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H mwm ., . --7- :5... -A ij . A served. Brian Smith 'Savitar 1981.. The yearbook of the University of Mis- segri-CoI-umhia. Copyright Brian W. Smith and the Curators of theUniversity of Missouri. All rights re- 199811 5avitar University of Missouri EDITOR 6 Brian Smith PHOTO EDITOR 4 J ohn Trotter ASSOCIATE EDITOR Mary Vozar FEATURES EDITOR Bill weathersby SPORTS EDITORS Drew Perine Calvin Beam GIREEKS AND DORMS Linda Wheeler ORGANIZATIONS Kathy Murray SENIORS Lauren Asplen BUSINESS MANAGER Marcy I OtKoon PROMOTIONS Patty Kwapis J ANITOR Rick Pinnell ADVISOR Phil Bledsoe CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Jim Balmer, Manny Crisostomo, Greg Greer, John C. Hansen, Murray Koodish, David Rees, Tom Reese, Robert Rogers, Dick Van Halsema Jr., Dan White COLUMBIA . 4 From the high culture of academla t0 the scenic woodlands of the countryside, the best of both worlds can be found 1n COLUMBIA. REVIEW 40 A Republican landslide, a volcanic erup- tion, an Olympic boycott and a husband for Babs are all a part of the year in REVIEW. PEOPLE 56 They come from the Midwest to the Far East, as janitors, neurosurgeons, Shakespearean scholars and punk rock- ers. The University1s strength is its PEOPLE. Leon Snyder 58 Mack J ones 60 Neurosurgeon 64 DaytNight Workers 70 Marriage Without Handicaps 78 Double Images 1 84 Campaign Workers 90 Foreign Faces 92 East Meets Midwest 94 Midwest Meets East 98 Pictures of the Year 106 Blue Note 116 Reggae 122 VISITORS 124 Whether inspiring controversy or sing- alongs, University speakers and concerts are welcomed events. When y0u1re 120 miles from nowhere, ifs nice to have a few VISITORS. Concerts 126 Speakers 140 FACES The que tive mac it throug FACES Queens Adminis Deans Seniors JOCKS Breakin goal for it1s aln scoreca1 Footbali HomeCt Phil Bra Cross C Volleyb Baskett Curtis E Lorraint Swimmj Susan "I Wrestlil G3 mnas 84 90 92 94 98 106 116 122 124 l or sing- iconcerts 'ou1re 120 to have a 126 140 FACES 146 The queens, the cleans, the administra- tive machine and a few seniors who made it through Mizzou are some of Savitar1s FACES. Queens 148 Administration 164 Deans 166 Seniors 174 JOCKS 218 Breaking into the Top 20 is the ultimate goal for most teams, but for the Tigers, its almost expected. You,ll need a scorecard to keep track of these JOCKS. Football 232 Homecoming 244 Phil Bradley 256 Cross Country 258 Volleyball 262 Basketball 264 Curtis Berry 276 Lorraine Ferret 282 Swimming 284 Susan Tictjen 288 Wrestling 290 Gymnastics 292 Gayle Anderson Track 300 Yussuf Alli 302 Tennis 306 Golf 310 Softball 314 Baseball 316 Tom Heckman 324 Bleacher Bums 326 PREPPIES 328 The parties, the polos, the philanthropy, the preferred collegiate look. Savitar shows you how to spot the PREPPIES. FRIENDS 420 The interaction of students is an impor- tant part of Mizzou, whether in a dorm room or an organization meeting. Take a look at the faces of your FRIENDS. Dorms 422 Organizations 446 IMAGES 482 Many photographs which are elegant for their simple beauty or stark graphics donTt fit into the book anywhere else. These photographs are showcased here in IMAGES Index 498 COLOPHON: The 1981 Savitar is the eighty-seventh volume of the yearbook of the University of Missouri-Columbia. The 512-page yearbook was printed by the Hunter Publishing Company, Winston-Salem, North Carolina. A press run of 4800 copies with a trim size of 9 by 12 inches was printed on 80-pound Productolith Dull Enamel. Black and white and 4-color photography was reproduced using offset lithography with a 150-line elliptical dot screen. Seniors portraits were taken by Roger Short of Yearbook Associates, Millers Falls, Massachusetts. Body copy was set in 10212 pt. Times-Roman. Captions were set in 10112 pt. Helvetica Bold and credits are 8 pt. Helvetica. Display faces are Balmoral, Belshaw, Egyptian, Helvetica Bold, Goudy Bold, Optima and Souvenir. Additional Specifications are available upon request. Editorial offices: 308 Read Hall, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO 65211. Telephone: 8141 882-8340. GOLUM BIA a tale of two cities olumbia is an enigma. Sometimes its a city surrounded by farms, sometimes its a cow town with class. Basically a farming community infiltrated by academicians, Columbia is a convergence of cul- tures. Its a city of extremes and in-betweens in everything, from lifestyles to the weather. In this town of 65,000, there is something for almost everyone. Tastes run from old classics to new wave. Movies sell out whether theytre ttGone Brian Smith With the Wind, or ttAttack 0f the Killer Toma- toes. ii You can find preppies at Harpois, punkers at The Blue Note, cowboys at Maxiis and almost any- one at The Heidelberg. With a population of 23,000, the University is the driving force of the community. From August to May, students take over the town with their own blend of craziness and civic concern. They till the bars, the stores and all the parking spots. They leave the town in a shambles after a football game. But The Gothic architecture of the Memorial Union is a focal point of the cultural community called the University, while the pastoral setting of the countryside is only a few minutes drive away. Dan White COLUMBIA a tale of two citiss this same group takes on a number of projects each year for local and national charities. They get in- volved in political issues and community volunteer work. This year two University students were elected to the City Council. Students make an effort to break international and cultural barriers between the diverse group of peOple gathered in Columbia. Recreation abounds in Columbia. Video addicts feed endless quarters to electronic games. Theater- goers enjoy Shakespeare in the park, and nature fans go from city to country in a matter of minutes. Art exhibits, tractor pulls and even a Soldiers of For- tune convention appear on activities calendars. The weather is equally diverse. Mark Twain once said, ttIf you donlt like the weather in Missouri, wait five minutes and it will change. ll It took longer than five minutes, but temperatures this year ranged from -12 to 112. Monsoon-like rains came too late to repair the damage done by a scorching drought. Columbia is a haven and a home for some, while just a milestone for others. Some students come to Columbia to put down roots, while others are glad to leave after four years. Regardless, with its mixture of urbane trend set- ters and small-town folks, Columbia offers the best of both worlds. Taxt by Mary Vozar V-- u-...w..l..-.-..x,..sav e Brian Smith -..R - "e r- .,..N :, --Kmfv' i i I, sf 1, The roads leading to the University pass through the rolling hills of Columbiats rural outskirts. Once here, visitors faced the method of traffic direction they could only find in a college town. Dick Van Helsema Jr. Brian Smith m There,s room enough for everyone in Columbia, from New Wave rockers and collegiate cowboys to weekend punkers and feverish disco dancers. Jim Curley aem meiom r" mm", A y 'f A V A "-8 avgxm .M,w..,,. -..V. wnwfw.m,....,...MV. ?x m. . Photos by Brian Smith Homecoming revelers never mind a few extra bodies in the bus to share the winning spirit. The Union tower seems to rise from one of the many fast-food establishments proliferating Columbia, symbolizing the town s merger of academia and commerce. Columbia is not without its bars, either. Partiers circulate, edging up the stairs to favorite congregating spots. No one seems to mind the constant crowds as long as there,s room to reach the bar for another beer, with discarded bottles and cans forming a tribute to ones staying power. Photos by Brian Smith '2" "1'3 s13: x, i: W John Trotter Recreation with friends is an important part of college life, whether playing volleyball in water and mud, consuming countless pizzas during finals week or retreating to a shady park for a few hours. I John Trotter Dan White . . .. - um nuM'IWn-Vp-Nlmn- vr- "u,"7-,. -,..4....,.4.4.-. ' .1 wM.N--u.. Whether sunning under century-old columns or showing spirit in a high-rise dorm, students share the good times at the University with others. . in Tom Reese barriers ity lessens the for individuals with varying Ivers cultures and needs. There a e opportuni ies for everyone. Photos by Brian Smith The Un W. zdna f , .gw.4..g.....m..... . TM rgwumvw q. .. nu. Q .3- .r' hwy Photos by John Trotter M . 5 munusw, 3V$6ziif hi L t S O m r O f a 0 g t .m d mm. md we sw US 00 mm... m9 Alum y vd sw Ms t IS an Impor a 5 knowledge Expanding one students. ity prov few qu Ivers book stacks The Un Ie ponder, as well as a between the . fin ,4 AM ,, v-v-M' "t-WVMr-uumuu. Physicial limits are tested with afternoon recreation at Rothwell - running, shooting baskets, or battling it out with a weight machine. Photos by John Tr John Trotter gait? .. ..,,.....'.-. Involvement in Missouri athletics isntt only on the field. Everyone, from a Golden Girl decked out for Homecoming to a football trainer headed toward the field for pre-game warm-up, takes pride in the Black and Gold Machine. Winning play by the athletes on the field, including the baseball Tigers, led Missouri to national rankings in many sports this year. Brian Smith John Trotter Rows of Marching Mizzou members are charged with rousing the spirit of spectators, and they often receive help from alumni, like this former drum major who proves you really can go back again. Dick Van Halsema Jr. . L L , wink. .. J L, M." i yJ. 4? J Jq u1$' vmwa- . 2.111,? ' dt . ue mow. . , s uvww anw, lug mu..." 0.8 cs V." n... h t, The Un' country wersu w: of the surround Brian- Smith Photos by Dan White Missouri farmlands are second only to Kentucky in the training and breeding of saddlehorses, and provide relief from busy studying schedules with expansive woodlands and friendly faces. J .4747: vfn ,. xww' . g3; Brian Smith t Tan; "QM. Altho gh their stay here passes quickly, students reach graduation with anticipation. It is a milestone they share with families and friends, while wondering what lies ahead. xw'vi YTT ' ,7 MI ' , a-..vp'n- vu-uumhumuq... . . Memories of the good times are packed away with other belongings. Some students will return next year, while others will move onward. I v , E Mfr an Smith Tl n aha came? 'wi .. t-w k A g x: of??? . ., c 4.... ail. r am :5. .. L .53? ... x: J After four years, students feel comfortable at the University, familiar w th its ins and outs. Still, there is much here they never no ced. Np'oi wunumg it. N? ' .3 $1 31' CH ' :.. 1': 455V: .4 5 .4er ' , I 1,943? 1 I ;' x' w Xvi vex WWW, Wm , m M "M WWW: m. MW ummmmwmml 7 w .17 w Kluaul'f mu: ""'"W' '7 . V ' , ' . , T$$W$W WWW . I I , Hixt 7. As the body count climbed, so did the terror, as the dead bodies of 29 , young black males were found in .. Atlanta In June, police charged a black'freelance photographer with ' -tWofbf the slayings. AsSasination attempts on promin- ent figures set a distressing tone to the Spring of 1981. Pope John Paul II was shot by a Tu rkish terror- m r2 .1 - wni ,4 0 ':12 a wlr , , , , L . . , , 3,49 , . . V , .4, WW7? h? , , , , 148.! 2,9 44? . ; Y , f , A ; . 4am? ,., 113ng CW Awful 33$; 3199' me? Iwwmm ab: Li; 0:! 3 7 511? I Medan! HOW Km exvmm ol' JDQ WWJHTEL am. Mum '9 ,0; TEX? 7 , . n.-. President Reagan demonstrated his ifhard lineii strategy by firing 13, 000 Striking air traffic controllers windI n1: Ti rxji WED Mir; m gmait Iumm , .ln'ithe n'atiOnts worst hotel disaster in 35 years, 111 people were killed and 188 injured when two skywalks Collapsed in the lobby of the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Kansas City on July 18th. , EQEMR; jg r m -' '- '7mwn'vmm ' WW 1A A somber Jimmy Carter, more serious than in 1976, won the Democratic nomination after a close race with Ted Kennedy. But there was little time for celebration as Independent Party candi- date John Anderson drew heavily on the young, liberal votes that Carter needed for re-election. Tom Reese The prospect of a Ronald Reagan - Gerald Ford ticket enlivened an otherwise uneventful Republican National Convention in De- troit. Rumors of a reshaped Vice-Presidency were dashed when the former President chose the Ieasurely California lifestyle over the limelight of Washington. 'Hgvzrxam-a row mail VJ; ofhth'thighest court in the land, Sandra Day O,Connor became the hiSto'ry of the UnitedStates Su- h preme Court. Justice OtConnor won unanimous approval bythe Senate ' fdespivtet opposition. by the 'Moral ,. :Majb'rit'y ' for the '.iP'ro4Aybo'r;tiion " V er Bros. Inc. mi, Um: :I' ,gw fig'hhn 01- ..:I Lorimar Productions iiWho shot J. R. '7'" was the queStIon tha't sw pt the country as America waited out the reruns:- arguing about who pulled the trigger on the no-good oil tycoon from CBS 5 iFDallas." Sus- pects ranged from Sue Ellen, the alcoholic wife, to Miss Ellie, the benign mother. The answer, delayed by the Screen Actoris Guild strike, was finally revealed to be ex- mistress Kristin Shepard in the most widely watched series episode ever on TV. McEnroe ended Bjofn Ba 9 and 41-matchireigni-a V Wimbledfo months later McEnroe agamr s opp Brian Smith Brian Smith in July when his car was struck by a trader tr'IIc Chapin a 38-year-old self-described "third-rate folk singe ,, was best known for his bittersweet ballads iiTaxi," iiCats Cradleii and iiSequel." Ir'" ' gin y F' I $1 ' ' a --. ... .. ,uuum-minw - ,,A..-a y, vy' iv m u ,i '- 4. "MTV . ".44. .mi .a..h..r............r.r 11-..; ' ,..' u.ur.f , "mwu - 5.6;... x ... x . , , , 1.. , . ., ., , : V u GIANT IN THE WORLD OF MINIATURE LANDSCAPE eon Snyder builds mountains, forests and bluffs. As a hobby, Snyder builds micro-environments, living mini- atures of natural landscapes. But unlike his fellow hobbyists, the University associate professor of horticulture takes his small wonders a step farther, using them as an educational tool to bring the beauty of nature out of the woods and into the classroom. Micro-environments are drawn from the centeries-old Japanese Bonsai technique. With careful pruning, special fer- tilization and a limited amount of soil, a mighty oak tree, which normally would grow to more than 60 feet, might only stretch eight inches in a Bonsai arrangement. Using the basic Bonsai technique, Snyder incorporates several trees and plants into an evolving and complex land- scape. ttI look at the landscape as a growing artfi Snyder says. itChanging a rock or moving a tree, even if it breaks the rules of composition, is acceptable if it creates something pleasing to the eye? More than 70 eye-pleasing examples of Snyderis miniature masterpieces line tables that turn his backyard into a fascinat- ing world. He spends most of his spare time there, carefully pruning forests of spruce and cedar, watering steep mountain- sides and wiring stray limbs. In the classroom, Snyder combines the regiment of Bonsai with the flexibility of micro-environmental design. His course begins with the Bonsai concepts of proportion, symmetry and balance and then allows students to apply them to scaled- down interpretations. ttWhen something is too immense for complete understand- ing, you need to reduce it in size to a scale where comprehen- sion is possible? he says. But in reducing the mammoth proportions of nature to a more tangible scale, Snyder encourages interpretation, not replication. ttMicros are more than exact-to-scale models. They are creative impressions through an artists eyefi OPPOSITE PAGE: Snyder looms over a dwarfed forest of native cedars as he prunes them. Normally, the trees can grow to more than 60 feet. LEFT: Snyder waters his backyard collection of micros. Photos and text by John C. Hansen qu pm". - m Mm": '1" here is no one way to describe Mack Jones. He teaches Shakespeare, writes on a myraid of subjects and man- ages to combine his philosophy on careers, family and life to achieve a real sense of who he is and what he wants out of life. On campus, Jones is best known for his Shakespeare classes. llOf all the writers Ilve ever encountered, Shakespeare is the one who continues to intrigue, because he is constantly shifting under examination. You never have the final work on him. Working with Shakespeare is a way of intellec- tual growth for me. He continues to speak to every age. III like to teach, because as some poet put it, How do I know what I think till I hear what I say? What he meant, I think, was that you work out your own ideas by trying them out on others. And I have a chance two or three times a week all semester to try' them out. I donit try to indoctrinate my students: I try to learn from them? Jones uses humorous anecdotes from his personal life to illustrate points in class. It follows one of his basic phi- losphies on teaching and writing. llWhat I write and what I teach has to have been validated from what I have known and seen in my reading and living? Photos and text by Dan White n Jones spends a great deal of time reading and writing books. To date he has had nine books published. fir .. s .. q. hw... ,f.. .quu g,.s4i.:w'-M"" w i, , WWW, '5 Even after 20 years Jones hasnit lost his zest for teaching Shakespeare. TOP RIGHT- One of his favorite pastimes is baking bread, which is always done from scratch. RIGHT: A musical family, the Jones often get together for an hour or two of chamber music. A.-." . -.....w When he isnit teaching, heis prob- ably at home in his study, working on a book. To date, he has nine books pub- lished with two more under contract. Jonesi book, ttSurvival: A Manual On Manipulatingii is essentially a manual on how to use manipulation to get ahead in the business world. It pre- sents a dichotomy in J onesi personality - the exuberant teacher vs. the calcu- lating writer of a book on manipulation. But in understanding his philosophy on life, one can see why he has written such a book. ttI absolutely believe in the perma- nent goodness of mankind, but I also believe its essential to name things the way they are. My basic faith in human- ity is not touched by some of the dis- gusting behavior that I see and abhor. and even record in order to call atten- tion to. I guess I tend to see myself as a closet revolutionist." Around the house, he is more than the bread winner. Sometimes hes the bread maker. Since his wife, Ruth Ann, is a graduate teaching assistant in the history department, as well as a piano teacher, J ones does most of the grocery shopping and cooking. He especially enjoys making bread. But it is the relationships with his family and his friends with which J ones is most concerned. ttEnjoy the real re- lationships that are available and dont waste anymore time than you have to on the fake, superficial ones? he advises. Imagine being told you have a brain tumor. Imagine a man saying, lII can open your skull, go inside the center of your mind and make you well? Dr. Michael Ditmore is a neurosurgeon at the University Health Sciences Center. To make a living, he slices through human flesh, bone and tissue. When he operates, his touch must be light and precise. A bruise to the brain can result in extreme personality changes. A slip of the scalpel can render a patient helpless. The 37-year-old surgeon doesnit fit the liGodll sterotype given to some physicians. He shows concern for each patient and family he deals with. He explains technical problems in lay language and does nothing to disguise possible dangers. ITve lost some patients. Iive devastated some patients. Itls tough. When you lose someone, you think, lWhat am I doing? What do they let me operate for? sTve had days when it seemed everything went wrong. But you cant decide its a bad day and just not do it. Thatls not one of the optionsfl he says. When Ditmore chose to go into academic medicine, he gave up what could have been a very lucrative practice. He has a neurosurgeon friend in Michigan who makes about $250,000 a year, and knows of no neurosurgeon in private practice who makes less than $100,000 a year. As an assistant professor of surgery for the University, his salary is nowhere near that. But, he says the non-monetary rewards make up for the fiscal loss. he works as a surgeon, but he also teaches and does research. But above all else, Ditmore is a surgeon. He begins the routine he follows before every operation. He changes into his scrubs and dons a hood that covers both his hair and beard. He straps on a surgical mask and tapes it to his face to prevent his breath from fogging his glasses. He pulls on what looks like a white lumberjackis hat, which serves as padding for his head lamp. Then he scrubs for ten minutes. In the operating room, Ditmore is in the spotlight. He seems both relaxed and coiled. He is in his element. All eyes watch him, and he gives the directions. On the table is George Randolph, 33. Two years ago, doc- tors found a cancerous tumor on Randolphls back. He elected not to undergo surgery. At the beginning of this year, he started waking up with his eyes swollen shut. The slightest smell of food made him nauseous. In 28 days, he lost 55 pounds, he finally went to the doctor. The tumor had spread. Lying on the table before Ditmore, Randolph has three tumors, the most serious of which is on the frontal lobe of his brain. Ditmore must perform a crainiotomy to remove it. The front of Randolphls skull is removed, using a high-powered drill and saw. The outer protective sheath, or dura matter, is cut open, and George Randolphis brain lies exposed. Druing the operation, Ditmore checks the time. The shorter an opera- tion, the better. Opening has taken an hour. The tumor is a large, white growth, which Ditmore removes a little at a time with a suction tool. Dr. John Oro, one of the residents, seals blood vessels with what looks like electric tweezers. Ditmore looks carefully, making sure none of the tumor remains. Inches from his suction tool is the optic nerve. A slip and Randolph will be blind. Two hours are spent remov- ing the tumor. The dura matter is stitched shut, and Ditmore relaxes a little. Oro takes over to close. Ditmore watches for a while, then heads to the lounge. Later, before Randolph has regained consciousness, Ditmore is by his side. He picks up Randolphls hand and yells into his ear, tISqueeze. Squeeze my hands? No response. He waits and tries again. This time Randolph squeezes both hands, without opening his eyes. Ditmore smiles, satisfied. Suddenly, Ran- dolph is awake. His first words are, ltWas it malignant? Ditmore nods. It means the tumor will probably be back. They have bought some time for George Randolph. The next morning, Randolph is walking and discussing his operation, tiAll live heard was that if they start messing around in your brain and screw up, youlre wrecked. I knew I was going to have to go, but I was scared to death. If this had happened to me ten years ago, Id be a dead man? He met Ditmore only once before the operation, but he knew all he needed to know about his surgeon. George Ran- dolph is better. And thatIs what matters. Says Randolph, ttTo my notion, Michael Ditmore is one hell of a fine doctor? ABOVE: Dr. Michael Ditmore is assisted in an operation at the University Health Science Center. RIGHT: Ditmore checks for a response after an operation. Because one slip can cause so much damage, there are always a few tense moments as he tries to get a patient to squeeze his hands. FAR RIGHT: Ditmore practices micro-surgery on a pig in order to develop new arterial grafting techniques. ?gigwriayggggggigg4ggn ., .m. g??tt.,; . , . LEFT: Ditmore examines a patients anagram before an operation. BELOW LEFT: He outlines an operation and explains the dangers to the Newell family. John Newell, 73, decided he would rather run the risk of a stroke than to undergo an operation. BELOW: Pressure is a part of a neurosurgeon,s job and Ditmore must often cope with a life-or-death battle. r: x wxm-xut Mmy tkgxkgxxmmwmwtxmwewi e - - ubmmwmmwm 7 7 H" e 47: gm; 7.7'VL7- 1mm; Jkktgeet. w; a x7e Rem; W e w Robert Copenhaver Gardener and Groundskeeper ttl love working outside. I worked indoors for three years and hated it. I've been outside for the last 17 and t v W etD D he 3: l D3 S loved every minute." No University runs by itself. Here is a look at some of the people who help keep the University running. Herets what they have to say about the jobs they perform. flittimwmm I w 7, 7r Clifford Wells Groundskeeper ttEverybody just throws the paper down. You've got a hell of a lot of it down. It gets better the last part of the week. I get caught up a little bit, but I never get done." Photos by Brian Smith 70 if Dorothy Allen Food Services Students make me feel young. Me and the guys get along great. They,re just like a bunch of my kids." - W D ? D Jane Dier Assistant to the Chancellor uI enjoy being involved where the action is and trying to give assistance in a supportive role? CQMWMWVVM xx Photos by Brian Smith S Warm In 'the Winter and cool in the summer." me it's iridoors y head; It k th a roof over m IS DICBI' SI Night Janitor' '"Th wi IS WOF .. r, Jaw A .u. , V h. ,m .5 age a. indoors is warm in Immer." .. .14 .,.......i,r'-n Don Kal Bundle The Col "Ifs pea ..driving a owww Maw . Tom H: KCOU uYou,ve people becaus Inite def them." x . v mg. . ,3. M. .. :2 ,4 of at t. ht bad u f nI g a' .ilxo'i't 7 .q sziainy 7 L ime 0 c9; and t ll up, there s IS i 9 wrong with S "I In .m. SO"! Jockey " oU've got to play the songs one'is on the r 're st .a M $36 u if they use definitely someth ndle-Ha W's peagefm ?atv'nigh Tom' Harper people request'at th KCOU D because driving and no about 3 a an ; 111590qu Marriage Wlthout Handicaps when J im Hefti started school at the University, he was walking. But Jim has muscular dystrophy, a disease that slowly deteriorates the muscles. Each year it became harder and harder for Jim to walk. By the winter of his senior year, Jim had to use a chair full-time. Luci Hefti came to the University in the fall of 73. She had suffered from spinal meningitis when young. The doctor had given her an overdose of a drug, which damaged her central Photos by Dan White Text by Debbie Scharpff 6 Married for W: years, Jim and Luci find spending an afternoon in Peace Park one of their favorite things. nervous system and resulted in cerebral palsy and a speech impediment. J im met Luci on a campus handicap shuttle. Luci was using a wheelchair that was much too big for her. J im noticed her right away and made a characteristic crack about Luciis steering ability. Luci did not like J im at all. Two years passed before they finally went out, and even then Luci didnit want to go. They dated 0n and off about a year. In April 0f 76 J im asked Luci to marry him. Luciis reply was siDonit ask that question now? Jim and Luci had many obstacles to overcome before their marriage could take place. They both needed to finish school and get jobs because they couldn,t make it financially unless they both were working. Although it took more than a year, J im finally got a job as an accountant at Ellis Fischel State Cancer Hospital. By this time, Luci was working for the Freedom of Information Cena ter, writing and editing for the F01 Digest. They were sitting in W xme-mmsxw.ww$wuwv . The Heftis must rely on attendants to help them with their daily tasks. Carolyn Hubbard helps Luci get dressed and fix her hair everyday. Dean Betts helps Jim out of his chair in preparation for a shower. Sitting on the couch together is a rare pleasure for Jim and Luci. After helping them onto the sofa, Betts sits and talks with them. Marriage Wlth Ollt Handicaps the Heidelberg Restaurant one day when a friend came up to them and asked, slWhen are you two going to get married? What are you waiting for? Luci said, ltWhat are we waiting forTl Jim said, ill was waiting for you? And so, the next six months were spent planning for the big event. The No. 1 issue that had to be resolved was finding an apartment. Not only did it need to be accessible, but a nearby apartment had to be available for their attendants. J im spent almost 50 hours on the phone talking to real estate agents. F inally an apartment was specially altered to meet their needs. Jim and Luci have to encounter many problems in their day-to-day lives, but they are a stubborn pair. When they want to do something, they figure out how they can do it. Together they have worked out a system around their abilities to com- plement each other. Luci is much more flexible in her ability to stand and move about. So Luci does the cooking and the light housecleaning. J imls communications skills are better, so he makes all the telephone calls and orders in restaurants. Groceries and dishes are stored by priority of their use. The upper cabinets are unaccessible. When the groceries are brought home at night, J im, who must stretch his muscles for half an hour each evening, uses this time to put groceries and dishes away that otherwise couldnlt be reached. F ood must be J im and Luci are a stubborn pair. When they want to do something, they figure out how they can do it. Together they have worked out a system around their constraints, using their abilities to compliment each other. stacked carefully in the freezer, so it wonit fall down on top of them when the door is opened. Drawers must be left ajar, so Luci is able to open them. For food shopping, Luci makes the list, and J im wheels down from the hospital to the supermarket on his lunchbreak. When the weather gets too bad, he takes the bus. The second major project was finding attendants. Finding the right attendants is usually a two-month process. The Heftis make sure that each applicant fully understands what the job involves so that there is no misconception as to what is ex- pected of them. J 1m must be lifted in and out of bed each day. The bathroom procedure lasts almost an hour and a half when he takes a shower. The attendant helps brush teeth, comb hair and wash. For Luci, it is not as involved. She simply needs Wm mmewuwamV 1W Marriage without andicaps The Heftis remain self-sufficient in many tasks. Jim shops for groceries during his lunchbreak. Luci is able to cook by herself in their modified kitchen. As a reward for their efforts, Jim gets a sample of Luciis homemade cheesecake. some help getting dressed and fixing her hair in the morning. The Heftis have two full-time attendants who come in seven days a week, one part-time attendant who comes in three to flve days as needed and a cleaning woman once a week. Jim and Luci attribute their optimistic attirtudes to their fami- ly backgrounds. Both come from close families who never let them think that they were any differnet from anyone else. Because there are many things they canit do, they have learned to find happiness in simple things, like going down to the park and watching the leaves change colors. Together they have built a life that is satisfying and rewarding for them. angtwwhm . Nahwwdhvm mtwwtmwu awht g 1 Z, Z a wheawmxwwx vwwxwwrwahwh Double Images Beyond physical appearance, the bonds between identical twins often include similar interests, similar likes and dislikes and similar career decisions. Novelist Alexander Dumas examined the linkage between twins more than a century ago in ttThe Corsican Brothers? The legendary novel tells the tale of the di Franchi brothers, each of whom could feel the pain that the other was experiencing. Today, the study of twins continues. Psychologists and scientists have focused on cases of identical twins reared apart as the simplist and most definitive method to study the influences that environment and heredity have on development. Thomas Bouchard, a University of Minnesota psychologist has conducted research on identical twins who were reared separately. These twins have shown some amazing similarities that seem to point to hereidty as the leading factor controlling behavior. Identical twins begin life together at conception as a single fertilized egg that divides into two parts during the first 13 days after fertilization. They share a common genetic structure and they have a similar upbringing. Often social pressures place great importance on being treated alike. However, there are times when twins tire of being treated the same. Mike Hill says he and his brother Steve avoid dressing the same because of unpleasant childhood memories. ttYou get two little knucklehead kids together, both dressed the same and people think how cute they and say, Oh look at the twinsK It could be 30 degrees out and were both wearing shorts. Then we get pneumonia and end up sick in bed together? Mike says. Hereis a look at six pairs of twins who attend the University and whose similar interests prove that their resemblance is more than skin deep. Broadcast majors Scott, left, and Stacey Woelfel spend most of their time working at KOMU-TV. Photos and text by Brian Smith it't-TRRNM'IiWW'V'Mmmmmwm xmmmt '"v ' "g yawn Sophomores Mark and Matt Sauls chose to continue their wrestling careers at Missouri after each won a state title as a senior in high school. Freshmen Sigrid and Erica Holtz spend most of their time away from school waiting tables at a local pizza parlor. Sigrid says, Being a twin has advantages and disadvantages. You have a built-in competitor, but you also have a built-in best friend." LEFT: Freshmen Lisa and Laurie Marr make a lot of students think theytre seeing double. The two have taken all the same classes and both are pledges in Alpha Phi sorority. BELOW: Chuck and Dan stern dontt mind being mistaken for each other, in fact they encourage comparison by frequently double dating. BELOW LEFT: Mike and Steve Hill, both broadcast majors from Newark, N.J., each spend about 35 hours a week in Ellis Library. Steve says, "We argue a hell of a lot, but were the friendliest enemies around. We can always count on each other when we need something." eagan Grober had no favorites in the 1980 presidential campaign. He disliked everyone. He particularly held no loyalty for his namesake. Reagan the candidate inspired Reagan the student to hold vigil with a sign that illustrated his opposition. Grober carried a sign that said, ttRonald Reagan, Please Donit Let Him Winf to classes, the library, the Union and even to lunch. ttI think a college campus should have a liberal atmosphere? Grober said. til carry the sign to voice my beliefs, not to influence anyoneis opinionfi Grober siad the sign was a passive protest. til didntt want to be affiliated with any one political group, ljust wanted to make people think before voting for Reagan. ttl donit think a lot of students are worried about this electionf Grober said as he went unnoticed in the rush between classes. ttltm shocked so many students want ReaganT The philosophy majoris political marches didnit always go unnoticed though. ttl walked into some crowded rooms and everyone stood and clapped. At other times, people jeered me. Its not always easy to go against the mainstream? On election day, Grober sat in front of the Brady Commons TV and watched as the early returns forecast Reagan the victor. ttEven though Reaganis going to be elected, I dontt have to feel guilty about itfi he said. ttl can say I told you so. Besides, thereis always Canadafi V. Reagan Grober hen University fraternity men run for public office, itis usually for MSA president or chairman of a student faculty committee. Walter Pfeffer decided to run for secretary . . . Missouri Secretary of State. Pfeffer, house father at Sigma Pi fraternity, did not pick an easy race for his political debut. At 25, the Republican candidate went up against the Democratic incumbent. James Kirkpatrick, 50 years Pfefferis senior. With four consecutive terms behind him and a campaign budget five times the size of Pfefferis. Kirkpatrick had the obvious advantage and won by a landslide. ttI think we accomplished what we set out to do in this campaignfi Pfeffer said on election night at Sigma Pi. ttI wanted to run a credi build cam; not r thing and 1 him from agen were ttlf l wou the 1 how degr SeCI begi said cure poss 1- grease; gs : :iljwavanv In for ; yr y ecided souri gma Pi asy race i, the Up mbent, m and s the t had avon by , what paign,w t at a Walter Pfeffer credible race, not go broke and build a reputation for running a campaign that stressed the issues, not mudslinging. I think I did those things.n The fraternity members cheered and headed for the keg. ttYoutll get him next time? someone yelled from the stairway. Pfeffer, a Columbia insurance agent, said the fraternity members were a great help in his campaign. itIfI had not been a house father, I would not have been able to run the racefi Pfeffer, who needs nine credit hours to complete a Bachelors degree in history, said the Secretary of State race is only the beginning of his political career. He said a bid for the University curator or state representative are possibilities. .- 00w.$:w-m. TM t , $ . wgmwwwvmu 6 . MA M, . r c ., a ' 3w s 0? hile most graduating seniors were looking for ajob in the summer of 1980, Rob Swearingen was beginning a political race a a footrace door to door, collecting signatures to put Citizens Party Presidential Candidate Barry Commoner on the Missouri ballot. Swearingen withstood the sweltering summer heatwave and stood guard outside the Post Office to attract the attention of passersby. When signatures were tallied statewide, Commoner had about 8,000 supporters, 12,000 short of making the Missouri ballot. 01 think Andersonis campaign hurt us a lotfi Swearingen said. ttThe media ignored Commoner and really didntt consider him a viable candidateft Commoner was on the ballot in 35 states and received Rob Swearinge approximately 225,000 votes nationwide at the polls in November. ttAlthough a lot of people seem to think were extreme radicals, the Citizens Party in basically conservativefi Swearingen said. atOur emphasis is on free enterprise a small business economyft Although Commonerts national campaign was unsuccessful, results at the local level were encouraging. MSA recognized and funded the Young Citizens Party as a campus organization and voter turnout for two local candidates was enough to guarantee the Citizens Party a berth on the 082 and ,84 ballots. ttWeill be prepared for the next election," he said. ttThis is a realignment period and people have decided the two party system doesnit meet their needs? tt'V The annual international bazaar gives 5 tudents a chance to view the cultures of many lands. Wang Chang, 69, of Taiwan, holds her three-year-old grandson Wen Yang. African student Amivata Ba holds ie. Raad ident of the Organization of Arab Students, her daughter Mauritan Al-Molla, pres tems stands before a backdrop of Photos by Bria Smith tive Iraq. IS na from h 2 e . 3mm .e QWMit;ew .. id: 5 i3'i b efxifxdhawk, A i 3 $hXX, ;, , e ,x , L ., 1Q? aces of many lands blend together to form a composite of the diverse cultures at the University. This melting for education brings together people of varied backgrounds who learn and grow side by side. . - qq-e.. www.- sgahppvfi v y . g. .A. ' A '. o ' 4 l ' 0 v I v 7.? 'h"! 1 ,2, v vim r, , 'rm'A 1 V g . :5 t II-tvg:i.. .rl r , I l 1 L1 iij ith Mizzou cups, generic beer cans and an Ozarks calendar strewn across the desk, the room could be that of any University student, if not for the volumes of Chinese books filling a bookcase nearby. The room is spartan, with few fur- nishing. Chao Xueren likes it that way. Simplicity is a tradition he has brought with him from his homeland, the Peo- plels Republic of China. Xueren is one of nine Chinese gradu- ate students at the University, the first group allowed to study in the United States since relations between the two countries reopened in 1972. A short wave radio rests on a table. Several times Xueren has tried to pick up his wife"s voice as she broadcasts the news from Radio Peking, but he listens only to static. Xueren has been a newswriter for Radio Peking for 16 years and is one of six Chinese students studying journal- ism here. Each day he rides his bike to KBIA, the University-owned radio sta- tion, where he writes and edits copy. Cycling is the main mode of transporta- tion in his home city of Peking, yet in Columbia, Xueren often finds himselfa rarity amid the steady flow of auto- mobiles converging downtown. He feels fortunate to be among the first from his country allowed to study at an American university. tlJournalists were among the first students to be sent here because of our familiarity with your culture, ll he says. ltJournalism is mutual communication, a bond that joins our two worlds." Xueren began hoping for a chance to visit the United States in the early 705, as he watched the friendship between China and the United States mend. He first made the journey to the US. as part of the reporting corps covering the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, N.Y. The atmosphere of such a specta- cle was impressive, he says, but hin- dered his ability to grasp the essence of a common American lifestyle. Having lived in the heavily populated urban sprawl of Peking all his life, Xueren was not awed during his Visits to Washington DC, New York and Boston, and finds the western civiliza- tion of Columbia less than overwhelm- ing. Unlike some foreign visitors, he says he never expected America to be wall-to-wall neon or a maze of express- ways and turnpikes. ttI believe Tokyo is more twest- ernizedi than any American city Ilve seenfl he says and laughs. Still. there are aspects of American culture Xueren had not anticipated. American television, he has found, dif- fers greatly from the mostly news and educational fare offered in China. llThere is such an emphasis on enter- tainment here. live tried to watch as much as possible -- the good and the bad. I donlt know how I will explain some American programs to people in China." In addition to deciphering game shows and sit-coms, Xueren also faces a language barrier with the slang used in American newspapers. He sometimes finds the news reports in the western A bicycle is Chao Xuren,s only means of transportation in a land of cars. UttimwwnTe The time hat he spent at the University gave Chao Xueren a look at the workings of the American broadcast system. While working to radio station KBIA, Chao discusses a story hets working on with news editor Kent Martin. After a day of classes, he studies in his sparsety furnished one-room apartment. media elusive, yet equally educational. th donit have an overall picture Of an American mass media yetf he says, hibut there are many aspects I admire -- American electronic technology and a predominant emphasis on thorough reporting? Xueren has found American students helpful and outgoing during his inten- sivejournalism studies, and he hopes to learn much more from his classmates before he returns home in May ,82. u'I will have much to share with my fellow journalists when I return home to China? he says. i 1 wish I could take back everything I have learned here in a big sac th the modern way of life in Taiwan. A westernized schoolgirl ta kles her In wi - Centuries of tradition blend , while a woman rests against a temple wall that men workbook in downt wn Ta has given way to American advert Ismg. ' 't l: ' 7 A3 a a . - . , A 1ke most Umvers1ty senlors, I grew anx10us and ,excited'as graduation drew near. And I was more than a little ' ' ,fiwortied about What the lleold, cruel worldH would have in sflqstbre for me. One month before graduation, I had no idea " , irswhichdistant or nearby city I would end up in and no idea of ., What kind of job, if any, I would: fmd in the tough-to-crack j; photojOumalism field. j , jTWo months later, I was on a 747 bound for Taiwan and my ., , 'ftrstjob, as aphotographic intern at the China Times. Of all the a,xdifstant cities I had imagined, I never dreamed I would end up 7Wd miles from home in Taipei, the capital of The Repub- ', licyofChina. And of ah the jobs I had considered, four months , with Taiwanls largest daily newspaper never crossed my , mind. . trMy adventure at the China Times was extraordinary to say ' the least. It was truly an adventure, since I was the first person to go to Taiwan in the internship exchange program between the China-Times and the University School of Journalism photojournalism department. I left the states at the end of January knowing only how to say llhellof, llthank youlI and ?lvery good7 in Chinese, with precious little knowledge about Taiwan, the China Times or my role there. But I told myself Working for a Chinese paper 7000 miles from home was better than not working at all. I arrived in Taipei on February 1, hoping for the best. As it turned out, the internship was one of the best opportu- nities I could ask for as a young photojournalist. Not only was I treated like a foreign dignitary ta big step up from college- student statusl by the people at the Times and almost all the Chinese people I encountered, but also Mr. C.C. Yu. the owner and chairman of the board, gave me the freedom to work on my own projects and spared me from most of the ribbon cuttings, ground-breakings and handshakings that are, unfortunately, the current staples of Chinese photojournal- 4 ism. Also, good picture situations were abundant in Taipei, a modern city of more than 2 million people, and in the smaller farms, vilIages and towns that surround it. It was a welcome Change from working in Columbia at the Missourian. There, I sometimes spent hours, days and even weeks searching for new and unusual picture and story subjects. In Taipei, all I had to do was step out the door and open my eyes and shutters to the new and changing scenes that flashed in front of me. Of course, the internship was not all fun and games. I covered my share of fires, meetings and sports. And though many people in Taiwan speak some English, the language barrier was an everepresent obstacle. From simple things, like fmding the bathroom, to the more complex task of attempting a photo story about a Chinese priest in an ancient temple, communication was a constant and frustrating problem. But even that had its benefits. I learned how to use non-Verbal communication, sign and body language to get even the most complex ideas across. Then, there were more personal problems to deal with - getting used to eating Chinese food twhich I grew to lovel with chopsticks, learning how to get around the huge city by bus and taxi and acclimating myself to the winter rains and the sultry summer heat in Taipei. Still more immediate problems, like replacing broken equipment after a water buffalo stepped on my camera bag while I was photographing his owner tor her owner, I didnlt stop to checkl, or trying to explain in broken Chinese to an incensed priest why I was climbing around on an ancient temple roof, made life in Taiwan both difficult and interesting. But for all the problems, the dropped chopsticks, the hours spent lost in a foreign and unfamiliar city, the wet feet, the sweat-stained shirts and the very impolite water buffalo, the experience was well worth the relatively minor frustrations I had to endure. m" K kiw- A $3: a. mtm .vk . m; gwwzmm wmw lndustrious Taipei youths earn money painting advertisements for western films. A 73-year-old man escapes the changing culture by studying history each day in the Sun Yat Sen Library. Although accustomed to western visitors, a man in a Taipei store is still surprised by the click of a shutte opposite. On the night of the lantern festival, people from all parts of Taiwan make a pilgrimage to the Pei Kong temple. A wall surrounding a construction sight doubles as a motion picture advertisement. The boats docked on a lake in Wu Kai symbolize Taiwaws graceful serenity. 'Km. t An ornate temple contrasts with the modern skyline of Taipei. The city is located in a valley and school children are taken on fieldtrips to neighboring hills. Unlike in America, it is a common sight in Taiwan to see large groups of people riding on a single motorcycle. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: John C. Hanson graduated from the University in December 1980 with a degree in magazine and photojournalism. The St. Louis nativets only real complaint about his internship with the China Times is that he couldntt stay longer. Hansen is pictured above with his co-workers at the China Times. For those of you who haventt already guessed, hes the second from the left in the front row. gm. Each year in an intense three-and-a-haIf-day judging, the country's best magazine and newspaper photographers receive accolades in the largest and most prestigious competition for photoiournalists. . I The 38th annual contest, held at the University, drew more than 13,000 photos from more than 1,000 newspaper and magazine photographers. Entrants vie for coveted titles in portfolio awards and 22 other catagories. This year, six Missouri grads and two students claimed honors 0 in the competition. Geofge'WeddihgtSan Jose Mercury-News Bryce FlynntPrOviqence Journal Newspaper Phdtographer ofzthe Year WorJd Understanding Award - , ., ' U 89;: ,x 'j' i ' . 107 1 ' Jim BrandentgurgtNma'tionalGeographic , M1agazinielfPthngaphjef6f thfelYear , ,J'er Newspaper Photographer of the Year George Wedding was awarded first place in Pictorial for his juxtaposi ion of a sailboat against the San Francisco skyline. 1973 Missouri grad Lauren - Stockbower has spent the last four years freelancing in India, Nepal, Tibet and Pakistan. Her photo magazine Pietorial, t deid Walters, a 1978 grad placed rd placed th first in Fashion Illustration. ingtSan. Jose Mercury-News George Wedd in the- fog mg Float' H ttes'f Igare came . "TWO 'tcaa'mei herderts, .7. mwvuwumg h Goldie flocks" 109 ' 0X x x ifer Werner captured Mount St. Helens5 destructive While Jenn SM te. Olt 5 o mmmsmwa umwocm ee NPla d .I 0.9 Hbftd F .Icwonr! m5saamm mas d.Vd .I-ulnaa gaM.Irsn n.m d9 0 .l 6 4c 5.590795 .Ie1cg Brae11 e0 sae cmfad sm mhmegf Bwrmmo Relpr e, mem mt Bum OM e ff 0 110' e n Un "mm hm. mm WU. 8R .mt. .mM t mga 9 .m.m D. Em Bunny ec C" ma Bu S r e D. a D. s W e N r .nlu n r U o F m ans 5 Mw mm es Mm mm 6H WL S 5 rt Mm mo eM , , A 4, V 7. w vmf g. , .50 .. .V .Lw ,,.... . 01 The Maw gra bm Pic fou sie car Ru' Cal gra H x .n .y . .1 ,v H te meeting Intima H James RuebsamemSanta Mo'nica Even'ing Outlook ictures s of the year . , ' ' . The 25th running of the Pikes Peak , Marathon provided 1977 Missouri , grad Don Hornstein with a scenic backdrop for his third place Sports Picture Story. James Ruebsamen found Ronald Reagan under a , siege by the press during his 1980 campaign for the presidency. Ruebsamen, who was first in 9 Campaign i80, is a 1970 Missouri ' Don HornsteintWalla Walla Union Bulletin grad. iiMen against the mountain" .a ; Roberta Burnett and Brian Smith, hato mm mm tm wwe iMm mane .mvwb nam $eo an Wme s ! rmd e. n .wBa. nae D. MW b respectively, in Editorial iong. Both photos were taken as class assignments. Illustrat Missourian mewcolumh Roberta B y!!! I 2.; .r...iLl.,? w. o N e m B e h t f o m 0 o r m. a b e h t .m e S o D. e C a F B 0 0 F D. u 0 r 9 e h t f o S r e b m e M 9.17: k git! a, ,. w, The boundaries of the Blue Notes stage aren't always well-defined and the music runs from Rock to Reggae. 3:;me WE a E ; RBAND THURS-SAT Aggs Photos and mm by .5th Twiggy The Blue Note's dance floor often becomes a writhing mass of people when popular bands like the Misstakes take the stage. The street outside the club is busy long after closing time. Owners Richard King and Phil Costello prepare for another night. 7: Kat: '5 n ,3 ta ta '5 ht? 5: 5 l: t t D h? 3! l1 , 7 W , ...: a . . . J, ,, W 1 x! , , ,, X um . . , , um, , w , H k , g , .m . g, , I f , Urn 7 . , ,, W , M ,x y 3 , ,, m m . . l; 1 1 J ,, in m , ,, :A. N 4..., , . , W I111 NJ , , mm W HM Ni V a ., Hm, r; 4 wk; rWn AW" , , M1; x l 3 w K , 0.; W m , ,, W x r N .h w , , 1 1 W H. mm , x , . w , WW " , 1 w g X X1 J 1 Dr JD h , K XK x1 , , H Xi .2 mi N I . , v .1, . m a ,, NH, is K ,7 x lnHMm, RV Hammw Mug" Qty: a . r ,t-L 1 'szng Q: Photos by John Trotter w. , 3,731,. 2 ,44329f w: .0; ik A 51 a z . K q. wq vuutwmnu-m- .nmnm 4m: da-Wf-Vu"? r: e an. O r. T n h 0 J Brian Smith X i$ 3 ?4 Shoo ng Star r e u 0 r. .T n h 0 J y b ,S 0 t 0 h Dr S r. e 9 0 R .n e b O R y b S 0 t 0 P r e Hu 0 r T n h O J y b S O t ,0 P 137 'H k -V 7v!!- x t 3 a 1g 4 .rfi- , w, Brian Smith 0 a w w W a w w a w, m Andrew Young th helped make the American people think about international affairs by talking to them in plain, sometimes brutally frank language. h, Keith McMillin Moshe Dayan hThe United States has assumed the commitment and responsibility for peace, while the rest of the world treated us like criminals. Why must we go on fighting? Whaths-wrong with peacew Dale Ruff 1 thought I aw a puddy tat . . . I di .Idid see a 93 puddy tat. Brian Smith Lisa Birnbach Treppies should take existentialism. Exisentialism prepares you for the question: If I walk into Woody s and nobody sees me, can I prove I was there at all?m George McGovern Be sure to note Pm speaking in a church. Maybe it will help my rating with the moral majority? Brian Smith John Trotter Brian Smith E . w , Wig lit, Eikgiwuivryvclvi 3371!.Lativ'rievaloftvw?41:?! KL $ , John Trotter ,9 th 0 The natural sciences know nothing of ilder-Sm 9, W 0 ion. E O evolut A We have to watch the toxic chemical situation closely. Ifs much worse than nuclear waste. Michael Brown 1 John Trotter v. 15-; V Thomas Murton the real Brubaker 1 donk reform prisons. I just reach down into the pits and say, Do any of you guys want to '13 be human? B Ian Smith weiggi - E, Jr. WM; a r 3,1ltl'l.llvtaszw -l'.$',.rl'.!9 99,371,39 a????agwf 99,15, t11199$??'?.19' ?O 219!vi!1!7t09 I?!93iiili!i$?$?99f" I!I;,Iltlti!:lal!lptiil. tevyityaaaaeoooltooecooao ,h l'altlilllltlrtlilviil IOOOOOD chOOCOIvOIIOOOoocpt.. .O'OOdIOOOCO'QOOQOIlt ,tlyry 9:10 OlonraOOIOIOOc "'. ,, OOODUOCCOO'OO6IOOIOD!GOIv.0 IQ- OOOOOIOOOOO'OII'OIOO'uI ,.!..!$75!WI"'I"' IctrIIIOIOI . . 1.90.00-03.10 ""."I"" :rllottoara ,I'liyflilllfl' l'I?Vl,?!,,I','I.' 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JOYR U Manny Crisostom Brian Smith :3 :ii, L n e e u Q d n a co .m y nn eh Ba K .m K lOn Educat Curtis Jul ing and Queen George Labelle Ann Van Hout Greek Week K John T otter Brian Smith Cha J m Balms! Z .3? 9.1,? umiml A Zulun-Zo. m Z , , 'w . , . President James Olson 3 im Balmer J David Rees m. .0 :II n .n 0 e B U W S P m m a .5 m rl. a h B C r m m m w e n V a o h G C Jim Balmer the Deans T. R O DI E R L M T N EL D H N O C Ronald Ebert Business and Public COLLEGE Admi istrat NAME on Tae Kwon HOBBY Do Nursing Softball Gerald NAME Brouder COLLEGE HOBBY Isher is RoyF Isn1 Tenn NAME. COLLEGE Journal HOBBY W, W m W W W im Balmer Photos by J Ilng AHa1Smnh Law 8' COLLEGE I - NAME HOBBY ii E $E$ I lid; ; .luiluilllilbt Photos by J m Balmer NAME- Max Lennon COLLEGE: Agriculture HOBBY: Tinkering NAME: Hal Eyestone COLLEGE: Veternary Medicine HOBBY: Woodworking Ices Community Serv NAME: George Nickolaus COLLEGE: HOBBY: Walking w w ' 4 3: Mvw' 5H; Photos by Jim Balmer NAME: Charles Lobeck COLLEGE: Medicine HOBBY: Fly Fishing NAME: Bob Woods COLLEGE: EducaHon HOBBY:Fmag lence Ion mg ller ibrary Science Arts and Sc Aviat Edward M L Walk Armond Yanders NAME COLLEGE HOBBY NAME COLLEGE HOBBY mg mg iam Garden Home Garden i mg Bea thenand ms VV ineer NAME KMwI COLLEGE Eng HOBBY NAME L COLLEGE Econonr HOBBY r e m a B ,m J ,,V. ,b 5 m 0 ,..n .Dn Abbot, David Chemistry Abeln, Suzanne Education Abuelshaor, Marcella Food Service Abuelshaor, Mushil Food Service Adam, Marcia Business Adams, Brenda Accounting Adams. C. Michelle Journalism Adams, Michael Animal Science Adams, Wayne Marketing Adler, Jill Journalism Adran, Edmond Engineering Aksentijevich, Susan Food Science Alcom, John Engineering Alexander, Curtis Finance Allen, Geneva Personnel Mgmt. Allen, Susan Clothing Allgaier, Cathy Rehabilitation Alonzo, Ray Public Relations Altobelli, Charles Recreation Amos, Christopher Recreation Amuta, Gershon Early Childhood Anderson, Art Political Science Anderson, Brad Animal Science Anderson, Cynthia Journalism Anderson, Jody Education Anderson. Joel Psychology Anderson, John Horticulture Anderson, Susan Education Anderson, Valerie Horticulture Andre, Michael Agronomy Senior Trivia 20 questions to test your knowledge of Mizzou. Answers on page 217. Ansel, Stephanie Counseling Appel, Adrienne Physical Therapy Appelby, Tim Journalism Arens, Kim Education Amaud, Renee Finance Arnold, Steve Animal Science Aselman, Sandra ParkMRecreation Ash, Debra Horticulture Asmare, Tam 6 Journalism Atkins, Julie Medical Tech. Austin, Michael Journalism Avant, Demise Political Science Ayers, Kristy Nursing Ayers, Ralph Marketing Babak, Khosrow Engineering Bacak, Walter Journalism Backer, Carolyn Psychology Badstebner, Gary Engineering Baer, Andrew Engineering Baile, Rebecca Journalism Bailey, Jeff Finance Baker, Cheryl Engineering Baker, Cynthia Home EC Baker, Jerry Economics Balzer, David Biochemistry Balzer, Roland SociologyXPsychology Barber, Claire Horticulture Barks, Melissa Accounting Barnard, Carol English Barrack, Rita Social Work Barry, Alan Accountancy Barry, Lynn Accounting Bartels, Lynda Journalism Bartell, Carol Education Bartmess, Joseph BankingWinance Bartneu, Victoria Engineering Barton, Suzanne Arledical Tech. Bauer, Nancy Nursing Bausch, Patricia Journalism Beaty. Melissa Education Beaty, Terri Journalism Becker, Dianne Journalism Becker, Patricia Economics Beers, James Engineering Begemann, Julie Education Belisle, Robert Economics Bell, Pamela Speech Benack, Robyn Education Bennett, J. Scott Engineering Benson, Karla Business Bergh, Jackie Journalism Bcrnal. Lynn Chemistry Berndt, Carl Markeling Bertram, Mark Forestry Bess, Karen Marketing Beyer, Richard Engineering Bick, Steven Computer Science Bickley, Jane Design Mgmr. Bien, Cathy Journalism Birsinger, Michele Rehabiliration Bishop, Danny Engineering Bishop, David Adminislration Mgmt. Bitterman, Jennifer Ph sical Therapy Blades, Becky Journalism Balir, Leslie Journalism Blankenship. Cindy Accounting Blanton, Amy Finance Blase, Michael Education Blinder, Robin Social Work Blosser, Brian Engineering 1. Which Pulitzer Prize-winning playWright was an ATO fraternity member at the University from 1929-32? Bodker. Michelle Education Boggs, Kevin Economics Bolin, Kathy Education Bolinger, William Jr. Business Bonderer, Pam'cia Education Boniface, Bonnie Education Bootche, Loel Rehabilitation Borgelt, David Engineering Botteron, Lisa Education Boutross, Daniel Engineering Bowen, Jama Journalism Boyd, Rodney Education Brader, Kimberly Home EC Brandes, Mary Home EC Brandon, Lloyd Biochemistry Braungardt, Musical Agriculture Breadman, Sheryl Art History Bredehoeft, Clark Animal Science Breihan, Patricia Journalism Brennecke, Debra Education Bresel. Marti Consumer Affairs Bresnahan, Barbara Education Briceno, Carlos Jr. Economics Bricker, Deborah Business Brinkley, Cleo Education Brown, Christopher Marketing Brown, Clifford Engineering Brown. Janet Social Work Brown, Pam Home EC Brown. Steven Animal Science Brownlee, Richard Political Science Brunner, Elizabeth Public Affairs Bryan, Becky Journalism Bryan, Charles Engineering Bryson, Allison Psychology Brzuchalski. Mary Home EC Bueker, David Business BulL Kathy Education Bunch, Brenda Chemistry Bunch. Craig Atmospheric Srience Burchfleld, Susan RadidTWFilm Burgdorf. Dirk Psychology Burgeson, Michael Engineering Burnett, Robyn Education Burnett, William Engineering Butler, Douglas Engineering Butler. Kevin Education Butler, Paige Journalism Butts, Daniel Forestry Buxton, Michael Recreation Buzard, Norman Agriculture Byers, Whitney Journalism Byrum, Mary Medical Diet. Cable. Barbara Political Science Cahall. Mary Economics Caldwell. Bruce Forestry Calvin. Elaine Forest Mgmt. Cameron. Peg Advertising Campbell, Mary Nursing Carney. Deborah Parksmecreation Carter, Patsy Psychology Cassiere, Edward Journalism Casteel, Mark Economics Castle, J. Kirke Engineering Cates, Karl Anthropology Cavanah, Diane B'ology Cecil, Lisa Home EC Cerny, Kimberly Economics Chandler, Renee Journalism Chappell, Earl Graduate Chazen, Gary Journalism Chen, Elizabeth Anthropology Chevalier, Barbara Social Work Chism, Kim Journalism Choate, Marilyn Home EC Christ, Kevin Journalism Christie, Scott Advertising Civili, Vivian Psychology Clark, Darice Educalion Clark, James Medical Tech. Clark, Cathy Education Clark, Scott Journalism Clarke. Carol Social Work Clarke, Laura Nursing Clatto. Theresa English Claybrooks, Jeffrey Engineering Claybrooks, Ruth Horticulture Clayton, Ann Home EC Clayton, John RadidTWFilm Clegg, Mark Journalism Cleveland, Edward Forestry Clevenger. Cathy Accounting Cling, Diana Clizer, Gregg Engineering Cofer, Laurel Political Science Cohen, Alan Journalism Cohen, Sandy Speech Cole, William Marketing Coleman, Cheryl Business Cohlran, John Engineering Connor, Anne Journalism Conrad, Daniel Engineering Constant, Randy Economics Cool, Leisa Education Coombs, Diana Home EC Cooper, Angie Education Cooper, Bret Economics Cooper, Gregory BankingsFinance Coons, Elizabeth Forestry Copeland, Kevin Marketing Copeland, Michael Chemistry Coriell, Laura Psychology Corwin, Maureen Consumer Affairs Costello, Maureen RadidTWFilm Cott, Cheryl Engineering Coulter, Laura Medical Diet. Counts, James Education Courtney, Kathy FWench Cowgill, Cheryl Accounting Cox, Cynthia RadidTWFilm Cox, Roderick History Crabbe, Emmanuel Engineering Cragoe, Mary Education Crawford, Julie Education Crecelius. Judy Home EC Crenshaw. Thomas Food Service Cummings. William Finance Cunningham. Becky Home EC Cunningham, Curt Business Curia. Linda Home EC Curran, Thomas Agronomy Curtis, Jacqueline Animal Science Daab, Mary Journalism Dafnides, Tina Journalism Daming, Kenneth Engineering Danforth, Janet Journalism Darby, Deanne Advertising Darnell, Rob Engineering Daugherty, Nancy Journalism Daus, Anthony III Geology 3 ,3 1What weret'hEnames of the first two graduates of the E'Uhiversity? ' 3 ' Davis, Cheryl Journalism Davis, Cheryl Education Davis, Dal Accounting Davis, H. Craig Journalism Davis, Thomas Engineering Davis, William Forest Mgmt. Day, Tamara Biology Dean, Jennifer Journalism Deathe, Eillen Accounting Debar, Kathleen Economics Deckard, Delores Nursing Deforest, Bret Biochemistry Degenova, Ann Biology Degonia, Susan Home EC Degroot, Allyson Nursing Delano, Susan Physical Therapy Denney, Donald Psychology Depaola, Lori Psychology Derges, Daniel Business Derks, Cynthia Rehabilitation Diamant. Shelley Education Diehl. Dennis Engineering Dietle, Jane Journalism Dill. Nancy Accounting Dillman, George Forestry Dillon, Janet Interior Design Dimmick, Mike Journalism Dobbins, Debbie Education Dodson, Jeffrey Public Admin. Doenig, Carolyn Animal Science Doing, Stephen Administralion Mgmt. Dolan, Tim Financhanking Dooley. Susan Occupational Therapy Dorfman. Marla Journalism Dosset, Timothy Engineering Dougherty, Edward Journalism Downs, Susan Business Dubbelde, Peggy Counseling Duckworth, Myra Agriculture Dude, Carla Education Dudley, Randolph Education Dudley, Sherry Horticulture Duenner, Debra Psychology Duffy, Mary Education Duncan, Anita History Duncan, Clayton Horticulture Duncan, Timothy Engineering Dunkmann, Jim Social Science Durant. Marvin RadidTWFilm Duesheke, Lyndal Engineering 4. In what year Were the football Tigers ranked No. 1 in both the AP and UPI polls? Dussold, Ann Home Ec Dyson, Wesley Education Earl, Sherie Management Earley, Pat Agriculture Ebel, Robert Horticulture Eden, Julie Education Edington, Cathy Education Edwards, Alice Interior Design Edwards, Kevin Accountancy Edwards, Randy Agriculture Egan, Mary Journalism Eichenberg, Robert Agriculture Eichenlaub, James Business Eiffert, Brda Economics Eisle, Britta F ine Arls Elefson, Dwight Agriculture Elliott, Brian Chemistry Elliott, M. Thomas Agricultre Elliott, Randy Engineering Elliott, Susan Social Work Ellis, George Accounting Elrod, Jane Physical Therapy Elwood, Thomas Engineering Empey, James Speech Endebrock, Teresa Social Work Engel, Thomas Marketing Engelbart, Linda Psychology Engelbrecht, Curtis Engineering Engelbrecht, Dennis Engineering Engels, Cynthia Political Science Engler, Jane Psychology Erard, Eileen Accountancy Erhardt, Kent Economics Erlinger, Jim Finance Eschbacher, Roger Jr. RadidTWFilm Eschbaugh. Lisolette Economics Esmon. Janet Journalism Esslinger. Brad Geology Esslinger, James Political Science Everhardt. Saharon Medical Tech. Evers, Jayne Journalism Ewing, Andrew Speech Ewing, Ida Economics Faerber, Bradley Accounting Fahy, Dennis Engineering Failoni, Anne Education Falk, Greg Journalism Falk, Karen Journalism Farmer, Carol Home EC Famen, Kathleen Education Farnen, Linda RecreatioMParks Ferrar, Terri Advertising Feder, Marta Speech Fehrenbacher, Tamn' Nursing Feinberg. Mitchell Engineering Feiner, Melissa Horticulture Ferguson, Brenda History Ferguson, Dawneen Economics Ferguson. Janet Fashion Finer. Lisa Journalism Fingerhut, Peter ParkVRecreation Finke. Angie Nursing Finklang, Karen Education Finley E. Jane Medical Tech. Finley, Jennifer Agriculture 5. Which famous performer appeared in opening-week shows at both the Missouri Theater in 1928 and the Hearnes Center in 1972? Finocciard. Jeanette Advertising Fischer, Carl Agriculture Fiscus, Lyn Journalism Fitzgerald, Laurie Education Fitzsimmons, Anne Biology Fix, Joseph Psychology Fix, Thomas Agriculture Flanagan, Michael Journalism Fleischer, Michelle Education Foreman, Charles Jr. Agronomy Fox, James Engineering Frala Lou Ann Journalism Franson, Raymond Biology Frederick, Susan Medical Tech. Free, Steven Engineering Freeman, Terry History Fried, Marilyn Speech Frogge, Dan Finance Frye, Gerard Marketing F ulford, Lori Business Fuller, Lisa Journalism Gais, Sarah Marketing Gallagher, Joni Clothing Design Garcia, Minerua Library Science Gardner, Jeff Chemistry Gardner, Ruth Education Gardner, Sue Education Garin, Amy Journalism Garlich, Barbara Marketing Garoutte, Gerry Biology Gass, Steven Accountancy Gault, Jennie Speech Gay, Roger Art Geisen, Jo Ellen Animal Science Geisen, Sarah Food Science Geistfeld. Lynne Journalism Gentile. Curtis Engineering Gerard, Elizabeth Forestry Gerard, Joann Animal Science Gerhardt, Kurt Finance German, David Mathematics Gerrard, Ron Psychology Gerson, Carolyn Engineering Gerson. Marianne Accounting Gervais, Karen Journalism Ghareeb, Steven Engineering Ghomghaleh, Mozaffar Engineering Gibbens, Kevin FinanceXBanking Gibson, Lisa Music Gilchn'st, Patricia Interior Design Gilgour, Mitch Food Science Gill, Michael Finance Gillis, Gregory Political Science Gingrich, Mary Piano Gladney, Catherine Social Work A- '14:"? raamrl 4. A Glisson, Gary Economics Glohm, Dawn Education Glynn, Stephen Journalism Godfrey, Ruth Computer Science Godwin, Paul Economics wt... Goff, Freda Food Mgmt. Goldammer, Cindy Consumer Affairs Goldman, Robin English Goldstein. Rosemary ParkVRecreation Gooch, Charles Journalism A-A; "rem Ant 5 -.. x..l..a.a4.l.7d, Goodloe, P. Kristine Journalism Goodman. Betsy Engineering Gordon. Greg Engineering Gordon, Kelly Clothing Gorman. Mary Home EC 6'7 I Who IS the cartoonist whoSe college days at the Shack influenced his early cartoons? Gottschalk, Pamela Home EC Graetz, Michael Accounting Graham, Amy Nursing Graham, Joann Education Graves, Barbara Political Science Graves, Linda Nursing Green, Denise Education Green, Mary ParkMRecrealion Green, Sharon Journalism Greene, Teresa Education Greenwood, Carol Social Studies Gremore, Harry Agriculture Gn'ce, Charlotte Education Gn'er, J. Scott Agriculture Griffith, Diane Medical Diet. Griswold, Teddy Psychology Gromacki, Kathleen Animal Science Gross, Charles Public Admin. Guilfoile, Kimberly Economics Gust, Deborah FisMWildlife Guthrie, Lynita Social Work Guthrie, William 111 Computer Science Gutzler, Jackie Medical Tech. Hackerott, Sara Education Hagan, Brenda Animal Husbandry Hagedorn, Amy Nursing Hagerty, Matthew Biology Haines, Sidney Education Hajek, Cindy Education Halfaker, Dottie Occupational Therapy Hall. Kathy Nursing Hall, Teresa Education Hamill, Christine Food Mgmt. Hammel. Rann Agriculture Hamn'ck, David Finance Hancock, Amy Political Science Hancock, Jane Animal Husbandry Hankins. Patrick Economics Hanks, Richard Accounting Hannegan, Michael Jr. Horticulture Hansen, Dana Education Hanson, Randy Statistics Hardin, Greg Animal Science Harlan, Terri Home EC Harrington, Meredith Home Ec Harris, Nancy Spanish Harris, Nancy Recreation Harris, Steven Education Harris, Susan Psychology Harshman, Mark Engineering Hatley, Michelle Journalism Hatley, Nancy Political Science Hawken. Dru Personnel Mgmt. Haynes, Dorothy Social Work Hayob, Margaret Education Haywood, Angela Political Science Hazelrigg, Sue Education Heck. David Engineering Hedden. Linda Accounting Heffernan. Margy Counseling 7. Milt Cantiff, another cartoonist who was influenced by : the University, featured the character Miss Columbia Mizzou in what 1950s comic strip? Hegeman, Nancy Home EC Heid, Brent Economics Heid, Peggy Horticulture Heider, Curtis Atmospheric Sciences Heimaugh, William Engineering Hein, Ronald Social Work Held, Kim Fine Arts Heller, Wendy Marketing Henderson, Cynthia Home EC Henderson, Gracie FisMWildlife Henderson, Janet Home EC Henderson, Kelly Business Henderson, Mark Philosophy Henderson, Patn'cia FOOWNutrition Heneberry, Susie Journalism Heneberry, Donna Logistics Hennexich, Lori Speech Henniger, Sharon Accountancy Henrichs, Carol Economics Henze, Laura FisMWildllfe Herberg, Davi Fisheries Herbers, Carol Education Herman, Marsha Economics Hermann, Nancy Education Hertzberg, Da d Engineering Hick, Steven ParkMRecreation Hilgar, Cheryl Personnel Mgmt. Hill, Kimberly Speech Hinch, Steven History Hines, Nancy Education Hink, Paul Engineering Hitchcock, Janice Engineering Hitchcock, Lisa Accounting Hively, Bn'an Finance Hobbs, Leesa Horticulture m-uA Hodges, Kathy Medical Tech. Hoeh, Jan Art Hoehn, Barb Education Hoemann, Lisa Medical Tech. Hoffman, Christopher Agronomy Hoffman, Dennis Engineering Hoffman, Linda Journalism Hoffmann, Richard Computer Science Hoffner, Warren Business Hohenstein, Mark Education Holder, Gwen ArtMnthropology Holland, Dana Food Service Hollenhorst, Jane Social Work Hollins, Michael Arts Hollis, Lee Economics Holroyd, Suzanne Political Science Holt, Bob Journalism Holtgrieve, Andy Business Hoover, Joe Engineering Horace, Karen Home EC Houcine, Rahal English Howard, Kathryn Home EC Howell, Karen Home Ec Howser, Douglas Advertising Hoyt, Kimberly Social Work Hsieh, Sandra Biochemistry Hudson, Thomas Education Huelskamp, Jane Journalism Huelskamp, Roben Business Hufker, Beth Accounting Hughes. Janice Journalism Hughes, Sandra Interior Design Huhn, James Logistics Hultz, Tamara Psychology Hume, Jana Journalism . Earzro... n... .N,;. 33: 3:42.; .. .... .. BQWhat'wasvtrhe title Of the 1967 LOOK magazine feature ' ,vabout the University? Humphrey, Thomas F 00d Science Huneke, Maureen Education Huner, Sharon Rehabilitation Ihms, Rick Nursing Ingersoll, Mark Accouming Irwin, Elizabeth Journalism Jackson, Peggy Psychology Jacobi, Robert Journalism Jacobs, Sheryl English Jacobsmeyer, Elizabeth Occupational T herapy Jacquin, Thomas Speech Jagust, Marsha Education Janke, Patricia Medical Tech. Janner, Rebecca Accounting Jarman, Chris Economics Jasper, Janet Clothing Javadi, Nassrin Education Jennings, Denise Journalism Jennings, Mark Journalism Jensen, Rick Economics Jessup, Bruce Economics Jewell, Denise Medical Diet. Joannes, Patricia ParkyRecreation Johnson, Bn'an English Johnson, Cyndee Folklore Johnson, Harold Finance Johnson, Jeffrey Economics Johnson, Judy Education Johnson, Mark Education Johnson, Reginald RadioH'WFilm ----.-a-w--awm Johnson, Steven Economics Johnston, David Administration Mgml. Jones, Gary Engineering Jones. Kathryn Physical Therapy Jones, Shirley Agriculture Jones, Susan Education Jorhan, David Recreation J udge, Jeannine Journalism Jungerman, Martha Nursing Justmann, Mam'beth Education Juston, Carey Journalism Kadow, Tricia Journalism Kaegel, Kathy JournalismMrt Kahn, Hilton Business Kahn, Julie Education Kamada, Yumi Journalism Kamitsuka, Paula RadiosTWFilm Kamoki, Reiko RadidTWFilm Kannapell, John Engineering Kaplan, John Journalism Karcher, Gary Agronomy Kausler, Jill RadidTWFilm Kaveker, Phillip Computer Science Keay, Lou Ellen Animal Science Keely, Mary Journalism Keller, Bennett Accounting Keller. Chris Education Kelley, Steven Business Kemp. Alison Personnel Mgmt. Kennedy, Donald Agriculture 9. Who is the 1969 University student whose case was heard before the U.S. Supreme Court? Kerns, Tim Agriculture Kessinger, Joseph Accountancy Kevrick, Teri Economics Khalil, Jamila Journalism Kiley, Nancy Education Kincade, Joo Financhanking Kincaid, Carol General Studies King, Edwin Finance King, K. ArtMSciences Kinkade, Daniel Horticulture Kinroth, Ann Medical Tech. Kirk, Richard Finance Kiso, Carolyn Respiratory Therapy Kissel, Carolyn Finance Kistenmacher, Patricia Nursing Kizer, Barbara Interior Design Klein, William Animal Science Kleinhaus, Karen Education Klenke, Jerry Agriculture Kliethermes, Beborah Economics Klote, Philip Business Kluegel, David Anthropology Klug, Pamela Journalism Knaebel, Suzanne Social Work Kniest, Edward History Knight, Deborah FisMWildlife Knight, Jon Engineering Knipp, Teresa Home Ec Koch, Jerry RadidTWFt-lm Koch, Mark Psychology Koeppen, Mike Accounting Kolb, Lloyd Engineering Kolditz, Daniel Animal Science Koodish, Murray Journalism Korlin, Sheldon Political Science Kossina, Gerard Atmospheric Science Krahn, Kristine Medical Tech. Krahm. Barbara RadidTWFilm Krelo. Jane Home EC Kremer, Larry Engineering Krieger, Sue Education Krigbaum, Cheryl Accounting Kriz, Edward Engineering Krueger, Mary Education Krusekopf, Kun Animal Science Kuhlmann, Karl Accounting Kuhnmuench, Sally Financhanking Kunstman, Ci Ci Journalism Kurre, Charles Art Kurtz, Brian Accounting Kwapis, Patricia Journalism Lacy, Nancy Education Ladderhose, Joann Speech Lahm, Kathy Home EC Lahue, Jill Journalism Lamkey, Chet Accounting Lamm, Roberta Journalism Lammers, Deborah Accounting Landes, Lori Speech Lang, Jeanne Business Langewisch, Betty Education Larose, Sharon Biology Latourette, Suzanne Education Laube, Linda Cytotechnology Laughland, Lauri Journalism Lawrence, Julianne Animal Husbandry Lease, Karen Social Work Leaver, Karin Ecuation Leclaire, Paulette Psychology Ledoux, David Animal Science Lee, Kathryn Medical Tech. Lees, Jeffrey Counseling Leibowtitz, Scott Accounting Leicht, Julia Public Admin. Liechti, David Business Llesmann, Vicki Accounting Lemley, Tom Agriculture Lentz, Duane Education Lentz, Edwin Agriculture Lenzen, Michael Journalism Leong, Gim Home Ec. Leuthold, Janet Operations Mgmt. Levin, Adrienne Journalism Lewis, Charlotte Physical Therapy Lewis, J ulie Horticulture Lewis, Michael Finance Lewis, Terry Education Liddell, Joanne Journalism Likins, Woody Engineering Lim, Carin Home Ec Lingeman, Joan Speech Lister, Anita Home EC Long, Cheryl Agronomy Lortz, Stephen Counseling Lovegreen, William Engineering Lovelace, Kimberly Horticulture Lowenstein, Laura Agency Council Luebben'ng, Lesa Engineering Lueders, Ted Public Admin. Luekey, Debra Medical Tech. Lutz. Scott Engineering Lynch, Kelly Home Ec Lyons, Melanie Food Science Lyons, Timothy Marketing Mabie, Jill Journalism Mabry, Stephen Journalism Mach, Gregory Psychology Mack, Bobbie Cytology Mack, Jane Economics Maddox, John Advertising Maddox, Linda Speech Maher, Annie Biology Mahood, Nancy Home C Main, Kim Rehabilitation Majid, Assadzadem Engineering Mallin, Jeffrey Business Mallory, Charles RadiosTWFilm Maltz, Terry Education Manchester, Joan Education Manson, Marilyn Home EC Margreiter, Melissa Home EC Marin, Alberto F 00d Science Marklin, Paul Psychology Markusch, Laun'e Education Markway, J ulie Occupational Therapy Marr, Elizabeth Home EC Marsh, Kimberly Political Science Marshall, Michael Economics Martin, Ann Consumer Affairs Martin, Deborah Rehabilitation Martin, Jennifer English Martin, Kelly Accountancy Manin, Nathan Animal Science Martin, Selden Finance Marx, Arthur Ill Engineering Massa, Russell Animal Science Mathews, Dory Journalism Mathiesen, Claudia Education Matlewsoh, Scott Journalism Matlhare, Cornelius Education Matsiga, Morgan Agriculture Matteuzzi, James Accounting Matthews, Mike Biochemistry Mattingly, Tim Speech Mattson, Donna Education Maus, Bob Accounting Mauzey, Mark Engineering McAuliffe, Brian Economics McAuliffe, Patrice Economibs McAllister, Susan Education McCall, Nancy Biology McCalpin, Katherine Engineering McCalpin, Lucy Social Work McCarthy, Daniel Journalism McCallom, Kyle Engineering McCormick, Cheryl Recreation McCouch, Nelson 111 Journalism McCoy, Matt Economics McCune, Douglas Agriwlture McDonald, Rhonda Accounting McFarland, Scott Engineering McFerrin, Diane Speech McGinnis, Randy Economics McGrath, Paula Education McIntosh, Daniel Political Science 'I' a I I . . . . U . , . I ,. . .' u. l . . I . . , , . o I I '. , . . . . . 0e I I' .. . , . 'll . , . . . . I D' . I I '. .. , 'n D' I . o I 'Qr .. . . I. - , I l I a . o . . g l .- . ' ' .. , 12. What were the curfew hours for women students and e 7. when were they abolished? ' ' Miller, David Engineering Miller, David Engineering Miller, Deborah Education Miller, John Journalism Miller, Jule III Psychology Miller, Linda Accounting Miller, Robert RadidTWFilm Mills, Mary Education Milstead, Diana English Milton, Cheryl Home Ec Miller, Robert Engineering Minor, Tamra Animal Husbandry Miralaie, Mohammad Engineering Mistler, Patti Marketing Mitchell, Andy Engineering Mitchell, Edward Marketing Mitchell, Jessie Speech Mitchell, Steven Political Science Mitchell, Susan Finance Moerschell, Michael Economics Montgomery, Laura Animal Science Mooney, Michael Engineering Moore, Barry Engineering Moore, Dequinna Sociology Moore, Ed Engineering Moorhouse, Scott Engineering Morgan, George Journalism Morgan, Sarah Education Morris, Michael Economics Morrison, Bill Biology Morrison, Debora Music Morrow, Sandy Home EC Moulder, Susan Accountancy Moyer, Steve Accounting Moyers, Ann Education ; M: ii? ,2? . .. 1 a. . , a. o , I . . u . . . . . I . .. . . I I I. . u I . r. . I I I a 1. o I I a I u A u I I . . I . A - I I . . a l r. I . . a l I I n I I I I I I I I I I I I . o I I . , I I . I I a u . . I I . I I I I I a I I I . I I . I I u . u I u I I . I a. . . I . I . I v. . I . I I I I I I I I I I . n. I I I I 4 A . . ; . I l I I l I ' . a ; . I II I I . I . . . I I I I l . . I . . I. . I . . I 1 I I . I I I :1. 1 L 3 II. , VLval. I! u n Ln 1;: -l I llltriilf.l,ii: .IFLE; I I 3 OsFallen, Mary Education O,Flaherty, Erin Personnel Mgmt. OsHalloran, Paul Journalism OsLeary, Thomas Political Science OsNeil, Terene Psychology OsSullivan, Eileen Rehabilitation Oakley, Laura Accounting Oberheide, Marcus Engineering Oberlander, Konda Engineering Oberle, Andre III Poultry Science Oberman, Ellen Child Development Oberschelp, Christine Journalism ngumike, Chinedu Fisheries Ohlemeyer, William Marketing Ohlms, Steven Financhanking Ohrvall, Jean Business Admin. Oliver, Peggy Journalism Olson, Tim Engineering Onda, Ellen Social Work Orf, Donald Jr. Administration Mgml. Ornduff, Steven Engineering Orton, Paul Business Orvos, Robert EnglisMPhilosophy Osgood, Scott Journalism Otto, Russ Biochemistry Owens, Cathleen Social Work Page, Michelle Spanish Paladin, Donna Medical Diet. Palazzolo, Lisa Nursing Papageorge, Jim Engineering Parker, Sally Marketing Parks. Becky Engineering Parks. David Economics Patrick. Robbie Education Patrick, Tracy Leisure Service Patterson, Dea Housimg7 Design Patton. Ann Computer Science Paul. James Business Admin. Paul, Kathy Education Payne, Matthew Economics Payton, Elizabeth French Peart, Karen Journalism Peck, David Marketing Peck, Deborah SociologWPsychology Perine, Drew Journalism Perine, Stogie Veterinary Medicine Perlow, Matthew Economics Perry, Lindall Animal Science Persell, Jerry Economics Perz, Kevin Engineering Peskind, Neal Finance Peters, Karen Child Development Peters, Robert Jr. Economics Peters, Terry Engineering Peterson. Gregg Accounting Petzel, James Microbiology Pewitt, Charles Biology Pfeiffer, Linda Recreation Phelan, Linda Education Phelps, Deborah ParkHRecreation 14. When was the fi r st Tiger 'foo'tbdl'lrgame pla whatwas the s core? Phillips, Jamie Nursing Phillips, Keith Journalism Phillips, Maria Horticulzure Phillips, Saundra Geology Picker, Scott Accounting Pindell, Janice Physical Therapy Pippin, David Recreation Pitts, Barbara Physical Therapy Piva, Kathy Journalism Pliakos, George Economirs Plummer, Robert Biochemistry Poeschel, Peggy Social Work Pogorzelski, David Computer Science Pohlman, Alicia Home EC Poindexter, David Psychology Pollard, Julie Counseling Polsky, Douglas Accounting Poole, Elizabeth Education Porter, Kathy Education Potash, Mark Journalism Poots, Gregory Biochemistry Pwell, Sara Physical Therapy Pownall, Peggy Education Present, Janiece Speech Prevost, William Engineering Prugh, Peggy Consumer Affairs Pruitt, Leeann Journalism Puang, Tak Economics Puzey, Linda Engineering Quist, Valerie Accountancy Rabum, Amy Marketing Raffensperger, Terry Journalism Rahdy, Patricia Chemistry Rahter, Branda Physical Therapy Raisher, Nancy Computer Science Ramotar, Rameshwar Agriculture Ramsey, Amy Education Ramsey. Roben Engineering Rands, Richard Geology Ras. Helen Accounting Rasch, Debbie Counseling Rash, Joanne Public Admin. Rasmussen, Steven Forestry Rauschenbach, Debbie Advertising Ray, Brenda Dietetics Reed, Johanna Political Science Reed, Penelope Theater Reed, Stephen Economics Reader. Deborah Engineering Reese, Joyce Journalism Reese, Tom Journalism Reesman, Ellen Social Work Reeter, Chris Political Science Reid, Donald Economics Reiter, Kelley Mathematics Rellihan, Steve Education Remley, Jan Occupational Therapy Renaud, Christine Journalism Renaud, Sally Journalism Rendleman, Barbara Animal Science Rennard, Richard Engineering Rennard. T. Melissa Journalism Revall, John Biochemistry Richard, Dawn Pardeecreation Richard, Scott Journalism Ridgeway, Keith Engineering Rieck, John Business Riehl, Matthew Engineering Riehk, Michael Engineering Riess, Deborah Education "nun Rikimaru, Raymond Computer Science Riks, Linda Education Riley, David Journalism Rinaldi, Joseph Theater Rimes, Jane Biology Risner, Robert Chemistry Ritter, Stephen Engineering Roberts, Alan Forestry Roberts, Donna Engineering Roberts, Michael Forestry Robertson, Jay Counseling Robertson, Stanley Marketing Robison, Cheryl Education Robinson, Sharon Therapeutic Robinson, Susan Physical Therapy Roda, Paul Journalism Rodden, Timothy Finance Rogers, Barbara Nursing Rogers, Judy Food Mgmt. Rohlfmg, Christy Education Rolf, Susan Speech Rolwing, Tmothy Agronomy Rosenberg, Renee Accounting Rosenkrans, Charles Jr. Animal Science Rosenstein, Ben Communications Rosenthal, John Political Science Rosenthal, Susan Nursing Rosner, Patricia Journalism Ross, Carl Engineering Ross, Robin Fisheries Rost, Carol Marketing Roth, Linda Journalism Rothman, Maxjorie Education Rouner, Terri Journalism Rouse, Rick Animal Science Ruhlman. Curtis Forestry Russell, Thomas Engineering Russum, Carolyn Home Ec' Ruth, Beverly Occupational Therapy Ryan, Kathleen Physical Therapi 16. Which Academy AWaTdMinning aCtorgothisstart s University theater Pmducltionsg, ' 2 Ryder, Anne Journalism Saale, Mary Education Sachtleben, Rod Engineering Sadd, Elizabeth Journalism Saenger, Daniel Engineering Salle, Mary Ann Marketing Salzman, Jeff Business Sandidge, Penny Education Sapeenza, Thomas Engineering Sapp, Teresa Physical Therapy Saulsbury, Michael Engineering Schaefer, Barbara Physical Therapy Schaefer, Lynn Nursing Schallom, Lawrence Forestry Schauwecker, Gus Interdisciplinary Scheer, Lisa Business Scheve, Sandy Engineering Schmidt, Katherine Political Science Schmidt, Leigh Home EC Schmidt, Mary Mathematics Schmidtlein, Mark Business Schnatzmeyer, Janet Finance Schmecgass, Margie Chemistry Schneider, Karen Education Schneider, William Horticulture Schooley, Marty Journalism Schottmueller, Lon' Education Schrater, Alene Psychology Schroell, Carol Business Schroer, Randall Political Science Schulte, Stephen Marketing Schultz, Amy Education Schultz, Dana Finance Schultz, Dean Accountancy Schultz, Ellie Education Schumer, Kim ParkssRecreation Schuster, Jo Ellen Psychology Schutt, Teri Journalism Schwartz, Tom Marketing Schwartze, Diane Food Nutrition Schwendeman, John Computer Science Scialfa, Thomas Biology Scott, J ulie Ann Occupational Therapy Scott, Stacie Phsyical T herapy Scroggs, Dana Speech Seabauth, Scot Finance Searke, Duane Economics Sears, David Education Sechler, Carol Journalism Segelstein, Cindy Home Ec Seltzer, Joy Education Senter, Lisa Education Serpas, Ann Journalism Sesler, Mark Advertising Sexe, Vicki Physical T herapy Sexton, Scott Agriculture Shafer, Brian Agronomy Shahdadian, Feridoon Engineering Shannon, Kelly English Shannon, Susan Nursing Sharp, Jeffrey Biological Science Shaughnessy, Ellen Administration Mgmt. Shelly, Susan Journalism Sheets, Zenda Education Shell, Charles Engineering Sherman, Cathryn Computer Science Sherman, Paui Finance Sheilds, Charles Marketing Shifflett, Steven Education Shimkus, Dan Education Shoemaker, Suzanne Physical Therapy Shores, S. Craig Marketing Shorr, Karen Journalism Shultz, Kimberly Consumer Affairs Shumay, Steve Meteorology Siegel, Suzie Journalism Sieker, Patty Social Work Sievers, Timothy Agriculture Sieving, Michael Finance Silberstein, Janice Home Ec Silver, Craig Journalism Silverman, Debbie Social Work Simon, Susan Journalism Singleton, William RadidTWFilm Sisler, J udy Accounting Sjolander, Scott Forestry Skrainka, Brian Chemistry Slama, Elizabeth Physical Therapy Slater, Gary Agriculture Slaughter, Paula Journalism Dick see Spot run; See spot ahd Jane run. Run Spot Run Jane. Who Was the creator of this famous. Slover, Polly Journalism Small, Stephen Speech Sman, Susan M dical Tech. Smiley, Jeanette Speech Smith, Angela Pre-Vet Smith, Brian Journalism Smith, Cynthia Child Development Smith, Don Agriculture Smith, Julie Education Smith, Kelly Accounting Smith, Man'an Rehabilitation Smith, Mark Journalism Smith, Mary Jo Therapy Smith, Mary Education Smith, Michael Social Work Smith, Paul Engineering Smith, Paul Marketing Smith, Randy Animal Science Smith, Ronald Journalism Smith, Sieglid Interdisciplinary Smith, Yvonne Marketing Sniezek, Robert Financhanking Snyder, Deborah Education Snyder, Phyllis Journalism Sokolik, Bruce Accounting Sokolik, Karen Food Service Sommer, John Animal Science Soule, Cindy Business Souris, Renee Education Spahr, Leslie Speech . "WWW: - .. . . .. . , . .0 , , . 1 .0 l I . . I I I . ., . I ' I I . . . , . . l I . . H .. . I . . 0 I. 0 0 0 ,I . 0 H ,- . . . l l l l , . . I0 .0 . , . . , . l I I l l l . . l l .0 ; . . 0 , . . I' I I- . I , . ,.. . WWW ; w' . . . V' . ' . , 0, .A n 4 r W . Wu, . . . M? q 'H . " W: . 3'," AW 47h .1 W, ,.V,., .,.... x Stolpher, Donna Business Stolt, Judith Political Science Stone Ed Engineering Stout, Jeanne Home EC Straehly, Stephen Journalism Stratman, Daniel Business Stratman, Gregory English Stricken, Tammy Education Stromberg, Deanna French Strothmann, Linda Nursing Stuesse, Monica Occupational T herapy Stumpe, Kevin Engineering Stumpff, Deborah Engineering Suda, Donna Advertising Sullcntrup, Glenda Education Sullivan Patricia Operations Mgmt. Sullivan Tem' ArtssScience Supstiks, Diana Education Suthoff, Diane Engineering Sutter, Jane Journlism Sutton, Valerie Social Work Sweeney, Joe Marketing Swemam, Gregory Horticulture Swetnam, Randall Biochemistry Swinnerton, Mark Psychology Swofford, Linda Engineering Swoyer, Jeffrey Economics Tapko, Mark Education Tapley, Lori Medical Tech. Tarantola, Bruce Engineering Tarr, Patricia Accounting Taylor, Steven Journalism Teel, Kevin Journalism Templeton, Mark Agriculture Tenkhoff, Kirk Operations II t a , , , . 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Andrew Agriculture Winslow, Sharon Sociology Winston, Laura Therapy Witten, James Agricullure Wittneben. Renee Art Wivell, William Personnel Mgmt. Woelfel, Scott Journalism Woelfel, Stacey Journalism Wolfe, John Finance Wolfson, Monica Journalism Wollard, Janice Physical Therapy Wood, Richard Engineering Woodley, Mary Dietetics Worden, Nancy Education Worley, Virginia Pre-Mea' Wright, John Jr. Business Wright, Larry Agriculture Wright, Scott Engineering Wroble, Marianne FOOWNutrition Wuesthoff. Susan Nursing Yaeger, Kevin Animal Science Yarbrough, Steven Journalism Yates, Carla Education Yates, Daniel Agriculture Yates, Jane Public Admin. Yeltom Jeffrey Anthropology Yoakum, Glen Animal Science York, Lois Child Develop. Young. Eric Biology Zanzie. Donald Horticulture Zatzman. Robin Speech Trivia Answers . Tennesse Williams 2. Faulty wiring in the generator of the first elec- trical lighting system in Columbia, which is now displayed in the Electrical Engineering Building . Robert Todd and Robert Todd, who weren't related, graduated in 1843. . 1960 . Bob Hope . Mort Walker, creator of the "Beette Bailey" comic strip . "Steve Canyon" , . "Potheads in Missouri," an article about drug abuse in Columbia . The Supreme Court ruled the University had violated Barbara Papish's First Amendment rights in a case involving an underground newspaperl . Originally the Rocket Girls, the St. Louis chor- us line often appeared at the Missouri Theater in the late 19205. . "The Green Door," written by former Uni- versity student Jim Lowe. . The standard hours at which women's housing units were locked included four 1 am. nights a year. They were abolished in 1973. . Crimson and old goid were changed to black and gold in 1898. . Thanksgiving Day, 1890, The Tigers lost to Washington University 24-0. . Hinkson Creek Valley stones were transported by Oderawn cart. . George C. Scott, who won an Oscar for his role in "Patton," dropped out of the School of Journalism in 1953. . University professor Sterl Artley, who retired in 1977, was one of the creators of the widely read educational series. . Faye Dunaway is a University speech and communications graduate in "Network." V An appIe-throwing incident tWhy didn't they just ban apples insteadb . James Kilpatrick, who also coined the phrase, H "Shana, I beg to differ . . . Missouri's six columns as they originally stood in Academic Hall. Zemelman, Mark Biology Zepp, Kathleen Education Ziegler, Jane Accountancy Zimmer, Beth Biochemistry Zimmerman, Joan Journalism H v . UV www.wmw .ue w. ygg, , E, ;- 3M4: ' r. - , zs-s 31?; 17:7,: h I6 6 K k IO N ith Brian Sm m m S n .m B m. m S n .m Br t h .9 e L .m H a h C iii? X H 33$? 7!; $62 . Dan White S e e R M V a D S r e 9 0 R n e b 0 R r e n 0 r T n h 0 J J hn Trotter n b N N, a G Cancel my reservation MUKS best shot at the Orange Bowl in 11 years slipped through its fingers This is a postcard from the past. The picture on front is the Orange Bowl. Pretty picture. Nice star-lit evening. Perfect green grass. People in all the seats. Looks like it was taken before a big game or something. You can even make out the players on the field. See iem? Little guys. The ones in garnet and gold with spears on their helmets are, of course, the Florida State Seminoles. The other team? Canit be sure. Non- descript red and white uniforms. Something red on the hel- mets, but its too small to see. Anyway, this is a postcard. A postcard from Miami. To: Resident Brokenheart Lane Columbia, Mo. Dear Resident, Would like to say it,s raining. Would like to say the accom- modations stink, that the whole sandy state is sliding into the ocean at this very minute . . . but I canit. Itls a beautiful night. About 80 degrees, not a cloud in the sky. Beautiful night. Would like to say that the Oklahoma Sooners look lousy, got ptomaine on the flight down, you name it. Would like to say that the Seminoles are thanking their lucky palm trees that they dontt have to face the Missouri Tigers . . . but I cantt. The Sooners look great. They say the flight was great. They say the girls are even better. A good time is being had by all. It,s everything the Tigers would want it to be. But as you well know, itis not what they got. The Missouri team of 1980 was built on experience. It had 27 seniors, and 17 of them started. Seven players a quarterback Phil Bradley, center Brad Edelman, offensive tackle Howard Richards, kicker Ron Verilli, linebacker Lester Dickey and defensive backs Eric Wright and Bill Whitaker were named All-Big Eight. Nobody in the conference could match the Tigers talent. Not even come close. Surely. that should have gotten them to the Orange Bowl. But it didnt. Instead. the Tigers most significant achievement was derailing their roller coaster; they didnt have ups and downs. Missouri gave up its dramatic tradition of upsetting college footballls best for the glory of romping over teams like M Quarterback Phil Bradley searches for daylight on an option play against New Mexico. Dan White 1 , ..s :2! 42,2113! , ,7, , wilder rah ' Coloradq. Cancel my reservation New Mexico. The satisfaction of that is relative. Even though the Tigers compiled an 8-3 record - their best since 1969 - and even though they barely succumbed to Mark Herrmannls passes in a loss in the Liberty Bowl, many players felt empty at the seasons end. 111t3s kind of disappointing,w said Kendall Ponder. a special team player. ttWhen you look back on it the record looks good but things didnlt turn out as well as you hoped. Itls kind oflike getting a 181 on a test when you expected to get an HAW In the early going, Missourils report card read like a Rhodes scholaris. New Mexico was the first victim as the Tigersl defense held the Lobosl running game to only 28 yard in a 47-16 win. And the following week it really didnlt matter that Illinois quarterback David Wilsorfs eligibility was reinstated because Missouri pummeled the Illini anyway, 52-7. The streak of good luck continued in a 31-7 win over San Diego State. The defense, which proved to be Missourfs best weapon all season long, excelled again, holding the Aztecs to 14 yards rushing. But their embarassment paled in comparison to quarterback Mark Haldals. For the second straight year he was benched because too many of his passes ended up in Whitak- erls hands. 111 make that guy look like All-Worldfl Halda moaned afterward. ltlf he gets drafted l righfully get 10 percent of his salary and a big bonusfi But only the Tigers got rewarded. The win upped their record to 3-0 and they cracked the Top 10.Then came Penn State. It was Missouriis game all the way. Two touchdown strikes by Bradley to split end Ken Blair and flanker Ron Fellows helped build an 21-16 halftime lead. But the Tigers frittered away several scoring opportunities in the third quarter with a 43-yard bootleg run. Missouri rebounded by winning the next three games. First, the Tigers avenged a 10-year drought in Stillwater by scoring Dan White TOP: The Jayhaw defense makes the most of a rare opportunity to gang tackle James Wilder. LEFT: Linebacker Lester Dickey looks for running room after stripping the ball from Oklahoma State,s Worley Taylor. ABOVE: Miseourfs defense, spearheaded by Lester Dickey 00 and Wendall Ray wm, squeeze K-State,s Lemon Juice Brown. etxxxwmmmxwwme Cancel my reservation 23 fourth-quarter points to upend Oklahoma State, 30-7. Then, they pounded a scandal-ridden. winless. not to mention hap- less, Colorado club 45-7, amassing 514 yards total offense in the process. And finally, Missouri shook off another upset threat by Kansas State to squeak out a 13-3 win. The Tigers were 6-1 , but the two biggest games ofthe season loomed ahead. Unfortunately, they were both road trips. Even worse, the travel itinerary was colored red and white. Lincoln, Neb.. was the first stop. Missouri had pulled off miracle wins in its last two appearances there, but this time the Cornhuskers were ready. Two quarters into the game and the Tigers were down 28-6. Reality had been administered in four quick doses. All touchdowns, all gifts. 11We were still breathing after thath lineman Randy Jostes said, thut we were so far behind that we could never catch up. Not against Nebraska anyway, the team with the No. 1 offense and defense in the country. Missouri had dug itself a hole. All Nebraska had to do was shovel in the dirt. The Cornhuskersi powerful I-formation piled it on in the fourth quarter, scoring twice, and spoiling a brilliant com- eback effort led by Bradley, who got the Tigers as close as 28-16 with 60 percent passing. Now, a possible Big Eight championship was in the hands of Oklahoma, who Missouri would have to beat in two weeks then root for the week after against Nebraska. Sandwiched between the big games, though was a little one with Iowa Statejust the kind of thing the Tigers stub their toes on. This time, however, Missouri lost the battle of dueling running backs - Dwayne Crutchfield had 168 yards and James Wilder 111 - but won the game 14-10 on a late surge. Unfortunately, the momentum didnit follow them to Nor- man. Against a weaker, Sims-less Sooner team, Missouri team, Missouri lost its 11th straight OU game, 17-7. The prob- ability of such a long string of defeats boggles the mind. It didn,t do much for the Tigers egos, either. 111 just donit understand itf defensive end Wendell Ray said. 11They werenTt as good as other Oklahoma teams live faced. Not by far. They didnTt have as good of backs. They didn3t have better lineman. I really can1t comprehend it, but it happenedii The loss knocked Missouri out of contention for the Orange Bowl and into the Liberty Bowl in Memphis. But the Tigers managed to scrape up enough pride for the final game of the season in Columbia. An up-and-coming Kansas team was booted back home with a 31-6 loss to remember Missouriis seniors by. Bradley completed 16 of 21 passes for 206 yards. Fellows soared over defenders to snare 6 passes. Wilder added still more yards to his school career rushing record. All in all, the team looked superb. Even the painful news of Oklahomais upset of Nebraska couldn3t detract from the mo- ment. ttl'm proud to say 11m part of the best team MU had in 11 years, said Richards afterward standing among a pack of re- miniscmg seniors. Nobody argued. Anyway, enough memories, The past is the past. Brian Smith John Trotter FAR LEFT: Sideline headgear is a lot softer than game wear, but freshman Bernard Lester still wears a hard look. LEFT: A Kansas linebacker may have this staredown with Phil Bradley, but the ball was pitched to running back Bob Meyer for a 10-yard gain. BELOW: Wendell Ray mm and Bill Whitaker am give New Mexico quarter Brad a warm Tiger welcome. Brian Smith Cancel my reservation Anyway, enough memories, The past is the past. Would like to say itis miserable here. Would like to say the Sooners won,t hold their own. Would like to say all the good things materialized that you were hoping for before the season started. Sorry, though. The crowd is cheering m ly. Two good football teams are waiting to play what should be a heckuva game. It,s everything the T igers would want it to be. Wish you were here. - Drew Perine Brian Smith ABOVE: Iowa Statels Dwayne Crutchfield t45l gets a pat on the back from James Wilder. The two running backs hooked up for a classic dual in Columbia, both gaining over 100 yards. But Wilder had the bigger smile . . . Missouri won 14-10. LEFT: Ron Fellows runs a reverse against Nebraska. Dan White RIGHT: Ken Blair watches from the sidelines as Nebraska stomps the Tigers 35-16. BELOW: Despite his trophy as Missouri's offensive MVP, Phil Bradley was none too happy about losing to Purdue 28-24 in the Liberty Bowl. The Boilermakers Mark Herrmann was also too tired to crack a smile. FAR RIGHT: After snaring a 23-yard pass, flanker Ron Fellows leans for extra yardage against Penn State. Dan White David Rees l EUQJUMJEEEEWDHWE more than just a football Game alk about your party poopers. Twas the night before Homecoming and Scott Mackanin, a sophomore en- gineering major, was curled up in his bed with Visions of logarithms dancing in his head. His apartment was strangely quiet due to the departure of his two room- mates, both Marching Mizzou mem- bers, who were leading the snake dance through Greektown. Hundreds of others were milling around Connelly St. to admire or jeer the fraternity house decorations. Still more were jammed into various bars and res- taurants all about town. It seemed everyone was bent on having a good time with the exception of Mackanin. TI donit think Fm so unusual? he countered between the turn of pages. ttAs a matter of fact, Iill bet youlll find more people around town who couldnit give a shit about Homecoming than those who do. Ilm not condeming all those people who want to get drunk, fall on their faces and act like assholes, just as long as they donlt force it on me. They do their thing and I do mine. Homecoming is definitely not my idea of a good time? The irreverent studier then pulled out a joint to begin a private celebration of his abstinence. The spirit of Homecoming is an elu- sive quality that stirs the emotions of some and aggravates the temperments of others. Certainly it is a long-standing tradition at Missouri - one that has been on the wane for years, but nonetheless still exists. Joseph Helmen, a 45-year-old alum- nus, becomes more disappointed With the spirit at each Homecoming he attends. That night he was moaning about the poor turnout at the bonfire with his good friend Spider Burke, Mis- souriTs most omnipresent rooter. TI think Homecoming means a lot more to alumni than it does to the stu- dents," Helman said. TStudents today generally dontt have as much pride in the school until they graduate. I think the University is a great institution and Homecoming gives us a chance to get together and celebrate its good health? Some ardent student supporters would give him a good argument. Dur- ing Homecoming Week at Bullwinklels for example, therels often more spirit flowing than beer. Friday night was Tdress up like your favorite starli night. Several hundred people crowded themselves into what is essentially an airplane hanger with seats and a bar. There wasntt enough room to move without giving at least two people a close-up view of your elbow. Only six people came dressed as stars. Simply celebrating the Home- coming spirit seemed to be the more popular thing to do. The people who look like celebrities got to stand up on the table for judging. Applause was the barometer; whoever got the most response won. The fluc- tuating noise level made it a more diffi- cult process than it sounds. uEver since I got down here people have come up to me and said, Guess who you look like,, ll said Tracy Heidelbaugh, who does happen to look a lot like Faye Dunaway, or Meryl Streep, depending on your tastes. She wound up second behind a guy who looks remarkably like J ohn Ritter, but ahead of two guys who are trying to be the Blues Brothers. TI really enjoy things like thisjl Heidelbaugh said. ttHomecoming is something where everybody gets together to show their spiritfi A James Cagney lookalike, who doesnlt look a thing like him, doesnit win. It doesnlt seem to faze him. Tltls a special night. It gets you into the spirit. And whats a game without spiritTl And what would Homecoming be if no one planned for it? Probably a mess, says Major Jack Watring, an officer John Trotter Brian Smith TOP: It was "Dress up like your favorite star" night at Bullwinklets Bar. This cowboy was just being himself. Believe it or not. ABOVE: The few who attended the snake dance warmed to the sight of a roaring bonfire afterward. RIGHT: The Tiger mascot made sure the cheerleaders kept in step during the snake dance. John Trotter n Trotter i1:ii:.lxsbxt: . . 1 Aii4jai$4a 444 341:, . LEFT: The cold bite of autumn air brought Golden Girls Debbie Von Trece, left, and Debbie Bequette closer together. BELOW: Waking up early for the Homecoming game was easier for some Marching Mizzou members than others. BOTTOM: Few go hungry on game day when Ron Blume thal gets his grill really cooking. Brian Smith . V p 7 ll: . Brian Smith John Trotter ABOVE: Parking was at a premium before the game. Dontt be deceived by a pretty face e a spot for the car cost more than a buffalo nickel. RIGHT: Those who knew better arrived at the game early to avoid the ensuing crunch of 75,00 fans. OPPOSITE PAGE: Like Nero and his fiddle, this toga-clad fellow played on while Missouri burned the Buffaloes. John Trotter John Trotter Brian Smith John Trotter m m r T n 35?: i: 5 ... 1.x. aim a , a r :Llflel .. !1!! ESQJUUUEEEUUDHME with the University police. It takes a long time to get ready for an occasion of this magnitude. Plans are drawn up by the Homecoming committee in April and By May they are on Watringis desk. ttWhat we try to do is make sure everything is under control and is done in as good a taste as possiblef Watring said. 00f course, thats not always possible. But we havenat had any se- rious problems in the past that I can remember? This years Homecoming, entitled ttMissouri Strings the Buffs Reel t0 Reelfi was no exception. The Uni- versity police coordinated their activi- ties with the Highway Patrol, the C0- lumbia Police Depanment, the Fire De- partment and the Columbia City Re- serves. Thereis a lot more to be done than just making sure nobody singes their pom-pons at the bonfire. ttHomecoming is the time when there are a lot of extra people out for all the activities? Watring said. t"We con- trol traffic around the decorations and at the game. Everybody works Friday and Saturday. Thereis a lot to do and it all starts earlier than people think? Homecoming weekend means work to George Smith, too. The manager of the Missouri Bookstore begins his prep arations in August, when he orders more than 1,000 items you can buy in black and gold. To him, all football weekends are busy; Homecomingjust happens to be one of them. ttOur sales generally depend upon how well the team is doing? Smith said. ttThere isnit a whole lot of differ- ence betweeen Homecoming and a nor- mal football game. At a peak period, and Homecoming certainly is, this is what weill d0. Normally wetll have four or five registers working on a Saturday morning. During the football season, wetll have nine? Surprisingly, the group Homecom- ing means the least to is the football players. Against their will, they are carted to Jefferson City Friday after- noon for dinner, a movie and an early bedtime. Partying is definitely off- limits. ttThatis the price you pay for being Brian Smith OPPOSITE PAGE: Few had more spirit than James Wilder during the Homecoming game. He rushed for more than 100 yards against Colorado. LEFT: Safety Kevin Potter watches the action during a sideline breather. BELOW: Phil Bradley took a beating, leaving the game in the second quarter. But Colorado was already in a hole and replacement Dan McDaniel wasntt about to let the Buffs climb out. Bill Sikes BELOW: As he walked off the field following the game, Coach Warren Powersh grim face was a sharp contrast to Missourihs 45-7 thrashing of the Buffs. BOTTOM: After the game there was plenty of time to check names in the program and enjoy some peace and quiet. RIGHT: Highproof refreshments were musts for these merry tailgaters. Brian Smith mmmgtimm 0n the team," 5211 Tiger kicker Ron Verrilli. wIths a good idea to get us out of there, because I doubt I could kick the ball straight after Friday night? hn Trotter Then again. i1 probably wouldnd have made any difference. No doubt the 75,000 spectators found the Tigcrk 45-7 Victory ;1 pmfcct way 10 cap the weekend. Its has been said that Homecoming is overly sentimental 21nd trivial. Yet. cvcn thmc who hate it recognize the fact that it ha 111 died. lI ian for cvcrybmhx. Hclman said. "But for sumo of us. it has tremendous value. Even if nobody in this whole University cared about it, I stili would.w J, w Ni: 1.5 .r.. , www.eiikuwui . ,, .. . . PROFILE: The face caused most of the problems. It is a grim mask. Black, bristling brows pressed by a series of etched frown lines. The eyes dark as midnight and piercing. The mouth an inflexible horizontal line. You might hire a face like it to infiltrate El Salvador and blow up a bridge, but its not one yould bring home to Grandma. It is a face that scares people away. To some extent it fits the personality of Phil Bradley, Missourits most successful quarterback ever. But too often, it is the publicts and press sole perception of him. Without question, it conceals a soft underbelly of emotion that rarely surfaces. Bradleyts self-imposed cocoon has existed since high school when he was an All-State wonder for Macomb High, a small school nestled within the confines of a relaxed Illinois farming community. Bradley liked to keep to himself there, but it wasn,t until a difficult freshman year at Missouri that he became something of a recluse. Always a practical and logical person, Bradley had no desire to thrust himself into the limelight upon joining the Tigers. He had planned his four years like a mathematician. Things were not to be rushed, he would work himself into the program gradually. He expected to earn the starting quarterback spot by his junior year. But his chance came much sooner than that. In the first game of 1977, senior quarterback Pete Woods went down with a knee injury. Coach Al Onofrio sent in the freshman Bradley, green as he was, to hold off mighty USC. Not surprisingly, Bradley ran like a rabbit every time the pocket began to crumble. The rest of the season wasntt much different. On-the-job training wasnlt part of Bradleyts game plan for the future so he struggled. Consequently, abuse from fans and the press rained down. Most players accept that as part of the game, but not Bradley. He took it to heart. To this day, even after three years of adoration for his efforts, Bradley carries that grudge. He feels that the praise has never caught up with the criticism. That,s why he has an unfortunate penchant for being surly to a majority of reporters. He subscribes to the dictum that a performance speaks for itself and any additional questions should be directed to the coaches. After Missouri lost a crucial game to Nebraska this season, a contingent of reporters circled Bradleyts locker. The first to approach was Joe Castellano of the St. Louis Globe-Democrat, young and friendly, hardly the pushy type. Yet Bradley dealt with him like he had the plague. thhilW Castellano began tentatively, ttdo you think the play calling in the first half may have allowed Nebraska to build up its early leadiw Dead silence. Castellano tried a different approach. ttCan you tell me how you feel about becoming the Big EightIs all-time total yardage leaderTI Bradley considered the query for a moment and then snapped back his reply. The words came out like hot steam from a boiling engine. III think some people have got some apologizing to do to me somewhere down the line. Three years ago people said I couldnit move this team. They said I couldnlt throw, I couldnlt pass. I think this proves I am capable of moving a football team. By my arm and by my legs, either way I know I can do it? Castellano looked dumbfounded for a moment, then attempted another question. III have nothing more to say? Bradley said, turning away. Bradley is a very private person. He isnlt out to make enemies, he just hates to be analyzed. ttSome reporters couldnlt ever begin to understand me? Bradley says. ttSo I dontt even try to talk to them? Every summer he escapes the judgmental eyes of reporters, coaches and fans by returning to Macomb to work on Roger Kelsols farm. There the work is hard but quiet. He bales hay, repairs fences, and heaven forbid, uses those golden passing hands to castrate hogs. Nobody looks over his shoulder. ttBasically its my chance to get away from peoplef Bradley says. ttOut there, nobody tells me what to do. They treat me different from coaches? He is not a hermit. In fact, Bradley enjoys speaking at functions and wishes people would invite him to appear more often. The Columbia Quarterback Club speaks highly of him as one of the most eloquent players on the team. There is also a common discovery made by people who get a chance to deal with Bradley one-on-one away from football a he is a genuine human being. lthust donit like being in situations where people come up and shake your hand in the middle of the street? Bradley says. ttIt,s uncomfortable. I never know what to say to people? ltPeople treat me sometimes as if I came here boasting and bragging I was going to become a star quarterbackfl Bradley says. ttI never did that. I came here quietly and thatls the way I want to leave . . . very quietly? Phil Bradley. He set or tied nine Missouri passing records. He is the Big Eightls all-time total yardage leader. He was a three-time all-conference selection. He is the greatest quarterback in Missouri history. Beyond that, nothing more need be said. Text by Drew Perine Photo by Brian Smith Photos by Tom Reese RIGHT: Willis Ware deserved a hand and an arm after a good senior year. Ware led the Tigers all season and missed qualifying for the NCAA championships by two places at regionals. TOP: On familiar turf at A.L G stin Golf Course, Missouri stormed to a third-place finish at the Big Eight Championships. ABOVE: Missourits Dan Bryant and Randy McBeath had something to show people after the teams season. The Tigers surprised more than a few people with a 2-1 record and a strong showin at the Big Eight Championships. Bang-up ending for MU runners Nine-tenths of a second shouldnlt make much difference after running 6,000 meters. But its enough time to see an entire years work flash before your eyes. As Missourils Willis Ware and Kan- sasl Tim Grundy bang-banged their way across the finish line at the 1980 Big Eight Cross Country Cham- pionships, there wasnit much indica- tion that the difference between the two runners would make the difference in a season. No crowd roared. No stream- ers were tossed. But when the officials sorted things out at the AL. Gustin Golf Course, Ware had finished ninth; Grundy a frac- tion of a second later. An Missouri had nipped Kansas by a point to finish third in the meet and surpass everyonels ex- pectations. Everyone that is, except coach Robin Lingel. Lingle didnlt know what to expect. At the beginning of the year the coach claimed he didnlt know his young teamls personality well enough to predict how it would perform. The Tigers turned out to have the personality of a pair of old running shoes. Nice and comfortable, but not too exciting. At least not until they started running. The team opened the season by finishing second in a 23-team field at Wisconsin-Parkside. Then it placed first in the 17-team Missouri Intercol- legiate Invitational. The Tigers fashioned a 2-1 dual meet record, placed third at the Big Eight meet and eighth in the Regionals. The Regional meet did mark one milestone for the team. Ware, the Ti- gersl only senior, ran the last race of his career that day. He ran his lifetime best on a 10,000-meter course. But he missed qualifying for the NCAAs by just two places. The rest of a young team will be back again, determined not to miss. - Calvin Beam , 2?,3256, an n ye r B e .uln k r 0 w e h t d e V O r p t h plent the Tigers the regional mes, Iowa. t when in hed second hips at A but runners I , rlg Saunders was worth It took some sweat and fmis champions grlmacmg, Big Eight title a first for MU women Sure, golf courses are made for put- ting, driving and teeing off. But for a few minutes last fall, the Universityls A.L. Gustin Golf Course was made for just plain running. And the hilly, wind- ing trail near the 18th hole was perfect for the Missouri Womenls cross coun- try team. It was more that familiarity with the courses, however, that led Missouri to capture the 1980 Big Eight Cham- pionships held Oct. 25 at the course. ltlt was teamwork? says Tiger coach Dick Weis. tll said from the start of the season, we were the best team in the conference. We donlt have any all-America types or any one individual who wins everything all the time. We have a team? 1: 51f; . Photos by John Trotter A stack of cliches, all this talk about teamwork. But considering cross coun- try is an individual sport, the idea takes on a different significance. ttJust look at how we won the Big Eight? Weis says. llWe didnlt have anyone finish first or second. But we had four people in the top 10, and of our seven runners, the lowest flnisher was 16th? But the team was trampled at the AIAW National Championships, where Missouri finished 19th after Weis had predicted a finish among the nations top eight squads. Two vital team members were knocked down and practically knocked out as the stampede of runners took off at the nationals. Mary Ellen Kunkel and Cinda Morrow were able to pick themselves up and fmish the race, but only after the remaining 160 runners had passed them by. Weis, known for a positive attitude that borders on unreality, didnat seem bitter about the incident, however. ttHey, we had a great season, win- ning Big Eights and taking second at regionalsfl he said. tTm not going to look back at the 1980 nationals now and complain; Ilm just looking forward to next year, when well have almost ev- erybody back. Welll qualify for nation- als againW And maybe next time the team wonlt get tripped-up once it gets there. - Wendy Kafoury Spikers put English in game When Mike English agreed to coach the Missouri women,s volleyball team, he came prepared to institute a no-nonsense brand of discipline. But were the Tigers ready for English? The seriousness of his intent quickly became obvious. Practice time stretched from a leisurely one or two hours to an arduous four. Louging was forbidden, as was the traditional post-praetice ice cream. The only thing English did allow for was more study time on weekends so his players could become better students. It was hardly Marine boot camp, but the increased regi- mentation caused a few girls to consider quitting the team. The more serious players found the Changes refreshing. ttl think we were addicted to practice near the end? said the Tigers co-captain and best player, Carol White. stOnce you go out and exercise a lot, you feel fat and ugly when you qu1tft English never let them quit. As a result, some fat was trimmed off the loss column. The Tigers1 17-14 mark in 1980 was considerable prettier than 16-20 record endured the year John Hartman before. And although any signs of promise were generally offset by inconsistent play, the players agreed afterward that they were a least heading in the right direction. The highlight of the season was the Mizzou Invitational, which the Tigers won in grand fashion, by sweeping five straight matches. Thereafter, Missouriis lack of a dominating spiker became sorely evident. In the Big Eight Cham- pionships, Nancy Dunagan, Karen Schneider and Cindy Young proved they were skilled team players, but not good enough individually to prevent the Tigers from losing their first three matches. They they were stopped by Kansas in the first round of the AIAW Region 6 Championships. Mike English kept on going, though. Determined to improve Missourits status, he began a nationwide recruiting campaign in search of better talent. ttMy goals here are clear-cutf English said. 111 plan to make this school a national contender in coming years? If they dontt make it, it certainly wontt be from a lack of effort. - Drew Perine LEFT: All eyes were on new coach Mike English last season as he attempted to whip the Tigers into shape. FACING PAGE: Lynn Kranzberg's ferocious sets often brought opponents to their knees. Ron Nichols Big Stuff is back . . .almost The losing coach, Kansas Stateis Jack Hartman, stood outside the locker room at the Hearnes Center, quietly chain-smoking his dinner. In the final seconds 0fthe last game 0fthe Big Eight schedule, Missouri had snatched the season title from his Wildcats. Hartman screwed his face into an expression suggesting an anti-ulcer campaign, trying to explain the nuts and bolts of the Tigers 46-43 win to the sportswriters. Down the tunnel, the winning audience of 12,906 Missouri basketball fans was booing an impromtu spotlight dance on the grave of Kansas State. The spotlight was provided by the beaming countenance of senior forward Curtis Berry as he did his net cutting thing, one last symbol of a championship. For 39:53, Missouri and K-State had played out a dress rehearsal of Armageddon for the right to keep those nets. During the last 7V2 minutes of that time, the Tigers simply held the basketball, freezing everything at 43-43. And withjust :07 left, Ricky Frazier, the only player in the Big Eight who has to consciously decide he wants to come down after he jumps, suspended himself in mid-air and swished the winning shot. That would be the way youid like to remember the Tigers this year. The clutch shot. The Championship. Set up a round of smiles for everybody and put it on Coach Norm Stewartls tab. But the Missouri basketball team that performed those heroics and rolled to a 14-0 record at home was merely a mirage. Just some type of freak light bouncing between the scoreboard-filled ceiling and the brand-new hardwood floor. The reality was inconsistency. The same group was 8- 10 on the road. Underneath the stands, Hartman was still trying to explain why he had hauled out his whole bag of tricks. liWe wanted to see if we could break tMissourilsl rhythm a little bit? he said. And that was where Hartman, the pre-season polls that picked the Tigers to move to the Top 10, the fans and the people who turned out the idea that uBig Stuff is Back" were fooled. There was no rhythm. All year Missouri was buffeted back and forth between brilliant and banal play. It was a syncopated season. For example, even after the Tigers managed to bounce themselves out of the Top 20, they crawled back in, only to lose their next game and be bounced right back out. They drubbed a genuinely pitiful Oklahoma team, 81-52 in the Hearnes Center, but then lost to the Sooners in Norman, 60-55. They fell to 6-4 in the conference title race, but then squashed their last four opponents including Nebraska and Kansas State to finish first. All grimaces aside, Big Stuff could only be seen occasionally, such as when Curtis Berry rammed one home. Charlie Leight Missouri even managed to parlay its 22-9 record into an NCAA tournament bid. And in the first round, the Tigers were eliminated by a Lamar team Missouri had blown out of the water 92-70 in the Show-Me Classic. The person who seemed least surprised by all of this was Coach Stewart. He noted before the season that this was the first time the public expectations were greater than those of the coaching staff. Nobody wanted to hear that kind of talk then. They wanted to talk about four returning starters in Berry, Frazier, Steve Stipanovich and Jon Sundvold. They dreamed about Mark Dressler, who shot a hair short of 70 percent the previous year to set a Big Eight record and who took apart Notre Dame in the NCAA playoffs. They speculated about what 6-10 Lex Drum and guard Barry Laurie, both returning from suspensions, would do when coupled with the already deep bench of seniors Carl Amos and Mike Foster. Transfer Moon McCrary and freshmen Richie Johnson, Shawn Teague and Ron Jones added another layer of icing to an unbearably sweet cake. But when it comes to holding on to players, Missouri has had worse luck than a penniless leper in a Dime-a-Dance Hall. Even before practice started, Johnson worked himself into a serious freshman funk and departed from the University. Then Dressleris knee virtually self-destructed during a pick-up game and left him on the bench for the season. The Tigers didnit lose any players in the snow when they opened their season at the Great Alaska Shootout - a tourna- ment that featured LSU, Georgetown and North Carolina. They did, however, suffer a little frostbite of the shooting touch, losing the first game to Arkansas, and spent the rest of the time struggling to knock off Colgate and Alaska- Anchorage. . The team managed to survive two more games, netting yet another Show-Me Classic triumph, before another player dis- appeared. Lex Drum fled the program on December 9, citing personal reasons. After Drumis exit, the roster had evolved into its final form. But a peek inside the beast showed that not everything was in its proper place. Nine of the 10 players found themselves in the mix-and match starting lineups at one point or another. Even when things were going perfectly, they werenit going smoothly. In the midst of the teams longest winning streak of the year, a seven-game stretch that extended through the first two Big Eight Conference games, Steve Stipanovich dn'lled himself in the shoulder with a stray pistol shot. That kept him out of the starting lineup for four games. Of those seven wins, six were on the Tigers home court, or at least someplace neutral. When it came time to go back on the road, though, disaster came down like a 20-pound sledge- hammer. First, Louisville dribbled Missouri into a neat 71-49 package for the regional television cameras. Then Kansas and Nebras- ka laid booby-traps in those foreign arenas the Tigers dreaded RIGHT: Lamar's Mike Olliver does his best to come between Jon Sundvold and the ball in the Show-Me Classic. FAR RIGHT: Freshman Ron Jones got a taste of hand-to-hand combat against Oklahoma. Photos by Tom Rees , . ?IIII-'v:v51Iv .,r. I,E . L . Manny Crisostomo Brian Smith Gary Allen Big Stuff so much. But Missouri always managed to pick itself up on the strength of surprising individual performances. Frazier, Ber- ry, Sundvold, and Amos all broke their carrer single-game scoring records. Stipanovich, Amos, Frazier and Sundvold all tap-danced on their old rebounding bests. Each game could bring a 26-point performance like Fra- zierls assault on Colorado or Sundvoldls radar-range shooting against Oklahoma State. Each game could also bring the spectre of a team that couldnit even solidify itself into a thick Jell-O, like the 75-56 loss at Kansas State. But the Tigers were brilliant enough times to win the confer- ence title and earn one last show for the fans, receiving the home court advantage against Iowa State in the first round of the Big Eight Tournament. It was quite a show too, although only 7,303 people were there to see it. Fotomat openings drew larger crowds. When the starters couldnlt get things started, Stewart cleared his bench and things began to break loose. Unlikely heroes like Carl Amos and Ron J ones had big nights, and the Tigers concluded their season at home with a 95-70 romp. The road trips, of course, did them in finally. Missouri lost to Kansas in the second round of the tournament, despite a 26-point 19-rebound explosion by Curtis Berry. And the last sight that most Tigersi fans will remember was watching on TV as the team chased Lamarls Mike Olliver around the court in desperation and went down 71-67 in the first round of the NCAAts. But the story os Missourils season may just as well have come out of the F BI investigation into a possible fix during the teams second game against Nebraska. The Tigers rallied from a 45-44 deficit as Curtis Berry scored six straight points and the team went on to win 55-45. Everyone knew nothing was going to come out of the films. But the investigation took a look at the footage anyway. It seems even they know an exciting basketball team when they see one. - Calvin Beam OPPOSITE PAGE: Defensive specialist Moon McCrary came off the bench to steal the show against Oklahoma State. ABOVE LEFT: Curtis Berry charted some unfamiliar territory. BELOW LEFT: Head coach Norm Stewart fired up his troops from the sidelines, leading the Tigers to a 22-10 season record. for the best Berry called Reserve guard Mike Foster looks LEFT CUTtIS is at the Checkerdome, but he 0 L F- B m u" a t h 9 u o r h t t u c o t V. a w "10 t III idnht get much as the Illini drubbed the T ms for help aga' d Igers. 174?.thme PM; 4 a Vat -. Rn 'pw 2: John Trotter John Trotter FAR LEFT: Mike Olliver and the Lamar Cardinals got a long-awaited rematch against Missouri. The Cardinals won the rematch and brought the Tigers season to an end. LEFT: Freshman playmaker Shawn Teague sparked the Tigers to yet another Show-Me Classic championship. BELOW: Center Steve Stipanovich eyes the high road to the basket. Manny Crisostomo 273 ?:?.?Pf ing Ier as d n U 0 f h .m V 0 d e D. P o t S r a m a L S a o 9 o t e c h D. o n h .n in LaSalle,s game plan. Davud Rees Ipan Steve St' A A C N e h t f o d n u o r t s r "n e h t .m Moon McCrary found break . RIGHT igers 56-52 FAR RIGHT ity was one way to put a crimp Not even a Cowboy could lasso Ricky Fraz the T imself dressed w he drove for the basket h tournament. the law of grav BELOW Brian Smith PROFILE: At 6-8, Curtis Berry carries 205 pounds like his body was tailored for basketball. Sleek enough for speed, heis also thick-thighed and strong-armed enough to push people aside. He can go to the basket as silently as a wraith, or with the delicacy of a bouncer wading through a barroom brawl. He can take the rebound from overtop an opponent or rip it from between his hands. For four years, Berry was called one of the Big Eight Conferencels most domineering big men. And when the ink finally dried in the record book it showed he deserved such a label. Second leading rebounder in Missouri history with 811 boards. Sixth best scorer in the books with 1,328 points. By leading the Tigers in rebounding during his final season, he claimed that distinction for the third straight year, something that hasnlt been seen at Missouri for over 25 years. It takes a rare combination of toughness and finesse to put together a personal portfolio like that. liBeing blessed with the body that I do have, I can go out and beat up some peoplef Berry says. IINot in that sense, but I can play the physical type of ballgame and it doesnit take that much of a toll on me? llBut I like to play the finesse game too. his a lot less wear and tear on the body as a whole, and I donit enjoy getting beaten up myselffi Even with all the personal success, he doesnlt hesitate to point to team events as his most vivid memories. It is not false modesty. Berry is proud of his accomplishments. He just loves to win. 11The one thing that sticks out in my mind is being a part Of a Big Eight championship team for two consecutive years. Thatls been my highlight. So far." Berry stresses the words 1130 faril like a professor stressing an equation to a student. His theme is clear. Berry is hoping there are more highlights to come. The most recent obstacle in front of that dream was overcome when he was drafted by the Kansas City Kings. The most difficult was his knee. Near the end of his junior season, when the Tigers traveled to the Big Eight tournament as conference Champs, Berry was playing the best basketball of his life. BUt against Kansas he became entangled with Darnell Valentine and tore the cartilage and ligaments in his left knee. There was surgery in March and then eight weeks in a cast. 11Then it was just a matter of rehabilitating it, doing exercises every day, trying to get the range of motion back, trying to get the flexibility back. 11The biggest problem I had was that the leg was two inches smaller in diameter than the other leg. When a leg atrophies that much, youire in trouble. And I was? First he had to re-learn to walk. Then to run. By the time basketball season came around, Berry was able to charge onto the court without a trace of Walter Brennan in his stride. But things were not okay. IlMy knee was not ready to play basketball. It wasnit in the condition where I could practice every day and then come out and play a 40-minute basketball game. ilsome days Iid get out of bed and I could barely walk. And Iid spend most of that day over in the training room getting treatment. Then 11d go to practicefl The situation hit bottom on January 25, when the team lost a game at Nebraska. Berry did not start, played only six minutes scoring no points and pulling in one rebound. Coach Norm Stewart said the forward wasnlt putting out the effort. The press seemed to agree. All of which left a sour taste in the mouth of Curtis Berry. ltMaybe I was a fall guy for the basketball team. Thatis what the papers seemed to indicate at the time. Things were really suffering. 11m not trying to say 11m disgusted. But things never came easy. 111 donIt knock it because the poeple have been good to me. But I look back now, after the season ended, and 11m the second-leading rebounder and the sixth-leading scorer and I donit hear a word about that? Berryis game picked up after the Nebraska loss. He scored more than 20 points in five of the Tigers last eight games. The knee, he says, had healed and with it came his confidence. Curtis Berry ended his career in the style to which he has grown accustomed. Along with leading the team in rebounds, he averaged 13.3 points per game. And he always looks back to winning the championships. 11There are a lot of good things that happened to me here, the people live met, the accomplishments live had. 11But as far as basketball, the championships were perhaps the most enjoyable. Being a part of that was such a tremendous feeling." Text by Mitchell Schnurman Photo by Brian Smith TOP: Sophomore Sheri Sencenbaugh probably felt safer on the bench, where she spent most of the season. ABOVE: JUCO transfer Annette Hollin brought the fast break to Missouri. RIGHT: Sophomores Lorraine Ferret and Melissa McFerrin stand poised for a rebound. Brian Smith 1 WiWW 5'15 n Tigers change style, not outcome of season The Missouri womenis basketball team entered the world of the unknown this season and explored uncharted areas, hoping all the time it wouldnit get lost in the wilderness. The most obvious change was the lineup. Gone were three starters from the 1970-80 team - three players who had combined more than 70 percent of Missourits scoring that year. Also, nearly half of this seasonls team were newcomers. But the biggest difference was strategy. Head coach J oann Rutherford pulled a fast one, breaking away from the Tiger tradition of highly disciplined offenses that went to great pains setting up precision shots. Rutherfordls formula this year was to run and run and run. The fast break became part of her master plan for the first time. By the end of the season, Mizzou was a different team than ever before, running and gunning with three new- comers in starting roles. Yet, despite all the changes, the re- sults were the same - a 21-12 record, identical to their mark the precious season. Regardless of the scoreboard similar- ity, the 80-81 Tigers exhibited a more exciting, wide-open style of play. t1Welve shown more quickness this year than welve ever had as a team? Rutherford said. 11We always had one or two quick players, but never the overall quickness weive had this year? At times the quickness led to sloppi- ness, but Rutherford said if the fast break strategy had not worked, there was always the reliable disciplined offense. Rutherford didnit have to retreat to Plan B very often, thanks to two flashy newcomers from Texas, Annette Hol- lins and Pam Green. Missouri also relied on the consistent play of sophomore center Lorraine Ferret and senior forward Daina Sup- stiks, who both averaged 15 points a game as leading scorers. The veteran Supstiks broke open several contests with' her exact shooting, leaving more than a few coaches wondering what hit them. Ferret, the 6-1 sophomore who spent a summer of hard practice, re- turned greatly improved to score a game-high 27 points in the season opener. Another welcomed surprise was freshman Annette Schwander of But- ler, M0., one of the few players to earn a starting role during her first season at Missouri. In the final six weeks of the season, she doubled her scoring and rebounding output, finishing with aver- ages just under 8.0 in both categories. Amid all the pleasant surprises there was an unwelcome one -- the depar- ture of Donna Stephens, who had led Missouri scoring at the Mid-America Classic to earn MVP honors in Decem- ber. Two weeks later, she was back at Morehead State in Kentucky. Stephens had been averaging nearly 14 points a game, and left a gap in the Tiger lineup. But Rugherfordls new fastbreak-strategy experiment worked. And even if the team didnlt regain its position among the nations top 20 - a distinction achieved by Rutherfordls ,76-77 and 77-78 teams - the Tigers took chances and showed more poten- tial. With most players returning next season, the experiment will likely ex- pand its horizons. Only next time, Rutherford hopes the Tigers will not stop at equaling the wins they-ve logged in each of the two past seasons. - Wendy Kafoury LEFT: Pam Green, considered the quickest guard ever to play for Missouri broke the Tigers season record for steals with 96. BELOW: Lorraine Ferret out reaches an opponent for the ball. Brian Smlth 281 m, y , 14 M; Lorraine Ferret isntt your average basketball junkie. Missourils sophomore has gone beyond the realm of ordinary fanaticism about the sport. Shels entered the stage where tossing balls at a basket has become a part of her being. She lives basketball. When the 6-1 forward, who started at center for the 1980-81 Missouri womenls team, isnlt practicing or playing a game for the Tigers, she can usually be found at Brewer Fieldhouse, hustling one-on-one games with anyone who dares. She talks basketball, thinks basketball, even dreams basketball. One of her bigger fantasies in life is to slam-dunk that orange ball through the hoop. sTve done it on an eight-foot basket, but not on the ten-footer. Believe me, it was great? she says. During her summer vacations, Ferret isnlt content with just staying in shape. The summer before her sophomore year, for instance, Ferret jumped up and down the Eastern coast, toiling at no less than eight basketball camps. One of the camps was at Old Dominion University, where she learned from the best. 11There, I got to play against Nancy Lieberman. It was a lot of work, but it built my confidence. 11m a firm believer that you can do anything you set your mind to? Following her freshman season, in which she averaged less than seven points and five rebounds per game, Ferret set her mind to becoming Missourils starting center and a dominating force to her opponents - even though she didnlt stand out as much as she had in high school. liln high school I was the tallest. My stats tshe averaged 27 points and 24 rebounds per contesti and publicity intimidated a lot of peoplef Ferret says. A lot of the opposing coaches told their players to let me get my points, but to stop the other four. I knew college wouldnt be like that.n Her first season certainly wasntt. But when Ferret Opened her sophomore year, she made it clear she wasnlt going to be pushed around any more. 111 went home after my first year and looked back on the season and two things stuck outjl the Columbus, Ohio, native says. ttl got pushed around a lot and I got annihilated inside. So I knew I had to work on my strength? Following that summerful of intense competition, Ferret Was a new player. In the Tigers opening game of the SEiElSon, she muscled her way around a taller Minnesota front line for 27 points, then her college high. Missouri lost that game, but afterward, Tiger coach Joann Rutherford couldntt stop talking about her ttnew player? uLorraine definitely improved a lot over summer. She,s only a sophomore, and shes going to improve a lot more? Rutherford says. ttShels a worker. The hours she puts in are unbelievable. She lives for basketball? Rutherford found a player she could rely on - on the court and off. Ferret became a true Rutherford disciple, always spreading the word that her coach was lta hell of coach? She is quick to argue with anyone who criticizes Rutherford, and Ferret admits she doesnlt understand why the public views her coach in a negative light. lTve had people come up to me in class and ask if Rutherford really works us that hard. It really offends me when people ask that kind of stuff. I wont deny she works us hard. She does. But shes a great coach, and I have a great deal of respect for her as a coach and as a person? Rutherford no doubt respects Ferret as a player and as a person as well. Ferretls play continued to improve throughout the season, and she finished as the teams leading scorer with a 15.6 average. Not bad for someone who averaged under seven one year earlier. And as a person, both player and coach have similar philosophies - they each live for basketball. ltAfter high school I was recruited by USC and LSU, schools with good reputations," Ferret says. uBut I wanted a coach that was concerned about me as a person, not just a basketball player. Shels a person who wanted to help me along. She told me I would have to love basketball to come to school here. And I do; its my life right now. Itls her life, too. She has a reason for doing everything she does because she cares? And it's obvious Ferret cares, too - abour her coach, about her playing ability and about next years team. Its easy to guess what Ferret will be doing this summer. Yes, again. Shelll be sweating it out at a variety of basketball camps, working on her skills daily. ttFundamentals after fundamentals. Thats what you get over and over again at those camps. And you need that workfl Ferret says. 1Td say basketball is as much as 80 percent mental, and I think 11m mentally prepared. I just need to keep going over the fundamentalsfl Judging from her lifestyle, its a good bet Ferret will keep doing that for a long time. Text by Wendy Kafoury Photo by John Trotter RIGHT: Kirk Richards spent much of his time on his back. But the record-breaking back stroker proved he wasntt resting. FAR RIGHT: The future of Missouri swimming looks promising thanks to the versatility of its freshman star Scott Halliburton. En route to setting personal bests in the 200-yard butterfly and 200- and 500-yard freestyles, he received notice in Sports Illustratedts Faces in the Crowd section. get Me Mxmm he. t t Am ask tx t h, t k' ; i Tigers ride on success of freshmen It was a proud moment for Joe Gold- farb. After years of scratching to put together a winning team with mediocre talent, the Missouri swim coach felt an urge to recognize the commendable efforts of his 1980-81 group. 811d like to introduce the No. 1 dual meet team in the Big Eight - us,n said Goldfarb before the start of practice. A roar went up from the Tigers. Splash fights ensued in the pool. It was kind of corny, but the fun was de- served. Missouri had just finished a sweep of their four conference oppo- nents by downing Iowa State, 73-40. 'The win, coupled with victories over Nebraska, Oklahoma and Kansas, marked the first time in history Mis- souri had gone undefeated in the Big Eight. They were 7-3 for the year. ltWe havenlt had a bad meet all yearl, Goldfarb added. stWelve had Photos by John Trotter ones where we didnlt swim as well as we could have, but welve had some solid efforts? Which was something of a surprise considering that 12 lettermen had graduated after the 1979-80 season. As expected, junior Big Eight butterfly champ Dave Berg had a fine year, as did Kirk Richards, the Tigers record- holder in the 200-backstroke. But it was the swimming of the freshmen that came as a surprise. And a welcome one at that. Two high school All-Americans, Brent Brunne and Scott Halliburton, contributed right away. Brunne reg- istered the best team times of the year in the 100- and 200-yard breaststroke, while Halliburton set Missouri records in the 500-yard freestyle and 100- and 200-year butterfly. He also swam with the 800-yard freestyle relay team that qualified for nationals. And midway through the season, freshman malmon Randal Glaser came on to swim the best 1000- and 1650-yard freestyle times of the season. Yet even with this plethora of young talent, Missourils depth was thin on the whole due to sickness and injuries. Nevertheless, the Tigers compensated for it in the Big Eight Championships with gutsy swimming. After trailing Kansas by 20 points after the second day, they rallied with 260 points on the third day to trip the J ayhawks and place second behind Nebraska. 111 thought we swam better than any other team at the meet? Goldfarb said. 11We had three fewer swimmers than every other team, but we got the best effort out of everyone? - Drew Perine E, 285 . John Trotter Tigers hit rough water Chances are what will be remembered most about the 1980-81 Missouri womenls swim team is that head coach Dave Howell resigned under fire. He gave no reason, nor did he cite any plans for the immedi- ate future. His departure merely oiled the gears of the rumor mill and detracted from the seasons highlights. Will people remember that Susan Tietjen placed 10th in the 50-yard freestyle at the AIAW Nationals? Or that diver Denise Bucheister came in 16th in the 3-meter springboard? Itls doubtful. Maybe if the Tigers had maintained their winning ways of the 1979 season, when they recorded their best national fmish at 19th, more attention would have been focused on them. Instead, the fact Missouri was one of only two Big Eight schools to score points at nationals received only a few lines of ink in the newspapers. The Tigers started out strong enough, picking up five straight dual-meet Victories. But against Big Eight competi- tion, they didnlt fare as well. Consecutive losses to Kansas and Oklahoma put the team in a bad frame of mind going into the conference championships, where they fmished fourth. Missouri did set four Big Eight records, though, which made Howellls resignation a happier one. 111 was extremely proud of my girdsfl Howell said. ttl thought they swam with courage. We didnlt do quite as well as we had hoped, but Ilm not taking anything away from them." a Drew Perine BELOW: Susan Tietjen did better an keep her head above water at the AIAW nationals. Her team-record time earned her a 10th place finish. Diver Denise Buchheisterls consistency in the 3-meter springboard enabled her to place 10th at nationals. Brian Smith .33 5.5571443 ?ZZ, The usual concept is that athletes are hatched or conjured up or discovered hiding in remote hamlets. Swimmers develop under different circumstances. Their surroundings are tile and enamel. They struggle in a wet atmosphere where everything reflects aqua blue. It sometimes seems that swimming is like racing uphill, like running through molasses. It takes more effort to go less distance. Swimming takes determination, discipline and countless hours of practice. Three-time All-American Susan Tietjen put all those elements together to become one of the fastest swimmers in the country. Her time of 26.5 seconds in the 50-meter freestyle ranks her about 12th in the world, the highest ever by a Missouri swimmer. llWorking to reach the goals live set is what keeps me going,n says Tietjen. 21 keep setting new goals and working toward them. Thatis what drives me. If I didnit have new goals, I wouldnlt have any interest in swimming? Tietjen holds Big Eight records in the 50- and lOO-meter freestyle and she placed 10th in the 50-meters in the 1981 AIAW national championships after being ranked third in the nation in that event earlier in the year. The 20-year old swimmer from J efferson City never CXpected to have so much success in collegiate swimming. iTm surprised Ilve been able to do so well? she says. 21 kind of decided to swim in college on a whim and its been Very satisfying to do this well? But the journey to the AIAW nationals is not an easy one and for Tietjen, it involved dedicating five hours a day to practice, not to mention the time spent in the classroom and on homework. ilYou get up at 5:00 in the morning and walk across cElmpus and its still dark and you think, Tve got to get into that cold water and then go through a day of classesf Tietjen says. For her efforts in her three years at Missouri, shels won the praise and support of her coaches. Coach Dave Howell eXplained that ttTeejii started slowly at the University. He takes that blame saying he had her on the wrong training PFOgram. At Tietjenls suggestion, he modified her training program allowing her to blossom into an All-American. ttShels come a long way," Howell says. 01 donlt think shes reached her potential. It takes a lot of self-discipline and she puts in five and a half hours a day? Assistant Coach Kevin DeForrest, a former sprinter for Missouri, deserves a lot of credit for Tietjenis development. siItls mostly mental? DeForrest says. itYou put in hours and hours and miles and miles and it comes down to just 22 or 25 seconds. Youid better do well. If you can handle those hours of pain, you can handle 20 seconds. ttThey used to say the 50 is anybodyts race. Now, its Teejis race. She always performs well under pressure? he says. Tietjen agrees that the 50 is a mental race. 01 can win or lose depending on how Ilm thinkingf she says. ttThe 50 requires total concentration. If 1m in the right frame of mind, I can win no matter how Iim feeling physically. ilThe' race is also challenging because its the fastest race in the water. It determines whols the worlds fastest swimmer and I always thought that was neat? However, Tietjen hadnlt always planned to be a swimmer. She says it was her mother who got her to take that first plunge. ttShe tricked me into it. My brother swam and she got me to go with himf Tietjen says. She began at the age of 13. At first, she was a backstroker, but careful planning changed that. 21 started sprinting when I was 16 or 17," she says. tilt just happened that one meet the sprint was my best event and live been sprinting ever sincefl Practicing and keeping up with her school work doesnit allow much time for a social life. Tietjen is dating Brian Miller, another Missouri swimmer. ttIfI wasnlt dating another swimmer, I probably wouldnit have a social life? she says. After hours and hours of practice, swimming in what must sometimes seem like a great ocean, Tietjen has weathered the storm. The girl who was tricked into swimming has come a long, long way. Text by Alan Bell Photo by John Trotter ,1 Tom Reese 1'? Injuries hurt MU wrestlers There were times when, if you listened closely, you could almost hear the Mis- souri wrestling team coming apart at the seams. A long succession of loud and ugly injuries rippled through the Tigers lineup all year long. Knees, shoulders and backs snapped, crackled and popped taking Missouri starters with them. And if it didn,t sound like the snap of a stale breadstick, chances are it was the silent Virus keeping yet another wrest- ler on his back. But this years Tigers were an experi- enced and determined group. Although at times it seemed as if coach Bob Kop- nisky needed tape, bailing twine and mirrors to put enough guys on the mat, the team managed a 16-5-1 record, its best since 1968, and finished 28th in the NCAA tournament. llThe guys kind of hung in there until they absolutely had to go? Kopnisky said. llBut a lot of them had to go? Missouri had its starting ten wrest- lers only once. And only one, Dave Young, went through the season with- out missing a match because of illnesss or injury. Youngls survival tactics paid off in the post-season tournaments. He finished fourth at the Big Eight cham- pionship, and earned an invitation to the NCAAls. Once there he came on to finish fifth and become Missouriis fifth all-American. In any other year, Youngls 36 wins would have set a record for the most wins by a Missouri wrestler in a season. That honor went to Wes Roper though, who finished the year 40-8. Young was still named the teams most valuable wrestler. When the time rolled around for the Big Eight championships, a few other valuable wrestlers were missing be- cause of injuries. One of them, 158- pounder J ohn Hefner, was finished for good with a ruptured disk between the vertabrae in his neck. And for the second straight year the team finished fifth. But the Tigers did take seven of ten wrestlers to the NCAAls, including freshman David Harris. llI still think even with the injuries we had the best team welve ever had heref, Kopnisky said. e Calvin Beam FAR LEFT: Wes Roper gave the Tigers, and a few others, a lift by setting a record for most Missouri victories in a season. BELOW: Subs like Rocky Streb got to see a lot of action with all the Missouri injuries. John Trotter 291 In the gymnastic program,s second year, the Tigers gained not only a national ranking, but also the acceptance of spectators for the beauty of the sport. Margie Houghton displays statuesque beauty on the beam, below, while senior Ka hy Danieison whiris around the bars. Brian Smith Nick Kelsh Gymnasts gain ranking and support from fans The Missouri woments gymnastic team took pride in its qualifications to nationals, but perhaps the squadts big- gest success of the season was the acceptance of gymnastics as a specta- tor sport. Highlighted by the Cat Classic, which featured several of the nations top teams, Missouri coach J ake J acob- son brought quality gymnastics to Co- lumbia. The Tigers finished third and showed they could compete with the countryts best. Led by senior sparkplug Maria Christensen and freshman sensation Gayle Anderson, the Missouri gym- nasts compiled a 13-5 record in their second year in existence. The Tigers jumped out to an early lead, but reached their lowest point in a loss to Alabama. til dontt think the girls realized what they had to make to be a quality team and that included the seniors. I was ashamed of their per- formance? Jacobson said. But three days later, the gymnast turned their fortunes around and showed what a fine quality team they could be when they defeated nationally ranked Southern Illinois Carbondale on the Salukits home floor. The confi- dence from that win carried the Tigers though the Cat Classic and to three Vic- tories against one loss to Oklahoma State. Two weeks after that loss to the Cowboys, Missouir returned to Still- water for the Big Eight Championships where the Tigers season took a turn for the worse. Missouri placed second, but Anderson strained a muscle in her ster- num during practice and freshman Jeannie Kueper injured her ankle. Kueper had been pushed into all- around competition due to an earlier injury to Margie Houghton and despite some pain, continued in that role throughout the remainder of the sea- son. Anderson was forced to hold back as not to reinjure herself. Hampered by these injuries and Houghtonis departure, Missouri en- tered the AIAW Region 6 Cham- pionships a weak and weary team, but clutch performances by veterans De- nise Moore, Linda Freed and Christen- sen carried the Tigers to a first-place finish and automatically qualified the team for nationals. ttConsidering the personnel we had and their condition, we had our best effort at regionals. After that point, I knew as a coach we were done, but of course I didnit tell the girls,n J acobson said. Missouri finished last at nationals, with a dismal showing, but as a whole, Jacobson said he was very pleased with his teams success. Each of his goals were set or surpassed. - Nancy Ebert '0 O , In her first season of collegiate competition, freshman - , improt r gymnast Gayle Anderson gained recognition when she was Her I I n I n ranked 19th in the nation in all-around competition. In her of 16 1 . climb to that lofty position, she did nothing less than break Chaml or tie every woments gymnastic mark in the record book. But . Before she came to Missouri, she fmished first in the her dr 0 e a ' 1977 AAU Nationals, first in the United States Gymnastics appeat Federation Regionals and fourth in the senior nationals: of bar But the 19-year-old gymnast from Springfield, Mo., says Perl 0 shets more concerned about polishing her performance than chroni C a m rewriting the record books. almOS I n Always a team player, at mid-season her goals centered out of more on team success than individual achievement. ttRight of hig now my goal is for our team to make it to nationals? she t" Altl says. ttThen if I can just have a good meet, Fll be happy. I still h; PhOtOS and text by Brian Smith guess Itm always dreaming and that keeps me going and ice pa .Mawnwwua M 7 h h w ,h nan ,. improving? ' ' doWn the continual swelling. a 7 3 she was , Her dream was realized in April when Missouri was one L hThe left ankle is chronic, it Will always bother me,7 , ; 1. In her , of 16 teams to compete at the. AIAW National Anderson says. hAt flrst, I had to ice my ankle three times an break Championships in Salt Lake City. a day and take real good care of it. It was kind of like, ; d bobk. But dreams donht come easily and shes been backing up having arthritis." a ' w n the a her dreams with hard work since the age of 10. What HOWCVCF, during competition, her ankle dOCSHW 1308e h 'mnastics appears to come easily to her is actually the result of years nearly as much Of a problem aS her neFVOUS stomach. h mals. . of hard work and pain. ' hl get really nervous before a meet, especially if a lot of , log, gays Perhaps the greatest pain she must dea'ljwith is her my friends are watching," She says. hThe scariest thing 1 ance than chronically sprained left ankle. Her gymnastics career , a ever had to do, was an exhibition in front Of all my friends. h almost ended when injuries to each of her ankles kept her Once ifs OVCF thOugh, I feel great. I enjoy competing 0F 1 i :entered a out of active competition during her junior and senior years , t. hRight of high SChOOl- . Even in sub-zero weather, Anderson would rather walk Is? she . Although her left allkle iS SIOWIY improving, she must . back to her dorm after a practice than accept a ride. a happy. 1 still have it taped before every practice and then apply an Assistant Coach Ken Snow tries to sooth Anderson,s h 1g and ice pack to the ankle for 20 minutes afterwards to take nervous jitters before competition. 295 'gymndstics is he, and beauty, 'dt'ed for an .5 feet serve her not deuce cu pain'and perseVer'ance. afS'civ Son nder .wouldnlt do it? , -4 , Champion Although a sternum injury slowed her performan'ce at, Nationals, shells optimistic about her future. ttl' did as well as I could expect with an injury. I think next year will be better, because I don'lt plan to ever get injured again? she says. at ' Through injury and acclaim, Anderson remains modest about her success and she canlt understand why shes getting so much publicity for just having fuh at the thing she loves to do. Maybe one day after all the interviews are over and all the articles have been written, shelll look back on her career and smile. But for now, she says she'd ' trather have the attention go to her teammates. e Anderson shows off her form on the balance beam with an aerial walkover. Although it's her favorite event, she says it takes a lot of concentration to stay on the 4-inch wide beam. Teammate Maria Christensen gives Anderson a rewarding hug for a good performance. Fresh and old faces helped to strengthen men's track In a fairly lacklusture year for the Mis- souri menis track team as a whole, five members qualified for the NCAA national championship meet in Baton Rouge, La. The members who qualified were Phil Hartung, discus; Ben Lucero, high jump; Yussuf Alli, longjump and Scott Davis and Scott Clark, 800-meter. Alli slipped onto the team at the last minute in the middle of the spring semester. A world-class athlete who competed in the 1980 Moscow Olym- pics for Nigeria, he routinely won the longjump in meets throughout the out- door season. Clark made an impressive comeback this year, finishing first in the 1,000- meter at the indoor Big Eight confer- ence meet. Davis, who spent most of the year running in the shadow of the veteran half-miler, finally beat Clark in a dual meet at Nebraska near the end of the outdoor season. They both qual- ified for the nationals in that race. Lucero was probably the most color- ful member of the team. By his own admission a hyperactive individual, he admits to checking to make sure his socks are even before meets. Lucerois trademark was enthusiastic cheering of every good jump, including his own, coupled with liberal offerings of unso- licited advice after every miss. Hartung qualified early for the out- door nationals. as did Alli. All of the qualifiers except Clark were either freshmen or sophomores. the coaches will no doubt see great things for next year. - William Baker John Trotter Jim Balmer The colorful high jumper Ben Lucero and the more subdued pole vaulter John Fewell were a clash of personalities, but they shared a common goal of proving they were better than average freshmen. Down jackets have made a comeback from the dark corners of the closet. The Ides of March has gone, but winter hasnlt. On this mid-March afternoon, there is no snow, but still the day bears no resemblance to spring. Blamy the breeze certainly isnlt. And asking for a wind-chill reading would be appropriate, although depressing. But out of the Hearnes Building walks a tall, black man wearing an ebony shirt, sleeves pushed up to the elbow, buttons fastened only to mid-chest. For some reason, he slaps a smile that could melt. Maybe his mother didnlt bring him up right. She certainly didnlt raise him in this weather. ltWhere I come fromfl he says, ttwe donlt wear coats? Yussuf Alli comes from Lagos, Nigeria, where the average daily temperature is 80, the average daily humidity, unbearable. If not for collegiate sprots, he wouldnlt have the dubious pleasure of ambling through a parking lot convincing himself he wasnlt freezing. And is not for the persistence of the University of Missouri, he probably would be growing goose bumps in a parking lot in another state. Alli is a long jumper on the Missouri track team. The very notion boggles the mind. Alli was just your average kid growing up in Nigeria - jumping from trees, emerging in the Third World, discovering girls. He never competed in track until three years ago. But he spent last summer in Europe, preparing for the Olympic Games. Allils father wanted his son to be an academician, not an athlete. He got what he wanted. But in 1978, Alli convinced his father mnning track wasnlt a bad idea. Running track certainly was no big deal. In Nigeria, it is barely an organized sport. llYou just practice a little and go home? Alli says. llNobody cares if you train or donlt train. Nobody cares. Nobody cares unless you play soccer. If you play soccer, they care. But if youlre in track, nobody cares for you? But the absence of direction carries a marvelous individual freedom. Alli became a long jumper, via the laissez-faire approach. After sprinting to a good sweat one day in early 79, Allils coach approached him, deciding, llYoulre tall; you can jump? Within a year, he was leaping 26 feet into the sand. He became a member of the national track team, and a tourist in places Nigerian kids jumping from trees seldom discuss: Modesto, Sau Paulo, Rome, Moscow. In early October, while Alli was winding down from his Summer abroad, a long jumper on scholarship at Missouri packed up and went home. Coach Bob Teel had heard of Alli; Alli had heard of Teel from African track stars who had attended Missouri. So Teel went after a long jumper he had never seen with the best sales pitch he could compose and a self-addressed-stamped envelope. ssHe wrote goodfl Alli says of Teel. The Nigerian agreed to come to Missouri as soon as the second semester began in January. So the recruiting was no problem, But the relocation proved difficult. Beckoning an African athlete to a U.S. university is begging for a bureaucratic migraine. Teel has dealt with African athletes for more than 10 years. But he still rolls his eyes over the process - filling out the forms, finding applicable test scores, contacting embassies. ttThere are all kinds of entaglements that can happenfl Teel says. Starting the first week in J anuary, Teel expected Alli to arrive any day. But Alli never came. The problem was the mail. Necessary forms from Missouri never arrived in Nigeria. ttSometimes you write a letter to Nigeria? Teel says, ttand it gets there in 10 days. And sometimes its a month. And sometimes . . fl January passed. ttBut," says Teel, ttWhat could we do? As far as we know he was already gone. We didnlt know he hadnlt left? ltl wasnlt worried? Alli says. But as the situation approached desperation in Columbia, a pair of telephone calls assured that the mail finally had arrived. And Alli finally left Nigeria. He arrived in Columbia on Feb. 13, five weeks after the semester had begun. tlIf he had been a normal student he wouldnlt have been admitted," Teel says. slObviously, hes not carrying the courses he normally would have. We just had to hunt and peck and find any courses he could still get intofl On Feb. 27, less than two weeks in the country, Alli competed in his first indoor track meet as a Missouri Tiger - and his first indoor meet ever. When he entered the Devaney Sports Center in Lincoln, Neb., for the Big Eight Indoor Track Championships that weekend, the mouths of other athletes who knew him from international competition dropped. ll tOhf they said. tAlli, youlre here? Oh, youlre going to winf ll Alli recalls with delight. The 20-year-old freshman didnlt win, but he did finish third by jumping 24 feet, 9V4 inches. ttI hadnlt trained since the Olympics," Alli says. Two weeks later, he was in Detroit for the NCAA Indoor Track Championships, trying to become an All-American. But, bothered by the short indoor runway, he scratched on all his jumps in the preliminaries. llWait until next year," Alli says. tlThen, Illl be All-American. ll Text by Mark Kizla Photo by Jim Curley Injuries hamper women runners The story of the 1980-81 edition of Missouri woments track was, in large part, the story of its injuries. The most devastiting injuries were to sophomores Roslyn Dunlap and Donna Ganly. Dunlap was the teast star sprinter and a sure shot to gather points in the Big Eight meet in the 400-meter run and 400-meter hurdles. The interior designer from Illinois demonstrated her tremendous athletic ability in the second meet 0f the outdoor season, qualifying for the AIAW national championship meet in her first try at the 400-meter hurdles. A few weeks later, she was effectively out for the duration with an injury. Donna Ganly, a top performer in MissouriTs strong suit, long distance, helped the cross-country team to a Big Eight Cham- pionship, then missed the outdoor season with an injury. Cin- da Morrow, a middle-distance runner, was also injured. There were bright spots in the Missouri campaign. Walk-on freshman miler Margaret Smith showed improvement that head coach Dick Weis consistently referred to as ttremark- ableT She lopped off over 30 seconds from her best 1,500- meter time posted in high school. F reshman Linda Spenst placed consistently in the longjump in the outdoor season, and Kellee Eubanks, a Columbia na- tive, blossomed forth in the long jump and sprints. a William Baker LEFT: - powerfI Reates Glenda get intc road w' Photos by John Trotter T LEFT: Julie McEwen lets loose a powerful discus toss. BELOW: Reates Curry, Susan Maupin, Glenda Valley and Margaret Smith get into shape with some rainy day road work. - John Trotter A slow return to form This was the year coach Ron Sterchils Missouri menls tennis team was sup- posed to take a giant step forward in the Big Eight standings. Instead, the Tigers found themselves slowly inching up the ladder, moving from last years fifth place spot to fourth. Third was still three points away. The reason for all the pre-season hoopla was Missouirls depth. After all, the team had a host of returning letter- men, including Big Eight champions in the first and second singles spots. And joining them were three solid freshmen. llI used to feel like we only had enough players to fill the courtfl Ster- chi said before the season started. ltNow I know we have the guns? The guns mistired before the year really got underway. One returner transferred and top man Mark Cissel broke his foot and was lost for the sea- son. When the season finally did get rolling, freshman Brian Filbert and his four-match winning streak went out with a broken jaw. Missouri found itself with some pret- ty shallow depth. Like a fresh tennis ball, though, the Tigers rebounded well. F ilbert, playing with his jaw wired shut, returned to stretch his winning streak to nine matches. The team swept its final four non-conference meets and then slogged its way through a 4-3 Big Eight season to capture a fourth place tournament finish. Filbert was the top point-getter in the championships, finishing second in the sixth singles spot. It wasnlt what Strechil originally had hoped for, but it was a step in the right direction. - Calvin Bean nadimowmaga, A I FAR LEFT: Freshman Ken MacDougaIlls two-handed backhand helped him wrap up a spot as Missourits V number four singles player. ABOVE: Victories leave weary opponents in the wake. LEFT: The heat couldnlt face Randy Freeman. 6m, , .. . 4 fat; , M Qaih Mizzou gypsies show tag-team tennis alent Welcome to tag-team tennis. With a first-year coach, two outgoing players, four incoming freshmen and an in-and-out transfer student, the Mis- souri womenis tennis team was ex- pected to spend most of the season making sure everyone had a locker. Learning each others names was also one of the Tigers3 top priorities. But rookie coach Patsy Brandt, who inherited this band of gypsies, didntt spend the season getting settled in her new office. Even without the most ex- perienced of lineups, Brandt still led the team to a second place finish at the AIAW Region Six Tournament and a 22-9 dual meet record. In the fall half of the Tigers split season, the team bolted out to an 11-3 record. Transfer Vikki Lareau led the team at first singles with a 16-1 mark. Cyndy Gilliam, left, and Mary Koval, right, added needed depth to the Missouri woments tennis team, which had been depleted by graduation. But then Lareau did some bolting of her own, leaving the Univeristy be- tween semesters. The one sure thing in the midst of this chaos was Helen Wilson, who took over the vacated top spot. After com- pleting her sophomore year this sea- son, she has already surpassed the one- year life expectancy of recent first sin- gles players. Wilson stepped smartly into the No. 1 spot, finishing the year with a 36-10 record including a 15-match winning streak. She finished third at the Big Eight Championships, second in the re- gionals and won thetMissouri Valley Championship. After two years she has fashioned a 68-23 individual mark. The Tigers were also helped out by the play of freshman Greta Froneber- ger, who was thrown directly in front of intercollegiate tennis balls and wound up with a 16-0 record. All seven Tigers are returning for next season. At least Brandt is keeping her fingers crossed that they will. - Calvin Beam Photos by John Trotter 309 Men golfers can't break through stone There are soft schedules, and there are hard schedules. In 1981, the Missouri golf team found its schedule harder than granite to crack. Things began with the Morris Wil- liams Invitational a a real patsy event that included three of the top five NCAA winners. The Tigers finished 18th out of 24. Then Missouri flew down to Houston - to play in the All-American Intercol- legiate Invitational. Too bad their flight was on time. The Tigers finished 27th out of a field of 30th. And this was the team Coach Rich Poe called the ttbest since live been here? Well, if you evaluated their perfor- mance in regard to the opponents, they probably were. It wasnit until one of the easier invitationals that the Tigersi lineup of Jeff Johnson, Stan Utley, Ben Wilson, Thad Wilson and Robbie Davis proved they could place high. Missouri placed third out of 19 teams in the Drake Relays Golf tournament with a score of 925. Nebraska took first with a 903, setting up a hoped-for dramatic rematch in the Big Eight Cham- pionships. Unfortunately, it didnit materialize. Instead, the Tigers fought it out with the Jayhawks to tie for fifth place. a Drew Perine Ben Wilson sandblasts his way to the green. Brian Smith Zhaurergag . L , . ., . , Mn gggnagig Road to nationals rocky despite talent of golfers The Missouri womenls golf team made it look easy, qualifying for the nationals this year, but the sqaud actually went about it the hard way. In fact for most of the 1980-81 sea- son, the Tiger golfers were destined for a mediocre year. Chances of reaching national-qualifying standards rather slim after a disappointing fall season and a slow start in the spring. But midway through the spring, the women golfers made a U-turn enroute to the AIAW National Golf Cham- pionships for the second straight year. With two tournament victories, the Ti- gers finished well enough to bring their team average below that of their Region 6 competitors and low enough to make nationals. llFor a long time it didn,t look as if we were going to nationals again as a teamfl Missouri coach Dianne Lyon said. ttBut then, all of a sudden, the players started scoring like they should? J unior Linda Finders and sophomore Lori Kline turned in some of the best scores of their careers to pace Mis- sourils turnaround. Combined with the consistent play of Michelle Jordan, who finished with the teamls lowest average at 78, the Tigers won their own Tiger Classic in mid-April and followed that with a win at the 12-team Illinois Invitational. Their strong play wasnlt enough to break the Oklahoma school tradition at the Big Eight Championships, howev- er. Missouri finished a strong third be- hind champion Oklahoma and runner- up Oklahom State at the conference tournament. But by that time the Tigers were pret- ty certain they had started a tradition of their own - reaching nationals. With only one player, Mary Pat Smith, grad- uating, the Tigers are likely to con- tinue that tradition a even if they do it the hard way. a Wendy Kafoury Photos by Brian Smith ABOVE: Michelle Jordan was intent on recording the teams lowest average in 1980. LEFT: Linda Franz didnlt putter around in her first year on the team. She made the starting squad as a freshman. Nearly everytime the Missouri W menls softball team took the field during the course 0fthe 1980-81 season, one thing was certain. Theresa Wilson would pitch. And pitch and pitch. Coach Barb Priest started her practically every game and would often insert her in relief. It wasnlt that she was bent on running Wilson into the ground. Its just that the sophomore right-hander had more energy than a fully Charged Duracell. 11Shels phenomenalfl Priest said. 11You wonder about us- ing a player that often, but I found it was almost impossible to wear her out." Wilsonls statistics support the logic. In 206 innings pitched, she accumulated a record of 25-4, giving up only 15 runs for an ERA of 0.509. She also hurled 15 shutouts. Her performance, in essence, accounted for Missourils 34-7 record going into the AIAW playoffs. It was the Tigers best showing in their seven-year history. s1You hate to give one person credit for an entire season, but the flrs contes ttWe p first ro have a Id be lying ifI didntt say we relied on her a whole lot? Priest said. ttHer pitching pulled us through a lot of close ball games? Sometimes, the games were close because the team took it easy with Wilson on the mound. With a lineup purporte to be chock full of heavy-hitters, the teams anemic .246 batting average showed defmite signs of sloughing off. ttIt unnerved me to see our batting average that low, h Priest said. ttI got worried near the end of the season because we needed to pick up the paceW Her worries fell on deaf ears in the Big Eight Cham- pionships, however. The Tigers, cocky and confident, fell in the first round to Nebraska. Although they won the next two contests, the early loss lept them from playing in the fmals. ttWe played hardft Priest said. ttWe just got unlucky in the first round. But wetre looking at next year already because we have a lot of talent coming backft - Drew Perine Brian Smith LEFT. Third baseman Lisa Burke played like an All-American in the field, but not at the plate. ABOVE: Relief pitcher Cindy Tate rarely saw any action behind AIl-American Theresa Wilson, but her sub 2.00 ERA was nothing to smile about. Keith MCMiHin Falseuzniyrzirnyligi . . . . . , 3333553324 Dan White Red-hot Tigers blaze the way to conference title Baseball seasons are never made or broken with one swing of the bat, a bad-hop grounder, or that single perfect slider for a called third strike. Basbeall seasons are made or broken in streaks. Which can be a very nice thing when your team happens to be riding the up side of the streak business. Like Missourils incredible two weeks. For 14 days in March, the Tigers were so high that the only way for coach Gene McArtor to flash the steal sign was via air mail. During that time, the team won 16 straight games, pushing Missouri into a No. 6 spot in the national polls. The Tigers1 record went from 7-6 to 23-6 and a successful season was whelped. To cut open the team streak is to find lots of individual ones. The Tigers1 pitchers fashioned four consecutive shutouts and pieced together a string of 31 straight scoreless innings. Pitch- ing ace Tom Heckman began to roll up wins, and eventually picked up nine victories in a row. Outfielder Shane Fairbanks began receiving a little attention for a little hitting streak, which blossomed into 26 straight games with at least one hit - a new Big Eight record. It was the kind of stretch where Missouri could go into the bottom of the seventh inning trailing Seton Hall by three runs and still win 12-8. The kind of streak where all the players walk around smiling like demo-models at a dental hygiene conven- tion. The snap came when Missouri committed five errors and gave up seven unearned runs, losing 11-7 to SIU- Edwardsville. That turned out to be foreshadowing. The next thing errors put a halt to was the season as the Tigers explored the darker side of streaks. Missourils longest losing streak was three games. But they were the final three games of the year in a short but steep and brutal slide out of post-season play. The team lost four of five in being eliminated from the Big Eight tournament and the NCAA,s. Giving up 14 unearned runs and committing 11 errors will do that to a team. An alchemistls and baseball coachls nightmare as gloves of gold turn to lead. ' But in between the perfect and the perverse the Tigers managed to finish at 43-18, the third highest total in the teamis history. They also managed to win the Big Eight regular- season title with a 17-6 record, two-and-a-half games in front of second-place finisher Oklahoma State. That shouldnlt have been easy, but Missouri made it look Senior centerfielder Phil Bradleyls hot bat led him to a .457 batting average and the Tigers to a Big Eight championship. Red-hot Tigers simple. The Tigers needed just one win in their last series of the year against Oklahoma to seal up the title. So they went out and swept all four games. It was much more difficult to predict the team would do that well before the season than to explain it afterward. Missouri was stitched together by the experience of four seniors who led by example, having the best years of their careers. Second baseman Kevin Knop raised his average 100 points to hit .333 in his final season. He left his name in the record book by finishing in Missourils career top five lists in at bats, hits and walks. Left fielder Mark Maurer also batted over .300 for the first time in his career. He etched his name in the career lists in runs, doubles, triples and walks. Pitcher Torn Heckman was as consistent as you would expect an ace to be. Missourils top pitcher won 10 games for the third year in a row, and in the process set a Big Eight record for most wins in a career with 36. He also proved himself durable, picking up Missouri records for most innings pitched in a season and most innings pitched in a career. But easily the baseball valedictorian of the senior class was center fielder Phil Bradley who went nova this season, swell- ing his statisics up to incredible proportions and burning just about every pitcher in the league and most of the records in the books. Missouri set 10 individual records this year. Fairbanks was responsible for one of them with his 26-game hit streak. Heck- man took care of three with his pitching prowess. Phil Bradley set the other six. Most runs scored in a season t77l, most runs scored in a career tl6ll, most hits in a season t84l, most total bases in a season 0233, most walks in a season GS and most walks in a career t134l all have Bradleyls name written beside them. There are people who argue that he had the best season any baseball player has ever had at Missouri. Those people donlt find many opponents. Bradley led the team in 10 offensive categories. He batted .457 and hit the most doubles, triples and homeruns, stole the most bases, drew the most walks and had the highest number of total bases and the best slugging percentage. He patrolled center field almost flawlessly, making 106 put- outs and collecting five assists with only a single error. He burned out all the superlatives early in the season, finishing up simply as the best. Dan White David Rees LEFT: Fastballer Jim Maddock led the Tigers with 72 strikeouts. FAR LEFT: Head coach Gene McArtor gu'ded the Tigers to their fourth NCAA appearance in six years. BELOW: Freshman shortstop John Marquardt stepped in to fill the shoes of aIl-American Lindy Duncan. David Rees Red-hot T gers There was good younger talent too. Shane Fairbanks led the team with 50 rbi. Fred Ambs, catching and playing first base, hit .330. Pitcher Jim Maddock turned in a 9-3 record. And two freshmen, Bill Hance and John Marquardt, stepped straight into starting roles as a catcher and shortstop. The hitters swirled together to make the offense much more potent than anyone had anticipated. The Tigers scored more runs than any other team except the 1976 Missouri team. That, combined with the strong pitching and usually sharp fielding turned the streaks into a strong season for the Tigers. a Calvin Beam LEFT: Shortstop John Marq art chases a line drive. ABOVE: Catcher Bill Hance heads for the plate at the start of an inning. Whether it was spittinh a chaw or blowinh bubbles, Coach Gene McArtor and outfielder Mark Mauer always found a way to pass the time. Despite a hitting slump which dropped his average to .275, Scott Collins, smile never stopped. -r$--- -h Photos by Dan White As he talks, Tom Heckmanls control runs straight up his right arm and out through the tone of his voice. The most prolific pitcher ever to throw for the Missouri baseball team is talking about the records he has set. His fastball has knocked them down like empty Fresca cans in a carnival game. Most innings pitched in a career at Missouri I323 281. Most innings pitched in a season I96 2m. Most career victories ever in the Big Eight Conference t36l. That last one at least should make his heart go pit-a-pat and pump a little quivering into the voicebox. But the control is still there. Heckman deadpans his remarks, like a comic, letting the material add its own puntuation. llIlm glad I got the tBig Eigho recordfl he says, tibut I didnit even realize I was breaking a record this year until somebody told me about itfl liltls really not a big thing for me to go back and think about things like that? Which only proves the gremlins that give his arm a life of its own are healthy, while the ones in his ego are lying comatose or dead. But the live right arm and its fastball have already stolen too much of this pitcherls publicity. Even the most unhittable pitches are useless if they wind up as walks. uItls not how hard you throw," Heckman says, stitls where you throw it. Ild say the games about 25 percent talent and about 75 percent thinking. Ilm counting control as part of the mental part too? llltls knowing the hitters and knowing how to get certain hitters out. Thatls one of the main points I enjoy about the game? . And it is the control, the hand-to-plate coordination that enables him to keep the ball around the strike zone, that the pitcher credits with his success. There are, after all, days when talent alone just wonlt cut it. llSometimes I go out there in the first inning and just nothingls going right for me. The fastballls coming in high, the sliders low and the change-up, well, there,s no telling where its going. llBut mainly whatls keeping me in the ballgames on those days is that live been able to adjust a little. A lot of its adjustment, getting your control? During his four-year career, Heckman walked just 100 batters while striking out 182. But all this talk of thinking seems very out of place coming from a 6-2, 195-pound man in a baseball uniform. The inconguity is compounded by his features. Not exactly boyish, but not the one the teenage gang would send into the store to buy beer either. To dig beneath the features though, is to run smack into a bedrock layer of determination. The concentration seems unbreakable. The fooling around, very limited. ill donlt do a whole lot of things? he says. 131 study when I need to study and I play ball when I need to play ball. Thatls just it. Therels just not a whole lot of other things going on." The result is that Heckman cuts a pretty methodical path through his chosen fields. He was once named Missouri Scholar-Athlete of the year, three times named to the all-Academic Big Eight team. When he graduated from the University he took a business degree with him. An accountantls knowledge wrapped in a layer of athlete. And for three years while he was at Missouri he was the unquestioned ace of the pitching staff. He put together records of 10-2, 10-2 and 10-3 over that streatch with ERAls of 2.33, 2.30 and 2.51. The model for consistency. On March 18 of his senior year, Heckman looked as if he might be wearing an extra-large gray suit behind an accountantls desk much sooner than he thought. In the sixth inning of a game against Northeast Missouri State, Butch Zbinden hit a line drive into Heckmanls pitching elbow. Using the arm that wasnlt about to fall off, he flung his glove to the dirt. 111 had no feeling in my arm. I was sort of afraid, I guess. I just held my arm until Ronnie came out there? Trainer Ron Dubuque came trotting out of the dugout, looked the situation over, and decided that nothing had been permanently rearranged. With that, Tom Heckman put his glove back on and struck out the final batter to complete a four-hit shutout performance with seven strikeouts. Now thatls control. Text by Calvin Beam Photo by Brian Smith RIGHT FIELD FANS Picture a warm, overly warm, flawless semi- summer day. The kind J uliet was more lovely and more temperate than. The kind they use as a backdrop for diet soft drink commericals. Paint Hi Simmons Field into the picture. Brilliant green, restful for the eyes. Good grassy smell of base- ball. Quiet sounds of alumi- num bats pinging out line drives for the Missouri base- ball team. In a group of people stand- ing, sitting and drinking in the right-field bleachers, thereis a student, Busch can almost empty, in one hand. Madness in the eyes. ttHey pitcherfi he shouts. til hear your sisteris got bet- ter moves with men on? Exit tranquility. Enter the right-field fans. On nice game days, Sim- monsi right-field bleachers seem to hold every Missouri baseball fan, with taunts for the Tigers opposition on his mind and the voice to make his opinions heard just about everywhere. The fans have settled into the perfect vantage point for it too, although the tradition seems to have started so long ago that no one quite remem- bers how. J ust after you pass the visitorst bullpen and be- fore you get to their dugout, you will find the right-fleld fans. Its easy enough to spot them. Theyire the ones with beers in hand and degrada- tion on the quips of their tongues. They are the kings, the queens and the court jesters of all the area they can shout to. An woe be to the St. Louis University player who gets caught munching a hot- dog in their domain. stHey lunchbox. Itis base- ball time, not mealtime. You want to look like that umpire out there? Hey ump, do you gotta be fifty pounds over- weight to work in this league? Get your head in the game, ump. Your stomachis already there? If you catch them on a good day, it could be worth the price of admission before you even fmd a seat. Of course, appreciation for their particular brand of humor often depends on which side of the abuse you youire sitting. ttTheyire tremendousj, says Missouri public address announcer Mark Fitzpat- rick, who has christened their silent counterparts in the left-field stands, ttthe Parker Funeral Home Annex? til canit say enough about the right-fleld fansfi F itzpat- rick says. ttThey give so much life to the game. I love iemfi A couple of ladies sitting out there for the Kansas game dressed in Jayhawk blue would beg to differ. st1 think theyire igno- rant? one says to her friend. ssWait till they get revved upfi the friend cautions. tTm not kidding. live been here before? ttWell, I wouldnit let those girls sit out there with them. Itis disgraceful? the first lady concludes. When the fans did get rev- ved up Kansas was battered by verbal abuse and by the antics of Art Stevens. Stevens is the right-field fan who earlier in the season told a Northeast Missouri State Pitcher that the guy couldnit find home plate with a road map. Stevens then pulled out a map and demonstrated how to get the: tOO was blui 3 f1 aro ers 6 6L chi don cas up: par say tak wh the bat bir he ri g asl sec lbOUt .zpat- Ie so i love :itting insas hawk w. igno- iend. :vved ions. been those them. : first :t rev- ttered ;y the t-fleld ;eason ssouri e guy plate :evens 1p and to get there. Against the Jayhawks, he took a rubber chicken that was painted Kansas red and blue and tied it by its neck to a finishing pole. At first, he was content to wave it around so the Kansas play- ers could see it and chant, ttLook fellows, 1 got me a chickenW Between games of the double-header, he started casting the bird onto the field while Kansas was warming up and then reeling it back in. ttRagging the other team is part of the game? Stevens says. ttltis fun to see how much the opposing team can take? The J ayhawks had enough when Stevens got on top of their dugout and paraded back and forth, dangling the bird in front of them. ttThey took my chickenfi he recalls. ttThey took it right off the pole. Then I asked one of the ballgirls to see if she could get it back from them and she came back with just the head? According to the Jayhawks, the rest of the ill- fated bird is scattered in little pieces along the road back to Kansas. The fans donitjust pick on people who come close to them. That would be too easy. itWe get anybody who makes a mistake, any guy whois got a funny batting stance? says Dean Baker. ttAnd if somebody says something back, then he really gets it. Usually they just flip us off though? It takes a special kind of assistance to produce that kind of atmosphere, which both McArtor and Morgan believe it the rowdiest in the league. tilt takes a couple of these," Stevens sasy, hold- ing up his can of Budweiser. ttLook at these guys out here. Theyire plowed. Most- ly itis beer, but weive even got some brown bag action going on. These guys are sloshedfi But Morgan is the first to tell you that this is not just a group of obnoxious drunks. iiTheyire showing good in- stincts for the game out therefi he says. uThey,re as knowledgeable about base- ball as any fans in the league? Late in the game, the pub- lic address system belts out the Budweiser theme song. ttThis ones for you, right field? Fitzpatrick says. At which point a few of them demonstrate they dontt know nearly as much about dancing as they do about baseball. Text by Calvin Beam Photos by Brian Smith E f i g e g C ,6, a. .- 7 vt. 329 Mal,,, v1ityll:a,-., a 4L Who would y Maybelline hasn't been allowed in sorority houses since the mid-70s. Glasses arentt a substitute for headbands. This "do" is too short for ribboned ponytails. Nice try. 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The Wall St. JournaI-- don't try to understand it. just subscribe. 1 1 Beer, the preppy1s liquid diet. 1 1 A blazer over the 1 1 shoulder, necessary for 1 striking that preppy pose 1 seen in Mister Guy ads. 1 1 1 i 1 1 I I 1 1 Sure to blend in with all 1 1 the other wool skirts at i 1 Harpds. 1 l Vt 1it Sensibie loafers hold up for hours of shopping at 1 l Deans and Mister Guy. RUSH CHAIRMAN1S DREAM L234561$9 OONGLIIAUJN... .-..-n.-n Nmoxo . Darrell Brown . John Maddox . David Hoffman . Ken Barnes . David Gledhill . Brad Cleeton . Jeff Foresee . Mark Obermeyer . Lee Harwell . Marvin Durant . Mike Reese . Don Brandes . Bruce Kirk . Bob Clinkingbeard . Mitch Weinsting . Bob Miller . Joe Messmer . Brad Eiffert . Joe Fix . Bill Wivell . William Q. Songleton . Tom Crenshaw . Brian Will . Mike Sprock L23. hfmn 31M . II mqomhww... b-Ih-lh4h-Ih-I AWNHONO . Lilli Cloud . Sue Taylor . Linda Weiss . Beth Bardgett . Suzanne Mattie . Louise Helbig . Sherry Lockard . Melissa Cole . Kim Guilfoile . 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Robert Beene . Chip Brundt . Dave Chapple . Chuck Riley L214. 1111 . Kevin Overschmidt . Ron Symes . Brian Justice . Kent Brown . John Crowell . Mark Trager . Ale LaRue . Steve Ott .J.J. Jackman . Chris Mykrantz . Steve Patterson . Mark Hathaway . John Crandell 04th I0 IQ IQ INJ VJ 4:. LII . Richey Robbins . Haas Garza . Mark Scheer . Bob Keilholtz . Chip Schveninger . Tom Werning . Phil Shultz . Mark Weaver . Kevin Kruegler . Chris Sulliven . Brad Prugh , Jim Ryan . Burke Richardson . Harry Smith . Gary Queen . Chuck Fahs . John Kodsky . Bob Merlotti . Craig Antonie . Chris Iselin . Mike Brueggenjohann 5. Jeff Mathews . Dicky Pemberton . Lance Sago OOONO'xUIALpN... . Bill Westerleida . Dave Koncki . Pete Larson . Tom Merriman . Jim Toth . Jim Schumacher . Tom Goldsmith . Dan Dorr . Wally Pfeffer fHousefathen . Mark Trofholz . John Callahan . Glenn Dalton . Tom Steele . Mark Frisella . Mike Frayne . Vinny Campbell . Derek Graham . Paul Norman . Tim Miller . John Otis . Chris Sauer . 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Jeff Seligson OOOQOKLA-b-UJNH y-tu-tuw WNHO . Tem' Tracy . Mary Ryan . Jeanine Gaines . Cheryl Boles . Sherri Agrusa . Wendy Sperr . Carrie Bishop . Lisa Fix . Tina Swalander . Margene Childress . Shawn Forrest . Debbie McCain . Chris Tritten . Sharon Mitchell . Carey Mitchell . Karen Litzsinger . Alicyn Kaye . Sara Sternberger . Marsha Borgman . Karen Case . Pattie Holmes . Sue Serota . Gen" O Hara . Betti Astroth . Paige Carlin . Caren Zickert Lisa Rolf Lynn Marie Will Christie Catarello . Tina Gilben . Kim Barbeau Becky Allender . Maureen Newman Linda Ontko . Nancy Grasso . Pam Smith . Diane Stuan . Melanie Mayne . Susan Roe . Beth Wilhelm . Debbie Henry . Debbie Henry . Julie Johnson . Lynn Grote . Donna Graeff . Debbie Lovell . Amy Ramsey . Diane Meyer . J ulie Mason . Terri Tucker . Sue Godbout . Ginger Lottman . Kanina Dossett . Cindy Reine . Laurie Astroth . Rebecca Laughlin . Leslie Leip . Barbie Fortin . Christi Wolfe . Mary Bresnahan . Sue Fike . Manha Browne a..... vaf ":7. , ILJV H-lllllll DORMS F ALDRICH HOUSE ROW ONE: Kimberly VanWagner, Jill Henry, Laura Boekemeier, Fran Windsor, Janet Nichols, Karen Grbac, Therese Rahm, Terri Hesskamp. ROW TWO: Nancy Amann, Susan O Hearn, Leslie Letkowski, Heidi DeVore, Lottie Rudder, Joanie O Halloran, Christie Wilson, Deanne Stedem. ROW THREE: Kay Clark, Patty Drury, Nancy Niemann, Michelle Argyropoulos, Mary Bresnahan, Deanna Rood, Vicki Schelp, Debbie Kientzy. ATCHISON 8: DONNELL HOUSE ROW ONE: Caryl! Petre, Laurie Daniel, Tom Schiller, Tina Gilbert, Sara Sternberger, Judy Hepting. Beth Wilham. ROW TWO: Shelia Harris, Teresa Keller, Cindy Schafer, Marianne Byrne, Kathy Flannery, Julie Meyer, Reginald Winkley, Sharon McCoy, Mary Shustack, Glenda Hefty. ROW THREE: Jeanne Maxwell, Jenny Greene, Suzie Weller, Janet McCain, Lori Maurer, Sally Woodard, Tim Schiller, Sarah Jo Johnson, Charleen Lehr, Christine Harms, Sherry Wyatt, Rhonda Wright, Nancy Roads, Nancy Cartee. ROW FOUR: Mary Kreiner, Sherrel Betz, Ellen Nees, Lisa Wilbret, John D. Cook, Marla Glaser, Ann McDonald, Sandy Spatafora, Marie Stole, Kate Nesbit, Beth Monahan. ROW FIVE: Charles Anderson, Terry Addington, Philip Hartman, Warren Stemme, Pat Weisel, Mark Hodge, Craig Michalski, Kevin McKeehan. BLANCHARD HOUSE ROW ONE: Norma Baker, Kathie Mooney, Shem' Ford, Sandy Schaefer, Beth Wilson, Jody Marx, Lisa Jeffrey, Theresa Am'. ROW TWO: Cathy Jackson, Cherri Huffman, Julie Mitchell, Kathy McKibben, Beth Waters, Rhonda Salisbury, Wendy Beal. ROW THREE: Becky Schultz, Karen Kresl, Carol Shafer, Peggy Israel, Susan Jackson, Kathy Kohering. ROW FOUR: Brenda Tapp, Cheryl Long, Jill Rodgers, Linda Bueker, Don's Kase, Lisa Unger. DORMS BRANHAM HOUSE ROW ONE: Linda Hyser, Sue Vasterling, Marcia Stone, Janet Gerardot. ROW TWO: Karen McKinney, Becky Seneker, Kathy Wiscom, Janet Whiting, Lisa Syberg, Lori Stipp. ROW THREE: Carlelle Ogden, Kem Waller, Julie Block, Marcia Conron. ROW FOUR: Sandy Giesler, Byrona Waller, Patty Fenley, Buff Huff. ROW FIVE: Dany Lyman, Karen W. Berryman, Jeanette Dumeyer, Kadie Richmond, Lisa Hall, Susan Haney, Jacque Nelson, Beth McDonald. CLARK HOUSE ROW ONE: Bill Troplett, Danny McClendon, Michael Johnson, Michael Hannegan, Christopher Terry, Ray Luke, Ron Hopkins. ROW TWO: Stephen Jackson, Bill Bales, Lee Adler, Brian Bedsworth, Steve Pallurdy, Bob Steinert, Kevin Shortall. ROW THREE: Jeff Butler, Jon Romines, Bob Wilhelm, Ken Striker, Rick Dunn, Craig Brunk, Greg Gage, Keith A. Koester. ROW FOUR: Kevin Rooney, Mark Cadiron, Chris Minnehan, Craig Hoeferlin, Jeff Stock, Kevin Mayginnes, Don Hardy. ROW FIVE: Lindy Backues, Doug Waltman, Yas Nagaoka, Joe Meystrik, Rich Wahle, Matt Carson. ROW SIX: Phillip Bryant, Kevin Rue, Tim Neely. ROW SEVEN: Mike Lewis, Steve McAllister, Kevin Dockery, Matt Beck. CARR HOUSE ROW ONE: Nancy Peters, Mary Friedman, Patricia Delson, Patty Zahner, Sharon Miller, Georgi Wivell, Caryn Rauscher, Shelley Wishenand. ROW TWO: Julie Rice, Stephanie Zoellner, Pam Pircher, Chn's Murray, Dawn O Kourke, Dana Johnson, Terri Whitmer, Beth Corman, Diane Filla. ROW THREE: Sarah Wegner, Tina Bowling, Tammy Gray, Jill Pierce, April Stender, Dana Crane, Missy Scott, Joanie Showalak, Patty Hopfmger. ROW FOUR: Lisa Kadla, Sue Mehring, Julie Felton, Ky Yeager. COCKEFAIR HOUSE ROW ONE: Lori Wasseman, Leslie Baker, Barb Hershfelt. Kathy Lalwless, Cathy McCrady, Mary Grace Bell, Kris Peterson. ROW TWO: Wendy Eisele, Gayle Hays, Karen Young, Brenda Breckon, Carolyn Epstein. Jana Jacobson, Mary Sullivan, Carol Steckelberg. ROW THREE: Lisa Ham, Carelyn Creckelt, Mona Inman, Debbie Krontz, Tracey Shaffer, Denise Mayer, Susan Hulsey. COLEMAN HOUSE ROW ONE: Sherri Bragg, Nancy Keene Trish Werner, Donna Turner, Marybeth Engelhardt, Leslie Molloy, Nancy Worden. ROW TWO: Eileen West, Jane Nugent, Diane Madras, Judi Londeree. Ruth Luechenhoff. ROW THREE: Sherry Kaiser, Jeanne Carron, Rocksana Bagheri, Rebecca Laughler, Terri Steffan. ROW FOUR: Barb Ford, Mary Jo Bene, Tina Bolchberger. Dina Tapaoan, Mary Allison, Lisa Heidbreder, Carol Kincaid, Michele Petschel, Jackie Rolli, Barb Wilson. ROW FIVE: Judy James, Rebecca Palmer, Nancy D. Wall, Karen E. Milner, Pam Francis, Pam Pickering, Lori Nobles, Debbie O Brien, Ann Bliss, Mary Alice Reichert. CRITTENDEN HOUSE ROW ONE: Greg Kern, Mark Duncan, Robert Lupini, Dean Buckhom, Ken Hood, Munehiko Joya, Ken Williams, Bill Nahlik, Jon Gruett, Steve Taylor, John Keeling, Toney Lowery. ROW TWO: Jeff Schepers, Carl Crawford, Keith Buckner, Kirke Castle, Rick Lavelock, Curt Powell, Brett Lemaster, Matt McKinsey, Brett Ridgley. ROW THREE: Ed Crawford, Ken Law, Keith Bishop, Jeff Kaestner, Jon Varnell, Gregg Clizer, Brian G. Blosser, Perry Smith, Tom Allen, Mark J . Hrbacek. CROMWELL HOUSE ROW ONE: Barb Fox, Marly Norris, Denise Breig, Cheryl Eichhom, Renae Black, Anne-Marie Conlisk. ROW TWO: Theresa Reynolds, Marcy O,K00n, Kari Langston, Becky Boedeker, Barbara Barry, Peggy Sullivan. ROW THREE: Cheryl Van Gennip, Sandy Siegel, Cindy Amann, Pam Gorka, Barbara Barry, Diane Cravens. Stacey Wyhman, Connie Paulson. -q.h......w-.4-wmh A . 3 L DORMS EDWARDS HOUSE ROW ONE: Matt Grieshaber, Mike O Brien, Mick Noce, Douglas Lincoln. ROW TWO: Phillip Brodley, David Delaney, Kun Stauder, Tom Rizzardo, Chris Kanton, Mark Corkins. ROW THREE: Scott Jenkins, Terry Messmer, Terry Boydston, Dale Himmelberg. ROW FOUR: Steven Marquardt, Steve Nazzo, Ed Hoertel, Dale Geeler, Brad Ray, Mark Holt, David Mazurek. ROW FIVE: Andy Brown, David Roseland, Bill Hamm, Greg Hellmann. FARWELL HOUSE ROW ONE: Dayner Bashear, Teresa Noland, Sara Garrison, Tamara L. Edgar, Deana Bremer, Diane Bremer, Julie Bettendorf, Kelly Garrett, Kathy Prange, Lisa Co-an Angie Eisele, Anne Herbers. ROW TWO: Deborah K. Boatright, Mollie Hatcher, Diane Momin, Kathy Nolte, Helen Shobe, Cathy Tharp. ROW THREE: Nancy Shores, Sally Ensminger, Gina Hemme, Brenda Schalk, Roiann Sims, Susan Knipmeyer, Janice Welter. ROW FOUR: Donna Ganly, Megan Fitzsimmons, Kathy McCreight, Sarah Bybee, Darlene Peterson, Amy Pratt, Karen Bangert, Lori Potts. FENTON HOUSE ROW ONE: Susan Pairnett, Beth Hutchins, Rita Prindiville, Dyannc Poos, Melody Turner, Ann Brooks, Enid Volner. ROW TWO: Becky Bryan, Jenny McAllister, Denise McKinzie, Karen Culhane, Susan McEven, Donna Wood, Karen Woods, Carolyn Fleetwood, GiGi Fris. ROW THREE: Donna Barr, Sue Poncirdle, Lynn Weggenmann, Carla Dickey, Pat Langley, Debbie York, Sharon Perkins, Dianne Riley. Denise-Marie Santiago, Loretta Hennrich, Susan Carlson. DORMS FRANCIS HOUSE ROW ONE: Tracy Copphee, Teresa Sansone, Virginia Kremer, Shannon Golden, Theresa Cole, Lisa Rice, Karen Hick. ROW TWO: Anna Cothron, Janet Clawitter, Wendy Yancy, Janice Ferrel, Marcia Davis, Mary Jolley, Karlen LeNoir, Ghee Henke. ROW THREE: Suzanne Taggart, Suzanne Davis, Karen Britten, Kimberly Helton, Debbie Peposki, Laura Browning, Debbie Greenbury, Margaret Felumb, Diane Welter. ROW FOUR: Janice Hitchcock, Maynard Keller, Sharon Winslow, Anne Paradise, Fickie Crandell, Pam Proffitt, Patty Long, Susan Herron, Julie Wood. rxmxm ,. a? i W a i . "mammwxxxwmxxgmm FULLER HOUSE ROW ONE: Ginny Holt, Karen Bean, Josephean Suitcase, Kris LaBuda, Barbara Sjoblom, Leanne Davis, Jackie McEntire, Joan Zgiet, Chris Kimon. ROW TWO: K. Maloney, Joyce Reese, Konda Oberlander, Darla Werner, Laura Howell, Julie Chappel, Kelley Manning, Susan Bender, Betsy Murch. ROW THREE: Sarah Alspach, Pam Howard, Patti Weekly, Kathy Jacobson, Heidi Werner. ROW FOUR: Sandy Headerson, Donna Bammann, Kathleen Meagher, Jeannie Halloran, Anita Sanders, Lisa Vacler, Julie Lane, Gwen Anderson, Eva Simpson, Amy Gallenbach. GEORGE HOUSE ROW 1: Jayne Powell, Julie Gerfen, Debbie Fletcher, Lesley Bartholic. ROW 2: Theresa McMahon, Barb Raish, Carolyn Gladden, Laura Lee Foster, Meleia Carter, Dena Anne Smith, EJ. Finley, Kim Heape, Diana Metheny, Joyce Knehans, Vicki Smith, Tina Zamberlan, Betsy Blossfeld. ROW 3: Colleen Geraty, Peggy Schere, Dotty Koch, Barb Schindler, Kelly Keller. ROW 4: Patty O'Brien, Jane M. Cordes, Jennifer Stoppok, Mary Steuterman, DeAnn Toliver. ROW 5: Ellen Wyatt, Judy Eifler, Mary Liston, Terri Zamberlan, Eileen Ebest, Liz Meyer, Margie Adams, Rachel Simonson, Barbara Baker. DORMS FICKLIN HOUSE ROW ONE: Sue Allersmeyer, Nina K. Long, Rhonda Levy, Donna Kasting, Laurie Hovslen, Michelle Vitale. ROW TWO: Sharon O Halloran, Madeline Greub, Janet Stiegemeier, Mary Burlis, Linda Jackson, Kathy Kolb, Allison Hays. ROW THREE: Elizabeth Zeller, Michelle Redington, Laurie Miles, Laurie Breitenstein, Nancy Russo, Lynn Hora, Lisa McClastey. GREEN HOUSE ROW ONE: Chris Stoke, Mark Adams, Wayne Spillman, Chris Westerman, Mike Engelbrecht, Mark Jackson, Jim Bellinghausen, Kevin Wisch, Joe Thompson. ROW TWO: Chris Lewis, Robert Muldoon, John Rieck, Ed Reece, Steve Stelter, Albert Dickson, Craig Arnold, Mark Riley, Bill Smith, Jeff Blume, Don Wade, Dan Indermuehle. ROW THREE: Mark Schuver, Daniel Jordan, Larry Naeger, Kevin Luecke, Doug Bennett, Kurt Gribble, Morris Powell, Bob Malecek, Joe Bobnar, Jim Koch, Jeff Evers, David Wissbaum, Jeff Shay, Garry Lammers, Keith Luecke, Chris Schupp, Greg Berry, Andy Kendig. GIBBONS HOUSE ROW ONE: Shawn Forrest, Tressa Latham, Pam Brown, Janine Kallgren, Gigi Dargle, Martha Sellenviek, Debbie Schue. ROW TWO: Janet Li, Sharon Pollack, Cathy Koenig, Beth Vargas, Vicky Reinheimer, Dee Brawn. ROW THREE: Laura Shelby, Marcia Sudbrock, Tammy Elfanbaum, Sherri Siron, Robbin Hopmann, Allison Brown, Jo Ellen Schuster, Julie Brown. ROW FOUR: Katie Merritt, Jenny Mercer, Dawn Gentry, Diana Dinsmore, Susan Ehlmann, Laura Burkhart, Jackie Devenport, Carol Gunti, Jackie Fallert. kl"; DORMS HARBESON HOUSE ROW ONE: Debby Applegate, Anita Vanetti, Laura Collins, Cindy Fry, Kelly Heid. ROW TWO: Beth Voypick, Jane Meaner, Linda Strothmann, Susan Kuramoto, Myron Smith. Mitzi Sperry. HARDIN HOUSE ROW ONE: DiAnne Atkin, Lynn Alrutz, Lisa Trubiano, Stephanie Williams, Teresa Turin, Gina Penick, Julie Kirchoff. ROW TWO: Sandy Beutler, Jane Bare, Nancy Sudsberry, Tracy Brookshier, Stacy Hemenway, Connie Bramstedt. ROW THREE: Kathy Kasper, Barbara Zubeck, Carol Holmes, Cindy Artz, Vicki Peters. ROW FOUR: Lisa Boyer, Beth O Neil, Lisa Mergen, Susan Buckler, Dru Dixon. ROW FIVE: Sheryl Gilliland, Mindy Bern, Justine David, Liz Fett, Deborah DeClue, Ann Potter. HAYES HOUSE ROW ONE: Rumiko Oka, Mary Duff, Connie Welch, Kelly Sue Robb, Laurie Milner, Tracy Cortelyou. ROW TWO: Joyce David, Jodi Krantz, Sharyl Sanderson, Ann McNicholas, Dottie Bell, Janet Heisohn, Sheryl Faman. ROW THREE: Dianne Varble, Norlene Kmeger, Karen Bychinski, Norah Fletchall, Lauren Reeder, Zoeann Vertmeier, Kathy DeBarr, Cathy Roche, Anne Thomas. HAWES HOUSE ROW ONE: Todd Brady, Mike Nichols, Ronald Crainshaw, Quentin Brown, Steve Gier, Stephen Whistler, Richard Smith. ROW TWO: Dale Denny, Craig Luetkemeyer, Nils Hovik, Ed Berry, Brian Volmer. ROW THREE: Norm Waterwiese, Bret Davis, Dennis Bauer, Tim Mattingly, Dwight Bohlmeyer, Mike Dowd. ROW FOUR: En'c Knutson,Brad Anderson. ROW FIVE: David Bollinger, Mitch Stepro, Joseph Proliza, Craig Schultze, Alex Waddell, Brad Anderson. ROW SIX: Clay Grumke, Ron Cox. ROW SEVEN: Raoul Duke, Mark Scantkor, Greg Schroer, Mark Evans, Ronald Hopkins. ROW EIGHT: William Bright, Steven Reid, Wade Bradley, Randy Cowherd, Dan Gordon. ROW NINE: Ralph Chandler, Brad Burton, Paul Adam, Jeff Cook, Todd Benson. DORMS KEELY HOUSE ROW ONE: Jan Anderson, Celeste Garrett, Marilyn Remiger, Julie Johnson, Debbie Brown. ROW TWO: Thea Freels, Gymlyn Mulnix, Donna Prange, Susan DeGonia, Dr. Donna E. Phelps. ROW THREE: Janet Mennemeier, Janet Schulze, Caryn Lile, Jennifer Bradford, Lynn Tenhouse, Lynn Stichnote, Pam Emmerich, Great Jansen. ROW FOUR: Mindy Schowengerdt, Trudy Walton, Nancy Coyne, Cindy Deuser, Kristi Runk, Nancy Gingrich, Debbie Duepner, Debbie Thompson, De-De Cassmeyer, Cathy Davis, Jill Calvert, Maureen Gibbons, Valerie Stevens, Judy Waldman. MARMADUKE HOUSE ROW ONE: Chris White, Stephan T. Johnson, Bruce Hinterleitner, Jim Honon, Mack Davidson, Joe Kaiser. ROW TWO: Louis Botts, Erasmus T. Parrish, Thomas Chaffee, Mark Windmiller, Pete Weigel, Todd Shockley. ROW THREE: Mike Hayden, Dan Beeby, Sheldon McGruder, Randy Kline. ROW FOUR: C. R. Baize, Fryan Loughrige, Ralph Vossmeyer. MCGILL HOUSE ROW ONE: Linda Kollmeyer. Misako Nishio, Carole Gallipeare, Chris Custodio. ROW TWO: Robbie Patrick, Brenda Pohlmann, Linda McLean, Linda Jakovac, Kathy Signorino. ROW THREE: Cindy Abernathy, TJ. Meesy, Lynn Bock, Terri Silvus, Candy Sayles, Revi Wilde, Rivi Jurgensmeyer. ROW FOUR: Sheela Das, Jane Turnis, Laura Clasby, Sally Ball, Phoebe Merrifleld, Lynn Schneider, Marlena Shubert, Leanna Yager. ROW FIVE: Karen Kammermeyer, Janet Moellenbeck, Ellen Moss, Peggy Connelly, Beth Schneider, Robin Wuller, Linda Whited, Liz Bogart. ROW SIX: Karen Ball, Kelly Smith, Janet Daum, Laura Bousemann, Tracey Classen, Michelle Pollock, Diana Cooper. REED HOUSE ROW ONE: Dave Sternecker, Brian Brunner. Brian Waggoner, Mitch Fletcher, Paul Smith. ROW TWO: Scott Combs, Bill Port, Steve Overland, Kevin Stumpey, Tom McBride, David Mulnix. ROW THREE: Kevin Edwards, Hal Johnson, Ben Keller, Bob Mattern, Bob Stanley, Steve Hornung, Mark Zemelman. DORMS RUSSELL HOUSE ROW ONE: Mary Fredrick, Linda Goldman, Sharon Riley, Ruth Bankhead. ROW TWO: Letha Schulte, Susan Steams, Pam'cia Sellers, Jan Graves, Debby Rubinstein, Vickie Christofferson, Martha Schafer, Lori Doran, Tracy Casebolt. ROW THREE: Scarlett Richardson, Nancy Parrott, Baba Wawa, Raquel Welch, Debbie Fuenfhausen, Sheryll Lower, Elaine Kipf, Mar Grit L Ecuyer, Chris Leifleld, Laurie Engellrecht, Connie Ulrey, Kris Bullock, Jennifer Voit. SPENCER HOUSE ROW ONE: Mark Kalk, Doug Partridge, Willy Hoffman, Lonnie Vance, Kyle Foster, Jim Burlison. ROW TWO: Randy Paul, Jim Lanham, Paul Peterson, Doug Carpenter, Paul Marklin, Adam Goldman. ROW THREE: Janet Schulze, Steve Adams, Jon Drifley, David Prater, Randy White, Ned Shine, Russ Schultz, Stuan Skillington, John Cmtchtield, Kevin Morley. ROW FOUR: Kirk Fuemmeler, Jim Fox, David Schaefer, Matt Swanson, Anthony Vitale, Tim Wood, Steve Meyerhoff, Ron Leicht, Paul Heidbreder. ROW FIVE: Dean Nell, Brad Scott 111, Jake Skauby, Donald Meissen, Pat Byer, Craig Blum, Mitch Minoma, Philip Sommer, Scott Boyd. ROW SIX: Steve Rellihan, Craig Johnston, Bradley McClurg, Paul Norman, Doug Carmichael. STEWART HOUSE ROW ONE: Rob Milby, Greg Asmus, Gary Dohle, Francis Nom's, Leonard Rosenkrans, Dave Kist, David Volz, Michael J . Doll, Brad Henks. ROW TWO: Darryl McCullough, Scott Beyerl, Phil Green, Kris Lynch, Tim Levtwilcr, Mark Woltjen, Keith Cunningham, Chris Kientzal, Steven' Hammon, Doug Stark. ROW THREE: Mike Gardner, Mark Fischbach, Mark Hentchel, Jay Wisniewski, Lex Smith, David Racker, Doug Gerrard, Tim Shoveman, Larry Wieschhaus. ROW FOUR1' Jeff Ziegler, Chuck Lloyd, Scott Skelton, Richard Plackemeier, Eric Peters, Mark Smith, Bob Robinson, Jeff Miller, Tim Sullivan. STEPHENS HOUSE ROW ONE: Kathy Edwards, Debbie Judd, Melissa Winter, Nancy Jackson, Rhonda Wheeler, Michelle Aquino, Linda Holsten, Beth Tucker, JoAnne Slaughter, Jennifer Ottman. ROW TWO: Lorie Morris, Clare Innes, Cheryl Robison, Karen Held, Pat Constable, Stacia Hentz, Linda Miget, Lisa Pruett, Karen Wilke, Shelley Gerhart. ROW THREE: Catherine Beller, Laura Barton, Tina Mantel, Marge DeRosby, Barb Sutherland, Carolyn Kersting, Kelly Sallee, Elizabeth Shipmen, Wendy Crowley. ROW FOUR: T heresa Mantel, Sara Stewart, Helen Feldker, Mary Gaines, Joan McGrew, Jacque Ghere. DORMS STONE HOUSE ROW ONE: Jeff Schrenk, Paul Kaiser, Mike Scully, John Brake. ROW TWO: Mark Hayes, Bob Wasleski, Mike Murray, Bryce Watterson. ROW THREE: Jeff Swasey, Larry Cull, Ken Dugan, Scott Schultz, Kim Todd, Diana Gerlach, Steve Bacon. ROW FOUR: Stephen Shilling, Gerlad Haessig, James Taylor, Mark Vance, Tom Carpentier, Kelly Murphy, Debbie Deposki. ROW FIVE: Mike Morlan, Steve Condra, Steve Nickell. ROW SIX: Craig Behrnot, Bob Johnson, Dave Abbott, Bob Rapp, Carlos Palomino. ROW SEVEN: Keith Collins. ROW EIGHT: Bill Grotts, Tom Rackers, Ken Martin. ROW NINE: John Baumcher, Joe Blum, Robb Roberts, Jay Squires. WARE HOUSE ROW ONE: Tammy Krause, Marianne Rudi, Teresa Farkas. ROW TWO: Julie Hilker, Catherine Boyd, Susan West. ROW THREE: Thelma Knipp, Ann Ransom, Sue Werner. ROW FOUR: Melissa Brummel, Dilys Liu, Karen Enlow, Janet Brown, Carolyn Gordon. ROW FIVE: Jolene Strvebbe, Susan Baley, Carop Temmen, Kim Opie, Patricia Wright. ROW SIX: Monica Colombo, Lynne Beckerle, Jo Dils, Nancy Yaeger, Vera King, Diana Smith, Paula Helle, Mary Enowski. DORMS WILSON HOUSE ROW ONE: Debbie Rodekohr, Arlen Crouthers, Cecilia Reimler, Claire Welch, Jennifer Reed, Debbie Kruse, Debbie Porter. ROW TWO: Beth Mueller, Cheryl Moore, Paula Whiteside, Phyllis L. Martin, Cheryl Kueffer, Man'lyn N. Krueger, Laura Clarke, Vicky Zellmer. ROW THREE: Stephanie Swallow, Connie VanLefuwer, Susan Little, Sammy Dickeson, Annie Maher, Karen Wolfe, Rita Carpenter, Dana Sullivan, Gay Jones, Esther Laurens. ROW FOUR: Janet Fortney, Lois Sheets, Denise Bennett, Terry Lodwick, Cathy McElwee, Mary Frances Weber, Jeanne Wolff, Michelle Wasserman, Alice Brookman, Cheryl McLean, Terri Kaelen. ROW FIVE: Becky Stout, Becky Owenson, Imogene Hemeyer, Anita Newcomer, Sandi Bolback, Kathy Ellis, Cindy Morris. ZWICK HOUSE ROW ONE: Cheryl Campbell, Patty ORear, Janet Ritzie, Lisa Bradley, Val Mohler, Lisa Esswein, Laura Gross. ROW T W0: Janice Wheelehan, Adrienne Levin, Toni Peters, Anita Watkins, Judy Brahler, Diane Roach, Robin Mogelnicki. ROW THREE: Lisa Simmons, Connie May, Eileen Gerard, Lee Bonine, Carolyn Buell, Donna Erdbruegger, Elizabeth Bell. WILFLEY HOUSE ROW ONE: Kevin Concannon, Greg Land, ROW TWO: Rick Halter, Mark Printer, Bob Schneider. ROW THREE: Hensly Hall, Jeffrey Foster, Brian Cody, Mark Lichtenberg. ROW FOUR: Brad Batten, Mike Bracken, Mike Brown, Don Sinnott, Paul Larimore, Gary Williams. ROW FIVE: Tim Sida, Steve Walker, Matt Maschmeyer, Matt Laughland, Greg Strawhur, Jeff Pierson, Rick Wyatt. ROW SIX: Brent Solomon, Tom Elsbury, Tim Thompson, David Gledhill, Dave Pidgeon, David Hirtley, Harry Cope, David Maupin. ROW SEVEN: Jeff Knibb, Charlie Hildebrand, Rob Reese, Andy Impastato. ROW EIGHT: Doug Setthoff, John Guntley, Sheldon Spratt, Joe Mattingly, David Tague, Dave Schenk, Andy Port, Ed McClellan, Joe Schumacher, Mark Able, John Bax, Ted Gallup. 7ng .1mg'il I AG ECON CLUB ROW ONE: Powell Carman Reported Daniel Stock Greasurew, Judy llly $ecretaryL Curtis Grumke Wresidenn, Tom McMicflael Wice-Presideno, Ken B. Boggs Waculty Advisorl ROW TWO: Lisa Poirier, Scott Phillips, Bernadette Gerke, Ellen Neher, Roy Jumps, Sherry Smith, Julie Penrod. ROW THREE: Kelly Cook, Kent Hopper, Curt Brumley, Brant Dunn, Chris Knowlton, Brian Lester, Alan Bunch Gtudent Council Representativel ROW FOUR: Thomas R. Nelson, Roger Ehrich, Mike Mauzey. AG MECH CLUB ROW ONE: Dennis Laughlin WresidenD, Mark Heinta Wice-Presidenu, John Niewald $ecretaryL David Spurgeon Greasuren, Andy Trout 6cribel ROW TWO: Tom Howard, Joe Rattini, Stephen Wilson, Jay Hasheider, Gregory Young, Bill Hires Mdvisory ROW THREE: James C. Frisby Mdvisow, Bob Furgeson, Tim Sievers, Mark Nagel, Tom Stock, Tom Bowman, David Krueger, Brian E. Board. ALPHA CHI SIGMA ROW ONE: Mary Reaban, Grace Stafford, Eileen Schneider, Sun, Nancy Lewis, Garry Hinch, Phil Buckler. ROW TWO: Vicki Knight, Michael Copeland, Lynn Bemal, Barbara Wilhelm, Dick Giddings, Jen' Jurgensmeyer, Debbie Niederschulte. ROW THREE: Linus Pauling, Debbie Kedl, AI Schlundt, Janet Li, Mike Eller, Caroline Truss, Jim Pond, Brenda Bohnert. ROW FOUR: Brad Bolon, Bryce Short, Ed Berry, Jeff Knibb, Robbie Hopmann, Roben Butler, Dion Chavis, Paul Trentham, Celest Tarantino. ROW FIVE: Sharon Kent, Kent Rodgers, Linda Flieg, Jeff Will, Brenda Bunch Wresideno, Michael Whistler Master of Ceremoniesl ROW SIX: R. Kent Murmann. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF INTERIOR DESIGNERS ROW ONE: Nancy Seaman, Sydney Minor, Rose Ann Crowley, Louise Hclbig, Leon Redbone, Tim Waller, Carolyn Gamacue. ROW TWO: Bud Kaufmann, Pat Hilderbrand, Melinda Anderson, T im Brockmeier, Soc Hulen, Pam Hulen, Mr. Hennigh. ORGANIZATIONS ALPHA KAPPA PSI ROW ONE: Susan West, Mary Duff, Tim Schiller, Carolyn Bickford, Carole Gallipeau, Helena Chen, Lori Maurer. ROW TWO: Kathy Steele, Gem'e Kist, Mindy Bledsoe, Hal Johnson, Jan Placek, Sandy Spatafora, Joan Maness, Mary Stanford. ROW THREE: Sally Herring, Mark Higgins, Susan Montgomery, Susan Sadler, Will Mobley, Ed Engel, Jayne Buelt, Sara Schutte, Jenny Wilde, Lisa Jeffrey, Jan Sauder, Linda Whited, John Rieck. ROW FOUR: Pamela Buschman. Charles Gross, Patty Hastey, Lisa Flood, Bill Bolinger, Paul Sauchak, Craig Michalski, David Hamrick, Jeff Thayer, Janet Schnatzmeyer, Valerie Quist. ROW FIVE: Carolyn Kissel, Barb Pieper. ROW SIX: Michael Welch, Brian Hively, Cherie Cowgill, Jolene Struebbe, Brad Jurgenson, Jeff Brands, Laura Gorden, Elaine Allen, Jim Holtgrieve. Mark Kuster, Craig McArton. ORGANIZATIONS ARTS 8 SCIENCE STUDENT GOVERNMENT OFFICERS ROW ONE: Lynn Bemal Greasuren, Peggy Israel Wresideno, Virginia Cheatham 6ecretaryL ROW TWO: Jeff Skimming wommunications Directon, Jim Veltrop Wice-Presideno. ALPHA ZETA-AGRICULTURE HONORARY FRATERNITY ROW ONE: Mark Dahmer, Kim Lane, Pam Reed, John Sommer, Ed Stark, Mitchell Hale, Bill Kleiri, Tom Furgason, Sarah Geisert. ROW TWO: John Hummel, JoAnn Gerard, Gary Prange, Dan Yates, Jeff Werr, Ellen Neher, Peggy Heid, Sandy Schaefer, Bernadette Gerke. ROW THREE: Jim McClurg, Warren Sandwell, Dave Barthel, Karla Jenkins, Greg Hardin, Jetta Sherman, Jean Aholt, Kathy Vetter, Kent Cunningham, Kurt Krusekopf. ROW FOUR: Kathy Law, Marilyn Cummins, Cathy Skimble, Marla Dedert, Charlie Becker, Lise Poirier, Mike Neill, James Whetstine, Donald Han, Barry Kagay. ROW FIVE: Jennifer Finley, Unja Manin, Tom Rouse, Ginny Glenn, Debra Wiedmier, Gene Grellner, Alan Stephens, John Mill, Brent Baryfrele. ROW SIX: Connie Trokey, Keith Coble, Becky Baile, Tom Bowman, Andy Webb, Milton Feather Mdvison, Gary Slater, David Harris, Steve Howerton. BETA ALPHA PSI ROW ONE: Steve 6355, Steve Reaves, Dave French, Dave Pace, Don Walker, Steve Moyer, Bernie Williams. ROW TWO: Julie Ostmann, Karen Warren, Bob Hoffman, Eileen Huhmann, John Clymer, Jane Ziegler, Valerie Quist, Mike Koeppen, William Saracini, ROW THREE: Tim Andrews, Scott Leibowitz, Tom Weming, Ron Martin, Ron Henley, Brian Kartz, Marc Sarru, Kevin Cody, Dean Schultz, David L. Herzog, Sue Ann Holdmeyer. ROW FOUR: Nancy Cooper, Paul Schofer, Steve McPheeters. ORGANIZATIONS CAMPBELL- HARRISON ROW ONE: Karla Abel, Linda Mundwiller Wood PurchaserL Laura Fergusoh Membership Chain, Karen Sanburn $ocia1 Chairmanl ROW TWO: Lynn Gerber Greasuren, Tracy Taylor, Lise Reschke, Lee Ann Maxwell Wresideno, Karen Roth Wice-Presideno. ROW THREE: Joni Jacobson SecretaryL Michelle Dawson, Laura Perry, Joyce Lofstrom Housemothed, Susie Hatten Historiam. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETYlANGEL FLIGHT ROW ONE: Riesa Hohl, Capt. Barbara Bevins mdvisorL Lauren Reeder, Anne Potter, Janet Peterson, Lynn CarterfSharon T. LaRose, ROW TWO: Michael L. Ladaw, Dale R. Robertson, Diane Peterson, Ann Cash, Scarlett Richardson, Sara Myers, Kent Rouse. ROW THREE: Russ Wilson, Fran Dalton, Yvonne Farlay. ROW FOUR: Gary Welch, Tracy Rubick, Denise Austin, Kelly Sue Robb, Lon'e Austin, Joe Somerville. ROW FIVE: Mark Schroer, KatieKessinger, Marcia Mueller, Angel Stewan, Patti Kurlik, Barb Downing, Tom Dvorak. COLLEGE REPUBLICANS ROW ONE: Janice Wheelehan, Muffy Bryant, Doug Mom" Butler, Jane Gilbert. ROW TWO: Lisa Dale, Sara Lady Buy Bachtell, Reid Heine, Ann Evans, Rob Elam, Sue Geller, Jim Esslingcr. ROW THREE: Charles Shields, Jeffrey D. Byme, Bruce Singer, Mary Ann Mendenhall,'Bryan Forbis, Cash Kilby, Betsy Bohannon, Jan Placek. ROW FOUR: Kevin E. Copeland, David W. Barklage, Penny Nixon, Ken Long, Lisa Orf, Jackie McEntire, Laura Howell, Patty Becker. ROW FIVE: Ken Harrison, Rob Riesmeyer. wawzwwxxmmmmg M 5 7 mm ,, . M ORGANIZATIONS DELTA SIGMA PI ROW ONE: Norma Trachsel, Pam Plowman, Leslie Bauer, Kevin Brown, Chris Tobben, Mark Scheer. ROW TWO: Nancy Dill, Lisa Hitchcock, Jill Clark, Nanci Mentzer, Elizabeth Elsey. ROW THREE: Dru Hawken, Bonnie Graham, Mam Bresel, Bob Cejka, Jan Jackson. ROW FOUR: Julie Ford, Dave French, Jan Hollend, Lisa Iovino. ROW FIVE: Lynn Hirsch, John Lazarus, Sue Paley, Sue Werner. ROW SIX: Robert Hanupee, Scott Werner, Cindy Mizerny, David Voegtli. ROW SEVEN: Nancy Kaemmerer, Kathleen McHenry, Gregg M. Peterson, Ned Shine. ROW EIGHT: Pat Conboy, Jean Ohrvall, Steve Rasche, Jerry Echtemacht. ROW NINE: Laura Carter, Dave Pace, Marlg Matthews. ROW T EN: Ed Mitchell, Jan Shelton, Ron Hallf ROW ELEVEN: Ed King, Cheryl Hilgar, Sam Mejia. ROW TWELVE: Ken Warren, Karen Dale, Clay Grumke. ROW THIRTEEN: Kevin Monahan, Tim Wies,Jamie White, Marlow Kee. ROW FOURTEEN: Eileen Huhmann, Michael Gill, Diane Marxkors, James Huhn, Lisa Childs, Debra Taylor. ROW FIFTEEN: John Boettcher, Steve Warren, Angie Phillips, Steve Coghlan. DELTA GAMMA ANCHOR SPLASH Row One; Kyle Verwers, Mark Fauser, Jayne Evers, ROW TWO: Mary Christman, Becky Janner, Laura Faeth, Ann McKean. ROW THREE: Pam Haub, Kristi Younghanz, Susan Vowell. EDUCATION STUDENT COUNCIL ROW ONE: Terri Hamilton, Karan Speros, Karen Kirby, Elizabeth Hue. ROW TWO: Karla Feldhacker, Joan Manchester, Karen Herrick, Jill Steckelberg, Michael Friedlein, Stephanie Reed, Ruthy Rosenbaum. SEATED: Meghan McSkimming, Chris Pemberton, Juana Yvette Bumpus, Michael Coleman. FRONT BENCH: Joann Robey, Kathi Boothby, Janet Sue Kramer, Cynde Brooks. STANDING: Sherry Kaiser, Kelley Reiter, Ann Edwards, Charlie Smirl, Tem' Hesskamp, Molly Konh, Ray Alonzo, Mindy Resnick, John Schumacher, Robyn Wagner, Stephanie Gentsch. ENGINEERS' CLUB ROW ONE: Dave Thiru, Linda Swofford, Vicki Bannett, Sara Franklin, Keith Negri, Vicki Gentry, Grace Anne Bueford, Dean Peters, Greg Clizer, Rick Lavelock. ROW TWO: Ron French, Gervis L. Abernathy, Dave Fleming, Al Murray, Steve Homung, Howard Harris, Robert Stoecklein, Michelle Morris, Debbie Stumpff, Bob Menzel, Brad Babcock. ROW THREE: Jim Diederich, Gary Schurck, Scott Springli, Bob L. Carmichael, Michael L. Ladaw, Tom Costello, Randy Rehagen, Tom Davis, Clifford Oswald. ROW FOUR: Rod Thrailkill, Randy Elloitt, Mike S. Kraz, Ted R. Osbum, Dennis E. Stepanek, Steve Overland. ROW FIVE: Brent Hower, Bob Lambrechs, Angelo Speno, Mark Menefee, Tim Edwards, Scott Wright, David H. Miller, Greg Ringkamp. FARM HOUSE LITTLE SISTERS Joe Hayden mime Sister Coordinaton, Jane Page, $ecretaryL Toni Middleton Wice-Presideno, Lori Dahmcr 60cia1 Chaironex Amy Iman Greasuren, Marsha West $argeant of ArmsL Sarah Mannigel WresidenO, ROW TWO: Michelle Stephenson, Julie Gerfer, DeAnn Toliver, Beth Mueller, Vichy Zellmer, Janet Wilde, Debbie Spencer, Janice Welter, Shirley Jones, Lori Doran, Dave Butterly. ROW THREE: Kathy Law, Annetta Howland, Kim Wiley. ROW FOUR: Sandy Hinds. ROW FIVE: Kim Lane, Ellene Stoecklein. ROW SIX: Rose Anne Henson, Shawn Forrest. ROW SEVEN: Tina Gilbert, Susan Kohoutek, Elizabeth Dampf. ROW EIGHT: Kyme Clinton, Ellen Penner. ROW NINE: Darla Hall, Jeri Jurgensmeyer. ROW TEN: Lynn Rockwood, Jeannine Bax, Sally Herring. $2 JUST SINGERS ROW ONE: Dennis Warden, Paulette Le Claire Gecretaryfrreasuren, C. Michelle Adams, Sandy Falloon, Stephen Schimke Wisteriam, Grace Jones, Mark A. Jennings Wresideno, Carol Wilde, Jeffrey L. Scruggs, Denise Jennings. ROW TWO: Sharon Thomson, Sue Werner, Tim Flachsban, Karen Peters, Mark Adams mirecton, Julie Binger, Tom Rice, Coni Arnold. ROW THREE: John White, Tammy Jerashen, Phillip Bryant, Trudy Moore Qianisn, Bill Stalder, Karen Albers, Mark L. Smith Wice-Presideno. INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL ROW ONE: Steve Pinkerton, Glen Callanar, Pat Miller, Michael Jones, Lee Marshall. ROW TWO: Jamey Underhill, Eric Buchmann, David Poskin, Joe Bartmess, Jim Clodfelter, Wm. Q. Singleton, Bruce A. Kirk, Don E. Hanlon, Robert Caffrey, Thomas Steele, Steve Fainaru, David Klang. ROW THREE: Chris Myers, Chris Weinzirl, Buddy Muir, Tim Cox. Karl Kunkel, Kevin Roberts, Brian Lester, Oscar Hampton, Rick Leibovich, Steve Muckerman, Chris Mykrantz, Ken Hick, Michael Wilcox, Craig Mohler, Gary Luebbering. ROW FOUR: David Winslon,Greg Johnson, Kenneth Chinsky, Kent Hopper, Barry Goldberg, Ted Barr, Terry Langley, Keith Coble, Bill Glenn, Joe Haslag, Bob Murdock, EJ. Ehrhart, Glen Ehrhardt, Mark Weaver, Kent Knabe, Mark Troester, Eric S. Krugh. ROW FIVE: Mark Schmidtlein, Mike Reinmund. IFC EXEC BOARD Gregg Larson mhief JusticeL Alan Reser Secretarw, Shaun Hayes Wresidenn, Steve Pinkerton Wice-Presideno, Gordon Thomas Rush Chairmam, Bernie Otten Hreasuren. Pl OMICRON SIGMA ROW ONE: Paul Schofer, David Winston, Steve Pinkerton, Russ Paton, Glen Callanan, Doug Milford, Thom Steele. ROW TWO: Dan Willinsky, Mike Reese, Craig Hovda, Kevin Robens, Karl Hunkel, Mark Troester, Paul Norman. ROW THREE: Shaun Haye, Buddy Muir, Craig Moehler, Mark Schmittling, Bob Murdock, Mike Rheinman. ORGANIZATIONS MIZZOU 4-H ROW ONE: Tami Briggs, Nancy Sudsberry, Carolyn Schallen, Jeff Fahrmeier, Diane Doland. Man'lyn Waller. ROW TWO: Anne Turner, Karen Loyd, Carla Jerome, Brenda Hall, Donna Mudd, Marcia Clements, Karen Wolfe. ROW THREE: Allan Smith. Janet Wolf, Dave Hileman, Joni Campbell, J .D. Russell, Sheryl Hickman, Rita Prindiville. ; L KAPPA ALPHA MU ON GROUND: Roberta Burnett, Lynn Fiscus, Manny Crisostomo Wice Presidenn. , ' STANDING AND JUMPING: Anita : ' Henderson, Brian Smith WresidemL Tom Heine, John Hartman. Simon Bagelman, Paula Nelson, Murray Koodish, Tom Reese, Elane Breedlove, Robbit Rogers, Stuart Rose. Leon Hsiao, Doug Whitaker, Karl Cates, Jim Balmer Secretary-Treasuren. Charlie Leight, Steve Liang Gaiwan Bureau ChiefL Manuel Lopez, Charles Hayter. OMICRON DELTA KAPPA ROW ONE: Sue Werner, Karen Emmons, Marsha West, Lynn Bernal, Mary Gaye Flemge, Lou Ann Frala, Robbie Patn'ck. ROW TWO: Kathy Murray, Dawn Robinson, Jann T. Carl, Mary Beth Ponte, Jayne Evers, Liz Sadd, Jack W. Morgan. ROW THREE: Jim Erlinger, Edward Whitehead, Robert Selsor, Keith Young. MANEATER BUSINESS STAFF ROW ONE: Mark Goodman, Joe Bitzer. ROW TWO: Lori Stipp, Teri Holmes, Kathy Murray, Adrienne Levin, Allison Miller, Rob Riggins, Marcia Conron. ROW THREE: R. Scott Guthrie, Joyce Paull, Elsa Johnson, Chad Carroll, Rex Cone. ROW FOUR: Marianne Bellinger, Alex Brandon, Laura Neuman. 1 ; ,Mr .QM,WW ....... wwd MANEATER STAFF ROW ONE: Janine Latus, Laura Neuman. ROW TWO: Michele Kenner, Jane Meacham Marla Dorfman, Renee Baemstein, Chad Carroll. ROW THREE: Elsa Johnson, Todd Copilevitz, Sue Clotfelter, Allison Milfei ROW FOUR: David Bloom, BryanBurrough, Gary Graff, Annie-Laude Blair, Paula A. Poda, Janice Hume. ROW FIVE: Bob Burchett, Don Cazentre, Maureen Fitzsimmons, Gary Allen. ROW SIX: Daryl Kannberg, Mike Reilly, Brad Lehman, Mitch Boretz. ROW SEVEN: Chuc Finder, Phil Bledsoe. 1 S N nlu T. A E N A G R O MANEATER Groucho Marx Clone, Don Cazentre, stares aimlessly into space to Cooke" up a few quotes for another in-depth expose. Maneatcr Iackey and personal scribe to Bryan Ga. h$ SOAEEEK f. ' ' , Burrough, Mltch Boretz, rewrites yet anohter 2' m; . QM - J uueNRx'?Sf.-UQE . , v , V. Dlgest scoop. w", mbwuwi Mmevemsm w ' - , . , L . ,inN! xx"; u-vwwum. E g r a n T m mmlh wocogxuu A 5+unp czvr n 54w:- mgssounf In a reenactment of a little known Marx Brothers movie, A Night at the Maneaterf Michele Kenner, Gary Allen, and Bob Burchett pay homage to the light table hoping the roof will cave in before deadline. MARCHING MIZZOU ROW ONE: Bob James, Neal Paton, Cindy Pflieger, Su Hiltabidle, Sheila Thornton, Lu Hiltabidle, Charlotte Thornton. ROW TWO: Sharon Schiller. Ed Barbour, Tammy Retler, Chelle Provin, Kathleen Zepp, Debbie Duffey. ROW THREE: Glen Robinson, Rick Brothers, Mark Thomas, Lewis Keathley, Barbara Bedsworth, Julie Chapel, Val Crawford. ROW FOUR: Bill Bell, Lynda Anders, David Gledhill, Matt Mixer, Georgia Joiner, Jane Blazek, Liz Shipman, Nancy Swiney, Craig Dunajcik, Tina Mantel, Steve Bauer. Carol Reed, Craig Davis, Carol Holmes. ROW FIVE: David Opperman, Dave Galati, Mark Baganoff, Cindy Ott, Jill Schneider, Larry Lanier, Roberta Hopmann, Rick Waldo, Rich Plackemeier, LeAnn Davis, Cunis Shaw, Jennifer Reed, Sherry Sunde. ROW SIX: Elsa Johnson, Kelsey Clark, Kevin Beougher, Randy Cotter, Tom Mueller, Greg Schroer, Charlie Carey, Lisa Finck, Lynn Alrutz, Kathryn Williams, Scott Frumhoff, Jeff Zumsteg. ROW SEVEN: Kim Gutermuth, Bill Nahlik, Anne Bakich, Gerald Haessig, Rex Cone, JelT Anderson, Bob Spellmeyer, Becky DeSplinter, Chris McReynolds, Jim MacMorran, Jana Sisler, Richard Kurz, Dyanne Poos, Tom Welsh, Allison Miller, Chad Carroll. ROW EIGHT: Phil Kaveler, Andy Kendig, John Armstrong, Scott Marquardt, Susan Rich, Kirk Wuestling, James Macy, Ronda Cole, Joan Dalzell, Paul Hauser, Jeff Tedrow. ROW NINE: Robin Burrough, Rob Riggins, Laura Neuman, Mark Thurlo, Eric Erb. , ?fgxff? ; gfiw w , ? llllpy. X WW!" I ,12142; w, $995??? . WWWMM IIS RT UN E mo BU Mg C E X E N m TI M C O S S A Gail Snider GSD Directon, Stacy Kottman UPresulenO mSI DirectorL r. e t t u m 1h e P d E xi, 4... n e M S e r. P e .m V 1 r e n .n h S e V a D S N m T A Q. N A G R O WI 4, ,I.m., i4 pkg , V q' uvaqu-Iwm PANHELLENIC ROW ONE: Carrie Bishop, Sally Hall Wresideno, Arlene Ketterer Recording SecretaryL Barb Morris. ROW TWO: Sharon Crossette, Tracy Clizer, Caren Zickert Corresponding SecretaryL Lise Poirier. ROW THREE: Debbie Courtway, Karen Emms, Margy Harris Mdvisorl ROW FOUR: Colleen Fitzpatrick, Julie Boyle, Michelle Sapienza, Julie Perry, Susan Smith. ROW FIVE: Laura Schlapprizzi, Margie Katz, Julie Striegel, Bonnie Shobe, Nancy Manring, Laura Faeth. ROW SIX: Cathy Svehla, Vicki KnightrFaith Greenberg, Kim Barbeau. ROW SEVEN: Kathy Huber, Cathy Schandler, Diana Dobbs, Lisa Lafargue. 3:!!!" 3:? ORGANIZATIONS PHI UPSILON OMICRON ROW ONE: Marry Trotta Student Council RepresentativeL Leslie Nimer Corresponding SecretaryL Karen Striker Historiam, Melanie Moemmann Greasuren, Tricia Henderson Recording Secretaryy ROW TWO: Alicia Pohlmann, Wice-Presideno, Karen L. Moore Wresideno, Denise Jewell mhaplaim. ROW THREE: Kelly Sue Robb, Michele Petschel, Missy Wolters, Paula Lousha, Becky Pflug, Joyce Lofstrom, Barbara Given, Elaine Wolfenbarger, Cheryl Kee, Sharman Collins, Sandi Bolbock, Debbie Logan, Kathy McCreight, Mary Beth Curotte. ROW FOUR: Barb Minalevich, Jan Engleberg, Yolanda Engaet, Diane Clarkson, William Swan, Dawn Gentry, Bonme Strolse, Debbie Wellman, Melissa Naylor, Sue Einspanier, Joyce Dunlap, David Meinz, Penny Chitwood, Susan Deathe, Carol Glemke. NATIONAL SOCIETY OF PERSHING RIFLES ROW ONE: Michael Aldridge, Dave Gallego, Gayle Dougherty, Bill Fauks Girst Seargeano, Alan Ray, Jeri Bretthorst, Mark Jebens. ROW TWO: Teresa Matthews wperations OfflcerL Sharon LaRose, Bruce Boaz Ginance OfficerL Gary Welch, Tom Carpentier, Andrea Ammons, Klaashia Manin, Duane Porch mrill Team Commanden, Luis Roque, Robin Hagerty mommanden, Cpt. Patrick McMillon Mdvison. ROW THREE: Cynthia Compton Mdjutano, James Miner, Jeffrey Burk 6upply Offlcen, Joseph Booth Executive Offlcen, David Saller Qledge Trainen, Leisa Martin, Mike Mullins, Barry Matthews, Ehrich Rose. PRE-MED CLUB ROW ONE: Celeste Tarantino, Brenda Bohnert, Cyndi Hoover, Lee Bruning, John Wipfler, Janette R. Kuschel. ROW TWO: Phillip Mallow, Bernie Effertz, Jeff Cartwright, Cynthia Roderique, Mark Turrentine, Marilyn Strader, Kent Wehmeier. ROW THREE: Mark Bagby, Dianne Coomes, Jack Dodson, Jeff Tedrow, Peggy Latare, Scott Tanner, Lynn Bruning. ROW FOUR: Kari Langston, Betty Noll, Jane Rines, Theresa McMahon, Nancy Clore, Tom Davis, Nikhilanand Hiremath, Greg Vandever, Behdad Behnia. ROW FIVE: David Baldwin, Colette Schmidt, Brian Skrainka, Guy, Other, Jim Humphrey, Dave Butterly, Anitha Marisiddaiah. ROW FIVE: Mark Sindecuse, Gary DuMontier, Charles S. Pewitt, Gerry Garoutte, fames Biddle. QEBH ROW ONE: Brian Johnson, Dana Schultz, Bob Copenhaver, Reggy Israel. ROW TWO: Nathan Marcus, Dr. Walter Johnson, Gail Snider, Kathy Murray, Sonya Steptoe. ROW THREE: Dave Skinner, Mark Famen, Joe Johnston, Janet Leuthold, Heather Heidlebaugh. ' SIGMA TAU GAMMA ROW ONE: David Summers, Andy Boumeuf, Chris Kientzel, Rob Milby, Paul Ayers. ROW TWO: Bill Leightner, Randy Cole, Mike Genthon, Dave Diggs, C. Michael Clark, Jay Wisniewski, Cary Eades, Dan Tevis. ROW THREE: Dale Mallinckrodt, Mark Benson, Kent Bader, Stephens Parsons, Larry Lee, Micahel Gray. ROW FOUR: William O. Cleeton, Mark Beard, Chris Wagner, John Leightner, Mike Collins, Dan Downing. min? Lance Brazeale, Ross ! Dave Nickols, Greg White, Jeff Day, Warren Boles, Brian Pulliam. ROW FOUR: Bill Ernie Staashelm, Bruce Jassup, Steve Miller Kruse, Doug Thomas Barnes, John Williams, Robert Compton, ROW THREE: Rick T rimble, Pat Barley, Bill Luff, John McCrory, Paul Eagan, Jack vFlicken. ROW TWO: George Monk, Stephen ROW ONE: Keith Dietzschold, Alan Harrell, RUF-NEX meeonul 7 S N m T A E N A G R O STUDENT ACTIVITIES BLUES, JAZZ 8i FOLK COMMITTEE Dan J Barb Kleinschmidt , ROW ONE: Maureen Newman $ Ivan, Mary 8111! Denise Buchheister, Laura Wacker s England ROW Mary Beth Ponte, $ Myron Williams Betsy Conde wo-ChaironeL TWO' Barbara Scott. STUDENT ACTIVITIES FILMS COMMITTEE Elizabeth Elsey, Robert Deyermond im J 9 Scott Hoffman Mike Ward, 3 wo-ChaironeJ , J effrey Byme. Waterhouse STUDENT ACTIVITIES POP CONCERTS COMMITTEE ROW ONE: Sue angard, Ben Verhagen, Marti Bressee, Kim Walsh. ROW TWO: Michelle Wheeler, Madeleine Osberger, Andy Solomon, Tom Lemley, Mark Scheer, Cathi Bott, Steve Monaco. ROW THREE: Scott Jenkins, Jim Baggot, Jane Ponte, Andy Jamieson, Russell Perry, Chris Brown, Mike Kivett mo-ChaironeL Allison Bryson mo-Chaironey STUDENT ACTIVITIES PROGRAMMING BOARD ROW ONE: Rich Noll Ginance CoordinatorL Lori Lindstrom mirecton, ROW TWO: Kathy Murray QR Coordinaton, Nathan Marcus Mssistant Directory awwwgv.M.M-u -oov-duuxwuwuu , STUDENT ACTIVITIES SPEAKERS COMMITTEE ROW ONE: Mindy Matthews, Timothy Green, Karen Enlow, Stasia Cardoso, Sara Snelling. ROW TWO: Randy Price, Mike Ward, John Gilman, Lisa Bimbach, Jim Cunningham, Jennifer Bryant. ROW THREE: Todd Mudd, Barb Rehm, Ted Barr. STUDENT ACTIVITIES THEATER COMMITTEE ROW ONE: Scott Hoffman. ROW TWO: Carolyn Lock, Mike Ward, Jane Meacham, Michele Kenner. ROW THREE: Stacia Hentz, Pamela Thomas, Gail Cohen, Lynn Vinyard. ROW FOUR: Wade Lambert, Lori Hirose, Lisa Rosenbloom, Nancy Raisher, Faith Greenberg. ROW FIVE: Dianne Riley, Debbie Basnett, Sharon Hill, Rebecca Baldwin. Keith Young mo-chaironeL Joanne Canney, Karen Johnson, Jerry Echtemacht mo-chaironey COMMITTEE S TE N..T. mw UT C HA ME: n VVQVQwQ TRAVEL STUDENT FOUNDATION EXECUTIVE BOARD ROW ONE: Crystal Anglen, Helen Mueller. ROW TWO: Jina Robertson, Peggy Israel. ROW THREE: Phil Sprague Secretaryl'rreasurew, Lisa Revare, Jane Gilbert, Mark Zemelman Qresideno. ROW FOUR: Claudia Kauffman, Colleen Fitzpatn'ck, Mike Hackleman, Stan Specker, Jane Satterlie. ROW FIVE: George Labelle, Carrie O Rourke, Kyle French, Bob Hines, Gretchen Myers Wice-Presideno. STUDENT FOUNDATION SUPPORT GROUP ROW ONE: Tammy McDougal, Tracy Clizer, Courtney Long. ROW TWO: Carel Carr, Kathy Back, Paula Reser. ROW THREE: Scott Debandt, Thomas Mueller, Mark Zemelman Qresident-Student Foundatiom. ROW FOUR: Keith Horak, Robert Deyermond. A ,-.,md.wmw "?,. A ORGANIZATIONS SIGMA ALPHA MU LITTLE SISTERS ROW ONE: Donna Smith, Barb McGuire, Nancy Stabler Qresideno, Jim Mertens mittle Sisters Representativex Susan Koenigsdorf Wice-Presideno, Dina Pellegrin, Beth Shiverdecker Greasurerl ROW TWO: Sandy E. Jones, Denise M. Meyer, Lisa DeToro, Stephanie Kemp, Cheri Correll. ROW THREE: Nancy Schweigerdt, Tina Harris, Claire Welch, Elsie Farrow, Tom Levinson mittle Sisters Co-Chairmam. SMTA ROW ONE: Ann Moyers wresideno, Noreen Ellwood, Karin Leaver Wublic RelationsL Madalyn Belcher, Lynn Rumple Wublic Relations; ROW TWO: Teresa Tharp Wublic RelationsL Cheryl Burchfxeld, Sherry Walther Social Chairmaro, Chris Walsh Secretaryl TIGER LINE ROW ONE: Bob Oh Baby" Spellmeyer, Kurt Swit Switters, Randy Grumbier" Cotter, Lewis Banger Keathley. ROW TWO: David Gumby Opperman, Jim Slammer MacMorran, David Hammer" Gledhill, Scott Thruster ' Frumhoff. Bill Homey" Nahlik. THIRD ROW: Becky Sissy" Gardner, Allison Mommy" Miller. UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI HOME ECONOMICS ASSOCIATION WMHEM ROW ONE: Kathy McCreight, Maureen Thomas, Diane Schwanze, Susan Deathe, Nancy Hegeman, Cari POpe. ROW TWO: Charlotte Wagster, Paula Lousha, Vicky Zellmer, Tori Hess, Susan Degonia, Susan Carlson, Tami Briggs, Alicia Pohlman. ROW THREE: Tonya Swiney, Paula Helle, Donna Mae Croghan, Melanie Moentmann, Vicki Loos, Barbara Lane, Sue Einspanier. .,. -. 483 a .ll! a "f 1 x u 7.? x rlvAlns i; v. v ill: All 1. ' .shxvy . .. . ;,.cv.... 5 . nx x.m$xxe..!amww ,k uCockatoos" r. J a m e mm a H n a V k .m D "Tree Swing" 484 .lt? vvkvrix E511 :l'wix airj Meg McKinney ij vi, u a e n U r P e .uln M y b s O t 0 h P u ' .9, .7! . q i L- Nagha Mavea Bram MM w. n .m K c M 9 e M ModelIing Light" Mike Pruneau Leon J.C. Hsiao a t a n O S t h .m. n U 3 Pruneau 491 ns w 0 d a h S r e m m U 3 492 MP. 11,4.qu , V . . LMMUWJ$1341.2xuuwaz: anqwmunamann i 1. K ; A fr 250:5 Vt - . .7. ..,..M . "n Brian Smith 493 Tom Reese Lap Sit" 494 x; ; v : z 5: I l :2. :K-V.vv.lyxl, O m 0 t S O .m r C V. n n a M "Food Fight" Dm Reese ..,K.;;,sz$w maxmwnmwrm Ann H. Wen-Chang 497 Abbott, David 174, 442 Abbott, John 403 Abel, Karla 450 Abcln, Suzanne 174 Abernathy. Cynthia 439 Abernathy, Gervis 456 Abkemeier, Mark 411 Able, Mark 445 Abncy, Anne 383 Abramovitz. Gail 365 Abramson, Barbara 339 Absheer, Tamela 377 Abu E1 Shaor, Mushil 174 Adam, Marcia 174 Adam, Paul 437 Adams, Brenda 174 Adams, Michelle 141. 456 Adams. Mark 434, 456 Adams, Mary 433 Adams, Michael 174 Adams, Shelley 360 Adams, Steven 440 Adams, Wayne 174 Abbington, Terry 422 Adkins, Timothy 379 Adler, Jill 174 Adler, Lee 424 Adran, Edmond 174 Adrian, John 367 Agron, Gerri 339 Agrusa, Sherri 419 Ahcam, Kerry 357 Ahlman, Penny 383 Akin, Tina 360 Akscntijevich, Susan 174 Albers, Karen 456 Albin, Carolyn 347 Albright, Janet 385 Alcom, John 174 Alden, Douglas 375 Alderman, James 391 Alderman. Donald 391 Aldridge, Michael 470 Alewel, Randy 375 Alexander, Curtis 174 Alexander, Jeffrey 371 Allen, Gary 463. 465 Allen. Geneva 174 Allen, Jennifer 377 Allen, Susan 174 Allen, Thomas 428 Allender, Rebecca 419 Allersmeyer, Susan 434 Allgaier, Catherine 174 Alli, Yussuf 302, 303 Allison, Mary 427 Alonzo, Raymond 174, 455 Alrutz, Lynn 436, 466 Alspach, Sarah 433 Allizer, Sue 377 Aitobelli, Charles 174 Alumbaugh, Kimberly 381 Amann, Cynthia 429 Amann, Nancy 422 Ammons, Andrea 470 Amos. Christopher 174 Amuta, Gershon 174 Anders. Lynda 466 Anderson, Art 174 Anderson, Bradley 174. 437 Anderson, Carol 383 Anderson, Charles 422 Anderson, Connie Anderson, Cynthia 174 Anderson, Gayle 296-299 Anderson, Gwen 433 Anderson, Jan Adele 438 Anderson, Jeffery 466 Anderson, Jody 174 Anderson, Joel 174 Anderson, John 174 Anderson, Laura 399 Anderson, Lisa 363 Anderson, Melinda 447 Anderson. Phillip 407 Anderson, Susan 174, 385 Anderson, Valerie 174 Andre, Michael 174 Andrew, Scott 341 Anglen, Crystal 478 Ansel, Stephanie 175 Antonie, Craig 413 Appel, Adn'enne 175 Appelbaum, Jeffrey 417 Appleby, Timothy 175 Applegate, David 403 Applegate, Debra 436 Appleton, Helen 365 Aquino, Michelle 441 Archambault, David 367 Archambault. Gregg 403 Arens, Kimberly 175 Argyropoulds, Michelle 422 Arky, Jeffrey 341 Armanees. Deborah 335 Armstrong. John 466 Amaud, Renee 175 Arnold, Coni 457 Arnold, Craig 434 Arnold, Stephen 175 Arnold, Karla 381 Arnold, Timothy 351 Arras, Luanne 347 Arraud, Renee 399 Arri, Theresa 423 Anz, Cynthia 436 Aselman, Suzanne I75. 347 Ash, Debra 175 Askinosie, Shawn 355 Asmare, Tamene 175 Asmus, Greg 441 Astes, Randy 409 Aston, Kenneth 391 Astroth, Elizabeth 419 Astroth, Laurie 419 Atkin. Dianne 436 Atkins, Julie 175 Aulgur, Gayla 383 Ausmus, James 351 Austin, Denise 452 Austin. Lorie 399. 452 Austin, Michael 175 Avant, Denise 175 Aver, Tom 349 Ayers, Ralph 175 Ayers, Kristy 175 Ayers, Paul 472 Babak, Khosrow 175 Babcock, Norman 456 Bacak, Walter 175 Bachofer, Patrick 351 Bachtell, Sara 383, 453 Back, Kathy 381, 479 Back, Kristy 381 Backer, Carolyn 175 Backues, Lyndcll 424 Bacon, Steven 442 Baden, Lawrence 417 Bader. Kent 472 Badstebner, Gary 175 Baer, Andrew 175 Baernstein, Renee 463 Baganoff, Mark 466 Bagby, Nick 391 Baggot, Jim 475 Bagheri, Rocksana 427 Baile, Rebecca 175 Bailey, David 353 Bailey, Jeffrey 175 Bailey, Lynn 349 Baize, Christopher 438 Baker, Barbara 433 Baker, Cheryl 175 Baker, Cynthia 175 Baker, Donald 345 Baker, Jerry 175 Baker, Leslie 426 Baker, Norma 423 Baker, Robert 403 Bakich, Elizabeth 466 Balachowski, James 359 Baldwin, Lon 389 Baldwin, Rebecca 476 Bales, Corwin 405 Bales, William 424 Baley, Susan 443 Ball, Brooks 397 Ball, Karen 439 Ball, Sally 360. 439 Balmer. James 460 Balota, Mike 397 Balzer, Roland 175 Baker. David 175 Bammann. Donna 433 Bangert, Karen 431 Bankhead, Ruth 440 Barbeau, Kimberly 419. 469 Barbeau. Mark 401 Barber, Claire 175 Barber, Kent 355 Barbour, Edward 466 Bardgett, Mary 335 Bare. Jane 436 Baris, Robert 417 Barker. David 343 Barklage. David 453 Barks, Melissa 175 Barnard, Carol 175 Barnes, Kenneth 333 Barnes, Stephen Dean 343 Barnes, Stephen Douglas 473 Barnett, Charles 409 Barnett. Christopher 367 Barr. Jeffrey 459, 476 Barr, Ted 403 Barrack. Rita 175 Barringer, Tammy 383 Barron, Jeanne 360 Barry, Alan 175 Barry. Barbara 429 Barry, Candace 377 Barry, Gregory 379 Barry. Lynn 173 Barsh, Kerri 360 Bartell, Carol 175 Banels. Linda 175 Bartholic, Lesley 433 Bartmess, Joseph 173. 355, 359 Bannett, Victoria 176. 456 Barton, Laura 441 Barton, Suzanne 176 Basnett, Debbie 363, 476 Basnett, Helen 360 Bastin, Bob 375 Bathe, Bruce 401 Batten, Bradley 445 Bauer, Dennis 437 Bauer, Kevin 403 Bauer. Leslie 454 Bauer. Melissa 377 Bauer, Nancy 176, 347 Bauer, Steve 466 Baumchen, John 442 Baumgarth. Randul 397 Bausch. Patricia 176 Bax, Jeannine 456 Bax, John 445 Baynham, Diana 399 Beacham. Scott 405 Beal, Wendy 423 Beam, Calvin 510 Beamcr, Daniel 379 Bean, Karen 335, 433 Beard, John 472 Beasley, Grant 343 Beasley, Keith 387 Beaty, Melissa 176 Beaty, Terri 176 Becht, Meri 337 Beck. Daniel 379 Beck, Gregory 411 Beck, Janice 357 Beck, Matthew 424 Becker, Charles 343 Becker, Cherl 365 Becker, Dianne 176 Becker, Patricia 176, 453 Beckerle, Lynne 443 Beckmann, Brian 409 Beckmann, Patrick 401 Bedswonh, Barbara 466 Bedsworth, Brian 424 Beeby, Daniel 438 Beene, Philip 411 Beene, Robert 411 Beerman, Tom 373 Beers. James 176 Begemann, Brett 345 Begemann, Julie 176 Beger, Jean 345 Beggs, Cameron 345 Bcggs, Douglas 345 Beglcy, Allison 385 Begnaud, Michael 367 Behringer, Elizabeth 383 Behmdt, Craig 442 Beil, William 409 Beilfcss, John 369 Belcher, Christopher 403 Belcher, Madalyn 480 Belisle, Robert 176 Bell, Brewster 407 Bell, Carla 339 Bell, Dorothy 437 Bell, Elizabeth 399, 444 Bell, Mary Grace 426 Bell, Pamela 176 Bell, Shari 381 Bell, William 466 Bellem. Todd 369 Beller, Catherine 441 Bellinger, Marianne 462 Bellinghausen, James 434 Bellis, Kirk Anthony 375 Beltranena, Pedro 387 Belzey, Rebecca 383 Benack. Robyn 176 Benage, Ann 385 Bender, Susan 433 Bene. Mary 427 Benedict, Nancy 385 Benne, Saab 377 Bennet, Martin 405 Bennett, Denise 444 Bennett, J. Scott 176 Bennett, Larry Douglas 434 Benson, Karla 176 Benson, Mark 472 Benson, Susan 381 Benson, Todd 437 Bentele, Mark 393 Beougher, Kevin 466 Bequette, Debra 247 Berg, Robert 417 Bergenzer. Theresa 337 Berger, David 389 Berger, Kevin 341 Bergh. Jacklyn 176 Berich. Kevin 367 Berliner, Sheri 365 Bern, Melinda 436 Bemal. Lynn 176, 450, 460 Bemdt, Carl III 176 Berry, Curtis 162, 264. 269. 270. 276, 277 Berry, Edward 437, 447 Berry. Gregory 434 Berry, Kevin 367 Berryman, Karen 424 Henchman. Kevin 341 Bertels. Phil 353 Bertram, Mark 176, 353 Berulti, Lynne 383 Bess, Karen 176, 335 Bettendorf. Julia 431 Betts, M. Dean 80 Betz, Shcrrel 422 Beutler, Sandra 436 Beutler, Steve 389 Beyer, Richard 176 Beycrl. Scott 441 Bick, Steven 176 Bickley, Jane 176, 399 Bien, Cathy 176 Bierach, Julie 383 Binger, Julie 457 Bingham, David 403 Binz. Michael 387 Bird. Kerry 363 Birmingham, Troy 371 Birsinger, Michele 176 Bishop, Carrie 419, 469 Bishop, Daniel 176 Bishop, David 176 Bishop, T. Keith 428 . Bittcrman, Jennifer 176 Bittner, Jim 411 Bitzer, Joseph 462 Black, Renae 429 Blades, Becky 176 Blair, Annie-Laurie 365, 463 Blair, Brett 409 Blair, Julie 381 Blair, Kenneth 241 Blair, Leslie 176 Blair, Tracey 381 Blake, Joseph 341 Bland, Denise 399 Blankenship, Cindy 176, 363 Blanton, Amy 176 Blanton, Laura 383 Blase, Michael 176 Blaylock, Jeffrey 351 Blazek, Jane 466 Blessing, Carolyn 335 Blinder, Karen 339 Blinder, Robin 176, 365 Bliss, Ann 427 Blochberger, Tina 427 Block. Julie 424 Bloess, Susan 399 Bloom, David 403, 463 Blosser, Brian 176, 428 Blossfeld, Betsy 433 Blum, Craig 440 Blum, Joseph 442 Blum, Linda 357 Blum, Tamara 383 Blume, Jeff 434 Blunk, Dennis 375 Board, Brian 446 Boatright, Deborah 431 Boaz, Bruce 470 Bobnar, Joseph 434 Bock, Lynn 439 Bodker, Michelle 177 Body, Daniel 371 Body, Donald 371 Boeckman, John 11 Boedeker, Marcia 383 Boedeker, Rebecca 429 Boekemeier, Laura 422 Boettcher. John 454 Began. Elizabeth 439 Boggs, John 389 Boggs, Kevin 177, 446 Boguski, Carla 381 Bohannon, Betsy 453 Bohannon, Nancy 399 Bohlmeyer. Dwight 437 Bohnert, Brenda 447 Boillot, Douglas 375 Boland, Diane 347 Bolbock, Sandra 444, 470 Boles, Cheryl 419 Boles, Warren 473 Bolhofner, Tamara 377 Bolick. Carolyn 377 Bolin, Kathy 177, 347 Bolinger, William Jr. 177 Bollinger. David 437 Bollmann, L153 347 Bolon, Brad 447 Bolts, John 369 B012, Jennifer 383 Bomstad. Michael 409 Bond. Christopher 165 Bond. Matthews 367 Bonderer, Patricia 177 Boniface, Bonnie 177 Bomne, Lee 444 Brown, Allison 435 Byers, Whitney 178 Chinsky, Kenneth 341' 458 Boone, Gary 415 Brown, Andrew 432 Byme, Jeffrey 453, 474 Chism, B Kim 179 Bootche, L061 177 Brown, Barbara 385 Byme, Marianne 422 Chitwood, Penelope 470 Booth, Joseph 476 Brown, Charles 355 Byrum, Mary 178 Choatc, Marilyn 179 Boothby, Carl 415 Brown, Christopher William 177, 387, 474 ChoconaS. Diane 383 77 Boothby, Kathi 455 Bordecker, Mary 399 Boretz, Mitchell 463. 465 Borgelt, David 177 Bergman, Marsha 419 Bomhauser, Elizabeth 347 Bonon, Jennifer 377 Bosma, Rod 353 Bossmann, Ed 397 Bosso, Lisa 377 Bolt. Cathi Lynn 475 Botleron, Lisa 177 Botts, Louis 438 Boudoures, William 405 Boumeuf, Andrew 472 Boutross, Daniel 177 Bowen, Andrea 363 Bowen, lama 177 Bowles, Mark 353 Bowling, Tina 425 Bowman, John 403 Bowman, Susan 385 Bowman, Tommy 446 Boxdorfer, Steve 353 Boyd, Catherine 443 Boyd. Rodney 177 Boyd, Scott 440 Boyd, Steve 411 Boydston, John 345 Boydslon, Terry 432 Boyer, David Boyer, Michael 387 Boyle, Julia 469 Bozanh, Jeff 369 Bozanh, Victor 369 Bracken, Michael 445 Brader, Kimberly 177 Bradford, Jennifer 438 Bradley, Lisa 335, 444 Bradley, Phil 232, 239, 243, 253, 256, 257, 316, 432 Bradley, Wade 437 Brady, C. Todd 437 Bragg, Shen'i 427 Brahler, Judith 444 Brake, John 442 Bramstedt, Connie 436 Branaman, Diana 363 Branch, Steven 393 Brandes, Don 333 Brandes, Mary 177 Brandon, James 462 Brandon, Lloyd 177 Brandt, Jeffrey 401 Brandvein, Harvey 407 Brangle, Robert 409 Branum, William 375 Braucr, Stephen 409 Braun, Diane 435 Braungardt, Musial 177 Braverman. Stuart 355 Braymer, Patn'cia 383 Brazeale, Lance 345, 473 Breadman, Sheryl 177 Breckenridge, Pat 351 Breckon, Brenda 426 Bredehoeft, Clark 177, 345 Breedlove, Elana 460 Breen, Bridget 383 Breig, Denise 429 Breihan, Patricia 177 Breitenstein, Laurie 434 Bremer, Angela 431 Bremer, Deana 431 Brenneckc, Debra 177 Brcsel, Marti Jo 177, 454 Bresnahan, Barbara 177 Bresnahan, Mary 419, 422 Brcssec, Mani 475 Bretthorst, Jere 470 Breyfogle, Jeffrey 415 Bn'ceno, Carlos 177 Bricker, Deborah 177 Bricker, Steven 375 Bridges, Mark 415 Briehan, Pat 381 Briggs, Tamara 460, 481 Briggs, Thomas 389 Bright, Michelle 360 Brinkley, Cleo 177 Brinkmann, MaIk 389 Britten, Karen 432 Brizcndine, Alan 403 Brizzolara, Phil 373 Broadfoot, Jeffrey 351 Brockmcier, Timothy 447 Broemmclsick, Lisa 385 , Bromley, Daniel 403 Brookman, Alice 444 Brooks, Cynthia 435 Brooks, John 387 Brooks, Meri 339 Brooks, Paul 343 Brooks, Sandra 360 Brookshicr, Tracy 436 Brothers, Richard 436 Brouder, Gerald 166 Brown, Clifford 177 Brown, Cynthia 381 Brown, Darrell 333 Brown, Deborah 438 Brown. Donald Paul 389 Brown, James 359 Brown, Janet 177, 443 Brown, Julie Michelle 435 Brown, Kent 413 Brown, Kevin 454 Brown, Michael Edward 445 Brown, Pamela 435 Brown, Pamela 177 Brown, Quentin 437 Brown, Steven 177 Brown, Thomas 403 Browne, Jennifer 385 Browne, Martha 419 Browning, Laura 432 Brownlee, Richard 178 Brueggenjohann, Michael 413 Bruens, Jeffrey 403 Brumley, Curtis 375, 446 Brummel, Melissa 443 Brunot, Chip 411 ' Brungard, Susan 475 Brunk, Craig 424 Brunner, Bn'an 439 Brunner, Elizabeth 178, 337 Bryan, Becky 178 Bryan, Charles 178 Bryans, Elizabeth 335 Bryant, Daniel 259 Bryant, Donna 383 Bryant. Jenifer 475 Bryant, Phillip 424, 457 Bryant, Muffy 453 Bryen, Jeff 405 Brymer, Lee 363 Bryson, Allison 178, 475 Brzuchalski, Mary 178, 335 Buchheister, Denise 287, 474 Buchmann, Eric 345, 458 Buckhom, Dean 428 Buckler, Phil 447 Buckler, Susan 436 Buckley, Robert 367 Buckman, David 343 Buckman, Scott 343 Buckner, Keith 428 Bueford, Grace 456 Buehler, David 387 Buehler, Douglas 387 Bueker, David 178 Bueker, Linda 423 Buell, Carolyn 444 Buercklin, Brian 405 Buesinger, Judith 357 Bull, Katherine 178 Bullock, Kristin 440 Bumgamer, Mark 355 Bumpus, Juana 455 Bunch, Alan 343, 446 Bunch, Brenda 178, 447 Bunch, Craig 178 Bunker, Paul 401 Burch, Joan 360 Burch, Timothy 371 Burchett, Robert 463, 465 Burchfleld, Cheryl 480 Burchflcld, Susan 178 7 Burgdorf, Dirk 178 Burge, Carla 347 Burgesen, Michael 178 Burk, David 355 Burk, Jeffrey 470 Burke, Lisa 315 Burke, Timothy 367 Burkhardt, Diane 347 Burkhan, Laura 435 Burlis, Mary 434 Burlison, James 440 Burnett, Eugene 355 Burnett, Roberta 460 Burnett, Robyn 178 Burnett, William 178 Bumham, Susan 377 Burns, Sarah 360 Burr, Daniel 389 Burris, Robert 369, 463 Bunough, Bryan 369 Burrough, Robin 466 Burstein, Sheryl 339 Burton, Bradley 437 Bussey, Susan 363 Butcher, John Van 405 Butler, Douglas 178, 453 Butler, Jeffrey 424 Butler, Kevin 178 Butler, Paige 178 Butler, Robert 447 Buttcrly, David 375, 456 Butts, Daniel 178 Buxton. Michael 178, 405 Buzmdv NAM"- 149 Bychinski, Karen 437 Byers, Patrick 440 Cable. Barbara 178 Cadiron, Mark 424 Caffrey, Robert 389, 458 Cagle, Roger 401 CahaJl, Mary 178 Caldwell, Bruce 178 Caldwell, Troy 351 Callahan, Allen 403 Callahan, John 415 Callahan, Thomas 359 Callanan, Glen 403 Callanar, Gary 458 Callas, Nancy 357 Calvert, Craig 355 Calven, Jill 438 Calvin, Elaine 178 Calvin, Suzanne 385 Cameron, Margaret 178 Campbell, Cheryl 444 Campbell, Craig 401 Campbell, David 351 Campbell, Joni 460 Campbell, Mary 178, 383 Campbell, Vinny 415 Canney, Joanne 477 Cardoso, Stasia 476 Carey, Charlie 466 Carl, Jann Teresa 460 Carlin, Paige 419 Carlson, Susan 481 Carman, Powell 343, 446 Cannedelle, Paul 359 Carmichael, Douglas 440 Carmichael, Robert 456 Carney, Deborah 178 Carney, Michael 389 Carothers, Scott 351 Carpenter, Douglas 440 Carpenter, Rita 444 Carpentier, Thomas 442, 470 Carper, Linda 347 Carr, Carel 357 Carrigan, Randall 391 Carroll, Chad 462, 466 Canon, Jeanne 427 Carson, Matthew 424 Cartee, Nancy 422 Caner, James 373 Caner, Laura 454 Caner, Lynn Ellen 452 Caner, Mcleia 433 Carter, Patricia 179 Cartwright, Jeffry 411 Cartwright, Larry 409 Case, Karen 419 Casebolt, Tracy 440 Cash, Ann 452 Cassicre, Edward 179 Cassin, Cary 347 Cassin, Laurel 347 Cassmeyer, Sandra 438 Casteel, Mark 179, 355 Castle, James 353 Castle, Kirke 179, 428 Castle, Mark 391 Catarello, Christina 419 Cates, Karl 179, 460 Cattle, David 391 Cavanah, Diana 149 Cazemre, Donald 463, 464 Cecil, Lisa 179 Cejka, Robert 454 Ccmy, Kimberly 179 Chadwick, Kyle 403 Chaffce, Thomas 438 Chailland, James 355 Chais, Joan 363 Chandler, Chuck 355 Chandler, Ralph 437 Chandler. Renee 179 Chaney, Michael 367 Chapin, Klistan 377 Chappell, Earl 179 Chapple, David 411 Chapplc, Julie 433, 466 Chalman, Brian 393 Chavis, Dion 447 Chazen, Gary 179 Cheatham, Virginia 450 Chervitz, Gary 341 Chevalier, Barbara 179 Childress, S Margenc 419 Childress, William 405 Childs, Lisa 454 Chinsky, Joseph 341 Christ, Kevin 179, 353 Christensen, Jeff 391 Christie, Scott 179 Christman, Mary 363, 455 Christofferson, Vickie 440 Christy, Eugene 409 Churn, James 389 Civili, Vivian 179 Clark, Carl 472 Clark, Daricc 179 Clark, James 179 Clark, Jill 454 Clark, Kathy 179 Clark, Kay 422 Clark. Kelsi: 466 Clark, Melissa 347 Clark, Scott 179 Clark, Sheryl 363 Clarke, Denise 357 Clarke, Laura 179, 444 Clarkson, Lorna 470 Clasby, Laura 439 Classen, Tracey 439 Clatto, Theresa 179 Clawitler, Jane! 432 Claybrooks, Jeffrey 179 Claybrooks, Ruth 179 Clayton, Ann 179 Clayton, John 179 Cleavingcr, Peter 411 Clecton, Brad 333 Clceton, William 472 Clegg, Mark 179 Clements, Marcia 460 Cleveland, Edward 179 Clevenger, Cathleen 179 Cliett, Chuck 409 Cling, Dana 179 Clinkingbeard, Robert 333 Clinton, Kyme 456 Clisham, Christine 365 Clizer, Gregg 479, 428. 456 Clizcr, Tracy 154, 333, 469, 479 Clodfelter, James 458 Clodfelter, Sue 463 Clore, Nancy 347 Cloud, Lillian 335 Clough, Leigh 399 Clough, Thomas 355 Coagan, Jeff 355 Coale, Michael 343 Cobb, David 371 Cobb, Jerry 409 Coblc, Keith 458 Cochran, John 401 Coday, Roderick 405 Coday, Stanley 345 Cody, Brian 444 Cofer, Laurel 179 Coffclt, Andy 345 Coghlan, Steven 454 Cohen, Alan 180 Cohen, Carla 339 Cohen, Faye 476 Cohen, Jocllyn 539 Cohen, Sandy 180 Cohen, Stephen 417 Cohen, Steven 417 Cohen, William 391 Colhran, John 180 Cole, Dave 401 Cole, Leslie 357 Cole, Melissa 335 Cole. Randy 472 Cole, Robert 389 Cole, Ronda 466 Cole, Theresa 432 Cole, William 180. 367 Coleman, Cheryl 180 Coleman, Howard 403 Coleman, Michael 455 Collins, Gretchen 399 Collins, Kelly 409 Collins, Laura 385, 436 Collins, Michael D 472 Collins, Keith 442 Collins, Shaman 470 Collins, Scott 323 Colombo, Monica 443 Combs, Scott 439 Comfort, Kristin 363 Commcrford, John 401 Como, Joseph 389 Como, Michael 389 Comparato, Jeff 409 Compton, Cynthia 470 Compton, Robert 473 Conboy, J Patrick 454 Concannon, Kevin 445 Condc, Betsy 474 Condra, Steven 442 Cone, Rex 462, 466 Conlisk, Annc-Marie 429 Connelly, Margaret 439 Connor, Anne 180 Connors, David 389 Conrad, Daniel 180 Conron, Marcia 424, 462 Constable, Patricia 441 Constant, Randall 180 Cook. Jeffrey 437 Cook. John 422 Cook. Kelly 375, 446 Cook. Kyle 379 Cool, Leisa 180 Coolson, Kelley 353 Coombs, Diane 180 Cooper, Angela 180 Cooper, Bret 180 Cooper. Diana 439 Cooper, Gregory 180 Cooper, John 401 Coons. Elizabeth 180 Cope, Harry 445 Cope, Mary 357 Copeland, Kevin 180, 403. 453 Copeland, Lynn 360 Copeland. Michael 180, 447 Copenhaver, Bob 472 Copilevitz, Todd 463 Coppagc, Tracy 432 Corbin, Jeff 411 Cordes. Jane 433 Coriell, Laura 180 Corkin, Andy 393 Corkins, Mark 432 Corlew, Thomas 311 Corman, Beth 420 Cornet. Dave 393 Correll, Cheryl 480 conelyou, 1racy 437 Corwin, Maureen 180 Costantinou. Phillip 353 Costello, Kenya 385 Costello, Maureen 180 Costello, Thomas 456 Coster, Susan 385 Cothron, Anna 432 Cott, Cheryl 180 Cotter, Randal 466, 481 Coulter, Carol 180 Counts, James 180 Courtney, Kathy 180 Courtway. Debbie 469 Counway, Shelly 357 Conn, Ronald 341 Covington, Laura 335 Cowgill, Cheryl 180 Cowherd, Randall 437 Cox, Cynthia 180 Cox, Kenneth 389 Cox. Roderick 180 Cox, Ronald 437 Cox, Tim 369, 458 Coyne, Nancy 438 Cozart, John 401 Crabb, James 415 Crabbe, Emmanuel 180 Crabtree, Christopher 367 Cradcr, Val 371 Cragoe, Mary 180 Crajnshaw, Ronald 437 Cra.ll, Sam 341 Crandall, John 413 Crandell, Vickie 432 Crane, Dana 425 Crane, Hobie 401 Cravcns, Diane 429 Crawford, Carl 428 Crawford, Edward 428 Crawford, Julie 180 Crawford, Phil 391 Crawford, Valerie 466 Crean, Moira 357 Creath, Brian 371 Crecelius, Judith 180 Creighton, Catherine 385 Crenshaw. Kathy 377 Crenshaw, Tom 180, 333 Crisostomo, Manuel 460 Crockett, Carolyn 426 Croghan, Donna 481 Cromer, Marc 389 Crosby, Teresa 385 Crossette, Sharon 469 Crossette, Steven 393 Crouthers, Arlen 444 Crow, David 403 Crow, Karen 381 Crow, Sheryl 381 Crowe, Kathryn 377 Crowell, John 413 Crowley. Rose 447 Crowley, Wendy 441 Crownover, Hal 393 Crutchfield, John 440 Cull, Laurence 442 Cummings, James 409 Cummings, William 180 Cunningham, Becky 180 Cunningham, James 411, 476 Cunningham, Keith 441 Cupples, Jay 341 Curia. Linda 180 Currotte, Mary Beth 470 Curran, Thomas 181 Curtis, Jacqueline 181 Custodio, Christine 439 Cullan, Cindy 337 Cytron. Scott 341 Daab. Mary 181 Dafnides, Tina 180 Dahmcr. Lori 456 Dailey, Mike 405 Dale, Karen 454 Dale, Lisa 453 Dalton, Glennon 415 Dalton, Jonathan 411 Dalton, Marian 452 Dalyrmple, Ann 377 Dalzell. Joan 466 Daming, Kenneth 180 Daming, Randall 401 Dampf, Elizabeth 456 Danfonh, Janet 181 Daniel, Charlotte 347 Daniel, Laurie 422 Daniels, Kathleen 293 Dannov, David 393 Darby, Deanne 181 Dame", Robert 181 Dan", Jeff D. 403 Das, Sheela 439 Daugherty, Michael 347 Daugherty, Nancy 181 Daum, Janet 439 Daus. Anthony 181 David, Joyce 437 David, Justine 436 Davidson, Mark 438 Davis, Brett 437 Davis. Catherine 438 Davis. Cheryl 181 Davis. Cheryl 181 Davis, Craig 181, 366 Davis. Dall 181 Davis, Jack 397 Davis. Jeffery 405 Davis, Leanne 433, 466 Davis, Marcia 347, 432 Davis, Suzanne 432 Davis, Thomas 181, 456 Davis, William 181 Dawson, Michelle 450 Day. Jeffrey 375. 473 Day, Tamara 181 De La Rosa, Terri 337 De Splinter, Becky 466 Dean, Jennifer 181 Deane, Laura 337 Deathe, Eileen 181 Deathe. Susan 470, 481 Debandt. Scott 403, 479 Debarr, Kathleen 181, 437 Deckard, Delores 181 Decker, William 409 Declue, Deborah 436 Declue, Scotty 403 Dedert, Marla 377 Dcem, John 397 Defato, Anthony 367 Deforest, Bret 181 Degenhart, Dana 399 chenova. Ann 181 Degonia, Susan 181, 438, 481 Degroot, Allyson 181 Delaney, David 432 Delano, Susan 181 Dement, Fred 379 Dempsey, Bryan 409 Denney, Donald 181 Denny, Dale 437 Depaolo, Lori 181 Depend, Carolyn 357 Deposki, Deborah 442 Derges, Daniel 181 Derks, Cynthia 181 Derosby, Margaret 441 Desloge, Allan 403 Detoro, Katherine 480 Deuser, Cynthia 438 Devenport, Jackie 435 Devorc. Heidi 422 Dewey, Dennis 379 Dewey, John 393 Dewey, Steven 371 Dewitt, David 389 Dcyermond, Robert 474, 479 Di Lonardo, Julene 347 Diamant, Robert 417 Diamant, Shelly 182 Dickens, Richard 355 Dickerson, James 403 Dickeson, Thelma 444 Dickey, Lester 237 Dickhaus, Eric 387 Dickhaus, Karl 403 Dickman, Curt 355 Dickmeyer, Cynthia 355 Dickson, Albert 434 Dickson, James 359 Didion, Michael 397 Dieckhaus, Debbie 347 Diederich, James 456 Diehl, Dennis 182 Diel, Daniel 409 Dielmann, Sally 385 Diener, Scott 403 Dietle. Jana 182 Dietz, Christine 347 Dietzschold, Keith 473 Diggs, David 472 Dill, Nancy 182. 454 Dillmann, George 182 Dillon, Janet 182 Dils. Jo 443 Dimmick, Michael 182 Dinsmore. Diana 435 Ditmore. Michael 64-69 Divcn, Sandra 360 Dixon, Curt 371 Dixon, Drusilla 436 Dobbins, Deborah 182 Dobbs, Diana 335, 469 Dobin, Sharon 365 Dockery, Kevin 424 Dodson, Jeffrey 182 Doenig, Carolyn 182 Doerhoff, Dale 403 Doerr, John 355 Doheny, Michael 411 Dohle, Gary 441 Dohmen. Shelton 369 Doing, Stephen 182 Dolan, Douglas 405 Dolan, Tim 182 Doland, Deane 460 Doll, Michael 441 Dooley. Susan 182 Dopuch, Susan 182 Doran, Lori 440, 456 Dorfman, Marla 182, 463 Dorr. Daniel 415 Dorsey, Michael 387 Dorst, Melanie 383 Dossett, Kanina 419 Dossen, Timothy 182 Doucette, William 373 Dougald, Dawn 383 Dougheny, Edward 182 Dougheny, Gayle 470 Dowd, Michael 437 Downard, Rita 347 Downing, Barb 452 Downing, Daniel 472 Downs, Susan 182 Drape, Melanie 360 Dn'tley, John 440 Drumm, Susan 385 Drummond, Robert 401 Drury, Patricia 422 Dubbelde, Margaret 182 Ducey, Meg 399 Duckctt, Mark 343 Duckwonh, Myra 182 Dude, Carla 182 Dudley, Randolph 182 Dudley, Sherry 181 Duenner. Debra 182 Duesheke, Lyndel 182 Duff, Mary 437 Duff, Michael 371 Duffey, Christine 385 Duffey, Deborah 466 Duffey, Kevin 403 Duffy, Mary 183 Dugan, Kenneth 442 Duggan, Rebecca 357 Dulebohn, Dave 405 Dumeyer, Jeanette 424 Dumlouf, Marcel 369 Dunajcik, Craig 466 Dunbar, Daniel 387 Duncan, Anita 183 Duncan, Clayton 183 Duncan. Kerry 399 Duncan. Rick 411 Duncan. Russell 369 Duncan. Timothy 183 Duncan, William 428 Dunkmann, James 183, 353 Dunlap, Joyce 470 Dunn, Brant 343, 446 Dunn, Mark 397 Dunn, Richard 424 Dunn, Terri 381 Dunn, V3.1 375 Durant, Marvin 183, 333 Dusenberry, Erek 369 Dussold, Ann 183 Dutton. James 409 Dvorak, Thomas 450 Dyson, Wesley 183 Eacley, Pat 345 Eades. Cary 472 Eagan, Paul 345. 473 Earl. Sherie 183. 365 Earley, Pa! 183. 473 Ebel. Robert 183 Ebert. Nancy 347 Eben, Ronald 166 Ebest. Eileen 433 Echtenkamp, Julie 347 Echtemacht, Jerry 454, 477 Ecken, Victoria 355 Eddy, Christopher L. 405 Eden, Julie 183, 347 Edgar, Tamara 431 Edington, Cathy 183 Edwards, Alice 183 Edwards, Ann 455 Edwards, Richard 391 Edwards, Kathleen 441 Edwards, Kevin 439 Edwards, Krysti 377 Edwards, Randy 183 Edwards, Tim 456 Egan, Mary 183 Eggen, Gary 393 Eggers, David 379 Eggers, Tom Eggen, John 343 Ehlmann, Susan 435 Ehrhardt, Glen 369, 459 Ehrhart, Eguene 401, 459 Ehrich, Roger 447 Ehrle, Sandra 385 Eichenberg, Robert 183 Eichelaub, James 183 Eichhom, Cheryl 429 Eiffert, Bradley 183. 333 Eifler, Judith 433 Einspanier, Susan 470, 481 Eischen, Sharon 335 Eisele, Angela 431 Eisele, Wendy 426 Eiselen, Britts 183 Eisen, Jack 417 Eisen, Mark 417 Eisenhauer, Gregory 389 Eisenstadt, Wendy 365 Elam, Roberta 453 Elder. James 371 Eldridge, Ruth 335 Elefson, Dwight 183 Elfanbaum. Tammy 435 Eller, Mike 447 Elliott, Brian 183 Elliott, Jeana 337 Elliott, M. Thomas 183 Elliott, Randolph 183, 456 Elliott, Susan 183 Ellis, Ace 369 Ellis, George 183 Ellis, Glenn Ellis, Kathleen 444 Ellwood, Noreen 480 Elrod, Jane 183 Elsbury, Thomas 445 Elscy, Elizabeth 454, 474 Elwood, Thomas 183 Emmerich, Pamela 438 Emmons, Karen 460 Emmons, Scott 403 Empey, James 183 Emms, Karen 469 Enderbrock, Teresa 183 Endsley, Arthur 389 Engact, Yolanda 470 Engber, Michael 341 Engel, Thomas 183 Engelbart, Linda 183 Engelberg, Jan 470 Engelbrecht, Curtis 183 Engelbrccht, Dennis 183 Engelbrecht, Laun'e 440 Engelbrecht, Michael 434 Engclhardt. Marybeth 427 Engels, Cynthia 183, 337 England. Danny 474 England. David 367 England, Wisse 385 Engler, Jane 183 Enkelmann, Paul 411 Enlow, Karen 443, 476 Ennis, Lisa 335 Enowski, Mary 443 Ensminger, Sally 431 Epple, Jim 411 Epstein, Carolyn 426 Emrd. Eileen 183 Erb, Eric 466 Erdbruegger, Donna 444 Erhardt, Kent 183 Erickson, Brian 397 Erickson. Myron 397 Erlingcr, James 183, 460 Eschbacher. Roger 183 Eschenbaugh, Lisoletle 184 Eschenroeder, Richaxd 409 Esmon, Janet 184 Espanago, Peter 355 Esslinger, James 184. 453 Essman. Bruce 407 Essmann, Robert 401 Estrada, Daniel 411 Evans. Ann 453 Evans, Kim 335 Evans, Mark 437 Evens. Robert 387 Everhardt, Sharon 184 Evers. Jayne 184, 455, 460 Evers, Jeffrey 434 Ewing, Andrew 184, 393 Ewing. Ida 184 Ewing, Timothy 375 Eyestone, Hal 169 Ezell, Susan 377 Faerber, Bmdley 184, 387 Faeth, Laura 363, 455, 469 Fahey, David 184 Fahnneier. Jeffrey 460 Fahrmeier, Lynn 343 Fahs, Chuck 413 Failoni, Anne 184 4 Fajnaru, Steven 367, 458 Falk, Greg 184 Falk, Karen 184 Fallen, Jacqueline 435 Falloon, Sandra 457 Fannagan, Chip 347 Farkas, Teresa 443 Farley, Yvonne 450 Farmer, Carol 184 Faman, Sheryl 437 Famen, Kathleen 184 Famen, Linda 184 Famham, Mark 470 Farr, Linda 381 Farrar, Terri 184 Farrow, Elsie 480 Fauks, Bill 369, 470 Fauser, Mark 455 Faust. Brian 397 Fay, Carol 363 Feder, Marta 184 Fchrenbacher, Tamri 184 Feigenbaum, Dean 417 Feinberg, Keith 341 Feinberg. Mitchell 184 Feiner, Melissa 184 Feldhacker, Karla 455 Feldker, Helen 441 Felici, Steven 387 Fellows, Ron 241, 243 Felton, Julie 425 Felumb, Margaret 432 Fendelinan, Vicki 339 Fenley, Patricia 424 Fenstcr, Neal 417 Fenster, Robbie 407 Ferdman, Michael 341 Fergason, David 343 Ferguson, Brenda 184 Ferguson, Dawneen 184 Ferguson, Janet 184 Ferguson, Richard 393 Ferguson, Laura 450 Ferguson, Lindsey 353 Ferguson, Robert 375 Ferguson, Timothy 375 Ferguson, William 407 Ferman, David 341 Ferrel, Janice 432 Ferret, Lonaine 279, 282, 283 Ferris, John 387 Ferry, David 393 Fen. Elizabeth 436 Fetterling, Jim 375 Fewell, John 301 Ficken, Jackie 375, 473 Fike, Sue 419 Filbert, Brian 391 Filla, Diane 423 Finck, Lisa 466 Finder, Charles 463 Finer, Lisa 184 Fingerhut, Peter 184 Finke, Angeline 184 Finklang. Karen 184 Finley, Jane 184, 433 Finley, Jennifer 184 Finocchiaxo, Jeanette 185 Fischbach, Mark 441 Fischer, Carl 185 Fischer, Deborah 347 Fischer. Sandra 337 Fiscus, Linda 185, 460 ' Fishback. Frances 347 Fisher, Roy 167 Fisher. Scott 405 Fisher, Shaun 363 Fisher, Thomas 411 Fister, Renee 363 Fitchen, Mark 355 Fitzgerald, Laurie 185 Fitzpatrick, Colleen 385, 469, 478 Fitzsimmons, Anne 185 Fitzsimmons. Mary 431 Fitzsimmons. Maureen 463 Fix, Greg 397 Fix, Joseph 185. 333 Fix. Lisa 419 Fix, Thomas 185. 415 Flachsbart, Timothy 457 Flanagan, Michael 185 Flanigan, Matthew 355 Flanigan, Susan 383 Flannery, Kathleen 422 Fleischer, Michelle 185 Fleming, David 456 Flentge, Mary 360, 460 Fletchall, Norah 437 Fletcher, Mary 433 Fletcher. Mitchell 439 Flies, Linda 447 Floyd, Jeffrey 343 Fluker, James 401 Fogel, David 409 Foley, Elizabeth 337 Forbis, Bryan 453 Ford. Barbara 427 Ford, Dawn 337 Ford, Julie 454 Ford. Sherri 423 Foreman, Charles 185 Foresee, Jeffrey 333 Forest, Mark 401 Forrest, David 409 Forrest, Shawn 419, 435, 456 Forsythe, R. Wade 343 Fortin, Barbara 419 Fonney, Janet 444 Foster, Jeffrey 445 Foster, Kyle 440 Foster, Laura 433 Foster, Mark 405 Foster, Michael 272 Fouser, Mark 401 Fox, Barbara 429 Fox, Daniel 341 Fox, James 185, 440 Fox. Jeffrey 403 Frain, John 367 Frala, Lou Ann 185, 460 Frampton, MaIk 393 Francis, Pamela 427 Franey, Con 391 Frank, Sherri 365 Franke, John 391 Frankel, Amy 339 Frankenflcld, Bruce 391 Franklin, Sara 456 Franson, Ray 185 Franz, Linda 313 Frayne, Michael 415 Frazer, Stuart 417 Frazier, James 375 Frazier, Ricky 274 Frederick, Jeff 417 Frederick, Scott 417 Fredrick, Mary Anne 440 Fredrick, Susan 185 Free, Steven 185 Freels. Thea 438 Freeman. Randy 307 Freeman, Terry 185 French, David 454 French. Kyle 355, 478 French, Ronald 456 Fn'cd, Marilyn 185 Friedlein, Michael 455 Friedman, Mary 424 Friedman, Scott 417 Friend, Kent 371 Fries. Russell 405 Freitag, David 343 Frieze, Laura 347 Frieze, Leslie 347 Frisby, Jim 446 Frisella, Mark 415 Frogge, Danny 185 Frost, James 387 Frost, Jeffrey 387 Frumhoff, Scott 466, 481 Fry, Cynthia 436 Fry, Elizabeth 385 Frye, Gerard 185 Fuchs, Mark 373 Fuchs, Paul 355 Fuemmeler, Kirk 440 Fucnfhauscn, Debra 440 Fuerson, Kurt 403 Fulford, Brenda 185 Fuller, Gregory 387 Fuller, Lisa 185, 399 Furgeson, Robert 446 Fuson, W. Brent 389 Gage, Gregory 424 Gaines, Jeanine 419 Gaines, Mary 441 Gais, Sarah 185 Galati, David 466 Gallagher, Joni 185 Gallego, David 470 Gallenbach, Amy 433 Galliger, Mike 389 Gallipeau, Carole 439 Gallup, Ted 445 Gamache. Carolyn 447 Gamble, James 397 Gamble. John 393 Ganly, Donna 431 Garbe, Kurt 369 Garcia, Minerva 185 Gardner, Jeffrey 185 Gardner, Michael 441 Gardner, Rebecca 481 Gardner, Ruth 185 Gan'n, Amy 185 Garlich, Barbara 185 Garlich, Baxbara 185 Garoutte, Gerry 185 Garrett, Celeste 438 Garrett, Major 391 Garrett, Mary 431 Garrison, Sara 431 Ganenberg, Michael 417 Garza, Robert 413 G355, Steven 185 Gast, David 417 Gast, Jacquelme 339 Gault, Jennie 185 Gay. John 185 Geeson, Todd 351 6611', Ron 909 Geisel, Jackie 150, 363 Geiscrt, .10 Ellen 185 Geiscn, Sarah 185 Geistfeld, Lynne 186 Genthon, Michael 472 Gentile, Curtis 186 Gentry, Dawn 435, 470 Gentry, Timothy 367 Gentry, Vicki 357, 456 Gentsch, Stephanie 347, 455 George, Mary 335 Gerard, Eileen 444 Gerard. Elizabeth 186 Gerard, Joann 186 Gerardot, Janet 424 Geraty. Colleen 433 Gerber, Lynn 450 Gerchen, Robert 407 Gerfen, Julia 433, 456 Gerhardt, Kurt 186, 397 Gerke, Bemadetle 446 Gerke, Michael 375 Gerlach, Diana 442 German, David 186 Gerrard, Douglas 441 Gerrard, Ronald 186 Gerson, Carolyn 186 Gerson, Marianne 186 Gervais, Karen 186. 363 Ghareeb, Steven 186 Ghere, Jacque 441 Ghomghaleh, Mozaffa: 186 Gibbens, Kevin 186 Gibbons, Maureen 438 Gibson, Joel 389 Gibson, Lisa 186 Giddings, Richard 447 Gier. Stephen 437 Giesler, Sandra 424 Gilbane, Kelly 377 Gilbert, Christina 419, 422, 456 Gilbert, Jane 453, 478 Gilchrist, Patricia 186 Giles, Susan 153 Gilgour, Mitchell 186, 343 Gill, Michael 186, 454 Gilliam, Cynthia 309 Gilliland, Sheryl 436 Gillis, Gregory 186 Gillmore, Daniel 401 Gilman, John 476 Gilmore. Scott 403 Gingrich, Mary 186 Gingrich, Nancy 438 Given, Barbara 470 Gladden, Carolyn 433 Gladney, Catherine 186 Glaser, Marla 422 Glass, Julie 381 Gleason, James 351 Gleason, William 403 Gledhill, David 333, 445, 466. 481 Glcmke, Carol 470 Glenn, William 355, 459 Glidewell. Michael 411 Godbout, Sue 419 Goddard, Laura 337 Goede, Jonathan 389 Goldammer, Cynthia 381 Goldberg, Barry 459 Golden, Mark 389 Golden, Shannon 432 Goldman, Adam 440 Goldman, Linda 440 Goldman, Maureen 339 Goldman, Maxine 339 Goldsmith, Tom 415 Goldstein, Eric 431 Geller. Sue 337. 453 Golterman. Susan 337 Gooch, Charles 369 Good. Laura 383 Goodall, John 355 Goodloe, Kristine 186 Goodman. Betsy 186 Goodman, Steven 462 Gordon, Carolyn 443 Gordon, Don 437 Gordon, Greg 186 Gordon. Justin 417 Gordon, Kelly 186 Gorka. Pamela 429 Gonnan, Mary 186 Gonell, William 375 Gottschalk, Pamela 187 Gowans. Shawn 387 Gower, Jolynn 347 Graeff, Donna 419 Gractz. Michael 187 Graff, Gary 341.463 Graham. Amy 187 Graham, Bonnie 454 Grahm, Derek 415 Graham, Joann 187 Graham, Tim 397 Graham, Traci 385 Grantham, Scott 397 Grass, Cam'e 347 Grassel, Richard 373 Grasso, Nancy 419 Graven, Jay 351 Graves, Barbara 187 Graves, Jan 440 Graves, Linda 187 Graves, Michael 375 Gray, Genny 385 Gray, Michael 472 Gray, Tamara 425 Grbac. Karen 422 Gredcll, Kathleen 347 Green, Carolyn 377 Green, Denise 187 Green, Mary 187 Green, Phil 441 Green, Robbie 407 Green, Sharon 187 Green. Timothy 476 Green, Roper 359 Greenberg, Faith 339, 469, 476 Greenblatl, Joanne 339 Greenbury, Deborah 432 Greene, Jennifer 422 Greene, Teresa 187 Greenwell, Donald 359 Greenwood, Carol 187 Greenwood, Michael 409 Grees, Deana 357 Gremore. Harry 187 Gretencord, Garry 391 Greub, Madeline 434 Gribble, Kurt 434 Grice, Charolette 187 Grice, Chris 360 Grier. Chip 345 Grier, Jon 187, 345 Grieshaber, Matthew 432 Griffin, Michael 397 Griffith, Diane 187 Griffith, Phillip 371 Griffle, Greg 403 Grills, Carmine 405 Grimaldi, James 409 Griswold, Teddy 187 Grium, John 409 Grober, Victoria 365 Grojean. Theon 391 Gromacki, Kathleen 187 Gross, Charles 187 Gross, Laura 444 Grotc, Lynn 419 Grotts, William 442 Gruben, Wendy 337 Gruett. Jon 428 Gmmke, Clay 437, 454 Grumke, Curtis 447 Guilfoil, Shawna 335 Guilfoile, Kimberly 187, 335 Guillet, Rosemary 365 Guntli. Carol 435 Gunlly, John 445 Gust. Deborah 187 Gustafson, Jane 360 Gutcnnuth. Kim 466 Guthrie, Lynita 187 Guthrie. Robert 462 Guthrie, William 187 Gutknechl, Jeffrey 391 Gutzler. Jacqueline 187 Guy, Thomas 393 Guyot, John 391 Hackcrott, Sara 187 .m-.f..mvw .- , 1n"... , ., u- nauh' Hackleman, Michael 478 Haessig, Gerald 442, 466 Hagan, Brenda 187 Hagedom, Amy 187, 385 Hagerman, Dave 401 Hagcny, Matthew 187 Hagcny, Robin 470 Hahn. Richard 403 Hahn, Michael 391 Haines, Sidney 187 Halfakcr, Dorothy 187 Hall. Barrie 387 Hall, Brenna 385, 460 Hall, Christopher 369 Hall, Craig 369 Hall, Darla 399, 456 Hall, Hensley 445 Hall, Kathy 188 Hall, Lisa 424 Hall, Ronald 454 Hall, Sally 469 Hall, Teresa 188 Hall, Thea 385 Hallibunon, Scott 285 Halloran. Jean 433 Halstenbcrg, Mary 360 Halter, Richard 445 Halter, Steven 351 Ham, Lisa 426 Hamcll, Rann 188 Hamill, Christine 188 Hamilton, Tern' 455 Hamm, William 432 Hammomree, Rebbie 411 Hampton, David 349 Hampton, Oscar 349, 458 Hamrick, David 188 Hence, William 321 Hancock, Amy 188 Hancock, Heather Hancock, Jane 188 Haney. Susan 424 Hanifan, Kathleen 383 Hankins, Patrick 188 Hanks, Richard 188 Hanlon, Don 349, 459 Hanlon, Steven 441 Hannegan, Michael 188, 424 Hansen, Dana 188 Hansen, John 98-103 Hanson, Randy 188, 405 Harbor, Cheryl 363 Hardic, Joyce 337 Hardin, Gregory 188 Hardman, Karl 343 Hardy, Donald 424 Harlan, Terresa 188. 360 Harlan, Tammie 360 Harmcs, Richard 379 Harms, Christine 422 Harpole, Jeffrey 369 Harrell, Alan 345, 473 Harrington, Meredith 188 Harris, Christine 480 Harris, Howard 456 Harris, Mary 363 Harris, Nancy 188 Harris, Sally 377 Harris, Sheila 422 Harris. Silias 387 Harris, Steven 188 Harris. Susan 188 Harrison, Chris 347 Harrison, Kenneth 453 Harrison, Pamela 335 Harshman. Mark 188 Hartman, John 460 Hartman, Philip 422 Hartman. Theresa 357 Hanupee, Robert 454 Harwell, Lee 333 Hasheidcr, Robert 446 Haslag, Joseph 458 Hastings, Anne 377 Hastings, Jamie 399 Hatcher, Mollie 431 Hatfield, Timothy 409 Hathaway, Mark 413 Hathman, David 393 Hatley, Michelle 188 Halley, Nancy 188, 381 Hattcn, Susan 450 Haub, Pamela 455 Hauser, Paul 466 Have. Dan 359 Hawkcn, Dru 188, 454 Hawn, Steve 411 Hayden, Joseph 375 Hayden, Mike 438, 456 Hayek, Thomas 397 Hayes, Karla 347 Hayes, Mark 442 Hayes, Shaun 411, 458 Haynes, Dorothy 188 Haynes, Melissa 381 Hayob, Margaret 188, 399 Hays. Allison 434 Hays, Gayle 426 Hayter, Charles 460 Haywood. Angela 188 Hazelrigg, Helen 188 Heape, Kimberly 433 Hcathlcy, Lewis 466 Hecht, James 353 Heck, David 188 Heckman. Tom 324, 325 Hedden, Linda 188. 360 Heeb. Scott 369 Hcesacker, Martin 371 Heffeman, Margaret 188 Hefty, Glenda 422 Hegeman, Nancy 189, 481 Hegger. Geoffrey 393 Hcid, Bren! 189 Hcid, Kelly 335, 436 Heid, Peggy 189 Heidbreder, Lisa 427 Hcidbreder, Paul 440 Heidelbaugh, Heather 331 Heider, Curtis 189 Heidlebaugh, Heather 470 Heilman, Paula 363 Heim, Mike 397 Heimbaugh, William 189 Hcimsch, Paula 357 Hein, Ronald 189 Heine, Reed 453 Heine, Thomas 460 Heineman, Lou 363 Heinlein, Ellen 377 Heintz, Mark 446 Heisohn, Janet 437 Heitz, Steve 351 Helbig, Louise 155, 335, 447 Held, Karen 441 Held, Kimberly 189 Helle. Paula 443, 481 Heller, Wendy 189 Hellmann, Gregory 432 Hellmann, Kurt 369 Hellwege, Steven 405 Hellyar. Douglas 355 Hclmuth, Daniel 387 Helmuth, Michael 389 Helton, Kimberly 432 Hemenway, Stacy 436 Hemeyer, Imogene 444 Hemme, Gina 431 Hempen, Tom 411 Henderson, Anita 460 Henderson, Cynthia 189 Henderson, Donavan 403 Henderson, Grace 189 Henderson, Janet 189 Henderson, Kelly 189 Henderson, Lynda 383 Henderson, Mark 189 Henderson, Patricia 189, 470 Henderson, Sandra 433 Hendley, Bo 393 Hendley, Katherine 347 Hencbcrry, Susan 189 Henebry, Donna 189 Henke, Ghee 432 Henks, Bradley 441 Henley, Joy 381 chnen, Don 353 Henniger, Sharon 189 Henning, Kevin 393 Hennrich, Lon' 189 chrichs, Carol 189. 335 Henry, Debbie 419 Henry, Jill 422 Henson, Michael 367 Henson, Rose 456 Hentchel, Mark 441 Hentz, Stacia 441, 476 Henzc, Laura 189 Hepting, Judith 422 Herbcrg, David 189 Herbers, Anne 431 Herbcrs, Carol 189 Herman, Marsha 189 Herran, Sue 383 Herrick, Karen 455 Herring, Sally 456 Herron, Susan 432 Hershfclt, Barbara 426 Henzberg, David 189 Herzog, David 371 Hess, Jeffrey 389 Hess, Victoria 481 Hcsskamp, Robert 397 Hesskamp, Teresa 422, 455 Heutel, Jeffrey 409 Hewitt, Jerald 389 Heying, Scott 403 Hick, Karen 432 Hick, Kenneth 353, 458 Hick, Steven 189, 353 Hickman, Sheryl 460 Hieneman, Dave 391 Higgins, Robert 393 Hildebrand, Charles 445 Hildebrand. Fat 447 Hileman, David 460 Hilgar, Cheryl 189, 454 Hilkcr, Julie 443 Hill, Kimberly 189 Hill, Ralph 393 Hill, Sharon 476 Hillemeyer, Tamara 381 Hiltabidle, Lu 466 Hiltabidle, Su 466 Himmclbcrg, Dale 432 Hinch, Garry 447 Hinch, Steven 189 Hinds, Sandra 456 Hinds, William 387 Hines, Nancy 189 Hines, Robert 478 Hink, Paul 189 Hinterleitner, Bruce 438 Hirose, Atsushi 349 Hirosc, Lorie 476 Hirsch, Roberta 454 Hitchcock, Janice 189, 432 Hitchcock, Lisa 189, 454 Hively, Brian 189 Hobbs, Lecsa 189 Hodge, Mark 422 Hodges, Kathrym 190 Hoeferlin, Craig 424 Hoeh, Jan 190 Hoehn, Barbara 190 Hoemann, Paul 453 Hoemann, Lisa 190, 347 Hoemeyer, Andrea 347 Hoenel, Edward 432 Hoeynck, Bill 401 Hoeynck, Thomas 401 Hoffman, IV, John 405 Hoffman, Brian 401 Hoffman, Christopher 190, 411 Hoffman, David 333 Hoffman, Dennis 190 Hoffman, Jr William 440 Hoffman, Robert 405 Hoffman, Soctt 474, 476 Hoffmann, Linda 190 Hoffman, Richard 190 Hoffmeister, Laura 347 Hoffner, Warren 190 Hohenstien, Mark 190 Hohenstcin, Thomas 353 Hohl, Riesa 452 Hohman, Ray 353 Hoke, Dianne 357 Holder, Gwen 191 Holland, Dana 191 Holland, Therese 357 Hollewd, Jan 454 Hollenhorst, Jane 191 Hollins, Annette 279 Hollins, Michael 191 Hollis, Janice 191 Hollub, Robin 339 Holmes, Carol 436, 466 Holmes, Jeffrey 387 Holmes, Patricia 419 Holroyd, Suzanne 190, 347 Holsinger, Jamie 377 Holsten, Linda 441 Holt, Mark 432 Holt, Robert 191 Holt, Virginia 433 Holtgrievc, Donald 191 Holtsclaw, Rick 355 Hollzhouser, Stephanie 361 Holtzhouser, Steven 405 Hood, Jana 377 Hood, Julie 432 Hood, Kenneth 428 Hood. Edward 375 Hook, Lynn 383 Hooker, Brent 355 Hoover, Joe 191 Hopcr, Lauri 385 Hopfmger, Frank 351 Hopfmgcr, Patricia 385, 425 Hopkins, Ronald 424, 437 Hopmann, Robena 435 , 447, 466 Hopper, Kent 375, 446, 458 Horace, Cindy 377 Horace, Karen 191 Horak, Keith 353, 479 Hord, Diana 434 Horn, Rebecca 377 Homung, Steven 439, 456 Horscfleld, Daniel 463 Horton, James 438 Hosch, Gregg 391 Hosea, John 405 Houcine, Rahal 192 Houghton, Margery 293 Houlihan, Shawn 387 Housemann, Laura 439 Hovda, Craig 351. 459 Hovik, Nils 437 Howard, Gregory 411 Howard, Kathryn 192 Howard, Lori Howard, Pamela 433 Howard, Thomas 446 Howe, Buddy 389 Howell, Dana 385 Howell, Daniel 393 Howell, John 391 Howell, Karen 192 Howell, Laura 433, 453 Hower. Brent 456 Rowland, Annetla 456 Howscr, Douglas 192, 369 Howyoum'. Karush, 409 Hoyt, Kimberly 192 Hrbacek, Mark 428 Hardina, Eugene Hritzkowin. Jill 363 Hsiao, Jia-Ching 460 Hsieh, Sandra 192 Hubbard, Carolyn 80 Hubbard. James 373 Huber, Kathleen 365, 469 Hudson, Thomas 192 Hue. Elizabeth 455 Huefner, Shari 357 Huelskamp, Janel 192 Huelskamp, Robert 192 Huff, Stephanie 377 Huff, Theodore 403 Huffman, Cherri 423 Hufker, Elizabeth 191 Hughes, Janice 197 I Hughes, John 351 Huhmann, Eileen 454 Huhn, James 191, 454 Hukari, Scott 351 3 Hulen, Howard 447 Hulen, Pamela 447 Hull, Sarah 385 Hulsey, Susan 426 Hultz, Tamara 191 Hume, Janice 191, 463 Humphrey, James 367 Humphrey, Michael 191 Humphrey, Tom 403 Huneke, Maureen 191 Hunkel, Karen 459 Hunt, Roger 345 Hurst, Richard 341 , Hurter, Sharon 191 Hurwitz, Michael 417 Huston, Nicholas 371 Hyser, Linda 424 4 lcenogle, Susan 335 Ihms, Rickie 191 Ikcmeier, Richard 389 Illy, Judy 446 Iman, Anne 381, 456 1 lmhoff, John 385 Impastato, Andrew 445 lndermuehle, Daniel 434 Ingersoll, Mark 191 Imnam, Mona 426 Innes, Clare 441 Iovino, Lisa 454 Irwin, Elizabeth 191 Isak, Mike 341 Iselin, Christopher 413 Israel, Peggy 423, 450, 470, 478 -r Jackman, Jon 413 Jackson, Catherine 423 Jackson, Greg 389 Jackson, Janolyn 347, 454 Jackson, Linda 434 Jackson, Mark 434 Jackson, Michael 389 Jackson, Nancy 441 Jackson, Peggy 191 Jackson, Stephen 424 Jackson, Susan 423 Jacob, Joseph 415 Jacob, Phil 391 Jacobi, Robert 191 Jacobs, Jennifer 335 Jacobs, Kenneth 403 Jacobs, Sheryl 191 Jacobsmeyer, Elizabeth 191 Jacobson, Jana 339, 426 Jacobson, Joni 347, 450 Jacobson, Kathleen 433 Jacoby, Phillip 359 Jacquin, Thomas 191 Jagust, Marsha 191 4 J akovac,Linda 439 ' James, Ernest 405 James, Jay 355 James, Joseph 355 James, Judy 427 James, Mary 399 James, Robert 466 Jamieson, Andy 475 Jamison, Sally 385 Janke, Patricia 191 Janncr, Rebecca 191, 363, 454 Jansen, Greta 438 Jannan, James 191 Jaslay, Joe 411 Jasper,.1anet 191 Jasper, Jeffrey 375 Jassup, Bruce 473 Jatho, David 405 Jatho, Sim 405 Javadi, Nassrin 191 Jebens. Mark 470 Jeffrey, Lisa 423 Jenkins, Gregory 432 Jenkins, Robert 411 Jenkins, Scott 475 Jennings, Denise 191, 457 Jennings, Jeffrey 369 Jennings, Mark 191, 457 Jennings, Nan 148, 149 Jensen 111, Richard 191 Jensen, Amy 360 Jensen, David 353 Jerashcn, Tammy 457 Jerome, Carla 460 Jessup, Bruce 191 Jeter, Brian 371 Jetmore. Kathleen 360 Jewell. Denise 191, 470 Jianas, Steve 391 Jimenez, Susan 347 Jochens, William 373 Joenenes, Patricia 191 Joffe, Jay 415 Johnson, Brian 191, 472 Johnson, Bruce 367 Johnson, Cyndee 191 Johnson, Dana 425 Johnson, David 397 Johnson, Dole 401 Johnson, Elsa 462, 466 Johnson, Gregory 371, 459 Johnson, Harold 191, 439 Johnson, Jeffrey 191 Johnson, Judy 191 Johnson, Julie Ann 419, 438 Johnson, Karen 381, 477 Johnson, Kathy 383 Johnson, Libby 377 Johnson, Mark 191 Johnson, Michael 424 Johnson, Reginald 191 Johnson, Richard 347 Johnson, Robert 442 Johnson, Sarah 422 Johnson, Scan 353 Johnson, Stephen 438 Johnson, Steven 192 Johnson, Teresa 365 Johnston, Craig 440 Johnston, David 192 Johnston, John 472 Johnston, Lisa 347 Johnston, Rhett 409 Joiner, Georgia 466 Jolley, Mary 432 Jones, Gary 192 Jones, Gay 444 Jones, Grace 457 Jones, Kathryn 191 Jones, Kelly 381 Jones, Michael 393, 459 Jones, Nancy 347 Jones. Paula 347 Jones, Robert 355 Jones, Roger 371 Jones, Ron 267 Jones, Sandy 490 Jones, Shirley 191, 456 Jones, Susan 191 Jonogan, Alan 379 Jordan, Daniel 434 Jordan, Kirk 371 Jordan, Michelle 309 Jordan, Neal 371 Jorhan, David 192 Joslyn, William 355 Joya, Munchiko 428 Joyce, Jim 391 Judd, Deborah 441 Judge, Jeanie 192 Jumps, Roy 446 Junger, Chris 397 Jungen'nann, Jeff 353 Jungermann, Martha 192 Jurgensmcyer, Jeri 447, 456 Jurgensmeyer, Rene 439 Jurkicwicz, Wendy 377 Justice, Brian 413 Justmann, Marribeth 192 Juston, Carey 192 Kadla, Lisa 425 Kadow, Trisha 192 Kacgel, Kathleen 192, 383 Kaelin. Theresa 444 Kaemmerer, Nancy 454 Kaestner, Jeffrey 428 Kahn, Hilton 192 Kahn,Ju1ie 162, 192 Kahn, Roben 341 Kaiser. Joe 438 Kaiser, John 405 Kaiser, Paul 442 Kaiser, Sherry 427, 455 Kalaf, Kimberly 357 Kaley, Nisa 377 Kalk, Mark 440 Kallgren, Janine 435 Kalupa, Glenn 405 Kamada, Yumi 192 Kamitsuka, Paula 192 Kamman. Elizabeth 381 Kamman, Lisa 381 Kammer, Patrick 391 Kammermeyer. Karen 439 Kamoji, Reiko 192 Kannapell, John 192 Kannberg, Daryl 463 Kanton, Christopher 432 Kaplan, Andrew 417 Kaplan, Jonathan 192 Karasick, Mike 407 Karcher, Gary 192 Karst, Danny 369 Karst, David 369 Kase. Doris 423 Kasper, Kathleen 436 Kasten, Nathan 353 Kasting, Donna 434 Katz, Barbara 363 Katz, Marjorie 339, 469 Katz, Valerie 339 Katzenstein, Karen 339 Katzman, Tracy 347 Kaufman, Bud 447 Kauffman, Claudia 478 Kaufman, Michael 369 Kausler, Jill 192 Kaveler, Phillip 192, 466 Kaye, Alicyn Ann 419 Keathley, Lewis 481 Keay, Lou 192 Kedl, Deborah 447 Kee, Cheryl 470 Kee. Marlow 454 Keeling, John 428 Keely, Mary 192 Keene, Nancy 427 Kehm, Katie 377 Keiffer, Mike 371 Keilholz, Robert 413 Keller, Bennett 192, 439 Keller, Kelly 433 Keller, Teresa 422 Kellerman, William 347 Kelley, Debra 385 Kelley, Steven 192 Kellis, Randal 401 Kelly, Patrick 401 Kelly, Richard 397 Kelly, Thomas 411 Kcmbitzky, Norbert 353 Kemm, Ronald 379 Kemp, Alison 192, 365 Kemp, Stephanie 480 Kendig, John 434, 466 Kennedy, Donald 192 Kennedy, Kathleen 383 Kenner, Michele 463, 465, 476 Kenney, Brian 355 Kent, Sharon 447 Kent, William 343 Kcrlick, Mark 373 Kern, Gregory 428 Kems, Tim 192 Kersting, Carolyn 441 Kesscl, Mark 403 Kessinger, Joseph 192, 405 Kcssinger, Katharine 450 Ketterer, Arlene 377, 469 Kevrick, Teri 192, 360 Keyes, Monica 357 Khalil, Jamila 192 Kicmzel, Christopher 441, 472 Kientzy, Debra 422 Kiezenski, Rob 391 Kjlby, Cash 453 Kiley. Nancy 191 Kimcl, William 173 Kincade, Gary 192 Kincaid, Carol 192, 427 Kindler, Beth 347 King, Edward 454 King, Edwin 192 King, Jeannine 347 King, Joseph 367 King, Vera 443 Kinkade. Dan 192, 367 Kinnison, Richard 405 Kinroth, Ann 192 Kinstlcr, Jeffrey 379 Kimon, Christina 337, 443 Kirby, Karen 381, 455 Kirchoff, Julie 436 Kirk, Bruce 333, 458 Kirk, Richard 192 Kirkpatrick, Robert 393 Kisluk, Bret 341 Kiso, Carolyn 192 Kissel, Carolyn 192 Kist, David 441 Kistenmacher, Patricia 192 Kislner, Elizabeth 385 Kivett, Michael 475 Kizer, Barbara 192 Klang, David 387, 458 Klein, Cheryl 383 Klein, Diane 337 Klein, Kathryn 377 Klein, Timothy 353 Klein, William 192 Kleine, Scott 411 Kleine. Stephen 409 Kleinhans, Karen 192 Kleinschmidt, Barbara 474 Kleitsch, Cole 391 Klenke, Jerry 192 Kliethermes, Deborah 192 Kline, Randall 438 Kling, Carol 385 Kloepple, Kevin 409 Kloster, Kurt 347 Klote, Phillip 193 Kluegel, David 193 Klug, Pamela 192 Knabe, Kent 458 Knaebel, Suzanne 193 Knehans, Joyce 383, 433 Knibb, Jeffrey 445, 447 Kniep, Dana 347 Kniest, Edward 193 Knight, Deborah 193 Knight, Jon 193 Knight, Steve 355 Knight, Victoria 335, 447, 469 Knipmeyer, Susan 431 Knipp, Teresa 193 Knipp, Thelma 443 Knoblauch, Karen 335 Knoemschild, Bruce 353 Knowlton, Christopher 446 Knutson, Eric 437 Koch Jr, Gerald 193 Koch, Dorothy 433 Koch, James 434 Kodner, Mark 193, 407 Kodsky, John 413 Koenig, Catherine 435 Koenigsdorf, Susan 480 Koenigsfeld, Stanley 389 Koeppen, Michael 193 Kocster, Keith 424 Koetting, James 393 Kohening, Kathy 423 Kohler, Craig 371 Kohler, Kevin 403 Kohoutek, Susan 456 Kolb, Katherine 434 Kolb, Lloyd 193 Kolditz, Daniel 193 Kolias, Lisa 381 Kolker, Lesley 383 Koltun. Michelle 339 Komm, Elizabeth 365 Koncki, David 415 Konomos, Connie 363 Koodish, Murray 193, 460 Koon, Steven 389 Korlin, Sheldon 193 Konh, Margaret 455 Kossina, Gerard 194 Kothe, Douglas 351 Kottman, Mark 353 Kottman, Stacy 466 Koval, Mary 309 Kozicki, Raymond 403 Kozicki, Thomas 403 Krahn, Kristine 194 Kralo. Jane 194 Kram, Barbara 194 Kramer, Jane! 339, 455 Kramer, Jeffrey 417 Krantz, Jodi 437 Kranung, Marlene 335 Kranzbcrg, Lynn 263 Krause, Tammy 443 Kraz, Michael 456 Kreiner, Mary 422 Kremmer, Larry 194 Kremer, Virginia 432 Kresl, Karen 423 Krieger, Susan 194, 363 Krigbaum, Cheryl 194 Kriz, Edward 194 Krodinger, Kurt 359 Krontz, Debbie 426 Kropiunik, Deborah 383 Krough, Betsy 377 Krueger, Charles 345 Krueger, David 446 Krueger. Marilyn 444 Krucger, Mary 194 Kruegcr, Norlene 437 Kruegler, Kevin 413 Krugel, Mitchell 417 Krugh, Eric 393, 458 Krugman, Jordan 341 Krulik. Patti 452 Krupp. Daniel 397 Kruse. Debbie 444 Kmse. William 375, 473 Krusekopf, Kun 194 Kuescr, Kevin 373 Kuhlmann, George 194 Kuhnmuench. Sally 194 Kunkel, Karl 359, 459 Kunstman. Carla 194 Kuntemeier, Elizabeth 325 Kuntz, Chuck 353 Kuramoto, Susan 436 Kurowski, Jan 377 Kune, Charles 194 Kurtz, Brian 194 Kurz, Richard 466 Kwapis, Patricia 194. 510 La Buda, Kristin 433 La Rue, Ale 413 Labelle, George 163, 355, 478 Lackey, Scott 371 Lacy, Nancy 194 Ladaw, Michael 452 Ladder Hose, Joann 194 Ladow, Michael 456 Lafargue, Lisa 383. 469 Laffey, Kevin 379 Lahm, Kathleen 194 LaHue, Jill 194 Lahue, David 391 Lambrechts, Robert 456 Lamkey, Chester 194 Lamm, Lee 191, 347 Lammers, Deborah 194 Lammers, Gary 434 Lamming, Jean 365 Land, Gregory 445 Landes, Lori 194 Landhuis, Louis 391 Lane, Barbara 481 Lane, Julie 433 Lane, Kimberly 456 Lang, Jeanne 194 Lang, Rochelle 365 Lange, Mark 353 Langewisch, Betty 194 Langley. Terry 343, 459 Langston, Kari 429 Lanham, James 440 Lanicr, Larry 466 Larimore, Paul 445 Larose, Sharon 194, 452, 470 Larrabee, David 389 Larsen, Amy 377 Larsen, Gregory 355, 458 Larson, Peter 415 Latham, Tressa 435 Lathrop, Darrell 343 Latourette, Suzanne 194 Lattimore, James 351 Latus, Janine 463 Laube, Linda 194 Laughland, Lon' 194 Laughland, Matthew 445 Laughlin, Dennis 375, 446 Laughlin. Rebecca 419, 427 Laurens, Esther 444 Lavclock, Rick 428, 456 Law, Kathy 456 Law, Kenneth 428 Lawless, Kathy 426 Lawrence, Julianne 195 Lazarus, John 454 Le Fevrc, Douglas 409 Le Noir, Karen 432 Leadlove, Michael 367 Lease, Karen 195 Leaver, Karin 195, 480 Leclaire, Paulette 195. 457 Lecrone, Michele 381 Lecuyer, Margaret 440 Ledaw, Mike 397 Ledoux, David 195 Lee. Gregory 397 Lee, Kathryn 195 Lee, Lawrence 472 Lee, Melvin 367 Lees. Jeffrey 195 Lehman, Bradley 463 Lehmann, Walter 353 Lehr, Charleen 422 Lcibovich, Gary 407 Leibovich, Richard 459 Leibowitz, Scott 195 Leicht, Julia 195 Leicht, Ronald 440 Leiflcld, Christine 440 Leight, Charles 460 Leightner, John 472 Leightncr, William 472 Leip, Leslie 419 'mf-UH Md - mums! 4: 4:39;." xy .. ;u Lemaster, Brett 428 Lemley, Thomas 195, 475 Lenier, Doug 375 Lennon, Max 169 Lentz, Clarke 195 Lemz, Edwin 195 Lenzen, Michael 195 Leong. Wing 195 Lester, Bernard 239 Lester, Brian 343, 446, 459 Letkowski, Leslie 422 Leuther, Thomas 347 Leulhold, Janet 195, 472 Leutwiler, Timothy 441 cherenz, Glennon 375 Levin, Adrienne 195, 444, 462 Levin, Bruce 417 Levinson, Thomas 407, 480 Levy, Martin 341 Levy, Rhonda 434 Lewandowski, Jeff 347 Lewbert, Wade 476 Lewis, Charlotte 195 Lewis. Christopher 434 Lewis, Donald 411 Lewis, Jane 381 Lewis, Julie 195 Lewis, Kristin 381 Lewis. Mark 411 Lewis, Mary 399 Lewis, Michael 194, 424 Lewis, Nancy 447 Lewis, Terry 194 Li, Janet 435, 446 Liang, Steve 460 Lichtenbcrg, Mark 445 Liddell, Joanne 194 Lieblc, Bob 355 Liechti, David 195 Liesmann, Vickie 195 Likins, William 194 Lilc, Karen 438 Lillis, Steve 409 Lim, Carin 194 Limberg, Madonna 347 Lincks, Mern' 385 Lincoln, Douglas 432 Lindstrom, Lori 475 Lingeman, Joan 194 Linhoff, Paul 397 Link, Chris 355 Lipp, Rhonda 377 Lippold, Gary 403 Lissner, Kenneth 403 Lister, Anita 194 Liston, Mary 433 Lithcrland, Bea 173 Little. Susan 444 Litzsingcr, Karen 419 Liu, Dilys Kit-Ling 443 Livengood, Joseph 379 Livingston, John 393 Lloyd, Charles 441 Lloyd, Steve 355 Lobeck, Charles 171 Lochmoeller, Steven 403 Lock, Carolyn 476 Lock, Jeffrey 379 Lock, Susan 388 Lockard, Sherry 335 Locklar, Margaret 363 Lodge, George 379 Lodwick. Terry 444 Lofstrom, Joyce 450, 470 Loftus, Daniel 379 Logan, Deborah 470 Londerce, Judith 427 Long, Cheryl 194, 423 Long, Doug 389 Long, Ken 453 Long, Courtney 385, 479 Long, Nina 434 Long, Patricia 432 Longstreet, David 345 Loos, Victoria 481 Lortz, Stephen 195 Lottman, Ginger 419 boughrige, Brian 438 Lourie, Brian 417 Lousha, Paula 470, 481 Lovasz, Craig 359 Lovasz, Tracy 158, 357 Love, Penny 335 Loveyeen, William 195 Lovelace, Kimberley 195 Lovell, Debora 419 Loveman, Gail 339 Lowenstein, Laura 195 Lower, Sheryl! 440 Lowery. Anthony 428 Loyd, Karen 460 Luben. Debra 365 Lubin, Edmond 405 Lucero, Benjamin 301 Ludewig, Margaret 335 Luebbcring, Gary 369, 459 Luebbcring, Lesa 195 Luccke, Keith 434 Luccke, Kevin 434 Lucckcnhoff, Ruth 427 Lucdcrs, Theodore 195, 405 Luckey, Debra 195 Luetkemcyer. Craig 437 Luetkemeyer, Michael 369 Luff, William 473 Luke, Ray 424 Lumpe, John 367 Lund, Robin 339 Lupini, Robert 428 Lusk, Sally 399 Lutz. Scott 195 Lutzk, Howard 341 Lycan, Laura 383 Lyddon, James 355 Lykins, Gary 403 Lyman, Dana 424 Lynch, Kelly 196, 383 Lynch, Kevin 387 Lynch, Kristopher 441 Lynch, Rick 391 Lynn. Dennis 401 Lyons, Melanie 195 Lyons, Timothy 195 Maass, Scott 415 Maass, Steve 403 Mabie, Jill 195 Mabrey, Richard 403 Mabry, Stephen 195 MacDougall, Ken 306 Mach, Gregory 195, 363 Mack, Bobbie 195 Mack, Jane 195 Mack, John 371 Mack, Kathleen 347 Mack, Thomas 369 MacMorran, James 466, 481 Macoubrie, Dana 355 Macy, James 466 Madden, Jim 417 Maddock, James 318 Maddox, Robert 375 Maddox, John 195, 333 Maddox, Linda 195 Madras, Diane 427 Maffry, Barton 355, 409 Magee, William 405 Maginn, Reilly 387 Magnah, Kurt 353 Maguire, Rusty 403 Maher, Ann 196, 444 Mahnken, Glenn 371 Mahood, Nancy 196 Main, Kimberly 196 Majid, Kamal 196 Maker, Mildred 337 Malan, Dale 375 Malecck, Robert 434 Mallin, Jeffrey 196 Mallinckrodt, Dale 472 Mallory, Charles 196 Maloney, Joseph 369 Maloney. Dianne 347 Maloney, Kathleen 433 Maltz, Terry 196 Manchester, Joan 196, 357, 455 Manes, Ward 391 Mankus, Timothy 403 Mann, Phillip 341 Mannigel, Sarah 456 Manning, Kelley 433 Manring, Nancy 347, 469 Manson, Marilyn 196 Mantel, Theresa 441 Mantel, Tina 441, 466 Marcus, Nathan 472, 475 Margrcitcr, Melissa 196 Marin, Albeno 196 Marklin, Paul 196, 440 Markusch, Laurie 196 Markway, Julie 196 Markway. Michael 369 Marlo, David 347 Marquardt, John 318. 320 Marquardt, Scott 466 Marquardt, Steven 432 Marr, Elizabeth 196 Marr, Laurie 347 Marr, Lisa 347 Marsh, Kimberly 196 Marshall. Lee 459 Marshall, Michael 196 Martin, Ann 196 Martin, Barbara 365 Martin, Deborah Diane 377 Martin, Deborah Elaine 196 Martin, Jennifer 196 Manin, Kelly 196 Martin, Kenneth 442 Martin, Kevin 411 Martin, Kiaashia 470 Martin, Leisa 470 Martin, Phyllis 444 Martin, Selden 196 Marvin, Claire 359 Marx, Arthur 196 Marx, Jodene 423 Marxkors, Diane 454 Mary. Paul 347 Mas. John 373 Maschmcyer, Matthew 445 Masek, Lisa 337 Mason, David 401 Mason, Julie 419 Mason, Mary 381 Massey. Don 375 Masey, Brown 401 Masters, Alan 343 Masters, Donna 383 Mathcs, David 379 Mathewson. Scott 387 Mathis, David 375 Matthews, Barry 470 Matthews, Jeff 413 Matthews, Mark 454 Matthews, Melinda 347, 476 Matthews, Steven 401 Matthews, Teresa 470 Mattie, Suzanne 335 Matlingly, Joseph 445 Mattingly, Timothy 437 Maupin, David 445 Maupin, Susan 360 Maurer, Lon' 422 Maurer, Mark 323 Mauzey, Mark 343 Mauzey, Michael 343, 446 Maxwell, Jeanne 422 Maxwell, Lynette 450 May, Connie 444 May, Dave 403 May, Michael 369 Mayen, Debbie 383 Mayer, Denise 426 Mayer. Michele 363 Mayer, William 409 Mayginnes, Kevin 424 Mayne, Melanie 419 Mazer, Bruce 417 Mazurek, David 432 McAnor, Gene 318, 323 McCain, Deborah 419 McClaskey, Lisa 434 McCoskey, Karen 399 McCoy, Sharon 422 McCrady, Cathleen 347, 426 McCrary, Marvin 268, 275 McCullough, Darryl 441 McDaniel, Dan 253 McDonald, Mark 403 McDougal, Tamara 399, 479 McDowell, Kevin 405 McElwee, Cathy 444 McEntire, Jacqueline 433, 453 McFate, Laura 399 McGrew, Joan 441 McGruder, Sheldon 438 McKcan, Ann 455 McKibben, Kathryn 423 McKinney, Karen 424 McLean, Cheryl 444 McMahon, Teresa 381, 433 McMillan, Lynn 381 McNicholas, Ann 437 McAllister, Steven 424 McAuliffe, Brian 351 McBeath, Randy 259, 367 McBride, Thomas 439 McCain, Janet 422 McCall, Jeffrey 389 McCarthy, Sheryl 335 McCleave, Randy 375 McClellan, Edward 445 McClendon, Danny 424 McClurg, Bradley 440 McCoy, Scott 345 McCreight, Katherine 431, 470, 481 McCrory, John 437 McDennott, Dale 369 McDonald, Ann 422 McDonough, Matt 367 McEnroe, John 151 McFadden, John 401 McFaIland, Scott 371 McFem'n, Diane 150 McFem'n, Melissa 279 McGinley, Cuyler 387 McGinnis, Randall 345 McGowan, Shannon 347 McGregor, Tobey 385 McGruder, Bryan 393 McGuire, Barbara 480 McHaney. Mary 385 McHenry, Kathleen 454 McHenry, Michael 403 McIntyre, Becky 198 McKean, Anne 363 McKee, Melanie 198 McKee, Patrick 198 McKeehan, Kevin 422 McKinley. William 198 McKinney, Patrick 198 McKinsey, John 428 McLaren. Heather 198 McLaughlin, Margaret 198 McLean, Linda Jane 439 McLean, Linda Lee 198 McLemorc, Joyce 347 McLemore, Lynda 198 McMahan, Joyce 198 McMahon, Alison 198 McMahon, Michael 198 McMichael, Thomas 446 McMillin, Tom 353 McMullin, Charles 393 McMullin, James 393 McMurray, Pamela McMurry, James McNair, William 403 McPike, Michelle 198 McReynolds, Christina 198, 466 McReynolds, Susan 383 McSwimming, Meghan 360, 455 McWilliams, Philip 347 Mcacham, Jane 463, 476 Mead, Sam 347 Meador, Jane 436 Meadows, Teresa 383 Meagher, Kathleen 335, 433 Meal, Dave 351 Meara, Michael 403 Medelberg, Nancy 385 Mehring, Susan 425 Meinershagen, Tamara 198 Meinen, Gregory 371 Meinz, David 470 Meissen, Donald 440 Meister, William 359 Mejia, Sam 454 Meloy, Jennifer 335 ' Melton, Garry 198 Melton, Michael 198 Meltzer, Elizabeth 339 Mencl, Denise 399 Mencl, William 387 Mendelson, James 371 Mendenhall, Mary 453 Menefee, Mark 456 Meng, Robyn 198 Menne, David 397 Mennemeier, Janet 438 Memzer, Nanci 454 Menzel, Robert 456 Mercer, Jennifer 435 Mercurio, Mark 369 Mercurio, Steve 369 Mergen, Elizabeth 436 , Mcrlo, Mark 409 , Merlotti, Robert 413 Merrifleld, Phoebe 439 Mern'man, Thomas 415 Merritt, Katherine 435 Merritt, Sheryl Mersereau, Rebecca Mershon, Paul Menens, James 407, 480 Messina, Lori 198, 347 Messmer, Joseph 333 Messmer, Terry 432 Methcny, Diana 433 Metzler, Robert 198 Meyer, Denise 480 Meyer, Diane 419 Meyer, Elizabeth 433 Meyer, Gayle 198 Meyer, Julie 422 Meyer, Martin 411 Meyer, Pamela 337 Meyer, Robert 239 Meyerhoff, Steven 440 Meyers, Kurt 389 Meystrik, Joseph 424 Michalak, Tony 198 Michaels, Clare 347 Michajski, Craig 422 Middleton, Roy 375 Middleton, Thomas 198, 351 Middleton, Toni 456 Miget, Linda 441 Migneco, Edward 369 Milby, Robert 472 Miles, Charles 198 Miles, Laurie 434 Milford, Douglas 387, 459 Milford, Matthew 387 Millburg, Denise 198 Miller, Allison 462, 466, 481 Miller, Christine 198 Miller, David H. 198, 456 Miller, David J . 198 Miller, Deborah 198 Miller, Douglas 355 Miller, Edward 172 Miller, Greg 403 Miller, Jeffrey 441 Miller, John 198 Miller, Jule 198 Miller, Lewis 347 Miller, Linda 198 Miller, Lowell 371 Miller. Nancy 335 Miller, Patrick 351, 459 Miller, Robert 198, 333 Miller, Sharon 425 Miller, Steven 343, 473 Miller, Tim 415 Milligan, Tracy 385 Mills, Jeanette 432 Mills, Mary 198 Milner, Karen 427 Milner. Laurie 437 Milslead, Diana 198 Milton, Cheryl 198 Milvain, Brian 391 Minalevich, Barb 470 Minana, Mitchell 440 Miner. James 470 Minnehan, Christopher 424 Minor, Sydney 447 Minor, Tamra 198 Mintz, Felicia 339 Minzcs, Jackie 377 Miralale. Mohammad 199 Misenhimer, Carol 335 Misller, Patti 198 Mitchell, Andy 198 Mitchell, Carey 419 Mitchell. Edward 160, 198, 454 Mitchell, Jessie 198 Mitchell, JuIia 423 Mitchell, Sharon 419 Mitchell, Steven 198 Mitchell, Susan 198, 399 Mixer, Matthew 466 Mizemy, Michael 454 Mocherman, Matt 393 Modeer, Steven 379 Moedritzer, Margaret 385 Moellenbeck, Janet 439 Moemmann, Melanie 470. 481 Moerschell, Michael 199 Mogelm'cki, Robena 444 Mahler, Craig 459 Mohler, Valerie 444 Moise, Glenn 379 Molengraft, Joyce 347 Molloy, Leslie 427 Molnar, Leslie 347 Molz, Chris 405 Monaco, Stephen 475 Monahan, John 454 Monahan, Mary 422 Mondschein, Robcn 341 Monk, George 345, 473 Monroe, Darrell 343 Montgomery, Laura 199 Montgomery, Teresa 377 Montileone, Mike 397 Mooney, Katherine 423 Mooney, Michael 198 Moor. Cheryl 444 Moore, Barry 19, 371 Moore, Bret 391 Moore, Connie 360 Moore, Dequinna 199 Moore, James 199 Moore, Jeff 409 Moore, Julie 357 Moore, Karen 470 Moore, Patrica 385 Moore, Trudy 457 Moorhouse, Scott 199 Moran, John 391 Moreau, Alan 347 Morgan, George 199 Morgan, Jack 460 Morgan, Michael 405 Morgan, Rober1 355 Morgan, Sarah 199 Morlan, Michael 442 Morley, Kevin 440 Momin, Diane 431 Morris, Allegra 335 Morris, Barbara 469 Morris, Cynthia 444 Morris, Lorie 441 Mon-is, Michael 199 Morris, Michelle 456 Morrison, Debora 199 Morrison, Dennis 343 Morrison, William 199 Morrow, Sandra 199, 377 Morse, George 375 Morse, Kathy 335 Moser. Phillip 393 Moss, Ellen 439 Most. Bradley 373 Moulder. Susan 199 Mowry, Clayton 403 Moyer, Kathleen 480 Moycr, Stephen 199 Moyers, Marilyn 199 Muckerman, Steve 407, 459 Mudd, Donna 200, 466 Mudd, Jim 359 Mudd, Todd 476 Mueller, Carolyn 200 Mueller, E1izabcth 444, 456 Mueller, Helen 478 Mueller, Jeffrey 353 Mueller. Joan 200 Mueller, Marcia 452 Mueller, Mary 200 Mueller, Michael 341 Mueller, Thomas 401, 466. 479 Muir, Homer 371, 459 Mukeljee, Nina 363 Mulcahy. Craig 397 Muldoon, Robert 434 Mulligan, Jay 391 Mulligan, Michael 391 Mullin, Jeff 341 Mullins, Michael 470 Mullis, Anne 200, 385 Mulnix, David 439 Mulnix, Gymlyn 438 Mundwiller. Linda 450 Murch, Betsy 357, 433 Murdock, Robert 409, 459 Mureno, Roy 379 Murmann, R. Kent 447 Murphy, John 367 Murphy, Kelly 442 Murphy, Thomas 367 Murphy, Wynne 409 Murray, Alan 456 Murray, Christine 425 Murray, John 200 Murray, Kathy 510 Murray, Michael 442 Murry, Stacy 200 Mustoe, Steve 200 Myers, Chris 397, 459 Myers, Gretchen 381, 478 Myers, Joe 391 Myers, Ronald 200 Myers, Sara 452 Myers, Steve 405 Myers, David 379 Mykramz, Christopher 413, 459 Myles, Julia 383 Nachowiak, Daniel 403 Naeger, Criag 369 Naeger, Larry 434 Nagaoka, Yasuhiko 424 Nagel, Chris 397 Nagel, Mark 446 Nahlik, William 428, 466, 481 Nahrstedt, Michael 367 Naughton, Mary 200 Navran, Hcdy 200 Naylor, Melissa 470 Neely, Timothy 424 Nees, Ellen 422 Neffer, Steve 371 Negri, Keith 456 Neher, Ellen 446 Neher, Susan 200 Neibling, Renee 385 Neiderschulte, Debbie 377 Neihoff, Dan 409 Neighbors, Suzanne 381 Neill, Michael 343 Neiner, Susan 335 Nelson, David 359 Nelson, Jacqueline 424 Nelson, Janet 200 Nelson, Kathleen 200 Nelson, Paula 460 Nelson, Richard 379 Nelson, Thomas 200, 446 Nesbit, Kathryn 347, 422 Nettle, Doug Neubauer, John 379 Neumaicr, Marisa 200 Neuman, Laura 466 Neville, Brigid 159, 385 Neville, Nancy 200 New, Jennifer 200 Newcomer, Anita 444 Newman, Deborah 200 Newman, Elizabeth 385 Newman, Kenneth 403 Newman, Maureen 419, 474 Niceley, Lee 200 Nichols, David Alan 391 Nichols, David Allen 345 Nichols. Janet 422 Nichols, Michael 437 Nichols, Terry 403 Nick, Stephen 389 Nickell, Greg 369 Nickell, Steven 442 Nickolaus, Charles 171 Nichils, Dave 473 Nicbling, Rebecca 385 Niederschulle, Debra 447 Niemann, Nancy 347, 422 Nicmeyer, Daniel 200 Niemi. Sandra 347 Niewald, John 446 Niewoehncr, Sandra 335 Nimer, Leslie 470 Nishio. Misako 439 Nixon, Kevan 360 Nixon, Kimberly 335 Nixon, Penelope 453 Nixon, Todd 371 Nobles, Lani 427 Noce, Dominic 432 Noffcl, Kaffee 385 Nolan, John 200 Noland, Teresa 431 Noll, Craig 371 Noll, Richard 200, 475 Nolte, Kathy 200, 431 Nolte, Robert 345 Norman, Kris 200 Norman, Paul 415, 440, 459 Norris, Francis 441 Nom's, Marly 429 Northern, Marshette 200 Norton, Janis 200 Norton, Jeffrey 200 Novinger. Linda 200 Norwald, Mike 343 Nosal, Donald 409 Nugent. Jane 427 Null, Mary 200 Nutter, James 403 Nystrom, Jay 200 4: 41 1, . 01Brien, Debra 427 03Brien, Michael 432 O1Brien, Patti 399, 433 O3Connell. Sally 399 O'Halloran, Joanie 422 O'Halloran, Sharon 434 O3Hara, Geraldine 419 O'Heam, Susan 422 O'Koon, Marcy 429, 510 O'Neil, Terry 369 O3Ncill, Terry 200, 351 O'Neill, Tim 351 O'Rourke, Dawn 425 O'Sullivan, Collen 325 Oakley, Mary 201 O'Brannon, Valerie 200 O'Berdick, Randy 375 O1Berheide, Marcus 201, 371 O'Berlander, Konda 201, 433 03Berle, Andre 201 O'Berman, Ellen 201, 339 O'Benneyer, Mark 333 O'Berschelp, Christine 201 O'Brian, Susan 200 O'Brien, Robert 389 O'Brien, Tim 359 Ochs, Cheryl 347 O3Donne11, Peter 200 Ocrly, Susan 381 Ofallon, Mary 200 Oflaherty, Erin 200, 399 Ogden, Carlelle 424 ngumike, Chinedu 201 Ohalloran, Paul 201 Ohlemeyer, Bill 201 Ohlms, Steve 201, 371 Ohrvall, Jean 201, 454 Oka, Rumiko 437 Oleary, Theodore 351 Oleary, Thomas 200 Oliva, Thomas 347 Oliver, Anne 385 Oliver, Margaret 201 Olmstead, Jim 405 Olson, James 164 Olson, Jody 335 Olson, Timothy 201 Onda, Ellen 201 O'Neil, Elizabeth 436 O'Neil, Kimberly 347 O'Neill, James 373 Ontko, Linda 419 Opie, Kimberly 443 Opperman, David 466, 481 Orear. Patricia 444 Orf, Donald 201 Orf, Lisa 453 Omduff, David 409 Omduff, Steve 201, 409 Orourke, Brian 409 Orourke, Carrie 385. 478 Onon, Paul 201 Orvos, Paul 201 Osberger, Madeleine 475 Osborn, Gina 399 Osbum, Ted 456 Osgood, Scott 201 Osterloh, Jeffrey 355 Ostmann, Julie 383 Osullivan, Eileen 201 Oswald, Clifford 456 Otis, John 415 O'Toole, Kevin 369 On, Cynthia 466 On, John 371 On, Stephen 413 Otten, Bernie 371, 458 0110, Russell 201 Overland, Steven 439. 456 Overschmidl, Kevin 413 Owens, Cathy 201 Owens, Margaret 385 Owenson, Becky 444 Owsley, Steven 355 Owsley, Todd 389 Pace, David 454 Padberg, Christine 153 Page, Jane 456 Page, Michelle 201 Page, Ross 375, 473 Paladin, Donna 201. 337 Palazzolo, Lisa 201 Palermo, Lisa 363 Paley, Susan 339, 454 Paling, Suzanne 347 Pallardy, Stephen 424 Palmer, Mark 355 Palmer, Rebecca 427 Pangman, James 379 Pantukhoff, JetTrey 391 Papageorge, James 201 Pappen, Debbie 347 Paradise, Anne 432 Paris, Gates 379 Parisoff, Gregg 387 Parker, Brian 367 Parker, Salley 202, 335 Parks, Becky 202 Parks, David 202 Parman, Steven 379 Parrott, Nancy 440 Parsons, Stephen 472 Partridge, Douglas 440 Paschang, John 405 Paschen, Steven 405 Paton, Neal 387, 466 Paton, Russell 387, 459 Patrick, Robbie 160, 202, 439, 460 Patrick, Thomas 397 Patrick, Tracy 202 Patterson, David 403 Patterson, Lance 351 Patterson, Lee 202 Patterson, Steve 413 Patterson, Teresa 377 Patteson, Guy 378 Patton, Ann 202 Patton, James 351 Paul, James 202, 387 Paul, Kathleen 383 Paul, Randy 440 Paul, Sheri 347 Pauling, Linus 447 Paull, Joyce 462 Paull, Kathleen 201 Paulson, Connie 429 Pawloski, Tony 397 Payne, Matthew 201, 393 Payntcr, Thomas 367 Payton, Elizabeth 202 Peart, Karen 202, 347 Pcase, James 407 Peck, David 202 Peck, Deborah 202 Peglow, Kirk 379 Peistrup, Jeanne 360 Pellegrin, Dina 480 Pembenon, Christina 399, 455 Pembenon, Nancy 360 Pcmberton, Richard 413 Penick, Regina 436 Penner, Ellen 456 Penner, Gary 403 Penrod, Julie 446 Peppard, Scott 387 Pepple, Katherine 399 Perinc, Andrew 202, 510 Perine, Stogie 202 Perisho, Randal 367 Perlmutler, Neal 466 Perlow, Matthew 202 Perry, Greg 379 Perry. Jack 379 Perry, Julie 399, 469 Perry, Kimberly 363 Pcn'y, Laura 450 Perry, Lindall 202 Perry, Russell 351, 475 Persell, Jerry 202, 411 Perz, Kevin 202 Peskind. Neal 202 Peters, Dean 456 Peters, Eric 441 Peters. Karen 202, 457 Peters, Matthew 401 Peters, Nancy 425 Peters, Robert 202 Peters. Terry 202 Peters, Tonette 444 Peters, Vicki 436 m- .n..1 . 1 .wAA 7,, 1 , -- 233-391;; 4:-.Wgu;;y.., :0. .,. 9.21: M 1,9, km, Peterson, Darlene 431 Peterson, Diane 452 Peterson, Gregg 202, 409, 454 Peterson, Janet 452 Peterson, John 351 Peterson, Kristen 426 Peterson, Laura 357 Peterson, Paul 440 Petre. Cary11 422 Petrofsky. Richard 417 Pelschel, Michele 427, 470 Petzel, James 202 Pewitt, Charles 202 Pfaff, Deborah 347 Pfeiffer, Linda 202 Pfeil, Cynthia 363 Pflieger, Cynthia 466 Pflug, Rebecca 470 Phelan, Linda 202 Phelps, Deborah 202, 383 Phelps, Donna 438 Phillips, Angela 454 Phillips, Jamie 203 Phillips, Janelle 381 Phillips. Keith 203, 401 Phillips, Man'a 203 Phillips, Sandra 203 Phillips, Scott 375, 446 Phillips, Sheli 347 Picker, Scott 203 Pickering, John 393 Pickering, Pamela 427 Pidgeon, David 445 Pierce, Jill 425 Pierson, Jeffrey 445 Piestrup, Dan 371 Pindell, Janice 203 Pink, Mitchell 341 Pinkerton, Steven 458 Pipho, Cynthia 403 Pippin, David 203, 403 Pipcher, Pam 425 Pippolo, Bob 391 Pitts, Barbara 203 Piva, Kathleen 203 Placek, Janet 453 Plackemeier, Richard 441, 466 Plamp, Brad 397 Pliakos, George 203 Plowman, Pamela 454 Plummer, Robert 203 Plunkett, Eleanor 399 Poda, Paula 463 Poe, Bruce 343 Poeschel, Peggy 203 Pogorzelski, David 203 Pohlman, Alicia 203, 470, 481 Pohlmann, Brenda 439 Poindexter, David 203 Poitier, Lise 377, 446, 469 Poisner, Charles 341 Poisner, Steven 341 Pollack, Sharon 435 Pollard, Julia 203 Pollin, Jon 417 Pollmiller, Mary Kaye 337 Pollock, Michelle 439 Polsky, Douglas 203 Pond, James 411, 447 Ponte, Jane 475 Ponte, Marybeth 363, 460, 474 Poole, Elizabeth 203 P005, Dyanne 466 Pope, Cari 481 Porch, Duane 470 Port, Andrew 445 Port, William 439 Porter, Debra 444 Porter, Kathrine 203, 337 Poskin, David 459 Potash, Mark 203 Potter, Ann 436 Potter, Anne 452 Potter, Kevin 253 Potts, Elizabeth 377 Polls, Gregory 203 Potts, Lori 431 Powell, Curtis 428 Powell, Dee Dec 383 Powell, James 434 Powell, Jayne 433 Powell, Kevin 403 Powell, Sara 203 Powers, Rhonda 335 Prange, Donna 438 Prange, Kathy 431 Prater, David 440 Pratt, Amy 431 Present, Janiece 203 Presley, Cynthia 385 Preston, Kittie 357 Prevost Jr, William 203 Price, Randal 476 Prindiville, Rita 460 Prinster, Mark 445 Proffm, Pam 432 Prolizo, Joseph 437 Prough, Ron 353 Provin. Chelle 466 Pruett, Lisa 441 Prugh, Bradford 413 Prugh, Peggy 203 Pruitt. Leeann 203 Prywitch, Brett 341 Puang, Chee 203 Pullman, Brian 473 Purdon, Gregory 411 Puricelli, Christopher 391 Puzey, Linda 203 Quattrocchi, Frank 403 Quattrocchi, Mark 403 Queen, Gary 413 Queenan, Kevin 391 Quecnan, Pat 401 Quist, Valerie 203 Raburn, Amy 203 Racker, David 441 Rackers, Thomas 442 Rafensperger, Terry 203 Rahm, Therese 422 Rahoy, Patricia 203 Rahter, Brenda 203 Raish, Barbara 433 Raisher, Nancy 203, 339, 476 Raker, Paul 347 R311, Susan 385 Ramotar, Rameshwar 204 Ramsey, Amy 204, 419 Ramsey, Keith 409 Ramsey, Robert 204 Randall, Robert 351 Rands, Richard 204 Rank. Lisa 377 Rankin, Michael 397 Ransom, Ann 443 Rapp, Robert 442 Rappold, Kelly 337 Ras, Helen 204 Rasch. Deborah 204 Rasche, Steve 397, 454 Rash, Joanne 204 Rasmussen, Steven 204 Raso, Anne 330 Rattini, Joseph 446 Rauba, Maryellen 432 Raur, Willim 405 Rauschelbach. honda 347 Rauschenbach. Carolyn 335 Rauschenbach, Deborah 204 Rauscher, Caryn 425 Rawlings, Danielle 347 Ray, Alan 470 Ray, Amy 360 Ray, Brenda 204 Ray. Wendell 237, 239 Ray, William 432 Reaban, Mary 447 Rearden, Mary 347 Reardon, Anne 360 Rector, Mike 409 Redd, John 345 Redington, Michelle 434 Redman, Greg 389 Reece, Kenneth 434 Reed, Carol 466 Reed, Jennifer 444, 466 Reed, Johanna 204 Reed, Penelope 204 Reed, Stephen 204 Reed, Stephanie 455 Reeder, Lauren 437, 452 Reek, Dave 393 Reese, Joyce 204, 433 Reese, Michael 333, 459 Reese, Robert 445 Reese. Thomas 204, 460 Reesman, Ellen 204. 381 Reesor, Alan 393 Reeter, Chris 204 Redler, Scott 341 Rehm, Barbara 476 Reichert, Craig 355 Reichcn, Mary 427 Reid, David 375 Reid, Donald 204, 375 Reid, Steven 437 Reilly, Michael 463 Reilly, Patrick 373 Reimler, Cecilia 444 Reine, Cynthia 419 Reiners, Randall 403 Reiners, Rick 403 Reinheimer, Victoria 435 Reinke, Sharon 377 Reinmund, Michael 359, 458 Reiss, Steven 353 Reiter, Kelley 204 Rehagen, Randy 456 Rellihan, Steve 204, 440 Remiger, Marilyn 438 Remley, Jan 204 Remley. Jan 204 Renaud, Sally 204 Rendleman, Barbara 204 Renkaski, David 343 Renkoski, Luke 343 Rennard, Richard 204 Rennard, Terry 204 Reschke, Lise 452 Reser, Paula 335, 479 Resler, Tammy 466 Resnick, Mindy 455 Revare. Lisa 478 Revell, John 204 Reynolds, Theresa 429 Reznikoff. Steve 341 Rheinman, Mike 459 Rhodes, John 417 Rhodes, Marshall 389 Rhyner, Randall 391 Ricca, Laurie 357 Rice, Jill 357 Rice, Lisa 432 Rice, Mary 425 Rice, Thomas 457 Rice, Gerry 407 Rich, Susan 466 Richard, Scott 204 Richards, William 343 Richards, Kirk 285 Richardson, Burke 413 Richardson, Scarlett 440, 452 Richan, Robin 347 Richason,Ryan 341 Richerson, Bill 403 Richerson, Tim 403 Richey, Mark 355 Richey, Scott 355 Richmond, Kadie 424 Rickmeyer, Kim 347 Ridgley, Brett 428 Ridgway, Keith 204 Rieck, John 204, 434 Rieger, James 397 Riehl, Man 204 Riehn, James 355 Riehk. Michael 204 Riemann, Heidi 360 Riesmeyer, Robert 453 Riess, Deborah 204 Rife, Melody 399 Riffel, Becky 360 Riffel, Mary 360 Riffle, Chip 379 Rigdon, Lon' 335 Riggins, Robert 466 Riggs, Mary 383 Riggs, Robert 387, 462 Rikimaru, Ryamond 205 Riks, Linda 205 Riley, Charles 411 Riley, David 205 Riley, Dianne 476 Riley, John 347 Riley, Lisa 377 Riley, Mark 434 Riley, Sharon 440 Rinaldi, Joseph 205 Rines, Jane 205 Ringkamp, Gregory 456 Riorden, Rick 389 Risner, Robert 205 Ritter, Stephen 205 Ritzie, Janet 385, 444 Ritzie. Mary 385 Rivas, Jeffrey 371 Rizzardo, Thomas 432 Roach, Diane 444 Roach, Michael 375 Roads, Nancy 422 Robb, David 387 Robb, Kelly 437, 452, 470 Robbins, Richard 411 Roberson, Donald 401 Roberts, Alan 205 Roberts, Dave 389 Roberts, Donna 205 Roberts, Kevin 405, 459 Roberts, Mary Ann 377 Roberts, Michael 389 Roberts, Pamela 377 Roberts, Robb 442 Robertsm, Michael 204 Robertson, Andrew 409 Robertson, Bradley 355 Robertson, Dale 397, 452 Robertson, Jay 205 Robertson, Jeffrey 401 Robertson, Jina 478 Robertson, John 387 Robertson, John 393 Robertson, Julie 399 Robertson, Stanley 205 Robinson. Amy 381 -.-.......3......- Robinson. Dawn 460 Robinson, Glen 466 Robinson, Jina 381 Robinson, Robert 441 Robinson. Sharon 205 Robinson, Sheila 360 Robinson, Susan 205 Robison, Cheryl 204. 441 Roche, Catherine 437 Rockwood. Lynn 456 Roda, Paul 205 Rodden, Timothy 205 Rodekohr, Deborah 444 Rodgers, Jill 423 Rodgers, Kenton 447 Roe, Susan 419 Rogers, Barbara 205 Rogers, Judy 205 ' Rogers, Timothy 403 Rohlfmg, Christy 205 Rolf, Lisa 419 Rolf, Susan 205 Roling, Daniel 355 Rolli, Mary 427 Rolwing, Timothy 205 Romeu, Soledad 363 Romines, Jon 424 Rood, Deanna 422 Rooney, Kevin 424 Roper, Wesley 291 Roque, Louis 470 1 Rory, Brian 393 Roscher, Clark 411 Rose, Ehrich 470 Rose, Matt 389 Rose, Stuart 460 Roseland, Richard 432 Rosenbaum, Ruth 339, 455 Rosenbaum, Terri 365 Rosenberg, Renee 205, 365 Rosenberg, Stuart 341 Rosenbloom, Lisa 339, 476 Rosenkrans, Charles 205 Rosenkrans, Leonard 441 Rosenstein, Ben 205 Rosenthal, John 205, 393 Roser, A1 258 Rosner. Patricia 205 Ross, Carl 205 Ross, Daniel 355 Ross, Katherine 357 Ross, Robin 205 R051, Carol 206, 360 Rotenstreich, Kenneth 417 Roth. Karen 452 Roth, Linda 206 Rothman, Marjorie 206 Rounds. A. Lloyd 407 Rouner, Terri 206 Rounkles, Jill 360 Rouse, Kent 452 Rouse, Ricky 206 Routh, Kevin 403 Rowell, Jo 347 Roweton, Vicki 381 Rowlett, Scott 367 Royster, William 359 Ruben, Howard 341 Ruben, Steven 341 Rubenstein, Robert 341 Rubick, Tracy 452 Rubin, Andrea 339 Rubinstein, Debra 440 Rudder, Lottie 422 Rudi, Marianne 443 Rue, Kevin 424 Ruhlman, Curtis 206 Rumple, Lynn 480 Runk, Kristy 438 Runyan, Peter 411 Rupp, Janet 381 Rupp, Peter 305 Russell, Diane 335 Russell, James 460 Russell, Stephen 389 Russell, Tom 206 Russo, Nancy 434 Russum, Carolyne 206 Ruth, Beverly 206 Ryan, James 413 Ryan, Kathleen 206 Ryan, Mary 419 Rychlewsky, Cindy 347 Ryder, Anne 206 Saale, Mary 206, 385 Sale, Ruth 385 Sabor, Leslie 335 Sachtleben, Rod 206 Sadd, Elizabeth 206, 460 Sadler. Julie 383 Saengcr, Dan 206 Sagehorn, Amy 357 Sago, Lance 413 Salisbury, Rhonda 423 Saller, David 470 Sallee, David 393 Sallec, Kelly 441 Sallee, Mary 206, 347 Salmons, Kevin 369 Salzman, Jeff 206 Sandbum, Karen 452 Sanders, Anita 433 Sanders, David 387 Sanders, Mark 401 Sanders, Patrick 389 Sanderson, Kevin 403 Sanderson, Sharyl 437 Sandford, Ron 369 Sandidge, Penny 206 Sands, Greg 379 Sansone, Jennifer 357 Sansone, Teresa 432 Sapienza, Michelle 377, 469 Sapienza, Thomas 206 Sapp, Teresa 206 Saracini, Chaxles 409 Sasnoff, Bob 341 Sasse, Arthur 353 Salterlee, Jane 478 Sauer, Neil 415 Saulsbury, Michael 206 Saunders, Brenda 260 Saupe, Julie 360 Sauvage, John 379 Savage, Diane 377 Savio, Steve 415 Sayles, Candace 439 Scantlan, Mark 437 Schaefer, Barbara 206 Schaeffer, David 440 Schaeffer. Lynn 206 Schaefer, Robert 351 Schaefer, Sandra 423 Schafer, Cynthia 383, 422 Schafer, Martha 440 Schaffer, Douglas 411 Schaible, Curtis 353 Schalk, Brenda 431 Schalker, Karen 363 Schallert, Carolyn 460 Schallom, Lawrence 206 Schanbacher, Andrew 393 Schandler, Cathy 337, 469 Schaper, James 353 Schattgen, Steven 403 Schauwecker, August 206 Scheer, Lisa 206 Scheer, Mark 413, 454, 475 Schelp, Vicki 422 Schenberg, Gene 341 Schenk, David 445 Schepers, Jeff 428 Scheve, Peggy 433 Scheve, Sandra 206 Schild, Craig 353 Schildmyer, David 397 Schiller, Sharon 466 Schiller, Thomas 422 Schiller, Timothy 422 Schimel, Jay 341 Schimke, Stephen 457 Schindler, Barbara 433 Schlapprizzi, Laura 399, 469 Schlitzer, Jeffrey 409 Schlueler, Kurt 351 Schlundt, A1 447 Schmidskamp, Scott 367 Schmidt, Eleanore 357 Schmidt, Karl 393 Schmidt, Leigh 206, 381 Schmidt, Mary 206 Schmidt, Matthew 389 Schmidtlein, Mark 207, 409, 458 Schmiemeier, David 371 Schmidtiling, Mark 459 Schnatzmeyer, Janet 207 Schneegass, Margie 207 Schneider, Bruce 417 Schneider, Eileen 447 Schneider, Elizabeth 439 Schneider, Jill 466 Schneider, Karen 207, 365 Schneider, Kathy 365 Schneider, Laura 385 Schneider, Lynn 439 Schneider, Robert 445 Schneider, William 207 Schnell, Edon 377 Schnelle, Dana 353 Schnelle, Merle 353 Schofer, Paul 459 Schokmillcr, Nancy 357 Schooley, Martin 207, 397 Schott, Thomas 355 Schotte, Mark 393 Schottmueller, Lori 207 Schowengerdt, Melinda 438 Schraier, Alene 207 Sphrappen, Suzanne 360 Schmut, Cheryl 337 Schrenk, Jeffery 442 Schroder, Steven 403 Schroeder, Judith 399 Schroell, Carol 207 Schroer. Gregory 437, 466 Schroer, Mark 452 Schroer, Randall 207 Schroff, David 351 Schroff. Sandy 385 Schue, Debra 435 Schukai, Ann 381 Schulte, Christine 347 Schultc, Kathryn 337 Schulte, Letha 440 Schulte, Russell 440 Schulte, Stephen 207 Schulte, Terry 389 Schultz, Amy 207 Schultz, Dana 207, 381, 472 Schultz, Ellen 207 Schultz, Rebeckah 423 Schultz, Scott 442 Schultze, Craig 437 Schultze, Janet 438440 Schumacher, James 415 Schumacher, Janet 357 Schumacher, John 455 Schumacher, Joseph 445 Schumer, Kim 207 Schupp, Gerald 434 Schurk, Gary 456 Schuster, Jo 207, 435 Schutl, Teri 207 Schuver, Mark 434 Schveninger, Frank 413 Schwartz, Donald 341 Schwartz, Tom 207 Schwartze, Diane 207, 481 Schweigerdt, Nancy 480 Schwendeman, John 207 Schwidhein, Mike 409 Scialfa, Thomas 207 Scobey, Datra 360 Scoticld, Sabra 399 Scott, Barbara 474 Scott, Bradford 440 Scott, Julie 207 Scott, Bradley 387 Scott, Melissa 422 Scott, Stacie 207 3 Scoville, Jack 403 Scroggs, Dana 207 Scully, Michael 442 Seabaugh, Scot 207, 355 Seal, Robert 391 Seaman, Nancy 447 Searle, John 207 Sears, David 207 Sears, Ruben 347 Sechler, Carol 207 Segelstein, Cynthia 207 Seidel, Joseph 371 Sellenriek, Martha 435 Sellers, Patricia 440 Selsor, Robert 460 Seltzer, Joy 207 Sencenbaugh, Sharon 279 Seneker, Rebecca 424 Senter, Lisa 207, 360 Sepac, Teresa 150 Serota, Susan 419 Serpas, Ann 207 Sesler, Mark 207 Sesler, Rebecca 363 Severin, Carol 377 Sexe, Vicki 207 Sexton, Scott 208 Shackelford, Sondra 363 Shafer, Brian 208 Shafer, Carol 423 Shaffer, Tracey 426 Shaffrey, Susan 377 Shaffert, Rich 409 Shahdadian, Feridoon 208, Shamlian, Janet 360 Shannon, Kelly 208 Shannon, Scottie 375 Shannon, Susan 208 Shapero, Vicki 383 Shapiro, Jayme 357 Sharp, Jeffrey 208 Sharp, Karen Shasserre, Stephen 409 Shaughnessy, Anne 399 Shaughnessy, Ellen 208, 399 Shaw, J. Curtis 466 Shawn, Jeff 405 Shay, Jeff 434 Shea, Mary 363 Sheely, John 411 Sheeley. Susan 208 Sheets, Jennifer 335 Sheets, Lois 444 Sheets, Zenda 208 Sheetz, William 409 Sheil, Pamela 347 Shelby. Laura 347, 435 Shelby, Lori 360 Shell, Charles 208 Shelton, Janet 454 Sheppard, Mike 371 Sher, Susan 339 Sherman, Cathryn 208 Sherman, Paul 208 Shields. Charles 208, 453 Shifflen, Steven 208 Shilling. Stephen 442 Shimkus, Dan 208 Shine, Chuck 389 Shine, Edmund 440 Shine, Ned 454 Shipman, Elizabeth 441, 466 Shiverdecker, Beth 480 Shobe, Bonnie 381. 469 Shobe, Helen 431 Shockley, Todd 438 Shoemaker, Suzanne 208 Shores, Nancy 431 Shores, Sidney 208 Shorr, Karen 208 Short, Bryce 447 Shortall, Kevin 424 Shostak, Leslie 365 Shoughnessy, Paul 393 Showalak, Joanie 425 Shubert, Marlena 439 Shults, Philip 413 Shultz, Kimberly 208 Shultz, William 341 Shumway, Steve 208 Shustack, Mary 422 Sida, Timothy 445 Sieben, Carrie 337 Siebcrt, Craig 401 Siegcl, Mark 341 Siegel, Sandy 429 Siegel, Suzie 208 Siegler, Jeremy 341 Siegler, Mitchell 341 Sieker, Patricia 208 Sievers, Timothy 208, 446 Sieving, Michael 208 Sights, Galen 347 Sigman, Stephen 397 Signorino, Kathy 439 Sikes, Elizabeth 360 Silber, Rick 417 Silberstein, Janice 208, 347 Silkwood, Tracey 360 Silver, Craig 208, 397 Silverman, Debra 208, 365 Silvus, Terri 439 Simmons, Lisa 444 Simms, Dan 391 Simon, Michael 341 Simon, Susan 208, 365 Simone, Jill 377 Simons, Robert 415 Simonson, Rachel 433 Simpson, Eva 433 Simpson, Scott 391 Sims, Roiann 431 Singer, Bruce 453 Singer. Dennis 341 Singer, Jeffrey 341 Singleton, Lloyd 160 Singleton, William 208, 333, 458 Sinnott, Donald 445 Siron, Sherri 435 Sisler. Jana 466 Sisler, Judy 208 Sjoblom, Barbara 433 Sjolander, Scott 208 Skahn, Eric 405 Skeens, David 387 Skelton, Scott 441 Skiles, Kirk 347 Skillington, Stuart 440 Skimming, Jeffrey 450 Skinner, David 351, 468, 472 Skizas, Leonidas 371 Skrainka, Brian 208 Slama, Elizabeth 208 Slankard, James 409 Slater, Gary 208 Slater, Jim 393 Slaughter, George 379 Slaughter, Jo Anne 441 Slaughter, Paula 208 Sletten, Karen 399 Slinkerd, Trace 409 Sloan. Stephen 389 Slover, Polly 209 Slusher, Scott 375 Small, Stephen 209 Smart, Susan 209 Smiley, Jeanette 209 Smiley, Michael 403 Smirl, Charlie 455 Smith, Alan 460 Smith, Allen 168 Smith, Angela 209 Smith. Brian 209,460, 510, 512 Smith, Cassandra 353 Smith, Cynthia 209 Smith, David Earl 371 Smith, David Eugene 389 Smith, Dena 433 Smith, Diana 443 Smith, Don 209 Smith, Donna 480 Smith, Kelly 439 Smith, Harold 413 Smith, Jeffrey 397 Smith, John 415 Smith, Julie 209 Smith, Kelly 209 Smith, Kent 387 Smith, Kevin 375 Smith. Kimberley 337 Smith, Lane 379 Smith, Lex 441 Smith, Lora 360 Smith, Marian 209 Smith, Mark 441 Smith, Mark 209, 457 Smith, Mary Jo 209 Smith, Michael A. 209 Smith, Michelle 335 Smith, Myron 436 Smith, Natalie 399 Smith, Nicholas 405 Smith, Pamela 419 Smith, Paul 209, 375, 439 Smith, Paul 209 Smith, Randy 209 Smith, Richard 437 Smith, Ronald 209 Smith, Scott 387 Smith, Sherry 446 Smith, Siegrid 209 Smith, Susan E. 469 Smith, Susan L. 347 Smith, Theron 428 Smith, Vicki 433 Smith, William A. 434 Smith, Yvonne 209 Smithmier, Elizabeth 385 Snapp, Tara 377 Snelling, Sara 476 Snider, Gail 368, 472 Snyder, Ann 365 Snyder, Ten'i 383 Sokolaski, Mike Ray 411 Sokolik, Karen 209 Solomon, Andrew 474 Solomon, Brent 445 Solomon, John 409 Sombart, Kevin 389 Somervillc, Joseph 452 Somerville, Shelley 360 Sommer, Jacqueline Sommer, John 209 Sommer, Philip 440 Sommerer, Jeffrey 353 Sorensen, Nels 379 Soule, Lucinda 209, 360 Soule, Melissa 360 Souris, Renee 209 Spadarotto, Steven 403 Spahr, Leslie 209 Spalding Jr, James 210 Spalding, Stephanie 210 Spatafora, Sandra 422 Spath, Carolyn 160, 210 Specker, Stanton 478 Specking, Carol 210 Spellmeyer, Ruben 466, 481 Spence, Greg 401 Spencer, Deborah 456 Spencer, Scott 391 Spener, Mimi 335 Spcno, Angelo 456 Sperandeo, Ginger 210 Speros, Karan 455 Sperr, Wendy 419 Sperry, Mitzi 436 Spica, Kevin 210 Spicer, Matthew 389 Spillman, Wayne 434 Sponaugle, Mark 210 Spooner, William 389 Sportsman, Tony 393 Sprague, Heather 210 Sprague, Phillip 210, 355, 478 Spratt, Sheldon 445 Spregelhalter, Mary 357 Sprick. Michael 343 Springer, Michael 353 Springli, Scott 456 Springmcicr, Shelley 210 Sprock, Michael 210, 333 Spurgeon, David 375, 446 Spun'ier, Tom 210 Squaire, Chris 210, 391 Squires, Jay 442 Squires, William 391 St. Clair, John 393 Staashelm, Ernie 345, 473 Stabler, Nancy 480 Stafford, Denise 210 Stafford, Grace 447 Stalder, William 457 Stalker, Kelly 210 Stamper, Lassa 363 Stanford, David 210 Stanford, Mary 210 Stanford. Scott 391 Stanley, Robert 439 Stan, James 373 Stansfleld, Patrick 210 Stapleton, Sara 385 Stark, Douglas 441 Stark, Edgar 343 Stark, Matthew 210 Stauder, Kurt 432 Slearns, Susan 440 Stccich. Rudy 210 Stccklberg, Carol 426, 455 Stedem, Deanne 422 Stedcm. Donald 210, 401 Steele. Kathleen 210 .s;1.:.::i4L 1.;- 63..., A b.3921. br .3, A y. ;1., a 3.341.;Wm . . luau",- Steele, Thomas 415, 458 Stefanavagc, Catherine 210 Steffan, Barry 401 Steffan, Theresa 427 Steffan. Wesley 210, 345 Steffen, Robin 377 Stem, Leanne 399 Stein, David 373 Stein. Rick 417 Steinert. Robert 424 Steinhaeufel. Stephanie 377 Sleinmann. Mark 355 Stelter, Steve 434 Stemme, Warren 422 Stender, April 425 Stepanek, Dennis 456 Stephens, Carrie 357 Stephens, Craig 379 Stephens, Mark 403 Stephens, Stephen 210 Stephenson, Michelle 456 Stephenson, Scott 403 Stepro, Mitchell 437 Steptoc, Sonja 472 Stern. Charles 393 Stern, Daniel 393 Stern, Mitchell 403 Stemberger, Sara 419, 422 Stemeckcr, David 439 Steuterman, Mary 433 Stevens, Thomas 403 Stevens, Tracy 381 Stevens, Valerie 438 Steward, James 210 Stewart, Angela 452 Stewart, Carolyn 210 Stewart, Jim 391 Stewart, John 373 Stewart, Lawrence 373 Stewan, Norm 269 Stewart, Sara 441 Stichnote, Lynn 438 Sticf, Gavin 403 Stiegemeier, Janet 434 Stiers, Julainc 210 Stiles, James 369 Stillman, Joe 393 Stipanovich, Stephen 273, 274 Stipp. Lori 424, 462 Stiles, MaIk 210, 369 Stock, Daniel 375, 446 Stock, Jeffrey 424 Stock, Thomas 375, 446 Stockman, Thomas 405 Stoecklein II, Robert 456 Stoecklein, Ellene 456 Stohr. Jane 365 Stole, Bn'ta 422 Stoliar, Suzanne 210 Stolper, Donna 211 Stolt, Judith 211 Stolte, Chris 434 Stone, Craig 417 Stone, Deborah 383 Stone, Edwal 211 Stone, Jeffrey 355 Stone, Marcia 424 Stone, Mark 393 Stoner, Matthew 409 Stonum, Kevin 375 Stoppok, Jennifer 433 Stonz, Helen 381 Stout. Jeanne 211 Stout, Rebecca 444 Strader, Marilyn 399 Straehly, Stephen 211 Stratman, Daniel 211 Stratman, Gregory 211 Stratton, Nancy 377 Straussner, Steven 389 Strawhun, Gregory 445 Such, Arthur 291 Stricken, Tamarah 211 Strickfadcn, Lana 377 Striegel, Julie 469 Striker, Karen 470 Striker, Kenneth 424 Strolse, Bonnie 470 Strombeck, John Stromberg, Deanna 211 Strothmann, Linda 211, 436 Stroup, Robert 387 Struebbe, Jolene 433 Struemph, Lucinda 363 Stuart, Diane 419 Stubbers, Gregory 391 Stubcr, Helen 360 Stuckel, Jay 403 Stuckenschneider, Michael 379 Stuesse, Monica 211 Stumpe, Keith 211, 439 StumptT, Deborah 211, 456 Suda, Donna 211 Sudbrock, Marcia 435 Suddarth. Dean 369 Sudsberry, Nancy 436, 460 Suelmann, Jerry 403 Sulack, Lori 377 Sulkowski, Diane 383 Su1lentrup, Glenda 211 Sullinger. Randy 417 Sullivan, Cn's 413 Sullivan, Dana 444 Sullivan, Joe 379 Sullivan, Mary 426 Sullivan, Patricia 211 Sullivan, Peggy 429 Sullivan. Teri 211, 385 Sullivan, Timothy 441 Summers, Bud 343 Summers, Charles 470 Summers, Mary 474 Sunde, Sherry 466 Sundvold, Jon 266. 272 Supstiks. Daina 211 Survam, Richard 401 Susman, Sue 339 Sutherland, Barbara 347, 441 Suthoff, Daine 211 Sutter, Jane 211, 347 Sutton, Valerie 211 Svehla, Catherine 469 Swalander, Kristina 419 Swallow, James 405 Swallow, Stephanie 444 Swan, William 470 Swanson, Cindy 337 Swanson, Matthew 440 Swasey, Jeff 442 Sweeney, Joseph 211 Sweeney, Kevin 373 Sweeney, Mark 401 Swetnam, Gregory 211 Swetham, Randall 211 Swicki, Mike 403 Swiney, Nancy 466 Swiney, Tonya 481 Swinvenon, Mark 211 Swilters, Kurt 481 Swofford, Linda 211, 456 Swoyer, Jeffrey 211 Syberg, Lisa 424 Sykes, Michael 379 Symes, Ronald 413 Szoke, Man'ka 335 Taggart, Suzanne 432 Tague, David 445 Tanka, George 353 Tapaoan, Dina 427 Tapko, Mark 211, 403 Tapley, Lori 211 Tapley, Maria 347 Tapp, Brenda 423 Tarantino, Celeste 447 Tarantola, Bruce 211, 371 Tan. Patricia 211 Tarson, Susan 399 Tate, Cindy 315 Tate, Debbie Tate, Douglas Tate, Janis Tate, Sherri Tate, Terrell Taylor, David 397 Taylor, Debra 454 Taylor, James 442 Taylor, Steven 211, 428 Taylor, Susan 335 Taylor, Thomas 415 Teague, Shawn 273 Tedrow, Jeffrey 393. 466 Teel, Kevin 211, 371 Temmen, Carol 433 Temple, Randal 409 Templeton, Mark 211 Tenhouse, Lynn 438 Tenkhoff, Kirk 211, 391 Terada, Greg 393 Terry, Rita 212 Terry, Christopher 424 chis, Dan 472 Thai, Mark 341 Tharp, Cathy 431 Tharp, Jane 212 Tharp, Teresa 480 Thayer, Jeffrey 212 Theodore, Deborah 212 Thiemann, Nancy 212 Thies, Melissa 212 Thies, Steven 212 Thiru, Dave 456 Thoman, Julia 212 Thomas. Anne 211, 437 Thomas. Becky 212 Thomas. Douglas 343, 473 Thomas, Gordon 411, 458 Thomas, Julie 212 Thomas, Mark 212, 379, 466 Thomas, Maureen 212, 481 Thomas, Michael 212 Thomas. Paula 476 Thomas, Robert 212 Thomas, Stacia 212 Thomason. Sharon 457 Thompson, Cynthia 335 Thompson, Deborah 438 Thompson, Denise 212 Thompson, Joseph 434 Thompson, Larry 379 Thompson, Michael 379 Thompson, Roben 343 Thompson, Timothy 445 Thomsen, Linda 377 Thorne, David 212 Thornton, Charlotte 466 Thornton, Richard 397 Thornton, Sheila 466 Thoroughman, Thomas 212 Thorpe, Theresa 337 Thro, Mary 212 Thum, David 212 Thurlo, Mark 466 Thurmer, Douglas 212 Tibbs, Jane 339 Tibbs, Robin 339 Tiemann, Trenton 345 Tiemann, Stephen 212 Tierney, Kevin 371 Tietjen, Susan 287, 288, 289 Timberlake, Mark 401 Timm, Daniel 212 Tlapek, Christopher 393 Tlapek, David 393 Toalson, Eunice 212 Tobben, Christine 454 Tobias, Elizabeth 212 Tockman, Craig 417 Todd, David 411 Todd, Kim 442 Toft, Tracy 385 Tolberd, Jeffrey 401 Tolin, Susan 337 Toliver, Dc Ann 433, 456 T010, William 393 Tomlin, John 387 Tompson, Cliff 393 Tomsich, Philip 415 Toole, Allen 405 Toolcy, Steve 212, 401 Topping, Sarah 212 Torres, Richard 401 Tosti, Pamela 385 Toth, Chip 409 Toth, James 212, 415 Towler, James 355 Townsend, Thomas 375 Trachsel, Norma 454 Tracy, Terri 419 Trager, Mark 413 Trautman, Craig 403 Traulman, David Trautmann, John 212, 353 Travers, Jeffrey 212 Trentham, Paul 411, 447 Trillin, Michelle 212 Trimarco, Kathe Trimble, Richard 343, 473 Trimmer, Sherry 212 Tritten, Carol 419 Trittler, Oliver 212, 411 Tmtler, Regan 411 Troesser, Lesia 211 Troester, Mark 391, 459 Trofholz, Mark 415 Troll, Stephen 397 Troplett, Bill 424 Trotta, Mary 470 Trotter, John 510 Trout, Andrew 446 Trubiano, Lisa 436 Trudel, Anne 347 Truesdell, Jeffrey 409 Truss, Caroline 447 Tucker, Elizabeth 441 Tucker, Robert 393 Tucker, Teniann 419 Turin, Teresa 436 Turley, Sarah 385 Turner, Angela 213 Turner, Anne 460 Turner, Donna 427 Turner, Julie 385 Turner, Krista 213 Tumis, Jane 439 Tussing, Suzanne 213, 399 Tweedie, Donald 213 Twellman, James 213 Tzinberg. Susan 339 Uehling, Barbara 164 Uhlfelder, Lynn 213 Ulrey, Connie 440 Underhill, James 459 Underhill, Ken 213 Underwood, James 403 Unger, Lisa 423 Unger, Mona Unnersmll, Timothy 401 Ussery, Katherine 213 Vacca, Daniel 387 Valver, Rich 355 Van Dorcn, Kurt 213 Van Gennip, Cheryl 429 Van Han, Anna 399 Van Horn, Mark 213 Van Hout, Anna 163 Van Lceuwen, Constance 444 Van Leunen, Thomas 397 Van Norman, Barry 397 Van Ravenswaay, Theodore 355 Van Schoiack, Dean 213 Van Wagner, Kimberly 422 Vance, Lonnie 440 Vance, Mark 442 Vandeloechl, Eric 343 Vandepopuliere, Mary 213 Vanetti, Anita 436 Varble, Dianne 437 Vardakis, Gregory 213, 369 Vargas, Elizabeth 435 Vargon, Michael 409 Vamell, Jon 428 Vasterling, Susan 424 Vaughn, Anthony 379 Velsor, Steve 407 Vellrop, James 213, 450 Venn, RichaId 401 Verhagen, Benet 409, 474 Verhoff, James 403 Vemer, Margaret 213 Verwers, Kyle 363, 455 Vie, Mark 353 Vicrling, Richard 409 Vierling, Jim 355 Vigue, Joel 213 Villhardt, Steven 401 Villhardt, Susan 157 Vincent, David 343 Vincent, Ten' 476 Vitale, Anthony 440 Vitale, Maria 213 Vitale, Michelle 434 Vili, Susie 383 Vlahoplus, Alexis 211, 363 Voegtli, David 454 Voetter, Mark 389 Vogel, Jean 211 Vogel, Laura 213 Vogel, Malcolm 213 Vogelsmeier, Jay 375 Vogt, Edward 367 Voit, Jennifer 335, 440 Volk, Mary 213 Volmer, Brian 437 Volz, David 441 Volz, Michael 213 Von Trcce, Debbie 247 Vortmeier, Zocann 437 Vossmeyer, Ralph 438 Vowell, Susan 455 Voypick, Beth 436 Vozar, Mary 213, 510 Wacker. Laura 474 Waddell, Richard 437 Waddington, Scott 417 Wade, Donald 434 Wade, Scott 403 Waggoner, Bn'an 439 Wagner, Christopher 472 Wagner, Daniel 367 Wagner, Jonathan 417 Wagner, Robyn 213, 383 Wagster. Charlotte 481 Wahle, Richard 424 Waid, Gregory 391 Waite, Kimberly 213 Waldman, Judith 438 Waldo, RichaId 466 Waldron, Robert 397 Walker, Jane 213 Walker, Jodi 335 Walker, Lon' 213 Walker, Maura 335 Wall, Julia 381 Wall, Leslie 213 Wall, Mark 389 Wall, Nancy 427 Wallace, Elizabeth 347 Wallace, Sandra 214 Waller, Byrona 424 Waller, Kemberly 424 Waller, Timothy 447 W311i, Steven 403 Walsh, Chris 480 Walsh, Daniel 214, 401 Walsh, Kelly 214 Walsh, Kimberley 475 Walsh, Thomas 359 Walston, Kent 407 Walston, Keith 407 Wadsworth, Edgar 355 Walter, Chris 214 Walter, Vicki 333 Walters. Fred 214 Walters, Randy 379 Walther, Sheryl 480 Walther, Todd 367 Waltman, Douglas 424 Walton, Trudy 438 Waltrip, John 369 Wansing, Daryl 214 Ward, David 369 Ward, Deacon 397 Ward, Michael 474, 476 Ward, Sandra 214 Warden, David 214, 369 Warden, Dennis 457 Ware, Willis 259 Wares, Penny 214 Waris, Robert 371 Warnick, Marta 214 Warren, John 405 Warren, Karen 214 Warren, Kenneth 454 Warren, Elizabeth 377 Warren, Steven 214, 454 Warrick, Todd 397 Wasleski, Robert 442 Wasserman, Lori 426 Wasserman, Michelle 444 Wasserman, Nancy 214 Waterhouse, James 474 Waters, Elizabeth 423 Waters, James 214 Waterwiese, Norman 437 Watkins, Anita 444 Watkins, Claudia 365 Watkins, Greg 351 Watterson, Bryce 442 Watts, John 415 Weatherly, Jeff 389 Weathers, Grant 393 Weathersby, William 510 Weaver, Mark 413, 458 Weaver, Sara 399 Webb, Michael 214 Webbink, Ann 214 Weber, Deborah 214 Weber, Gigi 337 Weber, James 214 Weber, Kathryn 214 Weber, Mary 444 Weber, Russell 415 Webster, Martha 377 Waddle, John 387 Weekley, Debra 381 Weekly, Patti 433 Weeks, Drew 393 Wagner, Sarah 425 Wcigel, Peter 438 Weigum, Greg 387 Weiler, Mike 409 Weiner, Lori 339 Weinhold, Don 353 Weinhold, Keith 353 Weinrich, Christopher 409 Weinstein, Rick 417 Weinsting, Mitchell 333 Weinzirl, William 373, 458 Weir, Bruce 214, 401 Weis, John 411 Wciscl, Patrick 422 Weiser, Howard 417 Weiss, Barbara 214 Weiss, David 214, 401 Weiss, Linda 335 Weiss, Richard 341 Weiss, Terry 417 Weissman, Sheryl 214 Wekcr, Fred 343 Wclbom, Stephen 373 Welch. Claire 444 Welch, Connie 437 Wclch, Gary 452, 470 Welch, Lori 383 Welhoelter, Janice 214 Welker, Stephen 445 Weller, Suzanne 422 Wellman, Deborah 470 Wellman, John 214, 371 Wells, Adrianne 360 Wells, Craig 214 Welsh, Kathleen 363 Welsh, Thomas 466 Welter, Diane 214, 432 Welter, Janice 431, 456 Wempner, Jim 401 Wen, Ann 115 Wenncker, Lori 383 Wepfer, Connie 214 Werkmeister, Rosemary 214 Werner, Darla 433 Werner, Heidi 365, 433 Werner, Patricia 427 Werner. Scott 454 Werner, Susan 443, 454, 457, 460 Weming, Thomas 413 Werstein, Leslie 339 Wen, David 215 Weschke, Charles 353 Wescoat, Mary 215 West, Eileen 427 West, Marsha 157, 456, 461 West, Susan 443 West, Vicky 215 Westbrook, Jefferson 367 Westerleida, Bill 415 Weslerman, Chris 434 Western, Terri 383 Westmoreland, Rebecca 215, 381 Wheatley, Kimberly 215 Wheelehan, JaniceMarie 444, 453 Wheeler, James 345 Wheeler, Linda 381, 510 Wheeler, Michelle 215, 30.1, 475 Wheeler, Rhonda 441 Whisenand, Rachelle 425 Whistler. Michael 447 Whistler, Stephen 437 Whitaker, Bill 239 Whitaker, Doug 215, 460 Whitaker, Todd 215 White, Carol 215 White, Chris 438 White, Christopher 215 White, Gail 215 White, Gina 399 White, Gregory 473 White, Jamie 454 White, John 457 White, Madelyn 363 White, Randall 440 Whited, Cynthia 215 Whited, Linda 357, 439 Whitehead, Edward 215, 375, 460 Whiteside, Paula 444 Whiting, Janet 424 Whitmcr, Terri 425 Whitmore, Linda 215 Whittcr, Melanie 215 Whittington, Richard 411 Whitton, Kathryn 215, 350 Whyman, Stacey 429 Wickert, Eric 353 Widjaja, Hasan 215 Widlumd, Steven 409 Wiedmier, Debra 337 Wiegers, Pamela 215 Wies, Timothy 454 Wieschhaus, Larry 215, 441 Wiese, Karen 215 Wieselman, Steve 417 Wiggcr, Cheryl 215 Wilber, George 409 Wilbret, Mary 422 Wilbum, Alison 335 Wilbum, Douglas 371 Wilcox, Michael 387, 459 Wilcox, Todd 391 Wilcoxen, Amanda 347 Wilde, Carol 457 Wilde, Claudia 439 Wilde, Janet 456 Wilder, James 234, 236, 241, 247 Wilder, Sherri 215 Wile, Randall 215 7 Wiley, Kimberly 456 Wilham, Elizabeth 422 Wilhelm, Barbara 447 Wilhelm, Elizabeth 419 Wilhelm. Robert 424 Wilinsky, Daniel 215 Wilkc, Karen 441 Wilkerson, David 215 Wilkins, Lawana 215 Will, Brian 333 Will, Jeff 446 Will, Lynn 419 Willbrand, Brad 353 Willbrand, Philip 353 Willenbrink, Nancy 363 Willhauk, Melanie 215, 357 Williams, Brett 389 Williams, Curtis 409 Williams. Cynthia 399 Williams, Douglas 351 Williams, Ellie 385 Williams, Gary 445 Williams, Griselda 215 Williams, John 473 Williams, Karen 335 Williams, Kathryn 466 Williams, Kelly 399 Williams, Kenneth 215, 428 Williams, Myron 474 Williams, Rhand 379 Williams, Stephanie 436 Wi1liams, Susan 347 Williams, Teresa 215 Williams, Tracy 385 Willie, Matthew 355 Willinsky, Dan 459 Willis Jr, Roy 215 Willman, Sharon 215, 399 Wills, Janet 215, 347 Wills, Patricia 215 Wilson, Amy 381 Wilson, Barbara 427 Wilson, Bruce 343 Wilson, Christie 422 Wilson, Darren 215 Wilson, Elizabeth 335, 423 Wilson, Julie 377 Wilson, Kevin 401 Wilson, Mary 215 Wilson, Ralph 371 Wilson, Randy Wilson, Robert 216 Wilson, Robin 216 Wilson, Russell 452 Wilson, Russell Wilson, Stephen 216, 367, 446 Wilson, Susan 150 Wilson, Teresa 315 Wilson, William 409 Winchell, David 407 Winchell, MaJ-k 407 Windmiller, Mark 438 Windsor, Fran 422 Wingfleld, Andrew 216 Wingren, Joy 385 Winkelman, Jim 411 Winking, Tracey 335 Winkley, Reginald 422 Winslow, Sharon 216, 432 Winston, David 341, 458 Winston, Laura 216 Winter, Melissa 441 Wipke, Deidre 377 Wisch, Kevin 434 Wisdom, Katherine 424 Wisniewski, Jerome 441, 472 Wisniewski, Steven 387 Wissbaum, Joseph 434 Win, Anita 347 Witten, James 216 Wittncben, Renee 216 Wivell, Georgiana 383, 424 Wivell, William 216, 333 Wodraska, David 216 Woelfel, Scott 216 Wolf, Janet 460 Wolfe, Christina 419 Wolfe, John 216 Wolfe, Karen 444, 460 Wolfenbarger, Elaine 470 WoltT, Jeanne 444 Wolfgang, Howard 403 Wolfson, Monica 215 Wollard, Janice 215 Wolters, Melissa 470 Woltjen, Mark 441 Wood, Barbara 363 Wood, Mark 355 Wood, Richard 215 Wood, Timothy 440 Wood, William 397 Woodard, Sally 422 Woodley, Mary 215 Woods, Bob 171 Worden, Nancy 216, 427 Workey, Steve 341 Workman, Andrew 355 Worley, Hootie 347 Worley, Virginia 216 Wright, John 216 Wright, Larry 216, 345 Wright, Patricia 443 Wright, Rhonda 422 Wright, Rick 391 Wright, Scott 216, 456 Wright, Steven Wright, Susan 377 Wright, Thomas 393 Wrobel, Mary 216 Wuesthoff, Susan 216 Wuestling, Kirk 466 Wulff, Robert 397 Wullcr, Robin 439 Wyatt, Ellen 433 Wyatt, Richard 445 Wyatt, Sherry 422 Wynn, Margon 377 Wynn, Sherri 399 Xueren, Chao 94-97 Yaeger, Kevin 216 Yaeger. Nancy 443 Yager, Leeanna 439 Yancy, Wendy 432 Yanders, Armand 172 Yarbrough, Steven 216 Yates, Carla 216, 363 Yates, Daniel 216 Yates, Jane 216 Yates, Michael 407 Yatsook, Todd 409 Yeager, Katherine 381 Yelton, Jeffrey 216 Yoakum, Glenn 216 York, Lois 216 Young, Deena 377 Young, Douglas Edwin 460 Young, Eric 216 Young, Gregory 446 Young, John 411 Young, Karen 335, 426 Young, Keith 477 Young, Patrick 415 Younger, Thomas 367 Younghanz, Kristi 455 Zahner, Patty 360, 424 Zamberlan, Christine 433 Zamberlan, Theresa 433 Zanzie, Don 216, 353 Zatzman, Robin 216 Zeller, Elizabeth 434 Zellmer, Vicky 444, 456, 481 Zemelman, Mark 217, 439, 478, 479 Zepp, Kathleen 217, 466 Zgiet, Joan 433 Zickcn, Caren 419, 469 Ziegler, Jane 217 Ziegler, Jeff 441 Ziegler, Mark 369 Zimmer, Beth 217, 383 Zimmer, Randall 345 Zimmerman, Andrew 341 Zimmerman, Joan 217, 335 Zirkle, Chris 359 Zoellner, Stephanie 425 Zubcck, Barbara 436 Zumsteg, Jeffrey 466 Zwonitzer, Mark 351 m-V-W-utb-vcbhr-v m rmw ' " . 1 1 ;.n -m. u- seed 5..., 4'. '5 gamma? University of Missouri Front Row: Mary eedo I look like a secretaryiw Vozar, Jay seSoccer coache Anthony, Patty eeWool skirt" Kwapis, Drew eeWhere is the office? Perine. Back Row: Calvin eethe light-sensitive trolle Beam, Bill eeIn the drain,, Weathersby, Kathy eSlut puppy" Murray, Linda uAre you in a house'F Wheeler, Marcy eeCan I take it to Louisville? OeKoon, John eethe racially frustrated punkish martyre Trotter, Brian eeDeadlines are made to be brokene Smith. Not Pictured: Lauren eeJanet Cookee, Asplen. ,, ....:u.- .1 mu.-. , L Om espite predictions to the contrary by Jean Dixon, Jimmy the Greek and the Amazing Kreskin, the University of Missouri does indeed have a year- book this year. At times, I too was somewhat skeptical, wondering if there would ever be any sports copy in this book. But its a plea- sure to say the soothsayers were premature in their pessimistic prognostications. Because, through all of our difficulties, welve accom- plished everything we set out to do. This is the most colorful Savitar ever, with nearly three times more four-color than last years book, and its packed with more feature stor- ies than ever before. None of this would have been possible without the contributions of the years Savi- tar staff. Theylre the most talented group Ilve ever worked with, albeit the strangest. While things rarely went smoothly, it was never dull thanks to them. J ohn Trotter took on the taxing responsibil- ity as photo editor and gave a new meaning to llnew wave journalism? taking it a step further into the realm of llpunk photogra- phy? Certainly no one in the history of the Savitar has gotten move involved in a story than John did at the Blue Note. The strength of the Savitar over the past decade has always been the photography. This never would have been possible without the help of so many contributing photo- graphers. Over the past four years, Ilve had the pleasure of working with some of the finest photographers around, but certainly no two people have contributed more to the Savitar than David Rees and Dan White. Spe- cial thanks goes to them. The copy in this yearls book is also the best ever, due to the talents Bill, Mary, Drew and Calvin. Next yearls Savitar will be in very good hands with Bill as editor. Ild also like to thank John McEnroe for judging this yearls Savitar Queen contest and Graham lleana J ohnny" Anthony for start- ing this year off to a crashing success. But the biggest thanks of all goes to Rod, Belinda, Mark and all the folks at Hunter Publishing. Theyive proved again and again that there is no better publisher around. After working for newspapers that constantly dic- tated the way things had to be done, it was nice to work with someone who did things the way we wanted. Our requests were often complex and we always demanded the finest quality. Hunter never let us down. Brian Smith Editor, 1981 Savitar - s .I . ,1 . bi ilin ,lvgkk . .II?!:..II1NIIII:1.l2 i:! ylull

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