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■Pi »»» B8ap HHH A ' - . P ! fs-ec fiSH ' ??? Hi ' ■ ' : ■ " ' ■ ; ■ ■•■■•■ " ' " ,. ■.■■■.! I i v... ' . ' : fcCSSsa U BI« ' -,; ; - - ' ■ . ' " ' ■ ' . ' £s£bb»$ ' „; ■•■ o ' f i t- EXLIBEi; 1926 Anny dULay Shjnner Tatty Qole var book ippu d by i G piude?xlp Alabama College MONTE.VALLO ALABAMA 1 When the years have rolled on to the fifties, and the College has changed with the times; And the maidenly curls which were once worn by girls, have been clipped for the masculine lines; We shall tremble, — and faith, we shall need to — when our men of long, long ago. Steal a glimpse in their dorin, while they are learning to sew. II And those who teach shall be happy, in their beds, — a broadcaster near. For their courses are offered to all those stu- dents tuning in, my dear! And football heroes! Scores of them! Mad- eline, Lucy and Jane; hue the pretty, ruffled men their racquets wield in a graceful " love " game. Ill And the heart of a maid shall be braver, and the style in her dress transformed; Absent the frills and flares of today — in a cos- tume for service adorned. Men inherit — and pray why should we care! — our frilly things of laces and nets; And at their afternoon teas, we see poodles, fietsf IV So only the men shall wear ruffles, and even shall they be prim ; Nor shall any girl have a care — except wooing and winning her him; And each for the joy of seeking and finding her own fair Jim, Shall do these things as she sees fit, for our day lies mistily dim ! UUe need not span some fifty years to find a fulfilled dream of womanhood in its zenith which will come through capability and the realization of femi- nine power — but even today, in the prime of Woman as a leader we boast a noble personage whose presence radi- ates a warmth of ambition which en- tyndles us with, opes not fears, Of future years. c%ui as our cup of love to her We honor this volume of the echnala by its dedication, f CAMPUS THE CLASSES ORGANIZATIONS ATHLETICS FEATURES Jn iMmnriam E, the students and faculty of Alabama College, feel a great loss in the passing of Dr. Palmer. We knew him as a man of a lov- ing nature, kind to his immediate and to his college family, a true friend, a loyal citizen. " Good Cheer " was his motto on the campus where we were all encouraged by his smile and kindly words. So much did he sympathize with us even in our trivial worries as well as our larger ones, we failed to realize that he might have worries of his own. We look back now and see his schemes and plans for the upbuilding of our college — plans which sometimes to him must have looked like failure but which for us grew into better buildings, better equipment, better col- lege spirit, and bigger opportunities. When he first came to Alabama Girls Industrial School, he found it an unknown, unimportant, meagerlv equipped school — a none too well organized high school, like a rough and rustic girl, no opportunities, no bright future. He left Alabama College a four-year college, a member of the Southern Association, proud of her position among other colleges. The rustic girl grown into cultured womanhood with wisdom in her countenance faces the future with a sure and stately step because she follows a great leader. In these beautiful buildings on our campus. Dr. Palmer has left a monument which will endure and grow through many student genera- tions, and he has left a yet greater though more transient monument in all the young women who have entered Alabama College since 1907. We admired him for his abilities as an educator and executive; we esteemed him for his place in the community, church and state, and we loved him for his understanding heart and his fatherliness. DR. THOMAS WAVERLY PALMER I 3tt Mimaxmax §r. QL W. f aimer (1SBD-I92fi) lorn iHaij 19, 1BHD Su 3lattuarg r, 192H I Tg T W I AlLMBr Our Debt to Mrs. Palmer Alabama College owes much to Mrs. Palmer. As wife of our President she has contributed in largo measure to the success of his undertaking ' s. In assuming ' the major responsibility for the immediate family interests, in her ever ready graciousness toward the guests of the institution, in her constant watchfulness of Dr. Palmer ' s welfare, she has proven herself a helpmate in truth. Those of us who live on the campus and in Montevallo know how faithfully she has labored for the beautification of the campus. The many lovely and some rare plants and trees are a memorial to her thought of us. Too, Mrs. Palmer ' s interest in the education of women, and her ambition for the growth of the college have combined to keep her alert at all times for its well being. No one has ever been eon- neeted with the institution who has been more jealous of its good name, more eager for its advance- ment, more ready to work to help it come into its own, more concerned for the development of the students into true gentlewomen than Mrs, Palmer has been. Of dynamic temperament, of an unusual unci; (standing — a sort of clairvoyant vision — she has been able to detect tendencies often before the test! clear visioned would seo them. Sn much has been done, what has been done has been done so well; so firm are we fixed because of the sensible, sure and lone-visioned policy of Dr. Palmer, that we trust we may keep for all time Lhe love and helpful thought of his family. Our debt is a permanent one. We hope their affection for us will bu lasting. he Qampus In the dim and distant future. When the campus you would cross. You will not go walking, running. But in subways or in airships, r brave descendants ur Campus 11 its lore. ' Wliere the cam has lies in sunshine or in shadow. " he (glasses In the dim and distant future When the Classes you explore, Robbie Andrews, A.B. FLORALA, ALA. Entered 1922; T. W. C A. Cabinet, 1922-23-2 4- 25-26; President Y. W. C. A. Summer School, 1924; Assistant Librarian. 1923-24-25-26; Presi- dent Student Government Association Summer School, 1924-25; Treasurer Senior Class, 1925-26; Vice-President League of Women Voters, 1924- 25; Secretary Student Senate, 1925-26; Honor Roll, 1923-24-25-26. Surely Robbie must have kept the saying " Knowledge is Power " constantly before her for she has the knowledge and she is, in truth, a power here. She is earnest, thoughtful, de- pendable, capable, a live wire in student activ- ities; — in fact, she is everything it takes to make an ideal college citizen. To say that Alabama College will miss her is not enough ■what will it do without her? Hazel Black, A.B, $JI ASHLAND, ALA. Entered 1923; Dramatic Club, 1923-24-25-26; Or- chestra, 1923-24-25-26; Scribbler ' s Club, 1924-25- 26; Secretary Student Government, 1923; Secre- tary Y. W. C. A. Summer. 1924; Chairman Mu sic and Social Committee Y. W. C. A. Summer 1924; Executive Board Summer 1924: President Dramatic Club, 1924-25; Critic Scribbler ' s Club, 1924-25; Philodendroi Reporter to Alabamian, 1923-24: Assistant Business Manager Teehnala, 1924-25; President ' s Council, 1924-25-26; College Night Leader, 1925; President Baptist Student Union, 1924-25; Forum, 1925-26; President Stu- dent Senate, 25-26. For three years Hazel ' s red head has been a shining light on our campus — in club work, in dramatics, and in every kind of work that she was asked to do. But she will be remem- bered longest at Alabama College for her bravery in taking the presidency and making a success of the Student Senate in its initial year. So here ' s to-you, Hazel, brave and beloved, red-headed, OCR PresideffT of the Student Nina Faye Boxxer, B.S., A 77 Q LINEVILLE, ALA. Entered 1922; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 1922-23; Pub- licity Chairman Y W. C. A., 1923-24; Secretary and Treasurer Home Economics Club, 1924-25; Secretary Y. W. C. A., 1924-25; Executive Board, 1925-26. Nina Faye has won our sincerest admiration and friendship by her quiet and lady-like ways. She never speaks unless something of value is to be said. Her four years at Ala- bama College have been profitably spent in the study of Home Economics. She has amassed a fortune in the knowledge of " Bake well in a moderate oven " and " Cream the batter, then add the sugar, " etc. She leaves Alabama College with a host of friends. Nina Faye, we envy him, his future cook. Lena Boozer, A.B. SWEETWATER, ALA. Entered 1925. " There is no noble life Without a noble aim. " We admire Lena for her intellect, level- headedness and perserverance, but we love her for her sincere, unselfish disposition. Sopliomore Sister — LAURYN Godbold Laura Alice Brown, B.S. BANKS, ALA. Entered 1921. Constant, trusty, ever fine, Far better this than Orient wine; Substantial, worthy, winning, true, Laura, we appreciate and all love you. Sophomore Sister — Elsie Bedingfield Maggie Elizabeth Burkett, A.B. DOTHAN, ALA. Entered 1922; Member of Life Saving- Corps, 192L Many have wandered over hills today, Mag- gie! Hunting for a girl like you. There are vacancies in the minds of others Waiting to be filled by a girl that ' s good and true. Many have sung our Alma Mater, Maggie, Singing! Yes, Loud and true, But none have been more faithful, Maggie, than you. Soplwmore Sister — Thelma Pearson 7 k Wanda Burks, A.B. CULLMAN ' , ALA. Entered 1922; Glee Club, 1922-23; Senate. 192 Patient and kindly, honest and true, Hair of dark chestnut, eyes of dark blue. She is a friend in more than the name, Ever you ' ll find her always the same. omore Sister — Mildred Rice Patty Cole, B.M., X .1 2 OPP, ALA. Entered 1922; Treasurer Calkine Music Club, 1924-25; Vice-President Castalian Club, 1924-25; Business Manager Technala, 1925-26; Scribbler ' s Club; Charter Member Student Senate. Calmness, intellectuality, sincerity — that ' s what her eyes tell you. Capability, independ- ence, broadmindedness, sympathy — that ' s what friendship with her shows you. And would you know what intimacy reveals? All of these, and more. She ' s a true friend at all times. Nothing describes her except — just Pat- tv. Y£« j Thrhssa ConawaYj A.B. MONTGOMERY, ALA. " Trrssa " Entered 192L ' ; Business Manager of Alabamian, 1926; Advertising Manager of Alabamian, 1925- 26; Vice-President of Class. 1925; Student Sen- ate, 1925-26; Forum, 1926; Glee Club, 1923-24- 25-26. Thressa is neat and fair of face, Busy every minute ; Makes tilings hum around this place — .Vk the Senate! She has worked for the Alabamian, Helped put it across ; We love her smi ' e, ' n sunny disposi- tion When she ' s gone — " loss. " Ann Crossley, B.S., A II Q BREWTON, ALA. Entered 1921; Vice President of Alpha Pi Omega Club, 1923-24; Secretary Natan Club, 1923-24; .Student Senate. 1924-25. " She that was ever fair and never proud, Had tongue at will, and yet was never loud. " — ' Shakespeare. Sophomore Sister — Catherine Ortman Sara Celia Cumbee, A.B. STROUD, ALA. Entered, 1922; Student Senate, 1925-26. Celia — everything that means goodness, loy- alty and brains. Celia possesses an attribute that will bring her success in every field of perserverance. That, with intellect, will al- ways reserve for her a place at the top of all things. Sophomore Sister — Lucile Fuller Pauline Faith Curry. A.B., 1ST MONTEVALLO, ALA. " Polly " Entered, 1923; Secretary Glee Club, 1924-25; Secretary Tutwiler Club, 1925-2(5. Being the smallest member of the Senior class is one of Polly ' s many distinctions. Her charming voice is another, and if you don ' t believe she ' s capable just ask any meir.ber of her math class. " Not just exactly stately or tall, But mighty cute and sweet; And when it comes to loveliness Pollv can ' t be beat. " Sallie Mae Dalton, X .1 2 OPP, ALA. " 5a " Entered 1H21; Cleosophic Literary Society; Vice- President Castalian club, 1925-28; Y. W. i ' . A. Cabinet, 21-22-2:!; Executive Board, Summer 1112; " ,. Well, I see in the papers that everybody ' s wanting to know " What ' s become of Sallie. " We all wondered that, too, when she left us for a while, and those of us who knew her record at smashing hearts were afraid that she ' d " met her Waterloo, " so to speak! But now I ' m pleased to report that she is safely back in the Senior class at Alabama College. Since she is one of the most beautiful and most charming girls we know, Sallie ' s going to leave a place in " our alley " that cannot be filled, and there ' ll ever be a place in all our hearts that will belong to nobody but Sa Helen Davis, B.S. FORT DAVIS, ALA. Entered 1922; Secretary Y, W C. A., 1923; Exe- cutive Board, 1:123-24-25; Mathematics Club, 1923-24-25; Delegate to Student Volunteer Con- vention at Indianapolis; L ' lnlei graduate Repre- sentative Y. W. C. A., 1924; Delegate to National Y, W. C. A. Convention at New York City; Dele- gate to Blue Ridge; Delegate to State Training Council Y. W. C. A. at Auburn; Delegate to S. I. A. S. G. at Tallahassee: President student Government, 1925-26; Delegate to S. 1, A S. G. at Weslyan. H-earts are happy when she ' s near. E- ' er her name we ' ll love to hear. L-ovingly do we all obey her, E-ach one ever glad to praise the Name that we shall all hold dear. Rl-by Foster, A.B., II K A LUVERNE, ALA. Entered 1922; Member Monk Club, 11)22-23-24: Member Calkins Music Club, 1022-23-24-25; Pro- gram Committee of Music Club, 1923-24; ' Pub- licity Committee Y. W. C. A., 1922-23; Art Club, 1922-23-24; Member President ' s Council, 1924- 25-26; President Pi Kappa Delta Club, 1924-2. " i- 26. Neat and sweet from head to feet, A lady quite complete; She ' s a mixture of all that ' s nice, A combination we rarely find. Friendly? Yes. She has never passed any- one without speaking. Maybe this accounts for her many admirers — and thev aren ' t a] girls either! Mary Dearmax, B.S. WARD, ALA. Graduate Livington State Normal, 1924; Entered 1925. " We ' re glad, dear Mary; we won when she finished at Livingston. May her future he as bright and clear as she has made our ' s here. " Elizabeth Granberry, A.B., A 11(11 II XV, ALA. 1 2 ' Granny Entered 1«22; Cl ' itic Castalian Clul Bunbury Literary Society; Girts Si Club, 1924-25-26; Treasurer Art Club, 1922-23; ut; Glee She reminds you of Lavender and Old Lace, or ul an old-fashioned bouquet, this exquisitely dainty litt ' e person known as " Granny. " Her soft draw] and her sunny disposition combined with loyalty and ability, makes her altogether adorable and charming. Possibly this is why she is loved by all — and especially by one. We are wondering how long it will be before some one else claims the whole of her warm heart. Carmenita Greene, B.S. 1 AVETI EVII.LE, ALA. Entered 1923; Member of Home Economies Club. 1924-26; Chairman Programme Committee of Y. W. A.. 1924; Member of Student Senate, 192l ' . You do not have to search a long, long time before you find one of the most generous hearted whole-spirited girls in our school — Carmenita, and with it all she ' s an enthusias- tic in everything she undertakes. Sophomore Sister — Phvliss Earle Ruth Griffin, A.B., K J MOULTON, ALA. Entered, 1924; Secretary of College Orchestra, 1924-25-26: Chairman of World Fellowship Y. W. A., 1925-20. She is not a " Comedy of Errors " Nor " A Midsummer ' s Night Dream, " But take it " As You Like It, " She is just what she seems. Happy when she should be happy And vet she ' s serious, too, A good, true friend upon whom You can always depend. Sophomore Sister — Mary Vinson Mary Willard Hall, B.S., l A 1 ' GENEVA, ALA. Glee Club. 1917-1S-19; Vice-President Philoden- droi, 1920; Vice-President Executive Board, Summer School, 1923; Y W. 0. A. Cabinet, 1919; Dramatic Club, 1925. Although Mary Willard ' s specialty lies in the arts of the home she has many talents in other lines. Not the least of her gifts is that pleasing personality. She ' s interested in all, she claims her friends by the score — in short, she ' s just " all-round. " Lucy Holt, A.B. BUTLER, ALA. Entered 1923; Winner Alabama Power Co. Schol- arship, 1923; V. W, C. A. Program Committee, 1923-24; V. W. C. A. Morning " Watch Committee, 1924-25; Life Saving ' ' nips; Dramatic Club, 1923- 24-25-26; Art Club, 1923-24-25; International League of Women Voters, 1924-25; Choral Club, 23-24; Entertainment Manager of Alabama Players, 1925-26; Treasurer of Art Club, 192r,-2i ; Treasurer Math Club, 1925-26; B. S. U. Council, 192 " -2i;; President Y. W. A., 1925,26; .Student Senate, 1925-26. " Look thou nut down but up! " There has never been a more lovable, more sincere girl at Alabama College than Lucy. Since knowing her we feel that we have known a real girl, and her absence will he felt in the coming years. May your ambition always spur you on, " Lucy Dear, " and lead .you to as noble things as your noble thoughts. Sn[ homore Sister — Margaret Tucker Juanita Houston. A.B. CLAY ION, ALA. What phrase could characterize Juanita better than " A smile will go a long, long way? " She will always be remembered by her classmates not only as an ideal girl, but one who executes duty to the fullest extent. Sophomore Sister — Ruby Morton - Myrtle Houston, A.B. CLAYTON, ALA. Member Cleosophie Literary Society. Although Myrtle is retiring and quiet her good disposition has made many friends who will ever be true to her. The high principles for which she stands will create steadfastness and loyalty, what more could he desired? Sophomore Sister — Eugenia Patton Olene Johnson, A.B., II K J BRUND1DGE, ALA. Entered 1922; Member Cleosophic Literary So- ciety, 1922-23; Basketball Class Team, 1922-23- 24-25; Secretary and Treasurer Pi Kappa Delta Club, 1924-23; Critic Pi Kappa Delta Club, 1925- 26. Just the right amount of frivolity and se- riousness are blended to make Olene a charm- ing girl. She wins the hearts of all who know her. Sophomore Sister — Rubie Jo Sxellgrove Mildred Keahey. B.S., l A - PLANTERSVILLE, ALA. " Kealiry " Entered 1922; Winner of Birmingham News Scholarship; Class Basketball Team, 1923; Var- sity. 1923-24-25-26; President Phi Delta Sigma, 1924; Vice-President Phi Delta Sigma, 1925; ETome Economics Club; Member President Coun- cil, 1924; Member Senate, 1925-26; Treasurer Athletic Association, 192(i; " M " Club; Class Mar- shal, [924; Monk Literary Society, 1922-2:!; In- ternational League of Women Voters. i924-2f.. We do not wonder that Keahey holds a place in the heart of every Montevallo girl when we see her as she goes about her work and play with a smile for everyone. Behind this smile we find a real true character, one who is sympathetic, loyal and dependable. When Keahey leaves us our Alma Mater will Grace Kelly. A.B. HEADLAND, ALA. No one could have a better friend, She ' ll stick by you through thick and thin. Though she ' s jolly and full of fun She ' ll never stop ' till her job is done. Sophomore Sister — Eunice Parker Louise Latham, A.B., .1 Z MONTEVALLO, ALA. " Buster " Entered High School 1921; College 1922; Honor Roll, 1921-22; Monk Literary Society, 1922-23; Class Basketball, 1921; Athletic Board, 1921-22; Class Vice-President, 1921-22; " M " Ciub, 1921-22 Good ole Buster! She ' s really a genius be- cause, you know, she has managed to combine love and books with surprising success. We shall not soon forget the letters written in Dr. Bacot ' s history classes. No matter where you look, no matter what you find, a hundred adjectives won ' t describe her, for she ' s just that kind. Aleexe LeCroy, A.B., ( J I ROCKFOR1), ALA. Entered 1922; Y. W. C. A. Committee, 1923-25; B, S. U. Council. 1925; Math Club. 1923-20; Y. W. A. Group Leader, 1923; Vice-President Math- ematics Club, 1925; Monk Literary Society; Treasurer Phi Delta Sigma; Secretary-Treasurer The Forum, 1926; Executive Board, 1926; Honor Roll, 1923-25. " A friend in need is a friend indeed. " Who can see Aleene without thinking of " Math " and " Expression? " Her face beameth forth with an expression of triangles and cubes; yet underneath is an all-round girl, smiling and willing to lend a helping hand whether it be in athletics, debating or ex- pression. We are quite sure she will make success in whatever she undertakes. Mary Nette Loftin, B.S. ENTERPRISE, ALA. Entered 1922; Hall Chairman, 1924-25; Y. W. C. A. Committee, 1925-26; Senior Representative to Student Government, 11125-2(1; Home Eco- nomies Club, Mary Nette, an unusual combination of in- tellect and beauty. These two qualities plus ,i winning personality have won for her a host of friends at Alabama College. Sophomore Sister — Catherine Prentiss Amxe Kirtlev Long, B.M., Z U J MARION, ALA. Entered from Judson i ■ , . 1 1 . ■ - , 1922; Calkins Music Club, 1923-24-25-26; College Orchestra, 1923-24-25-26; President Orchestra, 1924-25; Chairman Big-Sister Committee Y. W C A 1024-25; President Y W. C. A., 1925-26; Presi- dent ' s Council, 1924-25-26; Zeta Pi Delta Club. _ The three years of Anne ' s Alabama College life have reached their climax this year while she has served us as the president of our Y. W. C. A. A synonym for kindness, gentleness, a good worker and a loyal friend is — Anne Long, and for all this she is enthronged in the hearts of all of us. Hattie Welton Lyman, B.S., X A — MOXTEVALLO, ALA. President Class, 1923-24-25-26; President Castal- ian Club, 1924; Home Economics Club, 1923-24- 25-26; Student Senate, 1925-26; Technala Staff, 1923. Hattie Welton Lyman: Theorem: That four years as class presi- dent mean pluck and wise guidance on the part of Hattie, and love for her on the part of all her classmates. Proof: If Hattie had no pluck she would not have undertaken to lead us. If she had not guided us wisely we would not be the Senior Class we are today. It Hattie had shown neither pluck nor wise guidance still would she be our class president, the love in our hearts would place her there. Therefore Hattie has shown pluck, she has showinvisey guidance and we can ' t te " here how we love her. Emma Louise AIarriot, 13. S. URIAH, ALA. Attended Judson College, 1922-23 nomics Club. Home Eco- Emma Louise is the perfect proof that a girl can be both attractive and capable. Sincerity, cleverness, good looks, and winning ways are blended in the proper degree to make a fascinating personality. Her popularity is proved by the fact that she is admired by the " fair " and the " brave. " There is only one reason why we fear that she will not rise to pinnacles of prominence in the realm of Home Economics — and that ' s a mighty good one, too! Maybe her knowledge of Home Economics cart ' be utilized after all ! Sophomore Sister — True Marele Mildred McCorp, B.S. FOLEY, ALA. " Mid " Entered 1922; Class Team, 1925-26; Home Eco- nomics Club, i923-2fi. " Her pleasant smile and kindly ways Will live in our memories all our days. " Sophomore Sister — Dorothy Boller Caroline Middleton, A.B., A II LI COLLIREKE, ALA. Vice-President Y. W. A., 1924; Treasurer Notan Club, 1923; Vice-President Notan Club, 1924; Personal Editor Alabamian, 1!»24: Art Editor Alabamian, 1925; Events Editor Technala, 1925; Art Editor Y. W. A., 1925; Chairman Decoration Committee for Golds, 1922. " To know her is to love her " is a saving that is often quoted, but it fits Caroline per- fectly. She may appear distant at first; win her friendship and you ' ll have a lasting one. Sophomore Sislrr — Edith Delciiamps Katherixe Miller. A.B. GADSDEN, ALA. Entered 1922. Is there anyone who doesn ' t love Katlierine? Of course not! She is always there with the goods and " help " is her middle name. We admire her pep and originality. She is good as the best and her modesty is untiring. We all want to be like you, Katherine. Sophomore Sister — Elizabeth Elliott Elma O ' Neil, A.B. CALVSVILLE, ALA. Entered 1921; Vice-President H. S. Class, 1921- 22; Glee Club, 1921-22-23-24; Business Manager Glee Club, 1922-23-24; Business Manager Ala- baniian, 1923-24; Secretary Scribbler ' s Ciub, 1924-25; Editor-in-Chief Alabamian, 1925-26; President ' s Council. 1925-26. Elma O ' Neil — " Nuf Sed " — yes, everybody knows her. Loyalty, originality, wisdom, and personality combined hardly compliment her justly . Her ability to do the right thing at the right time has given us the right to say, " She is an all-around girl, " loved by all her class- mates. Leeta Orr. B.S., K 2 I HARTSELLE, ALA. Entered 1922; Home Economies Club, 1924-25- 26; Secretary of Kappa Sigma Phi. 1923-24- Treasurer Kappa Sigma Phi. 1924-25; Vice- President Kappa Si?.ma Phi, 1925-36; Class Basketball Team, 1923-24-25; Senate Member 1925- 2 6 . Leeta possesses pep, personality and " prin- ciples " and all of her undertakings are char- acterized by these three " p ' s " . Perseverance, intelligence and lovableness added, go to make up a real pal. Montevallo will not be the same with Leeta elsewhere. Sophomore Sister — Elizabeth Graves ft ' ill Lilian Campbell Proit, A.B, .1 2 DEMOPOLIS, ALA. Entered 1922; class Marshal. 1922-23; Technala Staff, 1923-24; President Student Government, 1924-25; President Scribbler ' s Club; Member Stu- dent Senate, 1925-26. Would you know a born writer? It ' s Lilian! Wou ' d you know a splendid executive? It ' s Lilian! Would you know who ' ll put it through When there ' s something you can ' t do? It ' s Lilian ! As President of Student Government she did " worlds " for us and in the Scribbler ' s Club her worth cannot ever be estimated. Her in- fluence is great just because we know that she weighs every move thoughtfully, carefully. For what you did in creating the Student Senate and for all the many other ways you ' ve lielped us— we thank you, Lilian, we appreci- ate you and? iu ' r College will miss you! V 1 Irma Reaves, B.S., Z II A CAMP HILL, ALA. " Red " Entered 1922; Monk Literary Society; Treasurer Athletic Board, Junior and Senior Class Ath- letic Board Representative; Class Basketball, 1923-24-25; Home Economics Club; President League Women Voters; Treasurer Zeta Pi Delta Club; Alabama Players, 1923-24-25; Treasurer Alabama Players, 1924. Here ' s to you, " Old Red, " and your clean sportsmanship — the best Alabama College has ever boasted. Though you leave her ha they will still ring with your merry laughter. Your presence here has been helpful both to your friends and your Alma Mater. May suc- cess be vours — now and always. Ernestine Robinson, A.B. MONTEVALLO, ALA. " Stine " Entered High School, 1921; Literary Society, 1922-23. College, 1922; Monk Lovable, capable, witty, a true friend, a good sport ; lots of poise and equally a much tact. One who can hold her own in any dis- cussion, from the subject of the Aztecs to the newest thing in powder compacts — of course, it ' s Ernestine. Y Mary Erin Riley, SYLACAUGA. ALA. A.I). Monk Literary Society, 1922-23: Class Cheer Leader, 1922-23-24-25; President Y. W A., 1923; School Cheer Leader, 1923-24; Y. W. C. A. Cabi- net, 1923; B. S. U„ 1924-25; Glee Club, 1922-23- 24-25; Leader tor College Night, 1923; Executive Board, 1924-25; Secretary and Treasurer Glee Club, 1925; Technala Staff, 1925; Vice-President class, lirjf,. Mary Erin — those two words immediately bring a mental image to " ye scores of acquain- tances " of all that one could tell in a volume. Wit — a made to order type to which is added a brand of Mary ' s mirth. Striking? I should say. Sincerity? Enough to lavish it on all her friends, whirl] are greater in numbers than the " Charleston " delegation! Ability? Scan her honors, then rub your eyes and read slowly. Charming? Could anything short of such result from the combination known as Mary Erin ? Sophomof Ruby Sanders., H.AI. TROY, ALA. Entered 192 Choral Club. ' alkins Music Club; 1922-2C; Blessed with all those qualities that are in- herent in a noble woman, she goes along life ' s way quietly, doing her task well and remain- ing ever loyal to herself and others. An alto- gether lovely girl is Ruby. Sophomorr Sistrr — Edith Gilchrist Fannie Jo Scott, A.B., X .1 2 ' VERBENA, ALA. " Jo " Entered 1322: Alabamian Staff, 1924-25: Math Club; Presidents ' Council. 1925-26; Technala Staff, 1925-26; President Castalian Club. 1925-26. The term " ideal college girl " fits Fannie Jo to perfection. She ' s studious, ambitious, and always " among those present " on first honor roll, and is capable to the " Nth " degree. The most understanding of friends, she ' s always in a good humor — and her disposition didn ' t have to be cultivated! Pep, personality, and 57 varieties of fun, and a personal attractive- ness peculiar to herself — that ' s Fannie Jo. Sophomore Sister — Aletha Louise Tente Marguerite Scroggin, A.R., IJ A — CENTRE, ALA. Class Basketball. 1920-21-22-23; Captain Class Basketball. 1922-23; Varsity Basketball. 1921- 22; " M " Club, 1921; Student Government Asso- ciation, 1921-22-23; Class President, 1921-22-23; Re-entered, 1925; Student Assistant in English. 1925. Uniquely popular! Unique, in that she un- assumingly and quietly steals into and claims each heart in turn — yea, boys, beware ! Pop- ular, in that her friends include ioo per cent of her acquaintances — " and thereby hangs a tale, " for it goes without saying, that it could- n ' t be otherwise when she possesses personality, talent, and brains in what one may term the perfect combination and lo! — Marguerite!! H " H. Anny May Skinner, B.S., 2 T MONTGOMERY, ALA. 5-26; Editor-in- President Glee Scribbler ' s Club, 1923-24; General 3-24; Presidents ' " Ann " Editor-in-Chief " Technala, " 19 Chief " Alabamian, " 1924-25; Club. 1924-25; Vice-President 1924-25; Critic Tutwiler Club, Manager Alabama Players, 19 Council, 1924-25-26; Secretarial Club; WTlo ' s Who, 1922-23; Class Poet, 1922-23-24; Tutwiler Club Reporter to Alabamian, 1923-24. " To those who know her not, no words can paint, And those who know her know all words are faint, No duty e ' er oe ' r tasked her, however great, Success and happiness is sure to be her fate. Good sense is hers — a gift of heaven divine; Sincerity — the gods blessed her in that line; Good looks — far, far more than her share. Determination, grit, and the will to dare. And men — be thev light or dark, or short or tall, She merely- looks their way and snares them a.!, But all these words are superfluous indeed, 1 ' or names that dwell on many minstrels need. " F. E. H. Sophomore Sister — Katherine Leath Bill Smith, A.B., X .1 2 OPP, ALA. Entered 1922; Alabama Players, 1923-24-25-26; Monk Literary Society; Vice-President Alabama Players, 1926; Secretary-Treasurer Class. 1924- 25-26; Class Basketball. 1923; Varsity. 1923-24- 25-26; Calkins Music Study Club, 1923-24; Life Saving Corps, 1924-25-26; President Life Saving Corps, 1924-25; Athletic Board, 1923-26; Senate, 1925-26; Class Marshal. 1924-26; T. W. C. A. Social Committee. 1923; Orchestra, 1923-24; Class Orchestra, 1926; League of Women Voters, 1925-26; Art Club. 1923; Presidents ' Council, 1924-25; " M " Club, 1923-24-25-26; Hall Chair- man. In our search for an ideal college girl we found Bill, and our search was satisfying. She ' s a girl who loves and is loved, who works and plays, who laughs and cries, who knows how and what and when to do the thing that ' s needed most. Bill ' s all right! «4 Florence Smith, A.B., A II Q DEMOPOLIS, ALA. Athletic Board; Class Marshal, 1922-23; Tech- nala Staff; President Alpha Pi Omega, 1924-25; Associate Editor Alabamian, 1925-26. " Drink to me only with thine eyes " and " On with the dance. " Florence is a girl who needs no such limping tongue as mine to sing her praises. With a wit that is sparkling but does not sting, with a cleverness that never approaches clownish- ness, and with a personality that wins all with whom she comes in touch, she has gone through four years of college one of our best -Joved mate. When I think of her leaving Alabama College my eyes become tear- dimmed and my throat becomes dry. What will we do without the marrvmaker, " the life of the party? " We count .ourselves better for having known you, Florence,; and may all your years be as successful as your years at Alabama College. Sophomore Sister— Miriam Grecg Lucille Sxellgrove., B.S., Z II J BOAZ, ALA. " Skeat " Entered 1922; Bunbury Literary Society; Class Basketball, 1922-23-21; Captain of Class Team. 1923-24; Varsity Basketball. 1925; Class Ath- letic Board Representative. 1922-23-24-2S ; Pa- trol Leader of Girl Scouts; Treasurer of League of Women Voters; Secretary of Zeta Pi Delta Club, 1924-25; Physical Education Club. " Skeat " has scintillated through her college career as a basketball player, a good student, and all around girl, and a real friend. In each of these capacities she has proven her worth and ability. She has the incomparable gift of making herself absolutely indispensable to those with whom she is associated and we wonder how we will do without her. • m Agnes Stewart, A.B., l 1 2 WEOGUFKA, ALA. " Ag " Entered 1:12:1: President Phi Delta Sigma Club, 1924-25; Scribbler ' s Club. 1924-26; Art Club, 1923-24; President ' s Council, 1924-25; Studenl Senate, 1925-26, " Who doth ambition slum? Nut Agnes. Who is optimistic as the sun? " lis Agnes. Who makes win laugh when you ' re feeling blue? Who do you like to tell your troubles to? Ag-er-nes dear, ' tis you. " Katherine Thomas, A.R. AS11BV, ALA. " Kat " Entered 1922; Class Basketball. 1924-25; " M " Club; Mathematics Club, 1925-26; Girl Scouts ' V. W. A., 1925-26. Kat is the same Kat, wherever you put her, and although she ' s been put at Monte lo these many years, she has won a host of friends who will miss her heaps. Sophomore Sister — Ruin Hii.LMAN " Sophomore Sister — Pauline Day Helex Townsend, A.B., RUSSELVILLE, ALA. " Patz " Entered 1922; Cleosophic Literary Society: Class Basketball Team, 1923; Varsity, 1923-24-25-26; Captain Varsity, 1925; Life Saving Corps; " M " Club; Math Club: 1923-24-25-26; President Math Club, 1923; Scribbler ' s Club, 1924-25-26; Presi- dent Scribbler ' s Club, 1924; Class Orchestra, 1926; Technala Staff, 1924; President Athletic Association, 1925-26; President ' s Council, 1923- 24-25-26. Brains, pep, originality, ambition, efficiency, dependability — that ' s Helen! Impulsive, de- termined, temperamental, both shallow and deep — that ' s Helen! She ' s one of the ablest students on the campus, and one of the few, who attempting much, can do all with honor! Sopliomorc Sister — Julia Stroud Clyde Wainwright, A.B., -4 Q ATMORE, ALA. Entered Alabama College, 1925; Entered Wom- an ' s College, 1922: Pianist for Ad Astra Literary Society. 1922-23-24-25: Class Musician, 1924-25; Secretary of Sigm a Beta Alpha Club. " A dash of sparkling grey eyes, black curly hair and sunny smile — that ' s Clyde. Only one brief year has she been with us, but by her carefree disposition and peppy music she will hold a warm spot in the memory of all who know her. Louise Ward, B.S. Home Economics Club; Hall Chairman, 1925-26; Senator, 1 !i 2 6 ; Vice-President Y. W. C. A., 1920; Chairman Tea Room Y. W. C. A., 1026; Blue Ridge, 1925. A friend and a student And a worker in all, A temple of good thoughts is Her heart to your call. Sophomore Sister — Maud Perrett Nellie White, B.S., K 2 2 ASHLAND. ALA. Entered 1922; Home Economics Club, 1924-25- 26; Secretary Kappa Sigma Phi, 1924-25; Presi- dent Kappa Sigma Phi, 1925-26; Alabamian Staff, 1924-25; Y. W. C. A. Committee, 1925-26; President ' s Council, 1925-26. " A little learning is a dangerous thing " Nel- lie has observed for she has drunk deep of the Pierian spring. She possesses one of the rarest elements known — good common sense. Shall I prove it? Her jnlliness and sound reasoning are proof enough. " Ole Monte, " what will you do without her! Sophomore Sister — Dessie Johnson Bess Williams. B.S. MONTGOMERY, ALA. " Chicken little " Class Cheer Leader. 1922-23-24; Assistant School Cheer Leader, 1922-23-24: Athletic Board, 1923- 24; Y W. C. A. Cabinet. 1925-26; Technala Staff, 1923-24; Life Savers Corp. She can cook and she can sew, She can lead a veil to win a goal. Rah, Rah, Rah, here comes Chick, Wake up girls or she won ' t like you a bit. Sop homore Sister — Mary Kate Derby Annie Holt Young, A.B., I A - ONEONTA, ALA. Hiking- and Camping Councillor. 1924-25-20; Vice-President Physical Education Club, 1925-26; Treasurer Phi Delta Sigma Club. 1925-26; Life Saving Corp. 1924-25-26; Class Basketball. 1923- 24-25; Captain Class Team, 1924. Dependable, honest, sincere, and true, Courage unbounded and will to do. Unparalleled loyalty — a thinker, too, Lover of God ' s outdoors. Annie Holt — this — to you ! Sophomore Sister — Lauretta Fort.ver Margaret Butler, Z I MONTGOMERY, ALA. " Turk " Zcla Pi Delta Club; Librarian; Glee Club; Pres- ident Alabama Players; Senate; Class Historian: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Delegate to Student Volun- teer Conference at Indianapolis; Delegate to Y r . W. C. A. Conference Blue Ridge; President Y. W. C. A. Summer School, 1925. Sophomore Sister — Etoil Barnes Colene Nathaniel Hamilton WARRIOR, ALA. " Kid " Phi Delta Sigma Club; Alabama Players: Home Economies Club; Delegate to the Y ' . Y. C. A., Blue Ridge. " We wonder why your eyes open so wide and why you always run away when you see a man. Maybe some da} ' you will change. " Sophomore Sister — Gladys Ayers Nancy Savage, B.S. CORDO, ALA. Entered 1923; Honor Roll, 1924-25; Treasurer Life Saving Corps, 1924-25; President Home Economics Club, 1924-25; Class Basketball, 1925; Executive Board, 1924-25. " Hiking, swimming, ball playing, sewing and cooking hut the greatest of these is sew- ing. " Just the kind of combination everyone admires — Earnest, steadfast and sincere, vet an all around girl and jolly good sport. Who could wish for more? Sophomore Sister — Nona H Inez Ray, B.S. HACKLEBURG, ALA. Entered 1923; Honor Roll, 1925; Charter Mem- ber Senate: Member Senate. 1925-2(1; Home Eco- nomics Club, 1924-25. It is in the field of Home Economics That Inez has chosen her work, And in this she is not excelled. She is pretty and jolly, and from her face beams A smile that will banish all care; In her eyes of brown there ' s a mischievous gleam. Girls like her are exceedingly rare. SL ' M Miriam Harvey, A.B. ATM OR R, ALA. Entered High School 1921; Entered College 1112::; Summer School 1924-25; Choral Club 1923; liii Scouts 1921-25; Honor Roll 1924-25. Smiling, always helpful, kind, Not many like her do we find. Ever patient, gentle, sweet. Smoothing paths for weary feet. That ' s Miriam. Sophomore Sister — Marie Whatley Margaret Embry, A.B. ASHVTI.l.E, ALA. Sophomore Sister — Elean ' or Hooper TECHNALA 57 TECHNALA J»j 19 2 6 p — »- • ■ ; F 7fU ■i?, £ Z3 MX 2 " V Junior Class MINNIE BACCUS WINFIELD, ALA. EUGENIA BARGE PINEAPPLE, ALA. MYRA BELL PRATTVILLE, ALA. HELEN BOYKIN CAMDEN, ALA. VERNA BRASHER CARBON ' HILL, ALA. ESTELLE BROADWAY CECIL, ALA. RUTH BURNS TALLADEGA, ALA. RUTH BURTRAM SPRINCVILLE, ALA. JOY CAWTHON FLORALA, ALA. KATHLEEN CHESTER CAMP HILL, ALA. TECHNALA 19 2 6 A. .«. , J v fcS - _.. f ' : 1 a fr. r jT lib Jr. x,-; A7f$K J» Junior Class LUCILE CLAY FULTON, ALA. STELLA CLIFTON BELLE ELLEN, ALA. ADD IE PEARL COLQUETT BRANTLEY, ALA. MAYBELLE CONNER ANDALUSIA, ALA. FAYE COTNEY LIXEVILLE, ALA. EDITH CREW GOODWATER, ALA. FRANCES CRUMP STEELE, ALA. ELLIE DREYSPRING WAUGH, ALA. GLADYS ELROD BIRMINGHAM, ALA. ELIZABETH FENN DOTHAN, ALA. CLARA JONES GREENVILLE, ALA. 59 ' LiT ' M ■■ TECHNALA 19 2 6 c . ...... • 2 x . - W j0 y Junior Class LOUISE FLEMING ENTERPRISE, ALA. MARY FLOURNEY LOUISVILLE, ALA. ANNIE LEE FLOYD ABANDA, ALA. SUE BROADUS FINKLEA MONROEVILLE, ALA. IDA GAILLARD PERDUE HILL, ALA. GERTRUDE GAINES HAYNES, ALA. BESSIE GARDINER GORUONSVILLE, ALA. HELEN GEORGE MOBILE, ALA. MILDRED GILCHRIST BRANTLEY, ALA. EPSIE GILCHRIST BRANTLEY, ALA. MARTHA GRANTHAM NEWBERN, ALA. 60 TECHNALA 19 2 6 ff m A i v ? ■ , W k cJ ' tflRL )))s _ __ Junior Class MARGARET GRAYSON BIRMINGHAM, ALA. MELBA GRIFFIN MONTEVALLO, ALA. VERDICE GUNN ALEXANDER CITY, ALA. FLORENCE GUYTON MONTEVALLO, ALA. NATHALIE HALL FLORALA, ALA. LORENE HANK1NS VERNON, ALA. MARION HANNA MARIAN, ALA. MARY HILL BENTON, ALA. ANNIE LOU HODGES HEADLAND, ALA. LUCIE LOFTON HOOD CARROLTON, ALA. ELOREE INGRAM LINEVILLE, ALA. 61 TECHNALA Junior Class HAZEL JACKSON GLENWOOD, ALA. ANNE JONES LINEVILLE, ALA. IBBIE JONES DALEVILLE, ALA. RUTH JONES DADEVILLE, ALA. ANNA MAE LANGSTON ASHBV, ALA. RUTH LITTLE MOBILE, ALA. NORINE MARTIN ENTERPRISE, ALA. LUCILE MORGAN ALBERTVILLE, ALA. ROBERTA NORTHRUP GREENSBORO, ALA. RUTH PARKER BIRMINGHAM, ALA. LUCY PARKEY GALLATIN, ALA. MARY PARRENT OPELIKA, ALA. 62 S I TECHNALA Junior Class LUCY PICKENS GREENSBORO, ALA. GRACE POARCH NEW HOPE, ALA. ALICE PRICE IRONATON, ALA. ALICE QUARLES MOBILE, ALA. LOIS REYNOLDS CLIO, ALA. MARY ALLEN RHODES LINDEN, ALA. EDITH RICHARDS MOBILE, ALA. COLLIE ROAN THOMASVILLE, ALA. JUANITA ROGERS RUSSELLVILLE, ALA. MARY ELLEN SPINKS THOMASVILLE, ALA. ELIZABETH TAYLOR GADSDEN, ALA. VIRGINIA THOMAS ASHBY, ALA. 19 2 6 TECHNALA ELIZABETH WARD TUSCALOOSA, ALA. MONTEVALLO, ALA. ALLIE WATTERS SPROTT, ALA. DOROTHY WILLIAMS UNTIONTOWN, ALA. MARY K. WILLINGHAM BIRMINGHAM, ALA. MARY NEF.LV WILLINGHAM EMELLE, ALA. HATTIE WILSON ROANOKE, ALA. MYRTIE WILSON ROANOKE, ALA. 64 TECHNALA % % j-»-v » r vy vv : ;Vj s $$ Va 19 2 6 ' ■5 TECHNALA 19 2 6 fk v ' s ; : ..Ai- " ' v Sophomore Class CARRIE LEE ABERCROMBIE MONTGOMERY, ALA. VIVIAN ALFORD ALBERTVILLE, ALA. MARY ANSLEV BIRMINGHAM, ALA. GLADYS ARMSTRONG SYLACAUCA, ALA. ZADA BANKS jackson ' s cap, ai.a. ETOILE BARNES ALBANY, ALA. ROSALIE BARNETTE ROGERSVILLE, ALA. LUCY WOOD BAUGHMAN DOTHAN, ALA. ELSIE BEDINGFIELD ROGERSVILLE, ALA. RUBIE BENTON OPP, ALA. GRACE BERRYMAN TOWN CREEK, ALA. 66 TECHNALA Soph CL pnomore wass SARA BINION EVERGREEN, ALA. STELLA BLACK HARTFORD, ALA. DOROTHY BOLLER FOLEY, ALA. MARY WEIR BOOTH PRATTVILLE, ALA. EDNA BOYD NEW BROCKTON " , ALA. MARY BRANTLEY BURNT CORN " , ALA. MILDRED BRANTLEY BANKS, ALA. ALTA BROWN YANTLEY, ALA. RUTH BROWN DOZIER, ALA. WILL LACYE BROWN JASPER, ALA. MARY BRYANT E.VSLEY, ALA. LOITSE BRUNETT BREWTON, ALA. 67 TECHNALA Sophomore Class EMMIE STOVALL CARTER MONTGOMERY, ALA. LILLIAN CHAPPELL ALEXANDER CITY, ALA. MARY EVELYN CLARK RED LEVEL, ALA. FANNIE CLEVELAND SL ' GGSVILLE, ALA. VIVIAN COBB LINDEN, ALA. MARGARET COLEMAN MOBILE, ALA. MILDRED CROOK ATMORE, ALA. LEONORA DAMRELL MOBILE, ALA. NINA B. DANTZLER EUFAULA, ALA. MARGARET DAVIS MONTGOMERY, ALA. MARY LOU BYRD OPP, ALA. TECHNALA Soph CI.- pnomore t lass PAULINE DAY ALICEVILLE, ALA. EDITH DELCHAMPS MOBILE, ALA. MARY KATE DERBY YORK, ALA. REBA DUNKLIN SELMA, ALA. ELIZABETH ELLIOTT COLUMBIA, ALA. SARA ETHRIDGE CLIO, ALA. LYDIA FINKLEA MONROEVILLE, ALA. RUBYE FLOYD ABANDA, ALA. LAURETTA FORTNER SWEET WATER, ALA. UNA FRANKLIN GADSDEN ' , ALA. FRANCES FREELAND SELMA, ALA. LILLIAN FRENCH GORDO, ALA. fig TECHNALA Sophomore Class LUCILLE FULLER PERRYVILLE, ALA. EUDORA GATES MI. WILLING, ALA. ELSIE GIBBS AUBURN ' , ALA. EDITH GILCHRIST BRANTLEY, ALA. MARY GILLILAND GOOUWATF.R, ALA. LAURYN GODBOLD PINE HILL, ALA. ELIZABETH GRAVES ALEXANDER CITY, ALA. MIRIAM GREGG DEMOPOLIS, ALA. LILLIAN HAIN SELMA, ALA. MARIE HAM ELBA, ALA. SALLIE MAE HARMON TROV, ALA. 7 : - Sx S Q r « TECHNALA hw Ms V ' Sophomore Class EUGENIA HARPER PIKE ROAD, ALA. ALICE HARRIS VINCENT, ALA. NAN HEATH GOLD, HILL, ALA. RUTH HILLMAN MOFFAT, ALA. MARJORIE HILL VERNON, ALA. DOROTHY HIXON GALLION, ALA. LILLIAN HIXON PEROTE, ALA. WILLIE DEANE HOLDER YORK, ALA. LEILA HOLLAND CASTLEBERRV, ALA. NANNIE MAE HOLLAND MOBILE, ALA. NONA HORSELY BIRMINGHAM, ALA. 71 Sophomore Class MARY HOUSE PORTER, ALA. MARY HOWARD SVLACAUCA, ALA. DESSIE JOHNSON CARBON " HILL, ALA. MARGARET JOHNSON ANNISTON, ALA. VICTORIA JOLLY DOWNS, ALA. EMMA LOUISE JONES PRATTVILLE, ALA. MARY JORDON PIKE ROADS, ALA. ELIZABETH KELLER UNION SPRINGS, ALA. ANITA KING OPP, ALA. DOROTHY KNOWLES DOTHAN, ALA. MINNIE LAMHERTH ALEXANDER CITY, ALA. INEZ LAMMON SLOCUMB, ALA. LUCY McARTHl ' R SLOCOMB, ALA. HAZEL McCLESKY GADSDEN " , ALA. TRUE MARBLE STONE MOUNTAIN, GA. ANNIE MARKS MOBILE, ALA. WILLIE C. MARTIN BESSEMER, ALA. SAIDEE MAYFIELD MOBILE, ALA. LOTTIE LEE METCALF HARTFORD, ALA. 7 TECHNALA Sophomore Class LOIS MILLER THOMASVILLE, ALA. SHIRLEY MOORE THOMASVILLE, ALA. ALLENE MORRIS BESSEMER, ALA. RUBY MORTON MIDWAY, ALA. MARY NOBLE ANNISTON, ALA. BERTHA NULL DEMOPOLIS, ALA. MILDRED ORR LAFAYETTE, ALA. CATHERINE ORTMAN DEMOPOLIS, ALA. JOSEPHINE PACE MUXFORD, ALA. EUGENIA PATTON CORDO, ALA. CATHERINE PARKER COLUMBIANA, ALA. EUNICE PARKER ANDALUSIA, ALA. 7+ .4 3f J A. TECHNALA Soph phomore CI ass TIIEI.MA PEARSON MILLTOWX, ALA. PEARL PERDUE MINTER, ALA. MAUDE PERRET ANDALUSIA, ALA. BERA PHILLIPS INVERNESS, ALA. MYRTLE PLANT BOLLING, ALA. CATHERINE PRENTISS MONTGOMERY, ALA. ELEANOR PRUETT GANTT, ALA. ANNIE RAWLS ANDALUSIA, ALA. MILDRED RICE ALBER1VILLE, AI.A. THELMA RILEY ASHLAND, ALA. MARIE ROGERS AIMWELL, ALA. YALLIE ROGERS DOTHAN, ALA. WYNONA ROGERS GOODWATER, ALA. 75 TECHNALA Sophomore Class MORF.LL RYAN EXCEL, ALA. EVIE SAWYER MONROEVILLE, ALA. EUGENIA SELLERS M ' CULLOUGH, ALA. LEILA MAE SHARPE BRIGHTON, ALA. KATHELEEN SIMMS MONTGOMERY, ALA. INEZ SMITH ANNISTON, ALA. PERMELIA SNELL DOTHAN, ALA. RUBIE JO SNELLGROVE BOAZ, ALA. LUCY STEVENS BIRMINGHAM, ALA. MIRIAM STONE NANAFALIA, ALA. VERDIE STRICKLAND LINEVILLE, ALA. JULIA STROUD UNION SPRINGS, ALA. TECHNALA W 19 2 6 • ■ Ok Sophomore Class LOUISE SWAIN GEICER, ALA. ANTONIA TOLBERT GOLD HILL, ALA. MARGARET TICKER UNION SPRINGS, ALA. MYRTLE TURBERVILLE CENTURY, FLORIDA MARGUERITE TYSINGER BESSEMER, ALA. HELEN VEITCH BESSEMER, ALA. MARY VINSON ROANOKE, ALA. SOPHRONIA WAPSWORTH PRATTVILLE, ALA. ELIZABETH WEATHERLY PINE HILL, ALA. MONA WHATLEY RAMER, ALA. LOUISE WILLIAMS MONROEVILLE, ALA. 77 TECHNALA Sophomore Class BERNICE WHEELER STROUD, ALA. ELIZABETH WILSON PRATTVILLE, ALA. JULIA WILLIAMS MONROEVILLE, ALA. LOUISE WATSON FLORALA, ALA. OUIDA WOOD BIRMINGHAM, ALA. RUBY WORTHY ALEXANDER CITY, ALA. ? 2. fill (IrounJ 5 i ucle: n i — . 4 - 78 TECHNALA up] Cortcnse Adams, Eura Adkinson, Louise Allbritton, Pearl Allbritton, Catherine Allen, Martha Allen, Alma Aim on, Carrie Inez Alston, Frances Apperson, Edna Armstrong, Margaret Armstrong, Dorothy Atkinson, Alma Baldwin, Julia Banks, Josie Barefield, Elhura Bargainier, Alcie Barnett, Louneal Barrow, Dorothy Baughman, Grace Bell, Estelle Blann, Rose Marie Boyd, Grace Bramlett, Hermine Brandt, Vera Brasher, Elizabeth Bryant, Anna Love Buntin, Mary Lucy Burkett, Louise Burn ham, Eva Byrd, Eliza Saltan, Louise t ' allan, Helena Carlisle, Lorraine Carmichael, Alice Mae i ' as! 1. -nian, A 1 ha Catanzana. Vivian Turner, Nancy Wilson, so TECHNALA 6 19 2 6 ,4 - . ?■• -. C- ' -■ . " v g i Ma Mildred Chambers, Mildred Chancey, Fa.nnie Byars Chappell, Susan Chappell, Antionetta Christian, Charlotte Claybrooke, Est ell e Clemons. Sara Cloninger, Mary Cogswell, Sara Elizabeth Cole, Nettie .Lucille Coleman, Dixie Collier, Dorothy Collins, Mary Coons, Myra Courington, Rosalie Crelly, Martha Crew, Helen Croom, Edith Cunningham. Sarah t ' unningham, Helen Agnes Davis, Hilah Dennis, Gertrude Denton, Florence Dick, Sadie Drake, Willie Eieh, Helen Ellington, Annie Belle Elliott, Elizabeth Ellis. Lizzie Hearn Erwin, Gladys Faulk, Rebecca Ford, Viola Foster, Margaret Fountain, Dorothy Wynn, Emily Williams. 81 TECHNALA Sara Evans Powler, Mary Garlington, Frances Gay, Mozelle Givens, Cornelia Godfrey, Mary Cath- i riit. ' Granade, Thelma Graves, ' .ussi. ' Green, Lucy Green, Lous.- Griffin, Ethel Grimsley, Sara Paye Haines, Tommy Mall. Emily Hardy, Mildred Harp, Nell Harris, Myrtiss Heath, Ann Turner I litmus. Will a I ' d Josephine Hillman, Flora Hint on, 1 1 - !.■!) Hixon, Prances Virginia 1 i ood, Margaret Huey, Edna Huffman, Elizabeth Huff si utler, Lillian Hughes, Ruth Ingram, Prances Johnson. Helen Jones, Helen Kennamer, Lillian Gatha Kilgore, Daisy Pal Killian, Virginia Kirby, Martha Claire Kitchens, Willie Grace Kratzer, Mary Emma Zeigler. Sj TECHNALA 19 2 6 w •j I Hi l rJ I " $ w a ' Blanche Pauline Lazent.y. Eloise Leo, Nell Lewis, Velma Lewi . Jewel Livingston. Ruth Lowe, Alice Lowery, Mabel] e Mr-Andrews, Martha Gerusia McBrayer, Mary Dell McCain, Ruth McConnico, Man,- McCord, Garbell McClurry. Emma McGowin, Mae McKenzie, Mary Agnes Mc-Kinnon, Gertrude McLain, Willie Pearl MeLendon, Edna Majors, Frances Marchman, Mary Marsh, Allene Martin, Doris Martin. Birdie Josephine Mason, Henrietta Matthews. Frances Meigs, Clyde Merrill. Catherine Metcalf, Willie Mason Miles, Mary Olivia Miller, Mayme Miller, Annie Mae Milner, Burlie Vines, Evelyn Vinson, Margaret Ward. Nell Ernestine Wells. •3 3K. TECHNALA -A- Florence Moore, Katie Belle Moore, Ida Mary Morrlsette, Virginia! Murphy. Ducile Nettles, Azile Morris, Aline Osborn, Elizabeth Owens, Ida Katherine Owen, Louise Owen, Evelyn Parker, Inez Parker, Cecil Lou Parsons, Hazel Grace Parsons, SaraJ Maude Pat ill o, Virginia Pearson, Louise Pettus, Lula Rea Pharr, Mozelle Phillips, Henrietta Piatt. Evelyn Pint; let on, Kathleen Pope, Evelyn Powell, Mae Prater, Elizabeth Prather, Lola Katherine Presley, Edith Prestwood, Polly Price, Gladys Purvis. Violet Ramsay, Odessa Reagan, Ora Nell Redden, Camilla Reeves, Velma Reynolds, Inez Wright, Sybil Wil- son, Annie Yaiborough. 84 TECHNALA Bess Rogers. Frances Rush. Mary Sanders. Bessie Savage, Mozelle Savage, Gladys Sealy, Mae Sharmon, Margaret Sims, Claudia Slade, Annie Louise Smith, Christine Turrentine Smith, Dorothy Smith, Janet Smith, Margaret Smith, Rebecca May Smith, Elizaheth Palmer Spiers, Gay Nell Sliradlin, Erin Stallworth, Mary George Stallworth, Evelyn Stapler, Annice Stapp, Frances Stephens, Avee Stewart, Gertrude Stockton, Katylene Stovall, Helen Stroud, Frances Suddith, Leila Virginia Summer- ville, Mary Clyde Swearinger, Carrie Lee Tatum, Velna Taylor, Louise Elizabeth Tennant, Mathilda Thomas, Mollie Mae Thomas. Rosa Tilson. 85 TECHNALA INTERMISSION FOR THE LADIES Sh Organizations In the dim and distant future When our Councils you would visit, You must sit among our women, Who are leaders of our Nation, A TECHNALA 19 2 6 1 CjKjLl) M.Ut KWS Jpt - fe oz a DE( zinc 3HI jnc Or anijafions DO OC ini - nr n i i nr 8 9 TECHNALA tu« Executive Board Helen Davis President Mary Hill Vice-President Edith Delchamps Secretary Ibbie Jones Treasurer Senior Representatives Nina Fave Bonner Aleene LeCroy Mary Nette Loflin Mary Riley Junior Representatives Helen Boykin Ibbie Jones Mary Hill Sophomore Representatives Edith Delchamps Mary Kate Derby Honorary Members Ann Long Hazel Black 90 TECHNALA 19 2 6 ff c xa ( » Ao x v , y STUDENT C0UNCIL 91 Student Senate Hazel Black President Collie Roan Vice-President Robbie Andrews Secretary Lucy Wood Bauchman Treasurer Annie Crossley Robbie Andrews Margaret Butler Patty Cole Thressa Conaway Celia Cumbee Seniors Margaret Embry Carmenita Greene Lena Harris Lucy Holt Mildred Keahey Mamie Kroell Sara Ganzmiller Hattie Lyman Leta Orr Lilian Prout Bill Smith Agnes Stew-art Louise Ward Wanda Burks Joy Cawthon Mabei.lf. Conner Mildred Gilchrist Martha Grantham Juniors Margaret Grayson Mary Hungerford Ann Jones Inez Ray Collie Roan Joyce Stapler Mary Katherine Willingiiam Fay Turner Dorothy Williams Norene Martin Estelle Broadway Sophomores Lucy Wood Bauchman Una Franklin- Sara Head Eleanor Hooper Annie Rawles Lucy Stevens Mary Vinson Elizabeth Weatherly Frances Loftin Lydia Finklea Verdie Strickland Ik,. ,„• " ' " TECHNALA 19 2 6 % " • . s J ' 7) V " " " S ¥?lT « lll BW-. W f. j ' y vzr [ Jj STUDENT SENATE i 93 TECHNALA Presidents Council Officers Helen Davis . . . Alma Alman President Secretary Members Hazel Black Anne Long Helen Townsend Annv May Skinner Elma O ' Neill Hattie Lyman Anne Jones Lucy Stevens Gladys Waldrop Lilian Prout Dorothy Williams Elizabeth Ward Nancy Savage Helen Bishop M RY McCONAUGHBY Catherine Ortman Fannie Jo Scott Margaret Coleman Roberta Northrup Mary Noble Ruby Foster Minnie Barnes Florence Guyton Vivian Letson Nellie White Cricket Abercombie 9+ TECHNALA 19 2 6 ,.-• ' ' . xV T •• ' " ' " " s i- ' ivL i- ■ V -- w 95 TECHNALA lA.. Y. W. C. A. Officers JNE LON ' G President Louise Ward Vice-President Ruth Little Secretary Laura Johnson Treasurer Alice Undergraduate Representative Bess Williams Program Committee Eva Harcett Morning Watch Committee Mary Parrent Ramsay Morning Watch Committee Gage Morton Big Sister Committee Ruth Jones Publicity Committee Louise Ward Tea Room Committee Fannie Morton Social Committee Helen Bovkin Music Committee Ei.oree Ingram Home Service Committee Ruth Griffin World Fellowship 96 TECHNALA 97 • . N TECHNALA Technala Staff Anny May Skinner Editor-in-Chief Joyce Jackson Associate Editor Patty Cole Business Manager Fanny Jo Scott Photograph Editor Mary Erin Riley Senior Section Editor Mary Wylie Organizations Editor Alice ALSABROOK Humor Editor Laura Johnson Art Editor Mary Noble Art Editor Fanny Morton Snapshots Editor Mildred Gilchrist Athletic Editor Katherine Leath Athletic Editor Dumpsy Barnes Feature Editor Helen Veitch Feature Editor Bobby Allen . . Feature Editor Ruth Little Typist 98 TECHNALA 19 2 6 TECHNXIA 99 The Alabamian Elma O ' Neill Editor-in-Chief Thressa Conaway Business Manager Una Franklin Front Page Editor Katherine Miller Circulation Manager Kathleen Simms Toke Editor Caroline Middleton Art Editor Minnie Barnes Cartoon Editor Kat Leath Social Editor fy w f TECHNALA THRESSA, CONAWAy EMYlA, UNA. O ' NEILL FKANfCLlN, f STAFi KATHLEEN 31MMg i CAROLINE KATHARINE LEATH K.ATHEJ2IN TflJLLER -TrtlDDLETON, -WsSJ JMBfc MAJSy HUN.GER.FOK.D R.UBy FOSTEI5 PER1Y1EL1A, 9NXLL Scribblers ' Club Officers Lillian Prout President Collie Roan Vice-President Laura Johnson Secretary Robbie Allen Treasurer Members Robbie Allen Hazel Black Joy Cawthon Patty Cole Edith Delchamps Ellie Drevspring Laura Johnson Mary Hill Gage Morton Elma O ' Neil Lillian Prout Collie Roan Annie May Skinner Helen Townsentj Fay Turner Dorothy Williams TECHNALA a , ! 19 2 6 5 5, t H f Mg% W HYlARy HILL •, , DOROTHy WILLI A.-TflS : EL1Y1A. O ' MEILL 103 TECHNALA » ::: (§ ' ki ex ) XT N. 19 2 6 U 1 w Calkins Music Club Officers Frances Loftin President Helen Bishop Vice-President Frances Crump Secretary Myrtle Tuberville Treasurer Ml MISFRS Anne Long Patty Cole Ruby " Sanders Joyce Jackson Alice Quarles Miriam Ernst Frances Crump Lucy Stevens Mary Wylie Frances Loftin Althea Hughes Myrtle Tuberville Ruby McAllister Myrtle Plant Helen Boykin 10.1 TECHNALA Jl. v te fe %c fa? !? jL on .- l ; ? vw v,. " v-:. C ' .- ' ' V..,0 1 9 2 6 ' o MUSIC CLUB 105 TECHNALA 19 2 6 Mathematics Club Officers Dorothy Williams President Mildred Gilchrist Vice-President Mary Allen Rhodes Secretary Lucy Holt Treasurer JOY CAWTHON . . . Reporter In .1 labamian Members Estelle Broadway Fay Turner Emma Louise Jones Fannie Jo Scott Helen Townsend Marguerite Tysinger Melea Griffin Mary N. Willincham Ellie Dreyspring Mary Vinson Helen Davis Mary Gilliland Aleene LeCroy Joy Cawthon Collie Roan Lucy Holt Katherine Thomas Andrews Katherine McGuire Mildred Gilchrist Eudora Gates Dorothy Williams Lauretta Fortner Catherine Prentiss Mary Bryant Florence Smith Pauline Curry Louise Reynolds Sarah Head Honorary Members Miss Stallworth Mr. Kennerly Miss Decker Dr. Palmer Miss McMichael 106 cT v x id TECHNALA 19 2 6 % " SP JVx f y „««« . ' _A«- J SS-J l g J C 1 Hfcy JfoLL 3-r as cloy ea.wt.non cTIIcom CcCroy ealncmic S railLSS 107 TECHNALA v-N-- X» S 5 J ■■ ■ Alab ama PI ayers Officers Gladys Waldrop President Bill Smith Vice-President Joy Cawthon Secretary and Treasurer Ruth Jones i dvertising Manager Members Robbie Allen Hazel Black Margaret Butler Jov Cawthon Lucile Clay Nina B. Dantzler Colene Hamilton Lucy Holt Eleanor Hooper Eloree Ingram Ruth Jones Katherine Leatii Frances Loutn Madge Page Value Rogers Irma Reaves Bill Smith Anny May Skinner Gladys Waldrop Frances Rush Katherine Allen Elizabeth Weatherly Elizabeth Ward Laureen Godbold Mary Garlincton Catherine Prentiss Mildred Gilchrist Mary W. Hall Pat Conner Ann Jones 108 - 5 M PLAYERS 1tf | I P 109 TECHNALA Glee Club Officers Helen Bishop President Mary Erin Riley Secretary and Treasurer Eleanor Hooper Business Manager Margaret Butler Librarian Members First Soprano Margaret Butler Minnie Peebles Johnson- Eleanor Payne Mildred Thompson Myrtle Tuberville Elizabeth Cranberry Ai.thea Hughes Anne Yarbrouch Altos Mary Erin Riley Etoile Barnes Midiline Vil dibill Pattie Cole Ann Long Ann Jones Gladys Elrod Myrtle Plant Second Soprano Annie Lou Hodges Alice Frances Crump Verna Brasher Mirian Ernst Ik inces Sayner K v] hleen Chester TECHNALA .s S- rv, Jpfl V JK_ ... 1 4i w " 4 PlG9i jH TECHNALA HGME EC gnomics! CLUB V ' " I i ETHEL DEAK.E, PEES. IBBIE JONE9 " , V. PRES. n HELEN. GEORGE 1MA,Ey HUN.GERFORD , - BENWIE- WALTON., SEC. ■-- .,. NELLIL- WHITE- CA,PMEN,ITA, GREER LOUISE- WAKP ■MILDRED iYieCOKD m LEN.A. HARRIS TECHNALA 19 2 6 Secretarial Club Officers Catherine Ortman President Ruth Little rice-President Vivian Cobb Secretary and Treasurer M EMBERS Mary Noble Ruth Little Vivian Cobb Hermine Brant Helen Stroud Cornelia Godfrey Janet Smith Rebecca Ford Sara Cole Dorothy Baughman Aniece Stapp Ruth Ingram Odessa Reagan Alma Alman Evelyn Rose Anny May Skinner 113 TECHNALA Physical Education Club Officers Elizabeth Ward President Annie Holt Younc Vice-President Fay Turner Secretary and Treasurer Members Louise Albritton Pearl Albritton Myra Bell Leanora Damreli. Nina Dantzler Rubye Floyd Kate Gaillard Margaret Grayson Leila Holland Mary Watson- Anne Jones Tope Martin- Catherine Prentiss Edith Richards Bessie Savage Lucile Sneli.grove Rubie Jo Snellcrove Lucile Splawn Gladys Waldrop Honorary Members Miss Funk Miss Putnam Miss Early Miss Kent " 1 TECHNALA -f MJL K. T 19 2 6 jy K.y. y % j £U£»BETH WA.T2P A.MN1E HOLT VOUNG CLUB PAy TUENEE GLTlDyS WA-L.DT20P A HME- cJOKES RUBy JO SN.ELLGROV " 5 TECHNALA The Forensic Club Organized October, 1925, for the Purpose of Forwarding Intercollegiate Debates Officers Carrie Lhf. Abercrombie President Vircinia Thomas Vice-President Allene LeCrOY Secretary and Treasurer Charter Members Carrie Lee Abercrombie Una Franklin Hazel Black: Allene LeCroy Thressa Conaway Vircinia Thomas Elizabeth Ward in TECHNALA 19 2 6 JX3 l Z sJ X Xx I CLUB i 117 :swn ' ATi TECHNALA D EDICATED to those of us who did not see ft to foster the spirit of the classes and stu- dent organizations by personal iden- tification sufifiort. May your faces realize their vital opportunity sooner than they have " annuahstic -fyleas. ii9 TECHNALA 19 2 6 H Castalian Club Established 1900 Officers Fannie Jo Scott President Sallie Mae Dalton Vice-President Fannie Morton Secretary Permelia Snell Treasurer Class of UJ26 Bill Smith Fannie Jo Scoit Sallie Mae Dalton Elizabeth Cranberry Patty Cole Haute Lyman Class of 1927 Gage Morton Mary Watson Elizabeth Ward Class of it) 28 Fannie Morton Permelia Snell Lucy Stevens " Julia Stroud Vivian Cobb Class of i()2 ) Rebecca Ford Velna Taylor Dorothy Baughman Emily Hardy Mary McConauchy Gracf. Bell Helen Stroud " Florence Dick " Pledges TECHNALA CASTXUAN CLUB TECHNALA CASTALIAN CLUB TECHNALA Tutwiler Club IOTA SIGMA TAU Founded 1901 Officers Marcaret Coleman President Mary Wiley Vice-President » Alice Alsobrook Secretary Isma Long Treasurer Class of Pauline Curry " . . . Kathleen McCormick . LoLia Braxton Sanford Anny May Skinner . . Class of Alice Alsobrook . . Margaret Grayson . Ruth Little . . . Helen Grey McNeil Ruth Pardue . . . Frances Sayner . . Alcie Barnett . Helen Elington . Elizabeth Ellis . Daisy Fay Killian r0wena langley SORORES IN 1926 . Montevallo, Ala. . . Centre, Ala. Talladega, Ala. . Montgomery, Ala. 1927 . LaGrange, Ga. Birmingham, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Talladega, Ala. . Saginaw, Ala. . Mobile, Ala. COLLEGIO Class of JQ Margaret Coleman . . . Girlie Holland .... Isma Long {Catherine Leath . . . " " Virginia Ledbetter . Elizabeth Keller . . I True Marble Mary Elizabeth Moody . Aletha Louise Tente . . Mary Wiley ... ' .[ . Mobile, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Hurtsboro, Ala. Atlanta, Ga. Birmingham, Ala. ' nion Springs, Ala. Atlanta, Ga. . Piedmont, Ala. Birmingham, Ala. nion Springs, Ala. " Pledges Class of 1929 Fitzpatrick, Ala. " Christine Mitchell . . Hurtsboro, Ala. . Opelika, Ala. Frances Rush Bessemer, Ala. . Marvel, Ala. Claudia Slade Mcintosh, Ala. . Straven, Ala. Dorothy Smith Mobile, Ala. Sylacauga, Ala. Marion Jones-Williams . Montevallo, Ala. High School Frances Lewis .... Montevallo, Ala. 123 TECHNALA 19 2 6 TUTWILER CLUB 13+ TECHNALA i k % 7 9 2 6 ki, C tn A. ' s s -• ■ .XT. " 51 I TUTWILER CLUB 125 TECHNALA Philomathic Club Founded iyoS SORORES IN COLLEGIO Class of 1 92 6 Louise Latham .... Montevallo, Ala. Lillian Prout Demo foils, Ala. Marguerite Scroccins .... Centre, Ala. Class of 1927 Roberta Northrup . . . Greensboro, Ala. •Marion Hanna Marlon, Ala. Joyce Jackson Oxford, Ala. Mary Parrent Ofelika, Ala. Nan Nelle Frederick . . Ofelika, Ala. Mary Hill Benton, Ala. Mary Cola Hungerford . . . Selma, Ala. Helen Boykin Camden, Ala. Lucy Pickens Greensboro, Ala. Class of I92S Aimee Jack .... . Greensboro, I la Myrtle Tuberville . . Century, Fla Sara Binion . . . Evergreen, lla Kate Gaillard Evergreen, I la Pearl Perdue . . . Mlnter, lla Anne Johnson . Brundldge, lla Martha Orr Union Springs, lla " Althea Hughes Florala, lla Emmie Carter . Montgomery, lla Elizabeth Latham . Montei allo, lla Class of 1929 Elizabeth Spiers . . . Montgomery, lla Evelyn Stapler . . . . Mobile, lla Erin Stallworiii Evergreen, lla Editii Cunninch. 1M Evergreen, lla. ' Pledges 126 TECHNALA 127 • " N d V ' c ' V ' .« ' " if " - v s v • V. Phi Delta Sigma Officers Florence Guyton President Eudora Gates Vice-President Mary Gillilaxd Secretary Annie Holt Younc Treasurer Members Bill Slone Hazel Black Annie Holt Younc Inez Ray Mitvlene Vildibill Aleene LeCroy Kataleen Stovall Odelle Stewart Mae Prater Phyliss Earle Mary Willard Hall Agnes Stewart Mildred Keahey Lena Harris Colleen Hamilton Alice Mae Castleman Thelma Riley Pledges Marjorie Hill lorene hankins Louise Watson Gatha Kilgore Virginia Kirby Katie Bell Moore Marie Boyd Honorary Members Miss Kemp Miss Tabor Miss Young Miss K. Stone Miss Stone Miss Blackiston Miss Decker Miss Sale Miss Ross 128 129 TECHNALA 19 2 6 rVi Os f x: -- ' V PHILODEXDROI CLUB 130 Kappa Sigma Phi Established 1923 Motto: " Dem vivimus vivamus " Officers Nellie White President Leeta Orr Vice-President Grace Bromlet Secretary Veride Strickland Treasurer Ibbie Jones Artist Members Leeta Orr Nellie White Ibbie Jones Faye Cotney Grace Bromlet Verdie Strickland Pledges Gladys Pervis Mary Frances Gay Elizabeth Graves Ethel Grimsley Esther Reagan Ruby Floyd Annie Lee Floyd Dessie Johnson Honorary Members Miss Lee Rev. P. G. Carmichael Miss Mallory Miss Anna Irvin 131 TECHNALA ' 32 X ' " 0- ■ W S ' :; ; ' W f KAPPA SIGMA PHI 133 TECHNALA Zeta Pi Delta Club Officers Mary Noble President Gladys Walorop Vice-President Lucile Snellgrove Secretary Irma Reaves Treasurer Members Elizabeth Taylor Anne Jones Anne Long Gladys Waldrop Irma Reaves Laura Johnson Eloree Ingram Helen Vietch Martha Grantham Griffin Lucile Snellgrove Claire Griffin Helen Davis Rosalie Crelly Fannie Byars Ciiappel Catherine Allen Alice Lyman Etoile Barnes Margaret Butler Mary Noble Pledges Mildred Thompson Dorothy Adkinson 134 TECHNALA 19 2 6 fc « " 5 rf lk. V% % V w % Jp V ' v. .V .,..s " | lLV« - . ...S. ? fZ Ji ' :. " 135 TECHNALA 19 2 6 ■Kjr o o.3¥«a . ' r 1 iA . ? " % ki -- " " Lxvi X™ ZETA PI DELTA CLUB 136 H Ramsay Club (Beta Sigma Delta) Officers Vivian- Letson President Helen ' Bishop Vice-President Vivian Alford Secretary and Treasurer Members Vivian Alford Vivian Letson Helen Bishop Henrietta Matthews Kathleen Chester Juanita Rogers Irelle Chambers Elizabeth Wilson Mable Jean Long Pledges Alma Almon Anne Higgins Sara Cole Mary Ruth Callaway Nelle Harris Velma York 137 133 TECHNALA 19 2 6 V..,.- sf »«0 x " v s X ' -0 F v BETA SIGMA DELTA CLUB TECHNALA a»3 i » W Alpha Pi Omega Officers Minnie Barnes President Katherine Morrison Vice-President Catherine Ortman Secretary and Treasurer Katheryn Morrison Reporter Members Florence Smith Miriam Ernst Catherine Ortmann Annie Crossley Nina Faye Bonner Caroline Middleton Roberta Bailey Katherine Morrison- Minnie Barnes Clyde Eloise Lee Alice Lowery Elizabeth Huffstutler Annie Louise Smith Miriam Gregg Sue Broarus Finklea Lydia Finklea Maxine Priddy Nell Jackson Wainu right Edna Armstrong Margaret Armstrong I ,o 19 2 6 a TECHNALA 141 TECHNALA Pi K appa Del ta Officers Ruby Foster President Catherine Prentiss rice-President Hazel Jackson Secretary Frances Freeland Treasurer Members Class of ig 6 Olene Johnson Ruth Griffin Ruby Foster Class of IQ2J Lois Reynalds Hazel Jackson 1 Mary A. Rhodes Class of IQ28 Catherine Prentiss Hazel McLesky Sara Etheridge Rubie Jo Snei.lcrove Carrie Lee Abercrombie Class of IQ2Q Mildred Chambers Louise Griffin Mae McKenzie Frances Marchman Raciiael Morgan Margaret Fountain Lorraine Carmichael Nettie Coleman • - ' s TECHNALA , 8J 3fe fc 192 6 PI KAIM ' A DELTA cAthletics In the dim and distant future When the teams for sports are chosen, Who will win the gridirons glory? Why, our granddaughters, of course! Who will win the balloon pants hurdles? Why, again, of course, our grandsons! Each shall win the fitting glory. s i TECHNALA 19 2 6 n k Athletic Board Officers Helen Townsend President Lorene Martin Vice-President Marcaret Grayson Secretary Mildred Keahev Treasurer Councillors Annie Holt Younc . Hiking and Camping Ellie Drevspring Tennis Mildred Keahev Basketball Senior Representatives Bill Smith Lucille Snellcrove Junior Representatives Elizabeth Ward Estelle Broadway Sophomore Representatives Bill Weatherly Grace Berryman Freshman Representatives Louise Albritton Pearl Albritton 147 -■■ V " TECHNALA • - sV 19 2 6 ; ,.. ; ■- ATHLETIC BOARD 7H y ( S VARSITY CHEER LEADERS H9 CHEER LEADERS 150 TECHNALA 151 , y 50 s Kx. ... VIVl j ycr " C " i ' " € TECHNALA . s- 9 19 2 6 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL SQ.UAD 152 TECHNALA 19 2 6 XT. 153 v . - , N v-X: . : j 2P TECHNALA ■ ;» TECHNALA 19 2 6 SPORTS THE BIRM SPORTS Vol. II. BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA No. Alabama College Takes Flying Colors From B ' ham Southern SCORE 23-29— TOWNSEND AND SMITH STARS Playing their first game of the season did not stop the dash- ing forwards, the steady guards, or the swift pass work of the in- vincible Alabama College team. They were there, they were here, they were everywhere. Drib- bling, running, jumping, pivot- Margaret Grayson ing, juggling until the final whistle blew; then they stood still with the score standing 23- 29. Monrevallo ' s victory. Townsend, captain of the team, is one of the best bets on Monte- vallo ' s basketball quintet. It is a lucky forward who succeeds in finding the basket at all when Townsend is her opponent. She was in her best form Saturday afternoon when Howard team clashed with the Montevallo five on the home court. Time and time again of the Howard Co-eds made a desper- ate effort to reach the goal, only to find Townsend an invincible wall between her and her de- sire. There is no forward so swift that Townsend is not swifter, and when it comes to team work Townsend is hard to beat. Always steady and re- liable. Passing is a sure game and no balls ever go wrong when Town- send is behind them. The line-up for Alabama Col- lege has leaked out and the " Stone Wall, " Smith, will begin the game as guard. Smith, re- liable coworker of Townsend at the guard end, showed all her marvelous ability to get the ball off the backboard and, by the clever passwork with partner guard and center, to get the ball into the hands of the Montevallo forwards; hence, into the basket, of course. Throughout all her basketball career, Smith has been known and dreaded as a sticker. Her own team members would rather be guarded by anyone else than Smith. All the opposing forwards who have ever encountered her cher- ish the same sentiments. With her pass work, her ability to keep with her forward, and to Lucille Snellgrove TECHNALA i 9 2 6 it i_ v THE BIRM Elizabeth Ward relieve balls, she is one 01 the strong points of the Montevallo team. The crowds were thrilled by Kaehey ' s beautiful plays as for- ward. The steadiness of the lit- tle blonde in playing throughout the whole game was very re- markable. She was always right on the spot, and time and time again fooled the Pantherettes with a juggle into clear space on the floor and an unfailing shot for the goal. Keahey ' s light- ning speed made her guard look like slow motion pictures. Al- though a spectacular player, sel- fishness was not even intimated. Pass work with Jones, the other forward, and Ward, the center, was unfailing. With such a de- pendable forward, Montevallo ' s prospects this year are certainly very bright. Montevallo Co-Eds Down the Fast Jax Normal-Score 27-29 Speedy Game Won by Alabama College with Jones and Grayson Rolling Up the Score to 37 Jacksonville, Feb. 6. — Ala- bama College got the jump on Jacksonville Normal Co-ed Sat- urday night at the A. D. G. by copping their second victory of the season. The game was a thrilling encounter, made so as quitting time neared by a deter- mined rally on the part of the Normals. Both teams displayed a neat offensive and strong de- tense. Many sparkling plays fea- tured the game. Jones, under the basket, who escaped the at- tention of the normal back guards, scored several of the goals for the visiting team, one play used by Grayson several times — a dribble into Jackson- ville territory, a fake at the bas- ket and a swift pass to Ward under the goal scored a couple Melba Griffin Grace Berryman TECHNALA ft 7 9 2 6 % 1|f i THE BIRM c.......v ? two pointers for the winners. Berryman also made a beautiful play on a double pass, which she received under the basket for a speedy basket. Cawthon was the leading player on the Nor- mals ' system, and played an ex- cellent game until she was forced out on account of fouls. " Skeet " Snellgrove, Monteval- lo ' s speedy forward, displayed an accurate eye for the goal in this afternoon ' s game when Monte- vallo ' s invincible five met the Howard Co-eds. " Skeet ' s " game was remarkable for speedy floor work. No matter what the tac- tics, none of Howard ' s guards could stop the whirlwind attack staged by this slight player of the Montevallo aggregation. " Alabama College team is in the best of shape for the game, " so Coach Kent said. Ward is expected to lead the team to vic- tory. Ward, the nonchalant; Ward, the indifferent. How her height and her coolness, as she walks out on the floor, make cold chills chase up and down the backs of opponents. Her sureness at the tap-off, her abil- ity to cover the floor, her bril- liant goal work, her recovery balls at the opposing basket, her passwork with all the other team members, mark her, in all games, as a star player in the hardest place on the team, center player covering the floor. Ward ' s work thrills even the opponents. Imag- ine how Montevallo feels about her. Ruth Jones Bill Weatherly Helen Townsend Margaret Grayson makes her debut as forward in thrilling game with Jacksonville; chance came because of illness of other player. When the team went into action with a new forward we all wondered what the out- come would be — but after the first quarter all doubts as to Grayson ' s ability had vanished. Her long shots were sensational, and her ability to cover territory on a dribble made many of the 39 points for Montevallo. In- deed, she displayed all the char- acteristics of a seasoned player, and we predict that the Jackson- ville game was only the begin- ning of her triumph. TECHNALA lit. THE BIRM Montevallo Whitewashes the Howard Quintet-Score 31-7 Alabama College Wins in a Slow Game Over the Howard Team. Griffin as Guard Showed Her Ability Montevallo, Ala., Feb. 13. — The first half of the game was a drag; Howard running Monte- vallo a close race in points. Be- ginning the second half, Ala- bama five came hack with the fighting spirit. Guards standing as walls, holding their opponents to few goals; centers, here, there, shooting goals, getting the tip- MlLDRED KEAHEY off, passing from all angles of the field, while the forwards were sure of the goal any place on the field. The perfect guarding of Grif- fin Saturday was one of the fea- tures of the game. She played hard, she played fast, and she plaved fairly. The forward was helpless against such defense, while her own team was made stronger by her passing of the ball to the forward territory. The spectators were thrilled by her plaving, while her opponents were dumbfoun ded. Such swift- ness is not often seen along with accuracy and clean playing. Ruth Jones played a stellar role as forward in all games of the season. Her eye for the goal was ever accurate. Her floor work was always clever and she never failed to recover the ball from the backboard. In all games the best guard was put on Jones, but in vain, for her successful dodging, pirating and faking evaded the heaviest de- fense. If Freshman Jones played thus we wonder what Senior Tones will be like! Berryman, without a doubt, carried the team to victory. For the lanky Montevallian started the game as forward, she clev- erly played the triple role of forward, center, and guard. In the third quarter, Berryman as center instead of Ward, got the tip-off and with wonderful speed and accuracy completed beautiful passes with her for- wards, Keahev and Jones, which terminated in basket after bas- ket. During the second half, Berryman guarded Whisenhaut, the star forward of the South, and with this spectacular guard- ing as a check, not a single field goal was made. With such a guard, the Montevallo team has little to fear in the rest of her encounters of the season. With the Howard-Montevallo game will always be associated the notorious guarding of Weath- erlv. Slight of build — the big Howard forward expected a walk-away, but got the surprise of her life in the first minute of the game, when she found Weatherly an unsurmountable barrier. In toss-ups she got the tip-offs, in passes she was neat, and in speed she was lightning. Throughout the entire game she kept a smile on her face that was consistent with her even playing and that seemed to be- wilder her opponent. Bill Smith features distant future For the beauties of trie College, You will nave Derumea, fluted. Curly-haired, our precious hero! While for best sport you 11 be seeing, Straight-haired lassies, strong and slen- der, The honor easily they win. TECHNALA f C 19 2 6 ■ » " W IN D) IllK « v c . Beauty II Who ' s Who 161 ■ " : ' : " ' ■ TECHNALA M % % s 19 2 6 « o x %$n pry rs=r=ra ' jbi cs foxy ' s ... 162 : x x4. ■x - kJ C 3% 1% ,A3 v i6 3 TECHNALA TECHNALA 19 2 6 Vrv - Z : l ) 9 W 165 TECHNALA ■ m09T ORIGIN. A.L LAAJteA J0HN.9OK? ,1,1, ( TECHNALA S SU g A 19 2 6 I3U yH CUT T • ELIZABETH WARD BE- T ATHLETE— BEVT KMOWN OMTE TAKT VOTE) TECHNALA 19 2 6 ki ■ v;k: ' -«j i Vrv " V jy HELEN, DAW ■ HA.ZEL BLACK? " T •ALL-ISOUN.D 168 TECHNALA 19 2 6 169 TECHNALA . ft, mm ret ftss. ' Dispense ui i ' +y, T je Si xcho) 5WOM we MU| heftir From Vlisj " R On CftUSes - TfcsvMts ©Y , V-Ks iory C) 5 ( IS SO. %i Mary had a little lamb, Its breath ivas sivect and clean For every day around its hay, She sprinkled listerine. " Is this town dry? Say, boy, it ' s so dry you have to pin on your postage stamps. ' " My boy, do you know where all bad children go? " " Aw, hell, lady! " " I know, I know, but don ' t speak so emphatically. " " I can ' t see any of this stuff, " said Milton as he dictated " Paradise Lost. " " That tickles me, " he said, pointing to his flannel nightie hanging on the line. " I ' m in a class by myself, " said the professor as he arrived eight minutes late. Null Void Null " I started out on the theory that the world had an opening for me. " " And you found it? " " Well, rather, I ' m in the hole now. " Flea (to elephant getting off the ark) : " Don ' t shove me, big boy. " i -a KgMKf W - v •v? TECHNALA kt. c 19 2 6 V J. J ? An w v - WILL ' giNG FOR. Q MONTEVALLO b e M C— §L- rfT Tt TiMi 171 TECHNALA A FAIRY TALE 173 TECHNALA Toc3 ifty — - = He took v ft«y A tA C rs " Rey»oUs T ° PlLfl + e iate_ iniTl, , si Tench __ fo r, (Hr-Rmi, TklCen Vy woy, The Jo., lifts % +uroV)f Mlt .ss 6e jft e Kn BtcloM ' was Th U TC =T Th l s= " A sin is imagination plus action. " " I made a hole in one. " " One stroke? " " No, one sock. " " What ' s a parable? " " An excuse for a story without any point. " mine »s rto telle + a e " said +l e f re s H ma . . ...ik. TECHNALA Pitrc is an old college Wlfiich stcivLds on, a kill, 3 r JCwoiuLccige, tJiey drill. 174 At the glove counter, said one glove to another, " Are you dressed, kid? " You ' ve all heard of the absentminded professor, who, poured catsup on his shoe- strings and tied knots in his macaroni, but how about the fellow who twisted the baby ' s ear and walked the floor with the phonograph ? " An apple a day will keep the doctor away. " " So ' Il a pound of cheese. " " A little bit goes a long ways, " said the keeper, feeding a handful of hay to a giraffe. Anyone taking a correspondence course in Charleston dancing ought to get a kick out of his mail. A Short Musical Comedy " Lend me a dollar? " " Aw, go to hell. " Song: Give My Regards to Davy. _F M ORITE STUDIE i„ " I ' ll now un- ravel a mystery, " said the daring youth as he pulled at a thread in the girl ' s gown. " Pin money, " said the guy hock- ing his fraternity pin. A Scotchman once gave a wait- ress a tip. Told her to wash her neck. fl Hard " Proposition 175 TECHNALA A Hard Proposition Gertrude: " Hello, Miss Tillman, iw is my pal, Dimples, getting P Miss Tillman: " She ' s convales- cing! " Gertrude: " Oh, Gee! ain ' t that too bad!! And I thought she was getting better. " She: " That was Mr. Kent. Don ' t you think he is good looking? He is so romantic. Everytime he speaks to me he starts off with " Fair-lady! " " He: " Ah — that is only a force of habit. He used to be a street car conductor. " ■ ■■■ 5f 176 TECHNALA 7 ; Cs i WE BELIEVE IX GIVIN ' G A FELLOW A CHAN ' CE 177 -.«■ :. TECHNALA ' Turn over, please, I want to get out " 178 TECHNALA 19 2 6 x v i y %X A dwoRce, but on whft+ rtRoonds? ' ' AS HE Am+ MUwed on ' e rvi " SM yg-A Ikey: " I see they ' re charging fifty cents to see " The Ten Commandments. " Jakey: " Oy, that ' s a nickel apiece. " - - - - " That ' s a good dive, " said the swimming coach as he passed Breeze Inn. " Just cutting up a bit, " remarked George Washington as his father spied him near the cherry tree. -x- - " I ' ll run circles around these guys, " said the artists as he painted the halo-ed saints. The universal watchword — Tick. The real decline of man — Falling in love. " Do you love me? " " Why, honey, I ' d go through fire to brimstone for you. " " Will I see you tomorrow night? " " Yeah, if it don ' t rain. " 179 TECHNALA MAV DAY i So TECHNALA , ft . ten The § al -h, ft + vJ tft l „ F an4er. lh CUVtleW bov h Nov, Cl.mbc, m Pi Fop;d Co ope Famous Statements by Famous People i. " No matter how cold Venus de Milo is, she ' ll never knit a sweater. " — Daniel Boone. " I hear that your dad smashed himself up pretty badly last spring. " " Yea, he took Ma out driving to an old sparking place, said ' Whoa, boy, ' to the car, and dropped the wheel. " Our idea of a considerate professor is one who talks you to sleep, then wakes you up five minutes early so you won ' t be late for vour next class. He has been around lots, but they were 11 cow lots. " Don ' t kiss me please, " sweet Mary cried, " It isn ' t customary. " And then, oh, you should have heard That fellow cus-to-Marv. Campus Hiccoughs Colleges expect every man to do his daddy. There is not much romance about a girl from your own town. It is too much to ask even a state univer- sity to make brain out of adamant. All the learning you get in college won ' t make the folks act right when you get back home. Heaven pity the college stomach. Eeternity is brief compared to a college play. (Jetting money from home is not always like taking candy from a baby. Summer positions but most are jobs. There is no possible way of having co-edu- cation without girls. Nobody ever worked his way through an educational engineering college with a laun- dry agency. Take care of the week-ends and the weeks will take care of thmselves. All the world loves a lover, except his own fraternity brothers. There is invariably one killing wit in the group at the photographers. ,4 ' A. v i TECHNALA " Do you know the difference between a pig- skin and a skinned pig? " " No. " " Well, wouldn ' t you make a swell football player? " " Ah, Prunella, your face reminds me of the poetry of Bobbie Burns. " " Mean you that it touches the heart, be- loved? " " Nay, my wee bonnie heather blossom, it ' s full of hard lines. " COLLEGE GRAMMAR (As she is known) I pet. You pet. He pets. We pet. You pet. They pet. And who doesn ' t pet? Horace called on Estelle. They spent an enjoyable evening in intellectual conversation. They did not talk of the achievements in science, of the policies needed to solve the world ' s problems, of books, of travel, of art. They talked of none of these things. They talked of Horace. ■ When a woman looks her best she often does her worst. A new girl came to town. They said she was too nice, too serious, nar- row, hypersensitive, strait-laced, underdevel- oped, unsophisticated, inexperienced, abnorm- al, cowardly, thin skinner — In other words, she was what is known as decent. Deans Office 8 - . ' . " I I IB! f I 1 TJiG CoJ eQ«TireDepa.rtme7?i TECHNALA CAMPS AND HIKES fW Jack: " I see you have a stiff finger. What seems to be wrong with it? " Jill: " I can ' t bend it. " Shes: " Why do rabbits have shiny noses? " Hes: " Because their powder puffs are on the other end. " Jack: " They say that a stu- dent should have e ' ght hours sleep. " Mack: " True, but who wants to take eight classes a day? " Here I am, Paddle; I ' m your little Freshman. She was only a customs man ' s daughter, but she was well ac- customed. " Odorono, a moth lives an awful life. " " How come, Fauntleroy? " " He has to spend the summer in a fur coat and the winter in a bathing suit. " Two pints make one quart ; one quart makes one wild. " Whither away, O Galloping Gregory, with you meat ax? " " Silence, Egg Bread, I hasten to cut my classes. " " Now that you ' ve been abroad, do you know any French? " " Yes, an address book full. ' ' ALPHABETICAL TELEPHONE CONVERSATION ' LO, that you, LN? " •ES, it ' s I. " ' How R U? " " O, I M O K, J. " ' G, that ' s good. " Y do U ask? " " I thought U and I could take a ride in • SX. " •O I M Dlighted. " " Can I " take T with me this evening? " " Sure thing, that L B EZ for me. " " C U at seven. ' ' " I L B ready. " ■ ■ " Have you much room in your new flat? " " Mercy, no! My kitchen and dining room e so small I have to use condensed milk. " He: " Can you Charleston? " She: " No, but 1 can Philadelphia. " He: " Meaning what? " She: " I ' m a good little Quaker. " " Give me a sentence with the word ' celery ' . " " Every time he goes down celery takes a drink. " " Where does a man get fat after he ' s old? " . " I ' ll bite. " " At the butcher ' s, fool. " Mr. Washington: " Oh, loolcy! Some darling kiddy has chopped down that nasty ole cherry tree and earned a shiny sovereign! " Lil Gawge: " I cannot tell a lie. ' Twas the kid next door. " 1 8+ TECHNALA Of all sad surprises, There ' s nothing to compare, With treading in the darkness On a step that isn ' t there. Her: ' ' Why don ' t you answer me? " Him: " I did shake my head. " Her: " Well, I couldn ' t hear it rattle clear over here. " Blonde: " Dear, don ' t you think col- lege boys have such manly voices? " Brunette: " Yes, my love; they get them from waving their handkerchiefs at the football games. " nib ' I ky For A Date .87 TECHNALA s ffif ! Heres Th ft + Wto vpfEd h) of The -Hook tin 4 e V s pik,o4_ y)hosE h t but sue ' ?, omi p fitto i Book Agent: " Is the lady of the house in? " Marie: " Yes, but she ees in ze bath. " Book Agent: " Well, tell her there is a gentleman out here would like t) see her. " Curious old lady (to one-armed man get- ting off train) : " I notice you have lest your arm, young man. " Young man: " So I have — hnv strange. " Remember? — The good old days when he came over to help her with her lessons? And they both studied ? Water are stronger as fire, Water are lots more ruff, Bekuz you can blow a fire out If you blow hard enuf. Customer to girl pounding piano in Woolworth ' s: " Would you mind playing " Sometime? " Girl: " What d ' va think I ' m ' J 3 . " c wv u6T n a. big boy ? Sleepin ' It isn ' t raining to me. It ' ; simply pouring down. Dei Yen Know the Type of College Yni th Who — Receives all information with skeptical leer? Wears his watchchain across his waistcoat, running northwest to southeast? Invariably knows the first name of every head waiter? Tells you that he can ' t understand why all women fall desperately in love with him? Always has a scheme of making a million dollars, but has never been known to have more than a couple of bones in his pockets? Pretends that he is someone else on the tele- phone? Begins all anecdotes with, " I ' m not much at telling a story, " and then proceeds to prove it? Wears spats over his rubbers? Al- ways opens the conversation with " Say, lis- ten! " ? Phrases his farewells in such terms as " Olive oil, " " Don ' t take any wooden money " and " Toodleoo " ? l88 TECHNALA ,..- " " " « A. 4 : 4 3KVrv r rfi£__ !P M 1 1 t r OS lj a u ara to Jy Gran h , q. — , V a f V " -! o t " AM V ' v ? " " y a -u r o p.i n so f x 7n f C ' r C ) a ho f f a. a. _ S. OJrX hi Our ideal of the absent-minded prof is the one who walked into the room, put his cane in bed and stood in the corner; tied his spa- ghetti, and ate his shoe strings; washed his hands, threw the water in bed and jumped out of the window. - " Sav, that man must be a magician. " " Hawzat? " Take Your Pick " Hello, how are you? " " Oh, I ' m just as good as you are. " " Hello, how are you? " " Pretty good. " " Oh, you just think you are. " Swede: " Aye want to take das book der library from. " Librarian: " This one — Ben Hur? " Swede: ' ' Yah, das ban she. " " Night after night, he gazes up at the stars. It is his very work, his life interest. " " I know a boy like that. He plays the piano in a movie. " Physics Prof: " Give me an example ex- plaining the theory of like attracting like. " Stude: " Pop drank some wood alcohol and it went to his head. " TECHNALA 19 2 6 n .. lx l or 9 ) ' ,z?? 2 bv ntuallyWtyMNow Hp (pas$ioiid " e y) " SoTnc day y on4 Shff Sl5 ' 15eTj Flour ' After seeing Gilda Gray in the movies we can truthfully say that they are motion pictures. " Be sheeted, " said the Kleagle to the Klans- inen. A bird in the hand is bad table manners. " I am half inclined to kiss you. " " How stupid of me. I thought you were round shouldered. " My idea of hard luck is the fellow who got to hell with a carload of ice and found hell frozen over. " What are your initials, madam? " " P. S. " " But I thought your name was More. " " It is, Adaline More. " What is it that has a long black tail, 600 feet high and plays music? A cat, the Wool- worth Building and a phonograph, respect- ively. " What ' s a pessimist? " " A man who won ' t milk a cow because he ' s afraid the milk ' s already sour. " " He was carrying a valise a minute ago, and just now I saw him change hands. " 1 (JO TECHNALA 19 2 6 a i . . in - x ' ■ % ««■ rra w ' v» y JL ellfyes. saidfne devil as A- picKed up Tne Telephone. TECHNALA 19 2 Judge: " Pat, I wouldn ' t think you would hit a little man like that. " Pat: " Suppose he called you an Irish slob? " " But I ' m not an Irishman. " " Suppose he called you a Dutch slob? " " But I ' m not a Dutchman. " " Well, suppose he called you the kind of a slob that you are? " " O, why worry? It won ' t make any dif- ference a hundred years from now. " " Well, then, what difference does it make now that it won ' t make any difference a hun- dred vears from now? " Said Sally: " Oh — I think it is wonderful out tonight. Let ' s not go in and dance, let ' s sit out here, just you and I, and talk. " Came the answer: " You may if you wish, I want to dance — see you later. " You don ' t believe it — but it is true. Be- cause after all what fun is there for two girls to sit out in the moonlight together? Leopold: " Why do old maids wear cotton gloves? " Loeb: " Because they haven ' t any kids. " The laziest man we can imagine is one who sits up all night to keep from washing his face in the morning. Twelve years old: " I gotta get an onion to get these cigarettes off my breath. " Eighteen years old: " I gotta get a cigar- ette to get these onions off my breath. " A traveling salesman ordered a chicken sandwich and as he devoured the very hammy looking sandwich he muttreed sadly: " One thing sure, this chicken made a hog of itself before it died. " " I love pipes, " she cooed. " Take a course in plumbing, " he sniveled. " I blush every time I see the family wash in the back yard. " " Do thev? " A girl to be popular today must powder her face and neck. Winters in Florida aren ' t so worse — with the warm mellow moon — the Spanish moss making everything just a trifle lazy. And a few girls were nicer than Sally. Glee Club Aspirant: " When I sing I get tears in ray eyes. What can I do for this? " Lvons: " Stuff cotton in vour ears. " 192 TECHNALA k 1 c 19 2 6 ct .d°Bfe serf Where yd all going; nid jAhs being rusheto Tw Kappa " Whatyoall TWea. lr iappa. " KKK itfo ' er " Some men reduce by exercis- ing — others eat at fraternity houses. " I dined with Tiffany ' s last night. " " Yes? What did vuh have to " Karats, dummy, karats. " Bible: " Why did Moses take the tablets? " Daze: " He had a headache. " - - Newly Wed : " I was a fool hen I married you! " Better Half: " Yes, but I thought you would improve! " Imogene: " Isn ' t it nice. I hear that Archie spent his vaca- tion touring the country in a big red car. What kind was it? A Packard? " Eugene: " No, a Missouri Pa- cific. " " The funniest thing happened to me last night. " " Yeah? " " I dreamed that I was eating shredded wheat, and when I woke up, half my mat- tress was gone. " " I have a pain in my tummy, dear. " Said the cannibal to his mate. " I know, I know, " his wife replied, " ' Tis that sweet girl graduate. " Phyliss: " Mother, did you know Moses had indigestion like you have? My Sunday school teacher told me the Lord gave him two tablets. " 193 TECHNALA DJ r C;M i5$ | !y 7 5 Nasty! A funny thing, the cuspidor. It ' s always placed upon the floor. It ' s never, Nor never, hung above the door. It takes what comes its way, Thinking ever of a rainy day. Its nature is that way, And what goes in is in to stav. " Advertising is very like unto a woman, " quoth the old sage, the prophet, the seer, a; he sat gently massaging his double chin, the while he allowed his beard, his wits, his bush, to drv in the sun. " It very often attracts uni- versal attention. It is often inclined to exag- gerate. It takes quite a bit of paint and is very expensive to keep up. It is sometimes prone to deceive, but, above all else, advert ' s- ing, like the woman, always pays. " He: " I just got kicked off the gridiron. " She: " Oh! you waffle failure! " Dot: " And you never loved any girl be- fore me. " Dash: " Of course not. Never before any- body. " Father: " Do you know what time it is? " Suitor: " Ten to. " Father: " Ten to what? " Suitor: " Your own business. " " Don ' t you swear before me. " " Pardon me — go ahead. " 19+ Ye Modern Dancing Master At dancing with me Jane would balk, Because I could not Camel Walk, And still I stumbled on. Mae would not be my hottentot Because I could not Turkey Trot. And still I stumbled on. Alicia gave me no high sign, I could not do the Clinging Vine, And still I stumbled on. Therice refused to come my way, I tangoed not the Spanish way, And still I stumbled on. I got the gate from Belle the Model, I could not get myself to Toddle, And still I stumbled on. But bow legs and St. Vitus Dance, At last have brought me vast romance, I CHARLESTON. There is no such thing as a " good time. ' Any time is good. AND KIPLING- CALLED (T A ag,, 9. bone D a. hank o hcxVr, " I ' ll never get over this, " said the chicken as she ambled up to the ostrich egg. He: " Teach me the Charleston? " She: " If I can remember it. Let ' s see — it was one of those quaint old dances they were doing last summer, wasn ' t it? " Yassar, dat hoss ob mine am de fastest hoss in de worl ! He could run a mile a minute if it warn ' t fo one thing. " " What ' s dat, Brudder? " " The distance am too long fo de shortness ob de time. " " Just cutting up a bit, " remarked George Washington as his father spied him near the cherrv tree. After all, what is home without another, " said the shut-eye as he staggered off to the club. 195 N«. S She never swam the channel Or made a hole in one, The winner of the tennis crown, Is a thing she hasn ' t done. She ' s not the athletic tvpe, More of the clinging vine, But a champion in a way, With her All-American line. " Bring the waiter here — there ' s a snake in my macaroni. " " It ' v no use, he ' s afraid of them himself. " Chorine: " Is this a broad-casting station? " Otfice Hoy: " No, this is a stage manager ' s office. " Chorine: " That ' s what I mean; I want to join the show. " Little Algy hung his sister, But she was dead before we missed her. Algy ' s always up to tricks, Ain ' t hecute, he ' s only six? We nominate for the hall of shame the girl that thought two alligators was an alligator pear. Medical Officer: " How did you meet with this accident? " C. M. T. C: " It wasn ' t an accident. A mule kicked me. " Medical Officer: " But don ' t you call that an accident? " C. M. T. C. : " Naw, he did it on purpose. " 196 TECHNALA Tho ' the years have rolled on to the fifties, And the girls have swapped places with the men; Tho ' they ' ve clipped off their own crowning glory — And gone Charleston-ing round, now and then ; Someday they ' ll forget their own salary — cigarettes — neckties and flasks. And the end — wait and see o ' my daughters, When this pleasure mad journey is through, If these wild, college flappers Don ' t pause at the altar meekly saying, I Do. THE EXD 197 19 2 6 € «« V " 7J 1 198 TECHNALA a TYLER ' S BEST " When you put to practical use in the home what you have learned in Domestic Science at Alabama College, remember that good food must be pure, wholesome and of a high quality when it is prepared at the source of supply. " Tyler ' s Best " means the best that can be packed — whether it be peaches, cherries, apricots, pears, etc., for the dessert or a salad; or peas, lima beans, string beans, tomatoes, etc., as a vegetable, or coffee, syrup, and other good things to eat. For twenty-four years we have endeavored to give to food users the very best that careful selection and money will buy under the Tyler ' s Best Label. We use a Pointer Dog as a trade-mark, and our motto, " Tyler ' s Best — this dog stands for quality, we stand behind the dog " — means just that. TYLER GROCERY COMPANY Wholesale BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA TECHNALA K Among Technalists — the topic of dress is sel- dom discussed without ref- erence to the styles ideas emanating from this fa- mous style right store. Many commencements have had their beginning on our third floor. Phone or write Jennie Lee, your personal shopper. LOUIS SAKS - Second Avenue at Nineteenth Street BIRMINGHAM. ALA. CURRY ' S LADIES ' READY-TO-WEAR MONTGOMERY. ALA. I EXCLUSIVE IN STYLE AND DESIGN, YET INEXPENSIVE f e SPECIALISTS IN NOBBY CLOTHES FOR THE COLLEGE MISS GARMENTS GLADLY SENT ON APPROVAL Compliments of WESTERN GRAIN CO. Birmingham, Ala. %» £- ? Jr% f£% TECHNALA I " ' r v_ THE ALABAMA BANK TRUST CO. MONTGOMERY. ALA. Capital, $300,000.00 Surplus and Undivided Profits, $70,000.00 Member Federal Reserve System CAHEENS 1924-1926 Second Avenue BIRMINGHAM, ALA. A SPECIAL SHOPPING BUREAU FOR THOSE W HO LIVE OUT OF BIRMINGHAM BETTY BLAIR OUR PERSONAL SHOPPER WILL ATTEND TO YOUR WANTS I Wish I Were In Her Shoes! You ' ll Hear Many a Smart Woman Say That About You When You ' re Wearing YOUNG-PETERSON SHOE CO. Shoes for Women MAIL ORDERS FILLED DAY RECEIVED Box 3 Selma, Alabama THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF BIRMINGHAM. ALABAMA Capital $ 1.500.000.00 Surplus Undivided Profits 583.000.00 Total Resources over Trust Department Bond Department Savings Department Here Dwells Youth A BEAUTY AID FOR EVERY NEED Permanent Waving Facials Marcelling Scalp Treatments Water Waving Electrolysis Marinello Beauty Parlors BIRMINGHAM. ALABAMA The Store of Individual Shops AUTHENTIC COLLEGE APPAREL For everyday school wear, com- mencement exercises or gradua- tion — the smartest apparel will be found at this store. ALEX RICE MONTGOMERY, ALA. «MP " $ YVS TECHNALA WE KNOW WHAT COLLEGE GIRLS WANT! New things — whether in apparel, accessories that mean so much to the costume, or dainty articles for their rooms. We have them, too. That ' s one of the best reasons we know why you should make Loveman ' s your shopping headquarters when in Birmingham. And when elsewhere — it ' s easy to write when you have the assurance that your mail orders will receive prompt and efficient attention. LOVEMAN, JOSEPH LOEB KAUFMAN ' S WOMEN and MISSES Ready-to-Wear and Furs of the better kind at prices no higher than in- ferior ones. Birmingham 213 N. 19th Montgomery 3 Court Square CREAGH SMITH HOTEL ALBERT BUILDING SELMA. ALABAMA Everything for Your Car FIRESTONE TIRES AND TUBES " Right-Now Service " TELEPHONE 1294 TECHNALA COMPLIMENTS OF KML LUMBER CO. BIRMINGHAM AlA- Birmingham, Alabama THE YOUNG 8 VANN SUPPLY CO. INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES HEAVY HARDWARE 1925-1931 First Avenue P. O. Drawer 24 3 1 BIRMINGHAM. ALA. DON ' T TRUST TO LUCK! SEND IT TO BRANNON PRINTING CO. TALLADEGA, ALABAMA TECHNALA k, i, C , J 19 2 6 BATSON-COOK COMPANY Building Contractors WEST POINT, GA. INDUSTRIAL, COMMERCIAL AND PUBLIC BUILDINGS Builders of Ramsay Hall and President ' s Home for Alabama College These Are Featured in the View Section of This Publication CARTER DRUG COMPANY SELMA, ALABAMA " ON BROAD ST. " We Are Always Glad to See You 150— Phones— 186 George Carter Cecil Mozley WELCOME TO BIRMINGHAM ' S NEWEST STORE You can shop here by mail with the same assurance as though you were here in person. Herman Saks Sons BIRMINGHAM. ALA. TECHNALA WOMEN OF DISCRIMINATION INVARIABLY CHOOSE FINE FOOTWEAR At Our Store You Will Always Find the Latest Styles In Authentic Footwear For Women GUARANTEE 5HDE C BESSEMER BIRMINGHAM ENSLEY ANNISTON TECHNALA Main Store: 1808 3rd Ave., North LOLLARS KODAK FINISHING AND AMATEUR SUPPLIES ENLARGING FRAMING WATER COLORS AND OIL PAINTINGS KODAK ALBUMS ETC.. ETC. Mail Orders Out Specialty Four Stores to Serve You Frank L. Lollar. Prop. Birmingham. Ala. HIRSCHS 213-215 19TH ST. BIRMINGHAM, ALA. LARGEST EXCLUSIVE MILLINERY STORE IN BIRMINGHAM AND ALABAMA New Styles are Shown Every Week HIGHLAND All Cream Ice Cream HIGHLAND ICE CREAM CO. BIRMINGHAM. ALA. ROTHSCHILD MERC. CO. SELMA. ALABAMA TECHNALA ji 6 £ ■ 19 2 6 " Say It With Flowers " Whatever the purpose, we will present your flowers correctly, with great skill and originality. GRADUATION BOUQUETS GIFT BOXES GIFT BASKETS GIFT CORSAGES BRIDAL BOUQUETS BRIDESMAIDS BOUQUETS ROSEMONT GARDENS 1 1 6 Dexter Avenue MONTGOMERY PHOTOGRAPHS Kodak Finishing TRESSLAR The Store of Thoughtful Gifts Pi CO MONTGOMERY. ALABAMA FOR QUALITY BULLOCK SHOE CO. Montgomery, Alabama PICKWICK CAFE No. 103 Commerce Street FRED RIDOLPHI P 3 Montgomery. Alabama TECHNALA Ills . ' A Bank Book is a Sign Board That Is Found Only on the Road To Success CITY SAVINGS BANK OF SELMA SELMA. ALA. H. C. ARMSTRONG, President H. I. SHELLY. Vice-President B. H. PERRIN. Cashier THE CITY NATIONAL BANK OF SELMA SELMA. ALABAMA Oldest Bank in Central Alabama TOTAL RESOURCES OVER $3,500,000.00 « — » H. C. Armstrong, President R. W. HUSTON, Assistant Cashier H. I. SHELLY. Cashier J. E. CARTER, Assistant Cashier 19 2 6 THE SELMA NATIONAL BANK SELMA, ALABAMA Capital Stock $200,000.00 Surplus and Profits 200,000.00 Depository of the United States and the State of Alabama conservative progressive Your Checking Account Solicited E. C. MELVIN. President R. P. ANDERSON. Vice-President J. W. CRAIG. Assistant Cashier SELMA TRUST 8 SAVINGS BANK SELMA. ALABAMA Capital Stock $100,000.00 Surplus and Profits (earned) over 100,000.00 " THE BANK FOR SAVINGS " YOUR ACCOUNT. LARGE OR SMALL. SOLICITED 4 Per Cent Compound Interest Paid on Deposits Large Enough to Serve You. Strong E.nough to Protect You. Small Enough to Know You. Largest Exclusively Savings Bank in Alabama E. C. MELVIN. President P O. THOMAS. Cashier R. P. ANDERSON. Vice-President R. L. SOMMERVILLE. Assistant Cashier TECHNALA TILLMAN DRUG COMPANY SELMA. ALA. Agents Eastman Kodaks and Supplies Spalding Athletic Goods Nunnally ' s and Gelpa Candies Garden and Flower Seed WELCOME WELCOME GIFTS FOR EVERY OCCASION Can Be Found in Our Attractive Stock of Jewelry DIAMONDS. WATCHES AND SILVERWARE We make a specialty of mail orders and can give prompt service on Jewel- ry and Optical repair work. Hobbs 8 McGill Jewelers and Opticians Established 185 9 Selma. Ala. BEWIG OPTICAL CO. SELMA. ALABAMA R. B. DAWSON Novelties Dry Goods and Notions Ladies ' Ready-to-Wear MONTEVALLO. ALABAMA THE NEW STORE Quality Store on the Corner We Expect to Cater to the College Girl ' s Trade PLEASE CALL J. I. GUYTON MONTEVALLO. ALABAMA S Ss TECHNALA — o ' x % (k ■ F yi v w k ss r +z£ l ?... mmm „ )Jb__5L_ i 9 2 6 Compliments of STRAND THEATRE Montevallo, Alabama .■ WSJ BOOSTING ALABAMA " Alabama is the Pennsylvania of the South. Alabama is richest in natural resources and is destined to become the greatest industrial state. " — Roger W. Babson. In Our Efforts to Tell the Outside World About Alabama ' s Mar- velous Natural Resources, We Earnestly Invite the Co-operation of Every Loyal Alabamian Our State Belongs at the Top in Industrial Development We Can, by Concerted Effort, Put it There ALABAMA POWER COMPANY MONTGOMERY FAIR A Great Store Over Fifty Years A GREATER STORE TODAY MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA We Are Here to Serve EVERYTHING GOOD TO EAT WALKERS CAFE MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA C L. MERONEY COMPANY Merchants MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA Thousands of Kingsbury Owners Endorse This Good Piano You will be proud to have a Kingsbury Piano in your home. No other instrument at its moderate price will give you so much genuine pleasure and satisfaction. Twenty-eight Kingsbury Pianos in daily use by Alabama College. Kingsbury Pianos are made in Grand and Upright cases. They may be purchased on convenient terms of payment. Write for Catalog and Price List — B IIIJJnI 3 B CABLE-SHELBY- BURTON PIANO CO. 18 18 SECOND AVENUE BIRMINGHAM. ALABAMA TECHNALA 19 2 6 0 " - T== N =SS v x s . Fraternity, College and Class Jewelry Commencement Announce- ments and Invitations Jeweler to Senior Class and Various Clubs of Alabama College L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Manufacturing Jewelers and Stationers ATTLEBORO. MASS. ASK ANY COLLEGE GREEK H. E. LATHAM STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES Butter-Kist Popcorn Sunshine Cakes Extra Fancy Fruit MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA COMPLIMENTS OF HANNA MOTOR COMPANY FORD DEALERS BIRMINGHAM. ALABAMA OUR ALABAMA COLLEGE INSTALLATIONS Ramsay Hall Bloch Hall Library President ' s Home MICHAEL SUPPLY COMPANY TALLADEGA SYLACAUGA ALABAMA Plumbing Heating Wiring Roofing 19 2 6 sv? SERVICE WITH A SMILE AT WILSON DRUG COMPANY THE REXALL STORE ON THE CORNER ( ) Agents foe NUNNALLY ' S CANDIES TELEPHONE 41 DOUGLASS BROTHERS WHOLESALE FRUIT AND VEGETABLES WE SPECIALIZE IN QUALITY Birmingham, Alabama TECHNALA : fcS 19 2 6 Si : ' ' ;■ PIANOS RADIOS TALKING MACHINES £ac ? i 7 Its Class THE STANDARD OF THE WORLD CATALOGUES ON REQUEST CLARK 8 JONES T ?e Steinway House Birmingham, Ala. TATUM ' S BARBER SHOP Careful and Courteous Service Here THE LATEST IN HAIR CUTS MONTEVALLO. ALABAMA Reid Motor Company Authorized Dealers Lincoln FORD Fordson Sales Agency and Service Station MONTEVALLO, ALA. Phone 77 KENDRICKS BARBER SHOP We Serve The College Girl MONTEVALLO. ALABAMA TECHNALA k e y ru -s 19 2 6 U 5 «» s . " V.-V , N v , v „. ' v.S» Merchants Planters Bank MONTEVALLO, ALA. I BANK WITH US AND YOU CAN BANK ON US i i C. L. MERONEY, President J. C. SLONE, Cashier Moore-Handley Hardware Co. BIRMINGHAM Exclusively Wholesale HARDWARE AUTOMOBILE ACCESSORIES SPORTING GOODS HOUSE FURNISHINGS BUILDING MATERIAL HARNESS-IMPLEMENTS MACHINERY MILL, MINE AND ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES " Serving the Trade Since 1882 " Jts pn] 1 TECHNALA A DEPENDABLE STORE WHERE ITS A PLEASURE TO SHOP Burger-Phillips Company 30 Years Of Faithful Service TECHNALA Wooley Horn GROCERIES CANDIES FRESH FRUITS AND SANDWICHES And we assure you that we are always with the college girls, whether it be for great or small. MONTEVALLO. ALABAMA WE SELL Fancy Groceries Fruits, Produce, Candies Drinks, Lunches Hosiery Hardware, Notions Small Profit and Quick Turnover ASSURES YOU OF FRESH MERCHANDISE AT ALL TIMES Elliott Mercantile Company MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA Jeter Mercantile Co. Dealers in Groceries Hardware and Furniture Shoes and Hose MONTEVALLO. ALABAMA TRADE AT PAT ' S PLACE THE HOME OF ECONOMY PAT J. KROELL MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA Yeager ' s Studio MONTEVALLO, ALA. v« STANDARD O THE SOUTH j THE BEST IS CHEAPEST IN THE END ORIGINAL - GENUINE MONTEVALLO TRADE MARK REO. COAL Is the standard of the South for home use. Its long lasting qualities put it in a class by itself. Original Montevallo Coal is clean — free from impurities. Will not clinker or coke, costs a little more per ton, but much less per season, for fewer tons are needed. BE CAREFUL The Original Genuine Montevallo Coal is produced only ar Aldrich, Ala., by Montevallo Coal Mining Co. Only authorized dealers sell it! There ' s one near you! Montevallo Coal Mining Company BIRMINGHAM. ALABAMA TECHNALA 19 2 6 w - ■ w " %s? I READERS OF TECHNALA NINETEEN TWENTY-SIX ALABAMA COLLEGE WILL REMEMBER The New Williams WHEN IN BIRMINGHAM For our better styles and lower prices on Coats. Dresses, Hats, Shoes, Hose, Silk Undertbings. 1911 (FASHION CENTER) THIRD AVENUE THE CITY MARKET MONTEVALLO, ALA. DAY AND BAKER GROCERY CO. Our Motto " Quality and Service " MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA Foremost in Fashion Foremost in Value In Collegiate Apparel for Young Men and Young Women BLACH ' S BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA SUNDAY DINNER PRODUCTS Satisfy Discriminating People SCHLOSS KAHN GROCERY CO. (Sole Distributors) MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Warren, Knight Davis 1603 Empire Building BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Architects for Alabama College Compliments of Hendricks Drug Company MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA V i i y ; ;|i | J£T ALA A M A« ENGR AVI NG » C O. BIRMINGH AAV To llijoavs- COLLEGE £ HIGH SCHOOL ANMU1L SPECIALISTS. " " z THIS BOOK PRINTED BY BENSON «» »«- LARGEST COLLEGE ANNUAL PUBLISHERS IN THE WORLD HIGHEST QUALITY WORKMANSHIP SUPERIOR EXTENSIVE SERVICE ensonT PRINTING CO.; NASHVILLE, J] " ENN. COLLEGE ANNUAL HEADQUARTERS e V,

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