University of Montevallo - Montage Technala Yearbook (Montevallo, AL)

 - Class of 1961

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University of Montevallo - Montage Technala Yearbook (Montevallo, AL) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Cover

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3 ' ia ' iifii ,iiii!ii(piii!!ii!i!i.iiiiiiiiji)iiiiiinii)iiii!i LIBRARY Alabama College MONTEVALLO, ALA. " ■ Alabama Cla»«_3LZ AuthorColleg«_ Titu Montage, 19 61 80005 tj MAanAuaiMiMlufii 9 . v; o i jr ■ I rVi i t " ? : ' SEASONS AT ALABAMA COLLEGE ' ' ■ii ' tiiiWiitt Ann Scbober ; . Billie Sue Connolly. . . .. . David Crawford Mickey Luck, John McCrorie . : Assistant Editor Business Manager . Artists Phyllis Traywick, MONTAGE Editor [ 2 ] The Of ALABAMA COLLEGE STAFF: FIRST ROW: Roy McCaig, Mickey Luck, David Crawford, John David McCrorie. SECOND ROW: Ann Schober, Vernette Hudson, Billie Sue Connolly. THIRD ROW: Linda Broach, Lorno Teony, Lynda Hudson, Carolyn Clark, Eugenia Morris. NOT PICTURED: Judy Davis, Ira Sue Littleton, Mary Thornton, Dick Talty, Chuck Burton. [ 3 ] GONTENTS VV.-cf ' fy Buildings . . Dedication . . Administration Undergraduates Features .. .. . Government ... Organizations . . Concerts-Lectures College Night . . m 1?« im f ;t i ' A V!l» r " V ' ' ' ' ' " ■ «».• Oi6:t}.i ; IffiL 1960 Mi [nri fmi EDWARD HOUSTON WILLS MEMORIAL LIBRARY -•€S CALKINS HALL HANSON HALL MAIN DORMITORY COMER HALL SOCIAL SCIENCE BUILDING TUTWILER HALL PRESIDENT ' S HOME BLOCH HALL NAPIER HALL w, ' -i " r ' I McCALL POOL THOMAS WAVERLY PALMER HALL RAMSEY HALL HOME MANAGEMENT HOUSE lgSgmt ' ffmm»9mi ¥miim« pr f REYNOLDS HALL TEA HOUSE PETERSON HALL PHILLIPS MEMORIAL HALL Dedication To Our President J oward ill. J- ' h. ' Mipi t i«l Favorite A. C. chaperones enter into fi [ 17 ] Eagle-eye Phillips takes deadly ( We, the Senior Class, dedicate the nineteen-hundred-and-sixty-one MONTAGE to our favorite Senior, Presi- dent Howard Mitchell Phillips, who with us, began his career at Alabama College four years ago. During this time President Phillips has meant much to the school and its students. His far-seeing, progressive leadership has gained him respect. H is warmhearted friendliness has made him loved. [ 18 ] ADMINISTRATION [ 19 ] £ DiS A. ACKERLEY DOROTHY L. ADAIR MARTHA ALLEN FLOYD V. ANDERSON ELIZABETH ARMSTRONG Home Economics Mu; ;ic Art Physical Education Music Chairman PAUL C. BAILEY RODNEY BAINE VIRGINIA BARNES Biology English Art Chairman Chairman ETHEL BICKHAM Home Economics FRED C. BLACKMON Physics Mothemotics WILLIAM M. CASH MIRIAM COLLINS DAVID JAMES COTTER CLAIRE COX PARTICIA B. CRADDOCK Social Science Physicol Education Biology [ 20 ] Chemistry English MAXINE C. DAVIS Music J. D. DUNN ness Administra MINNIE DUNN Education ANNE L. EASTMAN Social Science JAMES W. EDWARDS Physics Mathematics LUCILLE GRIFFITH DAVID HUNTLEY W. J. KENNERLY FRANK LIGHTFOOT SARA NELL LIGHTSEY Social Science Art Chairman Chemistry Chairman Physical Education Home Economics GEORGE W. LIRE Biology JOHN B. LOTT English OWEN LOVE Education NATHAN M. LUBIN Psychology D. R. McMillan Physics Mafhemotics JEANEHE NIVEN Sociology MABEL OWSLEY Home Economics ETHEL MARSHALL Sociol Sciences ELOISE MERONEY English SARAH RUTH MORGAN Business Administration CHESTER PALMER Physical Education LORRAINE PIERSON Foreign Languages Chairman S, E. G. PRIESTLEY Political Science and Sociology SARAH PURYEAR English WILLIAM RINGHAM Music CATHERINE ROCHESTER Physical Education VIVIAN I. ROE Speech Clinic NEAL SHIRLEY Mathematics KATE C. SNEED Business Administration JOHN F. SUTTLE Basic Engineering JAMES D. THOMAS Social Science Chairman BRUCE TOLBERT Music WILLILEE R. TRUMBAUER Speech THOMAS D. TURPIN SANDRA V ARD Art English ROBERT A. WEBB Psychology MARY H. WHATLEY Sociology JAMES R. WILKINSON Physical Education ROBERT J. WILLIAMS English LAURA WRIGHT Speech 11-flMiHfA LEE A. BARCLAY Business Manager and Treasurer VIRGINIA HENDRICK Registrar LEIGHTON C. PARNELL Director Student Health Services ABI RUSSELL Director of Libraries RALPH W. SEARS Director of Public Relations MAHAN HUFFSTUTIER f - [ 26 ] oooe [ 27 ] ABERCROMBIE, SHERRY, Fr. Bessemer, Alabama ADAMS, DOROTHY, Fr. Mobile, Alabama ADAMS, JAMES M., Fr. Ider, Alabama ADAMS, JULIA LOUISE, Fr. Cantonment, Florida ADAMS, MACK, Soph. Midland City, Alabama ADAMS, MARY ROLANDA, Fr Montgomery, Alabama ADKINS, JAMES GARY, Fr. Trussville, Alabama AIKEN, WILLIAM CRAIG, JR., Selma, Alaboma AKINS, KAY, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama ALBRIGHT, RONDA, Soph. Monfevallo, Alabama ALGEE, ANITA, Soph. Gadsden, Alabama ALLEN, AUDREY, Jr. Mobile, Alabama ALLEN, GLENDA RAYE, Soph. West Blocton, Alabama ALLEN, HUIE R., Soph. Boileyfon, Alabama ALLISON, FLORA JUNE, Fr. Calera, Alabama ALOIA, JOSEPH CHARLES, ill, Soph Birmingham, Alabama AMARI, JOANNE, Soph. Birmingham, Alabama ANDERSON, BiLLIE, Jr. Anniston, Alabama ANDERSON, BOBBY W., Soph. Vinemont, Alabama ANDERSON, CAROL LEIGH, Fr. Grand Bay, Alabama ANDERSON, ELAINE, Jr. Pine Apple, Alabama ANDERSON, RUBY CHARLENE, F Pine Apple, Alabama ANDRESS, DALE, Soph. Peterman, Alabama ANDREWS, GRACE H., Fr. Sylacauga, Alabama ANTHONY, JUNE M., Soph. Calera, Alabama ARICH, CHARLIE JAMES, Fr.. West Blocton, Alabama ' ARLEDGE, BETTY MOORE, s ' r; ' Montevailo, Alabama ARMSTRONG, DONALD WAYNE, Wilsonville, Alabama ASKINS, BEULAH B., Fr. Calera, Alabama ATKINSON, ROBERT, Fr. iingh Alaba AUSTIN, JOHN RAE, Fr. Key West, Florida AUTERY, NANCY GAYLE, Soph, Montgomery, Alobamo AYRES, LARRY, Fr. Hueytown, Alabama BADDLEY, HARPER, Soph. Mobile, Alabama BAILEY, ELIZABETH, Fr. Heflin, Alabama BAKER, ELLIS CARLTON, Jr Calera, Alabamo BALCH, FRANCES CLAIRE, Huntsville, Alabama BALL, MARY ALICE, Fr. Mountain Creek, Alabomi BANKSTON, ANN, Soph. Birmingham, Alabama BARBER, J. T., Jr. Prattville, Alabama BARDEN, CHRISTINE, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama BARLOW, ALICE ANN, Fr. Camden, Alabama BARNARD, MADGE, Jr. Lakeland, Florida BARNETT, JOHN WAYNE, Jemison, Alabama BARNETT, MARY ANN, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama s:% l! Hi m }kJ h BARNETT, ROBERT M., Soph. Sterrett, Alabama BARNETTE, VIVA DEAN, Jr. Greensboro, Alabama BARTON, JACK, Soph. Birmingham, Alabama BASSETT, BRUCE, Soph. Oxford, Alabama BASWELL, VELLA, Soph. Oneonta, Alobamo BATSON, SUSAN, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama BAZEMORE, LAVERNE, Soph. Sylocaugo, Alabama BEAN, BARBARA, Fr. Lakeland, Florida BEARDEN, BARBARA, Soph. Hueytown, Aloboma BEAUDRY, MARIE, Soph. Birmingham, Alabama BEDGOOD, TOMILU, Soph. Montgomery, Alabama BELEW, JUDITH, Jr. Rogersville, Alabama BELL, CLARA KAYE, Fr. Andalusia, Alabama BELLIA, ANTHONY, Soph. Buffalo, New York BELUE, EDWIN, Jr. Florence, Alabama BENGERT, JUDY, Jr. Sylacauga, Alabama BENTLEY, BETTY, Soph. Brantley, Alabama BENTLEY, DIANNE, Soph. Columbiana, Alabama BENTON, SIDNEY, Soph. Eufaula, Alabama BERGER, HANNA, Soph. Selma, Alabama BETHELL, MARGARET, Jr. Birmingham, Alabama BEVERLY, JO ANN, Fr. Thomasville, Alabama BIRCHFIELD, TONY, Fr. Monfevallo, Alabama BLACK, BONNIE, Soph. Atmore, Alabama BLACKWELL, JUDY, Fr. nngn Alabc BLACKWOOD, JANE, Jr BLAKE, CONSTANCE, Fr The ■ille, Alabo BLAKE, DIANE, Jr. Birminghom, Aloban BLAKE, JIMMY, Soph. Bessemer, Alabama BLAKE, ROBERT, Fr. Buffolo, New York BLAKELY, JOSSLYN, Jr. Montevallo, Alabama BLAKEY, REBECCA, Fr. Montgomery, Alobomo BLANKENSHIP, CHARLES, Hueytown, Alabama BOLDING, ANN, Jr. Randolph, Alaboma BOND, HARRIETT, Jr. Mo dIIo, Alabo BOND, RICHARD, Soph. Montgomery, Alabama BONDS, MARGARET, Soph. Prace, Alabama BOYD, ILSE. Fr. Geiger, Alabama BRADBERRY, WENDELL, Soph. Clanton, Alabama BRADEN, JOYCE, Soph. Bessemer, Alabama BRAMBLETT, BILLY, Jr. Helena, Alabama BRANDAU, WILLIAM, Mobile, Alabama BRASFIELD, HELEN, Jr Theodo Alabo BRASWELL, BILLY JOE, Silurio, Alabama BREWSTER, WAYNE, Fr Birminghom, Alobomc BRIDGES, SANDRA, Jr. Bessemer, Alabama BRILL, CAROLYN, Jr. Bessemer, Alabama BRILL, JANICE, Fr. Bessemer, Alabama BROACH, LINDA, Jr. Gadsden, Alabama BROOKS, BUSTER, Fr. Hueytown, Alabama BROOKS, KATHY, Soph. Brewton, Alabama BROOKS, KENNETH, Soph. Birmingham, Alabama BROWN, CAROL JOANN, Fr, Birmingham, Alabama BROWN, FRED, Fr. Trussville, Alabama BROWN, GLENDA, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama BROWN, JUDITH, Fr. Mobile, Alabama BROWN, ROBERT, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama BROWN, VICTOR, Soph. Selma, Alabama BRUMBAUGH, THOMAS, Fr. Wilton, Alabama BRUMBY, JOYCE, Fr. Fairhope, Alabama M.Md.k BRUNSON, TROYCE, Fr Kinston, Alabama BRYANT, GLADYS, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama BRYANT, THOMAS, Jr. Grand Bay, Alabama BUCKLIN, WARNER, Sr, Calero, Alabama BULLOCK, JONATHAN, Mobile, Alabama BUNN, DAVID, Fr. Childersburg, Alabama BURDETTE, LARRY, Jr. Wadley, Alabama BURGOS, ZULMA, Fr. Ciales, Puerto Rico BURKE, JANE, Fr. Mobile, Alabama BURKHALTER, CAROL, Fr Verbena, Alabama BURTON, BECKY, Soph. Hueytown, Alabama BURTON, CHARLES, Soph. Joe Wheeler Dam, Alabama BURTON, HARRIET, Fr. Hueytown, Alabama BUSBEE, IRVIN, Jr. Falls Church, Virginia BUSH, VANCE, Jr. Montevallo, Alabama CABANA, MURIEL, Fr. Talladega, Alobama CAGLE, SUE, Soph. Lakeland, Florida CAINE, REBECCA, Soph. Safford, Alabama CALEY, ANNE, Fr. Denver, Colorado CALLEN, VIRGINIA, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama CAMERON, CATHERINE, Jr. Camden, Aloboma CAMP, SARA LYNN, Jr. Mobile, Alobama CAMP, SUE, Fr. Mobile, Alabama CAMPBELL, MARGARET, Jr. Birmingham, Alabama CANNON, JUNE, Fr. Berry, Alabama CAPELL, PEGGY, Jr. " Monroeville, Alobama CARDEN, JAMES, Soph. Colero, Alabama CARLSON, PATRICIA, Soph. Dothan, Alabama CARPENTER, PATRICIA, Soph. New Hope, Alobomo CARRELL, DONA, Soph. Birmingham, Alabama CARROLL, ERIN, Fr. Bessemer, Alabama CARRIER, WAYNE, Soph. Evergreen, Alabama CARTER, MARY, Jr. Geneva, Alaboma CASEY, TOMMIE JEAN, I Bessemer, Alabama CASH, LINDA, Soph. CAVER, ROSA LEE, Fr. Brierfield, Alabama CAZALAS, ROBERT, Soph. Mobile, Alabama CHANDLER, JO ANNE, Soph. Aloba Soph. CHANDLER, SANDRA Opp, Alobom.a CHAPMAN, ROBERT, Soph Birm.inghom, Alabama CHARLTON, STEVE, Soph Birmingham, Alobamo CHENEY, KAY, Soph. Atlonta, Georgia CHISHOLM, SHARON, Fr. Athens, Alabama CHRISTMAS, EDNA EARL, Ashford, Alabama CHUMLEY, ELIZABETH, Soph Attalla, Alabama Soph. CICERO, LINDA PAT, Fr. Huntsville, Alabama CLARK, BARBARA, Fr. Huntsville, Alabama CLARK, JENEAN OLIVIA, Fr Cottondale, Alabama CLARK, MARY VIRGINIA, Jr Lakeland, Florida CLARKE, CLARE HELEN, Fr. Hempstead, New York CLAYTON, PAT, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama CLEVELAND, HOWARD, Fr. Centreville, Alaboma COBB, KENNETH, Jr. Jemison, Alabama COE, MARY ANN, Soph, Hartford, Alobamo COFER, JAMES EVERETT, Fr. Siluria, Alabama COLEMAN, JEAN MARIE, Jr, Birmingham, Alabama COLEMAN, WILLIAM HERDIN, Jr Jemison, Alabama COLLINS, BENNIE GAIL, Fr. Thorsby, Alabama COLLINS, DONALD R., Soph. Clanton, Alabama COLLINS, MICHAEL, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama COLLINS, REBECCA, Fr. Birmingham, Alobamo COLO, BARBARA A., Fr. Warrington, Florido COLVIN, BETTY ANN, Sr. Vernon, Alabama CONDON, SANDRA, Jr. Dothon, Alabama CONNALLY, RONALD, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama CONNELL, JAMES N., Fr. Guntersville, Alabama COOK, BETTY JANE, Jr. Clayton, Alabama COOK, ELLEN, Jr. Ensley, Alabama COOPER, GAYLE, Soph. Crane Hill, Alabama CORK, JEAN, Soph. Graysville, Alabama CORLEY, JANICE, Jr. Goodwater, Alabama CORNELISON, HENRY C, Fr. Foley, Alabama COWAN, BEVERLY, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama COWAN, MARTHA ANN, Soph. iingh Alaba COX, CAROLYN E., Fr Clanton, Alabama g|i»« jB| cox, JANICE E., Fr. Birmingham, Alabama COX, WILLIAM, Fr. East Godsden, Aloboma CRAWFORD, DAVID, Soph. Birmingham, Alabama CRAWFORD, GENEVA, Soph Marion, Aloboma CRAWFORD, NANCY, Fr. Birminghom, Aloboma CREEL, JERRY, Soph. Baileytown, Aloboma CREEL, MARGARET, Fr. Holly Pond, Alabama CROTWELL, ANITA C, So Birmingham, Alobomo CROWLEY, MARGIE Ashford, Alabama CRUCE, DONNA, Fr. Bessemer, Alobomo CRUMP, DONALD, Fr. Fairfield, Alobomo CRUTCHFIELD, WILLIAM, Birmingham, Alabama CULVER, JUDITH, Fr. Sylacaugo, Alobomo CURLEE, EMMA, Soph. Elmore, Alobomo DANIEL, EDITH, Jr. Cloyton, Aloboma DANIEL, ELLEN, Sr. Verbena, Aloboma DANIEL, GLEN, Fr. Birmingham, Alobon DANIEL, NANCY, Fr. Moplesville, Alobom DANIELS, JANICE, Fr. Birmingham, Aloborr DAVIS, DAVID, Soph. Jemison, Alobomo DAVIS, DONALD, Soph. Montevollo, Aloboma DAVIS, ETHAMAE, Fr. Clanton, Aloboma DAVIS, JAMES, Soph. Montevollo, Alobomo DAVIS, JUDITH, Jr. iingh Alobo DAVIS, SAMUEL, Fr. Greensboro, Alobon DAVIS, THOMAS, Fr Bessemer, Alobomc DAY, BENJAMIN, Fr, Wilton, Aloboma DAY, DOROTHY, Fr. Selmo, Alabama DAY, HENRIETTA, Jr Anniston, Alabama DAY, LILLIAN, Fr. Anniston, Alobomo DEAL, GLENDA JAYNE, Fr. Cottonwood, Alabama DEAN, BETTY ELEANOR, Jr. Sycamore, Alabama DEATER, BARBARA, Soph. Opa-Lecka, Florido DeCOUDRES, ANNE, Jr. Syiocougo, Alabama DEDMAN, GAYLE, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama DeGROAT, JEAN, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama DeGROAT, JESSICA, Fr. Soroland, Alobamo DeGROAT, JOAN, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama DeLENNE, GLENDA, Soph. Cordova, Alabama DEMING, MIKE, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama DEMPSEY, ELIZABETH, Jr. Ashlond, Alabama DENNEY, JAMES V., Soph. Syiocougo, Alabama DENSMORE, JUNELLEN, Fr. Hueytown, Alabama DeVORE, NAOMI DELORES, Birmingho Alobo DICKERSON, PEGGY, Silurio, Aioboma Soph. mf ' h DICKINSON, JULIA, Fr. Clanton, Alabama DICKSON, DORIS JEAN, Soph. Montgomery, Alabama DILLON, ROY LONG, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama DINKEN, BILLY, Soph. Birmingham, Alabama DODD, ROBERT, Fr. Prattville, Alabama DODSON, BILLIE, Fr. Montgomery, Alabama DOODY, JAMES, Fr. Mobile, Alabama DOROUGH, PEGGY PATRICIA, Jr Columbiono, Alabama DORROH, JEAN, Jr. Kennedy, Alabama DOVER, WILLIAM ROBERT, Fr. Trion, Georgia DRAPER, MARY LYNN, Soph. Helena, Alabama DREW, BEVERLY, Soph. Prattville, Alabama DUFFILL, TAMSON, Soph. Daphne, Alabama DUNAWAY, RICHARD, Soph. Colero, Alobamo DUNKER, BARBARA, Soph. Lakeland, Florida DUNKIN, CAROLYN, Jr. Morion Junction, Alobom DUNLAVY, DAROLD, Soph. Selmo, Alabama DUNN, MARTHA, Fr. Birminghom, Alobomo DUNN, THERESA, Fr. Eufaula, Alobomo DUNMAN, JAMES, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama DUPREE, GLORIA, Soph. Dothon, Alobomo EAGER, WILLIAM, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama EARLY, DAViD, Fr. Groysville, Alabamo EARWOOD, MARGARET, Fr Fairfield, Alobomo EDENFIELD, KAY, Soph. Montevollo, Alabama EDFELDT, EDITH, Jr. Montevollo, Alabama EGERTON, HUGH, Fr. Birmingham, Alobomo ELAM, PEARLINE, Soph. Brent, Alobomo ELDRIDGE, MARTHA, Fr. Tuscaloosa, Alobomo ELLEDGE, CLAUD, Fr. Birminghom, Alobomo ELLIOT, CARRIE, Fr. Dothon, Alobomo ELLIOT, LINDA, Fr. Heleno, Alobamo ELLIS, FRANK, JR. Columbiono, Alobomo ELLIS, LOUISE, Fr. Samson, Alobomo ETHERIDGE, IRIS, Fr. Linden, Alobomo EURTON, MARGARET, Fr Birminghom, Alobomo EVANS, GARY, Soph. Childersburg, Alobomo EVANS, SANDRA, Soph. Delto, Alobomo EVERS, EDNA, Jr. Atmore, Alobamo EWALT, CARYL, Fr. Huntsville, Alabama FALKENBERRY, JOYCE, Fr. Mt. Vernon, Alabama FALKNER, JAY, Fr. Columbiana, Alabama FAUGHT, MARLIN, Sr. Greensboro, Alabama FINCH, RUSSELL, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama FISHER, BARCLAY, Soph. Montevollo, Alabama Jl } FISHER, RONNIE, R. Mobile, Alabama FISHER, SUSAN ALICE, Fr. Congers, New York FITZPATRICK, FRANCES, Soph. Mobile, Alabama FLEMING, JOHN, Fr. Fairhope, Alabama FLOWERS, ROBERT, Fr. Montgomery, Alabama FOLMAR, ROBERT, Fr. Mobile, Alabama FORRESTER, BARBARA, Soph. Dothan, Alabama FOSHEE, MARTHA, Soph. Billingsley, Alabama FOSTER, EVA, Jr. Huntsville, Alabama FOUTZ, PATRICIA, Fr. Mobile, Alabama FOWLER, JANE, Fr. Talledega, Alabama FOY, GARY, Soph. Prichard, Alabama FRAZIER, VONCEIL, Fr. Fort Deposit, Alabama FREEMAN, MARY LYNNE, Soph. Mobile, Alabama FRIDLEY, HESS STANLEY, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama h t h FRINGE, DIANNE, Jr. Birmingham, Alabom. FROST, BETTY, Jr. Mobile, Alabama FROST, JULIA, Fr. Colero, Alabama FULFORD, SANDRA, Fr Birmingham, Alabam( FULMER, BILLY, Jr. Deotsville, Alabama GADDIE, GEORGE, Jr. Deotsville, Alabama GALE, CHARLOTTE, Fr. Alexander City, Alobo GANN, CLOVIS, Soph. He ilton, Aiabon GANNAWAY, EMILY, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama GANNAWAY, RUSSELL, Fr, Birmingham, Alabama GANSTER, SUSAN, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama GANUS, TOMMIE LOU, Jr Birmingham, Alabama GARNER, BETSEY, Fr. Hamden, Connecticut GARRISON, EDGAR, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama GARSIDE, JO-ANN, Soph. Mobile, Alabama GATTIS, J. DAVID, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama GAULDEN, BETTY W., Jr. Birmingham, Alabama GIBSON, BRIGGS LEE, Fr. Maplesville, Alabama GIBSON, CAROLE, Soph. Birmingham, Alabama GIBSON, MARGARET E., Fr Selmo, Alabama GILES, SANDRA, Soph. Talladega, Alabama GILLILAND, KITTY L., Fr. Gardendale, Alabama GILLINTINE, MARY EARLINE, Birmingham, Alabama GILLIS, BARBARA JANE, Fr. Hartford, Alabama GIRTEN, ANN LYNN, Soph. Gadsden, Alabama GLADNEY, RUTH, Fr. Huntsville, Alabama GLEASON, FRED F., JR., Jr. Gadsden, Alabama GLOVER, KENNETH, Fr. Columbiana, Alabama GODFREY, GENE, Soph. Livingston, Alabama GODSEY, RITA ANNETTE, Fr Birmingham, Alabama GOLDSTON, VELMA, Jr. Birmingham, Alabama GOLSON, EVERETT, Soph. Prattville, Alabama GOODWIN, CAROLYN, Fr. Siluria, Alabama GORE, JAMES WALTER, Soph. Albertville, Alabama GRADY, MELVIN TIMOTHY, Jr. Montevallo, Alabama GRAF, MARY, Fr. Columbiana, Alabama GRAINGER, JOHN WALTER, Fi Birmingham, Alabama GRAY, JERRY WAYNE, Fr. Clanton, Alabama GRAYSON, LINDSAY, Soph. Birmingham, Alabama GREEN, ELEANOR FRANCES, F Chickasaw, Alabama GREEN, JERRY WAYNE, Jr. Birmingham, Alabama GREEN, JILL, Fr. Clayton, Alabomo GREEN, LINDA FAYE, Soph. Hueytown, Alobama GREEN, MARVIN, Soph. Maplesville, Alabama GREEN, VIRGINIA ANN, Fr. Tarrant City, Alabama k rl GREEN, MABLE, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama GRIFFIN, GENE, Fr. West Pell City, Alaban GRIZZELL, CAROLYN, Jr. Sylvania, Alabama GUIN, BRANYON, Fr. Hueytown, Alaboma GUNNIN, NANCY, Jr. Bessemer, Alabama GUNTER, SHARON, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama GUY, MARY, Fr. Mobile, Alabama GWIN, MARGARET, Fr. Birminghom, Alabama HAGOOD, LINDA, Fr. Pinson, Alabama HALL, WILLIAM, Jr. Selma, Alabama HAMILTON, ELNA, Jr. Opelika, Alabama HAMMETT, PATRICIA, Jr. Aliceville, Alaboma HAMMOND, JERRY, Soph, Birmingham, Alobomo HAMNER, ELIZABETH, Soph, Grant, Alabama HAMNER, LARRY, Soph. Arley, Alaboma f 0. HAMRIC, WILLIAM, Jr. Centerville, Alabama HAND, BOBBY, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama HANKINS, ARVOL, Jr. Bessemer, Alabama HANKS, KATHRYN, Fr. Talledega, Alabama HANLEY, JACQUELINE, Soph. Gainesville, Alabama HARDY, ALVIN, Jr. Clonton, Alaboma HARDY, MARTHA, Jr. Montgomery, Alabama HARE, MALCOLM, Soph. Mobile, Alabama HARPER, BRENDA, Fr. Ma el, Alabo HARRELL, BETTY, Soph. Tarrant, Alabama HARRELL, IRMA, Jr. Lakelond, Florida HARRINGTON, SYBIL, Soph. Prichard, Alaboma HARRIS, ANN, Fr. Trussville, Alabama HARRIS, JOHN, Soph. Cuba, Alobomo HARRIS, LEWIS, Fr. Mobile, Alobomo HARRIS, NELDA, Fr. Montgomery, Alabama HARRISON, EVIE JO, Soph. Moplesville, Alabama HARVEY, JERRY, Fr. Mobile, Alabama HARVEY, KATHERINE, Fr. Birmingham, Alabamo HASSLER, EDITH FAYE, Jr. Birminghom Alabamo HATCHER, DONALD, Soph. Calero, Alabomo HATCHETT, BETTY, Fr. Columbiana, Alabama HAV KINS, VIRGINIA, Soph. Huntsville, Alobomo HAY, ROYAL, Fr. Clanton, Alabamo HAYDEN, KAY, Fr. Trussville, Alobomo HAYES, DAVID, Jr. Bessemer, Alabama HAYES, JO ANN, Fr. Centerville, Alobomo HAYES, SUZANNE, Fr. Elba, Alobomo HAYES, W. C, Soph. Stanton, Alabama HEADLEY, ALICE, Soph. Montevollo, Alabomo HEADLEY, SHELTON, Soph. Montevallo. Alabama HEATON, MILDRED, Soph. Dunconville, Alabama HEDRICK, JUDITH ANN, Fr. Tuscaloosa, Alobomo HEIFNER, JENNY, Fr. Sylocouga, Alabomo HELMS, BARBARA ANN, Soph. New Brockton, Alobomo HELT, CAROL, Jr. Mobile, Alobomo HENDERSON, EDWARD, Fr Trussville, Alabama HENDRIX, VIRGINIA, Fr. Hortford, Alobomo HERMANN, JEAN, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama HESTLEY, SONDRA, Fr. HEWETT, THOMAS ANTHONY, Tuscolooso, Alabama HEWSTON, PATSY ANN, Jr. Minter, Alabama HEYBEY, ROSWITHA, Fr. Huntsville, Alabama HEYDEN, EMMA LEE, Fr. Springville, Alobomo HICKS, FRANCES, Jr. Pinson, Alabama HIGDEN, PATRICIA, Jr. Greensboro, Alabama HIGGINBOTHAM, BRENDA, Fr. Morris, Alabama HIGGINBOTHAM, BRENDA, Soph. Maptesville, Alabama HIGGINBOTHAM, EDWARD, Jr. Map ' esville, Alobamo HIGGINS, JAMES ROY, Fr. Thorsby, Alabama HILDRETH, RODNEY, Soph. Cullman, Alabama HILL, ALICE JANE, Jr. Gadsden, Alobamo HILL, JOHN TALMON, Fr. Marvel, Alabama HILL, MICHAEL, Soph. Nekemis, Florida HILL, SARA AUGUSTA, Fr. Prottville, Alabama HINES, LAMAR, Soph. Grand Bay, Alabama HOBBIE, HELEN HALL, Fr. Montgomery, Alabama HOCUTT, FAYE, Jr. Adomsville, Aloboma HODGENS, PATRICIA ANN, Chelsea, Alabama HODSON, SHARON, Jr. Lakeland, Florida HOFFMAN, BARBARA, Soph. Foirhope, Alabama HOLDER, JEAN ELLEN, Fr. Huntsville, Alabama HOLIFIELD, EMMA ELIZABETH, Fr Marion, Alabama HOLIFIELD, EVELYN, Fr. Marion, Aloboma HOLLAND, EILEEN, Soph. Whistler, Alabama HOLLINGSWORTH, CHARLIE L., Montevallo, Alabama HOLMES, ALLEN O ' NEAL, Jr. Folkville, Alabama HOOD, ELSON, Jr. Brierfield, Alabama HOOD, MARY BRUCE, Fr. Selma, Alabama HOPE, ADELINE TRUE, Jr. Bessemer, Alabama HOPE, SANDRA JO, Fr. Bessemer, Alabama HORN, HILDA ELIZABETH, Fr. Tarrant City, Alabama HORNSBY, MARTHA, Soph. Andalusia, Alabama HORNSBY, MARY WALDO, Fr. Hartford, Alabama HORTON, PEGGY, Fr. Hueytown, Aloboma HOULDITCH, JAMIE, Fr. Montevallo, Alabama HOWARD, CHARLOTTE JOYCE, Birmingham, Alabama HOWELL, BERNICE, Fr. Mobile, Alabama HOWTON, NELDA ELAINE, Jr. Bessemer, Alabama HUBBARD, MARGARET, Fr. West Blocton, Alabama HUDDLESTON, JOAN, Fr. Siluria, Alabama HUDDLESTON, ROMA JUNE, Soph. Silurio, Aloboma HUDSON, BARBARA, Fr. Birmingham, Alaboma HUDSON, LYNN, Soph. Opp, Alabama HUDSON, VERNETTE, Jr. Elba, Alobama HUEY, KENNETH B., Fr, Brent, Alabama HUEY, HOWARD R., So Brent, Alabama HUGGINS, NANCY, Fr. McKenzie, Alobama HUGHES, DORIS, Jr. Decatur, Alabama HUGHES, LYNDA, fr. Fairfield, Alabama HUGHES, PATRICIA, Soph. Tuscaloosa, Alobama HUGHES, SARAH, Soph. Columbiana, Alaboma HUGHES, WANDA, Soph. Tuscaloosa, Alaboma HUNT, MARY HELEN, Fr. Montevallo, Alabama HUNT, TERRY, Soph. Birmingham, Alabama HUNTER, GAVIN WARREN, Fr, Fairhope, Alabama HURST, DORIS, Fr. Munford, Alaboma HURT, JAMES, Fr. Prichord, Alabama HUTSON, JIMMY, Fr. Bessemer, Alabamo HYDE, ROY KNOX, Soph. Birmingham, Alabama HYMEL, CAROLYN, Fr. Mobile, Alabama INZER, CAROL, Soph. Montgomery, Alobom IVEY, BRENDA, Soph. Webb, Alabama JACKSON, DOUGLAS, Childersburg, Aloban JAFFE, REVA, Fr. Montgomery, Alobom JALIS, RONDA, Soph. Prichard, Alabama JAMES, JOE, Fr. Trussville, Alabama JAMISON, ROBERT, Fr. Centerville, Alabamo JATKO, LEANNE LOU, Fr Selma, Alabama JEFFERS, DICK, Soph. Trussville, Alabama JENSEN, GRACE, Fr. Pensacola, Florida JERNIGAN, ALYCE, Fr. Mobile, Alabama JERNIGAN, V. W., Soph. Brewton, Alabama JOHNSON, ANNIE LAURA, Soph. Ocola, Florida JOHNSON, BARBARA, Fr. Moplesville, Alobama JOHNSON, BILL, Fr iingh Alaba JOHNSON, DELORES, Greensboro, Alaba JOHNSON, ELLA, Jr. Torronf, Alabama JOHNSON, ELOISE, Greensboro, Alaba JOHNSON, GEORGE Woodstock, Alabor Soph. JOHNSON, JANE, Fr. Birmingham, Alobama JOHNSON, JUDY, Soph. Birmingham, Alabama JOHNSON, KAY, Soph. Cloyton, Alabama JOHNSON, MARY PAULA, Soph. Clonton, Alabamo JOHNSON, ROBERT, Soph. Brent, Alabama JOHNSON, SAM, Soph. Greensboro, Alabama JOHNSTON, ANN, Soph. Talladega, Alabama JOHNSTON, HAROLD, Soph. Bessemer, Alabamo JONES, ALAYNE, Soph. Brent, Alabama JONES, BARBARA, Fr. Robertsdale, Alabama JONES, BONNIE, Fr. Montgomery, -Aalbomo JONES, DOUGLAS, Fr. Clanton, Alabama JONES, FREDDY, Soph. Mulgo, Alabama JONES, JULIE DOUGLAS, Fr Montgomery, Alabama JONES, LYNDA, Jr. Theodore, Alabama kj.k i ' k . ' M, JONES, MARY EVELYN, Fr Thorsby, Alabama JONES, PAUU, Jr. Gra ve Hill, Alabamo JONES, REBECCA FAYE, F Mantevallo, Alabama JUSTICE, KAY, Soph. Hueytown, Alabama KEEN, SANDRA, Jr. Birmingham, Alobama KEENAM, JEAN ANN, Fr. Birminghom, Alabama KELLAM, IMO CAITHWREYN, Fr Eight Mile, Alabama KELLEY, DENNIE, Soph. Tarrant, Alobomo KELLUM, JOHN W. Ill, Soph. Bessemer, Alabama KELSO, TERRY, Fr. Birmingham, Alobomo KENDALL, MARTHA LORENE Andolusio, Alabama KENDRICK, CAREY, Soph. Montevollo, Alobomo KENDRICK, JACK, Jr. Birmingham, Alobama KENDRICK, JAMES, Jr. Tuscolooso, Alobama KENDRICK, JERRY, Soph. Birminghom, Alabama KENNEDY, C. KAY, Fr. Montgomery, Alobomo KENNEDY, PATRICIA KAY, Foley, Alobomo KEY, SONJA JEAN, Fr. Foirfield, Alabama KIBBEY, LINDA, Soph. Torront, Alabama KILLIAN, JUDY, Jr. ling horr Alaba KIMBRELL, C7EORGE, Soph. Colera, Alabama KING, JIMMY P., Fr. Torront, Alobomo KIRCHHOFF, ED, Fr. Sonford, Florida KIRCUS, MARY MADELYN, Fr, Birminghom, Alabama KIRK, BETTY, Fr. Orrville, Alobomo KiRKHAM, PATRICIA DIANE, Myrtlewood, Alobomo KIRKLAND, PEGGY, Soph. Scottsboro, Alabama KIZZIRE, LOYD R., Fr. Birmingham, Alobomo KLATT, LAURIE, Jr. Mobile, Alobomo KLEPAC, JAMES A., Fr. Troy, Alobomo KLINNER, EMILY, Fr. Clanton, Alabama KNIGHT, JACQUITA, Fr. Avon Park, Florida KRAUSE, MARY LOUISE, Mobile, Alabama LAATSCH, PHYLLIS, Fr. Birminghom, Alabama LANDERS, MARILYN, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama LANGFORD, DOROTHY, Soph. Centerville, Alabama LANSDEN, JANICE, Soph. Opp, Alaboma LaSALLE, VETO, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama LEE, LINDA SUE, Fr. Calera, Alabama LEFF, CYNTHIA, Soph. Mobile, Alabama LEGG, ELIZABETH, Soph. Northport, Alabama LeNOIR, NANCY, Soph. Montgomery, Alabama LENOIR, THOMAS DALE, Thorsby, Alabama LEWIS, DAVID, Soph. Aloboster, Alabama LEWIS, DOTTIE, Soph. Huntsville, Alabama LEWTER, B. J., Fr. Athens, Alabama LING, LINDA, Fr. Birmingham, Alobamo LITTLE, ALICE, Jr. Red Level, Alaboma LITTLE, JIMMY, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama LITTLE, MICHAEL, Fr. Childersburg, Alabama LITTLEFIELD, BOBBY JO, Soph. Lipscomb, Alabama LITTLETON, GAY NELL, Soph. Birmingham, Alabama LITZ, KEITH, Fr. Thorsby, Alabama LOFTIN, COLIN, Fr. Montgomery, Alabama LOGAN, BOBBY GENE, Jr. Monte Alaba LOGAN, PATRICIA, Jr. Montevallo, Alabama LONG, NANCY KAREN, Fr, Grand Bay, Alabama LONG, DENNIS, Fr. Birmingham, Alaboma LOONEY, PAUL, Soph. Hueyfown, Alabama LOVEJOY, ROBERT, Fr. Centerville, Alabama LOVELADY, PATRICIA, Soph. Montevollo, Alabama LOWERY, NED, Jr. Jemison, Alabamo LOWERY, ROBERT, Soph. Hueytown, Alabama LUCAS, CAROLE, Fr. Calera, Alabama LUCAS, JANICE, Fr. Montevollo, Alabomo LUCK, MEREDITH, Jr. Hioleah, Florida LUDLOW, FONTAINE, Mobile, Alabama LUNDY, JANIS, Soph. Mobile, Alabomo LUSK, ELIZABETH, Jr. Scottsboro, Aiobama LYLE, RICHARD, Fr. Trus; Alobo LYLE, VICKI, Fr. Huntsville, Alabama LYNN, BONNIE, Fr. Birminghom, Alobomi LYON, JOE, Soph. Columbia, Alabama MABREY, BLAIR, Soph. Calera, Alobamo MAJORS, GEORGE, Fr. Marvel, Alabama MAJORS, JULIA, Fr. Tyler, Alabama MARCHANT, MARILYN, Fr West Blocton, Alabama MARION, DAVID, Jr. Arab, Alabomo MARKELL, BONNIE, Soph. Mobile, Alabama MARTIN, BEVERLY, Jr. Wetumpko, Alabomo MARTIN, GLORIA, Fr. Vincent, Aiobama MARTIN, MARY, Soph. Birmingham, Alabomo MARTIN, BECKY, Jr. Wetumpko, Alabama MARTIN, ROY, Soph. Jemison, Alabomo MASSEY, BONNIE, Jr. Birminghom, Alabomo MASSEY, MARTHA, Jr. Irondale, Alabomo MASSEY, REBECCA, Jr. Bessemer, Aiobama MATHEWS, JAMES, Soph. Cenferville, Aloboma MATTHEWS, ROBERT, Jr. Mobile, Aloboma MAURER, JULIE, Fr. Montgomery, Alobamo MAXWELL, KENN, Soph. Montevallo, Alabama MAXWELL, SANDRA, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama MAYES, BARBARA, Jr. Mobile, Alabama MAYES, ROBERT, Fr. Mobile, Alabama MAYO, STERLON, Soph. Bessemer, Alabama MEAGHER, DIANNE, Jr. Gadsden, Alabamo MEGGINSON, PATRICIA, Soph. Jackson, Alaboma MELTON, ALiNE, Jr. Pine Apple, Alaboma MELTON, ANN, Soph. Selma, Alabama MELTON, CLINTON, Fr. Hueytown, Alabama MEREDITH, BARBARA, Soph. Andalusia, Alabama MEREDITH, KATY, Fr. Andalusia, Alabama MERONEY, EMILY, Soph. Birmingham, Alabama MERONEY, MARY JANE, Soph. Birmingham, Alabamo MESSAR, THAD, Soph. Midfield, Alabama METCLAF, TRACY, Ff. Birmingham, Alabama MIDDLEBROOK, SEDRA, Fr, Centerville, Alabama MILDE, BARBARA, Fr. Grant, Alabama MILDE, HANS, Fr. Grant, Alabama MILLER, ERREL, Soph. Colero, Alabama MILLER, EUGENIA, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama MILLER, HELEN, Fr. Athens, Alabama MILLS, WILEY, Soph. Arab, Alabama MILNER, THOMAS, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama MIMS, IRMA VIVIAN, Fr, Lakeland, Florida MIMS, ROY, Sr. Clanton, Alabamc MISSILDINE, DIXIE, Pall rdale, Alaba MITCHELL, BRENDA, Anniston, Alabama MITCHELL, SANDRA, Columbiana, Alobc MIXON, ELLEN, Jr. Bessemer, Alabamc Soph. MIXON, HALME, Fr. Bessemer, Alobama MOBLEY, DAVID, Soph. Graham, Alobama MOLGEDEI, GISELA, Fr. Montevollo, Alabama MONTGOMERY, MARY, Jr ' ille Alaba MOODY, MARGARET, Jr Mobile, Alabama MOON, SANDRA, Fr. Montgomery, Alobomc MOONEYHAM, JOHN, Summerville, Alabomc MOORE, LEON M., JR., Soph. iingh Aloba MOORE, REBA, Soph. Joppo, Alabama MORRIS, EUGENIA, Jr Yoloho, Florida MORRIS, MARY, Fr. Titus, Alabama MORRIS, PATRICIA, Fr. Birmingham, Alobomo MOTLOW, MARILYN, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama MOUNT, LINDA, Jr. Birmingham, Alabama MOWERY, TOMMIE RUTH, Soph. Wilton, Alabama MULLINS, GLORIA, Fr. Eclectic, Alabama MULLINS, MARY, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama MURDOUGH, JIM, Fr. Hanburg, New York MURPHREE, FAYE, Jr. Montevollo, Alabama MURPHREE, JOAN, Jr. Bessemer, Alabama MURPHY, CLAUDIA, Soph. Childersburg, Alabama MURPHY, PEGGY, Fr. Wetumpko, Alabama MUSGROVE, MARTHA, Soph. Birmingham, Alabama McALEER, PAUL, Fr. Mobile, Alabama McCAULEY, MADALYN, Soph. Fairfield, Alabama McCOLLOUGH, CAROLYN, Soph. Birmingham, Alabama McCRORIE, JOHN DAVID, Jr. Birmingham, Alabama McCUTCHEN, JAMES, Fr. Fairfield, Alabama McDONOUGH, MARNEEN, Jr. Miami Shores, Florida McELROY, DONNA LEE, Fr. Mobile, Alabama McEWEN, BARBARA, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama McFARLAND, BARBARA, Jr. Thorsby, Alabama McFERRIN, MERDITH, Jr. Bessemer, Alabama McGAUGHY, H. G., Jr. Montevallo, Alabama McGEHEE, ROBERT, Soph. Montevallo, Alabama McGIBONEY, LINDA, Jr. Columbiana, Alabama McGREW, MILDRED, Soph. Brent, Alabama McGUIRE, SYBIL, Fr. Tuscaloosa, Alabama MclNNIS, CAROLYN, Jr. Jackson, Alobomo MclNTOSH, CALLIE, Soph. New Brockton, Alabama McLEOD, MARYELLEN, Fr. Monticello, Florida McMANIS, CHARLES, Soph. Old Greenwich, Connecticut Mcpherson, sonja, Soph. Arkadelphia, Alabama McWATERS, WILLIAM, Fr. Bessemer, Alabama NABORS, PATRICIA, Soph. Birmingham, Alabama NAPIER, HELAINE, Fr. Jefferson Town, Kentuck NEALEANS, SUSAN, Fr. Sylacougo, Alabama NEELEY, SHIRLEY, Jr. Clanton, Alabama NELSON, FRANKIE, Soph. Wilmer, Alabama NELSON, SHIRLEY, Fr. Silurio, Alabama " DAVE " Montevallo, Alabama NEWBY, VIRGINIA, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama NOLAND, MARIANNE, Jr. Prattville, Alabama NORMAN, NANCY JANE, Fr, Huntsville, Alabama NORRED, MARJORIE, Fr. Pic Aloba NORRELL, ROBERT, Fr, Bessemer, Alabama NORRIS, ELIZABETH, Sp. Stud Montevallo, Alabama NORRIS, THELMA, Fr. Mobile, Alabama NUTT, DOROTHY, Soph. Satford, Alabama OAKS, EMMETT E., Soph. Jemison, Alabama OGLESBY, DAVID EDWARD, Fr. Bessemer, Alabama OLIVER, MILLER, Fr. Mobile, Alabama ORR, C. ROSHELLE, Jr. Birmingham, Alabama ORR, LYNDA CA ROLYN, Fr. Talladega, Alabama OSTER, TOM NORTON, Fr. Mobile, Alobama OVERTON, ROSEMARY, Soph. Wadley, Alabama OWENS, LEONE, Fr. Centerville, Alabama OWENS, JOYCE ELIZABETH, Soph. Cawarts, Alabama OWENS, SUZANNE, Soph. Palatka, Florida PACE, BARBARA, Jr. Scottsbaro, Alabama PARK, JUDY FAYE, Fr. Colera, Alabama PARROTT, WILLIAM NATHAN, Soph. Birmingham, Alabomo PARSONS, MICHAEL REED, Fr. Bessemer, Alabama PARSONS, SUZANNE, Fr. Bessemer, Alabama PATERSON, JOHN, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama PATRICK, ROGER SMITH, Jr. Siluria, Alabama PATTERSON, LOWELL, Fr. Clanton, Alabama PATTILLO, JUDY ANN, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama PAYNE, GILLIS LAVELLE, Fr. Greensboro, Alabama PAYTON, MARY EVELYN, Fr. Sylacaugo, Alabama PENHALE, KENNETH RAY, Fr. Helena, Alabama PERSONS, VIRGINIA, Soph. Hatchechubbee, Alabama PETERS, HERMAN, Fr. Montevallo, Alabama PHILLIPS, LONA JEAN, Jr. Evergreen, Alabama PHILLIPS, NORMA JEAN, Soph. Heodland, Alabama PHILLIPS, TERRY, Jr. Montevallo, Alabama PHILLIPS, WAYNE, Fr. Vincent, Alabama PICKETT, HERSHELL ALTON, lh Mar el, Alabo PIERCE, PATRICIA CAROL, Mobile, Alabama PIERCE, VIRGINIA GAIL, F Opp, Alabama PIKE, CHARLOTTE ANN, Soph. Fairfield, Alabama PILCHER, BEN, Fr. Dothon, Alabama PIPER, EDWARD ROGER, Soph. Thorsby, Alabama PITTS, BONNIE JEAN, Soph. Montgomery, Alabama PITTS, DOROTHEA, Fr. Mobil Aloba PLATT, LARRY WILBERN, Soph, Birminghain, Alabama POLK, FRANCES C, Fr. Camden, Alabama POSEY, SYDNEY WAYNE, Fr. Bessemer, Alabama PPSNER, JOYCE LYNN, Jr. Birmingham, Alobama POWELL, DOSS FRANKLIN, Jr. imgh Aloba POWERS, GLEN, Soph. Mulgo, Alabama PRESKITT, DONNA CARLENE, Fort Walton Beach, Florida PRIM, JOY, Fr. Mobile, Alabama PUGH, VIRGINIA, Jr. Selma, Aloboma PYRON, JAMES H., Fr. Clonton, Alobomo PANSIER, MARY JO, Fr. Eight Mile, Aloboma RATTRAY, LILLIAN, Soph. Godsden, Alabama RAYFIELD, JO ANN, Soph. Mobile, Aloboma REAVES, CAROLYN, Fr. Foirfield, Alabama REDFEARN, CAROLYN, Fr. Sylocaugo, Alobomo REEVES, BEVERLY, Soph. Birmmghom, Alabama REID, LINDA ANNE, Fr. Grove Hill, Alabama REID, REBECCA N., Fr. Birmingham, Alobama REYNOLDS, BOB, Jr. Hioleoh, Florida REYNOLDS, KNOX, Jr. Birmingham, Alabama RICHARDSON, CHARLES LEE, Fr, Mobil Aloba RICHARDSON, CORINA, Soph. Torront City, Alabama RICHARDSON, GWENDLYN LoJEENE, Chickasaw, Alabama RIDDLE, SUE ELLEN, Jr, Greenville, Alobomo RILEY, KNOX CAFFE, JR., Fr. Bessemer, Alabama RINEHART, JUDY, Soph. Mobile, Alabama ROBBINS, TERRY, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama ROBBINS, THOMAS, Soph. Trussville, Alabama ROBERTS, JEAN, Fr. Wilton, Alabama ROBERTS, KATHY, Fr. Elba, Alabama ROBERTS, SAM, Soph. Columbiana, Alabama ROBERTS, TOMMY, Soph. Wilton, Alabama ROBERTSON, CYNTHIA, Fr. Wilsonville, Alabama ROBINSON, DONNIE, Soph. Perry, Florida ROBINSON, JAMES, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama ROBINSON, JUDY, Soph. Montevallo, Alabama ROCHESTER, ANN, Jr. Montevallo, Alabama RODGERS, DOUGLAS, Jr. Montgomery, Alabama ROGERS, JULIE, Soph. Goodwoter, Alabama ROGERS, MAMIE, Fr. Camden, Alabama ROGERS, MARY, Fr. Decatur, Alabama RONILE, MICHAEL, Fr. Birmingham, Alobam ROOKS, STEVE, Soph. Arley, Alabama ROS, RAMON, Fr. Mobile, Alabama ROS, REBECCA, Jr. Mobile, Alabama ROSS, ANITA, Jr. McKenzie, Alabama ROWE, LAWRENCE, Fr. Fairfield, Alabama ROWELL, GLADYS, Fr. Minter, Alabama ROY, DAN, Fr. Bessemer, Alabama ROY, KENNETH, Soph. Bessemer, Alabama RUSSELL, LUCILE, Jr. Orlando, Florida RYALL, JAMES, Fr. Selma, Alobomo SADLER, RUTH, Soph. Alabo SALTER, PATSY, Fr. Montgomery, Alabamc SANDERS, PATRICIA, Jr Bessemer, Alabama SANDERSON, ENEIDA, F Selma, Alabama SANSING, BET TY, Soph. Birmingham, Alabama SAVAGE, MICHELLE, Fr. Lokelan Flo SCHAFF, FRANK, Jr. Falls Church, Virginia SCHEINERT, BETTY, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama SCHIERHORN, DONA RAE, Lakelond, Florida SCOFIELD, HARRIET, Fr. Opp, Alabama SCOGGINS, MARTHA, Fr. Troy, Alabama SCOTT, JANE, Jr. Birmingham, Alaboma scon, JOHN WATTS, Sr. Montevallo, Alabama SCOTT, MARY ANNE, Jr Montevollo, Alobama SEAGLE, JAMES, Soph. Soph. Ma el, Alobo SEATON, ELIZABETH, I Birmingham, Alabam SEWELL, ROBERT, Fr. Montgomery, Alabarr SHACKELFORD, JESSE, Bessemer, Alobamo SHADDIX, MARY PATRICIA, Double Springs, Alabama SHEFFIELD, AMANDA, Fr. Childersburg, Alabama SHOTTS, ELEANOR, Jr. Tuscaloosa ANhama SHUMAN, BONNIE, Fr. Lokelond, Florida " MIKE " Montevallo, Alabama SIMMS, MARY LOUISE, Jr. Emelle, Alabama SIMPSON, LINDA, Soph. Chattanooga, Tennessee SIZEMORE, DOROTHY, Soph. Winfield, Alabama SKELTON, SARAH, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama SKINNER, CAROLYN, Soph. Birminghom, Alabama SLOAN, CHARLOTTE, Fr. Bessemer, Alabama SLOGGETT, ANN, Fr. Hueytown, Alabama SMITH, CASSANDRA, Fr. Columbus, Georgia SMITH, ELLEN, Fr. Mobile, Alabama SMITH, GARY, Fr, Clonton, Alabama SMITH, GLENDA, Fr. Clanton, Alabomo SMITH, JOYCE, Fr. Fairfield, Alabama SMITH, LARRY, Fr. Clonton, Alabama SMITH, L. C, Fr. Summerville, Georgia SMITH, MARTHA, Soph. Clayton, Alabamo SMITH, NOAH, Fr. Randolph, Alabama SMITH, PAT, Jr. E. Gadsden, Alabama SMITH, PEGGY, Fr. Siluria, Alabama SMITH, RONALD, Jr. Clanton, Alabama SMITH, SYDNEY, Fr. Mobile, Alabama SMITH, WESLEY, Fr. Clanton, Alabama SMITH, WILLIAM, Soph. Clanton, Alabama SMITHERMAN, LARRY, Fr. Montevollo, Alabama SMITHERMAN, RONALD, Soph. Montevollo, Alabomo SMITHSON, THOMAS, Fr. Summerville, Georgia SNEED, ANN, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama SNOOPY, ANGELA, Fr. Huntsville, Alabomo SOLOMON, SHIRLEY, Fr. Selmo, Alabama SPRADLEY, LAWRENCE, Soph. Sterrett, Alabama STACY, JAMES, Fr. Centerville, Alabama STALLWORTH, PHYLLIS, Soph. Beatrice, Alabama STANTON, CAROLE, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama STANTON, ROXIANNE, Soph. Greensboro, Alabama STARCHER, ALAN, Fr. Columbiono, Alabama STEEN, MARY, Jr. Pine Apple, Aloboma STEPHENSON, JANIE, Soph. Dolhan, Aloboma STEVENSON, VIRGINIA, Soph. Huntsville, Aloboma STEWART. QUINN, Fr. Greensboro, Alabama ST. JOHN, PAMELA, Soph. Sanford, Florida STODDARD, ROBERT, Jr. Magnolia Springs, Alabomo STRICKLAND, NANCY, Soph. Sylocouga, Alobomo STRONG, CLARA, Soph. Bessemer, Alobamo STRYKER, JANE, Soph. Montgomery, Alabama STUEDEMAN, MARY RAE, Jr. Trussville, Alabama STURDIVANT, CLAUDE, Sr. Madison, Alobamo STURDIVANT, JAMES, Soph. Madison, Alabama SUAREZ. JACINTO, Jr. Havana, Cuba SWANN, DENNIE, Soph. Enterprise, Alobamo SWANNER, LEROY, Jr. Athens. Alobomo TALLEY, RICHARD, Soph. Birminghom, Alabama TAPLEY, ESTHER, Fr. Alexonder City. Alobomo TARWATER, SARAH, Fr. East Point, Georgia TATE, PHYLLIS, Jr. Camden, Alabama TAUL, JAMES, Fr. Birmingham, Alobomo TAYLOR, HARRIETT L.. Jr. Montevollo, Alabama TAYLOR, LINDA, Fr. Birminghom, Alobon TAYLOR, MARY, Fr. Clanton, Alobamo TAYLOR, MILFORD, Jr Montevollo, Alobom. TAYLOR, MORRIS, Fr. Stanton. Alobomo TAYLOR, SHERRY, Fr. Clonton, Alabama TEAGUE, SHARON, Fr. Childersburg, Alobomo TEANY, LORNA, Jr. Lokelond, Florida THIEMONGE, FRANK, Jr Montevollo, Alobomo THOMAS, EMMALEE, Fr. Adomsville, Alabama THOMAS, JAN, Soph. iingh Ala THRASHER, JAMES, Soph. Montevollo, Alobomo THROCKMORTON, SHANNON, Jr Tuscumbio, Alobomo TILSON, CAROLYN, Soph. Adomsville, Alobamo TIPTON, JOHN WAYNE, Fr. Mobile, Alobomo TOWNS, BETTY, Fr. Alexonder City, Alobamo M rM hd TUCKER, JEWELL, Fr. Morion, Alabama TUCKER, MIKE, Soph, Birmingham, Alabama TURNER, FRANK, Soph. Docena, Alab ama TURNER, JOLENE, Jr. Birminghom, Aloboma TURNER, JOYCE, Soph. Brantley, Aloboma TURNER, LLOYD, Fr. Birmingham, Alobomo TURPIN, BRENDA, Fr. Montevollo, Aloboma TYLER, JOHN, Fr. Falls Church, Virginio UNDERWOOD, JOHN, Soph. Mo 3II0 Aloba VASKO, BARBARA, Fr. Foirhope, Alobomo VAUGHN, ARTHUR, Jr. Mobile, Alobomo VAUGHN, WAYNE, Soph. Athens, Alobomo VEAZEY, RANDALL, Jr. Moplesville, Aloboma VILLADSEN, WAYNE, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama VOGEL, CARL, Soph. Sylacougo, Alobomo WALDROP, WOODROW, Fr Bessemer, Alabama WALKER, JERRY, Fr. Helena, Alabama WALKER, JULIA, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama WALKER, LINDA, Fr. Huntsville, Alobomo WALKER, LUCILLE, Fr. Clonton, Alobomo WALL, BARBARA, Fr. Mobile, Alabama WALLACE, JOHN, Jr. Birmingham, Alabama WALLACE, JUDY, Soph. Montevollo, Alabama WALSH, BAYLY ANNE, Soph. Ponte Vedra, Florida WALTERS, CAROLYN, Fr. Mobile, Aloboma WALTERS, JOHN, Jr. Montevollo, Aloboma WALTON, MARY LOU, Fr Columbiana, Alobomo WARD, TOLISE, Soph. Pine Apple, Alobomo WARD, WILLIAM, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama WARE, DOLLIE, Fr. Billingsley, Alobomo WARNICK, LORENE, Fr ■ille Alobo WATSON, TEMPLE, Fr Mobile, Alabama WATTS, JULIA LOU, F Birmingham, Alaborr WEAR, BETTY, Fr. Decatur, Alabama WEBB, CAROLYN, Sop WEBSTER, EILEEN HEALY, Jr Prichord, Alobama WEBSTER, LINDA, Soph. Berry, Alabama WEEKS, LUCY ANN, Jr. Geneva, Alabama WELDON, JOHN, Jr. Mobile, Alabama WENTZ, FLORENCE, Jr. Eufaula, Alabama WEST, JOE, Soph. Briarfield, Alabama WESTBROOK, WADE, Fr. Cordele, Georgio WHATLEY, FRANK, Jr. Montevallo, Alabama WHITE, CONSTANCE, Fr Sylacouga, Alabama WHITE, JO ANN, Fr. Brewton, Alaboma WHITE, MARY BURKE, Soph. Talladega, Alabama WHITFIELD, VELMA, Jr. Birmingham, Alabama WHITLOW, NANCY, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama WIGGINS, BOBBIE JEAN, Fr Bowden, Georgia WIGGINS, SUSAN, Jr. Birminghom, Alabama WILKES, GERALD, Fr. Bessemer, Alabama " UNKNOWN FRIEND " Montevallo, Alabama WILKINSON, BETTY, Jr. Roa Alaba WILLIAMS, BECKY, Jr. Birmingham, Alabama WILLIAMS, NANCY, Fr. Sylacouga, Alabama WILLIAMS, PRISSY, Fr. Birmingham, Alabama WILLIAMS, ROBERT, Soph. Childersburg, Alabama WILLIAMS, THOMAS, Soph. Sanford, Florida WILLIAMS, SALLY, Soph. Montevallo, Aloboma WILLIAMSON, DORIS, Jr. Brewton, Alobamo WILLIAMSON, JOHN, Fi Mobile, Alabama WILLIS, LYNN, Soph. Seole, Alobamo WILLIS, ROBERT, Soph. Birmingham, Alabama WILLMAN, JONETTE, Fr, Mobile, Alobamo WILLS, JUDY, Soph. Trussville, Alobamo WILSON, CAROLE, Fr. Huntsville, Aloboma WILSON, CHUCK, Soph. Mulgo, Alobamo WILSON, ERNEST, Soph. Clonton, Alobamo WILSON, GARY, Soph. Birmingham, Aloboma WILSON, HARRY, Soph. Greensboro, Aloboma WILSON, HUGH, Soph. Birmingham, Alobamo WOOD, CAROLYN, Jr. Tollodego, Alobamo WOOD, DENNY, Soph. Clanton, Alabama WOOD, DIANNE, Fr. Birmingham, Alobamo WOODALL, JEANETTE, Decatur, Aloboma WOODARD, HAROLD, Fr. Birminghom, Alabama WOOLLEY, RANDY, Fr. Montevollo, Aloboma WORTHINGTON, CAROLYN, Fr West Blocton, Alabama WRIGHT, ELSIE, Soph. Gadsden, Alobomo WRIGHT, ROBERT, Fr. Sherwood Forest, Maryland WYATT, JANETTA, Fr. Sylocaugo, Aloboma WYATT, WILLIAM, Fr. Bessemer, Alabama YARBOROUGH, JULIAN, Fr. Birminghom, Alobamo YARBOROUGH, WANDA, Soph. Birmingham, Aloboma YARBROUGH, CHARLES, Fr. Mobile, Alobomo YEAGER, ELNOR, Fr. Selmo, Alabama YEARGAN, DOROTHY, Soph. Montgomery, Alabama YOUNG, BETTY, Soph. Brookwood, Alobomo | T " F . I -r ' -i- Hi ' Mm i mDi t lKk W I FEATURES [ 59 ] Miss Alabama College Miss Alabama College 1960 is a symbol of many things; she represents all of the students at Alabama College. The four years she has spent here hove been years of change, transition, and progressive giant steps for Alabama College. Miss Alabama College, a product of these fruitful years, was chosen because the students felt she best represents the highest ideals and accomplishments possible at Alabama College. Because of her achievements in scholarship, leadership; because of her character, her loyalty to Alabama College; and because of her faith in the future as a product of the cooperative efforts of Alabama College and personal achievement — the MON- TAGE presents Miss Alabama College 1961 — IfUiA cJLaura ASaiiei [ 60 ] . at work at play with pride [ 61 ] REYN f:4 .y • ' , ■ »» ». » ► £■ i ' ? ' : - ., V -tvlKi [ 62 ] S HALL m •:5i ' ' ,1 I [ 63 ] MR. STEVE ALLEN CBS Television Beauty Finalists Judge [ 64 ] BEAUTY FINALISTS JUDGES — ELITE NIGHT, 1960 Miss Kotherine Tyson, Mr. John Hole, Mr. Putnam Porter [ 65 ] Lakeland, Florida 1 1 1 165 Jjrrma J arreit [ 66 ] JUNIOR Andalusia, Alabama JJ ue uleredith [ 67 ] FRESHMAN Goodwater, Alabama S OPHOMORE £jj KJwen iKoaerA [ 68 ] Lakeland, Florida FRESHMAN m. WicUle Sc auaae [ 69 ] Bessemer, Alabama FRESHMAN fJJ narlotte tc oan 70 Enterprise, Alabama I V lidd oiJennle wnn S i SOPHOMORE wann [ 71 ] FRESHMAN FAVORITES MISS CHARLENE ANDERSON MR. VETO LqSALLE [ 72 ] Favorites SENIOR FAVORITES MISS CAROLYN LEWIS MR. JIMMY EDDINS JUNIOR FAVORITES MISS IRMA HARRELL MISS JOAN MURPHREE [ 73 ] Senior Elite The selectio n of 1960 Senior Elite was delegated to the faculties of respective de- partments of study. All graduating majors in each department were considered and eventually that Senior who best represents the highest qualities of each department was chosen. The Senior Elite can be as- surred that all confidence in future success has been vested in them — for by superiors well versed in their fields of study — these 17 were chosen to represent the epitome of ac- complishment in that field. Selection was placed at the discretion of the faculties of each department using a skeleton outline for consideration of personality, scholastic accomplishment and contribution to the social and academic life at Alabama Col- lege. The MONTAGE then, presents the Seniors tops in their field now, with con- fidence in their future success. Department of Art MISS JANE INGRAM [ 74 ] Department of Business Administration Business Administration MR. EUGENE HADAWAY Department of Biology MISS BARBARA NEWTON [ 75 ] Department of Business Administration Secretarid Administration MISS MYRA EILAND Department of Chemistry MISS KITTY STANSELL [ 76 ] Department of English MISS ANGELINE WAITES Department of Education MISS CHARLOTTE YORK [ -77 ] Department of Home Economics MISS JEANEHE PEEL Department of Foreign Languages MISS REBECCA BROOM [ 78 ] Department of Mathematics MR. BRUCE McCLANAHAN Department of Music MR. DENNIS SHEPPARD [ 79 ] Department of Physical Education MISS LAURA BAILEY Department of Psychology MISS MARTHA CAMPBELL [ 80 ] Division of Social Sciences Political Science MR. CHARLES JONES Division of Social Sciences History MR. C. D. GALLOWAY [ 81 Department of Speech MISS MARY DUNLAP Division of Social Sciences Sociology MISS JEANETTE TUCKER [ 82 ] Who ' s Who in American Universities and G)lleges The highest recognition a student can receive both at Alabama College and nationally, is selection to ap- pear in the 1961 presentation of Who ' s Who. Stu- dents ore nominated by the faculty and elected by the student body. Scholastic average, academic con- tributions, and personal characteristics are the de- termining factors. This signal honor places these 20 Alabama College students before the nation and the world OS men and women of accomplishment and deserving of recognition. Physical Education MISS LAURA BAILEY [ 83 ] MISS BETTY BAKER Physical Education Eufaula Secretarial Administartion MISS SHIRLEY BAKER [ 84 ] 4„ ' Mathematics Greensboro MR. JERRY BARTON MISS REBECCA BROOM Foreign Languages Goodwater [ 85 ness Education Birmingham MISS BILLIE SUE CONNALLY MR. JIMMY EDDINS physical Education [ 86 ] MiSS DAWN FLOYD History Kelleyfon Prichord MISS TERRY HENRY [ 87 ] MISS JANE INGRAM Sylacauga Physical Education MISS PATRICIA KELLY [ 88 ] MISS CHRISTEL LUDEWIG English Huntsville Biology Sweetwater MISS CAROLYN LEWIS .- ' t «• [ 89 ] ' U ' y »_ Math-Chemistry Mobile MR. BRUCE McCLANAHAN MISS WANDA MEADOWS Elementary Education Hanceville [ 90 ] MISS SYLVIA POUND English Andalusii MR. WILLIAM POWERS [ 91 ] MR. TOMMY SMITH Physical Education Clanton Math-Chemistry MISS KITTY STANSEL [ 92 ] Speech Correction Montevallo MISS MARY THORNTON [ 93 ] Miss A. C. with Elite Niglit Ctia Fifty Beauties PLUS Two! REYNOLDS HALi [ 94 O CTi % - h Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges Beauty Tea in Tutwiler Elite Chairman at Work 95 Wm i 1 i f «jK B i -v P .:-. ' - .1 ftT5 WINTER 96 1961 [ 97 ] Little Brown Jug I OhI [ 98 ] GOVERNMENT [ 99 Student Government President eiUPo werS [ 100 ] Cabinet FIRST ROW: Jane Ellen Markey, Koreen Mason, Sylvia Pound. SECOND ROW: Charles Jones, President Bill Powers, Monroe Creel. NOT PICTURED: Carolyn Mclnnis, Jerry Barton. [ 101 ] Court Betty Baker, Chief Justice FIRST ROW: Rebecca Martin, Betty Baker, Hanna Berger. SECOND ROW: Bri Benny West. McClanahan, Frank Ellis, Barbara Newton, Kenneth Taylor, odl3.lC Jerry Barton, President FIRST ROW: Terry Henry, Carolyn lewis, Hertha Stone, Eileen Webster, Dennie Kelly, Gwen Rogers, Dawn Floyd, Christel Ludewig. SECOND ROW: Virginia Inzer, Ned lowery. Jack Fleming, Colin Loftin, Jerry Barton, Sidney Benton, Edith Daniel, Peggy Capell. Social Committee Sara Wright, Chairman Sara Wright, Jo Anne Amari, Gayle Dedman, Carolyn Clark, Judy Cain, Gladys Rowell, Bill Egar, Janice Clark, Wiley Mil Recreation Association Jim Eddins, Chairman FIRST ROW: Laura Bailey, Virginia Wilson, Curt Bassett, Jim Eddins, Joe Roper, Eleanor Shorts. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Pinson, Patricio Kelley, Shirley Baker, Betty Baker, Jo Stojcich, LeVonne Taylor. THIRD ROW: Tommy Smith, Bruce Bassett, Dottie Lewis, Lamar Mines, Doss Powell. Religious Association Wanda Meadows, Chaii FIRST ROW: Mary Ellen Bruhn, Wanda Meadows, Martha Hardy. SECOND ROW; Linda Broach, Robert Hudson, Jo Anne Chandler Tower Jane Ingram and Rebecca Broom Co-EcJitor: Advisors: Ethel Marshal, Sara Poryear, David Huntley. FIRST ROW: Lynda Hudson, Merdith McFerrin, Patsy Sanders, Margaret Jeffres, Rondo Albright, Barbara Newton. SECOND ROW: Gary Foy, Angeline Waites, Ann Schober, Jane Ingram, Rebecca Broom. Alabamian Judy Klllian, Editor Advisors: Steve Huffstutler and Ralph Sears. FIRST ROW: Carolyn Hymel, Barbara Meredith, Judy Killian, Judy Bengert, Faye Hocutt, Frances Hicks. SECOND ROW: Susan Wiggins, Carolyn Redfearn, Glenda Brown, Beverly Martin, Linda Simpson, Sylvia Pound, Joyce Gwin, Sandra Bridges, Emmalee Thomas. Editor ' s Message Serving as editor of the MONTAGE has been much work; but has given me great satisfaction. It has been a pleasure working with my staff who has always been ready and willing to work at any time. PHYLLIS TRAYWICK Editor MONTAGE ADVISORS Frank Lightfoot, Virginia Barnes, Mike Mahan. MONTAGE STAFF Editor-in-Chief Phyllis Traywick Assistant Editor Ann Marie Schober Business Manager Billie Sue Connolly Art Editors John McCrorie, David Crawford, Mickey Luck Class Editor Lynda Hudson Clubs Editor Ira Sue Littleton Faculty and Index Editor Linda Broach Features Co-editors Mary Thornton, Mickey Luck Activities and Snaps Editor Carolyn Clark Sports Editors Lorna Teany, Roy McCaig Copy Editors Judy Davis, Eugenia Lew Morris Photographer Chuck Burton Other Staff Members — Janice Clark, Bobbie Jo Littlefield, Colin Loftin, Tracy Metclaf, Robert Chapman, Gay Nell Littleton, Janie Stephenson, Jane Burke, Josh Blakely, Carol Ewalt, Jean Coleman, Emiline Rogers, Joy Prim, Barbara Clark, Ruth Giadney, Alyce Jernigan, Layne Harris, Kareen Mason, Judy Belew, Sandra Bridges. [ 109 ] FRESHMAN Imo Kellum, Dotfie Pitts, Eneida Sanderson, David Bu Class SOPHOMORE FIRST ROW: Nancy Autery, Barbara Hoffman. SECOND ROW: Chorles McManis, Richard Bond. Officers JUNIOR Leroy Swanner, Jean Murphree, Madge Barnard, Vernette Hudson SENIOR Margaret Robbins, Annette Daugherty, Kitty Stansell, Shirley Baker (seated) House Napier Curt Bassett, Joe Neal Roper, Knox Reynolds R amsay Albert McWoters, Woody Woldrop, Mike Parsons (seated) Officers Tutwiler Joyce Haggard, Jackie Fisher, Louise Norrell, Virgii Wilson (seated) Hanson FIRST ROW: Viva Dean Barnette, Linda Mount. SECOND ROW: Rechelle Orr, Doris Williamson West Main Elizabeth Chumley, Betty Kirk, Barbara Helms, Alayne Jones (standing) East Main FIRST ROW: Helaine Napier, Teresa Dunn. SECO ND ROW; Billie Sue Connolly, Terry Henry, Laura Bailey. Head Residents Napier Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Hood Tutwiler Mrs. Nora S. Le Hanson Mrs. Willabelle Posey Main Mrs. Mary McCoy Egerton ORGANIZATIONS [ 117 ] Kappa Mil Epsilon FIRST ROW: Peggy Capell, Martha Campbell, Kitty Stansell. SECOND ROW: John Scott, Bruce McClanohan, Richard Bond. Bill Ha Phi Alpha Mil FIRST ROW: Judy Belew, Ginger Sevenson, Bonnie Pitts, Nancy LeNoir, Miriam Rhodes. SECOND ROW: Robert Hudson, Sue Bedgood, Genie Leu Morris, Peggy Dickenson, Margie Stoliworth, Martha Hardy, Dennis Sheppord. Mu Delta Alpha FIRST ROW: Alayne Jones, Liz Autrey, Annette Dougherty, Helen Brosfield, Judy Davis. SECOND ROW: Kareen Mason, Elsie Wright, Carolyn Dunkin, Truddie Crowford, Myra Bunn, Mary Alice Hudgins. THIRD ROW: Anita Algee, Alice Little, Ann Girten, Charles Jones, Dawn Floyd, Eileen Webster, Lillian Rattray. ZetaPhiEta FIRST ROW: Mary Dunlap, Liz Ann Herring, Doris Hughes, Jo Ann Boites. SECOND ROW: Judy Davis, Madge Barnard, Doty Walsh, Mary Thornton, Mary Carter. Sigma Alpha Sigma FIRST ROW: Myra Eiland, Billie Sue Connally, Linda McGiboney, Carolyn Mclnnls. SECOND ROW: Peggy Moody, Lewis Knolls, Viva De Barrett, Phyllis Traywick. Pi Delta Phi FIRST ROW: Angeline Waites, Bruce McClanahan. SECOND ROW; Jane Ingram, Rebecca Broom. Pi Delta Epsiloii FIRST ROW: Faye Hocutt, Sylvia Pound, Margaret Jeffres, Janice Clark. SECOND ROW: Madge Barnard, Judy Davis, Helen Brasfield, Lynda Hud- son, Kitty Stansell. Alpha Lambda-Delta FIRST ROW: Gayle Cooper, Carolyn Duncan. SECOND ROW: Anita Algee, Honna Burger. Beta Epsilon Rho FIRST ROW: Jane Gillis, Joe Aloia, Lynda Jones, Margaret Bonds. SECOND ROW: Darrell Dunlavy, Tracy Metcalf, Tommy. Yarbrough, Bobby Anderson, Russ Woodard. Eta Sigma Phi FIRST ROW: Sylvia Pound, Kitty Stansell. SECOND ROW: Arthur Garrett, John Scott. Beta Beta Beta FIRST ROW: Lois Strickland, Lynda Hudson, Barbara Newton, Beth Lusk, Ann Rochester. SECOND ROW; Martha Campbell, John Scott, Arthu Garrett, Dr. Cotter, Mr. Lipe, Carolyn Lewis. O micron Nu Jeanette Peel, Carolyn Stroup. Kappa Pi FIRST ROW: Elizabeth Autrey, Jane Ingram. SECOND ROW: Jackie Fisher, Kitty Montgomery. Kappa Delta Pi FIRST ROW: Laura Bailey, Beth Lusk, Billie Sue Connolly, Annette Dougherty, Elizabeth Autrey, Carolyn, Lewis, Wanda Meadows, Pat Kelly, Margaret Stallworth. SECOND ROW: Mary- Thornton, Liz Ann Herring, Charlotte York, Merdith McFerrin, Blair Mabry, Mrs. Lola T. Christiansen, Irmo Horrell, Linda Mount, Paulo Jones, Carolyn Stroup, Viva Deon Barnett. THIRD ROW: Sylvia Pound, Eileen Webster, Beulah Whatley, Judy Davis, Ellen Cook, Robecca Broom, Jeannette Peal, Genia Lew Morris, Mrs. Mray McEntee. Lambda Si iiia Pi FIRST ROW: Terry Henry, Sylvia Pound, Wanda Meadows, Laura Bailey. SECOND ROW: Phyllis Traywick, Carolyn Lewis, Rebecca Broom, Pat Kelly. Delta Theta Pi FIRST ROW; Claude Sturdivant, Jerry Barton, Arthur Garrett. SECOND ROW; Bruce McClonahan, Frank Ellis, Charles Jones, Charles Lardent. Psychology Club FIRST ROW: Linda Broach, Martha Dell Campbell, John Scott, Arthur Garrett, Orville Hanklns, Becky Caine. SECOND ROW: Caroline Lowe, Ang line Waites, Joan Murphee, Kareen Mason, Janice Brill, Sherry Abercrombie. Association For Childhood Education FIRST ROW: Ferrel Kirk, Kathy Brooks, Eenid Sanderson, Gwen Rogers, Jo Ann Amari, Carolyn Duncan. SECOND ROW: Charlotte York, Irmo Horrell, Ann Melton, Anita Algee, Virginia Hawkins, Charlene Anderson, Ann Girten, Mary Alice Hudgins, Alice Little, Trudy Crawford. THIRD ROW: Jean Coleman, Sandra Chandler, Doris Wilkinson, Nancy Autery, Anita Ross, Eugenia Miller, Linda Mount, Jane Blackwood, Janice Corley. National Education Association FIRST ROW; Jean Coleman, Linda Cash, Linda Broach, Merdith McFerrin. SECOND ROW: Alice Little, Velmo Goldston, J. B. Denhom, Jr Jane Blackwood, Doris Williamson. International Relations Clnb FIRST ROW: Kitty Stansell, Jane Ellen Markey, Charles Jones, Bruce McClanahan, Christel Ludwig, Margaret Robbins. SECOND ROW: Lola T. Christiansen, Norma Heikkila, Joyce Haggard, Jo Ann Owens, Frank Thiemonge, Jo Rayfield, Eenid Sanderson. THIRD ROW; Louise Norrell, Helen Brasfield, Irvin Busby, Ray Sutherland, Tommy Yarbrough, Lynda Jones, Joe Aloio. Biology Clnb FIRST ROW: Barbara Milde, Jane Burke, Janice Clark, Carolyn Lewis, Kay Edenfield, Carolyn Skinner, Ann Rochester. SECOND ROW: llsa Boyd, Beth Lusk, Gerutho Crowley, Lynda Hudson, Alice Hill, Barbara Parrott, True Hope, Patricio Nabors, Mary Bruce Hood. THIRD ROW: Velma Goldstein, Knox Reynolds, Barbara Newton, Kitty Stansell, Ela Johnson, Martha Campbell, Marilyn Landers, Jill Green FOURTH ROW: John Scott, Mary Ellen Bruhn, Helen Brasfield, Mr. Lippe, Bill Coleman, Evie Jo Harrison, Arthur Garrett. Retail Club FIRST ROW: Nancy Huggins, Anne Caley, Helen Miller, Ma Sharon Chisholm, Peggy Murphy, Jane Fowler. nne Nolan, Tolise Ward. SECOND ROW: Maureen McDonough, Virginia Pugh, Business Administration Club FIRST ROW: J. B. Denham, Jr., George Caddie, Lewis Knoles, Bill Fulmer, Curt Bassett, Frank Hadoway. SECOND ROW; Myra Eiland, Delene Moore, Vernette Hudson, Sandra Bridges, Peggy Moody, Ann Massey, Carolyn Brill. THIRD ROW: Phyllis Traywick, Kareen Mason, Faye Hocutt, Carolyn Lindsay, Linda McGiboney, Diane Blake, Christine Stewart, Clovis Gann. FOURTH ROW: Joan Parson, Carolyn Mclnnis, Ray Linderman, Joss Blakely, Homric, Ronnie Smith. Sociology Club FIRST ROW: Edna Evers, Vivian Mims, Camille Crotwell, Jeonette Tucker, Pat Carlson. SECOND ROW: Julie Maurer, Barbara Bean, Glenda Smith, Janie Stevenson, Sherry Lynn Taylor, Anne Legg, Patsy Hughes. THIRD ROW: Dona Schierhorn, Barbara Forrester, Sue Ellen Riddle, Delores Johnson, Linda Elliott, Rita Godsey, Helen Hobbie. Ivol Spafford Club FIRST ROW: Brendo Higginbothom, Ernestine Pruitt, Cathy Cameron, Patsy Hewston, Joyce Turner, Bonnie Black. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Stroup, Doris Williamson, Betty Bentley, Wanda Hughs, Nancy Muggins, Barbara Jane Gillis, Jean Darroh THIRD ROW: Sandra Maxwell, Ira Sue Littleton, Caroline Dickinson, Sue Cagle, Sarah Lynn Wright, Elaine Anderson, Betty Cook, Carolyn Webb, Linda Webster, Martha Foshee, Barbara Johnson. FOURTH ROW: Betty Ann Colvin, Joyce Hoggard, Barbara Meredith. Jo Ann Owens, Florence Wentz, Kay Johnson, Jeannette Peel, Mildred McGrew, Velma Whitfield, Circle K FIRST ROW: Mickey Luck, Doss Powell, Irvin Busby, Roy Linderman, Joe Aloio, SECOND ROW: Chcrlie Hollingsworth, Knox Reynolds, David Hays, Benny West, Bobby Anderson, Bill Johnson. TVIIRD ROW: Charles Jones, Jirr, Kendrick, Ray Sutherland, Temple Watson, Jim Gore. Ushers Club FIRST ROW: Virginia Pugh, Barbara HoHman, Irma Harrell, Diane Blake, Barbara Forrester, Nelda Howton, Nancy Autrey. SECOND ROW: Von- ciel Frazier, Betty Cook, Jonice Colery, Ann Legg, Jean Coleman, Joyce Haggard, Jane Blackwood, Clovis Gann, Barbara Deaten, Ann Massey, Becky Willioms. THIRD ROW: Christine Stewart, Beverly Martin, Barbara Meredith, Becky, Res, Sue Meredith, Ernestine Heaton, Lucile Russell, Delene Moore, Velma Whitfield, True Hope. FOURTH ROW: Bobby Anderson, Joe Aloio fc s " 0k. i ■ |b m| m ImB 1 ■ f •T -. H m tl " 1 rm J M r S KFIk J r %t jiyv « " S K . ' Ji ■- ' ' ' ' ' JK Bfe ■jffc ' « MrBi rl fiT-Jl flL-J L.v 1 KpJE mm L-l MKJpj Hff? Theatre Council FIRST ROW: Mary Thornton, Mary Carter, Judy Davis, Janice Clark, Linda Broach, Chuck McMonis. SECOND ROW: Mary Dunlop, Steve Carlton, Mickey Luck, Madge Barnard, Annie Lou Martin, Myra Bunn. THIRD ROW; Erma Harrell, Dawn F loyd, Edith Edfeltd, Elizabeth Autry, Faye Hocult, Carolyn Fold, Bettey Clark. FOURTH ROW: Phyllis Tate, Leroy Swanner, Irvin Busbee, Pat Hammett. Student Guild FIRST ROW; Genie Lew Morris, Martha Hardy, Brendc Turbin, Nancy LeNoir, Margie Stallworth. SECOND ROW: Robert Hudson, Miriam Rhode Irma Harrell, Dennis Sheperd, Judy Belew, Sue Bedgood, Bruce McClanahon. ,(. 4 ' ' A " Club FIRST ROW: Mike Tucker, David Crawford, Bob Reynolds, David Mobley, Ed Piper, Dale Andress, SECOND ROW: Dick Talfy, Darold Dunlavy, Bob Matthews, Larry Hamner, Charles Fowler, Ralph Thrasher, Gene Gorey. THIRD ROW; W. C. Hayes, V. W. Jernigan, Joe Bogue, Ellis Faulk, Leon Moore, James Denney, Lamar Hines. Physical Education Clvib FIRST ROW: Mike Renile, Ralph Thrasher, Allen Holmes, Joe Bogue, Charles Fowler, W. C. Hayes. SECOND ROW: Jo Ann Garsides, Judy Cain, Dollie Ware, Patricio Kelley, Laura Bailey, Carolyn Hill. THIRD ROW: Billie Anderson, Faye Hossler, Linda Circero, Jo Stojcich, Wanda Yarbrough, Linda Simpson, Gene Godfrey, Virginia Wilson, Carolyn Pinson, Le Venne Taylor, Laverne Bazemore. FOURTH ROW: Donna Preskitt, Marilyn Motlow, Kay Cheney, Mary Jo Ronsier, Dottie Lewis, Dennie Kelley, Jane Scott, Cathy Roberts, Jolene Turner. rf 1! Orchesis FIRST ROW: Judy Rinehart, Mary Jane Meroney, Faye Cotton, Cynthia Leff, Lindsay Grayson, Faye Hassler, Joe Ann Baifes, Barbara Cole, SECOND ROW: Glenda Smith, Mary Lynn Freeman, Becky Williams, Martha Hornsby, Becky Ros, Judy Cain, Virginia Wilson, Audrey Allen. THIRD ROW: Carolyn Clark, Lucile Russell, Dorothy Day, Delores Johnson, Kay Akins, Dottie Lewis, Katherine Horney, Virginia Pugh, Lura Bailey. Catalina Club FIRST ROW: Barbara Dunker, Sharon Hodson, Laverne Bazemore, lorene Warnick, Kay Kenedy, Goyle Dedman, Betty Frost. SECOND ROW: Janice Lundy, Bonnie Morkell, EIna Hamilton, Beth Lusk, Marilyn Motlow, Virginia Callen, Anne DeCoudres, Fay Cotton. THIRD ROW: Margaret Robbins, Lynn Camp, Christel Ludewig, Annette Dougherty, Annie Laurie Johnson, Mary Virginia Clark, Gene Godfrey. f ( o 1 •i n n p r r j .n Hi iSKH Oito 1 .. ' I ¥♦ lyfifll i 1 i. ' - % V , ■»-- HA ' f ijH 4 i 1 fc Choir A. C. Royals CONCERTS-LECTURES [ 135 ] S.R.A. Freshman Parly Freshman Talent Freshman Talent [ 136 ] Founder ' s Day Citizenship Day l ' " - " ' J [ 137 ] Drives Week te ' ' • J - ' S Drives Week Por Ugly Man Contest Orchesis [ 138 ] Christmas Belle Contest sponsored by the Junior WINTER CARNIVAL sponsored by the Business Administration Department in cooperation with the downtown merchants FASHION SHOW given by the Home Economics Department ■1 jP B l l k Er K H H l l Ki HH» ' " HJI H P r X l n fl l Ks " HU H Bnii fH I H • " 1 ° !mH I Richard Dyer-Bennet Woody He Mr. Dyer-Bent demonstrates to faculty and students [ 140 ] Kessler ' s Fashion Show I " 1 ] " Bus Stop ' ) ' Bo Leroy Swanner Vergil Sterlon Mayo Cherie Imo Kellam Elma Erma Hcrrell Grace Pat Hommett Dr. Lymon Gary Evans Carl Fred Breckenridge Will Tim Grady iM 1- Hil (,i Ring Around The Moon " Joshua Jesse Carter 9° Fred Breckenridge Frederic Diana Messerschmann Mary Carter Patrice Bombelles Steve Charlton Lady India Judith Davis Madame Desmortes Madge Barnard Capulet Connie Anne Blake Messerschmann Brad Wallace Romainville Paul Looney Isabelle Loure Klatt Iscbelle ' s Mother Betty Kirk Best Dresse€ ,« ' jj " " phe:„- Dennie Ann Swann Jack Doherty Billie Sue Connolly Barbara Newton Bobby Harrison JiV [ 144 ] of 1960 O ' LaVondra Hardinq Pat Kelly Knox Reynolds Judy Bess Robinson t % 1 [ 145 HONOR ' S DAY- 1960 CROOK DAY- 1 960 CATALINA WATER SHOW-1960 [ 146 ] COLLEGE NIGHT [ 147 ] Purple Leader Sylvia Pound Assistont Leader Christel Lude [ 148 ] Gold L Leoder Betty Baker Assistant Leader Shirley Bake [ 149 ] Purple Cheerleaders and Drummers Mary Gena Lane, Pat Shaddix, Janice Jones, Maryellen McLeod, Buster Ros and Gay Nell Littleton Purple and Gold Drun III III Purple Pep Secti( Gold Cheerleaders and Drummers Martha, Mus- grove, Glennda Barnes, Jane Burke, Judy Cain, Joan Murphree, and Sue Meredith Purple and Gold Cheerleaders Gold Pep Section mmim m Purple Cabinet FIRST ROW: D. Floyd, M. Mcleod, J. Jones, P. Shaddix, J. Clark, S. Pound, C. Ludewig, M. Nolond, M. Eiland, G. Littleton, M. Freeman, B. Williams. SECOND ROW: I. Littleton, M. Lone, L. Autry, E. Henderson, J. Bengert, A. Daughtry, D. Duggan, B. Kirk, P. Dickerson, J. Davis, W. Meadows. THIRD ROW: B. Wallace, M. Luck, F. Breckenridge, J. Bogue, J. Hutson, J. Davis, B. Ros, C. Basset. Purple Cast FIRST ROW: B. McClanahan, R. Finch, D. Bunn, C. Loftin, E. Dixon, D. Jackson, R. Lyie. SECOND ROW: V. Pugh, K. Akins, J. Strieker, M. Thorton, L. Grayson, P. Williams, B. Williams, W. Hornsby, L. Russell, C. Clark, and M. Motlov . THIRD ROW: T. Metclaf, P. Looney, J. Bullock, M. Parsons, and B. Caialas. [ 1 52 ] Gold Cabinet s ' . ' - ' FIRST ROW: F. Kirk, M. Musgrove, F. Mossier, J. Fisher, E. Shotts, S. Baker, B. Baker, V. Wilson, G. Barnes, C. Pinson, M. Savage, J. Burke. SECOND ROW: P. Kelly, J. Cain, J. Murphree, S. Meredith, J. Stojcich, B. Connolly, B. Markell, M. Bruhn, M. Hardy, L. Bailey, R. Orr. THIRD ROW: V. Bornette, J. Ingram, B. Broom. E. Fought, F. Wentz, G. Evons, E. Edfeldt, S. Benton, D. Hayes, and S. Bedgood. Gold Cast FIRST ROW: M. Ronilo, J. Kendrick, D. Rodgers, A. Holmes, B. Colemo n, D. Hayes, D. Milde. SECOND ROW: M. Dunlap, I. Day, M. Hornsby, R. Blakey, C. lowe, J. Scott, E. Norrell, B. Bailey. THIRD ROW: J. Carter, K. Riley, L. Swonner, J. Gottis, M. Hill, D. Wood, K. Maxwell. [ 153 ] Purple Production " Three for the Money " Winning Gold Production " And God Created Man " Each yec :r C ollege Nigh t is d stondi ng foci .Ity w lember . Thi cated to Mrs, . Sara Ruth Morgi The Alumna of the Year presented at College Night this year was Mrs. Madie Ward Barrett. Purple-Gold Party [ 156 ] Purple Basketball Team Gold Basketball Team [ 157 ] SPRING [ 158 ] 1960 -1961 159 ] Come out, you dirfy crook 160 ] : : frmTm ' - i .,-. . SPORTS [ 161 ] Varsity Baseball FIRST ROW: Frank Nelson, David Mobley, Charles Fowler, Bob Reynolds, C. D. Gollawoy, Ralph Thrasher, Harper Baddley, John Cross, David Crawford, Jerry Hamner. SECOND ROW: Coach Lightfoot, Lecil lawson, Lomor Hines, Dale Andress, Jimmy Thrasher, Leon Moore, Jimmy Birdsong, Jerry Gregg, Steve Thornton, Wilbur Hayes, John Tyson. Coach Frank Lightfoot, Captains C. D. Galloway and Ralph Thrasher, Coach James Wilkinson. Falcons In Action ,.a : ? - Infield-Outfielders W, C. Hayes, Lecil Lawson, Jimmy Thrasher, C. D. Galloway, Ralph Thrasher, Leon Moore, John Tyson, Lamar Mines. Pitchers Jimmy Birdson, Dale Andress, C. D. Goilowoy, Ralph Thrasher, Jerry Gregg, Steve Thornton, Lorry Hamner Infield Frank Nelson, David Mobley, Charles Fowler, Bob Reynolds, C. D. Galloway, Ralph Thrasher, Harper Baddley, John Cross, Doivd Crawford. Ready for more action. Varsity Tennis Gary Foy, Carl Home, Darold Dunlavy, Ronnie Bates, Ellis Fought, Authur Garrett, Yoco Avila, Bob Matthews, Phil Savin Coach Floyd Anderson Varsity Golf Mike Tucker, Coach Palmer, V. W. Jernigon, James Corde Intramurals Football Champions — Commuters Basketball Allstars Randy Wooley, Huey Allen, Ellis Fought, John Mooneyhom, Ralph Thrasher, Allen Holmes, Roy McCaig, Sam Roberts, Roy Mims, W. C. Hayes, Coach Anderson, Robert Chapman, Sidney Godfrey. [ 171 ] Sport Snaps Godfrey looks mod. Mims pa s i. i Betty Baker — Winner Intramural Golf The winning putt Tennis Girls Advanced Singles Winner — Pat Kelly Runner-up — Laverne Bazemore. Intramural Champs Intermediate Winner — Sara Tarwafer Runner-up — Sue Ellen Riddle Intramural Swimming Some Catalina Grrls Rayfield and Turner jump for boll Take me out to the softball garr ii 4tit| [ 179 ] Intramural Ladies Carolyn Pinson, Pat Kelly, Judy Cain, Barbara Newton, Carolyn Lewis, Jump Shot! Basketball Champs Laura Bailey, Frances Mann, Janice Clark. NOT PICTURED: Carolyn Hil Jump Ball SENIORS [ 182 ] 1961 [ 183 ] ■ v ALLEN, PAT B.A. Club, Senate Business Administration Marvel, Alabama AUTRY, ELIZABETH CARROLL Soraland, Alabama Art Kappa Delta Pi, Mu Delta Alpha, Kappa Pi, Senate, Catolina Club, House Council, Theatre Council, ALABAMIAN, A.S.E.A., Southeastern Art Association BAILEY, LAURA LILLIAN Physical Education Heflin, Alabama Kappa Delta Pi, Beta Beta Beta, Lambda Sigma Pi, Physical Education Club, Recreation Associa- tion, Orchesis, House Council, Class Officer, Elite Night BAITES, JO ANN Speech Correction Huntsville, Alabama Zeta Phi Etc, Orchesis, House Council BAKER, BETTY SUE Physical Education Eufaula, Alabama Physical Education Club, Recreation Association, Chief Justice Student Court, Elite Night, Band, Class Favorite BAKER, SHIRLEY JEAN Business Education Eufaula, Alabama House Council, Class Officer, Elite Night, S.G.A. Vice-President, B.A. Club, Band, Executive Coun- cil, Recreation Association, Class Favorite BARTON, JERRY Math Greensboro, Alabama Senate, S.G.A. Vice-President, Delta Theta Pi, Recreation Association BASS, BETTY Home Economics Rivervievi ' , Alabama Ivol Spafford Club, Cotalinc Club [ 184 ] BASSETT, CURT Business Administration Oxford, Alabama B.A. Club BEAVERS, SHIRLEY Secretarial Administration Wilsonville, Alabama B.A. Club, Alumni Sons and Daughters f 1?r BEDGOOD, SUSAN Music Montgomery, Alabama MONTAGE Beauty, ALABAMIAN, MONTAGE, Phi Alpha Mu, Opera, Student Guild of Or- ganists, English Club, Chorale, Choir BOGUE, JOE Falkville, Alabama Physical Education " A " Club, Physical Education Club, Recreation Association, Baseball BORDERS, RAY Business Administration Birmingham, Alabama B.A. Club BRECKENRIDGE, FREDERICK WILLIAM Montevallo, Alabama English Pi Kappa Delta, Debate Team, National Forensic Fraternity BRECKENRIDGE, JOY ANDREWS Home Economics Montevallo, Alabama Retail Club, Ivol Spafford Club, MONTAGE Beauty BRIDGES, MAVIS Montevallo, Alabama Music [ 185 ] BROOM, REBECCA English and French Goodwater, Alabama TOWER Co-Editor, Pi Delta Phi, Lambda Sigma Pi, Kappa Delta Pi, W.U.S., Discussion Club, House Council, ALABAMIAN, Theatre Council BRUHN, MARY ELLEN Birmingham, Alabama Biology Debate Team, Pi Kappa Delta, Biology Club, Cotalina Club, W.U.S., S.R.A., I.R.C., Young Democrats, Physical Education Club BUCKLIN, WARNER Calero, Alabama BUNN, MYRA LINDA Childersburg, Alabama History History Elite Night, Mu Delta Alpha, Class Favorite, I.R.C., Theatre Council CAIN, JUDY Physical Education Birmingham, Alabama Orchesis, Recreation Association, House Council, Physical Education Club, Social Committee CAMPBELL, MARTHA DELL Robertsdale, Alabama Psychology Elite Night, Alpha Mu Epsilon, Beta Beta Beta, ALABAMIAN, Biology Club CANADY, JANE Home Economics Cragford, Alabama House Council, Ivol Spofford Club, Retail Club, Religious Council GARDEN, JUNE CAROLYN Elementary Education Linden, Alabama [ 186 ] CARTER, WILLIAM JESSE Business Administration Billingsley, Alabama B.A. Club, I.R.C., Theatre Council, Circle K CAUDLE, JEANETTE Vinemont, Alabama Biology CHRISTIANSEN, LOLA T. History Clanton, Alabama Alpha Lambda Delta, I.R.C., B.A. Club CLARK, CAROLYN LANE Elementary Education Andalusia, Alabama A.C.E., Orchesis, Theatre Council, S.R.A., TOWER, MONTAGE, Social Committee, W.R.S.D. CLARK, JANICE ALICIA Huntsville, Alabama Biology MONTAGE, Theatre Council, Social Committee, Bond, Chorale, Biology Club, Catalina Club, Ushers Club COLVIN, BETTY ANN Home Economics Vernon, Alabama CONNALLY, BILLIE SUE Secretarial Administration Birmingham, Alabama NAM Scholarship, Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Alpha Sigma, MONTAGE, ALABAMIAN, Best Dressed COTTON, FAY Physical Education Chickasaw, Alabama Physical Education Club, House Council, Senate, Orchesis, Catalina Club [ 187 ] CREEL, MONROE Business Administration Birmingham, Alabama Senate, House Council, B.A. Club, College Theatre DANIEL, ELLEN Home Economics Verbena, Alabama Ivol Spafford Club, House Council DAUGHERTY, ANNETTE Mobile, Alabama Historv Chorale, Catalina Club, Kappa Delta Pi, Mu Delta Alpha, Class Officer DENHAM, J. B., JR. Business Administration Calera, Alabama DUGGAN, DORINDA Music Andalusia, Alabama DUKE, JANE Elementary Education Mobile, Alabama House Council, A.C.E. DUNLAP, MARY OLIVIA Holly Pond, Alabama Speech Zeta Phi Eta, Notional Collegiate Players, W.R.S.D., Theatre Council V DZIEZYC, MARY ANN Red Bank, New Jersey Biology [ 188 ] EBERHART, CHARLES Business Administration Atlanta, Georgia EDDINS, JAMES A., JR. Physical Education Bessemer, Alabama Tennis Team, Class Favorite EILAND, MYRA JEAN Business Education Childersburg, Alabama House Council, Elite Night, B.A. Club ELBITTAR, JESUS ROLANDO Business Administration Quiriquire Monogas, Venezuela EUBANK, AL H. Business Administration Hueytown, Alabama FAUGHT, MARLIN ELLIS Business Administration Greensboro, Alabama Tennis Team FISHER, JACKIE Secretarial Administration Congers, New York Kappa Pi, Catalina Club, B.A. Club, Elite Night, House Council FLOYD, DAWN MARIE Kellyton, Alabama History Mu Delta Alpha, Catalina Club, I.R.C., House Council, Theatre Council, Choir, Chorale, Band, Senate, A.S.C.E. [ 189 ] ■ FOWLER, CHARLES H. Physical Education Centreville, Alabama " A " Club, Baseball, Physical Education Club GALLOWAY, C. D. Political Science Montevallo, Alabama Elite Night, Baseball, I.R.C. GALLOWAY, PAT Elementary Education Montevallo, Alabama Alumni Sons and Daughters, A.C.E., A.S.E.A. GODFREY, SIDNEY A. Business Administration Calera, Alabama Student Court GOREE, GENE Math Lanett, Alabama HADAWAY, FRANK E. Business Administration Calera, Alabama Elite Night, Sigma Alpha Sigma, B.A. Club HAGGARD, JOYCE MARIE Home Economics Winfield, Alabama Ivol Spafford Club, Ushers Club, I.R.C, House Council HAMBRIGHT, JO ANN Elementary Education Dora, Alabama [ 190 ] HAYWOOD, MICHAEL Clanton, Alabama Math HEIKKILA, NORMA ANN English Firchburg, Massachusetts I.R.C. HELMS, MARY PAT Home Economics New Brockton, Alabama HENDERSON, ELEANOR JANE Home Economics Birmingham, Alabama Co-Chcirman Drives Week, Retail Club, ALA- BAMIAN, Ivol Spafford Club, Ushers Club. HENRY, TERRILL VIRGINIA Home Economics Prichord, Alabama HERRING, ELIZABETH ANN Speech Correction New Brockton, Alabama House Council, I.R.C, Zeta Phi Eta, Kappa Delta Pi HIGHTOWER, LARRY Business Administration Montevallo, Alabama HILL, CAROLYN ANN Physical Education Mobile, Alabama Physical Education Club, Recreation Association, Ushers Club, Class Officer [ 191 ] HORN, HOWELL Business Administration Columbiana, Alabama HUDGINS, MARY ALICE Elementary Education Summerville, Georgia Mu Delta Alpha, A.C.E. HUDSON, LYNDA Biology Semmes, Alabama MONTAGE, TOWER, Beta Beta Beta, Band, Biology Club HUDSON, ROBERT D. Music Fairfield, Alabama Band, Choir INGRAM, JANE Art and English Sylacauga, Alabama TOWER Co-Editor, Kappa Pi, Pi Delta Phi, W.U.S., Class Officer, Discussion Club, ALA- BAMIAN, Theatre Council JEFFRES, MARGARET Brewton, Alabama Art JONES, CHARLES S. History and Political Science Mobile, Alabama Delta Theta Pi, Mu Delta Alpha, l.R.C, W.U.S., Circle K, S.G.A. Cabinet, Young Democrats, Student Solicitor, Debate Team JONES, JANICE Elementary Education Geneva, Alabama 192 ] KEETON, NANCY Home Economics Huntsville, Alabama KELLY, JOHN SANFORD, JR. Business Administration Phenix City, Alabama n KELLY, PATRICIA ANN Physical Education Mobile, Alabama Social Committee, Recreation Association, Beta Beta Beta, Kappa Delta Pi, Lambda Sigma Pi, Best Dressed, ALABAMIAN, Edith Scylor Schol- arship, Physical Education Club, Elite Night, Theatre Council KIRK, ALICE FERREL Elementary Education Greensboro, Alabama Chorale, A.C.E., A.S.E.A. LARDENT, CHARLES L., JR. Business Administration Birmingham, Alabama Delta Theto Pi, B.A. Club, Choir LENDERMAN, RAY Business Administration Fairhope, Alabama B.A. Club, Choir LEWIS, CAROLYN Sweetwater, Alabama liology Alpha Lambda Delta, Beta Beta Beta, Kappa Delta Pi, Lambda Sigma Pi, Senate, Biology Club, Elite Night, Class Favorite LINDSEY, CAROLYN L. Business Administration Bessemer, Alabama B.A. Club, Elite Night, W.R.S.D, [ 193 ] LITTLETON, IRA SUE Home Economics Birmingham, Alabama Retail Club, Ivol Spafford Club, MONTAGE LOWE, CAROLINE Psychology Huntsville, Alabama. MONTAGE, House Council, College Theatre, Ushers Club, Brass Choir LUDEWIG, CHRISTEL English Huntsville, Alabama Class Favorite, Class Officer, Cotalina Club, I.R.C., English Club, Best Dressed, Ushers Club, House Council, Student Court MAHONE, DON Physical Education Montevallo, Alabama MANN, FRANCES English Millerville, Alabama English Club MARKEY, JANE ELLEN Coruthers, Missouri History LR.C, W.U.S., S.R.A., Debate Team, S.G.A. Cobinet, President Summer School, S.G.A. MARTIN, ANNIE LOU Speech Correction Tarrant, Alabama MASON, LANA KAREEN Secretarial Administration Birmingham, Alabama B.A. Club, Mu Delta Alpha, Choir, Chorale, House Council, Secretary S.G.A. [ 194 ] MEADOWS, WANDA L. Elementary Education Hanceville, Alabama House Council, Ushers Club, A.S.E.A., A.C.E., Senate, S.RA,, Kappa Delta Pi, Lambda Sigma MILLANDER, MURRAY E. Gadsden, Alabama Band, Circle K Psychology MILLS, CLINT, JR. Music Bessemer, Alabama MIMS, ROY Business Administration Clonton, Alabama MIXON, CLAIRE Elementary Education Georgiana, Alabama A.C.E. MORRIS, BETTY Joppa, Aloboma Sociology Club, House Council Sociology ■ McCAIG, ROY MITCHELL Chemistry Lincoln, Alabama Biology Club, Circle K, MONTAGE, ALABAMIAN McCLANAHAN, WARREN BRUCE Math and French Mobile, Alabama Choir, I.R.C., Kappa Mu Epsilon, Delta Theta Pi, Pi Delta Phi, Student Court [ 195 ] McENTEE, MARY McGOWAN Elementary Education Montevallo, Alabama Kappa Delta Pi, Mu Delta Alpha NEWTON, BARBARA ALLAN Fayette, Alabama Biology Biology Club, Beta Beta Beta, Student Court, Best Dressed, TOWER « 1 f NORRELL, ALICE LOUISE Elementary Education Bessemer, Alabama Theatre Council, House Council, A.C.E., I.R.C. OCASIO, HILDA Puerto Rico Elite Night, Sociology Club Sociology OWENS, JO ANN Home Economics Addison, Alabama Ivol Spafford Club, I.R.C. PARROTT, BARBARA JO Biology Birmingham, Alabama PARSONS, JOAN Business Administration Catherine, Alabama B.A. Club, House Council, Religious Council, Elite Night PEEL, JEANNETTE Home Economics Louisville, Alabama Alpha Lambda Delta, Ivol Spafford Club, Kappa Delta PI, Omicron Nu, Class Officer [ 196] PETERMAN, MARY TOM Dothan, Alabama Catolina Club, A.S.E.A. History PINSON, CAROLYN Physical Education McCalla, Alabama Physical Education Club, Recreation Association, Theatre Council POPWELL, JAMES LEWIS Physical Education Clanton, Alabama POUND, SYLVIA Andalusia, Alabamc English Alpha Lambda Delta, MONTAGE, TOWER, Choir, Editor ALABAMIAN, Executive Council, Kappa Delta Pi, Lambda Sigma Pi, Eta Sigma Phi S.G.A. Cabinet, English Club, Beta Beta Beta POWERS, BILL History and Political Science Wilsonville, Alabama President S.G.A., Young Democrats, I.R.C, Circle K, Pi Kappa Delta, Debate Team, Student Court PRATT, MABLE West Blocton, Alabama English PRUETT, FRANCES ERNESTINE Home Economics Pine Hill, Alabama Ivol Spafford Club PUGH, DOROTHY ANN Secretarial Administration Grove Hill, Alabama [ 197 ] RAE, LYLE A. History Clanton, Alabama RHODES, MIRIAM Selma, Alabama Music ROBBINS, MARGARET ORLEAN Social Science Goodwater, Alabama Alumni Sons and Daughters, B.A. Club, Catalina Club, House Council, Class Officer, Vice-Presi- dent Summer School, S.G.A., I.R.C. ROPER, JOE NEAL Sylacauga, Alabama History SANDERSON, EENID Elementary Education Selma, Alabama A.C.E., I.R.C. SAYERS, DAVID Calera, Alabama Speech SCHOBER, ANN MARIE English Hueytown, Alabama English Club, TOWER, MONTAGE SCOTT, JOHN WATTS, JR. Psychology Montevollo, Alabama Beta Beta Beta, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Delta Theta Pi, Eta Sigma Phi, Bond, Choir, Tennis Team, Biology Club [ 198 ] SELF, JOHN ANSEL Birmingham, Alabama Art Theatre Council, Kappa Pi, National Collegiate Players, S.R.A., W.R.S.D., TOWER, ALABAMIAN SHEPPARD, DENNIS MICHAEL Applied Music Mobile, Alabama Phi Alpha Mu, Delta Theta Pi, Opera, Choir, I.R.C., American Organ Guild, Student Group SMITH, JOHN THOMAS Physical Education Clanton, Alabama SMITHERMAN, PEARL Elementary Education Bessemer, Alabama STALLWORTH, MARGIE Beatrice, Alabama Music Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Kappa Lambda, Phi Alpha Mu, Student Guild of Or- ganists, Chorale STANSELL, KITTY Montevallo, Alabama Math Kappa Mu Epsilon, Alpha Lambda Delta, Eta Sigma Phi, Pi Delta Epsilon, I.R.C, W.U.S., ALABAMIAN, Band, Class Officer STEPHENSON, YVONNE Business Education Wilsonville, Alabama B.A. Club STEWART, CHRISTINE Secretarial Administration Greensboro, Alabama [ 199 ] STOJCICH, FRANCES E. Physical Education Mobile, Alabama Physical Education Club, Theatre Council, Rec- reation Association STONE, HERTHA Economics Wilsonville, Alabama Senate, Ushers Club, i.R.C, ALABAMIAN, Mu Delta Alpha, Choir STRICKLAND, LOIS Section, Alabama Ushers Club, Beta Beta Beta Math STROUP, JOHNNIE CAROLYN Home Economics Morris, Alabama Omicron Nu, Kappa Delta Pi, Ivol Spafford Club yW j ' SrC ' C " _. SUTHERLAND, RAYBURN Birmingham, Alabama Debate Team, Circle K, S.R.A., I.R.C. History TALTY, RICHARD DAVID Business Administration Birmingham, Alabama B.A. Club, " A " Club, Baseball, MONTAGE, Orientation Committee TAYLOR, JOYCE LeVONNE Physical Education Birmingham, Alabama Recreation Association, Physical Education Club, Elite Night, House Council THORNTON, BETTE Elementary Education Birmingham, Alabama A.C.E. [ 200 ] THORNTON, MARY Montevallo, Alabama Speech Class Officer, House Council, Recreation Asso- ciation, Zeto Pfii Eta, Theater Council, MON- TAGE, ALABAMIAN, I.R.C., Ushers Club, Sociol- ogy Club, Catalina Club THRASHER, RALPH Physical Education Calera, Alabama Baseball, " A " Club, ALABAMIAN, W.R.S.D., Social Committee, Recreation Association, Phy- sical Education Club TRAYWICK, JO PHYLLI S Business Education Birmingham, Alabama Editor MONTAGE, ALABAMIAN, TOWER, B.A. Club, Sigma Alpha Sigma, Lambda Sigma Pi, House Council, Elite Night, Chorale, Choir, Opera TUCKER, JEANETTE Verbena, Alabama Sociology Club Sociology WAITES, ANGELINE Psychology and English Montgomery, Alabama Biology Club, TOWER, I.R.C., Choir, Pi Delta Phi WALLACE, BRAD English and Social Science Brundidge, Alabama WEST, BENNY Circle K Sylvanio, Alabama History WILKINSON, DORIS ANNETTE Elementary Education Roanoke, Alabama [ 201 ] ( WILLIAMS, GAIL Elementary Education Anniston, Alabama A.C.E. WILSON, VIRGINIA Physical Education Dothan, Alabama Senate, Student Court, House Council, Theatre Council, Physical Education Club, Recreation Association, Orchesis, Catalina Club WOODWARD, ANITA Home Economics Huntsville, Alabama WRIGHT, SARA LYNN Home Economics Chickasaw, Alabama Ivol Spafford Club, House Council, Social Chair- man of S.G.A., S.R.A. WYATT, BILLY GENE Business Administration Clanton, Alabama YORK, CHARLOTTE Elementary Education Albertville, Alabama A.C.E. , Kappa Delta Pi [ 202 ] Faculty Index Ackerly, Lois A. -20 Adair, Dorothy L-20 Allen, Martha-20 Anderson, Floyd-20, 166, Armstrong, Elizabeth— 20 Bailey, Paul C— 20 Bolne, Rodney — 20 Barclay, Lee A. — 24 Barnes, Virginia — 20 Bickham, Ethel— 20 Blackmon, Fred C— 20 Cash, William M.— 20 Collins, Miriam — 20 Cotter, David J.— 20 Cox, Claire — 20 Cox, R, Linton — 24 Craddock, Patricio B. — 20 Davis, Maxine C— 21 Dunn, J. D.-21 Dunn, Minnie— 21 Eastman, Anne L.— 21 Edwards, James W.— 21 Egerton, Mary M.— 116 Elliott, Bessie M.-24 Finger, Bernice— 21 Flynn, Murray— 21 Folsom, Aubrey— 24 Folsom, Florence— 21 Forbus, Mary Cecil— 24 Gibson, Iva B -24 Golson, Eva— 21 Gormley, Charles— 21 Griffith, Lucille-21 Hendrick, Virginia— 25 Hood, Edward P. -115 Hood, Mary— 1 15 Huffstutler, Steve-26 Huntley, David-21 Kennerly, W. J -21 Lewis, Nora— 1 15 Lightfoot, Frank-21, 162 Lightsey, Sara Nell-21 Lipe, George W.-22, 123, 127 Lott, John B.-22 Love, Owen-22 Lubin, Nathan M.-22 McMillan, D. R.-22 Mohan, Stanley M.— 26 Marshall, Ethel-22 Meroney, Eloise— 22 Morgan, Sara Ruth P. -22, 26, 156 Niven, Jeanette— 22 Owsley, Mable-22 Palmer, Chester L.-22, 167 Parnell, Leighton C— 25 Phillips, Howard M.-16, 17, 18 Pierson, Lorraine— 22 Posey, Vv ' illobelle-l 16 Priestley, S. E. Gerard-22 Puryear, Sarah— 22 Ringham, William-22 Rochester, Catherine C— 23 Roe, Vivian I. -23 Russell, Abi-25 Sears, Ralph W,-25 Shirley, Neal-23, 26 Sneed, Kate C.-23 Suttle, John F.-23 Thomas, James D.— 23 Tolbert, Bruce-23, 26 Trumbauer, Willilee R-23 Turpine, Thomas D.— 23 Walters, John B.-25 Ward, Sandra-23 Webb, Robert A. -23 Whatley, Mary-23 Wilkinson, James R-23, 25, 162 Williams, Robert J. -23 Wright, Laura-23 [ 203 ] Student Index Abercrombie, Sherry— 28, 125 Adams, Dorothy— 28 Adams, James M.— 28 Adams, Julia Louise— 28 Adams, Mack-28 Adams, Mary Rolando- 28 Adkins, James Gary— 28 Aiken, William Craig— 28 Akins, Kay-28, 133, 152 Albright, Ronda-28, 107 Algee, Anita-28, 119, 121, 126 Allen, Audrey-28, 133 Allen, Glenda Raye-28 Allen, Huie R-28, 170 Allen, Pat-184 Allison, Flora June— 28 Aloia, Joe-28, 122, 127, 130, 145 Amori, Joanne-28, 104, 126 Anderson, Billie-28, 122, 130, 132 Anderson, Bobby-28, 73, 126 Anderson, Elaine-28, 129 Anderson, Charlene-28, 72 Andress, Dale-28, 132, 162, 164 Andrews, Grace— 28 Anthony, June— 28 Arich, Charlie James— 28 Arledge, Betty Moore— 28 Armstrong, Donald Wayne— 28 Askins, Beulah-28 Atkinson, Robert— 28 Austin, John Rae-29 Autery, Nancy-29, 110, 124, 126, 130 Autry, Elizabeth-184, 119, 123, 152 Ayres, Larry— 29 Baddley, Harper-29, 162, 165 Bailey, Elizabeth-29, 153 Bailey, Laura-184, 60, 61, 80, 94, 105, 114, 124, 132, 133, 181, 153 Baites, Jo Ann-184, 119, 133 Baker, Betty- 184, 84, 102, 105, 175, 149, 153 Baker, Ellis-29 Baker, Shirley- 184, 84, 105, 111, 149, 153 Balch, Claire-29 Ball, Mary Alice-29 Bankston, Ann— 29 Barber, J. T-29 Barden, Christine-29 Barlow, Alice Ann— 29 Barnard, Madqe-29, 111, 119, 121, 131 Barnett, John Wayne— 29 Bornett, Mary Ann-29 Barnett, Robert-29 Barnette, Viva Dean-29, 113, 120, 124, 153 Barton, Jack— 29 Barton, Jerry- 184, 85, 103, 125 Bass, Betty- 184 Bossett, Bruce-29, 105 Bassett, Curt- 185, 105, 111, 128, 152 Boswell, Vella-29 Batson, Susan— 29 Bazemore, Laverne-29, 132, 133, 176 Bean, Barbara-29, 129 Bearden, Barbara— 29 Beaudry, Marie— 29 Beavers, Shirley— 185 Bedgood, Susan-185, 118, 131, 153 Bedgood, Tomilu— 29 Belew, Judith-29, 118, 131 Bell, Kaye-29 Bellia, Anthony-29 Belue, Edwin-29 Bengert, Judy— 39, 108, 152 Bentley, Betty— 30, 129 Bentley, Dianne — 30 Benton, Sidney— 30, 103, 153 Berger, Hanna— 30, 102, 121 Bethel!, Margaret-30 Beverly, Jo Ann— 30 Birchfield, Tony-30 Black, Bonnie-30, 129 Blackwell, Judy-30 Blackwood, Jane-30, 126, 130 Blake, Dianne-30, 128, 130 Blake, Constance— 30 Blake, Jimmy— 30 Blake, Robert-30 Blakely, Josslyn-30, 128 Blakey, Rebecca— 30, 153 Blonkenship, Robert — 30 Bogue, Jo -185, 132, 152 Bolding, Ann— 30 Bond, Harriett— 30 Bond, Richard-30, 110, 118 Bonds, Margaret-30, 122 Borders, Ray- 185 Boyd, llse-30, 127 Brodberry, Wendell-30 Braden, Joyce— 30 Bramblett, Billy-30 Brandeau, William— 30 Brasfleld, Helen-30, 119, 121, 127 Braswell, Billy Joe-30 204 ] Breckenridge, Fred— 185, 152 Breclcenridge, Joy Andrews— 185 Brewster, Wayne— 30 Bridges, Mavis— 185 Bridges, Sandra-31, 108, 128 Brill, Carolyn-31, 128 Brill, Janice-31, 125 Broach, Linda-31, 3, 106, 125, 126, 131 Brooks, Buster— 31 Brooks, Kathy— 31, 126 Brooks, Kenneth — 31 Broom, Rebecca— 186, 78, 85, 107, 120, 124, 153 Brown, Carol Joann — 31 Brown, Fred — 31 Brown, Glenda— 31, 108 Brown, Judith— 31 Brown, Robert— 31 Brown, Victor— 31 Bruhn, Mary Ellen-186, 119, 131, 153 Brumbaugh, Thomas— 31 Brumby, Joyce— 31 Brunson, Troyce— 31 Bryant, Gladys— 31 Bryant, Thomas— 31 Bucklin, Warner— 31, 186 Bullock, Jonathan— 31, 152 Bunn, David— 31, 110, 152 Bunn, Myra— 186, 119, 131 Burdette, Larry— 31 Burgos, Zulma— 31 Burke, Jane-31, 127, 151, 153 Burkhalter, Carol— 31 Burton, Becky— 31 Burton, Charles— 31, 3 Burton, Harriet— 31 Busbee, lrvin-31, 127, 130, 131 Bush, Vance— 31 Cabana, Muriel— 32 Cagle, Sue-32, 129 Cain, Judy-186, 104, 132, 133, 153 Caine, Rebecca-32, 125 Caley, Anne-32, 128 Callen, Virginia-32, 133 Cameron, Catherine— 32, 129 Camp, Lynn-32, 133 Camp, Sue— 32 Campbell, Margaret— 32 Campbell, Martha Dell-186, 123, 125, 127 Canady, Jane— 186 Cannon, June— 32 Capell, Peggy-32, 103, 118 Carden, James— 32, 167 Carden, June— 186 Carlson, Patricia-32, 129 Carpenter, Patricia— 32 Carroll, Dona-32 151, 80, 118, Carroll, Erin-32 Carrier, Wayne— 32 Carter, Jesse— 187, 153 Carter, Mary-32, 119, 131 Casey, Tommie Jean— 32 Cash, Linda-32, 126 Caudle, Jeanette— 187 Caver, Rosa Lee— 32 Cazalas, Robert-32, 152 Chandler, Jo Anne-32, 106 Chandler, Sandra-32, 126 Chapman, Robert-32, 170 Charlton, Steve-32, 131 Cheney, Kay-32, 132 Chisolm, Sharon-32, 128 Christianson, Lola T.-187, 124, 126 Christmas, Edna Earl— 32 Chumley, Elizabeth-32, 114 Circero, Linda-33, 132 Clark, Barbara— 33 Clark, Carolyn-187, 3, 104, 121, 133, 152 Clark, Janice-187, 104, 127, 131, 181, 152 Clark, Jenean— 33 Clark, Mary Virginia— 33, 133 Clarke, Helen— 33 Clayton, Pat-33 Cleveland, Howard— 33 Cobb, Kenneth— 33 Coe, Mary Ann— 33 Cofer, James— 33 Coleman, Jean— 33, 126, 130 Coleman, Bill-33, 127, 153 Collins, Bennie Gail— 33 Collins, Donald— 33 Collins, Michael— 33 Collins, Rebecca— 33 Colo, Barbara-33, 133 Colvin, Betty Ann-33, 187 Condon, Sandra— 33 Connolly, Billie Sue-33, 187, 3, 86, 114, 120, 124, 144, 153 Connolly, Ronnie— 33 Connell, James— 33 Cook, Betty-33, 1 29, 1 30 Cook, Ellen-33, 124 Cooper, Gayle— 33, 121 Cork, Jean— 33 Corley, Janice-33, 126, 130 Cornelison, Henry— 33 Cotton, Faye-187, 183 Cowan, Beverley— 33 Cowan, Martha Ann— 33 Cox, Carolyn— 33 Cox, Janice— 34 Cox, William-34 Crawford, David-34, 3, 132, 162, 165 Crawford, Geneva-34, 119, 126 Crawford, Nancy— 34 [ 205 ] Creel, Jerry— 34 Creel, Margaret— 34 Creel, Monroe- 188, 101 Cross, John- 162, 165 Crotwell, Camille-34, 129 Crowley, Margie— 34, 127 Cruce, Donna— 34 Crump, Donald— 34 Crutchfield, William-34 Culver, Judith-34 Curlee, Emma— 34 Daniel, Edith-34, 103 Daniel, Ellen-188, 34 Daniel, Glen— 34 Daniel, Nancy— 34 Daniels, Janice— 34 Dougherty, Annette- 188, 111, 124, 133, 152 Davis, David— 34 Davis, Donald-34 Davis, Ethomae- 34 Davis, James Earl— 34, 152 Davis, Judith-34, 3, 119, 121, 124, 131, 152 Davis, Samuel— 34 Davis, Thomas— 34 Day, Benjamin— 34 Day, Dorothy-34, 133 Day, Henrietta— 34 Day, Lillian-3 4, 153 Deal, Jayne— 35 Dean, Betty-35 Deater, Barbara-35, 129 DeCoudres, Anne— 35, 133 Dedman, Gayle-35, 104, 133 DeGroot, Jean— 35 DeGroot, Jessica— 35, DeGroot, Joan— 35 DeLeene, Glendo- 35 Deming, Mike— 35 Dempsey, Elizabeth— 35 Denham, J. B. Jr.— 188, 126, 127 Denney, James — 35, 132 Densmore, Junellen — 35 DeVore, Naomi — 35 Dickerson, Peggy— 35, 118, 152 Dickinson, Julia— 35, 129 Dickson, Doris Jean — 35 Dillon, Roy— 35 Dinken, Billy-35 Dodd, Robert-35 Dodson, Billie-35 Doody, James— 35 Dorough, Peggy— 35 Dorroh, Jean-35, 129 Dover, William Robert-35 Draper, Mary Lynn— 35 Drevv ' , Beverly — 35 Duffill, Tamson — 35 Duggan, Dorinda — 188, 152 Duke, Jane— 188 Dunaway, Richard— 35 Dunker, Barbara— 35, 133 Dunkin, Carolyn-36, 119, 121, 126 Dunlap, Mary Olivia-188, 82, 119, 141, 153 Dunlavy, Darold-36, 122, 132, 166 Dunn, Martha— 36 Dunn, Theresa— 36, 114 Dunnan, Ja mes— 36 Dupree, Gloria— 36 Dziezyc, Mary Ann— 188 Eager, William— 36 Early, David— 36 Eorv ood, Margaret— 36 Eberhort, Charles-189 Eddins, James A.-189, 105, 73, 86 Edenfleld, Kay-36, 127 Edfeldt, Edith-36, 153 Egor, Bill-104 Egerton, Hugh— 36 Eiland, Myra Jean-189, 76, 120, 128, 152 Elam, Pearline — 36 Elblttar, Jesus Rolando — 189 Eldridge, Martha — 36 Elledge, Claud— 36 Elliot, Carrie— 36 Elliot, Linda-36, 129 Ellis, Frank-36, 102, 125 Ellis, Louise— 36 Etheridge, Iris— 36 Eubank, Al H.-189 Eurton, Margaret— 36 Evans, Gary— 36, 153 Evans, Sandra— 36 Evers, Edna-36, 129 Ev alt, Caryl— 36 Falkenberry, Joyce— 36 Falkner, Jay— 36 Fought, Morlin Ellis-189, 132, 166, 170, 36, 153 Finch, Russell-36, 152 Fisher, Barclay- 36 Fisher, Jackie-189, 113, 123, 153 Fisher, Ronnie— 37 Fisher, Susan Alice— 37 Fitzpotrick, Frances— 37 Fleming, John— 37, 103 Flowers, Robert— 37 Floyd, Dawn Marie-189, 87, 103, 119, 152 Folmor, Robert— 37 Forrester, Barbara-37, 129, 130 [ 206 ] Foshee, Martha-37, 129 Foster, Eva— 37 Foutz, Patricia— 37 Fowler, Charles- 190. 132, 162, 165 Fowler, Jane — 37, 128 Foy, Gary— 37, 107, 166 Frazier, Vonceil — 37, 130 Freeman, Mary Lynn — 37, 133, 152 Fridley, Hess Stanley — 37 Frings, Dianne — 37 Frost, Betty-37, 133 Frost, Julia— 37 Fulford, Sandra— 37 Fulmer, Billy-37, 128 Gaddie, George— 37, 128 Gale, Charlotte— 37 Galloway, C. D.-190, 162, 164, 165 Galloway, Pat- 190, 81 Gann, Clovis-37, 128, 130 Gannaway, Emily— 37 Gannaway, Russell— 37 Ganster, Susan— 37 Ganus, Tommie Lou— 37 Garner, Betsey- 37 Garrett, Arthur— 122, 123, 125, 127, 166 Garrison, Edgar — 37 Gorside, Jo Ann — 37, 132 Gattis, J. David— 38, 153 Gaulden, Betty— 38 Gibson, Briggs Lee— 38 Gibson, Carole— 38 Gibson, Margaret- 38 Giles, Sandra— 38 Gilliland, Kitty-38 Gillintine, Mary Earline— 38 Gillis, Barbara-38, 122, 129 Girten, Ann Lynn-38, 119, 126 Gladney, Ruth-38 Gleason, Fred— 38 Glover, Kenneth— 38 Godfrey, Gene-38, 132, 133 Godfrey, Sidney- 190, 171, 172 Godsey, Rita-38, 129 Goldston, Velma-38, 126, 127 Golson, Everett— 38 Goodwin, Carolyn— 38 Gore, James— 38, 130 Goree, Gene- 190, 132 Grady, Melvin T.— 38 Graf, Mary— 38 Grainger, John— 38 Gray, Jerry— 38 Grayson, Lindsay— 38, 133, 152 Green, Eleanor— 38 Green, Jerry— 38 Green, Jill-38, 127 Green, Linda Faye— 38 Green, Marvin— 38 Green, Virginia— 38 Green, Mable— 39 Gregg, Jerry— 162, 164 Griffin, Gene— 39 GrizzeH, Carolyn— 39 Guin, Branyon— 39 Gunnin, Nancy— 39 Gunter, Sharon— 39 Guy, Mary— 39 Gwin, Margaret— 39, 108 Hadaway, Frank-190, IS, 128 Haggard, Joyce- 190, 113, 127, 129, 130 Hagood, Linda— 39 Hall, William-39, 118 Hambright, Jo Ann— 190 Hamilton, Elan-39, 133 Hammett, Patricio— 39, 131 Hammond, Jerry— 39 Hamner, Elizabeth— 39 Hamner, Larry-39, 132, 162, 164 Hamric, William-39, 128 Hand, Bobby-39 Hankins, Arvel-39, 125 Hanks, Kathryn-39 Hanley, Jacqueline— 39 Hardy, Alvin-39 Hardy, Martha-39, 106, 118, 131, 153 Hare, Malcolm— 39 Harper, Brenda— 39 Horreil, Betty-39 Harrell, lrma-39, 66, 73, 124, 126, 130, 131 Harrington, Sybil— 39 Harris, Ann-39 Harris, John— 39 Harris, Lewis— 39 Harris, Nelda-40 Harrison, Evie Jo-40, 127 Harvey, Jerry— 40 Harvey, Kotherine- 40, 133 Hassler, Faye-40, 132, 133, 153 Hatcher, Donald-40 Hatchett, Betty-40 Hawkins, Virginio-40, 126 Hoy, Royal-40 Hoyden, Kay— 40 Hayes, David-40, 130, 153 Hayes, Jo Ann— 40 Hayes, Suzanne— 40 Hayes, W. C.-40, 132, 162, 164, 171 Haywood, Michael— 191 Heodley, Alice— 40 Headley, Shelton— 40 Heaton, Mildred-40, 130 Hedrick, Judith Ann— 40 Heifner, Jenny— 40 Heikkila, Norma Ann-191, 127 Helms, Barbara Ann— 40, 114 [ 207 Helms, Mary Pat-191 Helt, Carol-40 Henderson, Edward— 40 Henderson, Eleanor— 191, 152 Hendrix, Virginia— 40 Henry, Terrill-191, 87, 103, 114, Hermann, Jean— 40 Herring, Elizabeth Ann-191, 119, Hestley, Sondra— 40 Hewett, Thomas— 40 Hewston, Patsy— 40, 129 Heybey, Roswitha — 40 Heyden, Emma Lee — 40 Hicks, Frances— 40, 108, 145 Higden, Patricia — 41 Higginbothom, Brenda— 41 Higginbotham, Brenda— 41 Higginbothom, Edward— 41, 129 Higgins, James— 41 Hightower, Lorry- 191 Hildreth, Rodney— 41 Hill, Alice-41, 127 Hill, Carolyn-191, 132 Hill, John-41 Hill, Michael-41, 153 Hill, S ara-41 Hines, Lamar-41, 105, 132, 162, Hobbie, Helen-41, 129 Hocutt, Faye-41, 108, 121, 128 Hodgens, Patricio- 41 Hodson, Sharon— 41, 133 Hoffman, Barbara-41, 110, 130 Holder, Jean— 41 Holifield, Emma— 41 Holifleld, Evelyn-41 Holland, Eileen— 41 Hollinasworth, Charlie-41, 130 Holme " s, Allen-41, 132, 170, 153 Hood, Elson— 41 Hood, Mary-41, 127 Hope, Adeline True-41, 127, 130 Hope, Sandra Jo— 41 Horn, Hilda-41 Horn, Howell-192 Hornsby, Martha-41, 133 Hornsby, Mary— 41 Horton, Peggy— 41 Houlditch, Jamie-42 Howard, Charlotte— 42 Hovv ' ell, Bernice— 42 Howton, Nelda-42, 130 Hubbard, Margaret— 42 Huddleston, Joan— 42 Huddleston, Roma June— 42 Hudgins, Mary Alice— 192, Hudson, Barbara— 42 124 124 64 Hudson, 127 Hudson, Hudson, Hudson, 19, 126 Lynda-192, 3, 107, 121, 123, Lynn-42 Robert-192, 106, 118, 131 Vernette-42, 3, 111, 128 Huey, Kenneth— 42 Huey, Howard— 42 Huggins, Nancy-42, 128, 129 Hughes, Doris-42, 119 Hughes, Lynda— 42 Hughes, Patricia-42, 129 Hughes, Sarah— 42 Hughes, Wonda-42, 129 Hunt, Mary Helen— 42 Hunt, Terry-42 Hunter, Gavin Warren— 42 Hurst, Doris-42 Hurt, James— 42 Hutson, Jimmy— 42, 152 Hyde, Roy-42 Hymel, Carolyn-42, 108 Ingram, Jane-192, 74, 88, 107, 120, 123, 153 Inzer, Carol-42, 103 ivey, Brenda— 42 Jackson, Douglas— 42, 152 Jaffe, Reva-42 Jalis, Rondo- 43 James, Joe— 43 Jamison, Robert— 43 Jatko, Leonne Lou— 43 Jeffers, Dick-43 Jeffres, Margaret-192, 107, 121 Jensen, Grace— 43 Jernigan, Alyce— 43 Jernigan, V. W.-43, 132, 167, 173 Johnson, Annie Laura- 43, 133 Johnson, Barbara— 43, 129 Johnson, Bill-43, 130 Johnson, Delores-43, 129, 133 Johnson, Ella-43, 127 Johnson, Eloise— 43 Johnson, George— 43 Johnson, Jane— 43 Johnson, Judy— 43 Johnson, Kay-43, 129 Johnson, Mary— 43 Johnson, Robert— 43 Johnson, Sam— 43 Johnston, Ann— 43 Johnston, Harold— 43 Jones, Alayne-43, 114, 119 Jones, Barbara— 43 Jones, Bonnie— 43 Jones, Charles-192, 81, 101, 119, 125, 127, 130 Jones, Douglas— 43 Jones, Freddy— 43 Jones, Janice-192, 150, 152 Jones, Julie Douglas— 43 Jones, Lynda-43, 122, 127 Jones, Mary Evelyn— 44 Jones, Paula— 44, 124 Jones, Rebecca— 44 [ 208 ] Justice, Kay — 44 Keen, Sandra — 44 Keenom, Jean — 44 Keeton, Nancy — 193 Kellam, Imo — 44 Kelley, Dennie— 44, 103, 132 Kellum, John— 44, 110 Kelly, John— 193 Kelly, Patricio- 193, 88, 105, 124, 132, 76, 180, 145, 153 Kelso, Terry— 44 Kendall, Martha-44 Kendrick, Corey— 44 Kendrick, Jock- 44 Kendrick, Jo mes— 44, 130 Kendrick, Jerry— 44, 153 Kennedy, Kay— 44 Kennedy, Potricio- 44, 133 Key, Sonjo— 44 Kibbey, Linda— 44 Killian, Judy-44, 108 Kimbrell, George— 44 King, Jimmy— 44 Kirchhoff, Ed-44 Kircus, Mary— 44 Kirk, Alice Ferrel-193, 126, 153 Kirk, Betty-44, 114, 152 Kirkhom, Patricio- 44 Kirkland, Peggy— 44 Kizzire, Loyd— 44 Klott, Laurie-44 Klepac, James— 44 Klinner, Emily— 45 Knight, Jacquita— 45 Knowles, Lewis- 120, 128 Krause, Mary Louise— 45 Lootsch, Phyllis— 45 Landers, Marilyn— 45, 127 Longford, Dorothy — 45 Lansden, Janice — 45 Lardent, Charles— 193, 125 LoSolle, Veto— 45, 72 Lawson, Lecil — 162, 164 Lee, Linda Sue — 45 LefF, Cynthia-45, 133 Legg, EIizabeth-45, 129, 130 Lenderman, Ray-193, 128, 130 LeNoir, Nancy-45, 118, 131 Lenoir, Thomas— 45 Lewis, Carolyn-193, 73, 89, 103, 123, 124, 127, 181 Lewis, David— 45 Lewis, Dottie-45, 105, 132, 133 Lewter, B. J.— 45 Lindsey, CaroIyn-193, 128 Ling, Linda— 45 Little, Allce-45, 119, 126 Little, Jimmy— 45 Little, Michael— 45 Littlefield, Bobby Jo-45 Littleton, Gay Nell-45, 150, 152 Littleton, Ira Sue- 194, 3, 129, 152 Litz, Keith-45 Loftin, Colin-45, 103, 152 Logon, Bobby— 45 Logon, Patricio- 45 Long, Nancy— 45 Long, Dennis— 45 Looney, Paul-45, 152 Lovejoy, Robert- 45 Lovelady, Patricio— 46 Lowe, Caroline-194, 125, 153 Lowery, Ned— 46 Lowery, Robert— 46, 103 Lucas, Carole— 46 Lucas, Janice— 46 Luck, Meredith-46, 3, 130, 131, 152 Ludewig, Christel-194, 89, 103, 127, 133, 148, 152 Ludlow, Fontaine— 46 Lundy, Janis— 46, 133 Lusk, Elizabeth-46, 123, 124, 127, 133 Lyie, Richard-46, 152 Lyie, Vicki-46 Lynn, Bonnie— 46 Lyon, Joe— 46 Mobrey, Blair-46, 124 Mohone, Don— 194 Mojors, George— 46 Majors, Julio- 46 Mann, Frances— 194, 181 Morchant, Marilyn— 46 Marion, David— 46 Markell, Bonnie-46, 133, 153 Markey, Jane Ellen-194, 101, 127 Martin, Annie Lou— 194, 131 Martin, Beverly-46, 108, 130 Martin, Gloria— 46 Martin, Mary— 46 Mortin, Rebecca-46, 102 Martin, Roy— 46 Moson, Kareen-194, 101, 119, 125, 127 Massey, Bonnie— 46 Massey, Martha-46, 128, 130 Massey, Rebecca— 46 Mathews, Jomes— 46 Matthews, Robert-46, 132, 166 Mourer, Julie-46, 129 Maxwell, Kenn— 47, 153 Moxwell, Sondra-47, 129 Mayes, Barbara— 47 Mayes, Robert— 47 Mayo, Sterlon— 47 Meadows, Wanda-195, 90, 106, 124, 152 Meagher, Dionne- 47 Megginson, Patricia— 47 Melton, Aline- 47 Melton, Ann— 47, 126 Melton, Clinton— 47 [ 209 ] 132, 162, 165 , 123 128 Meredith, Barbara-47, 108, 129, 130 Meredith, Katy Sue-47, 67, 130, 151 153 Meroney, Emily — 47 Meroney, Mary Jane — 47, 133 Messer, Thod — 47 Metclaf, Tracy— 47, 122, 152 Middlebrook, Sedra — 47 Milde, Barbara— 47, 127 Milde, Dick-47, 153 Millander, Murray— 195 Miller, Errel-47, 126 Miller, Eugenia— 47 Miller, Helen-47, 128 Mills, Clint-195 Mills, Wiley-47, 104 Milner, Thomas— 47 Mims, Irma Vivian— 47, 129 Mims, Roy-47, 195, 171, 72 Missildine, Dixie— 47 Mitchell, Brenda— 47 Mitchell, Sandra— 47 Mixon, Claire— 195 Mixon, Ellen— 47 Mixon, Hallie— 48 Mobley, David— 48, Molgedei, Gisela— 48 Montgomery, Mary— 4S Moody, Margaret— 48, Moon, Sandra— 48 Mooneyham, John Wayne — 48, Moore, Leon— 48, 132, 162 Moore, Reba — 48, Morris, Betty— 195 Morris, Eugenia — 4! Morris, Mary— 48 Morris, Patricia— 4E Motlow, Marilyn- ' Mount, Linda-48, 113, 124, 126 Mowery, Tommie Ruth— 48 Mullins, Gloria-48 Mullins, Mary— 48 Murdough, Jim— 48 Murphree, Faye— 48, 1 1 1 Murphree, Joan— 4 Murphy, Claudia— 48 Murphy, Peggy-48, 128 Musgrove, Martha— 48, 151 McAleer, Paul-48 McCaig, Roy-195, 3, 171 McCouley, Madalyn— 48 McClanahan, Warren Bruce- 195, 79, 90, 102, 118, 120, 125, 127, 131, 152 McCollough, Carolyn— 48 McCrorie, John David— 48, 3 McCutchen, James— 48 McDonough, Marneen— 48, 128 McElroy, Donna Lee— 48 170 128, 130, 164 5, 3, 118, 124, 131 ] 18, 132, 133, 152 73, 125, 151, 153 153 McEntee, Mary McGovv ' an- 196, 124 McEwen, Barbara— 49 McFarjand, Barbara— 49 McFerrin, Merdith-49, 104, 124, 126 McGaughy, H. G.-49 McGehee, Robert-49 McGiboney, Linda-49, 120, 128 McGrew, Mildred-49, 129 McGuire, Sybil-49 Mclnnis, Carolyn-49, 120, 128 Mcintosh, Callie-49 McLeod, Maryellen-49, 150, 152 McManis, Charles-49, 110, 131 McPherson, Sonja- 49 McWoters, William-49, 112 Nobors, Patricia-49, 127 Napier, Heloine— 49, 114 Nealeans, Susan— 49 Neeley, Shirley— 49 Nelson, Frankie-49, 162, 165 Nelson, Shirley— 49 Nevvby, Virginia— 49 Newton, Barbara Allan- 196, 75. 102, 107, 123, 127, 180, 144 Noland, Marianne— 49, 128, 152 Norman, Nancy Jane — 49 Norred, Morprie — 49 Norrell, Alice Louise— 196, 113, 127, 153 Norrell, Robert— 49 Norris, Elizabeth— 49 Norris, Thelma— 49 Nutt, Dorothy— 49 Oaks, Emmetf E.-49 Ocosio, Hilda-196 Oglesby, David-50 Oliver, Miller-50 Orr, Roshelle-50, 113, 153 Orr, Lynda-50 Oster, Tom Horton— 50 Overton, Rosemary— 50 Owens, Jo Ann- 196, 127, 129 Owens, Joyce Elizabeth— 50 Owens, Leone— 50 Owens, Suzanne— 50 Pace, Barbara — 50 Park, Judy Faye — 50 Porrott, Barbara Jo— 196, 127 Parrott, William— 50 Parsons, Joan- 196, 128 Parsons, Michael-50, 112, 152 Parsons, Suzanne— 50 Paterson, John— 50 Patrick, Roger— 50 Patterson, Lowell— 50 Pattillo, Judy-50 [ 210 ] Payne, Gillis— 50 Payton, Mary— 50 Peel, Jeannette-196, 78, 123, 124, 129 Penhale, Kenneth— 50 Persons, Virginia— 50 Peterman, Mary Tom— 197 Peters, Herman— 50 Phillips, Lena Joan— 50 Phillips, Norma Jean— 50 Phillips, Terry-50 Phillips, Wayne-50 Pickett, Hershell-50 Pierce, Patricia— 50 Pierce, Virginia— 50 Pike, Charlotte-51 Pilcher, Ben-51 Pinson, Carolyn- 197, 105, 132, 180, 153 Piper, Ecl-51, 132 Pitts, Bonnie Jean-51, 1 18 Pitts, Dorothea-51, 1 10 Piatt, Larry-51 Polk, Frances— 51 Popwell, James Lewis— 197 Posey, Sydney— 51 Posner, Joyce— 51 Pound, Sylvia-197, 91, 101, 108, 121, 122, 124, 148, 152 Powell, Doss-51, 105, 130 Powers, Bill- 197, 91, 100, 101 Powers, Glen— 51 Preskitt, Donna-51, 132 Pratt, Mable-197 Prim, Joy— 51 Pruett, Ernestine- 197, 129 Pugh, Dorothy Ann— 197 Pugh, Virginia-51, 128, 130, 133, 152 Pyron, James H.— 51 Roe, Lyle-198 Pansier, Mary Jo-51, 132 Rattray, Lillian-51, 119 Royfleld, Jo Ann-51, 127, 179 Reaves, Carolyn— 51 Redfearn, Carolyn-51, 108 Reeves, Beverly— 51 Reid, Linda Anne— 51 Reid, Rebecca— 51 Reynolds, Bob-51, 132, 162, 165 Reynolds, Knox-51, 112, 127, 130, 145 Rhodes, Miriam-198, 118, 131 Richardson, Charles Lee— 51 Richardson, Corina— 51 Richardson, Gwendlyn— 51 Riddle, Sue Ellen-51, 129, 177 Riley, Knox-51, 153 Rinehart, Judy— 52, 133 Robbins, Margaret-198, 111, 127, 133 Robbins, Terry— 52 Robbins, Thomas— 52 Roberts, Jean— 52 Roberts, Kathy-52, 132 Roberts, Sam-52, 171 Roberts, Tommy— 52 Robertson, Cynthia— 52 Robinson, Donnie— 52 Robinson, James— 52 Robinson, Judy— 52, 145 Rochester, Ann-52, 123, 127 Rodgers, Douglas— 52, 153 Rogers, Julie-52, 68, 72, 103, 126 Rogers, Mamie— 52 Rogers, Mary— 52 Ronilo, Mike-52, 132, 153 Rooks, Steve— 52 Roper, Joe Neal-198, 105, 112 Ros, Ramon-52, 150, 152 Ros, Rebecca-52, 130, 133 Ross, Anita-52, 126 Rowe, Lawrence— 52 Rowell, Gladys-52, 104 Roy, Dan-52 Roy, Kenneth-52 Russell, Lucile-52, 130, 133, 152 Ryall, James-52 Sadler, Ruth-52 Salter, Patsy-52 Sanders, Patricia-52, 107 Sanderson, Eenid— 198, 126, Sanderson, Eneido- 53, 110 Sansing, Betty— 53 Savage, Michelle— 53, 69, 153 Sayers, David- 198 SchafF, Frank— 53 Scheinert, Betty— 53 Schierhorn, Donna Roe- 53, Schober, Ann Marie— 198, 3, Scofield, Harriett— 53 Scoggins, Martha— 53 Scott, Jane-53, 132, 153 Scott, John-53, 198, 118, 122, 123, 125, 127 Scott, Mary Anne— 53 Seagle, James— 53 Seaton, Elizabeth— 53 Self, John-199 Sewell, Robert — 53 Shackelford, Jesse — 53 Shaddix, Mary Patricia— 53, 150, 152 Sheffield, Amanda — 53 Sheppard, Dennis— 199, 79, 118 Shotts, Eleanor-53, 105, 153 Shuman, Bonnie— 53 Simms, Mary Louise— 53 Simpson, Linda-53, 108, 132 Sizemore, Dorothy— 53 Skelton, Sarah— 53 Skinner, Carolyn— 53, 127 Sloane, Charlotte- 53, 70 Sloggett, Ann— 53 Smith, Cassandra— 53 127 129 107 [ 211 ] Smith, Ellen-53 Smith, Gary— 53 Smith, Glenda-54, 129, 133 Smith, John-199, 92, 105 Smith, Joyce— 54 Smith, Larry— 54 Smith, L. C.-54 Smith, Martha-54 Smith, Noah-54 Smith, Pat-54 Smith, Peggy— 54 Smith, Ronald-54, 128 Smith, Sydney— 54 Smith, Wesley-54 Smith, William-54 Smitherman, Larry— 54 Smitherman, Pearl— 199 Smitherman, Ronald— 54 Smithson, Thomas— 54 Sneed, Ann— 54 Snoddy, Angela— 54 Solomon, Shirley— 54 Spradley, Lawrence— 54 Stacy, James— 54 Stallworth, Margie-199, 76, 118, 124, 131 Stallworth, Phyllis-54 Stansell, Kitty-199, 92, 111, 118, 121, 122, 127 Stanton, Carole— 54 Stanton, Roxianne— 54 Starcher, Alan— 54 Steen, Corley— 54 Stephenson, Janie- 54, 129 Stephenson, Yvonne— 199 Stevenson, Virginia— 54, 118 Stewart, Chrlstine-128, 130, 199 Stewart, Quinn— 54 St. John, Pamela— 54 Stoddard, Robert— 54 Stojcich, Frances Elizabeth-200, 105, 132, 153 Stone, Hertha-200, 103 Strickland, Lois-200, 123 Strickland, Nancy— 55 Strong, Clara— 55 Stroup, Carolyn— 200, 123, 124, 129 Stryker, Jane 55, 72, 152 Stuedeman, Mary Rae — 55 Sturdivant, Claude — 55, 12 Sturdivant, James — 55 Suarez, Jacinto — 55 Sutherland, Rayburn— 200, 127, 130 Swann, Dennie — 55, 144 Swanner, Leroy — 55, 71, 111, 131 Talley, Richard— 55 Talty, Richard-200, 3, 132 Tapley, Esther— 55 Tarwater, Sarah Ann— 55, 177 Tote, Phyllis-55, 131 Taul, James— 55 Taylor, Harriett— 55 Taylor, Le Vonne-200, 105, 132 Taylor, Linda— 55 Taylor, Mary— 55 Taylor, Ken-55, 102 Taylor, Morris— 55 Taylor, Sherry-55, 129 Teague, Sharon— 55 Teany, Lorno- 55, 3 Thiemonge, Frank— 55, 127 Thomas, Emmolee— 55, 108 Thomas, Jon- 55 Thornton, Bette— 200 Thornton, Mary-201, 3, 93, 95, 119, 124, 131, 152 Thornton, Steve— 162, 164 Thrasher, James— 55, 162, 164 Thrasher, Ralph-201, 132, 162, 164, 165, 170 Throckmorton, Shannon— 55 Tilson, Carolyn— 55 Tipton, John Wayne— 55 Towns, Betty— 55 Traywick, Phyllis-201, 2, 120, 124, 128 Tucker, Jeannette-201, 82, 129 Tucker, Jewell— 56 Tucker, Mike-56, 132, 167 Turner, Frank— 56 Turner, Jolene-56, 132, 179 Turner, Joyce— 56, 129 Turner, Lloyd— 56 Turpin, Brenda— 56, 131 Tyler, John— 56 Tyson, John-162, 164 Underwood, John— 56 Vasko, Barbara— 56 Vaughn, Arthur— 56 Veazey, Randall— 56 Villodsen, Wayne— 56 Vogel, Carl-56 Waites, Angeline-201, 77, 101, 120, 125 Woldrop, Woodrow-56, 112 Walker, Jerry— 56 Walker, Julia-56 Walker, Linda— 56 Walke r, Lucille-56 Wall, Barbara-56 Wallace, Brad— 201, 152- Wallace, John — 56 Wallace, Judy — 56 Walsh, Bayly— 56, 119 Walters, Carolyn — 56 Walters, John-56 Walton, Mary Lou— 56 Ward, Tolise-56, 128 Word, William-56 Ware, Dollie-56, 132 Warnick, Lorene-57, 133 Watson, Temple-57, 130 Watts, Julia-57 Wear, Betty— 57 Webb, Carolyn— 57 Webster, Eileen-57, 103, 119, 124 Webster, Linda-57, 129 Weeks, Lucy Ann— 57 Weldon, John-57 Wentz, Florence-57, 129, 153 West, Benny-201, 102, 130 West, Joe— 57 Westbrook, Wade— 57 Whatley, Beulah-124 Whatley, Frank-57 White, Constance— 57 White, Jo Ann— 57 White, Mary Burke-57 Whitfield, Velma-57, 129, 130 Whitlow, Nancy— 57 W W W Wi Wi W: W W, W W W W Wi W 126 152 ggins, Susan— 57, Ikes, Gerald— 57 Ikinson, Betty— 57 Ikinson, Doris-201 lliams, Becky-57, 130, 133, lliams, Gail-202 lliams, Nancy— 57 lliams, Prissy-57, 152 lliams, Robert— 57 lliams, Thomas— 57 lliams, Sally— 57 lliamson, Doris-57, 113, 126, 129 lliamson, John— 58 His, Lynn-58 Willis, Robert-58 Willman, Jonette- 58 Wills, Judy-58 Wilson, Carole— 58 Wilson, Chuck-58 Wilson, Ernest-58 Wilson, Gary-58 Wilson, Harry-58 Wilson, Hugh-58 Wilson, Virginia-202, 105, 113, 132, 133, 153 Wood, Carolyn— 58 Wood, Denny-58, 153 Wood, Dianne— 58 Woodall, Jeanette— 58 Woodard, Harold-58, 122 Woodward, Anita-202 Woolley, Randy-58, 170 Worthington, Carolyn— 58 Wright, Elsie-58, 119 Wright, Robert-58 Wright, Sara-202, 104, 129 Wyatt, Billy Gene— 202 Wyatt, Janetta-58 Wyatt William-58 Yorborough, Julian — 58 Yarborough, Wanda— 58, 132 Yorborough, Charles— 58, 122, 126 Yeager, El nor — 58 Yeargan, Dorothy — 58 York, Charlotte 202, 77, 124, 126 Young, Betty— 58 [ 213 ] WELCOME STANDARD OIL SERVICE STATION MAIN AND NORTH BOUNDARY MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA Atlas Products MORRIS HORTON, Manager Phone MO 5-9196 Service CONSOLIDATED DAIRIES INC. " The Modern Milk House " MILK AND ICE CREAM BIRMINGHAM, ALA. FA 4-8646 E. E. Forbes and Sons Piano Co., Inc. EVERYTHING IN MUSIC Birmingham, Alabama 1914 4th Ave. North Phone AL 1-4154 Complimenfs of MERCHANT ' S and PLANTER ' S BANK Montevallo, Alabama Member F.D.I.C. JOE ' S DRIVE IN . SHORT ORDERS -CURB SERVICE Phone MOntrose 5-4401 STONE JEWELRY COMPANY Vour Reliable Jeweler EXPERT WATCHMAKER MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA DRINK GREEN SPOT ORANGE PASTEURIZED- NOT CARBONATED 8oft ed By GREEN SPOT BOTTLING COMPANY MAKE EVERY MEAL A SUNDAY DINNER DELUXE CLEANERS PICK-UP AND DELIVERY V HEN BETTER CLEANING IS DONE DELUXE CLEANERS DOES IT Phone MO 5-5081 MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA INDEPENDENT LIFE AND ACCIDENT INS. CO. W. T. Hayes, Supt., Centreville J. W. Galloway, Agent, Montevallo W. H. Francis, Agent, Brent D. M. Coley, Agent, Marion I. M. Johnson, Agent, Clanton B. R. Cleckler, Agent, Clanton W. D. Tucker, Agent, Centreville CENTRAL STATE BANK CALERA, ALABAMA " A good Bank serving Central Alabama " Member of F.D.I.C. — Federal Reserve System Calera Standard Service Station Phone North 8-9341 " DRIVE SAFELY, WE LOVE OUR CUSTOMERS " WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE " THE FAMILY STORE " HOME OWNED BY E. G. MAHAFFEY MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA MONTEVALLO REXALL DRUGS YOUR PRESCRIPTION DRUGSTORE JACK SIMS CALERA MOTOR COMPANY CHRYSLER, PLYMOUTH, VALIANT G.M.C. TRUCKS O. C. Farris Phone: North 8-2141 Lawrence ' s Big Star Store " GOOD THINGS TO EAT " CALERA, ALABAMA Owner: T. W. Lawrence BARBER ' S quality dairy products SEE . . . IF YOU DON ' T UKE BARBER ' S BEST! DOLLAR SAVER MAC GARRETT, Manager Compliments of EARLE M. HAYS HERFF- JONES COMPANY GEORGE ' S GULF SERVICE " SERVICE IS OUR BUSINESS " ROAD SERVICE Phone NO 8-9501 Compliments of HOFFMAN ' S STORE MOntrose 5-7200 Montevollo, Alabama iJDNES AND HARDY Montevallo, Alabama MABAMA COLLEGE PROJECTS 1946 DINING HALL ADDITION REYNOLDS HALL ALTERATIONS MAIN DORMITORY ALTERATIONS and ADDITIONS 1954 NURSERY SCHOOL BUILDING 1960 CAFETERIA and KITCHEN RENOVATION 1961 BOILER, STEAM LINE and ELECTRICAL DISTRIBUTION ADDITION UNITED CEMENT COMPANY, INC. HIGH QUALITY LIME PRODUCTS POST OFFICE BOX 27 MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA MONTEVALLO CLEANERS WHERE FINER THINGS ARE CLEANED Phone MO 5-7214 MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA SHELL SERVICE STATION U-,_. A J. M. ALLEN, Owner V vmT j MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA Bit. H Washing — Polishing — Lubrication Gas — Oil — Accessories COMPLIMENTS HARPERS SUPER SAVER OF Phone MOntrose 5-4211 F. P. GIVHAN Manufactured by LAWLER r % m ' - ifiBnn pRMP w 9 B -mr gMM||n| flJBpOaSf il.MI WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC CORPORATION MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA Carpenter Brothers Garage Since ?9J9 ANY REPAIR TO ANY MAKE CAR GAS AND OIL - COMPLETE LUBRICATION Day Phone MOntrose 5-5961 Night Phone MOntrose 5-7295 or 5-7277 THE SPECIALTY SHOP MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA ALGERNON BLAIR, INC and WALTER W. DEAN, INC GENERAL CONTRACTORS TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA or new MEN ' S RESIDENCE HALL ALABAMA COLLEGE THE PLAZA GRILL BILL ROTENBERRY Phone MOntrose 5-5861 MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA MONTEVALLO MOTEL RAKES STUDIO Phone MO 5-7 57 C.J.Jones PORT RAllS 24-HOUR SERVICE ON KODAK WORK Phone MO 5-7531 MONTEVALLO ALABAMA - ,. ■ ' " ' SSf i---. _ Compliments of v s BBw M ' -1 ORKIN EXTERMINATING COMPANY, INC te T -- " , 1 936 Adams Street AM 4-4556 GREEN VALLEY FARM GOLDEN FLAKE PRODUCERS OF SUPREME QUALITY EGGS POTATO CHIPS BREEDERS OF HEREFORD BEEF CATTLE Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Byrd, Owners " ALABAMA ' S OWN " Montevallo, Alabama Route 1, Box 62 Phone MO 5-7806 STRAND THEATRE MONTEVALLO LUMBER COMPANY EVERYTHING FOR BUILDING MONTEVALLO ALABAMA Phone MO 5-6811 F. H. FROST FRED FROST, JR. the future of our state and country is yours ZEIGLER ' S meats Seasoned to Please TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA FARRIS OIL COMPANY PHILLIPS 66 PRODUCTS Phone; NOrth 8-2351 Owner: E. C. Farris MONTEVALLO MOTOR COMPANY, INC Crawford ' s Service and Groceries " f Pleases Us To Please You " Phone: NOrth 8-7241 Calera, Alabama LOVELADY MOTOR COMPANY FORD, FALCON, AND MERCURY DEALER Phone MO 5-5611 Montevallo, Alabama THE LITTLE SHOP SALES SERVICES New and Used Cars YOUR PATRONAGE APPRECIATED Phone MOntrose 5-4481 MRS. HAZEL GENTRY Phone MO 5-6231 Montevallo, Alabama Phone FA 4-4494 Phone FA 4-7533 INDEPENDENT FISH CO., INC. ALABAMA ' S LARGEST SEAFOOD DISTRIBUTORS A. S. Catanzano Manager-Buyer 2131 Morris Avenue Birmingham, Alabama Sundaes Shakes Coke Roof Beer pMr Ice Cream Sandwiches Dilly Bar Cones Hamburgers Bar B-Que Cheeseburgers Foot-Long Hot Dogs Phone MOntrose 5-9175 Montevallo, Alabama JOHNNY M. TAYLOR, Manager CALERA FLORAL COMPANY Calera, Alabama Compliments of Member of Florists Telegraph Delivery ACK RADIO SUPPLY COMPANY Every Order Receives Our Personal Attention ACK SEMICONDUCTORS, INC Prompt Delivery Service Without Chorge Mr. and Mrs. K. G. King NO 8-6661 3101 4th AVE., SOUTH BIRMINGHAM 5, ALABAMA Distributors of Industrial Electronics: EDWARD ' S BIG SAVER TEXAS INSTRUMENTS SEMICONDUCTORS FOOD STORE PHILCO SEMICONDUCTORS MOTOROLA SEMICONDUCTORS Phone: NOrth 8-8241 WESTINGHOUSE SEMICONDUCTORS Calera, Alabama Carl Edwards, Owner CLASS OF 1961 ALWAYS SERVING YOU WITH THE BEST TIMES PRINTING CO, MONTEVALLO ALABAMA McCULLEY ' S GOOD THINGS TO EAT A. G. Food Market MARIE ' S GIFT SHOP MONTEVALLO McCLURE DRUG COMPANY YOUR FRIENDLY DRUG STORE ON THE CORNER Phone MOntrose 5-4371 MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA J» 1 m1 1 - p '

Suggestions in the University of Montevallo - Montage Technala Yearbook (Montevallo, AL) collection:

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