University of Montevallo - Montage Technala Yearbook (Montevallo, AL)

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University of Montevallo - Montage Technala Yearbook (Montevallo, AL) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Cover

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.-S fl i - « %!» 4iC i • MONTAGE 1973 University of Montevallo Kermit Jones Editor j- W " ' . t i0 j g Contents Activities 21 Organizations 51 Greeks 89 Sports Ill Features 139 Academics 165 Classes 193 Advertisements 243 We all had something in mind. A small campus, Where recognition was a means for greeting Where professors knew your full name, But called you by your first. S-, -1; A handsome college. Where grass was not a place to keep off of. And the shrubs were not in pots along the sidewalks. Where trees were big and green and natural. Good for Ivina under, or teaching near, or thinking among. SS ' m t m - ? « v ' kjS ' ' ' - •■V ' .. ■ ' ' t) ' »- An atmosphere of tradition. Where buildings were more brick than glass. Where sidewalks were red and uneven. N An academic community. Where you could study if you need to, Or wanted to. Where grades were earned and not rewarded. 10 I 11 12 A school where beauties wait eagerly at year ' s begin, Yet almost the whole population goes home on Fridays, And the campus sleeps. 13 A place to enjoy life, And relive youthful times, as Halloween, Yet regroup with dignity, And journey down that narrow road. 14 15 16 A climate where winter meant long sleeves, But often more, And snow was somet hing wonderful, And rare. 17 18 All of this we were looking for; Some of us found part of it, Some of us overlooked what we found, Some of us looked further. 19 20 -; - - i s it- iV »f ■; . i: ■. A . ' ♦-. ' , ' .3 r •■-■ ' : , .■! : . ' ' i.. " I ■ rw, V f • • J : r . I , i: to|!« 4 1 ul S tff: ' - ( ■■ -s -c=-j3 Montevallo ' s Entertainment Kaleidoscope Preside " Nixon. fr 22 25 Montevallo Had Varied Entertainment 22 H PT ' ' 1 Hf r : : : ' | m 25 The Boyfriend — Happy Nostalgia 26 CAFF f TAPIoN 27 Senior Women Say, " Ask Not For Whom 28 The Bell Tolls . . . " 29 Edgar Winter in Concert 30 31 Rick Nelson at a Montevallo . • ' 4 ' V A s. : : iJ£ S HI 32 ' Garden Party ' ALA! ULLE ' ' 33 The Happy Hypochondriac 34 r-rffl nr riTl ' Iil 35 36 CATALINA— A Watery Showcase 37 College Night 1973 GLINDA OGLE GODWIN and MIKE MURPHY Purple Leaders Dedicated to Donovan Hayes and Jack Honeycutt 38 And once again, students at the campus of the University of Montevallo prepared for the most fulfilling of traditions: COLLEGE NIGHT. Many hard hours of endless work were devoted by members of each side. Pur- ple and Gold. However, it all escapes in the anticipation of the final decision of victory. College Night 1973 was no different and the victory planned by the GOLD SIDE prevailed. This does not mean that one side won and the other lost, because through the active involvement and dedication among the individual sides, neither can be an abso- lute winner or loser. In its own perspective, BOTH sides were victorious. .4nd as a result of the cooperation offered, past and present. College Night 1973 was dedicated to Donovan Hayes and Jack Hon- eycutt. CLAUDl.A HARRELL and JIM METHVIN Gold Leaders 39 Ad Lib 40 Follow That Reflection 41 Purple Cabinet First row: Glinda Godwin, Mike Murphy. Second row: Bill Meitl, Pat Rye, Larry Snipes, Dru Minton, Doug Trotter. Alyson Jones, Darlene Stagner, Mary McDonald. Third row: Virgil Lug- ar, Ellen Hopkins. Bonnie Freeman, Kathy Farnell, Willard Harrison, Jane Ellen .Mitchell, Mikie Wright, Shirley South, David Elkourie. Fourth row: Chris Campbell, Darrell Taylor, Gilda Lyon, Johnnie Bryant. Fifth row: Debby Perdue, Joe Sands, Judy Nordan, Sarah Podey. N.P. : Billy Barrett. Cowtails First row: Mary McDonald, Lela Nabors, Kay Atchison. Second row: Janet Brooks, Marlyce Madsen. Third row: Joannie How- ard, Jenelle Griffith, Libby Chapman. Fourth row: Qndy Owens, Amy Hope, Dianne TerreU. Fifth row: Charlie Thomas, Walter Oompton, Karen Snowden, Pam Smith. Sixth row: Barbara James, Joanie Pepper, Polly Wooten. Seventh row: Frieda Mar- tinez, Debbie Spann. 42 Gold Cabinet First row: Phyllis Ferguson, Jim Methvin, Kneeland Wright, Johnny Willis, Qaudia Harrell. Sec- ond row: David little. Third row: Beth Threadgill, June May, Carmen Love, Iris Stewart, Peggy Rudolph, Mary Heine, Doug Perry, Susan Sasser. Fourth row: Randy Dunlap, Lee Ann Skipper, Linda Weatherly, Margaret Tucker. Fifth row: Janet Lees, Denise Feagin, Linda Stephenson. Si.xth row: Bonnie Corder, Lynn Wilson, Debbie Weaver. Seventh row: Darrell Roden, Bill El- Uott, Ron Jones. First row: Kathy Sorrey, Landis Hamilton, Mary Jane Bosworth, Susan Cullen, Lyn Lanier, Betsy Mayton. Sec- ond row: Carol Butler, Lynda Moore, Laura Lees, Cathy Jo Wheeler, Margaret Kneisley. Third row: Lynn Couch, Kathy Day, Donna Buzbee, Jan Curry, Linda Malone. Fourth row: Margaret Tucker (Head), Debbie Rentz, John Young, George Ferguson. Not shown: Debbie WiUis. Flunkies 43 Purple Pride Front floor: Doug Trotter, Jane Ellen Mitchell. First row: Walter Qopton, Brian McCanless, Charles Dolby, Bonnie Freeman, Debby Isley, Chris Ckmpbell. Second row: Buddy Hollmgs. Julia House, Myrna Gunn, Patricia Betts, Qndy Mann, Samuel Finch, Julia Nail. Verabeth Posey. Third row: Carol Co. , Linda Carnley, Carol Jones, Maggie Denison, Gloria Neuffer, Mary Jo Pinion, Charlotte Chavers, Daren Moore, Freida Martinez, Barbara James, Liz Bradford, Don- na Carretto, Nancy Green. Dianne Haywood, Ruble Smith, Patti Ferguson. Fourth row: Ann Pearson, Melanie Hawkins, Jack Keriakos, Rodney Butsch. Jo Roy, Sherri Mills, Tony Whaley, Paula Kiker. Mona Jacobs, Gary Wilemon, Othenia Hayes, Charlotte Rose. Fifth row: Sam Hitchcock, Mike Nuss, Dana Smith, Stephen Toney. Renne Bostany. Sixth row: .Mark Austin, Joe Sands, .Mary Lou Reeder, Terri Chambers, Kirk Lightfoot, Ron Lough, Jeanne Wright. Seventh row: Jeanetta Jackson, Warren Betts. Eighth row: Virgil Lugar, Delores Adkins, Carol Kirkland, Judy Nordan, Donna McGinty, Judy Lien, Ann Na thews. 44 Golden Spirit First row, left to right; Marie Griffin, Cathy Tyler, Mary Kate Harrison, Brenda Hamilton, Debbie Pukl, Melanie Stone, Rheta Fuller, Rita Sorrentino, Valerie Thompson, Karen Funderburk, Betty Martin, Jamie Putman. Barbara Gamble, Susan Brown. Second row: Kathy Mackey, Mary Dryden, Sue WUey, Julie Fuller, Bonita Crowe, Susan Edfeldt, Billy O ' Brien, Diana Durham, Kathy Woods, Annette Churchwell, Susan Jones, Barbara Nell Ezell. Third row: Cindy Duke, Carol Medders, Qaudia Collier, Sue Ellen Germany, Marsha Hinds, Dawn Barrs, Grant Taylor, Alba Beasley, Ron Jones, Butch Davis, David Matthews, Steve Harmon, Ken Carpenter, Bill EUiott. Fourth row: David Brewer, Lee Arnold, Patti Anderson, Tanya Morris. Fifth row: Suzy Wade, Joan Price. 45 Purple Cheerleaders W -_.ii.jlV Standing, left to right. Gail Vinson, Cecilia Godwin, Ann Leffel, Anne Vinson. Sitting: Qaire Tinsley, Gail Herrod, Mary Smith, Rachel Porter. Basketball Football Left to right: Danny Wyatt, George Walker, Tim Tucker, Mike Becton, Larry Willis, Steve Bailey, Richard Prince. iMike Murphy, Gary Taylor, Billy Morrison, Ricky Ferguson, Austin Vaughn, Larry Barton, Roger Smitherman. Not pictured: Stan Winslett and Qiarlie Ewing. First row: David Norton, Robert Campbell, Tim Benis, Hardwick Gregg, Ron Lough, Steve Savitz, Louvello Hoggle, Jimmy Godfrey, Ed Greer, Dennis Cobb, Tommy Arledgc, Vince Cardone. Second row: Virgil Lugar, Craig Nelson, Larry Barton, Ken Raines, Gary Taylor, Ed Prasthofer, Mike Murphy, Walter Qopton, Danny Harri- son, Ricky Ferguson, Bill Bailey, Ed Davidson, Keith Skelton, Tim Tucker, Frank Costanzo. 46 Gold Cheerleaders First row, sitting: Marsha Kirb , Cindy Loper, Ji-an Knott (Head), Uenisc Bryant, Susan Wildsmith, Liz Johnson (Drummer). Second row: Beth Threadgill, Dale Lucas, Joan Hill, Jane Ganster. Third row, standing: Marty Crawford and Tommy Worley, (Drummers). Basketball Eddie McQrter, Tony Taylor, Tommy Whorley, Ritch Crumpton, Ken Norris, Rick (Tummings, David Pike, Ronnie McDonough, Mike Hawkins, David Mitchell, Bud Hall. Football First row: Jimmy Fielder, Joel Ellis, David Spivey, Johnny William- son, Al Fite, Steve Stevens, Tony Taylor, Randy Merijanian, Frank Mabry, Randy Whealton, Grant Rice. Second row: Percy Hampton, Allen Slusher, Donnie Kennedy, Steve Lee, Ronnie McDonough, David Bailey, Kneeland Wright, David Pike, Mike Sanders, Rick Mil- ligan, James Lawshe, Rich Crumpton, John Acre, Bill Nathews. Not pictured: Ronnie Jackson. 47 48 49 50 Student Government Association Debbie Rentz-Secretary Anita LeePard-Presidcnt 52 Marilyn Latham -Vice President Dana Smith -Treasurer Student Court Seated: Patty Pilkerton, Jeanetta Corbeth, Jane McKinnon, Margaret Tucker, Charlotte Grayson. Standing: Doug Perry, Vic Cobb, landy Dunlap-Chief Justice, Doug McCuUough. Court Solicitors Left to right: Bob Cargo, Ed Prasthofer, Jack Hatchett. 53 Senate Row one: Nan Mc London, Patti I ' crguson, Betty Martin, Mary Kate Harrison, Ann McNaughton, Dcborali Manley. Row two: Tom Porter, Joe Tliorne, Melissa Martin, Phyllis Richardson, Cathy Cox, Audrey Jernigan. Row three: Bill Elliott, Billy Cannon, Tommy King, George Murphree, Larry Beverly, Lanny Johnson. Executive Council I ' ront: Bob Kirkscy, Anita LcePard, Deb- bie Rentz. Back: Bob O ' Quinn, Marilyn Latham. Dana Smith, Randy Dunlap. 5 : I ' ' •- -iS 54 Publications Board Seated: Dr. LuciUe Griffith, Mrs. Sarah Palmer, Cheryl Blackerby. Standing: Dr. Norman McMillan, Mr. John Rietta, Mr. John AUgood. Cliemistry Club Row one: Ed Prasthofer, J. B. Beal, Aris Merijanian, Virginia Mayfield, Nancy Green, Doris Kaye Black, A. Z. Harris, John Godwin, Gary Wileman.Row two: John Hard, J. Fred Grady, Rick Cummings, Homayoun Pourkeramati, Eugene Godwin, John Jenkins, G. Keldon, Raymond Sundberg, Ronald Tubbs. 55 Beta Beta Beta Left to right: RKhard Cunimiiigs, Lugene Godwin, Karen Snowden, Terry Ponder, John Alford. Sigma Delta Pi Seated: Wanda Brilton, Barbara Battey. Standing: Angela Montgomery, Mr. Mayfield, Linda Estes, Elaine Selby, Susan Ryals. 56 Kappa Mu Epsilon Row one; Dr. McMillan, Susan Martin, Ida Smith— Secretary-Treasurer, Becky Golden-Social Chaiiman, Anne Tishler- President, Randy Dunlap-Vice President. Row two; Chris Ratliff, Jane lie Lenoir, Donna Bus- by. Row three: Sandra Cannon, Donna Bagwell, Tom Griswold. Row four; Lee Ayres, Dwight Bentley. ; » Sigma Tau Delta Row one; Willard Harrison-Vice President, Mrs. Judy Stevens— President. Row two; Kathy FameU, Lynn Wiggins-Secretary, Jane Brindley- Treasurer. Row three; Beverly Stafford, Joan Henson, Gloria C. Neuffer, Norman R. McMillan- Sponsor. 57 Social Committee Row one: Gary Fuller, Daniel Wiggins, Georgina Fuller. Row two: David Bennett-Chairman, Dru Minton, Scott Oyer, Larry Snipes, Doug Trotter, Alex Costas. Die Deutsche Gesellschaft Row one: Babette Norman, Sue Bookout, Ana Thomas, Susan Pierce, Doris Fuller-Secretary. Row two: Gary Wilemon-Treasurer, Gary Morrison, Phihp Cardin, Le- land Haefner-Presidenl. Row three: Les Williams, Terry Ponder. 58 Row one: Richard Prince, Mike Grainger, Gary Hastings, Mary Jo Lauten- Sweetheart, Roy Hadaway, Butch Wilson, Jerry Yarbrough. Row two: Jim Bell, James Wine, Barney Finlin, Robert Slevensky, Surachat Fuangkajonsak, Larry Strong, Paul Province, Roger Brom, Curtis Dosch, Bill Hosier. Row three: John Butera, Jim Averitt, Tony Holmes, Craig Nelson, Lynn Lovelady, Dana Hamner, Steve Parsons, Steve McDaniel, Mr. A. Livingston, Mr. B. W. Brooks. Alpha Kappa Psi 59 Sigma Alpha Sigma Seated: Donna Hastings-President, June May, Otey Crisman-Secretary-Treasurer, Sara P. Morgan, Jean Knott, Theresa Holmes. Standing: Charles Eager, Surachat Fuangkajonsak, Susan Laminack, Sara Laminack, Debbie Perdue, Mary Lou Reader, Mike Grainger, Stephen McDaniel, Robert Slovensky, Don Tyson. Omicron Nu Seated: Peggy Williams, Coky Bunch, Dr. Pate, Mrs. Carlisle, Mrs. Stephens. Standing: Catherine Bean, Heidi Manley, Deborah Blackwelder. 60 Student Home Economics Association Row one: Diane Haywaid, Sheila Andrews, Diane Hall, Kathy Henry, Jackie Robinson, Rheta Fuller. Row two: Catherine Bean, Eleanor Johnston, Paula Pierce, Pearl Smith, Kathy Reynolds. Debby Hagler, Margaret Raines, Kathryn Vance, Jane Dopp, Phyllis Richardson, Rebecca Smith, Susan Reinsch, Joyce Screws. Row three: Reba McKay, Wanda Hudson, Sue Butler, Karen Mason, Lane Grant, Barbara Caldwell, Betty Driver, Jeannie Bush, Helen Reed, Susan Gaston, Rhonda Baines, Cathy Cox, Ramona Pierce, Mary Ann Brootcs, Beth Gilliland, Mary Dorgan. Seated: Debby Hagler-President, Pearl Smith-Vice President, Phyllis Richardson-Secretary, Kathy Reynolds-Program Chairman. Standing: Eleanor Johnston-Advisor, Ramona Pierce -Publicity Chairman, Kathryn Vance-State Officer, Paula Pierce-Social Chairman, Jane Dopp -Parliamentarian. 61 iy Row one: Diane Day, Rebecca Thompson— President, Cindy Noland-First Vice President, Susan Simion-Second Vice President. Diane Davis-Third Vice President, Lynn Wilson-Secretary-Treasurer, Charlotte McCluskey, Sherry AUbrook. Row two: Cathy Cox, Debbie Rentz, NelUe Buck, Marilyn Burgess, Linda JeweU, Marianne Gaston, Nancy Sumner, Kay Atchison, Nancy Prickett, Janice Gray, Linda Creel, Othenia Hayes, Catherine Woods, Cheryl Walrond, Debbie Watson, Nancy Meigs, Vicky Kirkpatrick, Jo Ann McCall, Judy House. Row three: Donna Reeve, Diann Roberts, Susan Edfeldt, Marty Lynn, Connie Meadows, Debbie Pilkerton, Jan Lester, Mary Hughes, Sandra Whitson, Carolyn Perry. Association for Childhood Education 62 Kappa Delta Pi Seated: Linda Creel, Dr. Gormley -Chairman, Rebecca Thompson-President, Jo Ann Duncan-Vice President, Joe Robertson-Treasurer, Andrea Lavender- Historian, Mrs. Gormley-Cochairman, Barbara Battey. Standing: Catherine Bean, Rita Fuller, Marilyn Latham, Helen Hopkins, Elaine Selby, Donna Cox, Rachel Porter, Diane Parsons, Cathy Cox, Susan Ryals, Diane Pappas, Becky Golden, Carol Kendricks, Donna Busyb, Janelle Lenoir, Donna Bagwell, Charlotte Grayson. 63 iim:M ii Row one: Margaret Simmonetti, Mary Ann Moore, Lynn Wilson. Dolores Bake-Vice President, Donna Cunningham-President, Sherry AUbrook, Janice Ma- rie Gray, Diane Davis. Row two: Diane Day, Rebecca Thompson, Andrea Lavender, Marty Gaut, Susan Reinsch, Nancy Prickett, Alyson Jones, Nancy Meigs, Barbara Battey, Elaine Selby, Jo Ann Mc-Call, Magaret Gorum, Henrietta Presley, Catherine Woods, Linda Jewell, Sandra Whitson, Carol Kendrick. Row three: Linda Ford, Charlotte Grayson, Susan Edfeldt, Ellen Hopkins, Cathy Henry, Oleta Ingram, Gewn Snoddy. Student National Education Association 64 Pi Alpha Theta Seated: Suzanne Sigler-Secretary, Rebecca Thompson-Vice President, Dave Horton-President. Lucille Griffith-Treasurer, John M. AIlgood-Advisor. Standing: Mary K. Manning, Shirley F. Jackson, Carla Terry, Joe Roberson, Hendrick van TuyLl, David Langley, Elizabeth Rodgers, Douglas Rodgers, Michael Nelson, Barbara Battey, Darlene Stagner, Robin Ann Riga 11. International Students Association Row one: Angkana Hunsapunt, Kim Masaki, Puckprim Komalach- oti. Row two: Homayoun Pourkeramati, Komol Dararattanarojna, Mohammad M. R. Damghani. Row three: Stan Bamberg, Surachat Fuangkajonsak, Al Bennett. 65 Social Work Club Seated: Marsha Hinds-Secretary, Nancy Keaton-President, Charlotte Brown-Vice President, Dianne Blain- Treasurer. Standing: Alan Hancock, Angela Murphy, John Pitts, Debbie Madison, Carolyn McDonald, Theresa Smith, Terry Teel, Jo Ann Donivan, Ann Mathews, Patty Jones. Young Republicans Seated: Betty Driver-Secretary, Barbara Ezell, Renata Hughes. Standing Jack Hatchett, George Fer- g:uson, Barney Finlin, Mike Colson-Chairman, John Pennington, Bill Hullings, Boyd Mackey. 66 Alpha Lambda Delta Row one: Susan Edfeldt, Lynn Couch-President, Monica Calvert-Vice President, Amelia Little-Secretary, Mary Neil Brown-Treasurer, Pat Johnston-Publicity Chairman, Mrs. Blackmon-Sponsor. Row tow: Melissa Martin, Beverly Stafford, Joan Cherry, Nancy Meigs, Vicki Hester, Cheryl Mays, Debbie Isley. Eta Sigma Phi Row one: Mr. Flynn-Sponsor, Jane Brindley, Dianne Blain-President, Debby Purdue. Row two: Cathy Mason, Elaine Selby. Row three: Robin Shaw, Joan Henson, Linda Estes. Row four: Ellen Hopkins, Karen Snowden. 67 Ushers Club Seated: Donna Delmarter-Chairman, Sandra Beck-Co-chairman, Margie Jacobson, Henri Presley. Standing: Margaret Go rum, Kathy Reynolds , Debby Hagler. Science Fiction Club Left to right: Kathy Farnell-President.Gary Wildeman.Willard Harrison, Lynda Whitfield, Wade Gil- breath. 68 K-Ettes Row one: Debbie Croft, Dianne Haywood, Amelia Little, Mary Frances Pegues, Marianne Gaston. Row two: Elaine Selby, Linda Jewell, Annette Churchwell, Betty Driver, Diane Hall. Row three: Susan Han- cock, Nira Whitaker, Jane Harrison, Susan Rives. Row four: Cecilia Godwin, Sue Book out, Diann Roberts, Barbara Caldwell, Cindy Allen, Diane Pappas. Row five: Marty Lynn, EmUy Barnes, Jeanne Arnold, Kay Kaemmerer. Jo Ann Donivan— President Lynn Wilson-Vice President Rebecca Thompson-Secretary Kathy Day-Treasurer Marsha Hinds-Chaplain Seated: Marsha Hinds, Jo Ann Donivan, Lynn Wilson, Rebecca Thompson, Kathy Day. Standing: Dianne Davis, Betty Martin, Ann McNaughton, Ellen Hopkins, Sha- ron Bennett, Janice Gray, Debbie Rentz, Barbara Battey. 69 Baptist Student Union Logos Seated: Dr. Loretta Brown-Sponsor, Margaret Tucker-Publicity Chairman, Chris Campbell-President, Dixie Whigham-Secretary-treasurer, Faye M. Chur- chill-Sponsor. Row two: Cecilia Arnold, Peggy Byrne, Patricia Hall, Diane Pappas, Kathy Morrow, Pam Smith, Dickie Lucy, Barbara Bailey, Patti Ferguson. Row three: Marilyn Gregorius, Cecilia Godwin, Martha Woodruff, Joan Hill, Charlotte Grayson, Jduy England, De Anna Cofer, Steve Harmon. Row four: Velda Robinson, Riskey Glover, Electa Metzger, Dale McGurk, Brenda Williamson, Ellen Vail, James Owens, Becky George. 71 Intercollegiate Forensics Mr. Kunkel, Leland Haefner, Tony Coyle, Kay Kaemmerer. 72 Pep Club Row one: Charlotte Millican-President, Carol Thomas-Vice President, Hardwick Gregg-Treasurer, Millie Anderson-Secre- tary, Sheila Andrews-Chaplain. Row two: Carol Pentecost, Sara Amnick, Laura Lowery, Lynn Murphy, Pam Davis. Row three: Nancy Taff, Diane Hall, Doc Barnes, Patricia Thompson, Judy English. 73 American Guild of Organists Left to right: Tim Tingle, Janis Hendrix, Alba Beasley, Dr. Louis Lumby-Sponsor, Margaret Reynolds, Jaji Lane, Mary Nell Brown, Carolyn Murphiee, Ka- rene Childress, Gordon Welch, Elaine Welch, Dana Goode, Dianne Parsons, Luann Johnson, Debby Purdue. Pi Alpha Mu Row one: Debby Purdue-Secretary; Susan Lee-Vice President; Mac Fancher-President; Row two: Sheri Rouse, Robin Shaw, Jan Allison. Row three: Susan Hamlin, Jan Lane. Row four: Patty Anderson, Joy Kin- caid, Debbie Isley. Row five: Claudia Collier, Jane Ellen Mitchell, Glenda Godwin. Row six: Mike Lingo, Christo- pher Bailey. 74 Chorale 75 Wind Ensemble 76 ■J ' ' i i ' Ti-Tirii " lSTHBHl Brass Ensemble 77 Concert and Chamber Choir In Concert 78 Montage KERMIT JONES, Editor-in-Chief ALYSON JONES, Classes Editor ALBA BEASLEY, Business Manager 79 DIANN ARNOLD, Features Editor DONNA CRANMER, Organizations Editor NANCY SCRUGHAM JILL HOPPER, Activities Editor CAROL CLAYTON CINDY ALLEN CAROL PENTECOST KAY KAEMMERER 80 CATHY JO WHEELER JIM METHVIN, Greeks Editor GAIL PHILUPS ANN DANIELS 7 x- t MARLYCE MADSEN RON JONES, Sports Edhor RANDY ELLIS, Photographer 81 Alabamian CHERYL BLACKERBY, Editor-in-Chief JOHN M. ALLGOOD, Faculty Advisor PATSY STEED, Associate Editor DARREL TAYLOR, Business Manager 82 w MIKE STONECYPHER. Editorial Coordinator JOHN BROWN, Photographer STAFF: Kathy Farnell Fred Guarino Jane Ganster Lynn Posey Kermit Jones Sam Patterson Giarlotte Rose David Vest 83 Row one: Lynda Whitfield, Wade Gilbnnth kath i ainell, Randall Curb. Row two: Pat Johnston, Willaid Harrison. Tower Kathy Farnell-Editor 84 Catalina Club Top C: Kirk Lightfoot, Betsy Mayton, Qaire Stewart, Evylyn MuUins, Patty Fagan, Pat O ' Shields, Ann McEwen, Susan Jones, Pam Smith, Maiy Dryden, Joyce Screws, Karen Snowden, Susan Brown, Lois Evans. Bottom C: Mike Melton, Carol Peacock, Jade King, Ann Leffel, Pat Watford, Chris Campbell, Mar Jane Bosworth, Loren Harbin, Linda Stephenson, Charlotte Grayson, Mailyce Madsen, Gail Stankard, Mary McDonald. N.P. Bev Warren -Sponsor. 85 Row one: Ann Vinson, Peggy Rudolph, Beth Action, Pam Riggs. Row two: Gilda Lyons -President, Kiki Maestrales-Vice President, Donna Cox-Secretary, Pat Watford-Treasurer, Pat Devine-Social Chairman, Debby Weaver-Publicity, Mary Jane Bosworth-State Representative, Margaret Kneisley-State Re- presentative. Row three: Nina Whitter, Martha Henson, Dianne Cheshire. Row four: Linda Malone, Debbie Wright, Libby Chapman, Marcy Vandergrift, Mary Liz Watl ins, Polly Woolen, Paula Clark, Susan Cullen, Becky Glass, Mary Smith, Genell Griffith, Mary McDonald, Shirley Yarbrough, Julie Fuller. Row live: Liz Johnson, Kathy Sorey, Vicki Hester, Deanne Vansant, Mary Norton, Linda Carnley, Valarie Nixon, Loren Harbin, Eva Mitchell, Dinah Peevy, Claudia Harell, Rencc Hosey, Jan Curry. Lois Evans. P.E. Club 86 Row one: Grace Johnson, Carol Jones, Marsha Kirby, Beverly Stubbb. Alithea Cassady, Melanie Crandall, Barbara Gamble, Donna McGinty. Row two: Susan Brown, Terri Chambers, Marty Belshaw, Rita Sorrentino, Rhonda Dean, Melanie Stone, Mary Ellen Garrett, Janet Lees. Row three: Billy Barrett, Judy Nordan, Cathy Tyler, Ann McLendon, Karen Gibbs, Peggy Rudolph. Row four: Judy Wier, Delores Adkins, David Spivey, Donnie Foreman. Orchesis is the modern dance group here at the University. Members are selected each fall through tryouts. A performance is put on each year in December which is one of the highlights of the fall term. Orchesis 87 Theatre Council REYNOLDS HALL aM MHwr Front: Artful Dodger, Dopey, Mae Oarke, Diamond Lil, Snow White, Momma, Blythe Spirit, The Girl Next Door. Back: Helen Morgan, Emma, Rapunzel, Margaret Hamilton, Bela Lugose, Thomas Jefferson, Ma Colter, Harpo Marx, Pope Innocent, ill. Miss Haversham, Madame Tourosina, Mystery Guest. Cathy Crawford Carol Jones Michaeliiie Wright Sarah Pody Donna Talton Lynda Whitfield Ann Coston Cynthia Morris Dru Minton Patty Jenks Ginny Millar Linda Estes Philip Butler Joe Sands Ann Pearson Scott Oyer David Elkourie Wanda Britton Kathleen McCanless Larry Snipes i ii a-, .::=Afc islir, - ■t 5 1L , •% vj ALPHA DELTA PI Bottom: Gail Vinson, Chris Ratlit ' f, Marion McNeel, Jane Buckner, Carolyn Sewell, Lyn Stritikus, Lynda Stephenson, Connie Pruett, Carla Terry, Janice Gra- ham, Teresa Prigmore, Rita Stone, Demisha Scrushy, Sheri Rouse, Gail Stankard, Sallie Hunt, Allison Copeland, Lane Grant, Olivia Shaw, Ann Leffel, Caro- lyn McDonald, Carol Ann Peifer, Anne Vinson, Peggy Williams, Debbie Middleton, Dinah Peevy, Leslie Self. 90 Carol Ann Peifer President Chris Ratliff 1st VP Peggy Williams 2nd VP Carolyn Sewell Secretary 1 Ann Leffel Secretary 2 Carla Terry Treasurer Demisha Scrushy Member-at-Large Gail Stankard Rush Chairman Carolyn McDonald Chaplain Brothers of Alpha Delta Pi PI GUYS ft 91 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA First row: Kathey Neely, Harriet Halstead, Debbie Clackler, Terri Holmes, Susan Painter, Denise Owens. Second row: Carol Noel, Pat Clark, Lou Sparks, Car- ol Peacock, Susan Sasser. Third row: Ann McEwen, Betsy Mayton, Sandra Beck, Barbara Ferguson, Jeannie McGee, Rosemary Aldridge, Phyllis Ferguson, Wanda Powell, Dale McGurk, Jill Hopper, Mariellen Clayton, Donna Delmarter, Peggi Edwards. 92 Row one: Jill Hopper, Carol Peacock, Presi- dent Pat Qark, Lou Sparks, Kathey Neely. Row two: Phyllis Fergunson. Undergraduates Lou Sparks and Betsy Mayton, Alumni Mildred Bolton and Augusta Lovelady attend International Convention in Phoenix, Arizona. . « ' M% CHI OMEGA First row: Anna Klumpp, Jean Knott, Sandra Cannon, Dickie Lucy, Ginny Mackey, Sara Cannon. Second row: Martha Johnson, Becky Parker, Diana Dur- ham, Rhonda Howard, Debbie Pukl, Nancy I ' aught, Missy Rowan, Susan Wildsmith, Bonita Crowe, Lyn Lanier, Patti l- ' erguson, Jane McKinnon. Third row: Leigh Ann Skipper, Landis Hamilton, Courtney Parker, Brenda Hamilton, Laurie Orr, Georgann Oliver, Natalie Ashenfelter, Claudia Collier, Beth Anthony. Fourth row: Pat Aired, Melanie Stone, Margaret Tucker, June May, Lisa Walker. 94 A moment of Chi Omega: SISTERHOOD . . . TOGETHERNESS . . . UNITY OFFICERS Sandra Cannon-President Jean Knott-Vice-President Patti Ferguson— Treasurer Jane McKinnon-Secretary Anna Klumpp-Pledge Trainer Debbie Pukl-Personnel Advisor Dickie Lucy -Rush Chairman PHI MU Iront row: Marie GritTin, Claire Stewart, Aletha Cassidy, Valerie Thompson, Debbie Portwood, Karen Mason, Marsha Kirby, Carol Jones, Marilyn Burgess. Middle row: Ann MeNaughton, Rheta I ' uller.Dianne Blain, Marianne Gaston, Jan Thompson, Peggy Rudolph, Diane Day, Gail Phillips, Debbie Rentz, Mary Kate Harrison, Deborali Manley, Betty Driver, Diane Ramey. Baek row: Wynelle Sanders, Charla Spears, Mary Margaret Simonetti, Betty Martin, Cathy Ty- ler, Mary Jane Bosworth, Cathy Mason, Mary Jo Lautcn, Janet Lees, Lynn Couch, Jeannie Bush, Mary Anna Moore, Annette Churchwell, Debbie Davis. Not pictured: Iris Stewart, Nancy Whorley. 96 " What if they get hung in the telephone wires Back row: Diane Day, Plege Director; Mary Kate Harrison, Panhellenic; Cathy Mason, Treasurer. Middle row: Peggy Rudolph, President; Debbie Davis, Secretary 1; Nancy Worley, Vice President. Front row: Debbie Portwood, Membership Director; Karen Mason, Secretary 2. 97 ALPHA TAU OMEGA I (ip: Dale Rohi.Tt-.oii, Ronnie Jackson, Rick Black, Tony Culp, Pat Murpliree, Tommy Worley, Bill McMuriy, Tony Taylor, Chuck Moore, Marvin Carnes, David Bailey. Bottom: Butch Davis. Dwight Hollis, Joel Ellis, Kneeland Wriglit, Dennis Gamble, David Rush, Dairell Lucas, Steve Hutfstutler, Lonney Ray Harris, Bill Nathews, John Lemons, Don Foreman, Cloy Morton, Steve Lee, Marty Hawkins, Jack Hatchet. Ronnie Jackson, President Pat Murphee, Vice President Dwight Holbs, Treasurer Dale Robertson, Secretary The ALPHA TAU OMEGA Little Sister Organization 99 DELTA CHI Roof: Tim Holcombe, Joe Thome, Gary layior, Jininiy Vanii, Randall Burchfield, Vic Cobb, Chick Beiiton, Mike Mooney, Clint Clark. Ladder: Andy Max- well, Wayne Boody, James Lawshe. Bottom: John Young, Danny Wyatt, Jimmy Ellis, Robert Ervin, Steve Legg, Mark Tisdale, David Spruiell, Butch Wilson, Brian Doyle, James Hampton, Jolui Gary Ellis, Robert McGutTie, Bob Carlisle, Jimmy Godfrey, Wayne Kerlin. Not pictured: Blaz Rusic, Frank Thomas. O.J. Carson, Sponsor, Tommy Martin. 100 OFFICERS Jimmy Ellis, Alumni Director James Percy, Sergeant-at-Aims Danny Wyatt, President John G. Ellis, Vice-President Randy Burchfield, Secretary Brian Doyle, Treasurer 1972 Pledge Qass and Sweetheart-Miss Peggy Williams 101 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA f.- Seated; Bob Cargo, Jerry Roberson, Lanny Johnson, C ' lilT l-arlow, David Farnsworth, Mike Lingo, Tommy Arledge, Jolin Godwin, Mil e Kincaid, Otey Cris- pian, George Murphree, MiVce Nelson, John Houge, Ed Prosthofer. Standing: David Little, John Seavens, Larry Beverly, Robby Robinson, David Brewer, Randy Dunlap, Scott Oyer, Don Blakely, Arvin Patel, Rodney Biitsch, David Langley, Sonny Neill. Not pictured: Mike Fleming, Lee Arnold, Darrell Roden, M:irk Davis, Robby Owens, Ron Thrasher, Bob O ' Quinn, Bill Daniel, Jolui Stamps. 102 c -«« 8 Ed Prosthofer Otey Crisman Lanny Johnson David Little Larry Beverly Jerry Roberson Tom Arledge HIGH SIGMA HIGH KAPPA HIGH BETA HIGH GAMMA HIGH TAU HIGH RHO HIGH EPSILON Not pictured: Mike Fleming, Mark Davis, John Stamps, and Robby Owens. COAT OF ARMS Lambda Chi Alpha CRESCENT CLUB PI ALPHA First row: Gary Richartisoii, Mike Murphy, Tim Tucker, 1-rank C ' ostanzo, Randy Brasher, Cliarhe Runnels, Philip W right. Sceond row: Jim Tueker, Tommy King, Robert Campbell, Louvilel Hoggle, Tom Porter, Jim Methvin, Paul Jackson. 104 Jim Tucker-President Philip Wriglit-Vice-President Paul Jacl son-Secretary 1 Tom Porter-Secretary 2 Tim Tucker-Treasurer Frank Costanzo-Pledgemaster 1972 Fall Rush Party PI KAPPA PHI First row; Rick Moore, Ernie Bergen, Mike Lopez. Second row: Joe Robertson, Tommy Smith, Dwight Bentley, Bill Elliott, Gordon Warren, Waymon Burke, Jim Wallis. Third row: David Wigginton, Rick Cannon, Bill Sewell, Frank Mobry. Fourth row: Jeff McGhee, Karl Ward, Gary Ulrich, Rick Gaut, Joe Boackle, Dan Cathey, Barbara Ferguson. Fifth row: Carl Nelson, Ronnie Jones, John McKinnon, Dr. James Beal, Mike Sanders, Carl Perkins, Murray Barrow, Tony Preston, Charles Eagar, John Fondren, Darrel Flurry, Joe Boswell. 106 OFFICERS Joe Boswell Joe Robertson Waymon Burke Rick Moore Gordon Wairen Dwight Bentley PI KAPPA PHI Rose Queen Barbara Ferguson 107 108 GREEKS SNAPSHOTS 109 Tommy King Jim Tucker Joe Robertson Larry Beverly Ed Prasthofer John Gary Ellis, President Joe Boackle Pat Murpliree Ronnie Jackson Andy Maxwell Wayne Kerlin INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL PANHELLENIC Sitting: Carol Ann Peifer Carol Peacock Olivia Sliaw, President Sandra Cannon Peggy Rudolph Standing; Connie Pruett Caria Terry Ann McEwen Wanda Powell Mary Kate Harrison Becky Parker Georgann Oliver Marsha Kirby P4«ca.4! ' -- ' s Season Record 18-11 Most Consecutive Wins 7 S.S.C. Record 9-5 1973 FALCON STATISTICS GP PPG FGA FGM % FTA FTM % TP REB Meadows 26 14.2 321 162 .504 59 46 .779 370 173 Butts 26 13.7 258 138 .535 110 79 .718 355 131 Douglass 25 11.8 279 137 .491 36 22 .611 296 225 Hughey 27 10.1 250 122 .489 42 30 .714 274 102 Cullop 23 9.9 185 98 .529 43 31 .721 227 57 Davis 26 9.8 199 109 .547 42 36 .857 254 96 Averhart 27 10.4 241 127 .527 57 28 .491 282 197 Conway ■V 7 1.7 8 4 .500 9 4 .444 12 9 Cannon 19 3.2 44 23 .523 21 14 .667 60 42 Newman 17 5.7 99 43 .434 18 12 .667 98 59 Adams 17 2.7 35 17 .485 21 12 .619 47 27 Cunningham 2 1.0 3 1 .333 .000 2 Porterfield 6 1.8 14 5 .357 4 1 .250 11 6 Jones 5 1.2 3 2 .667 - 2 .667 6 8 All-Conference Team Gene Meadows Owen Butts Leading Scorers Gene Meadows Owen Butts S.S.C. Tournament Team Gerald Douglass Leading Rebounders Gerald Douglass Charles Averhart 112 1973 University of Montevallo Falcons Row one- Coach Ron Bell, Mike Sellers, Ernie CuUop, Danny Cunningham, Billy Cannon, Gene Meadows, Dale Hughey Mark Adams Row two: David Conway, David Porterfield, Gerald Douglass. Charles Averhart, James Newman, Johmiy Jackson, Sid Jones, Owen Butts, Chns Davis, Carl Nelson, Coach Bill Jones. 113 University of Montevallo Coaches Jones and BeU congratulate captains as team captures 2nd Tipoff Tro- phy. ALL TOURNAMENT TEAM Gerald Douglass, Montevallo Richard Nelson, Palm Beach Atlantic Larry Kearse, Birmingliam Southern Tony McWeay, Birmingham Southern Don Threlkeld, Milligan CoUege Ernir Cullop, Montevallo M.V.P. honors go to Gene Meadows Champions celebrate victory 114 Tipoff Tournament Team awaits " the Ceremonies " Hughey guns from the outside against Southern. Gerald stretches for a basket. fU ' « Butts drives in for two points. 115 %-r ' --. T «BS Douglass ripping from his post position. Butts getting tough on the drive. 116 Averhart goes high for a shot. David gets tough on the boards against St. Bernard. Chris hits for a layup. ■ K ?3. ' - ' M Cannon sacks for two in front of Davis screen. 118 Meadows tips in a bucket against Livingston. Tough rebounding one of Douglass ' assets. Charles moves in lor easy two. Gene stretches for jump ball. Owen hits from the corner. 120 And sometimes you have to go up and over. Averhart strips the net for two against Huntingdon. BASEBALL 1971-72 SEASON HOME OPPONENT Tuskegee 1 3 Walker 4 Walker 10 Troy 6 5 Troy 9 6 Miles 3 2 Calvin College 1 Taylor U. 4 3 Calvin College 1 11 Troy 5 6 Troy 13 6 Jeff State 7 Miss. College 5 6 Belhaven 1 11 Perkinston Coll. 3 2 Keesler A.F.B. 16 1 Keesler A.F.B. 10 5 St. Bernard 5 4 St. Bernard 4 5 Huntingdon 4 5 Huntingdon 6 3 St. Bernard 3 St. Bernard 4 5 U.A.B. 16 12 Miles 16 8 Huntingdon 2 3 Huntingdon 6 2 Athens 1 6 Athens 7 5 Athens 1 122 Bottom, l-r: Johnny Houge, Dennis Cobb, Lee Bragan, Johnny Plan, Torrey Revel, Robby Tibbs, Joe Wyatt. Top: David Hearthne, Donnie Bridges, Mike Gibbons, Eddie Freeze, Ott Knight, Billy Morrison, Steve Kelly. tsiBw ' ' " " " ' ' —f Fred Weems Coach ACC COACH OF THE YEAR 1971-72 •w sr- • -ta»s e - rf. _ ,L. t -r - t A •a 123 Lee Bragan Eddie Freeze, Ott Knight Donnie Bridges MOST VALUABLE PLAYER Billy Morrison Ott Knight ¥ 1 1 :M " K? ti Robby Tibbs Johnny Plan Torrey Revel Joe Wyatt ■x s«. . ' :_j,i ::-. . x " " v - - r € ZjT AJ45?BSS nMUJMft. 4. A4 ... ikZ — r :; ' .f " I -•■.■.wi.irf ,. . .,jj4 ,, « ifc j fcy TENNIS 1971-72 I 1972 TENNIS RESULTS University University University University University University Universi . " Bilversity rsity Univei University University University University University of Montevallo vs of Montevallo vs of Montevallo vs of Montevallo of MontevaUifVs of MqaKllfeno vs tevallo vs of Montevallo vs of Montevallo vs Montevallo vs (JPilJBntevallo vs of MOTJteallo vs of Montevupe vs of Monteval of Montevallo vi Jacksonville State University St jlernard College y State University " t. Bernard College Jefferson State Junior College Jacksonville State University Marion Institute Marion Institute Jefferson State Junior College University of West Florida Spring Hill College Huntingdon College Spring Hill College Huntingd|n College ,lorence te University —Lost -Won —Lost -Won -Lost —Lost -Lost —Lost —Lost —Lost —Lost -Won —Lost -Lost —Lost BUI Elliot Ken Bonham Steve Henson MOST VALUABLE PLAYER Terry Tant 129 1972 GOLF RESULTS University of Montevallo vs Alexander City Junior College — Lost University of Montevallo vs Jacksonville State University — Lost University of MontevaOo vs Spring Hill College — Lost University of Montevallo vs Troy State University — Lost University of Montevallo vs Jacksonville State University — Lost University of Montevallo vs Marion Institute — Lost University of Montevallo vs Troy State University — Lost University of Montevallo vs Spring HiU College — Won University of MontevaUo vs Huntingdon College — Won University of Montevallo vs Alexander City Junior College — Lost University of Montevallo vs Enterprise State Junior College — Won University of Montevallo vs St. Bernard College — Lost University of Montevallo vs Florence State University — Won University of Montevallo vs St. Bernard College — Lost University of Montevallo vs University of West Florida — Lost University ofMontevallovsPensacola Junior College - Lost University of Montevallo vs Huntingdon College — Won University of Montevallo vs Florence State University — Won University of Montevallo vs Samford University — Won University of Montevallo vs Univers ity of West Florida - Won MOST VALUABLE PLAYER David Schulz OTHER LETTERMEN Otey Crisman George Walker Terry Vinson Bill SeweU 1972-1973 Falcoln Cheerleaders 3bie Portwood Jeanetta Corbett Cindy Nolan Grant Rice John Young Rcnata Hughes Dave Bassler 132 Women ' s Volleyball Team Row one: Connie Qemons, Linda Moore, Kiki Maestrales, Susan Cullen Row two Kathi Sorey, Qndy Owens, Vicki Hester Row three: Jan Curry, Joannie Howard, Marti Crawford, Gilda Lyon, Chris Campbell. The Montevallo Women ' s Volleyball team won Alabama and Regional honors in this year ' s competition. By doing so they defended the school colors at the Women ' s Inter- collegiate National Volleyball Championships at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, February 1-3, 1973. They placed 17th in the nation, tied with Southern California. This was the first National Competition for a team yielded from the University of Montevallo. Hopefully, it is the beginning of a great future. 133 Intramural Sports 1972-73 134 i».s » j,,,i W. ' ■ ' ' MX}asj?( ie:.i r i f9:-i:ii! ' xi2. .-i ,,■01 •m.. A ' " ji »AHSi If ft. |yfc ■ r - ■ , W Ih , ;T ■Hl Ik ' J H ;fe J rf • jH H stf t ' ' S | B L K ' ' ® tW awSHMBr 1 135 [.4--U WK. t .A ' , M 36 137 138 4f ' iK o.V .v ' V-i s-.; - « » ' ■ ' I. SI.- T 4 f ' " ' Ifc. ' I i . ' ' ' ' « ' ' : - I -n IE JT t " -A T 1, « ' ' i " J ! . " " .1. w? " . 4 - " tU t- « , 1 " " 5f ' Elite Night 1972 DEDICATION: Charlie Webb 140 Mr. and Miss University of Montevallo Anna Klumpp Kermit Jones 141 Class Favorites Diane Day, Anna Klump-Senior Billy Cannon, Tommy King-Junior Debbie Bostick, Vince Cardone-Freshman Margaret Tucker, David Bailey-Sophomore 142 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION: Otey Crisman BUSINESS EDUCATION: Edward Caver, Jr. FOREIGN LANGUAGES: Elaine Selby BIOLOGY: Charla Spears Senior Elite SPEECH PATHOLOGY: Chris Campbell 143 OFFICE ADMINISTRATION: Debbie Perdue ENGLISH: Mary Ellen Garrett ENGLISH Judy Stevens GENERAL S PEECH: Kathleen McCanless POLITICAL SCIENCE: Beth ThreadgiU 144 Not Pictured: HISTORY: David Horton SOCIAL WORK: Debbie Puckl HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION: Carla Meank HOME ECONOMICS MERCHANDISING: Sara Garrett 145 Class Beauties SENIOR JUNIOR SOPHOMORE FRESHMAN Cheryl Blackerby Sandra Cannon Diane Day Sandra M. Hobbs Anna Klumpp Carolyn McDonald Betty Gail Pouncey Debbie Pukl Chris RatUff Peggy Williams Beth Anthony Sara Cannon Patti Ferguson Jean Knott Dickie Lucy Jane McKinnon Janice T. Graham June May Nan McLendon Cathy Tyler Pat C. Pritchett Marsha Kirby Mary Jo Lauten Gail Vinson Gail Phillips Sheri Rouse Missy Rowan Margaret Simmonetti Anne Vinson Claudia CoUier Margaret Anderson Debbie Bostick Denise Bryant Kathy Clarke Donna Cook Becky House Lee Jandon Cindy 1 oper Frieda N irtine Mary Jo inion 146 Fifteen Beauty Finalists Left to right: Anne Vinson, Donna Cook, Marsha Kirby, Gail Phillips, Missy Rowan, Dickie Lucy, Sandra Cannon, Sandra Melton Hobbs, Margaret Simmon- etti, Pat Pritchett, Cheryl Blackerby, Jane McKinnon, Carolyn McDonald, Gail Vinson, Frieda Martinez. 147 CTtTCByr S ' ■ ■ 1 " V 1 --r " ■ ' 1 ' l ' ' " 4 1 4 " .T p j? " - ; " « -»s. -f " - iSL " 3S - . C J Gail Vinson 148 Sandra M. Hobbs 150 Donna Cook 152 Jane McKinnon 154 Carolyn McDonald 156 Marsha Kerby 158 Dwight Bentley Peggy Rudolph Mike Colson Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities Diane Day ■ HHV mj m i i ' •r ..... B l H m H lHBsk IPnB f« 9 1 1 HK w ' 1 Hh ■ Hprn HP yfB I H H N tJ H 1 1 160 Charla Spears Anne Tishler Anita LeePard Debbie Perdue Diane Blain y 161 Kathy Morrow Glinda O. Godwin Sue Ellen Germany ' ■■fm : mt - v " •■ . v-zf- Sandra Cannon Anna Klumpp 162 Jane McKinnon BiU ElUott ' W sAAaAA V A ' Joy J. Kincaid Patty Pilkerton David Elkourie 163 Mike Nelson, David Little, Randy Dunlap. Otey Crisman Judy Stevens Deetsie Sp ires NOT PICTURED; Mike Fleming Gail Ford David Horton Jerry Shaw Beth Threadgill Nancy Worley 164 ' £ iioS? ».s 3Si „ .a«fe. A e. ' . ■ " ? Kermit Johnson President, University of Montevallo Mrs. Joan Gordon Secretary to the President 166 PAUL J. SCHATZ, PH.D., University of Alabama Dean of the College of Business JOHN B.WALTERS, JR., Ph.D., Vanderbilt University Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences B.E. FANCHER, Ph.D., University of Oklahoma Dean of the College of Education 9 1 1 1 1 d I E Z fii D.R. McMillan, Ph. d.. University of North Carolina Dean of the Graduate Studies 167 RUTH E. COFFMAN Dean of Women JAMES R. WILKINSON Dean of Men KFRMIT MATHISON Director of Admissions and Records LARRY A. PEEVY Assistant Director of Admissions and Records BESSIE MERLE ELLIOTT Assistant Treasurer LEE A. BARCLAY, SR. Business Manager and Treasurer LAURA FRANCIS MATHISON Director of Alumni Affairs PAUL W. JONES Assistant Business Manager-in-charge of Student Union Building 169 RALPH W. SEARS Director of Public Relations JAMES R. CHASTEEN Director of Counseling Services LINDA L. KNOWLES Coordinator, Student Financial Aids 170 HUCK KING, Supervisor iculty-Student Services loto Lab KARL PERKINS, Director Educational Television STEVE HUFFSTUTLER, Director News Bureau KEN SAWYER, Instructor Educational Television 171 College of Business PAUL J. SCHATZ.CHAIRMAN, Ph.D., University of Alabama SARA P. MORGAN, M.S., University of Tennessee CHARLES R. STRONG, Ph. D., University of Alabama MARIE K. OESTERLING.M.A., University of Alabama BURTON W. BROOKS, M.B.A.,Samford University GERTRUDE McGUIRE, Ed.D., University of Tennessee ALAN L. LIVINGSTON, M. A., University of Alabama Not Pictured: AGNES CASHMAN, M.A., University of Alabama KATE C. SNEED, Ph. D., Georgia Slate University 172 College of Education Dr. Frances O. Cannon, Professor; Bobbye K. Lightfoot, Instructor M.A.T. Alabama College; Robert Lightfoot, Associate Professor; Dr. Alvis Harthern, Associate Professor Dr. Lawrence Malone, Professor Ed.D. Dr. Charles Colley, Assistant Professor Nell Malone, Assistant Professor; Dr. Charles Gormley, Professor Ed.D. Linda C. Mahan, Assistant Professor; Dr. Henry J. Lash, Assistant Professor; Bill Qifton, Assistant Professor; Thomas S. Harrill, Assistant Professor Ed.D. Auburn University Ph.D. Univ. of Alabama; University of Alabama; Ed.D. Univ. of Alabama; Stanford University 173 Physical Education Health and Recreation MIRIAM COLLINS, Ed.D., University of Alabama BERNICE FINGER, Ed.D., Columbia University JEANETTE CREW, M.S., University of Tennessee MARGARET BLALOCK, Ed.D., University of Alabama BEVERLY WARREN, M.S., Southern Illinois University FRED WEEMS, Ed.D., University of Southern Mississippi BILLY L. JONES. M.A. Peabody College LEON G. DAVIS, Ed.D., University of Alabama TERRY R. BELL, B.S., Alabama College FRANK LIGHTFOOT, M.A., Alabama Polytechnic Institute J.WARD TISHLER, Ed.D., CHAIRMAN University of Wyoming 174 Institute for Environmental Safety i.e. DRAPl R, M.A.K Athens College HORACE C. HUDGINS, M.Ed. University of Florida WAYNE LUCAS 175 JOHN H. SPICER, M.A. University of Wichita Art LILA J. WELLS, M.A. University of Alabama JOHN PAUL RIETTA.M.l .A. University of Georgia 176 Biology PHILIP G. BEASLEY, CHAIRMAN, Ph.D., Auburn University JAN EAGLES, Ph.D., University of Alabama HENRY F. TURNER, Ph.D., Iowa State University EUGENE B. SLEDGE, Ph.D., University of Florida ROBERT F. McGUIRE, Ph.D., University of Tennessee 177 Geology JAMES F.L. CONNELL, Ph.D. University of Oklahoma ACADEMIC MARSHALL 178 Chemistry DR. ARIS MERIJANIAN, CHAIRMAN Department of Chemistry ALBERT Z. HARRIS. Ph.D.. Texas A M University ARIS MERIJANIAN, Ph.D., Texas A M University JAMES B. BEAL, Ph.D., Texas A M University 179 English JOHN B. LOTT, CHAIRMAN, Ph.D., Vandcrbilt University ANNI-: M. IITTS.M.A., University of Alabama SIDNFY J. VANCi;, M.A.. Vanderbilt University joycf: iullf.r.m.a.t., Vanderbilt University JANF.T R. YOUIXL, M.A., University of Alabama NORMAN McMillan, Pli.D., University of Michigan .SARAH (;. palmi:r,m.s,. Auburn L ' niversity 180 WILLIAM S. COBB, M.A., Vanderbilt University ELIZABETH H. RODGERS, Emory University EVA O. GOLSON, Ph.D., University of Michigan Ph.D., MILTON J. FOLEY, Ph.D., University of Alabama CHARLOTTE D. BLACKMON, University of Alabama M.A., 181 Foreign Languages M. RAY MAYFIELD, M.A., Louisiana Stale University BRUCE McCLANAHAN.M.A. Louisiana State University JOSEPH E. DIORIO ILA.M., Middlebury College RICHARD W. THAMES, M.A., Mississippi State University CHARLES E. MAJURE, A.M., Emory University 182 Home Economics ELANOR C. JOHSTON, M.S., University of Minnesota AVOLINE P. CHILDERS, M.A., University of Alabama MABEL M. OUSLEY, M.S., Auburn University COBY ANN BUNCH,M.S., University of Tennessee REBECCA PATE, CHAIRMAN, Ph.D. Ohio State University KATHRYN S. TURNER, M.S., Iowa State University MARVOLIN STEPHENS, M.A.T., Alabama College JOHNNIE CARLISLE, M.S., Columbia University SARA NELL LIGHTSEY, M.A., University of Alabama 183 Mathematics and Physics D. R. McMillan, chairman, Ph.D. University of Nortii Carolina JOHN F. SUTTLE, B.S., Alabama Polytechnical Institute J. WILLIAM FOREMAN, Ph.D., Purdue University FRED C. BLACKMON, M.Ed., University of Montevallo T. H.KWON, Ph.D., University of Georgia ANGELA HERNANDEZ, Ph.D., University of Havana PATSY THOMLEY.M.A. Samford University JOSEPH M. CARDONE. M.S., Auburn University MIGUEL A. GUITART, Ph.D., University of Havana 184 JAMES P. ROGERS, CHAIRMAN, Ph.D. Emory University FRANK C.J. McGURK,Ph.D. Catholic University of America HENDRIK VAN TUYLL, Th.D. State University of Utrecht, Netherlands Psychology WILLIAM F. WALLACE, Ph.D. University of Alabama Philosophy And Religion 185 Music I ' JOHN W. STEWART, Ed.D. Florida State University BETTY LOUISE LUMBY, D.S.M. Union Theological Seminary of New York LOUIS S. SHAW, B.S. University of Alabama JOAN COWAN, L.R.A.M. Royal Academy of Music, London JOHN C. OWEN.M.M. University of Colorado EDWIN C. ROBERTSON, D.M. Florida State University NINFA CARUSO, M.M. Louisiana State University BENJAMIN MIDDAUGH, D.M. Florida State University 186 MAXINE C. DAVIS, Ed.D. Columbia University EVELYN GLOVER MRS. DAN ASHE WILDA HEISS, B.M. Peabody Conservatoryof Music BRUCE TOLBERT, M.F.A. Ohio University ROBERT COWAN, L.R.A.M. Royal Academy of Music, London J. OVIDE DeLAGE, Ph.D. Florida State University LINDA WHITE THEODORE M. PRITCHETT, Ph.D. Florida State University 187 Social Sciences DR. LUCILLE GRIFFITH, Department Chairman i ' ,. — . JESSE J. JACKSON, M.A., L. Florida State University ■Nwi ■■1 LUCILLE GRIFFITH, Ph.D., Hl ■ Columbia University I H iPr SHIRLEY F. JACKSON, Ph.D., . M H 1 m- Florida State University B ■ 1 H 188 CHARLES H. AINSWORTH, M.A, University of Alabama JOHN M. ALLGOOD, M.A. University of Nortfi Carolina JUSTIN FULLER, Ph.D. University of North Carolina O.J. CARSON. M.A. Louisiana State University MURRAY C. FLYNN, M.A. University of Texas 189 Speech LAURA WRIGHT, CHAIRMAN, Ph.D. University of Wisconsin ROBERT R. KUNKEL, M.S., University of Wisconsin MARY W. HARBOUR. M.A., University of Mississippi CHARLES C. HARBOUR, Ph.D., University of Texas (Austin) W. T. CHICHESTER, M.A., University of North Carolina GEORGE FLEISCHER, M.A., Memphis State University 190 LORETTA G. BROWN, Ed.D., CHAIRMAN University of Alabama KATRINA HAMILTON, M.A., University of Alabama SARAH T. SMITH, M.A. Northwestern University Speech And Hearing Clinic FAYE CHURCHILL, M.A., Auburn University ANNE TORRANS, PhD.. .Michigan State University HETTIE P. JOHNSON, M.A.T., University of Alabama 191 Library ROBIRI B. SOMERS, DIRECTOR OF LIBRARIES, Florida State University M.A., MRS. LOIS VAN ELLS, M.S., Our Lady of the Lake College MRS. JEAN EDWARDS, General Assistant MRS. JULLIAN ROTENBERRY, B.S„ University of North Carolina MRS. LOUISE 0 V1 ' ,NS, Technical Clerical Assistant MRS. JANE McCLANAHAN, B.S. General Assistant MRS. JEAN KUNKEL, General Assistant MISS MARY FRANCES TIPTON, M.S., Flordia State University 192 OT I If t Ufr - ,- Jif ' . X ♦ . ( Vf. ■« 4l ;t: • .v-iJ W ' ■ i Sf J 1-; 3-V " " Sin ' -iri 4., ? . V f f . r J V r- k- hf » % ROSEMARY ALDRIDGE JOHN THOMAS ALFORD MILLICENT ANDERSON NATALIE ASHENFELTER DOLORES ANN BAKER KATHERINE JEANNE BALFOUR HOWARD C.BARKSDALE.JR. SUSAN BARRENTINE BEVERLY B. BARTON ALFRED WENDELL BENNETT, JR. LARRY FRANKLIN BEVERLY RICHARD ARTHUR BLACK CHERYL BLACKERBY DEBORAH RUTH BLACKWELDER DIANNE BLAIN JOHN BLAIR MICHAEL BLAIR BEVERLY JOY BOLDING GAIL VARNEY BOWDEN DAVID H. BREWER CLARA JANE BRINDLEY MARY LEE BROWN SUSAN E. BROWN TIMOTHY PAUL BRUNSON 194 JOHNNIE L.BRYANT WAYMON E.BURKE LORI DARLENE BUSSEY PHILLIP BUTLER OWEN M.BUTTS, JR. CHRISTINE ROSE CAMPBELL SANDRA OWEN CANNON RICHARD CARDEN KENNETH ALAN CARPENTER MARY GALE CHERRY JIMMIE LYNN CHURCHILL DONNA SUE CLARK SUZANNE E.CLARK J.WALTER CLOPTON J.MYRON CLUCK DEANNA MARIE COPER SHARON ERCELLE COLEMAN JERRY DARRYL COLLINS MICHAEL G. COLSON DAVID GORDON CONWAY SHERRY COOK BONNIE CORDER NINA LANCE CORK DONNA JO COX 195 JOHN FRANK COX CATHERINE CAMILLE CRAWFORD W. OTEY CRISMAN BONITA MAE CROWE SUSAN CULLEN PAULA ANN CULP DONNA CUNNINGHAM DAVID DANIEL DEBRA JAN DAVIS ELIZABETH DIANNE DAVIS DIANE DAY DONNA LOU DELMARTER PEGGY MARIE DONALDSON JOANN DONIVAN SANDRA LYNN DOUGLAS JOANNE DUNCAN JOHN RANDALL DUNLAP CHARLES H. EAGAR JAMES W. EASTERLING.JR. CLARK EILAND DAVID GERARD ELKOURIE WILLIAM EDWARD ELLIOTT, JR. JOHN GARY ELLIS ROBERT ERVIN 196 LINDA S.ESTES LAUREN DENISE FEAGIN PHYLLIS KAY FERGUSON REBECCA CAMPBELL FISHER MICHAEL DAVID FLEMING REBECCA J.FORD MYRA FORRESTER CHARLES MILTON FREEMAN SURACHAT FUANGKAJONSAK SARA LANE GARRETT SUE ELLEN GERMANY ALLEN D.GILLESPIE Here they come by different modes 197 MARY E.GILLILAND MICHAEL W. GLENN GLINDA OGLE GODWIN MOLLY GORE MARGARET LEE GORUM MACK O.GOTHARD MICHAEL J.GRAINGER JANICE GRAY LINDA GAIL GREEN MOLLY GRIFFIN MARY JANE GRIFFITH MYRNA NELL GUNN Ready to leave by Friday . . . . 198 REBA JO GUNTER ROY H. HADAWAY PATRICE ELLEN HALL CHRIS THORNE HAMPTON JAMES L.HAMPTON, JR. CLAUDIA SUE HARRELL WILLARD H. HARRISON DONNA ROSSER HASTINGS JAMES W. HEADLEY, JR. MARY R.HEINE JOAN DEWITT HENSON KATHY HEYER BYRON L.HIGGINS DOUGLAS R. HIGGINS MARSHA HINDS DWIGHT L. HOLLIS DAVID MICHAEL HORTON WILLIAM LOUIS HOSTER JUDY LYNN HOUSE DIANNE MORRIS HUEY MARY HUGHES RENATA HUGHES RONNIE LYNN JACKSON MARGARET JACOBSON 199 AUDREY GAIL JERNIGAN LINDA SUE JEWELL LANNY JOHNSON ALYSON ANNIS JONES WILLIAM KERMIT JONES, JR. NANCY KEATON JOY JERNIGAN KINCAID BRENDA KIRKLAND KATHY L. KITSON ANNA KLUMPP RONELY MICHAEL KOON SARA EVERETTE LAMINACK ANDREA LAVENDAR SHARRON ELIZABETH LAWLER JAMES T. LAWSHE SUSAN WISE LEE ANITA LEEPARD TERRIE ANN LE-FFEL JANET LESTER LLOYD L. LIGHTSEY, JR. DAVID CHRIS LITTLE JAMES WAYNE LOMBARD WILLIAM MICHAEL LOPEZ DARRELL FRANK LUCAS 200 GILDA LYON DAVID MADDOX KIKI MAESTRALIES HEIDI MARIE MANLEY MARY KATHERINE MANNING MARIANNE RHEA MCALLISTER SUSAN EVON MC CALLA MIKE MC CLELLAN MARY LINDA MC DANIEL CAROLYN S.MCDONALD SANDRA MC DOWELL CHARLOTTE MC EWEN JEANNE LILLETTE MC GEE HOOPER MC INTOSH JANE ELLEN MC KINNON CONNIE MEADOWS CARLA MEANK JAMES R. METHVIN BARBARA JUNE MILLER MICHAEL W. MOONEY RICHARD ALAN MOORE TOMMIE LYNN MORRISON KATHY L. MORROW CAROLYN ANN MURPHREE 301 GEORGE DAVID MURPHREE CECIL MICHAEL NELSON JUDY CAROL NORDAN JUDY LAVONNE NORTHCUTT PAT O ' SHIELDS ROBERT EUGENE OWENS, JR. CAROL ANNE PEACOCK DINAH CLEMONS PEEVY CAROL ANN PEIFER DEBORAH KAYE PERDUE CAROLYN PERRY LEWIS ROGERS PERRY TERRY L. PONDER DEBORAH JEAN PORTWOOD E.WAYNE POSEY BETTIE GAIL POUNCEY HENRIETTA L.PRESLEY NANCY PRICKETT WILLIAM PAUL PROVINCE, JR. DEBORAH LEAH PUKL MARY DIANNE RAMEY CHRISTINE ANN RATLIFF MARTHA SUE REAVES DONNA REEVE 202 SUSAN REBECCA REIFF STEPHEN CARL RHODES GRANTLAND H.RICE SHARON KAY RIDDLE KERRY LANE ROACH GAYLE COOPER ROBBINS JERRY DON ROBERSON NANCY ROBERTSON AVA SHERYL HARRISON ROZELLE PEGGY LYNN RUDOLPH THOMAS H. RUSSELL WALTER B.RUZIC Some are happy in the sun 203 SUSAN CAROL RYALS JOSEPH CLAUDE SANDS DAVID SCHULZ DEMISHA SCRUSHY BETTY SUE SEGERS ELAINE P. SELBY CHARLOTTE A. SELLERS CAROLYN ANN SEWELL WILLIAM HENRY SEWELL NANCY G.SPL NNON OLIVIA SHAW RITA KAYE SHIPMAN Others quiet. thinking with the rain 204 MARTHA SUZANNE SIGLER ADELLE SIMPSON SUSAN SIRMON ROBERT E. SLOVENSKY GLADYS PEARL SMITH IDA ANNETTE SMITH LARRY E. SMITH MARJORIE SMITH TERESA JANE SMITH GWENDA LYNET SNODDY DEBBIE SPANN LOU E. SPARKS CHARLA FRANCES SPEARS DEETSIE SPIRES DAVID A.SPIVEY PATRICIA GAIL STANKARD MARY ESTHER STANTON PAT STEED I JOY LYNN STEINCROSS CARLA ANN STEWART IRIS STEWART RITA STONE JERRY L. STRINGFIELD MARIE INEZ TAYLOR 205 FRAMKIE JAN THOMPSON REBECCA THOMPSON ELIZABETH MAE THREADGILL BRITT TOLBERT THOMAS LEE TRUSS JAMES MORGAN TUCKER, JR. GEORGE IGNATIUS JOSEPH TURON DONALD L.TYSON PATRICIA GAIL WATFORD LINDA JOY WEATHERLY DEBBY WEAVER KATHY CHERYL WEEKS MICHAEL RAY WEEMS ELAINE CARTER WELCH GORDON FRANKLIN WELCH DORIS JACQUELIN WELDON BEATRICE DIANA WENZEL RANDY WHEALTON WANDA LAVADA WHITE LYNDA WHITFIELD JOHNNIE LYNN WIGGINS NANCY SUSAN WILEY PEGGY ANN WILLIAMS GLENDA DIANNE WILLIAMSON 206 SUSAN ANN WILLIFORD MARILYN E.WILSON LAURA WISCHMEYER CATHRYN WOODS NANCY WOOLEY NANCY LILLIAN WORLEY PHILIP THERMAN WRIGHT SHIRLEY GAIL YARBROUGH And some seek help, from each other. 207 Ace, James 1 Montevallo Acker, John 3 Bessemer Acton, Beth 2 Chelsea Adams, Dora 2 Pelham Adams, Mark 1 Michigan City, Indiana Adkins, Delores 1 Montevallo Allbrook, Sherry 3 Selma Allen, Cindy 1 Sylacauga Allen, Gale 1 Montevallo Allen, Loyd 3 Cuba Allison, Calvin 2 Cullman Allison, Jan 3 Auburn Allred, Pat 1 Athens Anderson, Janine 2 Montgomery Anderson, Jill 1 Sylacauga Anderson, Margaret 1 Pine Apple Anderson, Patricia 3 Birmingham Anderson, Sally 1 DeatsviUe Anderton, James 1 Birmingham Andrews, Sheila 1 Anniston Arledge, Toinmy 3 Montevallo Armstrong, Shirley 1 Columbiana Arnett, Jan 2 Alabaster Arnold, Cecelia 1 Morris Arnold, Diann 1 Birmingham Arnold, Jeanne 1 Birmingham Arnold, Lee 3 Birmingham Arnold, Linda 1 Hoover Askew, Arnold 1 Tuscaloosa Atchison, Kay 3 Birmingham Atchison, Michael 1 Columbiana Austin, Mark 1 Birmingham Averett, William 2 Selma Averitt, Jim 3 Selma Bagwell, Donna I Birmingham Bailey, Barbara 1 Birmingham Bailey, Christopher 3 Glastonbury, Conn. Bailey, David 2 Birmingham Bailey, Howard 2 Binghamton, N.Y. Bailey, Jack 1 Columbiana Baker, Barbara 1 Clanton Baker, Nancy 3 Auburn Baldwin, Denise 1 Birmingham Baldwin, Dorothy 1 Birmingham Ball, Kenny 1 Tuscaloosa Bamberg, Stanley 3 Selma Banker, Linda 3 Birmingham Barnes, Allen 1 Columbiana 208 Barnes, Emily 2 Gadsden Barnett, Larry 1 Helena Barrs, Dawn 1 Montgomery Easier, David 2 Grand Rapids, Michigan Bates, Betty 1 Marion Battey, Barbara 3 Fairhope Bean, Catherine 3 Birmingham Bean, Donnie 1 Thorsby Bean, Monica 3 Hartselle Beard, John 1 Birmingham Beasley,Alba 2 Montgomery Beck, Sandra 3 Ozark Beckham, Deborah 1 Mobile Becton, Mike 1 Birmingham Bell, Jim 2 Tuscaloosa Belshaw, Marty 2 Birmingham Benbout, William 2 Helena Benis, Tim 1 Dayton, Ohio Bennett, Sharon 3 Cullman Benson, Thomas 1 Columbiana Bentley, Sylvia 2 Columbiana Benton, Chuck 2 Montgomery Benton, Julie 2 Phenix City Bergin, Frank 2 Birmingham Berry, Susan 1 Huntsville Betts, Cathy 1 Birmingham Belts, Patricia 2 Calera Bigbie, Kaye 2 Fairhope Bishop, Denise 1 Leeds Bishop, Diane 2 Talladega Bishop, Margaret 1 Alabaster Black, Alan 2 Birmingham Black, Cheryl 1 Attalla Black, Doris 3 Alabaster Black, Henry 3 Fayette Blair, Mehnda 3 Birmingham Blake, Nancy Jane 1 McMurray Blakeley, Don 3 Birmingham Blankenship, Kay 3 Gardendale Boggess, Norma 3 Decatur Bond, Carolyn 1 Birmingham Bookout, Marilyn 1 Montgomery Bonham.Ken 2 Hueytown Boody, Wayne 1 Oxford Bostany, Renee 1 Birmingham Bostic, Debra 1 Birmingham Bosworth, Mary Jane 3 Trussville Boutwell, Patricia 1 Greenville 209 Bowling, Misha 1 Huntsville Box,Janie 2 Athens Bo zeman, Ista 1 Alabaster Bradford, Liz 1 Prattville Bragan, Lee 2 Birmingham Brandon, Mark 1 Birmingham Brasher, Randy 2 Leeds Brasseale, Terry 1 Pleasandt Grove Breland, Hank 2 Birmingham Brewer, Barbara 2 Montgomery Bridges, Melody 3 Huntsville Bright, Laura 2 Albuquerque, New Mexico Briscoe, Michael 2 Jasper Briscoe, Larry 2 Gardendale Britton, Wanda 2 Birmingham Broadhead, Diane 3 Birmingham Brock, Lena 1 Greenville Brooks, Glenda 3 Roanoke Brooks, Mary Ann 3 Andalusia Brooks, Vanita 1 Birmingham Brown, Annie 1 Birmingham Brown, Marilyn 2 Huntsville Brown, Marsha 2 DeFuniaka Springs Brown, Mary Nell 2 Reform Brown, Vickie 2 Bessemer Browning, Randy 1 Mt. Olive Brunson,Tim 3 Birmingham Bryant, Denise 1 Birmingham Bryon, Perry 1 Wilsonville Buckner, Angle 2 Clanton Buckner, George 3 Flatrock Buckner, Jane 2 Birmingham Burchfield, Thomas 3 Abernant Burg, Sharon 1 Birmingham Burgess, Marilyn 3 Mobile Burke, Mildre d 1 Birmingham Burnette, Chris 3 Clanton Burns, Cynthia 1 I ' ultondale Brook, Jan 2 Decatur Burns, Mila 1 Montogmery Bush, Jeannie 2 Minter Butera, John 2 Birmingham Butler, Carol 1 Hueytown Butler, Sue 1 Hueytown Butsch, Rod 3 Birmingham Buzbee, Donna 3 Birmingham Byrne, Margaret 3 Montgomery Cain,Orville 3 Pleasant Grove 210 Cain, Steve 1 Eufaula Caldwell, Barbara 3 Vinemont Callies, Kathleen 2 Honiewood Calvert, Monica 2 Gadsden Calvert, Steve 3 Athens Campbell, Danny 3 Gadsden Campbell, Deborah 1 Glen Falls, N.Y. Campbell, Pamela 2 Hampton, Va. Campbell, Robert 2 Mt. Olive Carlisle, Lynne 2 Alexander City Carlisle, Robert 1 Vestavia Cannon, Melinda 1 Columbia, S. C. Cannon, Rick 2 Huntsville Cannon, Sara 3 Columbia, S.C. Cannon, William 3 Columbia, S.C. Carothers, Douglas 2 Birmingham Caravero, Paul 2 Birmingham Garden, Jimmy 1 Prattville Garden, Mike 1 Calera Cardin, Phihp 1 Decatur Cardone, Vince 1 Montevallo Cargo, Robert 3 Birmingham Carman, Joseph 2 Montgomery Carnley, Linda 1 Theodore Caretto, Donna 1 Montgomery Carroll, Terry 2 Clanton Carter, Donna 1 Fort Deposit Carter, Pam 1 Birmingham Cartwright, Frank 2 Montgomery Cash, Gene 1 Helena Cash, Joe 1 Helena Cashman, George 1 Birmingham Cassady, Aletha 3 Samson Cathey, Daniel 2 Tampa, Fla. Cauther, Dwight 1 Prattville Caver, Mary Ellen 1 Breirfield Ceravolo, Virginia 2 Fairfield Chambers, Terri I Montevallo Chambers, Tony 2 Huntsville Chapman, Libby 3 Birmingham Chavers, Charlotte 2 Greensboro Cherry, Jaon 2 Ozarjc Cheshire, Dianne 2 Ozark Childress, Karene 3 Roanoke Churchill, Robert 1 Montevallo Churchwell, Annette 2 Montgomery Ciliax, Richard 1 Huntsville Clackler, Deborah 2 Stone Mt., Ga. 21 Clark, Mary 2 Montgomery Clark, Calvin 2 Selma Clark, Donna 3 New Hope Clark, Gail 2 Palatine, 111. Clark, Gene 1 Birmingham Clark, Paula 2 Tuscaloosa Clark, Cathy 1 Birmingham Clayton, Carol 1 Birmingham Clayton, Mariellen 2 Lipscomb Cleckler, Jonnie Sue 1 Clanton Clement, Keith 2 Russellville Clemons, Connie 1 Hueytown Cobb, Dennis 2 Clanton Cobb, Terrell 1 Deatsville Colburn, Klye 1 Tuscaloosa Coleman, Cathy 2 Vestavia Coleman, Ruth 2 Selma Collier, Claudia 2 Moultrie, Ga Collins, Mike 2 Clanton Colhns, Royce 2 Thorsby Colley, Jack 1 Bessemer Combs, David 1 Birmingham Comer, Debbie 2 Calera Compton, Henry 2 Homewood ConkUn, Cathy 1 Birmingham Coon, Linda 3 Helena Cook, Donna 1 Birmingham Cook, Ellen 1 Birmingham Cook, John 2 Montgomery Cook, Melanie 2 Huntsville Cook, Michael 2 Birmingham Cope, Carol 3 Birmingham Copeland, Allison 2 Demopolis Corbett, Jeanetta 2 Montevallo Corbett, Regina 1 Montevallo Costas, Alex 1 Birmingham Cosper, Rosemary 2 Wilsonville Coston, Ralls 2 Birmingham Cotton, Eddie 1 Decatur Couch, Lynne 2 Gadsden Covington, Pat 2 Athens Cox, Carol 1 Selma Cox, Cathy 3 Billingsley Coyle, John 1 Huntsville Crabtree, Schuyler 1 Birmingham Crandall, Laura 3 Birmingham Crandall, Melanie 1 Vestavia Crawford, Brooke 2 Huntsville 212 Creel, Linda 3 Corner Crim,Amy 2 Huntsville Crocker, Lynne 1 Midfield Croft, Debbie 1 Ozark Crumpton, Richard 1 Hueytown CuUop, Ernie 3 Meadowview, Va. Culp,Tony 3 Charleston, S. C. Cummings, Carla 3 Hueytown Cummings, Hugh 1 Hueytown Cummings, Richard 3 Isabella Cumpbell, Lamar 1 Birmingham Cunningham, Danny 1 New Castle Cunningham, Donna 3 Anniston Curb, Randall 3 Greensboro Curet, David 1 Birmingham Curl, Gayla 2 Birmingham Curley, John 1 Decatur Curry, Jan 1 Florence Curry, Richard 1 Birmingham Czeskleba, Ed 2 Montevallo Dagostin, Ruth 1 Selma Dalton, Cherie 2 Birmingham Daniel, Janice 2 Randolph Daniel, William 2 Birmingham Daniels, Ann 1 Birmingham Dararattanarojna, Komol 1 Thailand Darden, Larry 2 Maylene Daugette, Sharon 1 Albertville Davenport, Janet 1 Siluria Davidson, Rodney 1 Birmingham Davis, Benny 2 Columbiana Davis, Butch 3 Phenix City Davis, Carl C. 3 Tarrant Davis, Doug 2 Birmingham Davis, Frank 2 Childersburg Davis, Jean 2 Huntsville Davis, Karen 1 Birmingham Davis, Pamela 1 Montgomery Davis, Steve 2 Stanton Dawson, Linda 1 Birmingham Day, Kathy 3 Fairhope Dean, Rahonda 2 Big Cove Dees, Mary Jane 3 Cliattaiiooiia. Tcnn. Deitz, Debbie 1 Palmiir.i. N. J. Denison, Carol 2 Silver Springs, Md. Dennis, Susan 1 Maplosvillc Denny, Carla I Birmintjham DeVaughu, Dcbra 3 Clanton 213 Dew, Stephen 2 Madison Dewberry, Richard 1 Birmingham Dick, Michael 3 Ashland Dickenson, RandaU 1 Bayview Dietz, Robbie 1 Hueytown Dill, Jimmy D. 1 Bessemer Dilland, Terry 1 Midfield Dobson, Yvonne 1 Mobile Dodd, Thomas 2 Birmingham Dodge, Jane 1 Birmingham Dolby, Charles 1 Selma Donaldson, Charles 1 Birmingham Dopp, Mary Jane 3 Amarillo, Texas Dorr, Carol 1 Tallahassee Dorgan, Mary 2 Mobile Dortch, Doug 1 York Dortch, Preston 1 Birmingham Douglass, Gerald 2 Sheffield Doyle, William 3 Birmingham Driver, Betty 2 Montgomery Driver, Myra 2 Decatur Dryden, Mary 3 Anniston Duffey, Jean 1 Wilsonville Duke, Cynthia 3 Albertville Dunbar, Jenny 1 Birmingham Duncan, Kathy 2 Huntsville Eason, Hoyt 2 Montgomery Eason, Michael 3 Hamilton Eckert, Helen 2 Birmingham Edfeldt, Susan 2 Montevallo Edwards, Peggi 2 Montevallo Elkourie, Joe 1 Birmingham I ' llis, Jimmy 3 Kellerman I. His, Randy 1 Birmingham rilison, Charles 2 Jemison I ' .Hjson, Jerry 1 Jemison IJmiire, Nancy 3 Birmingham l.ngland, Judy 1 Tarrant I ' .ssenmachcr, Kathy 1 Huntsville l thencdgc, Mark 1 Birmingham Evans, Lois 1 Birmmgham Ewing, Charles 1 Birmmgham I ' agan, Patricia 3 Trussville Fain, John 1 Troy Falls, Susan 1 Birmingham Fancher, Mac 3 Birmingham Farlow, Cliff 3 Birmingham Farnell, Kathie 3 Montgomery 214 Faught, Karen 1 Decatur Faulkner, Mary 1 Birmingham Feltcins, Nesscott 2 Demopolis Fenn.Ted 1 Birmingham Ferguson, George 1 Ardmore, Ol la. Ferguson, Richard 1 Montevallo Ferguson, Patti 3 Birmingham Finch, Samuel 1 Birmingham Fincher, Kay 3 Athens Finlen, Barney 2 Birmingham Fite, Al 2 Hamilton Fleming, Rhonda 1 Prattville Fletcher, Arthur 2 Alabaster Floyd, Sue 2 Tuscaloosa Flynt, Sammy 1 Mobile Foley, William 1 Bessemer Ford, Linda 2 Talladega Foreman, Donhn 2 Foley Forrester, Randall 2 Jasper Fortenberry, Donna 2 Alabaster Foshee, Amelia 2 Clanton Fowler, Albert 1 Birmingham Franklin, Cindy 1 Birmingham Franklin, Ila 3 Brewton Frawley, Michelle 1 Birmingham Frawley, Vicky 3 Birmingham Frederick, Vicki 1 West Blocton Freeman, Bonnie 3 Moultrie, Ga. French, Nokey 3 Mobile Frost, Nena 1 Calera Fuller, Doris 1 Birmingham Fuller, Georgina 1 Mobile Fuller, Julie 1 Sprott Fuller, Rheta 3 Sprott Funderburk, Karen 1 Birmingham Gallups, Danny 2 Wilsonville Gamble, Barbara 3 Alabaster Gamble, Dennis 3 Gardendale Ganster, Jane 1 Birmingham Garner, Janice 3 Henegar Garrett, Lane 1 Birmingham Gary, Harold 3 West Blocton Gaston, Marianne 3 Selma Gaston, Susan 2 Montgomery Gault, Jan 1 Birmingham Gaut, Richard 3 Dothan George, Becky 1 AlbertvUle Gerig, Roland 1 Clinton 215 Gibbs, Jan 1 Birmingham Gibbs, Mary Ann 2 Huntsville Giles. Carol 1 Jemison Giles, Gaye 2 Billingsley Gilreath, Kathryn 1 Birmingham Ginn, Marvin 3 Hueytown Glass, Rebecca 2 Jemison Gleason, Sherry 1 Decatur Glenn, Jennifer 3 Birmingham Godfrey, Deborah 1 Montgomery Godwin, Cecilia 3 New Brocton Godwin, Jolin 3 Montgomery Godwm, Lynne 2 Selma Godwm, Rufus 3 Selma Goggins, Byron 2 West Blcoton Golden, Becky 3 Birmingham Goldens, Billy 2 Marvel Goode, Dana 1 McCalla Goodner, Dianne 1 Midfield Graham, Janice 3 Montgomery Graham, Paula 2 Birmingham Graham, Steve 2 Cullman Grammer, Keith 1 Bessemer Grant, Chuck 1 Birmingham Gray, Debbie 1 Montgomery Gray, Glenda 1 Cullman Gray, James 2 Clanton Grayson, Charlotte 3 Demopohs Green, Kay 3 Montevallo Green, Mitzi 1 Birmingham Green, Nancy 3 Armstead Greene, Ava 1 Mobile Greene, Gary 1 Phenix City Greene, Jimmie 1 Harpersville Gregg, Elizabeth 3 Montevallo Gregorius, Marilyn 2 Fairhope Griffin, Marie 2 Athens Griffith, Jenell 3 Mobile Griswold, Thomas 3 Birmingham Guarino, Claude 1 Bessemer Guy, Pam 2 Montevallo Hadden, Anita 1 Birmingham Haefner, Leland 2 Birmingham Hafley, David 1 Alabaster Hagler, Debby 3 Prattville Hail, Gutierez 1 Gadsden Halcomb, Sharon 1 Birmingham Halfner, Donald 2 Birmingham Hall, Diane 3 Atmore Hall, Glynn 2 Cantonment, Fla. Hall, Janet 2 Huntsville Hall, Janet 1 Mobile Hall, Karen 1 Heuytown Halstead, Harriet 2 Headland Hambric, Jacqueline 1 Birmingham Hamer, Dana 2 Helena Hamlin, Susan 3 Birmingham Hammer, Sharon 3 Huntsville Hamilton, Brenda 2 Montgomery Hamilton, Landis 2 Birmingham Hammond, Nanette 1 Birmingham Hammond, Vikky 3 Marion Hampton, Dale 3 Hartselle Hancock, Alan 3 Birmingham Hancock, Susan 2 Montgomery Hanna, Marie 1 Birmingham Harbin, Allison 3 Montgomery Harbin, Lorren 2 Kissimmee, Fla. Harden, Janet 1 Birmingham Hardin, Martha 2 Homevvood Hardwick, Gregg I Hamilton Hare, Peggy 1 Ashville Harper, Sandra 2 Montevallo Harris, Brenda 2 Cullman Harris, Lonney 2 Columbus, Ga. Harris, Myrick 2 Brent Harris, Randolph 1 Selma Harris, Rebecca 1 Greensboro Harrison, Jane 2 Greenville Harrison, Leslie 3 Montevallo Harrison, Mary 2 Gulf Breeze, Fla. Harrison, Paula 1 Mobile Harrison, Sharon 3 Birmingham Harrison, Wayne 3 Birmingham HartUne, David 2 Pinson Harvell, Brenda 3 Birmingham Hasenbein, Alice 2 Birmingham Hasenbein, Ed 1 Birmingham Hastins, Gary 2 McCalla — Hatchett, Jack 2 Birmingliam Hawkins, Joe 1 Alabaster Hawkins, Marty 2 Mt. Olive Hawkins, Mike 2 Mt. Olive Hawkins, Williaju 2 Alabaster Hayes, Norma 2 Centreville Hayes, Othenia 2 Alabaster 217 Haywood, Dianne 2 Biimingham Haywood, Jimmy 1 Birmingham Haywood, Martha 3 Greenville Headley, Gary 1 Clanton Hearn, Janet 1 Birmingham Heine, Don 3 Birmingham Helton, Debbie 1 Milton, Fla. Hendrix, Janis 3 Panama City, Fla. Henry, Kathy 2 Montgomery Henry, Paul 1 Alabaster Henson, Martha 3 AdamsviHe Herbinger, Connie 1 Birmingham Hernandez, Conchita 1 Montevallo Herring, Dale 1 Brimingham Herrod, Linda Gail 1 Prattville Herron, James 1 Centreville Herron, Margaret 1 Birmingham Herston, Beverly 1 Grand Bay Hester, Kathy 1 McKenzie Hester, Vicki 2 Gadsden Heyer, Laura 1 Birmingham Heyward, Ben Jr. 1 Birmingham Hill, Connie 1 Alpine Hill, Joan 1 Andalusia Hill, Patricia 1 Tampa, Fla. Hill, Shelley 1 Panama City, Fla Hitchcock, George 1 Montevallo Hobbs, Brenda 2 Birmingham Hobbs, Carolyn 3 Decatur Hoffman, Stephen 3 Butler Hoggle, Julian 2 Moundville Holcomb, Sheila 2 Tuscaloosa Holcombe, Timothy 3 Birmingham Hollingsworth, Kathy 3 Trussville Hollomon, Janet 1 Birmingham Holmes, James 2 Helena Hood, Elizabeth 3 Florence Hope, Amy 2 Homewood Hope, Sue 2 Shelby Hopkins, Sarah Ellen 3 Selma Hopper, Jill 2 Birmingham Hopper, Wilham 3 Verbena Horn, Charles 3 Montevallo Home, Bill 2 Bessemer Horsley, Annette 1 Birmingham Horton, Henry 2 Vestavia Hosey, Renee 2 Birmingham House, Julia 2 Panama City, I la. 218 i aU,M%- Howard, Deborah 2 Attala Howard, Joan 1 Tuscaloosa Howard, Rhonda 2 Gardendale Howell, Dorothy 3 Montgomery Huck, Patricia 2 Birmingham Hudson, Wanda 1 Fairfield Huff, Jonathan 2 CentreviUe Huggins, Pam 3 Mobile Hughey, Dale 3 Sprott HuUings, William 1 Huntsville Hunt, Sallie 2 CentreviUe Hurt, Phyllis 2 Calera Hurst, Karen 2 Prattville Hutchison, Virginia 1 Mobile IfiU, Madaline 1 Birmingham Ingram, Oleta 2 Jacksonville, Fla. Isbell, Nancy 1 Columbiana Isley, Debby 2 Birmingham Jackson, Edward 3 Huntsville Jackson, James 1 Alabaster Jackson, Jere 2 Altoona Jacksoil, Joe 2 Birmingham Jackson, Jonnie Jr. 2 Bessemer Jackson, Lynne 1 Birmingham Jackson, Paul 3 Birmingham James, Shirley 1 Birmingham Jaroensastraraks, Upsorn 3 Thailand Jaudon, Lee 1 Tuscaloosa Jenkins, John 4 Bradenton Jenkins, Kerry 1 Helena Jenks, Patty 2 Montgomery Jocobs, Mona 2 Decatur Johns, Janise 1 DeatsviUe Joiner, Ray 3 Columbiana Johnson, Daisy 2 Sebna Johnson, Elizabeth 2 Tuscaloosa Johnson, Freddy 2 Montevallo Johnson, Grace 2 Sylacauga Johnson, Janet 2 Andalusia Johnson, Luann 2 Montevallo Johnson, Margaret 2 Clanton Johnson, Sedalia 3 Montgomery Johnson, Valerie 2 Huntsville Johnston, Linda 2 Russellville Johnston, Marthetta 3 Palmerdale Johnston, Pat 2 East Meadow, New York Jones, Carol 2 Birmingham Jones, Don 1 Wilsonville 219 Jones, John 1 Marion Jones, Lynn 1 Prattville Jones, Patty I Birmingham Jones, Ronnie 2 Decatur Jones, Sandra 2 Alabaster Jones, Sidney 1 Chattanooga, Tenn. Jones, Susan 2 Birmingham Jordan, Kathy 1 Pell City Jordan, Mitzi 3 Tuscaloosa Justice, Kenneth 4 Warrior Kaemmerer, Kay 1 Gulf Shores Karling, Patricia 1 Dothan Katz, Teresa 1 Montgomery Keeton, Kiana 1 Birmingham Keith, Danny 3 New Market Keith, Jerry 2 Bessemer Keller, Mark 1 Birmingham Kelly, Cynthia 1 Chelmsford, Mass. Kelly, Susan 2 Fairfield Kendrick, Carol 3 Montgomery Kennedy, Nancy 2 Mobile Kennington, Cheryl 1 Birmingham Kereakos, John 1 Calera Kerlin, Wayne 3 Mobile Kessler, Kitty 2 Birmingham Kiker, Paula 2 Bessemer Kimbreau, Charlotte 1 Birmingham Kincaid, Mike 3 Birmingham King, Catherene 2 Fairhope King, Dayna 1 Birmingham King, Jade 3 Birmingham King, Jerry 1 Calera King, Phillip 3 Pelham King, Thomas 3 Homewood Kinzinger, Robert 1 Birmingham Kirby, Bobby 1 LaGrange, Georgia Kirby, Charles 2 Decatur Kirby, Margaret V. 3 Transylvania Kirby, Marsha 2 McCalla Kirk, Miriam 2 Greensboro Kirkland, Carol 1 MontevaUo Kirkland, Mark 1 Birmingham Kirkpatrick, Vicky 3 Fairfield Kirksey, Robert 3 Hueytown Kitson, Jim 3 Houston, Texas Knall, David 1 Birmingham Kneisley, Margaret 2 Birmingham Knott, Jean 3 Atlanta, Ga. 220 Komalaehoti, Puek Prim 1 Thailand Laminack, Scott 1 Heflin Laminack, Susan 3 Midfield Lancaster, Cheryl 3 West Frankfort, 111. Landman, Mary Sue 2 Birmingham Lane, Janice 3 Birmingham Lang, Peggy 3 Huntsville Langley, David 3 Mobile Lanier, Barbara 1 Birmingham Lanier, Lyn 3 Birmingham Larkin, Paula 3 Birmingham Latham, Marilyn 3 Maplesville Latta, Vickie 2 Fultondale Lauten, Mary Jo 2 Mobile Law, Janet 1 Culhnan Lawley, Vicki 1 Montevallo Lawson, Pam 1 Huntsville Ledbetter, Dianne 2 Hueytown Lee, Steve 2 Alabaster Lees, Laura 2 Mobile Legg, Steve 2 Gardendale Lemay, Jean 3 Sheffield Lenoir, Janelle 3 Jamison Lewis, Don 3 Birmingham Lewis, Sara 2 Woodstock Lien, Judy 2 Montevallo Lightfoot, Robert 1 Montevallo Lilly, Dorothy 2 Montevallo Lilly, Freda 1 Tallahassee Linder, Janice 2 Selma Lingo, Michael 3 Birmingham Linley, Terry 3 Birmingham Little, Ameha 1 LeRoy Little, Debbie 1 Birmingham Littlefield, Gerald 1 Birmingham Littleton, Victor 3 Maylene Lockhart, Phyllis 2 Greenville Loper, Cindy 1 Mobile Lough, Ronald 3 Steele Love, Theresa 3 Crosston Lovelady, Lynn 3 Helena Lovelady, Patti 2 Montevallo Lovelady, Tisia 2 Montevallo Lowe, Lisa 1 Birmingham Lowe, Patricia 1 Mobile Lowery, Carol 1 Jemison Lowery, Laura 2 Sylacaiisia Lowry, Suzanne 3 Birmingliam 221 Lucas, Cynthia 1 Birmingham Lucas, Deborah 1 Lamar Lucas, Leslie 3 Montevallo Lucy, Dickie 3 Trussville Lugar, Virgil 3 Birmingham Luke, Michael 1 Tuscaloosa Lund, Mary Kay 1 Taladega Lydon, Mark 2 Birmingham Lynn, Marty 3 Montgomery Mackey, J. Boyd III 2 Demoplis Mackey, Kathleen 3 Birmingham Mackey, Virginia 2 Birmingham MacPherson, Steve 1 Hueytown Maddox, Cathy 1 Clanton Maddox, Kathy 2 Birmingham Maddox, Peggy 2 Clanton Madsen, Marlyce 1 Grand Bay Maggiore, Antoinette 2 Mt. Brook Main, Kimberly 2 Ozark Malone, Linda 2 Birmingham Malone, Lisa 1 Birmingham Manley, Deborah 2 Mobile Mann, Cindy 2 Birmingham Mann, Iris 1 Tallahassee Mann, Larry I Childersburg Marbut, Linda 2 Birmingham Marchant, Don 3 Brent Marcum, Michael 3 Montevallo Martin, Betty 2 Hartselle Martin, Melissa 2 Plantersville Martin, Mickey 1 Jemison Martinez, Frieda 1 Decatur Masaki, Kimiko 2 Tokyo, Japan Mason, Cathy 3 Mobile Mason, Dot 1 Birmingham Mason, Karen 3 Mumford Massey, Kenney 1 Suluria Massey, Pat I Birmingham Mathews, Bill 2 Montevallo Mathews, Brownie 1 Birmingham Mathison, Leslie 3 Montevallo Matin, Susan 3 Gardendale Matthews, David 2 Bessemer Matthews, Monica 1 Fairfield Maxfield, Robert 2 Cullman Maxwell, Joseph 2 Tuscaloosa May, June 3 Sawyersville May, Virginia I TaUadega 222 iSM Mayes, Mary Ann 3 Morris Mayfield, Larry 1 Vestavia Mayfield, Virginia 3 Gardendale Mays, Cheryl 2 Birniingliam Mayton, Elizabetli 2 Union Mayton, Jimmy 1 Union Town McCall, Jo Ann 2 Folley McCanless, William 1 Mobile McCay, Mary 3 Birmingham McClung, Vickie 2 Birmingham McCluskey, Charlotte 2 Decatur McCombs, Rena 3 Pinson McCorkle, Ed 3 Birmingham McCrear, Anna 1 Birmingham McCullongh, Doug 2 Birmingham McCaniel. Stephen 3 Lipscomb McDaniels, John 1 Vestavia McDonald, Mary 3 Mobile McElroy, James 3 Midfield McElwee, Susan 1 Vestavia McEntee, Julie 1 Montevallo McEwen, Ann 2 Rockford McFailand, Judy 3 Birmingham McGalliard, Earl 2 Slapout McGee, Caral 2 Oakmond McGinty, Donna 1 Birmingham McGlown, Joanne 2 Montevallo McGuffie, Robert 2 Helena McGuire, Vickie 3 Birmingham McGurk, Dale 2 Havertown, Pa. McKay, Reba 1 Birmingham McKenzie, Cooper 1 Birmingham McLendon, Nan 3 Selma McLeod.Beth 1 Birmingham McLeod, Debbie 1 Birmingham McMillan, Marion 1 Greensburo McMarray Bill 2 Greensburo McNair, Leda 1 Birmingham McNaughton, Ann 3 Birmingham McNeel, Marion 2 Birmingham McQueen, Donna 1 Columbiana Meadows, Connie 3 Decatur Meadows, Elizabeth Ann 1 Birmingham Medders, Carol 2 Decatur Meigs, Nancy 2 Daviston Meitl, William 3 Oakley, Kansas Merrell, Linda 2 Columbiana Merrell, Vicki 2 Birmingham 223 Merrill, Susan 1 Andalusia Metcalfe, Nita 3 Birmingham Metzger, Electa 2 Point Clear Middleton. Deborah 3 Birmingham Midldeton, Marianne 1 Birmingham Middleton, Mona 1 Birmingham Miller, Jane 2 Wetumpka Millican, Charlotte 2 Montgomery Milligan, Rick 2 Birmingham Mills, Jimmy I Maylene Mills, Sheri 2 Arab Mims, Bruce 1 Thorsby Mims, Cathy 2 Thorsby Mims. Sandra 1 Talladega Minton, Drucilla 3 Warrior Mitchell, David 1 Birmingham Mitchell, Eva 2 Birmingham Mitchell, Evelyn 1 Montevallo Mitchell, Jane Ellen 3 Opelika Mitchell, Laura 1 Decatur Mitchell, Ricky 1 Birmingham Mizzell, Chester 1 Thorsby Moatts, Pam 2 Clanton Montgomery, Angela 2 Birmingham •o.« Vs,-! •t, ' «- ' 7 " f . ■ - ■ ' ' •. Montgomery, Ann 1 Alabaster Moon, Pam 2 Birmingham Moor, Joel 3 Tokyo, Japan Moore, Ann 4 Childersburg Moore, Charles 2 Birmingham Moore, Gary 1 Birmingham Moore, Karen 1 Prattville Moore, Mary Anne 2 Rockford Moore, Michael 1 Columbiana Moore, Robert 1 Birmingham Morean, Greg 1 Birmingham Morelock, Diane 2 Huntsville Morgan, Donald 2 Jasper Morris, Cynthia 2 Atlanta, Ga Morris, Mary 1 Centreville Morris, Tanya 1 Columbus, Ga. Morris, Wanda 1 Wilsonville Morrison, Billy 2 Trussville Morrow, Kathy 4 Gasden Morse, Laurie 1 Huntsville Morton, Cloy 2 Huntsville Mosley, Barb 1 Mobile Mosley, Jimmy 2 Jemison Moseley, Josepha 2 Tupelo, Miss. 224 Moultrie, Brenda 1 Birmingham Mount, Bill 1 Birmingham Mulkey, Myra 2 Alabaster Mullins, Evelyn 1 Andalusia MuUins, Lee 1 Birmingham Mullins, Phillip 3 Helena Munshowen, Garry 1 Birmingham Murphy, Angela 3 Newell Murphy, Lynn 1 Birmingham Murphy, Mike 3 Birmingham Murray, Robert 3 Montevallo Muse, Tony 1 Wilsonville Myrick, William 3 Birmingham Nabors, Leila 3 Huntsville Nabors, Nannette 3 Birmingham Nail, Julia 1 Crestwood, Florida Nathews, Ann 1 Montevallo Neely, Norma 3 Verbena Neill, Sonny 3 Birmingham Nelson, Betty 1 Montevallo Nelson, Carl 2 Dothan Nelson, Craig 3 Slapout Nelson, Linda 1 Deatsville Nemeth, Rose Ann 1 Tuscaloosa Neuffer, Gloria 2 Huntsville Newman, Belita 1 Birmingham Newm an, James 2 Riverview Newman, Rebecca 3 Birmingham Nichols, Cody 1 Birmingham Nix, Bridget 1 Jemison Nix, Karen Jeaneane 2 Phemx City Nix, Michael 1 Jemison Nix, Michaelle 2 Montevallo Nixon, Valerie 1 Bessemer Noel, Susan 1 Fort Payne Noland, Cynthia 3 Aliceville Norman, Babette 1 Birmingham Norman, Daphne 1 Birmingham Norton, David 1 Heflin Nuss, Michael 2 Steele O ' Brien, Billy 4 Birmingham Oliver, Georgann 3 Tuskegee O ' Quinn, Robert 2 Anniston Orr, Laurie 3 Montevallo Owen, Cindy 3 Huntsville Owens, Allen 2 Birmingham Owens, Ira 1 Minter Owens, James 1 Birmingham 225 Owens, Shelia 1 Bessemer Oyer, Scott 2 Birmingham Painter, Susan 2 Mobile Pappas, Diane 3 Falls Church, Va. Parker, Becky 2 Headland Parker, Courtney 3 Montevallo Parker, Grace 1 Panama City, Fla. Parker, Pamela 2 Birmingham Parler, Hal 2 Birmingham Parnell, Connie 1 Munford Parsons, Dianne 3 Brookwood Partin, Richard 1 Birmingham Patterson, Barbara 1 Lineville Patterson, Thomas 2 Birmingham Patton, George 1 Birmingham Payne, Beverly 2 Bessemer Payne, Vera 2 Hueytown Pebworth, Debbie 1 Andalucia Pender, Mike 2 Birmingham Pendleton, Debbie 1 Montevallo Penn, Lu Ann 2 Fultondale Pennington, Dennis 2 Tuscaloosa Pennington, John 1 Birmington Pentecost, Carol 1 Birmingham Pequis, Mary F rances 2 Birmingham Perdue, Wendy 2 Phenix City Perry, Doug 3 Moundville Perry, Linda 2 Corner Peters, Deborah 3 Montevallo Peters, Herman Montevallo Phillips, Gail 2 Phenix City Phillips, Jeff 2 Birmingham Piazza, Joe 1 Birmingham Pickett, Steve 1 Fairfield Pickett, Susie 3 Montevallo Pierce, Gayle 1 Birmingham Pierce, Paula 3 Birmingham Pierce, Ramona 3 Tallassee Pierce, Susan 1 Bessemer Pike, David 1 Birmingham Pinion, Mary Jo 1 Alabaster Plowden, Lynn 2 Russellville Pody, Sarah 3 Weogufka Ponder, Joh 1 Birmingham Poole, Terry 1 Huntsville Popwell, Brenda 1 Trussville Popwell, Cynthia 1 Clanton Porter, Debbie 1 Selma 226 Porter, Karen 2 Centreville Porter, Kathy 2 Birmingham Porter, Rachel 3 Shelby Porter, Thomas 3 Birmingham Porterfield, David 1 Birmingham Posey, Lynn 1 Birmingham Posey. Verabeth 1 Pinson Potts, Howard I Montevallo Powe, Marva 1 Birmingham Powell, Pam 1 Birmingham Powell, Wanda 2 Decatur Prasthofer, Ed 3 Huntsville Preston, Tony 2 Georgetown, Fla. Price, Janice 3 Boaz Prigmore, Teresa 2 Oxford Prince, Richard 3 Selma Puckett, Brenda 1 Birmingham Putman, Jamey 2 Montevallo Quattrini, Michael 2 Selma Quick, Alex 1 Birmingham Rebrew, Michael 2 Andalusia Radtke, Susan 1 Birmingham Ragland, Donna 2 Tuscaloosa Raines, Ken 1 Birmingham Raines, Margaret 3 Prattville Raley, Lance 1 Montevallo Ramp, David 1 Birmingham Ramsey, Robert 1 Tuscaloosa Randolph, Ann 2 Montgomery Ratliff, James 1 Birmingham Ratliff, Patricia 1 Birmingham Ray, Carol 1 Alabaster Ray, Elizabeth 1 Birmingham Ray, Kathy 1 Wilsonville Redd, Rhonda 2 Birmingham Reed, George 1 Calera Reeder, Mary 3 Wilton Reinsch, Susan 2 Birmingham Renfroe, Jan 3 Pleasant Grove Rentz, Debbie 3 Mobile Reynolds, Barbara 1 Alabaster Reynolds, Deborah 3 Goodwater Reynolds, Janet 1 Tokyo, Japan Renolds, Kathy 3 Greenville Reynolds, Margaret 2 Birmingham Rice, Richard 1 Birmingham Richard, Ayme 2 Birmingham Richards, Don 1 Helena 227 Richardson, Phyllis 3 Mobile Richardson, Ramona 1 Birmingham Richey, Ronald 3 Columbiana Regell, Robin 2 Natchez, Miss. Riggs, Pam 2 Decatur Riley, Betsy 2 Birmingham Ritchie, Frances 2 Mobile Roach, Linda 3 Alabaster Robbins, Rebecca 2 Birmingham Robert, Jeanette 1 Huntsville Roberts, Diane 3 Birmingham Roberts, Rosanne 1 Birmingham Robertson, Dale 3 Birmingham Robinson, Camille 3 Orlando, Fla. Robinson, Carol 2 Birmingham Robinson, Deborah 3 Clanton Robinson, Gerald 1 Montevallo Robinson, Leigh 1 Ashville Robinson, Linda 1 Birmingham Robinson, Nancy 2 Birmingham Robinson, Velda 1 Birmingham Robinson, Vickcy 3 Birmingham Roden, Darrell 2 Pensacola, Fla. Roden, Nancy 3 Pensacola, Fla, Rogers, Candy 3 Guntersville Rominger, Sheryll 2 Birmingham Rooks, Deborah I Birmingham Rose, Charlotte 2 Birmingham Rouse, Sheri 2 Hartsfield, Ga. Rowan, Missy 2 Huntsville Roy, Jo 2 Randolph Rudolph, Cindy I Clinton, Tenn. Rushing, Milli 1 Birmingham Russell, Emmett 1 Sheffield Russell, Jane 1 Bessemer Russell, Susan 1 Birmingham Rutherford, Kerry 3 Helena Rye, Pat 2 Birmingham Salder, Clarie 1 Montgomery Sanders, Jimmy 2 Calera Sanders, Linda 3 Cullman Sanders, Wynell 2 Huntsville Sanford, Donna 1 Huntsville Sanford, Karen 2 Birmingham Sasser, Susan 2 Birmingham Savitz, Steve 1 Tampa, Fla. Sa.xon, Sharon 2 Birmingham Sayler, Hoyt 2 Dothan 228 Schnadelbach, Barbara 1 Grand Bay Scoggins, Sheila 1 Tarrant Scott, Mark 2 Montgomery Screws, Joyce 1 Montgomery Scrugham, Nancy 1 Greenville Seay, David 3 Birmingham Segers, Mary 1 Guntersville Self, Leslie 3 Decatur Self, Janis 1 Birmingham Sellers, Michael 3 Corner Shafer, Richard 1 Birmingham Shaling, Patty 1 Gardendale Shanks, Jennifer 3 Maplesville Shannon, Joe 1 Clanton Sheppard, Judy 1 Mobile Shipp, Marcia 3 Corner Shipp, Sherry 1 Aliceville Silva, Lucehda 1 Colombia, South America Simms, Beverly 1 Charleston, South Carolina Simonetti, Margaret 2 Bessemer Sims, Cathy 2 Montevallo Sims, Johnny 2 Birmingham Skinner, Sammy 1 Siluria Skipper, Leigh Ann 2 Birmingham t P $, V . i Slaughter, Linda 2 Birmingham Slimp, Debra 3 Birmingham Smith, Carol F. 3 Selma Smith, Faith 1 Santa Rosa Beach, Fla. Smith, Gary 1 Birmingham Smith, Jane 4 Louisville Smith, John 3 Florence Smith, Joyce 3 Birmingham Smith, Marie 3 Birmingham Smith, Mark 3 Birmingham Smith, Mary 3 Birmingham Smith, Nancy 1 Birmingham Smith, Pam 3 Alex City Smith, Rebecca 2 Wetumpka Smitherman, Rodger 1 Montevallo Smith, Ruby 2 Clanton Smith, Tommy 2 Auburn Snipes, Larry 2 Tuscaloosa Snowden, Karen 3 Birmingham Sorey, Kathy 1 Birmingham Sorrentina, Rita 1 Panama City, Fla. Sorrell, Richard 3 Birmingham Sowell, Sandy 2 Montgomery Sparks, WiUiam 2 Birmingham 229 Spelce, Angela 1 New Market Sproul, Burney 1 Calera Spruell, Judy 2 Mount Hope Spruiell, David 2 Hueytown Sprunger, Dianne 2 Hueytown Stafford, Beverly 3 Calera Stafford, Sherry 1 Huntsville Stanford, Keldon 2 Helena Stanton, Charles 1 Brent Stapler, Kathy 1 New Hope Stephenson, Lynda 3 Center Point Stewart, Clarie 2 Wedowee Stewart, Danny 1 Gardendale Stewart, Linda 2 Birmingham Stewart, Robert 2 Opelika Still, Randy 2 Brewton Stokes, Judith 2 Reform Stone, Margaret 2 Bessemer Stone, Melanie 2 Birmingham Stonecypher, Mike 2 Glencoe Stovall, James 3 Pelham Strength, Kathy 1 Deatsville Strickland, Sue 1 Birmingham Stricklin, Donna 2 Shelby Stubben, Gilda 1 Tuscaloosa Stubbs, Beverly 1 Birmingham Stutts, Anita 2 Decatur Sumner, Nancy 3 Duncanville Sundberg, Raymond 3 Calera Sunderland, Deborah 1 Birmingham Surface. Jimmy 2 Montevallo Swindall, Gwen 1 Wetumpka Taff, Nancy ! Montevallo Talton, Donna 3 Columbiana Tapscott. Cheryl 1 Birmingham Tatum, Dale 3 Jasper Taylor, Darrcl 2 Lillian Taylor, Gary 2 Selma Taylor, Grant 1 Birmmgham Taylor, Lynn 3 Childersburg Taylor, Rosemari 1 Wiesbaden, Germany Taylor, Thomas 1 Montevallo Taylor, Tony 3 Eclectic Teel. Terry 3 Auburn Telahon, Negatu 1 Thiopia Tennant, Susie 3 Birmingham Terrell, Diane 2 Jackson Terrell, Paul 2 Bessemer 230 Terry, Carla 3 Birmingham Terry, Joe 1 Bessemer Thigpen, Ed 2 Birminglnam Thomas, Ann 1 Huntsville Thomas, Carol 2 Warrior Thomas, Charles 2 Birmingham Thomas, Frank 3 Sayre Thomas, Robin 1 Birmingham Thompson, Mark 1 Birmingham Thompson, Patricia 1 Montgomery Thompson, Valerie 2 Birmingham Thornburg, William 1 Columbiana Thorne, Joe 2 Mobile Thrasher, Ron 2 Birmingham Tibbs, Robby 3 Hueytown Tingle, Richard 3 Montevallo Tingle, Tim 3 Birmingham Tinsley, Claire 1 Montevallo Tinsley, Don 2 Montevallo Tipton, Randy 3 Birmingham Tisdale, Mark 3 Birmingham Todd, Kittle I Birmingham Tollenson, Suzan 1 Birmingham Tomlinson, Nathan 3 Birmingham Toney, Stephen 2 Tampa, Florida Trawick, Ken 1 Homewood Trayvvick, James 3 Thorsby Troutman, Dewey 3 Birmingham Tucker, Margaret 2 Leeds Tucker, Ted 2 Birmingham Tucker, Tim 3 Marion Turner, June 1 Anniston Tyler, Cathy 3 Birmingham Ulrich, Gary 2 Prattville Upton, Darlene 1 Columbiana Vail, Ellen 3 Birmingham Valdez, Cheri 1 Montgomery Valekins, Jim 1 Birmingham VanAntwerp, Mary 3 Mobile Vance, Katherine 2 Springville Vandegrif, Marcie 2 Leeds Vann, Bill 1 Hueytown Vann, James 2 Birmingham Vansant, Deanne 1 Columbiana Vansant, Ronnie 1 Wilsonville Varikarn, Somkiat 1 Birmingham Vaughn, Austin 1 Greensboro, N. C. Veasey, Alan 1 Leeds 231 Vinson, Anne 2 Homewood Vinson, Gail 2 Homewood Wade, Sharon 1 Birmingham Wade, Suzy 3 Sylacauga Wailes, Ann 2 Birmingham Waites, Randy 1 Birmingham Waites, Susan 1 Prattville Walden, Joseph 1 Columbiana Walden, Patricia 3 Birmingham Walker, George 3 Tuscaloosa Walker, Jane 2 Warrior Wall, Frank 2 Birmingham Wallace, Diane 3 Randolph Wallis, Jim 2 Birmingham Walrand, Cheryl 3 Birmingham Walters, Kathy 1 Montgomery Walters, Suzanne 2 Birmingham Walton, Ricky 1 Calera Ward, Karl 2 Prattville Ward, Linda 1 Anniston Warren, Donna 1 Columbiana Wasson, Leslie 2 Birmingham Watkins, Mary 3 New York Watson, John 2 Tuscaloosa Watson, Debra 2 Selma Watts, Marquetta 3 Fairfield Waugh, Martha 3 Montevallo Weatherly, Pat 2 Homewood Weeks, Steve 3 Montgomery Weger, Brenda 2 Birmingham West, Donna 1 Talladega West, Katie 3 Anniston Whaley, Tony 1 Clanton Wharton, Jackie 1 Huntsville Wheeler, Cathy 1 Birmingham Wheeler, Eric 3 Columbia, S. C. Whelchel, Rick 1 Auburn Whigham, Dixie 3 Prattville Whitaker, Nira 1 Gadsden White, Charlotte 1 Puerto Rico White, Cleon 1 Vestavia Whitehurst, William 1 Vestavia Whitson, Judy 1 Double Springs Whitson, Sandra 3 Double Springs Whitten, Donna 2 Wilsonville Whitten, Mike 1 Columbiana Wigginton, David 3 Birmingham Wildsmith, Susan 2 Birmingham 232 Wilemon, Gary 3 Birmingham Wilemon, Janice 2 Sylacauga Wilhite, Kay 2 Cullman Wilkinson, Richard 1 Selma Willey, Allen 1 Birmingham Williams, Brenda 1 Montgomery Williams, Jan 2 Clanton Williams, Judy 2 Calera Williams, Julia 1 Columbiana Williams, Orion 1 Montevallo Williamson, Brenda 1 Andalusia Williamson, Gladys 1 Bessemer Williamson, Rebecca 1 Birmingham Willis, Debbie 3 Montgomery WilHs, John 3 Tallassee Willis, Lawrence 1 Mobile Wills, Dorothy 1 Gardendale Wilson, Butch 3 Alabaster Wilson, Deborah 2 Birmingham WUson, Elliot 2 Midfield Wilson, Marcie 3 Decatur Wine, Jame 3 Hueytown Wingate, Cornelia 1 Birmingham Winslett, Stan 2 Montevallo Wood, Mike 1 Birmingham Woodley, Gerald 3 Jasper Woodruff, Martha 3 Birmingham Woods, Frances 1 West Blocton Wooley. John 1 Montevallo Wooten, Janice 2 Calera Worley, Tommy 3 Huntsville Worrell, Ameha 1 Birmingham Worrell, Kathy 1 Selma Wright, Debi 2 Sandusky Wright, Jean 2 Birmingham Wright, Jeannie 3 Greensboro Wright, John 4 Birmingham Wright, Neland 3 Birmingham Wright, Terrell 1 Birmingham Wyatt, Joe 2 Clanton Wyatt, William 3 Montevallo Yarbrough, Jerry 3 Montgomery Yeatts, Georgia 3 Jemison Yell, Deborah 1 Huntsville Yaokum, Chuck 2 Birmingham Young, Martha 2 Huntsville Young, William 1 Calera Youngblood, Jean 1 Montevallo 233 Senior Directory ALDRIDGE, ROSEMARY Decatur, So- cial Work, B.A., Social Work Club, Cres- cent Club. Alpha Gamma Delta. ALFORD.JOHN THOMAS Birming- ham, Biology, B.S., Biology Club, Beta Beta Beta, Honors 1971-72. ANDERSON, MILLICENT Selma, Of- fice Administration, B.S., Pep Club- V.P. 1970, Pres. 1971-72, Sec.-Tres. 1973. ASHENFELTER, NATALIE Jasper, Speech Pathology, B.S., Chi Omega Sorority Cor. Sec, K-ettes-Pres., Young Republicans, Debate Squad, Usher ' s Club, Crescent Club-Par,, Logos-V.P. ASHA. BAKER, DOLORES ANN Wilsonville, Ele. Ed., B.S., SNEA-V.P., ACE, Se- nior Counselor, College Night. BALFOUR, KATHARINE JEANNE HuntsviUe, P.E., Physical Ed. Club, Cat- aUna Club, College Night. BARKSDALE, JR. HOWARD C. Bir- mingham, Accounting, B.S., Circle K, College Night, Montage Staff. BARRENTINE, SUSAN Berry, Social Work, B.A., Social Work Club. BARTON, BEVERLY B. Montevallo, Music-Piano, B.A. BENNETT, JR. ALFRED WENDELL Marion, History. B.A.. SRA-V.P. BEVERLY, LARRY FRANKLIN Huey- town, Mkt. and Mgt., B.S., Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity-Tres., Interfraternity Council, Junior Senator, Senior Senator, College Night, Intramurals. BLACK, RICHARD ARTHUR St. Louis, Missouri, Marketing Manage- ment, B.S., Alpha Tau Omega. BLACKERBY, CHERYL Montgomery, English, B.A., Alpha Delta Pi, SNEA, Jr. Class Beauty, Sr. Class Beauty, Ala- bamian-Feature Editor ' 72, Editor ' 73. BLACKWELDER, DEBORAH RUTH Montgomery, Home Economics Ed., B.S., Home Economics Club, Omicron Nu-Pres. BLAIN.DIANNE Theodore, Social Work, B.A., Social Work Club-Tres., Phi Mu, Eta Sigma Phi-Pres., Alpha Lambda Delta, Highest Honors ' 69- ' 70, ' 70- ' 7 1 . Honors ' 7 1 - ' 72 , Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. BLAIR, JOHN Calera, Mathematics, B.S. BLAIR, MICHAEL Northport, General Business, B.A. BOLDING, BEVERLY Randolph, Home Economics, B.S., Home Economics Club. BOWDEN,GAIL VARNEY Monteval- lo, Home Economics Ed., B.S. BREWER, DAVID Gardendale, Music Education, B.A., Lambda Chi Alpha, College Night, Music Productions. B RIND LEY, CLARA JANE Birming- ham, English, B.A., Sigma Tau Delta— Tres., Kappa Delta Pi. BROWN, MARY LEE Sylacauga, Retail Merchandising, B.S. BROWN, SUSAN Jacksonville, Florida, P.E.,B.S.,Catalina. BRUNSON, TIMOTHY PAUL Birming- ham, History, B.A., Lambda Chi Alpha. BRYANT, JOHNNIE PrattviUe, P.E., B.S., Physical Education Club, College Night ' 70, ' 71, ' 72, ' 73. BURKE, WAYMON Owens Cross Roads, Political Science, B.A., Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity— Sec. BUSSEY, LORI DARLENE Sylacauga, History, B.A., K-ettes, SNEA. BUTLER, PHILLIP Montgomery, Speech, B.A., Spanish Club ' 69-70, Theatre Council ' 70-73-V.P.- ' 71-73 University Productions ' 69- ' 73, College Night- ' 70, ' 7 1 , ' 72, Purple Cabinet- ' 72. BUTTS. JR. OWEN Montgomery, P.E., B.S., Basketball- ' 71- ' 73, Canterbury Club-Pres. CHAMBERS, JO ANN Bessemer, Math- ematics and General Science, B.S. CHERRY, MARY GALE Birmingham, Home Economics Ed., B.S. CHURCHILL, JIMMIE LYNNE Monte- vallo, Office Administration, B.S., The- eatre. College Night. CLARK, DONNA SUE New Hope,Ele- mentary Education, B.S., SNEA. CLARK, SUZANNE Selma, English, B.A., College Night ' 71 - ' 72, Gold Cabinet. CLOPTON, J. WALTER Birmingham, Biology, B.S., Chi Alpha Tau, Fire Chief, Fire Marshal, College Night, Mascot Trainer, Experimental Theater. CLUCK, J. MYRON Montgomery, Busi- ness Marketing Management. COFER.DEANNA MARIE Jemison, Speech Pathology, Logos. COLEMAN, SHARON ERCELLE Bir- mingham, History, B.A., SNEA, SAEA, SGA— Sec. Intramurals. COLLINS, JERRY DARRYL Ala- baster, Math, B.S. COLSON, MICHAEL G. Eutaw, Politi- cal Science, B.A., Young Republicans, Spanish Club, Circle K. Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Soph. Court Justice (SGA)— Clerk. CONWAY, DAVID GORDON Thorsby, Physical Education, B.S., P.E. Club— V.P., " M " Club, SNEA, Intercollegiate Basketball Team. COOK, SHERRY Wilsonville, Elemen- tary Education, B.S. CORDER, BONNIE Aliceville, Physical Education, B.S., Physical Education Club, Sociology Club, College Night ' 71, ' 72, ' 73, ' 74. CORK, NINA LANCE Tuscaloosa, So- cial Work, B.A., Social Work Club, Ushers Club. COX, DONNA JO Boaz, Physical Edu- cation, B.S., P.E. Club— Sec, Kappa Delta Pi, Intramurals. COX, JOHN FRANK Alabaster, Music Education, BME, MENC, University Brass Choir, College Night ' 70. CRAWFORD, CATHERINE CAMILLE Birmingham, Elementary Education, B.S., Theatre Council, A.C.E., College Night. CAMPBELL, CHRISTINE ROSE Bir- mingham, Speech Pathology. B.S., Logos-Pres. Catalina, Alumni Scholar- ship, Sr. EUte Speech Pathology, House Council ' 73, Intramurals, Volleyball Team ' 72- ' 73. CANNON, SANDRA OWEN Monteval- lo, Mathematics, B.S., Catalina— Sec.- Tres. ' 70- ' 7 1 , Chi Omega-Pres. ' 72- ' 73, Wind Ensemble, Alpha Tau Omega Lit- tle Sister, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Montage Beauty ' 72, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Elite Night ' 71. DAR Scholarship ' 69-73. GARDEN, RICHARD Maplesville, Voice, BME, Concert Choir- ' 70- ' 73. CARPENTER, KENNETH ALAN Athens, History, B.A., International Relations Club— Par. CRISMAN, W. OTEY Selma, Account- 234 ing, B.S., Lambda Chi Alpha, Sigma Alpha Sigma, Honors Scholarship ' 70-73, Who ' s Who, Sr. Elite-Business Administration, College Night ' 70- ' 73, Golf Team ' 69- ' 73. CROWE, BONITA MAE Birmingham, Elementary Education, B.S., Chi Omega Sorority— Historian, K-ettes— Sec.-Tres., Circle K Sweetheart, Chi Delphia-So- cial Chairman. CULLEN, SUSAN Birmingham, Physical Education, B.S., P.E. Club, College Night, Volleyball Extramural Team. GULP, PAULA ANN Thorsby, Physical Education, B.S., P.E. Club, Intramurals. CUNNINGHAM, DONNA Anniston, Elementary Education, B.S., SNEA— Pres. ' 72- ' 73, ACE, Chorale, College Night. DANIEL, DAVID Birmingham, Account- ing, B.A. DAVIS, DEBRA JAN Prattville, En- glish, B.A. , Phi Mu, A.C.E. DAVIS, ELIZABETH DIANNE Mound- ville, Elementary Education, B.S., A.C.E. , S.N.E.A., K-ettes, Montage Staff. DAY, DIANE Birmingham, Elementary Education, B.S., A.C.E. ' 70, ' 71 , ' 72, ' 73, Phi Mu-Pledge Director, Chaplain, Who ' s Who, Sr. Favorite, EHte Night, Jr. Class Pres., Sr. Class Pres. DELMARTER, DONNA LOU Tibbie, Retail Merchandising, B.S., Home Ec- onomics Club, Ushers Club— Co. chair- man, Alpha Gamma Delta— Songleader, College Night, Costumes for Children ' s Play. DEVINE, PATRICIA Marlborough, Conn., Physical Education, B.S., P.E. Club— Social Chairman, College Night. DONALDSON, PEGGY MARIE Bir- mingham, English, B.A. DONIVAN, JO ANN Foley, Social Work, B.A., Social Work Club, K-ettes- Pres., Newman Club. DOUGLAS, SANDRA LYNN Birming- ham, Music Education, B.M.E., College Night, Concert Choir. DUNCAN , JOANNE Alpine , Physical Education, B.S., P.E. Club, Kappa Delta Pi-V.P., Edythe Saylor Scholarship, Intramurals. DUNLAP,JOHN R.ANDALL HoUy Pond, Math, B.S., Lambda Chi Alpha Kappa Mu Epsilon— V.P., Chief Justice, Student Honor Court ' 72- ' 73 Jr. Court Justice, S.G.A. Executive Council, Who ' s Who, CoUege Night. EAGAR, CHARLES H. Birmingham, Ac- counting, B.S., Pi Kappa Phi— Tres., Ju- nior-Senator, Baseball Team, " M " Club, Fire Marshal, Intramurals. EASTERLING, JAMES W. Selma, Math Physics, B.S., Kappa Mu Epsilon. EILAND, CLARK Marion, History En- glish, B.A. , College Night. ELKO URIE, DAVID GERARD Bir- mingham, Business Administration, B.S., Theatre Council, Sigma Alpha Sigma, Who ' s Who, Purchasing Manage- ment Association Award, Dean ' s List, Theatre Productions. ELLIOTT, JR. WILLIAM EDWARD Montgomery, Sociology, B.A., Spanish Club, Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, Who ' s Who Pres. Freshman Class, Jr. and Sr. Class Senator, Fire Dept., College Night, Cabinet. ELLIS, JOHN GARY Mobile, Business Administration, B.S., Alabama Con- servator, Inter Fraternity Council— Pres., Circle K, Delta Chi Fraternity- V.P., College Night Leader, Freshman Favorite, Intramurals SGA. ERVIN, ROBERT Marion. Marketing Management. B.S., Delta Chi Frater- nity. ESTES, LINDA Cullman, Spanish Speech, B.A., Theatre Council ' 70- ' 72, International Relations ' 68- ' 69, Zeta Phi Eta-Pres., Sigma Delta Pi-Sec. - Tres., College Productions, Trumbauer Drama Festival ' 70- ' 72, Eta Sigma Phi, Honor ' s Group ' 69, ' 71 - ' 72, Highest Honor ' s ' 70. Foreign Language, B.A., Theatre Pro- ductions, College Night. GUNTER, REBA JO Brundidge, Art, B.A. FEAGIN, LAUREN DENISE MobUe, Elementary Education, B.S., K-ettes, Chi Delphia, Crescent Club, Oemga Tau Omega Sorority, Gold Cabinet. FERGUSON, PHYLLIS KAY Prichard, Counseling and Guidance, B.S., Alpha Gamma Delta Fraternity, Pres.— Han- son Dorm, Sec— PanheUenic, College Night. GRIFFIN, MOLLY Talladega, Home Economics— Retail Merchandising, B.S., Home Economics Club, College Night, Montage Staff. GRIFFITH, MARY JANE Dadeville, Sociology, B.A., International Relations Club, Sr. Elite, College Night. GUNN.MYRNA NELL Birmingham, HADAWAY,ROY H. Calera, Manage- ment, B.A., Alpha Kappa Psi— Sec, Sigma Alpha Sigma-V.P., Intramurals. HAFLEY, DIANNE Birmingham, Biolo- gy, B.S. HALL, PATRICE ELLEN Montgomery, Speech Pathology, B.S., Logos, Zeta Phi Eta— Sec. HAMPTON, CHRIS THORNE Monte- vallo. Elementary Education, B.S., Chi Delphia. HAMPTON, JAMES L. Montevallo, Business Administration, B.S., Delta Chi Fraternity. HARRELL, CLAUDIA SUE Cherokee, Physical Education, B.S. , P.E. Club, College Night. HARRISON, WILLARD H. Helena, En- glish, B.A., Science Fiction Club-Tres., Alabamian Staff ' 72- ' 73, Tower Staff, Sigma Tau Delta— V.P., Managing Ed.— Alabamian. HASTINGS, DONNA ROSSER Monte- vallo, Accounting, B.S., Sigma Alpha Sigma— Pres. HEADLEY, JR. JAMES W. Centreville, Marketing Management, B.S. HEINE, MARY R. Birmingham, En- glish, B. A., House Council Main Dorm- V.P., College Night, Montage Staff. HENSON,JOAN D. Birmingham, En- glish, B.A., Sigma Tau Delta, Lambda Sigma Pi-V.P., Latin Award, Honor ' s Day. HEYER, KATHY Birmingham, Elemen- tary Education, Elementary Education Club. HIGGINS, BYRON L. Thorsby, Ac- counting, B.S. HIGGINS, DOUGLAS R. Thorsby, Management, B.S., Alpha Kappa Psi. HINDS , MARSHA Anniston , Social Work, B.A., K-ettes-Chaplain, Social Work Club -Sec. HOLLIS, DWIGHT L. PeU City, Span- ish, B.A., Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity. HORTON, DAVID MICHAEL Colum- biana, Pohtical Science History, B.A. International Relations Club, Phi Alpha Theta-Pres., Honors List ' 71 - ' 72, Hallie Farmer Memorial Scholarship, Who ' s Who, Sr. Elite, Commuter Senator, Pres. Pro-Tem Senate. 235 HOSIER, WILLIAM LOUIS Huey- town, Business Management and Ac- counting, B.S. HOUSE, JUDY LYNN Birmingham, Elementary Education, B.S., A.C.E., Montage. HUEY,DIANNE MORRIS Sprott, Hom e Economics Education, B.S., Home Economics Club. HUGHES, MARY Decatur, Elementary Education, B.S., A.C.E., College Night, Montage. HUGHES, RENATA Chelsea, Office Administration, B.B.A., Young Repub- licans, Cheerleader 73. JACKSON, RONNIE LYNN Birming- ham, Accounting, B.S., Alpha Tau Omega. JACOBSON, MARGARET Mobile, Home Economics Education, B.S., Home Economics Club, Ushers Club, Young Republicans Club. JERNIGAN, AUDREY GAIL Huey- town. Business Education, B.S., Inter- national Relations, Ushers Club, S.N.E.A.-Sec.-Tres., Linly Heflin Scholarship, A.A.U.W. Scholarship, John V. Sey Scholarship, B.C. P. A., Who ' s Who, Jr. Senator, Sr. Senator, Elite Night. JEWELL, LINDA SUE Montgomery, Elementary Education, B.S., A.C.E., S.N.E.A., K-ettes, Alpha Gamma Delta, College Night 70. JOHNSON, LANNY Sylacauga, Business Administration, B.S., Circle K., Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity V. P., Concert Choir. JONES, ALYSON ANNIS Mobile, Art, B.A., Ushers Club 72, Chorale, Art Club, Montage Staff-Classes Ed., S S.N.E.A., A.E.A., House Council-Pres. Main Dorm, College Night 70-73, Purple Cabinet. JONES, JR. WILLIAM KERMIT Selma, Art, B.A., Art Club, B.S.U.-V.P., Com- munications Chairman, Montage— Edi- tor 73, Alabamian 73, Elite Night 73, Mr. U. of M, College Night, Intramu- rals.S.N.E.A., Who ' s Who. gomery. Music, B.M., Lambda Chi Al- pha, Crescent Club, Phi Alpha Mu, Pi Kappa Lambda, Alpha lambda Delta, Who ' s Who, Sr. Ehte, Concert Choir, ' 69- ' 73, Chamber Choir, ' 69- ' 72, Opera ' 69-71. KIRKLAND, BRENDA Birmingham, Home Economics Education, B.S., Home Economics Club, A.H.E.A. KITSON,KATHY L. Alabaster, En- glish, B.A. KLUMB,ANNA Mobile, Elementary Education, B.S., Orchesis— Pres. Physical Education Club, Chi Omega Fraternity-V.P., Pledge Trainer, A.C.E., Treasurer of Senior Class, College Night Cabinet-Gold College Night Leader ' 73, Class Favorite, Class Beauty, Who ' s Who, Miss U of M. KOON,RONELY MICHAEL Gulf Shores, Business, B.B.A., Circle K Club, Cumberland Capital Grant, Purple Pro- duction. KEATON, NANCY Montgomery, So- cial Work, B.A., Social Work Club- Pres. KINCAID,JOY JERNIGAN Mont- LAMINACK,SARA EVERETTE Mid- field, Marketing, B.B.A., College Night, Montage Staff. LAVENDER, ANDREA Prattville, Ele- mentary Education, B.S., P.E. Club, A.C.E., Kappa Delta Pi, Honor Student. LAWLER,SHARRON ELIZABETH New Market, Music, B.A., Chorale. LA WSHE, JAMES T. Creola, Physical Education, B.S., Delta Chi, P.E. Club, " M " Club-V.P., V.P.-P.E., Baseball Manager. LEE, SUSAN WISE Clanton, Music- Piano, B.M., A.G.O., Phi Alpha Mu- V.P. LEEPARD, ANITA Birmingham, Ac- counting, B.S., Young Republicans, Sigma Alpha Sigma, Who ' s Who, Fr.- Sr. Senator, SGA-V.P., Pres., College Night. LEFFEL,TERRIE ANN Anmston, Physical Education, B.S., P.E. Club, Alpha Delta Pi Sorority— Cor. Sec, Cat- alina Club-V.P. 70-71, Pres. 71-72, College Night 70-72, Delta Chi Pledge Class Sweetheart 71-72. LESTER, JANET Clanton, Elementary Education, B.S. ,A.C.E. LIGHTSEY, LLOYD L. Birmingham, Business Administration, B.B.A. LITTLE, DAVID CHRIS Bilhngsley, Psychology, B.S., Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity-Sec, Who ' s Who, Gold Cabinet ' 72- ' 73, Theatre Council, Drama Festival. LOMBARD, JAMES WAYNE Lanett, Sociology, B.A., Spanish Club, Intramu- rals. LOPEZ, WILLIAM MICHAEL Birming- ham, English Political Science, B.A., Pi Kappa Phi. LUCAS, DARELL FRANK Montevallo, Accounting, B.S., Alpha Tau Omega, Sigma Alpha Sigma, Baseball Team, Intramurals. LYON, GILDA Huntsville, Physical Edu- cation, B.S., P.E. Club-Soc Chm., Pres., College Night 70- ' 73. MADDOX, DAVID Thorsby, History, B.A. MAESTRALES, KIKI Fort Wahon Beach, Fla., Physical Education, B.S., P.E. Club-V.P., Catalina Club-V.P., College Night, Extramural Volleyball. MANLEY, HEIDI MARIE Bayreuth, Germany, Home Economics Education, B.S., Scholarship ' 69-70 Home Builder Assn. MANNING, MARY KATHRYN Hunts- ville, History, B.A., Phi Alpha Theta, Eta Sigma Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, House Council New Women ' s Dorm— Pres. ' 71 - ' 72, Social Chairman ' 72 Col- lege Night ' 7 1 . McAllister, MARIANNE RHEA Bir- mingham, Speech Correction, B.S., Logos, Zeta Phi Eta-V.P. McCALLA, SUSAN EVON Centreville, Counseling and Guidance, B.S. McCLELLAN, MIKE Birmingham, Busi- ness Administration, Fire Department. McDANIEL, MARY LINDA Oneonta, Music, B.M.E. McDonald, CAROLYN S.Guin, So- cial Work, B.A., Alpha Delta Pi Sorori- ty-Chaplain, Social Work Club, Mont- age Beauty ' 71 , Elite Night ' 73, College Night. McDowell, SANDRA Birmingham, Math, B.S. McEWEN, CHARLOTTE Montevallo, Home Economics, B.S. McGEE, JEANNE LILLETTE Oakman, Home Economics, Alpha Gamma Delta, Home Economics Club, A.H.E.A., Ushers Club. McINTOSH, HOOPER Birmingham, En- glish, B.A., Social Committee, college Night ' 6971. McKINNON, JANE ELLEN Sylacauga, Elementary Education, B.S., Chi Omega Fraternity-Sec, Pres. Pledge Class ' 71, SGA-Soph. Jr. Court Justice, Associ- 236 ate Chief Justice Student Honor Court, K-ettes-Chaplain, A.C.E,, S.N.E.A., Jr. Class Beauty, Elite Night ' 71 , Who ' s Who, College Night, Chorale, Intramu- rals. MEADOWS, CONNIE Decatur, Elemen- tary Education, B.S., K-ettes, A.C.E. MEANK, CARLA Clanton, Home Eco- nomics, B.S., Home Economics Club- Pro. Chm. Historian, Senior Elite. METHVIN, JAMES R. Birmingham, Biology, B.S., Pi Alpha Fraternity-Sec, Pres. Interfraternity Council— Sec. -Tres., Pres., Biology Club, Alabama Conserv- ancy, Montage Staff— Greek Ed., Col- lege Night Cabinet, Montevallo Civitan Club. MILLER, BARBARA JUNE Verbena, Elementary Education, B.S. MOONEY, MICHAEL W. Hueytown, Spanish, B.A., Delta Chi, I.F.C. Rep., College Night. MOONE, RICHARD ALAN Kingsport, Tenn., English, B.A., Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity— Historian. MORRISON, TOMMIE LYNN Calera, Elementary Education, B.S. MORROW, KATHY L. Gadsden, Speech Pathology, B.S., Logos, Zeta Phi Eta, Who ' s Who. MURPHREE, CAROLYN ANN Mt. Olive, Music B.M.E., American Guild of Organist— Sec. -Tres.. Concert Choir, College Night. MURPHREE. GEORGE DAVID Monte- vallo, Biology, B.S., Laiibda Chi Alpha Fraternity, Commuting Senator, Col- lege Night, University Productions. NELSON, CECIL MI CHAEL Holly Pond, Biology, Lambda Chi Alpha, Alabama Conservancy, Beta Beta Beta, Phi Alpha Theta, Who ' s Who, Court Solicitor, Intramurals. NORDAN,JUDY CAROL Montevallo, Elementary Education, B.S., Orchesis— Pres., Chi Delphia, College Night. NORTHCUTT,JUDY LAVONNE Jemi- son. Music, B.M.E., Phi Alpha Mu, Pi Kappa Lambda. 0 ' SHIELDS,PAT Decatur, Physical Education, B.S., Physical Education Club, Catalina, College Night. OWENS, ROBERT EUGENE Hoover, Marketing Management, B.S., Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity-High Delta, Col- lege Night Intramurals. PEACOCK, CAROL ANNE Birming- ham, Physical Education, B.S., Cata- lina Club-Pub., Physical Education Club-State Rep., Alpha Gamma Delta— Pres., College Night. PEEVY, DINAH CLEMONS Cullman. Physical Education, B.S., K-ettes, Cata- lina Club, P.E. Club, Alpha Delta Pi, House Council. PEIFER, CAROL ANN Birmingham, Home Economics Education, B.S., Home Economics Club, Alpha Delta Pi Sorority— Member-at-Large, Pres. PERDUE, DEBORAH KAYE Phoenix City, Office Administration Music, Alpha Lambda Delta-Sec, Phi Alpha Mu— Sec, Wesley Fellowship, Pi Kappa Lambda, Eta Sigma Phi-Sec-Tres., Honors Day, Highest Honors, Am. Legion Auxiliary Scholarship, Music Dept. Scholarship, Margaret Reed Me- morial Scholarship, B.A. Stock Port- folio Scholarship, Who ' s Who, Sr. Elite, College Night. PERRY, CAROLYN Birmingham, Ele- mentary Education, B.S., K-ettes, A.C.E. PERRY, LEWIS ROGERS Greensboro, Accounting, B.S., Intramurals. PONDER, TERRY L. Centreville, Biol- ogy, B.S., German Club, Beta Beta Beta. PORTWOOD, DEBORAH JEAN Bir- mingham, Secretarial Education, B.S., Phi Mu-Membership Director and Regis- trar, V.P. Main Dorm ' 71 , Varsity Cheerleader-Head, College Night, Elite Night. POSEY, E.WAYNE Adamsville, Psy- chology, Pi Alpha Fraternity. POUNCEY, BETTIE GAIL Mont- gomery, Social Work, B.A. PRESLEY, HENRIETTA L. McKenzie, English, B.A., Pep Club ' 71 - ' 72, S.N.E.A. ' 72- ' 73, Ushers Club ' 71- ' 73 PRICKETT, NANCY Birmingham, Ele- mentary Education, B.S., A.C.E., S.N.E.A. PROVINCE, JR. WILLIAM PAUL West Blocton, Marketing-Management, B.S., Alpha Kappa Psi, Industry Day. PUKL, DEBORAH LEAH Huntsville, Social Work, B.A., Chi Omega Soror- ity—Personnel Chm., Social Work Club, Alpha Tau Omega Little Sister, Elite Night, Fr. Favorite, Sr. Elite, College Night, Women ' s Intramurals. RAMEY, MARY DIANNE Akron, Ele- mentary Education, B.S., K-ettes— His- torian, A.C.E., Phi Mu, S.N.E.A. RATLIFF, CHRISTINE ANN Hunts- ville, Math, B.S., Alpha Delta Pi, Kappa Delta Pi, Kappa Mu Epsilon. REAVES, MARTHA SUE Hueytown, Home Economic Merchandising, B.S., Home Economics Club. REEVE. DONNA Birmingham, Elemen- tary Education, B.S., S.C.E., K-ettes. REIFF, SUSAN REBECCA Athens. En- glish, B.A., Music Educators National Conference. Chorale, College Night. RHODES, STEPHEN CARL Pelham, Po.ScB.A. RICE,GRANTLAND H. Mobile, Histo- ry, B.A., Cheerleader ' 71- " 73. Chi Alpha Tau ' 71- ' 72, College Night. RIDDLE , SHARON KAY Sylacauga, Social work, B.A., Social Work Club, Ushers ' Club, Senior Counselor, Mont- age. ROACH, KERRY LANE Alabaster, Biology, B.S., Beta Beta Beta-V.P. ROBBINS,GAYLE COOPER Elba, Ele- mentary Education. B.S. ROBERSON, JERRY Holly Pond, Eco- nomics, B.A., Lambda Chi Alpha Fra- ternity, College Night S.G.A.-Pub. Com.. Faculty Evaluation Com., Elite Night, P.E. Club. ROBERTSON, NANCY Bessemer, Social Work, B.A.. Social Work Club. ROZELLE.AVA HARRISON Cahaba Heights. Social Work, B.A. RUDOLPH, PEGGY LYNN Clinton, Tenn., Mathematics Physical Education, B.S., Phi Mu Fraternity-Social Chm. ' 71, Pres. ' 72,Orchesis-V.P. ' 71. P.E. Club, Main Dorm House Council ' 71 , Margaret McCall Memorial Scholarship, Who ' s Who, College Night ' 70- ' 73. RUNNELS, III L.CHARLES Mont- gomery, Speech, Meisters Fraternity- Pledge Master, College Night ' 70. RUSSELL, THOMAS H. Opp, Social Work, B.A., Social Work Club, College Night, Eorensics Club ' 71-72, Chi Al- pha Tau ' 71 - ' 72. RUZIC, WALTER B. Selma. Marketing, B.B.A., Delta Chi Fraternity, Baseball ' 67. RYALS, SUSAN CAROL Montgomery, Elementary Education, B.A., Kappa Delta Pi. SANDS. JOSEPH CLAUDE Mobile, Speech, B.A., Theatre Council, Concert 237 Choir, BSU, College Night, College Theatre Productions. SCHULZ, DAVID PrattviUe, Account- ing, B.S., Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity- Chaplain " 71 , Student Honor Court- 71 , Gold Team— Captain, Most Valu- able Player. SCRUSHY, DEMISHA Selma, Elemen- tary Education, K-ettes, A.C.E., Alpha Delta Pi, Intramurals. SEGERS, BETTY SUE GuntersviUe, Elementary Education, B.S. SELBY, ELAINE P. Birmmgham, Span- ish, B.A., K-ettes, S.N.E.A., Crescent Club, Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Delta Pi, Lambda Sigma Pi, Honors Day, Se- nior Elite. SELLERS, CHARLOTTE A. Colum- biana, English, B.A. SEWELL, CAROLYN ANN Selma, Marketing Management, Alpha Delta Pi Sorority-Cor. Sec, Rec. Sec, K-ettes. SEWELL. WILLIAM HENRY Eutaw, Political Science, B.A., Pi Kappa Phi, Golf team, College Night. SHANONN, NANCY G. Verbena, His- tory B.A. SHAW, OLIVIA Eclectic, History B.A., Alpha Delta Pi Social Sorority-Rec Sec, Panhellenic Pres. SHIPMAN, RITA KAYE Dora, Home Economics Retail and Education, A.H.E.A., Home Ec Club, Chorale, Orchesis. SIGLER, MARTHA SUZANNE Bir- mingham, History, B.A., Phi Alpha Theta, Sigma Delta Pi, Honor ' s Day. SIMPSON, ADELLE Montevallo, Math, Crescent Club-V.P., College Night. SIRMON, SUSAN Marion, Elementary Education, B.S., A.C.E.-2nd V.P. SLOVENSKY, ROBERT E. Brookside, Management Marketing, S.A.S. SMITH. GLADYS PEARL Montgom- ery, Home Economics Education, B.S. , Home Economics Club— V.P. ' 72, A.H.E.A., Mary Larkin Scholarship. SMITH. IDA ANNETTE Birmingham, Mathematics, B.S., Kappa Mu Epsilon- Sec.-Tres., Sr. Elite, Wind Ensemble, S.G.A., College Night. SMITH, LARRY E. Birmingham, Speech, B.A., Debate Assistant, ETV Production, College Night, Theatre Productions, Debate Team. SMITH, MARJORIE Isabella, Elemen- tary Education, B.S. SMTIH, TERESA JANE Akron, Social Work, B.A., Social Work Club, Usher ' s Club ' 70, Sociology Club ' 69, Alpha Delta Pi Sorority ' 70- ' 7I-Tres. Pledge Class, Alpha Lambda Delta, Fr. Hon- orary Scholarship, Elite Night ' 71 . SNODDY, GWENDA LYNET Hunts- ville, Mathematics, B.S., S.N.E.A., Usher ' s Club. SPANN, DEBBIE Orlando, Fla., Physi- cal Education, B.S., P.E. Club, College Night. SPARKS, LOU E. Dothan, Elementary Education, B.S., K-ettes, Alpha Gamma Delta— Sec, Panhellenic Delegate. Pres., College Night. SPEARS, CHARLA FRANCES Opp, Biology, B.S., S.N.E.A., Phi Mu Soror- ity— Pres., Scholastic Chm., Who ' s Who. Sr. Elite, College Night. SPIRES, DEETSIE Columbiana, Speech, B.A., Logos, K-ettes, S.N.E.A., Senior Counselor, Who ' s Who, Forensics, Col- lege Night. SPIVEY, DAVID A. PhenLx City, Phy- sical Education, B.S. STANKARD, PATRICIA GAIL Annis- ton. Physical Education, B.S., P.E. Club, Catalina Club, Alpha Delta Pi Sorority— Social Chm., Chi Delphia. STANTON. MARY ESTHER Loxley, Social Work, B.A., Senior Counselor, BSU-Chm. STEED, PAT Centre, English, B.A. , S.N.E.A., Lambda Sigma Pi, Sigma Tau Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Eta Sigma Pi, Honor ' s Scholarship. STEINCROSS,JOY LYNN Montevallo, Music, B.M.E., Woman ' s Chorale. STEWART, CARLA ANN Selma, So- cial Work, B.A. STEWART, IRIS Sylacauga, Home Economics Education, B.S., Home Eco- nomics Club, Phi Mu Sorority-Social and Public Relations Chm., College Night. STONE, RITA Selma, Elementary Edu- cation, B.S.. Alpha Delta Pi, K-ettes, A.C.E., Intramurals. STRINGFIELD, JERRY LIE Calera, Biology, B.S., Beta Beta Beta. TAYLOR, MARIE INEZ New Market, Psychology, B.A., Psychology Club, College Night. THOMPSON, FRANKIE JAN Green- ville, Home Economics Education, B.S. , Phi Mu Fraternity-Rituals Chm., Home Economics Club-State Rep., Assistant ■ Program Chm., College Night, Elite Night. THOMPSON, REBECCA Forest, Home Elementary Education, B.S., K-ettes— Sec-Tres., A.C.E.-Pres., S.N.E.A., BYW, Kappa Delta Pi-Pres., Phi Alpha Theta-V.P., Lambda Sigma Pi, Elite Night, Sr.Ehte. THREADGILL, ELIZABETH MAE Daphne, Political Science, B.A., Inter- national Relations— Sec, Westminster Fellowship— Pres., S.N.E.A., Senator— Jr. Sr., Kappa Delta Pi, Fr. Honor Scholarship ' 69, Honor ' s Day, Who ' s Who, Sr. Elite, College Night. TOLBERT, BRITT Cullman, Political Science, B.A. TRUSS, THOMAS LEE Birmingham, Mathematics, B.S. TUCKER, JR. JAMES MORGAN Miami Springs, Fla., History, B.S., Pi Alpha— Pres., College Night. TURON, GEORGE IGRATIUS JOSEPH Ft. Myers, Fla., Accounting, B.S., Alpha Kappa Psi. TYSON, DONALD L. Birmingham, Ac- counting, B.A., Sigma Alpha Sigma. WATFORD, PATRICIA CHERYL Gad- sden, Physical Education, B.S., Catalina Club— Sec, Physical Education Club— Tres., S.N.E.A., Sr. Elite, Orchesis, Col- lege Night. WEATHERLY. LINDA JOY Birming- ham, Political Science, B.A. WEAVER, DEBBY Tuscaloosa, Physical Education, B.S., P.E. Club-Publicity, College Night Cabinet. WEEKS, KATHY CHERYL Jemison, Business Education, B.S., S.N.E.A. WEEMS, MICHAEL RAY Birmingham, History, B.A. WELCH, ELAINE CARTER Monteval- lo, Office Administration, B.S., A.G.D.. ' 71-73, BSU, Chorale ' 69-72. WELCH, GORDON FRANKLIN Mon- tevallo, Music, B.M.E., S.G.A.G.O.- Pres., College Night, Concert Choir. WELDON, DORIS JACQUELIN Bil- lingsley, Elementary Education, B.S. WENZEL, BEATRICE DIANA Foley, Home Economics Merchandising, B.S., A.H.E.A., College Night. WHEALTON, RANDY Mulberry, Fla., English. B.A., Pi Kappa Phi, College Night. WHITE, WANDA LAVADA Birming- ham, Home Economics, B.S. WHITFIELD, LYNDA Mobile, Art, B.A., Theatre Council, Crescent Club, College Night Cabinet, Theatre. WIGGINS, JOHNNIE LYNN FuUon- dale, English, B.A., Sigma Tau Delta- Sec, Kappa Delta Pi, Dean ' s List. 238 WILEY, NANCY SUSAN Birmingham, Counseling and Guidance, B.S., Young Republicans, Social Club. WILLIAMS, PEGGY ANN Guntersville, Home Economics Education, B.S. Home Economics Club, Alpha Delta Pi-2nd V.P., Lambda Sigma Pi, Omic- ron Nu, Delta Chi Pledge Class Sweet- heart, College Night ' 72. WILLIAMSON, GLENDA DIANNE Enterprise, Psychology, B.A., Alabama Conservancy, Lambda Sigma Pi, Chorale College Night. WILLIFORD, SUSAN ANN San Anton- io, Texas, Biolog y, B.S. WILSON, MARILYN E. Selma, Ele- mentary Education, B.S., A.C.E.-Sec- Tres., S.N.E.A., K-ettes-V.P., BYW, BSU, College Night, Montage Staff. WISCHMEYER, LAURA Bessemer, Home Economics Merchandising, B.S. WOODS, CATHRYN Jasper, Elementary Education, B.S., A.C.E., S.N.E.A., BSU Choir, College Night. WOOLEY, NANCY Montevallo, Coun- seling and Guidance, B.S. WORLEY, NANCY LILLIAN New Hope, English, B.A., S.N.E.A., Usher ' s Club, Phi Mu Fraternity-V.P., Sigma Tau Delta, Kappa Delta Pi-Sec, Eta Sigma Phi-V.P., Lambda Sigma Pi, American Institute for Foreign Study, Honors ' 69- ' 70, Highest Honors ' ' 70- ' 70- ' 72 , Latin Award ' 7 1 - ' 72 , Phi Mu Scholarship Award ' 71 - ' 72, Band, " Showboat " Chorus. WRIGHT, PHILIP THERMAN Bir- mingham, Marketing Management, Pi Alpha. YARBROUGH, SHIRLEY GAIL Harvest, Physical Education, B.S., P.E. Club, College Night. YEAGER, ROBERT M. Birmingham, Accounting, B.S.. Pi Alpha Fraternity- Tres. S.G .A. —Student Government Association, A.E.A.— Alabama Education Association, A. C.E.— As- sociation of Childhood Educators, S.N. E.A.— Student Nation Education Association, A.H.E.A.— American Home Economics, A. S.H.A.— American Speech and Hearing Association, B.Y.W.— Baptist Young Women, B.S.U.— Baptist Student Union, S.R.A.— Student Religious Association, M.E.N.E.— Music Educators National Conference, S.G .A.G.O.— Student Guild of the American guild of Organist, Pub.— Publicity, Rec. Sec— Recording Secretary, Pari.— Parliamentarian, Pres.— President, V.P.— Vice President, Sec— Secretary, Tres.— Treasurer. 239 240 241 242 f •A r -is 1 ' t ' 5( v " . « f - -- •A. i ? rf ' -f -f - ■e f ' . ¥: Estelle Garrett ALABASTER FLORIST Alabaster, Alabama Phone 663-0529 Mabel Bailey COMPLIMENTS OF DAIRY QUEEN Montevallo, Alabama The Strand Theatre 24 South Main Montevallo, Alabama And The Rebel Drive-ln Highway 31-N Between Calera And Alabaster Leach Pontiac — GMC, WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Inc. Home Owned and Operated by: Geraldine F. Jones 43 South Main Street Montevallo, Alabama 351 15 Where Satisfaction is Always Assured Main Street Columbiana, Alabama 35051 HANSON LEACH 665-1255 Phone 669-7590 w 244 GMC imms SH! [ B iAWiM Compliments of Jewelry for Him, Her MONTEVALLO DRUGS Birth, Anniversary, Christmas 108 E. Middle St. Montevallo STONE JEWELRY COMPANY Jewelry, Gifts, Silverware Phone: 665-7296 109 Main Compliments of Montevallo, Alabama Be sure you give gifts that are remembered through the years. MONTEVALLO CLEANERS One Block Off Campus UNION 76 For Complete Laundry and SERVICE STATION Dry Cleaning Service Union 76 Products and Service Student Discounts on Dry Cleaning John A. Cunningliam 665-2097 For the enterprising man, fine clothes and accessories are a mujt. Be on enterprising man — you will enjoy life more. 245 TO BUY TO SELL Call J. P. Graham Real Estate Co. Serving Metropolitan Birmingham Jefferson and Shelby Counties. Offices open 7 a.m. till 7 p.m. , Mon. thru Sat. : I p.m. til 6 p.m. Sundays. Let Us Sell Your Property RESIDENCES-FARMS-ACREAGE-COMMERCIAL Call Us Now— Today 27 Agents To Serve You WE WORK HARD-WE GET RESULTS WE ARE REALTORS WE ARE MEMBERS OF AND ACTIVE IN REALTORS MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE BIRMINGHAM BOARD OF REALTORS ALABAMA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REAL ESTATE BOARDS NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF REAL ESTATE BROKERS NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF FARM AND LAND BROKERS NATIONAL REAL ESTATE FLIERS ASSOCIATION BIRMINGHAM ASSOCIATION OF HOME BUILDERS NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF HOME BUILDERS 663-3895 J. p. GRAHAM Real Estate Co. 663-3895 246 COMPLIMENTS OF SHERMAN HOLLAND FORD Montevallo, Alabama Compliments of THE GOLDEN FALCON RESTAURANT 117 Main St. Montevallo Fancher Radio — and Gift Shop Ready to Wear and Gifts for all Occasions 665-2935 Montevallo, Alabama 351 15 TV Smitherman ' s PHARMACY Larry and Donna Smitherman Registered Pharmacists We want to be " your store. " Phone 665 - 2574 180 No. MAIN STREET MONTEVALLO, ALA. A New Location In Calero, Ala. FOR THE FINEST QUALITY IN ALL YOUR PRINTING NEEDS CALL TIMES PRINTING COMPANY MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA 665-1541 247 LAWLEY ' S APPLIANCE CENTER 8 SOUTH MAIN STREET MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA PHONE 665-7501 COMPLIMENTS OF JOLLY-CHOLLY MONTEVALLO Phone 665-1114 S T A T f M (■ N ■ compliments of [lorpc ROCKCO ' S FLORIST P O Bo 44 MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA 35115 Highway 25 South WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE 665 - 2093 Montevallo, Alabama Compliments of G. K. STANFORD Antiques Collectibles By Appointment Indian Crest Drive Phone 822-7708 248 UNIVERSITY OF MONTEVALLO YEARBOOK PATRONS • " ii C ' ' ' •i; r ti $ - ' i • Compliments of: ' 3 - ■,v Ktl Student Union Building TEVALL© LU R IE ' IQ) C0MPAMY Everything for Building F. Frost and Son 665-2980 COMPLIMENTS OF HILL CONCRETE and SUPPLY COMPANY 250 Plant Locations: Montevallo— Alabaster— Clanton— Pell City Intersection of Highway 280 119 Compliments of: ' Buy In Ken Terry-Tory! ' KEN TERRY CHEVROLET PELHAM, ALABAMA Your folks will like us, too rr 251 A NEW DIMENSION IN STUDENT DINING COMPLIMENTS OF CENTRAL STATE BANK THE GRADUATE . . .You are the hour power that bodes SUCCESS! . . .You are now prepared to fit into our bustling society, pro- duct of Montevallo University education system and MOORE- HANDLEY congratulates you! MOORE- HANDLEY LUMBER-BUILDING SUPPLIES i Highway 31 South Peiham, Alabama 35124 :v 253 »J 1 1 J ._ m InF i ' ■ ' tlT " 254 255 Er 3SS« 5 S B 256

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