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ixJoJhn. UNIVERSITY OF A4CNTEVALLC ' %- % : i i=3 MONTAGE 1987 He ntevallt . Alabama T4H ■ Mentevallc Pride There is a pride at the University of Montevallo that is very much alive. You can feel this pride the very first time you walk down the red brick paths that cover the campus. This pride can be seen in the classrooms, and can be heard at every athletic event. The pride that began at Montevallo will carry on in our lives, professional and otherwise, long after we graduate and leave the red brick paths of this campus. ' " v ' « Hfe t k 4i 1 K " • mM$ fk tt ;- • " v.. - - -. 1 wp II r ' jk t J, ?S[tt V — faBB %; . r " : " r - . : ' ■■ ' - ' iiab v 4 - ' ' y The Alabama Girls Industrial school was established as the result of a bill introduced in the State Senate in 1892 by Sol D. Bloch. The school opened its doors on October 12, 1896, with Captain Henry Clay Reynolds of Montevallo as president. There were ten members of the faculty and a student body of 145. The only physical facility was Reynolds Hall, erected in 1851. The curriculum offered in 1896 consisted of high school subjects, special work in commercial courses, normal training, music, and the domestic arts. The Alabama Industrial School became Alabama College during Dr. Thomas Waverly Palmer ' s administration, and in the fall of 1969, by act of legislature, it became the University of Montevallo. The average student attending the University of Montevallo is from Alabama, traveling anywhere from a few miles to a few hundred miles to campus. Some students travel from as far away as Florida, Georgia, New York, and there are students from several different foreign countries. There are several factors that attract such diverse, as well as quality students to the gates of UM, Montevallo is located in Shelby county and is near the geographical center of Alabama. It is situated 30 miles south of Birmingham and 60 miles north of Montgomery. The climate is usually mild with an average temperature of 64 degrees. The picturesque campus and friendly people only add to the quality education that a Montevallo student receives, m sH ' m y -■ ' M w 1 uf Excuse Me, could someone tell me what all this white stuff is? Fashion Statement There ' s really no one way to define fashion. Yet Fashion, year in and out, can define almost anyone ' s personality and lifestyle. Several major fashion trends made their way to UM for 1986-87. Girls could be seen wearing large bow to hold back their hair, and a redefined western look as well as the neo- sixties look were the major fashion trends. The preppy and punk styles seemed to fade but a few die hards insisted on plaid and Izod or leather and Mohawks according to their preference. Jimmy Buffett would feel right at home with the typical UM student opting for comfort rather than fashion. Without Mother to do laundry, ones wardrobe consists mostly of jerseys, jeans, t-shirts, and sweat suits. C : m%£i MONTEVALLO FRIENDSHIPS !RY BEST! ccad Tnt : Stocked and Ready ! This isn ' t 1-65 Tan? ■2CAD trips jt _ Fun in the Sun Don ' t you Dare! Yuck! CAMPUS LIFE EVENTS »G-I3j te OQQ STEVE The martin Jerk A UNIVERSAL PICTURE ALL RIGHTS RESERVED ' ' ( fe ■ - ' " " r 6 POLTERGEIST H WE (5WGHE SO® Metro-Goldwyn-Mayef , „ MATTHEW BRODERICKI FERRIS BUELLER ' S DAY OFF Sometimes the most unlikely people become heroes. ! pg-13 ssattssrattsssrs ' l I UGMScnti I A UNIVERSAL PICTURF. READ THE BERKLEY BOOK caj themselve " ' The The secret cave The old lighthotts The lost ma The treacherous trap The hidden treasur Sloth. Join the adventur GOOUeS AKNcR .11MM1 Nli ' Ar[f ;.; oiwr.iS ' i I do my best thinkin ' on the bus. That ' s how come I don ' t drive. You don ' t even know how to drive. I don ' t want to know. I don ' t want to learn, see. The more you drive the less intelligent you are. K£Fo, IW-Jl KIN... DANCE OUT! IT IS THE BEST DANCE FILM AND FOR THAT MATTER THE BEST MOVIE MUSICAL ■ UK YtAKO. -Clive Barnes. NEW YORK POST MICHAEL DOUGLAS IS GREAT ASZACH. A Universal Picture THEY DID ALranfc SHOPPING IHYSJONEST y MF.LSM MORONS FROM OUTER SB CE !JB5TilfiUtlililJfflliUililj5liflCnRf Willing to risk their lives for freedom and each other. GRIFF RHYS IOM I AMES B SIKKING HI MORONS FROM Don ' t miss the blues ' brother... ind, action and hi h i you cannot afford to mis An )rdinary movie " Now York PoM diHk BERLIN Live The Berlin Wall went up in Alabama this year. Well, not auite the brick version, but it held an audience at the University of Montevallo with more power and conviction than the real thing . . . The production was broadcast live, nationwide, by the College Satellite Network as part of a joint effort by Berlin in Montevallo and Onigo-Boingo in Los Angeles . . . The production offered a chance for University of Montevallo communications majors to participate in putting a live rock ' n roll concert on the air . . . In the Winter of 1984 Berlin was the proverbial hot property, a band with a lock on a moody, evoca- tive and original kind of modern music; a sound that had earned them both extravagant critical praise and a handful of innovative and accessible hit sin- gles . . . A couple of years before they had first burst forth, seemingly from nowhere, with a self-produced and financed EP that had, in fact, been the culmination of six years of planning and polishing . . . PLEASURE VICTIM went on to yield two major hits with " SEX " and " THE METRO " selling an astonishing 600,000 copies . . . BERLIN Recks With the movie " TOP GUN " , the group took off with the hit " TAKE MY BREATH AWAY " . . . Suddenly the group found themselves with a number one hit after nearly three years and no new album on the shelf . . . " It was gratifying, of course, " says bass player John Crawford . . . " TAKE MY BREATH AWAY " is really worlds away from what we were doing, even though we did include it on the album . . . In a way it kind of underscores the diversity that I think has always been a part of our music Also, he says with a grin, " A number one sin- gle ' s a good way to come back . . . Turner Broadcasting System Purple Leaders Rodney Whatley Robin Martin PURPLE CABINET (below) Linda Miller, Kim Livesay, Lisa Little, Renee Guy, Joanie Alvey, Terri Johnson, Karol Gilch- rist, Joy Tilley, David C. Harwell, Chuck Steohenson, Lucy Rich, Bob Boyer, Shel- ly Howell, Johnna Doty, Anthony Gold- smith, Allen Clabough, Rachel Carter, Barbie Blum, Maureen Cleary, Suzie Robertson, Michael Madigan, Sherri Russell, Roger White, Donna Buckner. Gold Leaders Patrick Evans Donna Davis GOLD CABINET (below) Johnathan Wood, Latanja Thomas, Jack Snyder, Jeff Mitchell, Susan Wilkinson, Phil Ratliff, Kim Bybee, Milt E. Thomas, Chris Pinto, Karen Willett, James Michael Shepard, Tim Lupinacci, Dwight Harper, Veta Lor- ino, Tina Padgett, Mitch Edwards, Mi- chelle Smith, Kellie Newton, Mary Ann Kilton, Joe Hill, Janey Nichols, Karen Sherman, Jeanette McShera, Stan Mims, Theresa Veasey. CHEERLEADERS ( ) Shelly Howell, Lisa Hutchens, Lisa Parker, Kathy Sell- ers, Casey White, Luckey Lady— Linda Turner, Lil ' Lavender— Alison Sattis- field. COWTAILS ( ) Marcie Dawson, Kim Livesay, Traci Duncan, Barbara Edwards, Penny Emmons, Mary Beth Gleason, Jenny Grant, Richard Griffith, Kip Hollaway, Lisa Montgomery, Laura Moore, Robbi Patrick, Anna Pond, Bill Shaw, Angi Thrift, Karen Williams. ATHLETES ( ) Linda Miller, Beth Blewster, Amy Boyd. Annette Clark, Penny Emmons, Jenny Gilbert, Lesley Hutto, Jan Meeks, Kerry Meldon, Lisa Montgomery, Mary Lou Sanford, Lisa Shumate, Liz Shumate, Elizabeth Ulrey, Lea Webb. Joai Welch, Stacy Chiotakis, Tab Maddox, Theresa Alimon, Nora Huffman, Roger White. Rodney Whatley, Rufus Hudson. TECHNICAL CREW ( ) Clay Busby, Mary Dawson, Joe Farrar, Josh Martin, D.L. Robertson. Suzie Robertson, Jennifer Scruggs, Chuck Self, Joy Tilley, Rodney What- ley. ORCHESTRA ( ) Terri Johnson, Joe Farrar, Kelly Adams, Paul Barnes, Paul Barnes, Duane Baxter, Myra Field9r, Anthony Goldsmith, Lanny Heard, Laurie Hen- don, Gary Holcomb, Bryan Huddlestcn, Bruce Lerner, Lesli McCage, Andrea Pear- son, Amy Roberts. James Taylor, Bryan Ward, Lawrence Whitcomb. Second Chance PURPLE CAST Ms. Jones Kim Livesay Charlie McGill Rodney Whatley Customer 1 Clay Customer 2 Cynthia McGuiness Miss Hannah Joy Tilley Mr. Samson D.L. Richardson Waitress Harrietta Eaton Dusty Johnny Robinson Sally Sondgrass Zanne Palmes Betsy Burnhill Jennifer Scruggs Lena Rubie Moore Pearl Bossy Marie Davis Daisey Davis Joanie Alvey Maxx Joe Farrar Malcom Jones Faron Brindley Norman Jones Chuck Self Johnny Callahan Roger White Barney James Mike Dais Fred James Clay Busby Johnny ' s Girl Robin Martin Buster Bruce Lerner Mr. Gabriel Tim Johnson Phillies Tap Girls Zanne Palmes, Susie Robertson, Trudi Crum, Maria Reed, Debbie Vinson, Aimee Thornton Phillies Customers Donna Arnold, Barbie Blum, Cynthia Danford, Robin Greenlee, Shelly Howell. Dana Lake, Cynthia McGuiness, Lisa Pickett, Laura Pond, Lucy Rich, Karin Wolff, Kelly Wolff, Kirsten Wosak, Richey Halphen, Kip Holloway, Richard Griffith, Chuck Stephenson Pearl ' s Company J.R. Robinson, Janet Griffin, Jennifer Scruggs, Rubie Moore, Joe Farrar Waitress Kendra Dickson Johnny ' s Gang Michael Dais, Chuck Stephenson, Richard Griffith Ice Cream Parlor Customers Robin Martin, Ritchey Halphen, Richard Griffith Phillies Band Kelly Adams, Paul Barnes, Duane Baxter, Myra Fielder, Anthony Goldsmith, Lanny Heard, Laurie Hendon, Gary Holcomb, Bryan Huddleston, Bruce Lerner, Lesli McCage, Andrea Pearson, Amy Roberts, James Taylor, Bryan Ward, Lawrence Whitcomb. vr — Jva v " - - i ; .IE 4?Pr- M$ l m Up] ' - Bp I i J. «_ JUl, i. a pip FLUNKIES ( ) Karen Willetie, Janie Dampier, Doris Albertson, Paulette Bryars, Allison Cas- sady, Betheny Early, Christie Frasier, Leigh Gilbert, Teresa Goldsmith, Cheryl Grafto, Amanda Griffis, Amy Johnston, Kim Kay, Deanna Keiser, Amanda Kelley, Sonia Morgan, Sharon Murton, Lori Patterson, Annette Patton, Tina Pedigo, Ginger Sinyard, Diane Smith, Barclay Stoffregen, Kelly Waters, Patric Young ATHLETES ( ) Latanja Thomas, Cindy Walchi, Scott Grissett, Jack Snyder, Eddie Norris, David Pickett, Lee Curd, Cathy Terrell, Leigh Boggs, Kim Rouse, Kim Bybee, Susan McCullar, Trudi Graham, Teresa Griffin, Shelley Powell, Charlotte Flack, Sheila Young, Yvette Pinkston, Kim Kay, Denise Heisler, Michelle Durham, Cheryl Imsand, Tootie Scoggins, Debbie Williams, Lori Carter, Shawn Grasse, Tina Laird, Latanja Thomas, Scott Grissett, Craig Woodley, Brent Clark, Duane Collins, Dean Speers, Jack Snyder, Bobby Hardy, Dugan Prater, Randall Land, John Rockett, Kevin Hancock, Eddie Reeves, Wesley Cannon, Larry Powers, Jeff Haley, Sean Roberts, Charles Wood, Michael McCracken, Dan Hornkol, Eddy Norris, Brian Kirk, Ray Driver, Francis Ang, David Pickett, Ritchie Hurt, Tim Eliff, Scott Grissett, Shaw Gaines, Jamie Vickery, Steve Barnett, Greg Olvey, Rodney Haley, Mark Hruska. TECHNICAL CREW ( ) Audra Howell. David Walker, Amanda Griffin, Laura Mcintosh, Barry Baros, Amy Patterson, Mark Barisa, Kath- erine Nevins, Ted Spencer, Bo Brown, Janie Gilcrest, Mark Hruska, Cheryl Caldwell, Rhonda Bishop, Shawn Baker, Tony White, Earl Tal- ley, Kevin Harris CHEERLEADERS ( ) Juanita Stewart, Teresa Steiner, Tammy Lu- cas, Chorion McCombs, Charlotte Ennis, Tracey Grigsby, Lisa Wa- tlington, Julia Logan, Tamia Widder, Big Leo— Shanda Sayle, Little Leo— Lori Adcock ORCHESTRA ( ) Phil Ratliff, Susan Branton, Shawn Cushen. Chip Dawson, Tom Hogshead, Cathy Denson, Chauntile Lee, Kristin Lamb- derth, Lora Veenaman, Kelly Adams, Chip Dawson, Renee Darden, Adam Craig, Christi Black, Joe Howard, John Hays, Greg Smith, Mar- garet Holiday, Suzie Streets, George Codone, Tim Owen, Thersa Veasey, Steve Dean, Regina Griffin, Kelly Bradburn, Deanna Miller, Tammy Frazier, Stacey Balch, Jennie Jones, Susan Branton, Karen Miller, Nikki Laird, Darlene Seabury, Nena Hubbard, Janice Tucker, Michele Smith, Loretta Gunn, Cal Mclntire, Eddie Lightsey, Christy Graham, Sherri Campbell, Connie Woodyard, Cynthia Williams, Don- na Davis, Patrick Evans, Dawn Wade ■ m I «t A J -;Jf Kf| xr }J MT IP ■ b r : ' f i Iffln v. wy r» 1 ¥ I V. ■ ■ : ' . J - ' ■ y : -li " ' ' - The Fall cf Pedivere, The Prancina Paladin GOLD CAST Rick Hendnx (Pedivier) Johnathan Wood Eddie Witinstem (Hemnch) Mitch Edwards Betty Legun (Ailura) Julie Johnston Joson Porter (Thimbierot) Chris Pinto Woody Wiihams (8erta) Thersa Veasey Marty Makepeace Albert Green Golden Flake Man Ronald Thornton Enthusiastic Student Katherine Nevins Really Enthusiastic Student Ston Mims Insulted Babe Lea Payton Sub Ensemble: Nancy Naseroleslam, Mary Reid. Jill Swann, Jeff Mitchell. Amy Patterson, Mark Pierce, Meredith Rushing, Randy Bradberry, Christie Tinker, Jim Gentry, Carlo Turner, Barry Baros, Audra Howell, Mike Jones, Lori Mercer. Chris Goodbeer, Sherry Graves. Melanie Hodgens, Sherry Newlin Dickie, the Dancing Minstrel Keith Watson Boris, the Barkeep Barry Baros Cletus the Clod Rondy Bradberry Lola the Luscious Lori Mercer Hook, a Madman Brian Sturdivan Valgora the Horrible Jeanetta McShera Hysterical Peasant Woman Sherry Graves Duckly the Daring Jim Gentry Other Tavemfolk Nancy Naseroleslam, Mary Reid. Lisa Ann Pteii. Tricia Garrett. Tim Ellift. Amy Patterson. Ted Spencer, Suzanne Stewart, Mark Pierce, Lea Payton. Mark H ' uska. Leisha Garner, Bo Brown, Ritchie Hurt. Stacie Lin n Cutthroats— Featured Singers Ron Thornton, Randy Bradberry. Jeff Mitchell. Katherine Nevis. Chris Good- beer, Mike Jones Blood-Sucking Goblin Scum Dancers Stan Mims, Debra Lawler. Stephanie Hartley, Jennifer Sheppard, Meredith Rushing, Deana Conn, Vonda Britnell, Trisha Cargile, Shanda Sayle, Peggy Seales, Tammy Hudson, Jill Swann Fred, a Paramedic Mark Ponder Bob, Another Poramedic Bo Brown 5 0 t r i Lft College Night Reviews Henry Chester was once quoted as saying that " Enthusi- asm is the greatest asset in the world. It beats money and power and influence. " If this is indeed the case, the Monte- vallo student body and the College Night performers are rich in many ways. College Night 1987 at the University of Montevallo was a fun-filled, spirited occasion featuring two creatively conceived and well-produced new plays. " Second Chance " opened the evening with a lively, en- joyable overture that set the stage for a dynamic, fast- paced performance with only a few sour notes. The P.V. Two Orchestra introduced the audience to the 1987 Phillies Ice Cream Parlor and helped make the transition from the Pearly Gates of Heaven to the 1927 Phillies Speakeasy. Kim Livesay and Suzi Robertson deserve credit for a well- written, coherent script that was improved by the well-chor- eographed direction of David C. Harwell. The real stars of this production, however, are the cast and supporting crews whose hard work, professionalism and obvious rehearsal dis- cipline paid off in enthusiastic, often explosive moments of performance. The cast is too large and was too well-intergrated to cri- tique individual performances. Suffice it to say that the show was well-cast and, as strong as the leads were, they en- joyed the support and strength of many fine ensemble per- formances, especially the performances of the Phillies Tap Girls, the Phillies Customers, Pearl ' s Company, Johnny ' s Gang and the Ice Cream Parlor Customers. Johnna Doty ' s music kept the show moving and provided the glue that held the production together. " The Fall of Pedivier, the Prancing Paladin " is a fantasy penned by Christian Pinto and Johnathan Wood with music by Phillip Ratliff and Shawn Cushen. The highlights of the pro- duction are the scenes in the Boar ' s Head Tavern and Dwar- ven Mines. Throughout these scenes there is a contagious energy, enjoyment and commitment that was delightful to watch. The songs also provided the sizzle and strength that the show desperately needed. The choreography was cute, clean, simple and straitforward. The costumes, light- ing, and scenery in the fantasy sequence were imaginative and well-executed. A lot of work went into the staging of this production and it paid off in the excitement of the fanta- sy scenes. JIM VOLZ MANAGING DIRECTOR ALABAMA SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL I ' m sure that everyone who sees the College Night pro- ductions for the first time is impressed with the amount of effort, both creative and physical, which has gone into them. I was impressed— but not really surprised. After all, I work with enthusiastic and energetic college students every day. What did surprise me, however, was that this enormous energy and enthusiasm is controlled and focused so well. " Second Chance " The plot gimmick which allows both the logical spotting of musical numbers and dual uses of the most complicated set is very clever, and was used well. While almost all the costumes were just fine, given the huge cast and production constraints, I do want to compliment the designer of Daisey ' s costume, which was a knock-out. It was entirely of the period, but avoided cliches, and was a major boon to the performer in " setting her off " from the rest of the large company. " The Fall of Pedivier " The great strength of this production, to my way of thinking, was its relative sophistication and unpredictability. I was particularly impressed with the rhyth- mic complexity of the music, and the avoidance of choreo- graphic cliches, except for deliberate effect. There was considerable wit in the book as well. Musically, the high point for me was " If He ' d Only Look at Me. " The combination of good material and good performers made this number a real standout, which could hold its own in any show. While there were a number of skillful performers, Heinrich seemed to me to be the character in which the combination of comic business, dialogue and the performer seemed to come together with the best payoff, though his singing num- ber was not as strong. Perhaps it should have been mini- mized, so that he did only what he does best. This probably accounts in large part for Dickie ' s great success with the audience; he was featured doing obviously does best, noth- ing more or less. JOHN ROSS PROFESSOR OF THEATRE THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA College Night was a pleasure for me. The whole creative experience associated with student-planned and student- developed musical plays is refreshing and delightful, as car- ried out at the University of Montevallo. The two plays— " Second Chance " and " The Fall of Pedivier, the Prancing Summary cf Eatings Items: Possible Number of Points A. Pre-Performance Ratings 1. Finance 0-3 each side 2. Production Book 0-3 each side 3. Timing 0-3 each side 4. Sportsmanship 0-7 each side 5. Athletics 5 per event B. Ratings on Productions 6. Productions as a whole by judges Judge 1 8-40 each side Judge 2 8-40 each side Judge 3 8-40 each side Golds 3 3 3 6 15 Purples 3 3 3 6 5 24 39 36 Total 118 119 Paladin " — made me feel good about the future of theatre, and believe me, sometimes I have doubts. My congratula- tions to all— authors, composers, directors, conductors, in- strumental musicians, singers, dancers, choreographers, ac- tors, costumers, scene designers, set builders, lighting tech- nicians — all. " Second Chance " began with a pleasing, lively overture, which got the performance off to a good start ... It was when the production numbers came, " Second Chance " and especially " Bathtub Gin, " that we knew the show was going to fly. The ensemble work and the choreography were really fine. The love song was good, the chorus line terrific. All the requisites were here —a clever story line, vitality and control, good music, generally good perfor- mances, and more vitality right down to the curtain call. I was pleased for the success of the people involved in the production. The show was cohesive. It knew what it wanted to be. " The Fall of Pedivier, the Prancing Paladin, " when it reached its several high points, was better than " Second Chance " . It was more ambitious, more demanding, more destinctive. " Cut Throats " is a wonderful song, scenes three and four were excitingly set and lit and staged, Pediviere ' s solo scenes were effective, Stirge was fun to watch, the orchestral music had a pleasing richness to it. ROBERT OVERSTREET AUBURN UNIVERSITY Joan]ett »eBlackhearts BE Jean Jett Kecks DM The bad girl of rock ' n roll paid a visit to Palmer Hall in the Spring of ' 86 . . . The show was a long way from her start in 1975 when Joan Jett formed the first all-girl, hard rock band called the RUNAWAYS ... The RUNAWAYS released a half-dozen LPs and toured the world for five years, all before Joan ' s twenty-first birthday . . . In 1986, Joan Jett was tapped by screenwriter director Paul Schroder to co-star with Michael J. Fox in his new movie, LIGHT OF DAY . . . Joan shines in this powerful human drama which is also her first acting debut . . . She sings the title theme song " JUST AROUND THE CORNER TO THE LIGHT OF DAY " . . . After ten years of professional music-making, Joan Jett still believes strongly in the rock and roll sub- culture and still adheres to th e ethics on which the music was built . . . Each year, Joan receives and reads thousands of fan letters from around the globe . . . She personally responds to many of these letters, even calling those fans whose letters she finds espe- cially touching . . . In the first half of 1986, Joan ' s filming and recording schedule kept Joan off the road . . . But live performance remains her first love . . . 1985 was a typical year for Joan as she toured 14 coun- tries on three continents . . . Joan Jett and the Blackhearts were the first Ameri- can act of any kind to perform in the D.D.R. (East Germany), and the first English-speaking rock band to appear in Panama and the Dominican Republic In addition, Joan performs many goodwill con- certs, and has appeared at U.S. Army bases throughout the world . . . Cobblestone Christian In sharp contrast to the hard hitting rock and roll style of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, another performer brought his spiritual message to the campus of the University of Montevallo . . . He looks like the clean-cut boy from next door, but he is much more than the eye beholds . . . His music has been compared to the likes of Kenny Loggins, Dan Fogelberg and Larry Gatlin . . . Put all these musical styles together and they add up to Urgent recording artist Phillip Sandifer . . . His up-beat, energetic music, laced with straight- laced, thought-provoking lyrics places Phillip in the pop contemporary category without the usual flashy, lumi- nous image . . . His wife, Rene, says it best; " He ' s a regular guy, not squeaky clean, but rather clean behind the ears " . . . " My motivating vision " says Phillip, is to reach the thinking, intellectually curious population, both non- Christian and Christian, by using music to uncover basic needs and inviting them to consider the Gospel as an answer . . . I Miss UM— Rhonda Mooney Student Information |||| Tair Iff mmm mmmi wmwmn W iwwi ' founders Day Ccmedy Alive! THE MENAECHMI, by Plautus Menaechmus I Clay Boyce Sponge, his parasite Roger White Erotium Joan Alvey Cylindra Theresa Henderson Menaechus II Clay Boyce Messanio David C. Harwell THE TAMING OF THE SHREW, by William Shakespeare Petruchio Clay Boyce Katharine Joan Alvey Grumio Roger White THE MISER, by Moliere La Fleche Roger White Frosine Theresa Henderson Harpagon David C, Harwell CHARLEY ' S AUNT, by Brandon Thomas Jack Chesney David C. Harwell Charley Wyckham Clay Boyce Amy Spettique Theresa Henderson Kitty Verdun Joan Alvey Lord Fancourt Babberly Roger White " The Drowned Man, " from THE GOOD DOCTOR, by Neil Si- mon Narrator David C. Harwell Sailor Clay Boyce Company Manager Stage Manager Shelly Howell CHA Lip Sync ' ® ■ r tvV ©a... 0m 1 St ' . JK -, v U 2kS| PI JL- Gcv. Guy Hunt r Visits UA4 Campus Something Different Fer Dinner International feed fair Welcome Eat k t€ the Canteen! Charlotte ' s Web Director Charles R. Hannum Scenic Design Newton Neely Costume Design Christopher Jones Lighting Design Theresa Henderson Makeup Design Christopher Jones ' " ' S B H SI H HSi B ' Execution Kim Livesay B f J Choreography Theresa Henderson H| B l l r ' ' Production Graphics Carol B. Hannum, lil P f i fc ' 9 Kim Livesay, ' ' rt ff t M H « © ' Barbie Blum | V Special Effects David C. Harwell a| aH ■ If ' CAST F Chorus-1 Meg Smith ' l fli f ' ' ' » : w. , Chorus-2 Chuck Stephenson I B J| flj Chorus-3 Laura Heller i SWamS B J ' JSk Wilbur Shelly Howell Fern Arable Suzie Robertson John Arable Michael Madigan Wj W(§2M$i l H Homer Zucherman David C. Harwell Lurvey, hired hand Christopher Hull , ... , Charlotte Naomi Metz ! ' , • " J ' Jwf t JS The Goose Michele White The Gander Mitch Edwards The Sheep Katrina Russell Templeton, a rat Johnna Doty The Reporter Kim Harden Uncle, a large spring pig Tim Johnson The P-A System Announcer Larry Nobles V " -j The President of the Fair Amy Holt W ' ' ' Jj ' ilfe ' ..-■ Joy, Charlotte ' s Daughter Barbie Blum W SM 1 . V Aranea, Charlotte ' s Daughter Lori Mercer ■ " •K W- JF- Ghcsts Director Mary W. Harbour Scenery and lighting Design Newton Neely Costume Design Christopher Jones Technical Director Newton Neely Costume Construction Supervisor Chris Pinto Production Graphics Barbie Blum CAST Jacob Enstrand Rodney Whatley Regina Enstrand Theresa Henderson Pastor Manders Johnathan Wood Mrs. Alving Jeanette McShera Oswald Alving Christian Pinto PRODUCTION STAFF Assistant Director Joy Tilley Stage Manager Katrina Russell Scene Shop Foreman David C. Harwell Lighting Console Operator Casey Camp Costume Master Bryan Huddleston Property Mistress Lisa Pickett Management Team Leader Raymond Rainey Sound Engineer Keith Watson House Manager Laura Allen Box Office Manager Tina Greenlee Assistant Box Office Manager Rachel Carter A Funny Thins Happaned en the Way tc the Forum Director Christopher Jones Music Director Benjamin Middough Scenic and Lighting Design Newton Neely Conductor Spencer Shaw Choreography Zanne Palmes Costume Design Christopher Jones CAST Pseudolus Johnathan Wood Senex Christian Pinto Hero Keith Watson Hysterium Chuck Stephenson Erronius Barry Falkner Miles Gloriosus David Hodges Lycus Michael Madigan Protean I Tim Lupinacci Protean II Joseph Farmer Protean III Tim Johnson Protean IV Albert Green Domina Mary Jon Porter Tintinabula Katrina Russell Panacea Donna Davis Geminae I Susan Branton Geminae II Katherine Nevins Vibrata Michelle Smith Gymnasia Laura Heller Lucella Lisa Pickett Simonetta Liz Ulrey Gabriella Theresa Henderson Philia Michelle Carr University of Mcntevallc President Cclleae Deans English Row 1— Dr. Milton Foley, Dr. Elaine Hughes, Ms. Loretta Cobb, Mrs. Charlotte Blackmon Row 2— Dr. Sidney Vance, Dr. Libbie Rodgers, Dr. William Cobb, Dr. Dorothy Grimes, Ms. Sarah Palmer, Mrs. Sandra Lott, Dr. Norman McMillan, Chairman f crei n Lang r ow i_Dr. Mercedes Turon, Mr. Joseph DiOrio Row 2— Dr. Charles Majure, Dr. Richard Thames, Dr. Ray Mayfield Social Science Row 1; Reuben Triplett, Shirley Jackson, Jerri Bullard, Carlye Best, David Morgan, Frank Hoffman Row 2; Roy Lechtreck, Justin Fuller O.J. Carson, Jesse Jackson. Theatre Row 1; Steve Finnan, Connie Hendon, Mary Harbour, Christopher Jones, Row 2; Charles Harbour, Priscilla Cooper, Newton Neely, Charles Hannum. Business Row 1; Ovide DeLage, JoAnne Dawson, Larry Mallett, Robert Bean, Row 2; Bruce Tolbert, Ed Robertson, Betty Lumbly, Ben Middaugh, Joan Cowan, Row 3; Robert Cowan, John Stewart, Shari Boaruvka Music Row 1; William Word, William Dowling, Gertrude McGuire, Maurice Clabaugh, Cassie Forbes, Rod MacPherson. Row 2; Joe Walker, Jimmy Martin, Gary Rovelstad, Kurt Mikan, Burke Leonard. Mass Communication Left to Right— Mr. Karl Perkins, Mr. George Inzer, Mr. Ray Sosa, Ms. Pat Ebrahimi, Mr. Larry Smith. Intercultural Studies Ms. Charlotte Blackmon Physical Education r Ti Frank Lightfoot, Syble Brindley, Margaret Blalock, Marianne Zeaneh, Judy Green, Joe Hagan, Speech and Hearing Dr. Timothy Meline, Dr. Loretta Brown, Dr. Wendell Smith, Dr. Denise Gibbs, Dr. Robert Fox, Mrs. Jane Crain, Mrs. Sarah Smith. Infcrmaticn Services Sitting— Sue Wagner Chosa Standing— Barbara Williams, Bill Plott UA4 Pclice Chief John Lee, Left: Officers Left to Right, Jane Dawson, Allen Rhea, Mark Jones, Julia Jones, Steve Taylor, Rick Allen, Randy Cooper, Ranee Gadds, Phyllis Dukes. Student Affairs Donnie Spears and Dean Linda Mahan Financial Aid Staff Sitting; Ellen Canada, Joyce VanValkenburg Standing; Shirley Rutherford. Career Planning Billy Higgs, Margaret Collins, Armella Trobaugh, Marribeth Gulledge. Bookstore Staff Shelly Harkins— Manager, Margaret Jackson, Ann Mitchell, Hosea Haynes. Library Staff Jean Edwards, Diann Scales, Ray Dunmire, Patsy Sears, Pauline Williams, Linda McCray, Mary Frances Tipton, Barbara Nabors, Louise Owens. Computer Center Staff Front: Anne Holcomb, Tommie Mitchell, Nickie Freeman, Back Row: Nacy Smith, John McKinnon Physical Education Office Debbie Cates Lynn Battle Sports Information Kent Partridge Cafeteria Management Row 1; Judy Riesner, Janice Bice Row 2; Scott Owenby, Tom Matthews, David Watjen Cafeteria Staff oo jffftRrfVS. Jessie Lee, Betty Kemp, Willie Mae Sailes, Donna " Bell " Moore, Pat Barnes, Ina Farrington, Mary Sue Rutledge, Francis Conwell, Mary Moore, Dorthy Smith, Kelvin Lilly, Pete Ford, Olonia Jones, Paul Alexander, Sonny Gay, Ora Lee Jones, Willie Lee Jones, Not Pictured: Chris Cutts, Nikita " Mookie " Smith, Ann Cutts. Admissions and Reccrds Row 1; Robert A. Doyle, Brenda Harris, Janice Caton, Melissa Wold, Row 2; William Cannon Jr., Lois Reach, Lynn Frazier, Phyllis Davis, Lynn Gurganus. Business Cff ice Staff Row 1; Kim Steib, Karla Sage, Connie Goggins, John Black well, Robin Stephens, Mae Glosson, Row 2; Carolyn Owens, Bonnie Campbell, Jane Rhodes, Connie Allen, Barbara Cole, Becky Browning. Student Life Sitting: Betty Crawford, Standing: Tim Martin, Jim Wilkerson. Special Services Front: Ernestine Wilburn, Tony Griffin, Ladonna Payne, Back: Tina Thompson, Elaine Ellege. Central Receiving Front: Bob Smitherman, Second: Nancy Wooten, Debra Taylor, Back: Donna Pierce. Ramsey Center Staff 1 -•w • ■■ " H i|i ; | Li P5» ' Ivy, rV i ' Yf V £t r a r r« ' Front: Pat Blackmon, Bonnie Lilly, Sue Pickett, Willie Bowling, Kay Watts, Back: Wesley Cannon, Milton Mayfield, Ray Mayfield. Maintenance V sLz s i- Front Row: Troy Tuell, Carl Beasley, Mark Stedwell, Allen Haynes, Jimmy Lawley, Roy Ross, Ken Martin. Back Row: Jimmy Scott, Lowell Isabell, Jesse Young, Nick Pickett, Joe Knight, Ed Czeskleba, Jerry Thompson. Grounds Crew First Row: L-R— John Cooke, E.R. Lucas, Ronnie Elli?son, Bobby Jenkins. Second Row: L-R— Tommy Campbell, James Davis, Bailey Santa Cruz, John Willis, Hale Skelton. Physical Plant Staff First Row: Jeana Nails, Wendy Avery. Second Row: Shirlene Epperson. Yvonne Barbour, Debra Taylor. Third Row: Sherrell White, Ken Martin, Hale Skelton, Wayne Davis, Bob Smitherman. Housekeeping Staff «i» -s I 1 ii ,A 3W 1 H S | 1 ,y c - v • r ' »n» ' First Row: Birdia Chappie, Faye Porter, Frances Partridge, Leila Davidson, Betty Betzhold, Bobbie Nix, Leona White, Hale Skelton. Second Row: Sue Pickett, Willie Boiling, Margie Jones, Wanda Lovejoy, Joyce Stoudenmire, Helen Fore, Patti Motes, Philip Swint, Sylvia Sumerlin, Deborah Staffney, Cal Tate, Daisy Tolbert. CLASSES rCESHMEN Lainie Abne Pleasant Grove Lori Adcock Birmingham Doris Albertson Hunstville Cheri Allen New Albany. IN Kelli Amerman Birmingham Haden Anderson Prattville Vito Amato Maylene Elma Anderson Scottsboro Heather Axen Tuscaloosa Dana Babb Huntsville Sherry Barrett Hoover Brian Battle Birmingham Linda Baucher Birmingham Brigette Beaton Birmingham Brigette Beaton Birmingham Katherine Bednarowski Fairhope Shelia Bice Montevallo Michael Birk Montgomery Christy Black Birmingham Debbie Bowie Birmingham Felicia Bracks New York Kelly Bradburn Huntsville Andrea Branch Cullman Susan Branton Montgomery Alan Brasher Trussville Tammy Brunner David Caerday Florence Beth Carey Huntsville Patricia Cargile Oneonta Jon Carter Montevallo Lcri Carter Birmingham Allison Cassaday Forr Deposit Patricia Gale Chambers Blountsville Jonathan Favid Coleman Adger Chris Cochran Corner Kimberly Susan Coleman Marion Deana Suzanne Conn Oneonta Anne Michelle Conner Phenix City Micheal Cook Oxford Shannon Cooney Pelham Gerald Wayne Cooper Talladege Cynthia Lynne Danford Birmingham Elizabeth Anne Cox Florence Jennifer Davis Pelham Julie Ann Daniel Haleyville Rene Darden Albertville Mary Cecilia Dawson Robertsdale Teri Drennen Montgomery Charlotte Dye Lillian Tyayce Dyer Clanton Irene Edwards Marion Jessica Elsenberg Calera Pamela Epperson Montgomery Barry Michael Falkner, Jr. Birmingham Joseph Farrar Homewood Julie Farrar Homewood Myra Fiedler Hoover Jeri Fluker ■Li Jh xjk yS3£fl Tammy Frazier Huntsville Melonie Frederick Adamsville ktj m Constance Fryder Louisville Kay Fulton Chelsea Amy Gass Montgomery Karol Gilchrist Semrnes Greg Glasscock Alabaster Mary Beth Gleason Alabaster LaDonna Goodson Clanton Micheal Graham Unison Sherry Graves Arab Albert Green Arab Robin Greenlee Montgomery Lisa Greer Vestavia Patricia Grier Phenix City Regina Griffin Birmingham Theresa Griffin Clanton Amanda Griffis Birmingham Jamie Grimes Helena Tracey Grigsby Birmingham Barry Gross Montgomery Lara Gail Guin Birmingham Marsha Hall Fairfield Michele Houts Pleasant Grove Gayle Hope Hannah Albertville Kimberly Rhea Hardin Alabaster Terri Hardin Mobile Jacquelyn Harris Alabaster Kevin Harris Holly Pond Stephanie Harley Hueytown Lori Hawkins Oneonta Gabette Hayes Birmingham Richard Hayward Oxford Rhonda Head Vestavia Hills Lanny Heard Tallassee Laura Heller Potomac, MD Sherrill Jones Birmingham Laurie Hendon Salt Lake City Tamiko Hill Birmingham Susan Holland Eight Mile Matt Holleman Geronimo, OK Kendel Hubbard Brent Christopher Hull Pleasant Grove Nigel Hunter Lisa Hutchens Gallant Ingrid Irons Birmingham Lara Jobman Birmingham Dee Johnston Birmingham David Joiner Columbiana Bryan Jones Sylacauga Kerry Jones Birmingham Michael Jones Oneonta Sherrill Jones Birmingham Jalete Joseph Birmingham Stacy Linn Montgomery Scott Justice Pensacola, FL Scott Karr Pratville Mike Keeney Morris Deanna Keiser Pensacola Kelley Kelton Chelsea Kimberly Kinney Vestavia Hills Ann Marie Kircher Birmingham Nikki Laird Huntsville Patrick Lamb Scottsboro Carol Lee Leeds Kelly Lee Alabaster Chauntiel Lee Pell City Amanda Lewis Birmingham Tauna Little Prattville Tracy Little Foley Julia Logan Meridianville Danny Lowery Naples FL Nola Ludolf Bessemer Daphne Marler Opp Shannon Mannell Omaha, NE Gayle McDaniel Decatur Susie Montgomery Montevallo Laura Moore Birmingham Rebekah Moore Pensacola, FL Jim Musgrave Birmingham Sandra Neely Warrior Shawn Gregory Nelson Mobile Katherine Nevins Florence Stacy Noland Huntsville Michelle Overon Montgomery Christopher Parker Trussville Robbi Patrick Prattville Brenda Paulk Tuscaloosa Amy Patterson Birmingham Terri Patterson Helena Michael Payne Childersburg Susan Payton Fairhope Andra Pearson Calera Tina Pedigo Huntsville Kelley Pike Lynns Crossing Yvette Pinkston Owens Cross Roads Kris Poirier Holly Pond Anna Pond Point Clear Carolyn Posey Blountsville Jessica Posey Blountsville Shelly Powell Vestavia Sandra Presnall Grove Hill Tamara Promer Alabaster Straughn Rainey Mountain Brook Maria Reed Arab Mary Foster Reid Montevallo Lisa Richards Hueytown Julius Michael Ritchie Mobile Amy Carol Roberts Dothan Perry Robinson Oak Ridge, TN Angela Rooks Birmingham Renee Rouveyrol Birmingham Deborah Ruffin Athens Meredith Rushing Russellville Wanda Russell Tampa, FL Jeff Rullman Winter Haven, Fl Becky Runyans Ashville Jackie Elaine Scott Marion Darlene Seabury Montgomery Peggy Sue Seals Maplesville Pamela Michelle Senn Ozark Shannon Waston Senna Tuscaloosa MPM Candace Dawn Sharp Birmingham Jennifer Sheppard Russellville Lisa Marie Shumate Selma Larry Keith Skates Hueytown Lynn Anne Slaughter Moody Diane Smith Chelsea Jill Kristen Snyder Alfred Station. NY Joe Sonnberger Anniston Hope Elaine Stallworth New Oleans. LA Teresa Diane Steiner Irving Stephin Stonstrom Helena Vicki Stulnaker Pell City Jill Swann Huntsville Dann Tabb Andalusia Miaw Tang Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Jennifer Teh Malaysia Melinda Diane Tew Mobile Karen Thatcher Decatur Tracey Lynn Thomson Huntsville Vickie Tomlin Henagar Janice Tucker Wilsonville Douglas Uhler Birmingham Sara Ulrey Anniston Corvetta Vann Birmingham Stephanie Vila Queens, NY Carla Walker Vestavia Hills Keith Walters Montgomery Lisa Renee Watlington Pell City Jodi Welch Anniston Kerry Weldon Montgomery Frank Whitfield Tuscaloosa Tamio Widder Jackson Stacey Wilcox Irvington Cyrithia Williams Jack Debbie Williams Opelika Gaynelle Willoughby Sayre Melody Wilson Sylacauga Pamela Wilson Stapleton Karin Wolff Fairhope Kelley Wolff Fairhope SCPHCMCCES Barbara Alverson Westover Michael Anderson Mobile Shan Amerman Birmingham Danna Arnold Jackson Sonya Barnett Calera Sherry Barrett Birmingham Doris Billingsley Marion Karne Boozer Birmingham Gina Bradley Birmingham Sarah Brasher Shelby Janet Bird Gadsden Patti Briggs Gulf Shores Vonda Britnell Russellville Rita Brown Montevallo Alesia Burrell Jackson Valerie Caldwell Centreville Tina Marie Carter Anniston Belinda Chee Hong Kong Yeelong Chew Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Mitchell Clabough Dectur Virginia Clay Kissimmee, FL Maureen Cleary Huntsville Judy Collier Mobile Diane Collins Bowling Green, KY Tammy Cooper Decatur Adam Craig Homewood Trudi Crum Holly Pond Tappie Cunningham Hoover Cindy Davenport Pell City Judi Davis Chelsea Leslie Davis Selma Richard Davis Clanton Cathy Denson Birmingham Charles Desmond Fairhope Paulette Dickerson Pinson Carol Dickman Birmingham Kendra Dickson Montgomery Ashley Downing Anniston Pamela Duggan Hazel Green Laurie Duncan Maplesville April Dunn Cullman Kim Easterling Birmingham Harrietta Eaton Mobile Richard Edmonds Centreville Dinise Finch Mobile James Foster III Venice Gadson Birmingham Theresa Gaignard Mag. Springs Leisha Garner Mobile Cynthia Graham Carbon Hill Tracy Gray Pell City David Giles Clanton Sharon Gomez Birmingham Dawn Green Cottonwood Steven Guice Gadsden Cynthia Renae Guy Grove Hill Janet Gritfin Wagarville Donna Harmon West Blocton Martha Harris Selma Karen Hayes Maplesville ■P mm ; Robert Hinds Mountain Brook Charmaine Hlapane South Africa Margaret Holladay Gulf Breeze FL Mandy Holmes Sylacauga Kerry Horton Columbiana Wendy Hubbert Hayden Renee Hurt Jackson Caria Hutto Grove Hill Wade Hyche Charlston SC Wayne Ingram Huntsville Julie Johnson Corner Kimberly Kay Hazel Green Peggy Keebler Jasper Michael Keeny Huntsville Dana Lake Eutaw Sherri Latham Brent Teresa Lathem Jackson Randy Lee Calera Michelle Lipscomb Foley Lisa Little Leeds Amy Long Foley Stephan Lorenta Brewton Stephanie Luddeke Foley Kelly Martin Eutaw Renee Mattraw Leesburg VA Missy Mauldin Hueytown June McBrayer Albertville Susan McCullar Graysville Karen McGee Centreville Karen McGee Centreville Mary Carol McNeil Gulf Shores Deanna Miller Wetumpka Judy Miller Fairhope Linda Miller Decatur Lisa Montgomery Decatur Sonia Morgan Decatur Charles Morris Dothan Mark Murphree Columbiana Rebecca Myrick Pelham Sherri Newlin Hueytown Laura Ondrak Huntsville EE LEE Ong Malaysia Timethy Owen Clanton Lori Patterson Birmingham Annette Patton Tarrant Dena Pearson Tuscaloosa Laura Pond Point Clear Cami Pratt Riverbend Cinda Pritchett Thomasville Marcus Russell Birmingham Juanita Scott Mobile Kim Sands St. Petersburg, FL Nancy Sharp Birmingham Alison Simpson Jacksonville JoAnn Sims Centreville Ginger Sinyard Birmingham Cynthia Slaughter Birmingham Ann-Marie Smith Wilsonville Ted Spencer Demopolis Sabrina Stanley Gulf Shores irfri Lori Taylor Birmingham Aimee Thornton Clanton Caria Turner Brierfield Michael Yancey Arab Linda Turner Enterprise Karen Ulch Birmingham Lora Veeneman Huntsville Terilyn Vecchione Mobile Arnold Vickers Millerville Dawn Wade Birmingham Kathy Walker Aliceville Kelly Waters Decatur Jennifer Whiddon Savannah, GA Stephanie Whitehurst Montgomery Laurie Widenhofer Madison Saundra Wise Clanton Michelle Young Mobile JUNIORS % JP " u Daryl Albavarado Birmingham Shawn Baker Harpersville Kelly Barnes Bessemer Sherry Barrett Tarrant Diona Bishop Silverhill Rhonda Bishop Phil Campbell Faron Brindiey Cullman Donna Brown Rainsville Donna Buckner Springville Cheryl Caldwell Pleasant Grove Catherine Campbell Homewood Sheri Campbell Fayette Michele Carr Huntsville Corinda Chan Malaysia Raphael Choo Pethling Jaya Brent Clark Jemison Lesley Clyburn Birmingham Vanessa Cobbs Gardendale Duane Collins Thorsby Karen Conely Montgomery Catherine Cope Gulf Breeze FL Cathy Copeland Prattville Kelly Copeland Blountsville Valerie Crow Hartselle Catherine Douglas Greensboro Bethany Early Montgomery Barbara Edwards Montgomery Tim Elliff Hazel Green Alisa Ellington Selma Andy Estill Hoover Patrick Evans Center Point Kathy Ferguson Jasper Cynthia Ferguson Maplesville Tony Fiore Thomasville Evon Fluker Headland Gail Fortner Verbena Anita Frederick Montevallo Mark Gaines Birmingham Danny Gamble Birmingham Shiah-Yoong Gan Malaysia Marilyn Gardner Alexander City James E. Gentry Los Angeles, CA Charla Giles Clanton Seng Peow Goh Montevallo Teresa Goldsmith Sipsey Paula Grasse Kennett, MO Cathy Gray Tuscaloosa Becky Greene Birmingham Philip Griffith Birmingham Tina Greenlee Morris Roslyn Hambrick Albertville Laurie Haryman Clanton Thomas Harper Holly Pond Amy Harrell Alexander City Lisa Hartly Birmingham Vickie Hawkins Gardendale Joe Hill Valley Head Tammie Holland Eufaula Amy Holt Birmingham Nena Hubbard Talladega k lllfll _ M John Hunt Leeds Ritchie Hurt Jackson Catherine Ingram Brentwood TN Vicki Johnson Montevallo Jeanny Keenan Huntsville Kelly Keplinger Madison Kristin Lamberth Scottsboro Deborah Lawler Hueytown Stephen Lechtenberger Birmingham Carla Lee Hartselle Hong Chai Lee Malaysia Tat-Loong Lee Singapore Ann Lee Malaysia Yook Leong. Malaysia Lena Lim Malaysia Tim Lupinacci Dothan Denise Mardis Hanceville Karen Marks Tallassee Milton Mayfield Calera Dorothea McCarroll Sprott Gina McConnell Jasper Mary McKemy Huntsville John Messer Pelham Karen Miller Oakfield Deidre Mitchell Guntersville John Moore Brent Tracy Morant Alpine Cynthia Morris Springville Janey Nichols Blountsville Anglea Ondrak Huntsville Carolyn Paliescheskey Gadsden Freddie Penick Birmingham Ann Peterson Jemison Mark Pierce Vestavia Hills Grey Porter Pell City Melissa Pratt Fairfield Pam Prine Mobile Kimberly Randolph Childersburg Paula Robins Ft, Walton Beach FL Katrina Russell Huntsville Sherri Russell Huntsville Steven Sanders Maylene Jennifer Scruggs Huntsville William Shaw Selma Jennifer Siegrist Cleveland Sheila Smith Prattville Juanita Stewar t Ashland Suzanne Streets Hoover Kimberly Teal Douglas Timothy Thomas Birmingham Thomas Wilson Section Lisa Tidwell Brent Cynthia Todd Calera Cynthia Webb Hayden Rachel Weir Verbena Mary Weir Verbena Casey White Ozark Pamela White Cullman Caroline Yap Malaysia Yvette Yeh Taiwan SENIORS ! F7W2F Paul Barnes Center Point Sherri Barnes Bessemer Andrea Baldwin Athens Valerie Blankenhorn Fairfield Dianne Bray Columbiana Alan Brewster Huntsville Brenda Beoadway Beaumont, CA Nancy Brindley Hartselle Cheryl Brown Birmingham Cynthia brown Birmingham Clay Carson Busby Calera Kimberly Bybee Wicksburg Alana Cain Enterprise Greg Caldwell Centreville Glenn Carter Birmingham John P. Carter Irondale Kenneth Carter Greensboro Barbara Challen Grand Bay Annette Clark Adger Chantelle Cline Gadsden George Codone Pensacola, FL Gina Cole Maplesville Kristine Combs Columbus Catherine Copeland Prattville Marty Crawford Fort Payne Debbi Curry Bainbridge, GA Shawn Cushen Springville Susan Daily Huntsville Norman Darden, III Albertville Ahrian Davis Montevallo Donna Davis Cullman Hortensia Davis Mobile Ganesan Deva Malaysia Sherry Embry New Hope Penny Emmons Mobile Kimberly Essex Tuscaloosa Kathy Evans Birmingham Denise Marilyn Ezell Birmingham Martha Farrow Columbus, OH Shaw Gains Talladega Fred Glover Birmingham Trudi Graham Mount Olive Jennifer Grant Waverly Wanda Gray Gadsden Scott Grissett Talladega Jarrell Hall Mobile Rae Harrelson Andalusia Debra Hays McCalla Suzanna Hays Warrior Theresa Henderson Birmingham Stephen Hichs Bessemer Jaye Hoffman Memphis, TN Thomas Hogshead Trussville Jan Carolyn Holmes Talladega Becky Home Brent Judy Horton Shelby Shelly Howell Hollins Concetta Hubbard Tuscaloosa Rufus Hudson Birmingham Leigh Jervis Decatur k j IL_ A XrO Jennifer Johnson Dothan Jennifer Jones Alexander City Patricia Jones Coiumbiana Lisa Jordan Bay Minette Lwe KokAun Malaysia Teck Leong Kwan Malaysia Tony Law K. Lumpur, Malaysia Siuman Lau Hong Kong Susan Lee Leeds Cindy Livingston Huntsville Kara Lowe Lake Placid, FL Michael Madigan Media, PA Sharon Maneice Tuscaloosa Jennifer Martens Pelham Denise Martin Thorsby Melissa Mathews Phenix City Sherry Lynn McDaniel Rainsville Paula McNeil Alabaster Denise Annette Meredith Enterprise Jerri Ann Miley Florence Stan Mims Thorsby Jeffrey Mitchell Pell City Morris Moody West Blockton Pamela Moore Chelsea Laura Myrick Monroeville Kellie Newton Pleasant Grove Daryly Noles Guntersville Clarence Norris Verbena Boon Aun Ong Malaysia Cindy Ossenfort Andalusia Tima Padgett Pinson Valley David Parker Montgomery Tracy Parker Bessemer Amy Parsons Bessemer Darrin Parsons Simmsville Rhonda Payne Childersburg David Petitt Montevallo Rachel Pierce Atmore Tracy Popwell Jemison Kent Porterfield Birmingham Genelle Powell Birmingham Walter Procter Huntsville Mary Sanfrod Fultondale Karen Scott Chattanooga, TN Kathy Sellers Millerville Sonia Sewell Mobile Jason Shaw Columbiana James Shell Arab James Michael Sheperd Fayette Carla Slovensky Pell City Randall Smith Hueytown Regina Smith Coatopa Cheryl Sparks Gastonburg Chaik-Phoay Tan Malaysia Chung-Tao Tang Penang, Malaysia Wendy Tennery Birmingham Singaram Thyacarajan Johor Bahm, Malaysia Theresa Veasey Pleasant Grove Miriam Elise Waite Jackson William Keith Watson Montgomery Sandra Watwood Birmingham Modene Lea Webb Mentone Lori Weiss Montevalio Cindy Whitten Decatur Karen Willette Montrose Lisa Williams Springville Seng geong Wong Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Tek Leong Wong Bintulu Sarawak, Malaysia Craig Woodley Jemison Tina Denise Yeomans Midland City Sarah Young Brent Julie Dickie Montgomery Lisa Rodgers Tuscaloosa Leanne Wood Opelika Kim Livesay Gadsden Christy Mann Fairview Kelly Yates Lineville Kerri Turner Phenix City HONORS ELITE NIGHT 1987 Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities: RW1 Cynthia Todd, Karen Wilette, Elaine Rogers, Trudi Graham, Paige Oppert. Laura Myriek, Leigh Jervis, Tricia Jones. RW2 Norman Daden, Ben Baxley, Leslie Horn, Chris Goodbeer, Lisa Lilley, Melissa Adams, Rae Harrelson, Cindy Whitten, Alycia Rodgers, Jennifer Johnson. RW3 Jeff Mitchell, Jenni Martens, Patrick Evans, Marty Crawford, Keith Watson, Jennifer Jones, Stan Mims, Chung Tae Tang . . . not pictured: Nancy Brindley Mr. and Miss U cf M Norman Darden Trudi Graham Finalists: Scott Grissett Shawn Cushen Trudi Graham Nancy Brindley Elain Rogers Norman Darden Class favorites FRESHMAN FAVORITES: Haden Anderson, Liegh Gilbert, Patrick Kelly, Larisa Lambert, Stann Mahann, Lisa Mecso, Ashlie White, Karen Wolff SOPHOMORE FAVORITES: Row 1, Cami Lawson, Paulette Bryars, Judy Collier, Susan McCullar. Row 2, Mike Anderson, Barry Baros, Steve Barnett, Bo Brown, John Fleming, Rodney Haley. Class Favorites JNIOR FAVORITES: Row 1 , Gino McConnell, Paige Gill, Ellen McElwee, Susie Streets. Row 2, Jeff Haley, Jack Snyder, Tim Lupinacci, James Jones. Not Pictured, John unt, David Ziehr w iNIOR FAVORITES: Row 1 , Trudi Graham, Elaine Rogers, Karen Willette, Anne Crowsley. Row 2, Norman Darden, Ben Baxley, Marty Crawford, Jeff Mitchell, George odone. SENIOR ELITE Celleae cf Eine Arts Row 1 —Donna Davis, Music Education; Robin Martin, Theatre; Row 2— Betty Jane Brown, Art; Keith Watson, Music Education; Rodney Whatly , Theatre; Stan Mims, Mass Comm.; Martha Cracker, Journalism. SENIOR ELITE College cf Arts and Sciences tow 1— Ahrian Davis, History; Paige Oppert, Speech Path.; Melanie Siow. Hearing Impaired; Pam Bullock, Home bd. Ed.; Gloria Thomas, Psychology; Row 2, vlelinda Thompson, Merchandising; Cindy Whitten, Biology; Alena Cain, History; Susan Dailey, Foreign Language; Mary Price, Chemistry; Robert LaGrene, Math; Jeanette Martin, English; Angie ounds. Social Work; Wenda Pheps, General Home Ec; Rachel Pierce, Foreign Language; Cindy Ossenfort. Intercultural Studies. SENIOR ELITE College cf Education Eddy Norris, Health, Physical Ed. Recreation; Alan Dukling, Health, Physical Ed, Recreation; Zona DeLee, Early Childhood Education; Rea Harrelson, Elementary Education; Mary Beth Gullege, Counseling and Guidance. SENIOR ELITE College cf Business Norman Darden. General Business; Rhonda Paine, Accounting; Stephanie Roman, Marketing; Bonnie Thorn™ Finance; Ronald Sui Mon Lau, Management. oners Day lienors COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Beta Beat Beat Award Nancy Jones Dr. Jan Eagles Award (Biology) Nancy Jones Henry F. Turner Memorial Scholarship in Biology Tracey Grigsby Christopher Lane Boswell Memorial Scholarship Tony White Chemistry Award Terry Drennan and Mary Ann Price American Institute of Chemistry Award Mary Ann Price Health Sciences Preprofessional Award Dwight Harper Latin Merit Award Kirk Hardesty Jensen Award Susan Dailey and Racel Pierce Eva O. Golson Scholarship Carolyn Fortner Sigma Tau Delta Senior Award Jeanette Martin Myrtice Hicks McDaniel — Birmingham News Scholarship Barclay Stoffregen James H. and Virginia Stallworth Sharbutt Scholarship Cathy Gray and Lee Ann Moore A.D. Walden Scholarship Donna Peters and Kelly Devane Alabama Association of Young Children Outstanding Achievement Award Lee Ann Wood Mary Larkin Home Economics Education Award Lee Ann Moore Shelby County Council of Extension Homemakers ' Clubs Scholarship Lee Ann Moore Omicron Nu Scholarship Award Wanda Phelps Kappa Mu Epsilon Award Terri Drennen Ellison Gus Cochrane Scholarship Terri Drennen Lucille Griffith Annual Award Angela Rounds Dr. Jan Eagles Scholarship in the Allied Health Sciences Hettie Eason Robert E. Wolfe Memorial Award Melanie Morris Siow Vivian I. Roe Memorial Award for Clinical Excellence Robert Lambeth and Margaret McGonagle J.R. (Bill) Churchill Scholarship Jerry Ann Miley and Heather Trent Beers. Mary B. Kirby Memorial Scholarship Award Sandra Holmes and Jennifer Johnson National Student Speech Language Hearing Association Honor member Award Richard Turner, Jr. Laura F. Wright Scholarship Richard Turner, Jr. and Laura Lynn Myrick Scottish Rite Scholarship for Excellence Beth Keith, Cindy Livingston, Kelly Martin, Karla Maxwell, Karen Sherman, Mary Elizabeth Shutman, Donna Bean, Betsy Beard, Kim Lawrence, Paige Oppert, Robert Lambeth and Katherine Tranum. Katherine Vickery Scholarship i....Kimberly Randolph Successive Approximation Award in Psychology .Gloria Thomas American Psychological Association Affiliate Award Kimberly Randolph, Charlotte Crim, and Tracey Kell. Rising Scholar Award in Psychology Carol Dickman and Alison Simpson COLLEGE OF BUSINESS Alabama Society of Certified Public Accountants Awards Rhonda L. Payne Alabama Society of Certified Public Accountants Scholarship Linda Minor and David Pickett Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity Award Sherry McDaniel Business Stock Portfolio Awards Stacie Sellers, Norman Darden, Kim Chen, Corinda Chand, Jet Wee Ong. Dallas R. Blevins Scholarship in in Finance Corinda Chan AG. Gaston and Minnie Gaston Fellowship Donna Underwood and Nora Huffman James Patrick Kelly Memorial Fund Award Patrick B. Kelly Leon M. Moore, Jr. Scholarship Award David Pickett Sara Posey Morgan Scholarship Award Lisa Tidwell and Shiah Yoong Gan. Thera Richter Phi Chi Theta Scholarship Charla Giles, John Miller, Suzanne Streets and David White. Phi Chi Theta Professional Business Fraternity Award Gladys Nix Wall Street Journal Annual Achievement Award Gladys Nix UNIVERSITY-WIDE AWARDS Alumni Honors Scholarships... Paulette Bryars, Teri Drennan, Richard Evans, Ron Lagrone, Patricia Lay, Susan Pinegar, Lafero Ralph, Melanie Siow and William Watson. Honors Scholarships Mark Barisa, Todd Carey, Ramona Claburn, Norman Darden, Gary Driver, Robin Greenlee, James Grimes, Larry Gunter, Julie Johnston, James Lamb, Neva Morris, Mary Price, Bryan Scarborough, Shay Shelnutt. Presidential Merit Scholarship Stephen Mitchell, Christopher Parker, and Amy Roberts. Sophomore Honors Prog ram. Carol Dickman, Benita Gothard, John Halphen, Susan Hill, Mary McLaughlin, Stephen Mitchell, Day Honors Day and Carol Thornhill. Junior Honors Seminar Terry Cooper, Mark Gainer, Teresa Goldsmith, Thomas Harper, Molly Joiner, Cynthia Morris, Karen Manning, Cynthia Todd, and Thomas Woods. Golson Scholars Seminar Alan Brasher, Leslie Coble, Trudi Crum, Teresa Lieu, Faye Lovelady, Cynthia McGinnis, Lula North, Teri Wilbanks. Alpha Lambda Delta Senior Scholarship Virginia Avery, Sherri Barnes, Donna Brown, Shawn Cushen, Norman Darden, Ahrian Davis, Patrick Evans, Patricia Lay, Cindy Livingston, Sherry Lynn McDaniel, Margaret McGonagle, Stan Mims, Rachel Pierce, Karen Sherman, Keith Watson. Alpha Lambda Delta Senior Award Ahrian Davis and Keith Watson Carmichael Library Book Review Award Molly James, Janice Evans, Robin Greenlee, Amy Roberts, Melinda Tew and Christopher Parker. John A. House Award Samuel Jones Katherine Ottinger Ellis Scholarship Audrey R. Hurt Phi Beta Kappa Book Award Corinda Sook-Peng Chan Senior AAUW Award Donna Louise Davis President ' s Awards for Excellence in Writing Christopher Parker, Haden Lee Anderson, and Glenn Judd Jr., Audra Clark, Laura Heller, Steven Mitchell, Linda Turner, Melissa Mathews. Holland Floyd Scholarship Gale Wallace Edge Ruth Ellis Coffman Panhellenic Scholarship Chi Omega Sorority Frances Vickers, President A, Neal Shirley Interfraternity Council Scholarship Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity Hubert Couch, President UNIVERSITY-WIDE SCHOLARSHIPS John B. Walters Memorial Scholarship Alana Cain Evelyn Curtis Memorial Scholarship Mary Ann Bryson, Deanna Conn, Samuel Henderson III, Karla Lowe, and Cindy Ossenfort. Vida Corley Holt Scholarship Rebecca L. Tumlin Judge Pelham and Gladys Merrill Scholarship Micki Surles Hayes, Mike Mann, Melissa Pratt, Nancy Sharp, and Kristin Tadlock. Kilgore-Elledge Scholarship Jodi Welch COLLEGE OF EDUCATION Kappa Delta Pi Katherine Vickery Award Ellen Suzanne Helf, and Laura Myrick Katherine Vickery Scholarship Cynthia Orene Morris Edythe Saylor Scholarships Lesley Hutto, Lisa Shumate, Kerry Weldon, Trudi Crum, Lee Curd, Sharon Pate, Maria Reed, Kimberly Sands, Lisa Shumate and Anne Peyton. Margaret McCall Scholarship Fund Lesley Hutto Jan Eagles Scholarship in Allied Health Sciences Tim Elliff Frances O. Cannon Award Virginia Avery and Jerry Harris Association for Childhood Education International Outstanding Student Award Melissa Adams Gormley Award Susan Pinegar Outstanding Undergraduate Majors Award Kelly Pomeroy and Greg Bell Outstanding Undergraduate Major in the College of Education Suzanne Harrelson COLLEGE OF FINE ARTS Excellence in Studio Art Awards LaDelle Geeslin, James Cormier, Lee Dunnie, Vanessa Cobbs, David Melton, David Farrell, Wesley Cannon and John DeMotte. University Photo Merit Award Kazuo Moriya House of Serendipity Merit Award Debbie Hayes Virginia Barnes Award Cindy Holliday and Elaine Rogers Koening Art Emporium Merit Award Susie Hayes and Cathe Donze Excellence in Art History Annette Kemp Moates Elizabeth Frances Young Piano Award Christine Duerr Snyder Harris D. LeBaron Music Award Laurie Ann Parker Lois Thompson Mims Memorial Award Keith Watson and Sandra Carol Watwood Mahan Music Scholarship Philip Warren Ratliff Margaret B. Reed Memorial Organ Award Rex D. Bittle Nuncie Music Company Award Rex D. Bittle Pi Kappa Lambda Award Janice L. Tucker Theodore Presser Foundation Award William Keith Watson University of Montevallo Memorial Organ Scholarship Timothy Patrick Owen, Laurie Ann Parker and Carol Watwood Maxine Davis Scholarship Stephen T. Dean, Chrostopher Goodbeer, Terri Lynn Johnson, and Laurie Ann Parker Myretta Michelson Beaulieu Piano Scholarship Mary Ann Bryson Lezlie Edmonds Memorial Scholarship Julie E. Johnston Mass Communications Student of the Year Award Theresa Henderson Maryalice Ballentine Scholarship Mitchell C. Edwards Marian Gallaway Directing Award David C. Harwell Outstanding Journalism Student Award Stan Mims Graduation 1987 Speaker: Robert H. Atwell Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award Keith Watson Gladys Nix . 3L Graduation 1987 Graduation 1987 a mmmm Graduation 1987 SPORTS A4CNTEVALLC With a season under his belt at the University of Montevallo, Rob Spivery is set to begin his second campaign as the Falcon ' s head coach. The personable Spivery took over the UM program in the summer of 1985 and led the falcons to an 11-18 record with mostly inherited talent against a most uneviable schedule. Spivery came to Montevallo promising just one thing, that the Falcons would be an exciting team to watch. Not one Falcon follower would accuse him of stretching the truth. Playing a wide-open style, nine of UM ' s 18 losses last season were by five points or less. An Alabama native, Spivery graduated from South Girard High School in Phenix City. Spivery and his wife, Marcia, who teaches at Montevallo High School, have a two-and-half-year-old daughter, Taylar Lea. The Spivery ' s reside in Montevallo. Jeff Daniels Asst. Coach Eddy Norris Asst. Coach BASKETBALL Lewis Brooks Karl Burns Chris Faulkner Michael Graham Bobby Jackson Anthony Lawrence mj t Milt Robinson James Sims Tracy Stith M r c LADIES It ' s been said that you can never go back. First-year Lady Falcon head coach Joe Hagan has proved to be an exception to the rule. Hagan, an assistant under Bud Childers during the 1983-84 Lady Falcon season, returned to the University of Montevallo this summer to fill the vacancy created when Cristy Earnhardt left for Western Kentucky University. Hagan has spent the past two seasons as head coach at Snead State Junior College in Boaz, Ala. As a Lady Falcon assistant in 83-84 Hagan helped produce the first winning season in the history of the school with a 15-13 mark. UM tied for district and conference honors that season. Coach Joe Hagan ■ fax - , ' Oil-d - fiir m muJ BASKETBALL Diane Collins Teresa Allmon Cheri Allen Kelly Green Lynette French Sharen Douglas Tab Maddox Peggy Keebler Pam Johnson Kim Sands Karen Scott Vickie Tomlin w t KSci w i I MCNTEVALLC Under the supervision of 14th-year head coach Bob Riesener the University of Montevallo baseball program is generally considered one of the finest in the state of Alabama. Riesener ' s success story speaks for itself. In the last seven years, four Montevallo teams have enjoyed NAIA top 20 finishes. Through the past nine years, seven former Falcons have been drafted into the professional ranks. Thirteen times UM baseball players have been selected as NAIA All-Americans and the list goes on and on. Riesener, who notched his 500th career win last season, has been selected as the District 27 Coach of the Year in 1976, 1980, 1981 and 1984. Doug Sisson Asst. Coach Robert Proctor Trainer BASEBALL M v M A - Am jy _ J i M v M m . Tony Brunson Craigger Browne Shun Adams Mm _J Rick Davis Brian Cofer David Calhoun Ray Gilbert Kevin Fowler Brian English MM Joey Gillespie Mike Goaran Steve Gilliland Greg Kidd David Jones Todd Griffis Darrell Melton Mike Mann Buddy Lewis i ft J John Roper Ronnie Rasp Sam Nelms Harold Taylor Rick Slomkowski Kelvin Shepherd Steve Whatley Chris Walker Kevin Todd MCNTEVALLC For the first time in nine years there will be a new commander for University of Montevallo women ' s volleyball troops. Judy Green took over the Lady Falcon program in July, replacing Bev Warren, who resigned to accept a full-time teaching position at Smith College in Northampton, Mass. Green, 24, has been an assistant in both volleyball and basketball at Western Carolina for the last two years. A three-sport star at Western Carolina, Green earned four varsity letters in volleyball, basketball and softball. In addition, she was a nominee for an NCAA postgraduate scholarship and won the Alice Benton Award for the most outstanding physical education major at Western Carolina. " I ' m very excited about getting the chance to coach at Montevallo, " she said. " " I don ' t think I could find a better opportunity. " " It ' s a great challenge to come into a well established program ' and see if we can get even better, " she said. Coach Judy Green Lee Curd Trainer Becky King Stats Cathy Terrell Mangr. VOLLEYBALL Donna Jenkins Tina Laird Fatima Lika Janeice Scoggins Rhonda Speas Latonja Thomas Cindy Wachli Laurie Washburn Sheila Young A4CNTEVALLC Anthony Cardwell Larry Gunter GCLF TEAM Alan Woodruff ORGANIZATIONS JUDY COLLIER GEORGE CODONE Vice-President il it it nit (Smtcri 19B President-Prv T em Director Of Communicattons r PAULETTE BRYARS uutt Assnriatunt RAE HARRELSON Senate Secretary 87 MARTY CRAWFORD Student Trustee GtNA McCONHELl Student Govern Senior Senators Row 1— Tracey Parker Gladys Nix Tricia Jones Row 2— Chris Goodbeer Martha Crocker Tom Hogshead Junior Senators Row 1— Tracy Morant Mary Ann Kiiton Row 2— Bill Shaw Joe Howard itient Association Sophomore Senators Row 1 — Kelly Waters Wendy Hubbert Lisa Meherin Michele Young Hays Row 2— Jonathan Bo Brown Freshman Senators Row 1— Tamia Widder Amy Patterson Haden Anderson Lisa Owens Meredith Rushing Kalie Bednarowski Row 2— Nigel Hunter Jay Ritchie Patrick Kelly Kipp Holloway Steven Fowler SGA COMMITTEE HEADS Bo Brown- Elections David Ziehr— Academics Mary Ann Kilton — Publicity Tom Hogshead- Constitution Bill Shaw- Social Services. COLLEGE SENATORS Karen Miller David Ziehr Suzi Streets Orientation Workers Each summer as the new students arrive at the University of Montevallo for their first taste of college life one of the first and most important people they meet is their orientation leader. This is the person who will answer all their questions, show them where everything is and make them feel at home in their new home away from home. Getting started at college is hard enough, even with help, one can ' t imagine trying to find his way about with no help at all. The summer orientation leaders provide a truly invaluable service. Members below are: Row 1, Tim Lupinacci, Kathy Sellers, Kellie Martin, Stan Mims, Row 2, Patrick Evans, Chris Goodbeer, Joe Hill, Milt Thomas, Nick Davis. Chairman- Master ttB Ha m MICHFU SMITH ELAINE ROGERS Coordinator-Master unte u TRACEV MORANt IL rra -ar rttr(4C» l wr Alabamian The Alabamian, UM ' s student newspaper, saw its 64th year of puPlication in ' 86- ' 87 through the efforts of a hard-working and dedicated staff. Facing many hectic deadlines and endless hours of working literally from sunset to sunrise, the staff covered campus news from UM ' s " financial emergency " to a history-making College Night to the schools reattainment of economic stability. Although returning from ' 85- ' 86 with an almost completely new staff, the bi-weekly publication experienced a successful and productive year, providing a tremendous learning envi- ronment for all involved. Pictured below are staff members: Front Row, L-R; Trey Hughes, Ahrian Davis, Stan Mims, Ritchey Halphen, Cheryl Caldwell, Allen Clabough, Kellie Newton, Ja- son Mitchell, Molly James. Back Row, L-R: Debbi Lawler, Rhonda Bishop, George Codone. Not pictured: Lori Adcock, Joanie Alvey, Clay Busby, Donna Carter, Frank Couch, Martha Crocker, Kathy Evans, Danny Gamble, Kevin Hawkins, Traci Jerman, Mike Keeney, Tim Lupin- acci, Christy Major, Neva Morris, Mike Payne, Robert Proctor, Michele Warlick, Teri Wilbanks. Alabamian Tower The " Tower " is the University of Montevallo literary magazine. Students contribute examples of poetry, short stories and art which are judged with the winners being printed in the yearly release of the magazine. This pro- vides a forum for the display of students best works. This year ' s editor was Donna Lois Carter (right). Donna did an excellent job, turning out one of the most professional and entertaining books seen. Members of the staff are: clockwise from bottom left, Jason Mitchell, Donna Carter, Teri Wilbanks, Danny Gamble (What a Guy), Cynthia McGinnia, and Kim Livsay. Montage The University of Montevallo yearbook is known as the Mon- tage. That ' s right these are the people who put this very book together for you. This year ' s editor was Faron Brindley, a three year veteran of the yearbook staff. The Business Manager was Nancy Brindley a former editor. Included in the staff are Ariahn Davis, Alan Clabough, Tina Greenlee, Sherry Barrett, Tina Pe- digo. ■ -S. : ra KAPPA PI Art Honorary A KAPPA DELTA PI Education Honorary Chi Rho Omicrcn Delta Kappa Alpha Epsilcn Rhc Alpha Epsilon Rho is a mass communications honorary giving students a chance to work with the media and meet promi- nent people in the work force. This year A.E. Rho held a regional convention at the University of Montevallo, worked with sports cable network, ESPN, during college football coverage at Legion Field in Birmingham, di- rected a taping of the RHA Lip Sync Contest, sold popcorn and cokes at the SGA movies and held lake house parties in both the spring and fall semesters. Members are: Row 1, Nancy Brindley, Stan Mims, Lori Weiss, Connie Scott, Jim Musgrave, Row 2 Jill Morgan, Clay Busby, Rachel Weir, Roslyn Hambrick, Sherri Russell, Not Pictured are Dan Mazikowski, Mitch Edwards and Milt Thomas. Officers are: President Lori Weiss, Secretary Rachel Weir, Pro- motions Dir. Clay Busby, Treasurer Sherri Russell, Advisor George Inzer. Kappa Hu Epsilcn Kappa Mu Epsilon is open to math majors and mi- nors that have completed the first year of Calculus and one other course maintaining a 3.0 GPA in math and an overall 3.0. The Alabama Gamma Chapter sponsors an award for most outstanding freshman math student each year at honors day and partici- pates in the Shelby County math tournaments. Members include: Susan Pinegar, Karen Ulch, Karen Ronning, Barry Lagrone, Tammy Cooper, Dr. Gene Garza, Advisor. EHA The Residence Hall Association provides enter- tainment and special activities for students who live In the residence halls. This year ' s activities in- cluded a lip sync contest, movie night and various theme parties. All resident students are an impor- tant part of the RHA. Sigma Tau Delta Sigma Tau Delta is an honor society for English majors and minors. Its purpose is to confer distinction for high achievement in undergraduate and professional studies in English language and literature; to provide cultural stimulation on college cam- puses through its local chapters; to furnish community interests with English departments through its local chapters; to impose upon members high citizenship responsibilities; to encourage creativity and to help students use their English degrees in the job market. Members include: Ben Baxley. Sheila Bird, Alana Cain. Jennifer Johnson, Susan Lee, Faye Lovelady, Mirtha Maenza, Jan Martin, Melissa Mathews, Gladys Nix, Rachel Pierce, Karla Price, Lafero Ralph, Alycia Rodgers, Alison Simp- son, Keith Watson, Jacqueline Wee, Teri Wilbanks, Greg Bell, Susan Cheatham, Pamela Connor, Carolyn Fortner, Patricia Garrett, Melanie Hodges, Bobby Hooper, Molly James, Terri Hohnson, Amy Jo Johnson, Leslie Kimbrough, Karen Marks, Denise McGriff, Lisa Pfeil, Elaine Rogers, Kim Teal. Cynthia Webb. Lorilyn Weiss, Thomas Woods. f hi Alpha Aiu Phi Alpha Mu is a music honorary fraternity. Members are chosen from among the music majors who have a GPA of at least 3.5, have attended the University of Monte- vallo for at least one semester and who have received a recommendation from the music faculty, Phi Alpha Mu members act at hosts and hostesses for recital receptions and also organize the annual Music Majors Christmas Ball. Members are: Row 1 Randy Bradberry, Lisa Lowery, Donna Davis, Amanda Vick, Row 2, Phil Ratlif, Tim Owen, Chuck DuBose, Row 3, Shawn Cushen, Patrick Evans, Audrey Parker. Harbert Writing Center Tutors The Harbert Writing Center, set up by a grant from the Harbert Corp., is a learning lab for people who have problems in English usage. Here a student can come for one on one tutoring in several areas of English. This is a very important service to many freshmen who need a little help getting over the hurdles of freshman English. Tutors for the Harbert Writing Center are: Standing, Ritchey Halphen, Loretta Cobb (Director), Seated, Dana Degarmo, Kritin Lamberth, Jamie Grimes. Cheerleaders Falccnettes Omicrcn Nu Omicron Nu is an honorary society for women of Junior standing who have exhibited out- standing performance in academics and leadership. Members include: Juanita Stewart, Cathy Gray, D. Brown, Debbie Lusk, Alice Martin. Inter Fraternal Council The Inter Fraternal Council is made up ot members of each fraternity on campus. This group sets the rules for each group to follow and acts as a general governing body. Members of the 1986-87 council are: Row 1— Marty Crawford, Ross Jacobs, Jeff Roland, Row 2— Steve Dutt, Frank Couch, David Pickett, Bob Curlee, Perry Robinson. Serial Work The Montevallo Association is an organization open to all social work majors and human service minors attending the University of Montevallo. Among its purposes, the organization is to encour- age and sponsor appropriate programs and seminars, to broaden the field of social work knowl- edge, and to foster friendship and comradship among the members of the organization. Officers; President— Hettie Fason, Vice-President— Renae Guy, Secretary— Jeff Butler. Phi Alpha Theta Phi Alpha Theta is the international history society. Its purpose is promotion of historical study among students and faculty. MemPership in the society is availaPle to students who have completed 12 hours of history, who have maintained an overall GPA of 3.0 and who have achieved a GPA of 3.5 in the history courses they have taken. Student Alabama Education Association helps lead education majors to a brighter professional future. The association promotes quality education and professional growth. University of Montevallo ' s SAEA consists of 57 members. The officers for 1986-87 are: Melissa Pratt, president; Benita Gothard Sandy Spiegle, Vice-Presidents; Susan Pinegar, Secretary; and Donna Brown, Treasurer. The Advisor of the association is Dr. Lee Dolbler. ' Crchesis Special Services Special Services Advisers Bi.u.z.z.y. W.c.iti.e.n. Highly Unusual Zany, Zonked Examples who Yearn to be Women Outside Mandatory Erotic Norms are a group of individuals who value independance, cre- ativity, and true friendship. Through this we share a sense of togetherness, yet individuality. This Organi- zation was formed on the UM campus and has spread to Notre Dame, Ohio, Converse College, SC, Auburn University, and the University of Alabama. H.U.Z.Z.Y. W.O.M.E.N. and Studmuffins pictured are: Front, Wendy O Hubbard, Casey " 3 1 2 hrs " White, Linda " Joe Cool " Miller, Faron " Joe Studley " Brind- ley, Cami Pratt, Susan " Head Ho " Coleman, Bruce " Animal " Lermer, Bill " Cuddes " Shaw, Annette " AJ " Clark, Glenn " Blue Eyes " Carter. Back; Kirsten " Dain Bramaded " Wozak, Roger " Beast " White, Squirt Ul- rey. Clay " Snook-ums " Busby, Tim " Angel " Johnson, Penny " Acatone " Emmons, Laura " Pro " Heller, Mi- chael " All American " Madigan. Cobblestone Productions J V PK L ■ L M 1 ( m UM Cobblestone Productions was Organized in 1985 by DeAnna Cataldo to provide entertain- ment tor UM Students. This years committee heads were top, Nancy Brindley, Entertainment Director; Tad " AH MAN " Davis, Movie Director; Alan Clabough, Tickets; row 2 Rosie Joseph, Stage Manager; Faron Brindley, Executive in charge of indigenous personnel; Bob Curlee, Asst. Security, Jeff Burger, Security; Indigenous Personnel pictured bottom left, Lisa Rogers, Da- vid Gibbs, John DeMotte, Nancy Brindley, Tom Mathews, Ted Spencer, Rick Griffith and Faron. We would also like to thank Scott Owenby, John Blackwell, Norman Darden, Marianne Zeanah, Ahrian Davis, Bill McCullough, Ken Martin, Montevallo Police Force, Ramsey staff, and ev- eryone who helped make this year a success. GREEKS Let ' s ©€ Creek! Squeel Day 1987 | nurals H HHHHH (fpicf )! (5)i (5 1 (5) ®(S i(3J)!@i C3 0j C S of ©r d ) P3 •■ HI cf) C$ i 3k ' ft. c €J ' €£p x « s $5? _ 4fc e |pw- C8N £• ! C »» r- R- ■ «feF I m m •r : 1 1 J1 " Ji 0! : .! 5%l " S N j «dM t Sfe | " « j »?lt! • ' j Citr-3 1 I 1 1 o 1 1 EM 5 ■- 4» ! ! 1 1 1 ll ES §1 11 o g I ' i 5j . vn " f 8 plP!lfe LpvZ p i HHF H jfe2 j 5 if LCti «r ' " s fp ilji . j ML s jfeJJ » ,_ H V 1 iJkSli 5 « I ..MSS? . 1 P ' . H Et a i f » tn | Sm, J5 1 s Kfi ' 1 , l 5!v s Km|I i ( ™ x 1 Pfe- r i 3 " 3 I 1 1 § s 1 i § 1 ■ES 1 i m i 1 £S i 3 i r te •4 . - S - jl BJ p . CO ft-— g V f3 J2 f i£|M en It f— t ♦ - A » 5 " 1 1 0 fc: vm 1 fP ft: H «!H pi y; -41 HI JI E|J £ R g ?3 ifo ! ES ft BHi ES ' F " K H Hg|; |mp H|j! K ) 4 I 5 1 I I £ j , ; ): 8 i 1 ' k - j MP m _1 HI l ££ o Q 1 . p 41 O z o o fe. Hr jLkjjii i --• - ¥ 1 luL 1 ■1 s - IS? W88$g §i " gjpES " « pripH - " i WW ' MM HHHHHHH a KJ HP SmW ■Or j ' : Viy Ihhi iiiml H Delta Sigma Theta Alesia Burrell Harrietta Eaton Janet Griffin Rubie Moore Susan Nealy Allison Satisfield Jennifer Scruggs Harrinda Smith Regina Smith Donna Underwood Carleen Whitaker i;s siiss Alpha Kappa Alpha Members are: Bridgett Beaton, Belinda Benjamin, Debbie Bowie, Lisa Cooper, Kindra Dixion, Camelita Evans, Debra Hollins, Cheryle Lapsley, Tabatha Maddox, Tracey Morant, Tracey Parker, Felicia Ruffin, Juanita Scott, Shelia Smith,Corvetta Vann, Carrie Williams, Michelle Young. Alpha Phi Alpha Members are: Kenneth Carter Maury Grayson Rufus Hudson Samuel Jones Randy Lee Tony Lee Wesley Williams Ronald Thorton Keith Walters Kappa Alpha P§i ii Mr. and Miss GREEK WEEK Tricia Jcnes Steve Dutt Alpha Delta Pi Delta Chi CLOSING Super Valu 128 East Middle St. 665-5124 open: Sun. 9:00-7:00 Mon-Thur. 7:30-8:00 Fri. Sat. 7:30-10:00 Western Auto Store 116 East Middle St. Open 8:00-5:30 Monday-Saturday 665-2093 ROCHESTER ' S There Is Always Something New At Rochesters 112 East Middle Central Fabrics 117 Main Street Montevallo, Alabama 665-2055 Fabric Patterns Notions Sewing Alterations Hints Lacey Jewelry and Gifts 25 South Main Street Jewelry Repair Watch Repair ' Art Carved Class Rings " Gifts Bridal Registry Billi R. Lacey, Owner WITH F Q The Heart of Your Wardrobe " 121 North Mam Street Montevalh Alabama Three Kinds ' GIFTS NOVELTIES C 125 Main Street ♦ 666-2212 HOURS: MONDAY THRU SATURDAY 8:00-5:00 " iiiilii i ta. 232 I m hi l Dedication Larry Smith As the 1986-87 school year at the University of Montevallo came to a close we found that we were going to lose a member of the faculty in the Mass Comm Department. While it is nothing un- usual for a professor to leave, this departure was different because Larry Smith is also a friend. Larry, thanks for the fun the support and the knowl- Editors Page THE END I ' m cuta here • • ;:yHt ii ii i ii ii e. I - m i fk. | ; ■ i. m

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