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University of Montevallo - Montage Technala Yearbook (Montevallo, AL) online yearbook collection, 1928 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 218 of the 1928 volume:

c ifc.! s «s LIBRARY Alabama College MONTEVALLO, ALA. ft CI«m.3l.X AuthorAla. Accession ..-. .3_..fc ._..iw _..X ... A Near Book Published hy the Students oF MMMM OTDSSfl MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA " Thus grew the tale of Wonderland, Thus slowl]) one fop one lis quaint events were hammered out And now the tale is done. " ALICE IN WONDERLAND. fel R J 7 9 A Part grave, fiart gay, fiart mad as the Mad Hatter, This little world of ours moves through these pages ' , The faces come and go, the faces scatter, But they are captured here for later ages. Dead days are here that in a gold- en stream Shot like the sunlight through the fragrant $ine, Bright shafts through tender shadows of a dream, Making of memory sweet ano- dyne. who has a better word to say than Friend ? Let us remember now, who then had laughter, Our lovely dream, hhe Alice, at the end Of years and voices long fiast going after. These leaves, like vines that whis- ker in a breeze, Whisfier the face, the scene of days now j ast, who had the boohs, the games under the trees, And who the grief of parting at the last. I 1 ' ( 3 ? DEDlG TIOM piecause we wish to show, as well as we may, how we have appreciated his sympathetic helfi ana guidance in our college activities, we dedicate this volume of the TECHNALA to DEAN NAPIER ORDER OF BOOKS Book I THE CAMPUS Book II THE CLASSES ■ Book III ORGANIZATIONS Book IV ATHLETICS Book V FEATURES ' wonder where I am — but it ' ll never do to asl(; perhaps I shall see it written up some- where. " ALICE IN WONDERLAND. The Campus ' • ' ••.■•• ■ ?$ «tst5? " «M8j ' only tool( the regular course . . . Reel- ing and Writhing . . . Mystery, ancient and modern, with Seaography, then Drawl- ing, Stretching, and Fainting in coils . . . " % ALICE IN WONDERLAND. T Senior Class Ruby Worthy President Mary Ansley Vice President Eliza Callan Secretary Lillian Chappell Treasurer Executive Board Representatives Laurettta Fortner Elizabeth Graves Mary Scott Louise Callan Athletic Board Representative: Kate Gaillard Senior Class Mary Eddixs Ansley, B.S. BIRMI.VCHAM, ALA. Vice President Senior Class; Advertising Man- ager of " Alabamian, " ' 27; Feature Editor " Technala, " ' 27, 2S; Captain Second Junior Basketball Team, ' 26. Sophomore Sister — Margaret McCracken Allie Leona Bagwell, B.S. OZARK, ALA. Sophomore Sisler — Valeria White Senior CI ass Grace Marie Berrymax, B.S. TOWN ' CREEK, ALA. Class Basketball, ' 25, ' 26, ' 27, ' 28: " M " Club; Athletic Board, ' 25, ' 26; Basketball Council. ' 26, ' 27; Varsity Basketball, ' 25, ' 26, ' 27; Var- sity Hockey Squad, ' 27; President Athletic Asso- ciation, ' 2S; Presidents ' Council, ' 2S. Sopliomore Sister — Fannie Stollenwerck Mildred Christian Brittox, A.B. A 2 MOUXDVILLE, ALA. Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, summer ' 25; Member Ex- ecutive Board, summer ' 26; Member Surprise Staff, summer, ' 26, ' 27; Reporter for Phi Delta Sigma Club, ' 28. Senior Class Nell Browder, A.B. Class Basketball. ' 27, ' 28; Varsity Basketball Squad, ' 27: Honor Roll, ' 24, ' 25, ' 27; Hockey Team, ' 27: President Presbyterian Student Council, ' 27; Delegate to S. I. A. S. G., Ala- bama College, ' 27; Honorary Member Y. W. C. A., ' 2S; Chairman Presidents ' Council. ' 28; " Alabamian " Staff, ' 25; Math Club, ' 27, ' 2S. Sophomore Sister — Edith Hich Alta Brown, B.S. YANTLEY, ALA. Class Basketball, ' 26, ' 27. Sophomore Sister — Ruth Hurst Senior Class Mary Louise Bryant, A.B. ENSLEY, ALA. Honor Roll, ' 25; Math Club, ' 26, ' 27, ' 2S; Secre- tary Math Club, ' 27; Senate, ' 27; Art Club, ' 27. ' 28; Secretary Art Club, ' 28; Business Man- ager " Alabamian, " ' 28. Louise Burnett, A.B. BREWTON, ALA. Sophomore Sister — Josephixe Cook ' Senior Class Fern Burton, B.S. CALERA, ALA. Art club, ' 25; Class Basketball, ' 28. Sophomore Sister — Elizabeth Smith Eliza Gertrude Callan, A.B. GADSDEN, ALA. Mathematics Club, ' 27. ' 2S; Honor Roll, ' 26. ' 27; Student Senate, ' 2S; Secretary Class, ' 2S; Alabama Players, 2S; Class Reporter to " Ala- bamian, " ' 2S. Sophomore Sister — Sadie Campbell ■ Senior Class Sara Louise Callan, A.B. Edith Campbell, A.B. GADSDEN, ALA. KEENER, ALA. Student Senate, ' 28; Executive Honor Roll, ' 27. Board, ' 28; Sophomore Sister — Jewell Loftin Sophomore Sister — Nathalie MOLTOM Senior Class Lillian Chappell, A.B. x a 2 Entered ' 26; Class Basketball, ' 27. ' 2S; Treas- urer of Class. ' 28. Sopliomore Sister — Lucille Chappell Fannie Cleveland, B.S. Class Cheer Leader, ' 27, ' 2S. Sopliomore Sister — Frances Cummins Senior Class Vivian Varina Cobb, B.S. x a z LINDEN, ALA. Secretary Student Senate, ' 26, ' 27; Secretary Castalian Club, ' 26, ' 27; President Castalian Club, ' 27, ' 28; " Alabamian " Staff, ' 27, ' 28; Ex- ecutive Board, ' 27. ' 28; Student Senate, ' 27, ' 2S. Dorothy Collins, A.B. GENEVA, ALA. Sop iomore Sister — Noxie Carter Senior CI ass Ruby Elizabeth Copelaxd, B.S. HUNTERSVILLE, ALA. Class Basketball Team, ' 27. Sophomore Sister — Roxie Walker Nina Bray Daxtzler, B.S. EUFAULA, ALA. Alabama Players, ' 25, ' 26. ' 27, ' 2S: Class Bas- ketball Team, ' 25, ' 27, ' 2S; Physical Education Club, ' 27; Secretary and Treasurer Alabama Players, ' 27; Class Cheer Leader, ' 26; Property Manager Alabama Players, ' 26; Math Club, ' 27, ' 2S. Sophomore Sister — Gwendolyn Hanson Senior CI ass Margaret Davis, A.B. MONTGOMERY, ALA. Class Basketball. ' 25, ' 26. ' 2S; Executive Board, ' 27; Treasurer Student Government, ' 27; Glee Club, ' 27, ' 2S; President Glee Club. ' 2S; Pres- idents ' Council. ' 28; Associate Editor of " Tech- nala. " ' 27; President of A " . W. C. A. Summer School, ' 26. Sophomore Sister — Elizabeth Davis Mary Kate Derby, B.S. YORK, ALA. Y. W. C. A. Cabinet ' 25, and summer ' 25; Ex- ecutive Board, ' 26, and summer ' 27; Presby- terian Student Helper, ' 26, ' 27, ' 2S; Presby- terian Student Council, ' 27. ' 2S. Sophomore Sister — Mary Ling Haley w- Senior Class Sue Brpadus Fin t klea, R.M. a n o MON ' ROEVILLE, ALA. 7; Honor Roll, ' 25, Board, summer ' 2 26, ' 27; Honor Sophomore Sister — Elizabeth S. Harris Mary Flournoy, B.AI. T fi 2, Woman ' s College Calkins Music Club, ' 26. ' 27, ' 2S; B. S. U. Council, ' 27; Student Senate, ' 2S; Honor Roll, ' 26, ' 27; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 2S. )enior .lass Ch Ri bye Floyd, B.S. k 2 ABAXDA, ALA. Physical Education Club; Class Baslu-tball, ' 2 ' 26, ' 27; Student Senate, ' 27, ' 28. Sopliomore Sister — Elizabeth Wallace Lauretta Fortxer, A.B. SWEETWATER, ALA. Math Club. ' 25, ' 26, ' 27. ' 28; Student Senate. ' 2ti; Hall Chairman. ' 213; Executive Board. ' 27, ' 28. Sophomore Sister — Pauline Beard )enior l iass CL Lillian Russell French, B.S. GORDO, ALA. Sophomore Sister — Ruby Northington " Kate Gaillard, B.S. n A 2 EVERGREEN ' , ALA. Physical Education Club. ' 25, ' 26, ' 27, ' 2S; Class Basketball. ' 26, ' 27: Treasurer Philomathic Club, ' 26, ' 27; President Philomathic Club. ' 27, ' 28; Athletic Board, ' 27, ' 2S. C t I i ■ , . ■ ' ' ' . , ' ■ ' Senior Class Eldora Gates, A.B. A 2 MT. WILLING, ALA. Math Club; President of Phi Delta Sigma Club, ' 25, ' 26; Vice President of Phi Delta Sigma Club, ' 24, ' 25; Presidents ' Council, ' 25, ' 26. Sophomore Sister — Sara Radney Elizabeth Graves, A.B. K s $ ALEXANDER CITY, ALA. Freshman Princess, ' 25; Executive Board, ' 2fi, ' 27, ' 2S; Junior Princess, ' 27. Sophomore Sister — Evelyn Robinson Senior Class Mildred Lamar Gregg, A. 13. a n fi DEMOPOLIS, ALA. Class Basketball. ' 2G; " Alabamian " Staff. ' 27; Senate. ' 27; Associate Editor of " Alabam- ian, " ' 27. Sophomore Sister — Madge McGowin Mildred Harp, A.B. MONTGOMERY, ALA. Honor Roll, ' 25. ' 26; Math Club, ' 2.i. ' 2S, ' 27; Executive Board Summer School, ' 27. Sophomore Sister — Virginia Clements Senior Class Eugenia Harper, A.B. Vice President Class, ' 27; Glee Club. ' 27, ' 2S; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 27; Presidents ' Council, ' 2S; Scribblers ' Club, ' 27, ' 2S; President Y. W. C. A., ' 2S; " Technala " Staff, ' 27. Sophomore Sister — Janet Wilson Alice Harris, A.B. VINCENT, ALA. Sophomore Sister — Edna Johnson Senior Class Sarah Josephine Head, A.B. MONTEVALLO, ALA. Ruth Hillman, B.S. MOFFAT, ALA. Honor Roll, ' 25 ' 26, ' 27, ' 2S; Vice President of Class, ' 26; Student Senate, :2.5, ' 26, ' 2S; Vice President of Student Government, ' 26, ' 27; Math Club. ' 26, ' 2S. Sophomore Sister — Eleaxor Garrett Honor Roll. ' 25. ' 26, ' 27; Senate, ' 27, ' 2S; Home Economics Club, ' 26, ' 27, ' 2S. Sophomore Sistrr — Taylor enior CI ass Dorothy Hlxon, B.S. GALLION, ALA. Lela Holland, B.S. CASTLEBERRY, ALA. Home Economics Club. ' 26, ' 27, ' 2S; Secretary of Class, ' 27; Class Reporter for " Alabamian. " ' 27; Class Basketball, ' 27, ' 2S; Presidents ' Council, ' 28; Vice President Senate, ' 2S; Life Savers, ' 27, ' 2S. Sophomore Sister — Elizabeth Adams . Freshman Tear, Maryville College; Entered Alabama College, ' 25; Class Basketball, ' 25, ' 26, ' 27; Varsity Squad, ' 25, ' 26, ' 27; Athletic Board, ' 2 6 ; Vice President Athletic Association. ' 2 7. Sophomore Sister — Elizabeth Taliaferro Senior Class Mary House, B.S. BLOSSEURG, ALA. Home Economics Club. ' 26. Senate, ' 27. Mary Howard, B.M. SYLACAUGA, ALA. ' 2S; Student Sophomore Sister — Aloise Hurd Senior Class Dessie Johnsox, B.S. Emma Louise Jones, A.B. K 2 $ PRATTVILLE, ALA CARBON- HILL, ALA. Secretary and Treasurer of Kappa Sigma Phi Club, ' 2S; Class Basketball. ' 27. ' 2S. ketball, ' 27. Sophomore Sister — Asexath Murfee Sophomore Sister — Kathryn Latimer ■ . Senior CI ass Louise Kroell, B.S. MOXTEVALLO, ALA. Virghstia Ledbetter, A.B. BIRMINGHAM, ALA. Entered from Birmingham-Southern College. ' 25; Secretary Freshman Class. ' 24, ' 25; Hal! Chairman. ' 25. ' 26; Who ' s Who. ' 26, ' 27. Sophomore Sister — Eloise Long Techn. Senior CI ass Frances Loftix, B.M. DOTHAN, ALA. Student Senate, ' 25, ' 26, ' 27, ' 2S; Glee Club, •25, ' 26, ' 27, ' 2S; T. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 25, ' 26; Alabama Players, ' 25, ' 26, ' 27, ' 2S; Secretary Alabama Players, ' 26; Calkins Music Club, ' 25. ' 26, ' 27, ' 2S; President Calkins Music Club, ' 26; Honor Roll, ' 26, ' 27; Associate Editor " Alabamian, " ' 27; Varsity Sextette, ' 26, ' 27; Dramatic Club Road Play, ' 28. Sophomore Sister — Ruth Cotton Isma Long, A.B. I 2 T HURTSBORO, ALA. President of Tutwiler Club, ' 25; Math Club, ' 24, ' 25, ' 26, ' 27; Presidents ' Council, ' 25 ' 26; Track, ' 27; Treasurer of Tutwiler Club, ' 26. Sopliomore Sister — Lucy Holcombe mdtod Senior Class Nell Main, B.S. PEROTE, ALA. Honor Roll, ' 26, ' 27. ' 2S; Home Economics Club, ' 27, ' 28. Sophomore Sisters — Louise and Eloise Main Rlbv Claire McAllister, B.M. ROCKFORD, ALA. Calkins Music Club, ' 25, ' 26. ' 27, ' 2S; Student Senate, ' 2 8; General Secretary of B. T. P. U. Department, ' 28; Y. W. C. A., ' 2S; Glee Club, ' 2H. Sophomore Sister — Josephine Heflin Senior Class Mary Elizabeth Moody, B.M. Shirley Moore, A.B. I 2 T THOMASVILLE, ALA. PIEDMONT, ALA. Sophomore Sister — Elizabeth Bradford Calkins Music Club. ' 25, ' 26. ' 27, ' 2S; Vice Pres- ident Music Club, ' 27; Student Senate, ' 27. Sophomore Sister — Margaret Hodges Senior Class Catherine Mildred Parker, A.B. n a s COLUMBIAXA, ALA. Honor Roll, ' 24. ' 25. ' 26, ' 27; Student Senate, ' 26. ' 27. ' 2S; Vice President Philomathic Club, ' 27, ' 2S. Sophomore Sister — Martha Kate Bledsoe Myrtle Mae Plant, B.M. BOLLING, ALA. Calkins Music Club. ' 25, ' 26, ' 27, ' 2S; Treasurer Music Club. ' 27; Glee Club, ' 26. ' 27. ' 2S; Glee Club Varsity Sextette. ' 26. ' 27; Chairman Music Committee T. W. A., ' 27; Student Senate, ' 27. ' 28; Glee Club Reporter, ' 27. Sopliomore Sister — Ixza Davis Senior Class Sisie Powers, A.B. a 2 old sprikg hill, ala. Club Reporter, ' 25; Senate, ' 25; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, summer ' 25; President Student Gov- ernment, summer, ' 26; Secretary Y. W. C. A., ' 26; Art Department Reporter. ' 26; Assistant College Night Leader, ' 27; Dramatic Club, ' 27; Scribblers ' Club. ' 26, ' 27; Mathematics Club, ' 26. •27; Art Club, ' 27. Catherine Margaret Prentiss, B.S. SELMA, ALA. Physical Education Club. ' 25. ' 26, ' 27, ' 2S; Ala- bama Players. ' 26. ' 27, ' 2S; Mathematics Club, ' 26. ' 27, ' 2S; Student Senate, ' 27; Honor Roll, ' 26; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ' 27. ' 2S; Assistant Librarian, ' 26, ' 27. ' 2S; Life Savers. ' 26, ' 27. ' 2S; Class Basketball, ' 27, ' 2S. Sophomore Sister — Laurice Butler Senior Class Margaret Reaves, A.B. BRIERFIELD, ALA. Honor Roll. ' 25, ' 26, ' 27; ' 2S; Alabama Players, ' 27 ' 2 1; Presidents ' Council, " Alabamian, " ' 2S. Math Club, ' 26, ' 27, ' 2S; Student Senate, ' 2S; Editor-in-Chief Sophomore Sister — Helen Mahler Martha Russell, B.S. JACKSON " , TENN " . Union University, ' 24; Home Economics Club; Enonian Literary Society: Tri Sigma Sorority, University of Tennessee, ' 25; Home Economics Club; Honor Roll, ' 26. Senior Class Mary Oliver Scott, A.B. x a 2 VERBENA, ALA. K-xecutive Board, ' 28. Eugenia Sellers, A.B. MCCULLOUGH, ALA. Sophomore Sister — Mary Palmer Gaillard Senior Class Ruby Jo Snellgrove, B.S. BOAZ, ALA. Physical Education Club, ' 25, ' 26. ' 27, ' 28; Sec- retary and Treasurer Physical Education Club, ' 27; Secretary of Athletic Association, ' 27; Ath- letic Editor of " Alabamian, " ' 2S; Class Basket- ball, ' 27, ' 28. Sophomore Sister — Marguerite Anthony Gladys Stephen ' s, B.S. ABANDA, ALA. Sophomore Sister — Lemerle Oliver Senior CI ass Lucy Stevens, B.aI. X a 2 BIRMINGHAM, ALA. Chairman Freshman Class, ' 24; Class President, •25; Undergraduate Representative Y. W. C. A„ ' 26, ' 2S; Student Senate, ' 24, ' 25, ' 26, ' 27, ' 2S. Sophomore Sister — Margaret Cunningham Miriam Averett Stone, B.A. NANAFALIA, ALA. Sophomore Sister — Mamie Jones Senior Class Mattie Lynn Tatum, B.S. ABANDA, ALA. Sophomore Sister — Sarah Ruth Bates Mary Vinson, A.B. A n o ROANOKE, ALA. Senate, ' 25, ' 26, ' 27, ' 2S; Assistant Librarian, •26, ' 27, ' 2S; T. W. C. A. Cabinet; Treasurer Junior Class; Vice President of Senate. ' 27; President of Alpha Pi Omega Club ' 28; Pres- idents ' Council, ' 2S; Math Club, ' 26, ' 27. ' 2S; Honor Roll, ' 25, ' 26, ' 27. , Senior Clasj SoPHRONIA WADSWORTH, PRATTVILLE, ALA. B.S. Sophomore Sister — Mattie Barton ' Nell Ernestine Wells, A.B. JEMISON, ALA. Honor Roll, ' 25, ' 26; Honor Roll Summer School, ' 26, ' 27. Te = +fr Senior Class Louise Williams, A.B. MONROEVILLE, ALA. Sophomore Sister — Frieda Morrissette Elizabeth Wilson, A.B. PRATTVILLE, ALA. Reporter for Beta Sigma Delta Club, ' 26; Treas- urer and Secretary, ' 25; President Beta Sigma Delta, ' 27. Sophomore Sister — Lucille Harris ECHN, Senior Class Ouida Wood, A.B. BIRMINGHAM, ALA. Class Basketball. ' 25, ' 26, ' 27, ' 2S; Honor Roll. ' 26, ' 27; Executive Board Summer School, ' 26; Chairman Y. W. C. A.; Home Service Commis- sion, ' 27; Vice President T. W. C. A., ' 2S; Editor-in-Chief Junior Issue " Alabamian, " ' 27; Student Senate, ' 27, ' 2S; Winner of First Know Each Other. Sophomore Sister — Dot Childress Ruby Worthy, A.B. ALEXANDER CITY, ALA. C ' ass President. ' 2S; Vice President Scribblers ' Club, ' 27; Class Basketball, ' 27; Honor Roll, ' 25, " 26; Student Senate, ' 2S; Presidents ' Coun- cil. ' 28. Sophomore Sistrr — Elsie Davis ' . Thus Speaks the Mad Hatter: " T« better to have loved and lost than never to have had this class at all. " SO J U N I O R C LASS Elizabeth Ellis . Executive Board Representatives Clyde Merrill Margaret Smith Katvleen Stovall Athletic Board Representative Bess Savage ,v " v " M K V 7 S7 Junior CI ass Cortense Adams CHEROKEE, ALA. Frances Apperson jones, ala. Floride Arwood Louneal Barrow LANETT, ALA. Dorothy Baughman montgomery, ala. Vera Brasher CARBON HILL, ALA. Elizabeth Bryant ENSLEY, ALA. Mary Lucy Burkett dothan, ala. Lorraine Carmichael newton, ala. Essie Carson magnolia sprincs, ala. Norma Chandler DECATUR, ALA. Susan Chappell UNION SPRINGS, ALA. 58 Junior Class ESTELLE CLEMONS ALLIANCE, ALA. Nettie Coleman LINEVILLE, ALA. Rena Cornell peoria, ill. Mary Elizabeth Cox montevallo, ala. Nannie Hugh Cox GUNTERSVILLE, ALA. Edith Criit ATMORE, ALA. Sarah Cunningham aliceville, ala. Gertrude Denton NEW CASTLE, ALA. Virginia Driskill HALEYVILLE, ALA. Willie Eich FORT DAVIS, ALA. Elizabeth Ellis marvel, ala. Lizzie Hearn Irwin FORT PAYNE, ALA. 59 Junior Class Viola Foster ROANOKE, ALA. Mary Frances Gay geneva, ala. Lairyx Godbold pine hill, ala. Mary Catherine Granaue canton, ala. Thelma Graves ANDALUSIA, ALA. Louise Griffin MOULTON, ALA. Vernice Guest CROSSVILLE, ALA. Willard Hillman MULGA, ALA. Flora Hinton PRATTVILLE, ALA. Helea t Hixon GALLIONT, ALA. Fleeta Holloway hamilton, ala. Virginia Hood lafayette, ala. f,o Junior Class Thelma Hornsby luverne, ala. Edna Howard sylacauga, ala. Edna Huffman BESSEMER, ALA. Elizabeth Huffstutler BIRMINGHAM, ALA. Helen Jones KEENER, ALA. Daisy Fai Killian straven, ala. Helen Kumli BIRMINGHAM, ALA. Eloise Lee cadsden, ala. Alice Lovvery gadsden, ala. Mary Marsh ELBA, ALA. Doris Martin PLANTERSVILLE, ALA. Lucy May Martin GREENSBORO, ALA. 6 1 Junior Class Mary Martin GREENSBORO, ALA. Nettie Martin clayton, ala. Sadie Mayfield MOBILE, ALA. Mary Dell McCain lineville, ala. GaRTRELL McCuRRY ENSLEY, ALA. Katherine McDonald SYLACAUGA, ALA. Emma McGowin brewton, ala. Edna McInnish prattville, ala. Gertrude McLain huntsville, ala. Clyde Merrill heflin, ala. Catherine Metcalf hartford, ala. Adair Mills MOUNDVILLE, ALA. Emily Williams LANGDALE, ALA. 62 Junior Class Anxie Ray Milner roanoke, ala. Fannie May Milner roanoke, ala. Lora Moody MOULTON, ALA. Martha Lawrence Neville EMELLE, ALA. Katherine Owen union springs, ala. Inez Parker NEW CASTLE, ALA. Sara Maude Pattillo verbena, ala. Eleanor Payne GREENSBORO, ALA. Henrietta Piatt birmingh am, ala. Helen Porter marbury, ala. Elizabeth Prather sylacauga, ala. LoRENE MERKLE LINCOLN Mary Saunders WILTON 63 Junior Class Polly Price oneonta, ala. Katherine Pruett NEWTON, ALA. Camilla Reeves EUFAULA, ALA. Mildred Rice albertville, ala. Bess Rogers MARBURY, ALA. Wynona Rogers MARBURY, ALA. Frances Rush BESSEMER, ALA. Bess Savage GORDO, ALA. Archer Sims BIRMINGHAM, ALA. Dorothy Smith MOBILE, ALA. Inez Smith anniston, ala. Weezie Smith DEMOPOLIS, ALA. 64. Junior Class Antonia Torbert GOLD HILL, ALA. Katylene Stovall brent, ala. Frances Suddith castleberrv, ala. Evelyn Vinson LANGDALE, ALA. Taylor Watson CAMDEN, ALA. Thus Speaks the Mad Hatter: " Since I wrote this myself, and belong to this elass by choice, I can ' t brag out loud, but My! My! look them over! " 65 PUJMPi A S (GQLB 1928 t,r, in 2T5 25t?vSS?T7X S3 i-Ll w . .oil i Q 33 a .J 2 K?5ffi ™ L mm Sophomore Class Josephine Watson President Norixe Smith Vice-President Edith High Secretary Marie Fuller Treasurer Honor Board Representatives Nathalie Molton Mildred Seav Athletic Board Representative Fannie Stollenwerck 6 7 Soph Ch phomore l lass Thelma Abercrombie MONTGOMERY, ALA. Elizabeth Adams MONTGOMERY, ALA. Kathleen Allen HELENA, ALA. Pauline Allen OPELIKA, ALA. Marguerite Anthony CLIO, ALA. Charity Armstrong COLUMBIA, ALA. Alpha Ayant ECLECTIC, ALA. Bertha Barrett VERBENA, ALA. Mattie Barton cordova, ala. Flora Bates MORRIS, ALA. Sara Ruth Bates WEST POINT, GA. Pauline Beard PINEAPPLE, ALA. Annie Mary Barton DEMOPOLIS, ALA. 6S Soph Ch phomore Ljlass Iva M. Beaty BOAZ, ALA. Alice Best DEER PARK, ALA. Annie Bledsoe birmingham, ala. Mary Esther Borden greensboro, ala. Mary Virginia Borden GREENSBORO, ALA. Theresa Bosworth birmingham, ala. Elizabeth Bradford LINDEN, ALA. Marjorie Brinson MONTGOMERY, ALA. Eyie Brown centerville, ala. Janie May Brown CLIO, ALA. Margaret Bruce BESSEMER, ALA. Pearl Burleson GUIN, ALA. Louise Borden CORDOVA, ALA. 6 9 Soph phomore CI ass Mavis Burns MONROEVILLE, ALA. Lai rice Bitler CREENVILLE, ALA. Janice Calder talladega, ala. Sara Frances Campbell fort payne, ala. Virginia Carpenter NEW HOPE, ALA. Kxoxie Carter geneva, ala. Vesta Casey SLOCOMB, ALA. Agnes Chandler andalusia, ala. Lucille Chappell ALEXANDER CITY, ALA. Dorothy Childress BESSEMER, ALA. Kathryn Christopher gadsden, ala. Josephine Cook butler, ala. Mae Sharman 70 Soph Ch pnomore lass Frances Cummins ashford, ala. Evelyn Dabbs bessemer, ala. Bonnie Davidson CORDOVA, ALA. Bl ' la Mae Davidson cordova, ala. Elizabeth Davis montgomery, ala. Elsie Davis gadsden, ala. Hazel Davis citroxelle, ala. Inza Davis lanett, ala. Peggy Davis decatur, ala. JUANITA DeLoACH THOMASVILLE, ALA. Frances Dempsey RAGLAND, ALA. Katherine Dozier union springs, ala. T Soph CL pnomore l lass Agnes Earnest CORDOVA, ALA. Evelyn Ellis columbiana, ala. Mavis Emerson ANNISTON, ALA. Virginia Emerson BIRMINGHAM Lenora Ethridge CLIO, ALA. Margaret Farley birmingham Lillian Fayle dothan, ala. Leila Ford hartford, ala. Ruth Foster MANCHESTER, ALA. Marie Fuller DADEVILLE, ALA. Eleanor Garrett dadeville, ala. Onie Garrett MACON, GA. 72 Soph Ch phomore Ljlass Floride Gilbert LEROY, ALA. Alma Sue Graves RUSSELLVILLE, ALA. Ouida Graves RUSSELLVILLE, ALA. Evelyn Greene DOTHAN, ALA. Thelma Greene blakely, ala. Martha Hain SELMA, ALA. Lynnoyette Hall albertville, ala. Gwendolyn Hanson GADSDEN ' , ALA. Juliette Hardy brewton, ala. Eva Jewell Hargrove headland, ala. Elizabeth Harris mon.-roeville, ala. Lucille Harris FAIRFIELD, ALA. 73 Soph Ch phomore l lass Inez Hart DOTHAN, ALA. E. V. Harvey atmore, ala. Dorothy Hatcher hartford, ala. Thelma Hatfield decatur, ala. Mary Ling Haley MOBILE, ALA. Josephine Heflin moulton, ala. Edith High BESSEMER, ALA. Margaret Hill birmingham, ala. Elsie Hipp GADSDEN, ALA. Margaret Hodges MONTGOMERY, ALA. Lucy Holcomre CALERA, ALA. Gladys Houton BESSEMER, ALA. 74 Soph Ch pnomore l Iass Aloise Hurd BREWTON ' , ALA. Ri th Hurst HUNTSVILLE, ALA. Rebecca Sue Jackson L1NEVILLE, ALA. Edna Johnson TALLADEGA SPRINGS, ALA. Zadie Johnson BRUNDIDGE, ALA. Lillian Jones quinton, ala. Mamie Jones selma, ala. Patty Kroell MONTEVALLO, ALA. Kathrvn Latimer GEXEVA, ALA. Ellen Launius warrior, ala. Frances Leeper centerville, ala. Lucille Loflin enterprise, ala. 75 Sophomore Class Doris Logan MOUNDVILLE, ALA. Jewell Loftin NICHOLSVTLLE, ALA. Eloise Long HURTSBORO, ALA. Margaret Lumpkin ALBERTV ' ILLE, ALA. Helen Mahler loxley, ala. Lol ' ise and Eloise Main perote, ala. Flonell Martin brooksville, ala. Martha Ruth Martin ENTERPRISE, ALA. Bernice May GREENSBORO, ALA. Lucy McAndrew UNION SPRINGS, ALA. Kathleen McCain lineville, ala. Mary McCambell MONTGOMERY, ALA. 76 Sophomore Class Lessie May McConatha montevallo, ala. Margaret McCracken birmingham, ala. Mildred McDowell CENTURY, FLA. Madge McGowin BREWTON, ALA. Hazel McGriff ALBERTVILLE, ALA. Lurleen Minor clanton, ala. Nathalie Molton mobile , ala. Annie Sue Moon HUNTSVILLE, ALA. Elizabeth Moon wetumpka, ala. Frieda Morrissette MONROEVILLE, ALA. Alberta Murphy JONES MILL, ALA. Elizabeth Murphy aliceville, ala. Pauline McCord FOLEY, ALA. 77 Soph Ch phomore v lass Edith Nettles TUNNEL SPRINGS, ALA. Edith Narramore BESSEMER, ALA. Virginia O ' Barr MORRIS, ALA. Elizabeth Ogden MOBILE, ALA. Le Merle Oliver DANISTON, ALA. Marie Painter albertville, ala. Grace Parker THOMASTON, ALA. Elizabeth Parnell MAPLESVILLE, ALA. Claribel Parsons mccalla, ala. Marion Pearson BEATRICE, ALA. Caroline Pennington VERNON, ALA. Katherine Phillips BIRMINGHAM, ALA. 7« m§ wm Soph phomore CI ass Ruby Poarch NEW HOPE, ALA. Amelia Porter wingfiel d, ala. Edna Radney ashford, ala. Sara Radney columbia, ala. Nell Reese harmon ' , ala. Pauline Rice WARRIOR, ALA. Mary Rigell bay harbor, fla. EVELYN ' RoBERSOX TOWN CREEK, ALA. Elizabeth Robisox coodwater, ala. Mildred Roselle BIRMINGHAM, ALA. Virginia Scott VERBENA, ALA. Gladys Sealy FAUNSDALE, ALA. 79 Soph Cli «mpM pnomore wass Mildred Seay brundidge, ala. Nancy Selden CREENSBORO, ALA. Melba Sellers SLOCOMB, ALA. Mattye Sewell WETUMPKA, ALA. Irene Shirey albertville, ala. Dora Singleton PUTNAM, ALA. Elizabeth Smith wilsonville, ala. Louise Smith ALEXANDER CITY, ALA. Virginia Smith ATLANTA, GA. Dorothy Stallworth beatrice, ala. Lylay Stanley hartford, ala. Mary Alice Stanley IIALEBURC, ALA. 80 Soph Gli pnomore jiass Fannie Stollenwerck MOBILE, ALA. Minnie Lee Street alexander city, ala. Elizabeth Taliaferro TOWN " CREEK, ALA. Vonceille Tate alexander city, ala. Sara Terry AKRON, ALA. Mabel Ticker UNION SPRINGS, ALA. Mary Dover Turner piedmont, ala. Roxie Walker farnsdale, ala. Elizabeth Wallace west point, ca. Marion Walton mobile, ala. Louise Watson MONTEVALLO, ALA. Lois Weatherford ELKMONT, ALA. Si Soph phomore CI ass " JW Valeria White REFORM, ALA. Elvie Whitley sweet water, ala. Mellijo Williams HARTFORD, ALA. Janet Wilson MONTGOMERY, ALA. Louise Wilson MILLPORT, ALA. Fay Wooley MONTEVALLO, ALA. JMable Varner BESSEMER, ALA. Mildred Vaughn dothan, ala. Anne Venable wetumpka, ala. Thus Speaks the Mad Hatter: " These second year Freshmen are getting to be quite active in these parts, and they seem to be going to do rather ivell after all. " S2 Freshman Class Rachel Broadnax President Florence Stevens Vice-President Frances Fuller Secretary Ruth Holloway Treasurer Honor Board Representative Regina Riley Athletic Board Representative Jeanette Brock £ !§|liFT« 83 FRESHMAN CLASS Sara Alsobrook, Lillian Ambrose, Marie Amos, Cornelia Andrews Lena Maude Appling Elma Atkin- son, Doris Baggett, Bessie Bailey, Estelle Bailey, Mary Agnes Bailey, Eugie Baker, Katherine Baker, Mallie Baldwin, Olivia Barnes. Sara Barnett, Jaeque Battle, Catherine Beard, Lucille Bennett. Lurline Betts, Susie " Wood Blackwell Wynona Bolen, Mary Bomerman, Pauline Brazil, Nallie May Brindley, Jeannette Brock, Rachel Brodnax. Annie James Brown, Mac Brunson, Meredith Bullock. Irene Burgess, Carmen Erse] Burns, Ruby Burton, Jane Butler, Nina Mary Butler, Avis Caddell, Clara Ellen Calloway. 84 ™ -J fCj - -I FRESHMAN CLASS Neida Camp, Ruth Carmichael, Dora Carpenter, Mary Carpenter, " Winifred Carney, Emma Harte Cather, Rubie Chandler, Delia May Chapman, Mary Frances Chap pell, Victoria Cheriones, Grace Chester, Ann Clark, Lest a Cobb, Josephine Coble, Alice Waller Coleman, Rubye Collins, Mary Combs, Helen Conner, Mary Lou Cooley, Marguerite Copeland, Mary Cos ten, Mamie Long Couric, Annie Cowen, Gartrude Craig. Mary Will Creel, Bessie Cunningham, Queene Cunningham. Elizabeth Ann Daniel, Evelyn Davis, Myrle Davis, Willie George Dees, Lois DeVaughn, Evelyn Dodson, Annie Bell Doughty, Mary Do well, Trannie Duckworth. 85 FRESHMAN CLASS Lois Eich, Anna Ekwurzel, Nemly Etheridge, Frances Evans, Verna Mae Evans, Ruth Fant, Lunice Aileen Farr, Fannie Beck Fendley, Louise Ferguson, Josephine Ferrari, Mabelle Finch, Mary Stone Finklea, Lillian Fitzpatrick, Belva Floyd, Elizabeth Foshee, Georgia Mae Foshee, Inez Foster, Ruby Frederick, Louise Fristoe, Evelyn Fulford, Frances Fuller, Nora Lee Fuller, Mary Gladys Fuqua, Lillian Furse, Carolyn Fussell, Anna Gann, Oleene Garrett, Marguerite Gibbons, Mary Frances Gibbs, Leone Gibson, Beatrice Gilmer, Annie Lillian Godfrey, Emaleen Graham, Lillian Granade, Bernice Green, Mary Helen Gwin. 86 FRESHMAN CLASS Elizabeth Hall. Margaret Ham, Frances Hamilton, Lucile Hamner, Jim Hanley, Agnes Harper, John Etta Harper, Belle McCall Hart, Jesse Lewis Hart, Elizabeth Hawkins, Glenna Hawkins, Mary Hayes, Dorothy Hayes, Inn a Haynes, Florence Head, Evelyn Henderson, Evelyn B. Henderson, Catherine Hilt, Ella Hinote, Janie Esther Hobson, Sara Holbrook, Era Holloway. Ruth Holloway, Kathaleen Hoot en, Margaret Lurtene Howie, Elizabeth Huey, Willie Huffman, Rebecca Hybart, Evelyn Ivey, Hazel Jackson, Jean Johnson, Jewel Jones, Mary Jackson, Mattie Jackson, Elsie James, Inez Jordan, Dorothy Kay. 8 FRESHMAN CLASS Myrtle Kelly, Louise Kemp, Esther Kendrick, Hasseltine Kennedy, Lula Bea Killgore, Mattie Mae Kill gore. Alma Kirby, Nona Faye Kirk, Martha Lee, Mildred Lee. Nettie Lee Lambert, Mary Nell Lewis, Minnie Littleton, Elizabeth Long, Carolyn Longshore, Lois Marshall, Madeline Martin, May- lene Mauldin, Marjorie Moss, Edna Earle McEryde, Lucy Frances McCormack, Annie McCree, Beulah Glen McCutchen, Frances McEachem, Ernestine McGowin, Jewell Meeks, Lillian Merrill, Marjorie Merri wether, Evelyn Mitcham, Helen Mitchell, Bessie Davis Moorer, Lorene Montgomery, Nellie Moore, Dorothy Mooty, Annie Ruth Morgan, LaVera Morgan, Louise Morgan. ss FRESHMAN CLASS Margaret Morgan, Vonceil Morrow, Elizabeth Movers, Alfreda Muckle. Elizabeth Mullen. Hazel Myrick, Evelyn Nelson, Alice Sinclair Nettles, Julia Nettles, Vivian Elizabeth Nix, Lila Nolen. Marie Northrup, Evelyn Norton, Imogene Nungester, Lucille O ' Flinn, Annie May Orman, Mary Orr, Gladys Outlaw, Mary Ruth Owen, Eleanor Owens, Lalee Page, ' Dorothy Parker, Gladys Parker, Elna Parmer, Lucile Parrish. Bernice Parsons, Clara Patton, Evelyn Pearson, Josephine Peavey, Flora Pennington, Edith Pettie, Myrtis Peterson, Sara Charles Pickett, Lucile Pierce, Edith Porter, Grace Porter, Annie Sue Propst. FRESHMAN CLASS Roselyn Randle, " Vera Ray, Jimmie Reese, Jule Reynolds, Eloise Rhodes, Regina Riley, Kathryn Riggins, Anzolette Roberts, Dorothy Rol:nnson, Florence Rodgers, Nell Rodgers, Eunice Rowel 1, Annie Joe Rowland, Mildred Ray, Eleanor Mae Salmon, Louise Sanders, Jesse Mae Sandlin, Jewel Sawyer, Virginia Sawyer, Ruth Scott, Bertha Seale, Ruth Sessions, Bethany Sharman, Julia Small- wooil, Frances Smith, Gertrude Smith, Inamurl Smith Margaret Louise Smith, Myra Belle Smith, Elwyn Snuggs, Kate Sobotka, Annie Leah So well, Laddie Speake, Mittie Elizabeth Sprott, Rosa Lee Stewart, Florence Stevens, Nannie B. Stewart. 40 FRESHMAN CLASS Leita Tatum, Alma Terry, Julia Virginia Thomason, Annye Pearle Thompson, Helen Elizabeth Thompson, Dorothy Thornton, Adelaide Torbert, Miriam Trammele, Ruth Elizabeth Vaughn, Eliz- abeth Veitch, Myrtle Veitch, Alice Wainwright, Bannie Wolden, Jimmie Mars Wahler, Louise Walker, Virginia Mae " Walker, Catherine Wallace, Clough Wallace, Hazel Watson, Anice Weather- wax, Carolyn Weems, Hermie Whigham, Beulah Elizabeth White, Lucy Wideman, Jessie Wilson, Maury Wisdom, Lillian Worley, Mildred Young, Voncyle Young. 91 Thus Speaks the Mad Hatter: " A dictionary can tell you what College means, but it is far more interesting to find out for yourself. " ga -;r a $i 8y ' — " , ,| ' ' " " x " ] ' It sounded an excellent plan, no doubt, and very neatly and simply arranged; the only difficulty was, that they had not the smallest idea how to set about it. " ALICE IN WONDERLAND. ' Unizcitions 95 Student Council Executive Board Officers Nell Browder President Eloise Lee Vice President Nathalie Molton Secretary Clyde Merrill Treasurer Sfnior Representative Louise Callan Elizabeth Graves Lauretta Fortxer Mary Scott Junior Representatives Clyde Merrill Margaret Smith Katyleen Stovall Sophomore Representatives Nathalie Molton Mildred Seay Freshman Representative Recina Riley « 96 ms ££Wg%mm£ SfMlUKI IT (SiomeniL 97 Student Senate Officers Susie Powers President Dorothy Hixon Vice President Mary McConauchy Secretary Elizabeth Wallace Treasurer Grace Berryman Eliza Calla.v Louise Callan Mary Flournoy Rubye Floyd Miriam Gregg Sarah Head Seniors Ruth Hillman t Frances Loftin Ruby McAllister Catherine Parker Myrtle Plant Lucy Stevens Mattie Tatum Mary Vinson Ouida Wood Ruby Worthy Nell Browder Mildred Harp Katherine Prentiss Susan Chappell Nettie Coleman Virginia Driskill Mary C. Granade Louise Griffin Jlniors Helen Hixon Alice Lyman Mary Dell McCain Lucy Martin Mary Martin Virginia Murphy Elizabeth Prather Archer Sims Rebecca Smith Dorothy Smith Charity Armstronc Martha Kate Bledsoe Grace Chestnut Juliette Hardy Sophomores Lucille Harris Aloise Hurd Sarah Radney Mary Rigell Dorothy - Stallworth Mabel Varner Josephine Watson Freshmen will be elected at end of first term. 99 Presidents Council Officers Nell Browder President Mary Ricell Secretary Members Elizabeth Adams Grace Berryman Vivian Cobb Margaret Davis Willie Eich Elizabeth Ellis Mary Frances Gay Kate Gaillard Mary Gloster Dorothy Hixo.v Eugenia Harper Helen Hixon Doris Logan- Alice Lowery Alice Lyman Virginia Murphy Mary Martin- Susie Powers Dorothy Smith Fannie Stollenwerck Mable Varner Mary Vinson Josephine Watson- Elizabeth Wilson- Ruby Worthy Rachel Brodnax jpUSEMEMT " SIKKSUlL Officers Eugenia Harper President Ouida Wood Vice President Eleanor Payne . . Secretary Leila Ford Treasurer Lucy Stevens Under graduate Representative Elsie Davis Chairman Program Committee Willie Mason Miles Chairman Publicity Committee Mary ' Flournoy Chairman Morning Watch, Main Dormitory Katherine Phillips Chairman Morning Watch, Main Dormitory Catherine Metcalf Chairman Big Sister Committee Mary Esther Borden Chairman Social Committee Nell Reese Chairman Home Service Committee Charity ' Armstrong Chairman Music Committee Catherine Prentiss Chairman World Fellowship Committee Nell Browder Honorary Member 103 mm. Technala Staff Dorothy Smith Editor-in-Chief Helen Mahler Assistant Editor Dorothy Baughman Business Manager Virginia Murphy lssistant Business Manager Gartrell McCurry -Irt Editor Hilah Dennis Art Editor Bess Savage Organization Editor Elizabeth Prather Flwtograhh Editor Alice Lower? Humor Editor F rances Rush Feature Editor Mary Virginia Borden Feature Editor n.j 105 The Alabamian Editorial Staff Margaret Reeves Editor-in-Chief Miriam Gregg Associate Editor Nathalie Molton Front Pane Editor Mary Ansley Feature Editor Margaret McCracken Joke Editor Mary Gloster Cartoon Editor Ruby Joe Snellcrove Athletic Editor Elizabeth Prather Social Editor Josephine Watson Special Reporter Managing Staff Helen Mahler Managing Editor Mildred Seay Prooi Rcader Mabel Varner Proof Reader Blsiness Staff Mary Bryant Business Manager Ruth Hillman Advertising Manager Vivian Cobb Circulation Manager Sarah Cunningham Circulation Manager 106 S2S I55™ 107 p o 10S io9 Alabama Players Officers Ellen Haven Gould Director Alice Lowery President Lorraine Carmichael Vice President Lauryn Godbold Business Manager Members Martha Allen Eloise Lee Annie Bledsoe Frances Loftin Laurice Butler Ali ce Lowery Carmen Ersel Burns Helen Mahler Eliza Callan Virginia O ' Barr Lorraine Carmichael Susie Powers Nina Dantzler Katherine Prentiss Evelyn Fulford Margaret Reeves Mary Gloster Frances Rush Lauryn Godbold Ruth Scott Juliette Hardy Minnie Lee Street Hazel Jackson Florence Stevens Alma Kirby Louise White Maury Wisdom Alabama College Glee Club Officers Marcarf.t Davis President Eleanor Payne Business Manager Doris Logan Secretary-Treasurer Margaret Hodges Librarian Charity Armstrong Sta ie Manager Frances Loftin Reporter Jane Stallworth Advertising Manager First Soprano Doris Logan Eleanor Payne Frances Loftin Eugenia Harper Margaret Davis Belle McCall Hart Minnie Peebles Johnson Rubye McAllister Second Soprano Tony Christian Frances Dempsey Frances Lewis Alice Lyman Nettie Martin Claudine Parrish Dorothy ' Stallworth Jane Stallworth Sara Patillo Mary - Wylie Charity Armstrong- Leila Fulford Margaret Hodges Jimmy Reese Louise Saunders Alto Marcaret Smith Dorothy Hatcher Martha Murphree Myrtle Plant Bess Rogers Ruth Scott Rebecca Smith Myrtle Veitch H3 Mathematics Club Officers Willie Eich President Lucy Martin ■ Vice President Catherine Metcalf Secretary-Treasurer Martha Allen Iva Beaty Annie Bledsoe Nell Browder Elizabeth Bryant Mary Bryant Martha Kate Bledsoe Eliza Callan Susan Chappell Nettie Coleman Nina Dantzler Virginia Driskill Willie Eich Members Lauretta Fortner Mary C. Granade Louise Griffin Mary Hayes Sarah Head Mildred Harp Emma Louise Jones Marion Jones-Williams Helen Kumli Eloise Lee Isma Long Alice Lyman Lucy ' May Martin Mary Martin Katherine Metcalf Virginia Murphy Mary Dell McCain Sara Maude Patillo Eleanor Pay ' ne Susie Powers Katherine Prentiss Margaret Reeves Bess Savage Frances Suddith Evelyn Vinson Mary ' Vinson Josephine Watson Honorary Members Miss Florence Mears Miss Nipp " 4 riEi " 5 Physical Education Club Officers Fannie Stollexwerck President Pauline McCord Vice President Bess Savage Secretary-Treasurer Members Grace Berrvman Leila Holland Rachel Brodnax Susie Holder Lucy Causey Lurlene Howle Ruey Chandler Pauline McCord Nina Dantzler Maude Nixon Ruby Floyd Katherine Prentiss Kate Gaillard Frances Smith Jessie Lewis Hart Florence Stevens Ruby Joe Snellgrove Honorary Members Miss Andrews Miss Kent Miss Early 116 H7 mm .::■ " ' ■$ ? ' 118 £=,23 IB 119 -% (MSEKMKf ignm® % WMWmM. 123 Vivian Cobb . Gage Morion Vivian- Cobb Lucy Stevens Tau Lambda Sigma CASTALIAN CLUB Founded 1900 Officers President Virginia Murphy . . . Vice President Mary Virginia Borden Mary Scott Secretary Members Class of 192S Treasurer Historian . . Linden, Ala. Birmingham, Ala. Mary Scott . . . Lillian Chappell Gage Morton . . . . Verbena, Ala. Alexander City, Ala. Bessemer, Ala. Virginia Murphy Dorothy Baughman Marjorie Brinson Mary V. Borden . Elsie Davis . . . Elizabeth Murphy Virginia Scott . . Martha Murphree Class of IQ2Q . . Aliceville, Ala. Mary McConaughy . Montgomery, Ala. Emily Hardy . . " Sara Cunningham .... Aliceville, Ala. Class of 1930 . Montgomery, Ala. Louise Watson Greensboro, Ala. Montgomery, Ala. Aliceville, Ala. . Verbena, Ala. Gadsden, Ala. Elizabeth Davis . . . ' •Margaret Cunningham Gwendolyn Hanson . Tatty Kroell . . . Montevallo, Ala. Newala, Ala. Montevallo, Ala. Montgomery, Ala. . Aliceville, Ala. . . Gadsden, Ala. Montevallo, Ala. Lucille Chappell . Alexander City, Ala. Class of 193 1 Elizabeth Hall . . Montgomery, Ala. Frances Fuller . . . Montgomery, Ala. Jule Reynolds . . . Montgomery, Ala. Marjorie Moss Selma, Ala. Florence Stevens " Rachel Brodnax Eutaw, Ala. Evelyn Fulford . . . Birmingham, Ala. Mary F. Chappell . Alexander City, Ala. Lillian Furse Eutaw, Ala. Birmingham, Ala. Pledges ( grades not yet announced). 125 Iota Sigma Tau TUTWILER CLUB Founded 1901 Officers Elizabeth Ellis President Margaret Hodges Vice President Daisy Fai Killian Secretary Eloise Long Treasurer Members Class of 192S Isma Long Mary E. Moody Mary Wylie Vircinia Ledbetter , Marion Jones-Williams Class of IQ2Q Antoinette Christian Susan Chappell Antonia Torbert Alcie Barnett Daisy Fai Killian Dorothy Smith Elizabeth Ellis Frances Rush Class of 1930 Eloise Long Nancy Selden Frances Lewis Lucy Holcomb Madge McGowin Janet Wilson Elizabeth Moon Helen Mahler Margaret Hodces Class of 193 1 Evelyn Henderson Mary Nell Lewis Mary Dowell Belle McCall Hart Mary Helen Gwin Lila Nolen Mary Lou Cooley Associate Members Margaret Ramsey Annie Maude Wilkinson Pledges (grades not yet announced). 126 I2 7 Pi Lambda Sigma PHILOMATHIC CLUB Founded 1908 Officers Kate Gaillard President Catherine Parker Vice President Katherine Dozier Secretary Martha Kate Bledsoe Treasurer Members Class of 192S Emmie Carter .... Montgomery, Ala. AlMEE Jack Greensboro, Ala. Kate Gaillar d .... Evergreen, Ala. Catherine Parker . . . Columbiana, Ala. Myrtle Turberville .... Century, Fla. Class of 1929 ' Dorothy Atkinson .... Piedmont, Ala. Class of 1930 Pauline Allen Opelika, Ala. Mavis Emerson .... Anniston, Ala. Martha Kate Bledsoe . Armstrong, Ala. Leila Ford Hartford, Ala. Mary Esther Borden . . Greensboro, Ala. Juliette Hardy .... Brewton, Ala. Laurice Butler . . . Greenville, Ala. Annie Rickarby Mobile, Ala. Katherine Dozier . Union Springs, Ala. Minnie Lee Street . Alexander City, Ala. " Mabel Tucker .... L T nion Springs, Ala. Class of 19 J 1 Mamie Long Couric .... Eufaula, Ala. Dorothy Parker . . . Columbiana, Ala. Caroline Fussell .... Decatur, Ala. Dorothy Perry Mobile, Ala. Elizabeth Long .... Atmore, Ala. Shields .... Birmingham, Ala. Nellie Moore Mobile, Ala. Annie Leah Sowell . . . Brewton, Ala. Marie Northrup . . . Greensboro, Ala. Adelaide Torbert . . . Greensboro, Ala. Eleanor Owens .... Dothan, Ala. Clough Wallace . . . Isabella, Tenn. •Pledges (grades not yet announced). 128 rnmrnmrn era 129 ffi S Zeta Pi Delta Club Officers Alice Lyman President Edith High Vice President Josephine Watson Secretary Ruth Cotton Treasurer Annie Bledsoe Critic Inza Davis Reporter Members Class of IQ2Q Alice Lyman Montevallo, Ala. Annie Bledsoe . . Margaret Bruce . . Bessemer, Ala. Dorothy Childress . . . Bessemer, Ala. Ruth Cotton Dothan, Ala. Inza Davis Lanett, Ala. Class of IQ30 Birmingham, Ala. Lillian Fail Edith High . . . Claudine Parrish Norine Smith . . Josephine Watson Frances Cummins Ashford, Ala. Class of 1931 Susie Wood Blackwell . Columbia, Ala. Kate Sobotka . . Gertrude Craig .... Bessemer, Ala. Katherine Hilt .... Lineville, Ala. Louise Kemp Bessemer, Ala. Margaret Morgan . . Albertvllle, Ala. Eleanor Mae Salmon Lattie Mae Speake . Elizabeth Veitch Inez Jordan . . . Dothan, Ala. Bessemer, Ala. Ashland, Ala. Lineville, Ala. Dothan, Ala. . Hartselle, Ala. . Bessemer, Ala. . . Dothan, Ala. Bessemer, Ala. Columbiana, Ala. ♦Pledges (grades not yet announced). 130 131 jF5 ffiRP IIil Alpka Pi Omega Club Founded 1924. Officers Mary Vinson President Weezie Smith Vice President Elizabeth Huffstutler Secretary Margaret McCracken Treasurer Members Class of IQ28 Archer Sims Miriam Gregg Ouida Wood Mary Vinson Sue B. Finklea Clyde Wainwriciit Class of IQ2Q Eleanor Payne Elizabeth Huffstutler Weezie Smith Alice Lowery Eloise Lee Rena Cornell Class of KjJQ Margaret McCracken Edna Johnson Elsie Hipp Class of IQJI Alice Wainwright Roselyn Randle Mary S. Finklea Edna McBride Myrtle Veitch Evelyn Davis Pledges (grades not yet announced). 132 133 Beta Sigma Delta RAMSAY CLUB Founded 1923 Officers Elizabeth Wilson 1 President Ruth Foster Vice President Lucille Harris Secretary-Treasurer Norene Slaughter Reporter Members Class of 192S Mary Weir Booth Elizabeth Wilson Class of JQ30 Ruth Foster Edna Howard Lucille Harris Katherine McDonald Norene Slaughter Class of 1931 Bethany Sharman Grace Chester Josephine Peavy Beulah Glenn McCutcheon Louise Sanders Rosalee Stewart Eloise Herd Anna Coleman •Pledges (grades not yet announced). 134 135 Phi Delta Sigma Club Founded 191 8 Officers Doris Locan President Eudora Gates Vice President Sara Radxey Secretary-Treasurer Mildred Britton Reverter Members Class of 1Q28 Susie Powers Mildred Britton Eudora Gates Class of iQ2g Katylexe Stovall Mabelle McAxdrew Adair Mills Class of igjo Sara Radxey Sara Terry Doris Logan Elizabeth Taliaferro Mae Prater (J lass of I Q3 1 Bertha Seale Hermie Whicham Florence Head Elsie James Lucille O ' Flinn Alma Kirby 136 ] m mmmm 137 Kappa Sigma Phi Club Officers Mary Frances Gay President Elizabeth Wallace rice President Dessie Johnson Secretary-Treasurer Helen Kumli Reporter Members Class of 1Q2S Ruby Floyd Elizabeth Graves Dessie Johnson Grace Berryman Class of IQ2Q Helen Kumli Mary Frances Gay Class of IQJO Kathryn Latimer Elizabeth Wallace Class of iqji " " Catherine Wallace Mary Combs Belva Floyd Leeta Tatum Bessie Jo Bailey Trances McEachern ♦Pledges (grades not yet announced). ■ 38 159 Thus Speaks the Mad Hatter: " Speaking of proverbs, and also of pledges, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush — AND — the only result when I tried to kill two birds with one stone was to lose the stone. " 140 ' They all hurried back to the game, the Queen merely remarking that a moment ' s delay Would cost ihem their lives. " ALICE IN WONDERLAND. Athletics 3 is z -- ' C g 143 FRLSHMAX CLASS CHEER LEADERS SOPHOMORE CLASS CHEER LEADERS 1 II JUNIOR CLASS CHEER LEADERS SENIOR CLASS CHEER LEADER FRESHMAX RASKETBALL TEAM SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL TEAM 146 isskisa technala JUNIOR BASKETBALL TEAM SENIOR BASKETBALL TEAM ' 47 1 927 TEXXIS EXTRAXTS HIKERS MS TRACK ENTRANTS, I 927 HOCKEY SQUAD, 1927- 149 SWIMMING EXTRAXTS., I 92 7 LIFE SAVERS 15 ' Athletic Board Officers Grace Berryman [ ' resident Leila Holland Vice President Elizabeth Ellis Secretary Archer Sims Treasurer Janet Wilson - Cheer Leader Claudine Parrish Assistant Cheer Leader Gartrell McCurry Publicity Chairman Councillors Elizabeth Adams Track Mary C. Granade Tennis Inez Hart Basketball Daisy Fai Killian Swimming Pauline McCord Hockey Mary Rigell Hiking Senior Representative Junior Representative Kate Gaillard Bess Savage Sophomore Representative Freshman Representative Fannie Stollenwerck Jeannette Brock 152 m ' Who in the world am I? Ah, that ' s the great puzzle! " ALICE IN WONDERLAND. Feature. Prefa ce In Wonderlands, perhaps you ' ve often noticed That a character may be completely changed, So, as we present to you our special favorites, Please see how every one has been arranged. The King of Hearts is reigning in his kingdom. He now no longer fears what " She " has said, For the Queen of Hearts is happy as she can be, She never even says, " Off with his head! " There ' s the Knave of Hearts. See what a reformation. Still, he ' s nimble and quite versatile in his tricks. The Mad Hatter ' s always eating bread and butter, (For his time remains eternally at six). A lady fair is Duchess in this kingdom, And she points her morals sharply, as of yore, (Quite a pepper box at one time, you ' ll remember) But now she comes to greet you at the door. Father William is a very active person. He ' s eternally turning flips or playing ball — Everywhere they speak of him as quite athletic — So you see, he really hasn ' t changed at all. Alice daintily is standing in her garden. She fears lest she should muddy her clean frock. There again, the rabbit murmurs of his latch key And the door at home which he forgot to lock. Besides the characters, in every story, There must be beauty — be it dark or fair. The beauty found within there pages might be Immortalized within a romance rare. Hail, King and Queen, and all the court attending, Laurels fitting to each one of you we bring. May the Wonderland we ' ve found exist forever In our hearts, and in this little song we sing. ' 55 SIM King of Hearts: Janet Wilson — Most Popular 156 Queen of Hearts: Frances Loftix — Happiest 157 wmm m m Knave of Hearts: Lucy STEVENS — Most Versatile 158 Mad Hatter: VIRGINIA Pearson — Wittiest i59 The Duchess: Susie Powers — Most Reliable 1 60 Father William: Fannie Stollenwerck — Most Athletic 161 ■ ■ ■■ ■■M B HH Alice in Wonderland : Ouida Wood — Daintiest 162 March Hare: Minnie Lee Street — Cutest 163 ISMA LOXG 164 Virginia Ledbetter 165 Thus Speaks the Mad Hatter: " Young America ' s aim is notv — Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Snappiness! ' ' 1 66 1 67 7 mm amxm SK W fWvVW-b Jok es He: " If you keep looking at me like that, I ' m going to kiss you. " She: " Well, I can ' t hold this expres- sion very much longer. " Suggestion for an opening sentence for a novel depicting college life: " A small coupe drew up in front of the dormitory and twelve passengers alighted. " % • i : " Do you suppose she ' s on the way to English Lit? " 2: " No, I think she ' s sober this morn- ing. " Lewis Cox: " I kissed her while she wasn ' t looking. " Charley Wood: " What did she do? " Lewis: " Kept her eyes closed for the rest of the evening. " Thus Speaks the Mad Hatter: Jl ' ien better literature is suppressed, it will be read by the American people. 1 68 r • . rr 5?r2r- win " Hi sMB ' jryf v fif ofa.c. OZE- SWIMMING STOLE FALLING 7iOCK SCHOOL DAYS 169 Why »S a - pre ttf $ ' ♦•1 like rv excellent -mirror? hc 1 a _ £o©d looVtti-6 -WsS S i ' 170 I: " Don ' t you think Mary looks like a lovely flower? " You : " Yeh, like one of those century plants. " - A sign was posti ' d on the door of the Dean ' s office, which read: " Hack in half an hour. " A few moments later a line was added: " What for? " Oddie B. : " My folks are going to send me to a finishing school. " Mary Dowell: " Mine can ' t manage me, either. " Dr. Farmer: " Did you ever hear of Wilson ? " Bozo B.: " No. " Dr. Farmer: " Taft? " Bozo B.: " No. " Dr. Farmer: " Cleveland? " Bozo B. : " Is his last name Ohio? " - Auburn Gent: " May I have this dance, Miss. " Weezie Smith: " No , I ' m too danced out. " A. G. : " Not at all, not at all, you ' re just pleasingly plump. " Jne rn y be only a wissb woman ' s J tohTer, buT she knows ber Line. d uph 171 Campus Dictionary Arcade: Place where the thoughts of a young man turn to love. Corridor: Place where young gentlemen practice yodelling, etc. Egg: Social outcast; name applied to a cold yellow substance served in the dining room on several days a week. Faculty: Those opposed to smoking and holidays. Faculty Roiv : What they do most of. Flunkies: D. P. and others. Dining Room: Place having motto, " Abandon hope all ye ten minutes late. " Freshman : Less than the dust. Glee Club: Mr. Richmond ' s disappointment. Gripe: Favorite mood at Alabama College. Gym: Where you stop just short of breaking your neck. Flat: Article never worn. Holiday: Suspension of classes, i.e., Christmas, Fourth of July. Juniors: The most outstanding members of the school. Laundry: Place where all the buttons that came on pajamas are kept. Post Office: Where one goes to get mail for one ' s roommate. Psychology: ! — : " ! ?? Amen. Sophomore : You can always tell a Sophomore, but you can ' t tell ' em much. Y. W. C. A.: Young Women ' s Collecting Agency. 172 m d I V he. n b o i Ts m d db qi ' Ts btac ' in menb f ce Teacher: " Jimmy, give me three proofs that the world is round. " Tommy: " Well, you say so, pa says so, and ma says so. " - - Wire to Father: " Where is the money I wrote for last week? " Answer: " In my inside vest pocket. " The Girl ( i rows Older Cut tin it tt a tt g teeth up boys classes in (gym) switches out ' 73 SOUTJf ' S GKJSATEST 008M1TORY- CASTJLE OF JJVV OHEf CJ- AT2T GALLE12Y- no use or jba. bex. XOV DY J3AMSAY THE 75ZrfN OF THE 7SEST MMT f VIONDEJS OLIVES CROMV SIL PROTFCTOR OF TUB- COMM ON WE-AZ TJi COLLEGIATE ? OMSffOSS SWAY " BA.TTJLIHG BOZO ' 175 f L% K : . N -Jj r Dr. Mears: " Can you prove that the square on the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides? " Eloise Lee: " I don ' t have to prove it, I admit it. " A rooster, perhaps, should know his eggs, a salesman his stuff, and even a horse should know his oats, hut after all, it ' s more important for a cop to know his beat. Mary Gloster: " Say, Nina, shall I draw the curtains? One of the living statues has the hiccups. " " Now, remember, my dears, " said Mother Raccoon to her children, " You must always watch your step, for you have the skin the college boys love to touch. " Thus Speaks the Mad Hatter: Marriage is a tragedy in one act. Many scenes follow. 176 V v v « c»tlvi ,,V i Av, av, Yrr, y».sV V ?»n m To a Bluebird or Something (Written after an evening ' s struggle tvith modern poetry.) The river is gurgling, The pigeon doth coo, The air ' s full of fumes From the vegetable stew. Cocoanuts fall From the family tree ; Lionel Strongfort Is vitality. The critics are crazy, They think this is art. Little Annie Rooney Is my sweetheart. IT aU A y w Ai. qv m ' 77 Hold Your Breatk Until— Everyone comes to class meetings. Dean Haggard doesn ' t suggest new things. Jane Stalhvorth doesn ' t meet the Executive Board. Dr. Mears gives an " A " in Math. Psychology becomes a crip. Student Government meetings are not " very important. " Mass meetings are not compulsory. Dates leave the campus without an urgent request to do so. We can leave for a week-end without producing a birth certificate and full pedigree. Lep isn ' t Miss Taber ' s closest companion. ( Tills can smoke on the campus. Taxi rides to Calera are .25 (twenty-five cents). Somebody overcuts chapel ( ?). The fuses never blow out. Dot Smith loses prestige with any Freshman Class. Alabama College. Judson, and Woman ' s College are consolidated. Chicken, cauliflower, and ice cream do not appear for Sunday dinner. Bible is elected by the entire student body. Archer Sims gets ready to go somewhere on time. Any member of the Technala staff survives. Streets are paved in Montevallo. It is safe to approach the post office at twelve o ' clock. Miss Irvin gives out sandwiches to take out of the dining room. Anybody laughs at this. 17S If Our Indian Brother Gets Collegiate! Yes, they smiled when I walked over to the piano, but when I started to play the piece the Surefire Correspondence School had taught me, they laughed out loud. - Sign seen over country store: " China- ware, Hardware, and Underwear. " Adam got the apple — then he traveled. Noah got the ark — then he traveled. Napoleon got Waterloo — then he trav- eled. I got a notice from the Dean — s Dr. Sharp: " What is your name, young lady? " Student: " My name is Helen Mahler, but I ' m just plain ' Hell ' to the family. " 179 mm Mtmm He called her his main support because she always stood him up. Miss Fish (to pupil) : " Why can ' t you practice what you screech? " The meanest guy in the world is the one who purposely walks on his girl ' s feet while he is dancing with her, in order to keep his rival from having the next dance. Sue: " How come that girl didn ' t re- turn your hello ? " Rush: " Aw, she ' s a club sister of mine and never returns anything. " Thus Speaks the Mad Hatter; " About all some girls seem to learn at college is the three ' Rails ' . " 1 80 ' Get out of here, the whole pack of you! " " What ' ll you have? " asked the lady in waiting of the big, tough man. " Beef. " " How ' ll you have it? " " Aw, drive in the steer, and I ' ll bite off what I want. " Speaking of marriages, the guy who coined the word " altar " must have been an Englishman who dropped his H ' s. Epitaph For a Poet ' s Grave He sang, but the world could not carry his tune. Sophistication, No End. — I looked wearily at the stag line, Signaled with My little finger, Looked cross-eyed And gave signs Of utter despair and exhaustion, And looked at my Roommate with The " Et tu, Brute! " Expression. Yet no one Cut in. But That ' s just What I wanted, For — ■ She was the best dancer on the floor. - Campus Etiquette In case of an automobile wreck, who should speak first? And should the man precede the lady through the wind- shield ? A.: " I want something to wear around the dormitory. " Salesgirl: " How large is your dormi- tory? " Thus Speaks the Mad Mattel : He who laughs first is a nuisance. mmm Mmm ' What do you tliink about sex? ' ' " 1 don ' t know; ichat are tliey, anyway? " On t e More Request, Please! " Will the faculty look pleased in chapel now and then ? Variety is the spice of life. " She: " Is there any art in kissing? " He: " None except ' Art thou will- We claim the thinnest man in the world is the one who fell through a hole in his trousers and hanged himself. Millie: " Why are you always behind in your studies? " Bess: " Because, if I were not behind I could not pursue them. " 183 Tke Poets Corner Ballad By U, O. Met- I came to college To get a degree, But I soon found out They don ' t give ' em free. I bought a book To help in the cause, But my report showed There wasn ' t no Stint a Glaus. I took Chemistry Lab., But I still don ' t know How they can take out water From IJ.,0. I liked Trig very ivell. Took it four years; Then we two parted In silence and tears. I tried a little Physics, But it proved a killer; I switched to Education, Just for a filler. Now ' , I ' m on the fence, And feeling free; But I had to leave college U ithout a degree. Life and Death By Anonymous Lee The boy stood on the burning deck. The breaking leaves dashed high; Should auld acquaintance be forgot, Coming through the rye? Just a song at twilight, When the lights are low; Under the spreading chestnut tree, Where the corn and ' taters grow. Sunset By Nina Dantzlcr Roses arc red. Fiolets are blue, I ' ve got a horse- Can you swim? 184 L3£-QC J3J?T ALABAMA COLLZGJE- COSTUME- THE LITTLE WOMBAT roi jyDEX ' J SAY PJSOGJ3AM THJ? fCALLIJCAK FAMILY I8 5 i86 My task is done, my song has ceased, my theme Has died into an echo; it is fit The spell should break of this protracted dream. The torch must be extinguished which has lit My midnight lamp — and what is writ, is writ; It ould it were worthier! 187 OUR ADVERT] [SERS Alabama College ALABAMA POWER COMPANY ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION L. G. BALFOUR CO BRANDON PRINTING CO Attleboro. Mass. Talladega. Ala. BLACH ' S Birmingham. Ala. BULLOCK ' S . Montgomery, Ala. CABLE-SHELBY-BURTON PIANO CO CAHEEN Birmingham. Ala. Birmingham, Ala. CITY CAFE ___. MONTEVALLO, ALA. ELLIOTT .__ MONTEVALLO, ALA. FIRST NATIONAL BANK Birmingham, Ala. GRAY SPORTING GOODS CO. GUARANTEE SHOE CO _. Birmingham, Ala. Birmingham, Ala. HIRSCH MILLINERY CO Birmingham. Ala. JEMISON JETER MERCANTILE CO Birmingham, Ala. Birmingham, Ala. KAUL LUMBER CO. ... Birmingham, Ala. LEVINE ABELSON CANDY CO LINDSAY PORK SAUSAGE CO. LOEB SPECIALTY SHOP Birmingham, Ala. Birmingham. Ala. Birmingham. Ala. LOVEMAN-JOSEPH AND LOEB Birmingham. Ala. MANGEL ' S ..Birmingham, Ala. MERONEY MONTEVALLO. Ala. MONTEVALLO DRUG CO. . MONTEVALLO. ALA. MONTGOMERY. FAIR Montgomery, Ala. McGAUGHY MONTEVALLO. ALA. NEW WILLIAMS Birmingham. Ala. PENDLETON ... MONTEVALLO. ALA. PORTER CLOTHING CO. ...-Birmingham. Ala. ROBERTS AND SON. . Birmingham, Ala. ROSEMONT GARDENS Montgomery, Ala. LOUIS SAKS Birmingham. Ala. STRAND THEATRE MONTEVALLO, ALA. TIP TOP BEAUTY SHOP ..Montgomery, Ala. TYLER GROCERY CO. WARREN-KNIGHT 8 DAVIS Birmingham, Ala. WILSON DRUG CO. WOOLEY ' S _ . As Oft As Ye Shall Read This, Think What It Means! As The Technala Goes to Press, 1928. Dear Student Reader : This is to remind you that from the point of view of my work, there are, after being at college, three important things in a college girl ' s life which ought to be recorded. These are: 1 change of name 2 change of address 3 change of occupation. It has become my pleasant task to help keep up with the girls who go out from Alabama College to return no more as students. If you are one of these, won ' t you remember to let me know about it if vou do anything important, like the things I have enumerated? It would help mv work, and, besides, you ' ve no idea how much I ' d like to hear from you from time to time! If you are a graduate, you are eligible for membership in the Alumnae Association. If you were not " annexed " at the party, I hope vou will soon align yourself with the organization which is the one medium through which you may keep in touch with your class-mates and with your Alma Mater, both of which you will value more as the years go by. If you are not a graduate, you wi 1 be eligible for Association member- ship when your class shall have graduated. I hope you will help me to keep that in mind by reminding me! With sincere good wishes for you in your new life relations, I am, Cordialh FLORA BELLE SURLES, Alabama College. 190 Among Tecnnalists — the topic of dress is seldom discussed without reference to the styles ideas emanating from this famous style right store. Many commencements have had their beginning on our third floor. Phone or write Jennie Lee, your per- sonal shopper. LOUIS SAKS Second Avenue at Nineteenth Street BIRMINGHAM, ALA. Say It With Flowers Whatever the purpose, we will pre- sent your flowers correctly, with great skill and originality. Graduation Bouquets Gift Boxes Gift Baskets Gift Corsages Bridal Bouquets Bridesmaids ' Bouquets ROSEMONT GARDENS 116 Dexter Avenue MONTGOMERY MANGEL ' S NEW YORK WAIST HOUSE Ladies ' and Misses ' Apparel Shop 27 DEXTER AVENUE MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA STYLE AND QUALITY FOR LESS IT PAYS TO PAY CASH A New Misses Shop IN BIRMINGHAM AT PORTERS Said to be the prettiest feminine shop in the South, and surely one you should visit, as we give especial attention to youthful styles. Porter Clothing Co. Third and Twentieth Johnny Knew Johnny had been on the receiv- ing end in a woodshed tragedv. " There, " his mother consoled him. " Papa didn ' t intend to whip you so hard. He only meant it as a joke. " " Humpf! " sniffed Johnny. " So that is what is meant by slapstick comedy. " Warren, Knight Davis 1 603 Empire Building BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Architects for Alabama College m Mi Tyler Grocery Company WHOLESALE GROCERS 1613-1615 First Avenue BIRMINGHAM, ALA. W. F. Tyler, President V. S. Gage, Vice-PresiJenI and Secretar R. A. Porter, Treasurer Curious Student Professor: " I will use my hat to represent the planet Mars. Are there any questions before I go on? " Student: " Yes, is Mars inhab- ited? " THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Capital $ 1 ,500,000.00 Surplus 3,000,000.00 Undivided Profits over ' 1 ,200,000.00 Total Resources over 50,000,000.00 Trust Department Bond Department Savings Department - SERVICE WITH A SMILE AT WILSON DRUG COMPANY THE REXALL STORE ON THE CORNER Telephone 41 MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA COMPLIMENTS OF KML LUMBER CO. aiaMiNonAt aja Birmingham, Alabama Always A Step Ahead With the Newest Footwear Styles. Always at Popular Prices Alabama ' s Big Famih Shoe St GUARANTEE BESSEMER SHOE COMPANY BIRMINGHAM ENSLEY ANN1STON HUNTSVILLE HIRSCHS 213-215 Nineteenth Street BIRMINGHAM, ALA. Style Leaders in Alabama MILLINERY Exclusive Styles Price $5.00 Up SHOES The South ' s Exclusive Styles Price $7.50 to $15.00 Hirsch Millinery Co. Thanks to All Montevallo Students For Their Loyal Patronage —SMART- READY-TO-WEAR MILLINERY, SHOES The NEW WILLIAMS 1911 Third Avenue Fashion Center BIRMINGHAM, ALA. Evens It Up Joe : What is the difference be- tween a fish and a fool ? " Gump : " I ' ll bite. What ' s the difference? " Joe: ' Well, f you bite, there isn ' t any TIP TOP BEAUTY SHOP Every Requirement For Being Beautiful J. A. PREDDY MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA m Wl WELCOME TO THE STRAND THE HOUSE OF GOOD SHOWS ■ MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA l£l Visit This Complete Department Store WHEN IN BIRMINGHAM CAHEENS 1924-1926 Second Avenue MAIL ORDERS FILLED Pedestrians should be seen and not hurt. Bess Savage : Did you ever hear Marian Tallev? ' • Cha ' lotte Cla brooke : " No you see, I lever pla bridge. WHERE TO? S. J. McGaugky Sons GJ MONTEVALLO, ALA. Our 100% Larger Home — Tells the Story of — JEMISON SERVICE Through 25 Constructive Years THE JEMISON COMPANIES REAL ESTATE - MORTGAGE LOANS . ' . -., INVESTMENT BANKERS ftifc ' " - ' z ' ' - 31 EEE C M =fl[ " " .i it ! Ill D S- iii id _____ i i hi ill Bll III I " I in »» = BIR.MINCHAM. ALABAMA Capital and Surplus $1,500,000 Robt. Jemison, Jr. President MONTEVALLO DRUG CO. DAVE BOYETT ManageT Drugs, Perfumes, Stationery Cigarettes, Cigars Whitman ' s Candies -Sheaffer ' s Supplies FAITHFUL SERVICE—HERE Loeb Specialty Shop 1909 Third Avenue BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Featuring New York ' s Best Fash- ions — Moderately Priced Hats, Dresses, Coats Pocketbooks Hosiery, Millinery Accessories WE SERVE The Youthful Woman and Miss Mo 3E O ut of Luck A West Virginia darky a black- smith recently announced a change in his business as follows Notice- -De copardners hip here- to fore resisting between me and A lose Skinner is hereby resolved. Dem what owe de firm will settle with me, and what de irm owe will settle wid Mose. In English Class • Teacher : " I have went. That ' s wrong, isn ' t it? " Pupil: ' ' Yes, ma am. Teacher : " Why is it wrong? " Pupil: ' ' Because you ain t went yet. MONTGOMERY FAIR A GREAT STORE Over Fifty Years A GREATER STORE TODAY Montgomery, Alabama V dttdp - PURE IPORK % A Pork Products of the Finest Quality Morning, noon, or night, Lindsay ' s Pork Products are right; just that difference that places the products from the HOUSE, of LINDSAY — a sure play of the come-back kind. Backed by years of experience in handling the " SQUEALER. " No mixture goes with Lindsay — you get all he got, from the crook in his tail to the grunt m his nose — and it s PORK PLUMB THROUGH, juicy and sweet. PABST-ETT Used in a hundred different ways like cheese, but it isn ' t; yet it will make that difference in a meal to make a meal worth while. LINDSAY ' S TESTER EGGS It ' s the cackle that makes the play with Yester Eggs for today, and they ' re guar- anteed full grown and fresh. LINDSAY ' S HICKORY SMOKED SAUSAGE Skin tight, and smoked with hickory bark, with a flavor you can ' t forget, and of course it ' s pure pork, seasoned the Lindsay way. LINDSAY ' S PURE PORK SAUSAGE And that ' s that — seasoned with spices, with the best of FRESH PORK ground to a velvet fineness, you will be hollering for more. LINDSAY ' S PRIZE BRAND BUTTER When the Jersey does her stuff, it ' s Lind- say ' s Prize Brand Butter in the rough. Packed under strictly sanitary conditions, and it ' s always sweet and fresh and salted just right. LINDSAY ' S SOUSE MEAT There ' s nothing just like it, for a full meal or a filler; yes, and jelled so as to make it melt in your mouth. LINDSAY ' S PORK PRODUCTS ARE THE BEST Lindsay ' s Pork Hams, Lindsay ' s Prize Hams, Lindsay ' s Backbones, Lindsay ' s Pure Lard, Lindsay ' s Pork Chops, Lindsay ' s Sliced Bacon, Lindsay ' s Spareribs Remember the Phone — Remember the Address Phone 3-9101 Address. 108-1 10 North Twenty-second Street Deliveries Made to Any Part of the City, Lindsay PORK PRODUCTS pmpany Phone 3-9101 108-110 North Twenty-second Street w e Are Here to Serve Everything Good to Ea t Walkers Cafe MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA MARRIAGE IS A GAME BUT IT IS NOT SOLITAIRE The Quality Shoe an Stocking Shofi d B TCXOCf! Shoe Co. « % MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA TRY BRANNON PRINTING COMPANY TALLADEGA, ALABAMA THANKS A freshman was parting his hair in front of a mirror. A soph near- by casually remarked : " ou have a fine alley on that block. " Seven Lines of Service LITHOGRAPHING ENGRAVING EMBOSSING PRINTING AND BINDING OFFICE SUPPLIES OFFICE FURNITURE RUBBER STAMPS ROBERTS AND SON BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Thousands of Kingsbury Owners Endorse This Good Piano You will be proud to have a Kingsbury Piano in your home. No other instrument at its moderate price will give you so much genuine pleasure and satisfaction. Twenty-eight Kingsbury Pianos in daily use by Alabama College. Kingsbury Pianos are made in Grand and Upright cases. They may be purchased on convenient terms of payment. Write for Catalog and List of PI A NOS— VIC TROLA S—RA DIOS CABLE-SHELBY-BURTON PIANO CO. B. B. BURTON. President 1816 Third Avenue Birmingham, Ala. PENDLETON The Jeweler PENS. RINGS. PINS MONTEVALLO. ALA. Silence is golden ; but many a man has been talked out of his silver. KAUFMANS Women and Misses ' Ready-to-Wear and Furs of the Better Kind DRESSES, SUITS WRAPS BIRMINGHAM 213 N. 19th MONTGOMERY 3 COURT SQUARE Boosting Alabama In our efforts to tell the outside world about Alabama ' s marvelous natural resources we earnestly invite the co- operation of every loyal ALABAMIAN OUR STATE BELONGS To the Top in Industrial Development We Can by Concentrated Efforts Put It There Alabama Power Co. Rothschild Mercantile Co. SELMA. ALABAMA ' Do your shoes hurt? ' ' ' No, but my feet do. " Foremost in Fashion Farmost in Value In Collegiate Apparel for Young Men and Young Women BLACH ' S BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Levme-Abelson CANDY AND GROCERY CO. Exclusive Distributors Schrafft ' s Chocolates Gold Tip Gum " Candies of Character " 2306 First Avenue BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA COMPLIMENTS OF LOVEMAN-JOSEPH AND LOEB TENNIS AND GOLF SUPPLIES Gray Sporting Goods Company BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Wooley Mercantile Company GROCERIES CANDIES FRESH FRUITS And we assure you that we are al- ways with the college girls, whether it be for great or small. MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA COMPLIMENTS OF ALABAMA THEATRE Who ' s Who Meddlesome M ...the Maker of the Mighty Jasmine James the Jelly of the Juniors Ruby R the Riot of Ramsay Hamadryad H the Horrors of the House Lapis Lazuli Lee the Learner of the Lepidoptera Lena Lowery the Lily of the Library Nifty Nell the Necessity of the Nefarious MESSY M the Misery of Many Onyx Owen the Opal of the Oasis Pearl Payne the Pride of the Prairie Sapphire Smith the Sorrow of the Seven Lovely Leah____ the Light of the Listeners Simpering Susie the Satellite of the Sages Cautious Clyde the Christian of the Campus Elegant E the Elephant of the English Bozo Beryl the Bloodstone of the Button Busters Sardonic Sims the Simp of the Seven Samite Savage the Seer of the Salamanders Traveling Tabor ._ the Tourist of the Thames Busy Blackston the Beggar of Boons Ambling Andrews the dee of the Athletes Emerald Early the Expert of the Aesthetics Atavistic Anna _____ the Arbiter of Apples Meandering Means __ . the Mistreater of the Morons Clever Colin the Creator of Croons LlSPING Leeper the Lover of Laughter Kute Kennerly the Kemical Knight Whimpering Weimer the Wail of the Workers Virgin Virginia the Tender of Verbs Glorious Gould the Giver of Gifts Willy Ward the Widest of the Walkers Wearisome Worthy the Willing Worker Censored. THIS BOOK PRINTED BY BENSON ■«« ( » r LARGEST COLLEGE ANNUAL PUBLISHERS IN THE WORLD HIGHEST QUALITY WORKMANSHIP SUPERIOR EXTENSIVE SERVICE ENSOfl PRINTING CO., NASHVILLE, f TENN. COLLEGE ANNUAL HEADQUARTERS

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