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- T 4 K , 1 H , if q ,-el, X , X , x .......-- ,W 11N X K Q kg-'EA f- ..L......'.L' v ' ,A ff' ' ' I A '1 1 fm V'L1hVL.f"-E-1':.-.-:..fAgf il- K 5 .3 A .lu Q f as ' Q t r e' -4 43'-i"'--3 ' X I v 1...- 1.11 Q - .'Y'l - L' C1 I l, C I W- HO - A Q 1.- llllf I , -A NW XQ ffi' X' 45 E Au ll I .. U, " l!' wf4':1,'7 T' fc- -Lf U V, WN J U . ,sg -1 S ,, -f 'L 1::i Hz70lifh5ilsb1?srfl1c ' smrmfmz ma ss mmf wnmsazsnw sf' mam' mm?- smwsv :mmmnm in aw MQIURSMIME ' F X fl' . S3 'Q . M RGS. I LX -1 f,,,.,:g W V -T r , A 5 -rn! f ,. fwna A - 1 f,.,,,,, ,.. -4 4 ...Eg N 6911? f 1 d X 3 323 3' of 5 i :lg " Wm gil 050 0 or o 0 0 o Oo 0 o Foreword Our finest hope rs our finest Memory There rs' a perrod m our Lrves when we wrll set away from thus husthng bustlmg traflic of Human alfarrs and let the years roll back So many brrght shapes will anse out of the past at our brddrng that drfllculty of selec tron wlll be great It IS wrth hrs thought 1n mmd that we have med to prepare the 1930 GRANITE but m thrs small mosalc all the precrous stones wrll not tit so we have had to record only those events that are of memory themselves Memory rs the ard and comple ment of lntellrgence CFrom the Translatxon of Memorrs of a Seraph J o 0 o f 0 o 0 0 X 000000 009000 G0 i Contents OPENING CLASSES EDITORIAL ORGANIZATIONS TRADITIONS ATHLETICS FEATURES Q7 OIOIIIOIOIIIIIOIOIIIO The Gran-ite of 1930 Professor Charles James, SC. D. HARLES JAMES, professor of chemistry and head of the Chemical Department of the University of New Hampshire, died, following an operation, at the Deaconess Hospital, Boston, on December 10. His loss will be felt internationally, and the progress of inorganic chemistry will be retarded, for in the field of the rare earths he had no superior and few, if any, equals. He was born April 27, 1880, at Earls Barton near Northampton, England. He studied with Ramsay at University College, and graduated from the Institute of Chemistry in 1904. becoming a Fellow in 1907. He came to the United States in 1906 and was nrst employed as a chemist for the National Refining Co., going the same year as instructor to New Hampshire College. being promoted to full professorrin charge of the department in 1912, and receiving from the University of New Hampshire the honorary degree of doctor of science in 1928. Doctor James was a member of the AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, The Chemical Society QI.ondonD, and Alpha Chi Sigma. He was awarded the Ramsay silver medal in 1901 and received the Nichols Medal in 1911. He was the author of over sixty papers published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, chiefly in the field of the 'rare earths. He also contributed to many other scientific chemical journals and wrote the articles on rare earths and metals for the last edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica. ,161 I Dedication To Professor Charles James Little leads us to realize the greatness of a great man until God takes him from us. We, the Class of 1930, do then respectively dedicate this work as'a slight token of the esteemed entertained for his character and the grati- tude for his services. 1 ' 1 Q, yr I 1 Dr. Edfwdrd M. Lewis President of the Uniiversity OMIE years ago, there came to the shores ol America, a youth of eight. He came here from Machynlette, Wales. His purpose was life and an education. but it was a purpose instilled into heart and soul and mind with such a deep and loyal impression that it could know no failure. It met many obstacles before its attainment was reached. which served EDWARD M. LEWIS ' only to ingrain the ideal more deeply in his life. and to create more force for his career. It is this same force which went with him to Williams College. from which he was graduated in 1896. From then his career was established. Three years later he received his master of arts degree from the same in- stitution, and then went to Columbia Uni- versity as a teacher ol' elocution. He was later connected with the Yale Divinity School, and until his election to the presi- dency here in the spring of 1928. he was in ofiice at the Massachusetts Agricultural College. lirst as dean then acting president. and in 1926, president. It is now this strength of purpose and ideal. which amazed his companions in the classroom, or on the baseball field, which he has brought to the University of New Hampshire to establish it as an institution ol more purposeful and higher scholarship. President Lewis. The 1930 GRANITIZ, extends to you its loyal support. Bodrd of Trustees H18 1lXC1i1.1.1iNCY, GOVERNOR 1'1UN'1i1.1iY N. SPAULDING. M.A., D.Sc.. ex 11171610 17R1iS1D1iN'1' EDWARD M. 1.1iWlS, A.M.. 1.1..D.. 1,TT.D., ex officio. WHON. HARVIEY 1.. BOU'1'W1i1.1., S.B., I.1..D.. PI'L'S1't!'l.'f7l Malden, Aflass. Sept.1,1911,to HON. DWICEIIT HA1.1.. A.B.. Dover Oct. 29, 1915. to Jan. 26, 1931 HON. ROY D. HUNTIER, Claremont June 14, 1916, to JLIHC14. 1931 HON. ANDREW 1.. 17l2l.KliR, 1.acor1ia July 17, 1917, to July 17, 1929 MISS El.1ZA131i'1'11 SAW1'1f1i, DOVCI' July 12. 1925, to July 12, 1931 rl-ION. A1.1s1a1t'1' H. BROWN. B.S., Strafford Sept. 1. 1925, to Sept. 1. 1931 Wlilected by the Alumni. sept. 1, 1929 HON. HARRY D. SAWYER, North Woodstock Aug. 30, 1926, to Aug. 30. 1929 HON. JAMES A. WELLMAN, B.S., Manchester Jan. 26, 1928, to Jan. 26, 1931 HON. RO131ZR'1' '11, KINGSBURY, KCCHC Jan. 26. 1928, to Jan. 26, 1931 HON. JOHN W. PIEARSON, A.B.. Concord Jan. 26, 1928, to Jan. 26, 1931 A1.131fR'1'US DUDLEY. A.B., EXCICI' Jan. 15, 1928,toJ11nel5, 1931 1 Q t -4, .,5- A -.V 1 -.V ... -.5. .A A. W. 3 44 , 4' rp I , h Ip , , 1.3 .A . - K lx- . Kg wr - ,. -, .H -- I-,-v. rw- 3 .' ' ,, ,S 'ci-qlff . - '+L I., ,' Q, ff xw,gVfy - , kj. V- '1',H.'- 4. .:,Y'ga E-:." 3, 6 ,N v-'val is ' ' if -1 -. ', ,. -.90 f V-e bg 4-w.-Q -. ws- 1 ' .P "' 'Nga "Q, -'5 .' 2, ' z ' 1 -1-31"-' ' 1 1 -'xfq .,, A ' ..'- :ju M, cl' "J ".-.'v vi il '-v . K n N ' ' '+"vL,"-4 :.'J'T, I . , - '.,l '- v . " . " . ' w 4, . f ?.2,'Q,.' xg' - 7- N I X. ' . '14, 1' in , 8 -. 1" Q, .5-3 'vi-'G5Mf.f",K -' ,I ,Q -"X ' fm ' ,yr r. x -,lc-b .mx . 1.3-fwfr -4' " '-vA.'f'Uw1m 'vg-+1 " " f-ew 1 . 'n ly r ' I' "" , r ' . . q ff,grfuf-1'..S1,,1:.'sAg.,P' cb :fx-.A -' J., -64 ..!g,',:.. J .u ' lb rrzrrf-54 '-Qf.-.QI M. 54-..v--' " v n a . K - 5 , Q, . . :N '-.QTQP5 S '-,AQ 1.7.0 vars! sq, :hx Y tl :Six 'Lil K :V--ying.: - -M.,--SW, . . 'f. .juni 'r -".,,'xQ'g 2 4 ', .1 . ' "Mlf,."' , N ,aw .eip 1. h . Queeg. " m ' al f . . "' Mx L i -V . - ' UY44 1 X Sr' 5 'Nl' l .. 1 -'TL . Nj- rf- '5- ' " ..:,f.,..1, " 9 ' " 'ANY . -.'..'.. .tx-'H X A J. A .V ' 1 "SVS" .p .fn ' .- v ' N gig. .,..- . I r ' - : ' K ' . ---11, 4- 64,15 -' ,-.g.:.,, . -N- .x.'.:- -M1 Q , V, r'...1-,Ave .f. inf' . l ,.. , .-.--wi'r- 12 ,Q , . , p' ATL ,Xl .' --,jg CN- sh . ""fF'2.-rf A' - Nil- '-' sir, ,, ' Z-ffi-S - S ,PF 1 AM- . . v 'srxhkg , is ' s N n"i3.' N "' ' ' 5 a X ri. -' 1 , a A if-.4 .tru ln- 'mf any - 1 A h x..q.3,1-ijy,-51 Q ll' , I 'N 1 . -Q-au.::.hq - 3 J. - 4 J- I- - .5 if if '- 5 if 3' " 3 i- -' . '. "" -...VK 'M' ' ' ' 'M A .. . . 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Qt ' ,auf t " 'sr 'B VN 0 'K .54 Ab' s nl" s 'M I s -Ax: g s Q .-Mtg. - 4. , ' .... 1 . , . 4. M -2 5 I in 2 .,gL vi? Y .AV ,'.. . . . n . . y .."f"'7T"'f'i'.g:,k" ' - ,W , fn "'4'w'M-5 .M 'gd-.Q ' 'mm , . --- -.. . F.. M .,, . 'V , 1 , ' 4' X . 1, u ' ig wth - ' ww ' A '41, ., 4 X. w - -. . - 4 ., q wg 1 , 5, at-'af' iw TZ'f?!'3if?ffmf,-"H lg. , ' -,V ' I .ky ,, I X h mt ,:...3kL,V .JP ,-5-pgvwffkf . i .,.,g.,,,,,. V, ' ,, ' ,V -1-1. -.1 '-'mmm-.A-1, I.. .i H . . 4 74 X -, , Hzylw e-MAX 'K-K Q ' -- L13 'i"4?',, A '. , 4- ' A-..',-H, 1A 'NJ f .M 1. V , . .i . V, Afxvwl. V' Aid. . . , . '-, if ' A ' 4 , V . s. . I . I 1 f ' .7. rl, A I ' . X' I . W '11 ' ' 'L' 4 ' A-1? . 4 470040 A f - , -V 4.15 I ' .en A29 "V L . . I . . -', 1 1 .H Fr , 1 gn Qu :iff 31.1 V. I 'L' l tl ,,,, Y IV,- H Q, 1 4 3 V :M B nr- . ' hxw-'-at ' 1- , - 'Qi-3 . . . A . , 'W I vi., M gfkvx' .1 W I ,Wigs E545 .- . 'Rf' ' kr ., vw . 5 , ,. I. H 'VH Aga 1 f U . 'A,1'.J'-' . ..,x vf, x V+ - f If hh., I . ' r ' ' 1 uw. . ' 14-0' 1 .4924 11' l sw?- , no-45 "rf" 'K 'R , gf" -'T - .,' " -Yu -- K M- "' -"wil, ' fy.. ixvfi fr il 41 S' ,h U 1 5' J I ,Ex 9 I - , ig, , X. f . 131-,,mw.- 1 ,fy 7 . ,v I , ,,:441,. V I 3 J' ' H! - 'xy' " , 4 ."7Xf,'v,f'K LH I., A?4nL?I 259- 61 X C J Q Q' Q S O O Qi. .L v ..f -'z JJ. I Y n 4 . 5.2 1 w ' a .uQ,V,l5,.v5' L 1 h- 3 N' 'IP' ' JW'-A ' ' , 'ew - , v L - .vfaf - fl We 5. Q, b v q+.x:.-'-?- f-a 2 M- v f at ,rg Q. .g.: .-, - ,A -' -, ' ..q,., 3,8 .Hifi Q. -,IHA 1- ...Eff I' ' '- ' - .fff f i.-2'f-7 - 1 "' : I ..' - - 5, . we fm'-H-K , , 1 ' Q: 'I :rn ' 5 " ' ff' , . il I . K ,vp im "'-'2f"4-W XX .1 - ' - . 1 '... Q19 ' Q.,- . 1 Lu 'Lgd-hr., if '-Y.,Q'-"Q, 1 753,67 ,fuk -',f'-Y- f .sg , g. bluff YA, , -2,1-,QL-h:,.g,z.9,s.,x5'.Lmf4vA.g,:Yf,. T V" ,lx sz, aff: , ,M kb: "4 'Aww 'i:L'5 ' 'VAL' -4- 'tfifi W ' ."'u ' ' 5' , .1 . , ""- ' K .0 r:.2il.g,Q.,L J -'WJ K' , wa of .,,.. ,v be-,tjrqbv ,X- .. 21273 x :f .azxik v- M ' l . . N I 0 o JPN' I -tv tv K. 3 mv, :vip -. .S ' W " uf," x,t,:,Zf, S ' Q1 . "J ,Q - . . - v 1,.-v 5 ,Q - NK in.-.Ffw ., ,H ' - v-. un 31, .5 U 1... . V V ,,'.-, ,rn vii A, 1 ,- ' --gtg! uv .w'-rw" 1 , , gl 'f . I . ' It "', , ' . ufsg ':IXb,.s'.-,':,L, .I I ,qlvj 4 f' .Y I ,I ' 151' YW"-as ' U-fu 1 Q". If , I . , C Murph x I ' 7 -, 4. "' an JJ V- , HQ 1 - . x .'r"i1 xg, A 5 i,vY. ' " 5 'X' l -, . 1 ' ' U I .J txt4 , .w - :-N -- V. 'fx . Lxx- .2 I 2, V 'f 1 v'- . ,.Y. x7'.Nl ..- , . If . ' " ll 1 14 K 1 I r I . Vx Jx, g. I .'Jx-..,?', . v ' "' - ,. .6 A . V.: A - JNL- "fx ' 'nf -. , , J, s I .1 '5 ' ' fn . v 1 ." ' " . 47' ' ' ' ' . .l U. . .f,- ' ' 'I' I' V. ' 1 A . .,v ' '-, -. v 4' . Q . 'Y ' ' 5 I-5. yt vc' . :X ' ' U Q r - 'l N k . Q ,"' F" v 'f 1 I I w.,. I - .-. . ' ,' ...Ann- 'vrs fyalj f 1 ' ffl' l . f-, X . ?, I' ,. , A .1f'f ' . W f l 'A HL s.. , . 'V x if 17 . '. 14' ..'2,Q', I ' 1 A ,...,- , . x -.M x , ,, I ni., V - ',"'f!r1.' 1 an y, ix s'. l V. go 9 1 ' 5 f 'Q :F D' Q . g, 1 . 1- lx ,IW X x v 'J Yu, . 1f'!kQ,1lXl . , - , 5. A VV mga. J , fha, r ,Q . "fi A v 1 ., L ,rfzrf - 1 5' M' X " ' , 'is ' 1 H ' , ' ' '- , Q: .ma- . A ,ldfdux . A.-14 ' ix L. p f f wg fp , f, , 4 .V f . '- . 7. '- -IU 'GL ,If 4-, fe. - N swlmf' , wi- wszf-'fi ' 4 , I R' , 4 -iAAV1,.joQ'.v,K,,l "'5t?.sf ILM' L, 'ff A fx wax - +.'f11f 1fmfw,e- I is W ' nk +A " H'm'x1"'?Q?Qv3,Y ' I M "A JQSH,,'r,i..1xZ,Aax,f:.'fi!c.':i ff' ..9fi53rQ- . ffg 3 405 .D Ll' 1,1 'fl I . .' .fxe 'I' . 1- ni! " ati, I' ' .ii e' 1 ADMINISTRATION I HISTORY HONORS I P if :Q I If CLASSES I 0'0'0'0'0'0'0'0'0'0'0'0 A A A A A A A A A A A ,DEGREES ,ji 'l'ln- CVi1'' of IU 917 .'.,Q: 4 . OF , Ng 3 'I Lb CULTURP. ltil ge2s23ef:g212's,2f.515:5:-sm' 5 wwe R' '09 4,5 '1 -.f:' '-1' N 0 ' . 4":Q ... . .1 92-5' . QS -SQ ........, . Officers of Administration EDWARD M. LEXVIS, A.M., LL.D., President of the University. CHARLES H. PETTEE, C.E., LL.D., Dean of Faculty. JOHN C. KENDALL, B.S., Director of the Experiment Station and Extension Service. FREDERICK W. TAYLOR, B.S. CAgr.D, Dean of College of Agriculture. ALBERT N. FRENCH, M.A., Dean of College of Liberal Arts. GEORGE W. CASE, M.C.E., Dean of College of Technology. GEORGE N. BAUER, .Acting Deon of Men. ELIZABETH P. DEMERRITT, M.A., Dean of Wotnen. WILLARD P. LEWIS, B.L.S., M.A., Librarian. OREN W. HENDERSON, Registrar. RAYMOND C. MAGRATH, Treasurer and Business Secretary. ERIC I. HUDDLESTON, B.Arch., Supervising Architect. HAROLD VV. LOVEREN, B.S., Superintendent of Properly. ARTHUR W, WHITE, M.D., University Physician. EDWARD Y. BLEWETT, B.A., Alumni Secretary and Executive Secretary. il9l A 'l'lnfCi1-r1nz'1vof 1050 History of the Uruiqversitgy of New Hampshire OME element of romance entered into the founding of the State College at Durham. That romance was centered in one person: Benjamin Thomp- son, a strange old man who once rode the streets of Durham on a gaunt horse with a shawl about his shoulders. His kindness outweighed his ec- centricities and he was glady received into the homes of the neighborhood. One day in a burst of confidence he said to a friendg 'fWhen I die you'1l know I loved my fellow men." y The will of this farsighted and greathearted old man, Benjamin Thompson, Esq., revealed a large bequest of property and money to the State of New Hampshire for the purpose of establishing a college of agriculture and mechanical arts at Durham. There was already at Hanover, N. H., a college for the promotion of agriculture. It was affiliated Bun-lmin Thomfmm with Dartmouth and had been maintained in part by the generous help of the latter together with the Willing cooperation of a great and friendly spirit, the President of Dartmouth, Asa D. Smith. However, the institution was struggling against the odds of poor and insufficient equipment and the lack of harmony between its students and the Dartmouth men. The gift of Benjamin Thompson brought about the almost immediate removal of the college to Durham although the State had been somewhat skeptical and reluctant about the change. At this point the stupendous task of adjustment to the new environment had to be faced. Much thought and careful planning went into the location of buildings and the development of grounds. During the first year a faculty of eight instructed a student body of ten. Oflthat faculty two members, Dean Pettee and Dr. Scott are still actively engaged in the work of the University. Besides holding a teaching position, Dean Pettee has been Dean of the Faculty . 1l20l I 'ln' C f!'lll7lilt' of I9 ill 3-if since 1888. Dr. Scott was made Professor of History and Political Science in 1894 and is the senior member of the faculty in age and second only to Dean Pettee in length of service. So it came about that the railroad was moved to the west of the campus. The new buildings sprang up, named Conant and Nesmith after two friends of the college in its early days. Later the corner stone of Thompson Hall was laid and Durham became a college town. The college has been extremely fortunate in its five Presidents. Reverend Charles Sumner Murkl-and, 1893-1903, came at a critical time. He established a true college in place of the school of mechanical arts, and organized a two year course in agriculture. He was an inspiring teacher and lecturer. William D. Gibbs, 1903-1912, came from the West. He was connected with the college before he took the executive chair. He succeeded in raising the entrance require- ments and was untiring in his efforts to promote high standards and maintain high ideals. Dr. Edward Thomson Fairchild, 1912-1917, also came from the West. He brought with him a whirlwind of energy and a wealth of executive ability. During his oflice he organized the faculty into three divisions, Agri- cu.ltural, Engineering and Arts and Sciences: and also created the position of Dean of Division. Dr. Fairchild was forced to resign on account of ill health and it was with a true sense of loss that the college received the news of his death a few months later. With the tremendous physical growth of the college ,came a natural broadening of outlook and a development along intellectual lines which was to lead to the crowning achievement in 1923. What had been undoubtedly the dream of Dr. Fairchild became a reality under the leadership of President Hetzel, 1917-1926. In 1923 the Legisla- ture created the University of New Hampshire comprising three colleges of Liberal Arts, of Technology and of Agriculture. Through the efforts of Presi- dent Hetzel also the Mill Tax Bill was passed which will provide for an adequate building fund. These have been leaders of foresight and aith, men of mental and moral integrity whose common ideal has been the upbuilding of the institution. Thus we stand upon the threshold of a great Commencement. Together with Presi- dent Lewis, who in his short term has won our admiration and respect we look forward with fresh vigor and new courage to the realization of Benjamin Thompson's dream. s4i5ffk 5511. 32:1 SEQ' Pifg ,ull il 'hr' CfI'LIl7I'll' uf' ffl ill The College of Agriculture vm." l V N..-M Il I Third Row: Farnum, Eastman, Dunn, Phillips, Lowry, Humzins, Stevens. Second How: Dearborn, Dean Taylor, Pickett, Jenkins. Front Now: Shimcr, Henler, Moore, Latimer, Macfm'land. VERY great success must have some strong underlying base. The base for the University of New Hampshire was the present College of Agri- culture. Being the first recognized department in this state college, it was not long before the people of New Hampshire saw the great pros- pectus of success and the first students enrolled here were mostly in this depart- ment. lt has not confined itself to class-room to give students the fundamentals in scientific farming but conducts on a large scale the work of model farms. In 1911, an Experimental station was established, This brought the benefits of the department to every farmer in New Hampshire. It has enabled countless numbers of farmers to solve all types of problems, as well, as to give the farm- ers' household a chance to keep pace with the outside world. In 1923, the department of Agriculture became the College of Agriculture. DEAN FREDERICK W. TAYLOR has been with the University since the deanships were first established in 1915. He is a graduate of Ohio State Uni- versity, where he' received his degree of B.S. CAgr.j in 1900. His experience from then until he came to the University of New Hampshire as professor in Agriculture in 1903 was practical, as he was connected with the Ohio experi- ment station and Bureau of Soils in Washington. He is a member of various societies for the promotion of agricultural pursuits, as Society of American Engineers and National Geographic Society, which makes him highly competent to further the aims of the College of Agriculture. .l22l 'I the Granite of I 0 ill Faculty of tlre College. of Agriculture Professors FREDERICK W. TAYLOR, B.S. CAgr.j, Professor of Agronomy. WALTER C. O'KANE, M.A., Professor of Economic Entomology. ORMOND R. BUTLER, Ph.D., Professor of English. EARL W. WOODWARD, A.B., M.F., Professor of Forestry. JOHN M. FULLER, B.S., Professor of Dairy Husbandry. GEORGE F. POTTER, M.S., Professor of Horticulture. JOHN C. MCNUTT,-B.S. lAgr.j, Professor of Animal Husbandry. THOMAS C. PHILLIPS, Ph.D., Professor of Agriculture and Biological Chemistry. THOMAS B. CHARLES, B.S., Professor of Poultry Husbandry and Poultry. Assistant Professors M. GALE EASTMAN, M.S., Associate Professor of Agronomy. J. RAYMOND HEPLER, M.S., Associate Professor of Horticulture. PHILIP R. LOWRY, M.S., Associate Professor of Economic Entomology. CLARK L. STEVENS, B.S., M.E., Associate Professor of Forestry. MARION E. MILLS, B.S., M.A., Associate Professor of Botany. STANLEY R. SHIMER, M.S., Associate Professor of Agricultural and Bio- logical Chemistry. L. PHELPS MORTIMER, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Horticulture. Instructors JAMES MACFARLANE, Instructor in Floriculture. BERT E. HUGGINS, Instructor in Dairy Husbandry. STUART DUNN, M.S., Instructor in Botany. HOMER O. STUART, M.S., Instructor in Poultry Husbandry. PAUL E, FARNUM, B.S., Instructor in Agricultural Education. CHARLES A. BOTTORE, JR., D.V.H., Instructor in Poultry Husbandry and Poultry Pathologist of the Experiment Station. H. C. MOORE, M.S., Instructor in Dairy Husbandry. A Graduate Assistants RALPH JENKINS, B.S., Graduate Assistant in Botany. DENNIA E. RUCK, B.S., Assistant in Animal Husbandry and Superintendent of Live Stock. THOMAS A. PICKETT, B.S., Graduate Assistant in Agricultural and Bio- logical Chemistry. ROLAND B. DEARBORN, B.S., Graduate Assistant in Horticulture. I , l23l . 'I 'he CiI'Cll'7lilC of l 9 ill 3:Efff"51:335112312 The College of Liberal Arts Bach Now: Herrimr, Myers, Alexander, Rudd, Burton. l"nurLlL Now: Gripznut, Pm't1', Marston, Bcrzunza, Ekduhl. Third Now: Cortez, Walsh, French. Scott, White, Jackson, Chipmun. Sccmul Now: lluwcn, Timrley. Smith, Russell, Mills. lfrrmt Now: Smith, Jackson, Alexander, McLaughlin, Ekdahl. ROM a minor department of Philosophy and English there has developed twelve distinct departments. There has been in recent years a great de- mand for the College trained business man, as well as a demand in the educational and professional phases of human existence. The College of Liberal Arts has included in its curricula all the courses that would enable a student to prepare himself for citizenship, secondary school teaching, business, and graduate study. It has been extremely fortunate in being able to secure the services of well trained instructors and leaders in their fields, It is the aim of the College to orientate the minds of the students culturally and professionally. DEAN ALBERT N. FRENCH of the College of Liberal Arts has been with the University since the fall of 1920. He came here from the University of Oregon Where he held a position as professor in the Department of Education. He received his degrees of B.S. and M.S. at the University of Washington in Seattle in 1911 and 1916 respectively, and did advanced graduate Work at the University of Chicago and Columbia University. ali..--r--.214 slgwr...-:Is gk.,----.wa ,l:,,.....w. ,u,......,LJ. ...Ju '.u'.,,....J, ,ZC15R-,.!1Tbg4Z15X,lX,.l35X,lbi.-, 1.24 l 'I 'he Ciranite of I 'I Stl Faculty of tslte College oflilaeral Arts CLARENCE W. SCOTT, A.M., LL.D., Professor of English. C. FLOYD JACKSON. B.A.. M.S., Professor of Zoology. ALFRED E. RICHARDS, Ph.D.. Professor of English. ORMOND R. BUTLER, Ph.D., Professor of Botany. HARRY W. SMITH. A.M., Professor of Economics. ALBERT N. FRENCH. M.A.. Professor of Sociology. HAMILTON FORD ALLEN, Ph.D.. Professor of Horticulture. HELEN F. MCLAUGHLIN. A.M., Professor of Home Economics. DONALD C. BABCOCK. S.T.B., A.M.. Professor of History. HERBERT F. RUDD. Ph.D.. Professor of Philosophy and Psychology. HAROLD H. SCUDDER. B.S.. Professor of English. JAMES H. MARCEAU. A.B.. Associate Professor of Languages. ARTHUR W. JOHNSON, B.B.A.. Associate Professor of Economics. WILLIAM C. HENNESSY, A.M., Associate Professor of English. THORSTEN W. KALIJARVI. M.S.. I-L.B.. Associate Professor of Political Science. CLAUDE T. LLOYD, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English. NORMAN ALEXANDER. M.A.. LL.B.. Associate Professor of Economics. ADOLPH G. EKDAHL. Ph.D.. Associate Professor of Education and Psychology. ROBERT W. MANTON, Associate Professor and Director of Music. EUGENE A. BISHOP, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Sociology. ALMA D. JACKSON. M.A.. Assistant Professor of Zoology. LUCINDA P. SMITH. B.A., Assistant Professor of English. JOHN S. WALSH. A.M., Assistant Professor of Languages. ESTHER L. BROWN, B.A.. Assistant Professor of Sociology. ARTHUR W. JONES, M.A.. Assistant Professor of History. JOHN D. HAUSLEIN, M.A.. Assistant Professor of Economics. IRM'A G. BOWEN. B.S.. Assistant Professor of Home Economics. RUDOLF L. HERING, Ph.B., M.A.. Assistant Professor of Modern Languages. MARION E. MILLS. B.S.. M.A.. Assistant Professor of Botany. l GEORGE W. WHITE. M.A.. Assistant Professor of Geology. JULIO BERZUNZA, M.A.. Assistant Professor of Languages. EDYTHE M. TINGLEY. Instructor in Zoology. ROLAND E. PARTRIDGE. A.B.. Instructor in Sociology. ALLAN B. PARTRIDGE. M.A.. Instructor in History. NVILLIAM G. WILKINSON. B.A.. Instructor in Languages. PHILIP M.-MARSTON, M.A.. Instructor in Social Science and Sociology. DONALD G. BARTON. M.S.. Instructor in Zoology. PAUL S. SCHOEDINGER, M.A.. Instructor in English. STUART DUNN, M.S., Instructor in English. CLAIR W. SWONGER. A.M., Instructor in Economics. EDMUND A. CORTEZ. M.A.. Ed.M., Instructor in English. LEWIS C. SWAIN, B.S.. Instructor in Music. JOHN C. HERRING. Ed.M., Instructor in English and Education. WILFRED B. SYLVESTER. M.A.. Instructor of English. PAUL B. GRIGAUT. B.esL., Instructor in Language. EDITH R. ALEXANDER. M.A.. Instructor in Sociology. THEODORE R. MYERS, B.S.. Instructor in Geology. DOROTHY T. SMITH, M.S.. Instructor in Zoology. CARROLL M. DEGLER. B.A.. M.B.A., Instructor in Economics. WILLIAM YALE, Ph.B.. M.A.. Instructor in History. MARION J. STOLWORTHY. Instructor in Home Economics. BARTON HILLS, M.A.. Instructor in English. EDWIN R. BOYD. A.M., Instructor in Political Science. RALPH R. JENKINS. B.S.. Graduate Assistant in Botany. THOMAS H. MCGRAIL. B.A.. Graduate Assistant in English. WALTER A. CHIPMAN. JR.. B.A.. Graduate Assistant' in Zoology. E251 ' The C iI'CIl7l-ff' of 1050 The College of Technology Fifth Row: Dodge, James, Huddlestcn, Perley, Skelton. Fourth Row: Perrenxrton, Adams, Nulsen, White, Abbott. Third Row: Batchelder, Shramm. Solt, Wilbur, Luton. Second Now: Smith, Donovun. Getchell. FORK, Drew, Slobin. Front Now: Howes, Case, Hitchcock, Bowler. HE original idea of the founder of New Hampshire was to give the students of New Hampshire an opportunity to become trained in Agri- culture and Mechanic Arts. The department of technology received primary attention when the site of the College was brought here from Hanover and every effort was made to enlist into the Faculty well trained instructors. Typical of the growth of the university was the progress made in the department of technology. All kinds of apparatus and machines were em- ployed to give the student a more practical insight into the field of engineering. Each year saw some new achievement in this department. In 1923, when the state college was made a University a College of Technology was recognized. DEAN GEORGE W. CASE became the head of the College of Technology in the fall of 1925. His experience up to this time had been that which had connected him with various engineering companies, but his far-sighted execu- tive ability was easily recognized, and he was elected to his present position upon the departure of Dean Crouch. He received his B.S. degree at Purdue Univer- sity, and in 1912 received his M.S. degree from Cornell, The following year, he became Professor of Sanitary and Hydraulic Engineering at the University of Pittsburg. His next position, which he held until his acceptance of his present position, established him with the American City Engineering Company as Chief Engineer and Executive Head. It is through the influence of Dean Case that such an extensive building program at the University can be carried on. It has included during his stay at the university, the new heating and power plant, and the new chemistry building which is at this time under construction. 1261 , I 'he C Iranite of I 'I ill I'ff?ff.q Faculty of the College of Technology IQZS -11929 Professors GEORGE W. CASE, M.C.E., Dean. Professor of Mechanical Engineering. ERIC T. HUDDLESTON, B. Arch., Professor of Architecture ana' Drawing. HORACE L. HOWES, Ph.D., Professor of Physics. HERMON SLOBIN, Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics. LEON W. HITCHCOCK, B.S., Professor of Electrical Engineering. Assistant Professors THOMAS J. LATON, B.S., Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering. CLEMENT MORAN, B.A.. Assistant Professor of Physics. EDWARD L. GETCHELL, B.S., E.D., Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering. MELVIN M. SMITH, M.A., Assistant Professor of Chemistry. EDMOND W. BOWLER, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering. WALTER E. WILBUR, M.S., Assistant Professor of Mathematics. EDWARD T. DONOVAN, B.S., Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering. HEMAN C. EOGG, M.S., Assistant Professor of Chemistry. FREDERICK D. JACKSON, B.S., Assistant' Professor of Electrical Engineering. GABRIEL H. COLLIGNON, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Mathematics. RAYMOND R. STARKE, A.M., Assistant Professor of Physics. ' Instructors LYMAN J. BATCHELDER, Instructor in Woodshop. PAUL SHRAMM, Instructor in Drawing. HOWARD STOLWORTHY, B.S.. Instructor in Mechanical Engineering. CHESTER E. DODGE, Instructor in Architecture. JOHN V. ADAMS. B.S., Instructor in Physics. JOHN C. TONKIN, Instructor in Machine Shop. MARVIN P. SOLT, M.S., Instructor in Mathematics. RICHARD H. KIMBALL, A.M., Instructor in Chemistry. WILLIAM NULSEN, B.S., Instructor in Electrical Engineering. ELIAS O'CONNELL, Instructor in Forging. LEO H. MAYNARD, B.S., Instructor in Mathematics. A. F. DAGGETT, B.S., Instructor in Chemistry. H. I. LEAVITT, B.S., Instructor in Physics. A. PERRENTON, B.A., Instructor in Architecture, R. SKELTON, B.S., Instructor in Ciuil Engineering. L. H. OPDYCKE, Ph.D., Instructor in Chemistry. C. J. RODDEN, B.S., Instructor in Chemistry. SHERWOOD SMEDLEY, Instructor in Chemistry. l271 ' , 451 'I il 71' C ll'lll7l.fC' ol I 'Y 5 U The Extension Senviee etndl Experiment Station IRECTOR JOHN Cl'l1iS'l'l2R KENDALL, of the class of 1902, has super- vision over both the Agricultural Experiment Station and the Coopera- tive Extension Service in Agriculture and Home Economics. He served on the agricultural staffs of North Carolina State College and Kansas State College. He attended the first summer graduate schools in agriculture at Ohio, Iowa, Cornell and Massachusetts, and was 1 State Dairy Commissioner of Kansas. He ' was called back to New Hampshire in 1910 to become director of the State Agricultural Experiment Station and in 1911 when ex- tension work was first started he took charge of that work. He is a member of Kappa Sigma, Alpha Zeta, Phi Kappa Phi and Ep- silon Sigma Phi. The New Hampshire Experiment Station, made possible by the Act of Congress of May 2, 1887 and authorized by the state on August 4 of that year, is now conduct- ing eighty-four active projects on behalf of the agricultural industry of the state and nation. Approximately all members of the Dl"ect0" John C' Kendall Agricultural College faculty are also on the Station staff and eighteen others are engaged in research work. The Extension Service, which Director Kendall started single-,handed in 1911, has now grown to a point where there are fifty-two members of the staff, thirty-live of -whom are located in the different counties. Their work is supple- mented by 1800 voluntary local leaders, and the demonstrations of improved practices have already had an important effect upon the agricultural life of the state. New Hampshire has the distinction of being the first state in the Union to have an agricultural agent, a home demonstration agent and a boys' and girls' club agent in each county. -QA: ,....,. .gtg 4 ,li .... K, A ,.., ,.., , .K L 4 t L ...Luft VV -N: R, ...Il L F . f -A ,,.. .A K -1 ,i X . -.-f' xlxx , ,741 'tr ,'i'1.,y'xfeL', ,73'fmffi', ,QQJXA1 ' 1281 . ln ..... J .lk """ J: C, . . ,Ll ..--'--. J , ,lg .,....- . .A ,Let e tranzle ot 332: New Hampshire Agrziealtnral Experiment Station , V Board of Control PRESIDENT E. M. LEWIS, Durham, N. H. ANDREW L. FELKER. Concord. N. H. HARRY D. SAWYER, North Woodstock, N. H. The Station Staff EDWARD M. LEWIS. A.M.. LL.D.. President. JOHN C. KENDALL. B.S.,' Director. FREDERICK W. TAYLOR. B.S. CAgr.Q, Agronomist. WALTER C. O'KANE, M.A., Entomologist. ORMOND R. BUTLER, Ph.D., Botanist. JOHN C. MCNUTT, B.S. CAgr.D, Animal Husbanclman. ERNEST G. RITZMAN, M.S.. Research Professor in Animal llushantlry. KARL W. WOODWARD, A.B., M.F.. Forester. JOHN M. FULLER, B.S.. Dairy Hushandman. T. B. CHARLES, M.S., Poultry Husbantlman. GEORGE F. POTTER, M.S., Horticulturist. THOMAS G. PHILLIPS, Ph.D., Chemist. HARRY C. WOODWORTH, M.S., Agricultural Economist. M. GALE EASTMAN. M.S., Associate Agricultural Economist. TODD O. SMITH, M.S., Associate Chemist. FORD S. PRINCE, B.S.. Associate Agronomist. JESSE R. HEPLER. M.S., Assistant in Vegetable Gardening. PHILIP R. LOWRY, M.S.. Assistant Entomologist. H. C. MOORE. B. S. lAgr.j, M.S., Assistant Dairy Husbandman. CLARK L. STEVENS, B.S.. M.F., Assistant Forester. STANLEY R. SHIMER, M.S.. Assistant Chemist. WALTER T. ACKERMAN, M.S.. Specialist in Rural Electricity. MAX F. ABELL, Ph.D., Assistant Agricultural Economist. CHARLES A. BOTTORFF, B.S. lBacteriologyj, D. V. M., Poultry Pathologist. EARL H. RINEAR, M.S., Research Assistant in Marketing. GORDON P. PERCIVAL. M.S., Assistant Chemist. STUART DUNN, M.S.. .Assistant Botanist. HOWARD A. ROLLINS, M.S.. Assistant Horticulturist. L. PHELPS LATIMER, Ph.D., Assistant Horticulturist. ARTHUR H. WATSON, M.S., Assistant in Vegetable Gardening. HOMER O. STUART. M.S., Assistant Poultry llushanclman. PAUL T. BLOOD. M.S., Assistant Agronomist. Extension Sertvziee Board of Control PRESIDENT E. M. LEWIS. Durham. N. H. ROBERT P. KINGSBURY. Keene, N. H. ALBERTUS T. DUDLEY, Exeter, N. H. Agriculture and Horne Economics EDWARD M. LEWIS, A.M.. LL.D.. President. JOHN C. KENDALL, B.S.. Director of Extension W'orh. EARL P. ROBINSON. B.S.. County Agent Leader.. DAISY D. WILLIAMSON. State Home Demonstration Leader. HARRY C. WOODWORTH, M.S.. Farm Management Demonstrator. MAX F. ABELL, Ph.D., Assistant Farm Management Demonstrator. CLARENCE B. WADLEIGH, B.S., State Leader Boys' and Girls' Clubs, GEORGE L. WAUGH. B.S.. Agent in Dairying. HENRY B. STEVENS. A.B., Executive Secretary. i291 ' 'I 'he Ciranilc of I 9 30 Prizes Awarded Baileg Prize-ALBERT FREDERICK DAGGETT Concord Barrlerr Prize-KENNETH STACY LANE Concord Katherine DeMeritt Memorial Prize-RUTH EMERY PITCHER Keene Diettrich Memorial Cap-ELISABETH BLUM BAUER Durham Erskine Mason Memorial Prize--PHILIP SHAW BARTON Durham Hood All-Round Achievement Prize-CHARLES NED ELLIOTT Contoocook Hood Dairg Cattle Judging Prizes: FIRST--ROYAL WILLIAM SMITH Laconia SECOND-CLYDE SUTHERLAND EATON Greenville THIRD-ALEXANDER LEO'GUPTILL Northwood U. of N. H. Military Honor Medal-RICHARD WILLIAMS DALAND Salem, Mass. First Honorable Mention-PAUL MERRYMAN HUNT Haverhill, Mass. Second Honorable Mention-EDWARD ARTHUR NECKER Norwood, N. J. Donald Waling Memorial Prize-RANDOLPH HYDE WILKINSON Lyme Phi Mu Medal-MURIEL FRANCES STEEVES Dover Phi Sigma Prize-ANNA LESTER PI-IILBROOK Meredith Class of 1899 Prize-WILLIAM PETTEE NELSON Salt Lake City, Utah Edward Thomson Fairchild Prizes: Acting-WILLIAM LLoYD HOAGLAND Dedham, Mass. Play Production-EDWARD HUGH WARD Wakefield, Mass. Psi Lambda Scholarship Cup-HELEN AGNES BATCHELDER Durham Alpha Xi Delta Cup-MILDRED FIFIELD Conway Alpha Chi Omega Prize-ARCHIE RABINOVITZ Concord Intercollegiate Writing Contest: First Prize Short Story Cco-winnerD- ELIZABETH M. AHEARN Charlestown First Prize Poetry Cco-winnerj- DOROTHY P. DUNKLEE West Lebanon Davis Cattle Judging Prizes for Two-gear Students: Firsr Prize-C. LELAND SLAYTON Rochester, Vt. Second Prize-HENRY G. MARTIN A West Hopkinton Third Prize-I-IARLAND L. BROWN New Boston Inter-Fraternity Scholarship Cup for lVomen Alpha Xi Delta Inter-Fraternity Scholarship Cup for Men Theta Upsilon Omega 'I 301 12170 Granite of 19 90 Honorary Degrees DOCTOR OF SCIENCE HARRY EVERETT BARNARD, Ph.D. ..,...................,.,.,,. ...... E vanston, Ill. DOCTOR OF LAWS HUNTLEY NOWELL SPAULDING. M.A.. D.Sc. .....,..... .,,.,.,,4.,,. R ochqgter WILLIAM DAVID GIBBS. M.S.. D.Sc. ............ ,..,............. . . ,,,, Sr, Louis, Mo, MASTER OF ARTS MRS. H. H. A. BEACH ......,,.,...,...............,...........,........... .,,,,44 H illgbgl-0 MRS. EDWARD A. MACDOWELL .....,................................ ,,,. P ctcrboro MASTER OF SCIENCE ERNEST GEORGE RITZMAN, B.S. ........,........................... .. Durham Advanced Degrees ' MASTER or ARTS JAMES ALEXANDER BOYD. B.A.. University of New Hampshire, 1927 Dedham. Mass. Subjects: Education and Political Science. Thesis: "Improvement of Teachers in Service in New Hampshire Schools." ELSIE K. BISSELL FULLER, B.S., Iowa State College, 1912 Durham Subjects: Psychology and Sociology. Thesis: "Some Factors Contributing to School Ambitions of Eighth Grade Boys." ELTON THORSANDER GUSTAFSON, B.A.. University of N. H., 1926 Manchester Subject: Philosophy and Sociology. - Thesis: "A Study of Determination." BLANCH WALKER WELLMAN, B.A.. Boston University, 1925 Durham Subjects: Education and French-English. MARY REBECCA WRIGHT, B.A., Boston University, 1925 Rochester Subjects: Education and English. ' Thesis: "History of Teacher Training at New Hampshire." WILLIAM YALE, B.P., Yale University, 1910 Newiicldg Subjects: Education and Political Science. Thesis: "An Analysis of the Syrian-Palestine Situation in 1919. The American Point of View." MASTER OF SCIENCE JOHN VOSE ADAMS, B.S., University of New Hampshire, 1924 Durham Subjects: Physics, Chemistry and Electrical Engineering. Thesis: "The Luminescence of Thulium." ROSWELL HQYT EVANS, B.S., University of New Hampshire, 1926 Wentworrly Subjects: Chemistry and Economics. Thesis: "Analysis of a Norwegian Rare Earth Mineral." DONALD ELISHA FREAR, B.S., Penn. State, 1926 Tunkhunnggkl Pa. Subjects: Agr'l. and Biolog. Chemistry and Chemistry. Thesis: "Some Chemical Constituents of the Twig Tissues of the Baldwin Apple." LEON CONRAD GLOVER, B.S., University of New Hampshire, 1925 Brookline Subjects: Entomology and Zoology. Thesis: "The Infiuence of Soap on the Increased Toxicity of Certain Contact Sprays." SADIE MARION GRIFFITHS, B.A.. University of New Hampshire, 1922 Durham Subjects: Education. Zoology and Sociology. Thesis: "School Hygiene-Past and Future." DONALD POTTER MATTOON, B.S., University of New Hampshire, 1922 Colebrook Subjects: Education and Sociology. Thesis: "The Nature and Scope of the Headmaster's Work in New Hampshire Schools." DOROTHY TUCK SMITH. B.S., University of New Hampshire, 1926 Hudson Subjects-: Zoology and Chemistry. I Thesis: "An Ecological Survey of Wheelwright Pond with Special References to the S PAULINE FRAIiICIEgSsSTEWART, B.S., University of New Hampshire. 1926 Portsmouth Subjects: Zoology and Botany. 4 . ' Thesis: "The Protozoa of Durham and Vicinity." EDWARD CHESTER TOWLE, B.S., University of New Hampshire, 1926 Pirrghcld Subjects: Chemistry and Physics. Thesis: "Zirconiums." LOWELL RAY TUCKER. B.S.. University of Illinois, 1926 Urbana' Ill. Subjects: Horticulture and Agricultural Chemistry. Thesis: "Growth Characteristics of the Baldwin Apple and their Relation to Fruit Production." A 'li' """' 21 L -Ji.-" """ 21' - 'ld' """ 21' - 'li "A"' -'li' """' :P 'li "" 'U' J!-fC,YQx,,,,7G IRQEZXCJ5-x,,lC1bR,,,!4C5bK, ,Zi 1161, jkgnglt I 3 1 I ' The Granite of l93O lln Memoriam GlllLBER'll' SEARLE l N Beyond the vale of tears There is a life above, Unmeasured by theyflight of years. And all that life is Love. On Sunday, March 10, 1929, God took from us one of our esteemed classmates, Gilbert Searle, a true representative of the type of man that New Hampshire is proud of, died after apparently successfully fighting back to health from an attack of pneumonia. Because Words can hardly express our deep regret that such a classmate should be taken from us just in the height of his youth, we, the class of 1930, make this humble effort to express our apprecia- tion of the loyalty and devotion to Class and University of one Whose Life has set for us a standard of high achievement. - - I 32 1 The Granite of 11930 Jiffy M fqf N X 1" I x 'I ff 4 Classes 22 0 sEN1oRs JUNIORS I SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN C241 ' XY N 1 44' 1? XXQ 4 Q 94' . 1 V.f d's.s'sw.s's:s1's:4:44x4s:s.s I'4 I4 I4 I4 I4 I4 I4 I4 I4 I4 I4 I4 I4 I4 I4 4 I4 I4 I4 I4 I4 I4 Q 4 it 'l 'hc Cimnilv of 1050 Class Ohficevrs QQ' 41? Left to Right: Ralph Garlock. Trcas.: Elisabeth Bauer, Sec.: Robert Snndyrrnss, Vice President. Minxing: Robert Stark, Pres. 11929 l35l , i L.-- glawy IVNMIIII r,fj,H hw 1 I 6 1929 f f n When flrst as Freshmen We were seen, The upper classmen thought us green- The Sophornores gave us laws so blue, Made us wear ties and skimmers, too. Frankie Dustin Won his letter In Winter Sports-there was none better- Our freshman football team won fame By winning every single game At our Prom Morey Pearl played music supreme And unique decorations? The like's not been seen. Our Granite we published, And as always We won Fame for the Work-the best Now we are Seniors So Worthy and prim, And we soon will be leaving For the world that's so grim. We'll Wish you good luck, And plenty of fame. And all we can hope is You'll wish us the same. that's been done s A 'nu " 4 K I 4 xx x 'iam AVA' Iliff?-"4 " iiM'3flfr'.', film' 'Q l'r"1llIl-lx' Ill I U Ill Class of 1929 PETER JOHN AGRAFIOTIS. "Pete" Manchester. N. H. MANCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Delta Epsilon Pi: Iota Chi: Sphinx: The New Hampshire: Heeler 115: GRANITE Hecler 125 : Intercollegiate Editor 125 : Assistant Business Manager 135: Junior Editor gf 1929 GRANITE: Board of Directors 1929 GRANITE: Secretary of Freshman Rules Committee. EDWARD NEIL ALDRICH. "Vic" Dalton, N. H. WHIT'EFIELD I'IIGH SCHOOL TOChf10l0gy Sphinx: Delta Chi: Captain R. O. T. C.: C. NV. S. FRANK CLEMENT AMES. "Clem" Wilton. N. H. WlI.'FON HIGH SCHOOL Technology Delta Sigma Chi: Phi Lambda Phi: Delta Chi. DOROTHY A. ANNETT, "Dot" Rollinsford. N. H. BERWICK ACADEMY A Liberal Arts Tau Kappa Alpha: Glee Club 115, 125: Commuter 115, 125. 135: Debating Team 125. G. LLOYD ATWOOD, "Joe" Berlin. N. H. BERLIN HIGI-I ScHooI. Technology Theta Chi: Casque and Casket 135. 145: President Sphinx 125: Senior Skulls 145: Student Council 135: President 145: Y. M. C. A. Secretary 125: Treasurer 135: Vice- ' President 145: Chairman Carnival Ball 135: A. S. M. E. 135. 145: Chairman 145: Class Vice-President 135: Freshman Track: Varsity 135, 145: Mortar and Ball: Scab- bard and Blade: Sergeant R. O. T. C. HAROLD WILLEY AVERY, "Hal" Manchester, N. H. MANCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL Llbefdl Arts THEODORE HENRY AYER, "Ted" Milton Mills, N. H. NUTE HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts HAROLD M. BABBIT, "Bah" Hartford. Conn. IVIIDDLEBORO HIGH SCHOOL Lllberdl Arts Theta Upsilon Omega. MADELINE BAKEMAN. "SCRADO" Franklin. N. H. FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Orchestra 115, 125. 135. 145: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 145. MARY BARKER . New Castle. N. H. PORTSMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Chi Omega: Book and Scroll: N. H. Staff 115. 125. CHARLES EDWIN BATCHELDER. "Charlie" Portsmouth, N. H. PORTSMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL Ll'b0l'Gl AFIS Tri Gamma: Blue Key. LEON WALLACE BATCHELDER. i'Len" Durham, N. H. DOVER HIGH SCHOOL Agriculture ELISABETH BAUER. "Betty" Durham. N. H. DOVER HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Omega: Cap and Gown: Book and Scroll: Mask and Dagger: W. A. A. 115. 125. 135. 145: N. H. Staff 125, 135. 145: Pan Hellenic 135. 145: Class Vice-Presi- dent 145: Soccer 115, 125: Baseball 115. DAVID M. BECK. "Dave" Durham, N. H. NEW HAMPTON LITERARY INSTITUTE Technology Theta Chi: Alpha Sigma 125: Vice-President 135: President 145: Freshman Basketball. EDWIN BETZ. "Eddie" Whitefield, N. H. WHITEFIELD HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arls Thfta cUpsilon Omega: Phi Sigma: Casque and Casket: Blue Key: N. H. Club: Track I . 25. MAURICE ELMER BICKFORD. "Maurry" Center Harbor. N. H. IVIEREDITH HIGH SCHOOL Llbeftll Arts Alpha Gamma Rho: Sphinx. -'.,- , , -A ...... ..,, 1 , -Q ..:- -i-- . ,J . J .---- ---., I V F I ,. ---"'-- :Lp P F .fieafii :irc ,ibfxf-3: ,'.7ii'K."if. .few I I N l37l The Ciranilc' of 1950 PAUL H. BLAISDELL, "Soap" Concord, N. H. CONCORD HIGH SCI-IOOL V Liberal Arts Delta Sigma Chi: Iota Chi: Glce Club CID. CZD. CBD, C4D: Secretary of Glee Club C3D, C4D: New Hampshire Staff CZD: Sporting Editor C3D: News Editor C4D: Ad- vertising Manager of Golden Bull CZD: Mask and Dagger C3D, C4D: University Double Quartet CZD: Y. M. C. A. CID, C2D. JANE ELIZABETH BLAKE, "Janey" Manchester, N. H. MANCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Alpha Xi Delta: Iota Chi: Book and Scroll: N. H. Staff CID. C2D: Women's Editor N. H. Staff C3D, C4D: GRANITE Board: Cap and Gown: W. A. A.: Junior Prom Committee: Soccer C2D, C3D: Hockey CID. DOROTHY C. BLOCK, "Dot" North Hampton, N. H. ROBINSON SEMINARY Liberal Arts Sigma Omicron: Psi Lambda: W. A. A. CZD, C3D, C4D: Soccer C3D: Baseball CZD, C3D: Hockey CZD. JOSEPH EDWARD BOURQUE, "Joe" Somersworth, N. H. SOMERSWORTH HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Phi Sigma: Commuters' Club. GEORGE JAMES BOWDEN, "Skinn'ey" Somersworth. N. H. SOMERSWORTH HIGH SCHOOL Technology Commuters' Club: Commuters' A. C. MILDRED EVELYN BRANNEN, "Ev" Amesbury, Mass. AMESBURY HIGH SCI-IOOL Liberal Arts Alpha Xi Delta: Iota Chi: N. H. Staff C3D, C-ID: GRANITE Heeler CZD: W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A. CID: Hockey CID, CZD. MARY E. BRECK. "Billie" Claremont, N. I-I. WINDSOR HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Phi Mu: Psi Lambda: Y. W. C. A. CID, C2D, C3D. C4D. MARJORIE BRITTON, "Marge" A Marlboro, N. H. KEENE HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Phi Mu: N. H. Staff: Hockey CID, C2D: Basketball CID, CZD, C3D. CHARLES R. BROWN. "Rod" Peterborough, N. H. PETERBOROUGH HIGH SCI-IOOL Liberal Arts Delta Pi Epsilon: Sphinx: Basketball CID, CZD, C3D: Track CBD: Rope Pull CID, CZD. ELIZABETH F. BROWN, "Betty" Ashland, N. H. ASHLAND HIGH SCI-IOOL Liberal Arts Psi Lambda. FLORENCE M. BROWN, "Meliss" Derry, N. H. PINKERTON ACADEMY Liberal Arts RICE INSTITUTE Delta Chi: Secretary C4D: Y. W. C. A. C3D, C4-D: Glee Club: University Choir: Track Team C3D. FRED HERMAN BROWN, "Brownie" Concord, N, H, CONCORD HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Am Phi Mu Delta: Baseball CID, CZD: Hockey CID: Glec Club CID, C2D: Cane Rush: In- ternational Relations Club. RALPH A. BROWN. "Brownie" "Backing Jim" Cornish Flats, N, H, MONTPELIER, VERMONT, SEMINARY H Liberal AHS Delta Sigma Chi: Kappa Delta Pi: Iota Chi: Tau Kappa Alpha: President C4D: Granite Heeler CZD: N. H. Staff CZD, C3D: Sporting Editor N. H. C4-D: Photographic Editor of 1929 GRANITE C3D: Y. M. C. A. CID. CZD, C3D: Cabinet C4D: Varsity Debating C2D. C3D. C-+D: Manager C4-D: Intramural Athletic Association C3D, C4-D: Supervisgr of In- Eangiyurg' TCennggJC3D, C4D: Chairman Y. M. C. A.: Discussion Committee C4-D: Sergeant ' l33l rl 'he CiI'flI'7l'CC' of 10 30 ROBERT EDMUND BRUCE, "Bob" A Ashland, N. H. ASHLAND HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Tri Gamma: Casque and Casket: Glee Club CID. CZD: Band CID, CZD: Rope Pull CID: Cane Rush CID, CZD: Basketball CID, CZD. C3D, C4D: Track CID, CZD, C3D, C4-D: Corporal CZD. EDWARD BUFFUM, "Eddie" Manchester, N, H. MANCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL. CENTRAL L,'l,e,l,l AHS Theta Kappa Phi. CHARLES A. BUJNIEVICZ, "Chuck" Laconia, N. H. LACONIA HIGH SCHOOL Technology . Delta Chi: Y. M. C. A.: Assistant Manager Debating CID: Track CID. EDWARD PARKER BURNHAM. "Ed" Nashua, N, H. NASHUA HIGH SCHOOL Technology Tri Gamma: Sphinx: Sub-Manager CID: A. S. M. E.: Track CBD. EARL FRANCIS CAHALAN, "Cal" West Sgmgrville' Mass. FITCHBURG HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Am Mu Delta: Cross Country CID, C2D, C3D, C4D: Captain C4D: Track CID, CZD, C3D, THOMAS ARTHUR CAIE, "Arr" Berlin' N, H, BERLIN SENIOR HIGH Tgghnology Phi Mu Delta: Orohomo. CID, 425, C3D: A. S. M. E. C3D, 447. CELIA S. CAMPBELL. "Colo" Enfield, Conn. ENFIELD HIGH SCHOOL Liberal ,qfls Chi Omega: GRANITE Heeler C2D: W. A. A. CID. CZD. C3D, C4D: Y. W. C. A. CID, C2D, C3D, C4-D: Soccer CZD: Basketball CID! Baseball CZD. DAVID R. CAMPBELL. "Bob" Bogtgnl Mass, MECHANIC ARTS HIGH SCHOOL Technology Lambda Chi Alpha: Phi Lambda Phi: Alpha Sigma: Mask and' Dagger: Track CID: Cross Country CID. MARTHA CARL Schenectady, N. Y. SCHENECTADY HIGH SCHOOL L,'l,e,,,l Am Phi Mu: Pan Hellenic. WILLIAM LAWRENCE CHADWICK, "Bill" Sutton' N. H. SIMONDS FREE HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Am Tri Gamma: Cross Country CZD, C3D: Track C3D. JOHN CHANDLER, "Jawn" Bartlett, N, H. BARTLETT HIGH SCHOOL Ag,,'cul,u,e A. T. O.: Basketball CID, CZD, C3D, C4D: Track CID, CZD, C3D: Football CID, MARIAN L. CHENEY, "Man" South Berwick, Me. BERWICK ACADEMY Liberal Arts Alpha Chi-Omega: Kappa Delta Pi: Glee Club CID, CZD, C3D, C4Dg Classical Club CBD, C4D: Y. W. C. A. CID, CZD, C3D. C4D. ELIZABETH CHILD, "Beth" Woodsville, N. H. WOODSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Am Alpha Chi Omega: Kappa Delta Pi: Freshman Commission: GRANITE Heeler CZDQ GRANITE Board 43Dp,N. H. Staff CZD, C3D, C4D: W. A. A. CID, C2D, C3D, 443, Basketball CID, CZD, C3D: Soccer C3D: Hockey CID, CZD: Baseball CID, CZD, C3Dg Y. W. C. A. CID, C2D, C3D, C4D. RANDOLPH E. CHURCHILL, "Dan" Dover, N. H. BREWSTER ACADEMY Liberal Al-lg Phi Mu Delta: Glee Club CID, CZD. C3Df f4D! VBFSIIY Debating CZD: Class Relay Team CZD: Sergeant R. O. T. C.: Cross Country CID: Cheer Leader C4D. l39l - fl 'he C'i1'c1r71'lv of 19 311 JOHN REVIE CLARK, "Scotty" Manchester, N. H. MANCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Theta Chi: Student Council 111, 121. 131, 141: President of Class of 1928 111, 121: Football 111, 121. 141: Baseball 111, 121: Basketball 111, 121. 141. JUSTIN M. CLARK. "Jud" Portsmouth, N. H. PORTSMOUTH HIGH SCI-IOOL Technology Alpha Tau Omega: Alpha Chi Sigma: Student Council 111. 121: N. H. Staff 121: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 111, 121: University Day Committee 111. 121. 131: Class President 111. 121- WILLIAM CLEMENT, "Bill" Laconia, N. H. PEDDIE SCHOOL Liberal Arts Sigma Alpha Epsilon: President N. H. Club: Blue Key: Sergeant R. O. T. C.: Basket- ball 1l1, 121, 131: Baseball 111, 121. 131: Captain 111. ESTHER M. CLEVELAND. "Curley" North Stratford, N. H. STRATFORD HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts PLYMOUTH NORMAL SCHOOL Y. W. C. A. HARLAN S. CLEVEI.AND, "Cleve" ' North Stratford. N. H. AUSTIN CATE ACADEMY Liberal Arts DORIS H. CLIFFORD. "Dot" Conway, N. H. CONWAY HIGH SCHOOL Ll'lJ0!'l1I Arts Glee Club 111, 121, 131: University Choir 121, 131: Y. W. C. A. 111, 121, 131. HURLEY ELIPHALET CLOUTMAN, "CIout" Conway. N. H. KENNETT HIGPI SCHOOL Llbffdl Arts Sub-Manager 111, 121 : Pres. Fairnhild Hall 141. THOMAS W. COLBY, "Bill" Haverhill, Mass. HAVERHILL HIGH SCHOOL Technology Lambda Chi Alpha: Delta Chi: Mask and Dagger: Casque and Casket: Manager Fresh- man Football 131: Manager Varsity Football 141: A. I. E. E.: GRANITE Board 131: R. O. T. C. 131. 141. RICHARD COLUMBIA, Canaan, N. H. I CANAAN HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Phi Mu Delta: Baseball 111, 121. WALTER COOK, "Cookie" Manchester. N. H. IVIANCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL Liberal AHS MILDRED COREY Manchester, N. H. IVIANCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL LIb0l't1l Arts Delta Kappa: Physical Education Club: Pan Hellenic 131, 141: Mask and Dagger: GRANITE Heeler 111, 121: GRANITE Board 131: W. A. A. 111, 121, 131, 141: Y. W. C. A. 111, 121, 131: Freshman Commission: Soccer 111, 121. 131: Hockey 131: Basketball 111. 121, 131: Baseball 121: Track 131. MARGARET COURNOYER. "Peg" V Jalfrey. N. H. CONANT HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Delta Kappa: Kappa Delta Pi: GRANITE Heeler 121: GRANITE Board 131: Glee Club 111, 121: Treble Clef 111. 121: Le Cercle Francais: Pan Hellenic: W. A. A. 111, 121, 131, 141: Hockey 111: Soccer 121. ' EDWARD WILLIAM CRAWFORD. "Eddie" Manchester. N. H. MANCI-IESTER HIGH Scuooi. L,'1,0fa1 Am Phi Mu Delta: Glee Club 111, 121, 131, 141: Orchestra 111. 121, 131, 141: Y. M. C. A. 111. 121. 131, 141: Mask and Dagger 121, 131, 141. . 1401 siif' 'l 'Inf C irrmzle ol 1 1. "J L "" J ' ' IQ 'U l.""".1 DANE P. CUMMINGS, "Jake" E Peterborough. N. H. PETERBOROUGH HIGH SCHOOL Llbeflll AVIS Delta Pi Epsilon: Casque and Casket: Blue Key: GRANITE Board 3: Sub-Inanager CI5, C25: Manager of Freshman Cross Country C35: Manager Varsity Cross Country C45: Cheer Leader CI5. MELBOURNE CUMMINGS. "Mel" Enfield. N. H. ENFIELD HIGH SCHOOL Technology Lambda Chi Alpha: Iota Chi: A. I. E. E.: Chairman GRANITE Board of Directors: Managerial Competition Cl5. C25: Manager's Club CI5. CZ5: Sergeant R. O. T. C.: Manager Freshman Track C35: Student Council Secretary C45: New Hampshire C25: Advertising Manager C35: Business Manager C45: Manager Varsity Track C45: Senior Skulls: Scabbard and Blade: Mortar and Ball President. MARJORIE DAHLBERG, "Marge" Manchester. N. H. IVIANCHESTER I'IIGH SCHOOI., CENTRAL Lliberdl AIIS Alpha Chi Omega: Cap and Gown: Mask and Dagger: GRANITE Heeler C25: GRANITE Board C35: Freshman Commission 1: Class Secretary Cl5, C25, C35: W. A. A. Cl5, C25, C35. C45: Sophomore Rules Committee C25: Sophomore Hop Committee: Carni- val Ball Committee C35: Women's Student Government C35: President C45: Y. W. C, A. C15. C25. C35, C45: Baseball CI5. C35: Basketball CI5. C25, C35: Soccer CI5, C35: Hockey C25. ' BURNHAM SURROWES DAVIS, "Burnie" Conway. N. H. KENNETT HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Phi Mu Delta: Senior Skulls: Sphinx: Tau Kappa Alpha: Casque and Casket: GRANITE Heeler C25: Member GRANITE Board of Directors C35: Managerial Competition Cl5. C25 1 Assistant Manager of Baseball C35 : Manager of Baseball C45 : Varsity Debating C25. REAL DES ROCHERS, "Rocks" Manchester. N. H. IVIANCHESTER HIGH SCHooI.. WEST Technology Theta Kappa Phi: Phi Lambda Phi: Alpha Chi Sigma: Delta Chi: Casque and Casket. MARGARET V. DICEY. "Peg" East Derry, N. H. PINKERTON ACADEMY Llibffdl AFIS Sigma Omicron: Psi Lambda: W. A. A. C25, C35, C45: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet C25, C35, C4-5: Hockey C25: Basketball C25 : Baseball C25. MARJORIE DILLINGHAM. "Marge" Somersworth, N. H. SOMERSWORTH HIGH SCHOOL Lliberdl Arts WINONA M. DIMOCK. "Nadie" Portsmouth, N. H. PORTSMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL Llibefdl Arts Delta Kappa: W. A. A. Cl5. C25. C35, C45: Hockey Cl5. JOHN H. DOW. "Rowdy" Lakeport, N. H, LACONIA HIGH SCI-IOOI. Liberal Arts Lambda Chi Alpha: Sphinx: Blue Key: Scabbard and Blade: 1929 GRANITE: Glee Club C25. C35, C45: University Trio CI5. C25. C35, C45: Football C15: Winter Sports C25: Captain R. O. T. C. ROGER H. DOWNING. "Rog" Wentworth. N. H. WOODSVILI.E HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Theta Upsilon Omega: Cane Rush CI5. C253 Track C15. GORDON S. DOW, "Sam" New Hampton, N. H. NEWBURYPORT HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Am Phi Delta Upsilon: Sphinx: Glee Club Cl5. C25: Managerial Club CI5, C255 Assist- ant Manager Soccer C35: Basketball Manager C45. MERIAL DUNCAN. "Mim" Manchester. N. H. IVIANCHESTER I'IIGH SCHOOL, CENTRAL Liberal Arts Phi Mu. W. A. A. rip. 423, 139, 4451 Golden Bull 623: Soccer 413, mg Hockey tsp. Basketball rip, 429, 4391 Track 433. ' I 41 I 'I 'ln' C'i1'c117IAIe of l 9 5 ll LLOYD W. DUNLAP, "Dun" Laconia, N. H. LACONIA HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Baseball CID: Basketball CID. F. CARLTON DUSTIN, "Dusty" Pcnacook, N. H. PENACOOK Technology Phi Delta Upsilon: Sphinx: Casque and Casket: N. H. Club: Intramural Athletic Association: Rope Pull CID, CZD, C3D: Winter Sports CID, C2D, C3D: Captain C4D: Intercollegiate Cross Country Ski Champion CID: Track CID: Sergeant R. O. T. C. CLYDE SUTHERLAND EATON, "Goof" Greenville, N. H. APPLETON ACADEMY Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho: Alpha Zeta: Aggie Club CID, C2D. CBD: Dairy Cattle Judging Team: Sub-Manager CID: Cane Rush CID. LILLIAN EKSTROM, "Lil" Manchester, N. H. MANCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL, CENTRAL Liberal Arts W. A. A. C2D. C3D, C4D: Freshman Commission: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Hockey CID, CZD, C3D: Basketball CID, CZD: Track C2D, C3D: Tennis C2D. GERTRUDE ELDRIDGE, "Trudie" Cambridge, Mass. CAMBRIDGE LATIN SCHOOL , I L.I'b0t'C1l Arts Chi Omega. GUILFORD SMITH ELWOOD, "Ciuil" Derry, N. H. DERRY HIGH SCHOOL Agriculture Delta Pi Epsilon: Alpha Zeta. JOHN BEECHER EVANS, "Johnny" North Stratford, N. H. STRATFORD HIGH SCHOOL Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho: Forestry Club: Glec Club CID, CZD : Platoon Sergeant C3D: Second Lieutenant C4D . LYLE HARLAN FARRELL. "Lil" Portland, Me. WESTBROOK SEMINARY Liberal Arts Kappa Sigma: Scabbard and Blade: Mask and Dagger: Book and Scroll: N. H. Club: Casque and Casket: Debating Team CZD: Dean's Committee CZD: Football CID. CZD. C3D. C4D: Captain C4D: Baseball CID, CZD, CBD: Boxing CZD, C3D: Boxing Champion 160 lb. Class C2D: 175 Ib. Class C3D: Mess Sergeant CBD: Cadet Officer C4D. PAUL JAMES FENTON, "P. J." Andover, N. H. PRocToR ACADEMY Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho: Alpha Zeta CZD, CBD, C4D: Phi Sigma: University 4-H Club C2D. CSD, C4D:Y. M. C. A. CID, CZD, C3D. CHARLES RICHARD FISH, "Dick" Kensington, N. H. AMESBURY, Mass., HIGH SCHOOL Technology Sub-Manager CID, CZD: Assistant Manager Winter Sports C3D: Manager Winter Sports C4D: First Sergeant R. O. T. C. LEO FITZGERALD, "Fitzie" Dover, N. H. DOVER HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts JOHN DALY FLEMING, "Jack" Flushing, N. Y. NEWTON, IVIASS. Liberal A1-15 Kappa Sigma: Senior Skulls: Sphinx: Iota Chi: President CZD: Mask and Dagger: Vice- President C3D: President C4D: Student Council C2D: Book and Scroll: Scabbard and Blade: N. H. Staff: Sports Editor CID: News Editor CZD: Editor-in-Chief CBD, C4D: Editor Freshman Handbook CID: Varsity Debating Team CZD: Waling Dramatic Prize CID: GRANITE Board C3D: Battalion Sergeant Major CZD: Regimental Sergeant Major CBD: Cadet Oflicer C4D. RALPH L. FOWLER, "Tony" Dover, N, H, I-IOLDERNESS SCHOOL Liberal Arts Lambda Chi Alpha: Sphinx: Basketball CID: Baseball CID: Tennis. l42l 'I The C l1'c1n1'!r' of lil I Cl JQ5':mI93?C,afillililiillfefi HORACE BROWN FRANCIS, "Hobie" Manchester, N. I-I. IVIANCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Args Theta Upsilon Omega. GILMAN FRYE, 'lGil" Franklin. N. H. FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Ag-15 Phi Delta Upsilon: Sergeant. H. ELLSWORTH FULLER, "El" Nashua. N. H. NASHUA I Technology Theta Chi: Treasurer Mortar and Ball C4D: Secretary Scabbard and Blade C4D. IRENE GADBOIS Manchester, N. H. IVIANCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL Lliberlll Arts Cap and Gown: Book and Scroll: Le Cercle Francais. RALPH M. GARLOCK Manchester, N. H. MANCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL Lfbefal Arts Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Football ClD: Cane Rush CID. CZD: Mask and Dagger Treasurer C3D: Glee Club ClD. CZD. C3D. C4-D: Social Committee CZD. CBD, C4Dg Chairman Sophomore Hop Committee: Sergeant R. O. T. C. C3D: Chairman Junior Prom Com- mittee: Chairman Carnival Dance C4D. WARREN H. GEE. "Austin," "Joe" Winchester. N. H. THAYER HIGH SCHOOL Technology Delta Sigma Chi: Y. M. C. A. CID, CZD, C3D. C4D: President Y. M. C. A. C3D, C4D: Business Manager Handbook CZD: Deputations C3D, C4D: Executive Board. Y. M, C. A, C3D, C4D: Chairman Stunt Night Committee C3-D: Delegate Poland Springs. Hartford, Northfield, and Boston Conferences: A. S. M. E. C3D, C4D: Chairman Student Forum Committee C3D : Sergeant R. O. T. C. C3D. EDWARD K. GIENTY, "Ed" Warner, N. H. SIMONDS FREE HIGH SCHOOL Tgghnology A. S. C. E.: Freshman Baseball: Winter Sports CZD. C3D : Sergeant R. O. T. C. CBD. ARTHUR GILBERT. "Gillie" Somersworth, N. H. SOMERSWORTH HIGH SCHOOL 1,,'bm,1 Am Winter Sports CZD. CBD: Band CID, CZD: Y. M. C. A. CID. CZD, C3D, C4D. KENNETH E. GLIDDEN: "Ken" South Berwick' Me- BERWICK ACADEMY Tgghnology Theta Upsilon Omega: Delta Chi: Phi Lambda Phi: Phi Kappa Phi: Alpha Chi Sigma: Sergeant R. O. T. C. HOLLIS GOODE Stoneham. Mass. STONEHAM I-IICH SCHOOL Technology C. IRENE GOODHUE, "Rene" Wolfebor-0, N, H, BREWSTER FREE ACADEMY, SOUTHERN COLLEGE L,'be,,,1 AUS Glee Club CZD. C3D. C4-D: Y. W. C. A. CZD, C3D. C4D: Commons House Committee C2D: Hockey CZD: W. A. A. C2D, C3D, C4D. ROBERT WENDELL GOOGINS, "Goog" Dover' N. H. PORTSMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL Libgg-gl A,-IS BEATRICE A. GRAY, 'iBee" Bellows Falls, Vt. WAI.I9OLE HIGH SCHOOL Liberal A,-ts Phi Lambda Phi: Cap and Gown: Psi Lambda: Phi Kappa Phi: Baseball CID, CZD, QD, S. EDWARD GUILFORD, "Guil" Derry, N. H. PINKERTON ACADEMY Agrfgulfufg Delta Pi Epsilon: Alpha Zeta. HRANT GARABED GULUMIAN, "Gloomy" Salisbury' N' H- HOPKINTON HIGH SCHOOL Technology Mask and Dagger: Basketball ClD: Football ClD. i431 pflififik 'I wht' Cl1'z1l71'1c' of lfl 511 WALTER LUDWIG GUSTAFSON, "Gus" Portsmouth, N. H. PORTSMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL Ll.l70!'l1l Arts Football 111: Baseball 111, 121, 131, 141: Soccer 121, 131, 141. HERBERT LORENZO HALL, "Herbie" Plymouth, N. H. PLYMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Theta Chi: Football 111, 131, 141: Baseball 111, 121, 131, 141: Soccer 121. IVA HANDY Swanzey, N. H. KEENE HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts GleeClub111,121,131,141:Choir131.141:Y.W.C.A.111,121,131, 141. RICHARD M. HARE, "Dick" Amherst. N. H. AMI-IERST HIGH SCHOOL Agriculture Y. M. C. A. 111, 121: University 4-H Club 131: Cane Rush 121: Boxing 131. CARL B. HARLING, "Ben" Jaffrey, N. H. CONANT HIGH SCHOOL Liberal AHS Delta Pi Epsilon: Basketball 111 : Rope Pull 111, 121. DONALD E. HARRIOT. "Don" Concord. N. H. CONCORD HIGH SCHOOL , 1 Liberal Arts Theta Upsilon Omega: Mask and Dagger: Glec Club 111, 121. 131: Scabbard and Blade: Debating Team: Y. M. C. A.: Freshman Cabinet: Sergeant Bugler 121. ELEANOR WOODWARD HARRIS Keene, N. H. ' KEENE HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Alpha Xi Delta: Iota Chi: Mask and Dagger: Kappa Delta Pi: N. H. Staff 111. 121. 131, 141: Phi Sigma: GRANITE Heeler 111. 121: GRANITE Board 131: Hockey 121, 131- KORA T. HARRIS Boothbay Harbor. Me. BOOTHBAY HARBOR HIGH SCHOOL Llllfrtll Arls Chi Omega. GEORGE MAIN HARTSHORN, "Main" Barnstead, N. H. PITTSFIELD HIGII SCHOOL Lllwfdl Arts MARY LOUISE HASELTON, "Pokee" Manchester, N. H. IVIANCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL Llibvfdl Arts Alpha Xi Delta: Iota Chi: N. H. Staff 121. 131 : GRANITE Heeler 121 : GRANITE Board 131: Freshman Commission 111 : Soccer 121, 131. JOHN K. HATCH, "Jack" Dover, N. H. DOVER HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Alpha Tau Omega: Cane Rush: Sergeant R. O. T. C.: Football 111: Baseball 111: Track 121, 131. VIRGINIA P. HAYNES, "Ginnie" Brookline, Mass. BROOKLINE HIGH SCHOOL, LASELL SEMINARY Ll'lJC'!'l1l Arts Chi Omega. JOHN E. HAYFORD, JR., "Enoch" Newton, N. H. PHILLIPS EXETER ACADEMY Llibvfdl Arts Theta Upsilon Omega: Cane Rush 1 11, 121. CHARLOTTE P. HIRSCHNER, I Amesbury, N. H. AMESBURY HIGI'I SCI-1001. ' LI'l7t.'l'l1l Arts Chi Omega: Mask and Dagger: GRANITE Board: Chairman Costume Committee Carnival Ball: Hockey 111. IVIELVILLE HODGDON, "Mel" Dover, N. H. DOVER HIGH SCI IOOL Lfbcral Arts 1441 The Ci1'fIt7I'ltP of 1030 RUTH F. HORN. "Hornie" . ROCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL Rochester. N. H. Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Omega: Glec Club CID. CZD: Treasurer CZI: Y. W. C. A.: New Hampshire CZI. CU: GRANITE Heeler CZI: GRANITE Board C35 JOSEPH MAHLAN HOUSER. "Joe" PENACOOK HIGH SCHOOL Phi Sigma. CECIL VERNON HOWELL. "Ce" DOVER HIGH SCHOOL EDWARD H. HUNT. "Ed" EXETER HIGH SCHOOL Canterbury, N. H. Liberal Arts Dover. N. H. Liberal Arts Exeter. N. I-I. Technology Lambda Chi Alpha: A. S'. M. E.: Sphinx: Scabbard and Blade: Mortar and Ball: Fresh- man Rules Committee: Football CID: Baseball CID: Hockey CZJ. CD: Sergeant R. O. 'I.C. STANLEY ELXVYN HUNT, "Stupe" ALTON HIGI'I SCHOOL Alpha Gamma Rho. ISABELLE MADELINE HUNTOON. "Izzy" I SIMONDS FREE HIGI'l SCHOOL Lakeport, N, H, Agricull ure Warner. N. I-1, Liberal Arts Alpha Xi Delta: N. H. Staff CZJ, CBI. C4D: Freshman Commission: Y. W. C. A. Cljg Baseball 115, 425. JOHN A. JACKSON, "Jack" DURHAM HIGH SCHOOL ROBERT O. JENNINGS, "Bob" VJINCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL Durham, Conn. Liberal Arts Winchester, Mass. Liberal Arts Kappa Sigma: Band CID : Managerial Competition CID: Track C25 : Sergeant R. O. T. C. JAMES JOSEPH JOHNSON. "Test Tube" SOMERSWORTH HIGH SCHOOL Alpha Chi Sigma: Commuters' Club. LLOYD CHARLES JOHNSON, "Sock" NIILFORD HIGH SCHOOL Delta Pi Epsilon: Band CID. CZD: Glee Club CII: Track WALTER L. JONES. "Jonesie" WALPOLE HIGH SCHOOL RAYMOND JOSEPH JOYAL. "Ray Commuters' Club. THEODORE L. KARABELAS, "Ted" DOVER I'IlGH SCHOOL it Somersworth. N. H. Technology Mont Vernon, N. H, Liberal Arts Wallaole, N. H. Liberal Arts Somersworth. N. H. Dover. N. H. Liberal Arts Phi Sigma: Delta Epsilon Pi: N. H. Club CZD. CU: Commuters' A. C.: Commuters' Club: Soccer CZD, C3D: Football CII: Basketball CID. JOHN T. KELLY. "Jack" HEBRON ACADEMY Nashua. N. H. Liberal Arts Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Sphinx: Varsity Relay CZIC Freshman Relay: Football CID: Track CII, CZJ, C331 President Casquc and Casket. RUSSELL KIMBALL. "Russ" PORTSMOUTH HIGH SCIIOOL Tri Gamma. PAUL J. KIRVAN. "Bro" PORTSMOUTH HIGII SCHOOL Portsmouth, N. I-I, Liberal Arts Portsmouth, N. H. Liberal Arts Kappa Sigma: Cane Rush CID, CZD: ROPC Pull CII. CZI: Baseball Clj, CZJ, C3j3 Sergeant R. O. T. C. . l45l 'l 'hc' Ciranile of I 9 30 HRCQH Hgnnnikgf, HENNIKEI2 Tgchnology Delta Sigma Chi: Alpha Sigma: Intramural Athletic Association: Baseball CID. C3D. HRDYH New Lgndgn, COLBY ACADEMY Tgchnology A. I. E. E.: Band CZD, C3D, C4-D. WILFRED B. KRABEK. "Bill" Dover, N, 1-1, DOVER HIGH SCHOOL Technology KENNETH S. LANE. "Prexy" Concord, N, H, CONCORD HIGH SCHOOL TeCl7f70lOgy Phi Delta Upsilon: Phi Kappa Phi: Phi Lambda Phi: Delta Chi: Scabbard and Blade: lfrfloigar and Ball: A. S. C. E.: Cane Rush CID, CZD: Winter Sports C2D: Captain R. O. .IOSEPH W. LANGFORD, "Joe" East Candia, N. H. RAYMOND Technology Phi Delta Upsilon: Delta Chi: Mortar and Ball: A. I. E. E.: Cross-Country CID, CZD: Track: Winter Sports CID, C2D. C3D: Cane Rush CID. CZD: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. ROBERT CRAIG LEARNED, "Bob" Concord, N. H. PAULINE LECLAIRE, "Polly" ELOISE LEDOUX. "Ellie" MORRIS LEOPOLD, "Moe" KIMBALL UNION ACADEMY A. I. E. E.: Baseball C1D. Technology Nashua. N. H. LASELL SEMINARY Liberal Arts Delta Kappa. Nashua, N. H. NASHUA HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Chi Omega: Glee Club CID. CZD : Le Cercle Francais. Lisbon. N. H. LISBON HIGH SCHOOL ' Liberal Arls Phi Alpha: Sphinx: Basketball CID, C2D: Football CID. DOROTHY M. LITTLE. "Dot" EDWARD F. SEARLES HIGH SCHOOL Methuen. Mass. Liberal Arls Alpha Chi Omega: Y. W. C. A.: Athletic Association: Class Vice-President CID: Soccer C13 JULIA LOCKE, "Judy" Saco. Me. KENNEBUNK HIGH SCI-IOOL. Kennebunk. Me. Liberal Arts Phi Mu. WINSTON HAMMOND LOTHROP, "Bill" Dover, N. H. DOVER HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Cilee Club CID, CZD, C3D: Commutcrs' Club. STEVVART F. LOVELL. "Stewie" Golfstown. N. H. GOFFSTOWN HIGH SCHOOL ' Liberal Arls Delta Sigma Chi: Glee Club CID. CZD. UD. C4D,: Choir C2D, C3D. DANIEL J. LUCINSKI, "Danny" Haverhill, Mass. HAVISRHILL HIGH SCHOOL Technology .NLP Kappa Sigma: N. H. Club: A. S. C. E.: Sergeant R. O. T. C.: Football CID. CZD, C3D: Baseball CID. C2D, C3D: Basketball CID, C2D: Boxing CZD, C3D. C4D: College Cham- pion 125 lb. Class. gli, ...... ,ug ,li .-----.. :I 1 ll: .,..-... up qi.. -f'---. :I , Ll: .--- ---app qv. -f----. 50 lu..-----.213 ,yt jx vo ,IGS-C o ., -,ZFX ,,o,9?i3YQ, ,ZZC5?s- ,Z i461 'I 'ln' CiI'fIl7l-ll' Of l 9 30 STEWART A. LYFORD, "Dook" CONCORD HIGH SCHOOL ' Concord. N. H. Technology Tri Gamma: Alpha Sigma: Rope Pull: Cane Rush CID. C215 Track CU, C2j, EDWARD MCCLENNING, "Mac" Westmoreland. N. H. KEENE HIGH SCHOOL A ' 1 ,. Alpha Gamma Rho: Alpha Zeta: Casque and Casket: University 4-H Club. grim lun EDWARD F. MCNAMARA WEST' LEBANON HIGH SCHOOL West Lebanon, N. H. Liberal Arls Theta Kappa Phi: N. H. Club: Blue Key: Sphinx: Basketball CID, CZD: Soccer CZD, C3D 2 Scabbard and Blade: First Lieutenant R. O. T. C. ERIC LUMSDEN MCNAB. "Scotty" Glasgow, Scotland A ' I HILLHEAD HIGH SCHOOL gnu, ,um Alpha Zeta: Sphinx: Forestry Club CZD. C3j, C49: Soccer CZD: Sergeant C395 Second Lieutenant C4J. HELEN MCSHANE, "Mac" DOVER HIGH SCHOOL Dover, N. H. Liberal Arls Commuters' Club: W. A. A. CZJ. CBD: Hockey CID. CZD. CBJ. ALICE FRANCES MCWEENEY. "Al" , Nashua, N. H. Naslluzl HIGI-I SCHOOL Liberal AHS ' Chi Omega: Treble Clef: Secretary CZJ: Glcc Club CID. CZD. C3j. RAYMOND F. MACDONALD, "McDougell" PETERBORO HIGH SCHOOL Theta Kappa Phi: Delta Chi. PAULINE R. MACLAREN. "Polly" Peterboro, N. H. Liberal Arts Concord, N, H, CONCORD HIGH SCI-IOOL L,'1,e,a1 Am Phi Mu: Iota Chi: N. H. Staff 419, 429: Glee Club CID, 429, C39, 449, Y, W, C, Ajpflj, 429, C3J, C4D: Hockey CID, 4291 Basketball 419, 429:BaSebal1 CID, 625. VVILLIAM A. MAHONEY. "Bill" KENNETT HIGl'l SCHOOL Tau Kappa Alpha: R. O. T. C. C3J, C4j. JOHN J. MARA, "Chick" NIANCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL Phi Sigma. JOSEPHINE MARTIN. "Jody" VERMONT ACADEMY, SKIDMORE COLLEGE Phi Mu: Baseball C3J. WALTER STOCKS MASON. "Walt" PINKERTON ACADEMY Alpha Gamma Rho: Alpha Zeta: Blue Key: Country C19, CZD: Rope Pull C19. MARSHALL EDWARD MESSENGER, "Marty" MT. HERMAN SCHOOL Alpha Tau Omega: Hockey C25 : Bllle Key. WILLARD EVERETT MOOAR. l'BilI" NASl'lUA HIGH SCHOOL Track Squad CZJ, CH. EV ERITT B. MOORE i North Conway, N. H. Liberal Arts Manchester, N. H. Liberal Arls Hartland, Vt. Liberal Arts Windham. N. H. Agriculture Intramural Athletic Association: Cross Westmoreland. N. H. Liberal Arts Nashua. N. H, Liberal Arls Keene. N. H. KEENE HIGH SCHOOL Technology Lambda Chi Alpha: Hockey CZD. C3j. C4l. LEON MORRISSETTE. "Morry" Salisbury, Mass. EXETER HIGH SCI-IOOL Technology Cane Rush CID. C211 Track CZJ. , , .,...., ,G , , ......, 5 , . ., ......... , . 1 . ..-. . 1 . -----.. ., -4 2 , ,5f:gfi:kkfif,,iftpk-:2a,Si:, l47l 'l'l7CC'ircm1'Ie Of 1930 PAUL FILLMORE MORTON I portland, Me. DEERING HIGH SCHOOL Technology Theta Upsilon Omega: Delta Chi: Glee Club CBD. C4D: GRANITE C'5D: New Hamigi. shire C2D. CLAIRE MOYNIHAN, "Buttercup" Ngrth Walpole' N' H. BELLOws FALLS, VT., HIGH SCHOOL L,'1,e,,,1 Arm Delta Kappa: Classical Club: Soccer CID. ELIZABETH LOUISE MURDOCH, "Liz" Mgnqhggfgrl N, H. MANCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL Libgral Arts Alpha Xi Delta: N. H. Staff CZD, C3D, C4D: GRANITE Heeler C2D: Hockey CID: Soc- cer CZD, C3D: W, A. A. CZD. CBD, C4D. R. "Al" W Portsmouth, N' H. PORTSMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL Technology Alpha Tau Omega: Basketball CID, CZD: Track CID, CZD, MAURICE S, NICHOLS. "Nick" Pcnncook, N, H, PENACOOK Liberal Arla Phi Delta Upsilon. NORBERT COGNE NODES, "Norbie" Bergeriield, N, J, DUMERT HIGH SCHOOL Liberal A1-ls Theta Kappa Phi: Sphinx: N. H. Club: Glee Club CID, CZD, CBD, C4D: Band CID, CZD. C3D, C4D: Intramural Athletic Association: Boxing CZD, CBD, C4D: Captain C4D: College Champion l 18 lbs.: Baseball CID. RUTH NORRIS Woodsville. N. H. WOODSVILLE HIGH SCI-IOOL Liberal Arts Y, W. C. A. C3D, C4D. ARNOLD NOYES, "Arnie" Sunapee, N, H, KIMBALL UNION Liberal Arts Theta Upsilon Omega: Track CID. 423, CBD: Rainy CID, 425, 433, 443, N, H, Club: Captain Track C4D. GERTRUDE E. NYE, "Genie" Atkinson, N. H. ATKINSON ACADEMY Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Omega: Mask and Dagger: Iota Chi: Kappa Delta Pi: Le Cercle Francais: Cap and Gown: N. H. Stalf CZD, C'5D: Alumni Editor of The N. H. C4D: Glee Club CID: Y. W. C. A. CID. CZD, C3D, C4D: GRANITE I-Ieeler CZD: GRANITE Board CBD. JAMES D. OSGOOD, "Jimmie" Pittsfield, N. H. PITTSFIELD HIGH SCI-IOOL. NEW HAMPTON LITERARY INSTITUTE Liberal Arts Phi Delta Upsilon: Phi Delta C'24-25D: Scabbard and Blade: Sergeant R. O. T. C. CZD. CED: Lieutenant C4D: Deputation Y. M. C. A. CID: Soccer CZD, C3D: Boxing C3D. Boxing C3D. ESTHER E. OTIS Farmington, N. H. FARMINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Sigma Omicron: Pan Hellenic: Kappa Delta Pi: Phi Kappa Phi: Classical Club. ISABELLE PAIGE, "Izzy" Weare, N. H. WEARE HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Psi Lambda: Phi Sigma: Glee Club CID, CZD: Soccer CID, CZD, C3D, C4D: Hockey C2D: Baseball C2D'. X PASQUALI PAOLINO, "Pat" Wolfeboro, N. I-I. BREWSTER ACADEMY ' Liberal Arts Theta Kappa Phi: Football CID, CZD. CED, C4D: Baseball CID. CZDY C3D: Track Cll- SYLVESTER M. PARSHLEY, "Doc" Wolfebo-ro, N. H. BREWSTER ACADEMY Lrberal Arts Theta Upsilon Omega: R. O. T. C. C3D, C4D. ' 1481 rl ilu' CIi1'a1r7I'l0 of I 0 30 C. MADALYN PATTEN, "Par" Brogklineh Mass, BRUNSWICK, ME., HIGH SCHOOL Lfboml Am Chi Omega: Phi Lambda Phi: Psi Lambda. CHARLOTTE M. PEARL, "Pete" Amesbury, Mass' AMESBURY HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Am Delta Kappa: Psi Lambda: Y. W. C. A.: Hockey CID, CZD: Track CID. CHARLOTTE L. PEASLEE, "Charlie" Merrimack, N' H' NASHUA HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Ano Phi Lambda Phi: Psi Lambda: University 4-H Club CZD, C3D, C4-D: Hockey CID, JOHN FREMONT PERKINS, "Pork" Meredith, N. H. IVIEREDITI-I HIGH SCHOOL - Tgghnology A. S. M. E. RUTH BEVERIDGE PHELPS Durham, N. H. JEFFERSON HIGI--I SCHOOL Liberal Arts Phi Mu: Phi Lambda Phi: Book and Scroll: W. A. A.: Hockey Squad CID: Baseball Squad CZD. JOHN LEWIS PHILLIPS, "Jack" Rochester, N. H. 'ROCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL Technology NORMAN J. PIERCE, "Kilowatt" Stoneham, Mass, STONEHAM HIGH SCHOOL Technology Phi Delta Upsilon: Chairman, N. H. Branch. A. I. E. E. C4D. WARREN PINNEY, "Piney" Springfield, Mass. SPRINGFIELD TECI'l. INSTITUTION Technology Si ma Al ha E silon: President Scabbard and Blade: Student Member of Athletic Execu- 1 S P P , tive Committee: Sphinx Member of Executive Committee: Platoon Sergeant R. O. T. C.: Football CID: Track CID: Intramural Representative. RUTH PITCHER. "Pitcher" Keene, N. H, KEENE HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Phi Mu: Iota Chi: Phi Sigma: Psi Lambda: N. H.. Staff C2D, C3D: Woman's Student Government Secretary C3D : WomAen's Student Council C4D 1 Alumni Association Secretary C4D: Pan Hellenic: W. A. A. CID, CZD. C3D, C4D: Hockey CID, CZD: Soccer C3D: Basketball CID. C2D, C3D. A h DEAN S. POTTER Acworth, N. H. LEBANON Technology Phi Delta Upsilon: A. S. C. E.: Winter Sports CID, CZD: Track CID: Rope Pull CID: Cane Rush CID: Sergeant. GYNETH PREW, "Gyne" Foxboro. Mass. POXBORO HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arls Alpha Omicron Pi at Jackson: Book and Scroll: Congreve House Committee C4D : Wom- ans Student Government Board: W. A. A.: Soccer L23- LAWRENCE SARGENT PUTNAM. "Put" South Lyndeboro, N. H. WILTON HIGH SCHOOL ' Liberal Arts SHIRLEY PUTNAM, "Shirl" Portland, Me. WESTBROOK SEMINARY Liberal Arls Chi Omega: W. A. A.: Soccer CID, CZD. ARCHIE RABINOVITZ, "Rabi" CONCORD HIGH SCHOOL Phi Alpha: Book and Scroll. Q MARY RAYMOND Concord, N. H. Liberal Arts Reeds Ferry, N. H. LAWRENCE HIGH SCI-IOOL, LASELL SEMINARS' Llllffllf Arts Delta Kappa: Classical Club: Track C3D: Baseball C39- l49l 'I 'hr' Cll'ClI7I'lf' of I 0 50 HATTIE F. RECORD East Jaffrey, N. H. EAST .IAFFREY HIGH SCIIOOL ' Liberal Arts Chi Omega: President of W. A. A.: GRANITE Heeler: Iota Chi: New Hampshire Staff. HERBERT BRIGGS REED, "Punkin" Keene. N. H. KEENE HIGH SCHOOL Technology Theta Upsilon Omega: Football CU, CZJ. GORDON F. REED. "Pep" Gorham, N. H. GORHAM HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Kappa Sigma: Glee Club CID. 121: Sub Manager CID, CZJ: R. O. T. C.: Captain Commanding Co. C C4J. FRANK DUDLEY REED Newport, N. H. TOWLE HIGH SCHOOL Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho. A ALVIN REINHART, "Al" Boston. Mass. NIECHANIC ARTS HIGH SCHOOL TOCl7l70lOgy Theta Upsilon Omega: Alpha Sigma: Band CID. KZJ, l3D: Rope Pull: Baseball CID. CZD, GD: Varsity Hockey KZJ. OJ: Captain Q4-J: N. H. Club: Blue Key. DAVID ROBINSON. "Robbie" ' Lawrence. Mass. IVIETHUEN HIGH SCHOOL TeCl7770lOgy Theta Upsilon Omega: Band Ill, CZD, C3D: Orchestra CU. CZJ, CSD: Cane Rush llj, QZQ: Baseball CU: Intramural Boxing. EDWARD ISAAC ROSENTHAL Manchester. N. H. MALDEN HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Phi Alpha: Sphinx: Casque and Casket: Track UD. EUGENE EDWARD ROURKE, "Gene" Exeter, N. H. EXETER HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Commuters' Club. JOSEPH SANDY ROY, "Joe" Amesbury, Mass. AIVIESBURY I'IIGI'I SCHOOL Lllbefal Arts Phi Mu Delta: Football CID. IZD, OD, C41 : Baseball CID. CZJ: Boxing CD, HD: Hockey CZJ: Track CD, l4D: Glee Club OD, C4J: Sphinx: Blue Key: N. H. Club: L. W. V. Club. HELEN F. ST. GEORGE. "Georgie" ' Walpole, N. H. WALPOLE HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Glee Club OD. C4D: Choir CBJ, 145: Y. W. C. A. OJ, C4j. ROBERT SARGENT, "Bob" Franklin, N. H. FRANKLIN I'IIGl'l SCHOOL Liberal Arls Phi Delta Upsilon: Soccer CZD: Cane Rush CU. CZD. FRANCES C. SAVAGE, "Fran" Groveton, N. H. - GROVETON HIGH SCHOOL Technology Alpha Tau Omega: Aero Club OJ: President MJ. PAUL NEWTON SCRIPTURE. "Scrip" Surry. N. H. KEENE HIGH SCHOOL Agrlieulfllfe Alpha Gamma Rho: Alpha Chi Sigma. FRANK SEAVER, ' New Hampton, N. H. NEW I'IAlVlPTON ACADEMY . TeCl7r7OlOgy Theta Upsilon Omega: Baseball Cl D, CZJ. VU. GORDON BAILEY SEAVEY, "Seav" Westford. Mass. WESTFORD ACADEMY Liberal Arts Lambda Chi Alpha: Glee Club OD: Band OJ. l4D: Tennis CSD. l50l A N, l A K. ,... ..., ' . , ,. . C V A - 1 not ,I --""'- .o af 5 . or 3-Yi: ,-i7tr'Q- I he Cfznzrvflu of IU 169 ,135 fixfis, . CHARLES ARTHUR SEWELL. "Charlie" Dover, H. DOVER HIGH SCHOOL L,-om, Am Commuters' Club: Glee Club CID, C2D, CBD: Phi Kappa Phi. BERNARD SHEDD. "Bernie" Manchester, N, H. MANCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL Technology Phi Mu Delta: Baseball CID: Winter Track CID: Intramural Athletic Association C2D, 63D: Y. M. C. A. CID, C2D, C3D. C4D: Freshman Nominating Committee: University Band CID. CZD: Orchestra: L. W. V. Club: Alpha Chi Sigma. FRANCIS JOHAN SILVIA. "Frankie" Middleboro, Mm MIDDLEBOR0 Liberal Arts I??5JIJHcggg:m':iQ:ra?lleeC5lt1b 6lD. 62D: 63D- 64D: Foofball 6lD- 62D. 63D, C4Dg Baseball NICHOLAS J. SIRHAKIS, "Nick" Sgmergwgrthl N, H. BERWICK ACADEMY Technology Delta Epsilon Pi: Commuters' Club: Commuter A. C.: Football C4D. RITA SLACK, "Reet" Stratham, N, H, ROBINSON SEMINARY L,'1,e,o1 Am Glee Club CID, CZD: Treble Clel' CZD: Debating CZD. ADDISON LAMPREY SMITH, "Smitty" Wggdsvillc, N. H. S'rEvENs HIGH SCHOOL Lfbml Arts Kappa Delta Pi: Golden Bull Staff C3D: University Orchestra C2D, C3Dg Band CZD, C3D, C4D: Sergeant in Band C4-D. CHARLES MERMIER SMITH. "Charlie" Laconia, oN. H, 'I-ILTON SCHOOL ,Agffgulfufe Theta Chi: Phi Kappa Phi: N. I-I. Club: Winter Sports C2D : Cross Country C3D 5 Track C3D : Intramural A. A. ESTHER SMITH, "Et" Dover. N. H. DOVER I'IIGI-I SCHOOL Lliberal Arts Phi Sigma: Commuters' Club: W. A. A.: Varsity Debating: Baseball CID: Track C3D. RICHARD EMERY SMITH, "Em" Laconia, N. H. TILTON SCHOOL Liberal .Arts Theta Chi: Sphinx: Secretary 1929 Sphinx: Class Relay CID, CZD: Track CID, CZD, C3D: Interfraternity Tennis Championship CZD: Doubles C3D. WILMOT HAVEN SMITH, "Willie" Plymouth, N. H. PLYMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL Lfberdl Arts Phi Mu Delta: Tennis CID, C2D. C3D: Cheer Leader 6lD.- CZD, C3D, C4-D: Head Cheer Leader C4-D: Y. M. C. A. CID. CZD. C3D, C4D: Alpha Sigma: Managerial Competition 61D, 62D, ROBERT L. SNODGRASS, "Snoddy" Berlin, N. H. BERLIN HIGH SCHOOL Technology Theta Chi: Alpha Sigma: GRANITE Heeler CZD: Managerial Competition CID, CZD5 Manager's Club: Assistant Manager Hockey C3D : Vice-President Outing Club C3D : Blue Key C4D: Manager Hockey C4D. ARTHUR L. SOMERS, "Art" Gloucester, Mass. GLOUCESTER HIGH SCHOOL .Lfbeftll Arts Kappa Sigma: Mask and Dagger: Rope Pull. 6lD. 62D1 Debating: R. O. T. C. C3D, C4D: Football CID. CAROLYN E, SQPER, "Carol" Shelburne Falls, Mass. ARMS ACADEMY, IVIASSACI-IUSETTS AGRICULTURE COLLEGE Llibercll Arts Delta Kappa: Psi Lambda: Glee Club C3D. 64D: TFHCK 63D. LEON SOULE. "Red" Brunswick. Me. BRUNSWICK HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arzs Kappa Sigma. I - I'----- . -t-f-. . . ---'-- -. a . - 'I:"""':JL,. .. 'li?,""""2,5f, L. ' L - 127i DNS' TLLQ ffff EIN-to ,fiiil fix , , Ixfl. , ,, -1 " x fx r , -fx :if .71 I 51 I 'l 'he Grcznile of 10 30 ALICE SPINNEY, "Spinney" Worcester, Mass. NORTH HIGH SCHOOL Ll'l79ftll AHS Alpha Xi Delta: Iota Chi: Phi Sigma: Book and Scroll: Tau Kappa Alpha: Vice- President C3D: Cap and Gown: New Hampshire Staff CID, CZD, C3D, C4-D: GRANITE Heeler CID, CZD: GRANITE Board C3D: Pan Hellenic C3D, C4D: President Freshman Commission CID: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet CZD: Sophomore Rules Committee: Debating Team CZD: Carnival Ball Committee C3D: Secretary Outing Club: W. A. A. CID. CZD, ' C3D, C4D: Hockey Team CID, CZD: Captain C3D: Tennis Team C2, C3D. CLARENCE E. SPRAGUE. "Spragie" Concord. N. H. CONCORD I'IIGI'I SCHOOL Liberal ANS Phi Delta Upsilon: Sub-Manager CID. CZD: Sergeant C3D: Lieutenant. LOUISE SPRAGUE. "Squee" Concord. N. H. COLBY ACADEMY Liberal Arls Chi Omega: Iota Chi: Cap and Gown: N. H. Staff CID, CZD, C3D, C4D: Sophomore Rules Committee: GRANITE Board C3DA: W0men's Student Government Treasurer CZDL XV. A. A. CID, CZD, C3D: C4D: Y. W. C. A. CID, C2D, C3D, C4D: Pan Hellenic C3D. C4D: Freshman Commission: Hockey CID. LEWIS MORGRAGE STARK, "Starkie" Goffstown, N. H. GOEFSTOWN HIGH SCHOOL I Liberal Arts Glee Club C3D, C4D: Book and Scroll C3D, C4D: Mask and Dagger CZD. CBD, C4D. ROBERT J. STARKE, "Red" Lawrence, Mass. LAWRENCE HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arls Kappa Sigma: Book and Scroll: Sphinx: Iota Chi: Managing Editor N. H.: GRANITE C3D: Class President C3D, C4D: Football CID: Baseball CID: Scabbard and Blade. LUCY CATHARINE STEWART, "Luce" Exeter, N. H. ROBINSON SEMINARY Liberal Arts Phi Mu: Psi Lambda: President C4D: W. A. A. CID, C2D, C3D, C4-D: Hockey CZD, CBD: Soccer CID, C3D: Baseball CID, CZD. CBD: Basketball CID, CZD, C3D. WILLIAM STOCKER, "Bill" Sunapee, N. H. TILTON Technology Delta Pi Epsilon: Alpha Sigma: Glee Club CZD, CSD, C4D: Track CID. GEORGE CARTER SUMNER, "Soup" Penacook, N. H. PENACOOK HIGH SCHOOL Phi Delta Upsilon: Football CZD: Baseball C3D. JOHN W. TAI-IANEY. "Will" Beverly. Mass. BEVIiRI.Y HIGH SCHOOL Libeftll AHS Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JULIA ALICE TAYLOR, "Dode" Durham. N. H. DOVER HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Phi Mu: Soccer: Baseball: WL A. A. RONALD EDIVIUND TETLEY, "Tet" Laconia. N. H. LACONIA HIGH SCHOOL ' Llllefdl Arls Theta Kappa Phi: Glee Club CID: N. H. Club CID. CZD. C3D: Football CID: Winter Sports CID, C2D: Intramural Tennis Champion CZD: College Champion C3D: Cap- tain C3D: Intramural Basketball and Baseball CZD. C3D. ROGER R. THOMPSON, "Tom" Somersworth. N. H. BERWICK ACADEMY LCll0!'tIl Arls Commuters' Club C3D: Sergeant R. O. T. C. C3D.' C4D. l52l The Cirunllc Of 19,30 , RUTH E. THOMPSON, "Ruthie" Hudson, N, I-1' NASHUA HIGH SCHOOL L,'1,0,,,1 Am Phi Sigma. EDWARD F. TILC. "Ed" G1-ovglon, N, H. GROVETON HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Args Y. M. C. A. MARY ELIZABETH TIMMINS, "Tim" Exeter, N. H, SANBORN SEMINARY Lfzwml Arls Sigma Omicron: Phi Kappa Phi: Le Cercle Francais: Vice-President W. A. A.: Cap and Gown: Woman's Student Council Vice-President: Baseball: Basketball: Track: Hockey: Soccer. LESTER BURGOYNE TOBEY, "Tobey" Hampton, N, H, NEWBURYPORT HIGH SCHOOL Ag!'l'CL1llLl!'E Phi Mu Delta: Manager Boxing: N. H. Club: Forestry Club: Alpha Zeta. MALCOLM P. TOONE. "Zeke" Concord. N. H, CONCORD HIGH SCHOOL Technology Theta Upsilon Omega: Glee Club CID, CZJ, CBJ, C4b: Orchestra CD, C4j, GEORGE C. TURNER. "Soup" Penacook, N. H. PENACOOK ' Technology Phi Delta Upsilon: A. I. E. E.: Football CU. CZJ. C3D: Baseball Clj, CZQ, GEORGE IRVING TUTTLE, "Tut" Limerick, Me. LIMERICK ACADEMY Technology Delta Sigma Chi: Mortar and Ball: A. S. C. E. C31 C431 Cane Rush Clj, C255 In- tramural Baseball CZD, C3J: Intramural Hockey CZD. CBJ: Sergeant R. O. T. C. C3jg 'Lieutenant R. O. T. C. C4-D. GERTRUDE TWOMBLY, "Gert" Portsmouth. N. H, PORTSMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL Lll7L'I'c1l Arts Chi Omega: Iota Chi: N. H. Staff CZD. CD. C4J. JOHN D. VALAKIS, i'Val" Manchester, N. H, IVIANCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL, CENTRAL Ljbg,-al A,-ls Delta Epsilon Pi: Iota Chi: N. H. Staff CZJ. CD, C4D. ROSS VILARDO, "Val" Garfield, N. J, NEWARK PREP. SCHOOL Liberal Arts STANLEY NORMAN VOGEL. "Sid" Manchester, N. H. IVIANCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL 'lk-chnology A. S. EJ GRANITE CARL E. WALKER, "Johnny" Contoocook, N. H. HOPKINTON HIGH SCHOOL Ag!'lCLlllLU'C Forestry Club CZD, C3D. C4J: Cross Country UI. GARDNER H. WALES. "Pash" Washington, D. C, CONCORD HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Tri Gamma. JAMES WALLS, "Jimmy". Amesbury. Mass. Liberal Arts AMESBURY HIGH SCHOOL Kappa Sigma: Glee Club CID. CZJ: University Quartet Clj: Football. CID, CZD, C3j: Track CZD: President Blue Key C4J. MARGUERITE E. WALSH, "Peggy" Lexington. MASS- MARYCLIFF ACADEMY Liberal Arls Chi Omega. ,k.------.Ja pll.-A---wzj, ,k.-.-.-..J, ,lip-----.z,, y43vi-.,.XIQx.-,fcc5S4.,, ,zapxwpi , I 53 1 If Tj .L ...,.. J, ,L .,,,.. :ali 'lin' CiI'fll7l'll' nl' Ml ,if .ffa JOHN WENDELL, HSIJIIICH Portsmouth, N, H, PORTSMOUTH HIGI-I SCHOOL Technology Delta Sigma Chi: N. H. Club: Cane Rush CII: Corporal R. O. T. C.: Winter Sports C1D,C27.C3P- WARREN WENTWORTH, "Went" Dover, N, H, DOVER HIGH SCHOOL Technolggy MARJORIE MARIE WEST, "Chubby" NORTH HIGH SCHOOL Worcester, Mass. Liberal Arls Alpha Xi Delta: Iota Chi: Phi Sigma: Vice-President C4J: Cap and Gown: N. H. Staff CZD CBD, C4J: W. A. A. CZD, CBJ, C4I: Y. W. C. A. CID. CZD: Treasurer C3J: President C4D: Treasurer Freshman Commission CID: Y. W. C. A. Nominating Com- mittee CIJ: Hockey CID, CZD. CD: Hockey Sports Leader C3j: Basketball CID. CZD, C3D: Baseball CZJ: Tennis C3j. JOHN ADAMS WETTERGREEN, "Jack" MALDEN HIGI-I SCHOOL Malden. Mass. Technology Sigma Alpha Epsilon: President Senior Skulls CM: President Outing Club CD: Presi- dent of Athletic Association C4J : Senior Member of Student Council C43 : Student Branch American Society Civil Engineers: N. H. Club: Football CID, CZJ, CBJ, C4-D. HOWARD MELVIN WIGGIN, "Wig" EXETER HIGH SCHOOL Alpha Zeta: Cane Rush CID, CZJ. JOHN WHITTEMORE, "Whit" PINKERTON ACADEMY Stratham, N. H. Agriculture Londonderry, N. H. Agriculture Kappa Sigma: Sphinx: Iota Chi: Blue Key: N. H. Staff CZJ. C3J: GRANITE Board: Track CID, CZD: Sergeant CD. HENRY R. WILLEY. "Baldy" DOVER HIGH SCHOOL Phi Mu Delta: Y. M. C, A. CID. 429, CELIA T. WILLIAMS PORTSMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL Chi Omega: Mask and Dagger. RUTH LOUISE WOODMAN, "Rufus" AMESBURY HIGH SCHOOL Delta Kappa. LOUISE WOODMAN, "Lou" WOBURN HIGH SCHOOL Delta Chi: Glee Club 433: Choir C4D FRANK G. WOODWARD, "Hank" WOODSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL Durham. N. H. Liberal Arts CD: Basketball CID. New Castle, N. H. Amesbury, Mass. Liberal Arts Woburn, Mass. Liberal Arls Woodsville. N. H. Liberal Arts Delta Pi Epsilon: GRANITE Heeler CZD: GRANITE Board CBD: Glee Club CID, CZD, C3D, C4J: Track CID: Soccer CZJ. HARRIETT F. WYATT, "Harry" NUTE HIGH SCHOOL Phi Mu: Psi Lambda: Hockey NORMAN H. YOUNG. "Norm" PORTSMOUTH HIGI-I SCHOOL CZI. C35 North Rochester, N. H. Liberal Arts Portsmouth, N. H. Liberal Arts Alpha Tau Omega: Sphinx: Casque and Casket: Sergeant R. O. T. C.: Football CID: Baseball CII. CZJ: Hockey CZJ. .l-,. -44-- J. ttf- rl, '-'-'.,j- l ...A """"- .fl H Ali -"""- ,JI ta.. --:"' A , 1-YQ 'fx ,.2?f1f'Tx , ,QVQ f C, ,,1'73Kf'5. ,ZCK fX . ,bfi ifqih.. Llfx, -id 541 ' V -' mn.. .Q-,VH ' " '11.'cf,-...W ul ffm , .,, ,,, N, ,ffywxy 4, .x 1 Class Officers P .3 George Hadley, Trans.: Annu King, Sec, Earl Butchcldcr, Pres.: Mary Pike, Vice res 31930 -Ly . . . , ---,' N. . -b .V H W A -V , n - ""'-- - . . . L J 1- f 1- 1 Q as QQ f xii, ,,L7Q.'Yx,, QP-Tl13'x,, ,Xxx . , , , , A .Y l55l , . f - il 'lvl' fi1'c1171'Ic' of lf! SU 1930 Sophisticated-we thought we were A blessing to the college. How green indeed we learned we were And sadly lacked in knowledge. The Sophomores were merciless, So heartless and so cruel, They bowed us down to meekness And gave us many a rule. They pushed us and they fought us. They worked us every way, To wash the paint from sidewalks Not a word had we to say. Our football victories were complete, And in basketball we'd no defeat. It wasn't long before we, too Were making laws severe and blue. But whatever might be our intent The Freshmen didn't think we meant For them to follow and obey, But we proved then that we held sway. Into the pond so dark and cold We ducked those men who were too bold. And NOW we are Juniors We put forth our work, And our Granite will show you That we do never shirk. Our Prom, too, we modestly Are forced to admit With student and imports, Seemed quite a big hit One more year we'll study And make this our home, Then into the wide world 1930 must roam. A l56l il 'ln' C i1'c1r71'10 of pl 'Z 50 FLORA R. ABBIATI, "Abbie" Milford, N. H. MILFORD HIGH SCHOOL Lfbeftll Arts Pi Lambda Sigma: Kappa Delta Pi: Le Cercle Francais: Y. W. C. A. CU. CZJ, CBJ. JOHN ADAMS Keene, N. H. KEENE HIGH SCHOOL Lfbertll Arts Phi Sigma WATSON C. ADAMS, "Watt" Exeter. N. H. EXETER Technology Commuters' Club: Football CID: Ser- geant: R. O. T. C.: Marksman. EDWARD AGRANOVITCH, "Eddie" Colchester, Conn. CUSHING ACADEMY V Liberal Arts Phi Alpha: Casque and Casket: Sopho- more Court: Winter Sports CID. UD: R. O. T. C. WILLIAM HENRY ALLEN, "Hen" North Conway, N. H. KENNETT HIGH SCHOOL Llberdl Arts Phi Mu Delta. HOPE ADELAIDE AMSDEN, "Hopie" Dover, N. H. DOVER HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Commuters' Club CU, CZJ, OD: Classi- ' Cai Club 423, op. .-Htl. . ..,......,'. , vpn K. ..,......,.' 1 Aj .,,......,'- 1 A A .-,........, 0 4: -,.--H-.,,. and I '!.,,,,..... J 6 niwnmbuh X l' 'J 4' J it !iff.1NiC,,Zi1D-i'-,,?5g,TYLQ- ,Zia Liga .fic DR., ,fix 15s-, Lfffbi , f ff l 5 7 1 K .4-V AAUI, A A,V,. .4 D. W A, . , A.: .... 4., Q'-if. ijfgfb, l ln' CIHIIIIII' of lil FII fl. ,i vii -ffa I I I I I I l I MURIEL ELIZABETH ANDREWS, "Andy" Somersworth. N. H. BERWICK ACADEMY Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Omega: GRANITE Heeler C2D : GRANITE Board C3D: Sophomore Rules Committee: Glee Club CID. C2D. C3D: Pan Hellenic C3D: W. A. A. CID, CZD, C3D: Y. W. C. A. CID, CZD, C3D: Basketball CID. CZD: Hockey CID, CZD: Track CZD: Soccer CBD. JOHN ARREN. "Johnnie" Manchester. N. H. MANCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL. WEST Technology Delta Chi. BRYCE OLDING ATWOOD. "B. O." Manchester, N. H. M ANCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL Technology ELIZABETH ATWOOD. "Betty" Pelham, N. H. LOWELL HIGH SCHOOL Llllertll Arts Alpha Xi Delta: Psi Lambda: G'ee Club CID: Y. W. C. A. CID. CZD, C3D: Baseball CID, CZD. HARVEY BACHELDER. "Batch" Concord. N. H. CONCORD HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Phi Delta Upsilon: Hockey CID, CZD, C3D: Band CID. C2D, C3D. JOHN WESTON BAILEY. "Joe" ' West Newbury. Mass. WEST NEWBURY HIGH SCHOOL Technology Band C3 D . 158 r',55'f"'f'13?43.'4iffHF574 film- C imnilt- of l U ill HOLLIS WALTER BALDWIN, "Baldy" Colebrook. N. H. COLEBROOK HIGH SCHOOL, DEAN Liberal Arts BEVERLEY W. BALL, "Bev" Manchester, N. H. IVIANCHESTIER CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL Agriculture Al h G a Rho: Forestry Club CZD. P 3 amm Soccer C215 Winter Sports J . WILMA FRANCES BALL, "Billie" Lancaster, N. H. VvIHl'I'EI:lEI.D HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Y. W. C. A. CID, 429, 435. ROBERT G. BALLARD, "Bob" Pcnacook, N. H. PENACOOK HIGH Scllool, Technology I-ORETTA MARIE BANNON. "Ret" Laconia. N. H. NEWBURYPORT HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Delta Kappa: GRANITE Heeler CZD: GRANITE Board CBD: Glee Club CZJC Y. W. C. A. CID, CZJ, C332 W. A. A. CID, CZD, C3D: Hockey CU: Baseball CID. BENJAMIN' THOMAS BARTLETT. "Ben" Derry Village, N. H. PINKERTON ACADEMY Technology Delta Pi Epsilon: Glee Club CID, CZJ, Band CID, CZJ: Orchestra E21 ,i55'f"fP2fcfi1'f 5i4fff23:r4, Jeff ' C l59l , L. 5. - Y, 'lin' C II'1ll7lil1,' of 1050 FREMONT DAYTON BA RTLETT, "Date" Berlin. N. H. BERLIN HIGH SCHOOL Theta Chi: Sphinx: GRANITE Healer 113. 123. ROGER BARTON, "Bart" Groveton. N. H. GROVETON HIGH SCHOOL Lfberlll Arts Lambda Chi Alpha: Sophomore Court. EARL BOYCE BATCHELDER. "Batch" Lancaster. N. H. TILTON SCHOOL Liberal Arts Theta Chi: Sphinx: Casque and Casket: GRANITE Heeler 123: Business Manager GRANITE: Freshman Foot- ball: Varsity Soccer 123: Class Vice-President 123: President 133. JOHN WOODBURY BEEDE, "Joe" Meredith, N. H. TILTON ScHooL Technology Phi Mu Delta: GRANITE Heeler 113. 123: GRANITE Board 133: Soccer 12 . HELEN F. BERNABY, Fremont. N. H. SANBORN SEMINARY Liberal AHS W. A. A.: Soccer 113. 123. 133: Hockey 113, 123. 133: Basketball 113,123,133:BasebalI113, 123, 133: Fruit Judging Team. CHARLES FRANCIS BIANCHI, , Worcester, Mass. WORCESTER NORTH HIGH SCHOOL 1 Liberal Arts Kappa Sigma: Glee Club 113, 123: Football 113. 123. 133: Captain 113: Track 113, 123, 133: Ser- geant 133. 'I 'Ive ClI'6ll7I'll' of 1030 ARNOLD C. BLAKE. Hill, N. H. TILTON SCHOOL Liberal Arts ' Band C31 : Varsity Tennis C253 Soccer BERNARD BLAKEY. "Bill" Peterborof N. H. PETERBORO HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Delta Pi Epsilon: Board of Directors 1930 Sphinx: Track CU. PARKER MGKAY BLODGETT, 'Shorty" Exeter, N. H. EXETER HIGH SCHOOL Agriculture Phi Lambda Phi: Cross Country CID. WILLIAM BOARDMAN, "Bill" Somerville. Mass. GH HUNTINGTON SCHOOL, EVERETT HI SCHOOL Liberal Arts Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Sphinx: Student Council GJ: Football flj: Win- ter Carnival Committee 133. EDMEE ADELINE ISOULANGER, "Ed" Dover. N. H. DOVER HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Am C0rnmuters' Club CU, CD, OJ: Le Cercle Francais CU, CZQ, OD. ABBOT WEBSTER BOYLES, "Ab" Chester. N. H. PINKERTON ACADEMY Technology Delta Chi: A. I. E. E.: Y. M. C. A. CU. CZJ, OD: Cane Rush 121. t l 61 l 'l 'ln' C ll'lll7l.lC of l 9 30 GEORGE EDWARD BRIEN. Nashua. N. H. NASHUA HIGH SCHOOL Technology JEAN BRIERLEY. Lawrence, Mass. LAWRENCE HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Phi Sigma: Y. W. C. A. llj, CZJ. CBD: Assistant Editor of Freshman Bible CZJ. EDWARD BROMLEY. "Ed" Lebanon, N. H. LEBANON HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Band CID. CZD. 132: Orchestra CID. CZJ. C332 Rope Pull. HAZEL RUGGLES BRONSON. "Hay" Claremont, N. H. STEVENS HIGH SCHOOL- Liberal Arts Phi Mu: Psi Lambda. DANIEL ADAMS BROWN, "Dan" Newbury, Mass. DUMMER ACADEMY Agriculture RUTH BROWN. "Brownie" e Deerlield, N. H. RAYMOND HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Sigma Omicron: Glee Club: Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A.: Baseball. l62 gif: ',"' I fn' C f1'41l71'lt' HIC l U ill SHELDON BROWNSON. "Red" Shelton, Conn. BREWSTER ACADEMY Agriculture GRANITE Heeler: Football CID. CZJ. C3J: Track CID. CZD: Sphinx: Advanced R. O. T. C. SARA LOUISE BRUNEL. "Sally" Concord, N. H. CONCORD HIGH SCHOOL Chi Omega: GRANITE Heeler CZJ: GRANITE Board Cap. Y. W. A. C1J,C2J,C3J. ANNA KATHRYN BUCKLEY, "Ann" Dover, N. H. DOVER HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Pi Lambda Sigma: Classical Club: Com- muters' Club. RUTI-I ELEANOR BUNKER. "Bunk" Kingston. N. H. SANBORN SEMINARY Liberal Arts Phi Mu: W. A. A. CID, CZJ. C35: Junior Member Student Council C3J: Freshman Commission Y. W. C. A. CID: Baseball CID: Basket- ball Clj, CZD: Hockey CZJ: Track Team CU, CZJ: President Con- greve Hall: Vice-President Women's Student Council. FLORENCE ETHEL BURNHAM. "Toots" Kittery, Me. TRAIP ACADEMY Phi Mu: Glee Club CID. C255 Congreve House Committee CU. CZD. C353 Y. W. C. A. KENNETH PARMENTER BUTTER- FIELD, "Ken" Antrim. N. H. COLBY ACADEMY Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho: Sphinx: Casque and Casket: Phi Sigma: Forestry Club: Glee Club. is 1 be s 7: IJ li ls E1 G fl! 1 'a Q b nge? E lt". tildcgff 5 'ii i 2 7 IW! 3 Hx, , .L-5 lil' luv-as-1 .sa 1. 'vm-'v"fw.. sz '. ' .w:,.s.w'-' . ...... A - :"' L- - .-....'l:""""Lr.lf.,- .1l:""i"':Jl?,-. f ' ff?Q 5 Qfyi 5-X15 aff?-1 -jifg ,XX , , f 'x 1 X , , -f Q 1 XC , ,ff x 1 l63l 9c5'Q' psl4f""Q'221 'l mln' C imnflv of I 0 ill ' " I Frf.f3l".2"I 5 """l "'w"v. i ef I ga. ,iii 5 :Weir M21 " 3' 'ir 'V' , .W I 5 I ELF Y i. I . E "l S . I 'S V , . sp M I 5, tx' 1 Qlxma I ll 449' .-N gg ll " "'l'!QfC'4 Q Q 5'IA 1 25 3 a I l g 3 fi ll .I 2 'E S '41 Nu I '1 A I ze il v '13 rf 'Y .A .A .1 W ,. i QL a . BA' ,ta .31 I A IA . .l'.4' - lf? " ThiY'i'1!P LI: ,7KJX-,,.lPX- ,I-DX, l64l ARTHUR JOSEPH CALL, "Art" Exeter, N. H. EXETER HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Commuters' Club. MILICIENT EDA CALLAHAN, "Millie" Enfield, N. H. NEWPORT, VT. HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Phi Mu: Glec Club C255 Choir C35. BEATRICE CALNAN, "Bing" Manchester, N. H. NIANCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL Kappa Delta Pi: Physical Education Club. Secretary-Treasurer C253 Vice-Pres- ident C35: W. A. A. C15, C25, C35: Hockey C15, C25: Soccer Cl5, C25, C351 Track Cl5, C25: Baseball C25: Basketball C25: Sen- ior Member Woman's Student Gov- ernment. MILDRED CASTLE. "Mil" Laconia, N. H. NEWBURYPORT HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts W. Al. A. C15, C25, C353 Glee Club UD. C251 C351HOCk2Y U51 C25: Track C25. - CLAYTON CHASE. "Chippy" Milford, N. H. MILFORD HIGH SCHOOL Technology Delta Pi Epsilon: A. S. C. E.: Delta Chi: Boxing C15, C25, MARGARET LOUISE CHELLISQ "Margie" Kezar Falls, Me. PORTER H101-1 scnooi. Liberal Arts Alpha chi omega: Giee club 415, C25, C35: Choir 425. -435: GRANITE Heeler C25: GRANITE Board C35: Y. W. C. A. 415, 425, 435. ,.... ........ ,,,.. ,.., ,....,. J " '- J 1- imfi-.,2G,i-.,i1i,wif-,7ifz T170 Grfznilv of 10 50 EDITH MARY CHURCHILL, Deerfmeld, N. H. ROBINSON SEMINARY Liberal Arts BEATRICE ETI-IEL CLARK, "Bee" Dover, N. H. DOVER HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Commuters' Club CID, CZD. 135. JESSE K. CLARK, "Jess" Charlestown, N. H. Cl-IARLESTOWN HIGH SCHOOL Technology ALENE CLIFFORD, "Neem" Conway, N. H. FARMINGTON NORMAL SCHOOL Liberal Arts Y. W. C. A. CBJ. ' DORIS HILDA CLIFFORD, "Dot" Conway, N. H. 'THoMAsToN, MAINE Liberal Arts Glee Club CID, CZD. OJ: University Choir CZD, 135: Y. W. C. A. fll, 121. CBD. SOPHIA ADELLA COHEN, "Sallie" Portsmouth, N. H. PORTSMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Glee Club CZD: Menorah GJ. 3 r 1 1 P A N P. li TYYTXQIILAQ I 'I il' . 'YA ,nt I 2 S s fl : i lg I lf is I ,C L. 1 3 a 'I' ! Q ,E P 3 si 4 i Il K . I ' s lm .5 all 'i ll ll 5 li z' 'F 3 V ' ll I -- , 'HU-1'I"L'f'!!Unl'U1I!E.'t 'L """" J' ,261 I 65 X- kai- ,IG lhc Gzcmzlc of 1930 ANNA COHEN, Portsmouth, N. H. PORTSMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts HALSTEAD NORMAN COLBY. "Hal" Concord. N, H. CONCORD HIGH SCHOOL Technology Gamma Gamma Gamma: Sergeant R. O. T. C. ARTHUR B. COLLINS, JR., "Art" Hampton, N. H. HAMPTON ACADEMY AND HIGH SCHOOL Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho: Alpha Zeta: Glee Club 111, 121: Cross Country 111: Baseball 111: Track 121. BRADLEY M. COOPER. "Coop" , Lincoln, N. H. LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL Engineering Gamma Gamma Gamma: A. S. M. E. 131: Track 111: Shoe Race 111, 121: Cane Rush 111, 121: Sergeant R. O. T. C. ROBERT FOLSOM COOPER. "Coop" Exeter. N. H. EXETER HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Commuters' Club: Football 111. WILLARD NEWTON CORPENING. . "Bill" Richmond, Vt. FARMINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Phi Mu Delta: Sphinx: Vice-President: gross Country 111, 121: N. H. lub. T170 Granite Of I 9311 THOMAS C. COUSER, "Tom" ' 1 Dover, N. H. Q 1 Q DOVER HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts I 2 Theta Chi: 1930 Sphinx: Soccer 121: M 1 N. H. Club: GRANITE Heeler 121: 1930 GRANITE Board. Q i' RALPH W. CROSBY, Nashua, N. H. A NASHUA HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts ii Relay 111: Track, 111: Varsity Relay ' 121- 131. r '- 'X 5 STEPHEN THOMAS CROWTHER. M Q "Step" Derry, N. H. rw PINKERTON ACADEMY Liberal Arts 5 Q: Delta Sigma Chi: Glee Club 111, 121. ' V. 131: Y. M. C. A. 111. 121, 131: '- President Sophomore Bible Class. Q .U E gr . ef if MARY LOUISA CUMMINGS, ' Colebrook. N. H. f R2 COI,EBIzoOK ACADEMY Liberal Arts ll I ,E Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 131: W. A. A. - .. 131: Baseball 121. is . MERLYN CUMMINGS. "Meri" 1? Alton, N. H. ENGLISH HIGH SCI-IOOI. Technology Glee Club: Track 121. . L lt EDNA LOUISE CURRIER. I , Q "Eddie Lou" Salisbury, Mass. 3 I " AMESBURY HIGH SCHOOL Lllbefaf AHS ' Delta Kappa: Glee Club 111, 121: Y. i r.. W. C. A. 111, 121. fi L ,S . l 671 'I 'hr' CAIYIVPIIIC' of I 9 3 0 J 1"7"'W-W-il ' w i T :I 3 ga, , RLA12 . K5 , -ri. A . 3 'il J' -4, ,,-gay 1 JOSEPH JAMES DACY. "Jae" il D Ill .th .ffl fl Haverhill, Mass. 7 L , 3545 mf, ' sr. JAMES Liberal Arts 'f -xc Theta Kappa Phi: Sphinx: Football L, Q. L.. '44, a fly, mi Baseball 4191 Track q UD: Sergeant R. O. T. C. 1 his l in V' Q M L 1 i ' ', if 'Wi RENE MAURICE DAIGLE. , l'lg,.,, vial. Y Manchester, N. H. B f':EfP'+ Q2 MANClmsTElz I-IlC.H SCHOOL. WEST ' brit' nv!!! " L1.l7C'ftlI Arts Q do 'V ' s 'S 1 r i - a. F Pl L ' ' R: MAZZIOS DAMON "Linn" F1 Exeter. N. H. V 'fmglnh EXETER HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts 3 'M E Commuters' Club. 'H -9 an l 3 a . ,Q . L, 9 U 151 V l CERTRUDE DAUPHINEE, "Cm" E fix 'ff'-pf, 4 Amesbury. Mass. l. 'Q:,'f1'-"'fz5"ga Alvllaslaulu' HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts , . .1 I . ' '1".J4i'l'f'f -- ,ll Alpha xl Delta: Y. W. C. A. Hp, qzy. E' ' ' " if lap. N. H. Staff fly. lzy, C352 .4 ' W. A. A.: Tennis CID. CZJ. fl E ,. il ALICE LILLIAN DAVIS. I Fremont, N. H. E 'l ,W Q SANBORN SEMINARY Liberal Arls E 'M' Y. W, C. A. fly. czp, 135. a . l l 'l 5 li 'Z GEORGE HOWARD DAWSON. Q at "Jack" Plymouth, N. H. g l7I.YMOUTl-l HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arla 5 Phi Mu Delta: N. H. Club 425: Basa- l-: N' CID. 121: Basketball CU, qmsif, 1 Q . ' 369' This-iar'LiL'yl!'A , lg, 3 1-Q.. .'rYr" 'Q lv ' 'A nan'--oixrxa.-Elzumfisl l68l I f1Q30 an ........ 2, . ....... gk 'l'heG1-rmizeoc , RMK, L, .5 CLARENCE DERBY, "Derb" Peterboro. N. H. CUSHING ACADEMY Liberal AHS Lambda Chi Alpha: Band CU, C212 Orchestra CID. LOUISE ANNA DICKINSON, "Dicky" Rochester, N. H. ROCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL Lfbeftll Arts Freshman Debating Team: Commuters' Clt3b up, 429, 4351 Y. W. c. A. Q1 LENA MAY DOW Northampton, N. H. ROBINSON SEMINARY Liberal Arts Psi Lambda. HENRY H. DOWD. "Hank Nashua N. H. LOWELL HIGH SCHOOL TeChnOlogy Phi Mu Delta: Intramural Athletic Association. ' WILLIAM HASKELL DUBOIS, "Bill Concord N. H. CONCORD HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Phi Delta Upsilon: Cane Rush CU, C23 1 Track flj ' Sergeant. I-IENRY BENJAMIN DUQUETTE Duke Penacook N H PENACOOK HIGH SCHOOL Technology Gamma Gamma Gamma: Delta Chi: Glee Club Assistant Manager Boxing Freshman Football , i ,,. i,,, . .J at a X1 A. .5 .J J LJ, i. I 'I S 1 5 2 I f If y 3 I. 5' 1 11 un I ' I k , r . m-- -5 "'-. , I, ...-... , , A. ...- --.. , . 4 , J ....... .5 4 ..- """' ., 6 A s ,.- -""'- ., a 5 ..- """' ., a I Q ,.--"""., a "' '- J' I- -' I- iiZCDi'-,Z3Dt,lX,y4 .,K3bx,,z4cf,:x,,K1Dx. I 69 I ., . il? l lS .. I 4 If ,. '- .V ll B 1. EVANGELINE DURGIN, "Van" Lee. N. H. DOVER HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Alpha Xi Delta: Delta Chi CID: GRAN- ITE Heeler CZD: W. A. A. CID, CZD. C3D: Y. W. C. A. CID. CZD. C3D: Freshman Commission: Glee Club CID: Soccer CID: Track CID. ROSLYN CAVERLY DURGIN. "Hank" Lee. N. H. DOVER HIGH SCHOOL Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho: Sphinx: Y. M. C. A. CID, CZD: Soccer CZD: Cross Country CID. KATHERINE DWYRE. "Kay" Canaan, N. H. CANAAN HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts EVAN J. EDWARDS, "Ev" Manchester, N. H. IVIANCHESTER WEST SIDE HIGH SCHOOL Technology Delta Sigma Chr Casque and Casket: Sophomore Court CZD College Boxing Champlonshxp CID Intra- mural Boxmg 3D DANIEL M ELLINGWOOD Danny" Littleton N. H. LITTLETON HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Delta P1 Epsilon Glee Club CID C2D, CBD Cane Rush Cl C2D asc- ball CZD CLIFFORD WESTON ELLIS Doc" Nashua N. H. NASI-IUA HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts M C C3D ice- President CZD Treasurer CBD' Glee Cub CID 2 C3D Umversity Cholr CZD C3D Sergeant . ' c . ' ,' I : : D, :'B Y. . n. A. CID, CZD, . V . 1 . - 4,95 : " no The Cifclflllllf of 1930 4-4. . ,-.. , ,,... I ,.,, .,, 4 I ARTHUR REDDINGTON EUGLEY. I "Art" Exeter. N. H. EXETER HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arrs 1 Commutcrs' Club. RALPH FARLAND. "Bug" V Nashua' N. H. NAS!-IUA HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts A Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Football CU Baseball Sergeant R O I' C N H Club Track C25 ELLEN JOSEPHINE FARLEY Adams Mass ADAMS HIGH SCHOOL Phi Mu' Glee Club Clj. CZJ: GRANITE Heeler CZD' Soccer CID' W. A. A N. H. Staff C3J. HUGH MCLELLAN FARNSWORTI-I Farny Portland Me PORTLAND HIGH SCHOOL ' NEWTOWN HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Theta Upsilon Omega: Sphinx Um 629. can ' cu, mf f versity Double Quartette CII: Uniz .1 versity Choir CZJ, CBJ: Glee Club . ,Ag CID, CZD, C312 Manager Glee Club CZD, C3j: Mask and Dagger: Var- - ' sity Cross Country CZJ: Freshman ,ls ......, J, ,E .---... 2, , ,H ...,.., 5 , , v ,... .... , . , xii Track' Varsity Track C21 C31 KATHERINE FARRAND, "Kay Berlin N. H BERLIN HIGH SCHOOL V. HOITT FISHER, Andover, N. I-I PROCTER ACADEMY Technology l??,QfF?f?l1? 9L!,?e? 0 .'.".-'r 'I ' fr .. - H 7 4 " JOHN T. FITZGERALD, "Jack" 'L Milford, N. H. 1 . WORCESTER NORTH HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts ' Sigma Alpha Epsilon. n v ' JUSTIN E. FLANAGAN, "Jud" ' Portsmouth, N. H. ,. 1- SEVERN SCHOOL Liberal Arts Kappa Sigma: Sphinx: Rope Pull: Cane Rush: First Sergeant C3J. I , I MARION ELLEN FRAME. "Mari-an" 1 Manchester. N. H. MANCHESTER CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL . Liberal Arts .. Freshman Commission: Glee Club CID r C21 ' GRANITE Heeler C21 : 3' Cercle Francais C25 CSD' GRANITE ' Board C3J. HAROLD T FRENCH Frenchie Exeter N I-I EXL'I ER HIVH SCHOOL Liberal Arls Commuters Club ALICE LOUISE GAFFIELD Jimmy Bradford Vt BRADFORD ACADEMY Liberal Arts Alpha X1 Delta Glee Club CID CZJ So cer C11 C22 NELSON GAUNT Nellie Worcester Mass , LQ " Q sa .I ' Z I' C f . ' I I 1 5 Q ' h WORCESTER NORTH HIGH SCHOOL ' Liberal Arls f W ' Kappa Sigma: Sphinx: Football CID. X V CZJ: Basketball Clj. CZQ, C3I: Captain C325 Track CID, CZJ: N. H. Club. 1721 -. , f 19 ,U The ClI'Cll7l'1C o .J ax. f ,,. I a ESTHER ANNETTA GAY, l New London. N. H. COLBY ACADEMY HOWARD W. GEORGE, "Fat" Manchester. N. H. NIANCHESTER CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Glee Club CID, CZDQ Manager Fresh- man Cross Country. ALONZO R. GILE, "Bob" Tilton. N. H. TILTON SCHOOL Agriculture Alpha Gamma Rho: Alpha Zeta: Dairy Cattle Judging Team 131. HENRI LIONEL GIRARD, "Doc, Salol." Manchester, N. H. ST. ANSELM'S PREPARATORY SCHOOL Liberal Arts Phi Lambda Phi: Le Cercle, Francais: Treasurer of East and West Halls 2 . r PHYLLIS GLAZIER, "Phyl" Salem Center. N. H. LAWRENCE, MASS. HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Pi Beta Phi at Boston University: Class- ical Club: Smith Hall House Com- mittee f3J: Y. W. C. A. CZD. C351 Hockey OD. MARGARET ELIZABETH GLEASON. "Reddy" Derry, N. H. PINKERTON ACADEMY Glee Club 413, 425, 433: Y. W. C. A. ,fi cw. 429. 431. .libkmlil ., L - . L 73 1 'I 'hc CII'Cll7l'lC of 1950 DANFORTH MERTON GOOGGINS. "Danny" Durham, N. H. KENNEBUNK HIGH SCHOOL, MAINE Technology Glee Club CID. CZD. C3D: Universitl' Choir CZD, C3D: Intercollegiate Glee Club Member CZD: Freshman Track: Varsity Track CZD, C3D: Second Prize Sophomore Proficiency Medal CZD: Sergeant C3D: N. H. CZJ- C37- GERTRUDE GRAY, "Grinny" Whitefield. N. H. WHITEFIELD HIGH SCHOOL ' Liberal Arts Y. W. C. A. ClD, C2D,. C3D. JEAN DONAR GRENIER. Manchester, N. H. IVIANCHESTER WEST HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Theta Kappa Phi: Football CID, CZD, CBD, C4D: Baseball CID, C2D: Boxing CID, CZD: Rope Pull CID. CZD: Sergeant R. O. T. C. ELIZA CAROLINE GRIFFIN, "Liza" East Granby. Conn. CUSIIING ACADEMY Llbeflll Arts Chi Omega: Glee Club CID. CZD: W. A. A, CID, CZD. C3D: Y. W. C. A.: GRANITE Heeler CZD: Hockey CID, C23- GUSTAF DAVID GUSTON. "Gus" Brockton, Mass. BROCKTON HIGH SCHOOL Technology Theta Upsilon Omega: Alpha Sigma: Glee Club CZD, C3D. JOHN T. GUY, "Gee" Somersworth, N. H. SOMERSWORTH Liberal Arts Commuters' Club. I74 The Circmilc of I p GEORGE L. HADLEY, I "Bumper," "Hawk-eye" N Manchester, N. H. MANCHESTEII HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Alpha Tau Omega: N. H. Staff CID, CD, C3j: Casque and Casket: Class Treasurer C3j: Glee Club CID, C231 GRANITE Heeler CIJ, CZJ: Book and Scroll: University Band Clj, C252 Sophomore.Hop Committee: Winter Carnival Com- mittee C3J. JAMES HENRY HALL, i'Jim" Marblehead, Mass. WINCHESTER, MASS., HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Phi Lambda Phi: N. H. Staff CU. CZJ: Sergeant R. O. T. C. OSCAR HALL, "Hally" Salem, N. H. PINKERTON ACADEMY Technology Phi Mu Delta: Cross Country CID: Board Track CU 3 Spring Track CU : Advanced R. O. T. C. WINIFRED PRISCILLA HAM, Manchester, N. H. MANCHESTER HIGI-I SCHOOL, CENTRAL Liberal Arts Alpha Xi Delta: Y. W. C. A. CID, C23, CBD- Sophomore Rules Committee: GRALIITE Heeler CID, CZD: Sopho- more Hop Committee: W. A. A. CU. CZJ, C3J: Soccer CU, CZJ. LOUISE EDITH HAMPSON, Littleton, N. H. LITTLETON HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Glee Club. JAMES A. HANLEY, "Jim" Franklin, N. H. FRANKLIN I-IIGI-I SCHOOL Liberal Arts Theta Kappa Phi: Tau Kappa Alpha: Glee Club CBD 3 Debating CID, CZJ. 75 1 'l'heGrf1ni1e of 1950 KEN WWW Y , Ywv, HY V 17,77 rid., V, H , , ,. ., . ... . ,. . . ........-.. - LENORA ELENOR HARTFORD, "El" Tilton, N. H. ROBINSON SEMINARY Liberal Arts Glee Club 111. 121. 131: Choir 121: Y. W. C. A. 111, 121. 131: Freshman Commission. 5 RACHEL HARTFORD. "Ray" 3 Derry, N. H. PINKERTON ACADEMY Liberal Arts Glee Club 111, 121: W. A. A. 111. 121. 131: Y. W. C. A. 111. 121. 131: Basketball 111. KATE MARION HARWOOD. Nashua, N. H. , NASHUA HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Y. W. C. A. 111: Cabinet 121. 131: Freshman Debating Team: Classical Club 121, 131. MAXWELL C. HAYES. "Max" Lincoln, N. H. LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL Technology Gamma Gamma Gamma: A. S. M. E.: Cane Rush 1I1, 121: Shoe Race 111 - THOMAS E. HENNESSEY, "Spike" or "Tom" Somersworth. N. H. SOMERSWORTH HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Commuter A. C.: Commuters' Club. BERTHA PAULINE HILL. "Bert" 1 Manchester. N. H. MANCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL, CENTRAL Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Omega: Psi Lambda: GRAN- ITE Heeler 121: Glee Club 111. 131: Y. W. C. A. 111. 121, 'ma -"' '14 "':"' -mf """' gr ' '14 """ '11 -"" 'lf ':""' as + l76l VV 3 The Granite of 1930 l LEONARD HINCKLEY. "Hink" Mamaroneck. N. Y. NIAMARON ECK HIGH SCHOOL Technology Phi Mu Delta: Track CU: Football CU: Sphinx: Sergeant R. O. T. C.: Hockey CBJ. DOROTHY MAY HOBSON, "Hobbie" Gorham, N. H. GORHAM HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Gleeg Club: Physical Education Club: Hockey CZJ: Soccer CID, 121. MAVIS BLANCHE HODGDON. Rochester, N. H. ROCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Orchestra C21 , OJ. ALBION R. HODGDON, "Tappin" - Dover, N. H. DOVER HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Commurers' Club. RALPH DAVIS HOLT. "Jack" Nashua, N. H. NASHUA HIGH SCHOOL Technology Phi Mu Delta: Vice-President Aero Club CZJ: President CBJ. CARRIE MAY HOPKINS, Francestown. N. H. MILFORD HIGH SCHOOL .Llbefdl Arts Phi Mu: Y. W. C. A. I., l771 . 'f1f7L'C?I'CIf7IIlfVpC2f 0 NORMAN JOHNSON HOUSTON. "Daddy" Bath, N. H. BATH HIGH SCHOOL Technology Soccer CU, CZJ: Cane Rush CZJ: Ser- geant. HAROLD ALTON HOWELL. Dover, N. H. DOVER HIGH SCHOOL Agriculture Commuters' Club. ALONZO H. HUNTOON. "Herbie" Derry. N. H. PINKERTON ACADEMY Agriculture Alpha Tau Omega: Track CID. C213 Football CLARENCE JACKSON. "Jack" Lebanon, N. H. LEBANON HIGH SCHOOL Lfbefdl Arts Phi Mu Delta: Freshman Basketball CU. s, . . .org ., , JAMES MATTHEW J ACKSON. "Jack" Dover. N. H. DOVER HIGH SCHOOL Lfbeftll Arts Commuters' Club: Soccer CZD. DOROTHY JOHNSON, "Dot-e" Nashua. N. H. NASHUA HIGH ScHooL Liberal Arts Alpha Xi Delta: Y. W. C. A. CID, CZD, C3D: Classical Club: W. A. A.: ' Sophomore Rules Committee:"Sbc- cer CZD: Basketball CID, C292-'N I l781 . 1 'l'hvC?1am1eof1920 rt 'kiwi L DOROTHY ELEANOR JONES, "Dot" Manchester, N. H. MANCHESTER WES'F HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Omega: Mask and Dagger: Class Secretary CID. C2D : Glee Club CID. CZD: Y. W. C. A. CID CZD: Sophomore Rules Committee: Latin Club. RALPH R. JOHNSON, "Heinie" Hampton, N. H. MERCERSBURG ACADEMY Liberal Arts Alpha Tau Omega: Sphinx: N. H. Club CZD : Freshman Track CID : Varsity ' Track CZD, C3D. FRED A. JOHNSON, "Kip" Berlin, N. H. BERLIN HIGH SCHOOL Technology Theta Chi: Masque and Dagger: Alpha Sigma: Glee Club CIDA: GRANITE Heeler CZD: Managers Club Secre- tary-Treasurer CID: Managerial Competition CID, CZD: Manager of Freshman Basketball C3D: Cane Rush CID. DAVID KELLOM, "Dave" North Conway, N. H. KENNETT HIGH SCHOOL Technology Delta Chi: Phi Lambda Phi. ELIZABETH PARKER KENDALL "Liz" Manchester, N. H. MANCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Chi Omega: Psi Lambda: Glee Club CID. CZD: Treble Clef CID: University Choir CZD. ANNA KING, North Walpole, N. H. BELLOWS FALLS, VT., HIGH SCHOOL Alpha Xi Delta: GRANITE Heeler CZDJ GRANITE Board CBD: Latin Club C2D, C3D: Sophomore Hop Com- mittee CZD: Class Secretary C3D. l A CHUN LEE Chun Canton Chin.: Put CHING ACADEMY Canton China Delta Sigma Chi N H Club Y M C C15 C25 Varsity SoccerC C25 Varsity Tennis C25 R O T C Sergeant C35 D ROBERT LEITCH Bob Manchester N H MANCIIESTER HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Alpha Tau Omega Associate Editor of Golden Bull Junior Prom Commit tee Sophomore Hop Committee Cane Rush C25 Sub Manager C15 Rope Pull Cl5 C25 t letic Editor of GRANITE Book and Scroll Carnival Ball Committee GRACE FLORENCE LOCKWOOD ug Dover N DOVER HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts 1Omega W A A C15 C25 Treasurer Classical Club C15 C25 C35 Secretary Hockey C15 C25 'lrack C15 Sports Leader Base ball Cl5 C25 Captain Basketball C15 C25' Captain' Sports Leader. FLORENCE MADELINE LORD Diddy Conway N. H. KENNETT HIGH SCHOOL Glee Club C15 C25' Classical Club C25 C35: Freshman Debating Team: Bas etball C15, C25: Soccer C25: Tack C15. C25. WALDRON GARFIELD LOW. "Bug" Derry, N. H. PINKERTON ACADEMY Liberal Arts Phi Mu Delta: Y. M. C. A. C15. C25. C35: Captain Freshman Cross Country: Cross Country C35. WINIFRED LOW. "Winnie" , Derry. N. H. PINKERTON ACADEMY Liberal AVIS Sigma Omicron: Y. W. C. A. C15. C25. C35: Glee Club C15. C25, C35: Pan Hellenic C35: President of Freshman Commission C15: Y. W. C. A.' Cabinet CI5, C25. C35: Assistant Editor of "The Profile": ' University 4-H Club: Baseball C15. The Gram'le of 1930 l. A. . n . j 15. S .L qzy. i '. . Ahl K V . I 4 1: 1 5. "s " , '.1-1. C Ch' . . , ., , , 435. I k f .L '. any u..-r' The Gmnizv of 1030 JOHN KENNETH KIRK, "Ken" Manchester, N. H. MANCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL, WES'I' Liberal Arts 1930 Sphinx: Managers Club KID, CZJ: Manager Freshman Track OD. JOSEPH LANE LAMB, "Joe" Portsmouth. N. H. PORTSMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL Technology Varsity Soccer CZJ. JESSIE LANOUETTE. "Jess" Somersworth, N. H. SOMERSWORTH HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Classical Club 125, CD: Commuters' Club CID. CZJ, OD. JULIA LARABEE, "Judie" Lawrence, Mass. LASELL SEMINARY Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Omega. MARY BESSOM LASSELL, "Billy" Lee. N. H. NEWMARKET HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Psi Lambda. I HUBERT A. LAVALLEE. "Hubie" Berlin, N. H. BERLIN HIGH SCHOOL, HOLDERNESS Liberal Arts S. A. E.: Band llj, CZD: Varsity: Hockey OJ: Intramural Trackf Hockey and Baseball CZJ: Fresh- man Track. . l 3 1 I ' 'l Ihr C lI'ClI7I'll' of l 9 5 ll Xu ,. ., J, - if Q 5 ., II i 5 I lil I' I V . r 5, . I 3 p ll : if F I! ' a I . HAZEL RUTH LUCE, "Hazel" Exeter, N. H. ROBINSON SEMINARY Liberal Arts Delta Kappa: Y. W. C. A. CID, CZD. C3D:' W. A. A. CID, CZD, C3D: Classical Club: Hockey CID. EDITH OLIVER LUNDSTROM. "Lundy" Worcester, Mass. SOUTH HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Chi Omega: Mask and Dagger CID, CZD. C3D: Orchestra CID, CZD, C3D: W. A. A. CZD: Y. W. C. A, CID. CZD, C3D: Freshman Reception Cognmittcez Manager Soccer Team 2 . WALTER HENRY LYFORD, JR.. "June" Fremont. N. H. EPPING HIGI-I SCHOOL Technology Alpha Chi Sigma: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet C3D: Glee Club C3D. JAMES PHILIP MCCANN, "Jim" Dover, N. H. DOVER HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Commuters' Club: Soccer CZD. C3D: Track CZD. MARGARET ROE MCDANOLDS. "Peggy" North Haverhill, N. H. LITTLETON HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Glee Club CZD. C3D: Secretary C3D: Y. W. C. A. CZD, C3D: Treasurer CBD . WENDELL MOODY MCINTIRE. "Mac" Manchester. N. H. HOLDERNESS SCHOOL Liberal Arts Lambda Chi Alpha: Sphinx: Managers Club CID: Golden Bull CID, CZD: V1 " Football CID: Rope Pull CID, CZD: 4 Caine Rush CID, CZD: Baseball CID, ' I,-W, . 1- vain awm::.nw:iue1! x- KT ,gag "t"" gi ' "" - ""' "" "" g IL 'l:"""":fL. gf: ...,,... ' fF7....,f1Xx , ,ffxf ax h ,fqzxx , ,ff Xl' if ,-Qffjxx , . .fr"fjfDNf. I fsz The Grcmflc of 1930 SHELDON WEEKS MCINTOSH. "Sandy" Manchester. N. H. MANCHESTER CENTRAL HIGH 'SCHOOL Liberal Arts Delta Pi Epsilon: GRANITE Heeler C2D: GRANITE Board C3D: Glee Club CID. CZD, CBD: Cane Rush CID. C2D : Basketball CID : Track CID : Tennis C2D. - STANLEY MACNIEL. "Stan" Manchester. N. H. NIANCI-IESTER HIGH SCHOOL, CENTRAL ' Liberal Arts Delta Pi Epsilon. MORRIS MARSH Gonic, N. H. ROCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL Technology Theta Upsilon Omega. EVELYN ELLEN MARSTON, "Evie" ' Center Harbor. N. H. MEREDITH HIGH SCHOOL Lfbeftll Arts Alpha Xi Delta: Pan Hellenic: GRANITE Heeler CZDQ GRANITE Board C3D: University 4-H Club CZD, CSD: Y- W. C. A. CID, CZD: Soccer CID. GERITRUDE BECKLER MATTOON. Colebrook, N. H. BREWSTER ACADEMY PLYMOUTH NORMAL SCHOOL . Liberal Arts Y. W. C. A. C3D. J I I 9 sf 5 V. as . A I H, 1, 1 1,1 .- ' I 4 we v, s ww-g,,f .' Q Q I I HELEN GERTRUDE MAYNARD. ia Loudon, N. H. " CONCORD HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts " Phi Lambda Phi. I , , .. ,,... sf.. I ,.,,,1Ef".Ll l83I , ' Vvqu, '39-15 735 'fire-1 il ln' fil'fll7Ifl' uf' !'7 ffl La-i'1?Wil?fl'i'3-f'9m'L'l' I 'ti ,. . . . l j"':4.e. ..XjlI.JQ!'i' -SVSU'-' ivy? I' ' -4 .. f ' r FAITH MEADER, "Tommy" c ' ,rf .' Gonic. N. H. 5 f5,f"Lgf' - f Mosns BROWN Sci-ioor. Liberal Arrs qu' 'Q H A ' Sigma Omicron: Glee Club CID: Fresh- man Commission. F . z I. "f"'fv'+"l fir. 1. f. as ES. C52 W 19145, E3 49 - , asa-"""'a 414 9 vii '-J Q. I ALBERT DENNIS MICI-IAUD. "Denny" Gorham. N. H. GORHAM HIGH SCHOOL Llibefdl Arts Theta Kappa Phi: Baseball CID, CZD: Track CID: Hockey CZD: Football CZD : Sergeant R. O. T. C. PAULYN ROBIN MILLER, "Poppie" Portsmouth, N. H. PORTSMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Glee Club CID, C2D: Menorah C3D. THEODORE MINAH, "Ted" Franklin, N. H. FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL Lfberal llrls Theta Kappa Phi. ALTA DORIS MITCHELL. "Alt" l Concord. N. H. U. 1 NEW HAMPTON LITERARY INSTITUTION L. Liberal Arts H Delta Kappa: Psi Lambda: Y. W. C. A. Ql CID, CZD: Glee Club CID. CZD: If cn. w. A. A. cw. 421. cn. Soccer CID, CZD: Basketball C2D: I Track CZD. I A PHYLLIS MARGUERITE MORAN, "'Phil" Somersworth, N. H. 1 NEWBURYPORT HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Pi Lambda Sigma: Glee Club CID, CZD, . C3D: Treble Clef CID: Debating 1 C3D: Y. W. C. A. C3D: GRANITE Heeler C2D: W. A. A.: Hockey s C2D. , gg I I Y ,Sf P51Q-ii1ifmFf5'4Qr'lf.'i"f15riLolf,'i 'ff' f '-'if 'Ffifcz-flff f"'fi ik L34 .I 'I II7' CII'lIl7I'fl' of 1930 lYQ,,,Q?CQXE., ,aff L 1 ALINE MORIN, Berlin, N. H. 4 BERLIN HIGH SCHOOL Lfbefal Arts Chi Omega: GRANITE Heeler C231 Cercle Francais: Mask and Dagger: Y. W. C. A. CID. CZJ, C3J. ARTHUR SHERMAN MUCHMORE. "Much" North Woodstock. N. H. WOODSTOCK HIGH SCHOOL AgriCLtltL1re HAROLD WILLIAM MUGGLESTON. "Mug" Rochester. N. H. ROCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL Commuters' Club. DOROTHY ELLSWORTH NASON. "Dot" Dover. N. H. DOVER HIGH SCHOOL Lfberlll Arts Alpha Chi Omega: Glee Club CZI: Commuters' Club CID, CZD, Q-35. MIRIAM ANDREWS NEALLEY. "Skip" South Berwick, Me. BERWICK ACADEMY Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Omega: Phi Sigma: Glee Club 133: Y. W. C. A. CU, KZD: Sophomore Hop Committee 121: .House Secretary CZJ, OD. WILLIAM J. NELSON, "Bill" Quincy, Mass. QUINCY HIGH, BREWSTER ACADEMY Liberal Arts Lambda Chi Alpha: Sphinx: Casque and Casket: Mask and Dagger CZD, UD: Football CU, CZJ, OD: Track CU. CZD. g ,kccswgg ,145 ,Apxwyc-tifsg I e --. ! 'I Nha' Ci1'c1r71'lc of 1 U 50 'H"-Pl"'9' num- -Q 1 .f 'z 'iff' rv., '1 -v' I + '- aaasrff A ff' .aa A g V PHILIP NUDD, "Phil" ' , A f' if Hampton. N. H. Ig Y ,Q HAMPTON ACADEMY Technology ga Q, 'Y g Dena Chi: Phi Lambda Phi: A. 1. E. lf E.: Freshman Cross Country, vi 7 DORIS PARADIS, "Dot" E Somersworth, N. H. H ' ' Af' SOMERSWORTH HIGI--I SCHOOL , fight'-fg'Q9F Liberal Arts fl pf- P1 P' ra Lc cmia Francais CID, CZD, C3D: ff, t I - . . my ' ' -' , Commuters' Club: President Com- , ' N ff j ' muters' Club C3D. E 1 f' "Y 'X It 4 :Q CLIFFORD ADDISON PARKER. ,. "Cliff" Exeter, N. H. U Pa EXETER HIGH SCHOOL Ag!'fCL1I!L1t'0 -l Alpha Gamma Rho. 2 E' PHILIP E. PARKS, "Phil" i5 51555. fu Haverhill, Mass. F .if HAVIERHILL HIGH SCHOOL ' dm, ,211 SANBORN SEMINARY Liberal Arts 5 ,tx.4'g'5Q 4 bw Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Sphinx: F. E. A. Q, H ' OD: GRANITE Heeler CZD: GRAN- r 2 ' - ITE Board C3D: Rope Pull CZDZ 4 L' Cane Rush CID: Basketball CID: Q Track CID : Sophomore Court C2D : E Glec Club CID: Debating CID. E LLOYD GILMAN PATCH, "Patchie" . Portsmouth, N. H. HOLDERNESS Liberal Arts I A. T. 0.1 Basketball qu, czp, C3D: 2 N. H. Club: Freshman Track. F 9. J Q MERLE ROSCOE PATENAUDE. Q "Pat" Hennikcr, N. H. 1 HENNIKER HIGH SCHOOL Technology ' Delta Sigma Chi: A. S. C. E.: Y. M. C. AEDCID: Rope Pull CID: Sergeant I l86 'I 'ln' C if I . .,..,... , ,M ,.,...., :JJ IIIII' of I 7 ill 49.5. 'iAAsl'r:2"'umar :mar 7!!'f33fQlY,.N 1 A .QI .Ai ,,A, 6 P .5 X 'l ETHEL PEABODY. "Eel" Peterboro, N. H. VERMONT ACADEMY A 53 KEENE NORMAL SCHOOL " if I I-' 'W P Z MARION EVA PEARSON, "Mickey" I Brookline, Mass. 9 COLEY ACADEMY, BEAVER COLLEGE Liberal Arts ,L Chi Omega: Glee Club. 6 I 4 Y . MILDRED PELKEY, "Mid" Peterboro, N. H. X D PETERBORO HIGH SCHOOL Q - KEENE NORMAL SCHOOL A ' Liberal Arts I ,L . .,, 5 Mx ,ll DANIEL PERKINS. "Dan" A Dover, N. H. DOVER HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arzs 4 Tau Kappa Alpha: University Band CU. li CZD: Freshman Debating CID: A, 5 Varsity Debating CZJ. E Il . . RAYMOND RICHARD PERREAULT, ff ' "Ray" Rochester, N. H. if Q ROCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL Commuters' Club. Q I I A U LEONA LOUISE PETAZZI. "Lee" Q' ,gl Milford. N. H. xl ' I MILFORD HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts ' Pi Lambda Sigma: Le Cercle Francais: I I Glee Club CZD. I : I HJ, ,M ,,....., J , ,li ,,,. ,hi ,,,.. ,.., H ,M- ...zslkm Q K, ,N A K, 'F 1 l O , 4 X A A xv- AVG- 152, ,fix ,,,, :ii ,a4x1Yv-,!4C1T'Q.,,,y4C ,fffu I l87 I 9' I ,iff il l74' Clflllll-ll' ul' l'7 ill i.,7jwg9ph'rQjgffl,v 'I "I'l'! "iT'?I. 1 y, PRED cR1sTY PETTEE, "Cris" H " ' Franccstown. N. H. NEW BOSTON HIGH SCHOOL f' Liberal Arts . l Theta Upsilon Omega: Phi Lambda Phi: ' Sphinx Secretary: GRANITE Board 1 C35: Freshman Relay: Freshman U Track: Varsity Track C25, C351 ni Sergeant: Student Council C35. N ,Q 4 in ' ROBERT H. K. PHIPPS. "Bob" Gorham. N. H. ,, 4' ,,. GORHAM HIGH SCHOOL Agriculture .951 Kappa Sigma: Sphinx: Forestry Club: ill Casque and Casket: Band Cl5, C25. A C35: Hockey Cl5, C25: Baseball C15. A MADELINE PICKWICK, "Maddy" - Manchester, N. H. MANCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Alpha Xi Delta: Psi Lambda: Mask and A Dagger. r Z MARY CURRIER PIKE. -1 A Portsmouth, N. H. .V PORTSMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL A Liberal Arts V Chi Omega: Women's Student Executive . C Council. Treasurer C25: Junior lg r Member C35: W. A. A. C15: sec- I retary C25. C35: Delegate W. A. V A. Conference C25: Hockey CI5. Q C25: Soccer C25: Basketball C15: g Track C15, C25: Tennis C25: ! 31 Baseball C25 . H 3 LEONA FRANCES PRIEST, "Priestie" I Newmarket, N. H. PW NEWMARKET HIGH SCHOOL 1 ,N Liberal Arts L-gl. 'f one curb Cl5, 4231 choir 423, C351 h 5-QM Q. W. A. A. 413, C25, 4331 Fresh- f il vfvqu'-gi-'Q' ' man Rules Committee: Commuters' . gvdfpmc., K Club Cl5, C25, C35:Hockey C15: 1 Airadi ligiketball C15: Soccer C25: Track 1 1 -I . 1: ' Wifi E f"f4,.,..: ff GEORGE HOWARD PRINCE. "Pat" ' twyfff. I' New Boston. N. H. I' '- I - I . NEW BOSTON HIGH SCHOOL K V 4 Sigma Alpha Epsilon. I ,.,. !1:..nnlx..1vf.v1-1a-zz:-..inr..!'. l xii? p45fif3?a Qf5ff3'?'a 19515 1r5f'fif?c QiS'Q"'fQ2?c. 595' l88l L'554fW.'2'l5'1 'Elk Il Ihr' Ci1'r1171'lc' ul' l U ill QXlifnff?5fq3.-3Eff'mFT'l C WALTER GEORGE PURINTON, "Tink" Raymond. N. H. RAYMOND HIGH SCHOOL Technology Delta Chi. IDA LYDIA PUTNAM. "Put" Nashua. N. H. Glee Club CZD. CEDRIC DEAN QUIMBY, "Ced" Claremont. N. H. STEVENS HIGH SCHOOL Technology Delta Chi: Band CID, C252 Track CID: Soccer CZD: Winter Sports CZD. C39- DANIEL REDDEN, "Dan" 'L Dover, N. H. DOVER HIGH SCHOOL Lfberal Arts I N. I-I. Club: Commuters' Club: Football 1 CID, CZJ, C372 Baseball CU, CZJ. H ETHEL MINNIE REED, "Jimmie" re Claremont, N. H. STEVENS HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts . Delta Chi: N. H. Staff CZJ, C331 Y. A W. C. A. CU. CZD, C3J: Univer- r sity 4-H Club CID, qzp, oy. b HELOISE ELSIE RICHARD, "Dickie" 1, .. Dover, N. H. 1 DOVER HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts I Le Cercle Francais: Commuters' Club. Q' i l ' l I 5 u- I Q3 NASHUA HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts 5 5 . sv , TA f Q ' ' I 89 . 'I 'ln' Ciz'c117z'lv of I9 5 U 'HT TLZ3lY'B"' I .-f,"','!3if5J ,Q at .,....:ff,2f'46J ,, 5: MNA' IITK N '-',:2'rR:3 X .A ' Qi .C Y up ll I sl aetffezlsff fg..ff'f 5. a I ,. . t .1.,, WADE H. ROBERTS. "Boney" Dover, N. H. DOVER HIGH SCHOOL, TILTON Liberal Arls Hockey: Cross Country CID, CZD: Sphinx. HAROLD M. ROBINSON. "Robbie" Lowell. Mass. LOWELL HIGH SCHOOL Tethnology Phi Mu Delta: Band CID, CZD: Leader C3D: Orchestra CID, CZD, C3D: Track CID: Mask and Dagger CZD. C3D. KENNETH HEATON ROBINSON. "Ken" Keene, N. H. KEENE HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Theta Chi: Sub-Manager CID, CZD: Chairman Sophomore Hop Com- mittee: Chairman Junior Prom Committee. FRANK ALAN ROGERS. Franklin, N. H. FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arls Delta Pi Epsilon: Mask and Dagger: Treasurer CBD: Y. M. C. A.: Cab- inet CID, CZD: Glee Club CID: Freshman Debating Team: Sopho- more Hop Committee CZD: Cheer Leader CID: GRANITE Heeler CZD: GRANITE Board C3D: N. H. Heeler CZD. JAMES ANDREW RONALD, "Jim" Wollaston, Mass. QUINCY HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Lambda Chi Alpha: Football CZD, C3D. GRANT ROWDEN. "Short" Groveton, N. H. GROVETON HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Delta Pi Epsilon: Managerial Competi- tion CID, CZD: Rope Pull CZD. l90l D .Ll ...,,... J, bk, ,....,, 'EQNPI' 'I 'lr f C 'I'LlI7l.fL' of I 7 5 U ,Tait DDQ. .Q l 1 MARJORIE PAULINE ROWE. "Marge" Concord, N. H. CONCORD HIGH SCHOOL Glee Club CID, C2D: University Choir gg, C3D: Y. W. C. A. ClD, CZD, HAROLD GOODSOE RUNDLETT, "Harry" Exeter, N. H. EXETER HIGH SCHOOL . 'Technology Commuters' Club: Soccer CZD. FORREST JOHN SANBORN, "Tuffy Laconia N H LACONIA HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Alpha Chi Sigma: Glee Club CID, C2D C3D' Debating Team CID EMILY ELIZABETH SAVORY Warner N H SIMONDS FREE HIGH SCHOOL Lzberal Arts Glee Club C1D, CZD, C3D: Y. W. C C2 C3D University 4 Cu C2D 3D HOLLIS F. SAWYER, "Hop Grovieton N H GROVETON HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Theta Upsilon Omega: Baseball CID Track CZD' Sphinx' Casque and Casket LEON RANDOLPH SAWYER, "Leon Wilmot N H PROCTER ACADEMY Technology Delta Sigma Chi: Delta Chi: Phi Lambda P i' A. S. C, Eu Track. lD 1 . Al A- e C 'TKT-I-I.- f'-J 4. 41.4 L, , V, H.: 1 - V . A' 21. C ID. D. : -H .v . lb , C . Q . 11, . C . f I w 'fi wg r 1 I . ,zfcgxwf U I 9 'l 'ln' Ci1't1171'Ic' of l U 5 U Ftp -lrnggg. Pyle". B. H.. Fai 11. ITA !f'I'E::, . vsp: M, P i 'Y' 'ls-II, V g ka "' Q-,n",,Q.-. P ' ' ' ffl H Qh.,'fQ-yhmpfll '. I Ala' ,.1v'e:i I sf ' 'i f Qs., 4 -Q fs fa... if Qi I 5 . 5 'ff t rl 5, .lffr ,, ' 1 P fi E A I .il U E Nr F .1 I 0 xi F l - ce I. 1 I lfaq '4 1 ! Q 24 Z S s x I G! :g '., 49 Pg 'I R E "4 fl 1 I g RAY STILLMAN SAWYER, Manchester, N. H. IVIANCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Theta Chi: GRANITE Heeler CZD: Edi- tor-in-Chief 1930 GRANITE: Social Committee CZD, CBD: Band CID, CZD: Orchestra CID, CZD, C3D: Aeronautical Society C2D: Mana- gers Club CZD: Managers Compe- tition ClD. CZD: Manager Freshman V Baseball: Sergeant. LOUIS SCHWARTZ. "Schwartzie" Portsmouth, N. H. PORTSMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Band CID, CZD, C3D: Orchestra CID. CZD- OD- I-IAROLD SAMUEL SCOTT, "Scotty" Milford, N. H. MILFORD HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Delta Pi Epsilon: Glee Club CID: Mask and Dagger CZD, C3D: Rope Pull CID. GILBERT WILLIAM SEARLE, "Bill" Methuen, Mass. IVIETHUEN HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Phi Mu Delta. DOROTHY AUGUSTA SEWELL. "Dottie" Dover, N. H. DOVER HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Classical Club CZD. C3D: Commuters' Club CID, CZD. C3D. JOHN ROBERT SHEA. "Jack" Manchester, N. H. MANCHESTER WEST HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Phi Mu Delta: Casque and Casket: N. H. Club: Football CID, CZD, C3D: Baseball CID, C2D: Basketball CID. i921 rli fini-, ,hiya I l A W, ..., I' C K ,.., ,G A , 1 ELEANOR LUCEY SHEEHAN, ' Portsmouth, N. H. PORTSMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Delta Kappa: Classical Club: Phi Sigma. HARRIET ELEANOR SHEPARD, "Hatta" Bedford, N. H. MANCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Glee Club CID, CZD: Heeler CID, CZD: GRANITE Board C3D: Baseball CZD. PAUL B. SHEPARD. "Shep" New London, N. H. COLBY ACADEMY Liberal Arts Gamma Gamma Gamma: Cane Rush CID. CZD: Shoe Race CID, CZD: Cross Country CID: Track CID. GARDENER WILLIAM SIMONDS. "Si" Manchester, N. H. MANCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL, CENTRAL Liberal Arts v JOHN ALBERT SMALL, "Jack' Nashua, N. H. NASHUA HIGH SCHOOL HEBRON ACADEMY Lambda Chi Alpha: N. H. Club: Class President CID: Football CID, CZD, C3D: Basketball CID, CZD: Track CID, CZD: Relay CZD. GRACE ELIZABETH SMITH, "Gracious" Goffstown, N. H. GOFFSTOWN HIGH SCHOOL Sigma Omicron: Pan Hellenic C2D, C3D. Glee Club CID, CZD: Latin Club: Y. W. C. A. CID, C2D,' 135. .. 3. - -4 """" gm.-. '1:"t""14A ..f"xf xx ,z'x1Xx. -ffl-IAN "jS'xX fklxx fxzxx fx rl' Clllllllll ' D' 'L VX ,Q C HAROLD SMITH Smithy Rochester N H ROCHESTER HIGII SCHOOL Technology Cross Country CID C73 C3D Track HARRY R SMITH JR Dover N H DOVER HIGH SCHOOL Pre Law Alpha Tau Omega Sphinx New Hamp s Ire Staff CU C35 ee Club CID C25 GRANITE I-Ieeler C21 Managing Editor 1930 GRAN ITE Sophomore Court Chairman Sophomore Smoker CZD Aero nautical Club C21 Junior Prom Committee Y M C A Cabinet C31 Varsity Debating C35 Sr nt R O T C C35 Varsity Basketball C25 HENRY MATHEW SMITH Smitty Dover High School BOSTON ENGLISH SCHOOL T9Cl7f1OlOgLl Gamma Gamma Gamma Sergeant MARION EDITH SMITH, "Smitty" Lakeport, N. H. LACONIA HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Alpha Xi Delta: W. A. A. CID, CZD, C3D: Vice-President CD: Physical Education Club CZJ. CBJ: Presi- dent C3D: Social Committee CU. CZJ, C315 Y. W. C. A, CU, CZJ. C331 Secretary Women's Student Government CD: Hockey CII, CZJ: Soccer CID, CZD: Baseball C251 Basketball CZD: Track CU: Tennis CID. PAULINE LEAVITT SMITH. "Polly" North Hampton. N. H. IXIEWBURYPORT HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Glcc Club Clj, CZD. RAYMOND ELMER SMITH.. "Ray" Portland, Maine PORTLAND HIGH SCHOOL Lfbeftll Arts Kappa Sigma: Football CID, CZJ: Base- ball Cljg Sergeant CD. 'I Clan' C iI'CIl7l.lf' of I0 5 U cu. cm. ' ' ' ' in Q. h' i , 4291 1 Gl ' Z :l . . ' . . : e 1 gea .... Z ' i l94l il 'ln' CiI'lII7lAl0 of I if 90 ELWYN HAROLD SOUTHMAYD, "Southie" Franklin, N. H. , FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Phi Delta Upsilong Sphinx: Casque and Casket: N. H. Staff CID. C2D: Cir- culation Manager C2D. C3D: Mili- tary Editor 1930 GRANITE: Soph- omore Court: Football CID: Var- sity Hockey C2D, C3D: Sergeant R. O. T. C. ISABEL STEVENS, "Issy" Boston. Mass. MISS CI'IAIVIBERLAYNE'S SCHOOL Liberal Arts Alpha Delta Pi at Boston University: GRANITE Heeler C2D: GRANITE Board 3: Y. W. C. A. C2D: Class- ical Club C3D: W. A. A. C3D. C4-D: Baseball C2D: Tennis C2D: Soccer C3D. RUTH HELEN STOLWORTHY. "Rufus" Durham, N. H. PLAINSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL. MASS. Liberal Arts Alpha Xi Delta: Y. W. C. A. CID: Glee Club CID, C2D: Sophomore Hop Committee: GRANITE Heeler C2D: GRANITE Board C3D. . EDITH LOUISE STONE. "Eden Dover, N. H. DOVER HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arls Delta Kappa: Commuters' Club CID. C2D, C3D: Treasurer C2D: Secre- tary C3D: Classical Club C2D, C3D: Treasurer C2D. ROY! LESLIE STOUGHTON, "Store" Whitefield, N. H. WIIITEFIELD I'IIGH SCHOOL Technology Phi Lambda Phi: Winter Sports CID. C2D: Cross Country C3D. STANLEY FRANCIS SZLOSEK, " " N h . N. H. Andy as ua NASHUA HIGH SCHOOL 'Technology Delta Chi. I95I 'I The C iI'Cll7l'lf' of l 9 50 ALEC MICHAEL SZUCH, "Mike" North Walpole, N. H. BELLOWS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL Technology Y. M. C. A. Clj, C255 Cane Rush CID, C223 Track CU, C255 Cross Country CZD, C3J: Winter Sports CZD: Boxing CU. RAYMOND THOMAS TAPSCOTT. "Tappie" Somersworth, N. H. SOMERSWORTH HIGH SCHOOL Technology Commuters' Club. DOROTHY ELIZABETH TARR. "Dot" North Hampton, N. H. HAMPTON ACADEMY Liberal Arts Delta Kappa: Delta Chi: GRANITE Heeler CZD: GRANITE Board C312 Y.DW. C. A. CU, CZD: Basketball 1 . FORACE A. TARR, JR., "Pat" North Hampton, N. H. HAMPTON ACADEMY Technology Gamma Gamma Gamma: Glee Club CID : Rope Pull CID: Cane Rush CID: Freshman Track CID : Sub-Man- ager C2j. AI.FRED TAYLOR. "Al" Pearl River, N. Y. PEARL RIVER HIGH SCHOOL Technology Alpha Chi Sigma: Phi Lambda Phi. JOSEPH CHURCH TERRY. "Joe" Fall River, Mass. B. DURFRE HIGH SCHOOL Lambda Chi Alpha: Band Clj, CZD: GRANITE Heeler CID: Mask and Dagger C2D, C315 Soccer C21 : Track C2D. , l95l 'I 'he Cii1'r1r71'1e Of I 0 90 JAMES FOSTER TINKER, "Tink" 1 l Manchester, N. H. I" l . WEST MANCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL Technology ni l j, Alpha Tau Omega: Football C1D, CZD. ' C3D: Intramural Boxing: Swim- 4 .' ming. ' . Q' f lt? . CATHERINE TODD. "K" F New London, N. H. ,ii COLBY ACADEMY Liberal Arm Alpha Chi Omega: Glee Club CID, CZD, il I 'C3D. 'r HARRY G. TOUNGE, JR., "Doc" - Wakefield. Mass. A 'TILTON HIGH SCHOOL Lfbdrtll Arts Z Delta Pi Epsilon: Sphinx: Casque and Casket: Phi Sigma: Golden Bull , C2D: Track C1D. 2 RUTH CELIA TOWLE, ' I 3 Conway High School - Q KENNETT HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Glee Club CID: Freshman Debating Team. HAROLD ARTHUR TRUELL. 295 U "Gramp" Newport, N. H. TOWLE HIGI-I SCHOOL Liberal Arts . N Q FRANCIS PEARCE TUCKER, "Tuck" 4 Portsmouth, N. H. '- 4 Z PORTSMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL ' Liberal Arts 4 Gamma Gamma Gamma: Glee Club CID. I CZD: Band CID. CZD: Baseball ff, CZD: Rope Pull CID: Cane Rush W ' CID: Sergeant. . l l97l 'I iw firr1171'Ic' of I 'Y 5 Cl I OLIVER AUGUSTUS TUFTS. "Tuffy" Lancaster, N. H. LANCASTER ACADEMY Liberal Arts Alpha Gamma Rho: Glec Club CZJ. EDMUND JOSEPH VACHON, "Eddie" Dover, N. H. ROCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arls Commutcrs' Club. EVELYN FRANCES VAUGHAN. "Ev" Groveland. Mass. GROVELAND HIGH SCHOOL BRADFORD JUNIOR COLLEGE Liberal Arls MARY VAUGHAN. Manchester. N. H. MANCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL. CENTRAL Liberal Arts Pi Lambda Sigma: Glee Club CID, CZJ: Y. W. C. A. HELEN VOGEL, Manchester. N. H. MANCHESTER, HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arls Alpha Chi Omega: Psi Lambda: Y. W. C. A. CID., CZJ. C351 Glee Club CID, CZD, C321 GRANITE Heclcr 21. JOHN WAITE. Peterboro. N. H. PETERBORO HIGH SCHOOL llgricullure Sergeant R. O. T. C. ' . . l93 'I 'luv Clrfznzw of 10 30 4' "' ETHEL MARY WATSON. Candia, N. H. SANBORN SEMINARY Liberal Arls , P Soccer CID. K, .D . 13' ' s , Q I V FLORENCE IOLA WEAST. "Flop" Q Contoocook. N. H. bu HOPKINTON HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Delta Kappa: Y. W. C. A. CID, CZD. , 15 C3D: W4 A. A. CID. CZD, CBD: n gl Hockey CID, C3D: Baseball CZDQ E r, . Soccer C'5D. ' 5 I -: U DAVID B. WEBSTER, "Dave" C Hudson, N. H. . Nm-wa HIGH scuoor Liberal Am F N RUSSEL WEBSTER, "Rusty" . South Berwick, Maine r BERWICK ACADEMY Libr-ml Arts ' F. 5 I E S! Commuters' Club. G P I CECIL AGNEW WENTWORTH. "Went" Dover, N. H. DOVER HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts 2 Theta Kappa Phi: Commuters' Club. J Ve 5 El-MER MOORE WHEELER. "Pug" Milford. N. H. - lVllLFORD I-hcl-1 Scnoor. Technology " Phi Delta Upsilon: 4-H Club CID. CZD. . C3D: Boxing CZD. C3D: Basketball CID- UD: Track CID. CZD, C3D1 Cane Rush CID, CZD: Rope Pull CID, CZD: Relay CID: Sergeant R. O. T. C. 9 i l 1 I f f'..r1, cf'9frL.'l:.v - ,g4g1ne- f 99 I A 'I 'ht' CII'Cll7l.lC of l 9 30 l l l 'I KENNETH EUGENE WHEELER, "Ken" New London, N. H. COLBY ACADEMY Technology Gamma Gamma Gamma: Sphinx: Delta Chi: Hockey CZJ. ARTHUR KNOWLTON WHITCOMB, "Art" Bellows, Falls, Vt. BELLOWS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL VERMONT ACADEMY Technology Phi Delta Upsilon: Aeronautical Society 123. C35- PAULINE ELIZABETH WHITTE- MORE. "Polly" Lyme. N. H. KIMBALL UNION ACADEMY Glee Club CU, CZJ. C315 Y. W. C. A. 117,623,639- LENA BLANCHE WIGGIN, Stratham, N. H. ROBINSON SEMINARY Liberal Arts WILLIAM W., WILDER. "Wink" Newton, N. H. BREWSTER ACADEMY Liberal Arts Lambda Chi Alpha: Phi Lambda Phi: Managerial Competition CZD: Man- ager Freshman Football CBJ. LESTER M. XVILE, "Les" Winthrop, Mass. IXVINTHROP HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Alpha Tau Omega: Basketball CID, CZD, CSD: Sphinx. I moo: The CIIYIDIIIC of I 9 50 FLOYD LESTER WILLEY. Manchester, N. H. MANCHESTER HIGH, CENTRAL Delta Sigma Chi: GRANITE Heeler CID: Golden Bull CU: Rope Pull LII: Cane Rush C11 : Y. M. C. A. Cabi- net CID, C21: Freshman Handbook Llj, CZD : Freshman Rules Com- mittee. JAMES LAWRENCE WILSON. "Wil" Haverhill. N. H. HAVERI-IILL ACADEMY Liberal Afts Y.-M. C. A. Cabinet. GEORGE W. WITHINGTON. Penacook. N. H. PENACOOK HIGH SCHOOL Technology EDWARD ISREAL WOLF, "Ed" Milford, N. H. MILFORD HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arls Phi Alpha: Sphinx: Sergeant. WINCHESTER' RIDEOUT WOOD. "Win" Lebanon, N. I-I. PEEKSKILL HIGH SCHOOL, N. Y. Technology Phi Lambda Phi: Band CU. CZD: Or- chestra Qlj, CBD: Glee Club CZD. 635: A. I. E. E.: Y. M. C. A.: Freshman Track: Cross Country UD: Cane Rush CID. CZJ. CHARLES PHILIP WOODWARD, "Woody" Milford, N. I-I. MILFORD I'IIGI'I SCHOOL Llibeftll Arts Phi Delta Upsilon: Sphinx: Orchestra CU: Winter Sports CID. 121. C31 1 Track CU : Cross Country CZD: Cane Rush CID, CZJ: Ser- geant. ' I 101 1 ' 'il N170 Ci1'f1r71'1c of l ll 30 I 'Y l'lle4iLD ffl" TAY li l 'l.. 1417 it 'K . . - .. . -.Ae-eva.. if-I . -- - . STANLEY WILLIAM WRIGHT, "Zibbie" Rochester. N. H. ROCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Football CID. CZJ. CSD. ROSE YEATON, "Rosie" Sanbornton, N. H. FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Delta Chi: Y. W. C. A. 419, 425, 433: one Club 119, 429, 135. ZELMA RUTH YOULAND, "Zcl" Manchester, N. H. MANCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Delta Kappa: Glee Club CID, CZJ, OJ: Y. W. C. A. CID, CZJ. LOUISE SHACKFORD YOUNG. "Squce" Madbury, N. H. DOVER HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Y. W. C. A. CZJ, CD: University 4-H Club CZD, CBJ: Hockey CZJ. ERIC EASTWOOD. Lynn, Mass. LYNN CLASSICAL I'IIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Tri Gamma: Relay CID. CZJ. CBJ: Track CID. CZJ. UD: Sphinx: Casque and Casket: Sophomore Court. MARGARET HELEN O'BRIEN, "Peg" Malden, Mass. MALDEN HIGH SCHOOL Liberal Arts Delta Kappa: Lc Cercle Francais. ' l 102 I . f 21:-. 1.s'1"""'1Ii .- !'!wCin1fwfwo!i IU EKU . V .. --- f. . 1. ERNEST O. PEDERSON. "Pele" Berlin. N. H. BERLIN HIGH SCHOOL Theta Chi: International Inter-Collegiate - Winlcr Sports Ski Champion 123. C352 N. I-I. Club HJ, 625. 137: Winter Sports LID, 425. OD. X5'Q'f'5'r4 'f2l1.,l5', .- "no fiiiif Eli ' I . n I103l . fl? ll 171' C 111117110 nf IU FU Class Officers Phelps, Vice-President: Hmrerty, Tl'L!llSlll'0l'1 Ryder, President: Tibbetts, Secretary. 1931 ,ith Q15 ,Sf QXEQ' 'fi'1?f4lf'gi,l 495' Efk pil? ,Fifi 1 il 'hu CJ'mrv1'1t- of I U SU 3S5fi"fi53rie 1931 We entered as Freshmen We thought we were great- We learned from the Sophomores- That we'd made a mistake. We Won in the Rope Pull, the Poster Fight. too, But the Sophomores gave orders for us to obey-ooh-- Skimmers and ties and berets we'd adorn . Without girls, without friends-we'd all look forlorn- Our athletes surpassed the classes before, And with Don as our president We survived knocks galore. When we became Sophomores The Freshmen we beat-. In the Rope Pull and Poster Fight. They went down in defeat- We are planning a Hop. One you all will remember, It's bound to be different, A good time we'll render. Now with Chan at our head And his officers line We sure will be famous In some future time. I 105 I ' .,..,, . . . - - fl , l ln' Clziznzlw ul I" il! fffvx. ,ft Class of 1931 ADAMS. EARL M. . . . . AHLGREN, ADLER ROBERT, OX . . ALDRICH, LUCIAN BRAINARD. I'I' I' . ALEXANDER, THOMAS B. . . ALLAN, RICHARD KENT, AXA . ANNIS, MARY GODING, AK ARMSTRONG, ELAINE . AUSTIN, FRED G., AE X . . AUSTIN, JOHN HAROLD . . AVERKA. PETER CHARLES, EAE BAER, ADOLPH .... BAGLEY, CLIFFORD HOWARD, OX BAGLEY, GERALD RAUSOM, A1'P BAKER, ROBERT GORDON, AXX BALLOU. LAURENCE, BAE . . BARDEN, NEIL CLIFFORD. AI'P . . BARRETT, HILDA EDA .... . . BARRON, RALPH ERNEST, KZ . ., . BARTLETT, BENJAMIN THOMAS, JR., A IIE . BARTON, CARLTON CLAUDIUS . . . BEAU, ROCHEL WINNIFRED, XQ . . BEAUDRY, YVONNE ANGELINA, AX!! . BEEDE, MACELIA LOUISE . . . BENEDICT, WILLIAM FREDERICK, ATS! . BERQUIST, MARION ELIZABETH, XQ . . BERRY. DONALD FISK, A2 X . . BILLMAN, KATHRYN LUELLA, AEA . BLACK, FANNIE ...... BLAIR. JEANETTE MOORE .... BLAISDELL. ROBERT WILLOUGHBY. IDAY . BLANCHARD, EMERY CASWELL, AIIE . BLOUNT, WAYNE LAURENCE . . BODWELL, FRANCES LOUISE. IDM . . BOOTHROYD, KENNETH INGHAM, IDAY . BOURNIVAL, EMILE ERNEST . . BOUCHARD, LUCIEN GEORGE . . BOWKER, MARSHALL EDWARD . . BRENNAN. ELEANOR TERESA, AK . BRENNAN. THOMAS JOSEPH . . BRIERLEY, FRANCES . . . BROMLEY, EDWARD DANIEL, EAE . BROOKS, CHARLES HURSEY . BROWN, CHARLES KNOWLTON . BROWN, DONALD MASON. AIIE . BROWN, MARY EMMA, EO . . BROWN, WILFRED ERNEST, AXA . . BRUNGOT, CLARENCE G ..... BRYANT, FLOYD GOODWIN . . . BUCKMINSTER, KENNETH BRIDGE, lDAY . BURDETT. KEITH FRANKLYN. AXA . . BURLEIGH. AUSTIN HOLMES . . Manchester Manchester . Keene . Newport . West Lebanon . Hudson, Mass. Manchester . Manchester South Berwick, Me. . . Durham . . Dover Amesbury, Mass. . . Lebanon . . Derry . Troy . . Lebanon . . Lisbon . Worcester, Mass. . Derry Village . Croydon . Errol . Claremont . Campton . Melrose, Mass. Manchester . New Boston Wollaston, Mass. . Portsmouth Peterborough . Concord . Meredith . Littleton . Rochester Woodsville Manchester . Nashua Kittery, Me. . Dover . . Dover . Lawrence, Mass. . . Lebanon . Dover . Danbury . Milford . Deerfield Manchester . . Berlin . . Tilton . . Concord Swampscott, Mass. . Tavares, Florida BURNS. ARTHUR, GX . . . . Manchester BUSHEY. LEONARD BOAST . . . Concord BUTSON, ERNEST HENRY. A X A . Lisbon BUTMAN, CLARENCE DONA . . . Lebanon CALLABAN, ROBERT H.. KE Gloucester, Mass. CAMPANA, FIORE, QKFD . . . . Lebanon CARLEN, JANS JULIUS .... . Concord CARLTON. LESLIE HERBERT, KID M A . . Fremont CARPENTER. DORIS MAY . . Newmarket CARPENTER, HELEN GENEVIEVE Somersworth CARR, JUNE. AEA . . . . Hill CARR, EVA, EO .... Contoocook CARRIGAN, JOHN EDWARD . Somersworth vii Zark- ,fktwiz , . . l1061 .I 'I 'ln' C i1't1n1'!t' of I U 50 self CARROLL, NEWTON LEROY . CARVILLE, ROSE FRANCES . . CASEY, JAMES PATRICK . . CASSILY, ELIZABETH FRANCES, AK CAVARETTA JAMES JOSEPH C-9K1-I1 CHARRON, ROLAND BARTHOLOMEW, OKIIIA CHASE, ALAN SNYDER, OYQ . CHASE, LESLIE OLIVER . . CHEETHAM, TOM, AIIE . . CHRISTENSEN. HARRY EDWARD, ZA CHRISTIE, ALDIS, OYQ . . CHRISTOPHER, ESTHER NVEBSTER CILLEY, CHARLES DORR, AXA . CLAPP, KENNETH TURNER . . CLARK, WILLIAM EDWARD . . E CLARNER, LOUIS GEORGE KARL, KDMA COLBURN, GEORGE CLEMENT, KE COLBY, HALSTEAD NORMAN . COLDWELL. HARRY IRVING, AIIE CONNOR, MARGARET ELIZABETH COOK, GEORGE MILTON, KDMA . CORSON, HILDA .... COUTCHOUCOS, JOHN GEORGE . CRAM, MARGARET L. . . . CRESSY, MURIEL GLADYS. AEA . CROCKER. ROBERT WELLINGTON CROKE, HARRY WILLIAM. AITE . CROSBY, RALPH WILLIAM, OX . CROTEAU, OSCAR FREDERICK . CRYANS, JAMES EDMOND, Olifll . CUNNINGHAM, HORACE JAMES . CURRIE, WILSIE AUSTIN, OX . CUSHING, MERCHANT LEROY . DAGGETT. HELEN EATON. A X Q DANFORTH, MILDRED EMELINE . DANIELS. ALMON M. . . . DAVIS, BARBARA. AXQ . DAVIS, HENRY ALBERT . DAVIS, RUTH ELENORE, EO , A, x x .,ffx,' . Dover . . Dover . Somersworth . Dover Portsmouth . Nashua . Concord . Milton . Nashua . Durham . Groveton Lyndeboro . Dover . Hampton . Charlestown . . Concord . Newton. Mass. . . Concord . Goffs Falls . Manchester New Bedford, Mass. . . Rochester . Manchester . Hampton Falls . . Concord . Rochester . Claremont . Nashua . . Marlboro . . Berlin . . Berlin Providence, R. I. . . Plaistow . . Concord . Berwick, Me. . . Henniker Fall River. Mass. . East Sullivan . Needham. Mass. DAVIS, WALTER GEORGE . . . . Nashua DEAN, REXFORD STANLEY, OX . . Durham DECKER. GORDON ULYSSES . Claremont DELUDE. FREDERICK EDWARD . . Keene DICK, ARTHUR FREEMAN, A E X . . Wilton DICKEY, FRANK WALLACE . . . Manchester DODGE, RICHARD MORGAN, KE . . Manchester DODGE. THELMA LOUISE, XQ . North Hampton DONOVAN, FRANCIS R.. EAE . . . Keene DONOVAN, JERRY JOSEPH, A l'P . . . . Exeter DOUGLAS, HOWARD WILLIAM, A 2 X . . Brattleboro. Vt. DOWNING. CHARLES JACKSON, GY Q . . Wentworth DUNLAP, KENNETH ROBERT. A T Q . . Laconia EBERT. MARJORY L. .... . Durham ELLINGWOOD, DANIEL MILTON. A IIE . . Littleton EMERY, PAUL DEARBORN. GTX . . . ' . Keene ENNIS, JOSEPH JOHN, GX . . Arlington. Mass. EVANS, CARL BUNTIN, KD A Y . . . Concord FABER. DAVID. CII A . . . . Nashua FARLAND. RALPH A.. 21 AE . . - . Nashua FEARER, JOSEPH LEONARD. fI1 A . V- - Hampton FENTON, AUSTIN WELLO, A FP . Wrenthram, Mass. FERNALD, MARY LOUISE . . . Nottingham FISHER, V. HOITT . . . . . Andover FITZGERALD, RICHARD A. . Manchester FLEISHMAN, RESSIE .. . . Portsmouth FLOWER, EUGENE H. . . . Manchester FLYNN, RICHARD JOSEPH, 1' 1' I' . . Dover ...... ,.-,4 - -. , , K ,..-- 4 a .. --'----, ,n an-Q 1 1. A. ...... .,.- fb x - xl, , -"" "" ' . fa 5 ' ' -"""""-ll., 'ZA' Qi' 'UQ' 'bl 2f'fr- ' 'C' Aff" 422-fx1X!Q,,,-7Q'g'x 141 ,ifxxxtu ,Z-fx ,KFC 5 VAyCQ LX, .- yfx jRA,,f---Xl! 107 The CIFCIIUZIIC of 1050 FOLSOM, EDWARD S. . . . FOWLER. JEWETT WILCOX. I-J Y S2 FOWNES, LOIS ALEXANDRA, A XS2 FREAMAN, SADIE . . . FREEDMAN. HERBERT PAUL FRENCH EVERARD HILLARD FRENCH. JOHN BURNHAM . FRENCH. STANLEY GILBERT GALEUCIA, ANNA JOY . . GALLOWAY, RAYMOND P. . . GATES. ELIZABETH ALDINE. E O . GAY, RICHARD LEWIS . . GERSHOVITZ. SAUL . . GIBBINS. JOHN BERNARD . GLEASON. ELEANOR. AK . . GOOGINS. HERBERT RUSSELL, AE X . GORDON, FLORENCE ROSAMOND . GOWEN, ELIZABETH, AEA . . GRANVILLE, PEARLE . . GREENWOOD. EARLE SPENCER . GRIFFIN. ELEANOR FRANCES. A K ' GRINNELL, VICTORIA LOUISA . HAGERTY, EDWARD DANIEL. I-9 K 4D HAGSTROM, HERBERT ROGER. KE HALE, RUTH FRANCES . . . HALL, MAJORIE LOUISE, KD M . HAM, CARLTON WILFRED . . HANLEY, HOWARD EUGENE, OX . HANNA, CHARLES RUSSELL, I-DX . HARRINGTON, RICHARD M., 4DMA HARRIS. JAMES CAMPBELL. AXA HASELTINE. JOHN EDWARD, KE HASIOTIS. ARTHUR CHRISTOS, AE II . HASKELL. GENEVIEVE MARY, AEA HAYES, MAXWELL CONNARY. I'I' I' HAZEN. CATHERINE ALICE, AEA . HAZEN. HENRY ALLEN, A I' P . HEAD, CLARIS ELIZABETH, EO . HEALY. ARTHUR JOSEPH, 6-7 K ID . HENNESSEY, THOMAS EDWARD . HENNING. AVIS MARY, KD M . . HIGGINS. PAUL WILLIAM, E A E . HIKEL, THEODORE ROOSEVELT . HILDRETH, SIDNEY ADAMS . HILL, RICHARD OSCAR . . HILLS, DOROTHY, EO . . HINKLEY, OWEN. 4D M A . . HOLT, MARION FRANCES. KD M . HOLT, RALPH DAVIS .... HORAN. GEORGE CHRISTOPHER. I-7 K ID HORRIGAN, FRANK HENRY. GKKD . HOUSTON, NORMAN JOHNSON . HOWARD, FRANCIS JOSEPH, 6-J K ID . HOYT. STANLEY CURRIER. AXA . INGHAM, GEORGE DONALD, GY Q . JABLONOWSKI, JOSEPH FRANCIS. CDMA JACKSON, HARLEY WESLEY . . Dover . Concord . Rochester . Dover . . Berlin . West Lebanon . Northwood . . Exeter Kcnnebunk, Me. . . Alstcad . Charlestown . . Keene New London, Conn. . . Dover . . Dublin Portsmouth Manchester . Greenland . Madison . Goffstown Portsmouth . . Derry . . Nashua . Worcester, Mass. . . Dover . . Dover . . Dover Providence. R. .I . . Swanzey Jamaica Plain, Mass. Queen Village, N. J. . Reeds Ferry . Manchester . Nashua Lincoln . Lebanon . Lebanon . Gorham Manchester . Somersworth . Manchester . Cranston, R. I. . . Plymouth . . Marlboro . Enneld . . Hollis Mamaroncch, N. Y. . . Concord . . Nashua . Manchester Wakclield, Mass. . . Bath . Derry . . Newton . Lowell. Mass. Terryville, Conn. Kennebunkport, Me. JACKSON. MILDRED LOIS . . . . Bethlehem JAMESON, GRACE ESTELLE . . . Manchester JENKINS. WALTER SCOTT. GY!! . Manchester JOHNSON. IRVING ERNEST. KDAY Reeds Ferry JONES. FRANK MALCOLM. AE X . . Manchester KASIAN. GEORGE JACOB, AXA . Lawrence, Mass. KELLEY, GENEVIEVE MAY . . . . Lincoln KELLEY, HENRY EDWARD, EAE , . Manchester KELLSTRAND, GUNNAR EDWIN. A TQ Rockland, Mass. KIMBALL, BERNARD ARTHUR . . . Coritoocook kpi-,?Q3i-,?q'3bi,,kDLQ,ka5:i-,.?ct,5i,,'kX,kc l1081 V 'I 'hcl GI'lII7I.f rl KIMBALL. ERNEST, JR. . . . . KIRKPATRICK, ILDA B., E O . . . KNABENSHUE, KARL EMMONS HILL. I-D X KRINSKY, ABRAHAM E. . . . LAFARGE, WILLIAM FRANCIS, OK1Il . LAMBERT, ALFRED A.. I-J K ill . ' LAMPREY, ANNA SIGNOR . . LAMSON, SETH ALBERT, ATQ . LANE, HENRY CHESTER. OX . LANE. KENNETH BRADLEY, A I' P LANG, FRANCIS EDWARD . . LANG. HARRY FRANK, AIIE . LANGLOIS, FRED CLAYTON, OKKD . LAVALLEE, HUBERT A., 2 A E . LAWRENCE, RICHARD W., ATQ . . LAZURE, ALBERT CLARENCE, 1' I'1' . LEACH, CHESTER ..... LEAVITT. DOROTHY MAUDE, AXS2 . LEGGETT, NORMAN K. . . . . LEHTINEU, HOLGER GUSTAV . LEMAY, LOUIS BERTRAND . LESTER, BERNICE HOWARD . LEVESQUE, ADRIAN, JR. . . LEWIS, ALLEN INGALS, I' 1' I' . . LITTLEFIELD, NANCE WINSLOW, fll M . LLOYD, RONALD JOSEPH, O K ill . . LOCKETT, MARJORY . . . LORDEN, LEONARD SLOAN, C-DKfll . LOVELL. J. WALLACE, OKCD . LOVELL. MARY VIRGINIA . . LOVERING, CLEMENT, AIIE . LUCY, ROBERT ANTHONY. 2 A E . LYNCH, EDWARD KENNETH . . LYNCH, GEORGE WILLIAM, E AE LYNCH, ROBERT E.. ill MA . . MCDONALD, DONALD FRANKLIN . MCGINLEY, HAROLD EVERETT, I'1'I' . MCLAREN, HARRY SPURR, AXA . . MCLEOD, JOHN KENNETH, E A E . . MCINTIRE, WENDELL MOODY, AXA . MACNAUGHT. ELIZABETH, A XQ . . MACNEIL, STANLEY ALLAN, AIIE MACK, DONALD WILLIAM . . MAHAR. JOHN EDWARD . . . MAHON, JOHN HENRY .... MAILMAN, EUGENE WHITMAN, AIIE . MANN, GUY WEBSTER, AFP . . . MANN, PHILANDER LEON. fIlA Y . MARDHAND. ALPHONSE JOSEPH . MARION, GEORGE OCTAVE . MARSTON, JOHN BENETTE . . MARTIN, FRANK SAWYER, A TQ . . MARVIN, EDWARD, KE . . . MATOIAN, CHRISTOPHER GEORGE . MATSOPOULOS, ARTHUR MATHEWS. MENARD, YVETTE, XQ . . . MERRILL, JOHN ARTHUR, K2 . . AE l'I of I0 3 0 Franklin . Concord . . Manchester . . Somersworth . Northwood Narrows . Marlboro . Manchester New London . Keene Claremont Somersworth Colebrook . Lebanon . Berlin Manchester . Berlin Moultonboro . Tilton Manchester . Concord . Manchester . Ipswich. Mass. . . Nashua . . Concord . Hampstead Bellows Falls. Vt. . . Exeter . Milford . Lewiston. Me. Goffstown . New London Portsmouth . Hanover Nashua Manchester Manchester . Tilton Manchester . Concord Manchester Rochester Manchester . Claremont Norwood. Mass. . . Berlin . Keene E, Concord E. Concord Lebanon . Nashua Manchester Newport . Portsmouth - Manchester . Nashua - . Manchester . Storrs, Conn. MICHAUD, ALBERT DENAIS. C-7 K ill . . . Gorham MILLER. RALPH M.. lIlMA . . Townsend, Mass. MONAHAN, WILLIAM DAVID, K E . Lancaster MOORE, LEROY ELBERT, AZX . . . Fremont MOORHOUSE, CLIFTON, DAVIS . Tilton MORSE, CHARLES, ill A Y . . . Chester MORSE, VICTOR LOUIS, A Z X . Brattleboro MOZES, EDWARD, fIl A . . . Manchester MURDOCK. ROBERT, I' 1' 1' . . Manchester MURPHY, JOHN FRANCIS, G-l K fll . Manchester ---.,. , 4 A..------.,. , , J.------.,. , , J.------.,h 4 4 ,.-"""-., 2 V- 4 -.-"""-.. x 4 ..-""-.. s s ..-"""-., J sflfcsvtr 552:Laci-C,zkz5s1e.,,,fift5wL:t,,,:k,wk,,-flZ'cFLf, :kwin 11091 'I Ihr' CiI'fIl7I1ff NARDELLI. ANGELO, C-9K1D . . NEARY, GEORGE RUSSELL. QD M A . NERBONNE, PAULINE MARY, AXQ . NIGHTINGALE, ELSIE THAYER, AEA . NIMS, HAROLD BARRETT . . . NIXON, DAN MAYNARD, OYQ . OJANEN, RICHARD, J. H. . OSGOOD, RAYMOND HANSON . OTIS. EVELYN NATALIE, EO . PARKINSON. JOHN ANTHONY, 1'I' 1' PAUL, EDITH ROSETTA, XQ . PAUL, RUTH ANGELL, XQ . . PERKINS. DONALD MERRILL A PERKINS, ERNEST MARSHALL PERKINS, FRANCIS E., A II E . . PFEFFERKORN. CLYDE ALLAN . PHELPS, HENRY MAYNARD, 1' I'I'. . PHELPS, MARION AVIS. KDM . . . PHILBROOK, VIOLA BEATRICE, AEA . PHIPPS, MARION LOUISE . . A . PILLSBURY, LOUISE MABEL, XO . . PILLSBURY, EVERETT EDWIN, ATQ . PINKHAM, ARTHUR GEORGE . . PIPER, DONALD JOSEPH. O K 1D . PITZ, DONALD, KZ . . . POLISSON, PAUL ANGEL. CDMA . POTTS. LESLIE TRUEMAN . . PRESBY, HAROLD FREEMAN . PRIDHAM. GEORGE S., O K KD . PRINCE. GEORGE H .... PRISK. CHARLES WILLIAM, 1D MA . QUALEY, PHILIP PAUL . . . QUINT, LEVI WILDER, 2 A E . RAMSAY, HAROLD SPENCER . RAND, ELIZABETH, CDM . . RAYMOND, AGNES THURSTIN . REDDEN. AGNES MARIE . REED, PAUL J.. ZAE . . . RICHARDS, RAYMOND RENE . . . RICHARDSON, STUART ASHLEY. A 'I' Q RICHER. ANNETTE GEORGETTE . RILEY, MATHEW HOWARD . . . RIORDAN. GEORGE PATRICK, SKID . ROBERTS, WADE HAYSON. E A E . ROBINSON, FORREST JAY. A E X . ROBINSON, FRANCIS EDWIN, AEX ROSS, KARL G., AI' P . . . ROUILLIER. NAPOLEON ERNEST . RUDD. CAROL CORLIES, A EA . RUITER, GORDON CEDRIC, KDAY . . RUMNEY, JEANETTE MARION, Z O . RUTLEDGEJKENNETH EDWARD, OX . RYDER. CHANDLER A., AXA . . ST. CLAIR. MARION . . . ST. FRANCIS, ROBERT GERALD . . SALTMARSH, DONALD W., A TQ . . SALTMARSH. WILLIAM ROLLINS, KD A Y SANEL. ROSE ..... SARGENT. CLAYTON DAVIS . . SAVAGE. KENNETH SINCLAIR . SAWYER, LLOYD VINCENT, l' I' I' SAWYER, RAYMOND J., CDMA . SCHURMAN, JOSEPH LEONARD . SCRUGGS, PAUL WAYLAND, AIIE SEFTEN, EUGENE HENRY, AI' P . SELLECK. FRANCIS EUGENE . llldll f 1030 'A"", 9415 ' EEK Providence, R. I. Cohoes, N. Y. Manchester Moosup, Conn. . Keene Rochester Claremont . Laconia Farmington Penacook . Sunapee . Sunapee . Sunapee Kingston Littleton Manchester . Concord . Durham Meredith Dover Derry Derry Dover Franklin Durham Gloucester, Mass. . Durham Henniker Portsmouth New Boston Yalesville, Conn. . Dover Conway Concord . Epping . Errol . Dover Manchester . Dover . Pelham Manchester Somersworth Manchester . Dover Manchester . Durham . Gorham Goffs Falls . Durham . Concord . Berlin Woodsville Wollaston, Mass. Portsmouth . Nashua . Concord . Concord . Concord Goffstown Riverton Woodstock Plymouth Portsmouth Woodsville Bedford, Mass. . A Exeter 4' ,e'15'M'?2,4Liffi' H3531-'Q il ln, 5111111111 of IU fl? diiri- -f K "-,. A 4 I.-A' "-.. SERAFINI, ENZO D., GX . Hanover SHANNON, GERTRUDE . . Concord SHAPIRO, MOLLIE MAY . . Portsmouth SHATTUCK, GRANVILLE, A II E . . Granby. Conn. SHEA, JOHN JOSEPH, OKKD . Manchester SHELDON, HAROLD EUGENE Westmoreland SILTON, MORTON MAX . . . Dover SINCLAIR, DOROTHEA WINKLEY . Exeter SKOOG, ALLAN PETER . . Hampton SLACK, STANTON MCCUE, 1-I1 A Y . . Franklin SLAVIN, ROBERT MORAN. . . , Nashua SMITH, CARROLL PHILBRICK. OYQ Goffstown SMITH, GEORGE WENDELL, OYQ . Goffstown SMITH JEAN ESTHER . . . . Lancaster SMITH. MALCOLM WALKER, 1'1'1' Mechanic Falls, Me. SMITH, ROBERT HOMER. OK CIP . . . Nashua SMITH, RUSSELL CLARK . . . Whitefield SMITH, VERA MARIA . . . . Plainfield SMITH. VINCENT FRAZIER, AII2 Peterborough SOLOMON, SAMUEL FRANK, IDA . . Franklin SPENCE, DOROTHY ADELAIDE . . Berwick SPILLANE, ANNE .... Newmarket STACKPOLE, BRYANT WOODBURY . Exeter STANKIEWIEZ, MITCHELL JOHN Newport STEERE, EDITH RUTH, CD M . . Amesbury STEEVES, ETHEL ELIZABETH, CDM . Dover STERLING, WILLIAM CLINTON, A TQ . New London STETSON, ROBERT SHAW, FI' I' . Plaistow STEVENS, EDITH MARGARET . . Piermont STROBRIDGE, EDWARD ADOLPH, 1D A Y . Woodsville STURGIS, JOHN EDGAR . . . . Durham SUCKE, EDMOND ADOLPH, KZ . Hyde Park, Mass. SULLIVAN, GENEVIEVE DEASY . . Manchester SULLIVAN, JAMES ARNOLD . . Somersworth SULLIVAN, TIMOTHY CARROLL . Manchester SWAIN, VERNON TRICKEY, I' I'I' . Barrington SWAIN, HORACE ROBERT , . Rochester SZALAJESKI, EUGIENIA . . . Laconia TALLMAN, EARL ARMSTRONG, OY Q . Manchester TASKER, GEORGE WALDEMERE, KE New London THEODOS, MATHEW RALPH , Manchester THURSTON, ELSIE ESTELLA. A X Q Wolfeboro TIBBETTS, MARION ELLEN, A EA Groveton TIFFANY, HENRY DYER, AXA , North Weare TILTON, RICHARD GOULD. OX . . Laconia TOBEY, ARDA, EO . . . . Wolfeboro TONKIN. JOHN FREMONT. 1'1' F . . . Durham TOOTHAKER. CURTIS C. . . Rockland. Mass. TRENT. GEORGE JAMES, AEII . . Portsmouth TROMBLY, LILLIAN OBERLIN . . Concord TUFTS, BETTY RAYMOND . . Lancaster TUTTLE. GEORGE EDWARD, A TQ . Dover UICKER, JOHN JOSEPH . . . Derry UNDERWOOD, CLARENCE ALBERT Manchester VAN STELTEN, ANNA. AK . . Manchester VANNI. JOCONDO DOMINICK . Peterborough VASILION, VASILIOS ANTONION. AE II Manchester VAUGHAN, OSCAR LOCKWOOD . Portsmouth VIELE, JAMES HAROLD, GUYS! . Claremont VINTINER, FREDERICK JAMES, 1D M A . . . Lisbon VIVIAN, DORIS HASKELL, CID M . Gloucester, Mass. WALKER, AGNEW GENO . . . . Lebanon WALKER, CHARLES MONROE . Chelmsford, Mass. WALKER, EDITH CATHARINE . . Contoocook WALKER, STANLEY ALVIN. ATIE . Woodsville WALLACE, RUTH EVELYTH . . Dover WARD, ANNA LETITIA . Berlin I . .' , ---t'---. I l- .4--'- 4 . D. --'-"--. 1 4 - .- -"""'- . J E Q A .. --""' -., 4 . a An.. ,KL .Lf - -. ,lg I 45,2 L 1-Aga Exit- Afffk I-xifk 1-'LQQ kai-5 4-ggi FX rx. ,z-yxfx, ,f'xfNx., xr X, 'l 'hc' C5111 WEBB, JACKSON THOMAS . . WEBSTER, BESSIE . . . WEBSTER, JOHN RANDOLPH, fl! AY . . Milford Newburyport, Mass. . Hartland, Vt. WEEKS, DOROTHY ELEANOR . . Pittsfield WEEKS, JOHN WILLIAM, GJYQ . Greenland WHEELER, ELMER MOORE, CDAY . . Milford WHIPPLE, VERNA ALLIENE . . . Lebanon WHITCHER, FRANK EARL . . Bartlett WHITCHER, STANLEY, AITE Woodsville WHITELEY, WILLIAM MILNER . . Dover WHITTEMORE, RUTH . . . , Lyme WHYNOTT, WALLACE EVERETT. l'l' . . Antrim WIGGINS, CLIFFORD ROY, AZX . Montpelier, Vt. WILLAND, ALLEN BENJAMIN, GX . Manchester WILLIAMS, LONA GRACE. AK . . Keene WILSON, BEATRICE BETHEL . . Concord WILSON, RHODA MAE . . . Derry WINER, PAULINE ELIZABETH. A EA Epping WINKLER, EUGENE STEPHEN. 9.1011 . Exeter WOOD, KENNETH H., KE . . . Hanover WOOD, MARJORIE VIRGINIA, IDM . Hampton WOOLDRIDGE, WILLIAM WALLACE . . Laconia WOOLLEY, AUSTIN GILBERT. 6-JYQ North Andover, Mass. WORTHEN, EUGENE PORTER, A2 X . Manchester WRIGHT, MARION, X9 ' . . . . Alton YERKES, ALICE RIDLEY . . . Tacony, Penn. YOUNG, EDNA S. . . . Wolfeboro YOUNG, WILLIAM CARLETON, IDMA . Dover sk, ..,..., 21 , ,li .--..., :P ik, ....... LJ , ----'-- 21 a -'-- '--.up su- Us lQbX,l5g ff?-ribx. -2ZC3Fx.Xi 'f 770 CIIYIHIGII' of I U 50 Class Ufficers 1 U QW.: ' QF ,rx I I N 1 Conroy, '1'rcnsu1'c1': Atwood, Secretary: Smith, President. I 1 1 3 I The G1'c1r7z'lc of 1930 1932 We're now only Freshmen And haver1't much to say We're hounded by the Sophomores They're always in our way. We haven't done much up to now But when we start We'll show you how. You'll have to hurry to keep in step. Our social doings haven't started yet, But when our Freshman days have parted We'll give dances and proms so fine Everyone there will have a splendid time. We'll pity the Freshmen Andetreat them square. We're giving a warning We're a class quite rare. So students, faculty, members and all Just watch '32 who appear so small. 29 ,li ,...... H, qi ,... ,Lf ......, :J , ,Lf ...... H, ,Ll ,......, J, ,Lt,.,...U, L1141 - "" 'lllw Cirunile of 1030 rl- Cllttss of I9232 ABBE, GEO. B., 2 AE . . ABBIATI. ENNINO, K2 . ABRAMSON, BENJAMIN, KDA . AKESON, ELMER GUNNAR . ALLEN, FRED ERNEST, A 1' P ALLEN, RUSSELL LYNN, I' l'1' . . ALLEY, ELIZABETH STETSON . . ALPERS. BERNARD JACOB. 111A . . ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM TRUEMAN, A X A ATWOOD, CHARLOTTE ANN, A EA . AUGUSTINUS, ROBERT HERMAN, C-JX . AVERY, MARGARET ELIZABETH . . AYER, GORDON ROUNDY, AEX . AYERS, JOHN ROBERT, KE . . BAKER, FLORENCE MILDRED. KD M BAKER, EVERETT DANE, A 1' P . . BAKER, LAURENCE ALNN. 411 A Y . . BAKUS, SAMUEL THEMISTOKLIS, A E II BALL. CHARLOTTE M. . . . BARNABY, BARBARA COPELAND . . BARTLETT, WALDORF ROY. AIIE . BEAN, NAN GORDA, KD M . . BEMIS, MILLARD STANTON . . BERRY, MARY MARJORIE . . BIELING, HOWARD JOHN, AXA . BILLMAN, EDWARD S., A XA . BLACK, ROSE . . . BLAIS, MAURICE ADELARD . BLAISDELL, DANIEL CRYSLER . BLAKE, LEON HURD, I' 1'l' . . . BLANCHARD, GEORGE WALTON, OX . BLODGETT, STUART EDWARD . . BOLDUC. ANITA EMELIA . . . BOOTHBY, BRADFORD SAUNDERS, A X A BOWEN, FAY SANFORD. AIIE . . BOWMAN, AUDREY ELIZABETH, A X S2 , BOYCE, WALTER EARLE, OKIIY . . BRADLEY, RICHARD GERALD, CDMA . BRANNEN, MALCOLM DODGE, KE . BRESNAHAN, CLARE ALBERTA . BRISSON, EMMA DIANN . . BRONSTEIN, JOSEPH EDWARD. CD A BROOKS. EARL, A IIE . . . BROWN, CHARLES STANLEY, O YQ BROWN, EDNA FRANCES . . BROWN, JOSEPH TRUE. OYQ . BULLARD, LESTER, AE X . . BURBANK, ROBERT WILLIAM. A T Q , BURGESS, LYMAN CLAWSON, 'IIA Y' BUSSELL, ARTHUR LALOA. G-JKKII BURTON, CHARLES WILLIAM, AI'P . BUTSON, HELEN SARAH, A K . . BUTTRICK, CARLTON ELWIN. A E X . BUTTRICK. LLOYD . . . CALDWELL. STACY WADAZ . CARPENTER, HARRIET L. . CARPENTER, LUCILE . . CARTER, PAUL WILLIARD . . CASSIDY, JAMES PETER. 91011 '. CATALDI, ANGELO . . CAVERLY, RUTH ELIZABETH CHALONER, RAYMOND PIERCE . aifff . Dublin Barre, Vt. Berlin. Vt. . . Concord North Hampton North Newport . . Union . Salem, Mass. Dumont, N. J. . . Lisbon Manchester Wolfeboro . . Keene . Everett. Mass. . Q Concord New Boston . Nashua Manchester Colebrook Brookline . Newport . Concord . . Dublin . Rochester Harrington Park, N. J. Wollaston, Mass. . Portsmouth . . Dover Plymouth . Manchester . Portland. Me. Kensington . . Derry Wakefield, Mass. . . Meredith Salmon Falls . . Lisbon . . Lebanon South Hampton . Manchester Newmarket Manchester Manchester Wentworth . Keene . Deerfield . Concord - Derry Acworth . Dumont, N. J. . Concord . Woodsville East Hampstead - Hillsboro Portsmouth Newmarket . Berlin . Haverhill . Milford Wolfeboro . Strafford Nashua I 115 1 The Cranile of 1930 CHANDLER. WARREN DAVID CHARLES. RUSSELL M. . CHASE, LOUISE LOWELL . . CHASE, MALCOLM JEROME, 9 X . CHAUNCEY, GERTRUDE MYRA CLAPP, RICHARD CASWELL . CLARK, CLIFFORD ROWE, GY!! . CLARK, FRED TOWLE, ATQ COBURN, PAUL WAYNE . . COLBURN, FRANCIS LESLIE, fl! M A COLLINS, JOHN FRANCIS, OK ill . CONROY, JOHN JOSEPH, KX COOK. LESLIE EUGENE . COOPER, JOHN EDWARD . . COTE, RODERICK OLIVER, CIP M A . CRAWFORD, CLAYTON H., A T Q . CROWELL, DOROTHY FRENCH, A K CROWELL, GILMAN KIMBALL, A TQ CROWLEY, BERNARD FRANCIS . CURTIS, HORACE LESLIE . . . CUSHMAN, OTIS FRENCH . . DALLINGER, WILLIAM STEARNS, AXA. DANE, JOHN ALEXANDER . . DAVIE. ELSIE ENID . . . DAWSON. HELEN JENNIE . . DEARBORN, PAUL EDWARD, I' I' I' DICKERSON. THEODORE SEWELL DICKERMAN, EDMUND HOWARD, PFI' DODGE, RALPH LENDELL, AFP . DODGE, RUTH ELLEN . . . DOLLOFF, CHARLES CLARENCE. E A E DORFMAN, EDMUND, CIDA . . DORSEY, REGAL HARRY, FI' I' . DOSENBERG, FRED AUGUST, AFP DOWNING, CECILIA ELEANOR . DUFFY, ETHEL MARIA . . . DUNFORD, ERNEST FRANK . DUNFORD, RALPH CHESTER DUPRE, ARMAND, dv A Y . DYKE, WILLA MARGARET, XS2 . EADIE, WILLIAM ROBERT, CDA Y . EASTER, LEONARD CHARLES. A I'P EDGERLY. HERMAN DORE, A 'I' Q EKSTROM, KARL WILLIAM . . ELKAVICH, FRANK DANIELS . ELLSWORTH, RUSSELL JENKINS, 1IlAY ESERSKY, AMY DEBORAH . . EUSTIS, RICHARD JAMES, AXA . FECTEAU, IVANETTA MAE, AK . FERRYALL, THELMA PEARLE FESSENDEN, DAVID WILLIAM FIELDS. MARION LENA. A E A FINLEY, HOLMAN HAINES, SX FISHER, JOSEPH RAYMOND FLANDERS, YORA VIRGINIA, AK FLEISCHMAN, NATHAN . FLINT, ELIZABETH JOSEPHINE FORBES, ARLENE LOUISE, AK FORD, VERA MAE . . . FOSS. RHONA IDELLA . . . FREESE, GEORGE LAMB . . FROST. LEONARD RODOLPH. A IIE FULLER, FREDERIC DRESSER . GADD, EILEEN ROSS . . . GARLAND. HAROLD ROY . GARRETT. ALFRED BERNARD . GASSETT, GEORGE LEROY. KD M A . Dover . Rochester Manchester . Seabrook New Boston . Concord Portsmouth Portsmouth Londonderry Contoocook Manchester . Newport, R. I. Portsmouth Northwood Manchester New London . Bedford . Concord . . Concord . Lakeport . Stratham Cambridge. Mass. . , Concord . . Concord Whitefield . Tilton Hill Brookline Bradford . New Boston . Malden. Mass. . . Berlin Wallingford, Conn. , Alexandria . . Nashua Dover Keene Keene Exeter . Hanover Manchester Claremont Chocorua Manchester . . Nashua . Penacook . Claremont Marblehead, Mass. . . Exeter . . Nashua Brookline Reed's Ferry Colebrook . Rochester Ansonia, Conn. . Manchester Plymouth Stratham Plymouth Rochester . , Bristol . . Concord North Stratford . Plymouth Portsmouth . . Dover Alton 1 1 16 1 . - 4 ,- -"""' ., a v .. -"""- .- z 1 X -N - - 7 4 ', -------. ,A 1 , R. ------ .,- , Dii,?4'C3SL1,9?4Z I he Circlmlc of 19 JU 'IvWLQ,,jlG'jbFif--,536 GATES, FREDERICK ARTHUR. AXA . Waltham, Mass. GERRISH, RAYMOND FREDERICK . . Dover GIBBONS, WILLIAM E. . . . . Dover GOODRICH, RALPH WINTHROP . Rochester GLEASON, JOHN, PFI' . . . . Dublin GORDON, ELLIOTT BISHOP, AI' P Tamworth GORDON, HERBERT. IDA . . . Concord GRADY, JOHN FRANCIS . . Chichester GRAHAM, ARTHUR SAMUEL, 911411 Manchester GREENE, ROBERT CUSHING, OX . . Keene GROSSMAN, BERNARD . . . Manchester GROSSMAN, MARY BEATRICE . Manchester HACKLER. IRAH A ....- Marlboro HADDOCK, LAWRENCE EVERETT, OX . Lakeport HAGERTY, NORMAN ALBERT, 91012 . . Nashua HALSTEAD, RUTH . . . Hampstead HAMMOND, GEO. E .... Manchester HANDSCHUMAKER, EDWARD. A E X . Manchester HANNIGAN, THERESA FRANCES . . . Exeter HANSON, PAUL A. . . . Center Sandwich HARRIMAN, ELMER LANE . . . Bartlett HARRIMAN, ALFRED MUNROE . . Warner . Rochester HARTIGAN, JOHN LOUIS . HATCH, CAROLYN TRAFTON . HAWKES, HAROLD MELVIN, KE . HAYES, CHARLES GILMAN, KE . HAYES, CHARLES F. . . I-IAZEN. HOLLIS MILAN . HAZZARD, NORMAN EARL . . HEAD, FRANCIS ALLISON, IDAY . . HEATH, WESLEY K ..... HENDERSON, LAWRENCE WILLIAM, KE HENDERSON, ROBERT GRANVILLE, AZ X HIKEL, NOLAN GEORGE, AE X . . HOLMANDER, WARREN . . . HOLMBERG, GERALD WILLIAMS, KD MA HOOPER, ROBERT WILKINS . . . HOYT, FRANK EDWARD, 6-IYQ . . HUBBARD, HARRIETT STONE HURD, ALDEN MONTE . HURLEY, KATHERINE IRENE HYNES, EDWARD L. . . JACKSON, NORTON . . JANOSZ, MICHAEL . . . JAQUES, LEIGH FRANCIS, KZ . . JENNISON. DAVID BLANCHARD, CDAY JEWELL, ROLAND MORRISON . . JOHNSON, ELEANOR NOYES, AEA JOHNSON, LESTER WILLIAM, 4DMA . JONES, MURIEL BENT . . . JONES, SARAH EMERSON . . JOYAL, JEAN MCALLISTER . KACHADORIAN, GEORGE . KEARNS, MARY MARGARET . KELLAR, OTTO PITMAN. AHE . KELSO, VELMA MARRIETT . . KERR, BENEDICT ALEXANDER. ill A KIBBEY, FRANCIS BERNARD, GJYQ KIRSCH, DOROTHY ELLEN . . KNOX, GEORGE CRANE, CID A Y . KOROL, MYROSLAW . . LADD, GEORGE ELISHA . LAMB, WILFRID . . . LAMPTON, HERMAN GEORGE . LANG, EVERETT HILTON . . LANZILLI, CARLO EDMUND, 91411, LAVOIE, LIONEL DONALD . . . Kittery, Me. Woodfords. Me. . Exeter . Rochester . Concord . Berlin Farmington Franklin Merrimack Wells, Me. Plymouth . Tilton Manchester Sanbornville , Gorham Peterboro Lancaster Manchester . Manchester . Manchester . Newark, N. J. Worcester, Mass. . . Milford . . Rochester . Newburyport. Mass. . . Milford . Winchester . Durham . Tilton . Salem Depot . Somersworth . . Laconia - Hillsboro Gloucester, Mass. . Cornish Flat . New Boston . Concord Manchester . Hollis Portsmouth . Nashua . Durham Portsmouth ' Manchester J. .Ll ........ J. ,K ...,... J . ,....., J , I 1 17 ' 'I 'he Ci1'c1r71'l LEAVITT, MORRILL WILLIAM LEHMAN, JANE CLIFTON, XS? LEVINE, SAYRA . . . LEVINGSTONE. IDA BERTHA . LITTLE, ROBERT GEORGE, A 'I' Q LORD, ALMON MUDZETT . . LORD. FRED ADALBERT, AFP . LORD, HARRY D., KE . . . LOVETT, CONSTANCE BARRON . . T C of IQJU biq,?Gbif,,,Qq . . Tilton New York City, N. Y. . Portsmouth . . Concord . Concord . . Dover . Salem Depot S. Portland, Me. . Beverly, Mass. LUCE, BEATRICE MABELLE, E Q . . . . Exeter LUNDH, KURT STONE, A I' P . . Manchester MCCAMMON, MILDRED MANET E, XQ Portsmouth MCCARTHY, JOHN BERNARD . . Manchester MCFADDEN, ALBERT EDMUND, AEX . . Dover MCINNIS, KATHERINE, fDM . . . . Concord MCKINLEY. JOHN JOSEPH, O K CIP . Cascade MCKOAN, THOMAS PAUL, K Z . Westville MCLELLAN, JOHN BAILEY, A 2 X Woodsville MCNUTT. MARY ELIZABETH, KDM . Durham MCSHANE, LEON AMBROSE, ID MA Dover MAGNUSON, GEORGE ADOLF, 9 Y Q ' . . Concord MAGUIRE, HUBERT R. . . . . Laconia MAILMAN, HARRY LEROY . . . . . Keene MALLOY, AGNES MARGARET, AXQ . . . Nashua MARKOWITZ, HARRY, KID A . . . Wallingford, Conn. MARSHALL, RICHARD BARTON, E A E . . Milford MARTIN, HENRY GEORGE . . . West Hopkinton MASON, FRANCES OLIVE, A EA . . . Winchester MATHER, CAROL SAMBLE, AXQ . Manchester MAURICETTE, ROBERT EDGERLY, A Z X . Dover MAYNARD, ALEXANDER EMILE . . . Nashua MEADER, ANNIE VICKERY, 2 Q . . . Dover MECHESKI, EDWARD MICHAEL . . Winchester MEEHAN, NANCY WEST, AXQ . Flushing. N. Y. MELOON, HARRIETTE APPHIA . . . Ossipee MERRILL. EDITH MYRA, A E A . Groveton METCALF, CLARENCE WALTER. A I' I' . . Alstead MEUNIER. LIONEL LUCIEN . . . . Nashua MEYERS, EDWARD ROBERT, CIF A Lawrence, Mass. MILLETT, HERBERT ALLEN . . . . Hudson MINARD, GEORGE OAKMAN . . . Claremont MITCHELL. WALTER RUSSELL, ID MA . . Plymouth MOODY, ARTHUR F.. CDMA . . . Bradford, Mass. MOORE, GORDON EARLE . . . Manchester MOORE, GORDON LORENZO, FFF. Portsmouth MOORE, MARK MASON, AHE . . Milford MOREAU. JEAN WILFRED, E A E . Manchester MORIN, GERARD LUDGER, K2 . . Berlin MORRILL. ALBERTA ROSS . . . East Kingston MORRISON, ROBERT JERMAN, 9 X . . Laconia MORSE, ARTHUR CONGDON, 4D MA Newburyport, Mass. MORTON. SARAH ELIZABETH, A XQ . . . Concord MOTT, GINBERT ALLEN, 1D A Y . . . Brandon, Vt. MOWATT, DORIS ELIZABETH, CI' M . . Exeter MOWATT. DOROTHEA CLAIRE, CDM , . . Exeter MULFORD, JOHN ALLEN, ATQ . . , Westmoreland MUSHLIN, SAMUEL, 111 A . . Manchester NORTON, LAWRENCE IVERS, OKCIY . Hennniker NOYES, CARLTON FLETCHER, 9 Y S2 . . Sunapee NUTE, VELMA ELIZA . . . Rochester O'HARE, JAMES FRANCIS . . . Nashua O'NEIL, WALTER FRANCIS. E AE . Manchester O'NEIL, ROGER WILLIAM . . . Nashua OSGOOD, JONATHAN ABRAM, CIDAY . Pittsfield PAGE, WILLIAM J. PFI' . . . Berlin PALMER, WALTER HERMAN. I'I'1' . Salem PARKHURST, DONALD S. . . Peterborough 1 118 J , 'I 'ln' CII'CIl7Iill' of I0 50 PARNELL, PRISCILLA .... Manchester PATARD, ALBERT GUSTAVE. AEX Lenox, Mass. PATENAUDE, DUAINE TYLER, AXX . . . Henniker PENLEY, HOWARD DONALD, AXA . Portland, Me. PERKINS, EMILY WELD . . . Meredith PERKINS, FREDERIC BLOOD . . . . Bartlett PERKINS, THOMAS ALEXANDER. AEX . Gorham PERLEY, DWIGHT, A TQ . . . . Durham PETERSON, BERNARD OLIVER . . Rochester PETERSON, CONRAD FRANCIS, C'-IX . Amesbury, Mass, PETERSON, STANLEY SAMUEL, I-J Y Q . . Manchester PHILBRICK, ALFRED PARSONS . Portsmouth PIKE, CHARLES WILLARD . . Colebrook PITZ, ARTHUR, EAE . , . Durham PLUMMER, BARD . . . Union PLOURDE, EDWARD F. . . . Manchester POWERS, VIRGINIA, YDM . . , Concord PRENTICE, LAWRENCE ANCEL. A XA . Winchester PRESCOTT, PHILIP THOMPSON, E A E . . Stratham PUTNAM, HARRY M., 1'l'l' . . . Rochester RANDELL, NORMAN JAMES, OX . Amesbury, Mass. REDDEN, ANNA JOSEPHINE . . . Dover REID, ORRIEN K., AIIE . . . Gorham REIDY, MARY JOSEPH . . . Manchester REMINGTON, LOUISE ELIZABETH Manchester RICHARDS, ROBERT LADD. OX . . Durham RICHARDSON, MADELINE SMITH Manchester RILEY, ELWYN ARTHUR, GY Q . Concord ROBBINS, PAUL JAMES . . . Berlin ROCHE, JOHN FRANCIS . . Manchester ROGERS. BARRON T., A IIE . . . Franklin ROLFE, PRESTON ELWELL. AE X . Portsmouth ROSS, LAWRENCE' WALDO . . . Gorham ROWELL, LEONARD DEXTER . Manchester RUBLEE, ELIZABETH CLARK, AXQ Rochester REED. CARLYLE, KDIVIA .... Hampton ST. CLAIRE. JOHN EDWARD. AE X . . . Laconia SALTMARSH. GERTRUDE ELIZABETH, KIPIVI . . . Concord SAMPSON, MYRTLE LOUISE, EO . . Hampton Beach SANDS, VIRGINIA, AXQ . . . . Portsmouth SANTY, CLIFFORD GEORGE . . . Lisbon SARGENT, GRACE ELTA . . . Henniker SARGENT, MURRAY HIRAM, AE X New London SARGENT, THEODORE E. . . . Lebanon SAVORY, CATHRINE FLORENCE . . Warner SAWYER, MINNIE G ..... . Sunapee SAYWARD, MARY ELLA, AEA . . Lancaster SCHURMAN, WILBUR MORRISON, ATQ Lancaster SCHWARTZ, JOSEPH, lI"A . . . Portsmouth SCOTT. GEORGE W., AXA . . . Rochester SCOTT. RICHARD RING . Raymond SHARPE. BERMARD WARREN . . Nashua SI-IEEHAN. THOMAS PAUL, A 1' P . Portsmouth SHERWOOD, HENRY, 'DA . . . Dover SILVERMAN, WILLIAM ROYAL. ID A Manchester SLACK, JAMES EDWARD. AXA . . Cornish SLACK, RAYMOND SUTTON, AXA . . Meriden SMILEY, RUTH HODGDON . . . . Dover SMITH. CARL MOSES . . . . . Concord SMITH, CARLETON F., ATQ . . Middeltown. Conn. SMITH, DOROTHY ELEANOR, AK . Londonderry SMITH, ELIZABETH WINGATE, 2 O . . Dover SMITH. KARL LEAVITT, OX . . Laconia SMITH, ERNEST WILBUR . . . Manchester SMITH, EUGENE , X . . . New Hampton SMITH. MARJORIE HELEN, CII M . . Newfields SNELL, FRED WILLIAM . . ' . Lisbon SNOW, CHARLES S., KE Whitinsville, Mass. limi 'I 'hc Cijrcznilc SPIRES, GEORGE VINCENT . SPINNEY, ROGER .,,. STAFFORD. DAVID DEXTER. I-JX , STENBERG. HENRY GEORGE AXA STOCKWELI-, SIDNEY, I'I'I' . , . STOKES, STEWART LINCOLN. AXA . STONE, JOHN EATON . . . STROM. CARL RODNEY, 'KIYAY . SULLIVAN, RUTH FRANCES . SWALLOW. DONALD W., I-DX SWEET, PERCY HAROLD . TAGGART, RICHARD F., OX . . TASKER, LEE HARRY . . . TEAGUE, JULIAN HALL. ATS! . . TENNEY, FORREST FRANKLIN, AI'I' . THAYER, GORDON OLIVER . . THOMAS. ISABEL ROSS. AK . . THOMPSON, CHARLOTTE, AXQ . . THOMPSON, ERNEST EDWARD, fDMA . THOMPSON. ROBERT MARTIN . . THORIN, ERNEST GERALD, AZ X . THORP, FRANK JUSTIN , . TILC, VICTOR SYLVESTER . . TOBEY, FRANCILIA MARIAN, ID M . . TOLMAN, GORDON FRANCIS, AEX . TOOLIN. JOSEPH PATRICK, K2 . . TRUE, EUNICE GERTRUDE . . . UNDERWOOD, MARY BARBARA, AXQ . VALLANCOURT, RICHARD WILLIAM, 2 AE VARNEY, CLINTON RODNEY, AFP . VARNEY, DORIS GRACE ..., VATCHER, RUTH .... VIANO, LAWRENCE FRANCIS, EAE . VOLKMAN, WILLIAM JOHN, 9 Y S2 WAGEMAN, PHIL, BAE . . WAITE, HAROLD GARDINER, OX . WALDEN, GEORGE R. . . . WALES, MAURICE ARTHUR, I'1'1' . WALKER, FREDERICK MASON . WALSTROM, JOHN ERWIN, OYQ WARD, DAVID LESLIE, AXA . . WASHBURN. JOHN DAVIES, 2 A E . WATSON, DORIS ETHELYN . WEBSTER, BURTON DWIGHT, OX . . WEEKS. GEORGE C ..... WENTWORTH. WILLIAM CLIFTON . WETTERGREEN. CHARLES OSCAR, ZAE WHEELOCK, HOWARD ELLIS, ,I'F I' . WHIPPLE, ETHEL JULIETTE . . . WHITCOMB, FRANK WILLIAM, cb A Y . WHITE, EMILY THORNEDYKE, EO . 01-1930 . Salem. Mass. Portsmouth . Berlin . Union . . Lebanon , . Melrose, Mass, . Northwood Center . . Concord . Somersworth Manchester . Lisbon . Nashua . Dover Portsmouth . Antrim . Dover Charlestown Manchester Manchester . Hudson . Dover Manchester Groveton . Manchester , Chesham . North Sutton West Hampstead . Manchester . . Epping . . Alton Center Strafford . . Hancock Rye Beach Manchester Manchester Manchester Portsmouth Penacook . Manchester . . . Keene . . Winchester . North Adams, Mass. . Center Sandwich . Newburyport, 'Mass. . , Freedom . . Union . Malden, Mass. . . Keene . Fitzwilliam Bellows Falls, Vt. . Rye Beach WHITE, WALDRON C. .... . Peterborough WHITEHOUSE, WATSON RAYMOND . Holyoke, Mass. WHITING. WILLIAM P., K2 . . . . Wilton WHYTE, JOSEPH JAMES, GK KD . Lancaster WILLIAMS, RALPH HARRY. IDA Y . . Lebanon WILLIAMSON, DEAN PLUMMER, III A Y . . . Concord WILSON, CHARLES HENRY. KE . . . Portland, Me. WINSLOW, RACHEL ELIZABETH. AK . . Somersworth WITHAM, CEDRIC NED, A IIE . . Grantham WITKUS, ARTHUR HENRY . . . . Newport WITTENBERG, HYMAN HERBERT, KDA . . Concord WOLFSON, MAURICE L., OYQ . . . Canaan WOOD, EDWARD GEORGE . . , Rochester WOOD. HARRY LAWRENCE, 9X . . Providence WOODBURY, STANLEY NATHANIEL . Contoocook WOOLDRIDGE. SYDNEY MILTON, AZX . . Laconia WORCESTER, FRANKLIN AUGUSTUS, OYQ . Hollis WRIGHT, NORMAN ARTHUR . . L . . . . Keene kbikikx -' 'h J' 'L ,kci.-Zi,-Z Il201 fo 14" 'Q I J Y ov Q EDITORIALS ORGANIZATIONS MILITARY ART ATHLETICS W 'Ks SOCIALS TRADITIONS FEATURES I I 'X fl - 6 J I 9 'nfs p s I Hn' c,'1-amnf of lv in The Granite Editorial T is not easy to be successful. Yet, in the publication of our Granite. we feel that we have to a moderate extent reached a conclusion that it is suc- cessful in its new form. It is well understood that the task of publishing a book that reaches every .individual on a college campus and that must, therefore, be made personal as well as general a publication, is not easy. Every student must be given due recognition, every organization must bc given its place, every department must be treated impartially in order that harmony may be maintained among those who make up our University. There will be, without doubt, criticism, constructive and destructive. of the Granite. We, the Editors, are aware that our book is far from being perfect. We do wish. however, that in the criticism that will fol- low there will be new ideas with which the l931 Board may work. Those who T e criticize should bear in mind that a new PM. A. W- Johnsoml 1,ll why Advisor and tremendous amount of work con- fronts a staff when they undertake to put forth a book which meets with the approval of all. The unfamiliarity of the mechanics of such a book, the lack of cooperation among the faculty and stu- dents, the Hnancing of the publication without University support, are but a few of the handicaps of the Board. With these things taken into consideration we feel that such faults as the book contains may, in part, be excused. The past years' issues of the Granites have been about the same. Few new ideas have been presented, even fewer have been embodied as a part of the final publication. Themes have been over worked. The traditions of the Lu ,.... ,Ll ,....... Ja ,k ......., :JA .li ....... L. , ,li .--'---. kj, Ali, .,..., .Lv ,Axe Lx ,, Jxecam' ax- wi i , ki I1231 The Grcznile ol' 1930 Ray Stillmnn Sawyer, Editor-in-Chief Hurry Russell Smith, Jr. Managing: Editor Granite have become stereotyped. All this while our University has been evolving into something new and different from what it was at first meant to be. We, therefore, feel that we may better express our feelings and respect for Alma Mater by also changing. We have tried to show this by including new ideas within our book. We have discarded a few of the things which seemed to our predecessors essential. We have made radical changes in the make-up of our book. We have tried to get away from the style that has marked the Granites from the first, in an effort to keep pace with a different University by publishing a different book. The purpose of the 1930 Granite is entertainment and a reminder of our College days. In the ordinary program of college life there are amusing events as well as the dull routine of the college curriculum. We feel that these are the things that should remain with us the longest and which are most apt to be forgotten with the termination of our undergraduate days. Pleasure can be symbolized in no better way than by the Arabian Nights. Here we find subtlety, humor and wit unsurpassed. Tales which lose none of their enter- tainment by repetition and which have been kept for many years. It was with this thought in mind that we chose our theme, in the hope that this book may always mean much to the Class of 1930 in retaining those pleasant memories of our campus life. B 11241 . The GI'lIl7I.IC? of 030 Frllnli RO!-'CCl'S. JP- Eurl Boyce Batcheldur Bm-mine:-ies lVlunux.te1', Res-iiprned Buginegs Manager On our cover we have tried to keep the same thought in mind. That thought of a general change which is throughout the Granite and which still includes the University. We have greatly changed the color of the cover, but the change has not been made with utter disregard for our Institution but with greater emphasis on the fact that the Granite is a Class publication and not a book which is made primarily for the University. Lastly, we wish to convey an expression of thanks to those who helped us in our new work. It has been a delightful experience and one which we would not exchange for other campus activities. Our associations on and off the campus have been formed in a spirit of good feeling. New friends we have made, new things we have done, and now we leave all to succeeding classes with best wishes for them and for their work. l125l 'l'hcGrani1e of 1930 ll271 ' The GI'c1l7l'lt' of 1930 Fourth Row: Bodwell, Gay, Nims, Blanchard, E. Wilson tManugerJ, Brown, Hazen, Cowen. Third Row: B. Wilson, Nightingale, Hall, Tibbetts, Berquist, Wright, Vivian. Sucrmd Row: Philbrook, Carr, Daggett, Beuudry, Menard, Steeves, MacNu.ught. If'1'fmt Row : Trombl ey, Shannon, Nerbonne, R. Paul, E. Paul, Henning, Littlefield. The Granite Heelers Mary Annis Yvonne Beaudry Marion Berquist Emery Blanchard Frances Bodwell Eleanor Brennan Donald Brown Kenneth Buckminister June Carr Harry Coldwell Tom Cheetam Muriel Cressy Helen Daggett Lois Fownes Richard Gay Eleanor Gleason Elizabeth Gowen Marjorie Hall Henry Hazen Catherine Hazen Avis Henning Walter Jenkins Genevieve 'Kelley Alfred Lambert Harry Lang Nance Littlefield Elizabeth MacNaught Pauline Nerbonne Elsie Nightingale Harold Nims Conrad Peterson Elizabeth Philbrook Elizabeth Rand Kenneth Rutledge Gertrude Shannon Marion Tibbetts Harold Tiffany Lillian Trombly Anna Van Stellar Doris Vivian Beatrice Wilson Marion Wright 1 l28E1 'I 771- Cf'imnz'le of -1050 The New Hampshire OOKING back to about the year 1911, we see a small editorial staff headed by Alan Leighton '12, proudly issuing the first NEW HAMPSHIRE, and when we compare its four pages of four columns each with our present seven column paper of frequently six and eight pages, we begin to see how the University has grown and expanded. Today we accept our weekly edition as a matter of course, but in the early days of its history, it was an achievement to be proud of, and the first editorial and business staffs deserve a great deal of credit for putting the paper on a permanent basis, financially as well as by reason of its merit. The growth of THE NEW HAMPSHIRE has been gradual as the student body has increased in numbers, and as extra-curricula activities have been brought strongly to the fore. W. J. Nel- son, editor in 1914, added a column as well as two inches to the length of the sheet, and again in 1921 a column was added by A. S.. Baker. Since 1927 when the final addition was made by John Fleming, the paper has published seven columns of news, ads, editorials, and hu- mor on each of its four pages. In the various departments of the pres- ent NEW HAMPSHIRE as it appears to us, is material of interest to every type of stu- , dent, to the faculty, and to the alumni, as well as to interested outsiders, for it is a concise summary of all events, plans and John D. Flcminxr, projects of all three colleges of the Uni- versity, and a medium for discussing camp- u.s problems as seen by the students, the editor, and the faculty. The alumni column records the activities of the alumni, and serves in a small way as a direc- tory through which students and faculty are kept in touch with them. On the other hand, the paper keeps the alumni posted on campus events, especially new building projects, changes in the faculty personnel, and athletic contests, giving them an incentive to support their alma mater. To the students, the paper is a weekly directory of games, meetings, and social events, and a source of entertainment through its newest column, "East of the Water Tower," which embodies poetry, bits of campus humor, and criticisms, satirical though often constructive. In the same category is "The Mail Box" column in which are printed letters received from students who wish to express their opinions, or call to the students' attention some problem or other, and letters are printed willingly if they conform to the principles of the paper. Through the editorial department, the editor discusses the problem- The omit? of1930 of-the-hour or the event of the day, and by means of such sections as exchanges with other colleges and advertisements, a broader perspective of affairs outside our own campus, particularly on other campuses, is gained. Aside from being merely a useful news source, THE NEW HAMPSHIRE is made interesting and personal by the frequent use of cuts illustrating such activities as college plays, featuring prominent students, faculty members and visiting celebrities, and ad- vertisements. All editorial and business management is taken over entirely by the students with the advice of Professor Harold H. Scudder and Professor Edward L, Getchell. The .only function in the publication not done by the staff is the actual printing, and since there has been no equipment for it avail- able up to the present, this has been given over to a printing firm in Rochester. Each successive board of editors and managers has looked forward to the day when THE NEW HAMPSHIRE should own its own printing press, and in the near future this hope will probably be realized. Melbourne Cummings, Business Manager A system of apprenticeship for would- be reporters, editors, and business mana- gers has been developed, and since the number of applicants usually exceeds the demand, they can be carefully selected and well trained. These heelers, as they are called, work for one term on probation under supervision, and are taught the rules of writing and editing newspaper copy as carefully as though it were class work. A certain amount of practical experience in assembling and correcting material for publication is required of each applicant for editorial or reporting positions, and the business management training consists of learning the details of financing the paper. The sporting editor and circulation manager also have their assistants and apprentices whom they train in that special branch of the work. At the end of the probationary period, if the heelers have proved their ability, they are voted to the staff, and as higher positions are left vacant by the graduation of staff members, they are elected to fill their places. By means of this heeler system, the future of THE NEW HAMPSHIRE is assured, for incom- ing editors and managers have all been thoroughly trained in the work they are to undertake. In connection with such courses'as Journalism and Original Theme Writing offered by the University, this training is often invaluable. If we could look ahead as many years as our NEW HAMPSHIRE has already been in existence, we might see a daily paper appearing on the campus, and this certainly would be the case if its progress continues in the same measure that it has since its beginning. I l 130 1 - , ..,...--.,.. ..,......,.. f 1 . .',......,.. --,,,.,,.. .QQQiEiI?if?,...QL1 9 3 Q c Third Row: Bussell, Morse, Smith, Southmayd. Second Row: Bauer, Reid, Spinney, West, Blake, Huntoon. Front Row: Blaisdell, Stark, Fleming, Hadley, Brown. The New Hampshire Staff FACULTY ADVISORS Prof. H. H. Scudder, Advisor Prof. E. L. Getchell, Finance Manager EDITORIAL STAFF John D. Fleming . Robert J. Starke . Paul Blaisdell Jane Blake Ralph Brown Yvonne Beaudry . Gertrude Nye Louise Sprague . Melbourne Cummings William Prince . Elwyn Southmayd . Elizabeth Ahern Richard Allen Elisabeth Bauer Arthur L. Bussell Elizabeth Child Gertrude Dauphinee . . - , f . . 4 . BUSINESS STAFF . . . . . . f . REPORTERS Carl Evans George Hadley Eleanor Harris Isabelle Huntoon Victor Morse Elizabeth Murdoch Editor-in-Chief Managing Editor News Editor . Women's Editor Sporting Editor Women's Sporting Editor . Alumni Editor Intercollegiate Editor Business Manager Advertising Manager Circulation Manager Ethel Reed Harry Smith Alice Spinney Gertrude Twombley Doris Vivian Marjorie West l131l The Granite of 19.30 Uttar Appreciation We, the 1930 Granite Board, wish to extend our thanks to all who have helped us in the publishing of our annual. To MR. GEORGE E. SLYE. who suggested our theme. To the CANTON ENGRAVING CO. for the art work that they so generous- ly donated. , To the WHITE STUDIO for the prompt service and type of work they did. To THE RECORD PRESS for the exceptional personal interest they showed in the printing of our book. To MEL CUMMINGS for the help and suggestions that he gave to us. To PROFESSOR JOHNSON who helped make this book a Hnancial success. To PROFESSOR SCHOEDINGER and Prof. Lucinda Smith for the work they did for us. To MR, MORAN whose valuable store of pictures was a great help to us. To everyone who helped make our task an easy one. ' THE 1930 GRANITE BOARD 4 11321 V The CiI'CIl'Il'l0 of 19.50 Back Row: Bauer, Marston, Spinney, Grifiin, Low. I' t R C y C I S h t h C y f TOM: Alpha Chi Omega Elizabeth Bauer Muriel Andrews Alpha Xi Delta Alice Spinney Evelyn Marston ow: ourno er, ar. mit , Pic Pan Hellenic CP, 0136 . INTER-SORORITY COUNCIL Established 1915 Phi Mu Martha Carl Ruth Pitcher Delta Kappa Mildred Corey Margaret Cournoyer Chi Omega Sigma Omicron Louise Sprague . Grace Smith Eliza Griflin Winifredi Low ll331 7'l7c Ci!'Cll7I.lC of I 9 30 Back Row: Davis, Malloy, Underwood. Larrnbee, Leavitt, Morton, Mather, Sands, Meehan, Bowman. Secrmri Row: MRCNRUKht, Damrett, Todd, Nealley, Nerbonne, Thurston, Vogel, Nason, Fownes, McG1'ail. Front Row: Beuudry, Andrews, Dahlberrr, Baker, Bauer, Cheney, Nye, Hill, Jones, Thompson. Alpha Chi Omega Chapter: Alpha Tau OFFICERS Established 1924 Q eg ELISABETI-I BAUER A A E E S Q President Founded at S A J 5 . A J D 1 G I y , BERTHA HILL epauw , reencast e D' Q Vice-President Indiana Q 1885 Q MARIAN CHENEY S ' Q Secretary soRoREs IN FACULTATE A MARGARET BAKER Mrs. T. T. Phillips. Treasurer SENIORS JUNIORS soPHoMoREs PRESHMEN Margaret Baker Elisabeth Bauer Marian Cheney Elizabeth Child Marjorie Dahlberg Ruth Horne Dorothy Little Gertrude Nye Muriel Andrews Margaret Chellis Bertha Hill Dorothy Jones Miriam Nealley Helen Vogel Catherine Todd Dorothy Nason Julia Larrabec Yvonne Beaudry Pauline Nerbonne Elsie Thurston Helen Daggett Barbara Davis Lois Fownes Dorothy Leavitt Elizabeth MacNaught Audrey Bowman Nancy Meehan Agnes Malloy Carol Mather Sarah Morton Elizabeth Rublee Virginia Sands Charlotte Thompson Barbara Underwood ...... ...... YJ, ,E ,...... ,ue ..., J, l 134 A -,.l...., 8 5- .,...--.,. , ,P , . A , J.------.,. 3 , ...H---'.,. 5 '7?,,.Qi'f??7Ll'E-.Q.'il.?gfQ.- rrrrr Baal: Row: Mason, Nightingale, Hazen, Merrill, Rudd, Cressy, Gowen, Haskell, Philln-ook, Annon. Winer. Socrmrl Row: M. Smith, D. Smith, Billmun, Tinpxley, E. Johnson, Fields, Snywzn-d, Carr, Tibbetts, Fm-rand. Front Row: West, King, Blake, Marston, Spinnoy, Huntoon, Ham, C. Atwood, E. Atwood, D. .lohn- son. Pickwick. y Alpha Xi Delta, Chapter: Tau ' Founded at Established Lombard College September 25, 1914 Cialesburg, Illinois, 1893 OFFICERS ALICE SPINNEY. President ISABELLE I-IUNTOON, Secretary EVELYN MARSTON, Vice-President ELEANOR HARRIS. Treasurer SORORES IN FACULTATE JUNIORS SOPHOMORES Edythe Tingley Roberta Annon Kathryn Billmgm Elizabeth Atwood June Carr Dorothy T. Smith Edith Alexander SENIORS Jane Blake Evelyn Brannen Eleanor Harris Mary Haselton Isabelle Huntoon Elizabeth Murdoch Alice Spinney Marjorie West Charlotte Atwood Marion Fields Gertrude Dauphinee Evangeline Durgin Katherine Farrand Alice Gaflield Winifred Ham Dorothy Johnson Anna King Evelyn Marston Madeline Pickwick Marion Smith Ruth Stolworthy FRESHMEN Frances Mason Edith Merrill Muriel Cressy Elizabeth Cowen Genevieve Haskell Catherine Hazen Elsie Nightingale Viola Philbrook Carol Rudd Marion Tibbetts Pauline Winer Eleanor Johnson Mary Sayward 11351 'I he 'f1'1'c1l71ilc' of I9 YU Back Row: Record, Ledoux, Wriizht, Bcrquist, Pelkey. Sucaml Row: Eldridge, Bean, Lockwood, Morin, Lundstrom, McCammon, Lehman, Wilson Kidder. Front How: Rhodes, Patten, Walsh, Brunel. Campbell, Sprmzue, Pike, Dodge, Menard, Pearson Citi Omega ff-'!""""" ' -. X Chapter: Mu Alpha Q --,.,ffg,, H Established 1917 ' .A FX V . 5 -UN Founded at the Q atc University of Arkansas x CJD ' X fy if x SENIORS i ii ' if Y fin' If Mary Barker JUNIORS Celia Campbell Gertrude Eldridge Kora Harris Virginia Haynes Charlotte Hirschncr Eloise Ledoux Alice McWeency C. Madalyn Patten Shirley Putnam Hattie Record Louise Sprague Marguerite Walsh Celia Williams Sara Brunel Dorothy Dunck-lee Eliza Griflin Helen Kidder Grace Lockwood Edith Lundstrom Aline Morin Mildred Pelkey Marion Pearson Mary Pike Gertrude Twombly Eunice Wilson OFFICERS LOUISE SPRAGUE President CELIA CAMPBELL Vice President GERTRUDE TWOMBLY Secretary MARY PIKE Treasurer SOPHOMORES Marion Berquist Thelma Dodge Yvette Menard Marion Wright IIRESHMEN Nina von Fisher-Benson Willa Dyke Jane Lehman Mildred McCammon V Flora Rhodes I1361 'I 'ln' Cillllllift' of I U ill X Baclc Row: Mowatt, Doris Mowatt, Powers, Saltmnrsh, McNutt, Callahan, Bean, Vaughan, Tohey, Smith McGinnis. Second how: Burnham, Bodwell, Taylor, Bunker, Steves. Rand. Martin, Locke, Littlefield, Hennimr. If'i1'st Row: Farley, Hopkins, Hall, Duncan, Carl, Steere, Stewart, Wood, Britton, Phelps. Phi MM ttoo Chapter fa .5 fx ,Jil A NC OFFICERS , an at ,ff W Beta Gamma Q fy ' ' QJ Q ly RUTH PITCHER -V' i P ' y 7 President 1 . X' N , ix hstablished 1917 xml fi , W q ga, on MAR.,HA CARL ' . - I 2 ' - Founded at -Ji X fi -if V'Ce'Pre8ldem' Wesleyan College Q , il . -3 f MARJORIESI-IALL I , , "i ecretartf Macon, Georgia X55 i ilcviii A , ,,,l A ' xx q Jj - A MERIAL DUNCAN 1852 i'CC A-"MX -f'- - Treasurer SENIORS Ruth Pitcher Martha Carl Lucy Stewart Ruth phclps Marjorie Britton Pauline Maclaren Harriet Wyatt Mary Brcck Julia Locke .Merial Duncan JUNIORglulia Taylor Josephine Martin Ruth Bunker Ellen Farley Carrie Hopkins . E 1 VL , Florence Burnham Hazel Bronson Millicent Callahan vc yn wghan SOPHOMORES Frances Bodwell ' Marion Holt Ethel Steeves D h S . , Marjorie Wood 7 Doris Vivian Nance Littleneld MTW Vp twins . , 1 , H, rlon helps Avis Henning ' Edith Steere hlizabeth Rand Marjol-ie Hall FRESI-IMEN Nan Bean ' Florence Baker Marjorie Smith IT , 11 T Doris Mowatt Catherine Mclnnis Virginia Powers Bji-QFECKECNELECY Dorothea Mowatt Gertrude Saltmarsh I1371 ll 'fir' C ll'-'illllll' ul' f 'Y in Bazclc Row: Brennan, Soper, Luce, Williams. Fifth. Row: Fecteau. Crowell, Smith. Youland, Sheehan, Griffin. Fourth, Row: Winslow, Butson, Jones, Thomas, Flanders. Third Row: Sbone, Bannon, Gleason. Dimock, Mitchell, Annis. Second Now: 0'Bricn. Cassily, Corey. Weast, Tarr. I"i1'nt Raw: Raymond, Woodman, Van Stelten, Currier, LeClair, Moynihun. Delta Kappa OFFICERS if b ff x . MILDIRED COREY ,fl Founded at the President AKD y University of New lVlARGARE'I' O'BR1EN ff' J Hampshire Vice-President If C 5 ELIZABETH CASSILY f J CJD SOPHOMORES Secretary A s Mary Anais f Eleanor Brennan DOROTHY TARR NJ --X -. D as ' Elizabeth Cassily Treasurer -ff 'Db Eleanor Gleason GRADUATE MEMBER Gwendolyn Jones SENIORS Mildred Corey Margaret Cournoyer Winona Dimock Pauline LeClair Claire Moynihan Charlotte Pearl Mary Raymond Caroline Soper JUNIORS Loretta Bannon Barbara Cilley Edna Currier Hazel Luce Alta Mitchell Margaret O'Bricn Eleanor Sheehan Edith Stone Dorothy Tarr Florence Weast Zclma Youland Eleanor Grifhn Anna Van Steltcn Lona Vv'illiams FRESHMEN Helen Butson Dorothy Crowell lvanetta Fecteau Arlene Forbes Yora Flanders Dorothy Smith Isabelle Thomas Rachel Winslow ll381 rl lht' CiI'fIl7I,fL' of 10 917 Bach: Row: Davis, Younfr, White. Reed, Gatos, M. Brown, Luce. Third Row: L. Younxr, R. Brown, A. Meuder, E. Smith, Sampson, Rumncy, Kirkpatrick. Second Row: I". Memler, Tobe Timmins Head E. Brown Rincar. Y, - 1 1 l"i1':-it Now: Esther Otis, G. Smith, Evelyn Otis, Low, Dicey, Pillsbury, Hills. Sigma Omzicron 1 OFFICERS Founded at the WINIIOIRED LOW ga 4 President University of New MAIQGARET DICEY Vice-President H h' l amps we lv EVELYN OTIS Established May ll, 1926 Secfefafy QQ J GRACE SMITH N ' Treasurer sENIoRs XT' SOPHOMORES Dorothy Block GRADUATE MEMBER Mori' Brown Margaret Dicey Eva Carr Esther Otis Mary Timmins FRESHMEN Beatrice Luce Annie Meadcr Myrtle Sampson Elizabeth Smith Emily White Susan Taylor Rinear JUNIORS Ruth Brown Winifred Low Faith Meadcr Ethel Recd Grace Smith Louise Young Ruth Davis Elizabeth Gates Claris Head Dorothy Hills Ilda Kirkpatrick Evelyn Otis Louise Pillsbury Jeanette Rumney Andra Tobey l1391 gxilffwfrkkJiff"fQ?fQ 'I 'he C i1'f1171'1e of l 9 SU Back Haw: Shannon, Richer, Redden. Second Row: Buckley, Vaughan, Moran, McShune. I"1'onlb Row: Trombley, Abbiati, Petazzi. Pi Lambda Sigma Epsilon Chapter Established 1929 Founded at Boston University, C. L. A., Boston, Mass., 1920 Officers FLORA ABBIATI, President LEONA PETAZZI, Secretary LILLIAN TROMBLY, Vice-President ANNA BUCKLEY, Treasurer SOROR IN FACULTATE Ann F. Beggs SENIOR Helen L. McShane JUNIORS Flora R. Abbiati Phyllis M. Moran Leona L. Pctazzi Anna K. Buckley I Mary E. Vaughan SOPHQMORES Agnes M- Rcddcn Gertrude Shannon Annette G. Richer Lillian O. Trombly ' FRESHMAN - Clare A. Bresnahan Il401 B xlff"'f?'?: - V ' w ffm' fmlivzlz' cw! lil all . . P 5 Baqlc Row. lounsxe, Nelson, Batchelder. Cummings, Rosenthal, M Cl mms, Etlwnrils. Th.zrd Now: Youmr, Sawyer, Crowley, Butterfield, c en Sacrmrl How: Hadley. Davis, Farrell, Atwood, DesRoche1's. Front Now: Hayforcl, Phipps, Kelley, Adams. Casqiuie and Casket INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL Founded at the University of New Hampshire, 1905 Oflicers JOHN T. KELLEY. President ROBERT H. PHIPPS, Secretary ROBERT C, ADAMS, Vice-President' JOHN E. HAYPORD, JR., Treasure, Kappa Sigma Lyle Farrell Robert H. Phipps Siama Alpha Epsilon John Kelly Kenneth McLeod Theta Chi Lloyd Atwood Earl Batchelder Lambda Chi Alpha William Colby William Nelson ' Delta Sigma Chi Robert Adams Evan Edwards Alpha Tau Omega Norman Young George Hadley Theta Kappa Phi Real DesRochers William Crowley Della Pi Epsilon Dane Cummings Harry Tounge Phi Alpha A Edward Rosenthal Edward Agranovitch Thela Upsilon Omega John Hayford Hollis Sawyer Gamma Gamma Gamma Robert Bruce Eric Eastwood Phi Ma Della Burnham Davis John Shea Phi Della Upsilon Samuel Dow Sidney Hildreth "'-.D xr A 4 ..- """- .A V -X 1 -.- "" "-.4 A ,xl -.-"W-lr h 4.4 ..- -""'- 2.51, 'nn ..- -""'- .l l . -.R , , , 1XE'l is :XLR fflfx 1 "L fx fi' ' X 2 'XL A x I J 1' l .,.' .,.. X,,.f ,rx.,.-'gfa-e,,,,w ll4l1 'I'lveGrf1nz'1e of 19309 p ' 1 r l sf 1, iraq, , , i 1 V' ' N 4 in. fi: ' f ! ' 2 L. , f Back Row: Hnirstrom, Colburn. White, Moynihan. ' ' dSk B' H lt' Cllh Mr'n Sixth. Row. Woo , uc e, mron, ase ine, a a an, a vi . Fifth Row: R. Smith, Dresser, Tusker, Bianchi, Fluniizan, Phipps, Lord. Fourth Row: Lucinski, Nelson, Whittemore. Jennings, Somers, Silvia, Merrill. Third limo: Fleming, Gould, Kirvan, Starke, Walls, Reed, Farrell. Sucnml How: Spinney, Toolin, Jacques, Morin, Conroy. F'ro'nt Now: Brannen, Wilson, Snow, Ayers, Abbioti, Hawkes, Whitimr. Kappa Sigma Chapter: Beta Kappa fury Qqj Q, Established 1903 rj, ,g, Qi' C711 ev f' e N0 Founded at the Q W ,ff V tx T QQ University of ff, ,ji I 'J C, ti C43 . . . i if KJ ,JJ ' Virginia CJD f 1869 tfgl CJQC .t as FACULTY MEMBERS John Kendall , ghcgmag Laton rf . . li I.. C. Svsiiiiils Robert Reynolds SOPHOMORES GRADUATE MEMBER William Burke SENIORS Lyle Farrell John Fleming Pierce Gould Henry Hill Robert Jennings Paul Kirvan Daniel Lucinski John Nelson Gordon Reed Francis Silvia Arthur Somers Leon Soule Robert Starke James Walls JUNIORS Charles Bianchi Holland Dresser Justin Flanigan Robert Phipps Raymond Smith George Tasker Ralph Barron Robert Callahan George Colburn Richard Dodge Herbert Hagstrom Edward Haseltine Donald Lord Edward Marvin John Merrill William Monahan Don Pitz Edmond Sucke Kenneth Wood ROBERT STARKE President PAUL KIRVAN Vice-President GORDON REED Secretary ROBERT JENNINGS Treasurer FRESHMEN Ennio Abbiati Robert Ayers Malcolm Brannen John Conroy Thomas Gibbons Harold Hawkes Lawrence Henderson Lee Jacques Thomas McKoan Gerard Morin Charles Snow Joseph Toolin - William Whiting Charles Wilson 6, ,lf ......, 25 , ,E ...... ki, ,li ,... ......, M , '. A 1 4 1 . I 2 I 'ln' C infrvzlv uf' 10 JU UQ Bach: Row: Hanna, Auguatinus, Chase, Couser, Wood, Finley, Sargent. Sixth Row: Marston, Dean, Stafford, Bagley, Peterson, Rutledge, Webster, Richards, Blanchard, Waite. Fifth Row: Haddock, Currie, Hanley, Randall, Emery, Greene, Morrison. Fourth Row: Taggart, Tilton, Lane. Swallow, Willand, Ennis, K. Smith. Third Row: A. Higgins, Crosby, Robinson, Pederson, Johnson, Knubenahue, Sawyer, Sgyufini. Second Row: Ahlgren, Beck, R. Smith, Gustafson, Clark, G. Higgins, Bartlett. Front Row: Atwood, Fuller, Snodgrass, Butchelder, C. Smith, Larson. Theta Chi ROBERT SNODGRASS Chapter: Zeta 16, Established 1910 E Pfesfdenr Founded at ' f"4 gg LLSWORTQFUIISLER Norwich University tl? Biff L, DAVID BECIQUE' resldem 1865 ,, - 2. . . 'N-'i-f , Q f3f'f"2x Vice-President H EACSJLTY MEMBERS , owl ,f EARL BATCHELDER man . ogg 1 1 Secretar Leon Hitchcock 'IS i li U Alton Richardson l i CHARLES SMITH' Robert Webster Ex ,J Treasurer SENIORS I I YJRESHMEN Lloyd Atwood l ,- .- Robert Augustinus David Beck Ellsworth Fuller Herbert Hall George Higgins Charles Smith R. Emory Smith Robert Snodgrass Stanley Vogel JUNIORS F. Dayton Bartlett Earl Batchelder Thomas Couser Ralph Crosby Alfred Higgins Fred Johnson '3 f if rs CEM John Marston Ernest Pederson Kenneth Robinson Ray Sawyer SOPHOMORES Adler Ahlgren Clifford Bagley Arthur Burns Wilsie Currie Rexford Dean -Q., Paul Emery Joseph Ennis Howard Hanley Charles Hanna Karl Knabenshue Henry Lane Kenneth Rutledge Theodore Sargent Enzo Seralini Richard Taggart Richard Tilton George Blanchard Malcolm Chase Holman Finley Robert Greene Lawrence Haddock Robert Morrison Conrad Peterson Norman Randall Robert Richards Karl Smith David Stafford Donald Swallow Harold Waite Burton Webster Harry Wood 1143 l gif? yEl5'f'mf1i?.1 'l 'hw C lr'f1171'l4' of 1 '7 511 Back Row: Mnrtuski, Furlund, Viuno, Prescott. I"ifLIL Now: Pitz, Vallslncourt, Marshall, C. Wetterlzreen, Dolloll', Washburn, O'Neil. Abbe. Fourth, Row: Reed. Lynch, Donovan, Quint, Rexzali, Sullivan, Baker, Himzins, Kelley. 7'l1.iv'd lime: Ihtzgeralil, Christensen, Dubuc, Webb, Reed, Lucy, Prince, Currier. Scuoml Itrrm: Luvullee, MeCooey, Bromley, Hammond. Roberts, Averku, French, Parks. 1"1'rmt Ito-w: J. Wettenzruen, Gurlock, Spinney, Watts, Ramsey, Clement, Kelley. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Chapter: Phi Alpha , FRANK E. WATTS, JR. . f ' Established 1917 fqg C Pfesfdenf LCD J. KENNETH MCLEOD Founded at the ,Q 3 , V- P -d I University of Alabama fig Ice- rest en March 9 1856 flelllf ,el GEORGE PRINCE 1 yf we Secretary lf I Q Pg ,3. WARREN B. PINNEY FACULTY 'el . Key Treasurer MEMBERS . K J XO! R b A L Norman Alexander P , Iovflllt ' ug Ernest Christensen f lx f 'f lldli Qumt Edward I.. Cielchell fyff al' .Illul J' eed . Hamid J. Leavilr f , T lmofhv Sulllvlm Arnold P rr lon Agnew Walkcr perey lg. Reid ' Jackson T. Webb Raymond R. Starke , FRESHMEN Chester A. Baker Daniel F. McCooey SENIORS William D. Boardman' Jmlfenncth McLeod George Abbe Wllllam G. Clement Edward Bromley Philip E. Parks Cha,-195 Dglloff Ralph M' Gnrloele William D. Clement George Prince Richard Marshall llolm Tl Kelley Fred l.. Currier Percy F. Reed Eugene Morgan Warren B' plnney Maurice H. Dubuc Vkfade Roberts Roger 0'Nei1 Waller M, Ramsey Relvh lfarland Afflll-ll' Pill J. Wilbur Tahaney Jffllll Fllzgcrald SOPHOMORES Philip Prescott Frank E, Warrg, Jr, William Hammond Lawrence Ballou XVilliam Vallancourt John Wettergreen HCHFY KCHCY Harry Christensen Lawrence Viano Hllbcff I-nvnllee Francis Donovan Philip Wageman JUNIORS GCOVLIC XV- LYnCl1 I Paul VJ. Higgins John D. Washburn Charles P, Averkn Smnlfl' J- Maffoskl Edward Hines Charles Wettergreen QCFQI J Q -iff 5455 'iffifrq f3ff ll44l . , .,.. , . , v W , - 1 ' ' i l ' l fn Cmzlnlt in' lf? ill , U seg- .f if- .- 1 --L A N f .' N, . - A . . xx ,, ...ff l Baclc Row: Crawford, Crowell, Lamson. I' CkM PthMI'llICla1kJhn T Sl "zfLh. Now: F. lar , oore, a c . acfaranc, . . ' , 0 sun, eufxue, u tmursh. I"ou1'th Row: Dunlap, Leitch, Gardner, Adams, L. Smith, Mulford, Perley, Little. Third Row: Sterlimr, Burbank, Huntoon, Tinker, Pillsbury, Tuttle, Martin, Benedict. Second Row: A. Smith, Richardson, Chandler, Lawrence, Snvaire, Wile, H. Smith, Messenger. If'rfm.t Row: Hadley, Younx-r, Neil, Hutch, Evans. Alpha Tam Omega Chapter: Delta Delta ' g L . J A. R. NEAL . M 'xi ifllylli alt Ili, ,IM P -d Q Established 1917 X Q Q w , WS' 9771 l L ,I 1 t Founded at llr'l,gSC D, ik NX, ,,.,,,., my lj M. E. MESSENGER Richmond, Va. it il 535- Wg .ll ' V'Ce'pfeside'7'l f i ' ' ?5fZ' i 5.' -, 1865 , V 4 U if H , if if N- H. YOUNG FACULTY MEMBERS S A f f,y,fyl fltbi RFQ 'W Sfffefflfy J. V. t f M'G'E1'Sfman . X' l X I J. K. HATCH J. C. McNutt I, -, , ,V , - . S. R. Shimer fl, ll . ii ., lt ll, WX Treasurer FRESHMEN SENIORS JUNIORS SQPHOMORES Robert Burbank Robert Adams William Benedict Fred Clark John Chandler Justin Clark Lloyd Evans John Hatch Marshall Messenger Albert Neal Francis Savage Langdon Smith Norman Young George Hadley Herbert Huntoon Ralph Johnson Robert Leitch Donald McFarland Lloyd Patch Foster Tinker Harry Smith Lester Wile '--., Q r I . -4.,. .I t 1 i 4.-- Q L ,.li-"- 145. - .Ai-'-"4-,Ji -ln, -"-.,5. l A-if, ,-ia :bi be-. fs.. , . ,fx - 1 Kenneth Dunlap Seth Lamson Richard Lawrence Frank Martin Everett Pillsbury Stuart Richardson Donald Saltmarsh William Sterling Carlton Smith fx F Ap rx 1.4 I1451 Clayton Crawford Gilman Crowell Herman Edgerly Robert Little Cordon Moore John Mulford Dwight Perley Wilbur Schurman Julian Teague A-'ills 7- ' . ..- - ig -A . f' x zxiifk fifx 'I 'ln' CJIYIIUI-10 of 1030 Baclc Now: Eustis, Prentice, Billmun, Stenberrr, Bielinpr, Penley, Scott, Kusiun. But.-mn. Fourth. Row: Sluck, Dallinrzer, Stokes. Ward, Tlfl'nny. R. Allen, Armstromz, Slack. 7'hi1'1l Row: Cilley, Ryder, Wilder. MucLaren, Hoyt. Harris, P. Allen. Brown. Snmmd Now: Derby, Prince, Small, Burton, Terry. Mclntire, Cummings, llurdett. lf'1'rm.t Huw: Seuvey, Campbell, Hunt, Dow, Reed, Fowler. Lambda Cliui Alpha .fr 1 Q 5 , J. H. Dow - f l J - N p -.1 Chapter: Alpha X1 Zeta , . ,,gp.p. Q My sy ff-Sl 90? . . A .Mk Established 1918 C fu, jx D- Hs CAMPBELL, F d d T' b J X Vice-Preszdenl' oun e at U "of , , C-D JP D. I-I, HUNT Boston Unrversrty C41 ' Secretary 1909 GJ CJ? , W. A. Osoooo CCD if , f is Treasurer FACULTY ,X Q MEMBERS - Q .ff FP-ESHMEN C. I.. Blewett -mg DCJN " NV. Armstrong E. Y. Blewett mi f E' H. Bisling W. A. Osgood E. Billman A. E. Richards J- A- Ronald A SOPHOMORES B. s. Booslsby W. Smith G' Seavcy, R. Allen VV. Dallinger W- W' Wilder W. E.'Brown R. Eustis SENIORS JUNIORS K. F. Burdett F. Gates D. R. Campbell T. E. Allen E. Butson H. D. Pendley T. W. Colby R. F. Barton C. D. Cilley L. Prentice M. W. Cummings C. Derby J. A. Harris G. Scott J. H. Dow W. M. Mclntire S. C. Hoyt J. Slack R. I-. Fowler XV. J. Nelson G. J. Kasian R. Slack E. H. Hunt I.. W. Prince H. McLaren H. G. Stenberg E. B. Moore J. A. Small A. C. Ryder S. Stockes G. H. Reed J. C. Terry H. Tiffany D. Ward Il46I ' ,e51'f"f'?j2Q 'l 'hc C illllllifl' of 1.0 SU Baclc Row: Thompson, Morse, Colburn, Moody, Neury, Reed, Clarner. Sixth. Row: Bradley, Mitchell, Wallace, Young, Willey, Lynch, Polisson. Fifth How: Jablonowski, Prisk, Miller, Harrimzton, Vintinner, Blake, Holmberfr. l"m4.1-th. Row: McShune, Gassett, Underwood, O. Hinckley. Hull, Low, Beede. Third Row: Allen, Winch, Jackson, Shea, Holt, L. Hinckley, Dowd. Srmmul Row: Sawyer. Robinson, Bronson, Searle, Corpeninir, Dawson, Tobey, Elliott, l"i1-nt Now: Brown, Davis, Shedd, Cuic. Crawford. Allsworth, Smith, Stewart., Cuhulnn. Churchill. Phi Mm Delta Chapter: Nu Beta - CLAYTON ALLSWORTI-I Established 1918 fl y President l Founded at If M -1' EDWARD CRAWFORD Amherst, Mass. Jr, it y I, Vice-President 1918 ' ,gg A ARTHUR CAIE A '- i V Secretar ., 1 i Ili i ' A -ff FACULTY MEMBERS , X WILMOT SMITH Donald Babcock , H T Ralph Jenkins Q ,fl .Q ,Ji reasurer Ph'l' M t 'W A35 , Haig? Sniiiilon ,N fl, j::'l 'y- I - Ralph Miller GRADUATE Veff b-wr K J' Affhuf Moody STUDENTS -1fWif'F"'f'?f fif' , ' , George NearY C N d EH' tt . N . A 5 X I w I l lgfqjlillijogsson . e io , 5 ,I i Q X f ' ' , ' k 1 , f J lu ,ff X j ar es ris SENIORS 1 'f-' A " " - - Carlyle Recd Clayton Allsworth JUNIORS figlcfgsearlc Wimimilnmgxziilivyiiwycr H A h Henry Allen o n ea V4 . . . FigyBrgWen John Becdc Thomas Stewart Frederick Vintinner Earl Cahalan Arthur Caie Randolph Churchill Richard Columbia Edward Crawford Burnham Davis Sandy Roy Bernard Shedd Wilmot Smith Lester Tobey Henry Willey Sheldon Bronson Arnold Blake Willard Corpening George Dawson Henry Dowd Oscar Hall Leonard Hinckley Ralph Holt Clarence Jackson Waldron Low Harold Robinson Clarence Underwood Douglas Wallace Frederick Winch SOPHOMORES Louis Clarner George Cook Walter Foster Richard Harrington Owen Hinckley Joseph Jablonowski Emmett Lynch FRESHMEN Richard Bradley Leslie Colburn Roderick Cote Leroy Gassett Jerry Holmberg Lester Johnson Leon McShane Walter Mitchell Arthur Morse Ernest Thompson Il47l Francis Tucker Vernon Swain J UNIORS . .r "-., 4 A v A I - i is-5' 'Jffirfr' fgyl l ln' fffwlllllw fi! l" fl! pff-, jiq J-MN" '- liaclif Now: Toolin, Joslin, Abbott, Whynott, Parte, Murdoch, Blake. Fourth Row: Palmer, Lewis, M. Wales, Colby. Duquette, Parkinson, Putnam. Third Row: Dearborn, Wheeler, Smith, Lazure, McGinley, Phelps, Sawyer. Second Row: Gleason, Stetson, Hobbs, Kimball, Tucker. Shepard, Tarr, Hayes-1. Front lin-w: G. Wales, Burnham, Batchelder, Chadwick, Cooper. Gamma Gamma Gamma Founded at the University of New Hampshire 1, G NH CHARLES BATCHELDER Preszdenl BRADLEY COOPER Vzce-President 1921 .APG ff 1 FORACE TARR Secretary EDWARD BURNHAM I qi ill., I- mf ' . I f -w !F!E:.1 la ji F, X A J. . , Y lj t K x 1 -fr' . h gf., Ak ,,,v . Qffty 1 V ' ,J ' V V iff ff ,Q x - X f' Q' jx ., ,ff ,gy FACULTY MEMBERS Edmond Bowler E. W. Donovan C. Floyd Jackson GRADUATE STUDENTS Harold Abbott Paul Toolin SENIORS Charles Batchelder Fred Biathrow Robert Bruce Edward P. Burnham William Chadwick George Joslin Gardner Wales tl-.V ..- WZQQYP Halstead Colby Bradley Cooper Henry Duquette Eric Eastwood Maxwell Hayes Russell Kimball James McCann Henry Phelps Paul Shepard Henry Smith Robert Stetson Forace Tarr -nr h- -li.. .2 .ffkzx ,, I . 1 .ll 4 . . l Treasurer , , Kenneth Wheeler SOPHOMORES Lucien Aldrich John Gleason Albert Lazure Allen Lewis Harold McGinley Robert Murdoch William Page John Parkinson Harry Putnam Lloyd Sawyer 'll' - - 'Li' fx 2 .f X ,ffxze-X, l Wallace Whynott FRESHMEN Russell Allen Leon Blake Paul Dearborn Edwin Dickerman Regal Dorsey Gordon Moore Walter Palmer Sidney Stockwell Maurice Wales Howard Wheelock - -fkiv UNLV. - Vffxfix. , ,ffx 'l 'hw C iI'fIl7l'll' of I U ffl "" Baclc Row: Coleman. Worcester, Volkman, Brown, Kibbey, Noyes, Brown. Fifth. Row: Bean, Walstrom, Riley, Jenkins, Downing, Fowler, Viele, Reed. Fourth, Row: Christy. Clark, Tallman, Smith. Woolley, Ingham, Marsh, Weeks. Third Row: Chase, Farnsworth, Guston, Peterson, Thunberxz, Nixon, Sawyer, Pence, Second Row: Parshley, Johnson, Downimr, Reinhart, Betts, Bell. Gulliver, Dmrgzutt, Front Row: Francis. Harriett, Glidden, Robinson, Hayford, Senver, French. Theta Upszillon Omega l Chapter: Theta Alpha 1 ,A . KENNETH GLIDDEN Established 1921 XX., , Presldent K WILLARD BEAN Founded at The' I . ' Vice-President Hotel Pennsylvania m l N CRIS-I-Y PET-I-EE New YOIFR Clfy Q, I , Secretary 1924 . I 1 JOHN HAYFORD , i fll' A Il, l Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS ' D. G. Barton ' ja Ig. V if , A, F' Daggett iff IVVV , H' '-ik .iqq Q31 Dan Nixon C, E, Dodge W Qhlr l,-'Kg , Nl, -i N NX, Stanley Peterson L. C. Glover A. W. Johnson SPECIAL STUDENT Carlton Barton SENIORS Harold Babbitt William Bean Woodbury Bell Edwin Betz Roger Downing Horace Francis Kenneth Glidden Reginald Golliver Don I-Iarriott Harris Hatch John Hayford Arnold Noyes Sylvester Parshley Herbert Reed Albion Reinhart David Robinson Frank Seaver Malcolm Toone J UNIORS Hugh Farnsworth David Guston .A X, .it .i Maurice Marsh Cristy Pettec Hollis Sawyer Carl Thunberg SOPHOMORES Allen Chase Aldis Christy Charles Downing Jewett Fowler Donald Ingham Walter Jenkins Carrol Smith Earl Tallman James Viele John Weeks Austin Woolley FRESHMEN Joseph Brown Stanley Brown Clillord Clark Clark Coleman Francis Kibbey Carlton Noyes Elwyn Riley William Volkman John Walstrom Maurice Wolfsom Franklin Worcester .ki --" tl: --" "nba:-, A .Li --"' h - .li -"""' :jar - - A ,Q-filix, ,XIIX ,ffk fXC,,5XcQXx l1491 rl 'he Ci1'c1r71'le of I 9 30 ' ,FY If li Sk . .i 5' X ,' 2. 1' - K lfaclc Row: Blanchard, Hayward, Bowcn, Bartlett, Moore, B. Rogers. Scruxlxrs. Fourth. Row: Whitcher. V. Smith, Lamr. Shattuck. Third Row: Ellimzwood, Croke, MucNeill, D. Brown, Cheethnm, Pfetlerkorn, Loveriniz. Second Row: I". Rogers, French, Rowden, Scott, Johnson. Chu:-ue, Blakey. B. Bartlett. Front Row: Nelson, Currie, R. Brown, Cummings, Woodward, Stocker, Hurling. Elwood. Founded at the University of New Hampshire 19 21 FACULTY MEMBER JUNIORS Elias O'Connell Delta Pri Epsilon . xikm. Benjamin Bartlett Bernard Blakey DANE CUMMINGS President HARRY TOUNGE Vice-President CHARLES BROWN Secretary HAROLD SCOTT Treasurer SOPHOMORES GRADUATE STUDENTS Emery Blanchard Donald Brown Dana Cotton SENIORS Clayton Chase Thomas Cheetham Charles Palme Charles Brown Daniel Ellingwood Clement Lovering FRESHMEN Alexander Currie Everard French Eugene Mailman W. Bartlett Guilford Elwood Stanley MacNeill Francis Perkins F. Bowen Carl Harling Sheldon McIntosh Paul Scruggs L. Frost Lloyd Johnson Frank Rogers Granville Shattuck O. Keller Wallace Nelson Grant Rowden Vincent Smith M. Moore William Stocker Harold Scott Stanley Walker B. Rogers Frank Woodward Harry Tounge Stanley Whitcher C. Withen ,kwin akbifuk fkibt- :kr f15o1 'I 'he Grcznile of 10 30 lflkfi QQ Back Row: Dorfman, Schwartz. Alpers, Sherwood. Abramson, Markowitz, Meyers, Third Row: Wittenberg. Mushlin, Bronstein, Fcarer, Silverman, Kerr. Second Row: Gordon, Faber, Solomon, Moses, L. Schwartz. Ifrrmb Row: Stolovsky, Rosenthal, Arrranovitch, Wolf, Leopold. Phi Alpha Chapter: Omicron ' -3-7-T75 ld fs E. AGRANOVITCI-I Established 1914 Pfesfdmf EDWARD WOLF pounded at Vice-President George Washington EDWARD ROSENTHAL U . .ty Secretary I'11VC1'Sl I -4-S -1 MORRIS LEOPOLD 1 9 14 Treasurer GRADUATE MEMBER Samuel Culter SENIORS Morris Leopold Archie Rabinovitch Edward Rosenthal JUNIORS Edward Agranovilch Louis Schwartz Louis Stolovsky Edward Wolf SOPHOMORES David Faber Joseph Fearer Herbert Gordon Edward Moses Sam Solgynon FRESHMEN Benjamin Abramson Edmond Dorfman Edward Megers Henry Sherwood Bernard Alpers Benedict Kerr Samuel Muslin Xvilliam Silverman Joseph Bronstein Harry Markowitz Joseph Schwartz -Hyman Wittenberg ...ui bl: ...-.. U. su ...... 14, qi ...... ky sl: ..-..... 21 ' ,li ,..... nv, ..,.. ,Dt tk ,,.... .ua t 1. .V 1 A LU- ---,h A v' .,- -""- -.4 so -""' -.4 fif, ,ifxfxif ,Tift I fit' ffuffvllf' ff! ff' HU ,-li 3l7Q3ri5 Imcl: li411v.' Bemzs, Hmrerty, Smith, Boyce, Norton, Whyutt, McKinley. Grenier, Plourde, Lanzilli. Ifourth, How: Lloyd, Collins, Lorden, LuFm', Reurilon, Bussel, Crowley. Paolino, Gray. Thirfl Now: Lunirlois, Murphy, Horrip,'un, Piuer, Cryuns, Hfurerty. Shen. Caveretta, Grenier, Sncoml Huw: Michnurl. Wentworth, Campunu, Daeey, Fitzgerald, Adams, Minah. Frantz Now: Nodes, MeNamuru., Buckley, McDonald, Tetlcy. Chapter: Epsilon Established May 10 1924 Founded at Lehigh University 1 'W A Q October 1, 1919 FACULTY MEMBERS Thomas H. McGrail SENIORS Arthur J. Adams Jolm O. Buckley Edward H. Buffum Real DesRochers Raymond MacDonald Edward McNamara Norbert C. Nodes Pasquale Paolino Ronald Tetley 0 Theta Kappa Plat j JOHN 0. BUCKLEY A p b 1 1, President' y' f A 1 -, Q15 ft REAL DESROCHERS lx 1 ff Vice-President . l . 7. , 1 1 i I 1 . 1' E. J. MCNAMARA 1 f 1 A f Secretary X 1 1 1 1, 1 V . R. F. MACDONALD N M- . , Treasurer A xi f L' mf GRADUATE SOPHOMORES Edward Plourde STUDENT James J. Cavcrctm George Riordon John F. Sheehan Roland Charron John Shea, ' John F' Collins Robert Smith. JUNIORS James E. Cryans Robert H' Smlth Fiore Campana J. William Crowley Joseph Dacey Jeonde D. Vanni Richard Fitzgerald Albert Michaud Theodore Minah Cecil Wentworth Eugene Winkler Edward D. Hagerty Arthur J. Healy George Horan William LaFarge Frederick Langlois Ronald Lloyd Leonard Lorden John Murphy Donald Piper FRESHMEN Walter Boyce James Cassidy Arthur Graham Norman Hagerty Carlo Lanzilli John McKinley Lawrence-Norton Joseph Whyatt ,ki All ,,.. ...JI .I ,,.,, ,Lp 1 ,.... HJ, Al .,,,,,,J. .L-,W A-fi? s, Qfiif. .eff-1 ,kiwi yt.9sQ l152 1 , 1 f If ' H 4 fill: if anqlfl N! :itll V Ifaolc Row: Tenney, Gordon, Dosenberyz, Butson, Putnam, Baker. Lundt, Sheehan, Dodge, Easter, Lord, Fourth Row: Bagley, Barden, Fenton, Latimer, Percival, Dearborn, Ross. Third Row: Durprin, Ball, Gile, Hanson, Hazen. Seften. Second Row: Colovis, Evans, Hunt, Eaton, Parker, Butterfield, Collins, Tufts. Frzmt Row: Reed, Bickford, P. Fenton, McClennin5:, Mason, Scripture, McNab. Chapter: Omega Established 1924 Founded at the University of Ohio 1 904 FACULTY MEMBERS Paul Blood Prof. J. R. Heplcr G. P. Percival Prof. Ford Prince Dean Taylor GRADUATE STUDENTS Nicholas Colovos SENIORS Maurice Bickford Clyde Eaton John Evans Paul Fenton Stanley Hunt Alpha Gamma Rho ,,- --- , , , A' l , fl l 1 'X X , . l.,.r', . twxx, ,I gk y , yy, !,f'. If fy, ijt! t '-1 if . f NW leaf tl Eric MCNab Frank Reed Paul Scripture JUNIORS Beverly Ball Kenneth Butterfield Arthur Collins Roslyn Durgin Alonzo Gilc MCCLENNING President WAL'FER MASON i 1 1 Vice-President 'v PAUL SCRIPTURE Secretary l PAUL FENTON l Treasurer u .i xjl l li' f FRESHMEN Fred Allen SOPHOMORES Everett Baker Gerald Bagley Neil Barden Austin Fenton Henry Hazen Kenneth Lane Guy Mann Charles Burton Ralph Dodge Fred Dosenberg Leonard Easter Elliott Gordon Fred Lord. Jr. Kurt Lundt Clarence Metcalf Forrest Tenney Walter Mason Clifford Parker Karl ROSS Th Sh h Edward McClenning Oliver Tufts, Jr. Henry Seften Clircifidilis Variieyin ...W , A , V , , M . ..-- '-r., i K .lien '--,Av V 15152,-' . , - , ,. 1 fifiii P- 'Tl' Q 2 -' t ' A f '-A . as 1. 1 i l 153 1 The Cfmnfzv of 1050 1 , , ,, ,, Hack Row: Morse, Boothroyd, Slack, Osgood, Williams, Strom. F. Whitcomb, Webster, Mott, Barker. Fourth Row: Evans, Williamson, Knox, Johnson, Eadie, Ruitfer, Woodward, Ellsworth. Tluird Row: Blaisdell, Buckminsber, Frye, Stevens, Sultmarsh, Dubois, A. Whitcomb. Mann, Wheeler. Second Row: Strobridize, Hildrcth, Dow, Southmayd, Hauslein, Bachelder, Potter, Osgood. Front Row: Powers. Sargent, Langford. Pierce, Learned, Lune, Nichols, Sumner, Swonger, Skelton, Deigler. Phi Delta Upszillon , GORDON DOW tum ,,, President F Ci d t thl Gun Q 3 ' FRANK DUs'r1N University of New Vice-President Hampshire y MAURICE NICHOLS 1925 Secretary jf KENNETH LANE FACULTY MEMBERS J Treasurer Carroll Deigler I IJ 5 ,3 K rl John Hauslein 'rflyli Z7 ' fi Elly Frederick Jackson 1 ' Russell Skelton Clair Swonger Robert Sargent SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN SENIORS Oscar Aiken Gordon Dow Frank Dustin Gilman Frye Kenneth Lane Joseph Langford Robert Learned Maurice Nichols James Osgood Norman Pierce Dean Potter Clarence Sprague Jesse Stevens George Sumner JUNIORS Harvey Bachelder William Dubois Sidney Hildreth Samuel Powers Elwyn Southmayd Elmer Wheeler Arthur Whitcomb Charles Woodward Robert Blaisdell Kenneth Boothroyd Kenneth Buckminister Carl Evans Irving Johnson Philander Mann Charles Morse Cedric Ruitcr William Saltmarsh Stanton Slack Edward Strobridge John Webster Lawrence Baker Lyman Burgess Robert Eadie Russell Ellsworth Francis Head David Jennison George Knox Allen Mott Jonathan Osgood Rodney Strom Frank. Whitcomb Ralph Williams Dean Williamson ,QQ Jbx ,yQDX,,Kbc,,,,Gbs, -145-- aff? l1541 I 'l'lnv C lnzrvm' Ol' 10967 Front Row: Brown, Blaisdell, Bishop, Adams, Gee. Ames. Second Row: Sawyer, Tuttle, Willey, Lovell, M. Patenaude, Crowther, Wendell, Knapton, Lee, Third Row: Austin, Worthen, Moore, Jones, Berry. Baker, Douglas, Wiggins, Gooizins, Fourth. Row: Huggins, Cortez, Solt, McFadden, Sargent, Mauricette, Rolfe, Thorin, McLellan. Fifth, Row: Perkins, Henderson, St. Clair, Tolmun, D. Patenaude, Buttrick, Ayers, Standing: Wooldridge, Bullard, Paturd, Handschumaker, Robinson. Founded at ' Durham, N. H. October 19 Z 6 FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Eugene A. Bishop Edmund A. Cortez Delta Sigma Citi Bert E. Huggins Marvin P. Solt SENIORS Robert C. Adams F. Clement Ames Paul H. Blaisdell Leon Boodey Ralph Brown Warren Gee Reginald Knapton Stewart Lovell George Tuttle John Vifendell JUNIORS Stephen Crowther Evan Edwards Chun Lee Merle Patenaude Leon Sawyer Floyd Willey Q5 v H,a,..,, SOPHOMORES Fred Austin Robert Baker Donald Berry Arthur Dick Howard Douglas Herbert Googins Malcolm Jones Leroy Moore Victor Morse Francis Robinson Forrest Robinson Roy Wiggins Eugene Worthen ROBERT C. ADAMS President' FLOYD L. WILLEY Vice-President STEWART F. LOVELL Secretary RALPH A. BROWN Treasurer FRESHMAN Gorden Ayer Lester Bullard Carlton Buttrick Edward Handschumaker Robert Henderson Robert Mauricette Albert McFadden John McLellan Albert Patard Dwaine Patenaude Thomas Perkins Preston Rolfe Murray Sargent John St. Clair Ernest Thorin Gordon ,Tolman 'sYdney Wooldridge l l 155 af -s 1- . w 'I An--' 'n-- gy z f ' x r 'fn ,QV ,ruins 4 Back Row: Hasiotis, Mntsy, Trent. Vasilou, Bukus. Front Row: Sirhukis, Apzrufiotis, Vulukis, Kurabclua. Chapter: Gamma Delta Epsilon Pi J 1 5' H ff-,N . It fr go. JOHN D. VALAKIS Established K RXQ,g-3,-gf CWB X President I .J lzfxhy ujx September 25, 1927 V 'QQ W.52Zx -rf!! THE0' KfQRABELfXS fvxrm WAX X Vzce-Preszdenl fff."f ' 1 Founded at the ,L.. -?S.,lj.iN4xh Wflffxwf, P. J. AGRAPIETIS . , . f'if"11'1 A UH1VCfS1ty of Chlcago .A 5.-Q KH U ecrflmry 1925 Llnnggtl 1.55, C,g3m,g3 NICHOLAS SQEHAKIS 'Qi V- 'v,v W.. fL..,.fgg1f'f'1' f- N, reasurer K C9119 mam x X 1 .fu 'eu'--A4m.1.,.,',,f,z,.2M"tJ SENIORS Peter Agraiiotis A Nicholas Sirhakis Theodore Karabelas John D. Valakis SOPHOMORES Arthur Hasiotis George J. Trent Arthur Malsy Vasilios Vasilou FRESHMAN . . .- . . . . J 4 A a J. Iv xx 1 fxz VA, . k . A, ! Samuel Bakus - Q' 'Hg' :IL 1 M .l1561! ?..,. 5 wif? - -.'l:"' "LV, - ' " "" I - ffx1'X,,f"x1e5',,'1Af'x l."J T24 Ihr' Cifmvzlw of 'J7 fl? yaaliwfzfri' .... ,145-'w , fi x FIG 18 plan-vu,-pf, l r I. 1'ggS' xv Founded at the QF Back Row: C. Brown, Butz. Simmons, Northrup. Front Row: Bullock, Hull, Dining, Hill. Alpha Tum Alpha Q4 University of New Hampshire 1906 J. R. Hepler Charles Brown Harold Bullock Larvin Betz Charles Brachen Wilfred Despres CQCQQ f FACULTY MEMBERS J. C. McNutt SECOND YEAR CHARLES BROWN President RICHARD WATERS Vice-President A. MASSINGHAM Treasurer VJALTER SIMMONS Secretary E. W. Taylor Karl Fish Ray Parlehurst Chqrlgg Waters Arthur Massingham Walter Simmons FIRST YEAR Carl Dining Arthur Hill Clayton Northrup Donald Hall James Hills Labgm Todd William Harris Stanley Nelson 1 157 1 A .,, , .,..,,. 5, , , . A Q.. ...-- ...., nz g .ad 4...., 5-54 ,iffgg fr: ,HL-og I fm' fmmzff' ful 1030 f-ii ,',+r,s- . fx Baclc lfnw: Wctterpcreen, Messemzer, Boardman. Front lfmv: Cummings, Prince, Dunn, Atwood. The Student Council The Undergraduate Governing Body Officers G, L. ATWOOD. Presidenl' M. VV. CUMMINGS. Secrelary W. L. PRINCE. Vice-President R. S. DEAN. Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. George N. Bauer, Dean of Men SENIORS Lloyd Atwood Clayton R. Allsworlh I Marshall E. Messenger John A. Wettergreen Melbourne W. Cummings JUNIORS William D. Boardman Vkfilliam L. Prince Fred C. Pettee SOPHOMORE ' Rexforcl S. Dean , ,A-I- -.HV ...N---'.,,K. , A..- ----,-1. ia..-f - 4 A.--- 1 4 -.'-""--.- 1 A 4 -- .. .. -MM S., ,, ,- .- J,.-l.. J,--.-.L- .1--4. L ...Lf , ,fafxe ,,ff1.f'se, ,ffxz , ,.f'xzX. ,fx1"x., ,2fxxR, ,ffx Il58l A '11l70Gr'c1r7z'l0of1050 Front Row: Pike, Watson, Dahlberpr. Prew. Baclc Row: Smith. Timmins, Bunker, Gowen. Womenis Execmziqve Council Offcers MARJORIE DAI-ILBERG. President MARION SMITH, Secretary MARY TIIvIIvIoNs. Vice-President ELIZABETH GOWEN. Treasurer FACULTY MEMBER Katherine Watson SENIOR MEMBERS Gyncth Prew Ruth Pitcher JUNIOR MEMBER Ruth Bunker I1591 I .J J L51 l4ln' Cjrflnzvlw mf IU JU "" 'A ' Senior Skulls ,iq ffgf . ,M7hW QM 71 EMM. C-f.'.7fQw afCZa,w-0-U54 X J ,.,...., :lurk Al: ,,...., ,Di , ,Q A..,.,., :I L tl: ,.,.. WJ? ,M A,.... .Lv ,L ,... ...Lv , ,,A, x, ,fapxg I 1601 V L ,. ..., H I l ',.,,,.,. fi-, ,,:1yrrl' T351 lbw Cfmnzlw ul I 7 YU ,QQ-S ,+L-QQ. uyq Founded at GERTRUDE NYE GYNETH PREW RUTH PITCHER Elisabeth Bauer Jane Blake Marjorie Dahlberg Irene Gadbois Back Row: Spinney, Dahlbersr, West. Grimn. Second Row: Gadbois, Gray, Blake, Bauer, Front Row: Nye, Prew, Pitcher. Cap and Gown Honorary Senior Society the University of New Hampshire OI7icers SENIORS Gertrude Nye Ruth Pitcher Gyneth Prew Hattie Record March 13, 1928 President . Vice-President . Secretary- Treasurer Alice Spinney Louise Sprague Mary Timmins I Marjorie West .En Ll: ',,A,,,, :IJ tu .,,.. ,Q ,,.. ...arf ,li ...,..., :L ,ld ,,.., .hiv ,Q ,... ,k...,....J. he A- I 161 1 : f.- a,, ..... AA, ,H .NIH ,, -or ,r 1,1 f 1fltf.l,,,w1w,f fffvfl U X 1 If -X ,ff V - 1 I fi ,s.. Back Row: Messenger, Mason, Snodgrass. Second Now: Batchelder, Stewart, Clement, McNamara. l"'ront Now: Reinhart, Walls, Dow, Cummings. Blue Key JAMES WALLS. President ALVIN REINHART, Vice-President DANE CUMMINGS. Secretary-Treasurer Members Edwin Betz V ' Marshall Messenger William Clement Edward' McNamara Charles Batchelder Robert Snodgrass John Dow J. Sandy Roy Frank C. Dustin John Whitteniore Walter Mason Thomas Stewart lonan Q life rsa terra ,sszffgaieet,,1ff'Ll'nigierffQ S, ll621 A yi- -in-K, '93, 'f' X, ,' -A - - . x S I , ' '1 . f-"K I PN ., , ff' X i ll!! 'Q ll illllli' fl! ,U ' f xg- 'JA Q-Vfffl Eg- x i Baal: Row: Gordon, Webster. Wo:-then, Han-rerty. Sultmarsh, Wooley. Third Now: Viele, Christensen, Clapp, Hagstrom. Lune, Shattuck, Smith. Second Row: Miller, Fenton, Lawrence, Haseltine, Burdett, Douglas. Front Row: Dunn, Ryder, Cryans. Sefton. 1931 Sphinx ,w'T'T"x,, , "1,,M:Z Y VW-A RALLQ .I Honorary Sophomore My ,r,, N75-?5177,., .f .ror w ya l rw. Society - if "" "M"+f 'lflkq-1.154.9- MLXIQ7, ,,-w':r.z'7'T""j-v'f'v TX Founded at the ,ff 'hrlinlifv Fl X . . ff' at 5 UDIVCFSIEY of New jf x'5QV,,':r,iL1EQ3a Ay Hampshire lf . 'rtt ' X1 1734.rW,,,.g,rfag,,,rff, gg,Z'.11m ,5fa?? an YQ 1' ,J '-,wwf--u...,MQMNM,,,,,:-' V, I, Phr' Della U psilon by of, ly., Saltmarsh MQ. f S Webster WV' I' Gamma Gamma Gamma Phi' Mu Delta Lazure G- Cqok Aldrich R- Miller Kappa Sigma Tha!!! Chl' Hagstrom R. DMU Haseltine I-HUG Alpha Gamma Rho Thcla Kappa Phi Fenton CFYUUS Seften HGSCYIY' Alpha Tau Omega Sigma AIPPU Epsilon Lawrence R004 Slgrling Chrxstensen 'Ziff .G 'mg' ""A . '11 """" 111, L 1 Aff! IPX. S 4 .f x fix A , f' X 1 RYDER President . DEAN Vice-Presideni ALDRICH Secretary CRYA NS Treasurez Lambda Chi Alpha Burdett Ryder Della Pr' Epsilon Shattuck Smith Phi Alpha Gordon Solomon Thom Upsilon Omega Viele Wooley Delta Sigma Ghz' Worthen Douglas Non Fralernily , Clapp Sanborn ' :W """" gif, """" 11' , A - .,Xr,f1,n.raa,efSaaaeylaa l 163 1 1-lf?'MffE'?t lilac' C' iffznmf nl I 'I ill riff Fil: 5 gunma- liaclc How: Jackson, Tinprley, MeLuuy.:hlin, Stark, Lune. Second Ifofuf: MeClennim:, Smith, Smnney, Nye, Howe. l"1'1mt lfrrw: Farr, Cheney, Rerltlen, Otis, Ekdahl. Phi Kappa Phi Chapter. University of New Hampshire Established 1897 Founded at the University of Maine DR. H. L. HowEs, President EDYTI-IE TINGLEY. Secretary DR. NAOMI EKDAHL, Vice-President PHILIP MARSTON. Treasurer Edith Alexander VRATRES IN VACULTATE H. Ii. McLaughlin H. F. Allen W. C. O'Kane D. C. Babcock J. R. Hepler G. A. Perley Russell Bissey S. W. Hitchcock C. H. Petlec O. R. Butler G. F. Potter Albert Daggett Stewart Dunn M. G. Eastman N. C. Elliott H. C. Iiogg Naomi Ekdahl Gertrude Farr A. N. French E. M. Gildow Frank Ames Harold Avery Elisabeth Bauer Jane Blake Marjorie Britton Arthur Burroughs William Chadwick Marian Cheney Burnham Davis Iohn Fleming -...HQ A .I-,H A Randolph Chapman ffx QQ? swf H. I.. Howes E. T. Hudclleston C. lf. Jackson H. G. Jones C. James J. C. Kendall E. M. Lewis P. M. Marston . R. McGrail Leo Maynard T SIENIORS Irene Gadbois Kenneth Glidden Beatrice Gray Iva Handy Cecil Howell Kenneth Lane Joseph Langford Edward McClenning Maurice Nichols Gertrude Nye . gp 'ra "" "ex, ,ffsaixk 11641 tl: ---' Ji , A. E. Richards E. T. Ritzman C. W. Scott H. H. Scudder H. I.. Slobin Mrs. M. Smith Dorothy Smith Edythe Tingley K. W. W'oodward Esther Otis Isabelle Paige Ruth Pitcher Archie Rabinovitz Charles Sewell Alice Spinney l.ouise Sprague Lewis Stark Julia Taylor Mary Timmins Carl XValker .145-'QEFLE1 'I he C irnmle of I 0 ill liaclc Row: W. Smith, McClenninpr, Rusk, Tobey. Third Row: Connor, Gilc, Walker, Eaton, Thunburfr. ' Sccfmrl Row: Jenkins, Dearborn, Rasmussen, Glover, Bissey. Front Now: Elwood, Fenton, Taylor, Wisrxrin, McNub. Alpha Zeta Honorary Agricultural Society Founded at Ohio State University, 1903 Granite Chapter Officers PAUL Fl-ZNTON, Chancellor HOWARD WIGGIN. Scribe ERIC MCNAB. Censor' GUILFORD ELWOOD. Treasurer M. Gile Eastman John C. Kendall Philip R. Lowry John C, McNutt Thomas G. Phillips Russell Bissey Roland B. Dearborn Clyde Eaton Guilford Elwood Paul Penton EDWARD MCCLENNING, Chronicler FRATRES IN PACULTATE George P. Potter P. S. Prince Howard Rollins Dennis E. Rusk Clark L. Stevens Dean Frederick W. Taylor Clarence B. Wadleigh H. C. Woodworth GRADUATE MEMBERS Ralph R. Jenkins Leon C' Glover E. J. Rasmussen SENIORS Walter Mason Edward McClenning Eric McNab JUNIORS 4 - Lester Tobey Carl Walker Howard Wiggin Arthur Collins, Jr. Lester Conner Alonzo Gile A Carl Thunberg I-1651 is-lf? 'il bln' C lrtmilw of l 'I 911 prl?'f"fZfq Back Raw: Grinnell, Pillsbury, Christopher, Jackson. Fourth Row: Patten, Mitchell, Lassell, Paige. Third Row: Atwood, Winer, Dieey, Brown, Sonor, Farr. Sectmd Row: Bowen, Peaslee, McLaughlin, Block, Hill, Grug, lf'i1'.-it Now: Pearl, Dow, Stewart, Breek. Psi Lambda Honorary Home Economics Society Founded at the University of New Hampshire Established 1926 Officers LUCY STEWART. President LENA DOW. Vice-President SENIORS Mary Breck Elizabeth Brown Margaret Dicey Beatrice Gray Isabelle Paige Madalyn Patten Charlotte Pearl Charlotte Peaslee Ruth Pitcher Carolyn Soper Lucy Stewart Harriett Wyatt GRADUATES Gertrude Farr Leona Waite JUNIORS Elizabeth Atwood Lena Dow Bertha Hill Elizabeth Kendall Madeline Pickwick Mary Lassell Alta Mitchell MARY BRECK, Secretary CHARLOTTE PEARL, Treasurer SORORES IN FACULTATE Irma Bowen Helen Leighton Helen McLaughlin SOPHOMORES Esther Christopher Victoria Gunnell Pearle Granville Marjorie Lockett Louise Pillsbury Verna Whipple Pauline Winer L 166 A A " A " 1171 C1"'fv1'n 'l """:1' 1.4' fl! l'L? 1 . ' Baelc Row: Johnson, Lyforcl, Fomz, Adams, Shimer, Abbott. 9 ml Row: Taylor, Sanborn, Scripture, Clark, Glidden. t Row: Schlenker, White, Shedd, DesRoc hers Alpha Chi Sigma The Professional Chemistry Fraternity ,Mu Chapter Chapter established 1911 Founded at the University of Wisconsin in 1902 Officers B. SHEDD. Master Alchemist H. B. ASHE. Recorder W. P. VJI-IITE. Vice-Master Alchemist R. A DESROCI-IERS. Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS C, James H. C. F0gg W. P. White G, Peflgy S, R, Shimer H. A. Abbott A. F. Daggetc SENIORS B, Shgdd F. W. Glidden H. B. Ashe J, Clark R. A. DesRochers J. J. Johnson A. H. Taylor A. A. Adams JUNioRs W. I-I. Lyford . F. J. Sanborn s l .- . . A . 'A 1 '55, ,'Ag" "2-J' A 5 -- W..- .. l 1 A I A ln A Y X ff.-1 x fx, . -- N l1671 ,1 ii: lfll' K Jftffllfi' fff fi! li' A , i t Baclc Row: Smith. Dearborn, Bourque. Fourth Row: Barbon, Jackson, Latimer, French. Third Row: Colovis, Butterfield, Sheehan, Chinmnn. Second Row: Spinney, Sheehan, Smith, Jackson. Tim-rley. Front Row: Brierly, Thompson, Glover, Karabelns, West. Neally. Phi Sigma The Honorary Zoological Society Phi Chapter Established 1926 Founded at Ohio State University. 1915 Officers Flil-IEODORE KARABELAS. P!'6Sid9l7l' RUTH FTQHOMPSON, RUTH PITCHER. Secretary Corresponding Secretary LEON GLOVER, Treasurer FRATRES IN FACULTATE GRADUATE MEMBERS SENIORS Walter Chipman Donald Barton E. M. Gildow Leroy Higgins Alma D. Jackson C. F. Jackson I.. P. Latimer Philip Latimer T. R. Meyers Wilfred Osgood Dorothy Smith Clark Stevens Edythe Tingley George White -.D . . A -,M . . ', e.. l Nicolas Colovis Roland Dearborn Kelsea Grifnri Eleanor Harris Joseph Hauser Theodore Karabelas John Mara Isabelle Paige Ruth Pitcher Alice Spinney Ruth Thompson Marjorie West C. French Leon Glover E. J. Rasmunssen lirank Schenkler John Sheehan JUNIORS John Adams Philip Allen Joseph Bourque Jean Brierly Kenneth Butterneld Edward McClcnning Eleanor Sheehan .Ja-.L J, L. .J.- 4- J. 4, ,Al A i A n, A A .zfxfx-. .f'Xli"' fx1"-- ,ff-.r-X ,ffxfsf R141 ' 'ja-'xhy-.T jx., ll681 -.- l . l . 2 "' 'Jig Ln "fi lin- Cmlnzll' of IU VH xi? L' L- ' c ,ff xx. .gf . fi r Back Row: Shramm, Dodge, Huddleston. Second Row: Pinney, Toone, Rundlett, Johnson, Knapton, Front Row: Stocker, Snodgrass, Beck, Guston, Campbell. Alpha Sigma Honorary Architectural Society Founded at the University of New Hampshire. 1925 Officers D, M. BECK' 11feS,'dem DAVID GUSTON, Vice-Preszdenz R. L. SNODGRASS, Secretary-Treasurer SENIORS ITRATRES IN FACULTATE Chester E. Dodge Eric T. Huddleston Arnold Perreton Paul H. Shramm Williain Stocker David M. Beck Reginald Knapton 1 Warren Pinney ' Robert Snodgrass Malcolm Toone JUNIORS David Campbell David Guston Fred Johnson H. G. Rundlctt '--...5- 1 N 1 in H ' gli.- 'li' 'gl' . jig" "'g,Q'.,. -'A-" '47, Ag. ffffs. fi ,'3ff1.fXkl', HJR YN. , ,ffx 2 x. , ff x IX . Aff' x :NSN ,ii iii? ff x l1691 John Arren ysl'?f1'f'f'?57z 'I 'fn' 5 lrwvilt' of l 'Y 5 U y1ffmf?f'f2i Back How: Nudd, Files, Duquette, Wheeler. Thirrl Row: Bujnievicz, Yeaton, Woodman, Kellam. Second Now: Aldrich, Boylei-I, DesRocheI's, Quimby, Sawyer. Front Now: Durprin, Tarr, Brown, Reed, Watson. Delta Chi Honorary Mathematics Society Founded at the University of New Hampshire. 1925 Officers REAL DESROCHERS. President FLORENCE BROWN. Secretary LOUISE WOODMAN. Vice-Presidenz PHILIP NUDD. Treasurer SENIORS Edward Aldrich JUNIORS Clement Ames Florence Brown Charles Bujnievicz Thomas Colby Real DesRochers Kenneth Glidden Cecil Howell Kenneth Lane Joseph Langford l'iACUL'I'Y MEMBER Herman Slobin GRADUATE MEMBERS Leo Maynard Abbott Boylcs Clayton Chase Evangeline Durgin Henry Duquette Bctrand Files David Kellam Philip Nudd Walter Puringlon Cedric Quimby Raymomi MacDonald Elizabeth Redden Ethel Recd John Phillips Alice Watson Leon SAWYU gtmfr cgulmbl' Stanley Szlosek ar es ewall Dorothy Tarr Louise Woodman Kenneth Wheeler Paul Zottu Rose Yeaton . . n, ..----.., , . Al. D, .--- . F KK. l .... .---. , , L, qi. -'4-4-- 5? K-4 4--"" 31 ' -!l:f"""2!L - Lli"""":f' jg, ,kg-.,f4-.1 if, T-xl - 1Xs-.1f5- l1701 . ., EN l , !!.wf,1l.f1v1zl-of f"f' Ml Iiaclc Row: Carpenter, Dickinson, Smith, Crum, Morrill. Brisson. Third Row: Corson, Smiley, Dul'l'y, Kearns, Parunlis. Second Now: Amsden, Winslow, Buckley. Sewell, Sullivan, Churchill. If'1'ont Row: Clark, Cussily, McShune, Stone, Lunoucttc. W Commenters Climb HELEN lVlCSl-IANE. Presidenz Eomvl STONE. Secretary DOROTHY ANNETT, Vice-President ELIZABETH CASSILY, Treasurer SENIORS ERESHMEN Dorothy Annelt Helen McShane SOPHOMORES Doris Carpenter Helen Carpenter Elizabeth Cassily Hilda Corson Margaret Cram Bessie Fleishmann Anna Spillane JUNIORS Hope Amsdcn Edna Boulangcr Anna Buckley Edith Churchill Beatrice Clark Anna Cohen Louise Dickinson Jessie Lanouettc Mary Lassell Dorothy Nason Doris Paradis Leona Priest Dorothy Sewell Edith Stone Emma Brisson Harriett Carpenter Ethel Duffy Frances Hannigan Mary Kearns Alberta Morrill Elizabeth Smith Marjory Smith Ruth Sullivan Rachel Winslow A A J .ka "" -,ls ll.. 4 --,AV .Lf -mx. .I-, S 5 'A-.A 1 1 -.-- "-.D l v, ,-fifxfrlrh ,fy1g,1'xt 1 , f' K ,P X h f. H -5-.-' 1-.A l i,-. .A A' ' ' " -r Q- A., - w.. . , . ,X Kf'7'i:-1 - - .fl g I ax ,. X , -X i.2f?q ililn' fiffllllilt' of lf! SU 'lft Back Row: Herring, Ekdahl, Fitzgerald, Murnane, Brown, Blsbec, Cortez. Second Row: Jones, Wellman, Bishop, Marston, Wellman, Rudd, Ekdahl, Danforth. Front Row: Abbiati, Ledoux, Redden, Woodman, McG1'ail, Cook. Cheney, Nye, McDanolds Oti-4 Kappa Delta Pri The Honorary Educational Fraternity Beta Beta Chapter Established February 23 l928 Founded at the University of Illinois, 1909 Officers THOMAS MCGRAIL, President MARIAN Cl-IENEY Secretary ELIZABETH CHILD, Vice-President WALTER CooK, Treasurer FRATRES IN FACULTATE GRADUATE MEMBERS Eleanor Harris Pro f. Harlan M. Bisbec Prof. Edmund A. Cortez Dr. Adolph G. Ekdahl Dr. Naomi G. Ekdahl Mr. John C. Herring Blanche Danforth Gwendolyn Jones Patrick Murnanc Elizabeth Redden SENIORS Ralph Brown Eloise Ledoux William Mahoney Gertrude Nyc Esther Otis Ruth Phelps Ruth Thompson Louise Woodman Mr. Philip M. Marston Marian Chggfii . Elizabeth i M . T . r homas MCGUM Richard Columbia JUNIORS Dr' Hffbeff F' Rudd Walter Cook Flora Abbiati Prof' J' O' Wellman Margaret Cournoyer Wilma Ball Mr. William Yale Leo Fitzgerald , Margaret McDanolds 'i'i 'JK I 1 721 . I fn' frfrfrnlr' ul IU ffl ,iiif "gil-Q Ifarel.: Now: Somers, Crawford. Robinson, Downimz, Farrell, Fleming. Tltirll Noir: Gurluck, Rosters, Reed, Johnson, Scott. Campbell, Srfremnl Now: Hauer, Harris. Hennimz, Phelps, Nye. l"rm:L lfmlu' Jones, Wilson. Hennessy, Morin, Luntlstrum. Mask and Dagger Founded at the University of New Hampshire, 1922 Officers JOHN FLEMING, Presidenz GERTRUDE NYE, Secretary RALPH GARt.oCK. Vice-Presidenr FRANK RooERs. Treasurer MEMBERS IN FACULTY Dr. Edmond W. Bowler Mrs. John Kendall Dr. Alfred E. Richards Mrs. W. G. Hennessy Dr.,John Kendall Harold H. Scudder William G, Hennessy Adrian O. Morse Mrs. Melvin M. Smith SENIORS Elisabeth Bauer Paul Blaisdell David Campbell Thomas Colby Mildred Corey Edward Crawford Marjorie Dahlberg Hugh Parnsworth Fred Gardner Fred Johnson Dorothy Jones Edith l.undstrom Aline Morin Roger Downing Gertrude Eldridge l.yle lfarrell Charles lfay John Fleming 'Ralph Garlock Hrant Gulumian Eleanor Harris JUNIORS XVilliam Nelson Williain Prince Gilbert Reed Harold Robinson Charlotte Hirschner Paul Kirvan Gertrude Nye C. Madalyn Patten Ruth Phelps Archie Rabinovitz Arthur Somers Prank Rogers Louis Schwartz Donald Scott Joseph Terry Celia Williains Eunice Vvlilson SOPHOMORE A Avis Henning zi'ffmif?f2:i5f""'ff?'f?-1xl? 5-i'5'fi F91 sf9i?','iQ'2i3-'CAFE 11731 GRADUATE MEMBERS 5-7?-?1'f' Pilq 3. s1f1'.Wf125".1 'l ln' C iliflfllifl' ci! IU 5 0 Qflif:-'.1'22'Z,Qilfi:-Hjrfkij Baal: Row: Farrell, Webster, Yale. Second Row: Fleming. Spinney, Taylor, Griffin, Blake, McGraiI. Fronl, Row: R. Starke, Phelps, Prew, L. Stark. Book omdl Scroll The Honorary Literary Society Founded at the University of New Hampshire, 1915 Ofiicers GYNETH PREW, President RUTH Pl--IELPS. Secretary ROBERT STARKE, Vice-Presidenz Lewis STARK. Treasurer FRATRES IN FACULTATE Mrs. Norman Alexander Prof. H. H. Scudder Dr. and Mrs. C. T. Lloyd Dean A. O. Morse Mrs. Lucinda P. Smith Thomas McGrail Dr. and Mrs. A. E. Richards Robert Webster E. Y. Blewett Mary Barker Elisabeth Bauer Jane Blake Burnham Davis Lyle Farrell John Fleming '-.Ani V 1 who " "-...rr H M C. N. Elliott ' SENIORS Irene Gadbois Ruth Horne Kelsea Grifiin Paul Kirvan Ruth Phelps Gwendolyn Jones Gyneth Prew Archie Rabinovitz Alice Spinney Lewis -Stark Robert Starke Julia Taylor ,li .,....., :JA , 'Lui ,.,..... D ,fp 1 ,lv ,,....., :nw ,li .,,.,., ,ry 5 4 ,li ,... ...,j,WA ,li ..,., - -. ffk iw , ,?7x IX . ,ffxfx L, ,yi xixrf., ,aifx :Trac , ,..27Qf+k , ,fifxzxkm -wife ll741 ' I , ,lt .4..,., K, ,L ,,.,,, Jr ll 'hi' C il'41I7I-lt' of l 9 Pll greg", fi-riff, f',Q:i Hack Raw: Ennis, Skucpr. Strobridfre, Lyford. Clark. Sccfmrl Now: Morse, Brown, Krabek, Wilson, Vnsilou. Frmit Row: Smith. Andrews, Gee, Allsworth. Yo M, CCL Al. ,BENJAMIN ANDREWS, SGCFQICIFLI Officers WARREN GED. President r EDWARD STROBRIDGE, Secrez-ary LLOYD ATWOOD. Vi'ce-Presidenz- CLIFFORD ELLIS. Treasurer CHAIRMEN OF COMMITTEES Clayton Allswortlu Finance Lloyd Atwgod Freshmen Reception Ralph Brown Discussion Groups Justin Clark Book Exchange and Srunz- Night Burnham Davis lf7S!1'lUl9S Wilfred Krabek POSIQFS Walrer Lyford Church Relations Victor Maurice Editor of Handbook Edward Negker Vocational Guidance Harry Sn-rith Programs and Publicity Bicillion Sawyer D9PUlUl'1'0'7S Allen Skoog World Fellowship ' Lawrence Wilson EmlJlO!!I779r7l ' 1 175 1 . . X il 'lm' C'j1'r1n1'1r' fn! IU YU Iiaclc Row: Tufts, Gordon, Goudhue, Rudd, Bakeman. Secoml How: Hopkins, Harwood, Henthorne, Jameson, Johnson. Front Row: Cummings, Dicey, West, Low, McDanolds. y Y. W. CC. A. Cabinet Established at the University of New Hampshire, February 3, 1913 Officers MARJORIE WEST, President MARGARET MCDANOLDS, Treasurer MARGARET DICEY. Vice-President WINIFRED LOW, Secretary SENIORS Madeline Bakeman Margaret Dicey Irene Goodhue Marjorie West JUNIORS Mary Cummings Kate Harwood Carrie Hopkins Dorothy Johnson I Winifred Low Margaret McDanolds SOPHOMORES Florence Gordon Grace Jameson Carol Rudd Betty Tufts FRESHMAN Marjorie Berry LEE iiii 'iii fl761 ' L .- s . .J . ., Pri 4 ,lg ,.:J,,x J.: six flu. fl,-NIMH, U1 It ,I la :VA IRL 'gif .' N'-. ,ff J X- . ' ' , 4 .P S" 2 . , fi. Baci: Now: Guston, Ayer, McLellan, Jameson. Stockwell. Wooldridge, Buryress, Vuutrhun. lf' 'tl Rv: H ' 't W"'ht. L 1' -l B- S 'tl. M . ow L nu ugprex y, in.. yon, mwn, nn 1 ann Third Now: Crowther, Sunburn, Hikel, Dune, Hoyt, Ellini-twood, Shattuck. Samfmfl Row: Danforth, Bartlett, Muclnlosh, Crawford, Churchill, Stocker, Munn. I"rrmb Nuvv: Strobricltre. Woomlwurrl, Manton. l"urnsworth. Starke, Nodes. Menls Gllee Club FRANK Wooowmzo. Presidenz FIRST TENORS Dane Cummings Norman Randell John Dow John McLellan Ralph Garlock Howard George Vvlalter Jenkins Philander Mann Benjamin Bartlett Leonard Schurman Raymond Sawyer Francis Silvia Webster Mann Granville Shattuck Edward Marvin Gordon Ayer H ..- A . l... M.. 1 A-tif'g,,J1 d'f1,c+, ,-L1 1--if HUGH FARNSWORTH. RALPH GARLOCK, Treasurer BARITONES E. A. Gales Clifford Ellis David Guston Donald I-iarriott Sydney Wooldridge Williani Stocker George Trent Oscar Vaughan Randolph Churchill Oliver Tufts l.yle Farrell Lewis Schwartz SECOND TENORS Sidney Stockwell Wall'er l.yford M anager Richard Hare l-lugh Farnsworth Joseph Ennis Willi.1i11 Hounsell SECOND BASSES John Dane Edward Crawford Stephen Crowther Sandy Roy Forrest Sanborn David Jennison Frank Vlloodwarcl Norman Wriglil Kenneth Clapp Paul Blaisdell Stewart Snell "A, I n -. M.. A ,vw 1, ,,u',.. .gg '-if gt: --4' g V'-at 1, lx-t., S -1' x J Rx 'L' ,NL 'J x 11771 5 Q, ,,-- i.'-.a .,, .,,. .AV , f , J, ,, 1' ef l f 1. ffgf f ,, ,,.f Baal: Row: Moran, R. Paul, Rudd, E. 1'uul, Gleason, Fourth Now: Hale, Handy, Brown, Davis. Thirrl Row: Weeks, Suvury. Annis, St. Georyre. Gmld, 'l'ul'ts. Sccoml Now: Yuulnnrl, Mitchell, Meurler, Low, Head, Pvlkey. I"1'rm.t lime: Young, Chellis, Andrews, McDunolils, I'Iurtl'm'cl. Womenps Glee Club Officers MURIEL ANDREWS. President MARGARET CHELLIS, Librarian MARGARET MCDANoI..Ds, Secretary SENIORS SOPHOMORES Marian Cheney Mary Annis Doris Clifford Katherine Billman Irene Goodhvc Jeanette Blair gm Ifiilndg' Francis Bodwell BYO I1 O Ct' Hatnyst. oiofgc FRESHMEN K,TffjaSj,,fQ0"m l..ouise Woodman JUNIORS Muriel Andrews Mildred Castle Margaret Chellis Elizabeth Gleason Eleanor Hartford Winifred Low Margaret McDanolds Edna Brown Amy Esersky Eileen Gadd Dorothy Kirsch Anne Meader Catherine Savory lirancelia Tobey ' Anna Galucia Eleanor Grifhn Ruth Hale Claris Head Edith Paul Ruth Paul Annette Richer Carol Rudd Jean Smith Phyllis Moran SPECIAL Edith Steere Miriam Neally Lauria Pelkey Genevieve Sullivan Alta Mitchell Marion Tibbetts Emily Savory Betty Tufts Catherine Todd Anna Van Stelten Helen Vogel Dorothy Weeks Rose Yeaton Pauline Winer Zelma Youland Edna Young file 5--254, 4:f!'Q gt-fi ,--fi ,'--ff, , jiifi iff .L-R31 rift fl? ll78l n l -.V --.Q A Xl '1'x'N'f' 'ffl ilft' lilflllllll' ill fi! 'ii lik airs L J x , fx.. Q- liaclc Row: Hutch, Buckley, Walsh, B. Luce, Sewell. Third Row: Churchill, Bodwell, Stevens, Griflln, Stone. Lanouette. H d L k d Dodge Stevens Moynihun Second Row: H. Luce, arwoo , oc woo , , ,, , Ifwmt Now: Kirkpatrick, Johnson, Cheney, Raymond, Gluzicr, Amsden. Classical Clttla Established 1927 Ohricers MARIAN CHENEY, President GRACE LOCKWOOD. Secretary MARY RAYMOND, Vice-President HELEN CARPENTER, Treasurer FACULTY MEMBER Mr. John S. Walslm SENIORS Claire Moynihan Mary Raymond JUNIORS El171beth Ahern Edith Churchill Dorothy Jones Madeline Lord Hope Amsden Phyllis Cilazier Anna King Hazel Luce Anna Buckley Kate Harwood Jessie Lanouette Dorothy Sewell Marian Cheney Dorothy Johnson Grace Lockwood Edith Sfgne SOPHOMORES Marion Berquist Frances Bodwell Helen Carpenter Barbara Barnby Ruth Halstead Carolyn Hatch Hilda Corson Thelma Dodge Evelyn Otis FRESHMEN Velna Kelso Beatrice Luce Agnes Malloy Agnes Redden Dorothy Spence Marjorie Wood Gertrude Maltom Nancy .Meehan Anna Redden . - ,. "un t fx 'S Efkfl? f?ff14-Ji ?iff1fi5? iliffaf-el'?, 'Ui-, J- JM L it I179l ,. rx ,-. rl? QQ?i':,,g.'K5f I lei' C mmiw of I ff HS 5-fi F521 Qifif Q2551' Back lfmv: Walker, Collins, Butterfield. Middle Huw : Hyde, Phipps, Prof. Woodward, Howell. 1"'I'0'IlD Now .' Tobey, Croke, Dubuc. Forestry Club Founded at the University of New Hampshire Officers KARL WAl.liER , . . President KENNETH BUTTERFIELD . . Secretary-Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS Prof, K. W. Woodward Ass't. Prof. C. L. Sterns SENIORS - John Evans John Chandler J. Hyde Karl Walker JUNIORS B. Ball A. Collins H. Hamel A R. Phipps K. Butterhcld H. Croke V J. Dubuc G. Prince ' rl? iiii IIBOI Ilya' fiilillllfi' uf' lf? ffl Pliui Lambda Phi The Honorary Physics Society Founded at the University of New Hampshire, 1919 Officers FRED CRISTY PETTEE, President l.'5liA'l'RlCl.i GRAY, Vice-President REAL DESROCHERS, Secretary-Treasurer FRATRES IN FACULTATE SENIORS JUNIORS Mr. J. V. Adams Mr. C. W. Holmes A Dr. H. L. Howes Mr. Clement Moran Mr. Raymond Starke GRADUATE MEMBEIZS Mr. Harold E. Abbott Mr. Albert F. Daggett Miss A. G. Farr Mr. George Maynard Clement Ames ' Elizabeth Ahern Parker Blodgett David Faber Real DesRochers Kenneth Glidden Beatrice Gray Kenneth Lane C. Madalyn Patten Charlotte Peaslee Ruth Phelps George Vatcher William Wilder J' -. 'Lal' B. Colby Fills Henri Girard James Hall David Kellaym Helen Maynard Philip Nudd F. Cristy Pettee Leon Sawyer Alfred Taylor Ray Stoughton Winchester Wood ll811 ,V1'7I' f:I'IIl7Il4' uf ffl fl! Back Row: Smith, Shattuck, Scott, Ayers, Colby. Sixth Row: Robinson. Kasian, Evans, Kibbey, McLellan, Gates. Fifth Row: L. Schwartz, Abramson, Cushman, Barker, Easter. Fourth Row: Ayer, Peterson, Goodrich, Handschumaker, Seaver, Sawyer. Third Row: Chase, Saltmarsh, Underwood. Bailey, Fuller, Ojanen, Smith. Second Row: Lavullee, Prentice, Millett, Stenberg, Clark, Crowley. Front Row: Schwartz, Lamzlois, Nodes, Seavey, Ballard, Reinhart, Ba Band tchcldcr. Moore, Swain, Ltmzilli. Officers LEWIS SWAIN - - Director ALVIN REINHART - - Drum Major Faculty Member LIEUTENANT R. T. CARTER Members J. R. Ayers G. R. Ayer B Abramson L. A. Barker J. W. Bailey A Chase R. G. Ballard H. L. Batchelder O. F. Cushman A. C. Blake W. 'E. Clark E. Gates B. F. Crowley C. B. Evans R H. Jewell L. C. Easter F. C. Langlois ' G Kasian R. Goodrich E. Handschumaker C. E. Lanzilli F. B. Kibbey J. B. McLellan H A. Millett H. Lavallee G. L. Moore N. C. Nodes G. E. Moore B. O. Peterson L. A. Prentice R. Ojanen C. W. Reed J. R. Sawyer H. M. Robinson W. R. Saltmarsh G W. Scott J. Schwartz H. G. Stenberg C M. Smith L. Schwartz G. B. Scavey G Shattuck F. R. Seaver V. T. Swain C. A. Underwood A. L. Smith 31351 L7 ii? .fiiecgi i 7451 3451, 'ii' Q A l18Z1 The Granite .of 12-930 1 , f I I ,K F 0 A F 4 V ' V.MILITARYqAART Q . X I ' jf af- f f ' X 1 1 X f fm' 5 1 gk ' -vm aw tw-"H ' .---n . ..". CIM' Cimrvile 17,4 10911 Loft to Right: Capt. Day, Lt. Carter, Capt. Gilmore, Major Pitz, Cant. Williams. Department afMi1itary Science and Tactics Major Hugo E. Pitz Major Pitz is a graduate of Rennsselaer Polytechnic Institute where he was prominent both in scholarship and in athletics. After his graduation he spent four years with the United States Engineering Corps, During this ser- vice he was in charge of the construction of Fort Des Moines, Iowa, and was afiiliated with several western railroads. 'On September 28, 1908 he was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the C. A. C. and in 1909 was promoted to a first lieutenant. From 1908 to 1916 he served at several forts and in August, 1916, he was transferred toll-Ionolulu. Here he remained until 1919. during which time he received two promotions. Major Pitz was appointed captain on July 1, 1916 and atemporary major in December 1917. In August 1919 he was detailed to Fort Hancock, N. J., where he served until July 1920, when he was ordered to the aviation school at Carleton Field, Florida. From September 1920 until September 1924 he served as corps area inspector, and also served with the 39th Artillery Brigade. In 1924 he was ordered to Fort Monroe, Va., to take the advanced artillery school course, and in 1926 he served as student officer at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. From here Major Pitz was ordered to the University of New Hampshire, and assumed his duties in September 1926. , I ll84I filr? gil? I he Cimnzfl' uf ffl fri ,L-1? ?fff1r-3? Eli Captain Arthur IF. Gilmore Captain Gilmore was graduated from the University of Vermont in 1916, and entered the army in 1917 as a second lieutenant in the Coast Artillery Corps. He was detailed to a training camp at Fort Monroe, Virginia. and was made first lieutenant on the same date. In 1918 he Was ordered to Panama for his tour of foreign duty, during which time he was promoted to captain holding this commission until September 1922, when a reduction in the commissioned personnel was made. While at Panama, Captain Gilmore was located at Fort de Lesseps, and was coast defense artillery engineer and ordinance ofncer, having supervision of the fortifications and fire control installa- tions at the Atlantic entrance to the Canal. Returning to the United States, he took the Battery Oflicer's Course at the Coast Artillery School. Fort Monroe, and in 1925 came to the University of New Hampshire. He received the rank of captain in November 1927. Captain James H. Day Captain Day was born in Northampton, Massachusetts. In 1913 he entered Massachusetts Agricultural College, where he distinguished himself notably in athletics, being captain of the baseball and playing end on the football team. He graduated in 1917 and went to the first camp at Platts- burg, New York. During August of the same year he was appointed second lieutenant and was assigned to the 9th United States Infantry where in Octo- ber he was commissioned as a first lieutenant. During the war he saw active service overseas with the 9th Infantry, Second Division, from September 1917 until August 1919. In August 1918 he received a commission as captain and in October of that year was made a temporary major. After the Armis- tice he served with the Army of Occupation in Germany. Returning to the United States he saw three years of service at Fort Sam, Houston, Texas, and fol- lowing this he was connected for four years with the Organized Reserves in ... 4 I g, -..A 'Sf-. i . OFFICERS' CENTER :Qi xii? Piet 3,--155 ,fif'3f-:fli Egfr 1 185 1 213, ,,fZ2x', ,754 L' ' 1' J ,N h ,grg "" 1' "" l'l7 Cmmzl fi! 19 'U 79' l I . - I . .. r , Company A Leavimz for Keene Florida. I-Ie graduated from the Infantry School at Fort Benning, Georgia, in 1927, and in the fall of that year he reported for duty at the University of New Hampshire. Captain Norman P. Williams Captain Williams comes to us this year as instructor in Junior R. O. T. C. courses. He fills the position left vacant by Captain Day, who was promoted to senior instructor, by the leaving of Captain Ayotte. Captain Williams was born June 20, 1890 in Arkon, Iowa. He attended two years at the University of Iowa and one year at the University of Wisconsin, taking the engineering course in both institutions. He left school in 1913 and went to work for the Brown Light Gear Co., as assistant superintendent. Captain Williams entered the regular army August 9, 1917 and was commissioned, due to previous military training in college, a first lieutenant on the same date. During the war he served with the 42nd Infantry and was promoted to captain February 15, 1918. Captain Williams resigned his commission in 1919 and returned to civilian life as personal manager of the Packard Motor Company. In 1920 he re-entered the army and commanded Company D, 3rd Infantry at Fort Snelling, Minnesota. In 1924 Captain Williams was ordered to Fort William McKinley, as his tour of foreign duty where he served with the 57th Infantry. I-Ie returned to this country in 1926 and was stationed at Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis, Minnesota. In 1927 Captain Williams was detailed to Fort Benning to take the advanced course for ofiicers and came to the Univer- sity of New Hampshire in the fall of 1928. iili ' 11861 ' 4 I'-'35 i Shi- CiI'i1l7IiIt' ml lf? 90 "'A Band Passes in Review First Lieutenant Robert F. Carter First Lieutenant Carter was graduated from the United States Military Academy, West Point, New York, in 1918. From there he went to the In- fantry School at Fort Benning, Georgia. He graduated from there in 1920, and was assigned to the 46th Infantry, Camp Jackson, South Carolina. He was ordered to Fort Sam, Houston, Texas, and also served with 17th Infantry, the 20th Infantry and the 8th Corps Area Training Center. I.ieutenant'Carter served as an instructor in the school of arms at West Point Enlisted Candidates School, as assistant adjutant, as assistant organized reserve officer and later as ofiicer in charge. In July he was transferred to the 25th Infantry, Los Banos and Batangas, Philippine Islands. Lieutenant Carter was relieved from foreign service in 1925 and reported for duty in the fall of that year at the University of New Hampshire. .- , K l.'l-. feffan. N Entraining for Spring Camp -.. u V4 ... ------ .,. 4' ..- """- up K I -1 ..- -'-"-f .- :ri vc: ,.- -""" :Ap :W I-lx ,.-A ""- f.. L-mn' . -,. -'4-1- .,- , , I 152, ,,7Q7xzi3,, ,,3i'fx1Ni'., ,- 'ifx .vii -jig 4721 I1871 if fl? f fn' f:I'ill7Ili' rn! f'f ffl The Unziqversity of New Hampshire Honor Medal HROUGH the generosity of Major S. G. Eaton and of the members of the Students' Army Training Corps on duty in December 1918, a . medal is given to the student who qualifies under article 2 of the special gift report which reads as follows: "From the sum of money given there shall be expended each year a suf- Iicient amount to purchase an appropriate gold medal. The said medal will be awarded to that student who has taken Military Training during the preceding year, and who has proved to be the best soldier. The Students' Army Train- ing Corps wishes it to be clearly understood that it does not wish the medal awarded on a basis of perfection at drill, but rather on the strength of such qualities as physique, force of character, energy, mentality, courage, leadership, and in general such characteristics as advertise the owner to be of greatest value to his country in a military sense in the advent of another war." This medal has been awarded as follows: 1919-Theodore K. Butler '20 1920-Alfred E. McKenney '21 1921-John True '21 1922-Adams Martin '22 1923-Wilfred A. Dion '23 1924-Reuben. K. Draper '24 1925-Joseph A. Horne 1 '25 1926-Harry W. Steere '26 1927-Oscar G. Kelsea '27 1928-Edward Necker '28 "i' 11881 rid" Fifi l lie f tmnztt- .felt l-'Y 'tl rliif' T551-eg .QS Eflq Cadet Otflicets R. O. T. C. Regimental Commander-LT. COL. RANDOLPH W. CHAPMAN Captain Executive Officer and Adjutant-THOMAS W. COLBY Captain Personnel Adjutant-JOI-IN D. FLEMING Captain Plans and Training Ot7icer-WILLIAM H. MAHONEY Captain Machine Gun and Howitzer Officer-DONALD B. HARRIOTT Captain Supply Officer-SYLVESTER M. PARSHLEY First Lieutenant Communication Officer-JOHN M. MANNING First Lieutenant Transportation Officer-ARTHUR GILBERT Second Lieutenant Intelligence Officer--RALPH A. BROWN FIRST BATTALION MAJOR PAUL J. KIRVAN First Lieutenant and Adjutant-ROBERT J. STARKE Second Lieutenant and Supply Omcer-LESTER B. TOBEY COMPANY "A" COMPANY "B" CAPTAIN RALPH M. GARLOCK CAPTAIN JOHN H. DOW First, Lieutenant, First Lieutenant, Second in Command- Second in Command- ROBERT O. JENNINGS REOINALD E. GULLIVER Second Lieutenant- Second Lieutenant- CLAYTON A. ALLSWORTH EDWARD J. MCNAMARA Second Lieutenant-ERIC L. MCNAB Second Lieutenant- CLARENCE E. SPRAOUE Second Lieutenant- ' RANDOLPH E. CHURCHILL Second Lieutenant- NORMAN H. YOUNG COMPANY "C" CAPTAIN GORDON F. REED First Lieutenant. Second in Command-JESSE J. STEVENS Second Lieutenant-JOHN B. EVANS Second Lieutenant-LYLE H. FARRELL Second Lieutenant--JAMES D. OSGOOD 1 SECOND BATTALION MAJOR EDWARD H. HUNT First Lieutenant and Adjutant-ARTHUR J. ADAMS Second Lieutenant and Supply Officer-EVERETT B. MOORE COMPANY COMPANY "F" CAPTAIN WARREN B. PINNEY CAPTAIN KENNETH S. LANE First Lieutenant, First Lieutenant, Second in Command- Second in Command- EDWARD N. ALDRICH GEORGE I. TUTTLE Second Lieutenant- Second Lieutenant- MELBOURNE W. CUMMINGS t CARL G. WENDELIN Second Lieutenant- Second Lieutenant- JOSEPH W. LANGEORD ROBERT C. ADAMS Second Lieutenant- Second Lieutenant- LLOYD ATWOOD DANIEL J. LUCINSKI Il891 'I xlnf C iftlflllfl' of 10 SU liaclc Ro'w:'Pitz, Gilmore, Pinney. , Third Row: Cummings, Garlock, Farrell, Hunt. Second Row: Fuller, McNamara, Dow. Front Row: Osgood, Starke, Adams, Fleming. Sedbbard and Blade Honorary Military Society F Company. 6th Regiment Founded at the University of Wisconsin, 1905 Officers I WARREN B. PINNEY. President JAMES D. OSGOOD. Secretary EDWARD MCNAMARA. Vice-President RALPH M. GARLOCK. Treasurer Fra:-res in Facultate Major Hugo Pitz Captain A. Foster Gilmore Lt. Robert Carter Members ' Edward J. McNamara Melbourne W. Cummings Kenneth Lane James D, Osgood Robert C. Adams Donald Harriott John D. Fleming Warren B. Pinney Randolph Chapman Robert J. Starke Ralph M. Ciarlock Randolph Churchill Edward H. Hunt l Henry E. Fuller John Dow ' Lyle H. Earrell N.. I M901 K I' The CIIYIVYIIIL? of 1930 Bach: Row: Lane, Capt. Gilmore, Colby. Front Raw: Adams, Cummings. Tuttle, Langford. Hunt. Mortar and Ball A Honorary Military Society Founded University of Minnesota. 1920 Chapter established July 25, 1927 Officers L MELBOURNE CUMMIINGS. President HENRY E. FULLER. Secretary ROBERT C. ADAMS. Vice-President EDWARD I-I. HUNT. Treasurer Faculty Members CAPTAIN ARTHUR F. GILMORE MAJOR HUGO PITZ ' Members George I. Tuttle Robert C. Adams Kenneth S. Lane George L. Atwood Edward H, Hunt Henry E. Fuller Carl G. Wendelin ' Joseph W. Langford Thomas W. Colby - Frank Dustin Melbourne W. Cummings 19 I ll A . , . . . ff ':'l5'i5'i'i U31 ifn' ifllllllfl mf :Hill f V i i i .5 iff T-sf", Ifacliv lfofw: Waite, Sawyer, Woodward, Bianchi. Somhmuyd, Frye, Flun.p:an, H. Sawyer. S'r:co'n.rl How: Hull, Dubois. Bronson, Pederson, Tucker, Minuh, Reed, Jacques Grenicr. l"1'1mt Now: Pcttee, Ellis, Cunnur, .lean Grenicr, Cunt. Williams, H. Smith, Dresser, Fitzsrcwlld, Cumpnnu. Junior Officers flnfdntryl INSTRUCTOR Capt. N. P. Williams MEMBERS Charles Bianchi Sheldon Bronson Fiore Campana Lester Connor Joseph Dacey Holland Dresser William Dubois Clifford Ellis Francis Fitzgerald Justin Flanigan Gilman Frye Jacques Grenier Jean Grenier James Hall Charles Wood Wa rd .. 4 s ,.- f., . A l, .-fa - ..- f.. A fbi 44- ff-715'slT'. ,ffl rs". ,-ifz H" U' l . X- Theodore Minah Albert Michou Ernest Pederson Cristy Pettee Gilman Reed Wade Roberts Hollis Sawyer Ray Sawyer Harry Smith Ray Smith Elewyn Southmayd Francis Tucker Edward Wolf John Waite .kia Us ati ' nl: 'QJX-, ,ff-IF-N. ,f4'fM. II.I2'I ga , , l 1 fwf, -3 .1 'S 1 1- A,N"'lo t . , A-1 ,anio- Warren Pinney, John Wettergreen, Ruth Pitcher. The Atltletzic Association President-JOHN WETTERGREEN Vice-President-WARREN PINNEY Secretary-RUTH PITCHER HE University Athletic Association is the representative of the student body in all athletic contests and affairs. Each student becomes a member of the association. automatically, when he is enrolled on Registration Day by payment of dues that are included in the tuition fees. ln return for this each student is given a ticket that allows him entrance to all major home athletic games. Freshmen games do not come under this ruling as a special ticket is necessary for admittance to such games. A special ticket at a low rate is sold to students who wish to attend these games. The entire student body elects the men and women who are to represent them on this board. The election takes place at a student convocation in the spring. This group of ollicers, along with the executive committee sponsor all athletic contests at the University. The officers are composed of a President, a Vice-President, and a Secretary. Letters and other awards made to athletic teams are passed by this body. Managers are selected and rated according to the ability that they have shown while in competition for managerships. A separate body known as the Intramural Athletic Association sponsors all inter-fraternity athletic activities. These include basketball, hockey, winter sports, baseball, tennis, boxing, track, relay, and bowling. The object of this association is to allow those students who are not able for any reason to partici- pate in varsity sports to have a chance to take part in athletics and to regulate competition between the various fraternities on the campus. V, 1 Ji' a 'ff "iw ' f 1. , , " . x ,"- ,. 1 ,R l 195 1 if f"i"::M.'?ii A"' Q t' 'ln' f iittnitr' of l V ill The Coaching Stajff IRECTOR of Athletics William H. Cowell seems intent upon building up as strong a coaching stafl' as possible and with this purpose has brought Carl Lundholm from Deering High School of Portland to take charge of Freshmen Athletics, and Al Miller, former Harvard athlete, to assist in coach- ing football. Henry Swasey hit the high spot in his baseball career when he guided the team to a 9 to 0 victory over Notre Dame. Paul Sweet duplicated when his relay team won the class B championship of the United States and the winter sports team carried off collegiate honors at Lake Placid for the fifth time in six years and established a record of four consecutive wins. Christensen again has a crack hockey team in spite of the fact that two of his best men were unable to play this year. Director Cowell, who coached the football team, and Paul Sweet with cross country team upheld the fall honors in athletics. Pal Reed has all the promises of a rugged crew of varsity boxers. The Present Coaches and Their Respective Sports WILLIAM H. COWELL Director of Athletics and Head Coach of Foot- ball HENRY SWASEY Coach of Baseball and Basketball PAUL C. SWEET Coach of Varsity ana' Freshman Track. Cross Country, Relay Teams, and Wi'nter Sports ERNEST W. CHRISTENSEN Coach of Hockey. and Assistant' Coach of Foot- ball PERCY ELOYD REED Coach of Boxing CARL LUNDHOLM Director of 'Freshman Athletics ROBERT REYNOLDS Assistant Coach of Freshman Football MR. C. O. NASON Secretary to Physical Education Department ll961' . 4 ,, , -, A 2-JEL iff: I he Q fmnm- of ffl -fl 11,06 If I R Front P Varsity Thomas Colby Gordon Dow Burnham Davis Clyde Eaton Dane Cummings Lester Tobey Robert Snodgrass Richard Fish Th' "0l3'?S'6'kmIii?i'zff'l31v?c6nfXVni'i'l2Q, Smear.-ua, 1-obey. Managers Freshman FOOTBALL William Wilder BASKETBALL Fred Johnson BASEBALL Ray Sawyer TRACK Kenneth Kirk CROSS COUNTRY Howard George, Ass't. BOXING Henry Duquette, Ass't. HOCKEY A Kenneth McLeod, Ass't. WINTER SPORTS - M ,C ,...,.., U. Q thi, ...- K- N ali --'- A .ff1i.'Nx,f ..f"'KlY, , fl rr? idlfa Fffr , I 197 1 'I ilu' ClI'lIf7I'lt' of 10 30 Back Iao1u.'hCc1G1ch Cowell, Tinker, Theodos, Knabenshue, Donovan, Robinson, Ronald. Coach Christensen, oac il er. Third Row: Winkler, Christensen, Foster, Dresser, Sterling, Hagrstrom, Perkins, Clapll, Cook. Sd HIB 9llRdd Nl Rd Tk Pl'1'ld econ Row: an ey. rownson, .ma , e en, eson, y er, as er, ao mo, 'ar an . Front Row: Kelley, Silvia, Bianchi, Roy, Captain Farrell, Jean Grenier, Shea, Jacques Grenier Varsity Football W1LL1AM H. COWELL, Coach ALBERT MILLER, Asst. Coach ERNEST W. CHRISTENSEN, Asst. Coach LYLE FARRELL, Captain THOMAS W. COLBY, Manager Date Opponents Place N. H. Opp. Sept. 29 Colby College Durham 12 7 Oct. 6 Boston University Boston 0 O Oct. 13 Rhode Island State Kingston, R. I. 12 0 Oct. 20 Maine University Durham 0 7 Oct. 27 Springfield Springfield 6 O Nov. 3 Tufts College Medford - 0 0 Nov. 10 Connecticut Aggies Durham 0 O Nov. 17 Brown University Providence O 20 Won 3 Tied 3 Lost 2 l1981 ' s i 1 If.!,wV,l,Ul ft 4 l1.i. Vttrszity Footlattlll Lettermen l928 Name Class Posil ion Lyle H. Farrell, Capt. ' Charles F. Bianchi Kenneth T. Clapp George M. Cook Ralph A. Farland Jacques L. Grenier Jean D. Grenier Herbert R. Hagstrom Henry E. Kelley William J. Nelson Pasquale Paolino Francis E. Perkins Daniel J. Redden Ralph A. Regali James A. Ronald Sandy J. Roy A. Chandler Ryder John R. Shea Francis J. Silvia John A. Small George W. Tasker Mathew R. Theodos John A. Wettergreen Stanley W. Wright Residence Manchester, N. H. Worcester, Mass. Hampton, N. H. New Bedford, Mags Nashua, N. H. Manchester, N. H. Manchester, N. H. Worcester, Mass. Manchester, N. H. Wolfeboro, N. H. Lawrence, Mass. Littleton, N. H. Dover, N. H. Everett, Mass. Quincy. Mass. Amesbury, Mass. Dover, N. H. Manchester, N. H. Middleboro, Mass. Nashua, Mass. New London, N. H Manchester, N. H. Malden, Mass. Rochester, N. H. , a , 1 A A -A-A --a A t r- - X.' . Il991 K I, ,pf 4' ,I-1f7L'G!'f1l7l.lL' of 1930 HENRY SWASEY, Coach NELSO Bach: Row: Manager Dow, Patch, Brennan, Chandler, Wile, Coach Swasey. Second Row: Jablonowsky, Harrigan, Stolovsky, Dawson, Tilton. Front Row: Averka. Hagstrom, Small, Captain Gaunt, Garlock, Lord. Foster. Varsity Basketball N GAUNT, Captain GORDON Dow. Manager , Date Opposition Place N. H. Opp. Jan. 5 Alumni Durham 3 3 19 Jain. 8 Northeastern Univ. Durham 20 37 Jan. 12 Conn. Agri. College Storrs, Conn. 25 44 Jan. 19 Ithaca School Phys. Ed. Durham 45 8 Jan. 26 Springfield College Durham 25 30 Feb. 2 Amherst College Amherst, Mass. 25 40 Feb. 7 Williams College Williamstown, Mass. 23 35 Feb. 8 Boston University Q Boston, Mass. - 26 20 Feb. 9 Providence College V Durham 24 41 Feb. 13 Tufts College Medford. Mass. 31 28 Feb. 16 Harvard University Durham 25 24 Feb. 21 Norwich University Durham 28 19 Feb. 23 Mass. Agri. College Durham 29 17 Mar. 2 Mass. Inst. Technology Durham 34 24 Mar. 9 University of Maine Durham 33 24 Mar. 12 Brown University .Durham 30 17 'li "" lf2001 ' -Sli' """ ri fry f W -A f , v I 1 Ha' l11'41!H1r' ul 1' 'f 'ill fiiiiiif '?2'f,5,f"i3f.?wf1'f'a.i'f ydf2Si2'Q"31iSl2Tf '31 gX331SfSfiiIif'I'S'ff5'Eii, vXea'3Z'3fafS""' F"'m'n"' Morrison' Mgr' Front Row: Ramsey, Flynn, Captain Hoyt, Redden, Shea. Varsity Baseball HENRY C. SWASEY, Coach RAY HOW, Captain RALPH B. MORRISON, Manager Date Name Name N. H. Opp April 27 New Hampshire Bates 3 April 28 New Hampshire Norwich Cancelled May I New Hampshire Northeastern 2 May 3 New Hampshire Harvard 1 May 5 New Hampshire Amherst 3 May 8 New Hampshire Tufts 1 May 12 New Hampshire Boston University 2 May 14 New Hampshire Mass. Aggies 3 May 16 New Hampshire Bates 5 May 17 New Hampshire Bowdoin 4 May 18 New Hampshire Colby 6 May l9 New Hampshire Maine 13 May 28 New Hampshire Clark University 6 May 30 New Hampshire Colby 4 June 2 New Hampshire Dartmouth 0 June 8 New Hampshire Conn. Aggies 5 June 9 New Hampshire Tufts flO inningsb 4 June 11 New Hampshire Notre Dame 9 ,June 14 New Hampshire Dartmouth A Cancelled June 15 New Hampshire Brown 0 June 16 New Hampshire Brown 1 'f'13fTf'c5-5 ' ifi'4.4lf i"i Lia iff1fif?q A if C"'i 1' l -12.-4 ,elif 'fi 2011 ...MAF A V h I I I . ,f -. ffm' iiflffillfl' rw! ff! ffl A Bock Row: Googins, Bianchi, McCann, Brownson, Chandler, Pinney, Brown, Bruce, Roy. M1ddlesRog1.:1z: G. E. Coleman, Wallace. C. Smith, Small, Eastman, Atwood, Ashe, Pettee, Johnson, E. mi . Front Row: Mar. Grccnouizh, Daland, Burke, Cahalan, Ladd, Captain Toolin, Necker, Allsworth. Atkins, Noyes, Coach Sweet. PAUL SWEET, Coach PAUL V. TOOLIN, Captain WILLIAM GREENOUGH. Manager NEW TRACK RECORDS ESTABLISHED IN 1928 Event Record Holder Opp. Date Low Hurdles 24 sec. P. V. Toolin Springfield June 2, 1928 High Hurdles 15 1-5 sec. P. V. Toolin Springfield June 2, 1928 100 yd. dash 10 1-5 sec. R. F. Atkins Springfield June 2, 1928 Pole Vault 11 ft. 7 3-4 in. C. R. Allsworth Springfield June 2, 1928 SUMMARY OF MEETS N. H. Opp. Bates vs. New Hampshire 63 2-3 71 1-3 Boston College vs. New Hampshire 87 1-3 47 2-3 N. E. I. A. A. at Tech Field 10 Csixth place insixteenj Springfield vs. New Hampshire. 80 55 filing Z-Salk MQ?3?Q . -115 "ii' fix .--l1',' .'Q1Qf"Mf2f: J-Eff 12021 ' ll mln' C i1'i1r71'fv uf. I U ill A.9i1':Mj9jieq'.41ii 'Q"'A' 'ill' X i Baclc Row: Low, Lazure, Moore, Hazen, Kasian. Front Row: Manmrer Cumminizs. Howard, Benedict, Captain Cuhalan, Richardson, Coach Sweet Cross Country LETTER MEN Capt. Earl Cahalan - Henry Hazen Stewart Richardson William Benedict Francis Howard Melbourne Cummings, Mgr, SQUAD H. I. Caldwell, W. A. Currie, Ci. J. Kasian, J. T. Kelley, S. A. Lamson A. C. Lazure, C. Leach. J. W. Mahoney, W. G. Low, G, W, Mann L. E. Moore, P. Nudd, D. M. Perkins, F. J. Howard ' H. W. Jackson ADDITIONAL SQUAD MEMBERS E. Plourde, S. A. Richardson, W. H. Roberts, J. J. Shea, H. M. Smith R. J. Stoughton, Alec Szuch. O. A. Tufts, W. R. Woods, R. A Fitzgerald, J. J. Stevens, W. H. Croke, R. M, Dgdgg, ' W. F. LaFarge, J. W. Langford SCORES'l' N. H. O . New Hampshire vs. Maine 32 Zap New Hampshire vs. Harvard at Cambridge 26 29 New Hampshire vs. Springfield at Springfield 21 34 New Hampshire vs. M. I. T. at Boston 20 35 N. E. I. C. A. A. Meet at Boston--second in a field of ten 'l' Low score indicates winner. ' f 52031 I "-.M . V A ,.'ffr,.-ff, fifi ffm- Cin mill' ill 10711 , ' "f- lg ,,.-....., .I .,., --ii.-. ....y,. ,ff ." -.'i Baci: Row: Mxzr. Snodgrass, Moore, Young, Colburn, Tasker, Hunt, McFarland, Cautnin Reinhart, M'haudC hCh't n From: Raul: ilfiiiikinsoiii fiilfziiariage, Lavullec, Higgins. owke, sprwwc, Hinckley. Varsity Hockey ERNEST CHRISTENSEN, Coach ALVIN REINHART. Captain ROBERT SNODGRASS, Manager Date Opponent Place N. H. Opp. January 5 M. I. T. Durham 1 5 January 9 Brown University Durham 2 1 January 12 Bowdoin College Du.rham 2 0 January 16 Conn. Agri. College Durham 8 1 January 19 Bowdoin College Bru.nswick, Maine Cancelled January 25 Brown University Providence, R. I. l 4 January 26 U. S. Mil. Academy West Point, N. Y. 5 l January 29 Bates College Lewiston, Maine l O February 1 Amherst College Amherst, 4Mass. 0 0 February 2 Mass. Agri. College Amherst, Mass. l 0 February 9 Colby College Durham Cancelled February 16 Boston University Durham 1 V 5 February Z2 Bates College Durham 1 3 5 iif 3a'li?ff"ffifk , -1? ' 'Fifa Q all i." iff?fi'r Q 351' iff Fil 1. :wifi F33-'4 Q15 l2041 s : 'I Ill lt I 1 'win' rj 1 X A - Baci: Row: Coach Reed, Flynn. Jean Grenier, Roy, Jacques G ' Th Front Row: Lang, Lucinski, Captain Nodes, Dresser, Munugegefraheligy, eodoq Varsity Boxing Team NORBERT C. NODES,'Cc1pl'al'n, 115 lbs. HARRY LANG. DANIEL LUCINSKI 125 lbs. JACQUES GRENIER. HOLLAND DRES- JEAN GRENIER. DICK F1 YNN 145 SER, 135 lbs. lbs. MONTY T1-IEODOS. 160 lbs. SANDY ROY, 175 lbs, LESTER TOBEY. Manager New Hampshire 4 West Point New Hampshire 2 Yale New Hampshire 4 Dartmouth New Hampshire 4 ' M. I. T. New Hampshire 3 U. of Penn. New Hampshire M. I. T, 'lsffifi' S aaa' , iff 'l" afar' 1 12051 E . if1',""f'2:i3efQ if 'lm fimivzlt' ul' iff JU ,,151'f'f?fe", fx. K , Baal: Row: Martin, Stoughton, Bradley, E. Smith, Ellsworth. Third Row: Greenwood, Sullivan, Hazzard, G. Smith, Szuch, Hlkel. Second Row: I-I. Mailman, Whyte, E. Mailman, Wendell. Luzure, Hazen. Front Row: Msrr. Fish, Lanirfortl, Lovell. Captain Dustin. Pederson, Woodward, Pen-ley, Couch Sweet. Winteri Sports SKATERS ' Eugene Mailman, Harry Mailman, R. E. Tetley, John Q. Wendell, Albert Philbrick, Edward Hynes, David Fosburg, Arthur Burns I SNOWSHOERS Richard Dodge, W. H. Dubois, E. K. Gienty, H. A. Hazen, G. W. Holmberg, F. J. Howard, Al Lazure, C. D. Quimby, G. W. Smith, S. W. Stockwell, A. M. Szuch, J. J. Whyte SKI CROSS-COUNTRY K. I. Boothroyd, H. I. Caldwell, R. J. Ellsworth, T. R. Hikel, J. W. Langford, D. S. Patten, K. Rutledge, E. Smith, R. Stoughton, C. Woodward, S. M. Wooldridge, F. S. Martin, F. C. Dustin, R. Dean, R. G. Bradley, I.. C. Burgess. F. A. Head SKI JUMPERS Ernest Pederson, Dwight Perley, Robert W. Burbank, C. W. Burton, E. S. Greenwood, H. H. Finley, R. H. Ojanen, T. C. Sullivan, N. E. Hazzard Lake Placid College Competition N. H. U. 27, McGill 18, Wisconsin l7, Syracuse 10, Dartmouth 8, Bates 5, Ottawa 2, Williams l, Vermont O, St. Thomas O. Dartmouth Carnival N. H. U. 38, Dartmouth 14. Syracuse 3, Williams 2, Middlebury l, Bowdoin 0. V N. H. U. -Carnival N. H. U. 27, Dartmouth ll. ' .Iii ,915 P331 1915 "Fila gxliff'f"Q?9'z riff l 206 I ' The MN. H39 Club WILLIAM CLEMENT. President EDWARD MCNAMARA. Treausurez ALVIN REINHART, Vice-Presidenz BURNHAM Davis. Secretary FOOTBALL Fred Brown BOXING L le Farrell, Ca t M Y P' 'Thomas Colby, Mgr. Charles Bianchi Kenneth Clapp George Cook Ralph Farland Jacques Grenier Jean Grenier Herbert Hagstrom Henry Kelley William Nelson Pasquale Paolino Francis Perkins Daniel Redden Ralph Regali James Ronald Sandy Roy""" Chandler Ryder Francis Silvia' John Shea"' John Small George Tasker Matthew Theodos John Wettergreen""" Eugene Winkler Stanley Wright BASKETBALL Gordon Dow, Mgr. William Clement Nelson Gaunt Lloyd Patch George Dawson Lloyd Evans""' Walter Gustafson Donald McFarland Daniel Redden John Shea Foster Slayton'l"" TRACK Arnold Noyes, Captfl' Melbourne Cummings, Clayton Allsworth Charles Bianchi Robert Bruce Earl Cahalanl' Danforth Googins Ralph Johnson Edward Necker"t"' Sandy Roy John Small , Charles Smith Thomas Stewartw HOCKEY Alvin Reinhart, Capt. W Robert Snodgrass, Mgr. Carl Wendelin Eugene Winkler Norman Young WINTER SPORTS Norbert Nodes, Captfll Lester Tobey, Mgr. Holland Dresser Lyle Farrell' Jean Grenier Daniel Lucinskit Daniel McCooey"' Edward Necker Sandy Roy SOCCER Thomas Couser Bruce Cromwell' Alexander Currie""'f Clarence Gustafsonl' Walter Gustafson Theodore Karabelas"f Chun Lee Edward McNamara CROSS COUNTRY Earl Cahalan, Capt.""" Dane Cummings, Mgr. William Bujnievicz Henry Hazen Francis Howard Stuart Richardson TENNIS John Small , Clyde Eaton, M r. Louis Stolovsky Frank Duitm' Captjm Arthur Adams g Richard Fish, Mgr. y Ronald Tetley BASEBALL Albert Lazure Ernest Pedersonwf b Richard Flynn, Capt. Ronald Tetley:""' Y indicates additional Burnham Davis, Mgr. John Wendell"'l" letters, A' if -' 1' df' 5 7 '5.:.?"' Q." ll n xxx, ,- 12071 1 ' ffm' 'ffzmrlff' of 10911 yi5F'f"f22f 1930 Numeral Men FOOTBALL Foster Tinker Nelson Gaunt John Shea Edward Donnelly Jacques Grenier Jean Grenier Eugene Winkler Clinton Mason ' Daniel Redden William Boardman Peter Averka Ralph Farland Charles Bianchi Clyde Tyler James lVlcShane John Small Louis Stolovsky William Nelson Jesse Fuller Stanley Wright BASKETBALL Nelson Gaunt Lloyd G. Patch John A, Smal.l Louis Stolovsky C. Jackson BASEBALL John Shea Wilfred Boisvert George Dawson Fiore Campana Eugene Winkler Jacques Grenier Holland Dresser Donald J. McFarland Carlo H. Rumazza Kenneth Smart Clinton Mason Clyde Taylor F. T. Gibson CROSS COUNTRY Russell Hobbs, Captain W. G. Low W. N. Corpening W. H. Roberts L. I. Levine O. O. Hall P. B. Shepard D. M. Wallace H. W. Smith P. Nudd A 2:1547 5 4 il.-S'-H whiff- In-ali. ---- -.kjsrr A ali. -vev - Ak el., .--'...., . 4 5 - r .-,.....,,.' l ffm 1 ,rf xx K. , - xxx.: '-N. - ,f'fx.1RxsM Yflfgjxwifk yt, L 'if .K 12081 ' its f',e,-.m,i.- nf ww Womenls Physical Education Department l-IE Women's Physical Education Department on campus has grown re- markably in the past few years. The one time "Phys Ed" classes once the joke of the "intellectual" now offer as creditable courses as any in the curricula of the University: and graduates find themselves well fitted for responsible positions. ' Miss Katherine Watson, the head of the Women's Physical Education Depart- ment. accepted her present position in l926. Her former position in the Cen- tral High School at Tulsa, and her work in Individual Corrective classes at Okla- homa made her well fitted for the various duties required of her here. As a gradu- ate of the University of Wisconsin she went to the Teachers' College at Colum- bia, from which she received her M. A. degree. Miss Katherine Watson. Dillecfvl' Although not an imposing looking person, Miss Kirk makes up in quality for what she lacks in quantity. She Came to Durham from the University of Texas. Born in Olney, Illinois, she found the l Miss Bertha Kirk, Ass't. Prof. state sufficiently attractive to stay long enough to get her M.A. degree from the University of Illinois. She has had a cosmopolitan experience with college wo- men. Miss Marion Russell took up her duties on campus directly from her. training in the Boston School of Physical Culture, supplemented by a study in Boston Uni- versity in 1927. Marion Russell, Instructor ' N ll 209 l 1-,. I -. . as Wi" ""1"' Jw .iff i-f fltfi' rf !'f f "v ""ft, Ji , A ,ff V., xc, i,l.'f 'lf ,I 'rl' -,,- I, ,X Back Row: Holt. Whipple, Yerkes. Williams, Gleason, Gordon. I R 'I' bl Cl St C Brennan Rudd Fourtt ow: rom y, anan, evens, orey. . . Third Row: West, Hobson, Gowen, Steeves, Cummings, St. Clair. Second Row: Johnson, Grinnell, Tibbetts, Prew, Pike, Priest, Bunker. lfirxt Row: Davis, Brown, Phelps, Record, Bauer, Dimock. Womenps Athletic Association Margaret Baker Elisabeth Bauer Jane Blake Dorothy Block Celia Campbell Elizabeth Child Mildred Corey Margaret Cournoyer Elizabeth Ahern Roberta Annon Muriel Andrews Loretta Bannon Helen Bernaby Ruth -Brown Ruth Bunker Beatrice Calnan Eleanor Brennan Esther Christopher Ruth Davis Eleanor Gleason Florence Gordon ,-.- -. - -.-V '- CLASS Marjorie Dahlberg Margaret Dicey Winona Dimock Merial Duncan Lillian Ekstrom Irene Gadbois Irene Goodhue Ruth Grove Beatrice Gray OP 1929 Mary Hazelton Helen McShane Elizabeth Murdock Isabelle Paige Charlotte Peaslee Ruth Phelps Ruth Pitcher Gyneth Prew Hattie Record CLASS OF 1930 Mildred Castle Mary Cummings Gertrude Dauphinee Evangeline Durgin Ellen Farley Alice Gaffield Eliza Griflin Winifred Ham CLASS Elizabeth Gowen Victoria Grinnel Katherine Hazen Marion Holt Grace Jameson .. .4 Rachel Hartford Dorothy Hobson Dorothy Johnson Madeline Lord Grace I.ockwood Hazel. Luce Helen Maynard Elizabeth Melendy OF 1931 Nance Littlefield Carol Rudd Ethel Steeves Marion St. Clair Marion Tibbetts -.'-1. ..-r.. LW' X Esther Smith Alice Spinney Louise Sprague Lucy Stewart Julia Taylor Mary Timmins Marjorie West Alta Mitchell Mary Pike Leona Priest Marion Smith Isabel Stevens Ethel Watson Florence Weast Elsie Thurston Lona Williams Verna Whipple Alice Yerkes 4.,.i . J 1 5 1 J U .J L JA4 9- K -.lg - ,lg J J 1 1 a x 2 x 1 i r MA,f x G A N, Q, .N 2101! J' if N .N ,f -G W 5 , i A , k . lfaclc Row: Czllnan, Bannon, Wcast, Lockwood. Castle, Gaflield. Third Row: Cummings, Priest. Luce, Atwood, Barnaby, Bunker. L l Cl 'c Stevens Hum Durx-rin Andrews. Swcoml Now: orc . . 1 nm r, ., . , Front Ifviv: Turr, Mitchell. Low, Watson, Duuphmcc, Johnson. Elizabeth Ahern Roberta Annon Muriel Andrews Loretta Bannon Helen Bernaby Ruth Brown Ruth Bunker Beatrice Calnan Mildred Castle Mary Cummings 21930 Numeral Women Gertrude Dauphinee Evangeline Durgin Katherine Farrand Alice Gafiield Phyllis Glazier Eliza Griffin Winifred Ham Rachel Hartford Carrie Hopkins' Dorothy Johnson Madeline Lord N , l2lll Grace Lockwood Hazel Luce Margaret MacDanolds Elizabeth Melendy Alta Mitchell Mary Pike Leona Priest Marion Smith Isabel Stevens Florence, Weast I ina 4 immfi' of IU ffl :iii J ',i liaclc Row: Priest. Bunker, Lockwood, Weust, Cummings. Front Row: Guflield, Glazier, Pike, Calnun, Low. 1930 Hockey Team The Junior hockey team was not as successful as was the basketball team but they should be credited with having played up to the New I-lampshirc standard of sportsmanship. We are very proud of Captain Mary Pike and her squad. Beatrice Calnan Florence Weast Phyllis Cwlazier Katherine Farrand Leona Priest 1930 Hockey Lineup Mary Pike, Captain Grace Lockwood Ruth Bunker Margaret McDanolds Helen Maynard ' Mary Cummings 12121 ,. .. l 1 , 4 151. Lg J.. , .H f ,K , 1 w .Am -I lg Jv- 1 f.-' . N .- in 'J. fi' T i 5 s.,g rs-, Ifack Ifow: Pike. Lord, Calnun, Wcust. Burnaby. Serrmrl Now: Lundstrum, Priest, Lockwood, Atwood, I"rm1L Now: Stevens. Hum. Durpzin, Johnson. N30 Soccer Team The girls' inter-class soccer teams played many interesting games. Al- though the Juniors were not champions in soccer, they did beat the Freghmcn team by a score of 3 to 2. Contrary to custom, soccer was played this year on a snowy field while the moon was rising. Dorothy Johnson Madeline Lord Beatrice Calnan Elizabeth Ahern Grace Lockwood , ,, .1 e,-. ,e .. .. ,x 1930 Soccer Lineup Mary Pike, Capzain Leona Priest Winifred I-Iam Isabel Stevens Dorothy Duncklee Helen Bernaby A- -1- an me ws- -i.-..- 1. ..,- w, K ff' wk nr - I A L. K. , of L1 KI .-'yJ"- ...ify ,rl -' .F -L , ..,t .. f2l31 Fill' -.,..1 Baal: Row: Bunker, Lockwood, Smith, Calmm. I"1'1mt Now: Barnaby, Lord, Johnson. 19350 Basketball Team The Champions! The Juniors, with Grace Lockwood as their captain. and with Miss Kirk as their coach, took the lead in the inter-class basketball games. Much to their pride they defeated the Seniors by a score of 33-3. Their only real rival was the l929 team. 1930 Baslcetbullq Lineup Grace Lockwood, Captain Helen Bernaby Dorothy Johnson Elizabeth Ahern Marion Smithi Ruth Bunker Madeline Lord 4 1 4 'nf 'QA 4 K tx' ' lZl41 Bavlu Now: Bernuhy, Lockwood, Weust, Smith. Atwnml, I fl L St n Pl C1 i. xln "run, dmv: ow, eve s, ice, lmmmfs, Ca nn, 1930 Baseball Team The 1930 Baseball team was captained by Grace Lockwood. The only defeat that the Juniors suffered was administered by the Freshmen. Inter-class baseball is not a very old sport here at the University. Helen Bernaby Florence Weast Elizabeth Atwood Isabel Stevens Mary Cummings 1930 Baseball Lineup Grace Lockwood, Captain Mary Pike Elizabeth Ahern Harriet Shepard Marion Smith Beatrice Calnan A A i A 1' u A , in 41 , , A i I2l51 'r,,. . ,. -1" fl? ,Q?'ifz.:--115 iifffi he 4 Mmllllli' of W ill 2'-2? rlii. " 1 -VS 36 s.'F"! llaclc Row: Lundstrom, Bunker, Calnan, Pike. Second Now: Lockwood. Bernuby, Smith. Fwmt Row: Lord, Castle, Priest, Mitchell. 11930 Truck iq-f The Class of l9'5O holds three of the seven track records. Mary Pike has been very successful in retaining her record for the high jump and alsohas added the 50 yard dash record. Edith Lundstrom holds the discus record. 1930 Track Lineup Marion Smith Madeline Lord Mildred Castle Leona Priest Alta Mitchell 'Edith Lundstrom Ruth Bunker Beatrice Calnan Mary Pike Grace Lockwood Helen Bernaby t4 -Q slr- 1-. 4 riff' fin, will EEA fix Efirztrski A ,Vans rx " I 216 1 . 4 - - ,v,i. 4 ' I L X, lg '-5. ll 1 1 1-nf ' I- '-' 5 -1 ' fm' 1 ,v!a,.'H.:ffa' an 2 '-' W' iw' ,4f"1j'X, Stevens. Dnuphinvo, Smith, Pike. 11930 Tennis Mary Pike, ClllJIC1I'l7 Gertrude Dauphiricc Marion Smith Isabel Stevens SSH Pix bfi Fffisxfi Fifa 145 Q45 J l2l7l A f - J. 14, 4.,g- jfil, f lU, Ulf 10,11 I , f" r .-2 -1. 'f il? Q22 5-iff Elk lfaclc Now: Brooks, Corey, Brennan, Pike. Secoml Row: Paul, Hobson, Jameson, Gleason. I"ro'n,t Row: Williams, Smith, Calnan. The Physical Education Climb The Honorary Society of Physical Education Majors Established at the University of New Hampshire, 1927 Officers MARION SMITH. President V BEATRICE CALNAN. Vice-President Bertha Kirk LONA WILLIAMS. Secretary-Treasurer Faculty Members Katherine Watson Marion Russell ' Seniors Mabel Brooks Mildred Corey Juniors Beatrice Calnan Mary Pike Dorothy Hobson Marion Smith Sophomores Eleanor Brennan Grace Jameson Eleanor Gleason Lona Williams Ruth Paul F94 , iii 'ZR F"'iE:4i Q-ff? E54 "-- 35' f?5fa.,ifF 'if?Z9tri5Q' 'Ffh ,'4i9f Ffeii l2l81 v - r rv ,Q . X ffl . TJ , rf E11- ,iw 521 W, 1 , v Y' 'iv ,, , 1 WL ' 'BFE V , --ff f Qwf:'W 1.51 1,1 yy .X 5:11 fm .:,-H .xv . af: " .-Q. ' 1-x ' ,ly 5 S 1: -iff H 'FAQ- :wf - 113,33 gin, M, AM, -v- E .J g: Xian, lx."4 xv nf- H,-wx . Wk.: ' , ,WL- .RN '14 W1 "ff . -352 5-3 133 fiki M' , r, , ,Q "5-"f 1,fl.7,, 4 'fi V . Sy. A " .,,,, 1- ,.kQ'7y.' K , . Fa ,. . 'rn . ye? , A "iff Q,-'Q 51921 1 'zfif 'xx' '- ga , "SQ if ' ' ,lx Q M., BY . '51 v-'M ' , ':,m', ' 2 ,,.,f, . 1? L' .,,,, X , ,qt fn' . V 'fil m' 11, nk" W,-'. .-fe ,. . 'nf X ' 2435 -'51 '. "f""1"4 jhepfamfe of.l2M30 9 SOCIALS TRADITIONS .4 s 4 v 4 L A K w f f ,X f - FEATURES 1 X X 1 f X f ,J xx X' , px I X J JK,-27 xx . ' fgl 2 xg 7,F. x f, XX by f A 1 ' 'TW' v Ce by -5 'Ps -f-.E 2 ghrw--.26 4-lf ------ hp Q.f"""'a.!: glfu- nxg gl:----.E Q 4 44 3 V -5. :L-fu., - T55"'L3"gJQxZ4HN'I'w'n11I'12Mf-4,J,y'P,A3 1.,x'f! ""fng,jt, w' 'E Q' 15,39 w fx ' - -E',1v1,5j ' "'Q'C?34 3fr -' , . '. " -Ji' ,L,f.P,1 Kg' ,Q-LL J,-Z1i'1.'A,!'-'Q-MFE: ly - F "V ' 'WN W-'-'4 ,I 1' 'QQ -' 1.2 ':g1'.Q vw.: vu 'V "WALK-,f r gf .",'1,r,'- ML LU-I, W 9. I X-Q, .3-wwf-4 ..,,w,, 1. ,I 1, 15 , W, 1 fewggw A-ft wh vi ZH-,I-4 3 5 L-QM" 'iggf VCX, .,l,,'-1' Axial' ML 1 .1 .HN-,4 A 5 , N ,ww 3, NQ. - 1 4 ':,gr,v'W1 9 , ,j ','-,. gg gr-3Yg'vj..-,ff N 1 -uw: -PWA 2211, ifWW'H552'.5357,1jZ1-.:1f'd gv?"1 H'17,f'142.,,A'?WQ?PW9EfQ- fgfefjgfw , QQzqfgffiwH3'.f,hgiw'em--ww 'T " Aw mf, 945'-. f'-eff 5f'Vv,w ' , -ww I he filrllllll' of IU W7 Back Row: Callahan, Davis, Lehman, Morin. Front Row: Moynihan, Garlcck, Sawyer, Smith. The Social Committee Seniors D Juniors Claire Moynihan Marion Smith Ralph Garlock Ray Sawyer Sophomores Freshmen Barbara Davis Jane Lehman Robert Callahan Gerard Morin To know how important a part of the social whirl are the lnformals, one should spend Saturday in a girls' dorm, or in a sorority house. From about three o'clock Cof course, the men never ask before thenj on, the phone rings continuously, and the group gathered around in the hall, pours forth endless questions: "Is that for me?" "Who are you going with?" "Yes, I told him I'd go-," and you know the test. Whether it is after a football game, or a basketball game, you will find couple after couple strolling toward "T" Hall gym, where the spirit of dancing is going to the jazz tunes of the Red Ramblers. Then at eleven-thirty, when the last note of Home Sweet Home has faded away, a happy, tired crowd hesitatingly exclaims: "It's all over." l2211 2- .llttnioir Prom N the spring the co-ed's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of prom. And why not? Held in spring term, when the world and the campus are at their best, it is only logical that Junior Prom week-end should be a long thought-of event. With one success to our credit, we are waiting patiently for second debut. Our hopes will be confirmed when on a certain night in May, all roads will lead to the gym, which will be transformed into something entirely new to Durham: and when co-eds Cand Importsl, in light colored frilly gowns, contrasting with the somber evening attire of their escorts, will dance around under the watchful eyes of the chaperones. Of course there will be music, but we are keeping the identity of the orchestra a secret, and added to this, will be favors and refreshments. The committee that is working for the success of this affair consists of: Kenneth Robinson, chairman, Bertha Hill, Grace Lockwood, Anna King, Joseph Terry, Harry Smith, and Robert Leitch. I 5 , L!" 'QB' I UQ' '31, .f x, 1 -' tg ,- - H -1 -' ' ' , x V ,I " L 222 1 llihe Cironzlv ul IU 30 Sophomore Hop S we approached the gym for the annual Sophomore Hop, soft strains of music reached our ears, and upon entering the hall, we found our- selves on a terrace. Surrounded by arbors and trellises, upon which were climbing roses: under a perfect sky with the moon pleasantly smiling down on us: proudly escorting "her,"--what more could one ask for in the first formal event of the spring, likewise the first class social. Sophomore Hop found many of our class co-ed haters hunting around for the elusive tux, and afterwards, solemnly vowing never to miss another social affair. Patrons and patronesses were: Pres. and Mrs. Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Leon W. Hitchcock, Mr. and Mrs. Thorsten Kalijarvi, Capt. and Mrs. Gilmore. 'Members of the committee were: Kenneth Robinson, chairman, George Hadley, Robert Leitch, Frank Rogers, Miriam Nealley, Winifred Ham, Ruth Stolworthy, and Anna King. l2241 The Cjranize of 19 30 Cczarniqvdl Ball HINK about old Captain Kidd--: think of the chest that he hid: dream that you've opened the lid: . . . you're at Carnival Ball. And what' did you find after the lid was opened? From one tiny compartment tumbled out pirates, Spaniards, pierettes accompanied by pierrots, yama yama girls, clowns, peasants, knights, and ladies of olde, ballet dancers, and every character you have ever imagined. The lady-in-waiting was not too proud to dance with the lowly peasant, nor was the bold pirate feared by the vivacious pierette. Under a cover of serpentine and balloons, encircled by a background of white streamers, this cosmopolitan group mingled, and gayly danced to Bert Lowe's Hotel Statler Orchestra, which had been concealed in another compart- ment of that treasure chest. And lo! You looked again and found more treasures in the form of small leather bill folds, designed for the new bills, and all kinds of noise makers. And lastly, there was the crown which was presented to Miss "Billy" Cawley of Bedford, Mass., who was chosen by the judges as Queen of the 1929 Carnival. At two A. M. the lid closed down on an empty chest, and you awoke from your dream. Those in the receiving line were: Pres. and Mrs. Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Thorsten Kalijarvi. I T T 12261 QIAH lifn' Ci1'r1171llc' Of llll 913' V15 Most Representative of the Blae and White Miss Marjorie Dahlberg Mr. John Wettergreen Best Best Results of the Junior Class Ballot Best Looking Miss Dorothy Jones Mr. James Ronald Best All-Around Miss Mary Pike Mr. John Small CLASS BALLOT ON STUDENTS dressed man dressed girl Best student Best Most Most Most Most Most Most athlete brilliant original versatile likely to succeed agreeable modest Wittiest Hardest worker Most talkative Most popular Most useful William Nelson Ena Lavoie Elizabeth Ahern John Shea, John Small Elizabeth Ahern Dorothy Johnson William Nelson William Prince Ralph Farland Earl Batchelder Ena Lavoie Ray Sawyer Sheldon Mclntosh Mary Pike William Prince Earl Batchelder Dorothy Jones Ruth Towle Mary Pike Dorothy Dunklee Dorothy Dunklee Dorothy Jones Ray Sawyer Winifred Low Mavis Hodgdon Vincent Scamparino XVilliam Prince Kate Harwood Dorothy Jones Earl Batchelder CLASS BALLOT ON FACULTY Best looking Most popular Most talkative Biggest hearted Best dressed Thorsten Kalijarvi Thorsten Kalijarvi Hermon L. Slobin Clarence W. Scott Philip Marston Carroll M. Degler Leon Hitchcock Esther L. Brown C. Floyd Jackson Edmond Bowler Wirriegr Eugene Bishop William Hennessy Best natured C. Floyd Jackson Thorsten Kalijarvi I2271 ' .L - h -,. .., N- , . , , , S lf? K, 11" ffflf, l M C if 1117114 cf! W 91? 'jf Q , A' 'Q Mll. JOHN ADAMS WE'l"l'lZIiGli1i13N .p V l - "gui - , fli' """' gy . 'lsi"""':l'f, ,X-li-f 5 -V . . 'Lffg ,'xl1'vg,,fTx,f'X , ,ffxzxx K ,f'!k fxx , ,ff x 1 X, , .3-'X ,NSY 116: Q lzzoj ,155 Biff I lm' Cimnzlw ffl lf! ill sl? Fkzyl? Fifi 4, nv' ff' "5fHa:.i' a ' ,A -, , .mv K 1'C'4'1f" ' if- 1 :Uh-cf'.wf, in-W, -, , A., , 1 h,,,5y.!-5 ,H ' . ,' V ' f H ' ' ' , - L4-'4wv2,, v -.-. , , . "7'1'f:4 2' A 4. , x5.,,,-. f'-w 3, M A K wr, M: . x is , f an "f':',,' - 1, ',.,.f.. U-5 QL" fa- . .', ,www f f 1 ,W 1 f. i 1 i Q MISS DOROTHY ELEANOR JONES l2301 ' In C,mn1'11 cal 'IU ffl 'H 'H' 1: uf' Mfrs-X ., .fa . ' ' - ,f ji ,Q-11 Mli. JAMES ANDREW RONALD J, 11, mv, F u .Nix u tu, ..,,:rM, 'K ,Id ,... ,bv F -K .hz mv, A Q ,Di Au. mv, N .,y?x ,,2"x1'X,x Affxzxi, gf-fxfi, a,Xk ',.fjQ fkxh ,xl l 231 1 K' .,A., J ,lu ,,,.. J ,, C . .IOM ,L ...,.. J. LA .,.... J, :iff I ln' izmvzla' of ' I Wa. r ' M ' , LL. ffi 1 I MISS MAIIY CURRIER PIKE f232I Q xii?" f??fff zQli?ff ffiffi I bln- C immfw nf 'X ff ffl v 55-f' f'Y9f,: '. if? ' NIR. JOIIN ALBERT SMALL UNL-4' V .. 'H' ""' "'L:,llf- b WL55- - - Q.l.:L"""Lrf',- Ji' 1 'M' ""'-K' ,,, ..I?"xfx1", ,211--KIXXN , ,ff XIX, , ffxf X. .. f' XIX. - 1' xxx.. fl-'fx,'Q", ' I 233 1 The Cirrznize of 10 50 Traditions of the University of New Hampshire RADITION should not make the college: the college should make tradi- tion and we, of the 1930 GRANITE Board, are fortunate in witnessing the metamorphosis from one to the other in the New Hampshire of today. One hardly need point out the numerous steps from tradition, so-called, to pro- gressiveness, but a recountal may add emphasis. Behold and behearten. The tradition of a school is usually something that distinguishes it from every other school. If this is true why could not people as well as things be called tradition? We have on our faculty two men who have been here since the founding of the school, namely, Dr. Scott and Dean Pettee. Where are there in this country men of this calibre who have accomplished as much as these great powers of this institution of ours? We, of the 1930 GRANITE Board appreciate, with our student brothers and sisters, the work accomplished by these men in making things as they are for us today, and are ever thankful to them. On the eve before a varsity football contest the student body en masse assembles in the men's gymnasium and tries to raise the roof with cheers and songs of true New Hampshire spirit. After the contest, if there has been a victory for the alma mater, the later hours of the evening are usually spent around a bonfire on Bonfire Hill. Here amidst the hilarity of exploding fire crackers and the shooting of blanks, the students cheer and sing. The day is called to a close by the singing of "Alma Mater." "University Day" is a day set aside by the university officials when the student body can witness Freshman and Sophomore combats of various natures. This school holiday begins in the afternoon and is devoted entirely to sports, consisting of a rope-pulling contest at the college pond, of mixed shoe races, of a cane rush for men, of class relay races, of a girls' pushball contest, and of water events. y Three years ago one of the senior honorary societies on the campus, with the purpose of creating school spirit, submitted the plan of having the students elect a Mayor of Durham. On a prescribed day the candidates made their initial appearance, gaily attired in formal dress. The members of the cam- paign and their campaign managers issued forth among the students their va- rious platforms which were certainly unique, in form and in presentation. After a week of campaigning the students voted for their choice to the oHice and the elected mayor was master of ceremonies at the football contest held on the fol- lowing Saturday. Something that our University can well be proud of is the two days set aside by the administration and termed Mothers' and Dads' days. Each year the fathers and mothers of the students have an opportunity of visiting the campus and of seeing for themselves the routine of the campus life. During the brief visit of our parents, campus tours, luncheons, speakers, and athletic events hold their interest. ' .E '.,,, tu -.,, 'C .,,,..,. A ,kr ,..... 21, ......, J ......, :I , I 234 1 1. 1 ,.x. ' n 'U' X - hx fx Lxr. 1. tp-fx pw X l2351 15-Fi if 'fn' Ci1'c1l71'Ir' nl I U SU A This account would not be complete if the eventful Home-Coming Day was passed by, unmentioned. This day, a Saturday chosen by the Alumni Secretary, is one of decided interest to the graduates who plan to return to the University. As many as are able always come back to spend a few hours with their friends and alma mater. The greater part of the day is spent in renew- ing friendships and meeting new fraternity brothers and new sorority sisters. In the forenoon a convocation for the alumni is held, with addresses by promi- nent speakers. In the afternoon a football game holds the interest of all. And then the evening--as a pleasant reminder of undergraduate days an informal dance is held in the gym. Thus terminates the few happy hours of a return to the campus they knew so well. The spring term at the university is full of traditional acts. It is during this time that the sophomores release their control on the freshmen at a peace bonfire. Unknowingly, at first. the freshmen are "rounded up" by the sopho- mores and receive orders to obtain material for a bonfire. This completed, the fire is lighted and the freshmen receive their last speech of advice from the sopho- mores. The freshman president gives a speech of thanks to the sophomores and one of encouragement to the freshmen, and then throws his skimmer into the roaring flames. The freshmen then file through a gauntlet of sophomores and at the end each one inhales some smoke from a peace pipe. This insures that there shall be no hard feelings between the classes. Sophisticated do the seniors try to act when they appear at the beginning of the spring term with their silver-banded canes. It has always been a custom for both the senior men and women to carry these canes to and from classes and to any social events during this period as a form of distinction and to show that they are the ones who are leaving their unfinished work to the undergraduates- the work of being loyal to the University. Then there is the Hnal review of the military organization which is held just before its cadets are dispersed until the fall. At the yearly encampment the senior officers receive their commissions as second lieutenants in the Reserve Army, and the junior officers take charge of their respective battalion. Rewards are also made at this time to the members of the corps who have excelled in the drilling of men and in speed and accuracy in the execution of the manual of arms. On graduation day the procedure is nearly the same for each year, but there is one thing that stands out. After the diplomas have been issued, the graduation exercises are brought to.a close by a march to the library. Here, the graduating class, adorned in their caps and gowns and grouped on the library steps pose for their last picture at the university. This custom has been in effect since the library has been built, and this building has always been the background for the picture. We, of the 1930 GRANITE, pay our respects to all who uphold the tradi- tions of the university, and hope that this publication may become a worthy epitome of the New Hampshire to be., ffaef The GI'CIl7!'l6' of 10 50 x ,rf , , l2371 IQQSI lpx.. 12391 l2401 'I 1170 Gzxznifc of' 1030 .g ,K , v N , N I . .. ., ,xw,?i. A 4 n 1 . 1 1 ,x ,Vx uw. l2411 . Q f l?iQ - l2-121 The Granite of'I93O 1 2 K i I K A 4 ...... ...... ...... B., ' I243l 1 , o The Granite of 1930 s 5 N 1 244 1 'ww' The Granite of1930 fm-""'v'K ADVERTISING 30 XJW A fzfwxw 1716 33 ' -A xx fmg l . x .J If Qs , f J, .... ...... .,... 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' 4 4 4 A New Hampshzre Inslzzutzon 11 1: when you think of banquets or 11 1: 4: when you need rooms for 14 .1 11 friends. 1: ------------.l: i'.----------AA,AA 4: 251 -::::-p:::::p::00a rv-ov'-a.":::::o::.p.p:::::: Compliments of The jennison Company, Inc ENGINEERS AND CONTRACTORS FITCHBURG, MASS. l2521 A-A:J-I Brackett St Shaw Companu Easlern Distrilnulors I Centaur Tractor BOLENS POWER HOE Gasoline Engines, Silos, Ensilage Cutters, Saw Mills Woodworking Machinery, Plumbing and Steam Heating WATER SYSTEMS We Carry the Largest Stock in New England ELECTRIC REFRIQERATION ---v ---v -v-v4-0-ov-- ::::::::40,:::- Job Printinq OF ALL KINDS Orders taken for Engraving C. F. XVI-IITEHOUSE Quality Printing DOVER, N. H. TSI CENTRAL AVENUE Opposite Masonic Temple Telephone 164 Personal Supervision Given All Work 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 253 ,r::- -:::::: A - - A E. ID. Richmond Electrical Contractor Electrical Works of All Kinds All appliances repaired or adjusted Radios and Student Lamps Sold ui Your AIIUIIUIKIQC DURHAM. N. H. I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I I I 'I :I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I tl 'I 'I 'I I I 1I 'I 'I I 'I --4 I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I I I 'I I 'I 'I I 'I I I The Recognized .. Standard of A G Quality Fit V , 2 And Value 12,1 1 eeee li ' V 4-7 7 ' K U lg w 3 I" 'll 1, QA L 32 1' I COLTfCROMWlELL CO., line. 1239 Broadway Established 1899 New York, N. Y. AAA: lg T A A A A A A AAAAAA AAAAA 5' E1 . . .1 1: Piper Mclntire Co. 1, 1 1: 11 "Popular as Music Itself" 1 ly for Our record of almost 40 years of suc- :, Ig cclgful Eusinis hasdmadehus not ogily tlge n 1 o est, utteeam,temost cpen- able and logical musii store from which 1, :I you should buy your musical needs. P I W "Your Entire Satisfaction Our' Aim" fxdfnwh :1 It qmqm 12 11 Steinway lf Duo Art E Vose li , Sf- " l Steek verett Q5' a46 Cable made pianos l H 1 fl - Stromberg-Carlson-Radio 1 1 , Hooker-Howe Costume Ig I1 R. C. A, Rachos 1 'I Company gf If Victor Brunswick 1, ln lv 'I ,, . . ,, 46-52 South Main Street The Place for all Things Musical . ' 1' ' o 4 ' Haverhill, Massachusetts P1perfMQInt1IB CQ, 1 Member N. C. A' Manchester N. H. 1 QL -- f2541 lli K """"" """' """-" "" I P 1: R :Q Headquarters for E '1 l S 1: Laboratory Apparatus S I' . 1 :Z Chenncal Reagents N 1' - G 5: Drugs, Mlnerals and I 1, . 1 1 Stams . 1, 1 4 See pc, 1: Standard Solutions made in our Lab- U o U., 11 oratory: Special Glass Apparatus, accord- Z PU 1: ing to blue print, in our Glass Blowing ,-4 gy 1, Department: Testing Machines of various Z Rear of E kinds in our Machine Shop. E University E I: 5 Barber Q 1: Visit us, or write. advising your 311013 requirements '1 '1 il '1 SUITS '1 ' '- Elmer St Amend TO l MEASURE 1: 1551. 1851 Inc. 1897 P I: NEW YORK. N. Y. . '1 UP Third Ave., 18th to 19th St. '1 l :P A-AAAAAA-A-- - - AAAAAAAA AA-A A :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::'4, ,":::-4555552255Iififfifiiiiifiii . ,, , 1 ll Come often to the House of Re- :I l 1 fined Recreation 4' 1: 11 .1 1.ACoN1A. N. H. 1 41 1: 1: JAMES I-1. BANNON, PROP. ' 1 STRAND BOWLING Ig :I , 1 A 1: ,Q Hot and Cold Runnmg Water 111 1 '1 1 LLEYS 1, hvery Room P 1 '1 , DURHAM' N. H, All1CflC3H and European Plan l 1, '1 ----------------,--------- '1 l,,----,-,,----- --- -------- :,,,,,,:,:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, ,,:::::::::,,,,,,::,:,:,,::::,,: 1, I1 1: TIME TABLE of 1: 1: :I St-lmotlulo 1'lll'cctivc 'l'ut-sduy, Junuury 8th, 1920 1: 1, D0V1111cWDUuHA1v1 1, 1, W111111K DAYs 1, 1, 1,1-ave novm- 111 7.35, 8.35, 111.311, 1411.311 11. m., 1 1, - 1, 12.311, z.1111, 3.30, 4.30, 11.110, 11.45 11. m. 1, I, lic-:rvu Durhnm ut 8.00, 51.00, K11.05 11. m., 12.110, 1, :1 1.llll, 3.00, 4.00, 5.ll5,.6.50. 10.10 11. m. . . S N Wholesale G1 OCUIS 1: 1: 1.1-:we Dover 8.311 11.. mi: 11.110, 11.110, 11.413 p. m. :1 :1 Lenvo Durham 9.1111 11. m., 1.00, 5.00, 6.50, 10.111 1 1 11. m. ,, '1 '1 Note--K runs Satturdu I . HAVERHILL' MASS' ll :P Svycilll lll'il!S to nnyyuiiiinial ut rcasunnlmlc rates. '1 ,P l"o1- ll1l'1ll'lTlHtlUl'l phone Portsmouth 33. 1: ,, ,11. A. CHASE, sum. -:::::::.-::::::::::.::::::::::l' 'L-:::::::::::::::::::.A:::::::::: 1 255 1 v ::: A:,,,,,, - ::::: JN1 P '1 I, 11 IL 1' . 1 I 11 1 ,ff Entrance Examznatzon 11 P i ' - 41 11 vm- '4 11 'l 4 '1 11 Q 5 A 1 To The 1 ni - 1 11 fig. , ' 11 1: ' 1' ' DLICO 1 11 R Qi: 5' 1 D 4 1 1 ga ecorating 1 11 l .X X gy -.-- 1, ll A495 l sql ' 1 l 21 1" 1 Schoo 3: ,,,, P 1' -M-N lm My -.1 '1 :E EE 1: Q-What makes a 1919 Ford look if 1: as bright and shiny Calmostj as I: I1 a new Lincoln? 11 I :E A-Du Pont Duco. '1 1: 11 Q-Can I put it on myself? ll A-You sure can: put it on at noon, I' 11 and you can drive to your 2 11 11 o'clock in a new car. 1: 1 1 1 1' '1 Q-What is Brush Duco? lp , . 1 . , 'I 11 Aglgtilfhjeffone finish the girls can t Q---Where can I use it? I1 A-On furniture, autos, and knick- I1 11 1 knacks. Q1 fl T Q-Knick-Knackse QI 1 I If D .J A-Yes, most everything you have l 1' lying around-slickers, tire covers, 1' I R:ci.u s PA1'.orl1 P 11 " book-ends, bottles, wherever you 11 ' l d b t , B h ' il Q-Quick! Where can I buy this CO or an eau y use tus li 1 1 1, .1 remarkable stuff? 1 , 1 - I :E A-At your local hardware or paint 11 Eelzzlefs, wherever you happen to 1 1,51 1: ' ' 1 1: . . - x"-' 4 fi 22 Beautiful Colors-4 Slams WAN if N 1: il I U 11: 55 11-ry.'11 V 1 I 5' C Id d AI ' I ' "' Amllli AON li ' o an umznum 1 -1 - J 111 -4 ' It ' . . l-1 Jlfill Q 51 11 Clear Finish X " A 11 41 fs- I 1: J . 1, Get a color card al the Dealers 1 f 11 1: 1, I: 1: 1'J5::::9:::f':::-7555: i53f5::::5:::- fi: A I 256 400.040 0444444440 A::0:::0::44:::: ----- 000404 JOHN W. GRANT Restaurant Durham, N. H. - :4440044444444000440000440 Piercefperrq Companq Wlmlcsult-rs ol' HEATING AND PLUMBING SUPPL1Es Steel, Wrouglut Iron and Brass Pipe Water Works Material Distributors of Hoffman Valves and Con- trolled Heat Equipment--The Last Word in Heating Systems 236 CONGRESS S'l'Rl3li'I', BOSTUN Corner Purchase Struct :::::: ::: ::4-0400: :44 040-0-04 4 4444444-4444444 4Q400,044-004000-QQQQQQQQQQQ00 00404-oo0v004444"0o0..,a ::::.'::4-o:b:: ::::.'0- :v-: :::o:::v Tll-lllE RECURD PRESS Printers RocHEsTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE 'ur-ara: Printers of The 1930 Granite and The New Hampshire '23 Specializing in Book, Pamphlet and Publication Work '93 Adequate 'equipment for the eflicient handling of both large contracts or your smaller orders F23 A phone call will bring our repre- sentative without further obligation-any time, anywhere. Just call Rochester, 88-W. I 12581 0-oaapc, ----A--------A----A----------- 4A-4-A-------4-,-A-,A,AA,4--,4 GRANITE-LIKE PERMANENCE - As enduring as the granite hills of New Hampshire, XValworth Sigma Steel valves and fittings installed in the University's central heating plant direct and control the supply of steam for heating purposes to all University buildings. Where winters are severe it is extremely important that class rooms and dormitories be kept at proper temperatures. The builders have not com- promised with quality in the heating installation, but have constructed with a thought for future growth. Higher pressures will be used, and therefore NValworth Sigma Steel valves and fittings were selected for the pipe lines, and likewise for their high quality. Walworth iron body and brass valves and Walworth fabricated pipe are in use. The health and welfare of the present student body have not alone concerned University engineers, but also the physical comfort of succeeding generations of students is being safeguarded. Walworth Compt-:mu BOSTON Valves Fittings Tools Distributors in the Principal Cities of the World niA'5-i5l,Qiiv'LQgL54ifbi5aEA94 1, il, 4, C 14 .IW 4 '4 it 4, f Eff 14 m V' ,, 14:-, 4 - 1. f 14 4 :ri 4, E " CD s .I N 4 4-. P IP 14 D ? 4 -' 4, 0 ,- 5 25: 555255553 44o 55. 55:25:62 22:35 14a-1 -'H-225512 51Di'Q24:-'Q 4, : ,,, 2 . 1, 1 3. P1 .-1. ....t+... 5 :s Q 440 m sziseqrmiignsggt' ,, 40: En,ogg3L4.5.,-E: 9 : '4 I Z E-E c ,ES 55' 5 " 3 5, Q 1 W V3 P F' rv- F5 Z' E ,., "" P O H :N Q ...N . 0 5 . 11 fb w c 2 '1 E 5 E2 tr 24 -Q I' awe! 2, VE E-Q93 4 - o " I L. "' , L. 11 2 14 In 355 0 S E 2 2 fl xm '4 g ' ' 1 E! 5 gn 41 te 5 ra H. 14 ,, g:5,,,,o5.g5-jg u 14 4:::::::::::.-.A:::::,-::.-::::.A.-::::::::::::::.-v-.-:::- ,T:::::::::::::::.-::::::::,-:::::.-: ,, 1, 14 4, '4 4, 14 1, 14 I' 11 4 t-4 1, 14 4, C: 14 4 . 14 'I E o Da' Z 1 4, 4 4, U j 'PU Z Q Z UU 14 14 5 7 'li 3 4 :I 1' ST ig' 3' g U7 U m 4: .: 5 2 3 2' 7' :U 4 14 0 57 4-I O O ' :P 4, Z -- 7, fs '11 4 4, ' ca 5 'TJ t j 14 on 3' '-' 4 1, :E 'U O P 4 ' ' Z F PU 14 , N U1 . ,, O I-4 4, 4, 3 P' '4 4, 4-4 14 4, Z '4 4, '4 4, 14 4, 14 14 1 4I 14 14 of a Jenkins Valve " 44 E J Uo lc The Jenkins "Diamond" :l ' ' ' F mark and signature is the V ,V gistanrruislilinxr feature of a ,I en ins alve. Emrineers . in every bi-unch of indus- 14 Wholesale and Retail try know this "family re- ,l semblance," and luck for it 4: on every valve they install. 4, 4' 2501 New Hampshire Fire llnsnranee Company 1869 - 1929 HOME OFFICE BUILDING, MANCHESTER, N. H. CLOTHES and SHOES for COLLEGE MEN The College Shop BRADFORD W. MCINTIRE, '25 MGR. P. O. Block Durham 4+ 1 'I ln 'r 'r :r r 'r r r r r r 'r :r r 'r r 4 'r r v r 4 'u 'r 'r :r 'r 'r Rival Foods, llne. WHOLESALE GROCERS Cambridge, Mass. New Bedford, Mass. Fitchburg, Mass. Portsmouth. N. H. Rival Brand Canned Goods are packed in No. 10 tins expressly for the best Hotel, Club, and School Trade. I 1 br-vvv 1 260 l I I I I I I ::::::::::--:::::::::::::::-:. ,--- --.- .,,,, ,,, vvvvvvvvvv 4, 4, 5 5 FINE GREENHOUSES QI 11 I I 4, 4, 'I 4, . for a zine old school 1' I .-1 I lp fu- '-. 1I 'I I 4, ,, Proud . . . very proud ll I1 are we of the part King 11 1: Greenhouses play in the 1' 1, U. of N. H. Curriculum. 1 41 Practicability, sought , 1: for by the commercial 1, 1: grower and delightful har- 1, 1, mony, insisted upon by els- 1, 41 tate owners are found in .1 1: King's. 11 1: I I . , , C76ng I 4 1a GREENHOUSES 11 4' i "'-Q19 I-,U .f.'. f . KING CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 1 I V ' General Oflices and Factory I NORTH TONAWANDA, NEW YORK II I 4, Q 5 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: -L tA::::::::::::::':::':::::::: :: A::::: -:::::::?::::: : "M, 1.::::::::::::::,,:::- ::::' Y - :: 4 1' 4 11 'I BESSE SYSTEM co. 5: 11 WALTER B' KEITH I 1 4, I MANCHESTER, N. H. 1, School and College I, 1, I "oooD CLOTHES" 1: DIPLOMAS 'I 41 Right Goods Fair Prices 1: I1 Tcl- Hancock 5230 A 4: 64 Pearl St., Boston QI Ig ::::v -::::::: ::-:::::::---l 'I A:::::::: vvvv ::::: AAA-- - ,,-,--::-:::,,,:,,,,,:,--,-:-,, V- --:::::::::::::v MA f B t " I K., ,f Dorrety o os on :, 1, Compliments of ' ix- ' ' I FRAl?I3sIl.LIil1i1'X1loIl'INS li " ' 1 T' OR 5, Ig Merrimack Farmers ':. 3 ' .1 ,A WSYEREMQR 1, ,1 Exchange, Inc. ' i 1 45 : ' U ll The farmers business. A1i41figbg1.I?C Main Qflicc, Concord, N. H. Q - 4 FIGURES ,' '- H Fm- Prizes ,1 1a Stores: W,-ite for Catalog II ,1 Derry, N. H. Manchester, N. H. q, .. Gun in. high I, Exeter. N. H. Epping, N. H. PHC0 S2-00 4, 1' Goffstown, N. H. New Boston, N. H. 387 Washington Street, Boston, Mass. 1: .1 ' I 261 1 'izfli .liilSUE H IAEGI S' 1-r' TECHNIQUE' GJ-, 'PANDO A' cs MA x N noun' Q:E??M KN .wa U'0F en one shat ther t ' O .vlu'4'z'1'zl 511' Illrlj of lurk. Bu! wlrru om' anal KlIl'I'l'SSflIl Amllnll "by Call- f0IIn is fIlll0lL'l'll llllllll'Illflfl'lj' lay rllluIbc'r-- and .fuwllwr until lbvy rvlrrvxrrll rr rou- liuuons rrronl of Ill'lJlt'l'l'lll!'llf, fbvrr il must uuwn "gn0rl mr1rl:smnllxbip." Dvluils of Ibn' 5llt't'l'!Jflll Crmfon plan will glmlly be given Il'llb0ll, 0llll4QdllUlI In any Alnnml mlifor, or nnulngrr, who is ilzfrrvxfcrl. Do-woo-1: TI-IE CAN C . GRAXHNG flim l D l COMPA - I-IIO L2621 ll Transcript Printing Company PETERBOROUGH, NEW HAMPSHIRE A City Print Shop in A Country Town We are equipped for the eflicient production of high grade periodicals '1 1 1 1 p 1 1 S 1 1 S S ? 1 1 N N N N 1 1 1 1 0 N ? 1 1 Souhoqan National Bank MILFORD. N. H. Capital 5Bl00,000 Surplus 3155,000 Deposits ilS2,279,864.76 A strong bank in cz live town. I L Strafforcl national Bank DOVER, N. H. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 1 N 1 N 0 1 U '1 '1 41 ----A I 263 l RIJMI-TORD PRESS Known from Coast to Coast QUALITY GPRINTERS OF SMAGAZINES COLLEGE AND SCHOOL CATALOGUES A HISTORIES AND GENEALOGIES Builders and Conlraczors of Heating Plant Murkland Hall Chemistry Building S. A. E. Fraternity House at the UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE DURHAM, NEW HAMPSHIRE S. BELANGER '65 SON INC. Nashua, New Hampshire I ll 1 4 L WHILE THIS BANK refers with pride to over a century of banking service it now enjoys larger deposits, offers a broader service and enjoys a larger patron- age than ever. Resources over S3,000,000.00 Make This Bank Your Banking Home FIRST NATIONAL BANK PORTSMOUTH, N. H. United States Depository I 26 4 I Compliments of Joseph M, Herman Shoe Cornpanq 564 Atlantic Avenue, Boston, Mass. Manufacturers of Men's Military and Civilian Shoes Outfitters of OUR MILITARY UNIT ----------v--1, THE 1930 GRANITE is printed on DILL Y5 COLLINS rqqbt www Old Ivory Coated Book Sold in New England by John Carter '25 Co., Inc. 597 Atlantic Avenue, Boston 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 1 I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 1, I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I fzss The L. G. Balfour Compania Attleboro Massachusetts Manufaclurers of Badges Emblem Insignia Athletic Figures Door Plates Medals Cups Trophies Medallions Rings Favors Programs Stationery Fraternity Jewelry Memorial Tablets Plaques . "Known Wherever There Are Schools and Colleges" I 5535:ffiirfrrdkr::::::::J:::-f:::1: - - NIBROC TOWELS 55 If 1, lg 1, ONE I5 55 Eh? KF ' l WI P ES .: I: ' - DRY .I :I rm Lgampzhrrr . lr 'P i' x lb 5, l' - " ,, 'I 'I It k ' l ' Vgpgvipfdcdionrjqainsi 5' CCPS YOU 111 C OSC ' I: If touch with your . 1, 4, at old New Hampshire State. They' ll serve you' better after college days in your office and home. NIBROCS are absolutely pure, strong, highly X absorbent and free from lint. Keep NIBROCS :I handy. ' U . 'i li - - 3 S ubscrz ptzon-59 I .50 a year -a ny--ygizzm.. 15 gg 416 K wqpw lf266l 52,4 its ' mfxzzmm wmumo mu: Autographs B," 14' LXR lx. 34 if N W ' , qkfl P Q xi .W 'uf I W u, J Q WN, Paw go XMQ t 1 1 ,, M' fx tdv' -2 A ww Lv m .154 -wf---..-. ht v A Zq51,f-X 3 mi fm '51-5.2--V se ,,. 'Q'-Ifl,,,v n,:f,,A. -f-'......a."'...."" 1 ,A -f 1 """"--f,,, '-"J--,.,.. 'ws """" 'T-::-E In ' HW 'I'-" n Fi? 1 f- o'YUf . I, Q gn 0 I ' "law A 4 A Q llllw 2?-:S 4? 1 4U IH I f - ,. Fl- .511 g'?'3 M: 'C-""' AXXXX xxWy,N.:h

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