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tiw x L . . .. I . . I . , 'Jl1l.:l . i . .rkx. g mat... Gen 11- 37a sa 94 1478 4 7 7 IHIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIll!Ill!QHQIIIIQIWIIIIQI 47777 Dan Whi e 03m .1978 SAVITAR Staff and the Curators of the University of Missouri 1978, Volume 84t E1 the 0ff1c1a1 ygarbook of the University Of Missouri D editorial offices: 308 Read Hall Uni- ver51ty of M1ssouri, Columbia, Missouri 65211 El telephone: 31408828340 D all rigHts re- served. 3753991 078 SAVITAR NI MCPL WW WWIWIIHlHllHllWHlWHWMWIWI 3 0000 00156430 5" m .h w n a D Ed McCain m i h w n a D Ios:$ Azel Ed McCain Photos by Dan White l:s. rvflt .. . fo Photos by Dan White Dan White Dan White Ed McCain Ed McCain LI .LI. ? Photos by Dan White Photos by Dan White Jose' A291 233 ED .1. Ed McCain Dan White L pH? o Avsitm Dan White Photos by .m a C C M d E r e h C O L m a B Photos by Dan White m m n a D Y b S o t o h P m m n a D y b S o t o h P $3? . x Photos by Dan White Update Guests Concerts University Theatre Sports People Administration Royalty Dorms Greeks Seniors Groups Index J:g,. Photos by Ed McCain 39 m .1 h w m D Y b S m 0 .h P Ji;-$ Ed McCain 5- g 'u 3. ' ' ' V teetgw3mer a A Vim: WEN??? ' Photos by Dan White 43 Nicholas M. Vedros 45 63:... l .1113W AWN Photos by Ed McCain 46 833, .2 mmgosumz 48 r I I "135! Nyym t,- Hm uut'dxur'f-llf'nl"! "It'llfi IIY't'I' Borbiddcn' sex mun: attractivc 3. ,- I '1 :s' gluing, unma- muwamm... mumuu... Dan White 49 Tom Reese rump mmww Photos by Dan White Jack Matthews: a Real "Find" It's a good thing Jack Matthews doesn't take a "finder's keepers, loser's weepers" attitude about old Savitars. The former UMC Dean of Students, dubbed the "Savitar Finder", makes a hobby of finding old Savitars and sending them to grateful people. And grateful they really are. In response to receiving a 1914 Savitar, one woman wrote, "You made my 82 year old husband very happy as he was a 1914 University of Missouri graduate and either had not gotten a yearbook or it had burned when the house burned years ago. He sat right down and poured over it for hours. Memories of long ago flooded over him. He was like a young man again as he saw the familiar faces - even the dormitory wherehe stayed. "You can't imagine how much he appreciates the Savitar copy. I can only say 'Thank You' for him." Matthews estimates that he has sent out 150-200 Savitars, dating as far back as 1919. Some are Willing to pay as much as $25 a book. "A few are millinaires now," Matthews re- marked, "but couldn't afford a book then." Yet, he charges only $6.00 a book, plus postage, not enough to cover expenses in tracking down the old volum- es. "Nostalgia is usually an indulgence with a higher price," he commented. It's obvious that the satisfaction he receives from appreciative people is ample compensation. Matthews travels to yard sales, auctions, estate sales and antique shops to find old copies of the Savitar. Friends also help out. And he deals with a local Columbia book store. Small announcements of Matthew's efforts, published in the Alumni Magazine, have had a tremendous response. After returning from vacation one winter, he found 153 re- quests for Savitars on his desk. Some years are more avail- able than others, and orders are filled according to the postmark date. There's still a waiting list of 35-50 people Who want books he can't locate. His copy of the first Savitar, 1894-95, is not for sale. "I'm keeping that one," Matthews remarked. He is pleased with the results of his efforts, and several files in his office are full of grateful replies. "I've had letters from people who became mayors, 2-star admirals, even presidents of large companies." And all are thankful. A letter from one Mizzou alumnas summed it up well. "The opportunity you have afforded me to obtain a 1928 Savitar is greatly appreciated. Please accept my sincere thanks for the fine and thoughtful thing you are doing for me and many alumni and former students who for some reason could not, or did not, obtain the Savitars covering the years they were in school at MU.'5 Text by Melinda COrbin I L 5' um m';.- w 56 Lifestyles Vary .at UMC What does it mean to be a "dormie?" Don't get me wrong, I was one myself for three years. But I did have my reasons for moving out. And many have reasons for stay- ing. Residence halls and their way of life mean different things to different people. Dorm life is convenient, carefree, and comparable at not Cheapert in price than apartment living. But there must be more of a drawing card than this to warrant a waiting list of over one hundred people each semester. Besides the minimal upkeep of a small room tmore mini- mal for some than othersL and personal laundry chores, the dorm resident has absolutely no housekeeping respon- sibilities. Appetites are catered to three times a day, with a fairly wide variety of edible and nutritious tand definitely not gourmett food. Mom's home cooking it is not, but some do manage to find a favorite or two. There is something for just about everyone. Socially, the dorm resident can fare well. I had to sup- press a laugh one day when I heard a "wingmate" Who hadn't gotten into the sorority she wanted lament, "Now how will I get any dates!" Active social chairmans can orga- nize lots of parties and floor exchanges, and build up quite a "swinging" floor image tor whatever image is desiredy Plus, with a floor full of people, no one need ever feel completely alone. Floor meetings are a great way to meet new friends, and provide students with opportunities for leadership roles. You have to get along with people in this close environment, or eek out a semester, or year, in utter misery. Residence Assistants tRA'st are available for guidance, counseling, friendship, information, and whatever else they choose to provide. Head Residents help with the stic- kier, more involved problems. And qualified counselors can be found in many of the dorms and will gladly help students with their problems, personal and otherwise. All of this togetherness and guidance can be great for those who really need it, want it, or at least don't mind it. But to others, it can be oppressive. Reasons for leaving are individualized, but I found the noise excessive, as do many Who find occassional study necessary. Photos by Dan White Nicholas Vedros Dan White 58 And after three years of llsisterhood" with approximately seventy girls, I was ready for some solitude. I. gladly ex- changed the convenience of prepared meals and no house- keeping for my own kitchen tavailable 24 hoursl and dusty shelves. While there may be the dilemma of "what to fix tonight," I still prefer the shopping and cooking and indeci- sion to meals in the dorm. It makes for a kind of dual existence - that of homemaker and student e but for me the extra work was worth the smug feeling of independence I got as I sat out back of my apartment and watched my hamburgers barbeque on the grill. Ah . . . the good life. Sometimes I could even pretend I wasn't really in school. Of course, there are no Visitation rules in apartment living texcept internal ones, naturallyl. And for persons of college age, this added attraction is a big one! It can be more difficult to meet people in apartments, and transportation could be a problem for those living off- campus without a car, but buses transport students from the larger apartment complexes, and many hitch rides with friends. Plus, many places are very close to campus. The prices? Some high, some reasonable, and some should be almost non-existent. You can live in an apartment for about the same amount as in a dorm. It all depends on the extravagance of your tastes. Many who move out of the dorms e either into apart- ments, sororities or fraternities, fondly remember their dorm days, and keep up with friendships that began and grew in the dorms. Although I don't miss being a dormie, I did enjoy the first two years, and my closest friendships started there. I still like going back and Visiting those friends who chose to stay in the residence halls. I admire their fortitude, and often fear for their sanity. But then, I remember that it wasn't so bad after all. In fact, I kind of liked it! ....... Nicholas Vedros Text by Melinda Corbin Night Beat 6O Wiggly"!!! Many students pull llall nighters" at least once in a while, but Barb Chandler, UMC policewoman, is up all night. It's her job. ' Chandler works "Shift 3,'l also referred to as the graveyard shift, because it lasts until 11 pm. to 7 a.m. "I sleep from 7:30 a.m. till 1:00 p.m., spend time with Carl ther husbandl and at 2:30 take him to work, sleep again from 3 to 6, then wake up and cook him dinner. It doesn't leave much time for myself." At age 23, Chandler has been on the force one year and definitely stands out. She is one of a minority of four policewomen on the UMC Police Force. Her vivid red hair and petite figure further distinguish her. "At first guys would try to overprotect me, but not as much now as the start. Sometimes people will request a Woman officer because they feel more comfortable," she said. Chandler's patrol district this night covered mainly the back roads by the reactor and the University president's house, and included a small portion of the south edge of campus. "Things look so much different at night," Chandler said. The night's activities included confronting a group of students trespassing at the stadium, acting as a back-up to Other patrol cars checking out different violations, aiding a 61 stranded motorist, making a report on stolen property at the Med Center, and yes, giving a few parking tickets. "We do more than write parking tickets," she said. As Chandler's work on "Shift 3" shows, besides the tickets, most of a policewoman's job goes unnoticed. 3. ,1; u ,0 ad. , . . ,- V ; .. -. ..,A..J!arg;eg.?g:g Wid'w. 62 d .1 V a D y b s 0 LL 0 h p m LL X e T Let it Snow, Let it Snow . . . Columbians may have thought the refrain "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow" was written especially for them this past winter, as February brought snowfalls that combined to make this one of the worst winters in Missouri history. Twelve inches of powder fell within 24 hours, and caused classes to be cancelled Monday, February 13 at the Universi- ty, the first time in memory. Brady Commons and the Union were locked tight. Even the library remained closed, much to the amazement and dismay of many students who braved the weather to finish homework that should have been done the night before. x Mw'hiy .m. 7 ' .. ' Let it Snow g '2? Others just took advantage of the situation, catching up on sleep after returning from a 7:40 class, having missed the 7:30 announcementt, watching television, or even getting out and enjoying the weather. After all, snow deep enough to cause the cancellation of classes is not necessarily serious enough to stop more important activities e like walking to the quadrangle to play in the snow, or trecking downtown to shop in the stores that still remained open. I The rest of Columbia also came to a near-stop, with snowplows working constantly to clear the streets, and tow trucks removing cars that were stuck in the snow. Traffic moved cautiously through the confusion. Eventually, though, the snow melted and Columbia returned to normal. But studentsAwill undoubtedly remember the extra day of vacation next year when the snow begins to fall, and "Let it snow" may turn into a Text by Melinda Corbin Campus wide chant, and not just the refrain of a catchy winter tune. Photos by Ed McCain 68 DATE 78 Canal Treaty Ratified 1978 marked the ratification of a new Panama Canal Treaty, but not before a controversial debate rocked the Senate. The treaties required a two-thirds majority, or 67 votes, for ratification, and as of last summer only 27 senators would declare their support. Carter Administration officials made more than 700 speeches in favor of the treaties, and former President Ford spoke on their behalf. To garner more support, President Carter and Panama ruler General Omar Torrijos issued statements clarifying two points in the treaties: that the US. would permanently retain the right to defend the neutrality of the Canal, and that the US. Navy vessels would be given priority through the Canal in the event of an emergency. Jacob Javits, Republican Senator from New York, said, 1'What is important is whether the treaties are in the long- term interest of the United States, and I think they are." Others agreed, and after numerous amendments were proposed and consi- dered, a new Panama Canal Treaty was ratified. National Women's Conference The National Women's Conference was held in Houston this November. A mixture of harmony and disso- nance characterized the event, as dele- gates from all over the country voted on resolutions ranging from abortion ttermed l'reproductive freedomU to welfare rights. All knew their votes had no real power, counting only as "recommenda- tions" in Washington. The fate of the resolutions depends entirely upon Congress and the President. Still, many feminists viewed the con- ference as an educational experience, and a small battle in the war for wom- en's rights. Bella Abzug presided over the 5 mill- ion dollar federally funded event, where feminists rallied against dele- gates of the far Right, who had targeted the event as a symbol of degeneracy. Phyllis Schlafly, president of Stop ERA, reiterated that ERA would result in "driving the homemaker out of the home," and asserted that "I think the workforce ought to thank me for telling those wives to stay at home." Despite the conflicts, there were en- couraging moments 82; like reminders that laws discriminating against women are being knocked down case by case. So although the conference could not result in any binding legal equality for women, it appears that accepting in- feriority is a thing of the past. , y :5," -H Mid East Negotiations Unsuccessful Egyptian President Anwar Sadat made an historic trip to Jerusalem last November for a Mid East Peace Confer- ence With Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin. The goal of the conference was "true peace" a or full diplomatic, economic, and cultural relations between Israel and Arab neighbors. Moscow and the U.S. issued a joint declaration calling for a comprehensive Mid East settlement to include Israel's withdraw from occupied territory, ter- mination of a state of war, and resolu- tion of the "Palestinian question," al- lowing Palestine "legitimate rights" in any settlement. Isreal immediately charged that they had been "sold out" for the sake of de- tente. The Egypt-Israel problem has not been resolved, primarily because the is- sues involved do not readily lend themselves to compromise. The Arabs want a sovereign Palesti- nian State comprised of the West Bank of the Jordan and the Gaza Strip; Israel consistently opposes creation of such a state. Egypt demands the return of all territory conquered by Israel in 1967; Is- rael deems the occupied areas necessary to their security. Naturally, they want to survive as a sovereign state. Yet, the Palestinians also want sovereignty, which they can't have as long as Israel occupies their territory. The positions of the two parties in- volved are incompatible, and the U.S.'s charges that Isreal is "inflexible" and "obstructionist" cannot change the situation. Only time will tell if Egypt and Israel can solve their problems and achieve the "true peace" both sides claim to seek. Spinks Named Heavyweight Champ Muhammed Ali and Leon Spinks fought through 15 rounds to face a split decision naming Spinks as the new Heavyweight Champion of the World. The 24-year-old Spinks had only fought seven professional bouts before facing Ali, after an amateur career that culminated, as did Ali's, in winning the Olympic light heavyweight gold medal. Spinks had never fought more than 10 rounds. Could he last out 15 rounds with the Champ? Only one Las Vegas betting shop would cover the wagers. Some say age -, Ali is 36 a slowed his timing. Spinks was able to dodge past his jabs. But the former "greatest" admitted, "I lost fair and square to Spinks. I did everything right, and I lost. I lost simply because Spinks was better, that's all." 69 C551$561155 15531555 Q5551 f 5511115" 1515161135 1135311155 11315-15300 119.5 556 51555515 5558551 5.1 35115555516311; 115951 515137 5175111; 1133-55,, 5505235 555 55:11 611651 53515551513115 1.5.11 1181 51515 562111 1155111551: .77111 W1 15.111 1.5111151165- 551616 .515: 11.5" 5.5511 76511130155515 5511:1551 i: 1.155531 515.55 531155: ' 55651 151612155; 111315,, 55551 1115511151 5.555.711 " 17502135 6.1 5116115511 77593 1111 s? 5125 2353131003 VViEJECh 11155 5111111115 5 1555 55551115517 55 3.15511 , ' 5555-1115555 65' 5155 1151315551 51519121115 W615555 ' ' D5511 115:5 51155 15051153516111 5511515518 5515' ACME 11013151155715.1171ka 16-1515 37:65.15: T575511 go 5,1110 05 113116 QHCWQWMIHS 1:11:15 51 ' 5553:5111 111 1 I15 1.15 $1511151Qo1 15 " 561.3651VCIWV135 01.111527 311557: 31657111111153; 11151512111111 5117515151 8511 555w56551137 "5511555515615 5-1 555113115511 . T1115 N55011: 1-11-31: :97 EWQW in? 155155551 317551151 55551: 155:1 15:151-1155' 55155555158 55 5551-10 5:1: 111 - 5155155 31151551 510 1:505 ' 31111351671116 C511 156555 . uWTdilpm : 1'5 511.5711 1M7 5551;855i5153551131111- $51155 51150 DC C5155 55:1111151'3111 1115, 1511055315 TQWQCACOM 55: $113 n 6553566101: 15111515: 3101an: 111511111 91: 37 5539 1111:5665 61 5553515. 1 :9 0:: 5923;: .' 1L M '1 1 3-1! $3551 M155:- 2255 52311-1 15555 5551 13135115: 3.311.111.1- e. glid-ECI 9- 1-1 513 11515 11.1-11.5me - 59100951 T715525; 5335611311 131m; 111-11131: 3 5511115 551115155111 11555 51:11 11515121 555111 513115 1531355111 11:5 1111:1113 McDonald's Opens The Union will face some stiff'com- petition this fall, and it won't be from Brady Commons.McDona1dland comes to UMC, as the popular fast food franch- ise opens a store right in the middle of, V i campus. Follow the aroma of their famous french fries and you'll find yourself ' under the Missouri Book Store, Where the gift shop used to be. Now ' McDonald's runs the establishment, v- and running is what the employees will a r undotjbtedly be doing to keep up with 1 the demand. i , The Union expects a 20l70 decline in ', business, but doesni t plan'any signifi- cant changes in their menu. They do offer a wider selection of food - pizzas, salads, desserts, sandwiches, etc. -- that Will keep, many students coming 1n. Some opposed the campus opening of McDonalds,comp1aining of the "commercialism" of the "big busi- ness," and refusing to patrinize it once it did open. Say what you will, but when the aroma of a quarter pounder with cheese, and frence fries hits the air, those complaining students may just decide they "deserve a break today" and drift right into McDonalds. The Top Films '77- '78 Star Wars Saturday N ight Fever Annie Hall Close Encounters The Goodbye Girl The Turning Point Julia , 1 Looking for Mr. Goodbar Discrimination Charges Unfound UMC's rushing practices came under investigation this fall as charges of dis- crimination were reported against the Greek system. All local and national bylaws, regula- tions, and constitutions ,of sororities and fraternities at UMC were sent to HEW for review. A nondiscrimination statement by each house was also re- quested. Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs James Banning, and Sharon Pope, assis- tant director of the Center for Student Life, reviewed the documents and found no evidence of racial discrimina- tion. HEW's findings have not yet been re- leased. 71 0' , Hubert. : Humphrey Having an impact on public life perhaps greater than most Was Hubert HoratioHumphrey. Born 111 South Dakota, he began'his life in politics as the mayor ofMinn'eapolis in 1945 at the energetic age of thirty-four. And energy is just what Hubert Humphrey was known for. He advanced to the United States Senate 1n 1948, and 12 years later he be- came the new Senate Whip. Under Lyndon Johnson he became the Vice- president in 1964. Still unsatisfied, .Humphrey ran an uphill race f6? the presidency in 1968. It had been ru- mored that "had the election been held a day or twb later, he might have had the mbm'entum to overtake Nixon." De- . feated, he returned .to the Senate, with 1972 an'other presidential election and another unsuccessful Humphrey at- tempt. 7 With nearly a qliarter century in Washington,Hu1nphrey had the politi- cal sway tolegislate several momentus t programsfHe Was the driving force be- hind the civil rights bill of the 1960's, , the Peace Corps, Medicare, the U.S. . t Arms Control and Disarmament agency, and brought federalyaid to education. Hubert Humphrey died of cancer in January of this year. However, his polit- 77 ical enthusiasm lives on as his wife, Muriel Buck Humphrey, has been granted part of the remainder of his Senate term. As Humphrey believed, "The good old days were never that good, believe me. The good days are today, and better days are coming to- morrow." Elvis Presley The "American Legend, " Elvis Pre- sley, died this year at the age of forty.- two. . Over 80,000 people lined the street outside his,Memphis estate to pay homage to this great rock star, whose 1956 hitt'Heartbreak Hotel" spelled the beginningof a new rock era. ' Although Elvis was not the first rock musician, he was the first to consolidate 'all its divergent roots into a single, hard- -driving style. This sensuous style, termed "gyrations" by many writers, earned Presley the nicknames of. "Swivel Hips" and "The Pelvis. " Making over five- hundred records, . this "American Legend" will never be. forgotten. I3 Bing Crosby :- Bing Crosby, orie 6f the m65t success- ful personalities in American show business, died this October of a heart attack in Madrid, Spain.1 His easy, C'rooning singing voice matched his acting style - releaxed and very low- -keyed. His most popular mov- 7 ies were the "Road" comedies, "The Road to Zanzibar, " and others, with Bob Hope and -D6rothy Lamgur. He V won an Oscar 1n 1944 as best actor, in the movie "Going my Way". His rriost famous singing hits were j "Silent Night, " and "White Christ- mas,' 'both of which along with many. othersi sold over one million copies. Crosby' 5 death ended a 50 year career as a well- loved entertainer. As his son remarked, and manywil'l agree, "He went tooesooinif' Groucho . "Having Wined and dined a lady', he could pick up the tab and say to her, "Nine dollars arid erty cents? This' 15 an o11trage. If I-Were you, I wouldn' t pay it. '-' A q110te such- as this could come froth none,,other tha11 the infamous .HiS 111 n onv1ctjon Was -that the e'haps this is trademarks - his ' Vgait, 7-7 :"gdne the World'- ., , i 1 :FOr all the World, , started With ayaudeville act in the late 1920's. He may be most remembered for' his movies; f 'H61'E'e F65thefsi'k'6nd "A Night at the OperaJ'fWitKh the'advent of televisibn in the 1950'si:Groi1'cho moyed out of films and onto the television pro- - gram "You Bet Your Life" . 6 At 86,pheu1116nia laid t6 rest this his- I th6se arched 7 dramatlc cigar. But true delight '7 H biL-EUI'VJ - xi" .. 74 Anita Bryant .r T For Anita Bryant, the "right" way to live involves more than drinking a morning glass of orange juice. It also involves denying homosexuals various rights in housing and employment. Her attempts to do just that were characterized by her vocal support of the repeal of Miami's Dade County or- dinance banning discrimination against homosexuals in housing, employment, and public accomoda- tions. Using evangelical rationale, Anita stresses her support from God as strength to publicly oppose Gay rights. This was brought torment and death Brian Smith threats from radical gay activists, who nonetheless feel their strike against her has helped their movement. Although blacklisted from several talk shows, Anita still receives much support, especially from Christian groups who applaud her efforts to re- move the homosexual "threat" from American society. The anti-homosexual campaign, as epitomized by Anita Bryant, has had little apparent effect at UMC, as recent court decisions have legally established the right of Gay Lib to meet on campus as a recognized student organization. MSA Fall and Winter Movies Shampoo The Poseidon Adventure Seripico Arsenic And Old Lace Carrie All The President's Men The Sting A Man For All Seasons Rocky The Other Side Of Midnight Murder By Death Silent Movie Bad News Bears Doctor Zhivago Omen Return Of The Pink Panther Little Big Man Lost Horizoni1937y In Cold Blood Network The Deep A Star Is Born The Late Show Silver Streak The Last Tycoon The Last Picture Show Grapes of Wrath Kelly's Heroes Charly Chinatown My Fair Lady Annie Hall New York, New York Harry 8: Tonto You Light Up My Life Shenandoah African Queen Kentucky Fried Movie The Paper Chase The Great Gatsby The Fads '77-'78 Columbia may be a year or two be- hind the East and West Coasts in Fash- ion trends, but we have our fads nonetheless. Some of last year's styles featured gouchos with boots, and cowl-necked sweaters adorned with stick pins. In fact, just about everything was adorned with stick pins! Topsiders or clogs were worn with rolled-up straight leg jeans or painter's pants. The "Annie Hall" look, with its pleated pants and loose vests, was also popular. And pullover sweaters were back "big". Wes, language has. its fads too, like I mean, do you know where I'm coming from'D Actually, anything goes here in Col- lege town, and it'll be interesting to see what next year brings in the way of fads. Know what I mean? Tuition Plus . . . Gas Cigarettes Coffee ' Newspapers Candy Bars Haircuts Magazines Cokes Movies Albums Water Beer The SAVITAR 609i a gallon 6W a pack 20st a cup 15$ 207E $10-$15 $1-$1.50 3091 a can $2.50-$3.00 $5.00 and up Sngass 1.70lsix $12.00 75 Photos by Tom Reese :1: :74. I 2 r a 1n Ed McCa Smith nan B Tom Reese ' REV. Jose Azel Tom Reese 81 s m d e V S h o h C .1 N V. b s o t o h P Wu. , ,Y a t , ,rh X. C S n d H e S e e R m o T y b s o t o h .P i I . ' .. 88 Ed McCain Clad in his traditional white linen, 3-piece suit, "wild and crazy" Steve Martin brought the audience to their feet in a concert performance here April 6. America's hottest stand-up comic proved to be a "unique kind of guy" as he delighted the audience with his popular routines of happy feet, bunny ears and nose glasses, and the fake arrow through the head. Hard-core fans drew his attention with similar gimmicks. Martin also performed another service a that of selecting the 1978 Savitar Queen. Selection was based on beauty and photogenic qualities, attributes all five candidates, Marilil Kasab, Lynn Zimmerman, Susan Patino, Linda Curia, and Laura Bryant, definitely possessed. Martin chose Laura Bryant as the winner in a surprise backstage meeting. The culmination of the entire concert event was an encore With his latest release of "King Tut". Martin thanked the audience for coming, and sincerely heped they enjoyed the show. But if they didn't? Well . . . EXCUSE ME! Tom Reese Dan White 89 BOGEY'S BACK! Bob Sacchi Photo by Da n White 90 ..., 91 cm; , ,, 47 yer ,,.K 3,- Photo by David Bishop Roloff e u... m n a D v. b S o I .m P Photos by Ed McCain a p . . g. .D , ' ,,...... '? George Benson Photos by Ed McCain Randy Newman h .u m S n a .n B .m a C C M d E Shawn Phillips UNIVERSITY THEATRE 102 63.2"SEA by Henrik Ibsen October 26-29 a! 7:30 pm. Matinee Octolfer 30 al 2:30 pm. UNIVERSITY THEATRE Hitt at University St. Box omce Hours 3-5 Weekdays. Sludenls half price UNIVERSITY THEATRE Pruenls Music and Lyrics by Book b STEPHEN SONDHEIM GEORGE YFURTH 1 Produced Originally on Broadway by HAROLD PRINCE February10,11, 13, 14,15,16,17,18 at 7:30 PM. February 12 at 2:30 PM. ln-Ihe Flne Ans Genie! um al Unlverslly m itm Pgmk E! Iawfmt k . 31. ,1 , ,4 a ,.. by samtigiybeckett UNIVERSITY THEATRE FINE ARTS CENTER APRIL 26 AND 27 AT 7:30 APRIL 28 AND 29 AT 7:30 AND 10 APRIL 30 AT 2:30 STUDENTS HALF-PRICE INFORMATION 882-2021 AUDIENCE WwLL SC ASKED m PAPUCIPAYE av WEARING HOODS univem'tv .73qu chnh grim Eaton mm gHriur ggungag Cy yum gum BY SLAWOMIR MROZEK UNIVERSITY THEATRE o FINE ARTS CENTER 0 MARCH 15-18 AT 7:30 matinee march 19 at 2:30 0 students half-price - box office hours 3-5 weekdays INFORMATIONS 882.202! 107 e S e E R ..m V a D A- 11292332? w w. W Photos by Ed McCain 114 .m a C C M d E Y b s O t 0 h P ite Photos by Dan Wh 118 1 03:27 Awnm ,9. VM f" Dan White A football team remembered It is ironic that when the 1977 Missouri football team is remembered, its players will be forgotten. - Time will reduce the '77 season to one significant fact: Head coach A1 Onofrio was dismissed after a 4-7 record. That's about it for the memories. Will anyone recall Rusty Calabrese's two interceptions and fumble recovery in Mis- souri's shoutout of Arizona State? Will Earl Gant's 157-yard rushing performance against Illinois ever amount to more than a local radio station trivia question? Will tailback Dan Liebson's first and last collegiate touchdown, Which was scored in his final game, be vividly recounted by beer quaff- ing fans in the Memorial Stadium parking lot before future games? It's highly doubtful. Even 1977 recollections of Pete Woods, Joe Stewart and James Taylor, Missouri's three pre-season all-America candidates, were dulled by injuries or bad luck, and re- ndered insignificant by Onofrio's firing. 121 Ed McCain Woods and Taylor both suffered knee injuries in Missouri's season-opening defeat to Southern California. Both missed the non-conference season. With inexperienced quarterback Phil Bradley attempting to pass behind an unprotective offensive line, the Tiger's passing game was thrown into Faurot Field's coffin corner. It was dead. Bradley's inability to hit his receivers converted Stewart, the conferences' leading receiver in 1976, into the Big Eight's most dexterous' blocker. Stewart didn't mold into the run-oriented offense structured around Bradley's talents. Using Stewart as a blocker is tantamount to Allied Van Lines hiring Liberace to move pianos. After the injuries to Woods and Taylor, Stewart was the only senior starter in the Tiger offense. The inexperience was apparent as the Tigers fumbled eight times in an 11-7 loss to Illinois. 124 2 "2'3 ' A - .,,,- Bradley and the offense showed flashes of improvement in the Tigers' 28-21 loss to California. The freshman played perhaps his finest game of the year against previously undefeated Arizona State, throwing a 33-yard touchdown pass to Stewart. The Victory gave Onofrio reason to disregard the first four games as if it were an exhibition season. His team had developed confidence, and Woods and Taylor would be returning for the conference opener against Iowa State. Woods, however, played only two minutes of the game, the final two minutes. Missouri was unable to move offensively, rushing for 79 yards in 50 carries. Though 25 pass plays were called Bradley passed only 13 times. The confused, harried freshman scrambled into waiting defenders. Even with Woods, the Tigers never came close to scoring. Iowa State scored seven points. Missouri was 1-4. Photos by Dan White 125 7mm? , .ng gzaa Ed McCain Nick Vedros L Dan White 127 Wym-mrw! w "-umer-v-w .. .v t 4 Though Woods started against Oklahoma, the Tiger offense had scoring difficulties. Linebacker Billy Bess recovered a fumble in mid-air and returned it for a touchdown providing the Tigers with a 10-0 first-half lead. Four times in the opening half, Missouri had possession inside Oklahoma's 30-yard line. The Tigers could only score three points on those possessions. Oklahoma rallied in the second half to win, 21-17. The Sooners' crucial score came after an apparent Sooner fumble was ruled a dead ball by an official, prompting Missouri athletic director Mel Sheehan to smash his fist into a press box railing ana verbally berate the retired supervisor of Big Eight officials. Photos by Dan White Oklahoma coach Barry Switzer later admitted his player had fumbled, and added that the officials missed an offside Sooner player on an Oklahoma touchdown. For whatever reason, Onofrio had lost to Oklahoma for the seventh consecutive season. If ever a team needed to play Kansas State, Missouri did. The Wildcats, who haven't won a conference game in three years, managed to revive Missouri's offense. The Tigers' scored 28 points against Kansas State and 24 in a Victory over Colorado, prompting Missouri players to declare they were the best 3-5 team in the nation, and were destined for a bowl game should they win their final three games. Bowl aspirations ended a week later in a controversial 21-10 loss to Nebraska. Two official's calls were seemingly contradictory, and bothwent against Missouri. "We were screwed," Tiger defensive backfield Coach Dave McGinnis said after Nebraska fullback Richard Berns seemingly fumbled before crossing the goal line. The officials ruled touchdown. Moments later, Tiger tightend Kellen Winslow caught what appeared to be a touchdown pass from Woods, who later injured his wrist and missed the remainder of the season. Winslow dropped the ball as he hit the ground. Incomplete pass. ' Onofrio couldn't understand why the officiating in both the Nebraska and Oklahoma games went against him at crucial times. "Maybe I shouldn't be the nice guy," the passive Onofrio told himself. With a 3-6 record, the Tigers' remaining goals were halting Oklahoma State running back Terry Miller, beating the Cowboys and defeating rival Kansas. Though Miller rushed for a career high 246 yards, the Tigers routed Oklahoma State 41-14. Photos by Dan White S O r d e V k C .1 N AA : $ rs WA Kg 1? Photos by Dan White .m a C C M d E te i Dan Wh Pho to s by A victory over Kansas might have saved Onofrio's job. However, the Tiger's defensive strategy 2 which was installed in one week of practice - failed. t'We practiced the defense this week, but it was totaly different," said Calabrese after Kansas scored 24 first half points in their 24-22 Victory. "People weren't sure of what they were doing." Kansas quarterback Brian Bethke, a 36 percent passer for 120 yards prior to the Missouri game, completed six of nine passes for 180 yards against the Tigers. "We knew Kansas would pass," Onofrio said. "We just didn't expect the passes to be completed." Onofrio didn't expect to be fired either. As he emerged from the locker room after the KU game, an alumnus whose eyes were as bleary from the effects of alcohol as Onofrio's were from the effects of the defeat, shook hands with the coach. "Don't worry about it," the man said. "I'll see you at the season opener next year at Notre Dame. Me and you A1, we'll both be there." Four days later, Onofrio was fired. Text by Cal Fussman . gig inner W d e n H P .1 C .m mD ra ef mo mam emu H0 aP WA Though Linda Powers was a pom pom girl at the Univer- sity of Missouri 10 years ago, she did not witness a Tiger football practice until 1978. Yet she was one of the few un- shocked spectators when her husband, Warren, directed MissOuri's first spring workout March 20. PoWers yelled more in the practice's first five minutes than departed head coach A1 Onofrio did in the past seven years. A grade school-aged girl standing next to Linda Pow- ers winced at every shout. "Do you think Warren is mean?" Linda Powers asked the girl. The blonde-haired child, whose missing front teeth made her smile resemble a 7-10 bowling split, stared at the ground. Using a technique she acquired as hostess of the Romper Room television show in Lincoln, Neb., Linda Powers lifted the girl's chin. "It's okay, you can tell me the truth." "I think he's real mean,'" the girl replied, extending the last word for a climactic three seconds. Linda Powers smiled. "He's not mean. He's just trying to get his point across," she explained. The point is discipline. If a huddle was terminated with- out enthusiastic yelling and clapping, the process was re- peated. When Earl Gant tried to impress his new coach by franti- cally scurrying through an agility drill, Powers berated the running back. "Hey, what do you think this is, slow mo- tion?" he blared. The startled Gant tripped and fell. It was obvious the players weren't used to the abuse. After the first Glamorous workout, defensive tackle Ken Bungarda claimed, "I've got deaf ears right now." The motivational tactics of one of Powers' assistants, defensive line coach George Wheeler, exceeded screaming. Unsatis- fied with defensive tackle Steve Hamilton's effort on a par- ticular play, Wheeler leaped over a pile of players and started slapping the back of Hamilton's helmet. Hamilton punched back. The fighting stopped a few seconds later. Hamilton apologized and proceeded to send an offensive lineman staggering backward on the subsequent play. "They won't accept anything less than 100 percent," Hamil- ton said. "If you aren't better than you were the day before, you're going to get your ass chewed." L ! Powers' constant harassment was intended to strip his players of lethargic habits. Powers, who became missouri's 28th football coach on Dec. 14, 1977 after guiding Washington State to a 6-5 record in his rookie season, is not a rowdy fellow. His verbal barrage rapidly regimented and 'just as quickly subsided. When Powers silently Views prac- tice, occasionally offering advice to a player, he is revered as a general. When he berates his players, the practice field transforms into a scenario of wide-eyed privates heeding an infuriated drill sergeant. Scott Pelluer, a Washington State defensive end, recalled Powers' reaction to a lackadaisical workout after a loss to Kansas. "Powers came into a team meeting with the reel of film from the practice and threw it against the wall. He said: This is a bunch of b1eep.' The next day, we had our best practice of the year." The boundaries of Powers' discipline extend past the chalk endlines of the practice field. Players are, at times, expected to examine films at 7:30 in the morning. When informed of the time, fullback Rich Dansdill inquired, "Do we get coffee and donuts for getting up that early?"' But there are no rewards, only punishment for the tardy. When punter and quarterback candidate Monte Montgom- ery was late for a meeting, he was sentenced to brutal post-practice exercises that had him moaning, "They're punishing me bad, man." Many disgruntled players disapproved of the harassment on the practice field, the early morning film sessions and the incessant meetings. "We're either practicing or at meet- ings for seven hours a day," defensive back Rusty Calabrese said. "They expect us to get good grades. I don't have time to go to class, let alone study." ' Powers does not demand any labor from his players that he would not ask of himself. When drowsy defensive line- men amble into morning movie sessions, Powers is doing paper work in his office. "Last year, I would go by the coaches offices at 12 or one in the morning and the lights would be on," Pelluer said. "When a guy works that hard for you, you have to put out for him." Discipline and diligence are characteristics instilled in Powers during his Lillis High School years in Kansas City. "I can remember swatting Warnie a few times," said Joe Mintner, Powers' prep coach. "He was no angel. Warnie was always dedicated, though." This dedication was apparent during Powers' freshman year at the University of Nebraska. "During a scrimmage, Warnie had his front teeth knocked out and a coach told him to go to the dentist, and said something about coming back," Mintner recalled. "Well, Warnie got his gum sewed up and then went back to the scrimmage." Powers remembered the episode differently. "I didn't go back to practice until the next day," he clarified. Powers' dedication a he played as much as he could, wherever he could a was the primary reason he was voted the cornhuskers' most valuable player in 1962. Originally a halfback and defensive back, Powers replaced injured , fullback Bill Thornton during mid-season. "Warren didn't have many great talents," remembered Thornton, now Missouri's offensive backfield coach. "He really didn't look like a football player. He just got the job done." Thornton casts the illusion that Powers would have rushed water into the Nebraska huddle if no water boys were available. Powers rushed for 279 yards during his senior season. He returned kickoffs and an occasional punt. He threw passes and caught passes. He scored once. He blocked and made tackles. He started at three positions: He was no Heisman Trophy candidate. "Warren wasn't the type of guy who would run for 100 or 200 yards a game," Thornton said. "He never grabbed head- lines." But his team did. In 1962, Powers' senior season and Bob Devaney's first year as Nebraska head coach, the Cor- nhuskers were 9-2, including a victory in the now-defunct Gotham Bowl in New York. Powersl will to play surfaced in his versatility. Scheduled to play at halfback in the Blue-Gray game in Montgomery, A1a., Powers didn't even shrug when injuries forced him to play defensive back. "Ironically, his play in the Blue-Gray game was One of the reasons he was drafted by the Oakland Raiders," Devaney said. Although Powers played in the Raiders' defensive backfield from 1963-68, only the most knowledgable trivia aficionado would know that he established a four-year team interception record e 21 from 1964-67. There probably aren't a multitude of Warren Powers posters, autographs and other memorabilia misplaced in Oakland attics. Tiger defensive back Calabrese appeared at a team meeting wear- ing a Raiders cap, unaware that his coach had played 1n the 1968 Super Bowl. There is one conspicUous characteristic in Powers' un- noticed career, however: he has always been a winner. From the day he scored 28 second- half points to overcome St. Agnes' 24- 9 halftime lead, to the time he quarterbacked Lillis High School to a Catholic league champtionship. From his title of Lillis Valentine's Day King to his senior bowl season at Nebraska. From an AFL championship to eight years as a Nebraska assistant coach. "When Powers coached the defensive backfield at Neb- raska, they had the best defensivesecondary in the confer- ence," Onofrio said. In 1973, Nebraska led the nation in pass defense. Powers' winning reputation was not tar- nished after he accepted the head coaching position at Washington State. "Coach Powers was such a super ghy, we just thought We would never lose a football game for him," Pelluer expres- sed the sentiment that prompted. Washington State's season-opening upset ofNebraska. As the Washington State team plane flew into Lincoln, it circled Memorial Stadium while the Nebraska teamtworked out. "The pilot was making a couple of nose dives down on the stadium and some of our players were getting sick, but it was pretty motivational," remembered reserve split end Bob Brat-l kowski, now a Missouri graduate assistant. Powers recalled the pre-game stadium Visit with a smile. llWhen I talked to Tom Osborne tNebraska coachl, he wanted to know what the hell we were doing," Powers said. Osborne must have been even more befuddled when he exited the field the following day, after Washington State won, 19-10. V "I was waiting on the side of the field after the game when Warren came off," Linda Powers remembered. "It was probably the most exciting thing in his life, going back to where he was respected as a player and a coach and beating his old team. When he came off the field, he was grinning from ear-to-ear and he was surrounded by peo- ple." For the head coach, the celebration was even more fun than drinking ice cream sodas and serenading nuns after high school Victories. l .T h . Qt... Iv According to George Yarno, then Washington State's ju- nior noseguard, Powers' post-game speech was lost amid the pandemonium. However, the first four words vwill forever be etched in his memory, "We beat those suckers The Washington State team assimulated Powers' self- confidence and finished the season with its first winning record in five years. The emotional relationship between Powers and his players is apparent in remarks by quarter- back Jack Thompson, the nation's second-leading passer last season. "We'd go to war for Warren," and "Warren Powers is a God-given gift," were typical openings to vic- tory speeches. This attitude transformed to bitterness when Powers accepted the Missouri coaching job. "Powers stepped into a ripe situation here," said Thompson upon the announcement. "He wasn't the one who went out and sweated blood. We were. And we would have won as many games without him." Powers knew his maneuver would provoke such a reac- tion in Pullman, Wash. "I've always wanted to coach at Missouri, and the opportunity came at the wrong time as far as Washington State was concerned," he said. "How could I turn Missouri down?" The Victory over 13 other interviewed candidates was done in typical Powers fashion. "I didn't end my first inter- view tabout three hoursi with a fiery speech," Powers said. "I just got up and said something like, 'Thanks. Good bye.' " Nothing extravagant. Warren Powers wanted the job and he got it. He wanted the job enough to pay $55,000 at nine percent interest to break his Washington State contract. So Powers has a reason for working his players seven hours a day and conducting interviews with reporters without looking up from the paper work on his desk a- he has invested a large amount of money and his winning reputation in the Mis- souri football team's future. And so far, he is a success. Ask Linda Powers. "We're undefeated, aren't we?" Text by Cal Fossman Photos by Bob Foos ml" - Photos by Ed McCain 142 The Regular Season: Mediocrity . . . and then Ineptitude As any psychic will gladly explain, some things just don't have explanations. Like the '77-'78 Missouri basketball sea- son. The Tigers began the season like they always have in the past few years e by beating up on weaker non-conference opponents. They then settled into mediocrity, and then in- eptitude. And they finished things off like unidentified scoring, dribbling and defending objects. Don't try to figure it out. Some things, remember, have no explanations. In a town where almost everyone seems to be an armchair quarterback, no one was saying, "I told you so," when Mis- souri pulled three crazy upsets in a span of four days to win the Big Eight Tournament. But there the Tigers were. In Wichita, Kansas to play in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. Sporting a 14-15 record. Wondering what the hell they were doing there. They weren't the only ones wondering. Chicago Sun- Times columnist Ron Rapoport wrote of Missouri's appear- ance in the tournament: "The lunatics have at last taken over the asylum that is college basketball. They are now prepared to give us the University of Missouri as the Cham- pion of their sport . . . Missouri's presence in the tourna- ment stands as an embarrassing tribute to college basket- ball's latest folly." 143 The Milwaukee Sentinel's Bud Lea was more blunt, calling Missouri a."genuine dog." But Tiger coach Norm Stewart scoffed at the critics and laughed all the way to Wichita's ancient Henry Levitt Arena. The fact that Missouri lost in two overtimes to Utah in the game didn't seem to matter. And looking back, neither did the regular season. During the 11-15 campaign, the Tigers changed like chamelions from good to bad to worse. Some of the lowlights: 0 Aside from two losers' bracket wins at the Big Eight Holiday To'urnament in Kansas City, Missouri didn't win a single game on the road. 0 Losses to perennial conference doormats Colorado and Oklahoma State. 0 A 33-point loss to Florida State followed by a 47-point thrashing by Kansas. One had to look at the Tigers' regular season hard before Photos by Dan White finding highlights. Horne Wins against Nebraska and Kansas State and another Show-Me Classic championship prevented the season from being a travesty. In fact, one of the most interesting things that happened to the Tigers all season ended in a loss. After suffering through a parade of non-conference stiffs over the years, Missouri fans got a brief glimpse of big-time basketball on January 9. For a night, defending national champion Marquette replaced the Valparaisos and the MacMurrays and the South Dakota States. Minus legend-laden coach A1 McGuire, the Warriors rode a below-zero breeze into the Hearnes Center and came away with a 70-52 win. After the contest, Warrior first-year coach Hank Raymonds, who had assisted at the school for 15 years, coolly commented that his '77-'78 team was better than the year before. ' But beside the few moments of glory, the regular season Ed McCain .m a C w d E Y b s m o h P for the Tigers was something they'd like to forget. Individually, Brad Droy, Stan Ray and Tom Dore failed to live up to their respective billings. The only Tiger player that approached consistency was second-team all-Big Eight selection Clay Johnson. The season ended as Missouri blew a 16-point halftime lead at home against Iowa State. But the second annual Big Eight Post-Season Tournament gave everyone a chance. The winner of the tournament, regardless of its season record, would get an invitation to the NCAA Tournament. A few days before the Tigers were to play Iowa State in the first round of the Big Eight, Ray, who was named to one wire service's all-disappointing team, slipped a note under Stewart's office door. It read: '1 know you don't have any confidence in me, but I'm going to prove everybody wrong and take this team to the NCAA Tournament." Text by Randy Holtz Five Games from an N CAA Title ., v htmr" V .9170 1",,nwu: . . . 42m..6'.zntf655w :33: . . Perhaps, when the Missouri basketball players were warming up in Henry Levitt Arena in Wichita, Kansas on March 12, the thought occurred to them that they were only five games from a national championship. Perhaps not. But you couldn't blame the Tigers for disregarding the future. The gleaming past and the imposing present invaded their brains. Only frontal lobotomies would have driven away the pre-occupation. Twelve days before that Sunday in Wichita, the crazy dream started materializing. Still groggy from the effects of its worst regular season record t11-15t in four years, the sleeping giant of Big Eight basketball went to Ames, Iowa x h 1 Photos by Dan White for the first round of the conference tournament. What happened there could have been used for the opening segment of "The Week That Was." The pilot episode went like this: The Tigers, who had lost to the same Iowa State team four days before, dashed out to an 11-point halftime lead, started choking in the second half, and found themselves tied with 48 seconds left. Then, Tiger guard Larry Drew started dribbling. And dribbling. Finally, with a handful of seconds left, he flipped a pass to forward Clay Johnson, who sometimes jumps high enough to have a coffee break and work some logarithms on the way down. Dan White 152 3.58m WV mm znnwm: rim Nicholas M. Vedros Johnson drove the left baseline and started sailing. As he came down, so did his shot. Right through the net. Final score: Missouri 65, Iowa State 63. Which brings us to episode 9662. The semifinals of the Big Eight Tournament in Kansas City. On a frigid March Fri- day, Stan Ray started making good on his promissory note to his coach. Against N ebraska, the Tigers trailed by three with two minutes left. In the next 120 seconds, Ray: ai slapped away an errant pass, bl raced downcourt for a lay-up, cl scored the go- ahead basket, and CD muzzled the pressmen who poked fun at him all season. Final score: Missouri 61, Nebraska 58, Stan Ray critics 0. Episode 9993. The Big Eight Tournament final against Kan- sas State, who had disposed of heavy favorite Kansas the night before. The Wildcat-Tiger skirmish was a classic battle. Missouri led by 13 once in the second half, but the Wildcats scratched their way back to even the score with a minute left. The Tigers held the ball but failed to score, and the game went into overtime. The extra frame belonged to Ray. Hitting six free throws, Ray dealt another blow to his detractors. In the game, the born-again center scored 17 points, grabbed 13 rebounds and had five assists. Final score: Missouri 71, Kansas State 68, Stan Ray critics: embarrassment. 80 Missouri was the Big Eight champion after finishing in a tie for sixth during the regular season. Crazier things have happened. Richard Nixon was elected president e twice. And Curt Gowdy won an award for his contributions to sports announcing. But the Tiger surprise ranked right up there. Logic seemed to play no role in it. And, all of a sudden, this campus was going bananas over basketball. Well, not totally bananas. That would take two or three consecutive NCAA titles. But a few days before the Tigers were scheduled to play Utah in the NCAA's first round, 1500 people showed up at Rothwell for a pep rally to honor the Big Eight champs. That figure rivaled some of the attendance totals for games in the last couple years. Some of the faithful made the trip to Wichita for the con- test, but most stayed behind to watch it on television, hop- ing they wouldn't have to listen to Gowdy. For the Tigers, the game not only meant a chance to ad- vance in the NCAA Tournament; it gave them a chance to get to the .500 mark. In the first half, it looked as if the Tigers would do neither. Utah forward Buster Matheney scored 20 points and the Utes shot 60 per cent before halftime to take a 44-38 lead. Ed McCain Dan White But the Tigers charged back in the second half, and led by eight with six minutes left. The Missouri offense then sputtered, scoring only a free throw while committing three turnovers. After regulation time, the teams were tied at 63. Missouri went ahead in the overtime, but the Utes came back to take the lead. Down by two with a minute left, Missouri got a 15-footer from Brad Droy to tie it. Things stayed that way. After one overtime, both teams had 70. In overtime number two, there were no comebacks. Utah went on top at the tip-off and never lost the lead. The Tigers frantically tried to muster some offense, but turnovers usually resulted. The Utes won going away, 86-79. The light had finally burned out. The billowy, hazy clouds that signify a dream when you watch an old movie started clearing up It was over But the death was a tranquil one. When the last days are the best, the pain of dying 1511 't so bad. Text by Randy Holtz : '71? U U 2 'c Lu One of the special shortipeople" Mike Noble gaZed about at the army green plastic seats and the grey concrete steps of the nearly- empty Hearnes - Auditorium FOr almost three years, this expanse of sterility t ' has been his office. 1 "I'd get done with classes and just spend time over here," he reminisced. "I was always looking for extra work to so as f a freshman. Now, I don't work so hard." Noble, a manager for Missouri's basketball team, no longer has to look for extra work. As the team'slmain student assistant ta title he says was given to him "because 'it makes it seem like I have an idea of what the hell is going on out on the court "i, Noble 15 seldom bored. During a game, N obie sits on the Tiger bench and keeps a detailed Set of statistics. Between contests, he's liable to wear the hat of a travel agent, chaffeur, 0r ticket manager. ' Noble's best asset is a mouth that rarely stops. But his most obvious characteristic is his height e or lack of it. The effervescent Missouri junior stretches the tape to five feet, ' . four inches. And that's a height that can elicit Some strange responses from passers- by when one hangs around basketball players a lot. "The looks we get from people are super," Says Tom Dore, a 7 2 center for Missouri Dore and Noble share an apartment. They also shared an ample smattering of newspaper ink earlier this season due to a publicity stunt dreamed up by Missouri assistant sports information director John Heisler. Since Noble's head comes barely above Dore's waist, Heisler decided to have the pair's picture taken together. A national wire service picked up the photo, and it appeared in several major newspapers, including both St. Louis dailies, the Kansas City Star, the Cincinnati Enquirer and the Chicago Tribune. Although Noble can't shrug off his unexpected face time, he's somewhat confused by it. "To say I didn't enjoy it would be lying," he said of his press binge. "Everybody likes publicity, but I'm not sure if I deserve it." Maybe Randy Newman wouldn't think so either. But Noble's diverse duties and talents make his seem almost indispensable to Norm Stewart and gang..Besides helping out at Tiger practices, Noble also comes in handy on the road. ' "It helps for me to be along for the busy work," Noble says of his traveling. "I do stuff like make wake-up calls, call taxis, find out Where the place we are playing is, arrange for somewhere to practice, check us into hotels, and handle 7 . , player's tickets.'.' a. x All of which means fewer headaches for the Missouri ' , coaching staff. And'Missouri coach Stewart uses enough Excedrin without having to werry about Noble's tasks. The relationship between'the coach once described as ' possessing a reputation of "devouring young journalists" and'the cocky but knowledgable manager is indeed an unusual one. i- Noble is secure enough with Stewart to refer to him jokingly as "a bald-headed German." But, the pair's relationship is something less than a friendship, according ' to Noble. "I'm as close to him as his players," he admits. "In some cases, it's even closer because some of the things I do with him. But I don't want to say it's a friendship because friends means equal. At this point, I have much more respect for him' than he has for me. His age and position commands respect, but I guess there's some type of friendship involved in it." Since Noble wants to be a successful college basketball coach someday, he looks up to Stewart. But it isn't one of those cliched"'l-Ie's like a father to me" deals. llI don't imagine you could call it a father-son relationship. It's more like I'm his stepchild," Noble says. "He treats me like a stepchild, and sometimes beats me like a stepchild." Beatings? "Yeah, he's been known to strangle me and throw me across elevators." His latest fetishes are kicking and 160 strangulation. But he still hasn't killed or discouraged me. I'm still here." The relationship wasn' t always so intimate. Noble came to Missouri as a starry-eyed freshman after four years assisting with the Parkway North High tSt. Louisi basketball team. With all that experience, he thought he'd step right into the top Missouri manager's rold. "I was just like 'any other high school graduate," Noble said. "I thought I knew it all." L Tiger assistant coach Gene Jones didn't think so. He put Noble's name on a waiting list. But his name wasn't there for long. What Noble lacks in height, he makes up for with persistency. He called his mother, who called the Parkway North basketball coach, who wrote Stewart. Noble remembers his first meeting with the Tiger coach. "I was terrified," he said. "I had this conception that here was this ogre that's gonna chew me up and spit me out. But he treated me real nice;" . ' The eager freshman must have made quite an impression on the ogre. Two weeks later, Noble was assisting on the Tiger jayvee team. And by mid-season, he was the varsity's top student assistant. In managerial terms, he had come a long way. As it turned out, he couldn't have picked a better time for his emergence. His freshman year was the most successful in Missouri basketball history. "If we would have beat Michigan tin the Midwest Regional finaD, I would have gone to Philadelphia tsite of i the 1976 national championships," Noble said. Noble never saw the City of Brotherly Love. In fact, some of the places he's seen in two years of traveling with the Tigers haven't been very lovely. Noble's eyes flash and his grin broadens whensrecalling a practice gym in Birmingham, Alabama. "The Civic Center in Birmingham was being used so we played at Phillips High School," he said. "It's a black school and wasn't in the greatest of neighborhoods. We dressed in a bathroom, and got downstairs on the floor. Then tMissouri guard JefD Currie says to me, INobs, you got one job during practice. That's to guard my clothes.' That kinda shows you the kind of places we practice in." Noble's use of the word "we" when referring to Missouri basketball seems a bit strange. The term is usually reserved for coaches, players and overzealous fans. But Noble, who doesn't fit the "bungling nerd" stereotype associated with student managers, feels he's Close to the Missouri operation to use the third person. Still, even if his height doesn't give it away right off, everyone realizes that he's not an actual member of the squad. "I'm not looked at the same as a player is," he says.. "And ' that makes sense. I'm friends with everyone on the team, and I wouldn't be ashamed or embarrassed to go out with them - but everyone's aware that I'm not one of them. I'm not treated the same. "When we go on the road, for example, they all have to eat the same meal together. I eat with ttrainerl Bud Epps. When we go to Kansas City for the Big Eight Tournament, they all receive a gift and I don't. That's no sour grapes or anything, but that just proves that I'm looked at differently." There's some cases, though, when managers are not looked at differently. If a manager, when sitting on the team' I bench during a game, rants, raves, or otherwise irks a 161 referee, a technical foul can be called. Noble's proud of the fact that he's avoided violations in his managing career. "I've never received a technical foul in seven years of managing," he says. "Nor shall I ever receive one." But what if . . .? "One advantage to being a manager is ifI get a technical, I can walk off the court and get in my car, never to return again Otherwise, I'd need plastic surgery'by the time Coach Stewart got done with me.' So far, the happy go- lucky Noble has retained his self-control on the bench. And he 5 usually able to keep his composure when the subject of height comes up. Now and then, though, he Ioses his cool. "In the airport in St. Louis this year, I was walking With tTiger forWardI Carl Amos," Noble said. "Some guy was trying to solicit money for the Lord. He yells, Hey, Shortyl'. I about turned around and punched him 1n the mouth. That really bugged me.' Usually, though, Noble isn't overly self-conscious about his stature. If he was, he wouldn't be rooming with the tallest student at Missouri. And despite their physical differences, Noble and Dore get along fine. "If he gets out of line," says the Tiger center, "I just pick him up and throw him against the wall." Text by Randy Holtz Photos by Dan White Women's Program on the way Up Women's athletics at Missouri have come out of the closet. The program has improved rapidly in the last five years, and now doesn't even resemble the shoddy and vas- tly unknown organization of the early '70s. In 1973, Women's Athletic Director Marilyn Markel was able to pilfer $15,000 for the program. But recognition was still far away. The 1974 Savitar dedicated only two pages, without pictures, to the yearling program. Title IX did wonders for the department overnight. Full- time coaches became the standard for the women and the budget was increased to $48,000. The most important move for the department was its merge with the men's department. The program was no longer a separate entity, but a part of the University of Missouri Athletic Department. In May 1976, Jean Cerra was named assistant athletic di- rector in charge of women's athletics. Ms. Cerra brought with her years of experience from Stephens College and a frugal hand with the budget. This past year, 54 women received athletic grants from a pool of $60,000. Meanwhile, 219 men are on athletic schol- arships supported by a fund of $500,000. Yet, the women have had athletic grants for only three years tthe men have received aid since 19521, and 1978-79 will spell the first year that women will receive full scholarships. The Missouri women's department has rapidly gained respect from other schools around the nation for its progres- sive policy and competitive teams. .In 1978, the women will have a $251,930 budget to work with. That's well short of the $350,000-plus at Kansas State, but a major accomplishment for the five-year-old program. m M W n a D v, ' ' I . x ' X g , l I V; xx W0 399$ 3:25233 O .wtm VoVoVoVoVio k W; n o oooooo ??OVN 99.4 Mon - 0 6V tow ,' " ' 7W '13!;. 33 $' munueinil Photos by Dan White e W n a D y b S 0 t o h P N FALL 1977 The Tiger volleyball team had its most successful cam- paign ever, completing the season With a 37-15 match record. Their performance set new records for most wins, best winning percentage 07111, best game record 64-551, and game winning percentage Q6041. The Tigers qualified for the AIAW Region 6 Tournament and were seeded third in their pool. Among the outstanding achievements for coach Debbie Duren's team were: a second-place finish at the Sonner In- vitational; first place at the Husker Invitational; second at the Arch Invitational; second at the Big Eight Tournament, and second in the MAIAW State Championships. After slumping at the Wisconsin Invitational early in the year ta seventh-place finisht the Tigers knocked off top- seeded Illinois-Chicago Circle 7-15, 15-9. They were the only team to beat the Chicago power. Later in the season, the Tigers hosted Southwest Missouri State, a team that went on to win the state and' regional competition and finished third at the AIAW nationals. In the Missouri-SMS match, the Tigers came within two points of becoming the only MAIAW team to beat the Bears. As it was, Missouri became the first in-state team to win a game from SMS, losing 15-12, 4-15, 13-15. 169 As can be expected from an outstanding season, the Ti- gers reaped many individual honors. Freshman Brenda Myers was selected to the all-Big Eight and all-MAIAW teams. Freshman Nancy Strange and senior Cindy Fuerman were named honorable mention all-MAIAW. Sophomore Cathy Sutherland was also named all-MAIAW. In 1977, a young field hockey team rebounded from a dismalstrart to finish the season at 5-8-1. The Tigers offered no scholarships during the 1977-78 year, as 14 walk-ons were led by two freshmen, Jeanne Roesler and Susan Moldane. The team started the season losing six consecutive games as coach Bonnie Patton's players showed their lack of expe- rience. But as the year wore on, they matured and closed the season with a string of wins to compile a 5-2-1 record over the last three weeks of the season. Photos by Dan White 170 Photos by Dan White WINTER 1977-78 The women's swimming team, under the direction of David Howell, completed its finest season, finishing better than any of its Big Eight rivals in the AIAW nationals. Ten different individuals combined to break 31 school and Big Eight records during the course of the season. Julie Effinger lowered the Big Eight mark in the 220-yard butterfly five times, chopping better than four seconds off the record en route to earning all-America status in the event. Effinger also earned all-America mention in the 100-yard butterfly. Meanwhile, the Tigers' ZOO-yard freestyle relay team of Lynne Austin; Pam Wright, Jerri Hubsch and Patty An- drews continued its four-year dominance of the Big Eight and earned all-America recognition, placing 16th at the na- tionals. Tracy Burdette cut 12 seconds off the school record in the 200-yard breaststroke and Hubsch broke her own school record in the 200-yard backstroke twice. The team finished second to Kansas in the Big Eight championships, surprising strong teams from Nebraska and Oklahoma which had defeated the Tigers soundly 02-59 and 88-43 respectivelyt during the regular season. Photos by Dan White Photos by Dan White L With the Tigers' finish, tapering school records in every event except diving, with Conference champions in five events and with strong scholarship swimmers in the fold, the future looks promising. The women's sport that has received the most attention at Missouri is'basketball. Ever since the 1976 Olympics, where the U.S. women earned a silver medal, women's basketball has rapidly gained in popularity. At Missouri, an outstanding program has been put to- gether in the short span of three years by Missouri coach Joann Rutherford. Women's basketball has become the money sport of the women's program. The team averaged better than 600 paying fans per game and entertained a crowd of 1,300 at the MAIAW state championship. If women's athletics are going to make it, if parity is to be sought, then it will have to come in basketball first. It seems that such is the case at Missouri. The Tigers broke virtually every school record possible, winning 26 of 32 games. With the starting lineup intact from the previous season, When the Tigers were 28-12 and had earned a trip to the AIAW nationals, the prospects were bright. Missouri re- ceived enough votes to earn honorable mention recognition in the national pre-season poll. E i i I I , I t l 1 I The season's opening weeks set the standard for the sea- son. The Tigers knocked off nationally-ranked William Penn, Long Beach State and Kansas State en route to a third-place finish at the prestigious Wayland Baptist Invita- tional. They suddenly popped up in the nation's top 20, never to relinquish that honor for the duration of the season. Following a home loss to Kansas State in .a return match, the Tigers ran off seven consecutive wins including Vic- tories over Tennessee Tech, Middle Tenneessee and Tennessee-Chattanooga along with an 84-81 win over 19th- ranked Kansas in the Big Eight championship game. .After a loss to top-ranked Tennessee, the Tigers swept in-state rivals Central and Northwest Missouri for the first time ever. A mid-season lapse led to losses to Kansas and Kansas State and dropped the Tigers to 19th in the national poll. But Rutherford's team knew its task. The Tigers returned from the Kansas State loss with a vengeance. A new Hearnes and Missouri tmen and women'si record was set . for scoring margin and total points in a 121-24 win over Missouri-St. Louis. The Tigers scored 340 points in three wins as they began a 10-game winning streak. During the hot stretch, the Tigers won two champi- onships. First, hosting the MAIAW championships for the first time ever, the Tigers won their initial MAIAW crown. They defeated'iIowa State handily in the first round. In the semi-finals, they faced 18th-ranked Kansas for the third time. The Tigers demolished the Jayhawks, 95-63, and the winning margin was three points less than the total margin of defeat for all eight of Kansas' other losses. Photos by Dan White Ed McCain Dah White In the finals, KSU fell to the Tigers, 70-68, and Missouri soared to 13th in the national poll. Moving to the AIAW Central Satellite tournament, the Tigers faced third-ranked North Carolina State and were marked underdogs. After leading by one point at the half, the Tigers were manhandled by the bigger Wolfpack and fell, 70-64. t The Tigers won the consolation game over Ohio State, 79-69, closing out their outstanding year. Along the way, individual honors picked up by the team members included: Sharon Farrah, Kodak all-region 6 team, MVP region 6 tournament, all-regional tournament team; Nancy Rutter, alI-MAIAW tournament team, all-region' 6 team and national player of the year nominee; Suzanne Alt, all-region 6 tournament team; Cindy Kiser, MVP of the MAIAW championships and all-MAIAW tournament team; and Rutherford, nominated and a finalist in the coach of the year voting. It was an outstanding year for women's basketball at Mis- souri. The program has proven itself against national com- petition and is slated to play one of the finest schedules in the country in 1978-79. There is a possibility that the finals of the Tigers' Mid-America Classic may be televised nation- ally. 181 WWW'e-r m: Spring 1978 The Missouri women's golf team had an impressive cam- paign in 1978. The Tigers, led by Mary McNabb, Tanna Lee and Konni Novinger, developed into one of the stronger teams in the midwest. Missouri took second place in the 18-team Illinois invita- tional and defeated Stephens in head-to-head competition. They also finished fourth in the Big Eight, 16 strokes behind first-place Oklahoma. McNabb was the runner-up at the Big Eight. 1 The Missouri track program took a big step forward when Dorothy Doolittle, a nationally-ranked marathon runner, was named head coach in the fall. Although Doolittle, did not have a full year to work with the team, the Tigers performed admirably. It was a tough year for track at Missouri as work on the football stadium expansion eliminated any outdoor facilities to work with. The Tigers won the MAIAW championships by an ample margin in 1978. Cindy Kiser, Mary Ellen Kunkle and Linda Brown came away with individual championships in the 1500-meter, shot put and 2-mile run, respectively. At the Big Eight championships, where the Tigers placed a disappointing seventh, Kiser placed in the javelin, discus and shot. Brown scored in the 5000 and 3000-meters and Kunkle teamed to score in the relays. Sports Information Photos .55 .Eme 39 Bobm SE; mambmm mwcbamny m: mum Umnw mOH How? wmhmnwwmgm 5 9m 2x52 533de g WboxdEP H95. $39QO gnaw mw ?mmmocl Wm 0: 9m :wmswdm $19 mmmTwmmw noun: OE E E38090 mrm magma 9m dmgm no N Hum: 0m mmnodm-Emnm mamrmm 5 BmmoH. nrmgwwodmawm. H50! 80W mmnODm 5 Em 3E2 nrgwwobmrwwm A0353 mwmwrmbm Oozmm? wwnmw UobmHmod 30w 9m mgzm mwbmwmm $553033? ?mmmocl 3mm Emo mmnobm 5 9m ?mmmocl xxmcmw $533- 033?: mmEdm 3 mocgmg E305 3N m $-3wa ooca. Hrm gwmmocl momwm: 33? 361mm 3N 9m HOmm 0m m HEBUmH om E363 $09 9me Sum 33: 8 muwmswmop smma m wxotbm Edm$p Wmmasm mxwmlmbnm Enocmrocw mam Houm $305. 135 memam 35$er moiwzp 3 9m z HFSN 05333- obmrsum. mvonm Eogmmob 353m Hmm Brian Smith 186 Ho 85 m wrmmm? $5 macaw Hoowm ESE vim? moH 203- mqm mEmSnm E 733051. 1:5 35583 E5353 Wm 30qu 393mg? msoiwsm mom marowmmmawp 5mg 55:0an 35 Umxmw ommowwmbm. 0: 9m mmgwamquzm m5? ,xmcmgm mx- wmnmdnm 73 625 m3me 033 Sam wmmw Eda v53? 35 Emw SE 39 $5 macaw 0m 9m EomBB. KE :6 338 Wm 52 $1905 2m mEBUESW E005. 1:88 E6 mowbm 8 Um imam Edam mewQ mm 9m EomSB mammam mmoigm wwwdm. : 333 E8? 9m: H5: Om 9m Eomnma? UmmeZUmF Wm mwoigm mmmwmm 9m: mdwobm mxwmnwmm 0H rowan mo? arm rmbazbm Om 2m m:nnmmm SE mwm: $5 55562 Om man- mmmmmm 9m wnomaa 73. Sports Information Photo a9: 3N Hung 255mm? $me EOE NE mouoya a 2. :2 3 m E. E Brian Smith Tom Reese B Wmmwm min: mam? Three Tigers run to Nationals Although cross country isn't the most popular sport on campus, it has proved to be a top finisher consistently. Missouri's team has gained a reputation for being a top Big Eight power. With three Big Eight titles in the past 11 years, Missouri has compiled the top overall average in the confer- ence. Blemished by injuries and 50-50 performances during the 1976 season, seventh-year coach Robin Lingle needed to turn the team around this year. The 1977 squad got back on the winning track by recapturing the Missouri Intercol- legiate Championship and sweeping the District 5 title to advance to the national finals. The Tigers got off to a quick start at the Wichita Classic by placing second in a field of 14 teams. Kansas won the team title, but it was Missouri's Steve Fisher who paced the field as he covered the four-mile course in 20:22. Steve Ferber, Mark Hofius, and Clark Hamilton added to Missouri's effort by finishing 12th, 14th and 17th respectively. With a good performance under their belts from the sea- son's debut, the Tigers returned home to battle Illinois. The Illini, a perennial powerhouse, defeated Missouri for the fifth consecutive year, but the performances of Fisher and Hofius kept the Tigers in the race. Fisher was edged out for first place by three seconds as Jim Eicken led Illinois to a 23-36 victory. ' Fisher and Hofius continued to set the pace for the Tigers with their one-two winning combination at the Missouri Intercollegiate Championship race. With Missouri placing all seven runners in the top 20 finishers, the Tigers de- throned Southwest Missouri State as MIC champs, winning the title for the fourth time in its five-year history. Missouri tallied 31 points While SMS finished a distant second with 61 points. 192 vi m: .rh, Text by Paul Keebler Photos by Dan White N ebraska and Kansas State proved to be the next Victims as the Tigers finished out the regular season with two dual-meet wins. After a 21-36 victory at Nebraska, Missouri returned home to embarrass conference rival K-State with a near shutout, 16-45. Despite an off day at Nebraska, Fisher came back to tie teammate Brad Hawthorne for first place against the Wild cats. Realizing that Colorado was the heavy favorite to repeat as Big Eight champions, the Tigers set their sights on sec- ond place in an effort to better their third-place finish of a year ago. In 1976, it was Kansas who edged the Tigers out of second place. This year, Iowa State did the dirty work. As expected, Colorado ran away with the race and also set a Big Eight record by totaling only 21 points. Iowa State had 74 points and with 79 points, Missouri settled for third. However, Missouri put it all together and swept the Dis- trict 5 title to earn a spot at the NCAA championships. Fisher, Hofius and Hawthorne finished third, fifth and seventh respectively with Hamilton and Dan Staten round- ing out the Tigers' 31 points. The victory meant Missouri's first trip to Nationals since the Big Eight Championship team of 1974. Under less than ideal conditions in Pullman, Wash., with temperatures dipping to 12 degrees at race time, the Tigers combined for an 18th-place finish of 29 teams. Other Big Eight finishers included Colorado in tenth place and Iowa State in 29th. Hawthorne led Missouri over the 10,000-meter course in 30:39.6 for 88th place in a field of 255. Fisher and Hofius finished less than one second apart for 100th and 102nd ' places. At Missouri, many varsity teams only dream about a place in the national rankings, but the 1977 cross country squad made it a reality. And next year should be even bet- ter. Lingle will say goodbye to Hawthorne and Ferber, but will be able to welcome back six seniors. For the first time in years, the Tigers will be able to rely on an abundance of experience and well-seasoned runners. Photos by Tom Reese Mizzou Hockey: a Success Story Continues The Mizzou Hockey Club took the ice for its first practice in September. , ' Nineteen wins, eight losses, two ties and seven months later, Steve McElroy sat in a jubilant Tiger locker room after a season-ending 9-2 win over Illinois. McElroy, a senior, had just played his last game for Miz- zou. Taking one last look around the place he had become so familiar with in his three-year career, McElroy said, "These guys are great." McElroy was reflecting on a season that saw him lead the ' team in scoring for the second year in a row. As a team, Mizzou outscored its opposition nearly two-to-one. The offense wasn't the only story, though. While goalie Dan Nee made like a brick wall 6.42 average and 15 WinsL Jim Brinkmeyer kept the opposition honest, throwing his stocky, 5-9, 185-pound frame around on defense. Under first-year coach Dennis Nickel, the team showed tremendous desire. Down 6-2 0r up 9-2, the team never stopped skating, checking and shooting. It was shown best by tri-captain Matt Wickenhauser. For "Wick," another graduating senior, every point was hard-earned. Although the Godfrey, Ill. native finished with only nine goals, his tenacity and dedication made him a team and fan favorite. Speaking of fan favorites, no review of the Mizzou season would be complete Without a mention of Doug Schwandt and Chase McKeague. Schwandt, who's been playing since age eight, led all defensemen with 21 goals. Along with roommate Dave Rapoff on the backline, the tandem totaled 40 goals from their defensive spots. . When the momentum seemed to shift to the opposition, all Nickel had to do was send out his l'kamikaze pilot," McKeague. Not afraid to muck it up in the corners, McKeague potted 12 goals skating on left wing. Jan. 27 saw a record 1,003 fans file into the Ice Chalet to watch Mizzou defeat Iowa State. the team compiled a fine 12-5-1 home record. Perhaps the highlight of the season was the Feb. 17-18 road trip to Iowa State. Defenseman Schwandt provided the winning goal both games. The sec- ond game went into overtime, and the Cyclones seem to have become the Tigers' biggest rivals. The team has made tremendous strides in three years, with an overall 59-34-4 record. To build on that, next season will see 22 of 24 players return. The memories still linger. Those big Friday night crowds with Bud on tap. Nee's acrobatics in goal. Schwandt's slap- shot. Brinkmeyer's checking. And Mini-Mizzou tucked up in the rafters cranking it out. Yes, Steve McElroy, those guys were great. Text by Dennis Dodd 3 Big 8 Jinx haunts Wrestlers Again 33 With the momentum of an unprecedented season, it ap- 33 ' peared as if the Big Eight jinx on Missouri wrestling would 3 be broken this year. All signs pointed to a third-place finish 3' for the Tigers, the best in recent years. Fourth-year coach 3 Bob Kopnisky had been plagued with fourth-place finishes 3 3 , behind Oklahoma State, Iowa State, and Oklahoma since he 33 ; arrived in Columbia. 33, As the season progressed, speculation increased among 34 the Tiger wrestlers. The general feeling was that Oklahoma 3 2 would be the team to beat and this would be the year to do 33 it. Missouri got its four-month season off to a good start by 333 3 capturing second place at the Great Plains Open Tourney. $33 The Tigers opened their home dual season with a Victory 3 over Drake before meeting the first test of the Big Eight powers - Iowa State. Although the No. 1 ranked Cyclones defeated Missouri 25-11, the Tigers proved they could wres- tle competitively with the test in the nation. Kopnisky's Tigers traveled West during semester break . and soundly defeated Northern Colorado, but dropped an unanswered loss to Oregon. A first-place finish at the C01- orado Invitational highlighted the road trip and avenged the previous loss to Oregon. Missouri gathered momentum, returning home to sweep its next five dual meets in a row. Central Missouri, Central Oklahoma, Lincoln; Missouri Western and Southern Illinois all lost one-sided battles with Lincoln taking the brunt of the punishment. The Missouri school record for most points in a dual meet fell as Lincoln was pounded 50-0. Oklahoma State was the next of the Big Eight's top three on tab for Missouri. OSU had to come from behind to sal- vage a 27-14 win but Bob Barber, Mike Slyman and Dane Ives all won their matches, giving Missouri an early 12-0 lead. Only Mike Pollock could add points for. the"Tigers by settling for a draw, but OSU swept the remaining bouts. The meet wasn't a total loss though, since Missouri totaled more pointsiagainst the Cowboys this year than they had in their three previous meetings combined. 202 Missouri got back on track by defeating the Nebraska Cornhuskers and nationally-ranked Minnesota by decisive ;i margins. But the Tigers missed an opportunity to break into ' the top ten in the nation by losing a 19-18 match to tenth- ranked Kentucky. 3; Two days later, though, Missouri found the winning ii combination and upset sixth-ranked Oklahoma 24-13, h! perhaps the highlight of the season. For Kopnisky, it was 131 the first time his team had ever beaten one of the Big Eight's ii . top three. For the squad, it was a reassuring sign of pulling off a third-place finish. 11" The Tigers finished out their most successful season in J years at the expense of then sixth-ranked Cal Poly with a w come-from-behind Victory. Heavyweight Jeff Gillman was : put in a must-win situation and performed his "Missouri Possum" pin to perfection. Gillman gave up several takedowns in order to work his opponent into pinning po- :-1 sition. With all of this behind, Lopnisky's Tigers were ready to make their final assault on the Big Eight. OSU and ISU battled for first but Missouri's battle was for third against Oklahoma. The Sooners outscored Missouri by 11 points, 1 and the Big Eight jinx prevailed. The Tigers had to settle for 3 fourth for the fourth consecutive year. i Although Kopnisky's goal had not been reached, the 1978 season put him one step closer. Never before had a Mis- souri team scored 44 points in the Big Eight meet. And for the first time, Missouri was sending eight wrestlers to the NCAA Championship meet. After climbing from 18th to ninth in the nation, the Tigers would need a superb per- formance in order to retain their top ten status. Unfortunately, Missouri fell victim to some bad breaks and watched that ninth-place ranking slip to 32nd. A11 eight of Missouri's competitors were seeded poorly and wound up on the wrong side of their brackets. Only Bob Barber, Dane Ives, Harold Ritchie and Jeff Gillman managed to ad- vance to the second round before being eliminated. The season ended on a sour note, but Kopnisky refused to let that overshadow a very successful year. The 1977-78 Tigers set several records en route to the best finish in their history. They surpassed last season's 18th- place ranking and 10-3 record by moving up to ninth with a 14-4 dual record. Although still fourth in the Big Eight, Missouri had put on its best performance ever in that tour- ney. Juniors Harold Ritchie and Jeff Gillman also set team records. Ritchie toppled the mark for most wins in a single season with his 33-7 season record while Gillman, a wel- comed addition at heavyweight, eclipsed the mark for the most pins in a season with nine. Fortunatly for Kopnisky, only two wrestlers from the squad will be lost to graduation. Bob Barber and Mike Sly- man, the strength of Missouri's lower weights, will be mis- sed and tough to replace. But Kopnisky will welcome back a Text by Paul Keebler well-seasoned squad of experienced wrestlers to attempt to break the jinx of the Big Eight once and for all. Photos by Dan White Young Swimmers Keep Improving For coach Joe Goldfarb's Missouri swimmers, the 1977-78 season was a rollercoaster ride. The Tigers were outstand- ing on occasion, but lacked consistency. Due to an abnor- mally high amount of illness, Goldfarb operated with a "skeleton crew" for much of the year. Also, the young team had only two seniors, co-captains Loren Druz and Tim Boyle. The Tigers finished with a 6-3 dual-meet record. High points among the contests were a pair of narrow victories over Oklahoma and Oklahoma State on consecutive days. In both meets, the Tigers pulled out wins by taking the last event, the 400-yard freestyle relay. Throughout the year, the team pointed to the Big Eight meet as its main goal. But the Tigers will have to wait for another day to get that title. Missouri won the battles but Kansas the war at the championships. Goldfarb saw his squad swim to eight firsts and junior Kevin DeForrest was the meet's MVP with three individual and two relay gold medals. ; Five team records were set in '77-'78. Freshman Steve I Lortz bested the previous mark in both the 100- and 200- yard breaststrokes. Bill Stabler, another freshman, was tops in the 100-yard butterfly. Finally, the 400-yard medley relay quartet of Stabler, Benn Doyle, Torn Molina, and DeForrest a . also erased last year's mark. 2 . 7.1 t ; g Photos by Ed McCain I Dan White Brian Smith .2 ;k . The school qualified six men for the NCAA Champi- onships at Long Beach, Calif. Hopes of returning with at least one all-American were drowned when DeForrestts 20th in the 50-yard free was the best the Tigers could mam- age. Nonetheless, Goldfarb was pleased with the season as a whole. "This is the best team we've ever had at Missouri," the Tiger coach said. "We had more conference winners than ever before." Still, Goldfarb admitted the "NCAAs were a disappointment." Through diligent recruiting, the coach expects to have an even stronger squad next year. "The Eternal Optimist," as Goldfarb is known, plans on greater achievements in the near future. "A swimming program goes through stages," Goldfarb said. "For three years, we have won more conference titles and sent more people to nationals than any other team around here. Now, we're no longer satisfied with confer- ence titles. We're looking for all-Americans and national titles." Text by Jeff Davis wnoEmBm :93: E: mama: m:nnmmmma Sum 3354 $5 mwmwma v53. mow. $6 zwmmonl amok SE? US x 3mm 05m 0m :8 Ummr 126 memam $55er Em wdmooH wmmmob $19 m ???Himnm wwm Em? mam: 5 SE: 3989 8 Um 9m 38H QSmJPnogmmSQ nrmawwobmaw 3 wmmnm: mbm mHmo m Em mow. Ex? 2 9m ZONK? HbmooH OrmBEomevm. Ummvnm Emma manoBEwmerwa mwxwrimma mow HmmH 5mm EwMCmQ $19 nonsmmmm EOEmBm Hmbmwdm $09 wicimm 3 Emmanm 39:38. wmmonm 9m 5900a mmmmob mow Cbmmgmvs 9m mbdondnm- 3mm: 2mm Emma 93 wziyamlom Em: ?gwmw me Huwmm 30:5 Um nmmnmrwzmm mom Em Houm mmmmo? H: m BEE: wmammgma SE; Ham? 2 2mm amnamm 9M: Hummm $055 Um 69.8ng 8 m: OE 9m mew 5 033 no cm mega? 836m? 3m 05 :8 nozmmmmwm Kit 5 Homo w: wamwmammo: m9. 9m 0556? 085mm g 3882. rmmw van? Hummm wowEmQ moroow 382$ 325qu 9me Swan 05 am 2m? no m m-guxu Emmy 3 9m Em mum? mg m manodm650m 3 sum 20?? H5909. Ormbmomewm. 1:55 Hmmdm wnoEmBm 296 nonOCBQmQ. mwlamn U033? ?DQV wszmm cw SE; m Ham 3?? ma 29m 05 mom 9m 893593 om $5 mmmmOD. H20-33m DHTFBQWS mulamlrsnnmmn 00955 Omeomwm 2mm mwmo Hemw moH 9m V35 mm 23 wSoiBm mwm Em; Q5330: 55m ?men wmwwwm 27:38? 3:13me 5 m Emma 81V 3 Sam mmwmoP mEuHqu mum mamngwmm Em Umnw. Ummwwwm mam 5mm 0m wrmwm me Hugging? :8 memam 23: o: no mam: 3:3 5 9m mwm Ema. 3mm Em 05 $683 om wow: aogmbm Ummb 5mm? 733051 2055 :95 Ema mow. mam? g: w 592 $$me 23 wsmmwgmm 9a v53. Hmwibm $5 dmgm m mas wowam mgx 0m m nymBEodew. $02955 zwmmoci 25$er 2:? $55 mama Emma? 0:? 9m $859 .893 8 no mo E58 $5 3mm" 23 355mm 3 Howm. Zwmmocnwm Em Em? nrmBEobm Emma Um: HES? Em? mbm Hog rcmnzmmh 998 ZooHP mrojucn ?Dmam ?mewaF 55m 35 .3me ?meh moo: 0330 $9. 35 Dam Cm? go. . Text by Paul Keebler Photos by Tom Reese The Tigers wrapped up the indoor season with a tie for sixth place at the NCAA Championships. Teel felt that with the personnel on the squad, Missouri could have finished better but the breaks just didn't come. Lavitt stumbled on the last hurdle, giving up four places, and Udo suffered from a phobia of the board track which has plagued his performance in the past. Nevertheless, Missouri pulled through with all-America performances from Moore, Ag- bebaku, and Clark. With the outdoor season ready to begin, Teel was faced with more trials and tribulations. First off, Teel's cindermen were without Cinders this year due to the renovation of the south end of Faurot Field. Make-shift practices were held and arrangements were made with Lincoln University for practice time on their track. But the inconvenience was too great for these accomodations to be of much use. Teel had also made arrangements for the Missouri Intercollegiate- Championships to be held at Lincoln, but a scheduling con- flict forced the cancellation of the meet. Despite these problems, Missouri got off to a quick start in the outdoor season. At the Arkansas Relays, Missouri captured six first placed and set several meet records. In a dual meet in Kansas, the Tigers weathered a hailstorm and defeated the Jayhawks, 80-70. But the highlight of the sea- son came at the Baylor Invitational. Missouri's sprint med- ley relay team of Dan Lavitt, Ed Ofili, Dele Udo, and Scott I Clark came within one second of breaking the world record for that event. Their time of 3:15.85 was the fastest time recorded in the United States during the 1978 season. Mis- souri also captured two other first places at Baylor. Teel had hopes of breaking that world record the follow- ing week at the Drake Relays, but Udo suffered a bruised instep and missed the competition. Missouri's only other hopes for. a first-place finisher fell through when Agbebaku sustained a leg injury during a jump. Agbebaku competed despite the injury but could manage no better than fifth. Clark paced the Tigers at Drake with his fourth-place finish in the 800-meter run. But even with injuries and poor facilities, with one month to go before the N CAA Outdoor Championships, the Tigers had already qualified Ag- bebaku, Ofili, Lavitt and Clark for Nationals. Tennis Team 4-4 in Big Eight The Missouri tennis team received a new coach before the 1978 season in 29-year-old Ron Sterchi. Sterchi's role, how- ever, is no different from that of his predecessors. Sterchi is a jack-of-all-trades for the Tigers. He repairs nets before games, brings the players fresh balls during matches and helps drive the van Which carries the team to away matches. Football coach Warren Powers and basketball coach Norm Stewart would probably cringe at the thought of performing similar duties for their teams. Despite all his other jobs, Sterchi somehow finds the time to help his players eliminate defects in their games. His job was easier in 1978 because of the experience on the team. The Tigers were led by three seniors in 1978 - Brian Mitch- ell, Jon Powell and Rob Walters. Mitchell was a four-year starter for the Tigers, and the number one singles player his last two years. Recognized as one of the best players in the Midwest, the Columbia native compiled a 7-1 record against Big Eight opponents in 1978. Powell, the Illinoislstate high school champion in 1974, held down the number three singles spot for the Tigers in 1978. He played well during his stay at Missouri despite being plagued by tendonitis in his elbow throughout his college career. Walters, at number four singles, journeyed from Tulsa, Okla. to play for the Tigers. , 1:. M" , , W '7 - . tw dreh--m...,.-.,r.,v- 7., . ., A. v Robert Crowson, a sophomore from Columbia, was the only other returnee to the Tiger squad in 1978. Crowson, who played under Sterchi at Hickman High School, played number six singles for Missouri. Three players made their debut on the Tiger squad in 1978, and they traveled farther than the veterans to join the team. Beto Bloise, a freshman and number two singles player, is a native of Sao Paulo, Brazil. He came to the United States on a foreign exchange program and attended high school in , California. He was the fifth-ranked player in San Diego When he accepted a scholarship offer from Missouri. Marc Van Buskirk, from La Jolla, Calif., transferred from San Diego City College, where he played number two sing- les on the California state champion team. He played num- ber five singles for Missouri in 1978. Mark Casteel, an occasional starter for the Tigers, was a freshman from Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. He is expected to play a maj or role in filling the spots left by the seniors' graduation. After completion of their regular-season matches with Big Eight competition, the Tigers stood 4-4. They split two matches With Kansas, defeated Kansas State, Iowa State arid Nebraska, and lost to Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and C01- .Text by Hunter Reigler orado. Photos by Brian Smith . McArtor will miss "his Boys" Gene McArtor can consider himself lucky. Really, Greg Cypret, his "do-everything" shortstop, could have spent his senior year on an Atlantic Braves AA farm team. His top two pitching aces, seniors Rob Pietroburgo and Tom Bloemke, were also drafted in 1977. But they came back, all the seniors came back. Call it loyalty. They are "his boys." H recruited them in 1974, his first year as Missouri baseball coach. He has treated his seniors like sons: disciplining them, rewarding them when they're good, punishing them for being bad. And they obey dad, too. If he says cut your hair, you see haircuts. If he says shave the mustache, it's gone. Away from home they're one big family. Nobody goes out partying on road trips. Every- body piles on the bus and goes to a movie. McArtor will hate to see his seniors go. Their sophomore year they won the Big Eight championship. Last year, al- though bowing to Oklahoma in the Big Eight finals, they finished 36-15. This year, before the Big Eight tourney, they were near the 34-15 mark. "It's really a significant group of seniors we have," McAr- tor says. "There's a lot of games of experience graduating." Ah, yes experience. How else would Missouri have get ten through the season of 1978 - the year of the monsoon? First it snowed. In March, through early April, the white stuff covered the bases, filled the dugouts, and postponed a lot of practices and games. The rest of the time it just rained, and the postponements hurt. Not only were the practices inside the Heames practice area getting old, but Missouri's record wasn't getting any fatter. Last year the Tigers' record was a big reason for their not attending the NCAA region- als. r i l t i "I think it's really difficult for a team to cope with weather problems," McArtor said, "Our experience helped us there." It helped when the Tigers began the season with their annual spring trip - this one to Lakeland, Florida. With only indoor practices behind them, the Tigers went 7-3 in Florida, beating strong teams like Michigan and Western Michigan. The trip also included a 3-1 loss to the St. Louis Cardinals. By the end of their next road trip, through Tennessee, Missouri had beaten SEC champion Mississippi and found a surprising new ace in freshman Tom Heckman, but still sported a blah 14-9 record. Blah because with the season's half-way point still ahead, Missouri had already lost more than half it lost last year. But April was a good month for the Tigers. In between rain storms, Missouri ripped off 14 straight Victories, in- cluding a two-game sweep of their opening Big Eight four- game series at Nebraska. The Sunday doubleheader was rained out, "intentionally" by the Cornhuskers, who Tiger junior Mike Hankins said had found that beating Missouri might be impossible. "They could have played the last two there," Hankins said, "but they didn't pull out the covering when it started raining. They just called the game off and left." Angry? Sure Missouri was, because those Big Eight games couldn't be made up, according to conference base- ball rules. So Missouri was forced to sweep Iowa State at home the next weekend to keep pace with undefeated Kan- sas in the Big Eight Eastern Division. And although the Tigers lost one to the Cyclones, the series provided two of the season's more dramatic moments. In the bottom of the seventh of the second game, the score tied at six, Rick Hereth hit a one-out three-run blast. In the fourth game, Iowa State dared to walk A1 Hightower in order to fill the bases for Greg Cypret. Cypret, probably the best hitter on the team, non-chalantly rocketed a grand-slam. .51. a u pmu ngwk,rga, 131 1 $liIli 1 WvT i1, 4. ...$,w i! i . ,L 91 f9 ; aw! n? a u i.. T fff9Ef'f!ii ,Hdidty4iMM $ WW 4: m a i. .3 $3 f, 35? UV E!!!Cuw 2w 2:1!!!5L de$$aniwagag Illigg: IIIIIIIII ti IIIIuIlliggr IIIIIIIII..'r IIIIIIIIII $aa$aa 'I-UI ggsggggi UK; 3;: I. ' xg "tlulu ::;.-.u ' "w:3!!! '- I. '- w ""11 III-- 'iii.!" '" II II I '..I'-----II !"' lI IIIII fhmw a M... 6 III- .'IIII . IIIIIII. uIIIIIIIIIilhn wlhllilllitill i- II '- II II II n l I I I ,-s .r$k wmd-h wuuuhbuw .DV .v'w glllpg:35!!Flllqgg:,'gg,ega Piggammgyww;zgu Vi: w.a ac? 35Sa 9'! Finally, it all boiled down to the KU series. Missouri went into it ahead of the Jayhawks by mere percentage points, and after dropping the first two games, a second straight Eastern Division title seemed in jeopardy. i But, as usual, experience conquerth all. "It allowed us to be in a position where when things came up the guys had been through them before," McArtor said. Maybe that's when senior pitcher Steve Shockey shut out' the Jayhawks in the fourth game to clinch the title by those tiny percentage points. But who could explain the freshman, Heckman, picking up his sixth win out there? "The play of those two guys tHeckman and another freshman, second baseman Kevin Knopl was pretty pleas- ing," McArtor said. "We had enough people at the begin- ning of the year that we weren't going to need those guys. But as it turned out, they jumped in and helped us." Heckman had the second highest ERA on the team, while Knop hit a nifty .325. But the seniors twho elseD dominated the statistics. Cypret hit .394, first baseman Curt Brown hit .380, Jim Leavitt hit .333 and Mike Lally hit .248. McArtor's three senior aces finished the regular season with good, but not fantastic statistics. Pietroburgo, despite having a 2.89 ERA, struck out 67. Bloemke t5-3l struck out 38 with an ERA of 1.94 and Shockey was 4-2 with an ERA of 2.48. Missouri's top reliever, junior Jeff Cornell, struck out 33 in 31 innings and saved eight games. Cornell, though, will return. So will Hankins, Hightower, Hereth and the rest of them. But wave good-bye to the seniors. They're leaving everything behind, including their proud, but humble papa. "We've gotten through a lot together," McArtor said. "I guess in many respects this group tends to hold a special interest in me." ' "You wish it tthe weatherl could have been different, but there's no way it can be. You always say that about some thing." Even when you say goodbye. Text by Toni Shatel Photos by Lew Stamp ' 225 77- iLx-iz-w H v Greg Cypret: The All- American Dream Greg Cypret is in the midst of pursuing a dream, the All- American dream - to become a major leaguer, a profes- sional baseball player. Almost all small boys fantasize about it; the tiny sand-Iot diamond becomes a professional sports complex with a thick, lush carpet of deep, green grass; the three pigtailed girls who watch from the fence while play- ing with their dolls are converted into 40,000 screaming fans who wave their pennants and chant their cheers while a booming organ keeps the beat; frayed, bleached-out blue jeans and dirty, sweat-stained T-shirts are replaced by col- orful uniforms of red and White, complete with striped gar- ter socks and brilliantly polished shows whose cleats glisten from the reflection of lights high atop a towering stadium. Many dream of such a life but few are able to live it. Twenty two-year-old Greg has an opportunity to do so and he is working hard to make his dream become reality. Greg, whose Missouri baseball career ended after the 1977-78 sea- son, was selected later that spring in the seventh round of X" the Major League baseball draft. For him, that event culmi- nated almost a lifelong love affair with baseball. Greg's dream began as a younster in Florissant, Mo. "I've always wanted to be a big leaguer. I guess it started when I was a kid playing in the Little League. It's been a lifetime fantasy," he says. When he reached high school, Greg re- fined his natural athletic skills by quarterbacking the Hazelwood Central Hawks and captaining his baseball 2 squad to the Missouri prep title in 1974. Then came gradua- tion and the dream grew, but took a slight twist. With ath- i letic scholarships offered by several schools, Greg finally chose his home state's university e Mizzou. Oddly, it was a football scholarship that brought Greg to Columbia. But after realizing it would be some time before he broke into the starting line-up with Steve Pisarkiewicz and Pete Woods playing in front of him, Greg opted for baseball. This proved the beginning of perhaps the most presti- gious baseball career of any Missouri player. Greg won the starting shortstop job early in his freshman year and stayed there for four years. He is now holder of nearly every Tiger career and season batting average. Greg captained Mis- souri's squad his junior and senior years. He earned all-Big Eight honors each of the last three seasons after gaining second team mention as a freshman and was named an All-American for three seasons. Now, after signing a professional contract with Houston, Greg hasn't forgotten his dream but he has also found real- ity staring in his face. Out of every 100 prospects drafted, three get to the big leagues. What causes so few to make it and so many to break it? More importantly, which will it be for Greg? Gene McArtor is optimistic about Greg's Chances: "He's proven himself at every level of baseball and made the necessary adjustments at each step of the way." Greg's high school coach says, "He's a proven winner and a heady ballplayer. I think if the right opportunity arises, yes, he can make it." e That is Greg's dream, but don't forget where it started. As former major leaguer Roy Campanella said, "You gotta be a man to play baseball for a living, but you gotta have a lot of little boy in you too." Text by Sue Davis Photos by Dan White s o r d e V S b o .h .m N Y b s o t o h P Photos by Dan White ? . . a uvs-mvslxis6-de J'L x1 1 ? f n .1 a C c M d E The First Woman Chancellor at: UMC w UMC will have its first woman Chancellor this July, when t , Barbara Uehling replaces the retiring chancellor Herbert Schooling, and joins the ranks of only two other women who hold the top administrative positions on large public university campuses. e , t Described as "tough", "intelligent" and "extremely cap- able", Uehling expresses a fierce dedication to higher edu- t cation, and plans to put such dedication to work at UMC. t, She leaves the position of provost at the University of 1 Oklahoma at Norman, where her administrative leadership was apparent. She developed an energy resource center that draws together various desciplines to research petroleum products e one of Oklahoma's most important industries. And Uehling also presided over budget cutbacks when OU lacked adequate funding. After such success, why leave to come to Missouri? "Be- cause Missouri's just a better institution all-around- academically, in its research, resources and diversity." Before her job as Oklahoma's provost, Uehling was dean of Arts and Sciences at Illinois State University. Prior to that, she held the academic dean's position at Roger Wil- liams College. And before that e she taught at various in- stitutions. She completed her bachelor degree from the University of Wichita, and went on to earn a master's and PhD. in ex- perimental psychology from Northwestern, because she "was interested in the behavior of people and what moti- vates them." While she admits that she bores easily, she doesn't an- ticipate boredom as chancellor at Missouri. She hopes to work with other administrators to make the University a better learning center for students. Her basic drive, com- bined with a desire to "get the job done" will help her in the complex and demanding problems that confront a uni- versity chancellor. University President James Olson, who along with the Board of Curators, selected Uehling, Views her career as "one of successfully fulfilling greater responsibilities in the more complex institutions." She simply states the "All I've ever wanted is to demon- strate my skills and to be myself. That's been the most im- portant thing in my life." As UMC's new chancellor, she'll have that chance once again. - Text by Melinda Corbin 241 V a ,4?, .: . 22' v Chancellor Herbert W. Schooling lstratlon .m m d A President James C. Olson The Board of Curators ROW ONE: Rex Z. Williams, Barbara Beckmeyer, Daniel L. Brenner, Marian O. Oldham, James C. Olson. ROW TWO: C.R. Johnston, Van 0. Williams, Robert A. Demp- ter, Wallace R. Stacey, William Doak. Governor Joseph Teasdale Armon Yanders College of Arts and Science Elmer R. Kiehl School of Agriculture School of Business and Public Administration S. Watson Dunn 246 11,-5K Bob G. Woods College of Education 247 g n l r e e n l d .35 KB RM me .mwo nu .10 WC Beatrice Litherland College of Home Economics Roy M. Fisher School of Journalism Allen Smith School of Law Edward P. Miller lence ibrary SC School of L Charles C. Lobeck, Ir. School of Medicine e d .1 e w a n .1 r e t e V f 0 e g e H O C Kenneth D 1c1ne Med George F. Nickolaus College of Public and Community Service Glayds A. Courtney School of Nursing W 1978 SAVITAR QUEEN Laura Bryant Photos by Dan White axiiivw? , V 5.5.159? 261 Photos by Dan White Savitar Queen Finalists Susan Patino Photos by Dan White Immerman Lynn Z W M M M m w 262 Human Brian Smith Mary Barnes and Downing Homecoming Queen and King Dan White 266 by W. D Y b s o t 0 h P meering Queen Kim Grice Eng l Steve Hanske and Lisa Denis Business and Public Administration King and Queen w" ..- ..,. ... Jsszw-sesmwg Photos by Ed McCain W5 x Lisa Block Watermelon Queen let i Merc i 500 Queen Deb Phi Ps 271 Photos by Dan White Linda Stockman Barnwarming Queen Photos by Brian Smith n e e u Q y a D r 0 l y a T y d n .l C Derby Brian Smith Ed McCain Campus owne Queen Ma Gay Falange w W. M . w, Don Hoven- Carolyn Puls d Queen g Greek Week King an 276 m. 1"" I5" Photos by Ed. McCain A 277 . r !; 4.14Il. l W UWTCJ u ? r w Aldrich House ALDRICH HOUSE. ROW 1: Scott Fairchild, Joe Geisler, Tom Simone, Wally Sillard, Bret DeForest, John Dreyer. ROW 2: Bob Keyes, Brad Farris, Steve Cook, M.A. Elbel, Tim Ducan, Ken Cox ROW 3: Jeff Nor- ton, Roger Krull, Terry O'Brien, Steve Mustoe, Terry Keg, David Hosick, John K. Trautmann, Ir. ROW4: Cliff Robinson, Tim Badock, Jim Weber, Dennis Perkins, Scott Gaw, Gary Leonard, Dave Bueker. ROW 5: Bud Craig, Monte Coon, Randy Edwards. ROW 6: Tom Zammer, Pat Gug- liano, Greg Hardin, Greq Fritz. ROW 7: Guy Lenox, John Alcorn, Mike Sprock, Brian Michel, Jim Clark, Richard Haase, Brian Shafer, Paul Doder. 43:? V V BRANHAM HOUSE. ROW 1: Mary Vozar, Terri Farrar, Deborah Rod- see, Debbie Miller, Karen Robinson, Dana Villers. ROW 3: Missy Mon- gers, Cindy Markley, Barri Marsh, Maria Phillips, Diane Hamilton, Kim nig, Patty Flatten, Marilyn Smart, Cindy Fink, Geralyn Kreienkamp, Main, Susie Akentijevich, Freda Goff, ROW 2: Peggy Helzer, Carol Cherie Graves, Deanne Darby, Lisa Chapple, Paulette LeClaire, Stacy Sundermeyer, Carol Dooley, Sheryl Rosenberg, Kathy May, Kathy Kis- David. Crumbaugh House CRUMBAUGH HOUSE. ROW 1: Renee Chandler, Nancy Neville, Kelly Price, Cyndi Ieong, Claudia Mathieson, Ellen Eschrich, Marilyn Dotta. ROW 2: Mary Dwyer, Denise Azzano, Marian Smith, Debbie Stedem, Tina Hartman, Debbie Overton, Susan Hippennieyer. ROW 3: Susan Blizewski, Joan Armstrong, Patty Fennewald, Cindy Van Leer, Linda Reicherdt, Kathy Kinney, Mary Claire Stockman. ROW 4: Anne Carey, Suzy Hennemann, Stacy Murry, Debbie Frazier, Denise Sollars, Pat Forster. ROW 5: Jill Paule, Diane Hoelzl, Colleen Kelly, Mary Grodie, Cheryl Hauck, Sally Stephan ROW 6: Diane Ragsdale, Diane Juranas, Nancy Johnson, Julianne Smogor, Shawn Sharp. . :Lny xh-x-zm 9: .4 4 GHURZ 51 1' ':r:.t GEYER HOUSE AND BLANCHARD HOUSE. ROW 1: Tim Andrews, Andy Holtgrieve, Ioe Wombat, Tim Harrisonj David Roloff. ROW 2: Scott Clark, Cindy Nelson, Susan Konering, Kim Bolin, Teresa Clawson, Vicky West, Diane Langeneckert, Kathy Hartmann, Lou Farmer, Mike Codsy, Sue Dooley, Kim Brader, Viv Moglia, Teresa Rooney, Missy Dwight. ROW 3: James Danielsx John Nix, Barney Miller, Doug Thurmer, Craig Mason, David Carter, Rob Hunter, Doug Whitaker, Kelly Martin, Sue Simon, Susan Wolken, Richard Helber, Terri How- land. ROW 4: Ken Crow, John Krone, Gary Lohr, Kevin Render, Bill Jansen, Liz Cedeck, Kristin Swanson, Mike Chivers, John Sullivan, Carla Moore, Sharon Hurter, Jack Wells, Brent Heid COLEMAN HOUSE. LEFT RAILING: Sandy Miller, Peggy Zellmer, joan Gavlek, Diane AIban, Cathy. Edington. RIGHT RAILING: Nannette McArthy, Lina Marie Wynn, Debbie Gill. ROW 1: Tarra Peacock, Rosemary Werkmeister, Debbie Selley, Sue Polys, Nancy Bryson, Mary Gingrich, Marsha Mundkowsky, Julie Rennard. ROW 2: Brenda Bossal- ler, Cheryl Trippe, Nancy Thiemann, Janice Miller, Cheri Miller, Jill Mabie, Kim Arens. ROW 3: Constance Klos, Kelly Backer, Lydia Poe, Lynn Uhfelder, Evelyn Zoeller, Sara Macdonald, Leslie Hoffman, Caroline Truss. CARR HOUSE. ROW 1: Marjie Berman, MOHY Palmer, Konda Oberland, Shelton, Jo Simon, Vicki Rikard. ROW 3: Marilee Long, Lesa Luebber- Paula Bray, Mary Mills, Janine Fleischman, Cia Houghland, Christie ing, Nelson, EIlyse Levin, Cindy Geller, Renee Roberts, Scarlett Schatz, Welko. ROW 2: Grover Dunning, Bernie Gerke, Nancy Rodenberger, Lisa Pugh, Rita Banks. Barbara Chevalier, Teddy Griswold, Randi Perlman, Jill Hacker, Kelly am DAY HOUSE. ROW 1: Joanna Kowalik, Mary Meadows, Sondra Prinster, Kathy Paul, Teresa Parli, Sydney Minor, Lisa Hitchcock, Carothers. ROW 2: Jane Engler, Karen Van Hook, Cheryl Thomas, De- Melanie Willhauck, Maura Iekel, Barbie Kram, Laura Wnuk, Traci bbie Rasch, Karin Leaver, Jennie Gault. ROW 3: Carla Chivola, Karen Woodbury, LBUFEI Vogell Lisa White, Laura Elias. DEFOE WIMPS. ROW 1: Larry Moormeier, Kevin Jewell, Kevin Meek. Bill Radford, Samadt Hakimi, Don Huff. ROW 2: John Hawken, Mark Adams, Bill Wirth, Gene Foster, Jon Scott, i ! 287 zwl' -vl 5 DRAKE HOUSE. ROW 1: Dino Kennis, Nick "Doll Baby" Jana August Timpe, Iohn Iaydee Daugherty, T.V. Tom, Paulie Sullisocial, Dan "Witt" Witthaus, Tom "Hermie" Harper. ROW 2: Steve "Simian" Koenig, Mike "Jersey" Post, "The New" Neal Perlmutfer, Mark "Bags" Baganoff, Mark "Swifty" Swindle, Keith "Leo" Bouquet, Michael "Ser- pico" Noonan, Emre "Board" Veral, Bryan "Pops Jeffery. ROW 3: Or- chott Schomheusen, Tom "Bearcat" Stefanavage, Roger "Disco" Wood, Kevin "Legsmocher" Corby, David "Fee-Fi" Stanford, Dennis "Rolf the , WonderDog" Rolf, "Ned" Don Wiss, Doug "Brillo" Melton. ROW 4: Bryan "Elmo" Wright, Jim 'Tinker" Bell, Brent "Sluggo" Bradshaw, Brian "Fox Trot" Fergasow, uStrollin' " Scott Strovack, Joe "Wombat" Warmbrod, A1 "Shifty Movin' " Miller, Dr. K. Kaminska. Ficklin House $375155; + $ 315, FICKLIN HOUSE. ROW 1: Diane Masters, Denise Blackwell, Jeanne Chris McCarthy, Kathy Clark, Melinda Anderson, Sheryl Slaon. ROW 4: Flatten, Debbie Laughlin. ROW 2: Jane Shamhorst, Laura James, Laura Carol White, Mary Hinds, Bunk Gerson, Claire Tabaka, Barb Garlich, Hataway, Debbie Summer, Liz Johnson, Charlotte Lewis, Lee Ann Lacy, Carolyn Ryalnk, Lori Beckett, Melissa Landrum, Brenda Miller, Lisa Terrie Ulrich. ROW 3: Barb Cravey, Joyce Weber, Michele Bequette, Dierberg, Trudi Beck. Julie Lewis, Cheryl Frazier, Julie Bain, Cathy Allgaier, Lexie Shaw, FRANCIS HOUSE. ROW 1: Sharon Wifxslow, Lynne Jensen, Barb Micheletti, Velma Chapman, Pat Bausch, Mary Stanford. ROW 2: Kathy Miranti, Lesley Helf, Stacy Safron, Laura Marshall, Kathy McCurry, Marlene Drag, Diane Welter, Cindy Toellner. ROW 3: Sue Smith, Janice Iacquin, Diana Rothweiler, Denise Spoering, Karen Gervais, Nancy Shafran, Donna Mattli, Michelle Duckett, Angela Pickett. FULLER HOUSE. ROW 1: Carrie Philips, Pam Doak, Lynne Conrad, Helen Ras, Jackie Gutzlor, Diane Conway, Sheila De LaRosa, Lori Sparaelo, Karen Cavender. ROW 2: Laura Leip, Gwen Polk, Alison Brown, Laura McBride, Sallie Kramer, Steve Martin, Jo Ann Groves, Denise Reilly, Debbie Ash, Karen O'Connell, Carolyn Koenig, Linda Engelbart, Beth Null, Janet Berg. ROW 3: Lynn Schaefer, Colleen Colbe, Diane Meyer, Gini Whistle, Karen Schneider, Penny Wares, Julia Tho- man, Ruth Rasche, Suzie Morse, Kimberly Maynard, Ginger Elmore, Sue Schaefer, Juanita Potts, Jayne Evers, Becky Ianner. .L umLta-lamnm George House GEORGE HOUSE. ROW 1: Amy Smith, Mary Bischof, Mary Jo Elder. liams, Christine Clapper. ROW 3: Marcia Palmer, Janet Schauer, Julie ROW 2: Nancy Garrett, Denise Millburg, Kelly Hendersom Laurie Jick, Newton, Joanne Waldman, Karin Kanton, Sandy Catanazaro, Niecy Jane Krelo, Nancy Raisher, Therese Rapko, Debbie Teddy, Mimi Wil- Trefney, Connie Conehead, Lori Fulford, Shelly Somerville. 292 GIBBONS HOUSE. COUNTERCLOCKWISE FROM TOP: Ann Robinson, Barb Wells, Linda Whitmore, Julie Whitney, Marianne Wro- Beckbigler, Margaret Piel, Patty Harrison, Mary Suntrup, Delann Strick- ble, Geri Ann Gegg, Kim Fugate, Amu Josephson, Sue Trautman, Pam ler, Kathy Sucker, Barb Abernathy, Ellen Teichert, Joanne Liddell, Kranz, Regina Harris, Kathleen McCrapdy. Melissa Eichmeyer, Mary Piel, Ronda Sexauer, Karen Howard, Susan , Ann Carroll. Beindorff Cindy Guilfoy. ROW 2: Corinne Fiehler, Bryan Anderhub, Kurt I HO HOUSE. ROW 1: Roberta Mueller, Joan Shea, Paul Herrin, Pam Clark 294 $10 House ?:?.n wW-Mw....wm .. ..-- . -, 7 -h..,. ,... -, . -. . .,. , .7 . The Weeds of Green House THE WEEDS. ROW 1; Rick Martim Tom Holdmeier, Kris Daugherty, son, Randy Desplinter, Chuck Blaschke, Ed Stone, Kyle Kabance, Robert Beth Huff, Freddy Wolf, Barb Garlich, Stephin Schake, Colleen Kelso, Hetfinga, Karen Shorr. ROW 4: Laddie Hirsch, Steve Crowdus, Doug Mark Volker, Keith Washbum. Row 2: John Rieck, Dan Levle, Stan Parrish, Randy Elliott. R0W 5: Joni BuesingJack Brand, Jim Leuschke, Robertson, Mark Widowski, Steve Endebrock, Warren Sandwell, NEISOD Stephens, M0059 MOOSkYaVitCh, Jeff Connor, Dan Niemeyer, Michael Engelbrecht. ROW 3: Gary Strange, Brenda Miller, Terry Patter- SCOH Wright. SEARCY HOUSE. ROW 1: Deborah Jo Kammeyer, Lee Ann Bade, Rose Crowley, Debbie Porter, Karen Campbell, Deanna Herring, Nancy Marie Stephens, Karen Horace, DeNeece Head. ROW 2: Velma Michelle Tn'llin, Debbie Garrison, Lisa Stevick. ROW 5: Deb Falter, Farmer, Jill Ventress, Patricia Rahoy, Pamela Rahoy, Sarah Geisert, Mary Casey, Anita Burkhardt, Monica Brandt, Ann Kinroth, Arlene Karen Warren, Jean AhOIf, Janet Wright. ROW 32 Marilyn Krueger, Vehlewald, Stephenia Smith, Susan Flaherty, Catherine Stefanavage, Lynita Guthrie, Charlotte Grice, Beth Jacobsmeyer, Carol Schroell, Cathy Krone, Joel Busby. Heather Stewart, Vicky James. ROW 4: Dianne Becker, Sue Robson, 55.x Varner House VARNER HOUSE. ROW 1: Ginny Deerkop, Anne Fitzsimmons, Cheryl Kim Nosker, Sue Pedersen, Hedy Frankenfield, Susan Bodine, Vicki Faron, Carol Coe, Judith Stotlt, June Kolkmeire. ROW 2: Dudie Vorisek, Judy Levy, Diane Kohn, Lynn Saunders, Debbie Taber, Janis Hiemenz, Patti Watson, Ellen McGee, Vickie Farer, Glenda Edwards, Miller, Janie Walker. ROW 4: Robin Lawhom, Liz Payton, Nancy Gray, Linda Brigance, Linda Shearer, Laura Rudicil, Joan Westhouse. ROW 3: Ronda Pickett, Sheryl Weissman, Michelle Bodker, Lisa Banes. 44:11 AA3: WESTON HOUSE. ROW 1: Raggedy Andy substituting for Marcy Mac- donald, Teresa Wingerter, Linda Kettinger, Jane Sutter, Diane Aaron, CLil Iene? Connor, Anita Lister, Karen Lueckeulhoff, Julie Eden, De- nyse Grueber, Teddy substituting for Karen Geekie, Cheryl Krigbaum. Allison Bryson, Sheryl Bryson, Sheryl Stewart, Janice Silberstein, Amy Bennekemper, Colleen Holt, Betsi Coffman, Bonnie Oehl. ROW 3: Vic- keyMacIin, Cathy Loesing, Shelley Springmeier, Ann Moyers, Liz Skar- latos, Indy Eddy. ROW 2: Margi Gnagi, Gail Boles, Tammie Heitz, Lorraine McGeehan, Warner House WARNER HOUSE. ROW 1: Gene Klotz, Ray Clark, Don Walker, Matt Saunders, Steve Eifler, Ignatius Grey, Chuck Livesay. ROW 2: Ron Lis- chwe, Wing Loke Leong, Greg Valleroy, Con Wegenen John Salzman, Robyn Hopkins. ROW 3: Edward Beam, Steve Flick, Steve Heckler, John Smith, John Walters. ROW 4: Paul King, Edward Cassiere, Jim Rusk, John Leykamp, Paul Bozian, Jay Barth. ROW 5: John Simian, Tim Bar- rett, Pete McMahon, Clayton Hankins, Bud Goeckeler, Dennis Down- ing. ROW 6: Reggie Moonkamp, Omar Lueders, Irl Hirsch, Mark Hon- hart, Mohammad White, Stan Schiemeier. r ; 5mm. QWNM ; ump m! WARE HOUSE. ROW 1: Janice Kessler, Marilyn Cummins, Donna Schowe, Chris Dixon, Teesha Masco0, Sandra Day, Christi Vine, De- lynne Hershbarger, Diana Mallinckrodt, Carol Kohne, Bethel Seering, Andrea Wagner, Tessie Zuefle, Suzanne Brossard. ROW 2: Bonnie Boniface, Bambi Tracy, Maryann Grady, Maggie Fendlason, Joy Gronstedt, Jodi Redler, Eileen Brown, Cindy Dailey, Sue Shambough, Erin O'Toole, Lorna Bieri, Melanie McKee, Chris Kunkel, Judi Buescher, Peggy Pelster. ROW 3: Beth Frick, Betsy Gerard, Carol Schultz, Pam Revell, Margaret AIwell, Carol Scott, Jeannette Fennessey, Debby Dox- see, Sam Ward, Sharon Henniger, Sandy Steiren. g . v m ., , . Alpha Chi Omega w ' ' 640,... 7 '. , 4 Q ! X HHHH UINr-lo VJOONOKSIIRBWNH . Peggy Belgan . Becki Cramblit . Judy Richards Sheri Batten Tracy Thomas . Janet Cardetti Amy Vandepopuliere . Sally Parker . Monica Egan . Jenny White . Muffet Reynolds . Maureen O'Sullivan . Carol Gordon . Sheri Brueggeman . Cathy Lewis . Cathy Standing . Sharon Theilkea . Beth James . Laura Hill . Valerie Heisler . Nancy Shugart . Cindy Connett Tracy Wpodbury . Patti Weart Kathy Morse . Sarah Wesley . Suzanne Williams . Tamma Algood . Denise Taylor . Nancy Volenta . Karen Degnan . Ann Wallenmeyer Barb Landis . Debbie Brown . Chris Barrett . Claudia Long . Leslie Wallenmeyer . Lori Henrick . Joan Cassilly 40. 41. . Allison McMahon 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52 Alberta Zanardi Nancy Sevage Cindy Hall Mary Miller Dianne Parker Beki Wolfe Mary Ellen B. Caren Levick Erin O'Haver Kim O'Donnel Sue Bosche Judy Crecilius . Sue Pfeiffer . Joan Zimmerman . Liz Sadd 56. . Linda Maddox . Brenda Burton . Ann Wallschmidt . Kim Vialle . Carol Ryan . Sue Shugart . Jan Hanzel Sue Cornelius . Robin Georgeff Gail Badalamenti . Becky Crawford . Kim Downs . Dorcas Jones . Cindy Arena . Sheri Broyles . Cindy Russo . Lois Weiss . Polly Irwin . Linda Galbierz . Molly Carmody . Phyllis Hoeflich . Mary Unger 303 Alpha Delta Pi HHn-lb-l wNHom . Karen Wakefield Kay Rule Mary Kay Huber Linda Zdvorak Maureen Corwin Carol Strain . Sally Bouton . Becky Stoup . Paula Tuttle . Donna Brafman . Cliffie Howard . Dana Morrison . Susan Wulff 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. Leslie Paldin Laura Franklin Carol Edwards Jane Baker Ann Abbenhaus Julie Kull Tricia Allen Sheela Stevens She Armbruster Karen Kayslett Janet Baker Robin Johnson Meg Schuster 27. 28. 29. . Berta Burkemper 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. . Jamie KuIl 38. 39. Tina Bozoin Ellen Wegant Nancy Davidson Nancy Klinkerman Alice Middleton Nancy McCain Carol Stocke Shirly Magnusson Amy Brahm Kathy Leinhaur Kelly Bauman 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. . Diane Hartke 48. 49. . Cathy Hodges 51. 52. Jill Hogan Michelle Fishbach Marta Ohlhausen Lynn Turner Joni Moore Susan Dickerson Nancy Morris Carla Schumacher Judy Kuster Mary Jo Hartman Claire Schultz . Jean Wehner . Tina Thorpe . Valerie Gollher . Sharon Jarvis . Pat Schoek . Paula Neider . Sansi Mitchell . Mary Wilcox . Lindy Siebert . Brigid Kimutis . Donna Burk . Denise McCory . Jacki Minor 66. 67. 68. 69. 70. 71. 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. Karen Witzenberg Kathy Leonard Chyrs Galaski Chris Carpenter Jeanne Kuster Marsen Schoebele Karen Kuntz Kathy Hall Kerry Douglas Kati Knoedelseder Mary Beth Byme 31' 11' 1 Alpha Epsilon Ph xomxlmmrbplgvv-I . Barbara Mendelsohn Debbie Singman Debbie Kletsky Karen Feldman Jody Sova Linda Gartenberg . Lesley Shindler . Debbie Davidson . Joan Nissonbaum . Linda Harris . Nancy Levin . Randee Blum . Nancy Kutlov . Edie Colick . Margie Schneider . Lauren Feinberg . Gail Maltz . Linda Goldman . Sheryl Applebaum . Diane Goldberg . Stacy Harris . Laurie Koenig . Linda Friedman . Lisa Sommerfield . Sandy Harris 26. 273 28. . Andrea Spain 30. 31. 32. 33. . Robin Goodman 35. 36. Jane Abrams Jo Ellen Bernstein Lori Wyner Linda Rosenthal Candy Craven Merry Madway Toube Sander Ellen Spstein Robyn Feigenbaum . Alana Litman . Sheri Winston . Debbie Silverman . Kathy Lewin . Cindy Krug . Donna Silverman . Marci Cherry . Karen Cherry . Debbie Wolfe . Bernie Ginsberg I 5:42'5; QGQQ5"923F 12919.4 5,. Vx I h t;- mx- V , X .' WV 'w. Alpha EPSiIOn Pi 308 L . 4m. HH HOOme-tngagnNt-I H N 13. . Gary Wolff . Paul Siegel Mark Zack Dan Wilinsky Fred Sussman . Mike Fireston . Bob Kaiser . Don Eisenberg . Howard Hatner . Steve Laiderman . Ben Rosenstein . Scott Margulis Craig Cohen . Jim Marhenson . Gary Essman . Scott malpm Schwartz . Lady . Randy Gusdorf . Syd Gubin . Mark Sinjer . Richard Ito . Jeff Kaiser . Alan 4St. U Cohen . Richard Feldman . Jennie D. Simpson . Rick Mann . Rick Salus . Brad Geller . Bill Kussman . Steve Lasky . Coach Ken Caplin . Syd Krieger . Steve Poysner . Mark Kaner . Jeffery Gasser . Howard Goldman . Marty Goldstein . Steve Reznickof . Gary Davis 40. John Schrier 41. Steve Becker 42. Neal Peskind 43. Don Schwartz 44. Ken Neiman 45. Steve Davis 46. Stephen Small 47. Alan Sher 48. Todd Platt 49. Mike Diamant 50. Bart Brand 51. John Fianhel 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. . Eddie LaVene 60. 61. . Bany Newmark 63. Scott Dorman Marshall Silversmintz Mike Loenstein Steve Pepper Sheldon Korlin Jeff Simon Iohn5MilIer Sheldon Harber Tom Grossman Dan Bailinger O h R a m m a G a h b; A . Richard Brunk . Stan Minson . Tom Kent . Windell Minson . Wes Beersman . David Hobbs . Marion Iacoby . Kevin Schopher . Kelly Grant . Mitch Gilgor . Mitch Hale . Bill Klein . David McKee . Steve Edwards . Albert Markway . Mark Wilson . Randy Baker . Marty McDonald . Leon Busdieker . Malone Hardy . John Dunivan . Tim Lackey . Dave Minnich . Don Cupps . Marty Alerson . Mark Fulton . Phil Burk . Dave Bondo . Ken Clark . Jim Crews . Scott Buckman . Rick Konejack . Mark Mauzie . Kevin Yaeger John Slavin . Bill Cravens . Will Black . Will Browne m 00 1 Alpha Gamma S ..- Oxoooyimimgzmwtd Don Broemn . Wesley Steffan . Ron Talley Clark Bredehoeft Pat Harley Robert Peters Mom Beger . Randy McGuinnis . Steve Brown . Mark Templeton . Aaron Riekhoff . Bruce Iessup . Kevin Bachman . Joe Llewellyn . Ron Ellis . Blake Hurst . Kevin Hurst . Bernard Bargfrede . Doug Blunk . Jim Harmon . Ben Probert . Paul McNary . David Ray . David Nuelle . Roger Binne . Larry Wright . Bruce McDonald . Allan Samual . Robbie Robinson . Lee Strawhun . Robert Schoening . Curt Volher . Kenton Morgen . Neil Steiner . Carl Schwinke . Rick Kriy . Dwight Jones . Lynn Rogers . Mike Ellis . Gerry Schoenbom . Doug Walter . Daryl McRae . Steve Krueger . Mike Knipmeyer . Jeff Hartling . Bruce Berg . Doug Sullivan . Chuck Rush . Mark Giesleman . Jeff Ward . Rick Love . Wyatt Phillips . Dale Sassman . Chris Young . Mark Wittmeyer . Ray Ledgerwood . Ted Probert . Kent Templeton . David Lueck 436i Alpha Phi 314 . Reeny Jackson . Barbie Mulligan . Kathy McCurry . Denise Tocco . Ellen Dryden . Kathe Mendelsohn . Lori Perlman . Bunni Shanle . Alice Bickley . Terri Kennemer . Allison Brown . Andi Kadish . Galen Sights . Karen King . Julie Walker . Suzanne Holroyd . Kathy Brady . Karen Miller . Lori Messina . Jamie Phillips . Janet Brown . Terry Shoemyer . Kathy Ellis . Sandy Aselman . Joni Wellhausen . Nancy Bauer . Rhonda Schwartzburt . Linda Brigance . Mary Laffey . Brenda Lester . Paula Jones . Ginger Smith . Nancy Earls . Allyson DeGroot . Kathy Bonfoey . Karen Clampit . Rosalie Radman . Annie Allen . Sue Livermore . Michele Dunard . Mary Santoro . Mary Kilgen . Cindy Tighe . Judy Anderson . Amy Gregory . Jane Sutter . Johanna Reed . Tobie Dobin . Lisa Hoeman . Rhonda Boschert . Jody Jahrling . Marta Schomburg . Karen Clayton . Janet Papageorge . Nancy Skelton . Debbie Murphy . Lee Lamm . Lynne Gressly . Kelly Stevenson . Joyce McLemore . Sally Forbis . Melinda Nixon . Janet Gressly . D'Arcy Harrison . Lisa Davis . Sandy Brennecke . Ann Luetkemeyer . Julie Nelle . Patti Gessel . Barb Burns . Sue Brennecke . Cam Christopher . Jeri Tinsley . Barbara Vaughn . Marlene Smith ATD. Alpha Tau Omega . John Sweeney Mark King . Steve Heitz Barry Vercotti Mom McLamb . Jim Dionne . Pete Guignon . Bill McCormick . Joe Sweeney . Linc Sorenson . Craig Moore . John Ruth . Darren Keams . Tom Dionne . Mark Harvey . Steve McEray . Rick McDonald . Mike Duddy Greg Ebbeing 20. Todd Merrill . Iohn Gustafson 22. Brian MacAullife 23. Tim Arnold 24. Chris Tremblay 25. Dan McClard 26. Greg Swetnam 27. John Werst 28. Jeff Zeis 29. Rodney Parks 30. Paul Orton 31. 32. 33. . Dale Fender 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. . Ha Briggs . Scott Stxton . Mark Reisner . Mike Speah . Scott H'Doubler . Fred Haas . Mark Abernathy . Rob Schmidt . Greg Welch . Dave Shinner . Tim O'Leary . A1 Spence . John Welsh . Jim Patton . Tod Arnold . Brian Harrison . Reb Bortz . Rob Morris . Buddy Hoffner 3 .3; Scott Dille Noyse Bakke Tom Middleton Jeff Anglen Marty Ensor Stu Zick Randy Anglen Jeff Reisner Tom O'Leary Dane Chapman 317 SKI! Beta Sigma Psi . Terry Kaempfe . Keith Dierberg Greg Klein Mike Gessel Edward Blunk Peter Hummert . Walter E15 . Greg Mach Robert Friday . Ronald Rumpf . Mark Bertram . Kevin Christ . David Gerlach . Chris Stavig . Loren Lumpe . Jim Castle . Gary Wilberg . William Wilhens . David KIuegel . Warren Mays . Paul Miller . David Schieter . Rodney Bosman . Thomas Linenbroker 26 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. , Jim Helfer Don Zanzie Dave Balzer Daniel Timm Michael Noening Randy Freiert Lawrence Kuntz Kurt Magnah Steven Hick Kevin Hadler ' David Moreland Tim Kanameier Daniel Balzer Dean Norton Richard Wunnenberg Raymond Hohman Donald Weinhold Greg Rother Mark Hohenstein Douglas Schnelle James Wilhite Dirk Burgdorf Jeff Graham Bill Brendel Beta Theta Pi . Sid Douglas . Dave Benage . Dave Dickson . Don Rudlph . Mike Winter . Dave Spence . Don Downing , Mike Acuff . Reagan . Jon Ellis . Clay Gordon Bill Davis . Kent Barber . Phil Sprague . Dan Blair . Tom White . Tim Boyle Jim Lonberger . Paul Stockman . Rick Ienson . Jim Rhea Kent Wemoemer . Rick Vallich . John Arter . Mark Shelton . Narvel Beffa . Craig Satterlee . Kevin Schewe . Chuck Treasure . Tom Halley . Jean Bradshaw . Mom Culps . Jeff Reese . Brad Squire . Lowell Krehans . Rich Holmes . Steve Fox . Doug Doughtey Kevin Thompson . Greg Cooper . Ben Capshaw . John Barron . Bob Fuch . Steve Dunleavy , Pat Kouhotek . Doug Williams . Buddy Smith . Steve Gardner . Rob Steinbeck . Clay Moore . Steve Sanders . Paul Schindler . Doug Dickson . Doug Krofft Bob Leible . Scott Luts . Steve Hans . Keith Jones Bruce Holder Jack Bennett Jim Potter . John Buckner . Jim Packech . Brent Turner . Rob Lauer . Kurt Jaeger . Dave Johnson . Randy Constant Rich Bolte . Jon Powell . Doug Howard . Brian Mitchell . Emmett Pyatt . Scot Seabaugh . Pat Duff 76. Fritz Maffrey 77. Joe Bartmes 78. Steve Specker 79. Rick Kammerer 80. Tom Molina Chi Omega 322 M- . . M 2w..,,,,w . Kathy Maher . Melanie Willhauck . Karen Netsch . Kerry Ahem . Pam Jacobs . Michelle Ruchte . Becky Gunn . Karen Gaubower . Syd McClard . Cindy Wayne . Gini Whistle . Caren Carr . Janet Smith . Jenny Buehler 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. . Ann Brandenberg Carol Stewart Gayle Richardson Nancy Studer Lynn Tracy Cookie Spath Martha Knoedlesader Julie Hamilton Lisa Piper Susan Tucker Gina Potete Ellen Wiederholdt Joan Tracy Susan Lane . Cindy DeWalt . Dana Creech . Carolyn Bader . Jane Alymer . Barb Schneider . Tammy Hamiltor 42 3 . Mom Schaller . Kathy Koch . Renee Korte . Pati Tierney . Sally Cole . Gini Wetson . Linda Rochow . Barb Hedlin . Karen DeCampi . Carol Coe . Cyndi Rothermich . Jane Cole . Kristine Franz . Amy Minick . Kay Morrison . Beth Miller . Liza Clay . Denise Clarke . Dana Ridgeway . Pam Ruchte . Melinda Iurgeson . Jenny Boone . Kim McKinney . Kari Trygg . Beth Randall . Cheryl Albair . Cheryl Wilson . Karen Leatherwood . Deana Green . Melanie Thomas . Donna Green . Kittie PrestOn . Beth Salamo . Amy Brandt . Monica Stuesse . Storma Fairbanks . Kathy Zeis . Lisa Block . Nancy Strebel . Jean Bowen . Ann Branch . Caren Swetnam 77. Betsy Conde . Joan Manchester 7 . Sandy Jones . Amy Smith 1 Delta Ch p-ma ,4 . AA k. 00w89w9wwe Dane Hare Jim Sheahan House Father Walt McCormick Ken Dover Rick Whiffen Ray Katz Stan Flowers . Ron Esser . Dave Eldridge . Barry Goodwin Ron Fox . Terri Gipson . Ioe Lolis . Kip Renter . Jack Harlan Pat Christopher . Larry L'aMear . Tom Callahan . Ron Thomas . Bill Seddon . Mike Mitko . Greg Gammon 23. . Greg Baber 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. Mike Yates Alan Jones Dave Fitzwater Bill McDonald Dennis Fowler Jim Dickson Dan Stieren Jack Iaworski DeWayne Mote Craig Lovasz 325 Delta Delta Delta 326 . Cindy Gallagher . Shelley Somerville Kathy Ulsamer Missy Marsh Lori Williams Dog Karen Kennedy . Terri Harlan . Rene Phillippe . Peggy McGhee . Sue Hildebrecht . JoElyn Christensen . Marcia Hales . Kim Hannah . Jill Brown . Marie Praznik . Kitty McCanse . Kathy Williams . Terri John . Mindy Petty . Alice Silha . Cindy Caldarello . Diane Smith . Rosalie Asel . Rosie Fender Kathy Cattle . Chris Cavanaugh . Becky Hancock . Joanie Ferguson . Julie Whitten . Lisa Muehlebach . Ann Gould . Lisa Senter . Julie Stuckleberg . Nancy Garrett . Margaret McGrate . Donna Gould . Beth Folz . Susan Schofer . Meghan McSkimming . Cindy Vilmer 42. . Pam Wellman 44. Sandy Vilmer Sue Duff . Patty Gilchrist . Gretchen Hancock . Carolyn Spencer . Lori Deaker . Sher Latino . Linda Hedden . Cindy Jones . Christi Lewis . Joanne Bennett . Gigi Maminta . Kim Grice . Janet Lucas . Julie Tarantola . Anne Sikes . Jane Moody . Cindy Rose . Sally Fechter . Diane Young . Julie Collins . Greta Sorensen . Carol Saitz . Sally Stapleton . Mary Gaye Flentge . Lisa Maxwell . Joanie Sullivan . Susan Downey . Mary Kay Krigis . Debbie Keebey 327 Delta Gamma . .n A. 142" "am p-Ip-Iy-Ap-A WNHOO . Paula Heilman . Alexis Vlahaplus Kerry Bird . Sondra Shackleford . Melissa Gates Arlene Covitz . Laura Bumet . Joanna Raymond Laura Peskoise . Laura Saunders . Cindy Whited . Bart Hughes . Susan Lundergan 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. . Tracy Conboy . 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. Lori Hammons Anita Carlisle Julia Huhta Amy Cooper Martha Pettey Renee Fister Kim Perry Kristi Helt Tara Findly Terriann Hagebush Stephanie Pinkstaff Nancy Belcher . Suzanne Vadnais . Sue Deutshmann . Nancy Lewis . Marty Wohler . Carla Yates . Carla Cardosi . Lori Maher . Margie Wakefield . Mary Beth Ponte . Carol Rost . Lee Ann Shireman . Susie Moulder . Jayne Evers 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. Dana Klausman Brenda Lewis Paula Coudrey Cathy Albers Jill Hayward 45. Jacki Crawford 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. Randa Guevel Laure Weinhoener Kim Rutledge Stacey Rowley Ginger Rapert Barb Lewis . Shannon McLaughlin . Monica Brandt . Debbie Miller . Lee Keeting . Sue Neal . Linda Campbell . Robin Thorp . Konni Novinger . Kay Kenner : Beth Hampe . Cyndy Burroughs . Becky Janner . Leslie Churchill . Beth Winslow . Mary McNabb . Cindy Steinhart . Came Persheill . Susan Abrams . Kim Gustafson . Jenny Cassidy . Michelle Dveringer . Lynn Ricci . Barb Woods . Karen Asel , : xiliiwa-a 333$. , k 3 ii 5312641223 1mm 330 -wfam aM-Ww;w- --a , V..,.. .-v .w .. --r . . Ray Mackey . Les Hawland Tom Preto Jeff Burrows Tom Grantz Frank Lemp Ray Bushland . Steve Smith . Steve Kant . Taj . Bill Lemp 0mN9W?9NH Hb-l Ho . Steve Palmer . John Smith . Jim Hobgood . Mark Hinrichs . Kevin Utt . Harry Maltky . Steve Kleinschmidt . Kim Denher . Carl Tipton . John Blyholder . Dan Gibbs . Bruce Osman . Randy McBeth . Steve Monnig . Bill Cole . Chris Kinate . Bruce Hamilton . Doug Kemp . George Forstmann . Gary Hacher . Dal Davis . Mark Godich Scott Turner . Chris Hawhen . Pat Neonn . Doug Cooper . Karl Adrian . Harry Hoppmann . Steve Wilson . TJ. Murphy 331 Delta Tau Delta 332 "'. :7, 1 .- . 4. . V. , 2 xx 1 1 f 3 I q - ,. , g r, I . . a N 4 a 7': '" 3X41: t ' X V4 ,3 3 . . " - i . Q , 14 . l ,. a f , ; 9 . 2 . x N I ' k 4 2, 5 3 ' , 2 H. .1 I V . 1 '-$ . 1.. J?- 1' :7 1f ' . 1. Tim Cumminbs 16. Steve Beard 31. Dale McDermitt 2. Ken Hack 17. Tom Wilson 32. Rick Mills 3. Larry Tennyson 18. Jim Marion 33. Dave Greasley 4. Mark Williams 19. Mark Schweizer 34. Tim Cox 5. Scott Schiarelli 20. Jeff Naeger 35. Brad Strump 6. Scott Johnson 21. Doug Lee 36. Scott O'Neal 7. Mark O'Neal 22. Bob Julton 37. Bruce Schmidt 8. Steve Johnson 23. Keith Lombardo 38. Greg Hastings 9. Chip Witlow 24. John Cullen 39. Dennis Alcorn 10. Randy Godsey 25. Keith Spachles 40. Rick Boxx 11. Rick Walsh 26. Dan Kincaide 41. Keith Hancock 12. Dad Walsh 27. Greg Vardahis 42. Steve Uzelac 13. John Moreton 28. Rob Reid 43. George Bedienstein 14. Dave Bartlett 29. less Knoth 44. Joe 500th 15. Dave Lewis 30. Dave Daisenborck 45. Earl Kaufman I 333 Delta Upsilon iliggi Hg lliig II 1 I ll i'l'l' ling: I'I' hm 55 HHHb-lb-ID-Ip-lb-IHH OWVIOUIRKLDNHO 2 Ln 2 2 000 3 .g xoooxloxmuamgog-I Don Hire Mike Favazza . Rex McCall . Jamey Fleck Ray Pepin Bob Pieper Scott Thompson Henry Pieper Mike Cipulka . Scott Steelman . Carl Hof . Gene Graham . Randy Franmer . Earl Johnson . Paul Weeks . Bob Bonney . Bill Urguhart . Bob Baker . Terry Westlund 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. . Mike Ellman 26. 27. Jeff Miller Craig Moeffer Ray Metz Dave Mathewson Don Hinck Tom Blood Rick Jones . John Wellman . Ron Blocklage 30. 31. 32. 33. . Kevin McQuinn 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. Tom Parker john Fleck Kevin Broz Chuck Hatley Kurt Holdemeyer Andy Lewis Cy Alizaden Don Boschezt Kevin Avondet Tom Spurrier Mark Conrad Greg Miller Dan Butts . Rob Nelson . Alan Fellwoch . Chuck Meher . Steve Shumake . Brian Geurin . Danny Jacks . John Wildgen . Pete Williams . Paul Mullen . Tim Leary . Curt Gentile . John Caywood . Bruce Tarantula . Brian Gray . Joe Hoffman . Mark McBurney . Don Withington . Wayne Adams . Bob Fischbach . Kirk Brechenridge . Mark Norwine . Scott McFarland . Ed Breda . Tim Sparks . Iay Tompleins . Doug Bibens . Mike Welch . Steve Pryor . Bill Rowland . Steve Johnson . Bob Jordan . Dan Holdmeyer . Brent Neely . Rich Draheim . Jerry Bahorich . Mitch Oliver . Dave Raymon . Karl Swanson . Duke Snyder . Dan Kraus . Wayne Ambruster . Gary Gebhardt Js'. II'IiI'I'T 1 . u. '1 I "" :Qikl'iiiiw'h'irl4yi;M33L115913;.i43;x.u..i;i342.1,unhiz1,..vk1..1.,!w.', Evans Scholars 3 vmmw 'i fw-W ' a. 336 Chris LaHay . George Grashoff 23. Jim Moran Dan Derges . Terry O'Toole 24. John Biondo Nick Stein . Augie Bunten 25. Pat Lyons Brian Lucas . Mike Healey 26. Ron Agne Dan Callahan . Tim Kovacich 27. Tony Bohnert Mark Green . Bill Kuhl 28. Jim O'Neil John Stewart . Bob Greubel 29. Joe Poskin Mark Lauberth . Jim Klarsch 30. Glenn Healey Dan Renz . Kevin Keuser 31. Brent Bebley Hugh Menown . Phil Brizzolara 32. Sammy Ramsey . Bob Grashoff . Matt Ebert 33. Ben Burch ,.. V prpoygxgn$mrow H Farm House 2 . 1. Mother Swanson 2. Steve Moore 3. Alan Ogden 4. Truman Wiles 5. Jack Ficken 6. Scott Morse 7. Spencer Jones 8. Pat Bryant 9. Gary Slater 10. John Sandbothe 11. Mark Cares 12. Doug Malan 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. . Dan Switzner 19. . Joe Reser 1 . Dave Borgelt . Greg Clifton . Tim Ewing . Dennis Oser Chuck Hall Randy Schupback Steve Borgelt John Iman Ross Page Brad Copeland . Rob Darnell . Don Laughlin . Mike Kolb . Roger Rees . Kenny Holshof . Steve Frame . Bill Licklider . Hal Boedeker . Charlie Chapuis . John Mamring . Dan Casper . Frank Day 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. . Shane Ferguson 43. 44. 45. 46. . Chris Mennemeyer 48. Dan Swift Ioe Purchase Larry Gerdes Brent Sandidge Duncan Borks Jay Fowler Don Reid Jerry Foltz Carlos Briceno Spiro, Mascot 339 a t e B m P a m m a G ooxlomer-EpNy-A . Jeannie Patrick . Sally Vanderpearl Jan Bien . Pam Rutledge . Elaine Koehler . Lynn Fallon . Sally Harris . Lynn Hapner . Sally Cross . Patti Delebar . Kris Wirls . Leesa Medley . Carol Kennedy . Jackie Older . Carrie Southerland 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. . Cindy Oberle 22. 23. 24. 25. . Beth Flyer 27. 28. 29. 30. 21 Leslie Wieser Debbie Biggs Carol Foege Lauren Chapin Sarah Bunce Beth Powell Barb O6Sullivan Dan Kronis Nancy Burkett Suzy Phillips Carol Sniezek Moira Mulhem Betty Romine . Bert Moll . Kim Einig . Laurie Rhein . Meg Planck . Donna Cochran . Julie Strikfader . Marion Lechman . Diane Whitehead . Lori Landes . Julie Adams . Sheila Renner . Nancy Keleher . Pat Sweeney . Lisa Howard . Tracy Quinn . Marie Kraft . Nancy Ban Buskierk . Sandy Morrow . Cathy Lowenbaum . Dawn Cobb . Sue Latourette . Mom Schrader . Jill Brown . Cindy Gates . Julie Lechman . Edith Beiser . Pam Murphy . Liz Ennis . Debbie Kullman . Cindy Baker 61. . Cindy Yarwood 63. 64. 65. . Pam Sutton 67. 68. 69. 70. 71. 72. 73. Kelly Wardlaw Maria Krause Katie Kelly Michelle McPike Dana Cuddy Laura Jackson Jenny Marker Lisa Knipshild Mary Daab Nell Robefc Chris Cerscia 74. 75. 76. 77. 78. 79. 80. 81. 82. 83. 84. . Tracy Patrick 86. Sue Ruhlman Debbie Dobbins Martha Potts Lynn Zimmerman Sharia Btmnner Linda Neise Carole Phillips Cathy Ryan Cathy Southerland Cheri Cohen Belinda Mertz Susan Sherwood VI 2 3 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. . Doug England . Manny Orr . Paul Gamett . John Pulliam 4 5. Mark Pryor 6. 7 8 Brad Garrett . Tim Adkins . Brad Fisher Mark Thomas Mike Bozzay Charlie Scott Mike Bohannon Woody Simmons . Bruce Warren . Lee Homeyer 3 Phil White . Brent White . Vic Gomez . Doug Wilder . Roger Messmer . Daryl Ramsey . Kelly Smith . George Lorey . Rusty Camahan . Rex Witton . Marty Swartz 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34 35 Jim Wall Stan Gillespie Eric Gardner Steve Davis Robert McDiIl Tom Lowman Scott Kilpatrick . Dave Harrison . Dave McQuary 36. . Steve Turner 38. . Scott Johnson Greg Peppes Jac Zimmerman . Tom Woltkamp . Leon Backes . Steve Rowe . Tracy Steams . Mark Comwell . Jeff Raithel . Mark Bowen . James Cryer . Chris Badalamenti . Bob Robison .. N..- .Ic. .awgvzh ,V Max .3. Kappa Alpha Theta 344 . n?gx HHHHH uszHoo vayoxgnpgan-I . Ann Taylor . Joan Kroeger Cheryl Oliver . Margrace Ewing Chris Mann . Donna Gehlert Gay Morris Mindy Young Pam Horstmann ..Kathy Erdle . Kris Kansman . Robin Brown . Cindy Lewis . Karen Prinster 15. 16. 17; 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. Liz Wright Julie Witzigrenter Sue Vest Cindy Swafford Marla Temple Pam Huggins Brenda Anderson Susie Trauttman Missy Shachleford Mary Harriet Mueller Debbie Drimmel Holly McLear Vicki Sexe Becki Westmoreland 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. Kitty Wilson Pam Stephens Dana Montgomery Debbie McLear Scottie Benson Amy Snyder Karen Welton Cindy Goldammer Ian Ienson Martha Moss Debbie Critchlow Martha Jane Weever Jane Lock Beth Love 43. 44. 45. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 5 H 52. 53. 54 Jenny Weever Theresa Rentchler Theresa Rentchler Susan Strom Jane Hicks Georgia Eschoenroeder Liz Pitcock Leslie Good Anne Lewis . Debbie Sexe Liza Howard Michele Ekenson . Joy Henley . 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Previously, a Bachelor of Arts was the only degree awarded by the University's Art School, which limited the students to no more than 40 studio hours, the remaining 80 hours consisting of basic education requirements. With other schools allowing 60 to 70 studio hours, UMC gradu- ates With BA degrees were being knocked out of the job market. "We were losing students hand over feet," commented Mr. Don Bartlett, Chairman of the University's Art Depart- A ment and ardent supporter of the new programs. "Students realized that their degree was not as good as those offered elsewhere. In effect, UMC students were being cheated." Bartlett expects to see a substantial increase in enrollment by the second year. The movement to provide a competitive art program began 14 years ago, and moved slowly through the approp- riate administrative channels. The fall of '78 will officially mark its beginning. The new degrees could include a combination of 60 to 70 studio hours in drawing, painting, sculpture, crafts, and printmaking. Photography as an art form, and graphic de- sign, formerly called commercial art, and a real "crowd gatherer" will also be offered. - Mr. Bartlett sees the new programs as a great achievement for the campus. "The campus needs a good art department. The facilities are available, and we should make use of them. It turns around the Art Department and makes it something significant." ' Text by Melinda Corbin Photos by Ellen Hungerford Competition Continues for College Grads Pomp and Circumstance. Ironically, the traditional grad- uation march signifies just that - all pomp and celebration masking the true circumstances of today's college graduate a that of facing a tough, competitive job market. Graduation may mean success in finishing four years of higher education, only to be followed by failure in the quest for employment commensurate with one's degree. 1975-1976 marked an all-time low in nationwide Eampus recruiting history, but things are slowly looking up'. Still, college graduates will have to hustle for jobs, simply be- cause there is an oversupply of graduates, and a shortage of "college level" jobs. About 274, or 1 out of 4, of today's graduates take jobs for Which they are techinically tdegree-Wisel overqualified. Some View underemployment, or "doing something less than you want to do" as a real disaster. The longer you stay underemployed, the harder it is to move up. You may miss out on job training necessary to progress in your field. Many feel underemployed if they start at entry-level posi- tions, lower on the "job status pole" than they had antici- pated. But an entry-level job is a beginning, a place to gather experience on the road to a better position. Besides, underemployment is better than unemployment. Bu't low-level jobs are not sure dead ends. Seemingly un- important government jobs offer room for rapid advance- ment. And government work is attractive to many. How- ever, the odds against a college graduate getting a job in the federal government are overwhelming. For every 100 people who take the Professional Administrative Career examina- tion, the route used by grads with college degrees, only 4 will obtain employment. Yet, the job situation is not bleak for everyone. Recruiting and hiring of engineers, especially chemical and industrial engineers, is high. The supply simply has not equalled the demand. GA A hmm-thwwv -- Business majors face a similar rosy picture. Experts in accounting, banking, credit, and insurance find themselves in demand in today's society. And while management pro- grams may be dull at first, they can prepare you for increas- ingly complex and rewarding jobs. Plus, management offers some of the best opportunities for non-business majors. Computer majors are also hot on the job market, due to the explosion in computer technology and its uses. Unfortunately, other majors don't fare as well. The ap- proximately 20,000 journalism majors graduating nation- wide in 1978 will compete for about 5,600 media job open- ings. This doesn't include the liberal arts majors who often compete for, and get, the same jobs. Radio and TV are also bleak fields. Advertising positions, though, are on the in- crease after several tight years. Similarly, education majors, warned in the past to pursue other fields unless truly interested, can expect a slow up- swing. Why? A small population explosion is underway by the 1945-1952 baby boom women, and will hit the kinder- garten in 2-3 years. Plus, adult education is on the rise. So education prospects may be up in a few years, but are still relatively scarce today. As for the professionals - doctors, lawyers, professors - the prospects are varied. Prospective lawyers are inundat- ing law schools, making it tough for graduates to find a position With a firm. Many opt for government agencies. Medicine is still good for those who actually manage to get in and out of med school. And the picture for new Ph.D's is so glum as to cause one dean of graduate studies to remark, "I can't imagine why students persist in their studies." tBy 1985, 580,000 Ph.D's are expected to Vie for 187,000 positionsj Conclusions? Hustle for employment. Go for entry-level jobs that mark a beginning. Use contacts, especially in gov- emment jobs where sidestepping the system may get you a job faster. What you consider underemployment today may lead to a satisfying job tomorrow. You can always look for another job, but you need one to survive on in the mean- time. Text by Melinda Corbin Photos by Dan White 391 Abbott, Marcia Abernathy, Gervis Able, Matthew James Albert Abney, Beverly I. Acklie, Walt Adair, David Lee Adams, Joann Alberty, Sally Allen, Annie Allen, Donna Allen, Nancy Allen, Richard Dale Allison, Paul Alt, Dennis' Alt, Nancy 392 Seniors w?" avmm Dan White Alt, Suzanne Amptmann, Richard Clarence Anderson, Carl Anderson, Cath Anderson, CyntL ia Anderson, Ierilyn Anderson, Mary Anderson, Rebecca Andrews, Christopher Angevine, Kirk Anthony, Diane Antono, Kumiawan Appelbaum, Sheryl Archeski, Richard Arendes, Cathy Armbruster, J. Wayne Ami, Darla Arnold, Victor Daryl Asel, David Ash, Robert Asher, Michael David Auld, Stuart Ausburn, Kevin Austin, Peggy Ann Bachmann, andra Ba gett, Carl Bax ey, Bondi Bailey, Elisabeth Jane Baker, Marty Baker, Robert Dean Bardenheier, Nancy Barnes, Mary Anne Barnes, Steve Barrett, Timothy C. Barth, Beverly Bartlett, David Kenneth Bastian, Cindy Bates, Gary D. Baudendistel, Donna Baymiller, Patti Bazuin, Mimi Beam, Edward Beam, Lisa Beard, Tom Becker, Jean Beckett, Connie Beckham, James Becklean, Chris Beckman, Jan Beckner, Brent 394 Bedard, She Bedell, Rhonrcrl: Beffa, Diane Betty Behrendt, Pat Beland, William Bell, Janet Rose Benson, Me Berge, Wen y Berger, Kathe Bergians, Suzanne Berhorst, Carol Berry, Christine Bertels, Carol Bertels, Faye Bielby, Rana Billingsley, James Dougles Birch, Diana Birk, Stephen Black, Karen Blackburn, Teri Blaha, Stephen Charles Bland, Terry Blankenship, Richard Bobi, Adullahi Bocarsky, Laura Bock; Lynn S. Boedeker, Hal Boelsen, Janice Bognar, Sharon R. Bokem, Madeleine Boland, Nancy Boland, William Bolcher, Brad Bollinger, Lea Anne Borchardt, William Bosslet, Timothy Michael Bowden, Georgina Bowen, Jean Bowen, Mark Dewayne Bowman, Curtis Boyd, Libby Boyle, Tim Bradley, Linda Bradley, Steven Breimeier; Ann Breinin , Carol Brennec e, Sandy Brents, Barbara Brewer, Larry Brewer, Pat Brewer, Patricia Brimer, Ed F. Britten, Dan Broaddus, Debbie Broermann, Donald Brolinson, Per Gunnar Brown, Nancy Susan Brown, Robin Broyles, Sheri Bruno, Karen Buehler, Mark Vaughn Bultemeier, Mary Bunce, Sarah Bunten, August Burlingham, Stuart D. Busdieker, Leon Burden, Jan Burk, Donna Burlingham, Stuart Bums, Barbara 396 Bushyhead, Jess Butler, Barbara Butler, Martin Butterfield, Colin Buwalda, Judy Cahill, Mary Capages, Karissa Carey, Mary Beth Carley, Mary Carlson, Elaine Ruth Cassilly, Mary Rawlins Cassing, Cheryl Casteel, Ieann Marie Castellano, Michael Andrew Castleman, Sue Cave, Rita Cavender, David Celette, Diane Chan, Winnie Lee Ying Chapman, Joan Chastain, James Chick, Ellen Chom, Beth Chow, Janet Christensen, Jo Elyn Christian, Debbie C1ark,Diana Clark, Wa ne Clarkson, illian Clavenna, Karen Clawson, Teresa Louise Clayman, Cathy Ed McCain Cleek, Sandra Clisham, Donna Cobb, Richard A. Cockel, Lance Coffelt, Jacqueline Coffman, John Cohen, Julie Cohen, Randie Cohle, Paul Cole, Nyles Cole, Quentin Coleman, Cindy Coleman, Jackie Collins, Mary LaRue Collins, Steve 398 Colvert, Troy Conner, Lonnie Gene Connolly, Robin Connors, Joe Conradi, Scott H. Constant, Bruce Cook, Bob Cook, Greg Cook, Mary Beth Cook, Randy Paul Coombs, Doug Cooper, Cindy Cooper, Marylee Cope, Dale Corbin, Melinda Ann Combleet, Jane Corpening, Cindy Corvinka, Mitch Corteville, Patricia Couch, Jerry Cox, Jennifer Cox, Robert Cracraft, Pat Craig, Brian Craine, Susan Craven, Cand Crawford, Co leen Creamer, Beverly Crockett, Linda Crouthers, Paul Crow, Bryon Crowe, Adell Crum, Connie Cruz, Joe Cupps, Donald Curry, Gretchen Dack, Jim Dailey, Lynne Dardick, Jo Ellen Darr, Jan Lee Dave , Anita Davi son, Debbie Davidson, Jill Davis, Jeanne Davis, Judy Davis, Suzanne Dapis, Wayne B. Davis, Wendy Deaton, Rick Deem, Cheryl Deer, Connie Dees, Beverly DeFalco, IoLee Dehart, Steve Dehdashti, Abdolhosein S. DeLisle, Alice Dempsey, Diane Rae Denis, Lisa Dennis, Mark Desloge; Mary Ellen Detwiler, Michael DeWalt, Cindy Dickerson, Jim Dickey, Martin Dickson, Kim Dietrich, Tanya Diedriech, Daniel Dill, Matthew Dillon, Kim Dlugolecki, Myra Sue 400 Dockins, Marva Kay Dolan, Janice Dolan, Robert Donald, John Dougherty, James Douglass, Meribeth Downs, Karen Doyle, Una Dubbert, lane Duff, Debra Kay Duffin, Debra Ann Duggins, Martha Dunard, Michele Duncan, Susan Dunleavy, Stephen Michael Dunn, Eileen Durington, Rex Mitchell Dutton, Robert R. Dutton, William Dwyer, F. James Dyer, Shelley R. Earls, Nancy Eason, Janet Eastman, Roger M. Eaton, Brenda Ebert, Daniel J. Ebert, Lori Eberts, Ralph Eckhardt, Robert L. Eckl, Lorelei Edwards, Mike Ehrlich, Joel Eisenberg, Jeff Ellason, Rebecca Ellerbrake, Joel 401 Elliott, Eva Elliott, Janet Ellis, Becky Jane Ellis, Kathryn Elmore, Jennifer E15, Walter Emmerich, Debra Io Enchelmaier, Karen Lee Epstein, Ellen Epstein, Jenny Erdel, Kathy Ernst, Debra Ann Ernst, Steven Vallat Eschmann, Mary Essner, Susan Estes, Charlene Etheridge, Gary Etheridge, Patricia Eubanks, Catherine M. Evans, Scott Townsend Eveker, Charles Robert Ewing, Margaret Grace Faherty, Jay Fanska, Nancy Famen, Caroline Farr, Barbara Fehrmann, Victoria L nn Feigenbaum, Robyn kye Feld, Sue Feldman, Jeff Feldman, Richard Feng, En-Ling Fenton, Debra Ferber, Doug Ferber, Steve 402 Ed McCain Ferguson, Susan Fernandez, Patricia Fetterly, Terry Fialka, William F. III Pick, Charles Fiegenbaum, Cindy Fierdimonde, Nat Finlay, Sue Firks, Janice Kay Fischer, Ann Fishman, Ilene G. Fitzgerald, Patricia Firzsimmons, Teresa Flanigan, Greg William Fleck, Harry Flynn, Beth Flynn, Timoth Fohey, Richar Foltz, Melody Forbes, Dayna Forbis, Sall Force, San ra Forsee, David Fowler, Luann Frager, Bruce Frain, Michael Frank, Allyn Hunt Frasher, Tom Freund, Jeff Frick, Suzanne Ed McCain Fuhrman, Dianna Fulford, Cindy Fulk, Susan Fulks, Leah M. Fuller, David Fuller, Paula Furlong, Marie Galik, Barbara Ann Gallagher, Karen Ganey, Rick Gard, Allen Garlich, Joe Gates, Nanette Gebhardt, Gary George, David Gegg, Geri Geiger, Leslie Geiger, Harold Gentry, Jim Gerdes, Vickie Geurin, Brian Gierlich, Glenn Carl Gieselman, Mark Gilbert, Mary Ann Gilbert, Susan Gilpin, April Leigh Gingrich, Andrew Gipson, Larry Givan, Ga Givant, De bie Glenn, Karen Gockel, Bruce Godfrey, Ellen Goetz, Jeff Goff, Valerie Goldberg, Diane Goldberg, Shelli Goldman, Linda Goldstein, Sara Golladay, Mary Beth Goodale, John Goodman, Kenneth D. Goodwin, Barry Gerard Gordon, thn David Gordon! Richard Gordon; Susan Gould, Ann Gramlich, Ed Grashoff, Bob Graue, Mike Gravagna, Andy Graves, David C. Gredell, Iuliann Green, Barbara Lynn Green, Debbie Green, Susan Greene Kathi Gregory, Alan Gregory, Debbie Gressly, David Grewach, Edward Griffin, David Grimert, Kathy Grodie, Mary Grogan, Dennis Gross, Jim Grozinger, Jim Gruenkemeyer, Jill Gruver, Gary Gryder, Ronald 406 Guthrie, Jan E. Guthrie, John Haddock, Don Haenni, Tom Hagebush, Terriann Hagee, Harlow Hagen, Janet E. Hagerman, Sue Haggeriy, James Hajek, William M. Halpem, Karen Halpin, Kathy Halveland, Les Hamill, Edward J. Hamilton, Denise Lynn Hampy, Jeannette Hancock, Becky Hancock, John 111 Hansen, Philip Hanson, Chris Hanson, Randall M. Hamacker, Barbara Harness, Mary Harris, Christopher Anthony Hart, Alan Hart, Sandy Hartke, Diane Harvel, Steve Hasselfeld, Larry W. Hassler, Mike Hastings, Randy Haury Barbara A. Hawk, Nancy Hawkins, Diane K. Hawkins, Steve 407 408 Ed McCain Hawthorne, Brad Hawthorne, Michael Hayden, Jim Hayes, Cindy Hays, Jeanne Hazell, Robert Healey, Glenn Healy, Donna Heck, Gre Heck, Pau Hecke, Steve Hedrick, Melanie Heeth, Robert Heida, Mari Heisinger, Patrick Heithold, Donavon Helsher, Gail Helvey, Susan Hembree, Stacye Henderson, Mark Henderson, Pat Henderson, Robert William Henderson, Tom Henry, Sharon Henson, Madye G. Henz, Steve Herbers, Rose Herman, Fred E. Herr, Theresa Ann Herrin, Paul Herring, Martha Herwig, Philip G. Jr. Herzog, Michael Higgins, Terri Lynn Higgins, Terry R. Hileman, Jackie Hilker, Terry Hill, Kathy Hill, Laura Hill, Patricia Hillix, Diann Hinchman, Ann Hire, Amy Hirth, Barry Hocket-t, Julie Hoeffner, George John Hoesly, Barbara Hoffman, Kevin Anthony Hoffman, Patti Hoffman, Peter E. Hoffmann, Jeannine MJ. Hofius, Mark Ho an, Iill Ho dren, Nancy Holjevic, Pat Holland, Joseph F. 11 Holland, Nancy Hollandsworth, Marla Hollon, David Hollrah, Karen Holtmann, Linda Kay Homan, Rex Allen Hook, Ann Hooker, Charles K. Hooper, Brenda Hooper, Cathryn Hoover, Carla Marie Hoover, Jolene Hopke, Debbie Homer, Holly Homeyer, Lee Robert Homsey, Carmen Maria Horton, Elizabeth Jane Honchin, Teresa Housley, Alan Howard, Carla Howard, Linda Howard, Sharon Howe, Jerome L. Howell, William Howie, Anna Hudson, Carol Huff, K. Denise Huhman, Stanley Huhmann, Virgil 410 Hulen, Stan Hull, Beth Hulshof, J. Gordon Humphreys, William Hunter, Charles Hurley, Cherri Hurt, Karen Denise Hum, Teresa Ann Hyatt, Alan Hyler, Dermie Ikemeier, George Ingraham, Lynn Irwin, William Richard Israel, Jackie Jackson, Mark Iaecques, Jerie Iaeger, Daniel John James, Beth James, Christina James, Peggy Jansen, William David Jaworsky, Lana Vera Iinkerson, David M. Johaningmeyer, Judy Johannesmeyer, Cindy Johnson, Dewayne Johnson, Greg Johnson, Jessie Johnson, Kathy Johnson, Kent Johnson, Mark Johnson, Sharon Johnson, Tom Johnson, Zemyra Jones, Cindy 411 Jones, Doral Iones, Elizabeth Jones, Janice Lynn Jones, Kathryn Diane Jones, Kay Jones, Mark Jones, Steven Jones, Timothy Robert Jordan, Gerilyn Jost, Paul Jumper, Peter Juracek, Sue Kahre, James Kaissling, Kathy Kamman, Chris Kampschror, Kaye Kappes, Marilyn Karickhoff, Mlke Kasbohm, Jim Katt, Wayne Kaul, Timothy Keathley, Jeri Keeney, Janice Denise Keetch, Katherine Kegler, George Keith, John Kelly, Bridget Kelly, Kevin Kemper, Roy S. Kenis, Debra Faye Kenna, Jan Kennedy, Joseph G. Kent, Carol Ann Kent, Patty Kern, Maryann 412 David Roloff Kessler, Linda Kern, Kandace Keyes, Greg Keyser, Marcy Kick, Robert Kientzle, Kevin F. Kim, Soong Kimbrough, Markus Lee Kinder, Laura King, Dana M. 111 King, Louis Michael Kipper, Laurie Kirkpatrick, Charles Kirkwood, Earl Klaus, Suzanne Lynne Klevorn, Thomas K105, Claudia Klosterman, William Richard Kmieciak, Kim Knickmeyer, Sally Knipshild, Lisa Knoepker, John W. Knutsen, Russ Koltner, Edward Konering, Susan Koppen, Julie Korvas, Carol Kosfeld, Linda Kosman, Barbara Kraft, Anne Kramer, Kay Kramer, Robert Kramer, Scott Kramme, David H. Krauska, John Kriger, Sidney Kriz, Barbara Krones, Daniel Kruse, Janet Kuechler, Janise Kuenzle, Susan Kugler, Roy Kuhn, Sheri Kullman, Michael Kunkel, Kara Kunze, Denny Kupferer, Richard Lac , Lee Ann Laf ey, Mary Alice Laiderman, Barry 414 Lais, Barbara LaGesse, Dave Lake, Deborah Ann LaMar, Richard Lammlein, Steve Landes, Jana Landschoot, Regene Lane, Pat . Lang, Steve Lange, Pam Lange, Valerie Ann ; Langewisch, Curtis Lanos, Chyrel Keran 1 Larson, Earl Lasley, Rick Lawler, Elizabeth Lawrence, Jon Ledford, Gary M. Lehman, Barbara Leifheit, Rhonda Lemmie, Cedric J. Lentz, Alan Leve, Rick Levin, Harlan Jay Levinson, Marc G. Lewis, David W. Jr. Lewis, Nancy Lewis, Vickie Lighari, Abdul Latif Light, Susan Elaine Lin, Albert Lindley, Ron Lindsey, William Brian Linenbroker, Thomas Linn, Charles Joseph 415 Lipschutz, Sharon Lissant, Nathan Lissmer, Amy LoCascio, Robert Loos, Kevin Lorenz, Io Lucas, Ann W. Luipersbeck, Susan Luna, Catherine Vera Lundergan, Susan Lutz, Ric L nch, Ann abrey, Jan MacCordy, Leslie MacDonald, David MacDonald, Marcy Mack, Harry Edmund Maddox, Terry Madigan, Patricia Madway Merrie Mallien, Charlene Mallinckrodb Brent Maly, Richard Mandlman, Lori Manning, R. Alan Mannion, Marianne T. Marbain, Cheryl Marin, Alberto Marklin, John Markwort, Dorothy J. Marshall, Marilyn Martin, Bradley Martin, Ed Martin, James Lee Martin, jimmy Edward 416 Martin, Larry E. Marty, Mary Ellen Marx, Anita Marx, Peggy Masciale, Diane Mason, Sharon Masters, Janet Masculla, Mary Matheis, R. Todd Matteuzzi, Jennifer Matthews, Gary Maurer, Darlene Mayes, Warren Mazzoni, Mark MCAlIister, June McCall, Gerald Alan McCanse, Kitty McCarthy, Becky McCarthy, Patrick McCarthey, Denise 1 McCausIand, Mike McClintock, Linda McCloskey, Ellen McClure, Jill McCollum, Donna McCormac, Kathy McCoy, Susan McCraven, Marilyn McCreery, Gay McCright, Greg McCutcheon, Kevin McDaniel, Andy McDowell, Richard W. McElroy, Carleen Doyle McElroy, Chuck 417 418 Ed McCain 5.9194,; zyi McFerrin, Gayle McHaney, Elizabeth McKain, Nancy McKee, Rebecca's. McKem, Rex L. McKinley, Kenya McKinney, Michelle McLaren, Ann McMillen, Jeff McNicholas, Marie McRobErts, Anne McQueary, Carol McRoy, Sue McWilliams, Steve Meadows, Martha J. V 1;! - Ya? ,, z ma 3 Meagher, Carol Meisenheimer, Charlotte Melchert, Heather Mellis, William Menken, Sue Menne, Margaret E. Merlotti, Mark Merrill, Claudia Metter, Kathleen Metzger, Don Meyer, Denise Meyer, Donald Meyer, James Meyer, Lee Meyer, Louis Meyer, Peter Joseph Meyers, Dennis Michael, Gina Michaelson, Ieff Lyle Michelson, Iim er, on Miller, Joy Elizabeth Miller, Mark Miller, Ma Miller, Mic ael Miller, Paul William Miller, Susan Mary Millikan, Katrina L. Milner, Eleanor Mindrup, Cind Minnick, Davi M. Minnick, Dawn Mitchell, Sansi Mitter, Cynthia Louise Moeller, Craig Mitchell Melini, John Moerer, Michael Moeser, Robert M011, Bert Molloy, Mary Anne Momeni, A11 Monks, Trish Monroe, Susan Montgomery, Michele Ann Montgomery, Obia Calvin Moore, Ann Moran, Ceil Marie Moreland, Leigh A. Morgner, Chris Morgan, David Morgan, Marcia Morgan, Marianna Morris, Gay Morrison, Stephanie Morrow, Bany Morse, Keith Morton, Debbie Morton, Patsy Lou Morts, Karen Moss, Kathryn Mraz, Jean Mudd, Donal Mueller, Mark Robert Mueller, Phyllis Mueller, Randy Muller, Nancy Myears, Don Nadelski, Gary S. 420 David Roloff hy Lynne Clarke Neil, Marlin Bruce Neitzert , Teri Judy Timot Jeremiah Ian Dennis I r Nouss, Julia Frances Norton, Kay Robert Nichols, Niemann, Dianna .n a h u B a, d 0 m a N Nathanson Nelson, Diana Nelson, Nelson, Neu, Nixon Noel Noonan, m . N 19Wlwrf Ill; y . . 1! Nuwayhidi Rida Yusuf Oberdieck, Linda M. Oberfranc, Carl Oberle, Cynthia Ann O'Brian, Derri O Brien, Timothy Robert O'Byrne, Robert Austin O'Connor, Susan Kathryn O'Donnell, Karen O'Donnell, Kim Oduye, Morrison Ibibo Offutth Jill O'Halloran, Thomas Vincent O'Haver, Erin OHerin, Timothy Ohlhausen, Marta Olivastro, Julie Oliver, Cheryl Ann O'Neill, Mark Ombum, Kristee Orsat, Cheri Osborn, Kathy O Shea, Mary Grace O'Shea, Jim Oswald, Mike Ott, John L. Ottens, Barbara Overby, Pat Pa 6, Marcia Pa mer, Charles Palmer, Mark Parisot, Terri Park, Marla Parker, Steve Parman, Randy Parson, Linda Paskal, Nathan Patane, Mary Ann Patrick, John Patterson, K'Lynn Patterson, Yolanda Paulsmeyer, Jane Peal, Denise Peal, Diane Pedersen, Diane Pegel, Sue Penn, Patty Pennington, Nancy Peppes, Gregory John Perez, Edward Ferry, Jean Peterman, Karen Ann Petty, Edye Petty, Kim Pfeifer, Diana Phillips, Sam Scott Phillips, Suzanne Piper, Lisa Pipkin, Sandy Platter, Pat Pohlman, Nancy Polete, Re ina Polk, Deb ie Polkey, Martha L. Pollock, Kathy Porter, Mark Postill, Mar aret Ann Potter, Cin y Potty, Melinda L. Powderly, John 423 mu? mm E g ! 5 Nick Vedros 424 Powderly, Patricia Powell, Elizabeth Powell, Lisa Powell, Melodie Powell, Steve Powell, Wayne Pree, Curtis Price, Lela A. Prill, Kenneth Allan Pritchard, Karen Pritchett, Robert Pu, Debbie Pullen, John Pyle, Ro Lee Quinn, at -cf- .7" Quist, Sue Ragan, James Kerry Ramsey, Richard Q. Randazzo, Vincent Raney, Donna Irene Renwick, Pat M. Rassenfess, Joe Ratchford, Lynn Ratchford, Kathy Rath, Susan Rau, Doug Raulie, Larry Raulie, Lee Ann Reed, 10 Ellen Reeves, Bev Rehg, Eddy Alan Reinert, Kathy Renner, Ma Jan'e Ressimus, ichael Reynolds, Patty Ann Rezabek, Suzanne Richardson, Marc Ty Richter, Paul Riekhof, Brenda Rigdon, Debbie Sahaida Riggs, Diane Ritter, Mimi Rittman, Sara Gay Ritzer, Caryn Robertson, David Lee Robertson, Dana Robertson, Rob D. Robey, Ian Robinette, Carolyn Sue Robinson, Gifford William Ir. Robinson, Gisele Robinson, Lisa Merit Robinson! Nancy Roderick, Susan Rodgers, Deborah Roeckel, Susan Rogers, Debbie R0 ers, Lynn R0 and, Debbie Roloff, Dave Romanofsky, Maureen Romine, Betty Ronai, Jack Ro$enbaum, Roxanne Ross, Brett Rozen, Sue Ellen Ruder, Roxanne Rudolph, Karen Ruhling, Nancy Ann Rulo, Kay Rusk, James Russell, Marcia Rutter, Nancy Rutter, Melinda Ryan, Pattie Ryczek, William chhowski, Dacia Sahrmann, Gre William St. Eve, John E ward Sallee, Rusty Samuel, Yvonne Samuels, Lesley Sanders, Julie Sartain, Dennis Satterlee, Charles Craig 426 Scantlan, Cindy Schad, Rosella Schaible, Lynn Schaum, Debbie Scheerer, Julie Sdheetz, Vicki Scherer, Carole Scherer, Illeane Scherzer, Lynne Scheucher, Wolfgang Scheller, Debbie Schipke, Jan Schmid, Kenneth C. Schmidt, David Bruce Schneebelen, Mark Schnurr, Denise Schoeneberg, Larry Schorfheide, Barbara Schrappen, Margie Schroeder, Mark Schuler, James Craig Schultz, Carol Schultz, Claire Schultz, Roberta Schutte, Karen Schwartz, Scott Scott, Carol Scrivner, Alan Scully, Pat Seay, Bill Seelye, Sandra K. Sexauer, Carl Shackelford, Debbie Shae, Michael Shaffer, Karen 427 .Sheehan, Bob Sharpe, Linda Shapley, Stephan Carl Shaw, Richard Shaw, Robert Shawver, Paul Shell, Carol Shepard, Rebecca Shepp, Robert Shindler, Lesley Shobe, Brian Shoem er; Terry Ann Show ter, Karen Showalter, Lois Shreffler, Jane Shrewsbu , Michael Shu harngusan Shu tz, Terri L. Shutt, Jane Siebert, Barb Siennick, Robin Sievers, Iohn Neale Silberberg, John Silha, Alice Silverman, Debbie Silverman, Fred Silvy, Robert Simon, Mary Simon, Jody Simpson, Dave Sisler, Bruce Sitek, Timothy Skahn, Cary Skelton, Beth Slagel, Daniel 428 Ed McCain Slaughter, Sabrina Marie Slay, Leonora Sloan, Lucian Neal Smart, Kerry Smith, Brian Kent Smith, Bruce Smith, David Robert Smith, Deborah Kaye Smith, Heather Smith, Linda Smith, Stephenia Ann Smith, Steve Smith, Steve R. Smith, Trent Smith, Virginia Sn der, Amy E. So omon, Diane - Solomon, Howard Sonwalt, Susan Spain, Andrea Dee Spangle, Kathryn Specht, Kurt Speck, Cleo Thearl Spellman, She 1 Kay Spene, Teresa ilhartz Spiers, Scott Alan Sponsler, Mark Sprague, Patricia Squires, Albert G. 111 Stacy, Paula Denise Steele, Vanessa Stegall, Linda Stein, David Stein, Kirk Steinbeck, Susan Jean Steinberg, Richard Steitz, John Stendahl, Roslyn Stengle, Bernice Stewart, James Stewart, James Loy Stiegler, Daniel Stites, Jennifer Stacker, Leslie Stockton, Sara Stoller, Kim E. StomE, Richard Store alder, Debbie Stoup, Rebecca Strawhun, Lee -. Strohm, Paul David Strother, Diane Stuber, Marcia Stull, Ian Stupp, Peter Sullivan, Mary C. Sumenlin, M. Alexandra Summers, Scott Sussman, Brian Sutter, Paul Swafford, Cynthia Swaller, William Swanstone, Linda Swetnam, Caren Swiney, Sharon Louise Swinney, Teresa Sykes, Charlotte Symes, Jeanne Szachta, Carol Marie Tate, Sharon Taylor, Ann Tracy Taylor, Caroline Taylor, Karla Taylor, Thomas Teel, Val Eric Tempel, Marla Leigh Templeton, Kent Teter, Sue Tharpe, Sarah Theisman, Michael Thomas, Ronald Steven Thompson, David Thompson, Marcia Tinsley, James Michael Tinsley, Vicki Lynn 1 Y ! 431 Ed McCain Toalson, Marilyn Toeniskoetter, Kathy Tolen, Dave Tongate, Dee Anne Tonn, L. Christine Toohey, Gary Tourkakis, Gregory Townley, Matt Trammel, Valerie C. Travers, Bridget Treacher, Ion Trimm, Paula Triplett, Charles Tweeddale, Kim Twitchel, Steve 3 ! l l E 5 g i Tudor, Rick Turner, William Turpin, William Vaccaro, Guy Valin, Margie Van Beek, Richard Van Dyna, Vicki Vardiman, Karen Vesi, Sue Ann Vetter, Anita Vaughn, Douglas E. Viehland, Elaine Vieth, Debbie Vincent, Christopher Vogel, Lisa Voege, Renee Vogel, Nancy Voighhnanri, Mark Austin Vossen, Ron Vowels, Marsha Waisner, Kirk Waite, Kelly Wakefield, Karen Walch, Patricia Anne Waldman, Mitchell Dean Walker, Ellen Wallace, Janet Wallace, Margie Walsh, Margaret C. Wansing, Dennis Ward, Wendy Warrens, Douglas Wasserman, Judy Waterman, Brian Emmett Waters, Kathy 433 434 Watkins, Marti Watson, Sheri Lynn Watson, Vanessa Watters, David Weathers, Mary Webber, Jerry We ant, Ellen We meyer, Susan Weinber , Bonnie Weinstoc , Mitch Wellhausen, Joni Wellman, Pam Wells, Jeff Welter, Karen Westhouse, Joan Ed McCain Wheeler, Beth Wheeler, Robert Whipple, Anne White, Polly White, Sharon Joan Whitener, Vicki Whithaus, Dan Whitmore, Deanna Wharton, Duane Wick, Peggy Widowski, Mark Wieser, Leslie Wigger, Roxanna Wildgen, John Wilken, Nancy Wilkerson, Pete Willenbrink, Joan Williams, Jarrett M. Williams, La Williams, Liza eth Williams, Lori Williams, Mary E. Williams, Nellie Jane Williams, Stan Williams, Susan Denise Williams, Suzanne Willis, Bob Willows, Vicky Willsdorf, Mark Wilson, Ed Wilson, Edwin Wilson, Kathleen Ann Wilson, Kathy Wilson, Wendy Susan Winkler, Randal Winston, Sherie A. Winston, William R. Winter, Gary Winters, Janice E. Wipperman, Leslie Wirtz, Steve Wisch, Janet Wishnuff, Mark Bradley Witzenburg, Karen Wolfe, Rebecca Sue Wolfenbarger, Deon Woltkamp, Thomas F. Wood, Arlen Wood, Curtis Wood, Jim 436 M David Roloff Wood, Wendy Jo Woods, Valerie Worley, Glenda Wright, Damaris Wright, Jack Wright, Linda Wuestlin , Jan Wundraci, Bruce Miles Young, Carol Young, Jerri Lynn Young, Laurie Young, Michael Young, Sara Zakeri, Behnam A. Zavoral, Bob Zeid, Leonard ZeSCh, Michael Ziaja, James Ziervogel, Bob Zimmerman, Mary 437 'r 1 y Lb! 440 Gays Gain Recognition As the saying goes, perseverence pays off, and Gay Lib- eration is a study in perseverence. After a seven-year battle with the University of Missouri, they have finally won rec- ognition as a campus organization. The battle began in 1971 When Gay Lib gained the ap- proval of the Student Organizations, Governments and AC- tivities Committee. But they still needed University ap- proval before they could meet on campus. They repeatedly sought such approval, without success. The Board of Curators denied recognition on the grounds that homosexuality was an "illness clearly involving ab- normal behavior." If the group was recognized, it might promote homosexuality. After exhausting all avenues within the University sys- tem, Gay Lib sought relief in the courts. The court finally ruled that denial of recognition of the - Gay Liberation Organization violated the members' rights to freedom of speech and association, and equal protection under the law. The decision, which says in effect that Gay Lib has the legal right to hold meetings on campus, was upheld when the United States Supreme Court refused to review the lower court's ruling. The University filed for a rehearing, because as the Board of Curators stated, "The board must be in a position to say we've done everything we could do." In thesmeantime, a U.S. District Court in Kansas City has ordered an injunction allowing Gay Liberation to meet on campus, an order that will remain in effect until the Sup- reme Court decides whether or not to review the decision, 442 -P' something it rarely does. One plaintiff in the suit called it a Victory "by default," since the court did not specifically come out in favor of Gay rights. But the decision was enough to spurr UMC adminis- trators to recognize Gay Liberation as a student organiza- tion this April. Beyond recognition as a campus organization, a goal that has been realized, what are other aims of the Gay Libera- tion? One student suggested, through a Maneater letter-to- the-editor, that "Gay Lib has no interest in forming a sub- culture or counterculture. It has no interest in advocating homosexuality as some new religion, or in recruiting im- pressionable students . . . Homosexual men and women find it necessary to work as a group to establish their indi- vidual dignity in a society that considers them as something less than human." Regardless of their goals, they have gained University recognition, and can legally meet on campus like all other student organizations. One student expressed his opinion that "laws and argu- ments regarding morality should not be used to deny basic rights." Obviously the court agrees. , -W M l. hankwxv .masaww Text by Melinda Corbin Photos by Brian Smith 443 "gay, ? l Ad CluWAgriculture Economics Club , AD CLUB. ROW 1: Mark Johnson, Treasurer, Geri Kilgariff, Presi- dent, Sandy Etz, Secretary, Marcia Virga, First Vice-President, Jan Carpenter, Second Vice-President, Stuart Burlingham, Executive Committee Chairman. ROW 2 kentery Scott Brown, Peggy Menne, Linda Smith. ROW 3: Karen Gallagher, Jeff Goetz, Deb Hellstem, Sandra Butcher, Bob Silvy, Dianne Taylor, Kevin Wright. Agriculture Mechanization Club AGRICULTURE ECONOMICS CLUBA ROW 1: Debbie Jennings, Karla Jenkins, Bernadette Gerke, Lori Osbourn, Julie Eyman, Theresa Dubbert, Charles L. Cramer, James B. Kliebenstein. ROW 2: K. Boggs, Rosie Holt, Anita Marshall, Kenny Hulshof, David Hobbs, Chris Mennemeyer, David Stollings, Frank Day, Jim Sleper, Kent Riley, Steve McWilliams. ROW 3: Harry Flock, Dean Simrell, Carl Schwinke, Paul Coats, Lee Covert, Bill Wilken, James Daniels. ROW 4: Martin Phillips, Chris Beckett, Brent Heid, Robert Greenway, De- nnis Hays, Pat Bryant, Jay FowleL 445 Alpha Kappa Psi ALPHA KAPPA PSI. ROW 1: Suzanne Buiescher, Pat Quinn, Philip Herwig, Jr., Linda Bradley, George Kegler, David Henrichs, Debbie Zoellner, Dennis Hays, Mary Connor, Pete Dohm, Rusty Beckham, Cherie Stout, Marilyn Smart. ROW 2: Mary Kaye Schneider, Linda Suzanne Wilhelm, Celia Harmon, Sandy Bain, Susan Huck, Darla Win- dal, Ianet Piggott, Carol Stocke, Stephanie Hogan, Julie Miles, Mary Kay Harte, Lesa Kaye, Lisa Umbright, Doug Rau, Gary Veatch, Greg Keyes, Jill Gieson, Karen Gilbert. ROW 3: Mike Matthews, Patty Reynolds, Kirk Matthews, President Pledge Class, Benita Randolph, Susan Quist, Michael McCausland, Angela Brewei, Mary Jane Wilson, Tom Bigham, 446 Joanne Suellentrop, Dotty Prange. ROW 4: Lyle Romine, Joe Svejkosky, Gary Preston, Tom Beard, Treasurer, David Camden, Iay Nilson, Markr Schroeder, Chaplain, Dale Brown, Carl Anderson, Richard Spradling. ROW 5: Rodney Smith, R. Todd Matheis, Ed Rapp, David Kelley, David Geisel, Steve Hanske, Tom Frasher, President, Lisa Denis, Vice- President, Mark Jones, Greg Greub, Bryan Anderhub, Keith Duren, Larry Lindecrantz. ROW 6: Clarke Nichols, Steve Kleinschmidt, Mike Abts, John Daugherty, Tom Sinks, Dan Witthaus, Bill Eisenbeis, Paul Schumacher, Michael Zesch, Don Mudd. : v w-rvr tmt-rx ALPHA PHI OMEGA. ROW 1: Joe Christian Treasurer, Debbie Smith, Brenda John, Peggy James, Steven Martinez, Vice-President, Kim Roam. ROW 2: Cynthia Schneider, Barb Foster, Karen Cast, Iulie Maxwell, Vice-President Pledge Class, Karen Kleinhans, Historian, Diane James, Secretary, Ann Terry, Student Advisor. ROW 3: William Single- ton, President Pledge Class, Roger Walken Eileen Deathe, Patricia Joannes, Linda Seiler, Teresa Miller. ROW 4: Alan Braaten, Alumni Communicator, Michael Kay, John Sakmar, Kim Holman, Mark Suycotb Lee Strawhun, President, Dale Harrenstein. Alpha Tau AlphaJAmerican Chemical Society ALPHA TAU ALPHA. IN FRONT: Linda Hickam. ROW 1: Curtis Wes- ton, Jim Welker, Danny Hill, Sergeant-at-arms, Raymond Reynolds, Rick Tudor, Susan Heerman, First Vice-President, Andrea Hunter, David Toalson, Brian Munzlinger, Abdul Latif Lighari, Dennis Poulette, Stan Burke. ROW 2: Larry Bennett, Larry Watson, Iim Coale, Joe Hardie, Marty Macdonnell, Steve Gleghom, Perry Brooks, Robert Borman, John Kallash, Tim Gill, Steve Brown. ROW 3: Don Woodson, David Keough, Iim Gruzinger, Kent Blackman, Neal Kuhland, Eugene Hilgenberg, Doug Grotjan, Jerry McBee, Tim Short, Jon Pace, Larry Shuyler, Herman Summerld, Roger Smith. 448 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS. ROW 1: David GuelI-, Faculty Adviser, Mark Mazzoni, President, Debbie Loan, Secretary, Mary Bultemeier, Vice-President, Lynn Frank, Treasurer, Carl H. Niewoehner, Contact Member. ROW 2: Terry Apple, Denise Hamilton, Dave Bennett, Saudi Mirsepasi, Bernard Arnold, Alan Scrivner, Albert Lin, John Bales, Doug Johnson, Kim Yarboro, ROW 3: Joan Westhouse, Louis Meyer, Gerry Stauder, Clyde Hopple, Curtis Hatchitt, Glenn AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY STUDENT AFFILIATES. ROW 1: Sue Miller, Joan Shea, Thomas O'Halloran, President, Eleanor Milner, Gina Michael, Lynn Bernal. ROW 2: Ellen Beedle, Tom Harper, Tim Flynn, Jan Collins. ROW 3: Paul Graham, Treasurer, Ron Johnson, Curtis Bowman, Communications, Stephen Clark, David Runde, Jack Nicholas Scheffing, Mike Burgesen, Nelson Klein, Mike Sullentrup, Larry De- Witt, Sandy McCosh, Stephen Baker, Ralph Rankin, Jo Lorenz, Mark Conrad, Ali R. Mirsepassi. ROW 4: Sandra Miller, Spencer Jones, Ralph Eberts, Mark Suycott, Pat Saathoff, Bob Hams, Lavon Winkler, Mark Capron, Gary Mueller, Lyndal Dusheke, Carl Arizpe, Carl W. Nolte, Jim Menown, Behrooz Riaz. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF INTERIOR DESIGNERS. ROW 1: Sandy Pip- kin, Sue Iuracek, Nancy Muller, Sally Pearson, Tanya Dietrich, Susan Degonia, Cheryl Stimemann, Linda Lower, Marie McNicholas, Dr. Bud Kaufmann. ROW 2: Mari Haida Barnes, Dianna Moore, Jill Westfall, Homa Fiuzat, Nancy McKain,Diane Bashor, Debbie Masters, Linda Campbell. ROW 3: Gary Hennig, Cheryl Heimsoth, Lisa Davis. ROW 4: Diann Hillix, Teresa Gallo, Lori Koenig, Melissa March, Cori Izsak, 450 Meleasa Winterrowd, Kathy Kruse, Karen Clampitt, Tammy Springer, Ellen Keil, Chandra McFarland, Mary Cassilly, Tora Inukai, Mary Dwyer, Janie Furgosdon, Debbie Shackleford, Denise Johnson, M ary Harlan, Dave Hessel, Sharon Bognar, Wendy Berge, Ann Bennett, Bar- bara Harris, Jeanne Horn, Janice Horn, Janice Long, Melanie Kershman, , Jeanine Chapman, Lee Ann Fields, Leslie Wipperman, Debbie Duff, Barbara Martin, Mary Kolster. Arnold Air SocietWAngel Flight ' " I ,xxxxx '1! .- ,I V 3 m. ASSOCIATION OF CLOTHING AND TEXTILES. ROW 1: Ioni Gal- lagher, Mary Trapek, Vice-President, Shelley Dyer, Kathy Smith, Secre- tary, Lucy Locke, Susan Adkins, Julie Eden, Corresponding Secretary, Cheryl Wiegmananashion Board Representative, Mary Ann Herrick, BETA SIGMA PSI LITTLE SISTERS. ROW 1: Diane Hamilton, Sally Hornung, Second Vice- President, Linda Wilkinson, Sally Stanley, First Vice-President. ROW 2: Peggy 10 Hanna, Tisha Hoadley, Cassie Wineman, Nannette McArthy. ROW 3: Loren Lumpe, Deann Reeves, Wendy Klinge, Gwyn Blunk, Cheryl McCormick, Tina Benschop, Treasurer. ROW 4: Janet Williamson, Rhonda Willcox, Theresa French, Sandy Aselman. ROW 5: Ann Huncker, Diane Clay, Secretary, Kathy Burke, Kristin Haux. Karen Wagoner. ROW 2: April Gilpin, Karen De Campi, President, Pati Tierney, Maxine Weisberg, Melanie Margreiter, Speaker's Chairone, Lea Patterson, Patty Harrison, Kathy Lahm, Bambi Tracy, Mary Ann Grady. Biology Majors Associatioanri-Delta Rummage King BIOLOGY MAJORS ASSOCIATION. ROW 1: Elizabeth Horton, Mark Zemelman, Jonathan Johnson, Carolyn Stock. ROW 2: George Evans, Molly Schultejans, Ken Miller, Tim PlayL DELTA DELTA DELTA RUMMAGE KING. Karen Kennedy, Sher Latino, Alice Silha, Cindy Vilmer, Mike Kopp, Jeannie Sullivan, Donna Gould 453 BUSINESS AND PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION STUDENT COUNCIL. i ROW 1: Dave Schmidt, Gregg Tourkakis, Vice-President, Steve Collius, John Mawdsley, Wendy Davis, Treasurer, Doug Coombs, President- elect, ROW 2: Tom Heller, Kim Dillon, Joanne Suellentrop, Secretary- 454 elect, John O ConneIl, Jim Werner, Angela Brewer, Nonvoting member. ROW 3: Mike McCausland, Roberta Schultz, President Gary Kidwell, Ann Moore, Roy Kline, Kathy Wilson, R. Todd Matheis. il Campbell-Harrison House CAMPBELL-HARRISON HOUSE. ROW 1: Suzy Melson, Chaplain, Kathy Kirtley, Treasurer, Cheryl Blosser, Meal Manager, Judy Fleming, Secretary, Jenny Bell. ROW 2: Mary Anne Tessler, Susie Miller, Social Chairman, Reamchan Kumpoka, Mary Nell Woolfolk, Vice-President, Rose Glaser, Membership Chairman, Jennifer Elmore, Chaplain, Linda Smith, Housemother. ROW 3: Beth Trimmer, Mary Marsh, Assistant Treasurer, Jane Korte, Gail Moore, Annette Candy, Historian, Rhonda Jackson, Co-President. 455 -, a IWW MFW 1F'lB2Nc w. m Campus Crusade for Christ CAMPUS CRUSADE FOR CHRIST. ROW 1: Marita Wekde, Charles Adams, Marva Dockins, Linda Windle, Denyse Grueber, Brian Sussman, Keith Davy, Staff, Kitty McCanse, Donna Walls, Linda Fowler, Staff, Brian Wagner. ROW 2: Deborah Ray, Dawn Minnick, 91 Dianne Overby, Staff, Cindi Pritchard, Pam Harbison, Mary Miller, Cindy Baker, Karen Geekie, Brian Collins, Karen Davis, Milly Maken w ROW 3: David Berry, Jeffrey Breer, Ray O'Brien, Diane Conrad, ! Melanie Jones, Robert Ebel, Jill Burmeister, Mark Haumschilt, Dave Siler, Bob Knight, Lauren Brannan, Beth Harris, Staff. Debbie Gerhart, Dennis Scheidt. ROW 4: Vic Nixdorf, Dan Newman, David Hacker, Gary Ayers, Karen Thomas, Greg Nixon, Lee Strawhun, Mike Bozzay, Carl Malec, Allen Samuels, Keith Morse, Russ Larson. ROW 5: David Yarger, David Stricklin, Susan McCormack, Barb Rutledge, Trish Kindall, Sheila Cawvey, Dave Cavender, Amy Craig, Jerry McCall, Gayle Stanley, Vickey Maclin, Michael Acuff, Paul Meiburger. 456 Delta Sigma Pi .mr ; v 4 y, . L 4 A - .5,- 1 .1 m 39, v , ,x ' ' 3 P n DELTA SIGMA PI. ROW 1: Roger Burch, James Batteast, Steve Schroder. ROW 2: Patti Fitzgerald, Gayle Richardson, Beth DeCelIes, Gayle Shank, Gloria Kaiser, Judy Goodman, Carol Gardner, Jackie Phillips, Pam Na- dler, A.I. Otjen. ROW 3: Greg Gill, Historian, Dan Ovaitt, Tony Ver- kruyse, John O'Fallon, Bob Wolff, Gini Nelson, Treasurer, Rod Cox, Dr. T. Charles McKinney, Faculty Adviser, Fred Herman, Bruce Constant, Mike Gibbs, Dennis Lindsay, Randy Templeton. ROW 4: Scott Sum- mers, Steve Keyser, Greg Hendrix, John Cejka, Scott Bazoian, Rick Neher, Ed Miles, Harlow Hagee, Vice-President, Pledge Education, Brad Belcher, Erwin Ruppe, Gary Kidwell, Greg Tourkakis, Tom ca Cc A k , H I 'vvr y.k Essmyer, Randy Dutton, Rich Goodman, Vice-President, Professional Activities, Joe Kennedy, Senior Vice-President. ROW 5: Henry Heidel- berger along walD, James Sanders Starting in centerL Jack Ronai, Larry Schoeneberg, Bill Martin, Gary Blankenship, Terry Hilker, Bill White, Alan Marr, Chancellor, Ed Sokolik, Don Roberts. ROW 6: John Caldwell, Craig Laughlin, Brian Esther, John Huffman, Steve Paugh, Jerry Bax, Mitch Rohrbach, Dave Ransin, Tim Elder, Doug Coombs, Dan Jaeger, Roy Kline, Bill Cassity, Bill Ott, President, Jess Knoth. ROW 7: Jack Wright, Tom Heller, Secretary, Bill Bucholtz, Dennis Sartain, Matt Dill. 457 CHEERLEADERS. ROW 1: Judy Patton, Sue Arnold. ROW 2: Myrna Broeker, Paul Montiel, Buddy Gillespie, Joe Gaschen, Jess Bushyhead, Williams, Kathy Chamberloin, Linda Stockman, Melodee Hinkle, Kathy Bill Irwin, Iim Henry, Marty Handy. Morgan, Lori Moher, Laurie Flynn, Becky Kamitsuka. ROW 3: Dave w TIGER MASCOTSI Debbie Durk, Steve Wendling. POM-PON SQUAD. ROW 1: Terriarm Hagebush, Becky Anderson, Dee Anne Tongate, Donna Gould. ROW 2: Ann Dussold, Debi Stoup, Pam Voetter, Cindy Owsley. ROW 3: Cori Izsak, Debbie Sexe, Karen Whitney. 458 - g'ws'm m MA . JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS. Michelle Wheeler, Chris Kollack, Bonnie Boniface, Ken Cox, Vicki Sexe, Pat Kohoutek, Dawn Cobb, Tom Stevens. . VARSITY CHEERLEADERS. Amy Lissner, Tim Gamett. 459 EDUCATION STUDENT COUNCIL. ROW 1: John Nordyke, Vice-President, Mary Laffey, President. ROW 2: Nancy Jones, Rita Miller, Ann Moyer, Janet Wills. ROW 3: Lauren Feinberg, Teresa BeDunnah, Lisa Gingrich. ENGINEERING STUDENT COUNCIL. ROW 1: Ann Lucas, Treasurer, Kim Yarboro, Jamey Fleck, Steve Borgelt, Alan Fellwock, Chairman ROW 2 GROM BOTTOM OF STAIRS TO TOM: Richard Warder, Ad- visor, Vicky Freivogel, Debbie Loan, Sylvia Knipp, Jim Ziaja, Linda Swofford, Bruce Gockel. ROW 3: Anita Marx, Dennis Ir- vin, Carl Drewel, Dennis Oet- ting, Dave Hollabaugh, Keith Kropf. ROW 4: Spencer Jones, Secretary, Matt Nail, Greg Witry, John Doneff, Wesley Steffan, Gary Etheridge, Richard Draheim. 460 Engineers Club ijvt'lAl! 1A .In A w i1 461 Farmhouse Little Sisters FARMHOUSE LITTLE SISTERS. ROW 1: Donna Sturtevant, Julie Haynes, Lori Addison, Lori Osbourn, Patsy Carter, Nancy Shughart. ROW 2: Amy Brahm, Megan Brown, Vicki Reimler, Mary Jean Hogan, Mother Swanson, Dana Van Slyke, Molly Schultejans, Chris Barrett. ROW 3: Kenny Hulshof, Little Sister Coordinator, Debbie Page, Tammy Scotten, Laura Vogel, Cindy Anderson, Lynn Shaw, Barb Abernathy, Ann Clayton, Kathy Lewis, Kim Lovelace, Sherry Lockard, Cinde 462 Wentzel, Tracy Patrick, Becky Crawford, Cheri Tolchin, Scott Morse. ROW 4: Peggy Pelster, Tina Hays, Joy Miller, Tammy Springer, Melinda Atkinson, Celeste Brinkman, Paula Bray, Suzanne Klaus, Molly Kohoutek, Barb Ferguson, Melinda Swingle, Maureen O'Sullivan, Karla Jenkins. ROW 5: Trish Monks, Ann Roads, Amy Blanton, Pam Pilgrim, Pam Regan, Gail Boles, Sue Iecman, Barb Swartz, Molly Carmody. Home Economics Student Council HOME ECONOMICS STUDENT COUNCIL. ROW 1: Cheryl BIOSSer, Iey, President. ROW 2: Tammy Springer, Ellen Winkler, Karen L. Freshman Representative, Mary Anne Tessler, Historian, Rhonda Rem- Moore, Beth Trimmer. 463 Interfraternity CounciUPi Omicron Sigma Hank Plain, Admistrative Vice-President, Bi11 Cas- Chief Justice, I dent Legislative Vice- IFC EXECUTIVE BOARD. Jeff Anglen, Don Hoven, Treasurer. sity, Presi- 1 Secretary, Pete Cargill Terry Coffelt, I President 464 1 1 g INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES. ROW 1: Darrell ? Napton, Pete Cargill, Bill Ohlemeyer, Chris Pickering, Steve Machiran, Jeff Abbott, Jeff Raithel, Keith Spackler, Barry Kessler, Dan Wilinsky, 1 Stan Elrod, Scott Friedman, Michael Henze, Jim Sheahan. ROW 2: Paul i Olive, Hank Plain, Jim Dickson, Scott McFarland, Mark Baker, Doug Combs, Tom Fitzgerald, Stephen Pfaff, Greg Witry, Joe Llewellyn, Jim iv Henrikson, Bill Cassity. ROW 3: Don Hoven, Joe Purchase, Terry . Westlund, Lee Marshall, John Cheatham, Steve Reznikoff, Dean Min- derman. ROW 4: Terry Coffelt, Ron Talley, Doug England, Don Laughlin, Dave Borgelt, Mark Townsend, Doug Williams, Rich Valuck, Wes Andrews, Mark Lauberth, Mike Gessel, Loren Lumpe, Greg Klein, Pat Lyons, Mark Godich, Tom Bemdsen. 465 JUNIOR PANHELLENIC COUNCIL. ROW 1: Mary Unger, Adviser, Gretchen Meyers, President, Mary Beth Ponte, Vice-President, Nancy Barnes, Leigh Keating, Susan Mitchell, Service Chairone, Paige Butler, Mary Kay Kirgis. ROW 2: Liz Sadd, Correspgnding Secretary, Amy Greathouse, Treasurer, Jeanne Hooper, Lori Watson, Mary Saale, Dana Schultz, Campus Education Chairone, Joan Manchester, Patti Weart, Robyn Wagoner, Sally Harris, Nancy Bauer. ROW 3: Susan Tweedie, Recording Secretary, Ellen Shaugnessy, Vice-President-Liaison, Kath leen Stoll, Publications-P.R. Chairone, Jocelyn Maminta, Social Chairone, Diane Parker, Erin O'FIaherty, Lisa Hoemann, Jenny Norris; . ROW 4: Ian Present, Barb Jones, Ellen Sabath, Donna Paladin, Cindy Steinhart. Kappa Epsilon Alpha KAPPA PSILON ALPHA. ROW 1: Sherryl Taylor, Treasurer, Barb Fos- Schildkraut. ROW 2: Sara Shaffer, Shirley Henry, Linda Winscolt, ter, Sara Brown, Anne Mohley, Judi Vulgamott, Michele Evenson, Susan Debbie Drimmel, Antoinette, Re, President, Sandy Selck, Julie Wiens. JONES HALL TRZ-PENTA. ROW 1: Mimi Williams, Gwen Holder, Susan Matches, Sue Jenner, Nancy Garrett, Chris Clapper, Maggie Lee, Lori Tapley, Joanne Waldman. ROW 2: Vonda Kurtz, Kathy Chisom, Chris Miller, Jenny Hay, Janet Schauer, Paula Anderson, Sharon Harris. l Marketing Forum MARKETING FORUM. ROW 1: Elaine Viehland, President, Amy Hire, Milton Dortch, Ann Fischer, Kay Correll, Don Michie, Faculty Adviser. Secretary, Charles Fick, Treasurer, Katrina Millikan, Michelle Maher, ROW 3: Gary Wilberg, Tom Linenbroker, Steve Casteel, Greg Keyes, 1 Carol Moder, Denise Grimm, Laura Clark, Therese Cole, Lisa Eaker. John Johnson, Mark Loftus, Vice-President, David Henrichs, Dennis .- ROW 2: NW. Edwards, Faculty Adviser, David Elsey, Joe Roberts, Deb- Noonan; Becky Burton, Rena Tyree, Michael Neuf. 2 bie Duncan, Rose Herbers, Joyce Fischer, Matt Ebert, Beverly Dees. . Y ,5 .3 :m m "Aumwm 'W'iaw-W h" Missouri Students Association Executive Branch MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION EXECUTIVE BRANCH. ROW 1: Kim Held, Sue Dart, DSI Director. ROW 3: Mark Druryx Jim Klarsch, Iohn Finley, Wally wogL Marc Levinson, Elena Andree, Denise Gaiser. John Fuldner, Mike Hawthorne, Austin Rusm Presidential Assistant, ROW 2, center: David LaGesse, President, Lacy Crary, Ombudsman, Steve Bennett, Presidential Assistant, Doug Liljergen, GSD Director, , Andy Haynes, Kathy Byme, Bill Canney, Student Activities Director, Sue Moore, Chris Baluk, Dave Halpem, Don Downing. I 'WH L......- - -- ' W Maneater , ,, . ': 'o'r patnehie : , :5 . , , L , , y, . , +orlose. L 4M. MANEATER NEWS STAFF. ROW 1: Diane Pederson, Pam Parry, Friend, Andy Maykuth. ROW 3: Janet ElliOtt, Adell Crowe, Laddie George Hodgman, Susi Trautmann, Shawn Balthrop, Lynn Uhlfelder. HirSCh- , I ROW 2: Paul Spencer, Bill Wilson, Kathy Kerr, Linda Garrett, Lisa '1 'U MANEATER PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF. Tom Reese, Oscar Waters, Brian Smith. 1 3 470 MANEATER BUSINESS MANAGERS. Betsy Bauer, Advertising, Tom Michelson, Produc- tion, Kathy Stauder, Business. Maneater Tom Shatel, John Fox. MANEATER SPORTS STAFF. Hunter Reigler, 472 MANEATER AD SALES AND PRODUCTION STAFF. QEFT TO RIGHD: Claudia Carpenter, Harry Maltby, Tom Michelson, Jeff Rior- dan, Betsy Bauer, Tom Blood, Dave Evans, Brian Smith, Karen Shorr, Kathy Stauder. MANEATER PRODUCTION STAFF. mEFT TO RIGHU Amy Uttermann, Kim Chism, Dennis Marshall, Scott Keck, Chris Stift, Beth Cruce, Mary Stift. MO-MAIDS. ROW 1: Sue Miller, Katie Moore, Alice Silha, Mindy Petty, Kitty McCanse, Julie Robertson, Dana Robertson, Sharon Cole, Kim Wheeler. ROW 2: Sandy Selck, Pamela Gottschalk, Heather McLaren, Nancy Lewis. ROW 3: Becky Taylor, Tracy Hoessle, Ruth Corwin, Pat Breihan, Debbie DeWall, LaureI Cassin, Carole Scherer, Leesa Gerlach, 474 Carie Phillips, Susie Mathews, Lynn Kleene. ROW 4: Patty Doyle, Linda Rochow, Kristine Franz, Kari Trygg, Sandy Stieren, Jill Gieson, Judi Chamberlin, Karen Valenziana, Jean Woodson, Mary Patrick, Melissa A Cooper, Carol Szachta. Ti art ODK OFFICERS. Dr. Edwin Kaiser, Advisor, Sue Green, Vice- President, Sue Cole, Treasure, David Roloff, President. ODK MEM- BERS. ROW 1: Richard Bien, Steve Bratten, Pete Cargill, Steven Collier, Carol French, Douglas Coombs. ROW 2: Edwin Kaiser, Stephen Mus- grave, Margaret Flynn, Lisa Cantwell, Karen Rudolph, Susan Cole. Omicron Delta Kappa, or ODK by its pop- ular name, was founded in the tradition of the idealism and leadership of George Washington and Robert E. Lee. The found- ers formulated the idea that leadership of ex- ceptional quality and versatility in college should be recognized placing emphasis upon the development of the whole person, both as a present member of his college community and as a prospective contributor to a better society. The Alpha XI Circle at UMC is one of the 55 ODK Circles Nation- wide. xXSr N! z: : .5 I f 11 ROW 3: Pamela Parker, Merry Madway, Pamela Huggins, Jane Crary, Andrew Haynes, Tim Henderson, Timothy Kainet ROW 4: Arvarh Strickland, Kurt Specht, Jeff Anglen, John Iman, David Miller, William Riley, David Roloff. 475 PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA. ROW 1: Norman ROW 2: John Rosenboom, Vice-President, Steve Lucas, Garrett Doak, Gary Carr, Stan Niederhauser, Hasselriis, John Brinley, Treasurer, Curt Jones, His- Secretary, T. Mark Adams, President, Tom Bruch. torian and Warden, Phil Johnson. PHI CHI THETA. ROW 1: Elaine Viehland, Jana Hatten, Marcia Hales, Tina Millikan, Sherryl Taylor, Madye Henson, Ginny Kuhnmuench, Pam Murphy, Julie Strickfaden, Amy Hire, President, Ann Moore, Betsy Bandoli. ROW 2: Karen Warren, Michele Hauser, Sherri Gordon, Peggy Austin, Tami Baymiller, Nancy Alt, Leslie Stocker, Kristee Ombum, Judy Nelson, Lynn Bock, Phyllis Johnson, Lisa Baker, Vice-President- Rhonda Hoehns, Beth Goodwin. Pledging, Kay Correll, Vice-President-Professional, Margie Davis, Sec- retary, Tracy Crawford, Ian Blair, Julie Gredell, Treasurer. ROW 3: Patty 3 Fennewald, Carol Young, Nancy Dubbert, JoEllen Reed, Iris Davis, Ann I Hull, Sherri Lopatin, Sharon Mason, Sue Ruhlman, Sherri Reed, : Michele Fischbach, Valerie Lange, Michele Moore, Kathleen .Stoll, 476 M ..m., .A,-.-- Phi Eta Sigma . :MVr'fT f1 PHI ETA SIGMA. ROW 1: Darrell Napton, Advisor, Betsy Port, Treasurer, Laddie Hirsch, President. 477 PRE-MED CLUB. ROW 1: Elizabeth Horton, B. Blizewski, Gigi Maminta, Deb Bunch. ROW 3: Lynn Tracy, Co-President, David Abbott, David Mike Antoine, Henry Arst, Irl Hirsch. German. ROW 2: John Kilgore, Ken Miller, Susie PRE-VET CLUB. ROW 1: Pam Helle, Angela Smith, Penny Asher, Jerry Willenbn'nk, Steven Frame. ROW 3: Steve Arnold, Brian Caroline Famen, Social Committee Chairperson, Narmette McAr- Michel, Brad Hubbard, Nicholas Pisoni, Publicity Committee thy, Kay Jones, President, Debbie Garrison, Programs Committee Chairperson, Kent Cunningham, Ken Allison, Randy Smith, Chris 1 Chairperson. ROW 2: Kurt Krusekopf, Mark Van Horn, Marlene Shew, Kenton Morgan, Vice-President. Drag, Treasurer, Cathy Kimble, Bernadette Gerke, Caroline Truss, ' 478 , 1 Panhellenic Council SENIOR PANHELLENIC COUNCIL. ROW 1: Iaci Nordine, Sorority Ex- Corresponding Secretary, Carolyn Puls, AWS Liaison. ROW 3: Debbie change Chairone, Sally Stapleton, Scholarship Chairone, Lisa Allen, Buxell, Rosy Fender, Leslie Coss, Margie Wakefield, Missy Shackelford, Service Projects Chairone, Roberta Burkemper, Publications Chairone, Sue Meister. ROW 4: Sue Kingsley, IFC Liaison, Linda Holwick, Ellen Leslie Paladin, Public Relations Chairone. ROW 2: Margy Harris, Advi- Shaugnessy, Jr. Panhellenic Liaison, Kari Trygg, Missy Manda, MSA 1 sor, Ann Million, President, Mary Uhger, Vice-President, Debbie Ien- Liaison, Brigid Kimutis, Debbie Wolff, Amy Gregory, Mary Ohlhausen. ' nings, Recording Secretary, Kathy Ulsamer, Treasurer, Donna Cochran, 479 Society of Women EngineerslStudent Dietetics SOCIETY OF WOMEN ENGINEERS. ROW 1: Mary Ann Lappin, Joan Westhouse, Diane Soloman, Ann Lucas, Crystal Frick, Sue FeId, Mark Palmer, Terri Hurt, Vicky Freivogel, Linda Swofford, LesanLuebbering, Dorothy Schoech. ROW 2: Debby Reader, Debbie DeWaII, Roselle Schad, Alice Wolfe, Jeannette Pennessey, Liz Ball, Jane Mathae, Tina Estruda, Janice Rector, Becky Besselsen, Phyllis Heath, Konda Ober- STUDENT DIETETIC ASSOCIATION. ROW 1: Mary Beth Neupert, President, Carol Schultz, Mary Ann Klasek, Junior Vice-President, Mary Woodley. ROW 2: Karen Krause, Vice-President, Maggie Fendlason, Martha Pettey, Tammy Chalender. ROW 3: Helen An- derson, Nancy Baranski, Laura Conrad, Darcy Palmer, Debbie McLear. ROW 4: Linda Holtmann, Anita Lister, Marlee Hughes, Diane Clark, Jane Aylmer. ' 480 laner. ROW 3: Cheyl Coll, Susan Ferguson, Jan Collisn, Debbie Fickenn wirth, Sue Davis, Sabrina Slaught, Sara Jones, Anita Marx, Laurel Vogel, Leslie Chappell, Debbie Stumpff. ROW 4: Ann Scanlan, Becky Merker, Mark Menefee, Chris Kunkeh, Jean Babcock, Cindy Thessen, Kathleen Badger, Iamee Freind, Io Lorenz, Mary Bultemeier, Tina Benschop, Sandra Miller, Dr. Rex Waid. Students Involved in Mutual Awareness WAN 7 , A19 Ma d Carol Harmon, Chairperson, Mary Jean Marc Levinson, Hogan. SIMA. Forty-seven friends of n W a C A. m s D m H E B E L P O E P E H T David Roloff, Ritzer, SIMA who took Advantage of the "Picture Yourself-in-the-Yearbook" . :vvtl JIlS.3lt..3:nl..3 :. 71:52va b..s.l.i.i IHWIIIX , offer on Friends' Day. 481 7x5 .4 Tiger Kittens 482 ,..,A.., 5.." 77 .. ......WA-V. UMC WOMEN'S SOCCER TEAM. ROW 1: Julie Frank, Chris Link, Treasurer, Debbie Zoellner, Mimi Williams, Captain, Gina Michael, Co-Captain, Debbie Scharpff. ROW 2: Nancy Muller, Sue Juracek, Brenda Bauer, Joan Ingram, Kim Marsh, Sue Ellen Ozment, Secretary Karin Kanton, Margaret Murphy. ROW 3: Paul Nieman, Coach, Diane ' Constantin, Sheryl Breadman, Karin Schwartz, Suzanne Brossard, Anne Maher. 483 Kevin Yaeger, Roger Rees, Steve Laub, Beren Garia, Mascot, TRAP AND SKEET CLUB. ROW 1: John Meyung, Gregory Has- Sam Downs, Bill Licklider, Pat Bryant, David Ash. sel, Melvin Lee. ROW 2: Cleo Speck mext to gun raclo. ROW 3: WOMEN'S INTRAMURAL CHAMPS. ROW 1: Tobie Dobin, Terri Kennemer, Lori Messina, Lynne Gressly, Cindy Tighe, Lori Perlman, Karen Miller. ROW 2: Kathy Brady, Patty Gessel, Marta Schomburg, Judy Anderson, Galen Sights, Kathy Ellis, Teresa Bedunnah, Nancy UNIVERSITY COLLEGE REPUBLICANS. ROW 1: Jim Ogle, Treasur- er, Timothy O'Herin, President, Dave Eldridge, Executive Vice- President, Jill Bullock, Secretary. ROW 2: David Buie, Carol Scott, Brad Meyen, Pam Parry, Lisa Geller, Lou Ann Frala, Mary Ann Men- denhall, Kelly Walsh, Lynn McAllister, Patty Kent. ROW 3: Steve Smull, Gary Tappana, Janet Morse, Jim Doggett, John Ashcroft, At- torney General, State of Missouri, Mike McCausland, Pat Busch, David Jensen, Michael Sullivan, Scott McAllister, Mike Mitko. Jones, Amy Gregory; ROW 3: Debbie Murphy, Jane Sutter, Lisa Hoemann, Janet Papageorge, Karin DeArman, Melinda Nixon, Sue Livermore, Lee Lamm, Paula Jones, D'Arcy Harrison, Rosalie Radman. 485 JQVKTSEAQT$ n. W. Aaron, Diane 298 Abbott, David Alan 476 Abbott, Jeffrey Paul 358, 463 Abel, Michael Bryan 351 Abels, John Patrick 367 Abernathy, Barbara Gale 460 Abernathy, Gervis L. 392 Abernathy, Mark E. 316 Able, Matthew James 392 Able, Michelle Leigh 380 Abney, Beverly Joan 392 Abram, Susan Marie 328 Abts, Michael James 444 Acklie, Walter Eugene 392 Acuff, Michael Edward 320, 454 Adair, David Lee 392 Adams, Charles Dean 454 Adams, Debra Renae 380 Adams, Frank Robert 367 Adams, Julie Gay 341 Adams, Richard Paul 367 Adams, Thomas Mark 474 Adams, Wayne David 334 Addison, Lori Jean 460 Adkins, Susan Diane 450 Adkins, Timothy Lee 343 Adrian, Karl Peter 330 Agne, Ron Neal 337 Agrusa, Sherri Elaine 380 Ahearn, Kerry Megan 323 Albair, Cheryl I. 323 Albers, Catherine Ann 328 Alberty, Sally Lou 392 Alkom, Dennis Keith 332 Alewel, Pamela Jean 363 Alexander, Kevin L. 374 Alizadeh, Cyrus 334 Allen, Annie Cheres 392, 314 Allen, Donna Joy 392 Allen, Kim Renee 346 Allen, Lisa Ann 380, 447 Allen, Nancy Leah 392 Allen, Sara Kathryn 349 ' Allgood, Tamma Ann 303 Allison, Marty Wilson 310 Allison, Paul David 392 Alonso, Marie Michelle 346 Alt, Dennis Michael 392 Alt, Nan'cy T. 392, 474 Althaus, Rickert 393 Altobelli, Charles G. 370 Alwell, Margaret Mary 299 Ammon, Bretton Lee 352 Amptmann, Richard C. 393 Anderhub, Bryan Anthony 444 Anderson, Andrea Nanette 349 Anderson, Brenda Ellen 344 Anderson, Carl Keith 393, 444 Anderson, Cathy M. 393 Anderson, Cynthia Dawn 393 Anderson, Hellen Louise 478 Anderson, Ireilyn Ree 393 Anderson, John H. 357 Anderson, Judy Lynn 314 Anderson, Lynn Amaud 363 Andeison, Mary Eunice 393 Anderson, Paula Sue 464 Anderson, Rebecca Ann 393 Anderson, Susan E. 346 Andree, Elna Jean 467 Andrews, Christopher 393 Andrews, Wesley Charles 463 Angevine, Kerry Scott 368 Anglen, Jeff Owen 316, 473, 462 Anglen, Randolph Stuart 316 Anthony, Diane Elizabeth 393 486 Antoine, Michael Louis 476 Antono, Kurniawan 393 Appelbaum, Murray Howard 378 Appelbaum, Paul Stephen 368 Appelbaum, Sheryl Lyn 393 Apple, Terry Ray 448 Archer, Gary M. 370 Archer, Steven Carl 370 Archeski, Richard Dennis 393 Arena, Cynthia Jo 303 Arendes, Catherine Mary 393 Arizpe, Carl Albert 448 Arlund, Antonette Sue 380 Armbruster, J. Wayne 394, 334 Amaud, Carol Renee 363 Arnold, Bernard Leo 448 Arnold, Karla Lynn 344 Arnold, Mike Paul 357 Arnold, Susan Caroline 346 Arnold, Timothy Marc 316 Arnold, Todd Douglas 316 Arnold, Victor Daryl 394 Amstein, Joseph Anthony 378 Arst, Henry Fredkin 378, 476 Arter, John David 320 Asel, David, Thomas 394 Asel, Karen A. 328 Asel, Rosalie 326 Aselman, Sandra Suzanne 314 Ash, Robert David 394, 482 Asher, Michael D. 394 Asher, Penny Collen 476 Aston IL, Kenneth P. 354 Athen, Kent N. 373 Atkinson, Melinda Ann 346, 460 Ausburn, Kevin Ross 394 Austin, Peggy Ann 394, 474 Avondet, Louis Kevin 334 Ayers, Gary Lee 454 Ayers, Kristy Lou 380 Aylmer, Jane Adele 478 B Babcock, Jean B. 4783 Baber, Gregory Dale 343 Bachmann, Kevin Mark 312 Bachmann, Sandra Iane 394 Backes, Leon John 343 Badalamenti, Chris S. 343 Badalamenti, Gail Ann 303 Bader, Carolyn A. 323 Badger, Kathleen Diane 478 Baggett, Carl A. 394 Bahorich, Gerald Arthur 334 Baily, Bondi Jo 394 Baily, Elisabeth I. 394 Baily, Jeffrey Alan 352 Baily, William Clark 358 Balinger, Daniel Philip 308 Bain, David Russel 475 Bain, Sandra L. 444 Baker, Mark Wesley 357, 463 Baker, Martha Jean 394 Baker, Randall Paul 310 Baker, Robert Dean 394 Baker, Robert Michael 334 Baker, Stephen Thomas 448 Bakke, Noyes C. 316 Balachowski, Nancy Ann 380 Bales, John R. 448 Balkenbusch, Gary Allen 352 Ball, Elizabeth Ann 478 a Balthrop, Shawn Cannon 469 Baluk, Christine 467 Balzer, Daniel Paul 318 Balzer, David Thomas 318 Bandoli, Ruth E. 363, 474 Baranski, Nancy 478 Barbeau, Mark David 365 Barber, James Kent 320 Bardenheier, Nancy F. 394 Bargfrede, Bernard T. 312 Barks, Duncan Ray 339 Barnard, James McCall 361 Barnes, Mary Anne 394 Barnes, Mary Christine 349 Barnes, Nancy Sue 464 Barnes, Steven Bruce 394 Barnett, Charles William 373 Barrett, Christena Kay 303, 460 Barrett, Timothy Gerard 394, 299 Barron, John Lentz 320 Barstein, Mark Alan 378 Barth, BeverlyJean 394 Barth, Jay Philo 299 Barth, Stephen Jeffrey 373 Bartlett, David K. 394, 332 Bartmess, Joseph Pell 320 Bashor, Diane Elain 448 Bastain, Cynthia Kay 394 Bates, Gary D. 394 Bates, John Robert 352 Bates, Sheryll Jean 380 Battle, Valerie E. 380 Batten, Cheryl Ann 303 Baudendistel, Donna M. 394 Bauer, Betsy Ann 474, 468 Bauer, Brenda Lucille 481 Bauer, Nancy Anne 314, 464 Baumann, Dennis Frank 351 Baymiller, Patricia A. 394 Baymiller, Tamera Kay 474 Bazoian, Scott Azad 368 Bazuin, Mary 394 Beale, Michael Charles 361 Beam, Lisa 394 Beard, IL, Robert Lee 352 Beard, Steve Lewis 332 Beard, Tommy Lee 394, 444 Beck, Michael Adrian 352 Becker, Jean Loretta 394 Becker, Steven 1. 308 Beckett, Connie Ann 394 Beckham, James R. 394, 444 Becklean, Christopher 394 Beckman, Jan Murray 394 Beckner, Brent David 394 Bedard, Sherry Lynne 395 Bedell, Rhonda Faye 395 Bednar, Francis Michael 370 Bedunnah, Teresa Kay 314, 483, 458 Beedle, Ellen Carver 446 Beersman, Wesley Gene 310 Beffa, Betty Diane 395 Beffa, Norvel David 320 Begley, David Brent 337 Behnken, John Rolland 368 Behrendt, Patricia M. 395 Beisser, Ion Christopher 370 Beisser, M. Edith 341 Belcher, Nancy Lynn 328 Beljan, Peggy Lynn 303 Bell, Catherine Marie 380 Bell, Janet Rose 395 Bell, Jenny Jane 453 Benage, David D. 320 Bennekemper, Amy Alane 298 Bennett, Ann Leslie 448 Bennett, David Allen 448 Bennett, Jack Alan 320 Bennett, James Scott 365 Bennett, Joanne E. 326 Bennett, Larry Gene 446 Bennett, Steven Michael 467. Benoist, Marquerite 349 Benschop, Tina Joan 380, 450, 478 Benson, Marcia Nanette 363 Benson, Margaret M. 395 Benson, Susan Scott 344 Berg, Bruce Wayne 312 Berge, Wendy Lou 395, 448 Berger, Daniel Joseph 352 Berger, Kathe Ann 395 Bergjans, Suzanne M. 395 Bergum, Randy Albert 358 Berhorst, Carol Jane 395 Bemal, J. Lynn 446 Bemdsen, Thomas G. 463 Berry, Christine Marie 395 Berry, David Robert 454 Berry, Elizabeth Anne 363 Bertels, Carol Ann 395 Bertram, Mark Robert 332 Besselsen, Rebecca Kaye 478 Bibens, Douglas C. 334 Bickley, Alice Ann 314 Bickley, jane C. 363 Beilby, Rana Rae 395 Bielby, Ronald Kurt 373 r Bien, Ian Annette 341 Bien, Richard Nelson 358, 473 ,l Bierl, Lorna Gay 299 3 Biggs, Debbie Lynn 341 Bigham, Thomas Lynn 444 Billingsley, James D. 395 Binger, Thomas Mark 368 Binz, Jeanne Marie 363 Biondo, John Michael 337 Birch, Diana Kay 395 Bird, Kerry lo 328 Birk, Stephen Harry 395 r Bitter, Michael F. 352 Black, James S. 373 .3 Black, Karen Jean 395 Black, William Thomas 310 Blackburn, Teri Lee 395 Blackman, Steven Kent 446 Blaha, Stephen Charles 395 Blaine, Steven Robert 368 Blair, Dan Gregory Blair, Jeanette Grace 474 Bland, Terry Louise 395 Blankenship; Richard 395 Blanton, Amy Ann 460 Blessen, Douglas Steven 351 Blizewski, Susan Marie 476 Block, Lisa Ann 323 . Blood, Thomas Hanson 334, 468 Blosser, Cheryl Ann 453, 461 Blunk, William Edward 332 Blyholder, John C. 330 Bocarsky, Laura Jean 395 , Bock, Lynn Susan 395, 474 Bocklage, Ronald Henry Boedeker, Harrel Jr. 395, 339 Boedeker, Nancy Louise 346 Boedeker, William T. 374 Boggs, Michael I. 373 Bognar, Sharon Rose 395, 448 , Xi Bohannon, Michael Lewis 343 7 Bohnert, Anthony Wayne 337 Bokem, Madeleine P. 395 Boles, Gail Elaine 298, 460 Bollinger, Lea Anne 395 Bonfoey, Kathryn Ann 314 Boniface, Bonnie Lou 299, 456 Bonney 11, Robert Allen 334 Boone, Jennifer Kay 323 Borchardt, William Allen 395 Borgelt, David Alan 349, 475 Borgelt, Steven Charles 339, 458, 463 Borman, David Lee 361 Borman, Robert David 446 Borth, Robert L. 373 .9 ,, Bortz In, Robert Edward 316 Bosche, Susan Diane 363 Boschert Jr., Don William 334 Boschert, Rhonda Kay 314 Bosma, Rod D. 318 Bosslet, Timothy M. 396 Boswell, David Kent 357 Bothwell, Andrew L. 354 Botkin, Mike Lee 373 Boughan, Merrick Edward 365 Bowden, Georgina Cotter 396 Bowen, Jean Ann 396, 343 Bowen, Mark Dewayne 396, 343 Bowman, Curtis Eugene 396, 448 Boxx In, Richard Lee 332 Boyd, Olivia Ann 396 Boyle, Timothy A. 396, 320 Bozoian, Paul E. 299 Bozzay, Michael Wayne 343, 454 Braaten, Alan Michael 445 Bradley, Linda Marie 396, 444 Bradley, Steven Clark 396 Bradshaw, Jean P. 320 Bradshaw, Timothy Dale 351 Brady, Kathy 314, 483 Brady, Rosanne Kathleen 349 Brahm, Amy Ann 460 Branam, Susan Lynn 346 Branch, Ann Elizabeth 323 Brand, Bart Steven 308 . Brandau, Ron N. 358 Brandecker, Sara 344 Brandenberg, Arm Louise'323 Brandt, Monica Lee 328 Erannan, Lauren Kathleen 454 Bratten, Steven Joe 473 Bray, Paula Diane 460 Breadman, Sheryl Lynn 481 Breckenridge, Kirk David 334 Breckenridge, Robert A. 357 Breda In, Edgar James 334 Bredehoeft, Clark D. 312 Breer, Jeffrey Louis 374, 454 Breihan, Patricia Anne 344, 472 Breimeier, Ann E. 396 Breining, Carol Lee 396 Brendel, William Paul 318 Brennecke, Sandra L. 396, 314 Brennecke, Susan Lynn 314 Brents, Barbara Gayle 396 Brewer, Rodger L. 396 Briceno, Carlos Augusto 399 Bricker, Deborah Kay 346 Brigance, Linda Sue 314 Briggs 11"., James Ira 316 Brimer, Edward Farrel 396 Brinker, Henry John 367 Brinkmann, Ino Celeste 460 Brinkmeyer, James W. 373 Brinley, John Eric 474 Brinson, Robert Paul 361 Britton, Daniel E. 396 Brizzolara, Philip E. 337 Broaddus, Deborah L. 396 Broemmelsick, Deborah 349 Broemmelsick, Lisa P. 349 Broermann, Donald D. 396, 312 Brolinson, Per Gunnar 396 Brooking, Mary Katherine 346 Brooks, Mike Joseph 351 Brooks, Perry M. 446 Brossard, Suzanne H. 299, 481 Brown, Allison Ann 314 Brown, Ellen Louise 299 Brown, Elizabeth Jill 326 Brown, Janet Ann 314 Brown, Megan Lee 460 Brown, Michael Steven 374 Brown, Robin Meredith 396, 344 Brown, Sara Beth 363, 465 Brown, Scott Vincent 442 Brown, Steve Alvin 312 Browne III, Beau Warren 354 Browne, William Pontious 310 Brownlee, Richard James 367 Broyles, Sheri Jan 396, 303 Broyles, Steve Lee 367 Broz, Kevin Frank 334 Bruch, Thomas Page 474 Brueggemann, Shari Lynn 303 Bruemmer, John Craig 365 Brunk, Douglas Lee 312 Brunk, Richard Lee 310 Brunner, Sharon Patricia 341 Bruton, Julie Elizabeth 349 Bryant, Joseph Patrick 339, 382, 442 Bryson, Allison Jean 298 Bubb, Thomas Lyons 368 Buchheit, Steven Rudolph 374 Bucholz, Jeffrey D. 368 Buckman, Scott William 310 Buckner, John Tate 320 Buehler, Jennifer Anne 323 Buehler, Mark Vaughn 396 Buelteman, M. Barbara 380 Buercklin, Kenneth O. 361 Buergler, David Joseph 361 Buescher, Judith Marie 299 Buescher, Suzanne Carol 444 Buhlinger, Ronald Kevin 361 Buie, David Richard 482 Buie, William Elgin 352 Bullock, Jill Ann 380 Butemeier, Mary Ella 396, 446, 478 Bunten, August 8. 396, 337 Burch, Benjamin Roscoe 337 Burden, Janice Sue 396 Burgdorf, Dirk Theodore 318 Burge, John Kay 370 Burgesen, Michael Louis 448 Burk, Beverly Ann 349 Burk, Donna Sue 396 Burke, Kathy Ann 450 Burke, Phillip Scott 310 Burke, Stanley R. 446 Burkemper, Roberta Lee 447 Burlinham, Stuart D. 396, 351, 442 Burmeister, Jill Lynn 454 Bumet, Laura Morris 328 Burns, Mark Edmund 370 Burroughs, Cynthia Sue 328 Burrows, Jeffrey A. 330 Burst 11, James Leonard 373 Burt, Frank Nicholas 374 Burton, Brenda Kay 363 Burton, Rebecca Ann 466 Busch, Patrick Thomas 382 Busdieker, Leon C. 396, 310 Bushyhead, Jess 397 Busse, David Robert Bussing, Gregory Joseph 352 Butcher, Sandra Jayne 442 Butler, Barbara Susan 397 Butler, Martin Dudley 397 Butler, Paige Marie 363, 464 Butterfield, Colin M. 397 Butts, Daniel Edward 334 Buxell, Deborah Kay 447 Byers, Whitney Ann 363 Byrne, Kathleen Ann 380, 467 Byrne, Shawn Gerard 370 Byme, Thomas M. 374 Byrnes, William Paul 376 C Cabell, Peter Morris 351 Cabell, Thomas P. 351 Cadle, Cynthia Lou 346 Cahill, Mary E. 397 Caldarello, Cynthia I. 326 Callahan, Daniel Devol 337 Callahan, Kevin Paul 367 Callahan, Thomas Patrick 325 Calles In, Robert Milo 361 Callihan, Sharon Kaye 363 Camden, David Mark 444 Campbell, Linda Darlene 448 Canney, William H. 467 Cantwell, Lisa Pam 363, 473 Capages, Karissa E. 397 ' Capron, Mark Richard 448 Capshaw, Ben Caleb 320 Caradonna, Tom Louis 367 Caravello, Joyce D. 363 Cardetti, Janet Maria 303 Cardosi, Carla Kay 328 Carey, Mary Elizabeth 397 Cargill, Max Peter 357, 473, 463, 462 Carley, Mary Terese 397 Carlisle, Anita Jane 328 Carmody, Mollie Kathleen 303, 460 Carpenter, Claudia Ann 468 Carpenter, Ian M. 346 Carpenter, Janet Lynn 442 Carr, Caren Lea 323 Carr, Gary Allen 474 Carr, Mary Gay 397 Carruthers, Susan Tolis 380 Carter, Daryel Jack 374 Carter, Lynn Ellen 346 Carter, Patricia Inez 460 Casady, Susan Colleen 397 Cascella, Guy R. 370 Casper, Danny Keith 339 Cassidy, Jennifer Marie 328 Cassiere, Edward Paul 299 Cassilly, Joan Gallier 303 Cassilly, Mary Rawlins 397, 448 Cassin, Laurel Ann 472 Cassing, Cheryl Lynn 397 Cassity, William Eugene 462, 463 Casteel, Jeanne Marie 397 Casteel, Steven Dale 466 Castellano, Michael A. 397, 367 Castle, James T. 332 Castle, Mark William 357 Castleman, Susan E. 397 Cater, Robert Martin 365 Cattle, Mary Katherine 326 Cavanaugh, Christine J. 326 Cave, Rita Faye 397 Cavenah, Richard Karl 351 Cavender, David Paul 397, 454 Cawvey, Sheila Kay 454 Caywood, John Leslie 334 Celette, Diane E. 397 Ceresia, Christine Ann 341 Cemy, Kimberly Ann 363 Chalender, Tamara T. 349, 478 Chamberlin, Judith A. 472 Chan, Winnie Lee 397 Chapin, Lauren Sue 341 Chapman, Dane Richard 316 Chapman, Jeanine Lynn 448 Chapman, Joan E. 349, 397 Chappel, Lelie Lynn 478 Chapuis, Charles Leon 339 Chastain, James E. 397 Cheatham, John Thomas 352, 463 Chervitz, David Howard 378 Chick, Ellen 397 Childers, Jeri Lynne Chisom, Katherine Edna 464 Chom, Mary Beth 397 Chow, Janet Shun 397 Christ, Kevin Paul 332 Christensen, Io Elyn 397, 326 Christian, Deborah R. 397 Christian, Joseph C. 445 Christiansen, Candy Kay 380 Christopher, Cameron L. 314 Christopher, Patrick I. 325 Christy, John Edward 370 Chulick, Frank Joseph 352 Churchill, Leslie 10 328 Cibulka , Michael T. 334 Clampitt, Karen Ann 314, 448 Clapper, Christine Mary 464 Clark, Diana Lynn 397, 478 Clark, Kengy Joe 310 Clark, Laura Lynn 466 Clark, Ray Michael 299 Clark, Steven Lynn 446 Clarke, Denise Lynn 323 Clarkson, Lillian I. 397 Clarkson, Marjorie Ellen 344 CIavenna, Karen A. 397 Clawson, Donna Marie 346 Clawson, Teresa Louise 397 Clay, Diane Marie 450 Clay, James Nicholas 370 Clay, Liza 323 Clayman, Catherine I. 397 Clayton, Ann Lucille 460 Cleek, Sandra Pauline 398 Clevenger, Rex Thomas 352 Clifton, Donald Greg 339 Clisham, Donna Marie 398 Coale, James Robert 446 Coats, Paul Andrew 442 Cobb, Dawn Renee 341, 456 Cobb, Richard Allen 398 Cochran, Donna Marie 341, 477 Cochran, John Richard 365 Coe, .Carol Suzanne 323 Coe, Curtis Daniel 373 Coe, Stuart Earle 352 Coffelt, Jaqueline Lynn 398 Coffelt, Terry Wayne 462, 463 Coffman, John David 398 Cohen, Alan Wayne 208 Cohen, Cheri Barbara 341 Cohen, Craig Nolan 308 Cohen, Julianne 398 Cohen, Randie G. Cohen, Richard M. 378 Cohen, Tab Sanditen 378 Cohle, Paul Raymond 398 Cole, Jane Rhee 323 Cole, Quentin Reed 398 Cole, Sharon L. 472 Cole, Therese Jan'e 466 Cole, William Henry 330 Coleman, Cynthia K. 398 Coleman, Iacalyn Ann 398 Collier, Holly Diane 363 Collier, Steven D. 473 Collins, Carla Ian 446, 478 Collins, James Brian 454 Collins, Julie Dawn 326 Collins, Mary Larue 398 Collins, Stephen K. 352, 398 Colvert, Troy Edward 399 Como, Joseph Leonard 352 Conboy, Tracy Lynn 328 Conde, Betsy Jane 323 Conklin, Robert S. 370 Connell, Kevin James 370 Conner, Lonnie Gene 399 Conner, Scott David 368 Connet, Cynthia Ann 303 Connolly, Robin Ann 399 Connor, Mary Alice 444 487 - Wigwam "MW wax 1 A 3322...; 4232111HN, 1 Connors, Joseph C. 399 Conrad, Diane Marie 454 Conrad, Jackie Mae 346 Conrad, Laura Jean 478 Conrad, Mark Alan 334, 448 Constant, Bruce Allen 399 Constant, Randall Jay 320 Constantin, Diane M. 481 Cook, Gregory Alden 399 Cook, Mary Beth 399 Cook, Robert Deanl399 Coombs, Douglas W. 358, 399, 473, 452, 463 Cooper, Amy Harris 328 Cooper, Douglas Robert 330 Cooper, Greg Hamilton 320 Cooper, Marylee 399 Cooper, Melissa Grant 472 Cope, Dale Eugene 399 Cope, Lawrence Keith 352 Copeland, Kevin Eugene 358 Corbett, William Joseph 370 Corbin, Maureen Anne 349 Corbin, Melinda Ann 399 Coriell, Laura Laverne 380 Combleet, Jane Ann 399 Comelison,3lackie Dee 358 Cornelius, Susan Gayle 303 Correll, Karen Sue 346, 466, 474 Corteville, Patricia 399 Corwin, Ruth Ann 472 Cosgrove, Donald Joseph 370 Coss, Leslie Rae 380, 477 Cott, Cheryl Lynn 478 Couch, Jerald D. 399 Covert, Milos Lee 442 Covitz, Arlene S. 328 Cowdrey, Paula Dianne 328 Cowgill, Douglas Frank 373 Cox, Jennifer Marilyn 399 Cox, Kenneth Lee 456 Cox, Tim Eugene 332 Coyne, Marlee Beth 380 Cracraft, Patricia E. 399 Craig, Brian Lee 399 Craine, Jaime Marie 363 Craine, Susan Jane 399 Cramblit, Rebecca Jean 303 Cramer, Keith Charles 442 Crary, Jane Lacy 467, 473 Craven, Candy L. 399 Cravens, John David 368 ' Cravens, William Paul 310 Crawford, Colleen M. 399 Crawford, Dan Taft 357 Crawford, Iaqueline A. 328 Crawford, Rebecca Sue 303, 460 Crawford, Tracy Lee 474 Crecelius, Judith Lynne 303 Creech, Dana Kathryn 323 Crews Ir., James Howard 310 Critchlow, Debbie R. 344 Croak, Robert Neil 351 Crocker, Thomas Clark 368 Crocker, Thomas Clark 368 Crockett, Linda Diane 399 Cross, Daniel Clinton 374 Cross, Iames Philip 365 Crouthers Jr., Paul C. 399 Crow, Bryan William 399 Crowe, Emily Adell 399, 469 Crowe, Lawrence Kerdolff 354 Crowley, Anne Elizabeth 346 Crum, Connie Jean 399 Cruncleton, Kimberly A. 346 Crutchfield, Brian A. 373 Cruz III, Joseph Edward 399 Cryer, David N. 357 Cuba, Robert Gregory 361 488 Cuddy, Dana Lee 341 Cullen, John Michael 332 Cummings, Timothy Edward 332 Cummins, Marilyn Louise 299 Cunningham, Kent B. 476 Cupps, Donald Lynn 310, 399 Curry, Gretchen Ann 400 D Dailey, Lucinda Ann 299 Bailey, Lynne Ellen 400 Daily, Thomas Eugene 351 Damon, Gary Michael 370 Daniels, James Allen 442 Danklef, Tim James 352 Dardick, 10 Ellen 400 Darnell, Robert Allen 339 Darr, Janice Lee 400 Darr, Susan Todd 467 Daugherty, Iohn Michael 444 Davenport, Nancy E. 380 Davey, Anita Lee 400 Davidson, Debra Susan 400 Davidson, Jill Dawn 400 Davis, Ann Marie 349 Davis, Dall Lindell 330 Davis, Gary Michael 308 Davis, Iris Yvette 474 Davis, Jeanne Ann 406 Davis, Judith R. 400 Davis, Lisa Ray 314, 448 Davis, Margaret Ann 474 Davis, Marjorie Ann 346 Davis, Stephen D. 308 Davis, Susan Lynn 346, 378 Davis, Susan Marie 400 Davis, Susan Marie 346 Davis, Wendy Jean 400, 452 Davis, William C. 320 Dawson, Diana Lynn 363 Day Jr., Francis G. 339, 442 Day, Sandra Gayle 299 Dearman, Karen Elaine 483 Deathe, Frances Eileen 445 Deaton, Richard Finley 406 Decampi, Karen Ellen 323 Decker, Lori Anne 326 Deem, Cheryl Joan 400 Deemie, Jeffrey Lee 368 Dees, Beverly Ann 400, 466 Defalco, Iolee F. 400 Defer, William Lindberg 365 Degan, Karen Ann 303 Degroot, Allyson Jo 314 Dehadashti-Shahrokh, Abd 400 Delebar, Patricia Lee 341 Delisle, Alice Jean 400 Dempsey, Diane Rae 400 Denis, Lisa 400, 444 Dennis, Mark Victor 400, 358 Derges, Daniel M. 337 Deshon, David Wayne 367 Desloge, Mary Ellen 400 Detwiler, Michael R. 400 Dewall, Debra Lynn 472, 478 Dewalt, Cynthia Anne 323, 400 Dewitt, Elizabeth Jane 380 Dewitt, Larry Dean 448 Diamant, Mike Barry 308 Dickens Jr., David Angus 334 Dickerson, James B. 400 Dickey, Martin L. 400, 357 Dickson, James 111 463 Dickson, Kim Jocelyn 400 Diedriech, Daniel C. 400 Dielmann, Sally Jean 349 Dierberg, Keith Roger 332 Dierberg, William J. 352 Dietrich, Tanya Kay 400, 448 Dill, Matthew Karl 400 Dille, Scott L. 316 Dillon, Kimberly Lynn 400, 452 Dionne, James Fairfield 316 Dionne, Thomas Iohnstone 316 Divalerio, Dean Dominic 352 Dixon, Christine Elaine 299 Dlugolecki, Myra Sue 400 Doak, Garret William 474 Dobbins, Deborah Ann 341 Dobbs, Michael Keith 373 Dobin, Tobie Adele 314, 483 Dockins, Marva Kay 401, 454 Doering, Lawrence Gerard 354 Doggett, James Wallis 482 Dohm, Peter John 444 Dolan, Janice Deirdre 4013 Dolan, Robert E. 401 Dolan, Tim Richard 352 Doneff, John Alex 368 Dopuch, Peter Matthew 365 Dore, Carolyn Mary 349 I Dorman, Scott Jeffrey 308 Dorr, Daniel Oliver 376 Dorsey, Michael Francis 351 Dortch, Milton A. 466 Dossett, Melanie Dougherty, James E, 401 Doughty, Douglas' Peery 320 Douglas 111, Elvin S. 320 Douglass, Maribeth 401 Dover, Kenneth E. 325 Dowling, James Clinton 368 Downey, Deborah Susan 326 Downing, Dennis Michael 299 Downing, Don Manley 320, 467 Downs, Karen Sue 401 Downs, Kimberly Kay 303 Downs, Sam E. 482 Doxsee, Deborah Joan 299 Doyle, Patricia Ann 472 Doyle, Una Roisin 401 Drag, Marlene Diane 476 Draheim, Richard William 334 Drimmel, Deborah Susan 344, 465 Dryden, Ellen Gail 314 Dubbert, Mary Jane 401 Dubbert, Nancy Ruth 474 Dubbert, Theresa Joan 442 Duddy, Michael Joseph 316 Dude, Carla Christine 346 Dueringer, Michele Diane 328 Duff, Debra Kay 401, 448 Duff, Patrick C. 320 Duff, Susan Frances 326 Duffin, Debra Ann 401 Duggins, Martha L. 401 Dulin, Deborah Franklin 346 Duncan, Deborah Jo 466 Duncan, Susan G. 401 Dunivan, Iohn D. 310 Dunleavy, Stephen M. 401, 320 Dunn, Eileen Denise 401 Duren, Keith Preston 442 Durington, Rex Mitchell 401 Durk, Deborah Sue 344 Dusheke, Lyndal Alfred 448 Dutton, Robert R. 401, 370 Dutton, William G. 401 Dwight, Martha Lynn 363 Dwyer, F. James 401 Dwyer, Mary A. 448 Dyer, Shelly Rae 401, 450 E Baker, Lisa Ann 346, 466, 474 Early, Pat Francis 312 Earls, Nancy Suzanne 401, 314 Eason, Janet Lee 401 Eastman, Roger M. 401 Eaton, Brenda Kaye 401 Ebel, Robert Charles 454 Ebeling, John Andrew 376 Ebert, Daniel I. 401, 368 Ebert, Lori Lea 401 Ebert, Matthew Michael 337, 466 Eberts, Ralph Thomas 368, 401, 448 Eckhardt IL, Robert Lee 401 Eckl, Lorelei Diane 401 Eddy, Judith Rae 298 Eden, Julie Ann 298, 450 Edwards, Dennis Ray 368 Edwards, Michael T. 401 Edwards, Stephen William 310 Efron, David 376 Egan, Monica Lynn 303 Eggen, Gary L. 357 Eifler, Steven William 299 : Einig, Kimberly Ann 341 7 Eisenbeis, William B. 444 Eisenberg, Donald Lee 308 1 Eisenberg, Jeffrey R. 401 Eisleben, Karl Robert 373 Elder, Mary Jo 363 Elder; Patrick Timothy 367 Eldridge, David Michael 325, 482 Ellason, Rebecca M. 401 Elleman, Michael Keith 334 Ellerbrake, Joel K. 401 Elliot, Eva Maria 402 3 Elliot, Georgianne 349 Elliot, Janet Ruth 402, 469 Elliot, M. Thomas 365 Ellis, Becky Jane 402 Ellis, Kathryn Jo 402, 314, 483 Ellis, Lon Eric 320 Ellis, Michael Wayne 312 Ellis, Ronald Dale 312 Elmore, Jennifer K. 402, 453 Elrod, Stanley Wells 376, 463 Els, Walter 332, 402 Elsey, David Warren 466 l Emmerich, Debra Io 402 1 Emmons, Scott E. 358 Enchelmaier, Karen Le"e 402 England, Douglas Steele 343, 463 English, Gary Steven 352 Ennis, Elizabeth Ann 341 Ensor, Marty Dale 316 Enzmann, Randall Charles 351 Epstein, Ellen Sue 402 Epstein, Jennifer Kay 402, 363 Epstein, Lynn Sherri 363 1, Erdel, Kathleen Mary 402, 344 1 Ernst, Benjamin David 368 Ernst, Debra Ann 402 Eschenroeder, Georgia P. 344 Eschmann, Mary K. 402 Esser, Ron Joseph 325 Essman, Gary Mark 308 Estes, Charlene Lee 402 Estrada, Tina Katherine 478 Etheridge, Gary Lee 402 Etheridge, Patricia Gale 402 Etz, Sandra Marie 346, 442 I Eubanks, Catherine M. 402 1 Evans, David Anthony 468 Evans, George Alan 451 Evans, Laura Searles 349 Evans, Leslie A. 349 Evans, Linda Susan 349 Evans, Scott T. 402, 373 Eveker, Charles R. 402 Evenson, Michele Ariane 465 Evers, Jayne Marie 328 n Ewing, Margaret Grace 402, 344 Ewing, Timothy Ivan 339 Eyman, Julia Anne 442 F Faerber, Bradley Craig 351 Faherty, Jay Matthew 402 Fairbank, Storma lane 323 Fallon, Lynn E. 341 Fanger, Dennis Allyn 374 Fanska, Nancy Lou 402 Paris, Tom A. 358 Farley, Glenn Keith 368 Farmer, Randal Jay 334 Famen, Caroline Ann 402, 476 Farr, Barbara Ellen 402 Favazza, Michael F. 334 Fay, Stephen King 357 Fechter, Sally Olive 326 Fehrmarm, Victoria L. 402 Feigenbaum, Robin S. 402 Feinberg, Lauren Rhea 458 Feld, Susan Elizabeth 378, 402 Feldman, Jeffrey Stuart 402 Feldman, Richard E. 402, 308 Fellwock, Maurice Alan 334, 458 Felmer, Marc Alan 351 Fender, Dale Leroy 316 Fender, Rosemary Roxanna 326, 377 Fendlason, Margaret Ann 299, 478 Feng, En-Ling 402 Fenlon, Gregory Gerard 352 Fennessey, Jeanette M. 299, 478 Fennewald, Patty Ann 474 Fenton, Debra Ann 402 Ferber, Douglas Edward 402, 361 Ferber, Steven Edgar 402 Ferguson, Barbara Ellen 380, 460 Ferguson, loan Leslie 326 Ferguson, Randel Shane 339 Ferguson, Susan 403, 346, 478 Fernandez, Patricia A. 403 Ferrell, Kimberly Gayle 380 Fetterly, Terry Lynne 403 Feuerbacher, James H. 7368 Fialka, William Frank 403 Fick, Charles William 403, 466 Ficken, Jackie Paul 339 Fickenwirth, Debra Karen 478 Fiegenbaum, C.L. 403, 380 Fields, Lee Ann 448 Finbloom, Norman 358 Findley, Tara Sue 328 Finlay, Susan Jane 403 Firestone, Michael I. 308 Firks, Janice Kay 403 Fischbach, Robert Joseph 334 Fischer, Ann E. 403, 466 Fischer, Joyce Lynne 466 Fisher, Brad Kevin 343 Fishman, Ilene Gail 403 Fister, Karen Renee 328 Fitzgerald, Patrice Ann 403 Fitzgerald, Thomas I. 358, 463 Fitzgibbons, David D. 368 Fitzsimmons, Teresa A. 403 Fitzwater, C. David 325 Flanagan, Michael John 361 Flanigan, Gregory W. 403 Flanigan, Katherine 346 Flek, James Michael 334, 458 Fleck, John Lyle 334 Flekier, Jay S. 378 Fleming, Judith Mary 453 Flentge, Mary Gaye 326 Flick, Steve Alvin 299 Flittner, Lisa L. 346 Flock, Harry Herbert 442 Flores, John Manuel 358 Flowers, Stanley Carl 325 Flynn, Elizabeth Mary 404, 341 Flynn, Timothy C. 404, 446 Foege, Carol Ann 341 Fohey, Richard Vemie 404 Folta, Jerry Wayne 339 FoItz, Melody Dawn 404 Force, Sandra Kay 404 Forstmann, George R. 330 Foster, Barbara lean 346, 465 Fowler, Dennis Dwain 325 Fowler, Jay Claude 339, 442 Fowler, Mary Luann 404 Fox, John Joseph 471 Fox, Ronald Edward 325 Fox, Steven Walter 320 Frager, Bruce Harvey 404 Frala, Lou Ann 482 Frame, Charles Steven 339, 476 Frank, Allyn Hunt 404, 448 Frank, Julie Rae 481 Franz, Kristine Ann 323 Frasher, Thomas P. 404, 444 Freiert, Randall Brian 318 Frien, James Andrew 365 Freivogel, Vicky Lynn 478, 458 French, Carol Ann 473 Freund, Janice I. 478 Freund, John Jeffrey 404 Frick, Elizabeth Anne 299 Frick, Suzanne C. 404, 478 Friday, Robert Lyle 332 Friedhold, Paul David 357 Friedman, Scott Mayer 367, 463 Friend, Lisa Marie 469 Frogge, Danny Ray 373 Fuchs, Robert Eugene 320 Fuhrman, Clark Elvin 368 Fuhrman, Diana Kay 405 Fuldner, John Eggert 467 Fulford, Cynthia Eleanor 405, 448 Fulk, Susan Elaine 405 Fulks, Leah May 405 Fuller, Lisa Ann 363 Fuller, Paula Elizabeth 405, 363 Fulton, Mark Christopher 310 Fulton, Robert Dennis 332 Furgason, Janie Sue 448 Furlong, Marie Kay 405 G Gaiser, Denise Ann 467 Galbierz, Linda Lee 303 Galik, Barbara Ann 405 Gallagher, Cindy Ann 326 Gallagher, Joni Lynn 450 Gallagher, Karen P. 405, 442 Gallo, Teresa Marie 448 Gambrell, Douglas David 374 Gammon, Gregory Lynn 325 Candy, Annette 453 Ganey, Richard G. 405 Card, Allen Dale 405 Gardner, Eric Melvin 343 Gardner, Steven Lee 320 Garland, Steven Douglas 376 Garlich, Joe Richard 405 Gamett, Paul Richard 343 Gamett, Timothy Allen 456 Ganeft, Karen Lee 346 Garrett, Linda Lee 469 Garrett, Nancy Elizabeth 326, 464 Garrison, Debra Ann 476 Gasser, Jeffrey Kirk 308 Cast, Karen Lou 445 Gates, Cynthia Sue 341 Gates, Nanette S. 405 Gebhardt, Debra Sue 380 Gebhardt, Gary Martin 334, 405 Gee, Patricia Ann 328 Geekie, Karen Marie 298, 454 Gegg, Geri Ann 405 Gehlert, Donna Ann 344 Geiger, Leslie Claire 405 Geisel, David Wayne 444 Geldzahler, Glenn C. 378 Gentile, Curtis Alan 334, 368 Gentry, James Doyle 368 George, David Brian 405 George, Ralph Michael 361 Georgeff, Robin Ann 303 Gerard, Elizabeth Ann 299 Gerdes, Larry Wayne'339 Gerdes, Vickie Jean 405 Gerhardt, Eric Charles 361 Gerhardt, Kurt Charles 361 Gerhart, Deborah Louise 454 Gerke, Bernadette Rose 442, 476 Gerlach, Leesa Jane 472 Gerlach, Paul David 332 German, David Scott 378, 476 Garner, James Paul 365 Gershenson, Dean Todd 378 Gessel, Michael Henry 332, 463 Gessel, Patricia Sue 314, 483 Gesualdi, Patricia Lee 349 Guerin, Brian Clark 334, 405 Gibbons, Mary Allen 363 Gibbs, Danny Ray 330 Gibson, Brenda Gail 380 Gibson, Mark Webb 373 Gierlich, Glenn Carl 405 Gieselman, Mark David 312, 405 Gieson, Jill Gay 444, 472 Gilbert, Karen Kay 444 Gilbert, Mary Ann 405, 363 Gilbert, Susan Lynn 405 Gilgour, Mitchell Wayne 310 Gill, Gregory Brian 357 Gill, Timothy Luke 446 Gillespie, Eugene C. 358 Gillespie, Stanley Bruce 343 Gilliom, Greg Lyle 361 Gilpin, April Leigh 405, 450 Gingrich, Andrew R. 405 Gingrich, Lisa Lea 363, 458 Gipson, Larry R. 405 Gipson, Terry Allen 325 Givan, Gary Lee 405 Givant, Debra Ann 405 Glascock, John Dutton 367 Glaser, Rosalie 453 Glass, Robert Stephen 352 Gleghom, Stephen Robert 445 Glenn, Karen Diane 405 Glisson, Gary William 352 Gnagi, Margaret Ann 298 Gragi, Mary Michele 346 Gockel, Bruce Leon 405, 458 Godfrey, Ellen Ann 405 Codich, Mark Steven 330, 463 Goding, Brian Lee 352 Godsey, Randy Gene 332 Goeckeler Jr., Vernon G. Goers, Keith Waldon 368 Goetz, Jeffrey Wayne 405, 442 Gold, Carl Gene 352 Goldammer, Cynthia Ann 344 Goldberg, Diane Kay 406 Goldberg, Michael David 378 Goldberg, Shelli Robin 406 Goldman, Howard Alan 308 Goldman, Linda C. 406 Goldstein, Marty Jay 308 Goldstein, Sara Tate 406 Geller, Lisa Michele 482 Gomez, Victor Norman 343 Gooch, Lyndell Franklin 358 Goodale, John Barlow 406 Goode, Leslie Adelle 344 Goodwin, Barry Gerard 406, 325 Goodwin, Mary Elizabeth 474 Goodwin Pamela Marie 346 Goone, Neal Richard 378 Gordon, Carol Ann 303 Gordon, Clayton Barnett 320 Gordon, James Neal 352 Gordon, John David 406 Gordon, Richard L. 406 Gordon, Sheryl Ann 474 Gordon, Stephen Patrick 374 Gordon, Susan Marie 406 Gottschalk, Pamela Jane 472 Gould, Ann Elizabeth 326, 406 Gould, Dbnna Io 326, 451 Grady, Mary Ann 299, 450 Graham, Gene Patrick 334 Graham, Jeffery Allen 318 Graham, Paul Mark 446 Gramlich, Edward Leo 406 Grant, Brian D. 368 Grant, Kelly 310 Grantz, Thomas Elton 330 Grashoff, George Edward 337 Grashoff, Robert B. 337, 406 Crane, Michael Lee 406 Gravagna, Andrew M. 406 Graves, David C. 406 Gray, Brian Thomas 334 Gray, Sharon Kay 363 Greathouse, Amy Faye 380, 464 Gredell, Juli 406, 474 Green Barbara Layenette 406 Green, Deana Sue 323 Green, Debra Lynn 406 Green, Mark William 337 Green, Susan E. 406 , Greene, Anne Elizabeth 363 Greenway, Robert C. 442 Greenwood, John Ray 376 Gregory, Alan Dolan 406 Gregory, Amy Lynn 314, 483 Gregory, Deborah Ann 406 Gressly, Janet Gwenn 314 Gressly, Laura Lynne 314, 483 Gressly, William D. 406 Gretzinger, Lynn Ann 344 Grueb, Gregory Eugene 444 Greubel, Robert Joseph 337 Grewach, Edward J. 406 Grey, Ignatius Clarence 299 Grice, Kimberly L. 326 Griffin, Andrea Dee 344 Griffin, David E. 406 Grigaitis, Jeffrey W. 374 Grimaldi, Gerard Joseph 370 Grimert, Kathleen P. 406 Grimm, Denise Kaye 466 Grodie, Mary Elizabeth 406 Grogan, Dennis Wayne 406 Gronstedt, Joy Sue 299 Groomes, David Jon 361 Cross 11"., James Irvan 406 Gross, Mindy 363 Grossglauser, Lisa Ann 349 Grossman, Gary Dale 358 Grossmann, Thomas Alan 308 Grote, Daniel E. 361 Grote, Thomas Edward 361 Grot-jan, Douglas D. 445 Grozinger, Jimmy Lee 406, 445 Grueber, Denyse Jeanine 298, 454 Gruenkemeyer, Jill 406 Grus, Mary Jane 346 489 I 11!: Ah. I" h is! u "H 1!: 1'3? . . h- 24.23."..27 V Gruver, Gary Allen 406 Gryder, Ronald W. 406 Gubany, Peter Michael 373 Gtibin, Sydney 308 Guevel, Randa Lea 328 Guignon Jr., Pierre Jules 316 Gunn, Rebecca Frances 323 Gusdorf, Randy Eliot 308 Gustafon, Jon Eric 316 Gustafson, Kim Marie 328 Guthrie, Jan E. 407 Guthrie, John David 407 Guy, Thomas Michael 357 H H'Doubler, Scott Wesley 316 Haas, Frederick Thomas 316 Haas, Kenneth Howard 351 Hack Jr., Kenneth E. 332 Hacker, Dale Alan 454 Hacker, Gary Alan 330 Haddock, Don Burton 407 Hadler, Kevin Arnold 318 Haenni, Thomas C. 407 Hafner, Robert Clayton 357 Hagebush, Teniann 328, 407 Hagee, William Harlow 407 Haggerty, James Gerard 407 Hahn, Abigail Lynn 380 Haines, Sidney Carol 380 Hajek, William Michael 407 Haldeman, Mark Justin 357 H'ale, Robert Mitchell 310 Hales, Marcia Teresa 326, 474 Halferty, Carolyn Ashley 363 Hall, Charles Williams 339 Hall, Cynthia Jane 303 Halpern, David Michael 467 Halpem, Karen Ellen 407 Halveland, Leslie G. 407 Hambrick, Joan Lee 380 Hamill, Edward Joseph 376, 407 Hamilton, Bruce Alan 330 Hamilton, Denise Lynn 407, 448 Hamilton, Julie Marie 323 Hamilton, Tamara Lynn 323 Hammitt, Kyle Vaughn 368 Hammond, David Coy 351 Hammons, Lori Lea 328 Hampe, Lizabeth Ann 328 Hampy, Jeanette Kay 407 Hams, Robert Louis 357, 448 Hancock, Gretchen 326 Hancock, John Gregory 407 Hancock, Rebecca 326, 407 Hancock, Thomas Keith 332 Hankins, Clayton Charles 299 Hankins, Steve C. 370 Hamia, Kimberly Lynn 326 Hans, Steven Brian 320 Hanske, Steven Paul 352, 444 Hanson, Christopher R. 407 Hanson, Randall M. 407 Hanzel, Janice Marie 303 Harbor, Sheldon Jay 308 Harbison, Pamela Opal 454 Hardie, Joe Malone Hardy, Karyn Dianne 380 Hare, Danny Joseph 325 Harlan, Jack P. 325 Harlan, Mary Ann 448 Harlan, Rosemary Terresa 326 Harman, Deborah Lynn 380 Harmon, Celia Anne 444 Harmon, James Davidson 312 Hamacker, Barbara Maria 407 Harness, Mary E. 490 Harper, Thomas Lawrence 446 Harrenstein, Dale Brian 445 Harris, Barbara Jane 448 Harris, Christopher A. 407 Harris, Sally Ann 341, 464 Harrison, Brian Garland 316 Harrison, Darcy Ann 314, 483 Harrison, Patricia Lynn 450 Harroun, Mary Lou 363 Harshman, Mark Robert 358 Hart, Alan Craig 407 Hart, Sandra Jean 407 Harte, Mary Kathleen 444 Hartig, David Bradford 354 Hartke, Diane Lynn 407 Hartman, Mark A. 357 Harvel, Mike Eugene 352 Harvel, Steven A. 407 Harvey, David Mark 316 Hassel, Gregory Clayton 482 Hasselfeld, Larry W. 407 Hasselriis, Stephen H. 474 Hassler, William M. 407 Hastings, Greg Owen 332 Hatchitt, Curtis Lee 448 Hatley, Charles Curtis 334 Hatten, Jana L. 474 Haumschiit, Mark Edward 454 Haury, Barbara Ann 407 Hauser, Michele M. 474 Haux, Kristin Adelia 450 Hawk, Nancy Lynn 407 Hawken, Christopher Hall 330 Hawkins, Diane Kay 407 Hawkins, Howard Stephen 407 Hawthorne, Brad W. 408 Hawthorne, Mich R. 408, 467 Hayden, James Roger 408 Haynes, Cynthia Ruth 408 Haynes, Andrew Ky 467, 473 Haynes, Julie Irene 460 Hays, Dennis Gerard 442, 444 Hays, Gloria Jeanne 408 Hays, Robert Lee 368 Hays, Tina Yvonne 460 Hayward, Jill Lucille 328 Hazell, Robert Morris 408 Healy, Glennon W. Healey, Michael Dennis 337 Healy, Donna Louise 408 Heape, Nancy Lynn 380 Heath, Phyllis Irene 478 Hechler, Steve Lewis 299 Heck, David Paul 408 Heck, Gregory Scott 408 Hecke, Stephen Micheal 408 Hedden, Linda Ruth 326 Hedlin, Barbara Jean 323 Hedrick, Melanie 408 Heerman, Susan Kay 446 Heeth, Robert Stephen 408 Heid, Brent Alan 442 Heida, Mari Susan 408 Heilman, Paula Jean 328 Heim, Teresa Ann 380 Heimsoth, Cheryl Janet 448 Heisinger, Patrick D. 408 Heisler, Valerie A. 303 Heithhold, Donavon W. 409 Heitz, Steve Fredrick 318 Heitz, Tammie Ann 298 Held, Kimberly Ann 467 Helfer, James Emmett 318 Helle, Pamela Sue 476 Heller, Thomas Joseph 452 Hellstem, Deborah Anne 442 Helt, Kristy Jean 328 Helvey, Susan K. Hembree, Laura Stacye 409 Hemperly, John Lawton 352 Henderson, Kelly Lynn 349 Henderson, Robert W, 409 Henderson, Thomas W. 409 Henderson, Timothy James 473 Henley, Barbara Gail 380 Henley, Joy Faye 344 Henniger, Sharon Sue 299 Henrichs, David Richard 444, 466 Henrikson, James Logan 370, 463 Henry, James Joseph 367 Henry, Sharon Joyce 363, 409 Henry, Shirley Jean 363, 465 Henson, Madye G. 409, 474 Henz, Steven Novica 409 Henze, Michael Edward 463 Herbers, Rose Agnes 409, 466 Herman, Fred Erd 409 Herr, Theresa Anne 409 Herrick, Mary Ann 450 Herrin, Paul Sanford 409 Herring, Martha Lee 409 Harrington, Lewis G. 357 Hershbarger, Delynne M. 299 Herwig Ir., Philip George 409, 444 Herzog, Michael Allen 409 Hessel, David Conrad 448 Hewitt, David Lawrence 367 Hibbard, Bruce W. 376 Hick, Steven Robert 318 Hickman, Sheryl Lynn 346 Hicks, Luaun Elise 363 Higgins, Terry Lynn 409 Higgins, Terry R. 376, 409 Hildebrecht, Susan Marie 326 Hileman, Iacklyn Rae 409 Hilgenberg, Clem Eugene 446 Hilker, Terry William 409 Hill, Danny Earl 446 Hill, John A. 354 Hill, Kathleen Ann 409 Hill, Laura Anne 303, 409 Hill, Patricia Jane 409 Hillix, Diann Elaine 409, 448 Hilt, Barbara Jyll 380 Hinchman, Ann E. 409 Hinck, Donald Ernest 334 Hinds, Mary Elizabeth 380 Hinenghonda Anne 380 Hinkle, Melodee Kay 380 Hinrichs, Carl Mark 330 Hinton, Gary Leigh 367 Hire In, Donnel John 334 Hire, Amy Lynn 363, 409, 474 Hirsch, Irl B. 299, 476 Hobbs, David A. 310, 442 Hobgood, Jimmy Wayne 330 Hockett, Julie E. 409 Hodak, Gregory Joseph 361 Hodgman, George Amett 469 Hoeffner, George John 409 Hoeflich, Phyllis S. 303 Hoehns, Rhonda I. 346, 474 Hoemann, Lisa Carol 314, 483 Hoesly, Barbara Anne 409 Hoessle, Tracy Lee 472 Hof, Carl Michael 334 Hoff, Laurie Rose 349 Hoffman, James Donald 368 Hoffman, Joseph Casper 334 Hoffman, Kevin A. 365, 409 Hoffman, Patricia M. 409 Hoffman, Peter Edward 409 Hoffman, Peter Edward 409 Hoffmann, Jeannine M. 410 Hoffmann, Richard Steven 370 Hoffner III, Warren E. 316 Hofius, Mark Gilbert 410 Hogan, Jill Elaine 410 Hogan, Mary Jean 460 Hogan, Stephanie Anne 444 Hohenstein, Mark David 318 Hohman, Raymond Allen 318 Holder, Bruce Kevin 320 Holder, Gwen Karen 464 Holdmeyer, Daniel Gerard 334 Holdmeyer, Kurt Joseph 334 Holdren, Nancy Jane 410 Holjevic, Patricia Rose 346, 410 Hollabaugh, David S. 458 Holland, Joseph F. 410 Holland, Nancy Jo 410 Hollandsworth, Marla 410 Hollon, David L. 410 Hollrah, Karen Marie 410 Holman, Kimber Lee 445 Holmes, Kendall Kelly 380 Holmes, Richard Alan 320 Holroyd, Suzanne Marie 314 1 Holt, Colleen Frances 298 Holt, Rose Marie 442 Holtmann, Linda Kay 410, 478 Holwick, Linda Ann 363 Holzem, Denise Jean 346 Human, Kathe Lynne 380 Human, Rex Allen 410 Honhart, Mark Edward 299 , Hook, Marjorie Lynn 346 f Hook, Ruth Ann 346, 410 Hooker, Charles K. 410 Hooper, Brenda Carol 410 Hooper, Cathryn Ann 380, 410 Hooper, Jeanne Adele 380, 464 Hoover, Carla Marie 410 Hoover, Joe Douglas 358 Hoover, Jolene Ann 410 Hope, Stanley 361 Hopke, Debra Elaine 410 Hopkins, Robin Lynn 299 Hopple, Clyde Frank 448 Hoppmann, Harry I. 330 J Horn, Jeanne Marie 448 Horn, Jeffrey Scott 352 Homer, Greg James 365 Homer, Holly Jean 410 Homeyer, Lee Robert 343, 410 Homof, Tim Robert 367 Homsey, Cannen Maria 410 , Homung, Sally Jeein 450 '1' Horstmann, Pamela Louise 344 Horton, Elizabeth J. 410, 451, 476 . Horton, John Leonard 358 f Houchin, Teresa Marie 346, 410 Hough, Steven Wallace 374 Housemann In, Charles H. 351 Housley, Alan Kent 410 Hoven, Donald Raymond 351, 462, 7 463 , Howard, Carla Renee 410 Howard, Doug D. 320 Howard, Gregory Alan 373 Howard, Lisa Ann 341, 344 , Howard, Sharon M. 410 1 Howe Jr., Albert Louis 352 Howe, Christy Lee 346 1 Howe, Jerome L. 410 1 Howell, William Ross 410 Hubbard, Bradley Stewart 476 Huck, Susan Bernice 444 Hudson, Teresa Lyn 346 Huff, Kathlyn Denise 416 Huffine, Alan Edward 352 Huggins, Pamela Joy 344, 473 Hughes, Barbara Ann 328 Hughes, Marlee Jo 478 Hughes, Michael David 368 Huhman, Stanley D. 410 Humann, Virgil Paul 410 Huhta, Julia Martha 328 Hulen, Stan Baker 411 Hull, Ann Lewis 363 Hull, Elizabeth L. 363, 411 Hulshof, Joseph Gordon 411 Hulshof, Kenny Charles 339, 442, 460 Hummert, Peter Kim 332 Humphrey, Tom C. 358 Humphreys, William G. 411 Huncker, Ann Louise 450 Hunter, Andrea Lee 466 Hunter, Charles Keith 411 Hurley, Cherri Ann 411 Hurley, Thomas S. 365 Hurst, Charles Blake 312 Hurst, Kevin Leroy 312 Hurt, Karen Denise 411 Hurt, Teresa Ann 411, 478 Hyatt, Alan Lewis 411 Hyler, Denita Sue 411 I Idlet, Scott Gregory 357 Ikemeier, George Joseph 411 Ikemeier, Nancy Jill 346 Ilten, Michael Lee 368 Iman, John Nick 339, 473 Ingraham, Lynn Kay 363, 411 Ingram, Joan Ruth 481 Inukai, Tara Ellen 448 Ipock, Sandy K. 380 Irvin, James Dennis 458 Irwin, Donald Ray 351 Irwin, Polly Price 303 Irwin, William Richard 373, 411 Israel, Jacqueline A. 411 Ito, Richard Thomas 308 Izsak, Corrine Beth 448 I Jacks, Daniel Kent 334 Jackson, Keith Allen 374 Jackson, Kenneth Oneal 358 Jackson, Mark Douglas 411 Jackson, Maureen V. 314 Jackson, Rhonda Janell 453 Iacqbs, Pamela F. 323 Iaecques, Jeri Lee 411 Jaeger, Daneil John 411 Iaeger, Kurt 320 Iahrling, Jody Ann 314 James, Christina R. 411 James, Mary Elizabeth 411 James, Peggy Dawn 411, 445 Ianner, Rebecca Therese 328 Jansen, William Donald 411 Iaworski, Jack Marion 325 Iaworsky, Ulana Vera 411 Jeans HI, John Berger 357 Iecmen, Susan Marie 460 Jenkins, Brian Graves 352 Jenkins, Karla Jean 442, 460 Jenner, Susan Lee 464 Jennings, Debbie K. 346, 442, 477 Jennings, G. Kevin 376 Jennings, Nancy Lee 328 Jensen III, Richard C. 320 Jensen, David Russell 482 Jensen, Janice Lynn 344 Jessup, Bruce D. 312 Iinkerson, David Marvin 411 Joannes, Patricia Kay 445 Johaningmeyer, Judy A. 411 Johannesmeyer, CF. 411 Iohanson, Kimberiy S. 363 John, Brenda S. 445 John, Teresa Marie 326 Johnson, Cliff A. 370 Johnson, David Carter 320 Johnson, Denise Ann 448 Johnson, Dewayne S. 411 Johnson, Douglas Richard 448 Johnson, Gregory 411 Johnson, Jayne Ann 349 Johnson, Jessie Lynn 411 Johnson, John Emil 466 Johnson, Jonathon Hart 451 Johnson, Kathleen M. 411 Johnson, Kent F. 411 Johnson, Mark Elliot 411, 442 Johnson, Phillip H. 474 Johnson, Phyllis Ann 474 Johnson, Ronald L. 446 Johnson, Scott Philip 332 Johnson, Sharon Kay 411 Johnson, Steve Paul 334 Johnson, Steven Lloyd 332 Johnson, Thomas H. 411 Johnston, Mark Bernard 370 Jones, Alan Ray 325 Jones, Barbara Ann 346 Jones, Charles Hagen 351 Jones, Curtis C. 474 Jones, Cynthia Marie 411 Jones, Doral Duane 412 Jones, Dorcas Marte 303 Jones, Douglas Elliot 357 Jones, Dwight Elliot 312 Jones, Janice Lynn 412 Jones, John E. 376 Jones, Kathryn Diane 412 Jones, Kay Sheryl 412, 476 Jones, Keith Richard 320 Jones, Kent Jones 351 Jones, Mark Alan 412 Jones, Melanie Patrice 454 Jones, Nancy Louise 458, 483 Jones, Paula Gail 314, 483 Jones, Richard Selwyn 334 Jones, Robin Claire 363 Jones, Rodney Kevin 368 Jones, Sandra Jean 323 Jones, Sara King 363, 478 Jones, Spencer Van 339, 448 Jones, Stephen Paul 412 Jones, Timothy Robert 412 Jordan, Gen'lyn 380, 412 Jordan, Robert Martin 334 Joseph, Charmaine Lynn 346 Jost, Paul Gregory 412 Julian, Judy Gale 346 Iuracek, Susan Marie 412, 448, 481 Jurgeson, Melinda Joy 323 Jury, Stephen Lynn 352 K Kadish, Andrea 314 Kaegel, Kathleen E. 346 Kaempfe, Terry Alan 318 Kahre, James Edward 412 Kaine, Timothy Michael 473 Kaiser, Richard Warren 374 Kaiser, Robert Arlan 308 Kaiser, Sheree Beth 346 Kallash, John Robert 446 Kamman, Christine D. 344, 412 Kammeier, Timothy Mark 318 Kammerer, Richard F. 320 Kampschror, Kaye Ann 412 Kaner, Mark Allan 308 Kanton, Karin 481 Kappes, Marilyn Kathy 412 Karickhoff, Michael H. 412 Kasbohm Jr., James Raoul 412 Kassab, Marilil 349 Katt, Wayne Charles 412 Katz, Raymond P. 325 Kaufman, Ann Ellen 344 Kaufman, Earl George 332 Kaul, A. Timothy 412 Kay, Michael Wayne 445 Kaye, Lesa Elaine 444 Keams, Darren Kenneth 316 Keathley, Jeri Ann 412 Keathley, Michael E. 368 Keating, Lee Ann 328, 464 Keebey, Deborah Lynn 326 Keefe, Christopher Hugh 352 Keener, Kay Annelle 328 Keeney, Janice Denise 412 Keetch, Katherine Susan 412 Kegler In, George Andrew 412, 444 Keil, Ellen Jean 448 Keith, John Heger 412 Kekec, John Edward 365 Keller, Charles Chris 370 Kelley, David Merrill 444 Kelley, Debra Gayle 349 Kelly, Bridget Terese 346, 412 Kelly, Kevin Michael 412 Kelly, Patrick Mcvay 367 Kelly, Ralph Giles 351 Kemp, Douglas K. 330 Kemper, II Roy Kemper, Stephen Henry 352 Kenis, Debra Faye 412 Kenna, Janice Claire 349, 412 Kennedy, Carol Ann 341 Kennedy, Joseph Gerard 412 Kennedy, Karen Eileen 326 Kennemer, Terri Lynn 314, 483 Kent, Carol Ann 412 Kent, Patricia Gayle 380, 412, 482 Kent, Thomas Dale 310 Kern, Kandace Kay 413 Kerr, Katherine Rebecca 469 Kerrigan, Brian Joseph 374 Kershman, Melanie Gay 448 Kessinger, Joseph M. 368 Kessler, Barry Michael 378, 463 Kessler, Craig James 376 Kessler, Janice Marie 299 Kettinger, Linda Marie 298 Keyes, Gregory Robert 413, 444, 466 Keyser, Marcy Elyse 413 Kick, Robert Michael 413 Kidwell, William Garrett 4521 Kiehl, Timothy Harold 357 Kiely, Kimberly Sue 363 Kientzle, Kevin Fenton 413 Kilgariff, Geri Lynn 442 Kilgen, Mary Helen 314 Kilgore, John William 476 Kim, Soong Heum 413 Kimble, Cathy Jean 476 Kimbrough, Markus Lee 413 Kinate, Chris Mathew 330 Kinder, Laura Ann 413 King, Karen Ann 314 King, Louis Michael 413 King, Mark Daniel 316 King, Paul David 299 King, Richard Reeves 312 Kingsley, Susan Chenault 363 Kipper, Laurel Ann 413 Kirgis, Mary Kay 464 Kirkpatrick, Charles 413 Kirkwood, Earl H. 413 Kirtley, Kathy Jo 453 Klang, David Malone 357 Klarsch, James G. 337, 467 Klasek, Mary Ann 478 Klaus, Suzanne Lynne 413, 460 Klausman, Dana Susan 328 Kleene, Mary Lynn 380, 472 Klein, Gregory Kent 332, 463 Klein, John Gerard 361 Klein, Nelson Reed 448 Klein, Troy Lane 358 Klein, William Lewis 310 Kleinhans, Karen lo 445 Kleinschmidt, Steven G. 330, 444 Klevorn, Thomas B. 414 Kline, Jeffrey Eugene 351 Kline, Roy Lee 452 Kling, Susan Wallis 349 Klos, Claudia Mary 380, 414 Klossen, Alan Dale 352 Klosterman, William R. 414 Klotz, Eugene H. 299 Kluegel, David Mark 332 Klug, Margaret Mary 346 Kmieciak, Kimberly A. 414 Knehans, Carol Sue 346 Knehans, Lowell Ernest 320 Knehans, Sharon Lynn 346 Knickmeyer, Sally Louise 414 Knight IL, Robert P. 454 Knipmeyer, Michael Paul 312 Knipp, Teresa Gay 363 Knipschild, Lisa Scott 341, 414 Knoedelseder, Martha I. 323 Knoepker, John W. 414 Knoth, Jess Franke 332 Knowlan, Mary Susan 380 Knutsen, Russell R. 414 Koch, Katherine Jean 323 Koehler, Elaine Martha 341 Koenig, Lori R4 341 Kohneg, Carol Ann 299 Kohoutek, James W. 358 Kohoutek, Mary Gordon 460 Kohoutek, Patrick Harry 320, 456 Kolb, Michael Anthony 339 Kollack, Chris Matthew 456 Kolster, Mary Louise 448 Konering, Susan 414 KOPP, Michael Joseph 352, 451 Koppen, Julie Marie 414 Korlin, Sheldon David 308 Korte, Jane Elane 453 Korte, Renee Annette 323 Korvas, Carol Jane 414 Kolsfeld, Linda Diane 414 Kosman, Barbara Ann 346, 414 Kovacich, Timothy John 337 Krafft, Iim D. 368 Kraft, Ann Evans 414 Kramer, Kay Emily 414 Kramer, Robert 414 Kramer, Scott Stueben 414 Kramer, Susan Carol 363 Kramme, David Hugo 414 Kraus, Daniel Thomas 334 Krause, Karen Maurene 478 Krause, Maria Clifford 341 Krauska, John Joseph 414 Krigbaum, Cheryl Sue 298 Kriger, Sidney Herman 308, 414 Kriz, Barbara Elaine 414 Kroeger, John Frances 344 Krofft, Douglas Brian 320 Krones, Daniel Joseph 341, 414 Kropf, Keith Gilbert 458 Krough, David Lyle 446 Krueger, Steven Henry 312 Krulik, Patrice Michelle 346 Kruse, Janet Kay 414 hm: n. L H 423,.ng , . 3 '1 1 m A 51 14351918.! - :1? K9126 In; g1 Kruse, Katherine Jean 448 Krusekopf, Kurt 476 Kuddes, Jeffrey Mark 358 Kuenzle, Susan Mary 414 Kueser, Kevin Andrew 337 Kuester, Terry G. 373 Kugler, Roy Bruce 414 Kuhl, William Gregory 337 Kuhn, Sheri Lynn 414 Kuhnmench, Sally Ann 363 Kuhnmench, Virginia L. 363, 474 Kullman, Debra Jane 341 Kullman, Michael Earl 414 Kumpoka, Reamchan 453 Kunkel, Christine Anne 299, 478 Kuhkel, Kara Lee 414 Kuntz, Lawrence R. 318 Kupferer, Richard Lee 414 Kurtz, Brian Kent 352 Kurtz, Vonda Jean 464 Kusmin, Bruce Elliot 308 L Lacy, Lee Am 414 Laffey, Mary Alice 314, 414, 458 Lagesse, David Alan 415, 467 Lahay, Chris I. 337 Lahm, Kathleen Marie 450 Lahue, Jill Carrie 363 Laiderman, Barry Lee 414 Laiderman, Steve Mark 308 Lais, Barbara Anne 415 Lake, Deborah Ann 415 Laker, Barbara Nancy 380 Lamear, Lawrence James 325 Lamkey, Chester Orville 352 Lamm, Roberta Lee 314, 483 Lammlein, Steven E. 415 Landes, Barbara Ann 303 Landes, Jana Lee 415 Landes, William Francis 315 Landschoot, Regene 415 Lane, Patricia Ann 415 Lane, Susan Cheryl 323 Lang, Stephen Edward 415 Lange, Pamela Ann 415 Lange, Valerie Ann 415, 474 Langewisch, Curtis N. 415 Lanos, Chyrel K. 415 Lapides, Mark Alan 370 Lappin, Mary A. 478 Larson, Earl Robert 415 Larson, Russell Morris 454 Lasky, Steven Eliot 308 Lasley, Richard C. 415 Lathrop, Joe S. 352 Latino, Sheryl Lynn 326, 451 Latourette, Suzanne 341 Laub, Stephen Mark 482 Lauberth, Mark Anthony 337, 463 Lauer, Robert Craig 320 Lauer, Scott Robert 367 Laughlin, Donald Andrew 339, 463 Laurent, H. Jeff 358 Lavene, Edward Paul 308 Leatherman, CaE'ol Ann 346 Leatherwood, Karen Sue 323 Lebolt, David Michael 378 Lechman, Juliet Margaret 341 Lechman, Marian N. 341 Ledford, Gary Malloy 415 Ledgerwood, Ray David 312 Lee, Chung Hun 373 Lee, Douglas Joe 332 Lee, Margaret Joann 464 492 Lee, Melvin Wayne 482 Lees, Philip D. 352 Lefever, Michael Paul 367 Leibowitz, Scott Craig 378 Leifheit, Rhonda Kay 415 Lemmie, Cedric Jerome 415 Lemp, Frank Richard 330 Lemp, James Arthur 351 Lemp, William 330 Lenzen, Michael John 363 Leonard, Cindy Louise 363 Leong, Wing Lake 299 Lester, Brenda Sue 314 Levick, Caren Marie 303 Levin, Harlan Jay 378, 415 Levinson, Marc Gerard 415, 467 Lewis, Andrew Meriwether 334 Lewis, Anne Davidson 344 Lewis, Barbara Jeanne 328 Lewis, Brenda Kay 328 Lewis, Christy Ann 326 Lewis, Cynthia Louise 344 Lewis, David W. 332, 415 Lewis, J. Russell 354 Lewis, Jeff Edward 374 Lewis, Kathleen Wood 303, 460 Lewis, Nancy Ann 472 Lewis, Nancy Blakeley 328, 415 Lewis, Vickie Ann 415 Leyes, Daniel Emil 365 Leykamp, John David 299 Licklider, William G. 339, 482 Lighari, Abdul Latif 415, 446 Light, Hillary Greer 363 Light, Susan Elaine 415 Liljegren, Douglas R. Lilly, Carolyn Kimball 363 Lin, Albert N. 415, 448 Lindecrantz, Larry Karl 444 Lindley, Ronnie Alan 415 Lindsey, William B. 415 Linenbroker, Thomas 318, 415, 466 Link, Christine Marie 481 Linn, Charles Joseph 415 Lionberger, James A. 320 Lipari III, Louis 352 Lipschutz, Michele Marie 416 Lischwe, Ronald Joseph 299 Lissant, Nathan Kern 416 Lissner, Amy Adrienne 380, 416, 456 Lister, Anita Jean 298, 478 Livermore, Sue E. 314, 483 Livesay Ir., Charles J. 299 Llewellyn, Joseph S. 312, 463 Lloyd, Susan Kay 346 Loan, Deborah Anne 349, 448, 458 Loan, Elizabeth Suzanne 349 Locascio, Robert Gerard 416 Lochmoeller, Steven C. 358 Lock, Jane Ann 344 Lockard, Sherry Leigh 460 Locke, Lucy Ann 450 Loesing, Cathy Ann 298 Loethen, Jean Ann 346 Lowenstein, Michael D. 308 Loftus, Mark Gerard 466 Lollis, Joseph M. 325 Lombardo, Keith M. 332 Londeree, Beth Renee 380 Long, Claudia Jean 303 Long, Janice Ann 448 Long, Mary Lou 436 L005, Kevin John 416 Lopatin, Sherri Denise 474 Lorenz, Josephine M. 416, 448, 478 Lorey, George Martin 343 Losh, James Chris 368 Lott, Eric William 374 Lovasz, Craig Stephen 325 Love, Laura Beth 344 Love, Ricki Bryan 312 Lovelace, Kimberly Ann 460 Loveland, Richard David 361 Lowder, Kevin Robert 373 Lowenbaum, Cathy Anne 341 Lower, Linda Lou 448 Lowman, Thomas Richard 343 Lowry, Richard Bishop 352 Lucas, Ann Wiley 416, 458, 478 Lucas, Brian Keith 337 Lucas, Janet Chris-tine 326 Lucas, Norman Wayne 474 Luebbering, Lesa Ann 478 Lueck, David Harold 312 Lueckenhoff, Karen Marie 298 Luetkemeyer, Ann V. 314 Lueipersbeck, Susan M. 416 Lumpe, Loren William 318, 450, 463 Luna, Catherine Vera 416 Lundergan, Susan T. 328, 416 Lunn, Patricia Diane 436 Lutkewitte, Karl Joseph 361 Lutz, Richy Joseph 416 Lutz, Scott C. 320 Lyddon, Nancy Claire 363 Lynch In, William F. 373 Lynch, K. Ann 416 Lynch, Kelly Leann 346 Lyons, Patrick Gerard 337, 463 M Maag, Marlene Dawn 346 Mabrey, Janet Lucille 349, 416 Maccordy, Leslie K. 416 Macdonald, David B. 416 Macdonald, Marcia R. 298, 416 Macdonnell, Thomas M. 446 Mach, Gregory 318 Macheca, David Lawrence 370 Machiran, Steve James 351, 463 Mack, Harry Edund 373, 416 Mackly Jr., Ray Harlan 330 Maclin, Vicky Lynn 298, 454 Maczuk, Judith Ann 380 Maddox, Linda Gail 303 Maddox, Terry Ladd 416 Madigan, Patricia L. 416 Madway, Merry Ann 416, 473 Maffry, Fritz Edward 320 Maher, Anne Elizabeth 481 Maher, Kathleen Ann 323 Maher, Lori Relene 328 Maher, Lynne Michele 466 Majers, Jonathon Jay 368 Maker, Mildred Louise 454 Malan, Douglas J. 339 Malec, Carl S. 454 Mallien, Charlene Joan 416 Mallinckrodt, Brent S. 416 Mallinckrodt, Diana Sue 299 Maltby 111, Harry T. 330, 468 Malvem, Keith Michael 357 Maly, Richard Otto 416 Maminta, Maria Gilda 326, 476 Manchester, Joan Mary 323, 464 Mandlman, Lori Beth 416 Manes, Darra Lynn 349 Manely, John Lawrence 368 Mann, Christine Ann 344 Mann, Richard Scott 308 Manning, Douglas W. 365 Manning, Robert Alan 416 j Mannion, Marianne T. 416 Manring, John Lloyd 339 Manuel, Mike Steven 357 Marbain, Cheryl Gail 416 March, Melissa Lu 448 Margreiter, Melanie Ann 450 Margulis, Scott Alan 308 Marin, Alberto 416 Marion, James Neil 332 Markenson, James Scott 308 Marker, Jennifer Lynn 341 Marklin, John Vincent 416 Markwort, Dorothy I. 416 Marsh, Kimberly Ann 481 Marsh, Mary Elizabeth 453 Marsh, Melissa Kay 326 Marshall, Anita May 442 Marshall, Marilyn Diane 416 Marstiller, Jim K. 368 Martin, Barbara Lynne 448 Martin, Bradly Allen 416 Martin, Barbara Lynne 448 Martin, Bradly Allen 416 Martin, Edgar Allen 416 Martin, James Lee 416 Martin, Jimmy Edward 416 Martin, Kevin Shane 373 Martin, Larry Earl 417 ? Martinez, Steven Frank 445 Marty, Mary Ellen 417 Maruszco, Alexander W. 367 Marx, Anita Louise 417, 478, 458 Masciale, Diane Marie 417 Mason, James A. 351 3 Mason, Sharon K. 417, 474 L Masters, Debra Ann 346, 448 " Matches, Susan Lynn 464 5 Mathae, Jane Ellen 478 '1 Matheis, R. Todd 452 1, Mathews, Susan Gay 472 1 Mathewson, David Lee 334 E Matloch, Kenneth Brian 376 1 Matthews, Gary Dean 417 Matthews, Kirk Christian 4 Matthews, Michael James 444 I Matthews, Robert Greg 374 1 Matthews, Scott Allen 354 5 Maurer, Darlene Lou 417 ' Mauzey, Mark Alan 310 , Mawdsley, John E. 452 ; Maxfeild, Robert Keldon 370 ; Maxwell, Julie Ann 346, 445 Maxwell, Lisa Dawn 326 3 May, Tim L. 374 Mayer, Gary Stephen 378 Mayhew, Jeffrey King 351 Maykuth, Andrew John 469 Mays, Stirling Wilson 318 Mazar, John Steven 368 5 Mazzoni, Mark David 368, 417, 448 McAllister 11, John W. 354 McAllister, June M. 417 McAllister, Lynn 482 1 McAllister, Scott James 482 MCArthur, Joan Marie 380 McArthy, Nannette Elaine 450, 476 McBeath, Randy Jay 330 McBee, Jerry Lee 446 McBrearty, Brian K. 376 McBumey, Mark Edwin 334 McCall, Gerald Alan 417, 454 McCall, Rex Cleone 334..., 7 McCambridge, Marty Ogara' 365 McCanse, Katherine 326, 417, 454, 472 McCartney, Denise Ann 417 McCausIand, Michael E. 417, 444, 452 McClard, Daniel Falk 316 McClard, Sydney Ann 323 McClintock, Linda Rae 417 McCloskey, Ellen Arline 417 McClure, Jill Charlene 417 McClure, Kevin Patrick 352 McCollum, Donna M. 417 McCormac, Kathleen A. 417 McCormack, Susan Marie 454 McCormick, William R. 316 McCoy, Peggy Madelyn 346 McCraven, Marilyn M. 417 McCrea, Darel Gene 312 McCreery, Susan Gay 417 McCright, Gregory P. 417 McCune, Jean Marie 346 McCutchan, Kevin C. 417 McDaniel, Andrew J. 417 McDaniel, Wayne Charles 367 McDermott, Dale Joseph 332 McDill I11, Robert Roy 343 McDonald, Richard F. 316 McDonald, William Duke 325 McDonough, Karen Ann 346 McDougal, Kristi Renee 363 McDougal, Prince Ashley 354 McDowell, Deborah Lynn 380 McDowell, Richard W. 417 McEachem, Anne Gay 380 McEachem, Carrie 380 McElroy, Carleen D. 417 McElroy, Charles H. 417 McElroy, Steve Hays 316 McElvain, Robert Alvin 351 McFarland, Chandra J. 448 McFarland, Gary Layne 373 McFarland, Scott Alan 334, 463 McFarland, Sherry Yvonne 344 McFerrin, Diane E. 349 McFern'n, Gayle Ann 349, 418 McGeehan, Lorraine Mary 298 McGhee, Margaret Rose 326 McGinnis, Randall Scott 312 McGinnis, Susan Carol 380 McGregor, Don Whitcomb 373 McHenry, Jeffrey Ray 358 McKain, Nancy Gene 418, 448 McKee, David Rhea 310 McKee, Melanie Joy 299 McKee, Rebecca Sue 418 McKinley, Kenya Conway 418 McKinney, Kimberly Ann 323 McKinney, Michele Ann 418 McLaren, Ann Marie 418 McLaren, Heather 472 McLaughlin, Shaman M. 328 McLean, Deborah C. 478 McLear, Debra Joan 344 McLear, Holly Jude 344 McElmore, Joyce Lahoma 314 McMahon, Allison Marie 303 McMahon, Peter Battle 299 McMillen, Jeffrey Lee 418 McNabb, Mary Ann 328 McNamara IL, James Barry 351 McNamara, William I. 365 McNary, Paul Edward 312 McNicholas, Marie Elaine 418, 448 McPike, Michele Ann 341 McQuary, David K. 343 McQueary, Carol Ann 418 McQuinn, Kevin Dennis 334 McReynolds, Christina R. 475 McRoberts, Anne E. 346, 418 McRoy, Karen Sue 418 McSkimming, Meghan M. 326 McWilliams, Stephen A. 418, 442 Meadows, Martha J. 418 Meagher, Carol Scott 418 Medelberg, Charles David 354 Medley, Leesa Joy 341 Meeker Jr., William Donne 354 Mehrer IV, Charles F. 334 Meiburger, Paul Frances 454 Meisenheimer, CA. 419 Meister, Susan P. 346, 477 Melchert, Heather Ann 419 Mellis 111, William F. 419 Melson, Rhonda Suzanne 453 Mencl, John Richard 351 Mendell, Pamela Marie 380 Mendelsohn, Katherine L. 314 Mendenhall, Mary Ann 482 Menefee, Mark Douglas 478 Menken, Sue Ann 349, 419 Meme, Margaret E. 419 Mennemeyer, Chris Joseph 339, 442 Menown, High Allen 337 Menown, James Keith 448 Menown, Patricia Anne 380 Mercier, Debi Lynn 349 Merin, Seymour James 370 Merker, Rebecca Ann 478 Merlotti, Mark Louis 374, 419 Merlotti, Robert Gerard 374 Merrill, Claudia Gray 419 Merrill, Paul Todd 316 Mertz, Belinda Anne 341 Messina, Lori Elizabeth 314, 483 Meesmer, Roger Stephen 343 Metter, Kathleen Ann 419 Metz, Raymond Paul 334 Metzger, Donald C. 419 Mayen, Bradley Edward 482 Meyer, Diane Ruth 380 Meyer, Donald G. 419 Meyer, Gregory Robert 357 Meyer, Lee Alan 378, 419 Meyer, Louis Owen 419, 448 Meyer, Peter Joseph 419 Meyers, Dennis Lee 419 Meyung, John W. 482 Michael, Gina Lucette 419, 446, 481 Michaels, Kathleen Ann 346 Michaelson, Jeffrey L. 419 Michel, Brian Keith 476 Michelson, James B. 419 Michelson, Thomas George 468, 470 Middleton, Thomas Roger 316 Miles, Julie Ann 444 Miller, Barbara Jeanne 349 Miller, David Frances 419 Miller, Debra K. 328 Miller, Denise B. 344 Miller, Elizabeth C. 323 Miller, Gary Russell 354 Miller, Gregg Ridley 334 Miller, Jeffrey Arthur 334 Miller, Jerry E. 419 Miller, John Jackson 308 Miller, Joy Elizabeth 419, 460 Miller, Joy Lynn 419 Miller, Karen Lee 349 Miller, Karen Sue 314 Miller, Kenneth Donley 451, 476 Miller, Melinda Annette 363 Miller, Michael R, 419 Miller, Paul Hermen 318 Miller, Paul William 419 Miller, Rebecca Lynn 363 Miller, Rita Jeane 458 Miller, Susan Maria 446 Miller, Susan Mary 419 Miller, Teresa Elaine 445 Miller, Timothy Anderson 374 Millikan, Katrina L. 419, 466, 474 Million, Ann Harmes 477 Mills, Richard Stephanv332 Milner, Eleanor Maria 419, 446 Milward, Mark Francis 351 Minderman, Dean Charles 373, 463 Minick, Amy lo 323 Mimick, David M. 419 Mimick, Dawn Marie 419, 454 Minson, Stan Wayne 310 Minson, Wendell Lee 310 Mirscpasi, Ali Reza 448 Mirespasi, Sadegh 448 Mitchell, Brian A. 320 Mitchell, Sansi Lynn 419 Mitchell, Susan Elaine 363, 464 Mitter, Cynthia L. 420 MobIey, Anne Frances 344 Moder, Crol Jo 466 Moeller, Craig Mitchell 334, 420 Moeller, Timothy John 367 Moerer, Michael 420 Moeser, Robert J. 420 Molina, Thomas John 320 Moll, Roberta L. 341, 420 Molloy, Mary Anne 420 Momeni, Ali Mohammad 420 Monks, Patricia Ann 420, 460 Monnig, Steven Michael 330 Montalvo, Stuart Jorge 357 Montgomery, Dana Sue 344 Montgomery, Melanie Gail 349 Montgomery, Obia C. 420 Moon, Lisa Jeanne 346 Moore, Abigail E. 363 Moore, Clayton Kevin 320 Moore, Dianna P. 448 Moore, Gail Dian 453 Moore, Joseph Craig 316 Moore, Karen Lynn 461 Moore, Katie Moira 472 Moore, Michele Elizabeth 346, 474 Moore, Robert John 357 Moore, Susan Elizabeth 363 Moran, Cecil Marie 420 Moran, James Walter 337 Moreland, David R. 318 Moreland, Leigh Ann 420 Moreton, Iohn Carleton 332 Morgan, Kenton Dale 312, 476 Morgan, Marianna 420 Morgner, Christopher 420 Morris, Gay Rhonda 344, 420 Morris, Michael Eugene 370 Morris, Pamela 363 Morris, Robert Michael 316 Morrison, Kay Elizabeth 323 Morrison, Stephanie G. 420 Morrow, Barry Ioe 420 Morrow, Sandra Lynn 341 Morse, Kathy Louise 303 Morse, Keith Allen 420, 454 Morse, Scott Taylor 339, 460 Morts, Karen Sue 420 Moseley, Mary Elizabeth 349 Mosnick, Lawrence 357 Moss, Kathryn Ann 420 Moss, Martha Jo 344 Mote, Dewayne Dale 325 Motley, Bradford Neal 357 Moulder, Susan Clarice 328 Mower, Arthur Christy 373 Moyer, Ann Marie 458 Moyers, Marilyn Ann 298 Mraz, Jean Anne 420 Mudd, Donald Mark 420, 444 Muelbach, Lisa Marie 326 Mueller, Gary Robert 448 Mueller, Mark Robert 354, 420 Mueller, Mary Harriet 344 Mueller, Phyllis Martha 420 Mueller, Randall E. 420 Mueller, Timothy Kent 374 Muir, Chaun Eric 374 Mulhem, Moira Ann 341 Mullen, Paul Jerome 334 Muller, Nancy Ann 420, 448, 481 Mulligan, Barbara B. 314 Mullis Jr., William M. 373 Munzlinger, Brian Lee 446 Murdock, Robert Carey 370 Murphy, Deborah Kay 314 Murphy, Margaret Mary 481 Murphy, Pamela Ann 341, 474 Murphy, Thomas John 330 Murray, Kathy Anne 374 Musgrave, Stephen David 473 Myears, Donald W. 420 Myles, Margaret Wynn 346 N Nadolski, Gary S. 420 Nagel, Chris Jon 361 Nathanson, Lynne Ann 421 Neal, Susan Ruth 328 Nee, Jon Bond 370 Neely, K. Brent 334 Neher, Thomas Frederick 368 Neil, Marlin Bruce 421 Neill, Clifford Alan 352 Neill, Galen Dean 352 Neiman, Ken Alan 308 Neise, Linda Lamar 341 Neitzert, Janice Carol 421 Nelson, Judith Jean 421, 474 Netsch, Karen Leslie 323 Neu, Robert David 421 Neuf, Michael Alan 351, 466 Nuepert, Mary Beth 478 Newman, Daniel Allen 454 Newmark, Barry Lee 308 Neylon, Jon Patrick 330 Nichols, Clarke Embree 421, 444 Nichols, Terry Wayne 358 Niebling, Rebecca Renee 349 Nieder, Rick William 361 Niederhauser, Guy S. 474 Nieman, Paul Lawrence 481 Niemann, Dianna Lynn 421 Nilson, Jay Howard 444 Nixdorf, Vicof Paul 454 Nixon, Gregory Storm 454 Nixon, Jeremiah W. 421 Nixon, Matthew Allen 367 Nixon, Melinda Haymes 314, 483 Noble, James Mark 368 Noel, Janette Ann 421 Noennig, Michael D. 318 Nolle, Julie Elaine 314 Nolte, Carl William 448 Noonan, Dennis Idseph 421, 466 Nordine, Jacqueline T. 349, 477 Nordyke, John Ellis 458 Norris, Jenny Lynn 344 Northcutt, Jeffrey 376 Norton, Kay Marie 421 Nouss, Julia Frances 421 493 . m. Mn- 'w v WyaarJ-w 9'2: 1: LI :ZU 5141-171!!! - , Novinger, Konni K 328 Nuelle, David William 312 Null, Mary Elizabeth 344 Nunier, Catherine 298 Nutter Jr., James Basil 358 Nuwayhid, Rida 422 O Oberdieck, Linda Mae 422 Oberfranc, Carl Frank 422 Oberlander, Konda 478 Oberle, Cynthia 341, 422 Obrien, Derri Ellen 422 Obrien, Timothy R. 422 Obryne, Robert 422 Oconnell, John William 452 Oconnor, Jene Mary 298 Oconnor, Susan K. 422 Octavio, Larry Frank 376 Odonnell, Karen M. 422 Odonnell, Kim 303, 422 Oduye, Morrison 422 Oehl, Bonnie 298 Getting, Dennis Ralph 458 Offutt, Jill Kay 422 Oflaherty, Erin Anne 363 Ogden, Alan Lee 339 Ogle, In, James 482 Ohalloran, Thomas 422, 446 Ohaver, Erin K. 422, 303 Oherin, Timothy P. 422, 482 Ohlemeyer, Bill Stephen 351, 463 Ohlhausen Mary 349, 422 Okeefe III, Daniel 376 Oledenburg, Lannon 367 Older, Jacqueline 341 Oleary, Thomas Kevin 316 Oleary, Timothy 316 Olivastro, Julie 422 Olive, Paul 463 Oliver, Cheryl Ann 344, 422 Oliver, H. Sloan 374 Oliver, Mitchell Kirk 334 Olsen, Walter Scott 368 Olszewski, Richard 370 Omeara, Scott Ernest 365 Oneil, William Grafeman 361 Oneill, Dennis Donald 373 Oneill, James 337 Oneill, Mark E. 332, 422 Oneill, Scott Alan 332 Onofrio, Mary Anne 349 Oresick, Marta wan 380 Ombum, Kristee Jean 422, 474 Ornduff, Steve D. 370 Orsat, Cheri Lynn 422 Orschelin, Steven 367 Orton, Paul David 316 . Osborn, Christopher N. 361 Osborn, Kathy 422 Osbourn, Lori Lynn 442, 460 Oscherwitz, Lawrence 378 Oser, Dennis 339 Oshea, Mary 422 Osman, Bruce M. 330 Osullivan, Barbara 341 Osullivan, Maureen 393, 460 Oswald, Michael Roger 422 Otjen, Agnes June 349 Otoole, Mary Erwin 299 Otoole, Teernce M. 337 Off, John 422 Ott, Michael George 374 Off, Stephen Anthony 374 Ottens, Barbara Ioan 422 494 Overby, Patricia Ann 422 Overfelt, Craig 354 Overy, Mark 374 Owen, Jay 376 Owsley, Cynthia 363 Oxler, Timothy Richard 365 Ozment, Sue Ellen 481 P Pace, Joe Richard 446 Pachak, James Michael 320 Page, Deborah Jean 460 Page, Marcia 422 Page, R055 339 Paladin, Leslie 477 Palermo, Mark 352 Palmer, Charles Guy 422 Palmer, Darcy 478 Palmer, John Day 354 Palmer, Mark 422, 478 Palmer, Steven Nelson 330 Pantukhoff, Jeffrey 354 Papageorge, Janet 314, 483 Parisot, Terri Ann 422 Park, Marla Marie 422 Parker, Diane Kay 303 Parker, Pamela Fay 473 Parker, Sally 303 Parker, Steven Howard 422 Parker, Thomas 334 Parks, Karen 363 Parks, Rodney 316 Parman, Randy 422 Parry, Pamela Sue 469, 482 Parson, Linda 423 Paskal, Nathan 423 Patane, Mary Ann 423 Patrick, Jeanie May 341 Patrick, John Young 423 Patrick, Mary 363, 472 Patrick, Tracy Lee 341, 460 Patterson, Doug Carl 376 Patterson, Karen 346, 423 Patterson, Teresa Lea 450 Patton, James M. 316 Paul, James Howard 351 Pauley, Gary Dale 373 Paulsmeyer, Jane 423 Payne, Kathryn Lynn 380 Payne, Richard 358 Peace, Glenda 363 Peal, Denise J. 434 Peal, Diane Janette 423 Pearlstein, Keith 351 Pearson, Sally 448 Pederson, Diane Ruth 423, 469 Pegel, Susan 423 Pelikan, Daniel 361 Pelster, Peggy 299, 460 Penn, Patricia 423 Pennington, Michael W. 358 Pepin, Raymond Edward 334 Pepper, Steven Scott 308 Peppes, Gregory John 343, 423 Pepple, Diane Margaret 363 Perez, Edward Walter 423 Perlman, Loryn Pamela 314, 483 Pemice, Phillip 352 Perrin, Victor Howard 370 Perry, Janet Sue 363 Perry, Jean 363, 423 Perry, Kimberly Anne 328 Pershall, Carrie Lisa 328 Peskind, Neal 5. 308 Peskorse, Laura Ann 328 Peterman, Karen Ann 423 Peters, Robert 312 Peterson, Dana Lynn 380 Peterson, David Melville 370 Petty, Martha Sharon 328 Petty, Melinda Lee 326, 472 Pfaff, Stephen 368, 463 Pfeifer, Diana Patricia 423 Pfeifer, Susan 303 Phelan III, Bernard J. 368 Phelps, Deborah Lynn 346 Phillippe, Rene Marie 326 Phillips, Carilee 472 Phillips, Carole Ann 341 Phillips, Herbert Martin 442 Phillips, Jamie Lynne 3-14 Phillips, Richard 361 Phillips, Sam Scojt, 423 Phillips, Suzanne E. 341, 423 Phillips, Wyatt james 312 Picker, Scott B. 378 Piekarski, Deborah Lynne 349 Pieper, Henry W. 334 Pieper, Robert Todd 334 Piggott, Janet Susan 444 Pilgrim, Pamela K. 460 Pinkstaff, Stephanie 328 Piper, Elisabeth 323, 423 Pipkin, Sandra Kay 423, 448 Piskulich, John Patrick 351 Pisoni, Nicholas Joseph 476 Pitcock, Elizabeth Ann 344 Plain Ir., Henry Albert 462, 463 Flatt, Todd 308 Platter, Patrick Jay 358, 423 Playl, Timothy Mark 450 Poisner, Steven Ioel 308 Polete, Regina Lynn 423 Polk, Debra Lee 423 Pollart, Thomas 358 Pollock, Kathleen Ann 423 Polsky, Douglas Stephen 378 Ponte, Marybeth 328, 464 Poor, Joel 358 Pope, James Dale 351 Port, Elizabeth 475 Porter, Leigh Ann 349 Porter, Leland Mark 423 Poskin, Joseph Eugene 337 Postill, Margaret Ann 423 Poteet, Gina Arlene 323 Potter, Cynthia 423 Potter, Tim I. 320 Potts, Martha 341 Poulette, Dennis 446 Powderly, John 423 Powderly, Patricia 427 Powell, Beth Ann 349 Powell, Diana Lynn 346 Powell, Elizabeth H. 427, 341 Powell, Ion Lawrence 320 Powell, Lisa G. 424 Powell, Melody Annee 427 Powell, Stephen 424 Powers, Scott Thomas 373 Prange, Dorothy 444 Prather, Todd Rondall 351 Praznik, Marie Annette 326 Free, Curtis 424 Prenger, Bruce Edwin 357 Prestigiacomo, Carl 352 Preston, Gary Ross 444 Preston, Kittie Lyn 323 Price, Lela Aileen 346, 424 Prill, Kenneth Alan 424 Prinster, Karen 344 Pritchard, Cynthia Sue 454 Probert, Ben Randal 312 Probert, Ted Russell 312 Proffer, Robert Kirk 358 Pryor, Stephen James 334 Pu, Debra Sandra 424 Pullen, John 424 Pulliam, John 343 Puls, Carolyn 380, 477 Purchase, 339, 463 Pyatt Jr., Emmet Ralph 320 Pyle, Roy Lee 424 Q Qualy, James 370 Queen, Gary 374 Quinn, Maureen Tracy 341 Quinn, Patricia 424, 444 Quist, Susan Diane 425, 444 R Radman, Rosalie Ellen 314, 483 Ragan, James 425 Raine, Tim 373 Raithel, Jeff Allen 343, 463 Rakestraw, Randal Wayne 354 Ramsey, Amy Renee 380 Ramsey, Daryl Lee 343 Ramsey, Dianna 380 Ramsey, Richard 425 Ramsey, Samuel Jay 337 Ramsey, Scott 367 Randazzo, Vincent 425 Randolph, Anna 346 Randolph, Benita Lynn 444 Raney, Donna Irene 425 Ranklin, Ralph Maurice 448 Ransin, David Wayne 352 Rapert, Jennifer 328 Rapp, Edward Joseph Rassenfoss, Joseph D 425 Ratchford, Kathleen Mary 425 Ratchford, Lynn Maria 425 Rath, Susan 425 Ran, Douglas W. 368, 425, 444 Raunikar, Donald Fred 356 Ravnborg, Kai Michael 354 Ray, Carl David 312 Ray, Deborah Sue 454 . Ray, Stephen Glenn 368 Raymond, David B 334 Raymond, Joanna Gail 328 Re, Antoinette Marie 465 Reardon, Joseph Daniel 368 Reardon, Patricia Ann 349 Rector, Janice Kay 478 Redler, Jodi S 299 Redow, Ann E 346 Reed, David 351 Reed, Joellen 425, 474 Reed, Johanna 314 Reader, Deborah Eileen 478 Rees, Roger Allen 339, 482 Rees, Jeffrey Thomas 320 Reese, Thomas William 470 Reesman, Ellen Dawn 344 Reeves, Beverly Jean 425 Reeves, Deann L 450 Reeves, Lynn Jean 349 Rehg, Eddy Alan 425 Rehme, Michael Gerard 370 Reid, Donald William 339 Reid, Robert Philip 332 Reigler, Hunter Joseph 471 1? Reimler, Vicki Lynn 460 Reinert, Kathy Sue 425 Reisner, Jeffery John 316 Reisner, William Mark 316 Remley, Rhonda Sue 461 Renner, Mary Jane 425 Renner, Sheila 341 Renshaw, Robert 367 Rentschler, Teresa Ann 344 Renwick, Patrick 425 Renz, Daniel Joseph 337 Reser, Joseph H. 339 Resimus, Michael 425 Revell, Pamela Sue 299 Reynolds, Muffet 303 Reynolds, Patty Ann 346, 425, 444 Reynolds, Raymond Allen 446 Rezabeck, Suzzanne Gay 425 Reznikoff, Steven 308, 463 Rhea, James Wesley 320 Rhine, Gregory Scott 373 Riaz, Behrooz 448 Ricci, Lynn Marie 328 Richards, Judith Diane 303 Richardson, Gayle Ann 323 Richardson, Marc Ty 425 ; Richman, Lee Irwin 357 Richolson, Orville I 358 Richter, Jeff James 357 Richter, Paul Elliot 425 Ridgway, Dana Made 323 Riekhof, Aaron Timothy 312 Rigdon, Deborah S. 425 Riggs, Diane Louise 425 Riley, Kent 442 Riley, Lisa 380 Rinne, Roger Kent 312 Riordan, Jeffrey Joseph 468 Ritter, Mary Margaret 425 Rittman, Sara Gay 425 Ritzer, Caryn Holly 425 Roads, Ann 460 Roam, Kim M. 445 Roberson, David Lee 425 Roberts, Mary Claire 380 Roberts, Donald David 367 Roberts, James Brad 373 Roberts, Jeffrey 374 Roberts, Joseph 466 Robertson, Dana 363, 425, 472 Robertson, James Michael 357 Robertson, Julie 357, 472 Robertson, Rob D 425 Robinett, Carolyn 425 Robinson, Ann 363 Robinson, Gisele 426 Robinson, Lisa 426 Robinson, Mona 363 Robinson, Nancy L 426 Robinson, Robin Roy 312 Robson, Susan 380 Rochow, Linda 323, 472 Rodgers, Deborah Sue 426 Roe, Linda A 349 Roeckel, Susan 426 Rogers, Deborah Ann 426 Rogers, William Lynn 312, 426 Roland, Debra Lee 426 Roloff, David 426, 473 Romanofsky, Maureen Sue 426 Romine, Betty Jean 341, 426 Romine, Lyle Douglas 444 Ronai, Jack Richard 426 Roscher, Leigh Ann 363 Rose, Cynthia 326 Rose, Matt Kent 352 Rose, Samuel Aaron 378 Rosenbaum, Roxanne 426 Rosenberg, Martin Ira 378 Rosenboom, John Herman 474 Rosenstein, Bennett 308 Ross, Brett Harold 426 Rost, Carol Jean 328 Rotert, David John 376 Roth, Paul Frank 352 Rother, Gregory 318 Rothermich, Cynthia 323 Rowe, Steven 343 Rowland, William Lou 334 Rowley, Stacey Ann 328 Royal, Christopher Barry 357 Roysten, Phillip Car1358 Rozen, Susan 426 Ruchte, Michelle Susan 323 Ruchte, Pamela Lynn 323 Ruder, Roxanne Rose 426 Rudolph, Donald Robert 320 Rueth, John Edward 351 Ruhland, Donald Neal 446 Ruhling, Nancy Ann 426 Ruhlman, Susan lean 341, 474 Rulo, Mary Kathryn 426 Rumpf, Ronald 318 Runde, David Gerard 448 Ruse 11, David Austin 467 Rush, Charles 312 Rusk, James 299, 426 Russell, Susan Lee 349 Russo, Cindy 303 Ruth, John Alan 316 Rutledge, Kimberly Ann 328 Rutledge, Pamela 341 Rutter, Melinda 426 Rutter, Nancy 426 Ryan, Carol Ann 303 Ryan, Catherine 341 Ryan, Patricia 426 Ryczek, William 426 S Saale, Mary Ann 349, 464 Saathoff, Patrick J 448 Sachs, Guy Harold 378 Sadd, Elizabeth 303, 464 Sahrmann, Greg 426 Saitz, Carol Susan 326 Sakmar, John 445 Sallaz, Martin Alvin 352 Sallee, Frank 426 Salome, Bethany Patrice 323 Salus, Frederick 308 Salzmann, John 299 Samuels, Yvonne 426 Samuels, Lesley Lane 426 Samuels, Robert 312, 454 Snabom, Dirk 368 Sanders, Julie Ann 426 Sanders, Stephen Gerard 320 Sandidge, Brent Lane 339 Santoro, Mary Louise 314 Sappington, James 367 Sartain, Dennis Greg 426 Sassmann, Dale Ray 312 Satchell, Barbara Ruth 346 Satterlee, Charles 320, 426 Saunders, John Matthew 299 Saunders, Laura May 328 Sayetta, Judith 346 Scanlan, Ann Alice 478 Scantlan, Cynthia Susan 427 Schad, Rosella Lorine 426, 478 Schaible, Lynn Ann 427 Schalk, Nick 376 Scharpff, Deborah 481 Schauer, Janet 464 Scheerer, Julia 427 Scheetz, Vicki Lynn 427 Scheffing, Glenn 448 Scheidt, Dennis 454 Scheppers, Joseph 357 Scherer, Carole Susan 427, 472 Scherzer, Lynn Ann 344, 427 Scheucher, Wolfgang A 427 Schewe, Kevin Lawrence 320 Schiermeier, Stanley 298 Schildkraut, Susan Ann 346, 465 Schindler, Daniel 378 Schindler, Paul Arthur 320 Schipke, 427 Schlosser, Ronald W 367 Schmale, Barry Alan 365 Schmid, Kenneth 427 Schmidt, Bruce Karl 332 Schmidt, David Brian 452 Schmidt, David Bruce 427 Schmidt, Leigh Ann 344 Schmidt, Robert Allen 316 Schmidtlein, Mark 370 Schmitz, Robert 368 Schmutzler, Jerald Leon 357 Schneider, Barbara 323 Schneider, Cynthia 445 Schneider, Deborah 380 Schneider, Edward C 358 Schneider, Mary Kaye 444 Schnelle, Douglas 318 Schnietz, Beth Carol 380 Schnoebelen, Mark 352, 427 Schnurr, Denise 427 Schnoebom, Gerald 312 Schoeneberg, Larry 427 Schoening, Robert Melvin 312 Schofer, Susan 326 Schomberg, Marta Marie 314, 483 Schoppman, Edith 349 Schorfheide, Barbara 427 Schowe, Donna Sue 299 Schrappen, Margaret M 427 Schrier, John 308 Schroeder, Judith 363 Schroeder, Mark 427 Schroer, Michael 373 Schuler, James Craig 427 Schultejans, Mary Diane 451, 460 Schultz, Carol Ruth 299, 427, 478 Schultz, Lisa 349 Schultz, Rick 354 Schumacher, James Robert 376 Schumacher, Paul A 354, 444 Schutte, Karen 349, 427 Schwartz, Donald Steven 308 Schwartz, Karin Ruth 481 Schwartzburt, Rhonda 314 Schwarzentraub, Ellen 380 Schweizer, Mark William 332 Schwermer, Steven Glenn 365 Schwinke, Carl 312, 442 Scott Ir, Charles 343 Scott, Carol Jane 427, 299, 482 Scott, Mary Lee 349 Scott, Michael David 373 Scotten, Tamara Dawn 460 Scriver, Alan Eugene 427, 448 Scully, Patricia 427 Seabaugh, Scott Joseph 320 Seay, William 427 Seddon, William Carter 325 Seelye, Sandra 427 Serring, Bethel Lynn 299 Seiler, Linda Sue 445 Selck, Sandra 363, 465, 472 Seliga, Gerard Thomas 351 Seligsohn, Steven Dale 378 Senter, Lisa Ann 326 Sesler, Mark Steven 351 Savage, Nancy Anne 303 Sexe, Debra 344 Sexe, Vicki Lee 344, 456 Sexton, Scott 316 Shackelford, Debbie Gail 427 Shackelford, Millicent 344, 477 Shackelford, Sondra S 328 Shaffer, Karen Elizabeth 427 Shaffer, Sara-Lou 436, 465 Shaffery, George 361 Shambough, Linda 299 Shank, Morris 361 Shanle, Harriet Helen 314 Shapley, Stephan 428 Sharpe, Linda Diane 428 Shasserre, Richard 370 Shatel, Tom Arthur 471 Shaughnessy, Ellen Mary 363 Shaw, David Ray 373 Shaw, Richard F 428 Shaw, Richard F. 428 Shaw, Robert Joseph 428 Shaw, 8 Lynn 466 Shea, Joan Mary 446 Sheahan, James Patrick 325, 463 Sheehan, Robert E 428 Shell, Carol Ann 428 Shelly, James Scott 361 Shelton, Marc Edward 320 Shepp, Robert Charles 428 Sher, Alan 308 Sheridan, Mark David 373 Sherwood, Susan Jane 341 Shew, Christopher 476 Shindler, Lesley 428 Shireman, Leanne Lynn 328 Shobe, Brian Keith 428 Shoemaker, Suzanne 349 Shoemyer, Terry Ann 314, 428 Short, Karen Elizabeth 468 Short, Amy 363 Short, Timothy Allan 446 Showalter, Karen 428 Shrewsbury, Michael 428 Shughart, Nancy Joyce 303, 460 Shughart, Susan C 303, 428 Shultz, Terri Lou 428 Shumake, Steven W 334 Shutt, Jane 428 Shuyler, James Larry 446 Siebert, Barbara Jean 428 Siegel, David Terry 378 Siegel, Paul David 308 Siennick, Robin Ann 428 Sievers, John 428 Sights, Galen 314, 483 Signer, John 358 Sikes, Anne Miller 326 Silberberg, John K 354, 428 Silberstein, Janice 298 Siler, David 454 Silha, Alice B. 326, 428, 451 Silverman, Debra Ellen 428 Silverman, Fredde 428 Silvermintz, Marshall 308 Silvestri, James Joseph 361 SiIvy, Robert Holm 428, 442 Simion, John Lawrence 299 Simmons, Sandra Kay 380 Simmons, Woodrow J. 343 Simon-McCarter, Mary K 428 495 away a. .Lw QILW . , 9!; a 35mpuzm". a Simon, Jeffrey 308 Simon, Jodi Ann 428 Simon, Paul A 361 Simpson, David Warren 428 Simrell, Merle Dean 442 Singer, Marc 308 Singleton, William 445 Sinks, Thomas Gordon 444 Sisler, Bruce Wayne 428 Sitek, Timothy Paul 428 Sivocovich, Richard 351 Skahn, Cary 428 Skahn, Eric Carl 368 Skarlatos, Elizabeth 298 Skelton, Beth Ann 428 Skelton, Nancy Iaen 314 Skinner, David Benson 316 Slagel, Daniel W. 367, 428 Slater, Gary 339 Slaughter, Sabrina 429, 478 Slavin, John Charles 310 Slay, Leonora 429 Sleper, Jim Ray 442 Sloan, Lucian Neal 429 Small, Stephen 308 Smart III, Miles Millard 429 Smart, Marilyn 444 Smith, Angela Marie 476 Smith, Bryan Joseph 365 Smith, David Robert 429 Smith, Deborah K. 429 Smith, Diane Marie 326 Smith, Duane Kent 358 Smith, Ginger Lynn 314 Smith, Janie Faye 346 Smith, leather Lee 429 Smith, John Clifford 299 Smith, Kathleen Mary 346 Smith, Kathryn Mary 450 Smith, Linda Gail 429, 442 Smith, Neil Alan 378 Smith, Randal Kent 476 Smith, Raymond E. 361 Smith, Rodney Arthur 444 Smith, Steven Duane 330 Smith, Stephania Ann 429 Smith, Treny Clark 429 Smith, Virginia Lee 429 Smull, Steven 482 Snider, John Matthew 370 Sniezek, Carol Ann 341 Sniezek, Robert Anthony 354 Snodgrass, Robert Linden 368 Snyder, Amy Elizabeth'344, 430 Snyder, Marita 346 Sokolik, Bruce Lane 378 Solfisburg, Betsy Ann 363 Solomon, Diane M. 430, 478 Solomon, Howard 430 Somerville, Joseph C. 357 Somerville, Shelly 326 Sontag, Thomas John 361 Sooter Jr, Joseph 332 Sorenson, Greta Sue 326 Sorenson, Lincoln Andrew 316 Sparr, John Blanton 368 Spackler, John 332, 463 Spain, Andrea 430 Spangle, Kathryn 430 Sparks, Timothy Gordon 334 Spath, Carolyn 323 Specht, Kurt 430, 473 Speck, Cleo Thearl 430, 482 Specker, Stephen Carl 320 Spellman, Sheryl Kay 430 Spence, Allen Edward 316 Spence, David Rutledge 320 496 Spencer, Beth Ann 346 Spencer, Carolyn 326 Spencer, Paul G. 469 Spene, Teresa B. 430 Spiers, Scott Alan 430 Sponsler, Robert 373, 430 Spradling, Richard 444 Sprague, Patricia 430 Sprague, Phillip 320 Springer, Tamara Io 346, 448, 460, 461 Springman, Daniel Edward 358 Springmeier, Shelley 298 Spurrier, Thomas 334 Squires, Albert 357, 430 Squires, Sam 320 St Eve, John 426 Stacy, Paula Denise 380, 430 Standing, Catherine 303 Stanley, Gayle 454 Stanley, Sally 380, 450 Stapleton, Sara Emily 326, 477 Stauder, Kathleen M. 470, 468 Stearns, Tracy Regan 343 Stedem, Donald Louis 365 Steele, Vanessa 430 Steelman, Scott Rex 334 Steffan, Wesley Allen 312 Stegall, Linda Yvonne 430 Stein, Kirk Robert 430 Stein, Nicholas James 337 Steinbeck, Robert 320 Steinbeck, Susan 430 Steinberg, Richard 430 Steiner, Neil Brent 312 Steinhart, Cindy Marie 328 Steinmetz, Mark 367 Steitz, John G 430 Stella, Reid Lawrence 357 Stendahl, Roslyn Marie 430 Stengle, Bernice Ann 430 Stephens, Pamels 344 Stephenson, Ned Clayton 352 Steppleman, Lisa Beth 363 Stem, Charles 357 Stern, Daniel 357 Stevens, Thomas 367, 456 Stevenson, Kathy Jane 314 Stewart, Carolyn Ruth 323 Stewart, James A 430 Stewart, James Loy 430 Stewart, John Avery 337 Stewart, Michael 376 Stiegler, Daniel 430 Stieren, Daniel 325 Stieren, Sandra Ann 472 Stimemann, Cheryl 448 Stites, Jennifa Elaine 430 Stock, Carolyn Ann 451 Stocke, Carol Ann 444 Stacker, Leslie Ann 430, 474 Stockmann, Paul 320 Stockton, Sara 430 Stoll, Kathleen 474 Stoller, Kim E. 430 Stollings, David Lynn 442 Stoner, William 374 Storehalder, Debbie 349, 430 Stoup, Rebecca 430 Stout, Cheri Lee 444 Strathman, Robert 373 Strawhun Ir, William Lee 312, 430, 445, 454 Strebel, Nancy Ann 323 Strickfaden, Iullie 341, 474 Stricklin, David 454 Strohm, Paul David 431 Strom, Susan Elaine 344 Strombeck, John 370 Strong, Donald Edward 351 Strother, Diane 431 Struemph, Bradley 332 Stubbers, Stephen 354 Stuber, Marcia Kay 431 Studer, Bruce Richard 373 Studer, Nancy 323 Stull, Ianet Lynn 430 Stumpff, Deborah 478 Sturtevant, Donna Sue 460 Suellentrop, Joanne 444, 452 Sullentrup, Michael 448 Sullivan, Douglas Alan 312 Sullivan, Joan 326, 451 Sullivan, Mary 431 Sullivan, Teri Ann 349 Sumerlin, Alexandra M. 349, 431 Summerlott, Herman E. 446 Summers, Hugh Scott 431 Summers, Steven 370 Sussman, Brian Jay 431, 454 Sussman, Frederick 308 Sutter, Jane Elizabeth 298, 314, 482 Sutton, Pamela Kaye 341 Suycott, Mark 445, 448 Swafford, Cynthia Sue 344, 431 Swaller, William Joseph 431 Swallow, James Robert 368 Swanson, Karl Edward 334 Swanson, Michael David 373 Swartz, Barbara 460 Swartz, Martin Gary 343 Sweeney, John Michael 316 Sweeney, Joseph Kevin 316 Sweeney, Patricia Ann 341 Swetnam, Caren Lynn 323, 431 Swetnam, Gregory Wayne 316 Swift, Daniel Joseph 339 Swiney, Sharon Louise 431 Swingle, Melinda 380, 460 Swinney, Teresa 431 Switzner, Daniel Stephen 339 Swofford, Linda 458, 478 Sykes, Charlotte 431 Symes, Jeane431 Szachta, Carol Marie 431, 472 T Talley, Ronald Ice 312 Tamasi, Mark Stephen 354 Tapley, Lori Lea 464 Tappanna, Gary William 482 Tarantella, Bruce 334 Tarantella, Julie 326 Tarson, Susan 363 Tate, Linda Ruth 349 Tate, Susan 431 Taylor, Ann Tracy 344, 431 Taylor, Cara 363 Taylor, Caroline 431' Taylor, David M. 351 Taylor, Denise 303 Taylor, Dianne 442 Taylor, Karen Ann 380 Taylor, Karla Gail 431 Taylor, Kathy 346 Taylor, Mark 351 Taylor, Sheryl Anne 363, 465, 474 Teel, Val E. 431 Tempel, Marla Leigh 344, 431 Templeton, Kent D. 431, 312 Templeton, Mark Allen 312 Tenkhoff, Iohn Kirk 354 Tennison, Larry Raymond 332 Terry, Annette 445 Terschluse, Marilyn 380 Tessler, Mary Anne 453, 461 Teter, Susan Lee 431 Tetley, Michael Clarence 354 Tharpe, Sarah 431 Theisman, Michae1431 Thessen, Cindy Ann 478 Theil, Laura Louise 380 Thielker, Sharon 303 Thomas, David O. 363 Thomas, Melanie Ann 323 Thomas, Ronald Steven 325, 431 Thomas, Tracy 303 Thompson, David Louis 431 Thompson, Gregory 358 Thompson, Kevin Lee 320 Thompson, Lisa 363 Thompson, Marsha 431 Thompson, Rhonda Diane 346 Thompson, Scott 334 Thomberry, Richard C. 376 Tharp, Robin 328 Tierney, Patricia Ann 323, 450 Tighe, Cynthia Ann 312, 483 Timberlake, Mark B. 365 Timm, Daniel 318 Times, Michael 376 Tinnin, Melissa 349 Tinsley, James M. 431 Tinsley, Jeri Lynn 314 Tinsley, Vickie 431 Tipton, Carl 330 Titus, Mark Alan 354 Tlapek, Mary 346, 450 Toalson, David 446 Toalson, Marilyn 432 Tocco, Denise 314 Tolchin, Cheryl Lynn 460 Tompkins, Charles Jay 334 Tongate, Dee Ann 349, 432 Tonn, Linda 432 Toth, James Edward 376 Tourkakis, Gregory 432, 452 Toumoy, Evelyn Anne 349 Towerman, Michael 378 Townley, .Matthew 432 Tracy, Bambi Lynn 299, 450 Tracy, Barbara Lynn 323, 476 Tracy, Joan Marie 323 1 Tracy, Mary Therese 380 Tracy, William Cooke 358 Trager, Mark 374 Trammel, Valerie 432 Trautmann, Suzanne 344, 469 Travers, Bridget C. 432 Travers, Jeffrey Nelson 358 Treacher, Jonathon 432 Treasure 11, Charles 320 Tremblay, Christopher 316 Trimm, Paula Lee 432 Trimmer, Beth Gail 453, 461 Triplett, Charles 432 Trittler, Oliver 373 Troester, David J. 354 Truss, Caroline 476 Trygg, Kari Lynn 323, 472 Tryniecki, Timothy 367 Tudor, Richard 433, 446 Tuin, Lori 346 Turner, Allan 320 Turner, Brian 376 Turner, Scott 330 Turner, Steve 343 Tussing, M. Kelly 363 Tussing, Suzanne Miller 363 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 641414164446 Tweeddale, Kim 349 Twiehaus, Teresa Ann 436 Twitchell, Steven K. 432 Tye, Douglas 373 Tyndall, Catherine 346 Tyree, Rena 466 U Uhlfelder, Lynn Susan 469 Ulsamer, Kathleen 326, 477 Umbright, Lisa 444 Underhill, Kenneth 358 Unger, Mary Geraldine 303, 464, 477 Urquhart, William 334 Utt, Kevin Edward 330 Uzelac, Steven Danial 332 V Vaccaro, Guy Patrick 433 Vandnais, Suzanne 328 Valenziano, Karen 472 Valin, Marjorie 433 Valleroy, Gregory 299 Valuck Jr, Richard 320, 463 Valvero, Richard Stephen 376 . Van Beek, Richard I. 433 Van Horn, Mark Thomas 476 Van Leeuwen, Daniel E. 357 Van Slyke, Dana Ann 460 Vandepopuliere, Amy 303 Vandyne, Vicki 433 Vardakis, Gregory Mark 332 Vardiman, Karen 433 Vaughn, Banbara 314 Vaughn, Dirk 352 Vaughn, Douglas Elvin 373, 433 Veatch, Gary Dean 444 Vercelli, Bary C. 316 Vest, Sue Ann 344, 433 Vihlle, Kimberly 303 Victor, David 351 Viehland, Elaine S. 433, 466, 474 Vieth, Debra Kay Vilmer, Cynthia 326, 451 Vilmer, Sandy 326 Vincent, Christopher 374, 433 Vineyard, Ben Robert 354 ' Virga, Marcia Anne 442 Vlahoplus, Alexis Marie 328 Voege, Renee Marie 433 Voetter, Pamela Jo 363 Vogel, Jean 460 Vogel, Laur'a 478 Vogel, Lisa 433 Vogel, Nancy 433 Voigtmann, Mark 433 VoXk, Mary Catherine 346 Volker, Curtis 312 Voss, Kevin 351 Vossen, Ronald 433 . Vowels, Marsha 433 Vulgamott, Judith Ellen 344, 456 W Wachter, Gretchen 380 Wade, Roxanne 346 Wadum, Robert 370 Wagner, Andrea 299 Wagner, Brian 373, 454 Wagner, Robyn 464 Wagoner, Karen Sue 450 Wahlers, Stuart Eldon 318 Waisner, Kelly 433 Waisner, Kirk 433 Waite, Kelly Roth 368, 433 Wakefield, Karen 433 Wakefield, Margaret Mary 328, 477 Walch, Patricia Anne 433 Waldman, Joanne 464 Waldman, Mitchell 433 Waldschmidt, Ann Frances 303 Walker, Carol Iean 346 Walker, Ellen 433 Walker, Jana Leigh 363 Walker, Julie Kay 314 Walker, Roe Ann 380 Walker, Roger Allen 445 Wall, James Galen 343 Wallace, Janet Lewis 433 Wallace, Marjorie K. 433 Wallenmeyer, Ann June 303 Wallenmeyer, Leslie Ann 303 Waller, Rex 357. Walls, Donna Sue 454 Walsh Jr, Richard 332 Walsh, Kelly 482 Walsh Margaret 433 Walter, John 312 Walters, John 299 Ward, Daniel Edward 354 Ward, Jeffrey David 312 Ward, Wendy 433 Warden, Janet Leslie 363 Wares, Penny 380 Warren, Bruce 343 Warren, John Edward 368 Warren, Karen Renee 346, 474 Warrens, Douglas 433 Wasserman, Judy Kay 433 Waterman, Brian 433 Waters, Kathryn 346, 433 Waters, Oscar 470 Watkins, Martha Frances 434 Watson, Katherine 346 Watson, Larry Dean 368, 446 Watson, Lori 349, 464 Watson, Sheri Lynn 349, 434 Watson, Susan Mary 436 Watson, Vanessa Kaye 434 Watters, David 434 Wayne, Cynthia 323 Weart, Particia Ann 303, 464 Weathers, Mary E. 434 Weaver, Martha 344 Weaver, Christy Cain 344 Weaver, Gregory Michael 354 Weaver, Jenny Lynne 344 Webb, Michael Wayne 368 Webber, George Levon 434 Weeks, Paul B. 334 Wegant, Ellen 434 Wegener, Donald 299 Wehmeyer, Susan 434 Weinberg, Bonnie Ann 434 Weingart, Lewis 358 Weinhold, Donald 318 Weinstock, Mitchell 434 Weisberg, Maxine 450 Weiss, Lois Diane 303 Weissman, Leonard Bruce 378 Weissman, Randy Lee 378 Welch, Mike 334 Walker, James Leo 446 Wellman, John Harvey 334 Wellman, Pamela 326, 434 Wells, Jeffrey 434 Welsch, Gregory 316 Welsh, John Joseph 316 Welton, Karen 344 Wemhoener, Kent Francis 320 Wemhoener, Laurie Lea 328 Wendel, Daniel Lester 374 Wenneker, Lana Jo 346 Wentzel, Cindy 460 Werner, James 452 Werner, Mark 354 Werst, John 316 Wesley, Sara 303 Westfall, Jill 448 Westhouse, Joan 434, 448, 478 Westlund, Terry Lee 334, 463 Westmoreland, Rebecca 344 . Whalen, John Michael 373 Wheeler, Elizabeth A. 435 Wheeler, Michele 456 Wheeler, Robert Walter 435 Whiffen, Richard Douglas 325 Whipple, Anne 435 Whistle, Virginia Irene 323 White, Brent Edwin 343 White, Gina Gay White, Mark K. 370 White, Paula 435 White, Philip 343 White, Sharon 435 White, Thomas 320 Whited, Cynthia 328 Whitehead, Diane 341 Whitehead, Sue 380 Whitner, Vicki Ann 435 Whithaus, Daniel 435 Whitlow, Randel Chipman 332 Whitney, Karen Ann 344 Whitton, Julia Lynn Wharton, Duane 435 Wichlinsky, David John 351 Wick, Margaret Mary 435 Widowski, Mark Edwin 435 Wiederholdt, Ellen F. 323 Wiegmann, Cheryl 346, 450 Wiens, Julie Kay 363, 465 Wieser, Leslie Ann 341, 435 Wigger, Roxanne 435 Wilberg, Gary Jon 318, 466 Wilder, Douglas 343 Wildgen, John 334, 435 Wiles, Truman Lewis 339 WilheL-lm, Linda Suzanne 444 Wilinsky, Daniel 308, 463 Wilken, Nancy Lynn 435 Wilken, William Ioe 442 Wilkerson, Peter 436 Wilkinson, Carol 346 Willenbrink, Gerard 476 Willenbrink, Joan 436 Willhauck, Melanie 323 Williams, Douglas 320, 463 Williams, Iarrott 436 Williams, Kathy Patricia 326 Williams, Larry 436 Williams, Lizabeth Ann 436 Williams, Lori Anne 326 Williams, Mary 436 Williams, Nellie 436 Williams, Peter 334 Williams, Stanley 436 Williams, Susan D. 436 Williams, Suzanne 303, 436 Williams, Thomas 361 Willis, Robert 436 Willows, Vicky Carol 436 Wills, Janet Ann 458 Wilsdorf, Mark 436 Wilson, Cheryl 323 Wilson, Edward 352 Wilson, Edwin 436 Wilson, Kathleen 436, 452 Wilson, Mary Jane 444 Wilson, Mary Theresa 344 Wilson, Stephen Dean 330 Wilson, Thomas Dunlap 332 Wilson, Wendy Susan 436 Windal, Darla Kay 444 Windle, Linda Marie 454 Wingerter, Teresa 298 Wingfield, W. Andrew 370 Winkler, Ellen 461 Winkler, Kurt 370 Winkler, Lavon Ray 448 Winkler, Randal James 436 Winscott, Linda Jane 349, 465 Winslow, Beth 328 Winston, Sherie A. 436 Winter, Gary 436 Winterowd, Meleasa 448 Winters, Janice E. 436 Wipperman, Leslie Ann 380, 436, 448 Wirfs, Kristina 341 Wirtz, Victor Strphen 436 Wisch, Janet Kay 436 Withington, 334 Witry, Gregory Lee 368, 463 Witthaus, Daniel Raymond 444 Witzenburg, Karen 436 Wohler, Martha Lee 328 Wolfe, Rebecca Sue 303, 436 Wolters, Julia 380 Woltkamp, Thomas 343, 436 Wood, Curtis 436 Wood, Wendy 437 Woodbury, Tracy 303 Woodley, Mary Kaye 478 Woodson, Donald 446 Woolfolk, Mary Nell 453 Wren, James Elgin 354 Wright, Elizabeth 344 Wright, Larry 312 Wright, Timothy Jay 357 Wuestling, Janice 437 Wyllie, James Alan 373 Y Yaeger, Kevin Dale 310, 482 Yarboro, Kimball 354, 448, 458 Yates, Michael 325 Yorke, Jay Richard Young, Carol Elaine 437, 474 Young, Jerri Lynne 437 Young, Melynda 344 Young, Sara Jean 346, 437 Yuille, Jane Ann 344 Z Zack, Mark Frank 308 Zakeri, Behnam 437 Zanardi, Alberta Lynn 303 Zeid, Leonard Irl 378, 437 Zeis, Jeff 316 Zeis, Kathryn Suzanne 323 Zesch, Michael 437, 444 Ziajia, James Joseph 437, 458 Zimmerman, Lynn 341 Zimmerman, Mary Helen 437 Zimmerman, Joan Kay 303 Zoellner, Deborah Ann 444, 481 Zuefle, Teresa Louise 299 .497 ?:th W k a a MCKEE GYM "'V .. , , V 5 Photos by Dan White , xikvl ?.?ft. 4 e s , e e R m T. Y b s o t o h P J?mivwwxnu. Photos by Dan White 503 Tom Reese 504 505 Nicholas Vedros Brian Smith 506 n . R? V. Brian Smith 508 Wn M???" ugrgw 1m 3L4. , uxwpgglri'v'gi Staff Editor Brenda Lester Associate Editor Karen Schutte Photography Editor Dan White Assistant Photography Editor Ed McCain Co-Sports Editors Randy Holtz . Cal Fussman Features Editor Melinda Corbin Organizations Editor Ed Sokolik Greek and Dorm Editor Merrie Morris Office Manager Dan Ebert Cover Design Ed McCain and Brenda Lester Sam'tar. Row 1: Dan White, photo editor, Melinda Corbin, features editor, Randy Holtz, sports editor, Susan Schildkraut. Raw 2: Ed Sokolik, organizations editor, Brenda Lester, editor, Scott Gaw, Dennis Perkins, Geri-lee Davidson, Ed McCain, assistant photo editor, Lee Lamm. 511 Colophon The 512 .page 1978 SAVITAR was printed by Hunter Publishing Company, Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The press run was 5200 copies with a trim size of 9 by 12 inches. Paper stock in the first two signatures is 100 1b. Sterling Gloss Enamel and the a remaining pages are 80 lb. Productolith Dull Enamel. Body and cutlines are 8 and 12 point Palatine, 2 pt. lead. The display face is Palatino, with additional faces coming from the available fonts at the Student Media Center. Pages 110-119 are black and black duotones. Senior Portraits were taken by Stevens Studios, Bangor, Maine. Further specifications avail- able upon request by writing: SAVITAR, 308 Read Hall, University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri, 65211. Editor's Note I told the staff that I was not going to write an Editor's Note, but as the last pages were being completed, I began to reflect on the past year. I realize that the only thing I really did for this yearbook was to compile an excellent staff. Alot of times, the credit is given to the Editor of a yearbook, but the credit for this yearbook goes to the sections editors and the devoted staff members. Thanks also goes to Shar, Ann, and Mr. Haverfield for helping the year run smoothly. Because I Will be Editor for a second term, I can only say that I hope that the '79 book runs as smoothly as the '78 book did, but it is a comfort to know that next year's staff will be just as good as this yearls. Many, many thanks, Brenda 512 8280554 ;wx ,l

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