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University of Montevallo - Montage Technala Yearbook (Montevallo, AL) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Cover

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1 LIBRARY - V . Editor-in-chief SAKSIRI E. KRIDAKORN v , . ,. ._ An early morning quietness envel- opes a slowly awakening campus. A sleepy sun sends golden rays cutting through the mist of day break, stirring life ... 9731 Life that rushes and runs and hurries and darts and seeks and hopes and runs some more . . . Life that is the joy of familiarity and the excitement of the newness PIP ' ,» , a, " " " ' " ' " " ' ..: " ' . ' ftltll Bp BT EffSKgEflB: 1 R : ■ ■1 SiKKKKKK- m =--- «■ gplSEMiSe ■ If ' SssShS; ■ III ■-■.--,■. ■... _.-„.. ' Life that is a series of deadlines, arguments, debates, friendships . and in a hurry to go . . . Yet at a glance is filled with beauty and majesty -■■ ■ V ft X.I w i i ■- ■ . -X A5i €$N W» w :r ' . m gffiatsfo j Or happy faces, or exciting ones, but always familiar ones iO Life that is a constant grasping for knowledge 13 And strange and funny Life that is a series of steadfast monuments to learning and living 16 i , " H ! v ». ; ; i]fti - ' , . . I7 Life that is love 19 20 53, 52 55 67 22 24 25 26 Wr ■ c " .. . Life that is a row of washing machines, a hamburger, a game of pool, or an empty mail box . . . 27 ' Yes, there must be a golden victory " — John Keats 29 Life that is drenching, cleansing rain, washing freshness into dusty existence 30 31 The smell of make-up and the heat of footlights . . 33 And personalities and situations . . . 34 I J X " : . " . MM 36 37 J 38 And a life that is finally restful, a quiet room, a dark solace where jumbled thoughts relax, a feeling of belonging . . . 39 • v 40 This is Life . . . And The Montage is a record of life. 41 LIFE IS ACADEMICS |B--I p3 ife J 811 PRESIDENT OF ALABAMA COLLEGE Dr. D. P. Culp 44 Governor George Wallace GOVERNOR AND BOARD OF TRUSTEES Left to Right: W. Van Gilbert, J. L. Jennings, J. M. Tingle, Dr. D. P. Culp, Judge R. Mayhall, W. W. Wallace, Mrs. M. Rains, Mrs. N. J. Bell, Jr. Not Pictured — Dr. J. L. Hardwick, Mrs. E. N. Merriwether, Mrs. Issac Riley, Mr. Alton E. Shermen 45 ADMINIi Dr. John B. Walters Dean of the College Adelaide Paty Dean oj Women 46 James R. Wilkinson Dean oj Men RATION Lee A. Barclay Business Manager and Treasurer Kermit Mathison Director of Admissions and Records 47 Frank Lesley Acting Director of Operations Bessie M. Elliott Assistant Treasurer " L. C. Parnell, M.D. Director oj Student Health Services 4B Ralph W. Sears Director of Public Relations Laura Frances Mathison Director of Alumni Affairs il Betty Cobb Social Director and Assistant to Dean of Women Marie Oesterling Placement Bureau 49 DEPARTMENT OF ART Robert H. Whyte Assistant Professor s A Martha Allen Associate Professor John H. Spicer Assistant Professor 50 Vr DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION erry, Chairman Associate Professor Mary Dunstan Associate Professor Kate C. Sneed Assistant Professor SIGMA ALPHA SIGMA NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION First Row: Moon, Howton, Goulsby, Selman. Second Row: Dunstan, Green, Sneed, Stewart (President). Third Row: McDonald, Morgan, Robinson, Martin. Sara Ruth Morgan Associate Professor William Greene Assistant Professor I «L " n - f I ' ByTi J t 1 mh s f ij- R:- ■§ a nH ■w Jg fc w — i H r ■ 8 » ■toll ' eel i V SHLs " " " B Pi f k ■ r - j V lo 1 1 ■ 1 m. ■c B 4- Ws£ 51 DEPARTMENT 01 Dr. Henry F. Turner Chairman Professor Dr. David J. Cotter Associate Professor 52 IOLOGY R. D. Groover Instructor Dr. James F. L. Connell Professor of Biology and Geology BETA BETA BETA ' irst Row: Meadows, Rothell, Bennett, Brannon, Baker (President). Second Row: Dr. Sledge, Dr. Turn er, Bandow, Dr. Mount, Dr. Cotter, Groover, Rowley. ' n .J ! I j i ' kW d Wfi W 53 DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY Dr. Aris Merijanian Associate Professor Dr. Robert E. Daniel Assistant Professor DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION KAPPA DELTA PI NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY OF EDUCATION Seated: Lord, (President) Bowen. Standing: Tortorici, Carter, Levins, Lambert, Blackwell, Skelton, Lee, Kneisley, Little. Dr. Ben M. Dukes Assistant Professor Dr. Charles L. Gormley Chairman Professor Dr. Frances 0. Cannon Assistant Professor 55 Dr. John Lott Chairman Professor DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH Owen C. Elder Assistant Professor Sandra W. Lott Instructor Sarah Puryear Associate Professor 56 57 DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES R. J. Harris Instructor 58 M. R. May field Instructor PI DELTA PHI NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY FOR FRENCH Seated: Schober, Tortorici, Lambert, Montgomery Standing: Dr. Rickey, Brown, Majure (Sponsor), Cobb. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY OF SPANISH Seated: Scoggins, Bond Standing: Taylor, McDonald (President), Wise Charles E. Majure Instructor 59 DEPARTMENTOFHEALTH Miriam Collins, Associate Professor Dr. Leon G. Davis Assistant Professor Floyd V. Anderson Associate Professor 60 HYSICAL EDUCATION, AND RECREATION Frank Lightfoot, Assistant Professor Dr. Bernice Finger Acting Chairman Professor Joe W. Ruffner Instructor Geneva Myrick Associate Professor 61 DEPARTMENT Mary Larkin Resident Teacher Trainee Kathryn S. Turner Assistant Professor 62 OME ECONOMICS OMICRON NU NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY OF HOME ECONOMICS Lord, Lee (President). Johnnie Carlisle Assistant Professor 63 KAPPA MU EPSILON First Roiv: Campbell, Kridakorn (President), Norrell, Dr. McMillan. Second Roiv: Curry, Kniesley, Mason, Jones. Third Row: Jackson, Cantey Bowen. Fourth R Youngblood, Benton, Hayes. Fifth Row: Morris, Robinson, Pierson. John F. Suttle Instructor DEPARTMENT OF MATHEM 64 Dr. D. K. McMillan Chairman ' Projesso Joseph M. Cardone Assistant Professor Fred Blackmon Instructor S AND PHYSICS Robert M. Lightfoot, Assistant Professor Dr. Miguel Guitart Associate Professor 65 DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC Geraldine Behrendt Instructor Dr. John W. Stewart Chairman P rojessor Walter Moeck Instructor Instructor LjH ft lav l WT Bennie D. Middaugh. Assistant Professor Ina Strom. Assistant Professor PHI ALPHA MU LOCAL HONORARY SOCIETY ' OF MUSIC Lazenby, Hargrove, Kohn, (President), Boykin Not Pictured— Caldwell, Wendt Dr. Betty Louise Lumby Associate Professor Bruce Tolbert Associate Professor 67 DEPARTMENT OF Shirley Fulton Jackson Assistant Professor Local Honor Society of History f JackTn MffiK ,ey r nT S V ™ ! » (President), Davis, B. Cobb. Third Row: Triple a. Jackson, Dr. Untiitn, W. Cobb. Fourth Row: Jackson, Wench. SOCIAL SCIENCES Dr. Bess T. Terry Associate Professor Dr. G. W. McGinty Professor Murray Flynn Associate Professor 69 Dr. Laura Wright Chairman Professor DEPARTMENT OF Vivian Roe, Associate Professor Director of Speech Clinic 70 Willilee Trumbauer Associate Professor Charles .Harbour Assistant Professor SPEECH J ' WBMr M,r y GI M „„ V Instructor, Speech Clinic ZETA PHI ETA NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY FOR SPEECH Seated: Neeley, Kemp (President) Standing: Jones, Bannon, Barnett, Hancock, Volker, Britton Jeanne Graham Assistant Professor 71 DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY Dr. Frank McGurk Professor Dr. Katherine Vickery Chairman Professor Dr. June Broxton Associate Professor 72 ALABAMA COLLEGE LIBRARY Robert B. Somers Director of Libraries Miss Jimmie Williams, Mrs. Julia Rotenberry, Miss Mary Frances Tipton. Assistant Librarians 73 LAMBDA SIGMA PI LOCAL HONOR SOCIETY FOR SENIOR WOMEN Seated: Turner, Murphy, Little, Lazenby, Lord (President). Standing: Baker, Bond, Brannon. DELTA THETA PI LOCAL HONOR SOCIETY FOR MEN ' S LEADERSHIP Front Row: Gray, Strange, Henry, Benton. Back Row: Hawkins, Bandow, Robinson (President), Cobb, Caldwell. Not Pictured: Kridakorn. 74 fln «R ETA SIGMA PHI LOCAL HONOR SOCIETY FOR SCHOLARSHIP Seated: Lambert Brannon, Elliott, Schober Standing: Strange (President), Cobb, Wendt, Garrett, Gray, Dr. Rickey, Taylor ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY FOR FRESHMAN WOMEN ' S SCHOLARSHIP Sitting: McKeehan (President), Heath, Britton, Payne, Penton, Moore Standing: Langston, Granger, Wier, Chandler, Finlayson, Grenade, Massey, Tait, Stansell, Dennis. LIFE IS ORGANIZATIONS . . . USHERS CLUB Seated: Simpson, Cook, Till, McAlister, Gilchrist (President), Turner Standing: Wright, Head, Martin, Schober, Pollitt, Norris, Hersen, Granade, Davis, Hines, Lee, Frost, Swann. WRSD RADIO First Row Jebele, Jones, Goldstein, Phillips Second Row Chaney, Sanderson, Hayes, White, Vogel, Giardinia, Jones 78 A.C.E. First Row Simpson, Heath, Fallin, Luker Second Row Nobinger, Tisdale, Campbell, James, Esneul Third Row Spivey, Heath, Baggett Petithory Fourth Row Kimbrough, Grenade, In- gram, Rogers First Row Scales, Little, Tanner Second Row Todd, Eddins, Cooper Third Row Pilgreen, Douglas, Phil- lips, Sullivan Fourth Row Lewis, Pugh, Johnson, Woodham Fifth Row Threadgill, Blaikie, Ste- phens, Reynolds Sixth Row Bond, Denneke, Black- well, Robbins, Matthews HISPANIC SOCIETY eated lmstead, Little, Tuck, Mc- onald (President), Kieffer. anding tylor, Hill, Warn, Petro, :oggins, Gliddon, Jones, nlayson HOME ECONOMICS CLUB First Row Bailey, Aderholt, Turner Mackinan, Oaks, Smith Second Row Givens, Finley, Tait, Robinson Third Row Dr. Pate, Owens, Miller, Hin- ley, Little Fourth Row Murphy, King, Pollit, Mark- ham, Blackmon Fifth Row Smith, Donaldson, Norris Phillips, Sindsey First Row Heath, Byron. Simpson, Me Alister, Teague, Gibb Second Row Patterson, Turner, Hawkins, Costain, Lord, Third Row Herrin, Hope, Dennis, Deu pree, Huggins Fourth Row Walls, Head, Fleming, Shriv- er, Jackson, Fifth Row Clark, Lambert, Burkholter, Sixth Row Maddox, Wyatt, Avery, Buck, Pittman Seventh Row Gilchrist, Ray, Glasscock First Row Welch, Jolin, Dozier, Gaunt, Lightsey. Second row: Peters, Cook, Daily, Holly, Childress. Third Row: Lucas, Brown, Wilson, Faulkenberry, Fourth row: Holland, Pear- son, Duke, Smith, Lord Fifth row: Jones, Thomas, Beverly, Leverette. Garner Sixth Row: Hinson, Lindsay, Wyatt, Vaughn, Champion yf PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB ? jrst ijow: Helms, Tarrant, Vines, Lassiter, Morris, Moulds, Holcombe, Cross, Ruane, King, McGarrah, Moore, Hall, Hare, Yearout, Howell. Second Row: Durham, ledmond, Wallace, Ammons, Martin, Smith, Montgomery, Niehart, Henry, McMillian, Wheale, Johnson. Third Row: Roy, Adams, Pope, Donnelly, Pike, Douglas, lords, Higginbotham, Sargent, Skelton, Cleveland, Brunner. Fourth Row: Pruitt (President), Majors, Harris, Bell, Irby, West, Dumas, Meigs, Everett, Slater ? ijth Row: Andrews, Grimes, McEnery, Patterson, Hughes, Young, Chastain, Green, Abott CATALINA CLUB 7 irst Row: Higginbotham, Tarrant, Campbell, Redmond, Lucas Second Row: Wheale, Morris, Miss Crew, Sargent Third Row: McBroom, Donnelly, Fleming (Presi- lent). 81 STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION First Rmv: Mason, Howard, Kneisley, Hancock, Norrell Second Row: Scoggins, Jackson, Scales, Phillips Third Row: Jones, Green, Watson, Potts First Row: Heath, Fallin, Little, Foster Second Row: Pilgreen, Tanner, James, Phillips, Es- neul, Petithory Third Row: Lewis, Spivey, Todd, Douglas Fourth Row: Stephens, Blaikie, Rodgers, Granade Fifth Row: Threadgill, Bond, Robbins, Sullivan, Reynolds CHEMISTRY CLUB First Roiv: Wigger, Peters, Hymel (President), Coale, Dr. Merijanian, WaJdrop Second Roiv: Farris, Garrett, White Detko, Wingett, Meri- wether 82 m rf m I s 1 l tl RI w .- j5 m« . MBH v si : ' s 1 K ■-.■ ■ LOGOS First flow: Cushing, Herring, Ribble, Toney, Walker Second Row: Neely, Bannon, Lewis, Wheeler Third Row: Rapp, Sexton, Hum Fourth Row: Gas- kin, Goodson A CLUB First Row: Toms, Crawford, Sparks, Gill, Kridadorn, Taylor (President). Second Row: Roundtree, Hatcher, Stoffregen Berryhill, Lewis, Harris. Third Row: McLaughlin, Moss, Evans, Andrews. Fourth Row: Grimes, Abbot, Menson, Locklar, Agricola. 83 5 - 1 . J V THEATRE COUNCIL Fi 5t flow: Britton, Borden, Payne, Jones, Volker Second Row: James, Kemp jT i rrf Row: Wise, Phillips, Mynard (President), Wingett Fourth Row: Nor- ment, Gibbs, Harris, Skelton BIOLOGY CLUB First Row: Martin, Baker, Baker, Penton, Moore, Weeks Second Row: Garner. Hope, Braid, Hopkins, Sheldon Third Row: Chandler, Molley, Oesterling, Al- len, Harris, Miller Fourth Row: Giles, Clap, Pearson, Dr. Sledge. McLaughlin, Waldrop Fifth Row: Wingett, Hymul, Keller, Bell, Skelton. Bruce Sixth Row: Rooker, McCandlise, Garrett. Cowley. President. Detko. Clopton. PSYCHOLOGY CLUB First Row: Allen, Lev- ins, Lunsford, Foster, Lambert Second Row: Estes, Mills, Bruce, Brodie, Dr. Broxton Third Row: Harwell, Lewis, Howton, Hurst, Smith, Milwee Fourth Row: Griffith, Cockrell, Demonia, Thie- monge, Schober, Presi- dent, Foote Fifth Roiv: Plunkett, Scott, Mason, Allen, Mynatt MEN ' S BUSINESS CLUB First Row: Toms, Moon, Sel- man, President, Carrico, Vann; Second Row: Burdette, Mel- ody, Woodfin, Hall Third Row: Crumley, Rohr, Waller, Hatcher Fourth Row: Bayne, Deu- pree, Douthit Fifth Roiv: Palmer, MacDon- ald Sixth Row: Tryon, Sumner, Neugent, Martin Seventh Roiv: Doran, Black- erby, Gore, Greene, Robin- son SOCIOLOGY CLUB First Row: Crouch, McFaden. Culp, Swann, White, Shields Second Row: Rapp, Lewis, Bridges, Cockrell, Tharp Third Row: Montgom- ery, Mason, Murphy, Harwell, President 85 JUDO CLUB Kneeling: Carrico, Allison, Bradley, Scales. Standing: Elder, Latham (Pres.), McLaughlin, Boul- FIRE DEPARTMENT Kneeling: Cochrane, Sasnett, Clopton. 1st Row: Backner, Langston, Dodson, Honea, Frith, Bat- tle, Pate. 2nd Row: Reed, Locklar, Day, Robinson. CIRCLE K First Row: Crawford, Marshall, Taylor, Cobb. Second Roto: Hurst, McGinnis, Brown, McDonald (President) Third Row: Wise, Wendt, Hutto, Rawlins, Fourth Row: Dr. Terry, Stewart, Rev. Scroggins. KM THE DELTA SOCIAL CLUB The Delta Social Club has added much to the college life of Alabama College students. The members of this fraternal organization are encouraged to take an active part in extracurricular activi- ties, and social functions, and to excel scholastically. Through the members participation in these activities, they have produced a feeling of brotherhood among themselves, and a feeling of unity among fellow students. The Delta Social Club is made up of many types of male students. This gives a social club a recog- nition on campus, which no other club can obtain. It is also made up of representatives from each department in the school. With a representative from each department, a member can receive aid in his studies. This enables each member to keep his scholastic average higher. The Delta Social Club has been an avid participant in intramural sports since its recognition on campus. The club has been called on many times to work with other organizations to help improve the campus life of the students. The future holds that the Deltas will work harder, and help the Alabama College students progress. Seated: Phillips, Henry, Pate, Moon, Vann, Naler, Kellum Hurst Standing: Leo, Boown, Robertson, Powell, Locklar, McAlier, Wiggins, Stone, Agricola, Bruner, Bruce, Heide, Bridges, Mangum, Shivers, Head. Kelly, Moore, Chsstaii Morris 87 THE MEISTER SOCIAL CLUB The Meister Social Club was founded in 1959 as the Pi Alpha fraternity. After being recognized by the administration in 1962. the name " Meisters " was adopted. The club is now jointly sponsored by Reuben A. Triplett and William Cobb. During the past year the members of this organization have established fine records in a variety of fields ranging from scholarship to athletics. As well as having many private social functions, the Meisters sponsor open events for the campus. The school year 1965-1966 has truly been a good one for the Meisters for in every activity the motto " Unus in Fraternitate " has been foremost in the mind of every member. Seated L-R: Farr, Harris, Vogel, Detko, Grimes, Harkins Hughes Standing Bandow (President). Braswell, Potter, Fray, Honea, Bailey, Wilson, Dupuy, Hill, McDanal, Triplett (sponsor), THE SIGMA SOCIAL CLUB The Sigma Club, founded in 1962, is pledged to the promotion of scholarship, the creation of an active social life, the cultivation of leadership, the promotion of a wholesome athletic program, the performance of worthwhile service projects, the encouragement of participation in campus activi- ties, and the fostering of a close-knit brotherhood. Without demanding conformity, the organization encourages its membership toward the ideal of the well-rounded college man, while attempting to cultivate individual talents and interests. The group, presently holding the Inter-Social Club Council Scholarship Trophy, boasts a large number of accomplishments in every field of inter-social club competition. Mr. Steve Huffstutler serves as club sponsor. Seated: Waldrop, Peavy, Davis, McKeehan, McLaughlin, Spivey, Karr, Strange, Hayes Standing: Benton, Eslava, Herron, Parsons, Robinson, Hawkins, Patterson, Cobb (President), Higdon, Waller, McDonald, Palmer, Bouler, Bennett, Stone, Rohr, Demonia, Howell (Not pictured: William Caldwell, Don Pruitt, Steve Huffstutler (sponsor) ) 89 LA LIFE IS ACTIVITIES . . . A Montage is more than a collection of pictures. It ' s a collection of deadlines and headaches and hard, hard work. It ' s staying on an empty, lonely campus during a vacation. It ' s sitting in a quiet office arranging, changing, rearranging while more exciting, more enjoyable life goes on elsewhere. A Montage is a pulsating heart between hard covers. Its rich red blood spurts from page to page, from picture to picture and gives life to a thousand memories. The Montage, to its possessor, may be a classmate or a theatre production ... it may be an organization or a ball game ... it may just be a fleeting moment in time captured forever on a piece of film that tells of a time that will never return. The Montage is a youthful heart, an ageless heart needing only a glance at its pages to live again. The Montage is more than a labor of love. It ' s a labor of life and a record of those who lived it. And the long nights and lonely days are suddenly worthwhile . . . David Naler. Associate editor Saksiri E. Kridakorn, Editor-in-chief 4. David Naler. Associate editor MOM Sarah Jefferson. Associate editor 92 » Fred Cooper, Writer iandra Robinson, Business manager Larry Bishop. Cover designer Not pictured: Gail Lee, Bar- bara Cannon, Jimmy Roun- tree. Seated: Vaughan, Norrell, Howell, Hipp. Standing: Little, Murphy, Turner S., Turner A., Hughes, Robinson. Photography: Ed Kridakorn, Ed Blake Layouts: Ed Kridakorn Color Photographs: page 1, 4, and 5 by Ed Kridakorn Page 8 and 9 by Ed Blake Ad Salesman: John Deupree TOWER . . . THE ALABAMA COLLEGE LITERARY MAGAZINE Buell Cobb. Editor-in-chief STAFF Seated: Baker, Cobb, Peyton. Standing: Jordan, Henry. 94 ALABAMIAN . . . THE ALABAMA COLLEGE NEWSPAPER EDITOR: RAY HOLLAND 95 CHORALE First Row — Dantzler, Copeland, Hyde, Wallace, Lee, Boykin, Burk, Crew, Blankenship, Adamson, Hill. Second Row — Zable, Gipson, Dozier, Haygood, Sey- mour, Seale, Keener, Lester, Tipper, Oswald, Ribble, Russell. Third Rote — Rhodes, Crispell, Boyer, Black, Evans, Lawson, Wood, Cooper, Hall, Bryant, Parsons, Kohn, Jeter. Fourth Row — Holmes, McFaden, Stevenson, Whitten, Lindsey, Tharp, MacDonald, Morris. ALABAMA COLLEGE WIND ENSEMBLE John W. Stewart. Conductor First Row — Scruggs, Miller, Hardin, Stephenson, Rooks, Jackson, Siddle, Carter, Rice Second Row — Lovelady, Scott, CantreU, Baker, Finlayson, Prichett, Adams, Hargrove, Rotenberry, Donovan, Erwin, Sullivan, Wissinger, Third Row — Crumley, Sternenberg, Moseley, Whitson, Thornton, Weese, Reid, Caldwell, Carter, Norment, Slaton, Bankston, Fraser, Jeter, Smith Fourth Row ' — Wood, Skelton, Lucas, Mason, Wise. W3 — ! : - 0m } $JAz iff ' ■ - , Vfl L « ' v ,- 4 -1 v.-- 1 ; ■V | ■t«w nt- ' ' . ' ... ' Ir.fiL • to U ' S ££ « f j 2- fci H 7 oS 4u ■ ™ FLAG RAISING CEREMONY ON VETERAN ' S DAY AND THE VIETNAM BLOOD DRIVE ALABAMA COLLEGE THEATRE THE MALE ANIMAL . . . directed by W. T. Chichester 98 war N Sh BP iC ALABAMA COLLEGE THEATRE 100 THE GLASS MENAGERIE directed by Charles Harbour iOI ALABAMA COLLEGE CHILDREN ' S THEATRE t HE WffWtfciEAVEy THE EMPEROR ' S NEW CLOTHES . . . directed by Willilee Traumbauer stnEet or +H m i - t .P [ W ' ! A m STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION President Student Government Association Don Robinson EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Seated: Selman, Strange, Robinson, Elliot, Cobb. Standing: Sasser, Waldrop, Stone, Duncan, Holland, Kridakorn 104 CABINET Seated: Robinson, Bethay, Sasser. Standing: Selman, Duncan, Szabo, Stone. STUDENT COURT Left to Right— Gray, Holiday, Taylor, Strange, Chief Justice, Pruitt, Allan, Harris. 105 SENATE Seated: Smith, Murphy, Frost, McFaden, Whitinger, Elliot, Neely, Douglas, Mason, Hinson, Second Row: Hawkins, Johnston, Lord, Jones, Third Row: Leo, Hayes, Gore, Waller, Scott, Robertson, Roberts, Cobb, Henry, G., Henry, R. STUDENT RELIGIOUS ASSOCIATION Seated: Hargrove, Little. Standing: Dr. Griffith, Bayne, Lightsey, Pearson. 106 FACULTY ADVISORY COMMITTEE Front Row: Mrs. Sneed, Dr. Broxton, Miss Collins, Mrs. Roe, Dr. Davis. Back Row: Dr. Terry, Mr. DiOrio, Dr. Dukes, Mr. Elder PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE Seated: Mr. Spicer, Mr. Huffstutler, Miss Robinson, Dr. Davis, Mrs. Morgan, Dr. Fancher, Mr. Kridakorn. Standing: Mr. Cobb, Mr. Buell Cobb, Mr. Ed Blake, Mr. Szabo 107 COLLEGE College Night is a unique creation ... it is born, it lives briefly but fiercely, and it dies, dying quickly but with hard, fast, deep, gasps . . . only to be reborn in another time. College Night carries with it the wild exciting heart-stopping thrill of victory . . . And the pain, the sad emptiness of defeat. CABINET Seated: Boykin, Jones, Wise, Neely (Leader), Caldwell (Leader), McKeehan. Phillips, Frost, Smith, Johnson, Bailey, Bryant. Standing: Taylor, Lewis, Gibbs Atkerson, Massey, Davis, McDonald, Hymel, Jones, Stone, Crawford. CAST 1st Row — Norment, Seymour, Bryan, Sanderson, Caldwell, Burnham, Taylor, Sawls, Swindle, Rumsey, Hargrove, Jones 2nd Roiv — Marshall, Russell, Glidden, Shelton, Parsons, Harris, Pope, Davis, Griswold, Matthews, Morris, Bryant, Miniard. Littleton, Hearn, Bryant, Gibbs, Hymel, Petithory, Brasell, Edfeldt, Waid, Troup. Not pictured: Bouler, Wright. 108 MIGHT But no one ever really loses College Night. As long as one Purple goes through campus yelling PV and one Gold matches him with a GV, no one will lose College Night. It ' s a feeling of pride, of accomplishment, of love and it ' s a mixture that defies the attachment of won or lost labels. College Night is entertainment and friendship and satisfaction and only an empty stage on a late Saturday night in February can really explain the void left with its annual passing. Only then can you realize that everybody has won, actually . . . FLUNKIES First Row: Swann, Stone, Morris, Mason, McBroom, Sanderson, Vines. Second Row: Bryant, Cobb, Wheale, Montgomery, Martin, Malone. CHEERLEADERS Left to Right Sargent, Whittle, Saxon, Martin. Martin. 109 BATTLE HIM OR A FIGHT FOR THE RED, WHITE AND BLOOMERS. ■■ ■ ' » __.- • " ■ ■ . ,. • ; A JKS • ' r 1 A _ 4 A JL J vSi . . H» m rj § lM V J L H ' ' 1 1 r % I M " i 7 - Hm w I s k 1 1 1 POPULI SUNT VICTIMAE CABINET 1st Roiv: Bridges (leader), " Lucky Lady, " Hancock (leader). 2nd Row, sitting: Lee. Harwell, Norrell. Mynard, Amnions; Rush, Britton, Borden. Standing: Funderburk, Hopkins. Wingett, Clopton, Cochran, O ' Rourke, Runge, McKinnon, Pike, Grey, Potts, Kohn, Tait, Slaton, Kemp. CAST 1st Row, kneeling: Kohn. Slaton, Magnum, Thornton, O ' Rourke, Kemp, Mynard, Embry, Smith, Wishing, Griffith, 2nd Row, sitting: Black Dexter, Adamson, Norrell. McFaden, Bard, Elrod, Bethea, Borden, Tisdale, Miller. 3rd Row: White. Peyton, Knight, Burdette, Tucker, Cook, Owens, Mynatt, Britton, Mc- Laughlin, Wingett, Golden, funderburk. Fridley. 4th Row: Caldwell, Standard, Tidwell, Chastain. McGaughy, Leo, Attaway, Armstrong, Wilson, Roberson, Vogel. COWTAILS Seated: left to right: Coale, Parnell, McGarrah, Gooden, Shields, Black, Cockell. Standing: Donnelly, Saylor, Burdette, Wingett, Tidwell, Armstrong, Moore. Not pictured: Son Hughes. CHEERLEADERS Kneeling: Underwood. Standing: Haygood, Thornton, Lyons, Lovelady, Teague. GOLD BASKETBALL TEAM Seated: Murray, Yacko, Sasser, Briggs, Watters, Martin. Standing: Brabner, Major, Pearson, Spitler, Schmell, Pruitt. PURPLE BASKETBALL TEAM Heide, Stephens, Green, Rawls, Hayes. Standing: Everett, Patterson, Mullins, Gore, Whittenger, Thompson. 51 t ! SKIT NIGHT The Winning Deltas 116 17 DANCES DANCES 119 wiSM EffiflH ESHH iiii 111 ««■« Firs ?ott. ' Hancock, Simmons, Olmstead, Cromer, Foster, Andrews, Mitchell Second Row: Roy, Turman, Alfano, Peacock, Carter, Sheldon, Martin, Elmore. Third Row: Turner, Deal, Davis, Harris, Griswald, Gliddon, Pope, Skelton, Allen ORCHESIS IN CONCERT 120 121 THE CONCERT SERIES The Town Crier [ W M - ' 3 mv 1 i Hal Holbrook as Mark Twain 122 ifarbroueh and Cowan Kay Britten Jose Greco and company I. l l ■ " SssSSSFI B i ' f 123 REGISTRATIONS 125 ' A $ v K ' £ :. LIFE IS BEAUTIES . ■ . ■-•« - «». . - ' DR. FRANK McGURK, 1965 Recipient of Elite night dedication ELITE NIGHT BEAUTY SEMI- FINALISTS: Ellen Wright, Patrice Avery, Billie Sue Rothell, Mary Kay Eddins, Andrea Whittle, Georgia Spivey, Nan Tucker, Rebecca Ingram, Darlei Wasiolek, Marilyn Martin, Sandra Bond, Mary Elliot, Sherrell Funderburk, Anne Kemp, Lynn Hawkins. 128 129 130 MISS SANDRA BOND 131 132 MISS BILLIE SUE ROTHELL 133 MISS GEORGIA SPIVEY 134 135 MISS REBECCA INGRAM 136 J5r PP MISS DARLENE WASIOLEK 138 139 MISS ELLEN WRIGHT ,£8991 140 - 4=--= , — ' ' -i» : -—-- .X-; - £ 5P 3 ?8fek-«S5 SMS 14! HANCOCK . . . MISS ALABAMA COLLEGE 142 BUELL COBB MR. ALABAMA COLLEGE LIFE IS LEADERSHIP . . . 143 WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN Harry MacDonald Lillian Scoagins Ross Henry 144 AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES Ray Holland Damrell Threadgill Sandra Bond 145 WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN Charles Stewart Mary Margaret Neely Buell Cobb 146 AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES Perry ! Sumner P a-si $ f JfcrH fi L -a««gg !■• " • f ■ %j ■ ga » ■ Rebecca Ingram Eddie Kridakorn Ann Kemp 147 SENIOR ELITE Mary Margaret Neely, Speech Correction SENIOR ELITE Donald Pruitt, Physical Education Constance Lou Baker, Biology SENIOR Ann Kemp. Speech 150 Buell Cobb. Foreign Languages- ELITE Todd Strange, History r George Bandow, Chemistry (■ft ? V _ _ ' 0- -?-t -■ ' • ;:| Helen Howton, Secretarial Administration Mary Ruth Mathews, English i I5I Alabama College Cheerleaders: Turner, Walker, Eddins, Grimes, Hawkins, Turman, Herren. LIFE IS SPORTS % 153 Front Roiv: Taylor, Lewis, Andrews, McLaughlin, Peavy. Back Row: Kridakorn, Toms. THE ALABAMA COLLEGE TENNIS TEAM . SEASONAL RECORD A.C. 3 Athens Opponent 6 (i Florence 3 4 Jacksonville 5 5 St. Bernard 4 7 Florence 2 2 Auburn 7 4 Jacksonville 5 7 LaGrange 2 3i o Athens 5i o 5 1 Troy Auburn 4 8 7 Belhaven 2 3 South Eastern Louisiana ( 8 7 Troy St. Bernard 1 2 Conference and Tournament runners-up 154 ■ f F. V. Anderson, coach Ed S. Kridakorn All Alabama Collegiate Conference, All Tournament, Tournament Winner No. 6 Singles Donald Andrews All Alabama Collegiate Conference, All Tournament, Tournament Winner No. 1 Doubles 156 157 First Row: Hall (mgr.), Murray, Shriver, Green, Evans, Pate, Ingram, McKay, Hatcher (Mgr.). Second Row: Linam, Moss, Berryhill, Payton, Lyles, Brice, Sparks, Rountree, Abbott. Third Rou i: Hunter. Locklar, Kellogg, Aldridge, Heidi. Agricola, Eslava, Powell, Grimes, Wilkinson (Ass ' t Coach), Lightfoot (Coach). THE ALABAMA COLLEGE BASEBALL TEAM X: SEASONAL RECORD A.C. Livingston 8 A.C. 2 Livingston 8 A.C. Huntingdon 10 A.C. 1 Huntingdon 10 A.C. 7 Florence 9 A.C. . ' ! Jacksonville 5 A.C. 1 Jacksonville A.C. Troy 9 A.C. 3 Huntingdon 7 A.C. 2 Huntingdon 4 A.C. 2 St. Bernard 1 A.C. Livingston Id A.C. 2 Livingston ( A.C. 7 Troy 11 A.C. 1 Florence 10 A.C. 3 Jacksonville 8 A.C. 2 Jacksonville 7 A.C. 2 St. Bernard 1(1 r rank K. Lightfoot, Co ach ' 60 161 THE ALABAMA COLLEGE GOLF TEAM Seated: Minson, Dr. Palmer, Armistead. Standing: Crawford. Reed, Hipson, Doran. THE ALABAMA COLLEGE GOLF TEAM SEASONAL RECORD A.C. def. Athens Huntingdon def. A.C. Marion def. A.C. St. Bernard def. A.C. A.C. def. Florence A.C. def. Tenn. Martin Marion def. A.C. A.C. def. Huntingdon A.C. def. Florence A.C. def. Athens Troy def. A.C B ' ham Southern def. A.C. Spring Hill def. A.C. Pensacola Navy def. A.C. Troy def. A.C. B ' ham Southern def. A.C. A.C. def. St. Bernard Dr. Chester Palmer: Coach ««V7t at :. j . H«- - W ' . ? 5«S : .je. fifytlfr. 164 THE ALABAMA COLLEGE CROSS COUNTRY TEAM Kneeling: Isbell, Lewis, Hughes, Peavy, Potts Standing: Campbell, Kellogg, Bell, Scott, McLaughlin SEASONAL RECORD WINS LOSSES AC 1 Troy 4 C 1 Pensacola 4 AC 5 Livingston AC 6 Marion 1 Total 13 vins 9 Losses 165 166 67 ALABAMA COLLEGE BASKETBALL TEAM Dr. Leon Davis, Coach SEASONAL RECORD A.C. Opponents 64 LaGrange ...50 83 ...70 91 Tenn. Temple ...59 67 . 71 65 B ' ham Southern .... ...82 83 Livingston ...84 85 Millsaps ...84 72 Jacksonville ..105 73 St. Bernard ...84 86 B ' ham Southern . . . ..102 73 ...81 85 St. Leo . . .97 68 Florida Presbyterian ...79 85 Athens . . .88 65 ...83 61 St. Bernard ...73 75 ...62 90 Tenn. Temple n 82 77 66 Athens .. .68 63 Jacksonville ...75 67 ...75 80 Millsaps 65 80 ...74 Jimmy Rountree. Equipment Manager f iiitmm «awtsri wis i tmnimat. .on, Knop, Andrews, To , Butler, ■HgSWorth, Kellogg, 169 170 Al fc 171 u mm m t n ' mim nmnwi 172 173 INTRAMURAL FOOTBALL 175 INTRAMURAL - . ■ . - • - i ' w- L-. - 176 FOOTBALL . .£ ?• -M: -- - ' i ' £ ■ ' ■■ m . 177 MEN ' S INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL 173 1 w- gfc THE CHAMPIONS, 2nd Ramsay: Kneeling: Toms, Rawls, Quinn, Hatcher, Smith. Slimcling: Tolbert Rollings, Green. Thompson. MEN ' S INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL ISC 181 INTRAMURAL GOLF AND TENNIS Jay Jaxon. Intramural winner WOMEN ' S INTRAMURAL VOLLEYBALL 183 184 WOMEN ' S VOLLEYBALL INTRAMURAL 185 INTRAMURAL WINNERS: First Row: Cleveland, Redmond, Douglas. Moulds Second Row: Sanderson, Menzel, King, Morris 186 WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL INTRAMURAL WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL INTRAMURAL CLASS FAVORITES Mary Kay Eddins, Junior Gail Lee, Senior 190 CLASS OFFICERS Seniors: Carrico, Phillips, Sumner, Murphy. Sophomores: Bouler, McLaughlin. 191 UNDERGRADUATES AARON, LINDA, Fr., Fort Deposit. ABBOTT, EMMETT ROY, Soph., Selma. ADAMS, ALICIA JEAN, Fr., Clanlon, ADAMS, DAVIS MICHAEL, Fr., Mobile. ADAMS, JAMES EDWARD, Fr., Birmingham. ADAMS, ROSE MARIE, Fr., Gardendale. ADAMSON, LINDA RUTH, Fr., Wedowee. ADAMSON, RA- CHEAL, A., Soph., Deatsville. ADAY, VICKIE CAROL, Jr., Hillsboro. ADERHOLT, PATRICIA S., Soph., Opp. ALEX- ANDER, WILLIAM G., Fr., Mobile. ALFANO, VIRGINIA A., Soph., Birmingham. ALFORD, CAROL ANN, Fr., Birmingham. ALLEN, CONNIE VEA, Fr., Campbell. ALLEN, GEORGE GOODALL, Fr., En- terprise. ALLEN, JAMES WILLIAM, Fr., Phenix City. ALLEN, JANE CAMILLE, Soph., Jasper. ALLEN, MARION ANITA, Jr., Jasper. ALLEN, SELMA JUNE, Soph., Huntsville. ALLEN, SUE CAR- OL, Jr., Sheffield. ALLISON, TIMOTHY JOE, Fr., Calera. ALTMAN, GARY, Soph., Birmingham. AMMONS, DIANA SUE, Fr., Clanton. AMMONS, SHERRY YVONNE, Soph., Chickasaw. ANDERSON. DOROTHY E., Jr., Mobile. ANDERSON, JAMES SPENCER, Fr., Birmingham. ANDERSON, JUDY DALE, Fr., Thomaston. ANDERSON, LYNDA BARRETT, Jr., Montevallo. ANDREWS, BUTCH, Soph., Cullman. ANDREWS, DONALD CLARENCE, Jr., Montevallo. ANDREWS, EDWARD EUGENE, Soph., Tuscaloosa. AN- DREWS. JOHNNIE, Fr., Opp. ANDREWS. MARGARET S., Soph., B ' ham. ANGLIN, BETTY JEAN. Soph., Montevallo. ARCHIBALD, RUTH ELLEN, Soph., Eufaula. ARMSTRONG, DAN HOWARD, Fr.. Hueytown. ARMSTRONG, NANCY CAROL, Fr., Childersburg. ARNETT, DONALD EUGENE, Jr.. B ' ham. ARNETT, JERRY R., Fr., B ' ham. ATKERSON, CYNTHIA ANNE, Soph., B ' ham. AT- KINS, DAVID SAMUEL, Soph., B ' ham. ATKINSON, GERALD WAYNE, Soph., Jemison. ATTAWAY, THOMAS LEE, Jr., Trussville. AVERY, CAROL ANN, Soph., Marion. AVERY, MABEL PATRICE, Jr., Greens- boro. AVERY, WILLIAM PHILLIP, Jr., Tuscaloosa. BAG- GETT, LINDA FAYE, Fr., Orrville. BAGWELL, JUNE ALLY- SON, Fr., B ' ham. BAILEY, CAROL LEE, Jr., B ' ham. BAILEY. DAVID WAR- REN, Fr., Helena. BAILEY, JAMES FRANKLIN, Jr., B ' ham. BAILEY, LINDA SUE, Fr., B ' ham. BAILEY, STEPHEN LLOYD, Fr., B ' ham. BAILEY, THOMAS DANIEL, Fr., Calera. BAKER, EMILY JEAN, Fr.. Wilsonville. BAKER, JAMES ELMER, Fr., Thorsby. BAKER, RANDALL ELLIOTT, Soph., Thorsby. BANKSTON, BETTY DELORIS, Soph., Mobile. BANKSTON, RALPH LEON. Fr., B ' ham. BANKSTON, THOMAS JACKSON, Fr., B ' ham. BARBOUR, JOHN ROBIN, Fr., Mt. Brook. BARD, SUSAN WINIFRED. So ph., Lynn Haven, Fla. BARKSDALE, HOWARD C, JR.. Fr., B ' ham. BARNES, JAMES MALLORY, Fr., Selma. BARNETT, SUSAN -REID, Soph., Wetumpka. BARNHART, GEORGE FLOYD, Fr.. B ' ham. BARRETT. SHIRLEY ANN, Fr., Montevallo. BARRICK. JOS- EPH EARL, Fr. Dothan. BASS, CAROL LEE, Fr., Fairhope. BATES, IACK R.. Soph., Montevallo. BATTLE, HENRY LIN- COLN, Jr., B ' ham. BAUGH, MARY EDNA. Fr., Pinson. 192 UNDERGRADUATES BAYNE, LEWIS ELLIOTT, Jr., Selma. BEARDEN, HILDA JEAN, Fr., B ' ham. BEARDEN, JAMES ROBERT, Soph., Mon- tevallo. BEARDEN, KATHLEEN G., Jr., Montevallo. BECK- NER, WILEY CLIFTON, Fr., Irondale. BEEKER, CHRISTIE ANN, Soph., Bessemer. BELL, BEVERLY ANN., Fr., Mobile. BELL, PAUL WINSTON, Fr., Mobile. BELL, TERRY RONALD, Jr., Ringgold, Ga. BENNETT, KATHRYN ANN, Fr., Orange Beach. BENNETT, WILLIAM DONALD, Jr., Montevallo. BENNINGTON, ROBERT E., Fr., Hueytown. BENSON, OTIS MELVIN, Jr., B ' ham. BENTON, ELIZABETH, Fr., Opp. BENTON, SARAH ELIZABETH, Fr., Montgomery. BERRYHILL, THOMAS ED., Jr., B ' ham. BETHEA, LAUREL DAWN, Soph., B ' ham. BEVERLY, GLORIA ANN, Fr., Huey- town. BILBRO, LUCINDA MOREN, Jr., Centreville. BISCHOFF, JOSEPH F., Fr., B ' ham. BLACK, CLYNTELL YOUNG. Fr.. Dothan. BLACK, VICKEY LOUISE, Fr., Opelika. BLACK- BURN, ANITA LOUISE, Fr., Alum Bank, Pa. BLACKMON, FRANCES BERYL, Fr., Loxley. BLACKWELL. JANET SUE. Jr.. B ' ham. BLAIR. JAMES MIL- TON, Fr., Calera. BLANKENSHIP, BETTY LOU, Fr., Talla- dega. BLANKENSHIP. LYNNE S„ Soph., Hueytown. BLATCH- FORD, ELIZABETH J., Fr., Mobile. BLOUNT, RUSSELL W., JR., Fr., Mobile. BONNIFIELD, MADALINE L., Fr., Montgomery. BORDEN, MARGARET CAROL, Soph., B ' ham. BOULER, BILLIE JANE, Soph., B ' ham. BOULER, DAVID ERIC, Soph., Daphne. BOW- LIN, GLORIA JEAN, Fr., B ' ham. BOYD, GUY EDWARD, Fr., Montgomery. BOYER, NANCY ELIZABETH, Soph., B ' ham. BOYER, SAN- DRA LOUISE, Jr., Montgomery. BOYKIN, SANDRA LOU- ISE, Jr., Jackson. BRABNER, RICHARD JOSEPH, Soph., Mobile. BRABNER, WILLIAM R., Fr., Mobile. BRADLEY, THOMAS COLYN, Jr., Clanton. BRAGG, SALLIE NANETTE, Fr., Tallassee. BRAID, MAL- COLM ROSS, Fr., Redstone Arsenal. BRANDENBERG, DI- ANE, Soph., Siluria. BRANNON, SUE LANETTE, Fr., B ' ham. BRANSCOMBE, NANCY AMANDA, Fr., Union Springs. BRANTLEY, CHARLES W., Fr., B ' ham. BRANTLEY, THOMAS JERRY, Fr., B ' ham. BRANTON, DON- ALD JOSEPH, Fr., Dothan. BRANTON, GLORIA JEAN, Fr., B ' ham. BRASELL, BEVERLY JEAN, Fr., Mobile. BRAS- WELL, BILLY JOE, Jr., Siluria. BRENT, RICHARD LEE, Fr., B ' ham. BRIGGS, JOHN EDWARD, JR., Fr., Dothan. BRITTON, RE- BECCA LOUISE, Soph., Fairhope. BROCK, GAIL DOREENE, Jr., Steele. BRODIE, MARY DIANE, Fr., B ' ham. BROOKS, DILE VERLIN, Fr„ B ' ham. BROUGHTON, GERALDINE, Fr., Bessemer. BROWN, CLARENCE EUGENE, Sr., B ' ham. BROWN, JAMES MARTIN, JR., Fr., B ' ham. BROWN, JANICE LYNN, Fr., B ' ham. BROWN, JOHN CURTIS, Soph., B ' ham. BROWN, LE- LAND AUSTIN, Soph., Red Bay. BRUCE, FRANK K, Jr., B ' ham. BRUCE, LINDA CAROL, Fr., B ' ham. BRUNNER, RONALD, Jr., Montevallo. BRUNSON, HARRIET SEIBEL, Soph., Mobile. BRUSH, JAMES WESLEY, Fr., B ' ham. BRYAN, CARL H., Fr., Wilton. BRYAN, RICHARD CARLAND, Jr., B ' ham. 193 UNDERGRADUATES BRYANT, ALVIN HUGHES, Soph., Montgomery. BRYANT, CHERYL ANN, Jr., Huntsville. BRYANT, JESSIE RUTH, Fr., Montgomery. BRYANT, RAYMOND A., Jr., Soph., B ' ham. BUCHHOLZ, SARAH JANE, Soph., Huntsville. BUCK, LIN- DA, Soph. Robertsdale. BUCKINGHAM, NANCY ANN, Fr., B ' ham. BUNN, EDDY CAROL, Fr., B ' ham. BURCHFIELD, PEGGY SUE, Fr., Besse- mer. BURDETTE, MICHAEL WAYNE, Soph., B ' ham. BUR- GIN, MARSHA ANN, Jr., B ' ham. BURKHALTER, SHELBA JOY, Fr., Verbena. BURKOT, CHRISTINE F., Fr., Trussville. BURKS, LENA FLOSSIE, Soph., Gorgas. BURNHAM, JAMES DOUGLAS, Jr., Addison. BURT, LEONARD IVERY, Soph., Centreville. BURT, SHERRON ANN, Fr., Mobile. BURT, TAMARA JEAN, Jr., Brierfield. BUTLER, RALPH DENNIS, Fr., Ft. Rucker. BYNON, GEORGE ANN, Soph., B ' ham. BYRD, CAROL LOUISE, Soph., Citronelle. CADDELL, ELLEN ANITA, Fr., Linden. CAIN, DEIDRE ANN, Fr., B ' ham. CALDWELL, RONALD LEE, Fr., Selma. CALDWELL, ROBERT S., Fr., Bayminette. CALDWELL, ROB- ERT WAYNE. Fr., Montgomery. CALDWILL, TUSKIN JEFF, Fr., Selma. CAMPBELL, CATHERINE D., Soph., Pinson. CAMPBELL, FLOYD EUGENE, Fr., B ' ham. CAMPBELL, PAM- ELA JEAN, Fr., Attalla. CANADA, KARENE, Fr., Eastaboga. CANON, BARBARA ANN, Fr., Opelika. CANTELOU, LOLA ANNE, Soph., Wetumpka. CANTEY, EVIE JUDITH, Jr., Fultondale. CANTRELL, LYN- DA GALE, Fr., Montevallo. CAPPS, NINA JEAN, Fr., Selma. CARR, JESS WILLARD, JR., Soph., B ' ham. CARR. NELL SCARBROUGH, Fr., B ' ham. CARROLL. JAMES LARRY, Fr., Bessemer. CARTER, ETHEL DIANNE, Jr.. Clanton. CAR- TER, JAMES RANDALL, Fr., Billingsley. CARTER. KAREN ELIZABETH, Jr., Prattville. CARTER, MARILYN EUGENIA, Fr., Andalusia. CARTER, SARA EILEEN, Fr., Columbiana. CARTER, VIRGINIA K., Fr., Columbiana. CASE, MELVIN TERRY, Fr., Selma. GASH, LYDIA FAY, Soph., B ' ham. CERAVOLO, PEGGIE LEE, Fr, B ' ham. CHAMPION, CAROLYN RAE, Fr., Sheffield. CHANDLER, CONNIE ANN, Soph., Prattville. CHANEY, TOMMY GENE, Fr., Hueytown. CHAPMAN, BETTY SUE, Soph., Goodwater. CHASTAIN, JIMMY RICHARD, Soph., Brookwood. CHAV- ERS, SYLVIA ELAINE, Fr., Opp. CHEATHAM, SANDRA KAY, Fr., Enterprise. CHESNUTT, PAMOLYN C, Soph., Pittsburgh, Pa. CHESSER, TONI FAYE, Fr., Andalusia. CHILDRESS, MARGARET R., Fr., Orange Beach. CHISOLM, MARY LOUISE, Fr., Marion Junction. CLAPP, ANNE FRANCES, Fr., Cantonment, Fla. CLARK, BARBARA JEAN, Fr., B ' ham. CLECKLER, MARY ARKIE, Fr., Clanton. CLECKLER, RODNEY JEFF, Soph., Thorsby. CLEMENTS, LYNDA SEALE, Jr., Jemison. CLENNEY, MARY HELEN, Soph., Eufaula. CLEVELAND, MARY JACK, Fr., Fairfield Hlds. CLOPTON, JOHN A., JR., Soph., B ' ham. CLUSKER, PA- TRICIA ANN, Fr., B ' ham. COALE, DONNA LOUISE, Soph., Sdma. COBB, OSCAR HERBERT, Fr., B ' ham. COBB, WIL- LIAM JOSEPH, Fr., Cullman. COCHRANE, WILLIAM MIKE, Soph., B ' ham. 9A UNDERGRADUATES COCKRELL, CAROLE LOUISE, Jr., B ' ham. COE, CAROLYN PATRICIA, Fr., B ' ham. COFER, BETTE T., Jr., Jemison. COLE, JAMES LARRY, Soph., Hueytown. COLEMAN, WAN- DA JEAN, Fr., B ' ham. COLEY, RANDOLPH M., Soph.. Tus- COLLINS, BEVERLY SHERIE, Fr., Pensacola, Fla. COLWELL, GINGER FAYE, Fr., Opelika. CONNER, PAUL STEWART, JR., Fr., B ' ham. CONWAY, ANN LENORE, Fr.. LaFa ettc. COOK. MARY EVELYN, Soph., Greenville. COOK, PAULA SUE, Fr., Andalusia. COOLEY, GARY STEVEN, Fr.. Cullman. COOLEY, GRADY CLARENCE. Fr., B ' ham. COOLEY, MARIA KAY, Fr., B ' ham. COOPER, BARBARA JOANNE, Fr., Semmes. COOPER, FRANCES M., Fr., Huntsville, COOPER, IRENE CASON, Fr., Knoxville, Tenn. COOPER, NANCY HURSTON, Soph., Montevallo. COPE, ANITA SANDRA, Jr., Huntsville. COPELAND, LINDA LOU, Fr., Talladega. COPELAND, MARGARET J. E., Soph., Annis- ton. COPELAND, RECEE LYNN, Soph., Gadsden. CORBITT, REBECCA LYNN, Fr., Andalusia. CORLEY, BLENDA FAYE, Jr., Searles. CORN, JOHN THOM- AS, Soph., B ' ham. COSTEN, CAROLYN ANNE, Fr., Mont- gomery. COUCH, THOMAS ALAN, Fr., Albertville. COURT- NEY, HELEN VIRGINIA, Soph., Montgomery. COURTNEY, KATHLEEN E., Fr., Montgomery. COX, JOHN HILARY JR., Fr., Montgomery. COX, JUDY SHARON, Jr., Clanton. CRAMTON, FRED J. Ill, Fr., Mont- gomery. CRAWFORD, FRED CHARLES, Soph., B ' ham. CRAW- FORD, NORMA CAROLYN, Fr., Irondale. CREEL, MARY ELLEN, Soph., B ' ham. CREW, CHERYL DEAN, Fr., Clanton. CRISPELL, CYNTHIA RAY, Fr.. Pell City. CROCKER, DIANE ELIZABETH, Fr., B ' ham. CROMER, JOAN DIALTHA, Soph., Mobile. CROSS, JANE OLIVIA, Fr., Eutaw. CROSS, KATHY LYNWOOD, Fr., B ' ham. CROUCH, BARBARA JEAN, Jr., Huntsville. CROWSON, DANIEL OLIVER, Fr., Calera. CRUISE. JUDITH ELAINE, Fr., Deatsville. CRUMPTON, GERALD DON, Jr., B ' ham. CULP, CARLA ELIZABETH, Fr., Montgomery. CULP, CHARLES L., Soph., Montgomery. CULVER, MICHAEL LEWIS, Fr., Alabaster. CULWELL, RUTH ANN, Jr., Hayden. CUMMINGS, BRENDA GAIL, Fr., Suttle. CURRY, DONNA ELIZABETH, Soph., B ' ham. CURTIS, MAR- SHA JEAN, Fr., Fairhope. DAILEY, JANE LESLIE, Fr., Lan- ett. DANIEL, MILDRED C, Soph., Montevallo. DANIEL, MIRIAM JEAN, Fr., Montevallo. DANTZLER, SANDRA ALICE, Fr., Prichard. DAVENPORT, RUTHMARY M., Irr., Siluria. DAV- IS, ALAGENE, Soph., Panama City, Fla. DAVIS, DINAH MAR- ION, Fr., Columbiana. DAVIS, JAMES LARRY, Fr., Jemison. DAVIS, JANET ELAINE, Soph., Casey, 111. DAVIS, JANET VIRGINIA, Fr., B ' ham. DAVIS, JOHN HOWARD, Jr., Jr., Fairfield. DAVIS, JUDITH LYNNE, Soph., B ' ham. DAVIS, LARRY MILTON, Fr., Opp. DAVIS, MARY ANGELINE, Soph., Marvel. DAVIS, SARA LINDA, Jr., Dothan. DAWKINS, JOE MAXWELL LL, Fr., Montgomery. DAWS, CAROL FAYE, Fr., Centreville. DEAL, EMERY EARL, Jr., Enterprise. DEAN, MARY ELLEN, Fr., Hueytown. 195 UNDERGRADUATES A jit UECARLO, CARMELA ANN, Fr., B ' ham. DEES, SUSAN IRENE, Soph., Waveland, Miss. DEFIBAUGH, CECILIA JEAN, Fr., B ' ham. DELOACH, SANDRA LEE, Jr.. B ' ham. DEMONIA, KENT MICHAEL, Jr., Montevallo. DEMONIA, SUSANNE H., Jr.. Montevallo. DENEKE, LINDA CAROL, Soph., B ' ham. DENNIS, MARILYN, Fr., B ' ham. DENNIS, SARA KATHRYN, Jr., Guin. DENNY, JERRY LEE, Soph., B ' ham. DETKO, GEORGE J., JR., Soph., Huntsville. DEUEL, BETTY JEAN, Jr., Huntsville. DEVINE, MARGIE VERMELL, Fr, Loxley. DEXTER, DI- ANNE, Fr., B ' ham. DIAMOND, VONCILE, Fr, Greenville. DICKINSON, MAE MAUDEL, Soph, Prattville. DINWIDDIE, ROBERT C, Soph, Helena. DIXON, JEAN CECELIA, Fr, Mobile. DOBBINS, DURALL PARKER, Fr, Mt. Brook. DODD, JUDITH LYNN, Fr, B ' ham. DOLLY, CLAUDE CRAIG, Fr, B ' ham. DONALDSON, DAYLE W., Fr, Hueytown. DONALDSON, GAIL, Soph, Elba. DONAVAN, JOAN ESTHER, Fr, Mobile. DONNELLY, DONNA L.. Fr, Jacksonville, Fla. DORAN, PALL NESBIT, Soph, B ' ham. DOSTER, KATHRYN ELIZABETH, Fr, B ' ham. DOUCET, MARY LACENNA, Fr, Guntersville. DOUGLASS, FRAZIER M, Irr, Adamsville. DOUTHIT, FITZ RODERICK, Jr., B ' ham. DOWLING, HEY- WARD BRIAN, Fr, Dothan. DOZIER, FRANCES ANN, Fr, Thomasville. DRAUGHON, LARRY STEWART, Fr, B ' ham. DL1CKETT, CHARLES RAY, Fr, Holly Pond. DUDLEY, JAMES WILLIAM. Fr, B ' ham. DUKE, DONNA ELIZABETH, Fr, Fayetteville, Tenn. DUKE, JOANNE MARIE, Soph, B ' ham. DUKE. ROBERTA ANN, Fr, Selma. DUMAS, FRANCES JEMISON, Soph, Bay Min- ette. DUNAWAY, REBECCA KAYE, Fr, B ' ham. DUNCAN, CLAUDE CALHOUN, Fr, B ' ham. DUNKIN, JAMES HAYWARD, Soph, Sprott. DUNNAM, EVE- LYN LUCILLE, Fr, Riverdale, 111. DUPONT, ROSALIND MARIA, Fr, Tuscaloosa. DUPUY, SAMUEL ALBERT, Soph, B ' ham. DUREL, STEPHEN JOHN, Soph, Duncanville. DUR- HAM, SUZANNE, Soph, Gadsden. DURSTIN, PATRICIA A, Fr, Montgomery. EADY, LOIS ANAH, Soph, Montevallo. EDDINS, JULIA ANNE, Jr., Besse- mer. EDDINS, MARY KAY, Jr., Mobile. EDFELDT, MARTHA AMELIA, Fr, Montevallo. EDMONDS, MICHAEL LEROY, Fr, Wilsonville. EDMONDSON, ELIZABETH D, Soph, Montgomery. ED- WARDS, DANIAL RAY, Fr, Underwood. EDWARDS, MARY NELL, Jr., Clanton. EDWARDS, MICHAELE ANN, Soph, Cullman. EDWARDS, SHARON CEE, Soph, Selma. EILAND, JUDY LEE, Soph, Clant on. EILAND, PEGGY SUE, Fr, Bessemer. ELLEDGE, ELAINE KILGORE, Jr., B ' ham. ELLIOTT, MARY WILSON, Jr., Tusca- loosa. ELLIOTT, RONALD EARL, Fr, B ' ham. ELLIS, SAM- UEL HARRY, Soph, Hueytown. ELROD, CAROLYN ANN, Soph, Trussville. EMBRY. HARRY ALSTON, Fr, Panama City, Fla, EPPER- SON, EDNA CATHERINE, Soph, Foley. ERWIN, ELLEN MORGAN, Fr, Wilton. ESLAVA, EDMOND G, III, Soph, Jackson. ESTES, JIMMIE NELL, Jr., Gardendale. EVANS, CAROL JANE, Fr, Mt. Home, Idaho. 196 UNDERGRADUATES EVANS, HARRIET J., Fr., B ' ham. EVANS, JOHN C, Fr., B ' ham. EVERETT. WAYNE H., Jr., Montevallo. EZELL. HEN- RY N., Fr., Graceville, Fla. FAILE, DAVID RAY, Jr., Pinson. FARNELL, BARBARA, Fr., Mobile. FARNELL, ELIZABETH, Jr., Mobile. FARR, THEODORE J., Jr., Mobile. FARRIS, MARY M., Jr., Alabaster. FARVER, MICHAEL STEVEN, Fr., Theodore. FAULK, MARINA W., Jr., Clayton. FEW. WILLIAM THOMAS. Fr., Huntsville. FINCHER, ANN ELIZABETH, Soph., B ' ham. FINDLEY, M. EARLDA, Fr., Brewton. FINLAYSON, PAMELA JOY, Soph., Huevtown. FINNEY, JANNA LEE, Fr., B ' ham. FISHER, ETH- EL M.. Fr.. Tuscaloosa. FISHER, JAMES EDWARD, Fr„ B ' ham. FLEMING, KATHRYN LOUISE, Jr., Fairhope. FLEMING, PATRICIA ANN. Fr., Fairhope. FLETCHER, JAMES L., Fr., B ' ham. FLEWELLEN. LOUISE S., Fr., Eufaula. FOCHTMANN, PATRICIA E„ Fr., Wilton. FOOTE, MARY ALICE, Soph., Gadsden. FORSMAN, RICHARD CARL, Fr.. B ' ham. FOSHEE, BRENDA FAYE, Soph., Clanton. FOSHEE, PATSY DIANE, Fr., Clanton. FOSTER, ORA GWENDOLYN, Soph., Gadsden. FOSTER, WANDA LEE, Soph., Huntsville. FOUSHEE, JUDITH E., Soph., Trussville. FOWLER, BARBARA RUTH, Jr., Montgomery. FOWLER, JACQUELINE S., Fr., B ' ham. FOWLER, MARY ELIZABETH, Fr., B ' ham. FOWLER, SHARON, BETH, Fr., B ' ham. FOX- WORTH. JUDITH JARETT. Jr., St. Augustine, Fla. FRAME, RANDALL KNOX, Fr., B ' ham. FRANKLIN. MICHAEL T., Soph., Centreville. FRASER, JANE, Fr., B ' ham. FREEMAN, WILLIAM HENRY, Fr., Moundville. FRENCH. EDWARD MILTON, Fr., B ' ham. FRITH, J. B., Fr., B ' ham. FROST, GLADYS E., Soph., Mobile. FULMER, JERRY WAYNE, Fr., Clanton. FULMER, LARRY ARNOLD, Fr., Deatsville. FULMER, LYNWOOD HOUSTON, Fr., Clanton. GADDIE, NORMA ELAINE, Fr., Montgomery. GAITHER, SANDRA, Soph., Clayton. GARNER, BILLY HUGH, Jr., Vinemont. GARNER, JAMES LEON, Soph., Jemison. GARNER, ROBERT NEAL, Fr., B ' ham. GARNER, SUSAN DIANNE, Soph., B ' ham. GARNER, V ' ELNA, Soph., B ' ham. GARRETT, ALDON MI- CHAEL, Fr., Montevallo. GARRETT, WILLIAM ROBERT, Jr., Montevallo. GARRISON, HOWARD HASTON, Fr., B ' ham. GASKJN, DOR- OTHY ESTHER, Fr., Mobile. GASKIN, PEGGY LOU, Fr., Panama City, Fla. GASSOCK, M. ELIZABETH, Fr., GASSEN- HEIMER, PAUL S., Soph., Montgomery. GATES, ALMA GENE, Fr., Greensboro. GATES, JANE ANN, Soph., Mobile. GAUNT, PAMELA EVE- LYN, Fr., B ' ham. GENTLE, KAY ELIZABETH, Soph.. B ' ham. GENTRY, JUDY LYNN, Fr., Hueytown. GENTRY, PAUL, JR., Jr., Bessemer. GEORGE, DEBORAH MAXINE, Fr., Montgom- GIARDINA, FRANK LOUIS, Fr., B ' ham. GIBBS, JOSEPH OSCAR, Soph., B ' ham. GIBBS, JULIA KAYE, Jr., Talladega. GIBBS, SARAH LAVERNE, Soph., B ' ham. GILBERT, CHARLES L„ Fr., Calera. GILCHRIST, SARAH A., Soph., Clayton. 197 UNDERGRADUATES 4 GILES, JOYCE ANN, Fr., Hanceville. GILES, PATRICIA GAIL, Soph., B ' ham. GILL, JERRY GARLIN, Jr., Sterrett. GILLESPIE, JANETT ANITA, Soph., Hueytown. GILLESPIE, SUZANNE, Fr., Kings Park, N. Y. GILLHAM, JANICE SUE, Soph., Pell City. GILLMORE, HARRY LYVON, Fr., Eufaula. GIPSON, MARTHA LILLIAN, Fr., Prattville. GIVENS, SANDRA SUE, Jr., Head- land. GLASS, JAMES LARRY, Soph., Calera. GLASS, JOHN EDWARD, Fr.. B ' ham. GLENN, PEGGY JOYCE, Fr., Colum- biana. GLENN, WILLIS RAY, JR., Jr., B ' ham. GLIDDON, ROBERT ALAN, Jr., Chickasaw. GLOVER, DOROTHY MARIE. Soph., Lanett. GLOVER, SHELA JEAN, Fr., B ' ham. GODBOLD, NANCY M., Fr., Camden. GOFF, JOHN REX, Soph., Maples- ville. GOGGINS, EVELYN, Fr., Montevallo. GOLDEN, WILLIAM TERRY, Fr., B ' ham. GOLDSTEIN, MICHAEL PAUL, Fr., B ' ham. GOAD, STEVE, Soph., Montevallo. GOODEN, DONNA F., Fr., Fairhope. GOODMAN, KAY, Fr., B ' ham. GOODSON, PATRICIA ANN, Fr., Mobile. GOODWIN, DAVID TERRY, Soph., B ' ham. GOODWIN, MED DOUGLAS, Fr., Montgomery. GORE. JERRY DONALD, Jr., Clanton. GORE, PAUL RONNIE, Soph., Columbiana. GORE, SADIE LOU, Jr., Verbena. GRACE, HENRY CLANTON, Fr., Saraland. GRAF. FRANCES ADA, Fr., Clanton. GRANADE, MARY ELIZABETH, Soph., Grove Hill. GRANGER, MARTHA E., Soph., Talladega. GREEN, MICHAEL DALE, Soph., B ' ham. GREEN, PEGGY PAULINE, Jr., Montevallo. GREEN, SANDRA JOAN, Soph., B ' ham. GREEN, SHARRON ANN, Fr., Montevallo. GREER, JESSE EDWIN, Jr., Greens- boro. GRESHAM, KATHALIA, Fr., Greensboro. GRESHAM, WILLIAM PERRY, Fr., B ' ham. GRIFFIN, SUZANNE, Fr., Youngstown, Fla. GRIFFITH, GARRY HOMER, Jr., Selma. GRIFFITH, GREER GOODLOE, Soph., Mobile. GRIFFITH, LARRY WALTER, Soph., Grand Bay. GRIMES, JOHN RUSSELL, Jr., Bessemer. GRISSETT, JUDITH A., Fr., Stephens. GRISWOLD, ANNE D., Soph., Huntsville. GROVER, KATHLEEN LOUISE, Fr., Montgomery. GUTHRIE, NANCY CAMPBELL, Soph, B ' ham. HALL, BETTY PICKETT, Montevallo. HALL, CAROL ELIZABETH, Fr., B ' ham. HALL, CHARLES LESLIE, Fr., B ' ham. HALL, CHARLES WEN- DELL, Fr.. Montevallo. HALL, DOROTHY FAYE, Soph., B ' ham. HALL, JOSEPH MICHAEL, Fr., Mobile. HALL, LINDA PATRICIA, Jr., Fair- hope. HALL, MARTHA MARIANNE. Soph.. Hueytown. HALL, NANCY DEAN, Fr., Mobile. HALL, NANCY W., Fr., Linden. HALL, WILLIS RANDALL, Soph., Trussville. HALLMON, CLARENCE RONNY, Fr., Brent. HAM, JANICE ELIZABETH, Soph., B ' ham. HAM, PEGGY ELAINE, Soph., Andalusia. HAM, STEPHEN EDWARDS, JR., Soph., B ' ham. HAMBY, STANLEY OLIVER, Fr., Greensboro. HAMILTON, ANN H., Soph., Hueytown. HAMLET, BETSY LARRAINE, Fr., Lanett. HANCOCK, ROY EUGENE, Fr., Calera. HAND, BEN LEE, Fr., Jemison. HAND, ROBERT BRUCE, Fr., B ' ham. HANNON, LETA JOSEPHINE, Jr., Barnsboro, N. J. 198 UNDERGRADUATES HARDEN, CAROL LOUISE, Jr.. Opelika. HARDEN, RUSSELL ALLEN, Fr., Columbiana. HARDY, DONNA LYNNE, Fr., Dothan. HARE, DEWITT ALVIN, Fr., Montevallo. HARGROVE, JAMES RICH, Jr., B ' ham. HARLESS, CAROLYN RUTH, Fr.. B ' ham. HARMON, SHARON RUTH, Soph., West Blocton. HARPER, GERALDINE D. K., Soph., B ' ham. HARPER, RAYMOND LEE, Jr., Montevallo. HARRELL, RAMONA JEAN, Fr., Mon- tevallo. HARRIS, JAMES WILLIAM, Jr., Bonifay, Fla. HAR- RIS, MARY LYNN, Soph.. B ' ham. HARRIS, THOMAS RONALD, Jr., Putnam. HARRISON, THOMAS W„ JR., Soph., B ' ham. HARRISON, WALLIS ALAN, Fr., Montevallo. HARTLINE, MARGARET ANN, Jr., Pinson. HARVEY, IRIS LEIGH, Fr., B ' ham. HARVISON, BILLY JOE, Soph.. Bessemer. HATCHER, DON EDWIN, Fr.. B ' ham. HAWKINS, JACK, JR., Jr., Mobile. HAWKINS, LYNN T, Collinsville. HAWKINS, MARY ELSIE, Fr., Eufaula. HAWKINS, SANDRA KAY, Fr., Goodwater. HAYES, JAMES D., Soph., Centreville. HAYES, JAMES THOMAS, Fr., Talladega. HAYES, JULIA ANN, Jr., Calera. HAYES, PEGGY ANN, Fr., B ' ham. HAY- GOOD, ELLEN, Fr., Greenville. HAYS, MICHAEL BUNN, Fr., Bessemer. HEAD, ANGELYN, Fr., Honoraville. HEAD, ANN B., Columbiana. HEAD, GEORGE VANN, Soph., Selma. HEARN, MARGARET SARAH, Jr., Helena. HEATH, CYNTHIA ELIZABETH, Soph., B ' ham. HEIDE, SAM SKIN- NER, Jr., B ' ham. HELMS, CAROLYN DIANA, Fr., Andalusia. HELMS, ROBERT MARION, Soph., B ' ham. HENDERSON, HAROLD D., Fr., B ' ham. HENDERSON, HARRIETTE L., Fr., Hueytown. HENDERSON, SHARON D., Soph., Montgomery. HENDON, WILLIAM RUSSELL, Fr., B ' ham. HENLEY, FRAN- CES MARIE, Soph., Jackson. HENNIG, MARY KATHERINE, Jr., Homewood. HENRY, GREGORY BENJAMIN, Jr., Mobile. HENRY, JENNIFER LOUISE, Fr., B ' ham. HERMECZ, JAMES THOMAS, Fr., Fair- hope. HERON, WILLIAM JOHN, Jr., Anniston. HERREN, MARGARET JOAN, Fr., Hueytown. HERREN, VISTA CHERI,, Soph., Fayette. HICKMAN, ALICE EDNA, Fr., B ' ham. HICKS, DONALD J., Sr., Montevallo. HIGGINBOTHAM, MARY D., Soph., B ' ham. HIGGINS, LIN- DA ANN, Fr.. Montgomery. HIGGINS, REBECCA ANN, Fr. HILDRETH, JOHN ANSLEY, Soph.. Enterprise. HILL, ALVA CAINE, Fr., B ' ham. HILL, ELIZABETH ANN, Fr., Greenville. HILL, FRANK LARRY, Soph., Alpine. HILL, ROBERT ED- WARD, Fr., B ' ham. HINES, JACQUELINE H., Soph., Mon- HINSON, LINDA DARNELL, Soph., B ' ham. HINSON, PA- TRICIA ANN, Soph., Mobile. HIPP, MARGARET C, Fr., Guntersville. HIPSON, JEFFERY CHARLES, Soph., Sara- sota, Fla. HOAGLAND, DEANNA FAY, Jr., Saginaw. HOBBS, ALLEN ROSS, Fr., Mitroneele. HOBSON, PEGGY ELIZABETH, Soph., Greensboro. HOEFFER, PAMELA ROSE, Fr., HOEHN, MARY RITA, Fr., B ' ham. HOLBROOK, GRETCHEN LEE, Fr., B ' ham. 199 UNDERGRADUATES HOLCOMBE, JENNETTE C, Sp., Montevallo. HOLCOMBE, JOANNE JOY, Fr., B ' ham. HOLLIDAY, JANIS FAYE, Jr., Montgomery. HOLLINGSWORTH, NINA S., Fr., Tuscaloosa. HOLMAN, JENNY DEWELYN, Fr., Prattville. HOLMAN, LYN ALMA, Soph., Montgomery ' . HOLMES. SHIRLEY NN, Sopli., Deeatur. HOLMES, VICK1 LYNNETTE, Soph., Fairfield. HOLMES, WILLIAM FRED, Soph., Vincent. HONEA, JAMES TAYLOR, JR., Soph., B ' ham. HOOD, PATRICIA ELAINE, Soph., Montgomery. HOPE, DANNY EARL, Soph., Shelby. HOPE, MARION CHRISTINE, Soph., Fairfield. HOPE, SHIR- LEY MIGNON, Soph., Parrish. HOPKINS, JERRY LANE, Jr., Hueytown. HOPPING, JACK JR., Sp., B ' ham. HOPPING, SUE ELLENDER, Jr., B ' ham. HORNE, DENNIS ANDRE, Fr., Grand Bay. HORNE, TERRY LYNN, Fr., B ' ham. HORTON, EDWARD WAYNE, Fr., Montevallo. HORTON, EDWIN VERNON, Fr., B ' ham. HOSMER, MARVIN FRAZIER, Fr., B ' ham. HOUS- TON, RODRICK ALVIN, Jr., B ' ham. HOWARD, HAROLD LEVERNE, Fr., Sterrett. HOWARD, JUDY MARIE, Soph., B ' ham. HOWELL, LINDA LEE, Soph., Guntersville. HOWELL, ROBERT DENNIS, Jr., Marion. HOWTON, JUDY, Soph., Bessemer. JUBERT. THOM- AS HADAWAY, Jr., Thorsby. HUDSON, BARBARA FAYE, Fr., Mobile. HUDSON, SANDRA KAY, Soph., Mobile. HUDSON, WIL- LIAM EARL, Jr., B ' ham. HUEY, GLORIA, Fr., Wedowee. HUFF, LAURA ANN, Soph., Stanton. HUGHES, DONALD HOY, Jr., Dickinson, Texas. HUGHES, ELAINE WOOD, Fr., Montevallo. HUGHES, HAZEL ANNETTE, Fr., McCullough. HUGHES, JACK WAYNE, Fr., Montevallo. HUGHES, JAMES KENNETH, Soph., B ' ham. HUGHES, JIMMY WAYNE, Fr., Bessemer. HUGHES, OLIN MARVIN, Fr., B ' ham. HULSEY, DONALD JUNIOR, Jr., B ' ham. HUM, PAULYNE LYNN, Fr., Bessemer. HUMPHREYS, MARY LOU, Jr., Homewood. HUNT, BRENDA HARRIETT, Fr., Albertville. HUNTER, DANIEL, CLAYTON, Fr., Steele. HURD, JOHN CARLETON, Fr., Cantonment, Fla. HURST, HARRIS COURTLAND, JR., Jr., Gadsden. HURST, LOIS ELOISE, Fr., Saraland. HYCHE, PATSY SUE, Soph., Bessemer. HYDE, KATHER1NE DELANE, Fr., West Blocton. HYDE, PHYLLIS ANNE, Fr., B ' ham. HYMEL, VICKI LAURETTA, Jr., Mobile. INGELS, JAMES C, Jr., B ' ham. INGRAM, GAYLE RENDELLE, Soph., B ' ham. INGRAM, NAN- CY JUANITA, Fr., Calera. INMAN, ELIZABETH A., Soph., Elba. IRBY, VIRGINIA SUE, Soph., Mobile. ISBELL, ROBERT JOHN, Jr., Irondale. IVEY, MARY PATRICIA, Fr., B ' ham. IVEY, ROBERT MICHAEL, Fr., Bonifay, Fla. JACKSON, JOYCE ANN, Fr., B ' ham. JACKSON, JUDY LYNNE, Soph., Eutaw. ' JACKSON, KENNETH WADE, Fr., Clanton. JACKSON, WIN- IFRED ELAINE, Jr., Mobile. JACOBS, LYNDA FAYE, Fr., B ' ham. JAGOE, BECKY ANN, Fr., Vestavia Hills. JAGOE, LOUIS WILKINSON, Fr., B ' ham. JANEWAY, KAY ELIZABETH, Fr., Huntsville. JAXON, JAMES JAY, Jr., Fr., Eufaula. JEBELES, CHRISTO PETER, Soph., B ' ham. JEFFERSON, SARA ADA- LENE, Soph., Guntersville. 200 UNDERGRADUATES JENDRUSIAK, JESALYN ANN, Fr., B ' ham. JENKINS, MAR- GARET R., Soph., Bessemer. JENNINGS, LAWRENCE M., Jr., Lipscomb. JERNIGAN, JUANITA JO, Fr., Selma. JETER, ELIZABETH NELSON, Fr., Montevallo. JOHNSEY, HENRY GARY, JR., Soph., B ' ham. JOHNSON, BARBARA ANN, Jr., Annandale, Virginia. JOHN- SON, DONALD ROBERT, Fr., Decatur. JOHNSON, JAY WAR- REN, Soph., Montgomery. JOHNSON, JEANETTE Q., Soph., Pelham. JOHNSON, JUDITH MABLE, Jr., Georgiana. JOHN- SON, MARGUERITE A., Fr., B ' ham. JOHNSON, MARTHA KATHRYN, Fr., B ' ham. JOHNSON, MAUDIE KATHRYN, Fr.. St. Stephens. JOHNSON, REBEC- CA ANNE. Jr.. Pensacola, Fla. JOHNSON, SUE ANN, Fr.. B ' ham. JOHNSTON, DIANNE, Soph., Bessemer. JOHNSTON, GEORGE WILLIAM, Fr., Ozark. JOHNSTON, JANE E., Fr., B ' ham. JOHNSTON, SAMUEL WILLIAM, Soph., B ' ham. JOLIN, VIVIAN FLORENCE, Jr., Pensacola, Fla. JONES, BEVERLY ANN, Jr., Mobile. JONES, BILLIE CHARLES, Soph., Cullman. JONES, DONNA KAY, Jr., San Antonio, Texas. JONES, JAMES MALCOLM, Fr., B ' ham. JONES, JIMMY SAMUEL, Soph., Odenville. JONES, JUDITH ANN, Fr., Ma- plesville. JONES, MARGARET ELAINE. Jr.. B ' ham. JONES, REBECCA GAYLE, Fr., Decatur. JONES, SIDNEY MICHAEL, Jr., B ' ham. JONES, THOMAS B. Ill, Soph., Montgomery. JONES, THOM- AS LEE, Fr., B ' ham. JONES, ZADIE LYNN, Jr., Athens. JOR- DAN, JACK RICHARD, Jr., Bessemer. JORDAN, ROYCE GARLAND, Jr.. Hueytown. JOSEPH. RENEE ANNE, Fr., B ' ham. KAPPLOW, ARTHUR LEON, JR., Fr., Miami, Florida. KARR, KENNETH RAY, Soph., Bessemer. KATTUS, JOSEPHINE B., Fr., B ' ham. KEENER, SARAH ROSS, Fr., B ' ham. KEITH, ED- WARD EUGENE, Fr., Bessemer. KEITH, STEPHEN ALVIA, Fr., B ' ham. KELLER, DAVID RICHARD, Fr., B ' ham. KELLER, FREDA CECELIA, Jr., Fairhope. KELLEY, ALTON RAY, Fr., Alice- ville. KELLEY, ELLIS BENTON, Fr., Sylacauga. KELLEY, HOWARD DAVID, Soph., Bon Air. KELLUM, JOHN WIL- LIAM II, Jr., Bessemer. KELLUM, RICHARD MICHAEL, Jr., Bessemer. KENNEDY, FRANCES LANETTE, Soph., Headland. KENT, SALLY JOY, Fr., Siluria. KIEFER, MARION DORIS, Soph., Elberta. KI- KER, CHERYL FRANCES, Fr., Bessemer. KILE, DORIS JANE H., Jr., B ' ham. KILGO, KATHRYN ANITA, Fr., B ' ham. KILLIMETT, MIKE, Sp., Whigham, Georgia. KILLINGSWORTH, MARSHALL, Jr., Montevallo. KIMBREL, HORACE EUGENE, Soph., Clanton. KIMBROUGH, SHIRLEY K. Soph., Talladega. KINES, WIL- LIAM LARRY, Fr., Lipscomb. KING, CAROLE NANCY, Fr., B ' ham. KING, EDNA ELIZA- BETH, Fr., Summerville, Ga. KING, EDWARD REESE, Fr., B ' ham. KING, FAYE PEARL, Fr., Mobile. KING, PENELOPE LOUISE, Fr., Luverne. KINNAIRD, JOSEPH WESLEY, Fr., Bessemer. KINNEY, PATRICIA ANNE, Fr., B ' ham. KNEISLEY, MARY LOUISE, Jr., B ' ham. KNOP. ROBERT MICHAEL, Jr., Dothan. KNOTT, MARY ELLEN, Soph., Arlington, Va. KUHN, BAR- BARA ILENE, Soph., Mobile. KYNARD. JANIE WYNNE, Fr., Selma. 201 UNDERGRADUATES £$. ££ KYSER, VERA CAROLYN, Soph., Montevallo. LACY, ROBERT DREWRY, JR., Jr., Decatur. LAIRD, SUZANNE MARGARET, Fr., Miami, Fla. LAMBERT, BETTY GAIL, Jr., Mobile. LAM- BERT. JUDITH DIANNE, Fr., Muscadine. LAMBERT, PEGGY SCOTT. Fr.. Montgomery. LANDRUM, LINDA SUE, Fr., Huntsville. LANGFORD, BER- NICE LEE, Soph., Bessemer. LANGFORD, MARY CHERYL, Fr., Bessemer. LANGHAM, GEORGIA L., Soph., Loxley. LANGSTON, JOHN FRANKLIN, Jr., Panama City, Fla. LANGSTON, SANDRA LEE, Soph., B ' ham. LANGSTON. THOMAS HAROLD. Fr., B ' ham. LANZI, CYN- THIA HOPE, Fr., B ' ham. LASSITER, SHIRLEY ANN, Soph., Mobile. LATHAM, THOMAS VESTER, Jr., B ' ham. LAWSON, DONNA JEAN, Fr., B ' ham. LEE, BERNADINE, Soph., Mon- roeville. LEE, BETTYE ROSE, Fr., B ' ham. LEE, DIANNE, Soph., At- more. LEE, MARIE ELAINE, Fr., Mobile. LEE, PATRICIA NELL, Fr., Helena. LEES, NANCY CARROLL, Jr., Mobile. LENOIR, LINDA SUE, Jr., Thorsby. LEONARD, JOHN PETE, Fr., B ' ham. LESLIE, ROY MANER, Fr., Calera. LEVERETTE, LYNN A. Fr., Talladega. LEVINS, JULIA OLIVIA, Jr., Plantersville. LEWIS. ELIZABETH GENE. Fr., B ' ham. LEWIS, JOHN WAYNE. Fr.. Montevallo. LEWIS, JOHNNY RAY, Fr., Mobile. LEWIS, NANCY JEANNE, Soph., B ' ham. LEWIS, PATRICIA ANNE, Soph., Clanton. LEWIS, RONALD WALTER, Jr., B ' ham. LIGHTSEY, MILDRED J., Fr.. Columbiana. LINAM, JOHN EDWARD, Soph., Mobile. LINDSEY. SARA RAYNELL. Fr.. Grove Hill. LINDSEY, SYL- VIA ANN, Soph., Graysville. LING, JUDY CAROL, Fr., B ' ham. LITTLE, ELIZABETH F., Jr., Foley. LITTLE, JOHN ROB- ERT, Soph.. Billingsley. LITTLE, RICHARD M., Fr.. Childers- bure. LITTLE. RONALD EUGENE, Soph., Jemison. LITTLETON, DAVID L., Soph., B ' ham. LITTLETON, JAMES H., Fr., Clan- ton. LIVINGSTON, EDWARD T., Fr., Homewood. LOCKS, KENNETH EARL, JR., Jr., Marvel. LOCKS, TERESA TER- RELL. Fr.. Marvel. LONG, ARTHUR ROBERT, Fr., B ' ham. LOONEY, ANN MARIE, Fr., Irondale. LORD, SANDRA TOBE, Sr., Andalusia. LORINO, MARGARET ANN, Fr., B ' ham. LORINO, MARY ANN, Fr., Alabaster. LOVEJOY, JACKIE ZOE, Fr., B ' ham. LOVELADY, SANDRA FAYE, Fr., Helena. LOVOY, MARY FRANCES, Jr., Selma. LOWERY, NYDIA TONE, Fr., Syla- cauga. LOWERY, RONALD WILLIAM, Jr., Tuscaloosa. LU- CAS, BEVERLY ANN, Fr., Demopolis. LUCAS, KENNETH LEE, Fr., B ' ham. LUCAS, SUSAN EILEEN, Soph., Panama City, Fla. LUCAS, VICKIE ANN, Fr., Selma. LUCUS, JANIS FAYE, Fr., Maples- ville. LUKER, LINDA CHARLINE, Jr., Montgomery. LUNS- FORD. CAROL GRACE, Soph., Foley. LUSTER, SUSAN DIANE, Fr., B ' ham. LYBRAND, MARTIN DONALD, Soph., Montevallo. LYONS, EVA SUSAN, Fr., B ' ham. McALISTER, ELAINE C, Soph., Trussville. McARDLE, HOHN THOMAS, JR., Fr., B ' ham. McBROOM, BARBARA LOUISE, Soph., Fairhope. McCAND- LISS, JOHN KERR, Jr., B ' ham. 202 UNDERGRADUATES McCarthy, janet gail, Fr., Mobile. McCartney, CLAUDE 0., Fr., Florence. McCARTHY, CAROL ANN, Fr., B ' ham. McCARTY, CAROL WAYNE, Fr., Selma. McCAR- VER, LANORA, Sylacauga. McCAY, WILLIAM E., Soph., B ' ham. McCRIMMON, DANIEL MOORE, Jr., Bessemer. McCULLAR, LOWELL WAYNE, Jr., B ' ham. McCUTCHEON. RICHARD M., Fr., Graysville. McDANAL, MALCOLM WAYNE, Jr., B ' ham. McDAVID, HILDA, Soph., Mobile. McDONALD, JU- DITH MARILYN, Jr., B ' ham. McDONALD, OSCAR DUANE, Jr., B ' ham. McDONALD, PAULA PORTER, Irr., Montevallo. McDONALD, RANDAL LEWIS, Fr., B ' ham. McDONALD, ROGENE, Soph., Fairhope. McDONALD, RUTH MARIE, Jr., B ' ham. McENTEE, MARY JANICE, Jr., Montevallo. McFADEN, LINDA LOU, Fr., Talladega. McFALL, BEVERLY ANN, Fr., Hueytown. McGARRAH, KAREN, Fr., Greensboro. McGAUGHY, LARRY SNUGGS, Fr., Montevallo. McGRIFF, GLENDA, Fr., Montgomery. McGUIRE, CHARLES POLK, Fr., B ' ham. McHUGH, JOHN MICHAEL, Soph., Montgomery. McKEE- HAN, KAREN SUE, Soph., B ' ham. McLAUGHLIN, CHRIS S., Fr., Leeds. McLAUGHLIN, SIDNEY, Soph., B ' ham. McLE- MORE, MARY C, Soph., Mobile. McLENDON, SUSAN, Fr., Selma. McMANTS, GARY DEAN, Soph., B ' ham. McMILLAN, SAN- DRA, Fr., B ' ham. MacINTOSH, NANCY LOLA, Fr., Opelika. MACKINAW, SUSAN C, Fr., B ' ham. MADDOX, LELAND DOUGLAS, Soph., Bessemer. MAHAFFEY, BRENDA DIANE, Fr., Andalusia. MAHAN, ROSS DANIEL, Fr., Lacey ' s Spring. MAJOR, Clar- ENCE LEE, Fr., Sylacauga. MAJOR, LINDA DARK, Jr., Montevallo. MALLORY, BRENDA JOYCE, Fr., Eufaula. MA- LONE, MIKE EUGENE, Fr., B ' ham. MANGUM, ELIZABETH G., Fr., Montevallo. MANGUM, ROBIN CORDELL, Soph., Montevallo. MANN, BRENDA GAIL, Fr.. B ' ham. MANN, JOHN DAVID, Fr., Mo- bile. MARBURY, LYNWOOD EVANS, Soph., Montevallo. MARKHAM, JUDY ANNE, Fr.. Tuscaloosa. MARKS, JAMES T., Fr., B ' ham. MARSALIS, STEPHEN EARL, Jr., Huntsville. MARSHALL, LYMAN RICKEY, Dothan. MARSHBURN, MARION P., Soph., Northport. MARSTON, SAMUEL JOSEPH, Fr., Mobile. MAR- TIN, EVA NELL, Fr., Whistler. MARTIN, JIMMY WRIGHT, Jr., Jemison. MARTIN, LOIS JEANETTE, Soph., Bessemer. MARTIN, MA- RIA MATHILDE, Fr., B ' ham. MARTIN, MARILYN JEAN, Fr., B ' ham. MARTIN, MARK CORR, Fr., Selma. MARTIN, MILLARD MADISON, Fr., B ' ham. MARTIN, NANCY KAY, Fr., Bessemer. MARTIN, RALPH, Fr., Selma. MARTIN. TERENCE MALLOY, Soph., B ' ham. MASON, CAROL ANNE, Soph., Hamilton. MASON, JAMES KENNETH, Fr., B ' ham. MASON, ROBERT G., JR., Soph., B ' ham. MASON, RONITA ANN, Jr., Perry. Ga. MASSEY, SANDRA KAYE, Soph., Robertsdale. MATHERS, CARL ALBERT, Fr., Mobile. MATHEWS, CAROLYN FAYE, Jr., Fairfax. MATTHEWS, THOMAS W., Soph., B ' ham. MAT- TOX, HARRIET A., Fr., B ' ham. 203 UNDERGRADUATES M eip f) MAY FIELD, DELOKES C, Fr.. Brent. MAYO, FRANCES S„ Fr., Montevallo. MEADOWS, ROBERT NIXON, Fr., Selma. MEDLOCK, JON EDWARD, Fr., Montgomery. MEGINNISS, BENJAMIN A., Soph., Mobile. MEHEARG, DAVID ELZIE, Fr., Wetumpka. MEIGS, PAUL PHILLIP, Jr., Brent. MELCHER, MARY CATHERINE, Soph., Gulf Shores. MENZEL, BARBARA KAY, Fr., Bessemer. MERRILL, DONNA LEE, Fr., Mobile. MERRI- WKTHER, CLAUDIA L., Jr., Atmore. MICKWEE, LAW- RENCE A„ Fr., B ' ham. MIDDAUGH, MARIE-FRANCE, Fr., Montevallo. MILLER, BARBARA MURIEL, Fr., B ' ham. MILLER, CHARLES ED- WARD, Soph., B ' ham. MILLER, CHARLES R. JR., Soph., B ' ham. MILLER, FRANCES ANN, Fr., Montgomery. MILLER, LARRY ROBERT, Soph., B ' ham. MILLER, LEON- ARD EUGENE, Fr., Mobile. MILLER, LINDA RUTH, Jr., Athens. MILLER, MICHAEL, Fr. MILLS, JOAN ELAINE, Jr., Hueytown. MILNER, THOMAS MARVIN, Fr., B ' ham. MII.WEE, VIRGINIA ANN, Jr., Boaz. MIMS, BETTY CAROL, Fr. MIMS, GLENDA RAY, Soph., Maplesville. MIMS, JOYCE ELAINE, Soph., Clanton. MIMS, RAYMOND PIERSON, Fr., Clanton. MINIARD, LINDA ALANE, Fr., Montgomery. MINOR. ERMA JEAN, Fr., Pell City. MINOR, LORETTA PEARL, Fr., B ' ham. MINSON, RONALD FLOYD. Soph., Selma. MITCHELL, BRENDA BAYLE, Jr., Panama City, Fla. MITCH- ELL, JULIA LUCILLE, Fr., Jacksonville. MITCHELL, LINDA SUE, Fr., Wilsonville. MITCHELL, NANCY BROWN, Jr., Sylacauga. MITCHELL, SARA JUDY, Fr., Maplesville. MOLGEDEI, REINHARD HUGO, Soph., Montevallo. MOLLEY, LYNN MARIE. Soph., Mobile. MOLMAR, ESTHER ANNIE, Fr., Eufaula. MONTAL- BANO, GUS ANTHONY, Fr., B ' ham. MONTGOMERY " , CHARLOTTE E., Soph., B ' ham. MONT- GOMERY, SUZANNE I., Fr., B ' ham. MONTGOMERY, VIOLET E., Jr., B ' ham. MOODY, THOMAS MICHAEL, Jr., Panama City, Fla. MOON, CALVIN EUGENE, Fr., B ' ham. MOON, RONALD MABRY, Jr., B ' ham. MOORE, ELIZABETH ANN, Jr., Montgomery. MOORE, JUDY PAULET, Soph., Prichard. MOORE. MARGARET LOUISE, Soph., Fitzpatrick. MOORE, ROBERT MICHAEL, Soph., Mel- bourne, Fla. MOORE, SARA ANNE, Fr., Verbena. MOORE, VIVIAN, Fr., Greensboro. MORGAN, JULIA FRANCES, Soph., Montgomery. MORRIS. FRANCES ANNETTE, Soph., B ' ham. MORRIS, MARY LOUISE, Fr., B ' ham. MORRIS, NORMA JEAN, Fr., Mont- gomery. MORROW, JULIA MAY, Fr., Selma. MORTON, LARRY LEE, Fr., Eufaula. MOSELEY. MELANIE E., Soph., Robertsdale. MOSELEY, MICKEY EARL, Fr., Selma. MOSS, JAMES LLOYD, Fr. v B ' ham. MOTLEY, ELIZABETH BEBE. Fr.. Maplesville. MOULDS, ELIZABETH ELLEN, Fr., Pritchard. MULLEN, MICHAEL GORDON, Fr., Montgomery. MURPHREE, MARILYN JOYCE, Soph., B ' ham. MURPHY, EDNA RUTH, Soph., B ' ham. MURPHY, VICKIE DALE, Jr., Mobile. MURRAY, ELBERT JUNIOR. Soph.. Muscadine. MURRAY, JOYCE ANN, Fr., Decatur. Ga. MURRAY, ROB- ERT JOHN, Fr.. St. Petersburg, Fla. 204 UNDERGRADUATES L liLi MYLIUS, MELINDA JANE, Soph., B ' ham. MYNARD, ME- LINDA JANE, Jr., Enterprise. MYNATT, SHERILYN KAY, Soph., Gadsden. NABORS, JAMES EARL. Jr., Siluria. NA- BORS, MADELYN KIRCUS, Jr., B ' ham. NABORS, SARAH ELIZABETH, Soph., B ' ham. NAILEN, DOROTHY LEE. Soph., B ' ham. NANNEY, ROSE MARIE, Fr., B ' ham. NANNINI, NELLIE MARIE, Fr., Under- wood. NASH, BENNY VANCE, Jr., Wilton. NEELEY, CLIF- FORD LINTON, Fr., Verbena. NEELY, JAMES ETHERIDGE, Fr., Marion. NELSON, DANIEL THOMAS, Fr., Tuskegee. NELSON, MAR- SHALL T., JR., Soph., Mobile. NEWMAN, RODNEY JIM, Fr., Bessemer. NEWTON, DORANNE, Fr., Montgomery. NEWTON, EVELYN MAUDE, Fr., Prattville. NICHOLS, DEBORAH C, Fr., B ' ham. NICHOLS, LARRY WILSON, Fr., B ' ham. NICHOLS, LEE ANNE, Fr., B ' ham. NICHOLS, JAMES, Fr. NIHART, HARRIET ELISE, Fr., Mobile. NIX, GEORGE A. JR., Fr., Montevallo. NOLAND, ANN WOOD, Soph., B ' ham. NOLEN, JACKIE RAY, Soph., Siluria. NORMENT, EDWARD ROBINSON, Jr., B ' ham. NORRIS, HELEN VIRGINIA, Fr., Graeenville. NORRISS, CLARA L., Soph., Montevallo. NOR- TON. RAYMOND EUGENE, Soph.. B ' ham. NORTON, WIL- LIAM STEPHEN. Jr.. Clanton. OAKES, CAROLYN GAIL, Fr., Sprott. OAKES, PHILLIP HUGH, Fr., Vincent. OATES, CONNIE O ' BARR, Fr., Brier- field. ODELL, GREGORY WAYNE, Fr., B ' ham. ODUM, AN- DREW W., JR., Fr., B ' ham. OESTERLING, SUE ANN, Fr., Montevallo. O ' HARA, DONALD, Fr., Buffalo, N. Y. OLMSTEAD, VICKY ANNE, Fr., B ' ham. O ' NEAL, CAROLYN DEAN, Fr., B ' ham. O ' NEAL, MARY ANN, Jr., Talladega. O ' NEAL, SANDRA, Soph., Trussville. O ' ROURKE, PAT FREDERICK, Soph., En- terprise. OSWALT, G LENNITA, Fr., B ' ham. OSWALT, WANDA JEAN- ETTE, Fr., Calera. OWEN, SANDRA LYNN, Soph., Mont- gomery- OWENS, BETTY RAE, Soph., B ' ham. OWENS, PAULA KATHLEEN, Soph., B ' ham. PAGE, JEFFREY HOWARD, Jr., Bessemer. PARKER, ELLEN FROBEL, Fr., Montgomery. PARKER, WILLIE JAMES, JR., Fr., Chelsea. PARKINS, PHYLLIS, Fr. PARNELL, TERESA C, Soph., Huntsville. PARRISH, MARY KATHRYN, Soph., B ' ham. PARSONS, MADELYN, Soph., Childersburg. PATE, DENNIS GLENN, Fr., B ' ham. PATE, RONALD LOUIS, Soph., Bessemer. PATE, VIRGINIA LEE, Soph., Mobile. PAT- TERSON, DOUGLAS C, Jr., Mobile. PATTERSON, JAMES LARRY, Soph., Columbiana. PATTERSON, MARY E., Fr., B ' ham. PATTERSON, SAMUEL F., Fr., B ' ham. PATTON, ALICE MARIE, Soph., B ' ham. PATTON, GEORGE MICHAEL, Fr., B ' ham. PAUL, BILLY MAX, Fr., Grove Hill. PAUL, GARY RONALD, Jr., Panama City, Fla. PAYNE, BARBARA JEAN, Soph., Mobile. PAYNE, JOY OLIVIA, Soph., Montgomery. PAYNE, REEVIE K. CREEL, Fr., Brierfield. PAYNE, RONALD SMITH, Soph., Greensboro. PAYTON, DALE MONROE, Soph., Sylacauga. PEACOCK, NICKOLA LYNN, Fr., B ' ham. PEAK, WILLIAM VIRGIL, Fr., Brent. 205 UNDERGRADUATES i Jfi iA . PEARSON, KATHERINE C, Fr., Selma. PEAVY, JAMES VAUGHN, JR., Jr., B ' ham. PEEBLES, MARY CARLA, Fr., Dothan. PEELE, JULIA D., Soph., Selma. PEEVY, LARRY AUBREY, Jr., Helena. PENDER, JAMES JORDAN, Fr., B ' ham. PENTON, SONJA FAYE, Soph., Clanton. PERKINS, JAMES BARNEY, Fr., B ' ham. PERREAULT, LORRAINE A., Fr., B ' ham. PETERS, BETTY JEAN, Fr., Toledo, Ohio. PETERS, SUSAN ARLENE, Fr., Montevallo. PETERSON, EARLENA, Fr., Montgomery. PETERSON, JAN LOUISE, Soph., B ' ham. PETITHORY, MEL- ANTE T., Jr., Mobile. PETRO, FRANCES DIANE, Fr., Mobile. PEYTON, KAREN ELIZABETH, Jr., B ' ham. PHARO, LARRY ABRAHAM, Fr., B ' ham. PHILLIPS, CAROL ELAINE, Jr., Mobile. PHILLIPS, DAVID BRUCE, Soph., Berkley, Illinois. PHIL- LIPS, DONNA CAROLYN, Fr., Daphne. PHILLIPS, GARY CURTIS, Fr., Jemison. PHILLIPS, CLANCY, Jr., Mobile. PHILLIPS, VICKI COGGINS, Soph.. Montevallo. PICKERING, JAMES W., JR., Fr., Selma. PIERSON, MICHAEL LAWSON, Jr., Bessemer. PIKE, THEL- MA BO.NNELLE, Jr., Huntsville. PINCKARD, GAYLE THOM- AS, Soph., Calera. PLUNKETT, JANET MAE, Soph., Hunts- ville. POE, GINGER GAIL, Fr., Oakman. POLLITT, MARSHA KAY, Fr., Montgomery. POPE, FELICIA ANN, Jr.. Andalusia. PORTER. BRIAN HOPKINS. Jr., Geneva. PORTER, BRUCE WIEGERT, Soph., Geneva. PORTER, LINDA CHARLENE, Fr., Trussville. POSEY, SUSAN FAIE, Soph., Eufaula. POTTER, HENRY DOWNING, Soph., B ' ham. POTTS, WILLIAM EDWARD, Fr., Montevallo. POW, CYN- THIA JO, Fr., Brent. POWELL, JOSEPH TILLMAN, Soph., Clanton. POWELL, WILLIAM CARL, .Soph., B ' ham. PRICE, DAVID WAYNE, Fr., Jemison. PRICKETT, SANFRED LEE, Fr., Cullman. PRINGLE, DIANE KIRBY, Fr., Mobile. PRYOR, MARY WEBB, Soph., Huntsville. PUGH, CATHY DAINE, Fr., B ' ham. PUGH, EVELYN FAYE, Soph., B ' ham. PITMAN, NANCY LEIGH, Fr., B ' ham. QUINN, STEVE NELSON, Fr., Mobile. RAFALSKY, DIANE LYNNE, Jr., B ' ham. RAINS, ORBEN MAYNARD, Fr., B ' ham. RAPP, NANCY CRAIG, Jr., Childers- burg. RAWLS, JESS WILLARD, Fr., Gantt. RAY, FRANKIE DIANE. Fr.. B ' ham. RAY, JAMES LESLIE III. Fr.. Colum- RAY, PATRICK OLIVER, Soph., B ' ham. RAY, RICKY DALE, Fr., Guin. RAY, SARAH ANN, Jr., Sylacauga. REACH, BRENDA ANN, Fr., Bessemer. REACH, JOHN JACKSON, Fr., B ' ham. REAVES, DONALD WAYNE, Fr., Lipscomb. REDFIELD, JOYCE ANN, Fr., Saginaw. REDMOND, SARAH, Fr., Lipscomb. REED, REBECCA ANN, Soph., Pinson. REED, ROSALIND, YVONNE, Soph., Selma. REED, WESTCOTT, WILLIAM, Soph., Bessemer. REID, BARBARA ANN, Fr., Montevallo. REID, WILLIAM ALAN, Soph., B ' ham. REYNOLDS, JANICE MARILYN, Jr.. Grove Hill. REYNOLDS, JUDITH B., Fr., Tusca- loosa. RHEA, DIANA LOU, Fr., Warrior. RHODES, ANNA LUCILLE, Fr., Dora. RHODES, CHERYL, Fr., Greensboro. 206 UNDERGRADUATES RIBBLE, SUSAN LEIGH, Soph., McCalla. RICE, CHERYL ANN, Fr., Hayden. RUSTY, HARDEN, Fr., B ' ham. RICHARD- SON, GEORGA LEE, Fr.. B ' ham. RICHARDSON, MARILU, Fr., Eufaula. RICHEY, THOMAS DEAN JR., Fr., Montgomery. RIETTA. JOANNE BRIDGETT, Soph., B ' ham. RIGSBY, HOR- ACE DEAN JR., Fr., Montgomery. RIKARD, LAURA ALICIA, Fr., Mobile. RILEY, CHARLES GAYLE, Fr., B ' ham. ROBBINS, THOMAS WEBSTER. Fr., B ' ham. ROBERSON, DONALD M., Soph.. B ' ham. ROBERSON, TIMOTHY K., Fr., Forest Home. ROBERTS, FAIMON A. II, Soph., Montgomery. ROBERTS. JOHN ARM- STRONG, Fr., Mobile. ROBERTS, MARY ELIZABETH, Fr., B ' ham. ROBERTS, RONALD WAYNE, Fr., B ' ham. ROBINSON, CAROLYN F., Jr., Mobile. ROBINSON. DANA. Soph., Thorsby. ROBINSON, DAVID JOHN, Fr., Montevallo. ROBINSON, HENRY HILL, Fr., Thors- by. ROBINSON, JOHN ADAMS C, Fr., B ' ham. ROBINSON, THOMAS EUGENE, Fr.. Jemison. RODGERS, OLICIA ANN, Jr.. Montgomery. ROGOFF, KENNETH MARK, Fr., B ' ham. ROHR, WILLIAM HOWARD. Jr., B ' ham. ROLLINS, ROBERT K., JR., Soph., Selma. ROOKER, ALICE PAULINE. Fr., Fairfield Hglds. ROOKS, BYRON DOUGLAS, Fr., B ' ham. ROSIER, JEANNE FRANCES, Fr., B ' ham. ROTHELL. BILLIE SUE, Jr.. B ' ham. ROZELLE. EDWARD HUGH, Fr., Atmore. RUANE, PATRICIA JANE, Fr., B ' ham. RUANE, PAT, Fr., B ' ham. RUDD. ANDREW MACK, Fr, Dothan. RUDOLF. JOHN T., Fr.. Mobile. RUNGE. WILLIAM RAYMOND. Jr., B ' ham. RUSH. CHAR- LOTTE ANITA, Soph., Huntsville. RUSH, JAMES CALVLN, Fr.. B ' ham. RUSS, JAMES ROBERT, Fr., Daphne. RUSSELL, ELIZABETH ANN, Soph., Fairhope. RUSSELL, NANCY CAROL, Fr.. Montevallo. RUSSELL, PAMELA ANNE, Soph., Foley. RUTHERFORD, JAMES M., Soph., Helena. SALTER, JOHN DENNY, Fr., B ' ham. SANDERS, VIRGINIA GAIL, Fr., Bessemer. SANDER- SON. BARBARA JEAN, Soph, Montgomery. SANDERSON, CAROL ANN, Fr, Montgomery. SANDERSON, JOHN B, Soph, Montgomery. SANDERSON, ROWE DORIS, Fr, Tanner. SANSING, JANE ESTELLE, Fr, B ' ham. SARGENT, DONNA JEAN, Fr, B ' ham. SASNETT, JOHN RICHARD, Soph, Vestavia Hills. SASSER, JOE LEON- ARD, Soph., Evergreen. SAWLS, WILLIAM L„ JR.. Soph, B ' ham. SAWYER, SANDRA MARCETA, Fr, Monroeville. SAXON, SUSAN, Soph, B ' ham. SAYLER, GREGORY KENT, Fr, Dothan. SCALES, GEORGE LARRY, Soph, Fairfax. SCHIMMEL, CARL WESLEY, Jr., Warrington, Fla. SCHJOTT, DALE MARIE, Fr, Bayou LaBatre. SCHLADEN, CARLA ANN, Fr, Opelika. SCHMIDT, JOHN WILLIAM, Fr, B ' ham. SCHOBER, ELIZABETH F, Soph, Bessemer. SCOGIN, LINDA GAIL, Fr, B ' ham. SCRUGGS, PEGGY JEAN, Soph, Gadsden. SEALANDER, WENDY LYNN, Fr, Selma. SEALE, SHARON LYNN, Fr, B ' ham. SEALE, WILLIAM CLARK, Fr, Greens- boro. SEALES, BOBBY JOE, Soph, Siluria. SEAMAN, BAR- BARA JEAN, Fr, Mobile. SEIER, MARTHA FRANCES, Fr, Bessemer 207 UNDERGRADUATES SELF, LINDA LOUISE, Fr., Hueytown. SELF, ROLAND WEAVER, Soph., B ' ham. SELLERS, AARON DOUGLAS, Fr.. Columbiana. SELLERS. JOHNNY HILTON, Soph., Besse- mer. SEWEL, LINDA JEAN, Fr., Panama City, Fla. SEWEL, SANDRA ELAINE, Jr., Clanton. SEXTON, BARBARA ANN. Jr., Mt. Olive. SEYMOUR, BAR- BARA ANN, Soph., Bessemer. SEYMOUR, CATHY LOUISE, Fr., Montgomery. SHALING, LINDA GAIL, Fr., Gardendale. SHAND, JUDY GAIL. Soph., Browns. SHELBURNE, FRANCES I., Jr.. B ' ham. SHELDON, SUSAN MEGREZ, Fr.. Fairhope. SHELTON, SHANNON V., Jr.. Mobile. SHEPPARD, ANITA JANE, Fr., B ' ham. SHIRLEY. QUILLIAN WAYNE, Fr., Jemison. SHI- VERS, JOHNNY MACK, Soph., Bessemer. SHOCKLEY, EU- GENE M.. Fr.. B ' ham. SHORES. BARBARA ANN, Fr., B ' ham. SHORT, LEASEL ANNETTE, Fr., Adamsville. SHOULTZ, ENOCH HUGH, Jr., Newark, Ohio. SHRIVER, SCARLETT S., Fr., Aliceville. SID- DLE. MARGARET E., Jr., B ' ham. SIMMONS, LLOYD ELIZ- ABETH, Soph., Selma. SIMMONS, WILLIAM COURT, Soph., Bessemer. SIMMS, CONNIE DIANE, Soph., Andalusia. SIMPSON, MARILYN LOUISE. Soph.. Greenville. SIMPSON, WILLIAM M., JR., Fr., B ' ham. SIMS, BEVERLY ENDIE, Fr.. Dothan. SIMS, JANET PATRICIA, Soph., B ' ham. SIPE. J. GUY. Fr., B ' ham. SISSON, MARY JANE, Fr., B ' ham. SKELTON, JERRY EVAN, Jr., Columbiana. SKELTON, MARY ANGELA, Jr.. Columbiana. SKELTON, PATRICIA ANN, Soph., B ' ham. SLATER. JOHN EDWARD. Jr.. Irondale. SLOAN, SANDRA GWIN, Fr.. Warrior. SMITH, BARBARA E., Fr.. B ' ham. SMITH, BARBARA JEAN, Soph., Saraland. SMITH. CAROL. Fr.. Clanton. SMITH, DANNY ROY, Fr., Chunchula. SMITH, DELILAH ANNE, Jr., Montevallo. SMITH. DIANE ELIZABETH. Soph.. Montgomery. SMITH, EMMA JANE, Fr., Wilsonville. SMITH, GLADYS ANN, Soph.. Bessemer. SMITH, JANICE LOUISE, Fr., Prattville. SMITH. JANYTH CLAIR, Soph., Decatur. Ga. SMITH, PAM- ELA, Jr.. ThomasviUe. SMITH, RONALD LEE, Fr., Greensboro. SMITH, STEPHEN RANDALL. Fr.. B ' ham. SMITH. TERRY GRANT, Fr., Childers- burg. SMIYH, WALTER NORVILLE, Soph., B ' ham. SMITH- ERMAN, KENNETH, Fr., Montevallo. SNASEL, MILTON, Soph., Robertsdale. SNIDER. DINAH LEE, Fr., B ' ham. SNIDER, NANCY REBEC- CA. Fr., Deatsville. SOMICH, CAROL FRANCES, Fr., Selma. SOUTHWELL. REBECCA SUE, Fr., Andalusia. SOX, CAROL ANN. Jr.. B ' ham. SPARKS. RONALD L.. Jr.. B ' ham. SPEED, NANCY KATHRYN, Soph., Enterprise. SPILLER. PERCi LEONARD. Fr.. Tuscaloosa. SPITI.F.R. RKII KD C... Fr.. Buffalo, N.Y. SPRADLEY, HAROLD M., Soph.. Ster- rett. SPRAGG, WALTER S.. Fr., Mobile. SPROUL. KENNETH M.. Fr., Calera. STACEY, DEBORAH MARLENE, Soph.. Foley. STACK- HOUSE. WILTON E.. Fr., Pensacola, Fla. STAGGS, SANDRA KYLE, Fr.. Montevallo. STANARD. WESLEY EDMUND. Fr., Selma. STANFORD. RAYMOND M., JR., Fr., B ' ham. STAN- SELL. EMILY ANN, Soph., Montevallo. 208 UNDERGRADUATES 7 ' k s A ' W STEELE, MARTHA CAROL, Soph., Centreville. STEPHENS, FERRELL, JR., Fr., B ' ham. STEPHENS, JERRY TRAMMEL, Soph., Jemison. STEPHENS, JUDITH F., Fr., Dothan. STE- PHENSON, EDWIN L, Fr., B ' ham. STEPHENSON, MARGO ANN, Soph., Jasper. STERNENBURG, ROBERT H„ Soph., B ' ham. STEVENS, TOM LEWIS, Jr., B ' ham. STEVENS, WOODIE C, Fr.. B ' ham. STEWART, PAMELA JOY, Soph., Goodwater. STEWART, PATRICIA ANNE, Fr., Dothan. STEWART, TERRELL C, Fr., Greensboro. STOFFREGEN, EDWARD S., JR., Jr., Decatur. STONE, ANNE CARTER, Soph., Selma. STONE, JERRY DAVIS, Soph., Bes- semer. STONE, JO ANN, Soph., Hueytown. STONE, ROCKY FREEMAN, Jr., Selma. STOVALL, PATRICIA J., Fr., Hunts- STRUBEL. MARY JO, Soph., B ' ham. STUART, CLAY, Fr., Union Springs. STUBBS, STEVE EUGENE, Soph., B ' ham. STUTTS, JAMES RONALD, Fr., Cherokee. SULLIVAN, JU- DITH LEE, Jr., Des Moines, Iowa. SUMMERVILLE, JAMIE M., Fr., Aliceville. SURACI, TANIA MARIE, Fr., Mobile. SUTTON, WILLIAM MICHAEL, Fr., B ' ham. SWALLEY, STEVE SCOTT, Fr., B ' ham. SWANN, MARSHA MARIE, Soph., B ' ham. SWINDLE, CAROL ANN, Jr., B ' ham. SZABO, RONALD EUGENE, Soph., B ' ham. TABARES, HORACIO, Soph., B ' ham. TAIT, NELLIE ELIZA- BETH, Soph., Camden. TARRANCE, THOMAS NEAL, Fr., B ' ham. TARRANT, JANICE RHODES, Soph., B ' ham. TAR- RANT, PATRICIA D., Fr., B ' ham. TAYLOR, ELIZABETH ANN, Fr., B ' ham. TAYLOR. JUNE CHERYL. Fr., Andalusia. TAYLOR, KAAR- EN A., Fr.. Dothan. TAYLOR, LESLIE JOYCE, Fr., Hanceville. TAYLOR, ROBERT CLARENCE, Fr., Butler. TAYLOR, ROB- ERT LYNN, Jr., B ' ham. TAYLOR. WILLIAM RUSSELL, Fr., B ' ham. TEAMER. DOUGLAS WAYNE, Fr., Fairhope. TEATE, ELIZA- BETH LUCILL, Fr., Foley. TENENBAUM, SAM, JR., Soph., B ' ham. TERMAN, SYDNA KAY, Soph., Sheffield. THARP, NANCY JANE, Fr., Evergreen. THOMAS, DAVID EARL. Soph., Montevallo. THOMAS, JOHN C, Fr., Old Greenwich, Conn. THOMAS, NANCY KAY, Fr., Lanett. THOMPSON, CHARLES AMOS, Jr., B ' ham. THOMPSON, HOWARD TOMMY, Fr.. Siluria. THOMPSON, JOHN FRANK, Soph., Weogufka. THOMPSON, WANDA KAY, Fr., Centreville. THORNBURG, ANDREW ALLEN, Fr., Wilsonville. THORN- TON, JONATHAN CROW. Soph., Montevallo. THORNTON, ROBERTA P.. Fr., Mobile. TICEN. JANICE CAROLYN, Fr., Columbiana. TIDWELL, TIMOTHY PAUL, Fr.. Hueytown. TILL, E. CLAIRE, Soph., Greenville. TIMMONS, JOHN S., Fr., B ' ham. TIPPER, NANCEE LEE, Sp., B ' ham. TIPTON, KATHRYN JO, Fr., B ' ham. TISDALE, SHARON ELLEN, Fr.. Montgomery. TOBIN, FRANCIS WIL- LIAM, Fr., B ' ham. TOLBERT, BARTON SMYTH, Soph., Montevallo. TOLBERT, GARY MICHAL, Fr., Mt. Olive. TOLLY, PETER ANDREW, Fr., B ' ham. TOMS, WILLIAM H. G., Soph., Chicago, 111. TONEY, CLARA ELAINE, Fr., Athens. TORTORICI, MARY ANN, Jr., Bessemer. TOWNS, ELAINE SMITH, Jr., Montevallo. 209 UNDERGRADUATES TRAMEL, JAMES ROSS. Jr., Bessemer. TRAMMEL, IOHN WAYNE, Fr., B ' ham. TROUP, RANDALL LEE, Soph., Gunters- ville. TRYON. CHARLES EDWARD, Jr., Montevallo. TUCK, JUDITH KATHLEEN, Soph., McCalla. TUCKER, EDNA ALOICE, Fr., Bessemer. Ti CKKR, .NAN ELIZABETH, Fr., B ' ham. TUCKER, SUZANNE C, Soph., B ' ham. TUNELLO, FRANCES MARIE, Fr., Bessemer. TIRBEVILLE, VEMA FAYE, Soph., Prattville. TURNER, ABBIE DEAN, Fr.. Oneonta. TURNER, JAMES HERSCHEL, Irr., B ' ham. TURNER, JAMES RONALD, Fr., B ' ham. TURNER, JO ANN, Soph., Billingsley. TWILLEY, JUDY KIRK, Jr., Orrville. UN- DERWOOD, BRENDA KAY, Soph., B ' ham. USREY, TOMMIE GAIL, Jr., Carbon Hill. VANCE, JOSEPH C, III, Soph., Lips- VANDIVER, RICHARD S., Jr., B ' ham. VANN, ROBERT G., Jr., B ' ham. VAUGHAN, MARIA WALSTON, Jr., Demopolis. VAUGHAN, SUSIE LOVE, Fr., Opelika. VAUGHN, ANNE BARBARA, Fr., Sylacauga. VILLADSEN, SUSAN ARLEEN, Soph., B ' ham. VINES, LINDA DIANE, Jr., B ' ham. VOGEL, RALPH EWALD, JR., Soph., Sylacauga. WAID, JAMES ABRAM, Soph., Besse- mer. WALDEN, HAROLD KENNETH, Fr., B ' ham. WAL- DRUP, CHARLES LEE, Jr., Bessemer. WALKER, DOROTHY PROCTOR, Jr., Helena. WALKER, VIRGINIA G. WALKER, GEORGE TRUMAN, Soph., Pell Citv. WALKER, JANICE FAYE, Soph., Pinson. WALKER, NANCY CAROL, Fr., Clanton. WALKER, SUSAN CAROL, Soph., Montgomery. WALL, BARBARA JEAN, Soph., B ' ham. WALLACE, JUDITH CAROL, Fr., Montgomery. WALLACE, LELAND FONDON, Soph., Lawley. WALLACE, SHIRLEY E., Fr., Columbiana. WALLS, MANLEY HERMAN, Fr., Besse- mer. WALLS, RUTH ELLEN, Fr., B ' ham. WALTERS, ROBERT DAVID, Fr., Montevallo. WANN, LINDA DIANE, Fr., Sheffield. WARD, CONNIE MA- RIE, Fr., Prattville. WARD, JACK PIERCE, Soph., Mobile. WARD, JUDY, Soph., Pine Apple. WARE, JANICE CARO- LYN, Fr., Temple Terrace, Fla. WARES , EDSON BRIGHAM, Fr., Montevallo. WARREN, PAULETTE KAYE, Soph., Charleston, S.C. WA- SIOLEK, VIRGINIA D., Soph., Newton. WATSON, SANDRA KAY, Soph., B ' ham. WATTERS, HIRAM C, Fr., Theodore. WAUGH. HORACE ALVIN, Fr., Montevallo. WEATHERSBY, BARRY R., Fr., Mobile. WEAVER, PHILIP EDWARD, Fr., B ' ham. WEAVER, WIL- LIAM HOWARD, Jr., Montevallo. WEBB, JUDY CAROLYN, Fr., Mobile. WEB. SHIRLEY. Fr. WEESE, JAMES KENNETH, Fr., B ' ham. WEESE, PEGGIE KATHERINE, Jr., B ' ham. WEIR, CAROL ANN, Soph., Huntsville. WELCH, PATRICIA DAWN, Jr., B ' ham. WELLS, HAZEL PAMELIA, Fr., River- ton, Wyo. WEST, BETTY JOYCE, Soph., Selma. WHATLEY, BETTY FAY. Jr., Butler. WHATLEY, VANCE TAYLOR, Fr., B ' ham. WHEALE, SANDRA LEE, Soph., Greenville, S.C. WHEELER, LINDA DIANE, Fr., Bessemer. WHITE, FRED CLAY. JR., Jr., Tuscaloosa. WHITE, JAMES RICHARD, Soph., St. Simons Island, Ca. WHITE, JOE DAVID, Jr., B ' ham. WHITE, MAR- THA JEAN, Fr., Calera. 210 UNDERGRADUATES WHITEHEAD, MARY LYNN, Fr.. Montgomery. WHITINGER. CAROLYN O., Jr., Mobile. WHITSON, HERSHEL DANIEL, Fr., Double Springs. WHITTEN. GWENDOLYN FAYE. Soph., Centre. WHITTINGTON, RICKEY A., Fr., Decatur. WHITTLE. ELIZABETH A., Soph., Montgomery. WHITTLE, PEGGY DIANNE, Jr., Enterprise. WIGFALL, ME- LISSA ANN. Jr.. Panama City, Fla. WIGGER, DAVID IRA, Fr., Greensboro. WILDER, DONALD EDWARD, Fr.. Fairfax. WILKERSON, JANNA SUE, Fr., Greensboro. WILKES, WIL- LIAM DAVID, Fr., Guntersville. WILLCOX, CHARLES S., Fr., Mt. Brook. WILLIAMS, JOHN DAVID, Fr., Tuscaloosa. WILLIAMS, DONALD ERNEST, Fr., Verbena. WILLIAMS, MARTHA AMANDA, Fr., Chatom. WIL- LIAMS, MARY KATHLEEN, Jr.. B ' ham. WILLIAMS, MARY NAN, Fr., B ' ham. WILLIAMS. PATTI LYNN. Fr., Clanton. WILLIS, CURTIS BARRY, Fr., B ' ham. WILSON, EUGENE REYNOLDS, Fr., B ' ham. WILSON, JONATHAN ATMORE, Jr., Dothan. WIL- SON, LIZA ANN, Fr., B ' ham. WINGETT, CHARLES NOLEN, Soph., Eclectic. WINNETT. TOMMY EDWARD, Fr.. Fairfield. WISSINGER, LUTHER M., II, Fr., Morris. WOLFF, ROBERT WALTER, Jr., Fairhope. WOOD, BETTY ROSE, Fr„ Columbiana. WOOD, CHARLES DONALD, Fr., B ' ham. WOOD. CHERYL CHRIS- TINE, Fr., Childersburg. WOOD, MAXWELL ARNOLD, Fr., Columbiana. WOOD, SHARON ELAINE, Fr., Tuscaloosa. WOODARD, FRIEDA JANE, Fr., Hanceville. WOODHAM, MARTHA JUNE, Fr., Anniston. WOODY, JOHN WILLIAM, Fr., Homewood. WOOL- LEY, CATHERINE. WOOLLEY, CATHERINE FRANCES, Soph., Montevallo. WRIGHT, ELLEN KAY, Jr., Clanton. WRIGHT, MARTHA LOETTE, Soph., Trussville. WRIGHT, PAMELA ANN, Fr., Clanton. WYATT, SARAH FRANCES, Fr., Prattville. WYATT, SHIRLEY ANN, Soph., Akron. YACKO, VINCENT LEE, Fr., B ' ham. YARBOROUGH, MARY JO, Fr„ B ' ham. YEAGER, BARBARA SUE, Fr., B ' ham. YEAGER, JIMMY DON, Fr., Midfield. YEAROUT, PAMELA C, Soph., Huntsville. YESSICK, SHARON KAY, Soph., B ' ham. YOUNG, JOANNA RAY, Fr., Clanton. YOUNG, MICHAEI DAVID, Soph., Foley. YOUNGBLOOD, DALE MARIE, Soph.. Siluria. ZABEL, ALYCE ELAYNE, Fr., B ' ham. ZEANAH STANFORD DEE, Fr., B ' ham. ZIRKELBACH, FREDERICK W., Jr., B ' ham. SENIORS AGRICOLA, CARL PHILLIP B ' ham BAILEY, JO AN HARPER Buies Creek, N.C. BAKER, CONSTANCE LOU Clam...! BANDOW, GEORGE THOMAS Chamblee, Ga. BANNON. MELINDA Montevallo BARNETT. LOLA MONTEZ Wetumpka BATTON, NELL H. Fairfield BENNETT, MARTHA PATTON Montevallo BENTON. LARRY JAMES Eufaula BISHOP. LARRY BRUCE Gadsden BLAIKIE. LYNN B ' ham BOND. SANDRA GAY Mobile BOONE. BRENDA LEE Montgomery BOWEN. MARY LUVERN Ashford BRANNON, SANDRA ALICE Headland BRIDGES. TERRELL BOYLE Montevallo BROWN. REBECCA GENE B ' ham BRYANT. ELIZABETH KAREN Decatur BRYANT. MARILYN HOPE Andalusia BYRD. VIRGINIA Atmore CALDWELL. WILLIAM McCORD Bay Minette CAMPBELL. DONALD Clanton CANADA, JANICE Eastaboga CANON. MARY CAROL Opelika CARRICO. THOMAS L. JR. Palmerdale CLARKE. POLLY ANN Elba CO BB. BUELL E. Montevallo COOPER. FRED Montevallo COX. FAYE EUGENIA B ' ham CROCKER. NANCY BOGREES Selma CUSHING, BRIDGETTE E. Gadsden DANIELL, JAMES HAROLD B ' ham DAVIS, HARRIET ANN Mobile DAY. JAMES ELLIS B ' ham DEUPREE, JEANETTE PATE Montevallo 212 SENIORS DEUPREE, JOHN MILTON Montevallo DENSMORE, TOMMY JOE Hueytown DREYSPRING. MARIANNE B ' ham EDDINS, JULIA Bessemer ELMORE. PATRICA ANN B ' ham ESNEUL, KATHRYN SELLERS Mobile EVANS, CHARLOTTE B ' ham FARNELL, ELIZABETH Mobile FAULKENBERRY. ELAINE A. Selma FINCH, RUSSELL Montevallo FLOWERS, ROBERT Montgomery FLYNN. MARTHA PATRICIA Decatur FRIDLEY. JOHN RANDOLPH B ' ham GALLOWAY, PATTI SUE Montevallo GARRIS, BETTY Greensboro GIBB. GAYE B ' ham GOULSBY, SHIRLEY ANN Mobile GRAFF, NANCY ANN Clanton GRAY, DANIEL SAVAGE Prattville GREEN, ROY VICTOR Sylacauga GRICE, ROBERT EARL Sylacauga GRIFFITH, PATRICIA RUTH Selma GRIMES, JAMES THOMAS II Guntersville HANCOCK, KERRY MAXINE Bessemer HARE, BARBARA JEAN Trussville HARKINS, ROBERT MICHAEL Montevallo HARRISON, RUTH Wilton HATCHER, FLOYD EMERY Sterrett HARWELL, OUIDA SHARON Georgiana HEATH, MARY B ' ham HENRY, ROSS HAMILTON Mobile HERRING, AMELIA KAY Brockton HICKS, DONALD J. Montevallo HIGDON, BRUCE DOUGLAS Decatur HILL, JOHN WILLIAM Mobile 213 SENIORS HOLLAND. BILLEY RAY HOLLAND. MARTHA ANN HOLLFY. PATSY SUE HOLLIMAN. ROBERT CEPHAS HOWTON. HELEN HUTSON. SUSAN ELAINE HUTTO, CLARENCE JOHN INGRAM. REBECCA ALICE JACKSON. JAMES F. Enterprise Decatur Thomaston Lindon lic.-rmcT Montevallo B ' ham B ' ham B ' ham JAMES. MARTHA CAROLYN Union Springs JORDON, ALBERT RALPH Theodore KELLOG. PAUL HAROLD JR. Salina, Kansas KEMP. OPHELIA ANNE Svlacausa KOHN, SHIRLEY ANN Mobile KRIDAKORN. SAUSIRI E. Bangkok. Thailand LEE. AMELIA GAYLE Monroeville LEE. BILLIE RIMMER Montevallo LEE. JANICE Atmore LEO, ROCCO JOSEPH B ' ham LEWIS. DOROTHY MARIE Mobile LEWIS. ELIZABETH ANN Mobile LIDE. SALLIE RUTH Selma LIGHTSEY. BRENDA CHERYL Centerville LITTLE. JACQUELINE Jackson LORD. SANDRA TOBE Andalusia McALEER, PAUL Mobile McALILEY. JO ANN Wilton McCLAIN, DAVID MICHAEL B ' ham Mcdonald, harry t. Montevallo McKEEVER. JAMES EUGENE B ' ham McKINNON, JOHN ELLIS Sylacauga MAJOR. EVON KNUDSEN. JR. Montevallo MARTIN. HENRY ROBERT Greensboro MATHEWS. MARY RUTH CentreviUe 214 MELODY, MICHAEL EDWARD Jasper MILLER, BRENDA MORRIS Montevallo MONTGOMERY, WALLACE L. Birmingham MORGAN, JAMES ERNEST Montgomery MORRIS, JOSEPH EDWIN Eufaula MOSELEY, WILLIAM F., JR. Jasper MURPHY. JAMS MARGARET Wetumpka NEELY, MARY ELIZABETH Orrville NEELY, MARY MARGARET Huntsville NEUGENT, RICHARD CARLTON Birmingham NOBINGER, SANDRA JEAN Birmingham NORRELL. LINDA NELL Bessemer OWENS, KATHLEEN BEARDEN Montevallo OWENS, SANDRA Tuskegee PALMER, DAVID RALPH Montevallo PATE, DONALD Birmingham PEARSON, CHARLOTTE DIANE Bessemer PEARSON, LINDA JOYCE Leeds PHILLIPS, BEVERLY VEE Ohatchee PHILLIPS, LINDA CAROL Weogufka PHILLIPS, WILLIAM B. Montevallo PILGREEN, JEFFREY LOUISE Clanton PITTMAN, GLADYS WADONNA New Brockton POTTS, MARGARET ANNETTE Montevallo POTTS, ROBERTA ANN Birmingham PRICE, GAIL Montevallo PRUITT, DONALD H., JR. Montevallo PUTMAN, MARY WALDROP Montevallo REYNOLDS, LARRY THOMAS Montevallo RHODES, ANNIE MAXINE Greensboro ROBBINS, CHERYL MARIA Birmingham ROBERTSON, MELTON O ' NEIL Arley ROBINSON, DONALD GEORGE Fairhope ROBINSON, SANDRA ELLEN Wetumpka ROUNTREE, JAMES MICHAEL Montgomery SENIORS 215 SENIORS ROY, MARTHA ANN Birmingham RUMSEY, MYRA BETH Sylacauga RYAN, THOMAS F. Arlington, Va. SAMPLE, KATHALEEN Atmore SCALES, PATSY RUTH Fairfax SCHOBER. MATILDA JANE Bessemer SCOGGINS. EVIE LILLIAN Troy SCOTT, JAMES WILLIAM Fairfield SELMAN, CHARLES JOSEPH Birmingham SHAFFER, PAULA GAYLE Talia-ee SHIELDS, VIVIAN LOBETTE Alex City SIMMONS, LYNDA CAROL Birmingham SLATON. MARY L. Tuskegee SMITH. PATRICIA ANN Thomasville SPARKS. WARREN G.. JR. Birmingham SPIVEY. GEORGIA ELIZABETH Geneva STAGGS. RUTH W. Montevallo STEEN, NICK EUGENE Birmingham STEWART. CHARLES CLIFT Maplesville STRANGE. TODD ROBERT Mobile STRONG. CLARA MAE Bessemer STUART. WILLIAM HALSEY Birmingham SUDDITH. DELLA SUE Bessemer SUMNER. JAMES PERRY Fulton TAGGART. NANCY Trussville TANNER, CAROLYN ANN Grand Bay TAYLOR, JAMES FREEMAN Birmingham TAYLOR, TROY JACKSON Springville TAYLOR, WILLIAM CARL Birmingham THIEMORGE, MARJORIE ANN Montevallo THOMPSON. MARTHA A. Montevallo THREADGILL, AUGUSTA DAMRELL Daphne TIDWELL, RONALD OLIVER Alabaster TODD, ALICE Hope Hull TOOPS. JEAN ELIZABETH Birmingham 216 §£££ SENIORS TOWNS, ROBERT KELSEY Montevallo TURNER, ANNA SUSAN Columbiana VINES, DORIS JEAN Bessemer VOGEL. JOHN HERMAN Sylacauga VOLKER. JUANITA ANNE Birmingham WALDROP, SCOTT LEE Birmingham WALLER, RICHARD FOY Birmingham WEEKS. ELIZABETH CALLIE Opp WELLS. JAMES MURPHY Montevallo WENDT, FRANK GERARD Miami. Fla. WHITE, LINDA RIESS Birmingham WHITTINGTON, SHARON P. Birmingham WIGGINS, MICHAEL LEE Birmingham WILLIAMS, DONALD KEITH Bessemer WILLIAMS, FRANKLIN EARL Calera WINNING, JILL FOWLER Birmingham W1SHUM, CAROL AUGUSTA Andalusia WISE, JOHN LAWERENCE Citronelle WOODFIN, MORRIC C. Prattville WOOLEY, SHARON Montevallo WYATT, LINDA PENTON Clanton YEAGER, JOHN CLYDE Birmingham YOUNG, BARBARA CLYDE Clanton -tjrfft 217 SENIORS ' ACTIVITIES PHILLIP AGRICOLA Physical Education " A " Club, pledge master; Baseball Team, captain. Most Valuable Player All A.C.C.; Delta Social Club. Sgt. at Arms; P.E. Club. CONSTANCE LOU BAKER Biology Beta Beta " Beta. Pres.; Biology Club; Lamb- da Sigma Pi, Historian. MELINDA BANNON Speech Correction Sec. Treas.; Logos, Sec. Vice-Pres.; Zeta Phi Eta. MONNIE BARNETT Speech Correction Internal. ' ] Relations; Logos, Pres.; Sociology Club; Zeta Phi Eta. MARTHA PATTON BENNETT Biology Alpha Lambda Delta; Beta Beta Beta, Cor- responding Sec; Biology Club; Sigma Social Club. Sister; Student Court; Psychology Club; Honors Day; Orientation Committee; Under- graduate Research. LARRY J. BENTON Mathematics College Choir; College Night Cabinet, Publi- city; Delta Theta Pi, Sec-Treas.; Freshman Class Officer, Pres.; Kappa Mu Epsilon. Soc. Chairman; Sigma Social Club, Treas., Soc Chairman; Student Court. LARRY BRUCE BISHOP Art ALABAMIAN Staff; College Night; College Theatre; Delta Social Club; Kappa Pi; MONTAGE Staff; Theater Council; TOWER Staff. LYNNE BLAIKIE El em. ed. A.C.E.; Biology Club; S.N.E.A. SANDRA GAY BOND Elem. Ed. ALABAMIAN Staff; A.C.E., Sec-Treas.; Beauty; Chorale; Hispanic Society; House Officer, Soc. Chairman, Treas., Counselor; Lambda Sigma Pi; Orchesis; Sigma Social Club, Sister; Sigma Delta Pi; S.N.E.A.; Ush- ers Club. BRENDA BOONE Music Chorale; College Choir; House Officer, Treas.; Student Guild, Vice.-Pres.; M.E.N.C. LUVERNE BOWEN Math Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Delta Pi, Sec; SANDRA BRANNON Psychology Alpha Lambda Delta, Pres.; Beta Beta Beta, Sec; Biology Club; Lambda Sigma Pi, Pres.; Eta Sigma Phi, Sec-Treas.; Psychology Club; Sr. Counselor; Dean ' s List; Honors Day. REBECCA G. BROWN Retail Econ. Ivol Spafford Club, Parliamentarian; Retail Club. KAREN BRYANT Home Ec. Ivol Spafford Club; Jr. Class Officer, Sec. MARILYN BRYANT Retail Home Economics Chorale; College Night; Ivol Spafford Club; Orchesis; Retail Club. VIRGINIA BYRD History S.N.E.A.; WILLIAM CALDWELL Music College Choir; College Night, Cabinet; Col- 2|o lege Theatre; Delta Theta Executive Council; Pi Alpha Mu; Sigma Social Club; Sophomore Class Officer Student Court; S.G.A. Officer; Theater Council; Wind Ensemble; Brass En- semble. DONALD ALLEN CAMPBELL Math Kappa Mu Epsilon, Vice-Pres.; Track Team. JANICE CANADA English. Social Studies Pi Delta Phi. Vice-Pres.; S.N.E.A.; MARY CAROL CANON Home Economics Biology Club; Ivol Spafford Club; LLOYD CARRICO Business Adm. College Choir; The Newman Club, Vice-Pres.; Sr. Class Officer, Vice-Pres.; Judo Club; Bus- iness Men ' s Club. POLLY ANN CLARK Home Economics Ivol Spafford Club; Orchesis. BUELL COBB French ALABAMIAN Staff; College Night, Cabinet; Delta Theta Pi, Executive Council; Jr. Fav- orite; Sr. Favorite; Hispanic Society; Phi Alpha Theta, Vice-Pres.; Pi Delta Phi, Pres.; Sr. Elite; Sigma Social Club, Vice- Pres., Pres.; Sigma Delta Pi, Vice-Pres.; TOWER staff, Editor; Who ' s Who; Eta Sigma Phi ; Mr. Alabama College. FAYE COX Retail Home Economics Ivol Spafford Club; Retail Club. NANCY CROCKER Elem. Ed. A.C.E.; Orchesis; S.N.E.A.; JAMES HAROLD DANIELL Business Administration HARRIET DAVIS Psychology College Night; Orchesis, Sec; Sociology Club; Psychology Club. JAMES DAY JR. B.A. Circle " K " ; TOMMY DENSMAN Business Adm. House Officer, Treas.; JEANETTE PATE DEUPREE Home Economics BSU; College Night; Ivol Spafford Club; JOHN M. DEUPREE JR. B.A. B.A. Club; MONTAGE Staff; JOYCE DOUGLAS Elem. Ed. A.C.E., Vice-Pres.; Biology Club; Chorale; College Night; Sociology Club; S.N.E.A., Sec; Honor ' s Day; Psychology Club. JULIA ANNE EDDINS Elem. Ed. A.C.E. ; Chorale; PATRICIA ANNE ELMORE Physical Education College Choir; College Night; P.E. Club; KATHY ESNEUL Elem. Ed. A.C.E., Vice-Pres.. Pres.; Chorale; Orchesis; S.N.E.A.; Ushers Club; College Night. MARGUERITE FALLIN Elem. Ed. A.C.E. ; BSU, Exec. Council; College Night, Staging; Marshall; MONTAGE Staff; S.N.E.A., Pres.; ELIZABETH FARNELL Biology Biology Club; College Night. ELAINE ANN FAULKENBERRY Vocational Home Economics S.N.E.A.; Home Ec. Fashion Show; Vocation- al Home Ec. Club. LOWELL RUSSELL FINCH History College Night; Meister Social Club. SANDRA FLEMING Secretarial Administration Catalina Club, Sec, Pres. PAT FLYNN Retail Home Economics College Night; Ivol Spafford Club; Retail Club. JOHN R. FRIDLEY Chemistry " A " Club, Treas.; College Night, Cabinet; Delta Social Club, Pres., Sec, ISCC Rep.; Delta Theta Pi, Soc. Chairman; House Of- ficer; Senate; Track Team; ISCC, Pres.; Honors Day; Chemistry Club, Pres. PATTI GALLOWAY Art Kappa Pi, Treas. BETTY GARRIS Voc. Home Economics Ivol Spafford Club; Ushers Club; SHIRLEY ANN GOULSLEY Secretarial Administration A.C.E.; Chorale; Freshman Class Officer, Treas.; Orchesis; Business Administration Advisor Council; Sigma Alpha Sigma. NANCY GRAY Physical Education Beauty; P.E. Club. ROY GREEN Physical Education " A " Club; Baseball Team; College Night, Cabinet; P.E. Club. ROBERT GRICE Business Administration PATRICIA GRIFFITH Psychology College Night; House Officer; Sociology Club; Psychology Club. JAMES T. GRIMES II History Catalina Club; College Theatre; Internal Re- lations; Meister Social Club; Basketball Cheer- leader. KERRY HANCOCK Speech Beauty; Chorale; College Night, Cabinet; Favorite, Jr.; Orchesis, Pres., Vice-Pres., Sec- Treas.; S.N.E.A.; Theater Council; Zeta Phi Eta; Drama Festival; Fashion Show Experi- mental Theatre; Miss Alabama College. BARBARA HARE P.E. Catalina Club; College Night; P.E. Club; Recreation Assn.; Psychology Club. TOMMIE HARRISON History S.N.E.A. SHARON HARWELL Social JFork College Night, Cabinet; Sociology Club, Vice- Pres., Pres.; Psychology Club. FLOYD HATCHER Business " A " Club; Baseball Team Manager. MARY HEATH Elementary Education A.C.E.; Ivol Spafford Club; S.N.E.A.; ROSS H. HENRY Chemistry (Con ' t) SENIORS ' ACTIVITIES Beta Beta Beta; Biology Club; College Choir; College Night; College Theatre; Delta Social Club, Sec.; Delta Theta Pi; Exec. Council; Freshman Class Officer; Junior Class Officer; Senate; Senior Class Officer; Sophomore Class Officer; S.G.A. Officer; Who ' s Who. AMELIA KAY HERRING Speech Correction BSU; Logos, Pres.; Zeta Phi Eta; House Council. DON HICKS English Beta Beta Beta; S.N.E.A.; BRUCE HIGDON Math Circle " K " ; House Officer; Junior Class Of- ficer; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Senate; Sigma Social Club; Sophomore Class Officer; S.G.A. Officer. MARTHA HOLLAND Home Economics House Officer; Ivol Spafford Club. PAT HOLLEY Retail Home Economics Beauty; College Night; Marshall; Orchesis. ROBERT HOLLIMAN Business Administration College Night, RONALD TROY HORTON History, Art SUSAN HUTSON History Pi Delta Phi; S.N.E.A. JOHN HUTTO History Circle " K " ; College Theatre; Hispanic So- ciety, Pres.; Internat ' l Relations; Phi Alpha Theta, Pres. History Award; Sigma Delta Pi; Student Guild. REBECCA INGRAM History Beauty; Phi Alpha Theta; Pi Delta Phi, Pres.; S.N.E.A. JAMES F. JACKSON Biology Beta Beta Beta; Biology Club. CAROLYN JAMES Elem. Ed. A.C.E.; S.N.E.A. ALBERT JORDAN Business Administration MONTAGE Staff; PAUL HAROLD KELLOGG JR. Physical Education Basketball Team; Track, Tennis Team. ANNE KEMP General Speech Beauty; College Night, Cabinet; College Theatre; Lambda Sigma Pi; Theater Council, Sec; Zeta Phi Eta, Vice-Pres.; SHIRLEY KOHN Music Chorale; College Choir; College Theatre; Student Guild; Phi Alpha Mu, Pres. EDDIE SAKSIRI KRIDAKORN Math ALABAMIAN Staff; " A " Club; Circle. " K " ; College Night; Delta Theta Pi; Kappa Mu Epsilon, Pres.; MONTAGE, Editor-in-Chief; Tennis Team (All A.C.C.); Exec. Council; Publications Comm. ; Who ' s Who. BILLIE R. LEE Home Economics Ivol Spafford Club; Kappa Delta Pi; Omicron Nu, Pres. GAYLE LEE Secretarial Administration A.C.E.; College Night; Favorite; MONTAGE Staff; Sociology Club; JANICE LEE English Chorale; College Night; Senate; ROCCO J. LEO History Baseball Team; Delta Social Club, Pledge- master, Sgt. at Arms; Hispanic Society; House Officer; Internat ' l Relations; Senate. DOROTHY MARIE LEWIS Elementary Education A.C.E.; College Choir; College Night; Mar- shall. ELIZABETH ANN LEWIS Socipl Work College Night; Sociology Club, Sec; Psy- chology Club. SALLIE LIDE Home Economics Ivol Spafford Club. CHERRY LIGHTSEY Retail Home Economics Retail Club. JACQUELINE LITTLE Home Economics College Night; Home Economics Club, Par- liamentarian; Lambda Sigma Pi, Sec; MONT- AGE Staff. SANDRA LORD Home Economics A.C.E.; Freshman Class Officer; Home Eco- nomic ' s Club, Pres.; Junior Class Officer; Kappa Delta Pi, Pres.; Lambda Sigma Pi; Omicron Nu, Sec-Treas. ; EVAN MAJOR Physical Education " A " Club; Baseball Team; P.E. Club. HENRY ROBERT MARTIN Political Science M. RUTH MATHEWS English Kappa Delta Pi, Historian, Reporter; Sociology Club; S.N.E.A. PAUL McALEER History College Night; Delta Social Club; Newman Club; Tennis Team. JOANN MORRIS McALILEY Music Chorale; College Night, Cabinet; Phi Alpha Mu; Student Court; Ushers Club. DAVID MICHAEL McCLAIN Business Administration JAMES E. McKEEVER III Business Administration JOHN McKINNON Business Administration Circle " K " ; College Night; House Officer; Chemistry Club. MICHAEL E. MELODY Business Administration B.A. Club, Master of Rituals; Circle " K " ; College Choir; Newman Club. BRENDA MILLER Biology Biology Club. WALLACE L. MONTGOMERY Business Administration House Officer; Golf Team; Wind Ensemble; String Orchestra. JIM E. MORGAN Psychology ALABAMIAN Staff; Biology Club; College Theatre; TOWER Staff; Psychology. BUTCH MOSELEY Music College Night, Cabinet; Wind Ensemble; Brass Ensemble. JAMS MURPHY Social Work Chorale; College Choir; College Night; Col- lege Theatre; Junior Class Officer, Treas.; Lambda Sigma Pi; Senior Class Officer; So- ciology Club, Sec-Treas., Vice-Pres.; S.R.A. Officer; Honor ' s Day; Dean ' s List. MARY ELIZABETH NEELY Elementary Education A.C.E.; S.N.E.A.; MARY MARGARET NEELY Speech Correction College Night; Logos, Soc Chairman; Senate; Sec-Treas.; Zeta Phi Eta. RICHARD NEUGENT Business Administration House Officer. SANDRA NOBINGER Elementary Education A.C.E.; House Officer; Kappa Pi; LINDA NORRELL Math Chorale; College Night; College Theatre; House Officer; Kappa Mu Epsilon, Sec-Treas.; MONTAGE Staff; S.N.E.A.; Ushers Club. JOSEPH E. MORRIS. JR. Math College Night, Cabinet; Delta Social Club, Sgt. at Arms; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Senate. SANDRA OWENS Home Economics Ivol Spafford Club. DAVID PALMER Business Administration B.A. Club; Senate; Sigma Social Club. DON PATE Business Administration Delta Social Club; B.A. Club. DIANE PEARSON Vocational Home Economics Biology Club; College Night; Ivol Spafford ClubS.RA. Officer, Sec; LINDA PEARSON Speech Correction ALABAMIAN Staff; Logos; Theater Council; TOWER Staff; College Night. BEVERLY PHILLIPS Elem. Education A.C.E.; College Night; Senior Class Officer; S.N.E.A.; Wesley. LINDA PHILLIPS Vocational Home Economics College Night; Ivol Spafford Club; S.N.E.A. WILLIAM B. PHILLIPS Business Administration B.A. Club; Delta Social Club; House Officer. JEFFREY PILGREEN Elementary Education A.C.E.; College Night; S.N.E.A., Sec; Wesley. DONNA PITTMAN Vocational Home Economics House Officer; Ivol Spafford Club, Sec, Soc. Chairman; S.N.E.A. ROBERTA POTTS Art College Night, Cabinet; Orchesis; A.N.E.A.; Theatre Council. GAIL PRICE Social Work Sociology Club. LARRY THOMAS REYNOLDS History MAXINE RHODES Home Economics o|9 SENIORS ' ACTIVITIES Ivol Spafford Club; Ushers Club. CHERYL ROBBINS Elementary Education A.C.E.; S.N.E.A. MELTON ROBERTSON Business Administration A.C.E. Club; College Night, Cabinet; Delta Social Club. Sec; MONTAGE Staff; S.G.A. Officer. DONALD ROBINSON Math, Business Administration ALABAMIAN Staff; B.A. Club, Treas.; Col- lege Night, Cabinet; Delta Theta Pi, Pres.; Kappa Mu Epsilon; MONTAGE Staff; Sigma Social Club; Student Court; S.G.A. Officer, Pres.; Alpha Sigma Alpha; Resident Assistant. SANDRA ROBINSON Home Economics College Night; Home Economic ' s Club; MONTAGE Staff. JAMES M. ROUNTREE Physical Education " A " Club; Baseball Team; Manager Basket- ball Team; Biology Club; College Night, Cabi- net; House Officer; P.E. Club; Recreation Assn. MARTHA ANN ROY Physical Education College Night, Cabinet; Orchesis; P.E. Club. BETH RUMSEY Music College Choir,; College Night; S.N.E.A.; S.R.A. Officer; Ushers Club; M.E.N.C, Of- ficer; Organ Guild. TOM RYAN Business Administration Baseball Team; B.A. Club; Meister Social Club; MARY KATHALEEN SAMPLE English Chorale; College Night; MONTAGE Staff; S.N.E.A. PATSY SCALES Elementary Education A.C.E., Vice-Pres.; College Night; Wind En- semble. MATILDA JANE SCHOBER Psychology ALABAMIAN Staff; College Night; Newman Club, Sec, Pres.; Pi Delta Phi; Sociology Club; Psychology Club, Pres., Sec.-Treas.; LILLIAN SCOGGINS History. Spanish Executive Council; Chorale, Vice-Pres.; Col- lege Night, Cabinet; Hispanic Society; Inter- nat ' l Relation Marshall; MONTAGE Staff; Student Court; S.N.E.A.; S.R.A. Officer; Ushers Club, Pres. JIM SCOTT Psychology College Night; Senate; Track Team; Psy- chology Club, Vice Pres. CHARLES J. SELMAN Business Administration B.A. Club, Pres., Treas.; Executive Council; S.G.A. Officer, Treas.; Sigma Alpha Sigma, Treas.; House Resident Assistant; Bus. Adm. Ass ' t. PAULA SHAFFER Sociology Sigma Delta Pi; Sociology Club; Wind En- semble. VIVIAN SHIELDS Sociology ALABAMIAN Staff; House Officer; Sociology Club, Treas. MARY LAZENBY SLATON 220 Music Chorale; College Choir; College Night Cabi- net; Lambda Sigma Pi; Opera; Student Guild; Phi Alpha Mu, V. Pres.; Band; MENC. PATRICIA ANN SMITH Physical Education P.E. Club; S.N.E.A. WARREN SPARKS Business Administration " A " Club, Sec; Baseball Team. GEORGIA SPIVEY Elementary Education A.C.E. ; Chorale; College Choir; College Night; Sigma Social Club Sweetheart; S.N.E.A. NICHOLAS EUGENE STEEN Political Science Delta Social Club, Chaplain; MONTAGE Staff; Senate. BRIDGETTE CUSHING STEPHENS Speech Correction Logos; Orchesis. CHARLES C. STEWART Business Administration B.A. Club; Internat ' l Relations; Men ' s Pro- fessional Business Frat., Treas.; Sigma Alpha Sigma, Pres. WILLIAM STUART Economics Golf Team. DELLA SUE SUDDUTH Elementary Education A.C.E.; S.N.E.A. PERRY SUMNER Business Administration B.A. Club; College Night, Cabinet; Executive Council; House Officer; Sr. Class Officer. NANCY TAGGART Elementary Education A.C.E.; Newman Club; S.N.E.A. CAROLYN TANNER Elem. Ed. A.C.E.; BSU; Recreation Assn.; S.N.E.A. JIMMY TAYLOR Math " A " Club, Pres.; Circle " K " Club; College Night, Cabinet; MONTAGE Staff; Tennis Team, Capt. TROY J. TAYLOR History Biology Club; Student Court. WILLIAM CARL TAYLOR Spanish, Political Science Circle " K " ; Hispanic Society; House Of- ficer; Internat ' l Relations; Sigma Delta Pi, Pres., Treas.; A.G.O. DAMRELL THREADGILL Elementary Education A.C.E.; College Night; Recreation As.; S.N.E.A.: S.G.A. Officer; Westminister Fel- lowship. ALICE TODD Elem. Ed. A.C.E.: House Officer; S.N.E.A. JEAN TOOPS Biology Biology Club ; Sociology Club. ANNA SUSAN TURNER Social Science Catalina Club, Treas.; College Night; College Theatre; Kappa Delta Pi; V.Pres.; Lambda Sigma Pi, V.Pres.; Orchesis; S.N.E.A. Honor ' s Day. DORIS JEAN VINES Physical Education Catalina Club, Vice-Pres.; Orchesis; P.E. Club. JOHN VOGEL College Theatre; Meister Social Club; WRSD. JUANITA VOLKER Speech Chorale; College Theatre; Logos; Theater Council; Zeta Phi Eta; Honor ' s Day; Experi- mental Theatre; TOWER Staff. SCOTT E. WALDROP Chemistry Sigma Social Club, Officer; Student Court; S.G.A. Officer; Chemistry Club; Resident Assistant; RICHARD F. WALLER Business Administration B.A. Club; Circle " K " , Sec.-Treas.; Execu- tive Council; Senate; Sigma Social Club, Pres., Chap., Pari.; S.G.A. Officer; S.R.A. Officer; ELIZABETH CALLIE WEEKS Biology Biology Club; College Night; S.N.E.A. JAMES M. WELLS Psychology College Choir; Psychology Club. FRANK G. WENDT Music Circle " K " ; College Choir; Hispanic Society; Newman Club; Phi Alpha Theta; Pi Alpha Mu; S.G.A. Officer; The Guild Student Group of the American Guild of Organists; Eta Sigma Phi, Vice-Pres.; MENC; Band. LINDA WHITE Sociology College Night; Orchesis; Sociology Club. SHARON WHITTINGTON Elementary Education College Night. MICHAEL LEE WIGGINS Business Administration B.A. Club; Delta Social Club; Internat ' l Relations; DON WILLIAMS Biology Biology Club; Chamber Choir; Internat ' l Re- lations. FRANKLIN EARL WILLIAMS Political Science Westminister Fellowship; WRSD Manager. JILL FOWLER WINNING Sociology College Night; Sociology Club; Psychology Club. JOHN LAURENCE WISE Spanish ALABAMIAN Staff; College Choir; College Night, Cabinet; College Theatre; Hispanic Society; Theatre Council; Ushers Club; Wind Ensemble. CAROL WISHUM Retail Economics College Night; College Theatre; Ivol Spafford Club; Retail Club; Experimental Theatre; Home Ec. Fashion Show. CLIFFORD WOODFIN Business Administration B.A. Club. SHARON WOLLEY Math, History Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Alpha Theta; Wes- ley. LINDA PENTON WYATT Math Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Eta Sigma Phi ; Honor ' s Day. BARBARA CLYDE YOUNG English S.N.E.A. PALMER HALL SECRETARIAL STAFF 222 L. ' i H B Mi ' " ■ 5i£t " » , -- ' ■■ ' " ' B j ADDING A DIMENSION TO STUDENT DINING You did it, Class of " 6G Congratulations! We ' re proud to have served you and we all wish you Bonne chance! Bonne sante! et Bon voyage! 226 FARR ' S AUTO PARTS Columbiana, Alabama Phone 694-9401 MONTEVALLO REXALL DRUG Your Pharmacist, JACK SIMS EVERETT CABLE NELSON ALLEN ORGANS WURLITZER ORGANS BB AND X O INJ ESTABLISHED I8B9 pIANO fO IPANY, Inc. 1914 4TH AVENUE. NORTH • BIRMINGHAM. ALABAMA ' It Pays to Shop at Forbes Before Buying " MONTEVALLO LUMBER COMPANY Everything for Building F. FROST F. FROST, JR. Montevallo, Alabama Phone 665-6811 Compliments of MERCHANTS PLANTERS BANK Where Student Accounts Are Always Welcomed MEMBER FDIC Montevallo, Alabama 227 VESTAVIA SHOPPING CITY Vestavia ' s Merchant ' s Association ALLEY DRUG CO. PERFECTION CLEANERS A A ASH, INC. BELL BROS. SHOES B ' HAM FED. SAVINGS LOAN ASSN. B ' HAM TRUST NATIONAL BANK THE BLOUSE HOUSE BRITTLINGS THE BYRD CO. INC. THE CAMBRIDGE SHOP DANIEL ' S OPTICIANS THE FASHION POST FULLER ' S APOTHECARY JACK ' S HAMBURGERS JOHNSON ' S VESTAVIA JEWELERS KtSSLER ' S KNIT ' N PAUL LOCHAMY ' S BAR B Q JOE NICHOLS STUDIO INTERNATIONAL BALLERIA ESPEY ' S BARBER SHOP MRS. TODD ' S CAFETERIA VESTAVIA MALL INC. PARISIAN ' S SEARS THE SHOE CARROL SNOW ' S CARD GIFT SHOP SUSAN LANE GIFTS VESTAVIA BAKE SHOP VESTAVIA BARBER SHOP VESTAVIA BEAUTY SALON VESTAVIA COIFFEURS BY DAVID VESTAVIA DRUG CO. VESTAVIA HARDWARE VESTAVIA SHOE HOSPITAL WILLAUGHBY INTERIORS WESTERN SUPER MARKET HILL ' S WOOLWORTH ' S YIELDING ' S FIRST INVESTMENT SAVINGS CORP. P. S. APOTHECARY TODD ' S VESTAVIA MALL MATERNITY FASHION BAZAAR FREDERICK ' S COIFFEURS MERLE NORMAN COSMETICS WATKINS ONE-HOUR CLEANERS Delicious and Refreshing CLARA-NEAL MOTEL AND RESTAURANT (%£ ' (m$i 44 Units Swimming Pool REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. Electric Heat and Television U.S. Hwy. Interstate 65 Phone 668-76 1 1 MONTEVALLO Calera, Alabama COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY GO FALCONS! COLUMBIANA 5 10 F. P. GIHVAN, Manager Montevallo, Alabama Columbiana, Alabama 228 FIRST METHODIST CHURCH and WESLEY FELLOWSHIP Montevallo, Alabama H. FRANK LEDFORD, Pastor Worship Service 11:00 A.M.— 7:00 P.M. Sunday School 10:00 A.M. " Make Our Church Your Church While Attending Alabama College " MONTEVALLO CHURCH OF CHRIS " We extend a warm welcome to e II de- nominations anc invite you to atten d our services. " ST. ANDREWS EPISCOPAL CHURCH and CANTEBURY CLUB MONTEVALLO BAPTIST CHURCH Montevallo, Alabama " Home of Alabama College " RICHARD G. CROWE, Pastor RODNEY L. ELLIS, B.S.U. Director " We invite you to attend our services at any time. " Sunday Worship: Sunday School: 8:45 A.M., 11:00 A.M. 7:30 P.M. 9:45 A.M. MONTEVALLO PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH We extend a cordial invitation to the stu- dents and faculty of Alabama College to participate in worship and service. Westminster Sunday School . . 10:00 A.M. Morning Worship 1 1 :00 A.M. Westminster Fellowship 6:30 P.M. ST. THOMAS THE APOSTLE CATHOLIC CHURCH AND NEWMAN HALL Highland Ave., Montevallo, Alabama Phone 665-7379 Masses: Sundays 7 A.M., II A.M. Holy Days 7 A.M., 7 P.M. Weekdays 6:30 A.M. Newman Apostolate Meets Every Wednesday at 7 P.M. REV. MICHAEL J. WHITE, Pastor A Everybody Else Eats at PATS PLACE Why Don ' t You? PAT AND GEORGE NIX, Owners Compliments of LAWLER MANUFACTURING COMPANY, INC. Manufacturer of Poultry and Farm Equipment SIMS SERVICE CENTER Air Cooled Engines Phone 665-2152 Morvfevallo, Alabama ALABASTER SHOPPING CENTER GARRETT PAINT AND BODY SHOP Paint and Body Work Seat Covers and Interior Trim Phone 665-7675 Montevallo, Alabama 230 DIXIE SUPER STORE " Good Things to Eat " Calera, Alabama SHOP DIXIE AND SAVE! Compliments of V. J. ELMORE Alabaster Shopping Center ALLEN ' S SHELL SERVICE STATION See Us Before Your Next Trip Home, for Safety ' s Sake. ROCHESTER ' S DEPARTMENT STORE m LjL l i is Compliments of DAIRY QUEEN ALABASTER, ALABAMA Compliments of MORROW APPLIANCE CENTER Complete Home Appliance Center Alabaster, Alabama For the enterprising man, fine clothes and accessories are a must. Be an enterprising man, you will enjoy life more. Compliments of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE DALTON ELLISON Manager P.O. Bo 100 Calera, Alabama PERSIC Dr. Pepper • Green Spot Orange Mountain Dew • Diet Pep si MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA R. E. SEALES Sales Manager 232 J. C. ACTION Complete Minor • Service • Repairs • Tires • Batteries PHONE 822-9947 Route I , Helena 31 Highway South B S Insurance and Realty P.O. Box 96 — Main Street Montevallo, Alabama W. R. BROADHEAD Broker victor scon Broker Complete Insurance and Real Estate Service PHONE 665-7571 TIMES PRINTING COMPANY Serving Alabama College ' s Printing Needs . " The Tower " " The Alabamian " " Alabama College Bulletin " Compliments of THE DARI-DELITE MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA FANCHER ' S RADIO AND T.V. GIFT SHOP Located Across From the Ford Motor Company. Montevallo, Alabama PURE OIL STATION " Complete Auto Safety Checks " Located Two Blocks From the Alabama College Campus. THE FALCON BOOKSTORE • Textbooks • School Supplies • Art Materials • Study Guides • Paperbacks • Magazines • Greeting Cards Montevallo, Alabama 233 Compliments of DELUXE CLEANERS For Fast Pickup and Delivery Service, See One of Our Campus Representatives Chosen From the Student Body. A Good Professional Cleaning Company MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA NICKERSON ' S Clothing for the Family CALERA, ALABAMA 234 ACME OIL COMPANY Montevallo, Alabama Phone 665-7402 Compliments of SEAMAN TIMBER COMPANY, INC. Montevallo, Alabama Pressure Creosoted Forest Products HILL ' S CONCRETE AND SUPPLY Highway 25 West Phone 668-2584 CALERA, ALABAMA Compliments of STRAND THEATER n REBEL DRIVE-IN MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA HIGHWAY NO. 31 WELCOME MAT U a uMijj out D tmt i ad !wt amumL Montevallo, Ala. LEE RODGERS TIRE CO. 311 So. 21st St. Birmingham, Alabama Headquarters for Quality FISK TIRES RETREADING WHEEL ALIGNMENT BALANCING BRAKES SHOCK ABSORBERS MUFFLERS BATTERIES MOTOR TUNE-UP See Bill Rodgers Jr. for the Best Tire Deal! Good Luck in Years to Come on the MONTAGE!! EDDIE K. and SANDRA R. (3 YEAR VETERANS) 235 Compliments of NEAL ' S BARBER SHOP MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA GILLIS PHARMACY Alabaster Shopping Center PRESCRIPTIONS— COSMETICS— SUNDRIES SODA FOUNTAIN Phone 663-3 1 1 3 — Alabaster, Alabama MARTEEN ' S FOR FASHION Use Your BTNB Charge Plan for All Charges in Alabaster Compliments of TIDMORE ' S SERVICE THREE LOCATIONS Hi-way 25 — Montevallo Hi-way 31 — Alabaster Hi-way 31 — Vincent Service is our business, let us service your car. EUNICE AND BRACK TIDMORE ALABAMA COLLEGE SUPPLY STORE Owned and Operated by Alabama College ALL PROFITS SUPPORT ALABAMA COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP FUND. 236 McDOW MOTOR CO. For a Better Buy or Trade Phone 694-2061 Columbiana, Alabama Whaley Furniture Company, Inc. MONTEVALLO AND CALERA Phone 665-7243 Phone 668-2111 I STANDARD m STANDARD OIL COMPANY ' KENTUCKY! Bill Campbell ' s Standard Service Complete Car Care and Service Mechanical Work PHONE 665-9196 WESHK Bffl Compliments of WESTINGHOUSE Jewelry for Him and Her Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas BE SURE YOU GIVE: ' Gifts That are Remembered Throughout the Years. ' STONE JEWELRY COMPANY MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA THE LITTLE SHOP The Best in Women ' s Apparel Montevallo, Alabama McCULLEY ' S BIG SAVER STORE Montevallo, Alabama ' We Give S H Green Stamps ' DOUGLASS PRODUCE COMPANY Wholesale Dealers in Foreign and Domestic Fruits and Produce Birmingham, Alabama Phone 251-5104 " Quality Produce Since 1900 " - " . , A H AND R GROCERY We Specialize in Meats. Next Door to Dari Delite Montevallo, Alabama PHONE 665-4221 tf 1 Jefferson Memorial Gardens BIRMINGHAM. ALABAMA Compliments of FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF COLUMBIANA Columbiana and Wilsonville MEMBER FDIC DEPOSITS INSURED UP TO $10,000 FALKNER ' S DEPARTMENT STORE " Columbiana ' s Finest " COLUMBIANA, ALABAMA CARL CANNON CHEVROLET mjmn ' We Discount Them ' Phone 665-4481 Montevallo, Alabama FIRESTONE MONTEVALLO HOME and AUTO Phone MO 5-7216 Montevallo, Alabama Alabama Refactory Clay Company, Inc. BOX 291 Montevallo, Alabama 35115 Arcoline for Cupola, Ladle, and Furnace D. H. McFARLAND General Manager Compliments of STINSON GAS COMPANY ' Serving Shelby County ' Columbiana, Alabama Your r j— v Dependable It S Druggist McCLURE DRUGS " On the Corner " RAYBON WILLINGHAM Montevallo, Alabama TRIPLE " J " RANCHHOUSE Alabaster, Alabama TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY " The World ' s Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made " 1 V 4 u l : j ff?r :

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