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University of Montevallo - Montage Technala Yearbook (Montevallo, AL) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Cover

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o ,li :Q:I t 5 Cq Lcaciw ' cu,c , o •• ' WB « « « n », ,v- X ' . " ' • • . v; . .f ?i ? ,.- ' ■..■■ ' ' -v ' . iX V •••••» ' ♦ tABle of contents - ' ' faiculty 24 ORQAniZAtlOnS 58 Activities 102 feAtuRes 126 QReeks. 152 SpORtS 174 cUsses 204 senioR 6iRectoRy. . . .248 so now we ne univeRSity m - new name, moRe money, colleqes insteaC) of C)epaRtments. what does all this mean to us? there ' s Been a few changes - ■v-. t Bpm ' r -.- •r. .iMll yMm- " the s.Q.A. Began to mean student QoveRnment, active Reppesentation and pROQRess . . . finally now we weaR slacks to cUss no ties on sundry MTid the fledqinq no lonqep stands fOR complete anachponisms. 7 now QiRls can sign themselves out. If they h ye the Right peRmission. an6 the people leave, whetheR the name ' s k ax. OR u. of m. this place Remains a suitcase college. •f ch inqes yes, But thepe ape some constant expediences that will nevcR change fRienOship, fOR example . . anC) the small campus community with all Its connotations 10 anO spmit and PAPticipation An6 involvement, this is what makes colleqe A meAninqful expepience And love And classes . . . the d y to C y poutine that Always Begins too eaRly on mon ay anC) C)RaQS on endlessly while you listen foR the ten til chimes Ka«»r»-«;«5»,«,rf „ teJiJC: exams, fouR lettep wop6 to any colleqe student a campus wiC)e oBScenity that stapts with " dead week ' an6 ends in all niqht cRamminq sessions an6 this yeap thepe was snow, Its still Beauty WAS oveRShaC)oweC) By the excitement it caused 1 i. ««iii Z ' .. « i- k. i ; " V ■j- -A- ■ •V ' i:« .3i ' i - L rf a W- ' Ml k i w .•,. ' -e«i ? ; .. -vl- ' ?- - ' - j- ' gfe ' i- . s.-r-iss :. a-- ■ yeap in petROspect anC) memoRies of all these expepiences this IS only BRief collection, montaqe, of all that was woRth RememBeRinQ aBout the univcRsity of montevallo. t i .-dr i. ' " L :, -»« : i r k H M " ' " ' ' ' ' .?L- „Mc»!W ' .; | Ji ay ft) W , ...JIS - t l t ' ' ' ifl « " ' ? J ' ' . ' ft ' C ficelfy lopton, eOitoR Kermit A. lohnson. President, University of Montevallo. B.S., University of Alabama; M.S., University of Alabama; Ed.D., Columbia University. The first President of the University of Montevallo, Dr. Kermit A. Johnson is highly respected and loved by students, faculty, and everyone associated with the school. Since his first days here in February of 1968, Dr. Johnson has made many advances in establishing better relations and better means of communication between the administration and the student body. In addition to his membership in many professional and civic organizations, Dr. Johnson enjoys golf and photography. His wife, Mrs. Colda Johnson, and daugh- ter, Judith Kay, compose his family. The Deans of Men and Women are perhaps the best-l nown administration officials to the students. In addition to the task of housing, the Deans advise students on all matters, send job and graduate school recommendations, and administer the rules and regu- lations of the school. Ruth E. Coffman, Dean of Women. James R. Wilkinson, Dean of Men. 24 Marie A. Oesterling, Director, Placement Bureau. Assistant Professor, College of Business. Ralph Sears, Director of Public Relations. Kermit Mathison, Director of Admissions and Records. Administpation The Administration Department is one of constant hard work. Admission of students, public relations, finances, records, health services, alumni information, and supervision of students are among its tasks. The work of this department is undoubtedly vital to the smooth functioning of the University of Montevallo. Laura Frances Mathison, Director of Alumni Affairs. Darold L. Dunlavy, Assistant Director of Alumni Affairs. 26 Lee A. Barclay, Sr., Business ManagerandTreasurer. Bessie M. Elliott, Assistant Treasurer. Frank Lessley, Director of Operations. college of Business This is the first year of the University of Montevallo and the first time that the de- partments have been divided into colleges. The first college is that of Business. Headed by Dr. Allen L. Terry, it plays a large role in developing tomorrow ' s business leaders. Students in this field may learn typing short- hand, accounting, and computer program- ing, as well as the responsibilities and management of business organizations. Allen L. Terry, Dean of the College of Business. B.S., M.B.A., Ph. D., University of Alabama. John E. McKinnon, Director of Computer Center, Instructor. B.S., Alabama College; M.B.A., University of A labama. Chester H. Bigger, Professor and Associate Dean. B.S., University of Florida, M.B.A., Mississippi State University; Ph. D., University of Alabama. Member of Beta Gamma Sigma, Sigma Alpha Sigma, and the Academy of Management. Sara Posey Morgan, Associate Professor. B.S., Asheville College; M.S., University of Tennessee; Doctor of Jurisprudence, Samford University. Alan L. Livingston, Jr., Assistant Professor. B.S., M.A., University of Alabama. " ■HI •7,L J K " ' Kate C. Sneed, Associate Professor. A.B., Alabama College; M.S., University of Tennessee. LaVondra Harding, Instructor. B.S., Alabama College; M.A. University of Alabama. Charles R. Strong, Associate Professor. B.S., M.S., Oklahoma State University; the American Institute of C.D.A. 29 member of B. E. Fancher, Dean. B.S., Southwestern State, Oklahoma; M.Ed., University of Okla- homa; member of Phi Delta Kappa, Department of Audio Visual Instruction, National Education Association; consultant for Univer- sal Educational films and Encyclopedia Brittanical films; president of Alabama Educational Media Association; many articles pub- lished in educational journals. college op e6uc3ktion The second of our colleges is that of Education. Under the guidance of Dr. B. E. Fancher, this col- lege ' s aim is teaching others to teach to better Amer- ica ' s education. The Departments of Education and Health, Physical Education and Recreation, which comprise this college, carry on extensive work during the summer sessions, retraining teachers and offering graduate work toward an M.A.T. degree. Frances O. Cannon, Associate Professor. B.S., Jacksonville State College; M.A., Ed.D., University of Alabama; member of Association for Student Teaching, Association for Child- hood Education, Kappa Delta Pi, Delta Kappa Gamma. Charles L. Gormley, Professor. A.B., Fresno State College; Ed.D., Stanford University; was grad- uated with highest honors, recipient of Pi Gamma Mu Award; member of Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Delta Kappa. I ill Lonnie E. Zumalt, Assistant Professor. B.A., Colorado State College; Ed.D., University of Alabama; research consultant to Ala- bama Vocational Rehabilita- tion Service; teacher, consult- ant and counselor for the Gov- ernment of Guam. Alvis T. Harthern, Assistant Professor. B.A., Florida Southern College; M.A., Flor- ida State University; Ph.D., University of Al- abama; elected to Outstanding Young Women in America in 1968. Robert M. Lightfoot, Assistant Professor. B.S., Troy State College, M.A., Uni- versity of Alabama. Nell A. Malone, Associate Director for the EDPA Project. B.S., M.A., Ed.D., University of Alabama; member of Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Beta Alpha. Lawrence L. Malone, Associate Professor. B.S., Livingston University; M.A., Ed.D., University of Alabama; member of Phi Delta Kappa, Kappa Delta Pi, Kappa Phi Kappa. health, physical education, an6 pecReation Headed by Dr. Ward Tishler, theDepartment of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation stresses the need of physical fitness. Its activ- ities, health, and first aid courses, are open to all students; specialized courses train majors and minors for teaching and coaching. The year-round Intramural Sports Program is also open to all interested students and is a major part of the University ' s activities. J. Ward Tishler, Chairman-Professor. B.S., M.Ed., Texas A M University; Ed.D., University of Wyoming. Leon C. Davis, Associate Professor and Coordinator of Athletics. B.S., Troy State University; M.Ed., Auburn University; Ed.D., University of Alabama; member of Kappa Delta Pi and Phi Delta Kappa. Linda lean Hammett, Instructor. B.S., Central Missouri Slate College; M.A., Texas Woman ' s University. Thomas M. Fleming, Assistant Professorand Baseball Coach. B.S., M.E., Stephen F. Austin State College. Frank Lighffoot, Associate Professor. B.S., M.A., Auburn University; mem- ber of Phi DIeta Kappa, Kappa Delta Pi. Jeannette Crew, Associate Professor. A.B., Judson College; M.S., University of Tennessee. A.B., Judson College; M.S., University of Tennessee; past Alabama State Dance Chairman, Orchesis sponsor. Bill )ones. Assistant Professor— Head Basket- ball Coach. B.S., Florence State University; M.A., Pea- body College; A. A., University of Alabama. Miriam Collins, Professor. B.S., Georgia State College for Women; M.S. University of Ten- nessee; Ed.D., University of Ala- bama. %i M Margaret Blalock, Assistant Professor. B.S., Alabama College; M.A., University of Alabama; member of the American and Alabama Associations of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation. 33 college of liBeRal aRts The College of Liberal Arts is the largest of our three colleges. Headed by Dean John B. Walters, former Dean of the College of Alabama College, it boasts eleven departments and eighty-eight faculty members. Majors and minors are offered in the arts, sciences, languages, and social sciences. John B.Walters, Jr., Dean. apt The Department of Art is led by Dr. Thomas D. Turpin. Courses range from basic design and foundations, open to all students, to ad- vanced study in sculpture, painting and cer- amics. There are also courses in the history of art and methods of teaching art. John H. Spicer, Associate Professor. B.S., Pittsburgh State College; B.F.A., M.A., Wichita State Uni- versity; has exhibited " works in regional, national, and traveling exhibitions, and has some in private and museum collections. Martha Allen, Associate Professor. A.B., Alabama College; M.A., Columbia University; Past President of Southeastern Art Association and Alabama Art Education Association, has awards from the Alabama Art League and Water Color Society of Alabama. Thomas D. Turpin, Chairman and Associate Professor. A.B., M.F.A., Indiana University; has exhibited extensively in international, national, and regional art shows and compet- itive exhibitions with several awards, and is represented in public and private collections throughout the U.S. Sarah Frances Biondo, Assistant Professor. B.F.A., Kansas City Art Institute and School of Design; M.A., LouisianaState University, has many awards for sculp- ture which has been exhibited through- out the U.S. Bioloqy The Biology Department under Dr. Henry F. Turner includes courses in general biology, ecology, evol- ution, botany, zoology, geology, and many other re- lated fields. Majors may go into research, education, or medical technology. Harmon Hall is the home for this ever-expanding department. Philip C. Beasiey, Associate Professor. B.A., Washington University, St. Louis; M.S., Ph.D., Auburn University; member of Gama Sigma Delta, Beta Beta Beta, Sigma Xi, Phi Kappa Phi. Henry F. Turner, Chairman-Professor. B.S., M.S., Auburn University; Ph.D., Iowa State University; is a member of Blue Key, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Kappa Tau, Gamma Sigma Delta; recipient of the McBride Scholarship, Richard D. Caldwell, Associate Professor. B.S., Millsaps College; M.S., Ph.D., University of Alabama; member of Theta Nu Sigma, Sigma Xi; has publications on fishes and amphibians in several scientific journals. Jan Eagles, Assistant Professor. B.S., Samford University; M.S., Ph.D., University of Alabama. Eugene B. Sledge, Associate Professor. B.S., M.S., Auburn University; Ph.D., University of Florida; member of Phi Sigma, Pi Delta Phi, Beta Beta Beta, Sigma Xi, American Ornithologists Union, Alabama Academy of Science, Alabama Ornithological Society, Alabama Arch- aeological Society. James F. L. Connell, Professor of Ge- ology and Grand Marshall. B.S., Louisiana State University; M.S., Ph.D., University of Oklahoma; mem- ber of Yorkshire Geological Society, Sigma Xi, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Ala- bama Academy of Science; listed in American Men of Science, Leaders in Science, Dictionary of International Bi- ography, Who ' s Who in the Southeast. 37 chemistpy Under the chairmanship of Dr. Aris Merijan- ian, the Chemistry Department offers courses in basic chemistry, organic chemistry, bio- chemistry, quantitative analysis, and many other fields, seeking to prepare both practical and re- search chemists and scientists. Aris Merijan ian, Chairman-Professor. B.S., Kansas State University; M.A., Southwest Texas State; Ph.D., Texas A M University; member of American Chemical Society, American Institute of Chemists, British Chemical Society; listed in American Men of Science, was a visiting scientist. lames B. Beal, )r., Associate Professor. B.A., Baylor University; M.S., Ph.D., Texas A M University; member of Sigma Xi, Phi Lambda Upsilon, American Chemi- cal Society. Albert Z. Harris, Assistant Professor. B.S., Texas Western College; M.S., Ph.D., Texas A M University; member of Phi Lambda Upsilon, Psi Chi, American Chemical Society; listed in American Men of Science. Nicholas Knoll, Professor. B.S., Krzeminiec, Poland; Ph.D., Bologna, Italy; member of American Chemical Society, American Institute of Chemists; listed in American Men of Science. John B. Lott, Chairman-Professor. B.A., Millsaps College; M.A., Ph.D., Vanderbilt University. enqlish The English Department comes into contact with al- most every student of the University of Montevallo. Headed by Dr. John Lott, it offers courses ranging from general, required Freshman English to advanced courses in grammar, drama, and creative writing. Because of renovations of Comer Hall this year, the offices of the English Department have been moved to Reynolds Hall. Eva O. Golson, Professor. A.B., Huntingdon College; A.M., Ph.D., University of Chicago. John M. Finlay, Assistant Professor. B.A., M.A., University of Alabama. Charlotte D. Blackmon, Assistant Professor. A.B., Alabama College; M.A., University of Alabama. William S. Cobb, Assistant Professor. B.A., Livingston State College; M.A., Vanderbil University. Joyce T. Fuller, Instructor. A.B., University of Georgia; M.A.T.,Vander- bilt University; member of Phi Beta Kappa. Sarah F, Puryear, Associate Professor. A.B., Vanderbilt University; M.A., Peabody College; mem- ber of Eta Sigma Phi, Chi Delta Phi. Elizabeth H. Rodgers, Assistant Professor. B.A., Salem College; M.A. Emory University; mem- ber of Sigma Tau Delta; Oslo Scholar; listed in Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. Sarah Palmer, Assistant Professor. Anne Malone, Assistant Professor. fOReiqn Unquaqes The Department of Foreign Languages offers four languages to students— French, German, Latin, and Spanish. Students may major in French or Spanish and minor in German or Latin. Headed by Dr. McClanahan, the department provides courses that range from grammar and vocabulary to the history and culture of the lands and peoples of these lan- guages. Warren Bruce McClanahan, Chairman-Associate Professor. B.S., Alabama College; M.A., Ph.D., Louisiana State University; member of Kappa Mu Epsilon, Pi Delta Phi, Delta Theta Pi, Eta Sigma Phi, Phi Sigma Iota, Phi Kappa Phi; recipient of Phi Beta Kappa Faculty Award, NSF Fellowship. Robert lames Harris, Assistant Professor. B.A., Carroll College; B.S., M.A., University of Alabama; member Phi Delta Kappa; American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese. Joseph F. DiOrio, II, Associate Professor. A.B., Dickinson College; M.A., Middlebury College. 41 Richard W. Thames, Assistant Professor. A.B., University of Alabama; M.A,, Mississippi State University; member of Delta Phi Alpha; recipient of NDEA and Fulbright grants. Charles E. Majure, Assistant Professor. A.B., Millsaps College; M.A., Emory University; member of Pi Delta Phi, Phi Sigma lota. 7! i f l j m. Milton Ray Mayfield, Assistant Professor. A.B., Birmingham-Southern College; M.A., University of Alabama; member of Phi Sigma lota, Phi Alpha Theta, Sigma Delta Phi; recipient of NDEA and Ful- bright grants. home economics The Department of Home Economics functions under the leadership of Dr. Rebecca Pate. Stu- dents may major in vocational home economics education, retail economics, and institutional ec- onomics. The Department operates a nursery school and a Home Management House to give students practical experience in their chosen field. Rebecca Pate, Chairman-Professor. B.S., Auburn University; M.S., Ph.D., Iowa State University; member of Omicron Nu, Phi Kappa Phi, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Omicron Upsilon. Kafhryn S. Turner, Assistant Professor and Director of Nursery School. B.S., Oklahoma State University; M.S., Iowa State University. Johnnie C. Carlisle, Assistant Professor. B.S., Alabama College; M.S., Columbia University; re- cipient of a National Teaching Fellowship grant for advanced study. Eleanor C. Johnston, Associate Professor. B.S., M.S., University of Minnesota; member of Kappa Delta Pi, Delta Kappa Gamma, Phi Lambda Theta; membership awarded by the South Dakota Future Homemaker of America. Sara Nell Lightsey, Associate Professor. B.S., Alabama College; M. A., University of Alabama; member of Alabama Home Economics Association; past state Par- liamentarian; past advisor for two years of Student Religious Association on campus. Students who take a course in Child Development work with chil- dren nursery school age. Marvolin Stephens, Instructor. B.S., Alabama College; M.A.T., Alabama College; member of Omi ' cron Nu, Kappa Delta Pi. Not pictured: Avaline P. Childers, Assistant Professor. B.S., Alabama College; M.A., Uni- versity of Alabama. mAtherriAtics an6 physics The Department of Mathematics and Physics provides opportunities for scientific minds through a wide range of courses. Headed by Dr. Daniel R. Macmillan and taught by a highly qualified staff, these courses cover from college algebra and basic mathematical con- cepts to advanced calculus and topology in mathe- matics and to electronics and mechanics in physics. Daniel R. Macmillan, Professor-Chairman. B.S., Georgia Institute of Technology; M.S.Emory Univer- sity: Ph.D., University of North Carolina; member of Sigma Ki, Sigma Pi Sigma, American Physical Society, American Mathematical Society; Listed in Who ' s Who in America, Who ' s Who In American Education. Angela Hernandez, Professor. B.S., Institute of Vedado; Ph.D., University of Havana; member of AAUW, Sponsor of Lambda Sigma Pi. Fred C. Blackmon, Associate Professor. B.S., University of Michigan; M.Ed., Alabama College. John F. Suttle, Assistant Professor. B.S., Auburn University. Ned A. Lowery, Instructor. B.S., M.A.T., Alabama College. Twai-Hyung Kvvon, Assistant Professor. B.S., M.S., Ph.D., University of Georgia; member of Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, American Physical Society. Miguel A. Cuilart, Professor. B.S., Institute of Santiago de Cuba; Ph.D., University of Ha- vana; attained Highest Honors as B.S. candidate. Joseph Cardone, Associate Professor. B.S., Birmingham-Southern College; M.A., Auburn University; mem- ber of Phi Mu Epsilon, American Mathematical Society. music Under the direction of Dr. John Stewart, the Music Department comprises one of our largest fields on cam- pus. Courses range from those of music appreciation to the specialized courses of the music majors. Housed also in this department are Chorale, Choir and the Wind En- semble. In addition to sponsoring these singing groups, the music department cooperates with the campus theatre in producing an annual musical. John Stewart, Professor, Chairman. B.M.E. and M.M.E., Louisiana State University; Ed.D., Florida State University; Who ' s Who in South and Southwest; Who ' s Who in Colleges and Universities Administration. |K M ' " j m i fc S f P !|[ ' ' Jp| r — " Kyiii M IB Joan Cowan, Assistant Professor. B.M., Oberlin Conservatory of Music; L.R.A.M., Royal Academy of Music; Best Duo-Pianists, 1965— All Ameri- can Press Association Award; Outstanding Young Women of America, 1966. Maxine Davis, Professor. B.M., Alabama College; M.M., Eastern; M.A., University of Michigan; Ed.D., Columbia University; member of Pi Kappa Lambda; Mu Phi Epsilon; Kappa Delta Pi; A.A.U.W. John C. Owen, Instructor. B.F.A., University of Florida. Theodore Prichett, Assistant Professor. A.B., Birmingham Southern College; M.M.E., Florida Slate University. 47 Bennie Middaugh, Associate Professor. B.M., North Texas State University; M.M., Michigan Slate University; D.M., Florida State University; winner of National Federation of Music Clubs Young Artist Award, Carnegie FHall recital, American Guild of Musi- cal Artists Award. Peter Nagy-Farkas, Assistant Professor. B.M.E., Subotica, Yugoslavia; M.M., Tacoma, Washington; Diploma from Schola Cantorum, Paris. Robert H. Cowan, Associate Professor. B.S., M.S., luilliard School of Music; D.M.A., Eastman School of Music; L.R.A.M., Royal Academy of Music, London. Betty Louise Lumby, Professor. B.M., Detroit Institute of Musical Art, B.M., University of Detroit; M.M., University of Michigan; D.S.M., Union The- ological Seminary; member of A. CO., Pi Kappa Lambda, Fulbright Scholar. Bruce Tolbert, Associate Professor. B.A., M.F.A., Ohio University. psychology Each year many students of the University of Montevallo enroll in the variety of courses offered by the Psychology Department. Besides those seeking majors or minors in the field, those going into re- search or counseling, and all future teachers must have some knowledge of psychology to prepare them- selves for their profession. Frank C. |. McGurk, Professor. B.S., M.A., University of Pennsylvania; Ph.D., Catholic University of America; member of Sigma Xi, American Psychological Association, director of American Institute of Medical Climatology. William F. W allace, Instructor b.A., Mississippi College; M.A., University of Alabama. 50 Lucille Griffith, Chairman-Professor A.B., Belhaven College; M.A., Tulane University; Ph.D., Brown University; member of Phi Alpha Theta, AAUW; several publications including History of Alabama Col- lege. Jesse ). lackson, Associate Professor. A.B., University of Tampa; M.A., Florida State University; NDEA Fellow; member of Phi Alpha Theta, Sigma Tau Delta, Pi Delta Epsilon, Phi Kappa Phi, Southern Hist orical Association. social sciences Headed by Dr. Lucille Griffith, the Social Science Department is one of the largest on campus. It offers majors and minors in five different areas— economics, geography, history, political science, and sociology. Almost every student at some time during his years at the University comes in contact with this many- faceted department and its outstanding teachers. Stu- dents graduating from this department can go into education, research, law, politics, or social work. Reuben A. Triplett, Associate Professor. b.S., M.A., Mississippi State University; mem- ber of Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Alpha Theta. Besse T. Terry, Associate Professor. A.B., M.A., Ph.D., University of Alabama; member of Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Alpha Theta, Kappa Delta Pi, Mortar Board, Zeta Phi Eta, Eta Sigma Phi, Southern Historical Association, Alabama Historical Association, Academy of Political Science. Justin Fuller, Associate Professor. B.S., Georgia Tech; M.A., Emory Uni- versity; Ph.D., University of North Carolina; member of Phi Alpha Theta, Alabama Historical Society, southern Historical Society; recip- ient of fellowships and research grants. Murray Flynn, Associate Professor. B.A., University of Kansas; M.A., University of Texas; member of American Association of University Professors, Southern Economics Association; Phi Beta Kappa, Eta Sigma Phi. V " - Roy Lechtreck, Assistant Professor. B.S., and M.A., St, Louis University; Research Fellowship at St. Louis University. Shirley Jackson, Associate Professor. B.S. and M.A., and Ph.D., University of Florida. jeanetle Nivin, Associate Professor. B.A., Alabama College with Honors; M.S.W., Tulane; member of Conference of Social Work; American Public Welfare Association; State Advisory Committee on Children and Youth. Douglas Rodgers, Instructor. A.B., Alabama College; M.A., University of Alabama. Arthur C. Conyers, Jr., Instructor. A.B., Birmingham-Southern College; M.S.W., Tulane Uni- versity; member of Academy of Certified Social Workers. Harriet P. Weaver, Instructor. B.S., M.S., Simmons College. philosophy An6 Religion Charles Ainsv ' orth, Assistant Professor. B.A., M.A., Northwestern State; member of Alpha Beta Alpha. All courses n the Department of Philosophy and Religion are taught by Dr. Van Tuyll. Students may minor in either of the two areas. Most of the courses are offered in seminar form to familiarize students with exact thinking and enable them to express them- selves in the appropriate patterns of thought. Hendrick Van Tuyll, Professor. M.A., Th.D., State University of Utrecht, Netherlands. ifi-J ' ■ iiP Laura F. Wright, Chairman-Professor. B.A., College of Si Teresa; M.A., University of Wisconsin. Marquette University, Ph.D., Sallye J. Rigsby, Instructor. B.S.E., Henderson State Teachers College; M.A., University of Arkan- sas; member of Pi Kappa Delta, Theta Alpha Phi, Speech Associ- ation of America, listed in Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. speech The Speech Department, headed by Dr. Laura Wright, strives to teach new techniques in all areas of speech. Students may study in six major fields of work: bases of speech, rhetoric and public speaking, speech cor- rection, speech education, interpretation, and the- atre. The Department is unique in maintaining a Speech and Hearing Clinic which provides help for children who need it and experience for the speech students. Y Willilee R. Trumbauer, Associate Professor. B.A., Alabama College; M.A., Vanderbilt University; member of Pi Epsilon Delta, Zeta Phi Eta, American Educational Theatre Associ- ation, Children ' s Theatre Conference. 54 Vivian H. Roe, Director of Speech and Hearing Clinic. B.A., State University of Iowa; M.A., M.S., Indiana University; member of American Speech and Hearing Association, W. T. Chichester, Associate Professor. A.B., M.A., University of North Carolina; Rockefellow Fellowship in Playwriting; listed in Directory of American Scholars; honored in Playwriting; member of Speech Association of America; American National Theatre and Academy; Alabama Writers Con- clave. Faye M. Churchill, Instructor. B.S., Alabama College; M.A., Auburn University; recip- ient of Edgar S. Allen Fellowship; member of Kappa Delta Phi and Zeta Phi Eta. Charles Harbouer, Associate Professor. A.B., Milsaps; M.A., Emory; began work on Ph.D., Emory. Miss Mary Frances Tipton, Assistant Librarian. B.A., Alabama College; M.S., Florida State Uni- versity. Library Carmichael Hall is a vital building on our campus, serving as a place of quiet study, individual research, or even group study and meetings. It houses the many books, newspapers, periodicals and records that are available not only to the students and faculty, but also to the town as well. The task of directing belongs to Mr. Robert Somers, whose staff includes many fine librarians and assistants as well as student workers. lulia Rotenberry, Assistant Librarian. B.A., Alabama College; B.S., University of North Carolina. Mrs. Lois Van Ells, Reference Librarian. B.S., Wisconsin State University; M.S., Our Lady of the Lake College. General Assistants: Mrs. Jean Edwards, Mrs. Ellen Corbett. , ..i f i ' ' - , ' . " v; " ' . ' K j- n ■ t ijT- • w ii ORQanizAtions mARi€ yancey, editoR student QOveRnment Association Because we are now a university, our Student Government Association recognizes that it must change to meet the de- mands of a rapidly increasing enrollment and a more aware student body. Our S.G.A. has worked to change and modify our handbook and dress regulations and to increase commu- nications by establishing a P. A. booth in the main cafeteria. The three branches of our government, executive, legis- lative, and judicial, each function differently to serve student needs. In the executive area. President Jim Dennis co- ordinates all S.G.A. activities and Vice President John Wible serves as moderator of Senate affairs. Also found in this area is the Executive Cabinet which composed of the chairman of each S.G.A. committee introduces, plans and presents all ac- tivities sponsored by our student government. Jo Ann Ceravolo, S.G.A. secretary, keeps a record of all meetings and proposals. The Senate functions legislatively to introduce new bills, change regulations and work through various committees to make our student government a vital part of campus life. The Senate ' s membership is comprised of representatives from each class and from the commuters, and weekly meetings give this legislative body the oppor- tunity for active participation in student government. The Stu- dent Court, with its membership of nine students, handles the majority of student cases. The court solicitors, Jim Cole and John Carothers, conduct the investigation and prosecu- tion of each case and the Chief Justice, Bill Sumner, elected by the court, presides at all proceedings. These three branches work mainly behind the scenes; stu- dents remember the S.G.A. for the special activities that it sponsors: Drives ' Week, Elite Night, the Annual Beauty Ball, newly begun University Day and for dances and concert series, this year featuring the Brooklyn Bridge. senate Row 1: left to right. Dee Herndon, Marilyn Justice, Paula Reid, Brenda Jones, Apple Kridakorn, Jane Doswell, Ann Griffin. Row 2: John Wible, Freddy Ford, Fred Holbein, Connie Doran, Betty Thornton, Elizabeth league, Sydney Parker, Jerry McCaughy, Stan Powell. Row 3: Larry Popwell, Phillip May, Sally Wintter, Karen Dewitt, Kathy Wintter, Ben Roundtree, Danny Cooper. 59 executive CABinet Seated: Jan King, Jo Ann Ceravalo. Standing: Jim Brush, Jim Dennis, Charlie White. Student couRt Seated: Hope Bryant, Bill Sumner, Peggy Williams. Standing: Edgar Tolbert, J. B. Coleman, Martha Owens, Danny Deese, Sharon Byess, Andy Flowers. social committee Row 1: left fo right, John Calla- way, Pat Murphree, Charlie White, Sydney Parker, Steve Bru ner. Row 2: Anita LeePard, Mary |ohn- son, Jame Hammond, Shannon Hinton. spiRit committee Seated: left to right, Joy Drummond, )an King, Libby Posor, Pattie Pennington, Gayle Lees. Standing: Walter Hendricks, Walter Clopton, Jim Hyche. communic ktions committee Left to right: Mike Burgan, Mike Lopaz, Kent Feenker, Craig Gravlee. puBlicAtions committee Seated: left to right, |im Houghton, Dr. Davis, Diane Heath, Dr. Griffin. Standing: John Robinson, Mr. Spicer, Mr. Huffstutler, Mr. Cobb, Mr. Finlay, Carry Mitchell, Jim Brush. pep BAn6 student ReliQious association standing: left to right, David Hoit, Vernie Hayes. Seated: Beth Perry Debbie Nummy. Row 1: right to left. Tommy Mayfield, Tony Diaz, Cynthia Wohl- ford, Wayne Faught, Bill Sumner, Frank Armstrong. Row 2: Seth Snellgrove, Mike Holland, David Cox, Lloyd Frey, Jim Cruce, Jim Brush, Johnny Walker, Charles Rose. Row 3: Charles Rose, Robert Crawford, Steve Bartelt, John Wild- smith, Bill Mathews, Col. Bigger. Row 4: Robert Barron, Paul Barton, Jim Dennis, Mike Mullins, Randy Hall. a 1 " II 1 .- Jm 1 m alpha kappa psi officers: seated, Loyd Frey, Mile Holland. Standing: Col. Bigger, Wayne Faught, CharlesRose, Paul Barton. Pledges: seated, Maxie Walls, Earl Coleman. Standing: Freeman Elan. Non pictured pledges: Rex Edwards, Mike McClellan, Walter Hoggle, Larry Sides. v i ' ' WU ■ 6eltA Left to right: Row 1: Judy Draper, Paula Shivers, C arol Gamble. Row 2: Mary Hoi ley, Elizabeth Hamil- ton, Darlene Prekitt, LynnChapman. Row 3: ClaireVickers, Susan Vaughn, Deborah Still, Mary Kathryn Man- ning, Debbie Brown, Susan Ray. guild student QROUP, chapteR op the amepican QUll6 of ORQ niStS Left to right: Row 3: Jerry Bailey, Jack Isacks. Row 2: Virginia Carley, Vernie Hayes, Nancy Cargile, Susan Wise. Row 1: Jane McClendon, Lynn Bird, Linda Clark, Dr. Lumby. Beta Beta Beta Lefl to right: Row 1: Ann Griffin, Barbara Adamson, lanis Standridge. Row 2: loan Warren, Martha Wliigliam, Becky Norell, Sally Lovejoy. Row 3: Dr, Turner, Larry Popwell, Bobby Thornburg, Gerald Hodge, Boyd Thompson, Dr. Beasley, Dr. Caldwell. kappA mu epsilon Row 1: Susan Barnby, Sue Stevens, Libby Zanthos, Joanne Williamson. Row 2: Dr. McMillian, Jim Tuck, Richard Durham, Ronnie Gambrell, Edgar Torbert. Not pictured: Jack Turner, Martha Owens, Jan Jett, Anita Sloan, Dianne Murphree, Margaret Dozier OeltA theta pi Jim Hermecz Bill Sumner )im Cole eta Sigma phi Left to right: Row 1: Diane Headley, Virginia Fredrick, Anita Sloan, Jan King, Margaret Dozier. Row 2: Bobby Thornburg, David Wood, Dr. Guitart, Mr. Flynn. Row 3: Edgar Toibert, Jim Tuck, Craig Teed. Not pictured: Sydney Parker. Left to right: Row 1: Susan Boyer, Melvina Phillips, Sharon Calaldo. Row 2: Toni Minor, Peenie Whitman, Clenda Harp, Sue Stephens, Carol Still. Row 3: lanis Standridge, Gloria lackson, Ian King, loan Pickett, Glenda Mullins. Dr. Gormley, Sponsor. kappa 6el pi Kappa Delta Pi presents speakers from foreign countries on their educational systems. omicRom nu Row 1: Linda Johnson, Jane Doswell. Row 2: Clenda Mullins, Marion Dukes, Pam Ray, Kay Mitchell. teipfe phi Alpha mu Row 1: Beth Henderson, Lynne Evans, Susan Ford, Tyra Ingram. Row 2: Sherrie Cochran, Kathy McCard, Susan Holdman, Lynn Bird, Virginia Crowley, Carolyn Duncan, Ronnie loullian. n 1 TH " " 1 pip m J|HH H| ! i [TT Tl- RIr ' IFfFfFT m L ; LjM||Ll i ' V J j[| 1 9F ™ ' B 1 » 5 -» ' Mm 1 Wl 3 w H J i| " 2 r J ■ kI ' ' , y j H X- .- l L phi Alpha thetA Left to right: Row 1: Susan Boyer, David Wood, Melissa Bethany. Row 2: Melvina Phillips, Diane Headley, Janis Standridge, Ola Thomas. Row 3: Dr. Jackson, Mr. Rodgers, Dr. Fuller, Thomas Howell, Danny Deese, Craig Teed. pi 6ei phi Left to right: Row 1: Elhel Beach, Carolyn Capps, lane Taylor. Row 2: Mr. Majure, Marsha McLeod, Beth Bishop, Marie Middaugh, Mr. DiOrio. Sigma Alpha sigma Left to right: Row 1: Betty |o Hayes, Brenda Jones. Row 2: Aldena Melnir, Clenda Harp, Sharon Cataldo, Sarah Hutchison, Marylin lustice. Row 3: Dr. Bigger, Sarah Morgan, LeVondra Harding, Jo Anne Ceravolo, Peggy Sawyer, Charity Hendrix, Mary Lou Goodwin, Tony Diaz, Allen Terry. Row 4: Robert Teague, Jim Dennis, Bill Sumner, Jim Brush, Bill Godwin, John Amari, John McKinnon, lamB A siqma phi Left to right: Row 1: Martha Owens, Glenda Harp, Diane Murphee, lanis Standridge. Row 2: Toni Minor, Ginger Germany, Dr. Hernandez, Sharon Byess, Helen Hunt, Sue Stephens, Sharon Cataldo. Sigma tau delta Left to right: Row 1: Erica Burquist, Ann Caraway, Jan King. Row 2: Becky White, Virginia Fredrick, Diane Heath, Margaret Dozier, Teresa Smith. Row 3: Jenny Lind, John Waller, Gloria Jackson, Mrs. Rogers, zeta phi eta Left to right: Esther Caskin, Jane Sparks, Linda Dewitt, Peenie Whitman, Debbie Brown, Cynthia Sisk. Garry Mitchell, Editor. Becky White, Assistant Editor. the towep staff: Seated: left to right, Barbara Sloan, Ann Cara- way, Becky White. Standing: Jim Houghton, Roger Powell. i h m] n JIM HOUGHTON EDITOR-IN-CHIEF GARY MITCHELL ASSOCIATE EDITOR JOHN ROBINSON BUSINESS MANAGER PAUL GASSENHEIMER ART c : :::3 7S diane heath 1970 montaqe editOR rriARie yancey opQAnizations an6 QReeks e6itOR ]oe tayloR Business manaqeR APPLE KRIDAKORN SPORTS EDITOR SUSAN CLOPTON FACULTY EDITOR )OY DRUMMOND CLASSES EDITOR PATSY KERLIN ACTIVITIES AND FEATURES EDITOR 77 Mac Lyell . Darkroom. Don Hughes, Photographer. Montage staff typisN Chuck King, Photographer. a« S! -i. a ' " ; ? . Art Club members and art majors have a wide range of study this year. «i ' ? a8SJi» " : M 8 Wgs; " .-! ' » Biology cluB Left to right: Row 1: Melissa Brown, ludy Zellner, Bonita Crowe. Row 2: Lourdes Martinez, Shan Curtis, Becky Norrell, Di- anne Brasweii, Ann Griffin, Barbara Adamson. Row 3: Dr. Beasley, Martha Whigham, Stephanie Brown, Myra Glenn, Sally Lovejoy, Joan Warren, Lynn Niblett, Cathy Comp, John Patton, Joe Ash, Dr. Turner. Row 4: Bobby Thornburg, Cherly Beasley, Boyd Thompson, Tommy Kirkland, Dave Rawls, James Tillery, Jane Penton. Officers: Seated: Martha Whigham, Vice President, Ann Griffin, Pres- ident. Standing: Joe Ash, Social Chairman; Barbara Adamson, Secretary; Dave Rawls, Social Chairman. Left to right: Row 1; Ruth Beach, Sally Lovejoy, Nancy Cargile, Dr. Merijanian. Row 2: David White, Dr. Harris, Johnny Patton, )im Andrews, Barry Hicks, Dr. Beal, Ann Harrison. Row 3: Carol Church, Jim Tuck, Richard Durham, Don Preble, Don Rhodes, Rick Laborde. chemistpy cIub OFFICERS: President Nancy Cargile Vice President Barry Hicks Secretary Don Preble Sponsor Dr. Merijanian Left fo right: Row 1: Martha Jane Cassidy, Nadlie Ashenfelder. Row 2: Chuck King, Larry Smith, Barry Brennan, Dennis Hermecz, Danny Fredricks, Robert Altman, Fred Mahns. fme Oepaptment 6eB3kte team hispanic society Left to right: Row 1: Merle Castro, Paul Bert, Elaine Vines. Row 2: Becky Coffee, DotDailey, Roxanne Saa, David Nochols. Row 3: Mr. Harris, Alan Hannah, Bob Mundenk, Marco Bonita, Jeff West. inteRnAtional Relations cIub Left to right: Row 1: Leigh Staple- ton, TerrI Powell. Row 2: Linda Dewitt, Gloria Jackson, Elea- nor Hendricks, Jane Sparks, Nancy Car- glle. Row 3: Jim Bodley, Johnny Walker, Rich- ard Dabney, John Finlen, David Wood. MwemcMTi home economics Association Left to right: Row 1: PauletteSayre, Ruth Williams, Linda Burroughts. Row 2: Glenda Millins, Margaret Hall, Debbie Nummy, Jeanette Ellis. Row 3: Ann Ray, Linda lohnson. Penny Dyke, Martha Atkinson, Terri Powell, KarenAbney, DianneMartin, Cheryl Faulk, Marcia Reynolds, lackie Faulkner, Mrs. Turner. Row 4: Betty Cotter, Linda Miller, Gail Varley, Caria Meank, Margie Gipson, Audrey Schneider, Martha Rodgers, Ann Wood. OFFICERS: Row 1: Mrs. Turner, Nancy Norton, Ruth Williams, Debbie Nummy. Row 2: leanette Ellis, GlindaMu III ns, Margaret Hall, PauletteSayre, Linda Burroughs, Linda Miller. logos OFFICERS: Seated: Sherry Smith, ClaireVickers. Standing: Glen Smith, Sid Wilhams. Left to right: Row 1: ClaireVickers, Ester Caskin, Karen Jackson, Debbie Brown. Row 2: Cynthia Sisk, Jeanne Abt, Helen Hunt, JimmieChurchill, Cathy Busby, Ruth Cowder, Deetsie Spires. Row 3: Sherry Smith, Glen Smith, Sid Williams, Carol DeVaughn. sociology cIub Left to right: Row 1: Anne Sleidinger, Carolyn McDonald, Kay Brewer. Row 2: Sarah lohnson, Ginger Germany, Marie Yancey, Welles Robinson, Judy Boozer. Row 3: Barbara Sharp, Nancy Kealon, Brenda Tune, Fou Fou Z, ' baneh, Bobbi lones, Myra West, Ginger Richards, Gayle Lees. Row 4: Palsy Kerlin, Pam lohnson, Alice Morton, Belly Ann Harcrow, Malella Knighl, Eleanor Headrich, ludy Calhoun, Warren B. Sleidinger. Row 5: Lynn Weaver, Linda Ward, Peggy Shull, Susan Vaughn, Barbara Lynn, Becky Freeman, Curl Taylor. Miss Nivm, Sponsor. Mrs. Weaver, Sponsor. psychology cIub Left to right: Row 1: Yolanda Ceddie, Marie Taylor. Row 2: leff West, Linda Waide, Anne Goad, Mike Burgan. Row 3: Marie Fielder, Dick Sullivan, Barry Teel, Jim Patterson, Sydney Parker, Barbara Adamson. Row 4: Larry Mitchell, David Kirkland, Craig Cravlee, lohanna Flynn. OFFICERS: Seated: Barbara Adamson Standing: Dick Sullivan, Johanna Flynn. Left to right: Row 1: Jane Johnson, Donno Heaton, Marion Dukes, Jo Carol Lee, Melvina Phillips Row 2: Pauline Reid, Teresa Smith, Marsha Bliss, Jane Lake. Student national education association SNEA activities. B8 Right to left: Row 1: Deborah Eubanks, Shirley Tidwell, Melvina Phillips, Celie Petro. Row 2: Julie Bonds, Pauline Reid, Debra Davis, Jane Taylor, Sherry York, Susan Wall. Row 3: Carol Gilliland, Carolyn Helz, Anita VVildsmilh, Peggy Marsh, Donna Heaton, DeAnne Copeland, lo Jeffcoat, Shan Curtis, Nancy Dobbs, Barbara Bishop, Sandra Parker. Row 4: Sharon Thomas, Anne Hays, Sandy Haynes, Peggy Rhodes, Peg Hill, Nancy Yeager, Nancy Washington, Linda Green, Mary Madden, Beverly Davis, Rita Orr. Not Pictured: Linda Harris, Cynthia Wohlford, Linda Mixson. association foR chil6hoo6 education Dr. Cannon, Sponsor. Peg Hill, President. 89 k-ettes Left lo right: Row 1: Beverly Bush, Libby i ' osey, Debbie Harper, Charlolle Marlow, Ian King, Sara Enfinger. Row 2: Terri Dennis, Karen DewitI, Maureen McDonald, Riba Gunler, Cindy Graham, Benila Crow, Ann Horn, Diane Barnes, Palli Pennington. Left to right: Row 1: Bill Sumner, Sara Enfinger, John Gary Ellis. Row 2: Jim King, Barry Brannon, Henry Calhoun, Lanny lohnson, Glenn Carr, Paul Barton, Maiben McKinley. Row 3: Col. Bigger, Don Chance, Jerry Bailey, Lloyd Frey, Richard Dabney, Johnny Walker, Phillip May. Row 4: Robert Barron, Robert Crawford, Phillip Thom- ason, Larty Bishop, Ed Clark, Mike Colson, Jim Andrews. ciRcle k Fred Sington speaks to Circle K representing the Kawanis Club. Circle K participates in Drives ' Week. Left to right: Sealed: Debra Slill, Chris Meadows, Linda Riley, Mary Linda Summerville. Standing: Betty Ann Harcrow, Sherry Hendon, Anne Eargle, Sherry Smith, Debra Kinsey, Cindy Southern, Beverly Baird, )o Anne Ceravolo. Not Pictured: Carol Still. usheRS cluB Llshers Club u sher at all convocations and many other functions in Palmer. young ameRicans pOR fRee om Lefl to right: Row 1: Deborah Cattes, Linda Zuzul, Marilyn Justice, Beth Holland. Row 2: Fred Mohns, Wayne Faughl, Michael Colson, Mike Holland. young RepuBlican ClUB Left to right: Row 1: Tom Howell, Anita LeePard, Dr. Justin Fuller. Row 2: Alan Hanan, Ben Rountree, John Wible, Dan Cooper. Row 3: Phillip Littlefield, Mary Jane Griffith, Barry Teel, Joan Tate, Cecille Cox, Major May, Larry Popwell. Row 4: Susan Wiley, Dean Dunlavy, Gary Robertson, Ronnie Glover, Mil e Colson. » i-r ' , ■• •■ . ■:-:.. .-•.. -;r ?v »:• ' ' - -x CAtalma cluB Left to right: Row 1: Sarah Rowe, Georgia Cherry, Wanda Boggs, Mary Madden, Cathy Belfour, Sandra Cannon, Lynn Colburn, Stephanie Brown, Cheryl Sanderson. Row 2: Glenn Carr, Debbie Brown, Phillis Erhert, Terri Jones, Gloria Birmingham, Dianne Chambers. Row 3: Ian King, Kathleen Madden, Elizabeth league, Betty Montgomery, Dee Herndon, lanis Standridge, Betty Thornton, Anelda Lewis. Row 4: Marilyn Gates, Steve Harmon, Blanch Boiling, Ann Leffel, Pat Watford, Diana Clemens. OFFICERS: President Anelda Lewis Vice President Penny Dyck (not pictured) Secretary Cayle Lees Publicity Chairman Gloria Birmingham oRChesis Left to right: Row 1: Linda Balfzell, Susan Posey, Beverly Bush, Shelia Chavers, Sunny lordan. Row 2: Marti Alfano, lenny Wallace, Cherly Moore, Ann Mitchell, Wanda Boggs. Row 3: Anna Clump, Becky Strother, Anne White, Shannon Hinton, Marsha Rogers. Orchesis Winter Concert. ift.. : Jr »««- fi|Bi K ssa sa i m clu5 Row 1: Steve Bruner, Mike Newell, BIaz Ruzic, Mike Lewanski, Wayne Faught, Bill Roundtree. Row 2: Buddy Long, Dean Dunlevy, Luke, Anastasakis, Frank Taranlo, lohn Wible, Seth Snellgrove. Row 3: lohnny Williams, Ricky Cairns, Herman Watts, Andy King. Row 4: David Convey, Wayne Norton, James Hobbs, Jim Golden, Jim Clark. OFFICERS: Left to right: Mike Lewanski, Frank Taranlo, Herman Watts, Wayne FaugJit, John Wible. physical education cIub 97 win6 enseniBle an6 choRAle 98 univeRsity of montevAllo concept choiR Bennie Middaugh Featured Soloist at German Requiem Ninfa Caruso Featured Soprano Soloist at German Requiem. 99 Row 1: Cecille Cox, limmy Cordy, Cindy Taylor. Row 2: Ron Wilder, Sally Loveioy, Becky White, Eric Olson. Row 3: Danny Saxon, Hal Macintosh, Ronnie Caine, Frank Cruz, Peggy Courtney, Mary Cain, ludy Persons, Charles Dekle, Linda Dekle, Melanie Shuck, Steye Lawrence, Teresa Causy, Stan Poyvell. Row 4: Cuy Dowing. theatpe council « r I ' f ' -s •■ I S : ' • V. ' •■■ .1 o ' ■• " 1 t ' A- " - ' i. ' t « -.. ' " ' • V ' V " •t s, . : ' " f % ' Jl l»--r ' ». ' 4 . » » Jt V • - ' A . s n, ' Cf 4 ' patsy keuim, eoito UM COURt School begins and so does the time-honored tradition of ratting. This special week is set aside to welcome freshmen and make them realize their place in university life. Among the most ardent participators in rat week are those sophomores who cannot easily forget their own experiences and those freshmen who plan to rat like hell next year. Ratting came to a climax when freshmen were put on trial at Rat Court. A select group of freshmen appeared before a panel of judges and re- ceived their sentences. Covered with flour, syrup, and special concoctions the w eary trooped back to their dorms plotting revenge. Marty Crawford, pictured on the right hand page, was the winner of this year ' s Freshman Talent Show. Marty won this honor for her talented display of skill with a twelve string guitar. ' % .. ' - ' ?iM C)pives week Each year our S.G.A. sponsors a week filled with various activities to raise money for a special project. Drives Week 1970 was no ex- ception as the social clubs and other organiz- ations worked hard for a successful project. Be- ginning with the Circle K Blood Drive, activities held during the week varied from the annual Omega shoe shine to a pie throwing booth to to a powder puff football game between the Kappa and Omega social clubs. Not only were upperclassmen sold but Delta ' s also sponsored a faculty auction to round out the week ' s ac- tivities. Delta Kappas auction off anything. Phi Alpha Epsilon break the record. 104 Apple crowns the ugliest man on campus, Tom Fox. Dr. Johnson gives all he can. Get a head with the XAT ' s. It will all be over soon, Daryl. Brooklyn Bridge. concept anO lectuRC scRies dances 108 109 oRChesis moC)eRn Oaince Cube Lyric Waltz Sweet Blindness Twelve Days of Christmas 110 east lynne nz 113 The LL-Day Court, Marti Alfano, Connie Doran, Ace, Maureen McDonald, Debbie Pukl. In it ' s first year as a university, Montevallo celebrated for the first time University Day, featuring a parade lining the streets of Down- town Montevallo with floats and bands; a basketball game and the announcement of the U-Day queen. u-Oay U-Day queen, Marti Alfano, receives congratulations from Jim Hyche and Cayle Lees. The Falcons beat the Bears on U-Dav. -- fs v ,r ' v..:r gf « .-5 ' I t ry. r%i M, " -i 116 colleqe niqht 1970 College Night cannot be pictured any easier than it can be described to someone who has not been involved in it. It ' s two weeks of hard work that doesn ' t seem any longer than two days; it ' s excite- ment, anxiety, loss of sleep, happiness and sorrow; it ' s an intangible feeling of participation in a cause that is very real; College Night is all this and much more. All that can be done is to try and capture the many moods of College Night and to present these memories. This year College Night was dedicated to Bobby Jenkins who has always played an important part in the backstage work that makes the productions. Leaders this year for the Purples were Susan Clarke and Jim Cole, and for the Golds Jan King and Char- lie White. puRple caBinet Back row: Eric Olson, Barbara Sloan, |oe Taylor, Cheryl Sanderson, Gloria Birmingham. Second row: Amilia Dendy, lannell Evans, Ann Caraway, Dee Herndon, Jim Brush, Ann While, Steve Lawrence. Third row: Wanda Boggs, Lynn Colburn, Jimmy Gordy, Ronnie Caine, Cindy Taylor. Bottom row: Susan Clark, Sally Lovejoy, Brenda Briggs, Joann Brennan, jim Cole. puRple cowtAils Back row: Slan Powell, Melanie Shuck, Sally Hicks, Becky While, Roger Powell, Waller Cloplon. Second row: Johnnie BryanI, Debbie Span, Doris Dunn, Libby Hall, Donna Dunnaway, Ann Leffel. Bottom row: Cheryl Sanderson, Janis Frey, Shirley Helms, Phyllis Springfield, Ann Barren, Cilda Lyons, Susan Cook. Qol6 CABinet Back row: Susan Clopton, Cayle Lees, Lynn Cox, Sunny Jordon, Patsy Kerlin, Peg HiN. Second row: Sharon Hadley, Nina Capps, Vicki McCluskey, Blanche Boiling, Anelda Lewis, Berna- dette Twardy, Joy Drummond, Marti Alfano, Phillip McEntee. QOl6 flunkies Back row: Tim Holcomb, Elizabeth league. Waller Hendricks, Marilyn Kates, David Kirk, Terry Dennis, John Callaway. Second row: Libbie Posey, Rene Bohorfoush, Pat Murphree, Jo Willis, Cecile Pugh, Barbara Henry, Ann Home, Cheryl Prince, Anita LePard, Lynn Bird, Penny Dyke Bottom row: Bill Elliott, Joy Drummond, Ronnie Jackson e the puppies ppesent the heiR appapent with the Appa Rent mq or the pRince was 3 stmkeR OR people who weaR qUss slippeRS should not have BaBies the golds pcesent gentile on my minO ® fe|43te ' ' M ' iS § A puRple CAsr Back: Norma Henderson. Down: Donna Robertson, Stan Pow- ell, Garry Mitchell, Kathy Isley, Susan Clark, Annette Atkeison. Down: Steve Butler, Renee Van Tuyll, Frank Cruz, Mike Davis. Next: Anna Ruff, Glinda Ogle, Susan Posey, Trudy Davis, Terisa Causey, Di- ane Lawrence, Mary King, Robert Hod- ges, Marcia McLecxJ, Ronnie Glover, lerry McCaugh. Down: Mary Beth Perry, Roger Powell, Danny Saxon, Hooper Mcintosh, Ann Hayes, Daryl Shroeder, Bonnie Jones. Bottom row: Jorge Morales Bobbie Jones, Tom Milne, Hal Mcintosh, Ann Mitchell, Doug Trotter, Joe Sands. B kTlC) Back row: Betty Ann Harcrow, Ellen Scott, Barbara Cannon, Ida Smith, Carol Johnson, Karen Humpheries, Linda Clark, Ann Caraway, Norma Henderson, Debbie Perdue, Susan Wall. Front row: Ronnie Joullian, Greg Teed, joe Ash, Lee Fisher, Steve Daniels, Tim Anderson. Not Pictured: Chuck King, Rick White, Gail Towers, Rich- ard Humber, Mary McCullan, Cheep - leadeRS Back: Cheryl Sanderson, MyraLawley, Sally Hicks, Janis Standridge, Gloria Birmingham. Front: Mary Linda Summerville, Anna Nordon, Terisa Causey. i ' iy. % 0 ' S ' .- ' t.... P V f .M K. = v. ._„., .. ». i 9 ti » 1 JmMm ' Sr ' f lfl ft H kwK RBw . i H M K Hi " )iF». nyiil ° l apj J Vi K ! ' i l ' ' L ' ' l t JStK SmT tKMS ' jHk H n i M K c T l ■r W aW ' » i ■ H w - ' ' •1 fp ' ' - " - ' - m ' i S y QOl6 cast Back row: RickCarter, Hank Layman, Rick West, Jeff McGee, Doc Edwards, John Griffin, James Joiner. Next: Susan Ford, ConnieO ' Donnell, Bunnie Cole, Anna Klumpp, CIneryl Moore, Sandy Pederson, Brenda Smith, Kathy McCanless, Leslie Nor- wood, Kathy Kerwin. Next: Pam Owens, Linda James, Lin- da Ann Harris, Sue Ellen Germany, Joyce Teichmiller, Kathy Courtny, M yra Helen Mills, Cheryl Lawson, Daloris Meyers, Jeanie Gurganus, Melanie Oaks. Bottom row; Charles Hill, Tim Hol- comb, Jerry Bailey, Tom Fox, Gordon Welch, Jef Frey, Charlie Reynolds, John Callaway. BAn6 Back row: Carmon Love, Sharon Hogland, Jane Adams, Virginia Collie, Gay Stephens, Carolyn Duncan, Sharon Johnson, Otey Crisman, Jim Tucker, David Hor- ton, Connie Sledge, Carolyn Porch, Philip McEntee. Second row: Don Boatwright, Lynn Bird, Tyra Engram, Buddy Billy, Beverly Hoots, Ronnie Jones, Kim Morelock, Eddie Snow. Next: Stephanie Brown, Gary Goodwin, John Cox, Judy War- ren, Peggy Rudolph, Sharon Bur- gess, Debbie Brown, Steve Har- man. Bottom row: David Warren, Marion Huddlston, Jean Wilson, Jane Panther, Mary Jane Grif- fith, Mary Jane Dees, Laura Rob- erts, Elizabeth Hamilton, Phyllis Ferguson, Charles Kelly. cHeeR- leaOeRS Back row: Tim Holcomb, Patty Pen- nington, Linda Baltzell, Hope Bryant, Mabin McClellan. Bottom row: Peg Hill, Carol Gamble, Jane Shaffer, Karen Dewitt. puRple BASketBAll Back row: Johnny Williams, )im Clark, Butch Lovelady, Ronnie Griffin, Mike Breas, Jim Burges, Jim Carwell. Front row: Tom Lovell, Sieve Coward, Bill Good, Mike Mur- phy, Doug Erwin. footBall Back row: Wayne Norton, Mike Mills, Jeff West, Bobby Rush- ing, Tim Hall, Joe Newton, Mike Mullins. Middle row: Sergie Kampakis, Butch Lovelady, David Spivey, Bob Larson, Kent Funker, Ken Roberson, Mike Lee, Doc Cald- well. Front row: Eddie Smith, Bill Patridge, Marty Murry, Virgil Lugar, Denny Schelly, Charlie Mann. QOlC) BASketBAll Back row: Eddie Beckman, Ray Davis, Larry Long, David Kirk. Middle row: Dan Fuqua, Walter Hendricks, Danny Mobley, Tony Taylor, Gene Martin, Randy Road. Front row: Mack Lyell, Buddy Long, Darryl Baygents, Andy Flowers, )oel Ellis. pOOtBAll Back row: Bill Elliot, Ray Davis, John Callaway, Walter Hendricks, Jody Hill, Darryl Baygents, Pat Murphree, Paul Barton. Second row: Donny Kennedy, Frank Toranto, jim Threet, Steve Bartelt, John Custor, Mabin McClenlon, Frank Cos- tanzo, Charlie Faulkner. Third row: Ronnie Griffin, Jim Tucker, Jim Andrews, Wayne Lucas, Kevin McGurk, Doyle Joiner, Johnny Walker. Bottom row: Grant Rice, limmy Green, Wayne Posey, Tommy Mayfield, Otey Crisman, Larry Popwell. 124 ,A m ,69 e6itOR Here are thirty of the forty class beauties. Z u. J ' iii SL- -. l»««. £ LJj. ' ' . i- »-tJi:« ' al3fc . Annually presented, Elite Night, is an opportunity to honor beauty, scholarship and leadership as exemplified by university students. Presented at this year ' s event were forty beauties, consisting of ten representatives from each class, Senior Elite, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, and candidates for class favorites and Mr. and Miss University of Montevailo. Chairman for Elite Night, Garry Mitchell; and Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Chichester, who emceed the evening ' s entertainment. elite niQht Dr. Connell, affecfionalely known as Dr. Rock, re- ceived the dedication. 127 class favoRites Sophomore Class: Sally Hicks Sid Williams Freshmen Class: Debbie Pukl Denny Skelli Junior Class: Patty Mickwee Grahame Bobo Senior Class: John Amari Marty Alfano 128 iTiR. An6 miss univepsity of montevAllo Miss Peg Hill, Class Favorite, P.E. Club, A.C.E., S.N.E.A., College Night, Who ' s Who. Mr. Bill Sumner, Pres. of Circle K, Who ' s Who, Chief Justice, Chaplain of Theta Sigma Chi, Alpha Kappa Psi. 129 intRoC)ucinQ i ::._. _J Wells Robinson Jenni Lind Mary Sokoloskie Mary Linda Summerville Connie Doran Maureen McDonald Janis Rooney Not pictured, Molly Hill the Beauties Judy McConnell Elizabeth league Peenie Whitman Renee Van Tuyll Susan Clark Sydney Parker Karen Dewitt 131 rriRS. sus3in cUPk 133 niRs. connie 6oRan S -«k, 136 137 miss niARy sokoloskie 139 miss niARy UnC summeRville Y ' - rv. . . ..£j ii a miss peenie whitman 143 •»,, « Esther Gaskin jtf mi k v V ' )ohn Amari Amilea Ann Griffin Who ' s who in AmeRican colleges An6 univeRSities Charles David Wood Martha Owens McDonald William Godwin Edgar Tolbert J y i s I J Hk » ' «-» J I H ( •■■■■■■ ' " • •■-™« ¥m 1 us m m.. im Dennis Garry Mitchell LJ i " i KU miiipT jP4£ i ■m H ' Sm|h3| H ' - fiUMlii H. Ginger Germany Peg Hil Robert Altman William Sumner 146 Jane Doswell jim Cole James [Houghton Margaret Dozier Susan Boyer Clopton Charles Kelly Jan King Sue Coggins Home Economics, Merchandizing Clenda Ann Harp Secretarial Business Administration Charles David Wood Social Science, Historian Edgar Tolbert Mathematics senioR elite Martha Grace Whigham Biology Lynn Evans Music Charles Joseph Taylor General Speech Nancy Lee Cargile Chemistry Kathleen Madden English Amelia Ann Griffin Biology 149 Ethel Beach Foreign Language IH rf ' T •■ ? t , - ' »•«»« - f Iv V iTu ie van ey, e JtoR . ■ i i - - " j - " i, y ' Tftfct i. - :. " . t s vf Margaret Dozier Mary Lou Goodwin, Historian lane Hammond Betty Ann Harcrow, Secretary Sherry Rendon Linda Johnson Mary lohnson Mickie Kirkland I Myra Lawley, Social Chairman Jane Martin, Pledge Master Under the leadership of Sherry Smith, Thetas always keep in mind certain principles, amongthese high moral standards for its members, the develop- ment of leadership ability and the encouragement of scholastic achievement. Being a service as well as a social club is an im- portant facet of Alpha Theta Pi. This year members sponsored the Elite Night Tea, decorated a float for Homecoming and U Day, held the annual Easter Egg Hunt for the children of the Speech and Hearing Clinic, and participated in Drives Week. Socially the Thetas held a spring formal dinner dance for members and dates, several in- formal parties and two banquets, one at Christmas and one for the installation of new members. Pattie Mickwee Pam Ryer Eleanor Schaub Brenda Sharp Sherry Smith, President Mary Sokoloskie Cindy Southern, Treasurer Carol Still Mary Linda Summerville, Vice President Joyce Teichmiller Jennie Wallace ■w k Rachel Crandall Karen Dewitt Susan Dollahlte Sara Enfinger Carol Gamble Cindy Graham Rachel Jagoe Sissy Johnson Judy Kristof, Secretary Omega Tau Omega offers its members the opportunity to grow socially and at the same time be a service to the University of Montevalio. Omega sisters are united in a sincere effort to improve themselves, their club and their campus through the spirit of scholarship and friendship. Omega activities for this year included their annual Shoe Shine for Drives Week and also for this same purpose a powder puff football game. Omegas sponsored several dances including the Omega Round-Up and the Yellow Rose Formal, which annually features the Omega ideal. Participating actively in Creek Week as well as U Day activities. Omegas are recognized not only for their participation in all campus activities, but for their representation as Montage beauties. Maureen McDonald Becky McLaughlin Corresponding Secretary Carol Moore Doranne Newton lane Shafer lanis Standridge Deane Summerford Elizabeth Taylor Elizabeth league Betty Thornton Nida Threet Yonnie Turner Peenie Whitman |o Ann Wilker Beverly Wilson Pat Cash Kathy Crawford Trudy Davis Judy Ellis, Treasurer Jackie Faulkner Susan Ford Ann Griffin, President Claire Griffin Margaret FHanby Dee Herndon, Pledge Master Sally Hicks Shannon Hinton The purpose of Phi Kappa Lambda is to stimulate its members to participate in all school functions and to further the friendly atmosphere on campus. Activities of the Kappas exemplify that they are a social as well as a service sorority. This year a Banana Split party for the school was held, the Ugliest Man on Campus Contest was sponsored and a Powder Puff Football Game was held to raise money during Drives Week. Other activities were a Christmas dinner dance for members and alumni, a spring dance for the student body, a house party at Fort Walton Beach, a Mother-Daughter Tea, a Valentine ' s party and an Installation Banquet in May. Despite their many activities. Kappas find time to make trips to Partlow School to visit Jackie Crowe, a boy that they have adopted. Chessie Howington Mary Hulcheson Bonny Jones Apple Kridakorn Vice President Cathy McCard Melanie Oakes Cherly Paulk Sandy Peterson Cheryl Prince Marsha Rogers Lynda Turner Secretary Claire Vickers Kathy Winter Sally Winter Debbie Yeager Dr. Eagles, Sponsor Marco Bonilla £•=) n %=,s Jim Bush, President John Callaway, Pledge Master John Carothers, Vice President Fred Holbein Jim Hyche 1 9 ill " Hal Mcintosh ■3« «» KK Striving to promote individuality without losing the concept of brotherhood, makes the purpose of Chi Alpha Tau ' s unique. Actively involved in campus life, Xat ' s decorated the gym for University Day and also won first place in gym decorations for their caricatures of the basketball team Other projects were keeping the King Cemetery, making a float for the University Day parade, participating in the Circle K Blood Drive, and in general rush. Roger Powell, Secretary Stan Powell Ben Rountree, Chaplain Doug Trotter, Treasurer Rick White, Parliamentarian Dr. Harris, Sponsor rTT ' T " ' ' ' T¥TT Sergie Kampakis Larry Kines Mike Lewanski Ron Lyerly Wayne Morris Granted their charter in 1963, the Delta ' s are now a chapter of Delta Chi. The members have worked hard to live up to their motto " in medias res. " Delta Kappa provides its members with a sense of brotherhood and fellowship while taking part in various campus activities. This year members participated in the fourth annual padded football game with Theta Sigma Chi, partici- pated in the Homecoming parade, held a faculty auction for Drives Week and sponsored a bonfire pep rally for our first home game in basketball. BIaz Ruzic Jack Spahr Leslie Sully Frank Taranto Wayne Smith Dale Swanson Johnny Walker Coach Flemming, Sponsor Andrews loe Ash Paul Barton, President David Cox, Treasurer William Diamonc Tom Fox limmy Parker Johnny Parker, Vice President Guy Sipe Bill Stone Alan Thomas Richie Wilson n . 0 I u o n Robert Altman John Bearden Ralph Butler Steve Bruner ■;S« Tim Hall Dennis Hermecz Jim Hermecz Ricky Cairns Bill Godwin Wayne Horton Danny Loftin For the Pi Alpha Fraternity, the year of 1968-70 was one of continued success as of past years. Placing first in intramural football, volleyball, and basketball proved their power in athletics. Their emphasis on scholarship was demonstrated by win- ning the grades trophy for the third consecutive year, thus retiring it. This trophy is awarded an- nually to the fraternity with the highest scholastic average. The closeness of the Pi Alpha Brother- hood comes out strongly in their social gather- ings, pledge parties, and spring banquet. " Butch Lovelady fT i John Patton Ken Roberson i, ' Bill Roundtree Tommy Rudd Bobby Rushing Jerry Shaw Mr. Wallace, Sponsor I Dan Fuqua, Treasurer lohn Griffin Butch Hunt Jim Johnson Danny Cooper Ray Davis |im Dennis Steve Bailey Steve Berry Donnie Kennedy David Kirk Theta Sigma Chi was founded with certain objec- tives in mind, including the principles of brotherly love, good fellowship, and the cultivation of moral and intellectual facilities. During the year the Sigmassponsored their annual Jungle party, participated in a padded football game with the Deltas and also in the University ' s intramural program. To promote Christmas spirit, Sigmas decorated a Christmas tree in front of the sub and had a Christmas party; events for the spring include an Old South party and a Banquet in May. Members of Theta Sigma Chi are active in cam- pus activities, student government and College ' Night. Roy Long mm J Devere McLennan Phillip May, Vice President Larry Popwell Bob Posey Rod Powers Terry Smith Bill Sumner, Chaplin Jim Threet Charlie White Mr. Huffstutler. Sponsor inteR fRAtepnity council Left to right: Row 1: Paul Barlon, Steve Bruner, Leslie Sulley. Row 2: lohn Carothers, Luke Anastasakis, |im Brush, Butch Hunt, lohnny Parker, BIaz Ruzic, Bill Godwin, Charlie White. pAnheLlenic council Left to right: Row 1: Pam Ryer, Yonnie Turner, Karen Agee, Peenie Whitman. Row 2: Bonnie Jones, Sissy Johnson, Shannon Hinton. saca enfinqep theta siQiTiA chi sweetheaRt hope Bpyant theta Sigma chi sistec linC)a BAltzell phi alpha epsiLon sweetheapt sissy johnson phi alpha epsilon sistec Joanne Beveply chi alpha tau sweetheact tecesa Rountpee chi alpha tau sisteR Theta Sigma Chi Pledges. 1969 fall pledges Chi Alpha Tau Pledge. Meister Pledges. Phi Alpha Epsilon Pledges. S ' . -.T ; j Pictured left to right: Buddy Long, )ay laxon, Frank Toronto, |im Threet. A.C. 91 2 5 3 14V2 672 11 2 10 1572 972 6V2 1969 Qolf team Golf statistics Opponent Birmingham Southern 872 Florence 13 Jacksonville 16 Huntingdon 372 Florence 1172 Huntingdon 7 Troy 16 Birmingham Southern 8 St. Bernard 272 Athens 872 Jacksonville 1172 Seasonal Record of 6 to 5 lerry Fulmer, M.V.P. 1969 . .-j v%, ' f iff -i fe ,;«ij 175 tennis team x; ■»! SEASONAL RECORD A.C. Oppon ent 5 Marion 3 9 Athens 8 Florence 1 5 Marion 4 7 St. Bernard 2 A.C 8 Troy 1 118 9 Huntingdon 9 Birmingham Southern 6 Huntingdon 3 9 Jacksonville 7 Florence 2 7 Troy 2 6 Birmingham Southern 3 6 St. Bernard 3 8 Athens 1 9 Jacksonville TOTAL SEASONAL POINTS Opponent 25 Mike Lewanski: Awarded Most Valuable Player, All Conference tf Singles, All Conference ffl Doubles, Singles Record 16-2. Robert Walters: All Tournament, ttl Singles, All Conference, All Tournament 2 Doubles, Singles record 14-5. Dean Dunlavy: All Conference, All Tournament 3 Singles, All Conference ft Doubles, Singles Record 19-0. ■,41.1 " " Sifca ' " T. ■ ■- " ' • I ' L ■ . •: il li a v r .ifc;.,.;.;.i.- 1 ' • T Mike Malone: All Tournament 3 Doubles, Single ' s record 12-6. « -fevMiJifcJlii t -j Mike Roberson: All Conference, All Tournament ff5 Singles and 5 Doubles, Single ' s record 17-2. Eddie Beckman: All Conference, 6 Singles, All Conference, All Tournament 2 Doubles, Single ' s record 18-1. 178 Not only was the 1969 Tennis Team outstanding for having an undefeated season, but they were also the first Alabama College team to represent the school in a national event. In the latter part of the season the team traveled to Kansas City, Mo. to compete in the N.A.i.A. Tennis Champion- ships. Pictured left to right: Mike Lewanski, Coach Ruffner, Dean Dunlavy. Standing: Mike Roberson, Mike Malone, Robert Walters. Reggie Pattrson: ttl Singles. 179 1969 BASeBall 1969 Baseball Team » ' lii. ' ..;t , i_ v - " i V« " " J ij.f ■ 181 univeRSity of montevallo falcons Seated left to right: Tom Lovell, Larry Lough, Mike Newell, Lonnie Edwards, Herman Watts, Jim Clark, Larry Long, Eddie lohnson, Steve Cowart. Standing: Seth Snellgrove, Howard Von Hagel, Kenny Dunaway, limmy Golden, Bill Rountree, Bill Good, lames Hobbs, Al O ' Brien, David Conway, Hansell Cunn. of M. Opponent 1969-1970 STATISTICS FIELD GOALS FREE THROWS TOTAL 86 Columbus College 89 REBOUNDS 82 Tennessee Temple 68 atl. made pet. att. mad( ; pet. pts. pff. der 69 La Grange 62 O ' Brien 185 91 49.7 77 56 72.7 238 46 72 76 Birmingham Southern 63 Rountree 219 87 39.7 50 35 70 209 74 112 60 Jax State U. 77 Hobbs 251 149 59.3 256 197 76.9 495 127 197 100 Livingston 91 Newell 223 101 45.2 102 73 71.5 275 9 29 68 St. Bernard 82 Long 114 55 48.2 23 15 65.2 125 15 41 82 Troy State 64 Watts 107 38 35.5 34 18 52.9 94 27 27 90 Athens 81 Golden 93 37 39.7 34 19 56 93 21 55 80 West Georgia 79 Edwards 213 99 46.4 70 46 65.7 244 39 38 91 Jax State U. 131 94 Cunn 63 29 46 14 11 78 69 19 12 75 Athens Lough 77 32 41.5 24 15 62.5 79 18 23 94 St. Bernard 78 Clark 13 4 30.1 3 1 33.3 9 3 2 80 Florence 89 Von Hagel 11 2 18.1 14 8 57.1 12 7 9 71 Jax State U. 79 Conway 8 3 37.5 1 6 2 4 70 Columbus 66 lohnson 2 80 LaGrange 62 Good 13 4 30.7 17 7 41.4 15 15 16 81 Florence 96 Dunaway 41 16 39. 39 27 70.1 58 4 14 69 Livingston 90 83 Huntingdon 85 105 Tennessee Temple 70 88 Huntingdon 85 79 Birmingham Southern 74 INDIVIDUAL RECORDS 71 Troy State 72 94 Athens 105 Highest point per game average— 19.8 by James Hobb TOTAL SEASONAL RECORD 13 12 Most Games Won in a Season 13 HIGHEST TEAM SCORERS James Hobbs 19.8 Mike Newell 13.1 Lonnie Edwards 10.1 All A.C.C. and All Tournament— James Hobbs Highest field goal percentage for season— 59.3% by James Hobbs, 1969-70 Most rebounds in one game— 23 by James Hobbs, 1969-70 Most rebounds in a four year career— 758 by Bill Rountree, 1969-70 Most free throws made in one game— 17 by James Hobbs, 1969-70 Most assists in one game— 14 by Kenny Dunaway, 1969-70 N K 1 B l hHb H wK S m " H . ' 183 187 Pictured left to right: Debbie Slill, lodnne Beverly, Alu, VVdIler Clopton, Apple Kridakorn, Head, Rosemarie Haril a. Standing: Audrey Higdon, Carol Mayo, Lynn Colburn. 1970 cheeRleaOeRS women ' s volleyBAll mtpamuRals : v Women ' s Volleyball Intramural winners . . . the Marching Seniors. 193 women s BASketBAll intRamuRAls H T B , m||[g|||gS[ PSPt Hi -U P 196 Meisters ' capture the intramural championship twice in a row. men ' s footBall intRamuRAls Without football, what would Fall be! Boys at the university here must make up for the loss of a regular football team by spending all available afternoons participating in flag ball. The season this year opened on Septem- ber 29 with teams from each floor in the residence halls, social clubs and commuters participating. Flag ball is played similar to touch, the difference being that the opponent must capture a flag rather than touching the ball carrier. As the season progr essed competi- tion and excitement increased, and was heightened by the championship play offs which saw the Meisters emerge as intra- mural football winners. 199 men s BASketBAll intRamuRals Meisler ' s winning inlidmuidl leam. 20 1 In memory of Ace- University of Montevallo mascol. Donated by the Delta Kappa Fraternity. 20 Z senioRS. . . Abrams, Ike Adamson, Barbara Agee, Karen Allen, Jerry Altman, Robert Amari, John Anastasakis, Luke Arant, Carolyn Ash, Joseph Atkinson, Martha Backer, Michael Bailey, Dianne Bailey, Wayne Barker, James E. Barksdale, William T. Baygents, Darryl Bean, Brenda Bean, Delta Bearden, John Bearden, Peggy Berry, Stephen Birmingham, Gloria Bishop, Elizabeth Bliss, Marcia 204 Boatwright, Betty Bodley, James Boggs, Wanda Boiling, Blanche Boone, Betty K. Boyd, John Brannon, Sue Brennan, Jo Ann isiiYi Britt, Ava M. Brooks, Paul Brown, Leiand Bruner, Steve Liti MmiM Burgin, Claudia Burroughs, Linda Byess, Sharron Caine, Ronald Camp, Cathy Capps, Carolyn Capps, Nina Caraway, Ann Cargile, Nancy Carter, Buford Carter, Lester Cash, Patricia 205 senioRS Cataldo, Sharon Ceravalo, Jo Ann Clark, Susan P. Clopton, Susan B. Cochran, Michael Cochran, Sherrie Coggins, David Coe, James D. Colburn, Lynn Cole, James Coleman, Je an Coleman, Mary Coleman, Lawrence Earl Collier, Glanna Cook, Doris Faye Cooper, Danny Cotton, Carol Courtney, Kathleen Cowart, Carl Coyle, Michael Crane, Susan Crowe, Carl Curtis, Marsha Dabbs, Nancy 206 mst Davenport, Phillip Davis, James Davis, Ray Deese, Danny Dekle, Charles Dendy, Amelia Dennis, James DeWitt, Linda Diaz, Eustaquio Dietz, Sherry Doswell, Jane Dozier, Margaret Drummond, Joy Dukes, Marion Dunn, Jane Dunaway, Donna Dunaway, Jeanna Durham, Richard Dutton, Nancy Dyck, Penny Earnest, Blake Edwards, Ray Edwards, Sidney Eiland, Joseph 207 senioRS Ellis, Judy Evans, Janell Evans, Lynne Evans, Ritchie Farrer, Emma Faught, Wayne Faulkner, Jacqueline Filip, Gayle Finley, Brenda Flynn, Johanna Foster, Carvel Foster, Dianne Frey, Janice Frey, Lloyd Gaskin, Esther Germany, Ginger Glover, Ray Godwin, William Goggins, Sue Goodwin, Mary Lou Gouin, John Gray, Patti Guin, Charlotte Green, Jimmy Griffin, Ann Hallmon, Clarence Harcrow, Betty Ann Harp, Glenda Harwell, Randall Hayes, Betty Jo Hayes, Vernon Jean Haynes, Sandra Hays, Ann M. Hays, johnny Mack Hayes, Paula Hendrick, Eleanor tl Heath, Diane Henry, Georgia Hermecz, James Herron, Johnnie Higgins, Robert Hill, Molly Hill, Peg Hodges, Earl Holbein, Fred Holcombe, James Holland, Michael Holz, Carolyn 209 senioRS Norton, Wayne Houghton, Jim Howell, Mary Hudson, Deborah Hunt, Dorothy Helen Hurst, Lynn Hyche, James Jackson, Gloria Jett, Jan P. Johnson, Linda Johnson, Pam Jones, Brenda Jordan, Sunny Justice, Marilyn Keith, Edward Keith, Stella Kennedy, Jane Kennedy, Winanne Kerlin, Patsy Killian, Thomas King, Chuck King, Jan King, Jim P. Kridakorn, Kittilax Kristof, Judy Lavender, Linda Lawley, Camilla Lee, Jo Carol Lees, Cayle Lewis, Anelda Lind, Jenni Little, Fern Loften, Cecil Lovelady, Butch Luker, Patricia Lunsford, Elizabeth 211 senioRs Lyell, Malcolm Madden, Kathleen Martin, Alicia Martin, Millard Matson, John Miles, Mary Ellen Milner, Aldena Mims, Judy M. Minor, Toni Mitchell, Garry Mitchell, Kay Mobley, Danny Montgomery, Betty Morton, Alice Morton, Nancy Mote, Marcia Mullens, Glinda Mullen, Michael Murphree, Diane McBrayer, Ruth McCalla, Donald McCard, Cathy McClendon, Jane McCluskey, Vicki ZIZ McConnell, Judy McGowin, Larry Mcintosh, Hal McLaughlin, Becky McLean, Mary McLennan, A.D. Neely, Nancy Newton, Doranne Norton, Donna Jean O ' Donnell, Connie Owens, Martha Ozier, Harriet Parham, Jerry Parnell, Catherine Patton, John Paulk, Cheryl Phillips, Melvina Pickett, Joan Pilato, Mary Martha Popwell, Larry Powers, Rod Prebee, Kay Preble, Don Presley, Robert 213 senioRS Prickett, Beth Ray, Pamela Ray, Sarah Ann Reid, Pauline Reid, Rita Rhodes, James Rhodes, Peggy Joyce Rives, Jan Roberson, Ken Robinson, Welles Rogers, Frieda Rogers, Gay Rose, Charles L. Roy, Alma Rush, Jan Rush, Marie Sanderson, Cheryl Sawyers, Peggy Schaub, Eleanor Sharp, Judith Nabors Shelley, Ellen Shuck, Melanie Simpson, William Sloan, Anita Smith, Glen Smith, Jane Smi th, Sherry Smith, Terry Smith, Wayne Sorrell, Gene Southern, Cynthia Sparks, Jane Sparks, John A. Standridge, Janis Steidenger, Ann S. Stephens, Sue 215 senioRS still, Carol Stone, Rebecca Sullivan, Richard Sumner, William T. Tate, Gary Taylor, Joseph Teague, Robert Teed, Craig Thornburg, Robert Threet, Jim Tidwell, Shirley Toney, David Torbert, Edgar Triplett, Jamie Tune, Brenda Turner, Lynda Twardy, Bernadette Vickery, Barbara Waide, Linda Warren, Alice Watts, Herman Waugh, Horace Westfall, Dan Whigham, Martha ZI6 White, Ann Whitfield, Hilda Whitman, Laura Whittle, Leanne Williams, Ruth Williams, Steve J Williamson, Jo Ann Windham, Ann Wohlford, Cynthia Wood, Charles David Wright, Marsha Yancey, Marie Yester, Ruth Ann York, Sherry Zanthos, Elizabeth Zeladonis, Teresa 217 Abrams, Jerry, 3, Alexander City Adams, Gena, 1, Montgomery Adams, Gentry, 1, Montgomery Adams, Gloria, 3, Hueytown Adams, Jane, 2, Montgomery Albritton, David B., 1, Tuscaloosa Aldridge, Rosemary, 1, Decatur Alexander, Brenda, 1, Birmingham Alfano, Anne, 3, Birmingham Alfano, Charles 1, Birmingham Alford, John Thomas, 1, Birmingham Alford Phillip, 3, Birmingham Allen Annice, 3, Alabaster Allen, Charlotte, 1, Gardendale Allen, Jane, 1, Cullman Allen Sheron, 2, Bessemer Allison, Janice, 1, Oneonta Anderson, Keith Allen, 2, Montgomery Anderson, Millie, 2, Selma Anderson, Timothy, 3, Hueytown Andrews, Jim, 3, Thomasville Andrews, Sandra J., 1, Opp Anthony M. Charlotte, 3, Calera Arledge, Joseph Steve, 2, Montevallo Armistead, Sally, 1, Demopolis Arms, Terri, 2, St. Louis, Missouri Armstrong, Frank, 3, Selma Arnivine, Neal, 2, Dallas, Texas Ashenfelter, Natalie, 1, Jasper Atchison, Gary, 2, Bessemer Atkeison, Annate, 2, Prattville Attaway, B arbara, 1, Birmingham Avery, Larry, 2, Jemison Barganier, James, 1, Maplesville Bailey, Jerry, 2, Bessemer Bailey, Karon, 1, Birmingham Bailey, Kathryn, 2, Birmingham Baird, Beverly, 2, Guin Baker, James, 1, Hueytown Bakula, Linda, 1, Huntsville Balentine, Lewis, 1, Birmingham Bankhead, Gwendolyn, 2, Birminghar Barker, Joy, 2, Fairfield Barmby Susan, 3, Huntsville Barnett, Ann, 3, Tuscaloosa Barnes, Linda Dianne, 1, Birmingham Barrentine, Susan, 1, Berry Barron, James, 1, Talladega Barron, Robert J., 2, Langdale Bartlett, Jean, 3, Harlselle Barton, Paul, 3, Guin Bass, Briana, 2, Montgomery Bassett, Janet, 1, Panama City, Fla. Bates, Rebecca, 1, Fort Deposit Beal, Margaret, 3, Montevallo Beam, Brenda, 1, Hueytwon Bearden, Lonny, 2, Helena Beasley, Cheryl Ann, 2, Montgomery Seattle, Robert, 1, Birmingham Beck, Debbie, 2, Sheffield Beckham, Glynna, 1, Montgomery Beckrnan, Eddie, 2, Birmingham Benefield, James, 1, Eufaula Bennefield, Darlene, 1, Gardendale Bennett, Michell, 3, Bessemer Bentley, Dwight, 1, Columbiana Bethany, Melissa, 3, Annandale, Va. Beverly, Jo Ann, 2, Birmingham Beverly, Larry, 1, Hueytown Lynn, Bird, 2, Montgomery un6eRQRA6uAtes Bishop, Barbara, 1, Hazel Green Bishop, ludith, 1, Millbrook Bishop, Larry, 2, Shawmut Bittle, Reta Cay, 1, Decatur Black, Rick, 1, Birmingham Blake, Christopher L., " 1, Montevall Blackerby, Cheryl, 1, Montgomery Blackwelder, Deborah, 1, Montgomery Blain, Dianne, 1, Theodore Blalock, limmy W., 2, Clanton BIythe, Malan, 2, Springville Boackle, Kathleen, 2, Bessemer Boatright, Donald. 1. Cardendale Bobo, Crahame, 3, Birmingham Bohorfoush, Renee, 2, Birmingham Bolding, Beverly, 1, Randolph Boozer, Judith, 2, Selma Bonds, Julie, 3, Hueytown Bonilla, Marco, 3, Miami, Fla. Boswell, Joseph Michael, 1, Hueytown Boutwell, Sharon, 3, Greenville Bowden, Lynda, 2, Talladega Bowen, Clara, 1, Cullman Bowen, Rita, 2, Birmingham Bowers, Sandra, 1, Montgomery Boyd, Carolyn, 1, Tuscaloosa Boyd, Elizabeth, 2, Montgomery Boyd, Ronald, 2, Birmingham Boyer, Carol, 3, Birmingham Boysen, Beverly, 3, Montgomery Bradley, John, 1, Hueytwon Brogan, Ruth, 1, Birmingham Brannan, Barry, 1, Talladega Brashier, Frances, 1, Birmingham Braswell, Dianne, 1, Cullman Breedlove, Martha, 1, Opp Brewer, Kay, 3, 1, Boweling Green Briggs, Brenda, 2, Montgomery Brindley, Jane, 1, Verbena Brown, Charles, 1, Marion, Virginia Brown, Deborah, L., 2, Huntsvllle Brown Deborah S., 2, Opelika Brown, Fred A., 2, Orrville Brown, Cwen, 3, Morris Brown, |ohn, 1, Millbrook Brown, Mary Lee, 1, Sylacauga Brown, Melissa, 3, Hueytown Brown, Stephanie, 2, Opelika Brownlow, Fred, 3, Alpine Bruce, Edwin, 2, Birmingham Brunson, James, 2, Daphne Brush, Jim, 3, Birmingham Bryant, Caren, 3, Birmingham Bryant, Hope, 3, Birmingham Bryant, Jane, 1, Leeds Bryant, Johnnie, 1, Prattville Bryant, Teresa Ann, 1, Birmingham Brzuskiewicz, Jan, 3, Cadsen Buckner, Phyllis, 2, Hueytown Burpo, Carolyn, 2, Birmingham Burgan, Wm. Michael, 3, Birmingham Burgess, James C. Ill, 2, Montgomery Burgess, Kenneth F., 3, Midfield Burgess, Patti 1, Montgomery Burgess, Priscilla, 2, Hueytown Burquist, Erica, 3, Mobile Burroughs, Kathryn, 3, Birmingham Busby, Cathy, 1, Saraland Bush, Beverly, 2, Seale Butler, Ernest Steve, 3, Norfolk, Va. 218 Butler, Forest Stanley, 2, Milton, Fla. Butler, Gary, 1, Norfolk, Va. Butler, Philip, 1, Montgomery Butler, Rhonda, 2, Montgomery Calametta, Pattie, 1, Mobile Caldwell, Linda, 1, Alpine Calhoun, Henry, 1, Selma Calhoun, )udy, 2, Marion Callaway, John, 3, Selma Calloway, Frank, 2, Selma Campbell, Beck, 1, Birmingham Campbell, Sharon, 1, Chickasaw Cannon, Ann, 1, Opp Cannon, Glenn, 2, Dothan Cannon, Sandra, 1, Montevallo Cannon, Vivian, 3, Dothan Cantnell, Mary H., 1, Birmingham Carothers, John 3, Birmingham Carpenter, William, 3, Montevallo Carr, Glenn, 1, Huntsville Carrigan, Yvonne, 3, Montgomery Carter, Elaine, 1, Montgomery Carter, Susan, 1, Tuscaloosa Cason, leff, 3, Covmgton, Kentucky Cassidy, Anna, 1, Selma Cassidy, Martha lane, 3, Mobile Castro, Merle, 3, Birmingham Gates, Deborah, 1, Birmingham Causey, Teresa, 3, Tallassee Cauley, Virginia, 2, Selma Caver, Edward D. )r., Birmingham Chaffin, Sheila, 2, Cuin Chambers, Diane, 1, Mobile Chance, Don, 1, Selma Chandler, Kathy, 1, Prattsville Chandler, Randal, 2, lemison Chapman, Lynn, 1, Linden Cherry Anne, 2, Huntsville Cherry, Geogia A., 3, Eufaula Chestnut, Deborah, 2, Tuscaloosa Chiu, Paul, 2, Hong Kong Church, Carol June, 2, Selma Churchill, Jimmie L., Talladega Clark, Linda Faye, 3, Florence Clark, Clinton, 2, Birmingham Clark, Ruth, 2, Birmingham Clarke, Eddie, 1, Fulton Clark, Suzenne, 1, Selma Clary, Sherry, 1, Alabaster demons, Dinah, 1, Cullman Cleveland, O ' Neal, 1, Birmingham Cline, Rebecca, 3, Talladega Clopton, Millou, 1, Birmingham Clopton, Walter, 3, Birmingham Coale, Beverly, 1, Mulga Coats, Carroll, 3, Springville Cochran, Don, 3, Meridan, Miss. Coffee, Becky, 2, Bessemer Coggins, loy, 3, Mobile Coggins, Ellen, 1, Birmingham Cole, Marilee Martha, 3, Birmingham Coleman Diane Anita, 1, Montevallo Coleman, S. Ercelle, 1, Birmingham Coleman, Jimmy Wood )r. 3, Birmingham Coleman, John B., 3, Birmingham Coleman Thomas Raymond, 1, Hueytown Coleman, William, 1, Bessemer Colin, Mary, 1, Montgomery Collins, Wanda, 2, Thorsby Colson, Michael G., 1, Eutau £kiiiM Conville, Roger, 1, Birmingham Conway, David C, 1, Thorsby Cook, Malcolm, 1, Birmingham Cook, Mary A. E., Duncanville Cook, Sherry, 1, Wilsonvllle Cook, Susan, 3, Saraland Cooper, T. Stelle, 1, Birmingham Copeland, De Anne, 2, McCalla Corder, Bonnie, 1, Aliceville Caren, Bryant, 3, Birmingham Cork, Janet, 1, Birmingham Cork, Nina, 1, Tuscaloosa Costanzo, Frank, 1, Birmingham Coston, Ann, 1, Birmingham Cowarts, Steve, 1, Huntsville Cox, Barbara W., Birmingham Cox, Cecille, 3, Huntsville Cox, David, 3, Tuscaloosa Cox, Donna, 1, Boaz Cox, Rebecca lane, 3, Birmingham Cox, Sherry, 3, Seoma Craft, Marylyn, 1, Dothan Crandall, Rachel, 3, Birmingham Cravk ' ford, Catherine Camille, Birmingham Crawford, Kathryn, 2, Tuscumbia Crawford, Marty, 2, Birmingham Crawford, Robert Preston, 2, Bessemer Creel, Wesley, 1, Warrior Crowe, Bonita Mae, 1, Birmingham Crow, Brenda, 3, Besemer Crownover, F. Scott, 1, Montevallo Cruce, James A., 3, Birmingham Crumpton, Betty, 2, Randolph Crumplon, Judith, 1, Besemer Cullen, Susan, 1, Birmingham Culpepper, Paulla, 1, Birmingham Cummings, Ray, 1, Warrior Curlee, Jim, Wetumpka Curry, Davida, 3, Enterprise Curtis, Sharon, 1, Hampton Curtis, Taylor, 3, Huntsville Dabbs, Lynn, 1, Hueytown Dabney, Richard, 3, Birmingham Daffron, Louise, 3, Ragland Dailey, Dorothy, 2, Lanett Darden, Donna, 3, Talladega Daughtry, Judy, 3, Dothan Dautherty, William Phillip, 2, St. Petersburg, Fla. Davidson, Susan, 2, Meridianville Davis Anita, 2, Selma Davis, Beverly, 2, Birmingham Davis, Carol, 1, Birmingham Davis, Cynthia, 2, Stanton Davis, Debra, 1, Prattville Davis, Dianne, 1, Moundville Davis, Ewell, 3, Kingston Davis, Samuel R., 3, Dora Davis, Trudy Jean, 3, Albany, Ga. Davis, Yolanda, 1, Summerdale Day, Diane, 1, Birmingham Day. Wayne C, 1, Selma Dean, Roy, 1, Selma Deavours, Stacy, 3, Spratt Dees, Mary Jane, 1, Monroeville Dennis, Terry, 2, Fairhope Denton, Becki, 1, Tuscaloosa Denty, Nancy, 3, Birmingham DeVaughn, Judith Carol, 1, PratWille DeWitI, Karen, 2, Birmingham Dial, Larry S., 2, Centerville 221 Dickey, Cindy, 2, Birmingham Dickinson, Janice, 3, McCalla Dimon, William L., 3, Birmingham Dobson, Gail, 2, Demopolis Dollohite, Susan, 2, Decatur Donald, Caria, 1, Montgomery Donaldson, Dayle, 3, Hueytown Donaldson, Larry, 1, Birmingham Donaldson, Peggy, 1, Birmingham Donlvan, Jo Ann, 1, Foley Doran, Connie, 3, Montevallo Doriety, Suzanne, 1, Birmingham Doyle, William, 1, Birmingham Draper, Gary, 1, Faufield Draper, Judy, 2, Aldrich Driskell, Deborah, 1, Mobile Driver, Larry, 1, Faufield Dukes, Frances C., 3, Demopolis Duncan, Donna, 1, Montgomery Duncan, Joanne, 1, Alpine Dunlap, Randy, 1, Flolly Pond Dunlavy, Dean, 2, Augusta, Ga. Dunn, Doris, 1, Birmingham Dunn, Retha, 1, Tuscaloosa Durham, Cathy, 2, Birmingham Eagar, Charles, 1, Birmingham Eargle, Ann, 2, Birmingham Earnest, Brenda, 2, FHueytown Eason, Alice, 1, Montevallo Eason, Deborah, 3, Equality Easter, Gwen, 2, Birmingham Easter, Phyllis, 3, Birmingham Eatman, Sandra, 1, Birmingham Edmondson, Dell, 3, Columbiana Edney, Kyle, 1, Birmingham Edvv ards, Carole, 1, Montevallo Edvk ' ards Kay, 1, Grove Hill Edwards Lonnie, 3, Shaw, Miss. Edwards, Ronald, 1, Selma Ehehard, Phyllia, 1, Fishgee Eiden, Colette, 1, Huntsville Eiseman, Beverly, 1, Birmingham Elam, Freeman, 3, Selma Elkourie, David, 1, Birmingham Elliott, Kathy, 2, Birmingham Ellis, Joel, 1, Fairfax Elliott, William E., 3, Montgomery Ellis, Buzz, 1, Fairfield Ellis, Jeannette, 3, Montgomery Ellis John Gary, 2, Bay Minette Ellis, Michael, 3, Oneonta Enfinger, Sara, 3, Clanton Estes, lames Harvey III, 2, Birmingham Esles, Sylvia, 2, Wetumpka Eubanks, Deborah, 3, Horton Eubanks, Katherine, 2, Birmingham Evans, Suzie, 2, Birmingham Farrior, Emily, 2, Decatur Farris, Becky, 1, Columbiana Feagin, Denise, 1, Mobile Feenker, Cherie, 2, Birmingham Feenker, Kent, 3, Birmingham Fenn, Diane, 2, Montgomery Ferguson, Phyllis, 1, Prichard Fielder, James, 1, Tuscaloosa Fielder, Marie, 3, Tuscaloosa Fields, Niola, 3, Montevallo Figh, Nancy, 1, Montgomery Findley, Michael, 1, Pensacola Finlen, John, 2, Birmingham Fleites, Clotilde, 1, Montevallo Fleming Michael, 1, Tuscaloosa Fleming, Robert, 1, Birmingham Flowers, Andy, 2, Bessemer Floyd, Patricia, 2, Carlsbad, N. M. Foote, Paul, 3, Bessemer Ford, Freddie, 2, Uniontown Ford, Sandi, 2, Talladega Susan, Ford, 2, Huntsville Fort, Charlotte K., Montgomery Fox, Tom, 2, Birmingham Fox, Tom, 3, Birmingham Franklin, Stan, 1, Birmingham Frederick, Danny, 2, West Blocton Frederick, Virginia, 3, Monroevil Free, William, 1, Selma Freeman, Charles, 1, Bessemer Freman Rebecca, 2, Dolhan Freeman, Sandra W., Hueytown Frey, John,_2, Birmingham Fulford, Candy, 1, Birmingham Fulcher, Malcolm, 2, Montgomery Gamble, Carol, 2, Alabaster Carman, Suzanne, 1, Miami, Fla. Garrett, Sara, 1, Montgomery Carst, Derenda, 1, Wilsonville Garza, Gene, 1, Wedowee Caught, Richard B., 1, Bessemer Gaul, Marty, 3, Selma Cavitt, Jesse Wayne, 2, Langsdale Geddie, Yolanda Ann, 1, Deatsville Gentry, David, 2, Centreville Germany, Sue Ellen, 1, Satsuma Gibbs, Robyn, 1, Sylacauga Gilbert, Mike, 1, Selma Gillem, Melonie, 1, Greenville Gilland, Carol, 1, Birmingham Gilland, Gayle, 1, Birmingham Gillespie, Cullen, 3, Birmingham Gillooly, Christy, 2, Decatur Gingrich, June, 2, Cullman Gipson, Margia, 3, Foley Givhan, Susan, 1, Birmingham Glenn, Myra, 2, Scottsboro Glover, Ronnie, 2, Peacedale Goad, Anne, 2, Montevallo Godejohn, Linda, 3, Birmingham Godwin, Gary, 1, Clanton Goggins, Daniel, 3, Siluria Good, Bill, 1, Oregon, III. Goodson, Irene, 1, Leeds Goodwin, Jerold D., 3, Montgomery Gordon, Dale, 3, Hope Hull Gordy, Jimmy, 3, Birmingham Gorum, Margaret, 1, Red Level Gothard, Mac, 1, Jemison Cottier, Betty, 1, Elberta Gowder, Ruth, 1, Evergreen Godwin, Kathy, 1, Siluria Graham, Cindy, 2, Warwick, N.J. Gravlee, J. Craig, 3, Birmingham Gray, Janice, 1, Tuscaloosa Green, Barbara Sue, 1, Jacksonville Green, Linda Ann, 3, Selma Green, Linda G., 2, Sylacauga Gregg, Jack, 2, Millbrook Gresham, Bill, 1, Birmingham Griffin, Barbara, 1, Verbena Griffin, Reeble, 2, Selma Griffin, Molly, 2, Talladega 223 Griffin, Ronnie S., 3, Berry Griffith, Mary )ane, 1, Dadeville Guier, James, W. |r., 2, Montgomery Gunn, Hansell, 3, West Point, Miss. Gunn, Myrna, 1, Birmingham Gunter, Reba, 1, Montgomery Gurganus, Jeanne, 1, Mobile Guy, Euleta, 3, Jemison Hadley, Sharon, 3, Birmingham Hahn, Douglas, 2, Birmingham Hall, Libby, 3, Pleasant Grove Hall, Lynn, 1, Tuscaloosa Hall, F. Margaret, 3, Atmore Hall, Patricia, 1, Montgomery Hall, Susan, 1, Birmingham Hall Timothy, 2, Huntsville Hamilton, Elizabeth, 3, Homewood Hamilton, Mary, 1, Birmingham Hammond, Jane, Montgomery Hampton, James, 1, Maplesville Hanan, Alan, 2, Montgomery Hanby, Margaret, 3, Montgomery Hancock, Charles, 1, Birmingham Hannah, Millie, 1, Tuscaloosa Harbin, Alyson, 1, Montgomery Harding, Marylyn, 2, Dora Harmon, Steve, 2, Dothan Harika, Rosemary, 2, Birmingham Harkins, Charles, 1, Adamsville Harper, Alice, 2, Montgomery Harper, Connie, 2, Birmingham Harper, Debbie Kay, 1, Mobile Harrell, Claudia, 1, Cherokee Harris, Barbara, 2, Birmingham Harris, Doublas, 2, Birmingham Harris, Linda Ann, 2, Birmingham Harris, Peggy, 2, Deatsville Harris, Wanda Kay, 1, Birmingham Harrison, Ann, 2, Bessemer Harrison, Mary Phyllis, 2, Birmingham Harrison, Willard, 1, Helena Hartley, Shirley, 2, Birmingham 224 Harwell, Jan, 1, Florence Hatcher, Donald, 3, Montevallo Hayden, Richard Terry, 1, Birmingham Hayes, )ames A. 3, Thorsby Hayes, Sharon, 1, Tuscaloosa Haynie, Virginia, 2, Opp Headley, Belinda, 1, Clanton Headley, Belly Diane, 3, Bessemer Heaton, Donna, 3, Birmingham Heine, Don, 1, Birmingham Heine, lohn, 1, Birmingham Henderson, Beth, 3, Clanton Henderson, )an, 1, Birmingham Henderson, Norma, 3, Dixon ' s Mills Hendon, Sharon, 2, Birmingham Hendrick, Carolyn, 3, Birmingham Hendricks, Dell, 2, Birmingham Hendricks, Walter, 3, Birmingham Hendrix, Charity, 3, Cullman Henning, Katie, 1, Birmingham Henson, Joan, 1, Trussville Henson, Stephen, 1, Trussville Hermecz, Denis, 3, Fairhope Herndon, Linda, 1, Tuscaloosa Heyer, Kathy, 1, Birmingham Heyward, Susan, 2, Birmingham Hicks, Barry, 3, Montevallo Hicks, Connie, 3, Tuscaloosa Hicks, Sally, 2, Luverne Hicks, William, 2, Montgomery Higdon, Audrey, 1, Prichard Higgins, Byron, 2, Thorsby Hill, Charles, 1, Gadsden Hill, Jack, 1, Lanette Hill, Wylene, 3, Clanton Hinds, Brenda Sue, 1, Helena Hinkle, Sherry, 1, Selma Hinson, Lynn, 1, Montgomery Hinton, Shannon, 3, Tuscumbia Hoagland, Sharon, 2, Saginaw Hoit, David, 3, Montgomery Holcomb, )oy, 2, Birmingham Holcombe, Timothy, 1, Birmingham Holibaugh, Ian, 1, Decatur Holland, Lynda, 3, West Blocton Holland, Susan, 2, Selma Holley, Harvey Glenn, 2, Selma Holley, Mary Elizabeth, 2, Clanton Holloway, Susan, 1, Birmingham Honeycutt, Eugene, 1, Sylacauga Hood, Cynthia, 2, Birmingham Hooten, E dward D., 1, Birmmgham Hoots, Beverly, 1, Huntsville Hopper, Mary, 1, Mobile Horn, Connie, 1, Mt. Creek Home, Anne, 1, Montgomery Home, Clenda, 2, Sycamore Hornsby, Floy, 2, Taliassee House, Judy, 1, Birmingham Howard, Anne, 1, Birmingham Hovvfell, Sara, 1, Homewood Howell, Thomas, 3, Columbiana Hubbard, Robert, 1, Talladega Huddleston, Marion, 1, Talladega Hughes, Mary, 1, Decatur Hughey, Cheryl, 2, Dothan Humphries, Karen, 1, Decatur Hutcheson, Mary, 2, Birmingham Huthison, Sarah, 3, Sylacauga Hudson, David Lee, 2, Selma Huey, Sharon, 1, Heuytown Ingram, Debby, 2, Langdale Ingram, Michael, 2, Birmingham Ingram, Tyra Ann, 3, Jacksonville, Fla. Issacks, Jack. 3, Birmingham Israel, Becky, 1, Columbiana Jackson, Jane Ann, 2, Huntsville Jackson, John O., 3, Birmingham Jackson, Karen, 2, Birmingham Jackson, Kathy, 1, Bessemer Jackson, Ronnie, 1, Birmingham Jackson, Michael, 2, Hueytown Jagoe, Rachel, 2, Birmingham Janes, Kris, 1, Tuscaloosa Jaroensostraraks, Susie, 1, Bangkok, Thailand Jarrett, Anita Dianne, 1, Huntsville Jeffcoat, Lila Jo, 2, Luverne Jernigan, Audrey Call, 1, Hueytown jernigan, Joy, 1, Montgomery Jewell, Linda, 1, Montgomery Johnson, Brenda, 3, Midfield Johnson, Carlene, 2, Birmingham Johnson, Carol, 2, Huntsville Johnson, Donna, 1, Pelham Johnson, Eddie, 3, Suttle Johnson, Lanny, 1, Sylacauga Johnson, Mary, 2, Clanton Johnson, Mary, 2, Dothan Johnson, Mary Welden, 3, Eclectic Johnson, Ronnie, 1, Wilsonville Johnson, Sarah, 3, Jemison Johnson, Sharon, 2, Pelham Johnston, Sissy, 3, Ozark Jones, Alyson, 1, Mobile Jones, Barbara, 2, Selma Jones, Bonnie, 3, Decatur Jones, Jack, 1, Hueytown Jones, Lorna, 1, Birmingham Jones, Ram, 1, Birmingham Jones, Terry, 2, Bessemer Jones, William Kermit Jr., 2, Selma Jordan, Steve, 3, Dothan Jordan, Terry, 1, Birmingham Justice, Kenneth, 1, Warrior Kates, MariJyn, 3, Medford, N. J. Keaton, Nancy, 1, Montgomery Kelley, Randy, 1, Rose Hill Kelly, Catherine, 1, Clanton Kelly, Charles, 3, Birmingham Kent, Peggy, 3, Siluria Kerlin, Sharon, 2, Mobile Kerwan, Kathye, 2, Alexandria, Va. Key, Janet, 2, Birmingham Key, Janice, 1, Decatur Kidwell, Kalhy Ann, 1, Birmingham Killian, Clana, 2, Berry Killingsworth, Sylvia, 2, Greenville Keim, Cathy, 1, Cullman King, Andy, 3, Homewood King, Clenda Catherine, 3, Birmingham King, Jennifer, 1, Birmingham King, Jim, 1, Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. Kinsey, Deborah Ruth, 3, Monroeville Kinzinger, Nancy L., 3, Birmingham Kirkland, Brenda, 1, Birmingham Kirkland, David, 3, Dothan Kirkland, Harvey Thomas, 3, Panama City, Fla. Kirkland, Michiel, 2, Montgomery 226 iliii Klump, Anna, 1, Mobile Koen, Ronely, Michael, 1, Foley Knight, Maletta, T, Birmingham Kramer, Sammie, 1, Dothan Krusta, John, 1, Chicago, III. LaBorde, Richard, 3, Birmingham LaFlore, Kathy, 3, Grove Hill Lake, Russell |r., 2, Birmingham Lambert, Barbara, 2, Birmingham Lamon, Bonnie, 3, Birmingham Lane, Anne, 1, Tuscaloosa Lane, Terry Howard, 1, Birmingham Lanford, Dianne, 1, Birmingham Larkin, Paula, 1, Birmingham Latham, George, 1, Tuscaloosa Lavender, Andrea, 1, Prattville Lavender, John |r., 2, Eutaw Lawler, Sharron, 1, New Market Lawley, ludy, 1, Bessemer Lawley, Myra D., 3, Siluria Lawrence, Diane, 1, Birmingham Lawrence, )ohn C., 1, Annisfon Lawrence, Sheena Ann, 1, Vinimont Lawrence, Steve, 3, Birmingham Lawshe, James, 1, Creola Lawson, Cheryl, 1, Huntsville Layman, Hank, 2, Birmingham Lyon, Gilda, 1, Huntsville Lazenby, Marilyn, 1, Eclectic Leader, Joan, 1, Birmingham Ledyard, Dee, 1, Lakeland, Fla. Lee, David P., 2, Birmingham Lee, Doug, 1, Gardendale Lee, Janet, 1, Birmingham Lee, Mike, 2, Mobile Lee Pard, Anita, 1, Birmingham Leffel, Ann, 1, Anniston Lemay, Susan, 3, Sheffield Levins, Kathy, 1, Birmingham Libera, Elizabeth A., 3 , Montgomery Lightsey, Lloyd Jr., 1, Birmingham Lightsey, Susan Evon, 2, Centreville Lilly, Dorothy Delores, 2, Montevallo Lilly, George, 2, Tallassee Lindsey, Kathy, 1, Dothan Liner, William, 2, Birmingham Little, David, 1, Billingsley Litflefield, Phillip, 1, Shelby Liveoak, Wayne, 3, Thorsby Lombard, F. Morris, 3, Selma Lombard, lames Wayne, 1, Selma Lopez, W. Michael, 1, Birmingham Lough, Larry, 1, Gadsden Love, Carmon, 1, Bradford Love, Diana, 3, Hueytown Lovejoy, Sally, 3, Oak Grove Lowry, Susan, 1, Bessemer Lucas, Darrell, 1, Birmingham Lucas James E., 3, Hueytown Lucas, Sharon, 2, Hueytown Lucas, Wayne, 3, West Blocton Lugar, Virgil, 1, Birmingham Lynn, Barbara, 2, Dothan McAfee, Joe, 1, Birmingham McClellan, Mike, 3, Birmingham McClusky, Linda, 1, Decatur McClusky, Sheila, 2, Decatur McCorkle, Edward H., 1, Pleasant Grove McCoy, Dalhy, 1, Mobile McCulley, Mary, 1, Montevallo 227 McCurdy, Teresa, 1, Plantersville McDaniel, Linda, 1, Oneonta McDaniel, Regina Carrol, 2, Tuscaloosa McDowell, Sandra, 1, Birmingham McDonald, Carolyn, 1, Guin McDonald, Charles, 1, Mobile McDonald, Maureen, 2, Mobile McDougal Patricia, 1, Bessemer McDowell, Kenneth, 2, Gardendale McDuff, Sidney Eugene, 1 Fairfield McElroy, James, 1, Hueylown McEntee, Philip, 1, Montevallo McEwen, |ohn, 1, Birmingham McCuire, Barbara, 2, Helena McCurk, Kevin, 1, Byrn Mawk, Pa. Mcintosh, Hooper, 2, Birmingham McKelny, Michael Keith, 2, Cullman McKinley, lohn Maiben, 1, Diahan McNeill, Donna, 1, Jemison McWhorter, Suzie, 1, Cullman Mackin, lanis, 2, Selma Maestrales, Kiki, 1, Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. Madden, Mary, 3, Birmingham Maddox, Bobby, 2, Pell City Manning, Mary Kathryn, 2, Huntsville Mannmg, Prissy, 2, Birmingham Marine, Connie Ann, 2, Panola Marlow, Charlotte, 1, Helena Marsh, Peggy, 2, Hancock Martin, Ann, 2, Hueytown Martin, Brenda, 2, Vincent Martin, Dianne, 3, Montgomery Martin, lane, 3, Birmingham Martin, Kathleen, 1, Enterprise Martin, Thomas, 2, Vance Mashburn, Shirley, 1, Birmingham Massey, George L, 1, Montgomery Mathews, lohn, 2, Birmingham Matthews, Rodger A., 2, Decatur Matthews, Sara, 2, Selma Maxfield, Bob, 1, Cullman May, Major Ptiillip, 3, Sawyersville May, Renee, 2, Tuscaloosa Mayfield, Thomas, 2, Tuscaloosa Mayo, Carol, 1, Birmmgham Meadows, Chris, 3, Opelika Meank, Caria, 1, Clanton Mears, Robin, 3, Hueytown Melton, Sandra, 1, Marion Merril, Sandra, 1, Birmingham Messick, Kathy, 1, Lakeland, Fla. Methuin, lames, 1, Birmingham Michie, |o Karen, 2, Birmmgham Mickwee, Patty, 3, Birmingham Milan, Frederick, 1, Sylacauga Miller, Debbie, 1, Greenville Miller, Linda, 3, Elberta Miller, Farren Marie, 1, Fairhope Mills, Mary Helen, 2, Moundville Mills, Myra Helen, 1, Birmingham Milne, Thomas, 1, Montgomery Milton, Sharon, 3, Birmingham Mitchell, Ann, 2, Hueytown Mitchell, Carol, 1, Claera Mitchell, Larry, 1, Talladega Mitchell, Linda, 1, Greensboro Mixon, Linda, 2, Ozark Mohns, Fred, 3, Birmingham Molgedei, Waltroud, 2, Montevallo Mooney, Michael Wayne, 1, Fairfield Mooney, Relta, 1, Columbiana Moore, Carol I., 1, Birmingham Moore, Carol, 3, Chelsea Moore, Cheryl, 1, Luverne Moore, Laine, 1, Albertville Moore, Richard A., 1, Kingsporl, Tenn. Moore, Sunny Fay, 2, Sterrett Morelock, Kem, 2, Huntsville Morris Robert, 2, Maplesville Morrison, Mariellen, 2, Marion Morton, Charles, 1, Eufaula Mote, Barbara, 1, Calera Mullis, Mike, 2, Huntsville Mundhenk, Robert A., 2, West Point, Ga. Murphree, Carolyn, 1, Mt. Olive Murphree, Patrick, 1, Birmingham Murphy, Barbara, 2, Montgomery Murphy, Mike, 1, Birmingham Murray, Marty, 2, Birmingham Myers, Delores |., 3, Narrvoo Mylo, Julie, 1, Athens Mannini, Alan, 1, Montevallo Nappier, Karen Lee, 2, Union Springs Naro, Anthony, 1, Bessemer Nelson, Cecil Michael, 1, Holley Pond Nelson, David F., 1, Montgomery Nettles, lanice, 1, Mexia Nichols, David, 3, Montevallo Nichols, Sharon, 1, Montgomery Nivens, Kathy, 2, Clanton Nix, Cathy, 1, Montevallo Nordon, Anna, 1, Montevallo Norris, Alice, 3, Coffeeville Norris, lames C, 2, Mobile Norris, Larry Dole, 1, Fiueytown Norton, Edward, 2, Birmingham Norton, Richard, 3, Hueytown Norwood, Leslie Anne, 1, Tuscaloosa Nugent, Diane, 3, Rogersville Nugent, Wesley III, 2, Rogersville Nummy, Deborah, 2, Birmingham Oakes, Melanie, 2, Sproth O ' Donnell, Patricia, 2, Decatur O ' Kelley, Becky, 3, Anniston O ' Kelley, Dawn, 1, Anniston Olmstead, Christine, 2, Birmingham Olson, Erie, 2, Birmingham Orr, Rita, 3, Birmingham Outlaw, Roslyn, 2, Bayou LaBatre Owen, Frank, 1, Fairfield Owens, Pam, 1, Montgomery Panther, Janice, 2, Cardendale Pappas, Dean, 1, Birmingham Parker, Jimmy, 2, Cardendale Parker, Johnny, 3, Birmingham Parker, Sandra, 3, Birmingham Parker, Sydney, 3, Birmingham Parrish, Mike, 1, Columbiana Patridge, Bill, 2, Brent Patterson, Anna Sue, 3, Clanton Patterson, Bill, 2, Sheffield Patterson, Lynn, 3, Birmingham Payne, Connie, 2, Attalla Payne, Fara, 2, Montgomery Payne, Nancy, 1, Bessemer Peacock, Carol, 1, Birmingham Pederson, Sandy, 2, F untsville Peifer, Carol Ann, 1, Fairfield Pender, Jodi, 3, Birmingham Pennington, Patricia, 1, Mobile Penton, )ane, 3, Montgomery Perdue, Deborah, 1, Phenix Perkins, Donna, 2, Birmingham Perry, Beth, 3, Cahaba Heights Peters, Gale, 1, Mobile Petro, Cecilia, 3, Mobile Phillips, Alice, 1, Thomasville Phillips, Micah, 2, Owens Cross Roads Pickett Carey, 3, Montevallo Pierce, Carolyn A., 3, Calera Piery, Mary Beth, 3, Decatur Pike, Marilyn, 2, Birmingham Plan, Jan, 1, Birmingham Piatt, Mike, 2, Tuscaloosa Plowher, Susan, 1, Prattville Plummer, Marion, 2, lackson Plummer, Sharon, 1, Anniston Polk, Kenneth Ross, 2, Pell City Pollard, Bobb, 1, Birmingham Ponder, Terry, 1, Lincoln Pope, Sandra, 1, Mobile Al l fi 230 Prickett, Nancy, 1, Birmingham Prince, Cheryl, 2, Anderson Province, William P., 2, West Blocton Pruift, Karley Kay, 2, Demopolis Puckett, Brent, 1, Birmingham Pugh, Cile, 1, Macon, Miss. PukI, Debbie, 1, Huntsville Quiggle, Glenn, 2, Fairhope Raney, Mary Dianne, 1, Akron Rasco, Glenn, 2, Alabaster Ratliff, Chris, 1, Huntsville Ratliff, Fred, 2, Birmingham Ray, Ronda, 1, Wetumpka Ray, Susan, 2, Brundedge Reaves, Martha, 1, Hueytown Reese, Gary Stewart, 2, Birmingham Reid, Margie, 2, Birmingham Reid, Sandra, 1, Anniston Reilly, Lynne, 1, Montgomery Remke, Wayne, 1, Birmingham Reynolds, Marcia, 1, Chaton Rhodes, Connie, 1, Talledega Rhodes, Donald, 2, Robertsdale Rhodes, Jeannie, 1, Highland Home Rice, Grantland, 1, Mobile Richards, Ginger, 1, Montgomery Richards, Richard, 1, Birmingham Richardson, Gary, 1, Montevallo Rickles, Judy, 2, Montgomery Richez, Ronald, 1, Columbiana Riddle, Mary Patricia, 2, Birmingham Riddle, Sharon K., 1, Syiacauga Riggins, Linda, 1, Syiacauga Riley, Helen, 1, Marion Riley, Linda, 3, Birmingham Riley, Wanda, 1, Bessemer Rives, Mary Starr, 2, Selma Roberson, Jerry, 1, Holly Pond Roberson, William, 2, Syiacauga Roberts, Laura, 1, Montevallo Roberts, Sherrie, 3, Panama City, Fla. Robertson, Dale B., 1, Birmingham Robertson, Donna, 1, Birmingham Robertson, Gary, 2, Dora Robertson, Nancy, 1, Bessemer Robinson, Carole, 1, Birmingham Robinson, Freddie M., 1, Birmingham Rogers, Marsha, 2, Pleasant Grove Rodgers, Martha D., 1, Millbrook Rogers, Phillip, 1, Talladega Rogers, Parry Lewis, 1, Greensboro Rooney, Janet, 1, Prichard Rooney, Janis, 1, Prichard Roper, Evelyn, 2, Birmingham Rose, Phillip, 2, Pensacola, Fla. Ross, Martha, 1, Tuscaloosa Rosso, James T., 1, Birmingham Rowe, Chester, 1, Prichard Rowe, Nina, 1, Elba Rowe, Sarah, 1, Vebana, III. Royster, F. Brooks III, 2, Mobile Rudolph, Peggy, 1, Huntsville Runnels, Charlie, 1, Montgomery Rush, Beth, 2, Montgomery Rush, David, 2, Birmingham Rush, John, 1, Columbiana Ryals, Susan, 1, Montgomery Ryer, Pam, 3, Huntsville Saa, Roxana, 1, Havana, Cuba 231 Sadler, Linda Gail, 1, Birmingham Sanders, Linda Sue, 1, Hueytown Sands, Joseph, 1, Mobile Sanford, Jeanne, 2, Huntsville Saturday, Becky, 1, Sylacauga Saunders, Stevan O., 2, Selma Sayre, Paulette Lynn, 3, Collinsville Scarborough, Celia, 3, Birmingham Scarborough, Thomas R. Jr., 3, Birmingham Scherer, George, 1, Hueytown Schmitz, Erik Glennon, 1, Mobile Schneider, Audrey, 2, Citronelle Schroeder, Darrell, 2, Dothan Schuler, Lee Anne, 1, Birmingham Schuiz, David, 1, Birmingham Scroggins, Linda Faye, 1, Hueytown Scott, Debe, 1, Fairhope Scott, Ellen, 2, Montevallo Scott, Linda Diann, 3, Warrior Scrushy, Demisha Wylene, 1, Selma Sealy, Elaine, 2, Montgomery Selby, Elaine, 1, Birmingham Sellers, Charlotte, 1, Columbiana Sewell, Carolyn, 1, Selma Sewell, Tommy, 3, Montgomery Shafer, Jane, 2, Birmingham Sharp, Barbara, 3, Dothan Sharp, Brenda, 2, Birmingham Shaw, Melissa, 2, Auburn Shaw, Olivia, 1, Eclectic Shehane, Elizabeth, 1, McCalla Shelton, Sharon, 1, Eclectic Shewmaker, Jan, 2, Mobile Shipp, A. R. Ill, 1, Aliceville Shipp, Bobbie, 1, Chickasaw Short, Betty Jan, 2, Mobile Shufford, Warren, 3, Jacksonville, N.C. Shall, Pebby, 2, Tuscumbia Sigler, Martia Suzanne, 1, Birmingham Sims, Jane, 2, Talladega Sims, Linda, 2, Fairfax Sims, Wanda, 2, Fairfax Sisk, Cynthia, 3, Clanton Sizemore, Stephen M., 2, Tallassee Skaggs, Diane, 1, Birmingham Skellie, Dennis, 1, Birmingham Skellie, Ken, 1, Birmingham Sledge, Connie, 1, Rogersville Sloan, Barbara, 2, Birmingham Slone, Thomas Michael, 1, Selma Slovensky, Alice, 2, Brookside Slovensky, Robert, 1, Brookside Smith, Brenda, 2, Birmingham Smith, Cheryl Marie, 2, Birmingham Smith, Dana, 1, Somerville Smith, Doris Jeannette, 2, Huntsville Smith, Frank L,, 3, Dothan Smith, Ida, 1, Birmingham Smith, Jack, 1, Birmingham Smith, Karen, 1, Montgomery Smith, Larry, 2, Birmingham Smith, Mark, 1, Birmingham Smith, Pearl, 1, Montgomery Smith, Philip L., 1, Birmingham Smith, Sam, 2, Birmingham Smith, Teresa, 1, Akron Smith, Teresa P., 3, Hueytown Snellgrove, Selh D., 2, Ozark Snoddy, Gwenda Lynet, 1, Huntsville Snow, Eddie, 2, Warrior 232 Sokoloskie, Mary, 3, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. South, Shirley, 2, Birmingham Spann, Debbie, 1, Orlando, Fla. Sparrow, Susan, 1, Lauca Spears, Caria, 1, Opp Spence, Diane, 1, Birmingham Spires, Doris, 1, Columbiana Spivey, David, 1, Phenix City Spradlin, Brenda, 1, Cullman Sprague, William, 1, Birmingham Sparks, David, 2, Langdale Springfield, Phyllis, 3, Saraland Stankard, Gail, 1, Anniston Stanton, Mary Ester, 1, Loxley Stapleton, |ohn, 1, Montgomery Slapleton, Leigh, 2, Birmingham Steed, Charles, 2, Eufaula Steele, Frances Terry, 1, Birmingham Steidinger, Warren, 3, Birmingham Sterling, Phyllis, 3, Speake Stevens, Gay, 2, Birmingham Stewart, CarIa Ann, 1, Selma Steward, Iris, 1, Sylacauga Still, Deborah, 2, Lanelt Stone, Nettie Beth, 3, Decatur Stone, Rena, 2, Wilsonville Stone, Rita, 1, Selma Stone, William, 2, Montevallo Strawbridge, Cynthia, 2, Huntsville Strenght, Bonnie, 2, Fairfield Strickland, Lou, 1, Alpine Strother, Becky, 1, Birmingham Suggs, Frances Dahlene, 3, Montgomery Sully, William Leslie, 3, Cambridge, Md. Summerford, Deane, 2, Birmingham Summerville, Mary Linda, 3, Aliceville Sutton, Mary, 3, Auburndale Swain, Walter, 1, Hueytown Sweatt, Michael, 1, Birmingham SwindJe, Johnnie Ruth, 1, Birmingham Swiney, Slacia, 1, Selma Talberl, Billie Angle, 1, Selma Tanner, Mona, 1, Birmingham Tanner, Thomas, 3, Tuscaloosa Tant, Terry, 1, Birmingham Tate, Fay, 3, Dora Tate, Joan, 1, Talladega Taylor, Cindy, 3, Birmingham Taylor, Elizabeth, 2, Montevallo Taylor, Joyce, 3, Mobile Taylor, Mark, 3, Montevallo Taylor, Marie, 1, New Market Taylor, R. Jane, 3, Dothan Taylor, Robert C, 2, Birmingham Taylor, Tony, 1, Eclectic Teagur, Elizabeth, 2, Birmingham Teel, Barry, 1, Scranton, Pa. Teichmiller, Joyce, 3, Cullman Tennanf, Ann, 3, Birmingham Terrell, Clyde, 2, Bessemer Terry, Patricia, 2, Moulton Thomas, Amber, 1, Andalusia Thomas, Brenda, 3, Dothan Thomas, Joan, 3, Warrior Thomas, Joe, 3, Birmingham Thomas, Judy, 2, Corner Thomas, Laine, 1, Mobile Thomas, Ola, 3, Verbena Thomas, Sharon, 3, Birmingham Thomason, Phillip, 2, Shawmut 233 Thompson, Gregory Scott, 2, Randolph Thompson, |an, 1, Greenville Thompson, James, 1, WInterboro Thompson, lanine, 3, Birmingham Thompson, Rebecca, 1, Forest Home Thompson, William, 3, Cullman Thorn, Faye, 1, Praltville Thorne, Chris, 2, Ft. Rucker Thornton, Betty, 2, Birmingham Thrasher, Karen, 3, Birmingham Threadgill, Elizabeth, 1, Daphne Threet, Nida, 2, Alabaster Thrower, Cathy, 1, Luverne Tidwell, Don, 2, Birmingham Tillery, James, 3, Birmingham Torr, Renee, 2, Jasper Toney, Furman, 2, Adamsville Tora, Catherine, 2, Birmingham Towers, Gail, 1, hlueytown Trammell, Cathy, 1, Birmingham Trotler, Doug, 2, Eufaula Truder, James R., 3, Pinson Tuck, Jim, 3, McCalla Tucker, James, 1, Miami Springs, Fla. Tucker, Lanice, 2, Randolph Turner, Yonnie, 3, Brunswick, Ga. Ulch, Shirley, 2, Birmingham Vail, Elizabeth Ellen, 1, Thorsby Van Tuyll, Elizabeth Renee, 2, Montevallo Van Voorhis, Pam, 2, FHelena Varney, Gail, 1, Enterprise Vaughn, Susan, 2, Geneva Vickers, Claire, 2, Eufaula Vines, Elaine, 2, Bessemer Von FHagel, FHoward, 1, Birmingham Waldrop, Charles G., 1, FHueytown Walford, Pat, 1, Gadsen Wall, Susan, 1, Sylacauga Wallace, Jennie, 2, FHuntsville Waller, John, 3, Montgomery Walker, Johnny, 2, Birmingham Walters, Darlyce, 2, Birmingham Waiters, Janeen, 1, Falls Church, Va. Ward, Vikki, 3, Alexandria, Va. Ward, Linda, 2, Pine Apple Ward, Sherry, 1, Chickasaw Warren, Joan, 3, Enterprise Warren, Judy, 2, FHuntsville Warren, Mary Elizabeth, 3, Birmingham Warren, Richard, 1, Birmingham Washington, Nancy, 3, Fairfax Watts, Carl, 2, Birmingham Weatherby, Linda, 1, Birmingham Weaver, Debbie, 1, Tuscaloosa Weaver, Lynn, 2, Collensville Webb, Debbie, 1, Decatur Welch, Gordon, 1, Florala Weldon, Jackie, 1, Billingsley Weldon, Michael, 2, Montgomery Wells, Debra, 1, Selma Wenzel, Diana, 1, Foley West, Jeff, 3, Graysville West, Myra, 1, Mobile West, Richard, 1, Clanton Westbrook, Dibby, 2, Pinson Whatley, Ruth, 1, Selma Whealton, Randy, 1, Mulberry, Fla. Wheeler, David, 2, Jemison Whetstone, Connie, 1, Aulaugaville Whetstone, Janie Leigh, 1, Selma White, Harry, David, 1, Citronelle While, Henry, 2, Calera White, Linda, 3, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. White, Rick, 3, Gardendale Whitfield, Lynda, 1, Mobile Whitlen, Pat, 2, Huntsville Wible, John, 3, Brantley Wiggins, Lynn, 1, Birmingham Wilcox, Elaine, 2, Birmingham Wildsmith, Anita, 2, Birmingham Wilkerson, Beth, 1, Greensboro Wildsmith, |ohn, 2, Birmingham Wiley, Nancy, 1, Birmingham Williams, Johnny, 3, Somerville Williams, Larry, 2, Clanton Williams, Peggy, 2, Birmingham Williams, Sandra, 2, Mobile Williams, Trisha, 2, Pelham Williamson, Diane, 2, Comer Willis, Jo, 2, Milbrook Willis, John, 1, Milbrook Wilson, Alter, 3, Gunnison Wilson, Bessie Lou, 3, Thomaston Wilson, Beverly 2, Montgomery Wilson, Diane, 1, Marion Wilson, Frederick, 1, Thomaston Wilson, Jean, 2, Bessemer Wilson, Marilyn, 1, Selma Wilson, Ritchie, 2, Gardendale Wilson, Tenison, 2, Tarrant Wimberly, Gary, 2, Birmingham Windham, Connie, 2, Birmingham Windsor, Anga, 1, Panama City, Fla. Windle, Phyllis, 3, Jasper Winslett, Sharon, 1, Chamblee, Ga. Wintter, Kathy, 2, Birmingham Wintter, Sally, 2, Birmingham Wislhmeyer, Laura, 2, Bessemer Wise, Susan, 1, Prattville Wood, Anne, 1, Andalusia Woodall, Nettie, 2, Tallassee Woodruff, Thomas, 1, Prattville Wooten, Pam, 1, Birmingham Worley, Nancy, 1, New Hope Wright, Bill, 1, Birmingham Wright, Gloria, 1, Chickasaw Wright, John, 1, Birmingham Wright. Lanell, 3, Thorsby Wright, Philip, 1, Birmingham Yarbrough, Shirley, 1, Harvest Yeager, Debbie, 2, Mobile Yeager, Nancy, 3, Birmingham Yeager, Robert, 1, Birmingham Young, Mary jo, 2, Hueytown Young, Mike, 2, Mobile Young, Patricia, 3, Panama City, Fla. Youngblood, Paul, 1, Huntsville Zabanel, Afaf, 2, Amman, Jordan Zellner, Judy, 1, Mobile Zuzul, Linda, 1, Chickasaw 239 I» " » fir.. fa ' rj i— h ' ' - « 5 -a THE FALCON BOOKSTORE McCulley ' s Wig Saver • Textbooks • School Supplies Store • Art Materials • Study Guides MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA • Paperbacks • Greeting Cards Monfevallo, Alabama " We Give S H Green Stomps " CUNNINGHAM ' S PURE Compliments of OIL STATION UNITED STATES 665-2097 GYPSUM COMPANY Located on Main Street Just two blocks from U.M. campus Montevallo, Alabama compliments of DIXIE SUPER STORES WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE Stores In Brent Selma STORE Clanton Edgewood E.G. Mohaffey Calera Owner Shop Dixie and Save! Montevallo, Alabama 665 - 2093 COMPLIMENTS OF GILLIS PHARMACY The Firms listed on this and the following pages are friends of ALABASTER SHOPPING CENTER the University. PRESCRIPTIONS- PATRONIZE MONTAGE COSMETICS- ADVERTISERS!!!! SUNDRIES- 663-3113 238 FOR THE FINEST QUALITY IN ALL YOUR PRINTING NEEDS CALL i TIMES PRINTING COMPANY MONTE VALLO, ALABAMA 665-4331 Jewelry for Him — Her Birthday • Anniversary • Christmas Stone Jewelry Company Jewelry, Gifts, Silverware 665-7296 25 South Main Montevallo, Alabama Compliments of DELUXE CLEANERS For fast pick-up and delivery service See one of our campus representatives Chosen from the student body. A Good Professional Cleaning Company Montevallo, Alabama ©MTEVALL0 LUMEEE COMPAMY Everything for Building F. Frost and Son 665-2980 239 Compliments of WESTINGHOUSE Vw:::ms1 240 " BUY IN KEN TERRY-TORY!! " :ars JUCKS SERVICE PARTS " Yo ur folks will like us too!! ' KEN TERRY CHEVROLET, INC 43 SOUTH MAIN STREET • MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA 665-4481 Moore- Handley is pleased to employ University of Montevallo graduates. AMDLEY PELHAM, ALABAMA COMPLIMENTS OF HILL CONCRETE and SUPPLY COMPANY HIGHWAY 25 MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA COMPLIMENTS OF DAIRY QUEEN Alabaster, Alabama COMPLIMENTS OF SHERMAN HOLLAND FORD Montevallo, Alabama s i it S " , ' V ' TS. ' H ' V Compliments of THE DARI-DELITE MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA ZANE ' S For the enterprising man, fine clothes and accessories are a must. • Be an enterprising man— you will enjoy life more. Compliments of MONTEVALLO COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY F. P. GIHVAN, Manager Smithermon ' s PHARMACY Larry and Donna Smitherman Registered Pharmacists We want to be " your store. " Phone 665 - 2574 180 No. MAIN STREET MONTEVALLO, ALA §r e(3 CK DRUG COMPANY On THE Corner Main and Middle Streets 665-4371 May we serve you—? For Drug, Cosmetic, Gift Needs. Monte " allo, Alabama Compliments of IHl FIRST BANK OF ALABASTER MEMBER FDIC ALABASTER, ALABAMA 243 Compliments of MERCHANTS AND PLANTERS BANK-Montevallo, Ala. MEMBER FDIC (Sir COMPLIMENTS OF JOLLY-CHOLLY MONTEVALLO COMPLIMENTS OF Scott-Long Insurance and Reality MontevallO;. Alabama Compliments of THE STRAND THEATRE • Montevaiio AND THE REBEL DRIVE-IN- Highway, 31 Compliments of University of Montevaiio Supply Store and Lanes 245 Mrs. Mary Hood Mgr. COMPLIMENTS OF ROCHESTER ' S DEPARTMENT STORE MONTEVALLO SHOPPING CENTER Renovation of Comer and Bloch, as well as many other buildings on campus, was done under the supervision of Evan Terry. Special Thanks to: The Elizabeth Shop for use of attire for the beauties. Miss Sara Lightsey for use of the Home Management House for beauty pictures. President and Mrs. Johnson for use of Flower Hill for beauty pictures. Special Credit to: Floy Blane for the cover design Ben Roun tree for the University of Montevallo ' s first year calendar. Yearbook Patrons: Dr. M.L. Orr, |r. Dr. L.H. Hubbard Dr. L.E. Kirkland Dr. S.M. Mahan, |r. 247 seniop 6iRectopy ADAMSON, BARBARA; Guidance and Counseling, Bir- mingham Psy. Club 1; Catalina Club, 2; Montage, 2; Biology Club, 4; Beta Beta Beta. ALFANO, MARTI; Sp. Corr. Birmingham; Orchesis, 2-4; Class Favorite, 2-4; College Night 1-3, Cabinet, 4; Logos. ALTMAN, ROBERT; Speech; Birmingham; Pi Alpha Frat., Ct. Justice; Debate Team; College Night; Col- lege Theatre. AMARI, JOHN; B.A.; Birmingham; Class Favorite, 1; Freshman Class President; Senator; College Night; Sigma Alpha Sigma. ARANT, CAROLYN F; Math; Clanton. ASH, JOSEPH R.; Biology; Birmingham; German Club; Biology Club; Phi Alpha Epsilon Frat.; College Night. ATKINSON, MARTHA J.; Voc. Home Ec; Guin; Home Ec Club, 1-4; Alpha Theta Pi Sorority. B BACKER, MICHAEL; History; Calera; Newman Club. BARKSDALE, WILLIAM THOMAS JR.; B A ; Birmingham. BAGGENTS, DARRYL; Physical Education; Greensboro; Senator; Theta Sigma Chi Frat; Alabamian; P.E. Club; U.M.O.C; College Night, 2, Cabinet, 3,4, Intramurals. BEACH, ETHEL; French; Montevallo. Organ Guild Vice President; International Club. BEAN, BRENDA KAY; Sec. Education; Thorsby. BEAN, DELTA VINING; Elementary Education; Monte- vallo. BEARDEN, PEGGY L; Elementary Education; Birming- ham; Montage; College Night. BIRMINGHAM, GLORIA DIAN; Physical Education; To- ney; Intramurals, 1-4; P.E. Club, 1-4; Gymnastics Team, 2; Catalina Club, 1-3; Publicity, 4; College Night, 1,2, Cabinet, 3,4, Drummer, 1-4. BLISS, MARCIA M; Elementary Education; Huntsville; S.N.E.A. President; Phi Kappa Lambda, Sorority Par- limentarian, 4. BOATWRIGHT, BETTY; Home Economics; Repton; Home Ec Club; U.D.D. Scholarship. BOGGS, WANDA LOUISE; Physical Education; Mobile; Orchesis; Catalina; Phi Kappa Lampba Sorority; Col- lege Night, 1-3, Cabinet, 4. BOLLING, BLANCHE ELAINE; Physical Education; Bir- mingham; Catalina; P.E. Club; College Night, 1-3; Cabinet, 4; Drummer, 2-4. BONNE, BETTY KNIGHT; Sp. Corr; Trussville; Logos. BRENNAN, JOANNE; Business Education; Huntsville; College Night, 1,2, Cabinet, 3,4. BRITT, AVA MARIE; Music Education; Snead; Chamber Choir, 3; Chorale, 3; Concert Choir, 4. BROOKS, PAUL; Business Administration; Harpersville; Pi Alpha Frat; Soph. Class President; Jr. Class Presi- dent; Sr. Class President; Intramurals; College Night. BROWNLOW, FRED CHRISTIE; Elementary Education; Alpine; S.N.E.A.; O. C.E.I. BRUNER, CHARLES STEPHEN; History; Dothan; Ala- bamian; Baseball Team, 1,2; Pi Alpha Frat, 2-4; Sena- tor, 4. BURGIN, CLAUDIA VIRGINIA; Elementary Education; Montevallo; Kappa Delta Pi. BURROUGHS, LINDA; Home Economics; Bessemer; Home Ec Club, 1-4. BYESS, SHARON; Elementary Education; Bessemer; S.N.E.A. 1-4; A.C.E. 4; Kappa Delta Pi, 3,4; Lambda Sigma Pi, 4; S.R.A. 2,3; Honor Ct. Clerk, 4; College Night, 3,4; Commun. Comm. CAINE, RONALD R; Psychology;Selma; CollegeTheatre; Orchesis, 3; College Night, 3, Cabinet, 4; Psychology Club; Theatre Council; S.G.A. Fo ' d Serv. Comm. CAMP, CATHY; English; Bessemer; S.N.E.A.; Montage. CAPPS, CAROLYN; History; Columbiana; Gymnastics, 2; Pi Delta Phi, 3,4; Chorale, 2,3,4; S.N.E.A., 3,4; Col- lege Night, 3,4. CAPPS, NINA JEAN; Home Economics; Selma; College Night, 1-3, Cabinet, 4; S.N.E.A. 2; Ushers Club, 3-4; Special Affairs Comm., 3; Montage, 2; Phi Kappa Lambda, Sorority 2-4; Spirit Committee, 2,3; Home EcClub, 2. CARAWAY, ANN; English; Birmingham; Wind Ensem- ble, 1-4; Brass Corps, 3; Pep Band, 2-4; College Night, 1-3; Cabinet, 4; Alabamian, 4; Sigma Tau Delta, 3, Secretary, 4; Tower, 4; S.N.E.A. 4. CARGILE, NANCY; Chemistry; Fayette; ChemistryClub, 1-4, President, 4; International Relations Club, 4; Al- pha Lambda Delta, 1-4; American Chemistry Society, 3,4; Eta Sigma Phi; Highest Honors. CARTER, BUFORD WILLIAM, III; History, Birmingham. CARTER, LESTER STANLEY; History; Clanton; Interna- tional Relations Club, 3,4; S.R.A., 3,4; Hispanic So- ciety, 2-4; Social Club, 2-4. CATALDO, SHARON LYNN; Secondary Education; Ful- tondale; Concert Choir, 3,4; Sigma Alpha Sigma, 3,4; Lambda Sigma Pi, 4; Kapp a Delta Pi, 4; S.N.E.A., 3; Honors Day, 3. CERAVALO, JO ANN; Secondary Administration; Bir- mingham; LIshers Club, 2-4; Montage, 2; College Night; S.G.A., Secretary; Sigma Alpha Sigma. CLOPTON, SUSAN B.; History; Birmingham; College Night, 1-3, Cabinet, 4; Phi Kappa Lambda Sorority; Montage; Intramurals; Spirit Committee; Kappa Delta Pi; Highest Honors; Eta Sigma Phi; Who ' s Who; Kappa Mu Epsilon. COCHRAN, SHERRIE; Music Education; Albertville; Phi Alpha Mu; Pi Kappa Lambda. COLBURN, LYNN; Physical Education;Greensboro;Cata- lina, 1-4; Orchesis, 3; P.E. Club, 1-4; Intramurals; Z48 College Night Cheerleader, 1; Cabinet, 2,4; Gymnas- tics Team 2; Varsity Cheerleader. COLE, JAMES P.; History; Birmingham; Senator, 1,2; Circle K; Commum. Comm.; College Night, 1-3, Lead- er, 4; Alabamian, 1,2, Editor, 3; Delta Theta Pi, 3,4; Theta Sigma Chi Frat., 1-3; President, 4; Ct. Solicitor, 4; S.G.A.; Inter-Frat Council, 4; Who ' s Who. COLEMAN, JEAN; Speech Therapy; Birmingham; Logos. COOK, DORIS; Physical Education; Birmingham. COOPER, DANNY; Political Science; Clanton; Circle K; International Relations Club; Theta Sigma Chi Frat; Senator; College Night; Alabamian; Intramurals. COTTON, CAROL; Physical Education; Decatur; P.E. Club, 1-4; Kappa Delta Pi, 3,4; Phi Alpha Theta, 3,4; College Night, 1-4; Intramurals, 1-4. COYLE, MICHAEL A.; Mathematics; Birmingham. CURTIS, MARSHA; Biology; Fairhope; College Band, 1; College Night, 2; Biology Club, 1,2,3. DYCK, PENELOPE ANN; Ret. Home Economics; Bir- mingham; College Night; Catalina; Home -Ec Club; Montage. EDWARDS, REX; Business Administration; Clanton; Cir cle K. EDWARDS, SIDNEY; Physical Education; Birmingham; College Night, 1; Gymnastics Team, 2; Choir; P.E. Club. EILAND, JOSEPH C; Mathematics; Birmingham; Honors Day. ELLIS, JUDY; Economics; Birmingham; Class Officer, 3,4; Phi Kappa Lambda Sorority, 2-4; College Night, 2,3; Senior Elite. EVANS, JANELL; Art; Birmingham; Art Club; College Night Cabinet, 3,4; BSU. EVANS, MELBA LYNN; Music Education; Lineville; Phi Alpha Mu; Concert Choir, 1-4; Chamber Choir, 3,4; M.E.N.C; College Night Cheerleader, 2,3. DABBS, NANCY; Elementary Education; Hueytown; A.C.E.; Chorale. DAVENPORT, PHILLIP EUGENE; Mathematics; Clanton. DENDY, AMELIA ELAINE; Art; Huntsville; Art Club; College Night, 1,2, Cabinet 3,4; Young Republican Club. DENNIS, JIM; Business Administration; Fairhope;S.G.A. President; Senator; Theta Sigma Chi; Circle K, Presi- dent 4; College Night, 1,2, Cabinet, 3; Alpha Kappa Psi; Sigma Alpha Sigma. DeWITT, LINDA MARIE; English-Business Administra- tion; Saraland; Zeta Phi Eta, 3,4; S.N.E.A., 3,4; Ala- bamian, 3,4; International Relations Club, 4. DIETZ, SHERRY; Home Economics; Hueytown; Home Ec Club, 2; College Night, 1,2; Chorale, 1,2; Commun. Comm., 1. D ' OLIVE, JUDY; History; Loxley; Orchesis, President 4. DOSWELL, JANE; Voc. Home Economics; Hayneville; Senator; Omicron Nu President, 4; Kappa Delta Pi, 3,4; Home Economics Club; Chorale, 1; Choir, 1,2,3; Highest Honors. DOZIER, MARGARET; English; Thomasville; Alpha The- ta Pi Sorority; Alabamian, 4; Tower, 4; Kappa Mu Epsilon, 4; Alpha Lambda Delta; Eta Sigma Phi, 3,4; Chorale 3; College Night, 2,3. DRUMMOND,JOY; Elementary Education; Macon, Ga.; A.C.E., 1,2,4; S.N.E.A., 1,2,3; Montage, 1-4; Special Affairs Comm., 4; College Night, 1,2,3, Cabinet, 4; Intramurals 3,4. DUNAWAY, DONNA; Physical Education; Helena; P.E. Club, 1-4; College Night, -14; Intramurals, 1-4. DUNAWAY, JENNA; Biology; Montevallo. DUNN, JANE CELESTE; Physical Education; Boaz; P.E. Club, 3,4; S.N.E.A., 3,4; BSU; College Night, 4. DURHAM, RICHARD; Math; Gadsden; Chemistry Club; American Chemistry Society; College Night; Catalina; Kappa Mu Epsilon. FARRER, EMMA; Ret. Home Economics; Decatur; Home Ec Club, 1-4. FAUGHT, WAYNE LEITH; Business Administration; Greensboro; Alpha Kappa Psi; ' A ' Club; ' M " Club; Y.A.F.F.; Tennis Team. FAULKNER, JACKIE: Home Economics; Montgomery; Phi Kappa Lambda, Sorority 2-4; Home Ec Club, 1-4; Chorale, 1,2; College Night, 3,4; Class Officer, 3. FILIP, GAYLE; Elementary Education-Spanish; Birming- ham; Hispanic Society, 2-4; BSU, 1-4; Choir, 1; Cho- rale, 2; A.C.E., 1. FINLEY, BRENDA; Music; Montgomery; Pep Band 3; Drum and Brass Corps, 3; Chorale, 1-4. FLYNN, JOHANNA; Guild, and Coun; Decatur; Soci- ology Club, 1,2; Psy. Club, 1-4. FOSTER, CARVEL; Mathematics; Lawley. FOSTER, DIANNE BRYAN; Elementary Education; Mon- tevallo; S.N.E.A.; Delta Kappa Sweetheart. FREY, JANICE; Psychology; Chalkville; College Night, 3,4. FREY, LLOYD CECIL; Business Administration; Tarrant; Alpha Kappa Psi, 2,3, President, 4; Circle K, 2-4; College Night, 2-4. FUQUA, LESTER DAN; Business Administration; Theta Sigma Chi Frat., Circle K; Alpha Kappa Psi; S.G.A.; College Night Cabinet, 3. GASKIN, ESTHER; Speech Correction; Mobile; Psychol- ogy Club, 1-4; Logos 1-4; Debate Team, 1,2; College Night, 2,3; Class Officer, President 3; Zeta Phi Eta, 3, President, 4; Alabamian, 3; Biology Club, 4; Who ' s Who. GERMANY, GINER; Social Work; Satsuma; Sociology Club, 2-3; P resident, 4; Alpha Lambda Delta; Lambda Sigma Pi, President 4; Choir, 1-4; Highest Honors. GLOVER, RAY; History; Peacedale; Y.A.F.F.; S.R.A., 1,2, President, 3,4; Ct. Justice, 3; International Relations Club; BSU. 249 GODWIN, WILLIAM C; Business Administration; Tal- lassee; Basketball Team, 2-4; ' A ' Club, Pi Alpha Frat.; Alpha Kappa Psi; Intramurals. GOGGINS,MARSELLA SUE; Ret. Home Economics; Mon- tevallo; Home Ec Club; Senior Elite. GRAY, PATTY; Ret. Home Economics; Prattville; Beauty Candidate. GREEN, JIMMY; Business Administration; Quinton. GRIFFIN, ANN; Biology; Hueytown; Chorale, 1,2; Hon- ors Day, 1,2; College Night, 2,3,4; Chemistry Club, 1,3,4; Biology Club, 2,3, President, 4; Beta Beta Beta; Phi Kappa Lambda, Sorority 2,3, President, 4; Pan- hellenic Council, 4; Senate, 3,4; Commun. Comm., 1; Who ' s Who; Senior Elite. GRIFFIN, JAMES; Counseling and Guidance; Birming- ham; Spirit Comm.; Chi Alpha Tau Frat.; Beta Beta ' Beta; Biology Club; Psychology Club. H HALL, WILLIS RANDALL;Business Administration;Truss- ville; Alpha Kappa Psi. HALLMON, CLARENCE RONNY; History; Brent; Inter- national Relations Club. HARCROW, BETTY ANN; Sociology; Gordo; Alpha Theta Pi, Sorority 2-4; Wind Ensemble, 1-4; Sociology Club, 2; Pep Band, 1-4; Ushers Club, 3-4; College Night, 1-4. HARP, GLENDA ANN; Secondary Education; Birming- ham; Sigma Alpha Sigma, 3,4; Kappa Delta Pi; Lamb- da Sigma Pi; Honors Day; S.N.E.A., 3. HARWELL, RANDALL; Music; Midfield; Wind Ensemble; M.E.N.C; Drum and Bugle Corps; College Night; Pep Band. HAYES, BETTY JO; Secondary Education; Wilton; Sig- ma Alpha Sigma. HAYES, PAULA; Elementary Education; Centreville. HAYNES; SANDRA; Elementary Education; Altoona; S.N.E.A., 3,4; Intramurals, 3; A.C.E., 3. HAYS, ANN; Elementary Education; Oneonta; College Night, 3,4; A.C.E., 4; S.N.E.A., 4. HAYS, VERNON JEAN; History; Brewton; S.N.E.A., 1,2; Student Organ Guild, 1-4; Alabamian, 1; S.R.A., 1-4; A.C.E., 1. HEADRICK, ELEANOR; Sociology; Dutton; International Relations Club, 3,4; Sociology Club, 3,4. HEATH, DIANE; English; Birmingham; Montage, Editor, 4; Sigma Tau Delta, 3, President, 4; Publications Comm. HENRY, GEORGIA; Elementary Education; San Antonio, Texas; College Night, 3,4; Canterbury Club, 4. HERMECZ, JAMES THOMAS; Mathematics; Fairhope; Pi Alpha Frat, 1-4; Delta Theta Pi; College Night, 1-4; Chemistry Club; Senator; Student Ct. Solicitor. HERNDON, DEE; Elementary Education; Lakeland, Flori- da; Phi Kappa Lambda Sorority; S.N.E.A. Senator, 4; Catalina, 2-4; A.C.E., 1-3; College Night, 1-4. HERRON, JOHNNIE YVONNE; Elementary Education; Birmingham; Kappa Delta Pi. HIGGINS, ROBERT; Business Administration; Thorsby. HILL, MOLLY; Mathematics; Gadsden; Catalina, 2-4; Elite Night, 1-4; P.E. Club, 1-4. HILL, PEG; Elementary Education; Columbiana; Class Favorite, 2,3; P.E. Club; A.C.E.; S.N.E.A.; Miss U. of M; College Night, 1-3, Cabinet, 4; Who ' s Who. HODGES, LARRY EARL;History; Abbeville; International Relations Club; BSU. HOLBEIN, FRED J.; Speech; Mobile; Chi Alpha Tau Frat., 3,4; Theatre Council, 2-4; Senator, 4; College Theatre, 2-4; College Night, 2-4; Alabamian, 3,4; Varsity Cheerleader, 2; Elite Night Chairman, 4. HOLCOMBE, JAMES CALVIN; Business Administration; Birmingham. HOLLAND, MICHAEL; Business Administration; Selma; College Night, 1; International Relations Club, 1,2; Y.A.F.F., 2-4; Alpha Kappa Psi, 1-4. HOUGHTON, JAMES C; English; Birmingham; Ala- bamian, Editor 4; Who ' s Who. HOWELL, MARY E.; Home Economics Education; Pana- ma City, Florida; Phi Theta Kappa, 1-3; Home Ec Club. HOLZ, CAROLYN; Elementary Education;Alberta;A.C.E.; College Night, 3,4. HUDSON, DEBERAH; Elementary Education; Fleetwood; S.N.E.A.; Spanish Club; O.C.E.I. HUNT, DOROTHY HELEN; Speech Correction; Centre- ville; Honors Group; Lambda Sigma Pi; Logos; Senior Elite. HYCHE, JAMES O.; Business Administration; Columbi- ana; College Night; Alpha Kappa Psi; International Relations Club, President, 3; Chi Alpha Tau, Frat., Special Affairs Committee Chairman, 4. J JACKSON, GLORIA; English; Selma;S.N.E.A., 3,4;Sigma Tau Delta 3,4; Alabamian, 3,4; Hispanic Society, 1,2; International Relations Club, 4. JETT, JAN PICKENS; Math-Secondary Administration; Birmingham; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Eta Sigma Phi; Lambda Sigma Pi. JOHNSON, JAMES; Physical Education; Birmingham; Theta Sigma Chi Frat. JOHNSON, LINDA; Vocational Home Economics; Mont- gomery; Home Ec Club, 1-4; Class Officer, 1-3; Alpha Theta Pi; Elite Night; College Night. JOHNSON, PAMELA KAY; Social Work; Homewood; Sociology Club; Pi Delta Phi. JONES, BRENDA; Secondary Education; Warrior; Sig- ma Alpha Sigma, 3, President, 4; Senator, 4. JORDON, SUNNY; Physical Education; Mobile; Or- chesis, 3,4; Catalina, 1-3; P.E. Club, 1-3; President, 4; College Night, 1-3, Cabinet, 4; Special Affairs Com- mittee; Spirit Committee, 2; Intramurals, 1-4; College Theatre, 2. JOULLIAN, RONALD; Music; Silverhill; Phi Alpha Mu, President, 4; Pi Kappa Lambda; College Night, 1-4; Pep Band, 1-3; Choir, 3; Drum and Brass Corp, 3. JUSTICE, MARILYN; Secondary Administration; War- rior; Y.A.F.F., 2-4; Sigma Alpha Sigma, 3,4; Senator, 4. K KEITH, EDWARD; Business Administration; Bessemer. KERLIN, PATRICIA LEA; Social Work; Mobile; Montage, 1-4; Sociology Club; Commun. Committee; College Night, 1-3; Cabinet, 4. KENNEDY, JANE; Elementary Education; Wilsonville; A.C.E. KENNEDY, WINANNE C; Elementary Education; Mont- gomery; S.N.E.A. KING, JANICE BLISS; English; Mobile; Catalina, 2-4; College Night, 1,2, Cabinet, 3, Leader, 4; Montage, 1,2, Editor, 3; Kappa Delta Pi, 3, President, 4; Sigma Tau Delta, 3,4; SNEA, 1; Intramurals, 1,2; Eta Sigma Phi, 4; Who ' s Who. KING, JIMMY P; Physical Education; Tarrant; " A " Club; Baseball; P.E. Club; College Night. KRIDAKORN, APPLE; Business Administration-P.E.; Bir- mingham; Class Favorite, 1; Cheerleader, 2-4; P.E. Club; Senator, 4; College Night, 1-4; Phi Kappa Lamb- da; Montage; Intramurals. LAWLEY, CAMILLA; Elementary Education; Bessemer; Kappa Delta Pi, 3,4. LEE, JO CAROL; Elementary Education; Chickasaw; S.N.E.A., 3,4; A.C.E., 3,4; International Relations Club. LEES, GAYLE; Social Work; Mobile; Sociology Club, 2-4; Catalina, 1-4; College Night, 1-3; Cabinet, 4; Elite Night, 1,2,4; College Theater, 1-4; Montage, 3. LEWIS, ANELDA; Physical Education; Mobile; College Night, 1-3; Cabinet, 4; Catalina, 1-3; President, 4; P.E. Club; S.N.E.A., 1; Intramurals, 1-4; Gymnastics Team, 2. LITTLE, FERN; Elementary Education; Chelsea. LONG, ROY; Business Administration; Birmingham; Circle K; Y.A.F.F.; Commun. Committee; Alpha Kap- pa Psi; Theta Sigma Chi, Frat. LOVELADY, BUTCH; Mathematics; Randolph; Baseball- Pi Alpha Frat; College Night. LUNSFORD, ELIZABETH; Art; Montgomery; College Night, 2, Cabinet, 3,4. M MADDEN, KATHLEEN; English; Fairfield; S.N.E.A., 1; Tower, 4; Alabamian, 4; College Night, 4; Senior Elite MARTIN, ALICIA; Home Economics Education; Bay Minette; Senator, 4; FHome Ec Club. MARTIN, MILLARD MADISON; Business Administration; Birmingham; Circle K; Baseball. MATSON, JOHN M.; Business Administration; Talla- dega. MILES, MARY ELLEN; Social Work; Birmingham. MILLER, LEWIS; Business Administration; Birmingham; Theta Sigma Chi; Alpha Kappa Psi; Circle K. MIMS, JUDY MELTON; Elementary Education; Clanton. MINOR, TONI; Elementary Education; Columbiana; A.C.E. ; Kappa Delta Pi; Lambda Sigma Pi. MITCHELL, GARRY D.; English; Birmingham; College Night, 1-3; Cabinet, 4; College Theater, 1-4; Alabami- an; Tower, Editor; Concert Choir, 2,3; Y.A.F.F., 3; Chi Alpha Tau, Frat., 3,4; Elite Night Chairman, 4; Theater Council, 2-4; Who ' s Who. MITCHELL, KAY FRANCES; Home Economics; Birming- ham; Chorale, 2; American Home Economics Associa- tion, 1-4. MORTON, NANCY CORINN; Home Economics; Pinson; Home Ec Club, 3,4. MOTE, MARCIA HARPER; Ret. Home Economics; Ala- baster; Home Ec. Club. MULLEN, MICHAEL; Political Science; Birmingham; Delta Kappa Frat. MULLENS,GLINDA;Home Economics; Greenville;Home Ec. Club, 1-4; Omicron Nu, 3,4; Kappa Delta Pi, 3,4; BSU. MURPHREE, DIANE MARIE; Mathematics; Birmingham; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Kappa Delta Pi; Lambda Sigma Pi; College Night. McCARD, MARY CATHY; Music Education; Opelika; S.N.E.A., 1; M.E.N.C, 2-4; Phi Alpha Mu, 3,4; Phi Kappa Lambda, 3,4; College Night, 2,3; Chorale, 1-4. McCLENDON, JANE CAROLYN; Music Education; Boaz; AGO. Mcintosh, HAL; History; Birmingham; Chi Alpha Tau; Frat., International Relations Club; Theater Council- College Theater; College Night; Senator; Food Service Comm. Mclaughlin, REBECCA ANN; History; Birmingham; Omega Tau Omega Sorority; College Night; Orchesis. N NEELY, NANCY GLYNN; Mathematics; Huntsville. NEWTON, DORAN; Social Work; Montgomery; Omega Tau Omega Sorority, 3,4; P.E. Club, 2; Sociology Club 3,4; Orchesis, 2; College Night, 2,3; Intramurals, 1-4. O O ' DONNELL, CONSTANCE S.; Physical Education; Bir- mingham; Catalina; Orchesis; College Night; P.E. Club; Alabamian. OWENS, MARTHA; Mathematics; Birmingham; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Lambda Sigma Pi; Senator; Ct. Justice. OZIER, HARRIET; Psychology; Montgomery; Psychology Club. P PARNELL, T. CATHERINE; Art-Psychology; Huntsville; Catalina; College Night. PATTON, JOHN L.; Biology; Birmingham; Chemistry Club; Biology Club; Pi Alpha Fraternity PHILLIPS, MELVINA P.; Elementary Education; New Hope; S.N.E.A.; A.C.E.; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Alpha Theta. PICKETT, JOAN ANTHONY; Elementary Education; Mon- tevallo; College Band, 1; Phi Kappa Lambda, 2-4; Psychology Club, 1; S.N.E.A, 2; Kappa Delta Pi, 4. PILATO, MARY MARTHA; Elementary Education; Bir- mingham; Newman Club; S.N.E.A., 3,4; A.C.E., 3,4. PITTS, PERCY; English; Mobile; College Night; Ala- bamian; Tower. PRESLEY, ROBERT WAYNE; Business Administration; Clanton; Alpha Kappa Psi. PRICKETT, BETH; Music Education; Birmingham; Phi Alpha Mu. R RAY, PAMELA; Home Economics; Hueytown; Highest Honors; Home Ec Club. RAY, SARAH ANN; Vocational Home Economics; Syla- cauga; Home Ec Club. REID, PAULINE; Elementary Education; Grove Hill; A.C.E., 1-4; S.N.E.A., 2-4; Senator, 4. RHODES, PEGGY JOYCE; Elementary Education; Greens- boro; A.C.E. RIVES, CLAUDIA JANICE; Secondary Education; Bir- mingham; S.N.E.A. ROGERS, FRIEDA; Psychology; Talladega; Psychology Club, 1-4. ROUNTREE, BILL; Physical Education; Wetumpka; " A " Club; Basketball; Pi Alpha Prat. ROY, ALMA LOUISE; History; Bessemer. RUSH, JAN; Secondary Administration;Selma; BSU, 2,4. RUSH, MARIE; Elementary Education; Selma; BSU, 2,4; S.N.E.A. SANDERSON,CHERYL DADE; Physical Education;Hunts- ville; P.E. Club; Catalina; College Night, 1-3; Cabinet, 4, Drumer, 2,3,4. SARGENT, DONNA JEAN; Physical Education; Birming- ham; College Night Cheerleader; Beauty; SAWYER, PEGGY; Secondary Education; Warrior; Sigma Alpha Sigma, 4. SCHAUB, ELEANOR; Sociology; Eufaula; Alpha Theta Pi, 2-4; Sociology Club, 2-4; Chorale, 1-2. SHELLEY,ELLEN;Ret.Home Economics; Mobile;S.N.E. A.; Home Ec Club; Spirit Comm. SLOAN, ANITA: Ma them a tics; Columbia na;A I pha Lamb- da Delta; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Eta Sigma Phi. SMITH, GLEN NELSON; Speech Correction; Jackson; Logos, President. SMITH, J.C.; Elementary Education; Birmingham; S.N.E.A.; A.C.E. I.; College Night, 2,3,4. SMITH, SHERRY; Speech Correction; Linden; Alpha Theta Pi Sorority, 2,3, President 4; Panhellenic Coun- cil; Logas 1- 4. SMITH, TERRY; Business Administration; Childersburg; Theta Sigma Chi Frat., Intramurals. SORRELL, GENE A.; Business Administration; Jemison. SOUTHERN, CYNTHIA; Elementary Education; Vincent; A.C.E., 3,4; Ushers Club, 2,3, President, 4; Alpha Theta Pi Sorority, 2-4. SPARKS, JANE; History-Speech; Gardendale; Zeta Phi Eta; Debate; S.N.E.A., Y.A.F.E.; BSU; College Night; Alabamian; Ushers Club. STANDRIDGE, JANIS O.; Physical Education; Anniston; Alpha Lambda Delta; Beta Beta Beta; Kappa Delta Pi; Pi Alpha Theta; Orcheses; Catalina; P.E. Club. STEPHENS, SUE CAROL; Mathematics; Birmingham; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Kappa Delta Pi; Lambda Sigma Pi; College Night. STILL, CAROL; Elementary Education; Lanett; Kappa Delta Pi, 3,4; A.C.E.; Alpha Theta Pi, 1-4; Ushers Club; Montage, 2,3; Senior Elite. SULLIVAN, DICK; Psychology; Mobile; Fire Dept.; Psy- chology Club; S.N.E.A.; College Night; Alabamian. SUMMERLIN, LINDA; Speech Correction; Hueytown; College Night Logos, 1-4; Spirit Committee; Special Affairs Committee, 3; Food Service Committee, 3,4. SUMMER, BILL; Business Administration; Duncanville; Chief Justice; Circle K President; Theta Sigma Chi Frat.; College Night, 1,2, Cabinet, 3,4; Class Officer, 1; Alpha Kappa Psi; Delta Theta Pi. TATE, GARY B.; Business Administration; Montevallo; Alpha Kappa Psi. TAYLOR, CHARLES JOSEPH; Speech; Birmingham; Col- lege Theatre; Montage; Class Officer; Debate; College Night Cabinet; Theatre Council, Senior Elite. TEED, CRAIG LEE; History; Bessemer; Highest Honors; Phi Alpha Theta; College Night; S.R.A. President. THORNBURG, ROBERT LEE; Biology; Shelby; College Night, 1-3; Band, 2; Chemistry Club, 1,2; Biology Club, 3,4; Beta Beta Beta. THREET, JIM; Business Administration; Alabaster;Theta Sigma Chi; Frat.; Varsity Golf; College Night; Intra- murals. TOLBERT, EDGAR CYRUS;Mathematics-Physics;Greens- boro; Chemistry Club; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Eta Sigma Phi; Ct. Justice. TUNE,BRENDA;Sociology; Birmingham;Sociology Club; Montage; College Theatre. TURNER, LINDA; Business Administration; Elba; Mon- tage; Phi Kappa Lambda, Sorority. TWARDY, BERNADETTE; Physical Education; Selma; P.E. Club, 1-4; College Night, 1-3, Cabinet, 4; Special Af- fairs Committee, 2,4; Intramurals, 1-4. VICKERY, BARBARA B.; Mathematics; Gardendale. 252 w WAIDE, LINDA LOUISE; Psychology; Birmingham; Psy- chology Club; Intramurals. WATTS, HERMAN; Business Administration; Union Springs; Basketball, Captain; " M " Club. WESTFALL, DONALD E.; Business Education; Miami, Florida; Chamber Choir; College Choir. WHIGHAM, MARTHA GRACE; Biology; Prattville; Biol- ogy Club, 1-4; Beta Beta Beta; BSU; Senior Elite. WHITE, SHRILEY ANN; Physical Education; Mobile; Or- chesis, 3,4; Catalina, 4; College Night, 1-3, Cabinet, 4; P.E. Club. WHITFIELD, HILDA; Elementary Education; Helena. WHITMAN, LAURA FRANCES; Speech; Enterprise; Ome- ga Tau Omega Sorority, Zeta Phi Eta; Kappa Delta Pi, College Night Cheerleader; Beauty; Theatre Council. WIGHAM, MARTHA ANN; History; Birmingham. WILLIAMS, RUTH KELLY; Home Economics Education; Doger; Home Ec Club, 1-3, President, 4; BSU. WILLAMS, STEVE; Political Science ' Birmingham; Ala- bamian; Intramurals; International Relations Club. WILLIAMSON, JO ANN; Mathematics; Fairfield; Kappa Mu Epsilon; S.N.E.A. WOHLFORD, CYNTHIA; Elementary Education; Mont- gomery; A.C.E., 2,3,4; College Night, 1-4. WRIGHT,MARSHA;History;Birmingham;S.N.E.A.;Young Republicans; College Night. YANCEY,MARIE; English-Sociology; Prattville; Chorale, 1,2; Catalina, 1; Sociology Club; Montage, 4. YESTER, RUTH; Biology; Birmingham; Newman Club; Biology Club. YORK, SHERRY; Elementary Education; Birmingham. ZANTHOS, ELIZABETH; Mathematics; Birmingham; In- ternational Relations Club, 2; Chemistry Club, 3; Kappa Mu Epsilon, 3,4; German Club, 4. IN IT ' S graduation miss Joyce teichmiller summer school FIRST YEAR spring fever spring sports the fourth last summer

Suggestions in the University of Montevallo - Montage Technala Yearbook (Montevallo, AL) collection:

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