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M ' MW BX L.IBRIS B pi Jiat - - ' IBr " " f ' ' y , (T CPublisljed bu yHlabania QolUae i?r i?r 9o vohose iDroadncss.undevstandina and tolerance lavc riiadc us iov 2 and rcipccf iin|_, do we affaciionahiij dadicaU ihi vo uTT c of inc yccfinala. 9k.9 oustonC }JilL Jkisyear of 23-24 mil always ho, a aoldan one io our ln a ) tcr ihc beainninq of iU loftu career--- as a Jour mar co Zeoc JKay ikis bookjulfiii lis purpose o serving as a tangibia record o[ ific lights and shadoyx)s of a vaar ihai wc- can never Jbroci ' . .vy l0 I Qha Qiassas t JSL C aatutcs t t Technala 19 2 4 13 Technala 19 2 4 s Elizabeth Gaili.ard President Offi cers Helen Johnson Vice-President Minnie Holiman Secretary and Treasurer Julia Tuberville Rebecca Pruett Minnie Holman Executive Board Representnti ' ves Elsie Mehaffey Class Poet Josephine Kilgore Musician Helen Johnson Class Prophet Mary Emma Taylor Historian 14 Technala 19 2 4 M LiDA Allen, A.B. CROMWELL, ALABAMA Entered 1919 ■. Honor Roll, 1920-21-2 ; Vice-Presi- tlent Class, 1921; Y. W. C. A. Committee, 1920-21; Glee Club. 1921-21; Dramatic Club, 1923-24: Art Club OfBcer. 1923-24; Secretary Monk Literary So- ciety, 1924; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 1923-24, " None can demand success, hut she docs more — slie deserves it. " A full rich nature, with a cheery greeting for every one, is Lida. She has shown initiative and executive ability as chairman of the pro- gram committee of the V. W. C. A. To have the happy fortune of being one of her friends is a rare opportunity to be cherished by the most of us. Lida is a regular curiosity shop of a par- ticular type of information, especially in French. Kathleen K. Arnold, B.S., J — goodwater, alabama " Kat " Entered 1919: Big Sister Committee, 1920-21-22; President Philodendroi Club, 1921-22 ; Stcretai " y Phi- lodendroi Club, 1922-23; Monli Literary Society, 1922-23-24; Home Economics Club, l ' J22-23-24: Senior Basketball Team, 1923-24. don ' t believe in principle, I don ' t believe in slang, I don ' t believe in nothin ' mucli. In fact, I don ' t give a hang. Mary Ethel Blake, B.S. BLOCTON ' , ALABAMA Entered 1919: absent 1921; Home Economics Club, 1922-24; Secretary-Treasurer Home Economics Club, 1923-24; Bunbury Literaiy Society: Senior Athletic Representative, 1924; Class Basketball, 1923-24. " Breathes there a man witit soul so dead IFho does not love hot gingerbread ' ' A willing friend, a helper, true, genuine, and full o ' fun. We know that Ethel ' s teaching ca- reer will not be long, for in her Boston Cooking School cook book she has found the secret of the way to man ' s heart. She made A in the Practice Home, too. " Well, fine! " Ernestine Bonner, B.M., 7 .1 2 " CAMDEN, ALABAMA Entered 1919; Honor Roll, 1920-21-22; " Who ' s AVho, " 1922-23; Chairman of Music Committee, . V. C. A., 1923-24; Accompanist for High School Glee Club. 1923-24; Calkin ' s Music Club: Monk Lit- erary Society; Treasurer of Philomathic Club, 1922-23. Ernestine charms us, fascinates us, and then works our pep up to the highest pitch by her magic music. Not only for this do we love her, but for her attractiveness, winsomeness and sin- cerity. 15 ffrni Technala 19 2 4 M LiLLiE Lou Burleson, B.S. GUIN, ALABAMA " LiL, " " LiLLiE Lou Lavada " Entered lilllO; Class Basketball Team, 1!)21; Vai-- sily, l!)22-:;3-2-J ; Manager Varsity, 1024; Home Eco- nomics Club, 1022-23-2 ' ): President Pliilodendi-oi Club. 1!)23; President Atliletic Association, 1921; ■jr- Cliil). ]!i2|. 22-23-24; Honor r oll. You ' ll find her in the jokes, You ' ll find her in the game. But no matter luliere you find her She ' s ever always the same. Alice Benton whtumka, alabama Thoiisli she came here from Cox College, she has the true Montevallo spirit. Annie Carmichael, B.S., X A JIOI.LINS, ALABAMA Entered Collese ]!i20; Uonni- Roll, 11)20-21-22-2:;; Athletic Board. 10211; Y. W. C. A. Cliniiman Big Sister Committee, 1010; Undergraduate Represen- tali ' e, 1021-22-23; nepreseiitative to E.-ceeutive Board, 1020-21-22-2:1; Dr:tniatic Club; Home Eco- nomics C ' lub. Patient and kindly, Annie is the friendliest Kir ' who ever really cared whether the other girls found Alabama College just riglit and if the " other girl " knew Annie, the place was bound to be about perfect. Annie ' s unselfish forbear- ance and thoughtfulness bring her our friend- ship; her clear-eyed vision brings her our re- spect; her brilliance our admiration; and we ourselves hasten to bring her our love. Bessie Cop eland, B.S. BESSEMi;i(, ALABAMA " Jersey " Notah Club, 1022; Monk Literary .Society, 1923-24; Home Economies Club, 1022-23-24. i6 Technala 19 2 4 M Mary Crossly, X A S BREWTON, ALABAMA " Bun " Entered 1922; Honor Roll. 1922-23; Secretary of Student Volunteers, 1922; Dramatic Club, 1922-23; Art Club. 1922-23; Cliosophic Literary Society, 1922- 23; Mathematics Club, 1923; Choral Club, 1923; Prophet of Junior Class. S ie is not a " Comedy of Errors " nor " A Midsummer ' s Night Dream " but take it " As You Like It, " she is just what she seems. The best of all, it is said, comes in small pack- ages. This can be truly said of Mary. She can be characterized b " a charming personality, irresistible sweetness, and a somethingness that makes every one like her. She is not afraid of work, but not in sympathy with it. We are all proud of the fact that Mary is the first to receive an A.B. degree from Alabama College. Maimie Eakens, B.S. selma, alabama " Ikey " Member Orchestra. 1920-24; Class Marshal. 1920- 24; Notah Club, 1921-24; Home Economics Club, 1921-24 ; Secretary Cjeosophic Literary Society, 1923-24. " And a bit of a smile for the passer-by as she lends a helping hand. " Happy when she should be happy, and yet she ' s serious too. A good, true friend upon whom you can always depend. Janice Fuquay, 1ST ALEXANDER CITY, ALABAMA Entered 1920; Class Marshal, 1920-24; Dramatic Club, 1921-24; Music Club, 1923-24; Wit Editor " Technala " , 1921-22: Business Manager " Techna- la " , 1922-23;, 1923-24; Senior Class Cheer Leader. " It ' s not because you ' re jolly, And ne ' ver a trifle blue, It ' s not because your words Are never slow and few; But the reason we all love you Is just because you ' re you. " Elizabeth Gaillard, B.S., 77 .1 2 " EVERGREEN, ALABAMA " Suz " Entered 1920; Class Marsha], 1922-23-24; " M " Club, 1922-23-24; Home Economics Club, 1922-23-24; Cleo- sophic Literary Society; Vice-President Junior Class, 1923; Vice-President Philomathic Club, 1923; President 1924, Senior Class, 1924; Presidents ' Council, irit and wisdom, pep and vim, " Sliz " is every one of tliem; Just one fault, she liates the men. But even with that she is bound to win. Technala 19 2 4 B GussiE Haygood ANDALUSIA, ALABAMA Y. W. C. A. Publicity Committee, 1922-23-24; Vice- President oC Alephsadhe Club, 1922-23: President of Alrphsadhe Club, 1923-24; Home Economics Club, 1921-22-23-24. " Deys water runs smoothly " is very applicable to Ciussie. She is usually quiet, but does not lack humor vhen time comes to play. She is extremely fond of going to the show and eating cherry sundaes. Minnie Holman, A.B., 11 A I camden, alabama " Min " Entered 1920; Bunbery. 1923-24; Assistant Matron, 1924; Member Athletic Association. 1921-22-23; Philomathio Club, 1922-23-24; Class Team, 1922- 23-24; Captain of Class Team, 1922-24; Varsity, 1921-22-23; Secretary Y, W. C. A., 1922-23; .Secre- tary Class, 1924; Executiye Board, 1924; " M " Club, 1921-22-23-24. Minnie ' s everylliing a tjirl slioulJ he, A true, straiff it-foriuani lass; S ie ' s just a retj ' lar atl-rounJ girl, A winner for Iter class. Helen Johnson, B.S. BESSEMER, ALABAMA Entered 1920; Honor Roll, 1919-21-22-23; Chairman of Publicity Committee of Y. W. C. A.. 1922-23; Art Editor of " Technala " , 1922-23-24; Vice-Presi- dent Home Economics Club, 1922-23; President of Ninth District Club, 1922-23; Cleosophic Literary Society. 1922-23; Art Club, 1923-24; Vice-President of Y, W. C. A., 1923-24; Assistant Editor of School Paper. 1922-23; Vice-President of Senior Class, 1923-24. Truly the Class of ' 2+ owes fate a vote of thanks for having sent us " H. Johnson " . Big-hearted, jolly, witty, and amiable, that ' s Helen. When- ever you feel blue or want a thing done, go to her. " Good nature and good sense must ever join. " To sum up all her virtues in a single expressive sentence, " Big ' un " is a " good ole sport " personified. Josephine Kilgore, B.M., Z 11 J BIRMINGHAM, LABAMA " Jo " Entered High School 191S; College, 1920; Class Mu- sician, 1919-20-21-22-23; Glee Club. 1918-19-20-21- 22-23; Y. W. C. A. Music Committee. 1919-20-21-22; Finance Commi ttee, 1920-21; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 1923-24; Secretary Caskin ' s Music Club. 1923-24; Chairman Bunbury Literary Society. Our " Jo-baby " with her " permanent, " her rep- utation as our best dancer, and the fact that all men ' s hearts open for her, suggests a true flapper; but we who know her and love her, realize that there is underneath a fine girl with a depth of character and sincerity that will al- ways bring her a welcoming world wherever she goes. iS Technala 19 2 4 B Julia Kii inROiGH, A.R., 77 .1 2 ' thomasvillf, alab m " Kim " Enteicil IDl ' O; As5islant Mation I ' lJJ ' 31 ( ' lu ' . Secretar - Clijosopbic Society: Ti ' oasuiei- Philuma- thic Club; BasketliaU, lil22-23--!4. There are so many " Julia ' s " — Jn ' ia of the ma- tron ' s office, business-liUe and efficient; Julia of the Senior Haslietball team, all vim; Julia of the many frocks, generous ivith them, too. And always the Julia of charming personality and numerous friends (en masse). P.S. Men like lier, too, from Virginia to . " Ma- bama (Montevallo). Elsie Mahafi ' i;v, 15. S., X ,1 2 ' MONTEVALI.O, ALABAMA Eruevpil 1020; Honor Roll. 191S-19-20-21-22-2:!-2J : Prfsident Alliletic Associalion. 1922-23; .Athletic Director, llllS-19-20-31-22 ; President Monk Liteiaiy Societ.v. Iil22-2:J; Assistant Editor ot " Techanala " . 1921-22-2: ' ,; Dramatic Club: Tieasvncr Emma Harte Willare Dinmatie Chib. 1921-22; Critic Castalian Club. 1921-22-2:1; Alabama Centennial. 1919: Y. W. C. A. Heligious Service Committee. 1921-22-2:!: " JM " Club; Instructor of Life Saving- Corps. 1922-2 -2 I. Elsie, oh Elsie! Slie has skipped into our hearts to stay. What a combination she is — vivacious, helpful, gay and sincere. You ' d think a girl who made nothing but A ' s wouldn ' t be exactly human. ]?ut Elsie is an all-round American girl. She dances divinely, and you should see her in the pool ! Edith IMoxtgomerv. A.B., Z II J wakrioh. alabama ■■Ed " student Government Association, ]922 2:i-2 ' l ; Y. " V. C. A. Cabinet. 1922-23-24: Class Basketball. 1922- 23-24: Clinirman Presidents ' Council; Advertising Manaser of " Tocbnala " . 1923. Only a girl brimming over with good sports- manship could hear herself acclaimed her Alma Mater ' s most capable, most popular, most charm- ing on the st:ige, and best all-round girl, and still remain the same Ed. Her wit and ingenuity used to get her into scrapes. Now they keep other people from getting in. She keeps our good humor at such top-notch that our honor stars there too. Leacy Newell, A.B. Entered 1920; Home Economics Club. 1921-22-23- 24; Monk Literal ' Society. 1922-23. Remember, Home Ec is never a losing course. It stands for " homus " and home, or if you are more mercenary than living, it stands per money. So with your U.S. in hand, you should face the future unafraid. y 19 TecKnala 19 2 4 M Rebekah Pruitt, A.B. hurtsboro, alabama " Beck " Entered High School 1920; Entered College 1921, Honor Roll, 1920-21-22-23: Home Service Commit- tee: Y. W. C. A., 1921-22: World Fellowship Com- mittee, T. W. C. A., 1922-23; Program Committee, T. W. C. A.. 1923-24; Treasurer Student Govern- ment Association. 1922-23-24; Class Historian, 1922- 23; President Student Government. Summer 1923; " Who ' s Who " , 1922-23-24; President Mathematics Club. 1923-24. She has woven herself into our hearts with her lovely disposition — to say nothing of brains! In life ' s saddest moments look up Beck, for she ' s there with a smile when everything goes wrong. Verxelle Ray, A.B. HOCKLEBURG, ALABAMA Entered 1921; Art Club: Bunbury Literary Society. Calm, firm, and ruler of her own mind. Ad- mired by many, understood by a few. Vernelle has the rare gift of remaining silent, when she has nothing to say. Minnie Rextz, B.S., n AI camdex, alabama " Minnie Bumps " Entered 1920; Member of Cleosophic Literary So- ciety; Secretary Phiiomathic Club. " J sunny disposition is more valuable t ian gold. " " Jl ' icn in doubt, giggle. " Craig Sheltox, B.S. guin, alabama " Craig " Entered 1920; INIember of Hoino Economics Club, 1922-23-24; Member of " M " Club. 1922-23-24; Class Basketball, 1922-23-24; Class Athletic Repre- sentative, 1924: Honor Roll. " Refined, gentle, quiet, and kind. To be like her ixe ' wouldn ' t mind. " TecJinala Willie Lee Reaves, A.B. MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA Entered 1921; Class Basketball. 1921-22-23-24; Dra- matic Club. 1D21-22; Vice-Piesklent Dramatic Club, 1922-23: Business Manager Dramatic Club, 1923- 24; Member Athletic Board. 1922-23-24; Honor Roll. 1921-22-23; Jlember " M " Club. 1921-22-23-24; Cleosophic Society; Class Poet, 1923-24. Her circumference does not indicate her mental ability. " Small around " — but " all around " as camper, athlete, girl and teacher. Catherine Smith Shepard, A.B. mont vernon, alabama " Kat " Entered 1920; Honor Koll. 191S-19-20-21 ; Art Ed- itor of School Paper. 1923-24; Assistant Art Ed- itor " Technala " , 1920-21; Publicity Committee of T. -W. C. A., 191S-19-20-21-22; Art Club Director. 1923-24; Cleosophic Literary Society; Publicity Com- mittee of Cleosophic Literary Society. 1922-23; Glee Club. 1920-21; Choral Club. 1923-24; Chairman Athletic Poster Committee, 1923-24. We wonder how Catherine made A ' s and pic- tures of the faculty at the same time, and whether in the pictures she will change the words of the tune to the song she sang at a certain wed- ding, " Rah, Rah! " Lillian ' H. Stewart. B.S. daphne, alabama " Red " Entered 1920; Honor Roll, 1920-21-22; Class Bas- ketball. 1920-21-22; Vice-President Athletic Asso- ciation, 1922-23; Varsity Team. 1920-21-22-23: " W " Club: Secretary Home Economics Club. 1922-23: Vice-President Bunbury Literary Society. 1922-23; Secretary and Treasurer of Class. 1922-23; Big Sis- ter Committee. 1921-23-24. This distinguished looking Titian-haired maiden is not only a star basketball player, but has the lovable disposition and good looks combined, to make her one of our most popular girls. Technala 19 2 4 Erkestixe Tatum, B.M. calvert, alabama " Billie " Entered 1920: Class Marsha ' , lfi20-21: Member Y. W. C. A. Committee, 1921-22: Advertising Manager " Technala " , 1922: Vice-President Cleosophic Liter- aiy Society, 1922-23; Assistant Business Manager " Technala " , 1923-24; Vice-President Calkin ' s Music I ' lub, 1923-24. The often quoted ivords, " To know her is to love her, " fit " Hillie " to a " t " . She is a capable, genuine and true friend to all, and our hands are outstretched to her as she leaves her Alma Mater to accept the grand and glorious position of " Love, Honor, and Obey. " Mary Emma Taylor. R.S. gadsden, alabama " Littl ' Un " ISnterid 1920; Honor Roll. 1920-23; Art Club, 1921- 23; Bunl)ury Literary Society: Home Economics Club, 1922-24: President of Home Kconomics Club. 1923-24; Presidents ' Council, 1923-24; Business Managei- of School Paper, li)22-2;i. " know just ivhat you ' re ilnnh ' in oj — You iliink I ' m powerful small; But Icmme tell you somethin ' else, I ' ui just as smart as Y ' all! " When Mary Emma rolled her eyes at her pu- pils in Columbianna, they promptly fell in love with her. But that ' s nothing, everyone else does too. And you can depend on it, she ' ll succeed in anything she tries, even if she is no bigger than a minute. Edith Thomas, B.S. ashley, alabama Entered High School 1919. College 1921: Member Athletic Boaril. 1920-23,-24; Class Basketball Team, 1920-21-22-23-24: Caplain Class Team, 1924; Bas- ketball Counselor, 1924; Jlember Lifc-Saving Corps. 1923-24: " M " Club; Bunbury Literary Society. By Edith ' s athletic record in school we know that she will get a " Pat " ent teaching gyin. Jui.ia TrRERviLLH, B.M., TI A S century, florida " Julie " Entered 1920; Orchestra. 1921-22-23-24; Honor Roll. 1921-22: Treasurer Philomathic Club, 1922; Bas- ketball. 1922: " M " Club. 1922-23-24; President Or- chestra, 1923: Music Club, 1923; Corresponding Sec- retary Music Chib, 1924; President Philomathic Club, 1924: Presidents ' Council. 1924; Executive Board. 1924. Precious articles come in small packages, and Julia is certainly a fair example of this. She is a little bundle of executive ability, pleasing manners, vivacity, and level-headedness. There are few such lovable, attractive, faithful and dependable girls. She attends to her own busi- ness and " lets the rest of the world go by. " Technala 19 2 4 y£=S-- )enior Class Will E, the Senior Class of Alabama College, about to die, salute thee. We hereby declare this document to be our last will and testament, and do hereby make the following disposition of our goods and chattels, effects and belongings: First. To the president, our sincercst devotion, earnest efforts, and faithful co- operation as alumn e. Second. To ] Irs. Palmer, faithful wife of our bclo ed president, all our window- boxes and lace curtains. Third. To Dean Carmichael, all our pink and blue and yellow and white cards. These are to be used to stimulate the color interest of lickcy. Fourth. To Miss Irvin, social director, one large size date loaf which our Home Ec. girls have made from the large number of clandestine dates we might have had and didn ' t. FiftJi. To Sol D. Bloch, our attenti e bachelor, a maidenly blush and curtsy for the llowers he has besto A-e(I upon us. Si.xth. To Airs. Hcatiield, the |ihilosophy of the old woman who lived in a shoe. Seventh. To the juniors, our privilege of being a senior. Senior Hall, our places in chapel, more gentlemen callers and trips to town, and our dignity. Eiffhth. To the sophomores, our sister class, ovir championship in athletics. Ninth. To the freshmen, the privilege of pulling a bluff and a bold front when rats and rat traps are mentioned. Tenth. To the student boily, all stray cats and kittens that wend their way to Alabama College, on condition that they christen and feed them. Eleventh. To the history students of 1924, all our cast-off raincoats and imibrellas, to be used in case of sudden showers. Ticelfth. To oin- Alma Mater, our love and loyalty; also a suit of furniture for the rest room. . , .■ ■ , ■ The Senior Class, . :■ . , ' , , per Ruth Cunnixgh.a: i. 23 Technala 19 2 4 Class Propkecy — Tke Cedar Chest ACK in the darkest, duskiest corner of the attic the Big Cedar Chest had waited patiently while todajs became yesterdays and countless yesterdays slipped away over the horizon of the years. And now after years of waiting, it was suddenly dragged out of its corner into the bright shaft of sunlight which streamed in ii through the tiny attic window. No wonder its brass-bound corners blinked and winked in the sudden, unfamiliar light, for this was in year 1946, and it had been hidden away in the dark for twenty-odd years. Elizabeth Ann lived in the self-same house in which her grandfather had lived and to which her father had brought his bride when he married the little Alabama school-teacher in 1926. She had her mother ' s name, and she had been promised that on the very day she finished high school she should be allowed to see inside the mysterious Big Cedar Chest in the attic. And now the eventful day had arrived, her mother had given her the key, and she had just pulled it out of its corner. With a thrill of excitement she dropped down upon her knees before it, turned the key in the lock, and softly opened back the heavy cover. Then she gave a gasp of surprise, for on the very tip-top lay a letter, newly written, and addressed to her in her mother ' s familiar handwriting. Trembling with excitement, she read: " My Dearest Daughter: " I have just written this letter to you to explain the contents of the big chest which you have always wanted to open. I have kept these precious remnants of my college days for you until you have finished high school and are ready to go away to college yourself. They are memories of the happiest days of my life, and I want you to have them so that when you go to the South ' s greatest college you may know and be proud that Elizabeth Ann Gaillard, your own mother, was president of its very first Senior Class! The members of that class were all very dear to me and all of them are successfully finishing the careers that they began in Alabama College. So, before you go further into the contents here I want to tell you briefly who and what they are in this world of 1946 so that you may feel that you really know your mother ' s class mates. " Lida Allen you have heard of, for she is the national Y. W. C. A. Secretary. Kathleen Arnold, whom all the class loved, is making a very successful biologist at the same university where Mae Sullivan has recently been appointed Dean of Women. " The famous Alabama group of artists whose concerts you heard in New York recently, were none other than Janice Fuquay, Billy Tatum, Ernestine Bonner, and Josephine Kilgore, all of them graduates in my Class of ' 24. " Alice Benton was the inventor of the famous ' Maiden ' s Blush Rouge, ' and does an enormous business, with Bessie Copeland and Gussie Hagood as her principal salesladies. They certainly must have changed in the amount of talking they do, for we always thought them so quiet and shy. " And did you know that all of your graduating clothes came from Julia Kimbrough ' s large ready-to-wear clothing store in ' irginia? She was always trying to sell something! And I have heard that she employs two of her own classmates — Julia Tuberville as modiste and Minnie Rentz as her chief designer for ' stylish stouts. ' " The stage has captured two of our girls as we always knew it would. Edith Montgom- ery has appeared on Broadway every night for sixteen years and the close-ups of Mary Crossly in the movies are marvelous! 24 Technala 19 2 4 M " Rebekah Priiett, our intellectual wonder, is Alabama ' s first voman Governor, and Ruth Sanford is fast becoming famous as a la%vyer in the divorce courts of California. " Speaking of divorce reminds me of Minnie Holman. Dear Minnie! She got her divorce and is now perfectly free to go on with her career of mending broken homes. And when you go to Alabama College, Elizabeth Ann, you will meet four more of my dear classmates. They were so attached to their Alma Mater that they just had to go back. Ethel Blake is supervisor of Home Economics, she was always good at that, and good old Lil — coaching that famous basketball team ! Of course you ' ll know Annie Carmichael, social director, and a very sweet and lovable one she will be, too. While Leacy Newell is endearing herself to all the students by feeding them a new kind of hash ! " Mamie Eakens and Craig Shelton were among the few sweet and lovable girls who were brave enough to marry after our senior study of ' The Family. ' " You have heard me speak of Mariema Taylor and Helen Johnson I know. They are very happily situated for life in a lovely gift shop at Gadsden, Alabama. " And Elsie Mahaffey! She is at Columbia University yet and will never finish because she is determined to take every course they offer — just as she did at Montevallo ! " Poor Ruth Cunningham! Why is she wasting her talents as she does? We always thought she would compile a history book, but instead she is still serving as reference book for Dr. Bacot! " And do you know, that lovely tea room for Mobile ' s elect society is operated by Lillian Stewart. How she must love it! And in the same city there is Catherine Shepard, who was made famous by the discovery of some notable sketches of Dr. Bacot, Miss Stallworth, Dean Carmichael, and others. She now claims to have established a new school of art with pictures which blend so perfectly into the landscape that they are not there at all. " Now, Elizabeth Ann, I must bring my letter to an end, for I have introduced you to all the Class of ' 24. So delve into the mysteries here and live through my happy college days with me. That yours may be just as happy in dear old Alabama College is the wish of " Your loving Mother. " Two hours Elizabeth Ann spent before the Big Cedar Chest, and each new article that she drew out gave her a new thrill. There were her mother ' s graduating dresses — how quaintly they were fashioned. A funny old cap and gown — a yellowed and crinkled diploma tied with faded purple and gold ribbon. A memory book full of hideous snapshots and many, many other things that had been part of her mother ' s college life. Finally, with a sigh, she softly closed the Big Cedar Chest, and, feeling that she had been on a fairy trip into the land of Yesterday, she stole down into her mother ' s kitchen. Presently, however, she came back, then busily and happily Elizabeth Ann began to polish the brass- bound corners of the Big Cedar Chest, and when they winked and blinked even more merrily than before, she stood up before it and announced, " I ' m so very, ' very glad that Elizabeth Ann Gaillard kept you for me! Hele.v Johnson ' . 25 Technala enior CI ass ' oem Four years that have swept l y en rose-tipped ivings; Four years! And four sueli lovely years, U herein each sunbronned hill, eaeli hird that sings From gnarled oak but more endears Thee to our hearts and to us ever hrinijs A spirit one ivith thee, diar eolle je home. Four years li-herein ire have diseiples been Of those lihose patient kindliness Has hroiiijlit to us a larger life than men Have found in books (done, ivhcre friendliness Flas taugJit us icisdom, peace and joy: irhcrein We each to each are bound by thee, dear liome. Four y( irs liave gone tliiit have been all too brief, — The time lias come to bind our golden store Of memories, like lyrics, in a slender sheaf And close the book. For ice, as knights of yore. Go forth to battle for the high belief Thou hast instilled in us, dear college home. Mahaffey. 26 fe m Technala 19 2 4 JUNIORS 27 .; - " Technala 19 2 4 M l jam ORSi B Offi cers Agnes Hardi ' Prrsidi ' tit Elizabeth Horselv I ' ici-Pres ' uinit Gladys Lumpkix Secrelaiy atui Trrasurer LuLA Hawkins Executivr linaij Ri-prrscntalive Mildred Walker Exrnithw Board Rrpi r.uriluliv ' Minnie Jewel Rice Execut ' fvr Hoar J Rcprrsentati-ve Tad Martin -lllilfth Jloarit Rfprcsfttlalivc Odelle Carmichael Jihletic Board Repri-srntalivc 2% Technala 19 2 4 M Marjorie Andrews lafayette, alabama Ellen Bates jasper, alabama Jessie Bedingfield rogersville, alabama LuciLE Bell ASHLAND, ALABAMA JiMMiE Nell Brandon FAYETTE, ALABAMA Catherine Braswell demopolis, alabama Ethel Brown CROMWELL, ALABAMA Jessie Blrtra.m GRADUATING SPRINGVILLE ALABAMA Nancy Caldwell GRADUATING SCOITSBORO, ALABAMA Natalie Capell GRADUATING CAMDEN, ALABAMA Winifred Castleman greensboro, alabama Annie Laurie Clay GRADUATING FULTON, ALABAMA 29 T echnala 19 2 4 B Rlth Culpepper GRADUATING SELMA, ALABAMA AxxA Lai RiE Duxx GRADUATING 8 park ave, mobile. alabama Mae Foster ROANOKE, ALABAMA Hi;ttii: Hixsox ABBEVILLE, ALABAMA ' erxa Holbrook GRADUATING akron, alabama Hattie Mae Holbrook graduating akron, alabama Elizabeth Horseley columbiana, alabama Gladys Hl ev 1426 SIXTH AVE., BESSEMER, ALABAMA Lor EXE Hughes BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Claudixe Leoxard DORA, ALABAMA Florexce Loxdox greenville, alabama Katherix !•: Mu ' Li:xi)ox GOODWATER, ALABAMA 30 19 2 4 M Mary McKexzie OXFORD. ALABAMA Arhotte McKin ' xox TALLADEGA, ALABAMA MiLURHD AIartix BESSEMER, ALABAMA EuxiCE Mathews SCOTTSBORO, ALABAMA Lucy May MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA Grace Mozeley florala, alabama Mary Margaret Newei.l cov, alabama Mayo Pardue CRADUATING SAGINAW, ALABAMA Mary Pattersox rogersville, alabama Louise Purefo ' TALLADEGA, ALABAMA Mixxie Jewel Rice montgomer- -, alabama Ida Richari s GRADUATING OPP, ALABAMA 3« Technala 19 2 4 LuLiE B. Saxford TALLADEGA, ALABAMA E ' ALIE SiXGLETOX putn ' am, alabama Jessie Sloxe 1l rtselle, alabama Frances Smith WILSOXVILLE, ALABAMA Mary Sparks columbiana, alabama Jaxie Crooks Steele GRADUATING PLEASANT RIDGE, ALABAMA Ethyl Tho.mi ' sox bessemer, alabama Carolyx Thrash CRADUAIIKG stanton, alabama Mariaxxa Thomas PAITON, ALABAMA Mary Tram.mell nVE POINTS, ALABAMA Mildred Walker newbern, alabama CAROL-ix Wall GRADUATING rOREST HOME, ALABAMA Technala 19 2 4 Grace Williams COLUMBIA, ALABAMA Cornelia Wall IIOLLINS, ALABAMA Ruby Belcher HOLLINS, ALABAMA Gladys Llmpkix abdoitville, alabama Jessie Hobbs Morrison ' selma, alabama Agnes Hardy newala, alabama 33 T echnala 19 2 4 M Junior Class History the great and auspicious day of September 8, 192 1, our class of ' 25 came officially into existence. It was through a sea of commotion and confusion we passed in the bewildering process of registration, but at last we A ere ready to settle down in the prescribed channels of work, work, work. To us it was experience never to be repeated and never to be forgotten. Then came the refining process, which caused many moans and groans, but the end products were the best, we thought, that the Refining lachine had ever turned out. Our athletic record was a source of never failing pride for the class of 1925, and om ' other accomplishments were in the same proportion. Because of our excelled work and beha lor we were granted pri ileges never before given to a Freshman Class. Then as we entered our Sophomore year fewer in number but prouder in spirit, feeling that we stood on the threshold of wisdom, we did our utmost to gi e the proper care and instruction to the poor little green " rats " whose standing was not to be compared with our own superior one. Realizing that the only way to make them feel at home and not be homesick was to put them to work, we left no stone imturned, and consequently they saw fit to carry out our instructions to the last letter and obey our slightest request or wish as the Roman knights obeyed their generals in olden times. We were again justly proud of our achievements. Though we did not win the loving cup, we tied with the Freshmen for it. Ve showed a wondrous display of college spirit in all of the activities of the year and tiid our bit for our Alma Mater with a loyal mind and a willing hand. The varsitv team gained in efficiency this year, as the Sophomore Class ga e them another me mber, Mildred Moore, who helped Tad Martin and Odelle Carmichael represent our class to the nth degree on the team. Now, in our Junior year, imder the leadership of our capable president, Agnes Hard ' , who has led us so faithfidly through the struggle and successes of our three years of college existence, we are still putting forth our best and making a ne ' er-to-be- forgotten record in the school history. We. as Juniors, have been of vast importance in athletics and the social affairs of the college, and our progress has been made in leaps and bounds. This, like all other Junior years, is a year of anticipation. L nlike our Sophomore feeling of supremac , we are looking forward more to the dignified ranks of Seniordom, but at the same time we are striving to reach the acropolis of our Junior year in all of the standards of our dear Alma ]Mater. (Signed) Eth el Rrowv. 34 19 2 4 M Junior Class Po em J ' ll y J iiniors dear ol J cliissindtcs (, ' o iu ' . let ' s sing a college song ; Let IIS rally roii iil the colors That sy iil olize our college home. Three years fiffo ive ineived this campus frith a Freshman ' s prejudiced eye; Sail ' the halls in all their splendor If ith fear and trembling ere dreic nigh. Day by day our fears ahiited No longer terror did abide — On this dreaded, horril le monster dazed the Sophomores nith pride. No-ii ' ive ' re Juniors, jolly Juniors, Sunshine-laden . free from care; If not so icisc — ive ' re energetic. Youth ' s response to life ' s bold dare. Three years zce ' ve lived beneath one banner Pledged to it our hearts and hanils. Bound each to each by jeireled friendships, Mutual love that understan ds. Friendships that ivill last for ages,, Linked by golden hands of love; Joy and sorroir shared together Like sun and shoiiers from above. 35 19 2 4 a. So, Purple and Gold, live on forever, JMould our lives as they should he — Some for fame and honored service. Others, simple purity. And like a lovely stamp of Heaven, Like a star at eventith . May thy teachings light our pathway, May thy spirit he our guide. And lihen ive enter in the future All a desert still unknonii May our Alma Mater College Still protect us, guide us Home. REAVES. 36 Technala 19 2 4 fl 37 m 2 1 1 19 2 4 M 50PH0HMCS « . Offi cers Hattie L max President LlLLIAX ProLT lice-Prcsidcnt Bill Smith Secretary and Treasurer Alice Mahler Honor Board Representative Helen- Davis Honor Board Representative Reaves .-Ithletic Board Representative Frances McGee .Ithletic Board Representative 38 Technala 19 2 4 Mll.ORED AlBRITTOX WARRIOR, ALABAMA RoRRIK AnM)RF. VS H.ORALA, ALABAMA NixA Faye Buxner lineville, alabama Vera Boyd graduaiikc new blocten, alabama Helex Boykix CAMUE.V, ALABAMA Ola Mae Breedlove GRADUATING CANILK QUARRY, ALABAMA Sadie Bradford GRADUATING DOTHAN ' , ALABAMA OuiDA Cha.mpiox GRADUATING OPP, ALABAMA Kathleex Coates GRADUATING jackson, alabama Louise Coxner GRADUATING CATHERINE, ALABAMA Kathleex Cottixgha.m WILTON, ALABAMA Helex Dayis FORT DAVIS, ALABAMA Irene Dexsox GRADUATING BESSEMER, ALABAMA 39 w m " HF Technala 19 2 4 Charlie Mae Elliot graduating LEEDS, ALABAMA RuBV Foster LUVEN ' NE, ALABAMA El SIE CilLCHRIST GRADUATING BRANTLEY, ALABAMA Carmexita Greex dothan, alabama Dorothy Griffith GRADUATING hartselle, alabama Helex Havgooi) EVERGREEN, ALABAMA Lor EXE Ha gooi) GRADUATING LEEDS, ALABAMA EiiiTH Hitchcock GRADUATING MIDWAY, ALABAMA Jauxita Houston GRADUATING CLAYTON, ALABAMA Mrvtle HOISTOX GRADUATING clayton, alabama Jewell Jeferi: LOWER PEACH TREE, ALABAMA Olexr Johxsox GRADUATING BRUNDIDGE, ALABAMA Elizabeth Graxberrv dothan, alabama 40 Technala 19 2 4 M Mildred Keahhv PI.ANTRKSVILLE, ALABAMA Mabel Kellar graduating union springs, alabama Florence Keller- graduating SEDRIIK;E, ALABAMA Lucy Lee GRADUATING GAINESVILLE, ALABAMA Maxie Love GRADUATING greensboro, alabama Mildred McCord FOLE " , ALABAMA Kathleex McCoRMlCK CENTER, ALABAMA Frances McGee GRADUATING ATLANTA, GEORGIA Claribel McKin ' xox GRADUATING TALLADEGA, ALABAMA Hattie McLeod CAMDEN, ALABAMA Elizabeth McWharter GRADUATING COLLINSVILLE, ALABAMA Alice Mahler loxlev, alabama Emma Louise Marriott GRADUATING MOBILE, ALABAMA 41 Technala 19 2 4 Llcili.i- Martix GRADUAIINC dothan, alabama Gertrude Morris GRADUATING CATHRRINE, ALABAMA Elizabeth Perry GRADUATING HARTSBORn, ALABAMA EniTH Phillips fl.ORALA, ALABAMA ■ Olivet Pritchett pell city, alabama AcxEs ()lillex GRADUATING HARTFORD, ALABAMA Mary Riley svlacauga, alabama Leoxora Robsox graduating GAINESVILLE, ALABAMA Sara Robisox graduating ODENVILLE, ALABAMA Jewel Saxdlix kimberlv, alabama Cora Deax Savage GRADUATING PIEDMONT, ALABAMA Fannie Joe Scott verbena, alabama Corinne Sealy graduating FAUNSDALE, ALABAMA 42 Technala 19 2 4 Elizabeth Shepherd cevtral mills, alabama Anny May Skixxer MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Allexe Slade M ' INTOSH, ALABAMA Charlotte Smith sylacauca, alabama Florexce Smith demopolis, alabama Ruth Smith OPP, ALABAMA Susalie Smith GAINESVILLE, ALABAMA AxxiE Lou Taylor BALLING, ALABAMA TouxsEXD Taylor CENTRAL MILLS, ALABAMA Katherixe Thomas ASHLY, ALABAMA Mayme Todd HUNTSVILLE, TENNESSEE Frances Trammell FIVE POINTS, ALABAMA Mildred Vardamax sylacauca, alabama 43 T echnala 19 2 4 .fS M Flossie Vixes Gladys Vines Dl ' TCH VATTS Mabel Whitten craduatin ' c Elizabeth Williams ORADUATING Alice Gi ' ice Ellex Hagood GRADUATING Waxda lU rks Erma Reeves M ' iRTLK Rogers GRADUATING Ruby Sanders Celia Clmry Li RLixE Russell GRADUATING 44 Technala 19 2 4 fi Sopnomore Class History ET us turn back to a certain morning in September, 1922. Now, visualize a hundred and ninety Freshmen as they came pouring in laden with suitcases, and peeping shyly from y beneath the brims of their low-drawn bonnets. These Freshmen were easily detected, not only because they were so verdant, but because they were complete questionnaires! No, do not criticize, for do not the wise learn by asking? A glance at the " Who ' s Who? " will show how our class stood. Did we not give to Montevallo the most original, the best actress and one of the beauties? It is not often that one finds quality and quantity so combined as in the class of ' 22, but there it was, and only remained to be further developed. With oiu ' class slightly diminished in number, we assembled again one morning in September, 1923. Lo, we were Sophomores! The Sophomore year has brought many activities besides the daily routine. ou will find our class well representeil in dramatics, athletics, the orchestra. Student Council, and the Technala Staff. We claim four of the arsity members as our own. There are many things of in our class history, but modesty forbids us to dwell upon them at any length. Although we have not yet reached oiu ' goal, the two years past show a marked progress. Watch the space when we are Seniors I Margaret Butler. 45 Technala 19 2 4 M Sopk omore CI ass ' oem Alabdiiui College, to all our hearts you ' re near And ive love you even better, as 7101c ends our second year. You to us have traditions given That shall flame and t loiv for aye; Never from our hearts he riven Loyal support, uliile love holds sivay. eSj ive love you. Alma Mater, youth ' s ilireetor. And may the lives that you have molded, dear protcetor. Raise your standards even so high That they ' ll he a beacon light That ivith none shall ever die. But may it strengthen every plight. This., our tribute, lue humbly at your feet noif lay; May ive inspire ncir faith in you on life ' s pathivay. And may each tender, fragrant thought That in our nind doth dicell, Blossoiji in a lesson, taught By a mother loved so icell. Akny May Skinner, ' 26. 46 Technala 19 2 4 47 19 2 4 M Edith Adams CRAMDALI,, MISSISSIPPI Mattie Mae Allex OPELIKA, ALABAMA RoRBiE Allex WETUMPKA, ALABAMA Helen Allisox SPRINGVILLE, ALABAMA Mae Baer JOHNS, ALABAMA Louise Baglev roanoke, alabama Mattie Mae Barkley thomaston, alabama Ethel Barton selma, alabama Helen Bishop CL NTERSVILLE, ALABAMA Hazel Black ' ASllLAM), ALABAMA Edna Boaz childersburg, alabama Maude Boozer thomaston, alabama Era Bo d CADSnEN, ALABAMA Verxa Brasher CARBON HILL, ALABAMA Mildred Brittox MOUNDVILLE, ALABAMA Estelle Broadway CECIL, ALABAMA Louise Brooks SAMSON, ALABAMA LixDA Nell Browder CENTER, ALABAMA Bertha " Mae Brumbelow ROANOKE, ALABAMA Sarah Br axt STOCKTON, ALABAMA 48 Technala 19 2 4 Ruth Burns TALLADEGA, ALABAMA Ruth Burtram SPRIKGVILLE, ALABAMA Margaret Campbell SELMA, ALABAMA Marguerite Carlin MOBILE, ALABAMA Mamie Carmichael GOODWATER, ALABAMA Helen Elizabeth Catox RIVER FALLS, ALABAMA Joy Cavvthon FLORALA, ALABAMA Helen Chancellor CHILDERSBURG, ALABAMA Mary Carney Chapman JACKSON, ALABAMA Maurine Chapman columbiana, alabama Lucile Clay ' fulton, alabama Kathleen Chester camp hill, alabama Julia Chester CA.VIP HILL, ALABAMA Stella Clifton BELLE ELLEN, ALABAMA Ione Coates GROVE HILL, ALABAMA Margarete Coate OPINE, ALABAMA Ferne Cole MAGNOLIA SPRINGS, ALABAMA Addie Pearl Colquitt BRANTLEY, ALABAMA Faye Cotney LINEVILLE, ALABAMA Edith Crew GOODWATER, ALABAMA 49 Technala 19 2 4 Sarah Dalh camden " , alabama Alice Darwin HOLLYWOOD, ALABAMA Vel] ia Day thomaston ' , alabama Claribel De Shields JASPER, ALABAMA Grace Donald PINEAPPLE, ALABAMA Priscilla Dose ACMER, ALABAMA Ethel Drake BENTON " , ALABAMA Carolyn Edwards ENTERPRISE, ALABAMA Gladys Elrod CLLLMAX, ALABAMA Miriam Ernst demopolis, alabama AVarre Eaulk SAMSON ' , ALABAMA Elizabeth Fern DOTHAN, ALABAMA IciE Finney- LAFAYETTE, ALABAMA Frances Fox THOMASTON, ALABAMA Ethel Fuller SPRATT, ALABAMA Sallie Mae Fuller spratt, alabama Martha Fuquay ALEXANDER CITY, ALABAMA Ida M. Gaillard perdue hill, alabama Bessie Gardiner CORDONSVILLE, ALABAMA Thelma Garrison GADSDEN, ALABAMA 5° m Technala 19 2 4 M Margaret Gay CADSDEX, ALABAMA Helex Elizabeth George MOBILE, ALABAMA IvOuisE George FLORALA, ALABAMA Onie Gibsox BESSEMER, ALABAMA Mildred Gilchrist BRANTLEY, ALABAMA Imogene Gilder M. MEIGS, ALABAMA Ruth Golson FORT DEPOSIT, ALABAMA Irene Grace oakman, alabama Martha Grantham newber.v, alabama LoREXE Gray JASPER, ALABAMA Mary Claire Griffin MO.VTEVALLO, ALABAMA Melba Griffin MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA Florence Guyton vern ' ok, alabama Nathalie Hall florala, alabama Lorene Hankins VERNON, ALABAMA Marion Hanxa MARION, ALABAMA Eva Hargett RUSSELLVILLE, ALABAMA Miriam Harvey ATMORE, ALABAMA RosixA Haygood GREENVILLE, ALABAMA Sara Hayxes GOODWATER, ALABAMA SI _a Technala 19 2 4 M Anne Henderson birmingham, alabama Hazel Hendrick HURTSBORO, ALABAMA Sarah Alice Hensox HAWTHORNE, ALABAMA Marie Hicks ALEXANDER CITY, ALABAMA Mary Hili. BENTON, ALABAMA Leila Holland CASTLEBERRY, ALABAMA Sarah Bragg Horn MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Rebecca Huff MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI Mary C. Hungerford selma, alabama Eloree Ingram lineville, alabama Hazel Jackson CLENWOOn, ALABAMA Irma Jackson COMARTS, ALABAMA Joyce Jackson OXFORD, ALABAMA Laura Johnson BESSEMER, ALABAMA Mildred Johnson AI.BERTVILLE, ALABAMA Ruth Johnson PLANTERSVILLE, ALABAMA Anne Jones LINEVILLE, ALABAMA Annie Jones KEENER, ALABAMA Clara Jones greenville, alabama 52 w ; ' ;fjy ' Technal nala 19 2 4 Ibbie Jones DADEVILLE, ALABAMA Ruth Jones DAUEVILLE, ALABAMA Ollie Fay Kendrick FLORALA, ALABAMA Nan Killough ALPINE, ALABAMA Virginia Kockritz birmingham, alabama Anna Mae Langston ashley, alabama Ruby Lawrence LAWLEV, ALABAMA Ruth Little mobile, alabama Mabel Long ELDRIDGE, ALABAMA Lucille McArthur ASHFORD, ALABAMA Lucy McCalley birmingham, alabama Katherine Earle McGuire notasulga, alabama Mary McNeil montgomery, alabama Lucille McVay JACKSON, ALABAMA Ina Mae M alone anniston, alabama Mildred Marion linden, alabama Gladys Maxwell .m ' wILLIAMS, ALABAMA LORAINE MiXON GEORGIAN A, ALABAMA LuciLE Elizabeth Morgan ALBERTVILLE, ALABAMA Gage Winston ALarton BESSEMER, ALABAMA 53 Technala 19 2 4 j ii Anna Murphree GADSDEN, ALABAMA Margaret Frances Neil HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA LuciLE Nelson BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Agnes Nicholls CHILDERSBURC, ALABAMA Ola Mae Nored THOMASTON, ALABAMA Ruth Pardue SAGINAW, ALABAMA Ruth Parker BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Lucv Parkey PIKE ROAD, ALABAMA CoRiNNE Parish greenville, alabama Gertrude Patterson fayette, alabama Moss Geneva Pennington VERNON, ALABAMA Grace Poarch NEW HOPE, ALABAMA Ji.MMiE Polk COLUMBIANA, ALABAMA Elizabeth Poole greenville, alabama Frances Poole GREENVILLE, ALABAMA Jessie Powell jasper, alabama Alice Hazel Price IRONATON, ALABAMA Alice Quarles MOBILE, ALABAMA Margaret Randle BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA 54 Technala 19 2 4 M Frances Rapaport GADSDEN, ALABAMA Lucille Rasher mobile, alabama Inez Ray HOCKLEBURG, ALABAMA Esther Reagan delta, alabama Alma Claire Revel XAFTEL, ALABAMA Lois Revxalds CLIO, ALABAMA Mary Allen Rhodes LINDEN ' , ALABAMA Julia IVLarie Riddle GADSDEN, ALABAMA Grace Riley BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA ALargaret Riley TUSKECEE, ALABAMA Gladys Rogers ASHFORD, ALABAMA Ethel Rogers SPRATT, ALABAMA ExiA Rogers RL ' SSELLVILLE, ALABAMA Frances Rosexbli m GADSDEN, ALABAMA Rella Rudolph selma, alabama ALary Rutherford franklin, alabama Nancy Savage GORD0,ALABAMA Elise Seay MILPORT, ALABAMA 55 Technala 19 2 4 Virginia Sills camden, alabama Adelaide Smith SHEFFIELD, ALABAMA Marv Smith nlxburg, alabama Pamelia Sn ' ELL dothan " , alabama ] Iary Ellex Simxrs THOMASVILE, ALABAMA Joyce Stapler mobile, alabama Marv Stephfxsox SELMA, ALABAMA Agxes Stewart WEOGUFKA, ALABAMA jMary Struthers ROANOKE, ALABAMA Geraldixe Studdard BERRY, ALABAMA Judith Sweet MLNTER, ALABAMA Elizabeth 1 ' aylor gadsden, alabama Katherixe Taylor franklin, georgia Mae Terrell foley, alabama Dorothy Thaggard GREENVILLE, ALABAMA Eleaxor Earl Thaggard GREENVILLE, ALABAMA Emmie A. Thompson " AUTAUCAVILLE, ALABAMA Maida Tranum LUVERNE, ALABAMA Pauline Tranum LUVERNE, ALABAMA sfi Technalt a 19 2 4 Louise Tucker JOXES MILL, ALABAMA Fay Turner MOBILE, ALABAMA MiTYLEXE ViLDIBILLE birmin ' gham, alabama Sophie Walker eldridce, alabama Eleaxor Wallace BANKER HILL, ALABAMA Jettie Mae Ward cexterville, alabama Ruby Waters bru-vdidge, alabama Gladys Watsox fur.vam, alabama Mary Webb spring top, alabama Salexa Whet cortelvou, alabama Dorothy Williams UNIOKTOVVN, ALABAMA Madie Williams EVERGREEN, ALABAMA Mary K. Willixgham LINEVILLE, ALABAMA Mary Neeley Willixgham EMELLE, ALABAMA Mary Willis MOBILE, ALABAMA Rosalie Willis MOBILE, ALABAMA Hattie Wilsox ROANOKE, ALABAMA Myrtle Wilsox roanoke, alabama AxxiE Laurie Woods PIEDMONT, ALABAMA Nonxie Lee Woods OPELIKA, ALABAMA 57 Technala 19 2 4 M Lucille Willlams DOGWOOD, ALABAMA Mary Young j; ok ' eonta, alabama ' ,. Janie ' eager CENTERVILLE, ALABAVL k Mildred Young SULGENT, ALABAMA Frances Zachry NOTASULGA, ALABAMA Louise Underwood bessemer, alabama Virginia Thomas ashley, alabama Frances Sayner mobile, alabama Eugenia Barge pineapple, alabama Roberta Northrup greensboro, alabama lula gower VINCENT, ALABAMA Frances Lee Dose ACMER, ALABAMA Eugenia Christopher GADSDEN, ALABAMA Marguerite Farrar BLOCTON, ALABAMA S8 Technala 19 2 4 M S9 w kjMmM g Technala 19 2 4 STUDEf T COUNCIL Officers Edith Montgomery President LuLA Hawkins Vice-President Alice Mahler Secretary Rebecca Pruett Treasurer Members Annie Carmichael . Honorary Member Minnie Holman Senior Representative Julia Turberville Senior Representative MiLDERD Walker Junior Representative Minnie Jewel Rice Junior Representative Helen Davis Sophomore Representative w 60 ' smi- mMm " W Technala 19 2 4 B 61 Technala 19 2 4 a COUWCIL H,T» w» Kt 1 fc EniTU MoN ' icoMtKV, Prcsidenl Mhmbers Edith Momgomkrv Elizabeth Gaillard Abotte McKixnox Julia Turberville Rebekah Pruett Alice Mauler Mildred Keahev Marv Emma TA ■LOR Claribel McKinnon ' Marv Bradshaw LiLLiE Burleson " Akn ' a Laura Dunn Winifred Castleman Agnes Hardv GussiE Havgoou Helen Eovkin 62 19 2 4 63 Technala 19 2 4 M Cabinet Members, 1923-24 Officers Mary Bradsiiaw President Helen- Johnson J ' ice-President Helen Davis Secretary Margaret Butler Treasurer ViiJeri raduate Ri presentiitive Llla Hawkins Honorary Member Edith Montgomery Committee Chairmen- LIUA Allen Reltuioiis Mcelinys Mary Riley Soe ' ial Chairman Mary Larkin Morning IFateh Josephine Kilgore Musie Nina Faye Bonner Puhlieity Abeotte McKinnon ll ' orlJ Fellowship Elizabeth Perry J ' ca Room H Technala 19 2 4 M 6s Math Club Officers Reeekah Pruett PirsiiirnI Hei.ev TowNSExn I ' lcr-Prrsulent Ola Mae Breedlove Seinlary and Tri-asurrr Hei.ex Davis .... Cliairman of Prot nnn l njnwitli ' r Members Ola Mae Breedlove Gladys Huev Margaret Butler Hattie Mae HnLRRnoK Pattv Cole Verka Holbrook Mary Crossley ' Rebekah Pruett Helen Davis Helen Townsend Agnes Hardy Carolyn Thrash Miss Mary Good Si ali.worth 66 - - . Glee Club Mr. Marsh, Dircilor Mrs. Ev. vs, Pianist Officers Abbotte McKin ' non " PrisiJiiil Alice Mahler J ' icc-l ' rrsiiii-nl Ei.NLA O ' Neil Biuinrss Manaijrr Winifred Castleman Srcn-lary and Tr,asii!i r First Sopr.axo Elvl O ' Neil Abbotte McKinxon " Agnes Nichollj Cornellv Gah.lard Mildred Thompson Josephine Kilooke Wanda Burks NoKA Warren Second Sopr.axo Winifred Castleman Margaret Butler Alice Mahler Naxcv Caldwell Helen Bishop Kathleen Godwin Inna Mae Malone First Altos Pauline Curry Marv Reillv Venera Strickland Louise Propst Alpha Holliman Terresa Conway Second Altos HixoN Conway Anne Jones Lida Allen Ethel Thompson 67 19 2 4 Ot CHlLSTfll V ' T5 1!L " ' Miss Vause, Director Officers Charles Mahaffev President Mavo Pardue Vice-President Marv McCon ' Ouchy Treasurer Lucy May Secretary First Violin — Second Violin — Piano — Alice Ly ' mas " Frances Simms Janice Fuquay Julia Tuberville Carrie Love Jones Josephine Kilgore Mary Stephenson Mamie Eakens Mary McConough ' ! Bill Smith Trombone — Lucy May Kathleen Chester Kathleen McCormick Anne Long Elizabeth Poole Edith Robinson Hazel Black Aeotte McKinnon Mary- Hungerford Mayo Pardue Cornet — Rebecca Huff Alice Benton Walter McConooghy Erea Smith Edward Mahaffey Clarinet — Flute — Horn — Charles Mahaffey Hattie Lyman Grady Garney- ' Cello— Genevieve Tuberville ■ , Miss Hattie Lyman 6S Technala 19 2 4 M o 69 19 2 4 a. o 70 Technala 19 2 4 ca oq 71 Technal a 19 2 4 Officers Margaret Butler Pn-suient Alice Mahler Secretary and Treasurer Miss Scott Director RIEiNIBERS LiDA Allen- Robbie Allen- Marjory Andrews LuciLE Bell Hazel Black Margaret Butler Annie Carmichael Winifred Castleman Joy Cawthon Annie Laurie Clay LuciLE Clay Kathleen Coats Ruth Cunningham Grace Evans Alice Guice CoLENE Hamilton- Lucy Holt Lula Hawkins Hettie Hinso.n- Gladys Huey Manie Love Alice Mahler Gladys Martin Mildred Martin Edith Montgomery Kate Rainer Irma Reaves Willie Lee Reaves Annie Mae Skinner Bill Smith Pemelia Snell Janie Crooks Steele Marianna Thomas _£ Technala 19 2 4 M w 73 d Technala IWE [[.CI V) _) oW i S. c Officers Marv Emma Taylor Pres ' uienl LoREN ' E Hughes ... . . Vice-PresiArnt Ethel Blake Secretary Members Marjorie Andrews Kathleen Arnold Ethel Blake LiLLIE BURLESO.M An ' nie Carmichael r ESSIE COPELAND Mamie Eakens Elizabeth Gaillard LuLA Hawkins GussiE Havcood Elizabeth Horsely Lorene Hughes Mildred W Helen Johnson Gladys Lumpkin Cora Bell Maddo.y Eunice Mathews Leacy Newell Louise Purifoy Minnie Rextz Craig Shelton Mary Sparks Lillian Stewart Mary Emma Tayxor Mary ' Trammel alker 7+ 19 2 4 - " i 75 mM V Si ,mj Technala 19 2 4 Calkins Music Club Officers Alice Mahler President BiLLlE Tatum P ' ice-President Josephine Kilgore Recording Secretary Julia Turberville Corresponding Secretary HrlexBovkin Treasurer Members Ernestine Bonner Helen Hagood Helen Boykin Joyce Jackson Laura Carmichael Jewell Jeffery Patty Cole Carrie Love Jones Nancy Caldwell Josephine Kilgore Ruby Foster Lilla McIntosh Janice Fuquay Alice Mahler Grace Mozely Katherine McClendon LURLINE RuSSEL RuBY " Sanders Bill Smith Evalie Singleton Ernestine Tatum Julia Ti rberville 76 ' " Si Xi Technala 19 2 4 M 77 Technala 19 2 4 Established 1900 Officers Ma mi: Kkoi-1,1. I ' lisi, Anna Laura Dunn Juc-Prcsidcnl Odelle Carmichael Secretary Kate Rainer Treasurer Elizabehi CJranberkv Cril ' u Annie Carmichael Laura Carmichael Odelle Carmichael Elizabeth Cranberry Acnes ILvrdv lul. ii.wvkins Active Mii.miu-.r.s Mavme Kroell Dion ETTA Kroell Bill Smith Hatite L man Pai TV Cole MAR ' S Crosslev Elsie Mahaeeev Kate Ranier Anna Laura Dunn Martha Twniv Rujh Cunningham Fannie Jo Scott Emma Lou Si.mms Elizabeth PlI ' DGIs.S Elizabeih Ward Susie Marshal Susan NL brv ' iRGiNiA Cameron Per.vielia Snell Gage Morton NiTA Grover Rella Rudolph AiLENE Ellzey Marv Robertson Dorothy McLeo:) Lucy McCallei- Anna Murphy Mary Waison Helen Fowlkes 78 w 2Sss ;« ,t(fc 19 2 4 79 T echnala pPwMi Mmm : 19 2 4 m 80 Technala 19 2 4 M Si w imi Technala 19 2 4 M MMLIR I lota Sigma Tau Estahlishecl 1901 Officers W ' lVITKED CaSTLEM.W , Plisi, Frances Selden " I ' lu-Prcsidvnl Mario Grant Kecrrlary Nan ' CV Cai.dvvei.i Trrasurrr Annv M.w Skin ' N ' er Crilic Active AIfmriirs Alice Barganier Marion Grant Frances Selden Winifred Castleman Elizabeth IIorslev Mavo Pardue Nancy Caldwell Annv May Skinnc:; Pauline Curry Janice Fuquav Ruth Sandfo:;!! MAnia. Keller Ina Mae Malone Lucille Nelson Alice Mahler Aleene Slade Helen CIray McNeil Lulie B. Sanfo:;i) Ruth Litile Ruth Paroue Pffdcfs KAiHRVN Ancle Betty Reid Martha Fuquay Hattie McLlo;) Frances Sayner Marion Jones Williams ,•; 82 m T echnala rlJ 3 19 2 4 M Technala 19 2 4 M. I H T u n i c Pi Lambda Sigma E tablislied 1908 Officlrs Julia Turberville President Catherine Braswell Vice-President Minnie Rentz Secretary Julia Kimiirough Treasuer Members Helen Hagooii Lillian Prout Marv Margaret Larkin Julia Kimbrough . Manie Love Sara Dale Catherine Braswell Grace Mozeley Mary Hill Minnie Rentz Julia Turberville Mary Hungerford Elizabeth Gaillard Buster Latham Frances Fo.v Minnie Holman Lucy May Sudie Long Helen Boykin Roberta Northrup Joyce Jackson F.rnestine Bonner Floi Dozier Edith Edmundson Dorothy Grhitth Minnie Lee Dozier Pledges AiMiE Jack Kathleen McCormick Mary Parrent Marion Hanna Nan Nell Frederick Dr. Peck Dorothy Robinson HovoRARV Memrimrs Miss Funk Miss Putnam Miss Tucker Mrs. Heatfield Miss McMillian S4 Technala 19 2 4 cnie Technala 19 2 4 zL S6 Technala 19 2 4 Technala 19 2 4 Established 191 8 m il tV ' 5 " »V«n • • • Officers Mildred Keahey President Bill Slone Vice-President JiMMiE Nell Branyo j Secretary and Treasurer Lillie Burleson Kathleen Arnold Bill Sloxi- Madge Jacobs Geraldine Studdard Hazel Black DuicH Watts Active Members Ruth Johnson Calene Hamilton Gertrude Patterson Agnes Stewart Irene Grace Mildred Britton Annie Young Mamie Carmichael Lena Harris Florence Guyton Edith Adams Inez Ray Margaret Butler Pledges Mary Young Irma Jackson Miss Kemp Miss Tabor Miss Young Miss Smith Honorary Members Miss Ross Miss Stone Miss Andrews Miss Johnson Miss Blackstone Miss Decker Miss Sale Dr. Bacote Technala -esL, 19 2 4 M S9 Technala 19 2 4 P p " • si ' P :? v_-- ' n l«w n fc • • Install] Ished 1923 OlI ' ICHRS F.THVL Thompson Prrs ' ulnit CLARmn, McKiNNON- . . . 1 " k,-I ' i rsidrnl CiiARl.iF, Mae Ellioi . Srirclary tiiiJ TrrasiiiiT jANin Ckooks Sikrli; (Uilic AcTI -l ' AIli.MHERS jANin Crooks STF.n.i-: IjiOni; IlAcvvoon Ethyl Thompson ' Josephine Kilqorr Mildred Walker Ann Jones Charlie Mae Elliot Claribel McKinnon Gladys Huey Aeeotte McKinnon Edith Montgomery Rebecca Pruett Frances Rapaport Frances Rosenblum Julia Riddle Ethyl Thompson Mildred Thompson 90 , .S-. IT Technala 19 2 4 91 W ' " mm ' ' i FTm-m- ' a Technala 19 2 4 M 9 Tecnnala 19 2 4 M 93 Technala 19 2 4 M CP n Li. E ' ■ - ' i v V J 1 J Kstahlisheil 1923 Molto: " l cm ' i iinu ' i ainus. Of FICliRS GbSSiE TIavcoou AcNts Grimslev LiriA Ork Carolyn ' ' I ' iirash . . Elizabehi Thrash Frrsidnil ] " ici--l ' nsiJent Secretary Seereltiry and Treasurer rlist EuN ' iCK Maiiievvs Nellie Wiime ACT1 -H MhAIBERS Ola Mae Breedlove Elizabeth Thrash Carolyn " Thrash Agnes Grimsley ' Leta Orr GussiE Haygood Pl.FDGES Margarei Riley Fay Cotney liiiiiE Jones Annie Jones Honor. R ' Memhers Miss Lee Rev. B. II. Cakmichael Miss Mallory Miss Scott Miss Anna Irvin • Miss Lamar Miss Elizabeth McMillian Miss Bradley 94 w W 19 2 4 m 95 " " " " la W T echnala 19 2 4 !P M Established 1923 Officers LuciLLi Williams President IjLJTIe Hinson ' Vice-President Margaret Gay Secretary and Treasurer Julia Ciikster Critic AcTU ' E Members Heitie HiNsox Margaret Gay Julia Chester Grace Evaxs Lucile Williams Pledges Joy Cawthorx Anx Henderson ' Eva Smith Charlotte Hilton Helen Bishop Rahford Buckhaults Elizabeth Taylor Ho ' ORAR ■ Members Miss Vausee Mrs. Evans Mrs. Dawson Miss Brownkield Miss Snyuer 96 19 2 4 97 T echnala 19 2 4 M 98 mk i gife ' Technala 19 2 4 M 99 W IS 19 2 4 VAN GUARI STAFF AEiiorit McKiNNO.v Editor-in-Cliiej Helen- Johnson ' Issislanl Editor Marv Emma Taylor Business Manager Elma O ' Neil Business Manager Marguerite Carllv Social Editor Frances McGee Atliletic Editor LiLLiE Burleson Athletic Editor Frances Seldom Joke Editor Catherine Shepard Art Editor Dutch Watts rt Editor Theresa Conoway A dvertising Manager Elizabeth Horsley ' 4d-vertising Manager Anna Laura Dunn Circulating Manager Ruth Cunningham Cluhs Lillian Prout Cluhs Janie Crooks Steele Cluhs Hettie Hinson Cluhs Lillie Burlesom Cluhs Annv May Skinner Clubs 19 2 4 19 2 4 M Technala Staff Winifred Casixeman Editor Maxie Love hsistant Ed itor JAMCE FuQUAY Busiiirss Manaycr Mave Sullivan Idiu-rtisiny Manager Associate Editors Helen Johnson Anna Laura Dunn Frances Selden Bessie Williams ' ■ Helen Townsend Lillian Prout Ruth Little 5 5if :.i W r-T?: " °ir Technala 105 Technala 19 2 4 M Atkletic Association Officers LiLLiE Burleson ' President Ak a Laura Dun ' X Vice- President Irma Reaves Secretary Man ' IE Love Treasurer Gladys Martix .... I ' arsity Maiuu er C0UNCiL0R.S Ay.vA Laura Du.nn " .... Six-imminij and Campinij Bess Williams Tennis Frances McGee Hockey Willie Lee Reaves Hiking Edith Tho.vias Basketball Senior Class — Craig Shelton Ethel Blake Directors Sop iomore Class — Frances McGee Irma Reaves Junior Class — Tad Martin Odelle Carmichael Fresliman Class — Elizabeth North Joyce Jackson io6 w ■ " " s : ■ -- a:-?i Technala 19 2 4 M 107 Technala 19 2 4 m-m " 3 fl MISS PUTNAM, MISS FUNK, Coaches BILLV JAMES, Mascot io8 ja Technala 19 2 4 M Calend enaar OT a half hour had elapsed since our Alabama College Varsity stepped off the train at Athens. And yet they frolicked over to the ball court as blithely as if they had just completed one of Montevallo ' s restful school days. And the result? — 59-9. When this little duty was finished they started to frolic in real earnest, with a swim for a beginning (and mind you, there was snow outside!), and a picture show party as a climax. And then ? Then they looked about for more worlds to conquer. The actual date was January 17, but pep meetings and yell practices and snake dances began long before that. We like the W. C. A. girls; we enjoy playing them, and we are thrilled o er the results. Just now, as the Technala goes to press, we are looking forward to the return game with V. C. A., as well as one with Alabama. Dec. 14, 1923, Athens College 9 Jan. 17, 1934, Woman ' s College . 15 Feb. 9, 1924, Woman ' s College . 19 Feb. 23, 1924, Alabama .... — Alabama College 59 Alabama College 41 Alabama College 26 Alabama College — 109 Technala : ' av. 19 2 4 fl Jr ' ' TWffi ' ' ' - ' ■ ' ' Here Tney Stand Brave and Fair Our Forwards Look at ' m. Now, the first one there is Tad Tack Taddle Tacky Martin. (That isn ' t her real name, but everybody calls her that for short). She lives away down in South Alabama, and she plays ball at Montevallo for pastime. Why, she can shoot goals so fast that the best guard anywhere takes the headache to even see her, much less guard her. Now, the big ferocious one in the center is Lillie Lou Levada Burleson from Guinn. Look at her eye. She has a keen eye and she never misses her aim, be it goals or men. Mildred Keahey is one of our three. Well, her name just exactly fits in that sen- tence to make it rhyme. That is about the best characteristic Keahey has. She fits in wherever she is needed and she makes things hum, especially her opponent. " She is demure and sweet, but in basketball she can ' t be beat. " Technala 19 2 4 Oh, Hail!— Rak! Rak! Rak!!! Centers " Great Ceesar, get out of the way quick. There she comes — that jumping center. " That ' s what all the opposing teams say, and they say right. When Albritton makes a leap after that ball it ' s gone. She always gets it, and there ' s no need for anybody to get in her way, because: For Mnntevallo she jumps, Ever loyal, ever true ; And no matter what comes, She " comes smilin ' through. " Our running center is Odelle Carmichael. She ' s not so tall and not so fat, but she can run and she just naturally plays ball. Never mistakes the signals and never fails to be at the appointed place at the appointed time — that ' s Odelle. Of course, we think lots of her for her basketball work, but we lo e her because she is a good sport, and we love her because — well, to tell you the truth, we can ' t help it. And this is Ward. She is the girl who jumps just like she has springs in her shoes and fire under her feet. I mean, she moves, sister, she moves. Just look her over! We think she can ' t be beat; we know she can ' t be beat. Basketball isn ' t all she knows either; but, then, that ' s all that is supposed to be told about her here. Technala 19 2 4 M Bringing Up the Rear G U ARDS Here ' s the second famous " Stonewall " — Edith Thomas. It you doubt it. try to brush her aside with a dribble, and you will come up with four hands on the ball instead of two. There are plenty of people who will back up that statement. Edith is the cool, sm ' ting type. She doesn ' t ay much, but goes in and shows you. She can lead any forward a merry chase any old day. ' N this is Bill — Bill Smith. She has a good old solid name, and she is a good old solid girl. You wouldn ' t stretch the truth a bit if you said Bill could outtalk a Billie goat. She can. We all know it, too. That ' s not all she can do, though. She can actually play ball. Nobody dares gainsay it, either; at least, it wouldn ' t be healthy for them afterwards — if they did. After all is said and done. Bill is a fine, fun- lo ' ing kid. And last but not least, co:ncs nld llcleji Townsend, To see thf)se A ' s on her report You would naturally think She wasn ' t any athletic sport. But that ' s just where your brain has a kink. Just let Helen open her mouth and start toward a forward — All ' s well that ends well and that forward never throws a goal. Technala 19 2 4 Everybody, Ho! Tke Rats Are on Top!! ES sir-e-e-e! They are up there and all people passing by stop and pay to them — homage. " On top " is the highest rung of Montevallo ' s ladder, Basketball Honors. ou may wonder how " rats " can scamper to so high a position. Well, here is the story of how it happened. They did not crawl up the sides of foul play; they did not attempt to scale the thing and get on top by one leap of foolish, self-confident egotism. No, they did not do that. They climbed up the straight and narrow way, holding firmly to the rungs of daily practice, hard work, earnest effort, fair play, and co-operative spirit. They weakened not, these " rats, " and they gained their reward — the topmost aim of basketball, plus the respect and awe of every upperclassman in Alabama College. If you want straight hand information about just what they did on each day that thev played, peep at Capt. Rat ' s diary. She has consented to let you read certain ex- tracts that will help you. ExTR.ACTs From Capt. Rat ' s Diarv Nov. l6, 1923: Singin ' tra la la; I ' m happy; oh me, oh my, I ' m happy. We didn ' t do nothin ' else but beat up em old dignified Seniors today — beat em 13-10. Pretty good score considerin ' ever ' thing. Ward jumped and she jumped high, seemed that that kid wuz on springs she jmnped so high. Farewell, dear Seniors, and lots o ' love! Rah! Rah! Rah! R-A-T-S ! ! ! Nov. 23, 1923: We have left the " Sophs " ' way behind this time. Guess we took ' em down a peg or two with a score of 31-9. It ' s great to be a " rat " and be able to feel (even if i,ou can ' t say it) doggone it, I am worth just as much as you are, you imposin ' upper classman ! Things do hum tonight. Everbody is saying, " The ' rats ' are good sports, and didn ' t that team play a good game, and say — did you .see Traniuii when she slung that ball clean across the court? " That ' s what the people say. Good-night, diarv. You got plenty to mediate on. Sleepilx ' , C.apt. Dec. 8, 1923 : " Hip-hoo-ray ! " " We have won this day! " " Who ' s won it, you say? " " I say— Rats! Rats! Rats! " And it ' s the truth — we beat the Sophomores 11-6. It just means that we are the champions. Let me say it one more time. We, the " rats " have won! " Ain ' t it a grand and glorious feelin ' ? " I ' m happily, Capt. The " rats " are a happy bunch and a jolh ' bunch of people — carefree and enjoying life. Let us wish them success in their athletics forevermore. 19 2 4 Fresliman Te am Forwards Tope Martin Fay Turner Alma Claire Revel ESTELLE BrOADWAY Helen ' Allison Guards Ina Mae Malone Mildred Gilchrist (Capt.) Pauline Trannon Jessie Mae Reaves Centers Elizabeth Ward Melba Griffin Louise Brooks Ibbie Jones 114 Technala 19 2 4 Jun lor 1 earn Forwards Willie Lee Reaves LuciLE Bell Claudine Leonard Guards Amxa Laura Dun ' n Edith Thomas (Capt.) Clacjdin ' e Leoxard Centers Ruth Culpepper Lulu Hawkins Mildred Walker Agxes Grimsley " S TecKnala 19 2 4 Senior Team Forivards Lillian " Stewart Elizabeth Gaillard Kathleex Arnold Guards Minnie Holman fCapl.) Craig Shelton Ethel Blake Centers Edith Montgomery Julia Kimbrouch Elsie Mahaffey ii6 w T echnala 19 2 4 Sophomore Team Forwards Irma Reeves Elizabeth Sheperd Catherine Thomas Guards Olene Johnson ' Annie Holt Young Ruby Belcher CORINNE SeALEV Centers Tounsend Taylor Jewel Sandlin Leta Orr Skeat Snellgrove (Capl.) " 7 TecKnala 19 2 4 M Life-Savmg Corps Siir aJ f Montevallo Woman ' s Life Savings Corps is now in its second j ear. During the past year twelve Senior members and five Junior members have been added to its numbers. The motto of the Life Saving Corps is " every girl a swimmer and every swimmer a life-saver. " In order to keep every member efficient the corps meets twice a month to practice the different breaks and to review the reserve work. Captain ates, of the Southern Division of the American Red Cross, has paid two visits to Montevallo in the interest of the life-saving work. These much appreci- ated and highh ' instructive visits have served to arouse interest in the work among the entire student body and to encourage the members to greater work. Captain " V ' ates has, at different times, appointed as examiners the following members: Mrs. Sharpe, Miss Funk, Miss Palmer, Miss Meroney, Mrs. Farris, Elsie Mahaf ey, and Anna Laura Dunn. This year the Corps agreed to assist the Y. W. C. A. in putting over the drive for the annual roll call of the American Red Cross. It is the ambition of the Life- Saving Corps to have the college go one hundred per cent in this drive. Ok1!CERS Bill Smith President Anna Laura Dunn Vice-President Edith Thomas Secretary LiLLiE Burleson Treasurer Dr. Willena Peck Medical Officer Mrs. Joanna La Rue Siiarpe Instructor Elizabeth Cogswell Captain iig Technala 19 2 4 M " 9 Technala 19 2 4 M W Club Off ' icers MiXNiE HoLMAN " Prcs ' tdetil Helen- Towns end Vicr-Prrsulcnt Mildred ALBRrnox Sccrciaiy and Treasuirr AcTiNK Members Ruth Culpepper ; Claribel McKinnon Elsie Mahaffev Bill Smith LiLLiE Burleson ' Gladys Martin Acnes Hardy Willie Lee Reaves Anna Laura Dunn Geraldine Studdard Odelle Carmichael Craig Shelton Lillian Stewart Mildred Keahey Marion Grant Epsie Gilchrist Elizabeth Gaillard CORINNE SeELEY Edith Thomas Technala 19 2 4 M T echiiala 19 2 4 M " a Technala 19 2 4 fi Sports ©a« ' ) IKING is as much an " instituticn " at Montevallo as English or br.slcc ' ball. There is a regular hiking councillor, and she plans many hikes through- out the year. There are short ones and long ones, and everybody who participates in them is ever afterwards a great booster. " Ah, get into your breeches, fill up your hide with Hershey ' s, and let ' s walk away our troubles. " Sisters, if you want t ' spread joy just pray that we go camping today. That ' s the way ] Iontevallo sports feel about camping. It is one of our strong points, and once to have gone on a camp is to want to go again. Everybody has a good time. Think of the coffee boiled in a bucket, break toasted on forked sticks, broiled bacon, potatoes fried brown as nuts, sleep in the open fields! Camping is the life. Provision for a hockey team was made last year under the supervision of the athletic directors. There was a fight and a scramble to see who would be chosen for the team. The girls used to go out every afternoon last spring with clubs thrown over their backs, and walking with a " hail-fellow-well-met " smile upon their faces. They worked hard and it was a good team that they had. This year, there is going to be a team even better than last 5 ' ear ' s because they will have longer to work. Five tennis courts there are on Montevallo ' s athletic field. Probably the most delightful phase of all our athletics is tennis. No more pleasing sight do we ever see than the tournament games. ' Most any time after winter has gone you can hear this sort of conversation : " How ' bout a game o ' tennis, Odelle? " " When? " " Fine, I ' ll go get m ' racquet. " " Hurry, I ' ll meet you at first. " " Oh, come out and play with us, play with us, play with us, . ■ Oh, come out and play with us today! ■ : We invite you, we expect you, and we want you mighty bad. : ' .• • Get a move on, don ' t be slow, Hip-hoo-ray ! " . . 123 w T echnala 19 2 4 a YelL Vild and wooh ' , AVild and wooh Bust a broncho, bust a bully, Hootin ' , tootin ' , cootin ' , shootin ' . We ' re the bunch that ' s doin ' the lootln ' ! Yippit.v, yippity, ki, yi, yi, Montevallo ' ll win or die ; Run or creep, crawl or roll. Grab that ball and shoot that goal. Yea, Alontevallo, Yea, Montevallo, Plight ' em ! Fight ' em ! F ' ight ' em ! When you ' re up, you ' re up, When you ' re down, you ' re down. When you ' re up against Alabama Col- lege ■•• You ' re upside down. Hold ' em Monte! Hold ' em Alonte! ]l(,o-iny!!!! Hold ' em Monte! Hold ' em Monte! We ' ve got a rep for playing ball, Uh huh ! ! ! We ' ve got a rep for playing ball. Course we can ' t do nothuig atall, Uh huh!!! Other teams leave here very sad, Uh huh!!! Other teams leave here very sad. Reckon it makes us kind ' er glad, Uh huh!!! Other teams come from far and near, Uh huh ! ! ! Other teams come from far and near. Reckon they think they ' ll beat us here. Uh huh!!! We ' ve got the finest team on earth, Uh huh!!! JFc ' ve got the finest team on earth, No other team we see its worth, Uh huh!!! 1=4 H. Technala 19 2 4 M 127 Technala 19 2 4 Vog ue MINNIE LEE DOZIER Most Beautiful EDITH MONTGOMERY Best All-Rounil KATE RAINER Most Attractive ELIZABETH SIMMS Most Striking 128 3 . w . -..v. i .i.t " „? ' -- w «Pi -: gfS P TecJtnala 19 2 4 M Wko s Wko, 1923-24 Amid the hustle and the bustle of this fast-moving world, Into the who ' s who column nine girls have been twirled. They may scorn or they may boast, they may laugh or they may frown. Yet in the " Hall of Fame " their names have won renown. The Most CapahUj the Best Actress the Best All-Roundj and the Most Popular The students of Alabama College, And a brainy crowd are they. Selected Edith Montgomery The most capable girl of today. But when they found that on the stage She rivaled Sara Bernhardt, They decided her most capable When she took an actress ' part. After two years as president Of the Student Government Association Edith was known to be capable Of any occupation. ' ; Thus the students thought her Worthy of being crowned, And to differentiate her from the rest. Voted her the best " all-round. " So Edith was forced to change her name Before finishing college, for, you see, She couldn ' t escape the title of " Miss Popularity. " Most Lovable and Most Sincere Because to everyone, Annie Carmichael is so dear. She was voted the most lovable and the most sincere. Best Athlete Tad Martin knows the formula Of " high score " in a basketball game, And for this, among various feats. As an athlete, she has won fame. Most Strikins and Most Stylish Why Elizabeth Simms is not a member Of some labor union is often wondered. Because the fact that she is " striking " is confirmed By Alabama College six hundred; Or why she should not wish That her fame might reach afar, ■ ' ■ . To put on fashion shows, and give the Paris styles a jar. 133 Technala 2 s_ 19 2 4 M The Rlost Attractive The requisites for attractiveness Red hair and freckled face — Caused the most attractive, Kate Rainer, to beat Frances Sayner In a ver ' close race. Biggest Snob and ] Iost Conceited Catherine Braswell ' s snobbishness began When nature gave her an upturned nose. And the one addition which Catherine made Was to acquire a graceful pose. Can Catherine Braswell be blamed For being a bit conceited, hen such a bird as the peacock Must agree that she has not been cheated? Biggest Bluff Teachers, beware of Ruth Sandford. She was voted the biggest bluff. The best antidote for her " courting " Is not a pinch of salt, but a box of snuff! Most Bcniitiful With blue eyes, fair complexion And golden, bobbed hair, Minnie Lee Dozier With ' enus does compare. Smartest and Biggest Boner Rebekah Pruett, with her master mind, Is the smartest student one could find. And the biggest boner, if you choose. But capable of stepping into Solomon ' s shoes. ' 3+ T echnala 19 2 4 £ 135 mMsM a Technala 19 2 4 fi Lulie B.: " A ' liat did he do «hen you burst into tears? " Alice B.: " Squeezed me together again. " ■» Dr. Palmer (at Sunday School) : " Girls, I don ' t want any of you to lie uncomfortable, so if any of you feel cold you may go down below and get warm. . ; People who live in glass houses should imdress in the dark. 136 Technala 19 2 4 ii " Mom. I ia T a 3o-ui-n,ta Sletpi I pToj TKn v.i,Tii|TU i Siouito Kit p. li I »Kou.U die bifoTe 3 Mitt.Kt ToTnmtoui. I ' i hoA e -tvo irt to toKt He. " May I have this dance? " She: " Yes, if you can find anybody dance it with you. " There was a girl in our lab, And she got wondrous gay; She poured some HCL on zinc And set the stuff away. A loud explosion followed soon ; Our friend was seen to fly, And now she ' s drinking H2O In a home up in the sky. If a Senior who loves books is a bookworm, is a Senior who loves to stay in bed a bedbug? Now Whatcha Know ' Bout This? Methuselah ate no apple every day; never brushed his teeth; had no iron every day; never read the Saturday Evening Post ; ate and slept when he pleased ; chewed no Wrig- ley ' s after each meal ; took no course in phy- sical education or militar ' ; didn ' t see Amer- ica first; ate no Borden ' s baby food; followed no Daily Dozen, but lived to the ripe old age of 900 years. Jessie Hobbs: " I saw some of the cutest little niggers in Selma this mornin ' . " Jacqueline: " Oh! did you see Daddy? " When ignorance is bliss ' tis best to remain a Sophomore. Q ih ' t)c. 137 W ' 2 !s;j i T echnala 19 2 4 3. 138 2 E?s;,vr i r ' wi s At-A y jm d Technala 19 2 4 What are college girls made of? Frat pins and rings And candy and things; That ' s what the girlies are made of! Miss Le vis: " Miss Johnson, can you give a sentence using the vord ' arrears ' ? " Laura J.: " Oh yes! Julia has dirt be- hind arrears. " What is the college man made of? Football and frat balls And baseball and highballs; That ' s what the college man ' s made of! ' hat are college profs matle of? Science and history And quizzes and mystery That ' s what professors are made of! — Helen Johnson ' . Nature cannot jump from ' inter to Sum- mer without a Spring, or from Summer to Winter without a Fall. " When is Anna Laura thinking of getting married ? " " All the time! " Thi; Samiv Old Lint A little spider, A little girl, A little squeal, A little whirl. He ' s not the first Bug to get hurt Spinning a line To catch a skirt. 139 Technala 19 2 4 Important Dates at Alabama College SeI ' TEMRER 8. School opens. 11. Entire Freshman Class and se ' eral old girls arrive. Trouble begins. 12. InHrmary crowded. Girls complain of " schedule trouble. " Decision — arrang- ing schedules preferred to taking pills. Quick recovery. 13. Much homesickness followed by annual " flood. " 14. Most of the old girls arrive. ] Iuch " rushing and crushing " of the new girls. 15. Miss Sales impersonates the Pied Piper of Hamlin. Charms " rats " to a trap — the new dormitory, ig. (lirls adopt novel habit of going for the " male " (mail). 23. Dr. James finds that " titles " are of no value in evading traffic cop. 28. Nights of bad dreams and days of embarrassment follow for Prof. James. Finally pays $5 in preference to working the street. October I. Unearthly noise frightens inhabitants of the town. Investigation proves there is no danger. Dignified ( ?) Seniors are taking advantage of their privileges — ■ attending picture show at night. 6. Junior Street Fair for benefit of the Technala. Dr. Bacot indicates much excite- ment over the " baby show. " November 3. Freshmen entertain school with " Macbeth " in the chajiel, and apples and dancing in the gym. 6. Yell practices begin. Much pep shown o er the approaching Thanksgiving game. 19. Everybody getting friendh — " crushes " coming on. 28. " Box-getters " begin to realize the method in the " sweetness " of the crushers. 29. Turkey — Pain ! ! ! Rain, no game, much disappointment. 30. Excessive cramming and impossible exams. December 2-3. More cramming and exams! Teachers ' home said to be troubled with " rats. " 4. Sighs of relief. Tears from the failing few ( ?) 18. Christmas dinner! Dr. Bacot innocently parked under a sprig of mistletoe. Proves fatal. Other men present commit th: same act with the same results, only not so exaggerated. i+o Technala 19 2 4 18. Christmas play, " Why the Chimes Rang. " 19. Christmas tree in chapel. Santa appears. ] Ir. larsh plays a new role. 20. IVIuch excitement! Grand rush for ta xis. Classes cut. Students arrive at station hours before train time in order to get home sooner. January 3. " Dead-tired " students attend classes with new year resolutions to make 1924 a true Leap Year ! 4. Mr. Marsh, in crossing music room, suffers a fall. Table, piano stool and floor now under carpenter ' s care ! 5. " Busted " pipes. Limited water supply. Student Government notice on bulletin board — " Bath tickets for sale in office. First water, 5c; second water, 3c. No life insurance given on second water bath. Take it at your own risk! " 7. Mr. Sharpe takes lessons from the electrical wizard in the use of sanitary kissers leading to a degree in the modern methods of " sparking. " Will compete with Dr. Bacot in mistletoe contest. 14. First editions of school paper arrive in tin can. " Before Thanksgiving " news found to be still fresh ! 16. Picture of students and faculty taken January 15 on display. Visual proof of Darwin ' s theory. 17. Students discover that Miss Putnam is the long-looked-for, much-talked-of per- son who put the " pep " in pepper. Result — Montevallo wins over W. C. A. in basketball game. 18. Dean announces that cutting meals will entitle one to " honorable " mention at honor-board meeting plus some punishment. Great rush expected at 6:59 a. m. 21. Good attendance at special chapel at 4:15 p. m., at which all students otherwise engaged from 9:45 to 10:15 are urged to be present. 22. Technala goes to press! Other Important Dates Foretold Jan. 3-May 15. Nothing ' cept just school. May 16-19. Commencement exercises. May 22. Last exciting event. Third quarter exams. May 24. Home, Sweet Home ! ! ! ! i+i Technala 19 2 4 M GOltx ' ftFTER THE ' " MALE ' ! We vish to correct the statement that " Chicken Little " -ivas heard under the shower singing " I Am a Stranger Here. " Manie: " Did you sweep under the carpet, Fluff? " Fluff: " Of course! I sweep everything under the carpet. " Soph: " What has feathers, stands in water on one leg, and harks like a dog? " Fresh; " I ' ll gi ' e up. " Soph: " A stork. " Fresh: " Why, you duTnb snoot, a stork doesn ' t hark like a dog. " Soph: " Oh, I just put that in to make it harder. " Of all sad words of tongue or pen The saddest are these: " Boiled eggs again. " Julia Riddle. " Is this color fast and really genuine? " The Clerk: " As genuine as the roses in your cheeks. " Julia Riddle: " Hm, -er-er, show me some- thing else please. " Here ' s to the lying lips we meet. For truthful lips are bores, But lying lips are very sweet When lying close to yours. Definition of Worry: Worry is a complete circle of inefficient thought, whirling around a pivot of fear. Martha T. : " Ruth, did you ever take chloroform ? " Ruth C. : " No, who teaches it? " - Oh, Chemist of Skill, investigate. Answer this quiz of mine. I think I know what Carbornate, But where did Iodine? 142 °ai s :: Si = Technala 19 2 4 143 W 11 Technala 19 2 4 M The Runa vay Paw was in de cotton patch, Hoein ' out de rows, Maw was at de wash pot Er bilin ' white folks clo ' es. Dey lef me ter min ' der baby An ' tole me not ter go, ])ut 1 cum off and lef her dar Settin ' in der doah. So when Lucindy Martin (Whut ' s about der size of me) Cum along an ' sez, " Mirandy, Le ' s go see what we kin see. " I was tired of totin ' chillun An ' sweepin ' yard and sich. Wanted to go way off, Where folks was gettin ' rich. So we slipt ' round der cabin An ' on down thru de fence. While dey warn ' t nobody lookin ' An ' I ain ' t been back dar sence! But I ' se gettin ' po ' ful hongry; Ain ' t found no rich folks yit. An ' muh clo ' es is most wo off me — An ' I wishes I could quit. I wonder if dey ' ll take me back; I b ' leve I ' ll try an ' see; An ' when I knocks at de cabin doah I ' ll say, " Paw, hits jes me. " An ' den if he don ' t let me in I ' ll jes lay down an ' die, " Fur hit ain ' t no fun ter run away — You jes take an ' try. " M.ARCUERITE CaRLIN ' . w 14+ 5iS3.-= Technala 19 2 4 M 00000 I feel I ought To cipher her; She to cipher me. Once I was her hero, But time has brought Her love to naught, And mine is down to zero! " Oh, what a cute little dolly. Does she say ' Mama ' when you squeeze her? " " Naw, my dolly ' s a modern doll. She says ' Oh boy ' when you squeeze her. " Be the Best If you can ' t be a pine at the top of the hill Be a scrub in the valley — but be The best little scrub by the side of the rill; Be a bush if you can ' t be a tree. If you can ' t be a bush be a bit of the grass, And some highway happier make. If you can ' t be a muskie, then just be a bass, But the liveliest bass in the lake. We can ' t all be captains; some have to be crew. There ' s something for all of us here; There ' s work to be done, and we ' ve all got to do Our part in a way that ' s sincere. If you can ' t be a highway, then just be a trail. If you can ' t be the sun, be a star. It isn ' t by size that you win or you fail; Be the best of whatever you are. —Sfledeci. iviv " .i.iiitf(r , ' fW jiij H ;;p;,V ' " ' ,f;, io raoue Vi s dTTn this TT mutfc ' . " TcU him v ouTse f,in( Q., Ue ' s Oi ptTfect Sia-a eT to rat " Miss Blackstone: " Order! " Dorothy (waking up) : " Piece of pie and a glass of milk. " Miss Andrews (in cooking class) : " Sara, didn ' t I tell you to notice when that candy boiled over? " Sara G. : " Yes ' m, I did. It was exactly a quarter past two. " 145 T echnala „ 4w s m m - ' zit 19 2 4 M 146 a s - . - L-v-T ■ ' ' P " 1 i ' ™ - ' ' r; S ir Technala 19 2 4 Breakfast Bells Hear those bloomin ' breakfast bells, Darn those bells; What a lot of trouble their ringing all compels. Oh! this dark and freezin ' room, I jiist know that bell ' s too soon, That new cook Is such a loon He just keeps that bell a-pealing ' Til girls come running, squealing, From their rooms. How it dwells On the hunger that impels Us to hearken to the swinging arid the ringing Of the bells, bells, bells, bells. Bells, bells, bells To the study hall and mealtime ringing bells. — Proul. Mr. Wills: " Where ivas the Declaration of Independence signed? ' ' Alice Bargainer: " At the bottom, of course! " " Now I ' ve got you in my grip, " hissed the villain, shoving his tooth paste into his valise. JIM LESSOH v ' 147 Technala 19 2 4 M Typical Studying nnggnne! Ivnv I hate to study With that noise out there in the hall. I ' ll an I ' ll Ko " daffy " or " nutty " . I vish I could pull a new stall. I ' d throw this old book on the table And go and join in the fun No, Aesop, come slip me a " fable " , It ' s English, so I need a good one. Don ' t try an ' animal stuff on her. She ' s not the kind you can bluff; You ' ve got to hand it " as you were " — No two-timing, son, she knows her stuff. I ' ve racked my brain and I can ' t think Of an excuse that would pass me by. I know I ' ll be scared to " sky blue pink " If I looked her straight in the eye, ' Cause when she stares right back at me — And she can do that thing — I ' d have to say " I lied " , you see ; She ' s not the kind you string. So study — " Oh! Sue, is that you? " I never could study with all that fuss. " Just a minute while I button my shoe, I ' ll go see if the fun ' s any worse. " Anny May Skinner. 148 Technala 19 2 4 M These Alabama College Girls The girls of Alabama College vander ' round The picture show, and streets of Montevallo town. The drug store oft times sees ' em. The clerks they try to please ' em. These Alabama College Girls! These college girls may not be much on countenance, But all their words and actions center on romance. Now tell me, do you blame ' em, And would you try to tame ' em? These Alabama College girls! They ' re up on art, and painting is a specialty, But is it canvas that the} ' touch so tenderly? No — lips! They spread it on ' em While anxious fingers smooth ' em. These Alabama College girls! But they ' re the best that live on all this earth. They ' ' e got what it takes to win ; it ' s pep, and life, and mirth. Then treat ' em good and love ' em. Ain ' t nothing else above ' em These Alabama College girls! Louise Con ' ner. Miss Stall worth (in Math, class) : " Roberta, lay off that line! " Roberta: " I wasn ' t talking, Miss Stall- worth. " Miss Southerlin: " No, Marianna, Oliver Twist is not a chewing tobacco. " What Men Like ix Womex! 1. Looks. 2. Brains. 3. Looks. 4. Money. 5. Looks. 6. Flattery. 7. Looks. S. Responsiveness. 9. Looks. Yes Boys ' TVii-i li " tVie vv v she 4o«« ■ our p.cTur. e,v«-r- 2ight lj»|or« 149 ' ' !M ' ?r-M ' ' " H Technala 19 2 4 M Pot TW qav uiKo n un Afei " Here ' s where I prove an artist Without a brush " he cried, And drew a pretty maiden Closer to his side. If brevity is the soul of wit, some of our Freshmen are witty. This was heard on cen- tral: " G-eat? " " Naw, J ' ew ? " He: " May is a funny girl. " Other He: " Yea, how come? " He: " When I tried to steal a kiss and landed it on her chin she cried, ' Heavens above! ' " - -K " Is that party getting into the car, Brunice Burkett? " " Partv? Man, that ' s an excursion. " Prater of the Al.abam.a College Girls " Dear Lord, please give us pure hearts, clean hearts, and sweethearts. " Come ' ere chile and lemme wipe yo ' nose on dis here dish rag. If dere ' s anything I do despise it ' s nastiness. Their meeting it was sudden; Their meeting it was sad. She gave away her bright young life The only one she had. And there beneath the willow She is lying now. For there ' s always something doing When a freight train hits a cow. 150 Technala 19 2 4 J w 151 ' U Doris just coaxed to be weighed, So Johnny a penny had paid. On the scale she climbed ; Johnny sneaked on behind; That was the weigh of a man with a maid. •• ' ■ Bride: " How does Hubby dear like his little girl with her hair bobbed? " Hubby: " Not a bit. " Bride: " Well, I ' ll be switched ! " ' ■ » « I would like to be a model And pose for pictures fair, But still I find that when I try It ' s more that I can bare. ' Eavesdropping again, " said Adam as his playmate fell out of the apple tree. Famous Savings of Famous Ment " Make the world safe for Democracy. " — Jl ' oodroiv Jl ' ilson. " Now I ' ll tell it again so that every one will understand it. " — Dr. Palmer. " Take the next ten pages. " — Dr. Becoie. " Er-er-now, well, that is. " — Dr. James. " I am sure that you will all understand this. " — Dean Carmicliael. 152 Technala 19 2 4 How Things Change Just think how things used to be — A high-necked, long-sleeved white chemise Union suits below the knee; Red flannel petties clung around, And at night an outing nightgown ! Things have changed, as you can see. , Stockings rolled below the knee; A sleeveless crepe de chine chemise; No more petties hang around. And pink silk pajamas instead of a gown! After Dramatic Club Tryout Ethel Blake: " Whose was the best acting at the tryout? " Mary Emma: " Mine! I acted just like I enjoyed it. " Floi: " Excuse me for opening your mail, Julia — you see I thought it was Minnie ' s. " Dot: " I ' m going to get a nut sundae. " Pearl: " What are you going to wait until Sundav for? " Any girl can be gay In a nice coupe. In a taxi they All can be jolly, But the girl that ' s worthwhile Is the one who can smile When you ' re taking Her home in a trollev. Miss Andrus (teaching a class of harmony time signature). Marie H.: " Miss Andrus, is there any such thing as 4-1 ? Miss Andrus: " Well, I can ' t say, but I ' ve seen some pretty wild times. " MaU-ino Pi speci ' AC-le S - K«r»el4 IS3 Technala 19 2 4 T M CUT-0UT3 w 15+ Technala 19 2 4 tj JcWnsen J ' lie halls veie dark and silent; Clarissa ANas alone ; She swore some college cuss words In a peevish undertone. Doggone it! ' Twas an outrage To treat a pal like that — To go home for vacation And leave the college cat! ' Johnson. Mrs. Veagcr: " Wonld yon like for me to make a large or small photo of you? Mary Margaret (excitedly): " A small one! " Mrs. Veager: " Then please close our mou ' .h. " So live that vhen your diploma comes you can dismount your pedestal gracefully, fold away your cap and gown, roll up your sleeves, and work like — ■ Mr. Sharpe (to his agriculture class) : " If you find any eggs just lay them on my desk. ' - - ¥ Co-ed: " But you are a professor and I am oiily a student. " Professor: " Then, let me teach yon to love me. " Co-ed (demurely) : " How many are taking the course? " «5S Technala 19 2 4 M in. APPLIED ARITHMETIC Dr. Bccnte: The Crown Prince of Germany came to Germany in — er (trying to think of date) Theresa Conway (helpfully): " An automobile! " Love is like an onion. We taste it with delight, But when its gone we wonder Whatever made us bite. Kit: " She told me you told her that secret I told you not to tell her. " Kat: " The mean thing! 1 told her not to tell you I told her. " Kit: " I promised her I wouldn ' t tell you she told me, so don ' t you tell her I told you. " iti- Shocked " Watt hour you doing here? " " Eating currents. Anode you ' d catch me at it. " " Wire you insulate this morning? " " I leyden bed. " " Wouldii ' t that jar you up? Can ' t your relay-shunts get you up? " " Amperently not. " " Fuse going to do that every day, you take your hat arui go honi. " A woodpecker settled down on Freshman ' s head, And settled down to drill. He bored a vay for half a da_ ' , And finally broke his bill! 156 w w Technala 19 2 4 M. 5TUDY HOUR IN ' ' REEL " Llf E AND m RERL Llf E I ' ! ' w " ' ' i4 i isiS-= Technala 19 2 4 15S W ?r:7if -v;l ■f crs r ' ' mt mJ Technala 19 2 4 M IS9 - . SfLi- r M d (fr=n Technala ■= m : W{ iL 19 2 4 rgi FRATERNITY, COLLEGE AND CLASS JEWELRY COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS AND INVITATIONS Jeweler to the Senior Class, the Tutwiler, Cliosophic, Bunberry and Monks Clubs of Alabama College L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY MANUFACTURING JEWELERS AND STATIONERS ATTLEBORO, MASS. ASK ANY COLLEGE GREEK Technala 19 2 4 : 2i M WILLIAMS MUSIC HOUSE FOR EVERYTHING IN MUSIC WILLIAMS MUSIC HOUSE 1818 THIRD AVE. BIRMINGHAM, ALA. Everything in Music HERZOG THOMPSON CO. JEWELERS We invite you to inspect our stock of merchandise BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA FORBES PIANOS SATISFY LOW IN PRICE HIGH IN QUALITY We handle the Strongest Lines of Pianos in the South. See Us Before Buying HOME OF BRUNSWICK PHONOGRAPHS AND RECORDS E. E. Forbes Sons Piano Co. Write for Catalog 1922 3rd Avenue, North BIRMINGHAM, ALA. SEE THE NEWER STYLES FIRST —AT— KAUFMAN ' S 213-215 North Nineteenth St. Birniingha,m and 3 Court Street, Montgomery Technala 19 2 4 HIRSCH ' S 213-215 NORTH 19TH ST. BIRMINGHAM, ALA. MILLINERY AND SHOES The e.xclusive millinery store in the State of Alabama. In our French Parlor and Balcony we show every day over 1,000 trimmed hats for children, misses and ladies. ALL MODERATELY PRICED Hirsch Millinery Company Correct Attire for College Girls Style Without Extravagance Whether you wish to buy or just look, YOUR ARE WELCOME Everything to wear. Outer and undergarments always reasonably priced. " SAKS " The Store of Specialty Shop BIRMINGHAM, ALA. BROMBERG AND COMPANY Jewelers and Silversmiths BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Film Sizes and Prices PRICES FOR DEVELOPING Developing Rolls, lOe each roll of 6 exposures: 15c for 12 exposures. Film Pack, 25c each pack. For Making Prints, Size or Numbers — 127, 120 3 cents each 116 1 4 cents each 130. 118, 124, 122 5 cents each 101 6 cents each Post Card Prints 6 cents each P ' .ease add Postage for all Mail Orders. SELMA STATIONERY COMPANY Printers and Stationers SELMA, ALA. Technala 19 2 4 LOVEMAN, JOSEPH LOEB FASHIONS " THIRTY HOURS FROM NEW YORK " While in Birmingham VISIT THE Ideal Millinery Cloak and Suit Store Mail Orders Given Prompt and Careful Attention Corner Nixeteen ' th Street AN-n First Avenue GIFTS FOR EVERY OCCASION Can Be Found in Our Attrac- tive Stock of Jewelery. DIAMONDS, WATCHES AND SILVERWARE We make a specialty of ma ' l orders and can give prompt serv- ice on Jewelry and Optical Repair work. Hobbs McGill Jewelers and Opticians Established 1859 Selma, Ala. Technala 19 2 4 H UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA CAPSTONE OF THE PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM OF ALABAMA Letters, Science, Engineering, Education, Law, Medicine, Commerce and Business Administration, and School of Mines SUMMER SCHOOL FOR CATALOG ADDRESS PRESIDENT GEO. H. DENNY, M.A., PH.D., LL.D., D.C.L. UNIVERSITY, ALABAMA A BANK BOOK IS A SIGN BOARD THAT IS FOUND ONLY ON THE ROAD TO SUCCESS City Savings Bank of Selma SELMA, ALA. H. C. ARMSTRONG President H. I. SHELLY Vice President B. H. PERRIN Cashier THE CITY NATIONAL BANK OF SELMA SELMA, ALA. OLDEST BANK IN CENTRAL ALABAMA Total Resources Over $3,500,000.00 H. C. ARMSTRONG President H. I. SHELLY Vice President R. W. HUSTON J. E. CARTER Assistant Cashiers Technala 19 2 4 M MAKERS OF YOUR COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS FOR 1924 STATIONERS ENGRAVERS PRINTERS OFFICE FURNITURE ENGINEER AND CONTRACTOR SUPPLIES DEWBERRY MONTGOMERY 2014 FIRST AVENUE BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA W m ' nA. Tm M ■b±Jfim m Technala 19 2 4 HOTEL ALBERT SELMA, ALABAMA " THE BEST " Stop with us when you come to Selma! " UNEXCELLED CAFE " Hemstitching, Picoting Plaiting MILADY SHOPPE MRS. E. HEINZ FINE MILLINERY A SPECIALTY Sport Sweaters and Skirts Novelties, Etc. 227 BROAD STREET SELMA, ALABAMA BEWIG OPTICAL COMPANY Jewelers and Opticians Engraved Cards SEND YOUR ORDERS Call to See Us When In Town 26 Broad Street SELMA, ALABAMA Satisfaction Guaranteed Technala 19 2 4 WHAT Does Rothschild ' s Ready-lo-Wear Stand For? A Matter of Style, Value, Wearing Quality, Workmanship and Fit ROTHSCHILD ' S READY-TO-WEAR FOR SPRING. 1924 Fill These Requirements in Every Particular FINE MILLINERY A SPECIALTY YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME Rothschild Mercantile Company SELMA, ALABAMA It is always a pleasure to serve you, Alabama girls, so let us hear from you. Shoes, Slippers Hosiery Whether it be something for real service or a dainty new style, it is here at a SATIS- FACTORY PRICE. MYER ELKAN SELMA, ALABAMA TILLMAN DRUG COMPANY SELMA, ALABAMA AGENTS Eastman Kodaks and Supplies, Spaulding Athletic Goods, Nun- nally ' s and Jelpis Candies GARDEN AND FLOWER SEED WELCOME! WELCOME! 19 2 4 PICKWICK CAFE No. 103 Commerce Street FRED RIDOLPHI Proprietor MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA LOXLEY BALDWIN COUNTY, ALA. The Home of the Satsuma Orange, One of the Biggest Money Crops in the South All kinds of truck crops and general crops are successfully grown, because we have the soil and the climate. Great advantages are here for you. Come and investigate or wri ' e for information. J. C. GRIFFIN LOXLEY, ALA. Our Thanks Are Due the Young Women OF Alabama College For the Patronage Given The New Williams 1911 Third Avenue BIRMINGHAM, ALA. Jesse French Sons Piano Co. MANUFACTURERS OF FINE PIANOS Selling Direct to Users. PHONOGRAPHS VICTROLAS, EDISON BRUNSWICK Montgomery and Mobile , Alabama Technala 19 2 4 M OUR SHOES DO THEIR OWN ADVERTISING THE NAME GORDON SELLS OUR HOSIERY YOUNG SHOE CO. SELMA, ALABAMA QUALITY SHOES, HOSIERY THE QUALITY SHOE AND STOCKING SHOP RULLOCK SHOE CO. MONTGOMERY, ALA. On Dexter Ave. Over a Third of a Century Everything to Wear FOR THE STYLISH COLLEGE GIRL AT A REASONABLE PRICE LOUIS PIZITZ BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA A. NACHMAN INVITES YOU TO Come and Vie v the New Spring Fashions Frocks Suits Wraps " A. Nachman ' s Special " DependaDle Hosiery We want you to try these splen- $ % did quality Pure Thread Silk Hose. M AH the new shades are here. Un- M usual values. 19 2 4 COMPLIMENTS OF STRAND THEATRE MRS. WATSON, Manager MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA M ' TIS A FEAT TO FIT THE FEET STYLISH— FREAKISH EACH STYLE IN OUR SPRING LINE WAS DESIGNED WITH ONE THOUGHT IN MIND: To Appeal to the Women Who Seek Fashionable Footwear That Is " Good Looking " Not one freak style in our selections, but many original and stylish patterns that are much wanted by well-dressed women. Send us your mail orders, giving, where possible, the num- bers you find on the lining of the shoes you are wearing. PETERSON-SKINNER SHOE CO. Opposite the Hotel Albert SELMA, ALA. Tec final a 19 2 4 M FOR YOUR Spring Wardrobe COME TO US We make ladies ' apparel a study. Always something new and exclusive when it comes from Kayser ' s. For years we have been outfit- ting the exclusive woman. This alone is for recommen- dation. Make our store your headquarters. Isidore Kayser Company " A House of Fashion for the Fair Sex " FOR SALE Booklets suitable for pres- ents or souvenirs. " FATE ' S SHIRT-TAIL " " AN UP-RISING IN TURKEY " " BROWN GIRLS — OR GREEN? " " THE MOULTING SEA-GULL " " THE DANCE OF FEAR " Price Fifty Cents Each Address the author KATHERINE HOPKINS CHAPMAN SELMA, ALABAMA C. L MERONEY COMPANY MERCHANTS MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA ' STAR BRAND SHOES ARE BETTER " George Kroell GENERAL MERCHANDISE " Say It With Flowers " Whatever the purpose, we will present your flowers correctly with great skill and originality. GRADUATION BOUQUETS GIFT BOXES GIFT BASKETS GIFT CORSAGES BRIDAL BOUQUETS BRIDESMAID ' S BOUQUETS Rosemont Gardens FLORISTS 1 16 Dexter Ave., Montgomery, A!a. Technala 19 2 4 r B - . " LOLLAR ' S " f m KODAK FINISHING t v AND AMATEUR SUPPLIES M ' . . ENLARGING FRAMING WATER COLORS AND OIL PAINTINGS KODAK ALBUMS ETC., ETC. H MAIL ORDERS OUR SPECIALTY MH P Frank L. Lollar, Prop. -j iiMBBr BOX 71 W A BIRMINGHAM, ALA. J KKtSk REID MOTOR COMPANY Authorized Dealers LINCOLN FORD FORDSON Cars — Trucks — Tractors Sales Agency and Service Station. PHONE 77 MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY P. D. D. Pendleton JEWELER Expert Jewelry and Watch Repairing Rogan ' s Building MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA Technala 19 2 4 M WE CARRY Everything for the Women A i Prices Men Can Afford to Pay LOUIS PIZITZ 23 Dexter Avenue MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA WOOLEY HORN Fresh Meats, Groceries Candies Sandwiches, Fresh Vegetables and Fruits And we assure you that we are always with the col- lege girls, whether it be for great or small. MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA MONTGOMERY FAIR A Great Store For Over Fifty Years A GREATER STORE TODAY MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA Buy Your Dry Goods Shoes, Ready-to- Wear and Millinery Where you get efficient service and quality. Kanter ' s Cash Store Max Kanter, Proprietor MONTEVALLO, ALA. w r,-:«J s-Tni|M- ' ' s ; « dl Technala 19 2 4 M " ie kaulhdnd SOUTHERN YELLOW PINE MADE FOR THOSE WHO CARE BY KAUL LUMBER CO. LATEST STYLES IN FOOTWEAR Guarantee Shoe Company BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA WE ARE HERE TO SERVE Everything Good to Eat WALKER ' S CAFE MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA w Technala 19 2 4 M A PERFECT WARDROBE THINGS EXCLUSIVE BUT NOT EXPENSIVE In selecting our stocks for a perfect wardrobe we did not forget the College Girl. Our shop is known as " The Shop of Courtesy, " and a visit when in Birmingham will convince you that This is Your Logical Shopping Place BIRMINGHAM, ALA. 1919 Third Avenue The School of Experience Has Taught Us How Best to Serve You CHICKERING J. C. FISCHER JESSE FRENCH SONS BEHR BROS. MARSHALL WENDELL PIANOS Ampico Reproducing Pianos Ampico in the Chickering Ampico in the J. C. Fischer Ampico in the Marshall Wendell C. C. Holcombe Music Co. BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA MERCHANTS AND PLANTERS BANK MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA w - mm } Technala 19 2 4 M " TYLER ' S BEST " Wnen you put to practical use in the home wnat you nave learned in Domestic Science at Alabama Col- lege, remember tnat good looa must be pure, whole- some ana of a high quality when it is prepared at the source oi supply. Tyler s best means the best that can be ' packed — whether it be ' Reaches, cher- ries, apricots, ■ ears, etc., for the dessert or a salad; or eas, lima beans, string beans, tomatoes, etc., as a vegetable ; or coffee, syrw and other good things to eat. For twenty-iour years we have enaeavored to give to looa users the very best that careful selection ana money will buy under the Tyler s Best Label. We use a Pointer Dog as a traae-mark, ana our motto, " Tyler s Best; this dog stands for quality, we stand behind the dog, means just that. TYLER GROCERY COMPANY wholesale BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Technala 19 2 4 M COMPLIMENTS OF HENDRICK DRUG COMPANY MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA MONA M. DAVIES Everything to Wear FOR THE College Girl MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA WILSON DRUG COMPANY Drugs, Stationery, Kodaks Cold Drinks and Sandwiches We Appreciate Your Patrona ge MONTEVALLO, ALABAMA " ALABAMA MAID BRAND " PURE CREAMERY BUTTER THIS BUTTER IS THE FINEST THAT SKILL AND MODERN METHODS CAN PRODUCE Is Made from Pure Pasteurized Cream A Trial Will Convince You of Its High Quality Eaten by the Girls at the Alabama College for Women MANUFACTURED BY THE ALICEVILLE CREAMERY COMPANY ALICEVILLE, ALABAMA Technala . mMmMI ' M 19 2 4 SELMA TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK SELMA, ALABAMA Capital Stock $100,000.00 Surplus and Profits (Earned) Over 100,000.00 " The Banli for Savings " Your Account, Large or Small, Solicited 4 PER CENT COMPOUND INTEREST PAID ON DEPOSITS Large Enough to Serve You, Strong Enough to Protect You Small Enough to Know You LARGEST EXCLUSIVELY SAVINGS BANK IN ALABAMA E. C. MELVIN, President R. P. ANDERSON, Vice-President P. 0. THOMAS, Cashier R. L. SO MMERVILLE, Asst. Cashier m THE SELMA NATIONAL BANK SELMA, ALABAMA Capital Stock $200,000.00 Surplus and Profits (Earned) 175,000.00 Depository of the United States and the State of Alabama CONSERVATIVE— PROGRESSIVE Your Checking Account Solicited E. C. MELVIN, President R. P. ANDERSON, Vice-President and Cashier J. W. CRAIG, Assistant Cashier Technala = A 19 2 4 B ARE YOU PLEASED WITH YOUR PRINTING? IF NOT, TRY BRANNON PRINTING CO. TALLADEGA, ALABAMA CALL ON JETER MERCANTILE CO. MONTEVALLO, ALA. FOR FANCY GROCERIES FRESH FRUITS, CANDIES SHOES, OXFORDS TENNIS SHOES, HOSE BASEBALL SUPPLIES We Appreciate Your Patronage Lump Lime. Ground I ime. Hydrated Lime. Agricultural Lime. Keystone Lime Works, Inc. Manufacturers of KEYSTONE LIME We Produce Only One Grade THE HIGHEST Always Uniform Office and Works: KEYSTONE, ALABAMA CHAS. R. REID LUMBER CO. Wholesale Yellow Pine SELMA, ALABAMA COLLEGE ANNUAL HEADQUARTERS BUILB DlSXmCTIVE TBOOKS JI DE lS fAat j ti bur annua aiovS Ac aVcra c. arc fAa rcsu ts ofjjatnstaAinf tAouyAf,cj ri and expcriencc, M.S concciVG anddcyslop ideas in dcsi nincfand cndraV nd or Ac defini e Durooss o en iySm ' ndt our annual .ferEi ENCE.M isTEi ci rTSM iNsnir m ) the EEI ONHL COOEEIVITION IN BUIIHEI CONTI ICT do nof add fo iAc Dricc i buDoi ' iuf tAcddo add mafcriaZ y to dour inisA d oooA- %-i c us or IDE IS =©v 3= BURGER ENGRAVING CO. Sosfon Bld , Kansas Gi y, n -=s r . im ' fp wi:}:.

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University of Montevallo - Montage Technala Yearbook (Montevallo, AL) online yearbook collection, 1921 Edition, Page 1


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University of Montevallo - Montage Technala Yearbook (Montevallo, AL) online yearbook collection, 1927 Edition, Page 1


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