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University of Montevallo - Montage Technala Yearbook (Montevallo, AL) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Cover

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.. % MONTAGE 1974 University of Montevallo Patricia Johnston Editor : x X - - .w v?« v» - i ? JK. %Xjg % - " V » k «? « The Water continually flowed and ilowed and yet it was always there, it was the same and yet every moment it was new. H. Hesse i MA arjh »» -- - 4ft 5 .. g 4f , - • ■ ««- ' - ' «. 3 , . 5 y Dedicated to those of us Whose picture has never crossed an annual, but in Classes. To those of us who were never leaders, nor presidents, nor brilliant. For those who never had the fortune to be beauties, actors, or editors. But to those of us who learned, while here, to love and care. Contents Academics 33 Activities 59 Organizations 97 Greeks 137 Sports 161 Features 191 Classes 215 Advertisements 263 A Montage 279 % 215041 Today another day passed As all previous days have passed, Leaving nothing but the faint remembrance Of what was Leaving nothing but a faded impression On our minds. L JtJ 2 k I 1% y £fei ■ s A ' $ % ' K?n» H l I ' M P f-A. 1 lift ' ■3 0 ■ And tomorrow will pass Just as today passed Leaving no strong incident To ever reinforce its presence And the conglomeration Of faded todays and barely remembered yesterdays And quick-moving— never impressing tomorrows Makes up a whole— us. • « ,V«» . la s 10 !P i i? pp w ■ " « . • £-■-, Our days fade into each other, Each inseparable from the other Yet all form and create one whole. Memory, mind, and experience are we. 13 u Who can say Nothing ever happens When the whole world is happening? Life is happening outside the window. We can watch it, or be involved with it. We chose to be involved. We are never bored. With people or without them. 15 ■ jfcq Like stepping stones across the streams Accompaning every waterfall, So college tradition holds. Each stone leading closer to the other side- Each activity leading to the close of another year. The memories to some are just another step, But to others, a smile or a tear. . if s. - . ' n ' X. • «M i r • .■ i s m K - i Stic 22 5 " ' " ' 1 • ' FJ« !U ' ? : ' - ' -? ; .• ' v ' ' i % ' A million thoughts Of joy and sorrow, Fleeting, Contrasting, All in the space Of a moment. 23 ' ■I Times of joy, Times of sorrow Together At Once 25 1 1 1 111 For who cannot say Those of the richest experiences We shared Had not a taste of bitterness Damnation, Oh those times of frustration May have been the sweetest. 27 0 - -x - 28 •r ' T ir !IX ■ ' ; ? $ ?7 4 ■ :J 4 r ' 1 i ofer c ■BSttJi T . :-- 4 % A re we not part of all we meet? The joys, the sorrows staring, We woke up to a million dreams But never left them all. ' %S4 29 ■ ■W , 1 f K Jl J nj 4 M» I «» mm w Me " " • » ■ . M . M» at — •». •■» {•MM • zinHmTZ » v -»- r— » « »t V " f ■ --•■ • ACADEMICS » Ron Jones, Editor Sunny Cashman, Co-Editor 1. KERMIT JOHNSON President, University Of Montevallo 2. JAMES CHASTEEN Assistant To The President 3. JOAN CORDON Secretary To The President 4. B. E. FANCHER, Ph.D. University of Oklahoma Dean Of College Of Education 5. JOHN W. STEWART, Ed.D. Florida State University Dean of College of Fine Arts 6. PAUL J. SHATZ, Ph.D. University of Alabama Dean Of College Of Business 7. JOHN B. WALTERS JR., Ph.D. Vanderbilt University Dean Of College Of Sciences 8. D. R. McMILLIAN, Ph.D. University of North Carolina Dean Of Graduate Studies 34 4 A 5 A 6 A 3 A 35 3 ▼ 6f 71 36 10 ? 11 A 1. LEE A. BARCLAY, SR. Business Manager and Treasurer 2. RUTH E. COFFMAN Dean of Women 3. BESSIE MERLE ELLIOTT Assistant Treasurer 4. KERMIT MATHISON Director of Admissions and Records 5. JAMES R. WILKINSON Dean of Men 6. LAURA FRANCIS MATHISON Director of Alumni Affairs 7. LARRY A. PEEVY Assistant Director of Admissions and Records 8. PAUL W. |ONES Assistant Business Manager-in-Charge of Student Union Building 9. DR. )OSEPH HAMER Director of Counseling 10. ELIZABETH POSEY Guidance Counseling 11. LINDA L. KNOWLES Coordinator, Student Financial Aid 12. RALPH W. SEARS Director of Public Relations 12 A 37 1. KARL PERKINS Director of Educational Television 2. RAY SOSA Instructor of Educational Television 1. LARRY SMITH Producer of Educational Television 4. CHUCK KING Supervisor of Faculty-Student Services and Photo Lab 5. STEVE HUFFSTUTLER Director of News Bureau 1 k 4 ▼ 5 T 3 A 38 COLLEGE OF BUSINESS 6 T 7 ▼ 1. BURTON W. BROOKS, M.B.A. Samford University 2. WILLIAM L. MARSHALL, JR. Associate Professor 3. GERTRUDE McGUIRE, Ed.D. University of Tennessee 4. ALAN L. LIVINGSTON, M.A. University of Alabama 5. KATE C. SNEED, Ph.D. Georgia State University 6. SARA P. MORGAN, M.S. University of Tennessee 7. AGNESS CASHMAN, M.A. University of Alabama 39 COLLEGE OF EDUCATION UpWi J TZl r x ™ 1 ▲ 2 A 3 1 11 f 4 A 7 A 9 1 1. FRANCES O. CANNON, Ph.D. Professor 2. SANFORD COLLEY, Ed.D. University of Alabama 3. ALVIS HARTHERN, Ph.D. University of Alabama 4. HENRY L. LASH, Ed.D. Assistant Professor 5. BILL CLIFTON Assistant Professor 6. THOMAS S. HARRILL, Ed.D. Auburn University 7. LAWRENCE MALONE, Ed.D. University of Alabama 8. NELL MALONE, Ed.D. University of Alabama 9. BOBBYE K. LIGHTFOOT, M.A.T. Alabama College 10. LINDA C. MAHAN Assistant Professor 11. CHARLES L. GORLEY, Ed.D. Samford University 12. ROBERT LIGHTFOOT Associate Professor 6 A 8 A 12 ▼ 10 A 40 Physical Education 6 ▼ 8 ▼ 10 ▼ 9 ▼ L 2 k Baflr ' J BBlv BWgi . S ; ;? 1. J. WARD TISHLER, Ed.D. University of Wyoming 2. BERNICE FINGER, Ed.D. Columbia University 3. BEVERLY WARREN, M.S. Southern Illinois University 4. LEON DAVIS, Ed.D. University of Alabama 5. TERRY R. BELL, B.S. Alabama College 6. ]EANETTE CREW, M.S. University of Tennessee 7. BILLY L. JONES, M.A. Peabody College 8. MARGARET BLALOCK, Ed.D. University of Alabama 9. MIRIAM COLLINS, Ed.D. University of Alabama 10. FRANK LIGHTFOOT, M.A. Alabama Polytechnic Institute 41 Institute for Environmental Safety 1. L. C. DRAPER, M. AT. Athens College 2. MR. LOGAN Drivers Education Instructor 3. GARY ROACH Institute of Environmental Safety 2 k 3 k Library 1. ROBERT B. SOMERS, M.A. Florida State University 2. MARY FRANCES TIPTON, M.S. Florida State University 3. PAULINE WILLIAMS Instructor and Assistant Librarian 4. JULLIAN ROTENBERRY, B.S. University of North Carolina 5. JANE McCLANAHAN, B.S. Technical Clerical Assistant 6. JEAN EDWARDS General Assistant 7. LOUISE OWENS Technical Clerical Assistant 1 k 6? 3 k ■ : i.:,„» U ' Uil ; JM If " tfiB m- flH IIS i o 9 M 43 COLLEGE OF FINE ARTS 1. LILA J. WELLS, M.A. University of Alabama 2. ADRIENNE HART, M.A. University of Georgia 3. THEODORE METZ, M.A. University of South Carolina 4. JOHN SPICER, M.A. University of Wichita 4 T 44 1. CHARLES HARBOUR, Ph.D. University of Texas 2. TOM NOWELL, M.A. Instructor 3. THEODORE URBAN, M.A. Instructor 4. MARY HARBOUR, M.A. University of Mississippi 5. W. T. CHICHESTER, M.A. University of North Carolina 2 A 5 ? D 46 2. BENJAMIN MIDDAUGH, D.M. Florida State University 3. BRUCE TOLBERT, M.F.A. Ohio University 4. LOUIS S. SHAW, B.S. University of Alabama 5. MAXINE C. DAVIS, Ed.D. Columbia University 6. WILDA HEISS, B.M. Peabody Conservatory of Music 7. EDWIN C. ROBERTSON, D.M. Florida State University 8. MARTHA TONEY Instructor 9. LINDA WHITE Assistant Professor 10. THEODORE PRITCHETT, Ph.D. Florida State University 11. ROBERT COWAN, L.R.A.M. Royal Academy of Music, London JOAN COWAN Assistant Professor 47 COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Biology 1. PHILLIP G. BEASLEY, Ph.D., CHAIRMAN University of Auburn 2. JAMES F. L. CONNELL, Ph.D. University of Oklahoma 3. EUGENE B. SLEDGE, Ph.D. University of Florida 4. JAN EAGLES, Ph.D. University of Alabama 5. HENRY F. TURNER, Ph.D. Iowa State University 6. ROBERT F. McGUIRE, Ph.D. University of Tennessee 1 k 2 ▼ 4 A 3 ▼ 5 ▼ 6 ▼ 48 Chemistry 2 A 1. DR. ARIS MERIJANIAN, CHAIRMAN Texas A M University 2. JAMES B. BEAL, Ph.D. Texas A M University 3. ALBERT Z. HARRIS Ph.D. Texas A M University 49 3 ▼ 2 A 5 f 6 T 4 A 7 ▼ 50 9 A 8 ? 12 k 11 A 1. JOHN B. LOTT, Ph.D., CHAIRMAN Vanderbilt University 2. SANDRA LOTT Assistant Professor 3. CHARLOTTE D. BLACKMON, M.A. University of Alabama 4. MILTON J. FOLEY, Ph.D. University of Alabama 5. ANNE M. FITTS, M.A. University of Alabama 6. NORMAN McMILLAN, Ph.D. University of Michigan 7. SARAH G. PALMER, M.S. Auburn University 8. )ANET R. YOUELL, M.A. University of Alabama 9. SIDNEY J. VANCE, M.A. Vanderbilt University 10. WILLIAM S. COBB, M.A. Vanderbilt University 11. JOYCE FULLER, M.A.T. Vanderbilt University 12. ELIZABETH H. ROGERS, Ph.D. Emory University 10 A 51 2 A 3 ▼ Foreign Languages 5 ▼ 4 ▼ 1. M. RAYMAYFIELD, M.A., Chm. Louisiana State University 2. RICHARD W. THAMES, M.A. Mississippi University 3. JOSEPH F. DIORIO II, A.M. Middlebury College 4. CHARLES E. MAJURE, A.M. Emory University 5. BRUCE McCLANAHAN, M.A. Louisiana State University 52 4 A 1. REBECCAS. LYON, Ph.D. Chairman 2. MARVOLIN STEPHENS, M.A.T. Alabama College 3. SARA NELL LIGHTSEY, M.A. University of Alabama 4. ETHEL ROSE, Ph.D. Professor 5. CAROL E. HAMER, M.A. University of Georgia 6. VIRGINIA WILLIAMS, M.A. Director, Kindergarten Program 7. CAROL E. HARRIS Assistant Professor 8. KATHRYN S. TURNER, M.S. Iowa State University 9. AVOLINE P. CHILDERS, M.A. University of Alabama 10. MABEL OUSLEY, M.S. Auburn University 11. ELANOR C. JOHNSTON, M.S. University of Minnesota Home Economics 5 A 2 A 6 f 3 A 8 ▼ ■ 53 Mathematics And Physics 1. T. H. KWON, Ph.D. University of Georgia 2. JOHN F. SUTTLE Assistant Professor 3. JOSEPH M. CARDONE, M.S. Auburn University 4. J. WILLIAM FOREMAN, Ph.D. Purdue University 5. PATSY THOMLEY, M.A. Samford University 6. MIGUEL A. GUITART, Ph.D. University of Havana 7. ANGELA HERNANDEZ, Ph.D. University of Havana 8. FRED C. BLACKMON, M.Ed. University of Montevallo 5 f 6 f 7 T 2 k 4 f 8 ? S4 Philosophy and Religion 4 A 1 ▼ Psychology 3 A 1. WILLIAM F. WALLACE, Ph.D. University of Alabama 2. JAMES P. ROGERS, Ph.D., CHAIRMAN Emory University 3. FRANK C. McGURK, Ph.D. Catholic University of America 4. HENDRIK VAN TUYLL, Th.D. State University of Utrecht, Netherlands 2 A 55 7 ▼ ■x S 5 ▼ 2 A 8 T 6 ▼ 3 A 9 T 56 10 A 12 A 16 ▼ 14 A 17 ▼ 11 A £1- ■ . t V i 1 i ■ J M — Al£ J V I 13 1 15 A Social Sciences 1. DAVID T. MORGAN, Ph.D. Chairman 2. SHIRLEY F. JACKSON, Ph.D. Florida State University 1 ETHEL HALL, M.A. University of Chicago 4. O. ). CARSON, M.A. Louisiana State University 5. JESSIE ). JACKSON, M.A. Florida State University 6. VIRGINIA JONES, M.A. Tulane University 7. MICHAEL GWIN, M.A. Assistant Professor 8. REUBEN TRIPLETT Assistant Professor 9. DOUGLAS RODGERS, M.A. University of Alabama 10. ROY LECHTRECK, M.A. St. Louis University 11. JUSTIN FULLER, Ph.D. University of North Carolina 12. LINDA STILES, M.S.S.W. University of Tennessee 13. KATHLEEN NUCCIO, M.A. Instructor 14. JOHN A. HAMILTON, Ph.D. University of Texas 15. BESSE T. TERRY, Ph.D. University of Alabama 16. CHARLES H. AINSWORTH, M.A. University of Alabama 17. MURRAY C. FLYNN, M.A. University of Texas 57 Speech And Hearing Clinic 1. FAYE CHURCHILL, M.A. Auburn University 2. LORETTA C. BROWN, Ed.D., Chm, University of Alabama 3. SALLY T. SMITH, M.A. Northwestern University 4. HETTIE P. JOHNSON, M.A.T. University of Alabama 5. WENDELL SMITH Assistant Professor ■ vWV % ' « ►, j r ' % . J 4 I «■ 4 ! ? !• 1 1 V Although you must look for things to do . . . 611 61 Sometimes looking can be half the fun. g A £ — J Jfer — ra «, rSi • 62 63 Preservation Jazz Hall Band A Little Bit of New Orleans Flavor 64 Charlie Brown Theatre on Tour 65 Registration 66 67 Denny Brooks In Concert M -t»v HSb»§ H Lti u ' " ■■. SB ■■ W M ■HHH ? 1 [fr Jf 11 S 1 m 1 Aim PM 1 The Proposition 70 Matthew and Peter 71 73 God ' s Trombones 6 1 unH mm ' -3$ I - ' II ■ -■•- ■ . ' 4 a ,.» M " b1im Ti i -... naiMiiitfl V Snow White The Children ' s Play ■■■ 1973-74 Experimental Plays These photos, are from two UM student-di- rected plays this year, Gnadiges Fraulein and The Mutilated. Other theatre productions for the year included: Theatre of the Thirties John Brown ' s Body The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man in the Moon Marigolds Dark Side of the Moon and Gypsy o R C H 78 79 College Night 1974 A Purple Reign First, leaders are elected. Then come cabinet, cowtail, and flunkie selec- tions, rehearsals, sign raisings, more rehearsals, prop construction, more re- hearsals, stagings, and still more rehearsals before the dream becomes reality-College Night finally arrives. This unique tradition is a rare blend of all the emotions we encounter every day. Whether we win or lose, College Night demonstrates the value of learning, teaching, taking, giving, com- peting, sharing, and most importantly the value of establishing never-to-be- forgotten friendships. In a sense, it is an error to say that anyone " loses " during college Night. As long as Purples yell " PV " and Golds respond with " CV, " there will exist a certain mixture of pride, satisfaction, and companionship which defies at- tachment of won or lost labels. College Night is entertainment, excitement, and a sense of belonging— and only a bare stage on a late Saturday night in February can explain the void caused by its annual passing. It is on that February night that the partici- pants realize that no one has really lost at all . . . ao Drucilla Minton and Bill Meitl, Purple Leaders Dedicated to Dr. Ted Pritchett Diana Durham and Carmon Love, Cold Leaders El The 1974 PURPLE Production: Freak Show i Purple Pride Row 1: Debbie Woolen, |an Lane, Sammy Joseph. Row 2: Bobby Pitts, Samuel Finch, Donna Anders. Row 3: Donna Corretto, Ted Fen, Beverly Simms. Row 4: Rick Faucher, Susan Noel, leanne Wright. Row 5: Margret Reynolds, Carol Kirkland, Kirk Lightfoot, |ohn Smith, |ohn Hard, Bob Cargo, Stanley Nelson, Cheri Dalton, Doug Carothers. Row 6: Pat Betts, Denise Baldwin, Marquetta Watts, Arhonda Coffey, Stephen Toney. Row 7: Debbie Isley, Wade Cilbreath, Ava Greene, Jeanne Duke, Inge Hinrichs, Jane Espy. Row 8: Brian McCanless, Tony Whaley, Sheri Mills, Doug Trotter, Gloria Nuelfer, Laura Engstrant. Row 9: Paul Allen, Maggie Denison, Pam Fowler, Jeanetta Jackson, Nancy Greene, Charlotte Chavers. Row 10: Decie Dupont, Kathy Kerwin, Cathy Luguire, Gary Wilemon, Roger Emmons, Steve Savitz, Warren Betts. Row 11: Sam Hitch- cock, Collins Cameron, Rhonda Martin, ken Early, Judy Lier. Purple Cabinet L to R: Gary Wilemon, Margaret Reynolds, Scott Oyer, Jack Kirakos, Wanda Britton, Larry Snipes, Terry Chambers, Mike Nuss, Sarah Pody, Darlene Stagner, Parti Ferguson, Bill Meitl, Dru Minton, Charles Dolby, Janelle Griffith, Mary McDonald, Pam Smith, lane Ellen Mitchell, Barbara lames, Bob Ramsey, Vicki Hester, Ron Lough, Wade Gilbreath, Cherie Dalton. Cowtails Front: Mary Margaret McDonald, Patty Oyer. Row 2: Libby Chapman, Connie Clemmons, Susan Russell, |oni Pepper, Me- lissa Martin. Row 3: Roz Hamrick, Val Nixon, Allen Diffey. Row 4: Peggy Byrne, Evelyn Mullins, Mary Smith, Lauren Harbin, Debbie Ramseur, Anita McDaniel. Row 5: Ellen Cook, Ginny Millar, lanet Brooks. Row 6: Randy Harris, Ann Pearson, Deb- bie Porter, Dennis Trotter, Dianne Terrell, Paul Webb. NP: Polly Wright. Golden Spirit Gold Cabinet Row 1: Debbie Willis, Dayna King, Debbie Bostic, Margaret Tucker, Paula Clark. Row 2: lane Canster, Linda Merrill, Jim Bell. Row 3: Kathy Day, Kay Fincher, Lee Arnold, Kneeland Wright. Row 4: Bo Crow, Melanie Stone, Dan Cathy, Diana Durham. Flunkies Row 1: Kathy Dennis, Lyn Lanier, Cathy Hutzinger, Carol Noel, Wanda Hudson, Cathy )o Wheeler, Shannon Curley, Vicki Parker, Donna Sleeper (across). Row 2: Janice Collier, Donna Norton, Pam Keith, Kim Colburn, Parti Hagood, Sue Floyd, Kathy Green. Row 3: Marva Powe, Lynne Couch, Donna Buzbi, Monica Calvert. Purple Orchestra Bill Meitl— Conductor. Row 1: Scott Wolfe, David Felthern, Barbara Battey, Ann Thomas, Randy Turner, Karene Childress, Robbin Shaw, Ellen Cook, Diane Millar, Chris Bailey. Row 2: Doug Foster, Robert Churchill, Tommy Taylor, lake Corbin, Becky Fischer, Julie McEntee, Tony Canavaro, Sally Anderson. NP: Michael Lingo, Wayne Carmen, Pam Parker, Laurie Orr, Lee Fisher, Steve Graham, Cilda Stubben, Alex Quick. Purple Cheerleaders L to R: Martha Martin, )udy Furman, Paula kiker, Debbie Adams, Pam Bridgeman, Carol Preskit, Liz Miller, Denise Shadr- ick. Drummers: Kathy Duncan, Kay Atchison, Wendy Barnes, Amy Hamrick. Lucky Lady: Kay Covington. Purple Volleyball Row 1: Mary Margaret McDonald, Jan Williams, Dianne Chesire, Roxanne Rut- ledge. Row 2: Kay Kaemmerer, Pam Smith, Lauren Harbin. Row 3: Chris Camp- bell, Angie Spelce, Mary Johnson. Row 4: Darlene Stagner, Polly Wright. P urple Football Front; Dennis Cobb, Vince Cardone, Mark Mullins, Lovelle Hoggle, Allen Walker, Tim Benis, Charles Dolby, Paul Canevero, Mitch Quinn. Back: Robert Campbell (Coach), Steve Reeder, Alan Hancock, Danny Harrison, Rick Faucher, Richard Crumpton, Mike Bohorfoush, Joe Terry, Mark Adams, Hank Breland, Joe Elkourie, Woody Quinn, NP: Jim Tucker, Steve Stevens, Clark Andrew, Rick Ferguson, Tim Tucker, Hardwick Greg, Keith Skelton, James Lawshe. 91 Gold Orchestra Mike Mayhall— Conductor. Row 1: Oleta Ingram, Kathy Berts, Cindy Rudolph, Ken Trawick, Beth Anthony, Barb Preskit. Row 2: Gary Mann, Mike Ratliff, Clay Wright, Larry Wade. Row 3: Cookie Wingate, Terry Shaw, Tap, Robbie Robinson. Back: |ohn Yoakum, Greg Daniels. N.P. Keith Allen, Lois Evans, Stan Munsey, Carmen Love, Ken Bonham, Ellie Salter, Hu- bert Van Tuyll. Gold Cheerleaders Row I: Drummers: Tommy Worley, Gail Pierce, Beth Acton, Row 2: Lynn Hill (Little Leo), Cindy Loper, lean Knott, Denise Bryant, Susan Wildsmith, Sue Floyd (Leo), Row i: Cindy Moon, Rhonda Howard, Robin Metzger, Becky Ward. Gold Volleyball Row 1: Laura Carr, Kathy Green, Rheta Fuller, Row 2: Kathi Sorey, Mary Norton, Leslie Self, Cathy Tyler. Row 3: Lois Evans, Linda Malone, Pam Riggs, Marcy Van- degriff, ]anet Lough, Liz lohnson, Paula Clark. Gold Football Row 1: Eddie Varnedore, Kenny Massey, Butch Davis, Lonny Hairis, Frank Mabry, Johnny Trawick, Steve Cain. Row 2: Randy Whealton, Bill Nathews, John Acker, Don Butler, Robert Howard, Ed Prastofer (coach), Pat Murphy. Row 3: Dan Cathy, Sammy Skinner, Allen Davenport, Steve Harless, George Murphee, Buck Beckton, David Pike, Wayne Duncan, Jimmy Kirkland, Frank Priola, Ronnie McDonough, David Bailey (coach). 93 94 95 - February 9, 1974- The night of Purple Reign 96 M T ft v . N A nt „ Eft? v .« • Student Government Association Linda Sipowitz— Secretary Marilyn Latham-President Tom Walker— Vice President Ron Jones— Treasurer David Wiggington— Social Chairman Cecil Matthews— Court Solicitor N.P. Suzanne Lowry— Assistant Solicitor Mark Brandon-Student Trustee Bob England— Court Defender Kathie Farnell— Assistant Defender Senate Seated: Linda Whitley, Tom Walker Row one: Dawn Barrs, Jane Ganster, Rhonda Howard, Patti Ferguson, Cathy Cox, Marilyn Burgess, Columbus Boswell Row two: Bob England, Mark Brandon, David Matthews, Mary Jo Faulkner, Cathy Jo Wheeler, Dru Minton, Debbie Rentz, Courtney Parker, Cathy Mason Row three: Butch Davis, Bob Cargo, Robbie Robinson, Melissa Martin, Mike Nuss, Phyllis Richardson, Sue Wiley, Steve Pickett, Steve Legg, Richard Prince Executive Cabinet Seated: Debbie Manley, Ellen Cook, Marilyn Latham, Rhonda Baines, Linda Sipowi Standing: Mark Brandon, Ron Jones, Tom Walker, David Wigginton, Ron Carlee Fire Department Robert Stewart, Gordon Paul, Henry Compton, Fire Marshall, Hoyt Eason Justice Council Seated: Dr. Sara Morgan, Dr. Ovide Delage, Dr. Elizabeth Rogers, Mr. Robert Lightfoot, Shelley Hill Standing: Philip Cardin, Scott Oyer, Doug McCullough Social Committee Below: Bob Cargo David Wigginton-Chairman Allen Smith Above: Claudia Tanzer Cheryl Green Sherry Mills Loucretia Foster Chemistry Club Front: Albert Harris, Aris Merijanian, sponsors. Standing: Gary Wilemon, Rick Cummings, Keldon Stanford, Eugene Godwin, John Hard.Not Pictured: John Godwin, Nancy Green, Ray Sundberg, Jere Jackson, Steve Gibbs, Karen Snowden, Doris Cummings, Ed Prastofer, John Jenkins, Fred Grady. Beta Beta Beta Biology Honor Society Seated: Monica Calvert, Amelia Little, Karen Snowden. Standing: Robert McGuire, sponsor, Martha Young, Linda Banker, Rick Cummings, Eu- gene Godwin, Robin Rigel. Kappa Mu Epsilon Math Honor Society Seated: Donna Buzbee, Social Chm., Susan Martin, Sec.-Tres., Becky Golden, Pres. Standing: Janelle Lenoir, Donna Bagwell, Tom Griswold, V.P. Not Pictured: Tom Sanders. Kappa Pi Art Honor Society gHj Hv , M BK " l £fc . ; IjV L " xk J j!?] L 1 mIw ' « m Kjm yy pmF i s l ££ J t ' . . v v,. §PHik 1 - » « B 1 1 i S r - i Row One: Robert Stewart, Lila Wells, sponsor, Debbie Grimes Sec, Mark Thompson, Row Two: Gina White, Pres., Kneeland Wright, Mac Gothard, Pam Huggins, Pat Johnston, V.P., Melanie Cook. Sigma Delta Spanish Honor Society Seated: Deborah Wiggins, Barbara Barley Standing: Mr. Mayfield, Janet Hollomon, Angela Montgomery Delta French Honor Society Seated: Ginny Millar Standing: Mr. Majure, Donna Cranmer, Angela Montgomery, Patricia Huck, Randall Curb Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society Row One: Beverly Stafford, Jane Roberts, Kathy Farnell, Eva Golson, Sponsor, Barbara Reynolds, Kathy Bednar, Gloria Nueffer, Jean Young- blood, Elizabeth Rodgers, sponsor, Debbie Grimes. Row Two: David Vest, Stephen Toney, |ohn Lott, sponsor, Paul Meighan, Randall Curb, Ron Carlee, superstar, Norman McMillan, sponsor, Mike Stonecypher. Deutsche Gesellschaft German Club Front: Beverly Stovall, Julia Heaton, Doris Fuller. Row Two: Karene Childress, Ann Thomas, Kathy Mackey. Row Three: Mike Bra- shier, Sammy Joseph, Richard Thames, sponsor, Gary Wilemon, Alex Quick. Lambda Sigma Pi Senior Women ' s Honor Society Seated: Barbara Bartey, Karen Snowden, Susan Martin, Becky Golden, Pam Huggins, Edwina Aaron, Standing: Ilia Franklin, Catherine Bean, Gloria Nueffer, Kathy Mason, Cecilia Godwin, Carolvn Hobbs, Jane Ellen Mitchell, Pam Guy, Donna Buzbee, Ellen Caldwell, Janice Lane, Janelle Lenoir, |o Kincaid. Not Pictured: Pat Johnston. Eta Sigma Phi Liberal Arts Honor Society Seated: Pam Smith, Karen Snowden, Kathy Farnell, Electa Metzger, Mary Nell Brown, Monica Calvert, Claudia Collier, Amy Crim, Ellen Cal- dwell, Mikie Wright, Kathy Mason, Diane Bishop, Barbara Battey, Judy Dodd, Debbie Grimes,. Standing: John Godwin, Mike Stonecypher, F. Maury Wilson, James Godwin, Randall Curb, Murry Flynn, Sponsor, Anthony Martin, William Lloyd Allen. Omicron Nu Home Economics Honor Society Front: Claire Stewart, Rose Ellen Hankins, Rebecca Smith. Back: Johnnie Carlise, Carol Kendrick, Rheta Fuller, Catherine Bean, Dr. Rebecca Lyon, Marvoline Stephens, advisor. Student Home Economics Association Row One: Jayne Burns, Jeanne Bush, Martha Martin, Ann McEwen, Pat Clark, Mary Kate " Harrison, Rheta Fuller. Row Two: Deborah Howell, Katherine Bean, Rebecca Smith, Betty Driver, Cindy Allen, Debbie Hagler, Cathy Betts, Brenda Hamilton, )ane Smith, Kathy Reynolds, Kathryn Vance. Row Three: )oyce Screws, Wanda Hudson, )ackie Robinson, Donna Hicks, Kathy Henry, Mary Ann Brooks, Claire Stewart, Becky Parker, Aletha Cassady, Derienne McLemore, Ramona Richardson, Barbara Guthrie, Phyllis Richardson, Susan Gaston, Gail Vinson, lane Dopp, Paula Pierce, Janice Taylor Graham, Dianne Hayword, Janice Whitten, Dianne Hall. Officers Becky Parker, Sec, Cindy Allen, Sec, Paula Pierce, State Officer, Kathy Henry, Publicity, Phyllis Richard- son, Program Chm., Eleanor Johnston, advisor, Kathy Reynolds, Parliamentarian, Debbie Hagler, Reporter, Wanda Hudson, Historian, Alethea Cassady, Tres., Kathryn Vance, Pres. Row one: William Beabout, Butch Wilson, Curtis Dosch-Vice President, Jerry Yarbrough, Sherry Stafford-Sweetheart, James Newman, Richard Prince, James Wine, Anthony Holmes, Danny Callups . Row two: Sam Roberts, Fred Nelson, Lynn Lovelady-Vice President, Roger Bromn, Steve Parsons-Secretary, Jeff Phillips, Steve McDaniel- President, Kerry Rutherford, Larry Strong, Paul Terrell, Joe Shannon, Bill Hoster Row three: Michael Duke, Dr. Paul Schatz, Barney Fife, Jim Culpepper, Steve Barton, Jim Averitt, Gerald Forchim, Eddy Davidson Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Businessmen ' s Fraternity Phi Chi Theta Women ' s Professional Business Fraternity Seated: Gertrude McCuire, advisor, Ann McNaughton, Pres., Sherry Stafford, V.P. Stand- ing: Mary Lou Reeder, Corresponding Sec, Su- san Laminack, Recording Sec, Dawn Nunnally, Kay Green, Carol Cope, Tres., )une May. Not Pictured: Sally Hunt, Agnes Cashman, advisor. Sigma Alpha Sigma Business Honor Society Row One: Jimmy Godfrey, Jean Knott, Nancy Elmore, David Wigginton, Barbara Gamble, )ane Walker, Mary Lou Reeder, June May, Sarah Morgan, advisor. Row Two: Karen Jones, Danny Campbell, Marie Smith, Karen Nix, Richard Tingle, Linda Malone, Diane Ledbetter, Susan Laminack, George Clary, William Young. Row Three: Cal Holoby, Jeff Philips, Sreve McDaniel, Mike Nix. Row Four: Curtis Dosch, Bill Hoster, James Kirkland, James Newman, Jim Culpepper, Anthony Holmes, Larry Dutton. Kappa Delta Pi Education Honor Society Seated Officers: Cathy Cox, President; Linda Creel, Vice President; Dianne Parsons, Secretary; Diane Pappas, Historian. First Row: Joan Cherry, Deborah Robinson, Catherine Bean, Diann Roberts, Rheta Fuller, Debra Slimp, Susan Edfelt, Donna Bagwell, Sandra Whitson, Melissa Martin, Rahonda Dean. Last Row: Jane Harrison, Marilyn Gregorius, Margaret Johnson, Marty Rittman, Janelle Lenoir. Student National Educational Association Dr. Henry J. Lash, Sponsor. Members: Bunny Bean, Mary Jane Bosworth, Marilyn Burgess, Donna Cochran, Linda Creel, Sue Edfeldt— VP, Nancy Elmore, Donna Fortenberry, Rheta Fuller, Marrianne Gaston, Charlotte Grayson, Debby Hagler, Dot Howell-Prs., Phyllis Lockhart, David Mat- thews, Cindy Noland, Paula Pierce, Susan Reeves, Amelia Renson, Debbie Rentz, Candy Rodgers, Marie Smith, Claire Stewart, Sharon Walker, Debbie Watson-Pub. Chm., Sandra Whitson-Sec-Tres., Not Pictured: Barbaa Battey, Ellen Caldwell, Gayla Curl, Rahonda Dean, Melissa Martin. Association for Childhood Development Front: Cindy Noland, Pres., Susan Edfelt, First V.P., Kay Atchinson, Third V.P., Debra Slimp, Sec.-Tres. Row Two: Nell Malone, advisor, Susan Reeves, Kathy Neely, Sarah Pody, Frances Leigh, Marty Lynn, Diane Pappas, Vicky Kirpatrick. Row Three: Valerie Johnson, Margret Simonctti, Debbie Watson, Rhonda Dean, )ane Harrison, Margret Johnson, Sandra Whitson, Linda Creel, Charlotte Grayson, Frances Cannon, sponsor, Denise Owen. International Relations Club Kallie Cox, Renee Boslany, Besse Terry, sponsor, Alan Willey, Mike Young, Jane Holloman, Jack Hatchett, Donna Cranmer, Paul Meighan. Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society lane Harrison, Rhonda Dean, Catherie King, Elizabeth Rodgers, Douglas Rodgers, advisor, Amy Creel, David Morgan, Debbie Watson, Carla Terry, Robin Rigel, Monica Calvert, Barbara Battey, Stan Baumberg, Pres., Justin Fuller. Standing: Ralls Coston, lames Godwin, David Vest, Da- vid Langley, V.P., Randall Curb, Mike Stonecypher. Young Republicans - , " 1 i - 1 t » i vi 1 B 1 I r ■.. ] •s 1 nj ■a ■ ' : |b ?: ■■ ji W K. ■ ! ' " • .»• Pi 1 - l $ ffUTA ' .B ■ W : ' - ¥ iv — k. HPJ Fii ' ■B " - v 1 Row one: Carol Pentecost, Betty Driver-Vice Chairman, Lisa Wideman, Emily Nantel, Donna Threllkell, Sue Butler, Annette Horseley Row two: Carla Denney, Chris Dagostin-Social Chairman, Barbara Nell Ezell, Mary McElroy, Rick Esnault, Julian Davis, Bobby Davis, Henry Compton, Georgia Yeatts-Chairman Social Work Club L. to R. Alan Hancock— Vice President, Joyce Smith-Treasurer, Debbie Reynolds, Claire Jackson, Terry Teel-Secretary, John Pitts— President, Pat Bain, Lee Kitchens, Lyn Lanier, Joyce Gladden, Barbara Schnadelbach, Jan Renfroe— Projects Chairman Science Fiction Club Gary Wilemon, Lynda Whitfield, Wade Cilbreath, Kathy Farnell. K-Ettes Seated: Cath Betts, Oleta Ingram, Beth Driver, Pres., Ann Thomas. Standing: Linda Robinson, Cindy Al- len, V.P., Deborah Godrev, Mar Frances Pegues, Historian, Sharon Walker, Jeanne Arnold, Tres., Cindy KelK. Front: Mike Stover, Tres., Carol Thomas. Pres. Row Two: Kathy Green, Velda Robinson, Brenda Moultrie, Sec, Diane Hall, V.P. Row Three: Constance Smile . Kath Burroughs, Anna McCrear, Rebecca Harris, Trisha Thompson, Pep Club Seated: Terri Chambers, Rhonda Howard. Row Two: Dickie Lucy. Patti Ferguson, Marilyn Brown, Faye Churchill, sponsor, Margret Tucker, Barbara Lanier, Debbie Helton, Deborah Manley, loan H II. Row Three: Martha Woodruff, Cindy Sisk, Carolyn Hobbs, Velda Robinson, Char- lotte Gravson. Diane Pappas, Denise Cibbs, Cindy Loper, Dale McCurk, Cecelia Godwin, Becky George. Row Four: Ellen Vail, Steve Harmon, lohn Beard. Ken Earlev, Susan Waites, Chris Cambell, |ohn Jones, Inge Henricks, Robin Metzger. Not Pictured: Sandy Sowell. Logos Officers Electa Metzger, social chm., Marilyn Gregorius, V.P., Marie Griffin, Sec, Brenda Williamson, Tres., Barbara Baile , Historian, Dixie Wigham, Pres., Lo- retta Broun, sponsor. 9Btff£ HI I r :j Py $ w is ji — -,,jM ' at 1 V I5 € IHIGHLANIP Pi Alpha Mu Music Honor Society Row One: Ha Franklin, Claudia Collier, Jan Lane, Cheri Dalton, Susan Hamlin, Chris Bailey, )an Allison, Bevery Simms, Eric Wheeler. Row Two: Sheri Rouse, Mac Fancher, lane Ellen Mitchell, Patti Anderson. American Guild of Organists [■ " — ' ..-■■ " : -. ■ ! ; SS|Pllffll i ■ ■ m$ iSffiBiii ' i ' ' ' ' 1 ' -ll %t- Mi ■ ' ' ■■—■•■ p " ? ; . i!£ : mg Hi 1 J r " " ' ■pi :H . ■n 1 ■ ' )M | %M • -■ ... M tifi ■ 3 : v. , » ' ' -. ' :. • iS3E Hi i - ■ -. - 1 M- -W i : sap i ,i ' . £f ' 1 ' y 31 1 wp IL - m vm fl K53 I ril ■M rn? WT ■ . ' w % T £■ : " ,• - m Q : Q A A . . ' ■ ' - : " - IZ-. -• ; J -jhfc. ' ' , ;i ' j r Vi 1 % ■ 1 Tr ' f n Sfe • " r i ( ! ' ; iE;?| ' fMMh = :.- . «M B fe " " ' i iW ' ' -WH PS%ft SS jf ' J |S«;f ' A i — te " - i tfJHT ;$§S3»te ' »■: H rM ls? wfrsii " ; :. | ™ " " " " " ' 1 ■v., ?, " . ' " ... " , ' •- «- . ' . ' ? ? ■ - - : - l jsr ' ivSi! ■ x iiflH i ' B ■ — - - ;i?:r. ' - ' - ' - ' " -v.V? :- T£ H| SflSli JP. •S-jI pM ' ' ' i ' -Wca - . 1 S ; m f wk 1 L J 1 1 Im . till M $ 1 1 i ■ ■■■. " -.■ ■ ■•■. ' ■■ ■■■■ -: t ' A V r iL %- " " ? r y H T ' Y -j ' " . -.. - _;vV " : " ' V : ' : v-; ' ' - l -■-••• ► s ' " ' ;..U " ■, C ■ ' . . m . ? " . Sfi£ ffJ »MR ■■ jM S wM fflmffi® : ■ ,. , V ' - - " ' jiR . ' : W; .-• 1 " ■;•:- " " JH Sealed: Lou Ann lohnson, Karene Childress, Melinda Ruckman, Dr. Bett Lumby. Row Two: Diane Parsons, Claire Jackson, Tim Tingle, Donna Anders, Be erl Sims. Rou Three: Renee Pierce, Tommy Pierce, janice Hendricks, Doug Foster, Debbie Comer.- Band Brass Ensemble Chorale Martha Toney, Instructor. Members: Kathryn Adams, Therese Aiken, Sally Anderson, Denise Baxter, Nancy Bearden, Janet Brooks, Mary Nell Brown, Vickie Brown, Peggy Bush, Karene Childress, Aronda Coffey, Margaret Crump, Billie Daniel, Macy Darnell, Pam Dean, Debbie Devaughn, Judy Dodd, Decie Dupont, Nancy Ehrhardt, Brenda Ellerbe, Patricia Emory, Debbie Handley, Julia Heaton, Maria Herring, Luann Johnson, Linda Jones, Deborah Mathews, Deborah McBride, Kathy McGuire, Marie McKleroy, Mary Nan McLendon, Rhonda Ann McLendon, Elizabeth Miller, Karen Moore, Elizabeth Parker, Joyce Parker, Dianne Parson, Cindi Peoples, Renee Pierce, Vicki Portis, Barbara Prince, Debo- rah Ragsdale, Margaret Reynolds, Ramona Richardson, Frances D. Robinson, Melinda Ruckman, Terry Shaw, Beverley Simms, Mary Smith, Rita Sorrentino, Deborah Spates, Gilda Stubben, Susan Tully, Cathy Jo Wheeler, Cornelia Wingate. Chamber Choir Dr. Ted Pritchett, Instructor. Members: Paul Allan, Patti Anderson, Claudia Collier, Bo Crowe, Cherie Dalton, Diana Durham, Bonnie Freeman, Jim Gauntt, Tommy Griswold, Julia House, Debby lley, Robert Knox, Bill Meitl, lane Ellen Mitchell, Ron Nelson, San Nelson, Sheri Rouse, Henry Smith, Johnny Stewart, Debbie Willis. Concert Choir Bruce Tolbert, Instructor. Members: Paul Allan, Jan Allison, Donna Anders, Patti Anderson, Mark Austin, Bert Bagley, Christopher Bailey, Do- rothy Baldwin, Denise Baldwin, Donna Carretto, Sunny Cashman, Debra Comer, Bo Crowe, Cherie Dalton, Greg Daniel, Cindy Duke, Diana Durham, Lynn England, Mac Fancher, Ted Fenn, Juanda Fleming, Doug Foster, Ha Franklin, Bonnie Freeman, jim Cauntt, Zack Godwin, Steve Graham, Susan Hamlin, Amy Hamrick, Nancy Harrell, Janis Hendrix, Annette Horsley, Julia House, Dibby Isley, Paula Kiker, Beth King, Robert Knox, Jan Lane, Kathy Mackey, Thomas Marino, Susan McBrayer, Bill Meitl, Jane Ellen Mitchell, Ronnie Nelson, Stan Nelson, Clay Newton, Don Patton, Tommy Pierce, Bobby Pitts, Joel Prather, Jan Price, James Rimel, Paul Roberts, Robert Roth, Sheri Rouse, Henry Smith, John Stewart, Sandy Stucklin, Tim Tingle, Aaron Trimble, Steve Tucker, Suzy Wade, Marquetta Watts, Susan Wildsmith, Debbie Willis, Bera Woolen. Publication Board Seated: Darrel Taylor, David Vest, Pat Johnston, Patsy Thomley, Joyce Fuller. Standing: John Spice, Wil- liam, Wallace, Norman McMillan, Sarah Palmer. Z a Montage i -v»- " , k ; £J :; ' •• £? il ' PAT JOHNSTON, Editor-in-Chief SANDY SOWELL, Business Manager :.V vr ( -;- — ;3f3 V ; £ K « ' ■-,. ' •0 . ' - 5 ..,.£- wiy, ' f sai s ' IWI a« ?t-s«! £■ ED PRASTHOFER, Sports Editor MELANIE COOK, Features Editor SUE BUTLER, Greeks Editor SUZANNE LOWRY, Classes Editor (ILL HOPPER, Activities Editor ae; - •• j| - : " " ; : «•■•■■■ : m - - L A. DEBBIE BATES, Women ' s Sports Editor RON JONES, Academics Editor SUNNY CASHMAN, Co-Editor, N.P. Montage Staff Front: Gail Phillips, Creeks; Sammy Joseph, Academics; Bruce Sphar, Classes; Back: Marvin Cinn, Classes; Kay Kaemmerer, Creeks; Marilyn Brown, Classes; N.P.: Donna Cranmer, Organizations. Montage Photographers w J4 r --- ! •V " $i£«M»ss " -, « ■ ' sJ « - 3fcL J .. ' . . V -r ' v--? - s fv Jfc s - ' ' ,:.-.v ' ' Y Barbara Brewer, Doug Carothers, Lynda Whitfield, Rick Ott, Randy Ellis, Ken Traywick, and a special Reba Gunter, Gary Presley, thanks to Ed Prasthofer MORE STAFF: Mike Pate, Greeks; Conchita Hernadez, Greeks; Roy McMullin, Sports. The DAVID VEST, Editor-in-Chief RON CARLEE, Managing Editor . J Km . ■■ I 1 H .1 ■ ' 9 s 10: ' ■ ' Imp ' ? ' ft| fcyfiB; % , j» — ..- pll!ii ' : l If 1 ■» Bfc - 30 L J M St 1 4 jjj MIKE STONECYPHER, Associate Editor ALABAMIAN STAFF: Front: Kathy Wood, Kemberly Corff. Back: Fred Guarino, Donna Adams, Jean Youngblood, Cathy Overton, Gladys Flint, Roxie Hodge, Keldon Stanford, Jackie McGriff, Randall Dickerson. KIP ROBINSON, Circulation Manager N.P. MARIYLN BROWN. DARREL TAYLOR, Business Manager The Tower Art Editor: Wade Gilbreath Literary Editor: Renee Bostany P.E. Club Row one: Nikie Betlinger, Deborah Wright, Jenell Griffith, Ann Vinson, Lorrer Harbin, Mary MacDonald Row two: Regina Nummy, Debbie Jackson, Janice Williams, Martha Henson, Kay Ratcliff, Susan Russell, Dianne Cheshire, Judy Turman, Kathi Sorey, Joannie Howard Row three: Kay Courington, Leila Nabors, Connie demons, Lois Evans, Mary Norton, Vae Nixon, Libby Chapman, Deanne Vansant, Margaret Kneisley, Mary Jane Bosworth Row four: Kathy Kitchens, Kathy Green, Susan Heilmeyer, Theresa Wilhite, Paula Clark, Liz Johnson, Vicki Hester, Newcy Wilhite, Kathy Foster, Linda Malone ' Officers Across: Jenell Griffith Margaret Kneisley Joannie Howard Linda Malone Mary Norton Up: Mary MacDonald Mary Jane Bosworth Deborah Wright-President Kneeling: " Pete " Bailey, Karen Snowden, Memie Colburn, Kemberly Corff, Kathy Sinclair. Back Row: Kirk Lightfoot, Patty Oyer, Becky Smith, Rae McKoy. Kneeling: Karol Preskitt, Roberta Dick, Cynthia Gilmore, Nickie Bettinger. Back Row: Lisa Cllahan, Paula Clark, Keldon Stanford, Cheryl Lynch. Catalina Officers: Chris Campbell, Social Chm. Historian, |oyce Screws, Tres., Evelyn Mullins, Clinic Coordinator, Mary Smith, Pub. Chm. Standing: Susan (ones, Sec, Pam Smith, Pres. Orchesis Velda Robinson, Kathy Burroughs, Melanie Slone, Ann McLendon, Melanie Crandall, Denise Bryant, Kathy Walters, Sue Ellen Yarborough, Kathy Berry, Carol Medders, Marty Belshaw, Freda Martinez, Dessa Lorant, Susan Brown, Terri Chambers, Peggy Rudolph, Karen Funderburk, Carol )ones, Grace Johnson, Judy Lynn, Suzanne Serota, Cindy Loper, Warren Betts, Cathy Tyler, Rhonda Dean, Alethea Cassady. Orchesis Officers Susan Brown, V.P., Judy Lynn, Tres., Kathy Tyler, Pres., Rhonda Dean, Sec, Carol Jones, Co-Pub., Grace John- son, Co-Pub., Aletha Cassady, Wardrobe Mistress, Terri Chambers, Wardrobe Mistress. Theatre Council Front: Stephen Toney, Gloria Neuffer, Ann Pearson, Doris Fuller, Jack Kiriakos Rear: Charles Dolby, Barbara James, Susan Noel, Dm Minton-President, Bob Ramsey, Larry Snipes, Diane Terrell, Brian McCanless Associates Front: Sandra Baldwin Pam Coodson Back: Warren Beatts Collins Cameron Brenda Williams Paul Webb Connie Self r -: Jjj 0$ i 4. ; ■■■ f GREEKS 0) v c V t £ z u 5p « - 50 t$ O m ™ § gs 5 u 5 0-5 - ui c 3 i- £r 81 || c .5 J r mU - OJ a _ . -.6 1 1 -1 3 u „ .0 J y u X c c ' c - QJ QJ C 1 l_ j- n OJ C l t 1 -£ a; T3 « c " ai _ Q. A3 O X U - . 0) _- U u c a, ' c .£ = c ni J X 5 .« D ao— ' ;■= i l . - - O u « c P z S « £ Ji 2 O " O oj u e o ,- x. " m £ JD ir " S -° " rc a; Z Q 3 ■o- -=3i « _™ ao-i .™ C II DO • • ,_- 1- - O QO C — a c o . c o a; c o I- re o u cfl re E £ l. h J2. U 2 £ 5 u 01 QJ (Si QJ oc Z - c y c re E L. ' re -C U Q. 3 - re k_ C h- - c 2 qj L. U c DJO QJ = =5 " D 3 o a 13 S ' 2 p OJ — a T5 c o C c a; " o x — 5 ' 5 a u L. i Q_ c re r- - | 5 £ E a2 re _c .c to U i 1) •- E x I 1— c TJ 0) CO I I I- O CQ ' £ re re o J? h- Q aj _q o o Z c re 00 r- — fO 0) c Q S y ' re JD U •3 Si -c 3 aj o : lu re O " -n c (fl e E re ,h g£ re U x: vi U .91 £ ? " S re c U 3 2 c re U a. t I u c .y o -T3 re c U o = re ■2D - Cl is a: £ l c u I aj o T3 lt re I 3 0) ai ai re 0) U. -T- z 2 i re « -c -Q E re re 2 y m I 141 o 0£ 5 5 F n3 0) c — c TO E " re U to ffi h 3 Q. ■a 3 Q. — I a: I I c _ 3 re ojd re 0) CD u a) e re S3 I a re re 2 re c re 01 oj c o « ■8 1 2 Q. 0) l l I Q. !i c g. re •- ' S S i ' Q c M C c 5 " 5 T3 U o ■o ' •5 o i 143 re ™ ° c u « -o . 01 L--.S Q a - Q-o = q So o " Ore c -c .e aj oj c c c c j 2 £ . 3 re- § 2 is S tj O Ll_ _; OJ ■£ re oj c re «£ 13= t- ' 1 -Q U 5= CO — - " 3° S re 3 re XI re T3 f £ Z c £ 5 u Zi re c « » = ' O c — a; re (J 2 n re 2| » w k_ = o aS a f j . — i i --_ re 1 1 «£ ac re CO o - re 3 u -C .c CO 3 C _ 5 fe= c o 2 CO " D 0) re £2 nj _ 2 c £ i re u d •Uco. „cy J o a £ o - 12 O ' iZ X 0) - c = Si 1 a; ra cu c OJ 5 w H 1 ■z Q. 5 ' _ -; - .Q r- t ft CO 3J L-T ' yi 3 = " 3 C CD cJ U s r3 c J u jj c l_ ac - ZZ — " 5J — 1 _c ij 2 1) u c c£ eu 1, _ c B£ " 3 L_ 3 2C -3 c ■z c 11 c c a. Si " 3 c 01 la CU 5 c .a Q. cn " E Q cf 7 IB — L_ ns au u 2 t i ■ t 5 rfl 5 u u C ; — . „ y w — La ns O S a u CU a ; X 00 z 00 — c - 145 0) c •SI — Is • .. _g OJ CO OJ m = a c Oj oj j- E _oj c c ra ™ £ .$ J; ac Hi .-. c n v° SQ « ra c cq p " o o aj ra ra c Z Q I oi E j :( ] a- S£ U-g OJ £ CD un O ■• J= -Q — Jj U a: 2 c S o £ o = .. u -g £ ' in 3 01 t i " « Q- oi oT K o _ o _JJ (J ™ 3 u (J « ♦J c ■c Q c 0) — O ■z Z i_ J 0. 11 ' S 2 E c o o C l u o I Ql o m Q .- 0) n 8.5 a . =2 = IS m C 147 £ 0) = c uj O =- " 2 E ™ =, OJ _ U §1 t= - 3 § 5 « -5, § !« —i - iyi O V Q 3 ac DO Dil 1! CD E 11 ,_- E _o — c m Sis a. -a |S (J - c - E c c — a) o — Q .£ c - £«€ ° X £ 5 c ■ 2 n E 1 1 □ C 1 -■ = —I l l ' .. -, £ E £ ac o — 5fS 8 „ «- C I U_ L_J o 2 Q-U .Q . o o o 22 o a; oj U 0£ in -Q c ui c c 2 OJ OJ .. DSC T3 c EU J! E g (ill sT " I u Q $ pi 1) O : x: cc 5 E 8 - « U 0 - o -C -a jz : E c _ o o 1 Z O ' n J U !3 lc — 3 ■ j: C ■ - CO y a 1 8 . £ qj a; « c nj u — I 5 x Q O — O 00 S ££ « c c g c o " J GJ £ So si - ■ - 2 Cot i ra " a - a, E o - " = ' ■§ h Q a c " JO U O — tu Q_ _ - CO b C — ■c o III C u c - -5f in £ C Sgi m a -Si h i- aj U U O . 0) m OJ u QJ C _£ = ™ 01 D£x: OJ i ™ _ CD — §£6 O C " D U I u I 1 co ■ do ■ — E I I Q. -C 0) " O 1) C c s V Z aj £ E c h- I rz a E E rt .c or ) OC Dp i I I E § O LL. fi a Q 2 s: ■ DC ■ C DC Jf ir o - o .E £ — ' ai -Q _ : -Q ' -5 ° op I 0£ rt U J3 C CO I rt E op JZ X U .J 5 - 2 O i— £ 8 c a " O E § I t WESSBBS ' HI c J- 0£ O 0 c - = ra « ' 5 o_ aj . -i. = .c 2 03 u g ai o £.3- -5 " D H -S, C J _ U ra - — 5 - ° u 3 a; I- n£ E 2 dO . .a | co -Q C c £ a £ £ S3 «« ra ir — - ! l O) O " - oj 2 o " O ( CD |_ O C ra ™ 3 _ a: nj ir c £Q £ == 5 -.§ % 2 o 02 c = - o " 5 1- o : 01 u O m K cr c tu £ 2 s ra c E 0) u « i ' S " O 0) 0) £ O) § ! 1 1 Jr v: u o ™ , _TO Q_ CO p i E E ra o ra O c M E U § ' u c t 5 I c E ra U v c .- ra ■ ra =N ra D m J : L. | u u S 1 11 c ra y s ra ' .. c ra .£- 2 U I I a. CL X 0. 153 U c ™ o c ° U is — _] o .y c Da » re S E Is «! .- § " ill • = of - E «£ 0C CO .SP oj § § o 0) in (J H 5 z _q a: - 05 m CQ 2? I = 3 . CO re -Q ° " 5 c S c i i 0) £ i-D . ll| — c C _c a- O o « lL — - ..c™ £ oj U E3J0-— C 5 -c re 111 I — ; " C 5 o I 0£ 157 »v «-• v s " » ! Interfraternity Council Left to Right; Mike McLeod, Ed Prasthofer, President, Dan Cathey, Steve Pauly, Steve Savitz, Lanny lohnson, John Watson, Wayne Kerlin, lack Hatchett, Steve Legg, Steve Pickett Panhellenic Front Row; Mary Kate Harrison President, Thersa Prigmore, Ann McEvven, |udy England, Jean Knott, Cathy Mason. Second Row; Ruth Coffman, Advisor, Kay Kaemmerer, lane Buckner, Mary Simonetti, Denise Bryant, lane Miller, Mariellen Clayton. V-2 I V . v rt A - V fj;? snM am « •fe ' -» - ' «- -.2 V V r A» £% -: • - ' XV? " £ . ■ n V » V " . 7 N x- SPORTS .v Ed Prastbofer, Editor ; Debbie Bates, Co- Editor N. v : Sports . . j Lj s The discipline where mind and body merge in common purpose . . . I A? whether it be for enjoyment, fitness, ZJJ :ui» ■ - ; ■•■■■- ■• ■■■♦ — ■ ■ or victory born of an intense desire to excel . . . 163 Sports at Montevallo arc 1 found in myriad forms g disguised as games . . . W0F student activities 165 and intercollegiate competition. 167 Men ' s Intramurals i - 168 169 r C- Basketball Falcons battle to a winning season Front row: Thomas Johnson, Chris Davis, Danny Cunningham, Billy Cannon, Dale Hughey, Eddie Barnes. Back Row: Ron Bell, Assistant Coach, Mike Sellers-Trainer, Gerald Douglass, Johnny Jackson, James Newman, Charles Averhart, Charles Dickinson, David Porterfield, Bill Jones- Head Coach All-Conference Gerald Douglass Charles Averhart S.S.C. Tournament team Gerald Douglass Leading Scorer Gerald Douglass 19.4 P.P.G. Leading Rebounder Gerald Douglass 11.5 per game 171 I ' . ' Season Record 17-12 MONTEVALLO TIPOFF TOURNAMENT UM 56 West Palm Beach Atlantic 54 UM 55 Birmingham Southern 60 REGULAR SEASON UM 120 Daniel Payne 86 UM 67 Columbus College 55 UM 89 Jacksonville State 78 MAGIC CITY CLASSIC UM 70 Birmingham Southern 73 UM 74 Huntingdon College 55 REGULAR SEASON UM 86 UAat Huntsville 80 UM 100 Tennessee Temple 95 UM 87 Troy State 74 UM 85 UA at Huntsville 80 UM 84 Jacksonville State 79 UM 80 William Carey College 81 UM 77 Columbus College % UM 62 Spring Hill College 64 UM 111 Huntingdon College 80 UM 90 Athens College 94 UM 76 St. Bernard College 77 UM 77 Livingston State 75 UM 81 Troy State 76 UM 80 William Carey College 75 UM 66 Spring Hill College 77 UM 96 St. Bernard College 91 UM 65 Huntingdon College 81 UM 82 Athens College 98 UM 70 Livingston State 73 UM 87 Tennessee Temple 78 SOUTHERN STATES CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT UM UM 100 82 William Carey Athens College 86 % 1 73 1 ' . 175 i; 176 • »+-«• - ■ » Front Row: David Farnsworth, Jack Colley, Randy Merijanian. Back Row: Dr. Ward Tishler, Ed McCorkle, Mark Scott, Lance Raley, Gene Ra- burn, Assistant Coach. 1 972-73 Tennis ' V • • ' -■■: , j « » 1 8 Front: Steve Hoftman, Cal Stanford. Back: Doug Dortch, Charlie Callaghan, George Walker, Richard Duke, Robby Tibbs. 1974 Golf 1973 All-Conference Team George Walker David Schultz George Walker-2nd place medalist in NAI District 27 play offs. «t ' 180 Row 1: Billy Vann, Frank Murphy, Steve Kelly, Lee Bragan, George Smith, Perry Messner, Terry (ones, Dannv Campbell, Billy Morrison. Row 2: Bo Owens, Bobby Thomas, Steve Wald, Boyd White, lames Haskins, Terry Breaseale, Tommy Patterson, Richard Craddick. Row 3: Brad Drake, David Williams, Johnny Plan, Sammy Dunn, George Hudson, Rusty Haynes, Sammy Flynt, Coach Reisner. 1974 Baseball ? v ■ ' Sv- ' : M - £. ' 181 MHR! ' " lf f Jljm. _ ,, ?1| , Nn »-». ' . • - " ' tJ tek " • ' j»J ' -if " -: - - | r. w " , £ s§ ' v . y. I 1 ■ I Nj $ 2Mfc . r 1»3» 182 1973-1974 Falcon Cheerleaders Left to Right: Sonny Neel, Jeanetta Corbett, Jimmy Vann, Joan Hill, Hardwick G regg, Cindy Nolan, and Butch Wilson. Kneeling: Rosie Roberts. IS3 Women ' s Tennis Team 1972-1973 r LI UAli v- ♦ »♦♦♦♦•♦» tvTTJ r T ' T " T T1 H " T1 ♦ r ♦ r ♦ I ♦■+ « r ♦ V ♦ » ♦ ♦ ♦ ' » » ♦ • ► » • » r » » » ♦ • • » r » ' » » • ' ' » ♦ t ♦ M t 1 i Left to Right: Margaret Kneisley, Linda Malone, Dianne Vanzant. Not pictured: Joni Howard. is Fa ' 4? mrS Wf4J f ' -rsL »■■»»■■-■-• r f " " ; 4 X A Women ' s Volleyball Team Standing, left to right: Leila Nabors, Teresa Wilhite, |oni Howard, Kathi Sorey, Cindy Owens, Vickie Hester. Kneeling, left to right: Connie Clem- mons, Donna Sleeper, Mary Ann Spikes, Cathy Foster, Kathy Kitchens, Newey Wilhite. Below, right: Coach Margaret Blalock. 186 VOLLEYBALL RECORD University of Alabama - 11-1S, 1 S-( , IS- 12 Samford - 15-6, 15-12 MSCW - 15-12, 6-15, 12-14 Murray, Kentucky - 16-14, 13-15, 15-8 ludson - 15-4, 15-5 Samford - 15-3, 15-4 UAB - 15-0, 15-13 lefferson State - 15-1, 15-1 Samford - 15-4, 15-6 University of Alabama - 15-1, 1 5-0 ludson - 1 5-3, 15-2 Athens - 15-5, 15-10 Bradshaw High School - 15-4, 15-4 ludson - 15-8, 15-10 Troy - 15-11, 11-5 Auburn University - 13-15, 15-10, 15-13 Columbus College - 12-15, 15-5, 15-9 East Tennessee State - 13-15, 15-8, 11-15 UNC-C - 10-15, 16-18 AIAW Region Play-off MSCW - 15-6, 12-14, 15-17 Athens - 1 5-4, 15-5 Florence State - 15-10, 11-15, 15-9 MSCW - 15-11, 1 5-9 Florida State - 6-15, 15-11, 12-15 Montevallo placed 3rd in Region III. 187 1 973-1 974 Women ' s Basketball Team Standing left to right Kay Covington, Vickie Portis, Leila Nabors, Beverly Warren, (coach), Kathy Sorey, Newey Wilhite, Liz lohnson, Margaret kneisley ' (manager). Kneeling, le.t to right: Fran Hunter, Dianne Vanzant, Cathy Foster, Becky Class, Connie Clemmons, and Ion, Pepper. 1KB Women ' s Intramurals I " MHI q m I ' f y W " • 4 - -- «8 ; FEATURES Melanie Cook, Editor Elite Night 1973 Dedication: Ms. Jeanette Merijanian fr fl£tVfij l 92 Class Favorites Front: Freshman Favorites: Susan Smith, Shannon Curley Sophomore Favorites: Joe Elkourie, Debbie Bostic Back: Senior Favorites: Tommy King, Courtney Parker Junior Favorites: Margaret Tucker, David Matthews 193 Senior Elite ' % Sociology Fred Johnson ?l Office Administration Barbara Gamble Counseling and Guidance Ma rilyn Latham Foriegn Languages Barbara Battey Math janelle Lenoir Physics Tommy Griswold 194 Business Administration Steve McDaniel Social Work Georgia Yeatts - . Speech and Theatre Wanda Britton Biology Rick Cummings Home Economics Kathy Reynolds 195 History Darlene Starrier ! nglish Randall Curb Political Science Kathy Mason Education lane Ellen Mitchell Biology Karen Snowden 196 Speech Pathology Denise Cibbs Art Don Heine Music Eric Wheeler Elementary Education Cindy Nolan Physical Education Mike Sellers Home Economics Phyllis Richardson Not Pictured: Business Administration Cwen Nell Price 107 Class Beauties ■I SENIOR Diana Durham Patli Ferguson lean Knoll Die kie Lucy Nan McLendon lune May Rachel Porter Phyllis Richardson Camille Robinson Su y Wade IUNIOR Claudia Collier Jeanetta Corbett Brooke Crawford Janie Daniel Becky Parker Missy Rowan Margaret Simonetti Anne Vinson Gail Vinson Debbie Watson SOPHOMORE Debbie Bostic Denise Bryant Carol Butler Donna Cook Becky George loan Hill Cindy Loper Tanya Morris Claire Tinsley Cathy |o Wheeler FRESHMAN Kay Carlton Rita Chambers Kim Cobern Roberta Dick Vicky Joiner Cheryl Lynch Melissa Parker Ellie Salter Sally Stone Sue Ellen Yarbrough 198 Fifteen Beauty Finalists J cZ R JnJnV° rig v ' ): D °r na C °° k ' Gndy L ° Per ' Me ' iSSa Park6r ' Debbie WatSOn " Beck V Parker ' and C B " " Bottom R,-,. : ' ,:, ,. L.ail Vinson, Anne Vinson, Tanya Morris, Claire Tinsley, Suzy Wade, Che " ' ' - Rowan. neryl Lynch, and Dickie Lucy. Not Pictured: Diana Durham and Missy 199 ■ ■ Dickie Lucy Ann Vinson Missy Rowan Carol Butler . t» »:« I 9 S V V Gail Vinson Cindy Loper lit ' ' • — ' --.- ' T ' j _ at ' 5C Ss W £J - • • ' • ««j- ... - r 1 W» ' £ 206 207 Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities Phyllis Richardson Karen Snowden MM Carol Kendrick Kathy Farnell 208 f; £ Steve and Denise Gibbs Kim Masaki Barbara Battey Rick Cummings June May ?09 Georgia Yeatts Ml Catherine Bean Ibaa Pv ' • W» ■■•■• v. ' ' ■: Randall Curb Mike Murphy Mikie Wright 2 10 Rhonda Baines Mike Stonecypher Sue Wiley Cecelia Godwin David Vest Marilyn Latham 211 Cindy Noland Marilyn Burgess David Wigginton m Ed Prasthofer m Sf 212 lane Ellen Mitchell Tommy Criswold Doug Perry Dru Minton tf£ 713 Mr. and Ms. University Of Montevallo ' Courtney Parker Kneeland Wright 214 - £- . »c iS =££3£ as, r ■■« - ' ' »£ - -, -r g» :: « » p-rfcii. ;• 1 , CLASSES 1 1 - •■ ■ ' i i. ' . : Suzanne Lowry, Editor SENIORS EDWINA AARON DORA ADAMS SHERRY ALLBROOK |AN ALLISON PATRICIA ANDERSON ELIZABETH ANTHONY TOMMY ARLEDGE KAY ATCHINSON JIM AVERITT DONNA BAGWELL CHRISTOPHER BAILEY STEVE BAILEY RHONDA BAINES STANLEY BAMBERY UNDA BANKER Bll I BARRI 1 1 BARBARA BATTEY DAVID BEADEN CAT HI RINI BLAN MONICA BEAN CHARLES BERRYMAN DONALD BLAKELEY HENRY BLACK NORMA BOGGESS .• i .-. FRED BOHANNON LINDA BOOTHE MARY BOSWORTH MELODY BRIDGES ROGER BROM GLENDA BROOKS MARYANN BROOKS CHRIS BUMETTE MARILYN BURGESS BILL BURKE DONNA BUZBEE ELLEN CALDWELL DANNY CAMPBELL DANNY CAMPBELL WILLIAM CANNON BOBBY CARDWELL ROBERT CARGO ALETHEA CASSADY LIBBY CHAPMAN RUTH CHILDRESS CAESAR CHILES GEORGE CLARY JAMES CLECKLER VIC COBB 217 DIANA COLEMAN HENRY COMPTON NANCY COOK CAROL COPE LINDA CORR CATHY COX LAURA (RANDALL DONNA CRANMER LINDA CREEL JAMES CROWE WALTON CULP DORIS B. CUMMINGS MARGARET CUMMINGS RICHARD D. CUMMINGS RANDALL CURB CARL DAVIS KATHLEEN DAY DEBBIE DEVAUGHN MICHAEL DICK CURTIS DOSCH MARY DRYDEN CYNTHIA DLIkL DIANA DURHAM JIMMY ELLIS 218 NANCY ELMORE CLIFF FARLOW KATHIE FARNELL PATRICIA FERGUSON KAY FINCHER LEE FISHER DERRELL FL LRRY DENNIS FRANKLIN ILA FRANKLIN VICKY FRAWLEY BONNIE FREEMAN NORMA FRENCH RHETA FULLER MARIANNE GASTON SUSAN GASTON CARLA C. GAUGHT MIKE GILBERT FRANCES GLADDEN LINDA GLADDEN REBECCA GLASS RAY ALLEN GLOVER SAMUEL GLOVER CECILIA GODWIN EUGENE GODWIN 219 |OHN GODWIN BECKY GOLDEN REBEL GRAY CHARLOTTE GRAYSON KAY GREEN NANCY GREEN JENELL GRIFFITH DEBBIE GRIMES THOMAS GRISWOLD BARBARA GUTHRIE DEBORAH HAGGLER LORETHA HALL SUSAN HAMLIN SHAROL HAMMER VIKKY HAMMOND MARTHA HAMPTON ALAN HANCOCK ALYSON HARBIN |OHN HARD II MELANIE HAWKINS OTHENIA HAYES MARTHA HAYGOOD IANIS HENDRIX MARTHA HENSON . ' . ' ii DEBRA HERRING CAROLYN HOBBS STEVE HOFFMAN KATHY HOLLINGSWORTH ANTHONY HOLMES TERESA HOLMES ELIZABETH HOOD WILLIAM HOPPER WILLIAM HOSTER DOROTHY HOWELL PAMELA HUGGINS DALE HUGHEY FRAN HUNTER IEANETTA |ACKSON PAUL JACKSON )OHN JENKINS FRED JOHNSON LANNY JOHNSON MARY JOHNSTON PATRICIA JOHNSTON GEORGE KEITH KATHLEEN KELLY CAROL KENDRICK WAYNE KERLIN 221 PHILLIP KING THOMAS KING |R. VICKY KIRKPATRICK JIM KITSON JEAN KAY KNOTT SUSAN LAMINACK IANICE LANE DAVID LANGLEY LYN LANIER MARILYN LATHAM JIMMIE LAWRENCE FRANCES LEE IANELLE LENOIR CINDY LEWIS MICHAEL LINGO ROSEMARY LIVEOAK THERESA LOVE ROBERT LOVELADY SUZANNE LOWRY DIXIE LUCY MARTY LYNN MARY MCCAY RENA MCCOMBS STEPHEN MCDANIEL . ' .v MARY MCDONALD JUDY MCFARLAND JANE MCGRADY NAN MCLENDON ANN MCNAUGHTON KATHLEEN MACKEY LINDA MARBUT MICHAEL MAREUM SUSAN MARTIN KIMIKO MASAKI CATHY MASON KAREN MASON JUNE MAY PAUL MEICHAN WILLIAM MEITL LINDA MERRELL JUANITA METCALFE DEBBIE MIDDLETON VIRGINIA MILLAR SHERI MILLS JANE MITCHELL PAMELA MOATTS MIKE MURPHY KATHEY NEELY !23 THOMAS NEILL DONALD NELSON TERESA NEWDOME CINDY NOLAND GEORCANN OLIVER LAURIE GENE ORR DIANA PAPPAS PETER PARDUE COURTNEY PARKER DIANNE PARSONS ARVIN PATEL LINDA PEARSON DEBORAH PETERS PAULA PIERCE TOM PORTER RACHEL PORTER ED PRASTHOFER RICHARD PRINCE JENIECE RASCO HELEN REED IAN RENFROE DEBORAH RENTZ DEBORAH REYNOIDS KATHY REYNOLDS 224 Han PHYLLIS RICHARDSON SUSAN RIVES LINDA ROACH DIANN ROBERTS DALE ROBERTSON CAMILLE ROBINSON DEBORAH ROBINSON JACQUELYN ROBINSON NANCY ROBINSON WILLIAM ROBINSON NANCY RODEN MALINDA RUCKMAN KERRY RUTHERFORD LINDA SANDERS BARBARA SCHNADELBACH LESLIE SELF MICHAEL SELLERS JOYCE SEWELL MARCIA SHIPP BEVERLY SLEDGE DEBRA SLIMP ALAN SLUSHER CAROL SMITH DANA SMITH 2 25 IOYCE SMITH MARIE SMITH MARY DAY SMITH PAMELA SMITH RUBIE SMITH KAREN SNOWDEN RITA SORRENTINO DARLENE STAGNER C. K. STANFORD JR. LYNDA STEPHENSON CLAIRE STEWART JUDITH ANN STOKES MIKE STONECYPHER LARRY STRONG ERIN SWANSON TONY TAYLOR TERRY TEEL ( ARLA TERRY ROBBY TIBBS CAROL THOMAS TIM TINGLE BRITT TOLBERT NATHAN TOMLINSON MARY TYLER .-it, DEWEY TROUTMAN JAMES TUCKER ELLEN VAIL DAVID VEST SUSAN WADE PATRICIA WALDEN GEORGE WALKER NIRA WHITAKER SHARON WALKER DIANNE WALLACE ALICE WALROND GORDEN WARREN MARY WATKINS MARQUETTA WATTS DEBRA WATSON PHILIP WEAVER LARESA WEST ERIC WHEELER DIXIE WHIGHAM YNDA WHITFIELD GINA WHITE SANDRA WHITSON DEBORAH WIGGINS DAVID WIGGINTON 227 GARY WILEMON RENATA WILLIAMSON DEBBIE WILLIS MARY WILSON DILCY WINDHAM JAMES WINE STEVE WOOD GERALD WOODLEY MARTHA WOODRUFF DEBORAH WRIGHT IEANNE WRIGHT MICHAELINE WRIGHT WILLIAM WYATT IERRY YARBROUGH GEORGIA YEATTS Z28 I ' 2m amawBUGa ■HMHn lila«Eg whS SENIOR DIRECTORY AARON, EDW1NA HOLCOMBE Co- lumbiana, Counseling Guidance, B.S., SNEA Lambda Sigma Pi. ADAMS, DORA ANN Pelham, Bus. Ed., B.S. Office Asst. ALLBROOK, SHERRY Selma, Ele. Ed., B.S., A.C.E., SNEA. ALLISON, JAN Auburn, Music, B.M., Phi Alpha Mu, Margaret Reed Or- gan Award 1972, Concert Choir. ANDERSON, PATRICIA LYNN Bir- mingham, Music, B.M., AGO, Phi Alpha Mu, House Council, College Night 1971 1973, Opera The Con- sul, 1973, Many Moons, Concert Choir 1970-74, Chamber Choir 1973-74. ANTHONY, ELIZABETH MARIE Montevallo, Music B.M.E., Chi Omega, Class Beauty 1970, 71, 72, Elite Night Beauty 1970, 71, Mon- tage Beauty 1971, XAT Sweetheart, College Night 1970-74, Woodwind Ensemble. ARLEDGE, THOMAS ALLAN Monte- vallo, Math., B.S., Lambda Chi Al- pha, Soc, Chairman, Lambda Chi Alpha, 1972-73, Pres., Lambda Chi Alpha, 1973-74. AVERITT, JAMES R. Selma, Bus., B.B.A., Alpha Kappa Psi, Pub. Rel., 72-74, Intramural Sports. BAGWELL, DONNA L. Birmingham, Math., Kappa Delta Pi, Kappa Mu Epsilon. BAILEY, CHRISTOPHER ERIC Glas- tonburt, Conn., Music B.M., Young Republicans, Phi Alpha Mu, College Night. BAILEY, STEVEN MICHAEL Bing- hamton B.S., P.E., College Night. BAINES, RHONDA Greensboro, Home Ec, SGA, House Council, Sec-Treas. BAMBERG, STANLEY WILLFORD Selma, History B.A., International Rel. Assoc, International Students Assoc, Circle K, Student Religious Assoc, Die Dentsche Gesellschaft, Phi Alpha Theta, Pres., Student Reli- gious Assoc, Pres., Phi Alpha Theta. BANKER, LINDA Birmingham, Med. Tech., Chemistry Club, Beta Beta Beta, Purple Book Committee, Purple Staging Intramurals. BARRETT, WILLIAM Montevallo, Art B.A., Modern Dance Club. BATTEY, BARBARA ANN Fairhope, Spanish B.A., K-etts, SNEA, Phi Al- pha Theta, Sigma Delta Pi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Lambda Sigma Pi, Kappa Delta Pi, Honors Day, Hon- ors Scholarship, Pres. of Sigma Delta Pi, College Night, Art Orchestra. BEAN, CATHERINE ELIZABETH Bir- mingham, Home Ec, Ed., B.A., Home Ec. Assoc, Omicron Nu, Kappa Delta Pi, Lambda Sigma Pi, Mary Larkin Home Ec. Scholarship, Pres. Omicron Nu. BEAN, MONICA, Hartselle, Speech B.S., Alabamian Staff, College plays. BEARDEN, DAVID ELWYN Helena, Bus. Adm. B.A. BERRYMAN, CHARLES R. Arvada, Colo., Biology, B.S. BLACK, HENRY RANDALL Fayette, B.S., Lambda Chi Alpha, Wesley Fellowship, Choir, Pres., House Chairman, College Night. BLAKELEY, |R. DONALD EARLE Bir- mingham, Bus. Adm., B.A., Lambda Chi Alpha, College Night. BOHANNON, FRED McLENDON Birmingham, Bus. Adm., B.S. BOGGESS, NORMA Decatur, P.E., B.A., P.E. 70-74, College Night 72. BOOTHE, LINDA Pea Ridge, Elem. Ed., BS. BOSWORTH, MARY JANE Trussville, P.E., B.S., Phi Mu, P.E. Club, Wesley Foundation, Phi Mu— Arts Activi- ties Chairman Chaplain, State Rep. V.P. of PE. Club, Gold Flunkie-72. BRIDGES, MELODY Huntsville, Social Work, B.A., BSU— Summer miss., BYW. BROM, ROGER A. Gardendale, Bus. Adm., B.S., Alpha Kappa Psi, Sigma Alpha Sigma. BROOKS, GLENDA ANN Roanoke, English, B.A., SNEA, College Night. BROOKS, MARY ANN Andalusia, Voc Home Ec. Ed., B.S., American Home Ec. Assoc, Alatex Scholar- ship, BSU. BURGESS, MARILYN H. Mobile, Elem. Ed., BA., SGA Senator, ACE, Phi Mu, K-ettes, SNEA, Alabama Conservancy, Honor Society, Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship, Phi Mu — Pledge Director, College Night— Gold cast. BURKE, BILL Tucson, Ariz., Sp. Path., BS, Student Sp. Hearing Assoc. BURNETTE, CHRISTOPHER Clanton, Guidance Counseling, BS. BUZBEE, DONNA Birmingham, Math., B.S., Kappa Mu Epsilon, Kappa Delta Pi, Lambda Sigma Pi; Freshman Honors Scholarship 1970-71, Pres. Lambda Sigma Pi, College Night-Flunkie, B.S.U., Sec. CALDWELL, ELLEN HOPKINS Selma, Art, B.A., ACE 1970-71, K-etts 1970- 73, SNEA 1972-74, Kappa Pi, Kappa Delta Pi, Eta Sigma Pi, Senior Women ' s Honorary, Honors Day 1972-73, Pres. Eta Sigma Pi, 1973-74, College Night 1970-73, Purple Cabi- net-Art Director 1973. CAMPBELL, DANNY LATHAN Gad- sden, Gen., Science Ed., B.S. CAMPBELL, DANNY LEE Bir- mingham, B.S., Varsity Baseball. CANNON, WILLIAM C Columbia S. C, P.E., B.S., Basketball Team, Let- terman 4 yrs., Class Favorite 1973, Senator SGA. CARDWELL, BOBBY ). Bessemer, Bus., B.S. CARGO, ROBERT L. Birmingham, Bus., B.S., Lambda Chi Alpha, SGA Senate, College Night. CASSADY, ALETHEA SHIRLEEN Sam- son, Home Ec, B.S., Home Ec. As- soc, Phi Mu, Orchesis, Tres. SNEA, Pub. Rel. Dir., Phi Mu, Wardrobe Mistress— Orchesis, College Night 1972-73, Purple. CHAPMAN, ELIZABETH ANN Bir- mingham, P.E., B.S., Physical Ed. Club, Intramural Sports, College Night Purple, Cowtail. 1971-73. ! to CHILDRESS, RUTH KARENE Roan- oke, Music B.A., AGO, Sec. 71, V.P., 73, Pres., 74, Chorale-V.P., College Night Purple Orchestra. CHILES, CAESAR Birmingham, Bus. Adm., B.A. CLECKLER, )AMES GARRY Thorsby, Bus. Adm., B.S. COBB, VIC Birmingham, Bus. Adm., B.S. COLEMAN, DIANA Montevallo, Speech Path., B.S., College Night. CONN, LINDA KAY HINES Helena, History, B.A. COOK, NANCY SUMNER Duncan- ville, Ele. Ed., B.S., SNEA, ACE, Col- lege Night, Intramural Sports. COPE, D. CAROL Birmingham, Bus. Adm., B.A., Phi Chi Theta-Tres., Women ' s Bus. Frat., Tres. COX, CATHY AVOLINE Billingsley, Ele. Ed., B.S., ACE, SNEA, SGA Sen- ate, Senator 1973-74, Kappa Delta Pi-Pres. 1974. CRANDALL, LAURA COVAR Bir- mingham, Social Work, B.S., Chi Omega, Social Work Club, SNEA, College Night. CRANMER, DONNA Birmingham, In- ternational Rel. B.A., Internat ' l. Rel., Phi Delta Pi, Montage Editor Orga- nizations, College Night. CREEL, LINDA CROWE, JAMES RONALD Bir- mingham, Music B.M.E., Concert Choir, Chamber Choir, College Night, Musical Productions, Opera. CULP, WALTON R. Charleston S.C., Psychology, B.A., Alpha Tau Omega. CUMMINGS, DORIS BLACK Alabas- ter, Biology, B.S., Chemistry, Sec. CUMMINGS, MARGARET RAINES Jemison, Home Ec. Ed. B.S., Home Ec. Club. CUMMINGS, RICHARD DALE Ma- pelsville, Biology, B.S., Chemistry Club, Ala. Conservancy-Chairman, Beta Beta Beta, Honors Scholarship 70-74, Pres. -Chemistry Club, Pres. -Be ta Beta Beta, Purple, Gold Basketball 3 yrs. CURB, RANDALL Birmingham, Sigma Tau Delta, Phi Alpha Theta, Alaba- mian Staff, Tower. DAVIS, CARL DAVENPORT, KATHY MIMS Thorsby, Ele. Ed. B.S., Kappa Delta Pi. DAY, KATHLEEN M. Fairhope, Math. B.S., K-etts 1970-74, Wesley Fellow- ship, College Night, Gold 1970-73. DEVAUGHN, DEBBIE Clanton, Mu- sic, B.M.E. MENC, Chorale. DICK, MICHAEL Ashland, Bus. Adm., B.B.A. DOSCHE, CURTIS LEE Chattanooga Tenn., Bus. Adm., B.S., Alpha Kappa Psi, Sigma Alpha Sigma, Intramural Sports, Purple College Night. DRYDEN, MARY SUSAN Anniston, Social Work, B.A., Social Work Club, BSU, College Night 1971-73. DUKE, CYNTHIA Albertville, Music B.M.E., Concert Choir, College Night, Gold Cast 1973. DURHAM, DIANA L. Albany Ga., Music, B.M.E., Chi Omega, Pi Kappa Phi Little Sister, College Night Gold, College Operas, 1971- 73, Concert Choir, Chamber Choir. ELLIS, JAMES E. JR. Kellerman, P.E., B.S., Delta Chi, Alumni Dir. ELMORE, NANCY CAROLE Bir- mingham, Bus. Adm., B.S., Sigma Alpha Sigma, V.P. FARLOW, CLIFF Birmingham, Bus. Adm., BA., Lambda Chi Alpha- Rush Chairman, College Night- Gold FARNELL, SARAH KATHRYN Mont- gomery, English, BA., Science Club, Sigma Tau Delta, Eta Sigma Phi, College Night-Script 71 73, Purple Cabinet, Publications Comm., Dean ' s List, Alabamian — Editor, Tower— Editor, Sci. Fict. Club— Pres., Purple Script-73. FERGUSON, PATRICIA ANN Bir- mingham, Sp. Path., BS, Logos, Chi Omega— Rush Chairman, Treasurer, Panhellenic Repres., Kappa Delta Pi ED. Honary, Lambda Sigma Pi— Sr. Woman ' s Honary, Sophomore Class Pres., Jr. Sr. Class Senator, College Night-Purple cast 71, 72, 73. FINCHER, SUSAN KAY Athens, Math, BS, Wesley, College Night. FISHER, LEE WILSON JR. Norfolk, Va., Music, BME, Band Scholarship, Brass Ensemble, Wind Ens., College Night Orchestra, Chamber Choir. FLURRY, DERRELL EDWARD Besse- mer, Bus. Adm., BA, Pi Kappa Phi. FRANKLIN, ILA MARIE Brewton, Mu- sic, BME, Phi Alpha Mu, Lambda Sigma Pi, Chorale, Concert choir, Opera. FRAWLEY, VICKY LYNETTE Bir- mingham, Math., BS. FREEMAN, BONNIE Moultrie, Ga., Music, BME, Alpha Delta Pi, Cham- ber Choir, Concert Choir, Purple- music cast. FRENCH, NORMA KAY Mobile, Elem. Ed, BS. FULLER, RHETA ALICE Sprott, Home Ec, Ed., BS., Home Ec. Club, AHEA, Phi Mu, Omicron Nu, Kappa Delta Pi, Omicron Nu-VP., College Night, Intramurals. GASTON, MARIANNE Selma, Elem. Ed., BS., ACE, K-ettes, Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Club, Phi Mu. GASTON, SUSAN ANN Pike Road, Home EC. Ed., BS., FHA. GAUGHT, CARLA CUMMINGS Hueytown, Elem. Ed., BS, College Night, Alabamian. GILBERT, MICHAEL Demopolis, Bus. Adm., BS. GLADDEN, FRANCES Clanton, Social Work, BS, Social Work Club. GLADDEN, LINDA JOYCE Clanton, Social Work, BA., Social Work Club. GLASS, REBECCA Jemison, PE., BS., PE Club, Women ' s Basketball Softball team. GLOVER, RAY ALLEN Hueytown, Psychology History, International Relations club, Circle K, Student Court Justice ' 68-69. Pres. Student Religious Assoc. ' 68-69, BSU, Col- lege Night. 231 CLOVER, SAMUEL RICKEY Wick- sburg, Speech Path., B.S., Logus, BSU, Honors Soc. GODWIN, )OHN EDWARD Mont- gomery, Pre-Med., B.S., German Club, Chemistry Club, Lambda Chi Alpha, Highest Honors 1971-72, High Kappa, Pari.— German Club, College Orch., College Night Orch. 1 ' 170-7 5. GODWIN, R. EUGENE Selma, B.S., Biology, Circle K, Chemistry Club, Beta Beta Beta, Bio. Sc. GOLDEN, REBECCA ]EAN Bir- mingham, Math., B.S., Kappa Mu Epsilon— Pres., Kappa Delta Pi, Eta Sigma Phi, Purple Pep Club, Politi- cal Science Honor Society. GRAY, HAROLD Birmingham, Gen. Sc. B.S., BSU, Book Exchange Chair. GRAYSON MARY CHARLOTTE Demopolis, Speech Path., B.S., Catalina, Westminister Fellowship, Kappa Delt a Pi, ASHI, ACE, SNEA, Logus, Chorale, Pep club, Freshman Counseler, Student Court lustice, College Night, Intramurals. GREEN, DEBRA KAY Denton Tex., Bus., Adm., Amer. Marketing As- soc, Phi Chi Theta, College Night. GREEN, NANCY GRIFFITH, IENELL Mobile, P.E., B.S., K-etts, P.E. Club, Sect., College Night— Cowtail, Orchesis, Catalina, Intramural Sports, T F— Queen. GRIMES, DEBORAH JEANNE Deca- tur, Psychology History, Crescent Club, Lambda Sigma Pi, Sigma Tau Delta, Sec, Lambda Sigma Pi. GRISWOLD, THOMAS Birmingham, Math-Physics, Pre-law society, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Nat ' l Sci. Foun- dation grant for Research in Nu- clear Physics, Eta Sigma Phi, Con- cert Choir. GUTHRIE, BARBARA Vinemont, Voc Home EC, K-etts, Home Ec Club, Amer. Home Ec Assoc. HAGLER, DEBORAH ALCINE Pratt- ville, Home Ec, B.S., Student Home Ec. Assoc, Ushers Club, Pres. Stu. Home Assoc, College Night, Gold. HALL, LORETHA DIANE Atmore, Home Ec, B.S., Stu. Home Ec. As- soc, K-etts, Pep Club, BSU, Choir. HAMLIN, SUSAN ELAINE Bir- mingham, Music, B.M.E., Phi Alpha Mu, Music Ed. Nat ' l. Conference, College Night, Operas, Concert Choir, Chamber Choir. HAMMER, SHAROL )EAN Huntsville, Social Work, Sociology, B.A., Alpha Theta Pi. HAMMOND, VICKKY Marion, Home EC, B.A., College Night. HAMPTON, MARTHA DALE Hart- selle, Pol. Sc, B.S., Inter. Rel. Club. HANCOCK, ALAN Birmingham, So- cial Work, B.S., Social Work Club- V.P. HARBIN, MARGARET ALYSON Montgomery, Ele. Ed., B.S. HARD, |OHN S. II Decatur, Biology Chemistry, BS., German Club, Chemistry Club, Ala. Conservancey, Science Fiction Club-VP, College Night, Speleological Society, Arch- ery Ping Pong Intramurals. HAWKINS, MELANIE Birmingham, Social Work Club, College night- cast. HAYES, OTHENIA Alabaster, Elem. Ed., BS. NEA, College Night. HAYGOOD, MARTHA LYNN Green- ville, Home Ec. Ed., BS., Home Ec. Club. HENDRIX, )ANIS Panama City, Fla., Music, BME, AGO., Concert Choir, Consul Crew. HENSON, MARTHA ANN Adams- ville, PE., BS., College Night, PE. Club. HERRING, DEBRA Birmingham, Sp. Path., BS. HOBBS, CAROLYN Decatur, Sp. Path., BS., Logos, Kappa Delta Pi, Lambda Sigma Pi. HOFFMAN, STEPHEN RAY Butler, Humanities, BA., Golf team, Chris- tian College Bowl. HOLLINGSWORTH, KATHY SUE Trussville, Social Work, BA., House Council, BSU. HOLMES, ANTHONY F. Hueytown, Bus. Adm., BS., Alpha Kappa Psi, Sigma Alpha Sigma, Intermural Sports. HOLMES, TERESA Endwell, NY., Bus. Adm. BS., K-ettes, Sigma Alpha Sigma, Alpha Gamma Delta, House Council. HOOD, ELIZABETH K. Florence, Elem. ED., BA., Band. HOPPER, WILLIAM D. Verbena, Math, Gen. Sci., BS. HOSTER, WILLIAM LOUIS Huey- town, Bus. Adm., BA., Alpha Kappa Si, Sigma Alpha Sigma. HOWELL, DOROTHY MARIE Mont- gomery, Elem. ED., BA, SNEA, BSU, State Student Ala. ED. Assoc. HUGGINS, PAMELA D. Mobile, Home EC. Merc. BS., Home Ec. Club, Cresent Club, Sr. Women ' s Honor Society, College Night. HUNTER, FRAN Mt. Olive, PE., PE. Club. HUGHEY, RONALD DALE Sprott, Bus. Adm., BS., Basketball team. JACKSON, JEANETTA LAVERNE Bes- semer, PE., BS., PE. Club, Sp. Theather, College Night. JENKINS, JOHN RICHARD Braden- ton, Fla., Chemistry B.S., Cheistry Club, CRC Award, Archary. JOHNSON, FRED L. Decatur, Sociol- ogy. B.S. JOHNSON, LANNY Sylacauga Bus. Adm., Lambda Chi Alpha-V.P., SGA Senator, College Night Gold. JOHNSTON, MARY MARTHETTA Palmerdale, Home Ec, B.S., BSU, BSU-Choir. JOHNSTON, PATRICIA East Meadow, NY Art, B.A., SNEA, Sigma Omega Tau, Tres., Alpha Lambda Delta, Lambda Sigma Pi, Kappa Pi, Highest Honors 1971-73, Montage Editor, 74, Tower Staff ' 73, College Night. KEITH, GEORGE D. New Market, History B.S., Circle K. KELLY, KATHLEEN Marion, Ele. Ed., B.A. KENDRICK, CAROL Montgomery, Home Ec. B.S., Stu. Home Ec. As- 232 soc, SNEA Kappa Delta Pi, Omi- cron Nu, Eta Sigma Phi, BSU, Senior Counselor. KERLIN, WAYNE MARTIN Mobile, Bus. Adm., Delta Chi. KING, PHILIP REED Pelham, P.E., B.S., P.E. Club. KING, THOMAS J. Homewood, His- tory, B.A., Pi Kappa Alpha, IFC, Or- chesis, Freshman Junior Favorite, Freshman Class Pres., Pi Epsilon, College Night Gold-Flunkie, Intramurals. KIRKPATRICK, VICKY Fairfield, Ele. Ed., B.S., ACE, College Night. KITSON, JAMES L. Simsville, Political Science, Biology, B.S., Golf Team. KNOTT, JEAN KAY Roswell Ga., Of- fice Adm., B.S., Chi Omega, Alpha Tau Omega— Little Sister, Sigma Al- pha Sigma, Elite Night 1972, Junior Class Pres., Chi Omega V. P. -Pres., 1973-74, College Night Gold- Flunkie Cheerleader. LAMINACK, SUSAN ELIZABETH Midfield, Accounting, B.B.A., Sigma Alpha Sigma, Phi Chi Theta, College Night. LANE, JANICE Birmingham Music, B.M., AGO, Die Deutsche Gesells- chaft, Phi Alpha Mu, Pi Kappa Lambda, Alpha Lambda Delta, Lambda Sigma Pi, Eta Sigma Phi, Concert Choir, Chamber Choir, College Night. LANCLEY, DAVID E. Mobile, History Pol. Sc, B.A., Lambda Chi Alpha, Circle K, IFC, Phi Alpha Theta, Pres— Pre-Law Society, Intramural Sports. LANIER, JOCELYN D. Birmingham, Soc. Work, B.A., Social Work Club, Chi Omega, College Night. LATHAM, MARILYN L. Maplesville, Counseling Guidance, SGA- Pres., Young Republicans, K-etts, Kappa Delta Pi, Lambda Sigma Pi, Honors Scholarships V.P., SGA, Senator, SNEA. LAWRENCE, JIMMY L. Montevallo, Bus. Adm. B.S., LEE, FRANCIS Tuscaloosa, Counseling Guidance, B.S., College Night. LENOIR, MARTHA JANELLE Jemison, Math., B.S., Kappa Mu Epsilon, Lambda Sigma Pi, Kappa Delta Pi, Honors Day, 1971-73, Honors Scholarship 1972. LEWIS, CINDY KAYE Esso Field Brega, Libya, Bus. Adm., B.S., Alpha Delta Pi, V.P., K-etts, Circle K, Dean ' s List Honors List— Amer. College Of Switzerland. LINGO, MICHAEL Birmingham, Mu- sic, B.M.E., Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Mu Alpha. LIVEOAK, ROSEMARY Wilsonville, Ele. Ed., B.S. LOVE, THERESA DIANE Crosston, Bus. Ed., B.S. LOVELADY, ROBERT LYNN Helena, Accounting, B.B.A., Alpha Kappa Psi-V.P. LOWRY, SUZANNE LEE Birmingham, Med. Tech., B.S., Ala. Con- servancy-Pub. Rel., 1972, V.-Chair- man-73, Class Editor-Montage, House Counsel, 1973, College Night 1971-73, Cast Orchestra. LUCY, DICKIE LYNN Trussville, Speech Path., B.S., Logos, Elite Night 1970-71, Beauty Ball 1971-73, Chi Omega, Rush Chairman. LYNN, MARTY KAY Montgomery, Ele. Ed., B.A., ACE, SNEA, K-etts. MACKEY, KATHLEEN MARIE Bir- mingham, Music, B.M., Phi Alpha Mu, B ' ham. Music Club, Espina Chorale, Concert Choir Band, Opera, College Night. MARBERT, LINDA Greensboro, Ele. Ed., B.A. MARCUM, MICHAEL Montevallo, Bus. Adm., B.S. MARTIN, SUSAN G. Gardendale, Math., B.S., Kappa Mu Epsilon, Se- nior Women ' s Honor Soc, Sec. Tres.— Kappa Mu Epsilon. MASAKI, KIM Tokyo Japan, Math., B.S., Inter. Rel. Club, College Night, Intramural Sports. MASON, CATHERINE ANN Mobile, Political Sc, B.A., Phi Mu-Pres., K- etts, German Club, Alpha Lambda Deta, Eta Sigma Phi, Lambda Sigma Pi, College Night. MASON, KAREN ANNE Munford, Home Ec, B.S., SHEA, Phi Mu- Corr. Sec. 192, College Night. MAY, NORMA JUNE Sawyerville, Bus. Ed., B.S., Chi Omega, Crescent Club-Sec, Women ' s Bus. Frat., SNEA, Kapha Delta Pi-Sec, Sigma Alpha Sigma, Sec, Sweetheart, Lambda Chi Alpha, Junior Beauty, College Night, Intramural Sports. MCCAY, MARY LEE, Birmingham, Ele. Ed., B.S., College Night. MCCOMBS, RENA, Pinson, Bus. Ed., B.S. MCDANIEL, STEPHEN EUGENE Lip- scomb, Accounting, B.S., Alpha Kappa Psi, Pres., Sigma Alpha Sigma — Pres., Freshman Honors Scholarship, Highest Honors, Col- lege of Bus. Stock Portfolio Scholar- ship, Intramural Sports, Industry Day— Chairman. MCDONALD, MARY MARGARET, Mobile, P.E., B.S., P.E. Club, Cata- lina, College Night. MCFARLAND, JUDY FAYE Bir- mingham, Social Work, B.A., BSU. MCGRADY, JANE E. Sylacauga, Ele. Ed., B.S. MCLENDON, MARY NAN Selma, Ele. Ed., B.S., SGA, K-etts, Orchesis, Chorale, Sec— Senate, Elite Night 1972-73. MCNAUGHTON, ANN Birmingham, Bus. Ed., B.S., Phi Mu, Phi Chi Theta, K-etts, SGA, Soph. Junior Senator, College Night, Chorale, Intramural Sports. MEIGHAN, RICHARD PAUL JR. Bir- mingham, English-Hist., B.A., Sigma Delta Chi, Inter. Rel. Club. MEITL, WILLIAM L. Oakley Kans., Music, B.M.E., Phi Alpha Mu, Con- cert Choir, Chamber Choir, College Night, Opera. MERRELL, LINDA FAYE Columbiana, Home Ec. Ed., B.S., SHEA, Phi Mu, College Night, 1972-73. METCALFE, JUANITA IRENE Mid- field, Home Ed., B.S. 233 MIDDLETON, DEBORAH KENAN Birmingham, Home Ec, B.S., Alpha Delta Pi, Pi Kappa Phi-Rose Queen, College Night. MILLAR, VIRGINIA LEE Sterrett, For- eign Lang., B.A., Pi Deta Phi-V.P., Theater Council, College Night, College Plays. MILLS, SHERI Arab, Sociology B.A., Law Society, Sec, House Counsel, Entertainment Comm., College Night, BSU. MITCHELL, JANE ELLEN Opelika, Music, B.N.E., Phi Alpha Mu-Sec- Tres., Pi Kappa Lambda, Lambda Sigma Pi, Music Scholarship, Harri- son D. Levarron Award, Concert Choir, Chamber Choir, College Night, Cast, College Plays. MOATTS, PAMELA SUE, Clanton, Ele. Ed., B.S. MURPHY, ANGELA Wedowee, Social Work, B.A., Social Work Club, K- etts, Phi Beta Kappa, College Night. MURPHY, |AMES MICHAEL Bir- mingham, Speech, B.F.A., Pi Kappa Alpha, Theater Council; Phi Delta Epsilon, Soph. Class Favorite Col- lege Night, Purple Leader, Alaba- mian Staff, Intramurals, Greek Week. NEELY, KATHEY ANN Huntsville, Elem. Ed., B.S., Alpha Gamma Delta, Scribe. NEILL, THOMAS D. Birmingham, Bus. Aclm., BBA., Lambda Chi Alpha, College Night. NELSON, DONALD CRAIG Slapout, B.S., Alpha Kappa Psi. NEUFFER, GLORIA CARYL Hunt- sville, English, Speech, BA., Theatre Council, Sigma T An Delta, Senior Women ' s Honary, Highest Honors, Honors Day, Secretary— Sigma Tau Delta, College Night-Purple, UM Theatre Produc tions. NEWDOME, TERESA Mobile, Office Adm., Crescent (Tub — Historian, Cheerleader. NOLAND, CYTHIA ANNE Aliceville, Elem. Ed., BS., ACE., Pres. Sr. Class, Head Cheerleader, Pres. ACE. OLIVER, MARY GEORGANN Shorter, Chi Omega, Crescent Club, Pan- hellenic Council. ORR, LAURIE GENE Montevallo, Mu- sic, BME, Chi Omega-Social Chair- man, College Night. PAPPAS, DIANE Falls Church, Virgina, Sp. Path., BS., Logos, K-ettes, ACE, Kappa Delta Pi-Historian, College Night-Cast. PARDUE, PETER CHARLES Calera, Sociology, BS., College Night- props. PARKER, COURTNEY Montevallo, Pol. Sci., BA., Chi Omega, Inter- national Relations Club, College Night-Gold, Senate, Lambda Chi Alpha Little Sister, Montage Beauty, Elite Night beauty. PARSONS, DIANNE E. Brookwood, Music, BME., AGO, MENC, Kappa Delta Pi., Chorale. PATEL, ARVIN D. Simarda, India, Ac- counting, BS., Lambda Chi Alpha. PEARSON, LINDA ANN Gardendale, English, BA., Theatre Council— Sec, College Night— Purple cast. PETERS, DEBORAH Montevallo, Elem. Ed., BS. PIERCE, PAULA ANN Birmingham, Home Ec, BS., SHEA, Home Ec. club, College Night. PITTS, |OHN DAVID Mobile, Soc Work, BA, Soc. Work club. PORTER, RACHEL Shelby, PE, BS., PE. club, Kappa Delta Pi, Purple cheerleader. PORTER, THOMAS M. Birmingham, Marketing Mgt., BS., Pi Kappa Al- pha— VP, SGA Senator, College Night-Purple cast-football. PRASTHOFER, ED Huntsville, Pre- Med. BS., Chemistry Club, Honors group, Lambda Chi Alpha, Inter- fraternity Council SGA— Student Court Solicitor, Montage— Sports Ed. PRINCE, RICHARD McCAULEY Selma, Accounting, BS, Alpha Kappa Psi, SGA— Senator, Purple Intramurels. RASCO, JENIECE Columbiana, Social Work, B.A. REED, HELEN GAIL Birmingham, Home Ec, B.S., Home Ec. Club. RENFROE, JAN BAILEY Pleasant Grove, Social Work, B.A., Social Work Club, College Night, Student Advis. Comm. RENTZ, DEBORAH CLAIR Mobile, Ele. Ed., SGA, K-etts, ACE, Phi Mu- V.P., Piketts, Delta Kappa Gamaa, Campus Activity Award, Senator— SGA, SGA-Sect., College Night— Flunkie. REYNOLDS, DEBORAH Goodwater, Social Work, B.A., Social Work Club, Usher ' s Club, College Night. REYNOLDS, KATHY DELORIS Green- ville, Home Ed., B.S., SHEA, Usher ' s Club, House Council, College Night. RICHARDSON, PHYLLIS CAROL Mo- bile, Home Ec, B.S., SHEA, Senate, Junior Senior Officer-SGA, SHEA-Sect. RIVES, SUSAN VIRGINIA Selma, Ele Ed., B.S., K-etts, BSU. ROACH, LINDA G., Alabaster, Ele. Ed., B.S. ROBERTS, DIANN Birmingham, Ele. Ed., B.S., ACE, K-etts, Lambda Sigma Pi, Kappa Delta Pi. ROBERTSON, DALE B. Vestavia, Ac- counting, BA. Alpha Tau Omega- Sec, Sophomore senator. ROBINSON, CAMILLE Orlando, Fla., English, BA. ROBINSON, DEBORAH CAROL Clanton, Counseling Guidance, BS., Kappa Delta Pi, Chilton County Scholarship UM. ROBINSON, JACQUELYN Jackson, Home Ec, BS, Home Ec. club. ROBINSON, NANCY CAROL Bir- mingham, Med tech, BS. ROBINSON, WILLIAM P. Bir- mingham, Music, BME, Lambda Chi Alpha, SGA-senator, College Night. RODEN, NANCY DAROLYN Pensa- cola, Fla., Soc. Work, BA, College Night-Gold. RUCKMAN, MELINDA Selma, Music, . ' 14 BME, MENC, AGO, Chorale. RUTHERFORD, KERRY Helena, Mgt., BA, Alpha Kappa Pi. SANDERS, LINDA KAY Cullman, Art, BA. SCHNADELBACH, BARBARA THE- RESA Grand Bay, Psychology, BA., Social Work club, International Re- lation club, International Student Assoc. SELF, LESLIE ANN Decatur, PE, BS, PE club, Catalina, Alpha Delta Pi, Con- cert Choir. SELLERS, MICHAEL Corner, PE, BS, Basketball trainer. SEWELL, JOYCE Dutton, PE, BS, PE club, K-ettes. SHIPP, MARCIA NELL Corner, Bus. Ed., BS, Chi Delphia, NEA. SLEDG, BEVERLY LYNN Birmingham, Home Ec , BS, Home Ec. club. SLIMP, DEBRA Homewood, Elem. Ed., BS., ACE, SNEA, K-ettes, Kappa Delta Pi. SLUSHER, LESLIE ALAN Florence, Mgt.-Marketing, BA., Gold football basketball. SMITH, BETTY JOYCE Pleasant Grove, Soc. Work, BA., Purple book committee. SMITH, CAROL FRITH Montevallo, Soc. Work, BA, Senior Womens Honory Society, Honors Day. SMITH, DONA HAL Somerville, Bus. Adm., BA, SGA Senate, Gold-70- 72, Purple-73. SMITH, MARY Birmingham, PE., BS, Catalina, College Night, Edith Sailor Jr. Scholarship. SMITH, PAMELA ANN Alexander City, Sp. Path., BS, Catalina, Logos, Eta Sigma Phi, Lambda Sigma Pi, Deans list, College Night— Cowtail. SMITH, RUBIE Clanton, Bus. Ed., BS, College Night, Theatre Council SMITH, SANDRA MANIE Bir- mingham, Bus. Ed., BS, Sigma Alpha Sigma. SNOWDEN, KAREN FRANCES Bir- mingham, Biology, BS, Chemistry club, Catalina, Alpha Lambda Delta, Lambda Sigma Pi, Beta Beta Beta, Eta Sigma Phi, Deans list, Honor scholarship, College Night- cheerleader— cowtail. SORRENTINO, RITA CAROL, Pan- ama City, Fla., Music, BME, College Choratle, Orchesis. STAGNER, SYLVIA DARLENE Pratt- ville, History-Pol. Sci., BA, Or- chesis, Phi Alpha Theata, Kappa Delta Pi, Eta Sigma Phi, Lambda Sigma Pi, Deans list, College Night- Purple cheerleader, cowtail, cabinet. STANFORD, G. KELDON Helena, Bi- ology, BS, Chemistry, club, Alaba- mian staff, montage staff. STEPHENSON, LYNDA FAYE Center Point, Elem. Ed, BS, Catalina, Col- lege Night-Gold. STEWART, CLAIRE Wedowee, Home Ec, SNEA, SHEA, Phi Mu, Catalina, College Night. STRONG, LARRY N. Bessemer, Ac- counting, BS, Alpha Kappa Psi, Al- pha Kappa Psi. STOKES, JUDITH ANN Reform, Elem. Ed, BS. STONECYPHER, MIKE Glencoe, English, BA, Phi Alpha Theta, Sigma Tau Delta, BSU. SWANSON, ERIN WHATLEY Bir- mingham, Soc. Work. TAYLOR, TONY M. Eclectic, PE, BS, Alpha Tau Omega, Circle K, VP Jr. class, Gold Athletics, Intramural director. TEEL, MARY TERESA Auburn, Soc. Work, BA, Catalina. TENNANT, SUSAN REBECCA Bir- mingham, English-Soc. Studies, BS. TERRY, CARLA F. Birmingham, His- tory, BA, SNEA, Alpha Delta Pi, Panhellenic, Phi Alpha Theata, Al- pha Lambda Delta, Honors Day, Alpha Delta Pi-VP. THOMAS, CAROL JEAN Warrior, English, BA, Pep club, Phi Alpha THETA. THOMAS, FRANK Dora, Bus. Adm., Delta Chi. TIBBS, ROBBY LEE Hueytown, PE, BS, Pi Kappa Phi, baseball team, golf team. TINGLE, TIM Birmingham, Music, BME, AGO, Concert choir, College night, Chamber choir. TOLBERT, BRITT A. Cullman, Political Sc, B.A., College Night, Intramurals. TOMLINSON, NATHAN MITCHELL Birmingham, Math Physics, B.S., BSU. TROTMAN, DEWEY Birmingham, Bus. Adm., B.S. TYLER, MARY CATHERINE Bir- mingham, P.E. B.S., Orcheses- Pres., Phi Mu, P.E. Club, Delta Chi Sweetheart, Chi Delphian, College Night. VAIL, ELLEN E. Thorsby, Speech Path., B.S., Logos. VEST, DAVID EARL, Bir- mingham, English, B.A., Pi Delta Ep- silon, Sigma Tau Delta, Alabamian Staff, Montage Staff, Demo. Campaign. WADE, SUSAN A. Sylacauga, Music, B.M., Chi Omega, College Night, Operas, Musicals, Concert Choir. WALDEN, PATRICIA Birmingham, Ele. Ed., B.S., Cresent Club-Pres., College Night. WALKER, GEORGE MOORE, Tusca- loosa, Political Sc, B.A., PI Kappa, Pi Sigma Alpha, Pre-Law Soc, Dean ' s List, 1972-73, Golfteam, Ala- bamian Staff. WALKER, SHARON B. Vinemont, Counseling Guidance, Ketts, SNEA, College Night. WALLACE, DIANNE Randolph, Counseling Guidance, B.S., K- Etts, SNEA, College Night, BSU. WALROND, ALICE CHERYL, Bir- mingham, Ele. Ed., BA„ ACE, SNEA, College Night. WARREN, GORDON HOWARD Bir- mingham, Accounting, B.S.-, Pi Kappa Phi, Tres., Archon, College Night. WATKINS, MARY ELIZABETH Apala- chin N.Y., P.E., B.S., P.E. club, Ala. Conservancy, College Night, Girl ' s Intramural. WATSON, DEBRA DIANE Selma, Ele. 235 Ed B.A., SNEA, AEA, BSU, BSU- Choir, Elite Night 1970. WATTS, MARQUETTA Fairfield, Soc. Work, BS, Concert Choir. WEAVER, PHILIP EDWARD Huey- town, Mgt., BFA, College night, Intramurals. WEST, TARESA SHARON Clanton, Math, BS. WHEELER, ERIC PAURON Columbia, SC. Music, BM. WHIGHAM, DIXIE Prattville, Sp. Path., BS, Logos, Honor Society, Sr. Counsel. WHITAKER, NIRA ELLEN Clencoe, PE. K-ettes, Deans list. WHITE, GINA BURKE Birmingham, Art, BFA, Kappa Pi. WHITFIELD, LYNDA Mobile, Art, BA, Crescent Club, Theatre Council, College Night— cabinet, Tower, Montage. WHITSON, SANDRA WIGGINS, DEBORAH WEBB Deca- tur, English, BA, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Tau Delta. WIGGINTON, DAVID E. Bir- mingham, Bus. Adm, BS, Pi Kappa Phi-Chaplin, Senator, SGA. WILEMON, GARY MICHAEL Bir- mingham, Chemistry, BS. German club, Chemistry club, Sci. Ficton club, College night. WILLIAMSON, RENATA HUGHES Chelsea, Bus. Adm, BS, Young Re- publicans, Kappa Pi, Cheerleader, College night. WILLIS, DEBORAH LOUISE Mont- gomery, Music, BME, College night- gold, Chamber choir, Concert choir. WILSON, MARY MARTHA Decatur, Counseling Guidance, BS, Cres- cent club, College night. WINDHAM, DILCY Selma, English, BA, College night. WINE, JAMESD Hueytown, Account- ing, BS Alpha Kappa Psi, Intramural sports. WOMELL, STEPHEN LOUIS Maylene, Accounting, BS, Sigma Alpha Sigma. WOODLEY, GERALD G. Jasper, Bus Adm., BS. WOODRUFF, MARTHA DEANE Bir- mingham, Sp Path, BS, Logos. WRIGHT, DEBORAH LYNN Bir- mingham, PE, BS, PE, club, College night, Intramurals. WRIGHT, )EANNE Greensboro, Guidance Counseling, BS, Col- lege night-Purple cast. WRIGHT, MICHAELINE ANN Bir- mingham, Sp. -English, BA, Theatre Council, Sigma Tau Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Zeta Phi Eta, Deans list, College night— cabinet. WYATT, WILLIAM M. Montevallo, Bus., BS, Delta Chi. YARBROUGH, JERRY Montgomery, Accounting, BS, Alpha Kappa Psi. YEATTS, GEORGIA E. Jemison, Social Work-Pol. Sci., Young Republican, Inernational relations, Alpha Lambda Delta, Eta Sigma Phi, Lambda Sigma Phi, Highest Honors Scholarship. r • »» UNDERCLASSMEN Acherson, Randall, Bayirev, 2 Acton, Elizabeth, Sterret, 3 Adams, Debbie, B ' ham, I Adams, Donna, Cleveland, 3 Adams, Dora, Pelham, 3 Adams, Kathryn, Union Springs, 1 Adams, Mark David, Michigan City, 2 Aikew, Therese, Huntsville, I Akins, Barbara, B ' ham, I Alexander, Jesse, B ' ham, 1 Alfred, Don, B ' ham, 1 Allan, Paul, Panama City, Fla., 1 Allbright, Karen, Montevallo, 1 Allen, Cindy, Sylacauga, 1 Allen, |anice, Montevallo, 2 Allen, Loyd, Cuba, Ala., 3 Allen, Richard, B ' ham, 1 Allen, Ronald, Orlando, Fla., 1 Allen, Ronald, Montevallo, 1 Alley, Robert, B ' ham, I Ailing, Robert, B ' ham, 1 Allison, Calvin, Cullman, 3 Allred, Pat, Athens, 3 Anders, Donna, Panama City, 3 Anderson, Cathy, B ' ham, 1 Anderson, lanine, Montgomery, 3 Anderson, Loyd, Montevallo, 1 Anderson, Sally, Deatsville, 2 Anderson, Susie, Montgomery, 1 Anderson, Tim, Midfield, 1 Anderton, James B ' ham, 2 Andress, Lilly, Montevallo, 1 Andrews, Richard, B ' ham, 1 Andrews, Sheila, Anniston, 2 Anthoney, Lee, Oakman, 1 Appleyard, Tuscaloosa, I Argo, Kathy, Hueytown, 1 Armstrong, Peggy, Columbiana, 1 Arnold, Dianne, B ' ham, i Arnold, Jeanne, B ' ham, 2 Arrighi, William, Montgomery, 1 August, Sharon, B ' ham, i Authur, Margarele, B ' ham, 1 Auslen, Mark, B ' ham, 2 Autrcy, Robbie, B ' ham, 1 Autry, Paula, Tarrant, I Averhart, Everett, Prattville, 3 Averett, Katherine, Selma, 2 238 Averett, William, Selma, 3 Avery, Jane, B ' ham, 1 Bagley, Bert, Huntsville, 1 Bailey, Ann, B ' ham, 1 Bailey, David, B ' ham, 3 Bailey, Donna, B ' ham, 1 Bailey, Grant, Helena, 1 Bailey, Jack, Columbiana, 2 Bailey, Pete, B ' ham, 2 Bailey, Terry, B ' ham, 1 Bain, Donna, Mobile, 1 Bain, Pat, Tuscaloosa, 3 Baker, Barbara, Clanton, 2 Baker, Jane, B ' ham, 1 Baker, Regina, Montevallo, 1 Baldwin, Dorothy, B ' ham, 2 Ballman, Sandra, B ' ham, 3 Bankston, Huntsville, 1 Barcroft, Julie, B ' ham, 1 Barnes, Eddie, Panama City, 3 Barnes, Emily, Gasden, 3 Barnes, Kathee, B ' ham, 1 Barnes, Rebecca, B ' ham, 1 Barns, Wendy, B ' ham, 1 Barnett, Gregory, B ' ham, 1 Barnett, Jerry, Hueytown, 1 Barnett, Larry, Helena, 2 Barrentine, Elizabeth, Tarrant, 1 Barrow, Murray, B ' ham, 3 Barrs, Dawn, Montgomery, 3 Barton, Larry, Marion, 3 ' Barton, Steve, B ' ham, 3 Barkin, Dianne, B ' ham, 1 Basler, David, Petoskey, Mich., 3 Bass, Melissa, B ' ham, 1 Baswell, Tawana, Bessemer, 1 Bates, Debbie, Cullman, 3 Bates, Gary, Clanton, 3 Bates, Mary Elizabth, Marion, 2 Battle, Jacqueline, B ' ham, 3 Battlis, Reba, B ' ham, 1 Baxter, Denise, Millbrook, 1 Beabout, W.E., B ' ham, 3 Beard, John, Guntersville, 2 Bearden, Nancy, Selma, 1 Bean, Cindy, Carey, III., 3 Becton, Mike, Mobile, 2 Bednar, Kathy, B ' ham, 3 Beggs, C.R., B ' ham, 3 Belfour, Leslie, Huntsville, 1 Bell, Beverly, Montevallo, 1 Bell, Jim, Tuscaloosa, 3 Belshaw, Marry, B ' ham, 3 Benis, Timothy, Dayton, Ohio, 2 Bennett, Denise, Mt. Olive, 1 Benson, Debbie, B ' ham, 1 Benson, Will, Columbiana, 2 Bentley, Linda, Columbiana, 1 Benton, Julie, Phenix City, 3 Berrton, Chuck, Montgomery, 3 Berry, Kathy, B ' ham, 1 Berry, Sandra, Huntsville, 1 Besh, Fay, Childersburg, 1 239 Bettinger, Nicki, B ' ham, 1 Betts, Cathy, B ' ham, 2 Betts, Patricia, Calera, 3 Bigbie, Kaye, Fairhope, 3 Bird, Patricia, Calera, 2 Bishop, Denise, Leeds, 1 Bishop, Diane, Talladega, Bishop, Linda, B ' ham, 1 Bishop, Margret, Alabaster, 2 Bittner, Susan, Mobile, 1 Black, Cheryl, Attalla, 2 Black, Jonathan, Montevallo, 3 Blackmon, Dally, Montevallo, 1 Blair, George, Huntsville, 2 Bohorfaush, Mike, B ' ham, 1 Boldwin, Denise, B ' ham, 2 Bolton, Becky, B ' ham, 1 Bonella, Ruben, Miami Beach, Bonham, Ken, Hueytown, 3 Booth, Roxanne, B ' ham, I Bostic, Debbie, B ' ham, 2 Bostony, Renee, B ' ham, 2 Bottchen, Scott, B ' ham, I Bowling, Mesha, Huntsville, 2 Boyd, Steve, Bessemer, 1 Bradford, Elizabeth, Prattville, 2 Bradford, loseph, Hueytown, 1 Bradley, Easton, Montevallo, 1 Bradley, Richard, Trussville, 3 Bragan, Lee, B ' ham, 3 Bramlett, Nancy, Wedowee, 1 Brandon, Mark, B ' ham, 2 Brasher, Linda, Corner, 3 Brasher, Randy, Corner, 3 Brasseale, Terry, Pleasant Grove, 2 Braswell, Roseanna, B ' ham, 2 Breland, Hank, B ' ham, 3 Brewer, Barbara, Montgomery, 3 Brewer, Ronnie, Midfield, 1 Brickell, Dennis, B ' ham, I Bridgeman, Pam, Sylacauga, I Briscoe, Larry, Gardendale, 2 Briscoe, Michael, lasper, 3 Brislin, Kathleen, Mobile, 1 Britt, Celia, B ' ham, 1 Brooke, leffery, B ' ham, I Brooks, |anet, Decatur, i Brown, Candace, Reform, I Brown, lames, Alabaster, 1 Brown, Marilyn, Huntsville, 3 Brown, Mary Nell, Reform, i Brown, Ray, Florence, 1 Brown, Susan, B ' ham, 2 Brown, Vickie, Bessemer, 3 Browning, Randy, B ' ham, 2 Browning, Reita, Montevallo, 1 Brush, |ohn, B ' ham, I Bryan, Dan, B ' ham, I Bryant, Denise, B ' ham, 2 Bryant, Charlotte, Cropwell, Bushier, Michael, Helena, 1 Buckner, Angie, Clanton, 3 Buckner, lane, B ' ham, 3 MO Burch, Regina, B ' ham, 1 Burgess, Eleanor, B ' ham, 1 Burnett, Dianne, B ' ham, 2 Burnette, Trudy, Jemison, 2 Burns, jane, Wedowee, 2 Burns, Judy, B ' ham, 1 Burnum, Lisa, Hartselle Burroughs, Kathy, B ' ham, 1 Burrows, Karen, Huntsville, 1 Bush, Jeannie, Minter, 3 Butera, Vincent, B ' ham, 1 Butler, Carol, Hueytown, 2 Butler, Don, Norfolk, 2 Butler, Sue, Hueytown, 2 Byrd, Peggy, Fultondale, 1 Byrne, Peggy, Montgomery, 3 Calhoun, Anne, B ' ham, 1 Callaghan, Charlie, Cheyenne, Wyo., 1 Calloway, David, Daphne, 2 Calvert, Monica, Gadsden, 3 Cameron, Collins, Fairhope, 1 Cambell, James, B ' ham, 3 Cambell, Micjelle, Alabaster, 3 Cambell, Robert, Mt. Olive, 3 Cancuaro, James, B ' ham, 1 Canevaro, Paul, Bessemer, 2 Cannon, Rick, Huntsville, 3 Carden, Mike, Calera, 2 Cardin, Philip, Decatur, 3 Cardone, Vince, Montevallo, 2 Carlie, Ron, B ' ham, 3 Carlton, Kaye, Huntsville, 1 Carman, Wayne, Montgomery, 3 Carothers, Doug, B ' ham, 3 Caretto, Donna, Montgomery, 2 Carrico, Bill, B ' ham, 1 Carroll, Terry, Clanton, 3 Carter, Pam, B ' ham, 2 Carter, Rhonda, Alabaster, 3 Cartright, Frank, Montgomery, 3 Casey, Thomas, B ' ham, 3 Cashatt, Pam, Aliceville, 1 Cash, Gene, Helena, 2 Cash, Grady, Helena, 1 Costas, Alex, B ' ham, 2 Castleberry, Keith, Selman, 1 Castle, Tina, Bessemer, 1 Caswell, Steve, Harpersville, 2 Cathey, Dan, Tampa, 3 Causey, Barbara, Prattville, 3 Ceravolo, Virginia, Fairfield, 3 Chambers, Karen, B ' ham, 2 Chambers, Rita, B ' ham, 1 241 Chambers, Terri, Montevallo, 2 Chandler, Lori, Cardendale, 1 Chastain, Keithia, Anniston, 1 Chavers, Charlotte, Greensboro, 3 Cheatham, Lesa, Bessemer, 1 Cherry, Barbara, Ozark, 3 Cheshire, Dianne, Ozark, 3 Christian, Michael, Huntsville, 1 Churchill, Robert, Montevallo, 2 Churchwell, Annette, Montgomery, 3 Ciliax, Richard, Huntsville, 2 Clark, Calvin, Selma, 3 Clarke, Cathy, B ' ham, 3 Clark, David, Homewood, 1 Clark, Debi, B ' ham, 2 Clark, Gail, Palatine, III., 3 Clark, lean, B ' ham, 2 Clark, Mary, Montevallo, 1 Clark, Mary, Pleasant Grove, 1 Clark, Pat, Montgomery, 3 Clark, Paula, Tuscaloosa, 3 Clayton, Careh, Lipscomb, 2 Clemans, Connie, Hueytown, 2 Cloud, Harriet, B ' ham, 1 Cobern, Deborah, B ' ham, 1 Cockrell, Laura, B ' ham, 2 Cofer, Doreen, Jemison, 1 Cofer, Ricky, Jemison, 1 Coffey, Aranda, B ' ham, I Colburn, Miriam, Greensboro, 1 Coleman, Cathy, Mountainbrook, 3 Coleman, Rith, Selma, 3 Colley, lack, Bessemer, 2 Collier, Madileine, B ' ham, 1 Collier, Claudia, Moultrie, Ga., 3 Collier, Janice, B ' ham, 1 Cook, Betty, Greenville, 1 Cook, Melanie, Huntsville, 3 Cook, Michael, B ' ham, 3 Cook, Ray, Northport, 1 Cooney, Nancy, Homewood, 1 Combs, David, B ' ham, 2 Comer, Debbie, Calera, 3 Como, Jack, B ' ham, 1 Compton, Deborah, B ' ham, 2 Conoley, Karen, B ' ham, 1 Connell, William, Shelby, 2 Conway, Sheila, Jemison, 2 Contri, Dena, B ' ham, 1 Cope, Linda, B ' ham, 1 Copeland, Allison, Demopolis, 3 Copeland, jim, B ' ham, 3 Corbette, Jeanette, Montevallo, Corbin, Jacob, Millbrook, 1 Coston, Ralls, B ' ham, 3 Cothard, David, Jemison, 1 Couch, Jane, Montevallo, 1 Couch, Lynn, Gadsden, 3 Council, Marty, B ' ham, I Counts, Rebecca, Huntsville, 1 Courie, John, Huntsville, 1 Covington, Kay, Huntsville, 1 Cox, Ava, Mobile, 1 Cox, Carol, Selma, 2 Cox, Wanda, Clanton, 3 Coyle, John, Huntsville, 2 Crandall, Celia, B ' ham, 1 Crandall, Melanie, B ' ham, 2 Crawford, Brooke, Huntsville, 3 Crocker, Lynn, Midfield, 2 Crump, Cheyrl, Millbrook, 1 Culpepper, James, Columbiana, 2 Curl, Gayla, B ' ham, 3 Curley, John, Decatur, 2 Cunningham, Danny, B ' ham, 2 Cunningham, Mike, Pleasant Grove, 3 Curtiss, Kenneth, Columbiana, 1 Curtiss, Marcia, Alabaster, 3 Czeokleba, Ed, Montevallo, 3 Dagoslin, Ruth, Selma, 1 Dalrymple, Geraldine, Boaz, 1 Damghani, Meddi, Iran, 2 Daniel, Bill, B ' ham, 2 Daniel, Billie, lasper, 2 Daniel, Janie, Randolph, 3 Daniel, Stephen, Boaz, 3 Daniels, Ann, B ' ham, 2 Darattanarojna, Kanol, Thailand, 2 Darnell, Macy, Montgomery, 1 Davenport, Allen, Alabaster, 1 Davenport, Janet, Siluria, 2 Davidson, Edward, Jasper, 1 Davidson, Rodney, Huntsville, 2 Davis, Celia, Bessemer, 2 Davis, Frank, Phenix City, 1 Davis, Julian, B ' ham, 1 Davis, Pam, Montgomery, 2 Davis, Paula, Columbia, 1 Davis, Robert, B ' ham, 1 Davis, Stanley, Wilsonville, 1 Davis, Yolanda, Summerdale, 3 Day, Freddie, Hanceville, 1 Dean, Bruce, Columbiana, 2 Dean, Pam, B ' ham, 1 Dean, Rahonda, Big Cove, 3 Dean, Richard, Columbiana, 1 DeMcdius, Douglas, B ' ham, 1 Denney, Carla, B ' ham, 2 Dennis, Katie, Fairhope, 1 Dew, Stephen, Madison, 3 Dick, Roberta, B ' ham, 2 Dickinson, Charles, Brighten, 1 Dickenson, Tara, Virginia, 1 Dickson, Cecil, Montevallo, 3 243 Dietz, Kathy, Hueytown, 1 Dietz, Robbie, Hueytown, 2 Dietz, Margaret, Taftsville, Vt., 1 Dixon, )ohn, B ' ham, 1 Dodge, Jane, B ' ham, 2 Dolby, Charles, Selma, 2 Dolton, Cherie, B ' ham, 3 Donaldson, Charles, Homewood, 2 Dopp, Mary lane, Denver, Col., 3 Dortch, Preston, B ' ham, 2 Dortch, Doug, York, 2 Doss, Jaynne, B ' ham, 1 Douglass, Gerald, Sheffield, 3 Dove, |oy, B ' ham, 2 Downs, David, Calera, 1 Drake, Bradley, Cardendale, 1 Draper, |ohn, Alabaster, 1 Driver, Betty, Montgomery, 3 Driver, Myra Cywn, Decatar, 3 Drifter, Allen, Bessemer, 1 Duke, Jeamie, B ' ham, 1 Duke, Richard, Selma, 3 Dunbar, lenny, B ' ham, 2 Duncan, Kathy, Huntsville, 3 Duncan, Wayne, Tuscaloosa, 1 Dupont, leannette, Panama City, Fla. 1 Dyck, Robert, B ' ham, 2 Dyson, Pam, B ' ham, 1 Earley, Kenneth, Hueytown, 3 Earnest, Clent, Selma, 1 Eason, Hoyt, Montevallo, 4 Easterling, Ray, Clanton, 1 Ecbert, Helen, B ' ham, 3 Eddings, William, B ' ham, 1 Edfeldt, Susan, Montevallo, 3 Edgar, Travis, Clencol, 1 Edward, Lucretia, Pleasant Grove, 1 Edwards, David, Selma, 1 Ehrhardt, Clancy, Tuskegee, 1 Elkourie, Joe, B ' ham, 2 Ellerbe, Brenda, B ' ham, 3 Elliot, Debra, B ' ham, 1 Elliot, John, Double Springs, 1 Ellison, Charles, Jemison, 3 Ellison, Gail, Jemison, 1 Embry, Karen, Columbiana, 1 Emery, Deborah, B ' ham, 1 Emmons, Rodger, Marion, 1 Emory, Patricia, Wilton, 1 England, Judy, Tarrant, 2 England, Lynn, B ' ham, 1 Englett, Dee, Loyley, 3 Englert, Michian, B ' ham, 1 Engstrand, Laura, Homewood, 1 Epperson, Joel, Flintstone, 1 Espey, Jane, Headland, 1 Essautt, Richard, Huntsville, 1 Essenmacher, Kathy, Huntsville, 2 Etheridge, Mark, B ' ham, 1 Eubanks, Pam, B ' ham, I Evans, Bonnie, Holtville, 1 Evans, Donnie Kay, Holtville 1 Evans, Lois, Vestavia, 2 . ' 4 4 m »A||L ' •: .■ Ezell, Barbara Nell, Lisman, 3 Facon, Robert, Montevallo, 1 Fagan, Ray, B ' ham, I Fain, |ohn, Troy, 2 Farris, Church, Childesberg, 1 Faucher, Rich, B ' ham, 1 Faught, Karen, Decatur, 2 Faulkner, Mary, B ' ham, 2 Feltham, David, Altodena, 1 Fenn, Ted, Calcis, 2 Ferguson, Barbara, B ' ham, 3 Ferguson, Farley, B ' ham, 3 Ferguson, Richard, Montevallo, 2 Festava, Randall, Alabaster, 2 Fields, Barbara, Montevallo, 1 Fields, William, B ' ham, 1 Finch, Samuel, B ' ham, 2 Finland, Barney, B ' ham, 3 Fischer, Rebecca, Plantersville, 1 Fisher, Carole, B ' ham, 3 Flanagan, Frank, B ' ham, 1 Fleming, )uanda, B ' ham, 2 Fleming, Rhonda, Prartville, 2 Fletcher, Authur, Alabaster, 3 Flint, Gladys, B ' ham, 1 Flowers, Martha, Foley, 2 Floyd, Sue, Tuscaloosa, 3 Fonderen, John, B ' ham, 3 Foran, Peter, B ' ham, 1 Ford, Linda, Talladega, 3 Fortenberry, Donna, Alabaster, 3 Fortune, Jerrell, B ' ham, 2 Foster, Cindy, Fultondale, 1 Foster, Doug, Panama City, Fla., 1 Franks, Wanda, Montevallo, 1 Frazier, Jenny, Trussville, 1 Foshee, Amelia, Clanton, 3 Fowler, Pamela, Hampton, 3 Frank, Teresa, Montgomery, 1 Friday, Suzanne, Montevallo 2 Frisswell, Mark, Montevallo, 1 Frugi, Evelyn, Yolanda, 2 Fulford, Claude, Plantersville, I Fuller, Julie, Sprott, 2 Funderburk, Karen, Homewood, 2 Caddetl, Theresa, B ' ham, 1 Callups, Danny, Wilsonville, 3 Candy, Naomi, Alabaster, 1 Canster, Jane, B ' ham, 2 Garner, Emily, B ' ham, 2 Garrat, Larry, Alabaster, 1 Garrett, John, Montevallo, 1 ■w Gauntt, James, Montevallo, 2 George, Becky, Albertville, 2 Gentry, Greg, Montevallo, 1 Gerald, Christine, Birmingham, 1 Gibbons, Mary, Birmingham, 1 Gibbs, Melinda, Birmingham, 1 Gibson, Roger, Huntsville, 1 Giles, Carol, lemison, 3 Giles, Kathren, Cullman, 1 Gilmore, Cynthia, Maplesville, 1 Gilmore, Jessica, Montevallo, 1 Gilreath, Kathy, Birmingham, 2 Ginn, Becky, Montgomery, 1 Ginn, Marvin, Hueytown, 3 Glass, Martha, Mobile, 1 Glass, Ronnie, Calera, 2 Godwin, lames, Montgomery, 3 Godwin, Lynne, Selma, 3 Godfrey, Nida, Montevallo, 3 Godwin, Zackeral, Montevallo, 3 Goff, Susan, Prattville, 3 Golden, Billy, Marvel, 3 Goodner, Dianne, Midfield, 2 Goodlett, Mike Cullman, 1 Goodson, Pam, Birmingham, 1 Gorff, Kemberly, Dothan, 1 Goss, Karen, Birmingham, 1 Gradick, Richard, Prattville, 1 Graham, Paula, Birmingham, 1 Graham, lanice, Hartselle, 3 Graham, Steve, Cullman, 3 Grant, Lane, Greenville, 3 Grantham, Debbie, Birmingham, 1 Graves, Debbie, Birmingham, 1 Gray, Gail, Bessemer, 1 Gray, Jeff, Birmingham, 1 Greene, Ava, Mobile, 2 Green, Cheryl, Birmingham, 1 Greene, Gay, Phenix City, 2 Green, Kathy D., Trafford, 1 Greene, Jimmy, Jr., Huntsville, 2 Green, Mitzi, Birmingham, 2 Gregorius, Marilyn, Fairhope, 3 Griffin, Helen, Brent, 1 Griffin, Marie, Athens, 3 Greffin, Martha, Plantersville, 3 Grissett, Donna, Andalusia, 1 Cuthie, Sue, Hueytown, 3 .Mf, Cutirez, C. Hall, Gadsden, 2 Guy, Pam, Montevallo, 3 Haas, Tim, Huntsville, 1 Haefner, Gene II, Birmingham, 3 Haggins, Raymond, Jr., Montevallo, 1 Hagood, Patti, Mobile, 1 Hairston, William, Mariam, 1 Hale, Phillip, Birmingham, 1 Hall, Carolyn, Wilsonville, 1 Hall, Deborah, Wetum pka, 3 Hall, Marc, Bessemer, 1 Hattiwanger, Mike, Birmingham, 1 Halstead, Harriet, Headland, 3 Hambrick, Roseland, Boaz, 3 Hamilton, Annette, Montevallo, 2 Hamilton, Landis, Birmingham, 3 Hammord, Nanette, Birmingham, 2 Hamilton, Brenda, Montgomery, 3 Hamner, Dana, Montevallo, 3 Hamrick, Amy, Bessemer, 2 Hamner, )anie, Montevallo, 3 Hanna, Mary, Birmingham, 2 Hancock, David, Birmingham, 1 Hancock, Susan, Montgomery, 3 Handley, Debbie, Cullman, 2 Handley, Phillip, Alabaster, 1 Haney, Jimmy, York, 1 Harbin, Lorren, Kissimmee, Fla., 3 Harder, Steve, Mobile, 1 Hardin, Martha, Homewood, 2 Hardwick, Gregg, Hamilton, 2 Hare, Peggy, Ashville, 3 Harless, Richard, Shelby, 1 Harrell, Nancy, Moultrie, Ga., 1 Harris, Beverly, Birmingham, 2 Harries, Brenda, Cullman, 3 Harris, Lanney, Columbus, Ga., 3 Harris, Michael, Montevallo, 2 Harris, Randy, Selma, 2 Harris, Rebecca, Greensboro, 2 Harris, Riley, Clanton, 1 Harris, William, Birmingham, 1 Harrison, Danny, Montevallo, 2 Harrison, Jane, Greenville, 3 Harrison, Mary Kate, Gulf Breeze, Fla., 3 Harrison, Paul, Mobile, 2 Harrison, Sharnon, Birmingham, 2 Harrod, Alice, Montgomery, 1 Hartline, David, Pinson, 3 Haselmier, Marcia, Mt. Vernon, Fla., 1 Haskins, James, Birmingham, 1 Hatchett, Jack, Birmingham, 3 Hawkin, Patricia, Alabaster, 2 Hayes, Norma, Birmimgham, 1 Haynes, Rusty, Midfield, 1 Haywood, Dianne, Birmingham, 3 Haywood, James, Midfield, 2 Headley, Gary, Clanton, 2 Headley, Karen, Thorsby, 2 Heatherly, David, Birmingham, 1 Heaton, Julie, Anderson, SC, 1 Herfner, Jackie, Selma, 1 Heilmeir, Susan, Foley, 1 ?47 Helton, Debbie, Mitton Fla., 3 Henry, Kathryn, Montgomery, 3 Hernandez, Conchita, Montevallo, 2 Herrin, Chris, Birmingham, 1 Herring, Dale, Birmingham, 2 Herring, Maria, Birmingham, 1 Herrod, Linda, Prattville, 2 Herron, Margaret, Birmingham, 2 Hester, Kathy, Mckinzie, 2 Hester, Randy, lemison, 1 Heyer, Laura, Vestavia, 2 Hester, Vicki, Gadsden, 3 Hicks, Donna, Birmingham, 1 Higgins, Vera, Hueytown, 3 Hills, Iris, Bessemer, 2 Hill, loan, Alabaster, 2 Hill, Lynn, Birmingham, 1 Hill, Shelley, Panama City Fla., 3 Hinds, Karen, Pelham, 1 Hinricks, Inge, Huntsville, 1 Hitchcock, Sam, Homewood, 2 Hobbs, Brenda, Birmingham, 3 Hodge, Roxie, lackson, 1 Hoggle, Julian, Morrnaville, 3 Holcolmb, Ricky, Remlop, 1 Holbert, Mellissa, Tuscaloosa, 1 Holder, Rickie, West Blockton, 1 Holloman, )anet, Birmingham, 2 Hollon, lames, Montevallo, 1 Holt, Celia, Birmingham, 1 Hansa, Peter, Decatur, 1 Hood, Lidell, Gadsden, 1 Hoppas, Ed, Birmingham, 1 Hopper, Jill, Birmingham, 3 Home, Bill, Bessemer, 3 Horsley, Annette, 2 Horton, Henry, Vestavia, 2 Horton, Johnye, Montevallo, 3 Horton, Morris, Thorsbey, 1 House, Julia Kay, Panama City Fla., 3 Howard, Deborah, Attala, 3 Howard, Joannie, Tuscaloosa, 2 Howard, Mary, Sylacauga, 2 Howard, Rhonda, Birmingham, 3 Howard, Robert, Auburn, 2 Howell, Joe, Hueytown, 1 Howell, Susan, Sylacauga, 2 Hubbard, Steve, Guntersville, 1 . ' 48 Huck, Patricia, B ' ham, 3 Hudson, George, Bessemer, 1 Hudson, Wanda, Fairfield, 2 Hullings, William, Huntsville, 2 Hunt, Sallie, Centerville, 3 Huntzinger, Cathy, Huntsville, 1 Hurst, Karen, Prattville, 3 Hurston, Carl, Panama City, 1 Hutchinson, Susan, Bonifay, Fla., 3 Hutchinson, Mike, B ' ham, 1 Ifill, Madeline, B ' ham, 2 Ingram, Benjy, Montevallo, 1 Ingram, Jan, Columbiana, 1 Ingram, Jon, Birmingham, 1 Ingram, Oleta, Jacksonville, 3 Ingram, Pamela, Birmingham, 2 Isbell, Mancy, Columbiana, 2 Isbell, Sherry, Fairhope, 1 isbell, G. Wayne, Hazel Green, 1 Isley, Debbie, Birmingham, 3 Isreal, Jenny, Wedowee, 1 Ivy, Becky, Huntsville, 1 Jackson, Clare, Opelika, 3 Jackson, Debbie, Vincent, 1 Jackson, Johnnie, Brighton, 3 Jackson, Lynne, B ' ham, 3 Jackson, Jere, Tuscalossa, 3 James, Barbara, Trussville, 2 Ja mes, Janet, Edwards, 1 James, Joey, Prattville, 1 Jaroenasostraks, Upsorn, Bankok, 3 Jaudon, Lee, Tuscaloosa, 2 Jenks, Patty, Montgomery, 3 Jenning, Fran, B ' ham, 1 Joiner Ray, Columbiana, 3 Joiner, Vickie, Columbiana, 1 Jordan, Mitzi, Tuscaloosa, 3 Jospeh, Carlo Sammy, B ' ham, 1 Joseph, Pam, Homewood, 1 Johnson, Beth, Decatur, 1 Johnson, Daisy, Selma, 3 Johnson, Elizabeth, B ' ham, 3 Johnson, Grace, Sylacauga, 3 Johnson, Janet, Andalusia, 3 Johnson, Jennie, Clanton, 1 Johnson, Julia, B ' ham, 1 Johnson, Luann, Montevallo, 3 Johnson, Margaret, Clanton, 3 Johnson, Mary, Selma, 1 Johnson, Patricia, Bradenton, Fla., 3 Johnson, Thomas, Montgomery, 1 Johnson, Valerie, Huntsville, 3 249 Johnston, Karen, Green Pond, 1 Jones, Carol, Birminghiam, 3 Jones, Carolyn, Prattville, 2 Jones, Charles, Auburn, 3 Jones, Don, Wilsonville, 2 Jones, Karen, New Market, 3 Jones, Keat, B ' ham, 2 Jones, Linda, Midfield, 1 lones, Ronnie, Decatur, 4 Jones, Sandra, Alabaster, 3 Jones, Sidney, Chattanooga, Jones, Susan, B ' ham, 3 Jones, Terry, Midfield, 1 Junior, Carolyn, B ' ham, 3 Kaemmerrer, Kochera, Gulf Shore, 2 Kamalachoti, Puckprim, Bangkok, Thailand, 1 Keenan, Mary, Huntsville, 1 Keiton, Dianna, B ' ham, 2 Keith, Pam, B ' ham, 2 Keith, Jerry, Bessemer, 3 Keller, Mark, B ' ham, 2 Kelly, Cythia, Mobile, 2 Kelley, Mitchell, B ' ham, 3 Kelly, Steve, Hueytown, 3 Kelly, Susan, Fairfield, 3 Kennedy, Nancy, Mobile, 3 Kiker, Paula, Bessemer, 3 Kilgore, Robert, Fairfield, 1 Kimbrell, Charlotte, B ' ham, 2 Kineaid, Darrell, B ' ham, 1 King, Catherine, Fairhope, 3 King, Dana, B ' ham, 2 King, Elizabeth, Panama City, 2 Kirby, Bobby, La Grange, Ga., 2 Kirby, Marsha, McCalla, 3 Kiriakos, John, Calera, 2 Kirkland, Carol, Montevallo, 2 Kirkland, Dothan, 3 Kirly, Charles, Decatur, 2 Kitchen, Leigh, B ' ham, 1 Kitchens, Kathy, Vernon, 1 Kneisley, Margret, B ' ham, 3 Knight, Elizabeth, B ' ham, I Knight, Gaile, Chipley, Fla., 3 Knowles, Marsha, Jemison, 1 Knox, Robert, Moultrie, Ga., 1 Kolbeck, Micheal, Alabaster, 1 Kolbeck, Wayne, B ' ham, I Koonty, Greg, B ' ham, 1 Koorosh, Anjam, Tehrau, Iran, 3 Koppang, Cheryl, Huntsville, 2 Kornegay, Randall, Tuscaloosa, 1 Kraft, Kathleen, Cullman, 1 Kuhlmann, Paul, Leeds, 1 . " ,n Kyle, Phyllis, Mobile, 1 Landers, Kathy, Sylacauga, 1 Landers, Phillip, Sylacauga, 1 Langston, Allie, Montevallo, 1 Lanier, Barbara, B ' ham, 2 Lanier, Michael, Huntsville, 1 Lawrence, Constance, Montevallo, 1 Lawson, Bette, Milton, Fla, 1 Layton, Beverly, Hueytown, 1 Leach, Don, Jemison, 1 Ledbetter, Diane, Hueytown, 3 Lees, Laura, Mobile, 3 Leftheris, Fay, B ' ham, 1 Legg, Steve, Gardendale, 3 Lelayuwa, Chumpote, Bankok, Thailand, 3 Lerd, Thosnee, Bangkok, Thailand, 1 Lerothusnie, Patuan, Bangkok, Thailand, 1 Lenard, Brenda, Montevallo, 3 Lester, Carey, Clanton, 3 Lewis, Sara, Woodstock, 3 Lewis, P.J., Ripoli, Libya, 1 Lien, ]udy, Montevallo, 3 Lightfoot, Frank, Montevallo, 1 Lightfoot, Robert, Montevallo, 2 Lillip, Dorothy, B ' ham, 3 Lily, Freda, Tallassee, 2 Lind, Mary Day, Talladega, 2 Tallassee, Linton, Melissa, Fultondale, 1 Little, Amelia, Leroy, 3 Littlejohn, Robert, Thorsby, 1 Livington, Dana, Huntsville, 1 Lockhart, Phyllis, Greenville, 3 Logan, Sandra, Bonifay, Fla, 3 Loper, Cindy, Mobile, 2 Lorant, Desa, B ' ham, 1 Lorett, Mark, Alabaster, 1 Lotta, Vickel, Fultondale, 3 Love, Phillip, Dixiana, 1 Lovelady, Danita, Cullman, 1 Lovelady, Donna, Helena, 3 Lovelady, Patti, Montevallo, 3 Lovelady, Tishie, Montevallo, 2 Lowery, Carol, Jemison, 2 Lowery, Curtis, Jemison, 1 Lowery, Laura, Sylacauga, 2 Lucas, Cynthia, Montevallo, 3 Lucas, Gerald, Montevallo, 3 Lucos, Deborah, Beaverton, 2 Luguire, Cathy, Mobile, 1 Lyndon, Mark, B ' ham, 3 Lynch, Cheryl, Cuntersville, 1 Mobley, Ann, B ' ham, 1 Macpherson, Steve, Hueytown, 2 Maddox, Cathy, Clanton, 2 Maestralles, Dena, Fla, 1 Mahfooz, Saleem, Saudi Arabia, 1 Malone, Linda, B ' ham, 3 Malone, Lisa, B ' ham, 2 Manley, Deborah, Mobile, 3 Mann, Cindy, B ' ham, 3 Mannschreck, Cora, I Marino, Thomas, Huntsville, 1 Martin, Anthony, Helena, 3 Martin, Debbie, Columbia, Md., Martin, Dianne, Clanton, 1 Martin, Jeanie, B ' ham, 2 Martin, Martha, Plantersville, Martin, Melissa, Plantersville, Martinez, Frieda, Decatur, 2 Mashayekh, Hamid, Persia, 2 Mason, Dot, B ' ham, 2 Massey, Belinda, Springville, 1 Massey, Ken, Alabaster, 2 Massey, Pat, Trussville, 2 Matthews, Bill, Montevallo, 3 Matthews, David, Bessemer, 3 Mathews, Deborah, Montgomery, 1 Mathews, Monica, Fairfield, 2 Maxwell, Sharon, B ' ham, 1 May, Fay, Cuntersville, 2 May, Laura, B ' ham, I Mars, Cheryl, B ' ham, 3 Mayton, Elizabeth, Uniontown, 3 Mayton, |immy, Uniontown, 2 McBrayer, Susan, Cullman, 3 McBride, Deborah, B ' ham, 1 McCall, )oann, Foley, 3 McCanless, Brian, Mobile, 2 McClure, Wilsonville, 2 McCool, Greg, B ' ham, 3 McCormick, Bobby, Hueytown, 3 McCracken, Kathryn, Huntsville, 2 McCrear, Anna, B ' ham, 2 McCulley, Rebecca, Montevallo, 1 McCullough, Doug, B ' ham, 3 McDonald, Sylvia, Columbia, 3 McElwee, Susan, Vestavia, 2 McEntee, Jewell, Montevallo, 3 McEwen, Ann, Rockford, 3 252 McGaha, Beth, Selma, 1 McGalliard, Earl, Slapout, 3 McGaughy, David, Montevallo, 3 McGowt, Lowell, Prattville, 2 McGriffin, Jackie, B ' ham, 1 McGurl, Dale, Tlaverston, Pa, 3 McKay, Rae, B ' ham, 1 McKee, Patricia, B ' ham, 3 McKeluy, Joan, Decatur, 1 McKenzie, Claire, Fairhope, 1 McKenzie, Claire, Fairhope, 1 McKenzie, Cooper, Vestavia, 2 McKinney, Ramone, Bessemer, 3 McKleroy, Anna, Mobile, 1 McLemore, Deri, B ' ham, 2 McLemore, James, B ' ham, 1 McLemore, Kelly, Cullman, 2 McLendon, Rhonda, Greensboro, 1 McLeod, Beth, B ' ham, 2 McLeod, Charles, Vestavia, 2 McMillan, Marrian, Greensboro, 2 McMullin, Roy, Alabaster, 1 McNeil, Marion, B ' ham, 3 McNeill, Margie, Montgomery, 1 Medders, Carol, Montevallo, 3 Mellert, Laurie, B ' ham, 1 Melton, Beth, B ' ham, 1 Mennell, Vickie, B ' ham, 3 Merrill, Susan, Andalusia, 3 Messner, Perry, Altoona, Pa., 1 Metzger, Electa, Point, Clear, 3 Metzger, Robin, Point Clear, 1 Middleton, Mona, B ' ham, 2 Miller, Barbara, Huntsville, 1 Miller, Dianne, Chelsea, 2 Miller, Gerald, Mt Olive, 1 Miller, Jane, Wetumpka, 3 Miller, Janis, B ' ham, 1 Miller, Liz, B ' ham, 1 Milligan, Greg, B ' ham, 1 Mills, Jimmy, Maylene, 2 Mims, Becky, Thorsby, 1 Mims, Bruce, Thorsby, 2 Mims, Marsha, Billingsley, 1 Mims, Sanda, Talladega, 3 Minton, Dru, Warrior, 4 Merijanian, Randy, Montevallo, 2 Mitchell, David, B ' ham, 2 Mitchell, Lee, Decatur, 2 Mix, Micheal, Montevallo, 3 Mizzell, Chester, Thorsby, 3 Moon, Cindy, B ' ham, 1 Mooney, David, Wilsonville, 1 Mooney, Earnest, B ' ham, 1 ,T V S«(V 253 Montgomery, Angela, B ' ham, 3 Montgomery, Ann, Alabaster, 2 Montgomery, Gary, Vine, Mont, 1 Moor, Joel, B ' ham, 3 Moore, Charles, B ' ham, 3 Moore, Corey, Sterrett, 1 Moore, Deborah, B ' ham, 1 Moore, Karen, Prattville, 2 Moore, Lucretia, B ' ham, 1 Moore, Mary Anna, Rockford, 3 Moore, Michaelm, Tarrant, 1 Moore, Michael, Columbiana, 2 Moore, Pam, Montgomery, 1 Moore, Rebecca, Wilsonville, 2 Moore, Sheri, Centerville, 3 Moore, Susan, Maylene, 3 Moore, Theresa, Vestavia, 2 Morris, Mary, Centerville, 2 Morris, Mike, Decatur, 1 Morris, Tanya, Columbus, Ca., Morris, Wanda, Wilsonville, 3 Morrison, William, Trussville, 3 Morrow, Bridget, Tallahassee, Fla, 1 Morrow, )ohn, Centreville, 1 Morse, Lairrie, Huntsville, 2 Mosley, Barbara, Wilmer, 2 Mosley, |immy, Jemison, 3 Moten, Parker, Alexander, 1 Moultri, Brenda, B ' ham, 2 Mount, Bill, B ' ham, 2 Mullens, Mark, B ' ham, 1 Mull, William, Homewood, 1 Mullines, Evelyn, B ' ham, 1 Murphy, Frank, Sylacauga, 1 Mussey, Stanley, Sheffield, 1 Myers, Mike, B ' ham, 1 Nabors, Leila, Huntsville, 2 Naftel, Emily, Montgomery, 1 Nail, Julia, Crestview, Fla, 3 Nance, Rebecca, Huntsville, 1 Nelson, Betty, Montevallo, I Nelens, Katherine, B ' ham, 1 Nelson, Linda, Holtville, 2 Nelson, Ronnie, Bessemer, 1 Nelson, Stan, Boaz, 3 Nelson, Virginia, Slapout, 1 Nemeth, Rose, Ann, Duncanville, 2 Newman, lames, Riverview, 3 Newton, |ohn Clayton, Moultrie, Ga., 1 Ng, Siu, Hong Kong, 2 Nichols, Karen, Andalusia, 2 Nichols, Thomas, Marion, 1 Nichols, Walter, B ' ham, 2 Nix, Brenda, Phenix City, 1 Nix, Karen, B ' ham, 1 Nix, Greg, Atmore, 1 Nix, lames, Montevallo, 1 Niz, Michael, lemison, 2 Nixon, Valerie, Bessemer, 1 Norris, Ken, Cullman, 3 Norton, Donna, B ' ham, 1 Norton, lulianne, Montevallo, 3 Norton, Mary, Cullman, 2 254 Nugent, John, B ' ham, 3 Nummy, Regina, B ' ham, 1 Nuss, Michael, Steele, 3 Overton, Cathy, Jackson, 1 Oppert, Jim, Morris, 1 Oren, Wanda, Bay Minerte, Ott, Richard, Tuscaloosa, 1 Owen, Al, Bay Minetto, 2 Owen, Cindy, Huntsville, 4 Owen, Deborah, Pensacola, 3 Owens, Deryl, Jemison, 1 Owens, Ira, Minter, 2 Owen, James, B ' ham, 2 Owimgs, Juannta, Centreville, 2 Oyer, Patricia, B ' ham, 1 Oyer, Scott, B ' ham, 3 Pack, Tim Montevallo, 1 Packer, lola, Selma, 3 Pair, David, B ' ham, 1 Pappas, Jimmy, B ' ham, 1 Parker, Becky, Headland, 3 Parker, Grace, Panama City, Fla., 2 Parker, Joyle, Tarrant, 1 Parker, Melissa, Headland, 1 Parker, Patricia, B ' ham, 1 Parker, Vicke, B ' ham, 1 Parkes, Patricia, B ' ham, 2 Parks, Jane, B ' ham, 1 Parler, Hal, B ' ham, 3 Pate, Michael, Tuscaloosa, 2 Patel, Arvin, India, 3 Patterson, Barbara, Lineville, 2 Patterson, Cathy, Fultondale, 3 Patterson, Larry, Clanton, 3 Patterson, Marilyn, Oxford, 1 Patterson, Sam, B ' ham, 3 Patterson, Thomas, B ' ham, 3 Patton, George, B ' ham, 1 Payne, Beverly, Hueytown, 3 Pegues, Mary Frances, B ' ham, 3 Pendlelon, Debbie, 2 Pendleton, Greg, Montgomery, 1 Penn, Lu Ann, Fultondale, 3 Pentecost, Carol, B ' ham, 2 Pearson, Charles, Columbiana, 2 Peavy, Merry, Greenville, 2 Peoples, Cynthia, Fultondale, 1 Pepper, joni, Decatur, 2 Perkins, Stephen, Double, Springs., 1 Perry, Neel, B ' ham, 1 Phares, Jane, B ' ham, 1 ?55 Phillips, Gail, Phenix City, 3 Phillips, Jeffery, B ' ham, 3 Phillips, Jeffrey, Cullman, 1 Phillips, Terrell, B ' ham, 1 Pickett, Stephen, Fairfield, 2 Pierce, Susan, Bessemer, 1 Pitts, Robert, Panama, 1 Pierce, Cayle, B ' ham, 2 Pierce, Renee, Decatur, 3 Pierce, Tommy, Somerville, 3 Pierson, Janet, Hueytown, 1 Pike, David, Smoke River, 2 Pinion, Mary jo, Alabaster, 2 Plowden, Lynn, Newburg, 1 Poellnitz, William, Uniontown, 1 Poule, Robert, B ' ham, 2 Pope, Sheree, B ' ham, 1 Porter, Debi, Selma, 2 Porter, Karen, Calera, 3 Porter, Kathy, B ' ham, 3 Porter, Ronald, Clanton, 1 Porterfield, David, B ' ham, 2 Portes, Vicki, Montgomery, 1 Posey, Vera, Pinson, 2 Powe, Marva, B ' ham, 2 Powell, Lisa, Linden, 2 Powell, Terry, Hueytown, 1 Prather, Joel, Panama, 2 Preikschat, Barbara, Decatur, 1 Preskitt, Karol, B ' ham, 1 Prestage, Greg, B ' ham, 1 Price, Diane, Thorsby, 2 Price, Terry, Irondale, 1 Prigmore, Kay, Oxford, 2 Prigmore, Teresa, Oxford, 3 Prince, Barbara, Athens, 1 Prince, Juanita, Montevallo, 1 Propst, |anet, B ' ham, 1 Pruitt, lack, Montevallo, 1 Pryon, Stephen, Helena, 3 Perdue, Wendy, Phenix City, 3 Purdy, Nancy, B ' ham, 1 Pulman, Jamey, Montevallo, 3 Qadeer, Mohammed Abdul, Chicago, 1 Quattrini, Mike, Selma, 3 Quick, Alex, B ' ham, 2 Quinn, Woody, Eastman, Ca., 1 Ragland, Donna, Tuscaloosa, 3 Ragsdale, Deborah, Montgomery, 1 Raly, Lance, B ' ham, 2 Ramseur, Debbie, Vestavia, 1 Ramseur, Dianne, B ' ham, 1 Ramseur, Jan, B ' ham, 2 Ramsey, Robert, Tuscaloosa, 2 Randolph, Ann, Montgomery, 3 256 V ■ • 1 " v% Ratliff, Kay, B ' ham, 3 Ratliff, William, B ' ham, 3 Ray, Elizabeth, B ' ham, 2 Ray, Kathy, Wilsonville, 2 Ray, Joy, B ' ham, 1 Reames, Samuel, Homewood, 3 Reed, Connie, Calera, 2 Reeder, Steve, B ' ham, 1 Reiff, Barbara, Athens, 3 Reina, Karla, B ' ham, 1 Reinsch, Susan, B ' ham, 3 Remson, Amelia, Jacksonville, 3 Reymann, Vivian, Huntsville, 1 Reynolds, Barbara, Alabaster, 2 Reynolds, Diane, Fairhope, 3 Reynolds, Janet, Michigan, 2 Reynolds, Margaret, B ' ham, 3 Rhodes, Danny, Montevallo, 1 Rice, Debbie, B ' ham, 1 Richard, Ayme, B ' ham, 3 Richards, James, B ' ham, 1 Richardson, Ramona, B ' ham, 2 Ricks, Robert, Pa., 1 Rimel, James, Warrior, 3 Robinson, Carol, B ' ham, 3 Robinson, Frances, Selma, 3 Robinson, Kenneth, Huntsville, 1 Robinson, Leigh, Huntsville, 3 Robinson, Linda, B ' ham, 2 Robinson, Nancy, Mobile, 3 Robinson, Velda, B ' ham, 2 Robbins, Rebecca, B ' ham, 1 Roberts, Charles, B ' ham, 1 Roberts, Jane, Montevallo, 3 Roberts, Paul, Montevallo, 1 Roberts, Roseanne, B ' ham, 2 Roden, Darrell, Fla., 3 Rogers, John, B ' ham, 1 Rodger ' s Paul, Hueytown, 1 Rogers, Vicki, Bessemer, 1 Rominger, Sheryl, B ' ham, 3 Rooks, Deborah, B ' ham, 2 Rooks, Robbie, Montevallo, 3 Rose, Pat, Jasper, 1 Ross, Susan, B ' ham, 1 Rotenberry, Jeannie, B ' ham, 2 Roth, Robert, Penn., 1 Rouse, Sheri, Moultrie, Ca., 3 Rowan, Missy, Huntsville, 3 Russell, Emmett, Sheffield, 2 Russell, Jane, Montevallo, 2 257 Russell, Mike, B ' ham, 1 Russell, Susan, B ' ham, 2 Russell,. Thomas, Montevallo, 3 Russo, Dawn, Phoenix, Ariz, 1 Rutherford, Kerry, Helena, 4 Rutledge, Rozanne, Montevallo, 1 Rye, Pat, B ' ham, 3 Sadler, Claire, Montgomery, 2 Salter, Ellie, Andalusia, 1 Samples, ' Mary, Huntsville, 1 Sanders, )immy, Calera, 3 Sanders Wynelle, Huntesville, 3 Sasenbach, |o, Lynchburgh, Va., 1 Saul, Cina, B ' ham, 1 Sanders, Gail, B ' ham, 1 Savitz:, Steve, Tampa, 2 Scalise, Paula, Bessemer, 1 Schneider, Stephen, B ' ham, 1 Scott, Mark, Montgomery, 3 Scott, Susan, Jemison, 2 Screws, Joyce, Montgomery, 2 Seales, Phillip, Alabaster, 1 Self, Connie, B ' ham, 1 Self, Janis, B ' ham, 2 Segers, Mary, Cuntersville, 2 Serota, Sozanne, B ' ham, 1 Shadwick, Denise, West Blocton, 1 Shafer, Richard, B ' ham, 2 Shannon, Curley, B ' ham, 1 Shannon, )oe, Clanton, 2 Shaw, Terry, Alabaster, 2 Shields, Billy Gene, Jeminson, 1 Shipman, Susan, Jacksonville, 3 Short, Rhonda, Helena, 1 Silva, Lucy, Florencia, Columbia, 2 Simmonetti, Mary, Bessemer, 3 Simms, Beverly, Charleston, S. C. 2 Simpson, Dan, B ' ham, 1 Sinclair, Kathy, B ' ham, 1 Sipowitz, Linda, Tampa Fla., 3 Siriwat, Lueminth, B ' ham 2 Skelley, Sandy, Cullman, 1 Skellin, Keith, B ' ham, 2 Skinner, Sammy, Montevallo, 2 Skipper, Leigh Ann, B ' ham, 3 Sleeper, Donna, Florence, 1 Sloan, William Jr., B ' ham, 2 Smith, Allen, Jacksonville, 1 Smith, Angela, B ' ham, 1 Smith, Charles, Alabaster, 1 Smith, Don, Bessemer, 1 Smith, George, B ' ham, I Smith, Henry, Fairhope, 1 Smith, Henry, Newton, Moultrie, Ga„ 1 258 •VC -Smith; Jane, Lo ' tiisville, 3 Smith, John, Florence, 3 Smith, Linda, B ' ham, 1 Smith, Martha, Decatur, 1 Smith, Naney, B ' ham, 2 Smith, Noreen, New York, 1 Smith, Rebecca, Wetumpka, 3 Smith, Rebecca, B ' ham, 1 Smith, Rita, Gordo, 1 Smith, Sue, Clanton, 4 Smith, Susan, B ' ham, 1 Smiley, Constance, B ' ham, 1 Smitherman, Bobby, Alabaster, 2 Smitherman, Cwen, Montevallo, 1 Smitherman, Roger, Montevallo, 2 Sorey, Kathi, B ' ham, 2 Sosa, Paul, Clanton, 1 Sowell, Sandra, Montgomery, 3 Spahr, Bruce, Falls, Church, Va., 1 Sparkes, William, B ' ham, 3 Spares, Deborah, Boaz, 3 Spearman, Kathy, Columbiana, 1 Speir, John, B ' ham, 1 Spelce, Angela, New Market, 2 Spencer, Floy, Hueytown, 3 Spikes, Mary, Ann, Mobile, 2 Sproul, Burney, Calera, 2 Sprunger, Diane, Hueytown, 3 Stafford, Beverly, Calera, 3 Stafford, Sherry, Huntsville, 2 Stanford, Cal, B ' ham, 2 Stanford, Clyde, Pineapple, 4 Stange, Karla, B ' ham, 2 Stanton, Charles, Bent, 3 Stephens, Rebecca, Jemison, 3 Stephenson, Cherylynn, Childersburgh, 1 Stevens, Linda, Homewood, 2 Stewart, Danny, Gardindale, 3 Stewart, Robert, Opelika, 3 Stewart, Wayne, B ' ham, 1 Still, Randy, Bowton, 3 Stone, Melanie, B ' ham, 3 Stone, Rosemary, Selma, 3 Stone, Sallie, Wilsonville, 1 Stoneycypher, Celeste, Clencoe, 1 Stovall, Joan, Calera, 1 Strength, Kathy, Deatsville, 2 Stricklin, Donna, Shelby, 3 Stricklin, Larry, Shelby, 2 Stricklin, Sandy, Wilsonville, 1 Stritikus, Lyn, B ' ham, 3 Strong, Larry, Bessemer, 4 Stubben, Gilda, Tuscaloosa, 2 259 Stuckey, ]ames, Birmingham, 1 Sullivan, David, Midfield, 1 Summerford, Diane, Birmingham, 1 Surface, James, Montevallo, 3 Suttle, Sharon, Bessemer, 2 Tapscott, Cheryl, Birmingham, 2 Tant, Robin, Birmingham, 1 Tanzer, Claudia, Vestavia Hills, 1 Tarrant, Sylvia, Birmingham, 1 Tate, Jo Ann, Lowley, 1 Taylor, Darrell, Lillian, 3 Taylor, Denyse, Birmingham, 1 Taylor, Gary, Selma, 3 Taylor, Grant, Birmingham, 2 Taylor, Jeanine, Huntsville, 1 Taylor, Joy, St. Simons Island, Ga., 1 Taylor, Tommy, Wilsonville, 2 Telahun, Negatv, Ethiopia, 2 Terrel, Diane, Jackson, 3 Terrell, Paul, Bessemer, 3 Terry, Cathy, Courtland, 1 Terry, Joe, Bessemer, 2 Thomas, Ann, Huntsville, 2 Thomas, Bobby, Alabaster, 3 Thomas, Russell, Birmingham, 1 Thompson, Mark, Warrior, 2 Thompson, Patricia, Montgomery, 2 Thompson, Valerie, Birmingham, 3 Thornburg William, Shelby, 2 Thorne, Joe, Mobile, 3 Thorpe, Janice, Huntsville, 1 Thrasher, Jerry, Decatur, 1 Thrasher, Lynn, Wetumpka, 1 Thrasher, Ron, Birmingham, 3 Threlkeld, Donna, Birmingham, 1 Tinsley, Claire, Montevallo, 2 Todd, Kittie, Birmingham, 2 Tony, Stephen, Tampa, Fla., 3 Trainor, James, Helena, 1 Trawick, Ken, Homewood, 2 Traywick, Joe, Bessemer, 1 Trawick, John, Birmingham, 3 Trimble, Aaron, Birmingham, 3 Tripp, Debra, Montevallo, 1 Troha, James, Adamsville, 3 Trotter, Terry, Gardendale, 2 Trotter, Dennis, Eufaula, 1 Truss, John, Birmingham, 1 260 . Tubbs, Nelson, Uniontown, 2 Tucker, Margret, Leeds, 3 Tucker, Steve, Montgomery, 1 Tucker, Ted, Birmingham, 3 Tully, Edward, Birmingham, 3 Tully, Susan, Guntersville, 3 Turner, Debra, Clanton, 2 Turner, Elizabeth, Montevallo, 2 Turner, June, Anniston, 2 Turner, Mirian, Birmingham, 1 Turner, Randy, Gardendale, 1 Turner, Walter, Birmingham, 3 Upton, Darlene, Columbiana, 2 Upton, Rodger, D., Birmingham, 3 Usher, Mary, Parrish, 3 Valdez, Cheri, Montgomery, 2 Vance, Kathryn, Reform, 3 Vann, Bill, Hueytown, 2 Vann, Michael, Birmingham, 1 Vann, Jimmy, Birmingham, 3 Vansant, Deanne, Columbiana, 2 Van Tuyll, Hubert, Montevallo, 2 Vardaman, Gerry, Birmingham, 1 Varden, Richard, Calera, 1 Varnadore, William, Prattville, 1 Vascocy, Linda, Birmingham, 1 Vaughn, Austin, Birmingham, 2 Vickery, Elizabeth, Alabaster, 3 Vincent, Jack, Alabaster, 1 Vinson, Anne, Homewood, 3 Vinson, Gail, Homewood, 3 Waddy, John Vernon, Birmingham, 1 Wade, Anne, Minter, 1 Wade, Glenn, Birmingham, 2 Wade, Larry, Birmingham, 1 Wademan, Lisa, Birmingham, 2 Waites, Randy, Birmingham, 2 Waites, Rebecca Susan, Prattville, 2 Walden, Harold, Columbiana, 3 Walden, Joey, Columbiana, 2 Waldrop, Joan, Homewood, 1 Walker, Eric, Montevallo, 1 Walker, James, Harselle, 4 Walker, Jane, Warrior, 3 Walker, Mary, Birmingham, 1 Walker, Rebecca, Birmingham, 1 Walker, Tom, Birmingham, 3 Wallis, Jim. Birmingham, 3 Walters, Suzanne, Birmingham, 3 Ward, Karl, Prattville, 3 Ward, Marsha, Birmingham, 1 Ward, Rebecca, Birmingham, 1 Ward, Theresa, Florence, 1 Warren, Wade, Mountain, Creek, 3 Washington, Karla, Bessemer, 1 Watson, Debra, Selma, 3 Watson, John, Tuscaloosa, 3 Watson, Steve, Wilsonville, 2 Watson, Wallace, Calera, 2 Watts, Charlotte, Puerto Rico, 2 Webb, Michaele, Birmingham, 1 Webb, Paul, Huntsville, 1 Weldsmith, Susan, Birmingham, 3 261 Wells, Anne, Cardendale, 2 Wells, Larry, Jemison, 1 West, Frank, Alabaster, 1 Wheeler, Cathy Jo, B ' ham, 2 Whetchel, Rick, Auburn, 2 White, Adam, Montevallo, 1 White, Cleon, B ' ham, 2 White, William, Montevallo, 2 Whitley, Linda, B ' ham, 3 Whitt, Debra, Athens, 1 Whitten, Donna, Wilsonville, 3 Whitten, Janice, Dothan, 3 Whitten, Mike, Wilsonville, 2 Wileman, Janice, Sylacauga, 3 Wilhite, Mariwell, Mobile, 2 Wilhite, Teresa, Mobile, 3 Wilkes, Jacqueline, Dothan, 1 Wilkinson, Rich, Prattville, 2 Willey, Allen, B ' ham, 2 William, Merri, Montgomery, 1 Williams, Amy, B ' ham, 1 Williams, Brenda, Montgomery, 3 Williams, Catherine, Thorsby, 1 Williams, Claudia, Cullman, 1 Williams, David, B ' ham, 3 Williams, Les, Montevallo, 2 Williams, Patti, Leeds, 1 Williamson, Brenda, Andalusia, 2 Williamson, Gladys, Bessemer, 2 Williamson, Olen, Fairfield, 2 Williamson, Rebecca, B ' ham, 2 Willis, Larry, Mobile, 2 Willis, Nancy, Montgomery, 1 Wilson, Debbie, B ' ham, 1 Wilson, Jay, Montevallo,: 2 Wingate, Cookie, B ' ham, 2 Winston, Mary Kay, Huntsville, 1 Wolfe, Hugh, B ' ham, 1 Woll, Mary, B ' ham, 1 Wongwaewit, Suganym, Thailand, 1 Wood, Becky, Athens, 1 Woodliff, Edgar, B ' ham, 1 Woods, Francis, West Blocton, 2 Woodard, Debbie, B ' ham, 3 Woodlife, Mike, Centerville, 3 Woolen, Debbie, Cullman, 1 Wooley, Davis, Montevallo, 2 Wooley, Ray, Montevallo, 3 Wright, Cay, B ' ham, 1 Wright, Clay, B ' ham, 1 Wright. lefta, B ' ham, 3 Wright, Randy, B ' ham, 2 Wyatt; Danny, Clanton, 1 Wyatt, Susan, Clanton, 2 Yarborough, Sue Ellen, B ' ham, 1 Yell, Deborah, Huntsville, 3 Yoakum, Chuck, B ' ham, 3 Yoakum, John, B ' ham, 1 Young, Kathlean, St. Simon Is.. Ga., 1 Young, Matha, Huntsville, 3 Young, William, Calera, 3 Youngblood, Jean, Montevallo, 3 262 S VL ® ■ : C " . 31 -- " " -. » 2L«r ■ .x- - c- r ,1 V ' ■jk.. • .... ADVERTISEMENTS Sandy Sowell, Business Manager ftll 6utr SJtnnaiL , s Q f J) t ck. S i +■ S § r ojr rs " -° Ws .0- - A ( fc» " W T !t V »l4 • 7 W$t • lit fk.ll Qtoi 1 x V v o-y 4 o % c a ' ck J c ._ V ' i V v t£- ' -» .r e Hen PledqeClass 1 fife c . 5 ? r , 5 A f Yj. ?t JSP ' ? ' ft r V o : c« A tf v»r -rh. V B-O-O-Q-fz c v- ' -k Jj . 5 EL N ' 5d ,wW -o a- I- Sr- V «%. ( ( oO N £b Gerry Dc ( . v $L v5 £1V 0 1tl Lick LaKe cik)t v Anna n % ' rs ! 1 ' " " (C Volley bjt ' au »cts+ bid £L t ir -, 1 " -- S M ¥ ' li il 4 s L-7 1% " v, .V V JjtIUr KtfK ' o ' O y e « H y Umint . ' - J ffr ' r E |- 4«tS to mc These Firms Support THE MONTAGE Food Land University Dress Shop State Farm Insurance Co. Three Sisters Florist Carlene ' s Coiffures Rocko ' s Florist ?67 OMTEVALL© LU OH? TO) C0MPAMY Everything for Building F. Frost and Son 665-6811 Compliments of: Compliments of Montevallo 4$ Support The Advertisers of The Montage :6V THE GRADUATE . . .You are the hour power that bodes SUCCESS! . . .You are now prepared to fit into our bustling society, pro- duct of Montevallo University education system and MOORE- HANDLEY congratulates you! Moore Handley LUMBER-BUILDING SUPPLIES Highway 31 South Pelham, Alabama 35124 COMPLIMENTS OF CENTRAL STATE BANK Hill Concrete and Supply Co. Inc. Quality Ready-Mix Concrete Serving you from the following locations 663-0792 338-3321 Alabaster W.D. Franks Pell City 167-0562 lahaba Valley Gen. Mgr. Montevailo Main office 755-3930 Clanton 245-4391 5-1218 483-7116 Sylacauga Cordova Our Compliments to the Editor ©is iSSIllllirlS Bargain Shoe Store 226 Main Street Alabaster Compliments of MERLE NORMAN COSMETIC STUDIO Alabaster Mary Lou Page 663-6194 Jewelry for Him, Her Birth, Anniversary, Christmas STONE JEWELRY COMPANY Jewelry, Gifts, Silverware Phone: 665-7296 109 Main Montevallo, Alabama Be sure you give gifts that are remembered through the years. •Jzraraj rsjHJEJHJBJHJHJHJEJH EJHjararajaj Compliments of Rochester ' s Dept. Store Smitherman ' s PHARMACY Larry and Donna Smitherman Registered Pharmacists We want to be " your store. " Phone 665 - 2574 180 No. MAIN STREET MONTEVALLO. ALA A New Location In Calera, Ala. 273 Compliments of MONTEVALLO DRUGS 108 E. Middle St. Montevallo For the enterprising man, fine clothes and accessories are a muit. Be an enterprising man — you will enjoy life more. Leach Pontiac — GMC, Inc. 43 South Main Street Montevallo, Alabama 35 1 1 5 Where Satisfaction is Always Assured HANSON LEACH 665- 1 255 GMC inns COMPLIMENTS OF JOLLY-CHOLLY MONTEVALLO Phone 665-1114 Expert Color T.V. Repair Compliments of Repair All Makes CZESKLEBA T.V. SERVICE Walt Czeskleba, Owner Phones: 665-2604 663-7689 274 16 Middle Street Montevallo Congratulations Seniors THE BLUE WATER OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT COMPANY 870-1919 £ u DRUG COMPANY compliments of On THE Corner Main and Middle Streets 665- 1 24 1 WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE May we serve you? For Drug, Cosmetic, and Sift Needs. Montevallo, Alabama STORE Compliments of 665 ■ 2093 Montevallo, Alabama THE ELIZABETH SHOP I2I North Main Street Montevallo, Alabama Phone 665-255 1 THE ANGRY REVOLT Ho me wood 879-2071 276 Fancher Radio — and Gift Shop TV Ready to Wear and Gifts for all Occasions 665-2935 Montevallo, Alabama 35 1 1 5 UNION 76 SERVICE STATION Union 76 Products and Service John A. Cunningham 665-2097 JULIO ' S T.V. SERVICE 17 MIDDLE STREET MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA JULIO DIMPERIO, Owner Telephone 665-7501 Repair Color T.V. ' s, Black and White T.V. ' s, Golden Falcon Rest. 117 No. Mam St. Montevallo. Ala. 35115 665-1140 Golden Falcon Carpet Golf 191 No. Mam St. Montevallo, Ala. 351 15 665-1708 ' THantevalfo Sfionttovean COMPLIMENTS OF SHERMAN HOLLAND FORD Montevallo, Alabama FOR THE FINEST QUALITY IN ALL YOUR PRINTING NEEDS CALL ' J TIMES PRINTING COMPANY MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA 665-1541 " Buy In Ken Terry-Tory! ?? ■ -■■ ■ • — -• pf Sw s 8fii jp; -:B.-V:-.::-.. :,.-, ,;;.. , . ■. SERVICE PARTS ;_-■ -. ' . ?t ,; ■ ;■ r ' V; ; ' -,,:; f-;i ' " - ; ;i ; KEN TERRY CHEVROLET PELHAM, ALABAMA ' ' Your folks will like us, too!! ' Congratulations Seniors THE MONTEVALLO MEDICAL ARTS ?78 BUILDING !» ? 1 k% s»l k ■ k » m I p S r-j, »f ■J R8 " « V - ' ♦ m 5| I I ' ,?V v - -V ■ $%» » ' sll » .t Vi ' ■ 5i| W3» tfl »v- .vet c y . - 5k .«: . V .»,■ ections Bittersweet £583« r Zd it i ■■■ t !■ " 1 ' K ■ - M - m l ■ m. j .. ■■- ' ' ' J . Wr- - " : ' . ' i ' ,W : For Mark, One of the truly Beautiful People 280 I am the dream That passed In the night, I am the shadow Of the day. 281 Send me somewhere I ' ve never been before I ' ll take your heart with me when I leave. ? : ?-if r?s Sitting silently in the grass Waiting for the beauty of fulfillment Not knowing the full meaning She has at her command, Searching as a child passes forward Into the world, and knows herself Thus blessing others. Bring smiles and joy of spirit Into their hearts But worry not and ease self into beauty. For all who share grow, And those do not fear, For love and compassion have Their rewards in beauty. Know for thou art you And no other has tread this path, Golden girl, Looking for the door into summer. ?82 A friend is a friend When he understands your soul strange that the one we love usually feels the same way 283 ■ Walk with me a while, my friend, down the road of life, For it ' s a long, long road and I know not where it leads. 284 Open the door And come on in, I ' m so glad To see you, my friend, You ' re like a rainbow Coming around the bend. The million places we ' ve travelled to, but never have been is. to think in years instead of months ?86 - ' Today is only Yesterday ' s Tomorrov OH, MAMA, COULD THIS REALLY BE THE END? TO BE STUCK IN MONTEVALLO WITH THE MEMPHIS BLUES AGAIN. 188 DATE DUE C A Y LORD PHINTED IN US A A±a. Ll 3548 . M6 1974 Montevallo. University... Montage 215041 215041

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