University of Montevallo - Montage Technala Yearbook (Montevallo, AL)

 - Class of 1981

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University of Montevallo - Montage Technala Yearbook (Montevallo, AL) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Cover

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rfsgj IB z ■ H VBBH UNIVERSITY OF MONTEVALLO MONTAGE VOLUME XL ditor: Rona Phillips Business Manager: Tommy Roach MONTAGE STAFF EDITOR: RONA PHILLIPS BUSINESS MANAGER: TOMMY ROACH Section Editors: Classes — Vicki Weiss Events — Robin Clugston Greeks — Julia Rudd Layout Editor — Lester Massey Ads — Nancy Broadwell Faculty — Pam Young Organizations — Michelle Vines and Tina Barrow General Staff: Michelle Barsanti, Joan Garrett, Dana Tucker, Pam White Contributing Photographers: Charlene James, Michael Foy, Mark Woodard, Paula Brand, Keith Shearer, Keith Harrellson. Table of Contents Opening College Night Classes Events Student Life Organizations Sports Faculty Ads Sr. Directory p. 2 p. 42 p. 20 p- 106 p- 92 p- 202 p- 138 p- 234 p- 268 p- 80 Cover Design by Lester Massay wm ._s a campus that ' s beauty unrivaled by others. Energetic joggers and frisbee fanatics enjoy the gorgeous grounds. UM has a campus that is a typical portrait of the genteel South — calm, quiet and very peaceful. FaTTuoirairly in ©j®iiail., igpi© ires®irv®ol iLTiidnvklnnsiJIs atewfe 7 ®¥®ilw® Mil® pymk jrockeiT , SiiiHeMs • ' -;■ ;ik»7®4 h®k ton® ©otore ait ISl (fai i|®w wave iiNinsititt iiiutits V Sfe " A Vl " . i|fet i , •; -V -5(RBi :■ . College Night, UM ' s one tradition that stands apart from any other, was a true success this year. Both sides worked hard and presented shows to be proud of . Pur- ple leaders Were Karen Wingate and Michael Johnson. The Gold side was led by Robyn McQueen and Glen Gray. 4ft 0—% r 10 11 S A • 14 15 ' I I 1fl 17 COLLEGE NIGHT GV CABINET Art Women ' s Athletics Men ' s Athletics Book Business Manager Choreography Costumes Director Flunkies Golden Girls Lighting Make-up Orchestra Props Publicity Safety Script Spirit Staging Technical Director Tickets Typing Scott Owen and Bruce MacPherson Annette Brabham Mike Doss Carmen Castillo Susan Bennett Loretta Burton Janet Hughes Andrea Kloss Candi Childers Ramona Avery Monty Todd Betsy Fega Klinte Rallies and John Lossie Earl Goodwin Amy Hicks David Wilson Richard Matthews Kelley Cousins David Wilson Russ Thomas Ami Traweek Dianne Fields 20 PV CABINET Art Chuck Rogers Women ' s Athletics Anna Hamel Men ' s Athletics Chuck Maurer Book Meg MacMahon Business Manager Beth Bradford Cast Debbie Yancy, Director Costumes Nadine Antaillia Cowtails Lauren Wingate Head Grip Melanie Martin Light Design Kathy Duncan Master Electrician Cricketta Brendel Make-up Glen Gourley Orchestra Chuck Quinn Photography Charlene James Props Doria Gibbons Publicity Lynn Johnson Safety and Security Marc Parnell Spirit Chuck Richards Stage Manager Lyn Hugensmith Tickets Lori Young Technical Director Tim Pierce Choreography Renee Weeks 21 1981 LEADERS Loyal leaders make a switch. On the left, Gold leaders Robyn McQueen and Glen Gray. To the right, Purple leaders Karen Wingate and Michael Johnson. Look to your right if you want to see the " true col- ors " of College Night 1981. 22 t - SBI I 23 24 Gold and Purple spirit was high this year as it is every year. The Purples got a boost when a former Purple, Universi- ty photographer, Keith Harrelson, was awarded the 1981 College Night Dedication. 25 ;m, The sports activities that are incor- porated into the College Night competi- tion are a way for many students to become involved in College Night. Students who would not usually be in- volved in the production of a musical- comedy-drama, can be an important part of the entire competition through sports. 27 CHAMPION ' S ALABAMA .OLLEGIAjECON|IERE XWERENCETOUKNAW 28 Purple and Gold cheerleaders play an integral part in team spirit. This year ' s cheerleaders did an excellent job atten- ding and cheering at all important events in a tight College Night schedule. 1 ! ia 29 30 Many friendships are formed during the long nights of rehearsals for College Night. The crazy experiences of these times of preparation are the things that many students will remember for years to come. 31 H 1 ■ ai 11 ■ k- ! Bf H 32 " Give Me Gold " the 1981 Gold pro- duction was a lively spoof of pirates and island paradises. The jungle natives that opened the show were a wild success with the audience. The natives, along with beautiful lighting and sets, highlighted the play. 33 34 The 1981 Purple Show, " The Imperial Gala of 1943 " was the story of the Im- perial Theater ' s struggle to stay afloat. Into this theme the Purples brought in fantastic music and oneliners that kept the audience rolling in the aisles. 35 36 After working for so long, it is very difficult to accept a College Night loss. This year ' s contest was very close, with the Purples losing by only one point. Although a loss is heartbreaking, the love and friendship gained through par- ticipation are the true reasons for carry- ing on the College Night tradition. 37 " WE ARE GOLDEN 38 RICH " VICTORY 39 CLASSES SENIORS Pamela Adams Wendell Almonrode Rebecca Aired Carol Alston Thomas Anderson Mary Auffenorde Robin Baker Richard Barlow Robert Beck Merrill Becknith Bryan Bell Karen Billingsly Nancy Birdsong Danny Blackerby Cathy Bost Annette Brabham Dorothy Brasher Neal Bridges Linda Brown Jackie Brown 42 Jeffrey Bruce Vicki Bryan Judy Butler Shelia Carlton Ben Carswell Joyce Carter Teresa Casey Melisa Clark Joan Clemens James Cochran Sara Cochren Felton Collier Jan Corbett Lisa Counts Lisa Corretti Deborah Cox Kelly Cousins Mickey Crawford Connie Crider Jerome Crowder 43 Michael Culberson Rick Culp Annette Dalton Diana Davis Keith Davis Tammy Deboer Brad Dinkmeyer Teresa Dollar Elaine Dumas Mary Dykes Rita Eads Vickie Edwards Robert Esneault Clarence Fairer Dianne Fields Sandi Frederick Susan Gammon Anita Gay Ellen Gentry Pamela Gilbert 4-1 Steve Gilbert Aleta Glass Joe Glasgow Keith Golden David Gossett Steve Gover Alfred Gowrley Sheila Gray Cynthia Grill Joyce Grimes Anna Lee Guarinc Robbie Guesnaro Robyn Hagler Thomas Hall Anna Hamel Theresa Hand Kelli Harris Elizabeth Hauk Loretta Hankins Elizabeth Heath 45 Vivian Hernandez Tammy Herring Alesa Hicks Mike Hight Penny Hildreth Sabrina Hildrith Carolyn Hill Thomas Hill Iva Jane Holley Janice Holloway Diane Holman Maria Hope Johny Horn Kargn Horn Peggy Horn Dallas Home Phyllis Horrgll Donald Howton Sandra Hudson Susan Humphries 46 Sarah Husband Richard Ingram Clarenda Jackson Charlene Tames Lynn Johnson Charles Johnson Pamela Johnson Rebecca Johnson Steve Johnson Tammy Johnson Rinalda Jones Nonadol Khemkhajon Willie Jones Kathy Kimberly Cindy Kinser Micheal Knight James Knowles David Knox James Kramer Schetta Kulkarni 47 Candi Langston Connie Latham Carolyn Lawrence Delisa Lawrence Micheal Lebeau Jeff Ledbetter Alicia Liles Vickie Lilly Sandra Long Lisa Lowe Allison Lynch Gary Mahon Elaine Marino Richard Matthews Natalie May Anita McCombs Kendall McConata Connie McCulley Nancy McClain Kathv McClellan 48 Elizabeth McDougal Debbie McGinty Robyn McQueen Kelly Mewbourne Sandra Minis Charles Mitchell Margaret Morelock Martha Morgan James Myers James Newby Eileen Nix Barbara Norman Melanie Odom Pamela Ousley Frank Owen Yolanda Payton Judy Park Jimmie Parker Judy Peacock Alicia Peters 49 Lisa Phillips Ruth Pickett Diane Pickle John Poe Lori Porter Archie Powell Lisa Powell Linda Price Suzy Pruett Yevonne Ray Theresa Reid Dawn Rice James Richy Warren Ringsdorf Janice Roberts Vandi Roberts Mary Lynn Roland Timothy Rogers Teresa Rothwell Katherine Rudder so Ruth Sullivan Debbie Taylor Cheryl Thomas Pamela Thompson Donna Tombrello Duncan Tovar Kathryn Turner Kathrvn Vick Donna Voce Jamelle Waid Debra Walker Janice Wallis Robert Ware Carolyn Warren Donna Webb Margaret Whitmer Fred Williams John Williams Stacy Williams Carol Wilson 51 Pan Rungsipamkung Karen Sanders Marjorie Saunders [an Schablow Peter Scott Theresea Selby Dionna Setlow Martha Short Sandra Short Ivana Smith Diane Smith Judy Smith Robin Smith Vivian Smith Julie Stephenson Carl Stevens Pat Stewart Donna Stiers Leesa Stuck David Stutts 5? Dorothy Sullivan John David Wilson Mark Wilson Kim Wingo Yvonne Wood Michael Wooley Lou Wright Sharon Wyatt Phyllis Zalenski 53 JUNIORS Melody Acker Keith Alexander Lawrence Ananian Nadine Antaillia David Askins Marilynne Aughtman Ramona Avery Nancy Bailey Pattie Bailey Delita Ball Sharon Barrow Barnett Barry Susan Basden Sheila Bates Timothy Beiro Herman Bell Gary Belteu Susan Bennett Maxine Bentley Cheryl Berg Peter Bishop Mohammad Blackerby Sandy Blankenship Rebecca Boles Philip Bond Regina Boulware Elizabeth Bradford Cindy Burns Loretta Burton Sallie Bush 54 Jimmy Bush Leanna Butler D ' Andrea Cardone Cindy Carr Patricia Carr Dawn Carter Denise Cartledge Carmen Castillo Ed Chadbourne Andrea Chafin Kathryn Childers Kelly Christian Louise Christiansen Ginger Clark Carolyn Collins Harvey Conner Anne Conway Terri Cooper Mary Culp David Curren Phyllis Daniel Lisa Daniels Cathy Danner Brian Davis Julie Davis Susan Davis Cindy Dawkins Donna Dean Mary Dixon Mary Douglas 55 Vickie Edmondson Karen Elliott Richard Emanuel Sally Faulkmer Karen Foradori Robin Fox Michele Frankenberg Pamela Gammon Charlene Garrett lohnathan Getz Nancy Gilmore Johnny Godsey Carol Graham Cindy Green Rebecca Green Nancy Guinn Susan Hamman Alesia Harris Angela Harris (ohnathan Harris Lisa Hearin Amy Hicks Sharon Hicks Warren Higgins Thomasine Hill |ohn Hilyer Valerie Hinson Rebecca Holcombe Greg Hollis Laverne Holsombeck 56 Tammy Horton Kerry Hughes Mike Hughes Ginger Hydrick Thomas Ingram Beth Isay Stephen Janert Joy Johnson Micheal Johnson Nancy Jones Randy Jones Patty Kennedy Jimi Khoh Susan Kieth Terry Killingsworth Florence King Jama King Sherry Kirton Delmas Lawler Terri Lawley Patricia Loryorn Phyllis Mangum Warwick Mann Daphne Manning Debra Martin Lori Martz Elizabeth McAnally Justine McElroy Debra McGee James Mclnnis 57 Karen Meyer Valerie Mikul Annette Miles Renee Miller Linda Mims Jo Mitchell Billy McKenzie Tracy McMichen Joy Moore Howard Moss Jan Nicholson Herbert Norton Cindy Nunn Patricia Nuss Olivia Parkman Angelia Patterson Melissa Payne John Pike Jacquelyn Pritchett Alanna Ralph Richard Reed Letty Reynolds Holly Robertson Robin Robertson Mark Robinson Jenny Ross Katherine Rozendale Marley Russell James Russell Fred Sandlin 58 Donna Santos Darlene Schram Mary Sherrer Joseph Sims Larry Sims Donna Smith Kenny Spearman Rodney Stanfield Debra Stough Sharon Stoval Edward Terry Roger Tew Celia Thornton Kathy Traywick Dana Tucker Kay Ulrich Richard Vaughan Paula Vinson Sandra Wade Sherri Watson Dottie Waugh Linda West Lisa White Patience Whitman Ann Whitten Pamela Wilkinson Darrell Williams Jenny L. Williams Marc Woodard Valerie Yates 59 Lori Young Mary Ann Young ' % i (V I , v 60 SOPHOMORES Paulette Adkins Regina Alexander Sherry Alfrord Lisna Alloway Robin Alverson Beckie Anderson Denise Arnett Bambi Bailey Scott Bailey Michael Ball Sheri Baker Carole Barnes Michelle Barsanti Linda Bauer Jennifer Becker Sheri Becker Robin Beckwith Robin Belk Amy Binion Paula Blessing Paula Brand Lynn Brantley Rhonda Brasell Carol Broadhead Henrietta Brown Susie Bruce Robin Burgess Cathy Burns Debbie Burton Donna Busling 61 Beverly Byrd Elizabeth Byrd Jane Campbell Glenda Cantrell Melanie Capps Debra Carden Kimberly Carr Katie Cash Lisa Chilson Kathy Churchill Mitchel Cleckler Carol Clenney Robin Clugston Dale Coburn Beth Cochran David Coker Billy Collier Patricia Cook Kathy Cooper Carol Cornelius Jerry Counselman Becky Cox Donna Cox Gina Cox Nancy Cox Picture Not Available Lee Crowley Lynne Culyer Dewey Curry Bari Daily Lori Danley Picture Not Available 4 J 4 Picture 1 -« $ Not Available ' . 62 Eugena Davis Lisa Davis Daria Dellapenta William Dennis Jeff Desharo Donna Dew Marci Dick Susan Dolbeer Duncan Draper Gary Duffee Celeste Dumas Melanie Dykes Patty Endress Larry Ethridge Ann Fagan Teri Fisher Lynn Flemming Albert Foo Karen Foradori Rhonda Foster Beverly Franklin Lisa Fultz Joanna Gagliano Joan Garrett Patricia Gibson Anna Goodwin Mark Gothard Susan Gregg Mary Grimes Cynthia Guy m,r® : 63 Tamela Hale Sonya Hale Jan Hancock Carol Hand lanis Hart Janice Hassett Larry Haynes Elizabeth I laynie Cindy Henderson Carol Henry Cena Hickenbothum Dian Hicks Leslie Hicks Mishele Hoder Julia Hodges Beth Holder Mary Holifield Ken Hope Angelic Hopewood Tim Hoven Mauri Howell Janet Hughes Terry Hunter Gloria Ippolito Pamela Jackson Robert Jernigan Margaret Jinright Cheryl Johnson Cynthia Johnson Marianne Johnson 64 Picture Not Available Kathleen Kane Elizabeth Keith Alyson Kerr Leah Kilgore Sherry King Donna Kizziah Ronna Klinedinst Jeff Knapp Jan Knight Suneeta Kulkarni Susan Kuntz Elizabeth Kuykendall Linda Laney Nancy Larrimore Ai Hock Lee Lynda Lee Tracy Leu Ed Lewis Louanne Lewis Laura Lind Keith Little David MacPherson Alan Mangum Maria Maniscalco Melanie Martin Chuck Maurer Mary McArther Sandra McCauley Kevin McCoy Barbara McDaniel 65 Hayden McDaniel Lori Mclntyre Gina McKenzie Kelly McWilliams Teresa Meigs Deborah Miller Shari Miller Terri Miller Deborah Mims Vicki Mims Sherry Misenhimer Kelly Mitchell Lori Moler Merideth Moody Joseph Moore Terri Moore Sherrill Murer William Murphy Russell Murran Bruce Newbourne Buddy Nix Lisa Noe Danny Noles Nancy Oaks Laura Odom Elizabeth Olliff Alan Paris Jenifer Park Claudia Parker Benny Parks 6li Judy Pate Craig Payant Sandra Peacock Curtis Peoples Eric Person Twyla Phelps Kallie Phillips Karen Phillips Becky Pickering Charlen Pitts Christy Powell Jerry Prater Cynthia Pratt Brenda Price Peggy Putnam Toni Redding David Reed Leeann Rhodes Regina Rhodes Keith Richardson Cindy Richie Carol Ridgeway Wanda Rinehart Fiona Robertson Greg Robinson Sonya Robinson Julia Rudd Robyn Russell Jill Ryan Becky Sallo 67 Susan Salokar Kelly Sawyer David Scheimon Claren Schell lames Schell Robin Schrobenloher Janet Shaw Beth Sheila Keith Sherrer Normandie Shirley Sandra Sims Shawn Sims Donna Smiley Andrea Smith Donna Smith Ernesta Smith Rozanne Smith Tammy Smith Jennifer Snell Marianne Stafford Bettye Steckel Georgette Stewart Jan Stiff Kathy Sukut MikeTamucci Shelia Taylor Teresa Thorn Susan Tisdale Judy Todd Cheryl Totty 68 Barry Underwood Lisa Vaughn Kim Walker Kathy Wallace Carol Walters Teresa Walters Donald Walton Teresa Ward James Watkins Jack Webb Richard Wegrich JeffWeis Juliann Welch Lori White Marion Whitlock Harold Whitten Robin Wilder Jay Wilkoff Mary Williams Sharyn Williams Sherry Williams James Wilson Coralyth Windham Lauren Wingate Frances Woerz James Wood Diane Woodard Lisa Woodard Steve Woodfin Felicia Wright 69 Claire Young Rose Zalenski Deborah Zanaty Sheri Zimmerman 70 FRESHMEN Lee Ackley Larry Adams Lisa Adams Joanne Akers Robin Ankrom Leon Ashe Lorrie Austin Robbi Avery Ashley Bailey Elizabeth Bailey Knox Bannister Paul Barber Jennifer Barineau Lisa Barnes Tina Barrow Caroline Batrous Betsy Battle Lisa Belser Cynthia Bender Theresa Berst Carol Blackmon Teresa Blevins Melanie Bloodworth Becky Bowman Kathy Boyett Carol Bradford David Bradshaw Dawn Branan Nancy Broadwell Susan Brooks 71 Jenise Broome Connie Brown Kathy Brown Phyllis Brown Lisa Browne Vivian Burchfield Robbin Burman Teresa Burnett Terri Burnette Barbara Burns Ronice Butler Tito Cabiya Caterina Cardwell Melody Carr Denise Castleberry Rose Chu Marcus Cochran Nohemy Colindres Debbie Collier Susan Cooley Polly Cottingham Shannon Covington John Cox David Cruce Benita Culp Greg Cysimano Jeffery Davenport Deborah Davidson Teresa Davis David Dawson 7? Vicki Dean John Dempsey Dianne Dennard Denise Dickenson Dee Dixon Sandra D ' Linger Trishel Drake Robbi Duckett Terry Duncan Belinda Dunkin Stephanie Dutt Amy Eady Daisy Eddins Laura Ensor LouAnn Faulkner Luanne Fields Russell Fleming Ginga Flowers Joy Ford Carol Franks Charles Fulghum Anna Fuller Sharon Garrett Tom Gauntt Julie Gibbs Nancy Goltz Sally Gonder Sandra Goodin Genie Goodwin Julie Gordon 73 Elisabeth Green Jodi Green Lisa Griffin Janet Grigsby Lourdes Guerra Sharla Guinn Gretchen Guy Sandy Gwin Cheryl Hairston Laura Hall LeAn Hallman Mary Harrell Katherine Harris Barbara Hartsfield Robert Hatter Linda Hayes Renee Heath Rhonda Hereford Paul Hickman Celia Hicks Joy Hinds Cindy Holcombe Ronnie Holsombeck Lynn-Amy Howard Laura Hudson Ann Hughen Lisa Hutcherson Alicia Jeff Toni Jenkins Laura Johnson 74 Paula Johnson Carie Jones Karen Jones Laura Jones Lewis Jones Robert Jones Shearie Jones Suzanne Jones John Judy Susan Kiefer Beth Killough Cynthia King Louie Kirkland Kim Kline Terry Kristi Archana Kulkarni Theresa Ladd Jerri Langford James Latham Steve Latham Andrew Lee Siew Sean Lee Kent Lipham Beth Lloyd Karen Lockhart Andrea Lovelady Lacey Lowery Mary Lowery Kathleen Lozano Alan Luker 75 Ann Martin Marty Martin Kathy Matte Donna Matuszak Marilyn McCarty Martha McClendon Diane McClure William McElroy Linda McGrue Brenda McKenzie Deborah McSwain Christi Megois Richard Metts Camilla Millican Marsha Morrison Crystal Mosley Harriet Moultrie Danny Myers Cathy Newman Marcia Newman An Tyng Kelly Nivens Carrie Nix Lynn Nolen Scott Northcutt Michael Oaks Mary Overbey Terri Owens Susie Owsley Lisa Patterson I V V 76 Regina Pearce Alice Peoples Dorothy Phifer Tammy Pitts Linda Plant Kenneth Pledger Mary Ann Porter Terri Posey Weyman Prater Kelley Price Sandra Price Laurie Pridgen Gary Pulliam Cathy Ray Dana Reynolds Sherry Rhea Patricia Rigdon Kyle Ritter Cynthia Roberts Patricia Roberts Vicki Robertson Mick Robinson Natalie Rogers Deanna Rohling Melissa Romine Barbara Russell Randy Rutledge Robin Schultz Kimberly Scott David Shelby 77 Kathy Self Mary Semrick Lisa Shaw Blair Sides Tracy Silver Donna Sims Pamela Sims Janet Slaten Terri Smelley Leisa Smith Michele Smith Mona Smith Rosemarie Smith Rozanne Smith Tammy Smith Vickie Snider Carolyn Speigner Cris Spitler Suzanne Standridge Mary Stewart Rebecca Strong Brenda Sullivan Merri Swindell Katherine Swindle Judy Terry Kristi Terry Margie Terry Connie Thibodeaux LeahTillery Lori Thomas 78 Susan Thomas Dawn Thompson Sunita Thornton Diane Todd Whitney Turner Mary Tyson Cathy Vanture Rebecca Vaughan Teresa Venz Paula Vines Michelle Vines Suzanne Voce Wanda Waight Cindy Walters Caroline Williams Lisa Williams Pamela White Bryan White Betsy Whitten Ricky Whittiker Randall Wormley Pam Young Sandra Young Virginia Young 79 Senior Directory Adams, Pamela Kaye — Vinemont English BS Chi Omega — Secretary, Senior Elite English, Student National Education Association, Omicron Delta Kappa - Publicity Chairman, Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Tau Delta, Lambda Sigma Pi, Valedictorian Scholarship, Dean ' s List, Sigma Tau Delta Award, College Night Participant — Gold Flunkie, Highest Honors ' 80 and ' 81. Anderson, Thomas Randall — Enterprise Psychology BS Psi Chi Mu Charter Member, Dean ' s List, BSU. Au, Kin-Loong — Petaling jaya, Malaysia Chemistry BS Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Senior Elite in Chemistry, American Institute of Chemist Award, Senior Chemistry Award, Phi Beta Kappa Award, Highest Honors Award, Honors Award, Chemistry Club, Math and Chemistry Tutor, Student Affiliate, American Chemical Society, Dean ' s List. Auffenorde, Mary Gail — Huntsville Home Economics Education BS Baptist Student Union, Dean ' s List, National Dean ' s List, Student Home Economics Association — President, Vice- President — Kappa Delta Pi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges, Senior Elite, Outstanding Child Development Student. Baker, Robin Annette — Birmingham Spanish BA Dean ' s List 77- ' 80, Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Tau Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Lambda Sigma Pi, Senior Elite for Foreign Languages, Historian of Kappa Delta Pi, Student National Education Association Member, President of SNEA, Circle K, Residence Hall Council Representative. Barlow, Richard Craig — Barnesville, GA Music Education BME Phi Theta Kappa, Phi Alpha Mu, Music Educators National Conference, Concert Choir, Chamber Choir, National Dean ' s List, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Jr. Colleges, College Night Participant — Gold, Orchestra. Bell, Bryan J. — Tuscaloosa Marketing BBA American Marketing Association, College Night Participant — Gold, Lighting. Blackerby, Danny Craig — Chelsea Math and Physics BS Kappa Mu Epsilon — Vice Pres. and Treasurer, Math and Physics Tutor, Physics Lab Instructor, Math and Physics Office Worker. Bost, Cathy — Birmingham Mass Communications BA Chi Omega, Sigma Tau Delta, Alpha Epsilon Rho, College Night Participant — Purple. Brabham, Annette — Valparaiso, FL Chemistry BS Omicron Delta Kappa, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Phi Mu, College Night Participant, Student Government Association Senior Senator, American Chemical Society Student Affiliate, National Dean ' s List. Bridges, Neal — Brent Marketing BBA Varsity Baseball, Member " M " Club — President, Sec. and Treasurer, Omicron Delta Kappa, Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities, American ' s Outstanding Names and Faces, Resident Assistant, Treasurer — American Marketing Association. Brown, Linda Gail — Sulligent Elementary Education BS SNEA, Lambda Sigma Pi, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi Highest Honors, Dean ' s List. Carter, Joyce Annette — Birmingham Medical Technology BS Alpha Delta Pi — Vice Pres. of Efficiency, Tri-Beta National Biological Society Vice President, Senior Elite — Med. Tech., Golson ' s Scholars Seminar, Dean ' s List, College Night Participant — Gold. Carswell, Benjamin Edward — Clanton History BS Student Senator, Member Elections Committee, Circle K BSU, President Young Democrats, Congressional Vice President AL Young Democrats, Students for President Carter State Chairman, Student Trustee, Who ' s Who American Colleges and Universities, Outstanding Senior Graduates, Outstanding Names and Faces in America, Member SGA Faculty Advisory Committee, Chairman Legislative Activities Committee Alabama Young Democrats, Resident Assistant, Intramurals. 80 Childers, Candi Langston — Lincoln Physical Education BS Phi Mu — Activities Chairman and Junior Activity Award, Who ' s Who Among American College Students, PE Club, College Night Participant — Gold, APHER, Outstanding American College Students. Childers, Kathryn — Birmingham Elementary Education BS Phi Mu, Delta Chi " Little Sis, " Kappa Delta Pi, College Night Participant — Gold. Clemens, Joan Sue — Scottsboro History Speech and Theatre BS College Night Participant — Gold, RHA, SNEA. Students in American Universities and Colleges, Honors Day Participant, Dean ' s List, Intramurals, Selected as Marketing Student of the Year by the Birmingham Chapter of American Marketing Association. Dodds, Patricia Lynn — Atlanta, GA Teacher of the Hearing Impaired BS Kappa Delta Pi — President, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Senior Elite, Alpha Lambda Delta, James I. Harrison Scholarship, Katheryn Vickrey Award, National Student Speech Hearing and Language Association — Secretary, Student Speech an d Hearing Association of Alabama, Highest Honors, Who ' s Who Among American College Graduates, National Dean ' s List, Lambda Sigma Pi, Quota Club Book Scholarship, Resident Assistant. Cochran, Sara Rene — Marion Elementary Education BS SNFA, ACEI, Alpha Chi Cox, Deborah Lynn — Birmingham Accounting BBA Alpha Gamma Delta — Treasurer, Alpha Lambda Delta, Freshman and Sophomore Class Officer — College of Business. Culberson, Michael Scott — Montgomery Music Education BME Phi Alpha Mu, Wind and Jazz Ensemble, National Dean ' s List. Dagostin, Betty Ruth — Selma Counseling and Guidance and Social Science BS Phi Mu, Young Republicans. Dalton, H. Annette — Lexington, NC Management General Business BBA Phi Chi Theta, Vocational Rehabilitational Services. Davis, Brian K. — Foley Finance BBA SGA Vice President, President Pro Tem, Student Senate, Omicron Delta Kappa, Alpha Lambda Delta, Student Member to Core Curriculum Committee, Recipient of Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award, Friendship Force Ambassador to Mexico, Honors. Dumas, Elaine — Pope Biology BS Montevallo Master, Sophomore Senator, Resident Assistant, Treasurer — Delta Sigma Theta, Beta Beta Beta, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, America ' s Outstanding Names and Faces. Eads, Rita J. — Carbon Hill Accounting BBA Senior Elite — Accounting, The Alabama Society of CPA ' s Accounting Achievement Award, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Lambda Sigma Pi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Golson Scholar ' s Seminar, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, Business Stock Portfolio Award, Honor ' s Award — 4 Years, Dean ' s List — 4 Years, National Dean ' s List, National Association of Accountants — Honorary Student Member, Phi Chi Theta — President National Councilor, American Marketing Association, Residence Hall Association. Edmondson, Vickie Lynn — Mountain Brook Counseling and Guidance BS College Night Participant — Purple Cast, Concert Choir, Chorale, One Act Plays — Cast, Muscial Scenes — Cast. Feaga, Marian Elicabeth — Montgomery General Business BBA Alpha Gamma Delta — Activity Officer, Treasurer, Outstanding Junior Award, Intramural Board. Dinkmeyer, Brad — Palos Heights, IL Marketing BBA Golf Team, Business Stock Portfolio Award, Eva O. Golson Scholars Seminar Award, Who ' s Who Among Ferguson, Nancy S. — Birmingham Accounting BBA Dean ' s List, Alpha Delta Pi. 81 Senior Directory Galbreath, Cathy Ann — Mountain Brook Business Management BBA Alpha Gamma Delta — President and Recording Secretary, Lambda Chi Alpha " Little Sister " — Activities Coordinator, Senior Senator — SGA, Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities, National Register of Outstanding College Graduates, College Night Participant — Purple, Omicron Delta Kappa Nominee. Gammon, Susan — Jasper Elementary Education BS ACEI, SNEA. Gaut, Katherine Carol — Huntsville Speech Pathology BS College Night Participant — Purple, Cast. Gay, Anita Carol — Billingsley General Business BBA Phi Chi Theta Book Award, LaBaron Scholarship, Highest Honors, Dean ' s List, Golson ' s Scholars Seminar, Pi Kappa Lambda Award, College Night Participant — Gold. Glass, Aleta — Tallassee Mass Communications BA Hall Council Member — RHA, " Little Sister " for Pi Kappa Phi, National Dean ' s List, Dean ' s List, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Secretary. Golden, Byron Keith — Mentone Accounting BBA Wesley Fellowship — Treasurer and President, Honor ' s Day Participant, Dean ' s List. Graham, Debra — Bayou La Batre Bachelor of Music — Piana Pedagogy Alpha Gamma Delta — Altruistic Chairman, Women ' s Chorale, Piano Ensemble, AMTA, Senate, German Society. Gentry, Ellen Margaret — Huntsville Accounting BBA Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Alpha Sigma, Eva Golson Scholars Seminar, Alpha Kappa Psi — Secretary, College Night Participant — Purple. Gernstein, Gertrude — Atlanta, GA Business Management BBA Phi Mu, Business Honorary Society, Circle K. Gilbert, Michael Stephen — Hueytown Mass Communications BS Mass Communications Student of the Year — " 81, " Senior Elite, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, National Register of Outstanding College Graduates, National Dean ' s List, Program Director Campus Music Service, Vice Pres. Secretary, Historian, Chaplain, Pledge Master — Pi Kappa Phi, IFC Mr. Greek 1981, Omicron Delta Kappa, Alpha Epsilon Rho Charter Member. Gilbert, Pamela Rene — Gadsden History BA National Dean ' s List, University Dean ' s List, College Night Participant — Purple, UM Cinema Productions. Glasgow, Joe Wade — Vernon Music Education BME Alpha Lambda Delta, Omicron Delta Kappa, Pi Kappa Lambda, Phi Alpha Mu, MENC, Phi Kappa Phi, Who ' s Who in American Colleges, Alpha Lambda Delta Senior Gray, Glen — Huntsville Business Management BBA Pi Kappa Phi — Chaplain, Pledge Master, House Manager, Inter Fraternity Council — Vice President, Methodist Student Center — House Manager, College Night Participant — Gold, Gold Leader 1981. Griffin, LaDonna C. — Anniston English and Art BS Kappi Pi, Baptist Student Union, Montage, Alabamian. Guarino, Anna Lee — Bessemer Mass Communications BS Alpha Epsilon Rho, National Dean ' s List, Dean ' s List, College Night Participant — Gold. Guesnard, Robert J. Jr. — Mobile Finance BBA Varsity Baseball Team, Member of " M " Club. Hagler, Robyn Lee — Birmingham Physical Education BS Edythe Saylor Physical Education Scholarship, Physical Education Club — Publicity, AAHPERDM, SDAAHPERM, AHSAA — Volleyball, Catalina — International Academy of Aquatic Art, Wesley Fellowship — V. Pres., Dean ' s List, Special Olympics, Student Representative, College Night Participant — Purple. 82 Hamel, Anna Marion — Birmingham Physical Education BS Omicron Delta Kappa, Eva Golson Scholars Seminar, Edythe Saylor Scholarship and Edythe Saylor Special Scholarship, Dean ' s List, Women ' s Intramural Participant, College Night Participant — Purple, Local PE Club Editor and Member, ASAHPER and AAHPERD, Montevallo Emergency Medical Service Volunteer. Hauk, Elizabeth Mae — Cullman Psychology BA RHA Hall Council, Hall Council Vice-President, RHA Hudicial Advisory Board, Circle K, SNEA, Psychology Club Membership Chairman, Psi Chi Mu — Vice President. Hawkins, Loretta Moody — Alabaster Medical Technology BS Alumni Phi Mu, Tri-Beta, Alpha Tau Omega " Little Sister, " Dean ' s List, College Night Participant — Gold. Hendrix, Beverly Lynne — Corner Accounting BBA Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Kappa Psi — Alumni Secretary. Hernandez, Vivian — Montevallo Management BBA Phi Chi Theta, Dean ' s List. Hight, Mike S. — Birmingham Management BBA Business Stock Portfolio Award, Kermit Mathison Scholastic Award, Alumni Honors Scholarhip, Senior Honors, Dean ' s List, President ' s List, Vice President Fuller-Lund Hall Council, Phi Theta Kappa Honorary Fraternity — Treasurer, SGA Special Award for 1979 - Outstanding Student Leader, Freshman Senator, Sophomore Senator, Associate Justice on Executive Judiciary Board. Hildreth, Sabrina — Auburn Elementary Education BS Golson Scholars Seminar, ACEI — President and Secretary-Treasurer, Dean ' s List. Hill, Carolyn Janel — Mt. Vernon Speech Pathology and Audiology BS Vice President of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Inc., SGA Senator, Afro-American Society, Alpha Phi Alpha Sweetheart, Alpha Phi Alpha Angel, Gospel Choir, RHA, National Student Speech, Hearing and Language Association, Speech and Hearing Association of Alabama. Hill, Thomas David — Adamsville Accounting BBA Alpha Kappa Psi, Alpha Alpha Pledge Class Treasurer, Volunteer Income Tax Assistant, Chaplain, Treasurer, Chairman Finance Committee, Chairman Banquet Committee, Dean ' s List. Holley, Iva Jane — Hamilton Physical Education BS Physcial Ed. Club, Student Coordinator for District Special Olympics, Girls Basketball Manager, AL State Assoc, for High School Athletics, College Night Participant — Gold. Horn, Karen Andrea — Birmingham Accounting BBA Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities, Research and Development, Distinguished Senior Award, Golson Scholar, America ' s Outstanding Names and Faces, Phi Chi Theta Senior Key Award, SGA — Freshman and Sophomore Senator, Justice Council, Delta Sigma Theta Public Service Sorority, Inc. — President, Model United Nations — Secretary, Young Democrats of America — Vice-President, Environmental Energy Committee — Student Representative, UM Black Heritage Committee — Secretary, Phi Chi Theta — Treasurer. Home, Dallas Briscoe Management BBA Intramurals. Crestview, FL Hildreth, Penny — Birmingham Social Work and Spanish BA BSU — Missions Chairperson, Black Student Fellowship — President, Gospel Choir — Chaplain, Katherine Ottinger Ellis Scholarship Recipient, Omicron Delta Kappa, Afro- American Society, Who ' s Who Among College Students, Outstanding Young Women of America, Citation for Community Service, Black Heritage Committee Member, Social Work Class Representative, College Night Participant — Purple. Hudson, Sandra — Nauvoo Finance BBA Phi Chi Theta, RHA, BSU, Baptist Young Women President. Vice Humphries, Susan Annette — Columbiana Biology BS Register Outstanding College Graduates, National Dean ' s List, Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and 83 Senior Directory Universities, Circle K, Annual Staff, Tennis Intramurals, Phi Mu — Alumni Director, Tri-Beta — Pres., Senior Elite, Dr. Jan Eagles Memorial Scholarship, Dean ' s List, Lambda Sigma Pi, Golson ' s Honor Seminar, College Night Participant — Gold, Senior ' s Who ' s Who, Chemistry Club, Biology Laboratory Assistant, Special Services Tutor. College Night Participant, Dorm Vice-President, Assistant Manager of Lady Falcons Volleyball Team. Kirkley, Patricia Diane — Warrior Accounting BBA Phi Chi Theta, Circle K, BSU. James, Charlene — Marion ArtBA Kappa Pi — President, Alpha Lambda Delta — Treasurer, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Lambda Sigma Pi, Upperclass Honors Scholarship, Senior Elite (Art) Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities, National Dean ' s List, Dean ' s List, Highest Honors, Honors, Montage Photographer, College Night Participant — Purple, UM Cinema Productions, Alpha Lambda Delta Honor ' s Scholarship. Johnson, Lynn Lorraine — Birmingham English BS Sigma Tau Delta — President, Highest Honors, Alpha Lambda Delta, Dean ' s List, Phi Kappa Phi, National Dean ' s List, Circle K Club, Resident Assistant, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, Senior Elite, College Night Participant — Purple. Johnson, Pamela Denise — Warrior Elementary Education BS ACEI — Secretary Treasurer. Knight, Michael D. — Dora Business BBA Lambda Chi Alpha, Alpha Kappa Psi Knox, David Evans — Birmingham Music BME MENC, Concert Choir, Musical Theatre Scenes. Kramer, James R. — Mt. Airy, Maryland Accounting BBA Alpha Kappa Psi — Treasurer, President, and Outstanding Senior. Lawrence, Carolyn — Selma Elementary Education BS Lawrence, Delisa Ann — Fayette Home Economics Education Dean ' s List, Student Home Economics Association, American Home Economics Association. Johnson, Tammy — Huntsville Music Education BME Phi Alpha Mu, Omicron Delta Kappa, UM Chamber Choir, Senior Elite for BME, Concert Choir, Dean ' s List, National Dean ' s List, College Night Participant — Gold. Jones, Julia Elizabeth — Andalusia Home Economics Merchandising BS SHEA — Publicity Chairman, Pi Kappa Alpha " Little Sister " — Secretary, Alpha Gamma Delta — Publicity Chairman, Home Economics Alumni Council Member, Elite Night, Dean ' s List, College Night Participant — Purple. Lebeau, Michael Raymond — Huntsville Marketing BBA Omicron Delta Kappa — President, RHA — President, Mr. Universi ty of Montevallo, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, American Marketing Association, Dean ' s List, Alpha Lambda Delta, Alabamian Newspaper Staff, College Night Participant, Purple. Ledbetter, Jeffrey H. Music BS Concert Choir. Bessemer Kennedy, George Grady — Eufaula Physical Education BS Varsity Tennis, PE Club, SNEA, College Night Participant — Gold. Liles, Alicia — Bay Minette Medical Technology BS Chi Omega, Assistant During Rush of 1980, Chorale, Main Event, College Night Participant — Gold. Kimbrell, Kathy — Jasper Medical Technology BS Chemistry Club, Dean ' s List, Women ' s Intramurals, Lilly, Vickie Lynn — Montevallo Mass Communications BS Alpha Kappa Alpha — Vice-President, Alpha Phi Alpha Sweetheart, Alpha Phi Alpha Angel, RHC. 84 Lynch, Mary Allison — Birmingham Marketing BBA Dean ' s List, Phi Chi Theta. MacDonald, Charlene — Mobile Deaf Education BS Kappa Delta Pi, Robert Wolf Memorial Award, National Dean ' s List, Member of National Speech Hearing and Language Association. Mewbourne, Kelly Leigh — Birmingham Marketing BBA Alpha Delta Pi — Vice President and Philanthropy Chairman, Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity " Little Sister, " American Marketing Association, Homecoming Hostess, College Night Participant, Gold. Miller, Connie Walton — Columbiana Art BFA Kappa Pi McClellan, Kathryn L. — Wetumpka English BS Wesley Fellowship — Sec. Treas., Circle K, SNEA. McGinty, Debra Rene ' — Midfield Elementary Education BS Phi Mu — Treasurer and Registrar, SGA, SNEA — Sec. Treas., College Night Participant — Gold. McLain, Nancy Jo — Birmingham Counseling and Guidance BS Senior Elite, Dean ' s List, Campus Involvement Director for BSU, Psi Chi Mu, Sigma Tau Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Lambda Sigma Pi, Student National Education Association, Honors Scholarships, Golson Senior Honors Seminar, Alpha Lambda Delta Senior Scholarship. McMahan, Mark S. — Homewood Political Science BS Mims ' Sandra Elaine — Thorsby Elementary Education BS Phi Kappa Phi, National Dean ' s List, Valedictorian Scholarship, Upperclass Honors Scholarship, Highest Honors Certificate. Mitchell, Jo Denise — Loango Mathematics BS Kappa Mu Epsilon, ' 80- ' 81 Tower Editor, Tower Staff, Soph. Honors Seminar, Jr. Honors Seminar, Dean ' s List, Lambda Sigma Pi, Math Lab Tutor, Falconette Dance Team, Resident Assistant. Morelock, Margaret E. — Selma Music Education BME Music Department Student Advisory Committee, Senior Class Project Worker, Birmingham Civic Opera Chorus Member, College Night Participant — Gold, Lyric Theatre. McQueen, Robyn — Redlands, CA Fashion Merchandising BS College Night Leader — Gold, Phi Mu — Recognitions Chairman, Rush Party Head 1980, Alpha Tau Omega " Little Sister, " College Night Participant — Gold. Marino, Elaine Jo — Huntsville Social Work BA Alpha Gamm a Delta — House Chairman, Pledge Class President, National Association of Social Workers, College Night Participant — Purple. Matthews, Richard Blain — Marion Mass Communications BS Alpha Epsilon Rho — Charter President, Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity — Vice Pres., Rush Chairman, Pledge Coordinator, Pi Kappa Delta, Alpha Psi Omega, National Dean ' s List, International Youth in Achievement, Alabamian Staff, Editor — AL Foreign Students ' Newsletter, College Night Participant — Gold Script. Murphy, Terry — Birmingham Elementary Education BS Intercollegiate Athletics (Tennis], Soccer Club. Newby, J. Timothy — Huntsville Art BFA President Fuller Hall Council, RHA, Kappa Pi, National Dean ' s List. Odom, Melanie Ann — Seminole, FL English BA Circle K — Vice President and Historian, Sigma Tau Delta — Historian, Alpha Lambda Delta, College Night Participant. Park, Judith Susann — Birmingham Art BFA Kappa Pi, Dean ' s List, Honor ' s Art Show, National Dean ' s List. 85 Senior Directory Parish, Reid — Pensacola, FL Art Education BFA Kappa Pi, Treasurer. Parrish, Victoria Lynn — Trussville Political Science BS Political Science Elite, Alabamian Staff Member, Dean ' s List, Linley Heflin Scholarship Recipient. Peters, Alicia Denise — Milton, FL Accounting BBA Phi Chi Theta, Dean ' s List, AMA. Pickett, Ruth Lynette — Alabaster General Business BBA Alpha Kappa Psi — Social Committee Chairman and Director of Public Relations, Senior Elite. Pickle, Ester Diane — Birmingham Accounting BBA Alpha Kappa Psi — Vice President, ARA Services, Volunteer for Internal Revenue Service, Rehabilitation Services at the George C. Wallace Speech and Hearing Center, Dean ' s List, Certificate of Appreciation From VITA. Pike, Terri Diane — Carbon Hill Elementary Education and Sociology BS Omicron Delta Kappa — Sec. Treas., Kappa Delta Pi — Treasurer, Stude nt Alabama Educ. Association, Phi Mu — Campus Activities Officer, Student Government Association, BSU, Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award, Omicron Delta Kappa Leader of the Year, Senior Elite (Sociology), Who ' s Who, Most Outstanding Undergraduate in the College of Education Award, Kappa Delta Pi, Katherine Vickery Award, Dean ' s List, National Dean ' s List. Plant, Betty Ann — Prattville Speech Pathology and Audiology BS Kappa Delta Pi, Lambda Sigma Pi, National Student Speech-Language and Hearing Association, Catalina Club — President, International Academy of Aquatic Art, Dean ' s List, National Dean ' s List, International Youth in Achievement, Special Olympics. Council, Traffic Appeals Court, Administrative Advisory Board to the Computer Center, Volunteer Fire and Ermergency Medical Rescue Service, Hall Council, Chief Fire Marshall — Napier Dorm, Pi Kappa Alpha — Historian, Little Sister Chairman, Intramural Sports, American Marketing Association. Porter, Lorena Elizabeth — Birmingham Elementary Education BS Alpha Delta Pi — Intramurals, Blood Drive s, Greek Week. Powell, Archie B., Jr. — Bessemer Chemistry BS SGA — President, Chairman of Alabama Student Coalition, Treasurer of Young Democrats, Alpha Tau Omega, IFC, ATO Parliamentarian, Intramurals, Greek Week, Alpha Gam Man, Traffic Appeals Board, President of Chemistry Club, Student Affiliate American Chemical Society, College Night Participant — Gold, Member Alumni Board, Senior Elite (Pre-Dental), America ' s Outstanding Names and Faces, Who ' s Who in America ' s Colleges and Universities, Outstanding Graduate 1981, SGA Advisory Committee, Resident Assistant. Raley, Jimmy — Midfield Business Management BBA Honor Graduate, Dean ' s List, Honors Day Participant, Intramurals. Ralston, Julie — Birmingham Counseling and Guidance BS Phi Mu, College Night Participant — Gold. Ramey, Elizabeth Ann — Decatur Accounting BBA Alpha Gamma Delta — Membership Chairman, SGA Senator, Faculty Energy Committee, Phi Chi Theta. Ratliff, Wendy Leah — Huntsville Teaching the Hearing Impaired BS Phi Mu, Honor Scholarships, Dean ' s List, Kappa Delta Pi Omicron Delta Kappa, Lambda Sigma Pi, Phi Kappa Phi. Poe, John A. — Montgomery Marketing and Managment BBA SGA — Senior Class Pres., Jr. Class Pres., Soph. Class Pres., Freshman Class Pres., Who ' s Who Election Committee, Senior Elite Committee, Academic and Commuter Affairs Committee, Special Events Committee, Social Services Committee, Entertainment Ray, Susan Diane — Birmingham General Home Economics BS Reid, Theresa Anne Social Work BA Huntsville 86 Richey, James A. — Bessemer Mathematics BS Senior Elite (Math) Kappa Mu Epislon — President, National Dean ' s List, International Youth in Achievement, Physics Lab Instructor, Math Lab Tutor, Alpha Tau Omega — Parliamentarian, Phi Alpha Theta, SGA — Senator, Academic Advisory Committee, University Scholarship Committee, Honor Graduate. Ringsdorf, Warren — Birmingham Psychology BS Golson Scho lars Seminar, Psi Chi, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, National Dean ' s List. Roberts, Janice Lynne — Birmingham Medical Technology BS Beta Beta Beta — Historian, Lambda Sigma Pi — Vice President, Hall Council Pres., Hall Council Representative, RHA Activities — Vice President, National Dean ' s List, Dean ' s List, Honors Day, Resident Assistant, Golson Seminar, Senior Elite, College Night Participant — Gold. Shipp, Davonia — Alabaster Music BS Phi Alpha Mu — Secretary, Solo Clarinet for Wind Ensemble, Dean ' s List, Omicron Delta Kappa. Smith, Ivanna Kay — Clanton Elementary Education BS Lambda Sigma Pi, Pi Kappa Phi " Little Sister, " Honors Scholarship, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Kappa Phi — Rose Queen, Honors. Smith, Susan Diane — McCalla Speech Pathology BS National Student Speech, Hearing and Language Association, Student Speech and Hearing Association of Alabama, College Night Participant — Gold. Smitherman, Robin Regina — Fairhope Mass Communications BS Alpha Epsilon Rho — Sergeant-at-Arms, Central Alabama Sports Broadcasting — Statistician, Shelby County Community Theatre. Roberts, Vandi — Leeds Elementary Education BS Chi Omega — Rush Chairman, Panhellenic — President, Secretary, Alpha Tau Omega " Little Sister " — Vice President, Sophomore Class Favorite. Rogers, Timothy F. — Sylacauga Health, Physical Education and Recreation BS BSU Choir, BSU Koinonia, BSU Athletic Director, PE Club, PE Club Social Chairman, AAHPERD. Rudder, Katherine L. — Birmingham General Home Economics BS SHEA Scott, Peter Lawrence — Montgomery Art BFA Alpha Delta Pi-Pi Guy, John Spicer Scholarhip 79 and ' 80, National Dean ' s List, Designer of Montevallo ' s Home Economic Dept., Continuing Studies Program, Montevallo Survival Kit, and Freddie Falcon. Setlow, Dionna — Montgomery French BA Upperclass Honors Scholarship, Alpha Lambda Delta, Honors Recognition, Dean ' s List, National Dean ' s List, Alpha Lambda Delta Senior Scholarship, Jenson Award for Foreign Language, Kappa Mu Epsilon. Stiers, Donna JoAnn — Bay Minette Physical Education BS Chi Omega — Intramural Chairman, Physical Education Majors Club — Pres., and Past Historian, NAGWS — Volleyball Official, ASAHPERD, AAHPER, Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities, SNEA, NEA, AEA, America ' s Outstanding Names and Faces, Intramurals, Intramural Assistant, National Jogging Day — Co-Chairman, Jump Rope for Heart — Co-Chairman. Sullivan, Dorothy Ann — Birmingham Management BBA Phi Chi Theta Sullivan, Ruth Anne — Mobile Psychology BS Psi Chi Mu — Sec. Treas., Psychology Club — Sec. Treas., Dean ' s List. Taylor, Warren Eugene, Jr. — Hanceville Social Science BS Public Relation Officer Social Work Club, Acting Vice President Social Work Club, Former Member of ROTC and NASW. Traweek, Jodie Carol — Birmingham Elementary Education BS Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Mu — President, Social Chairman, Pi Kappa Phi " Little Sister " — Secretary, President, Pi Kappa Phi — Rose Queen, Miss Greek, 87 Senior Directory College Night Participant — Gold, Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities, Outstanding Names and Faces, SNEA, ACEI — Social Chairman. Warren, Deborah D. — Tallahassee Mass Communications BA Alpha Epsilon Rho, Editor of " Potty Press " and " Babbling Brooke " Turnipseed, Tina — Millbrook Physical Education BS Edythe Saylor Scholarship, Margret McCall Scholarship, Helen Lyford Hall Scholarship Director of District Special Olympics, Women ' s Athletic Trainer. Williams, Fredrick D. — Birmingham Mass Communications Political Science BS Afro American Society, Alpha Epsilon Rho — Vice President, National Honorary Broadcasting Society. Vandergriff, Kim — Chattanooga, TN Health and Physical Education BS Omicron Delta Kappa, PE Club — Chaplain, Women ' s Intramurals, Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities, America ' s Outstanding Names and Faces, American Alliance of Health and Physical Education. Vick, Kathryn — Birmingham Accounting BBA Phi Chi Theta, Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Universities, Lambda Sigma Pi, Sophomore Honors, Senior Honors, Alabama Society of Certified Public Accounts Award, Dean ' s List, Vocational Rehabilitation Services. Wilson, Carol Jeanne — Oneonta History BS Wind Ensemble, Basketball Band, Lyric Theatre, RHA Judiciary Board, College Night Participant. Windham, Vicky — Birmingham Elementary Education BS Wingo, Kim — Huntsville Speech Theatre BS BSU, Drama Director BSU, Koinonia Ensemble, Spring and Summer Missions, Various Theatre Productions, College Night Participant — Gold. Voce, Donna Jo — Birmingham Music Education BME MENC, Dean ' s List, Chorale, Concert Choir. Waid, Jamelle Denise — Birmingham Music BME MENC AMEA — Pres., and Vice President, SNEA SAEA, Band Scholarship, Linly Heflin Unit Scholarship, Concert Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Brass Quintet. Walker, Debra Lynne — Montevallo Music Education (Voice) BME Chorale, Concert Choir, MENC. Wood, Yvonne Marie — Birmingham Medical Technology BS Beta Beta Beta — Secretary, Linly Heflin Scholarship, Jefferson County Alumni Scholarship, Eva Golson Scholars Seminar, Dean ' s List. Wyatt, Sharon Denise — Glanton Psychology BS Phi Mu — Scholarship Chairman, Psi Chi Mu — President, Psychology Club — Secretary, Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Senior Elite, Katherine Vickrey Scholarship, Honors Day, Dean ' s List, Golson Senior Scholars Seminar, Lambda Sigma Pi, Special Services Tutor, College Night Participant — Gold. 88 STUDENT LIFE UM ' s HIGHEST AWARD Seniors Brian Davis and Terri Pike were awarded the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award at Honors Day 1981. The award is given to the two seniors who most represent the true spirit of Montevallo. ' )? Student Life at UM in Past Years TRADITIONS Freshman Traditions Honored in Past Years Freshmen shall be held responsible for knowing all the Student Government Handbook and shall be expected to follow all these rules " to the letter. " Freshmen are encouraged to attend all athletic and social events sponsored by the SGA. Freshmen shall enter and leave by the side doors of Palmer until the end of the Tradition Period. No freshmen shall enter the front gate and walk the path from Napier to Main Residence Hall where the first male students walked. Only at the end of the Traditions Period shall they receive this honor. Freshmen are required to follow " freshman courtesies " at all times: The freshmen shall greet everyone he meets on campus. Freshmen shall enter all doors after upperclassmen and faculty. Freshmen shall knock before entering the room of an upperclassman. Freshman Week will begin the day upperclassmen arrive on campus and continue for that week and the week following. This shall be a period of activities encouraging the unified spirit which is the Univer- sity of Montevallo. Freshmen shall be required to learn the AJma Mater and shall show respect for it throughout their career at the University. 93 94 1981 saw the opening of Ramsay Conference Center. The Con- ference Center formerly served as a men ' s dormitory. It is now available for meetings and hotel-like accommodations. 95 96 VNfe Some Friends in the Sub 97 m $ 4 ■ in Wfc , .-. m 0 - %Jm ' ■■■ Mft ■■ : ' tlr •N " 3 gp -aai P ' ' « | ' 98 ' nlihUifni k»$ JPI ■ » ■ ■ P " 1I ™P " iP " HP ... Jpirl % x 99 1981 Graduate NAME Adams, Carol Barber Arnold, Barbara Hoffman Bailey, Vickey J. Bell, Etta Lou Shipp Boyd, John Ewell Burdette, Regina Louise Cole, Barbara Lampe Cook, Fletcher Monroe Cross, Mary Wiemar Finley, William David Fletcher, Allen Addison Coodman, Peggy Sue Harding, Rhonda Howard Horton, Sherri Lawson, Patricia A. Livingston, Dana Lou Mallette, Ray B. Mencer, Valerie Miller, Jimmy Wade Murray, Nancy Nolen Patterson, Judy Ann Prince, Barbara Leigh Redmond, Martha N. Richey, Rachel Porter Sawyer, Jr., John Culpepper Scavetta, Isobel MAJOR C G Speech Path. Elementary Secondary C G Speech Path. C G Administration Elementary Music Mass Communication Speech Path. Speech Path. Speech Path. Elementary Speech Path. C G Theatre Secondary Secondary Speech Path. C G Elementary Elementary C G English HOMETOWN Centreville Fairhope Birmingham Birmingham Marion Guntersville Alabaster Birmingham Birmingham Pelham Jemison Cropwell Cullman Vestavia Anniston Huntsville Enterprise Montgomery Clanton Oneonta Huntsville Athens Birmingham Columbiana Birmingham Toronto, Canada ioo Students Scott, Randall Keith Shelley, Joy Gilliland Shirley, Cynthia L. Smith, Paula L. Sukut, Juleeann Woodrow, Gail Weldon Mass Communication Orlando, FL C G Clanton C G Warrior Elementary Montevallo Elementary Anniston Secondary Alabaster GRADUATION LIST DECEMBER, 1980 NAME Burell, Ashley Harris, Randolph Dennard Jones, Brenda Jane Pekarofski, Lorraine Marie Vick, Lou Gehrig MAJOR HOMETOWN Music Childersburg Secondary Selma Home Ec. Roanoke English Huntsville C G Alabaster 101 . ■ Wff ■ i L ' EVENTS SENIOR MARCH Senior March, although it has gone through many changes year after year, it is still very much alive. " Pray for the Dead, and the Dead will pray for you, " can still cause underclasswomen to scream and rush into dorm rooms behind locked doors. 106 107 NEW WAVE " New Wave Night " at the campus lakehouse, was billed as a chance for students to show their real New Wave col- ors. These students certainly wouldn ' t go to class dressed like this, or would they? 108 109 ELI ON ft ■ K3- ' il s tr i. ' - w VT2L «. te l ....... ■ U-J- ' 1 • •■- ' I 10 THE QUAD Eli, one of the most unique bands to ever perform at UM, came to campus early in the fall semester to entertain students on the Quad. Their hard rock music, combined with visual effects, was a real boost to students just getting back to the campus for a long semester of hard work. m UM PRESENTS This year, instead of presenting their traditiona " Musical Scenes, " the Lyric Theater brought to UM the American musical, " The Music Man. " The show, com- plete with its own high school band, was a huge success. 112 i i THE MUSIC MAN " - 1 L i £k£x A - ' 401 F - — BR ■■■-.. i ffi B ' - - BIN . •■ " ' ; " gIH k EV Hi- I 11 I 11 M flTTi! jmA 2i£ ■Jr " " | Hft2 «Rs|J - ■■ UBfittSBHflBg: ., VBmJbW 113 UM ' s Lyric Theater ' s second production this year was the world famous " Oklahoma. " The lively drama was a big hit on campus and throughout the area. Once again the Lyric Theater did a superior job for the University. I 14 " OKLAHOMA " 115 CHILDREN ' S THEATER This spring ' s Children ' s Theater production was " Land of the Dragon. " Lovely costumes and complicated make-up helped to make the show a great success with the children. 116 GARDEN DISTRICT During the Spring semester UM ' s ex- cellent Theater Department performed three of the great Tennessee Williams ' plays. All three plays were incorporated into one evening of drama, called " The Garden District. " 117 i i A DELICATE 118 BALANCE " Edward Albee ' s " A Delicate Balance, " was presented on campus when the famous author was visiting UM. After the performance, Albee gave a critique of the production, giving high marks to several of UM ' s actors. 119 GATALINA CLUB Catalina, UM ' s synchronized swimming team, gave a presentation filled with com- edy, precision and sheer entertainment. 120 ALBEE SPEAKS ATUM Famous author Edward Albee jpoke to UM students both in formal md informal settings during his visit n the fall. Students gained much : rom his lectures and question and mswer sessions. »J Mf . mm m 121 VALLO JAM 122 ALL NIGHT LONG Vallo Jam, an annual RHA " slumber party " is just plain fun for everyone involved. This year ' s evening was highlighted by a concert from UM ' s own infamous Vallo Jam Band. 123 COLLEGE OF BUSINESS DEDICATION Dr. Vickrey, Dean Word and Dr. Morgan unveil the new name for the Business Buildings - Sarah Posey Morgan Hall. Dr. Morgan was a dedicated faculty member in the College of Business. I. ' 4 BASEBALL FIELD DEDICATION Former UM President Kermit Johnson is honored by having UM ' s baseball field named for him. The field now has lights, and night games are possible at UM for the first time. 125 HOTEL entertained UM during the Fall and Spring semesters. The group members include Marc Phillips, Lee Bargeron, George Creasman, Tommy Cnltnn, Michael Cadenhead, and Michael Reid. The con- certs were enjoyed by all! 126 127 Montevallo Masters 1980 81 Alison Cannon Michele Frankenburg Renee Miller Jackie Pritchett LeeAnn Rhodes Dottie Waugh Beth Bradford Mike Doss Bill Griswold Mark Hendrick 128 td 4H Fledglings - i ' w (Forfluth Gayle Cunningham) I talk to these children hovering on the verge of man and woman, I remember the hanging back Of my own fledgling, the alternate terror and joke A child invokes, its claws frozen on the nest-edge. Fly, I hear myself say now, though they ' re not my young And suddenly I see they are heavy as stones — I see we are all of us heavy as stones — ow many years is it now I ' ve been f allin f enfwo of them, a thin, overbright white BoHpr d a slower, steadier Negro girl, StriKng out, each making a fluttering whirl An« know those two have already dreamt of the flight Cm, now the whole classroom is beating leaky wings f flying were a mere child ' s pantomime. What a moment it is, what a mortal time — Is there any plummet or flight as sheer as the fledgling ' s? « 129 President James F. Vickrey, Jr. 130 131 University of Montevallo Paul P. Salter, University of Alabama, Harvard Medical School. Neal Shirley, Alabama College, Louisiana State University. Hilda Smilie, Montgomery County High School. Ruth Spencer, Alabama College. Tom Stubbs, Auburn University. J. J. Williams, T.N.I. Military School. Ben Carswell, Student Trustee. 132 Board of Trustees James M. Tingle, Howard College, University of Alabama in Birmingham, Birmingham School of Law. Guy Burns, Howard College, Auburn University, Birmingham School of Law. Dorothy Carmichael, University of North Alabama. Martha Terry Kirkland, Alabama College. Ernest L. Reddick, Emory Junior College, Florida State University. 133 I 1981 FALCONS University of Montevallo 1980-81 Falcons ' Basketball Roster LT-DK NAME POS. HT. WT. AGE BIRTHDATE CL. EXP. HOMETOWN 20-21 Herman Bell G-F 6 ' 2V2 " 185 21 7-30-59 Jr. )C Birmingham. AL 32-33 (ames Berry F-C 6 ' 6 " 190 21 3-25-59 Sr. 1VL Florence. AL 42-43 Curtis Brannon F 6 ' 5 " 190 20 11-04-60 [i |C Decatur. AL 14-15 Lester Brown G 6 ' 0 " 175 22 10-28-58 Sr. 1VL Birmingham. AL 54-55 Donny Bynum C-F 6 ' 5V 2 " 210 24 2-14-56 Jr. |C Dothan, AL 52-53 William Cotton F 6 ' 5 " 210 20 4-12-60 |i ic Birmingham. AL 4-5 Dennis Crutcher G 5 ' 7 " 1411 22 7-07-58 Sr. 3VL Toney. AL 22-23 Mike Daniel G-F 6 ' 3 " 185 22 10-10-58 Sr. 1VL Phenix City. AL 30-31 Tim Hedden F 6 ' 5 " 185 23 11-17-56 Sr. 1VL Plainsboro, NJ 34-35 Danny Jagels C 6 ' 7 " 190 21 10-23-59 So. IC Greeneville. TN 40-41 Orlando Lee F 6 ' 4 " 190 20 4-03-60 Jr. IC Macon, GA — Weyman Prater G 5 ' 11V4 " 150 18 9-04-62 Fr. HS Birmingham, AL 12-13 Tim Price G 5 ' 10 " 160 20 8-20-60 |r- IC Dothan, AL 24-25 David Proffitt G-F 6 ' 3 " 180 19 2-17-61 So. SQ Huntsville, AL 10-11 Milton Smith G 5 ' 10 " 145 21 7-20-59 Jr. IC Memphis, TN — Wayne Tanner F-C 6 ' 8 " 230 18 2-02-62 Fr. HS Cottondale, FL 50-51 David Turman F 6 ' 5Vj " 217 20 12-07-59 Jr. IC SuIIigent. AL 3-3 Alonzo Williams G 6 ' 2 " 175 IK 4-09-62 Fr. HS Enterprise. AL Head Coach: Bill Elder Manager: Randy [ones Assistant Coach: Terry Sellers Trainer: Bob Daugherty Graduate Assistant Coach: Vanard Dinkins Sports Information Director: Blair Cash HIGH SCHOOL JR. COLLEGE Banks Itawamba Coffee Northwest Alabama State Decatur John C. Calhoun West End )ohn C. Calhoun Dothan George Wallace-Dothan Woodlawn Snead State Sparkman None Central Chattahoochee Valley North Allegeheny Central Florida Greeneville North Florida Southwest Volunteer State Mountain Brook None Dothan George Wallace-Dothan Butler None Tech Northeast Alabama State Cottondale None Sulligent Brewer State Enterprise None Athletic Director: Dr. Leon G. Davis 139 1981 SCHEDULE University of Montevallo 1980-81 Falcons ' Basketball Schedule DAY DATE Monday Nov. 17 Fri.-Sat. Nov. 21-22 Tuesday Nov. 25 Fri.-Sat. Nov. 28-29 Tuesday Dec. 2 Saturday Dec. 6 Saturday Dec. 13 Fri.-Sat. Jan. 2-3 Friday Jan. 9 Saturday Jan. 10 Wednesday Jan. 14 Saturday Jan. 17 Monday Jan. 19 Thursday Jan. 22 Saturday Jan. 24 Monday Jan. 26 Wednesday Jan. 28 Saturday Jan. 31 Tuesday Feb. 3 Friday Feb. 6 Saturday Feb. 7 Wednesday Feb. 11 Saturday Feb. 14 Tuesday Feb. 17 Saturday Feb. 21 Wednesday Feb. 25 Fri.-Sat. Feb. 27-28 OPPONENT Talladega College UM-LIONS ' CLUB TIP-OFF TOURNAMENT William Carey vs. Georgia Southwestern Montevallo vs. Shorter Stillman College LEE COLLEGE THANKSGIVING TOURNAMENT Montevallo vs. Covenant Lee vs. Steed Stillman College Talladega College Birmingham-Southern College TENNESSEE TEMPLE INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT Montevallo vs. Berry Tennessee Temple vs. Baptist Christian William Carey College Belhaven College Auburn University at Montgomery Spring Hill College Miles College Athens State College University of Alabama in Huntsville Miles College Spring Hill College Auburn University at Montgomery Alabama State University Belhaven College William Carey College University of Alabama in Huntsville Athens State College Alabama State University Birmingham-Southern College SOUTHERN STATES CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT (1st round — satellite) SOUTHERN STATES CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT (Semifinals and finals at Huntingdon) TIME 7:30 7:00 9:00 7:30 6:30 8:30 7:30 7:30 7:30 6:00 8:00 7:30 7:30 7:30 7:30 7:30 7:30 7:30 7:30 7:30 7:30 7:30 7:30 7:30 7:30 3:00 7:30 7:30 TBA SITE Home Home Tuscaloosa, AL Cleveland, TN Home Talladega, AL Birmingham, AL Chattanooga, TN Hattiesburg, MS Ja ckson, MS Home Home Birmingham, AL Athens, AL Huntsville, AL Home Mobile, AL Montgomery, AL Home Home Home Home Home Montgomery, AL Home TBA TBA Montgomery, AL 140 BASKETBALL ACTION 1981 141 4 ? feu fT ■ " " ■ l ■ ■ r C 3 § h C_3 1 l li f — " ' ' ' ' N U? cr» III Hill! null 144 LADIES BASKETBALL UNIVERSITY OF MONTEVALLO 1980-81 LADY FALCONS ' BASKETBALL ROSTER No. Name PosHt. WtAge Birthdate CI. Exp. Hometown High School Jr. College Major 43 Robin Alonso G 5-5V2 135 20 8-19-60 Jr. JC Ft. Oglethorpe, GA Lakeview-Ft. O. Chattanooga State Mass Communications 40 Roberta Bass C 5-11 125 21 10-24-59 Jr. )C Ardmore, TN Blanche John C. Calhoun Physical Education 35 Mildred Gholston G 5-3 119 21 2-28-59 Sr. 1VL Mt. Hope, AL Mt. Hope John C. Calhoun Physical Education 33 Tonya Gracy C-F5-10 142 21 9-8-59 Sr. 1VL Ringgold, GA Ringgold Chattanooga State Sociology 11 Lisa Hearin F 5-8 125 20 8-9-60 Jr. 2VL Cullman, AL Cullman none Mass Communications 14 Laura Hinton F-G5-7V2 137 22 5-15-58 Sr. 3VL Birmingham, AL [ones Valley none Hearing Impairment 15 Janet Ingram G 5-7 132 18 1-17-62 Fr. HS Florence. AL Lexington none Physical Education 44 Deborah Milliner F 5 " 8 137 19 10-25-61 So. 1VL Huntsville, AL Butler none Business Management 21 Levina Schley G 5 " 5 117 19 4-13-61 Fr. HS Ringgold, GA Ringgold none Physical Education 23 Kim Wil F 5-8 153 21 4-9-59 Sr. 1VL Chattanooga, TN Chattanooga Valley Chatt. State Sociology Head Coach — Becky Glass Assistant Coach — Reggie Harris Athletic Director — Beverly Warren Manager — Daisy Eddins Sports Information Director — Blair Cash 145 1981 SCHEDULE UNIVERSITY OF MONTEVALLO 1980-81 LADY FALCONS ' BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Date Opponent Nov. 17 Tuskegee Institute Nov. 19 Alabama A M Nov. 25 North Alabama Dec. 2 Stillman Dec. 4 Alabama -Huntsville Dec. 6 Troy State Jan. 14 Talladega Jan. 17 Judson Jan. 20 North Alabama Jan. 22 Jacksonville State Jan. 26 Calhoun C C Jan. 27 Troy State Jan. 29 Judson Jan. 31 Stillman Feb. 6 Jacksonville State Feb. 9 Talladega Feb. 11 Alabama- Huntsville Feb. 14 Alabama A M Feb. 23 Calhoun C C Feb. 24 AAIAVV DIVISION II STATE TOURN. (1st round — satellite) Feb. 27-28 AAIAVV DIVISION II STATE TOURN. (semifinals and finals) Time Site 5:15 Home 7:00 Normal, AL 7:00 Home 5:15 Home 7:00 Huntsville, AL 6:00 Home 5:15 Home 5:15 Home 7:00 Florence, AL 7:00 Home 5:15 Home 5:15 Troy. AL 7:00 Marion, AL 7:00 Tuscaloosa, AL 5:00 Jacksonville, AL 7:00 Talladega, AL 5:15 Home 5:15 Home 6:30 Decatur, AL TBA TBA TBA Troy, AL 146 LADIES IN ACTION AWARD WINNING LADY FALCONS ALSO 1981 STATE CHAMPIONS. OT ;r ' a i ♦ a 1981 GOLF TEAM UNIVERSITY OF MONTEVALLO 1981 FALCONS ' GOLF ROSTER Player Ht. Wt. CI. Hometown High School Jr. College Larry Adams 6-4 175 Sr. Crestview, FL Crestview Pensacola Greg Aderhold 6-0 155 Ir. Cullman, AL Cullman Wallace-Hanceville William Brummitt 6-2 188 So. Florence. AL Coffee none Scott Henderson 5-10 155 So. Alex. City. AL Benjamin Russell none Les Holcombe 6-4 185 Sr. Florence, AL Bradshaw none Tim Mosteferis 6-1 168 [r. Valparaiso, FL Niceville Lurleen Wallace Norm Turns 6-1 V 2 195 Sr. PalosPark. IL Carl Sandburg none Head Coach Athletic Director -Dr. Leon G. Davis 153 1981 SCHEDULE UNIVERSITY OF MONTEVALLO 1981 FALCONS ' GOLF SCHEDULE DAY DATE Iii Mar. 6 Thu-Fri Mar. 26-27 Mon-Tues Mar. 30-31 Thu-Fri. Apr. 9-10 Wed-Fri Apr. 15-17 Mon-Tues Apr. 27-28 Tues-Fri June 2-5 TOURNAMENT Huntingdon College Inv. Tourn. (at Rolling Hills Country Club) Shorter College Inv. Tourn. (at Coosa County Club) Montevallo-Pine Harbor Inv. Tourn. (at Pine Harbor Country Club) Point Mallard Intercol. Tourn. (at Point Mallard Country Club) Alabama Intercol. Tourn. Southern States Conf. Tourn. (at Woodley Country Club) NAIA District 27 Tournament (at Azalea City Golf Course) NAIA National Tournament (at Waterwood Nat ' l Cntry Club, Sam Houston State U., host) SITE Montgomery, AL Rome, GA Pell City, AL Decatur, AL Montgomery, AL Mobile, AL Huntsville, TX 154 1981 CHEERLEADERS 155 1981 Cheerleaders 156 CHEER FOR THE MEN AND THE WOMEN IN 1981 157 158 1981 ROSTER University of Montevallo 1981 Falcons ' Baseball Roster PLAYER POS. B T HT. WT. CL. BIRTHDATE EXP. HOMETOWN HIGH SCHOOL JR. COLLEGE MAJOR David Bailey IB L L 6-4 225 Fr. 7-2-61 HS Brent. AL Bibb County none Phys. Ed. Neal Bridges OF-P R R 6-1 Hill Sr 10-22-58 3VL Brent, AL Bibb County none Marketing Tom Bukovac P R R 6-3 195 Sr. 8-17-59 1VL Kansas City, KS Bishop Wad Kansas City, KS Business Mike Dunn 3B R R 6-2 L95 Sr. 10-30-58 3VL Hueytown, AL Hueytown none Phys. Ed. Tim Eberhart P L L 6-3 L65 Fr. 10-14-61 HS Ft. Payne, AL Ft. Payne none Art Brad Edlefsen P R R 6-5 215 Sr 12-9-58 1VL Minneapolis, MN Richfield none Business Harris Gant C-1F L R 5-9 lii, r So. 9-7-60 1VL Fultondale, AL Fultondale none Bus. Admin. Nelson Garcia SS R R 5-10 150 Jr. 2-9-58 1VL Tampa, FL Thomas Jefferson Hillsborough Phys. Ed. Robbie Guesnard IB R R 6-3 210 Sr. 8-22-57 1VL Mobile, AL Williamson Faulkner State Finance Bob Hendershot P-OF R L 6-0 185 Sr. 4-12-58 2VL Auburn, NY Auburn Iowa Central-Ft. Dodge Phys. Ed. Greg Key OF-SS R R 5-10 170 |r. 3-3-60 2VL Inverness, FL Citrus none Phys. Ed. Stan Koslowsky P R R 6-0 170 |r. 11-24-60 IC Prairie Village. KS New Mexico MI ]ohnson County History Tommy McNorton C-OF R R 6-2 195 |r. 4-4-59 2VL Wagarville, AL LeRoy none Mass Comm Scott Morro P-OF R R 6-1 208 So 11-25-60 TR Linden, NJ Linden none Pol. Sci. Tim O ' Hara OF-2B R R 5-11 178 |r 4-8-60 JC Clearwater, FL Paulsboro Gloucester County Bus. Mgt. D. ]. Pena OF-SS R R 5-10 167 Fr 3-21-62 HS Tampa, FL Catholic none Business Ron Potter C R R 5-10 165 Sr 8-7-59 1VL Kansas City. KS Harmon Johnson County Phys. Ed. Gerry Rivero 2B R R 5-8 1411 Fr. 1-27-62 HS Tampa, FL Catholic none Law Ralph Rogers C-OF L R 6-2 218 |r. 6-26-57 IC Tampa, FL Robinson Hillsborough Phys. Ed. George Snell P R R 6-3 220 Fr. 1-6-62 HS Linden. N) Linden none Business Anthony Stewart P L L 6-1 18(1 |r 5-23-60 JC Jasper, AL Walker County Wallace-Dothan Phvs. Ed. Tommy Walker IF R R 5-9 173 Sr. 9-15-59 1VL Ocean Springs, MS Ocean Springs MS Gulf Coast Math P.E. Tommy Williams OF R R 5-7 150 |r. 7-17-59 IC Dothan, AL Suwannee Wallace-Dothan Marketing 30 HEAD COACH Bob Riesener 3 ASSISTANT COACH Billy Vann ATHLETIC DIRECTOR Dr. Leon G. Davis TRAINER Bob Daugherry SPORTS INFORMATION DIRECTOR Blair Cash Phone — 205 665-2521, Ext. 410 (Athletic Department) 395 (Baseball Coaches) 401 (Athletic Director) 406 (Sports Information Director) 159 BASEBALL SCHEDULE DATE T Mar. 3 T Mar. 5 S Mar. 7 T Mar. 10 T Mar. 12 F Mar. 13 S Mar. 14 M Mar. L6 W-S Mar. 18-21 T Mar. 24 T Mar. 26 S Mar. 28 s Mar. 29 w Apr. 1 T Apr. 2 s Apr. 4 M Apr. 6 T Apr. 9 S Apr. 1 1 1 Apr. L3 T Apr. 14 S Apr. 18 s Apr. 19 T Apr. 23 S Apr. 25 M Apr. 27 W Apr. 29 F May 1 W-S May 6-9 OPPONENT University of Ala. in Birmingham Alabama State University (2] Albion College |2) University of North Alabama (2] Northern Kentucky University Northern Kentucky University University of Ala. in Birmingham Jacksonville State University UM SPRING CLASSIC (Montevallo, Illinois Benedictine, Thomas More, Kentucky State) Alabama State University (2) University of West Florida (2) Birmingham-Southern College (2 Tuskegee Institute (2) St. Xavier College (2) St. Xavier College (2) Spring Hill College (2) Livingston University (2) Belhaven College (2| William Carey College (2] Jacksonville State University Huntingdon College (2) Birmingham-Southern College (2 Athens State College (2) Auburn University Athens State College (2) Auburn University Livingston University (2) Huntingdon College (2) SOUTHERN STATES CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT TIME SITE 2:00 Birmingham, AL 12:30 Home 1:00 Home 1:00 Home 1:00 Home 1:00 Home 2:00 Home 6:00 Home TBA Homt 1:00 Montgomery, AL 5:00 Home 1:00 Birmingham, AL 1:00 Tuskegee, AL 6:00 Home 2:00 Home 6:00 Home 6:00 Home 1:00 Jackson, MS 1:00 Hattiesburg, MS 6:00 Jacksonville, AL 6:00 Home 6:00 Home 6:00 Home 7:00 Home 1:00 Athens, AL 7:00 Auburn, AL 6:00 Livingston, AL 1:00 Montgomery, AL TBA TBA W-S May 13-16 T-S May 21-23 M-S June 1-7 NAIA DISTRICT 27 PLAYOFFS NAIA AREA V TOURNAMENT NAIA NATIONAL TOURNAMENT Southern States Conference games TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA Lubbock, TX 160 ■ f • T " . a K St C " 2 O , i UM BASEBALL 1981 ii,. ' GO F A L C O N S GO! 163 ■ • ' - V " 4 • 11,4 m - « lNjNu-i , m oimamQ ' I x 165 % i , ! x y% -4m5 X. ' - ' - sa- ' i .£+ w ■ " I -.«•■ I ; ,%■ k rS ?3 ♦ - 1981 VOLLEYBALL UNIVERSITY OF MONTEVALLO 1980 LADY FALCONS ' VOLLEYBALL SCHEDULE Date Sept. 9 Sept. 11 Sept. 16 Sept. 18 Sept. 22 Sept. 23 Se pt 26-27 Oct. 1 Oct. 3 Oct. 7 Oct. 11) Oct. 14 Oct. 16 Oct. 18 Oct. 20 Oct. 22 Oct. 24-25 Oct. 28 Oct. 29 Oct. 30 Nov. 4 Nov. 7-8 Nov. 14-15 Nov. 21-22 Dec. 11-13 Opponent Stillman Lawson State (tri-match] Tuskegee Institute Alabama Judson (dual match] Jacksonville State Huntingdon (tri-match] North Alabama Alabama A M Alabama- Birmingham (tri-match) FLORIDA SOUTHERN TOURNAMENT Livingston Lawson State North Alabama COLUMBUS TOURN. 11 Tuskegee Inst. West Georgia (tri-match) Alabama A M Berry (tri-match) Jacksonville State Judson Troy State JACKSONVILLE UNIV. TOURNAMENT Livingston Huntingdon Alabama State (dual match) Stillman Alabama-Birmingham South Ala. (tri-match) WEST GEORGIA TOURNAMENT AAIAW DIVISION II STATE TOURN. AIAW DIVISION II REGION III TOURN. AIAW DIVISION II NATIONAL TOURN. Time Site 7:00 Home 7:00 Home 7:00 Home 6:30 Home 7:00 Florence, AL 6:30 Home TBA Lakeland, FL 7:00 Livingston, AL 7:00 Birmingham. AL 7:00 Home TBA Columbus, GA 6:00 Tuskegee, AL 5:00 Normal, AL 1:00 Jacksonville, AL 7:00 Marion, AL 7:00 Home TBA Jacksonville, FL 7:00 Home 7:00 Montgomery, AL 6:00 Tuscaloosa, AL 6:30 Birmingham, AL TBA Carrollton.GA TBA Tuscaloosa, AL TBA Orlando, FL TBA Northridge, CA " AAIAW North District games 167 VOLLEYBALL SCHEDULE UNIVERSITY OF MONTEVALLO 1980 LADY FALCONS ' VOLLEYBALL ROSTER High School No Name Pos. Ht. VVt. Age Birthdate CI. Exp. Hometown Jr. College Major 40 Elizabeth Cooley S 5-4 145 18 8-19-62 Fr. HS Pelham. AL Thompson none Physical Education 21 Becky Cox H 5-9 140 19 1-27-61 So. HS Florence, MS Crystal River none Art 10 Vanessa Felder MB 5-6 150 20 2-16-60 Jr. 2VL Homewood, AL Homewood none Psychology Counseling 22 Dianne Green S-H 5-6 132 18 12-20-61 Fr. HS Huntsville, AL Grissom none Mathematics 7 |anel Ingram H 5-7 132 IK 1-17-62 Fr. HS Florence, AL Lexington none Physical Education 33 Deborah Milliner H 5-8 137 18 10-25-61 So. 1VL Huntsville, AL Butler non e Business Management 11 Pam Morrison H 5-7 133 22 9-17-58 Sr. 3VL Birmingham, AL Erwin none Chemistry Biology Mi Pain Ray MB 5-7 140 21 3-16-59 Sr. 3VL Thorsby, AL Thorsby none Physical Education 12 Dawn Rice MB-H 5-8 Va 135 21 11-11-58 Sr. 3VL Birmingham, AL Thompson none Physical Education 44 Sandra Sims S-H 5-9 1 2 138 19 1-23-61 So. 1VL Birmingham, AL Erwin none Physical Education Head Coach Athletic Director: Beverly Warren Trainer Statistician: Nancv Haralson Sports Information Director: Blair Cash 168 VOLLEYBALL ACTION WITH UM ' S LADIES 169 170 171 GREEKS CHI-O CHI-O CHI-0 Pledges: rront — Kooin Faravicim, Patti Benton, Debbie Davidson, Liz Green. Center — Betsy Dickens, Kathj Lozano, Luanne Fields, Robin Ankrom, )oy Hinds, Vivien Robertson, Marcia Newman, Dorothy Phifer, Robir Schrohenloher, Back — Kay Pockrus, Crystal Mosley, Mary Semrick, Terri Miller, Paige Talley, Barbara Hartsford Pam Sims, Paula [ohnson, Sally Gonder, Mary Evelyn Bailey, Denise Moultrie, Ramona Avery, Cathy Pike, Kirr. Dunham Members: 1st Row — Rebecca Aired, Kim Carr. Alicia Liles, Nancy Woody. Lisa White, Vandi Roberts. )an Corbett. 2nd Row — Gina Cox, Cathy Bost, Debra McGee, Penny Simmons, Amy Hicks, Warwick Mann, Pam Adams, Dianne Fields. Meg Whitmer, Michele Frankenberg, Donna Stiers. 3rd Row — Susan Bennett. Debra Martin. Beth Issay, Twyla Phelps, ]anice Hassett, Sandra Peacock, |udy Peacock. Lynn Brantley. 4th Row — Rebecca Holcombe, Beth Holder, Teri Lloyd, Kelley Cousins, Darlene Cofer, Kelley Sawyer, Robbie Grow, Kelley Wages, Teresa Rothwell. Kerri Colbath, Laura Whitman, Celeste Dumas. Sandy Mus, Daria Dellapenta 174 The Brothers: Front — Ed Cason, Andy Anderson, Bo Norris, Steve Thompson, Jeff Young, Blake Webber, Johnny Godsey, Ed Chadbourne, Jim McGinnis, Wayne Whitlock, Morris Posey, Alan Joynt, Steve Bolton. Back — Robin Rodgers, Tony Graham, Joey Martin, Darrel Revel, Mike Banks, Joe Spears, Jeff Branton, Morris Ellis, Nelson Buskill, Chuck Maurer, Les Holcombe, Alan Hutto, Judd Williams, Larry Gibson, Curt Reamer Officers: Front — Morris Ellis, Darrel Revel, Larry Gibson, Chuck Maurer. Back Reamer, Alan Joynt, Wayne Whitlock Judd Williams, Curt Little Sisters: Front — Cathy Ann Galbreath, Angel Hopwood, Tammy Taylor, Robin Fox, Shari Baker, Michele Buskill, Tammy Herring, Kathy Sukit. Back: Tommy Roach, Ginger Sisson, Gloria Ippilitto, Darlene Cofer, Cindy Green, Lisa Hamie, Kelley Wages, Cyndi Ritchie, Paula Blessing LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Pledges: Ed Cason, Bo Norris, Andy Anderson, Mor- ris Posey. Back — Robin Rodgers, Joey Martin, Tony Graham 175 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Front Row: L to R — Debbie Carden, LeAn Sherer, Dawn Martin, Julia Rudd. Tricia Carr, Tammy Herring, CeCe Lucas, Charlotte Powell. Second Row Debbie Graham. Nancy Ann Oaks, ]oanna Gagliano, Michele Buskin, Lori Danley, Carol Clenney, Third Row — Ann Ramey. Deidre Simonton. Karen Gri Donna Cox, Mishele Hoder, Mary Burke, Robin Wilder. Fourth Row — Lynn Kilcrease, Beth Bradford, Doria Gibbons, Genie Davis, Lauren Wingate, Kar VVingate, Betsy Feaga, Susan Gregg. Not pictured: Cathy Ann Galbreath, Julia ]ones, (anet Hughes, Margo Chancellor, Lesa Holcombe, D ' Andrea Cardone. Officers: Row 1: L to R — Julia Rudd — House Chair- man; LeAn Sherer — Rush; Tammy Herring — V- Pre%. Scholarship. Second Row: Ann Ramey - Membership Chairman; Beth Bradford — Recording Sec; Doria Gibbons Panhellenic Delegate: Michele Buskill — Social Standards; Lori Danley — Corres. Sec. Third Row: Donna Cox — Publicity; Karen Wingate — V-Pres. Fraternity Ed.; Lauren Wingate — Activities; Betsy Feaga — Treasurer; Mary Burke — Ritual. Not pictured: Cathy Ann Galbreath — President; Janet Hughes — Altruism. 176 1980 ALPHA GAM PLEDGES Ann Bailey Nancy Bailey Kathy Boyett Lisa Browne Denise Castleberry Susan Cooley Laura Ensor Anne Fowler LeAn Hallman Rhonda Hereford Edie Hudson Lee Ann Jackson Beth Killough Anne Leonelli Karen Lockhart Kathy Matte Donna Matuszak Martha McClendon Kelley McWilliams Laurie Pridgen Lisa Puckett Pat Roberts Janet Shaw Cathy Smith Leisa Smith Dana Tucker Whitney Turner Betsy Whitten Cena Hickenbotam Bubba Bentley David Coker Ray Daniels Russell Fleming Greg Genry Glen Gray Les Holcombe Mike Hughes Alpha Gam Men Mike Woolley Wylie Johnson Bob Korenski Chuck Maurer John Pendergast Archie Powell Curt Reamer Steve Smith Jimbo Wood 177 PI KAPPA ALPHA mm OFFICERS -- L to R: Bruce Mewbourne - - Pres., Richard Matthews V-Pres., Andy Hallman — Sec, David Hard- man — Treas. 78 Members and Little Sisters: Front Row L to R: Theresa Thorn, Cindy Carr, Jodi, Beth Bradford, Pam Steele, Janice Wallace. Second Row — Susan Isay Suzie Foster Kelly Mewbourne, Donna Tombrello, Donna Webb, Tammy Horton, Barbara Norman, Beth Isay. Third Row - Pat Hendon Paul Barber Ben Carswell, Gary Snow, Tal Cox, John Page, Killer Hallman. John Poe, James Callahan. Keith Davis. Fourth Row - Bruce Mewbourne Ricky Harvell David Hardman, Robin Eubanks, Glenn Watson, Richard Matthews. Michael Johnson. Top — Bobby Scott Bubba Bentley DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY, INC. Bottom to Top: Elaine Dumas — Treasurer, Valerie Reese — Corresponding Sec, Karen Horn — President. Anitka Stewart — Recording Secretary ' . Christine Rutledge — Financial Secretary. Not pictured — Beverly Blackmon — Vice-President. 179 PANHELLENIC - GREEKS WORKING TOGETHER OFFICERS — TOP — L. to R. — Ami Traweek — Secretary, Debra McGee — Treasurer, Dean Wilkinson, Doria Gibbons — Vice- Pres., and Sallv Faulkner — Pres. 180 ALPHA PHI ALPHA MEMBERS: PRESTON GIBBONS, RAYMOND GLOVER, JONATHON HARRIS, CLARENCE FAIRER, ROBERT WARE 1S1 ms 3) ©3 - z. © Hfcj - ♦fr ' { £? -• e£ !■ c$ £ « H -%x ®l h , T o tf . ti f Qbt- c3 ti «u r • ■flV fit j " cj3 N. 0 - 9 J « v 182 183 PI Pledge Class Carey Hearn Tim Redner Craig Tanner David Peacock Rick Bradley James Watkins Gill Gayle Greg Jenkins Shawn Sims Tom Gaunt Steve Heatherly Cris Melvin Denny Bush David Pickering Jackie Surinford Joel Clemmons Curtis Brannon David Proffitt Mark Hamm Greg Aderhold Donald Doncan, Jr. Randy Rutledge Geoff Slate K A A PHI Little Sisters Sally Faulkner Dianne Fields Buff Cutcliff Terri Cooper Jodi Traweek Debra McGee LeeAnne Stewart Ruthie Smith Denise Digman Rebecca Aired Michele Frankenberg Karen Jones Terri Miller Nancy Jones Twyla Phelps Lesa Holcombe 184 Alpha Tau Omega Actives — Duncan Draper Ken Hope Ray Daniels Thomas Reece Marc Woodard Greg Giles Bruce MacPherson Barry Underwood Jimbo Wood Kenny Spearman Billy Collier Mike Tamucci Jimmy Bush- Steve Buchanan Mike Foy Bill Griswald Rodney Jones John Pike Jerry Prater Mark Rich David Coker Lee Gober Mark Hendrick Rodney Martin Matt Pope Weyman Prater Al Vaughan Kenneth Broadhead Mark Bentley Archie Powell Mike Woolley Rick Culp Mike Hughes Bill Wood Bill Richards Pledge — Russell Fleming Little Sisters Joanna Gagliano Amy Hicks Joy Johnson Jenise Broome Karen Adkins Gina Cox Dottie Waugh Sherri Watson Meredith Moody Robin Paravincini Jennifer Barineau Robin Burgess Lee Wilson Denise Giles Jan Davis Tammy DeBoer Ashley Phillips Nan Ellis Robyn McQueen 185 sv c t. fc Q •- ■ c " " - f®9 (cjs •jk HEJQ •»r A L P H A D E L T A P I PLEDGES Dianne Dianard Jodi Akers Jerri McCurry Karen Crews Ann Marie Martin Lisa Barnes Shari Miller Lisa Weamer Christi Donnewirth Ashleigh Bailey Sharon Maluff Anna Fuller Theresa Berst Lori Mclntyre Valerie Yates Suzanne Jones Jill Crawford Gaye Lovvorn Deanna Woody Carol Bradford Kristi Barnes Dawn Thompson Beckie Anderson Beth Kirkpatrick Melody Carr Susan Farmer Faith Worden Georgette Stewart Holly Moon Lynn Nolen PI GUYS Billy Allums Shawn Sims Monty Todd Tom Gauntt Craig Maluff Tommy Walker Johnny Godsey James " Speed " Callahan Paul Barber Allan Childress John Hilyer Glenn Blackmon Jerry Prater Bruce Mewbourne Chuck Richards Bobby Scott Derik Scott Pete Scott Ralph Tutwiler Ben Baker Ricky Harvell Roger Luker Keith Davis 187 Inter-Fraternity Alpha Tau Omega: Ray Daniels Delta Chi: David Wilson Lambda Chi Alpha: Kurt Reamer 188 Council 1981 Pi Kappa Alpha: Bruce Mewbourne Pi Kappa Phi: Martin Gaines 189 DELTA GHI ALPHA TAU OMEGA CHI OMEGA PI KAPPA ALPHA ALPHA DELTA LAMBDA CHI ALPHA PI KAPPA PHI SEJP m GO GREEK 192 . 193 ORGANIZATIONS SIGMA TAU DELTA Pam Adams, Charlene Garrett - - Treas., Florence King — Sec, Susan Bennett — V.P., Rich Emanuel Pres., Michele Frankenberg — Public Relations, Laura Broadwell, Cathy Bost, Melody Acker, Melanie Odom, Nancy McLain, Lynn Johnson, Robin Baker 96 LAMBDA SIGMA PHI First Row: Robin Baker, Susan Humphries, Teresa Vick. 2nd Row: Rita Eades, Connie Latham, Wendy Ratliff. Gail Short nandez. 3rd Row — Teresa Casey, Karen Billingsley. Patti Dodds, Teresa Dollar, Dorothy Brasher. Mary Lynne Roland. Pres.. Ian Roberts, Dr. Her- 197 OMICRON NU HOME ECONOMICS HONOR SOCIETY Seated, L-R: Mary Lynn Roland, Paula Vinson, Patti Benton, Quinett Sherrer, Standing, L-R: Mrs. Stephens, Dr. Carlisle, Erlene Cryar Ourley — Treasurer, Phyllis Horrell — President, Dr. Kness — faculty adviser. Not Pictured: Mrs. Culpepper. Dr. Bagby. V. Pres., Pam 198 INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS Left-Right: Front Row: Tan-Cong Eow, Lourdes Guerre, Archana Kulkarni, Simea Ebrahimi, Ng An Tyng, Rosa Marie Jo 2nd: Tan Chon Eng, Khoh Hock Soon Lee, Ai Hock, Suneeta Kulkarni, Rezwan Hateli, Lee Siew Sean, Ng Shuh Lii. 3rd Row: Au Kin Loong, Yeap King Poh, Lam Chook-yiu, Pansak Rungsipamkung, Noemi Concepcion Colindres, Howard Potts, Chyerl Lynn Thomas, Mr. Bruce McClanahan. Not Pictured: Khoh A. C, Foo Seng Kam, Foo Seng Ohn, Au Kin Swee, Edith Avisar, Hamid Baseghi, Mohammed Blackerby, Angel Rafael Cabiya, Chan Chi Chuen. Esmail Ebrahimi, David Hard- man. Nopadol Khemkhajon, Lee Lai Wah, Akhtar Mohammed, Ng Kit Seng, Ng Mee Gaik. Isobel Scavetta, Tan Moev Siak, Ryoko Yamanoto. Yeap King Woi 199 HONORARY ART FRATERNITY Andee Chafin Judy Park Maria Hope Charlene James - Diane Holman Louis Hill - V.P. Pres. 200 omicron delta kappa Row 1 LR, Renee Miller, Wanda Vick, Mrs. Julea Rogers |Faculty advisor) Michele Frankenburg, Warwick Mann, Terri Pike (Sec Treas) Tammy Herring (Vice Pres.]. Row 2, LR, Amy Hicks, Susan Bennett, Patti Dodds, Mary A uffenorde, Rita Eads, Michael Doss, Dr. Bill Hamer (Advisor sec.) Row 3 LR, Char- lene James, Pams Adams, Brian Davis, Rich Emanuel, Jodie Traweek Row 4 LR Ron Potter, Beverly Hughes, Micheal Lebeau (President). Tommy Roach. m club Row 1 LR Tommy McNorton, (Sgt. at Arms) Phil Romine (Sec Treas), Mike Dunn (Vice PresJ, Neal Bridges (Pres.). Greg Key (Parliamentarian) Row 2 LR Dike Shellmon, Tommy Williams, Mike McCloud. D. J. Pena, Ralph Rogers. David Bailey, Mark Hearn. Tim O ' Hara, Ron Potter, Harris Gant, Row 3 LR, Tommy Walker, Scott Morro, Anthony Stewart, Robbie Gvesnard, George Snell, Tim Eberhart, Gerry Rivero. 202 afro-american society Row 1 — LR — Gary Belyeu, Treas.; Jonathan Harris, Pres.; Row 2 — LR — Clarance Faier, Curtis Ashe, Sunita Thornton, Row 3 Preston Gibbons, Phyllis Daniel, Vice Pres.; Denise Dickerson, Shelia Taylor. Ernesta Smith. Not pictured — Beverly Blackmon, Sec. LR — Robert Ware, university of montevallo gospel choir iii 1 1 I t nr pri tmi hi iii Row 1 - LR - Curtis Ashe - Narrator, Sunita Thornton, Mary Johns - President, Phyllis Daniel - Vice President, Sherry Williams, Sheane Jones, Ron- ald White - Director. Row 2 - LR - Christine Rutledge - Business Manager, Ernesta Smith - Secretary, Shelia Taylor, Valerie Reese - Mus Thomasyne Hill, Carolyn Hill. Row 3 - LR - Theresa Wright. Kaye Lewis, Penny Hildreth - Chaplain, Alisha Alloway - Asst. Secretary. Row 4 Curtis Peoples — Parliamentarian, Gary Belyeu — Treasurer, Tyrome Bumbry, Ricky Whittaker LR — 203 phi chi theta actives Row 1 — Alesia Harris, Treas.; Pam Gammon Sec; Warwick Mann, Pres.; Rhonda Davis, VP Pledging, Linda Mi ms VP Programming, Rita Eads. Row 2 -- Sandra Long. Dee Godwin, Joyce Grimes, Jackie Brown, Kathy Vick, Letty Rey- nolds, Beverly Hughes, Diane Kuhley, Row 3 - Sherry King, Donna Madi- son. Rhonda Lucas, Karen Horn, |udy Todd, Sandra Hudson. Lynn Eahin, Kathy Rozendale pledges Seated, LR — Cindy Hen- derson, Connie Evans, Sandra Grarlee. Esther Ennis, Anita Gay, Toni Redding, Standing, LR - Annette Dalton, Dorothy Sullivan, Allison Lynch, Alecia Peters, Kathy Traw- ick. Anna Ammons. officers Seated, LR — Warwick Mann, Presi- dent; Pam Gammon, Secretary; Stand- ing, LR -- Alesia Harris, Treasurer; Linda Mims, VP ■ Programming; Rhonda Davis, VP — Pledging , ' 0-i alpha kappa psi Row 1 — Seated — Gary Belyeu, Tom Hill — Trea- surer, Ellen Gentry — Sec- retary, Diane Pickle — 1st Vice President, Jim Kramer — President. Row 2 — Lois Swanner, Wanda Vick, Theresea Selby. Lisa Mullins. Row 3 — Stand- ing, [ay Wilkoff, Lynette Pickett, Lisa Daniels, Steve Thompson, Warren Hig- gins, Cedric Dixon. Row 4 — Larry Sims. Marilynne Aughtman. Alan Mangum. David Wilson, Master of Rituals; Lynn England, Not Pictured — Mike Fos- ter — 2nd Vice Pres.; Lisa Bryant, David Knight, Yolanda Payton, [ohnny Keith Maddox officers Left to Right Tom Hill — Treasurer, Ellen Gentry — Secretary. David Wilson — Master of Rituals, Diane Pickle — 1st Vice Presi- dent, )im Kramer — Presi- dent, Not Pictured: Mike Foster — 2nd Vice Presi- dent 205 residence hall association rha committee chairmen Upper — LR — Bari Daily (Social Activity Chrm.| Paulette Atkins (Public- ity Chrm.| Glenda Cantrell (Resident Concerns Chrm| Lisa Lockett (Cafe- teria Concerns Chrm] hall council presidents Back — LR — Keith Cullen |Napier| Anna Goodwin (Central Main) Kathy Churchill (East Main| Mid — LR — Allison Cannon (Tutwiler] Rita Eads |Brooke| Sherry Misenhimer (Hanson] Phyllis Mangum (West Main] Front — LR — Frank Folgum (Land] Not Pictured — Tim Newry (Fuller] rha executive council Front Row — LR — Sherry Kir- ton. N.C.C.; Michael LeBeau, Pres.; Lyn Hugensmith, VP; Back Row - - LR - - Phillip Bond, Treas.; Susan Bennett, Sec; Danny Noles, VP; Tuesday Group (RHA Executive Council) 206 wesley fellowship Row 1 LR Jon McClarm, |immy Schell, Rose Zalenski, Donna Smith. Row 2 LR Carol Franks, Susan Ray, Tammy Smith, Pam Wilkinson, Tammy Smith, Keith Golden. Row 3 LR Mark Wilson, Nancy Broadwell, Chris Carson. Jeannie Dill, Mary |o Culp, Nettie Middleton, Moon Thornton, Betty Anne Steckle. Row 4 LR Steve Sherman, Jamie Aiken, Mark Robinson, Knox Bannister, Henry Golson the tower Michael Alburl Jo Denise Mitchell (Editor| Jill May 207 students home economics association Row 1 L-R: ]anet Slaten, Luanne Lewis, Kay Pockrus, Lori Danley, Mike Braswell, Mary Auf- fenorde. Row 2: Mrs. Culpepper — advisor, Kay Cauthern, ]an Hancock, Robin Clugston, Bari Baily, Robin Schronenloer, Denise Arnett, Dr. Bagby — ad- visor. Row 3: Pam Ousley, Mary- Lynn Roland, Virginia Young, Valerie Yates. Sandy Mus. officers President — Mary Aufforde Vice-President — Mike Braswell Secretary — Lori Danley Advisor — Mrs. Culpepper Publicity — Robin Schronenloer Social Chairman — Sandy Mus Program Chairman — Pam Ousley 208 association for childhood association Linda Bauer, Nancy Cox, Sabrina Hilbreth, Jodie Traweek, Susan Hammon, Teresa Ward, Susan Gammon, Robbie Duckett, Robin Smith, Tammy Smith, Mrs. Lightfoot — advisor. LlifM 1 v t ! ' } kappa mu epsilon Row 1 L-R: Jim Richey (Pres.|, Linda Rinehart, Charlene Garrett [Sec. |, Melody Acker (Treas.), Tommy Walker, Danny Blacker- by (V. Pres.|. Row 2: Au Kin Loong, Annette Bradham, Ruth Smith, Theresa Dollar, Marilynn Aughtman, Denise Mitchell, Mrs. Hernandez — advisor. 209 NATIONAL SPEECH, LANGUAGE AND HEARING ASSOCIATION rv - i» .. ' 10 Matt Crowder, Nadine Scott, Michael Johnson, Deborah Yancy, Dr. Rude, Cam Watson, Shawn Eichman, Tina Smith T H E A T R E H O N O R A R Y 211 PHI THETA KAPPA Junior College Honorary Alumni Club Dr. Grimes Tammy Herring Pam Wilkinson Tim Hall Nancy Bailey Jenny Becker Mike Height Tommy Walker 212 PSI CHI MU front row: (1 to r] Doria Gibbons, Valerie Hinson, Denise Wyatt, Ruth Ann Sullivan, second row: Randy Anderson, Dr. Richard Craig [advisor] Ted Sandlin 213 PHI KAPPA PHI Faculty: Dr. John T. Barbas Dr. Philip G. Beasley Dr. Robert Fox Mrs. Joyce Fuller Mrs. Denise Gibbs (initiate) Ms. Jane Hill Dr. Jesse J. Jackson Dr. Tai Kwon Dr. John Lott (initiate) Dr. Linda Mahan Mr. W. B. McClanahan Dr. Bennie Middaugh Dr. Wren Murphy Dr. Ed Robertson (initiate) Mrs. Julia Rogers Ms. Sarah T.Smith Mr. Reuben A. Triplett Dr. James F. Vickrey, Jr. Dr. William Word Neal Shirley 214 PHI KAPPA PHI Larry Adams Nadine Antaillia Barry Barnett Tammy Herring Raymond Vern Howard Sherry Kirton Carol Lusco Warwick Mann Kristina Rennings Tommy Roach Fred Sandlin, Jr. Sarah Kathryn Traywick 215 OMICRON DELTA KAPPA Nadine Antaillia Robin A. Baker Nancy Bailey Annette Brabham Neal Bridges Ray Daniels Steve Gilbert Nancy K. Guinn Anna Hamel Alesia Harris Erma P. Hildreth Tammy Johnson Flo King Sherry Kirton Judy Peacock Davonia Shipp Gregory P. Thomas Ami Traweek Denise Wyatt Rita Eads Rich Emanuel Warrick Mann 216 ODK — 1981 Charlene James Michele Frankenberg Lisa Hearin Dawn Rice Ron Potter Tammy Herring Tommy Roach Wanda Vick Pam Adams Renee Miller Mike Doss Amy Hicks Susan Bennett Beverly Hughes 217 ALABAMIAN STAFF 218 219 220 221 ALPHA EPSILON RHO Nancy Bailey Phillip Bond Catherine Bost Susan Brooks Glenda Cautrell Patricia Carr Kelly Christian Brian Collins Steve Gilbert Anna Lee Guarino Lisa Hearin George Inzer Toni Jenkins Dana Leo Tim Little Richard Matthews Steve Potter Bett Rutledge David Reed Randall Scott Larry Smith Robin Smitherman Ray Sosa Tim Townes Rojeana Davis Aleta Glass Brooks Hughey Wayne Jones Beth Killough Chris Rutledge Debbie Warren Fred Williams Olanda Young Karl Perkins 222 AERho Alpha Epsilon Rho is an organization that serves as a na- tional honorary for broadcasting. This year the UM group got their charter. 223 Student Government Association Officers — President — Archie Powell Vice-president — Warren Higgins Entertainment Chairman -- Chuck Richards Executive Secretary -- Mike Woolley Treasurer — Ray Daniels Communications Director -- Gary Gray Student Trustee -- Ben Carswell Senate Secretary -- Ramona Avery Movie Director - - Jerome Crowder Ombudsman — Michael Johnson 224 Senators Charlotte Powell John Poe Rona Phillips Joanna Gagliano Jimbo Wood Mike Hughes Carl Stevens Valerie Hinson Melanie Martin Lisa Daniels Lisa Bryant Becky Holcombe Renee Miller Brian Davis Rich Emanuel Barry Underwood Betty Ann Steckel Steve Cormack Ken Hope Rick Culp Teresa Peoples Lori Danley Keith Davis Ann Ramey Debra Graham Lisa Phillips Cathy Ann Galbreath Mark Woodard Gary Mahon David Askins Susan Dolbeer Earl Goodwin Karon Hall Glen Gourley Tim Hoven Tricia Carr Lynn Fleming Larry Haynes Susan Bennett Billy Collier Mike Hight 225 Jackson, Shirley F., Professor of History Jeffries, Kenneth R., Associate Professor of Business Johnson, Kay, Assistant Professor, Supervisor of Home Economics Education Johnston, Patricia Ann, Assistant Professor of Art; Gallery Director Johnston, Karin, Assistant Professor of Speech and Theatre Jones, Virginia R., Chairman, Associate Professor of Social Work Kalnins, John, Adjunct Instructor of Music Kinney, Rufus, Instructor of English Kness, Darlene, Associate Professor of Home Economics Kunkel, Robert R., Associate Professor of Speech Kurtz, Lawrence A., Associate Professor of Mathematics Kwon, T. H., Associate Professor of Physics Lash, Henry J., Professor of Education Lechtreck, Roy, Assistant Professor of Political Science Leonard, M. Burke, Associate Professor of Business Lightfoot, Bobbye, Associate Professor of Education Lightfoot, Frank, Professor of Health, Physical Education and Recreation Lightsey, Sara Nell, Associate Professor of Home Economics Livingston, Alan L., Jr. Associate Professor of Business Logan, Boby G., Associate Professor of Education, Alabama Traffic Safety Center Lott, Sandra W., Associate Professor of English Lumby, Betty Louise, Professor of Music MacPherson, Roderick S., Associate Professor of Business Mahan, Linda C, Professor of Education Majure, Charles E., Associate Professor of Foreign Languages, Director of Humanities Manning, Mary J., Assistant Professor of Social Work Manning, Ronald Taylor, Assistant Professor of Social Work Marshall, William Luther, Jr., Associate Professor of Business Martin, David Michael, Assistant Professor of Elementary Education Mayfield, Milton Ray, Director of Continuing Education, Associate Professor of Foreign Languages McAleer, Colleen A., Assistant Professor of Speech Pathology and Audiology McCombs, Marvin, Special Instructor of Music McCoy, L. Frank, Chairman and Associate Professor of Art McGuire, Gertrude M., Professor of Business, Lightfoot, Robert M., Associate Professor of Education McGuire, Robert F„ Associate Professor of Biology Mclver, Kathy Carter, Assistant Professor, Health, Physical Education, and Recreation McKinnon, John Ellis, Assistant Professor of Business, Director of Computer Center Orr, Robert P., Assistant Professor of Philosophy Palmer, Sarah, Associate Professor of English Panapento, Mike, Adjunct Instructor of Music McMillan, Norman, Chairman, Associate Professor of English Pappas, Dennis G., Adjunct Professor of Speech Pathology and Audiology McMinn, Nathan E., Assistant Professor of Business Mechem, Cynthia, Instructor of Music Parnell, Mary }., Instructor of Business Perkins, Karl A., Assistant Professor of Speech, Director, Media Center Merijanian, Aris, Chairman, Professor of Chemistry Pritchett, Theodore M., Professor of Music, Chairman, Music Department Metz, Theodore W., Associate Professor of Art Middaugh, Bennie, Professor of Music Mikan, Kurt W., Assistant Professor of Business Miller, Judith, Instructor of Speech Pathology and Audiology Moncus, Dotte, Instructor of Speech Pathology and Audiology Morgan, David T., Chairman, Department of Social Sciences, Professor of History Morgan, Sara Ruth, Professor of Business Murphy, Herbert, Instructor of Music Narz, Marvin J., Associate Professor of Business Neal, David M., Assistant Professor of Sociology and Anthropology Neely, Newton C, Assistant Professor of Speech and Theatre Nelson, Sandra B., Adjunct Instructor of Music Reed, Shirley, Assistant Professor of Elementary Education Riesener, Robert, Assistant Professor of Health, Physical Education and Recreation Robertson, Edwin, Professor of Music Rodgers, Douglas, Associate Professor of History Rodgers, Elizabeth H, Professor of English Rogers, James P., Chairman and Professor of Psychology Rogers, Julia S., Associate Professor of Psychology Rotenberry, Julia, Associate Professor and Assistant Librarian Rude, John, Assistant Professor of Speech and Theatre Ryerson, Frank E„ III, Assistant Professor of Business Sellers, Terry, Instructor of Health, Physical Education and Recreation, Assistant Men ' s Basketball Coach O ' Keefe, Clarisse, Instructor of Speech Sharp, Jack, Instructor of Music Shaw, Louis Spencer, Assistant Professor of Music Sledge, Eugene B., Professor of Biology Smith, Larry, Instructor of Speech, Director Producer, ETV Smith, Sarah T., Assistant Professor of Speech Pa thology and Audiology Smith, Wendell F., Associate Professor of Speech Pathology and Audiology Sosa, Nemesio, Instructor of Mass Communications Stephens, Marvolin, Assistant Professor of Home Economics Vance, Sidney J., Associate Professor of English Vann, William, Instructor of Health, Physical Education and Recreation Van Syckle, Special Instructor of Music Van Tuyll, Hendrik, Professor of Philosophy and Religion Vaughn, Gwenyth R., Adjunct Professor of Speech Pathology and Audiology Vaughn, Susan, Assistant Professor of Social Work Veazy, Randall, Instructor of Music Walker, Joe, Assistant Professor of Business Thames, Richard W., Chairman and Associate Professor of Foreign Languages Tipton, Mary Frances, Associate Professor and Assistant Librarian Tishler, Anne, Assistant Professor of Education Tishler, J. Ward, Professor of Health, Physical Education and Recreation Tolbert, Bruce, Professor of Music Torgrimson, Ellen, Instructor of Music Triplett, Reuben, Associate Professor of History Turberville, Claire, Ins tructor of Criminal Justice Turner, Kathryn S., Associate Professor of Home Economics Wallace, William F., Associate Professor of Psychology Warren, Beverly Ann, Assistant Professor of Health, Physical Education and Recreation Wells, Lila Jackson, Associate Professor of Art Wilbourn, Macon J., Associate Professor of Business Williams, Pauline, Assistant Professor and Assistant Librarian Wilson, Edward S., Assistant Professor of Education Wood, Patricia F., Instructor of Speech Pathology and Audiology Woods, Thomas F., Assistant Professor of English 228 FACULTY Martha Bace Philip Beasley Charlotte Blackmon Margaret Blalock Malcolm Braid Loretta Brown Johnie Carlisle Loretta Cobb James Connell Leon Davis Joseph Diorio Robert Fox Colette Garrison Timothy Gathany David Gaudin Beth Hamer Bill Hamer Charles Harbour Albert Harris Angela Hernandez 229 Jane Hill Karin Johnston Roy Lechtreck Sara Nell Lightsey Sandra Lott Charles Majure Ray Mayfield Colleen McAleer Gertrude McGuire Norman McMillan Aris Merijanian Judith Miller David Morgan Marvin Narz David Neal Newton Neely Robert Orr Sarah Palmer Julia Rotenbury John Rude Richard Thames Kathryn Turner Sidney Vance Pauline Williams 231 A- mggr £ it 3l Ml HL A k J Wm m m LJttb - , Hfe« - - J% fl jSl h IK ,■■.,.. ■•• f I g. —- I f-i fi J ADMINISTRATION mSm ?«W«S£S X-;:!:v- m Alexander, Donald Lee, Associate Professor of Physics and Mathematics Brooks, Burton W., Associate Professor of Business Al-Lami, Fadhil, Associate Professor of Biology Bace, Martha Ann, Instructor and Assistant Librarian Bagby, Sara Ayers, Chairman and Professor of Home Economics Bagga, Davinderjit K., Instructor of Biology Baker, jerry N., Assistant Professor of Education, Traffic Safety Center Baldwin, Robert L., Adjunct Professor of Speech Pathology and Audiology Barbas, John, Assistant Professor of Chemistry Bashinsky, Linda Sullivan, Adjunct Instructor of Music Beal, James B., Associate Professor of Biology Beasley, Philip C, Chairman, Professor of Biology Bell, Martha, Adjunct Instructor of Music Blackmon, Charlotte D., Associate Professor of English Blackmon, Fred C, Associate Professor of Physics and Mathematics Blackwell, Tommie Ruth, Assistant Professor of Education Blalock, Margaret, Professor of Health, Physical Education and Recreation Boruvka, Shari, Assistant Professor of Music Braid, Malcolm, Assistant Professor of Biology Brown, Loretta C, Chairman Professor of Speech Pathology and Audiology Campbell, Donald, Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Physics Canada, Richard, Professor of Education Cardone, Joseph M., Associate Professor of Mathematics and Physics Carl, Helen, Assistant Professor of Business Carlisle, Johnnie, Associate Professor of Home Economics Carson, O.J., Associate Professor of Sociology Chatterton, Raymond Edward, Assistant Professor of Business Childers, Avaline P., Associate Professor of Home Economics Clayton, Donald, Assistant Professor of Education Cobb, Loretta, Director of English Composition Laboratory Cobb, William, Professor of English Coe, Betty Jean, Assistant Professor, Supervisor of Home Economics Education Colley, C. Sanford, Professor of Education Collins, Miriam, Professor of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Connell, James F. L., Professor of Geology and Geography Brandley, Syble D., Assistant Professor of Health, Conyers, Arthur Charles Jr., Instructor of Physical Education and Recreation Sociology 234 Crew, Jeanette, Associate Professor of Health, Physical Education and Recreation Culpepper, Susan, Assistant Professor of Home Economics Davis, Leon G., Professor of Health, Physical Education and Recreation Davis, Maxine Couch, Professor of Music Dawson, Jo Anne, Assistant Professor of Music DeLage, J. Ovide, Jr., Professor of Music DiOrio, Joseph Frederick, II, Associate Professor of Foreign Languages Donaldson, Judith, Adjunct Instructor of Music Draper, J. C, Professor of Education; Director of Alabama Traffic Safety Center Duke, William R., Adjunct Professor of Mass Communications Dunn, Catherine, Assistant Professor of Art Elder, William Thomas, Assistant Professor of Health, Physical Education and Recreation Ernest, Pat, Assistant Professor of Education Ernest, William D., Professor of Education Filmer, Les, Adjunct Instructor of Music Foley, Milton J., Professor of English Fox, Robert L., Associate Professor of Speech Pathology and Audiology Fuller, Joyce, Associate Professor of English Fuller, Justin, Professor of History Garrison, Colette S., Associate Professor of Health, Physical Education and Recreation Gathany, Timothy A., Instructor of Mathematics and Physics Gaudin, David, Instructor of Chemistry and Laboratory Coordinator Gibbs, Denise P., Assistant Professor of Speech Pathology and Audiology Glass, Alton D., Special Instructor, Traffic Safety Glass, Rebecca, Assistant Professor of Health, Physical Education and Recreation, Women ' s Basketball Coach Godwin, Glinda, Adjunct Instructor of Music Golojuch, Janice, Assistant Professor of Photography and Commerical Art Grimes, Dorothy G., Assistant Professor of English Hamer, Carol Elizabeth, Assistant Professor of Home Economics Ed. Hamilton, John A., Associate Professor of Political Science Harbour, Charles C, Chairman, Professor of Speech Harbour, Mary W„ Assistant Professor of Speech Harris, Albert Zeke, Professor of Chemistry Harthern, Alvis T., Professor of Education Hawkins, Mary Douglas, Associate Professor of Social Work Hernandez, Angela, Chairman, Professor of Mathematics and Physics Department Hill, Jane, Instructor of Speech Pathology and Audiology Hughes, Elaine Wood, Assistant Professor of English Inzer, George, Instructor of Speech Jackson, Jesse J., Professor of History 235 236 237 CLOSING I 241 l®v .J ' t n 243 w 245 Rita Eads Janice Hard Karen Sanders Jim Richey Theresa Dollar Tom Hall Robin Baker Beverly Hughes 246 Judy Peacock Susan Humphries Vickie Parrish Quenette Sherrer Karen Billingsley Terri Pike Pr 11 Sm a nr w Lynette Pickett Theresa Shelby 247 Lynn Johnson Pam Adams ■ - , » pj r gjj - J| jJk j I H ■SF i S Mary Auflenorde Charlene James Carol Lusco Nancy McLain ■55 " 1 1 w m Archie Powell Steve Gilbert 248 Tim Gunter LeAnn Sherer Melonie Shanahan Dawn Rice Joyce Carter Jan Roberts Patricia Dodds Lillian Butler 249 Kin-Loong Au Tammy Lynn Johnson Susan Humphries ADS m I Mm fc t II SJ» Jw Coke adds life. THE MUSIC BOX Alabaster Shopping Center Phone: 664-1405 FOR ALL YOUR MUSIC NEEDS PRINTHNG COMPANY , 124 East Middle Street Montevallo, Alabama Phone: 665-2561 THE NAME DROPPER " LADIES SHOES " 20 Middle Street Montevallo, AL 35115 665-2210 (205)663-5003 THE WESTERN CORRAL rrrrrff 316 Montevallo Road Alabaster, AL 35007 Richard Harris Cynthia Harris GILLIS PHARMACY Two Locations to Serve You Alabaster Shopping Center 663-3113 and Shelby Professional Building 663-1460 Compliments of SOUTHERN BELLE CLOGGERS and RANELLI ' S Compliments of SONIC Ashville Road Montevallo, AL Phone: 665-1371 CAMPBELL SALES CO. WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS TOBACCO — CANDIES — NOTIONS DRUG SUNDRIES Supplying Campus Teahouse and Area Stores Phone: 688-4809 Jemison Compliments of FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF COLUMBIANA COLUMBIANA, ALABAMA PHONE: 669-2611 Compliments of MERCHANTS PLANTERS BANK MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA PHONE: 665-2591 A FULL SERVICE BANK ' v . — - t — ar - — «w 37 Kac h depositor insured to ' 4 0,000 FEDIIAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPOHA ' iON MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Compliments of Buds MONTEVALLO of Love REXALL DRUGS Phone: 665-1261 Custom Screen Printing 108 Middle Street Montevallo Jackets T-Shirts Jerseys Sweats Caps Shop and Save at Kenneth D. Williams — Owner Hwy 119 South Alabaster Plaza Phone: 663-1136 Open Monday-Saturday 9:00-6:00 PIGGLY WIGGLY SUPERMARKET Vallo Plaza Montevallo Join the SMITHERMAN ' S PHARMACY Compliments of UNIVERSITY Larry and Donna Smitherman Registered Pharmacists SOLNICK ' S 21 Main Street OF MONTEVALLO ALUMNI Phone: 665-2574 Montevallo ASSOCIATION Main Street Phone: 665-2521, ext. 530 Montevallo Phone: 665-1755 Any Contribution Entitles You to Membership During my year as MONTAGE editor, I learned a great deal. I learned, in a very pei sonal way, about loyalty and responsibility. I feel that my year as editor has done for m what no other experience ever could. I would like to thank Julia Rudd for her dedication and friendship. She was alway there and always helped me in any way possible. I would also like to thank Tomm Roach not only for her excellent work as Business Manager, but for her friendship, too. I hope that as a student glancing through this book for the first few times that you wi enjoy it. However, I hope that you grow to love it ten or fifteen or even fifty years fror now when it can bring back memories for you. Much hard work, quite a bit of frustration and a lot of true emotion went into th preparation of this yearbook. I hope that you have enjoyed it. Rona Phillips Editor 1981 MONTAGE " h, m m ana

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