoddard Norman Tounsentl 3 :E I f ' ' 'Wil '-ff lfurk Ron? Cross, Hale, liinerson, liuyslx-11, Rogers, Nlilfllll, llunlill. .Sl1't'1lIIdlX,1l'It'.' X !ll'Ilt'j', Roberts, llzllxie, l"lK'llSi'll, lirzxy, Blonolmn. lillillfl, l'a'r1uf Roto: 'l11ylor, lJL'ZlI'liOf1l, liootlwin, llemln-rson, l'rince. lfrt-ncll. Stexeils. Rock, Lillillllhf fissl -'fm A ' -LMI ,,, - .gift flint. ' r , ' ' lpihni Delfta Upsiion Founclecl at University of New Hamps ire, C rvixr h' 1925 PHILIP C. 'l'nonAs, l'1'e.rizlc11l K.-XEBURN MACDONALD, Sf'Cl'K'ffZ1'j' ti. XIORRILI, B.'XRNli'l"l', Vive l'i'e.fiflv11f L'HEs'1'l5R lf. P1zRK1Ns, Treasurer rllvzzzbmxr RESIDENT Nl EM ISERS Carroll M. Degler John D. liauslein Frederick D. jackson Russell R, Skelton Clair XY. Swongger XY. Robert Eaclie SENIORS G. Morrill Barnett Donald li. Bowler Roger D. Gray Edward XY. Hitchcock Raeburn MacDonald Philip Thomas Douglas R. XYooclwarcl ,ICNIORS Kenneth lllaisclell Robert Dustin Clifford lfllsworth john T. Fox Carroll Little Claude Morse Donald Nason VVilliam Osgood Chester F. Perkins Robert Pryor Glenn Stephenson Robert Tuxbury Arvi XYaananen Harold lYilkins Kenneth Vlfheeler SOPHOMORES Frank Abbott David Barton Arthur XY. Bryant Charles Cannell Arthur ll. Cutter Robert K. Foster Sewell VV. Gilman Chester R. Guillow Earle li. McKay Ralph XY. Robbins Ray Sargent Iiarl H. Tryon Elmer P. VVheeler PLEDGES liclinuncl Bartlett Malcolm S. Butler Richard XY. Clement Philip H. Edson George D. Heins Clifford M. Osborn Robert A. Smart Stanley Tonikinson Fred M. Yarney Oliver P. VVallace , 2' ' 5 if Y 'f , . 2,5534-1! lfwlr lx'nft'.' Duston. llllsxvortli. XYoo4lwarcl. mrflz lrotvx lliteheoelc. Tuxbury. liilinnn. Guillow. Stephenson. Maeliay, XVaan:men. lliird lx'fm': Ilsgooml, Robbins, Pryor, Nason. t':inm-ll, XYill4ins. Svumzd lx'n1t'.' Little, Barton, Foster, Abbott, lllaisdell, Tryon, li. XYl1eelcr. Kimball. front Noir: K. NVlu-elt-r, Perkins, Mr. jackson, MacDonald, Thomas, Barnett, Ilauslein. Degler. H591 .-:px ' ' Xxx N N ' N N , X i l. Nxt' XX NW r fx ,QR-. Tall Eilppiil Chapter: Alpha Nu Established 1930 Founded at Illinois XYesleyan, 1899 O-Uirrrs Wn.1.1Ax1 B. l'iliNNE'I"l', Fl't'Nl!lt'IIf RALPH R. l'lRSKINE, Srrrvtarg ERNEST XY. GoL'1.n, I'1'rv I,1'l'.S'I.lliC'lZf Roinam' A. CAUGIIICY, T1'ms1m'1 flfC7fl1I7t'1"S RESlDENT Al 111mw11 M. Lord PLEDGES MEMBERS Henry Clapp Henry A. Davis Hert li. Huggins .lohn B. MacI.ellan Robert li. Maurieette Herbert lf. Rudd lirnest Ki. Thorin SEN IORS lirnest XV. Gould Robert XY. Hoitt Gerald lf. Johnson Curtis B. Sawyer JUNIORS Clayton H. Barnard XVilliani B. Bennett Robert A. Caughey Laurent O. DuBois SOPHOMURES Clayton R. Plummer Ralph C. Rudd Herbert li. Silcox Philip Trowbridge Radelylife E. Beebe H. LeRoy Bishop Charles E. Davis A. Kenneth Day Arthur linman Donald Kelly KN'ilbur M. Hoxie liverett C. Huntington XYilliam Petrie Howard Smith Roland Taylor Herbert VVilbur Itovls li'mc': Huggins, Rudd, Clapp, Nl:tel.cll:m. Tlzinl Roth: Tibbctts. Barnard. Gould. Sawyer, Rudd. tSiL'l'UIl1l' Row: Duliois, Sargent, Carrol. Robinson, Silcox, l'lunnnvr. liroul Rare: Cznigln-y, johnson, lirskine, llvnnelt. Tucker, Tuttle, lloitt. llolll n31'2.Af?YZ ' Zll' 'fl'.- -'1 'i ' , ' Y' wifwffi 'ffl A ' gm Q ' f , f Delta Epsilon pi Chapter: N. H. Gamma Established 1927 Founded at University of Chicago, 1925 Ojicviw BL'R'r0N tl. GOODRICH, lJl'C5I'dC1If l'IARo1-D XY. HAMM, Scczwary ERNEST j. SAIGH, Vice Pl'CSl'df'Ilf AIERVIN lllAClj0NALIJ, Yl1'6'USZlI'l7l' ilfvzizbvnr RESIDENT Donald E. MacFayden SOPHUMORES MEMBER Ernest bl. Saigll Harlan M. llisltee SENIORS j. Philip Chase Armand t'outui-ier XYilliam C. lfatylalc Everett C. Foster Edward ,l. Gaffney Sidney l.. Gihson llurton Goodrich Harold XY. Hamm Edward XY. Crawford George Edson Antoine Foiinier Raymon V. Leliel Ronald E. Xlhitney JUNIORS Eldon C. Clark Omer J. Dancanse Theodore N. Floros Robert R. Goss Guy C. Little Mervin C. Macllonald Robert l.. Milligan Roheft H. lvhitclier PLEDGES Leo C. Jacques Philip E. Johnson james K. Leavitt George MacQueen Glenn XY. McKean Ifavla Row: 1.1-lvel, Edson, XYl1itney. 'I'l1ira' li'mc'.' Gaffney, Little, Saigh, Gibson. ,S'r't'oud Roru: Dancziusv, Goss. lfatylak. Fostvr. l"1'0utR07v.' Hamm, Goodrich, liisllcv, KlHClJl7I1Hlfl, Floros. H611 onommy Societies - "Q 1 1 "ff, 'N Nl Y' I - gk -, ,. -, X x I XXV J xx x xx 11641 W f W, Blue Key H Honorary Senior Society HOWARD HALL, President IJONALIJ lfxRL'NliL, 'FIIEOIBORE NOVAK, Vice President .S'cw'eff11'y-Treasurer John McGraw Harrison Chesley Harry Vaughn Charles York Frederick Dane Arthur Lewis Arthur Mahoney Carl Purrington Edward C. Dawson Joseph Targonski Charles Graffam George Jacques Arnold Rhodes H651 Y CD 112 ANZ L-rn fo - A W "gg-5: .-: 1, -. Huw MM" g.y ' NX ANN H E X 9 3 5 2569 AS ,UU 1- -7 1. J 7! ff' A. X N. .. X X Swim Slkulllls N7 - - - qmmf mmW,M AQZEf M Wai? 7g SQMm5?W Miwwddmi 'Nm-mub'vv. ,v,,,Q,,,,w, . 'WW ' ' ' f 1, ' '-A' ' r N lpllqnl Lamllwla llmllml Founded at University of New T'lZlITl1J5lllI'C. 1919 CjfH4'f'l'S XLv.,x1I XY. SWAIN, Prfxvidvzzt Es'rlaLL1c l'1zAx', Virr 1'rvx1'flwzf Hoxxxxkn D. lsheooxs, .S'm'rcf411'y-Trmzs FRATRICS IN Duane F. Carlisle Estelle T. Pray FALTLJLTATE Nancy E' fin-lisle james P. Romeo NYilliam H. Hartwell Dr. Horace l.. Howes Harold I. I.Qax'itt Clement Moran Donald Bl, Perkins Raymond R. Starke john j, Yicker SF NIORS Conradenc Bowen Mildrcd Cochrane Stanlcy XV. Colby Burton -I, iiooclricll Dana lf. Goodwin Roy lf. Locsclmer Hugh BlOlltg'UIl1L'I'j' Trafford Morong XYillarcl T. Parker Cleorgiana Pearson Al vah XY. Swain ,IUNIURS VVillia1n H. Bennett Kenneth Blaisdcll Howard D. Brooks Hazel A. Collmnrn Grant l.. Davis litllel Klarsllall Ihlvk' Row: Hnrtwvll, Goodrich, llznis. ,SxL'L'0?Id Rofv: Lfarlislv, Colburn, Hinckley, Bowt-n. Frou! RUTRU' Cochrnnc. Brool-is. Swann, Pray, BL-nnctt. l167j -, ,, x . mn -ww bliss ll ' . -f'fT'-N Q YN - . , ,-xx". A CAM! NATI MC GRAN' CALIIEIIWOUD CHlllS'l'lASSl'IS ' .ms ms mumuw NN'Al,Ill'Il! vl n-:su-:v V N SMI'I'l' CllUWl'Il.l, DAl!'l'llllIGl'l IIIIUIII-IS A, 'PAIMBUSSKI MCKISIRY ICISICMAS 'l'l 'l"l'l.l'I DELFO J. JOHN R. g ' ff' - f , I, . , fn '. .HW Sttrumllcemmtt Qouncil CA M INAT1, Pl'F.Y1'lfF71f MCGRAW, Vin' Presidvzztf SENIORS llelfo ul. Caminzlti l'l2ll'I'lSOIl XY. Chesley 'l'1'ygve C. Christiansen Lewis XY, Crowell john R. McGraw l.elz111d Pzlrtriclge .-Xrnolcl D. Rhodes -lohu E. Smet joseph B. Targouski 1933-1934 XVALTIER A. CALDERXVOOD, Svfrrfary 'l'1wov1f: C. CHRISTIANSEN .1 UN1oR5 Xxvilllflfl' A. Culderwood Klarviu A. liiseman Kenneth li. Mcliiuiry l2clxx'z11'cl D. Tuttle lfreclerick C. Wfallier SUPHOMORIQS CllZll'lCS -losliu Howard Crdway , Treasznfer H691 X -Rx , . xx X WRX , mam. . , . ' ' Nw 1 P A1 m 9 . M rx ,Q f0lllIl1fGllH S XfIICUl'1ZllV1Cf ,oumfmll BLXRKS.-XRET RUSSELL, Pl't'SiCl'6'lIf .-Xmlixli lllmzlil., .Slt?l'?'t'fLlI'X lXlARY CARSWIQLI., I'1'rv l'resiriw1t livru XX'lT11.xm1, 'lwaszm Svlzim' .lIr'u1b01'x flllllrll' ,lIr'111lu'r'S Helen llcury -Izme Slllllllfllllill Margery Phillips Ruth l'lI'CSllZ1llZlll Huck Row: lin-snzrlmn, Slolmodzizm, llcury, Phillips. Front Row: llrazcl, Russell, Xylflllllll, Czzrswvll. H701 A fl' 'WI ' ' 5' .,V, , - 1A' XX',x1.'i'1f1R Crxrorikwooo, LAWRI-ZNVIS l3L.-wm:x', lxlipfuz ,siijllllil Robert Dow Rolxert Mcliuirk Sigfiila ,-llliha lijixilniz Heinz Brown ,llfihu Tun fJIHl'flLI Edward Michael Glenn Stewart Theta Chi Alton Glover Arthur Learnard l.ciu1hda Chi A-llphiz John Reed Bertram Tower 0 Sp innix junior Honorary Society CIjffiri'i's 1II'C5IilfL'Ilf lN'11.1.1A31 HANm'oC14, .S'i'r1'vir1i'y l"ire l'rvsici0izt GLENN S'I'l2XVAR'l', Trvfixzwcr Thffu lxlifvfm l'hi Harry 'Velge james Hannon Hella lipsilmz l'i Robert Goss ,rlljilm Kujvjm l'i lfrie Aucllierg Lziwreiice lilackey Tlzcla lifvsiliui Oiiivgfu XYilliam Hancock Leslie Pike Phi .llu Delhi Roger Osgood Cosmo Ansara ri mppii riipfm Frecl Murray Dounlfl Huse .rlljihn Cfiuuma Rho lVarren Rogers Lester Stevens Tim Kupfiu Efwlfrlll lVilliznn Bennet Ralph lfrskine AllUIA1'-P'lIf4'l'Ilifj' Marslmll Wilder Wvalter Calclerwoocl Burl: Row: Murray, Perkins, Rogers, R4-ed, Lt-zirnzird. Tlzim' Row: Glover, Osgood, Micliaiel, Stevens, lluse, lirown. Svcoiin' Rafe: Pike, Little, Anillxt-rg, Erskine, Hannon, .Xnsurar Dow. .Front Row: Telge, Stn-wzirt, H:ineoel:, Czilclerwood, liluckey. Tower. llvllnett. i171i .. A '.3"f"E 'X XXX ' .'.': 1,-135 ' X XX X X carp alum own BI.-XRGERY M. PHILLIPS, Presidwlt Hiiuix HENRY, If'z'm Presidezzt N.-X'1'AL1li SARu1iN'1', ,S'v1'1'un11'.x'-Y'n'u.v1z1'i'i' Courzuleue Bowen Mary Curswell Vliuelie liraham llc-len Ileliry Klzirjwrie Ilurtun Ruth ll. -Iuliiismi Lilliimiw Killlilikil Niilfgkfy NI, Pliillips XI:u'gz1rc'1 Russc-ll Natalie Sargent Olivc' Tliayer Bark Rona' 1iI'1l1l31H, L':u'Swr-ll, U. 'Thflyl'l', KIIlIllit'kl, Irrliiisuii, Rriswil. Frunt Row: Henry, Phillips, Smith, Ikmcii. 11721 :wwf-Q "" "WW 1 ' 2: '-" ' ' Psi armlitlla Home lieonoinies Society ,ff W0 ,' fff I Founded at L'nix'ersity of New Hampshire, 1926 fjjirrrs -sTE1.1.1z Pluv, l'i'v.fiduizf llAZEL CULBURN, Rec. Secretary cixiuiimxit: llowifziw, 17450 l'i'c.w'1iv11f MARGARET ToisEY, Cor. Secretary l.'i'uiei. M,xitsu.xi.i., 'lil'4'tI.X'l1l'L'l' Miss IZTHEL Cowuzs, Faculfy Advisor ,llcz1z.I101's Miss Miss Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. RICSIIJIQNT M ISM HERS Irina llowen litliel Cowles lloitt Helen Lcigliton Helen xlClr2lllgllllll Marion Stolwortliy SENIORS Lionradene Bowen Nancy Carlisle Mildred Ciochraue Bernice Cooper Ruth De-Yarney Plioclie Graham Marjorie Horton Nan Pearson Ifstelle Pray llelen Rockwoocl lilvira Serzxtini Ilarriet Smalley Natalie Stevens lflizahetli X'Vliitteniore ,IUNIORS llazel Colburn Sigrid Hangas lloris Hosnier Rita Kidder lfthel Marshall Marjorie Martel Dorothy McLeod Sally Perkins Margaret Tobey Yiolet XYo0tton SOPHOMORES Constance Caldwell XYinnifred Carlisle llarbara Fuller Isabel Hermes Nettie Maynard Dorothy McLaughlin Eleanor Mitchell Louise Roberts Franecs Tuttle M rn B ae, , ei - 1.i'xwl liacls lx'rm'.' Mziynzird. Mclpiiiglilin, Mrs, NlCl,IlllQ1lllll'l. Mrs. Leighton. N. Carlisle. l'iUlH'ffl North' XY. Czlrlislv, ll4lSlIl!'l', Slew-tis, 'l'ut1lv, XYootton, fiflllllilll. Tlzird lx'rm'.' f0k'llI'Ill1l', lllilclir-ll, II:mg:xs, Urropvr, Rockwood, Rolvvrls. Sctviiitl R1i':t'.' liiddvr, Svrsitini, lJvX':ir1u-5. llortnn. Qizilclwell. Garrett. l"r'u11t1fu'zu.' 5ll'l2lllL'j', L'oll:urn. loliry, Pray, Ford, Bowen, Perkins. N731 il RRR ' 'ffm 1- xxx l XX. . - ' xx Allplw C1151 Sigma Chapter: Mu Established 1911 Founmlecl at the lfniversity of Xllisecmsin, 1909 Cljjlrmw HAMILTON KEARIJNIZR, ,llfhffvr --Ilrlzvzzzzlvf 1.liNIL'l?l, XYRIQQHT, Trra.fzn'm' .limvmzn G.-x1f1fN14:Y, lfirf illasfvr ,-llrlzfnzisf lflzlzmzlucx Hnwlzu., Rvfvnrfcr FR.-XTRES IN FACULTATE C. R. Dawsim Dr, H. C. Fugg Dr. H. A. lclclles Dr. R. H, Kimball H. Lclancl Dr. Ll. M. Mason E. Meeheski R. li. Seymour Shimer M. Rl. Smith T. O. Smith G. F. Temple N S. . Colovos ROGER GRA Y, Rm'm'dcr H. Davis li Lang F SENIORS Nnrman Cassell liiclwarrl Gaffiiey Hamilton Gardner Ruger Gray Charles Pearson ,lnlm VVentwurtl1 ,IUNIUIQS Rnlvert Cangliey Kendrick lfrench Frederick Howell Ralph Kimball Rohert Tihlmetts l.e1nl1e1 Vliright SOPHUMORIE liclgar 'I'l1im1psim PI. lillfilf Rulmcrt Barrett GRADUATE XlEMlilfRS Carroll jackson 1Yalter Lyfurd lirecl Snell Franklin Temple Gilman Crowell .up 11741 Iiuvk Row: Dr. lfogg, French, 'l1llOlllI3S0l1, Clutliney, Dr, ldrlli-5. St'1'UlItl lfmu: f.1ll.1g111'j', 'l'ihhL-tts, Pearson, lbziris. lllcche 1-'rmzf Ruin: XYright, Gray. Gzxrclner. Howell, Kimball. slim. , ..--w 1352 f ' em., a 1 Alpha Clit Sigma Chapter: Phi listablished 1926 Founded at Ohio State University, 1915 Oj'irfrs M ALTER B.X'l'CHEI.lJER, PI'CSI'dt'IIl' lQL'Tn Tnomvsox, Cor. Scrrrtary XIARI.-KN j.xt'ons, Vim Prvsidwlf IJEXTIQR XYILCOMU, Rfr. Svrreftzry NN P-RREN BVRNS. llfflf'-Yllllf LIUNTHIQR R1.onn.xcilI, lloorleevjwr ,lICl1lI7t'l'S FRATRICS 1N FrXCUl.'l'A'1'l Dean C. F. jackson Prof. Alma D. jackson Ethel Cowles Clark Stevens L. IJ, Latimer Leon Glover Louise Glover Clyde Monroe Marjorie Monroe Dr. Bottorll' Mrs. Bottortf Carl Martin Edwin Rasmussen Robert Badic Stuart Dunn Ruth Thompson Louie 1Yalker Mrs. Barton Mrs. Richardson Dr. Slanetz Dr. Chapman T, R. Meyers George VVhite lileanor Sheehan I.. j. Higgins NY. A. Osgood Nicholas Colovos Dr. Prince Prof. VVoorlwarrl james Conklin Mrs. Conklin Kelsea Grillin SICNIORS Walter Batehelrler Gunther Blombath Leandre Charest Peter Chestnolvich Alnion Cross John Dee Dana Goodwin Park Hoyt Marian ,laeohs Herhert jackson Vvllllfilll Marllonalrl Robert Paine Annetta Pendergast W'illarcl Phelps Margery Phillips Arnold Rhodes JUNIORS Roger Brassartl Marguerite likdahl XYillia1n McLaughlin Gerald Perranlt jane Slohodzian NVarren Smith Olive Thayer Dexter xy1lCOIlll7 GRADCXTE MEMBERS 11'arren Burns Maurice Dinnerman Marjorie Parsons Miriam Ryder Dorothy Calnan S. Brzclc Now: Rhodes. 1X'lcl.:tugl1lin. Goodwin, Perrault, MacDonald, Chr-stnolvich. Tlziril lr'0n'.' Charest. jackson. Dunn. Monroe. Dee. .SlL'L'U7lli Row: Parsons. Sheehan, Cowles, l't-ndergast, Slohodzizm. Brassard. Frou! Roni: Ryder, Monroe, Thompson, VV. Batehelder, Jacobs, Barton, Ekdahl. H751 Y N , s - it , XNXXXX 2, MTI. Xxx , .I H A .N i K., i I , HX a Alpha Signma H'on0r:u'y A1'cl1itectL1rz1l Society Fouudvrl at l'11ix'c1'sity uf New Ilzmlpsluirc, 1925 cnhgfiff-VS :XLYAEI SWAIN, IJl't'A'I.dL'lIf lJOL'lil..XS5 U. l'Rr2sCo'r'r, Viw I mum .Huxley VV. STIZYFNS, Sm'rvlu1'x'-Trmzxzfrm' llXQ'L'I.'l'Y M ICMBERS Clwster li. Dodge Ifric T. llllmldlcstull .Xrmvlcl I,Cl'I'C'Ulll tiwmrgc 'l'Immas SICNIK DRS Allzm ,XI'INSt1'Ullg .Xnmsa Umrlou Mitchell l', Dirsu Rivharcl INZIJCIHEI' -luscph F, I.?llHpl'4'lIl Riuharcl U. Palmer Dewitt C. Rwbiusrm llcury Stevens .XIVZLII Swain ,IUNIORS Iiric XY. .Xmlbcrg Iiurtmm bl. liuoclriclm RicI1:11'rl 51. l,l'CSL'UH Iluuglafs 12. I,1'CSL'Ulf N761 liuflc Rrmh' Rolvixwulx, Km-l1h-11 Pznllmw, llirszl. TIIOIIHIS, .Xl'lllSll'Ullg, JUIIIISUII lfrmzi lx'u':v.' Llnmclmm. Sxuun, l,l'l'SC11lt. 51L'XL'll . phi Kappa plhi Honorary Scholastic Society Chapter: University of New Hampshire Established 1922 Founded at the University of Maine, 1897 Ojicers P. M. MARSTON, President L. P. LATIMER, Vice President FACULTY George Abbe Norman Alexander Donald Babcock Mrs. Dorothy Barton George Bauer Mrs. Minnie Bottorti' O. R. Butler Ethel Cowles Charles R. Dawson M. Gale Eastman Mrs. Naomi Ekdahl C. N. Elliott H. C. Fogg A. N. French J. R. Hepler Leroy Higgins L. W. Hitchcock H. L. Howes E. T. Huddleston Mrs. Alma Jackson C. F. jackson Gibson Johnson Mrs. Dorothy Kalijarvi J. C. Kendall Everett Lang L. P. Latimer Hollis Leland E. M. Lewis P. M. Marston James Marceau Clement Moran Thomas McGrail, Jr. Mrs. Helen McLaughlin Mrs. Dorothy Nulsen W. C. O'Kane Doris Paradis Donald Perkins Charles Pettee T. G. Phillips G. F. Potter A. E. Richards Mrs. Edythe Richardson E. G. Ritzman Herbert Rudd H. H. Scudder Hermon Slobin Mrs. Lucinda Smith M. M. Smith J. J. Uicker K. W. Woodward H. C. Woodworth STUDENT MEMBERS CSENIORSD Shirley F. Barker Gunther Blombach Conradine B. Bowen Donald E. Bowler Duane F. Carlisle H. C. FOGG, Secretary T. H. MCGRAIL, Treasurer Stanley VV. Colby Elizabeth E. Corriveau Dana E. Goodwin Virginia H. Hixon Marjorie B. Horton Arthur C. Lewis Roy C. Loeschner Cecile Martin Trattord M, Morong Miriam H. Myllymaki Leland M. Partridge Rhoda F. Pearson Gertrude E. Phelps Willard B. Phelps Margery M. Phillips Terrence J. Rafferty Arnold D. Rhodes DeWitt C. Robinson Margaret I. Rossell Natalie M. Sargent Phyllis L. Shorey Warren F. Smith Laura A. Stocker Eunice L. Thompson Alice E. Walker john F. Wentworth Gloria Wilcox Howard W. Wilson Douglas R. Woodward l1771 Qaaww. .,.. V R fff Newer -'-x . wxx-YN' - -3 Xxx-r..x - . F ' K xx N QQEQESQQ 40,542 Kaya - ,A 1' QW ft Kappa Delta pi Honorary Educational Society Chapter: Beta Beta Established 1928 Founded at the University of Illinois, 1909 Ojjicers TERRENCE RAFFERTY, President CECILE M. FIARTIN, Secretary HELEN E. SKOFIELD, Vice President DONALID PERKINS, Treasurer FRANCES M. ROBIE, Recorder JOHN C. HERRINGJ Librarian f, f ?f Y' l1781 FACULTY MEMBERS Harlan M. Bisbee Edmund A. Cortez Naomi M. Ekdahl Adolph G. Ekdahl john C. Herring Thomas H. McGrail Philip M. Marston Doris V. Paradis Donald M. Perkins Herbert F. Rudd Barbara Rowell HARLAN BISBEE, Counselor Henrietta R. Roe Charles A. Sewell Ruth E. Thompson William Yale GRADUATE STUDENTS Mary M. Daroska Marion Lathe Gertrude Mattoon SENIORS Francis E. DeCapot Elizabeth B. Farmer Carolyn M. Files Dorothy C. Kelly Cecile M. Martin Miriam Myllymaki Terrence J. Rafferty Frances M. Robie James P. Romeo Sonia M. Skoby Helen E. Skofield Alice E. Walker , ', Tritt. ,- "T-TQ I K I ,N H, WAY so om lla " ' F I 5Cn0LL X ii il 6 i"' I fd .:"f-UW ' WU Bmlk and Scirollll Founded at the University of New Hampshire, 1915 Officers EDWARD COLIN DAWSON, President EDITH BALDWIN, Vice President FACULTY MEMBERS Alfred Richards Thomas McGrail Carol Towle Evelyn Brannen George Abbe SENIORS Shirley Barker Theodora Libby VIRGINIA HIXON, Secretary Cecile Martin Natalie Sargent JUNIORS Edith Baldwin Rosamon Cole Bertha Chapman Dorothy Richardson M. M. Smith C. Ned Elliott William Yale Robert VVebster Paul Schoedinger Edward Dawson Virginia Hixon Margaret Rossell john Starie Jane Slobodzian Maurice Kidder I- 179 I T- Y CD 112 ANZ 'cw - I' ' 1 ' f I Q i X'Q xx5Q 'gpniki W I Q M6825 l x E" ax x XMI' X t A ,j--,ENNS ' - , NX , -Y .4 x . .-.- .' ,nY, . Ah Gamma Kappa Chapter: New Hampshire Established 1933 Founded at University of New Hampshire, january 2, 1933 WILLARD B. PHELPS, President LOGAN S. FIELD, Vice H801 ROBERT W. TRUE, Secretary-Treasurer FRATRES IN FACULTATE J. A. Brown D. H. Chapman T. R. Meyers G. W. White SENIORS Logan S. Field Leonard R. Frost Willard B. Phelps Carl Purrington Robert W. True JUNIORS Donald Huse Glen Stewart Edward Tuttle Marshall Wilder ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Bernard Chapman John Chestnolvich John Edgerly PLEDGES Ralph Abbott William C. Furman Clinton McLane Paul Smiley President fe11W"ff?'XF Vfff - ' :-. f-A' " 5 f WZW' "'5,3'.' ' C11 mums and Societies ff M I H G 1 1? E 3 .45 i En Z I fl 'AN I ,,,ZW2'jf1,' ' : ,A ,- vra- 442 ' ' fw, 'C ff l -X 'Eff' XYSX' - ' ITN '1 'iliixxs I WX I' . , - fit. fl-PN , FT Uuting THE LOG-1933-1934 The Outing Club, largest organization on the campus, is sponsor of such sports as mountain climbing, camping, skiing, riding, canoeing and all allied activities. lN'hile it is primarily composed of those men and women students who are already interested in out of doors pursuits, not the least of its functions is to arouse a liking for them in all students. Blue Circle, the governing body, is perpetuated by the annual election of fifteen freshmen, after a period of probation. It has long been the desire of the club to enable more students to actively participate in mountain climbing. This fall saw the possibility of accomplishing much in this direction because the club fell heir to a truck which was used for ten week-end trips to the mountains by members. In the course of these scheduled trips every peak in the Presidential range was climbed, most of the neighboring ranges were visited, and a group spent a week-end at Crag Camp, high on the side of King's Ravine. A trip to the Franconia Notch with the Smith Outing club as guests was arranged in November. Lafayette and Canon were climbed. Later sev- eral members enjoyed a return trip to a camp near Northampton. Likewise the Mount Holyoke club was invited for a week-end on Mount Washington. In conjunction with the Animal Husbandry department, a horse show was sponsored with surprising success, some seventy-five horses entered the sixteen classes, and a crowd of a thousand witnessed this event given at Brackett Field on Columbus Day. Early in the fall, a party armed with axes went to Fort Mountain to widen and straighten the existing ski trail there. When the snow came it made a very popular run, both for the ski team and for individuals. In the spring after the roads to Pinkham Notch opened up, for many successive week-ends parties from the club went north for superb skiing on the headwall of Tuckernian's Ravine. Recently the club has succeeded in having three rooms assigned to it in Ballard Hall, On the walls are colorful ski posters, mountain pictures, and trophies, which make an appropriate setting for the home of the Outing Club. The offices are valuable as a meeting place, and also provide space to store the growing stock of equipment. In january the members organized to put on the VVinter Carnival, a plentiful snowfall made the town dazzling white, and many snow sculptures appeared. Car- nival Ball, dominated by its king and queen, together with the winter sports events, contributed in making it the grandest week-end of the whole year. iiszi In February, in response to the elub's invitation for a ski week-end, repre- sentatives of eight members of the Intercollegiate Outing Club Association jour- neyed over wintry roads to a Camp in XYashington, N. ll. Even a temperature of twenty degrees below zero failed to dampen the ardour of the group, and plans were made to have the affair become an annual part of the l. O. C. A. program. The Outing Club was also host to the association at its yearly eonferenee, held at Swanzey early in May. A new era in Outing Club work may be opened when a cabin already authorized is constructed, probably in the summer of 193-l, in the very heart of the mountains. Cooperation may be characterized as the keynote of the elub's activities this year, liverything attempted has been done with the unanimous support of its mem- bers. Twelve years ago the Outing Club was established, but the time came when it needed rejuvenation. Two years ago a small group of intensely interested mem- bers pledged themselves to build up the organization to a point never before at- tained. ,Ns these men graduate this year they can justly feel proud of the work they have doneg the Quting Club has never before had such a sueeessful year as the one now ending. 4, Burk Rozuf Low, Brown, Rhodes, Sturges. ffrwzt Row: Parker, Crowell, Libby, Ekstrom. ri 183 3 X. .gg ' 1 W 1'-'1-rf - Yu' - x .xp -,1.L. .-. L' CD lb ANZ fk ' Y xsvj xs A - 1-t--.aww 1 I I .-1 . 'QQQA I '--1.-AN I Uutingi Club' LEWIS M. CROWELL, President PROE. A. W. JOHNSON, Treasurer ARNOLD RHODES, Director Carnival RICHARD Low, Director Cabins and Trails ROBERT DUSTIN, Director Fish and Garne Council GEORGE I. PARKER, Secretary NVALTER BROWN, Director Trips HOLLISTER STURGES, IR., Director Publicity LEON LIAGOON, Director M einbership and Instruction STANLEY E. ECKSTROM, Director Winter Sports RUTH LIBBY, Director W0rnen's Actiwties Alumni Advisory Council Edward Y. Blewett Carl Lundholm Edward Haseltine SENIORS Lewis M. Crowell Arnold D. Rhodes Margery Philips Ruth Libby Hollister Sturges, Jr. Richard C. Low Stanley Eckstrom JUNIORS George I. Parker, Jr. Leon Magoon Arthur Toll Glen W. Stewart Laurent O. Dubois H841 Clark Stevens Harry W. Steere Richard C. Daland SOPHOMORES Helen Henderson Joseph Miller Alvin Parker Walter Brown VVilliam Weir Frank Musgrove Dorothy McLeod john Perkins john T. Maddock HONORARY MEMBERS Miss Edna Boyd Miss Gwenith Ladd I I Z f A , lllnufzernattionall Relations Ojicers HOWARD HALL, President GEORGE AICDONALD, Secretary MARTHA BURNS, Vice President HOLLlSTER STURGES, JR., Treasurer PROF. T. KALIJARVI, Faculty Advisor Mernbers Cosmo Ansara Ruth Bresnahan Lucien Brunelle Martha Burns james Burch Barbara Grinnell Howard Hall Donald Huse George McDonald Dorothy McLeod .joseph Miller Hollister Sturges, jr. Mary Winter Back Row: Burch, Huse. Second Row: Ansara, MacArthur, Calderwood, McLeod, Miller. Front Row: Seraflni, Sturges, Hall, Burns, Mcllonald, Kalijarvi, XVinter. H851 I MZ, x X fc X . -Q Q 4 YNNXNU- L., Xxks Q x Mask and Dagger Honorary Dramatic Society Founded at the University ol New Hampshire, 19.22 O'f7'iL'CfS EDVVARD C. lJAWsoN, President Doizrs lfow1.ER, SUl'I't'ft1l'VX' DONALD FASSNACIIT4, Vice f7VC'5l'dl'1lf KIARVIN A. EISIQMAN, Treasurer XVILLIAM G. HEXNIQSSY, Dircffnr SENIORS JUNIORS SUPIIOMURES f f , , 11861 Delfo Caniinati Elizabeth Corriveau Irene Couser Edward Dawson Donald Fassnacht Marjorie Horton Izola Prohaska Margaret Rossell Elvira Seralini XYilliam Vaders Courtney Wlilliams Charles York Marvin Eiseman Nathaniel Eiseinan Frances French Edward Gale George Harding Henry Roberts Bernard Snierson Charlotte Taylor Bertram Tower l'aul Travers William Y. Corcoran Lucien Dancause Doris Fowler Charles McKenna Louis Ogera Edith Raymond Carolyn Vlelch FRESH MEN Nicholas Cricenti Dora Handsclnunaker Hack Row: Prohaska, Corrivcau, 'l'aylor, Couser, Handschumalcer. Front Rona' French, Tower, Eiscnian, Hennessy, Dawson, Fowler, York. -Z r-54 ' 'H 'Z -' ',.' ' Professor YVilliam G. Hennessy, affectionately known as "Bill," is the out- standing member of Mask and Dagger. Under his direction, this society for the cultivation of dramatic interpretation and appreciation, and actual play production, has flourished. VVith "Bill" as director, the three plays that have been staged each year have added greatly to the prestige of the University, provoking much favorable criticism. Besides, men and women, having graduated from one of "Bill,s" plays, have received excellent and invaluable training. The Class of 1935 has contributed quite a few worthy members to augment the already capable ranks of Mask and Dagger. A summary of their contributions during the past three years is practically a history of Mask and Dagger. Edward Gale appeared first in R0lI0"s VVild Oats, and then again in Three Lim' Ghosts and Michael and Mary. The cast of the former also included Dorothy Bond, and the latter, Elsie Putnam. Frances French made her debut in Sutton Vane's great play Outward Bound, and appeared again in Ladies of the fury. Lucille Sterling played in Mrs. Moonlight. Donald MacArthur played the juvenile in this play. Bernard Snierson, a Junior transfer from Cornell, was cast in Mrs. Zvloonlight and Mr. Pim Passes By. The Spring Term production, The Late Christoplzer Bran, includes these Juniors: Frances French, Lucille Sterling, Donald R. MacArthur, and Nathaniel J. Eiseman. Many other members of the Class of 1935 have been working on the technical staffs of Mask and Dagger. Marvin A. Eiseman, now President of Mask and Dagger, has served as Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer in previous years. Bertram Tower, who played in Ladies of the Jury, is now Treasurer of the society. All these students and the others, while receiving personal satisfaction and training for their efforts, deserve to be complimented for their achievements. Each succeed- ing class furnishes Mask and Dagger with new members, so that we may look forward in the future to many more highly successful performances with "Bill" still at the helm. I1871 W f L -i-'r ' -' jwf -I - f'.f .fi,,, zMlf uzz:t V' xxx - Ni' -::-'- ' : . z . X x ,xx 5 - .V N -if l XRS- I N x x xx XXX I 1 Tau Kappa Alpha New Hampshire Chapter Established 1926 Founded in lndiana, 1908 Ojiicers NATHANIEL j. EISEMAN, President FRATRES IN FACULTATE Prof. Edmund A. Cortez Prof. Gibson R. johnson MEMBERS Nathaniel J. Eiseman Cecile Martin Ruth Paulson Mary Bateman CECILE BIARTI N, Secretary- Treasurer PLEDGES Rhoda Pearson Jesse Flansburg Dorothy McLeod Martha V. Burns Thomas Duffy Back Row: Pearson, Sulloway, Fulton, Paulson, Front Row: Bateman, Eisuman, Cortez, McLeod, Burns. H881 - ,f -'ffy .,,, . Ziff -. ,. Qjlhriisttiian Work Student Qjorunrnfoiill Y. M. C. A. EDWARD TUTTLE, President RALPH RUDD, Secretary ARTHUR MITCHEI.L, Vice President ROMEO BUCKNAM, Treasmfeif Heinz Brown Maurice Kidder George Edson Roger Brassard VVarren Marshall Kenneth Reardon Robert Caughey Y. W. C. A. DOROTHY RICHARDsON, President CONRADENE BOWEN, Secretary LILLIANNE lWATHIEU, Vice President ELIZAliETII BKIECKLEM, Treasurer Margaret Rossell Theodora Libbey Marguerite Ekdahl Jane Slobodzian Margaret Pratt Rhoda Pearson Elsa Steele Margaret Tobey Ruth Davenport Marjorie Phillips Barbara Grinnell Helen Henderson Isabel Alden Caroline Smith C. C. S. G. HEINZ BROWN, President RALPH RUDD, Vice President GEORGE EDSON, Secretary Cecil Martin Constance Caldwell Gilbert Crosby Isabel Alden Back Row: Fifth Row Fourth Roux' Third Row ' Edson, Tshorwood. Crosby, Alden, Aspinwall. Day, Smith, Libbey, Rossell. Dr. Johnson, Pratt, Mecklem, Steele. Second Row: Grinnell, Martin, Tobey, Bowen, Ekdahl, Mathieu. Front Row: Libby, Slobodzian, Rudd, Brown, Tuttle, Pearson, Caldwell. l189l W , W -1. rf .xxx-S ' ., 'N -'fy -1.4 f f mms., TS Wx i 1 A , X Xxx Gllffifli XVOMEN Mary G. :Xnnichiarico Blanche C. Bailey Genella Barton Bertha Chapman Barbara Clark Barbara Dickey Rosamond Emerson Elizabeth B. Farmer Doris Goodwin Pauline Hazen Dorothy C. Kelly Janice Knapp Mary E. McCarthy lda M. Martin Catherine Mason ,Ianette D. Milliken Marguerite E. Parlin Rhoda Pearson Elaine C. Peart Patricia Peart Margaret Pratt Lorraine E. Raitt Dorothy Reid Genevieve Ronianovski Elizabeth E. XVall Violet B. Vtlootton Constance XYright Club MEN Howard Boyd Philip J. Carswell Kenneth Day Monty Farrington Marston S. Fenwick Harry Flanders XValter S. Hale Laton Henderson Maurice A. Kidder Ronaldo Landry G. VV. McKean Charles McKenna C. Edward McNally Frank W. Marshall Frank A. Morris George P. Nye Frank O'Brien Richard D. Pierce Ralph C. Rudd Allan H. Simpson l'aul M. Smiley Robert F. Tibbetts George T. Wilson Howard VVitham Melvin A. VVright Back Rona' Fifth Row: Fourth Ron" Third Row: Second Ro Front Row' l190fI Zi" Simpson, Morris, lshcrwood, Mcliroy. Smiley, Day, Edson, Furnans, Rcmick, Pierce. Farrington, Brown, Henderson, Rudd, jordan. Hirk, Kidder, Wilson, Davol, Warren, VVootton, Barton, Mason, Hinckley Trickey Buckley, Marcy. Clark, Ring, Martin, Chapman, Benedick, Campbell, Goertz, Pickett Herscy McCarthy, Parlin, Pearson, Farmer, Annicchiarico, Milliken, Wootton Thayer V . YV! " 7' "X V f 1.":f'. ' ., , Aff, . I 1 ,f 1' Pi Z f I pumifc ations I , ' Q" AT 7427 f-f' ' .' Y- Q V ' 'X 1 Q ENXX XQ.-:,. ' -' 'lf . W' 'f' - MW ,. , X XX XX lm G3 EDITOR IN CHIE- g. F' BUSINESS THE FACULTY ISOR STAF F VIANAGI NG EDITOR ASSOCIATE EDITOR 0 7 I lffin ' , ll I ly ,W WOMAN5 EDITOR Vllqlhe Granite Editorial It is not sentimentalism or sheer fancy that stirs within us that feeling of pride and admiration for this, the 1935 GRAN1T1c. It is simply the realization that it is our work, our efforts that have made possible this book-a book that is wholly our own and not a synthesis of other publications. XYe have, as you well see, in- troduced several new ideas as well as enlarging and developing others. This has not been done to achieve individuality in the sense of "being diffcrentf' but to innovate a theme through our GRANITIQ that is especially meaningful to all of us- a more complete representation of our University of New ,llampshire-an ideal far nobler than mere class aggrandizement. There will be, no doubt, imperfections and even some omissions found in this book. For these we are indeed sorry but not apologetic. You know as well as any- one, that in a work of such enormous proportions, it is not a simple task to fit every detail without error into its especial niche. But then, in the words of Goethe, "It is, in the works of mankind, as in those of nature, really the motive which is chieHy Worth attention." YVe gratefully acknowledge the Fine co-operation and assistance we have re- ceived not only from the members of the GRANITE reportorial staff, but also from all others who have sacrificed their time to aid us in completing this task success- fully. VVe sincerely hope that you take this book not as mere printed material, inanimate and purely ornamental, but as a vital representation of a life lived and now forever gone only to be recalled more fully by this, your 1935 GRANITE. Back Row: O'Nicl, Thompson, Caldwell, Tuttle, Coyne, Fun-ry. Front Row: R. Recd, Ansara, Brcsnahan, Eiscman, Burns, J. Rt-cd, Knight. H931 r 5 ' . -.'. , .- X I ' igc-:Q V 'QQNXAX' x K ' ' -'Sn-.'1-PN Xxx X 4 X L xxx ff ' K ., The New lldlanmipsiliniire New Hampshire's weekly newspaper. THE NEW HAMPSHIRE, was confronted with so serious a financial problem at the beginning of the 1933-1934 college year that it was a question of whether or not the editorial board would be able to con- tinue with the publication unless drastic cuts of publication costs and increased revenue from advertising and circulation were made. It was only through concerted action, hard work, and unselfish effort on the part of the individual members of the editorial board that it was possible to con- tinue. The Editor-in-Chief and all editors on the board were Sophomores, and lacked the experience in journalism and understanding of campus problems so essential to the success of any campus publication. Major economies, such as reducing the grade of paper used from the fine, expensive magazine print to the regular newsprint, elimination of expensive hand- set headlines, change to a conservative make-up and the supplying to the printer of one-third of the copy in advance to eliminate overtime work, were made. Savings amounting to fifteen dollars an issue or five hundred dollars a year were made. The price of the single copy was reduced from a dime to a nickel. Sales in Durham stores increased 30072. lt all made possible the continuance of the paper. VV'hat success the publication achieved this year may be attributed to the splendid cooperation of a large staii' of heelers and reporters with the editorial board. Monthly meetings were held on the iirst Monday of each month. At these meetings each editor made a report of his department and suggestions regarding the policy and improvement of the publication were made by each member of the staff. The business, circulation, and advertising managers made reports of the work accomplished in their respective departments. The publication through the efforts of its business and advertising managers secured the largest amount of contracted local and national advertising in the his- tory of the paper. Because of the increase in advertising it was necessary on numerous occasions to increase the size of the newspaper from its standard four pages to six and eight pages. The first successful project undertaken by -the staff during the year was the staging, in conjunction with the University Student Council, of the first New Eng- land Conference of College newspaper editors and publication officers. Ten New England colleges sent fifty-Eve representatives here. Twenty-four attended the newspaper conference and heard the principal sneaker, Robert M. Blood. managing e'litor of the Manchester Union. The second project accomplished by the staff was the adoption of a permanent constitution for r.liHE NEW HAM 1'sH1lus. The ten articles in the constitution definite- ly provide for a comprehensive system of heeling, election of editors, duties of the editorial board members, and all necessary functions to be performed for the opera- H951 A' ff l -.-1-l - .- :1 X' ww-41 - 'X NNN x H 1 ' . 4-1 www Q X tion of a successful collegiate publication. A standard style sheet was adopted by the staff and provides for the technical operation of the paper. The stall purchased a new wing mailing machine and, for the iirst time in the history of the paper, has a mailing list and system similar to that used by daily newspapers. lit replaces the old system of individual stencils for subscribers, which proved so unsatisfactory. As to the future of the publication, the present staff composed of many Sopho- mores and underclassmen will undoubtedly, through the valuable experience gained this year, be able to publish a newspaper even more worthy of the University in the year to come. 11061 .- ffm ,-,. .1 nh- "iff ' Junior prom Cmmmiiice XY11.1.1A111 F. BAKER, JR. Clzaimlzaxz R11'1'11 L. XX'1'1'11AM E111'rH T111io11AT12 BALDWIN IQc11.,x N11 H. XY ll 1112 ARTHUIK E. TOLL LUCILLE H. L11s1sx' fa ,, :U ww 525:55 Z .mlfw '41 1. , MQ., xfx S ' Iiiiiliiiiilllllll '.l,Xl' fi-, W MILITAIEY SCIENCE , 1.-:ff-X l , ,N ,L . 4- .. , H X ,X ,X X X Department of Military Science and Tactics CFFICERS Lieutenant Colonel Edward XV. Putney, C.A.C., D.O.L. Captain Norman P. VVi1lia1ns, Inf., D.O.L. First Lieutenant Lewis P. jordan, Inf., D.O.L. First Lieutenant George B. Anderson, C.A.C., D.O.L. First Lieutenant James F. McGraw, Inf., D.O.L. l2001 Left to Right: Putney, NVilIian1s, jordan, Anderson, McGraw. I V i .I :Zff' Student: Ufficers Regimental Commander-COLONEL D. R. WOODWARD fff I .:, fd! ' Regimental Executive-LIEUTENANT COLONEL W. F. McKEE Regimental Staff Adjutant . . Captain, .-.- - , P. 55' T. Oficer , Supply Ojicer , Intelligence Officer . .... . . FIRST BATTALION Captain Captain Captain Major, Commanding A . First Lieutenant, Adjutant . . . . . f . COMPANY "Al Captain, Commanding . First Lieutenant, Executive Officer . . First Lieutenant, Commanding First Platoon . First Lieutenant, Commanding Second Platoon . . First Lieutenant, Commanding Third Platoon . . Second Lieutenant, Second in Command First Platoon Second Lieutenant, Second in Command Second Platoon . COMPANY "B" Captain, Commanding ....... First Lieutenant, Erecutifzfe Officer . . First Lieutenant, Commanding First Platoon . First Lieutenant, Commanding Second Platoon . . First Lieutenant, Commanding Third Platoon . . Second Lieutenant, Second in Command First Platoon Second Lieutenant, Second in Command Second Platoon COMPANY "C" Captain, Commanding . ..... . First Lieutenant, Execittitle Ojicer . . First Lieutenant, Comnzanding First Platoon . First Lieutenant, Commanding Second Platoon . . First Lieutenant, Commanding Third Platoon . . Second Lieutenant, Second in Command First Platoon Second Lieutenant, Second in Command Second Platoon n SECOND BATTALION Iltajor, Commanding . ...... . l':tst Lieutenant, Adjutant . . . . . BATTERY UE" Captain, Commanding ....... First Lieutenant, Erccutizfe Officer . . . First Lieutenant, Commanding First Platoon . First Lieutenant, Commanding Second Platoon . . First Lieutenant, Commanding Third Platoon . . Second Lieutenant, Second in Command First Platoon . Second Lieutenant, Second in Command Second Platoon . Second Lieutenant, Second in Command Third Platoon . Sc ond Lieutenant, Assigned First Platoon . . . BATTERY Captain, Commanding ....... First Lieutenant, E.1'ecuti'i'e Officer . . First Lieutenant, Commanding First Platoon . . First Lieutenant, Commanding Second Platoon . . . Second Lieutenant, Second in Command First Platoon . Second Lieutenant, Second in Command Second Platoon . Second Lieutenant, Second' in Command Third Platoon . Second Lieutenant, Assigned First Platoon . . . . G. L. JACQUES . . R. C. LOW . H. F. BRETT D. A. DELIOULPIED R. T. PRENDERGAST G. H. MCDONALD C. A. GRAREAM H. M. BOWMAN R. R. BOUCHER S. W. FREEMAN T. F. WEAVER D. S. PERETTIE . H. W. CHESLEY . W. C. KING E. S. BATCHELDER . . F. DANE . . R. HAPHEY . J. B. TARGONSKI . D. J. BRUNEL . T. CRONSHAVV F. J. MARTINEAU G. H. CUNNINGHAM . . C. DUKE . . R. T. LANG . R. F. DOWNS . T. CHRISTOPHIL . R. O. ANDRENVS A. R. ARMSTRONG . A. W. SXVAIN . G. D. JEFFERSON . VV, T. PARKER . S. L. GIBSON N. I. DIOTTE . . J. E. SMET . I. W. DICKI-:Y . A. S. COUTURIER . D. F. CARLISLE . J. W. KURTTI . R. P. MORIN . K. .-X. FRENCH . . W. S. LAW . J. F. LAMPRON . E. J. SUROWIEC . G. M. BARNETT . H. B. FOSHER . E. J. GAFFNEY IZOIJ fsrf- lf? In as .. .4 mx . ."" XVILLIAM I. VADES, Clarinefs Max Kostick Richard I. Clark Parker E. Holt Marston Fenwick Alvin H. Lewis George H. Sumner Herbert Wilbur Roland Taylor Maynard Batchelder Paul A. Smith Everett Lombard NVillard S. Grad Ronaldo Landry Kenneth Day Drums Darwin VVhitehouse Charles F. Cannell Robert F. Tibbetts Robertson Page Roger Lambert C. Robinson iniiveirsiiify Bandl 1 X ,X X ..., 'JA . N ,AW ., r' Student Leader CLAYTON H. BARNARD, Drum-Major LEWIS XV. SWAIN, Bafzdmasler Trombones Temple Lawrence Raymond Rawcliffe VYyman B. Shaw Lewis Moulton Piccolos Edward VVright George Evans' Photius Mamos T?'1l1l1pEfS Robert A. Lilly D'avid K. Webster Chester Guillow E. Haven Tryon Guilbert Desrochers Charles Wm. VVise Charles S. Tarr Malcolm S. Butler VYinston D. Evans Edward I. Hoyt Paul C. Abbott Albert VVeatherby Meyer Green Ralph C. Rudd Franklin Wright Ernest VV. Furnans Alto H orns Philip Wright Ray M. Sargent Samuel Stone Harold Clark Richard Carrico NVeston McEvoy Baxses Vtfarren E. Marshall Charles I. Rowell Maurice Varney Clarence Fitch Baritone Andrew Bondar Back Row: Mace, P. Vllright, Rowell, Kostick, Varney, Sixth Row: Tarr, Robinson, Vlfilbur, Taylor, Holt, Spaulding, Whitehouse. Fifth Row: Guillow, Lombard, Fletcher, Stone, Fenwick, Tryon, Clark. Fozwth Row: Crosby, Pike, Green, Evans, Vlfright, Bondar, Batchelder. Third Row: VVc-atherby, Butler, Carrico, Lilly, Lewis, Smith, Rudd. Second Row: Clark, Landry, Day, Evans, Hoyt, Sargent, McEvoy, . Front Row: Barnard, Desrochers, Lambert, Cannell, Buine, Tibbets, Fitch, Lawrence, Rawcl1He, Shaw. 1,2021 . dmv Sererllmllmanrdl and Blade Ojicors ALLAN ARMSTRONG, Captain FREDERICK ll'lART1NEAU, Serozzd Lieufemzizt CHARLES GRAFFAM, First Livzzmzazzt HARRISON CHESLEY, First Sergeant FRATRES IN XYhitman Freeman Elton Glover FACULTATE Sldllffl' GlbSUU Loring Guibord Lt. Col. Edward Putney Capt. Norman P. XVilliamS lst Lt, Lewis Jordan lst Lt. George Anderson lst Lt. James McGraw MEMBERS Robert Andrews Allan Armstrong Edward Batehelder Donald Brunel Harrison Chesley Emery Davis Charles Graffam Robert Hapliey VVilliam King Frederick Martineau VVillard Parker Donald Perretie Robert Prendergast Alvah Swain PLEDGES james Burch Lawrence Blackey Robert Dow, Zd Donald Hnse Arthur Learnard XVilliam Lucinski Leonard March George Murray john Mcl-eod Kenneth Plnlbriek john Redfield Raoul Reeves XYilliam Rugg, Jr. Henry Trow Robert Tuxbury Ronald XVilde Back Row: Trow, VVilde, Philbrick, Lenrnrxrd, Murray, Brooks. Fourth Row: Rugg, Guibord, Lucinski, Burch, McLeod, Hose. Tliird Rare: Martineuu, Tuxlmury, Hnphey, 'llLll'tSl01lSlil, Glover, Klnrcli. Second Row: Batchelder, Prendergzist, Bowman, Gibson, Swain, Parker, Jacques. Front Row: Capt. XXVillli1l1lS, Law, Gralifani, Armstrong, Andrews, King, Lieut. Anderson. lzosl I XX N f . "iif.' WM? Li W. N -AAS . .-,.-,. gy,-Q., l R E R H H D T T C A C D A I . D Y if U. Andrews S. Batchelder R. Boucher M. Bowman F. Brett tl. Brunel Cllristopllil Cronshaw H. Cunningham R. Armstrong M. Barnett F. Carlisle i S. Couturier VV. Dickey A dekloulpied .A. I. Diotte A. French CBlIlil4OlI" cCDTFfllCCBJI"S F R L. 5. C R C H li S. cz .I- J. INFANTRY Dane I". Downs Duke XY. Freeman A. Graffam Haphey L. -Iaques C. A. C. B. lfosher J. Gailney L. Gibson D, jefferson VV. Kurtti F. Lampron NY. C. King R. T. Lang G. ll. McDonald XY F. Mcliee lNlartineau . Perettie R T. Prenclergast F. bl. D. S ul., B. Targonski T. F. XYeax'er XY. S. Law R. C. Low R. l'. Morin NV. T. Parker bl. E. Smet li. vl. Surowiee A. NV. Swain D. R. VVoodward Fourth Ron Third Row Second Ron' Front Row: l2041 Back Roux' Low, Lampron, Cunningham, Bri-tt, lVlcKt-c, Duke. Vlfoodwxlrd. Dickey, Barnett, Long, Cristophil, Martinean, Gutfncy. Koehler. .' French, VVeaver, Boucher, MacDonald, Hziplu-y, Tzirgonski, Parker, Carlisle. 5 Prendergast, Surowiec, Morin, Bowman, Swain, Gibson, Smet. Butchelder, Downes, Law, Grallzml, Andrews, King, jacques, Armstrong. L... --" f .. h-, -1. fn.,-. 1 lzfn. VV. B. Bennett j. G. Burch P. XV. Corrigan O. j. Dancause C. H. Dearbon XY. G. Furman L. S. Hall XV. R. Harris li. XV. Healy, Jr. L. M. Henderson G. H. Bassett K. L. Blaisdell H. D. Brooks E. C. Clark E. Davis G. L. Davis R. K. Dow B. J. French K. S. French Ullfllllfilill' CDlEll'lllIDfBlI"S I D. A. NFANTRY E. Huse M. Jorgenson A. T. Lcarnard XV. Levensalcr L. li. March T. F. R. J. G E. M L. S. R. XV E. R. G. A. Marsden, jr. VV. Marshall H. Martin J. McLeod D. Newman C. A. C. R. Glover . Griffin R. Guibord L. Harding C. Johnson . Lucinski C. Mellett L. Milligan D. Murray R G C. F. VV H H E. S. S. R. K G. D. tri?-' 73735 Wx' . X 1' 4. H. Osgood R. Perrault H. Prentiss A. Rogler . A. Rugg, I R. Sawyer VV. Trow D. Tuttle S. NVebster F. XVillis L. Norton Philbrick S. Pitcher Prescott VV. Reed Reney Seavey L. Tuxbury VVilde 1'. Hack Kofi' J - M.-M'Sdfl1, Bf'l'lHl'll, Roglcr, Rcney, Clark. Murray, Dow, Milligan. Philbrick. S1.rt1z Row: l'1'Cl'lCl1, Dearborn, Norton, XVcbstcr, Purrault, Levcnsalcr, Martin, Learnard Fifth Row 5 Osgood, Daxis, Rugg, Brooks, Hall, Hnsc, Pitcher. 1:0ll7ffLR07E'.' Corrigan, Glover, Sawyer. Searcy. French, Marshall, Bassett. Third Row: Harris, Recd, Furman, Burch, Lueinski. Tuxbury, Blaisdell. Second Row: Linkin, Davis, Prescott, Harding, XYilde, Guilrord, March, Tuttle. McLeod, Healy, Mcllett, Prentice, Licut. Anderson, Henderson, Dancause, Newman, Front Row .' Trow. l205j H ,1 sli.. . ' --,--,-- -- 1: -4. 1 I UIIIIHWHH mnmm1lnnv'z:a'.:ews-za w H ' ll 'lx " K i I QW lg Mtg Athletics In the past two decades the term athletics has undergone a change in meaning, and now includes Intramural contests and recreational activities as well as Inter- collegiate games. Athletics today are an accepted part of present-day education, and throughout the leading institutions of the country the programs of Physical Educa- tion and recreational activities are interwoven with the so-called athletic programs. "Athletics,' has in the past meant competitive intercollegiate contests, with further inference that they were games for a selected few. No doubt this was brought about by the traditional policies of the past - namely, seasonal coaches and special alumni committees for each so-called sport. However, this policy has been generally replaced throughout the country by faculty and institutional departments, under the direct supervision of the administrative heads. New Hampshire was one of the first New England institutions to adopt a Department of Physical Education for Men fully supervised by faculty, and which was later to include recreational activities, Intramural games and Intercollegiate Varsity and Freshmen sports. Through the lack of facilities and finances the de- partment, of necessity, naturally developed more rapidly in intercollegiate competi- tive sports, as in these activities there was some source of revenue from guarantees and gate receipts which materially assisted in meeting the problems of necessary equipment. lVhen, during the college year l9l5-16, President Fairchild and the Board of Trustees decided to make the department of Physical Education an integral part of the institution and to make the head of the department a regular full-time faculty member, the foundation was laid for a department which it was hoped would some day afford an opportunity for every undergraduate to participate in supervised recreation and games. In 1915-16 the program consisted of four Varsity sports - Football, Basket- ball, Track and Baseball- with no outlined plans for Physical Education, recrea- tional activities or Intramural sports. Following the war in 1919-20 two assistants were added to the personnel of the department, and in 1921 Cross Country was divorced from Track and made a major sport. In 1923-24 the one-year resident rule was instituted and five freshman sports were added to the five Varsity sports already accepted - Football, Cross Country, Basketball, Baseball and Track. Since, with the gradual growth of the institution, more sports and more departmental members have been added in order that more undergraduates might have an oppor- tunity to participate, and in the past year C1933-345 ten Varsity and eight Fresh- men sports teams represented the University. In addition, organized programs and schedules for Intramural and recreational activities among fraternity and dormitory groups were conducted by the coaching personnel of the department. A vital necessity for the future is the development of a program of Intramural and recreational activities which will provide opportunities for participation by every undergraduate. Both outdoor Held facilities and adequate, modern buildings are necessary for this development. W. H. COWELL May lst, l934 l2081 . V. A -A 'ii 711' - . ' New lHIa1Lmn1psH11i1r"ne Athletic Assvocimtion TARGONSK1 KOEHLER H ORTON JOSEPH B. TARGONSKI, Presidwzt BREws'1'E14 H. lio1QH1,E1z, Vive IM-mdmf MARJORHQ B. HORTUN, Sem'emry H091 X xxxk gs. '1tt. K . , - I "R-X ., 1-T-ff-A VFX NND 1- . xxx ' '-i --,- .-1 Nlmxw- six ,I - .- ,-1,-we ' X aiesity Foottlballll XYILLIAM H. CUVVELL, Head Coach linxicsr XY. C11R1sT1cNsEN, Lina Coach .'XLFR1ao H. MILLER, Haclcfield Coach l Ro1:I4:1:'r D. l'lAI'HEY, Cafitaiaz RICIIARD I". IXIIERN, Manager :Xl-'l'HUl'GlI Coach C'owell's 1953 football team got ofl' to a good start by taking the first two games, the annual Harvard game with its overwhelming defeat hegan a series of disasters which marred the record of what had appeared to he a most promising eleven. ' Lowell Textile invaded Durham on opening day and were barely nosed out in the game, which saw an injury to Lou Lisaheth that crippled New Hamp- shire's star hall carrier for the season. The score was 7-6. AX week later lloston University was defeated by - 1 a score of 55-6, and our NVildcats looked like world- Captaiu Haphey heaters. However, a reversal of this dose on the following week-end saw john Harvardls eleven ad- ministering its customary heating, the score being 34-O. Another of those infrequent bright spots appeared on the next Saturday when Huck lx'on': Coach Miller. Hunter, Rogers, Urgera, H. Currier. Joslin, ll. Currier. Lapcza, A Stylianos, Dt-mers, Voach Cowell. Third lx'o1t': Coach Christensen, Pike, l.ccn, McDermott, Morrissey, Colby, Gouek, Andrews, lX'lountain, Toolin, Ahern. .Skwozzil lfortu' Hiller. Sonsane, Vaughn. Angwin, Lewis. Dane. Ktistes. Schipper. Murray. llallou. I:l'Ullf1X,UTt'.' johiison, Pedcrzani, Mitehcner, XYilde, Haphcy, Grailant, Manning, XYils0n, Meliiniry, laehellcr. 12101 1 " a strong Maine eleven was outscored by virtue of a last minute blocked kick. The Wildcats pulled this one from the fire by a 6-0 score. The seasonls debacle occurred up at Burlington when a vastly underrated Ver- mont team outfought, outplayed, and outscored our VVildcat eleven to the surprising tune of a 13-0 defeat. The Tufts game found the XVildcats lighting back, but being nosed out 6-3 after a hard battle. A field goal by Captain Haphey in the closing minutes was wiped out by a Jumbo score, resulting from a fumble. The final game of the season found a strong Springfield eleven at Durham. The VVildcats returned to form during this game and outplayed the visitors. The lack of a goal line punch was fatal, however, and the New Hampshire eleven was forced to accept a 0-0 tie. SUMMARY OF SEASON Date Opponent Place N. H. Opfvonmzt Sept. 30 Lowell Textile Durham 7 6 Oct. 7 Boston University Durham 35 6 Oct. l4 Harvard University Cambridge 0 34 Oct. 21 Maine University Orono 6 0 Oct. 28 Vermont University Burlington 0 13 Nov. 4 Tufts College Durham 3 6 Nov. 11 Springfield College Durham 0 0 12111 S I 2 F- CD P ANZ QWZ, 'N x A X X X x iwtx w v- f :gig .X Nix, pl U A up . - r X r as N airsiitty Baslketlballll HENRY C. SWASEY, Coarh JOSEPH TARGONSKI, Captain HAROLD BOVVMAN, Manager :XFTER a brilliant start, the New Hampshire basket- ball team, with two victories to its credit, fell into a losing streak that netted but three victories in the remaining eleven games. Captain joe Targonski led the team to a one-sided 47 to 27 victory over Lowell Textile at Lowell in the opening game of the season. In the second game which was played at Durham the XYilclcats battled a strong, experienced Brown quintet. This encounter found the lead changing from team to team and finally resulting in a tie. The overtime period brought out a hero in Bronstein, sophomore forward, who tossed in the winning . . basket just before the final gun. Captaitl Targonski Northeastern tagged on the first defeat of the sea- son when New Hampshire went down to a 33 to 24 defeat at Boston. Here Northeastern produced some long shot artists who paved the way for their victory. The team next travelled to VX'orcester where the Tech cagers upset the favored 2 Hack Rate: Foster, Ahern, Robinson. Stylianos. Middle Koran' Coach Swasey, Lt-en, Joslin, Ranchynoski. Vtfilde. Toll, Bowman. lfronf Roux' Bronstein, Demers, Turgonski, Koehler, lYalkcr, McKiniry. IZIZI 2 l.'Zf',' IQ '. ' i I f I H Durhamites by a 47 to 38 score. After a good start which netted a comfortable lead the XVildcats grew reckless and were overtaken. From this point they played mediocre basketball and the result proved disastrous. The VVildcats again broke into the winning column as they easily defeated the St. Michaels outfit from Vermont. Three Vtfildcat teams saw service in this contest which ended in a 34 to 21 victory for New Hampshire. An inferior quality of basketball coupled with so1ne remarkable playing on the part of the opponents saw New Hampshire lose five straight games. Starting with a defeat at the hands of Boston University by a score of 24 to 17 at Durham, New Hampshire continued its losing streak, dropping a game to a capable Dart- mouth quintet at Hanover. This was the most decisive licking administered the team as it was on the short end of a 42 to 22 score. Victory was finally recorded as New Hampshire travelled to Boston and de- feated M. I. T. by a large 50 to 31 score, and then played host to a strong Harvard five and turned them back 44 to 21. Here the entire three teams played. The final game of the season saw -Tufts beating New Hampshire by a 45 to 31 score. In this game a late rally' by the VVildcats proved insufficient to stop the well-geared machine of Tufts.- -V 3 I SUMMARY OF sEAsoN Date Ofvponeizt Place H. Opponmzl jan. 12 Lowell Textile Lowell 47 27 Jan. 16 .Brown Durham 35 - 3414 jan. 20 Northeastern Boston 24" I 38 Jan. 27 XVorcester Tech XYorcester 38-N ' 47 Jan. 30 St. Michaelis Durham 34 21 Feb. 3 Boston University Durham 17 24 Feb. 7 Dartmouth Hanover 22 42 Feb. 10 Connecticut State Durham 20 21 Feb. 16 Massachusetts State Amherst 30 34 Feb. 17 Springfield Springfield 42 4741 Feb. 24 M. I. T. Cambridge 50 31 Feb. 28 Harvard Durham 44 21 Mar. 3 Tufts Durham 31 45 'Overtime I213j N Nx X r 'J CD 112 ANZ I rn fl, ,,:g:. . 1,715 'i "-1 ,Zyl f r- ' u fifflx Wx' '- -' ,--- w V-2 www" 'x XX X Xx x t ' NX, xx X x Varsity Baseball T HENRY C. SWASEY, Coach XVINSLOW M. XVHITE, Captain rXRDEN G, ATKINS, Ilfauager New HAMPsH1RE's baseball team, captained by VVinslow "Tuck" XVhite, had a rather drab season as far as wins were concerned, winning but three games out of twelve. However, some of these losses i were by one or two runs and very tight games. New Hampshire with four hit pitching delivered by joe Targonski lost the first hard luck game to Brown 3 to Z. Behind "Tuck" lYhite and john McGraw, the XVildcats easily defeated Northeastern by a score of ll to 3. The following five games marred the record of Coach Swaseyls team as all contests were lost. Lowell f ' Textile defeated New Hampshire 9 to 1. Dartmouth Calftaill White tripped New Hampshire 16 to 6, St. Michael's won by two runs, 6 to 4. Then Vermont in ten innings administered another defeat, the final score being 7 to 6. ln a slugfest, and another ten inning contest, Tufts squeezed out an ll to 10 win. Back Row: Manager Atkins, Scanlan, Targonski, McGraw, Stevens, Trzuskoski, Walker, Coach Swasey. Middle Row: Stewart, Ellsworth, Moody, Captain W'hite, Paine, Toll. Front Row: Hanna, Stylianos, Grocott. l2l4j . ' ' March 17 brought victory to the VVildcats as "Tuck" XVhite with the aid of good stick work on the part of the rest of the team set back Connecticut State 6-2. john McGraw was the victim of a one run loss as Springheld defeated New Hampshire 2-1. New Hampshire was the victim of another loss as Providence College batted out a 6 to O win. This was the only game New Hampshire failed to score in. A game called in the fourth inning on account of rain found New Hampshire and Massachusetts State deadlocked at four runs apiece. Targonski and McGraw assumed pitching duties in this game. Again "Tuck" VVhite took command in the final game as New Hampshire walloped a highly favored and touted Boston College nine to the tune of 11 runs to 2. This contest was staged june 10th after school was completed. SU M MARY Date Opponent April 29 Brown May 2 Northeastern May 6 Lowell Textile May 1 1 Dartmouth May 12 St. Michaells May 13 Vermont May 16 Tufts May 17 Connecticut State May 19 Springfield May 25 Providence june 3 Massachusetts State june 10 Boston College 4110 innings. M4 innings Crainj OF SEASON Place' Durham Durham Durham Hanover lVinooski Park Burlington Medford Storrs Durham Providence Durham Durham H. Ojvponeut 2 3 11 2 1 9 6 16 4 6 6 7X 10 1141 6 2 1 2 0 6 4 4"t"' 11 2 12151 a --.- www- --x 'X -'SQA -Ii, - : -5 l N xy -NX ii gf g . QI. Varsityv Gross Country li-xtfl, C. SVVEET4, Coach llavin DETXTOULPIED4, Captain ICRNI1: H. XVERNER, Manager l'Aul. SVVEICTTS varsity cross country team again finished a splendid season of competition as it started the season with victory and finished the same way by annexing the New England intercollegiate cross country championship. A perfect record was marred by a close defeat by the 1933 national championship harrier array from Manhattan. New lflainpshire opened the season with a victory over the University of Maine at Orono by a score of 27 to 28. The Black brothers took first place in a tie while dekloulpied and Webster followed closely. The XYildcats then traveled to Boston to engage Ilarvard and Dartmouth in a triangular race. Here Ca1,taindeMOulpied again New Hampshire demonstrated its clear cut superiority by easily gaining first place with 26 points. Harvard captured second place with 39 points, and Dartmouth far in the ruck finished last with a total of 72 points. New Hampshire's only dual meet defeat in four years was administered by Hack Row: Tinker, McLeod, Matthews, Murray, Webster, Marlak. Front Row: Manager Xlfcrner. Raduazzo, Darling, Captain dellloulpicd, Blood, Glover, Coach Sweet. izioi I . ,113 ' V I a strong, well-balanced Manhattan college team. As lllanhattan gained national honors in l932 by winning the national title, New Hampshire showed remarkable strength by barely losing out by nine points. The score was Manhattan 23, New Hampshire 32. However, deMoulpied, XYildcat captain, gave a brilliant account of himself by gaining the honored winner's position. He was not hard pressed in winning. XVebster, Glover, Raduazo and Hlood ran well in this meet. In the Final meet of the season, New Hampshire easily retained its New Eng- land intercollegiate harrier crown by placing lirst in this important meet. New Hampshire scored 38 points, Maine scored 54 points, and Rhode Island gained third place honors with 110 points. Again deMoulpied showed his ability by winning first place. Other New Hampshire men who aided in the NYildcat victory were XYebster, Raduazo, Glover, l-Hood, Darling, Murray, and Matthews. Marlak was alternate on the team. SUMMARY OF SEASON Daft' Opponent Plum' N. Il. Opjvozzcnf Oct. l4 Maine O 1'c1 no 27 28 Oct. 20 Harvard-Dartmouth Cambridge 26 Har. 39 Dart. 72 Oct. 27 Harvard fopenj Cambridge Nov. 4 Manhattan Van Cortland 32 32 Nov. 13 X. E. I. C. A. A. A. Franklin Park 38 Qlst. placej l217i I . f'?W 1 '?67l ?' .- .pggw X T XXX A .- -QW ,-X X xxx X g x Varsity Track ' PAUL C. SVVEET, Coach P ,ALFRED H. BlII.LER,f1S.S'l'5f!lll1' Coach VMARREN M. PIKE, Captain -lonx Li. TQIRKPATRICKV,ILTUIIUQG1' LED BY Captain XYarren Pike, l'aul Sweets outdoor track team again completed a successful season. New Hampshire won live dual meets but lost its first meet in many to the New England champion- ship outfit, Boston College, at Boston. ln its initial encounter, the XVildcat team turned back Northeastern after an interesting afternoon. The Final score was 832f3-511f5. Captain Pike, Curt Funston, and Ted Darling compiled many points to star. New Hampshire journeyed to Providence to com- pete against Brown, one of its traditional rivals. ' ' Here Paul Sweets athletes enjoyed success as they Captain Pike ran over Brown to score a 73-62 victory. At Lewiston, Maine, the XYildcat aggregation walloped the Bates athletes to the tune of 79 U4 to 55 3f4. ln this meet Ted Darling won the half-mile in the fast time of l minute 58 4X5 seconds. He also Back Row: Raduazzo, VVhecler, Perrault, Holt, Dorson, Parker, Glover, McLeod, Taylor. Middle Row: Saliba, Barker, Small, Darling, Funston, Price, Levensaler, Murray, Benedict. Front Row: Manager Kirkpatrick, lVhite, Cunningham, Andberg, Bertelson, Captain Pike, Clark Chestnolvich, Blood, Coach Sweet. l2181 1 captured the mile in fast time. Funston also featured with wins in the hurdles, besides placing in the 220-yard dash. The following week found New Hampshire playing host to M. I. T. at Dur- ham. An easy victory was won by Paul Sweet's men as M. I. T. was decisively defeated by a 93 to 42 score. In this Al Bertelson broke the college high jump record. He cleared 6 feet 1f4 inches. May 19 and 20 found the New Hampshire team competing in the New Eng- land Intercollegiate championship meet. A total of 13 points gave the Wilclcats a tie for sixth place. Darling won the New England mile crown with a 4 minute 22 seconds mile, and placed second to jordan of Boston College in the half-mile which was negotiated in the remarkable time of 1 minute 55 seconds. Ilfunston captured third place in the high hurdles and got second place in the low hurdles. Springfield appeared upon Memorial field May 27 confident of victory as the previous year it turned back Paul Sweet's team. However, with a revamped team, New Hampshire disposed of the gymnasts 795 to 55M. The season climaxed with a defeat rendered by the hands of Boston College, the New England title holders. The score was 73 to New Hampshire's 62. Captain Pike won the broad jump for an outstanding victory as he leaped 23 feet 7M inches to better the winning jump recorded at the New England championship meet by one inch. SUMMARY OF SEASON Date Opponent Plan, N. H. Opponent April Northeastern Durham 83 273 51 173 April Brown Providence 73 62 May Bates Lewiston 79 174- 55 374 May M. I. T. Durham 93 42 May 1 N. E. I. C. A. A Cambridge 13 Qtie for 6th placej May Springfield Durham 792 55W June Boston College Boston 62 73 l219j X X 7- CD lb ANZ . U1 Q - . f.W'jw1f ' -' . x 1 af x wfzann um1 r W --arf miss H X N X ".- Q gg,-we I H airsiity oxiiin g i Pliner REED, Condi ,XNDRICXY McCAl'i:NEx', Captain: Howmm bl. llAI.l., ,llruiagrr XYINNINU two matches ont of live, the New Hamp- shire varsity boxing team closed an impressive sea- son marked lay many individual colorful and close battles. LX loss was suffered in its opening encounter with the Coast Guard Academy. Scanlon and Ahern were the NYildcat winners as a 7-2 loss was registered. Fred Moody was not permitted to light in this match. Coach Reed's mit throwers showed up excep- tionally well against M. 1. T. as they decisively whipped them 1212 to SMI. In this match Bumford, Captain NlcCaug11ey, Landry, Phillmrick, Shaw, Ahern, Brown and XYebster all won their lights. ' The latter three victories came by K.O. routes. Captain McCangney Ilarvard gained revenge for its loss last year and won 69Q to UQ in easy fashion. Philbriek was the only New llampshire victor while Moody of New Hampshire and Captain Hines of Harvard fought a spectacular hattle to a draw. Back Row: xXvL'bSlL'f, Brown, Bloody, Phillmriclf, .-Xhern, Jlliddle Ruin: Coach Reed, Yalotif, Romeo, Kimball, Davis, lk-llman, Shuman, Manager Hall, Front Row: Landry, XYerner, Bumford, Captain lXICCZlLlg,llCj'. Shaw, Vander Hoeil, Scanlan. 12201 'ffy " f m y A trip to VVest Point resulted in another defeat as the Army disposed of the lYi1dcats 6-2. Ahern returned victor in one bout while Moody was declared Winner by default in his bout. The tinal match proved easy for New Hampshire as it shut out Springfield 8-O. Bumford, Yander Hoenf, Landry, Captain McCaugney, Scanlon, Ahern, and Moody won their respective bouts. ln this match Moody won the 165-pound class by de- fault, and fought in the 175-pound class, winning that division. Date jan. 27 Feb. 10 Feb. 17 lfeb. 2-l Mar. Opponclzt Coast Guard M. I. T. Harvard Army Springfield SUMMARY OF SEASON Platt' N. H. Opponent Academy New London 2 7 Durham 122 35 Cambridge IM 6M XYest Point 2 6 llurham 8 O l221j . N ceq - , K XX XQX Ralay .ALFRED H. TXIILLER, Coach I DANA E. GOODWIN, Manager T GORDON L. CUNNINGHAM, Cafvtaiu COACH AL TXTILLERJS relay force enjoyed a fairly successful campaign of relay competition during the past winter. january 27 witnessed the New Hamp- shire team competing in the annual Prout Memorial Games at the Boston garden. The XVildcats ran a creditable race to capture second place to the strong and favored Fordham club. In this same meet Gor- don Cunningham, not a relay man, handily won the 300-yard run. The week-end of February third, New Hampshire journeyed to New York to participate in the Mill- rose Games. XYith strong competition facing them, New Hampshire ran third. The New Hampshire time was 3 minutes, 37 seconds. Funston, Allard, Captain Cnnningnaln Durgin, and VVhite ran for the VVildcats. The same date found another group of New Hampshire athletes composed of sprinters competing in the New England Athletic Association short relay championships. Here success was met as New Hampshire Baal: Row: Manager Goodwin, Morong, Perrault, Spear, Durgin, Hatch MacKay, McKenna Downing, Coach Miller. Middle Row: Dustin, Allard, VVhitc, Captain Cunningham, Murray, Baker, Saliba, Price. Front Row: Campbell, Taylor, Henson, Tryon, Manning, Nerlionne. I2221 , . f fff , I ' Zhi:-A,A , 1? u K ,-,- '45 defeated Boston University by 10 yards. Each man ran 280 yards. The VVildcats running were Cunningham, Henson, Miller, and Hatch. February 10 New Hampshire won the B. A. A. mile relay championship in the fast time of 3 minutes 362-5 seconds. Funston, Allard, Saliba, and Darling were instrumental in this title victory. At the third animal invitation New England Intercollegiate Indoor Track and Field Meet held February 21, New Hampshire captured second place in the mile relay. Springfield won the event. In this same meet Ted Darling flashed home a winner in the 880-yard run. His time was 2 minutes 13-5 seconds. In this meet the XYildcats had to compete in Class "Af SUMMARY OF SEASON jan. 27 Prout Memorial Games-Boston, Mass. One mile relay-New Hampshire second to Fordham. 300-yard run-XV on by Gordon Cunningham, New Hampshire. Feb. 3 Millrose Games-New York. One-mile relay-New Hampshire third. Feb. 3 N. E. A. A. A. U.-Boston, Mass. Sprint relay Q280 yards per manj-New Hampshire defeated Boston University. Feb. 10 B. A. A. Games-Boston, Mass. One-mile relay-XVon by New Hampshire. Feb. 21 Third Annual Invitation N. E. Intercollegiate Indoor Track and Field Meet. One-mile relay-New Hampshire second to Springfield. 880-yard run-VVon by Ted Darling, New Hampshire. 12231 YNXX Xl" - 'X -as .44 ,-.,Q xxx:-.M F x ,X xx X xx LNW' f , , fi of 'f Captain Bacheller aiesiitfgy lidlocollsey ERNEST XV. C11R1sTENsEN, Coach tiiioaoiz P. l3.xCHELI.l2R, Cafiiaiu Ricnaito A. TXTARTIN, Jlaazagvr l'i.XYORED for the lirst time in several years by good ice, the XYildcat hockey team responded by turning in one of the best records it has experienced in the last few seasons. .-Xlthough the team got off to a slow start by drop- ping the opening three games, it soon struck a win- ning stride, netting six victories and a tie Out of the next ten games. Ilowdoin drubhed Captain l3acheller's sextet in the opening game, and Northeastern and Brown also smeared the Durham team. The first victory came when the XYildcat forward lines clicked to give the team a 6-l win over Massachusetts state. The team carried on by defeating St. Anselmls -l-3 in one of the hardest fought games of the season. This victory was balanced by a defeat handed out by shutout of the season. The score was 2-O. M. l. T., incidentally the lirst St. Michaels of XYinooski were easy victims, falling by the overwhelming score of 12-3. On the following week-end the XYildcats scaled the heights by bring- 9 .gk Back Ihre: Manager Marlin, Melia-rinott, Corosa, Angwin, Mannion, Captain Bacheller, Coach Christensen. Front Rout' Partridge, Clroeott, Congdon, Mehauglllin, Stelly, Schippcr. l2Z4j 'f'Lg5'.' ' . . .Qfff Wink' ing back a thrilling overtime victory from the VVest Point cadets. Three goals in an overtime period coupled with some airtight goal tending by Congdon won the outstanding victory of the season. The VVildcats continued on the right road by nipping the Terrier sextet by an early score and then playing defensive hockey for the remainder of a 1-O game. Northeastern again topped the Wildcats 6-2. Bowdoin's visit brought the cold- est weather of the winter, and although the teams were deadlocked at the end of the regulation game, no overtime period was played. The score was 2-2. Boston University avenged its defeat in the last game of the season by taking the New Hampshire sextet 6-0 down at the Boston Arena. SUMMARY OF SEASON Date Opponent Place N. H. Opponent Jan. 16 Bowdoin Brunswick 2 5 jan. 17 Northeastern Durham 1 7 Jan. 22 Brown Providence 1 5 Jan. 24 Massachusetts State Durham 6 1 Jan. 27 St. Anselm's Durham 4 3 Jan. 29 M. I. T. Durham O 2 Jan. 31 St. Michaells Durham 12 3 Feb. Army XVest Point 3 O Feb. Boston University Durham 1 O Feb. 12 Northeastern Boston 2 6 Feb. 15 Bowdoin Durham 2 2 Feb. 23 Boston University Boston 0 6 f2251 N 1-Q s 1 I CD 112 ANZ I .. fy 'jjfi' 5 J .1 'YWMA' 4 '- ' . ' A' ' :ji ,Latte mga- , 'i'5':.,. ' '- ix V' - L. ' '- ' Lila ""' . I. -V .l p fl h,-XY :Y '-:LE Winter ports lixrii. Sw14:1z'1', Coarlz XYILLIAM Aximicizo, Cafviaiu S'1'ANI.Ey EKSTRUNI, illamzger C0l.LEtSli XYeek competition at Lake l'lacid. N. Y., 0 lleceniber 29 to January 2, inclusixc. again found Paul Sweets winter sports team competing. The team finished third. Dartmouth captured first place with 31 points, St. Patriekis obtained ZZ points for second place, and New Hampshire iinished in third place with ll? points. lid lllood was as usual responsible for many of the team's points. He got second place in the ski jump, second place in the combined event, third in the snowshoe race. third in the slalom race, fourth in the 14-kilometer cross-country race, and tirst in the Q' ' downhill race. The other points were distributed v1 ' . among other members of the team. .-Xndberg cap- Cal,u,in Amlbcrg tured second place in the snowshoe race. Christiansen got 12th place in the slalom, and 18th place in the downhill race. Mirey completed the scoring by placing 15th in the slalom. 17th in the l4-kilometer cross-country race, and 15th in the downhill race. February 9-lO found New lflampshire competing in the Dartmouth carnival I 4 mc' xc": - url: ', a . iartoi, ' andler, Chase, johnson. VVebsler, McI.s-ocl, Blaisdell. ' "J i anaa- 'I mm, f exens, fllellett. lllood, Captain Audberg. Downs. LillYlStlilllSDl'l 'i in Meeler, LlU'lCl1 Sweet. 1 ,-'A' .. . .f - .1 ,,, If .I 'E l' AFM Nl. llc Brit l 1 ch. I lfzoizf Nou Nl 'ir llcstrr S1 Ling , c . I 2261 1111 , , 3 ' "sei: ' - .454 - and I. VV. S. U. meet. The first day New Hampshire ran with the scoring and looked like the ultimate winner. However, a disastrous let-up on the second day, which found New Hampshire scoring very little, cost the team the championship. Dartmouth scored 35 points to win first place, New Hampshire scored 24 for sec- ond and St. Patricks received third place by scoring 17 points. The scoring festivities started with Meeker and Downes winning first and second places in the 440-yard and two-mile skating races. Andberg won the cross-country snowshoe race with VVebster and Glover finishing third and fifth respectively. ln the cross-country ski race Craigin placed seventh. Blood placed seventh in the slalom race and 12th in the downhill race. Ed Blood, just after an illness, had to be contented with a fifth place in his favorite event, the ski jump. Stevens placed seventh and Christiansen 12th in this event. Craigin captured seventh place in the combined event to end the scoring for New Hampshire. SUMMARY OF SEASON December 29-January 2, College VYeek Competition, Lake Placid, N. Y. Dartmouth 31 St. Patricks 22 New Hampshire 19 February 9-10, Dartmouth Carnival-I. VY. S. U. Meet, Hanover, N. H. Dartmouth 35 New Hampshire 24 St. Patrick's 17 l2271 X X ' ,xxx -1- J, , : N X x Y. N . Z 1 fi' airsiitty Lacrosse liRNEsT CHiusTENsEN, Coach LINCOLN F1-:RR1N1, Captain IQENDALL MURRAY, Jlauagvr Coach Christensen turned out a strong lacrosse squad, made up of veteran material, and his team captured live victories out of eight starts. The New Hampshire team got off to a good start by defeating M. 1. T. at Memorial field hy the score of 7-5. Then they journeyed to Providence where they met defeat at the hands of a strong Brown ten. Here the score was 6-4. Boston University was swamped under a deluge of XYildcat goals, with Chaloner, Armstrong, Martineau, and Morrissey piling up 19 goals, while H. U. managed to score twice. ' Springfield. playing at home, took the XVildcats into camp 4-1, and the road trip was made more disastrous by Union college of Schenectady, who added an 11-6 defeat to the records. From then on the New 1-lampshire team began to improve, and the rest of the season found three straight victories coming on successive week-ends. YX'illiams found the invading XYildcats too strong and lost by the score of 5-2. Tufts was snowed under, with Sikoski. XYilde, Morrissey, and Martineau piling up a 14-2 vi . .. . ,..i... .. . , ,.i-lll,i'll11li.iii...alll .i...i, tau....ihmni..lilll5.H,.,ixfu.ii. sw i. w. flfl , . W 1 lifick Roth: Coach Christensen, Andrews, Moriarty, Smith, Pike, Larkin. .llrddlv Rofvr Jacques, 'l'row, Tuxbury, Sousane. Lewis, XYilde. Batchelder, Downs, Armstrong. liroizt Rate: Martineau, Greenwood, Captain lferrini, Cllaloner, Sikoski, Vaughn, Morrissey. 12281 -'nw ' - ' score. The final game of the season found Morrissey scoring ten goals to give his team an easy 19-4 win over the Boston Lacrosse club. Data Apr. 15 Apr. 29 May May 10 May 13 May 19 May 20 May 25 May 27 SUMMARY GF SEASON Oppolzmzz' Dartmouth M. I. T. Brown Boston University Springfield College Union College VVilliams Tufts Boston Lacrosse Club Place Hanover Durham Providence Durham Springlield Schenectady llilliamstown Medford Durham H. Opponent 7 5 4 5 19 2 1 4 6 11 5 2 14 2 19 4 12291 N N 5 5 , . x i-T lx X r L' CD H2 ANZ rn 5 X . E x N Q by I' - . rff- .- .. H X x ..: fi za 1 4-'. ev Q . -av 5 Q ,, xt m .- J' , 4 'INN X N VT-1768451111111 SIDNEY Guasox, Captain XY. F. MCKIQE, ,llazzugcr LT. MCGRAW, Coach LT. JORDAN, Couch Klauy matches were engaged in by the New Hampshire riHe team with ex- perienced marltsmen this past season. The squad was composed of Gibson, Troxv, Carswell, Seavey, Connor, Dearborn, llosselait, Marsden, Eldridge, and Currier. The United States Marines were met at various times. The teams were from l'ortsmouth and were the prison detachment and barracks squads. The first meet- ing with the marines occurred 'lanuary 12 and resulted in defeat. The score was 841 to New llampshirc's 827. The second meeting later in the season resulted in a victory for New llampshire over the prison detachment. New Hampshire scored 1053 pointsg the marines 1041. ln a return match the marines won 834 to 826. Another loss was given the XYildcats as the marines won again 1377 to 1349. Two more losses were sustained by New Hampshire later in the season by the marines. Another steady foe engaged with New llampshire in combat was the Fisca- taqua Ritle Club which on three occassions administered defeat to the Durhamites. The scores were 1425 to 15273 1083 to 1047 3 and 1083 to 1018. Northeastern University was defeated by New Hampshire in its first encounter on january 19. The 1Yildcats scored S51 points to 843 for Northeastern. However, lluelr li'nrv: Dancausc, Haley, Currier. Ross, Horne, Carlisle, Goddard, Searcy. lfroizt Row: Lit-ut. jordan, Lieut. McGraw, Ilosselait, Connor, Gibson, Trow, Smct, Marsden, Dearborn. 12301 I 1,5-,. :in - ,, 21741. in the second meeting, the loss was reversed as Northeastern won 877 to 861. Lowell Textile fell victim to the sharp shooters from Durham on February 16 as an 849 to 796 score was chalked up against them. Gu March 9 New Hampshire repeated its win over the Textilers and came out on the long end of an 829 to 803 score. In its Hnal dual contest of the season, New Hampshire was the victim of the crack M. I. T. team. M. I. T. scored 1361 to New I-Iampshire's 1297. On March 23, New Hampshire closed the season by gaining 6th place in the New England Section contest at Storrs, Conn. SUMMARY OF SIZASQN Date Opponent Plan, N. H. Ofpozzeut hlan. U. S. Marines Durham 827 841 jan. Piscataqua Rifle Club Durham 1337 1423 jan. Northeastern Boston 851 843 jan. Marines QPrison Det.j Portsmouth 1053 1041 jan. Marines Portsmouth 826 834 Feb. Marines Q Prison Det.j Durham 1349 1377 lf eb. Northeastern Durham 861 877 Feb. Piscataqua Rifle Club Portsmouth 1047 1083 Feb. Lowell Textile Lowell 849 796 Feb. Marines QPrison Det.j Durham 1329 1379 Mar Piscataqua Rifle Club Durham 1018 1083 Mar Marines CBarracksj Durham 863 870 Mar Lowell Textile Durham 829 803 Mar. M. I. T. Durham 1297 1361 Mar N. E. Section Storrs 6th place l2.i1 7 r NSY I ,... X 1"':4:,'x ' - -- 514 .- TT NXxx i 1 -,N , ., xvbr N T- CD 112 ANZ em 5, 7 21 1. ,' 1 I lnlrzunural Allf Point Trophy linltrainrruirall Sports Officers KEITH TWITCHELL, President BREWSTER KOEHLER, Vive President CL1FFoRn ELLswoRTH, Secretary-Treasurer Board of Control Lusur: HINKLEY XVILLIAM KING BERTRAM TowER Assoriate Representatives Charles Hanna, Theta Chi Brewster Koehler, Alpha Tau Omega Bertram Tower, Lambda Chi Alpha Clitiord Ellsworth, Phi Delta Upsilon Walter O'Neil, Theta Kappa Phi Keith Twitehell, Pi Kappa Alpha Maurice Nerbonne, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Leslie Pike, Theta Upsilon Omega Edgar Lebow, Phi Alpha Dayton Henson, Alpha Gamma Rho Lesley Hinckley, Phi Mu Delta Gerald johnson, Tau Kappa Epsilon Ernest Saigh, Delta Epsilon Pi Sport l'Vi111zer Rmmer-up Basketball Theta Chi Phi Delta Upsilon Relay Lambda Chi Alpha Theta Kappa Phi Boxing Pi Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Phi - Kappa Sigma Qtiej Bowling Lambda Chi Alpha Theta Kappa Phi VV inter Sports Theta Chi Alpha Tau Omega Track Theta Chi Alpha Tau Omega Tennis Alpha Tau Omega Lambda Chi Alpha Swimming Kappa Sigma 'Theta Chi Baseball Alpha Tau Omega Kappa Sigma Final Standing of All-Point Trophy, 1932-33 Alpha Tau Omega 386 Phi Mu Delta 302172 SigmaAlphaEpsilon 164 Theta Chi 378 Tau Kappa Epsilon 194 ThetaUpsi1onOmega 143 Lambda Chi Alpha 36515 Pi Kappa Alpha IQZVZ Phi Delta Upsilon 317 Alpha Kappa Pi 1885 Theta Kappa Phi 30815 l2321 Phi Alpha 127 M Alpha Gamma Rho 1262 Delta Epsilon Pi 75 FOOTBALL Team A Reno Soldati Maurice Moriarty Cornelius Quinn Charles VVilkins Harold Angwin Xxilllilllll McDermott Arthur Morse Arthur Laurent George Murray Peter Ktistes Stanley Manning Charles Prentiss Ford Steeves George Newman Team B George Rogers Glenn Stewart Ronald lVilde Abraham Beleson Theodore Lapeza Fred Moody George Kerr Robert McGrath John McLeod Morin Lavigne Edward Healy lVillia1n Freeman Robert McQuirk M T955 Numeral Men CROSS COUNTRY Clifton Burrington QCapt.j Howard Rines Elton Glover Theodore Darling XYilliam Short Lenneth Reardon Howard Brooks Fred Murray Donald Seavey Fred llfalker BASKETBALL Curtis Funston Fred Vvalker iCapt.j Kenneth McKini,ry Arthur Toll Cornelius Quinn Ronald XVilde john Swiklas HOCKEY Harold Angwin Charles Grocott Loring Guibord Richard Lowcock Robert Maxwell lYilliam McDermott Charles Naimie George Parker james Steffy TRACK Theodore Darling Curtis Funston james Bannon Edwin Gale Donald Jensen Arthur Laurent XVillian1 Short lVhitman Levensaler john Hodgdon lYalter Calderwoocl Arthur .lorgenson Fred Shaw Matti VVittala George Rogers Howard Rines Arthur Morse Kenneth Sanborn BASEBALL Charles Grocott QCapt.j Fred XValker Arthur Toll Fred Moody Thomas Clark Thomas Stylianos Henry Demers Clifford Ellsworth John Scanlan James McLeod Harold Angwin Kenneth McKiniry lzssi H G MZ, 4 N , X UHASZZIP fVl . .' My I I . ff! MY' 'Xawi '- '-'?7:"s ....- l L. ' X XXX -1- '-.- Q ' -' 51 s .'l."N l X X res imann Footballll CARL LL'NDHoI.M, Coacli HClXX'.-XRIJ H,xN1.Ev, ,tIS.Yl.Yfl1lIf Coarlz HARRY NVoon, Axsixfazzt Coach JOSEPH NATII.-XNSUN, Captain HIQNRS' l3RI2T'r, illanagm' Although handicapped by a late start, Coach Carl l,unclholm once more turnecl out a winning freshman football team last fall. Defeated by Exeter in the opening game after a hard battle, the Kittens came back to win three and tie one of the remaining games on the scheclule. During the season they scored 75 points while they allowed their opponents but 19, After only two weeks work the Kittens tacklecl the strong Exeter eleven on September 30. They fought hard. but were outlastecl by a heavier prep school eleven which scored late in the game to gain the victory by a 6-O margin. The next week the Kittens met Boston Lfniversity freshmen, and they ran wild, although the score was only 13-O. Captain Nathanson anrl lllirey began to show real promise, and the line was very strong both offensively ancl defensively. A week later the unclefeatecl Dartmouth yearlings invacled Durham, ancl were ont- playecl by a wicle margin. However, a freak touchdown in the early minutes of Hack Rona' Asst. Coach Hanley, Haller, Yarney, Howe, Browning, Hepworth, XYright, liminott, Norris, Bogart, Merrill, Simpson, Coach l.L1llQlllOllll, Asst. Coach VVootl. Third Row: Twyon, Si-golc, lfertagna, Scanncll, Bishop, Lckcsky, Davison, Ht'l"2l1UiSt. Gowcn, llc-lson, Heins, .-Xlingrt-n. Second Ro:-'J Karazia, Rogt-an, Cadigan, Furnans, Trubcnbach, Kirby, Pollard, Taylor, Mangold, Dussault, Brctt. Frou! Row: Currie-ii, Lang, Hollcs, Facey, Mirey. Nathanson, Kclley, Costa, Quadros, Manchester, 1 son. 52341 play and the lack of a concerted attack resulted in a tie score for the Little Indians. Nathanson again was outstanding for the Kittens. Andover was turned back by the Lundholm eleven on its own field by an 18-7 score. Segole, Karazia, Mirey and Nathanson combined to run the Andover defense men ragged. Bolles, Gowan, and Lang were very strong in the line. The last game of the season saw the Frosh running up the biggest score of the season, 38-0 over Clark. In addition to the four starting backlield men, Kelley, Ladigan and Lekesky looked like future varsity material in this game. Adverse weather conditions caused the postponement of a game scheduled with Brown freshmen. SUMMARY O F SEASON Date Opponent Plan' N. H. Opponent Sept. 30 Exeter Exeter O 6 Oct. 13 Boston Univ. '37 Boston 13 0 Oct. 21 Dartmouth '37 Durham 6 6 Oct. 28 Andover Andover 18 7 X ov. 3 Clark School Durham 38 O lzssj H A I T E Q , ffl . .Md ' - . 1 ' L XXAN T s .X X QWY Z N I . 1 f 1,1 'Q' '- 'i5,'f'x F:i..l l"' ' ' K '-k, ' -' 'lies I res man ross orunnntiry PAUL SVVEET, Coach EARNEs'r BRATT, Cafiiaiu HENRY DUNN, Mmzagvr Led by Captain Earnest Bratt, the Kitten Cross Country team climaxed a mediocre season by winning the New England Intercollegiate Championship again at Franklin Park in Boston on May 13. Captain Hratt was the first Kitten runner to finish and with his team mates scored a total of 65 points to win by a small margin. The team opened the season in the annual triangular meet with Concord and Manchester Central high schools at Durham. The strong Manchester Central team ran away with first place, totaling 18 points, the Kittens took second with 52, while Concord finished with 61. Captain liratt again led the New Hampshire runners to the tape. Glover, Kimball, Robinson and Coney were the other Frosh runners who turned in good performances. The second setback, at the hands of Harvard freshmen a week later, found the score 18-37, with the Crimson yearlings taking the meet in easy fashion. HOW- ever, Captain Bratt led his team to a victory over Andover at Andover on Novem- ber ll, leading Glover, Kimball and Robinson across the line to score a 26-29 win. Back Row: Dunn, Downs, Carr, XYeatherby, Pierce, johnson, Teeri, Annette, Crandall, Coach Sweet. Third Row: Kendall, Nye, Fitch, Meeker, Davis, Shaw, Smith, Messer, St-ainans, Stoddard. Second Row: Bartlett, O'Neil, Plummer, Morrison, Powers, Hawkins, Smart, Craigin, Wilbur. Fran! Row: Flanders, Munton, Kimball, Robinson. Glover, Bratt, Fishlock, Coney, Mattice. l2361 This was the closest meet of the season, and found a well-bunched group of Kitten runners outlasting a strong Prep school outfit. The feature of the season was the thrilling win at the Intercollegiates. Bratt hnished First for New Hampshire followed by Kimball, Robinson, and Coney. Glover made a great finish to cinch the victory, collapsing as he crossed the line. SUM MARY OF SEASON Date Opponent Place N. H. Opponent Oct. 14 Manchester Central Durham 52 Manchester 13 Concord High Concord 61 Oct. 20 Harvard 236 Cambridge 37 Harvard 18 Nov. 4 Andover Andover 26 Andover 29 Nov. 13 N. E. I. C. A. A. Franklin Park 65 lst Place Boston l2371 i T-Ti CD lb ANZ U5 -3 . fm' I fyf. .' ply' V W ff 'XXX ' ' -'71 NN . j 1 'fi'-X wa' ' - X xx .K X N NX' 1. 3 1 Freshman llgasllseiflbmallll CARL LUNDHULM, Coach ARNoLn RoG12ixN, Caflailz josicmi F. LAMPRON, Manager .X fter a successful football season, Coach Lundholm turned his attention toward basketball and managed to win seven out of the nine games played. Lundholm had fine material in basketball, with live experienced centers and two all-state men to work with. lle shifted his men around until he had four of his live six-footers in the starting lineup, and then began to win games. Northeastern took advantage of the lack of practice which handicapped the Kitten live and drubbcd them 47-31. llowever, the Frosh quintet came back on the following week to defeat Tilton in a fast game by the score of 43-27. Boston University was the next victim, and the Terrier Frosh went down to a 30-9 defeat. Bishop and Rogean were the stars of these early games. Andover fell before the strong attack of the Kittens, with Niggeman and XYebb teaming with Rogean for a victory. Niggeman and Rogean ran wild against New Hampton and another victory was added to the records. The score was 55-25. The jinx which lixeter has held over Kitten teams for the past few years was still good, and they defeated the Freshman five by the close score of 34-31, getting the winning points in the last few minutes of play. Al Hepworth was put into the lineup for the St. .-Xnselm's game, and he personally conducted the team to a 27-24 win over the older boys from lN'lanchester. Huck Row: l.ampron, Robinson, Anton, K. Bishop, Niggerman, Chodokoski, Merrill, Remiek H. Bishop, Coach Lunclholm. Front Rafe: NYitter, Nathanson, Hickey, Rogean, VVcbb, Hepworlll, Quad1'OS. 1 238 xl as New saw the margin. passing Dafa jan. Z0 jan. 27 Feb. 3 Feb. 7 Feb. 15 Feb. 17 Feb. 24 Feb. 28 May 1 I ' We Captain Rogean continued his high scoring act against the Crimson yearlings Hampshire took Harvard '37 into camp by a 28-19 score. The Hnal game Kittens playing great basketball to defeat a strong Hebron club by a 43-29 Rogean again starred with sensational shots from all angles, but the fast and perfect teamwork of the Kitten quintet were factors in this victory. SUMMARY OF SEASON Opfwzzent Northeastern Tilton Boston Univ. '37 Andover New Hampton Exeter St. Anselm's '37 Harvard '37 Hebron Academy Place Boston Durham Durham Andover Durham Durham Durham Durham Durham X. H. Ofwfwnlmi 31 47 43 27 30 9 41 37 35 25 31 34 27 24 28 19 43 29 l2391 H G 5168239 WNW ' -3. -1 , - wff,4 lmf' P l Neg "' - . te 7 swf'- -, . e H., XQXV AN . L., H,.':,w C EMMA PBS lflflltfillfll oelsey HOWARD HANLEY, Coach THEODORE NOWAK, Coach ROBERT Mixxcniasriiu, Captain XVARREN Skooo, ,Manager Taking advantage of excellent weather conditions and good ice, the University of New Hampshire's freshman hockey squad turned in a Fine record for last season. Led by Captain Manchester. right wing, the team won seven games, tied two and lost three. Merrill and Rogers teamed with Manchester in the forward line, while Davison and llargreaves played defense, with XVilsOn and Horton alternating in the nets. The team opened with New Hampton, playing on poor ice and were held to a 2-2 tie. The first victory of the season came when the Kittens took Northeastern into camp hy the score of 4-O. Dartmouth administered the Hrst defeat, nosing out the Kittens hy the score of 2-l. The goal tending of Vtlilson kept the score down, although the forwards were unahle to click. Tilton was defeated in the second victory of the season, the Kittens shutting them out hy the score of l-O. lixeter was the next Opponent, and in the fastest, roughest game of the season, which went into Overtime periods, they held the lfrosh to a 2-2 tie. A strong Hehron onttit outelassed the Kittens, but was held to two goals hy the hard lighting freshman sextet. Captain Manchester led his team on a four game winning streak, starting with Rriclgeton, defeated 2-1, following with a 4-2 ..-is lmcl' RIM: Coach Nowak, Taylor. Vaeey, llarg,r'1x'es, Norris Capt. Nlanchester Dickie Davison, 'eeri. . ana 'er Soo, Iron! lmr' : I.inle L'ihlin, lko ers XYilsOn Horton, Merrill Brownine L'mg,. ' '1. ,4 if, ., 1 l'. ,f 3 M ,.- I K i . - rf' ssnriitii . A - , ,8 V ,,,,.. A ,tg p . ' A - A.,- . 1 . 'V7 Q ' . 1 tc X 4 I . , i , , T Xl 11 lt g " ' --' X, 1 ' is , , , U, L ' N401 ,,,, J --:4 , win over Lawrence academy, taking over Clark school 5-3, and ending with an S-O win over Boston University freshmen. Merrill and Rogers also played brilliant hockey during this streak, and VVilson and Horton turned in some tight goal tenclfng. The victory habit was broken by the Sacred Heart club of Concord, the visilors taking over the Kitten sextet, scoring twice early in the game for a 2-1 win. The team closed a season which was most successful by defeating Boston University again, this time on the Boston Arena ice by the score of 2-0. Date -Ian. 13 Jan. 17 Jan. 19 jan. 20 Jan. 24 -Ian. 30 Feb. Feb. Feb. 14 Feb. 15 Feb. 16 Feb. 23 SUMMARY OF SEASON Opponent New Hampton Northeastern Dartmouth '37 Tilton Exeter Hebron Bridgeton Lawrence Clark Boston Univ. '37 Sacred Heart Boston Univ. '37 Place N. H. Opponent New Hampton 2 2 Durham 4 0 Hanover 1 2 Tilton 1 0 Exeter 2 2 Durham 0 2 Durham 2 1 Durham 4 2 Durham 5 3 Durham 8 O Durham 1 2 Boston 2 O l2411 H G MANZP !Vl L. - - . if ' My K FX I 'fur W' Y f M '-'- '- '1 wxxi :- I i 'xigkg ' :jg SQ. ? , 4 . 3 iFlllf"fBSill1lUIll6RlIll Imdlselllldlllll CARL LUNDHOLM, Coach ARTHUR W. ROBINSON, Captain DONALD S. KIMBALL, Manager The 1933 edition of the Freshman baseball team found Carl Lundholm turn- ing out another fine ball club. Losing two games, to Tilton and to Exeter, the team defeated seven opponents tO record a successful season. Led by the pitching of W'eir and Gaw, the frosh captured five straight vic- tories, defeating Austin Cate 4-1, Sanborn Seminary 5-2, Boston University '37 9-4, Andover 5-3 and Harvard '37 13-6. Batting stars were the Currier brothers in the outfield, Robinson, Joslin, and Chase in the infield, and VVeir who played in the outfield as well as pitched. In the sixth game of the season, Coach Lundholm started an inexperienced pitcher, Welch, and before he was yanked Tilton had gained a four run lead. Although Churchill shot out the visitors for the remainder of the game, the Kitten sluggers could not get started, and the final score was 6-3. The second defeat came at Exeter, where Gaw started with an injured arm, and was knocked out of the box. XVeir finished up but could not keep the academy boys in check. The score was 9-6. Back Row: Kimball, H. Currier, Trachier, Holt, Coach Lundholm. Middle Roto: Landry, Perkins, Pcderzani. Crawford, E. Currier, Keefe. Front Row: Chase, Joslin, Robinson, Churchill, Lccn. H421 A, H fy! , ,f I 1 1 The Kittens closed the season with two victories, taking New Hampton 9-5 behind VVeir, and defeating Hebron 14-2, with the batting punch returning and the boys gathering in 15 hits. Date Apr. 25 Apr. 27 May 1 May 3 May 6 May 15 May 17 May 23 May 26 SUMMARY OF SEASON Opponent Austin Cate Sanborn Seminary Boston University '37 Andover Harvard '37 Tilton Exeter New Hampton Hebron Academy Place Durham Durham Durham Andover Soldier's Durham Exeter Durham Durham Field N. H. Opponent 4 1 5 2 9 4 5 3 13 6 3 6 6 9 9 5 14 2 12431 4i"B1F3"5I? -u'IHIIlIIlllI " 55 'nf' 'F surge '54 vig 17" ' ' X W' I -1 if 4 3 , N 4793 f vliquulllllnlmmnll ,. ' , .4 ,Z J , -.H ..-- ...U , -v-q -. n.. . HJ., -, , A ., 4.:555..'. 1 , U f'?T', F Y 1' " F2k?v.,5r-:g:, ,,Q-rgcffg 5' , .pp -,M ' -'qw - - V4 1- 15.6.11 - - 1' fi 9, H" 21-fl ' , :z 5 , ,:.1"- ,- .. N - , , , V aww -I"w,,F1F5:9,fP2'Q ' ,zmh 1 1, , 5 :1 , . g ? N , .. 2-1' f Ill Ill ill IIIH 'HN' dv I s X s ,.., I . -- ..,. usages r? i m ' ",' L lg, l -':' :.' YN 'Q p Moving Gin The school year has passed quickly- September, October and on to June- and with it have gone countless memories of college activities and events which are now perhaps dim and a bit vague. Only the greater things -accomplishment, improvement, dehnite progress- remain undermined by time in the material good which they have forwarded and established. During the year several important conference meetings founded their center of activities here at the University of New Hampshire. One of the outstanding perhaps, was the New England International Relations Clubs Conference which was held here under the auspices of the local club and directed by Chairman Howard Hall and Prof. Thorsten V. Kalijarvi, the faculty advisor. The conference was devoted to a general survey of certain phases of international relations and world economics. This conference was attended by representatives from thirty-five eastern colleges and universities. Not less important was the New England Conference of State College news- paper editors and fraternity and student council presidents which was held at this university. The purpose of this conference, which was the first of its type in New England, was to provide an opportunity for the exchange of ideas on student pub- lications, student government organizations, and interfraternity governing boards. The Dr. A. Bruce Curry Conference which was sponsored by the University Christian Work organization of this university under the direction of Dr. Gibson R. Johnson proved to be of outstanding interest. This conference was held in order to present Dr. A. Bruce Curry, nationally known religious speaker, to the New England college men and women. The topics of discussion were largely devoted to problems concerning student life. Several new organizations have been established here at the University this year which have greatly promoted student thinking in World problems and other topics of current interest. The Progressive Club for one, undertakes to present current world conditions in all walks of life. The Quotation Club was organized for members of the freshman and sophomore class. The purpose of this organ- ization is to further interest in social and philosophical thinking as seen in the light of past and present day literature. Another important society established at the university this year is the S. L. I. D. QStudent League for Industrial Democracyj. This society is a junior affiliate of the League for Industrial Democracy which was formed in 1915 as the Intercollegiate Socialist Society by jack London, Harry W. Laidler, Vida Scudder, and several other now prominent radicals. One of the major purposes of the S. L. I. D. is to train young men and women in work of education so that they may derive practical experience of organizing active movements on the cam- pus, and working continually for social ownership of our national resources, of the means of production and distribution, and the elimination of the profit motive as the ruling principle of our social system. lQ2461 -1 ., .- Aff-. ' Z This year again we feel especially grateful to Mr. Charles H. Hood who in 1930 with Mrs. Hood donated funds to construct and endow Hood House. This year Mr. Hood presented to the university health authorities five hundred dollars to provide the necessary equipment for the performance of surgical work at the infirmary. Mr. Hood graduated with the class of 1880 and has proved to be one of New Hampshire University's most active and influential alumni. In addition to the wealth of laurels already held by the Blue Key Senior Honorary Society, we again offer acclamations for the work they have done in reviving after a four year lapse, the traditional Stunt Night-it certainly proved worthy of the effort. The University of New Hampshire Outing Club this year was unanimously chosen by the Intercollegiate Outing Club Association to act as the official host at the third annual I. O. C. A. conference. The conference was held at VVawona Camp on Swanzey Lake, New Hampshire. The Outing Club, this year especially, has functioned admirably well and, rightfully, is looking forward to another year of work. The cabinets of the Y. XV. C. A., Y. M. C. A., and the Community Church Student Group decided to combine the three associations into a single United Student Christian Movement which will, as a unit, study the needs of the campus and build its program accordingly. C. W. A. money grants have proved to be of invaluable assistance to needy undergraduates and graduates who have not secured employment upon graduation last year. The C. VV. A. work of the Geodetic Survey in New Hampshire, directed by Prof. E. VV. Bowler, has found employment for almost all of the unemployed graduates of the University College of Technology in the state. Other C. VV. A. work has absorbed over three hundred and fifty men in work of various improve- ments about the campus. Several major curricula changes will be noted in the university catalog for 1934-35. There are perhaps more changes in the new catalog than in any other that has appeared here since four or live years ago. The changes are all designed to broaden, strengthen, and otherwise improve the course and curricula offerings of the university, and are a part of a program initiated by President Lewis shortly after the advent of his administration. Numerous other improvements and developments come to mind but it would be rather futile to attempt to list all and ascribe to each their proper value. How- ever, may we say that we as the University of New Hampshire have indeed much to show in terms of progress during the past year. VVe hope such work shall continue - always. 12471 Most Representative ot Blue and White To be chosen, and by vote, the most representative of the Blue and White is indeed significant. It is not an honor begotten by sheer fortune or popularity. It is an honor highly indicative of outstanding accomplishment in extra-curricula and scholastic activities. It also presents individuals who have led a full, rich life here at the University of New Hampshire and have well proven, through leadership and personality, that they fully merit the distinction granted to them. Delfo I. Caminati, of Portsmouth, N. H., has for four years been one of the outstanding men students at the University of New Hampshire. Mr. Caminati is the president of the Student Council- a distinction that is of the greatest import- ance at the University. He has been prominent in numerous other college activities, being a member of the Senior Skulls, Mask and Dagger, Athletic Association, "N, H." Club, Outing Club, Dean's Advisory Committee, Convocation Committee, also being the Chairman of the Commencement Ball Committee. Mr. Caminati has served on the Winter Carnival Committee, Sophomore Hop Committee, and the Junior Prom Committee. Other activities in which he has featured are: Varsity Cheer Leader, Band, Editor of Athletic News, Editor of THE 1934 GRANITE, and The New H ampshire. Ruth H. johnson, of East Jaffrey, N. H., has won the distinction of being elected the most representative co-ed at the University of New Hampshire. Her tireless efforts have carried her into numerous fields of activities. She is a member of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority, and is the president of the Women's Executive council. Miss Johnson has also won membership in the Delta Chi Honorary Mathematics society as well as being an active member in the Young Women's Christian association. She has participated in women's basketball and track and holds membership in the Outing Club. Miss Johnson has also served on the Junior Prom Committee. CONGRATULATIONS ! DELFO J. CAMINAT1, PORTSMOUTH, N. H RUTH H. JOHNSON, FAST JAFFKICY, N. H. Y k R Q N ,,..v ' if-f A .3,, . 'yy ....-.- 2-TT 595, ,1- Y:.5':1,g3,a5 'ii 5 li A ,gIi.lYxQ.W hgllggw- X' M A "4 , 7 5 Chief ' Kpaulv y Louie CLAIRE SHORT Carnival Queen 1934 IRENE COUSEIS Carnival Queen 1933 gg' N ATALIE HADI.OCK Carnival Queen 1931 V , '1 ' wif . ,x , ......,,n..,,.....,.,,, m-f..-o mp.WX.-.:,,..,.1Qm,,.v:xrm,,m-....L4,:1..M..z:,..1,.n.f.,. .. .1 ,,,..4.:mm.,. f .. r 1 ,-1, . .-:.,-aw k Q' ,ax , '- 1 is . , ,,f, gf . ll 1 'fy Q s 7 , 4 '2 'C , lp . V ity X Q 75 ' -K in -'f1'f:f12-'15r32.iTf1i-25725 152.5-WA f l OLIVE THAYER Honorary Cadet Colonel Q2E "I "W "' ' ' I ' " I ' V" ' m e a-I ' If f w w w ' - . f J- m y - as ' 1 ' .fy if , f ' -wif W 'I x-- -. 1 u ,, ?",,-:c"'f. rains' f5,E'1Pf'2,xix!z'n , .W ,,,i-AQ ,, + ,YA ,Jn f3Q??S:1 I4makIf5f ,,. . ,ma-I Ibn - f. -,Q .'r2uvF5. Y?1'f"11Tf?'ig"4 'I' ,ff'P2'v. -f'f3a, +12 .. ' Y fi ' " Q-I F . 1 in n . ' ' 73' " I f" ' "' A' 4""iZ"', , I "' 17' .1 fu " 553: I I nf I , ,,,, I1-.. '3 M Q I1 I fu I I R If I I . gig if 2- Iffi I I. -, I- :fr , . . ,X 5 I ,- f 1 .g . 7 ,. "': 1 ' " I I I -1' - E1 ? I ' I I , I I 5 ',- I T I ' .. . I ' L ' :T ' I . Qt' '- I ' j r.i -f I II: 5 I 1 , 1 " I I : I 2 .3 A -.,f ' I ' fs 2 I TI: ' I, I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I PAULINE IIIARTEL IUHIOY QUCC11 3 . ,Y . L II' 1 I I -' 5 P"-5 IE' ' " . I .. Ii' Q1 ' I ,, . ,. , 5 2 If ,. j I Z'- Ii, 3: .. E. :, N .Q K jg I I I A, i, ,I , 3 ,5 I . 5 .5 I f yi - 27 I Z .5 I .-V31 . I, I It '1 ,L Lg ., I 'ii - ' ,I I4 LC 5 , 1- I1 I .M ' I aa -5 2: E 2 4 If I , 1' '3' , N QL S' ', I' 'E .L Lv '- I 3' ' 3 V rl 4 jj 1.4 ,Z Pg i-,gt ,L -I I -,x III I . I WE Q Q1 . rf I M ru XY'l'I'1I.X Xl luuim' .L,I'U1ll Quccu Chosen by poll in T110 ,Yvzu llafzzfvflzfrc FRESHMEN RULES 1935 Aw' . 4 , freshmen!! E f 1 f r 'ff '?' m"'IOMORES f lPARkLN'lNTT77 'TERS 2. Shall not waik on Prexy's Prom fr iff' xM"""'x's NX. H-.m,"2 'WK 5' Ejurtg-ihlrh Ilruhurlinn nf muah zmh Hugger uf the llniuz-realy nf Nw: Qumunlpice 4m 4-mfnm-r,Urw walk buy wh win Hit. lklim Manuva My P MAYORALTY LAmE5 QFUTHF Junvnj it Y ....,-.... ,.... ,, , W, . WQ,sfM00Nl!GuI i . xg..-w .i 1 sm W I In llmn 1 ' IIIH l,!iini:I!,."F"w,Wi :P .zz LE QP UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE BOOKSTORE Approved Textbooks Chilton Fountain Pens Lefax and National Notebooks All Other Class Supplies University Banners and Pillowtops jewelry Stationery The Latest Postcard Views University Scenic Plates The New Hampshire Student Writer A SERVICE ORGANIZATION operated for the benefit of the student body of the University Compliments of Bohn-Kent Co Wholesale Provisions Telephone Capitol 1790 - 1791 - 1798 116 SOUTH MARKET ST. BOSTON :-: MASS Compliments of Wallis S. Rand General Store l DURHAM, N. H. 1 T YV 7 77 777774 I TV T 7 -T777 l - 1 Costumes for All Occasions l HooKER - Howe COSTUME COMPANY l l 116-52 SOUTH MAIN STREET HAVERHILL, MASSACHUSETT Member N. C. A. S 4' JDUCN. mES FAM s o e lle s li i S ' it S 'V LEADE9 o ,gi gi 'Q A 1 as uwygkx 0 5 e 2- E Q f 1' , Km ZW N -J.:-,Ai ' Xnjn' If gl gi P' Q ,-f .wi R Q Q.. v 1 1 'Q i""'-.'-e1'- X ' .1 - fu, gif-zsalf s 591 llpf.. , Lgggwg da KF igfziy - W Jk iughga. ni, Y N s 1' X "3,f1gs,s,--sgiefeia-153' . lglu is 'Nb A' sk y X n ESE? s. QQ - uw Q , ..- 1 Qi nn Q M b x .4 as ml u 54 2X,7 eCo I THE UNION -LEADER, If GQAVIN G DEDARTME T I i I S I I One of the Best Equipped Plants in New England Ready to Serve You, From a Line Etch- ing to the Most lntricate Three or Four Color-Process Work. When in Need of Suggestions For Your Next Catalogue, Year Book, Periodical, or Magazine, Just Drop Us a Card and Our Representative Will Call and Sub- mit Samples of Our Work. The Union Leader Publishing Company Manchester N H inn -- e-1 - ....--.mi Rival Foods, INCORPORATED Wholesale Grocers CAMBRIDGE, MASS. NEW BEDFORD, MASS. FITCHBURG, MASS. PORTSMOUTH, N. H. Rival Brand Canned Goods are packed in No. I0 tins expressly for the best Hotel, Club, and School Trade OAKES BROS. INCORPORATED Manufacturers of High Grade Athletic Shaker Sweaters 25 WILLIAMS ST., JAMAICA PLAIN BOSTON, MASS. F. E. BERRY, JR. 5: CO., INC. Acoustical and Soundproofing Engineers and Constructors 203 IPSWICH STREET, BOSTON HARTFORD V NEW YORK PROVIDENCE 9't...e.,ft.,,,l DURHAM PRINT SHOP Printers TEL. 283 The High Quality of Hatchet Brand Food Products has made them the standard of New England THE LINE IS COMPLETE Consisting of More Than 200 Varieties We are Tea Importers and Cojee Roasters The Twitchcll - Champlin Co. PORTLAND, ME. BOSTON, MASS I-IIGI-ILA D HOUSE gf! Shop and Tea Room DURHAM, NEW HAMPSHIRE Open All Ihr Yc'Il1'TRL'd50NllI71L' Ralesifffcconzwzodaiions for Autos AN ATTRACTIVE PLACE FOR LONG OR SHORT STAY On a Hill Overlooking Lamprey River Rest - Recreation Home Cooking a Specialty Home Comforts Hall for Indoor Amusements Tennis, Boating, Bathing and Other Outdoor Sports T EL. NEWMARKET 65 BOOKLET MRS. E. E. THOMPSON LLE LLLELEEEEW, LL TALENT Set tees E l . I T Boston XSL lNfIa1ne NIOtOr I Coaches l , CLEAN - COMFORTABLE Compliments l IDEAL FOR SPECIAL PARTIES Phone Portsmouth 33 f l 0 l l B. 61 M. TRANSPORTATION CO. 1 LIL- A CLEO L-L, College , TA A A A A A A A l I Modern Heating Q of Pharmacy Campus Buildings E N Designed and Installed 'ly l The Jennison CO. I ETTOHBURO, MASS. University Of New Hampshire DINING HALL .. EQ BETTER MEALS AT LOVV COST. VVe are making every effort to reduce college living expenses and provide nourishing food at reasonable prices. CAFETERIA. For the benefit of all students, except Freshmen, a Cafeteria is equipped to serve tastily prepared food amid congenial surroundings under the cafeteria plan or with table service. FRESHMJXN DINING HALL. For several years the University has main- tained a Dining Hall exclusively for Freshmen resulting in the development of bet- ter class spirit, cultivation of class acquaintances, intimate friendships, the habit of eating regularly the proper food necessary to build healthy bodies for concentrated study, and the realization that the University is in a position to furnish service at lower cost to the student than could be secured elsewhere. l l Q Compliments of Compliments of l Charles M. Floyd Co. MANCHESTER, N. H. Merchants National Bank s AND l l IWTCWZYZHYZECiiwnii Merchants Savings Bank T Hhmch or FCM, l l l T NARDINPS DOVER, N. H. Always Open l p I coNcoRD, N, H. I l ! l l r 3 E. J. YORK IK, QTUCMIII 'YMQRQ . f,lIIQs 'Zfelic Cho This symbol identifies the finest athletic goods used by champions in the sport world. We are proud that the University of New Hampshire is included in that group. ll!! Draper-Maynard Co. PLYMOUTH, N. H. Dealer in , Lumber r . . Buzlders' Supplzes Paints and Coal 1 DOVER, N. H. I l BRANCH YARD FOR COAL AT DURHAM, N. H. l Tel. Durham 103-2 l LYNCH'S BOBBING sHoP y AND BEAUTY PARLOH l Permanent waving by three methods - Eugene Realistic and Bonat f Hair Cutting - Permanent Waving And All Branches of Beauty Culture 450 Central Ave., Dover, N. H. W Tcl 1195 There is no substitute for the imprint '4Printed by the RUMEORD PRESS, Concord, N. H." Tasker 81 Chesley FUNERAL DTRECTORS 16 Third Street, Dover, N. H. l Tel. 310 Compliments of A. E. Ouellette Co. DOVER, N. H. OIL PoR'I'IcAI'I's PHOTOGRAPHS MINIATURES CHARCOALS PASTELS l Gherln Gallery NEEDHAM - BOSTON Uifcial Photographer for the 1934 mul 1935 Grfznites Compliments of THE SENIGR CLASS JOHN R. MOGRAW, P1-widfnl HARRISON W. CHESLEY, Fim Vim- P1-mdenf GLORIA. WILCOX, Second Vive President DONALD J. BRUNEI., Sm-erm-y ARNOLD D. RHODES, Trefzmref- THE A CHESTER UN ION-LEADER brings you ALL STATE and NATIONAL SPORTS EVENTS Follow New I-Iampshire's teams with us THE MANCHESTER UNION-LEADER PUBLISHING COMPANY Fitch's Drug Store CONCORD, N. H. Agents for Kemp's Golden Glow Candies and Salted Nuts Fresh Daily 1 PIPER MCINTIRE CO. "Popular as Music Itself' Our record of almost 40 years of successful business luis m,ulc Us not only the oldest. but the leading. the most depenclzilile and logical music store from which you should buy your I musical needs. "Your Entire Satisfaction Our Aim" D A 't St in 'av Vose uo 1 e w , Steek Everett Cable Made Pianos W Siromlverg-I'arlsmi Radio R.C.A. 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VVEBSTER, Treasurer I 6 Ihr mn igampahtrv Published Weekly During the University School Year by the Students of The University of New Hampshire, Durham, N. H. OFFICES: Editorial, Business and Circulation, Ballard Hall, Durham, N. H. vt' Subscriptions made payable to The New Hampshire, Durham, N. H., Sl.50 per year. Advertising rates on request. Single Copies Five Cents at Grants, The Wildcat, and The College Pharmacy Compliments of THE FRESHMAN CLASS KENNETH NORRIS, P1-mdmz ROBERT DAWSON, Vine 191-mdfnf RUTH DODGE, Secretary ROLAND TAYLOR, T1-Emu rar Military -A ,. . . C O L T Leather Goods Tlzv Choice of the LYIli7'L'l'5if'Y ofZVe1L' Hn111p5l1ir'e Since 1028 and many other R. O. T. C. Units Colt Military Leather Goods have heen the standard of quality at a great number of military institutions from coast to coast. A cmnplete matched unit of Boots. Puttees. Sum Bruwne Bvll. anal high top Military Slmcs can always hc uhtziinf-cl througli Ihr: supply officer at your college. COLT-CROMWELL CO., Inc. 1239 Broadway Established 1899 TRACTOR HEADQUARTERS NINETEEN SIZES 1 CUlllf7IilllCl1fS of STRAFFORD i i NATIONAL BANK with i V i DOVER, N. H. .exif 'rim - sim XYhe-els l i ! Also Track Type i I l O O , . . O O For Sjwcfal lime Catalog XY1-ite us work you want to do 1 w w or Visit N Compliments of Bmcxm xl SHAW co. i . A FRIEND SOMERSWORTH, N. H. A AND BRANCIHLS i i NEXV YORK CITX Compliments of I THE DARTMQUTH PRESS, INC Printers of THE GRANITE and other fine Qiality Publications Autograph 'll -1. ,.w, ,i . ' 1. l l. EAST OF' THE WATED. TOWEQ0 A -2 fo --1--1 naw .-.Anvsmne- S KA HAP OF 'XJ UNIVERSITY of ,, , ME sn Tue' Suour A' . K - of l A, CX, as -Q 5:2 QQ:-'Tm 1: WHM1 Vfvffw-fun Bvi 'Q X f ff' L 3 ' -Q x7 E QEWQ '- 1 -. -Q, 1: 2 'W ,Q .Till v fa baggy- cf .7 - '5"E-3 "" S X " - Qxiw 1-wr ' , RQ W 1 X x 2 - - ! Bw an 1 ,Q Cg'gg:,,:::z:f1f - 4 , i... , but 'ia if 053. -1 if E A , N jf s' In Joann: mu. rv 4: " AQ Q na ala g ?-run A n nay -ru:-is caqavs ,,,,?:nA E My Q fi ffi ,. N gt ? jf ' -' QA,',', 'bs 'F ig' mu' kann. rmnemuo con.-ua ' ' S I Hier Jbunion GQ' NDAD V fm. -A v ' gl QT f - 1 7: . ' 'H 1 4 f' g ""' :zm f1 jJ,f53L-M. 'egg 42, , . X H -A Z ,-,,, .fm Q I , . jim u, :' ' ISQEWE' L fi wr.-in WM.. K I "" ,g Q ggg w O , , ' ,. , , M. -,4- Vg .L 631 1 ,un gpwnnn 4 -44, J I mc- ,. . A h as - 5 ' 1' 't1:1:r, f QQwM,,,i Hg, ,, ZQQQQ Tw 'ff fffff " P ff.. yr- . 'A " 9 ' 5' , E 17 'lf C' iyifo Q1-L: ' ' ""' f' ff! E1 fl gf-'I rr .4 - 09 T5 Q s n -. -v, 344 x Tv , . 5 ,ZZQI .ffgni E , Af A X , .5 ..,, .' pg E., l ' , . Xx? ,HJ r1AAr1 S fur, W 9"" f f 1 ff rv A1 f 1 ' -N 7 1 f - - 1 ff . ' Flin' 5: P 2, 42 , V . -2 , QL, 1 f ' Q5 nn Mm 6 ...Q--1-53 Kb Lnwvr Ly. L D PAINI S 0 U 'I - A,1s 1 . ' a p . 5 .Q lx Q es ' ,Gr 4. 1 ' I f if K mor muvnzl' 75 " 2, X 4' 'N 14 4. -in E? Z , 1 fsrf I Q 3 l eu 5,51 QD C5 653 ' 5:1 , Q x X x , X f s Fa, Q ' 67 Q 7W'f:::,. 45 " ' ' 'EWX Q' f M . px' Q W Q3 Q - W 44 N V. -4,1, ,,- ,LAL Si 0' A " 'Sf Q f X X f' Pr: r. wh.: -.,. ' ' ' E X rn r ncmuus ' 'xi " 0 H 4 Q , no scn I ,,v,g,,', -I XF I . R l A ' ' A v :won ' W- ' . . K, , . f Q o - ., op - . . - Ann -. - A rcnv. - Vg u. QE - 9 :ml A - X 1 w 'I " U U , WA. I' eg' .. ' , -" ., 4 ff 1- Vf ' , ' - ' '- ' ' ' - 11 df . -rv r. A I. MPM -2 , ...n...n fl , , V fl ,Q "N" ,.-. f l n nA 4 x ' V 'MH Q ' I1 I Q, XX f i 11 ' 4 6 X 1 4 ,, an :A ff? H 4 ag 6 9 7' .D ALJ? ' ff iwwx Hb A PR sm-rn 5 X X Qylggqv K 53 .,-, Q 5-30 xx 1 1 Q xx " X J Q :CE ff' X 135' M... K . .HF N- QX 5' .U G Q, Q . 'X f Q 'gl f 5 f x W- "I X ' "' X F7 Q ' J? m,,:m,,,,, "" mean rn-v:l'xQ Nw U' 1-2:3-A A 5 D I ' Q Q VD 'W' : as " Y .. .Mm-P E " P ' lx Q all 6' Q, 5 A rms :csv-wx U we n 1? 6 il W 4 9 Tw' 'A 56 j 4 0 M 'I X 4 a-L, Q S' A cj? 'W QQ U Q xx Qi- re 6 c f W 04,3 X , ' ff: Q Q X if f q ' Q ' f A -A ' 3 f 536, C 7 p 5 s -1 if 1 A Q LC' JSA' ,, R ' " S vu nu 1 NA ff Wix zwu 2 - f 5 4 mf.. , ,X 1 . A, Q , A 971 .. A ':::.:o. f 'U s ' . Qi! X B191-M-ns 'iyr-rfusdf Q23 A G I 9' f , ff 'J - 'TE-X W" .. IAIL1'-an-nan-q ng 1-nf Crumb " , A ' 1 5 A. ' M' E ou sam: br 1-mx!-raova 7 -'N - U , , Y ' " 'QB " E 4 ' w ' ' 'rw'--' ivv'-:J.':1r:-11 '11 ' ' ' f' V 4QW5 'GMmW K E LAMPUS OF Hmrwsu E X af Z HV ef Q ff X X, E CTN A 'QQ 1 fx W9 Miigi lf- 5 Fx Aim PM WM 'Q U4 Wx Q9 if 1'lg1Q KE T fixw Elf 4A Z4 553 7 YL 1 fe of A '55 'Q iL,zfQ:lQ WX an f , by Xia! will QW W?9QF5gAQf3 W 06938 nrlXX!' F ge Y-WPEQLST fn Q ,qs K 53 3 my XR M A x 7 Q 3'-Q1 my :mink 1 BS X XT3?TaJAQf5f'?jj 0 ai! 4 5 ,ff ff XS QQ X6 1' V ff ffmhfifigf im Q Q Q -V Q YJQLPW " fLf V . .A.-A Ill- -T-NF A. I UQ . ,W5j 0f3 f ??fG2'4iff- H M H FE ,-Q-A , ,, , fa " ' 4 ., Qi ' fa ? QgQi Aw wi 4f fgQ4w ?54Q: ' 45?-31 A f 52926- ,QW'3Qf97 Q--"KA JWQW 45f 1S ' 5VxfQ' 5 ' 43 " A b 45 .CZ A4 f 3. 'A L h . . ., . . X , . K ,L 1 L ' I

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