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Text from Pages 1 - 232 of the 1965 volume:

££ M - . JS t ' j - W v Introduction . . . Administration ... 28 4lliaHI llllli Seniors ... 197 Undergraduates . . . 180 -rf I OF MOMENTARY JOY EXPERIENCED OF NOISE AND SCREAMS AND EXCITEMENT AND FUN • • • ... b •■ v. 1 ' • . AND NOT-SUCH FUN OF THE OFF-BEAT HUMAN INTELLECT WHICH SOON BECOMES ASSOCIATED WITH ITS EXISTENCE . . . f i OF CONFUSION, REFUTATION, AND ASSIMILATION . . . 12 14 OF A LONG WALK AND JUST TWO HEARTS IN COMMUNI- CATION . . . pMM ' %k ■, 15 OF LABORIOUS TASK GRASPED WITH INTENSE PURPOSE OF DISSOLVING THE BARRIERS . . . 16 17 }F THE ENGULFING EMPTINESS 19 20 OF MUFFLED CHEERS FOR A CAUSE THAT SOMEHOW WAS VERY REAL . . . 21 OF EXCITING REMEM- BRANCE OF MOMENTS " JUST BEFORE ... " 23 24 OF MAGNIFICENT MIXTURE OF TRIUMPH AND TRAGEDY 25 26 27 M 4t i PRESIDENT OF ALABAMA COLLEGE Dr. D. P. Culp K ■■«■■ !■■ Ill 1 Governor George Wallace GOVERNOR AND BOARD OF TRUSTEES Seated; Mrs. Isaac Riley, Dr. D. P. Culp, Mr. Wales Wallace, Jr. Standing: Mr. James M. Tingle, Mrs. E. N. Meriweather, Mrs. N. J. Bell, Jr., Mr. Alton E. Schermer, Mrs. Marvin Raines, Mr. W. Van Gilbert. Not Pictured: Mr. J. L. Hardwick, Mr. Joe L. Jennings, Mr. Roy Mayhall. 31 James R. Wilkinson Dean of Men Dr. John B. Walters, Jr Dean of the College Lee A. Barclay Business Manager and Treasurer Betty Cobb Social Director and Assistant to Dean of Women Bessie M. Elliott Assistant Treasurer ADMINISTRATION Marie Oesterling Placement Bureau 34 Laura Frances Mathison Alumni Director Kermit Mathison Director of Admissions and Recruitment j 1W Igf Aubrey Folsom Director of Operations Ralph W. Sears Director of Public Relations 35 OF FACULTY . . . DEPARTMENT OF ART To provide the opportunity for a liberal art education for all students on campus is the aim of the Art Department of Alabama College. Through teaching the relationship of lines, patterns, and colors to produce an artistic, harmonious effect, the Art Department hopes to instill in each and every student an appreciation and understanding of art. The curriculum of the Art Department includes the following fields of art: Graphic, Sculpture, Design, Art History, and Art Education. The depart- ment offers the Bachelor of Arts degree and a Class B Elementary-Secondary teaching certificate. Thomas D. Turpin Chairman 38 John H. Spicer Assistant Professor Martha Allen Associate Professor KAPPI PI Virginia Barnes Associate Professor NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY OF ART Left to Right: Faulkner, Bishop, Nobinger, Baer, Galloway. 39 DEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGY The Biology Department is able to offer excellent training in both general biology and medical technology curricula. The de- partment is better equipped than similar de- partments in other colleges of comparable size and scope, offering an undergraduate research program. During the last three years, at least $25,000 worth of equipment has been obtained. The excellent members of the staff are interested and engaged in research. BETA BETA BETA NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY OF BIOLOGY First Row: Riddle, Patton, Baker, McGraw, Nelson, Meadows. Second Row: Davis, Latham, Faggard, Wilson. Third Row: Jennings, Barclay, Cowley. Fourth Row: Groover, Turner, Mount, Cotter. Fifth Row: Connell, Sledge. Dr. Henry F. Turner Chairman Dr. Eugene B. Sledge Assistant Professor R. D. Groover Instructor Dr. James F. Connell Professor 41 DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION The Department of Business Administration offers the student majoring in Business Administration and Secretarial Administration an education which is Liberal Arts oriented. Its purpose is to prepare the student professionally for a position in the business world. A. L. Terry Chairman 42 Kate C. Sneed Assistant Professor Mary Dunstan Associate Professor William Greene Assistant Professor Sara Ruth Morgan Associate Professor NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION First Row: Howton, Dupree. Second Row: Robinson, Stewart, Live- oak, Selman, Kratochvill, McDonald. 43 DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY Through a recent grant from the National Science Foundation and a matching grant from the State of Alabama, the Chemistry Depart- ment has secured a large amount of valuable equipment which enables the department to offer adequate laboratory facilities to all graduates. The excellent staff permits the offering of courses that ranks the college among the best of the Liberal Arts institutions in the country. George N. Chremos Instructor Dr. Aris Merijanian Assistant Professor Henry P. House Associate Professor W. J. Kennedy Chairman DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION The education of prospective teachers at Alabama College is a cooperative undertaking involving the Education Department among others and comprising a sound program of general education, a carefully planned sequence in each teaching specialty, and specific prepara- tion for the teacher ' s daily work. Secondary school teachers are advisees of the Educa- tion Department, but each completes a major and a minor in other departments. The Education Department offers certain of the professional courses and also super- vises the apprenticeship of some 40 ele- mentary and 80 secondary trainees annually. Their directed teaching experience fully occupies half a semester and takes the stu- dent teacher into five or more school sys- tems. Other departmental functions include the sponsorship of educational organiza- tions: Student NEA and the Association for Childhood Education. Dr. Charles L. Gormley Chairman 46 Dr. Ben M. Dukes Assistant Professor Dr. B. E. Fancher Associate Professor Minnie Dunn Associate Professor KAPPA DELTA PI NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY OF EDUCATION First Row: Compton, McGraw, Morrison, Foller. Second Row: Billotte, McCreay, Lord, Van- diver. Third Row: Dupree, Mrs. Culp, Jennings, Lancaster. Fourth Row: Robbins, President Culp. 47 DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH Dr. John Lott Chairman The English Department offers two courses in the genera education program — a freshman course in composition and literature and a sophomore course in major British writers. In addition the department offers advanced courses in the major fields of English and American literature. It joins with several other departments in offering a master ' s pro- gram for teachers in American studies. Each spring the department sponsors student writing in the Southern Literary Festival. Owen C. Elder Instructor 48 Eloise Meroney Associate Professor Charlotte Blackmon Instructor DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN LANGUAGE The Foreign Language Department offers in addition to the first two years of Spanish, French, and German, advanced courses in the languages. To keep the classics flourishing in our Liberal Arts College, a Latin scholar has been employed to teach courses in elementary and intermediate Latin. Last year a new 26 booth language laboratory with latest Acoustron equipment was installed, and this year laboratory courses have been initiated on a second year level, in which Alabama College again leads the state. 50 R. J. Harris Instructor Charles E. Majure Instructor Joseph DiOrio II Instructor M. R. Mayfield Instructor SIGMA DELTA PI NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY OF SPANISH Mayfield, Compton, Vandiver, Taylor. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH, PHYSICAL EDUCATION, AND RECREATION Dr. Chester Palmer Chairman 52 The most significant develop- ment in the Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation is the completion of the new 30,000 square foot Physical Educa- tion building. The department supervises Intra- murals, Intercollegiate Athletics in Cross County, Tennis, Golf, Bas- ketball, and Baseball, Catalina, Or- chesis, and " A " Club. These activi- ties are in addition to regular Physical Education classes which involve over 1000 student contact hours per semester. Floyd V. Anderson Associate Professor Dr. Bernice Finger Professor Jeanette Crew Assistant Professor Dr. Leon Davis Assistant Professor Geneva Myrick Associate Professor 53 DEPARTMENT OF HOME ECONOMICS The development of the student as a person, a citizen, a homemaker and a professional home economist is a basic goal of the Department of Home Eco- nomics. This department, the first one in the state, offers courses for majors and non-majors, who are interested in prep- aration for family living. Programs of study are designed to prepare majors for becoming professional home econo- mists in the fields of vocational home economics teaching, retail economics, institutional economics and related posi- tions. Dr. Rebecca Pate Chairman 54 Mary Lark in Resident Teacher Trainee OMICRON NU NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY OF HOME ECONOMICS Jennings, Whittle, Robbins, Wiggins. Ethel Bickham Associate Professor Mabel Owsley Assistant Professor Florence Folsom Assistant Professor 55 DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS AND PHYSICS Three major programs in mathematics are designed to meet the needs of students interested in careers in teaching, applied mathematics, or in additional study leading to advanced degrees. In addition to the mathematics programs, the department offers courses in physics and in basic engineering. At Alabama College qualified students may complete the first two years of the basic engineering program and then obtain an engineering degree by taking the remaining two years at the university of his choice. In the Physics Building laboratories students obtain first hand information by performing experiments in the various branches of physics. Recently, a grant from the National Science Foundation, which was matched by funds from Alabama College, made it possible for the de- partment to purchase additional scientific equipment and apparatus amounting to $25,000. Dr. D. R. McMillan Chairman 56 Dr. Miguel Guitart Associate Professor Dr. Angela Hernandez Associate Professor Joseph M. Cardone Assistant Professor Joseph G. Cates Assistant Professor NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY OF MATHEMATICS First Row: Rosa, Roland, Palmer, Newberry, McMillan. Second Row: Kridakorn, Allen, Jones, Benton, Smith, Fleming, Maher. Third Row: McEntee, MaGahee, Braswell, Hig- don, Norrell. Fourth Row: Morris, Robinson, Campbell, Oglesby. DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC The Music Department of Alabama College is constantly engaged in an effort to make its resources and offerings available to all students and faculty. Those students interested in music as a primary emphasis may work toward programs leading to the Bachelor of Music degree, the Bachelor of Music Education degree, and a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in music. Dr. John W. Stewart Chairman Dr. Betty Louise Lumby Associate Professor Ina Strom Assistant Professoi Theodore M. Pritchett Assistant Professor 59 Walter Moeck Instructor DEPARTMENT Dr. Maxine Davis Professor Bennie D. Middaugh Assistant Professor F MUSIC Joan Cowan Instructor PHI ALPHA MU Luis Benejam Instructor Bruce Tolbert Associate Professor LOCAL HONOR SOCIETY OF MUSIC Hargrove, Thompson, Holliman, Megginson, Harrison, Lazenby. 61 DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY Dr. Katherine Vickery Chairman Dr. Frank McGurk Professor DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY AND RELIGION Dr. Irvin Weaver Chairman Professor 63 DEPAR SOCIA An inlroduetio BY EUZABKfti i|l»% AENT OF CIENCES Dr. James D. Thomas Chairman Jesse J. Jackson Assistant Professor Having the responsibility for instruction in the areas of economics, geography, history, political science, and sociology, the Department of the Social Sciences offers a major or minor in each of these fields, except geography. In addition, a composite major or minor in the social sciences is possible, if the student takes a required number and variety of courses within the department. The most important fact about the department is that the College has acquired the Jeter Building and intends to renovate this building and use it as a social science building. THESSALONIKI ' 4 GREECE Reuben A. Triplett Assistant Professor Murray Flynn Associate Professor 65 Beryl R. McClaskey Assistant Professor Dr. Lucille Griffith Professor Jeanette Niven Assistant Professor DEPARTMENT Ol 66 PHI ALPHA THETA LOCAL HONOR SOCIETY OF HISTORY First Row: Wooley, Bridges, Morrison. Second Row: Billotte, Strange, Jones. Third Row: Weaver, McGa- hee, Hicks. Fourth Row: Griffith, Cobb, Denson. Mary Whatley Associate Professor Shirley Fulton Jackson Assistant Professor OCIAL SCIENCES 67 «C S £I1£|| illflf ' DEPARTMENT OF SPEECH Dr. Laura Wright Chairman The Speech Department reaches each and every student in public speaking, dramatics, debate, speech correction, or radio. A vital part of our campus life, the department teaches its students, not only the basic skills of speaking in public but through practiced experience the students become able to feel at ease before an audience. Jeanne Graham Instructor Vivian Roe Associate Professor, Director of Speech Clinic Willilee Traumbauer Associate Professor Mary Gleason Assistant Director of Speech Clinic 69 ZETA PHI ETA NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY FOR SPEECH Seated: Harper, Kemp. Standing: Stewart, Shelton, Fund- erburk, Lancaster. DEPARTMENT OF SPEECH PI KAPPA DELTA LOCAL HONOR SOCIETY FOR FORENSIC Seated: Hearn, Davis. Standing: Dabbs, Reynolds, Frew. 70 THE ALABAMA COLLEGE LIBRARY The Alabama College Library is a great asset to the college community. Used extensively by both students and faculty, the library houses a wide variety of materials necessary to complement the knowledge gleaned from textbooks and lectures. The book collection numbers 85,687 volumes plus a popular fiction-non-fiction collection. The library receives 750 magazines and 17 newspapers. The exhibit cases and bulletin board in the foyer are always filled with subject matter from various fields of interest. Miss Mary Frances Tipton Mrs. Julia Rotenberry Miss Jimmie Williams Assistant Librarians DELTA THETA PI Local Honor Society for Men ' s Leadership 1st row: Kridakorn, Hawkins, Caldwell, Denson, Grey. 2nd row: Wilkinson, Cobb, Henry, Benton, Latham. 3rd row: Fridley, Dabbs, Strange, Holland, Robinson. LAMBDA SIGMA PI Local Honor Society for Senior Women Sealed: Fleming, Lancaster, Robbins, Megginson. Standing: Shelton, Compton, Hubbard, Grider, Faggard, McGraw. ' 91 72 PI DELTA PHI National Honor Society for French Seated: Veazy. Standing: Cobb, Brown. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA National Honor Society for Freshman Women ' s Scholarship First Row: Mason, Tortorici, Carter. Second Row: Hymel, Keller, McKinney, Elliot. Third Row: McEntee, Bowen, Montgomery. Fourth Row: Farris, Mills, Lambert, Hoagland. Ml PS F% 1 IB J 4£ ' JmH BBS L - Ems flE ra| - " " " pa |h %; 1S " •J W ' P l ' ' ' W 1 Hi BJ ETA SIGMA PHI Local Honor Society for Scholarship Seated: Lancaster. Standing: Hubbard, Flynn, Veazy, Guitart. 73 muHHHumm OF ORGANIZATIONS . . . 75 BIOLOGY CLUB Sealed: Barclay, Hutson, Tin- ner. Standing, First Row: Jones. Weeks, Pattern, Daniels, Da vis, Ventura, Faggard, Thorn as. Second Row: Plunkett, Skel ton, Coplin, Hymel, Merri wether, Hopkins. Third Row: Harris, McCand liss, Thompson, Dodson Clopton, Crawford, Jennings 76 ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION Seated: Esneul, Bond, Canada, Porch, Bogress, Todd, Nichols. Standing, First Row: Jones, Seales, Robbins, Granade, Pugh, Douglas, Luker, Ingram, Lewis, Fowler, Barlow, Smith. Second Row: Stewart, Petithory, Threadgill, Neeley, Phillips, Nobinger, McCreary, Munkus, Heath, Benger, Tanner. ij SOCIOLOGY CLUB First Row: Lewis, Byrd, Cockrell, Glassgow, Rudicell, Mason, Harwell, Murphy. Second Rotr: Galloway, Maddox, Hawkins, Shields. BUSINESS CLUB First Row: Lance, Melody, Phillips, Crumley, Deyspring. Second Row: Terry, Selman, Waller, Armestead, Kratochvill, Barton. Third Row: Hinton, Stewart, Hicks, Palmer, Frew, Miller. Fourth Row: Liles, McDonald, Ros. 77 I HISPANIC SOCIETY Sealed: Davis, Lee, Cash, Wertz, Payne. Standing, First Row: Taylor, Cerice, M., Scoggins, Giiland, Gorgey, Cerice, E. Second Row: Harris, Tuck, Hernandez, Terman, Kemp, Gorgey, Bond, Cerice, E. Third Row: Mayfield, McDonald, Brown, Wise, Hutto, Lawley, Leo. USHERS CLUB First Row: Wright, Alterman, Schober, Gilchrist. Second Row. Schober, Granade, Crowley, Scoggins. Third Row: Glover, Thompson. 78 ,(D PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB First Row: Roland, Bridges, West, Griffin, Skelton, Tarrant. Second Row: Brown, Hayden, Johnson, Higginbotham, Morriss, Majors. Third Row: Durham, Corn, Wheale, Grider, Bice, Dean, Andrews. Fourth Row: Irby, Lassiter, Smith, Fleming, Chastine, Glover, Hall. Fifth Row: Brunner, Pruitt. A CLUB Seated: Langham, Rosa, Tayler. First Row: Lewis, Gill, Kridakorn, Stone, Sparks, Stoffregan, Peavy, Dean. Second Row: Aldridge, Chisholm, Hall, Majors, Glover. o. p % ' !79 ® s y r al " HOME ECONOMICS CLUB First Row: Teague, Gibb, Pate, Pittman, Robbins, Harris, Whittle, Nichols, Hall, Cooper. Second Row: Lord, Bryan, Hope, Baker, Bailey, Yates, Brunson, Hayes, Faulkenberry. Third Row: Robinson, Little, Bryan, Gaston, Herron, Hayes, Donaldson, Jackson. Fourth Row: Hicks, Lindsay, Moseley, Hinson, Clarke, Foxworth, Thomas, Latimer, Chambers. Fifth Row: Lightsey, Meredith, Dunlavy, Dennis, Phillips, Webb, Rhodes, Seale, Speed, Hc-nderson. Sixth Roir: Crispwell, Lord. Holland, Garris, Butler. ALABAMA COLLEGE FIRE DEPARTMENT 80 First Row: Culp. McManis, Miller, Cruce. Second Row: Garver, Clopton, Brown, Bryant, Dobson. CATALINA CLUB First Row: McBroom, Hannan, Vasko, Parnell, Cross, Shelton, Vines, Higginbotham, Edwards, Spotswood, Allen. Second Row: Fleming, Coale, Irby, Kohn, Wheale, Griffin, Harris, West, Coe. W.R.S.D. RADIO Seated: Sands. Standing left to right: Jones, Vogel, Hawkins, Marbury, White, Matthews. 81 J ' i««»ii- ; ' PSYCHOLOGY CLUB Seated: Maddox, Lindsey, Sutton. Standing, First Row:- Brannon, Davis, Schober, Galloway, McDaniel, Lee, Milwee, Holcombe. Second Row: Glas- gow, Driskell, Lea, Gaines, Lewis, Scott, Patton, Harwell. Third Row: Eiland, Perry, Brown. CHEMISTRY CLUB 82 First Row: Scales, White, Wingett, Wingo, Faggard, Williams. Second Row: Davis, Hoagland, Hymel, Coplin, Horn. Third Row: Bandow, Garrett, Thompson, Merriwether. S.N.E.A. First Row: Morrison, Douglas, Canada, Foster, Ward, Phillips. Second Row: Dunlavy, Brown, Gruetzmacher. Third Rote: Fowler, Neeley, Latimer, Matthews, Jones. Fourth Row: Phillips, Baker, Funderburk, Milwee, Smith, Dupree. Fifth Row: Crispell, Scoggins, Barlow, Brunner, Byrd, McCrary. Sixth Row: Fleming, Threadgill, Byrd, Granade, Lancaster, Liles. LOGOS First Row: Cushing, Bannon, Barnett, Stewart, Volker. Second Row: Drysdale, Ribble, Herring, Sexton. Third Row: Griswold, Gibb, Neeley, Ropp. 83 THEATRE COUNCIL Seated: Bishop, Kemp. Standing: Lancaster, Liles, Funderburk, Coggins, Harper, Britton, Maynard, Wise, King. CIRCLE K First Ron:- Sanderson, Hargrove, Onderdonk. Second Roiv: Hinton, Melody, Col. Terry, Dr. Thomas. 84 First row: Thomas, Hayden, Davis, Cushing, Clark, Simmons, Grider, Hancock, Griswold. Second Row: Miller, Roy, Hare, Vines, Holley, M. Alfano, Garner. Third Row: Terman, Kieffer, Fund- erburk, Skelton, Griffin, Inman. Fourth Row: J. Alfano, G. Gris- wold, Saxon, Atkins, Davis, Pope. Fifth Row: Harris, Coggins, Skel- ton. 85 JUDO CLUB First Row: Bouler, Carrico, Elder. Second Row: Wallace, Bradley, McCoullough, Ward, McLaughlin. Third Row: Franklin, Cowley, Pittman. Fourth Row: Garner, Hurst, Griffith, Sanderson, Garret, Latham, Head. 86 THE MEISTER SOCIAL CLUB The Meister Social Club is the oldest men ' s social organization at Alabama College. Jointly sponsored by Reuben A. Triplett and William Cobb, the group strives to meet its motto of " Unus in Fraternitate " (unity in brotherhood). Although its membership is selective, the Meisters partake in a variety of activities ranging from competitive sports to social activities. The group has also held the highest cumulative point average for the past two semesters. First Row: Bailey, Finch, Campbell, Braswell, Crompton, Vogel, Griffith. Second Row: Veazy, Lord, Fulton, Bandow, Barton, Grimes, Frew, Cobb, Norris. Third Row: Triplett, Mill, Ryan, Hill, Jennings, Hinton, Blake, Wilson, Krotachvil Fourth Row: Harkins, Hastings, Thomas, Page. 87 THE SIGMA SOCIAL CLUB Sigma is based on the idea that an individual, living and working with a group which stresses excellence in its every phase, can derive benefits and rewards, both immediate and far-reaching, as he in turn gives to the group loyalty, devotion and service and accepts its inherent re- sponsibilities and obligations. In less abstract terms, Sigma is an organization pledged to the promotion of scholarship, the creation of an active social life, the cultiva- tion of leadership, the promotion of a wholesome athletic program, the performance of worthwhile service projects, and the encouragement of participation in campus activities. The ultimate of these aims is the fostering of a close-knit brotherhood, which largely determines the success of the other phases. Without demanding conformity, the Sigma Social Club encourages its members to the ideal of the well- rounded college man, while attempting to cultivate individual talents and interests. Kneeling: Patterson, Holland, Higdon, Cobb, Howell, Caldwell, McDonald, Parsons, Jabeles, Strange, Demeranville, Waldrop, Hunt. Seated: Bond, Porter. Standing: First Row: Hawkins, Lockhart, Waller, Davis, Latham, Benton, Karr, Peavy, Stone, Wigham, Huffstutler. Second Row: Young, Rohr, Robinson, Palmer, Demonia, Balzer, Waldrup, Grimes. 88 THE DELTA SOCIAL CLUB The Delta Social Club, founded in 1961, is sponsored by John Spicer and Neal Shirley. Its members have established a fine record for their participation in college activities, service projects and athletics. The spirit and brotherhood have established this organization with a firm foundation to be built upon in the future years Kneeling: Whitehead, Langham, Fridley, Bishop, Trammell, Moon, Butts. Seated: Ros, Miller, Dreyspring, Fridley, J. Standing: First Row: Bruce, Liles, Eiland, Roundtree, Pate, Stone, Stoffregan, Coggins, Miller, C, Leo, Steen, Robertson. Second Rote: Dabbs, McAleer, Lindsey, Hunter, Wiggins, White, Morris. 89 90 OF ACTIVITIES . . . 91 MONTAGE ... the Production Staff: Bernadine Lee, Lynda Simmons, Margaret Andrews, Itsy Glasgow, Vicki Hymel, Jody Kelsey, Mindy Mylius, Carol Ward, Barbara Hull, Wanda Foster, Gail Lee, Margo Fallin, Marsha Swann, Lyn Hawkins, Lilian Scoggins, Dr. Bill Fancher, Dud Miller. Writers: Fred Cooper, Elaine Anderson, Jarrett Foxworth, Kathy Sample, Linda Allen, Lanny Martin. Editorial Staff: David Naler, Sandra Robinson, Jacqueline Little, David Coggins, Sara Jefferson. Cover Design: Larry Bishop. Layouts: Eddie Kridakorn, Ed Blake. Photography: Eddie Kridakorn, Ed Blake. Eddie Kridakorn, Editor-in-Chief Sandra Robinson, Associate Editor Don Robinson, Business Manager 92 VLABAMA COLLEGE YEARBOOK. Editorial Staff: Seated: Naler. Standing: Little, Robinson, Jefferson. Writers: Seated: Cooper. Standing: Anderson, Foxworth, Allen, Sample. ' reduction staff: Seated: Glasgow. Standing. G. Lee, Scoggins, Hawkins, Mylius, Swann, B. Lee, Kelsey, Fallin. 93 ALABAMIAN . . Martha Helen Hubbard, Editor-in-Chief " The Voice of the Students " — the ALABAMIAN — is a semi-monthly newspaper compiled by students. Its primary purpose, that of stimulating student thinking and affording students a chance to express their conflicting views, is made possible by the great amount of trust and freedom given to the staff by administration and other areas of authority — freedom which has become an A.C. tradition. In an academic community like ours, where there are active, searching minds and only one newspaper to express their thoughts, that newspaper must have an editorial policy of the fairest and most comprehen- sive presentation possible of campus news and issues. Such is the aim of the dedicated volunteer staff of the ALABAMIAN. Salesjnen: Thompson and Baker 94 he ALABAMA COLLEGE NEWSPAPER EDITORIAL STAFF McGahee, Cooper, Frew (Not pictured — Holland) PRODUCTION STAFF Seated: Galloway, Canada. Standing: Bilbro, Byrd. 95 The TOWER, the literary magazine of Alabama College stimulates creative expression in the various art forms as well as in criticism. Its purpose is to express through poetry, short stories, plays, essays, and art work the individual comment of imaginative young people. A necessarily small and select staff works on the TOWER, editing the work which is submitted. Previously published bi-annually, the TOWER was published only in the spring, 1965, in order to have a fuller, more luxurious edition. Following publication, a reading of selections and a critique led by the English department was held at Reynolds ' Hall in conjunction with the awarding of prizes. Such opportunity for student analysis of student-written work is the purpose of the TOWER. Jo Ann Lancaster, Editor-in-chief TOWER ... THE ALABAMA COLLEGE LITERARY MAGAZINE 96 Seated: Cobb, Lancaster. Standing: King. Faulkner, Byrd, Douglas. THE ALABAMA COLLEGE CHOIR First Row: Mynatt, Scruggs, Phillips, Kuhn, Lewis, Tucker, Owens, Ducet, Holliman. Second Row: Nabors, Harrison, Jones, Hubbard, Holmes, Martin, Spivey, Seymour, Thompson, Stewart, Green, McKinney, Parsons, Boone. Third Row: Hargrove, Wagnon, Swindle, King, Kohn, Whigham, Wendt, Eady, Rohr, Russell, Wright, Megginson. Fourth Row: Hildreth, Benton, Mangum, Melody, Horton, Matthews, Glover, Jones, Lance, Carrico, Taylor, Caldwell, Tolbert, Miller. Fifth Row: Ray, Bradford, Hinton, Skelton, Norment, Heron, Tucker, Barger, Burdette, Cowley, Paepcke, Knud- sen, Marchant, Martin. THE ALABAMA COLLEGE WIND ENSEMBLE First Row: Scruggs, Scott, McEntee, Miller, Siddle, Horn, Moore, Cushing, Boyd. Second Row: Lovelady, Rotenberry, Meyer, Byrd, Hoagland, Irwin, Marbury, Lawrence. Third Row: Garrett, Steinberg, Crumley, Moseley, Caldwell, Norment, Magnum, Griffith, Jeter. Fourth Row: Skelton, Lucas, Montgomery, Wise, Bailey. 97 The Lettermen October 21, 1964 The Birmingham Symphony Orchestra with Alabama College Choir, December 16, 1964 CONCERT SERIES Bruce Tolbert, Director, Alabama College Choir Ballet Chaffee Concert Group April 7, 1965 THE ALABAMA COLLEGE THEATRE OUR TOWN . . . directed by W. T. Chichester ar mwf HEIDI . . . directed by Wililee R. Traumbauer t kU- «B t mmi SENATE First Row: Henry, Fridley, Fulton, Tortorici, Caine, Murphy, Higdon, Thomas. Second Row: Granade, Stone, Palmer, Morris, Patterson, Frew, Dreyspring, Whittinger. Third Row: Hawkins, Harkins, Hellman, Lord, Miller, Barton, Hendrix. S.R.A. First Row: Fleming, Little. Second Row: Cox, Rumsey, Hall, Maher. Third Row: Bayne, Thompson, Norton. Foxworth, Keiffer, Patton, Williams, Strange, Norris, Gray, Wal drop (not pictured, Coggins) 102 CABINET Pronl Row: William Latham, Pres- ident of Student Body, Ward, Simmons. Back Ron 1 : Sumner, Benton, McDonald. STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION SOCIAL COMMITTEE Latham, Simmons, McDonald EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Latham, Ward, Sumner, Simmons, Benton 103 FRESHMAN 104 ORIENTATION COLLEGE NIGHT PURPLE LEADERS Leigh Kieffer and Taylor Reynolds GOLD CABINET Kneeling left to tight: Benton, Dreyspring, Tay- lor, Robertson, Batson, Wise. Second Row: Cobb, Fleming, King, Gruetz- macher, Grider, Fleming, Fisher, Caldwell. Third Row: Jones, Harper, Reed, S h e 1 1 o n , Baer, Henderson, Bice. 106 Gold Sign Purple Sign PURPLE CABINET Sitting left to right: Hopkins, Cowley, Coch- rane, Coggins, Glover, Green, Cooper, Sumner. Second Row: Runge, Laz- enby, Pearson, Pilgreen, Kemp, McGraw, Dupree, R o b b i n s, Frew. Third Row: Harwell, Freeman, Mynard, Funderburk, Scoggins, Gaston. S07 GOLD FLUNKIES Kneeling: Robinson, Holland, Kridnkorn, McLaughlin, Stone. Standing: Glasgow, Stone, Cross, Wheale, Rosa, Skelton, Alfano, Murphy. GOLD BASKETBALL PLAYERS Kneeling: Hughes, Bishop, Karr, Murry, Green. Standing: McDonald, Braswell, Grimes, Pierson, Robertson, Martin. 108 1 Ik T-l- l r., ifl mm It T ' , • " ■ -dft 1 ?V " i fife ' ' GOLDS GOLD CHEERLEADERS First Row: Thomas. Second Row: Tones, Owens. Third Row: Saxon, Whittle. PURPLE COWTAILS First Row: Fields, Parnell, Harper Smith. Second Row: Wingett, Rush, Moore, Murphy, Butler, Scoggins, Onderdonk. PURPLE BASKETBALL PLAYERS Kneeling: Lindsey, Butler, Green, Hun- ter, McClendon. Standing: Heidi, Stevens, Major, Gibbs, McClendon. PURPLES PURPLE CHEERLEADERS AND DRUMMERS Kneeling: Hopkins, Runge. First Roiv standing: Inman, Walker, Teague. Second Row: Underwood, Coggins. RAPUNZEL, RAPUNZEL! or A NOT SO GRIMM FAIRY TALE. GOLD CAST Kneeling: Henry, Hildreth, Skelton, Harris, Duncan, Bat- son, Norment, Roberts. First Row standing: Caldwell, Tucker, Petithory, Atkerson, Tucker, Griswold, G i b b s, Bryant, Barger. Second Row: Winning, Davis, Harper, Grider, Swindle, Phil- lips. Third Row: Jones, Holliman, Spivey, Wright. WRONG TURN? PURPLE CAST Kneeling left to right: Knud- sen, Attaway, Glover, Reyn- olds, O ' Rourk. Second Row: Wingetf, Mynatt, Allen, Smith, Pilgreen, Brit- ton, Kemp, Mynard, Bridges. Third Roir: Copeland, Pey- ton, F o u s h e e, Hancock, Funderburk. — ' --— " O- ' c - . __ ■ -—.„ «i__ .. -Ti_ ... TT_r : . •» , -.;. j ff . , » ' :, " :-.-. : v A t -- ' ' ' - ' OF BEAUTIES . . ELITE NIGHT 1965 DEDICATED TO MRS. VIRGINIA BARNES 114 THE FIFTEEN BEAUTY SEMI-FINALISTS: Seated: Peggy Webb, Margo Stephenson. Standing: Julia Levins, Carol Swindle, Leigh Keiffer, Rebecca Ingram, Sandra Bond, Gail Gri ' swold, Linda Hafling, Patsy Holliman, Judy Williams, Louisia Paracca, Sherrell Funderburk, Patricia Stewart. Linda Simmons Dud Miller, Elite Night Co-Chairman James Hatcher, Beauty judge Dennie Thrasher, Beauty Judge MISS LINDA HAFLING MISS PATSY HOLLIMAN 118 IJ9 MISS REBECCA INGRAM 120 ,,,.,....,.„■,.::, „,,,, -.V W ' V WS ' Jp rK - £ " yy .1 ■ ■■• — 121 MISS JULIA LEVINS 122 123 MISS PEGGY WEBB y i v ; : : MftS, tEL - « 9lfck i 3 C 124 " " WM; T " 125 MISS ELLEN WRIGHT 126 Miss Alabama College . . . CHAROLETTE M. MEGGINSON OF FEATURES . . Mr. Alabama College . . . ARCHIE WRIGHT INGRAM 129 Carl H. R. Paepcke Leigh Frances Kieffer WHO ' S WHO AMONG Jannis Eiieene Rosa Barbara Gayle Barbree William R. Billotte Jacqueli Elizabeth W. Fleming 130 STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES Grider WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN JoAnne Lancaster 132 AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES Mary Elsie Shelton Archie Wright Ingram Peggy Ann Compton f33 Mary Faggard, Biology Betty Jean Barlow, Education Jo Anne Lancaster, English Judith Anne Stewart, Music 134 SENIOR ELITE -y — , " " ; Nancy Dupree, Secretarial Administration !35 SENIOR ELITE Eddie Kratochville, Business Administration Doris Ingram, Foreign Languages 136 John Batson, Speech 137 The Alabama College Cheerleaders: 138 Kneeling: Mary K. Eddins. Standing: Kay Shirley, Sue Turner, Marianne Alfano, Tommy Grimes, Susan Garner, Sonja Reed. OF SPORTS . . . 139 I Jimmy Doody, Donnie Andrews, Will Oliver, Charles Richardson, Jimmy Taylor, Jim Mullins, Eddie Kridakorn, James Peavy. THE 1 964 ALABAMA COLLEGIATE CONFERENCE TENNIS CHAMPIONS SEASONAL RECORD A.C 6 Georgia State 1 A.C. 4 Marion 5 A.C ...1 9 Athens A.C 7 Birmingham Southern 2 A.C 7 Marion 2 A.C 7 Jacksonville 2 A.C 5 Troy 4 A.C 9 St. Bernard A.C 7 Florence 2 A.C 8 Jacksonville 1 A.C. 7 Birmingham Southern 2 A.C 8 Troy 1 A.C 7 Florence 2 A.C 4 Auburn 5 A.C 9 LaGrange A.C. 5 Georgia State 2 A.C 9 St. Bernard A.C. 7 Athens 2 ' F. V. Anderson, Coach 140 141 142 The Alabama Collegiate Conference winners: No. 1, Donnie Andrews; No. 3, Jimmy Doody; No. 4, Jimmy Taylor; No. 5, Charlie Richardson; and No. 6, James Peavy. .- — . . !43 THE ALABAMA COLLEGE BASEBALL TEAM r m -n -n Mike Young 3$ Larry Williams c , y s Richard Aldridge Ron Brunner Glenn Braswell David Chisholm Archie Ingram Jerry Gill Bobby Green Roy Green Johnny Grimes Jim King Rocky Leo Jimmy Martin Buddy Sparks Ed. Stoffregen Don Stone SEASONAL RECORD A.C... 6 A.C. 1 A.C. 6 A.C. A.C A.C. . 5 A.C. 7 A.C 2 A.C. 2 A.C. 6 A.C. A.C. 1 A.C . 6 A.C. 5 A.C 4 Marion 3 Troy 5 Huntingdon 9 St. Bernard ..... 9 Florence 7 Jacksonville 10 Jacksonville 18 Troy 3 Livingston 3 Livingston 9 Livingston 4 Livingston 8 Marion 5 St. Bernard 9 Huntingdon 5 Frank K. Lightfoot, Coach 144 145 n % £ 146 147 SEASONAL RECORD Marion defeated A.C. A.C. defeated Tenn. Martin Branch Marion defeated A.C. Troy defeated A.C. A.C. defeated St. Bernard Florence defeated A.C. B ' ham Southern defeated A.C. A.C. tied Troy A.C. defeated B ' ham Southern A.C. defeated St. Bernard A.C. defeated Athens Bob Blake won the Alabama Collegiate conference championship and Randy Wooley also won at his playing position. Dr. Chester Palmer, Coach THE ALABAMA COLLEGE GOLF TEAM Coach Palmer, Jim Armistead, Wallace Montgomery, Bob Blake, Randy Wooley, Bill Teague, Bill Stuart, Dud Miller, Todd Strange. 148 . ■ ' " - - l $M ... 1 i i jtf] " - ■ £L- T ' - . .. :!» % WS HHSI E ■- «t ■ ■ - 1. ■ • w ' ■ 1 , iA rfttjfr ft ■ ' • • ■ • ■ j ,• ■ L Ji . , K5« , " ' i 4i i A | •» HlfWffWrr H|« ■L BR 8 149 SEASONAL RECORD A.C A.C. A.C A.C. A.C. A.C .22 .21 ..21 .22 .28 .24 Marion 35 Troy 39 Marion 34 Marion 38 Marion 27 Troy 35 THE ALABAMA COLLEGE CROSS COUNTRY TEAM Kneeling: Sidney McLaughlin, Jim Martin, Dennis Miller, Joe Campbell. Standing: David Bouler, John Isbell, Coach Floyd Anderson, Ronnie Lewis, Ken Glover. 153 j X -- Kneeling: Jeff Hipson, Jim Harris, Robert Towns, Archie Ingram, Miles Butler, Donnie Andrews. Standing: Wayne Purvis, Paul Kellogg, Ronnie Bell, John Goff, Phil Gleason, John Locklar. ALABAMA COLLEGE INTERCOLLEGIATE BASKETBALL TEAM A. C. A. C. A. C. A. C. A. C. A. C. A. C. A. C. A. C. A. C. A. C. A. C. A. C. A. C. A. C. A. C. A. C. A. C. A. C. A. C. A. C. SEASONAL RECORD 82 West Georgia 76 74 Lagrange 88 51 Valdosta 90 79 John Marshall 65 80 B.S.U 99 90 J.M.U 37 63 J.S.C 95 103 L.S.C 95 71 St. Bernard , 107 59 J.S.C 103 59 B.S.C 72 75 Troy 82 57 Athens 100 66 St. Bernard 76 55 Florence 71 66 Troy 74 73 Florence 92 79 Athens 109 83 West Georgia 73 60 Lagrange 79 77 L.S.C 92 154 Dr. Leon Davis, coach A.C. V.S. JOHN MARSHALL A.C. V.S. JACKSONVILLE STATE 157 A.C. V.S. B ' HAM SOUTHERN 158 A.C. V.S. WEST GEORGIA A.C. V.S. TROY STATE A.C. V.S. FLORENCE S.$W s M jM f ' ' MfjBgSBl hBR| o h rtfi _aj .v » A 5 x 7 L ' W )jt±r- ' - ,. 41 £ THE CHAMPIONS, THIRD RAMSAY: Kneeling: Fridley, Roundtree, Lyles, Stoffregan, Stone, Pate, Brunner, Messer. Standing: Hunter, Fridley, Harris, Bruce, Taylor, Bishop, White, Trammell, Lindsay, Eiland, Montgomery, Riley. INTRAMURAL FOOTBALL INTRAMURAL FOOTBALL . ? f : ! 3 165 INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS, THIRD NAPIER— Kneeling: Lockhart, Aldridge, Balzer. Standing: McDonald, Young, Pearson, Chisholm. MEN ' S BASKETBALL INTRAMURALS RUNNERS UP, SECOND RAMSAY— Kneeling: Meigs, Latham, Woodall, Green, Hatcher. Standing: Goodwin, Keen, Ellis, Powell. 166 167 !68 169 170 WOMEN ' S VOLLEYBALL INTRAMURALS 172 WOMEN ' S VOLLEYBALL INTRAMURALS 173 WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL INTRAMURALS 174 175 ■4 176 WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL INTRAMURALS HSyP I " B F " ■ ■ " B k .- JH H p Lr : B r B F V p ' ■■? %v cVi ft T M MS gft afc- By i - — • " ' i J m fy I 177 OF CLASSES . . . 178 Kerr)- Hancock, junior CLASS OFFICERS Junior: Lord, Murphy, Bryant, Davis Senior: Barbree, Megginson, Fleming Freshman: Sasser, Hinson, Montgomery, Meginniss Sophomore: Attaway, Mills, Elliott, Henry 179 UNDERGRADUATES ABBOTT, EMMET ROY, Selma, Fr. ABBOTT, FRELON, JR., Bessemer, Fr. ADAMS, LILLY JOAN, Cedar Bluff, Jr. ADAMS, ROZLYN MARIE, B ' ham, Soph. ADAMSON, RACH- EAL A., Deatsville, Fr. ADAY, VICKIE CAROL, Hillsboro. Soph. AGEE, IREDRELL K., JR., Selma, Soph. AIKENS, EVELYN ALICE, Mobile, Fr. ALDRIDGE, MILDRED LEE, Calera, Soph. ALEXANDER, WILLIAM G., Mobile, Fr. ALFANO, MARI- ANNE, B ' ham, Jr. ALFANO, VIRGINIA A., B ' ham, Fr. ALLEN, JANE CAMILLE, Jasper, Fr. ALLEN, MARION ANITA, Jasper, Soph. ALLEN, RONALD EDWARD, Marvel, Fr. ALLEN, SELMA JUNE, Huntsville, Fr. ALLEN, SUE CAROL, B ' ham, Soph. ALTMAN, GARY, B ' ham, Fr. ALVERSON, CONSTANCE F., B ' ham, Fr. AMBROSE, BAR- BARA JANET, Madison, Fr. AMMONS, SHERRY YVONNE, Chickasaw, Fr. ANDERSON, DOROTHY E., Mobile, Soph. ANDERSON, LYNDA BARRETT, Montevallo, Soph. AN- DREWS, BUTCH, Cullman, Fr. ANDREWS, EDWARD EUGENE, Montevallo, Fr. ANDREWS, MARGARET S„ B ' ham, Fr. ANGLIN, BETTY JEAN, Monte- vallo, Fr. ANTHONY, M. CHARLOTTE, Calera, Soph. AN- THONY, MARTHA ROSE, Montevallo, Soph. ARNETT, DON- ALD EUGENE, B ' ham, Soph. ARNOLD, ERVETTA MAE, Mobile, Fr. ARNOLD, HUBERT KEVIN, Dothan, Soph. ATKERSON, CYNTHIA ANNE, B ' ham, Fr. ATKINS, BARBARA JEAN, Mobile, Fr. ATKINS, DAVID SAMUEL, B ' ham. Fr. ATKINSON, GERALD WAYNE, Jemi- son, Fr. ATTAWAY, THOMAS LEE, Trussville, Soph. AUSTIN, VIC- TORIA LESTER, B ' ham, Fr. AVERY, MABEL PATRICE, Greensboro, Soph. BOGGAN, JOE, B ' ham, Soph. BAILEY, CAROL LEE, B ' ham, Soph. BAILEY, HOWARD NEIL, Helena, Soph. BAILEY, JAMES FRANKLIN, B ' ham, Soph. BAILEY, THOM- AS DANIEL, Calera, Fr. BAKER, CONSTANCE LOU, Clanton. Jr. BAKER, RANDALL ELLIOTT, Harpersville, Fr. BAKER, SHIRLEY ANN COX, Clanton, Soph. BANDOW, GEORGE THOMAS, Chamblee. Ga„ Jr. BANNON, MELINDA WEDLAKE, Montevallo, Sr. BARCLAY. LEE ARMSTEAD, Montevallo, Jr. BARGER, LEE JEFFREY, Irving, Texas, Fr. BARNA, STEPHANIE A., Auburn, Fr. BARNETT. LOLA MONTEZ, Wetumpka, Jr. BARNETT, SUSAN REID, Wetumpka, Fr. BARNETT THOMAS HILARY, Tarrant, Jr. BARRETT, SHIR- LEY ANN, Montevallo, Fr. BASS, LINDA FAYE, Andalusia Fr. BATES, DONNA ELAINE, Montgomery, Fr. BATTLE HENRY LINCOLN, B ' ham, Soph. BAYNE, LEWIS ELLIOTT, Selma, Soph. BEARDEN, JERRI LYNN, Bessemer, Fr. BEEKER, CHRISTIE ANN, Bessemer, Fr. BELL, BEVERLY ANN, Mobile, Fr. BELL, TERRY RONALD, Rinegold, Ga„ Soph. BENGERT. LAUREL ANNE, Sylacauga. Jr. BENSON, OTIS MELVIN. B ' ham, Soph. BENTON, LARRY JAMES, Eufaula, Jr. BERGSTRESSER. JACK R„ Marvel, Fr. BERRYHILL, THOMAS, B ' ham, Soph. BETHEA, LAUREL DAWN, B ' ham, Fr. BETHELL, BRENDA C, B ' ham, Fr. BILBRO, LUCINDA MOREN, Centreville, Soph. 180 UNDERGRADUATES L%, m mt . likM 4 m ml t BIRCHFIELD, CAROLE L., Calera, Soph. BIRD, ALICE PAUL- ETTE, Montgomery, Fr. BISHOP, JOHN LOYD, Montevallo, Jr. BISHOP, LARRY BRUCE, Gadsden, Jr. BITTINGER, ROGER ALAN, B ' ham, Fr. BLACKERBY, HUGH CONRAD, Bessemer, Soph. BLACKWELL, JANET SUE, B ' ham, Soph. BLAIKIE, CADIE LYNNE, B ' ham, Jr. BLANKENSHIP, LEE ROY, Maylene, Soph. BLANKENSHIP, LYNNE S., Hueytown, Fr. BLANTON, BARBARA OWEN, B ' ham, Fr. BLEVINS, FLORA BERNICE, Adamsville, Fr. BLUDWORTH, NANCY R., DeFuniak Springs, Fla., Fr. BOGREES, NANCY, Selma, Jr. BOHANNON, CHARLES W., JR., Sylacauga, Jr. BOHORFOUSH, CHARLOTTE A., B ' ham, Fr. BOLLMAN, MARY J., Mobile, Fr. BOND, ELOISE, Monte- vallo, Fr. BOND, SANDRA GAY, Mobile, Jr. BOON, SUSAN LOUREN- DIA, B ' ham, Fr. BOONE, BRENDA LEE, Montgomery, Jr. BORDEN, MARGARET CAROL, B ' ham, Fr. BOULER, BILLIE JANE, B ' ham, Fr. BOULER, DAVID ERIC, Mobile, Fr. BOWEN, MARY LUVERNE, Ashford, Soph. BOYD, WILDA DELORES, B ' ham, Fr. BOYER, NANCY ELIZABETH, B ' ham, Fr. BOYER, NANCY ELIZABETH, B ' ham, Fr. BOYKIN, SANDRA LOUISE, Jackson, Soph. BRABNER, RICHARD JOSEPH, Mobile, Fr. BRADFORD, ROBERT W., JR., Childers- burg, Jr. BRADLEY, THOMAS COLYN, Clanton, Soph. BRAMBLETT, JAMES HOWARD, Helena, Sr. BRANDENBURG, DIANE, Siluria, Fr. BRANNON, FRED ARTHUR, B ' ham, Fr. BRAN- NON, ROBERT WAYNE, Bon Air, Fr. BRANNON, SANDRA ALICE, Headland, Jr. BRASFIELD, RICHARD LEE, Quinton, Fr. BRASWELL, BILLY Joe, Siluria, Soph. BRIDGES, JOYCE LUCAS, Montevallo, Soph. ' BRIDGES, MARY JOYCE, Hartselle, Fr. BRIDGES, TERRELL DOYLE, Montevallo, Jr. BRIGGS, JUDITH ANN, Mobile, Jr. BRITTON, REBECCA L., Fairhope, Fr. BROCK, GAIL DO- REENE, Steele, Soph. BROOKS, VICKIE GAIL, Sylacauga, Jr. BROWN. CLARENCE EUGENE, B ' ham, Jr. BROWN, JOHN CURTIS, B ' ham, Fr. BROWN, LELAND AUSTIN, Red Bay, Fr. BROWN, MARION, B ' ham, Jr. BROWN, REBECCA GENE, B ' ham, Jr. BRUCE, FRANK K., B ' ham, Soph. BRUNNER, RONALD, Buffalo, N.Y., Soph. BRUNSON, HARRIET, Mobile, Fr. BRUNSON, MARY ANN, B ' ham, Fr. BRYAN, BONNIE DELL, Fairfield, Fr. BRYAN, DIANN ELIZABETH, Elba Fr. BRYANT, ALVIN HUGHES, Mont- JOE, Siluria, Soph. BRIDGES, JOYCE LUCAS, Montevallo, Soph. BRYANT, ELIZABETH KAREN, Decatur, Jr. BRYANT, MARI- LYN HOPE, Andalusia, Jr. BRYANT, RAYMOND A., B ' ham, Jr. BUCHHOLZ, SARAH JANE, Huntsville, Fr. BUCK, LINDA, Robertsdale, Fr. BUL- LOCK, ELIZABETH A., Dothan, Fr. BURDETTE, MICHAEL WAYNE, B ' ham, Fr. BURDICK, FRANK R., B ' ham, Jr. BURKE, CHARLES WAYNE, B ' ham, Soph. BURKS, LENA FLOSSIE, Gorgas, Fr. BURNETT, JAMES RONALD, B ' ham, Soph. BURT, LEONARD IVERY, Centreville, Fr. BURT, TAMARA JEAN, Brierfield, Soph. BUSBEE, WORTH ED- WARD, B ' ham, Fr. 181 UNDERGRADUATES BUTLER, DOLOROS WAYNE, Bessemer, Soph. BUTLER, GIL- BERT MYLES, Sylvania, Soph. BUTLER, NANCY ELIZABETH, Greenville, Soph. BUTTS, MICHAEL RAY, Montgomery, Soph. BYNON, GEORGE ANN, B ' ham, Fr. BYRD, CAROL LOUISE, Citronelle, Fr. BYRD, VIRGINIA DARE, Atmore, Jr. CAINE, EVANGELINE, Safford, Jr. CALDER, MARARET E., Huntsville, Soph. CALDWELL, TUSKIN JEFF, Selma, Soph. CALDWELL, WIL- LIAM, Bay Minette, Jr. CAMERON, SANDRA MARY, Helena, Fr. CAMPBELL, BETTY LOY, Montgomery, Soph. CAMPBELL, CATHERINE D., Pinson, Fr. CAMPBELL, DAVID JOEL, Robertsdale, Jr. CAMPBELL, DONALD ALLEN, Clanton, Jr. CANADA, JANICE, Eastaboge, Jr. CANON, MARY CAROL, Opelika, Jr. CANTELOU, LOLA ANNE, Wetumpka, Fr. CANTEY, EVIE JUDITH, Fultondale, Soph. CARDONE, SHIRLEY LUCAS, Montevallo, Jr. CARLISLE, GARY MAX, B ' ham, Fr. CARL- TON, JANE ELIZABETH, B ' ham, Fr. CARPENTER, WILLIAM B., Montevallo, Soph. CARR, JESS WILLARD, B ' ham, Soph. CARR, LOIS, Abbeville, Fr. CARRICO, THOMAS L., JR., Palmerville, Jr. CARTER, ETHEL, Clanton, Soph. CARTER, KAREN ELIZABETH, Pratt- ville, Soph. CASH, LYDIA FAY, B ' ham, Fr. CATES, RICHARD LAMAR, Praco, Fr. CERICE, EMMA ELOISE, Montevallo, Jr. CERICE, MARIA MARTA, Montevallo, Jr. CHANDLER, CONNIE ANN, Prattville, Fr. CHAPMAN, BETTY SUE, Goodwater, Fr. CHASTAIN, JIMMY RICHARD, Brookwood, Fr. CHESNUTT, PAMOLYN C, Pittsburg, Pa., Fr. CHISHOLM, DAVID HINLEY, Athens, Soph. CLARK, BETTY MAXINE, Robertsdale, Fr. CLARK, MARIAN, Citronelle, Fr. CLARK, POLLY ANN, Elba, Soph. CLECKLER, RODNEY JEFF, Thors- by, Fr. CLEMENTS, LYNDA SEALE, Jemison, Soph. CLENNEY, MARY HELEN, Eufaula, Fr. CLOPTON, JOHN ALBERT, JR., B ' ham, Fr. COALE, DONNA LOUISE, Selma, Fr. COBB, BUELL E., JR., Cullman, Jr. COCKRELL, CAROLE LOUISE, B ' ham, Soph. COFER, BETTE T., Jemison, Soph. COGGINS, DAVID ER- WIN, Phenix City, Soph. COGGINS, VICKI ANN, B ' ham, Fr. COLE, JAMES LARRY, Hueytown, Fr. COLEY, RANDOLPH MITCHEL, Tuskegee, Fr. COOK, MARY EVELYN, Greenville, Fr. COOPER, NANCY HURSTON, Sylacauga, Fr. COPE, ANITA SANDRA, Hunts- ville, Soph. COPELAND, MARGARET J., Anniston, Fr. COPE- LAND, RECEE LYNN, Gadsden, Fr. CORN, MARY ELIZA- BETH, B ' ham, Fr. COURTNEY, HELEN V., Montgomery, Fr. COWART, CARL MILTON, JR., Jackson, Ga., Jr. COX, FAYE EUGENIA, B ' ham. Jr. COX, JUDY SHARON, Clanton, Soph. CRAWFORD, FRED C, B ' ham, Fr. CREEL, MARY ELLEN, B ' ham, Fr. CROMER, JOAN DIALTHA, Mobile, Fr. CROMER, JOYCE ANN, Mobile, Fr. CROSS, SANDRA KAY, Selma, Jr. CROUCH, BARBARA JEAN, Huntsville, Soph. CRUCE, JAMES ARTHUR, B ' ham, Fr. CRUMLEY, THOMAS MILTON, Helena, Jr. 182 UNDERGRADUATES a. o p. CRUMPTON, GERALD DON, B ' ham, Soph. CRUSE, DOUG- LAS P., JR., B ' ham, Jr., CULP, CHARLES LEALON, Mont- gomery, Fr. CULVER, BETTYE CLAIRE, B ' ham, Soph. CUL- WELL, RUTH ANN, Hayden, Soph. CURRY, DONNA ELIZA- BETH, B ' ham, Fr. CUSHING, BRIDGETTE E., Gadsden, Soph. CUSHNIE, WIL- LIAM PAUL, Montevallo, Soph. DANIEL, JANICE LYNN, Morris, Jr. DANIELL, JAMES HAROLD, B ' ham, Jr. DARK, LINDA MAE, Sylacauga, Soph. DAVIS, ALAGENE, Panama City, Fla., Fr. DAVIS, CATHERINE CAROL, B ' ham, Fr. DAVIS, HARRIET ANN, Mobile, Jr. DAVIS, JANET ELAINE, Casey, 111., Fr. DAVIS, JOHN HOWARD, Fairfield, Fr. DAVIS, JUDITH LYNNE, B ' ham, Fr. DAVIS, SARA LINDA, Dothan, Soph. DAVISTON, DOUGLAS, Mavel, Soph. DAY, JAMES ELLIS, B ' ham, Soph. DEAL, MARTHA RUTH, Dothan, Fr. DEES, SUSAN IRENE, Waveland, Miss., Fr. DELGROSSO, CAROL LANE, Montgomery, Soph. DELHOMME, GEORGE EDWARD, Fairhope, Fr. DELOACH, SANDRA LEE, B ' ham, Soph. DAMERANVILLE, S. J., Mobile, Soph. DEMONIA, KENT MICHAEL, B ' ham, Soph. DENEKE, LINDA CAROL, B ' ham, Fr. DENNIS, RON- ALD CECIL, Montevallo, Jr. DENNIS, SARA KATHRYN, Guin, Soph. DENNY, JERRY LEE, B ' ham, Fr. DENSMORE, TOMMY JOE, Hueytown, Jr. DENTICI, JOSEPH A., JR., B ' ham, Fr. DETKO, GEORGE J., JR., Huntsville, Fr. DEUEL, BETTY JEAN, Huntsville, Soph. DEUPREE, JOHN MILTON, JR., Sylacauga, Jr. DEWITT, SANDRA, Mobile, Soph. DICKINSON, MAE MAUDEL, Prattville, Fr. DILLON, VIRGINIA E., B ' ham, Fr. DIXON, CLIFTON LOUIS, Mobile, Fr. DOBBINS, LINDA GAIL, B ' ham, Soph. DOBSON, EDITH JOAN, Calera, Fr. DODSON, CHAPPELL, JR., Plains, Ga., Jr. DONALDSON, GAIL. Elba, Fr. DONALDSON, JANE MERLE, Jasper, Fr. DORAN, PAUL NESBIT, B ' ham, Fr. DORSETT, GLENDA SUE, B ' ham, Fr. DOUCET, MARY ANNA, Mobile, Jr. DOUGLAS, JOYCE VICTORIA, Lakeland, Fla., Jr. DOUGLAS, LORETTA, B ' ham, Soph. DOUGLAS, RACHEL JOAN, Mont- gomery Fr. DOUGLASS, LINDA LOUISE, B ' ham, Jr. DOU- THIT, FITZ RODERICK, B ' ham, Soph. DOVER, WILLIAM ROBERT, Trion, Ga., Jr. DRYSDALE, JANE WARD, Bessemer, Soph. DRUMMOND, MARY LOU, B ' ham, Fr. DUKE, JOANNE MARIE, B ' ham, Fr. DUKE, ROBERT EVERETT, Montgomery, Fr. DUNKIN, JAMES HAYWARD, Sprott, Fr. DUNNAM, WILLIAM HAROLD. B ' ham, Fr. DUPUY, SAMUEL ALBERT, JR., B ' ham, Fr. DUREL, STE- PHEN JOHN, Duncanville, Fr. DURHAM, SUZANNE, Gads- den, Fr. DUTCHER, MARY LINDA, Fairhope, Fr. EADY, LOIS ANAH, Montevallo, Fr. EASTER, DARWIN HYDE, JR., B ' ham, Soph. EASTIS, ARLETA EDMONDS, Wilsbnville, Jr. EDDINS, JULIA ANNE, Bessemer, Soph. EDDINS, MARY KAY, Mobile, Soph. EDMONDSON, ELIZABETH D., Montgomery, Fr. ED- MONDSON, MARY GENE, Columbiana, Jr. EDWARDS, LYNN NATELLE, Selma, Fr. 183 UNDERGRADUATES EDWARDS, MARY NELL, Clanton, Soph. ' EDWARDS, MICHAELE ANN, Cullman, Fr. EDWARDS, SHARON, Selma, Fr. EILAND, JUDY LEE, Clanton, Fr. EILAND, KENNETH SCOTT, Montgomery, Soph. EILAND, LINDA GALE, Child- ersburg, Fi. ELAM, CAROLYN ELOIS, Tuscaloosa, Soph. ELLIOTT, MARY WILSON, Tuscaloosa, Soph. ELLIS, SAMUEL HARRY, Huey- town, Fr. ELMORE, PATRICIA ANNE, B ' ham, Jr. ELROD, CAROLYN ANN, Trussville, Fr. ENGLEN, LYNNETTE KAY, B ' ham, Fr. ENOCH, THOMAS DERINGTON, Huntsville, Fr. EPPER- SON, EDNA C, Foley, Fr. ESNEUL, KATHRYN SELLERS, Mobile, Jr. ESTES, JIMMIE NELL, Gardendale, Soph. EVANS, CHARLOTTE MAREE, B ' ham, Jr. EVANS. JOHN CARVEN- TRY, B ' ham, Fr. FAHLGREN, LESTER E., Chicago, III., Jr. FAILE, DAVID RAY, Pinson, Soph. FALLIN, MARGUERITE, B ' ham, Jr. FARLEY, JANICE MARIA, Cullman, Fr. FARR, THEODORE J., Columbiana, Soph. FARRIS, MARY MACKLYN, Alabaster, Soph. FAULK, MARINA WINN, Clayton, Soph. FAULKENBERRY, ELAINE A., Selma, Jr. FAULKNER, CHARLES H, Hueytown, Jr. FERRELL, PAULA JEAN, B ' ham, Fr. FIELDS, APRIL JEANNE, Atlanta, Ga., Fr. FINCHER, ANN ELIZABETH, B ' ham, Fr. FINLAYSON, PAMELA JOY, Hueytown, Fr. FLEMING, KATHRYN LOUISE, Fairhope, Soph. FLEMING, SANDRA ELIZABETH, Hueytown, Jr. FLYNN, MARTHA PATRICIA, Decatur, Jr. FOOTE, MARY ALICE, Gadsden, Fr. FOSHEE. BRENDA FAYE, Clanton, Fr. FOSTER, ORA GWENDOLYN, Gadsden, Fr. FOSTER, WAN- DA LEE, Huntsville, Fr. FOUSHEE, JUDITH ELAINE, Truss- ville, Fr. FOWLER, BARBARA RUTH, Montgomery, Soph FOXWORTH, JUDITH JARRETT, St. Augustine, Fla., So D h. FRANKLIN, MICHAEL T., Centreville, Fr. FREEMAN, SHARON LEIGH, B ' ham, Fr. FRIDLEY, JOHN RANDOLPH, B ' ham, Jr. FROST, GLADYS ESCUE, Mobile, Fr. FUNDERBURK, SHERRELL A., Mobile, Jr. GABLE, WIL- LIAM H, Bessemer, Fr. GAINES, ROBERT EARL; Newton, Fr. GAITHER, SANDRA, Clayton, Fr. GALLOWAY, PATTI SUE, Montevallo, Jr. GARNER, BILLY HUGH, Vinemont, Soph. GARNER, JAMES LEON, Jemison, Fr. GARNER, SUSAN DIANNE, B ' ham, Fr. GARNER, VEINA, B ' ham, Fr. GARRETT, WILLIAM ROBT.. Montevallo, Soph. GARRIS, BETTY, Greensboro, Soph. GARVER, MICHAEL CLAY. B ' ham, Fr. GASSENHEIMER, PAUL S., Montgomery, Fr. GATES, JANE ANN, Mobile Fr. GENTLE, KAY ELIZABETH, B ' ham, Fr. GENTRY, PAUL, JR., Bessemer, Jr. GIARDINA, FRANK LOUIS, B ' ham, Fr. GIBB, GAYE, B ' ham, Soph. GIB BS, JOSEPH OSCAR, B ' ham, Fr. GIBBS, JULIA KAY, Talladega, Soph. GIBBS, SARAH LA VERNE, B ' ham, Fr. GILCHRIST, SARAH A., Clayton, Fr. GILES, CAROLYN FAYE, Jemison, Fr. GILES, PATRICIA GAIL, B ' ham, Fr. GILL, JERRY GARLIN, Sterrett, Jr. GILLEN, JUDY, Colum- biana, Fr. GILLESPIE, JANETT ANITA, Hueytown, Fr. ?84 UNDERGRADUATES A. GILLHAM, JANICE SUE, Pell City, Fr. GLASS, JAMES LARRY, Calera, Fr. GLEASON, PHILLIP ELLISOR, East Gadsden, Fr. GLENN, WILLIS RAY, Birmingham, Soph. GLOVER, DOROTHY MARIE, Lanett, Fr. GLOVER, ROBERT DAN, Piedmont, Soph. GOAD, WILLIAM S., Montevallo, Fr. GOFF, JOHN REX, Maplesville, Fr. GOODIN, SHIRLEY V., Smithville, Ga., Soph. GOODWIN, DAVID TERRY, Birmingham, Fr. GOOD- WIN, MED DOUGLAS, Montgomery, Fr. GORE, EDNA KATHERINE, Opp, Soph. GORE, JERRY DONALD, Clanton, Soph. GORE, PAUL RONNIE, Columbiana, Fr. GOULSBY, SHIRLEY ANN, Mobile, Jr. GRAF, NANCY ANN, Columbiana, Jr. GRAHAM, MAR- THA ELIZABETH, Anniston, Fr. GRANADE, MARY ELIZA- BETH, Grove Hill, Fr. GRANGER, MARTHA E., Talladega, Fr. GRAY, ALICE MITCHELL, Clanton, Fr. GRAY.DANIEL SAVAGE, Pratt- ville, Jr. GREEN, MICHAEL DALE, Birmingham, Fr. GREEN, PEGGY PAULINE, Montevallo, Soph. GREEN, ROY VICTOR, Sylacauga, Jr. GREEN, SANDRA JOAN, Birmingham, Fr. GRICE, ROBERT EARL, Sylacauga, Jr. GRIFFIN, LINDA JOYCE, Birmingham, Fr. GRIFFITH, GARY HOMER, Selma, Soph. GRIFFITH, LARRY WALTER, Grand Bay, Fr. GRILL, JAMES LOUIE, Birmingham, Soph. GRIMES, JAMES THOMAS, Guntersville, Jr. GRIMES, JAMES RUSSELL, Bessemer, Soph. GRISWOLD, ANNE DODDS, Huntsville, Fr, GRISWOLD, GAIL DAVIS, Huntsville, Soph. GWIN, JOHN HOVEY, Mobile, Soph. GEOHAGAN, ALICE A., Mobile, Fr. HAFLING, LINDA LEIGH, Birmingham, Fr. HALEY, JAMES MILLIARD, JR., Birmingham, Fr. HALL, BETTY PICKETT, Montevallo, Jr. HALL, CYNTHIA JUDY, Mobile, Fr. HALL, DOROTHY FAYE, Birmingham, Fr. HALL, EDITH LUCAS, Montevallo, Jr. HALL, LINDA PATRICIA, Fairhope, Soph. HALL, MARTHA MARIANNE, Hueytown, Fr. HALL, WILLIS RANDALL, Trussville, Fr. HALLMARK, ALICE D., Birmingham, Fr. HAM, JANICE ELIZABETH, Birmingham, Fr. HAM, PEGGY ELAINE, Andalusia, Fr. HAM STEPHEN EDWARD, JR., Birmingham, Fr. HAMIL- TON ANN H., Hueytown, Fr. HANCOCK, KERRY MAX- INE, Bessemer, Jr. HANNAN, LETA JOSEPHINE, Barns- boro, N.J., Soph. HARE, BARBARA JEAN, Trussville, Jr. HARGROVE, JAMES RICH, Birmingham, Soph. HARKINS, ROBERT MICHAEL, Montevallo, Jr. HARMON, DON TERRELL, West Blocton, Soph. HARMON, SHARON RUTH, West Blocton, Fr. HARPER, GERALDINE, K., Bir- mingham, Fr. HARPER, JO ANN, Heflin, Jr. HARPER, RICHARD WAYNE, Bessemer, Fr. HARRIS, HELEN GAIL, Selma, Fr. HARRIS, JAMES WIL- LIAM, Bonifay, Fla., Soph. HARRIS, MARY LYNN, Birming- ham, Fr. HARRIS, THOMAS RONALD, Putman, Soph. HARRI- SON, CHARLES H., JR., Montevallo, Fr. HART, TOMMIE JOE, Tarrant, Fr. HARTLINE, MARGARET ANN, Pinson, Soph. HARVELLA, MARY JO, Birmingham, Fr . HARVISON, BILLY JOE, Bes- semer, Fr. HARWELL, OUIDA SHARON, Georgiana, Jr. HASTINGS, BILL CAMERON, Bessemer, Soph. HATCHER, FLOYD EMERY, Sterrett, Jr. 185 UNDERGRADUATES HATFIELD, PATRICIA ANN, Selma, Soph. HAWKINS FRED HENRY, Birmingham, Fr. HAWKINS, JACK, JR., Mobile, Soph. HAWKINS, LYNN THOMAS, Collinsville Soph. HAYES, JAMES DONOVAN, Centerville, Fr. HAYES TULIA ANN, Wilton, Soph. HAYES, LULACLAY, Greenville, Fr. HEAD, GEORGE VANN, Selma, Fr. HEAD, MARION ELIZABETH, Mobile, Fr. HEARN, MARGARET SARAH, Helena, Soph. HEATH, CYNTHIA ELIZABETH, Birmingham, Fr. HEATH, MARY RUTH, Birmingham, Soph. HECKERT, ELIZABETH ERL, Kingston, Term., Soph. HEIF- NER, JACKIE LEE, Plantersville, Fr. HELLMANN, BERNARD J., JR., Mobile, Fr. HELMS, ROBERT MARION, Birmingham, Fr. HELT, CAROLYN DIANE, Mobile, Fr. HENDERSON, MARILYN F., Hueytown, Soph. HENDERSON, SHARON D., Montgomery, Fr. HENDRICK, JAMES HASCHALL, Mobile, Fr. HENDRIX, JAMES LYSLE, Hartford, Fr. HENLEY, FRANCES MARIE, Jackson, Fr. HENRY, GREGORY, BENJAMEN, Mobile, Soph. HENRY, ROSS HAMILTON, Mobile, Soph. HERON, WILLIAM JOHN, Anniston, Soph. HERREN, VISTA CHERI, Fayette, Fr. HERRING, AMELIA KAY, New Brockton, Soph. HICKS, DONALD J., Montevallo, Jr. HICKS, SUSAN ELAINE, Florala, Fr. HIGDON, BRUCE DOUGLAS, Decatur, Jr. HIGGINBOTHAM. MARY D., Birmingham, Fr. HILDRETH, JOHN ANSLEY, Enterprise, Fr. HILL, FRANK LARRY, Alpine, Fr. HILL, JOHN WILLIAM, Mobile, Jr. HINES, JACQUE H., Monroeville, Fr. HINSON, LINDA DAR- NELL, Birmingham, Fr. HINSON, PATRICIA ANN, Mobile, Fr. HIPSON, JEFFREY CHARLES, Sarasota, Fla., Fr. HOAGLAND, DEANNA FAY, Saginaw, Soph. HOBSON, PEGGY ELIZABETH, Greensboro, Fr. HODGE, WILLIAM MURRAY, Mobile, Soph. HOL- COMBE, JAMES CALVIN, Birmingham, Soph. HOLCOMBE, SUSANNE, Birmingham, Soph. HOLLAND, BILLEY RAY, Enterprise, Jr. HOLLAND, MARTHA ANN, Decatur, Jr. HOLLEY, PATSY SUE, Thomaston, Jr. HOLLI- DAY, JANIS FA YE, Montgomery, Soph. HOLLIMAN, CEPHAS ROBERT, Linden. Jr. HOLMAN, LYN ALMA, Montgomery, Fr. HOLMES, SHIRLEY ANN, Decatur, Fr. HOLMES, VICTORIA LYNETT, Fairfield, Fr. HOLMES, WILLIAM FRED, Vincent, Soph. HOOD, PA- TRICIA ELAINE, Montgomery, Fr. HOOKS. DON BERT, Helena, Jr. HOPE, DANNY EARL, Shelby, Fr. HOPE, " MARION CHRIS- TINE, Fairfield. Fr. HOPE, SHIRLEY MIGNON, Parrish, Fr. HOPKINS, JERRY LANE, Hueytown, Soph. HOPPING, SUE ELLENDER, Birmingham, Soph. HORN, JUDJTH MARIE, Tarrant, Soph. HORTON, JUDITH ANN, Montgomery, Soph. HORTON, MAX DONALD, Montgomery, Soph. HORTON, RONALD TROY, Bessemer, Jr. HOUSTON, RODRICK ALVIN, Birming- ham, Jr. HOWARD, BERNIS CLAYTON, Adamsville, Fr. HOWARD, JAMES LAMAR, JR., Birmingham, Soph. HOWARD, JUDY MARIE, Birmingham, Fr. HOWARD, NANCY RUTH, Birmingham, Soph. HOWELL, RONALD QUINTON,, Bessemer, Jr. HOWTON, HELEN, Bessemer, Jr. HOWTON, JUDY, Bessemer, Fr. HUBBARD, LOIS DENS- MORE. Montevallo. Jr. 186 UNDERGRADUATES B " ■ F . ' - r res ' • • j f O O O- O ( £S A HUBBARD, MARY ANN, Talladega, Fr. HUBERT, THOMAS HADAWAY, Thorsby, Soph. HUCKABEE, CHARLES R„ Siluria, Fr. HUDSON, SANDRA KAY, Mobile, Fr. HUD- SON, WILLIAM EARL, B ' ham, Soph. HUFF, LAURA ANN, Stanton, Fr. HUGHES, DONALD HOY, Dickinson, Texas, Fr. HUGHES, DOROTHY S., Calera, Jr. HUGHES, JACQUELYN LEE, Hueytown, Soph. HULSEY, DONALD, JR., B ' ham, Soph. HUME, ROBERT ADELBERT, Pinson, Grad. HUNNICUTT, NANCY LYNN, B ' ham, Fr. HURST, HARRIS COURT, JR., Gadsden, Soph. HUTSON, SUSAN ELAINE, Montevallo, Jr. HUTTO, CLARENCE JOHN, B ' ham, Jr. HYCHE, PATSY SUE, Bessemer, Fr. HYDE, JOYCE WALRAVEN, Montevallo, Jr. HYDRICK, HALLIE NELL, Fairfield Hglds.. Jr. HYMEL, VICKI LAURETTA, Mobile, Soph. INGRAM, GAYLE, B ' ham, Fr. INGRAM, REBECCA ALICE, B ' ham, Soph. INMAN, ELIZABETH A., Elba, Fr. IRBY, VIRGINIA SUE, Mobile, Fr. ISBELL, ROBERT JOHN, Irondale, Soph. JACKSON, JAMES FREDERIC. B ' ham, Jr. JACKSON, JUDY LYNNE, Eutaw, Fr. JACKSON, WINIFRED ELAIN, Mobile, Soph. JAMES, JOHN HOUSTON, JR., B ' ham, Jr. JARVIS, LAVAUGHN, Marvel, Fr. JEBELES. CHRISTO PETER, B ' ham, Soph. JEFFERSON, SARA A., Guntersville, Fr. JENKINS, MAR- GARET RUSSELL, Bessemer, Fr. JOHNSEY, HENRY GARY, JR., B ' ham, Fr. JOHNSON, BARBARA ANN, Annandale, Va., Soph. JOHNSON, BARBARA ANN, Maplesville, Sr. JOHN- SON, JAY WARREN, Montgomery, Fr. JOHNSON, JUDITH MABLE, Georgiana, Soph. JOHNSON, MAUDIE KATHRYN, St. Stephens, Soph. JOHNSON, RE- BECCA ANN, Pensacola, Fla., Soph. JOHNSON, SUSAN K„ Huntsville, Fr. JOHNSTON, DIANNE, Bessemer, Fr. JONES, BEVERLY ANN, Mobile, Soph. JONES, BILLEY McCLENDON, B ' ham, Soph. JONES, BILLIE CHARLES, Cullman, Fr. JAMES, MARTHA CAROLYN, Union Springs, Jr. JONES, DONNA KAY, Mobile, Soph. JONES, ELIZABETH ANNE, Fairfield Highland. Fr. JONES, FRANK RICHARD. Mulga. Fr. JONES, JIMMY SAMUEL, Odenville, Fr. JONES, JIMMY WAYNE, Columbiana, Fr. JONES, JULIE CHERYL, Mont- gomery, Fr. JONES, MARGARET ELAINE, B ' ham, Soph. JONES, MARGARET LEOLA, Cordova, Jr. JONES, MIKE, B ' ham, Jr. JONES, ROBERTS CHARLES, JR., Huntsville, Fr. JONES, THOMAS B., Ill, Montgomery, Fr. JONES, THOMAS CAHILL, Montgomery, Soph. JONES, THOMAS, Bessemer, Fr. JONES, ZADIE LYNN, Athens, Soph. JORDAN, ALBERT RALPH, Theodore, Jr. JORDAN, EUGENE KEITH, Theodore, Fr. JORDAN, JACK RICHARD, Bessemer, Soph. JORDAN, JAMES RICHARD, Graysville, Soph. JORDAN, VIRGINIA LYNN, B ' ham, Fr. KARR, KENNETH RAY, Bessemer, Fr. KEEL, SAM WIN- FORD, JR., Phenix City, Fr. KEEN, ROY HILTON, Grove Hill, Soph. KELLER, FREDA CECELIA, Fairhope, Soph. KELLEY, ELLIS BENTON, Syla- cauga, Fr. KELLEY, HOWARD DAVID, Bon Air, Fr. KELLEY, NANCY ELIZABETH, Huntsville, Fr. KELLOGG, PAUL H., JR., Salena, Kan., Soph. 187 UNDERGRADUATES KELLUM, CLYDE STERLING, Hueytown, Jr. KELLY, MARY ANN, Prattville, Fr. KELSEY, MARTHA JO, Montgomery, Fr. KEMP, OPHELIA ANNE, Sylacauga, Jr. KENNEDY, FRANCES L„ Newton, Fr. KENVIN, JOYCE ANN, Leeds, Jr. KILE, DORIS JANE HARMON, B ' ham, Soph. KIMBROUGH, SHIRLEY K., Talladega, Fr. KING, SANDRA, Pinkard, Jr. KITSON, VIRGIL, Wilton, Fr. KNAPP, ROY KEITH, We- dowee, Fr. KNEISLEY, MARY LOUISE, Bham, Soph. KNOTT, MARY ELLEN, Arlington, Va., Fr. KNUDSEN, MAR- SHALL S., Mobile, Jr. KOHN, SHIRLEY ANN, Mobile, Jr. KRAHN, PENELOPE ANN, Menomonee Falls, Wise, Sp. KRIDAKORN, EDDIE SAKSIRI, B.inkok, Thailand, Jr. KUHN, BARBARA ILENE, Mobile, Fr. KYSER, VERA CAROLYN, Montevallo, Fr. LAMBERT, BETTY GAIL, Mobile, Soph. LANCE, HERMAN WOODROW, Bham, Soph. LANGFORD, BERNICE LEE, Bessemer, Fr. LANG- HAM. GEORGIA LUCILL, Loxley, Fr. LANGSTON, SANDRA LEE, B ' ham, Fr. LASSITER, SHIRLEY ANN, Mobile, Fr. LATHAM, THOMAS VESTER, Bham, Soph. LAZENBY, MARY ELLEN, Auburn, Jr. LECROY, JERRY M., Camden, Fr. LEE, BERNADINE, Monroeville, Fr. LEE, BILLIE R., Montevallo, Soph. LEE, DIANNE, Atmore, Fr. LEE, JANICE, Atmore, Jr. LEE, MARY BRADLEY, Montgomery, Soph. LEES, NANCY CAR- ROLL, Mobile, Soph. LENDERMAN, EDITH M„ Oxford, Fr. LENOIR, LINDA SUE, Thorsby, Soph. LEO, ROCCO JOSEPH, Bham, Jr. LEVINS, JULIA OLIVIA, Plantersville, Soph. LEWIS, BOBBY WAYNE, Jemison, Fr. LEWIS, DOROTHY MARIE, Mobile, Jr. LEWIS, ELIZABETH ANN, Mobile, Jr. LEWIS, NANCY JEANNE, Florence, Fr. LEWIS, PATRICIA ANNE, Clanton, Fr. LEWIS, RONALD WALTER, B ' ham, Soph. LIDE, SALLIE RUTH, Selma, Jr. LIGHTSEY, BRENDA CHERYL, Centreville, Jr. LILES, SUSAN, Brewton, Fr. LIMBAUGH, SANDRA JEANET, Childersburg, Jr. LINAM, JOHN EDWARD, Mobile, Fr. LINDSEY, SYLVIA ANN, Graysville, Fr. LITTLE, ELIZABETH F., Foley, Soph. LITTLE, JACQUELINE, Jackson, Jr., LITTLE, JOHN ROBERT, Billingsley, Fr. LITTLE, RONALD EUGENE, Jemison, Fr. LIT1LETON, DAVID L., Bham, Fr. LITTLETON, JIMMIE K., Clanton, Fr. LOCHART, STEPHEN JAY, Orrville, Soph. LOCKLAR, JOHNNY HARVEY, Elba, Jr. LOCKS, KENNETH EARL, JR., Marvel, Soph. LOLLAR, CHESTINE L., Jasper, Fr. LORD, ANGELA, Andalusia, Fr. LORD, SANDRA TOBE, Andalusia, Jr. LOVE, DONALD RAY, Adamsville, Soph. LOVOY, MARY FRANCES, Selma, Soph. LOWERY, RONALD WILLIAM, Bham, Soph. LUCAS, BETTY ELIZABETH, Moundvillc, Fr. LUCAS, ROBERT NIXON, JR., Bham, Fr. LUCAS, SUSAN EILEEN, Panama City, Fla., Fr. LUKER, LINDA CHARLINE, Montgomery, Soph. LUNSFORD, CAROL GRACE, Foley, Fr. LYNCH, JUDITH DEAN, B ' ham, Fr. McALEER, PAUL, Mo- bile, Jr. UNDERGRADUATES 4tWi4 v -t :i ft £ 0 1 m ft ft ft ft © ft ft McALISTER, ELAINE C, Trussvilie, Fr. McBROOM, BAR- BARA L., Fairhope, Fr. McCANDLISS, JOHN KERR, B ' ham, Soph. McCLAIN, DAVID MICHAEL, B ' ham, Jr. McCLEN- DON, ELLEN ANN, B ' ham, Fr. McCLENDON, RONALD K., Scottsboro, Fr. McCRIMMON, DANIEL MOORE, Bessemer, Soph. McCULLAR, LOWELL HAYNE, Clanton, Soph. McCULLOCH, EDITH M., B ' ham, Fr. McCULLOUGH, JENNIEE LEE, B ' ham, Jr. McDAN- AL, MALCOLM WAYNE, B ' ham, Soph. McDANIEL, PA- TRICIA KAY, Mobile, Jr. McDAVID, HILDA, Mobile, Fr. McDEVITT, DANIEL, B ' ham, Soph. McDONALD, HARRY T., JR., Mobile, Jr. McDONALD TUDITH MARILY, B ' ham, Soph. McDONALD, OSCAR DU- ANE B ' ham, Soph. McDONALD, ROGENE, Fairhope, Fr. McENIRY, CHARLES A., Mobile, Fr. McENTEE, MARY JANICE, Montevallo, Soph. McGUIRE, JOHN RICHARD, West Blocton, Fr. McGUIRE, SYBIL JEAN, Tuscaloosa, Soph. McHUGH, JOHN MICHAEL, Montgomery, Fr. McKEEHAN, KAREN SUE, B ' ham, Fr. McKINNEY, MARILYN L., B ' ham, Fr. McKINNON, JOHN ELLIS, Sylacauga, Soph. McLAUGHLIN, SIDNEY ELON, B ' ham, Fr. McLEMORE, MARY C, Mobile, Fr. McLENDON, REX WAYNE, Auburn, Fr. McMANIS, GARY DEAN, B ' ham, Fr. McMANIS, SAMUEL WILSON, Old Greenwich, Conn., Fr McQUEEN, JAMES VERNON, B ' ham, Fr. MADDOX, LE LAND DOUGLAS, Bessemer, Fr. MADDOX, SHERRY DI ANNE, Huntsville, Jr. MAJOR, EVAN KNUDSEN, JR., Syla cauga, Jr. MARBURY, LYNWOOD EVANS, Trussvilie, Fr MARDIS, JANET CAROLE, Springville, Soph. MARSHBURN, MARION P., Northport, Soph. MARTIN, HENRY ROBERT, Greensboro, Jr. MARTIN, JERRY TAYLOR, Trussvilie, Fr. MARTIN, JIMMY WRIGHT. Jemison, Soph. MARTIN, JU- DITH GAY, Fort Rucker, Fr. MARTIN, LOIS JEANETTE, Bessemer, Fr. MARTIN, PAMELA ANN, Albertville, Fr. MARTIN, ROY DOUGLAS, Wylam, Soph. MARTIN, TERENCE MALLOY, B ' ham, Fr. MASON. CAROL ANNE, Hamilton, Fr. MASON, HOWARD LUTHER, Fairfield, Fr. MASON, RONITA ANN, Mobile, Soph. MASSEY, SANDRA KAYE, Robertsdale, Fr. MATHEWS, CAROLYN FAYE, Fair- fax, Soph. MATHEWS, MARY RUTH, Centreville, Jr. MAT- THEWS, THOMAS W., B ' ham, Fr. MAYO, KATHRYN HASSON, Selma, Fr. MAZE, LOWELL SAMUEL, Tuscaloosa, Soph. MEADOWS, REBECCA PARKER, Montevallo. Jr. MEGINNISS, BEN- JAMIN A., Dothan, Fr. MEIGS, PAUL PHILLIP, Brent, Soph. MELCHER, MARY CATHERINE, Gulf Shores, Fr. MELODY. MICHAEL EDWARD, Jasper, Jr. MERRIWETHER, CLAUDIA L„ Atmore, Soph. MIDDLETON EVELYN, Atmore, Jr. MILLER, AUGUST L., JR., B ' ham Fr MILLER. BRENDA MORRIS, Calera, Jr. MILLER, CHARLES R., JR., B ' ham, Fr. MILLER, DALE MICHAEL, Dothan Soph MILLER, DENNIS MALCOLM, Dothan, Soph. MILLER. GLENDA BROWN, Maylene, Jr. MILLER, LARRY ROBERT, B ' ham, Fr. MILLER, LINDA RUTH, Athens, Soph. MILLS, JANIS RUTH, Mobile, Soph. MILSTEAD, HERBERT OTIS, Montevallo, Soph. 189 UNDERGRADUATES MILWEE, VIRGINIA ANN, Boaz, Soph. MIMS, JOYCE ELAINE, Clanton, Fr. MINSON, RONALD FLOYD, Selma, Fr. MOLGEDEI, REINHARD HUGO, Montevallo, Fr. MOL- LEY, LYNN MARIE, Mobile, Fr. MONTGOMERY, CHAR- LOTTE E., B ' ham, Fr. MONTGOMERY, VIOLET E., B ' ham, Soph. MONTGOMERY, WALLACE L., B ' ham, Jr. MOON, RONALD MABRY, B ' ham, Soph. MOORE, CAROLE SUE, Hueytown, Fr. MOORE, ELIZA- BETH ANN, Montgomery, Soph. MOORE, JUDY PAULET, Prichard, Fr. MOORE, LEWIS JULIAN, Mobile, Soph. MOORE, MAR- GARET L., Fitzpatrick, Fr. MOORE, ROBERT MICHIEL, Lakeland, Fla., Fr. MORGAN, JAMES MEL VYN, Hueytown, Fr. MORGAN, JULIA FRANCES, Montgomery, Fr. MORRIS, FRANCES ANNETTE, B ' ham, Fr. MORRIS, JOSEPH EDWIN, Eufaula, Jr. MORTON, JACQUE- LINE ANNE, Helena, Fr. MOSELEY, MELANIE E., Roberts- dale, Fr. MUNKUS, LINDA CAROL, B ' ham, Jr. MURPHREE, MARILYN JOYCE, B ' ham, Fr. MURPHY, EDNA RUTH, B ' ham, Fr. MURPHY, JANIS MARGARET, Wetumpka, Jr. MURPHY, VICKIE DALE, Mobile, Soph. MURRAY, ELBERT JUNIOR, Muscadine, Fr. MYLIUS, MELINDA JANE, B ' ham, Fr. MY- NARD, BARBARA JANE, Enterprise, Soph. MYNATT, SHER- ILYN KAY, Gadsden, Fr. NABORS, MADELYN KIRCUS, B ' ham, Soph. NAILEN, DOROTHY LEE, B ' ham, Fr. NALER, DAVID LEE, B ' ham, Fr. NANNINI, NELLIE MARIE, Underwood, Fr. NASH, BENNY VANCE, Wilton, Soph. NEELY, MARY ELIZABETH, Orrville, Jr. NEELEY, MARY MARGARET, Huntsville, Jr. NELSON, MARSHALL T., Mobile, Fr. NELSON, MARY LOU, Daphne, Fr. NEUGENT, RICHARD, B ' ham, Jr. NEWBURN, GLORIA DIANE, Gtronelle, Jr. NEWMAN, RODNEY J., Bessemer, Fr. NEWTON, DORANNE, MONTGOMERY, Fr. NOBINGER, SANDRA JEAN, B ' ham, Jr. NOLAND, ANN WOOD, B ' ham, Fr. NORMAN, DIANE GAYLE, Huntsville, Jr. NORMENT, EDWARD ROBINSON, B ' ham, Soph. NORRELL, LINDA NELL, Bessemer, Jr. NORTON, RAYMOND EUGENE, B ' ham, Fr. NORTON, WILLIAN STEPHEN, Clanton, Soph. ODOM, BILLIE JANICE, B ' ham, Fr. O ' NEAL, MARTHA SANDRA, Trussville, Fr. O ' NEAL, MARY ANN, Talladega, Soph. OROURKE, PAT FREDERICK, Enterprise, Fr. OWEN, ROSE MARY, Selma, Fr. OWEN, SANDRA LYNN, Montgomery, Fr. OWENS, BETTY RAE, B ' ham, Fr. OWENS, KATHLEEN BEARDEN, Montevallo, Soph. OWENS, PAULA KATHLEEN, B ' ham, Fr. OWENS, SANDRA, Tuskegee, Jr. PADALINO, MARIE, Bessemer, Jr. PAGE, JEFFREY HOW- ARD, Alexandria, Va., Soph. PALMER, DAVID RALPH, Fairfield Highlds., Jr. PARACCA, LOUISE STONE. B ' ham, Jr. PARKER, DONNIE WAYNE, Bessemer, Fr. PARKER, GLEN EDWARD, B ' ham, Fr. PARNELL, TERESA C, Huntsville, Fr. PARRISH, MARY KATHRYN, B ' ham, Fr. PARSONS, MADELYN, Childersburg, Fr. PARSONS, PAMELA, Bessemer, Soph. PATE, DONALD JEROME, B ' ham, Jr. PATE, ETHEL JEANETTE, Camden, Jr. UNDERGRADUATES PATE, RONALD LOUIS, Bessemer, Fr. PATE, VIRGINIA LEE, Mobile, Fr. PATERSON, ANDREW DAVID, Fr., B ' ham. PATTERSON, DOUGLAS C, Mobile, Soph. PATTON, ALICE MARIE, B ' ham, Fr. PATTON, MARTHA ALICE, B ' ham, Fr. PAYNE, BARBARA JEAN, Mobile, Fr. PAYNE, JOY OLIVIA, Montgomery, Fr. PAYNE, REEVIE CREEL, Brierfield, Fr. PAYNE, RONALD SMITH, Greensboro, Fr. PAYTON, CO- RINTHIA R., Sylacauga, Soph. PAYTON, DALE MONROE, Sylacauga, Fr. PEARSON, CHARLOTTE D., Bessemer, Soph. PEARSON, LINDA JOYCE, Leeds, Jr. PEAVY, JAMES VAUGHN, JR., B ' ham, Soph. PEELE, JULIA DAINGERFIELD, Selma, Fr. PEEVY, LARRY AUBREY, Helena, Soph. PENTON, SONJA FAYE, Clanton, Fr. PETERSON, JAN LOUISE, B ' ham, Fr. PETERSON, JEAN TAYLOR, Mobile, Soph. PETITHORY, MELANIE T., Mobile, Soph. PEYTON, KAREN ELIZABETH, B ' ham, Jr. PHILLIPS, BEVERLY VEE, Ohatchee, Jr. PHILLIPS, CAROL ELAINE, Mobile, Soph. PHILLIPS, DAVID BRUCE, Atwood. III., Fr. PHILLIPS, JOHN CLANCY, Mobile, Soph. PHILLIPS, LINDA CAROL, Weogufka, Jr. PHILLIPS, WILLIAM B., Jemison, Jr. PIER- SON, MICHAEL LAWSON, Bessemer, Soph. PIKE, THELMA BONNELLE, Huntsville, Soph. PILGREEN, JEFFREY LOUIS, Clanton, Jr. PINCKNEY, CHARLES F„ Tuscaloosa, Fr. PITTMAN, GLADYS WADON- NA, New Brockton, Jr. PLUNKETT, JANET MAE. Huntsville, Fr. POOLE, JUDITH LAEL, Wilton, Soph. POPE, FELICIA ANN, Andalusia, Soph. POPE. MARGUERITE LOUISE, B ' ham. Fr PORTER, BRIAN HOPKINS, Geneva, Soph. PORTER, PAULA HOWE, Fair- hope, Jr. PORTER, WARREN GRAVES, Mountain Brook, Fr. POSEY, SUSAN FAIE, Eufaula, Fr. POTTER, HENRY DOWN- ING, B ' ham, Fr. POTTS, MARGARET ANNETTE. Montevallo, Jr. POTTS, ROBERTA ANN, B ' ham. Jr. POWELL, JENNIFER, Gadsden, Fr. POWELL, JOSEPH TILLMAN, Clanton, Fr. POWELL, WILLIAM CARL, B ' ham, Fr. PRICE, NORMA GAIL, Monte- vallo, Soph. PRIESTLEY, WILLENE W., Eau Gallie, Fla., Soph. PRUITT, DONALD HILLSMAN, Talladega, Jr. PRYOR, MARY WEBB. Huntsville, Fr. PUGH, EVELYN FAYE, B ' ham, Fr. PURVIS, FELIX WAYNE, Montevallo, Jr. PURVIS, PATTI KELSOE, Montevallo, Jr. PUTMAN, MARY WALDROP, Montevallo, Jr. POLHEMUS, DARLENE M„ B ' ham QUINA, ANN, Mobile, Soph. QUINCY, CAROLYN, Montgomery, Fr. RAFALSKY, DIANE LYNNE, B ' ham, Soph. RANKIN, SANDRA LEE, B ' ham, Fr. RAPP, NANCY CRAIG, Childersburg, Soph. RAPPE, NELLIE DIANN, Fairhope, Fr. RAY, PATRICK O., B ' ham, Fr. RAY, ROBERT MICHAEL, B ' ham, Fr. RAY, SARAH ANN, Sylacauga, Soph. REDMAN, MICHAEL WATSON, Bessemer, Fr. REED, GLORIA JEAN, Opelika, Fr. REED, REBECCA ANN, Pinson, Fr. REED, ROSALIND YVONNE, Selma, Fr. REED, WESTCOTT W., Bessemer, Fr. REID, WILLIAM ALAN, B ' ham, Fr. REYNOLDS, ERVIN EMORY, B ' ham, Fr. 191 UNDERGRADUATES REYNOLDS, JANICE MARILYN, Grove Hill, Soph. REYN- OLDS, LARRY THOMAS, Montevallo, Jr. RIBBLE, SUSAN LEIGH, McCalla, Fr. RICHARDSON, CHARLOTTE, Tarrant, Soph. RICHEY, THOMAS DEAN, B ' ham, Fr. RIDDLE, DON- NA RUTH, Gadsden, Jr. RIDDLE, JAN, B ' ham, Soph. RIETTA, JOANNE BRIDGETT, B ' ham, Fr. RILEY, KNOX C, Bessemer, Jr. ROBBINS, PAUL RONALD, Gardendale, Soph. ROBERTS, FAIMON A., Mont- gomery, Fr. ROBERTS, RONALD WAYNE, B ' ham, Fr. ROBERTSON, DONALD, B ' ham, Fr. ROBERTSON, JAMES MONROE, Bessemer, Fr. ROBERTSON, MELTON O ' NEIL, Arley, Jr. ROBINSON, DANA, Thorsby, Fr. ROBINSON, DONALD GEORGE, Fairhope, Jr. ROBBINS, CHERYL, B ' ham, Jr. ROBINSON, FLORENCE, Mobile, Soph. ROBINSON, LARRY L., B ' ham, Soph. ROBINSON, SANDRA ELAINE, Wetumpka, Jr. ROBISON, MARY ANGELA, B ' ham, Fr. RODGERS, OLIVIA ANN, Montgomery, Soph. ROGERS, MARY LOUISE, B ' ham, Fr. ROGERS, WARREN MILTON, Grand Bay, Fr. ROHR, WIL- LIAM HOWARD, B ' ham, Soph. ROLLINS, ROBERT K., Selma, Fr. ROTHELL, BILLIE SUE, B ' ham, Soph. ROUND- TREE, JAMES MICHAEL, Montgomery, Jr. ROWLEN, RITA CAROL, B ' ham, Fr. ROY, MARTHA ANN, B ' ham, Jr. RUDICELL, SHARON ANN, Bexar, Fr. RUFFIN, WILLIAM ATHER, B ' ham, Fr. RUGGERIO, JOSEPH M., Fairfield, Soph. R UMSEY, MYRA BETH Sylacauga, Jr. RUNGE, WILLIAM RAYMOND, B ' ham, Soph. RUSH, CHARLOTTE ANITA, Huntsville, Fr. RUSHING, RICHARD EARL, Bessemer, Fr. RUSSELL, ELIZABETH ANN, Fairhope, Fr. RUSSELL, PAMELA ANNE, Foley, Fr. RUTH- ERFORD, JAMES M., Helena, Fr. RYAN, THOMAS FRED- ERICK, Arlington, Va., Jr. RHODES, MAXINE, Greensboro, Soph. RHODES, VICKI SUE, Pell City, Fr. SAMPLE, MARY KATHALEEN, Atmore, Soph. SANDERSON, BARBARA J., Maxwell AFB, Fr. SAND- ERSON, JOHN B., Maxwell AFB, Soph. SANDS, JAMES LAWERANCE, Mobile, Soph. SASNETT, JOHN RICHARD, Vestavia Hills, Fr. SASSER, JOE LEONARD, Evergreen, Fr. SAWLS, WILLIAM L., B ' ham, Fr. SAXON, SUSAN, B ' ham, Fr. SCALES, GEORGE LARRY, Fairfax, Fr. SCALES, PATSY RUTH, Fairfax, Jr. SCHOBEK, ELIZABETH F.. Bessemer, Fr. SCHOBER, MA- TILDA JANE, Bessemer, Jr. SCOGGINS, EVIE LILLIAN, Troy, Jr. SCOTCH, WAYNE JOSEPH, Helena, Fr. SCOTT, JAMES WILLIAM, Fairfield, Jr. SCRUGGS, PEGGY JEAN, Gadsden. Fr. SEALES, BOBBY JOE, Siluria, Fr. SELF, ROLAND WEAVER, B ' ham, Fr. SELLERS, JOHNNY HILTON, Bessemer, Fr. SEL- MAN, CHARLES JOSEPH, B ' ham, Jr. SELMON, LINDA GAIL, Citronelle, Jr. SEWELL, SANDRA ELAINE, Clanton, Soph. SEXTON. BARBARA ANN, Olive, Soph. SEYMORE, BAR- BARA ANN, Bessemer, Fr. SHAFFER, PAULA GAYLE, Tal- lassee, Soph. SHAND, JUDY GAIL, Browns, Soph. SHEA, JAMES WILLIAM, Mobile, Soph. SHELBURN, FRANCES I., B ' ham, Soph. 192 UNDERGRADUATES in 4 ,te A fl .O A Mil % " i £-« | r ir. ' 14 r k SHEPARD, LORINDA, B ' ham, Fr. SHIELDS, VIVIAN LAN- ETTE, Alexander City, Jr. SHIRLEY, DOROTHY KAY, Elba, Soph. SHIVERS, JOHNNY MACK, Bessemer, Fr. SHOOK, KATHRYN JOYCE, Huntsville, Fr. SHORT, RONALD ESTON, Alabaster, Jr. SHOULTZ, ENOCH HUGH, Newark, Ohio, Soph. SIDDLE, MARGARET, B ' ham, Soph. SIMMONS, WILLIAM COURT, Bessemer, Soph. SIMMS, CONNIE DIANNE, Andalusia, Fr. SIMPSON, MARILYN L., Greenville, Fr. SIMPSON, MINNIE CLAIRE, Wadley, Fr. SIMS, JANET PATRICIA, B ' ham, Fr. SKELTON, GLENN EDGAR, Trussville, Jr. SKELTON, JERRY EVAN, Columbiana, Soph. SKELTON, MARY ANGELA, Columbiana, Soph. SKEL- TON, PATRICIA ANN, B ' ham, Fr. SMALLRIDGE, BEVERLY G., Selma, Jr. SMITH, BRENDA ELIZABETH, Prattville, Fr. SMITH, DE- LILAH ANNE, Montevallo, Soph. SMITH, DIANNE ELIZA- BETH, Montgomery, Fr. SMITH, GLADYS ANN, Bessemer, Fr. SMITH, GLEN NELSON, Jackson, Soph. SMITH, JACK RALPH, B ' ham, Fr. SMITH, JANYTH CLAIR. Montgomery, Fr. SMITH, LEON- ARD HOWELL, Mobile, Fr. SMITH, LILLIAN GAYNELL, Mobile, Soph. SMITH, MARGO ROY, B ' ham, Fr. SMITH, PAMELA, Thomasville, Soph. SMITH, PATRICIA ANN, Thomasville, Jr. SMITH, SUZANNE, Scottsboro, Fr. SMITH, WALTER NOR- VILLE, B ' ham, Fr. SNASEL, MILTON, Robertsdale, Fr. SOLO- MON, CAROL LEE, Selma, Fr. SOX, CAROL ANN, B ' ham, Soph. SPANGLER, DALE JOSEPH, Fairfield, Fr. SPARKS, JANE SCOTT, B ' ham, Fr. SPARKS, WARREN G., JR., B ' ham, Jr. SPEED, NANCY KATHRYN, Enterprise, Fr. SPIVEY, GEORGIA, GENEVA, Jr. SPIVEY, MARY, Tyler, Jr. SPOTTSWOOD, ELIZABETH, Mobile, Fr. SPRADLEY, HAROLD MALCOM, Sterrett, Fr. STACEY, DEBORAH M., Foley, Fr. STAGGS, RUTH W., Montevallo, Soph. STANSELL, EMILY ANN, Montevallo, Fr. STELLE, MARTHA CAROL, Centreville, Fr. STEEN, NICK EUGENE, Montevallo, Jr. STEPHENS, JERRY TRAMM, Jemison, Fr. STEPHENSON, MARGO ANN, Jasper, Fr. STERNENBERG, ROBERT H., B ' ham, Fr. STEVENS, TOM LEWIS, B ' ham, Soph. STEWART, CHARLES CLIFT, Maplesville, Jr. STEWART, JANE, B ' ham, Soph. STEWART, PAMELA JOY, Goodwater, Fr. STOFFREGEN, EDWARD S., JR., Decatur, Soph. STONE, ANNE CARTER, Selma, Fr. STONE, GORDON P., Mobile, Soph. STONE, JERRY DAVIS, Bessemer, Fr. STONE, JO ANN, Hueytown, Fr. STONE, ROCKY FREEMAN. Mobile, Soph. STRANGE, TODD ROBERT, Mobile, Jr. STRINGER, SUSAN MERREL, Gads- den, Soph. STRINGFIELD, JERRY LIL, Calera, Fr. STRONG, CLARA MAE, Bessemer, Jr. STRUBEL, MARY JO, B ' ham, Fr. STUART, WILLIAM HALSEY, Mobile, Jr. STUBBS, STEVE EUGENE, B ' ham, Fr. STUMAN, WILLIAM JAY, Maylene, Jr. SUCO, TERESITA ROSA, Montevallo, Jr. SUDDUTH, DELLA SUE, Bessemer, Soph. SULLINS, LOUIE RICHARD, Bessemer, Fr. 193 UNDERGRADUATES £ © SULLIVAN, JUDITH LEE, West Des Moines, Iowa, Soph. SULLIVAN, THOMAS JON, Horaewood, Soph. SUMNER, JAMES PERRY, JR., Fulton, Jr. SUTTON, LAURA AN- TOINETE, B ' ham, Jr. SWANN, MARSHA MARIE, B ' ham, Fr. SWEATT, LINDA RUTH, Montgomery, Fr. SWINDLE, CAROL ANN, B ' ham, Soph. SWINDLE, CAROL ELAINE, Cullman, Soph. SZABO, RONALD EUGENE, B ' ham, Fr. TABARES, HORACIO, B ' ham, Fr. TAIT, NELLIE ELIZA- BETH, Camden, Fr. TANNER, CAROLYN ANN, Grand Bay, Jr. TAYLOR, JAMES FREEMAN, B ' ham, Jr. TAYLOR, ROBERT LYNN, Bessemer, Soph. TAYLOR, WILLIAM C, JR., B ' ham, Jr. TEAGUE, LILLIS KATHRYN, Childersburg, Jr. TERMAN, SYDNA KAY, Sheffield, Fr. TERELL, CHARLES ROSS, JR., Graysville, Soph. THIEMONGE. MARJORIE ANN, Montevallo, Jr. THOMAS, CAROLINE LOUISE, B ' ham, Fr. THOMAS, DAVID EARL, Montevallo, Fr. THOMAS, JANICE KAYE, Goodwater, Fr. THOMAS, MARGARET ANN, Montgomery, Fr. THOMPSON, CHARLES AMOS, B ' ham, Soph. THOMPSON, JOHN FRANK, Weogufka, Fr. THOMPSON, MARTHA, B ' ham, Soph. THOMPSON, ROZELLA LOIS, B ' ham, Fr. THRASHER, JAMES F., JR., Montevallo, Jr. THREADGILL, AUGUSTA D., Daphne, Jr. TIDWELL, JOHN STEWART, Hueytown, Fr. TIDWELL, RONALD OLIVER, B ' ham, Jr. TILL. EMILY CLAIRE, Greenville, Fr. TODD, ALICE McNELLY, Hope Hull, Soph. TOLBERT, BARTON- SMYTH, Montevallo, Fr. TOMLIN, ETHEL ELAINE, B ' ham, Soph. TOMS, WILLIAM H.G., JR., Chicago, Illinois, Fr. TOOPS, JEAN ELIZABETH, Quinton, Jr. TORTORICI, MARY ANN, Bessemer, Soph. TOWNS, CAROL ANN, B ' ham, Fr. TOWNS, ROBERT K., JR., Lenoir City, Tenn., Soph. TRAM- ELL, JAMES ROSS, Bessemer, Soph. TRAMMELL, JOSEPH RANSOM, Mobile, Soph. TRIONE, MARIA ANNETTE, Daphne, Fr. TRYON, CHARLES EDWARD, Montevallo, Soph. TUCK, JUDITH KATHLEEN, McCalla, Fr. TUCKER, GAYLE RUTH, Clanton, Fr. TUCKER, MARY LINDA, Andalusia. Fr. TUCKER, SUZANNE C, B ' ham, Fr. TURBEVILLE, VELMA FAYE, Childersburg, Fr. TURNER, ANNA SUSAN, Columbiana, Jr. TURNER, DANIEL, JR., Cull- man, Soph. TURNER, IRA CAIN, B ' ham, Fr. TURNER JO ANN, Billingsley, Fr. UNDERWOOD, BRENDA KAY, B ' ham, Fr. VANCE, JOSEPH C, III, Lipscomb, Fr. VANDIVIVER, RICH- ARD S., B ' ham, Jr. VASKO, CAROLYN, Fairhope, Fr. VAUGHAN, JOHN M., JR., Bessemer, Fr. VAUGHAN, MARIA WALSTON, Greensboro, Soph. VEASEY, JOE FOS- TER, Leeds, Jr. VENTURA, BARBARA ANN, B ' ham, Fr. VILLADSEN, SUSAN ARLEEN, B ' ham, Fr. VINES, DORIS JEAN, Bessemer, Jr. VINES, PHILLIP RAY, B ' ham, Fr. VOGEL, JOHN HERMAN, Sylacauga, Jr. VOGEL, RALPH EWALD, Sylacauga, Fr. VOLKER, JUANITA ANNE, B ' ham, Ji. 194 UNDERGRADUATES O fc - W$t 9 t =- rf A I " 5 " " ! J ' w S ' Jp J 5; vk - r 1 IT 3 £3 j£) ;■ ' N ft Ol V,: WAID, JAMES ABRAM, Bessemer, Fr. WALDROP, SCOTT EARL, B ' ham, Jr. WALDRUP, CHARLES LEE, Bessemer, Soph. WALDRUP, LINDA JANE, Bessemer, Soph. WALKER, DON- NA FAYE, Alabaster, Fr. WALKER, JANICE FAYE, Pinson, Soph. WALKER, SUSAN CAROL, Montgomery, Fr. WALL, BAR- BARA JEAN, B ' ham, Fr. WALLACE, LELAND FONDON, Lawley, Fr. WALLER, RICHARD FOY, B ' ham, Jr. WALSO, ESTHER RUTH, Mobile, Soph. WARD, EVELYN CATHY, Centreville, Ff. WARD, JACK PIERCE, Mobile, Fr. WARD, JUDY, Pine Apple, Fr. WARREN, PAULETTE KAYE, Charleston, S.C., Fr. WASIOLEK, VIRGINIA D., Newton, Fr. WATERS, WIL- LIAM R., Dothan, Fr. WATSON, SANDRA KAY, B ' ham, Fr. WATTS, ALLYN CHARLES, Columbiana, Soph. WEAVER, WILLIAM HOWARD, Montevallo, Soph. WEBB, PEGGY LEE, B ' ham, Fr. WEEKS, ELIZABETH CALLI, Opp, Jr. WEIR, CAROL, Huntsville. Fr. WELCH, BARBARA LITTLE, B ' ham, Sr. WELDON, JUDITH KAREN, Mobile, Fr. WENDT, FRANK GERARD, Miami, Fla., Soph. WERTZ, JEWL ANN, Mobile, Soph. WEST, BETTY JOYCE, Selma, Fr. WHATLEY, BETTY FAY, Butler, Soph. WHEALE, SANDRA LEE, Greenville, S.C., Fr. WHIGHAM, RUSSEL DIX, Montgomery, Soph. WHITE, BILLY MAX, Dotgan, Fr. WHITE, FRED CLAY, Tuscaloosa, Soph. WHITE, JAMES RICHARD, St. Simmons, Ga., Fr. WHITE, LESLIE JEANNE, B ' ham, Fr. WHITE, LINDA ROSS, B ' ham, Jr. WHITE, TED ARNOLD, Dickinson, Jr. WHITEHEAD, JACKIE E., Eufaula, Jr. WHITINGER, CAROLYN O., Mobile, Soph. WHITTEN, GWENDOLYN F., Centre, Fr. WHITTLE, ELIZABETH A., Montgomery, Fr. WHITTLE, PEGGY DI- ANNE. Dothan Soph. WICKE, RICHARD ALAN, Saraland, Fr. WIDEMAN, WIL- LIAM DWAINE, Dora, Fr. WIGGINS, MARGARET E., Fay- ette, Fr. WIGGINS, MICHAEL LEE, B ' ham, Jr. WILKINS, EUGENE SHELTON, Thorsby, Fr. WILLIAMS, DONALD KEITH, Bessemer, Jr. WIL LIAMS, LARRY OWEN, Hueytown, Soph. WILLIAMS, MARY KATHLEEN, B ' ham, Soph. WILLIS, ALLEN BRYANT, B ' ham, Soph. WILSON, JONATHON ATMORE, Dothan, Soph. WILSON, RICHARD ZELL, B ' ham, Soph. WINGETT, CHAR- LES N., Wetumpka, Fr. WINGO, WILLIAM L„ JR., Robertsdale, Soph. WINNING, JILL FOWLER, B ' ham, Jr. WINTERS, KATHLEEN E., B ' ham, Soph WISE, JERRY L., Citronelle, Soph. WISE. JOHN LAWRENCE, Citronelle, Jr. WISHUM, CAROL AUGUSTA, Andalusia, Jr. WOODALL, CHARLES MINOR, Town Creek, Jr. WOODFIN, MORRIS C, Prattville, Jr. WOOLLEY, CATHERINE FRAN, Aldrich, Fr WOOLLEY, SHARON ELINOR, Aldrich, Jr. WRIGHT, ELLEN KAY, Clanton, Soph. WRIGHT, MARTHA LOETTE, Trussville, Fr. WYATT, LINDA PENTON. Jemison, Jr. WYATT, SHIRLEY, Akron, Fr. WYKOFF, WILLIAM GRANT, Sylacauga, Fr. YEAGER, JOHN CLYDE, B ' ham, Jr. YEAGER, MERL HAROLD, Fairhope, Soph. YEAROUT, PAMELA CHRISTI, Huntsville, Fr. 195 UNDERGRADUATES YESSICK, SHARON KAY, B ' ham, Fr. YOUNG, BARBARA CLYDE, Clanton, Jr. YOUNG, MICHAEL DAVID, Foley, Soph. YOUNGBLOOD, DALE MARIE, Siluria, Fr. YOUNG- BLOOD, HUGH E., Siluria, Jr. ZIRKELBACH, FREDERICK W., B ' ham, Soph. CHAMBERS, GAYE, Enterprise, Soph. 196 SENIORS i ALDERMAN, AMANDA JANE ALLEN, LINDA GAIL AMAN, AURILLA FAYE ARMISTEAD, JAMES CLARK ASTON, PATRICIA ANN II BAER, MARGARET ANN BAKER, ANNA LOUISE BARBREE, BARBARA GAYLE BARLOW, BETTY JEAN BARTON, DAVID LARRY III BATSON, JOHN ROSS BATTLE, JACK BUFORD BAVAR, JANIE VIRGINIA BICE, CAROLE LYNETTE BILLOTTE, WILLIAM R. IV BOWLIN, MARTHA LEE BRANTLEY, JOY BRASWELL, ALMON GLENN BREWSTER, FRANK WAYNE BRIDGES, MARILYN WARD VI COGLE, MARY OLIVE COMPTON, PEGGY ANN CONNELL, JOE MEREDITH COOCH, ROSEMARY DAWN COOPER, FRED REYNOLDS, II VII COPLIN, SARAH JEAN COWLEY, ALFRED RONALD CRAWFORD, JAMES EDWARD CRISPELL, SANDRA ANN CROWLEY, MINNIE DELORES Sweetwater Elba Ashford Whistler Decatur, Ga. Mobile Centre Dalton, Ga. Camden Alabaster B ' ham Montevallo B ' ham B ' ham Clearfield, Penn. Sylacauga Banks Decatur B ' ham Montevallo BRUNSON, JOLINDA S. Montevallo BYRD, JAYNE York CANADA, BETTY LANE Eastaboga CLECKLER, LUCY BARKLEY Montgomery CLEVELAND, ALICE FAYE B ' ham Thomasville Eight Mile B ' ham B ' ham Mobile Scottsboro McCalla B ' ham Pell City Ashford tfiJtil jL i mtfiL 197 SENIORS DABBS, ROBERT EDWARD Hueytown DAVIS, GLENDA ANN Columbiana DAVIS, STANLEY RUTH Verbena DAVIS, TULAH RUTH Elba DEAN, AMOS JUSTIN Robertsdale II DENSON, WILLIAM FRANK Calera DOGNIBENE, JAMES JOSEPH B ' ham DREYSPRING, CHARLES EDWARD B ' ham DUNLAVY, DONNA LYNN Augusta, Ga. DUPREE, NANCY CAROL Bridgeport III EILAND, THOMAS EARL FAGGARD, MARY LOUISA FIELDS, SHIRLEY FAYE FISHER, SUSAN A. FLEMING, ELIZABETH WARD IV FOWLER, CARRIE JOSEPHINE FOUNTAIN, WANDA LEIGH FREW, CHARLES TRUMAN FULTON, EDWARD ALLEN GALLOWAY, BARBARA ANN GARRETT, BARBARA JUNE GASTON, PATRICIA ANN GLASGOW, ELIZABETH FAY GLOVER, KENNETH CLIFF GREEN, VIRGINIA ANN VI GREGG, ROBERT S. GRIDER, JACQUELIN N. GROSS, HENRY BERNARD GRUETZMACHER, BRENDA V. HALL, BARBARA JEAN VII HALL, FRED MALONE HARPER, GWENDOLYN PAT HARRIS. MARTHA ELLEN HARRISON, SHIRLEY ANN HAWKINS. CAROLYN E. B ' ham Axis Bessemer Congers, N.Y. Mobile Greensboro Bessemer Hartselle Siluria Geneva Siluria Mobile B ' ham Columbiana B ' ham Montevallo Guntersville Selma Wetumpka Camden Calera Alabaster B ' ham Montgomery Hueytown 198 SENIORS i HAYDEN, DAY LOUISE Trussville HEATON, RACHEL ADELE Duneanville HERRING, JO MARGARET Centreville HICKS, THOMAS HEWITT Marvel HILYER, SANDRA F. Jemison II HINES, ALFRED RANDALL B ' ham HINTON, SAMUEL MICHAEL Arlington, Va. HOLLIMAN, PATSY ANN Fayette HOLSOMBACK, WILLIAM KENNETH Marvel HUBBARD, MARTHA HELEN Talladega III HUBBARD, MARTHA LAURA HUTSON, JAMES HOSEY HYDE, JOYCE WALRAVEN INGRAM, ARCHIE WRIGHT INGRAM, DORIS IV ISBELL, MARY JANE JENNINGS, GARY COLEMAN JENNINGS, LANELLE PAYTON JONES, CAROL ANN JONES, PAMELA GAIL Ozark Montevallo Montevallo Calera Bessemer Columbiana Sylacauga Montevallo Springville Marion JONES, THOMAS S„ JR. KEVORKIAN, MARY LOUISE KIEFFER, LEIGH FRANCES KING, MARY LUCILLE KRATOCHVILL, EDWARD H. Bessemer B ' ham Louisville, Ky. Scottsboro Montevallo LANCASTER, JO ANNE Mobile LANGHAM, LARRY LEON Bessemer LATHAM, MARY LOUISE Mobile LATHAM, WILLIAM DENNIS Law ley LATIMER, JUDITH Alexander City VII LAWRENCE, JUDITH ANN LAWLEY, DON EDWARD LEA, WILLIAM PAYNE LESSLEY, WALLACE EUGENE LIVEOAK, JIMMY CHARLES B ' ham Marvel B ' ham Jemison Thorsby dlJl felfl 199 SENIORS LILES, DANIEL EDWARD LINDSEY, ANDY WESLEY LINDSEY, JANICE R. LOCHAMY, CAROLYN RUTH LONG, ROBERT DENNIS B ' ham Grove Hill Montevallo B ' ham B ' ham II LOVELADY, PATRICIA W. McCREARY, HELEN McDONOUGH, MAUREEN K. McGAHEE, MARCUS B. McGRAW, KATHERINE A. Montevallo Monroeville Whistler Talladega B ' ham Ill McMICHEN, JIMMIE SUE McPOLAND, MICHAEL B. MAHER, SHARON ANN MARCHANT, JACK ALLEN MARTIN, BARBARA ANN Dora B ' ham Montevallo B ' ham Hueytown IV MARTIN, SARA GLENDA MARTIN, SHARRON HICKS MEGGINSON, CHAROLETTE M. MENZEL, WILLIAM C, JR. MEREDITH, KATY SUE Clanton Columbiana Jackson Montevallo Andalusia V MERRELL, LYNN DAVIS MILLER, DUDLEY BRANDON MILLS, JAMES WILEY MORRISON, BENNYE MOSELEY, WILLIAM F., JR. Shelby B ' ham Montevallo Greensboro Jasper VI NALL, MYRA REBECCA NELSON, FLORENCE U. NEWBERRY, JOYCE ROSE NICHOLS, JO ANN NIVEN, SAMUEL EARL B ' ham Montevallo Leeds Bessemer Chelsea VII NORRIS, DON TRULAN NORRIS, JOHN THOMAS OGLESBY, RONNIE VERNON OTWELL, JERRY RONALD PAEPCKE, CARL H. R. Jasper Verbena Bessemer B ' ham Tuscaloosa 200 SENIORS PATRICK, JUDY FAYE Russellville PATTON, HELEN CHRISTOP Athens PEAKE, PATRICIA Dothan PERRY, FRANK KENNETH B ' ham PHILLIPS, MARTHA WILL Mobile II PILGREEN, ROSA LINDA PORCH, MARY ELEANOR PRYOR, MARY JOANN RAIFORD, CAROLE BRUCE RAINES, JOAN ELIZABETH Clanton Alexander City Snow Hill Tuscaloosa Arab RAY, DONLY ELDON Bessemer REED, SONJA LEE Pinson REYNOLDS, VAL TAYLOR Selma ROBBINS, CAROL ANN Montgomery RODGERS, WILLIAM M., JR. B ' ham IV ROS, RAMON EUGENE, III ROSA, JANNIS EILEENE ROWLAND, SUSIE COATNEY SEALE, BRENDA GAIL SEALE, MARTHA CAROLINE Mobile Mobile Columbiana Bessemer Orrville SHEPARD, ANN SHELTON, MARY ELSIE SIMMONS, LYNDA CAROL SMITH, ELIZABETH DEBOE SMITH, POLLY SUE VI SMITH, SYDNEY ELIZABETH SPOFFORD, JUDITH McKEEN SPROULL, JOHN LOUIE STEPHENS, RICHARD LEE STEWART, JUDITH ANNE VII STEWART, PATRICIA ANN THOMAS, JERRY PAUL THOMASON, STEPHEN MOORE THOMPSON, KATIE DON TUCKER, LESTER EARL B ' ham Kingsport, Tenn. Trussville Mobile B ' ham Bessemer Decatur Wilton Jem i son Jacksonville Greensboro Montevallo McCalla Clanton Trussville AJ4il4 201 SENIORS i VANDIVER, SARA F. B ' ham VEAZEY, MARY VIRGINIA Maplesville WAGNON, MADGE JOYCE East Gadsden WALLER, RICHARD SMITH B ' ham WARD, CAROL Pine Apple II WARREN, MELBA Talladega WELCH, BARBARA LITTLE B ' ham WHITE, CONSTANCE CLAIRE Simmons Island, Ga. WHITTLE, BETTY ANN Ozark WICKE, JULIUS CHARLES Helena III WIGGINS, LYNDA RAE WILLIAMS, GERALD HAMMON WILLIAMS, JAMES RONNIE WILLIAMS, JOYCE M. WILLIAMS, JUDITH ANN IV WILSON, ELIZABETH ANN YATES, BERNICE ANN YOUNGBLOOD, GARY CECIL ALDRIDGE, KELLY RICHARD Pensacola, Fla. Mobile Thorsby Chatom Ft. Rucker Jftki Scottsboro Gadsden Adamsville Saraland 202 ■ !.« L ■ . W0K ■• ft m m P w ' WE jfsJT f 205 SENIORS ' ACTIVITIES KELLY RICHARD ALDRIDGE Business Administration Baseball Team; B.A. Club; " A " Club. LINDA GAIL ALLEN Mathematics College Night Cabinet; Kappa Mu Ep- silon; MONTAGE staff; P.E. Club. AMANDA JANE ALDERMAN Social Work Sociology Club, Social Chairman; Pres. of Hanson. JAMES CLARKE ARMISTEAD Business Administration B. A. Club; Golf Team; Vice-Pres., Soph. Class; New Men ' s Residence Hall, Vice- Pres., Sec; Alpha Kappa Psi. PATRICIA ANN ASTON Speech Beauty Semi-finalist; College Choir; Col- lege Night Cabinet; Soph. Favorite; House Resident Assistant; Senate; S.N.E.A.; S.R.A., Pres., Social Chairman. MARGARET ANN BAER Art College Night Cabinet; Kappa Pi, Pres., Orchesis; S.R.A. officer; Newman Club, Pres. ANNA LOUISE BAKER Vocational Home Economics Ivol Spafford Club; S.N.E.A. DAVID LARRY BARTON Business Administration House Resident Assistant; Senate; Meisters Social Club, Vice-Pres.; Men ' s Business Club, Pres.; Jr. Class Advisory Committee; Drives Week Committee; Ad- visory Committee to B.A. Dept.; Com- bined Council of Clubs. JOHN ROSS BATSON Speech ALABAMIAN Staff; College Night Cab- inet; College Theater; Kappa Delta Pi; S.N.E.A., Vice-Pres., State Pres.; Theater Council, Vice-Pres., Pres. BARBARA GAYLE BARBREE Sociology Chorale; College Night, Cabinet; House Council, Social Chairman; Logus; Senate, Ass ' t Sec; Sr. Class Vice-Pres., Sec; Social Committee; Sociology Club; Dean ' s List. BETTY JEAN BARLOW Elementary Education A.C.E.; Beauty; College Night; Senior Elite; S.N.E.A. JANIE VIRGINIA BAVAR Mathematics LYNETTE BICE Physical Education College Night; House Pres.; P.E. Club, Vice-Pres., Class Rep.; Recreation Assn., Volleyball Manager. MARTHA LEE BOWLIN Secretarial Administration B.A. Club; College Night; S.N.E.A. JAMES HOWARD BRAMBLETT Business Administration B.A. Club; Bus. Prof. Fraternity. JOY BRANTLEY English ALABAMIAN staff; Sociology Club. ALMON GLENN BRASWELL Mathematics and Physics College Night, Basketball Team; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Junior Faculty Member. FRANK WAYNE BREWSTER Business Administration B.S. Club; I.R. Club; Spanish Club. JAYNE BYRD Business Education ALABAMIAN staff; B.A. Club; College Night Cabinet; College Theater; I.R. Club; MONTAGE staff; Sociology Club, Sec, Projects Chairman; S.N.E.A., State Sec; Sec. of Tutwiler; TOWER staff, business manager; Dorm Hall chairman; Spanish Club. BETTY LANE CANADA Elementary Education A.C.E., Sec-Treas., Pres.; ALABAMIAN staff; College Night. FA YE CLEVELAND Secretarial Administration Chorale; College Night; I.R. Club; Social Committee; S.N.E.A.; S.G.A., Social Chairman; Tutwiler House Council; Busi- ness Administration Advisory Committee. MARY OLIVE COGLE History I.R. Club; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Alpha Theta; S.N.E.A. PEGGY ANN COMPTON English and Spanish Kappa Delta Pi, Pres.; Lambda Sigma Pi, Hist.; Sigma Delta Pi, Pres.; Library Assistant; S.N.E.A. Hispanic Society; English Club. FRED REYNOLDS COOPER Psychology College Night; College Theater; Execu- tive Council; MONTAGE staff; Opera; Senate; Theater Council, Publicity Chair- man; TOWER Contributor; WRSD; Psy- chology Club. SARAH JEAN COPLIN Biology Biology Club; College Night; Chemistry Club. ALFRED RONALD COWLEY Biology Beta Beta Beta; Biology Club, Sec, Treas.; Chamber Choir; College Choir; College Night Cabinet. JAMES EDWARD CRAWFORD Biology Biology Club; B.A. Club; Junior Class, Vice-Pres., Pres.; New Men ' s Hall, Treas. SANDRA ANN CRISPELL Vocational Home Economics Ivol Spofford Club; S.N.E.A.; S.R.A. offi- 207 SENIORS ' ACTIVITIES ROBERT EDWARD DABBS History ALABAMIAN staff; College Night Cab- inet; Delta Theta Pi, Sec, Treas., Pres.; Soph, and Jr. Favorite; House Pres., New Men ' s Hall; I. R. Club; Senate; Phi Kappa Delta, Pres.; Pres., Soph. Class; Debate Team; Delta Social Club, Vice-Pres.; Com- bined Council of Clubs; Speech Executive Council. Delta Pi; Senior Elite; Sigma Alpha Sigma; S.N.E.A. THOMAS EARL EILAND Business Administration B.A. Club; MONTAGE staff; Delta So- cial Club; Professional Fraternity; Psy- chology Club. EDWARD ALLEN FULTON History I.R. Club; Senate; S.N.E.A., Vice-Pres.; College Band; Meisters Social Club, Sec.; Social Chairman, New Men ' s Hall. BARBARA ANN GALLOWAY Social Work Chorale; Sociology Club, Program Chair- man; Psychology Club; College Band. GLENDA ANN DAVIS Biology Beta Beta Beta, Sec; Chorale; Orchesis; Student Guild; Chemistry Club, Social Chairman MARY LOUISA FAGGARD Biology and Chemistry Beta Beta Beta, Pres.; Lambda Sigma Pi; MONTAGE staff; Student Court; Eta Sigma Phi; Chemistry Club. PATRICIA ANN GASTON Vocational Home Economics Beauty; College Night; College Theatre; Ivol Spofford Club, Treas.; Senate; Thea- tre Council; Sociology Club; S.N.E.A. JACK DOUGLAS DAVIS Speech Home Resident Assistant; Senate; Pi Kappa Delta; Sigma Social Club, Chap- lain, Historian SHIRLEY FAYE FIELDS History Chorale; College Night; MONTAGE staff; Sociology Club; S.N.E.A.; Hispanic Society. ELIZABETH FAY GLASGOW General Psychology ALABAMIAN staff; College Night; Col- lege Theatre; Main Hall, Treas.; Ivol Spofford Club; MONTAGE staff; Soci- ology Club; Psychology Club. TULAH RUTH DAVIS English College Night; Freshman Class, Vice- Pres.; Jr. Class, Pres.; Soph. Class, Vice- Pres.; English Club; Psychology Club; S.N.E.A. SUSAN A. FISHER Business Administration B.A. Club; College Night; MONTAGE staff; Ushers Club; Fire Lieutenant; New- man Club. KENNETH CLIFF GLOVER Physical Education P.E. Club; Cross Country Track Team; " A " Team. AMOS JUSTIN DEAN Physical Education Circle " K " ; College Night; Orchesis; P.E. Club; " A " Club; Recreation Assn.; Cross Country Team. CHARLES EDWARD DREYSPRING Business Administration ALABAMIAN staff; B.A. Club; College Night Cabinet; Vice-Pres., New Men ' s Hall; I.R. Club; Senate; Delta Social Club, Vice-Pres.; Combined Council of Clubs. DONNA LYNN DUNLAVY Vocational Home Economics Beauty; College Night; College Theatre; Ivol Spofford Club; S.N.E.A. NANCY CAROL DUPREE Secretarial Administration College Night Cabinet; BSU, Sec; Kappa ELIZABETH WARD FREMING Physical Education College Night, Cabinet; House Resident Assistant; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Lambda Sigma Pi, Vice-Pres.; Orchesis; P.E. Club, Treas., State Rep.; Recreation Assn., Freshman Rep., Sec; Sr. Class, Treas.; Senior Elite; S.N.E.A.; Who ' s Who; AAHPER; ASAHPER, Vice-Pres. WANDA FOUNTAIN History College Night; Orchesis; S.N.E.A. CARRIE JOSEPHIN FOWLER Elementary Education A.C.F.: Kappa Delta Pi; S.N.E.A. CHARLES TRUMAN FREW Business Administration ALABAMIAN staff; B.A. Club; College Night Cabinet; Senate; S.G.A. Officer; Who ' s Who; Phi Kappa Delta, Vice- Pres.; Meister Social Club. VIRGINIA ANN GREEN Music College Choir; College Night Cabinet; Opera; Phi Alpha Mu; Student Organ Guild, officer. ROBERT STEPHEN GREGG Biology Baseball Team; Beta Beta Beta; College Night; Chemistry Club. JACQUELIN N. GRIDER Physical Education Beauty; College Night; College Night Cabinet; College Theatre; Lambda Sigma Pi, Sec; Orchesis, Sec-Treas., Vice-Pres., Pres.; P.E. Club, Sec, Class Rep.; Recrea- tion Assn., Vice-Pres., Pres.; S.G.A. offi- cer; Who ' s Who. BRENDA V. GRUETZMACHER Secretarial Administration ALABAMIAN staff; B.A. Club; College Theatre; MONTAGE staff; S.N.E.A.; 208 SENIORS ' ACTIVITIES Sec, Hanson House Council; Treas., Tut- wiler House Council. PATSY ANN HOLLIMAN Music Beauty; Chorale; College Choir; College Theatre; Opera; Phi Alpha Mu; MENC. MARY LOU KEVORKIAN Social Work Senate; Sociology Club, Pres. officer; Psychology Club. S.R.A. BARBARA JEAN HALL Home Economics College Night; Ivol Spofford Orchesis; S.R.A. officer. Club; GWENDOLYN PATRICIA HARPER Art and Speech Beauty; College Night; College Theatre; Theatre Council, Treas.; Zeta Phi Eta, Pres. MARTHA ELLEN HARRIS Home Economics Chorale; College Night; Ivol Spofford Club, Social Chairman; S.N.E.A.; Organ Guild. SHIRLEY ANN HARRISON Music Chorale; College Choir; Phi Alpha Mu, Sec; MENC. MARTHA HELEN HUBBARD Social Work ALABAMIAN, editor-in-chief; Alpha Lambda Delta, Sec. -Treas.; College Night; Lambda Sigma Pi, editor; Senior Elite; Sociology Club, Sec-Treas.; Eta Sigma Phi, Sec; English Club; Publications Com- mittee; Psychology Club. MARTHA LAURA HUBBARD History College Night; I.R. Club, Sec-Treas.; S.R.A. Officer; S.N.E.A.; Sigma Delta Pi; Hispanic Society. GAVIN WARREN HUNTER Business Administration Biology Club; B.A. Club; Social Chair- man, Ramsay; MONTAGE staff; Delta Social Club, Treas.; Men ' s Business Fra- ternity. LEIGH FRANCES KIEFFER Art Beauty; Catalina Club, Pres., Publicity College Night Cabinet; House Vice-Pres. Orchesis, Sec-Treas.; NAEA; ASAHPER Basketball, National Rating (DGWS) Who ' s Who. EDWARD H. KRATOCHVILL Business Administration Meisters Social Club, Pres., Chaplain; Senior Elite; Sigma Alpha Sigma; Men ' s Business Fraternity. JO ANNE LANCASTER English ALABAMIAN staff; College Night Cabinet; College Theatre; Kappa Delta Pi; Lambda Sigma Pi; Senior Elite; Social Committee; S.N.E.A., Pres.; TOWER, editor; Eta Sigma Phi, Pres.; Zeta Phi Eta; Who ' s Who. CAROLYN E. HAWKINS General Speech College Night; College Theatre; S.N.E.A. Theatre Council; Sigma Delta Pi. KAY LOUISE HAYDEN Physical Education ALABAMIAN staff; Orchesis; P.E. Club; TOWER staff RACHEL ADELE HEATON History Beauty; B.A. Club; College Night; I.R. Club; Orchesis; Sociology Club; S.N.E.A., Treas.; Ushers Club; Spanish Club; Dorm Hall Chairman. ALFRED RANDALL HINES Business Administration B.A. Club; Business Administration Ad- visory Committee. SAMUEL MICHAEL HINTON Business Administration B.A. Club; Circle " K " , Pres., Ala. Col- lege Chapt; Men ' s Business Club; Meis- ters Social Club. JAMES HOSEY HUTSON Biology Club, Pres., Vice-Pres.; College Night Cabinet; Jr. Faculty Member. DORIS INGRAM Spanish Mu Delta Alpha; Senior Elite; S.N.E.A.; Sigma Delta Pi. GARY COLEMAN JENNINGS Biology Beta Beta Beta; Biology Club. CAROL ANN JONES Elementary Education A.C.E.; College Night; S.N.E.A. PAMELA GAIL JONES Art Chorale; College Choir; College Theatre; Opera; Recreation Assn. LARRY LEON LANGHAM Mathematics Baseball Team; College Night Cabinet; " A " Club, Vice-Pres.; Recreation Assn. Delta Social Club. MARY LOUISE LATHAM Biology Alpha Lambda Delta, Pres.; Beta Beta Beta, Sec, Historian; Biology Club; Chorale; House Council, Hanson WILLIAM D. LATHAM Political Science Delta Theta Pi; Favorite, Junior Class; House Pres.; House Resident Asst; I.R. Club; Junior Class Officer, Pres.; Sigma Club; Pres. of SGA JUDITH LATIMER Home Economics Chorale; Ivol Spofford Club; SNEA DON LAWLEY Political Science 209 SENIORS ' ACTIVITIES College Night; I.R. Club; Hispanic So- ciety JUDITH ANN LAWRENCE Mathematics Chorale; College Night WILLIAM PAYNE LEA History ALABAMIAN Staff; College Night Cab- inet; College Theater; I.R. Club; Psy- chology Club MARCUS B. McGAHEE Mathematics Alabamian Staff; Editorialist, Kappa Mu Epsilon; Phi Alpha Theta; House Vice- Pres.; ETA Sigma Phi KATHERINE A. McGRAW Health, Physical Education Alpha Lambda Delta; Beta Beta Beta; College Night; Cabinet; College Theatre; Kappa Delta Pi; Vice-Pres. ' 64 and ' 65, Lambda Sigma Pi; P.E. Club; Recreation Assn.; Theatre Council; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities Professional Business Club; Chairman Business Adm. Advisory Comm.; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Uni- versities and Col.; Chairman — Combined Council of Clubs; House Officer WILEY MILLS Biology Biology Club; Meister ' s Social Club BENNYE MORRISON Social Science Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Alpha Theta; S.N.E.A.; Aeta Sigma Phi DAVID EDWARDS LILES Business Administration B.A. Club; SNEA; Business Men ' s Club ANDY LINDSEY Psychology Catalina Club; College Night Cabinet; House Pres. Ramsay; Recreation Assn.; SNEA; Psychology Club, Pres.; Orienta- tion Committee; Delta Social Club; Tennis Team; House Council, Sec. CAROLYN LOCHAMY Secretarial Administration B.A. Club; College Night; Sociology Club; SNEA. ROBERT DENNIS LONG Political Science Photographer, ALABAMIAN staff; Col- lege Night; WRSD. JIMMY LORD History Senate; Meisters Social Club; House Offi- cer, Treas. JIMMIE SUE McMECHEN History I.R. Club; Hispanic Society; S.N.E.A.; English Club JACK A. MARCH ANT Political Science Circle " K " , Sec. and Treas.; Choir College BARBARA MARTIN Music Education Chorale; College Choir; P.E. Club; Organ Guild; M.E.N.C. SARA GLENDA MARTIN History I.R. Club; Sociology Club; S.N.E.A. CHAROLETTE MEGGINSON BME-voice Chorale; College Choir; College Night; Senior Class Favorite; Junior Class Treas.; Lambda Sigma Pi, Pres.; Opera; Pi Alpha Mu; Senior Class Pres., Social Committee; Sophomore Class Sec; S.N.E.A.; Who ' s Who Among American Colleges and Uni- versities; Miss Alabama College W. F. MOSLEY Music Theory and Composition College Night; Gold Music— ' 65 Wind Ensemble MYRA REBECCA NALL Voc. Home Economics Ivol Spofford Club FLORENCE NELSON JOYCE NEWBERRY Math and French Kappa Mu Epsilon; Orchesis; Ushers Club JO ANN NICHOLS Home Economics Chorale; College Night; Ivol Spofford Club; S.N.E.A. DON TEULAN NORRIS Biology Biology Club; Student Court; Chemistry Club; Meisters Social Club MAUREEN KAREN McDONOUGH Home Ec-Retail Ivol Spofford Club; Retail Club; Usher ' s Club; Col. Night WILLIAM C. MENZEL, JR. Math RONNIE VERNON OGLESBY Math BETTY McCREARY Elementary Education Alabamian Staff; A.C.E.; Kappa Delta Pi; S.E.A. DUDLEY BRANDON MILLER IV Business Administration B.A. Club; Delta Theta Pi; House Resi- dent Assistant; Golf Team; Senate; Social Comm.; Delta Social Club, Pres.; Men ' s CARL H. R. PAEPCKE History College Choir, College Night, Flunkie, College Theatre, Delta Theta Pi, Senate, International Relations Club 210 SENIORS ' ACTIVITIES MARTHA PALMER Chemistry and Math Beta Beta Beta, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Senior Elite, Eta Sigma Phi, Chemistry Club TAYLOR REYNOLDS Speech College Night Leader, College Theatre, Theatre Council, Pi Kappa Delta, S.N.E.A., College Band College Night; College Theater, Execu- tive Council; Ivol Spofford Club; MON- TAGE Staff; Orchesis; Retail Club; Social Committee; SGA JUDY F. PATRICK Elementary Education A.C.E., Chorale, Ivol Spofford Club, Montage Staff, S.E.A., S.R.A. Officer HELEN C. PATTOJN History I.R. Club, S.N.E.A. FRANK KENNETH PERRY Business Administration Baseball Team (Mgr.), B.A. Club, Col- lege Night, Psychology Club, Meisters So- cial Club MARTHA WILL PHILLIPS Speech Alabamian Staff, Chorale, College Choir, College Night, Cabinet, College Theatre, Opera, Theatre Council, Tower Staff, Zeta Phi Eta, Hispanic Society, Ushers Club, WRSD Radio, Debate Team ROSA LINDA PILGREEN Biology Club, College Night, Chemistry Club, Ushers Club ELEANOR PORCH Social Science A.C.E., Vice-Pres. CAROLE BRUCE RAIFORD Elementary Education A.C.E., College Night, Purple Cabinet, S.RA. Officer, Theatre Council, S.N.E.A. DONLY ELDON RAY History Alabamian Staff, College Choir, College Night, College Theatre, Ivol Spofford Club, Psychology Club, W.R.S.D., De- bate Team, Tennis Team SONJA REED Elementary Education A.C.E., College Night, Cabinet, S.N.E.A CAROL ANN ROBBINS Home Economics S.N.E.A., Kappa Delta Pi, Lambda Sigma Pi, College Choir, Chorale, College Night, Home Economics Club, Biology Club, College Theatre, Omicron Nu RAMON EUGENE ROS III Business Administration B.A. Club, College Night, Cabinet, I.R. Club, Delta Social Club, Ramsay House Council, Swimming Team, Men ' s Business Fraternity JUDY ROSA Mathematics College Night, Cabinet, Kappa Mu Ep- silon, Recreation Assn., A Club Sweet- heart SUSIE ROWLAND Math Kappa Mu Epsilon GAIL SEALE Art Kappa Pi, Orchesis MARTHA CAROLINE SEALE Home Economics Ivol Spofford Club, S.E.A. SUNNY SHELTON Speech Correction Catalina Club, College Night Cabinet, Lambda Sigma Pi; Logus; Recreation, Camp House Director; Zeta Phi Eta, Vice- Pres. ANNE SHEPARD Art College Night; Kappa Pi, Pres.; TOWER Staff LYNDA SIMMONS Retail Home Economics POLLY SUE SMITH Mathematics Alpha Lambda Delta; Chorale; College Night; Kappa Mu Epsilon SYDNEY ELIZABETH SMITH Elementary Education College Night; House Pres.; SNEA, Secre- tary; ACE. JAMES SNOW Biology Biology Club; College Night; MON- TAGE Staff, Psychology DONALD SPARKS Business Administration Psychology Club JUDITH SPOFFORD Home Economics College Night; I.R. Club; Ivol Spofford Club JOHN LOUIE SPROULL, JR. Biology JUDITH ANNE STEWART Music Alpha Lambda Delta; Chorale; College Night, Cabinet; Pi Alpha Theta; Student Guild; Pi Kappa Lambda; Eta Sigma Phi; Honor Student PATRICIA STEWART Speech Correction Chorale; Logus; Zeta Phi Eta KATIE DON THOMPSON Music Chorale; College - Night, Cabinet; Opera; Pi Alpha Mu; M.E.N.C, Vice-Pres.; Wind Ensemble 211 SENIORS ' ACTIVITIES SARA VANDIVER English I.R. Club; Kappa Delta Pi; Sigma Delta Pi; Hispanic Society, Treas.; SNEA; English Club MARY VEAZEY History, English, French Alpha Lambda Delta; I.R. Club; Pi Delta Phi; S.E.A. Eta Sigma Phi, Sec, V.P. JOYCE WAGNON Music ALABAMIAN Staff; Chamber Choir; College Night; College Theatre; Opera; S.N.E.A.; Student Guild; MENC CAROL WARD Secretarial Administration B.A. Club; College Night; Executive Council; SNEA; SGA Officer MELBA J. WARREN Secretarial Administration ALABAMIAN Staff; B.A. Club; Chorale; College Choir; College Night GERALD WILLIAMS Business Administration B.A. Club; Catalina Club; College Night, Drummer, Leader; MONTAGE Staff; Orchesis; Newman Club JUDITH ANN WILLIAMS Chemistry Beauty; Catalina Club; Circle " K " Sweet- heart; College Night; Recreation Assn.; Student Court; Chemistry Club ELIZABETH WILSON Chemistry Beta Beta Beta; Biology Club; Chorale; Chemistry Club; College Wind Ensemble CLIFFORD WOODFIN Business Administration BERNICE ANN YATES Home Economics College Night; I.R. Club; Ivol Spofford Club; Retail Club BARBARA LITTLE WELCH History Sociology Club; SNEA CONNIE WHITE Retail Economics College Night; Ivol Spofford Club; Re- tail Club; Ushers Club BETTY WHITTLE Home Economics Omicron Nu; House Council; SNEA; Home Economics Club; Biology Club LYNDA WIGGINS Home Economics House Pres., Tut; Ivol Spofford Club; Omicron Nu ETHEL JOYCE M. WILLIAMS Home Economics ALABAMIAN Staff; College Night; Ivol Spofford Club; Orchesis; Theater Council 212 DIXIE SUPER STORE CALERA, ALABAMA " Shop Dixie and Save " MONTEVALLO LAUNDRY CENTER Owned and Operated By: W. R. COBB P. O. Box 585 Clanton, Ala. COMPLIMENTS OF TIDMORE ' S SERVICE Service is Our Business. Let Us Service Your Car EUNICE AND BROCK Highway 25 Phone 9-9156 Compliments of THE DARI DELITE 213 Compliments of STRAND THEATER and REBEL DRIVE-IN Montevallo, Alabama MONTEVALLO CLEANERS Where Finer Things are Cleaned Phone 685-7214 Montevallo, Alabama CLARA-NEAL MOTEL and RESTAURANT 44 Units Swimming Pool Electric Heat and Television U.S. Highway Interstate 65 Phone 668-761 I Calera, Alabama CALERA FLORAL CO. We Specialize in Corsages and Wedding Arrangements Trained Designer on Duty Phone 668-7611 Day or Night ALABAMA COLLEGE SUPPLY STORE Owned and Operated by Alabama College. All Profits Support Alabama College Scholarship Fund HILL CONCRETE and SUPPLY Highway 25 West Phone 668-2584 STONE JEWELRY MONTEVALLO For Gifts That Will Always Be in Style and Remembered Come in and Browse, You are Always Welcome FERRIS AUTO PARTS Columbiana, Alabama Phone 694-9401 B S INSURANCE and REALTY P.O. Box 96 — Main Street Montevallo, Alabama W. R. BROADHEAD Broker VICTOR SCOTT Broker Complete Insurance and Real Estate Service Phone: 665-7571 McDOW MOTOR COMPANY For a Better Buy or Trade Phone: 694-2061 Columbiana, Alabama Compliments of WESTINGHOUSE WELDING DELICIOUS AND REFRESHING •(0.ui.i AT.orR SOLD EVERYWHERE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY E. P. GIHVAN, Manager MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA ROCHESTER ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Bobby Brooks — Van Huesen Farrah Slacks COMPLIMENTS OF WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Dalton Ellison, Manager Western Auto Associate Store P.O. Box 100 Calera, Alabama MONTEVALLO LUMBER COMPANY Everything for Building F. FROST F. FROST, JR. Montevallo, Alabama Phone 665-6811 FRED H. DAVIS Southern Bell Representative Bibb County Wishing You Continued Success and Growth MONTEVALLO REXALL DRUG Your Pharmacist, JACK SIMS WHALEY FURNITURE COMPANY, INC. Montevallo and Calera Phone 665-724! Phone 668-2111 McCULLEY ' S BIG SAVER STORE Montevallo, Alabama " We Give S H Green Stamps " FANCHER ' S RADIO AND T.V. GIFT SHOP Located Across From the Ford Motor Company Montevallo, Alabama COMPLIMENTS OF DELUXE CLEANERS For Fast Pickup and Delivery Service See One of Our Oampus Representatives Chosen From the Student Body. A Good Professional Laundry and Cleaning Company ROGAN FURNITURE COMPANY Let Us Show You How to Make Your Room More Livable Main Street Montevallo, Ala. CARLENES COIFFURES IN ALABASTER To Impress That Someone Special or to Simply Look Your Best at a Formal, There is No Better Way Than a Refreshing Hairdo. THE SENSATIONAL PIZZA VILLA Featuring 24 Varieties of Pizzas, Spaghetti, Ravioli, Lasagne FAST TAKE OUT SERVICE CALL 665-9125 219 TIMES PRINTING COMPANY Serving Alabama College ' s Printing Needs . . . " THE TOWER " " THE ALABAMIAN " " ALABAMA COLLEGE BULLETIN " For the enterprising man, fine clothes and accessories are a must. Be an enterprising man, you will enjoy life more. ZANE ' S Men Shop PURE OIL STATION " COMPLETE AUTO SAFETY CHECKS " Located Two Blocks From the Alabama College Campus Huuu wl ek VESTAVIA LANES " Birmingham ' s Finest " I 10 Brunswick Lanes LEE HAFFNER, Manager (Charter Member of the P.B.A.) LOCATED: 1413 MONTGOMERY HIGHWAY Compliments of FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF COLUMBIANA Columbiana, Wilsonville MARTEEN ' S IN ALABASTER F A S H I O N FOR our DEPENDABLE DRUGGIST McCLURE DRUGS " on the corner " MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA 221 Compliments of LAWLER MANUFACTURING COMPANY, INC. Manufacturer of Poultry and Farm Equipment JEWELRY FOR HIM AND HER Birthday, Anniversary Christmas Be Sure You Give: " GIFTS THAT ARE REMEMBERED THROUGHOUT THE YEARS " STONE JEWELRY COMPANY MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA CENTRAL STATE BANK CALERA, ALABAMA A Good Bank Serving Central Alabama 222 T H E T T L E S H P " A LADIES SHOP " Compliments of SOUTHERN ELECTRIC GENERATING COMPANY GILLIS PHARMACY Alabaster Shopping Center PRESCRIPTIONS— COSMETICS— SUNDRIES— SODA FOUNTAIN Phone 663-3113 — Alabaster, Alabama GO FALCONS COLUMBIANA 5 10 Columbiana, Alabama GOOD FOOD THE DINKY DINE CHICHI ' S JUST SEW SHOP Alterations, Button Holes, Hems, Pants Pegged, Buttons, Fancy Needle Worlc Corner of Boundry and Main Phone 665-9155 Montevallo, Alabama ALLEN ' S SHELL SERVICE STATION See Us Before Your Next Trip Home for Safety ' s Sake. 223 MONTEVALLO CHURCH OF CHRIST " The Church of Christ Extends a Warm Welcome to All Denominations and Invites You to Attend Its Services " THE MONTEVALLO PRESBYTERIAN Church Extends a Cordial Invitation to the Students and Faculty of Alabama College to Participate in Worship and Service. " Westminster Sunday School 9:30 A.M. Morning Worship 11:30 A.M. Westminster Fellowship 6:30 P.M. THE REV. B. DENTON McLELLAN, JR. Minister ST. ANDREWS EPISCOPAL CHURCH and CANTERBURY CLUB " We Invite You to Attend Our Services at Any Time. " " We Extend a Warm Welcome to All Faiths to Attend Our Regular Mass. " CATHOLIC CHURCH Montevallo REV. WHITE, Priest 224 FIRST METHODIST CHURCH and WESLEY FELLOWSHIP MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA H. FRANK LEDFORD, Pastor Worship Services 1 1 :00 A.M. and 7:00 P.M. Sunday School 10:00 A.M. Wesley Meeting for College Students Wednesday 6:30 P.M. " Make Our Church Your Church While Attending Alabama College " ' ■ Ni " «- to KS »- : ■,■ ' -: mm m ■■..■■■■.:■- m ■ ' ■■ ' . ' ' ' . ' . m$w HI ■ " S ■ : ' IP ; ISil i " . " •• ' ■ -f - JF W W

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