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.,.,.. .. ,Llr, Gen. 378' Sa94 1982 Savitar MlD-CONTINENT PUBLIC LIBRARY Genealogy 8. Local History Branch 317 W. Highway 24 Independence, MO 64050 rr- : p UBLIC LIBRARY WWllHHIHIWIIIIHIH 3 89 5 1103 2 f IIHIHWLI'HEMEWHI 0 5:: SAVITAR 1-9 - 8 - 2 EDITOR Bill Weathersby PHOTO EDITOR Robert Rogers ASSOCIATE EDITOR Michele Kenner BUSINESS MANAGER Tamara Wentz SPORTS EDITORS Greg Lopez Kevin Mattimore GREEKS AND DORMS Marcy O,Koon ORGANIZATIONS Marcy O,Koon ADVISQR Bill Seymour COVER DESIGN Ed Perlmutter CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Gary Allen, Steve Biehn, Elane M. Breedlove, Todthames, David Klutho, Sarah Leen, Charlie Leight, Steve Levin, Dan Levine, Keith McMilIin, David Rees, Tom Reese, Melanie Stetson, John Trotter, Rob Wagner. Savitar 1982. The yearbook of the University of Missouri-Columbia. Copyright Savitar 1982 Staff and the Curators of the University of Missouri. All rights reserved. MIZZOU O 82 4 It was a year of budget cuts, bricklaying, beer guzzling and following the latest fads. A party, and you were invited. The time, the place: MIZZOU o 82. REVIEW 30 Political upheaval in Poland, Centralia catching fire, MSA's war against Washington and a fight over the Falklands are detailed in REVIEW. WINDOWS 46 Beekeepers, BibIe-toters, Playboy prospects and pizza-eaters are some of the suspicious characters youtll discover by looking through Mizzou's WINDOWS. VISITORS 98 8.8., Beaver, the father of the bomb, a Starship and several Shooting Stars made their way to Mizzou. Almost as much as they relished checks from home, students welcomed the University's VISITORS. FACES 122 The grads, the queens, the deans, Jimmy, Babs and Kit strike poses as Savitarts featured FACES. JOCKS 190 Yot Mama, if you didn't watch the basketball Tigers rise to Number One 2 for a while. Whether it's gaining yardage on the gridiron or spiking opponents silly, Mizzou tans love to keep track of their JOCKS. GREEKS 302 Fraternities fighting, sororities rushing and pledges cowering continued the traditions of living like the GREEKS. FRIENDS 388 Dormies, do-gooders, roommates and rosters were all part of gathering into groups at Mizzou. Find some of your FRIENDS. FRAMES 452 Life in Columbia isnit always dreary. Savitar's photographers found some of the bright spots around town and captured them in a few FRAMES. COLOPHON: Savitar 1982 is the eighty-eighth volume of the University of Missouri-Columbia yearbook. The 480-page book was printed by Hunter Publishing Company, Winston-Salem, North Carolina. A press run of 4800 copies with a trim size of 9 by 12 inches was printed on 80-pound Productolith Duil Enamel. Black and white and 4-color photography was reproduced using offset lithography with a 150 line elliptical dot screen. Senior portraits were photographed by Roger Short of Yearbook Associates, Millers Falls, Massachusetts. Body copy was set in 10i12 pt. Times Fioman. Captions were set in 1on2 pt. Helvetica Bold and photo credits are 8 pt. Helvetica. Display faces include Avant, Baskerville, Caslon, Helvetica, Futura and Optima. Additional specifications are available upon request. Editorial offices: 308 Read Hall, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO 65211. Telephone: t314t 882-8340. MIZZOU - 82 Elane M Breedlove It was a year of tradition, change and more than a little fun. The Jesse Hall dome and the Memorial Union clock, as well as the greenery surrounding them, symbolized the long history embodied in the oldest University west of the Mississippi. David Roloff Ki. , Larry Boehm , Whether it was the back window of a car or the trees surrounding the Jesse Hall dome, the University provided a stark background for Missourits winter weather. Robert Rogers 7 Gary Allen Robert Rogers Athletics and the arts played an important role at Mizzou this year. The straining limbs of Sunday afternoon quarterbacks echoed those of visiting Harlem dancers. Marching Mizzou was always on hand to cheer on the football Tigers, performing intricate maneuvers on the field and battling the sweltering heat in the stands. Sarah Leen Steven L. Yarbrough Afr i5: ttla Photos by Robert Rogers Everyone at Missouri was on the move this year .. jogging to class, following the lead of the brass band, or turning flips over the basketball Tigersh rise to the top of the polls. S r e 9 0 R .n e b o R V. b S 0 t 0 h P Mizzou fans cheered the Tigers through their ups and downs on the field and on the court with all of the intensity of an Antler. Half the fun was in the cheering. Robert Rogers Rich Stehnach 15 Ky Couples on campus were commonplace, though at times the matches werenht. Wheels and steel seemed to gain an important role in the relationships of the h80hs. 16 Frank Pierce Robert Rogers Kai'en Uhlmeyer David Rees Aggies were easy to spot at Mizzou, even if the tractors and ten gallons were adapted for college life. "1.112w gang Roben Rogers Todd James Rich Stehnach Columbia offers students a little variety in life. Many spent their leisure time talking over coffee as temperatures outside dropped. Others were content to catch the last rays of summer at nearby lakes. Mudslinging in mid-Missouri isn t limited to small town politicians; getting one s hands dirty in an oozing mudbath is fast becoming a Mizzou tradition. The surrounding countryside added relief for students living out their days in a dorm room. Getting away was often as much a study in color as in nature. Gary Allen Gary Fandel 5. ,E s E. E? ,WaNWAvampwoy,! wwwxm MW, . mmisa MAW: . m The columns symbolize Missourfs longstanding tradition of-scholarship. photo by Melanie St'etson Photos by Robert Rogers Elane M. Breedlove At years end, moving out was only an annual chore for some, while others said goodbye to Missouri and their days as an undergrad. YEAR IN REVIEW Text by Michele Kenner In 90 breathtaking seconds in December, Ita- lyts anti-terrorist commandos ended U.S. Brig. Gen. James Dozierts 42-day ordeal as a prisoner of the Red Brigade. Six weeks after kidnappers jumped him in his Verona home and carried him away in a truck, Dozier, 50, was rushed to freedom. The bubble burst for advocates pushing to- ward ratification of the Equal Rights Amend- ment, as three of the necessary 38 states failed to sign the proposal; Missouri failed to support ERA. Battle lines didntt recede, however, as the controversial constitutional amendment was introduced two weeks later, and the fight was on again. After four years of court battles, Columbia residents finally emerged as the recipients of a beverage-container deposit ordinance. On Jan. 5, Columbians began paying a 5- cent deposit on every beer and soda can or bottle they bought to guzzle. University his- tory professor David Thelen led the grass- roots charge against the beverage indus- tryts media blitz. Thelen and supporters spent $4,000, while industry officials against the proposal poured in $50,000. Tempers flared as the United States esca- lated its involvement in El Salvadorts affairs. The U.S. sent more than $300 million in mili- tary and economic aid during the year. Fend- ing off critics of his South American policies, President Reagan issued an 11-page state- ment on success in controlling Salvadoran guerillas, and a series of sympathetic state- ments by distinguished Americans. vr ,x s Chris Paul David Griffin 43.x. .lnx. A : .,-$i54n.vtzxz;ge1. I YEAR IN REVIEW More than two dozen homes burned to the ground January 28 in Centralia after a gas line injected high-pressure gas into low-pressure lines. Authorities evacuated the' 3,500 resi- dents as the town turned into a virtual time- bomb. Two Centralians filed a $10 million class-action suit against Union Electric for having improper safety measures. Seventy-eight people were killed Jan. 17 when their Boeing 737 crashed while taking off from Washington D.Cis National Airport. The Air Florida jet took off during blizzard conditions, crashed into the Fourteenth Street Bridge and plunged into the Potomac River. Only four pas- sengers and one crew member survived the rivers freezing water. Keith McMillin . In November, the Columbia Space Shuttle proved it was, indeed, reusable when it made its second successful voyage into space. The vessel side-stepped two flight postponements and finally soared above the earth on Nov. 12. For the unfortunate astronauts Joe Engle and Richard Truly, the trip was shorter than ex- pected. One of three fuel cells malfunctioned, causing NASA officials to pare the original five-day journey to three days. What began as a South Atlantic skirmish turned into war in April when Argentina seized Great Britaints Falkland Islands, 880 miles off the coast of Argentina. The British fleet set sail to settle the dispute and attacked an Argentine submarine in an effort to recoup the oil-rich islands. By June, the British had seized the capital city of Port Stanley as well as a victory. Still, some 255 British troops and 746 Argen- tines were dead. 35 Investigations and lawsuits continued to keep the Hyatt Regency in the headlines, after the Kansas City hotel disaster in July 1981 that left 113 dead. The Kansas City Times garnered the Pulitzer Prize for general reporting for its coverage of the disaster and its aftermath. Two University students were part of the reporting crew as interns and shared in the prize, photographer John Trotter and reporter- researcher Robin Mackey. John Troxter - - L-i Poland spent more than a month under martial law im- posed after unrest among Solidarity union workers. Solidarity leader Lech Walesa, Time magazines Man of the Year, was placed under state arrest in January until Polish troops controlled the explosive situation. Presi- dent Reagan imposed economic sanctions against the country. After nine weeks of proceedings and 12 hours of delib- eration, a jury found Wayne B. Williams guilty of killing two of the 28 young blacks slain in Atlanta between July 1979 and May 1981. Assistant D.A. Jack Mallard told the jury that Williams was a Hmad-dog killertt and likened him to Adolph Hitler and Atilla the Hun. The jury seemed to agree. IYEAR IN REVIEW For University students, the grass was always greener where it hadnht been bulldozed. While Chancellor Barbara Uehling and Provost Ronald Bunn hacked away at the University budget, they employed bricklayers to spruce up the campus. Construc- tion workers peeled away grass and up- rooted rare trees in front of Ellis Library to com- plete a new Lowery Mall. The red brick road was dubbed Mizzou,s answer to hRed Square" by many students. e . . e 4 Robert Rogers 38 At times, the Jesse Hall dome looked more like the Close Encounters mothership than the crest of Mis- sourFs hallowed administrative head- quarters. Damage from foul summer weather forced workmen to spend most of the academic year dangling from scaffolds to repair Jesse,s head- piece. Winds also uprooted trees in Jessets backyard, a problem remedied by more red bricks and cement. Renovation was not confined to the University by any means. The brick- laying mania spread to Ninth Street, where sidewalks were poured and bricks were laid. Shopowners along the busy street complained that con- struction had adversly affected their business. Ko-Nan Tien 39 , ; 35...? k, v, r31? sis COL:P?L:::e:a::esnaaro:m:tthe Mis- Her tombstone might read something like this: Tasha, a Circus Vargas soonweanh Theaters rct: a er Com- elephant. Born: mid-1960,s Died: 1981. Tasha collapsed just before her big gnaw announced pfalnssptzrtiamcilg nll11mtber m the center ring in Jefferson City. Circus Vargas officials didntt know , . . . w a was wrong with their $30 000 investment so th MiSSOUI'I historical landmark into a vet school for an auto , , ey sent Tasha to the UMC psy. Vet students and faculty could not m T h ' three-screen complex. The plans an examination room so th ' ' we as a Into . , e dissection was erf ' ' were later undecuded. death was attributed to old age. p ormed m the parklng let. Her Steve Levin The MSA Senate got involved in power politics when a small group of Sena- tors proposed President Gail Sniderts impeachment for her role in endorsing the can ban on television and radio. Charges eventually were dropped as the impeachment proceedings turned into mudslinging. In March, newly elected Q MSA President Jamie Mackenzie declared war on federal student financial aid 3 cuts, beginning a media campaign that eventually led to a trip to Washington, - I front-page coverage in the Washington Post and support from more than 42 I colleges across the nation. i I I l Robin Donina h ' YEARIN . REVIEW Veteran actors Henry Fonda and James Cag- ney staged motion picture comebacks in late 1981. Cagney, 82, appeared in Milos For- manis "Ragtime," his first screen role in 20 years. Fonda, 74, teamed with Katherine Hepburn in "On Golden Pond? Both won Oscars for their efforts. Soon after the film's release Fonda spent seven weeks in a Los Angeles hospital for a recurring heart ail- ment. 1 ,.t : . i The world was shocked after the bloody murder of Anwar Sadat on Oct. 6. The 63- year-old Egyp- tian president was attacked by machine gun-. wielding and gre- ,, nade-throwing ,1 religious fana- , tics during a mili- tary parade in Nasr City, Egypt. Universal 42 UPI iiChariots of Fire" proved that big budgeted epics like itSuperman" and nRaiders of the Lost Ark" arenit the only way to capture the attention of the American public. The modestly budgeted, intel- ligently written film walked away with the Best Pic- ture Oscar for 1982. Mizzou fans had an even greater interest in the film since Brad Davis portrays Jack- son Scholz, BJ 20, the only Tiger to strike Olympic gold. Scholz loses the 100-meter dash to protagon- ist Harold Abrahams in the film, but goes on to tie a world record in the 200-meter. Budget Director David Stockman got into hot water in November concerning comments he made in an Atlantic Monthly article. Stockman criticized his own supply-side economics theory and said, in so many words, that his office did not know what it was doing. nlive never beiieved that just cutting taxes alone will cause output and employment to expand," he said. The White House backed Stockman down the line. UPI Warner Brothers - wi 43 John Belushi was found dead e March 5 after an overdose of cocaine and heroin. The 33- year-old Belushi rose to star- dom with the inventive charac- ters he created on ttSaturday Night Live" and in films such as ttAnimal Housett and "The Blues Brothers." Three-time Oscar nominee Natalie Wood drowned off the Catifornia coast Nov. 29. She was 43. Best known for her role as Maria in the film "West Side Storyf she received Academy Award nominations for her work in "Rebel Without a Cause:' ttLove with the Proper Stranger" and "Splendor in the Hollywood Pictures, Inc. r ! UPI Dale Ruff Jack Albertson died of cancer Nov. 24 at the age of 74. The actor was the first man to win an Oscar, a Tony and an Emmy. Albertson was best known for his role as a garage owner on iiChico and the Man? Less than two weeks after the assassination of Anwar Sadat, Israeli Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan died after suffering a heart attack. Day- an was 66. lsraeii Prime Minister Menachem Begin hailed the charismatic war hero and pas- sionate peace advocate as iione of the greatest fighters of our time." Veteran stage and screen actor William Holden was found dead in his Santa Montica apart- ment November 16. Holden, 63, had been dead for about a week after bleeding from a head wound, authorities said. The actor won an Oscar in 1953 for his portrayal of a POW in i"stalag 17" and also won nominations for iiSunset Boulevardii and iiNetwork." Warner Bros. Inc. 45 , Literar lees Portraits of four U niversity artists of prose and poetry $119667 M organ or writer Speer Morgan, success hasnit changed things much. The task of writing a novel still is not shrouded by divine inspiration or mysticism. To him, writing is sim- ply a job. iiI think most serious writers are uninterested in their image as writers," says the novelist and co-director of the University Creative Writing Program. iiYou just put in the hours and work at your craft? With one published novel and a collection of short stories behind him, Morganis success was underscored by the Octo- ber publication of his second novel, Brother Enemy. Based loosely on the unrest currently plaguing Jamaica, the , novel is a suspenseful tale of political and economic upheaval On a lazy Caribbean island. Morgan manages to weave social commentary into his vivid Story of characters caught in the chaos of a falling nation. Morgan never has shied away from social commentary. His first novel, Belle Starr, is an historical depiction of the 19th Cenlu-ry woman who rode with outlaws such as Jesse James in frontier Missouri. The earthy, western action serves as a back- STOP for commentary about oppression of the American In- Ians. "Some 0fthe elements of my books e the social and histor- John Trotter ical contexts - are difficult to get across in a novel," Morgan says, ttbut I regard the research as a challenge. It adds to the toughness of a story." Although the realism and social commentary in his novels seem to have kept him out of the literary mainstream, Morgan takes that in stride. ttltjust means my books will neverbecome book-of-the-month Club selections." Morgan says he doesnit tire of his literary labors. Writing doesnit come easily for mef he says, ttbut I canit see myself doing anything elseNi - Bill Weathersby 49 Larry Lems hether he s overbearing a dollmakeris ghost on a Wriverbank, speeding through Utah or loitering in LA, University poet-in-residence Larry Levis will twist the experience into evocative verse, sharing his emotions with his readers. Levis, friend and fellow poet Stanly Plumlyi writes that ttwhat sets Levis apart from his contempo- raries is his ability to surrender, completely, to what he sees and suffers." Levis is the first to admit that he reconciles his need to face lifeis problems head-on through his poetry. ttThese things in your life need to be confronted,H says the softspoken co- -director of the University Creative Writing Pro- gram. itIf poetry doesn t confront the powerful things in your life, What good 15 it?ii Levis most recent collection of poetry, The Dollmakeris Ghost, is a winner of the Open Competition 0f the National Poetry Series. The poems in the collection, most of which were written late at night or before daybreak, conjure up Visions of our ghostly past, shadowy present and uncertain future. In ttEdward Hopper, Hotel Room, 1931? Levis con- templates upon the figure of a young woman sitting on a bed in the painting: And herface in shadow, Is more silent than this painting, or any Painting: it feels like the sad blank hull Of a ship is passing, slowly, the stones of a whatf, . Though there is no ocean for a thousand miles, And outside this room I can imagine only Kansas: VIts wheat, and blackening silos, and, beyond that,- The plains that will stare back at you until The day your mother, kneeling ih fumes , On a hardwood floor, begins to laugh out loud. , His works have appeared in countless publications, includ- ing The New Yorker, The American Poetry Review, Antaeus, and Ploughshares. Levis has also published two other collec- tions of poetry, The Afterlife in 1977 and Wrecking Crew in 1972 Levis was the recipient of a Guggenheinl Fellowship 1n 1982 which kept his pen to paper preparing a new book of verse, tentatively titled Trouble. . tilt deals mostly with 1055? he says, has so much ofpoetry has been, traditionally, since Milton . . . even earlierfi His thoughts lately have been enveloped in loss; his fathers death and his recent separation from wife Marcia Southwick, poet- in-residence at the University of Iowa, and their four-year-old son, Nicholas The fall of 1983 won t find Levis teaching his poetry work- shops at the University Instead he 11 be traveling to Paris, Bucharest and Athens, sharing his knowledge with new stu- dents and capturing the passing days in his poetry. .- James A. Ba'ggett 50 Photos by John Trotter "4 Poem So I f nd myself trailing a forefinger through the duSt on a banister, Climbing upstairs, where my wife holds the instep 0f the moon in her sleep. from Wrecking Crew John Trotter janet Desaulniers esire is the password into Janet Desaulnierst fictional world. The characters she creates possess hungers and dreams that may or may not be fulfilled, and what ine terests the 28-year-old writer is what happens when fragile dreams butt up against reality. The result can be tragic, yet, as she says, ttmany of my characters are people who can live their lives and dreams in one breath a and I think thatis not such a bad hope." Indeed not. Desaulniers seems to possess some of that same hope- and ability. Because she has achieved several successes in writing, a discipline and art is precious to her. As a University undergraduate, she won the Mahan Award for short fiction, and has since developed her talent with determina- tion. She studied as a fellow at the Iowa Writersi Workshop at the University of Iowa, and has published short stories in The New Yorker, the North American Review and, most recently, Plough- shares. tTve been lucky to have had three stories published," she says. She plans to continue writing short fiction, and to eventually complete a volume of highly polished short stories. While desire is a recurring theme in her work, her means of addressing this theme is through what she calls the moment. In her University writing classes, Desaulniers stresses this as a key to writing fiction; speaking about the moment as if it were a visible, tangible object. Flashes of time seen subjectively are full of the mystery of human emotion and response, she says. ttA moment can be anything; when you realize something, when you grow, when you become so depressed that you donit want to wake up in the morning or so happy that you donit care whether you do or not." Everyone experiences an infinite number of single moments that can be exploited and tieshed into stories: ttThere are stories that need to be told, that beg to be told." And what about the stories inside her that she must bring forth? Desaulniers has a simple answer: t1 have a promise in fiction and I plan to listen to it, not to the world; to it, not to any institution, orto my peers. I want to probe the nature of my own fictional voice." a - Stacey Levine Paul BowerlMissouri Alumnus i 54 Tom M cAfee 1928-1982 r I lhe first time I ever heard the name Tom McAfee, it was uttered with all the urgency of a revelation from the lips of a young poet. IlMcAfeeW She said the word solidly, insistently, as if my blank expression could be erased if she said the name long enough. We were freshmen then, in 1979, each enveloped in the emotional world of writing -- she pouring herself into her poetry and I into short stories. uMcAfee makes you feel the power of poetry; talking with him, I feel I am a poet," the woman said, her eyes alive with the inspiration to string words together like beads. Like most young writers, I had also found my special mentor in the guise of a professor, yet there was something in the students voice that made me bow to her newfound muse. And it is the flashing gleam in her eyes that I remember to this day when I hear the name Tom McAfee. He seems to have had that effect on most people. As a teacher of poetry and fiction writing, literature and criticism at the University, McAfee inspired students and colleagues with his gentle manner and compassionate understanding of the writers struggle; When McAfee died Aug. 10, 1982 of lung cancer, the Columbia academic community lost an artist and a friend. Whenever the name Tom McAfee circulated amid a group of young writers in the halls of the English Department, it was with a respect and admiration that could not go unnoticed. I would see his small, delicate frame pass through doorways, a Cigarette dangling from his mouth, a stack of dogeared paper- backs cradled in his arms and often several impassioned stu- dtints at his side. I knew the reputation that preceeded him, and I hoped my curiosity would one day lead me into one of McAfeeIs writing seminars. In 1980, a friend told me that McAfee had just published a new book of short stories, and was appearing at a local book- store to give a reading and sign copies of his book. McAfee sat precariously upon a stool, clutching a cigarette in his hand, ashes fluttering as he gestured in wide waves. He seemed almost embarrassed to be there selling his work to admirers who had come to see him, to hear the stories he had to tell. He seemed unable to fathom why almost twenty people circled around his stool, and he spoke nervously in the Ala- bama drawl he had brought with him when he ventured north t0 Missouri as a student in the 1940s. In a quiet, understated voice he read his story, llThis is my LiVlng Roomfl in which a narrow-minded Southern white man brashly describes his worldly possessions - among them a wife, two daughters, a shotgun and a general store. I was struck by the story,s violent vision of reality in a country town; McAfeets prose seemed to match the simple truth and artful lyricism of stories by Flannery OIConnor and William Faulkner. I stood in the wake of his reading as affected as anyone, enamored of McAfeels talent and surprised by his hesitant interactions with his admirers. a III shrink from anything that deals with promoting myself? he once said, and so he did as I took by book home to pour through immediately. Whatever Isntt Glory displays McAfee,s genius at creating characters: the 17 stories are inhabited by such people as an AWOL G.I. being transported back to a court martial, a woman with a dark, enticing secret who waits out a bus ride, an admirer who phones a writer to play psychological games, townspeople who relish the thought of viewing the lifeless bodies from the Itworst drowning in the history of the state of Alabama? An underlying evil lurks within each character, and McAfee often lets them unravel their own tales in the first person a their hatefulness or essential humanity bared for the reader in gothic, hypnotic tales. llEven though I might disapprove of the characters, in writ- ing about them, I have to get inside their minds and almost become the characters," he once told an interviewer. To become these characters, McAfee chose to live alone in local hotels, watching residents and guests with a discerning eye - weaving their private tales into his fiction as if he were their confidant. tII look at different kinds of people and begin to wonder about them, especially people who are not like mejl he said. The humid August day a friend called to tell me Tom McAfee had died, I was in New York City, the towering publishing houses crowding each other along the seething asphalt. It did not seem possible he had slipped away so easily. I went home and read Whatever Isntt Glory until I was too tired to think. McAfee never pursued a career in the literary limelight. He was, says his friend and fellow poet Larry Levis, I tdesperately local. He saw no need to hang out with the literary crowd? Levis, like many who knew McAfee well, aches from the loss of a dear friend; I regret not knowing him well enough. The rich legacy of McAfee,s literature remains behind to comfort and nurture us all, and I often remember those flashing eyes of a student poet, the simple countenance of her mentor, McAfee. - Bill Weathersby Zane; .msww 1:3:- Fiorcle 0f ' the Faithful On a Thursday evening, sounds of celebration fill a one-story building in downtown Columbia. A friendly man greets visi- tors at the door. The sound of amplified guitars and drums drifts to the dark street outside. Musicians begin to sing as members of the audience take their seats and begin to clap their hands in time to the music. Some of them rise from their seats and dance. The services at the Uncompromised Word Center Church might seem a bit unusual to the visitor more accustomed to the formal atmosphere of most churches. But for this congrega- tion, music, clapping and dancing are an integral part of their worship. Freedom in worship is characteristic of the twice-a-week services at the Word center. There are no bulletins handed out at the door listing the agenda for the service. Rather, each service is flexible and guided by the minister. However, every service has similar parts: music, prayer, tithes and offerings, healing, and biblical instruction. The responsibility for leading the services is shared by Dodie Stewart, pastor; her husband Ed, who holds the office 4 4.,ilxu. lcduv Text and Photos by Amidst arms raised high, teacher Ed Stewart - administers the nlaying on of handsh as spiritual Steve Blehn healing, above left. Members of the Uncompromised Word Center Church "lift up their hands and bless the lord" as part of their prayer ritual. of teacher; Steve Feldman, assistant pastor; and Carla Snel- len, who holds the office of evangelist and serves as the chiln drenis pastor. The focal point of every service is on tithe teachingfi During his period of Christian education, members of the congregation center all of their attention on the minister. They flip from chapter to chapter, verse to verse in their Bibles as the lesson progresses. Notes are jotted in the margins and certain passages are underlined or circled. There is very little daydreaming or sleeping. the were Catholics beforef says Armandine Patci. HI used to sleep in church. This is the best place I know of. You really get the knowledge." The Stewarts brought their ministry to Columbia about a year and a half ago. They also have a church in Jefferson City and are starting one in Fulton. The doctrine is conservative, and the congregation is very serious about their beliefs. But there is a friendliness and openness that makes the first-time visitor feel at ease. The services are pleasantly informal and punctuated with light humor. , Holly Smith, Marty Stangl, Linda Halvorsen and John Newby join for a song during worship. ltWhen the Holy Spirit comes in you, it gives you the power to dance," says Pastor Dodie Stewart. Why do people come to the Word Center to worship? llThey want to be part of something thatls doing some- thing? says Stewart. TI came because of the lovefl says Debbie Ballard. tlYou could just sense itfi The members of the word Center show their love of God through free expression in their worship services. Care is taken to alert visitors as to the nature of the services. llSome of you, maybe, have never seen people do what they just did in church a dancing and clappirig and shouting and making fools of themselves? Carla Snellen says at a service. llThatts what the world thinks? lBoy thatis foolish. You donlt do that over Jesusf Yes we do. You see, the Bible tells us that God would use what the world considers foolish to ' confuse the wise. llSo if you think, loh,1idlook a little bit foolish ifI did that$ well, to the outside world, yes. But youfre among brothers and sisters here and we don,t think youire at all foolish to clap or shout or dance or jump or holler or do whatever in praising God. We encourage you to be free here? 58 llncom mmiseb we Center Cfiurcii FAMILY CHURCH CHRISTIAN SCHOOL SCHOOL OF THE WORD BIBLE COLLEGE 106 NORTH 4m STREET g 3 3 f: Scribbling pens are not an uncommon sight during the teaching part of Church services, above. Hy A FEW OF THE COLLEGE CRAZES THAT MADE LIFE AT MIZZOU A LITTLE EASIER. 60 RAYS Tanning at Mizzou isnit restricted to the roofs of frat houses. With the help of several hundred watts of power and the agility to make like a rotisserie, at Exer-tan one could bake his body to a Beach-like brown without ever leaving mid-Missouri. WHEELS As gas prices rose, so did the num- ber of cyclists trekking toward cam- pus. For those of the obsessive bent, diehard clubs like the Booneslick Bike Club offered the chance to bet- ter onets breakaways. John Trotter Rick Perry ' "um. um ,. -.uxI.Vtvv '1 Mum- ,1 ,T.,,,..u, g.gwn ., gm mmcm FREEFALL Jumping out of a plane thousands of feet above the ground may not be the most commonplace Columbia activ- ity, but many students and res- idents found the freefall, with parachute, of course, to be the ultimate in perilous pastimes. Tom Reese 63 MONDO VIDEO Quarter hording was the result of the latest faddish addiction - video games. Whether it was Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders or another sci-fi skill tester, students stood for hours staring at glowing screens; it beat sit-coms and cable news. Kathy Nelson Robin Donina .r ; ..7 -m. y " .-- u ..., , .: . .. .. m ., ... ,1. . . 2... . .: .2 :: ; . U 4.. . , ,;V . , .2 w . ,, . .m...y. .m m . . KFru: y.r,r..w..:......: ... v , 4 v -O-q.,.'.- I - .- 0-. . .... ,--x 5D------gn-,---.- -l- ; I DOC... COM... .- , , .. u . . , : u x ... .: , ..N ,. , ,1: n A .. . , T. . , .,. .. . .. ... .. , x .n. ..., , 5 .w ,. .. . H .w . . V... x, ..V , , , , ,...n , w. zzzzz.2222:2.z:.:. u. m" , , ,V, , , . ., . , . a ; . n. .. A . .. .- . ., : A , , t . , . . H-wv ...9b-.;;uen.:n.n.n.n.: -- - -- - 6- - -- - u- -- u- -- -- Andy Warren HACKY SACK All it took was a little fancy footwork and a small leather ball filled with beans or plastic beads. Keeping the Hacky Sack aloft seemed to keep students occupied for hours at Low- ry Mall, as others passed through the library doors. SOAPS As the world turned, Mizzouts young and restless spent the days of their lives watching the doctors and nurses, the tramps and troublemak- ers of TV's soapdom until almost the edge of night. The hottest daytime duo were undoubtedly GHts Luke and Laura, whose November wed- ding left University classrooms emptier and ratings for ABC's "General Hospital" loftier. Wx vzxxun '1 ,7 t Karen Uhlmeyer 67 -68 GRAMS Balloon-grams, Tarzan-a-grams, Bunny-grams and King Kong sing-a-longs were the latest way to show you care; greeting cards seemed obsolete. Messengers clad in outrageous costumes turned up in the Commons, class- rooms and dorm rooms to sere- nade students with the prolific prose of wellwishers. Could land- sharks be far behind? Melanie Stetson l gm fobV S. A$ I CUBE Whether it dangled from a key chain or sat unsolved and discarded on a E desktop, Rubik,s cube was the best time filler since Etch-a-Sketch. Math- ematics whizzes conquered the cube within hours or minutes, while the rest of us conceded defeat and packed Rubik,s riddle away with the Hula- hoops and the creepy crawlers. ., Elane M. Bleedlove SKATES Cutting class-commuting time in half, University students weaved through the masses walking along the new bricklined campus plazas with the help of a few wheels on their feet. It wasntt exactly the Venice Pier, but skaters made the Quad a roller- haven - until the snow set in. Flick Perry 71 x F i i 1 i I ! i 1 J, PLAYBOY AT IVIIZZOU Companies always flock to college campuses in search of prospective employees. But this year, one unusual company with a few unusual positions visited Mizzou, offering the kind of job for which you would give your shirt. Literally. Playboy sent photographer David Chan to uncover the talent that has been hidden from the world since Mizzou co-eds posed for their baby pictures. Chan set up shop in two Holiday Inn East rooms, where interviews and photo test were held amid props, make-up kits and lights. Linda Kay Kollmeyer, right, was one of the seven women from Missouri chosen to appear in the September Playboy cover story, nGirls of the Big Eight." Photos by Todd James Prospective Playboy student bodies brought snapshots of themselves for Chan,s scrutiny. If selected, a woman could then pose for one of three types of shots: clothed, semi-nude or nude. photographs a Mizzou coed beneath the ,Playboy photographer David Chan more staid forms of the columns. Me I I PIZZA GORGE Pizza. Itis cheaper than a steak and not as boring as a hamburger. And when it comes to pizza, Columbia has plenty. On an average day, Columbians eat more than 3,000 pizzas at 23 different parlors, huts and inns. They gorge on pepperoni pizzas, thick and chewy pizzas, whole wheat crust pizzas and carnivore pizzas. They can even eat ones with bananas and almonds at Minskyts. Some say pizza parlor proliferation has hit Columbia. One block of Broadway, for instance, houses three parlors: Minskyis, Rome Pizzaria and Pagliaiis Pizza and Pasta. Like many parlor owners, Jim Kardon of Rome Pizzaria says he came to Columbia for the college students business. ttWhen I first came to Columbia twenty years ago, some people didnit know what pizza was? he says. t1Now the universities have doubled in size. The parlors have doubled in number? One independent marketing survey indicates that the average college student eats out three to six times a week. ttThatTS about 180,000 student meals a week for us to work on," says Syl Flores of King Pizza. 1Tm going to get a heckuva lot of people to try our product." The pizza war in Columbia concerns which pizzas are tastiest. Each parlor owner says his pizza has an unusual flavor, an offbeat cheese or the tastiest crust a the essences of a Number One pizza. Parlor proprietors are always on the prowl for possible similarities and variations on pizza products. They send out Sleuths to check out the competition and come back with full reports and full stomachs. Flores says, ttMany pizzas are similar. You can eat one and cant tell whose pizza it is without the wrapper." But listen to Jake Jolley, manager of Shakespeareis. 11Everyone loves Shakespeareis. People buy our uncooked pizzas and take them home to St. Louis." Dormitory students have propelled delivery business to the head of pizza mania. Charlie Hadel, a freshman who lives in Smith Hall, orders his green pepper specialties from the Pizza Factory. ttThey get here on time? he says. Ann Ransom of Gillett Hall says deliveries have declined in her dorm group. 111 dont see too many pizza boxes in the lobby anymore," she says. When Ransom does call out, she dials Dominois because it promises 15-minute delivery. Ninety percent of Dominois business is delivery. The pizza place as 15 drivers and delivers at least 100 pizzas a night. Parlor owners praise the business that students provide but say Columbia natives have a pizza pallette,.a1so. 1sWhen the students are gone, the Columbia people like to get out? says Tim Stockton, manager of Godfatherts. Godfatheris most profitable week came when the students were on winter vacation last year. Jolley agrees. 11Pizza is a fun food, and Columbia is a more casual place than most. tiNew restaurants get people to eat out more oftenf' - Michele Kenner When it comes to pizza in Columbia, the fight for Number One is fierce. The pizza gorge around town gives a student many chances to decide for herself. Tom Reese Photos by Gary Allen Student order-outs are the mainsta of most ' ' Eyery studsnt may have his own fazorite topgggu?::bfr::::i:arbl:trs. plzza snarflng in the middle of the night is undeniably a colle ,e rit I At Shakespeareis, below left, patrons may watch pizzas in thegmaksla I through the front window. Shakespeareis prides itself on the "un' mg" fiavoi of Its pizza. Dominois, below right, is open day and night Ique fitgilgato the qualms of dorm dwellers from Its strategic campus Gary Allen Fiobert Rogers In the lab, students in Beekeeping 125 nail together frames and hive boxes. Once out in the field, students don protective gear to ward off angry bees. Students learn abc's of bees Fifteen people, veiled and helmeted in white and protected by padded gloves, cautiously approach the 10 white boxes aligned in two rows in the middle of a grassy field. They walk slowly, on tiptoe, to avoid disturbing the colonies of more than 80,000 inside each container. Armed with smoke guns, students of Beekeeping 125 closely follow the words and movements of their leader, lab professor Flernoy Jones, as he approaches the apiary, home of the University School of Agricultureis new bees. Since January the students have been studying the ways of the enemy; now they must meet their swarming foe head on. The class is well armored. Almost every bit of skin is cov- ered, except for several arms stretching out from under t- shirts. Nonetheless, only the instructor is confident and an- xious to do battle; before the hour-longlencounter is finished, text and photos by Melanie Stetson Students still a bit wary of bees, top, retreat to a safer distance. ht, a student uses a smoker R '9 t0 Ips Iled with burning wood ch' f help remove a persistent bee from Bees In the comb respond to smoke by sve another beekeeper ing honey from open cells. Ingest 82 only the instructor will be wounded. Most students come prepared wearing thick clothing and long-sleeved shirts. Gloves hug arms all the way above the elbow. Pants are tied around ankles. Just outside bee range, hats and veils are carefully arranged with the help of friends to make sure no space is left for a bee to crawl through. Jones is the only one wearing an official beekeeper suit, a white cover- all much like a flight suit. Several students hug smokers, small fireboxes with a grate and bellows, which are used to calm the bees. A smoker is a coveted possession since it is the best way to do combat with an angry bee. Before a beekeeper begins working with ae-hive, smoke is blown into it. When bees detect smoke, they ingest honey, sensing that they might be burned out of their home. Bees full of honey usually become docile and gentle. . The class opens up several pre-smoked hives to look at the brood pattern of unhatched larva and to spread a mixture of powered sugar and a preventative medication, terranycin. The residents of one hive get excited and start to swarm. The students huddle at a safer distance to exchange com- ments after their first major bee encounter. tiThis is not fun? says one student with several bees buzz- ing around his head. Another student with a smoker rushes up to cover the heartier, more resistant bees with smoke. The bees defiantly hang on minutes more to the dismay of the students. - This the mean ones that follow youf, Jones says. iiYou gotta watch out for them? Almost all the members of the class are students of entymol- ogy and study all kinds of insects. Some students were simply curious about bees. TI thought itid be interesting," one business school senior says. ii1 used to cut the grass for a lady Who had a lot of beehivesfi iiMy dad had beesf, a journalism major says, libut they all died. He still has all the equipment, so I thought Iid learn what to do with them so the same thing doesnit happen to me? Most of the equipment used in the course had to be purchased by the students. Because of budget cuts it will take two or three years before the school will have all the equipment it needs to run the beekeeping class fully armed. The apiary was re-established last summer, mainly with equipment left unused since a beekeeping class was canceled several years ago. The students climb into the truck for the shortjourney back to the agriculture building. As veils and hats are shed and battle tales of the day are exchanged, J ones turns out to be the only one who got stung. ltWouldnit you know it," he says. llAnd Iim the guy with the best equipmentfi Jonesi mistake was wearing black socks that he failed-to cover. Bees donit like black, and angry bees often attack ankles first because ankles are at the same level as the hive entrance. ltYou need a few stings to know what youire getting into? he explains to the students. One woman has brought back a souvenir - a fat, honey- filled drone bee that sits complacently in her hand. ttOf course, drones donit stingf, she says and smiles. 83 As the University Rodeo program states, rodeo is "the roughest, toughest, fiercest, finest, most exciting damned sports in the world. Period." This years home rodeo was no different, attracting more than 90 participants and 2000 spectators. As the time for their event approaches, a group of cowboys withdraw into a world of their own to mentally prepare for their performance. After driving hundreds of miles, these cowboys can make one mistake in the arena and all their effort is for nothing. In the calf roping event, a cowboy riding a quarterhorse must rope the calf, dismount, throw the calf on its side and tie three of its ' legs together. All in a matter of seconds. Photos by Adam Jahiel 85 86 The rodeo contestants drive for miles, and they must make their horses as comfortable as possible so they will perform well. A barrel racer carries water to her horse while the horse trailer stores all the food. and tools required for horse upkeep on the road. Photos by Adam Jahiel A steer wrestler twists the horns of his nemesis in order to force him flat on his side - before time runs out. RN??? ' - 'i-r GaFy'Parker, who won third place in the i ' Newspaper Photogra'pher'of the Year competition, received an honorable mention ' pictorial award for. his seagull and ship shot. Kevin Higley won second place, editorial illustration for his photo depicting how to keep the doctor away. VKevin Higley h ' 5 ' Alternative Medicine The 39th Annual Pictures of the Year Competition, sponsored by the Univei'vsity's School'of Journalism, the National Press ,2; Photographers Association and Nikon, drew more than 15,000 photos from more than 1,200 newspaper and magazine ' photographers. Recognized as one of the country' s most prestigious competitions, POY presented awards in mdre than 22 categories. This year, 10 Missouri grads claimed honors in the competitibn, one of the highest totals ever. I Gannett Rochester NeWspapers o ' , I I i 89 I :35 3,3. l i Harry BensoniLife Robert Azzi ' - Woodfin Camp 8t Associates uSadat and Sinaif' -. i "Tony Bennett" "I canit tell you enough how hapby, elated, exultant, - . jubilant, wild-dancing crazy I was to hear I had won . . ." wrote Mizzouri grad Jose Azel upon hearing his photo of a Miami athlete had won first place, magazine pictorial; A portrait of Tony' Bennett was one of the photos that captured the title of Magazine Photographer of the Year for Harry Benson. RobertiAzzi won first place, feature picture with his Serene portrait of Anwar Sadat. ' , . V L i .iiiucvegigzastufxqus Gordon BaerXFieeIanc'e Wo'rld Understanding Award Tommy Price won first place, news picture story with his photos of the emotional reunion between the hostages released from Iran and- their famiIies. Gordon Baer and Dan Dry. captured the World Understanding Award and Newspaper Photographer of the Year title, respectively, for their series of emotional photos. Tommy PricetRichmond WM Newspapers "Return of the Hostages" i Yr Dan.leI5ehrieerqfhf5" ' .SVil'ie Times . 7. , . . . Newspaper Photograph 6fth Yeer .93 Owen StayngeVHerald Journal Logan, VD 'Wedding Banquet" M? V m... :E..... 'c nun. .. -$ mm. . I . u V" L , .4 1 "Dick Van HelsemangrJSeda ia Democrgt Recent MissoUri g'rads Sarah Leen and Dick Van Helsema, Jr. won first place, editorial illustration and .second place, sports feature, respectively. Owen Stiynefs portrait of a newlywed couple won first place, feature in the newspaper category. , ' I 95 . S f . mam , .mde K eueh . ,.S..D.Ct mqu R.mmm , , mwpd ,o,a...rm T.lde . , ,dph.m. , ,, ,aMWm A rw o , ,, gfmc ,, undse g ,U,eeh , 0dr , srUk Ma.nlrw Ian as an Ia Missour' Columb y won' . John H. Sheall undergrad d place with his . hter side. general news If th s Iig photo of a general Small Town with a Welcome Quiet" n Missourian la Tom Reesemolumb John H. Sheal '97 ,5 ix" ,.1 QE Kevin? BI6 ' A acoid b6eI oi I as a stag6hancI In , I mll'l'Ol'SI' strut behind the star and- show off The dancer graduated froIn Ladu6 High School in St. Louis. 3- , college, Blair made his professional debut on the Dinah Shore Show rep- America. , , I . He-hasn't looked back since. his part as Mike inWA Chorus Line," I bus-and-tryck comp'any-IsIechnicaI rehearsal in' Stephens Assembly Blair' Is a m6Inb6I of an 6Iit6 6h6Ius- 4 lin6, a group of gypsy dan66rs wh6.. ; While most high school seni6rs weighed the promises of attending , resenting Six Flags Over Mid- As he painstakingly warms up for ' ,- several overweight sIagehands '6 scyttle about and prepareiqr the, the dance fl66r. BIaIrIeaps, piIo'u-i ettes and fa66s a row 6f tczIwerIngIE her talents withouI hidihg their own. I Starts a fast-paced beat: Ihat never rends. K V The dancers sIIaggI6 in, t6ting jam-packed dance bags and slurping Ethe last drops of M6Donald's sodas: Blair 66nIinues ,Iimbering as others join him on stage. , Bobbing to the .bass beat, cast. members glide across the dance floor, pausing occasionally to hug or 6cuddle acompani-on dancer. The 'barrenTEIa'ge has become an orgy of swiveling hips and flyingguttocks. iiBeing on 'a road show, you have ' to be up for every performanceJT says Lois England, who plays weII- endowed VaI. "These peopIe-have k w f-h6llowth6ater PeIcussi6nist Rob6It; VT, 7 'Greenfield gives a 'drumIoII 'and ' 'rworn6n askssthe pig-Iailed dancer. fiWe r6 family Ele s holding tickets f6r usB? ,. Englund gives a knowing shrug and touches her forehead to her ' yknee. After an hour passes, the cast is ready for its eighth show in seven nights. The 6pening vocals zing through the audience, sending , appreciative shivers doWn every spine. , When Blair sings his acrobatic "I Can Do That, " his famin-fan club gheers faithfully as he cartwheels and Iront-flips across the chorus ., line. f'A Ch76ruis' Line? ends viusta'sit ' had acne I800 Iin'I stage when heVprepares to. leave. With a maroon cap pushed back on his head; Blair is all smiles as IIIIoIher snaps instamatic photo after, ' - photo of her son. He sighs auto-' graphs for high school biIddies and' oformer girlfriends. a ,. His mother hugs him. so do his I . father, his sister, everyone. iiBoy, I'm glad I'm in the bLIsi- ness," he says, tossing a pair of sneakers around his neck. Sweat rhythmically drips from his nose. He smiles one more time as Mother uses her last flashcube. iiYou have to realize, I'm happy," heISay's. "Very, very happy" uWhat do you want to do now, Kevin?" Mother asks. 7 iiLetis go to IHOP," he says and smiles. ' + Michele Kenner .oh Broadway . , and scores mere on Ihe road.- Blair? s 1 reiatives - young ahd ola, short anti ' Itall, thin and chunky -:dash to the ' ' - . . l , . . u . 'V Dave'Marner NatIve MIssourIan KeVIn BlaIr, center, shows He Can Do That" as part of the traveling troupe of "A Chorus . 2 Line" that hit Columbia. ., 'Elane M. Bre'edlox'le mg Shoot 'Sgu3 ,1 .5 k. LE 7. Rgfgefs: Rabat m m - .x 3k; mi. John T otter . k Perry 10 VyR ' Photo$ b '1. chp , at Melanie S ,rlzzi :21? F Jeffersonx Robert Rogers h Andelrgog "I know students are becoming more concerned about their futures . . . They are the ones who are going to be inhabiting the earth, and they really want to have it around." Sam Cohen Steve Landesberg "This is the nuclear age and "Have you ever seen anyone in it is a grave mistake to Japan who'd won something that deny it." said, 'made in U. S.'?" Keith Young Rob Wagner 117 Elane M. Breedlove i rst- rate Carter was a fifth-rate politician with a Ronald Reagan is a f ian With a fifth-rate mind. Look who's dent ind. Il 33.5333 , QNifin, q: rate m itic Immy n O S M a n O D m a S lrst- f pol presn IIJ Henderson "But, gee, Wally Aw c'mon Mom." Anna Jerry Mathers as the Beaver Benjamin Hooks "When I hear President Reagan sounding his trumpet to go back to the good old days, I would rather die than see the times of excessive oppression I grew up in." Elane M. Breedlove Mike Royko "I'll answer just one more question. Then I want to go out and get a beer." Gary Allen Elane M. Breedlove George Plimpton "I'm the one who destroyed a symphony. Leonard Bernstein fired me. They took away my triangle." William Webster "Freedom hat does not trample upon the freedom 0 others is our heritage." Gary Allen wia Steinem 2 of us are becoming the men :nted to marry." Gary Allen 121 1.... . .3..;.. :QjIEIIIJIIHii - ..... ..... i. 1322 Hg? ,, , T . 4 1 . , - ,7 , ,, 7 , ; J c , , , h Fight Night Queen Barb Katz Bed Races Queen Sondra Mucke Photos by Robert Rogers 129 E A, mmmymak . , $0 $$$$ .M. -w....u...uuu-nx .o..;,n.o.u-n Homecoming King and Queen Doug Waltman Engineering Queen Dawn Gentry luliann Koonse Photos by Robert Rogers nn a um. Qm mH am ms ru es t m Gary Allen A86 King and Queen Mark Bentele Cathy Suehla B8 PA King and Queen Brian Roby Deanne Stedem Derby Day Queen Delta Queen Meg Ducey Collette Bucher r3 3 135 Greek Playboy Rob Burris Photos by Robert Rogers Spener lml M Doug Bambini Education King and Queen $711 71,1 R x ,WI I Q??? I ,v , 2 N 'U? K 3 x ' , r i: 4k , I a ,. , ' .i I ?jrgyk mu? , ; Greek Week King and Queen Michael Jones Mary Harris Elana M. greedlove 137 Poverty Queen Robin Poos Psi 500 Queen 138 ill James Photos by Robert Rogers Ph I n 0 h. 0 e m a J t L" e Lulu. . S .e. r P IOI1 Administrat .1.3..,'?' ., 5 '1' I, V :1 DavideRes Chancellar arbara Uehling Photos mpposita by Robert Rogers 4a.; Deans 8 Desksets m w 1m 5w Engineer ng f William Kimel Photos by PauIa Nelson- Ion trat Inis Business and Public. Adm Stanley Hiue , 5.; , , 942mg Agriculture Max Lennon 143 rennan D RhleIS' uwfmwm my..." mu 5 W M m. Veterinary Medicine Hal Eyestone 144 George Nickolaus Charles Lobeck Photos by Paula Nelson r Medicine 145 Photos by Paula Nelson Home Economics Arts and Science Richard Wallace 146 I ' Bea Litherland Photo now by Pauta Nelson Photo 030mm by Amanda Eagen Brown sh Library Science Edward Miller 147 I I'S Journalism , Photos by Robert Roge IES says Hey Fisher Fisher farewell to dean dut AA44.A W. aum Abbott, John Gary Engineering Able, Mark Accounting Abney, Anne Education Abouchakra, Ramzi Engineering Abraham, Michelle Journalism Adams, Lucy Management Adams, Roben Geology Adams, Shelley Marketing Addison, Greg Personnel Mgr. Adler, Lee Economics Adreon, Linda Recreation Mgr. Agrusa, Sherri Home Economicx Albers, Karen Biology Alba 's, Roger Fish, Wildlife Albeni, Regina Buxiness Admin. Albes, Eileen Resp. Therapy Albright, Janet Marketing Alexandria, Ronald Agronomy Aliyu, Abdul-Malik Forestry Alkemeyer, Cindy Marketing Allen, Elaine Helene Business Admin. Alt, Eric Businem Anders, Lynda Engineering Anders, Terri Social Work Anderson, Laura Fashion Merchandising Anderson, Lisa A. Interior Design Anderson, Russell nychology Andrews, Lori Admin. Mgt. Angel, James Atmospheric Science Angelos, Margaret Journalixm Class of 1982 Along with graffiti, hearsay, fine print and other pertinent scraps from a year at Mizzou. Aragon, Yolanda Education Astroth, Elizabeth Engineering Aue, Steven Political Science Auer, Arthur History Aulgur, Gayla EducationlCounseling Bachman, Helen Management Bachman, Sandy Education Bachtell, Sara Journalism; Backues, Lindy Education Baker, Christopher J. Speech Baker, Dianna Biology Baker, Lisa General Studies Baker, Michelle Behavior Disorders Ball, Linda Engineering Ballard, Georgianne Educalion Banks, Gregory Journalism Bare, Garth Engineering Bargfrede, Brenda Home Economics Bargfrede, Brent Engineering Barnes III, Clyde J. Agronomy Barn'nger, Tammy Medical Tech. Barry, Michael Child Development Barstow; Karen Animal Science Bartel, Gary Engineering Barthel, Dave Ag. Economic: Bartley, James L. Engineering Batchelor, Lajuana Personnel Mgt. Bauer, Dennis Geology Bauer, Leslie Public Admin. Baum, Rod Political Science Baumchen, John Forest Mgr. Beam, Calvin Journalixm Beard, J . Mark Biology Bearden, Debbie Hixtory Bebermeyer, Daniel Marketing 152 Beck, J anice Education Beck, Walter Biology Becker, Charles Animal Science Beckerle, Lynne M. Admin. Mgt. Bedell, Karen Marketing Bedsworth, Barbara Computer Science Beene, Roben Accounting Beggs, Douglas Agronomy Behrens, Robert Mark Forext Mgr. Behringer, Elizabeth Accounting Bell, Daniel E. Economics Benage, Ann Nursing Bender, Cynthia L. Clothing div. Textiles Bengimina, Joanna Journalism Benney, Alison Education Bentrup, Bill Math Berkley, Jim Geology Berliner, Lynn Counseling Bemdston, Keith Journalism Berra, Pam Education Berry, Edward Chemistry Berutti, Lynne Occupational Therapy Bielefeldt, Julie Social Work Bierer, Chn'stine Education Bierman, Lisa Education Bingenheimer, Robin Dietetics Blair, Annie-Laurie Political Science Blanco, Michael M. Engineering Bledsoe, Melinda Finance Bluestone, Cindy Marketing Boaz, Bruce W. Engineering Body, Dan Health Sewicex Mgt. Boedeker, Marcia Family Economics Boehler, Jana Interior Design Boettcher, John Marketing "UMC accepts Mastercard, VISA and personal checks as acceptable methods for paying fees." - UMC recruiting brochure Bogart, Elizabeth Nursing Boland, Cathy Medical Tech. Boles, Cheryl Education Bonhall, Brad Journalism Bonine, Lee Allison Political Science Boothby, Kathi Education Borgstadt, Sharon Business Bomhauser, Beth Speech Pathology Bortz, Elizabeth Ann Speecthommunications Bosma, Rod Horticulture Boss, Al Honors Inter. Botts, Peggy Physical Therapy Boudoures, William Marketing Bowden, Renney A. Journalism Bowen, David Education Bowman, John Accounting Bowsher, Debbie Journalism Boydston, John Education Boykin, Rhonda Social Work Bradtke, Lynn Social Work Brandvein, Harvey Public Admin. Braverman, David Biology Braymer, Patricia Journalism Breedlove, Elane M. Journalism Breedlove, Janet Hotel Mgt. Breen, Bridget Political Science Bregenzer, Theresa L. French Bremmer, Kathy Education Brenglc, Barbara Education Bricker, Steve Animal Science 153 E Briggs, Tami E Home Economics E Brinkman, Christopher Engineering Briscoe, Kathy Education Britton, Callean Fashion Merchandising Brooks, Terry Education Brown, Allison Journalism Brown, Debbie Education Brown, Eddie Accounting Brown, Monica Social Work Browning, Laura Journalism 3 "Ideally, we wouldn't like to see any alcohol consumed in 2 the stadium." - UMC Police Chief Ron Hanson on liquor ; control at football games ' Bruce, Charles . Engineering l ' Brueggestrass, Paula , Fashion Merchandising '3 Bruens, Jeffrey W. Marketing Brumley, Cun , Ag. Economics Brunner, Terri Education Bryant, Phillip ; Ag. Economics $ Bryson, Jordan ' Economics Buchmann, Eric I Animal Science 1 .Buckman, David Agriculture -; Buckner, Keith ' Engineering Buhl, Anne Journalism Bumpus, Minnette 3' Finance P Burch, Susan FisMWildlife ' Burden, Jeff 4 RadiolTVlFilm 1 Burger, Jim Engineering Burke, Dolores RadiolTVlFilm Burke, Timothy 5" Journalism i. Burkett, Bruce - Economics Burns, Peggy .o..' Engineering 3 , 4 Burr, Stephanie General Studies g; 154 a? Burton, Terry Anthropology Button, Carl Education Cada, Al Journalism Caldwell, Mary RadiolTVlFilm Callahan, Brian RadiolTVlFilm Callier, Dorothy Education Calvert, Larry Agronomy Calvert, Linda Nursing Campbell, Darrel Engineering Canady, Alicia Accounting Canney, Jeannette Physical Therapy Carden, Richard Biology Cames, Stephanie Education Carpenter, Doug Education Caxpenter, Jay Political Science Carper, Linda Engineering Carr, Jeffrey Journalism Canoll, Brent Economics Carroll, Nanci Journalism Carter, Phyllis Accounting Case, David Engineering Castle, Jim Logistics Caswell, Janice Philosophy Cathey, Kelli Education Cauthon, Bemita Political Science Cavender, Judy Nursing Cejka, Robert Computer Science Chadwick, Kelley Education Chambers, Michael Journalism Chapman, Bruce Businesx Logistics Charlick, 106 Accounting Chellis, Dawn Social Work Chivers, Mike Engineering Choconas, Diane Speech Communication: Christman, Mary Nursing i I ; Jh' 156 Church, Laura Food 6: Lodging Cienogle, Susan Home Economics Clare, Eugene Engineering Clark, Jill Accounting Clark, Martha Home Economics Clark, Michael Accounting Classen, Tracey Journalism Clements, Debbie Slag Cleveland, Mark Ag. Economics Clevenger, Gerald Education Clisham, Chris Engineering Clare, Nancy Biology Clouds, Jim Ag. Economics Clough, Leigh Anne Education Coats, Janet Parks 62 Recreation Coble, Keith Ag. Economicx Cody, Kevin Accounting Coldjron, Mark Marketing Cole, Clarence R. Engineering Cole, Diana Admin. Mgt. Coles, Marguerite Psychology Coleman, Howard Operation: Mgt. Collins, Lisa Irene RadialTVlFilm Collins, Mike Ag. Economics Collins, Sandra Journalism Comer, Betsy Education Comfort, Kn'stin Education Compton, Cynthia Accounting Compton, Robert A. Ag. Economics Conboy, Pat Accounting Connolly, Judy Political Science Cook, Kelly Ag. Economics Coombs, Jamie Journalism Cooper, Catherine Education Cooper, Nancy Accounting Cope, Lorene Ag. Economicx Coppin, Cathy 1 Management Corby, Kevin Communications Cordle, Jill Theater i Cordonnier, Matthew Businesx Cotlar, Nancy Education Cotter, Randal Accounting Coulter, Carol Education Council, David Engineering Courtright, Doug Marketing Cox, Tim Education Crainshaw, Ronald Political Science Crandell, Vickie Education Crane, Hobie 1 Engineering x Crapo, Steve Education X "Many Missourians hail from Kansas City or St. Louis, but U plenty are still right off the farm." - N .Y. Times Selective 1 Guide to Colleges Crawford, Barbara Medical Tech. Crayton, Kay History Crean, Moira Political Science Crites, Mary Finance Crittenden, Dianne Atmospheric Science 1 Croghan, Donna Medical Dieten'cx Crouthers, Arlen , Nursing 1 Crouthers, Janet ; Nurxing Crowley, Sandra Education Csemyik, Karen Fisthildlife Curtis, Alexander Finance Cutlan, Cindy 1 Education Dale, Celia Marketing Dalrymple, Ann Marie Finance Daming, Randy Engineering i ' Danyard, Alhaji Mohammad I .1 Forestry ' ' David, Joyce ! Fashion Merchandising 5 Davis, Bret Economics I Davis, Carolyn Journalism Davis, Cathy Education X w X Davis, James Animal Science Davison, Dean Journalism ' : Dawson, Donna i 1 Counseling f Dawson, Michelle : Education Dawson, Sylvia English I i . F Dean, Kristen I English Debastio, Kimberly A I Design Merchandising Degenhart, Dana Logistics Delano, Kathleen M. Journalism Delaney, Linda Education Denny, Dale Journalism Deposki, Debbie ' Computer Science g Derks, Catherine Education 53f Desimone, David J . 13? Economic? Davenport, Jackle Education "The formal name is University of Missouri-Columbia, but some call it MIZZOU." UMC recruiting brochure DeWin, Robert Dean 3 Forest Mgt. Diamond, Mike Engineering Dickens, Rick Economics Dierberg, Lisa . 1 Animal Science ' 3 Dillard, John Ag. Economics Dimond, Carol Journalixm v Doerhoff, Mary Parks d't Recreation Dohr, Elizabeth Accounting Dolan, Theresa Business Health Dollar, Susan Hospital Mgt. i :1 158 Donegan, Michael RadiolTWFiIm Dopuch, Rick Accounting Dorsey, Mike Accounting Dorst, Melanie Counseling Dougald, Dawn Marketing Dreith, Mark Engineering Drier, David T. Economics Drumm, Susan Interior Design .. Dubois, Elizabeth General Studiex Duckett, Mark Ag. Economics Duey, Cheryl Biology Duggan, Rebecca Buxiness Duncan, Rick Economics Dung, James C. Forestry Dunlap, Jeru Education Dunn, Karen Finance Dunn, Terri Journalixm Dunn, Thomas G. Business Admin. Dunsford, Kathy Interior Design Ebert, Bill Engineering Eccher, Denise Journalism Eckert, Mark Journalism Edgar, Tamara Education Edward, Denise M. Foods Service Eftink, Ivan J . Ag. Economics Eggering, Susan Journalism Ehrhardt, Glen Political Science Eichmeyer, Melissa Medical Dietetics Einspanier, Susan Home Economics Ekstedt, Pat Secondary English Elam, Robbi Journaltkm Elridge, Ruth Education Elias, Laura Fine Arm Elkins, Lisa Journalism Elliott, Randolph Engineering 159 Ellis, Kathy Biology Ellwood, Noreen Education Ely, Carolyn Education Engelberg, Jan Child 62 Family Developmem Eveker, Dan Engineering Eveld, Edward M. Political Science Everhardt, Deborah Parks 8: Rec. Admin. Ezell, Susan Fashion Merchandising Fahrenbrink, Russell Ag. Economics Falino, Diane Journalixm Famham, Mark Biology Famham, Stacy Biology Farris, Brad Admin. Mgt. Fay, Carol Education Feibel, Susan Educalian Fenner, Craig Businesx Fennessery, Judy Nursing Ferguson, Neil Journalism Figgins, Rose Finance Figus, Debra Social Work Finders, Linda Journalism Finke, Janet Art Fischer, Jeffrey Keith Biology Fischer, Sandra Fashion Merchandising Fishback, Fran Journalism Fiszel, Jacqueline Education Fix, Greg Marketing Flamm, Pamela C. Medical Tech. Fleetwood, Laurie Agriculture Fletcher, Charles Economic: "Janet Cooke for J-School dean." - sidewalk graffiti near Neff Hall Flowers, Joel Ag. Economics Ford, Julie Finance Ford, Sherri Journalixm Fortin, Barbie Education Fox, Catherine A. Biology Fox, Daniel Real Estate Fox, Jeffrey B. Political Science Frank, Sherri Accounting Frankel, Amy Psychology Frankenfield, Bruce Engineering Frazier, Marjorie Admin. Mgr. Freed, Linda Fashion Merchandising Freels, Thea Education Freeman, Randy M. Journalixm Freeman, Rob Geology French, Dave Accounting French, Kyle Journalism Frick, Karen Interior Design Fricke, Ann Cysotechnology Friedich, Carolyn Interior Design Friedrich, Tony Accounting Frieze, Laura Merchandising Frieze, Leslie Management Frost, Edie Spanish Funkhouser, Patty Parks cQ Recreation Furgason, Tom Ag. Economics Gaines, Kim Computer Science Gallagher, Mary F . Journalism Gamett, John Education Garofalo, Michael C. Accounting Garrett, Bob Economics Garrett, Kelly nychology Gan'ison, Gretchen Health Services Garrison, Karen Journalism Gaterman, Steve Ag. Economics 161 162 Gawatz, Monica Education Gazzola, Donna Marketing Gentry, Linda Management Gerdes, Teresa Education Geurin, Julie Education Gibson, Joel Engineering Gier, Steve Accounting Gilbert, Jane Industrial psychology Glass, Kathy Journalism Glenski, Carol Child 62 Family Development Glenski, Mary Nursing Glover, Toni Education Godar, Kate Finance Godbout, Sue Finance Goldberg, Nancy Journalism Goldman, Maxine Education Goodman, Mark Journalism Garden, Laura Fashion Merchandising Gordon, Carolyn L. Journalism Gordon, Don Engineering Gougeon, Robin Engineering Graf, Mary Jane Geography Gram Gary Journalism Grass, Carrie Computer Science Gredell, Kathy Education Green, Marilyn Economics Greene, Phil Engineering Greenway, Ralph Ag. Economics Gregg, Ryland Social Work Gressly, Janet Housing Design Glicsedieck, Carrie Child 8: Family Development Griffin, Michael Communications Griggsby, Demetrius Journalism Grimes, Amy Journalism Gross, Judy Education "No critical program or person has suffered inordinately." - Chancellor Barbara Uehling on budget cuts, September 1981 Grove, Karen Behavioral Science Grucnder, Michael Engineering Grzybowski, Edward Geography Guilfoil, Shawna Economics Gutermuth, Kim Counseling Gutknecht, Jeff Engineering Hager, Beate Ingrid Accounting Haggard, Laura Education Hahn, Paul Accounting Hahne, Judith Education Haley, Deanna Accounting Hall, Carleen Fashion Merchandising Hall, Michael Management Hall Ronald Business Admin. Hall, Sally Journalism Hall, Thea Finance Ham, Lisa Journalism Hamm, Rhonda German Hancock, Michael Ag. Economics Hansbrough, Ann Journalism Hansen, Susan Education Hanson, Gail Counseling Hardin, Mitch Journalism Hardister, Lawrie Education Harmon, Lisa Nursing Harrell, Alan Education Harris, David Engineering Harrison, Ken Finance Harrison, Therese Counseling Hart, Donald Animal Husbandry Hart, Margaret Interdisciplinary Studies Hartley, Larry 1 Park; .42 Recreation Hartman, Julie A. i i V Parks 8; Recreation 1 1 Hannagel, Mark L 1 Geography I Haston, Carla i Education Hatcher, Michelle Education Hawkins, Jean Psychology 3 Hawn, Steve Computer Science Hayes, Frances i Political Science Hayes, Shaun Finance Haynes, Melissa Economics Hays, Laura Accounting Heam, Barbara Education Hebert, Desiree Marketing Hesse, James Marcus Marketing Hefty, Glenda Forest Mgt. Heimsch, Paula Journalism Helbig, Louise Interior Design Held, Karen Social Work Helmuth, Michael Finance Helvey, Elizabeth Therpuetic Recrealion Hemme, Gina Nursing Henderson, Don Education Henderson, Doug Computer Science Henderson, Janet Fashion Merchandising Henderson, Lynda English Henke, Amy Journalixm Henke, Laura Chemistry Henry, Debbie Journalixm Henson, Rose Anne Faxhion Merchandising 164 Henzler, James Journalism Herbers, Anne E. Personnel Mgr. Herzog, David Accounting Heskamp, Robert RadiolTWFilm Hewitt, Paula Education Hickes, Dale Agronomy Hieronymus, Kelly Accounting Hilgeman, Ann Social Work Hill, Michelle Journalism Hinchey, Chuck Education Hinterleitner, Bruce Geology Hirsch, Lynn Accounting Hodak, Tina Journalism Hoemeyer, Andrea Marketing Hoeynck, Bill Ag. Economics Hofen, Rick Ag. Mechanics Hoffman, John History Hoffman, Shari Speech Communication; Hoffman, J ohn Accounting Hogan, John Economics Hogan, Susan Political Science Hohenstein, Thomas P. Political Science Hohm, Lucia Computer Science Hoke, Dianne Education Holdmeycr, Sue Ann Accounting Holekamp, Lisa RadioH'VlFilm Holland, Denise General Studies Hollenbeck, Diane Animal Science Hollis, Janice Design Merchandising Hollon, Millie Staff Hollrak, Susan Journalism Holt, Dave Engineering Holtgrieve, James Finance Holtsclaw, Rick General Buxiness Homan, J une Education Hood, Leona RadinWFilm Hook, Lynn Respiratory Therapy Hopfer, Alan Atmospheric Science Hopper, Kent Ag. Economics Horgan, Laurie Marketing Horn, Ellen Education Home, Darlene Medical Dietetics Hornung, Steven Engineering Hosch, Greg Chemistry Hosick, Dave Education Houghton, Barbara Counxeling Howard, Karen Education Studies Howell, Daniel Engineering Howell, Laura Political Science Howerton, Steven R, Dairy Science Huber, James Engineering Huber, Kathy Education Hudson, Stephanie RadiolTVlFiIm Huebner, Bill Engineering Huechteman, Randy Finance Huelskamp, Richard Education Huff, Beth Education Huff, Roy W. Engineering Huffman, Cherri Merchandising Hughes, Alycia Social Work Hulsey, Susan Speech Communicationx Hyser, Linda Interior Dexign Illy, Judy Ag. Economic: Ingram, Chip History Ip, Anthony Management Isenberg, Michael Journalism Ivey, Amy Education Izsak, Michaei Real Estate Jackson, Erin Physical Therapy Jackson, Janolyn Admin. Mgr. "The University Counseling Center has experienced a 15- percent increase in alcohoI-related faculty cases." - Columbia Missourian Jacobsen, John Journalism Jacoby, Libby Education Counseling Jadidian, M. Reza Engineering James, Joseph E. Buxiness James, Judy Ann Horticulture Jardine, Daniel Physics Jardine, Donald FisMWildlife Jaworski, Jack Ag. Economics Jeffry, Greg L. Engineering Jeffrey, Paul Ag. Mechanics Jeffrey, Lisa Finance Jenkins, Genevieve Fashion Merchandising Jenkins, Nancy Journalism Jennings, Tony Ag. Economics Jepsen, John Economics Jersahen, Tammy Education Jeske, Lisa Medical Dietetics Jewell, Kevin Accounting Johannesmeyer, Laura Nursing Johnson, Alicia Journalism Johnson, Ben W. Journalism Johnson, Debbie Occupational Therapy Johnson, Elsa Engineering Johnson, Kathi Journalism Johnson, Lana Speech Communications Johnson, Robert Engineering Johnson, Steve Journalism Jones, Donna English Jones, Gay Education Jones, Jennifer Social Work 167 Jones, Kevin 5 Engineering 1 Jones, Michael Biology Jones, Mike Journalism Jones, Robert E. Economics Jordan, Daniel History Jovanovic, Danica Physical Therapy : Jung, Tina 5 Food Sciences 4 1 Jungermann, Jeff A. 5 ! Engineering Kaemmerer, Nancy General Buxiness Kafoury, Wendy Journalism Kagay, Barry Ag. Economics Kaiser, Joe Engineering Kalmar, Janice Journalism Kaminski, Carol Commercial Recreation g Kammerer, Douglas 5 Marketing 5 .x Kanondo, Vivian M. Economics Karpan, Julie M. 1: Ag. Economicx I Karsch, Vera 5 Education Katz, Sue Medical Tech. Kaye, Alicyn Education "No. 1, Missouri . . . . 1,545 points" 5 AP, UPI wires, Jan. 25, 1982 Kee, Cheryl Interior Design Kee, Marlow Accounting Keeler, A1 Computer Science Keen, Eula Nurxing Keeper. Bob Commercial Recreation Kehm, Katie Child 8; Family Development V 5 Keller, Becky S. m Chemistry Kellogg, Scott Biology Kenner, Gretchen Respiratory Keogh, Elizabeth Economics E'f 168 Keyes, Monica Business Logistics Kies, Jeffrey Marketing Kifer, Suzanne Education Kincanon, Eric Physics King, Jeannine Engineering Kim, Kim Political Science Kiser, Jon Education Kissane, Joan Education Kissinger, James Nursing Kist, Genie Business Logistics Kitchin, Nancy Speech Communications Kite, Joyce Math Klein, Cheryl Finance Klein, Diane Marketing Klein, Jeffrey Ag. Economics Kley, Diane Hotel Mgr. Kling, Canl Education Kneemiller, Jeffrey Education Knight, Vicki Chemistry Knowlton, Chris Ag. Economics Knox, Elizabeth Philosophy Koemer, Laura Child 6': Family Development Koltun, Michelle Education Konomos, Connie CIothinngextiles Kormanik, Lisa Nursing Koshner, Alan Jay Journalism Koster, Susan Accounting Kotas, Ellyn Fine Arts Kottwitz, Myron Engineering Krabbe, Leslie Speech Therapy Kral, Linda Engineering Kramer, Jeffrey Personnel Mgt. Kramer, Roy Accounting Krejci, Diane M. Consumer Affair Kresl, Karen RadiolTVlFilm Krisher, Anita Accouming Kroenke, Steve Ag. Economics Kropp, Keith Chemistry j Krueger, Kevin Political Science Krueger, Marilyn i Nurxing w ! Kruse, Debbie Education Krystopa, Lynne i: Nursing i Kudla, Cathy Child Development Kuliniewicz, Cynthia Radiologic Tech. - Kunkel, Karl R. i ' Sociology Kuras, Lillian Journalism Kurzejeski, Paul Public Admin. Kuster, Mark Finance Kwiatkowski, Christin German Labelle, George Journaiism Lacy, Rose Educan'on Laird, Susan Education Laklzir, Meg Speech Communication Lamming, Jean Journalism Landers, Thomas Animal Science Landes, Lisa Nurxing Lane, Barbara Fashion Merchandising Lang, Wade Engineering Lannon, Thomas Economics Lanz, Cindy ' Physical T herapy "We will gladly warm your baby's bottle." fine print on IHOP menu Larkin, Renee Political Science Latare, Peggy Biology Laughlin, Mary Kay Speech Communication Lee, Diana Child 62 Family Development Leeman, Lori Journalism 170 Lehman, Brad Journalism Leiding, Linda Accounting Levin, Bruce Counseling Lewis, Bill Ag. Economics Lewis, Cindy Education Lewis, Jane Speech Lewis, Kristin Interior Design Lickenbrock, Kevin Interdisciplinary Studies Linengood, Cathy Education Liphardt, Richard Ag. Mechanics Linton,.Judy General Business Lissner, Ken Education Litzsinger, Karen RadiolTWFilm Livers, Brett Finance Lochmocller, Steven Ag. Economics Logan, Deborah Interior Design Lohr, Kathy Journalism Londeree, Judi Marketing Long, Brian Geography Long, Michael Education Longman, Dan History Lorenz, Michele Parks cf: Recreation Loschiavo, Susan Horticulture Lovasz, Tracy Computer Science Loveall, Christopher Business Logistics Lovinguth, Holly Management Luecke, Keith Horticulture Luetkemeyer, Kent Engineering Luff, Bill Dairy Science Luff, Cindy Child 62 Family Development Lutkewitte, George Fine Arts Lynch, Doug Forestry Lynch, Jim Journalism Mabry, Stephen Journalism MacDonald, Suzanne Medical Tech. 172 Macy, James R. Animal Science Mades, Barbara Fisthildlife Magnah, Kurt W. Food Services Mahnken, Glenn Admin. Mgr. Maier, Gary Political Science Majidinia, Reza Ag. Mechanics Mallinckrodl, Dale Finance Maloney, Kathleen Biology Mankus, Timothy Finance Manley, Emmett Biology Mannigel, Sarah Horticulture Manring, Nancy Counseling Manske, Carol Social Work Mapondera, Banny Journalism MaIcus, Debra Fashion Merchandising Maxcus, Nathan Marketing Marcy, Rbnald Forest Mgt. Markey, William Ag. Economics Marlo, Terri Medical Dietetics Marsh, Shawn Political Science Martin, Jennifer Education Martin, Marilyn Speech Pathology Martin, Ronald Accounting Marxkors, Diane Marketing Maschmeyer, Matthew Management Massenberg, Sandra Marketing Massey, Don Engineering Masters, Dave Education Matter, John Biology Matthews, Barry History Matthews, Mindy History Matthews, Teresa History Maurer, Lon' Computer Science Maxey, Cathy Education May,.Paul Psychology "Big deal, who cares, so what, yo' mama, ha ha." the Antlers before the introduction of every visiting basketball team May, Shelley Physical Therapy McArthy, Darren RadiolTVlFilm McBn'de, Fran Journalism McLeave, Randy Ag. Economics McClurg, Brad Engineering McCoin, Debra Child 62 Family Development McCollum, Joanne Social Work McCool, Valerie Education McCormick, Cheryl Parks 8: Recreation McCrary, Cynthia Engineering McCreight, Katherine Interior Design McCuistion, Michael Physical Education McCune, Alan Education McDannold, Mary Jo F ashion Merchandising McElwain, Gregory Journalism Mchen, Susan Education McGeehon, Mollie Housingllmerior Design McHenry, Kathleen Marketing McKibben, Mark Geology McKinzie, Pat Engineering McLauchlan, Tammara Consumer Affairs McLean, Cheryl Marken'ng McMullen, Charlie Biology McNair, Bill Engineering McReynolds, Susan Fashion Merchandising Mead, Lynda Graphic Design Mehle, Cheryl Marketing Meiners, Mike Geology Meissan, Donald J . Dairy Science Mellom, Lee Anne Rehabilitation ; i w Meloy, Jennifer Marketing Mendell, Darlene Economics Mendenhall. Tori Marketing Mennemeyer, Debbie Perxonul Servicex Menthen, Andrea Journalism Mercurio, Mark Agt Economicx Merrill. Paul Engineering Messmer, Terry Accounting Metcalf, Christin Clothing cf: Textiles Meyer, Cathy Animal Science Meyer, Martin Ag. Economics Meyers, Melanie Physical T herapy Michalik, Matthew Journalism Michalski, Craig Accounting Mihalevich, Barbara Home Economics Mild, Cindy General Business Miller, Amy Accounting Miller, Greg Marketing Miller, Kathleen Education Miller, Nancy Education Miller, Steven Ag. Mechanics Milligan, Tracy Fashion Merchandising Minina, Ten'yl Fashion Merchandising Minor, Kathleen Education Mintz, Felicia Education Miranti, Frank Journalism Miskimun, Scott Journalism Misplay, Joan Sociology Mitchell, David R. Political Science Mitchell, Russell Journalism 174 "Students here readily admit that the town of Columbia leaves a lot to be desired, and that the school is not very challenging." - N.Y. Times College Guide Moentmann, Melanie Food Systems, Mgr. Mohler, Craig Biology Mohler, Tom Engineering Moles, Lisa Animal Science Monahan, Kevin Accounting Montgomery, Cheryl Histology Montgomery, Phyllis Marketing Moody, Kimberly Education Moor, Cheryl Medical Tech. Moore, James Accounting Moore, Kimberly F ashion Merchandising Moran, Mary Psychology Mordt, Julie Counseling Morlan, Michael Political Science Momin, Diane Nursing Morrison, Clark Economics Mom'son, Dennis Ag. Economics Morse, Todd Admin. Mgr. Morton, Diana Art Moser, Leigh Biology Mounja, Nader Engineering Mucke, Kimberly Counseling Mueller, Helen Businexs Mgt. Mueller, James Journalism Mueller, Michael Personnel Mgr. Muir, Buddy Speech Communication Mullane, Timothy Biology Mulnix, Gymlyn Accounting Mundwiller, Stan Firestry Murmann, Susan Education Murray, Kathy Journalism Mutchler, Kathy Education Myers, Ann Fashion Design Mykrantz, Chris Journalism Myles, Thomas Engineering 176 Nachtsheim, William Accounting Nahrstedt, Michael Journalism Naylor, Melissa Home Economics Neiner, Susan Accounting Nelson, Brenda Journalism Neumajer, Norman Agronomy Neuman, Laura Journalism Newman, Elizabeth Journalism Nichols, James Engineering Nickens, Patrick Engineering Nickens, Shelly Food Services Niederschulte, Debra Chemistry Nimer, Leslie Child dis Family Development Nixon, Bruce Engineering Nixon, Kimberly Parkx cf: Recreation Mgt. Noll, Craig RadidTWFilm Nolte, Mark General Studies Norman, John Accounting Nosker, Robin Education Nutter, James B. Ag. Economics O'Dell, Kathy Education O'Hallaron, Jim Finance O,Neal, Elaine Marketing O,Neil, Elizabeth Counseling O,Rear, Patti nychology Oakley, Laura Accounting Obermeyer, Margaret Education Obermeyer, Mark Parks 8-: Recreation Obrien, Kathy Nursing Ochs, Cheri Journalism Odneal, Lisa Park; J: Recreation Mgr. Odonnell, Maureen Accounting Ohlms, Martha Accounting Oliver, Kevin Chemistry Orangi, Koukab Physics "Hard news is not pretty." s Bryan Burrough, maneater editor Orf, Lisa Journalism Ostmann, Julie Accounting Oswald, Donna Nursing Oswald, Elizabeth Engineering Otten, Bernie Finance Owen, Tim Accounting Owens, Meg Journalism Owsley, Todd Biology Pace, David .. Accounting Page, Guy Political Science Page, Jane Animal Science Pahic, John Hotel Mgr. Painter, Craig Business Admin. Paling, Suzanne Speech Communication Palmisano, Loretta Speech Pathology Pappert, Debbie Interior Design Paradise, Anne Education Parsons, Steve Ag. Economics Paschal, Lisa Jo Counseling Paton, Russell Education Paull, Kathy Journalism Pener, Gary Journalism Penner, Andree RadiolTWFilm Perrin, Terry Food tic Nutrition Perry, Kelly Counseling Peters, Nancy Educan'on Peterson, Cindy Parks 8: Recreation Peterson, Janet Counseling Pewitt, Eva Educan'on Phelps, Donna Political Science Phillips, Brenda Nursing Phillips, Sheli Parks 8: Recreation Pieper, Barbara Accounting Piette, Lianne Sociology Pilon, Wendy Graphic Dexign Pinkerton, Steve Economics Placek, Jan Business Admin. Plowman, Pam Accounting Plummer, Lisa Ag. Economics Poirier, Lise Ag. Economics Pope, Cari Nutrition Pope, Lisa Computer Science Porcelli, Jane Engineering Port, Andrew Finance Port, William 1 Political Science Potter, Nancy Classics Poulin, Jon C. Accounting Pourmand, Bijan Mech. 8: Aeros. Pourmand, Mehrdad Engineering Powell, James Engineering Powers, Susan Education Premer, Jacki Journalism Preston, Steven RadiolTVlFilm Prewitt, Felicia Engineering Primovic, John Engineering Probst, Peggy Counseling Pundmann, Janine Accounting Radcliffe, Robin Consumer Affairs Ragouzis, Penny Counseling Ragsdell, Phyllis " Accounting 178 "Columbia, M0., is one of 12 cities in the United States with an unemployment rate less than 5 percent." - Parade Magazine, April 17, 1982 Raiford, Alison Engineering Ramasike, Julia Home Economics Rapp, Martin Engineering Rapp, Susan Spanish Rasche, Steve Accounling Rascher, Kelly Journalism Raso, Anne Monica English Raterman, Teri Child 62 Family Development Rauschenbach, Cafolyn Personnel Mgr. Ray, Preston History Raymond, Cathy Design Merchandising Reaban, Mary Chemistry Reading, Sheila Histotechnology Reed, Jacquelyn Education Rehagen, Randy Engineering Reimler, Daniel Horticulture Reiners, Randy Marketing Mgr. Reis, Tracy Journalism Rennard, Julie Housing d2 Interior Design Rennick, Lee Marketing Reschke, Lise Clothing AZ Textiles Revare, Lisa Journalism Ricca, Laurie Fashion Merchandising Rice, Julie Nursing Richerson, Bill Political Science Rieske, Mark Engineering Riffel, Becky Cqunseling Righthouse, Christy RadiolTVlFiIm Riley, Geoffrey Journalism Ring, Kelly Journalism Risley, Lisa Respiratory, Therapy Risner, Robert Engineering Ritz, Connie Fashion Merchandising Robb, Kelly Sue Housing cQ Interior Design Roberts, Mary Ann Biology ? $ 180 Robertson, Carol Education Robertson, Carol J . Sociology Robertson, Patricia Journalism Robinson, Dawn Finance Robinson, Sabina Journalism Roby, Brian Marketing Roche, Catherine Businesx Logistics Rodgers, Heather Finance Rodgers, Lenora Child cf: Family Development Rodgers, Rolesta Philosophy Rogers, Kathy Psychology Rogers, Robert Journalism Romeu, Diego Engineering Rosenfeld, Les Public Admin. Rosenthal, Edward Biology Ross, Katherine Housing Design Roth, Elizabeth Italian Roth, Mark Agronomy Rothroch, Lea Psychology Rounkles, Jill Education Rudnick, Lcnise Food Sciences Rufkahr, Annette Interior Design Runyan, Peter D. Political Science Russell, Jeffrey Economics Ryland, Carolyn Social Work Sacco, Scott A. Ag. Economics Sackman, Dawn Animal Science Saddler, Julie Political Science Sadler, Susan Accounting Sagehom, Amy Radiology Tech. Sagchom, Beth Engineering Sago, Lance Horticulture Sallee, Mary Ann Marketing Samenus, Maribeth Journalism Sanchez, Carlos Engineering "What does your roommate smell like?" Psychology Dept. Sexuality Survey Sander, Cheryl Interior Design Sanders, Mark Political Science Sanders, Robert Finance Sanguinette, Nancie Biology Sander, Janet Computer Science Saunders, Brenda Fisthildlife Savage, Diane Communicationy Scarbrough, Dave Chemistry Schaefer, Sandra Atmospheric Science Schafer, Martha Engineering Schalk, Brenda Graphic Design Schamburg, Ted Management Schantz, Sara Journalism Schaper, James Marketing Scheer, Mark Finance Schelp, Kristin Nursing Schiller, Tim Accounting Schimke, Stephen Engineering Schipke, Christine Journalism Schloemann, Thomas Engineering Schmidt, Ellie German Schneider, Karen History Schneller, Ann Education Schnieders, Julie Education Schnoebelen, Jane Finance Schotte, Mark Communications Schrappen, Suzi RadiolTWFilm Schrenk, Jeffrey Engineering Schuckenbrock, Karen Educalion Schukai, Ann Journalism Schulze, Janet Marketing Schumacher, Janet Journalism Schutte, Sara Economics Schwaller, Carol Fashion Merchandising Schwanzbun, Rhonda Recreation Therapy "College of Education. A cut above the rest." s anti- budget cut propaganda on a button Schweigerdt, Nancy Education Sciarrino, Annita Latin Sclair, Judy Education Sego, Pam Public Admin. Selby, Barry Engineering Selvig, Valerie Education Sensenich, Barb Psychology Serota, Susan Journalism Sexton, Karen Economics Seyer, Rick Accounting Shanahan, Richard Admin. Mgr. Shannon, Daniel Business Admin. Shapiro, Karen Computer Science Shasp, Doug Forestry Sharp, Leroy Ag. Economics Shaughnessy, Anne Accounting Shaw, Kurt Russian Studies Shea, Mary Marketing Sherman, Jena Ag. Economics Sherman, Marla Business Mgt. Shine, Chuck Engineering Shipman, Ronnie Education Shiverdecker, Beth Education Short, Mark Ag. Economics Short, Steven Ag. Economics Sido, Barbara Journalism Simone, Thomas Engineering Sims, John Engineering Singleton, Lloyd Admin. Mgr. Sjoblom, Barbara Journalism Skelton, Lisa Accounting Skorburg, Jon Political Science ; Slaughter, Jennifer Education Smith, Jean Marketing Smith, Mark T. Chemistry Smith, Monice Social Work Smith, Paul Landscape Design Smith, Peggy Nursing Snyder, Ann RadiolTWFilm Solomon, Andy Engineering Sommer, Philip Horticulture Sommer, Susan Journalism Spadaxotto, Steven Finance Spalding, Thomas Chemistry Specker, Stan Ag. Economics Sperry, Mitzi Parks cf: Recreation Spitznigel, Christy Admin. Mgt. Sporer, Denise Cytotechnology Sportsman, Tony Economics Stafford, Grace Chemistry Stanton, Sandra Agriculture Stark, Ed Agriculture Stark, Tom Physical Therapy Starzinger, Tarilyn Respiration Therapy Steams, Craig Wood Products Stedem, Debora Computer Science Stegeman, Steve Ag. Economics Stein, Linda Parkx 8; Recreation Steinman, Craig Chemistry Steinmann, Mark Engineering Stephens, Doug Animal Science Stemecker, David Engineering Stewart, John Engineering Stigall, Patti Education Stobaugh, Gail Journalism Stock, Daniel A. Economics Stone, Marcia Accounting Stone, Mark Speech Strathman, Nancy Education Stratton, Danny Philosophy Strickler, Kemp Engineering Struebbe, Jolene Marketing Stuckey, Carol Engineering Stumpe, Keith Engineering Sturdy, Susan Journalism Stutz, James Food Science Sudbrock, Marcia Marketing Sulack, Lori Finance Swaney, Elaine Education Swanner, Lynn Sociology Swiney, Tonya Medical Dietetics Switters, Kurt Forestry Sykora, Kim Education Szabo, Dottie Counseling Tackett, Bill Journalism Tanzey, Steve Ag. Economic: Tasch, Neal History Taylor, Sue Business Admin. Teasdale, Laura Recreation Therapy Tebben, Craig Engineering Tharp, Daniel Engineen'ng Tharp, Tamara Engineering Tharp, Teresa Interior Design Thiemann, Lynn Marketing Thomas, Andrew Horticulture Thomas David Art Thompson, Charles Journalism Thompson, Evette Social Work Thomsen, Linda Interior Design Tibbs, Kathy English Tiefenauer, Rhonda Education Tierney, Dave Public Admin. Tomlinson, Julie Economics Tonioli, Teri Parks 8: Recreation Admin. Townsend, En'ca Psychology "To the couple who used 22 gallons of soap at the hot tubs: You're pretty slick." maneater classified Traeder, Tamera Economics Trautman, Craig Engineering Tregent, Cindy Animal Science Tricoli, Rick Engineering Truster, Tracy Accounting Turpin, Vickie Ag. Economics Tye, Christine Engineering Tzinberg, Susie Marketing Untiedt, Janet Education Usman, Tijani Forkslry Vacca, Brian Recreational Forestry Valleroy, Nancy Rehabilitation Services Van Genderen, Scott Ag. Economics Van Buskirk, Eileen Child 8: Family Development Vandelicht, Sandra Marketing Vanette, Anita Journalism Vaughan, Daryl Speecthrama Vaughn, Bill Agriculture Venable, Cozy Journalism Verhagen, Ben Businexs Mgt. Vernon, Teresa Education s Verts, Kay W Education : Viers, Mark J Political Science 3 J Von Gremp, Tracey s 1 Education 1 Waddell, Alex ' Journalism Waggoner, Brian Agronomy ; Wagner, Roberta 1 s Education 1 ' s Wagster, Charlotte s 1 Home Economics Waid, Greg Engineering Waldman, Laura Education Walker, Lee Journalism Walker, Maura Speech Pathology Wall, Mark Engineering Wallace, Daniel Education Walli, Steve Marketing "At No. 105, Columbia, Mo., is a better place to live than Dubuque, Iowa W0. 174s but worse than Buffalo, N.Y. W0. 36L" - Places Rated Almanac Walls, Kelvin Biology Walsh, Kim Journalism Walswonh, Ed General Business Walters, Fred Chemistry Waltz, Debra Journalism Walvoord, Barry Biology Ward, Mask Public Admin. Ward, Michelle Journalism Warden, Dennis Journalism Warfield, Carolyn Education Warmbold, Robyn Parks 62 Recreation Admin. Warmbrodt, Joe Music Business Warner, Lee Education Warren, Ken Personnel Mgt. Wan'iner, Ranada Speech Pathology 186 Wasleski, Robert Engineering Wasserman, Michelle Social Work Watterson, David Animal Science Weaver, Greg Nursing Weber, David Political Science Weeda, Rick Finance Weekley, Debra Journalism Weigel, Pete Engineering Weis, John Finance Weishaar, Tim English Weiss, Art Accounting Welch, Connie Speech Pathology Welch, Doug Accounting Welch, Laketia Counseling Welch, Lori Education Wendel, Karen General Business Wengemuk, Christine Journalism Wenneker, Lori Fashion Merchandising Wentzel, Cinde Forestry Werner, Sue Accounting Wemert, Bob Forest M gt. Warning, Thomas Accounting West, Paul Psychology West, Tim Engineering Westerfxeld, Kent , Engineering Western, Terri Interior Design Westhoff, Donna Parks 61 Recreation Admin. Wheeler, James Agriculture Wheeler, Linda English White, Lisa Journalism Whiteside, Paula Kay Housing Design Wieland, Mary Parks 82 Recreation Wiesnder, Tim Admin. Mgr. Wilbum, Douglas Political Science Willbrand, Philip Ag. Economics 188 Williams, Christine Social Work Williams, Kathy Economics Williams, Kena RadiolTWFilm Williams, Lawrence Economics Williams, Mike Business Willis, Linda Interior Design Willman, Cathy Nursing Wilson, Doug Engineering Wilson, Elizabeth Journalism Wilson, Robert Management Wilson, Susan Recreation Therapy Winer, Kim Social Work Wingren, Joy Journalism Winter, Jeff Accounting Winter, Lisa Educarion Winter, Michael Education Wisch, Gary Engineering Witcher, Donna Physical Therapy Wixom, David General Studies Wolf, Jeanine Accounting "There are plenty of movie theaters, parks and lakes, and restaurants with various cuisines, making Columbia an exciting place to live." UMC recruiting brochure "Columbia is a large town that lies between Kansas City and St. Louis and is virtually devoid of culture." - NY. Times College Guide Zipfel, Lisa F inance Wolf, Kirk Computer Science Wolfenbarger, Elaine Clothing Design Walters, Missy Home Economics Wong, Yoke Journalism Woods, Dianne Spanish Wool, Tammy Journalism Workman, Sarah Horticulture Womlington, Angie Education Wright, Julia Political Science Wright, Mike Finance Wuestling, Kirk Engineering Wuller, Robin Journalism Wynn, Sherri Speech Communication: Yencik, Robert Journalism Young, Greg Housing Design Young, Keith Journalism Young, Kevin Journalism Zeller, Don Computer Science Ziegler, Jeff Journalism Ziegler, Mark Journalism 189 WEI Keith McMiIlin 193 David Klutho Keith A. Myers Dan Levine Robert Rogers Daniel M. Rosen Tom Reese Roben Rogers 199 avid Klutho Keith A. Myers 200 r e an m T n h . o J '"- s'nw DFF THE SE qusa Dan Levine 54.3, , 202 John Trotter Steven L. Yarbrough Mike Hyde and the Tigers never really got a grasp on consistency. A memorable year of upsets; a forgettable year of mishaps Memories of the 1981 football season will probably pale in comparison to those of the basketball team. But in 1981, a season in which many so-called experts predicted Missouri would struggle to a mediocre record, the Tigers created some unexpected excitement. After opening their season with three victories over less- than-respected opponents, The Tigers traveled to Jackson, Miss., where they stunned the ninth-ranked Mississippi State Bulldogs and a regional television audience with a 14-3 triumph. One week later, Missouri opened its Big Eight season by scoring the most points a Tiger team has tallied since 1969, With a 58-13 shellacking of Kansas State. And in their last home game of the season, the Tigers did something else Missouri has not been able to do since 1969. Led by all-America J eff Gaylord, Missouri defeated Oklaho- ma, 19-14, igniting a celebration that ended in the destruction of a Faurot Field goal post. But in 1981 season also produced some memories Tiger fans would just as soon forget. After bolting to a 5-0 record and a No. 8 national ranking, the Tigers seemed to fall apart on a cold, blustery Iowa day, as Iowa State hammered Missouri, 34-13. The next week, more than 70,000 fans and a semi-national television audience watched as the Tigers and eventual Big Eight champion Nebraska engaged in a war of dominating defenses. After more than 59 minutes of the score was still 0-0, before the Cornhuskers finally scored for the win, 6-0. The abyss of Missouriis season came nearly a month later, in the Tigers, final regular season game. Although the Tigers outgained the J ayhawks, they committed six turnovers to lose, 19-1 1 . The Tigers finished the 1981 season on an up note, with a 19-7 victory over Southern Mississippi in the Tangerine Bowl. When the Tigers struggled to a 24-10 win over Army in; their season opener, the cynical predictions appeared valid. A week later, however, junior quarterback Mike Hyde, who had thrown only 17 collegiate passes before the 1981 season, launched an aerial assault against Rice. Hyde broke one school passing record, and tied another, to propel Missouri to a 42-10 triumph. The Tigers continued to dominate the next week, thrashing Louisville, 34-3. The following Tuesday Missouri made its first 1981 appearance in the top twenty. The major concern for the Tigers was the rushing attack, which rated seventh in the Big Eight. Then came Mississippi State, and Bobby Meyer gained 122 yards and scored two touchdowns to spark the upset. Kansas State the following week was a laugher, but few 205 were chuckling when they learned that center and co-captain Brad Edelman had strained knee ligaments during the contest, and would sit out the Iowa State game. Without Edelman, the Missouri offense was anemic, and even the defense seemed to be affected. The 34 points scored by the Cyclones was more than opponents had totaled in all previous games. Tiger fortunes continued to plummet against Nebraska, when Cornhusker back Phil Bates crashed three yards with 23 seconds remaining for the games only score. Missouri dropped completely out of contention for the Big Eight title with a homecoming loss to Oklahoma State the following week. The game was tied, 9-9, at halftime, but a steady downpour transformed Eaurot Field into a quagmire and the game degenerated into a battle of ineptitude in the second half. Missouri flnally lost, 16-12, when Cowboy Rod- ney Harding recovered a fumble and raced 40 yards for a touchdown. ' But the game was not a total loss. Though Hyde was injured late in the game, his replacement, sophomore Brad Perry, came in to lead a 47-yard drive during the games fmal minute that came within inches of changing the games outcome. W David Rees uh 1,1413quij Gary Allen Todd James "Were the type of players who get excited when we stick somebody," cornerback Steve Crapo said. At times there was plenty to get excited about. LEFT: The Tigers gang up on Oklahoma,s Chet Winters. TOP: Missouri lines up on Oklahoma State,s Shawn Jones. ABOVE: Defensive tackle Rod Skillman lends a hand to Kansas State quarterback Darrell Ray Dickey after a safety. The pleasure was all Skillmanhs. Tom Reese Perry was named the starter the next week at Colorado. After overcoming some pre-game jitters, he threw a 62-yard touch. down pass and ran for two more scores in a 30-14 victory. Perry continued to play well in Missourfs home finale against Oklahoma, but it was Gaylord and an inspired defense that were the deciding factors. Missouri forced eight turnovers and hald Sooner running back Buster Rhymes to 35 yards 1 rushing. Gaylord, who recovered three fumbles, recorded five : tackles for losses, and made a total of 12 solo stops, was named f Associated Press Defensive Player of the Week. After the Oklahoma victory, Missouri agreed to play in the Tangerine Bowl. That must have been what the Tigers had on their minds during the Kansas debacle the following week. The Tigers redeemed themselves in Orlando, Fla., however, as they won their third bowl game in four years. Led by Bob Lucchesiis record-tying four field goals, and Tangerine Bowl Most Valuable Player J eff Gaylordi s flerce pass rush, the team dominated a highly regarded Southern Mississippi squad. The final statistics show a 7-4 record, a bowl win and No. 19 and 20 rankings in the wire services. But Tiger fans have much more than numbers to remember about this season. a Rob Yencik ttLike lightening bolts, those guys jolt," wide receiver Curtland Thomas said of Missouri's running backs. iiShoo, shoo, they give you a move - and theyire 3 gone. ltts too late." BELOW: Bobby Meyer has his eye on the endzone against Kansas State. ABOVE RIGHT: ; Bill White makes his own daylight. RIGHT: Bandanna i flying, Tracey Mack huffs and puffs his way past a Rice i tackler. Elane M. Breedlove David Rees 212 OVERLEAF: James Caver went from walk-on to the Tigersh total offense leader in 1981. RIGHT: MissourPs defense put the squeeze on Southern Mississippi in the Tangerine Bowl. BELOW RIGHT: Against Colorado in his first college stai't, quarterback Brad Perry split the Buffalo defense for 172 ya'rds total offense. BELOW: Rod Skillman refreshes himself after a hard afternoon in the trenches. Rick Perry Gary Allen Robert Rogers John Trotter The ups and downs of the 1981 season. After beating Oklahoma for the first time since 1969, everything seemed to be pointing up. But in the Homecoming loss to Oklahoma State fate played a dirty trick on Missouri and co-captain Brad Edelman. Robert Rogers 214 hwnwhzny? . .. Jeff Gaylord Photo by Keith McMillin Text by Kevin Mattimore l The image of the all-America rings loud and clear. Hels l the guy next door, the one with the haircut that makes army recruiters smile. Yeah, the guy who combines academics and athletics to form such a wholesome image that not even Jerry Falwell can complain. Jejy Gaylord, 1981 first-team all-America, chose to do things a little differently. ' When Jeff Gaylord answers the door at his Columbia home, therels no 98" emblazoned on his chest. Slightly disappointing, but maybe they couldnlt make one big 1 enough. They could have spelled the whole word if they wanted to. The running backs and quarterbacks who meet Mr. Gaylord head-on must have a hell of a time. Concussion city. But besides Gaylordls immense presence, and the Tangerine Bowl trophy sitting in the corner, nothing would make you believe youlre dealing with an llall-Americafl The room is plushly carpeted and pleasingly decorated. The cable television blares from across the room as Gaylord speaks. llBetter move the phone in here? he says. ttItls been ringing like crazy tonight." Gaylord sets the phone down on a nearby table and then crashes his huge frame onto a sofa. The conversation starts with his reaction to being named Missourils nineteenth first-team all-America. III planned on itfl he says, pausing for the skeptical reaction he knows is coming. Surely hels been asked this before. IIAt linebacker. But I really didnlt think I could do it as a 225-pound defensive tackle." Gaylord had planned on playing linebacker for Missouri, bUt the Tigers had a greater need for linemen. Gaylord was UpSet by the decision which put him at defensive tackle. He didnlt mince words, only halfbacks. uLinebacker is my home and always was my home, no matter what any coach says. They just never gave me any training in it. I was so pissed off. I hated playing line." BUt he played it. And was picked as an all-American defensive tackle, not linebacker. "I didnlt think it was possible because I had only been starting one year," he explains. III was hoping for all-Big Eight. Then I got Big-Eight Defensive Player of the Year and I thought I might make second or third team all-American, it blew me away . . . Here I am, an uUdersized defensive lineman, but I made up for it with Strength and quickness. Rarely will Gaylord avoid a question. He answers them the same way he handles offensive linemen. He uses the direct approach. Just ask him if Missourils long-awaited victory over Oklahoma was anything special. F--- yes, after 12 years, are you kidding?" he says. tlLet me show you what I got.n Gaylord hustles into the other room and returns with a football scrapbook of sorts. Inside lies a handsome print of a painting - a sketch of Gaylord nailing Oklahoma fullback Stanley Wilson. Below it lies the artists view of the wild scene at Faurot Field that day. Fans ripping out the goalposts The scoreboard behind: Missouri 19, Oklahoma 14. 91 just got it today," Gaylord says proudly. Its all so impressive, his football heroics. Yet somehow, there seems more to this man than an ability to run his own demolition derby on a 100-yard piece of turf. Much more. llRemember that place called Tullyls'Pl he asks. 91 hold the record for shots in an hour. Twenty-four." But the Athletic Department doesnlt keep records like that. Gaylord has done it all, but most of it hasnlt set well with his superiors. ltTheylve been writing me off all my life, since I was a little kid? Gaylord says. IIBecause I was such a free spirit - supposedly I didnlt have the right attitude." Gaylord has been a free spirit, no question. Unfortunately, some of his skills werenlt those desired in a Missouri football player. Like a talent for performing a nude routine at a ladies bar, or for setting himself on fire. tlHerels the saying? Gaylord says, handing over a small piece of paper. Gaylordls creed: 11Do not follow where the path may lead. Go where there is no path and leave a trail." ltIt means donlt do what other people do? Gaylord explains. Gaylord blazed his own trail in the spring of 1979 - in the nude. He raced down Lowry Street past Ellis Library, paused for what he calls his slRocky" pose on the Union steps, then darted across College Avenue to a friends house on Rosemary Street. It was the annual football ltspring streakll three days before the start of spring practice, Gaylord says. Besides, 91 always held my shorts in my hands just in case." He didnlt even have his shorts the next time he showed off his physique. In the summer of 1980 he was working security at the Inspiration Point Lounge in Des Moines, Iowa, when he was asked to be part of the entertainment one evening. Jumping at the chance to make some extra money, Gaylord went onstage scantily clad for a little routine. .e women got a bit tooxexcited and one decided to e Gaylordls G-string. Two female Vice officers failed the humor in the situation, though. Gaylord was :d for indecent exposure. e reporters all thought that was the funniest ----ing hey ever heard,n Gaylord recalls. ltIt turned out to id because everyone knew who I wasifl lord has a knack for the theatrical. One night he 1 three young ladies to his own special version of the 'ing Inferno. lad lighter fluid on mefl he says. llAnd right when I the door click I lit a match, walked in and said, tls happeninl, girls?" for, sheer terror. Whether he,s on or off the field, rd makes things happen. 11 point to a picture of the girls in his scrapbook, is one of the most interesting books youlll ever see. are also pictures of Gaylord in his younger days his build was far leaner than that of an all-America. Ilord began lifting weights in the seventh grade. 6 long, the work was paying off and he grew from 50 pounds, to 6-2, 190 in less than a year. He now holds a monopoly on Missourils weight records. He explains his success simply, ltl was such a bad kid. I didnlt have any friends, so all I did was lift? Vintage Gaylord. You never know when hels serio except when hels discussing his career. Hels been th it all. Many expected his ship to sink a long time ago The seas were choppy for a while. There was a cai his freshman year, then he was hurt and red-shirted l sophomore year. He had to struggle to remain acade eligible for the 1980 season. ltAll the bad things Ilve brought upon myselff, he ltBut Itve been lucky enough to fool everybody that not that way anymore. I still get crazy, But onee yot that publicity youtve got to keep a low profile? Gaylord doesnlt fret over his hard times. Hets sor be leaving school. tlI love Columbiaji he says. tlIf there was one wi had, if I could start over, I wish I would have worke little harder on my grades and taken advantage of th education? Then the smile comes back to his face. ltBut then again? he adds, III would have missed all those good times, wouldnlt ITI d! t th rowed to be even more than t ,o 'Ia hawks co" handle t,PPo I ' O" 0' ff the Id f'eld GayIOId was nevel '3' no". the acllOII. John Trotter Memorabilia was the number one seller during ts mark the basketball season left on many fans. Izzou mania GaryAIlen Tom Reese 220 Gary Allen Ax . Robert Rogers Mizzou Fans Not even yoe mama was safe from the antlers. Theyed get dressed up to harass her if she were playing the Tigers. Robert Rogers 222 Robert Rogers 1 "i Photos by Tom Reese Mizzou Fans Sometimes the fans were drooling over the baseball team. And sometimes it just looked like there was no place to go but Simmons Field. . 19124-3 : 79,; - 226 fax g, . '71 : : WK . g s r W. s o A V . - 1s L x . L 1 w , x Mizzou Fans Once Tiger fans got their spirits flowing, there was no stopping them. Joe Blake, third from left at right, third from right below, found his work as student athletic board director a relief from daily grind of schoolwork. Others passed time before games in a more sober manner. 1 1 Sarah Leen Rick Perry L $5; m4; xv; 227 Rick Perry e 3 INF. M': "V 3.! DaVld Rees Tom Reese Mizzou chs The sky was the limit after the football team posted its first victory over Oklahoma since 1969. A womenhs basketball fan appears to have her seasons confused. Well, Mizzou fans have their own perspectives. Andrea Fisher often led the charge for Missouri,..finishing 17th in the nation to become the Tigers first all-American. Photos by Tim Wright Young Tigers race into Top Ten On a cool November morning when most people were yawning out 'of bed, the Missouri womenls cross country team was lining up for its final meet of the season, the NCAA national cham- pionships in Wichita, Kan. The race itself was an uphill battle as the Tigers competed against the top teams in the country on one of the hill- iest courses they had run all season. But when it was over, the Tigers had accomplished what they had set out to do -- place in the nations top ten. This 230 was greatly due to freshman Andrea Fischer becoming Missourils first NCAA all-America, finishing 17th. The national championship meet was the culmination of one of the best sea- sons the Tigers have ever compiled, boasting an over-all record of 5-1 . Their only loss came in the Big Eight Cham- pionships, where they placed second behind Iowa State. Junior captain Donna Ganly along with Fischer, Diane lerlinger, and Sabrina Dornhoffer, were Missourils top fmishers all season. Both Ganly and Fischer broke course records during the year. Ganly broke the Ozark Invitational, while Fischer, reset the Missouri course record. llTheylre young, and theylve onlyl scratched the surface," coach Dick Weis says. llThey have a long future ahead of them?' And a bright one, too. a Diane Frost; Runners gaining on powerhouses When Roger Grooters arrived at Mis- souri last fall, he decided the menis cross country team was a hundred miles away from competing at the ma- jor college level. At the conclusion of his virgin season as coach he felt his squad was only a few feet away. The Tigers made up ground quickly, jogging more than 100 miles over earth and pavement each week during Groo- tersl rigorous two-a-day, seven-days-a- week workouts. The regimen proved fruitful, as Missouri went 1-1 in addi- tion to finishing first in its own invita- tional and placing second in the TFAl USA Mid-America Championships. Still, the team couldnlt keep pace with better competition, taking fifth in the Big Eights and 10th in the NCAA re- gionals. Grooters, who came to Missouri from Oklahoma, wasnlt at all satisfied with his team's performance, although he felt it did make some strides. And thafs where the feet come in, the kind that fit snugly into a pair of Nikes. ilItls a very competitive confer- ence? Grooters says of the Big Eight. ilIf were going to be able to compete well have to work much harder and get some quality people in addition to the ones we have. Weive started to develop work habits and attitudes necessary to having a good program. We just need two or three really outstanding kids." Although top runners Dan Wheeler and Tom Ott graduate, South African Mark Kennard, sophomore Jim Lappe and Dan Bryant, and freshman Jim Heady will all be back. Add a few re- cruits, and, Grooters says, the team will be only a short distance from measuring up to the powerhouses. - Chuc Finder Dan Wheeler helped lead the Tigers out of the shadows of the Big Eight cellar-dwellers. FOLLOWING PAGE: From left, Tom Ott, Jim Lappe, Mike Gaughran and Hal Uhlmeyer lead the pack for Missouri. Aw, .WBH I xth. . : 2 :1 42 a ,5 John Trotter Robert Rogers Spikers setting up for success From the hind-side of embarrassment to the near-side of respectability, the Missouri volleyball team made the leap in 1981. The assessments belong to coach Mike English. A good deal of the credit is his, too. ; After a 17-14 season in 1980, English went out and recruited Richie Ponquinette and Sharon Ohlmstead. Last year the Ti- gers finished 28-15. ' llAnd we played a much tougher schedule? English says. 1180 our record doesnlt really reflect the improvement we made. Also, we didnlt have the embarrassing losses we had last year? In 1980 Missouri finished fifth in the Big Eight; this past season it lost in the finals to six-time defending champion Nebraska. In doing that, the Tigers won a game from the Cornhuskers .. something no other conference team had been able to do - and Ponquinette and Ohlmstead made the all- tournament team. tlThe Big Eightls are what we evaluate our season byjl English says. uSo we made some real progress this season, and I'm proud to say that we worked as a team to get this far. Now we just need to work out some of the foolish mistakes we made because of inexperience? The best thing about freshmen is that they become sopho- mores, and from the squad only Englishls setters, Nancy Dunagan and Carol Robenson, will graduate. 11Carol and Nancy led the team through some tough sea- sons, and they were valuable to us in many ways? English says. With the longest step behind them, Missouri is ready to move beyond mere respectability and on to national conten- tion, English says. 1tIf our program progresses as welve planned, we expect to meet Nebraska across the net in next yearls final . .. and win." - Nancy Ebert Missourils spikers had plenty of punch in 1981. With Nancy Dunagan and Deon Childers on the ball, the Tigers brought many opponents to their knees. Missouri was on top - for a while Anywhere else the revelry might not have been controllable. But in Columbia, Missourils ascension to the top of the nation- al rankings seemed a well-kept secret. One-by-one, the Top-Ten teams had taken a tumble; Georgetown, Louisville and UCLA were toppled early in the season. Kentucky and Virginia both failed against top-ranked North Carolina. Meanwhile, the Tigers climbed to the second spot, but still only loyalists fantasized about being in New Orleans for Mardi Gras. Then the Tarheels met their destiny, and a record 12,944 fansjammed into the Hearnes Center to see Missouri obliviate Oklahoma for its 16th straight victory. The chemistry for which this team will be remembered was never more perfect than in this win. Rickey Frazier missed none of his eight shots from the field in leading the Tigers with 17 points. Steve Stipanovich poured in 10 points and pulled down 14 rebounds. Sharpshooter Jon Sundvold was hitting and Marvin llMoonT McCrary frustrated Sooner stars David Little and Chuck Barnett into a combined 12-of-34 shooting performance. And Tiger Head Coach Norm Stewart, who always knew just when to add a pinch of Mark Dressler or a dash of Michael Walker, got 33 points from his bench. The Hearnes scoreboard was flashing the message bright and clear: llMissouri $61? The excitement in the building had reached the boiling point, but inside the Missouri locker room the players tried to remain cool. Finally Stipanovich broke down. tTm excitedfl he confessed. lTll be sitting right there waiting for the polls to come out. Itlll surprise me if we're not Photos by Robert Rogers N0. 1." When the vote was finally counted, only the folks in Chapel Hill, N.C. and a few diehard skeptics remained unconvinced. Stewart merely gathered the team around him before practice and officially informed the players. They clapped, then got on with business as usual. 6 In their first title defnese, the Tigers proved to critics and the Iowa State Cyclones that they were worthy of the acclaim. Missouri hit its first seven shots and led by 23 at half time. Six Tigers scored in double figures before the team stormed out of Ames, leaving an 86-76 defeat as proof-positive. s The streak continued: A one-point deflation of Jack Hart- manls zone defense and his Kansas State squad made it 18- straight. With an 80-54 thrashing of Colorado, Missouri re- mained on the national throne for a second week. Finally, the nation was taking the Missouri team seriously. And for the nation, the team showed pts personality on an ABC television special. The team laughed around the dinner table and poked fun at each other. When Dick Schapp asked Prince Bridges who the best-looking player on the team was, Bridges pointed to all his teammates and in his best smart- aleck manner confidently answered, ltMe!" The chemistry OPPOSITE: ttJon Sundvold is the smartest guy to wear sneakers since Einstein," said USC Coach Stan Morrison. flowed in front of the camera, too. Tiger fans packed Hearnes to see Nebraska become victim number 20. Exploiting the ranking was profitable, and some quick-thinking entrepeneur was selling T-shirts and hats with thissouri alt? printed on them. By gamels end they would be a poor investment. Missouri suffered its worst shooting performance, hitting a dismal 35 percent in losing, 67-51. The fairy tale came to an end, just as the skeptics had predicted all along. Even Missourils third consecutive Big Eight regular season title couldnlt revive the fantasy. A nationally televised loss to Georgetown and a one-point upset by Kansas in the regular season finale didnlt help. Only 7,075 turned out to see a shaky 72-60 win over Colora- do in the opening round of the conference tournament. Though inconsistent, the Tigers remained stable enough to stomp out the Lillipution-like Cornhuskers in the semi-fmals and outrun Oklahoma to win the tournament and an automatic bid to the NCAA championships. The chemistry started to come back. Sundvold hit his first six shots from the twilight zone and beyond, and F razier went 12-of-14 en-route to becoming the tournament MVP. Marquette, the Tigersl first opponent in the NCAA Midwest Regional, fizzled out, and Missouri advanced to the Regional semi-finals with a 73-69 victory. Now playing in the St. Louis Checkerdome - a home- away-from-home for the Tigers - Missouri had a chance to win everything back against Houston. The Cougars ran around, clawed their way through and shot over the Tigersl stingy man-to-man defense to build up a 10-point lead at half- time. That was just enough cushion for a 80-79 win, as the clock ran out just when the Missouri bandwagon was picking up speed again. But what will be remembered from that season-ending con- test is that Frazier's 29-point farewell performance was his finest. And how Missouri almost came back to make it all for real once again. And how the capacity crowd - mostly Mis- souri fans - gave the team a standing ovation as it left the court. For it was a season to celebrate. - Mitchell Krugel There was nothing underhanded about Steve Stipanovichls approaches to the basket, below. Prince Bridges got a peep at Bo Overton,s defense. bert Rogers Ricky Frazier kept his feet off the ground a the basket all season. He also proved he h the ball, and there wasnlt much Austin F Robert Rogers 240 In the 1981-1982 season, Steve Stipanovich moved from the center of controversy to the center of the action. Ricky Frazier spent little time with his feet on the floor, much less his back. After practice, the drinks were on Missouri Coach Norm Stewart. 242 Elane M. Breedlove David Rees Gary Allen 244 Rick Perry Sarah Leen It wasn,t thigh fives" that opponents were looking for from Steve Stipanovich, left, as Tiger Coach Norm Stewart rarely let a call 90 unchallenged. A 20-1 record is nothing to hang your head about, but in the aftermath of the Georgetown loss, it seemed that way to Greg Cavener. Manny Crlsostomo When Prince Bridges showed his stuff, it was too much for one picture. ,, , x a" 2$ ! Photos by Gregg Goldman 246 sa crowd, far right idges proved Gary Allen? Sometimes more Br Moon and Prince f o e r a h s E h t o 9 V. r a r c c M :n o o M hands and elbows ! hare. to their Hearnes Center visitors that three Marvin rebounds than h ISS Gary Allen Rick Perry n b N N. a G Rick Perry Ricky Frazier deserved a hand for his role in leading Missouri to its third straight Big Eight title. That gave Frazier and Michael Walker plenty to smile about. , M oon M chry Photo by Robert Rogers Text by Greg Lopez You should see Moon McCraryls car. uItls only a 72 Chevy? he says. Which it is, but it runs just fine. It takes him where he wants to go. 91 keep it runninl, keep it purrinl,n he says. TI do everything myself. That way, when Im driving around, it feels good because I took care of my car. llBetween that and playing basketball, it's about all I have time for." McCrary also helped fine-tune the Missouri basketball team in 1982. Playing on the other side of the key from Big Eight MVP Rickey Frazier, he averaged 9.2 points while averaging 30.2 minutes. "Everybody couldnlt shoot at one time, so I just gave it up and concentrated on defense? he says. ltAnyway, if you were playing with Rickey Frazier, wouldnlt you try to get him the ball and see what he can do?" Moon was named to the all-big Eight defensive team, traditionally the Sears Catalogue of all-star teams. Many thought he deserved more. llMoon did everything we asked of him," says Missouri Head Coach Norm Stewart. "He held this team together. What else can you say about a guy like MoonTl Probably more than Moon himself will say. The humor rolls along on the Tennessee drawl, almost buried in the slang. The only shining moment helll volunteer occurred when he was still Marvin. 91 was five or six, hangin, out with a friend of mine one night? Moon says. llThere was a full moon out, I never had much hair on my head back then, and I was always smilinK llThat full moon was shininl right in my face and my friend said, tBoy, youlre just glisteninl off that moon.a mMoonl just sounded right? His real name now is used only for official purposes. mMarvirf sounds like a poet." The rest of his boyhood in Memphis was a pile of DiCk-up games and keeping out of trouble. After high school, with no major college offers, Moon went to Three Rivers Community College in Poplar Bluffs, Mo. ilOne of my brothers, he always said, tAw, you canlt do it. You just come on back home like everybody else! I just decided to go up there and try." So he loaded up his car and drove up to Popular Bluffs f0? two winning seasons. Three Rivers Head Coach Gene Bess believed in defense. Surely Dr. Naismith intended his game to be more than a glorified game of Pig. He loaded his players heads with axioms and their backs with weights. The weights were a reminder to stay down in a defensive crouch. llHe used to say, You can't lose if the other team doesnlt score any pointsf Moon says. tTve got quick hands, but quick hands get you in trouble. So they used to tie your hands behind your back? llYou always gotta remember to keep down, shuftlinl. You start straightenin, up, gettinl cocky, they go right by you.n After two years Missouri decided it wanted Moon. His junior year was spent coming off the bench, mostly late in games. In 1981-82 he became a full-time starter. 91 just wanted to do anything I could help the team with," he says. ttI blended in here real good. Sometimes I took a beating for it, though." Celoradols Jaques Tuz, frustrated by Moonls defense all night, swung out after a rebound. The blow broke Moonls nose and put him out of the opening games of the Big Eight tournament. Nobody is sure how accidental the Tuz hit was. TI don't know? Moon says. le just saying he didntt do it on purpose. A lot of people say he did. If he did, he did. llBut I didn't like sitting there twatching the conference toumameno. That didnlt agree with me a bit." Still, he regularly held the opponents high-scorer well below his average. Even the Hearnes Center Crowd got in on the secret, chanting llMoooooonP in pre-game introductions and after big plays. 91 thought they were yelling lBoooooooll" Moon says. It was kind of a down feeling at first. Then when I found out what they were really yelling, it made me feel pretty . good." And after the Louisville win, his mother in Memphis got a phone call. tilt was from my brother, saying held just seen me on television," Moon says. TSO I think I proved something." With a degree in physical education and management, . and a chance to play in the European leagues, the future 15 uncertain. 91 always knew I could play on this team? Moon says. iiI just made sure I didnlt cause any problem, just take care of what I had to do." Just keep everything runninl. Joni Davis didntt back off for rebounds, below left, while few achievements seemed out of Lorraine Ferrefs reach. Okawville puts stranded Tigers on NCAA map An old cliche t'ooklon a very literal meaning for the 1981-82 Missouri womenis basketball team. You know that old adage about the road to success being a rough ride or a tough climb? About it being paved with hardship and disappointment? For the Tigers, that cliche hit in a small Illinois town called Okawville on a winter weekend in late J anuary. The trip to Carbo'ndale, in which the Tigers were supposed to pick up their sixth consecutive win, threatened to knock them off their course to the NCAA Championships and off their course back Dan Levine Donlpock 254 . 2W ex Robert Rogers John Trotter 118m John Trotter to Columbia. Missing tennis shoes, a heartbreaking loss, a broken-down University van, two feet of fast-falling snow, and two days in a little high school gymnasium in Okawville . . . these will be the most vivid memories of the 1981-82 season. After guard J oni Davis realized she left her high-tops back in a Heames Building locker, she was able to purchase a new pair. But after the Tigers lost to the clearly lesser-talented Salukis, they werenit even able to get back home. Along with 300 other highway motorists, the Tigers spent two days crowded in the high school gym. The blizzard was one of the worst in St. Louis history, and the Tigers were right in the thick of it. But the most important question for them at that time was about the nationals. How much would one loss this late in the season hurt their NCAA chances? And how were they going to make it back home for a Tuesday game with Kansas? Missouri coach J oann Rutherford and her squad had plenty of time to ponder the uncertain. After all, there wasnlt much else to do in the Okawville gym. But instead of dwelling on the SIU loss, Rutherford orga- nized a scrimmage with the other stranded motorists. Maybe the blizzard was a blessing in disguise. It brought out the true character of the team - an undaunted team that overcame the loss of several graduates from the year before. A hardworking squad that straightened out the early season kinks which re- sulted in a 7-6 start. The promise was evident during that Stretch, particularly in a 59-57 win over highly-ranked UCLA. This was a team whose barometer ran the gamut. When Missouri finally got back to Columbia late Monday evening, this was a team with a mission. F irst it got revenge on Kansas, a team that always seems to beat the Tigers. A pumped up, albeit tired, Missouri squad embarrassed the con- fident Jayhawks, 82-58, in one of the most emotional wins of the season. Nothing - not even more snow - could stop the Tigers now. They went on a nine-game winning streak to end the regular season with a 23-8 record. After that 7-6 beginning, the Tigers won 14 of their last 15, with the only loss coming at SIU. And, yes, they were selected for an at-large berth in the NCAA tourney. In the first round of the tournament, the Tigers were the only team to pull off an upset, defeating ninth-ranked Oregon on its homecourt, 59-53, to reach the final 16. Missouri advanced to the West Regional at Stanford, where the season ended with a 68-60 semifinal loss to seventh-ranked Maryland. The 24-9 record was Rutherfordls fifth 20-win season in her last six year. But it was a long road from Plainview, Texas, through Okawville and on to Stanford. The never-day-die Tigers never died out. To single out any one player would be a mistake. It was a team effort that resulted in a 19th national ranking. Only two Tigers finished the season with double-figure scor- ing averages - junior Lorraine Ferret 05.5l and sophomore Debbie Walker 02.7; OPPOSITE: Dribbling between the legs seems the only way to escape the eye of Melissa McFerrin. TOP LEFT: Annette Hollins leaves Central Missouri State behind. BOTTOM LEFT: Usually a driving force behind the Tigers, Pam Green runs into a road block. Mwaw-q .. Wu - v'lI-M'W' Tom Reese ,Ferret, the 6-1 center, leads a list of Tigers who made their way into the Missouri record book. F erret climbed into fourth place on the schoolts all-time scbring li'st with 1,221 career points, and she still has a season remaining. Walker tripled her freshman storing average and led the team in rebounding, at an 8.3-per-game clip. Two other Tigers also moved into the record books. Senior guard Annette Hollins broke her own single-season steal record with 77 and set a new standard for assists in a season, with 109. Freshman Mafy Brueggestrass earned a reputation for aggressiveness, as she shattered Jennie Skimbo,s single- season record for blocked shots; with 36. .With six of the teams top seven sco'rers returning next year, Missouri may also be paVing the road to future success. How rough that will be remains to be seen. Blit one thing is certain, snow or sun, the Tigers have shown they know the road to success. - Wendy Kafoury Freshman Mary Brueggestrass, left, may one day have a list of accomplishments as long as her last name. Tiger Coach Joann Rutherford rarely tests the comfort of her seat. in, 1 Wendy Kafoury Whlle the men didn't turn America upside down, the Tiger swimmers flnlshed third in the Big Eight. Swimmers' best times weren't free While most people were bundling up in ski coats and mittens, 20 exceptions exchanged winter garb for bathing suits and goggles. From September to March the Missouri ments swimming team spent morning, afternoon and even Christmas break swimming lap after lap at the Natatorium. That dedication paid off with a 7-2 dual meet record and a third-place fmish in the Big Eight. Even in a 74-71 loss to Nebraska, the men managed to reset several school records. The Cincinnati meet was a highlight for five swimmers who hail from the city and knew most of the competition. Even though the Bearcats warned the Tigers that the trip wasntt worth their time, they were proved wrong. Setting several personal best times is always worth it. The conference meet also was well worth the Tigers time, as they brought back three individual champions. Steve Braun placed first in the one-meter diving, David Berg won the 100- yard butterfly, and Scott Halliburton repeated as 200-year butterfly champ. While it may seem boring to most people to spend their free time in the same 1200 cubic feet, for the Tigers it certainly was worth it. -Greg Lopez Gary Allen Dan Levine 261 ! F it x f 4 444m: 4.3.179 31.51.2144: 'smvan ,4. i l 1 x Tiger swimmers make big waves Pssst. The 1981-82 women1s swimming team was ranked 20th nationally, won the nine-team Cyclone Invitational and broke several school records. So the subject matter was there, just the writers were lacking. Things got so bad that coach John Little finally took to huckstering his teams accomplishments himself. 11After the Cyclone Invitational, the girls said, 1Great. But do you think anyone will ever hear about it? So when we got back I wrote up a two-page release and delivered it to all media outlets around here. It was the best coverage we had all year. 1 1 Four-time all-American Susan Tietjen, the only member of the' team to receive much more that agate-type reference, continued her assault on her own records. Undefeated in dual meets, Tietjen reset her school marks in the 100- and 200-meter free styles, and finished fifth and 14th in the 50- and 100-meter freestyles, respectively. In between all that, she competed in the Rio de Janiero World meet, finishing third. In Ames, Iowa, 11We picked her up at the airport from Rio and drove her straight to the Big Eight meetfl Little said. ttAnd she finished second in both the 50 and 100. Not many people could do thatfl Missouri finished fifth at the conference meets, and 3-5 in dual meets, but Little attributes that to a lack of depth, rather than a talent shortage. There is a formula which allows teams to have a total of 20 competitors per meet, with divers counting .5. At the Big Eight Championships Little took only 13.5, 12 swimmers and three divers. uWe were kind of down in numbers? Little said. 11But as far as the people we did have, we out swam a lot of teams that beat us. If we had a full squad swimming, the results would have been a lot different." Making differences all year was diver Denise Buchheister, who finished 9th nationally and second in the Big Eight at three meters, and ninth and first one-meter. And Ann Kremer, Robin Faller, Scotty Hopkins, Beth Schneider, and the 400- meter free style team of Tietjen, Mary Grace Bell, J ill Ehrhardt and Schneider all set school records. 11Welre a pretty darn good team," Little said. 1There were alot of things going against us, but I think welve got a lot to be pleased about." 11With all that, and the talent we have coming back, .I think we have a lot of reasons to be optimistic." None of which seems to be ignored. e Greg Lopez 262 Equr-time all-American Susan Tietjen sums up her Mussou eer. Chris Wilkins 263 I i i 1 l l r I RObert Rogers :: For wrestlers, dedication paid off The wooden floor of the Hearnes Building basketball court was lifted and packed away after the seasons end. Faurot Field was football-free after the final game. But Missourfs wrestling team observed no such passing of the season. Just a week after finishing their 1981-82 season in mid- March, the Tigers were back on the mats. Some prepared for national meets during the summer, others already had their sights set on next year. 11To be a dedicated, serious wrestler, you need to practice all year long,n assistant coach Dale Kestel said. Such diligence paid big dividends at seasonts end. The Ti- gers notched their highest fmish ever at the NCAA Champion- ships a twelfth place. Co-captains Dave Young and Wes Roper, wrestled their way to all-American status. Young captured fifth place in the l77-pound class, while Roper took fourth in the lSO-pound grouping. Missouri wrestler Dave Young was twisted every which way but loose this season, opposite, while Wes Roper experienced life on the top. Roper ended his career as Missouriis winningest wrestler, With a career record of 131-37. Young, a two-time all- American, and heavyweight Rick Romeo also accumulated at least 100 career victories. Brad Mosely, Bill Porter, and Bruce Malinowski also quali- tied for nationals, but were eliminated in the first round. The national meet was the icing on the somewhat unsavory cake of a season. After a 4-6 start, the Tigers dropped seven of their last nine matches to register a bland 6-7 dual-meet record. Injuries often made it impossible to f1eld the strongest lineup. Still, llWe banged heads with the best of them," coach Bob Kopnisky said. All of the teams losses came at the hand of Top Twenty teams and the squadis f1fth-place finish at the Big Eight meet was nothing to be ashamed of, considering that conference teams took five of the top 12 spots at the NCAA meet. llWe pin our season on the nationals,H Kopnisky said. iiThatis the measure of our success." Using that yardstick, Missouri had an exceptional year. And for the Tiger wrestlers, there didn't seem to be a more appropriate way to celebrate than with more wrestling. a Jeff Stack Gairy Allen 265 l I i I l e V b d e e r B M e n b E 'x Gary Allen Dave Young couldn't seem to find any way out of the trouble he was in, left. Below left, Mark Sauls would have rather done deep knee bends on his own while Rick Romeo had a weighty problem on his hands, above. Missouri teams up for best season Lisa Hyberger stood with her toes scraping the mat. It was just before Missourils final event in the Big Eight gymnastics tour- nament, and the Tigers were close enough to have a Nebraska assistant coach wiping sweat from his forehead. It was the floor exercise, and Missourils two best performers were dis- abled by injuries. All Hyberger could do was squeeze her eyelids shut and slowly mouth the words, ttCome on Tigers. 1t The Tigers came on, but it was the Cornhuskers who finally saw and conquered. Missouri lost the meet by 2.40 points, but it seemed fitting that Hyberger - after all her prodding and encouragement - won the individual all-around competition. The next night in the individual championships, Hyberger won the vault event and placed in the other three. She went on to finish 30th in national competition. Yet, all she would say afterwards was that she would trade them all for a team championship. Thatis the way it was with the woments gymnastics team this season. All down the roster it was, 1 The team needs this, i l Tom Reese or 1tWe were happy with that? i llWe took a jump up, but it wasnit as high as I thought it would be," Missouri coach Jake Jacobson said. ttWe had a very good year, and the only thing that prevented it from being better was injuries." Super-vaulter Gayle Anderson was bothered all year by a recurring ankle injury. Then came the womenis version of the Wounded Knee massacre, when newcomers Janelle Erickson and Zina Arrington suffered leg injuries during a quad meet. The Tigers finished at 13-3 for the season, ranked 15th in the nation. They finished third in their own Purina Cat Classic, second in the Big Eight and fourth at regionals. That was a bit better than the previous season, when they went 13-5 and were ranked 16th, but Jacobson wanted a bit more. 111 honestly thought we could win the Big Eight and be in the top 10 this year? he said. uI won,t feel content a we need a Big Eight Championship." - Gary Graff Lisa Hybergerts star turns did not go unnoticed this season -- by the Hearnes crowds or her teammates. Elane M. Breedlove 269 Tom Reese Toni Kutolo earns her stripes on the uneven parallel bars, above, while Sherry Towle creates graceful angles with her body in the floor exercise. Gary Allen v .u' N , q. run; , ,. Am??? A .L i.w4h.f.hv.f$. Jeannine Kueper watches intently and waits for her turn, below left. Janelle Erickson was part of the Tigers, well-balanced squad. Gary Allen M V g Rick Perry Tiger trackmen strengthened by support from African imports Following in the footsteps of Yussuf Alli, three more Nigerians were im- ported by the Missouri ments track team in an attempt to spice up the 1982 season. But before they could even dampen their black and gold sweats, Alli showed them how it is done in Mis- souri. In Allits first indoor jump of the season he nailed a 25 11h long jump, immediately qualifying for nationals in Pontiac, Michigan. Two of the three Nigerian newcom- ers, Daniel Ogidi and Henry Amike, took a little longer but finally found themselves at nationals also. This came after Ogidi, Amike, Greg Jackson and Scott Davis burned a new Hearnes fieldhouse mile relay record in their last home indoor meet. But Africa wasntt the only place that spawned new runners for the Tigers this year. Hurdler Malcolm Dixon came in from California to help out in the hurdles while Dean Fogarty nursed an injured knee. In order to run consistently in the indoor season, though, the Tigers had to rely on some old faces. Sophomores Ben Lucero and J ohn Fewell both high- lighted the yearts field events. After qualifying for indoor nationals, Lucero proved that he could jump just as far outdoors. That meant going on the road because of the poor condition of Missourits outdoor tracks. Lucero went on undaunted and jumped farther, sweeping up finishes in the outdoor meets and qualifying for outdoor nationals. Because the Tigers only finished sixth in the Big Eight for the indoor season, 'the coaches are expecting a better performance next year. After all, they have high quality runners who just might continue to follow in Aulliis foot- steps. - Dan Lucy 274 Tom Reese With the help of some newcomers from Nigeria, Tiger trackmen set a few records and increased their depth. Dean Fogarty, opposite, hurdled, Granville Hayes, right, jumped, and David Brodhacker, above, vaulted into the limelight. Anita Henderson Jerry Naunheirn Women Tigers run away with records all season School records, world records and 21 all-American honors pretty well says it all for the Missouri womenls track team. The team combined this year for the best season in school history - sending 11 members to the NCAA Championships in Provo, Utah in June. The weekend before the nationals, Missouri placed second of 38 teams in the Track and Field Association Championships with less than a full squad competing, qualifying 13 Tigers for all-American status. ltThafs whatts amazing," said head coach Dick Weis. llWe didnlt even take the whole team and placed second, and then 13 InadeiallV-American in one meet. I still canlt believe it." In that meet, Mary Hyder, a junior from J efferson City, led the Tigers in qualifying in three events. Hyder placed first in both the discus and shot put, and third in javelin. Aside from the highlight of the TFAlUSA track meet, sea- son bests included junior Rosalyn Dumlapls world record 1:18.56 600-yard sprint. The Maywood, Ill. sprinter also clock- ed 52.2 outdoors for the 400-meters. Kellee Eubanks, former Rock Bridge stand out, jumped 20-10 in 1982e shattering the 5-4 sophomorels 1981 best mark of 19-2. In addition to her leaping abilities, Eubanks displayed her sprinting talents with teammates Rhonda Wright, Ramona Riley and Dunlap to run 1240.2 at the Big Eight Championships for second - clocking the forth fastest time in the nation behind Nebraskals fastest time. ttThey broke a lot of school records? Weis said. ttThey were a predominantly young team, and I think theytve done an excellent job . l l - Tricia Brown With the addition of sprinter Rosalyn Dunlap, right, the consistent performance of distance runner Margaret Smith, near right, the women Tigers may be rounding a corner. David Klutho 277 Photos by Dan Levine Menls tennis coach Ron Sterchi spent the season looking over his shoulder. Early in the spring Jay Sims, opposite, and the other players were aced by the Athletic Department. Tigers' final season de-serves praise It would be easy to call the final Missouri menls tennis season an overwhelming success. They finished 12-8 overall, and third in the Big Eight. Which really means they finished first of the rest - the two southern conference schools from Oklaho- ma always finish one-two. But Tiger coach Ron Sterchi wanted something more out of his 1982 team, and he wasnlt shy about telling everyone his hopes. uWe have the talent to win the Big Eight this yearfl he said before the season began. That, however, was before anyone knew for sure that tennis Was being eliminated from the Athletic Department budget after the season. Missouriis best bet for a conference title, number two play- er, Jay Sims, who went undefeated in the conference dual- meet season, lost his shot at the title when he was injured at the tournament. Mark Cissel, Missourils top player and win- ner 0fthe Big Eight title in 1980, advanced to the championship finals but lost to defending champion Mark Johnson. Another Missouri player, Ken Mac Dougall, never fully recovered from an ankle injury suffered last fall, and the soph- omore saw limited action this spring. But, Sterchi still maintained, llltls still true - We have the talent to win the Big Eight? They just didntt do it. A lot of talent will move around the Big Eight next year since Missouri eliminated tennis. Even before the Big Eight Championship began in April, both Cissel and Sims announced their intentions of transfering to Oklaho- ma State next year. Maybe in Stillwater the pair will be able to realize the goals set at Missouri, but never reached. e Wendy Kafoury Cut leaves Tigers w no place to go Whafs a coach to do? With no money to entice recruits, no f" tennis courts to play on, and her number one player sidelined .w a flor the spring with a wrist injury . . . Well, whats a coach to . Mex ' w". 0? ' " ,Ii t if Especially when that coach knows her sport is being elimi- nated after the season. Its an understatement to say there wasn,t much incentive. So Missouri Women1s Tennis Coach Patsy Brant and her quite injured team did a lot of losing. The teams 6-15 overall , record was its worst in history. M It was a painful season. The Tigers probably could have ,. it gone out with a win, but their scheduled match with St. Louis . University had to be canceled for lack of tennis courts. 3 3 See, the courts were damaged last summer in tornado i j weather that hit Columbia. The University didnTt bother to fix 1; ' them, and when the the Athletic Department decided to elimi- 9 nate menis and women1s tennis to cut back on the budget, they cited the cost of repairing the courts as one of the reasons tennis got the axe. I For the players and the coach, it was a slap in the face. The 1" women1s team had a short but successful history. They had 1 i been to nationals twice - in 1979 and in 1980. 1y. And their number one player, Helen Wilson, had been to l: nationals as an individual qualifier. Wilson, however, had to it undergo wrist surgery before the spring season began, and although doctors said she would be out all year, the junior from gr t V , ' . ' , , - Florida played anyway in the last few matches of the season. 1i b, 1' She helped Missouri to fifth place in the Big Eight cham- L ii I pionships, competing at number one doubles with Mary L Koval. ii But nothing could save the team from the budget axe. 15 - Wendy Kafoury Helen Wilson slices one of her final backhands in a Missouri uniform. 1' Dan Levine 281 .1 13' 3; Tennisi S udden peath Photo by Robert Rogers Text by Dan Lucy A death in the family usually brings that family together. But a death in the University of Missouri Athletic program has scattered the tennis team and left confused, angry mourners. Nothing could have saved the doomed program from Athletic Director Dave Hartls budget-cutting axe. Still menls Coach Ron Sterchi, among others, feels the chop was just for show. HThe whole campus was getting cuts and one part they didnlt want to leave out was the athletic department? he 533's. llWe were the first ones on the chopping block." While the final season was winding down, Sterchi said he Was going to uget the hell out of Dodge.n Things have changed, though, and hes now working on his farm in Columbia, mending fences and building up his horse stock. Heis obviously decided to stay in Dodge. ill see it a little bit differently now," he says. III hated to see it happen, but we had no choice. I still support Dave Hart." Other members of the menis squad donlt seem to understand the decision. Jeff Patrick thinks it was all for Sh0W, and the shame of it was that the team never got a Chance to show what it could do. iiItis a real disappointment," Patrick said. tilt looked like things would keep getting better? Other Tigers have found quieter waters in Stillwater, Okla. Oklahoma State has become a haven for ex-Tiger players. Jay Sims, Mark Cissel and Helen Wilson will continue their careers with the Cowboys. But for the others still in Columbia, life just isnlt the same. ltIt was a big part of college," Patrick says. llWhen other things went wrong, you could always play tennis. Now my heart just isnit into it." ltI stayed here more because I love the school? Mary Koval says. tlThe school has a lot to offer and tennis isnlt my life. I was fortunate enough to get to play for Missouri." Missouri, though, wasnlt fortunate enough to keep the tennis program. llItis never worth it to cut a programf says Jean Cerra, assistant athletic director. ltIt was something we had to do. We would jump at the chance of reinstating it if we had the money.H And, in the wake of the slash, some of the players have looked at the gold along with the black. le glad I got to play for Missouri for three years," Koval says. llIt gave me school pride even though they did cut the sport." Ifers overcome odds all year of the worst things that could happen. w it away. The expected things never happen. g to Murphyls law, the 1981-1982 men golfers got rown at them. First, the wrath of winter came. And an the wrath of academia - finals. And, well, all in mes it was almost too much for words. ting is the only one I can think of,n said coach Rich Tigers managed their strongest year ever, winning Invitational and finishing fourth and fifth respec- Drake Relays and the Memphis State Invitational. 1e teams we played, about 100 different schools, I more than 20 that were better than us," Poe said. Us been in the past, we couldnlt have beaten those on our best day? hy everything was so frustrating. checklist of possibilities for the Tigersl sixth-place e Big Eight Tournament. The protracted winter the golfers from warming into top form for the lips. David Stone was unable to make the trip lVld Rees : because ofa final. The conference is one ofthe strongest in the nation. lll'm not saying we could have beaten Oklahoma or Oklaho- ma Statejl Poe said. ttTheytd be the best teams ifthey played in Minnesota. But if David had gone and had an average day, we would have finished third. 1180 the tournament was the biggest disappointment of the season, and that,s what people look at." If people remember one tournament from the past season, perhaps that should be the Houston Invitational. Missouri, led by Stone, was off to one of its best starts against top competi- tion. While he was pitching out of a sand trap, Stone was hit in the eye by a piece of sand. Scratched cornea, scratch the Tigers. At least Stone was keeping his head down when he swung. llYeah, thatls the way it seemed to go all year? Poe said. HMaybe these things go in cycles. If they do, we have every reason to be looking forward to next season." e- Greg Lopez OPPOSITE: At times, you couldn't see the tees for the forest. Stan Utely, LEFT, and the Tigers came up a bit short. VSteve Biehn Brad Dixon, LEFT, was sometimes pleased with what he saw in 1982. 285 t V ,rghre'rrre 7f. Women golfers remain short of top season At times golf can be described like any other sport e a game of inches. J ust a tiny fraction of an inch can make the difference between making or missing a putt, and winning or losing a tourna- ment. For the Missouri women,s golf team, it was a season of inches. For the first time, the team tried to qualify for the NCAA Championships instead of the tournament offered by the AIAW. Missouri came up just short of the qualifying average of 308 by post- ing a mark of 108.7. That followed Missouri's run at sec- ond place in the Big Eight Tournament, where the Tigers finished third. llWe should have had second," coach Dianne Lyon said. the only missed it by one stroke, and when youire that close you feel like you should get itP Missouri was led through both the fall and spring schedules by Junior Lori Kline, who averaged 75.6 strokes per round. Even the competition among team members was close, as theater major Michelle Jordan dramatically challenged Klineis lead by registering a 76.3. Senior Linda Finders averaged 77.3. Lyon thought the teams strongest showing came in the Eagle Scoremaster Championships in Memphis, where Missouri finished second to Louisianna State. The Tigers finally seemed to have a foot in the door. 71f we would have played like that consistently, we would have done much better," she said. the werentt 286 able to, though, and I really donlt know why?' The only thing Lyon knew for sure was that her team came up just short all year long. the were close everywhere along the line. We just missed at Big Eights and Nationals? Lyon said. 71 think for a school in this kind of climate, and for the kind of weather we played in, we did exceptionally well. it With the performance the squad was able to turn in, it wasn,t that far from doing just a little bit better. The im- provement might have been a few in- ches, but the results could have meant miles. - Steve McCall David Klutho The women golfers couldn't seem to come up with the extra inches needed for the championships this season. Closeness was also a key word among team members who battled for the top averages. Michelle Jordan, ABOVE, and Linda Finders, OPPOSITE, were the , challengers of Missouri frontrunner Lori Kline. Gary Allan Mg. . Tigers show skeptics winning look Therets always the skeptics. No matter what you do, you cantt please them. In 1981, the Missouri softball team compiled a 45-12 record, won four tournaments and fmished flfth in the nation. Not too bad, some said. But one good season could have been an accident. More proof was needed before the jury would pronounce the Tigers a legitimate national power. 11We donlt want anyone to think that our flnish last year was a fluke or that we didnlt deserve it, because we did,w Tiger Coach Barb Priest said before the 1982 season began. The skeptics were smiling as Missouri struggled early in the season. The inconsistent Tigers were a mere 13-7 when they met Kansas at University Field. Missouri looked lifeless in the opening game as the Jayhawks Rhonda Clarke tossed a no-hitter, but the Tigers rallied to win the nightcap. 511 think it all boils down to intensity and playing like youare a better ballclub," Priest remarked that blustery day. 11You have to go out there and say, Tm better than you.m For the rest of the season, Mizzou was better than its opposition. The Tigers scored 29 runs in a doubleheader sweep of Stephens College that began a seven-game winning streak. Missouri finished 41-15, second in the Big Eight. Only a third-game loss to Nebraska in a best-of-three NCAA Champi- onship Series ended the Tigers dreams of the national title. But the loss didntt overshadow the teams performance. Freshman Terri Schweikert stepped in and played capably in the infield after an injury sidelined shortstop Karen Kietzman in mid-April. Laurie Kelly and Karen Sweet, a pair of transfer students, made significant contributions; Kelly caught almost every game for Missouri, while Sweet led the Tigers with a .291 batting average and a .432 slugging percentage. Sweet also pitched well for'Missouri, but it wasjunior aces Teresa Wilson and Cindy Tate who performed the bulk of the moundwork. The team ERA wasTa miniscule 0.52. Wilson, who holds every pitching record at Missouri, struck out 221 while winning 25 games. Wilson tossed a pair ofperfect games in less than a week. Tate won 11 games while losing only four. In May, it was an invitation to the flrst-ever NCAA tourna- ment that made it all worthwhile. llThe fact that we got a bid shows were one of the top sixteen teams in the country,u Priest said. And thatts no accident. - Kevin Mattimore Photos by Keith McMIIIIn This was the determination thafs made Teresa Wilson the top pitcher in Missouri softball history. OPPOSITE: The jump was on, and MissourPs Donna Jump dives safely back to second. 289 Mike Desantis Hands down, John Marquardtts safe to complete an inside-the-park homerun, above. Missouri Coach Gene McArtor iust couldntt see his way through some of his teams mishaps, right, while Bill Hance found the Missouri weather as unpredictable as the season itself, far right. 290 Baseball Tigers ended suspense; didn't win big It was a disappointment when the American public fmally found out who shot J . R. on ttDallasP It didntt matter that it was Kristin who took the infamous potshot. The fun was in the guessing. It was the same feeling with the Missouri baseball team. Nobody, not even the players or coaches, knew what to ex- pect. When the stats were in, it was anti-climactici The facts seemed heavily loaded in Missourits favor. A solid nucleus returned from the 1981 Big Eight champion team. Although the conferences all-time winningest pitcher, Tom Heckman, had graduated, three-year starter Kurt Moody and the rest of the pitching staff returned intact. The Missouri batting order sorely missed all e Big Eight center fielder Phil , Bradley, but the rest of the line-up appeared to have plenty of 1 Dan Levine Steve Levin Anita Henderson power and consistency. The abilities of pitcher Dave Spreckels, who would be the fourth starter, Cary Eades in center field, and Jim Lumpe replacing second baseman Kevin Knop, were question marks. Here the mystery thickened. Who were those men in the black and gold? The team that destroyed sixth-ranked Nebras- ka, or the team that dropped a double header to lowly Bradley? Nobody knew for sure. Although the Tigers compiled a 39-17 record, coach Gene McAnor never knew if he was saddling up a thoroughbred or playing pin-the-tail-on-the- donkey. Missouri squeaked into the four-team conference tourna- ment, and left with a whimper. In the opening game defending tournament champion Oklahoma State used the Tiger pitch- ing staff to set a tournament record, with 27 hits for a 19-8 win. In the next game of the double-elimination tourney, Nebraska ended the TigersT season, 10-5. But by that time the questions had been answered. The question marks turned out to be exclamation points. Lumpe led the team in hitting, with a .373 average, while making only six errors in the field. Eades hit .303 and set a team record for Tom Reese John Marquardt asked the ump whats on third. Missouri Westerms Mike Musser was out. Second baseman Jim Lumpe played a pivotal part in the Tigers defense, opposite. 293 Scoh Williams Robert Rogers Second baseman Phil Fix saw action during the 1982 l season, falling to the ground after losing track of a fly ball against Central Methodist, left. Despite Jim Lumpe, below, the Tigers couldnst catch Nebraska during the Big Eight race. .f? ?- 7vtma$..;uw swabs triples in a single season with 13. Spreckels finished 8-2 and was named Big Eight player of the week for shutting out Iowa State. The old regulars came through, also, Moody fmished at 8-3 and catcher Bill Hance drove in a team-high 48 runs while swatting at a .368 clip. Paul Summers hit a steady .365 and Shane Fairbanks was one percentage point behind him. But the season was an anti-climax, as it was bound to be. Anyway, the speculation is over and the Ewings, America and Missouri fans can rest easy. e Gary Pener Paul x S ummers Photo by Elane M. Breedlove Text by Dan Boon Skeletons have nothing to do with this. Paul Summers traced the last few degrees of the circle last spring, and now its time to move on to new worlds. History: The high school sophomore and a friend snuck over the chain-Iink fence that used to surround Simmons Field. Ill remember, me and him, we were doing little pantomimesf Summers says. ltMaking great plays and being cheered on by the fans. And I stood at third base looking down at the plate and around at the fans thinking, lI want to come here. I want to play third base for Mizzou.m Today: Unfult'illed hopes become regrets; Summers has no regrets. Seven years later the pantomimes have been acted out with baseballs and real fans. "I wanted it so bad," he says. III never was out to put my name on any plaque, and I know people are going to forget me the moment I leave. Next year - to them e Im just going to be a has-been who used to play for Missouri. HBoy its gone by fast. I can,t believe how fast its gone by. But now its time to get moving on; Ilmjust fortunate Im not leaving any skeletons in my closet." And the future? IIFrom here, Iill just have to see which way the wind blows me? If that sounds like sugar with a side order of corn, therels also a little sand thrown in for consistency. Last Spring, Summers a mild-mannered Paul Summers by reputation - came up to bat against Kansas in the tenth inning, the winning run on second. llThis guy was not a very good umpire. I got the pitch I Was expecting, but, hell, I couldnit have reached it with an extra-long broom handle. And he rang me up anyway. HSo right away I get in his face, and right away he throws me out. So then I got my money's worth." Call it a stroke of genius or just a called third strike, but catcher Bill Hance followed with a game-winning home run. llI'll take credit for firing him upfl Summers says. liWell anyway, it felt good to do it. Ild never been thrown out of a game, and 1m a senior. I want to experience everything I can? Batting third in the Tigers lineup, Summers regularly used his turn for more conventional purposes. Last year he hit .365, knocked in 41 runs and scored 49 himself. lIThe way Fm effective is to have a short stroke, hit the ball where itls pitcher, rather than go up there with some plan about what Fm going to doll he says. IIAnd I think I did a good job in the role I was expected to fill 011 this team? That same follow-through he now plans to use to pursue a career in marketing. Baseball diamonds are not forever. HIlve been diversifying a bit more lately," Summers says. til guess I used to eat, drink and sleep baseball. I guess I used to think, Fm going to take it for all its worth." The truths basic to baseball also apply to life. Discipline and frustration divide hope from achievement. lTve looked back on it all and thought, This damn game,m Summer says. You look like a hero one day and embarrass the hell out of yourself the next. But still, therels nothing I hate more than sitting on the bench watching someone else play. H1,11 remember getting a chance to live out my dreams. And Illl remember the right field fans, and all the fun Ilve had with the guys on the team. IlBut now its time to move on? Without any regrets. 297 KY w x FRAT' FIGHT NIGHT a study in blood, sweat and fear '7: 'Vtr't-Vuh- -r: ' ,;.m... - ' A PwSQMFWNw . David Hoffman . Don Brandes Mike Reese Colin Hackley . Graham Dobbs Lee Harwell Joe Grant Bob Clinkingbeard Joe Messmer Bruce Kirk . Robert Deyermond . Jeff Carter . Mitch Weinsting . David Gledhill Acacia 303 304 Kim Schenewerk . Cindy Hall . Shari Eischen Paula Reeser Mary Jo George Maria Tovar . Mom Pyle . Beth Bryans Beth Bardgett . Paula DiGiovanni . Debbie Richter . Ruth Eldridge . C0 O Sullivan . Kris Bellem . Jennifer Meloy . Cindy T hompson . Lisa Ennis . Linda Weiss . Michelle Smith . Mary Levick . Lisa Haynes . Louise Helbig . Jennifer Sheets . Cathy Alder . Susan lcenogle . Lilli Cloud . Christy Sapp . Tracy Clizer . Rhonda Powers . Jill Block . Leslie Knewinghaus . Shem' Siron . Amy Hupp . Lynn Rockwood . Diana Dobbs . Jenny Jacobs . Claudia Deffry . Nancy Cooper . Maura Walker . Jennifer Voit Caro Wowers . Peggy Tumminia . Carolyn Blessing . Marika Szoke . Janine Box . Nancy Miller . Vicki Knight . Lori Rigdon . Lisa Schaefer . Kathleen Meagher . Mary Dittemore . Jennifer Stockwell . Carol Rauschenbauch Mimi Spener . Sue Fendlason . Kathy Harrison . Tracy Creamer . Melissa Cole . Peggy Ludewig . Karen Willeams . Sherri Franzel . Carol Weilitz 5:5 Ellen Riordan Josie Rosen Kendra Pahl . Paige Pressley . Margaret Fenlon . Lori Frame . Patty Southerland . Nancy Cannon Sue Wegant . Vicki Marcus . Sandy Fischer . Laura Goddard . Diana Duffy . Sue Goller . Carol Helmer . Julie Kroner . Chris Kinton . Mini Sanders . Mary Kelly . Stacy Ebersole . Cathy Cutlan . Sue Ann Miller . Kathy Drummond . Shelley Anspaugh . Tern' DeLaRosa . Liz Cowan . Stacy Kroner . 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Catherine Joseph . Sheri Hollander . Lisa Hayen . Sara Thomas . Deena Gorman . Terri Goudy . Pam Litlman . Karen Hauck . Laura Lycan . Susie Lock . Susan Orcutt . Debbie Evans . Lisa Einspanier . Jenita Bryne . Elise Pierce . Nancy Allen . Carla Scissors . Lisa Brengarth . Diane Sulkowski . Debbie Hayen . Sheila Carpenter . Vickie Crocker . Terri Ethridge . Liz O,Neill . Rose Koncak . Susan Rich . Betsy Moore . Mary Failoni . Debbie Stone . Jackie OVHare . Monica Lovato . Cheryl Mohler . Kathleen Malone . Laura Gross . Lesley Kolker . Georgi Wivell . Martha Neenan 71. 72. 73. 74. . Barb Eggart 76. 77. 78. 79. 80. . Susie Viti 82. 83. 84. Joyce Knehans Jenny 8012 Donna Griffin Marcella Fotenot Sue Woylus Anna Aydt Julie Bierach Debbie Tate Sandy Stewart Kristin Hickman Shelle Wall Karen Hosford 349 350 --ox000xl.ouu;.w!o.- . Sandy Schroff Kathy Fuson . Diane Dilthey . Kaffee Noffell . Michelle Pitcher Toby McGregor . Carole Hall . Tracy Williams . Sarah Hull . Carrie Williams . 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Dave Dannor . Mike Huffman . Scott Strickfaden . Andy Ruchte . Phil Moser . John Livingston . Ed Von Doersten . Chris Tlapek . Chris Miller . Scott Vaughn . Stan Palmer . David Ferry . Kelly Gillespie . Lee Mendenhall . Phil Rothermich . Mike Hendrick . David Tlapek . Chris Spangler . David Cichy . Randy Canent . Chad Welch . Bill Springer . Bill Burgen 359 1. John Abbott 13. Catherine Vaughn 25. Jim Darr - 2. Gary Hill 14. Geoff Tolley 26. John Copeland 3 3. John Amick 15. Scott Diener 27. Al Adams 1 4. Mike Sawicki 16. Steve Lochmoeller 28. Greg Griffle 1 5, Ted Huff 17. Skeetz Ellis 29. John Finnegan 6. Scott Mathews 18. Dave Applegate 30. Dave Dunn 7. Craig Trautman 19. Jamey Underhill 31. KeVin Kohler 8. Scott Stephenson 20. Tim Mankus 32. Kevin Short 9. Ted Barr 21. Tim Richerson 33. Tim Rogers 10. Randy Reiners 22. John Bowman 34. Jeff Bruens 11. Jeff Hall 23. Greg Ivers 35. Jim Verhoff 12. Mike Smiley 24. Kevin Powell 36. Ken Newman 361 362 10. ll. 12. 13. . Steve Sigman . 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Bart Maffry . Craig Todd . Chris Koury . Dave Ornduff . Mike Bomstad . Gary Minwick . Dan Niehoff . Jeff Gamble . Bill Alexander . Joe Effertz . Ben Greene . Robert Toth . Trace Slinkerd . Matt Stoner . Doug LeFeure . John Solomon . Bill Decker . Scott Wightman .Joel St. John . Phil Wellman . Dave Fogel . Randy Temple . Daryll Nicholson . Jim Dutton . Wynne Murphy . Neil Schanbusch . Chris Weinrich . Scott Yust . Mike Schmidtlein . Steve Haack . Jeff Moore . Jerry Shassere . Tim Saracini . Tim Hatfield . Tom Hodgkiss . Andy Slankard . Bernie Effertz . Rhett Johnston . Todd Yatsook . Geoff Lombard . Dan Millar 373 3 g i . ! z z : I vwssrmywsv- . Kent Brown Kevin Overschmidt Ron Symes Bob Garza J eff Mathews Dave Weaver Jeff Metcalf . Marty Bristow . Joe Laski Rich Robbins . Mike Crowell . Vince Kastor Chris Mykrantz . Paul Rittman . Dave Vie . John Crandall . Jeff Garza . Tom Beck . Keith Beihle . Jim Bender 21 .Scott Banholomew 22. 23. 24. 25. Sean McAuliffe Eddie Clausen Steve Howard John Crowell . Mark Schordock . Kevin McNamara . Jim Ryan . Jack Lulkewitte . Pat Dennison . Brian Gustin . Toff Sullivan . Malt Smith . Kevin Krueger . Jim Merlotti . James Young . Scott Nelson . Chris Amette . Dave Sprock . Craig Antonie . Brad Prugh . Frank Schueninger . Brian Justice . Bob Keilholz . Mike Brueggenjohann . Mark Weaver . Steve Pfaff . Doug Schueninger . Doug Femandes 375 376 WN?MFPN- Don Zeller Glen Dalton Bill Westerheide Tom Merriman Paul Norman Steve Duban Tom Steele John Callahan . Kurt Hoeful . Scott Maass . Craig Snow . David Koncki . Tom Taylor . Mark Frisella . Vern Boothby . Jeff Breyfogle . Patrick Young . Mark Dueker . Peter Larson . David Dalton . Scott Boing . Steve Rathmann . Guy Weinhold . Andy Stack . Brian Wilson . Lee Watson 377 378 www.ak ocxl$uume-- to Bob Beene . Jim Pond Shaun Hayes Chris Mohler . Joe Haslag . Todd Cole . Rick Greubel . Brian Zeiger Kevin Shaffer . Rick LaFevers . Dan Estrada . Gordon Thomas . Jeff Collier Steve Hawn . John Weis . Jim Bitmer . Phil Beene . Jeff Simon . Dave Chapple . Rick Duncan . Peter Cleavinger . Tom Kelly . Mark Buxton . John Sheehy . Jeff Buntin . Greg Powers . Chuck Taylor . Jim Cunningham . Defek Marsh . Jeff Cole . Mike Doherty . Bob Browy . Scott Andrews . John Maupin . Chris Casper . Paul Trentham . Edward Brandt . Greg Hulver . Mark Drake . Rick DeMier . Rick Strum . Wayne Beal 43. 45. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 53. 54. 56. Diego Romeu . Vince Smart Dave Brownfield . Scott Serfass Mark Blackford John Rentschler Jack Jackson Steve Westbrooke Larry Cartwright . Phillip Loder Darryl Easter David Hulchins . Kenny 0055 Jon Dalton . Jerry Cobb . John Augsberger . Paul Enkelmann . Mike Goslee . Steve Burch . John Truss . Mike Stone . Jim Epple . Don Downer . Lance Gabriel . Chuck Riley . Dave Edwards . Scott Coleman . Regan Triltler 379 ingwzrizgi: r , 380 :3: oxopcrIQMawN- . Rich Schwartz . Gregg Goldman . Steve Weiselman . Jack Eisen Kenny Goldberg Jon Wagner David Gas! Jeff Kramer . Brian Pultman . Steve Farber . Alan Silverman Rich Petrofsky . Mike Stein . Steve Dubinsky . Mike Bodker . Jay Jaffe . Mom Rothgoengle . Mike Dardick . Mark Weimrub . Steve A. Cohen . Jim Madden . Meil Mandel . Nathan Marcus . Stuart Fraser . Allen Glass . Rob Diamam . Mitch Jacobs . Steve Hirsch . Scott Stoliar . Mark Skyken . Steve Guller . Bruce Mazer . Brian Lourie . Kenny Rolenstreich . Corey Wallis . Bruce Schneider . Mike Isenberg . Harry Stern . Barry Wallis . Mitch Krugel . Steve M. Cohen . Brent Franzel . Lany Baden . Russell Fabes . Bryon Kunin . Bob Galamba . Jay Golder . Chuck Friedman . Steve Prelutsky . Bruce Levin . Andrew Kaplan . Mark Eisen . Rob Baris . Neal Fensmn . Jeff Pereles . Rick Silber . Ricky Weinstein . Soon Frederick . Brian Kranzberg . Mike Hurwitz 381 1. Patti Holmes 14. Friend 27. Mandy Smith 39. Laura Grasso 51. Kim Barbeau 63. Tem' Hesskamp 2. Heidi Palpers 15. Friend 28. Ruthie Mayne 40. Karen Thumbser 52. Margene Childress 64. Sue Serota 3. Laurie Hachtel 16. Jo Crawford 29. Pam Lester 41. Susan Roe 53. Beth Astro 65. Susan Vonderheid 4. Michelle Chambers 17. Colleen Lake 30. Friend 42. Sharon Tyebird 54. Mary Margaret Ryan 66. Marci Hofherr ' 5. Kathie Mooney 18. Red Tritten 31. Jules Johnson 43. Jan Hoback 55. Annette Kaempfe 67. Lisa Roberts 6. Patti 01Bannion 19. Sue Godboul 32. Mary Grone 44. Kay Lowery 56. Ann Bunner 68. Sherri Taylor 7. Nancy Grasso 20. Barbi Francis 33. Trez Bayer 45. Beth Wilhelm 57. Kim Brown 69. Sue Fike . 8. Debbie Henry 2!. Anita Kelso 34. Cheryl Litzsinger 46. Penny Thomas 58. Carla Milton 70. Julie Mason 1 9. Wendy Frank 22. Friend 35. Dina Miller 47. Leslie Leip 59. Tina Swalander 71. Sara Sternberger 1 10. Mary Bresnahan 23. Marsha Boda 36. Tamu Blankenburg 48. Caren Zickert 60. Debbie McCain 72. Jill Pierce ; 11. Kim Gilder 24. Karen Case 37. Kanina Dossett 49. Christy Catarello- 61. Laura Weber 73. Tina Gilbert 1 12. 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Chn's Weinzirl 26. Michael Scanlon III I 10. Tom Bonon 27. Andrew Busch g 11. Jim Carter 28. Andy Burch : 12. Pat Reilly 29. John Briggs ! 13. Patrick Supple 30. Gary Hill 14. Bryan Doerr 31. Tim Allman . 15. Russ Luedloff 32. Bob Healey 1 16. Richard Poskin 33. Brad Most 1 17. Joe Whyte J 386 ooxxmgnsswgv- Theo Dave Boumeuf . Jeff Hilzinger . Walter E. Beck David Braverman . Jay Wisniewski . "John Boy" Scott . Ronald Farouo . Dan Downing . Mark Beard . Richard Smith . Tim Dorsey . Mike Bost Michael Clark . Dan Tevis John Rhoads . Paul Ayers . Bud Tyroler . Fred Foster . Kevin Collins . Steve Hill . Roger Allen . Sal Lombardo 387 DORMS BATES HOUSE ROW ONE: Bob Palmer, Craig Mendes, Craig Fendler, Mark Smith, Dan Roney, Stan Curry, Harold Houck, Brad Groom. ROW TWO: Charles Smith, David Thomas, Greg Burnett, Michael Kinkhead, Paul Holmes, Glenn Gross, Rick Meyer, Steve Westmoreland, Kirk Openlander, Robeanagg. ROW THREE: Todd Kadre, Eric Hanson, Roger Hill, Doug Rhoades, Dave Camping, Mark Hoffmeister, Kerry Henning, Robert Hayworth. 9' .- g '-....:.... ......,... CHILD HOUSE ROW ONE: Cathen'ne Cole, Kim McGowan, Karen West, Ellen LaBar, Christine Kulage, Karen Danbom, Tonja Shoffner, Deanna Wilmas, Kelley Rhoads. ROW TWO: Jennifer Goerke, Bonnie Holzschuh, Mindy Nikolaisen, Gretchen Faust, Amy Weber, Kelley Ryle, Jennifer Dillard, Cris Stolzenberger, Scarlett Ford, Regina Kendrick, Mary Janie Worstell, Rebie Brown, Sherri Riekhof. ROW THREE: Lisa Frieling, Kari Stehr, Anne Meredith, Denise Rockhold, Edith Meredith, Barb Julian, Cathy Humphrey, Jennifer Stockwell, Renney Bowden, Lori Iliff, Kelly Leber. COCKEFAIR HOUSE ROW ONE: Kiki Leakey, Debbie Walton, Belinda Greenway, Sheila Dubbs, Genrude Horsehead, Laura Leber, Lori Wasserman, Kathy Lawless, Debbie Krontz, Shelli Brewer, Kim Raile. ROW TWO: Kim Bogolin, Caxoline Zillion, Mary Jane Markee, Julie Ippolito, Sue Filer, Dana Riley, Kim Van Houten, Barb Smith, Susan Bannister, Deborah Giljum. Julie Jones, Carolyn Bachle. ROW THREE: Kelly 0 Dowd, Debbie Smith, Stacey Eisele, Cory Wilcult, Jane Higgins, Holly Glaser, Deb Miesner, Nancy Sommer, Brenda Breckon, Kelly Higgins. Neale Keirle, Debbie Eikerman, Joanna Horn, Chrissy White, Hensel Wensel, Duff. 391 DORMS CLARK HOUSE ROW ONE: Chris Thompson, Bill Bales, Jon Romines, Bob Willhelm. ROW TWO: Paul Olson, Jaime Mendez, Tom McDermott, Kevin Rooney, Mike Lewis, Doug Waltman, Phillip Wilson. ROW THREE: Andy Higginbotham, Mike White, Keith Koester, Clark Keitel, Kevin Dockery. Kevin Mayginnes, Ted lshler, Chris Moritz. ROW FOUR: Jerry Borgers, Tim Finn, Bill Winders, Chris Kopp, Jeff 'Schroeder, Phillip Bryant, Roger Dingus, Craig Hoefcrlin, Eric McClure, John Maynard, Ken Striker, Mark Boston, Lee Adler, Greg Gage, Jim Siess. :- ii i; 11,qu CROMWELL HOUSE ROW ONE: Robin Myer, Vera Dowell, Debi Miller, Laura Barton, Laura Boekemeier, Marcy O Koon, Sally Terrace, Jill Henry, Peggy Sullivan, Cindy Crum. ROW TWO: Laurie Miles, Jean Muenster, Rita McQuie, Linda Schwinegruber, Scruf Lazarus, Barbara Barry, Barb Fox, Therese Rahm, Marie Jehling, Becky Boedeker, Donna Hoffman, Linda Lovett, Karen Pingelton. 393 DORMS FARWELL HOUSE ROW ONE: Mollie Hatcher, Mimi Dendn'nelis, Megan Fitzsimmons, Pam Madden, Cathy Clark, Sara Garrison, Helen Shube, Karen Klipp. ROW TWO: Nancy Shores, Leslie Venn, Barb Niltler, Janet Shadden, Nancy Collins, Mandy Mueller, Deborah Boatwright, Tamara Edgar, Joanne Mamenta, Christine D Angelo, Carol Sudfeld. FENTON HOUSE , ROW ONE: Kathy Montgomery, Karen Shindler, Tina Clavenna, Donna Wood, Robin Kilp, Patricia Daniels, Carol Robertson, Beth Davidson. ROW TWOEZ, Carolyn Fleetwood, Chris Whaley, Susan Carlson, Cathy Burton, Pat Minning, Julie McKinzie, Jane Hata, Julie Volmert, Cheryl L Jackson, Lisabeth Carboncau, Kelly Arnold. ROW THREE: Lori Penner, Jenny rMcAllister, Lyvnanvans, Paula Henderson, Vale'rie Mass, Sharon Fieker, Lori Hennrich, Di Ri, Shelley Gerhart, Becky Gredell, Carol Daiber. 394 .452: FULLER HOUSE ROW ONE: Cindy Callighan, Sherie Rodekohr, Laurie Sly, Annie Sanchez, Priscilla Foster, Carol Kirchner, Jaime Baum. ROW TWO: Teresa Moran, Helen Harris, Christine Andresen. Janice Thigpen, Pam Howard, Eva Simpson, Anita Sanders. ROW THREE: Melissa Quearry, Donna Trachsel, Doris Temmen, Patty Faber, Cheryl Jordan, Susannau Killion, Donna Bammann, Ruby Harper, Yvonne Mitchell. GEYER HOUSE ROW ONE: Brian Brooker, Jonathan Balker, Brent Dameu, Francis Bustamante, Bill Chaote, Mike Edwards, Glenn Graessue, Todd Bellem, Alan Hall, Pat Arends, Mark Schuer, Kenny Weiler. ROW TWO: Mark Niemeyer, Terence Wulff, Tod Holdorf,.Bill Benson, Kevin Kressig, Bryan Woodring, Jeffrey Minster III, Timmy Leon, D. Edward Graessle. ROW THREE: Chris Keller, Mac Bemal, Kirk Meyer, Tim Zedialis, Tim Ripplinger, Charles Kempf, Mark Bonavia, Steve King, Mark Zimmerman, Bryan LeGrand, John Alldredge, Danell Boninc. ROW FOUR: Bryant Gladney, Kent Barnett, Bill Hunt, Tim Sheehan, Bobby Lockhart, Paul Hil-L 395 GEORGE HOUSE ROW ONE: Jocelyn Abelardo, Donna Cunningham, Nancy Dahm, Sara Foley, Ann Berra, Joani Pollard, Kim Heape. ROW TWO: Jodi Kodner, Connie Eddens, Jennifer Stoppok, Michelle Kehoe, Katie Viehmann, Lisa Evans, Kim Steutermann. ROW THREE: Donna Macke, DeAnn Toliver, Jane Cordes, Monica Mann, Diana Detherow, Kelly Keller, Mary Steuterman, Lynne Gillespie. HARBESON HOUSE ROW ONE: Linda Vahrcnhorst. Debby Applegate. ROW TWO: Beth Vovpick, Terri Elder, Laura Collins, Susan Kuramoto. Jonna Palier. ROW THREE: Stephanie Kemp, Anita Vanetti, Terri Gurney. Cathy Panetti, Beth Smith, Christy Temme, Jane Mehner. Janet Neustadt, Karen Klobe, Kelly Silvers, Susan Whitt, Carol Detmering. HARDIN HOUSE ROW ONE: Sue DeWitt, Marla Bare, Teresa Sansone, DeAnna Dent. ROW TWO: Debbie Clamors, Jennifer Bymes, Stacy Hemenway, Cathy Coyle, Panzita Brown, Yolande Andersen, Christina Addolt, Cynthia Twillie, Suzanne Marquith, Regina Coney. ROW THREE: Deena Thompson, Mindy Bern, Tracy Williams, Bi'enda Lusk, Maria Cole, Barbara Headn'ck, Beth Hughes, Justine David, Barbara Zubeck, Susan Buckler, Cindy Anz, Jane Bare, Camie Maze, Tina McLean, Nikki Douglas. 397 DORMS HAWES HOUSE ROW ONE: Bruce Hall, Brian Becker. ROW TWO: Randy Cowherd, Brad Anderson, Clay Grumke, Mark Scamlan, Brian King, Mark Kleiboeker, Jeff Meyer, Craig Schultze. Dale Denny, Bret Davis, Debby Lockett, Greg Crawford, Bob Buss. ROW THREE: Sal Lombardo, David Barr, Steve Hill, Jorge Garcia, Steve Dreyer, Nils Hovik, Steve Wallace, Steve Gier. Dennis Bauer, Menel Zreyer. ROW FOUR: Ronald Hopkins, Doug Baxter, Jim Haslag, James Hunt, Keith KreutztrageLr, Bill Luelf, Bob Gremore, Bob Bell, Jim Boschert, Craig Lustkcmeyer, A. Busch, Ralph Chandler, . William Matthews. 398 399 DORMS KEELEY HOUSE ROW ONE: Diane Klug, Alicia Johnson, Juliann Koonse, Karen Ehrhard, Karen Kacich. ROW TWO: Sheri Snavely, Sally Lenz, Lea Ann McCasin, Ann Seabaugh, Dianne Kutz. Greta Jansen, uKermit Frog," Patricia Kelly, Debby Lockett. Kathy Kasper, Maureen Hall, Lisa Wasinger, Ann Thackrey, Sue Bradley, Brenda Wyss, Laura Horochowski, Nancy Lewis. ROW v THREE: Julie Mobley, Kalle Rea, Mindy Schowengerdt, Jackie Hollinger, Stacy Maddow, Christy Hummer, Janet Schulze, Gymlyn Mulnix, Peggy Koepke, Debbie Bono, Karen Lueken, Denise Willson, Lynn Stringham, Lisa McMichael. KEM HOUSE ROW ONE: Tim O,Connor, Scott VanGenderen, Kelly Douglass, Doug Lansing, S. Hit, Mark Henock. ROW TWO: Andy Tappneyer, Dan Conner, loe Pleitt, Joe Broughton, Marc Vandersult;.Jim Williams, Frank Rodgers, Jeff Ziegler, Doug Burnett. ROW THREE: Dan Cary, Butch Cassidy, Larry Mudd, Mack Chirers, Steve Passig, Keith Moszczenski, Jeffery Uhlmann, Louis Kidder. ROW FOUR: Dwight Tabit, Dave Walters, Tim Conner, Bonzo, Mole, Daxin Quayle, David Greenwalt, Louis Bargin. ROW FIVE: Jesse Ouercash, Michael Conner, Brian Faust, Steven Kaderly, Wayne Wolz, Tommy Himmelberg, Kevin R. Suedmeyer. ROW SIX: Weazel, David Puffett, Chuck Yancey, Dan Skouby, Jeff Rash, Rob Schollmeyer, Doug Carmichael, Robert Kerr, Forrest Ashby, Kirk Penner, Robert M. Graham, Tom Moorkamp. i 5:1 1 MARK TWAIN ROW ONE: Matt Davis, Karen Missey, Laura Teasdale, Susan Weis, Susie Viti, Dianne Gordon, David Wistereich, Lisa Broiles, John Johnson, Brian Norman. ROW TWO: Tom Dixon, Red Baum, Karen Shapiro, Jeff Weidenhamer, Torn Heizler, Jeff Collins, Phil Stiles, Tom Hrubecky, Greg Riekhof, Mark Eidel. ROW THREE: Kim Westhoff, Shawn Lawson, Jeannette Tayloe, Greg Ratcliff, Julie Schoenfeld, Tammy Wood, Kay Crayton, Kelly Dean, Mary Robertson, Matt Hull, Brian Sowers, Dave Schultke, Stu Solomon, Bob Diffenauer, Shelly Graham. ROW FOUR: R. Scott, Charles Neal, Shelly Grosser, Dave Nelson, Barb Wells. Derron Rolf, Charlie Crawford, Jan Herold, Laura King, Terrie O'Neal, Susan Rich, Sandy Stewart, Marwan Jarrah, Jerry Donaty, Eric Fritz. 401 DORMS MARMADUKE HOUSE ROW ONE: Jim Davis, Bob Carver, Dan Beeby, Brian Bansch, Rob Adams. ROW TWO: Ole Oleson, J . Scott Parker, Mark A Sewell, Paul Smith. ROW THREE: Ken Rogers, Steve Johnson, Keith Marrs. ROW FOUR: Michael Trampe, Kamran Bagheri, Juan Ramos. ROW FIVE: Kale Blagg, Larry Talbot, Man Ehrlich, Rick Laux. ROW SIX: Reggie-Alcorn, John Lynch. ROW SEVEN: Jeff Rarkerg, John Davis, Spam Jones, Lynn Swan. ROW EIGHT: John Haskins, Mark Sheely, Pele Weigel, 1. August, Scott Dodson, Russ Ravba, Frank Krotchmann, LeRoy Schubert, Chris Wienman, Gervis Abernathy. 'McBRIDE HOUSE ROW ONE: Laurie Labn'er, Catherine Gillardi. ROW TWO: Vicky Goellner, Carol Smith. ROW THREE: Lisa Waltz, Denise. Doerilig, 402 McGILL HOUSE ROW ONE: Laura Knickmeyer, Jean Coplin, Shawn Gardener, Wendy Fushman, Marlena Shubcrt, Laurie McMillen, Susan Wellman, Ann Edwards, Leeanna Yager, Debby Seats, Julie Wymen, Jennifer Bradford. ROW TWO: Karen Roither, Ellen Moss, Martha Loesing, Brenda Pohlmann, Jan Moellenbeck, Gabrielle Mack. Mary June Ricono, Mindy Boyce, Karen Enlow, Cindy Dziedzic, Nancy Umbright. ROW THREE: Peggy Connelly, Kirsten Faaborg, Marly Norris, Lynn Bock, Janet Daum, Tracey Classen, Connie Ritz, Bobbette Torben, Cind'y Girard, Laura Sasina, Denise Milstead. PHELPS HOUSE ROW ONE: Karen Bcgley, Rhonda Byrd, Rose Downs, Juanda Douglas, Gina Muldrow, Patricia Dizon, Carol Ann Jameson, Molly McDivit, Marcia Hand, Pamela Fowler. ROW TWO: Jennifer UConnor, Lillie Hall, Stephanie Ann Hardy, Tami Quinley, Kathleen Rakestraw, Lisa Shean, Rhonda Parks, Barb Johnsoni Chris Vzissolo. ROW THREE: Margaret O Neil, Shaunna Tyers, Cindy Evans. Lori Schneidgr, Kathleen Horrigan, Shelly Schnarr-Morford, Hope Schaffner. ROW FOUR: Betty Wamer, Joyce Berryman, Nancy Swiney. 403 DORMS PATTERSON HOUSE ROW ONE: Donald Hart, David R. Bowen, Tom Landers, Van Vanderweken, Kevin Everett, Bob Mitchell, Mark T. Danter. ROW TWO: Scott Haynes, Jake Drake, Stuart Woody, Joe Howard, Demetrios Tsikalas, Jerry Feltmann, Chuck Hinchey, Lloyd Singleton, Scott Halliburton, David Voegtli, Thomas McCaver, Chris Franks. ROW THREE: Don R011, J . Holman, Dan Duensing, Mike Rudloph, Perry Lane, Phil Schrick, Joe Cahill, Jeff Porter, Dave Sanders, Mark Gough. ROW FOUR: Chuck Hooter, Kevin Mal, Steven Shaw, Vince Kinman, Michajl E. Melton, Gary Wimberly, Ron Burkemper, Franklin D. Tykondoroga, Clay Scharff. RIPLEY HOUSE ROW ONE: Paula Judd, Donna Carr, Barbara Gray, LeAnn Araford, Sandy Bonnet, Terri Hesskamp, Chris Meyer. ROW TWO: Liz Bruyette, Joyce Pauli, Janelle Hoecker, Jayne Zimmer, Diane Tyler, Valerie Crawford, Judy Schwerdt, Tc Williams, Chere Snodsmith. ROW THREE: Yvonne Young, Janice Welter, Christy Peterson, Lisa Kuehler, Pat Gales, Jouce Kraenzle, Lisa Black. ROW FOUR: Jean Voix, Missy Milford, Julie Schade, Melissa Pivac, Peggy Stephens, Kimmie Sue Dreyer, L. Allbritten. ROW FIVE: Tammy Elfanbaum, Misa Okumura. ROW SIX: Gina Haskamp, Katie Byrene, Janice Adkins, Karen Miller, Elanc Breedlove, Jacquie Ruffel, Julie Jenkins, Ann Kottwitz, Shem Taylor, Lori Kallaher. SPENCER HOUSE ROW ONE: Kent Brown, Dan Smith, Scott Clark, John Scott, Somphop Pong, Andrew Bossalor, Hal Bergeron, Kevin Morley, Bruce Fowler. ROW TWO: Kirk Fuemmcler, Scott Jurgensmeyer, Ron Lcicht, Bill Gisham, John Schanzle, Richard Lang, Andrew Abele, Mike Ficken, Jerry Hall, David Laker, Gene Gordon, Keith Han. ROW THREE: Mark Haannann, Donald Meisson, Steve Meyerhoff, Doug Carpenter, Randy Anderson, Joe Hartman, Bobby Medlin, Jim Johnson, Dennis Johnson, Ted Solomon. 405 SEARCY HOUSE Row ONE: Marisa Mendenhall, Jane Porcelli, Connie Farrow, Tricia Fennewald, Sharon Bridgeman, Michelle Gtewe, Marsha Powell, Mary Beth Barker, Becky Hazlett, . Denise Gaffney. ROW TWO: Jane Wade, Aria Fountain, Laura'Kremer, Renee. Reckel, Barbie Bergmann, Christy Luther, Carla Ragsdell, Laura McHugh, Nancy White. ROW THREE: Susan Frisbee, Kim Warner, Sherri Myers, Rae Bumside, Cecilia Maher, Sandy McGrath, Sherry Rowse, Jan Krieg, Bitsy Hatcher, Patty Kroc, Michele Mordice. STEPHENS HOUSE ROW ONE: DiAnne Atkin, Beth Tucker, Jo Anne Slaughter, Patricia Constable, Kathy Graham, Cindy Brinson, Charissa Lohmann, Ann Boman. ROW TWO: Becky Katano, Theresa Mantel, Elizabeth Maggard, Ann Thompson, Laura Barton, Debbie Judd, Mary Somrek, Elizabeth Shipman. ROW THREE: Sarah Audsley, Valerie Roberson, Marge DeRosby, Ann Potter, Karen Held, Carol Holmes, Cathy Beller, Silvia . Ascarelli. ROW FOUR: Michele Wine, Jill Alewel, Christine Schrewe, Stephanie Williams, Tina Mantel, Carrie Bauermeister, Kelley Hughes, Barbara Wilder. STEWART HOUSE ROW ONE: Francis Nom's, Tom Defer. Shawn McCorkle, Gary Dohle, Mike McGuiness, Brendan McKeough, Davey , Volz. ROW TWO: Dean Diddell, Rob Carey, Scott Peterson, Stuart Smith, Marty Richter, John Frahm, Mike Wilkinson, Pete Townsend, Tom Lay, Mark Ladlie. ROW THREE: Douglas Stark, Chuck Lloyd, Don Maxey, Dan Ripperger, James D Amico, Robert Levitt, Rex Humerickhouse, Dennis Foley, Randy Slinkard, Todd Gentry, Bruce Young, Darryl McCullough, Len Smith. 407 DORMS WARE HOUSE ' ROW ONE: Patricia Wright, Susan Dubbert, Susan Baley, Teresa Farkas, Julie Hilker, Jo Dils, Julie Baucom. ROW TWO: Monica Colombo, Debbie Scoggins, Laura Wagner, Nancy Dubbert, Karen Poage, Susan West, Robyn Story. ROW THREE: Lynne Beckerle, Ann Ransom, Karen Collier, Mary Gregory, Mary 10 Banks, Thelma Knipp, Cindy Stanley, Laura Philpott. ROW FOUR: Karen Distler, Cheryl Calton, Janet Brown. Tammy Meisenheimer, Melissa Brummel, Trudy Walton, Kimberly Helton, Julie Kullman. ROW FIVE: Leigh Ann Adams, Teresa Brauer, Roberta Mogelnicki, Kimberly Wiley. Karen Tumupseed. Karen Dworsack, Robin Wuller, Marion Follemer, Julie Wies, Vera King, Amy J . Crager. WILLIAMS HOUSE ROW ONE: Dan Billingby, Jen'y Kroupa, Carl Lang, Steve Knuckles, Jim Biddle, Dave Mamer. Mike Salerno, Mark Shonkwiler, Bob Yacgcr, John Elliott, Kevin Aist, John Homback, Dennis Kidwell, Dick Beyer. ROW TWO: Dan Dodson, Pat Leahy, Robb Rubens, Jay Rothman, Terence Carr, Dick Aldrich. Eric Planalp, Wingo Chambers, Scott Smiley, Jerry Klan, Spike Gentry, Ben Strothman, Al Kennedy, Mark Corkins, Kevin Rue, Bird, Jeff Campbell, John Mansholt, Tom Vial,vBruce Inglish, B. Brown. Huzsnlg I WILFLEY HOUSE ROW ONE: Larry Kasper, Mark Gilliland, Steve Welker, Mark Lichtenberg, Joe Pills, Bn'an Cody, Jeff White. ROW TWO: Scott Leven, Mark Stevens, Rick Wyatt, Randy Gentges, Jon Berger, Randy Adkins, Paul Lan'more, Scott Lorbert, John Vahle, David Tague, Jay McFarling. ROW THREE: David Delaney, Ted Lindenbusch, Bob Brown, Tom Latskaiw, Matt Grieshaber, Greg Land, Chaz Hildebrand, An Brockman. 409 DORMS WILSON HOUSE ROW ONE: Cecilia Reimler, Esther Laurens, Am y Ivey. ROW TWO: Debbie Rodekohr, Cheryl Kueffer, Ellen Friedla, Nan Neville, Jane Ann Boles, Rita Carpenter and Pooh, Dana Hickman. ROW THREE: Jean Orton, Lauren Wulfekuehler, Peggy Roberts, Jackie Gibson, Jocelyn Chalquist, Margaret Hoxie, Denise Avant, June Chalquist, Cathy Knox, Pam Dennis, Mary Ann Georgevitch. ROW FOUR: Susie Little, Vicky Zellmer, Mary F. Weber, Lynn Bemal, Helen Schultz, Cathy Counts, Gail Stobaugh, Aylin Berkay, Elleh LeMond, Christina Sutton, Becky Badger, Wendy Syberg. ' 410 ZWICK HOUSE - ROW ONE: Anita Watkins, Lisa Waltz, Val Mahler, Gina Broll, Debbie Irlander, Chris Weitekamp. ROW TWO: Maria Underwood, Debbie Evans, Angie Jett, Suzie Jochens, Linda Scheuer, Michelle Rosen, Angie Wilmoth, Hillary Levin. 411 AALPS ROW ONE: BradLehman, Jim Lynch, Joe Haberstroh, Gary Graff. ROW TWO: Brian Miller, Scott Miskimon, John Matter. AG CLUB ROW ONE: DaIyI Wiedner, Paul Brooks, Alan Hamell, Mike Glidwell, Jim Epple. ROW TWO: Mike Rosenkraus, Greg White, En'c Buckmann, Cameron Beggs. ROW THREE: Robert Riesmeyer, Ron Hayes, Rick Trimble, Robert Compton, Jim Wheeler, Warren Boles. ROW FOUR: John Dillard, Keith Dietzschold, Ernie Staashelm, Randy Zimmer. ROW FIVE: John McCroy, David Flick, Doug Lanier, Randy Alewel. VROW SIX: Robert Stephenson, Alan Masters, Ron Gough, RandyMcCleave, Jeff Klein. ROW SEVEN: Glen Leveremy, Kendal Roweton, Lance Brazeale, Paul Eagan, Bill Kruse, Steve Barnes. 412 I x..1;36rffgi1 1 AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS CLUB ROW ONE: Jeff Jasper, Scott Phillips, Christy Luther, Judy Illy, Debby Steinbeck. ROW TWO: Roy Jumps, Gordon Voss, Keith Piurich, Joe Kendrick, Jeff Brown. ROW THREE: Ranell Hoelms, Renee Mizer, Kent Brown, Mick Wehmeier. ROW FOUR: Barbara Hoff, Laurie Woodcock, Karen Koelling, Ronald Hopkins. ROW FIVE: Lorene Cope, Martin Huckstep, Rick Zellmer, Todd Gibson. ROW SIX: Steve Duncan, Randy Thoenen, Cunis Grumke, Paul Kleffner. ROW SEVEN: Brad Gentry, Larry Blase, Scott McWilliams, Larry Lanies, Kelvin Tripplett. ROW EIGHT: Don Osborn, Ken Boggs. 413 ALPHA KAPPA PSI ROW ONE: Todd Vandemore, Dan Pund, Mike Frazier, David Drier, John Bowman, Scott Randall, Ronald Hopkins, Mark Kuster, Dan Lenger, Mike Schidtlein. ROW TWO: Tom O Brien, Nancy Swiney, Deanna Haley, Tim Schiller, Mary Duff, Linda Whited, Carole Gallipeau, Susan Fendlason, Janet Sander, Joan Maness, Helena Chen, Lori Maurer, Glenn Jackson. ROW THREE: Matt Ceresia, Lisa Flood, Sherri Bragg, Cheryl Calton, Karen Milncr, Rhonda Prater, Betty Watson, Barb Hershfelt, Mary Sullivan, Anne Waldron, Jayne Buelt, Jenny Wilde, Sandra Spatafora, Mary Ellen Nobel, Baerieper, Bill Laudel. ROW FOUR: Will Mobley, Greg Crawford, Scott Tinen, Brenda Hall, Shem' Winter, Genie Kist, John Livingston, Mindy Bledsoe, Susan Sedler, Kym Walsh, Penny Mosher, Diane Spillman, Beth Himmelberg, Lind'a Leidihg, Craig Michalski, Tim Morgan, Jim Holtgn'e've : I w J i K anmaezm ; Mmamw 44 "F I- 4:4 . G3 . 9 v x ,7; WV x" .44 9 $ x TH d - Q 1 c v x W'- . 0-r 'VV '6 x ! . 7 1, 2 l I I l . L . H I , K , x: 1 F, ., i , ! 1.x 4. a l '4 6 7 15k 3 V , V I 1 J 415 ALPHA ANGELS ROW ONE: Deidre Bennett, Lisa Robinson, Joyce Glover, Kristi Ross. ROW TWO: Kathy Withrow, Cheryl Stinson, Taryn Corbett, Phyllis Carter. ROW THREE: Allison Moten, Michelle Johnson, Cynthia McHenry, Vemetta Carey, Monique Ruiz. ROW FOUR: Melissa Mallory, Evelyn Clark, LaDonna Lee, Jacqueline Watson. AGRONOMY CLUB ROW ONE: Doug Obermann GecretaryL Karen Loeffelman, Nancy Caldwell Wresidenn, Gary Jones. ROW TWO: Laurie Deane, Chris Westcrman. Andy Kendig, Jay Smith Nice Presidenn, Tandy Hawkins Seed kits chairmam, Jeff Oetting Reporterl ROW THREE: Luther Hughes mdvisorx Mary Schroer, Leigh Greer, Jeannena Wray, Paul Andre, Joel McCleary, Mark Lucas Mdvisory ROW FOUR: Aleta Andert, Kevin MaYnard, John Tomblin Soil committeel ALPHA CHI SIGMA ROW ONE: Recorder Jill Rodgers, MC Robin Robinett, Pres. Michail Copeland, Treasurer Barbara Wilhelm, V.P. Eileen McClendon, Corresponding Sec. Roberta Hopmann. ROW TWO: Celeste Tarantino, Brenda Bohnert, Jeff Sherk, Michael Danter, Mary Reabon, Grace Staffdrd. ROW'THREE: Susan Brotemarkle, Joyce . Dewar, Paul Trentham, Ed Berry, Lynn Bemal, Valery Fleynn. ROW FOUR: Garry ' Hinch, Steve King, Brad Bolon, Bryce Short, Lynne Erselius, Denise Breig, Judy Maune. ROW FIVE: Kent Rodgers, Tammy Meiron, Rick Vierling, Eddie Brooks, Patti Plan, Linda Fleig, R. Kent Murmann, Dogs: Son and Tovias. 417 A V IROW TWy Powell Carmen, Kathy Pepple, ,vi ' ' awn Gentry, Karen McCoskeyy ROW THREE: Moira Crean, y Mary eth Wagner, Mary McHaney, Rose A Anne enson, Chuck Naylor ROW FOURz. Kim Basnett, Sara Weaver, Sara . Stemberger. ROW FIVE: Jennifer Bonon, A ' Sta ' tehr Jane Ann Novinger, Sue Bowman, Dave Wallinga. ROW SIX: Steve Spadarotto, Nancy Miller, Kelly Peters, J. D. McQuillan, Craig Goodman; Doug Waltman. ' Alpha 1311i wnfcyg MATIDNALSERVICEFRAERNITYH AMERICAN SOCIETY OF INTERIOR 1 DESIGNERS ROW ONE: Linda Hyser, Louise Helbig Gresideno, Jonnette Perisho, Patti Brightf1eld, Stephanie Davies, Karen Bean, Bud Kaufmann 1Adviso19. :ROW TWO: Jana King Boehler, Nancy Campbell, Debbie Pappert, Martha Mosby, Kevin Stress, Vicki Miller, Denise Gaffney, Micala Burke, Gary Hennigan mdvison. ROW THREE: Satu Hirovnen, Kate Ainhony, Linda Willis, Michelle Redington, Paulette Witthaus, Kim 01Neil, Mollie McGeehon, Joanne Ostoski. ROW FOUR: Trudy Wolf, Carolyn Gamache, Jill Salzman, Michel: Petschel, Sherie Carpenter, Rita Hoerman, Rebecca. Allender. ALPHA PHI ' OMEGA ROW ONE: Jamey Underhill, Tim f Richerson, Michael Naegcr, Becky Seneker, Jamie Petsch, Debbie Lafranchi, Barb Tucker, Christy Gafnett, Jan Lewis, Jangt Rosecoats. ROW TWO: Tim Ripplinger, David Vold, Chgryl Campbell, 'Jeff Seligson, V Joyce Pauli, Robin Mogelnicki, Kept Weh'meier, Kelly Peters, Kathy PalaZzolo, Joetta Wortmann, Barb Raish, Scott . Kessler. ROW THREE: Tim O1Neill, Studs Klaus, Rick Odor, Ken Gendron, Randy Daming, Jeff House, Bob Naeger, Andy Tappmeyer, Kelly Douglas's, Melvin Snoid, Kevin Suedmeyer. ' 419 ARTS AND SCIENCE STUDENT GOVERNMENT ROW ONE: Bob Kerr, Scott Weber, Bob Selsor, Dean Armon Yanders, Tom Schott. ROW TWO: JoNel Newman, Jolene Pettus, Eileen Crowe, John Goodall, Liz Bird, Jane Meacham, Moira Cream, Diane Peterson. ROW THREE: Robin Mogelnicki, Therese Gurski, Frans Wong, Susan Kurmoto, Mary Rogers, Jon Romines, Kris Lenhan, Jane Ehrhardt, Felicia Kung, Tammy McDougaJ, Jill Slay, Sue Goller, Ann Cash. ROW FOUR: John Dalton, Jon Valuck, Mark Perry, Todd Wagner, Jim Siegel, Ken Striker, Tom Zehnle, Brent Hooker, Jim Hirsch, Steve Branch, Lisa Kolias. ROW FIVE: Paul Boydston, Craig Markham, Stu Braverman. ARTS AND SCIENCE. OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Eileen Crowe, Treasurer, Felicia Kung, Communications Director, Diane Peterson, SecretaIy, Tom Schott, Vice-Presidenf; Bob Selsor, President. 420 ANGEL FLIGHWARNOLD AIR SOCIETY ROW ONE: Victoria Cunha, Diane Peterson, Libby Runyan, Katie Kessinger, Janet Peterson, Danielle Davis, Liza Mistner, Marci Mueller, Claudia Hayslctt. ROW TWO: Marilyn Moss, Theresa McMahon, Advisor Barbara Bevins, Sally Femaays, Stephen Sicking, Delang Benson, David Snyder, Oki Ladaw, Mark Schroer, Scarlett Richardson, Connie Ulrey, Advisor Col Reader. ROW THREE: Robert Slosson, Jeanette Donan, Robert Nhgle, Dave Hill, Steve Aubuchon, Kurt Westfall, Jake Drake, Bertnlm Carroll, G. Mark Ray. ROW FOUR: Kenneth Hogan, John Clarke, Clara Stetina, Steven Femaays, John Valle, David Halter. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERS ROW ONE: President Keith Stumpe, Mike Gerke, Steven Worley, Mark Niemeyer. ROW TWO: Andrew Strode, Don Massey, Gerry Albus, George Morse, Martin Hummel, Steven Cohoon. ROW THREE: Russ Sims, Tom Stock, Russ Rourba, Brent Bargfrede. 421 ASSOCIATION OF CLOTHING AND TEXILES ROW ONE: Kimberly J . MooregTerryl J . Minaria, Christin M. Metcalf, Jeff- Holmes. ROW TWO: Lori chneker, Caren Zickert, Mary Margaret Manson. ROW THREE: Kelly Keller, Lana Strickfadeh, Charlotte Wagster. ROW FOUR: Sandy Boggs, Barbara Lane. ROW FIVE: Kim Ross, Leeanna Yag'er, Cathy Schandlcr, Julie Mobley. ROW SIX: Laura Bozoian, Becky Tomlin, Dawn Gentry, Sarah Audsley. ROW SEVEN: Gail Gerson, Terri Speiser, Patricia Merry. ROW:EIGHT: Mary . Steutcrman, Christy Ehling, Lisa Bosso. ROW NINE: Kathy Palazzolo, Tammy Branton, Toxi Mitchell. ROW TEN: Melissa Cunningham, Elaine Wolfenbaxger, Ann Kremer. 422 BETA ALPHA PSI 423 ORGANIZATIONS MARKETING FORUM ROW ONE: Diane Marxkors, Jim Bolin, Brian Roby, Advisor N.W. Edwards. ROW TWO: Pam Thompson, Tom Mobley, Cristi Lyon, Sandra Vandelight. ROW THREE: Susan Fendalson, Shelley Regan, Cathy Tobben, Cindy Morris, Bob Gilstrap. ROW FOUR: Steve Burger, Ruthann Rosengarten, Melissa Cunningham, Carolyn Gladden, Mike Smiley. ROW FIVE: John Brake, Dave Renken, Matt Gerker, Chris Weinzirl. ROW SIX: Scott Peppard, Steve Huggins, Scott Smith, Kathy Graham. ENGINEER'S CLUB ROW ONE: Kevin Stanley, Jean Wardell, Howard Harris, Keith Pionter, Liz Henson, Ron French, Tracy Lovasz, Randy Rehagen, Mark Moorhouse, John Sims, Matt Matheson, Tom Howell, Larry Smoot, Mike Gartenburg. ROW TWO: Elaine Custodjd, Debbie Fuchs, Karyn Campbell, Tammie Rolofson, Mike Pickett, Linda Anders, Keith Stumpe, Steve Homung, John Treece, Jim Roberts, Molly King, Kathy Ziaja. ROW THREE: Mike Hunt, Randy Lowsing, Randy Daming, Wallace WillaId, Ric Tiongson, Ban'y Lynch, Ted Osbum, Gary Grissum, Stewart King, Paul Fancher, Mike Chivers, Jeff Wilson, Glen Pfeifer, Les Palmer. ROW FOUR: Keith Stamm, Steve Biembaum, Jim Diederich, Richard Cyrus, John Paul Junker, Shiva Overland, Ed Wenski, Stan Musical, Curt Connell. ROW FIVE: Craig Tebben, Mark Schwendeman, David Case, Welliam Maze, John Prinovic, Keith Negri, Bob Lambrechts, Greg Dougan, Bruce Jones, Matt Simom'tch. B 8! PA STUDENT COUNCIL TOP TO BOTTOM, ROW ONE: Sue Weamer, Tracy Truster, Julie Maupin, Janet Rupp, Jan Shelton, Anne Garcher. ROW TWO: Bob Gilstrap, Diana Dobbs, Brenda Burnett, Jim Holtgrievc. ROW THREE: Dave French, Jim Meredith, Steve Rasche, Jean Smith. ROW FOUR: Clay Grumke. 425 ORGANIZATIONS DELTA SlGMA Pl ROW ONE: Dan Phillips, Marlow Kee, Anne Gardner, Lisa Iovino, Sheila Hebrank, Stephanie Williams, Angie Phillips, Bob E Mitchell. ROW TWO: Jerry Echtemacht, 3? Dave Pace, Tina Teter, DeRee Vonderharr, R7, Leslie Bauer, Tracy Truster, Tim Long, Jeff White, Ingrid Owen. ROW THREE: Raymond Saathoff, Clay Grumke, Kevin E Monahan, Dave Stricken, Mary McQuitty, Mark Schecr, Ned Shine, Karen Hall, Steve Morton. ROW FOUR: Tim Wies, Diane Marxkors, Mark MattheWS, Steve Rasche, Cindy Morris, Sue Paley, Judy Cumber, Jan Jackson, Julie Ford. ROW FIVE: Jim E Mendelson, Fran Wong, Bob Gilstrap, ' George Lee, Shari Reinke, Jennifer Sheets, Diana Dobbs, Pat Conboy. ROW SIX: Ron Hall, Phyllis Montgomery, Laura Carter, John Boettcher, Julie .Eskengren, Shelley Regan, Cathy Tobben, Rita Dickey. ROW SEVEN: Kathleen McHenry, Cristi Lyon, Dana Huggans, David Gardner, Jeanne Braddock, Ken Warren, Robert Cejka, Kelly Hoover. ROW EIGHT: Ron Meyer, Tim Scheer, Craig Todd, Norma Trachsel, David Johnson, Jim Haynes, John Baxter, Gary Stevenson, Bob Robinson, Nancy Kaemmerer, Sue Werner, Brian Rosy, Chris Weinzirl, John Holland, Brian Bcdsworth, Clark Wallace. - V'EDUCATION STUDENT COUNCH ROW ONE: Terry Bedswonh, Deborah Reiff, Bob Hitt, Annette Jacob, Laura Bethill, Joni Kiesling'. ROW TWO: Doug Han, Ruth Ann Rosenbaum, Julie Geurin, Jill Steckelberg, Ellen Heinlein, Krisi Wells, Margaret Hoxie, Chris Pembenon. ROW THREE: Janet Kramer, Gina Muldrow, Mary Beth Wagner, Gretchen Auner, Cheryl Groner, Kim Kunz, Dina Miller, Mary Abbcnhaus, Dr. Schmitz, Advisor, Charles Smith, Pat Martchink, Ann Edwards. GREEK WEEK STEERING COMMITTEE ROW ONE: Jerry Cubb, Connie May, Bob Drummond, Tracy Rubick, Mary Kay Laughlin, Betsy Keough. ROW TWO: Bob Higgins, Lise Poitier, Hopie Brooks, Bryan Burrough, Jean Smith, Glen Ehrhardt. ROW THREE: Buddy Muir, Dana Howell, Caren Zicken, Scott Debundt, Jane Lewis, Suzi Schrappen, Lisa Kolias, John Mack. ROW FOUR: Kirk Pegloxy, Janet Schumacher. ROW FIVE: Kathi Boothby, Steve Raschc, Ted Barr. 427 HOME ECONOMICS STUDENT COUNCIL ROW ONE: Brenda Norton, Shelle Stewart, Diane Allison. ROW TWO: Melanie Monemann, Vicki Zellmcr, Robin Kilp, Janet Wilde, Sue King. ROW THREE: Nancy Sommer. Diane Cordes, Melanie Eden, Teri Minana, no name, Kim Ross. FOURTH ROW: Lee Ann Maxwell, Paula Helle, Nancy Cambell, Ruby Moore, Sue Snider. JUST SINGERS ON BENCH: Lisa Odneal, Julie Binger. ROW ONE: Susan Zimberoff, Marsha Thomas, Merri Lea Hunt, Beth Smith, Diane Goodgame, Sandy Falloon, Jeffrey Scruggs, Linda Gage, Ralph Hamor, Kay Krakow, Craig Luethemeyer, Grace Jones, Tom Rice, Teresa Waechter. ROW TWO: Dennis Warden, John White, Paul Moentmann. 428 HEALTH RELATED PROFESSIONS ROW ONE: Pam Stahlschmidt, Jackie Ram, Lynne Berviti, Trish Werner, Tim Toenies, Debbie Saye, Vicki Cartee, Sandra Morris, Chris Tritten, Allegro Morris, Marci Mueller. ROW TWO: Mimi Kohler, Carol Weilitz, Lisa Heidbrdeer, Karen Grace, Robin Troyer, Jane Strodtman, Terri Stone, Susan Joehnk, Laun'e Taylor, Anita Witt, Paula Eaton, Beth Hegeman, Judy Hensarling. ROW THREE: Margaret L'aner, Robert Fleming, Bruce Evers, Ellene Stoecklein, Lmj Potts, Diana Canwright, Susan Stames, Theresa Price, JeE Mather, Dennis Neil, Julianne DeSpain, Lori Arthur, Christine Leitield. 429 ' Jochens, Scott Debandt, Mark Krug, IFC EXECUTIVE BOARD ROW ONE: Jeff Lehman, chiefjustice; Shaun Hayes, president; Bernie Otten, treasurer. ROW TWO: James R. Clodfelter, secretary; Alan L. Resef, legislative vice president; Mike Reinmund, rush chairman; Oscar Hampton, administrative vice president. PI OMICRON SIGMA ROW ONE: Colin Hackley, Jonathan Dalton, Richard Craig Petrofsky, Brian Isadore Pullman, Trace Linkerd, David Skeens, Steve Wisniewski, Robert Greene. ROW TWO: Don Hanlon, Steve Foppc, Bill Mitchell Pink, Bob Sears, Jim Fittcrling, Kevin Brown, Steven R. Loftus, Terry Langley, Alan Klein, Chris Zirkle, Allen Toole, Ernest James, Jerry Bell. ROW THREE: Don Brandes, Bruce Essman, Jerry Cobb, Jonathan Valuck, Bill Shultz, Scott Wade, Lynn Bailey, Dan Kaxst, Chip Toth, Dan Downing, Dan Tevis, Bob Wulff, Dan Horn, Robert Nelson, Robert Keilholz Jr., James Merlotti. INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL ROW ONE: Dave Koncki, Thomas Steele, Mark Krug, Maurice Manring, Mike Reese, Robert Kirkpatrick, Tim Cox, Tom Howell. ROW TWO: Bill Manson, Kurt Kloster, Joe Grant, John Abbott, Spelt Peacocke, Horatio Famsworth III, Dave Heinemann, James Alderman, Kevin Harrell, Mark Wright, Glen Ehrhardt, Jim Stiles, Dan Karst. ROW THREE: David Gordon, David Greenwalt, John Rhoads, Mike Bost, Lawrence Turpin, Bob Sears, Mike Dardick, Jerry Siegler, Mitch Pink, Richard Craig Petrofsky, Grant Guy Teeple 11, Robert C. Nelson, John Solomon, Hopie Brooks, Brian Pultman. ROW FOUR: John Kimutis, Dan Gillmore, John Peterson, Rick Riordan, Doug Long, Alan Jonagan, Kevin McDonnell, Scott Richart, Tim Flachsbart, Paul Hoemann, Phil Beene, Brian Justice, Brad Prugh, Todd Wagner, Jonathan Valuck, David Baynes. 431 KCOU ROW ONE: Mitch Jacobs, Ellen Coplen, MaIk Koenig, Cindy Lamb, Tom Dresner, Lee Fischer, Alan Zarer, Linda Goldman, Elisa JaHe. ROW TWO: Tim Harmon, Rich Keller, Phil Pease, James Smith, Geri-Lee Davidson, King Kong, Jim Zimmer, Mike McCown, Dan Schaefer, Trish Merelo, Michael Donegan, Jeff Propst, Mark Chechik. TKCOU EXECUTIVE BOARD LEFT TO RIGHT: Cindy Lamb, Mike Donegan, Tom Dresncr, Harvey Bennett, Marc Chechik, Linda Goldman, Jeff Propst. 433 SORIAL STAFF : Dan Horsefwl'd, Steve Levin, . ,Reile Sabriha Hlj'ghes,1rene Fischer, MitCh Boretz; Jeanne Early. ROW THREE: 2 1 Diane Frost, Brad Lehman, Sue Clotfelter, 1 Chuck Sp'err'y, Steve McCa11, Mike Colt, ' 1 Pat Lee, Pat Finan. . Scott Gordon, Doug Crawford, Ross 1 ,W11more.ROWFOUR:Ann1e-Laur1e Blair, V , Jane S1sler', Jim Lynch, Kent Schulke, ' James V.Gr1ma1d1, Karen Ball Chele 'Caughron,Silv1a Ascajfe111,Lo1ie Hirose, MANEATER BUSINESS STAFF ROW ONE: Carol Elrod, Mike Wiley, Jill Schneider, Tom Gardner. ROW TWO: Connie Schmiedeskamp, Maggie Homer, Russ Paton, Cinda Brewer, Lori Lawrence, Eric Lubbers, Beth Kearney, Dana Barrows. ROW THREE: Alex Brandon, Laura Neuman, Ted Holmes, Marianne Bellinger, Allison Miller, Colin Kilpatrick, Jim Waterhouse, Elsa Johnson, Lew Keathley, Kathy Mumy, R. Scott Gutherie, Mark Goodman. 435 ORGANIZATIONS MANEATER 1 Eater typesetter Dan Horsefleld sits numb and glassy-eyed, churning out the copy that fills the spaces betwefan the ads. Wonderboy Joe Haberstroh sits by rebuffed as his girl tuesday-fn'day Karen Ball answers yet another invitation from a gentleman caller. Elsa Johnson studies Chad Carrollhs maneuvers with the exacto and wonders whether trading her gator for a striped shirt will get her paces in the masthead. 437 ORGANIZATIONS MORTARBOARD . ' e ROW ONE: Dawn Bennett, Myra Lincoln, Lori Linstrom, Dean Davison Qresidena, Patricia Braymer GIiston'am, Tammy Traeder Greasurew. ROW TWO: Linda Finders, Julie Ostmann, Leslie Bauer, Moira Cream, Gretchen Collins, Mark Goodman, Anne Herbers, Dirk D. Draper, Sonja Steptoe. MIZZOU 4-H TOP TO BOTTOM, ROW ONE: Carolyn Schalbert, Debbie Pohlman, Teresa Johnson, Jo Turner, Kathy Lockard, Ronnie . Francis, Diane Kruger. ROW TWO: Joni ? ' Campbell, Ruth Diekmann, Marilyn Ficken, 3 Karen Nichols, Janet Allgaier. ROW , 'L THREE: J.D. Russell, Cathy Humphrey, , Carla Jerome, Lonnie Blum. ROW FOUR: Max Miller, Jambs Sappington, Mike Poehlman, Greg Reynolds. MYSTICAL SEVEN 81-82 Gant Van Dyke Darkow, Karen E. Howard, Lori Ann Lindstrom, Steven J . Pinkerton, Julie Effinger, Lindall Perry. NOT ' PICTURED: Jim Maddock. MYSTICAL SEVEN 82-83 ROW ONE: Jamie MacKenzie, Datra Scobey, Barb Morris, Donna Ganley. ROW TWO: Robert M. Thompson, Ed Reeves, Kendall Ponder, Guy Conway, Bill Day, George Wacker. NOT PICTURED: Dr. James Baker. 439 UMC NAVY ROTC ROW ONE: Deanne Cn'ttenden, Ken Lissner. ROW TWO: Bob Riggs, Joseph Payne, Louis Clay, Bob Boehl, Rob Adams, Jeffery Schrenk, David West, Edward Greybowski, Jeffery Kneemiller, Bruce W. 30212, Mark Hayes, MaIk Welsh, Bob Essman, Mitch Houchin, Major J .W. Kahler, Colonel S.J. Kittler. ROW THREE: Denise Clark, Millie Olmstead, Thomas Carpgntier, Craig Bodkin, Kim Hulett, Scott Schultz, Jon Gibbs, Jennifer Straw, Gregg Burke, Rebecca Stone, Kenneth Harris, Teresa McMahon. ROW FOUR: Joseph Williams, Guy Cooke, .D.S. Grantham, Steve Awe, Fred Smith, Tony Hughes, Jeff Connor, Mark Stephens, Michael Hall, Greg Murphy, John Ruby, John Rutten, Chester Dem'ek Robertson, Jr. ROW FIVE: Thomas Wears, Neil Harris, Rod Faun, Kevin Queenan, Craig Creighton, James Lou, Don Taylor, Gary Son, Bill Decker, Bob Hansen, Tim Dexter, Randy Fehrenbacher, Mike DiRuscio, Frederik Schilb, Wick Klaus, Paul Mackin. ROW SIX: Sgt. Frost, L. Burgin, D. Koerber, M. Ahlgrim, C. Way, J. Whytc, B. Eidson, B. Neckerson, T. Douglas, G. Fraser, K. Perrey, D. Spitznagel, J. Schultejans, R. Carver, John Blakemore, Russell Haas, Neff, Hitc, Don Luhrsen. '440 441 PHI BETA LAMBDA ROW ONE: Sheri Walker, Nicole Bryant, Lori Harris, Deborah DeClue Qresideno. ROW TWO: Dana Erckmann, Annette Colvin, Elaine Allen, Ruth Eldridge Greasureo, Sandy Crowley Nice Presideno, Kath'y Prange, Craig G. Fenner, Donna Haake, Barb Miesner, Eileen I Readey, Sue Utterback, Deena German, Tracy Reichert, Lorrie Lehenbauer SecretaryL Bonnie Hill Reponer, Histon'anl CM CLUB ROW ONE: Lisa Unger, Dan Swiggom, Rob Riggins, Linda J.B.' Bueker. ROW TWO: M.G. Kaiser, Mark Harmagel, Jim Buehler, Julie Arnold, JoD Georg? Marx. ROW THREE: Doxis Kase, Suzanne Muller. ROW FOUR: Jill Rodgers; R 442 PHI CHI THETA ROW ONE: Marcia Boedeker, Cheryl Thompson, Diana Dinsmore. Peggy Williams, Jacqueline Strope, Vicki Wilding, Dana Underwood, Crystal Ashley, Connie Stewart, Thelma Knipp. ROW TWO: Joyce David, Beate Hager, Bonnie Geeser, Kathy Hinken, Julie Maupin, Kim Kalaf, Marcia Sudbrock, Elaine O'Neal, Mary Crites, Melanie Morey, Jenny Bolz. ROW THREE: Melville Peterson, Pam Brown, Michelle Miller, Debbie Hayen, Cathy Tharp, Lori Hughes, Charlotte Former, Elizabeth Hahlbeck, Janet Brown, Ann Ransom, Beth Harke, Juana Bumpus, Pam Emmerich, Barbara Bert. ROW FOUR: Linda Pauk, Katarina Schultz, Carolyn Troutner, Carolyn Searle, Julie Bram, Carolyn Gladden, Brenda Strope, Julie Johnson, Tina Gilbert, Susan Koster, Minnette Bumpus, Anne Herbers, Lauren Wulfekuehler. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL ROW ONE: Sandra Mucke, Wynd Counts, Joyce Molengmfl, Karen Katzenstein, Cathy McCrady, Cathy Svenla, Barb Mon'is, Colleen Fitzpatrick, Karen Kirby, Tara Snapp. ROW TWO: Margy Harris, Lisa Rosenbloom, Sue Geller, Julie Mosier, Kathy Frazier, SaIa Weaver, Robin Steffen, Robin Poos, Laura Goddard, Peggy Horvatich. ROW THREE: Canie Siebert, Becky Belzey. ROW FOUR: Tina Blochberger, Kathy Crenshaw, Genny Gray, Meg Dolan, Margie Folkins, Anne Murphy, Diana Sweemer, Kelly Valentine, Julie Boyle, Paula Resen, Mary Cope, Lisa Templeton. 443 PHI KAPPA PHI ROW ONE: Bill Stadler, Joseph Douez, Ross Wilmore, Kevin Sanderson. ROW TWO: Ray Kozicki, Jay Stuckel, Reuel Hanks, Martin Lewis, Mark Stephens. ROW THREE: Kevin Routh, Michael Hicks, Jim Dickerson, Joel Hewer, Michael Drummond, David Smith, Keith Fellhoelter, Fred Gault, David Bloom, Tim Costello, Danny Lucy, Frank Wilfung, Michael McGuire, Glenn Buck; Kevin Bauer, John Holmes. PSI CHI ROW ONE: Ron Fre'iburghouse, Bill Dodd, Anita Hartman, Carolyn Kearney, Diana Butler ROW TWO: George Whiteley, Barb Sensenich, Russ Anderson, Jane Joslin, Linda Richardson, Kim Opie. ROW THREE: Greg Ratcliff, Tom Mack, Siggie, Caryn Lile, Laura Elam, Jim Barnes. PHI UPSILON OMICRON :1! ROW ONE: Fran Dalton, Melissa Naylor, Sharmon Collins, Sheryl Kee, Janet Wilde, Terri Hartman, Bonnia Shobe, Jayne Hatfield, Becky Norton. ROW TWO: Jan Dunivan, Caroline Banta, Susan Carlson, Donna Lochmann, Kathy Pickett, Donna Croghan, Robin Kilp, Carolyn Schall'ert, James Horton, Barbara Mihalevich, Christy Oser Johnson. ROW THREE: Michele Peyschel, Jill Rodgers, Carla Hendricks, Tanya Parker, Becky Ayres, Manya Douglas, Satu Hirvonen, Diane Clarkson, Debbie Logan, Katherine McCreight, Kevin Stress, Terry Weber, Barb Tucker, Barb . Given, Jacqueline Kenz, Sandi Bolblock, Melanie Moentmann. ROW FOUR: Anita Newcomer, Linda Grimes, Lori Hall, William Swan, Dawn Gentry, Paula Helle, Linda Hyser, Ellen Goedecker, Michelle Redingtonn Patti Bn'ghtfleld, Kate Anthony, Nancy Sudsberry, Jean DiRuscio, Joanne Ostoski, Trudy Wolf, Martha Mosby, Gina Osborn. ' 446 ff: SIGMA RHO SIGMA ROW ONE: Todd Mudd, Carla Zimmerschied, Susan Bowles, Clare Herbers, Lisa KoliasRKelly Peters, Deidre Wipke, Jane Meacham, Cecilia Reimler, Sara Weaver, Susan Carlson, Kirk Farmer, Rick Wright, Dave Heinemann. ROW TWO: Thomas Zehnle, Sue Goller, Susan Rutter, Marilyn Strader, Ky Yeager, Tracey Blair, Angel Stewart, Jackie Koch, Julie Boyle, Jack Bridges, Keith Gorrell. QEBH ROW ONE: Sonja Steptoe, Peggy Israel, 3 Gail Snyder, Cathy Svenla. ROW TWO: 1 Bryan Burrough, Wade Lambert, Felicia Kung, Nathan Marcus, Steve Cockrier. ROW THREE: V.V. Liberabit, Bob Selsor, Greg Casey, Bob Friedberg. 447 ORGANIZATIONS SOCIAL WORK CLUB ROW ONE: Karen Held, Carol Manske, Lisa Masek, Judy Volmen, Harriet Reich. ROW TWO: Gail Cohen, Michelle Wasserman, Jenny Wiley, Randy Apon, Suzanne Rost, Sheri Dougan, Erma McMurry. SUMMER WELCOME ROW ONE: Poonam Thakur, Chancellor Uehling, Donna Bryant, Tracy Patton, Colleen Fitzpatrick, Sheryl Crow, Caren Zickert, Nancy Wilding, Lisa Gahn, Martha Brinkmeyer, Lori Potts, Scott Diener, Jonathon Coker. ROW TWO: Dr. Sharon Pope, Bill Seymour, Martin Kuny, Julian Koonse, Kammn Bagheri, LeAnn Wiseman, Cynthia Crump, Kay Luebbers, BaIb Rehm, Sara Stemberger, Shawn McCray. ROW THREE: Dan Swiggum, Bab Matyska, Bill Richards, Gerald McMullen, Allen Frank, Jim Brown, Brad Ray, Paul Withers, Craig Goodman, Mindy Resnick, Steve Ferguson, Tony Sorrentino. NOT PICTURED: Haniet Minor, EJ. Ehrhart. 443 STUDENT FOUNDATION ROW ONE: Stan Speaker, Juliann Doonse, Jina Robertson, Tracy Stevens, Paige Martin, JoNel Newman. ROW TWO: Nancy Hagerman, Colleen Fitzpatrick, Helen Mueller, Cam'e Lewis, Patty Hopfmgc. ROW THREE: Jill Hritzkowin, Claudia Kauffman, Secretary Trehsurer Jane Gilbert, Scott DeBandl, Paul Boydston. 449 ORGANIZATIONS YOU NG DEMOCRATS ROW ONE: Willy Maxwell, Chip Ingram, Kathy Willard, Janet Redding, Monica Lovato, Vicki Little, Donna Phelps, Mindy Matthews, John McAteer, Kathy Bakich. ROW TWO: Dan Famen, David A. Raithel, Patrick D. Price, Laura M. Barton, Bridget Breen Qresideno, Cathy Schulte, Carrol Biven, Kim Kim, Julie Sadler, Susan Hogan, Kent Brown, Tom Dvorak. ROW THREE: Anthony Gaweinowski, Vicki Dempsey, Mike Morlan, Martin Huckstep, Rusty Carnahan, Terrell Dempsey, J im Burlison, Dan Roddy, Richard Nixon, Ellen Hosmer, Bob Stagffer. TIGER DECA ROW ONE: Diane Beville, Teri Stobbs, Beckie Johnson, Laura Collins, Diane Klusmeyer, Elizabeth Metzger, Lisa Liftick, Dr. John Elias, Jeff Kjes, Susie Tzinberg, Joseph Spinazzola, Mike Armstrong, Jeff Penbelthy. ROW TWO: Dan Dozier, Sherry Grass, Chris Gamewell, Georganna Jincks, Wallace Snowden, chf Kinstler, Chris Goeke, Shannon Knox, Debbi Ranch, Michael Pohle', David Harris, Cliff Smith. ROW THREEi Kevin Mansfield, Mike Troyer, The Hose, Mike Balota, Doug Bambini, John Lee, Laura Lycam, Keith Martin, Kyle Cook, Alan Mans. ROW FOUR: Tom Homof, Chuck Crumbahcr, Scott Shockley, Mark Maxey, David Boier, Sean Geoghegan, Conrad Geode, Matthew Burns. 450 Ww9 -m. A , WATSON PLACE Charlie Thompson, Gregory McElwain, Tom Schloemann, Ed Eveld, Jim Banley. 451 .gllullnldhj 1.1.734 nma-un ES FRAIVI 453 Mike Sprague 455 uLa iv. . . jvcyu$v3u , 457 Mike Sprague ! Photos by Scott Weber , HM? .. t4? . 1:. WW W $WQ Ru 349.:wa ' V05: F Mai; m1 ' y "y a9? 7 W 35:55:qu II M, .. w . -, 4' M'" m W 43 :qugjw K3445? $3 whil' .g. QWWW , , . . W m . a H n W .H V. .'w. . 1 H , d ... f"; . W: - . ' ... W .3 w: 1 W1 ' , . -'.' W H rilk! : v -. u . .W W ,Pf. . . 1' x . . . O .I J $51.? 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I 111:111'1111'K AVI1RI-11' 410 AHERNA 1111 .1 'RVISI 4112 ' MARK GREGORY 15I1 ' I1'l1l.1.1NN1- 1511. um ABRAHAM.Ml1'III'I11' I511 1111111111111'1'17 111111. 333 R. I .1111 A R12.Vlzl' 141 LAN 1' 1111 I IVIGII ANN 41.x LUCY I5l1 IARK .5 R11111iR1 ROBLRI ADDI ON. GR .6 111.1118 I511 1111110LT.1'HRI.SIIN.139h .-1l1ELS11N..111KI'J. ADKINS. CONNII. . ADKINS. JANET 1.1 ADKINS.RANI11' 1. ADKINS. 11.110TII1'1 .l', ADLER. LEE PALMER 1511 3'12 ADREOV. 1.1 11A SU ' AGRUSA. SHERRI 1:1 AHLGRIM. MICHAE141 . AHLMAN.PENN1' ALBERTI. REGINA 1.1'NN I50 ALBES.E11.EEN MARIE 1511 I11.111N,C.AROI.1'N L 4 . 319 ALBRIGHT. JANE" SUSAN 1511. 351 ALBUS.GERAI411BERNARD 421 ALCORN. REGIN. 11151'R11N 4112 ALDEN. DOUGLAS ALDER. CATHERIN ALDERMAN. JAMIE PATRICK 4311 157 ALDERMAN. JOHN DONALD 357 ALDRICH, RICHARD PAUL 411x ALEWEL. JILL MARIE 4117 ALEWEL. KIMBI R1. 1' KAY ALEWEL. RANDY ALEXANDERJ ALEXANDER. K . ALEXANDER. WILLIAM '1'0D . 73 ALIYU.ABDU14-MAL1K 1511 ALKEMEYER. CINI11' ANN 1511 ALLBRITFEN. LAURA 141E134115 ALLDREDGE. JOHN EDWARD 39.5 ALLEN 1314 AINE HELENE 1511 ALLEN. E14 AINIE KAY HE RRON 442 ALI4EN.GAR1' 1.479 ALLEN. NANCY RENEE 349 ALLENDIER. REB CCAI ALLGAIER, JAN 4 LYN ALLISON. ANN 11111131153115 ALLISON. DIANA 1.1'NN 42K ALRUTZ. LYNN HESTIZR 347 ALTIZER.SUEBI4A1NE 343 ALTMAN. BARRY 13RENT357 AI4UMBAUGH.KIMBERI.1' ANN 347 AMICK. JOHN MICHAF ANDERS LYNDA 1 ANDERS.TERR1 LARITA 1511 ANDERSON 3131111398 ANDERSON. DONAL D 11 ' ' 325 ANDERSON JAN ADE 141 113 ANDERSON.LAURAJEANN1;1511 ANDERSON. LISA 331 ANDERSON. RANDALL 141314 411.5 ANDERSON. RUSSELL LINDSAY 1511. 443. 353 ANDERSON, STEVEN CURTIS 339 ANDERSON. YOLANDE LA-KAI 3911 ANDER'I'. ALETA MARIE K117. ER 417 ANDRE. PAUL ALAN 417 ANDRESEN. CHRISTINE MARIE 395 ANDREW. LISA MIERYI. 329 ANDREWS. R. LORI 1511 ANDREWS.SCOTI'A1.I4EN 379 ANGEL. JAMES RANDAI41511 ANGELOS. MARGARET ANN 1.511 ANGLEN.CRYSTA1.I4. 347 ANSPAUGH. SHELLEY 3117 ANTHONY. JEFF ALAN 353 ANTHONY. KATHLEEN MARY 419, 4411 ANTONIO. CRAIG. . APON.RANDAL14 L; 4 E4411 APPELQUIST. JOHN FOSTER .121 ARAGON. YOLANDA M1114 151 5 AREFORD, LE ANN CAROL 4115 ARENDS. PATRICK THOMAS 395 466 11411511111N1..1111 II11-1 1111I1IIVun 111M 11121 IIRISIHI'III 11111 11111 V5 ARNUIl1,lI'IlI-.1.V.V-142 .1RV11II1.K'III1 1.5451311 1111',111111'S11111VI ilx .111'1111'11411111 11.1lVI 42' l.1'1NIIII.1 1.V.V1'In . 4w 1'14 1 '1R15111.SII1I111I'1111111111'11 1 .11S11111.111RRI'.S1 11'1-111 41111 1SIIII1'.1'R1'S11I 14.114. 1S111TV.11R1.-1N111111115" ASIRUIII.1'1.1l.1IlI-III .1.V -1IKI.V. I1I1.V:VI 4117 1l11L'1'1111V SII 1'1 .V R1111 . -1 I51 ARIIIL RI 151 -11'1iLSI. 11111.5: 111IS 4113 .11'1,1xlIR.1-A1'I A I1I1.VI' 1 11 NHLIH 1111421 All1SlI1S1R1111 111". 432 51 '11'N1'R.1I11111'111NA111V1 12" 427 .11'11S111-R1115R.111II.V1"'I 11'S1111RI1 K 121 .I11-..VISI11.111 311 1.11 VISI RI .V.1 41I1 1111111151 '1.V.V .', 111.1.1 .V 151 1311K. KRISI'11.1.1111347 11ACKUI:S I.1'NI1I.I,I. I11..1 11.-1I11:N. HAIXJ . 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MARY BETH 41171 HARNARD, JIM 363 BARNES 111,CL1'DEJAM BARNES, JAMES IlENNE BARNE STEVEN 412 HARNETI'.M1CHAEL K BARNHART, GARY 37I BARON.KEI4L1' ANNE 11.1 13ARR.1111VID MICHAE BARR. TED HERBERT 427. BARR. WENDY 10 347 96 11151 1.. 151.421 15l JR. 4411 T 395 398 3111 BARRINGER,'I'AI11111Y LISA 151 BARROW. DIANA LYNN 329 11ARROWS,DANA SUE 435 BARRY. BARBARA JEAN .193 11ARR1'.GREGOR1' R. 345 11ARR1'.MICHAEI4 BARSTOW. KARE JEAN l UGEN . 151 51 BARTEL.GAR1' WARREN 151 BAR'I'HEL. DA"II1WIL141A BARTHEL. LAURA RENEE M 151 329 11111111111111.11S111 111141111139 11.1111111111111111 S11111 171 11'1111111 11111S11R111151451 IIAKIUN ll 11-111'VV HARIUVJAI11.111'54'1'1'H 1111411151 IAI'RA 4117 4511 11911111111311. l AVI 1111111155 11111154 11.11141AN RUNAI Il-Il12 11-181 . 11111 I 1 141 IIASI 1,11. .1111 IIAI I 14.11 171 ISASNI 11.1'III1ISIINA 11.11111 3:" HASNI'I 1. 111.1 1 N 11111511 1:" 11ASNI',11,KIMIII'RI1' 1NN 41K 12'! 11.111 11111111,1All .1.V.1 .1111 11.1111 111 11.11111111.11 II.1.1,V.V JHH 11911114,I1I'NNISANIII11N1 151 I'm ISAI'I'R, l 1-S1.II ANN 456 151. 4314 MAI 12R. .1111'11AI'I, K1-1'IN 411 11411'1 RMI-ISI1R.1ARRII 111407 11.1l'f11..1Al.1111 S11 1:111:1'15 IIAI'M.R1111N11'I'1'1'II'N1'151,41II 11,-11'111'111 N. 1111154 0121011111 151 1111111111. RANULII. .S 1111 1.111IIN N1'W111N 4511 .1 ' R.l 111141 11111411 AS 3911' 11'11'11R.1111'l.1.1N1'III'111'3 HAYNES. I1A1'1111'AIRI1'K 115. 4111 1.11'A1'.VI I 1711 'AI.K'1'.IIRL'L'I:1111RNARI1111" 31.11111"IN11RANI 151 .V. KARl-N 1'. 419 ',.-1RD.J1111.V MARK 151 . .K121'I'11 R .153 1'R.111-.1'.R.11AV11:1 ROBERT I5l 111.511.111.107 .JANK'IzANN 152.327 . RL'S11'359 .TII11MAS VINCENT 375 .11'11I.'I'IER EDWARD 152 . :11ARIIi 152 Mix .1.VV1-, .11ARII. 329 .1 1.1..K11R1iN 12141111511; 152 111 1SWOR'I'H.BAR13ARA KAY I52 110'.R1H BRIAN KEVD111 4511 WORIH. T 'RR1 427 1'.11ANII4I.CIIARI. S 4112 12.1311114111 MICHA I4 4311. 379 E.R1111ERTKI:NN 4 H 152.379 111 :GS.CAMER11N 1-'. 412.317 IiIiGGS.GAR1' DOL'GLASJR. 152. .117 BEGLE1'.KAREN SUE 4113 IlIiIILMANN.1100151113119 111.11RINGE EI4 172113131 H ANN 152.349 BFIHL 14. K 41TH 375 'CHMAN. KEVIN 1111' 311 C11111AN.MI1RCIL1'NNE 3119 13011398 CARLO 3119 CATHY 4117 .DANIEL 17. 152 4 . ,JERRY DEAN 339. 4311 .JOHN 325 .KENDRA JEAN 329 .SHARI DAWN 347 EM. KRISTIN AL1'SE 3115 4LEM. TODD ARTHUR 395 LINGE .MARIANNE 4.15 ER. VICKI .10 443. 3119 BENAGEx ANN KERR 152 BENUER.C1'NTHIA LOUISE 152. 331 FENDER. JAMES DONALD 375 BENDER. SCOTT NOLAN 311 11ENDER.'I'HOMAS ROBERT 325 BENGIMINA. JOANNA ANGELA I52 BENNE '1RAH KAY 343 DAWN DENISE 438 .DEIRDRE LOUISE 416 13ENNETI',HARVEY LINCOLN 433 BENNETI'.14ORI ANN 333 BENNEY. ALISON WYNNE 152 BENSON,FRANKI41N DELANO 421 BENSON. WILLIAM WALLACE 395 BENTEI.E. MARK JOSEPH 59. 133 BENTLEY. PATRICK EL1.15315 BENTRUP. WILLIAM EDWIN 152 BERGER.1AN KEVIN 311 BERGER.10HN MARTIN 4119 BERGER. MORGAN DEAN 339 BERGERON. HAL DOUGLAS 40.5 BERGMAN, BARBARA .1. 4116 1313RHAGEN.BEN373 BERICH. K VIN 335 BERIN, JEFFREY IAN 311 BERKAY.NURIY15AYLIN 410 BERKLEY. JAMES EARL 152 BERLINER. P. LYNN I52 BERLINI SHIERI JILL 333 BERN, M 4 NDA JOANN .397 BERNAL.J.I.1'NN 417. 4111 BERNAL. JAMES MCALIS'I'ER 395 BERNDTSON. KEITH ALAN 152 11111111 1NV 11-11111'3'111 111111411 1'11111 1 31111411 112 HI 11111 11111'.1RI1W1111A.11152 41' 11111141 1x111'V 111.111'.V1 H1 11111141,.SII111-l111VI151 111RHYMAVWANIAA11111l 41H IHRI.11ARH.1RA MARII 441 111'11'1 111,1 1',V.V1 11.11111 I52 42" 14'! 111S11114N. 1111111111 1. 341 111' 1 1111.1 . 1 Al'RA 427 1111'II.I.1..I11AN1 KAKLN 111 ISI 1 R 4511 1111'1'R.RI1II.ARI1K N14l1x 111:1'I.RI. SI'UTI ALAN 1117 111111111, .111111..SR11151-,RI4I1H 1111:141.111.I11.JL'I11.:VN152 1111211111 II. IL 1.11' ANN 34'! 1111',RI:R.1'IIRISIIN1:111l'1SI. I52 IAII:R.11A.V. 1 ISA 1111111151 152 IllIszHAL .11. S 1 1-V1:.V 1-1111'AK11 424 1111111S. LYNN 14141 EN 347 .11N11111'.11AN 411x 1 1 41111111. AIDAN 4211 ' WILLIAM RICHARD 325 131'1"1'V .R.JIM Rf1111iRT379 111111V.CARROI.1.1N11A 4511 11l.ACK.l.ISA ANN 4115 11LACKFORD.MARK ALAN 379 131.11GG.W15SI4E1' K711413411: 111.,1IR.A.V.V1E .AUR1E152.437 BLAIR. TRACE 14 ANNE 447. 347 BLAKEMORE. JOHN TODD 440 BLAND. GAIL1'N CLAIRE .143 BLANKENBURG. TAMI 10 383 BLANTON. ANNE LUCILLE 349 I!1.11SE.1421RR1' EDWIN 41.1 MELINDA CLAIRE I52 ISLE. SIN .CAROLYN ANN 305 BLOCHBERGER.'I'1NA MARIE 443. 343 BI40CK.1114L MARIE 305 BLOCK. SUSAN ANN 347 BLOOM. DAVID LEE 339 BI.OOMQUIST.L1SA LYNNE 313 BLUESTONE. CYNTHIA LYNN 152 1314U111.L1NDAJ.ANE 327 BI.UM.LONN1E WRAY 438 BLUNK. DENNIS REX 341 BOATRIGHT. DEBORAH KAREL 394 BOAZ, BRUCE WAYNE 152.440 BOCK.L1'NN ANNETTE 403 BODA. MARSHA 383 BODKER, MICHAEL ALAN 381 BODKIN. CRAIG ROBERT 440 BODY. DANIEL J. 152.339 BOEDEKER. MARCIA ANN 152.443. 349 BOEDEKER. REBECCA JEAN 393 BOEHL 1R., ROBERT FREDERICK 440 BOEHLER. JANA LEA 1.52. 419 BOEKE. JULIE 313 BOEKEMEIER, LAURA CHRISTINE 393 BOETTCHER. JOHN ALAN 152. 456 BOGACKI. MARY ANN .I. 329 BOGART, ELIZABETH ANNE 153 130008. KEVIN KENNETH 413 130005. SANDRA DEE 422 BOGOLIN. KIM ANN 391 BOGUSK1.CARLA ANNE 347 BOHNERT. BRENDA CHRISTINE 417 BOIER. DAVE 450 BOING. JOSEPH SCOTT 377 BOLAND, CATHY M. MCNEW 153 BOLAND. DIANE MARIE 319 BOLBOCK. SANDRA LOU 446 BOLES. CHERYL SUE153 BOLES. JANE ANN 410 BOLES. WARREN LEE 412 BOLHOFNER. TAMARA ANN 343 BOLIN. JAMES FREDRICK 424 BOLLINGER. BRADFORD CHARLES 325 B014ON.BRAD NEWLAND 417 BOLTS. JOHN FREDERICK 337 BOLZ. JENNIFER RUTH 443. 349 BOMAN. ANN ELIZABETH 4117 BOMSTAD.M1CHAEL GERARD 373 BONAVIA. MARK DAMIAN 395 BOND. CHRISTOPHER I38 BOND. DAVID MATTHEWS JR. 335 BONHALL. BRAD WILLIAM 153 BONINE. DARRELL WAYNE 398 BONINE. LEE ALLISON 153 BONNHAUSER. BETH BONNOT. SANDRA ROSE 405 BONO. DEBORAH KAY 400 BOOTHB1'.IIICARL VERNON 377 BOOTHBY. KATHI R. 153. 427 BORETZ. MITCHELL ANTHONY 434 BORGERS. GERALD LEONARD 392 BORGMAN. JON EARL 315 BORGSTADT. SHARON KAY 153 BORNHAUSER. ELIZABETH GRAY 153 BORRON.JENN1FER CAROL 418 BORTZ. ELIZABETH ANNE 153 BOSCHERT. JAMES VICTOR .198 BOSS. ALBERT WAYNE 153 BOSSALLER, ANDREW PAUL 405 BOSSO. LISA ANN 422 BOST. MICHAEL KEITH 430 BOSTON. MARK CHRISTOPHER 392 BOTTOMLEY. CONSTANCE JILL 383 EOTI'S. PEGGY A, 153 BOURLAND. LORI LYN 343 BOWDEN. RENNEY ANN 153. 391 BOWEN. DAVID RANDAL 153. 404 BOWLES. MARK ALAN 325 BOWLES. SUSAN FRANCES 447 BOWMAN. JOHN ANDREW 153. 361 BOWMAN. KIRK III 369 BOWMAN. SUSAN LYNN 418 BOWSHER. DEBRA CARROLL 153 BOX. JANINE 305 BOYCE. MELINDA LEE 403 BOYDSTON. JOHN WAYNE 153 BOYDSTON. PAUL D. 449. 420. 317. 325 BOYER. PATRICK MICHAEL 353 BOYKIN. RHONDA MARIE 153 BOYLE. JULIA CAROLINE 447. 443 BOZARTH. JEFF L. 337 BOZOIAN. LAURA JANE 422 BRACKIN. JOHN MARK 315 BRADDOCK. JEANNE EILEEN 456 BRADFORD.-JENNIFER ELISE 403 BRADLEY. SUSAN CARLA 400 BRADTKE. LYNN ELIZABETH 153 BRAFMAN. BARBARA JANE 313 BRAKE. JOHN B. 424 BRAM. JULIA ANNE 443 BRANCH. STEVEN KEITH 446 BRANDES. DON EDWIN 430. 303 BRANDON. JAMES ALEX 435 BRANDT. BRANDA KAY 331 BRANDT. EDWARD 379 BRANDT. JEFFREY CHARLES 367 BRANDVEIN. HARVEY 153. 371 BRANTON. TAMARA LYNN 422 BRANUM. WILLIAM BRUCE 341 BRAUER. TERESA KAY 408 BRAUN. STEVE ARTHUR 373 BRAVERMAN. DAVID GEORGE 153 BRAVERMAN. STUART JACK 446. 325 BRAYMER. PATRICIA ELLEN 153. 438 BRAZEALE. LANCE LANE 412. 317 BRECKON. BRENDA .10 391 BREEDLOVE. ELANE M. 153. 405. 478 BREEDLOVE. JANET LEE 153 BREEN. BRIDGET JANEEN 153. 450. 349 BREGENZER. THERESA LYNN 153. 418 BREIG. DENISE ANN 417 BREMMER. KATHY A. 153 BRENGARTH. LISA ANN 349 BRENGLE. BARBARA ANN 153 BRESNAHAN. MARY SUSAN 383 BREWER. CINDA 435 BREWER. SHELLI ANN 391 BREYFOGLE. JEFF 377 BRICKER, ROBERT STEVEN 153 BRIDGEMAN. SHARON ELIZABETH 406 BRIDGES, JACK LARCHE 447 BRIDGES. PRINCE A. 238. 246 BRIETE. ALAN 363 BRIGHT. MICHELLE MARIE 329 ERIGHTFIELD. PATH ANN SPRAGUE 419. 446 BRINKMAN. CHRISTOPHER GARLAN 154 BR1NKMEYER. MARTHA LYNN 448 BRINSON. BECKY 407 BRINSON. CYNTHIA MARIE 407 BRISCOE. KATHY ELLEN 154 BRISCOE, TERESA L. 313 BRISTOW. OLIVER MARTIN 375 BRITTON. CALLEAN 154 BROCKMAN. ARTHUR RAY 409 BROCKMEYER. NANCY LOUISE 333 BRODHACKER. DAVID DION 274 BROILES. ELIZABETH LEA 401 BROLL. REGINA MARIE 411 BROOKER. BRIAN DOUGLAS 395 BROOKS, EVERETT HOPE 417 BROOKS. HOPIE 427. 430 BROOKS. LISA ROSE MARIE 313 BROOKS. PAUL 412 BROOKS. TERRY NORMAN 154 BROOKS. TIMOTHY WILLIS 315 BROTEMARKLE. SUSAN EMILY 417 BROUGHTON. JOSEPH JEROME 400 BROWN. ALLISON ANNE 154 BROWN. AMY CAROL 329 BROWN. CHARLES EDWARD 154. 325 BROWN. CHERYL DIANE 365 BROWN, CYNTHIA JEAN 347 BROWN, JAMES 448 BROWN, JANET LYNN 408. 443 BROWN. JEFFREY 413, 355 BROWN. KENT PHILLIP 405. 450. 413. 375 BROWN. KEVIN 430 BROWN. KIM LORRAINE 383 BROWN. KREG ALAN 325 BROWN. MONICA ANITA 154 BROWN. PAMELA SUE 443 BROWN. PANZITA MARIE 397 BROWN. REBIE 391 BROWN, ROBERT CHARLES 409 BROWN. STEPHEN 357 BROWNE. KEVIN 345 BROWNFIELD. DAVID KNOWLTON 379 BROWNING. LAURA LEE 154 BROWY. ROBERT ALLAN 379 BRUCE. CHARLES WILLIAM 154 BRUCH. ROBIN GAY 329 BRUEGGENIOHANN. MICHAEL JOHN 375 BRUEGGESTRASS. MARY NOEL 258 BRUEGGESTRASS. PAULA JEAN 154 BRUENS. JEFFREY WILLIAM 154, 361 BRUMLEY. CURTIS DALE 154 BRUMMEL. MELISSA LOU 408 BRUNK. RICHARD 315 BRUNNER.TERR1LEE WINSON 154 BRUTO. KEVIN JAY 321 BRUYE'I'I'E. ELIZABETH ANNE 405 BRYAN. VALERIE ANN 365 BRYANS. ELIZABETH ALYCE 305 BRYANS. ROBERT WILSON 345 BRYANT. DONNALYN 448 BRYANT. JAMES PHILLIP 154. 392 BRYMER. LEE ANNE 331 BUCHER. COLETFE MARIE 135 BUCHMANN. ERIC WILLIAM 154 BUCK. GLENN WILLIAM 339 BUCK. MICHAEL RICHARD 317 BUCKLER. SUSAN MARIE 396. 397 BUCKLEY. ROBERT JOSEPH 335 BUCKMAN. DAVID 315 BUCKMANN. ERIC 412 BUCKNER. KEITH ANDREW 154 EUDDOCK, DAN 355 BUEHLER. DAVID ALAN 353 BUEHLER. DOUGLAS JOSEPH 353 BUEHLER. JAMES 442 BUEKER. J.B. 442 BUERCKLIN. BRIAN WILLIAM 369 BUESINGER. JUDITH BERNAYS 327 BUESINGER. MARY JEAN 327 BUHL. ANNE ELIZABETH 154 BUMPUS. JUANA YVETI'E 443 BUMPUS. MINNE'I'I'E ALLENE 154. 443 BUNCH. KENNETH ALAN 315 BUNGE. CARLA 319 BUNTIN. WILLIAM JEFF 379 BURCH. STEVEN HART 379 BURCH. SUSAN ANN 154 BURDEN. JEFFRY CHRISTIAN 154. 367 BURGER. DAVE 355 BURGER. STEVEN MORRIS 341. 424 BURGERT, WILLIAM B. 359 BURGESS. NANCY KAY 331 BURGIN. LOUIS MATTHEW 440 BURK. DAVID GLENN 325 BURKE. DIANE MARIE 319 BURKE. DOLORES IRENE 154 BURKE. GREGG ALAN 440 BURKE. LISA MARY 419 BURKE. STEVEN KENT 359 BURKE. TIMOTHY DANIEL 154. 335 BURKEMPER, RONALD CHARLES 404 BURKETT. BRUCE A. 154 BURLISON. JAMES DAVID 450 BURNETT, BRENDA GEAN 425 BURNETT. DOUGLAS WAYNE 400 BURNETT. GREGORY WAYNE 390 BURNS. MATTHEW LANE 450 BURNS SARAH 329 BURNSIDE. RAE CHERIE 406 BURRI. BREHT CHRISTIAN 339 BURRIS. ROBERT SCOTT 136. 337 BURROUGH. JOHN BRYAN 447. 337. 427 BURROUGHS. BRET CHRISTOPHER 337 BURST. JULIE NORA 351 BURTNER. ANN LEWIS 383 BURTON. CATHERINE ANN 394 BURTON.TERR1 LYNNE 319 BURTON, TERRY WILLMAN 155 BUSBY. RUSSELL LOWRIE 369 BUSCH JR.. ARTHUR 1.. 398 BUSCH. THEODORE CHRISTIAN 369 BUSS, ROBERT HENRY 398 BUSSE. DAVID EVAN 321 BUSSMANN. EDWARD ANTHONY 363 BUSTAMANTE. FRANCIS JOSEPH 395 BUTLER. BRENT 339 BUTLER, DIANALYNN 446 BUTTERLY, DAVID WILLIAM 341 BUTTON. CARL ALAN 155 BUXTON. MARK JERRY 379 BYRD. RHONDA LYNETTE 403 BYRNE. BLAISE JOSEPH 373 BYRNE. JENITA DAWN 349 BYRNE. KATHERINE MARIE 405 BYRNES. JENNlFER JOAN 397 CADA. ALBERT JOSEPH 155 CADLE. WILLIAM PATTERSON 317 CAFFREY. DAVID WILLIAM 355 CAFFREY. ROBERT THOMAS 355 CAGLE. ROGER WILLIAM JR. 367 CAGNA. CHRIS J. 345 CAHILL. JOSEPH T. 404 CALDWELL. MARY 1NEZ 155 CALDWELL. NANCY FAYE 417 CALLAHAN. BRIAN CARTER 155 CALLAHAN. JOHN S. 377 CALLIER. DOROTHY AGNES 155 CALLIER. MARIANNE CHARLIENE 313 CALLIGHAN. CINDY GRACE 395 CALTON. CHERYL DENISE 408 CLAVERT. CRAIG RUDD 325 CALVERT. LINDA 155 CALVIN. SUZANNE MARIE 351 CAMPBELL. CHERYL ANN 419 CAMPBELL. CRAIG RICHARD 367 CAMPBELL. BARREL E. 155 CAMPBELL. JEFF DOW 408 CAMPBELL. JONI LINN 438 CAMPBELL. KAREN LYNN 424 CAMPBELL. NANCY 419. 428 CANENT, RAMON RANDALL 359 CANNELL. CURTIS KEITH 424 CANNEY. JEANETTE ANN 155. 347 CANNEY. JOANNE LOUISE 347 CANNON. CINDY JANE 327 CANNON. NANCY ELIZABETH 307 CARBONEAU. LISABETH ANN 394 CARDEN. RICHARD STEWART 155 CAREY. ROBERT EDWARD 407 CAREY. VERNETI'A D. 416 CARIDDI. ANNA MARIE 327 CARLIN. PAIGE 383 CARLSON. SUSAN JANE 447. 394. 446 CARMAN. JAMES POWELL 315 CARMEN. POWELL 418 CARMICHAEL. DOUGLAS RAY 400 CARNAHAN. RAYMOND RUSSELL 450 CARNES. STEPHANIE K. 155 CARPENTER. DOUGLAS CAMERON 405 CARPENTER. KEVIN DOUGLAS 155 CARPENTER. RITA ANN 410 CARPENTER. SHARON LEE 419 CARPENTER. SHEILA GAY 349 CARPENTIER. THOMAS FRANCIS 440 CARPER. LINDA JEAN 155. 319 CARR. DONNA LYNN 405. 319 CARR. JEFFREY BRIAN 155 CARR. STEVEN JOHN 345 CARR. TERENCE JACQUES 408 CARROLL, ALLYSON 327 CARROLL. BRENT TAYLOR 155 CARROLL. BERTRUM 421 CARROLL. NANCI ROBERTS 155. 329 CARTEE. V1CK1 SUE 429 CARTER. JEFFREY 303 CARTER. LARRY LEE 456 CARTER. PHYLLIS ANN 155. 416 CARTWRIGHT. DIANA GAIL 429 CARTWRIGHT. LARRY 0. 379 CARVER. ROBERT GLENN 402. 440 CARY. CHARLES DANIEL 400 CASBURN. KEVIN LEE 337 CASE. JESSE DAVID 155. 424 CASE. KAREN ELAINE 383 CASEY. GREG 447 CASH. ANN 347 CASH, MARIANN STEWART 420 CASPER. CHRIS DAVID 379 CASTLE, JAMES T. 155. 323 CASTLE. KEN 339 CASWELL. JANICE ELAINE 155 CATARELLO. CHRISTY 383 CATHEY. KELLI ANNE 155 CATTLE. DAVID STERLING 3S9 CAUGHRON. CHELE MARLENE 434 CAUTHON, BERNITA LUCILLE 155 CAVENDER, JUDITH ANN 155 CAVENER. GREGORY KENT 245 CAVER. JAMES JR. 210 CEJKA. ROBERT ALBERT 155. 456 CHADWICK, KELLEY PATRICE 155 CHAILLAND. JAMES HASSELL 325 CHALENDER. CHARLES TIEMANN 325 CHALQUIST. JOCELYN M. 410 CHALQUIST. JUNE L. 410 CHAMBERS. MICHAEL GEORGE 155 CHAMBERS. MICHELLE MARIE 383 CHANDLER, RALPH DALE 398 CHANEY, MICHAEL MARTIN 335 CHAOTE, BILL 395 CHAPMAN. BRUCE STEVENS 155 CHAPPLE. DAVID MEYER 379 CHAPPLE. JULIE ANN 313 CHARLICK. JOSEPH DAVID 155 CHARPENTER. BOB BRANT 321 CHASE. JEFFREY SCOTT 355 CHASE. PATTI 331 CHATMAN. BRIAN CLAY 359 CHECHIK, MARC DAVID 433. 432 CHEESMAN. DEBRA ANN 307 CHELLlS, DAWN MARIE 155 CHILDERS, DEON LOUISE 232 CHILDRESS. S, MARGENE 383 CHINSKY. JOSEPH JAY 311 CHITWOOD. MARTIN EDWARD 341 CHIVERS. MARK LEE 400 CHIVERS. MICHAEL EUGENE 155. 424 CHOATE. CAROLYN G. 307 CHOCONAS. DIANE E. 155. 349 CHRISTMAN. MARY ELIZABETH 155 CHURA. JAMES FRANCIS 355 CHURCH. LAURA LEE 156 CICHY. DAVID MICHAEL 359 CIGNO. TONY GERARD 367 CLAMORS. DEBRA EVON 397 CLARK, CATHRYN COULTER 394 CLARK. DENISE M. 440 CLARK. DONNA JLLL 156 CLARK. EVELYN 416 CLARK. JAMES 323 CLARK. JOHN AARON 359 CLARK. MARTHA ANNE 156. 383 CLARK. MICHAEL WAYNE 156 CLARK. SCOTT BLAIR 405 CLARKE. JOHN HOWARD 421 CLARKSON, LORNA DIANE 446 CLASSEN. TRACEY ANN 156. 403 CLAUSEN. EDWARD CHRISTIAN 375 CLAVENNA, TINA MARIE 394 CLAY. LOUIS CLIFrON 440 CLAYTON. DAVID WAYNE 321 CLEAVINGER, PETER JAY 379 CLEMENTS. DEBORAH .10 156 CLEVELAND, JILL ANN 347 CLEVELAND, MARK RANDAL 156 CLEVENGER. GERALD WAYNE 156 CLINE. STEVEN KENNETH 373 CLINKINGBEARD. BOB 303 CLINTON. JAMES 341 CLINTON, JEFF 357 CLISHAM, CHRISTlNE DIANE 156. 333 CLIZER. TRACY LYNN 418. 305 CLODFELTER. JAMES ROBERT 430. 369 CLORE. NANCY LOUISE 156 CLOTFELTER. SUSAN CAROL 434 CLOUD. JAMES RUSSELL 156 CLOUD. LILLIAN MARIE 305 CLOUGH. LEIGH ANNE 156 CLOUGH. THOMAS DEAN 325 COALE. MICHAEL RAY 317 COATS. JANET ROSE 156 COBB. JERRY LEE 430. 379 COBLE. KAREN LAVONA 156 COBLE. KEITH HARLAN 317 COCHRAN, STEVEN 359 COCKRIEL. STEVEN MICHAEL 447. 325 CODAY. RICK 369 CODY. BRIAN JOSEPH 409 CODY, KEVIN JAMES 156 COFFELT. STEVE 341 COGGAN. JEFFREY ROBERT 325 COHEN. ALAN LEE 311 COHEN. FAYE CHERYL 333 COHEN, GAIL MARIE 448 COHEN. MARK EMIL 311 COHEN, MICHAEL SCOTT 339 COHEN, STEPHEN A. 381 COHEN. STEVEN MICHAEL 381 COHEN. WILLIAM MARK 357 COHOON. ROBERT STEVEN 421 COIT. MICHAEL WHEELER 434 COKER. JONATHAN MONROE 443 COLE. CATHERINE FRANCES 391 COLE. DIANA LYNN 156 COLE. JEFFERY ALLEN 379 COLE. MARIA KATHERINE 319 COLE, MARIA LYNN 397 COLE. MELISSA LYNN 305 COLE, TODD GREGORY 379 COLEMAN. HOWARD EUGENE 156 COLEMAN. SCOTT 379 COLES. MANSON CLARK 339 COLLIER. JEFFREY SCOTT 379 COLLIER. KAREN LYNN 408 COLLIER. MATTHEW DAVID 339 COLLIER. SHERI 331 COLLINS. GRETCHEN ANNE 438 COLLINS. JEFF 401 COLLINS. KELLY DUANE 373 COLLINS. LAURA 397. 450 COLLINS. LISA IRENE 156 COLLINS. MIKE SEAN 156 COLLINS, NANCY 394 COLLINS. SANDRA MAXINE 156 COLLINS. SHARMAN KAYE 446 COLOMBO. MONICA MARIE 408 COLVILLE. CARL DAVID 369 COLVIN. ANNETTE LOUISE 442 COMBS. TRACY LYNN 347 COMER. LIZABETH ANNE 156 COMFORT. KRISTlN JANE 156 COMPTON. ROBERT ALAN 156. 412. 317 CONANT. ALLISON LOUISE 307 CONBOY. J. PATRICK 156. 456 CONEY, REGINA ANN 397 CONNELL. KAY A. 327 CONNELLY, PEGGY 403 CONNER. DANIEL ROBERT 400 CONNER. MICHAEL PHILLIP 400 467 CONNER. TIMOTHY LEE 400 CONNETT. FRANK DAVIS 111 359 CONNOLLY. JEANNE ELLEN 319 CONNOLLY. JUDITH MARY 156 CONNOR. JEFFREY WILLIAM 440 CONSTABLE. PATRICIA 407 CONSTANT. LEANE ANNETTE 333 COOK. KELLY DON 156. 341 COOK. KYLE WILLIAM 345. 450 COOKE. W. GUY 440 . COOPER. NANCY .10 156. 305 COOTS. JACQUELINE 365 COPE. HARRY DALE 317 COPE. LORENE FAY 157. 413 COPE. MARY ANN 443 COPELAND. JOHN M, 361 COPELAND. M1CHAEL LEON 417 COPLEN. ELLEN 432 COPLIN. JEAN ADRIAN 403 CORBETT. TARYN MICHELE 416 COREY. KEVIN LESLIE 157 CORDES. D1ANE LYNETTE 428. 347 CORDES. JANE MARIE 396 CORDLE. JILL REGINA 157 CORDONNIER. MATTHEW KERMlT 157 CORKINS. MARK RICHARD 408 CORLEW. THOMAS EUGENE 339 COSTELLO. KENYA LEE 351 COSTELLO. TIMOTHY J. 431 COTLAR. ANDREW IRL 311 COTLAR. NANCY LYNN 157 CO'ITER. RANDAL LEE 157 COULTER, CAROL JEAN 157 COUNCIL. DAVID WAYNE 157 COUNTS. CATHLEEN MARIE 410 COUNTS. M. RAYNE 331 COUNTS. WYND 331. 443 COURTRIGHT. DOUGLAS RENE 157. 357 COURTWAY. DEBBIE KAY 327 COWAN. ELIZABETH ANN 307 COWHERD. KIMBERLY ANNE 327 COWHERD. RANDALL RAY 398 COX. JAMES 321 COX. JOHN EDWARD 359 COX. TIM EUGENE 157. 337. 430 COYLE. CATHLEEN BURTON 397 CRAGER. AMY JEANNETTE 408 CRAGIN, GAY 351 CRAIG. MICHAEL D. 325 CRAINSHAW. RONALD WAYNE 157 CRALL. SAM RALPH 311 CRANDELL. JOHN 375 CRANDELL. VICKIE ELAINE 157 CRANE. HOBIE DALE 157 CRANE. KEVIN MICAJAH 357 CRAPO. STEPHEN DREDY 157. 207 CRAVENS, GEORGE HOPKINS 363 CRAWFORD. BARBARA ANN 157 CRAWFORD. CHARLES GREG 398. 401 CRAWFORD. DOUG 434 CRAWFORD. JO ELLEN 383 CRAWFORD. MARK EDWARD 359 CRAWFORD. PHIL 434. 357 CRAWFORD. THOMAS 339 CRAWFORD. VALERIE EILEEN 405 CRAYTON. KAY LEE 157. 401 CREAMER, TRACY ANN 305 CREAN. MOIRA 157. 418. 327. 438. 420 CREATH. BRIAN 339 CREIGHTON. CRAIG CALDERWOOD 440 CRENSHAW. KATHY MELINDA 443 CRITES. MARY ELLEN 157. 443 CRITTENDEN, DIANNE KAY 157. 440 CROCKER. VICKI LYNN 349 CROGHAN, DONNA M. 157. 446 CROMER. MARC VINCENT 355 CROSSE'ITE, SHARON LEE 329 CROUTHERS. ARLEN GALE 157 CROUTHERS, JANET LYNN 157 CROW. SHERYL SUZANNE 448. 347 CROWE, EILEEN ROSE 420. 365 CROWE, KATHRYN PATRICIA 343 CROWELL, JOHN 375 CROWELL. MIKE 375 CROWLEY, EDWARD ANDREW 315 CROWLEY. SANDRA DENISE 157. 442 CRUM. CYNTHIA LYNN 393 CRUMBACHER. CHARLES EDWARD JR. 450 CRUMP, CYNTHIA THERESE 448 CUBE, JERRY 427 CULLOM. KIMBERLY ANNE 313 CUMBER. JUDITH LYNN HUFFMASTER 456 CUMMINGS. JAMES GERARD 373 CUMMISKEY, MARY CATHERINE 343 CUNHA, VICTORIA 421 CUNNINGHAM, DONNA MARIE 396 CUNNINGHAM. JAMES 379 CUNNINGHAM, MELISSA JANE 424. 422 CURRY. STANLEY HAROLD 390 CURTIS, CHRISTINE A. 157 CUSTODIO. ELAINE VALENCIA 424 CUTLAN. CATHY LYNNE 307 CUTLAN, CINDY ELLEN 157 CYRUS. MIKE 424 CZYZ, NATALIE JACOBS 309 468 D AMICO. JAMES CHARLES 407 D ANGELO. CHRISTINE 394 DAHM. NANCY ELIZABETH 396 DAIBER. CAROL ANGELA 394 DALE. CELIA LEE 157 DALRYMPLE, ANN MARIE 157. 343 DALTON. DAVID ALLEN 377 DALTON. GLEN 377 DALTON, JOHN HALL 420. 379 DALTON. JONATHAN 430 DALTON. MARIAN FRANCES 446. 347 DAMING. RANDALL MARK 157. 419. 421 DANBOM. KAREN SUE 391 DANIELS. LEAH G. 331 DANIELS, PATRICIA ANN 394 DANNOR. DAVE 359 DANTER. MARK T. 404 DANTER. MICHAEL EDWARD 417 DARDICK. MICHAEL WILLARD 430. 381 DARKOW. GRANT VAN DYKE 439 DARNELL, JANIE 313 DARNELL. WESLEY EUGENE 341 DARNEU. BRENT 395 DAR. JAMES DAVID 361 DARWING, RANDY 367 DA'ITILO. THERESE .10 343 DAUM. JANET DIANA 403 DAVID. JOYCE 158. 443 DAVID. JUSTINE SUE 397 DAVIDSON. ELIZABETH 394 DAVIES, STEPHENIE DE ANN 419 DAVIS. BRET 398 DAVIS. CAROLYN KAY 158 DAVIS, DANIELLE HELEN 351, 421 DAVIS. JACK 363 DAVIS. JAMES BRET 402. 341 DAVIS, JONI 254 DAVIS. JEROME 357 DAVIS. JOHN CHRISTOPHER 402 DAVIS, KATHY 313 ,. ' DAVIS. MATTHEW THOMAS 401 DAVIS. STEVEN 345 DAVISON. H. DEAN 158. 438. 432 DAVISSON. WILLIAM JOSEPH 363 DAWSON. DONNA MARIE 158 DAY. BILL 439 DAY. JEFF 341 DE CLUE. SUZANNE MARIE 442 DE LA ROSA. TERRI JEAN 307 DE MIER. RICHART LIFE 379 DEAN, KELLY MICHAEL 401 DEAN. S. KRISTEN 158 DEANE. LAURIE 417. 307 DEATER. TERRI LYNN 365 DEBANDT. SCOTT MIDDLETON 449. 427. DEBASIO. KIMBERLY LYNN 158 DECKER. CAROLINE CAVE 351 DECKER. WILLIAM ANTHONY 440. 373 DEEM. JOHN WALTER 363 DEFATO, ANTHONY A. 335 DEFER. TOM MICHAEL 407 DEFFRY. CLAUDIA LORAN 305 DEGENHART. DANA KAY 158 DELANEY, DAVID JOSEPH 409 DELANO. KATHLEEN MARY 158 DELONEY. LINDA LEE 158. 333 DELOUGE, STEVE 369 DEMENT. EDWARD EUGENE 345 DEMOSEY. BRYAN RICHARD 373 DEMPSEY. TERRELL 450 DEMPSEY, VICKI ADELE 450 DENDRINELIS. DEMETRA MIMI 394 DENNIS, PAMELA JEAN 410 DENNISON. PATRICK MARTIN 375 DENNY. DALE M. 398 DENT. DE ANNA RAE 397 DEPOSKI, DEBORAH ANN 158 DEPPERMAN. CHRIS E. 373 DERKS, CATHERINE DENISE 158 DEROSBY. MARGARET MARY 391 DESHON, RICHARD ANDREW 359 DESIMONE, DAVID JAY 158 DESPAIN, JULIANNE MARIE 429 DETHEROW. DIANA CORINNE 396 DETMERING, CAROL LEE 397 DEVENPORT. JACKXE REE 158 DEWAR. JOYCE LENORE 417 DEWEY. STEVEN HENRY 339 DEWITI', ROBERT DEAN 158 DEWI'IT. SUZANNE IVA 397 DEXTER, TIMOTHY ALAN 440 DEYERMOND. ROBERT VICTOR III 303 D1 GIOVANNI. PAULA .10 305 DI RUSCIO. MICHAEL HENRY 440 DIAMANT, ROBERT MICHAEL 158. 381 DICKENS HI. RICHARD KIMBALL 158. 325 DICKENS, BRIAN PHILLIP 325 DICKENS. CRAIG CHARLES 337 DICKERSON, JAMES EDWARD 431 DICKEY, MICHAEL 325 DICKEY, MICHAEL GREGORY 456 DIDDELL. DEAN WILLLAM 407 DIECKHAUS. LINDA LEE 319 DIEDERICH. JAMES H. 424 DIEKMANN. RUTH ANN 438 DIENER. SCOTl' BRADLEY 448. 361 DIERBERG. LISA MARIE 158 DIETZ, CHRISTINE EMILY 319 DIETZSCHOLD. KEITH ALAN 412. 317 DIFFENAUER. ROBERT MICHAEL 401 DIGGMER. CURT 323 DILLARD, JENNIFER LOUISE 391 DILLARD, JOHN S. 158, 412 DILLE. LAURA SUE 351 DILS, .10 E. 408 DILTHEY. DIANE ELIZABETH 351 DIMACHKIEH, AGHYAD 355 DINGUS, ROGER WILLIAM 392 DINSMORE. DIANA LYNN 443 DIRUSCIO, JEAN MARIE 446 DISTLER. KAREN ANN 408 DITTEMORE. MARY 305 DIVEN. SANDRA SUE 329 DIXON. BRAD 285 DIXON. PATRICIA MARILYN 403 DIXON. THOMAS 401 DIXSON. R. CURTIS 339 DOANE. DAN W. 339 DOBBS. DIANA LYNN 425. 456. 305 DOEES. MARVIN GRAHAM 303 DOBBS. RICHARD GLEN 357 DOCKERY. KEVIN MONTE 392 DODD. WILLIAM E. 446 DODSON. DANIEL JOSEPH 408 DODSON, WENDELL SCOTT 402 DOERING. DENISE MARIE ANN 402 DOHERTY, MIKE 379 DOHLE. GARY J. 407 DOHR. ELIZABETH REEVE 158 DOLAN. MARGARET MARY 443. 313 DOLAN. MAUREEN ELIZABETH 307 DOLAN. TERENCE J. 353 DOLAN. THERESA ANN 158, 329 DOLLAR. SUSAN C. 158 DONAN. JEANETTE RENEE 421 DONATY, GERALD RAYMOND JR. 401 DONEGAN, MICHAEL A. 159. 433. 432 DONNELL. MARTI MARIA 313 DOONSE. JULIANN 449 DOPUCH. CHARLES RICHARD 159 DORN. LORI BETH 347 DORSEY. MICHAEL 159 DORSON. SHARI LYNN 307 DORST. MELANIE CARYL 159 DOSSETI'. KANINA 383 DOUBEK BETTY 329 DOUEZ. JOSEPH JAMES 339 DOUGALD. DAWN CARROLL 159 DOUGAN. GREGGORY FORREST 424 DOUGAN, SHARI DEE 448 DOUGHERTY. ELIZABETH LYNN 343 DOUGLAS. JUANDA J. 403 DOUGLAS. MANYA FREDERICA 446 DOUGLAS. NIKKI LYNN 397 DOUGLAS. TOMMY EDWARD 440 DOUGLASS. KELLY DON 419. 400 DOWELL. VERA SUE 393 DOWNER. DON DUANE 379 DOWNING, DANIEL LEON 430 DOWNS. ROSE MARIE 403 DOZXER. DANIEL GWIN 450 DRAKE. JACOB S. 404. 421 DRAKE, MARK JAMES 379 DRAPE, MELANIE KAYE 329 DRAPER. DIRK D. 438 DRENNAN. PHYLLIS 144 DRESNER. THOMAS GERARD 433. 432 DREYER. KIMBERLY LYNN 405 DREYER. STEPHEN MICHAEL 398 DRIER. DAVID THOMAS 159 DRINKHOUSE. FRANK FRALEY 369 DRUMM. SUSAN VICTORIA 159 DRUMMOND, KATHLEEN DENISE 307 DRUMMOND. MICHAEL DOUGLAS 431 DRUMMOND. ROBERT DANIEL 427, 367 DUBAN. STEPHEN JAMES 377 DUBAY. MICHAEL EDWARD 369 DUBBERT. NANCY ANN 408 DUBBERT, SUSAN ELIZABETH 408 DUBBS, SHEILA KAY 391 DUBINSKY. STEVEN JOEL 381 DUCEY. MEG M. 418. 135 ' DUCKE'IT, MARK DAVID 159. 315 DUECKER. MARK FREDRICK 377 DUEKER. MARY SUZANNE 343 DUENSING. DANIEL GENE 404 DUEY. CHERYL SUE 159 DUFFY. DIANA LYNN 307 DUFNER. GREGORY PAUL 321 DUGGAN, REBECCA THATCHER 159 DULLE. CRAIG MICHAEL 355 DUNAGAN. NANCY 232 DUNCAN, GREGORY BRIAN 335 DUNCAN. RICK LYNN 159. 379 DUNCAN. STEVE SCOTT 413 DUNG. JAMES CHOLLOM 159 DUNIVAN, JAN 446 DUNKERLEY, G. PATRICK 339 DUNLAP. JERI LYNN 159 DUNLAP. ROSALYN 276 DUNN. BRANT WILLIAM 315 DUNN. DEAN 339 DUNN. DAVE 361 DUNN, EILEEN 313 DUNN, KAREN ELAINE 159 DUNN, MARK RICHARD 363 DUNN, TERRI L. 159. 347 DUNN. THOMAS G. 159 DUNSFORD. KATHY ANN 159 SUPOND. EOB 355 DUSENBERRY, EREK LOYD 337 BUTTON, JAMES RUSSELL 373 DVORAK. THOMAS PAUL 450 DWORSACK. KAREN LOUISE 408 DZXEDZIC, CYNTHIA ANN 403 EAGAN, PAUL JOSEPH 412. 317 EARLY, JEANNE LOUISE 434 EASTER. DARRYL GENE 379 EATON, PAULA D. 429 EBERSOLE. STACY 307 - ECCHER, DENISE CATHERINE 159 ECHTERNACHT. JERRY LYNN 456 ECKART. SCOTT WENDELL 323 ECKERT, JANE ELLEN 347 ECKERT. MARK BRADLEY 159 EDDENS. CONSTANCE MARIE 396 EDELMAN. BRAD MART 214 EDEN. MELANIE SUE 428 EDGAR. TAMARA LEA 159. 394 EDHARDT. RICH 335 EDWARDS. ANN ELIZABETH 403. 427 EDWARDS. DAVID 379 EDWARDS. DENISE MICHELLE 159 EDWARDS. DOUGLAS JOHNSTON 357 EDWARDS, KATHLEEN BARBARA 329 EDWARDS, MICHAEL 395. 353 EDWARDS. STEPHEN RICHARD 357 EFFERTZ. BERNIE STEPHEN 373 EFFERTZ, JOE 373 EFFINGER. JULIE ANN 439 EFTXNK. IVAN JOSEPH 159 EGAN. DARIN JOSEPH 351 EGGEN, GARY L. 359 EGGERING, SUSAN MARGARET 159 EGGERS. DAVID MYRON 345 EGGERT. BARBARA ANNE 349 EHLING. CHRISTY ELIZABETH 422 EHRHARD. KAREN RENATE 400 EHRHARDT. GLEN RAY 159. 337. 427. 430 EHRHARDT. JANE LYN 420 EHRHART. EUGENE JOSEPH 367 EHRLICH. MA'ITHEW CARLETON 402 EICHMEYER. MELISSA KAY 159 EIDEL. JAMES MARC 401 EIDSON. BRIAN EDWARD 440 EIKERMAN. DEBORAH LYNN 391 EINSPANIER. LISA MARIE 349 EISCHEN. SHARON K. 305 EISELE, STACEY LEE 391 EISEN, JACK M. 381 EISEN. MARK IRWIN 381 EKERN. JANE KRISTIN 351 EKSTEDT. PATRICIA JEANNE 159 ELAM. LAURA JEAN 446 ELAM. PAULA MAXINE 307 ELAM. ROBERTA LEE 159 ELDER. TERRI LYNNE 397 ELDRIDGE, RUTH ANN 159. 442, 305 ELFANBAUM. TAMMY LYNN 405 ELIAS. LAURA ELIZABETH 159 ELKINS, LISA KAREN 159 ELLIOTT, JEANA KATHLEEN 307 ELLIOTT. JOHN STEPHEN 408 ELLIS. ACE 337 ELLIS. KATHLEEN RENEE 160 ELLIS. SKEETZ 361 ELLWOOD, NOREEN KAY 160 ELROD. CAROL ANN 435 ELY. CAROLYN MARIE 160 EMMERICH. PAMELA SUE 443 ENDSLEY. ARTHUR E. M. 355 ENGELBERG, JAN LEE 160 ENGLAND. DAVID ROBERT 335 ENKELMANN. PAUL A. 379 ENLOW. KAREN LESLEY 403 ENNIS. LISA ANN 305 ENSOR. BRYAN WADE 321 EPPLE. JIM DARRELL 412. 379 EPSTEIN. ANDREW CRAIG 321 ERNDLE. JOE MIKE 355 ERSELIUS. LYNNE LOUISE 417 ERWIN. GEORGE ABRAHAM 311 ERWXN, LEE D. 311 ESKENGREN. JULIE WYNNE 456 ESPARRAGO. ANTONIO FRANCISCO 321 ESPARRAGO. PETER PAUL 325 ESSMAN. BRUCE I. 440. 430. 371 ESSMAN. MARSHA HEIDI 309 ESSMANN. ROBERT FLOYD 367 ESSMANN. WILLIAM GEORGE 367 ESTES. DAVE W. 345 ESTRADA. DANIEL MICHAEL 379 ETHRIDGE. TERRI LYNN 349 EVANS. ANNE 349 EVANS, CYNTHIA LOU 403 EVANS. DEBORAH LYNN 411. 349 EVANS. LISA SUZANNE 396 EVANS. LYNN CARLA 394 EVANS. MARLENE 347 EVELD. EDWARD MICHAEL 160. 451 EVELOFF. SHERI 309 EVENSON. MARK EDWARD 325 EVERETT. KENDALL GRANT 355 EVERETT. KEVIN DALE 404 EVERS, BRUCE NORBERT 429 EYESTONE. HAL 144 EZELL. SUSAN H. 160, 343 EZERSKI. BARRY THOMAS 363 FAABORG, KIRSTEN MIA 403 FABER. PATRICIA KAY 395 FABES, RUSSELL SCOTT 381 FAHRENBRlNK. RUSSELL KEITH 160 FAILONI. MARY ELIZABETH 349 FAINARU. STEVEN MARK 335 FAINES. JACKI 365 FALINO. DIANE THERESA 160 FALLON. MALCOLM HARRY 363 FALLOON, SANDRA E. 428 FANCHER. PAUL WILLIAM 424 FANN. RODNEY KIRK 440 FARBER, STEVEN M. 381 FARKAS, TERESA MARIA 408 FARMER. JOSEPH 357 FARMER. KIRK ALAN 447 FARNEN. DANIEL KEVIN 450 FARNHAM. MARK EVERETT 160 FARNHAM. STACY ANN 160 FARNSWORTH. HORATIO 430 FARR. LINDA DIANE 347 FARROW. CONNIE LYNNE 406 FARTHING. JULIA TAYLOR 347 FAUSER. MARK ANTHONY 367 FAUST. BRIAN 400. 363 FAUST, GRETCHEN 391 FAY. CAROL ALISON 160, 331 FEE. CRAIG 353 FEHRENBACHER. RANDALL LAWRENCE 440 FEIBEL. SUSAN S. 160 FELICI. STEVEN MARK 353 FELLHOELTER. CURTIS LAWRENCE 315 FELLHOELTER. KEITH LAWRENCE 431 FELLOWS. BOYD 345 FELTMANN. GERALD FREDERICK 404 FENDLASON. SUSAN GALE 424. 305 FENLON. MARGARET CLAIRE 307 FENNER. CRAIG GERARD 160. 442 FENNESSEY. JUDITH ANN 160 FENNEWALD. PATRICIA MARY 466 FENSTER. NEAL JEFFREY 381 FERDMAN. MICHAEL JEFFREY 311 FERGASON, DAVID NEIL 315 FERGUSON. LINDSEY SCOTT 323 FERGUSON. NEIL R. 160 FERGUSON. STEVEN CARL 341. 448 FERGUSON. TIMOTHY EARL 341 FERMAN. DAVID 1,311 FERNAAYS. SALLY ANN 421 FERNAAYS. STEVEN JAMES 421 FERNANDES. DOUGLAS CHARLES 375 FERRET. LORRAINE 254 FERRY. DAVID L. 359 FICKEN. MARILYN MARIE 438 FICKEN. MICHAEL GERARD 405 FIEKER. SHARON SUSAN 394 FIELDS. LEE SAWYER 325 FIGGINS. ROSE MARIE 160 FIKE. LAURA SUE 383 FILER. SUSAN LYNN 391 FINAN. JAMES PATRICK 434 FINDERS. LINDA S. 160. 438. 285 FINK. ELIZABETH ANNE 319 F1NKE.JANET SUE 160 FINKELSTEIN. RICK 371 FINN. TIMOTHY 392 FINNEGAN. JOHN HOLLIS 361 FISCHER. AMY CAROLYN 327 FISCHER. DEBORAH 319 FISCHER. IRENE D. 434 FISCHER. JEFFREY KEITH 160 FISCHER. LEE JAMES 432 FISCHER. PAMELA JANE 343 FISCHER. SANDY 307 FXSHBACK. FRANCES NADINE 160 FISHER, ANDREA 230 FISHER, ROY 148 FISHER. SHAUN GAYLYN 331 FISHER, STEPHEN JOSEPH 339 FISZEL. JACQUELINE HARRIET 160 FITCHETI'. MARK WAYNE 325 FITTERLING. JAMES RAY 341. 430 FITZGERALD. JILL ANN 327 FXTZPATRICK. COLLEEN ANN 449. 443. 448 FlTZSIMMONS. MARY MEGAN 394 FIX. GREG GERARD 160. 363 FIX. PHILIP GUY 294 FLACHSBART. TIMOTHY ANDREW 430. 323 FLAMM. PAMELA C. 160 FLANIGAN. MATTHEW CALLAWAY 325 FLEETWOOD. CAROLYN LUCILLE 394 FLEETWOOD. LAURIE LEE 160 FLEMING. ROBERT 429 FLETCHER. CHARLES K. 160 FLICK, DAVID L. 412 FLIEG. LINDA MARIE 417 FLOOD. LYNETTE MARIE 329 FLOODSTRAND. MICHAEL .1. 321 FLOWERS. JOEL KIRBY 162 FLOYD. ALMA 321 FLOYD. JEFFREY LYNN 315 FLUKER. JAMES ANTHONY 367 FLYNN, VALERY K. 417 FOEDECKER, MARY CAROL 365 FOGARTY. DEAN ALLEN 275 FOGEL, DAVID SCOTT 373 FOLEY, DENNIS MICHAEL 407 FOLEY. ELIZABETH DIANE 307 FOLEY. SARA GRACE 396 FOLKINS. MARGERY ANN 443 FOLLEMER. MARlUM 408 FOPPE. STEVEN J. 430 FORBES. LESLIE CAROLYN 319 FORCE. RANEE MELISSA 331 FORD. JULIE ANN 162. 456 FORD. SCARLETI' MICHELLE 391 FORD. SHERRI ANN 162 FORTIN. BARBARA ANN 162. 383 FORTNER. CHARLOTTE KAY 443 FOSTER. LAURA LEE 313 FOSTER. MARK BRIAN 369 FOSTER. PRISCILLA DIANE 395 FOSTER. ROBERT 325 FOTENOT. MARCELLA 349 FOUNTAIN. ARLA RENE 406 FOWLER. BRUCE ALLEN 405 FOWLER. PAMELA JANE 403 FOX. CATHERINE ALICE 162 FOX, DANIEL JAY 162. 335 FOX. JEFFREY BRIAN 162 FRAHM. JOHN EDWARD 407 FRAIN. JOHN DAVIS 335 FRAME. LORI ELLEN 307 FRANCIS. BARBARA ANNE 383 FRANCIS. MICHELLE DENISE 333 FRANCIS. RONNIE EUGENE 438 FRANEY, CON CURRAN 357 FRANK, ALAN ANDREW 448 FRANK. SHERRI 162 FRANK. WENDY LEE 383 FRANKEL. AMY GAY 162 FRANKENFIELD. BRENDA LEE 331 FRANKENFIELD. BRUCE JOSEPH 162 FRANKLIN. BOB 345 FRANKLIN. MARK ALAN 311 FRANKS. CHRISTOPHER C1 404 FRANZEL. BRENT STEVEN 381 FRANZEL. SHERYL DYANNE 305 FRASER. GLENN ALAN 440 FRASER. STUART ANDREW 381 PRAYER. BARRY 311 FRAZIER. KATHERINE ELIZABETH 443 FRAZIER. KRISTEN LYNN 329 FRAZIER. MARJORIE .11 162 FRAZIER. RICK REVENE 240. 242. 251 FREDERICK. SCOTT 381 FREED. LINDA MARIE 162 FREELS. THEA ANN 162 FREEMAN. RANDY MILLER 162 FREEMAN. ROBERT HOLT 162 FREIBURGHOUSE. RONALD JOSEPH 446 FRENCH. DAVID 162. 425 FRENCH. DONALD BOYD 345 FRENCH. KYLE RODERICK 162. 325 FRENCH. RONALD CLOVIS 424 FRICK. KAREN CREIGH 162 FRICKE, ANN MARIE 162 FRIEDBERG. BOB 447 FRIEDLA. ELLEN JEAN 410 FRIEDMAN. CHARLES STACY 381 FRIEDMAN. DAVID PAUL 335 FRIEDMAN. MARY CELESTE 313 FRIEDRICH. TONY DALE 162 FRIELING. LISA JANE 391 FRIEND. OLEN KENT 339 FRIES. ROSS 369 FRIEZE. LAURA ELLEN I62 FRIEZE. LESLIE V. 162 FRISBEE. SUSAN ELIZABETH 406 FRISELLA. MARK ANDREW 377 FRIZ. ERIC S. 401 FROGGE. JAMES MARKHAM 359 FROST. DIANE 484 FROST. EDITH ALISON 162 FUCHS. DEBORAH A. 424 FUCHS. PAUL MICHAEL 325 FUEMMELER. BARRY JOSEPH 315 FUEMMELER. KIRK EDWARD 405 FULLER. GREGORY PAUL 353 FULLERTON. JANE ELLEN 347 FUNK. BRYAN JAMES 357 FUNKHOUSER. PATTY LYNN 162 FURGASON. TOMMY DEAN 162 FURGESON. ROBERT WAYNE 341 WENDY FUSHMAN 403 FUSON. ELLEN MONTGOMERY 351 FUSON. KATHRYN SUZANNE 351 GABRIEL. LANCE ROBERT 379 GAFFNEY. DENISE MICHELLE 329. 419. 406 GAGE. GREG 342 GAGE. LINDA CAROL 428 GAHN, LISA 448 GAINES. KIMBERLY KAYE 161 GALAMBA. ROBERT STEVEN 381 GALES, PATRICIA LYNN 405 GALLAGHER. MARY FRANCES 161 GAMACHE, CAROLYN ANNE ZUIUS 419 GAMBLE. JAMES R. 363 GAMBLE. JEFFREY TINDALL 373 GAMEWELL, CHRISTINE RUTH 450 GANLY. DONNA MARIE 439 GARCHER. ANNE 425 GARCIA. JORGE Y. 398 GARDNER. ANNE COLLINS 456. 347 GARDNER. DAVID BRYAN 456 GARDNER. GREGORY SCOTT 317 GARDNER. ROGER LEE 317 GARDNER. SHARON KAY 403 GARDNER. THOMAS ALAN 435 GARLICH. JEFFREY C. 321 GARNE'IT, CHRISTY DARLENE 419 GARNETT. JOHN D. 161 GAROFALO. MICHAEL C. 161 GARRETT. JOHN ROBERT I61 GARRETT. MAJOR ELLIOTT 359 GARRETT, MARY KELLY 161 GARRISON. GRETCHEN 161 GARRISON. KAREN SUE 161 GARRISON. SARA MARSH 394 GARTENBERG. MICHAEL WILLIAM 424 CARTON. BRYAN LUKE 341 GARZA. J EFF 375 GARZA. ROBERT FREDERICK 375 GAST. DAVID SCOTT 381 GAUGHRAN. MICHAEL PATRICK 232 GAULT. H. FRED 431 GAVRIL. BARRY MICHAEL 371 GAWATZ. MONICA MARIE 162 GAWIENOWSKI. ANTHONY MICHAEL 450 GAYLORD. JEFF 216, 218 GAZZOLA. DONNA MARIE 162 GEESER. BONNIE 443 GEESON, TODD MICHAEL 321 GELNER. DEBORAH ANN 343 GENDRON. KENNETH RAY 419 GENSTER. ROBBIE 371 GENTGES. RANDALL PAUL 409 GENTRY. BRADLEY DALE 413 GENTRY. DAWN M1 418. 422. 446. 131 GENTRY. LYNDA DIANE 162 GENTRY, TIMOTHY ALLEN 335 GENTRY. TODD MONROE 407 GENTRY. VICKI LYN 327 GENTSCH. STEPHANIE LYNN 319 GEOGHEGAN. SEAN THOMAS 450 GEORGE, MARY JOSEPHINE 305 GEORGEVITCH. MARY ANN 410 GERDES. TERESA L1 162 GERHART. MICHELE RENEE 394 GERKE. MICHAEL J. 421. 341 GERKER, MATT BENARD 424 GERSCHEFSKE. GAIL ANN 331 GERSON, GAIL JOYCE 333. 422 GEURIN. JULIE KAY 162. 327. 427 GIBBONS. MAUREEN ELIZABETH 313 GIBBS. JONATHAN DAVID 440 GlBlLTERRRA. JIM JOSEPH 367 GIBSON. ELIZABETH ANN 347 GIBSON. JACQUELINE SUE 410 GIBSON. JOEL THOMAS 162 GIBSON, TODD ALAN 413.317 GIER JR., RONALD ELDON 373 GlER. PHILLIP STEPHEN 162. 398 GILBANE. KELLY JOY 343 GILBERT. JANE MASSEY 162. 449 GILBERT. TINA 383. 443 GILDER, KIMBERLY KAY 383 GILES. SUSAN ASHLEY 329 GILJUM. DEBORAH MARGARET 391 GILL. FRANCIS STEPHEN 357 GILLARDI, CATHERINE 402 GILLESPIE. KELLY PATRICK 359 GILLESPIE. LYNNE MARIE 396. 327 GILLILAND. MARK SHERWOOD 409 GILLMORE. DANIEL MARTIN 430 GILMORE. TIM P. 359 4GslgsTRAP. ROBERT HARISSON 425. 424. GIORDANO. PAUL SAVERlO 325 GIRARD. CYNTHIA LEE 403 GISHAM. BILL 405 GIVEN, BARBARA MARIE 446 GLADBACH. STAN V1 315 GLADDEN, CAROLYN SUE 424. 443 GLADNEY, BRYANT EDWIN 395 GLASER. HOLLY ANN 391 GLASS. ALLEN 381 GLASS. JULIE LYNN 347 GLASS. KATHRYN LOUISE 162 GLEASON, JAMES PATRICK 321 GLEDHILL. DAVID SCOTT 303 GLENN, WILLIAM E. JR. 325 GLENSKI. CAROL ANNE 162 GLENSKX. MARY CECELIA 162 GLICKERT. GINA MARIE 343 GLIDEWELL. MICHAEL DEAN 412 GLOVER, JOYCE EILEEN 416 GLOVER, TONI GAIL 162 GODAR. KATHRYN DELANEY 162 GODBOUT. SUE MARIE 162. 383 GODDARD. LAURA ALLYN 443. 307 GOEDEKER. ELLEN MARIE 446. 319 GOEKE. CHRISTINE MARIE 450. 343 GOEKE. TONY HENRY 337 GOELLNER. VICKY LYNN 402 GOERKE. JENNIFER RUTH 391 GOLDBERG. KENNETH J. 381 GOLDBERG. NANCY 162. 349 GOLDER, JAY PHILLIP 381 GOLDMAN, GREGG STEVEN 434. 381 GOLDMAN. LINDA C. 433. 432 GOLDMAN. MAXINE ELLEN 162, 309 GOLDSTEIN. ERIC 311 GOLLER, SUE L. 447. 443. 420. 307 GOOD. LAURA 349 GOODALL. JOHN PATRICK 420 GOODE, CONRAD LAWRENCE 450 GOODE, STACEY ADINA 347 GOODGAME. DIANE CECILE 428 GOODMAN. CRAIG LEONARD 418, 448 GOODMAN, GREGG MICHAEL 311 GOODMAN. MARK GREGGORY 162. 438. 435 GORDEN, LAURA ANN 162 GORDON. DAVID PAUL 430. 363 GORDON. DIANNE JILL 401 GORDON. DON SCOTT 162 GORDON, GENE BRIAN 405 GORDON, SCO'I'l' DAVID 335. 434 GORMAN, DEENA ANN 442. 349 GORRELL, WILLIAM KEITH 447. 341 GOSIK, KEVIN RICHARD 315 GOSLEE. MICHAEL GLENN 379 GOSS. KENNETH WAYNE 379 GOSSOW. DOUGLAS EUGENE 337 GOUDY. TERRI ANN 349 GOUGH, DANIEL JOSEPH 162 GOUGH, RONALD WAYNE 412 GOWANS. SHAWN 353 GRABBE, JEFFREY SCOTT 369 GRACE. KAREN ANNE 429 GRAESSLE, DALE EDWARD 395 GRAESSLE, GLENN LOUIS 395 GRAF. MARY JANE 162 GRAFF. GARY ALAN 162. 412 GRAHAM, KATHY ANN 407. 424 GRAHAM, ROBERT MICHAEL 400 GRAHAM. SHELLEY LINN 401 GRAMLICH. DAVID MARK 345 GRANT. JOSEPH HOWARD 430. 303 GRANT. KELLY 315 GRANTHAM. DAVID SCOTT 440 GRASS. CARRIE FRANCES 162 GRASS. SHERRY LYNN 450 GRASSO. LAURA ANN 383 GRASSO. NANCY PATRICIA 383 GRATWICK. TROY 359 CRAVEN. JAY ANTHONY 321 GRAVES, ION CHIPPER 325 GRAVES. MICHAEL DAVID 341 GRAVES. RENEE JEAN 365 GRAY. BARBARA JANE 405 GRAY, GENNY ISABEL 351. 443 GRAY. MYRA LOU 331 GRAY. NEAL ANDREW 339 GREDELL. KATHLEEN SUZANNE 162 GREDELL. REBECCA JOYCE 394 GREEN. DANIEL 373 GREEN. JULIE LYNN 319 GREEN. MARILYN GAIL 162 GREEN. PAT 257 GREENBERG. MICHAEL JAY 311 469 GREENBLA'IT. JOANNE 309 GREENE. BETH ANN 373 GREENE. PHILLIP BRENT 162 GREENE, RICHARD MICHAEL 371 GREENE. ROBERT PAUL 430, 371 GREENWALT. DAVID FERGUSON 430. 400 GREENWAY. BELINDA JUNE 391 GREENWAY. RALPH EDWIN 162 GREENWOOD. MICHAEL F. 373 GREER. LEIGH ANN 417 GREGG. LAURIE RYLAND 162 GREGORY, MARY ELIZABETH 408 GREMORE. CARL ROBERT 398 GRESSLY. JANET GWENN 162 GREUBEL. JR. RICHARD ALPHONSE 379 GREWE. MICHELLE MARIE 406 GREYBONSKL EDWARD 440 GRIBBLE, KURT EDWARD 339 GRIER. GLEN CHIP 317 GRIESEDIECK. CARRIE LOUISE 162 GRIESHABER, MATTHEW JOSEPH 409 GRIFFIN, DONNA VIVIAN 349 GRIFFIN. JOSEPH MICHAEL 162 GRIFFIN. MIKE 363 GRIFFITH. PHILLIP KEVIN 339 GRIFFLE. GREG ALAN 361 GRIGGSBY. DEMETRIUS DURAND 162 GRILLO. CARMINE 369 GRIMALDI, JAMES VINCENT 434. 373 GRIMES. AMY C1 162 GRIMES. LINDA ANN 446 GRISSUM. GARY LEE 424 GRONE. MARY ELIZABETH 383 GRONER. CHERYL JANE 427 GROSS. JUDITH D1ANE 162 GROSS. LAURA M. 349 GROSSER, MICHELLE LYNN 401 GROSSMAN'. LORI 309 GROTE, LYNN ANN 383 GROUGH, MARIE 404 GROVE, KAREN 163 GRUENDER. MICHAEL 163 GRUMKE. CLAY LEONARD 398. 425, 456 GRUMKE, CURTIS RAY 413 GRUNKIN. RACHEL 333 GRZYBOWSKI. EDWARD PAUL 163 GUILFOIL. SHAWNA ELIZABETH 163 GULLER, STEVEN JAY 381 GURNEY. TERRI LEE 397 GURSKI. THERESE ANNE 420 GUSTIN. BRIAN KENT 375 GUTHEIL. RICHARD ALWIN 163 GUTHRIE. R. SCOTT 43S GUTKNECHT. JEFFREY NORMAN 163. 357 GUYOT, JOHN FORREST 357 GUYTON, ANNIE DEE 313 HAACK, STEPHEN WILLIAM 373 HAAKE, DONNA EILEEN 442 HAARMANN. MARK RAYMOND 405 HAAS. RUSSELL EDWARD 440 HMSE. CAROLYN EDWARDS 327 HABERSTROH. JOSEPH KEVIN 412, 434 HACHTEL. LAURIE MARIE 383 HACKLEY. COLIN COMES 430. 303 HACKMANN. BARBARA ANN 319 HADNER. RISA 309 HAGAR, WENDY 313 HAGEMEISTER, JAMES BARRETT 357 HAGER, BEATE INGRID 163. 443 HAGER, JEFFREY SCOTT 345 HAGERMAN, NANCY KAY 331. 449 HAGGARD, LAURA COLLEEN 163 HAHLBECK. ELIZABETH MARIE 443 HAHN. BARBARA LEE 327 HAHN, CHARLES MARK 369 HAHN, PAUL WAYNE 163 HALEY. DEANNA MARIE 163 HALFERTY. RICH 335 HALL, ALAN GREGORY 395 HALL, BRUCE RAY 398 HALL. CARLEEN ILEANA 163 HALL. CAROLE ANN 351 HALL, CYNTHIA 305 HALL, JEFF WAYNE 361 HALL. JERRY ALLEN 405 HALL, KAREN JOAN 456 HALL. LILLIE MAE 403 HALL, LORI DICKINSON 446 HALL. MAUREEN THERESE 400 HALL, MICHAEL DAVID 163. 440 HALL, RONALD WAYNE 163. 456 HALL. SALLY HODGES 163 HALL. THEA DIANE 163. 351 HALLIBURTON. SCOTT PAUL 404 HALSTENBERG, MARY HELEN 329 HALTER. DAVID MICHAEL 421 HALTER. STEVEN LEE 321 470 HAM, LISA KAY 163 HAMELL. ALAN 412 HAMILTON. JENNIFER RENEE 327 HAMILTON, TERRI DEE 327 HAMM. RHONDA KAY 163 HAMMANN. ELIZABETH ANN 327 HAMOR. RALPH EDWARD 428 HAMPTON. OSCAR L. 430 HANCE. WILLIAM 291 HANCOCK. ALISON 329 HANCOCK. MICHAEL 163 HAND, MARCIA GAYLE 403 HANIFAN, KATHLEEN MARIE 349 HANKS. REAEL 431 HANLEN. KELLY JANE 307 HANLON, DON EDWARD 430 HANNISON. CHRIS 319 HANNON, THOMAS RICHARD 432 HANSBROUGH, WANDA ANN 163 HANSEN. ROBERT 440 HANSEN. SUSAN LYNN 163 HANSON, ERIC GLENN 390 HANSON. GAIL M. 163 HARBER, ANDREW DENNIS 311 HARBOR. CHERYL LYNN 331 HARDIN. KAREN DEANE 313 HARDIN. MITCHELL DON 163 HARDING. JOHN DAVID 325 HARDISTER. LAURIE LEE 163 HARDY. STEPHANIE ANN 403 HARKE. BETH ANN 443 HARLAN. TAMMIE LYNN 329 HARMES, RICHARD HARMON 345 HARPER, RUBY IRENE 395 HARPOLE. JEFFREY SCO'IT 337 HARR. DOUGLAS SCOTT 427 HARRELL. ALAN JOSEPH 163 HARRELL. KEVIN WAYNE 430. 317 HARRIS. ALLEN HOWARD 424 HARRIS. DAVID 163. 450 HARRIS, HELEN JOYCE 395 HARRIS, KENNETH NEAL 440 HARRIS. LORI JAIN 442 HARRIS. MARGIE 443 HARRIS. MARY 137. 331 HARRIS. MELANIE JEAN 307 HARRIS. NEIL 440 HARRISON. KATHLEEN ANN 305 HARRISON. KENNETH CARL 163 HARRISON. THERESE DIANNE 163 HART. DONALD WAYNE 163. 404 HART. KEITH ROBERT 405 HART, MARGARET MARY 164 HARTLEY. LAURENCE STUART 164 HARTMAN. ANITA J. 446 HARTMAN. JOSEPH JOHN 405 HARTMAN. SUSAN MARIE 327. 132 HARTMAN. THERESA ANN 446 HARTMANN. JULIE ANN 164 HARTNAGEL, MARK ALLAN 164v 442 HARWELL. JAMES LEE 303 HASKAMP. REGINA MARIE 405 HASKINS. JOHN ALAN 402 HASLAG, JAMES DAVID 398 HASLAG. JOSEPH HARRY 379 HASTINGS. ANNE MARIE 343 HASTON. CARLA SUE 164 HATA, DONNA JANE 394 HATCHER. CYNTHlA ELIZABETH 406 HATCHER, MICHELLE ELAINE 164 HATCHER. MOLLIE DORINDA 394 HATFIELD. JAYNE S. 446 HATFIELD, TIMOTHY JOSEPH 373 HAUCK. KAREN SUE 349 HAWKINS. JEAN LOUISE 164 HAWKINS, TANDY LEE 417 HAWN, STEVE CHARLES 164. 379 HAYDEN, JOSEPH DAYTON 341 HAYEK, THOMAS JOHN 363 HAYEN. DEBBIE JOYCE 443. 349 HAYEN, LISA KAY 349 HAYES. FRANCES LUCILLE 164 HAYES. GRANVILLE LEE 274 HAYES, JAMES 456 HAYES. MARK OHARA 440 HAYES. RON 412 HAYES, SHAUN REGAN 164. 430, 379 HAYNES. ANNA LISA 305 HAYNES. MELISSA AMBER 164. 347 HAYNES, SCOTT C. 404 HAYOB. MICHAEL RAYMOND 325 HAYS. LAURA KAY 164 HAYSLE'I'I'. CLAUDIA CATHRYN 421 HAYWORTH. ROBERT ERIC 390 HAZLE'IT, BECKY JANINE 406 HEADRICK. BARBARA RUTH 397 HEAPE. KIMBERLY LYNNE 396 HEARN. BARBARA JEAN 164 HEARNES, HEATHER LEE 307 HEBERT, DESIREE DENISE 164 HEBRANK. SHEILA LYNNE 456 HECHT. JAMES EDWARD 323 HEESE. JAMES MARCUS 164 HEFTY. GLENDA JOYCE 164 HEGEMAN. DANIEL JAY 315 HEGEMAN, ELIZABETH ANN 429 HEGGIE. ROBERT M.ERRELL 369 HEIDBREDER. LISA M1 429 HEILLEIN. ELLEN 343 HEILMAN. RACHEL ELAINE 331 HEIM, MIKE FRANCIS 363 HEIMANN. DAVE CHARLES 447 HEIN, LAURA DIANE 313 HEINEMANN, DAVID LEE 430. 357 HEINLEIN, ELLEN LOUISE 427 HEIZER. THOMAS CHARLES 401 HELBIG. LOUISE REBECCA 164. 419. 305 HELD. KAREN SUE 164. 448. 407 HELLE. PAULA KAY 428, 446 HELLMAN. KURT 337 HELMER, CAROL ANN 307 HELMUTH. MICHAEL 164, 355 HELTON. KIMBERLY SUZANNE 408 HELVEY, ELIZABETH MARY 164 HEMENWAY. STACY LYNN 397 HEMME, GINA L1 164 HENCKE. LAURA GLYN 343 HENDERSON. DONAVAN FRANCIS 164 HENDERSON. LYNDA KAY I64. 349 HENDERSON, PAULA ANNETTE 394 HENDERSON, SANDY 319 HENDLEY. ANNE KATHERINE 319 HENDLEY. BOO 359 HENDRICH. MICHAEL RICHARD 359 HENDRICKS, CARLA FAYE 446 HENKE, AMY LOUISE 164 HENKE. LAURA MAE 164 HENNING. KERRY F. 390 HENNING, KEVIN CHRISTOPHER 359 HENNINGS, RICH 363 HENNRICH. LORI ANNE 394 HENOCH. MARK ALLEN 400 HENRY. DAVID J. 367 HENRY. DEBBIE DORICE 164. 383 HENRY. NANCY JILL 393 HENSARLING. JUDITH RUTH 429 HENSE. MARK JOSEPH 357 HENSON. LIZ 424 HENSON, MICHAEL LAWRENCE 335 HENSON, ROSE ANNE 164. 418 HENTZ. STACIA DALY 313 HENZLER. JAMES GERARD 165 HERBERS. ANNE ELIZABETH 165. 438. 443 HERBERS, CLARE MARGARET 447 HERIDES, THOMAS M. 345 HERMAN. SCOTT LEO 353 HEROLD, JAN LEANNE 401 HERZOG, DAVID L. 165, 339 HESSKAMP. ROBERT JOSEPH 165 HESSKAMP. TERESA MARIE 405. 383 HESTERMAN. SUSAN LYNN 329. 126 HEUTEL. JEFFREY RICHARD 373 HEWER. JOEL EDWARD 431 HEWITT. JERALD LYNDEN 355 HICK. KENNETH ALAN 323 HCIKMAN, DANA 410 HCIKMAN, KRISTEN KAY 349 HCIKS. BYRON DALE 165 HICKS. MICHAEL DEWAYNE 431 HICKS. TADD DUANE 339 'HlERONYMUS. KELLY KAY 165 HIGGINBOTHAM. ANDREW ROBERT 392 HIGGINS. DAVID 317 HIGGINS. JANE AUSTEN 391 HIGGINS, KELLY LYNN 391 HIGGINS. ROBERT 427. 359 HILDEBRAND, CHARLES LEONARD JR 409 HILKER, JULIE MARIE 408 HILL, BONNIE SUE 442 HILL, CURT 317 HILL, DAVID EVEN 421 HILL. GARY 361 HILL. MICHELLE RENEE 165 HILL. PAUL GARY 395 HILL. ROGER WAYNE 390 HILL. STEPHEN HUBBARD 398 HILL, TODD REYNOLDS 325 HILLE, STANLEY 143 HILLEMEYER. TAMARA LYNN 347 HIMMELBERG. THOMAS ALBERT 400 HINCH, GARRY DALE 417 HINCHEY. CHARLES VICTOR 165. 404 HINDS. SANDRA LYNN 347 HINKEN. KATHLEEN SUSAN 443 HINRICHS. CARL MARK 335 HINTERLEITNER. BRUCE EDWARD I65 HIROSE, LORIE GAIL 434 HIROVNEN, SATU 419 HIRSCH, JIM SIMON 420 HIRSCH. ROBERTA LYNN 165 HIRSCH. STEPHEN MITCHELL 381 HIRVONEN. SATU MAARIA 446 HITE. JEFFERY ALAN 440 HITT. ROBERT JOSEPH 427 HOBACK JAN 383 HOBBS, DAVID A. 315 HOCHBERG. ERIC ROBERT 311 HODAK, TINA MARIE 165 HODGKISS. THOMAS DALTON 373 HOECKER. JANELLE MARIE 405 HOEFEL, KURT F. 377 HOEFERLIN. CRAIG RAYMOND 392 HOEMANN. CHRISTINE ANN 319 HOEMANN. JAMES PAUL 430, 323 HOEMEYER. ANDREA 319 HOERMAN. RITA KAY 419 HOFEN. RICKY JEROME 165 HOFF. BARBARA 413 HOFF. JOHN JACOB 317 HOFFMAN, ANN STEVENS 347 HOFFMAN. DAVID PAUL 303 HOFFMAN, JOHN RUSSELL 165, 369. 325 HOFFMAN, ROBERT BRIAN 367. 369 HOFFMAN, SHARI MICHELLE 165 HOFFMANN. DONNA MARIE 395 HOFFMANN. JOHN EDWARD 165 HOFFMEISTER. MARK JOSEPH 390 HOFHERR. MARCELLA ANNE 3S3 HOFMEISTER. LAURA 319 HOGAN III, JAMES VINCENT 165 HOGAN, KENNETH EDGAR 421 HOGAN, SUSAN LYNN 165. 450 HOHENSTEIN. THOMAS PAUL 165. 323 HOHM. LUCIA ANN 165 HOKE. DIANNE LAURA 165, 327 HOLDMEYER. SUE ANN 165 HOLDORF, TOD MARTIN 395 HOLEKAMP. LISA HELENE 165 HOLEMON, LANCE DOUGLAS 390 HOLLAND, DENISE EILEEN 165 HOLLAND, JOHN ALLEN 456 HOLLAND. TERRY 327 HOLLANDER. SHARI LYNN 349 HOLLENBECK, DIANE RUTH 165 HOLLING, MICHAEL LOGAN 357 HOLLINGER. JACQUELINE RENEE 400 HOLLINS, ANNETTE MARIE 257 HOLLIS. JANICE FAY 165 HOLLRAH. SUSAN RUTH 165 HOLMAN. GEORGE A. 404 HOLMES. CAROL RUTH 407 HOLMES, JEFFREY BRIAN 422 HOLMES. JOHN 431 HOLMES, LAMBERT EDWARD TED 435 HOLMES. PATRICIA ANN 383 HOLMES. RANDALL REED 413 HOLT. DAVID LIONEL 165 HOLTGRIEVE, JAMES EDWARD 165. 425 HOLTSCLAW. RICK DALE 165 HOLTZHOUSER. STEVEN MICHAEL 369 HOLZSCHUH, BONNIE SUE 391 HOMAN, JUNE BRECHBUHLER 165 HOOD. JULIE MAURINE 313 HOOD. LEONA JULIANNE 166 HOOK. MARJORIE LYNN 166 HOOKER. JONATHAN BRENT 420 HOOPAW. CLIFF 363 HOOTER. CHUCK 404 HOOVER, KELLY SUE 456 HOPPER. ALAN GENE 166 HOPFINGER. PATRICIA LYNN 449 HOPKINS, KAY 331 HOPKINS. LISA SUZANNE 313 HOPKINS, RONALD 398. 413 HOPMANN. ROBERTA 417 HOPPER. CLIFTON TROY 321 HOPPER, KENT RANDALL 166. 341 HOPPER, WHITNEY EARL 321 HORGAN. LAURIE ANN 166 HORN. DANIEL JOHN 430. 357 HORN. ELLEN ANN 166 HORN. JOANNA LYNN 391 HORN. REBECCA LEE 343 HORNBECK. JOHN T. 408 HORNER. MARGARET GAYLE 435 HORNOF. TOM ROBERT 450 HORNUNG, STEVEN MICHAEL 166, 424 HOROCHOWSKI, LAURA 400 HORRIGAN. KATHLEEN MARIE 403 HORSEFIELD. DANIEL EDWARD 434 HORSEHEAD. GERTRUDE 391 HORTON. JAMES Y. 446 HORVATICH. PEGGY SUE 329. 443 HOSCH. GREGG WILLIAM 166, 357 HOSEA. JOHN R. 369 HOSFORD, KAREN ANN 349 HOSICK. DAVID KARL 166 HOSMER. ELLEN HL 450 HOUCHIN. MITCHELL LLOYD 440 HOUCHINS. STEPHEN BROWN 315 HOUCK. HAROLD ARTHUR 390 HOUGHTON, BARBARA ANN 166 HOULAB, ROBIN 309 HOUSE. JEFFERY ALAN 419 HOVIK. NILS LLOYD 398 HOWARD. JOSEPH HERMAN 404 HOWARD, KAREN ELIZABETH 166. 439 HOWARD. PAMELA 395 HOWARD. STEVEN 375 HOWE. JENNIFER 351 HOWELL. DANA MARIE 427 HOWELL. DANIEL WAYNE 166. 359 HOWELL, LAURA MARIE 166. 313 HOWELL. TOM P. 337. 430. 424 HOWERTON. STEVEN RICHARD 166 HOXIE. MARGARET LOUISE 410. 427 HOYT. MICHAEL GEORGE 357 HRITZKOWIN. JILL MARIE 331. 449 HRUBECKY. THOMAS GERARD 401 HUBACHER. ARTHUR STERLING 367 HUBER. JAMES M. 166 HUBER. KATHLEEN LOUISE 166 HUCKSTEP. MARTIN GENTRY 450. 413 HUDSON. STEPHANIE ALEEN 166 HUECHTEMAN. RANDY BRUCE 166 HUELSKAMP. RICHARD WILLIAM 166 HUFF. ROY WAYNE 166 HUFF. STEPHANIE ALICE 343 HUFF. THEODORE JUDSON 361 HUFFMAN. CHERRI ELAINE 166 HUFFMAN. MICHAEL SCOTT 359 HUGGANS. DANA RAE 456 HUGGINS, STEVE C. 424 HUGHES. ANTHONY WADE 440 HUGHES. A. 166 HUGHES. ELIZABETH ANN 397 HUGHES. JOHN 321 HUGHES. KELLEY WILMOT 407 HUGHES, LORI ANN 443 HUGHES. LUTHER 417 HUGHES. SABRINA LYNN 434 HUKARI, JOHN RYALL 321 HUKARI. RICHARD SCOTT 321 HULE'IT. KIM PHILLIP 440 HULL, MATTHEW LELAND 401 HULL, SARAH S. 351 HULSEY. SUSAN DENISE 166 HULVER. GREGORY ALLAN 379 HULVER. TODD LEE 315 HUMERICKHOUSE. JR. REX EUGENE 407 HUMMEL. MARTIN LOUIS 421 HUMMER. CHRISTY ANN 400 HUMPHREY. CATHERINE LUCILLE 438. 391 HUMPHREY. CURTIS BRIAN 325 HUNT III. WILLIAM PATRICK 395 HUNT. JAMES 398 HUNT, MERRI LEA 428 HUNT, MIKE 424 HUNTER, B. J. 345 HUPP. AMY LAUREN 305 HURLEY. DANIEL EDWARD 325 HURWITZ, MICHAEL STEVEN 381 HUSTON IV. JOHN PERCY 357 HUSTON. NICHOLAS ROGERS 339 HUTCHINS. W. DAVID 379 HUYE'IT. JOHN DAVID 367 HYDE. MICHAEL E. 205 HYSER. LINDA SUE 166. 419. 446 ICENOGLE. SUSAN 305 IKEMEIER. RICHARD JOE 355 lLIFF. LORI SUE 391 ILLY. JUDY KAY 166. 413 IMAN. AMY 347 INGLISH. BRUCE DEAN 408 INGRAM, ROBERT PALMER III 166. 450 IOVINO. LISA ELLEN 456 IF. ANTHONY 166 IPPOLITO. JULIE EILEEN 391 IRLANDER. DEBORAH ANN 411 ISAACS. WESLEY JACK 317 ISENBERG. MICHAEL AARON 166. 381 ISHLER. THEODORE SCOTI' 392 ISRAEL. PEGGY MlNE'I'l'E 449 IVERS. GREGG D. 361 IVEY. AMY CURTIS 166. 410 IZSAK. MICHAEL HOWARD 166 JACKSON. CHERYL LOU 394 JACKSON. ERIN ANN 166 JACKSON. GREG 355 JACKSON. JACK EARL 379 JACKSON. JANOLYN JEAN 166.456. 319 JACKSON. JOSEPH FORD 357 JACKSON. MICHAEL 355 JACKSON. SALLY JOAN 319 JACKSON. TIMOTHY ALLAN 323 JACOB. ANNETJ'E MARIE 427 JACOBS. JENNIFER JOAN 418. 305 JACOBS. MITCHELL DAVID 432. 381 JACOBS. SHERRI KAY 319 JACOBSEN. JACK ERIK 311 JACOBSEN. JOHN F. 167 JACOBSON. JONI 319 JACOBSON.JUL1E 319 JACOBY. LIBBY ANNE 167 JADIDIAN. M. REZA 167 JAFFE. ELISA KYLE 432 JAFFE. JAY 381 JAHTO, JIM 369 JAMES. ERNEST WILLIAM 430 JAMES. JAY EMORY 325 JAMES. JILL ELIZABETH 351. 138 JAMES. JOSEPH EDWARD 167. 325 JAMES. JUDY ANN 167 JAMES. MARY MARGARET 365 JAMES. RICHARD RUSH 369 JAMESON. CAROL ANN 403 JANSEN. GRETA KATHLEEN 400 JANSSEN. LINDA SUSAN 347 JARDINE. DANIEL GORDON 167 JARRAH. MARWAN SALlM 401 JASPER. JEFFREY RICHARD 341. 413 JAWORSKI. JACK MARION 167 JEANNET, PAUL WILLIAM 363 JEFFERY. GREG LEE 167 JEFFERY. HAROLD PAUL 167 JEFFREY. LISA SUSANNE 167 JEHLING. MARIE ELIZABETH 393 JENKINS. GENEVIEVE ANN 167 JENKINS. JEFFREY SCOTl' 341 JENKINS. JULIE KAY 405 JENKINS. LAURIE ANN 343 JENKINS. NANCY JAN 167 JENKINS. SCOTT 371 JENSEN. DANIEL BURTON 325 JENSEN. DAVID 323 JEPSEN, JOHN FREDRIK 167 IERASHEN. TAMMY JANE 167 JEROME. CARLA JEAN 438 JESKE. LISA G. 167 JE'I'l', ANGELA RENAE 411 JEWELL, KEVIN LEVERNE 167 JIANAS. STEVE GUS 357 JIEFFER. MIKE 339 JINCKS. GEORGANNA LYNN 450 JOCHENS. WILLIAM GERARD 430 JOEHNK, SUSAN IRENE 411. 429 JOHANBOEKE. LORI SUSAN 126 JOHANNESMEYER, LAURA ANN 167 JOHNSON. ALICIA KENT 167, 400 JOHNSON. ALLEN DEAN 335 JOHNSON. BARB 403 JOHNSON. BENJAMIN WARREN 167 JOHNSON. BRUCE 335 JOHNSON. CHRISTY OSER 446 JOHNSON. DAVID 456. 363 JOHNSON. DEBORAH MARIE 167 JOHNSON, DENNIS 405 JOHNSON, ELSA MARIE 167. 435 JOHNSON. GREGORY MONROE 339 JOHNSON. JAMES 405 JOHNSON. JOHN 401 JOHNSON. 10113 347 JOHNSON, JULIE 383. 443. 313 JOHNSON. KAREN 347 JOHNSON. KATHI LYNN 167 JOHNSON. KELLY CARTER 369 JOHNSON, LANA CHARISSE 167 JOHNSON. LIBBY 343 JOHNSON. REBECCA LYNN 450. 343 JOHNSON. ROBERT 167 JOHNSON. SEAN MICHAEL 323 JOHNSON. STEPHEN THOMAS 167, 402 JOHNSON. TERESA 438 JOHNSTON, RHETI' ANTHONY 373 JONAGAN. ROBERT ALAN 430 JONES. BRUCE DUANE 424 JONES. DONNA 167 JONES. GARY LA DON 417 JONES. GAY ANN 167 JONES. GRACE ELLEN 351. 428 JONES. JEFFREY 355 JONES. JENNIFER 167 JONES. JULIE ANNE 391. 347 JONES. KELLY BETH 347 JONES. KEVIN ELROY 168 JONES. MICHAEL 168. 137. 359 JONES. ROBERT E. 168. 325 JONES. SPAM 402 JORDAN. CHERYL LYNN 395 JORDAN. DANIEL ROBERT 168 JORDAN. MICHELLE 329. 286 JORDAN. NEAL V. 339 JOSEPH. CATHERINE MARY 349 JOSLIN. JANE 443 JOVANOVIC. DANNICA MARSHA 168 JUDD. DEBORAH ANN 391 JUDD. PAULA D. 405. 319 JULIAN, BARBARA ANNE 391 JUMP. DONNA LYNN 288 JUMPS. ROY OWEN 413 JUNG.T1NA MARIE 168 JUNGER. CHRIS R. 363 JUNGERMANN. JEFF ALAN 168. 323 JUNKER. JOHN PAUL 4Z4 JURGENSMEYER. JOSEPH SCOTT 405 JURGENSMEYER. RENE ROSE 329 JUSTICE. BRIAN MICHAEL 430. 375 KACICH. KAREN MARIE 400 KADERLY. STEVEN HENRY 400 KAEMMERER. NANCY LYNN 168. 456 KAEMPFE, ANNETTE JANICE 383 KAFOURY. WENDY LEE 168 KAGAY, BARRY DONALD 168 KAHLER, MAJOR 1w. 440 KAHN. ROBERT ANDREW 311 KAISER. DAVID RANDALL 311 KAISER. JOHN 168 KAISER. KIM SUZE'ITE 333 KAISER. MARY GRACE 442 KALAF. KIMBERLY KAY 443 KALEY, NISA RENEE 343 KALLAHER. LORI ANN 405. 383 KALMAR. JANICE R. 168 KALUPA. GLEN 369 KAMINSKI. CAROLJEAN 16s KAMMAN. ELIZABETH ANN 347 KAMMERER. DOUGLAS EDWARD 16s KANE. COLLEEN MARA 343 KANOFF, LORY BETH 309 KANONDO. VIVIAN MUNACHANDE 168 KAPLAN. ANDREW STEVEN 381 KARPAN. JULIE MEVIS 16s KARSCH. VERA 1.154 168 KARST. DANNY RAY 337. 430 KARST. DAVID ALAN 337 KASE, DORIS JEAN 442 KASPER. KATHLEEN DIANE 400 KASPER. LARRY DEAN 409 KASTOR. VINCENT WILLIAM 375 KATANO. BECKY s. 407 KATHES. DAVE 321 KATZ. BARBARA ANN 129 KATZ. LESLIE PAULA 309 KATZ. SUZAN JOY 168 KATZ. VALERIE ANN 309 KATZENSTEIN. KAREN WOLENS 443 KAUFFMAN.CLAUD1A K. 449. 347 KAYE. ALICYN ANN 168 KAYSER. JOHN ANTHONY 321 KAYSER. THOMAS M. 321 KEARNEY. CAROLYN RUTH 446 KEARNEY, ELIZABETH ANN 435 KEATHLEY. LEWIS EDWARD 435 KEE. CHERYL RENAE 168. 446 KEE. MARLOW BRYAN 168. 456 KEELER. AL GENE 168 KEEN. EULA BEE 168 KEILHOLZ. ROBERT JOSEPH 430. 375 KEINKE. SHARI 343 KEIRLE. NEALE DIANNE 391 KEITEL. CLARK GRAY 392 KELLER. CHRISTOPHER JOHN 395 KELLER. KELLY ELIZABETH 422 KELLER. REBECCA SUE 168 KELLER, RICHARD scorr 432 KELLIS.T1M MICHAEL 367 KELLOGG. HUGH scorr 168 KELLY. JAMES BERNARD 359 KELLY. KATHLEEN CONRAD 313 KELLY. MARY 307 KELLY. PATRICK LAWRENCE 400 KELTY. RICHARD ALAN 363 KELLY. THOMAS CLARK 379 KELSO. ANITA PAULINE 383 KEMP. ALLISON 333 KEMP. SHIRLEY ANN 397 KEMPF. CHARLES EDWARD 395 KENDIG. JOHN ANDREW 417 KENDRICK. JOSEPH ROBERT 341. 413 KENDRICK. REGINA LOUISE 391 KENNEDY. AL 408 KENNER. GRETCHEN LEAH 16s KENNER. MICHELE 5142131315111 479 KENNEY. 131mm JOHN 325 KEOUGH. ELIZABETH MARY 168.427 KERR. ROBERT KENNETH 420 KERTZ, JACQUELINE ANN 446 KESSINGER. KATHARINE WIN 421. 365 KESSLER. scorr A. 419 KETTERER. ARLENE LOUISE 41s KEVRICK, TAMI SUE 333 KEYES. MONICA MARY 169. 125 KIDDER. LOUIS scorr 400 KIDWELL. DENNIS LEE 408 K1EFFER.SHAWN LUIS 357 KIEFFER. STEPHEN WILLIAM 339 KIES. JEFFREY CHARLES 169. 450 KIESLING. 10141 LYNN 427 KIFER. SUZANNE MARIE I69 KlLLlAN. v1cx1 LYNNE 327 KlLLlON, SUSANNA MARIE 395 KILLMER. RENEE DIANE 349 KILLORAN. JOHN DANIEL 315 KILP. ROBIN CHRISTINA 394. 428. 440 KILPATRICK. COLIN JOSEPH 435 KIMMEL,W1LL1AM 142 K1MUT1S.JOHNJOSEPH 430.321 KINCANON. ERIC ALAN 169 KING. BRYAN BUCK 398 KING. JAN 418. KING. JEANNINE 169 KING. LAURA ELAINE 401 KING. MOLLY 424 KING. STEVEN JOSEPH 417 K1NG.STUART HILT 424 KING. SUSAN 428 KING. VERA LYN 408 KINMAN. VINCENT ALAN 404 KlNSTLER. JEFFREY CHARLES 345. 450 KINTON. CHRISTINA ELAINE 307 KIRBY. KAREN SUE 443 KIRCHNER. CAROL JEANETTE 395 KIRK. BRUCE 303 KIRKPATRICK. ROBERT SHERIDAN 11 430. 359 KIRKWOOD. LORINDA LEE 313 KIRN. KIM LAVONE 169. 450 KIRSCHNER. CLIFF 317 KISER, GEORGE ARTHUR 323 KISER. JON AARON 169 KISSINGER. JAMES W. 169 KIST. GERALDINE ROSE 169 KITCHIN. NANCY JEAN 169. 331 KITl'LER, COLONEL 5.1. 440 KLA'I'l'. JERRY RANDAL 408 KLAUS. NICHOLAS BLAISE 440 KLEFFNER. PAUL JAMES 413 KLEIBOEKER, MARK RANDALL 398 KLEIN. ALAN DAVID 430 7 KLEIN. CHERYL MARIE 169 KLEIN. DIANE MARIE 169 KLEIN. JEFFREY WAYNE 169. 412 KLEIN. NANCY LYNN 309 KLEITSCH. COLE HARRIS 357 KLEY. DIANE MARIE 169 KLING. CAROL HEMAN 169 KLIPP. KAREN SUSAN 394 KLOBE. KAREN DENISE 397 KLOSTER, KURT ROBERT 430 KLUG. DIANE 400 KLUSMEYER. DIANE E. 450 KNAPL. MICHAEL JOSEPH 335 KNEEMILLER. JEFFREY ALAN 169. 440 KNEHANS. JOYCE IRENE 349 KNEHANS. WENDELL ALAN 367 KNEWINGHOUSE. LESLIE 305 KNICKMEYER. LAURA LEE 403 KNIEP. DANA SUE 319 KNIGHT. VICTORIA LYNN 169. 305 KNIPP, THELMA LOUISE 408. 443 KNISLEY. KAREN MICHELLE 331 KNOCKE. CYNTHIA ANN 319 KNOWMEYER. GEORGE 359 KNOX. CATHY JEAN 410 KNOX. ELIZABETH'MARY 169 KNOX. SHANNON MARIE 450 KNUCKLES. STEPHEN MARVIN 408 KOBYLECKY. KATHLEEN ANN 327 KOCH. JACQUELINE KRIS 447 KODNER. JONATHAN WORTH 396. 371 KODNER. MARK CHARLES 371 KOELLING. KAREN ANN 413 KOENIG. MARK CARLTON 432 KOEPKE. PEGGY LEE 400 KOEPPEN. TAMMY SUE 347 KOERBER. DARREL LEE 440 KOESTER. KEITH ANDREW 392 KOHLER. CRAIG MICHAEL 339 KOHLER. KEVIN JAMES 361 KOHLER. MIMI ELIZABETH 429 KOHM. DIANE MARIE 313 KONOMOS, CONNIE 331 KOHOUTEK. SUSAN MARIE 347 KOLIAS, LISA LYNN 427, 447. 420. 347 KOLKER. LESLEY MARIAN 349 KOLTUN. MICHELLE LOCHE 169, 309 KOMM. ELIZABETH 333 KONCAK. ROSEMARY ANN 349 KONCKI. DAVID .1. 430. 377 KONOMOS. CONNIE MARIE 169 KOONSE, JULIANN 400. 448. 131 KOPP. CHRIS ALAN 392 KOSHNER. ALAN JAY 169 KOSTER. SUSAN ELAINE 169. 443 KOTAS. ELLYN JAN 169. 349 KO'ITWITZ. MYRON DALE 169 KOTTWITZ. REBECCA ANN 405 KOURY. CHRISTOPHER MCCULLOUCH 373 KOZICKI, RAYMOND 431 KRABBE, LESLIE ELIZABETH 169 KRAENZLE. JOYCE GERALYN 405 KRAL. LINDA DEE 169 KRAMER. JANET SUE 4Z7 KRAMER. JEFFREY SCOTT 169. 381 KRAMER. ROY HOWARD 169 KRANZBERG. BRIAN K. 381 KRAUS, SHARON R. 309 KREJCI. DIANE MARIE 169 KREKOW. KAY ARLENE 428 KREMER. ANN 422 KREMER. LAURA MARIE 406 KRESL. KAREN LOUISE 169 KRESSIG. KEVIN LEO 39$ KREUTZTRAGER. KEITH CHARLES 39S KRIEG. JANICE EILEEN 406 KRISHER, ANITA L. 170 KROC. PATRICIA JOANN 406 KROENKE. STEPHEN DALE 170 KRONER. JULIE ANN 307 KRONER. STACY ANN 307 KRONTZ. DEBBIE ANN 391 471 KROPIUNIK, FRANK CHARLES 353 KROPP. KEITH ELLIOTT I70 KROST. CAM 339 KROTCHMANN, FRANK 402 KROUPA. GERALD JOSEPH 408 KRUEGER. CHARLES FREDERICH 317 KRUEGER, KEVIN PAUL 170. 375 KRUG. MARK ANDREW 430. 311 KRUGEL, MITCHELL NEAL 381 KRUGER. DIANE KAY 438 KRUGH. ERIC SIMPSON 359 KRUGMAN, JORDAN SCOTT 311 KRUPP. DANIEL G, 363 KRUSE, DEBBIE ELAINE 170 KRUSE, WILLIAM ERNEST 341, 412 KRYSTOPA, LYNNE MARIE 170 KUDLA, CATHLEEN ANNE 170. 327 KUEFFER. CHERYL ANN 410 KUEHLER. LISA JANE 405 KULAGE. CHRISTINE MARIE 391 KULLMAN. JULIE ANN 408 KUNG. FELICIA HUANLING 447, 420 KUNIN, BRYAN LEE 381 KUNKEL, KARL RICHARD 170 KUNY. K. MARTY 448 KURAMOTO. SUSAN MICHIKO 397. 420 KURAS. LILLIAN SIOBHAN 170 KUROWSKI, JAN THERESE 343 KURTZ. KIMBERLY ANN 427 KURZEJESKI. PAUL JOHN 170 KUSTER. MARK ALLEN 170 KUTZ, DIANNE MARIE 400 KWIATKOWSKI. CHRISTIN MARIA 170 LA BAR, ELLEN MARTHA 391 LA DRIERE. HUGH CRAIG 363 LA FEVERS, RICHARD BRACKETT 379 LABANC, MARY ANN 333 LABELLE, GEORGE JOSEPH I70 LABRIER, LAORIE 462 LACY. ROSE ANN 170 LADAW, 0K1 421 LADLIE, MARK WALLACE 407 LAFEURE, DOUG 373 LAFRANCHI, DEBORAHANN 419 LAIRD, SUSAN E. 170 LAKE, COLLEEN MARIE 383 LAKER, DAVID ANTONY 405 LALA, MARSHA ANNE 313 LAMB. CYNTHIA DIANE 433, 432 LAMBERT, ARNOLD WADE 447 LAMBRECHTS, ROBERT JOHN 424 LAMMING, JEAN ALEXANDRA 170 LAND, DONALD CORNE'IT 357 LAND, GREGORY N. 409 LANDE. LISA ANNE 170 LANDERS, THOMAS FRANKLIN 170. 404 LANE. BARBARA KAY I70. 422 LANE, PERRY DEAN 404 LANG, CARL ALBERT 408 LANG, RICHARD SCOTT 405 LANG, ROCHELLE BETH 333 LANG, WADE ALLEN 170 LANGLEY, TERRY WAYNE 430. 315 LANIER, DOUGLAS WESLEY 341. 412 LANIER, LARRY DALE 413 LANMAN. JULIA ADAMS 329 LANNON, THOMAS A. 170 LANZ, CINDY LEE 170 LAPPE, JIM BRIAN 232 LARIMORE, PAUL DAVID 409 LARKIN, LINDSEY ALLEN 355 LARRABEE, DAVID FOWLER 355 LARSEN, GREGORY LOUIS 32.5 LARSON, PETER WILLIAM 377 LASKI, JOSEPH MAURICE 375 LATARE. PEGGY ANN 170 LATSHAW, THOMAS 409 LA'ITIMORE, JAMES CHITWOOD 321 LAUGHLIN. MARY KAY 170. 331, 427 LAURENS, ESTHER 410 LAUX, RICK ANTHONY 402 LAWLESS, KATHY ANN 391 LAWSON, SHAWN LYNN 401 LAY, TOMMY WAYNE 407 LAZAROV, JILL PEREL 393 L'EAYER, MARGARET 429 LE MOND, ELLEN JEANINE 410 LEACH, MARK WILLIAM 373 LEADLOVE, MICHAEL FREDERIC 335 LEAHY, PATRICK THOMAS 408 LEBER, KELLY LYNN 391 LEBER, LAURA ANNE 391 LECOURS. SUZANNE YVONNE LOIS 331 LECRONE, MICHELE JOANNE 347 LEE, DIANA'DOLORES 170 LEE, GEORGE 456 LEE, GREGORY ALAN 363 LEE, JOHN CHARLES 450 LEE, PATRICK RAYFORD 434 472 LEEMANN. LORI DIANE 170 LEFI'ON, MICHAEL BRADLEY 311 LEGRAND. BRYAN 395 LEHENBAUER. LORRIE RUTH 442 LEHMAN, BRADLEY ERIC 171, 412, 434 LEHMAN. CRAIG SHELDON 315 LEHMAN. JEFFREY HILL 337, 430 LEHRMAN. ROBYN CAROL 309 LEICHT, RONALD S. 405 LEIDING, LINDA MARIE 171 LEIFIELD. CHRISTINE MARIE 429 LEIP. LESLIE ANN 383 LENHART, KRISTIN ELAINE 420 LENNON. MAX 143 LENSING. SIEGFRIED DOUGLAS 400 LENZ, SALLY BETH 400 LEON. TIMOTHY CRAIG 395 LEONARD, CORI LEE 347 LESTER. BRIAN MORIS 315 LESTER. PAMELA JEAN 383 LEVEN. SCOTT LAVERN 409 LEVERENZ. GLENNON EDWARD 341, 412 LEVICK, MARY ELIZABETH 305 LEVIN. BRUCE TERRY 171, 381 LEVIN, HILLARY DEANNE 411 LEVIN. STEPHEN DAVID 434 LEVINSON, THOMAS JAY 371 LEVITF, ROBERT BRIAN 407 LEVY. MARTIN BRUCE 311 LEWIS JR.. BILLY GORDON 171 LEWIS, CARRIE SUE 449 LEWIS. CYNTHIA 171 LEWIS. JAN 419 LEWIS, JANE 171, 427. 347 LEWIS, KRISTIN ANN 171, 347 LEWIS. MARTIN CLAY 431 LEWIS, MICHAEL 392 LEWIS, NANCY LYNN 400 L1. ALICE S. 331 LIBERABIT, V.V. 447 LICHTENBERG. MARK JOSEPH 409 LICKENBROCK. KEVIN JAMES 171 LIFFICK, LISA WYNN 450 LIGHT, CARLA JEANNE 333 LILE. CARYN YVONNE 446 LIMBAUGH. ANDREW THOMAS 325 LINCOLN. MYRA ELAINE 329, 438 LINDENBUSCH. DENNIS THEODORE 409 LINDSTROM. LORI ANN 439, 438 LINHARDT, RICHARD DALE 171 LINK. CHRIS RAYMOND 325 LINKEMER. LESLIE ANN 313 LINKERD, TRACY 430 LINTON, JUDY MARE 171 LIPPOLD. JERRY BRENT 371 LISSNER, JENNIFER ANNE 440 LISSNER, KENNETH XAVIER 171 LITTLE, SUSAN JANE 410 LITTLE, VICKI LYNN 450 LITl'MANN, PAMELA ANN 349 LITZSINGER, CHERYL DENISE 383 LITZSINGER, KAREN ELAINE 171. 383 LIVENGOOD, JOSEPH WILLIAM 345 LIVERS, ALBERT 339 LIVERS, BRETT E. 171 LIVERS. JOHN XAVIER 339 LIVINGSTON, JOHN L. 359 LLOYD, CHARLES JOSEPH 407 LOBECK, CHARLES 145 LOCHMANN. DONNA LYNN 446 LOCHMOELLER, STEVEN CHARLES 171. 361 LOCK. SUSAN JEAN 349 LOCKARD, KATHERINE JANE 438 LOCKETF, DEBORAH LYNN 398. 400 LOCKHART. BOBBY K. 395 LODER, PHILLIP BRYAN 379 LOEFFELMAN, KAREN ANNE 417 LOESING, MARTHA LOU 403 LOFl'US, STEVEN RICHARD 345. 430 LOGAN, DEBORAH DEE 171, 446 LOGAN. GREGORY DALE 355 LOHMANN, CHARISSA ELIZABETH 407 LOHR, KATHLEEN ANNE 171 LOMBARD. GEOFFREY THOMAS 373 LOMBARDO. MARK ANTHONY 369 LOMBARDO, SALVATORE GIUSEPPE 398 LONDEREE, JUSITH ANN 171 LONG, BRIAN KENT 171 LONG. DOUG L. 430. 355 LONG. KIMBERLY SUZANNE 307 LONG, MICHAEL 171 LONG, TIMOTHY 339. 456 LONGMAN, JOHN DANIEL 171 LORBERT, SCOTT CLIFTON 409 LORENZ, MICHELE MARIE 171 LOSCHIAVO, SUSAN 171 LOURIE, BRIAN TODD 381 LOVASZ. TRACY ANN 171, 424 LOVATO, MONICA LYNN 450. 349 LOVEALL. CHRISTOPHER SCOTT 171 LOVETT. LINDA DENISE 393 LOVINGUTH, HOLLY MARIE 171 LOW. JULIA RENAE 307 LOWERY, M. KAY 383 LOWSING, RANDY 424 LUBBERS, ERIC MATTHEW 435 LUBEN. DEBRA LYNN 333 LUCAS, MARK ALLEN 417 LUCK. JEFF 345 LUCY, DANIEL MICHAEL 431 LUDEWIG, MARGARET MARY 305 LUEBBERING, GARY JOHN 337 LUEBBERS, KATHERINE ELZIABETH 448 LUECKE. KEITH GREGORY 171 LUEKEN, KAREN S, 400 LUELF, WILLIAM C. 398 LUETJEN, PAUL MICHAEL 323 LUETKEMEYER, CRAIG ALAN 428 LUETKEMEYER, KENT JUDE 171 LUFF. CINDY ANNETTE 171 LUFF. WILLIAM WENDELL 171 LUHRSEN 1R1, DONALD JOHN 440. 323 LUMPE, JIM 292, 294 LUSK. BRENDA SUE 397 LUSTKEMEYER, CRAIG 398 LUTHER. CHRISTINE ANN 406, 413 LUTKEWITI'E, JACK 375 LUTZK, HOWARD LEWIS 311 LYCAN. LAURA JEAN 450, 349 LYDDON. JAMES HAMILTON 325 LYNCH, BARRY EUGENE 424 LYNCH. DOUGLAS ALLEN 171 LYNCH, JAMES 171, 412, 434 LYNCH, JOHN C. 402 LYNCH, KEVIN JOSEPH 353 LYNCH, RICK EARL 357 LYON, CRISTINE DIANE 424, 456 LYON, TONJA 331 MAAS. STEVEN JAMES 359 MAASS. SCOTT WERNER 377 MACDONALD, SUZANNE 171 MACK, GABRIELLF. MARIE 403 MACK, JOHN ROBERT 427, 339 MACK, THOMAS GERARD 446, 337 MACK, TRACEY LAROY 208 MACKE, DONNA MARIE 396 MACKEN, NANCY 391 MACKENZIE, JAMIE JAMES 439 MACKIN. PAUL RAYMOND 440 MACY. JAMES REED 172. 317 MADDEN. JIM EDWARD 381 MADDEN, MISCHELLE SUZANNE 343 MADDEN, PAMELA DENISE 394 MADDOCK, JAMES BUCK 439 MADDOW, STACY 400 MADES, BARBARA JEAN 172 MAFFRY. BARTON HANCOCK 373 MAGEE, JR. WILLIAM DANIEL 369 MAGGARD. ELIZABETH LEA 407' MAKER, CECILIA B. 406 MAHER, LINDA ANN 313 MAHNKEN, GLENN ALLEN 172 MAIER, GARY W. 172 MAJIDINIA, REZA 172 MAJORS. MARK 345 MAL, KEVIN 404 MALACEK. BOB 367 MALAKELIS, SOPHIA DEMETRA 313 MALAN, JAMES DALE 341 MALLINCKRODT, DALE RAE 172 MALLORY, MELISSA 414 MALLOW, ANDREW RUSSEL 335 MALONE, KATHLEEN MARIE 349 MALONEY, DIANA DAWN 319 MALONEY, KATHLEEN ANN 172 MAMENTA, JOANNE LEE 394 MAMINTA, FREDERICA MARIA 329 MANDEL, NEIL J. 381 MANKHEN, GLEN 339 MANKUS. TIMOTHY JOHN 172, 361 MANLEY HI, EMMETI' STEADMAN 172. 345 MANN, LAURIE 319 MANN, LISA 319 MANN. MONICA K. 396 MANNIGEL, SARAH JOANNE 172 MANRING. MAURICE MERRILL 430. 341 MANRING. NANCY JANE 172. 319 MANSFIELD, KEVIN CHRIS 450 MANSHOLT, JOHN HERBERT 408 MANSKE, CAROL LEE 172, 448 MANSON, MARY MARGARET 422 MANSON. WILLIAM GERALD 430 MANTEL. THERESA ANN 407 MANTEL, TINA MARIE 407 MARCELL, DEBORAH ANNE 319 MARCU, LIZ 309 MARCUM, SARAH LEE 351 MARCUS. DEBRA GAYLE 172. 309 MARCUS, NATHAN EDWARD 172. 447, 381 MARCUS. VICKI 307 MARCY, RONALD DEAN 172 MARKEY, WILLIAM W. 172 MARKHAM, CRAIG WILLIAM 420, 325 MARKWAY, MICHAEL EUGENE 337 MARLO, TERESA 172 MARLOTI'E, JOSEPH EDWARD 367 MARNER. DAVID SCOTT 408 MARQUARDT, JOHN FUNSTON 290, 293, 325 MARQUITH, SUZANNE 397 MARRS, ALAN JAY 450 MARRS, KEITH ALAN 402 MARSH, DEREK SCOTI' 379 MARSH, SHAWN BRIAN 172 MARTCHINK, PATRICK REAGAN 427 MARTIN, BARBARA 333 MARTIN, JENNIFER 172 MARTIN, JULIANNE 343 MARTIN. KEVIN LE 450 MARTIN. MARILYN 172, 351 MARTIN, PAIGE 449 MARTIN, RONALD THEO 172 MARTIN. RUSTY 337 MARTINETI'E, MELISSA MARIE 329 MARX, JODENE LEE ANNE 442 MARXKORS, DIANE MARIE 172, 424, 456 MASCHMEYER, MATTHEW LOUIS 172 MASEK, LISA MARI 448 MASON. JULIE A. 383 MASON, MARY ANN 347 MASS, VALERIE JEAN 394 MASSENBERG. SANDRA JEAN 172 MASSEY, DON D. 172, 421, 341 MASSEY, J. BROWN 367 MASTERS, ALAN EVAN 412, 315 MASTERS. DAVID 172 MASTERSON. THOMAS PATRICK 339 MATHER, ORVAL JEFF 429 MATHES, DAVID LEE 341 MATHESON. MATT 4Z4 MATHEWS, BRADLEY SCOTT 361 MATHEWS, JEFF B. 375 MATHEWS. ROGER JAMES 369 MATLOCK, LISA ANN 36S MATTER, JOHN M. 172, 412 MA'ITHEWS, BARRY GRANT 172 MATTHEWS, KATHERINE ANN 313 MATTHEWS, MARK KEVIN 456 MATTHEWS, MELINDA LOU 172, 450, 319 MATTHEWS. TERESA LEA 172 MATTHEWS. WILLIAM 398 MATHNGLY, LISA KAYE 351 MATl'OX, DAVID A. 373 MATYSKA JR., ROBERT JOHN 448 MAUER, JOHN DAVID 373 MAUNE, JUDITH ANN 417 MAUPIN, JOHN GLEN 379 MAUPIN, JULIEANN 425, 443 MAURER, LORI MARIE 172 MAUZEY. MICHAEL ARLAN 315 MAXEY, CATHY JO 172 MAXEY, DONALD E. 407 MAXEY, MARK S. 450 MAXWELL. BRUCE WILLIAM 450 MAXWELL, LEEANN 428 MAXWELL, LESLIE ANNE 313 MAY, CONNIE JEAN 329, 427 MAY, MICHAEL JOSEPH 337 MAY, PAUL EDWARD 172 MAY. SHELLEY DANIELLE 173 MAYER, ALLISON CATHERINE 333 '9 MAYER, MICHELE JANE 331 MAYER, WILLIAM ALAN 373 MAYGINNES, KEVIN BLAINE 392 MAYNARD, JOHN ROBERT 392 MAYNARD, MURRAY KEVIN 417 MAYNE, RUTH DUNLAP 3B3 MAYO, MISSIE 365 MAZE, JANINE CAMILLE 397 MAZE, WILLIAM 424 MAZUR, BRUCE 381 MC ALLISTER. JENNIFER ANN 394 MC ATEER. JOHN PATRICK 450 MC AULIFFE, SEAN JOSEPH 375 MC BRIDE, JAMES FRANCIS 173 MC CAIN, DEBORAH SUE 383 MC CALL, STEVE LOGAN 434 MC CARVER. THOMAS EDWIN 404 MC CASLIN, LEA ANN 400 MC CLAIN, SHAWN EDWARD 357 MC CLEARY. JOEL ALLEN 417 MC CLURE, ERIC WOODWARD 392 MC COLLUM, JO ANNE ELIZABETH 173 MC CONNELL, LADD CALLAWAY,373 MC CORKLE, MERLIN SHAWN 407 MC CORMACK. THOMAS JOSEPH 357 MC COSKEY. KAREN LYNN 418, 365 MC COWN, MICHAEL WILLIAM 432 MC COY, SCOTI' 317 MC CRADY, CATHLEEN E. 443, 319 MC CRAY, SHAWN STACEY 448 MC CULLOUGH. DARRYL JOE 407 MC DANNOLD, GREGORY ALLEN 357 MC DERMO'IT. THOMAS PATRICK 392 MC DIVIT, MOLLY MARY 403 MC DONALD. KEVIN 430 MC DONNELL, KEVIN HEIN 369 MC DOUGAL. TAMARA BERNICE 420. 365 MC DOWELL. SUZANNE LEIGH 349 MC ELWAIN. GREGORY GALE 173 MC FADDEN. JOHN SWITZER 367 MC FARLING. JAMES ALAN 409 MC FATE, LAURA EMILY 365 MC FERRIN. MELISSA 256 MC GRATH. SANDRA JEAN 406 MC GUINNESS. MICHAEL PATRICK 407 MC GUIRE. JAMES TAYLOR 357 MC GUIRE. JOHN RAYMOND 357 MC GUIRE. MICHAEL THOMAS 431 MC HUGH, LAURA MICHELLE 406 MC KEOUGH. BRENDAN JOHN 407 MC KINZIE. JULIA KAY 394 MC LEAN, TINA MARIE 397 MC MAHON, TERESA SUE 440 MC MICHAEL. LISA JANE 400 MC MILLEN. LAURIE LEE 403 MC MORRAN. JIM 367 MC NAMARA. KEVIN 375 MC QUIE. RITA FRANCES 393 MC QUITTY. MARY JANE 456 MC VEY. JOHN JOSEPH 341 MC WILLIAMS. SCOTT ANDREW 413 MCBEATH. RANDY JAY 335 MCCLEAVE, RANDY RHEA 412 MCCLENDON. EILEEN LYNN SCHNEIDER 417 MCCORMACK. MARY KATHRYN 349 MCCRARY. MARVIN "Moon" 248. 252 MCCREIGHT. KATHERINE 446 MCCRORY. JOHN JR. 412 MCCUISTION. MIKE THOMAS 307 MCGEEHON. MOLLIE RYAN 419 MCGINLEY. CUYLER ROSS 353 MCGOWAN. SHANNON LEE 391 MCGREGOR. TOBEY 351 MCHANEY. MARY F. 418 MCHENRY, CYNTHIA 416 MCHENRY. KATHLEEN MICHELE 456 MCMAHON. THERESA B. 421 MCMILLAN. LYNN OVIATF 347 MCMULLEN. GERALD EDWARD 448 MCMULLIN. CHARLES JACKSON 359 MCMURRAY. ERMA 448 MCQU1LLAN. JOHN DAVID 418 MCREYNOLDS. SUSAN WEST 349 MCTAVISH. BRYCE CHARLES 355 MEACHAM. JANE ANN 327. 447, 420 MEAD. LYNDA LEE 173 MEADOR, MICHAEL ALAN 337 MEAGHER. KATHLEEN ROSE 305 MEDLIN. BOBBY DEE 405 MEGOWN, LORI KAYE 365 MEHLE, CHERYL LYN 173 MEHNER. JANE MARIE 397 MEINERT, GREGORY PRESTON 339 MEIRON. THERESA ANN 417 MEISENHEIMER. TAMMY LEE 408 MEISSEN, DONALD JOSEPH 173. 405 MELLOM. LEE ANNE 173 MELOY. JENNIFFER 305 MELTON. MICHAEL ERIC 404 MELTZER, ELIZABETH .10 309 MENCL. DENISE RAE 365 MENDELL. DARLENE RUTH 174 MENDELSON. JAMES EDWARD 339. 456 MENDENHALL. LEE ALAN 359 MENDENHALL. MARISA MAY 406 MENDEZ. JAIME ROBERTO 392 MENNE. DAVID JR. C. 363 MENTHEN. ANDREA KATHLEEN 174 MENZ. CHRISTOPHER CHARLES 355 MERCER. CHERYL CHRISTINE 343 MERCURIO. MARK THOMAS 174 MEREDITH. JIM 425 MERELO. PATRICIA ANN 432 MERLO, MARK GERARD 373 MERLO'ITI. JAMES CARL 430. 375 MERRIFIELD. PHOEBE FOWLER 319 MERRILL. LISA DIANE 329 MERRIMAN. THOMAS HAROLD 377 MERRY. PATRICIA ANNE PATTY 422 MERSHON. THOMAS BRUCE 341 MERTENS, JAMES WYNN 371 MESSMER. JOE 303 MESSMER. TERRY MICHAEL 174 METCLAF, CHRISTIN MARIE 174. 422. 313 METCALF. JEFF THOMAS 375 METZGER. ELIZABETH OLLA 450 MEYER. BOBBY 208 MEYER. BRANDON 355 MEYER, CATHERINE 174 MEYER, CHRISTINE 405 MEYER. JEFFERY 398 MEYER. K1RK VINCENT 395 MEYER. MARTIN JOSEPH 174 MEYER. MELANIE LYNNE 174 MEYER. RONALD 456 MEYERS. COTTON 363 MEYERHOFF. STEVEN JOSEPH 405 MEYERS. STEVE 369 MICHAELS, CLARE ANN 319 MICHALIK. MATTHEW PETER 174 MICHALSKI. CRAIG ANTHONY 174 MIDDLETON. KENNETH LYNN 315 MIDDLETON. ROY DON 341 MIESNER, BARBARA ANN 442 MIESNER, DEBORAH JANE 391 MIGNECO. EDWARD JOSEPH 337 MIHALEVICH, BARBARA ANN 174. 446 MILBURN. MICHELE MARIE 349 MILD. CHRISTOPHER JOSEPH 321 MILD. CYNTHIA ANNE 174 MILES, LAURIE ANN 393 MELFORD. MATT 353 MILFORD. MISSY 405 MILLAR. DANIEL LINTON 373 MILLER. AMY MARIE 174 MILLER. BRIAN GREGORY 412 MILLER. CHRISTOPHER RONALD 359 MILLER. DAVID A. 337 MILLER. DAVID 339 MILLER. DEBORA KAY 393 MILLER. DINA RENEE 383. 427 MILLER. DOUGLAS C. 325 MILLER. EDWARD 146 MILLER. GREG ALAN 174 MILLER. JOEL DAVID 339 MILLER. KAREN 405 MILLER. KATHLEEN 174 MILLER. KURT ALAN 339 MILLER. LAURA DIANE 309 MILLER. LISA ANN 329 MILLER. LISA GAY 329 MILLER. LISA MICHELLE 443 MILLER. LOWELL DONALD 339 MILLER. MARK 339 MILLER. MAX 438 MILLER, NANCY LYNN 174. 418, 305 MILLER, PATRICK DOUGLAS 321 MILLER. SHARON LYNN 313 MILLER. STEVEN 174. 315 MILLER. SUE ANN 307 MILLER. VICTORIA PATRICE 419 MILLIGAN. TRACY LYNN 174, 351 MILSTEAD. DENISE LEA 403 MILTON, CARLA KAY 383 MINANA. TERRYL JOAN 174, 428. 422 MINIHAN. MIKE 355 MINNING. PATRICIA ANN 394 MINSTER. JEFFREY ROBERT 395 MINTZ. FELICIA SUE 309 MINWICK 373 MINZES. JACKIE LEE 343 MIRIANI. MATTHEW JOHN 363 MlSKIMON. SCOTI' ALAN 174. 412 MISPLAY, JOAN MARIE 174 MISSEY. KAREN MARIE 401. 313 MISTNER. LIZA 421 MITCHELL. BRIAN 339 MITCHELL, DAVID 174. 345 MITCHELL. KATHERINE ANN 347 MITCHELL, RICHARD MILLER 325 MITCHELL, ROBERT 404. 456 MITCHELL, RUSSELL EDWARD 174 MITCHELL, TORI 422 MITCHELL. VIVIAN YVONNE 395 MIXER, MA'ITHEW BRYAN 337 MIZER. RENEE JEAN 413 MOBLEY. JULIE LYNNE 400. 422 MOBLEY. THOMAS F. 424 MOCHERMAN. MATT MORAN 359 MOEDRITZER. MARGARET LUISE 351 MOELLENBECK, JANET MARIE 403 MOELLER. ROBERT F. 339 MOENTMANN. MALANIE RUTH 175. 446 MOENTMANN. PAUL ERIC 428 MOENTMANN, W. KEVIN 321 MOGELNICKI. ROBERTA MARIE 419. 408. 420 MOHLER. CHERYL 349 MOHLER. CHRIS 379 MOHLER, CHRISTOPHER THOMAS 321 MOHLER, CRAIG G. 175 MOHLER. THOMAS HYNES 175 MOHLER. VALERIE KAY 411 MOLAISHARGH. HOURIEH 443 MOLENGRAFI'. JOYCE ANN 319 MOLES, LISA A. 175 MOLONEY, TIMOTHY IGNATIUS 373 MONAHAN. JOHN KEVIN 175. 456 MONDSCHEIN. ROBERT DAVID 311 MONTGOMERY. CHERYL ELAINE 175 MONTGOMERY. KATHLEEN RENEE 394 MONTGOMERY. MIKE JAMES 359 MONTGOMERY, PHYLLIS 175. 456 MONTGOMERY, TERESA SUE 343 MONTILEONE. MIKE R. 363 MOODY. KIMBERLY JAYE 175 MOONEY. KATHERINE MAY 383 MOOR, CHERYL ANN 175 MOORE. BARRY ADAIR 339 MOORE. BLYE ELIZABETH 349 MOORE. CHARLIE MATTHEWS 357 MOORE. CONNIE JO 329 MOORE. DOUG 359 MOORE. JAMES 175 MOORE. JEFFREY 373 MOORE. .10 DEE 319 MOORE, KIM 175.422 MOORE. RUBY 428 MOORHOUSE. MARK CHARLES 424 MORAN. MARY ETHEL 175 MORAN. TERESA ANN 395 MDRDICA. JULIE MICHELE 406 MORDT. JULIE ANN 175 MOREY. MELANIE ANN 443 MORGAN. ROB 325 MORITZ. CHRISTOPHER KLOSE 392 MORLAN. MICHAEL WILLIAM 175. 450 MORLEY. MARK THOMAS 321 MORLEY. PETER KEVIN 405 MORNIN. DIANE CAROLE 175 MORRIS. ALLEGRA ANNE 429 MORRIS. BARBARA LEE 418. 439. 443. 365 MORRIS. BRUCE ANTHONY 373 MORRIS, CYNTHIA 424. 456 MORRIS. KEVIN LEE 315 MORRIS. SANDRA D. ANN 429 MORRISON. CLARK EDWARD 175 MORRISON. DENNIS RAY 175. 315 MORSE. GEORGE WAYNE 421. 341 MORSE, ROGER LIND 363 MORSE. TODD BAKER 175 MORTEMANN. MALANIE 425 MORTON. DIANA CHRISTINE 175 MORTON. STEVEN GREGORY 456. 355 MOSBY. MARTHA WOOD 419 MOSER. LEIGH A. 175 MOSER. PHILLIP CARY 359 MOSES. CYNTHIA 329 MOSIER. JULIE KAY 443. 347 MOSS. ELLEN ELIZABETH 403 MOSS, MARILYN STE 421. 347 MOTEN. ALLISON KAYE 416 MOULTON. CATHY LEE 343 MOURTJA. NADER HAMED SAID 175 MUCKE. KIM 175. 365 MUCKE. SONDRA .10 443. 365. 129 MUCKERMAN. STEVE ANTHONY 371 MUDD. TERRY 315 MUELLER. HELEN RUTH 175. 449 MUELLER. JAMES EUGENE 175 MUELLER. MARCIA M. 394. 421. 429. 365 MUELLER, MICHAEL 175. 311 MUELLER. THOMAS A. 367 MUENSTER. JEAN MARIE 393 MUIR. BUDDY 427, 339 MUIR. HOMER TURNER 175 MUKERJEE. NINA 331 MULCAHY, CRAIG ALLEN 363 MULDROW. GINA M. 403. 427 MULHALL. CATHERINE JEAN 343 MULHERN. MATTHEW FARRELL 357 MULLANE. TIMOTHY PATRICK 175 MULLER. SUZANNE M. 442 MULNIX. GYMLYN GAY 175. 400 MUNCY. TIMOTHY IRWIN 337 MUNDWILLER. STANLEY MARK 175 MURENO. ROY GEORGE JR. 345 MURMANN. KENT 417 MURMANN. SUSAN KAY 175 MURPHY, ANNE 333.443 MURPHY. GREGORY 440 MURPHY, JOHN 335 MURPHY. WYNNE PATRICK 373 MURRAY. KATHY ANN 175 MUTCHLER. JOHN EUGENE 335 MUTCHLER. KATHY 175 MUZZY. DOUGLAS L. 345 MYER. ROBIN 393 MYERS, ANN CATHERINE 175 MYERS, DAVE 345 MYERS. SHERRI TERRIKO 406 MYKRANTZ. CHRIS 375 MYLES. JULIA ANNE 349 MYLES. THOMAS DANIEL 175 NACHTSHEIM, WILLIAM HENRY 176 NAEGER. MICHAEL LEONARD 419 NAEGER. ROBERT MICHAEL 419 NAGEL. BRIAN KEITH 363 NAGLE. ROBERT CHARLES 421 NAHRSTEDT. MICHAEL GARY 176. 335 NAPPER. THOMAS OWEN 345 NASH. LISA ANN 329 NASS. WILLIAM CARL 337 NASSIF. LISA MARIE 307 NAYLOR. CHARLES LAURENCE 418 NAYLOR. MELISSA RUTH 176. 446 NAYLOR. RICHARD PAUL 367 NEAL, CHARLES BURTON 401 NECKERSON. B. 440 NEEB. DOUGLAS M. 323 NEENAN. MARTHA MARY 349 NEGRI. KEITH ALAN 424 NEGRI. STEVE JOSEPH 345 NEIL. DENNIS PAUL 429 NEILL. JOHN ERIC 341 NEILL. MICHAEL THOMAS 315 NEINER. SUSAN MARIE 176 NELSON. BRENDA C. 176 NELSON. DAVID 401 NELSON. RICHARD LEE 345 NELSON. ROBERT 339. 430 NELSON. SCOTT 375 NETTLE. CAROL MARIE 313 NEUBAUR. JOHN 345 NEUMAIER. NORMAN 176 NEUMAN. LAURA SUSAN 176 NEUSTADT. JANET M. 397 NEVILLE, NANCY E. 410 NEWCOMER. ANITA LOUISE 446 NEWMAN, ELIZABETH PARIS 176. 351 NEWMAN. JONEL 449. 420 NEWMAN. KENNETH GILMARY 361 NICHOLS. DAVID 357 NICHOLS. JAMES 176 NICHOLS. KAREN ELIZABETH 438 NICHOLS. LAURA SUZANNE 351 NICHOLSON. DARRYL WILLIAM 373 NICKELL. GREG ALLEN 337 NICKENS. SHELLY KAY 176 NICKOLAUS. GEORGE 145 NlEDERSCHULTE. DEBRA KAY 176. 343 NIEHOFF. DANIEL GLEN 373 NEIMANN. NANCY ANN 319 NIEMEYER. KELLY LOUISE 365 NEIMEYER. MARK ALAN 395. 421 NIEMI. SANDRA K. 319 NIKOLAI. CATHERINE MARIE 313 NIMER. LESLIE JEAN 176 NlTl'LER. BARBARA LOUISE 394 NIXON. BRUCE EVERETT 176 NIXON. KEVAN KATHLEEN 329 NIXON, KIMBERLY CALDWELL 176 NIXON. RICHARD 450 NIXON. TODD JAMES 339 NOFFEL. KAFFEE LYNN 351 NOLL. CRAIG WILSON 176 NOLTE. ROBERT DEAN 317 NORDWALD. MIKE GENE 315 NORMAN. BRIAN SCOTT 401 NORMAN. JOHN STEWART 176 NORMAN. PAUL 377 NORRIS. FRANCIS RAYMOND 407 NORRIS. MARLY ANN 403 NORTH. ADAM GERALD 359 NORTON. ALANA ANN 329 NORTON, BRENDA LOUISE 428 NORTON. CHRIS L. 313 NORTON. REHECCA RAE 446 NORWINE. GREGORY H. 339 NOSKER. ROBIN CAROL 176 NOVINGER, JANE ANN 418 NOVINGER, JOSEPH WESLEY 325 NUMBE. ED 357 NUTTER JR., JAMES BASIL 176 O BANION. PATRICIA LEE 383 O CONNELL. SALLY PATRICIA 365 O CONNOR. JENNIFER ANN 403 O CONNOR. KELLY ANN 331 0 CONNOR. TONI 365 O HARE, JACQUELINE MARY 349 O KOON. MARCY LYNN 393. 478 0 LEARY. TOD 321 0 NEAL. TERRIE ZORENE 401 O NEIL. ELIZABETH 176 0 NEIL.K1M 419 O NEILL. ELIZABETH ANNE 349 O NEILL. TERRY RICHARD 321 O NEILL. TIM JAMES 419 O RENICK. PAMELA SUE 313 0 ROURKE. KELLY SHARON 329 O SULLIVAN, KEV1N MICHAEL 373 OBERDIEK, RANDY DEAN 341 OBERKIEK, WARREN CARL 341 OBERMANN. DOUGLAS JAMES 417 OBERMEYER. MARGARET ELLEN 176 OBERMEYER. MARK THOMAS 176 OBRIEN. ROBERT PAUL 355 OCHS. CHERYL ANN 176. 319 OCHS. THERESA MARIE 319 ODNEAL. LISA ANN 176. 428 ODONNELL. MAUREEN KAY I76 ODOR. RICHARD OTl'O 419 OERLY. SUSAN JANE 347 GETTING. JEFFREY RAY 417 OFFERJOST. KAREN LYNN 319 OHLMS. MARTHA ROSE 176 OKUMURA. MISA 405 OLESON. OLE BRADFORD 402 OLIVER, KEVIN M, 176 OLMSTEAD. MILDRED R. 440 OLSON. ERIC C, 339 OLSON, JAMES 138 473 OLSON, PAUL 392 ONEAL, ELA1NE KAY 443 ONEIL. KlMBERLY ANN 319 ONEIL. MARGARET MARY 403 ONEILL. TIM 321 OPIE. KIMBERLY CAROL 446 ORANGl. KOUKAB FARIBA 176 ORCUTT. SUSAN LINN 349 ORF, LISA MARIE 176 ORMEROD, ROBERT NEAL 367 ORNDUFF, DAVID SCOTT 373 ORTON. VERA JEAN MARTIN 410 OSBORN, DON 413 OSBORN. GINA 446, 365 0STERLOH. JEFFREY CARL 325 OSTERLOH, SUSAN ANDREA 331 OSTMANN, DALE LOUIS 177, 438. 349 OSTOSKI. JOANNE M. 419, 446 OSULLIVAN, COLLEEN MAR1E 305 OSWALD, DONNA MARIE 177 OSWALD, ELIZABETH ROSE 177 OTT. MARGARET ANN 331 O'IT, THOMAS M. 232 OTTEN. BERNIE GEORGE 177, 430. 339 OVERFELT. DAVID SAMUEL 357 OVERLAND. STEVEN ERICK 424 OVERSCHMIDT. KEVIN LEE 375 OWEN. INGRID 456 OWEN, TIMOTHY ALAN 177 OWENS, MARGARET SHANNON 176 OWSLEY, STEVEN CHARLES 325 OWSLEY, TODD GENE 177, 355 PACE, DAVID ALAN 177. 456 PAGE, GUY RUSSELL I77 PAGE, JANE ANN 177 PAHL. KENDRA SUSAN 307 PAINTER, CRAIG STEVEN 177 PALAZZOLO, KATHRYN ANN 419. 422 PALES, RAINI 309 PALEY, SUSAN GAY 456. 309 PALIER, JONNA MARIAN 397 PALING. SUZANNE MARIE 177, 319 PALLNOW. DON 369 PALMER, LESLIE 424 PALMER. MARK ANDERSON 325 PALMER. SHAWN RENEE 347 PALMER. STAN PAUL 359 PALMISANO. LORETTA 177 PALPENS. HEIDI 383 PANE'I'TI. CATHERINE ANN 397 PAPPERT. DEBBIE ELIZABETH 177. 419 PAPPIN, TIMOTHY WESLEY 339 PARADISE, ANNE MARIE 177 PARIS. EASTIN SUE 347 PARIS, GATES 345 PARKER, JEFFERY SCOTT 402 PARKER, TANJA LYNNE 446 PARKS, RHONDA KAY 403 PARNAS. DEBORAH ANN 307 PARNAS. MICHAEL J. 355 PARSONS, STEPHEN PAUL 177 PASCHAL, LISA .10 177 PASCHANG, JOHN DALE 369 PATON, RUSSELL EMERSON 177 PATTERSON, TERRY EMILE 343 PA'I'I'ON, TRACY LEIGH 448 PAUK, LINDA 443 PAUL. KERRY ALLEN 345 PAUL, SHERI LE ANNE 319 PAULL, JOYCE SHARON 405, 419 PAULL, KATHLEEN ANN 177 PAYNE, JOSEPH EDWARD 440 PAYNTER, THOMAS CURRY 335 PEACOCKE, SIDNEY SCO'IT 430 PEASE, PHILIP 432 PEGLOW. KIRK 427, 345 PEISTRUP, DANIEL HARTNETT 339 PEISTRUP, JEANNE MARIE 329 PEMBERTON. CHRISTINA KAY 427, 365 PENBERTHY, JEFFERY ALAN 450 PENER, GARY STEVEN 177 PENNER, AUDREE LYNN 177 PENNER, ELLEN 347 PENNER, LORI ANN 394 PENSEL. GRETA KAYE 347 PEPPARD, SCOTT THOMAS 424. 353 PEPPLE, KATHERINE JEAN 418 PERELES, JEFFREY GLASSER 381 PERISHO, JONNETI'E S. 419 PERREY, KARL LEE 440 PERRIN. TERESE ANN 177 PERRY, BRAD EUGENE 212 PERRY, GREG 345 PERRY, JULIE LYNN 365 PERRY, KELLY LYNN 177 PERRY, LINDALL ALAN 439 PERRY, MARK ALAN 420 PERRY. RUSSELL EDWIN 321 PESTER, MATT 321 PETERS, KELLY KATRINE 418, 419, 327. 447 PETERS, MATTHEW DAVID 367 PETERS, NANCY MARIE 177 PETERS, PAUL LAWRENCE 317 PETERSEN, CHRISTY KAYE 405 PETERSON, CYNTHIA 177 PETERSON, DAVID MELVILLE 443 PETERSON, DIANE ASHLEY 420, 421. 347 PETERSON, JANET WISE 177, 421, 347 PETERSON, JOHN 430 PETERSON, RICHARD 367 PETERSON, SCO'IT ROGER 407 PETERSON, SONJA KAY 327 PETITE, STACY 307 PETRE. CARYLL LYNN 331 PETROFSKY. RICHARD CRAIG 430, 381 PETSCH, JAMIE 419 PETSCHEL. MICHELE MARIE 419 PETTUS. JOLENE DENISE 420 PEYSCHEL. MICHELE 446 PFAFF. DEBORAH ANN 319 PFAFF. STEVEN PATRICK 375 PFEIFER, GLEN ALLEN 424 PHELAN, LAURIE HELEN 343 PHELAN, MARY GRACE 343 PHELPS, DONNA EILEEN 177. 450 PHILLIPS. ANGELA LORRAINE 456 PHILLIPS, BRENDA KAY 178 PHILLIPS. DANIEL MARK 456 PHILLIPS. DRU EDWARDS 339 PHILLIPS. JANETTE LEIGH 347 PHILLIPS. SCOTT WAYNE 341, 413 PHILLIPS, TXNA 333 PHILPO'IT. LAURA LEANN 408 PICARDl, JAMES GUY 337 PICKE'I'I'. ERIC WILLIAM 337 PICKETI'. KATHRYN ANN 446 PICKETT, MARCXA ANN 347 PICKETT. MICHAEL JAY 424 PIEPER. BARBARA ANN 78 PIERCE, JILL ANN 383 PIERCE, KAREN ELLISE 349 PIERPOINT. LAURIE ANN 307 PIETFE, LIANNE MARIE 178 PILLE JR., JOE GERARD 409 PILON, WENDY TERESA 178 PINE. RANDY SCOTT 355 PINGELTON. KAREN ANN 393 PINK. MITCHELL DRUTH 430. 311 PINKERTON, STEVEN JAMES 178. 439. 345 PIONTEK. KEITH ROBERT 424 PIPER, DANA LYNN 333 PXTCHER, MICHELLE KAY 351 PITTRICH, KEITH JON 341, 413 PIVAC, MELISSA A. 405 PLACEK, JANET SUSAN 178 PLAMP. BRAD ERIC 363 PLANALP. ERIC SCOTT 408 PLATKE, VICKI SUSAN 309 PLATT. PATTI JOANN 417 PLATTNER. LORA JEAN 307 PLOWMAN, PAMELA ANN 178 PLUMMER. LISA SUE 178 PLUNKETI'. ELEANOR ANN 365 POAGE, KAREN LEIGH 408 POE. GALEN BRUCE 315 POEHLMAN, MIKE LEONARD 438 POHL, SCOTT CHARLES 357 POHLE, MICHAEL STUART 450. 325 POHLMAN. DEBRA KAY 438 POHLMANN, BRENDA KAY 403 POIRlER. LISE ANN 178. 427. 343 POISNER, CHARLES IRWIN 311 POISNER, STEVEN JOEL 311 POLLARD. JOAN ELIZABETH 396 POND, JAMES 379 PONDER, KENDALL DEAN 439 POOS, LAURA ELLEN 333 POOS, ROBIN KAY 329. 443. 138 POPE, CARI E. 178 POPE, LISA MARIE 178 PORCELLI, JANE MARIE 178, 406 FORT, ANDREW H. 178 FORT, WILLIAM STARK 178 PORTER, ALANE MARIE 365 PORTER, JEFF KENT 404 PORTER, JON CHARLES 345 PORTER. MICHAEL NEWMAN 357 POST, AMY RUTH 319 POTTER, ANN MARIE 407 POTTER. NANCY LYNN 178 POTl'S, ELIZABETH EILEEN 343 POTTS. LORI ANN 448. 429 POULIN, ION C. 178 POURMAND, BIJAN 178 POURMAND, MEHRDAD 178 POWELL, JAMES MORRIS 178 POWELL, JEFFREY SCOTT 337 POWELL. KEVIN M. 361 POWELL, MARSHA ELAINE 406 POWERS, GREGORY WILLIAM 379 POWERS, RHONDA LYNN 305 POWERS. SUSAN ELAINE 178 PRANGE, KATHY ANN 442 PRELUTSKY, STEVEN DARRYL 381 PREMIER, JACKI LYNNE 178 PRESENT, RON MARCUS 311 PRESSLEY, PAIGE ELIZABETH 307 PRESTON, STEVEN 178 PREWITT. FELICIA ANGELA 178 PRICE. AMY JD 319 PRICE. CHRISTOPHER JAMES 355 PRICE, PATRICK DAVID 450 PRICE, THERESA ANN 429 PRIMOVIC. JOHN R. 178. 424 PROBST, PEGGY SUZANNE I78 PROCTOR, JULIE DIANNE 319 FROPST, JEFFREY CLARK 433. 432 PRUGH, BRADFORD KEITH 430. 375 PRYWITCH, BRETT ANDREW 311 PUFFETT, DAVID ROBERT 400 PULE, MARK 339 PULTMAN, BRIAN ISADORE 430. 381 PL'MMILL, SCOTT 337 PUNDMANN, JANINE 178 PURITZ, MICHAEL COLEMAN 311 QUEARRY. MELISSA 395 QUEENAN. JOHN KEVIN 357 QUEENAN, PATRICK TIMOTHY 440 RAASCH. CHERYL LYNN 331 RACKLEY. CHRIS G. 341 RADCLIFFE, ROBIN ROSE 178 RAGLAND, ROY DEAN 341 RAGOUZIS. PENNY A. 178 RAGSDELL, CARLA JOY 406 RAGSDELL, PHYLLIS 178 RAHM, THERESE I. 393 RAIFORD, ALISON 179 RAISH. BARBARA RACHEL 419 RAITHEL. DAVID ALLEN 450 RAKESTRAW. KATHLEEN MARIE 403 RAM. JACQUELINE ANNETTE 429 RAMASIKE, JULIA MALESHOANE 179 RAMOS, JUAN ENRIQUE 402 RANDOLPH. ROBERT MICHAEL 339 RANKIN, MICHAEL THOMAS 363 RANSOM. ANN STROH 408, 443 RAPP, DEBBIE 319 RAPP, MARTIN 179 RAPP, SUSAN 179 RAPPOLD. KELLY MARIE 307 RARKERG, JEFF 402 RASCHE. STEVE PAUL 179. 425. 427, 456, 363 RASCHER. KELLY GEAN 179 RASO, ANNE MONICA 179 RASPBERRY, BRIAN KEITH 325 RATCLIFF. GREGORY D. 401, 443 RATERMAN. THERESA ANN 179 RATH. COLIN CALVIN 355 RATHMANN, STEVEN HAROLD 377 RAUCH, DEBORAH HARRIET 450, 343 RAUSCHENBACH. CAROLYN MARIE 179. 305 RAUSCHER, CARYN ROCHELLE 313 RAVBA, RUSS 402 RAWLINGS, DANIELLE ELIZABETH 319 RAY, GREGORY MARK 421 RAY. PRESTON 179 RAY, WILLIAM BRADLEY 448 RAYMOND. CATHY 179 REA. KALLE ELLEN 400 REABAN. MARY ELIZABETH 179, 417 READEY, MARY EILEEN 442 READING, SHEILA MAE 179 REAGAN, KI'ITY 313 REARDEN. MARY GAIL 319 REBSTOCK, BEVERLY LYNN 313 RECHTIEN. KAREN E. 319 RECKEL, RENEE MARIE 406 REDDXNG, JANET LISA 450 REDEI, MARI C. 365 REDEKER, GAIL SUZANNE 319 REDINGTON, MICHELLE THERESE 419. 446 REDMAN, GREG BENJAMIN 355 REED, JACQUELYN MARIE 179 REED, TOBIN JAMES 339 REESE, MICHAEL JOHN 430. 30 REESER, PAULA 305 - REEVES, ED 439 REGAN, MICHELLE DENISE 424, 456 REHAGEN. RANDY GEORGE 179, 424 REHM, BARBARA ANNE 448 REICH, HARRIET ANN 448 REICHERT, CRAIG A. 325 REICHERT, TRACY ANN 442 REICHMAN, ELAINE ANNE 365 REID, DAVID ALLEN 341 REID, STEPHEN KEITH 315 REIFF. DEBORAH SUE 427 REILLY, MICHAEL P. 434 REIMANN HEIDI 329 REIMERS. JUDY LYNN 313 REIMLER, CECILIA YVONNE 410, 432 REIMLER, DANIEL 179 REINERS. RANDALL THOMAS 179. 361 REINHARDT, STEVEN RONALD 369 REINKE. SHARON KAYE 456 REINMUNDJ MICHAEL WILLIAM 430 REIS, TRACY LEE 179 RENKEN, DAVID JOHN 424 RENKOSKI, DAVID 315 RENNARD, JULIE 179 RENNICK, LEE ANNE 179 RENTSCHLER, JOHN STUART 379 RESCHKE, LISE LOUISE 179 RESER, ALAN LEE 430, 359 RESER. PAULA LANE 443 REVARE, LISA ANNE 179, 347 REYNOLDS. GREGORY ALAN 447 RHOADS, JOHN LOREN 483 RHYNER. RANDALL PAUL 357 RHYNER, RICHARD CARL 357 RICCA. LAURIE PATRICIA 179 RICE, JUDITH LENORA HANNUM 179 RICE, THOMAS ARTHUR 428 RICH, SUSAN 401, 349 RICHARDS IV, WILLIAM DULANY 315 RICHARDS. JOHN EDWARD 345 RICHARDSON, LINDA GAIL 446 RICHARDSON, SCARLETF SHAY 421 RICHART, ROBERT SCOTT 430. 369 RICHASON. RYAN JEFFERY 311 RICHERSON, BILL W. 179 RICHERSON. TIM J. 419 RICHERSON, TIM 361 RICHEY, MARK STEVEN 325 RICHTER, DEBBIE ANN 305 RICHTER, MARTIN JOSEPH 407 RICONO, MARY JANE 403 RIECK, DAVID 359 RIEHN. JAMES MICHAEL 325 RIEKHOF, GREGORY GLEN 401 RIEKHOF. ROBERT LANDON 321 RIEKHOF. SHERRI LYNN 391 RIESKE, MARK 179 RIESMEYER. ROBERT 412 RIFFEL, BECKY LYNN 179, 329 RIFFLE, CHIP 345 RIGDON, LORI ANN 305 RIGGINS. ROBERT PAUL 442 RIGGS, MARY ANNE 349 RIGGS, ROBERT C. 440 RIGHTHOUSE, CHRISTY ANN 179, 343 RILEY JR., CHARLES WALLACE 379 RILEY. GEOFFREY DUNCAN 179 RILEY, THOMAS LEE 317 RINEHART, MARK EDWIN 315 RING. KELLY LEE 179 RIORDAN, ELLEN MARIE 307 RIORDAN. KARLA JEAN 327 RIORDAN. RICK 430. 355 RIPPERGER, DANIEL LEE 407 RIPPLINGER, TIMOTHY JOSEPH 419, 395 RISLEY, LISA ANN 179 RISNER. ROBERT DEAN 179 RITI'MAN, DONALD PAUL 375 RITZ, CONNIE JANE 179. 403 ROACH, MICHAEL DEWAIN 341 ROBE, KELLY SUE 179 ROBBERSON. CHARLOTTE BETHEA 319 ROBBINS. DALE 345 ROBBINS, RICH 375 ROBINSON. LISA 416 ROBERSON, VALERIE JOY 407 ROBERTS. JAMES MARK 424. 317 ROBERTS. JEANNE SUE 331 ROBERTS, LISA 383 ROBERTS, MARY, ANN 179. 343 ROBERTS. PEGGY 410 ROBERTS. ROBB DEAN 408 ROBERTSON III. AMY 347 ROBERTSON. BRADLEY KENT 325 ROBERTSON, CAROL 180. 394 ROBERTSON, CHESTER 442 ROBERTSON. JEFFREY DON 367 ROBERTSON, JINA ANN 449, 347 ROBERTSON, JOHN LEO 359 ROBERTSON, MARY 401 ROBERTSON. PATRICIA 180 ROBEY. DAVID LEE 337 ROBINE'IT, ROBERTA SUE 417 ROBINSON. BRIAN BRENDAN 335 ROBINSON, DAWN ANNE 180, 351 .P-. ROBINSON. EDWARD ALAN ED 317 ROBINSON; LANCE ROBERT 363 ROBINSON. ROBERT FRED 456 ROBINSON. SABINA MARIE 180 ROBY. BRIAN LLOYD 180. 424. 133 ROCHE. CATHERINE ANN 180 ROCKHOLD. DENISE LYNNE'ITE 391 ROCKWOOD. LYNN MARIE 305 RODDY. DANIEL MARTIN 450 RODEBUSH, BRADLEY EUGENE 339 RODEKOHR. DEBORAH LEE 410 RODEKOHR. SHERIE LYNN 395 RODGERS. FRANKLIN LOUIS 400 RODGERS. HEATHER WYNNE 180. 331 RODGERS. JILL ANN 417, 442. 446 RODGERS, KENTON RICHARD 417 RODGERS, LENORA ELAINE 180 RODGERS. ROLESTA 180 ROE, SUSAN LOUISE 383 ROGERS, KATHY A. 180 ROGERS, KENNETH ALAN 402 ROGERS. MARK 420. 365 ROGERS, ROBERT 180, 478 ROGERS, ROBERT ALLEN 180 ROGERS. TIMOTHY CHARLES 361 ROITHER. KAREN MARIE 403 ROLF, DERRON LANE 401 ROLF, MICHAEL KENT 321 ROLFE, DAVID ALAN 355 ROLING. DANIEL RAY 325 ROLL, DONALD HERBERT 404. 335 ROLOFSON, TAMMIE SUE 424 ROMELL, SOLEDAD 331 ROMEO JR., RICHARD ARLEN 267 ROMERO. TIMOTHY VAL 373 ROMEU. DIEGO GARCIA 180. 379 ROMINES. JON DAVID 392, 420 RODNEY. KEVIN GEORGE 392 ROPER. WESLEY DEE 268 RORIE. KELLY BRIAN 359 ROSECOATS. JANET 419 ROSEMANN. CRAIG AARON 367 ROSEN, JOSLYN SUE 307 ROSEN. MICHELE LORI 411. 333 ROSENBAUM. RUTH ANN 427, 309 ROSENBAUM. TERRI ANN 333 ROSENBERG. ROBIN 309 ROSENBERG. STUART 311 ROSENBLOOM, LISA ANN 443 ROSENBLUM. MICHAEL RAY 311 ROSENFELD. LES KEITH 180 ROSENGARTEN. RUTHANN SUE 427 ROSENKRANS, MICHAEL LEE 412 ROSENTHAL. EDWARD JAY 180 ROSENTHAL. ROBERT ALLAN 311 ROSS. KATHERINE RUTH 180, 327. 422 ROSS. KIMBERLE 428 ROSS. KRISTI EILEEN 416 ROSS. ROBERT BLAKE 337 ROST, SUZANNE MARIE 448 ROSY. BRIAN 456 ROTENSTREICH. KENNETH BRUCE 381 ROTH. ELIZABETH SWARDSON 180 ROTH. MARK ADAM 180 ROTHERMICH. PHILLIP ANDREW 3S9 ROTHMAN, JAY 408 ROTHROCK. LEA 180 ROUND. DAVID SCOTT 325 ROUNKLES. JILL DENISE 180, 329 ROURBA. RUSS 421 ROUTH. KEVIN CHARLES 431 ROWELL. .10 A. 319 ROWETON, KENSAL ALLEN 341. 412 ROWLE'I'I', SCOTT STEWART 335 ROWSE, SHARON LEE 406 RUBENSTEIN. KATHY JOY 309 RUBICK. TRACY FRANCIS 427. 365 RUBINSTEIN, BARRY STEVEN 371 RUBY, JOHN MICHAEL 440 RUCHTE. QUENTIN ANDREW 359 RURLODH, MIKE 404 RUDNICK. LENISE SHAWN 180. 309 RUDROFF. JAMES GREGORY 367 RUE. KEVIN DENNIS 408 RUFFEL, JACQUELYN ANN 405 RUFKAHR. ANNETTE LYNN 180 RUNDLE. KAY LANELLE 343 RUNGE. KARL EDWARD 367 RUNYAN. LIBBY W. 421. 347 RUNYAN. PETER D. 180 RUPP. JANET LEE 428. 347 RUPP, PETER LOUIS 369 RUSH, MARTIN OWEN 359 RUSSELL, GREGORY JAMES 369 RUSSELL. JAMES DAVID 447 RUSSELL. JEFFREY SCOTT 180 RUSSELL. STEPHEN K, 355 RUST. MICHAEL KONRAD 335 RUTLEDGE. JANE ELIZABETH 329 RUITEN 1R.. JOHN WILLIAM 440 RU'ITER, SUSAN MARGARET 447, 347 RYAN. BRAD RICHARD 345 RYAN, JIM W. 375 RYAN. MARY MARGARET 383 ROYCHLEWSKI.CYNTH1A .1. 319 RYLE. KELLEY MARIE 391 RYLAND, CAROLYN 180 SAALE. THOMAS MICHAEL 345 SAATHOFF. RAYMOND EDWARD 456 SACCHETI'INI, RICHARD MICHAEL 345 SACCO. SCOTT A. 180 SACHS. PETER MICHAEL 371 SACKMAN. DAWN LOUISE 180 SADLER, JULIE 180. 450, 349 SADLER. SUSAN MARIE 180 SAGEHORN, AMY LOUISE 180. 327 SAGEHORN. BETH ANN 180 SAGO. LANCE WILLIAM 180 SAIFER. DAN STRIFLING 369 SALADINO. JON MARTIN 353 SALERNO, MICHAEL JOSEPH 408 SALFRANK, LINDA JEAN 319 SALLEE. MARY ANN 180, 319 SALZMAN, JILL ELLEN 419 SAMENUS, JEFF BRIEN 359 SAMENUS, MARI ELIZABETH 180 SAMPSON. KURT DAVID 321 SANCHEZ. ANNA MARIA 395 SANCHEZ, CARLOS A, 180 SANDER. CHERYL DENISE LITTLER 181 SANDERS. ANITA GAIL 395 SANDERS. DAVID CHARLES 404 SANDERS. MARK WAYNE 181 SANDERS. MARY LYNNE 181 SANDERS, MIMI 307 SANDERS, NANCY FAYE 331 SANDERS, PATRICK DAVID 355 SANDERS, ROBERT CLAUDE 181 SANDERSON. KEVIN ROBERT 431 SANDS. GREG MITCHELL 345 SANGUINE'ITE. NANCIE SUE 181 SANSONE, TERESA MARIE 397 SAPIENZA, MICHELLE CHRISTINE 343 SAPP, CHRISTINA ANNE 305 SAPPINGTON. JAMES PAUL 438 SARACINI. TIMOTHY RICE 373 SASLNA. LAURA JEAN 403 SAUDER. JANET MARIE 181 SAULS. MARK R. 267 SAUNDERS, BRENDA 181 SAVAGE. DIANE MARIE 181 SAWICKI. MICHAEL GEORGE 361 SAYE. DEBORAH SUE 429 SCANTLAN, MARK ALAN 398 SCARBROUGH. DAVID LEON 181 SCHADE. JULIE 405 SCHAEFER. DANIEL THOMAS 432 SCHAEFER. LISA CHRISTINE 305 SCHAEFER. SANDRA ELAINE 181 SCHAEFFER. SYD 351 SCHAFER, MARTHA MARY 181 SCHAFFNER. HOPE ANN 403 SCHALK. BRENDA CARINE 181 SCHALLERT. CAROLYN SUSAN 438, 446 SCHAMBURG, TED GENE 181 SCHANBUSCH. NEIL CHARLES 373 SCHANDLER. CATHY LYNN 422. 307 SCHANTZ. SARA LEE 181 SCHANZLE Ill. JOHN CHARLES 405 SCHAPER. JAMES FREDERICK 181, 323 SCHARFF. CLAYTON MICHAEL 404 SCHEER. MARK PAUL 181. 456 SCHEER. TIMOTHY NORMAN 456 SCHEIBLE, ROBERT KENT 341 SCHELP, KRISTIN MARIE 181 SCHENEWORK, KIM 305 SCHEVER, LINDA 411 SCHIEBER. ROBERT M. 321 SCHILB, FREDRICK KEITH 440 SCHILLER. TIMOTHY FRANCIS 181 SCHIMKE. STEPHEN WALTER 181 SCHIPKE. CHRISTINE ANN 181 SCHLICHTMAN, MIKE EUGENE 341 SCHILDMEYER, DAVE 363 SCHOEK, JANE 313 SCHLOEMANN. THOMAS RICHARD 181, 451 SCHLUETER. KURT DUANE 321 SCHLUETER. SCOTT JONATHON 321 SCHMIDT, ELAINE RAE 181. 327 SCHMIDT. ELEANOR DEE 181 SCHMIDT. MATTHEW EDWARD 355 SCHMIDTLEIN. MICHAEL JOHN 373 SCHNARR, MICHELE ELIZABETH SHELLY 403 SCHNEXDER. BRUCE MARSHALL 381 SCHNEIDER. KAREN 181. 333 SCHNEIDER, LAURA BETH 403 SCHNEIDER. NANCY 331 SCHNEIDER, ROBERT 367 SCHNEIDER. STEVE 367 SCHNELLER. ANN MARIE 181 SCHNIEDERS, JULIE MARIE 181 SCHNOEBELEN.1ANE LOUISE 181 SCHOENFELD. JULIE LYNN 401 SCHOKMILLER. NANCY LYNN 327 SCHORDOCK. MARK ALAN 375 SCHOTT. THOMAS MICHAEL 420. 325 SCHO'ITE, MARK WARREN 181. 359 SCHOWENGERDT, MELINDA SUSAN 400 SCHRAM. SUSAN GALE 331 SCHRANCK. DAVID PATRICK 440 igHRAPPEN. SUZANNE MARIE 181. 329, SCHRENK, JEFFERY LEE 181 SCHREWE. CHRISTINE ANN 407 SCHRICK. PHIL EUGENE 404 SCHROEDER. DAMIAN GRANT 321 SCHROEDER. JEFFREY seen 392 SCHROER. GREGORY JAY 367 SCHROER. MARY THERESE 417 SCHUBERT. LE ROY DALE 402 SCHUCKENBROCK. KAREN D. 181 SCHUER, MARK 39s SCHUENINGER, DOUG 37s SCHUENINGER. FRANK 37s SCHUKAI, ANN 181,347 SCHUKAI, CINDY 347 SCHULKE. KENT 434 SCHULTE. CATHERINE ALICE 450 SCHULTE. CHRISTINE MARIE 319 SCHULTE. ELLEN FRANCES 319 SCHULTEJANS, JAMES EDWARD 44o SCHULTKE. DAVE 401 SCHULTZ. HELEN L. 410 SCHULTZ. JOHN GERARD 357 SCHULTZ, KATARINA ms 443 SCHULTZ. REENA NECHAMAH 307 SCHULTZ. RYAN JOSEPH 357 SCHULTZ, SCOTF DAVID 440 SCHULTZE. CRAIG WESTON 398 SCHULZE. JANET ANN 182. 400 SCHUMACHER. JANET CAROL 182. 427 SCHU'ITE, SARA LYNN 182 SCHWALLER. CAROL 182 SCHWARTZ. DENISE SYLVIA 309 SCHWARTZ. RICHARD ERIC 381 SCHWARTZBURT, RHONDA CAROLE 182 SCHWEIGERT. NANCY 182 SCHWEIKERT. THERESA SUZANN TERRY 313 SCHWENDEMAN. MARK GERARD 424 SCHWERDT, JUDITH ANN 405 SCHWINEGRUBER. LINDA MARIE 393 SCHWINKE, KEITH EDWARD 317 SCIARRINO, ANNITA JEAN 182 selssons, CARLA JANE 349 3 SCLAIR, JUDY 182 SCOBEY. 131mm JEANNE'ITE 439 SCOGGIN. DEBRA 408 scorr. BRADFORD GLENN 353 SCO'I'l',10HN 405 scon. R. JAMES 401 SCRUGGS. JEFFREY LEE 428 SEABAUGH, SARAH ANN 400 SEAL. ROBERT c. 357 SEARCY. CINDY 319 SEARLE, CAROLYN LORRAINE 443 SEARS, JOHN ROBERT 430 SEATS. DEBORAH DEE 403 SEGO, PAM 182 SEIDEL, JOSEPH .1. 339 SEIPP. WILLIAM CRAIG 369 SELBY. BARRY KENT 182. 341 SELIGSON, JEFFFREY BRENT 419 SELSOR. ROBERT JAMES 447, 420. 325 SELVIG. VALERIE ANNETTE 182 SENEKER, REBECCA LYNN 419 SENSENICH, BARBARA LYNN 182,443 SEPE, PAUL NORMAN 367 SERFASS, scorr FITZGERALD 379 SERIVNER. BARRY 337 SEROTA, SUSAN BETH 182, 383 SERR. STEPHANIE 347 SESLER, REBECCA ANN 331 SEVERSON. SUSANNE KAY 331 SEWELL. MARK EUGENE 402 SEXTON, KAREN JEAN 182 SEYER. RICHARD JOHN 182 SHADDEN, JANET ELIZABETH 394 SHAFER. KEVIN WAYNE 379 SHAFFER. JAMES MARC 337 SHAFFER. THOMAS JAMES 355 SHAFFREY. SHARON MICHELE 343 SHAFFREY, SUSAN CHANDLER 343 SHAMLIAN. JANET ELLEN 329 SHANAHAN.R1CHARD 182 SHANNON. DANIEL 182 SHAPIRO. JAYME MARGARET 327 SHAPIRO. KAREN RUTH 182.401 SHARP 111., LEROY 182 SHARP, DOUGLAS JAY 182 SHARPE. KEVIN CHRISTOPHER 339 SHASSERRE, JERRY 373 SHAUGHNESSY. ANNE M1CHELLE 182 SHAUGHNESSY. PAUL JOSEPH 359 SCHAUNBAUCHER ANDY 359 SHAW. BRENT LEONARD 317 SHAW, JEFFREY c. c. 369 SHAW. KURT CONY 182 SHAW. STEVEN-GORE 404 SHEA. MARY 182 SHEAN, 1.1511 JEAN 403 SHEEHAN,T1MOTHY .1. 395 SHEEHY. JOHN 379 SHEELY, MARK DAVID 402 SHEETS. JENNIFER LYNN 456. 305 SHELBY. LORI ANN 329 SHELL. PAMELA KAY 351 SHELTON. JANET KAY 425 SHELTON. MARIA LOU 343 SHEPHERD, MIKE 339 SHER. SUSAN JOY 309 SHERK. JEFFREY L. 417 SHERMAN..1ET1'A JANE 182 SHERMAN. MARLA ANN 182 SHERMAN. WILLIAM TROY 337 SHINDLER. KAREN DAWN 394 SHINE. CHUCK MICHAEL 182 SHINE, NED 456 SHIPMAN, ELIZABETH SUE 407 SHIPMAN. RONNIE DALE 182 SHIVERDECKER. BETH ANN 182 SHOBE. BONNIE BETH 446. 347 SHOCKLEY. SCO'IT ALAN 450 SHOFFNER. TONJA KAY 391 SHONKWILER, MARK DAVID 408 SHORES, NANCY DIANE 394 SHORT, BRYCE LLOYD 417 SHORT, KEVIN LYNN 361 SHORT. MARK ALLEN 182 SHORT. STEPHEN JACK 182 SHOSTAK. LESLIE BETH 333 SHRAGE, NAVIN ANDREW 371 SHUBE. HELEN 394 SHUBERT. MARLENA ELLEN 403 SHULTZ. WILLIAM H. 430. 311 SHYKEN, MARK DAVID 381 SICKING, STEPHEN DAVID 421 SIDO, BARBARA JEAN 183 SIEBERT. CARRIE ELLEN 443. 307 SIEGEL. JAMES EDWARD 420 SIEGERT. LESLIE GAIL 351 SIEGFRIED. KEVIN DALE 311 SIEGLER. JEREMY ALAN 430 SIESS, JAMES RICHARD 392 SIGMAN, STEPHEN ANTHONY 363 SIKES. ELIZABETH 329 SILBER. RICK ALLISON 381 SILER. CINDY 313 SILKWOOD, TRACEY ANNE 329 SILL, BECKY 343 SILVERMAN. ALAN 381 SILVERMAN. MICKEY 333 SILVERS, KELLY LYNN 397 SIMMS. STEPHEN 359 SIMON. JEFFREY JOHN 379 SIMONE, THOMAS 183 SIMONITSCH. JOHN M. 424 SIMPSON, EVA KATHERINE 395 SIMPSON. SCOTT TYLER 339, 357 SIMPSON, TAMARA MARIE 329 SIMS. ELISA KATHERINE 313 SIMS. JAY DOUGLAS 278 SIMS, JOHN RANDALL 183. 424 SIMS, RUSS ALAN 421 SINES. STEVEN JOHN 321 SINGER, JEFFREY LYNN 311 SINGLETON. LLOYD ORIN 183. 404 SIRON. SHERRI LYNN 305 SISLER, JANA LOAYNE 434 SITES. MELINDA BESS 327 SIWAK. JEFFREY IRL 311 SJOBLOM, BARBARA MAUREEN 183 SKAGGS. .10 BETH 329 SKAGGS. WHITNEY ANN 331 SKEENS, DAVID MILTON 430. 353 SKELTON. LISA PORTER 183 SKILLMAN. RODERICK WILLIAM 207. 212 SKIZAS. LEONIDAS PETER 339 SKJELBOSTAD. SUSAN LOUISE 329 SKORBURG. JONATHAN DAVID 183 SLAGEL. DAVID ALLAN 345 SLANKARD. JAMES ANDREW 373 SLATER. JAMES ROBERT 339 SLAUGHTER. JENNIFER REDELL 183, 349 SLAUGHTER. .10 ANNE 407 SLAY, JILL CAROLYN 420. 347 SLEAD. ROGER WARREN 357 SLENKER 1R., LEO W. 321 SLINKARD. WILLIAM RANDOL 407 SLINKERD. TRACE 373 SLOAN. STEPHEN BAIRD 355 SLOSSON. ROBERT EVAN 421 SLY.LAUR1E ANN 395 SMART, VINCENT KElTH 379 SMILEY. KEVIN ROBERT 313 SMILEY. MICHAEL RAYMOND 424. 361 SMILEY. SCOTT GREGORY 408 SMITH. ALLEN 339 SMITH. BARBARA 347 SMITH. BETH 397. 428 SMITH. CAROL ELIZABETH 402. 347 SMITH. CHARLES A. 427 SMITH. CLIFF 450 SMITH. DAN A. 405 SMITH. DAVID 431. 355 SMITH. FREDERICK GERARD 440 SMITH. .1. ANSON 417 SMITH. JACQUELINE 365 475 SMITH, JAMES 432 SMITH, JANELLE 347 SMITH, JEAN ANN 183. 425. 427, 347 SMITH. KENT 353 SMITH, KEVIN 341 SMITH, LANE 345 SMITH, LAURA DIANE 329 SMITH. LEONARD DARYL 407 SMITH, MANDY 383 SMITH, MARGARET ANN 276 SMITH, MARK TORREY 183 SMITH, MATTHEW STEWART 375 SMITH, MICHELLE 305 SMITH, MONICE ARTRIER 183 SMITH, NATALIE ANN 365 SMITH, PAUL 183, 402 SMITH, PEGGY 183 SMITH, SCOTT 424 SM1TI-1, SHAWN DEVIN 367 SMITH, STUART ADAM 407 SMITH, VICKI 313 SMOOT, LARRY WILLIAM 424 SNAPP. TARA SIMONE 443. 343 SNAVELY, SHERI LYNN 400 SNIDER, SUE 428 SNODSMITH, CHERYL ANN 405 SNOW, JERALD CRAIG 377 SNOWDEN, WALLACE M. 450 SNYDER, ANN YVONNE 183. 333 SNYDER, CLINTON WAYNE 421 SNYDER, GAIL 447 SOKOLOFF, JOHN PAUL 357 SOLOMON, ANDREW MARTIN 183 SOLOMON, JOHN LAWRENCE 430, 373 SOLOMON, STUART CHAMBERS 401 SOLOMON. TED 405 SUMMER, NANCY JEAN 428 SOMMER, PHILIP 183 SOMMER, SUSAN JEAN 183 SOMMERER, JEFFREY KEITH 323 SOMREK, MARY ANN 407 SON, GARY DEAN 440 SOPCICH, CYNTHIA SUE 347 SOUTHERLAND, PATRICIA LEE 307 SOVENSON, NELS 345 SOWERS, BRIAN KEITH 401 SPADAROTFO, STEVEN WILLIAM 183, 418 SPALDING, THOMAS GERARD 183 SPANGLER, JAMES CHRISTOPHER 359 SPANGLER, ROBERT WALLIS 339 SPEAK, J. DOUGLAS 321 SPECKER, STANTON ALFRED 183, 449, SPEISER, TERRI L. 422 SPENCER, MIMI 136 SPENCER, SCOTT ARNOLD 357 SPENER, MIMI COLE'ITE 305 SPERRY, CHARLES CLELLAND 434 SPERRY. MITZI KAY 183 SPINAZZOLA. JOSEPH A. 450 SPITTLER, FAE MARIE 313 SPITZNAGEL, CHRISTY FRANCES 183 SPITZNAGEL, DAVID RAYMOND 440, 353 SPLAN. CHRISTINE ELIZABETH 307 SPLAN, DEBBIE 307 SPLISGARDT. CYNTHIA ANN 313 SPOONER, WILLIAM CHARLES 355 SPORER. DENISE DIANE 183 SPORTSMAN, TONY LEE 183, 359 SPRA'IT, SHELDON SCOTT 359 SPRICK, MICHAEL MARVIN 315 SPRINGER, WILLIAM ALEXANDER 359 SPRINGMEIER, MARTHA SUE 307 SPROCK, DAVE 375 SPROULL, STEPHEN 345 SPURGEON, DAVID DEAN 341 SQUIRES, WILLIAM DAVID 357 ST CLAIR. JOHN WESLEY 359 ST JOHN, JOEL HARLAND 373 STAASHELM, ERNIE BLAINE 412, 317 STACK. ANDY 377 STADLER, BILL 431 STAFFORD, GRACE ANN 183, 417 STAHLHUTH, WILLIAM ROGER 325 STAHLSCHMIDT. PAMELA SUE 429 STAMM, KEITH GERARD 424 STAMPER. LAURA LEIGH 331 STAMPER, LEESA ANN 331 STANFORD, LEE SCOTT 357 STANLEY, CYNTHIA LYNN 408 STANLEY, KEVIN C. 424 STANTON, SANDRA DEAN 183 STARK. DOUGLAS LEE 407 STARK. EDWARD CHARLES 183. 315 STARK, TOM 183 STARNES, SUSAN ELANE 429 STARZINGER, TARILYN SUE 183 STAUFFER. ROBERT RAYMOND 450 STEARNS, CRAIG 183 STECKELBERG, JILL MOORE 427 STEDEM, DEANNE R. 327. 133 STEDEM. DEBORA 183 STEELE, LINDA SUSAN 333 STEELE. THOMAS L, 430. 377 STEFFAN, BARRY DEAN 367 STEFFEN. ROBIN LYNN 443. 343 STEFFL, LEANNE 365 STEGEMAN, STEVE 183 STEHR, KAROLA ANN 391 STEHR, STACI .10 418, 329 STEIN, LINDA JANE 183 STEIN, MICHAEL E. 381 STEINBECK, DEBRA KAY 413 STEINHAEUFEL, MICHAEL ROY 369 STEINMAN. CRAIG FORREST 183, 371 STEINMANN, MARK ALLEN 183, 325 STEPHAN, ERIC NEAL 335 STEPHENS, CINDY LOUISE 331 STEPHENS, CRAIG EUGEN 345 STEPHENS, DOUG ALAN 184 STEPHENS, MARK BRIAN 431. 440 STEPHENS, PEGGY 405 STEPHENSON, KELLY ANNE 313 STEPHENSON, ROBERT DEAN 412 STEPHENSON, SCOTI' DARREN 361 STEPTOE, SONJA RENECE 447, 438 STERN, ELISA HELEN 309 STERN, HARRY MARK 381 STERNBERGER, SARA ELLIS 418, 383. 448 STERNECKER, DAVID 184 STERNER, MARY M. 351 STETSON, MELANIE ANN 421 STEUTERMAN. MARY ANN 396. 422 STEUTERMANN, KIM LINETTE 396 STEVENS, MARK DANIEL 409 STEVENS. TRACY LEIGH 449, 347 STEVENSON, GARY DONALD 456 STEVENSON, SERENA 329 STEWART, ANGELA RUTH 447, 347 STEWART, CONNIE RAE 443 STEWART. JOHN 184 STEWART, SANDRA LYNN 401, 349 STEWART, SHELLE JANE 428, 347 STIERWALT, STACY LYNN 313 STIGALL. PATTI 184 STILES, JAMES MARION 337. 430 STILES. PHILIP MICHAEL 407 STILLMAN, JOE ALTON 359 STINSON, CHERYL LYNN 416 STIPANOVICH, STEPHEN 239, 242, 245 STOBAUGH, DONNA GAIL 184, 410 STOBBS, TERI S. 450 STOCK, DAN1EL LEE 184, 341 STOCK, THOMAS ALAN 421, 341 STOCKWELL, JENNIFER CAROL 392, 305 STOECKLEIN, ELLENE 429 STOHR, JANE CATHERINE 331 STOLIAR, SCOTT N. 381 STOLWYK, PAUL TIMOTHY 367 STONE, DEBORAH SUSAN 349 STONE, JEFFREY 325 STONE, MARCIA SUE 184 STONE, MARK EUGENE 184. 359 STONE, MIKE 379 STONE. REBECCA EILEEN 440 STONE, TERRI ANN 429 STONER, MATTHEW L. 373 STOPPOK, JENNIFER JOHANNA 396 STORMS, JEFFREY RICHARD 337 STORTZ, HELEN ANNE 347 STORY, ROBYN LETA 408 STORY. STEPHEN BARKER 345 STRADER. MARILYN JEAN 447. 365 STRATHMAN, NANCY GAYLE 184 STRATTON, DANNY G. 184 STRAUSSNER, STEVEN GERARD 355 STRAW, JENNIFER LEE 440 STRESS, KEVIN 446 STRICKERT. DAVID H. 456 STRICKFADEN, KEVIN SCO'I'l' 359 STRICKFADEN, LANA .10 422 STRICKLER. WILLIAM KEMPER 184 STRIEGEL, JULIE WOOD 329 STRIKER. KENNETH LLOYD 392, 420 STRINGHAM, LYNN MARIE 400 STRODE, ANDREW HOWELL 421 STRODTMAN, JANE ELIZABETH 429 STROPE, BRENDA SUZANNE 443 STROPE. JACQUELINE ANN 443 STROSS, KEVIN ARTHUR 419 STROTHMAN. BEN WILLIAM 408 STRUEBBE, JOLENE MARIE 184 STRUM, RICK 379 STUBBERS. GREGORY JOSEPH 357 STUBER. HELEN ELIZABETH 329 STUBER. REBECCA ANNE 329 STUCKEL, JAY JOSEPH 431 STUCKENSCHNEIDER, SCOTT PAUL 345 STUCKENSCHNEIDER, MIKE 345 STUCKEY, CAROL ANN 184 STUMPE, KEITH GEORGE 184. 421. 429 STURDY. SUSAN LYNN 184 STUTZ. JAMES ROBERT 184 SUDBROCK, MARCIA ANN 184. 443 SUDFELD, CAROL FAY 394 SUDSBERRY, NANCY MAE 446 SUEDMEYER, KEVXN ROBERT 419, 400 SUEHLA. CATHY 133 SULACK, LORI ANNE 184. 343 SULKOWSKI, DIANE MARIE 349 SULLIVAN, KEVIN CROWLEY 345 SULLIVAN, PEGGY ANN 393 SULLIVAN, TODD ROBERT 375 SUMMERS, PAUL 296 SUNDVOLD, JON THOMAS 236 SURVANT. RICHARD EDWARD 367 SUTTON, CHRISTINA L. 410 SVEHLA. CATHERINE ANN 447, 443 SWALANDER, KRISTINA LYNN 383 SWALLOW, STEPHANIE JEANNE 343 SWAN LYNN 402 SWAN, WILLIAM I. 446 SWANEY, ELAINE MARIE 184 SWANK, LISA ANN 383 SWANNER, CAROL LYNN 184 SWARTZ, TIM L1 337 SWEEMER, DIANA JEANNE 331 SWEENEY, AMY DENISE 319 SWEENEY. MARK ROBERT 367 SWENSON, LISA ANNE 319 SWIGGUM. DANIEL MARTIN 442, 448 SWINEY, NANCY ANN 403 SWINEY, TONYA LANE 184 SWITFERS, KURT ROBERT 184, 371 SYBERG, WENDY LYNN 410 SYKES, MICHAEL WAYNE 345 SYKORA, KIMBERLY MARIE 184 SYMES, RONALD KEITH 375 SYNDER, DENISE 331 SZABO-MCCOLLOM, DOROTHY 184 SZOKE, MARIKA 305 TACKETI', BILL 184 TAGUE, DAVID NEAL 409 TALBOT, ROBERT LLOYD 402 TANNER, KAREN MARIE 313 TANZEY, STANLEY STEVEN 184 TAPPMEYER, ANDREW RICHARD 419 TARANTINO, CELESTE ANN 417 TASCH, NEAL MICHAEL 184 TATE, DEBBIE MAXINE 349 TAYLOE, JEANETTE SUZANNE 401 TAYLOR, CHARLES 379 TAYLOR, DAVE 363 TAYLOR, DOUGLAS RAY 369 TAYLOR, JAMES LOU DON 440 TAYLOR, ROBIN 429 TAYLOR, SHERRI LYNN 405. 383 TAYLOR, SUE 184 TAYLOR, TOM 377 TEASDALE, LAURA LYNNE 184, 401 TEBBEN, CRAIG BRIAN 184, 424 TEDROW, JEFFREY RONALD 359 TEDROW, JENNIFER LYNN 351 TEEHLE, GRANT 371 TEEPLE. GRANT GUY 430 TEMME, CHRISTY LEIGH 397 TEMMEN, DORIS ANN 395 TEMPLE, RANDAL EVAN 373 TEMPLETON, LISA MICHELE 443, 365 TERRACE, SARAH ELIZABETH 393 TETER, TINA BETH 456 TEVIS, DAN WARREN 430 THACKERY, GREGORY LYNN 357 THACKREY, LYNN ANN 400 THAKUR, POONAM JASWANT 448 THAL, MARK STUART 311 THARP, ALISON MARIE 365 THARP, CATHY SUE 443 THARP, DANIEL BRUCE 184 THARP, TAMARA KAY 184 THARP, TERESA LYNN 184 THEISSEN, NANCY ANNE 319 THIEMANN, LYNN MARIE 184 THIGPEN, JANICE MARIE 395 THOENE, KEN 337 THOENEN, RANDALL JOSEPH 413 THOMAS, ANDREW LEE 184 THOMAS, DAVID 185 THOMAS, DOUGLAS BRIAN 315 THOMAS. MARSHA ELAINE 428 THOMAS, PENNY LORETTA 383 THOMAS, SARA BETH 349 THOMPSON, ANN ELIZABETH 407 THOMPSON. CHARLES ROBERT 185 THOMPSON, CHERYL LYNN 443 THOMPSON, CHRISTOPHER MARTIN 392 THOMPSON, CYNTHIA KAY 305 THOMPSON, DANA LYNN 347 THOMPSON, DEENA LYNELLE 397 THOMPSON. EVETI'E 185 THOMPSON. LARRY GLENN 345 THOMPSON, PAMELA 329, 424 THOMPSON, ROBERT 439 THOMPSON, TIMOTHY 341 THOMSEN, LINDA SUE 185, 343 THUMSER, KAREN ANN 383 TIBBS, KATHY 185 TIEFENAUER, RHONDA KAYE 185 TIEMANN, ROBERT TRENTON 317 TIERNEY, DAVID CHRISTOPHER 185 TIETJEN, SUSAN LEA 263 TIONGSON. RICARDO GERALD 424 TLAPEK, CHRISTOPHER ROBERT 359 TLAPEK, DAVE 359 TOBBEN, CATHY MARIE 424. 456 TODD, ANNE PATRICE 307 TODD, CRAIG LEONARD 456, 373 TOENJES, RITA MAE 429 TOLIVER, DE ANN RENAE 396 TOLLEY, GEOFFREY LAURENCE 361 TOLD, WILLIAM GRANT 359 TOMBLIN. JOHN W. 417 TOMLIN, BECKY ANN 422 TOMLINSON, JULIE ANN 185 TOMPSON, CLIFF WARE 359 TONIOLI, TERI LYNNE 185 TOOLE, ALLEN BOYCE 430, 369 TOPEL, CHRIS LOUIS 325 TORBERT. BOBBETI'E YOLANDA 403 TOTH, ROBERT LEWIS JR. 430, 373 TOVAR, MARIA M. 305 TOWNSEND. ERICA LALETA 185 TOWNSEND, GERALD PATRICH 337 TOWNSEND. MITCHELL CARL 359 TOWNSEND, PETE 407 TOWNSEND. THOMAS DALE 341 TRACHSEL, DONNA MARIE 395 TRACHSEL. NORMA SUZANNE 456 TRACY, JOANNE MARY 351 TRAEDER, TAMARA CHRISTINE 185, 351, 438 TRAMPE, MICHAEL RONALD 402 TRASK, HERBERT ARTHUR 369 TRAUTMAN, CRAIG THOMAS 185, 361 TREECE, JOHN BARRYMAN 424 TREGENT, CINDY 185 TREMAIN, THOMAS CHARLES 355 TRENTHAM. ORIN PAUL 417, 379 TRESCO'IT, BRADLEY WILLIAM 345 TRICOLI, RICHARD MICHAEL 185 TRIMBLE, DAMON RICHARD 412 TRIPLETI', KELVIN LEE 413 TRITTEN, CHRIS 429 TRITTEN, RED 383 TRITI'LER. REGAN MARK 379 TROCHTENBERG. MARK STEVEN 371 TROESTER. MARK TODD 357 TROSKE. CARLA MARIE 349 TROUTNER, CAROLYN JUNE 443 TROYER, MICHAEL DAVID 450 TRUSS, FELIX JOHNSON 379 TRUSTER, TRACY ELLEN 185, 425. 456 TSIKALAS, DEMETRIOS GEORGE 404 TUCKER, BARBARA LYNNE 419 TUCKER, ELIZABETH ANN 407 TUCKER, ROBERT JAY 359 TUFI'S, STEVE LEE 363 TUMMINIA, MARGARET MARY 305 TURLEY, SARAH RUTH 351 TURNER, JO 438 TURNER, TRACEY ANN 327 TURNUPSEED, KAREN LEE 408 TURPIN, LAWRENCE MOORE 430, 315 TURPIN, VICKIE 185 TUSSING. THEODORE MILLER 325 TWILLIE, CYNTHIA LORRAINE 397 TYCHONIEVICH, MARK JOHN 404 TYE, CHRISTINE E. 185 TYERS, SHAUNNA 403 TYEBIRD, SHARON 383 TYLER, DIANE LYNN 405 TZINBERG, SUSAN LYNN 185, 450 UEHLING, BARBARA 139 UHLEMEYER IV, HENRY ADOLPH 232 ULREY, CONNIE JEAN 421 UMBRIGHT, NANCY JANE 403 UNDERHILL, JAMES BRYAN 419, 361 UNDERWOOD, DANA RAE 443 UNDERWOOD, MARIA KATHLEEN 411 UNGER, LISA ANN 442 UNNERSTALL, TIMOTHY ROBERT 367 UNTIEDT, JANET SUE 185 USMAN, AMINA TIJANI 185 USREY I11, THOMAS BROOKS 359 UTLEY, STANLEY FRANK 285 UTTERBACK, SUE ELLEN 442 VACCA, BRIAN CRAIG 185 VACCA. DANIEL GERARD 353 VAHLE, JOHN LOUIS 409 VAHRENHORST, LINDA LEIGH 397 VALLE, JOHN CHESTER 421 VALLEROY, NANCY JANE 185 VALUCK, JONATHAN ERIC 430, 420 VAN BUSKIRK, EILEEN MARY 185 VAN GENDEREN, SCOTT DEE 185 VAN HOUTEN. KIMBERLY E. 391 VAN NORMAN, BARRY WARREN 363 VANDELICHT, SANDRA DEE 185, 424 VANDERWERKEN, VANCE WARREN 404 VANE'ITI. ANITA JEAN 185, 397 VASSOLO, CHRISTINE ANNE 403 VATI'EROTF, JAMES RICHARD 373 VAUGHAN. DARYL DEE 185 VAUGHN, ANTHONY STEPHENS 345 VAUGHN, CATHERINE 361 VAUGHN, MELISSA ANNE 329 VAUGHN, SCOTl' DENHAM 359 VAUGHN, WILLIAM CHARLES 185, 315 VENABLE, JOY COZE'I'I'E 185, 329 VENN. LESLIE SUZANNE 394 VENTOUR. LISA CAROLINE 333 VENTURELLA. TIMOTHY M1CHAEL 357 VERHAGEN. BENET JOSEPH 185 VERHOFF. JAMES GERARD 361 VERNON. TERESA GAIL 186 VERTS. JUDITH KAY 186 VETl'E, LESA RANAE 349 VIAL, THOMAS LElTH 408 VIE. DAVID LAWRENCE 375 VIEHMANN. KATHLEEN MARIE 386 V713ERL1NG 1R1. RICHARD ANTHONY 417. 3 VIERLING. JIM JOSEPH 325 VIERS. MARK PHILLIP 186 VILLHARD. YVONNE ARLENE 313 VITI. SUSIE DIANNE 401. 349 VOEGTLI. DAVID JOHN 404 VOGEL. MALCOLM 335 VOGELSMEXER. JON JAY 341 VOGT. JAMES EDWARD 335 VOGT. SCOTT RALPH 321 VOIT. JENNIFER PETERS 405. 305 VOLD. DAVID 419 VOLMERT. JUDY MARIE 448 VOLMERT. JULIE ANN 394 VOLZ, DAVID 407 VON DOERSTEN. EDWARD JAMES 359 VON GREMP. TRACEY ANN 186 VONDER HAAR, DE REE ANN 456. 343 VONDERHEID. SUSAN C. SUE 383 VOSS. GORDON LOUIS 341. 413 VULGAMO'IT. RICK THEODORE 357 WACKER. GEORGE 439 WADDELL. RICHARD ALEXANDER 186 WADE. JANE ANNE 406 WADE, SCO'IT ALAN 430 WAECHTER. TERESA MARIE 428 WAGGONER. BRIAN KENNETH 186 WAGNER, JONATHAN SCOTT 381 WAGNER. LAURA ELLEN 408 WAGNER. MARY ELIZABETH 418. 427, 347 WAGNER. ROBERT 478 WAGNER, ROBERTA ALICE 186 WAGNER, TODD ALAN 430. 420, 325 WAGSTER. CHARLOTTE ANN 186. 422 WAHLBRINK. MATTHEW DAVID 339 WAID. GREGORY REX 186. 357 WAID. TIMOTHY RAY 357 WALDMAN. LAURA ALICE 186 WALKER. GEORGE W. JR. 418 WALKER. LEE 186 WALKER, MAURA ANNE 186. 305 WALKER, MICHAEL L. 251 WALKER, SHERI LYNN 442 WALL. JULIE WILSON 347 WALL, MARK KEVIN 186 WALL. SHELLEE DAWN 349 WALLACE. CLARK EUGENE 456 WALLACE. DANIEL KEITH 186 WALLACE. STEVEN E. 398 WALLI. STEVEN CRAIG 186 WALLINGA. DAVID 418, 345 WALLIS, BARRY JAY 381 WALLIS. COREY BRENT 381 WALLIS. RETA FAYE 307 WALLS. KELVIN LEBAN 186 WALSH. KIMBERLEY 186 WALSWORTH. EDGAR ALLEN 186 WALTER. CHARLES RANDLE 345 WALTERS. FRED 186 WALTHER, TODD RICHARD 335 WALTMAN. DOUGLAS DEAN 418. 392. 131 WALTON, DEBBIE ANN 407 WALTZ. DEBRA 186 WALTZ, LISA ARLEAN 411. 402 WALVOORD. BARRY LEE 186 WALZ JR., ROBERT L. 345 WARD. MARK EDWARD 186 WARD. MICHELE RENEE 186 WARD. ROBERT CAMPBELL 363 WARDELL, LOIS JEAN 424 WARDEN. CHRISTOPHER SCO'IT 345 WARDEN, DENNIS RALPH 186. 428 WARDEN. JOHN ROBERT 345 WARFIELD. CAROLYN JEAN 186 WARIS 11. ROBERT GEORGE 339 WARMBOLD. ROBYN LYNN 186 WARMBRODT. JOE 186 WARNER, BETTY JANE 403 WARNER. KIMBERLY DAWN 406 WARNER, LEE A. 186 WARNKEN.JUL1E ANN 333 WARREN. BETH 343 WARREN. KENNETH EDWARD 186. 456 WARRICK. TODD 363 WARRINER. RANADA S. 186 WASHBURN. SUSAN ROSE 331 WASINGER. LISA MARIE 400 WASLESK1.ROBERT EDWARD 187 WASSERMAN. LORI ANN 407 :VBASSERMAN. MICHELLE ELLEN 187. 4 WATERS. LORI KAY 319 WATKINS. ANITA MARIE 411 WATKINS. DOUG 321 WATKINS. GREG 321 WATKINS. JONATHAN DOUGLAS 335 WATSON. JACQUELIN 416 WATSON. NORMAN LEE 377 WA'I'rERSON, DAVID ALLEN 187 WAUGH. MELISSA LINN 319 WAWERNA. MICHAEL TODD 373 WAY. CHRIS EDWARD 440 WEARS. THOMAS GENE 440 WEAVER. DAVID RAY 375 WEAVER, GREGORY 187 WEAVER. MARK J. 375 WEAVER. SARA LEE 418. 447. 443 WEEBE. GERALYN ROSE 313 WEBER. AMY ALLYN 391 WEBER, BILL 335 WEBER, DAVID GERARD 187 WEBER. JAMES H. 337 WEBER. JEFF 353 WEBER. LAURA LEE 383 WEBER. LINDA LEE 347 WEBER. MARY FRANCES 410 WEBER. SCOTT DOUGLAS 420 WEBER. TERRY ELLEN 446 WEBSTER. MARTHA JEAN 343 WEEDA, RICHARD RAY 187 WEEKLEY. DEBRA DAWN 187. 347 WEGANT. SUSAN KATHERINE 307 WEHMEIER. KENT RAY 419 WEID. DAVE 369 WEID. TOM 369 WEIDENHAMER. JEFF ALAN 401 WEIGEL. PETER JOSEF 187. 402 WEIKER. FRED CHARLES 315 WEILER. KENNETH LEE 395 WEILITZ. CAROL JANE 429. 305 WEINBERG. SCOTT ALAN 311 WEINER. LORI BETH 309 WEINHOLD. GUY ALAN 377 WEINHOLD. KEITH JOHN 323 WEINRICH. CHRISTOPHER ANDERSON 373 WEINRICH. KURT JOSEPH 373 WEINSTEIN, RICK 381 WEINSTING. MITCHELL COLLINS 303 WEINTRUB. MARK L. 381 WEINZIRL. WILLIAM CHRIS 456 WEIPRECHT. STEVE 363 WEIS. DAVID 339 WEIS. JOHN MARTIN 187. 379 WEIS. SUSAN LOIS 401 WEISELMAN. STEVE 381 WEISHAAR. TIMOTHY HAROLD 187 WEISS. ART 187 WEISS. DONALD EUGENE 355 WEISS. LINDA ANNE 305 WEISS. RAYANNE MARCIA 309 WEITEKAMP. CHRISTINE ELAINE 411 WELCH, CHADDUCK DAVID 359 WELCH. CONNIE RENEE 187 WELCH, DOUGLAS ROBERT 187 WELCH, LAKETIA 187 WELCH. LORI LEE 187 WELKER. STEPHEN PAUL 409 WELLMAN. PHILIP LANCE 373 WELLMAN. SUSAN MARJORIE 403 WELLS. ADRIANNE 329 WELLS. BARBARA .10 401 WELLS. KRISTI LYN 427 WELLS. STEVEN L. 321 WELSH. MARK S. 440 WELTER. JANICE ANN 405 WEMPNER. JIM EDWARD 367 WENDEL. KAREN ANN 187 WENGERNUK; CHRISTINE DENISE 187 WENNEKER. LORI JOAN 187. 422. 349 WENTZ. TAMARA JEAN 478 WENTZEL. CINDE SUE 187 WERNER, DARLA SUE 187 WERNER. EHIDI ELLEN 333 WERNER. PATRICIA LYNNE 429 WERNER. SUSAN MARIE 425 WERNERT JR.. ROBERT FRANK 187 WERNING. THOMAS KEN 187 WEST, DAVID EUGENE 440 WEST. KAREN GAIL 391 WEST. PAUL FRANCIS 187 WEST. STEPHANIE KATHLEEN 347 WEST, SUSAN MARIE 408 WEST, TERRI LYNN 349 WEST. TIMOTHY 187 WESTBROOK. JAMES 142 WESTBROOK. JEFF 335 WESTBROOKE. STEVE EDWARD 379 WESTERFIELD, KENT BRADLEY 187 WESTERHEIDE, WILLIAM GEORGE 377 WESTERMAN, CHR1S JOHN 417 WESTERMANN. ANTHONY JOSEPH 357 WESTERN. TERRI LYNNE 187. 349 WESTFALL. KURT GERALD 421 WESTHOFF, DONNA 187 WESTHOFF. KIM MARIE 401 WESTLUND. JUL1E ANN 329 WESTMORELAND. STEVEN ODIS 390 WHALEY. CHRIS RENEE 394 WHEELER, DANIEL PATRICK 231 WHEELER. JAMES ARTHUR187. 412.317 WHEELER, LINDA GAY 187, 347 WHITACRE. AMY LOIS 343 WHITAKER. JOHN ROBERT 335 WHITE. CHRISTINE LYNNE 407 WHITE, GREGORY LEWIS 412. 317 WHITE. JEFF NEIL 409. 345. 456. 355 wuma. JOHN 428 WHITE. LISA 187 WHITE. MICHAEL 342 WHITE, NANCY LYNN 406 WHITELEY. GEORGE ANDREW 446 WHITESIDE. PAULA KAY 187 WHITLOCK. CARY JOANNE 349 WHI'ITE, MICHELE 407 WHYTE, JOHN 440 WICKERT, ERIC DAVID 323 SIEDNER, DARYL 412 WIELAND. MARY MARGARET 187 WIENMAN CHRIS 402 WIES. JULIA HOESTER 408 WIES. TIMOTHY JAMES 456 W1ESNER.T1MOTHY A. 187 WIGHTMAN. scorr STEPHEN 373 WlLBURN, DOUGLAS FREDRICK 187 WILCOX. TODD CARDER 357 WILCUTT, CORY s. 407 WILDE. JANET MARY 428, 446 WILDER. BARBARA ANNE 407 WILDING. NANCY JANE 448 WILDING. VICKI LYNN 443 WILEY. JENNY 448 WILFING, FRANK JOSEPH 431 WILHELM. BARBARA ANN 417 WILHELM. ELIZABETH MARIE 383 WILKINSON, MICHAEL RAY 407 WILL. scorr ROBERT 367 WILLARD. KATHY N. 450 WILLARD. SANNA JEAN 307 WILLARD. WALLACE REID 424 WILLBRAND. BRAD A. 323 W1LLBRAND.PH1L1P 187 WILLHELM. BOB 392 W1LL1AMS. BENTON 369 WILLIAMS, CARRIE ANN 351 W1LL1AMS,CHRIST1NE 188 WILLIAMS, DOUG 321 WILLIAMS. 151.5113 351 WILLIAMS. JOSEPH PATRICK 44o W1LL1AMS.KAREN LYNN 305 WILLIAMS. KATHRYN DENISE 319 WILLIAMS. KATHY 188 W1LLIAMS. KENA LYNN 188 WILLIAMS. KENT 373 WILLIAMS. LAWRENCE 188 WILLIAMS. MICHAEL 188 WILLIAMS, PATRICIA 313 W1LL1AMS, PEGGY 448 W1LL1AMS. RHAND TIMOTHY 345 WILLIAMS. STEPHANIE SUE 407.456 WILLIAMS. TE 405 WILLIAMS. TRACY 397. 351 WILLIE. MATTHEW GERARD 325 WILLIS, LINDA KAY 188.419 WILLMAN.CYNTH1A ANN 188 WILLOUGHBY. THOMAS BRADLEY 317 WILLSON, DENISE MARIE 391.400 WILMORE, ROSS DUNCAN 431. 434 WILMOTH. ANGELA SUE 411 WILSON. AMY LEE 347 WILSON. ANNE 327 WILSON. BRIAN EDWARD 337. 377 WILSON. BRUCE ALAN 315 W1LSON.DOUGLAS E. 188 W1LSON,EL1ZABETH 188 WILSON, HAL BRAINERD 325 WILSON. HELEN ELIZABETH 281 WILSON, JEFF sco-rr 424 WILSON, KEVIN 367 WILSON. MARK 353 WILSON. PAMELA JOY 349 W1LSON. PHILLIP 392 WILSON, RALPH GENTRY 339 WILSON. ROBERT PEARCE 188 WILSON. SUSAN 188 WILSON. TERESA ANN 289 W1LSON, WILLIAM GRAY 315 WIMBERLY, GARY MICHAEL 404 WINCHELL. MARK STEVEN 371 WINDERS 111.. WILLIAM GAYLORD 392 WINER. KIM LORETro 188 WINGREN. JOY VICTORIA 188. 351 W1NTER. HARRISON LUER 353 W1NTER. JEFF BOYD 188 WINTER. L1SA LYNN 188 WINTER. MICHAEL 188 WIPKE. DEIDRE D. AMOUR 447 WIRT. KENNETH ALAN 321 WISCH, GARY WILLIAM 188 WISEMAN. LE ANNE 448 WISNIEWSKI. STEVEN M. 430 WISTREICH. DAVID MENASSE 401 w1su11zwsx1, STEVE 353 WITCHER. DONNA GAYE 188 wmnans, CHARLES PAUL 448. 373 WINTHROW. KATHY 416 wn'r. SUSAN JEANNE 397 WITTENBERG. DAVID CARL 345 W1'1'1'ENBERG. ELIZABETH MAR1E 313 W1'1'fl-1AUS. PAULETTE SUE 419 WIVELL. GEORGIANA 349 w1x01v1, DAVID GRISWOLD 188 wousy, scorr EVERETT 367 WOLF. GEORGE 325 WOLF. JEANINE 188 WOLF. KIRK JAMES 189 WOLF. TRUDY LENORE 419. 446 WOLFE. LYNETTE MARIE 347 WOLFENBARGER. ELAINE KAY 189. 422. 347 WOLTERS. MELISSA LOUISE 189 WONG. FRANS SETlADI 420 WONG. YOK CHING 189 WOOD. DONNA MARIE 394 WOOD. TERRANCE LEE 313 WOODCOCK. LAURIE ANN 413 WOODRING. BRYAN LAWRENCE 395 WOODS, DIANNE ELIZABETH 189 WOODS. MATTHEW BRANT 357 WOODS, ROBERT 146 WOODY. STUART BENJAMIN 404 WOOL. TAMMY FAY 189. 401 WOOLFORD. KELLY SHAW 369 WORKMAN. SARAH JANE 189 WORKS, MICHAEL BRIAN 321 WORLEY. STEVEN CARTER 421, 315 WORMINGTON. ANGIE 189 WORSTELL, MARY JANE 391 WORTH, TED 339 WORTMANN. JOETTA ANN 419 WOWERS. CARO 305 WOYTUS. SUSAN JEAN 349 WRAY. JEANNENA DE 417 WRIGHT, JULIE ANN 189 WRIGHT, MARK 430 WRIGHT. MIKE JOHN 189. 339 WRIGHT. PATRICIA LOUISE 408 WRIGHT, RICK WAYNE 447. 357 WRIGHT, SUSAN 343 WUENNENBERG, JILL LYNN 313 WUESTLING. KIRK BELMONT 189 WULFEKUEHLER. LAUREN LEE 410. 448 WULFF, ROBERT JOSEPH 430. 363 WULFF. TERENCE RAY 395 WULLER, ROBIN ANN 189. 408 WYATT, RICHARD KEVIN 409 WYMAN. JULIE DIANE 403 WYNN. SHERRI LEE 189 WYSS, BRENDA ANN 400 YAEGER. ROBERT L. 408 YAGER. LEEANNA IRENE 403. 422 YATES. MICHAEL ZANE 371 YATSOOK. TODD CHARLES 373 YEAGER. KY 447. 347 YENCIK. ROBERT JOHN 189 YOUNG. BRUCE MICHAEL 407 YOUNG. DAVID 264. 266 YOUNG. GREG 189 YOUNG, JAMES LOCKHART 375 YOUNG. KEITH WILLIAM 189 YOUNG. KEVIN C. 189 YOUNG. PATRICK 377 YOUNG. TIMOTHY SCOTT 355 YOUNG. YVONNE MARIE 405 YOUNGHANZ, KRISTI DEE 331 YOUNGKIN. KARLA ANN 343 YUST. SCOTT ROBERT 373 YVENGER. MICHELLE 313 ZAHNER. PATFY RITA 329 ZAHNWEH. SUSAN CAROL 329 ZAREK. ALAN DOUGLAS 432 ZEDIALIS. TIMOTHY C. 395 ZEHNLE, THOMAS EDWARD 337. 447. 420 ZEIGER, BRIAN EUGENE 379 ZELLER. DON 189. 377 ZELLMER. RICHARD SCOTT 413. 317 ZELLMER. VICKY JO 410. 428 ZICKERT, CAREN LYN 383. 427. 448. 422 ZIEGLER. JEFF LYNN 189 ZIEGLER. MARK JAMES 189 ZlLLlON. CAROLINE MALCOLM 319 ZIMBEROFF. SUSAN KAY 428. 309 ZIMMER, JAYNE JOYCE 405 ZIMMER. JIM 432 Z1MMER.RANDY 412. 317 ZIMMERMAN. JOHN WITHERSPOON 373 ZIMMERMANN. MARK V1NCENT 395 ZIMMERSCHIED. CARLA SUSANNE 319 ZIPFEL, LISA ANN 189 ZIRKLE. CHRIS GEORGE 430 ZREYER, MENEL 398 ZUBECK. BARBARA LYNN 397 ZUCKER. SUSAN lLENE 331 All wet: Elana M. Breedlove, Robert Rogers, Bill Weathersby, Tammi Savitar Diehards Koon. High and Michele Kenner, 9 , Marcy 0 dry: Rob Wagner Wentz Gary Allen. Savitar office decor courtesy Take Five Tub and Sauna. 478 A31 5 YA An Asa. Endsheet Savitar 1982 is not a typical yearbook. Therefore, a few phrases you didnit find in these pages: tieverlasting memories, the best years of your life, college know-how, times to cherish, precious and few, school spirit, get psyched, crazy college antics, changing perspectivesf and the ever-popular ttkaleidoscope? We thought weid get that over with on one page, so you can enjoy Savitaris photographs and stories without all that yearbook bother. The Savitar still believes in dedications, however: For Calvin and Gary, who made my work as editor so challenging for so long. I would sincerely like to thank Michele, for her consistent work and support; Sue Poovey, for her patience and prompt attention to our requests; and Hunter Publishing, for their quality workmanship and printing. Savitar 1982 has provided bothy challenges and rewards for those of us who helped produce it. We hope you enjoy theresult of our efforts. And, well, the book stops here. -- Bill Weathersby Editor, Savitar I982

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