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Photo by Avis MONTAGE University of iVIontevaiio Montevaiio Alabama Time After Time . . . CONTENTS Opening 1 Events 16 Honors 66 Greeks 86 Organizations 124 Sports 168 Administration and Faculty 196 Classes 214 Closing 248 At Montevallo people come together wtiose lives do not always rtiyme. Growing, learning, and reaching new heights time after time. » : ,;- vv..v ' % ■ ' r. 9W Time after time we study into tlie night Sometimes not finistiing until it is lighit Time after time we mber friend ' s names and faces Cold rainy days and warm sunny piaces. Time after time we look to our friends for strength! Friends con always win ttie race No matter whiat the lengtti 10 11 Time after time we loolc to ihe future and loolc to ttie ■ past Today becomes yesterday, time goes by too fast. a;;, ;;,■ ' 14 Time after time Time after time Time after . . . 15 B H Si H9 i M ' m. .JJ K. H Uk n I BB ij He ' 16 EVENTS 17 The University Program itheldiuhdsajob cdn ' thdndle... need a man detheldiu. ]M S[LL[(K- ' $ oftheX orn It was the Deltas against the rules... the rules lost! ANIMAL U0UtE A comedy from Untveraol Pfcnjres THE MMTY SIMWJNS IVAN REITMAN PfXOOUCTlON NATIONAL LAMPOON 5 ANIMAI HOUSE . . HDHN DELU5HI T1MMATHE50N JOHNVERNON VEf NADlOOM THOWAi HULCE oodDGNAiOSUTHErUANO -. .«-.! Produced try MAm jlMMQNS and IVAN ftEITMAN Music by ELMER DERNSTtlN Wfinen by HAfXOLD KAMiS. DOUGIA3 KENNEY OhW MILLER Direaed by »OHN LANDIS Sooq ANiMAL HOUSE Compoied and Pefformed by SfEPHEN DiSHOP |l yWW §3 [RlBtSTBtCTED-g l mm rum FLU u - ' uuom The wateKid It ' s time for . is moment of truth. •g . It ' s the time of your life that may last a lifetime. Turning sixteen isn ' t easy, when you ' ve fallen in love... for the first time. A JOHN HUGHES FILM • A CHANNEL PRODUCTIONS PRESENTATION ICTEEN CANDLES So,™MCH.LV RINGWALD PAIimnniFV U l ;tiN HFMPY iMTHTWYMiCWiClu Council Presents . THE ADVENTURES OF BANZAI PGl Sj bfeS DAN AYKROYD EDDIE MURPHY roducers Chuck Mangione 1 m 21 Rockin ' at UM This year with the help of DeAnna Cataldo and Cobblestone Productions, there were three concerts and five top quality bands performing on campus. These bands were John Jarrett ' s Tribe, The Producers, 24 Karat, Chuc[ Mangionie, and John Caf- ferty and the Beaver Brown Band, 22 John Cafferty And The Beaver Brown Bond Band members include from left to right: Robert Cotoia (key- boards), Mictiael " Tunes " An- tunes (saxopfione), Pat Lupo (boss); Jotin Cafferty (Vocals, guitars); Gary Gramolini (guitar), Kenny Jo Silva (drums). 23 Senior March One night a year, at exactly midnight, the tower chimes ring thirteen times and fear strikes the hearts of all underclassmen. Seniors Round-up the underclassmen, chanting " pray for the dead and the dead will pray for you, " A trial is then held in Palmer auditorium. After the trial, the underclassmen ore marched around campus and are finally initiated. Underclassmen have to be initiat- ed if they want to march when they are seniors. 24 25 student Information Fair The Student Information Fair is tield each fall so students can become aware of the different organi- zations on campus. Students hove a chance to talk y to members of these organizations and beco me a part of campus activities. 26 27 Founders Day The theme of the eighty-eighth Founders Day was " The Learning Society and the Community. " Dr. James F. Vickery presided over the convocation which occurred in Palmer Hall The guest speaker was Miss Nina Miglionico who is an attorney and a member of the City Council of Birmingham. Dr. Bill D. Fancher, acting vice president, robed senior class president, Paul Barber, in the robing of the seniors ceremony. ODK taps were also made at this time 28 29 Republicans and Democrats seemed to pop up from nowhere in the early Fall as Montevallo students geared up for the presidential, congressional, and senatori- al elections on November 6. Shirts, bump- ers, windows, and doors were generously adorned with various types of campaign propoganda. In a mock election spon- sored by the SGA, students cast their votes overwhelmingly for Ronald Reagan over Walter Mondale. Meanwhile, former Congressman Albert Lee Smith narrowly defeated Senator Howell Heflin. The campus was fortunate to host both Congressman Smith and Senator Heflin prior to the election. Neither President Reagan nor Vice-president Mondale vis- ited our fair campus. 30 31 Voter Registration Day The SGA voter registration day was higlily successfui. Lt, Governor Don Siegleman was on hand and heiped to register over 150 voters 32 SGA SPRUCE-UP DAY 33 RHA Presents . . . The Cabaret The RHA Cabaret offers a chance for the hidden talent at Montevallo to be displayed. Anyone con perform and there are no judges or connpetitlon. 34 The Spring Formal The RHA holds a formal dance each spring for all students Interested in at- tending. Music was provided by 1-95 FM of Birmingham. 35 Kathryn Windham In the fall as part of the Freshman Seminar Program, Kathryn Windham told ghost stories on the King House lawn, Kathryn Windham is an author and story teller who has had several Books published about ghosts in the Deep South. 36 Miss Black and Gold 1985 The Miss Black and Gold Pagent was sponsored by the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity. Three titles were awarded. The titles were presented by Miss Mon- tevallo 1984, Lori Gass. Miss Black and Gold was Adrian Calhoun (top left). Miss Black was Dawn Gardner (bottom left). Miss Gold was Sonja Jones (Bottom right). 37 MISS MONTE VALLO nj ' ! DARNELLEOTT - Miss University of Montevallo 1985, Darnelle Ott, is a member of the Plii Mu Sorority. She is the daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Ciayburn Ott. In the Miss Montevallo Pag- eant she competed in Evening Gown competition, Swimsuit competition, and Talent Competition. Dar- nelle performed Vocals for her talent competition, 38 First Runner-Up, Amy Lynne Holt, is the daughter of William C. and Frances Holt of Birmingham. She also performed vocals for her talent competition, (top right) Dawn Gardner, second runner-up, is the daughter of Eddie and Brenda Gardner. She performed a dramatic reading for her talent competition. Dawn placed first in the swimsuit com- petition, (bottom left) Candace Wiggins, third runner-up, is the daughter of Vernon and Maze! Wiggins of Andalusia, Alabama, Candice played piano for her talent competition, (no photo available) Theresa Veasey, Fourth runner-up, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.O. Veasey of Pleasant Grove, Alabama. She performed vocals for her talent competition, (bottom right) GOLDS The Gold production was written and directed by Scott Brunner, The Gold side was under the leadership of Meionie Poole and Jerry Bullock, The cabinet included Angela White, Lyies Forbes, Amy Dishroon, Weyman Prater, James Smith, Nancy Noble, Claudia Crowley, Phil Ratliff, Laurie Moultrie, Jon Moultrie, Scott Brunner, Jeonette McShero, Kelly Lawhon, Sean Doyle, Travis Overstreet, Jacqy Wag- ner, Billy Hughes, Derek Williams, Stacie Sellars, Beth Young, Donna Bean, Becky Keenan, Kerry McConnell, and Kim Bybee. The Cast included Donna Bean, Stephanie Newton, Theresa Vea- sey, David Bradford, Les Brooks, Steve Latham, Jerry Bullock, Jean- ette Mcshera, Stan Mims, Ralph Dobbins, Mickey Ferguson, Kim By- bee, Milt Thomas, James " Happy " Smith, Trey South, Marty Crawford, John Eubank, and John Johnson, The Ensemble Dancers were Dana Burgess, Anne Crosley, Claudia Crowley, Patrick Evans, David Garrett, Pom Garrett, Trlcio Garrett, Joe Hill, Amy Holt, Tammy McDaniel, Melinda Thompson, Ginger Word, and Susan Wilkinson, The Cheerleaders were Brenda Athenas, Linda Athenas, Paige Brammer, Mono Campbell, Melanie Fitts, Lee Harris, Vicki Kerby, Kim Lawrence. Paige Oppert, Donna White, and Sherie Wilson. ' ' Mi .: .V . .■ « 40 41 GOLD PRODUCTION: TRUCK STOP 119 42 1 1 t U0 " n AT it a ' B P K H 43 Purples Leaders: Brooks Burdett, Brett Dollar Cabinet: Avis M, Rictiordson, Cedric Robinsori, Diana Olszewski, Aimee Perry, Valeria Valdes, DeAnna Cataido, Anthony Davis, Cherie Cone, Naomi Metz, Theresa Henderson, Johnna Doty, Amelia Byrd, Therese Bergin, Kathy Sandidge, Greg Roberts, David Harwell, Virginia Stern, Gaii Long, and Susan Grady. Cast: J.B. Brown, David Parker, Renee Dellinger, Greg Roberts, David Harwell, Naomi Metz, Mary Rogers, Lori Diamant, Jeannie Dill, Jimmy McCully, DeAnna Cataido, Gale Domokos, Racheal Splinter, Randy Massey, Joan Alvey, Brad Houghton, Johnna Doty, Michael Madigon, Bradley Hinton, Theresa Martin, Laura Allen, Katrina Russell, Shari Dorsett, Cathy Sandidge, Rodney Whatley, Meg Smith, Howard Bayless, Faron Brindley, Deanna Bowers, Brooks Burdette, Brett Dollar, Chris Goodbeer, Con- cetto Hubbard, Stephanie Marsengill, Mary Jon Porter, and Ra- cheal Weir. 44 ■ X - -«« 45 PURPLE PRODUCTION: WHERE THERE ' S A WILL 46 47 Homecoming Parade 1985 Gi-and iVlarsliai pK£Gi 48 gP aJfefe i :i£-. it ' " - v f L Holland Floyd Physical Plant Dedication 49 Special Olympics 50 International m, students Two events held each year for the international students are the International Food Fair and the In- ternational Student Reception. International stu- dents are a very important part of student life. 51 College Bowl fi II T v,.- v_y . . . ajri Wk e @ ? 52 On-Campus Job Interviews 53 NSSHLA Fun Fair The National Student Speech Hearing and Language Association sponsored a fun fair on the Tutwiler Quad. Campus organizations became involved and the cafete- ria served supper on the Quad. 54 55 Tom Laughlin Billy Jack " visits Urn 56 Alabama Symphony on Flower 57 Rozencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead Rosencrantz Walt Harrison Guildenstern Rodney Whiotiey The Player David C. Harwell Alfred Martin Keefer Hamlet Milt Thiomas Claudius Brad Hougtiton Polonius Jon Moultrie Ophelia Robin Martin Gertrude Theresa Henderson Soldier 1 Greg Roberts Soldier 2 Randy Massey Tragedian 1 David Parker Tragedian 2 Bradley Hinton Tragedian 3 Dered Williams Tragedian 4 John Fleming Tragedian 5 Faron Brindley Ambassador Frank McCoy Drummer Tammi Carroll 58 59 Richard II King Richard David Harwell John of Gaunt Wes Westphol Edmund of Langley Charles Hannum Henry Bolingbroke Walt Harrison Duke of Aumerle Greg Roberts Thomas Mobray John Rude Duke of Surrey Derek Williams Duke of Salisbury Doug Butler Lord Berkeley Martin Keefer Bushy Michael Madigan Bagot Paul Spicer Earl of Northumberland Trey South Henry Percy Donny Webb Lord Ross Kerry Coker Lord Willoughby Ben Jones Lord Fitzwater Wes Westphal Bishop of Carlisle Rodney Whotley Abbot of Westminster Ben Jones Lord Marshall Bradley Hinton Sir Stephen Scroop John Rude Sir Pierce of Exton Bradley Hinton Welsh Captain Doug Butler Queen to King Ruchard Joan Alvey Lady attending queen Deanne Bowers Duchess of York Theresa Henderson Lady attending Laura Allen Duchess of Gloucester Lori Diamant Lady attending Robin Martin 60 ' l :i .■■ :; :-ftx " itKSS 61 Snoopy Charlie Brown Stanley Nelson Linus Scott Brunner Snoopy Dorrell Revel Lucy April Brasher Patty Lori Gass Sally Kathy Sandidge Woodstock Brad Houghston Pianist Laurie Parker 62 Cinderella - ' . Cinderella Elizabeth Perkins v| Prince Greg Roberts Y Queen Naomi Metz Step-sister 1 Racliel Splinter Step-sister 2 Shannon Graham Galafron Randy Massey Cercl in Stan Mims Roland Micheal Madigan Step-mother Dana Dichiara Felecia Lori Diamont Stage Manager Mary Rogers Lighting David Harwell Set Jon Moultrie 63 BRIGHTHOPE Peter Peacock Benjamin Middaugh Ruby Delight Thieresa Veasey Elizabeth Renfroe Cynthia Hill Colonel Thomas Thackery William Bugg Nora Renfroe Theo Leek Marshall Malone Patrick Evans Virgil Scott Brunner Homer Ron Tissier Blount Christopher Goodbeer Punchy Natalie Johnson Casandra Stephoni Morsengill Cindy Rachel Weir Union Soldier Keith Watson Bartender Tim Parnell Union Soldier Billy Hughes Child Meredith Cobb Child Rene6 Robertson Child Sandi Wilder iismmaM kmsmsiimi 64 65 66 HONORS 67 Elite Night 1985 " The Tradition Continues " A long-time tradition at UM, Elite Nigtit honors those students who ore considered outstanding by their peers and faculty. This year Elite Nite was dedi- cated to Dr. Burke Leonard because of his long com- mitment to students of Montevallo. (Upper right) Milt Thomas and Linda Yarington served as Master and Mistress of ceremonies, (Middle right) The Elite Night committee who put the program together were Tracey Chitwood, Debbie Owsley, Susan Brockin co- Chairman, Trey South, Lisa Lilly, Melissa Adams, Libby Culver, and Paul Barber Co-Chairman 68 SENIOR FAVORITES Seniors Paul Barber Joy Briley Jerry Bullock Joe Farmer Amy Gartmon Mike Hansom Margaret Marshall Vic Pierce Kinny Ray David Zavadil UNIOR FAVORITES Juniors: Candy Berry Kerry McConnel Scott Brunner Nancy Noble Cindy Covin Julie Reynolds Tammy Jean Trey South Barry Logan Kerri Turner SOPHOMORE FAVORITES 1 Sophomores: Jeff Bone Robbie Byrd Norman Dardon Paul Gagliono Trudy Graham I Robin MacPherson Dugan Prater Daphne Sims Lance Tucker Leanne Wood FRESHMAN FAVORITES Freshmen: Jeff Berger Tim Luppinaccii David Bird Angela McCann Amy Gates Gina McConnell Paige Gill David Pickett Bobby Home Byars Reid 69 Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities Members are Susan Angelette, Paul Barber, Susan Brackin, Jonathan Bunch, Brooks Burdette, Cherie Cone, Pomelo Dovis, Korlo Dean, Robin Godfrey, Julie Holmark, Barbara Hargett, Lesley Hawkins, Toshinori Ishikuma, Carlo Jackson, Mary Keenum, Steve Lothem, Kelly Lawhon, Kim Lawrence, Sidney Lee Locke, Joy Marring, Margaret Marshall, Diana Olszeweski, Lynn Peavey, Vic Pierce, Margaret Purcell, Suzanne Raid, Tina Rye, Paula Seibert, Catherine Semrick, Pamela Spigarelli, Beth Vickrey Felicia Walker, Chook Yin Yeap. 70 Mr. and Miss University of Montevallo Each year the entire student body votes for the two people ■hey believe best represent the school. This year Jerry Bullock 3nd Amy Gortman were selected as Mr. and Miss University of lontevallo. The students made a very good choice as these 3re tv o very fine people we are proud to have represent UM. Amy Gartman Jerry Bullocl 71 Senior Elite The Senior Elite are chosen by faculty members based on their grades, leadership quality and overall achievement. This prestigious award cumulates years of hard vjork and dedication to college achievement. Joey Bunch Journalism Brooks Burdette Social Worl Pat Clemmons Home Economics Education 72 Susan Broken Speech Pathology Jlii Sheikia Blount Early Childhood Education Renee Dillinger Theatre Lisa Dovis Music 73 Terry Duncan Political Science Connie Gilbert Teaching of the Hearing impaired Kim Hendrix Home Economics Merchandising Mary Horton Counseling and Guidance 74 Carlo Jackson Management Liso Kirkwood Mathematics Suzette Lewis Mass Communications Lee Locke Elementary Education 75 Margaret Marshall Finance " :3Ti i: ■i Ac.ii - ,_;:„. :; kjs k _; m M M - IT ■ 1 Melanie Poole Art mu K Margaret Purcell Speech Jane Schmitti Health and Physical Education 76 Paula Seib ert Biology Renee Smith Medical Technology Mary Robin Thomas Music Education Robin M. Veasey Accounting 77 Marianella Villerreal International Studies Pamela Whatley English Teresa Wiggins Home Economics General Beth Wilkinson Marketing 78 Toshi Ishikoma and Nancy Kurtz Psychology Sherly Baker, Gail Murphree, Pam Spigarelli and John Nelson Chemistry 79 Graduation ' 85 80 During the commencement exercises on Flowerhill Lawn we were all treated to a wonder- ful address by Earl J. McGrath, honorary degree recipient, Also, Steve Latham was honored with the prestigious Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award. 81 Commencement Exercises 83 No Looking Bock. Only Ahead. 84 85 86 87 A II ■ 5 j€ 1984-85 was a " roaring " success for the Zeta Delta Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi. The sisters enthusiastically participated in various philanthropy projects, such as the annual kidnapping of the presidents, and a hula- hoop-o-thon, which helped raise money for the Ronald McDonald House. They also held many social events, including a Ge- neric Party, with Phi Mu, a " paint the Town " fall formal, and the annual " Black Diamond Ball. " The sisters also enjoyed a Halloween party, Christmas party, a Favor- ite Professor Tea, and a Parents luncheon. Alpha Delta Pi is a true sisterhood, full of Igughter, fun, and a concern for each otherr .- t _j ' --i- it , 3 --r - 88 Alpha Delta PI Members include Melissa Adams, Sandra Barton, Befh Branch. Nancy Brindley, Lee Ann Burns. Dawn Butler, Melody Corr, Mono Cloyburn. Ctiontelle Cline. Teresa Cochran, Amy Cole, Paula Croxton, Kim Durham, Deana Floyd, SuZi Freyder, Anne Grant- land, Maribeth Gulledge, Susie Hays, Mary Hornkohl, Kristi Jenkins, Byrd Johnson, Tricio Jones, Cindy Jordan, Mary Beth Keenum, Melanie Keenum, Jennifer Kunoth, Lisa Lilly, Jennifer Lockhart, Campbell Long, Annie Lucia, Molly Marshall, Gino McConnell, Jeannie McGowin, Tommy Mitchell, Leisho Mootes, Jenny Moore, Pam Moore, Jill Morgan, Debbie Owsley, Mary Jon Porter, Kim Ross, Cathy Sparks, Jennifer Stornes, Julie Sutton, Danetto Taw- bush, Carlene Teal. Becky Thompson, Dianne Todd, Angela White, Susan Woski, Kelly Yates, Beth Tsuchdy, Nona Sanple and Veto Lorino Pledges include Julie Dickey, Shown Grosse, Cathy Gray, Rae Harrelson, and Lisa Trott Pi Guys include Tom Gountt, Ronce Norris, James " Happy " Smith, Jimmy Rockett, Buddy Holsombeck, Brian Kirk, Chad Gentry, Nick Stribling, Ricky Mims, Craig Garner, and Paul Barber 89 AFA The sisters of Alpha Gamma Delta ore members of almost every professional fraternity. They are involved in SGA, hove members that are Montevallo Masters and Freshman Seminar Advisors, They are also involved m fund raising. They collected cons and held a 1950 ' s party to raise money for juvenile diabetes. They also held parties to raise money for the speech and hearing clinic, 90 Alpha Gamma Delta Members include Laura Allen. Connie Anderson, Tammy Arrington, Donna Bean, Rondo Brewis, Caryn Cardan, Tracy Chitwood, Cherie Cone, Amber Dav- enport, Tammy Dailey, Becky Dunnington, Melanie Fitts, Suzanne Gonn, Lea Garner, Jane Gilmore, Jill Goode, Donna Green, Julie Hallmark, Lee Harris, Les- ley Hawkins, Leigh Jervis, Cathy Johnson, Becky Keenan, Vicky Kerby, Leslie Kimbrough, Donna Ko- satka, Wendy Kosotko, Susan Lee, Lee Locke, Gail Long, Kelly Love, Margaret Marshall, Ginger Martin. Tammy McDaniel, Kym Mizzell, Laura Mizzell, Laura Myrick, Mary Noble, Nancy Noble, Lisa Parker, Penny Pentecost, Aimee Perry, Dedro Perry, Susan Pinegar, Michele Readoi, Grace Reece, Angle Rounds, Tina Rye, Stacie Sellars, Leigh Simmons, Daphne Sims, Tif- fany Sirles, Susan Slate, Renee Vance, Valeria Voides, Natalie Walker, Donna White, Michelle White, and Cindy Whitten. Pledges include Rebecca Hicks, Leslie Ivey, Jody Jones, Carlo Lee, Robyn McCain, Pan Prince, Pam Prine, Eileen Ratcliffe, Lucy Rich and Lea Webb, Alpha Gomm Men include Jerry Bullock, Lance Tucker, John Eubank, Gary Gvi in, Phil Ratliff, Benton Morton, Mitchell Delouch, David Williams, David Park- er, Knox Bannister, Trey South, Don Horsley, 91 w ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA Alpha Kdppa Alpha, the first black ©reek letter sorority, was orga- nized at Howard Uriiversity in Washington D C, in January 1908. AKA has grown tremendously since its founding, with presently over 100,000 members world wide First concie ved as an rnstrurrent for enhancing tjie social and Intel- lectual aspects of coltege life, AKA serves to provide mental stimlila- tion with chosen friends and close associates Today, the influence and concern of AKA extends far beyond campus gates and student interests. The major goals of her program activities center upon significant Issues Mu Mu chapter of AKA has kept its allegience to national interests and provided many services to UM 92 Members include Belinds Benjamin, Kidaja Davis, Concetta Hubbard, Sheree Hud- son, Djuna McDuffie, Barbara Dayne, Ros- lyn Hardy, Tracey Morant, Sonya West- brook, and Valencia Stewart. 93 AOA 94 Alpha Phi Alpha Little Sisters Phyllis Burks Sonja Jones Glenda Kitchen Djuana McDuffle Brenda McKenzle Tracy Parker Bontto Pride. Secretary Treasurer Glendora Royans Sheila Smithe Lisa Stewart, President Carrie Williams Maggie Williams 95 ATI] The Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity has been a mainstay and a lead- er on the University of Montevallo campus since its beginnings here in 1972, Year in and year out, the brothers of ATO finish high in campus involvement and leadership, scholarship, character, social activity, athletics, and philanthropic endeavors. Over the past year, the Taus have shown heavy involvement in the SGA, campus ministry, the campus newspaper. Phi Kappa Phi, Omi- cron Delta Kappa and various other organizations. In athletics, the ATO ' s won the fraternity All-sports Trophy for the fifth consecutive year, marking eight of the lost nine years that the Taus have finished first in Greek athletics 96 Alpha Tau Omega Members include Shawn Bishop, Randy Brad- berry, Mike Bryant, Steve Buchanan, Joey Bunch, George Codone, Eddie Doyle, Lyies Forbes, John Francis, Paul Gogliano, Ross Gagliono, Steve Halliday, Greg Hardy, Robert Hedge, John Hunt, James Jones, Steve Jones, Brian Kirk, Tim Mathews, Adam McAnulty, Jeff Bone, John Dorsett, Carlton Tinker, David Ste- phens, David Pickett, Mike Beers, Jeff Mitchell, Cole Montgomery, Scott Moore, Joe Naish, Greg Olvey, J,T. Peacock, Dugan Prater, Weyman Prater, Kenny Ray, Byars Reid, Jack Synder, Bill Schultz, James Smith, Jeff Smith, Nick Stribling, Rob Thomas, Steve Walker, Greg Yost, David Zavadil, and David Ziehr. 97 xa Chi Omega Sofority oners many opportunities for its members to grow as individuals during ttieir college years. The sorority is very involved v» itti activities to help others such as the Bike-A-Thon and Send a Mouse to College for the American Cancer Society, At Christmas, we tried to reach the necessary needs of a family. During the school year, we enjoy exciting events such as the Fall Party and Spring Formal. Parents Day and Favorite Professor Dinner ore two special banquets held honoring our parents and professors. The members are proud of all our ac- complishments. The one accomplishment we ore most proud of this post year is attaining the pon- hellinic scholarship trophy 98 Chi Omega Chi Omega Officers are. President — Kelly Lawlion, Vice-president — Candy Berry, Secretary — Karolyn Morgan, Treasurer — Beth Wilkinson, Personnel — Beth Vickery, Panhellenic — Kim Lawrence, Pledge Trainer — Pam Sprgarelli, and Rush Chairman — Kathy Semrick. Actives include Joanie Alvey, Candy Berry, Lindy Busby, Robbie Byrd, Mono Campbell, Donna Cockrell, Adele Dabbs, Letecia Dean, Jane Farrington, Amy Gartman, Trudi Grahm, Leslie Horn, Carlo Jackson, Twana Jordan, Janice Keith, Kim Lawrence, Kelly Lawhon, Michelle LeFoy, Robin MacPherson, Tracey Marlin, Robin Martin, Karolyn Morgan, Kim Norton, Melonie Poole, Stephanie Pratt, Penny Robertson, Cathy Semrick, Ram Spigarelli, Gina Stewart, Linda Talley, Ginger Thomas, Robin Thomas, Jeanne Townsend, Ana Belle Velez, Louise Vickers, Beth Vickery, Lisa Waldrup, Missy Weldon, Ruth White, Beth Wilkinson, Susan Wilkinson, Karen Willette, and Lea Wingo. Pledges include Kimberly Alvarado, Valerie Blankenhorn, Wendy Bowers, Paige Brammer, Anne Crosley, Amy Gates, Anne Marie Furman, Denise Hammonds, Melanie Hodgens, Jan Jennings, Mary Ann Kilton, Bari Lowe, Ellen McElwee, Celeste Melton, Paige Oppert, Daphne Ozley, Gina Roberts, Elaine Rogers, Ina Semrick, Barclay Stoffregen, Suzie Streets, Vicki Sessions, Frances Vickers, and Frances Waldrup. 99 Z X The Delta Chi Fraternity brings brotherhood and dedication to Montevallo as one of the oldest froternities on campus. The brothers scholastic and other achievements including; ODK, senior Elite, PsIChi, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Alpha Kappa Psi and the Montevallo Masters. During the year our fundraisers included an M and M sale, slave sale, a Raffle, woodcutting and Inventory at Home Crofters, The year vi osn ' t all vi ork and no play. Our parties were " the TOGA " , a monster bash with the Alpha Gamma Delta Soriety, a Mad Hatter Party, the Hawian Party and var- ious Rush Projects, To end a great year was our spring Formal at Pensocola, Florida for a Non Stop 3 days of fun. The Delta ' o consists of 57 brothers and offiliates. The fall pledge class saw 9 members initiated into the brotherhood. The Delta Chl ' s lool forward to the comming years with high hopes and great expectations. 100 Delta Chi Members include John Auftemort6, Fritz Blackburn, Greg Caldwell, John Carver, More Cochran, Ron Coch- ran, Brian Collins, Mark Colbith, Joe Cox, Jeff Davenport, Joe Davis, Mitchell Deloach. Terry Duncan, Steve Dutt, Thomas Foss, Danny Fuller, Chuck Gammil, Greg Gra- ham, Buddy Holesmbeck, Dennis Jacobs, Larry Lackey, Eddie Ledbetter, Scott McElroy, Benton Morton, Daryl Mosrs. Kirk Pierce, Grge Richards, Jim Steg, Scott Stell, Brian Sturdivant, Joel Teel, Herb Troywick, Dan Thomp- kins, and Flint Vines, Pledges include Bryan Gulp, Brian Filgo, Steve Miller, Srewart Sinard, Steven Young, Mike McCraken, Little Sisters include Donna Bean, Lannette Brasher, Jen- ny Broadwell, Lindy Busby, Ahrian Davis, Denise Mam- mons, Rhonda Huckabee, Tricia Jones, Alice Ogden, Lori Ousley, Stephanie Pratt, Grace Reece, Gina Rob- erts, Dana Rose, and Thersa Veasy 101 Az:e: 102 Delta Sigma Theta ' AZ0 103 AXA 3 The brothers of Lomda Chi Alpha celebrated their Diamond Anniversory by sending Mike Lon- nergan to New Orleans to our General Assembly. We re-affirmed our position as this campus ' pre- mier parties with the 60 ' s party, the Punk party, the Gangster porty, the Chili party, and a mixer with the Alpha Gams. Athletically, we ' re very proud of our perfect record in basketball. We raised money for St. Judes Hospital by having a car wash-o-thon. We finished the year by having our Alumni Bar-B-Que, at which John Eastman was honored as outstanding Alumnus. ISQUi. Hamb a €h Algl a - " -■ " ■ ■ ' ff ' i f y y? ' , " f ; ' ji; ' ; ' : ' - S Lambda Chi Alpha Officers Richard Carnigeo— Little sister Repersentive Carl Lesher — House Manager Jerrel Mali— IFC Rucl Chairman Tom Suliivan — Secretary Rob Ward — Vice President John Dodge— Ritualest Keth Brantley— Frat Ed Chad Adams— Treasurer Jay Wilson — Grades Chairman Richard Hawkins — Ruch Chairman Billy Mathes— Little Sister Chairman Mike Lonnergan — President Carry over ' s Billy Mathls, Mike Lonnergan, Jay Wilson, J.B, Brown, Carl Lesher, Richard Carnagio, Jerrell Hall, Bubba Dickinson, Chad Adams, Josh Martin, Timm Purnell, Richard Haw- kins, Sean Allen Mark Williams, Rob Ward, Tom Sullivan, Phil Greffeth, Mike Heinz, Keith Bentley, John Dodge, Little Sisters Melissa Newsll, Lisa Rogers Lisa Waldrop, Bibi McCloud, Deanna Kataldo Lisa Chamberlain Lee Simmons, Kim Alveado, Lisa Renny, Jenny Townsend, Lisa Parker 105 HK A The brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha are very involved in campus activi- ties They hove 16 SGA senators, Montevollo Masters, College Night Leaders, and Mr. Montevallo, In athletics they were campus volley- ball and tennis champions, IFC golf champions and tug-o-war cham- pions. They participated in all these activities and still hod time for social activities, such as The Outrigger II party. The Big Chili party, mixers Vi ith all the sororities, and a formal in Ft. Walton, Florida, 106 Pi Kappa t h Alpha Members include Daryl Alborsdo, Paul Barber, David Bradford. Jimmy Branch, Phillip Brantley, Jay Briley, Scott Brunner. Jerry Bullock, Marty Craw- ford, Norman Dorden, Ralph Dobbins, Brett Dollar. Sean Doyle, John Eu- bank. Barry Evans, Joe Farmer. Craig Garner, Chris Gauldin, Todd Greene, Gary Gwin, Mike Hanson, Gary Hoskins, Ken Johnson. Mark Kurtz, Barry Logan. Kerry McConnell. Danny Myers, Travis Overstreet, Mike Parrsh, Alan Peavy. Vic Pierce. Phil Ratiiff, Tim Rich. James Roberts. Kevin Roberts, Jimmy Rockett, Todd Rubino, Danny Scott, Mike Simmons. David Smith, Trey South, Mike Thornton, Ron Tissier, Lance Tucker, Benny Youngblood, Hu- bert Couch, Ben Boxley, John Esneault, Tony Fiore, Joe Hill, Tim Lupinacci Pledges include Steve Johnson, Tim McBryar, Shane Mills. Paul Mitual, and Mark Ponder Little Sisters include Robbie Byrd, Donna Cockrell. Carole Cook, Kim Fox. Lorie Gass, Leslie Horn. Tracey Morlin, Debbie Ov slet. Penny Robertson. Tiffany Sirles. Angela White, LeAnn Wood, Candy Berry, Amy Gartman. Paige Brammer. Tammy Jean, Donna Campbell, and Veta Lorino. 107 HKO The Gamma Omega Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi has exper- ienced a rewarding and enjoyable academic year. The chap- ter ' s efforts to raise scholastic achievement among its mem- bers were rewarded with success. The standords that were set for the chapter were likewise extended to those whom would join in the brotherhood. Although requirements for member- ship ore the most stringent among organizations at the univer- sity. Pi Kappa Phi enjoyed a successful rush and those who pledged themselves have proven worthy of the challenge. ' " V " e f-SJ V-j ji r c ' — ! » » ' «.«%» ;r 0 " l-;!_l.. .,:»-, J! 108 Pi Kappa Phi 109 $M ' in 110 " 3il -.1 Phi Mu 111 SQUEEL DAY More than Friends 113 Greek Week it . 114 115 116 117 JL ■ ' .-% . m,. ■ V 118 ■I 119 Mr. and Miss Greek 120 Arfcl Margaret Marshall Margaret Marshall is a member of Alpha Gam- ma Delta Sorority and very worthy of the title Miss Greek. Not only was Margaret President of her sorority, she was also involved in other campus activities. Some of these included Treasurer of SGA, Omicron Delta Kappa, President of Phi Chi Theta, Freshman Seminar Advisor, and Alpha Lambda Delta Honorary. Barry Logan Barry Logan is also worthy of the title Mr. Greek. He is a member of Pi Kappa Fraternity where he was pledge trainer, athletic director, and I. F.C. president. He was also involved in SGA as a Soph- omore and Junior Senator, the Freshman Seminar Program, Montevallo Masters, and College Night. 121 Panhellenic • ••••»• • « • o£i t,ic izM.. I " Angela White — President Cattiy Johnson — Vice-President IVIelinda Thompson — Secretary Kim Lawrence — Treasurer 122 123 124 Organizations 125 SGA The Student Government Association at the Uni- versity of Montevallo was first petitioned in 1916, and, since that time, it has served as a vital link be- tween the student body and the administration. Each year the SGA attempts to mediate, entertain, and inform. This year the SGA wrestled with issues as public as the Reynolds Hall crisis and as private as the Brooke Hall tissue issue. The SGA Officers: (counter-clockwise) Vic Pierce, president, Scott Brunner, vice-president; DeAnna Cataldo, entertainment chairman; Amy Gartman, student trustee 126 SGA sponsored activities reflected the current interests of the students. Fall pro- granns included a voter registration drive and a mock election, and Spring pro- vided the perfect backdrop for the Miss University of Montevallo Pageant and the first annual Homeconning Parade. The past was not forgotten as " The Tradition Continues " with the annual Elite Night Ceremony to honor outstanding seniors on November 29. The SGA Officers continued; Trey South, director of communications; Roy Watts, chaplain; Margaret Marshall, treasurer; Darnell Ott, senate secretary; Judy Misen- heimer, executive secretary. 127 Some people seem to work just for the hielp of it, and so it is with the closs sena- tors. Comprising the bull of the senate, these students man the many commit- tees which make the senate run. From publicity to elections, special events to constitutional rules and regulations, sen- ate members work diligently to fulfill the needs and meet the interests of their peers. Sophomore senators: Melissa Adams, Nancy Brindley, Pom Callaghon, Tracy Chitwood, Norman Darden, Sean Doyle, Leigh Jarvis, Lisa Lilly, Danny Scott, James Smith, Lance Tucker, and Leanne Wood. Freshman senators: Melanie Griffin, Joe Hill, Sandra Angellette, Michelle Pearson, Tim Lupinacci, Issam Bajalia, Jeff Burger, Bobby Home, Faron Brindley, Paige Gill, Gina McConnell, Mary Noble, and Angela McConn. 128 All senate meetings are open to every- one and are usually held in Comer Audito- rium. Whienever a student has a gripe or a problem on campus, the SGA is the place to go for help or direction. Junior senators: Jay Briley, John Cook, Lib- by Culver, John Eubank, Chris Gauldin, Theresa Knopps, Barry Logan, and Jona Roe. Senior senators: Susan Brackin, Amber Davenport, Kim Durham, Lesley Hawkins, Jennifer Lockhart, Debbie Ousley, and David Zavidil. 129 The SGA has progressed from making regulations for " quiet and decorum " to working to guarantee students their rights as members of the university community and as citi- zens of the country. In the past, the SGA has been most effective when many students work together, therefore, all students are encour- aged to become actively involved. College senators: Byers Reid, Ben Baxley, College of Business; Karolyn Morgan, Tiffany Sirles, College of Arts and Sciences: Patricia Bowles, Lisa Chisolm, College of Education; Stan Mims, College of Fine Arts; Po Lim, International Students Committee chairman: Jay Briley, Norman Dorden, Leighanne Wood, Susan Brackin, Leslie Hawkins, Leigh Jarvis, John Eubank, and Paul Barber. 130 OMICRON DELTA KAPPA Omicron Delta Kappa is a national collegiate leadership honor society which recognizes and encourages superior scholarship and leadership in men and women of exemplary character. The UM circle was found- ed in 1978. Omicron Delta Kappa members: El- len Arnold, Leigh Bailey, Therese Ber- gin, Sheikia Blount, Susan Brackin, Shawn Cushin, Toshi Ishikuma, Dennis Jacobs, Barry Logan, Kathy McCarly, Kerry McConnel, Tammy McDaniel, Tina Rye, Vicki Sessions, Scott Sims, Valerie Valdez, Condi Wiggins, Rob- in Auchmuty, Candy Berry, Mary Beth Blankenship, Bretta Brooks, Joey Bunch, Cherie Cone, Libby Cul- ver, Martha Crocker, John Eubank, Joe Farmer, Jane Farrington, Mary Beth Keenum, Marcio Mechler, Nan- cy Noble, Lynn Peavy, Susan Slate, Laurie Stevens, Carlene Teal, Melin- do Thompson, Jocqy Wagner 131 MONTEVALLO MASTERS ' - t ' llrtVaaMMi ti ' 1 rpose of the MontevlB MasTfell is to provide official hosts and hostesses as fatives of The Univer of Montevallo at university functions. This year ' s mas- ters ai% " §ferry Builock, Candy Berry, Mary Farrington, Kim Fox, Kerry M jConneii, Lesiie Hawkin Lisa Rogers, Cindy Covin, and Susan Siate. -™™,.-. .,.,., ROTC -133 n A . 1 II 1 Boost Alcohol Consciousness BACCHUS I Concerning the Health of Univ- ersity Students BACCHUS— Boost Al- cohol Consciousness Concerning the Health of University Students is a notional organization which promotes respon- sible drinking for those who choose to drink, and a hassle-free abstinonce for those who choose not to drink. Membership is open to all interested students. The executive com- mittee includes (left to right) Claire Mikos— Pub- licity Chairman, Evette Pearson — Secretary- Treasurer, Howard Bay- less — Vice President, and Morcio Mechler — President. ■134 GOSPEL CHOIR The Members of the Gospel Choir include: (front row) Marran Gates, Portrice War- ren, Tracy Parker — Ass. sec- retary, Kim Essex, Alicia Je- mison, Jennifer Scruggs, Kathy Evans — Treasurer, Gheryle Lapsley, and Eric Richardson. (Middle row) Maggie Williams — Secretary, Glenda Kitetten — Historian. (Back row) Alonzo Williams, Rufus Hudson, Samuel Jones — Vice President, Ken- neth Carter — President, Shar- lene Lanier — Publicity, Muary Grayson and Christopher Lewis, (not pictured) Bruce Tolbert— Advisor, Lori Wal- lace. K ALABAMIAN While most Montevallo students are picking up the Alabamian, thumbing through for Big Jack coupons, there are other students walking around campus with bags under their eyes. This dedicated hard- working Alabamian staff, led by Martha Crocker (right) is willing to do what it takes to make this years publications full of quality and excellence. Members of the staff are: Martha Crocker, Joey Bunch, Candy Berry, George Codone, Joe Naish, John Johnson, Kenneth Carter, Margaret Purcell, Leigh Bailey, Amy Cafes, Delphine Elder, Paul Gagliano, Danny Gam- ble, Concetto Hubbard, Larry Jenkins, Terri Johnson, Nancy Kurtz, Tim Lupinocci, Colin McFarland, and Phillip Proctor. ' • ■ 136 IL Joey Bunch — Assistant Editor Candy Berry — Business Manager George Codone— Ads Manager Joe Noish— Art John Johnson — Entertainment Editor Ken Carter— Photography Editor 137 MONTAGE Editor- Nancy Brindley Assistant Editor— Faron Brindley 138 Classes Editor — Cheryl Lapsley Copy Editor — Suzi Freyder Business Manager — Martin Keefer 139 Organizations Editor- Susan Bracl in Events Editor Jo Easterling Faculty Editor Jannes Smith 140 Photography Editor — Avis Richardson Photo Processing Editor— Ahrian Davis Sports Editor- Cathy Copeland 141 THE TOWER The Tower is a literary art magazine compiled by the students of the University of Montevolio. It comes out in the Spring of each year, and contains poetry, short stories, book reviews, and artwork. This years editor was Marcia Mechler. (right) Other staff members were Marian Oakes — Asst, Editor, Avis Richardson — Art Editor, and Kristin Tadlock, Not pictured are Stoney Beavers, Rose Hood, Donna Carter and Robyn Whitly. •142 ACEI The Association for Childhood Education International is unique among professional education organizations. It is the major professional organization whose sole purpose is concerned with all aspects of the growth and development of children from infancy through early adolescence. The officers of 1984-85 were Karia Dean Becky Key— Presidents, Donna Cockrell— Vice President, Peggy Parsons— Secretary, Joy Morring— Treasurer, Dena Wilcox— Publicity, Katsy Northcutt— Special Projects. 143 Cobblestone Productions Cobblestone Productions, which is funded by the SGA is o group of students who volunteer their time to put on productions for the students. This year they sponsored John Jorretts Tribe, 24 Karat, The Producers, Chuck Mangione and John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band in Concert. They showed fifty nnovies in various places. They had watermelon cuttings on the quad, a magician, a comedian and sponsored four orientation parties honoring incoming freshmen and transfer students. They were responsible for renting the sound system to campus organizations over twenty five times. These events gave students a chance to meet and work with professional people in the entertainment business. Several of these people with the organization have acquired part-time employment from their experience with Cobblestone Productions, Members include Billy Mathis, Jeff Berger, Jay Wilson, Nancy Brindley, Lisa Chamberlain, Virginia Stern, Anthony Davis, DeAnna Cotaldo, Faron Brindley, Avis Richardson, Phillip Morgan, Carl Lesher, Sheldon Inge, Carl Brooks, Brian Sturdivan, Rosie Joseph, Anita Champion, Jack Cox, Tom Sullivan, Cori Ericson, Natalie Johnson, J,B, Brown, Donna Green, Rebecca Hicks, Kelly Love, Jill Goode, Tiffany Sirles, Pamey Hawkins, Carlo Maxwell, Herb Troywick, Bob Boyer, Billy McKenzie, Pam Callaghan, Greg Roberts, Mary Rogers, Richard Carnaggio, Chris Byrd, Phillip Griffith, John Dodge, Ahrion Davis, ;%-, S Cc- iC- " 144 145 146 lUSIC HONORARY L— R Dr. Bean, Amy Byrd, Kenneth Hamick, Lisa Davis Spencer Shaw, Loretta Pritchard, I obin Thomas 147 FALCON FORCE Members: Dalphine Elder, Tonja Taylor, Theresa Knops, Kathy Evans, Mary Ann Price, Kimberly Essex, Jennifer Scruggs, Tracy Parl er, Brenda Scott, Shelio Smitti, Callin Cochiran — Advisor 148 National Student Speech Hearing and Language Association Advisor — Dr. Smith President — Lynn Nolen Vice President — Susan Brackin Sec Treas. — Susan Angelette Ett lB 149 Orchesis J.B. Brown, Susan Wilkinson, Julie Martin, Eilien Martin, Namoi Metz, Suzanne Stewart, Anne Peyton, Claudia Crowley, Gail Domokos, Bradley Houghton, Renee Dillinger, Ps lortin Keefer, Kerry Coker, Kario Coker, Korla Maxwell, Kristen Chambers, Laurie Moltrie, Ahrian Davis, Donna Jo Benefield, Tammy McDanield, Lynn Bradshow, Mariann Zeanah, Lewis Burks 150 151 Lambda Sigma Pi Lambda Sigma Pi is a University-wide honor society tor senior women. The purpose ot the society is to promote knowledge and leadership among women at the university. Membership is selected from women who rank in the top 35% of the Senior Class. The 1984-85 members are: Leigh A. Bailey, Sheryl Baker, Wilma Baker, Therese Bergin, Sheikia Blount, Susan Brackin, Brooks Burdette, Patricia Clements, Deidra Cohen, Linda Collum, Susan Cooedy, Cherie one, Lisa Davis, Pamela Davis, Renee Del- linger, Deborah Evans, Belinda Fanning, Wanda Phelps, Nora Soskin, Mary Norton, Carlo Jackson, Mary Keenum, Susan Kilgo, Donna Knowles, Nancy Kurtz, Gwen Langley, Kelly Lawhon, Lee Locke, Bettye Lowery, Christy Mann, Margaret Marshall, Lori McCombs, Joy Morring, Lynn Nolen, Lisa Ousley, Lisa Painter, Lynn Peovy, Wanda Freels, Melanie Poole, Loretta Pritchord, Felecio Prueitt, Linda Robinson, Tina Rye, Paula Seibert, Cather- ine Semrick, Janet Solomon, Pamela Spigorelli, Mary Thomas, Judith Todd, Beth Vickery, Felicia Walker, Pamela Whately, Condoce Wiggins, Beth Wilkinson, Amy Williams, Martha Young, Susan Angelette, Sarah Arnold, Karen Burkenfeld, Bretta Brooks, Susan Cheatam, Pamela Coops, Myra Fountain, Kim Fox, Audrey Freidrick, Janet Green, Rhonda Jacks, Carle Johnson, Felicia Miller, Sherry Minor, Martha Murphy, Nancy Noble, Ra- chael Cakes, Debra Rushing, Sheila Schmitt, Kimberly Smith, Robin Vea- sey. This years officers were: President— Lee Locke, Vice President- Evans, and Secretary-Treasurer — Pam Spigorelli, -Debbie 152 College Republicans University of Montevaiio College Republicans had their best year ever! They Vi ere involved in politics on all levels. On the campus, the clout of the party was demonstrated as Albert Lee Smith and Ronald Reagan won the SGA mock election. In the county, CR ' s went door to door and phoned for the victori- ous Shelby county candidates. They attended dinners and lectures hosted by republicans such as President Reagan, Sen- ator Denton, Vin Weber, Jack Kemp, and Frank Fahrenkopf. UMCR ' s hosted their state convention which featured Phyllis Schafley, Emory Folmar, National College Republicans, as well as other state republican leaders. At this convention, Susan Brackin was elected to lead the State CR movement with Nancy Brindley and Stan Mims also serving as state officers. The executive committee at Montevaiio includes: Susan Brackin— chairman, Nancy Brindley— Vice chairman, Kim Nor- ton—secretary, Byrd Johnson— treasurer, Mark Ponder— ex- ecutive director, Stan Mims— state committee man, Ahrion Davis— state committee woman, Cheri Allen and Martin Keefer— campaign chairmen, Margaret Purcell— membership chairman, Diana Bishop— publicity chairman. Keefer meets CR National Officer Politics — Not all work Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Lambda Delta Is a national honorary for freshmen based upon superior scholastic attainment during the first year of college. The students must be registered for a course of study leading to a bachelor ' s degree and must carry an amount of work equal to an average full load. The 1984-85 initiates are: Cheri Allen, Laurie Allen, Kelly Barnes, Diana Bishop, Wendy Bowers, Jessica Broach, Bitsy Brothers, Donna Brown, Cheryl D, Caldwell, Amy Cotes, Bee Len Chew, Mono Claburn, Teri Clark, Karen Conely, Charlotte Crim, Hettie Eason, Patrick Evans, Carolyn Fortner, Anne Marie Furman, Teresa Goldsmith, Dwight Harper, Melonie Hodgens, Leslie Ivey, Tracey Kell, Virginia Marsha Kidd, Kristin Lamberth, Deborah Lowler, Patricio Lay, Kelly Love, Tim Lupinacci, Milton Mayfield, Angela McCann, Cynthia Morris, Bon Seong ' Neoh, Andrew Ong, Michelle Pearson, Elizabeth Peterson, Laura Plonitzer, Melissa Pratt, Michael Rogers Lisa E. Scott, Khet Woon Tan, Anita Tryon, Frances Vickers, Carolyn Watson, Rachel Weir, Suzanne Woodruff, David Ziehr. ' ■ ' .■v: ' -V?v??? ' ? ' ?5 ' ■» -; JV.,.,»y ,- ». - iw »: - -i■ow •Ir«w»J5»»?» 154 Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delta Pi is ttie education Honor society wliicln recognizes outstanding contributions to education. This years in officers were: Lynn Peavey — president, Lee Locl e — Vice-President, Tina Rye — Secretary, Sheil la Blount — treasurer. Members are: Susan Angelette, Leigh Bailey, Betsy Beard, Cassandra Beck, Karen Birl enfield, Mary Beth Blankenship, Susan Brackin, Carlo Clark, Patricia Clements, Donna Cockrell, Paulo Cooper, Karia Dean, Toro Dean, Charlotte Draper, Kotheryn Duncan, Lisa Farris, Wanda Freels, Nora Gaskin, Cathy Johnson, Cynthia Jones, Rebecca Key, Nancy King, Lisa Kirkwood, Kelly Lawhon, Kim Lawrence, Lisa Lipscomb, Darlene Mochen, Lori McCombs, Brenda Monahan, Joy Morring, Laura Myrick, Nancy Noble, Kotsy Northcutt, Lori Owsley, Lisa Painter, Peggy Parsons, Sandy Pate, Penny Pentecost, Stella Robbins, Linda Robinson, Jane Schmitt, Vicki Sessions, Susan Slate, Heidi Smith, Kim Smith, Sheila Spates, Becky Thomas, Patsy Warvi, Lisa Williams. 155 Phi Alpha Theta Advisor — David IVIorgan Members: Ciierie Cone, Lee Locl e, Ben Baxley, Al-irian Davis, Gina Palmer, Danielle Gunn, Sheila Bird, David Morgan, Justin Fuller, Jesse Jackson, Shirley Jackson, Reuben Triplett, Douglas Rodgers, Carlye Best, Roy Cunningham, Howard Potts, Hilda Van Landingham 156 Alpha Psi Omega Members: Renee Dillinger, Gale Domokos, David Parker, Joanie Alvey, J.B. Brown, Namoi Metz, Michael Sidney, Martin Keefer, Robin Martin, David Hardwell, Greg Roberts, Kerry Coker, Elizabeth Perkins, Graham, Tree Henderson Madigan, Shannon J , ' " ■ - , - 157 Beta Beta Beta Biology Honorary Advisor — Fadhil Al-Lami President — Paula Seibert Vice President — Tracy Harrison Members: Jackie Davis, Nancy Jones, Barbara Leitner, Carolyn Nevin, Renee Smithi, Danelle Tawbusti, Carlene Teal, Cindy Wtiitter 158 Sigma Alpha pj % Communication Science and Disorder Honorary Advisor— Dr. Meline President— Susan Bracl in Vice President— Kelly Lawlion Secretary treasurer— Susan Angelette Kappa Pi Art Honorary 160 Phi Theta Kappa Advisor — Buddy Alien President — Feiecia Pruett Vice President — Rtionda Bistiop Secretary treasurer — Caria Ciari e Program Coordinator- Pam Davis 161 International Fraternity Council The International Fraternity Council is the representative body of the fraternities on campus and is composed of delegates from participating groups. They have been involved with activities this year such as Greek Week. 162 Alpha Epsilon Rho Mass Communication Professional Organization Officers — Jan Lauderdale, Robin Cherry, Lisa Scott, Milt Thomas, Kathy Sandridge, Donna Carter 163 Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity Advisors: Dr. Walker Dr. Hamilton Officers: President — Lynn Sawyer Vice President— Nita Fridley Secretary — Alicia Jemison Treasurer — Emmanuel Powell Master of Rituals— Emmanuel Powell 164 Phi Chi Theta " " gt=ws::f.-«5.- - 165 UM Students are involved . . . 168 J Sports 169 Women ' s Volleyball Beverly Warren Coach m g| m Jl I B fl -iWiSi, - ( 9 a - V T • ir Amy Dishroon Donna Jenkins Kristy Golden Karen Kreger Condi Nicholas 171 Teresa Straughn Laurie Washburn Blanch Watkins 172 Eastern Illinois Ole Miss St. Louis Indiana State Mississippi Univ. women Troy State Winthrop College Rollins College use— Spartanburg Linestone College Francis Marion College of Charleston Huntington College Valencia C.C. North Alabama Texas Womens University Mississippi Univ. Women Tennessee-Martin Northeost Louisiana Mississippi Univ. Women Univ. Alabama— Birmingham Alabama State South Alabama West Georgia North Alabama Tennessee-Martin Austin Peay Christian Brothers Tennessee-Martin Mississippi Univ. Women Central Missouri Mississippi Univ. Women Huntington College Livingston University Southern Mississippi Huntington College South Alabama Jacksonville State Georgia Tech Univ. Alabama— Birmingham Mississippi State Hollins College Samford University Volencio C.C. North Alabama Rollins College , s ! ' Troy State as i «= U.A.B. Sam Houston State Concordia Lutheran North Texas State Texas El Paso San Angelo State Mississippi Univ. Women University of Tulsa West Georgia Jacksonville State Huntington College North Alabama Christian Brothers Kearney State Alderson-Broaddus ; BYU— Hawaii { Wisconsin Milwaukee ' BYU— Hawaii ; ' " ' ■ " ' --. 4-15,6-15, 15-13, 9-15 7-15,9-15, 10-15 15-9, 15-5, 15-11 15-13, 15-12, 15-9 9-15, 15-9, 15-9, 15-6 15-7, 15-7, 15-11 7-15, 16-14, 15-6 15-13,9-15, 10-15 15-13, 16-12 15-9-15-9 16-8, 12-15, 15-9 10-16, 6-16 15-10, 16-7, 15-4 16-12, 15-11 13-16, 15-5, 15-12 16-3, 16-11 15-7, 15-6 7-15, 16-9, 16-5 4-15, 16-8, 16-8 9-15, 9-15 15-5, 18-16, 8-15, 15-7 6-15, 15-9, 15-8, 15-6 15-7, 16-14 15-6, 16-1 14-16, 15-2, 13-15, 16-9, 16-7 16-4, 16-4, 16-10 15-10, 16-12, 16-4 16-4, 14-16, 16-6, 16-8 15-7, 15-3,6-15, 15-5 10-15, 15-6, 10-15, 15-13, 9-15 14-16, 13-16, 13-15 13-15, 13-16, 16-4, 15-10, 15-12 15-10, 6-15, 15-2, 15-4 16-2, 16-6 15-3, 10-16, 16-8 15-2, 15-4 15-13, 15-7 16-4, 16-2, 16-3 15-1,15-2 iV 15-5, 16-6 4 I ' 15-4,15-12 10-15, 10-16 15-1, 15-2 13-15, 15-7, 15-2 15-7, 15-12 12-15, 16-8, 16-7 15-1, 15-6,9-15, 15-12 3-15, 16-6, 15-17, 4-15 14-16, 8-15 6-15,15-3,15-13 15-9, 15-7 15-13, 15-13 16-10, 16-14, 16-1 11-15, 16-7, 14-16 16-4, 15-6 15-3, 15-7, 15-2 15-11,15-5,15-5 16-12, 15-3, 15-7 15-13, 14-16,9-15, 15-13, 16-9 16-8, 12-16, 16-6, 15-2 15-8, 15-7 15-8, 15-8 11-15, 11-16 7-15, 12-15 7-15, 7 " 173 Women ' s Basketballl Cristy Earnhardt Coach Phil Headley Asst. Coach 174 Lynette French ' S aks- s , ; . ' Shay Giddy Kelley Green Pam Johnson Diana Olszewski 175 Sharen Douglas Lessie Gaddis Ruth Perkins Judy Perkins Tammy Staten 176 David Lipscomb Freed-Hardeman Livingston West Georgia Stillman Delta State Freed-Hardeman Arlc.-IVIontecello Cent. Arkansas Troy State Soutli Alabama West Florida Jacksonville St. Stillman Alabama— Huntsvilie Mississippi Univ. Women David Lipscomb Troy State Livingston West Florida Jacksonville St. Alabama— Huntsvilie Tuskegee Mississippi Univ. Women West Georgia Alabama— Huntsvilie 70-77 80-72 59-78 60-52 54-53 64-76 68-53 57-72 69-81 64-65 65-67 77-55 80-48 80-47 42-71 55-64 61-78 72-69 58-64 79-65 72-64 57-77 61-67 65-66 81-103 69-77 177 UM Golf Dr, Leon Davis Coach Harold Breen 1985 SPRING SCHEDULE Feb. 8-10 March 19-20 March 29-31 April 12-14 April 20-21 April 24-26 May 28-31 Univ. of W, Florida 1985 Pensacola Intercollegiate Shorter College Spring Invitational Southern Jr.-Sr. Intercollegiate Alabama Intercollegiate Huntington College Invitational NAIA District 27 and Southern States Conference Championship NAIA National Championship 178 A Mtke Craw Don Hancock Mark McMeen Gordon Saunders 179 Gregory Seavers Gary Wakefield Chuck Wood Alan Woodruff 180 Dr, Bill Elder Coach Men ' s Basketball Calvin Cochran Asst. Coach Jeff Daniels Graduate Asst, Coach 181 Jeff Adams John Battle Lewis Brooks 182 Eddie Bullock Mark Cornelius 183 Kyle Hutchinson Sammy Jackson Kennedy King 184 Mike Mitchell Eddy Norris Eddie Reeves 185 Clarence Rowe Steve Swain Dexter Walker 186 Stillman 83-67 Troy State 67-77 Stillman 26-85 North Georgia 72-69 Troy State 77-87 Austin Peay 67-65 William Carey 61-71 Southern-N.O. 66-67 Livingston 53-49 Georgia S.W. 65-72 Ft. Valley (forfeit) 2-0 UAH 59-63 Athens State 54-75 Livingston 57-52 B ' ham. -Southern 54-68 Talladega 97-94 Auburn — Montgomery 59-74 Alabama Christian 73-57 Talladega 78-72 Spring Hill 90-76 Ft. Valley 102-89 Alabama Christian 78-60 Auburn— Montgomery 43-40 B ' ham. -Southern 54-57 North Georgia 59-62 UAH 83-68 Athens State 62-68 Spring Hill 60-74 Athens State 53-75 187 UM Baseball " i Bob Riesner Head Coach Bob Hendershot Asst. Coach Gerry Rivero Asst. Coach 188 Grant Abercrombie Wayne Able Tod Bass I ' -x ' i ' jiiff ' i ' .- ' rL- f k John Daniell Brian Davis Rich Dyl es Steven Franklin Jeff Haley Allen Henke 189 190 Mark Lisenby Terry Martin Kelvin Sheplnard Doug Sisson Steve Smitt erman Rick Slomkowski David Strevel Swann 191 UM 8 4 1 6 7 3 10 2 5 3 1 10 5 16 10 8 9 4 20 5 4 4 8 15 18 15 5 3 2 6 2 8 11 6 6 12 6 8 11 9 4 3 4 6 1 7 7 11 3 9 4 OPPONENTS ©William Carey 7 ©William Carey 2 (giJacksonvilie St. 7 Samford 7 Samford 4 N. Kentucky 3 N. Kentucky 2 N. Kentucky 9 N. Kentucky 1 ©West Georgia 6 Marietta 13 Grand View 2 iliinois State 4 Valparaiso 9 -Principia 2 Delta State 20 •West Georiga 4 •Baidwin-Wailace 5 •Baldwin- Wallace 2 " III. Benedictine 7 ' West Georgia 4 ©Livingston 5 ©Livingston 5 Kalamazoo 1 Kalamazoo 5 Kalamazoo 2 SB ' hom-Southiern 1 SB ' ham-Southern 6 SHuntingdon 16 SHuntingdon 4 $Ala, Christian 5 $Ala. Ctiristian 5 ©Spring Hill 12 ©Spring Hill 9 ©SWest Florida 7 ©SWest Florida 3 Livingston 6 Livingston 5 ©SB ' ham-Souttiern 5 ©SB ' tiam-Soutliern 6 Jacksonville St. 8 ©SHuntingdon 5 ©SHuntingdon 6 William Carey 4 William Carey 1 ©SFoulkner (ACC) 3 ©SFaulkner (ACC) 9 ©Samford 4 ©Samford 3 SWest Florida 1 SWest Florida 4 cFaulkner (ACC) 7 cB ' ham-Southern 9 cFaulkner (ACC) 8 clB ' ham-Southern 10 1986 MONTEVALLO INN RECORD 7 1-0 7 1-1 9 1-2 7 1-3 7 2-3 7 3-3 7 4-3 7 5-3 7 6-3 9 6-4 6 6-5 7 6-6 6 7-6 7 7-7 5 8-7 9 8-8 7 9-8 7 10-8 7 11-8 7 12-8 7 13-8 7 13-9 7 13-10 7 14-10 5 15-10 7 16-10 7 17-10 9 17-11 7 17-12 7 17-13 7 18-13 7 18-14 7 18-15 7 19-15 7 19-16 i 7 20-16 7 21-16 7 22-16 7 23-16 8 24-16 9 25-16 7 25-17 7 25-18 7 26-18 7 27-18 7 28-18 7 28-19 7 29-19 7 29-20 7 30-20 7 31-20 1 1 32-20 9 32-21 9 33-21 9 33-22 GAME RESULTS DECISION Davis (1-0) Abercrombie (0-1) Davis (1-1) Lisenby (0-1) Abercrombie (1-1) Franklin (SI) Slomkowski (1-0) Franklin (1-0) Franklin (2-0) Lisenby (SI) Abercrombie (2-1) Franklin (2-1) Lisenby (0-2) Slomkowski (1-1) Abercrombie (3-1) Strevel(O-l) Davis (2-1) Abercrombie (3-2) . ' it0 Abercrombie (4-2) Slomkowski (2-1) Davis (3-1 ) Franklin (S2) Lisenby (1-2) Abercrombie (5-2) Franklin (2-2) ; . Abercrombie (5-3) Slomkowski (3-1) Dykes (1-0) :_:,;: Davis (4-1) Abercrombie (6-3) Franklin (2-3) Abercrombie (6-4) ■■■• .:$ Slomkowski (3-3) Franklin (3-3) Davis (SI) Slomkowski (3-3) Henke (0-1) Slomkowski (4-3) -v ' - ' ' |, Lisenby (1-3) ' ' ■- ' ,.,, v 1 Abercrombie (7-4) f Slomkowski (5-3) ' ' Abercrombie (8-4) Abercrombie (9-4) Lisenby (2-3) Davis (5-1) Abercrombie (9-5) Slomkowski (5-4) Franklin (4-3) Strevel (1-1) Abercrombie (10-5) Davis (5-2) Strevel (2-1) Franklin (S3) Jones (0-1) Abercrombie (11-5) Davis (6-2) Davis (7-2) Strevel (2-2) Davis (8-2) Slomkowski (5-5) GAME WINNING RBI Daniell (1) Sisson (1) Daniell (2) Sisson (2) Able (1) Daniell (3) Walker (2) Able (2) Hill (1) Able (3) Henke (1) Strevel (1) Strevel (2) Wesson (1) Daniell (4) Walker (2) Bass (1) Wesson (2) Houston (1) Wesson (3) Daniell (5) Strevel (3) Able (4) Daniell (6) Daniell (7) Able (5) Strevel (4) Gulf Coast Classic at Panama City, Fla. • UM Spring Classic (1st) S Souttiern States District 27 c District 27 Tournament at Huntingdon College (2nd) c! District 27 Championship Game at Huntingdon College 193 Cheerleaders Raymond Rainey Kim Durham Dawn Butler Celeste Melton Jennifer Lockhart 194 John Messer Darlene Jennings Tricia Jones Rhonda Payne Joney Nichols Pam Prince 195 4 196 ir Administration and Facuity 197 FADHIL ABBAS AL-LAMI Biology DONALD LEE ALEXANDER Physics and Matli MARTHA ANN BACE Library SARA AYERS BAGBY Home Economics JERRY NEWTON BAKER Traffic Safety Center JAMES BURTON BEAL JR Cfiemistry ROBERT D BEAN Music PHILIP GENE BEASLEY Biology MICHAEL ARTHUR BENSON Housing CHARLOTTE D. BLACKMON Englistn FRED COLLINS BLACKMON Phiysics and Mathi JOHN GLASGO BLACKWELL Business Office MARGARET ANN BLALOCK Phiysical Education DALLAS R. BLEVINS Business Administration SHARI BORUVKA-ROTH Music ' S7 U. J 200 MALCOLM ROSS BRAID Biology JOSEPH DURWOOD BRINDLEY Public Affairs Office SYBLE DELEAN BRINDLEY Physical Educafion LORETTA G BROWN Speech and Hearing JERRI H. BULLARD Social Sciences RICHARD M. CANADA Educafion JOSEPH M. CARDONE Physics and Mafh JONNIE CARLISLE Home Economics OSCAR J. CARSON Social Sciences AV ALINE P. CHILDERS Home Economics MAURICE G. CLABOUGH Business Administrafion WILLIAM D. CLAYTON Education LORETTA COBB English WILLIAM SLEDGE COBB English MIRIAM COLLINS Physical Education 201 MARGARET JEANETTE CREW Physical Education LEON G. DAVIS Physical Education JOANNE L, DAWSON Music JOSEPH FRED DiORIO JR Foreign-Language WILLIAM ARTHUR DOWLING Business Administration ROBERT ALAN DOYLE Adnnissions and Records JOHN CLIFTON DRAPER Traffic Safety CATHERINE DUNN Art CHRISTY EARNHART Physical Education JEAN C, EDWARDS Library ELAINE KILGORE ELLEDGE Special Services PATRICIA S, ERNEST Education STEPHEN B. FINNAN Communication Arts MILTON JOSEPH FOLEY English ROBERT LEE FOX Speech and Hearing 202 NICKIE C. FREEMAN Computer Center JOYCE THOMAS FULLER English JUSTIN FULLER Social Sciences FRANCES H. GARRISON Communication Arts GENE G. GARZA Physics and Math DORTHY G. GRIMES English CAROL ELIZABETH HAMER Home Economics HAROLD CHESTER HAMILTON Business Administration JOHN A HAMILTON JR Social Sciences CHARL ES CLAYTON HARBOUR Communication Arts ALBERT ZEKE HARRIS Chemistry JANE DENISE HILL Speech and Hearing !f FRANK JOHN HOFFMAN Social Sciences CAPTAIN HUGHES ROTC ELAINE WOOD HUGHES English 203 GEORGE F, INZER JR Educational Television JESSE JEFFERSON JACKSON Social Sciences SHIRLEY FULTON JACKSON Social Science VIRGINIA RIDDLE JONES Social Work LAWRENCE ALFRED KURTZ Physics and Matli TAI-HYUNG KWON Physics and Math TERRANCE SCOTT LANE Home Economics ROY MARCELLUS LECHTRECK Social Sciences MILTON BURKE LEONARD Business Administration BOBBYE K. LIGHTFOOT Education FRANK KOEHNE LIGHTFOOT Physical Education ROBERT M, UGHTFOOT Education BOBBY GENE LOGAN Traffic Safety SANDRA WARD LOTT English LINDA C. MAHAN Dean of Students 204 .; j ' -. ' ? ' ' ' ,v:, CHARLES E. MAJURE Foreign-Language MARY JAMES MANNING Social Work RONALD TAYLOR MANNING Social Work MILTON RAY MAYFIELD Foreign-Language WARREN BRUCE McCLANAHAN Student Life LOUIS FRANKUN McCOY Art LINDA F. McCRAY Library ROBERT F. McGUIRE Biology NORMAN R. MCMILLAN English NATHAN ENGLAND McMINN Business Administration NANNETTE CECILE MELINE Speech and Hearing TIMOTHY J. MELINE Speech and Hearing ARIS MERUANIAN Chemistry KURT W. MIKAN Business Administration JUDITH COLEMAN MILLER Speech and Hearing 205 DAVID TAFT MORGAN JR Social Sciences ROBERT WESLEY MOSS Traffic Safety J. MARVIN NARZ Business Administration NEWTON C. NEELY Communication Arts FRED A. NILES Art LOUISE B, OWENS Library SARAH GREEN PALMER English KARL A. PERKINS Educational Television KENNETH J. PROCTER Art ROBERT L. RANDOLPH Business Administration DOUGLAS R. ROGERS Social Sciences ELIZABETH HATLEY ROGERS English JAMES PRESTON ROGERS Psychology JOHN ALAN RUDE Communication Arts FRANK E. RYERSON III Business Administration 206 DIANN ROYLETTE SCALES Library LOUIS SPENCER SHAW Music JANE F. SLAUGHTER Physics and Math EUGENE BONDURANT SLEDGE Biology LARRY E. SMITH Educational Television SARAH T. SMITH Speech and Hearing WENDELL F. SMITH Speech and Hearing HlfH ROBERT B, SOMERS h m Library NEMESIO R. SOSA Educational Television PHYLLIS SPRUIELL Home Economics FRANCES M. STEPHENS Home Economics SCOTT STEPHENS Art RICHARD WHATLEY THAMES Foreign-Language MARY FRANCES TIPTON Library JOHN WARD TISHLER Physical Education 207 REUBEN AUSTIN TRIPLETT Social Sciences NEA GAY TUCKER Educational Television BILL YE K. TURNER Home Economics MERCEDES TURON Foreign-Language JOHN W. VAN VALKENBURG Development Office SIDNEY JERRY VANCE English SUSAN VAUGHN Social Work JOE WALKER Business Administration BEVERLY JANE WARREN Physical Education ERNESTINE M. WLBURN Special Services JAMES ROBERT WILKINSON Student Life PAULINE C. WILLIAMS Library EDWARD SMITH WILSON III Education THOMAS F. WOODS English MARIANNE SMITH ZEANAH Physical Education 208 " ' (SP " iiiSst S.Ji!? ■ 209 Faculty and Administration GRAM GERALD ANDERSON Music SARAH C. GALLOWAY Art CARLYE CARLOVITZ BEST Social Sciences TOMMIE RUTH BLACKWELL Education DAVID LANCE BOYD English ENA BRISTOW English JOYCE L. BROWN Photography JUDITH DIANE CANNATELLA Physical Education JANE UDDLE CLAYTON English CHARLES SANFORD COLLEY Education ARTHUR CHARLES CONYERS Social Sciences JOAN YARBROUGH COWAN Music ROBERT HOMES COWAN Music DENISE PRESKITT GIBBS Speech and Hearing NANCY B. GOTHARD Speech and Hearing CYNTHIA ACOSTA GRAVLEE English MARY WILHOIT HARBOUR Communication Arts CHARLES RAY HANNUM Communication Arts ANGELA HERNANDEZ Physics and Math MARGARET ANNE HOLCOMB Computer Center GEORGE HUNG Chemistry GEORGIA JOLLY Speech and Hearing BARBARA J LEITNER Geology HELEN LOUISE LITTLETON Home Economics DORIS VELMA COX Speech and Hearing NORMA DARDEN Education BETTY LOUISE LUMBY Music DAVID MICHAEL MARTIN Education MARTHA L. DAVIS Traffic Safety JOSEPH OVIDE DELAGE Music JOHN ELLIS MCKINNON Computer Center THEODORE WILLIAM METZ Art LELAND K. DOEBLER Education RAYMOND V. DUNMIRE Library BENNIE DALE MIDDAUGH Mus ic TOMMIE P. MITCHELL Computer Center 210 BARBARA MORRIS NABORS Library ANN M. NEELY Education BETTY WARD NELSON Speech and Hearing CLARISSE L. OKEEFE Communication Arts IRENE M. STAIK Psychology MARY FRANCES TIPTON Library ANNE GOUFFON TISHLER Education WILLIAM BRUCE TOLBERT Music BRANISLAV OPACIC Music JUDITH ANN PERKINS Business Administration WILLIAM JOSEPH PLOTT News Service THEODORE M. PRITCHETT Music SHIRLEY ANNE REED Education TERRY GLENN ROBERSON Education EDWIN C. ROBERTSON Music KATIE JONES ROBERTSON Education JULIA SHELTON ROGERS Psychology ROSALIE A. ROHM Education SYESTER ANDREW RUSSELL Photography JULIE S. RYLAND Publications JACK D. SHARP Music DAVONIA JO SHIPP Music ROBERT B. SOMERS Library HILDA E. VAN LANDINGHAM Biology MARTHA WALL English WILLIAM FLYNN WALLACE Chemistry BONNIE WALLIS Chemistry PAULA H. WARD Social Work MARY ELIZABETH WATTS Home Economics JOYCE C. WESLEY Home Economics DEBRA-LENISE WOODWARD English BUSINESS OFFICE CONNIE LINDA ALLEN MAE GLOSSON CONNIE L. GOGGINS JADA RENE HILYER GARY C. LESTER CAROLYN CLEMENTS OWENS KIMBERLY K. STEIB DEBORA J. TAYLOR ADMISSIONS AND RECORDS JAMES ROY ALLEN PHYLLIS HARRELL DAVIS JULIAN HERBERT GUTHRIE MAUDE L. GUY BETTY H. HOLCOMB LOIS R. PALMER LINDA JEAN WADE CORAL YTH ANN WINDHAM MELISSA M. WOLD 211 212 213 214 215 Seniors larieCalhSB ■f ' lano Pedogogy Cyndi Hawkins Marketing PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE ' Meiahie Pbote ' ivGommunlcotlon Design I John Dodge [M Bifminghom ' ■■ Shari Dorsett ' : Ptnson VallGv Mary Early McCallo Delphine Elder Bessemer Laura Essmon ' Bessemer David Farreli Birmingham iiss; Mickey Ferguson ' ' Ison Forbes ihgham Mary Fortner Verbena Kim Fox Booz John Eubanl Gadsden Chris Gauldin Homewood Robin Gigniliiat " ' Diane Gilliland Cianton Gary Gwin Peiham Tracey Harwell Torrant Chandra Hawkins ■ Montevoilo she! Hickman ftela Houston Idiand |icia Howell i-ptur ,: ' " David Hunter f Birmingham Alvin Jacl so;n ; v;Spelika ;;:j, ■ ' i)t Tammy Jean tsyrd Johnson Decatur Bonnie Johnsti Jody Jones Samuel Jones Lisa Jordan Thorsbv Martha kilgore • Badsden : Sonya King Kinslon Theresa Knops Prottville Donna Kosatka Lisa Lipsco Barry Logan Sryl Ozmerit s " ; Thornasyilte ■ (Siho Pdrrier Nauvoo Aimee Perry Hoftseit© Mary Porter TaltodeoQ Genelle Po Birmln( Edward Lamar Ree Eric Richardsoh ' Montgomery Holly Roberts Poducah Alycio Rodi Tusca ' , Jana Roe Albertville Sheila Rucker Mofbgiy Susan Adcock Bountsvilte Marie Anderson Verbena Lisa Arvin HopkinsviHe Sherri Barnes Sessemef Jean Battle McCalla h Baxiey 3cauga Howard Bayless Birmingham Kimberly Beaty " lam Stoney Beavers Cleaveland Belinda Benjamin Hepdiand Rhonda Bishop PMil Campbell Alan Blake Bessemer Andrea Baldwin Athens GA. Valerie Blankenhorn FnWield " tha Bozemon igham Melinda Bracknell Birmingham Phoebe Bradford Sylacauga Nancy Brindley Hortselle Cheryl Brown Birmingham Beverly Butler 3bie Byrd Caryn Garden Colera Melody Carr emer Donna Carter nn Carter .igham Kenneth Carter Greensboro Ricky Cash Muscadine Barbara Challen Grand Bay : Annette Clark i; George Codone ■ Perwacoia FL. =; Hubert Couch Bifminghom h Marty Crawford ; Fort Paine ; Donette Crowder ( Hueytown I Carol Ann Culpepper Shawn Cusi Spring .... Susan Dailey : Hunlsuille Tammy SIley ' ' Bessemer Norman Darden III Albertvllle Donna Davis Ahrian DdnH MontevclsfTi i Drew DeBerry .5 Birmingham ; i Ganesan Deva | Malasio ' " :, Julie Dickey Montgomery ;! Sharon Donaldson 1 i Sean Dpi Montotfj Margaret DuBQ Birminghi Sherry Emi New Hdijc , I Penny Emmons ■ Mobile ; Kathy Evans Birmingh- ' Denise Birmingt Carol Farringi Centervme ' Deana Floyd Montev Russ FOS; JOCll Lynette Freij Hunts Ross Gagli ' BirmingHc Angela Gann Alobas — :;edric Gardli BirmingHQ. . . David Garrett Birmingh — " Nonle Ger Jane Gllm | McCdlla ' M Mary Gleason Enterprise ' l Donna Glosson Montevollo Chris Goodbeer Huntsville Kimberly Goree, g Canton S H Susie Hays Warriot Sandra Henderson Montgomery Theresa Henderson Birmingham Tammie Holland Eufauio Leslie Horn pky Home . Drent Judy Horton Srieiby Michele Horton Centerville Concetta Hubbard Tuscaloosa Rufus Hudson Donna Huffman Sirmingiiom Ritchie Hurt Jackson Joyce Jacob Birmingtiam Kristi Jenkins Morris Leigh Jervis p Johnson StevQlio tricia Jones iiumbiona Beth Keith MontgoTTiery Deborah Kelly Montgomery Kristy Khoury Lisa Kidd HuntsvillG Glenda Kitchen Huntsviii© Jon Knowies Oriando FL Wendy Kosatko rtoover .Mark Kurtz |na LeFoy ' Xjtiam ihel Lindsey Js Cindy Livingston Huntsville Veto Lorino Birmingtiom Cynthia Macomber este Mei S Chei Stephanie Pratt Centroville | ngela Pruitt -• Gadsden James Roberts Suliir-- ■ Shelly Ri Boy Miri ilaine Rog HuntSx t Glendora Ryans Greensboro Jennifer Robinson Bay Minette Ralph Lafero Gnsten Rbdgers CullrTion Angeia Robbins Dothon Jon Seay fiussellvtiie Stacie Seiiars D.ecatur Debra AFexander Morttevalto Connie Anderson Sandra Angelette Jacksonville John Aufdennorte Pelham Sharon Baird Marjorie Baker Birmingham Panriela Ballard Pell City Kelly Barnes Bessemer Issam Bajalia Birmingham Kirsten Bevies Amy Bayless Birmingham - Diana Bishop Robin Booker Melonie Bradford Julynn Bradshaw Susan Bridges Liricoln Faron Brindley Fairview Donna Kay Bucknei Springville Cindi Burkey Knoxville, TN Kim Burkhalter Alicia Burpo Birmingham Don Bynum Morgaret ' Cheryl Denise Caldwell Pleasant Grove : Wren Camp i Birmingham : ' , Tami Carroll ' I (Vest Blockton Lisa Carter Birmingham Amy Gates Dothan Beth Chalker Homewood Lisa Charbonneau Lacey ' s Spring Mono Carol Cloburn Cynthia Cleveland Brent Jeffrey Cleveland Sylacauga Rod Cliett Bessemer Lesley Clyburn Birmingham Vanessa Cobbs Gardendale ' -aacquend Colbert ■ Jonathan Collins Karen Conely Kelly Copelond " Laune uox :■ Midfield ' Charlotte C Valerie Crow Tracy Dorough Chelsea Bethany Early Montevallo Jo Anne Easterling Anne Furmon Mark (boines Pierre Gordon Paula Grasse Angela Grabitt " Birmingham Cathy Gray Tuscoiooso Donna Green Cottonwood Margaret Greer Melody Griffin CtiiCkasaw Ursula Guy Beth Harlin Leslie Harp Donna Harris v-| Montevailo Dru Harris " ;: " ■ " § Birmingham " .3 Joseph Hendefi Auburn Aretha Hehrv 3 • bile foecca Hicks; rtevailo " BolDlDrHSifif?-? Bridgeport ' ' SM mta Howard.:: Cdfhy Ivey : fl Arab ;:;.n-| Kinnberly Hunt. | Fiorence : ■: ' ' .% Scott Jean U ' i f Montgomery " ' :, Darlene Jennings Oneonta Jon Jennings i Frances Jones Hope In Jan Jones Birminghom Theresa Jones Wine Ridge Rose Joseph Birmingtiam Patricio Juneman Birmingham Kothy Kemp Tuscaloosa Vicki Kerby J Thomasvilte Marsha Kidd I Huntsville I Kalyn Kilgore @ ' Xatherine Kilgore Bifmingham Mary Ann Kilton Montgomery Leslie Kimbrough Hortselle Tim Knight Clanlon Alison Kniseley Birmingham .rx„ Lamberth Scottsboro Beth Lang Ationto Cheryle Lapsley Morion Debra Lavender Huntsviile Deborah Lawler JDhen Lechtenberger Birmtnghom Carlo Lee Hortselle Glenda Lee ' dy Lee id Leek Birmingtiom Laura Lewis Birmingtiom- Campbell Long Bar! Lowe Birmingnom p Lowey I II 1 1 Lupinacci Oothon Julie Maksimowsky Huntsviile Karen Marks Tollossee dy Massey ister yn McCain .: ,,Jela McCann Prottville Gina McConneil Ellen McElwee Vestovio HiBs Karen McGrady Mary McKemy Huntsviile Kimberly McManus Chelsea Patti Meyers Cniidersbufg Deidre Mitchell Huntsviile Gary Mitchell Randolph Rhonda Moon H| ' %L Pelham -aimi ■tK John Moore «fc 1 Brent Sylivia Moore Birmingham t l Tracey Morant k " 1 hillip Morgan Birmingtiam --- " impM t. W Cindy Morris Springviile Kelly Morrison Birmingham Paul Mutual Ft. Waiton Beach Jennifer Nachvor Huntsville Ban Seong Neoh Christy Newman Goodwater Janey Nichols Blountsviile Mary Noble Peiham Lula North Reption Rebecca Givey Birmingham Boon Aun Onj Lallie Osborne: Foley % Judy Owens ; Bessemer Daphne Osley Alabaster MIchele Pari ei Paige Parsons i, Birmingham Michelle Pearson Dena Perry Bradley Phillips ■ Athens |: Mark Pierce 1 Vestavia Hills Laura Planitzer Wofthington Greg Porter Pell City Melissa Pratt :, Fairfield Pamela Prine Mobile Bobby Robon Bay MInette Eileen Rotcliff ; Mobile . ■ Kim Roberts : Annlston ; Sue Robertson Mobile Paulo Robinson Ft. Walton Beach E Michael Rogers Bessemer ■ I HI Elisa Trott Chelsea Beth Tschudy Mobile Toni Tucker Pell City Rene6 Vance Colera Susan Barnon Hueylown Joanne Veasey Mobile Cindy Vickery :: Birmingham J ' Frances Waldrup Birmingham Johanna Ward Pelham Molly Watson Marion Weir verbena Lisa Welch Talladega Tony White Holly Pond Carrie Williams Birmingham Jack Wilson Jr. Birminghom Senior Directory SUSAN RENEE BRACKIN— Speech Pathology Senior Elite— Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universi- ties — MONTAGE staff — Special Services Tutor— UM Freshman Orientation Leader— Freshman Seminar Advisor, Supervi- sor—College Republicans, Secretary, Chairman— Alabama College Republican Federation vice chairman, chairman Sig- ma Alpha Pi President— National Students Speech Hearing and Language Association Vice President— Lambda Sigma Pi— Omicron Delta Kappa— Kappa Delta Pi— SGA Senior Senator Co-chairman, Special Events Committee— Scottish Rite Fellow— Junior Honor Student — Senior Honor Student— Deans List— National Deans List— Laura F. Wright Scholarship Award in Communication Science — College Night Purple Book JONATHAN JOEL BUNCH— Alpha Tou Omega Social Fraternity Officer— Omicron Delta Kappa— Phi Kappa Phi— Alpha Epsilon Rho— ALABAMIAN Sports Editor, Assistant Editor— Student Assistant to Sports information Department — Senior Elite Journalism — Junior Honors — Senior Honors DEANNA MARIE CATALDO— SGA Entertainment Chairman— Cobblestone Productions Director— Alpha Epsilon Rho Vice Chairman, Parliamentarian— College Night Cast, Stage Crew, Cabinet, Choreography— Orchesis— " Hansel and Gretel " — Lambda Chi Alpha Little Sister— Program and Technical Director for Cable Channel 1 3— Internships WSFA TV- 12, " Shadow Waltz, " ABC Sports PGA, CFA Production, Alabama VS. Boston College, Birmingham Stallions vs. Tampa Bay TERESA ANN COCHRAN— Alpha Delta Pi (officer)— College Night purple cowtail, scrapbool , publicity, business commit- tee. Homecoming Hostess LYNN CROWE— Phi Mu Fraternity Vice President, Corresponding Secretary, Scholarship— Phi Chi Theta vice president- Freshman Seminar Advisor SALLY DANGLER JEFF DESHAZO — New Life Ministries — founding and President— Residential Hall Association— Judicial Advisory Board- Napier Hall Council (secretary) — Cafeteria Concerns Committee— Lyric Theatre— Chamber Choir— Concert Choir Stu- dent Conductor — " Montevallo Movie, " production Assistant SUSAN DURHAM— Sigma Tau Delta President— Alpha Lambda Delta— Montage staff— Harbert Writing Center Tutor- Freshman Seminar Advisor— Student Development Tutor— English Department Assistant— Deans List DONNA MARIE FIORE— Deans List— Phi Mu Sorority Social Committee, Social Service Committee— Panhellenic Representa- tive PAM GARRETT— Phi Mu Social Fraternity Ethics Chairman— ALABAMIAN staff— Harbert Writing Center tutor— Freshman Bool Review Contest— Freshman Seminar Advisor MIKE HAWKINS— New Life Ministries— Kappa Pi Art Honorary— BFA Art Show— ALABAMIAN photographer MARY BETH KEENUM— Omicron Delta Kappa— Lambda Sigma Pi— Alpha Delta Pi— SGA Senator— Dean ' s List— Golson Honors Seminar— Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities— TOWER Award for Best Prose Entry— College Night Gold Flunkie, Staging— Sophomore and Junior Honors Seminars— National Deans List— Cast ' little Women " BARRY LOGAN— Montevallo Master, Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity pledge trainer, athletic director, I.F.C. president and trea- surer — Sophomore Senator— Junior Senator — Junior Class Favorite— Freshman Seminar Advisor— Campus Ministry— Col- lege Night Gold tickets, athletics, staging— intramural sports— Deans List 243 BETTY MIRIAM LOWERY— Lambda Sigma Pi, Kappa Delta Pi, Omicron Nu President, SHEA Valedictorian Scholarship, Mary Larkin Scholarship, Alpha Delta Kappa Scholarship, and Dean ' s list tour years. MARGARET MARSHALL— SGA Treasurer. Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Chi Theta President, Alpha Gamma Delta President, Freshman Seminar Advisor, Alpha Lambda Delta Honorary, Gold side Flunkie, and make-up. JENNIFER MILNER— Phi Chi Theta secretary; ordering chairperson. Phi Mu treasurer: pledge class reporter: alumni director. Freshman Seminar Advisor, College night Gold Scrapbook publicity, RHA cofeteria concerns committee, and circle K. MIRIAN CAKES— Sigma Tau Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi and Tower Staff Assistant Editor. MARGARET A. PURCELL— Delta Zeto Social Sorority, Beta Theta Pi Fraternity little Sister, College Republican Vice-chairman, Individual Events Team Nationally Ranked Impromptu, Dinner Speaker, Alabama Debate Council Scholarship, Senior Elite; Speech, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, Resident Assistant, " The Alabamian " Staff, " Tov er " Contributor, Delta Sigma Rho-Tou Kappa Alpha, National Forensic Honorary, RHA Vice-president, Internship for Alabama Attorney General ' s Office. KATHRYN LYNN SANDIDGE— Alpha Epsilon Rho Treasurer, College Night Purple: Cast, Crev , and Cabinet, MCS News Crew, generally just bummed around campus laughing olot, REBECCA EANNE SCHEETZ— Phi Chi Theta, Circle K, Freshman Seminar Advisor, Dean ' s List, Tutwier Fire Marshal, RHA, and College Night stage crew. ERIC SCOTT STELL— Delta Chi social sorority. VIRGINIA STERN— Mass Communication Student of the year. Cobblestone Productions Catering Director, UPC, College Night Purple: Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager, Montevallo Communication Services Station Manager, News Director, Director University Basketball Games, Technical Director High School Football Games. Convention Coordinator AERho " The Greatest Convention That Never Was. " MARY ROBIN THOMAS— Omicron Delta Kappa, Chi Omega President, Rush Chairman, Music National Conference Vice President, Corresponding Secretary, Phi Alpha Mu Secretary — treasurer, PiKoppa Lambda, Lambda Sigma Pi, Sigma Tau Delta, Senior Elite; Music Education, Freshman Seminar Supervisor, Kappa Delta Pi, LeBaron Music Award, Dean ' s List and Wind Ensemble. PAMELA DIANE WHATTEY— Sigma Tau Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa, SGA Freshman and Sophomore Senator, Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Tau Delta Book Award, Dean ' s List, Senior Elite: English. MARY ANN YON— Englis Department Assistant, Herbert Writing Center Tutor, Dean ' s List. DAVID ZAVIDIL— Alpha Tau Omega Social Fraternity, Head Usher Concert and Lecture Series, SGA Junior Class Senator, Junior Class Favorite, Chaplain, Senior Class Favorite, Alabamian Photographer, and Main Event Ministries. AVIS RICHARDSON— RHA Representative BFA Touring Art Honor Show Exhibit, Alabamian Photographer, Finalist in Photogra- pher Forums Magazine Annual Spring Photo Contest, Art, Book, And Set Design Asst. Purple Side 84, Tower Art ED. Alabamian Photographer, Montage Photography Ed., Campus outreach Ministry, Alpha Sweetheart, Cobblestone Production Com- mittee, Purple Cabinet— Art and Set Design. 244 Graduate Students A bbott, Mary Adams, Rita Aired, Rebecca Anderson, Claudia Bailey, Barbara Bailey, Julie Bearden, Cathy Beaty, Rebecca Berson, Karen Blackwell, Max Blanton, Ronald Boddie, Dianne Boruvka-Roth, Stiari Boswell, Deborati Boyd, Karen Brady, Linda Briner, Carroll Broadhiead, Barbara Brooks, Nancy Butler, Jerre Byars, Ronald Causey, Janice Cofer, Reba Coleman, Jennifer Cook, Mar Jean Cox, Nancy Crumpton, Richard Cryar, Eriene Cutchen, Dovie Daniels, Jeffrey Darden, Jane Davis, Susan Dawkins, Brenda Dawkins, Patricia Dean, Shirley Dean, Tara Dixon, David Dowling, Vida Drain, Jackie Draper, John Driggars, Donna Drost, Hazel Dumas, Scarlet Dunivant, Janis Evans, Lillian Fanning, Belinda Fleaman, Tina Fly, Deborah Ford, Michael Friday, Kay Fulmer, Caroline Gant, Fiona Garrett, Charlene Garrett, Joan Gelhardt, Mark Giles, Dana Gover, Steven Grider, Carrie Griffin, Lisa Grimes, Mary Guier, James Gunn, Danielle Hagan, Cheri Halbert, Wanda Hale, Judy Hale, Sonya Hamrick, Kenneth Hanco ck, Ingrid 245 Graduate Students Harlow, Jo Harmon, Mary Harrison, Tamara Haynes, Larry Headiey, Phillip Helf, William Herndon, Teresa Hill, Carol Hill, Cathy Hill, Tharesa Hood, Mary Horton, Johnye Horton, Mary Howard, Daria Ingram, Janet Jackson, Leeann Jackson, Woodie Johnston, Judy Jones, Kendra Kang, Hee Kervin, Carlis Kinnebrew, Laurie Lambert, Jacquelin Lavender, Barbara Lawley, Roger Lenoir, Ivanna Lessley, Elizabeth Lovelady, Andrea Lovelady, Debra Lovelady, Janice Lovelady, Tisia Mackey, John Maddox, Doris Martin, Alice Martin, Donna Maurer, Nancy McCullers, Omega McDaniel, Margaret McGrady, Jane McHan, Annette McLaughlin, Cathy Miller, Margaret Mims, Sandra Mims, Wilma Mitchell, Cathleen Moore, Linda Moore, Teresa Morgan, Sandra Morris, Ann Moxley, Cathy Murdock, Jane Naugher, Billy Nolen, Bonnie Oedamer, Elizabeth Orr, Lenora Parker, Robert Pearson, Sharon Perkins, Helen Pickett, Margaret Polk, Henry Powell, Charlotte Pratt, Elaine Praytor, Robert Price, Sandra Ray, Venetia Redd, Patricia Richardson, Melissa Rinehart, Linda 246 Graduate Students Roberts, Vandi Robinson, Delilati Rochester, Ann Sanderson, Cheryl Sawyer, Linda Scott, Peggy Scruggs, Gisela Semricic, Mary Shaddix, Sue Shannonhouse, IVIartha Shelton, Bessie Shepherd, Catherine Simoneti, Susan Sims, Donna Smith, Brenda Smith, Warren Smith, Nancy Smith, Vivian Smith, Wanda Snead, Marilyn Snider, Vickie Snow, Pamela Sorensen, Tami Sosa, Nemesio Spears, Maureen Stewart, Cynthia Swann, Stephen Tate, Sherry Thomas, Cindy Thornton, Mary Treadaway, Angela Tschache, Diana Turner, Preston Turner, Suzette Valentine, Dora Walker, Rhonda Wallace, Melanie Walters, Tina Waters, Richard Watts, Connie Weismann, Judith Westphal, Wes Williamson, Connie Winslett, Judy Womacks, Cynthia Wright, Clayton Wright, Kenneth Young, Jan Youngblood, James Zimmerman, Sheri 247 248 Closing 249 rcbants Plcmte ' n Ct K- 158 NORTH MAIN, P. O. BOX 250 MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA 35115 250 - ,- ---.;a« ' .? LUCKY ' S SUPERMARKETS 128 EAST MIDDLE STREET— MONTEVALLO, AL 35115 OPEN: 7:30 A.M. -8:00 P.M.— MON.-THURS.- 10:00 P.M. FRI SAT. -7:30 A.M.- 9:00 A.M. -7:00 P.M. SUNDAY Rochester ' s MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA " ALWAYS SOMETHING NEW " at Rochester ' s University Photo 129 North Mair Street Montevallo, AL 35115 PH: 665-1157 • Darkroom Supplies • Quality Photo Finishing One Day Service on All Color Film • Art Supplies Moin Street ZANE ' S MEN ' S SHOP For the enterprising man, fine clothes are a must. Be an enterprising man — You will enjoy life more. Montevallo 665-2264 251 252 m, ' :S - 253 254 Bill Plotf The yearbook staff wishes to dedicate its 1984-85 annual to BILL PLOTT. His years of dedicated service to the students and to the University on the whole has earned him this rec- ognition. We, the staff of the 1984-85 MONTAGE congratu- late him for his ability to work with the students and his pa- tience with us. 256 If a ma Keep compa Perhap he hea A differ Let Him sic Which A hears, HowevBnrigps far aw --Vv ■ -. ifcML f W ' 256 .1

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