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LJniN er sity cdF . - ' « ' . ' ' WJl .S.n i iM. ' jA . . ' i-fAHtHSit i,t 4iJ«« ' sy P4« ' lis l«r ' • s 4 at it fill I • 19 I « I ■ 1 % ' I 1 1 1 ' III I i It • ! I ■ ■ I ■!•■« 1 i: «? : K ' " I ■ » i I i r ' .•K ■Ifv ■ " H.r ' t, t i In the troubled academic year of 1969-70, few men stood out as an inspiration, as a guide, and as a friend to the often confused student population. However, here at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, one man espoused such values and has rightfully earned the respect and admiration of his fellow colleagues in the faculty as well as students of most every political classification. As Acting Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences he oversaw the initiation of long awaited reforms within the curriculum of the College. As a professor of Botany he has recognized the need to make the courses which he has taught as relevant as possible to a contemporary society. As a friend of all of the students of the University he has often lobbied for student concerns with the administrative councils, and has always accepted every possible opportunity to meet and talk with students. In recognition of his great service to the University we dedicate the 1970 Index to Dr. Seymour Shapiro, Acting Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. l gg0 fci,. Academics Good profs and bad profs, blue books and leaky Bic pens, desks loaded with grafitti, and noisy radiators came at you day after day, week after week. Soon comes finals and the end of the semester, cramming for that last exam, or suddenly comes STRIKE and a new grading policy. While academics was departments, courses, and profs, it was the year of a learning experience. Editors: Sue Brodeur Anita Karcz Page: 18 Participation A most everyone participated in the organized mayhem that ran through the year . . . Free University City, Bill Cosby and Fat Albert, Garber ' s Gorillas, Sly and the Family Stone, N. I. T., the " fabulous " Supremes, and right down to the STRIKE. Participation is a look at the events of the year. Editors: Barbara Brecher Janice Plotkin Page: 66 Activities A University has to be more than books and lectures. It is the activities and organizations which round out a students education. The organizations at the University ranged from the traditional and straight to the radical. This is the kind of University that we saw in 1970; a mixture of people and life styles, and this is what they will remember about the University. Editor: Ray Stetson Page: 186 Student Living Seniors Your father, mother, brother or sister might have lived there before you, but for the year it was yours to call home. Living in any of the University areas, a Greek house, or off campus made little difference to the University, yet this is where much of each person ' s University life was spent in the varied activities of the day. Living as a student was part of being a student. Editor: Karin Ruckhaus Page: 226 It took most four years, others longer, but all were members of the class of ' 70. Each of the seniors pictured in this section have become members of a brotherhood. Most of these people do not know one another, nor are they likely to, but they all carry with them some product of the University. The many hours of studying, drinking, cramming, partying, or whatever else they indulged in are over, but neither the people or the years should ever be forgotten. Editors: Nancy Operacz John Shyavitz The University is here, bricks, concrete, and glass, permanently interwoven into study halls and classrooms. The Students are transients, each year some leave and new ones replace them. Each new student brings with him a special individuality, a personality. The culmination of the students and the University is the University Community, a place for learning, both academic and social. This is the theme of the University, and the theme of this Index. Page: 334 ' ! ' 4 vr% IP " - 1 Editor-in-Chief Photog raphy Editors Associate Editor Executive Editor Managing Editors Advisor Alan Marcus Roger Reid Tom Leavitt John Goldsmith John Shyavitz Richard Kline Judy Skibo Steven Lazerowich Dr. Dario Politella Some day, my lord, some day you will conquer that windmill. Sancho Panza to Don Quixote ■.- r M waBna iL- ri M BJ ' V c fSfi S m ii m ' P .jr ' UMass Hell Week The Semi-Annual IBM War Aside from the normal hassle of lines everywhere, students found many courses limited, closed or cancelled, often eliminating entire schedules in computerized disaster. Course change day became a bedlam reincarnated as people stood in line for hours hoping the person in front of them would drop the course they wanted. By the end of the day, obscure electives were in vogue, guts long filled since early morning. Do not fold, spindle or mutilate obviously does not apply to student nerves. Sock it to us! Lines, a word classified in every student ' s repertoire of useful information, clogged the aisles of the warehouse, while people wandered everywhere in search of a text that held more soon-to-be-classified useful information. Dragging home the striped bags that ran in rain and snow over everything, turning your clothes maroon-icky, you wondered if anything in those pounds of expensive paper would really turn out worthwhile, or whether it was ail down the drain and up for sale on bulletin boards next semester. Convocation " We have our administrative bureaucrats. And we have our faculty careerists. And we have our selfish uninvolved students. " Somehow though, the involved students did not fair as well as Lederle ' s statement might have implied. Bruce Balboni, Senate President, spoke in favor of greater student voice in University policies. Whether his speech was listened to by officials is debatable. As all finished and left, Gil Salk took thepodium and begun a discussion. About 150 students were involved enough to stay and discuss and to call silently " John W. Lederle, where are you? " Distinguished Professors Award " Greater than the tread of mighty armies is the idea whose time has arrived. " Victor Hugo Each year, the University student body and staff nominate those individuals whom they feel typify what a good professor should be. The ideals vary, but generally a man who knows and loves his field and can impart his interest and knowledge to his students is such a professor. Those accorded recognition this year were Dr. Richard Kofier, Physics, Dr. George W. Cannon, Chemistry, and Dr. Glenn Gordon, History. Those lucky enough to have courses with these men can fully appreciate and recognize their greatness in presenting ideas rather than rote facts, in stimulating rather than stunting freedom of thought. To most students he was known as the " phantom " . There were those who spent 4 years here and did not see him until graduation. But, he was here. His door was always open to those who wanted to see him. He was the 15th president of the University and presided during the years of greatest growth. During his tenure some 70 buildings were built, and faculty salaries almost doubled. His main function was that of lobbyist, for it is in the nature of the state university that the legislature keep a close eye on the purse. As Speaker of the House Bartley once said. President Lederle was " a darn good lobbyist " . He will remain at the University as a professor as he steps down from his role as president. Future students will have the opportunity of more direct relationships with one of the men responsible for the dynamic institution that the University now is. For two months Mrs. Elizabeth Hayes spent her time coping with the problems faced as Dean of Women. It was hard to find her alone in her office; she was usually talking to someone. She listened, and this is perhaps the best quality an administrator can have. Girls stopped in just to talk, and wound up staying for hours. Those who met her will never forget her, and those who knew her will always be her friend. Artist Wins National Acclaim Mr. Hendricks of the Art Department, with assistance from NASA which supplied photographs of the lunar surface, produced a remarkable series of moonscapes which were exhibited in the National Gallery in Washington D.C. along with a display of U.S. space achievements including a lunar rock sample. Mr. Hendricks also teaches painting in various media including oils, acrylics and water color. The purpose of education in a University environment is to facilitate learning. With this thought in mind, administrators and faculty have attempted over this past year to bring students closer to this goal, by revamping the curriculum and basic core requirements in all schools. Many University requirements have been dropped, while requirements in other areas offer multiple options for fulfillment and creditation. Interesting and enjoyable courses such as Human Sexuality have been implemented within the curriculum in an attempt to offer students broader and more flexible options in selecting electives. Curriculum Reforms Now, for many, scenes of lab sciences and physical education are obsolete, a nightmare of years past, countless eight o ' clocks spent kicking a soccer ball or watching planerla. But some, boldened by lesser requirements and pa ss-fail options, branched out and explored areas foreign to them. They learned, unpressured and interested, and became fuller individuals. By these curriculum reforms, another step was taken toward the true goal of the University. m fii i iA MOST ROTC Passed by the slim margin of 37-36, ROTC, a legal course at the University since the Morrill Act of 1862, lost most academic credit this past fall. In the wake of much controversial debate, credit was dropped on the grounds that non-academic subject areas should not be allowed academic creditation. The motion further established that courses concentrating on military strategy and drills would be reduced to an absolute minimum. 38 CREDIT DUMPED Some Broadened Courses OK By Faculty Senate Action And some people didn ' t like this at all Do Professors Care? TT Si In times of publish-or-perish and large lectures, it seems easier than ever for professors to take a purely academic and passive role in the University. There are many who do just that, but others are out and involved, with the students or with political and sociological movements. These people are not always noticed; their involvement is buried in the popular jargon of ivory tower existence for university professors. Some of them are pictured here, caught in their work of being true developers of a university community. I Student Teaching The block, the culmination of every senior education major ' s four years at UMass, serves as the stepping stone from which students over a span of eight or sixteen weeks become teachers. It is a time when an individual ' s knowledge and talents transcend the lecture hall and textbook to be practiced in the classroom. The challenge is oftentimes a difficult one, but the rewards are endless and success manifests itself in the smiles of a classroom full of students. Hey, roommate! You ' ll never guess what happened to me today! The computer talked back to me! It didn ' t reveal any great secrets but I finally got it to work. And my human sexuality class was so good last night. We ' re establishing a really great rapport in the group and I ' m learning a lot about myself and people in general. This would have been the best day except I had Zoo 200 lab and we had to trek out in the marsh and scoop up bugs and twigs. That was a bummer, but I learned something there too: how much I hate Zoo 200. Today was so fantastic it almost made up for the weeks of grind before it. Why can ' t learning always be this exciting? April 10 and 11 To many people, cancelling Friday classes was just an excuse to pack up and leave for a long weekend. Those who stayed found discussions concerning questions about the University; people talked and listened a lot. Whether anything else was accomplished, the act of discussing problems with faculty and fellow students cleared the air and was the start of foundations for change. The classes were endless, It seemed, Sometimes they were fun But more often you slept through them. s Or took a few token notes . . . To be flipped through in spare moments, While your mind was on The night before at Mike ' s, Or tonight at the Pub, Or a weekend away. The kid who sat next to you in Zool lecture. Any of a thousand things . . . Anything . . . Anything but the ghostly words On the page in front of you. There was never enough time For the tedious pastime of playing student, Especially In the spring, When the work began to catch up with you. 54 As others whiled time away in conversation, You studied in the cloudy buzz of voices, Getting the chapter read. The problems done By 1:25... Breathing relief. Then getting a new assignment. Or remembering a neglected course. And beginning again To trudge the weary cycle ... The urgency of things undone intensified at night, When you searched for silence As your corridor partied And stereo sounds echoed through the night, Until you tired of seeing books and papers So you joined in the noise or spent time staring out at the lights Wondering where it all was leading to And where it all began . . . It started so long ago — Remember when books were beautiful And learning was exciting You were soaking it all in But you couldn ' t absorb it fast enough Every day was challenge and adventure Each day brought more wonder and awe Flowers bloomed And the world was sunshine . . . And now . . . Tears . . . Because it isn ' t that way anymore. You push on until exhaustion, And cry because there aren ' t enough hours To attend to a student ' s duties And to be yourself, a person. miiimiiiiiiJ 4 r W Your mind is on A yo-yo string And each time You come Close to truth You hurtle away Again Fighting the nause a Of the momentum The upsand downs Of being a student All the time praying That the string Doesn ' t break . . . Ifs an endless cycle of keeping yourself together for four years And then . . .? 65 Amid the mechanized functions of the University there arose on the fields behind Southwest and in the minds of many students a new concept of education. People not numbers, learning not memorizing, thought not feedback, became the driving forces behind . . . Free University City f ' •: t:-wT OCTOBER 15, 1969 Wl " 5! . ' . .Ir l: In the fading twilight of a September afternoon, Orpheus and the Enchanted Forest brought harmony and hard-driving rock to maice us joyful. The glitter of the Supremes along with the soul sounds of Jimmy Castor closed Senior Weekend on a golden note. Soccer The Redmen booters lost only heartbreakers in posting a 6 win 4 loss 1969 record. Their defense was spectacular allowing only 17 goals in their 10 contests. It was John Mercury and Tom Malone that sparked that fabulous UMass defense while co-captains Rich Matuszcak and Dick Meyer along with All Yankee Conference forwards Arelindo Alves and Augie Calheno provided the backbone. The Redmen soccer team ' s leading scorers, Duane Brown and Larry DeFelice, provided the punch with 19 of the team ' s 23 total season goals. The victories came over B.C. (3-0), UConn (2-1), Tufts (5-4), URI (2-1), Coast Guard (6-2), and UNH (1-0). Losses were at the hands of YanCon champ Vermont (2-3), Worcester Tech (1-2), Trinity (0-2), and Maine (1-2). , ■HTH Homecoming Homecoming Weekend gave way to a variety of moods. We laughed at the comedy, " A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Forum " , while Tim Harden ' s " Simple Song of Freedom " moved us. The soulful voice of Vivian Reed set the stage for the explosion of Sly and the Family Stone. mmsfmim.mBK. mi .wf m . n- ' 1 4 i vj . . . A Tale of Two Quarterbacks The 100th anniversary of college football brought a new UMass grid innovation from Head Coach Vic Fusia . . . two starting quarterbacks. Signal callers Tim Adams and Ken Hughes alternated at the starting spot throughout the season, and with solid protection from the offensive line, completed nearly 50% of their aerials. They were the impetus for a big comeback season. The Redmen opened the season at Maine and scalped the Black Bears 49-7. Returning home the next week, the UMass eleven were ambushed by Buffalo 16-6 and a week later Delaware did much the same to the Redmen downing them 33-21. Astro-turfed Boston University was the scene for the UMass return to the war-path as senior Craig Lovell provided heroics scoring the winning TD with only 40 seconds left in the game. The 14-9 defeat for the Terriers was their only loss of the entire season. Homecoming ' 69 brought the gridmen home to rack up their second Yankee Conference win, a 21-9 tally over URI. When the Redmen eleven continued on the victory trail by running over UConn 28-7 on their home turf, the Yan Con Bean Pot was in sight. A 48-7 romp over Vermont and another by the same score over UNH brought UMass an undefeated conference slate and the undisputed conference championship. When the final Saturday — Boston College Saturday — rolled around, the Redmen came close but the eagles soared 35-30. The season closed and the record book with it reading 6 wins — 3 losses and 5-0 in the Yankee Conference. It was the best of times for an explosive offense The 1969 Redmen offense broke four school records including a total 265 points which tied the New England University mark. UMass was led by a well balanced ground attack thanks to the strong running of Pat Scavone, Jerry Grasso, Ed Sarno, Dick Cummings and Craig Lovell. The air attack certainly proved to be a big asset to the Redmen as Tim Adams and Ken Hughes had two fine ends in Nick McGarry and John Hulecki. Grasso and Scavone played important roles as pass receivers. The exciting all-around play of Steve Parnell high-lighted the outstanding offensive showing of the 1969 Redmen. It was the Season of Light . . While the offensive unit was having their year, the defensive unit could not be accused of loafing. They held the opposition to a miserly 2.9 yards per carry on the ground, picked off 18 passes and caused 32 fumbles, recovering 12 of them. John Maclean, Bill DeFlavio and co-captain Tom York helped anchor the line while Steve Rogers, Bob Cabrelli and Bill Bush proved to be a rugged secondary. Their favorite targets were the quarterbacks as monsieurs Harris, DiMuzio and Robustelli will attest. Flashy running backs like Vin Clements and Fred Willis found the going tough against the UMass front four and discovered that looking for help was not the answer. And when the overland route failed, the air corridors were kept tightly sealed by the secondary. ... for a Tenacious Defense It was the Autumn of Hope . . 4 «V»v4.,F IT PVOT? ' l l .y ,,j,,Li ' 4Jj J for a Winning Season The 1969 Redmen put it all together. The defense was superb, crushing the opposition at will. The offense was fantastic, leaving trails of fallen defenders in its path. But it was the effort of the individual that brought UMass back from the disaster of ' 68 to the autumn of ' 69 . . . the autumn of hope for Redmen fans and a look to the future. Greeks I Support those in need . . . Temporarily casting aside the pressures and headaches of books and exams which surround every student, the Greeks always found relief and enjoyment in the simple pleasures of being together. To them, the interaction among themselves proved to be a major part of their learning experience and provided the link with which they were able to communicate with the University and the community. Cross Country The 1969-1970 Cross Country team, led by captains Ron Wayne and Leo Duart started slowly but soon molded into a highly regarded team. Finishing fourth in the New England Championship and second in the Yankee Conference behind highly favored UConn, they were a New England Power. Looking forward to next year, captains Ron Wayne and Larry Paulson should have a fine team with the aid of the New England Champion Freshman team. With the loss of only two seniors, Dave Evans and Bill Donaldson, Coach Ken O ' Brien can set his sights on a varsity championship team. yN ' ' " IV ■ i Rugby UMass Mystic River Rugby Club UMass Harvard Business School UMass Tufts UMass M.i.T. UMass Colgate UMass Boston Rugby Club UMass Albany Rugby Club UMass Holy Cross UMass Beacon Hill Rugby Club UMass Boston College A Team 22 5 3 17 25 5 14 3 6 3 24 6 12 B Team 20 9 11 5 6 3 6 5 12 6 3 8 6 6 12 Field Hockey With less than half of last year ' s varsity returning, it was a rebuilding year. Six of the eleven starters were freshmen — senior co-captain Debbie Harrison was the year ' s high scorer with 6 goals while Beth Connors and Dee Dee Dunsford had 5 goals each, but, the inexperienced eleven posted only a 4-5-1 season with wins over Mt. Holyoke (twice), Colby Jr., and Bridgeport. Losses came in their outings with Springfield (twice), Southern Connecticut, Skidmore and New Hampshire. The lone tie came in a rematch against New Hampshire. Despite the loss of co-captains Harrison and Ellen Buffington, much of the team will remain intact and prospects for the coming season shine bright for the UMass Squaws. Fall Intramurals Cross Country Paul Segersten, individual Webster Panthers, team Football Jocks Tug-O-War Kappa Sigma Metawampe 500 Butterfield Lemons Tennis Singles Steve Ferber The Intramural Program belonged to the students for the benefit of the students. The Program, headed by Coaches Schmidt and Graham, reached 2 out of every 3 men on campus. The officiating was done by students in Physical Education 143. y- 4. J f v ft m a jK " ' , " , . t p -v % Ps - ' . M fe J i 1 , SM-i ' fyiSir W .m m %5 1 " • ' Spwlp n w it £ li 1 James Brown JethroTull Alan Ginsburg Wild Thing Created an Unusual but Heavy weekend .ii sk: :;|pP i % K ' - " .i i ■ ' V ■ 1 W ' i • • ' W ' - H H ■ — » f 1 H L j l m ' H H Hi :M s r ' p ' . ' Ji l ■ H ¥m 1 ' " " " ' T ' i HH n H t A M B J H Though situated in an area where events of great significance are not likely to take place, the UMass community is nevertheless vitally interested and informed of national events u herever they may occur. Concern for the Chicago 7 defendants v as expressed by a lecture from defendant Rennie Davis and his lawyer Leonard Weinglass. Ti7...:tLn :frtt:! i r ..- V m r T- :- 1 Draft Birth Date List The folio the oft priorit ' foirin the top 100 The birthdays toll in Ihe being drafted. Midd le ' number birth dot. _ 50-50 chance of being drafted, depending lower priority numbers, from 250-366, the probably not be drofted. 1. Sept. 14 2. April 24 3. Dec. 30 4. Feb. 14 5. Oct. 18 6. Sept. 6 7. Oct. 26 8. Sept. 7 9. Nov. 22 10. Dec. 6 11. Aug 31 12. Dec. 7 13. July 8 14. April 11 15. July 12 16. Dec. 29 17. Jan. 15 18. Sept. 26 19. Nov. 1 20. June 4 21. Aug. 10 22. JurK 26 23. Ju ly 24 24. Oct. 5 25. Feb. 19 26. Dec. 14 27. July 21 28. June 5 29. March 2 30. March 31 31.J ay 24 32. April 1 33. March 17 34. Nov. 2 35. May 7 36. Aug. 24 37. May 11 38. Oct. 30 39. Dec. 1 1 40. May 3 41. Dec. 10 42. July 13 43. Dec. 9 44. Aug. 16 45. Aug. 2 46. Nov. 11 47. Nov. 27 48. Aug. 8 49. Sept. 3 50. July 7 51. Nov. 7 52. Jan. 25 53. Dec. 22 54. Aug. 5 55. May 16 56. Dec. 5 57. Feb. 23 58. Jan. 19 59. Jan. 24 60. June 21 61. Aug. 29 62. April 21 63. Sept. 20 64. June 27 65. May 10 66. Nov. 12 67. July 25 68. Feb. 12 13 70. De 21 71. 72. Oct. 12 73. June 17 74. April 27 75. May 19 76. Nov. 6 77. Jon. 28 78. Dec. 27 79. Oct. 31 80. Nov. 9 81. April 4 82. Sept. 5 83. April 3 84. Dec. 25 85. June 7 86. Feb. 1 87. Oct. 6 88. July 28 89. Feb. 15 90. April 18 93. July 1 94. Oct. 28 95. Dec. 24 96. Dec. 16 97. Nov. 8 98. July 17 101. Jan. 5 102. Aug. 15 103. May 30 104. June 19 105. Dec. 8 106. Aug. 9 107. Nov. 16 108. March 1 109. June 23 no. June 6 111. Aug. 1 112. May 17 113. Sept. 15 114. Aug. 6 115. July 3 116. Aug. 23 117. Oct. 22 118. Jan. 23 119. Sept. 23 120. July 16 121. Jan. 16 122. March 7 123. Dec. 28 245. Aug. 26 124. April 13 246. Sept. 18 125. Oct. 2 247. June 22 126. Nov. 13 248. July 11 127. Nov. 14 249. June 1 128. Dec. 18 250. May 21 129. Dec. 1 251. Jan. 3 130. May 15 252. April 23 131. Nov. 15 253. April 6 132. Nov. 25 254. Oct. 16 133. May 12 255. Sept. 17 134. June 11 256. March 23 135. Dec. 20 257. Sept. 28 136. March 11 258. March 24 137. June 25 259. March 13 138. Oct. 13 260. April 17 139. March 6 261. Aug. 3 140. Jan. 18 262. April 28 141. Aug. IB 263. Sept. 9 142. Aug. 12 264. Oct. 27 143. Nov. 17 265. March 22 144. Feb. 2 266. Nov. 4 145. Aug. 4 267. March 3 146. Nov. 18 268. Morch 27 147. April 7 269. April 5 148. April 16 270. July 29 149. Sept. 25 150. Fib. 11 271. April 2 272. June 12 151. Sept. 29 152. Feb. 13 273. April 15 274. June 16 153. July 22 275. March 4 1-54. Aug. 17 276. May 4 155. May 6 277. July 9 156. Nov. 21 278. May 18 279. July 4 157. Dec. 3 158. Sept. 11 280. Jan. 20 159. Jan. 2 281. Nov. 28 160. Sept. 22 282. Nov. 10 161. Sept. 2 283, Oct. 8 162. Dec. 23 284. July 10 163. Dec. 13 285. Feb. 29 164. Jan. 30, 286. Aug. 25 165. Dec. 4 287. July 30 166. March 16 288. Oct. 17 167. Aug. 28 289. July 27 168. Aug. 7 290. Feb. 22 169. March 15 291. Aug. 21 170. March 26 292. Feb. 18 171. Oct. 15 293. March 5 172. July 23 294. Oct. 14 173. Dec. 26 295. Moy 13 174. Nov. 30 296. May 27 175. Sept. 13 297. Feb. 3 176. Oct. 25 298. May 2 177. Sept. 19 299. Feb. 28 178. May 14 300. March 12 179. Feb. 25 301. June 3 11B0. June 15 302. Fob. 20 181. Feb. 8 303. July 26 182. Nov. 23 304. Dec. 17 183. May 20 305. Jan. 1 184. Sept. 8 306. Jan. 7 185. Nov. 20 307. Aug. 13 186. Jan. 21 308. May 28 187. July 20 309. Nov. 26 188. July 5 310. Nov. 5 189. Feb. 17 311. Aug. 19 190. July 18 312. April 8 191. April 29 31.3. Miy 31 192. Oct. 20 314. Dec. 12 193. July 31 315. Sept. 30 194. Jan. 9 316. April 22 195. Sept. 24 317. March 9 196. Oct. 24 318. Jon. i; 197. May 9 319. May 23 198. Aug. 14 320. Dec. 15 199. Jan. 8 321. May 8 200. March 19 322. July 15 201 .Oct. 23 323. Morch 10 202. Oct. 24 324. Aug. 1 1 203. Nov. 19 325. Jan. 10 204. Sept. 21 205. Fet. 27 326. May 22 327. July 6 206. June 10 328. Dec. 2 207. Sept. 16 329. Jan. 11 208. April 30 209. June 30 330. May 1 331. July 14 210. Feb. 4 332. March 18 211. Jan. 31 333. Aug. 30 212. Feb. 16 334. March 21 213. March 8 335. June 9 214. Feb. 5 336. April 19 215. Jon. 4 337. Jan. 22 216. Feb. 10 338. Feb. 9 217. March 30 339. Aug. 22 218. April 10 219. April 9 220. Oct. 10 340. April 26 341. June 18 342. Oct. 9 221. Jan. 12 343. March 25 222. June 28 344. Aug. 20 223. March 28 345. April 20 224. Jan. 6 346. April 12 225. Sept. 1 226. May 29 227. July 19 347. Feb. 6 348. Nov. 3 349. Jan. 29 228. June 2 350. July 2 229. Oct. 29 351. April 25 230. Nov. 24 352. Aug. 27 231. April 14 232. Sept. 4 233. Sept. 27 353. June 29 354. March 14 355. Jan. 27 234. Oct. 7 356. June 14 235. Jan. 17 357. May 26 236. Feb. 24 358. June 24 237. Oct. 11 359. Oct. 1 238. Jon. 14 360. June 20 239. March 20 361. May 25 240. Dec. 19 362. March 29 241. Oct. 19 363. Feb. 21 242. Sept. 12 364. May 5 243. Oct. 21 365. Feb. 26 244. Oct. 3 366. June 8 Early in December the famed national draft lottery was held in Washington D.C. Everyone on campus was affected. Draft eligible men listened intently for their number to be called, while girls all over campus waited in tense groups for the birthdays of their boyfriends, husbands and brothers to be pulled from the fishbowl. Most denounced the lottery and some tried to get petitions signed to repeal the draft completely. light. . . senses blinking spinning twirling sounds color flashing . . . show «B i; Winter Carnival recreated the days that were . . . the Red Garter Room . . . dark, noisy, alive with spirit and song. One of the many activities held during Winter Carni week was a fashion show which featured the high fashion look of the good old days. Long billowing skirts and bathing suits complete with knickers were just some of the highlights of the show. It was all very informative but the mini is much more interesting. " Ten Years After " , with Alvin Lee, has gone but their music, comprised of hard rock, lives on. Another memory of Winter Carni, they won the hearts of everyone that Sunday afternoon in February. Those who didn ' t know Alvin Lee before concert time, won ' t soon forget him. It was evident from the beginning with " Little Miss Schoolgirl " to their bang-up finish with the rather appropriate title, " Going Home " , why they were so well received from Newport to the Cage. " The Cos " returned. And when he stepped onto the stage everyone knew it. The audience roared with laughter. The Bill Cosby Show was a welcome Winter Carnival relief from the dreariness of the books and the weather. Side-splitting comedy from the characters of Old Weird Harold and Crying Charlie was the order of the evening. The funnyman ' s partner for the night was songstress Carmen McCrae, who provided the musical tones to balance the Cos. Danny Hutton, Chuck Negnon, and Cory Wells shocked this campus with possibly the best set of Winter Carni Sunday concerts ever held. The " Three Dog Night " drew repeated standing ovations with their dynamite vocal, instrumental, and choreographic abilities. The whole group was together, so together that even the organ player and drummer brought standing ovations from a stomping, clapping, standing room only crowd. As the 1969-70 Redmen Basketball season opened, UMass fans wondered whether the hoop veterans along with a group of talented sophomores could fill the vacancies left by last year ' s big men Joe DiScarcina and Pete Gayeska. The Redmen got off to a shaky start, losing important conference games to URI and UConn and then losing another tough one to AlC. However, optimism prevailed as ardent Redmen fans hoped that it wouldn ' t be long until the team settled down to winning ways. Red men ' s greatest season . . . 18-7 UMass 90 Providence 85 UMass 90 Vermont 73 UMass 73 Rhode Island 11 UMass 76 New Hampshire 56 UMass 71 Connecticut 88 UMass 72 AlC 73 UMass 70 Catholic Univ. 51 UMass 72 Gannon 63 UMass 65 Pennsylvania 75 UMass 61 Fordham 62 UMass 86 lona 82 UMass 103 Boston Univ. 70 UMass 90 Northeastern 62 UMass 76 Boston College 83 UMass 82 Rider 67 UMass 93 Vermont 59 UMass 83 Holy Cross 66 UMass 71 Connecticut 65 UMass 83 Rhode Island 74 UMass 82 Springfield 76 UMass 84 Maine 66 UMass 94 St. Anselm ' s 63 UMass 103 Maine 71 UMass 92 New Hampshire 75 UMass 55 Marquette 62 Number 32 . . . Julius Erving .k 4ifW- . v , vt AnA . . . Super Soph Few sophomores set records, let alone in their first game. But Julius Erving hauled down 28 rebounds, a record, against a pre- season New England favorite. Providence College. His varsity debut was a preview of things to come. At the Gem City Bowl, Julius walked away with the MVP award as he led the Redmen to an upset win over highly regarded Gannon College. Despite a losing effort against Penn, Erving impressed the Palestra so much that he was named to their All-Opponent team. Perhaps his greatest performance was against Holy Cross when he pulled in 25 rebounds, scored 24 points, made seven assists and committed only one foul. As a Worcester writer reported, " . . he did not sell hot dogs or collect tickets, but he is only a sophomore, wait till next year. " Among Erving ' s personal achievements are: most points in one season, highest scoring average in one season, most free throws in one season, and most rebounds in one season. The latter was good enough to rank the soph ace second in the nation in rebounding behind 7 ' 2 " Artis Gilmore of Jacksonville. Other honors include Ail Yankee Conference, All New England, ECAC sophomore of the year. Look Magazine All American and UP! honorable mention All American. As UMass students went home for the December holidays, the Redmen boned up on the Gem City Tournament, clobbering Catholic U., 70-51 and brushing off Gannon, 72-63 for the title. The Redmen showed signs of awakening against nationally ranked Penn but bowed in the final minutes, 75-65. In a close game, Fordham nipped the Redmen, 62-61. The last of the six away games, the Redmen came from behind to beat lona, 86-82. Returning to the Cage against Boston University, the Redmen fielded what would be the starting five for the duration-Samuelson, Gallagher, Erving, Betancourt and Ellerbrook. They shelled the Terriers 103-68. Northeastern visited next but wasn ' t welcomed, 90-62. UMass was starting to get warm but, on a damp, cold and heartless night at Chestnut Hill, the Redmen were pushed back by BC, 83-76. Rider then fell, 82-67 and the Redmen took Vermont, 93-59. The Redmen then faced the challenge of Holy Cross, UConn and URI all in a row, the former was number one in New England, the latter two were number one in the Conference. UMass put its 10-6 record on the line and took all three frays, HC by 83-66, UConn by 71-65 and URI by 83-78. With this major accomplishment, the Redmen moved into a tie for first place in the Conference and inched closer to the number one spot in New England. The Redmen finished up the season f ive-for- five defeating, in succession, Springfield 82-76, Maine, 84-66, St. Ansel m ' s, 94-63, Maine again, 103-71 and New Hampshire, 92-75. UMass ' final record for regular season play was 18-6, which gave it a share of the Yankee Conference crown, earned it the number one rank in New England, and represented the most wins ever achieved by a Redmen hoop unit. A ' Finally, after a long, agonizing wait, the word came . . . UMass was accepted to the NIT. When the Redmen took the court for their warm-ups, 4000 screaming UMass supporters voiced their approval. Cobb and Erving jumped center and the season ' s most thrilling game was underway. The Warriors jumped off to a quick lead, hoping to pull away early, but the Redmen came back and tied the score 27-27 at the half. The second half saw more of a see-saw battle and matched scoring. But in the final minutes of play, Marquette edged into the lead and held it. The final score: Marquette 62 UMass 55. The season was over. The Redmen had compiled their finest record ever. They had gone to the NIT and had shown the basketball world that UMass was and would be a power to be reckoned with. " Hey, hey, we won ' t pay " Chanting protests against the proposed rent hike, approximately 1500 students marched to Whitmore Administration Building where Dean William Field was handed letters which displayed student dissatisfaction with the room rent increase. The march was the highpoint of a day of demonstrations which included rallies in the residential areas of campus and a teach-in at the union. Qlirr ManattftutttB A nu AND RESPONSIBLE PRESS VOLUME XCVIM, ISSUE ! UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 1970 DAY OF PROTEST CLIMAXES ROOM HIKE CONTROVERSY University of Massachusetts Arnlierst • Boston • Woreesler In Dan MeDey. News Editor WVHItmore Adminislr£ition Building Telephone: S S-O Amherst. Massachusells 01002 RELEASE : IMMEDIATE Dr. Ds ' vald Tippo, Provost of the University of M a s s h ii s.a t f-fi,. Amherst sincel96i+, was named the first Chancellor of that campus (today (Monday, Feb. 23) jby the Board of Trustees. I QIV MasBartfttBtttB iatlw Olnllf matt A FRH AND tCSPONSIBlE • MISS VOLUME XCviii, ISSUE 91 UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 19) TIPPO NAMED CHANCELLOR OVER OLKEN ' S OBJECTION TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 1970 UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSET Trustees Appoint Tippo Over Senate Protest Open Letter from Trustees The Board of Trustees today appointed Oswald Tippo as Chan- cellor of e Amherst campus of the University of M:issachusetts. In his new capacity, which is effective immediately, Dr. Tipi» will be responsible for all operatioos on the Amherst campus. Dr. Tippo is ai) alumnus of the University, which also granted him an honorary Doctor of Science of 1954, Upon completing his under - graduate work, he went to Harvard, wtiere he took his doctorate in BioloCT- Subsequently, he went to the University of Illinois where, starting as Instructor i n Botany, he ultimately became ch rtnan of his department and then Dean of fte Graduate School. From Illinois he went to Yale, where he was chairman of the Depart- ment of Botany, to the University of Colorado as Provost, and to New York University as Executive Dean of Arts and Sciences. He flaen returned to his alma mater as Provost in 1964. Our decision to appoint Dr. Tippo was based largely upon three factors. The first was the University ' s experience with hlra as Provost. During the six years he has filled this office, students, faculty members, and the Board of Trustees have been in close and frequent contact uith him and have developed the highest regard for his abilities, dedication and achievements. His leadership and untiring efforts as Provost have resulted in a distinguished taculty, stronger and more varied academic programs, a much improved library, greater educational opportunity for minority groups, and a start on curricuiar reiorm and innovation. He has consistently advocated that students exercise broader responsibility for regulating their own lives. The second factor Is related to the first. While everyone assoc- iated with the University- |ustlfiably may be proud of the progress achieved under the President and Provost, we are also aware that the process of Improving and adapting the University ' s educational program to new human and social needs is just beginning. It seems essential to the Board that the momentum of progress at Amherst lie maintained during the University ' s system-wide re- organization and search fbr a new President. In our view, this appointment is essential to provide strong, coordinating leadership and to avoid intensification of problems wtilch critics of the Univer- sity believe need immediate solution. Last, the Board is impressed by the broad respect, support, and confidence in Dr. Tipp ' :) ' s leadership on the Amherst campus. Throughout his tenure as Provost there have been repeated demon- strations of this confidence by students and faculty. Our forraa! consultations with representatives of the faculty and of the student- bodies, un the .ippjintmont of Dr. Tippo js Chancellnr ha e sh- ' wn that h ' ' ' omTunds wtdf fre d respect and support tn og j,l] paities Ir.deed, ev n tlii e h v mW siav p refeTedth t th( Board pro ecu ii ' fe-- i.« j-pnntrnpnt h. ( ' ' ,1jixi ttiat .ix ' m )tiv .t(; f N ui t)o un j should bi selett b ' lt hs ' v ( f tp that ' urt ' er VV Sit » j.a - i,j4! ' ' If t !! 1 ! 1 V J. h C(!tnijnit ' ' ui n f. J, ifi t t ' JOSEPH P HEALED Mr. Healey speculated that " If we tcM± iQ) the question of Dr. Tip- po iastesB J of the procedural ques- tion, he would be overwbeimingiy applauded by the stodeot body at large, e did not see any in- dividual or organized studeot op- positloD to Dr. Tippo. " A press release issued by Sen- ate President Olken stated in part: " This appointment has been made over the objections of the uiKJer- graduate Student Senate, which has on three separate occasions, as early as late last October, endor- sed the principle of stmlent -fac- ulty search committee to assess the qualifications of Dr. Tippo with those ol other caididates, Oo two occasions the Senate has requested that the Board name the Provost Acting-Chancellor pend- ing the results of such a seardi. " Today ' s action by the Board . . . seriously contravenes the funda- mental principles of community. To af lnt the chief administrative officer of a campus without mean- ingfti I prior consuitatloa with the sttKient body, and in opposition to the reiterated will of the studeM legislature is unwise. ' Tippo has served as University Provost since 1964, after four years as Provost and executive dean of arts and sciences at the University of Colorado. He graduated from UMass in 1932 ai d received an M. A. and a Ph.D. In Botany at Harvard University. Hockey 1969-70 was the season that UMass hockey finally arrived on campus. Coach Jack Caniff s sextet skated, hit and scored the best in the school ' s history. Big wins over Colby 4-3, Hamilton 8-7, Merrimac 4-3 and Vermont 2-1 in sudden death were highlights of a year with few dull moments. Vermont went on to win the Division II Championships. To outsiders, these victories appeared to be upsets but to those who knew the sport at UMass, the opposite was true. This was a good but green sophomore laden squad that still had its best days ahead of it. As it was, the Redmen barely missed the ECAC playoffs by the slim margin of one game. P.J. Flaherty, the goalie, was at times an inspiration with his dazzling play, and replacement Bruce Crawford, in the nets for three shutouts, was outstanding. Doug Rowling and Brian Sullivan anchored a defense which considered every goal allowed an insult. Jack Edwards was the leading scorer and ably centered John Hartnett. Dennis Grabowski led wings Bill McMann and Mike Waldron while Canadian Eric Scrafield showed them all how it was done. The season, which they helped to build, was a good one but the future is brighter. The winning season, just a dream in November was a reality in March. Gymnastics This season the team recorded its highest score in U. of Mass history, and had medalists in every event at the New Englands. Many fine and difficult routines were performed as the team placed second in the New Englands and third in the Easterns. Wrestling Captain George Zguris led the UMass matmen to a 16-4 record for the season and a strong second position in the 30 team membership New England Intercollegiate Wrestling Association Tournament. Paced by Captain Zguris, Sheldon Goldberg, and Tom Young, who finished first in the NEIWA 134 and 167 lb. classes, the grapplers completed the most successful season in UMass wrestling history. IH sSJ H f If ' 1 1 Rf Hk jPv ( ■ (-- M|||H H;1il .. m -3H ■ t " " " ' ' ' . ! jj H V ' ' » ' ss ■ wjS fl l 1 m A combination of a bit of culture, a bit of sport, and a lot of plain old fun. Women in action, intent on competition, scoring, and perfecting their skills . . . never satisfied always striving. Winter Intramurals Campus Champs Paddleball Team : Alpha Epsilon Pi Indivi dual: John Lisack Volleyball Theta Sigma Phi Basketball A P Gypsies Bowling A P Gypsies Handball A P Gypsies Squash Team : Tau Epsilon Phi Indivi dual: Mike Wing Swimming Team : Screaming Yellow Zonkers 50Yd. Breaststroke: Erving Lockhart 50 Yd. Backstroke: Walsh Zinsmeister 50 Yd. Butterfly: Leveton Edington 100 Yd. Freestyle: Conway Corey 50 Yd. Freestyle: McMahon Sullivan Wrestling Team: Kappa Sigma 1281b. class Innes 1371b. class Fothergill 147 lb. class Brittingham 157 lb. class Delmeastro 167 lb. class Kaplan 177 lb. class Keith 187 lb. class Brown 197 lb. class Kelley Unlimited Levine Swimming It was another season of disappointment and frustration for the UMass Mermen. With only 6 returning veterans, the team made a strong showing at the New England Championships, placing 13th out of 22 schools. The seasons dual meet record was less impressive, beating only Holy Cross for a 1-8 record. Individual honors went to Ed Jazab and Mark Miller for placing in the New Englands and to Captain Al Northup and Coach Joe Rogers for their contributions to the team. Ski Team For only the second time in University history the ski team captured top honors in the New England Intercollegiate Ski Conference. In doing so, the skiers far surpassed their conference winning record of two years ago and became the strongest team in University skiing history. The one senior on the squad, co-captain Jim Garstang, led the team by placing first in five races and in the top six in the other four contests. Voted outstanding conference skier by the coaches and captains of the league, Garstang placed second in the final overall conference standings. Junior co-captain Ted Martin capped an outstanding season finishing second on the team and seventh in the league. With excellent performances by the other members of the squad, the 1969-70 season has begun what might be a long conference leadership by the Redmen skiers. Planned to be an annual event, the first Black Talent Show at UMass was presented by the Black Affairs Council. Groups from as far as New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Springfield journeyed to Amherst to take part in the competition. The winners of the talent hunt were chosen in several categories and although the groups were amateurs they were judged mainly on overall professionalism. li International Fair For a few days in the spring Memorial Hall was transformed into a bustling bazaar of exotic wares from over the world. ' ' ' " iiifc ' «»w iMi ' M ;f !!i r!■•.Wi ' -v:»i i » ' -i The lack of an on-campus facility at UMass once again created many hardships for the varsity track team. Also, a rash of injuries to the short sprinters midway through the season raised havoc in some of the meet competition. Despite these problems, the Redmen won two of seven meets and finished second in the Yankee Conference Championships. U. Mass. 70 NorthEastern . .98 U.Mass. 44 Holy Cross . . .100 U. Mass. 53 Conn .101 U. Mass. 64 Central Conn. . .79 U. Mass. 51 B.C .104 B.U. .17 Spfld. .49 Only 5 years in existence, the UMass Crew Team, led by Captain Charles Leonard, placed first in the New England College Division by capturing the Rusty Callow Cup. The crewmen then finished fourth in the National College Division in the Dad Vail Championships. With 50% of the crewmen returning the club is looking forward to another successful season. . ' ' . • " -. • ' ? And Garber ' s Guerillas continue . . . The 1970 Lacrosse team added two more games to their 2 year winning streak by beating Middleburry 17-3 and Tufts 14-3 before Harvard defeated them in game number 18 by a score of 12-6. The Snakebeaters returned to their winning ways as they scored 36 goals in the next two games to beat Wesleyan 12-7 and Hartford 24-3. Two Yankee Conference opponents, UConn and UNH fell to the Redmen .14-3 and 19-5. The season closed with the cancellation of the Amherst College game because of the student strike, and another win, this time 18-8 over MIT. The final season tally was seven wins, one loss. Spring Intramurals i nmmim Golf A well balanced squad was the key to a record of 11 wins and 2 losses, the second best in school history for dual meet competition. The var- sity golf team climaxed their year by winning the YanCon Championship held at the Pleasant Valley Country Club in Sutton, Mass. Dick King and Mike Minkas turned in the low scores in the conference tournament; but captain Ed Puzas, Dick Barber, Rick Aherne, and Dave Salter helped in building their fine over-all record under coach Dick Page. 156 Tennis The 1970 varsity tennis team, coached by Steve Kozakov ski, finished their season with a second place showing in the Yankee Conference. Paced by Mike Katz, the netmen complied a record of 5 wins and 3 loss- es in dual meet competition. The Distinguished Visitors Program brought an assorted cast of noted personalities to speak to the University community. The lectures spanned both the academic year and a spectrum of topics. Biafran novelist Chinua Achebe commenced the DVP season, bringing sudden awareness of the plight of his people to the campus. The " Crown Prince of Political Humor " , Dick Tuck, enlightened a crowd of listeners on the political adventures that he has fostered. Dick Nixon still bewares of Dick Tuck. Jack Newfield presented the serious side of politics. And, Hubert Humphrey found just how serious the University thought the political situation was. Bramwell Fletcher delighted a Bowker Auditorium audience with a dramatic presentation of Bernard Shaw. ri Patrons of the arts were further enthralled by the March Moratorium Poetry Festival, presenting a number of the finest poets in the country. Among the visitors were Robert Biy, Michael Harper, and Senator Eugene McCarthy. Poetry was followed by foreign policy as former U.S. Ambassador Edwin O. Reischauer addressed himself to the problem of " Asia in the Seventies. " 111 " Social psychologist Kenneth Clark and Civil Rights leader Reverend Ralph David Abernathy shared the platform as the Third Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Lecture Series speakers. Reverend Abernathy brought particular relevance to his speech as it was he who picked up the torch of leadership of the Southern Leadership Conference from the assassinated Dr. King. Noted Black author Claude Brown supplemented Dr. Abernathy and gave his audience a vivid portrait of the plight of Black people in America. Late in the spring, author Arthur C. Clarke of 2001 A Space Odyssey, speculated on life in the year 2001. A few days later, safety crusader Ralph Nader told his audience of the many ills of today ' s world. Closing the year were speakers on both sides of the Arab-Israeli conflict. United Nations Arab Ambassador Mohamed El-Zayyat and U.N. Ambassador Moshe Leshem. To the chant of " guilty, guilty " the " trial " of Hubert H. Humphrey ended as he left the platform, undelivered speech in hand. Forced by several hundred students to answer questions on Chicago, he never got to the main address. After several questions from the floor, during which the demonstrators maintained a cacophony, Mr. Humphrey decided to leave the platform, for the first time in his career. Reaction from both the University community and the general public was strong and polarized. Many felt he should not have been allowed to speak on campus while others called for a state investigation of the incident. The issue did not die with the end of the school year. A Faculty Senate committee continued work on its report of the incident and DVP pondered future implications of the precedent set that evening. ' j£ ' , ' ' TW Homecoming ' 69 was enhanced by the beauty of Patricia Dirsa. 164 Diantha Wade lent the warmth of her smile to a chilly Winter Carni Weekend. April 15 . . . . again we marched for peace %. Spring Weekend Sprawled out on the grass beside the pond 2,000 people listened joyfully to Jamie Brockett and his rendition of " The Ballad of the USS Titanic " . Hedge and Donna added to the enjoyment of the afternoon with their perfect harmony. A crowd in the caged grooved to Tim Buckley and a piece entitled " jungle Bird " with which Buckley got the entire cage moving and singing for the remainder of the concert. Concluding the weekend, James Taylor delighted his Sunday afternoon audience by being his usual, soothing, happy, contented self. «««»■»»»■«««••— -• = M; Baseball 171 ckjpg fT ' Coming off a season which saw a trip to the College World Series, the Redmen posted a mediocre 14-11 record. UMass travelled South to open the season with a win over Richmond. At the University of South Carolina ' s Spring Tournament the Redmen tied for honors with Princeton, beating the Tigers, Duke, and Toledo, but losing to Yale and Princeton. The home opener was moved to Storrs where the Huskies prevailed 2-0. The Redmen bounced back to clobber B.C. 16-4. After bowing to Tufts, UMass beat AlC and Vermont twice, giving the Redmen an 8-4 record. Three straight conference games saw the Redmen edged by URI 2-1 and victorious over UNH and UConn. But hopes for a return to last year ' s winning form were shattered as Dartmouth and Maine twice dealt UMass costly losses. William ' s felt the frustration of the UMass batters as the Redmen won 15-3, but a 5-3 defeat at the hands of URI put UMass back in its slump. Holy Cross and UNH handed UMass 10-5 and 7-4 losses. Never the less, the Redmen put together a three game winning streak to end the season. BU, Army, and Springfield were the unhappy victims. The Redmen finished with a 4-6 YanCon record and were 14-11 overall. kaHMIB4M« a " aMHHUfeMiiM iMlKr- («P«Haaw«B PcaiP« i p iqmH«Vl q Im« m mk M «c4idb STRIKE STRIKE i I HERTER HAL HISTORY " N SWKf GERMANIC LANGUAGES J f fe: ROMANCE LANGUAGiES 3T ( | SLAVIC LANGUAGES M - wW W%W ' ' WW m- ' Wj,i ' ' ' Si ' Oiwcliurni Satig Olnllpgiatt R.O.T.C. OCCUPIED Details, page 3 Some picketed, protested, and argued the issues while others coordinated, informed, or employed their talents to convey the message of the strike to the community. Everyone was affected in some way . . . even Metawampe OHIO? Sharp, sudden, searing pain. Hot, taking the breath away, gagging. The bullets slammed into their bodies and they were dead. Who were they? Violent militant revolutionaries? No. When their histories were learned it was not surprising to discover your roommate, your brother, your sister, the friend from high school, your son, your daughter. They were people, part of you. They died in a violent confrontation. They died by the bullet. The way people have been dying in the war for years. But this was Ohio. Ohio, United States of America and four kids who hated war were killed by the National Guard. The National Guard, made up of guys lucky enough to find a unit and not have to be drafted into the war over there. Ohio, where you find prayers on your restaurant placemat. The National Guard? Ohio is home, it ' s easier to understand when people die in your backyard. Sharp, sudden, searing pain. The realization slammed into the University, gagging its breath and it was alive. until the three demands are met. 184 " 1 w, mm i ' §! ' y i ' i ' Pf ' i I ■ f Z- Football Happenings The cheerleaders and the Revelers sparked UMass spirit to urge the Redmen onto their YanCon championship. Grid fans screamed and shouted along with the vocal Revelers, and the Cheerleaders (with their trusty trampoline) added bounce to every game. Bringing the Beanpot back home made it a year for cheer — and everyone did. Marching Band Flying Redmen Drill Team Throughout the football season, these three organizations; the Marching Band, Flying Redmen Drill Team and Precisionettes, provided the pre-game and half-time entertainment that no football game would be the same without. During the rest of theyear, the Precisionettes and the Flying Redmen participate in inter-collegiate drill competitions, the Redmen last year becoming the number-one trick drill team in New England. Precisionettes Due to the increase in subjects — Yahoo rises again! Sophisticated humor, the current scene, and satirical cartoons were all aspects of Yahoo. After a three year lapse, the infamous Yahoo came to life again and took swipes at subjects, from Nixon and national politics, to Whitmore and local politics — yet Yahoo managed to live. Spectrum maintained high literary and artistic standards. Spectrum: a word used to describe a wide array of things, whether they be colors or ideas. The individual creativity of students combined to produce Spectrum — a magazine with a great selection of ideas and moods. Each poem, story, photograph or art work served to set a mood, an emotion, an experience — that was Spectrum. Peter Pascarelli; Editor Carolyn Hertz; Secretary Mark Silverman; Managing Editor Massachusetts Daily Collegian New England ' s largest college daily newspaper showed a new face during 1970. Sports Editor turned Editor- in-Chief Peter Pascerilli presented the Daily Collegian with a true tabloid pictorial front page. The innovation of the new format brought about renewed interest in the entire paper and especially controversial editorial and Campus Comment pages. The issue of freedom of the press raged as an editorial offensive to President Nixon was printed without censorship. Often confusing, the editorial page provided a safety valve for student frustrations. Peanuts, The Wizard of Id, B.C., and the crossword puzzle were joined by a horoscope to provide more in class reading, while there were still classes. The in class reading became out of class reading when the Daily Collegian carried the headline " STRIKE " . Managing Editor Mark Silverman, News Editor Claudia Hamberg, and Photo Editor Pat Lempart teamed to provide full strike coverage to the campus. Metawampe ' s Sports Department Chief John Sullivan provided the MDC with solid sports coverage. As long as the patron spirit Metawampe guards and guides the staff of the Daily Collegian, it prospers. Keith Bromery; Editorial Columnist Right: Pat Lempart; Photo Editor, Steve Schmidt, Rich Hansen John Sullivan; Sports Editor Right: Steve Shamban; Sport Columnist ( ' t ' llik M i ' ' S :, .rf- n WMUA: The radio plays the music Under the direction of station nnanager Ken Horseman, WMUA provided diverse coverage on all aspects of life at UMass. A complete day was set aside for covering the Moratorium and its effects at the University. For UMass sport fans, the plays were called live by Hal Dash and Ken Horseman. Although the trustees couldn ' t find enough watts for WMUA to go stereo, this year the music was still a mixed bag: rock, mood, or soul. In the fall of 1970, both Channels of " the music " will be heard, as plans for installation of new equipment continue under the guidance of chief engineer. Jay Ballard. The News Department reached its " apex of professionalism " , in the words of News Director Richard Lipton. Highlights of news coverage included the Mills House affair, the Humphrey incident, the march on Whitmore, the April 10-11 " Come Together " activities, and Strike Activities. Engineering Journal Designed to be a technical journal for the physical science and engineering majors, the Journal also enjoyed some engineer ' s fun with the joke page and the engineer ' s girl page. APO GSS Again this year Alpha Phi Omega and Gamnria Sigma Sigma, men ' s and women ' s service fraternities, combined to run the always successful! book exchange in the Student Union. Through the year both organizations provided community service by sponsoring and assisting in programs such as the Amherst Fair, visiting the Belchertown School, and sponsoring Christmas parties for orphans. ARCON A visitor to this campus could easily become lost without the help of an ARCON guided tour. Composed of selected members of fraternities, ARCON offers guided tours of the campus and is responsible for making favorable impressions on thousands of visitors to UMass each year. 202 Scrolls By accenting participation within the University Community, the Scrolls contributed their services all over campus. Some of their activities were helping with freshman orientation, ushering, and sponsoring a Christmas party for ghetto children. International Club Like our local country fairs, the International Fair, sponsored by the International Club, presented displays of the various clothing, foods, and wares of the foreign countries represented by students at the University. By sponsoring coffee hours, picnics, and lectures the club offers students an opportunity to better understand some of the traditions and customs of other countries. Senate President Cindy OIken and Secretary Pat Beharry Student Senate The kingdom of the Student Senate, the power of the student senate, and the Glory of the Student Senator. Amen. The Student Senate is the governing body of the undergraduates, dealing out nearly $500,000 of student tax funds annually. Ninety or so students supposedly with the power to make law. Each senator elected by and representing a constituency. This is the way it has been for years. What was different during the 1969-70 year was the drama. When the year started with the resignation of the Student Senate President, it was a good indication of how turbulent the year was going to be. The early semester referendum on Student Activities Tax funding a trip to the November 15 Peace Moratorium in Washington, D. C. shocked many students into the realization of the Senate ' s power of the purse. Students turned out in force to narrowly vote down the Senate passed money. So, the Senate went back to its usual ways of debate and discussion. Suddenly Senate President Bruce Balboni decided that he had enough University frustration; he resigned his post and left school. Vice President Cindy OIken took the reigns as President and hit the headlines as the first student trustee in University history. Glenn Elters came on to win the election to the void Vice-Presidents post. Senate action rolled on. The idea of an administration imposed room rent hike stirred the Senate to strong reaction. Under Senate pressure they compromised and the rate hike proposal was changed. As the year came toward a close, the time consuming activity continued through long Wednesday night meetings — as long as a quorum could be held. The Senate worked diligently on its usual budgetary and petty lawmaking activity. Came the Strike and quick Senate support. Lately, the Student Senate conducted a poll about the Yahoo. Never wishing to be outdone by the Senate, and also not wishing to use up the student ' s money by printing up thousands of polls, the Yahoo presents a poll, similarly unrepresentative and biased, of its own: 1. Have you ever been to a Senate meeting? Yes No 2. Do you find it entertaining? Yes Hell, No 3. Can you name your representative to the Student Senate? Yes No 4. Can you name the officers of the Student Senate? Yes No. 5. On what day does the Student Senate meet? Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri 6. You don ' t condone the continuation of supporting the Stu- dent Senate with $11,992.50 of student tax funds per year? Do you ? No ! 7. Would you attend a Senate meeting if they charged 25 a meeting? Yes No 8. Would you be opposed to allowing the Student Senate to continue in its evil ways? Yes No 9. Would you like4o see the campus pond, its ducks, the Sen- ate, and proposed benches abolished? Yes No 10. Would you be not opposed to the abolishment of not having a discontinuation of all now-existing oppositions against anti-nullifying opposing? Yes No If no, why? — Spring 1965 210 Most Student Senators spent much time and effort in Senate activity. At the same time, much has been said against the Student Senate and its often " power-hungry ' ways, even though there were a lot of people who tried to make it decent. Not everyone added to the verbal pollution often accompanying Senate meetings. Many Senators were sincere and an asset to the campus, yet they were not as noticeable, or as menacing, as the others. With luck, the Student Senate will never again meet, and in 1971 the University will have a joint faculty and student governing body. Writers Theatre The Writers theatre was set up this year by the Student Union Program Council to sponsor student written, directed, and performed works. NJG, written by Naomi Berkowitz, was chosen this year from among many outstanding manuscripts to be performed in the Student Union. The play was performed in the round, with characters sitting, entering, and exiting from the audience. Operetta Guild Run by members of the University Community, the Opperetta Guild is an extra-curricular activity. This year two plays were presented, Guys and Dolls, and The Roar of the Greasepaint, the Smell of the Crowd. UMass Theatre Roister Doisters I H HK 1 CfllK SI ll l H K 3i H ■■oR| IH I 51 IB 9HP Fine Arts Council NAIADS Parachute Club Student Union Governing Board R.S.O. Supported by student funds, the RSO office was a banking and book-keeping center for several hundred organizations. 220 Student Leaders Night Originally designed to be a night where people were honored for displaying leadership among students in a particular activity, Student Leaders Night this year turned into a rank-out session, with the leaders of many of the campus activities using the speaker ' s platform to politic, explaining how their organization had disappointed them. But, many people on this campus did make significant contributions to the UMass scene, and these should be acknowleged. The Quad As the year went along, residents realized more and more why they wanted to live here. 228 ■T ' S: l1 Although conditions were not always good, Some improvements were being made. ' ■;.%v.v. ViiiVi ' .vw ' -■-■.■.■.U. ' .UM ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 • ' A lazy, peaceful atmosphere hangs over the area. In the spring, girls in their bikinis dot the lawn to soak up the sun. It ' s the oldest living area on campus without many of the facilities of the newer. But, the people are close. The " New Northeast " is the old Quad with a vitality and life from within. Everyone cares for one another: a counseling and drug drop-in center in Hamlin, a springtime Quad fair. A handful of males, occupying only two of nine Northeast dorms, spy on the female population — and life goes on. And they had a good time doing it. Southwest From huge towers to minute problems; those only a city could have. Living crowded, closely together in an atmosphere of friendliness and sensitivity. Dorm Living in Southwest •c T ,.: sT 4£ UhWERSKL nS TWT- Project 10... A living experiment and experience. V r n ' " ' ■» ' =„ r r n r r " n r 1 C Through the magic tunnel and into the maze of people and cement. Buildings tower above you and the blare of acid rock pierces your ears. Urban living in the placid farmlands of Western Mass. Study and play side by side in the close confines of Southwest complex. People living together in harmony and discord — noise and solitude. Together they move, on a 24 hour schedule, as Southwest never sleeps. The pulse of the complex kept beating constantly by the random activity of those who travel the tunnel and the maze. r r n C;]B ' t 1 KilliMe " Was the walk worth it? We thought so From the trees around the steep dirt path and over the hilly terrain to the Orchard. Four identical buildings with the familiar repetitious grid of windows overlooking the entire campus. Orchard hill li ves in isolation from the rest of the campus and the world; a quiet solitude broken only by the student activity. But, there is a restive calm over the area aside the apple trees, a closeness to the rural setting in which UMass lies. Trek through the mud or slide on the ice to get there; ten minutes to the commons; by the infirmary; " The Hill " . Central Area , }M l: C t ■•l ' it I I ' I t? 53 w bi fi M-ri Central Area hasn ' t changed all that much over the years. Perhaps the ghost of tradition stalks the corridors and guards the old grassy knoll. You feel like you are in college. The old traditional college atmosphere is broken in only a few places, with Greenough girls and guys and the sudden Brook-Mill coed conversion, Old Central led the way in the new living experience. From the center of campus. Central blends into Morrill the Newman Center and the Hill. Black Cultural Center FROM OUR SIDE Help By Understanding The Black Cultural Center, the Black Studies Program and most academic and social reforms that the Blacks at UMass have been working for have suffered from too much rhetoric by aU members of the university community. Far too many individuals and groups have been wasting their time in evaluating the reforms proposed Black students. Far too many people, as witnessed by the Kappa Sigma- Mills House incident, have been reactionary and an actual hinderance to all efforts toward equality in this university. It is time for the arguments to stop, and the reactions to subside. The Black Cultural Center and the Black Studies Program are vital to the Black community. Indeed, most specific proposals by the Black community have their worth. It is time to stop considering, and time to act. ITie Hacks on this campus, we believe, know wliat they want and know how to go about getting it. It is their " thing " , they should do it. But they wlU have a much harder time of it if students, faculty arri administrators flounder, day after day, in their own words of indecision and debate. It is time for a lot of understanding and cooperation. Immediately plans for the implimentation of the Black Cultural Center and the Black Studies Program should begin. In short, if you cannot help, or at least cooperate, do not hinder. Try to understand, but if you cannot, don ' t get in the way. 257 Greeks Individual needs, yet concern for others — the Greek lifestyle brothers and sisters participating in the college community. 259 ' . T?; ' ;. ' : k» ' yv ••! ; ' : :ii-l?S Living in a house was eventful, always something happening, something to be a part of. i . The things that enabled a person to grow were more easily shared with a friend. The Greeks changed with the times; a few houses were moved to different places, others were completely gone, and still others remained the same. Tc I ' r. Landlord and i- ' r. Adminlti ' trator: V e, your tenants, will nc longer live in your congested rooms. We will no longer, pay your exploitive prices. We will no longer live in unlivatle apartments. You have forced us out of rooms j vou have forced us out of homes, but v e will not leave the town. We v ork in inherst; we study in Amherst; this is our town , we arc going to stay here- v d w nt an end to the high rents ITon-profit housing is possible, th;,-,t is rha.t ' .■•o want. The time for talking is norr an end. V e want action; v e v ant housing at a price wo can pay. FO LKS OF T rT CITY 0) m mi ' Commuters To the many students who lived in a dorm for three years, moving off campus brought visions of freedom. Off campus he would be free of dorm living restrictions, he would be able to throw parties, have pets, eat what he wanted when he wanted, and not have to share his living room and bathroom with twenty other guys (and girls). But he soon found that many of the old dorm problems followed him off campus. As a commuter, he joined the other local residents in facing these problems. Late in August, tempers flared as the year-round residents held mass meetings at Amherst Commons and confronted Amherst town administrators with complaints of high rents and substandard conditions. In moving off campus he found new chores and duties awaiting him. Furniture was often complements of the midnight movers from the town dump, vacuum cleaners were hard to come by, and old houses always had many bare looking walls. Every night the sink was full of dirty dishes waiting to be washed, and sometimes the bathtub had a baby waiting to be dried. ..2 " fcfilitt ; ' zz: -re- ■rr r T ■ - As the University kept on growing past the fifteen thousand student mark and on its way to thirty, so did the surrounding communities. Tobacco fields were turned into apartment complexes overnight, as prefabricated units were assembled off a truck. Other apartment complexes used more standard units, sometimes fitting over hundred apartments into a few acres. Some offered dishwashers and swimming pools, others air conditioning. Real estate agencies called it modern living and this year, as always, students snapped up leases to these apartment complexes, so that by mid-summer not one unit was left unleased. . ' ? - f. All commuters faced the same problems, getting to campus in the morning and what to do between classes. Those who drove found that M and N lots were a long way from campus. Unless you can early the only open spaces were on the grass or in a mud puddle. The hatch became a second home for eating lunch, playing cards, or reading the paper. At 5 o ' clock it was traffic jam time, with all of the parking lots emptying into the narrow country streets. Editorial One hundred and one years ago, in compiling the first volume of the Index, the tradition of an editorial comment from the editors was initiated. In past years it has taken many forms, both active and pensive, reflecting the moods and feelings of the campus. 7ft j year we have found that an editorial dated ninety-five years ago has again become especially fitting and timely. Fellow Students: In submitting to you this volume of the Index, we have to offer a congratulation upon being able to look back on a year full of prosperity, and replete with facts which, as bearing on the future of our institution are significant. We allude to the growing popularity of our college and the rank it has taken among institutions of learning. From the year of its foundation the college has had to encounter oppositions of every sort and magnitude; and worse than all others, that know nothing opposition that opposes simply because it does not know. We are slowly but surely living down all this un- friendliness; and, fellow-student, don ' t leave all this work of conversion to the man at the wheel. Although the ship is in good hands, yet we, as students, in our peculiar relations with one another and with the public, act an important part in giving character and place to the university. Index, 1875 Although we now would word this a bit differently, the basic ideas and concepts expressed in this editorial are still with us. We have this year, perhaps more than any other, realized that the students are the University and the University can be no more than its students. This student-university relationship is influenced by two separate factors. The people who live, work, and study at the University, and the University proper, that which physically exists, independent of the University. The culmination of these two is the University Community, and this is the theme of our communication. ' v. " Mf ?! ' ; " ■ Tl . ■ ' f ■ ' The class of 1875 wrote of a college community consisting of but 88 students . . . And a staff of 10 professors — many remembered now only as names on buildings. ' Hn j? j :msss! . S3 ». ' jygt teai • ,- i, . S " ,:- ::. : Now their first names have been forgotten and the buildings erected to memorialize them 1 1 m 7n pWti»i i w»w w iiiiPii» M» Mp(tijgB I Sll % L.y mm v.. ' ..iiii 1 M M :! w K ■A l H H ?-- ' - M : ' y _£ SfVi r irgsr Have become part of the great concrete university metropolis. . i -.L - ■ it»Pw»«9f ' ' « | A city in the hills. ' » , J- X. T n -. «? SA. Where buildings of concrete replace the older brick. I I- m. .■-♦-V air. TTo: The glare of the hot sun shining down . . . Over the once virgin land. ' frrr- «•.- « i ' SWt 5J . ' y. Warming the walls and the water . . . ...Ofa once country college. ■ I i I ■ « ■ •■•VI I • « 41 a « I ( ' I » r iH J II r _ r b; I ai ■ I m ■ I ■ « - ?? P? ' Myriad facets of dorm windows . . . I ' " 1 ' rmi ' m ' Interlaced with brick . . . and an occasional person €y . ' m fr: mmm m mmt ' ii BH 11 Mj ' % . ? ;«:j ' «- u aT 1 ' ' ,iA ' - while trees still remain for shade, k - . .» ? l j . : . Js «r jET 2 m , ' vl - . . . Growing one on another, buildings sprout from everywhere. ■ ■ Jte| Vis . wmm Mh, ; Y t. ' While the frail foliage slowly, reluctantly, retreats From the ever growing ranks of man made habitats. -J ■ 0. p •« " 5i m r- . ' issxj ' ! aEBg|ipM -r- Concrete, brick, glass, and steel-permanently interwoven A A .. fffiie! Life infused into the buildings erected by man for man . . . Where education is part of being . . . 1K . a.- -; ' " ? ' ' - L . and the concrete and asphalt serves as mans backdrop for learning. yM A place where man can think Where the greatest resource is man himself . . . which no carpenter can build, no scientist can simulate, and no machine can replace. Individuals so complex and unique . . . that even the greatest ilosopher cannot comprehend the functions of even one . . . himself. f ii ' -v V, interacting with others . . . : " -?»«»-tl ' - ' --: . ' : Bi N TC ■ife 1 H _a H AJfJW 1 ' •J H 1 ■ ' ' K , Y 4 . •:.-:- 1 mM and gaining the wisdom of others brings fulfillment m 7 .w»J ' W ' ki ' ' Out of this comes a slow awareness that the culmination of both academic and social learning in harmony with each other is the University Community. " 1- . .• • - • ■• ■ ' •■■■ ■ . 7 ' -2 v. • ■ ' 4 ' 1 - ' r , ' . " •♦.■ ' 4m v ■ i IP ' , J ' •£ . i " Jiff- " " i K n .|x|xM M4v (X (XXXXXXXX H.I]. ' H )HHiN[; IC HKAI.TH n It was a perfect day for graduation — hot enough to make the gowns of acetate irritate. Even the flowers surrounding Alumni Stadium smiled in the background of the many Instamatic pictures taken of seniors with sun-lit expressions saying: " This is the day, I finally made it through the books, the classes, the long hours of sleep when I was supposed to be in class, the mud, the administrative red tape, the endless lines, and the endless dining commons hot dogs and hamburgs. " May 30th though, was all but a perfect day, for all was but perfect in the world which some 2,800 seniors were about to face. Unlike traditional graduations, the 100th commencement aroused controversy, even before it began. The publicity, in part, may have simply provoked by a graduation gap in the press with last minute commencement cancellations at colleges in Massachusetts and elsewhere. With the Student Strike still fresh in everyones mind, a Commencement Task Force, comprised of seniors and administrators, voted to alter the exercises by not playing the national anthem, substituting the traditional processional music for a French drum roll and the recessional for a chorus of " We Shall Overcome " , the wearing of peace arm bands and the stenciling of red-fist strike symbols on the back of gowns. It was the fourth demand to lower the flag to half-mast which met with a ripple of emotional response from the State house to lower the University budget for next year. Fortunately, it was memorial day, and the flag was to be flown at half-mast anyway. ,. ;u«i; (li " 338 It ' s 10:30 a.m. and having sobered up from Senior Day you stand at the south side of the stadium contemplating your last line at UMass . . . and it ' s just as long and confusing as the first one four years ago. Saying some last good-byes your eyes move quickly from tassel to tassel ar d your mind tingles with nostalgia and trembles with speculation of " all the rights and privileges " that a degree will confer upon you. And for the moment, familar faces and phantom faces have doffed their denims and sandals to converge in the annual cap and gown milieu . . . graduation. Filing into the wind-swept stadium, the graduates, clutching their caps to their heads, passed a giant peace placard on the goal line. The anthem was played, and while it was, a group of graduates marched onto the field holding silent written reminders of the past month: " Kent 4 " , " Augusta 6 " , " Jackson 2 " This commencement, unlike others, was not without its historic moment. After having contributed to ten years of unprecedented University growth ... a decade marked by redefinition of student academic freedom and University reform right from the first sit-ins of the 60 ' s to the first student strike of the 70 ' s, John William Lederle delivered his final address as president of the University. But, to the class of ' 70, Whitmore Administration building will always be fondly remembered as " Fort Lederle " ... a symbol of campus growth . . . and president Lederle as " The Phantom " ... a symbol of University leadership. Lederle ' s speech was momentarily interrupted by a throng of parental applause as two seniors marched onto Alumni Field holding high two miniature American Flags. And so it went accordingly throughout the ceremony . . . any words bespeaking of patriotism drew immediate audience approval. Any words warning of social injustice or immorality of the war drew response from the students. Back and forth . . . from one speaker to the next . . . the Generation Gap in stereo. Following the invocation and a few words by Governor Sargent, Acting Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Seymour Shapiro rendered an incisive account of campus activity during the student strike. But the tone of objectivity by Dean Shapiro was quickly cast aside by senior class president David Veale, who confronted the parents with the predominant feelings of his classmates: " We are frustrated because we have tried so hard to change the evils in America and in the end we have accomplished nothing " . Veale, who ' s words apparently captured the mood of many students across the country, was quoted in both LIFE and TIME magazines. President of Yale University, Kingman Brewster touched on the source of student frustration when he urged the reordering of the nations priorities: " Whether the avoidance of the appearance of defeat in Vietnam is more important than the reality of economic and social opportunity at home deserves debate. " The principal speaker called for an end to U.S. involvement in Southeast Asia and a rechanneling of war funds into domestic programs. J.IJll.1 Robert Andrews Beldon Biy Who ' s Who Among Students Hal Dash r Ina Coldstien Betsy Goldman Rene Markt John Hutchinson Ron Labreque Richard Kline imm AVE Alan Marcus Lyn Nevins Sharon O ' Brien Stephen Parnell OLEOOLEO l-EOOLEOO .„ EOOLEOOL ■It OOLEOOLE V OLEOOLEO John Shyavitz David " Yushnik " Stevens David Veale 345 Not pictured: James Albert George Childs Barbara Ditkoff Dawn Dudash Ray Ellerbrook Sander Ross Edward Tirrell Senior Day ' ' -tt ' t-i l - Having just finished finals for the final time, the grass on the North Quad never looked greener, the beer never tasted better, and the familiar faces never seemed friendlier. Senior Day was an all-day, all-night blast filled with reminising of four years gone past. ABRAHAM, SUSAN C; East Meadow, N.Y.; Home Economics; Belchertown Volunteers; Dean ' s List. ABRAMS, JUDITH M.; Framingham; Mathematics: Marching and Concert Bands; Scholarship Comm. ADAMS, CURTIS C; Weymouth; Engineering. ADAMS, MARTHA J.; Andover; Zoology; Nl AIDS. ADAMS, MARY JANE; North Adams; French; College of Our Ladv of the Elms; Dean ' s List; Phi Beta Kappa. ADAMS, SUSAN M.J.; Florence; French; SCED; Dean ' s List. ADLER, ELIZABETH K.; Fall River; French; Newman Club; Ski Club; Belchertown Volunteers. ACAZ.ARIAN, DAVID; Lawrence; History; Dorm Judiciary. AHERN, GERALD B.; Nahant; Agriculture; S.S.A. Senate and Food Dist. Club; Dean ' s List; Crew Club, Coxswain. AHERNE, RICHARD M.; Newton; Economics; Beta Kappa Phi; Golf; Dean ' s List. AIRASIAN, PAUL M.; Watertown; Economics; Alpha Sigma Phi, Corresponding Secretary; I.F.C.; Intramurals; Dean ' s List. AKINS, CAROL A.; Springfield; English; A. B.C. Tutor. ALBERGHENE, JANICE M.; Chelmsford; English; KKG; Class Exec. Council; SWAP; Dean ' s List; Phi Beta Kappa. ALBERGHINl, JANET F.; Peabody; Education; Exec. Council; Rev- elers; Chi Omega. ALBERT, JAMES H.; Natick; Microbiology; APO; Student Senate; Dorm Treas.; Senate Budgets, Chrmn.; Area Gov ' t Budgets Ad- visory Comm.; Student Affairs; Chancellor Selection Comm.; Senate Exec. Comm.; Distinguished Senior. ALBINO, SUSAN G.; Florence; CommunJcat on Disorders; Stan- dards Comm., Sec; Masters ' Aide; Ski Club; Operetta Guild; Newman Club; Dean ' s List; S.U. Dance Comm.; Communication disorders Club; Dorm V. President. ALBRO, CARL S.; Northampton; Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; House Coun.; Intramurals; Science Fiction Club. ALDEN, DALE L.; Shelburne Falls; Psychology. ALDRICH, RONALD L.; Templeton; History; Intramurals. ALEXANDER, DANIEL H.; Canton; Agriculture; Alpha Zeta Honor Soc. ALEXANDER, ROBERT P.; Orange, N.J.; Management; Afro-Am. Soc; House Coun.; Floor Counselor; Intramurals; Dean ' s List; H.N. I.e. ALKON, ROBERT R.; Newton; Accounting; Crew Team; Acctg. Assoc; Intramurals. ALLAN, JANE T.; Amherst; Public Health. ALLARD, NORMAN B.; Southbridge; Psychology; PMD; ARCON, Sec; Exec. Coun.; President ' s Coun.; House Chaplain, V.P.; La- crosse; Ski Club; Intramurals. % hJ ALLEN, CAROL A.; Easthampton; Nursing; CSS. ALLEN, DIANE J.; Westfield; Art Education BFA. ALLEN, LINDA M,; Greenfield; Zoology: Dean ' s List. ALLEN, SUSAN M.; Newburyport; Nursing; NIAIDS. ALLEN, WALTER S.; Rehoboth; Mechanical Engineering; LCA, Treas.; ASCE; ASME; TPB. ALLENCHEY, CHESTER W.,JR.; Northampton; Accounting; Acctg. Assoc; Judo Club; Dorm, Pres., Head Counselor; Central Area Council. ALTMAN, HOWARD S.; Port Chester, N.Y.; Economfa; SAM, Treas., Soc, Chrm.; SWAP, Treas.; Student Senate; Maroon Keys; S.L.A.P.; Class Exec. Council. ALTON, LEE F.; Dudley; Agriculture; Ski Club; Landscape Arch. Club; Outing Club; Glee Club; Peace Corp Intern. AMBROSE, MONIQUE; Rockport; English. AMICO, ROBERT P.; Dorchester; Philosophy; Counselor; Asst. Head of Residence. AMIRO, BETH M.; Huntington, Conn.; Home Economics. AMPUJA, JACK T.; Abington; Management; Intramurals; Fresh- man Hockey; Dean ' s List; Honors Colloquium; LIndergraduate Asst.; WMUA. ANAIR, DIANE M.; Ware; Mathematics; Newman Club; Ski Club. ANANIAN, JOYCE L.; Melrose; Psychology; ALD; Scrolls; Psych. Club; Belchertown Volunteer; Phi Beta Kappa. ANDERSON, BARBARA C; Gardner; Physical Education; KKG, Treas.; Recreation Club; Exec. Coun.; Program Council; Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, Sec. ANDERSEN, GEORGE W.; Weymouth; Physical Education; Foot- ball; Baseball; Theta Chi. ANDERSON, JANET L.; Northampton; Nursing; GSS; Fellowship Chrm. ANDERSON, JUDITH A.; Bedford; Psychology; Counselor; N.E.S. Tutor; Community Girl Scouting; Dean ' s List. ANDERSON, MARY E.; Northampton; Education. ANDERSON, PAUL D.; Natick; Political Science; Student Senator; Exec. Coun.; Dorm Govt.; Student Matters Comm., Chrm.; Dean ' s List; Student Affairs Comm. of Faculty Sen. ANDREWS, MARGARET T.; Amherst; English; Collegian, Staff Reporter; Northampton Vol.; Newman Club; Dean ' s List. ANDREWS, ROBERT E.; Westwood; Elementary Education; Dorm Counselor; Northampton Vol.; Belchertown Vol., V.P.; Educ. Club; Who ' s Who; Dean ' s List; Honors Colloquia; Educ. Club; Moratorium Peace Mail Comm.; Undergraduate Chrm. of Special Education. ANISZEWSKI, PAULETTE J.; Dudley; Nursing; Newman Club; Nursing Club; Dean ' s List. ARABIAN, EDWARD A.; Attleboro; Aerospace Engineering; AIAA; ASME; Undergraduate Educ. Coun.; Track. AREHAMBAULT, GAIL T.; Vernon, Conn.; Nursing; GSS, Pres., Social Chrm., N.E. Undergrad Rep.; Nursing Club; Dorm Social Comm. ARENA, JOSEPH A.; Pittsfield; BFA; Index Staff; Newman Club; Pub. Chrm.; Educ. Club. ARIANSEN, JOHN D.; Newton HIds.; Mechanical Engineering; ASME; Newman Club; Dorm Pres.; Co-Capt., Indoor Track; Golf Team; Ski Club; Intramurals; Dean ' s List. ARMS, RALPH E.; Bedford; Psychology; Section Rep., V.P. ARMSTRONG, BECCA J,.; Winchester; Home Economics; New- man Club. ARMSTRONG, KATHLEEN E.; Milton; Education; Alpha Chi Omega, Pres.; Student Senator; Homecoming, Sec; Class Exec. Coun.; NES; Newman Club; Dean ' s List; Winter Carnival. ARMY, LAWRENCE F.; Wheelwright; History; Intramural Soft- ball. ARNOLD, BRUCE M.; Wilmington; English; Intramurals; Ski Club. ARNOLD, CHARLES P.; Sudbury; Accounting; Acctg. Assoc. ARSENAULT, DENNIS C.; Gardner; Psychology; Mount Wachu- sett Community College; Northampton Vol.; Dorm Counselor. ASHWORTH, GAIL D.; Tewksbury; Fashion Merchandising; Pre- cisionetts, Sr. Squad Leader; Campus Chest. Comm.; S.E.N.D.- O.F.F. Class Weekend Comm. ASTBURY, SUSAN E.; Framingham; Education; Senate Public Relations Comm.; Exchange Student, U. of South Florida. AUDET, JAMES P.; Orange; Chemistry; Beta Kappa Phi; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Maroon Keys; Newman Ciub; Pres. American Chemical Society Student Affiliates; Dean ' s List; Intramurals, Phi Beta Kappa. AUDET, LYNNE L.; Salem; German; Member German Dept. Facul- ty Student Comm.; Yahoo, Editor. AUERBACH, |AMES A.; Medford; Chemistry; Pre-Med Club; In- dejr;- Dean ' s List. AUGUST, MARILYN J.; River Edge, N.).; Microbiology; SDT, Standards Officer; NES; Belchertown Volunteers; Orchestra; Dorm Gov ' t.; Program in Italy. AUSTIN, ARTHUR R.; Greenfield; Civil Engineering; Greenfield Community College. AVERY, JONATHAN H.; Acton; General Business and Finance; Zeta Nu, Treas.; Ski Club; Collegiate Flying Club. AVITABILE, JOHN L.; Braintree; Accounting; Intramurals; Coun- selor; Ski Club. AYERS, JACQUELINE M.; Springfield; Education; Educ. Club; Dean ' s List. AYERS, LINDA J.; Newburyport; Education; Activities Chrm.; Panhellenic Coun. BABEL, MARY A.; Norwood; Education; Exec. Comm.; Standards Council; Newman Club. BABIN, EUGENE R.; Somerville; Chemistry; Intramurals; V.P., Student Affiliates, Am. Chem. Society; Dean ' s List. BACK MAN, THOMAS K.; Weymouth; Mathematics; Intramurals. BAKER, ANDREW D.; Leyden; Engineering; ASCE. BAKER, DAVID W., JR.; Shelburne Falls; Accounting; Delta Chi; Acctg. Assoc; Thi Kwon Do Club; Track. BAKER, WAYNE M.; Hanson; Pre Dental; SAM; Dorm Gov ' t; Intramurals. BAKER, WILLIAM; Northampton; Art. BAKOS, JOHN M.; Fairview; Aerospace Engineering; SPE. BALAZY, MERRILL F.; Lexington; Education; NEA; NES; Dorm Program Comm.; Women ' s Affairs; Dean ' s List. BALBONI, RICHARD A.; Marblehead; Hotel and Restaurant Man- agement; Gymnastics Team; Dean ' s List. BALDASSARRE, LYDIA M.; English; Precisionettes; Collegian; Exec. Council; Ski Club; Dean ' s List. BALL, LYNN S.; Montague; forestry; Forest Products Research Society. BALLARD, MARCIA T.; Wilmington, Del.; History; KAT, Scholar- ship Chrm.; Scrolls; Mortarboard; Honors Colloquium; D.V.P., Vice Chairman; Bologna Summer Program; New Mexico Ex- change; Phi Beta Kappa. BANCROFT, DONALD A.; E. Pepperell; Chemistry; Junior Af- filiates Chapter of Am. Chem. Soc; PES, Treas.; House Gov.; Dorm Counselor. BANFIELD, THERESA A.; Somerville; Accounting; Student Senate; Scuba Club; Acctg. Assoc; Newman Club. BANGA, MARIS R.; Quincy; Resiaurant and Hotel Administra- tion; Innkeepers Club; Varsity " M " Club; House Council; Dorm Sec.; judiciary Selection Board; Voice of Redman Basketball; Dean ' s List. BANNER, CLIFDEN A.; Marshfield; Music Education; Univ. Marching, Concert, Symphony Bands; AAS; Symphony Orches- tra; Statesmen; Operetta Guild, Asst. Music Dir.; S.G.A.; M.E.- N.C.; SoloTubaist, Band Orchestra; Senior Recital; SWAP. BANNICK, WILLIAM; Pittsfield; Physics; SPE; Maroon Keys; Rev- elers, Pres.; Exec. Council; Dean ' s List. BARABANI, ANTHONY E.; Chicopee; History. BARAN, STANLEY J.; Lawrence; Speech; TKE, Pres.; ARCON; Class Exec. Coun.; Homecoming Comm.; IFC, Publicity Chrm.; Dean ' s List. BARBA, STEPHEN A.; Harvard; Management; Intramurals. BARBACKI, ROSALIND M.; Holyoke; Education; Educ. Club; Student Librarian; Holyoke Community College. BARBATO, JOHN R.; Hyde Park; Genera Business and Finance; Intramural Supervisor; Sport Parachute Club; Intramurals; Kappa Sigma. BARLOW, DEBORAH E.; Braintree; English; SSS; Panhellenic Council; Exec. Council; Panhellenic Rush Chrm.; N.E.S. BARNES, WAYNE C, JR.; Northampton; £ng neer ng; TBP; EKN; Institute of Electric and Electronic Engineers, Exec. Sec. BARON, CERALDINE A.; Webster; English; Pi Beta Phi; Newman Club; Pledge Trainer, Pi Beta Phi; Standards of Living; Dean ' s List. BARRETT, JOANNE F.; Bedford; Education; Dorm Exec. Coun., Standards Comm.; Dean ' s List; Pi Lambda Phi. BARRETT, WILLIAM H.; Nantucket; History. BARRON, LAURENCE B.; Newton Centre; Pre Dental; Dorm Govt.; Dorm Judiciary; Intramurals. BARRON, PETER M.; Lynn; Government. BARRY, PATRICIA A.; Stoneham; French; Dorm Counselor, Judi- ciary Board. BART, RICHARD P.; Williamsburg; English. BARTLETT, JAMES B.; Saugus; Government; National Political Science Honorary Soc; Dorm Counselor, Exec. Coun.; N.E.S.; Gov ' t Undergrad. Council. BARU, ELLEN S.; Holyoke; Sociology; Ski Club. BASEMAN, KENNETH J.; Medford; Food Science; Food Science Club, Pres.; Dorm Counselor. BASHARA, THOMAS P.; Lenox; Engineering; Intramural Wrest- ling; Dorm Counselor; Prog. Chrm., I.E.E.E.; Dean ' s List. BASILE, PAUL A.; Springfield; History; Sci. Fict. Club, V.P.; New- man Club; Dean ' s List; Intramural Manager. BASILE, VICTOR J.; Hadley; Public Health; Student Public Health Assoc, Pres. BASKIN, DAVID L; Lowell; History; Pre-Law Assoc; Hillel; Col- legian, Editorial Staff. BASS, ALLENE B.; Westbury, N.Y.; Speech Pathology; Natl. Ski Patrol; Area West Judiciary; Communication Disorders Club; Scuba Club; Dean ' s List. BASS, LESLIE F.; Newtonville; English; Belchertown Volunteer; N.E.S. Tutor. BASSUK, FELICE R.; Belle Harbor, N. ' Y.; French; Ski Club; NES; French Corridor; Dean ' s List. BATES, MARILYN C; Amherst; Human Development. BAUER, DORIS J.; Belmont; Sociology. BAUM, A.M.; Worcester; Agriculture; Alpha Zeta, Chronicler; Forestry Club; Dean ' s List. BAUMANN, KATHERINE L.; Holyoke; English. BAZIKAS, DOLORES A.; Three Rivers; Physical Education; New- man Club; Women ' s Athletic Assoc; Dean ' s List; Dorm Officer; Varsity Basketball, volleyball, softball; Intramural sports; Soft- ball team manager. BEAN, WM. M.; Wellesley; Finance; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Soc. Chrm.; Cheerleading; Gymnastics Intramurals. BEANE, DIANA C; Cambridge; Education; Belchertown Volun- teers, Sec; Northampton Volunteers. BEAULIEU, GLORIA M.; North Andover; Education; NES; Dean ' s List; Educ. Club; Newman Club. BECK, MARY R.; Topsfield; £ducat on. BECKER, JENNIFER M.; East Longmeadow; French. BECKER, MYRON J.; Sharon; Psychology. BEELER, GEORGE D.; Revere; Psychology; Intramural Football, Softball; Scuba Club; Mass Bay Community College. BEGLEY, KEVIN ].; Springfield; Spanish; Newman Club; Spanish Club; Dean ' s List; Intramurals. BELANCER, JUDITH C; Leominster; Education; Educ. Club; Ski Club; Governor Rep. BELL, BARBARA M.; Wayland; Sociology; Concert Band; Orchard Hill Residential College Area Gov.; Dorm Social Comm., Chrm.; Dorm Pres.; Dining Commons Comm.; Selection Comm. Orchard Hill. BELLEMARE, ROBERT E., JR.; Turners Falls; Marketing; Intra- murals; Greenfield Community College. BELLI E U, CAROL A.; Leominster; Journalism English; Dean ' s List; Collegian; Dorm Exec. Coun.; Newman Club. BENDER, SUSAN R.; Fall River; Sociology; Hillel, Social Chrm.; Dorm Legislative Comm.; Class Exec. Council. BENEDETTl, NANCI G.; North Adams; Physical Education; Greek Week Comm.; Index; Class Exec. Council; Alpha Chi Omega. BENGER, JANET L.; Waltham; English; Angel Flight; Moratorium; Dorm Social Comm.; SSS, Corresponding Sec. BENLIFER, BRIAN D.; New Bedford; Mass CM; Contemporary Univ.; Call-Force Firefighter, Amherst Fire Dept.; Speech Dept. Student Advisory Coun., Undergrad Studies Comm.; Trust Terri- tory Documentary Series Project, Director; WFCR, Producer. BENNETT, FREDERICK J.; Essex; Electrical Engineering; Institute of Electrical Electronic Engineers; Student Faculty Comm. BENOIT, LOUISE R.; Framingham; Education; Marching Band; Symphony Band; Counselor; Senate Comm. for Student Matters; Collegian. BENTZ, JOAN; Seaside Heights, N.J.; Physical Education; Scrolls; Panhellenic, Pres.; W.A.A.; Executive Council; Women ' s Volley- ball Team; Chi Omega, Pres. BERESTKA, KENNETH M.; North Hadley; Physical Education; Soc- cer, Baseball, Intramurals; Dean ' s List. BERG, MARILYN J,; Framingham; Home Economics; Omicron Nu; Scholarship Chrm.; Dean ' s List; Kappa Kappa Gamma. BERG, STEVEN J,; Auburn; Zoology. BERCSTROM, CHRISTINE J.; Shrewsbury; Home Economics; Northampton Volunteers; Dean ' s List; Alpha Lambda Delta. BERK, JAMES D.; Marblehead; Economics; SPE, Sec; Maroon Key. BERKOWITZ, MARTIN A.; East Meadow, N.Y.; Accounting; ZBT, Social Chrm., Rush Chrm., Athletic Chrm.; Intramurals. BERLOW, JULIE A.; Randolph; Elementary fducat on; NES; Gam- ma Sigma Sigma; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Delta Pi. BERLOW, KENNETH M.; Brookfield, Conn.; Agriculture; LA Club. BERNSTEIN, MORRIS; Quincy; Geology; Student Zionist Organ., V.P.; Hillel; S.Z.O. Chorus; N.E. Area Congress, V.P., House Ju- diciary; Northeast Passage, Editor; Counselor. BERQUIST, OLIVIA ).; Bedford; Home Economics; HEC Club; Dean ' s List. BETTENCOURT, HAROLD O.; Wrentham; Mathematics; Math Club; Dean ' s List; Theta Chi. BETTEZ, ERNEST A.; Gardner; Sociology; APO, V.P.; Exec. Coun.; Children ' s Drama of Univ. Theatre; Webster House, V.P. Sec. BIAL, LOUIS C; Chelsea; Biochemistry; Biochem. Research Proj- ect. BIANCO, DONNA J.; Hamilton; Education; NES; Dorm Coun- selor. BICKFORD, DAVID L.; Williamsburg; English; Scuba Club. BICKFORD, THOMAS L.; Acton; Sociology; Spectrum; North- ampton Volunteers; Counselor; House Council; Soc. Undergrad. Liaison Comm.; NES; S.U. R.V.I. V.E. BIENVENUE, ROBERT C; Philadelphia, Pa.; Engineering; A.S.- M.E.; Univ. Marching Symphony Bands; Operetta Guild; AAS; Newman Club; ASME, Sec; House Gov.; Intramurals; Undergrad. Educ. Council Dept. of M AE. BILLINGTON, BARBARA C; So. Dartmouth; Education; Ski Club. BILYEU, GERALYN M.; Foxboro; Education; Jr. Panhellenic Coun., Asst. 1st V.P., 1st V.P., Recording Sec; Intramurals; Dorm Social Chrm.; Lambda Delta Phi. BISCOTTI, MICHAEL R., JR.; Shrewsbury; Sociology; BKP; Aid to Underprivileged Kids. BISHOP, DALE F.; Wilmington; Education; SDT; Dorm V.P.; Dean ' s List. BLACK, THERESA M.; Leeds; Psychology; Rec Act. Comm., Co- Chrm.; Program Council. BLACKWELL, ELMINA J.; Dracut; Agriculture; Women ' s Affairs Committee of Student Senate; SWAP; Class Exec. Coun.; Home- coming Comm.; Dean ' s List; Kappa Alpha Theta. BLAIR, ALLAN W.; Chicopee; Sociology; Exec. Council; Alpha Sigma Phi, V.P. BLAIR, ROBIN S.; Chelsea; Zoology; Dorm Gov ' t; Dean ' s List; Intramurals. BLANCHARD, DONALD R.; So. Hadley; Physical Education; In- tramurals; Scuba Club; Phi Mu Delta. BLANCHARD, MARGARET S.; Saugus; Sociology. BLANCHET, PIERRE J.; Southbridge; Zoology: Student Senate. BLANCO, THOMAS A.; Rye, N.Y.; Engineering; AEP; TBP; PES; A.I. I.E.; Intramural Softball and handball. BLEAU, ALFRED A.; No. Attleboro; Marketing; Cape Cod Com- munity College; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Marketing Club; Exec. Coun.; Greek Coun.; Intramurals; Reveler. BLECKVVEHL, DIANE; Amherst; Physical Education; Gymnastics Club, Mgr.; VP. of Dorm; WAA; Dorm Counselor; Dorm Cul- tural Comm.; Dean ' s List. BLEISTEIN, SUSAN N.; Brookline; Education; SDT; Class Exec. Coun.; Hillel; SDT Historian and Sergeant-at-Arms; Dean ' s List. BLODGETT, RONALD D.; Sunderland; Engineering; ASME. BLOOM, NANCY B.; Brighton; Education; Exec. Council; Library Comm.; Winter Carni. BLOOMER, MICHAEL F.; Watertown; Hotel Management; ASP; Intramurals; Upward Bound Program. BLOOMROSE, KEITH A.; Southwick; Physical Education; Dean ' s List. BLUYUS, WILLIAM J.; Spencer; Management; Intramurals; Dean ' s List. BLY, BELDEN G. Ill; Saugus; Animal Science; Assoc, of Amer. Geographers; Ctr. for the study of Dem. Institutions; Ripon Soc. Chpt. of Mass Liberal Rep.; V.P. Class of 70; SENDOFF, Chrm,; Pres. Council, Chrm.; Program Coun., Chrm.; Homecoming Comm.; Who ' s Who; Dean ' s List; Men ' s Judiciary; Campus Chest; Chrm. BODDY, JANE L.; Lawrence; Animal Scien ce; Swimming Team; Dorm Counselor; Dorm Exec. Coun.; Dean ' s List. BOGOSIAN, PAUL, JR.; Methuen; Government; Armenian Club. BOHNE, JOSEPH; Ashfield; Wildlife; XSP, V.P.: Scabbard and Blade; Dean ' s List; Senior Honors Projea; Intramurals. i g BOISJOLIE, KEVIN; North Adams; Management; S.H.E. BOISVERT, JULIETTE H.; Gardner; Home Economics; Newman Club; National Assoc, for the Education of the Young Children. BOLAND, MARY ANN; Alex., Va.; Home Economics; Newman Club; Equestrian Club. BOMBARDIER, RICHARD L.; Adams; History; Intramurals; Dorm Judiciary; Dean ' s List. BONGIOVANNI, ANNE L.; Plymouth; Government; Newman Club; Counselor; Dean ' s List; Phi Beta Kappa. BONGIOVANNI, JANICE M.; Springfield; Physical Education; IGU, Rec. Sec, House Mgr.; Women ' s Athletic Assoc; Newman Club; Chorus; Women ' s Intramural Volleyball, Mgr. BONNER, JOHN V., JR.; Lynnfield; Psychology: Dorm Gov.; Young Republicans; Flying Club; Dean ' s List. BONNYMAN, BRENT B.; Waltham; Forestry; Forestry Club; Society of Am. Foresters; The Wildlife Soc, I.F.A.; A-P Gypsies; Intramurals; Dean ' s List. BOOKACH, GREGORY M.; Yarmouthport; Physical Education. ' bOONSTRA, INGRID M.; Sharon; French; Standards Comm.; Soc. Comm. BOOTH, SUSAN M.; Elizabeth, N.J.; Government; SSS, music Chrm.; Newman Club; NAIADS; Index; Exec. Council; Winter Carni Comm. BORDEAUX, TIMOTHY C; Greenfield; Marketing; Marketing Club. BOROWIEC, PETER J., JR.; New Bedford; fng neering; SPE; ASCE; Homecoming Comm.; Intramurals. BOSCO, JOHN S.; Athol; Management; Intramural Softball. BOSSELMAN, ROBERT A.; Gloucester; 6 oc iem stry; SAM; Jus- tice; Gorman House Judiciary, Chief Justice. BOUCHER, WILLIAM J.; Groton; French; Intramurals, BOUDREAU, BARBARA J.; Newton; Psychology; Exec. Council- Dean ' s List. BOUDREAU, GEORGE G.R.; New Bedford; Genera Business and Finance; Newman Club; House Judiciary, Council Central Voice; Northampton Volunteers. BOURDEAU, DANIEL; Turners Falls; Mathematics; Commuters Club; Lacrosse. BOURQUE, LOUISE C; Billerica; Education; Dorm Legislative Comm.; Dean ' s List; N.E.S. BOWE, EDWARD M.; Billerica; Government; BKP; Revelers, Pres.; DVP, Treas.; Arcon; Maroon Keys; IFC; Class Exec. Coun- cil; Gorman House, Pres.; Student Union Program Council. BOWRY, LESLIE; Sudbury; Education; Scuba Club; Ed. Club; Uni- versity of Hawaii. BOYAJIAN, DAVID B.; Cambridge; Mathematics; Dean ' s List; Dorm Floor Rep.; Dorm Open House, social Comm., Phi Beta Kappa. BOYDEN, JUDY A,; Needham; Nursing; Nursing Club; Class Off. School of Nursing. BOYER, DAVID ).; So. Hadley; History. BOYLE, DAVID F.; Hatfield; History; Pre-Law Assoc; Exec. Comm.; S.W. Assembly; S.W. Social Comm.; Dorm Coun,; Judi- ciary; Newman Club; PBK; PKD; Honors Colloquia; Dean ' s List; Bologna Summer Seminar. BOYLE, GEORGE SAMES, JR.; Granby; Agriculture. BOYLE, JAMES B. Ill; Saugus; Management; Counselor; Intra- murals; Dean ' s List; House Gov ' t. BOZEK, MARY ANN C; Chicopee; Education: ALD; KDP; Educ. Club; Counselor; Dean ' s List. BRACK, LYNDA M.; Manchester, N.H.; Sociology; Martin Luther King Council; UPSL; Dean ' s List; Ski Team. BRADFORD, SUZAN I.; Newburyport; Home Economics; Preci- sionettes, Commanding Officer; Finance Comm.; Election Comm.; HEC Assoc. BRADY, RICHARD B.; Cheshire; Zoology. BRAGA, SANDRA L.; Allston; Education; Equestrian Club; Honors Colloquia; Dean ' s List. BRANTLEY, JIM S.; Amherst; Engineering; Institute of Industrial Engineers. BRAY, EVERETT A.; Fitchburg; Psychology; FTA; Hockey; North- ampton Volunteers; Dean ' s List. BREGOLI, PAUL L.; Quincy; Education; Intramurals, Supervisor; Belchertown Volunteer; Social Chrm.; Athletic Chrm.; Varsity Soccer, Basketball, Mgr.; Dean ' s List. BREMER, CYNTHIA B.; Milton; Education; Sport Parachute Club. BRENNAN, GEORGE J.; Roslindale; Accounting; ZN, V.P., Pledge Trainer; ARCON,Chrm.; I.F.C. BRENT, SUSAN K.; Claremont, N.H.; Physical Education; GSS; Belchertown Volunteers; W.A.A. BRICKMAN, ROBERT 1.; Newtonville; Sociology; SAM, Scholar- ship Chrm.; Index; Statesmen; Class Exec. Coun.; Steering Comm.; Operetta Guild; Dean ' s List; University Theatre; NJG. BRIGGS, LYNDANE A.; Tustin, Calif.; Mathematics. BRILL, ROBERT J.; Huntington, N.Y.; Government; NES; Senate; Class Exec. Coun.; Collegian Editorial Editor. BROOKSBANK, ANN F.; Dalton; Marketing; PBP, Treas.; Class Exec. Coun.; Marketing Club; Newman Club; 4-Class Comm.; Winter Carni Comm., Social Comm. BROUILLARD, JOHN C; Attleboro; Engineering; TBP; ASME; Eng. Undergraduate Council. BROWN, BARBARA A.; Brookline; English, IGU, Pres.; Panhel- lenic Council; Dean ' s List. BROWN, DAVID F.; Norton; English, Band; Student Senate; Stu- dent Matters, Chrm. BROWN, KATHRYN L.; South Hadley; Education; KD, Treas.; Dean ' s List. BROWN, NORMAN W.; Grafton; Agriculture; Intramurals. BROWN, PAUL L.; Springfield; Genera Business and Finance. BROWN, SUSAN L.; Dover; Business and Finance; Scrolls; Dorm Gov ' t.; Dean ' s List; Floor Rep. BRUNELLE, ROCCO L.; Springfield; Mathematics; Rugby Club; Delta Chi. BRYAN, FLORENCE M.; No. Weymouth; Communication Dis- orders; Communication Disorders Club, Sec; Sophomore Queen; Dean ' s List. BUBIN, WILLIAM F.; Floral Park, N.Y.; Physics; ASP; WMUA; Univ. Theatre; NES; Tennis. BUCEWICK, JOANNE M.; Arlington; English; Scrolls; Exec. Coun. BUCKLEY, JOHN D.; Melrose; Management; PMD; Treas.; Intra- murals. BUCKLEY, PATRICIA M.; Weymouth; Business and Finance; MLKSAC. BUFFINGTON, ELLEN L.; Sudbury; Physical Education; LDP; Newman Club; Women ' s Athletic Assoc; Major Coun.; WAA, Pres.; Dorm V. P. BUIVIDAS, JUDITH A.; Auburn; Nursing; Nursing Club; Newman Club; Dorm Social Comm., Counselor; Dean ' s List. BUKER, DIANE M.; Danvers; English; Eng. Dept. Undergrad Coun.; Rep. to Faculty Freshman Engl. Comm.; Undergrad Teaching Asst.; Univ. Chorus; Dorm House Council, House Mgr., House Management Comm.; Dean ' s List. BULL, JANET K.; Westfield; Psychology; O.I.C; Student Senate Budget Comm. BULLARD, AUDREY M.; Charlemont; English. BUNGARD, ALBERT G.; US Army Maint., N.Y.; 5ng neenng; Scabbard and Blade; ASME; Sport Parachute Club; Grenadiers; Intramurals. BUONAMANO, ARTHUR J.; Quincy; Economics; SPE, Activities Chrm., V. P.; Intramurals. BURCHARD, MARY A.; Belmont; Education; ADP; Dorm Gov.; Dorm Counselor; Ripen College. BURKE, JOHN K.; Webster; MathemaCics; Rugby Club; Intra- murals. BURNABY, LAURIE K.; Marblehead; Managemenf; Grenadier Drill Team; Phi Mu Delta. BURNIM, PAUL D.; Framingham; History; Univ. Marching Band; Intramurals; Class Exec. Council. BURNS, JAMES L., JR.; Pittsfield; Ag. Economics; Syracuse U. BURNS, JOHN J.; Jannaica Plain; Sociology; Freshman Football; Alpha Sigma Phi, Pres. BURNS, ROBERT C; Boston; Park Administration; UMass Fire Dept., Capt.; Floor Rep.; House Coun.; Arborculture Park Ad- ministration Club; Forestry Club; Intramurals. BURNSIDE, LUCY A.; Wa ' ipole; Education; Mounted Drill Team, Co-Capt.; Equestrian Club, Treas. BURRIS, RONALD J.; Pittsfield; Electrical Engineering; MBA Club; Chess Club; Eta Kappa Nu. BURROWS, PETER D.; Hinsdale; Zoology; Scuba Club; NES. BURTON, CAROL: Lynnfield; English; Dean ' s List. BURZYNSKI, JOHN A.; Worcester; Mechanical Engineering; ASME, Treas., V.P.; Society of Automotive Engineers; Intra- murals. BURZYNSKI, MARCIA A.; Springfield; Elementary Education; Centre College of Kentucky; Dorm Counselor; Dean ' s List; Educ. Club; Senior Honors; Naiads. BUSSE, WILLIAM H., JR.; Hadley; Genera Business and Finance. BUTCHER, SUSAN L.; Beverly; English; Dean ' s List. BUTYNSKI, THOMAS M.; Greenfield; Wildlife; Wildlife Soc; Crew Team; Track Team; Honor Roll. BYRNES, ELIZABETH; Springfield; Sociology; Fitchburg State College. CADE, JON E.; Northampton; Agriculture Food Economics; STOSO; SPE; Flying Club; Rifle Team; Economics Club. CADIEUX, DAVID R.; Chicopee Falls; English; Newman Club; Intramurals; Dorm Judiciary. CAHOON, FREDERIC E.; Northampton; Zoology. CALLAHAN, JOHN P.; Natick; Business Administration; Oper- etta Guild; Roister Doisters. CALLAHAN, SUSAN M.; Dalton; History; Winter Carni Comm.; Greek Week Comm.; Special Events Comm.; Kappa Alpha Theta. CALLAHAN, SUSAN M.; Dalton; English; Dorm Judiciary, Chrm. CALORE, FRANK P.; Wakefield; History; Counselor; Intramurals; Dorm Govt.; Dean ' s List. CALVANI, MARILYN A.; Peabody; Sociology; Dorm Social Comm.; Cardinal Gushing College; Sigma Kappa. CAMARA, STEVEN A.; Fall River; Government; Dorm Pres.; S.W. Master ' s Staff; Student Affairs Comm.; Dean ' s List. CAMPBELL, ALAN B.; Memphis, Tenn.; Government; S.H.E. CAMPBELL, JOHN E.; Auburn; Genera Business Finance; IFC; Intramurals; USN OCS; Zeta Nu. CANAVAN, JOAN C.; Arlington; English; Ski Club; Collegian; Sigma Kappa. CANCILLA, JANE E.; Pittsfield; Education; Ed. Club; Dorm Social Comm.; Cultural Comm.; Berkshire Community College. CANE, JANICE E.; Holden; Education; Dorm Treas.; Dean ' s List; Exchange from UNM. CANTER, ELAINE J.; Newton; English; Alpha Lambda Delta; Mor- tar Board; Scrolls; Class Exec. Council, Phi Beta Kappa; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pres. CAPERS, PHYLLIS A.; Northampton; Nursing. CAPPIELLA, CAROL J.; Braintree; Home Economics; Panhellenic Officer; Home Economics Assoc; Kappa Kappa Gamma. CARLEY, ROBERT S.; Scituate; Marketing; TKE; Student Union Program Council; TKE, V.P., Rush Chrm.; Dean ' s List; Intramurals. CARLSON, IRENE J.; Peabody; Education; PBP; Panhellenic rep., Recording Sec; Mortar Board; Dorm Counselor; Exec. Council; Kappa Delta Pi. CARLSON, JOYCE M.; Worcester; Education; PBP; Exec. Coun- cil; Kappa Delta Pi, Pres. CARLSON, LOIS A.; Holden; Home Economics. CARPENTER, WILLIAM E.; Hingham; Marketing; MKT. Club; Dorm House Council; Dean ' s List; 85 N.W. CARROLL, FRANCIS S., Jr.; Holyoke; Engineering; IEEE. CARROLL, MARY E.; Arlington; Agriculture: Equestrian Club; Corresponding Sec; Drill Team; Dean ' s List. CARROLL, STEPHEN J.; Arlington; Government; Student Senate; Head Counselor; Class Exec. Coun.; Judicial Advocate; House Co ' t; Intramurals. C RROZZA, MAR!. A.; Methuen; Government; Exec. Council; MLK; Dorm House Council. CARRUTH, PETER K.; Barre; Sociology; Dorm Gov ' t.; Intramurals; Undergrad Sociology Liaison Committee. CARTER, JUNE E.; Reading; Zoo ogy; Univ. Chorus; Outing Club; Social Comm. Chrm. CVSHMAN, DALE M.; Winthrop; French; ALD; SWAP; Class Exec. Council; Winter Garni Comm.; Dorm Pres.; Colonel ' s Cadre, Command Officer; Military Ball; Dean ' s List; Phi Beta Kappa. CASSAVANT, BEVERLY M.; Spencer; Education; NES. CASSELMAN, JAMES E.; Northampton; Landscape Architecture. jkZiM. CASTONGUAY, RICHARD P.; Oakdale; forestry; Phi Eta Sigma; Xi Sigma Pi; Intramurals; Frosh Cross Country. CASTONGUAY, RONALD J.; Springfield; Engineering; Track; AIIE. CAVANAUGH, ELAINE J.; Springfield; Latin; Newman Club; Par- achute Club; Honors Colloquia. CEPLIKAS, RICHARD A.; North Andover; Sociology; Ski Club; Dean ' s List. CETTI, RICHARD P.; Pittsfield; £ ectr ca Engineering; TBP, Pres.; EKN; PES; IEEE; Council of Academic Honor Soc; Engineering Journal, Editor; Intramurals; Dean ' s List; Dorm Counselor; Jr. Sci. Humanities Symposium, Student Chrm. CHAMBERS, EDWARD A., JR.; Holyoke; Economics; Fraternity Basketball Softball; Dean ' s List; Phi Lambda Phi. CHANCE, ELIZABETH A.; College Park, Md.; English; Naiads; Revelers; Greek Week Chrm.; Kappa Alpha Theta, Pres. CHAPLIN, CANDACE A.; Dracut; Mathematics; SCED; Cultural Chrm.; Dean ' s List. CHAPMAN, DENNIS J.; Baltimore, Md.; Marketing; Intramurals; SBA Student Faculty Comm.; Exec. Officer, Brigade AROTC; Bas- ketball; Judicial Comm.; Distinguished Military Student. CHARAK, DAVID L.; Chelsea; Genera Business and Finance; Hillel; Dorm Council; Intramurals. CHASE, DEBORAH F.; Tripoli, Libya Africa; English; Scrolls; 2nd V.P., Kappa Kappa Gamma. CHASE, PAUL W.; Hyannis; Engineering; TBP; EKN; Engineering Journal, Bus. Mgr.; IEEE, Treas. CHEHAMES, GARRETH A.; Belmont; Marketing: SBA Student Planning. CHELMAN, LINDA C; Marlboro; Human Development; Omi- cron Nu; Dean ' s List. CHENOWETH, GERALD C; Norwood; Music; Music Dept. Cur- riculum Comm.; Sym. Band; Sym. Orch.; Woodrow Wilson Fel- low Designate; Phi Eta Sigma. CHERNICK, MURA S.; Springfield; £ducation;Hillei; Ed. Club. CHILD, GEORGE W.; Weston; Government; Delta Chi, Pres.; FMA; IPC; CEQ; Statesmen; Marching, Concert Sym. Bands; Belchertown Volunteers; Who ' s Who; MLK, Bd. of Directors Steering Comm.; IPC, Pres.; Comm. on Poverty; MLKSAC. CHIMINELLO, SYLVIA J.; Quincy; Education; KDP; NES; New- man Club; Social Comm. of Dorm.; Dean ' s List. CHIN, ARK M.; Boston; Restaurant Hotel Adm. CHIODO, WILLIAM t).; Amherst; Genera Business Finance. CHIZOOK, PAULA.; Amherst; Ceo ogy; Rifle Team. CHRISTENSEN, ERIC N.; Plainville; Government; SPE; Dean ' s List; Worcester Polytechnic Institute. CHRISTIANSON, ANDREA R.; Shrewsbury; Sociology; Mora- torium Peace Mail Comm.; Tennis Team. CHRISTOPHER, THOMAS C; Belmont; English; Newman Club; Dean ' s List; Creek Orthodox Club; Dorm Counselor; Student Judiciary; Intramurals. CHRZAN, DANIEL S.; Chicopee; Marketing; ZN, Asst. House Mgr.; Junior IPC Rep.; Intramurals. CHUDNOVSKY, ELISABETH; Taunton; Home Economics; SDT, Social Chrm.; Scrolls; Women ' s Affairs Comm.; Homecoming; Exec. Council; Winter Ca rni Co-Chrm.; Supreme ' s Concert Chrm.; Senior Day Comm. CHULUDA, BRUCE L., Middleton; Economics; House Council; Dorm V.P.; Intramurals; Economics Undergrad Comm. CHURCHILL, DANIEL W.; N. Easton; General Business Finance; Intramurals; Dean ' s List. CHURINSKE, PAUL J.; South Barre; Accounting; Acctg. Club; Intramurals; Dean ' s List. CIAMPA, JUDITH M.; Everett; Psychology. CINQ-MARS, BETTY J., Springfield; Sociology; Spectrum, Poetry Editor. CIOLINO, JOSEPH A.; Gloucester; Agriculture; 1970 Spoof Club, Pres.; Newman Club; Dorm Treas.; Stockbridge Student Senate Scholarship 1968. CISEK, RUSSELL P.; Holyoke; Psychology; Dean ' s List; Psych. Honors. CITRON, MICHELLE; Newton; Psychology; Adm. Intern; Under- grad Academic Affairs Comm. Psych.; Dean ' s List; Senior Honors. CIVICK, KATHLEEN D.; Toms River, N.J.; Physical Education; Exec. Comm.; Dorm V.P.; NAIADS, WAA. CLAPP, WILLIAM F.; Lunenburg; Russian; 5-Coilege Slavic Comm.; Russian Club, Pres.; Student Senate; Counselor. CLAPPER, DEBORAH M.; Hinsdale; Elementary Education; KKG; Colonel ' s Cadre. CLARK, GARNETT Y.; No. Hatfield; forestry; XSP, V.P.; Ski Club; Forestry Club; Parachute Club; Lacrosse; Society of Foresters. CLARK, MARILYN L.; Spring Valley, Calif.; Home Economics; Omicron Nu; AHEA; Dean ' s List; V.P. Omicron Nu; Crossmont College. CLARK, MIRIAM E.; Newburyport; Psychology. CLARKE, ELIZABETH C; Lexington; History; Dorm Cultural, Chrm.; Student International Mediation Soc, Pres.; NES. CLAWSON, CATHIE A.; Mexico, N.Y.; Home Economics; Coun- selor; Dorm Gov ' t. CLEAVES, CHERYL; Lexington; Art; Dean ' s List. CLEMENT, PAMELA J.; Foxboro; Accounting; LDP, Correspond- ing Sec, V.P.; Acctg. Assoc, Sec; Acctg. Curriculum Comm.; SBA Student Faculty Comm. CLIFFORD, DONNA E.; Stoughton; Philosophy. CLIFFORD, ELIZABETH M.; Roslindale; Psychology; Belchertown Volunteers; Dorm Gov ' t, Phi Beta Kappa. CLIFFORD, RICHARD K.; Amherst; Agriculture. CLOUGH, ROSALIE C; Sudbury; Art; Index; Counselor. CLOUGHER, MARY ANNE; Dedham; Physical Education; WAA Exec. Board; Intramural Basketball Mgr.; Field Hockey Mgr.; Field Hockey; Basketball; Varsity Tennis; Concert Band Dorm V.P. COHEN, DEBORAH R.; Hyannis Port; Education; Educ. Club; Hillel; NES; Dorm Social Comm. COHN, )OEL R.; Brockton; Psychology; Index; House Council. COLE, CALVIN B.; Athol; Psychology; Sport Parachute Club. COLE, FREDERICK R.; Holliston; Zoology; Phi Beta Kappa. COLLIER, ADELAIDE C; Newton Highlands; English; Exec. Coun- cil; Dorm Judiciary; Dean ' s List. COLLINS, CAROLE E.; Pittsfield; Sociology; NES; Dorm Activity Comm,; Bridal Fair Comm.; Chi Omega. COLLINS, JAMES D.; Charlestown; Accounting; Acctg. Assoc; Mass. Bay Community College; Intramurals; Dorm Finance Comm.; Dean ' s List. COLOGNESI, MICHAEL J.; Southbridge; Economics; Newman Club; Ski Club; Exec. Council; Class Pres.; Student Union Pro- gram Council, Chrm.; SUG Board; Winter Carni Comm. COHER, NANCY-ALYCE; Edgartown; Education; KDP; NES; Dean ' s List. COMERFORD, ROBERT A.; Sunderland; Management; C-H Club; Mt. Wachuse tt Comm. College; RAC, Jr.; Dean ' s List. CONDRASKI, SUSAN J.; Greenfield; Public Health; Student Pub- lic Health Assoc; Sec. Student Ph.H. Assoc. CONLEY, CATHERINE ).; Brockton; English; KKG; NEA; Greek Comm.; KKG, Activities Chrm., Social Chrm., Senior Personnel, Junior Personnel; Dorm Social Chrm.; Dean ' s List. CONNELLY, MARY J.; Worcester; Government; Newman Club, V.P.; Flying Club, Sec; Counselor; Mortar Board; Young Demo- crats. CONNER, CHRISTINE A.; Lexington; Education; SK; Class Exec Council; S.U. Program Council Music Comm. CONNOLLY, ROBERT M.; North Reading; Marketing. CONNORS, EILEEN J.; Williamstown; Physical Education; Dance Club. CONNORS, LAWRENCE; Winthrop; Accounting; Acctg. Assoc; Dorm Treas., Acolyte; Newman Club. CONNORS, ROBERT A.; Pittsfield; Marketing; PMD; Crew; In- tramurals. CONOVER, DANIELS.; Norwell; Landscape Architecture. CONWAY, KEVIN J.; Cochituate; Wildlife Biology; Dorm Coun- cil; Intramurals. COOKE, LAURA L.; Granby; Physical Education. COONEY, F. MICHAEL; Havertown; Restaurant Hotel Admin- istration; KS , Grand Master of Cer.; Football; Innkeepers; Acolyte Newman Club; Intramurals; Army ROTC; Dean ' s List. CORBY, WILLIAM H.; Leominster; English; Chemistry Club; Educ: Club; Dorm., Sec, V.P.; House Council; Intramural soft- ball, football. CORDES, CONRAD T.; Gardner; Zoology: Counselor; Wrestling; Lacrosse; Pre-Med Club. CORREA, AMANDA; Hamden, Conn.; Spanish; IGU; Spanish Club; Northampton Volunteers; Las Vegas Night Candidate; Ski Club. COSINDAS, ANN M.; Holbrook; fducat on; Orthodox Club; Dean ' s List; Class Exec. Coun.; Social Comm.; 4-Class Trip Comm.; Belchertown Volunteer; Winter Carni Connm.; Home- coming Comm.; SENDOFF Comm.; Class Day Comm. COSTA, ROBERT E.; Brockton; Accounting; Chief Master ' s Aide, S.W.; Acctg. Assoc, Treas.; Dean ' s List. COSTELLO, MAUREEN P.; Dorchester; Mathematics; Dorm Treas.; House Exec. Board; Bridge Club; Dean ' s List. COSTLEY, LINDA J.; Derry, N.H.; Sociology; IGU, Social Chrm.; Dean ' s List; Panhellenic Coun.; Ski Club; Equestrian Club; North- ampton Volunteers. COTE, PAUL G.; Chicopee Falls; Engineering; AICHE; ACS. COUDERT, DONALD ).; Pittsfield; Mathemat cs; Newman Club; NES; CCD, Newman Folk Mass; Dean ' s List. COURTEMANCHE, ANN M.; Lynn; Med-Tech; Ski Club; Wo- men ' s Ski Team; Chi Omega. COURTEMANCHE, PHILIP P.; Turners Falls; Accounting. COUTURE, DENNIS M.; Turners Falls; Agriculture; APO, Rec. Sec; Enivron. Design Club; Intramurals; Dean ' s List; Dorm Gov ' t; Alpha Zeta. COUTURE, ROBERT M.; Wakefield; Psychology; Track; Rugby; Dean ' s List; Theta Chi, Athletic Chairman. COX, JAMES C., JR.; Waltham; -Accounting; Massachusetts Bay Community College; Acctg. Assoc; Intramurals. COX, ROBERT T.; Waltham; Accounting; Bus. Club; Acctg. Assoc; Dorm Finance Comm.; Intramurals; Dean ' s List; Mass Bay Comm. College. COYNE, MICHAEL J., JR.; Dorchester; Government; Baseball; Hockey; Equestrian Club; Intramurals. COYNE, PHYLLIS A.; Watertown; Psychology; Collegian; Inter- departmental House Advisory Coun.; Equestrian Club, Corre- sponding Sec, Drill Team; Women ' s Rifle Team; Student Coach for Equestrian Club. CRABTREE, ROBERT S.; So. Hadley Falls ; Engineering. CRAIG, KARIN G.; Northampton; Sociology. CRANSHAW, DOUGLAS P.; Wellesley; Management; Dean ' s List; House Council. CRAWFORD, CATHERINE C.; Salem; History; NES; Intramural Tennis; Kalamazoo College; Junior Year Istanbul, Turkey. CREEGER, JUDITH S.; E. Longmeadow; Education; Ed. Club; Hil- lel; Dean ' s List. CROOKS, MARGARET L.; Arlington; Sociology; Exec. Council; NES. CROSBY, JUDITH A.; Sutton; Government; International Club, Sec; Counselor; Dean ' s List; Phi Sigma Alpha. CROSSLEY, ALISON J,; Lowell; Education; Jr. Panhellenic; NES; Sigma Kappa. CROTTY, ROBERT B.; Winchester; Hotel Restaurant Admin- istration; TKE, Sgt. at Arms, Steward; Football. CROWE, WILLIAM E.; Hyde Park; Marketing; Ski Club; A.C.; Flying Club; Mkt. Club, Treas.; Crew Team; Hockey; Football; Collegian; Dean ' s List. CROWLEY, MICHAEL J.; Medford; Business Administration; Acctg. Assoc; Sport Parachute Club; Dean ' s List; Intramurals. CRUTHERS, CHRISTINA J.; Amherst; Education; Greenfield Com- munity College. CUMMINGS, JOANNE L.; Woburn; Education; Equestrian Club. CUMMINGS, MARILYN J.; W. Yarmouth; Marketing; Marketing Club; Dean ' s List. CUNNINGHAM, JULIA L.; Reading; Education; PBP; KDP. CUOZZO, JAMES M.; Lynn; Mathematics; Dorm Counselor; Dorm Judiciary; Intramurals; Dean ' s List; Newman Clilb; Honor ' s Colloquia; Undergrad Ass ' t; Lacrosse. CURETON, BURNETT S.; Havertown, Penn.; Psychology; Flying Redmen Drill Team, Treas.; Dean ' s List. CURLEY, PATRICIA M.; Hudson; English; Angel Flight; Newman Center; IGU, Pledge Trainer. CURRAN, SUSAN JEAN; Norwood; Home Economics; Dean ' s List. CURRIER, EDWARD F.; W. Concord; Engineering; Amer. Society of Industrial Eng.; Scabbard Blade; Newman Club, Acolyte; Chess Club; Track Cross Country; Intramurals. CURRY, SANDRA J.; Lenox; Education; Educ. Club; Precision- ettes. CURTIS, FRANCES A.; N. Attleboro; Home Economics; GSS; Omi- cron Nu; Newman Club. CURTIS, NANCY S.; Westboro; Education; KAT; Operetta Guild; NES. CURWIN, GERALDINE R.; Amherst; English; Interchange UMass Boston. CUSHER, CAROLE S.; Mattapan; English. GUSHING, DONNA L; Huntington, N.Y.; Spanish; Sigma Kappa. GUSHING, lOHN R.; South Deerfieid; Hotel Administration. GUSHWA, MARGARET A.; So. Hadley; Anthropology; Dean ' s List. CUSIGK, TIMOTHY J.; Groton; History; APO; Dorm Gov ' t; Intra- mural Bowling. CUTLER, LYNNE R.; Pittsfield; Education; Univ. of New Mexico. CUTTER, RALPH A.; Athol; Chemistry; Chem. Club. CYSZ, JOHN P.; Northampton; Engineering; Newman Club; ASCE; Engineering Journal. CZAPOROWSKI, SANDRA A.; Chicopee; History; Exec. Council; S.U. Program Coun. DACEY, ANN T.; Milton; Nursing; Exec. Coun.; Revelers, Sec; Special Events, Program Council; Ski Club; Chi Omega. DADMUN, JAMES G.; Framingham; General Business Finance; Sigma Phi Epsilon. DAGGETT, ALBERT ST., JR.; Wellesley; Government; Delta Sigma; Rho-Tau Kappa Alpha; Pi Sigma Alpha, Treas.; Debate, Pres. DAICLE, LEONETTE M.; Gardner; French; Mt. Wachusett Com- munity College. DAIGENEAULT, JOHN D.; Hudson; General Business and Fi- nance; LCA; Newman Club; Dorm Gov ' t; Dean ' s List; Intra- murals. DALBY, ROBERT J.; Chatham; Engineering; Delta Chi; ASCE; Intramural football, softball. DALE, MARSHA L.; Randolph; English; NES. DALTON, DOREEN J.; Springfield; Medical Technology; Eques Irian Club; Alpha Delta Theta; Dean ' s List. DANCEWICZ, JANICE E.; Saugus; Zoology. DANCKERT, GAIL E.; Pittsfield; English; Scrolls; Musicals; Mora- torium Peace Mail Comm.; Dean ' s List. DANIS, JEROLD I.; New Bedford; Engineering; ASME. DAOUST, RICHARD A.; Lunenburg; Agriculture; PSK; Belcher- town Volunteers; Fernald Entomological Club, Pres.; Dean ' s List. DARACK, NAN F.; Waban; French; SDT, Cultural Chrmn.; Se- mester in Paris. DARGELIS, ALAN A.; Athol; English; Intramurals. DARLING, CAROL A.; West Barnstable; Fashion Merchandising; Dorm Gov ' t. DAVIDSON, JAMES A.; Holyoke; History. DAVIGNON, JANET B.; Fairview; Math; Math Club. DAVIS, JUDITH; Andover; Ed ucation; Ed. Club; Winter Carni Comm. DAVIS, NANCY M.; Swampscott; Education; Scrolls; Counselor; Dean ' s List. DARLING, DAVID L.; Andover; Agriculture Food Economics; JFK Library Comm.; S.W. Social Comm.; Dean ' s List; Dorm Social Chrm. DARLING, DUDLEY W.; Northboro; Genera Business Finance; Rifle Team; ROTC Rifle Team; Distinguished Military Grad. DASH, HAROLD I.; Springfield; History; WMUA, Sports Director; Intramurals; Dorm Council; Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who. DASZKIEWICZ, JOHN G.; Randolph; Genera Business and Fi- nance; Intramurals; House Council; Newman Club. DAWSON, PETER D.; Stoneham; Management; PSK; Hockey; Dorm Judiciary; Athletic Chrm. DAY, MARY LOU; Northampton; Home Economics; Newman Club. DEAN, SUSAN ANN; Amherst; Speech; Counselor; Dean ' s List. DEANGELIS, PAULA D.; Natick; Home Economics; Dean ' s List; Scrolls; Jr. Panhellenic Coun.; Dorm Counselor; Chi Omega. DEAUGUSTINIS, PAMELA M.; Briarcliff, N.Y.; English; Univ. of So. Calif.; Italian Club; Dean ' s List. DEC, LINDA K.; Northampton; Psychology. DECEMBRELE, JOHN E.; Canton; Government; Football; Theta Chi, Rush Chrm., Social Chrm. DECKER, HARRIET C; So. Deerfield; English; Emmanuel College. DECORPO, PAUL M.; Lawrence; Fisheries Biology. DECOSTA, HELEN R.; Newton; Sociology; Dean ' s List; Dorm Exec. Comm.; Hillel. DECOSTA, M. JOSEPH; East Boston; Psychology; Operetta Guild; Psychology Club; Intramurals; Freshman Football; Research Asst. Psychology. DEFRIESSE, FREDERICK A.; Amherst; Engineering. DECIORGIS, LINDA C; Pittsfield; Home Economics; Dorm Social Cultural Comm. DELP PA, PALIL A.; Braintree; General Business Finance. DELPHA, MICHAEL W.; Greenfield; Physical Education. DELSESTO, .MARK J.; Southboro; Accounting; PSD, Pledgemaster, Sec, Pres.; Intramurals; Greek Week Chrm. DEVORE, WILLIAM A.; MIneola, N.Y.; fconomics; TEP, Sec; La- crosse, Co-Capt.; Index. DEXTER, KATHY; Waltham; Economics; Chi Omega, Rush Chrm.; Special Events; Bridal Fair, Fashion Coordinator; Creek Week; Intramurals. DIALESSI, FRANK S.; West Springfield; Psychology; Dean ' s List; Belchertown Volunteer. DICARLO, LORNA M.; Newton Centre; Elementary Education; Chorale; Newman Club; Ed. Club; Newton Junior College. DEMBINSKI, ARTHUR F.; Amherst; Chemistry; PBK. DEMINICO, PAUL P.; Winchester; General Business Finance; Mass. Bay Community College. DENAULT, ARTHUR ).; Westport; Aerospace Engineering; New- man Club; House Council; MAE Undergraduate Council; AIAA; SAE. DEROIAN, LEON; Bradford; Physical Education. DEROUIN, PAUL E., Springfield; Mathematics; Counselor; Dorm Gov ' t.; Intramurals; WMUA. DESJARDINS, RONALD J.; Gilbertville; Marketing; Mktg. Club; Newman Club; House Council; Heymakers; Flying Redmen, Commander, Treas.; Dorm Social Chrm.; Intramurals; Dean ' s List. DEVINE, CHERYL C; Amherst; Marketing; S.W. College Coun- cil, Treas.; Counselor. DEROLL, PRISCILLA; Sudbury; Home Economics. DICKINSON, WILLIAM R.; Boston; Sociology; Collegian, Sr. Reporter; APG, Pres.; S.U. Movie Comm. DIERAUF, LESLIE A.; Boston, Pre- Veterinary; Scrolls; Chorale; Mortar Board, Historian. DIGAETANO, KARENLEE; Lawrence; English. DIGLORIA, ROBERT M.; Burlington; History; Phi Sigma Delta; ZBT. DILLING, NANCY E.; Hatboro, Pa.; Education; Judo; Sigma Kap- pa, standards, DILUZIO, RICHARD; Newton; Marketing; Intramurals; Theta Chi. DINAPOLI, MARLENE J.; Newton Highlands; Home Economics; Massachusetts Bay Community College; KKG; AHEA. DINGA, JOHN S.; West Cameroon; Medical Technology; inter- national Club; African Students Assoc; Intramural Soccer. DINICOLA, PAUL D.; Pittsfield; Engineering; EKN; TBP; IEEE; Newman Club. DINISCO, ERNEST S.; Somerville; Economics; IFC, Treas.; Kappa Sigma, Treas. DINIZ, CATHERINE M.; Hudson; Sociology; Ski Club; Bethany College; Dean ' s List. DION, ROLAND A.; Waltham; Agriculture; Beta Kappa Phi, V.P., Steward; Exec. Coun.; Intramurals. DIONNE, JOSEPH M.; Cambridge; Philosophy; Phi Sigma Kappa. DIRSA, PATRICIA A.; Methuen; Home Economics; Chi Omega, Social Chrm., Exec. Council; Greek Week Court; Homecoming Queen. DISCENZA, PETER M.; West Springfield; Geology; AFROTC; Judo Club; SUG Board; Movie Comm.; Dorm Counselor; Coali- tion Debates. DITRAPANO, JANET M.; Wakefield; Education; Newman Club; Exec. Comm. DOANE, LYNDA H.; Burlington; Sociology; Ski Club; French Club; Modern Dance. DOBECK, GERALD J.; North Brookfield; Physics; Varsity Base- ball; Intramural Basketball, Football, Volleyball; Dean ' s List. DOBROWOLSKI, MARIE; Adams; English. DODGE, KAREN J.; Reading; Home Economics; NAEYC; Dorm Judiciary; Dean ' s List. DOHANIAN, ARMEN, JR.; Belmont; Biochemistry; APO, V.P., Pledge Master; Chorus, Manager. DOLAN, NOREEN R.; Salem; Zoology; Scrolls; Movie Comm.; Exchange Student to U New Mexico; Exec. Council. DONALDSON, WILLIAM E.; Lunenburg; Wildlife Biology; Cross Country; Track, Capt.; Counselor. DONNELLY, BERNARD C; Hyde Park; Sociology; Dorm Gov ' t; Section Rep.; Intramural Softball, Bowling. DONOHUE, MARGARET A.; Springfield; Education; Collegian; NES; Newman Club; Senate Public Relations Comm.; Exchange Student; Veterans Admin. Worker. DONOVAN, JANIS R.; Chesterfie ld; Physical Education; Preci- sionettes. DONOVAN, KATHLEEN; So. Ashburnham; Psychology; LDP MD; Dean ' s List; Phi Beta Kappa. D0 0 AN, KEVIN W.; Winthrop; Economics; House Council Dorm Judiciary, Chief Justice; Head Counselor; CAS Academic Honesty Comm.: Pre-Law Assoc; Fine Arts Staff, Collegian Dean ' s List. DOOLEY, ELIZABETH L.; Springfield; Education; Index; NES; Exchange U. of New Mexico. DORE, NEIL J., JR.; Alexandria, La.; Psychology. DOREY, LINDA R.; Holbrook; Sociology; Band; Dean ' s List. DOUCETTE, SANDRA L.; N. Attleboro; Education; SSS; Ski Club. DOUCAN, LEE K.; Barre Plains; Mathematics. DOUGLAS, CAROL J.; Leominster; Medical Technology; APT; Marching Band Props Crew; Index; Concert Assoc; Heymakers. DOUGLAS, CHRISTINE; Barrington, R.I.; Art; Class Exec Coun.; Dorm Judiciary; Homecoming Comm.; MLK, Jr. Lecture Series; S.U. Program Council. DOW, CHARLES B.; Waban; Accounting; Acctg. Assoc; Dorm Gov ' t; Central Area Council; Dean ' s List. DOYLE, JOHN R.; Arlington, Vt.; Civil Engineering; Franklin Institute of Boston; Dean ' s List; A.S.C.E. DRAKE, HOLLY; W. Wareham; Sociology; Dorm Counselor, Sec; Science Fiction Society Chrm.; Publicity Comm.; Project 10. DRESSLER, SHERI E.; Kings Point, L.I., N.Y.; Sociology; S.W. Assembly; CAF; CEQ; Dean ' s List. DREWSKI, PETRA; W. Springfield; Anthropology; Wheaton Col- lege; Classics Club. 372 ill DREYER, JOHN E.; Cranford, N.J.; Physical Education; Basket- ball; Track; Zeta Nu. DRISCOLL, KATHLEEN A.; Spencer; English; French Corridor; Honors Colloquia; Undergrad T.A. in English. DROBNIS, STANLEY M.; Hyde Park; Psychology. DROTTER, SHEILA C; No. Adams; Home Economics; KKG; Exec. Coun.; Homecoming Comm.; Winter Carni Comm.; Belchertown Volunteer. DRUMM, KENNETH M.; Syracuse, N.Y.; Marketing; Mktg. Club; Pre-Law Club; A P Gypsies; Gymnastics; Lacrosse; Marching Band; IFA; Intramurals; Counselor; Dorm Judiciary; Dean ' s List. DRUMMOND, JANET B.; Chicopee; Mathematics. DRYSDALE, ANNE F.; Dedham; English; Educ; Asst. Director of Brecht ' s " The Measures Taken " . DUBEE, ROBERT L.; Beverly; General Business Finance. DUBOIS, LORRAINE S.; Amherst; German. DUBZINSKI, JOHN E.; Gardner; Physical Education; Football; Intramurals; Newman Club. DUCHEMIN, STEPHEN P.; Groveland; Zoology; Northampton Volunteers; Newman Club; Dimock House, V.P.; Dean ' s List. DUDASH, DAWN M.; Westwood; Education; Counselor; Student Senate; Student Govt. Affairs, Comm. Chrm.; Services Comm., Chrm.; Trustee Comm. on Govt. Univ. Relations; Young Dec, V.P.; Class Exec. Council; Who ' s Who; Distinguished Senior. DUFFEY, TERRY A.; Holden; Sociology; Ski Club; Newman Club; Northampton Volunteer. DUCAL, PAULINE B.; Fall River; Sociology; Newman Club; Dorm Standards Comm. DUGGAN, ANN C; Worcester; English; Newman Club. DUGGAN, ROBERT F.; Maiden; Government; Newman Club; In- tramurals; Dean ' s List. DUNLAVEY, DAVID A.; Watertown; Agriculture. DUNN, MARGUERITE E.; Wilbraham; English. DUNNING, JULIA G.; Pittsfield; Elementary Education; Social Comm.; Cultural Comm.; NFS; Dean ' s List. DWYER, KATHLEEN M.; North Scituate; English; TBS, Pres.; Marching Band; Concert Band; Symphony Band; Symphony Or- chestra; WAA; Percussion Ensemble; Intramurals; Brooks Cul- tural Comm. DWYER, MARGARET A.; Easthampton; English. DYSON, BARBARA D.; Bedford; History; Co-ordinator; Women ' s Senate; Hall Chrm.; Intramurais. - DZENIS, SANDRA L; Sunderland; Public Health; ADT, Sec; Dean ' s List. EATON, LOUISE M.; Fall River; French; Rhode Island College; Dean ' s List. EBACHER, DIANNEM.; Amesbury; Elementary Education; Home- coming Comm.; SENDOFF; Newman Club; Educ. Club. ECK, SUSAN H.; Framingham, Physical Education; Intramurais; Dorm Officer; NAIADS. EISENTRAUT, JOY L.; Walpole; Nursing; Nursing Honor Soc; Nursing Club; Dean ' s List; Chi Delta. ELDRIDGE, JANET L.; Stoneham; Art; Index; Dean ' s List. ELIA, MICHAEL P.; Springfield; Engineering; IEEE; Intramurais. ELLARD, BRUCE C; Holbrook; Economics; ASP, Treas.; Intra- murais. ELLERY, DIANA D.; Danvers; Elementary Education; Moratorium Peace Mail; Operetta Guild; Dean ' s List; SWAP. ELLIOTT, ANDREW C; Haverhill; History; Crew, Belchertown Volunteers; NES; S.W. Assembly; Academic Matters Chrm.; Stu- dent Senate Academic Affairs Comm.; Senior Exec. Coun.; SWAP; Intramurais. ELLIOTT, BRIAN R.; Northampton; Park Administration; Park Aboriculture Club; Dean ' s List. ELLIOTT, MARK D., JR.; Carlisle; Psychology; Scuba Club; Sport Parachute Club, Public Info. Officer; WMUA, News Dept.; Dorm Judiciary; House Council. ELLIOTT, ROBERT T.; Tolland, Conn.; Plant Soils. ELTERS, GLENN; Phoenixville, Pa.; Government; Univ. of Denver; Student Senate Finance Comm., Chrm.; Student Senate ' Aca- demic Affairs Comm., V. Chrm.; Student Senate, V.P.; Student Senate Budgets Comm.; Theta Chi. EMPRIMO, KAREN L.; Great Barrington; Education; Dorm Treas.; Dean ' s List. ENCARNACAO, STEPHEN J.; North Dartmouth; Economics; ASP, Rush Chrm., Social Chrm.; Class Exec. Coun.; Homecoming Comm.; Rugby; South Fla. Exchange Program. ENDICOTT, JOAN M.; Beverly; Sociology; Standards Comm.; Northampton Volunteers; NES. ENG, HENRY; Long Branch, N.J.; Chemistry; Homecoming Float Comm.; Winter Carni Snow Sculpture; House Rep.; Intramurais. ENGSTROM, NATALIE C; Brockton; Public Health. EPSTEIN, DONALD A.; Swampscott; Psychology; Adelphia; Exec. Council Class of 1970; Daily Collegian, Editor-in-Chief; Mana- ging Editor; Students for Public Higher Ed., Pres. ERICKSON, LEE W.; Worcester; Accounting; Acctg. Assoc, Treas.; Intramurals. ERICSON, JUDITH; Lynnfield; Nursing; Scrolls. ERIKSON, BRUCE H.; Winchester; Business Administration; Dean ' s List; Phi Sigma Delta. ERIKSON, LYNNE S.; Winchester; Home Economics; Pi Beta Phi. ERLICH, FRADA F.; Maiden; Marketing; Exec. Coun.; Mktg. Club; ACO, Asst. Treas.; Creek Week Comm., Sec. ESHBACH, CONSTANCE E.; Amherst; Education; Newman Club; NES; Planning Comm. for Humanistic Ed.; Corridor Standards Board Rep.; Dean ' s List. ESKOLA, ARTHUR J. Ill; Fitchburg; Management; Mgt. Club; Dorm Council; Intramurals. ESONIS, RAYMOND N.; West Boylston; English; Collegian; Worcester State College. ESPANET, CHARLES P.; Hopedale; Marketing; Baseball; Intra- murals. ESTABROOK, WILLIAM W. Ill; Amherst; Zoo ogy; Pre-Med Club. ETNA, RALPH ).; Medford; Marketing; " M " Club; Mktg. Club; Varsity Soccer; Dorm Social Chrm.; House Council; Dean ' s List. ETZION, RON; Newton; Environmental Design; Counselor. EVANS, FREDERICK E.; W. Springfield; Chemistry; Intramurals; Ski Club; Dean ' s List. EVERETT, WILBUR R. Ill; Somerville, N.J.; Art; U.N.H.; Holyoke Community College; Dean ' s List; Intramurals; Freshman Base- ball; Homecoming Comm.; Winter Carni Comm.; Index. EWING, DANIEL D. Ill; Wellesley; Psychology; Alpha Sigma Phi; Social Chrm. EYNON, WILLIAM A.; Lynn; Economics; Phi Mu Delta. EZEN, NELSON J.; Worcester; Government; Spanish Club; Sr. Class Exec. Coun.; Dorm Judiciary Board. FAIRBANKS, JOHN F.; Harvard; Economics; Dorm Gov ' t.; Ski Club; AAS; Dean ' s List; Intramurals. FALCONE, BARBARA ).; Pittsfield; Psychology; Dean ' s List; NES. FALK, TED; Brooklyn, N.Y.; Physical Education; ASP; Hillel; Di- rector of Phy. Ed. of Amherst Boys Club. FANNING, DONALD J., JR.; West Dennis; Hotel Restaurant Admin. FARRELL, JOHN P.; Newton; History; Q.T.V., Historian, Exec. Coun.; Cheerleader. FAY, JOHN F.; Medford; History; Debate Club; Dorm Rep.; Di- mock House, Senator. FAY, PATRICIA V.; Monson; Education; Newman Club; Educ. Club. FEINSTEIN, EDWARD J.; Holyoke; Government; Dorm Judiciary; Pre-Law Club; Dean ' s List. FELIPE, JOYCE L.; Fall River; Education; Counselor; Dean ' s List. FELKEL, RICHARD C, JR.; Holyoke; Geology. FERRARO, JACQUELINE T.; Shrewsbury; Nursing; Nursing Class, Treas.; Nursing Honor Society. FICHERA, ROBERT F.; Lawrence; Accounting; DSP; Intercol- legiate Knights; Acctg. Assoc; J.V. Baseball; Varsity Baseball; Nevada Southern Univ.; Intramurals; Dean ' s List. FIDELLOW, BARBARA L; Oldwick, N.J.; Home £conom cs; SDT; Newman Club; Sarcristy Member; Homecoming Queen ' s Ct.; Dean ' s List; Home Ec. Club. FIELDING, JEAN M.; Springfield; English; Newman Club; Judo Club, Instructor. FIERIMONTE, MARYANN; Needham; Elementary Education; Dorm Social Comm. FILES, SUSAN L.; Plymouth; Nursing. FILIOS, JANET A.; Newton Highlands; Art; Dean ' s List; Program Council; Fencing Club; Summer Student Exec. Coun. FILIPEK, CAROLE M.; Fairhaven; Communication Disorders; PBP; NES; Communication Disorders Club; Dean ' s List. FINE, MARLENE C.; Deal Park, N.J.; Speech; SK; Mortar Board, Pres.; DSR-TKA; Speech Assoc, of America; Debate Union, V.P.; Speech Depl. Student Advisory Coun,, Chrm.; Exec. Coun. FINK, NANCY C; Brookline; Home Economics; 389 Club; Winter Carni Comm.; Homecoming Comm.; Exec. Coun.; Dorm Social Comm. FINNERAW, KEVIN L., JR.; Braintree; Management; BKP; Mis- souri Club; Intramural Basketball, Football, Athletic Chrm. FISHBANE, JONATHAN D.; Brookline; European History; Dean ' s List; NES; Univ. Theatre; Honor ' s Colloquia; Phi Beta Kappa. FISHER, SANFORD W.; Brighton; Marketing; ABP; Varsity M. Club; Senior Honors Project; Tennis; Wrestling; Dean ' s List; Cum Laude. FITZGERALD, JOHN J.; Dennlsport; Management; House, V.P., Pres.; Soccer. FITZGERALD, MICHAEL F.; Springfield; Zoology; Dean ' s List; Newman Club; Belchertown Volunteers. FITZPATRICK, CAROLYN J.; No. Attleboro; English; Dean ' s List. FITZPATRICK, DONNA M.; FItchburg; Medical Technology; ADT; NES; Precisionettes; Dorm Counselor. FITZPATRICK, JOHN C; Walpole; Government; WMUA, Asst. Station Mgr.; Communication Board, Vice-Chrm. FITZPATRICK, JOSEPH A.; Cohasset; Ma(hemat;c5; Newman Club; Young Democrats; Intramurals. FITZROV, JAMES R.; So. Deerfield; Park Administration. FIX, DAVID M.; Fitchburg; Medical Technology; Summer Stu- dent Exec. Coun.; Las Vegas Night, Chrm.; Intramurals; Med- TechClub. FLAGG, SUSAN P.; Elmwood; Child Development; Dean ' s List; Tennis Team; Belchertown Volunteers; Merrill-Palmer Exchange Pro.; Student-Faculty Rep.; Outing Club. FLEMING, JANET E.; Randolph; fducation; Dean ' s List; Preci- sionettes. FLOREEN, DAVID E.; Arlington; fconomics; Who ' s Who; Class Exec. Coun.; Student Senate; Homecoming, Treas.; Winter Carni, Chrm.; Distinguished Senior. FLORIN, ROBERT D.; MIneola, N.Y.; Marketing; TEP; Mktg. Club; Lacrosse. FOGEL, LENORE M.; Haverhill; English; Bradford Jr. College. FOLEY, PAUL A.; Springfield; Genera Business Finance; ASP, Activities Chrm., Pledge Trainer; Dean ' s List; Exchange Student Program; Newman Club. FONTAINE, BEATRICE L.; Agawam; Education; Newman Center Club; Residential Living Board. FOOTE, PETER S.; West Chesterfield; Wildlife; Scabbard and Blade, Treas.; Newman Club; Sport Parachute Club; Wildlife Soc; House Gov ' t.; Intramurals; Military Ball Comm. FORBES, DAVID K.; Kansas City, Kan.; Industrial Engineering; TBP; AIIE. FORD, MABEL C; Weymouth; £ducat on; Ed. Club. kiiiiM FORD, ROBERT D.; Weymouth; Mathematics; Quincy Jr. College. FORD, WILLIAM H.; Hyde Park; Marketing; Intramural Softball, Basketball; Zeta Nu. FORDHAM, ELLEN G.; Norwood; Psychology; Chorus; Women ' s Choir; Operetta Guild; Esperanto Club; Chorale. FORHAN, JAMES T.; Holyoke; Economics; Newman Club. FORMAN, HARRISON A.; Natick; History; AEP; Dorm Coun.; Intramurals. FORMAN, PAULA A.; Newton; Education; TKB; NFS; Ed. Club; NEA. FORSSTROM, HEINO A. Ill; Beverly; Zoology. FORST, LELAND I.; Kingston, N.Y.; Management; Exec. Coun.; Delta Chi, V.P. FORWARD, JEAN S.; Saugus; Anthropology; Exec. Council; Young Republicans; SDT, Social Chrm.; Queen ' s Comm.; SEND- OFF, Chrm.; Campus Chest; Dean ' s List; SDT. FOSTER, ROBERT W.; Fairhaven; History; Intramural Basket- ball; Dean ' s List. FOUNTAIN, KEITH J.; Westfield; Mathemat cs; A PGAA. FOX, BERNICE; Chelsea; Elementary Education; IGU, 2nd V.P.; Dean ' s List. FOX, DOREEN A.; Lexington; Elementary Education; Educ. Club; Dean ' s List; Northampton Volunteers; Dorm Exec. Coun., Pres.; Alternate Counselor. FOY, KATHLEEN E.; Weymouth; Home Economics; Dorm Judi- ciary; Counselor. FRANCIS, PATRICIA A.; Pittsfield; History; Collegian; Ski Club. FRANCO, RONALD V.; Fall River; Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering; AEP; ASME; AIAA; Honors Colloquium; Dean ' s List. FRECHETTE, ARTHUR C; Sunderland; Chemical Engineering; Wentworth Institute. FREDERICKS, CHRISTIAN H. Ill; Needham; Sociology; APO, 1st V.P., Treas.; Student Senate; Scabbard and Blade; House Judi- ciary; Dorm Counselor; Intramurals; ROTC. FREDETTE, CHARLES G.; Baldwinville; Zoology; Forestry Club; Wildlife See; Newman Club; Intramural Football, Soccer. FREEDLAND, JUDITH L.; Beverly; English; Hillel; Young Demo- crats; Dorm Legislative Comm.; Dean ' s List. FREEDMAN, NANCY J.; Brookline; Biochemistry; Dean ' s List; KKG; NES; Phi Beta Kappa. FRENCH, SANDRA E.; So. Hadley; English. FRENIER, PAUL R.; Northampton; Mechanical Engineering; Holy- oke Community College; ASME; SAE. FRITZ, ROSANNE; Bloomfield, N.].; Sociology; LDP, Activities Chrm., Parliamentarian; Sociology Club, Treas., Student Senate; Dorm Gov ' t; MLK, Jr. Council. FRODYMA, FREDERICK J.; Adams; Engineering; IEEE; Engineer- ing Journal, Exec. Editor; Asst. Residence Head; Dean ' s List; Beta Chi. FRONCILLO, ALEXANDER F.; East Boston; Marketing; Fencing Club; Mktg. Club. FRONTIERO, CATHERINE A.; Gloucester; English; Spanish Club; NES. FROUMAN, ERICA M.; Woodside, N.Y.; Spanish; Univ. Sym- phony; Spanish Club; Concert Dance Group; Dean ' s List; Phi Beta Kappa. FULLER, JUDITH M.; Ashburnham; Physical Education; WAA Rep.; Intramurals; Women ' s Ski Team, Capt.; Dean ' s List. FULMORE, CATHERINE O.; Easthampton; Arts Science; Dean ' s List; Dorm Academic Comm. FULTON, GLEN J.; Auburn; Economics; Hockey Team; Dorm Pres.; Intramurals. FUREY, JOHN F., JR.; Auburn; Anthropology; Anth. Club; Beta Chi. FYER, MARY E.; Framingham; Physical Education; Volleyball; Dorm Social Chrm.; Tennis Team, Mgr.; WAA Officer; Sigma Kappa. GABUSI, FRIEDA H.; Springfield; History; Holyoke Community College. GAGNON, CYNTHIA A.; Northampton; Nursing. GAGNON, DOUGLAS R.; East Longmeadow; Management. GALANTE, EDWARD M.; So. Deerfield; Psychology; House Judi- ciary; Psych. Club; Intramurals. GALE, THOMAS H., JR.; East Walpole; Engineering; Collegiate Flying Club; AIAA; SAE; Dorm Counselor; Index; Engineering Journal; Intramurals; Beta Chi. GALLAGHER, JOHN J.; Trenton, N.J.; Marketing; TEP; MKTG. Club; Dorm, Sec, Treas.; Intramurals; Basketball; Dean ' s List. GALLANT, THOMAS A.; Boston; German; Wentworth Institute; Dean ' s List. GALLERANI, JOHN E.; Holliston; Ceo ogy; Intramurals; Dorm House Coun.; Dean ' s List. GAMMELL, WILLIAM J.; Amherst; Physical Education; Varsity Hockey; Dean ' s List; Theta Chi. GAOUETTE, ROSE M.; Chicopee; English; Flying Club; Social- Cultural Comm.; Holyoke Community College. GARABEDIAN, BARBARA J.; Lowell; -Art; Ed. Club; Dean ' s List; Winter Carni Comm.; Dorm Social Chrm.; Mt. Wachusettes. GARABEDIAN, HAROLD T.; Worcester; Mechanical and Aero- space Engineering; ASME; SAE. GARANT, PAUL A.; Somerset; Pub c Health; Student Public Health Assoc; WMUA; Intramurals; House Coun. Member, Treas.; Dorm Judiciary, Chief Justice; Dean ' s List. GARCIA, BIENVENIDO; Jamaica Plain; Electrical Engineering; Newman Club; IEEE; International Club; Spanish Club. GARDNER, ROBERT W., JR.; Ayer; £cor7om;cs. GARLAND, FREDERICK J., JR; No. Attleboro; Mathematics. CARSTANG, JAMES D.; Pittsfield; Marketing; QTV; House Mgr.; Rush Comm.; Varsity Ski Team, Co-Capt.; Varsity M Club. GARVEY, ANGELA J.; Amherst; History; Dean ' s List; NRSA; New- man Club; Ed. Club. GARVEY, SHARLEEN M.; Southampton; Spanish; S.W. Patriots; Spanish Club; Madrid Summer Seminar; Dean ' s List; Alpha Chi Omega, V.P. GARY, DAVID S.; Huntington, N.Y.; Government; Science Fiction Club; Lacrosse; Intramurals; Athletic Chrm., WHWL; Dean ' s List. CASECKI, RAYMOND V.; Northampton; Accounting; Ski Club; Acctg. Club. GAUDREAU, MARTHA M., Weymouth; Botany; Scuba Club; Draft Counselor, Valley Peace Center. GAUTHIER, ALAN E.; West Springfield; Genera Business Fi- nance; Student Senate, Treas., Services Comm., Chrm.; Alcoholic Beverages Comm.; Budget Comm.; SWAP; University Pres. Se- lection Comm.; Univ. Budget; Athletic Coun.; National Student Register; Who ' s Who; Distinguished Senior. GEARON, BARBARA A.; Boston; Education; Newman Club, Treas.; ASB Rep.; Phy. Ed. Club; Middle Tennessee State Univ. GEER, TERRILLYN A.; Pittsfield; English; Song Chrm., V.P., Pres.; Panhel Rep.; Exec. Board; Tau Beta Sigma, Ritual Chrm.; March- ing Band; Pep Band; Concert Band; Greek Gov ' t; SWAP; Lambda Delta Phi. GEIGER, PATRICIA J.; Allston; Sociology. GEISSLER, MARTHA E.; Holyoke; Sociology; AnF; Wesleyaires; ALD; U. New Mexico; Phi Beta Kappa. GEIVER, GAIL R.; Liberty, N.Y.; Spanish; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Mortar Bd.; Alpha Lambda Delta, V.P.; Spanish Club, Pres.; NES; Dorm Judiciary, Program Committee, Living Comm.; Hillel; International Folkdancing Club. GELB, DENNY H.; Amherst; Chemistry. GELINEAU, ROBERTA.; South Hadley; Sociology. GENDRON, LINDA M.; Athol; Education. GENOVA, PATRICIA M.; Needham; Sociology; KKG; Dean ' s List, GERADE, CHRISTINE; Reading; Education. GERHARDT, LINDA J.; Framingham; Elementary Education; An- gel Flight; Ed. Club; Kappa Delta Pi; Dean ' s List. GERSON, SUE F,; Chestnut Hill; Home Economics; APG; Colle- gian, Issue Editor; UMass Home Ec. Assoc, Pres.; Operetta Guild. GIAVARAS, FAITH E.; Chelmsford; Education; Counselor; Exec. Coun.; SWAP; Standard ' s Comm.; Dorm Pres.; N.E. Pres. Coun., Chrm.; Dean ' s List. GIBBS, LINDA ).; Hingham; Zoology; Alpha Lambda Delta, Pres.; Dorm Counselor; Dean ' s List. GIBSON, MARILYN C; Canton; Physical Education; Modern Dance Group; Major Coun. Rep. GIFFORD, SUSAN M.; Pittsfield; Physical Education; Lambda Delta Phi; Women ' s Athletic Assoc; Precisionettes. GIGUEI E, DAVID E.; Agawam; Agriculture; Flying Redmen; Newman Club; Food Science Faculty-Student Comm. GILBERT, MARSHA; Dorchester; Nursing; Nursing Club. GILCHRIST, lEANNE H.; Upton; Education; Newman Club; Cho- rus; Dean ' s List. GILE, RUTH M.; Greenfield; Psychology; GSS, Rec Sec; North- ampton Volunteers; Wesleyaires. GILLAN, JANE M.; Andover; Physical Education; Sigma Kappa; Exec. Coun.; S.U. Dance Comm.; Women ' s Judiciary; General Court; Swim Team. GILLESPIE, EDWARD; New Bedford; Management; Beta Gamma Sigma; Dean ' s List; Newman Club; Dorm Counselor, Gov ' t; In- tramurals. GILLIS, BERNARD R.; Quincy; Marketing; Zeta Nu; Hockey; Tennis. GILSON, MARY E.; Pittsfield; Education; Chi Omega; Musicals; Program Coun.; Bridal Fair Chrm.; Annhurst College. GIRARD, MARYANN; Quincy; Mathematics; Educ. Club; Gover- nor Rep. GIROUX, FRANCIS J.; Northampton; Government; Maroon Keys; Dean ' s List; Hist. Honors. GLEASON, WILLIAM J.; Pittsfield; Zoo ogy; APO; Arnold Air Soc, Exec. Officer; Collegian, WMUA; Newman Club. CLOCK, HAROLD F.; Yorktown; Agriculture. CLL ' CK, JOAN C; Erie, Pa.; Nursing. GMYREK, DAVID B.; Millers Falls; General Business; Greenfield Community College; Scuba Club, Treas.; Beta Chi. GNATEK, RICHARD M.; Northampton; Physical Education; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Wrestling; Dean ' s List; Intramurals. GOC, ROBERT F.; Everett; Business Administration; Kappa Sigma; Acag. Club; Ski Club; Iptramurals; Varsity Football; Student Gov ' t. GODDARD, VIRGINIA L; Hardwick; English; Dean ' s List. GODWIN, JOSEPH L.; Pepperell; Fine Arts. COEHLERT, ROBERT U.; Springfield; Government; Dorm Gov ' t.; Russian Club. GOEPFERT, LOIS A.; Southampton; Nursing; Dorm Counselor, Sec; Nursing Club. GOFF, DAVID H.; Rehoboth; Mass Commun ca( on; Dean ' s List; Dorm Gov ' t. COFFIN, BRUCE E.; W. Babylon, N.Y.; Economics; Student Sen- ate; Dorm Treas. GOGCINS, PATRICK M.; Northampton; Municipal Recreation; Rec. Club; Intramurals; Newman Club; Dean ' s List. GOLDBERG, CARYN M.; Newton; Education; lota Gamma Upsi- lon. Pledge Pres.; Student Senate; Drama; Educ. Club; Ski Club. GOLDBERG, MARK; Beverly; Covemmenf; Alpha Sigma Phi; Rugby Club; Univ. Theater; Exec. Coun.; Homecoming Comm.; Winter Carni Comm. GOLDBERG, PHILIP J.; Sharon; Environmental Design; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Maroon Keys; Arcon; Class Exec. Coun. GOLDMAN, BARBARA A.; Hull; Psychology; Exec. Council; Dorm Coun.; Dean ' s List. GOLDMAN, BETSY H.; Newton Highlands; English; Alpha Phi Gamma, Sec; Spearum, Managing Editor, Assoc. Editor; Media Rep.; 5 College Student Coordinating Bd.; Oxford Summer Sem- inar; Who ' s Who; Eng. Undergraduate Council. 382 GOLDMAN, DONNAS.; Lexington; Fine Arts. GOLDMAN, ERIC B.; Springfield; Sociology; African Students Assoc; S.W. Master ' s Aide; Upward Bound, Counselor; Coun- selor; Dorm Resident Director. GOLDMAN, ROBERT P.; Brighton; Hotel Restaurant Adminis- tration; Alpha Epsilon Pi, House Mgr., Social Chrm., Rush Chrm.; Student Exec. Coun.; Revelers; Soph. Weekend Comm.; Winter Carni Comm.; Greek Week Comm. GOLDMAN, STUART A.; Springfield; Psychology; WMUA, Music Dir., Publicity Dir.; Collegian. GOLDSTEIN, ELLIOT H.; Chelsea; Mathematics; Math Club; Beta Chi; Intramurals; Football, Basketball; Softball, Bowling. GOLDSTEIN, GENE; Milton; Education; Ed. Club; Dorm Exec. Comm. GOLDSTEIN, INA R.; Newton Centre; Government; Exec. Coun.; Homecoming Comm.; Student Senate, Public Rel. Comm. Ser- vices Comm.; Commencement Task Force; Class Sec. GOLDSTEIN, RUTH S.; Hamden, Conn.; Education; Sigma Si gma Sigma, Recording Sec; Hillel; Dorm Standards Council, Chrm. GOLONKA, CHARLENE M.; Turners Falls; English; Alpha Chi Omega, Lyre Editor; Panhellenic Rep.; NES; Dean ' s List. GOMES, CESARINA M.; Fall River; Physical Education; WAA; Dorm Athletic Chrm.; Dean ' s List. GOOCH, JULIE A.; Weymouth; Education; Pi Beta Phi; Panhellen- ic Rep.; Membership Chrm.; Collegian. GOODFRIEND, MARK F.; Monsey, N.Y.; Economics; Zeta Beta Tau, V.P., Social Chrm.; Alumni Relations Chrm. GOODGE, VICTORIA E.; Amherst; Home Economics. GOODHUE, ROBERT M.; Reading; Government; Sigma Phi Ep- silon; Intramurals; Dean ' s List. GOODMAN, REEVA; Swampscott; English; Kappa Alpha Theta; Panhellenic Rep.; Modern Dance Club; Homecoming Comm. GOODWIN, WILLIAM B.; Chelmsford; Mathematics; Young Republicans; Phi Mu Delta; Wrestling; Dean ' s List; Senior Honor Thesis; Phi Beta Kappa. GORDON, MARSHA E.; Belmont; Education; Educ. Club; Lasell Jr. College; Blue Key Member. CORDON, PAMELA F.; Peabody; Education; Educ. Club; Dorm Pres. GORDON, PETER S.; Brookline; Genera Business Finance; Theta Chi; Arcon. GORDON, SHEILA A.; Worcester; English; Musigals; Hillel; Dorm Living Comm. GORMAN, MARY A.; Melrose; Nursing; School of Nursing Hon- or Soc; Dorm Counselor; Standards Comm. GORSKl, MARILYN K.; Webster; Psychology; Dean ' s List; Psych. Club; Ski Club. GOULD, JOHN M.; Amherst; Microbiology; NES; Pre-Med Club; Phi Beta Kappa. GOULD, KAREN K.; Kingston; 5oc o ogy; GSS, V.P., Treas.; Cor- responding Sec, Fellowship Chrm.; Dorm Gov ' t, Sec; Sociology Club; Dean ' s List; Phi Beta Kappa. GOURD, MARTHA E.; Reading; £ ementary Education; Dean ' s List; Dorm Standards Bd. COURLEY, SUSAN D.; Marblehead; English. GOYETTE, LEANNE P.; Melrose; Home Economics; Precision- ettes; Newman Club; Dean ' s List; William H. Danforth Award for Sr. Home Economics. GRAHAM, JOHN M.; Westminster; Psychology; Dean ' s List. GRANFIELD, JOSEPHINE A.; Winchester; History; Class Exec Coun.; Collegian; Dorm Gov ' t; M.L.K. GRASSO, JERRY R.; Everett; English; TKE; Dean ' s List; French Club; Football; Melanocyte Regulating Comm.; F.A.P. Club. GRAVEL, JUDITH S.; West Springfield; Communication Disor- ders; Lambda Delta Phi, 2nd V.P., 1st V.P.; Mortar Board, V.P.; Sigma Alpha Eta, Pres.; Tau Beta Sigma, Pres., Treas., Concert Band; Dean ' s List; Operetta Guild; Naiads. GRAY, DENNIS J.; Salem; Agriculture; Theta Chi; Football; Arcon. GRAY, JOAN K.; North Brunswick, N.J.; Home Economics; S.W. Patriots; Exec. Coun.; S.U. Program, Movie Comm. GRECHKO, LUDMILA; Springfield; Education. GREEN, BARBARA L.; Eastchester, NY.; Home Economics; DVP; Winter Carni Comm.; NES; Dean ' s List. GREEN, PAMELA G.; Beverly; Government; Kappa Kappa Gam- ma, Pledge Trainer; Public Relations Chrm.; Scrolls; Exec. Coun.; NES; Winter Carni Comm.; Dean ' s List; Campus Chest Comm. GREEN, RICHARD A.; Northampton; Education; Sigma Phi Ep- sllon. GREENFIELD, MARJORIE F.; Amherst; Education; Jr. Exec. Coun.; Pres. Coun.; Dorm Rep.; SENDOFF Comm.; Winter Carni, Chrm. Theme Comm.; Homecoming Comm. GREENFIELD, ROBERT L.; Winthrop; Economics; Dean ' s List; Pre- Law Soc; Hillel; WMUA; Intramurals; Dorm Counselor. CREENSTIEN, JAY S.; Brighton; Psychology. 384 GREENWOOD, JEFFREY S.; Dalton; Zoo ogy; House Gov ' t., Floor Rep. GREW, MARYANN; Dover; Physical Education. GRIFFIN, KATHRINE M.; Pittsburgh, Pa.; Human Development; Exec. Coun.; M.L.K. Soc. Action Coun.; Merrill-Palmer Institute. GRIFFIN, RAYMA K.; Hardwick; Psychology; Scrolls; Newman Club; Counselor; Social Comm.; Dean ' s List. GRIFFITHS, KYRA P.; South Deerfield; Park Administration; Arbor Park Administration Assoc, Pres.; Precisionettes. GROHE, GAYLEN; Norwell; Accounting; Drew Univ.; Acctg. Assoc; Dean ' s List. CROSS, BARBARA ).; Plainview; French; SDT; NES; Belchertown , Vol.; Exec. Coun.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Dean ' s List; Northampton Volunteer; Phi Beta Kappa. GROSS, JOHN E., JR.; Morristown, N.J.; Economics; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Sport Parachute; Dorm Judiciary; Dean ' s List. GROW, ROBERT T.; Wayland; Agricultural Food Economics; Honors Colloquium; Dean ' s List; Alpha Zeta; Agriculture Eco- nomics Soc, Sec; Northampton Volunteer. GRUNIN, FREDRIC M.; Natick; History; Pre-Law Assoc; Dorm Gov ' t; Dean ' s List. GUARALDI, REGINA A.; Thorndike, Economics. GUARINO, ANDREW; Everett; History; Kappa Sigma; Football; Intramurals. GUBERMAN, HARRIET E.; Brookline; English; Kappa Alpha Theta; Exec. Coun.; Educ. Club; UndergraduateAssistantship. GUIEL, JAMES J.; Holyoke; Economics; Operetta Guild; Student Senate Ad Hoc. Finance Comm. GURRIE, F. EDWARD; So. Hadley Falls; Mechanical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; ASME; lAESTE; Dean ' s List. GWOZDZ, JAMES R.; So. Hadley; Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; AS- ME; AIAA; Dean ' s List; Intramurals. HAAS, JANICE A.; Leominster; Child Development; Dean ' s List; Sigma Kappa, Rec. Sec; Outing Club, Treas.; Newman Club; Belchertown Volunteers; Exec. Coun. HASS, HELENE; Rehoboth; Education; WMUA; Spanish Club; Ed. Club; Heymakers Club; Dorm Sec, Historian; Heymakers, Pres., V.P.; Central Voice, Co-Editor; Counselor. HAEBLER, JOSEPH D.; Charlton City; History; APO, Treas., Brother-at-Large; Newman Club; Floor Rep.; Hockey; Activity Comm., Webster Cance. HAENDLE, HILLARY; Westbury, N.Y.; Recreation; £xec. Coun.; Homecoming Comm.; Martin Luther King Lecture Series Comm.; Gymnastics Team; Chorus; Dean ' s List. HAGELBERG, DONOLYN J.; Arlington, Vt.; Nutrition and Food; CSS; Home Ec. Club. HACERTY, KEVIN P.; Methuen; History; Intramurals. HACGERTY, LORRAINE M.; Avon; Education; Ed. Club; Literary Guild; Drama Club; Newman Club; Counselor. HAJEWSKI, BRUCE A.; Fairview; Medical Technology; Holyoke Community College. HALE, RICHARD H.; Buckland; Mechanical Engineering; ASME. HACKOVITCH, ELAINE A.; Roselle, N.J.; Marketing; Dean ' s List. HALLORAN, MARCY ).; W. Boylston; Education; Alpha Chi Omega, V.P.; Ski Club; Social Chrm.; Newman Club; Dean ' s List. HALPREN, JACK D.; New Bedford; Zoology; Amherst Vol. Fire Dept. HALPERN, JEFFREY B.; Marblehead; Economics; Sigma Phi Epsi- lon; Undergrad Economics Laison Comm.; Dorm House Coun.; Class Exec. Coun.; Dean ' s List. HAMBIDGE, CHRISTINE E.; Hadley; Speech Education; Drom Comm. HAMBLETT, DONNA W.; Charlton Depot; Nursing; Lambda Delta Phi, Cultural Chrm., Steward; Nursing Club. HAMEL, GARY P.; West Springfield; Government; C.E.Q.; Pi Sigma Alpha; Collegian, Correspondent. HAMELIN, YVONNE M.; Sturbridge; French; Psych Club; Ed. Club; French Club; Annhurst College. HAMILTON, JAMES E.; Brockton; Sociology; Massasoit Jr. College. HAMPSON, BARRY E.; Holyoke; Civil Engineering; APO, Record- ing Sec; Newman Club; ASCE. HANDEL, ALBERT P.; East Hartford, Conn.; Chemistry; Dorm Gov ' t; Student Affiliate — American Chemical Soc; Chem Club. HANDLER, MORRIS; Hyannis; Sociology; Concert Band; March- ing Band; Pre-Law Club; Dorm Gov ' t; Dean ' s List. HANKS, MARY E,; Ville Platte, La.; Speech. HANNA, MARY M.; Amherst; English. HANNA, MICHAEL H.; Amherst; Microbiology; Dorm Pres.; Central Area Coun. HANNIGAN, BARBARA P.; Randolph A.F.B., Texas; Elementary Education: Pi Beta Phi, Historian; Educ. Club; Psych. Club; New- man Club. HANNULA, JOHN K.; Amherst; Environmental Design; QTV; Arcon, Social Chrm.; Selections Comm.; Parachute Club. HANSEN, HAROLD F.; Tewksbury; Government; Zeta Nu; Foot- ball. HANSEN, KENNETH C; Franklin Square, N.Y.; Chemical En- gineering; AICHE, Pres.; Tau Delta; Floor Rep, Dorm Coun. HANSEN, MARGARET C; Syracuse, N.Y.; Home Economics; Newman Club. HANSON, TRINA L.; So. Hadley; French; Anth. Club; French Club; Dorm. Standards Comm.; Dean ' s List. HAROLD, PAUL D.; Quincy; Government; Student Senate; Young Democrats; Newman Club; Dean ' s List; Bologna Program. HARRAL, DAVID F.; Reading; Hotel Restaurant Administration; Northern Essex Community College; Innkeepers Club; MFDD Foods Chrm. HARRIGAN, TIMOTHY M.; Jamaica Plain; English; House Coun., Judiciary; M.L.K. Soc. Action Coun.; Public Relations Chrm.; Eng. Dept. Undergraduate Coun.; Sophomore Literature Chrm.; Central Area Voice. HARRINGTON, MAUREEN A.; Boston; Education; Ed. Club; Newman Club; Dorm Social Comm. HARRIS, DELOISE M.; Amherst; Home fconomics; Marching Band; Symphony Band; Symphony Orchestra. HARRIS, JOHNETTE; Honolulu, Hawaii; Mathematics; Stanford University; Dean ' s List. HARRISON, DEBORAH J.; Walpole; Physical Education; Varsity Field Hockey, Tennis. HARRISON, JOHN W.; Amityville, N.Y.; History; TEP; Pre-Law Soc; Lacrosse. HART, RAYMOND M.; Merrimac; Zoology; Intramurals; Dorm Coun. HARTFORD, CYNTHIA; Lexington; Psychology. HARTLEY, HEIDI A.; Rochester; Sociology; Chi Omega; Scrolls; Exec. Coun.; Panhellenic Coun., Pres. HARVEY, EDWARD J., JR.; Northampton; Engineering; Tau Alpha Pi. HARVEY, FREDERICK W.; Greenbrook, N.J.; Mechanical En- gineering; Tau Beta Pi. HARVEY, JANE G.; Morristown, N.J.; English; Dorm Counselor. HARVEY, PAUL W.; Boltoh; hri nch; ACTFL; Chorale; Madrigal Singers; Chamber Singers; Statesinen, Bus. Mgr.; Yahoo; Oper- etta Guild; C.E.Q.; Dorm Cultural Act. Comm.; International Club; Dean ' s List; Phi Beta Kappa; Wesleyaires; Phi Beta Kappa. HATHAWAY, WAYNE H.; Lynn; Engineering; ASME; Tau Beta Pi. HAUGHEY, DAVID W., JR.; Brockton; Ma ' nagement; APO; Ar- nold Air Soc; Heymakers; Campus Crusade for Christ; Dorm Gov ' t; Intramurals; Valley Peace Center; Free University City. HAUGHEY, KATHRYN M.; Pittsfield; Nursing; Newman Club; Nursing Club; Dean ' s List. HAWES, PETER ).; New Bedford; Genera eusiness Finance; Delta Chi; Poverty Comm., Action Lab SCRD. HAWES, ROBERT D.; Sandwich; Marine Fisheries Biology; New- man Club; Intramurals. HAYES, JOHANNA M.; Elyria, Ohio; £ng sh; Northampton Vol- unteers. HAYNES, CAROLYN E.; East Longmeadow; Accounting; Acctg. Assoc; SBA Student-Faculty Comm. HAYWARD, DEBORAH; Westwood; English; Rifle Team; Angel Flight, Admin. Officer, Exec, officer. HAZZARD, BARRY D.; Leominster; Theatre; University Theatre. HEALEY, SCOTT C; Quincy; Management; Alpha Sigma Phi. HECHT, JACK H.; Cheshire, Conn.; Wildlife Soc; Wildlife Federa- tion. HECHT, SHARON L.; Danvers; English; Dean ' s List. HEIDER, BRUCE E.; Ashland; Accounting;; Phi Mu Delta; Acctg. Club. HEINO, MARILYN G.; Walpole; Education; Sigma Delta Tau. HEISER, KAREN L.; No. Babylon, N.Y.; Education; Pi Beta Phi; Mortar Board; Scrolls; Exec. Council. HELD, PAULA ).; Winthrop; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma. HELLYER, DONNA A.; Springfield; English; Kappa Alpha Theta, House Mgr.; Dean ' s List; Dorm Standards. HENDERSON, LINDA M.; Dover; Government; Senior Honors; Dean ' s List; Honors Thesis; DVP; Asst. Chrm; Gymnastics. HENDERSON, TIMOTHY K.; Charlemont; Engineering; Arnold Air Soc; Scuba Club. HENDLER, PENNARD; Pascagoula, Miss.; Theatre; Univ. Theatre. HENLEY, EDWARD T.; E. Weymouth; Psychology; Symphony Orchestra; Symphony Concert and Marching Band; Intramurals. HENRY, ROBERT A.; Athol; Engineering; ASME; SAE; Dorm Coun.; Intramurals; Tau Delta. HERCHEL, JOAN E.; Chicopee Falls; Education; Sigma Kappa, House Mgr.; Dean ' s List. HERRICK, SANDRA C; Amherst; Physical Education; NAIADS. HERVEY, JOCELYN S.; North Dartmouth; English; Dorm Standards Comm.; Exec. Board. HEYWOOD, GREGORY N.; Latham, NY.; Wood 7 " ec ino ogy; Paul Smiths College. HIGGINS, JOHNT.; Sunderland; Accounting; Acctg. Assoc. HIGGINS, LINDA J.; Abington; English; Exec. Coun.; Winter Carni Comm.; Dean ' s List. HILL, PETER B.; Wellesley Hills; Electrical Engineering; IEEE, Vice Chrm.; Commuters Club. HILTON, PAUL D.; Amherst; Engineering; AICHE, Program Chrm.; Rugby Club. HIRSCHEL, HENRY P.; Roslindale; Latin; Pre-Med Club; Flying Club; Sky Diving Club. HITOS, LINDA R.; Springfield; Elementary Education; Holyoke Community College; Ski Club; Education Club. HJORTH, DOUGLAS A.; Cherry Hill, N.J.; Agriculture; NES; Var- sity Rifle, Mgr.; Track; Cross-Country. HO, SHIRLEY O.; Hong Kong; Mathematics; Angel Flight. HOAR, MAUREEN; Hingham; Nursing; Nursing Club. HOAR, TIMOTHY J.; Franklin; Agriculture; Dorm Counselor; Soccer; Dorm Governing Coun.; Coun. Selection Bd.; Dorm Athletic Chrm.; Intramurals. HOBART, BARBARA G.; Concord, N.H.; English; Newman Club; Dorm Gov ' t; AUK. HOEFENER, CAROLE A.; Wilbraham; Fashion Merchandising; Alpha Chi Omega, Scholarship Chrm.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Omi- cron Nu; Scrolls; Dean ' s List; Mortar Bd.; ICEA Student Faculty Comm. HOGAN, TOM J.; Lowell; Quant;tat;ve Methods; Marching, Con- cert Bands; Newman Club. HOGLUND, LYNNE L.; Cranford, N.).; Psychology. HOHNE, ROBERT C; West Boylston; English; Union College. HOLDEN, JUDITH M.; Peabody; Medical Technology; Alpha Delta Theta; Dean ' s List. HOLMES, CYNTHIA M.; Hanson; Fashion Merchandising; Amer. Home Ec. Assoc; Ski Club. HOLMES, STANLEY A. JR.; Hingham; Sociology. HOLMES, WILLIAM H.; Hyannis; Psychology; Newman Clul HOMOLESKl, BRUCE A.; East Pepperell; English; Mt. Wachuse Comm. College. HOOVER, BARBARA M.; Scarsdale, N.Y.; Elementary Educatioi Pi Beta Phi. HORN, MARGUERITE E.; Cambridge; History; Marching Band; Concert Band; Tau Beta Sigma, Sec; Dorm Cultural Chrm.; Dean ' s List; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Beta Kappa. HORNE, DAVID J.; Holyoke; English; Univ. Symphony Band; Symphony Orchestra; Woodwind Quintet; Phi Eta Sigma, Pres.; Phi Kappa Phi; English Dept. Undergraduate Coun.; Phi Beta Kappa. HORTOR, DAVID B.; Sudbury; Genera Business Finance; Soci- ology Club; Theta Sigma Phi, Pres., Alumni Relation Chrm. HORVATH, CYNTHIA M.; Syracuse, N.Y.; Home Economics; lota Gamma Upsilon, Sec, Pres.; Greek Gov ' t; Amer. Home Ec. Assoc; Ski Club; Dean ' s List. HOSLEY, LEIGH H.; Cushman; Agriculture. HOSNER, JILL W.; Rosemont, Pa.; Physical Education; Chi Omega; Women ' s Athletic Assoc; Field Hockey, Ski Team; Vol- leyball; Lacrosse; Major Coun. Rep.; NAIADS. HOUGH, JANE A.; Melrose; Elementary Education; Dorm Coun- selor. HOUGHTON, LONNIE B.; New Bedford; Zoology; Dean ' s List. HOUGHTON, STEVEN R.; Worcester; Electrical Engineering. HOW, JAMES D.; Haverhill; Marketing; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Mktg. Club. HOWARD, SUSAN; W. Springfield; Mafhemat cs; Bands; Swim Team. HOWARD, THOMAS E.; Millbury; English; Newman Club; Marching Band; Concert Band; Dorm House Coun., Judiciary, Activities Comm.; Dean ' s List. HOWE, PAMELA S.; Weston; Communication Disorders; Revelers; Communication Disorders Club; Kappa Alpha Theta, Rush Chrm.; Dean ' s List; Exchange Student to UNM. HOWES, JANET E.; Berwyn, Pa.; Dietetics; Collegian; NES; Alpha Lambda Delta; Omicron Nu. HOWLEY, KEVIN J.; Boylston; Art. HOYEN, CYNTHIA L.; Worcester; English; Dean ' s List. HUBLEY, JOHN B.; Needham; Marketing; Beta Kappa Phi; Exec. Coun.; SENDOFF Comm.; 1968 Class Day Coordinating Comm. HUGHES, KATHLEEN A.; Southbridge; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Services Comm.; Greek Week Comm. HUMMEL, CLAUDIA M.; North Merrick, N.Y.; Home Economics; Home Ec. Assoc; AHEA, Sec; Dorm Counselor, Head Counselor; Dean ' s List; Standards Comm.; Newman Club. HUOT, JEAN A.; South Hadley; Home Economics; AHEA; Dean ' s List. HURD, JAMES W.; Hampden; History; Holyok e Community College. HURLD, LINDA M.; West Newbury; Home Economics; Newman Club; American Home Ec. Assoc; Dean ' s List; Dorm Social Chrm.; Exec. Council. HURLEY, KEVIN P.; Needham; Environmental Design; Franklin Institute. HUSTON, SUZANNE G.; Amherst; £daca( on; Delta Zeta, Pres.; German Club; Tufts Univ.; Dean ' s List. HUTCHINSON, BRUCE M.; Boston; Art History; Berkshire Com- munity College; Dean ' s List. HUTCHISON, JOHN N.; Abington; Wildlife Biology; SUG Board, V.P.; Distinguished Military Student AROTC; Pi Lambda Phi, Pres, V.P., Sec; Campus Center Comm., Chrm.; W.W. Area Gov ' t, V.P. HYDE, COLEEN D.; Methuen; Speech; Communication Disorders Club; Newman Club. HYERS, CURT A.; West Orange, N.J.; Zoology; Dean ' s List; Dorm Judiciary; Ski Club. HYLAND, EILEEN E.; Holyoke; Economics; Holyoke Community College; Dean ' s List. HYNDS, JOSEPH E.; Westfield; History. IGNATOVICH, PETER V.; Wayland; Psychology; Operetta Guild. INCROPERA S. STEVEN; Lawrence; Industrial Engineering; Rules Comm. Chrm., AIIE; Intramural Softball, Capt.; Newman Club. INGACIOLA, LOREEN M.; Everett; Elementary Education; Class Exec. Coun.; Sigma Delta Tau, Activities Chrm, 1st V.P., Pres. INKELLIS, STEVEN A.; Wilbraham; Government; SGA Comm. Student Senate; House Coun., Exec. Coun.; Amateur Radio Assoc, Sec; Dean ' s List; Phi Beta Kappa. ISSAC, EDWARD J.; Belchertown; Chemistry. ISENBERG, STEVEN J.; Marblehead; Psychology; Sigma Alpha Mu; Greek Week; Homecoming Comm.; Winter Carni Chrm.; Bel- chertown Volunteers; Intramurals; Dean ' s List. JABLONSKI, JEAN CLAUDE; Northampton; Psychology; MLKSAC; Honors Program; Senate, Social Action Comm.; Dean ' s List; Sena- tor; Dorm Counselor; Ski Club; Psych Club. JABLONSKI, KAREN A.; So. Weymouth; fducation; Univ. March- ing Band; Concert Band; NES; Dorm Social Comm., V.P.; Class Exec. Coun.; 4-Class Trip Comm.; Homecoming Comm.; Winter Carni Comm.; Dean ' s List. JABLONSKI, NANCY K.; Worcester; English; Newman Club; Dorm judiciary, Chrm.; Dean ' s List. JACKSON, CARL D.; Wakefield; Chemistry; Orchard Hill Res. College Area Gov ' t; Student Senate; Dorm Counselor; Dean ' s List. .- " W JACKSON, CYNTHIA A.; Norton; Home Economics; NES; Outing Club. JACOB, KAREN A.; Dedham; Veterinary Animal Science; NES; Newman Club; Student Senator; Dean ' s List. JACOBS, ALAN; Roslindale; Landscape Architecture; Alpha Epsi- lon Pi; Environmental Design Club; Dean ' s List. JACOBS, JUDITH H.; Chestnut Hill; Public Health; Student Public Health Assoc, V.P.; Univ. Health Welfare Coun., Co-Chrm.; Dorm Counselor. JACOBSON, SHERYL A.; Newton; History. JAKUBOWICZ, PETER J.; Lancaster;An ma Science; Animal Science Club. JAMES, LLOYD M.; Springfield;Phys cs. JANOFF, ALLAN H.; Maplewood, N.J.; Hotel Administration; Fraternity Pres. Assoc, Sec; IFC; Sigma Alpha Mu, Pres.; Exec. Council; Paul Smiths College. JARVIS, SANDRA L.; East Longmeadow; Physical Education; Stu- dent Senate; Major Council, Chrm.; Counselor; Social Comm., Cultural Comm; Intramurals. JARZEMBOWSKI, JOSEPH; Northampton; Electrical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Eia Kappa Nu, V.P.; Engineering Journal, Mgr. Editor; IEEE, Pres.; Electrical Engin.; Student Faculty Comm. JASKOLKA, MARGARET MARY J.; Hadley; Arts Sciences; Yahoo. JAWORSKI, JANE L.; Greenfield; Physical Education; Women ' s Athletic Assoc, V.P., Pres.; NAIADS, Pres.; Varsity Basketball, Field Hockey, Capt.; Swim Team. JEFFERSON, CYNTHIA C; Whitman; Spanish; Dorm Cultural Comm.; Counselor; NES; Spanish Club. JEFFERSON, WAYNE A.; Turners Falls; Engineering; American In- stitute of Aeronautics Astronautics; Track; Engineering Jour- nal. JEFFREYS, JANET A.; Massapequa, N.Y.; Sociology. JENKINS, JUDITH H.; Auburn; Education; Concert Band; NES. JEROME, SUSAN J.; Crene Coeur, Missouri;Ma(hemat cs; Sr. Class Exec. Coun.; Math Club; Dean ' s List; Metawampe Comm. JESSON, WILLIAM F.; Winthrop; Government; Pre-Law Club; Zeta Nu. JETTE, RAYMOND O.; Rockdale; Zoology. JOHNSON, ANNE L.; Needham; English; Dorm Counselor, Treas.; Oxford Summer Seminar; Collegian; Phi Beta Kappa. JOHN SON, DARA A.; Fairhaven; Education; Dean ' s List. JOHNSON, DAVID C; Worcester; Civil Engineering; ASCE; In- tramurals. JOHNSON, DIANNE L; Peabody; Sociology. JOHNSON, DOUGLAS R.; Gloucester; Marine Fisheries Biology. JOHNSON, GREGORY; Lunenburg; Zoology; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Intramurals. JOHNSON, LINDA D.; Woburn; Government; Senate; Exec. Coun.; Counselor. JOHNSON, NANCY E.; Brockton; English; Univ. Chorus; Women ' s Choir; Dean ' s List; Dorm Program Comm.; Honors Colloquia. JOHNSON, PAMELA A.; Auburn; Medical Technology; Scrolls; Alpha Delta Theta; Outing Club, Sec. w mk JOHNSON, PAUL E.; Brockton; Zoology; Phi Sigma Delta; Dean ' s List. JOHNSON, PAUL R.; Seekonk; Finance; Varsity Swim Team; Pre- Law Assoc; Intramurals; Drom Coun.; Dean ' s List. JOHNSON, PETER T.; New Bedford; Economics; Dean ' s List; Pre- Law Soc. JOHNSON, STEPHEN M.; Norwood; Aerospace Engineering; AIAA; Tau Beta Pi; lAESTE; Dean ' s List; Intramurals. JOHNSTON, WILLIAM R.; Lynn; Zoology; Beta Chi, 2nd V.P., Pres.; Young Republicans. JOLICOEUR, ROLAND A.; Worcester; Psychology. JONES, ELAINE M.; Amherst; French German; Pi Beta Phi; New- man Club. JONES, LINDA L.; Haverhill; English; Dorm Social Comm.; Dean ' s List. JONES MELANIE R.; Lunenburg; Management. JOY, PETER J.; Bedford; Agriculture; Forestry Club; Newman Club; Dorm Gov ' t. JOYCE, RICHARD C; Brockton; Covernment; Phi Mu Delta, Steward; Fraternitv Managers Assoc; K. Crew. JUBINVILLE, RICHARD A.; Holyoke; Civil Engineering; ASCE; Intramurais; Ski Club. iil JUDGE, MARGARET S.; New Delhi, India; Education; Haymakers; Educ. Club; Marching Band; Dorm Counselor; Dean ' s List. KACZOWKA, MARIAN T.; M A E.; Indian Orchard; ASME; SAE. KADETS, PHILIP I.; Brookline; Economics; ARLON; Greek Judi- ciary System; Theta Chi, Treas.; Dean ' s List. KAMANITZ, BARBARA L.; Appleton, Wise; History; Lambda Delta Phi, Housemanager, Treas.; Dorm, Sec, Treas.; Student Senator; Exec. Coun. KAMERBEEK, RANDALL J.; Dallas, Texas; Landscape Arch tecture; Yahoo; Intramurais; Dean ' s List; Ed. Club. KANE, EVELYN P.; Weymouth; Government; Kappa Alpha Theta; Historian; Revelers; Exec. Coun.; Greek Coun. Comm.; Dean ' s List. KANE, JAMES F.; Chelsea; Pre-Dental; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Rugby Club; Dean ' s List. KANE, KATHLEEN A.; West Roxbury; History; Rep. Newman Club; Dean ' s List. KANE, KATHLEEN; Holyoke; English. KANGAS, LARRY E.; Hubbardston; Art; Military Ball Comm.; Massachusetts Archeological Soc; ROTC. KAPLAN, BRADLEY L.; Randolph; Finance; Counselor; House Gov ' t, Judiciary; Intramurais. KAPLAN, ELLEN L.; Newton; History; Alpha Lambda Delta; French Corridor Counselor; Student Faculty Liaison Comm., Sec; M.L.K. Poverty Coun.; Phi Kappa Phi; V.A. Hospital Volunteer; Phi Beta Kappa. KAPLAN, RHODA I.; Brookline; Art; Exec. Coun.; Commence- ment Task Force; Dorm Judiciary Comm.; Hillel. KAPLAN, STEWART M.; Sharon; Economics; Educ. Club; Dean ' s List; Webster House Academic Improvement Award. KAPLOVITZ, NESSA; Winthrop; £ ementary Education; Interna- tional College of Copenhagen; Educ. Club; Dorm Counselor; Class Exec. Coun. KAPPENMAN, DONALD W.; Pittsfield; Electrical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu, Rec. Sec; IEEE. KAPRALOS, MARY ELLEN; Maiden; Education; Alpha Lambda Delta. KARAKLA, IRENE M.; Feeding Hills; £ducat on; CSS; Newman Club; Mortarboard; Kappa Delta Phi; Dorm Sec; Alpha Lambda Delta, Sec. KARGIR, BEVERLY S.; Brookline; Communication Disorders; Sigma Alpha Eta; Communication Disorders Club; Speech Dept. Student Advisory Coun., Sec; Operetta Guild; Univ. Theatre. KARHUMAA, KAREN M.; Stow; French; Lebanon Valley College; Intramurals; French Corridor; Dean ' s List; Phi Kappa Phi. KARL, WILLIAM P.; Nahant; Marketing; Phi Mu Delta; Mktg. Club. KAROL, STEPHEN ).; Seekonk; Government; Dorm Athletic Chrm.; Senior Day Comm.; Intramurals. KARP, SHARON A.; Oradell, N.J.; English; Sigma Delta Tau, 2nd V.P. KASAVANA, MICHAEL L.; Stamford, Conn.; Hotel Administration; Gymnastics Team, Capt.; Alpha Zeta; Senior Honors; Innkeepers Club, Treas.; Barbell Club; Dean ' s List; Intramural Football; Sky Diving Club. KASSOY, DEBORAH S.; Revere; Home Economics; Educ. Club; National Assoc, for Young Children; Student Faculty of HEC; Patterson House, Sec. KASSOY, GERALD H.; Marblehead; Pre-Dental; Pre-Med Soc; Hillel; Dean ' s List; Collegian; Exec. Coun.; Commencement Task Force. KATZ, AVERIE; Arlington; Education; Hillel; Exec. Coun. KATZ, MARC S.; Hoiyoke; English. KATZ, PHILIP C; Hyde Park; Accounting; Delta Chi, Sec; Acctg. Assoc, V.P.; Dean ' s List; Intramurals. KAUFMAN, STEPHEN H.; Milton; Accounting; Acctg. Club; Freshman Baseball; ROTC; Rugby Club. KAY, LINDA E.; Lawrence; Elementary Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Treas.; Kappa Delta Pi; Educ. Club; Dean ' s List. KEATING, DEBORAH ).; Bellingham; Sociology; Exec Coun.; Regis College. 395 KEDDY, JOYCE E.; Barre; Sociology; MLK Coun.; Ski Club; Dorm Govt.; Dean ' s List. KEENAN, ELLEN C; South Hamilton; English: Kappa Alpha Theta; Revelers. KELLAR, GEORGE M.; Pittsfield; Msthematics. KELLEHER, JEANNE E.; Wakefield; Home Economics; Kappa Alpha Theta; Omicron Nu; Merrill Palmer Semester. KELLEHER, THOMAS P.; Lowell; Marketing; Beta Kappa Phi; Scuba Club; Dean ' s List. KELLEY, KATHLEEN A.; Wakefield; Government; Chorale, Ass ' t. Manager; Librarian; Chamber Singers; Dean ' s List; Concert Assoc, Hospitality Chrm.; Madrigal Singers. KELLEY, SUZANNE W.; Northampton; English; Bates College; Dean ' s List; Supervisor for Micro-teaching. KELLEY, WILLIAM E.; Concord; Industrial Engineering; A.I. I.E.; Lacrosse; Intramurals. KELLOWAY, KEITH; Chelsea; Civil Engineering; Delta Chi; Amer- ican Soc. of Civil Engin., Vice Pres. KELLY, DENNIS R.; Fairview; Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; A.I. I.E. KELLY, JAMES E.; Concord; Chemistry; Amer. Chemical Soc; Student Affiliate; House Judiciary, Chief Justice; Chem. Club. KELLY, LAWRENCE J., JR.; Cummington; Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Senior Honors Prog.; Dean ' s List. KELLY, MARCIA A.; Randolph; Medical Technology; Alpha Delta Theta. KELLY, MARY A.; Springfield; Education; Dorm Com.; CACC; Ed. Club; Inter-dorm Basketball; Chorus; Student Recitals. KENDALL, STEPHANIE E.; Brockton; Education; Exec. Coun.; Kappa Delta Pi; Dean ' s List; Honors Colioquia. KENDRICK, BARBARA A.; Pittsfield; History; Berkshire Comm. College; Assoc, of Antigone Scholarship; Newman Club; History Club. aim KENNEDY, DANIEL J.; Worcester; Accoun( ' ng; Dorm Coun., Treasurer; Judiciary. KENNEDY, DAVID A.; New Bedford; Environmental Design; Q.T.V., Pres.; Environ. Design Club; Ski Club. KENNEDY, EDMUND M.; Montague; Mechanical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; A. I. A. A., Vice Chrm.; Intramurals; Dean ' s List. KENNEY, KATHLEEN R.; Watertown; Education; Cultural Com.; Counselor; Dean ' s List. KENNEY, PAULA M.; Arlington, Fashion Merchandising; Omi- cron Nu, Trea.; Exec. Coun.; Newman Club. KENNEY, PETER M.; Quincy; Management; Dean ' s List; Intra- murals. KENSICK, HELEN L.; Northampton; journalism; Alpha Phi Gamma, Bailiff; Collegian; Dean ' s List. KERRIGAN, DANIEL H.; Dedhmam; Government; Dorm Coun., Soc. Chrm., Vice Pres., Judiciary; Intramurals. KERINS, TIMOTHY D.; Dorchester; Physical Education; Soc. Com.; Weight Lifting Club; Jogging Club; Intramurals; Belcher- town Volunteers; Dorm Council. KICHEN, LEE; Framingham; History; Sigma Alpha Mu, Rush Chrm, Ritualist, Pledge Master, House Coun., Vice Pres., Social Chrm., Scabbard Blade; ROTC, Color Guard. KILEY, ROBERT; Manchester; History; Beta Kappa Phi; Crew Team; Dean ' s List. KILLILEA, KEVIN J.; Haverhill; Hotel Management; House Coun.; Judiciary; Ski Club. KIMBALL, BARRY W.; Shrewsbury; Engineering. KINDNESS, EDWARD W.; Chicopee Falls; Education; Barbell Club; Index; Judiciary. KING, CLIFFORD T.; Worcester; Government; Intramurals. KING, DENNIS M.; Stoughton; Finance; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Rug- by Club; Pre-Law Club; Dean ' s List; Intramurals; Campus Chest. KINGSBURY, LINDA E.; Weston; Sociology; Ed. Club; Dorm CoUn. KINNER, RANDI; Greenfield; Recreation; Rec. Society; Green- field Comm. College; N.E. Regional Rep; National Stud. Rec. Park Society. KINNER, SUSAN H.; Gloucester; Agriculture; Dean ' s List; Student Senate; Collegian; Index; Yahoo; Horticulture Soc; Floriculture Club; Stockbridge School of Agriculture; Sigma Sigma Alpha. KIRKMAN, JANE L.; Nahant; History; Dorm Pres.; Standard ' s Com., Chrm.; Northeast Area Congress; Dean ' s List. KITTAY, ANDREA B.; Hewlett, N.Y.; French; Sigma Delta Tau, House Mgr.; NES; Exec. Coun.; Dean ' s List; Phi Beta Kappa. KLAYTON, DENNIS H.; Bethlehem, Pa.; Philosophy; Alpha Phi Omega; Student Senate; Dorm Gov ' t., Treas.; Marching Band KLEIN, MARTIN I.; Sunderland; Accounting; Delta Chi, Pres.; Beta Gamma Sigma, Vice Pres; Accounting Assoc; Dean ' s List; Intramurals. KLEINER, SUSAN B.; Lexington; Fashion Merchandising; Home coming Comm.; Summer Exec. Coun.; Exec. Coun.; Winter Car nival Com.; Student Union Program Coun.; Senate; Dorm Judi ciary; Dean ' s List. KLEMYK, PAMELA S.; Sunderland; Education: Ed. Club. KLEPONIS, MAUREEN R.; Methuen; English; Northern Essex Comm. College; Newman Club; Dorm Gov ' t.; Northampton Volunteers. KLINE, KEVIN; Quincy; Engineering; Alpha Sigma Phi. KLINE, RICHARD S.; Milton; History; Adelphia; Who ' s Who; D.V.P.; sue Board; Student Senate; Index, Exec. Editor; Colle- gian; Alpha Phi Gamma; Exec. Coun.; Homecoming Com., Winter Carni, Publicity Chrm.; MLK Lecture Series Comm.; Senate Bud- gets Comm. KLINE, SHELDON M.; Fall River; Economics; Northeast Area Con- gress, Pres.; Quad ' s Angle; Dean ' s List; Hillel; Intramurals. KLOTZ, RONALD P.; Delcity, Okla.; forestry; Alpha Zeta; Arnold Air Soc. KNIGHT, JEAN E.; Pittsfield; Home Economics; A.H.E.A.; Soc. Com. KNIGHTLY, WILLIAM G.; Amherst; Accounting. KNOWLES, ELIZABETH A.; South Yarmouth; Business Administra- tion; Marching and Concert and Symphony Band; Music Ed. Na- tional Conference; Tau Beta Sigma, Vice Pres.; Operetta Guild; Dorm Coun.; Judiciary; Exec. Coun. KOBRITZ, BRUCE A.; Pittsfield; Management; Belchertown Vol- unteers; Hillel; Southwest Assembly; House Coun.; Free Univ.; SBA Stud. Faculty Com; Collegian. KOCHAN, NOREEN M.; Hatfield; Government; Pi Sigma Alpha; Dean ' s List. KOCIELA, KENNETH ).; Hatfield; Biology; Wildlife Soc; New- man Club. KOHL, GARY R.; West Springfield; Electrical Engineering; I.E.E.E.; Heymakers; Eta Kappa Nu. KOKIDKO, SHEILA J.; Waltham; Elementary Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Exec. Coun. KONARY, DENNIS; Randolph; Physical Education; Alpha Epsilon Pi. KONOWITCH, PAULA H.; Maiden; Psychology; Fine Arts Coun.; Dean ' s Advisory Com.; Flying Club; Dorm Coun., Treas. Exchange UNM; Dean ' s List; Honors Colloquia; Honors Symposium Dele- gate; Stu. Leadership Conference. KOPIECKI, BARBARA A.; Lynn; Child Development; Alpha Chi Omega; Homecoming Com.; Winter Carni Com.; Exec. Coun.; Newman Club; Military Ball Queen; Las Vegas Night Court; Dean ' s List; Index. KORNREICH, JOEL C; E. Patterson, N.J.; Accounting; Alpha Sigma Phi, Treas.; Fraternity Treas. Assoc; Accounting A ssoc; Intramurals; Dean ' s List; Beta Gamma Sigma. KOROWSKI, DAVID P.; Goshen; English; Comparative Lit. Curric Com. KOSKA, TIMOTHY J.; New Bedford; Mechanical Engineering; A.S.M.E.; Intramurals. 398 KOSS, MARSHA A.; Milton; Communication Disorders; Dorm Social Comm.; Sigma Delta Tau; Panhellenic Coun.; Communi- cation Disorders Club. KOTOWSKI, CAROL A.; Springfield; Elementary Education; Hol- yoke Community College; Ski Club; Ed. Club; NES. KOZINETZ, ANDREA I.; South Hadley; History; Alpha Chi Omega; Panhellenic Coun.; Class Exec. Coun.; NES; Index. KRAVITZ, HOWARD S.; Longmeadow; Chemical Engineering; Delta Chi; AICHE. KRESS, ANDREW O.; Amherst; Liberal Arts; Intramurals. KRISTEK, CHERYL Y.; Northampton; History. KRUTKA, BRIAN J.; Amherst; Engineering; Scuba Club; AIAA; Newman Center Usher; Flying Redman, Drill Instructor; Dean ' s List. KRUTKA, HELENE M.; Westfield; Education; Flying Redmen; Scuba Club; Newman Club; Dorm Gov ' t; Dean ' s List. KUCYN, VICTORIA 1.; Mattituck, N.Y.; English; CSS; Alpha Lamb- da Delta; Phi Beta Kappa; Newman Club. KUNIZ, CAROL A.; Amherst; Philosophy. KUNZ, LAWRENCE W.; Amherst; Business Management. KURGAN, GAIL S.; New Bedford; Russian; Russian Club, Pres. KURKOSKI, EDWIN C; Greenfield; Engineering; Engineering Journal, New Developments Editor; ASCE; Newman Club; Intra- murals. KURYLA, MARY E.; Swampscott; Education; Spanish Club; Ed. Club. KUZDZAL, JOSEPH F.; Webster; Engineering; AICHE; Intramurals; Dorm Judiciary. KWOSZ, KRISTINE I.; Holyoke; Philosophy; Dean ' s List; Phil. Club; Newman Club; Belchertown Vol. LABERIS, ARTHUR; Peabody; Nursing. LABERIS, SHARON M.; Worcester; Elementary Education. LABLUE, SANDRA J.; Pittsfield; History; Bridge Club. LABOMBARD, BRUCE M.; Lexington; Economics; Exec. Coun.; Dean ' s List. LABRECQUE, RONALD ).; So. Deerfield; Sociology: Collegian, DVP; M.L.K., Jr. Mem. Lecture Series; Soccer; Who ' s Who. LACAVA, ROBERT ).; Everett; Pre-Med; Newman Club; House Council; Dorm Counselor; Dean ' s List; Phi Beta Kappa. L ACHANCE, ROBERT M.; Greenfield; Physical Educalion; Fresh- man Football; Lacrosse Team; Athletic Trainer; Lambda Chi Alpha; Dorm Counselor. LACOUTURE, JOHN M.; Brockton; Engineering; ASCE; Newman Club; Rifle Team, Capt.; Dean ' s List. LADD, DONALD T.; Northampton; English; Chess Club; Intra- murals. LAFERRIERE, DENNIS C; So. Hadley Falls; Agriculture; Environ- mental Design Club, V.P.; Dean ' s List. LAFLA.V1ME, RITA M.; Fall River; French; Sigma Kappa, Sec; Exec. Coun.; Newman Club; NES; Dorm Exec. LALUMIERE, FRANCIS J.; Haverhill; Psychology: Dean ' s List; In- tramurals; Planning Board; Honor ' s Colloquia; Phi Beta Kappa. LAMACEHIA, RICHARD].; South Barre; Psychology. LAMACDELAINE, CAROL A.; Chicopee; Home Economics. LAMBERT, RICHARD S.; E. Meadow, N.Y.; General Business Finance. LAMSON, MYLES L.; Reading; Chemistry; Amer. Chemical Soc, V.P. LANETO, CRAIG C; Hadley; Innovative Education. LANDRY, MARIE L.; Springfield; Chemistry; Sigma Delta Tau; Alpha Lambda Delta; Dorm Standards; Counselor. LANE, CHARLES D.; Medford; Government; APO, Fellowship V.P., Sec; Dean ' s List; Intramurals; Soccer; Track. LANE, RICHARD L.; Whitinsville; English; Alpha Phi Gamma; Journalism Soc, V.P.; Scabbard Blade; Collegian, Sr. Rep.; In- tramurals. LANG, PATRICK A.; Fairhaven; Marketing; Undergrad Asst.; Dean ' s List. LANNEY, PRISCILLA P.; Lunenburg; Educalion; Dean ' s List. LAPENAS, PAUL A.; Abington; Zoology; Chamber Singers; Mad- rigal Singers; Chorale, Mgr., Equip. Mgr. LAPIERRE, CAROL A.; Webster; French; Pi Beta Phi; Exec. Coun.; Dorm Counselor; Dean ' s List. LAPOINTE, PAUL A.; Winchendon; English. LAPPEN, JOHN F.; Winthrop; Personnel Management; Phi Mu Delta, Social Chrm. LAPTEWICZ, JOANNE T.; Southboro; History; Food Services Comm.; Dean ' s List. LAREAU, WILLIAM C; Worcester; Chemistry. LARKIN, TERESA K.; Harwich; Elementary Education; Sigma Kappa, Pres,; Panhellenic Coun.; Dean ' s List; NES; Newman Club; Educ. Club. LAROSE, ALAN R.; Longmeadow; Electrical Engineering; Dorm Counselor; IEEE; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu, Corres. Sec; Phi Kappa Phi. LARSON, EVELYN M.; Worcester; Child Development; Dean ' s List; Belchertown Volunteer; Exec. Coun.; Omicron Nu. LARSON, RONALD H.; Worcester; Management; QTV, Rush Comm; Social Chrm.; Winter Carni Comm.; Homecoming Comm.; Greek Wk. Comm.; Revelers; Ski Club; Intramurals; Dean ' s List; Varsity M Club. LARUE, KAREN L.; Newton; Child Development; NAIADS; Alpha Chi Omega, Historian, Sec; Greek Week Comm.; Dean ' s List LAUTZENHISER, RENE E.; Magnolia; Latin American History, Alpha Lambda Delta; Science Fiction Club; Phi Beta Kappa. LAVERTY, MICHAEL A.; Worcester; Hotel Restaurant Adminis- tration; Zeta Nu, Rush Chrm.; Parachute Club; Innkeepers Club, Intramurals. LAVINE, JEANNE G.; Lowell; Education; Dorm Treas.; Judiciary Comm.; Dounselor; Dean ' s List. LAVOIE, WILLIAM P.; Gardner; Personnel Management; Mt. Wachusett Community College. LAWLER, BEVERLY A.; Waltham; Mathematics; Dorm Pres.; S.W. Patriots. LAWLER, HENRY E.; Fairview; Marketing; Delta Chi; Mktg. Club; Intramurals. LAWRENCE, DAVID A.; Holyoke; History; Intramurals; Holyoke Community College. LAZEROWICH, STEVEN I.; Worcester; Psychology; Index, Mng. Editor; Senate Budgets Comm.; Class Exec. Coun.; Dorm Sec; Psych. Dept. Research Asst.; Collegian. LEAL, MICHAEL J.; Maplewood, N.J.; Mechanical Engineering; ASME. LEAR, THOMAS A.; Pittsfield; Marketing; Intramurals; Berk- shire Comm. College. LEARNED, NANCY E.; Somerset; English. LEARY, EDWARD; Hull; Sociology. LEARY, ROSEMARY; Lowell; Education: Lowell State College. LEAVITT, MARK H.; Worcester; Electrical Engineering; Worces- ter Junior College; IEEE; Dean ' s List. LEAVITT, MAURICE J.; Pittsfield; History; Dorm Rep.; Exec. Coun.; Intramurals; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel. LEBEAU, GERALD W.; Pittsfield; Economics; APO; Academic Af- fairs Comm.; Springfield Tutor Program; Economics LJndergra- duate Comm.; Dean ' s List; Dorm Counselor; Newman Club; Belchertown Volunteers. LEBLOND, LINDA I.; Salem; Mathematics; Math Club; Newman Club. LEFEBVRE, PHILIP E.; Springfield; Systems Management; SWAP; Winter Carni Comm.; President ' s Coun.; Exec. Coun.; Dean ' s List; SIMS. LEFEVER, MARK D.; Lakeville; Physical Education; Phi Mu Delta; Track. LEFF, ROBERT B.; Longmeadow; Pre-Med; Phi Eta Sigma; Pre- Med Club; Intramurals; Dean ' s List; Phi Beta Kappa. LEGENDRE, LOUIS A., JR.; Fitchburg; Zoology; Univ. of Dayton. LEGGAT, ELIZABETH F.; Chelmsford; Marketing; Mktg Club; Dean ' s List. LEHMAN, LINDA C.; Palm Bay, Fla.; Government; Angel Flight, Comptroller; Exec. Coun.; Winter Carni; Women ' s Affairs, Stu- dent Matters, Judicial Affairs; Student Activities Comm.; S.W. Counselor Seleaion. LEMACK, BERTON B.; West Roxbury; Management. LENTINI, CARMELLA J.; West Roxbury; Home Economics; Dorm Treas. LEPRI, RONALD M.; Amherst; fng neering. LEROSE, JOSEPH; Pittsfield; Government; Berkshire Community College. LEROY, MADELINE R.; Burlington; Mathematics; University of Maryland; Alpha Xi Delta; Homecoming Comm.; Intramural Basketball. LESICA, JUDITH R.; Natick; Elementary Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Framingham State College. LESZCZYNSKI, KATHERINE L.; Worcester; Home Economics; American Home Ec. Assoc; Dean ' s List. LETOURNEAU, RICHARD J.; South Deerfield; Zoology; Intra- murals. LEVEN, EILEEN H.; Brookline; Elementary Education; Exec. Coun.; Dorm Judiciary, Chrm.; Education Club; Hillel, LEVENTHAL, ARTHUR; Newton; Public Health; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Student Public Health Assoc; Univ. Health Coun.; Football. LEVINE, BARRY C; Pittsfield; B.F.A.; Dean ' s List. LEVINE, JOANNE H.; Waban; Education; Pi Beta Phi, Historian, Jeweler ' s Rep.; Dorm Pres.; Belchertown Volunteer. LEVINE, MARGARET E.; West Hartford, Conn.; History; Dean ' s List. LEVINE, MAURA H.; Springfield; Education; GSS, 2nd V.P., Pres.; Hillel, Corres. Sec; Belchertown Volunteers; Dorm Counselor; Dean ' s List. LEVINSON, MARCIA H.; Newton Center; Sociology. LEVY, BRUCE C; Newton; Psychology; Ski Club; Intramurals. LEWIN, MARJORIE; Brookline; Education; Dean ' s List; Univ. Theatre; Musicals; Operetta Guild, Personnel Coordinator; Fine Arts Coun., Sec. LEWIS, ROBERT J.; Methuen; Economics; Sigma Phi Epsilon; IFC, Rush Chrm.; Sr. Class Exec. Coun.; Student Senate; ARCON; Maroon Key. LIBBEY, DIANE A.; Medford; Sociology: Newman Club; NES; Dorm Gov ' t. LICATA, FRANCIS J.; Revere; Economics; Alpha Sigma Phi; Mktg. Club; Hockey; Intramurals. LIEN, TU-CUONG; West Orange, N.J.; Electrical Engineering; Eta Kappa Nu, Pres.; IEEE; International Club; Chinese Club. LILYESTROM, WAYNE E.; Spencer; Wildlife Biology; Collegian; Tae Kwon Do Club; Dean ' s List; Wildlife Soc. LINCOLN, NICHOLAS H.; Sherborn; Agriculture; Alpha Tau Gamma; Intramural Swimming, Softball; Park Admin. LINDER, CLARENCE H., JR.; Schenectady, N.Y.; Economics; Eco- nomics Undergraduate Liason Comm. LINGE, MARGARET A.; Berlin, N.H.; Sociology. LIPTON, RICHARD D.; Linden, N.J.; Mass Commun cat on; Speech Dept. Studerit Advisory Coun.; N.E. Area Congress, Treas.; WMUA, News Director. LISCOMBE, DONNA L.; Holliston; Financial Management; Pre- cisionettes; lota Gamma Upsilon, Treas, Song Chrm.; Dean ' s List; Exec. Coun.; Senior Day Comm. LITE, JEFFREY L; Springfield; Pre-Med; Hillel; Student Zionist Organ.; Pre-Med. Club; Intramurals; Dean ' s List. LITTLEFIELD, MARILYN T.; Chelmsford; Nursing; Precisionettes, Squad Leader; Newman Club; Nursing Club; Dean ' s List. LITWACK, ALBERTA S.; Milton; Sociology: Sigma Sigma Sigma. LITWAK, PAUL; Lynbrook, N.Y.; Economics. LIUKKONEN, DAVID C; Templeton; Civil Engineering: ASCE; Dean ' s List. LIVELY, BETHANY M.; Shelburne Falls; Government. LIVINGSTON, EDWARD M.; Templeton; Mechanical Aero- space Engineering: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pres., V.P.; Rugby Team; AIAA; Intramurals; Newman Club. LIVINGSTON, LINDA L.; Needham; £duca( on; Counselor; Exec. Coun.; Sullins College. LIZOTTE, RONALD A.; . mesbury; Marketing: Court Judiciary; Dean ' s List. m LLOYD, LINDA M.; Agawam; Government; Dorm Judiciary. LOCKE, PHILIPPE A.; Burlington; Industrial Engineering; Alpha Epsilon Pi; AIIE; Dean ' s List; Intramurals. LOCKWOOD, CAY E.; Worcester; Psychology; Senior Honors Project; Research Asst.; Dean ' s List; Teaching Asst., Psychology. LODGE, VALERIE J.; Methuen; Zoology; Pre-Med Club; Dean ' s List. 1 LOGAN, PETER J.; Cohasset; Psychology; Exec. Coun.; Young Democrats; Newman Club; Dean ' s List; Northampton Volunteer; Dorm Gov ' t. LONERGAN, MARYANN; Oakham; Sociology; Bates College. LONG, PATRICIA A.; Sudbury; English; Collegian; NES; Dean ' s List. LONG, ROBERT; West Roxbury; Economics; Mass. Bay Com- munity College; Intramurals; Belchertown Volunteers; House Council. LOOKNER, MEAL M.; Hyde Park; lournalism-English; Dorm Social Chrm.; Dorm Treas. LOOMS, SHIRLEY R.; Millbury; Government; Dean ' s List; Dorm Academic Comm. LOONEY, SHEILA L.; Gloucester; Zoology; Pi Beta Phi, Censor, Philanthropy Chrm.; Newman Club; Choir; Beta Chi Women ' s Aux. LOPEZ, MURIEL G.; No. Amherst; English. LORITO, THOMAS F.; Bellerose, N.Y.; Marketing; Phi Sigma Kappa; Dean ' s List. LORREY, KATHARINA R.; Hartford, Conn.; Arts Sciences; Ski Club; Dean ' s List. LOSCHI, RICHARD P.; Maiden; Education; Intramurals, Super- visor; Newman Club; Ed. Club; Dorm Athletic Chrm., Section Rep. LOUSARARIAN, CHERYL; Bedford; Psychology; Pi Beta Phi. LOVELACE, MATTHEW ].; Middleton; Genera Business; North Shore Community College. LOVELESS, D. MARK; Pittsfield; History; Medieval Academy of America; The Historical Assoc, of Great Britain; American Histori- cal Assoc; House Council; Dean ' s List. LOVENBURY, JUNE C; Raynham; Mathematics; Class Exec. Coun.; International Club, Sec; Young Republican Club, Treas.; Alpha Lambda Delta, Historian; Dean ' s List; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Beta Kappa. LOWNEY, JOHN J.; Fall River; Government; Intramurals. LUBIN, CHERYL M.; Pittsfield; Education; Boston Univ.; Berk- shire Community College. LUDLAM, HENRY W.; South Hadley; Industrial Engineering; Holyoke Community College; AllE, Pres. LUKAKIS, MICHAEL J.; Holyoke; History; Student Senate; PI Lambda Phi; Intramurals; Bowling Club; Orthodox Club; Dean ' s List. LUPIEN, WILLIAM C; Pepperell; Physical Education; Phi Sigma Kappa; Pres.; Dorm Judiciary; Dorm Counselor; U. Mass Usher . LUSZCZ, DENNIS C; Thompsonville, Conn.; Wildlife Biology, Dean ' s List; Newman Club; Outing Club; Wildlife Soc; Intra- murals. LUTZ, CATHERINE H.; Amherst; Home Economics; Dean ' s List LUTZ, LINDA S.; Altamonte Springs, Fla.; History; Dean ' s List LUZ, MATTHEW A.; Peabody; Zoology; QTV, Steward, House Counselor, V.P. LYMAN, JEANNE L.; Westwood; Music; Symphony Orchestra, Band; Chorus. LYNCH, JANE S.; Winchester; Elementary Education; Sigma Delta Tau; Ed. Club. LYNCH, JOAN B.; Holyoke; English; Newman Club; Dorm Judi- ciary, Exec. Coun.; Dean ' s List. LYONS, THOMAS F.; Sunderland; General Business Finance; Intramurals; Program Council; S.U. Music, Lounge Lecture Comm.,Chrm.; Homecoming Concert Comm,; HSOC. MACDOUGALL, CYNTHIA R.; Westford; Recreational Therapy; NAIADS; Counselor; Dean ' s List. MACIEJEWSKI, CHRISTIAN ].; Norwood; Mathematics; Phi Mu Delta. MACKIN, MARY E.; Millers Falls; English; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Pres.; Jr. Panhellenic Coun.; Dorm Judiciary, Legislative Comm.; Newman Club. MACDOUGALL, ROBERT A.; West Roxbury; Genera Business Economics; Beta Kappa Phi; Student Senate; Intramurals; Dean ' s List. MACLAUGHLAN, DAVID W.; Lowell; History; Mount Wachusett Community College; Dorm Social Chrm.; Exec. Coun.; Winter CarniComm.; Intramurals. MACLEAN, DOUGLAS P.; Hingham; Business Management; Freshman Baseball; Crew. MACLEOD, NEIL A.; Chelmsford; Management; House Coun.; Intramurals. MACMILLAN, MICHAEL F.; Hopkinton; English; English Dept. Undergrad Coun., V.P.; Student Senate, Gov ' t Affairs Comm., Student Matters Comm., Activities Comm., Chrm.; Dean ' s List. MACRINOTIS, LANA; Peabody; Nursing; Nursing Club; Dean ' s List. MACVICAR, MARSHA ].; Hingham; English; Index; Broken Egg Coffee House Steering Comm.; Univ. Theatre; Dean ' s List. MADDEN, DANIEL P.; Springfield; English; Collegian; Student Senate, Ways Means Comm., Chrm.; Yahoo, Managing Editor; Univ. Library Comm.; Discipline Board; Honors List. MADDEN, ELLEN L.; Webster; English; Dean ' s List. MADDEN, HELEN E.; Gt. Barrington; Psychology; Dean ' s List. MADOR, USSAN A.; Longmeadow; History; Kappa Alpha Theta, Sec. MADORE, ROBERT P.; Auburn; Wildlife Biology; Worcester Junior College; Varsity Hockey. MAGDYCZ, WILLIAM P.; Westfield; Botany. MAGNA, CYNTHIA E.; Winchester; Education; Sigma Delta Tau; Ed. Club; Newman Club. MAGOON, WILLIAM C; Lawrence; History; Pre-Law Assoc; Or- chard Hill Cultural Comm.; Dorm Librarian; Dean ' s List. MAHAR, MICHAEL ).; North Amherst; History; Dorm Judge UTR Project 10; Undergraduate Assistantship; Intramurals. MAHON, NANCY K.; Somerset; Elementary Education; Newman Club. MAHONEY, ROBERT M.; Springfield; Chemistry; Newman Club; ARCON; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Maroon Keys, V.P.; Dean ' s List. MAIEWSKI, GEORGE W.; Hatfield; Business; Greenfield Com- munity College; Ed. Club; Dean ' s List. MAISTRELLIS, DIMITRI A.; Peabody; Industrial Engineering; Phi Mu Delta; Orthodox Club; AIIE; Intramurals. MAJOR, LINDA M.; Fairview; English; NES; Dean ' s List. MALACARIA, RICHARD V.; Norwood; finance; Masachusetts Bay Community College; Baseball. MALBOEUF, ROLAND ).; Ware; Mat iemat cs; Intramurals. MALEC, lAMES M.; South Hadley; Mathematics; Freshmen Golf; Intramurals. MALETZ, JOSEPH J.; Waban; Electrical Engineering; Ski Club, V.P.; Counselor; Engineering Journal. MALICK, MICHAEL ].; Brookline; Mathematics; Exec. Coun.; Ski Club; Dean ' s List. MALIGA, SANDRA J.; Ludlow; Education; Ed. Club; Newman Club; Dorm Social Comm. MALONl, GAIL M.; West Springfield; Government; Dean ' s List. MANDEL, CELIA D.; Pittsfield; Elementary Education; SWAP; Summer Orientation Coun.; Dorm Program Comm.; Dean ' s List. MANGAN, THOMAS F.; Burlington; Psychology; Dorm Rep., Counselor, Fire Security. MANGURIAN, GLENN E.; Mathematics; Adelphia, Pres.; Exec. Council; SWAP, Chrm.; Dean ' s List; Varsity Soccer; Class V.P.; Distinguished Senior. MANIJAK, SANDRA A.; Holyoke; Education; Ed. Club; Newman Club; Dean ' s List; Holyoke Community College. MANIX, DIANE; Greenfield; Education; Ed. Club; Belchertown Volunteers; Dean ' s List. MANNING, EILEEN A.; Springfield; Elementary Education; Ed. Club; Dorm Judiciary Comm.; Newman Club; Dorm Exec. Coun. Sec. MANNING, JAMES A.; Charmian, Pa.; Engineering; Floor Rep.; Dorm Pres.; ASCE; Outing Club; House Judiciary; Ski Patrol, Ski Club; Tennis. MANNING, SUSAN C; Danbury, Conn.; Home Economics; Sigma Delta Tau; Exec. Coun.; Belchertown Volunteers; Ski Club; Intra- mural Swimming; Modeling. MANNING, TONl RUTH; New York, N.Y.; Home Economics; Hillel; Equestrian Club; Home Ec. Club; SZO, Publicity, Pres.; Home Ec. Asst. State Rep.; Corridor Treas. MAPPS, PATRICIA J.; Summit, N.J.; Education. MARACANIS, JOHN N.; Dracut; Management; Tau Kappa Epsi- lon; Intramurals. MARBLE, DAVID R.; West Springfield; Mechanical Engineering; Freshmen Track Team; Varsity Track Team; Indoor Track Capt.; Outdoor Track Capt.; ASME. MARCOTTE, JOANNE E.; Holyoke; Anthropo ogy. MARCOTTE, ROBERT C; Lynn; Zoology; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kap- pa Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Dean ' s List; Intramurals. MARCLIS, ALAN; Newton; Biochemistry; Index, Editor-in-Chief; Adelphia; Alpha Phi Gamma; Univ. Communications Bd.; Who ' s Who; Distinguished Senior. MARDEN, KAREN A.; Hyde Park; Education; Ed. Club; Dean ' s List. MARINAKE, LINDA A.; Springfield; Child Development; lota Gamma Upsilon, Pledge Trainer. M RK, LEAH; Newton; Education; Sigma Delta Tau. MARKHAM, DAVID J.; Beverly; Physical Education; Counselor; Dorm Gov ' t; Intramurals. MARKHAM, JANET L.; Lynnfield; History; Ed. Club; Dean ' s List, Phi Beta Kappa. MARKHAM, PATRICK J.; Pittsfield; Pre-Med; Dorm Gov ' t; Ath- letic Chrm.; Intramural Athletics. MARKIEWICZ, MARY LOIS; Webster; Nursing; Nursing Club, V.P.; Newman Club; Dean ' s List; Lambda Delta Phi. MARKT, MAUREEN P.; Sharon; Speech Pathology Audiology; Class Sec, Exec. Coun.; Dorm Gov ' t; Program Council, Special Events Co-Chrm.; Communication Disorders Club, V.P.; Who ' s Who; Homecoming. MARONEY, JAMES E.; Haverhill; Mechanical Engineering; In- tramurals; ASME; Newman Club. MARRIER, PAUL A.; Dudley; Physical Education; Alpha Phi Ome- ga; Baseball; Newman Club; Dorm Counselor; Intramurals; Dorm Athletic Dir. for Intramurals. MARSHALL, WALTER F., Ill; Woburn; English; Northern Essex Comm. Coll.; NFS; House Council, Treas.; Educ. Comm.; Intra- murals; MLKSAC. MARTEL, REGINA C; Hull; History; Dorm Judiciary. MARTILLA, ROBERT P.; Williamsburg; Public Health; Pre-Med Club; Med Tech Club; Finnish Club. MARTIN, CHERYL A.; McGuire AFB, N.J.; Home Economics; Sigma Kappa, 2nd V,P.; CCD; Publicity Co-Chrm., Program Coun. MARTIN, ELIZABETH J.; Swampscott; Physical Education; Ski Club; Winter Carni Comm.; Rec. Club; Belchertown Volunteers; Newman Club. MARTIN, JANET M.; Reading; Education; lota Gamma Upsilon, Morals Chairman; Ski Club; Ed. Club. MARTIN, JUNE E.; Whitinsville; Pliysical Education; Belchertown Volunteers; Tennis; Dorm Social, Cultural Comm.; Dean ' s List. MARTIN, MICHAEL A.; Attleboro; Physical Education; Theta Chi; Track; Barbell Club. MARTIN, MICHAEL C; Rochester; History; Intramurals; Dean ' s List. MARTUCCI, PAUL P.; Wollaston; General Business Finance; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Intramurals. MASAITIS, GERALD F.; Brockton; Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; AICHE. MASANGANO, KHINDON D.; Amherst; Agriculture; Malhwi Students Assoc; International Club; African Students Assoc. MASINO, ALBERT P.; Pittsfield; Chemistry. MASON, JUDITH A.; Newton; Marketing; Dean ' s List; Mktg. Club, Sec; Ski Club; Newman Club. MASON, PAUL A.; Marion; Sociology; NES; MLKSAC. MASSEY, EVELYN R.; So. Weymouth; Home Economics; Pi Beta Phi. MASTRO, ELIZABETH S.; Worcester; Education; Counselor; Ed. Club. MATON, NORI S.; Irvington, N.Y.; English; Class Exec. Coun.; DVP; Special Events Comm.; Dean ' s List; Scrolls. MATTHEWS, PAULA E.; Princeton; Nursing; Mortar Board; Nurs- ing Honor Soc; Nursing Class, Pres.; lota Gamma Upsilon, 1st V.P. MATTHEWS, RICHARD L.; Shrewsbury; Mathematics; Alpha Phi Omega; IEEE; Dorm Council; Counselor. MAVER, BETSY; Greenfield; Sociology; Counselor. MAVRIDES, DONALD M.; Braintree; Microbiology; Phi Mu Del- ta; Wrestling Team. MAXSON, DALE L.; Amherst; Education. MAXWELL, ANN M.; Randolph; Education; Ec Club; Counselor. MCALLISTER, ANN L; Dedham; English. MCAULIFFE, JANE E.; East Longmeadow; English; House Coun.: House Management; Dean ' s List; Index. MCAVOY, NANCY J.; Williamsburg; English; Operetta Guild, Publicity Direaor. MCBRIDE, BETHE A.; Melrose; Mathematics; Math Club; Dorm Counseling Staff; Newman Club; Dean ' s List. MCCABE, PATRICK H.; Rouses Point, N.Y.; Management; Intra- murals; Dorm V.P., House Council; Counselor, MCCAFFREY, FRANCIS P.; W. Bridgewater; Zoology; Zeta Nu, Steward; Dean ' s List; Intramurals; Sport Parachute Club. MCCAFFREY, JEAN P.; Worcester; fducadon; Newman Choir; Newman Club; House Comm., Co-Chrm., Publicity Committee. MCCAFFREY, KATHLEEN M.; West Suffield, Conn.; Sociology; Index; Homecoming Comm.; Dorm Judiciary, Chief Justice, Counselor; Dean ' s List. MCCARTHY, DOROTHY; Warren; Education; Marching Band, Concert Band; Educ. Club; Tau Beta Sigma; Bands, Sec; Tau Beta Sigma, Treas. MCCARTHY, LINDA A.; Springfield; Elementary Education; Cald- well College; Homecoming Comm.; Winter Carni Comm.; Sigma Delta Tau; Dean ' s List. MCCARTHY, MONICA M.; Jamaica Plain; English; Collegian; New Mexico Exchange; Newman Club; Dean ' s List; Undergradu- ate Assistantship; Counselor. MCCAUGNEY, VINCENT J.; Warren; Genera fius ness Finance; QTV; Intramurals, Athletic Chrm.; Dean ' s List. MCCAULEY, JANE A.; Fall River; Government; Student Senate. MCCONNELL, MICHAEL F.; North Adams; Psychology; Flying Redmen Drill Team. MCCONNON, SALLYA.; Framingham; English; Collegian; Dean ' s List. MCCORMACK, EILEEN S.; East Longmeadow; Psychology; Dorm Counselor; Psych Club; Phi Beta Kappa. MCCORMACK, MARTHA M.; Dedham; Education; NES; Ed. Club; Dorm Gov ' t; Dean ' s List. MCCORMICK, JEFFREY L.; Setauket, N.Y.; nthropo ogy; Theta Chi, Pledge Marshal; Cross Country; Track; ARGON, Selections Chrm.; Dean ' s List. MCDANIEL, GILLIAN G.; Needham; B.F.A.; Women ' s Athletic Assoc; Field Hockey; Basketball. MCDEVITT, ROBERT J.; Dorchester; Urban Regional Studies; Dean ' s List; Organiz. for LIrban Affairs; Intramurals. MCDONALD, ANNE S.; Springfield; French. MCDONOUGH, KAREN A.; Scituate; Education; Ski Club; Exec. Coun.; Newman Club. MCFADDEN, JOHN L.; Dorchester; finance; Quincy Jr. College; Aviation; Chess Club; Table Tennis. MCGILL, MARY L.; Milton; Sociology; Dorm. Judiciary; Dean ' s List. MCCONACLE, PAUL F.; Saugus; Finance; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Ski Club, MCGUIRE, JAMES L.; Dedham; Pre-Medical; Beta Kappa Phi; Dean ' s List; French Club; F.A.P. Club; Lacrosse; Melanocyte Club, Co-Chrm.; Phi Beta Kappa. MCINERNEY, RICHARD J.; Lynn; English; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Class Pres. MCINTYRE, LYNDA R.; Darien, Conn.; Art; Spectrum, Art Ed.; 5-College Fine Arts Coi ncil; Rep. for Mademoiselle Mag.; Miss University Finalist; Fellowship to Yale; Dorm Coun.; Dean ' s List. MCKAY, ROBERT B.; Gloucester; Zoology; Young Republicans; Chorus. MCKEE, BARBARA E.; Acton; English; Oxford Summer Seminar; Counsel or; Dean ' s List; Southwest Assembly. MCKEMMIE, JOHN E.; Easthampton; History. MCKENNA, PATRICK M.; Valley Stream, N.Y.; Government; Beta Kappa Phi, Sec; D.V.P., Chrm.; Dean ' s List; Senior Honors; Who ' s Who; Wrestling Team. MCKNIGHT, KATHRYN M.; Franklin; Nursing; Nursing Club; Dean ' s List. MCLAIN, BEVERLEY J.; Wilmington; Education; Dorm Coun., Sec; Dean ' s List. MCLAUGHLIN, MARSHA J.; West Roxbury; Government; New- man Club; N.E.S.; Honors Program; Dean ' s List. MCLEAN, ELAINE P.; Roxbury; History; S.A.A.O.; Dean ' s List. MCLEAVEY, CATHERINE M.; Revere; Elementary Education; Alpha Chi Omega, Pres.; Poverty Comm., MLK. MCMENAMIN, MARY G.; Sunderland; Zoology; Belchertown Volunteers, Sec. MCMILLAN, ELAINE F.; Wilmington; Education; Angel Flight; Belchertown Volunteer. MCNAMARA, BERNARD J.; Cherry Valley; Astronomy; Astrono- my Club; Dean ' s List; Phi Beta Kappa. MCNAMAEA, MAUREEN E.; Shrewsbury; Physical Education; Intramurals; Exec. Coun.; Dorm Government; NAIADS. MCNEIL, MARION T.; Boston; Animal Science; lota Gamma Upsi- lon, Activities Chrm.; Panhellenic, Pub. Chrm.; Index; Yahoo; Dean ' s List; Newman Club; Equestrian Club; Ski Club; Dorm Rep. MCQUARRIE, BARBARA A.; Brighton; Elementary Education; Newman Club; Mass. Bay Comm. College. MCSHANE, KEVIN E.; Rockland; Hotel Administration; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Pres., Treas.; Inter-Fraternity Coun.; Fraternity Treas. Council; Dean ' s List; Innkeeper ' s Club. I MCTACL ' E, MAR E.; Ft. Lee, Virginia; Elementary Education; Dorm Gov ' t., Counselor. MEAD, EILEEN M.; Arlington; English. MEDEIROS, KATHLEEN A.; No. Deighton; English; Dean ' s List. N EDEIROS, RICHARD A.; New Bedford; Education: Intramurals; House Pres., Athletic Chrm. MEEH.AN, GAIL L.; Belmont; French; Tennis Team; Dorm Cultural Comm.; Dean ' s List. MEEHAN, JA.MES F.; Hadley; Agriculture. MEEKER, DONNA M.; Walpole; English; Dorm Social Com., Chrm. MEGAS, MICNONNE M.; Springfield; Education; Kappa Alpha Theta, Chaplain; Education Club; Dean ' s List. MEGLIOLA, ROBERTA M.; Amherst; Fashion Merchandising; Alpha Chi Omega; Holyoke Comm. College. MELLO, MICHAEL J.; New Bedford; Personnel Management; Hillel; N.E.S. MELLON, DAVID T.; Randolph; Accounting; Mass. Bay Comm. College; Accounting Assoc; Dorm Rep.; Intramurals; Dean ' s List. MELVILLE, DARLENE A.; Charlestown; English; Newman Club; English Club; Chorus; Womens ' Choir; Flying Redmen; Hey- makers; Belchertown Volunteers; Oxford Seminar. MENEELY, NANCY C; Canton; Physical Education; Dorm Coun.; Intramurals. MENOCHE, JUDITH A.; Webster; Education; Kappa Delta Pi; Dean ' s List; Ski Club; Outing Club; Education Club; Newman Club. MENZICIAN, PATRICIA J.; Haverhill; German; Gamma Sigma Sigma, Vice-President. MESTEL, BETTY |EAN O.; New Haven, Conn.; Agriculture; Oper- etta Guild; Innkeepers Club; Hillel; International Club; German Club. METROPOULOS, WILLIAM J.; Pittsfleld; Geology: Cross-Coun- try; Track. METZROTH, ALMUT H.; Greenfield; German. MICHALENKI, CAROL A.; Adams; Education; Dorm Gov ' t., Pres. MICHELSON, DAVID J.; Northampton; Sociology. MICHNIEWICZ, ROGER P.; So. Grafton; Engineering: A.S.C.E. MICKELSON, FRANK A.; Newton; English: Student Senate; Dorm Pres.; Hobbitt; Junior Year in Freiburg. MICKNA, JOHN E.; Holyoke; Civil Engineering: A.S.C.E. MIDDLETON, ALLEN W.; No. Andover; History: Dorm Judiciary, Social Comm.; Dean ' s List; Honors Program. MICLIORI, DIANE L.; Haverhill; Sociology: Dorm Exec. Coun., Social Chrm.; Recreation Club; Dean ' s List. MIHALOPOULOS, ERNEST; Newton; History: Central Area Coun. MIKOLAYCIK, GAIL A.; East Douglas; Elementary Education: Dorm Judiciary; Newman Club; Education Club. MILKEY, PATRICIA A.; Turners Falls; English: Phi Kappa Phi; Dorm Coun.; Dean ' s List; Phi Beta Kappa. MILLANE, EILEEN M.; Newton Highlands; Education: Exec. . Coun.; Newman Club; N.E.S.; Dean ' s List. MILLARD, JOHN M.; North Adams; Sociology: Beta Chi; Berk- shire Comm. College. MILLER, CAROL J.; Newton Centre; Erench: Junior Year in France; Summer Pro. in Bologna, Italy; Dean ' s List; Senior Hono rs; Standards Rep.; Southwest Patriots. MILLER, CHERYL R.; Randolph; Education; N.E.S.; Education Club; lota Gamma Upsilon; Rush Chrm., Steward, Ass ' t. Pledge Trainer; Dean ' s List. MILLER, HERBERT S.; Mattapan; Government; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Index; Dorm Coun.; Dean ' s List. MILLER, JOHN F.; Springfield: Classics; Newman Club, Pres., Vice-Pres., Religious Chrm. MILLER, MARK N.; Worcester; English: Dorm Coun.; Intra- murals; Judo Club. MILSOP, GARRY W.; Longmeadow; English: Psychology Club; Spanish Club; French Club; Dean ' s List; Chorus; Univ. of Vienna. MINIOR, WILLIAM J.; Douglas; Wildiite Biology: Wildlife Soc. MINTZ, ANNE P.; Albany, N.Y.; English; English Dept. Under- grad. Coun.; Exec. Coun.; Winter Carni Comm.; Draft Coun.; Hillel. MIRON, CHRISTINE S.; Wellesley; English; Dorm Coun.; Dean ' s List. MITCHELL, CHRISTINE E.; Scituate; Physical Education; Cheer- leader; Southwest Patriot, Co-chrm.; Colonel ' s Cadre; Univ. Con- cert Dance. MITCHELL, ELIZABETH A.; Chlcopee Falls; Education: Education Club; Dorm Gov ' t. MITCHELL, KATHLEEN; Ridgefield, Conn.; Education: Kappa Alpha Theta; Scrolls; Exchange Stu. to N.M.; Dean ' s List. MLY.NARCZVK, PAULA E.; Pittsfield; English. MOEGELIN, CHARLES B.; Wilmington; History; Dean ' s List; Dorm Judiciary; Intramurals; Phi Beta Kappa. MOSAHAN, MAUREEN A.; Bristol, Conn.; Education; Newman Club; Moratorium Comm.; SWAP. MOORE, RICHARD F., JR.; Gloucester; English: North Shore Comm. College. MOOREY, BRIAN T.; Millbury; Marketing. .VIOR. N, AMY M.; Westport; Psychology: Dorm Pres., Living Comm. Chrm.; Counselor; Student Senate, Finance Comm.; Newman Club. MORAN, ELLEN C; Framingham; Botany; Belchertown Volun- teers. MORAN, ELLEN K.; Massapequa, N.Y.; Government; Student Senate; Mortarboard, Treas.; Dorm Coun.; Belchertown Volun- teers; Phi Beta Kappa. MORAN, JOHN M.; Dalton; Municipal Recreation; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Recreation Club; Outing Club; Intramurals; Dean ' s List. MOREAU, SALLY A.; Amherst; Education; Concert Band; SWAP; N.E.S.; Newman Club; Moratorium Comm.: Dean ' s List. MORGAN, WALTER C; Soulhwick; Park Administration; Nichols College; Intramurals; Dean ' s List; Dorm Vice-Pres.; Alpha Zeta. MORIN, PAMELA A.; Greenfield; Sociology; Gamma Sigma Sig- ma; Dean ' s List. MORRISON, DONNA M.; Beverly; An; Dorm Gov ' t. MORRISON, EDWARD E.; Lawrence; Animal Science; House Gov ' t. MORRISON, EDWARD P.; Everett; History; Kappa Sigma; Dean ' s List; Intramurais. MORSE, AVA J.; Arlington; English; Sigma Kappa, Vice-Pres.; Index. MORSE, JESSICA S.; Wareham; Government. MORSE, RUTH A.; Winchester; Mathematics; Gymnastics team. MORYL, PETER J.; Westminister; Physical Education; Dean ' s List; Dorm Coun.; Track Team; Intramurais. MOSS, ANNE C.; Andover; History; Lowell State; Counselor. MOULTON, SUZANNE M.; Ashland; Zoology; Dorm Coun., Pres. MOZGALA, WALTER J.; So. Hadley; Botany; Holyoke Comm. College. MSCISZ, LINDA A.; Chicopee Falls; Education. MULDOON, PATRICIA A.; Newburyport; Mathematics; Ski Club; Movie Comm.; Dorm Standards Comm. MULHOLLAND, MARSHA G.; Amherst; Education. MULLEN, PRISCILLA A.; Stoneham; English; Scrolls; Collegian; Counselor; SWAP. MULLEN, YVONNE; Hyde Park; Psycholoyg; Dorm Pres.; Dorm Soc. Chrm.; SWAP; Southwest Patriot, Social Comm.; Dean ' s List. MULLER, RUTH A.; Ridgewood, N.].; Nursing; Exec. Council- Dorm Pres., Vice Pres., Gov ' t.; Tri Sigma, Soc. Chrm.; Newman Club; Nursing Club. MULLETT, GARY J.; Springfield; Engineering; Yahoo; Collegian; Intramurais. MULLIN, DENNIS P.; White Plains, N.Y.; Marketing; Newman Club; Ski Club; Dorm Officer; Intramurais. MULLIN, WALTER J.; Maynard; Sociology; Northampton Volun- teers, Pres., Treas.; SWAP; Exec. Council; Belchertown Volun- teers; MLK Social Action Council; N.E.S.; Newman Club; Fine Arts Council; Young Democrats. MULVEAU, JOSEPH C; Amherst; Zoo ogy; N.E.S.; Dean ' s List. MULSKY, MARILYN; Milton; Home Economics; Amer. Home Ec. Assoc, Treas. MURPHY, CHERYL M.; Amesbury; Sociology; Southwest Patriots; Univ. Choir; Chorus; S.U. Movie Comm.; Newman Club. MURPHY, CLAIRE M.; VVestwood; Education: NES; Ed. Club; Newman Club; Stonehill. MURPHY, JOANNE M.; Pittsfield; Education: Belchertown Vol- unteers; Dean ' s List. MURPHY, NEAL J.; Lynnfield; Recreation: Phi Mu Delta; Colle- gian; Dean ' s List. MURPHY, PETER V.; Wellesley; Env. Des.; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Ma- roon Keys, Pres.; Dean ' s List. MURPHY, SUSAN D.; Nahant; Pre-Med Soc; Alpha Lambda Del- ta, Sec; Standards Comm., Social Comm.; Phi Beta Kappa. MURPHY, TIMOTHY ).; Hopkinton; Physical Education: Judiciary Board; Univ. of Oklahoma. MURRAY, DAVID J.; Hopkinton; Physical Education: Phi Mu Delta, Rush Chrm.; Judiciary Comm.; Dean ' s List. MUSHOVIC, ERIC P.; Greenfield; Agriculture: Lambda Chi Al- pha; Golf. MUTLU, IZAK; Worcester; Engineering: AIIE; Chess Club, Pres.; Undergraduate Curriculum Comm. MYRBECK, GUNNAR S.; Yarmouthport; Economics: Collegian; Summer Statesman; Belchertown Volunteers; Pre-Law Club; Marching Concert Band; Arnold Air Soc; AFROTC. MYSEL, ROBERTA C; Haverhill; English: Dorm Exec. Coun., Sec, Social Comm.; Hillel; Dean ' s List. NABHAN, BARBARA F.; Worcester; Physical Education: Univ. Concert, Dance Croup; Univ. Chorus. NAGLE, ERIE L.; Needham; Eashion Merchandising: Michigan State Univ.; Dorm Activities; Ski Club. NANCLE, JAMES F., JR.; Peabody; Physical Education: Tau Kappa Epsilon; Football; Intramurals; Dean ' s List. NATALE, KAREN A.; Northampton; Elementary Education: Ed. Club; Dean ' s List. NATHANSON, MALERIE; Newton; Education: Ski Club; Ed. Club. NATUSCH, ROBERT V.; Vineyard Haven; Botany; Scuba Club; Varsity Crew; Concert, Marching Bands; Intramurals. NAYMIE, ROBERT J.; West Roxbury; Geology. NEARY, KEVIN P.; Leominster; Accounting: Beta Chi; Accounting Assoc. NEIGHER, STEPHEN C; Longmeadow; History: Tau Epsilon Phi; Handball; Intramurals. NELSON, BARBARA M.; Everett; English; Collegian; Dean ' s List. NELSON, DORIS E.; E. Northfield; Nursing; Chorus; Women ' s Choir; NES; Nursing Club; Dean ' s List. NELSON, JANET M.; Northboro; BFA; NES. NELSON, PAUL A.; Pittsfield; History; Phi Eta Sigma; Nat ' l Fresh- men Men ' s Honor Soc. NERLINGER, KURT M.; Essex Falls, N.J.; A FEC; Lambda Chr Alpha; Spectrum; Peace Movement; Moratoriums. NESS, NANCY J.; Upton; Education; Exec. Coun.; Ed. Club; Tu- toring. NEVINS, CAROLYN A.; Chelsea; Sociology; Pi Beta Phi, V.P.; Scrolls, Treas.; Class Treas.; Winter Carni, Treas.; Dean ' s List; M.L.K., Jr. Memorial Lecture Series, Co-Chrm.; SWAP; Dorm Coun.; Tennis Team; Who ' s Who; Distinguished Senior. NEWBORN, BARRY H.; Holidaysburgh, Pa.; Marketing; Epsilon Phi. NEWBURG, DAVID S.; West Roxbury; Chemistry. NEWELL, CHANDLER W., JR.; East Longmeadow; Genera Busi- ness Finance; Baseball; Intramurals. NEWELL, PENELOPE ].; Amherst; Art; 51 Club; Hood College; Dean ' s List. NEWMAN, ALANA D.; Johnston, R.I.; Spanish; Spanish Club; Dean ' s List. NEWMAN, ANDREA H.; Newton Centre; English; Operetta Guild; Roister Doisters; Univ. Theatre. NEWMAN, SUSAN J.; Worcester; Mathematics; Newman Club; WAA; Intramurals; GSS, 2nd V.P.; Dorm Counselor; Dean ' s List; Dorm Program Comm.; Student Senate Finance Comm. NEWMAN, TERI E.; Flushing, N.Y.; Zoology; Dean ' s List; Scrolls; Hillel. NICHOLAS, JILL R.; New Bedford; Sociology; Judo Club; Univ. Reform Comm,; Dorm Living, Standards Member; Judo Club, Sec. NICHOLS, KENNETH E.; Newington, Conn.; Wildlife Biology; Outing Club; Dean ' s List. NICHOLS, NANCY J.; Gt. Barrington; Psychology; Newman Club; Psych. Club; Dean ' s List. NICKERSON, BEVERLY A.; Topsfield; Sociology; Dorm Pres., Counselor. NICKERSON, JAMES K.; West Roxbury; Agriculture; Scabbard Blade; Equestrian Club, Pres. NICPON, SUSAN E.; Easthampton; Education: Women ' s Univ. Choir; French Corridor; Newman Club; Dorm Standards Comm, NIEMIEC, MARCIA A.; Braintree; Biochemistry; Alpha Lambda Delta; Mortar Board; Chi Omega, V.P.; Exec, Coun.; Phi Beta Kappa.. NIEMI, BARBARA E.; Lunenburg; Education; Kappa Delta PI; Dean ' s List; Worcester Jr. College. NIETSCHE, JUDITH R.; Williamsburg; English; Dean ' s List. NILES, JOHN F.; Rouses Point, N. Y.; History; Central Area Coun.; Dorm Pres., House Coun.; Basketball; Dean ' s List; Intramurals. NORRIS, SARAH L; Beverly; Sociology; NAIADS; WAA; M.L.K. Coun. NORTHUP, ALLEN R.; Braintree; Management; Swim Team, Capt. NORWOOD, HELEN R.; Greenfield; Psychology; Phi Beta Kappa. NOURSE, JONATHAN W.; Westboro; Economics; Phi Sigma Del- ta, Rush Chrm.; Treas. NOVACK, IRWIN M.; Springfield; Government; Tau Epsilon Phi; Exec. Coun; IFC; Maroon Key; Intramurals; Dean ' s List. NOVACK, NEAL M.; Brookline; History; Alpha Phi Gamma; Dorm Bowling Team; Capt. of Grayson Aces; Collegian, Sr. Reporter. NOVOTNY, JOSEPH W.; Northampton; Accounting; Acctg. Assoc; Student Faculty Co-ordinating Comm., SBA; Intramural Football. llAbJ NOWAK, BERNARD, JR.; Spencer; Mechanical Engineering; Arnold Air Soc; ASME; Univ. Chorus; AFROTC. NUGENT, MARIANNE P.; Chicopee Falls; Med-Tech; Pi Beta Phi; Alpha Delta Theta; Young Republicans; Exchange Univ. of S. Florida; Dorm Sec; Exec. Coun.; Swimming Team; Dean ' s List. NURMI, SUSAN D.; Fitchburg; Education; Ed. Club; S.U. Publicity Comm.; Index; Dorm Rep.; Dean ' s List. NUTTER, SANDRA B.; Fairview; Nursing; Newman Club; Nursing Club; Dean ' s List. NYLUND, KAREN W.; Worcester; Nursing; Nursing Club; Exec. Coun.; Chorus; Musigals; DIr.; Dean ' s List. O ' BRIEN, SHARON M.; Tewksbury; History; Student Senate, Chrm. Finance Comm.; Young Democrats; Who ' s Who. O ' BRIEN, THOMAS F.; Newburyporl; History; North Shore Com- munity College; Dorm Gov ' t; Intramurals. O ' BRIEN, WILLIAM D.; Holyoke; Accounting; Chess Club, Intra- murals; Dean ' s List. O ' CONNELL, JEAN; Agawam; BFA. O ' CONNELL, JOHN P., JR.; Norwood; Chemistry. ODIO, LYNDA S.; Amherst; Government. O ' DONNELL, KATHLEEN A.; Revere; £ ementary Education; Dorm Social Comm.; Pi Beta Phi; Exec. Coun.; Program Coun. OFRIA, JAMES V.; Lexington; Marketing; Alpha Sigma Phi; New- man Club; House Mgr.; Handball. OGLE, KATHLEEN A.; Braintree Highlands; Nursing; Nursing Club; Newman Club; Exec. Coun. OGORZALEK, EDWARD T.; Chicopee Falls; Accounting; Dean ' s List; Dorm Counselor, V.P.; Acctg. Assoc; Newman Club. O ' HARA, KATHLEEN: Danburg, Conn.; fducatJon; Univ. Cho- rale; Angel Flight, Pledge Trainer, Commander; Dorm Treas.; Military Ball Comm. OHLEY, WILLIAM J.; Kings Park, N. Y.; Engineering; Engineering Journal; IEEE; Eta Kappa Nu; Dorm Counselor; Dean ' s List. O ' LEARY, ELIZABETH A.; Andover; Sociology; Counselor. O ' LEARY, TIMOTHY J., JR.; West Roxbury; Government; Student Matters Comm.; SAE, Historian, Social Comm.; Ski Club; Barbell Club; Newman Club; Scabbard Blade; Index; Pre-Law Soc. OLEKSAK, DANIEL A.; Westfield; Agriculture; Chi Sigma Phi; Forestry Club; Dean ' s List; Intramurals. OLESIUK, PAMELA A.; Richmond; Psychology; Operetta Guild; Ski Club; House Coun.; Dean ' s List. OLKEN, CYNTHIA J.; Sharon; Government; Student Senate, Sec, Vice Pres., Pres.; UMass Board of Trustees; Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who; Distinguished Senior; Fine Arts Coun.; Mortar Board; Scrolls; Dorm Coun. OLSEN, LESLIE L.; Hingham; journalism; Operetta Guild; Tennis Team; Dorm Rep.; Dorm Coun. OLSON, ALDEN E.; Lexington; Mathematics; Math Club; Dean ' s List; Senior Honors; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi. O ' MALLEY, DIANE C; Amherst; Education. O ' MALLEY, MICHAEL P.; Leominster; Zoology; Beta Gamma Nu; House Gov ' t; Dorm Coun.; intramurals. O ' NEIL, MARTHA; Nabnasset; Nursing. O ' NEILL, JOHN L.; Sherborn; Agricultural Economics; Dean ' s List; Intramurals. ONNEN, JEANNE R.; Branford, Conn.; Home Economics; Dean ' s List. OPERACZ, NANCY J.; Cambridge; English; Index, Senior Ed.; Gamma Delta lota; Dorm Exec. Coun.; Standards Chrm.; Intra- murals; Dean ' s List. OPOTOVV, CAROL A.; Woodmere, N. Y.; Communication Dis- orders; Comm. Disorders Club; Dean ' s List. OSHRY, JAMES B.; Newton; Economics; Class Exec. Coun.; Class Gift Comm.; Dean ' s List; S.U. Program Coun.; Intramurals. OSKI, ALEXANDER R.; Brattleboro, Vt.; Electrical Engineering Mass. Inst, of Technology; Western New England College; Eta Kappa Nu, Treas.; IEEE; Varsity Indoor Outdoor Track; Ski Club Dean ' s List; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Intramurals. OUELLETTE, SANDRA R.; Holyoke; Sociology; NES; Dean ' s List Our Lady of the Elms College. OUTCHCUNIS, CHRISTY; Brockton; Englisli; Scabbard Blade, Dorm Coun,, Judiciary; ROTC; Distinguished Military Student, Track; Intramurals. OUTRAM, JAMES E.; Amesbury; Agriculture; Forestry Club, Varsity Rifle Team. OVERHOLT, CAROLYN; Santa Ana, Calif.; Botany. PACHECO, GEORGE J., JR.; Lawrence; Psychology; Northern Essex Community College; Floor Counselor; Ski Club; Intramurals. PACKARD, PATRICIA T.; Charlotte N. C; Art; Revelers; Exec. Coun.; Program Coun.; Homecoming Comm. PAGE, MICHAEL L.; Pelham; Geology; House Coun., Judiciary. PAINTER, CAROL A.; Winchester; Education; Sigma Delta Tau; Ed Club. PALMER, LEIGH J.; Marblehead; Zoology; Sports Parachute Club; Intramurals; Zoology Club; Fish Game Club; Pre-Med Club, PANARO, LINDA A.; Haverhill; Education; Ed. Club; Kappa Del- la; Dean ' s List. PANE, GARY R.; Pittsfield; Physical Education; Scuba Club; Golf; Intramurals; Dorm Counselor. PANEBIANCO, BARBARA A.; Methuen;) Education; Kappa Delta Pi; Scrolls; Dorm Social Chrm. PAPPAS, STELLA C; Dorchester; English. PAQUETTE, WILLIAM ).; Holyoke; Covernmenf; CDL; Dorm Area Gov ' t, Rep, PARASKOS, MARY ANN; Lowell; English; Alpha Chi Omega, Social Chrm,; Index; Greek Week Comm,; Winter Carni Comm, PARISl, JOHN C; Andover; Mathematics; QTV; Revelers. PARK, SUZANNE M.; Ware; English; Flying Redmen, Sec; Ski Club; Dorm Exec. Coun.; Belchertown State School, Teacher Aid. PARKER, SUSAN J.; Staten Island, N. Y.; Elementary Education; NES; Ed. Club; Counselor. PARMENTER, BERT W., Ill; Auburn; Economics; Intramurals; Dorm Gov ' t; Kappa Sigma; Dean ' s List. PARNELL, STEPHEN C; Newton Center; Medical Technology; Varsity Football; Alpha Epsilon Pi, V.P., P res.; IFC; Adelphia; Class Exec. Coun.; Dean ' s List; Winter Carnival Comm.; Flying Red- men; Who ' s Who; Afro-American Soc; Distinguished Senior. PARODY, THOMAS E.; Greenfield; Civil Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; ASCE; Dean ' s List. PARSONS, ELEANOR M.; Amherst; Psychology; Counselor, Cul- tural Comm., Chrm.; Class Exec. Coun. PARSONS, LYNN K.; Ware; English; Dorm Comm.; Dean ' s List. PARSONS, PAUL M.; Acton; Psychology; Dean ' s Advisory Comm.; House Coun., Cultural Affairs Comm.; Dorm Social Chrm.; ROTC. PARZYCH, SUSAN M.; Easthampton; Nursing; Newman Club; Nursing Class, Pres., V.P. PASIERBIAK, CARL S.; North Adams; Electrical Engineering; Intramurals. PASQUALE, ANNE E.; Jamaica Plain; Eashion Merchandising; Sig- ma Sigma Sigma; American Home Ec. Assoc. PASQUAROSA, CARMENE D.; Newton; Marketing; S.W. Assem- bly; House Counsel, Counselor; Ski Club; MDTG Club; Belcher- town Vol. PATENAUDE, MARC L.; Lowell; Chemistry; QTV. PATERSON, SUSAN B.; Blackstone; Physical Education; Lambda Delta Phi; NAIADS, Sec; Major Coun.; Dean ' s List. PATTERSON, JOYCEE D.; Tampa, Fla.; Fashion Merchandising; AHEA; Exchange Club; Christian Science Org. PAULIN, JOSEPH A.; Granby; Electrical Engineering; Arnold Air Soc; IEEE; Counselor. PAULIUKONIS, EGLUTE A.; Worcester; Physics; Dean ' s List; New- man Club; Alpha Lambda Delta; Physics, Co-Chrm. PAVAO, ANTONIO R.; Swansea; Music; Univ. Chorale, Chamber Singers, Band, Orchestra; Chorale, Mgr.; Counselor; Phi Kappa Phi; Dean ' s List; Collegium Musicum; Music Educators Assoc. PAVAO, ROBERT E.; Fall River; Pre-Dental; Exec. Coun.; Dorm House Coun.; Dean ' s List; Newman Club; Class Gift Comm. PEARL, PAUL R.; Seekonk; Psychology: Lambda Chi Alpha, Schol- arship Chrm., Ritualist; Exec. Coun.; Roister Doisters; Operetta Guild; House Council; Dean ' s List; Intramurals; Wrestling Team. PEARLMUTTER, ELLEN ).; Glen Cove, N. Y.; Sociology: S.U. Pro- gram Coun.; Hillel; Dean ' s List. PEASE, TIMOTHY P.; Farmington, N. H.; £conom cs; Economics Undergrad Liason Comm.; intramurals; Dean ' s List. PECCIOLl, PRESCILLA D.; Holyoke; fducation; Ed. Club; Coun- selor. PECK, MARYANNE; Abington; English: Newman Club; Dean ' s List. PEIRCE, G. MICHAEL; Ashland; History; WMUA, Music Dir. PELL, SUSAN L.; No. Providence, R. I.; Nursing; Nursing Club; Univ. Chorus, Women ' s Chorus. PELTIER, JEANNE E.; Brookline; Commun cat on Disorders; Com- munication Disorders Club; Greek Week Comm.; Newman Club; Las Vegas Night Comm.; Alpha Chi Omega, Sec; Dean ' s List. PEPER, NANCY J.; Nanuet, N, Y.; Elementary Education; Chi Omega, Asst. Rush Chrm.; Bridal Fair, Asst. Chrm.; Special Events Comm. PEPPE, DIANE M.; E. Bridgewater; Psychology; Women ' s Choir; Univ. Chorus. PEREIRA, ANTONIO ).; Fall River; Psychology. PERETTl, DAVID M.; Leominster; Management; House Gov ' t; Judiciary; Dean ' s List PERKINS, E. JANN; Foxboro; Home Economics; Angel Flight, Op- erations Officer; American Home Ec. Assoc, Program Chrm.; Dorm Pres., Council; Exchange Univ. of New Mexico; Counselor; Dean ' s List. PERKINS, TERRANCE K.; Ipswich; History. PERRINE, DIANNE L.; Tennent, N. J.; Home Economics; Chi Omega; Mortar Board, Exec Coun.; SWAP; Omicron Nu, Pres.; Mortar Board Sec; Belchertown Volunteers; Muskingum College. PERRY, DOUGLAS H.; Schenectady, N. Y.; fconomics; Bridge Club; Dean ' s List; Counselor. PERRY, HERBERT B.; Taunton; Management; Dorm Gov ' t; Dean ' s List; Intramurals. PERRY, RODNEY A.; Berkley; Forestry; Aberdeen University, Aberdeen, Scotland; Rugby Club; Forestry Club. PERSON, JAMES F.; Leominster; Psychology; Intramurals, PETERS, ROBERT E.; Rockport; Wildlile Management; Chorale; Univ. Chorus; Madrigal Singers; Univ. Theatre; Operetta Guild; Marching Band; Equestrian Club; Concert Assoc; Counselor; Heymakers; Student Wildlife Soc; Wesleyaires. PETERSON, BARBARA L.; Greenfield; Home Economics; Tau Beta Sigma; Bands, Treas., Asst. Mgr.; Symphony, Concert Bands, Statesmen, Accompanist; Operetta Guild; Pep Band, Asst. Mgr.; Counselor; Dorm Treas. PETERSON, ELAINE L.; Lexington; French; Student Faculty Rela- tions Comm. for French; Dorm Judiciary, Exec. Coun., Constitu- tion Comm.; Dean ' s List; Phi Beta Kappa. PETERSON, KURT W.; Milford; Art; Phi Sigma Kappa. PETRONE, DONALD P.; Northampton; Zoology; Phi Sigma Delta, Officer, Intramurals. PETTINGELL, SANDRA E.; Fitchburg; Education; Angel Flight, Comptroller; Ed. Club; NES; Index; Dorm Rep.; Dean ' s List. PEVERLY, ELLEN P.; Milton; Sociology; Dean ' s List. PFERSICH, EMMANUEL P.; Montague; fngineenng; AICHE; Intramurals; Dean ' s List. PHILLIPS, ANDREW W.; Wellesley; Music; Grenadere Drill Team; Univ. Symphony, Concert, Marching Band; Univ. Symphony Orch.; Kappa Kappa Psi, Treas., V.P.; Intramurals; Operetta Guild. PHILLIPS, DIANE A.; West Springfield; English; Student Senate; Exec. Coun.; Student Gov ' t Assoc; Winter Carni Class Gift Comm.; Senior Day. PHILLIPS, LEE M.; Natick; Psychology; Dorm Counselor, Head Justice, Asst. Head Justice Judicial Bds.; Intramurals; Dean ' s List. PICCIUTO, DAVID S.; Fitchburg; Marketing; Ski Club; House Coun., Corridor Rep.; Intramural Swimming. PICKETT, BRIGITA; Belchertown; Nursing; Angel Flight. PIEDEL, JOHN A., JR.; Chicopee; Accounting. PILLA, RICHARD L.; North Providence, R. I.; Recreation Adminis- tration; Rhode Island Jr. College; Dorm Pres., Counselor; Intra- murals; Central Area Coun.; Mills House Comm. PINKOWSKI, HENRY M.; Florence; Industrial Engineering; AIIE, V.P. PINTO, PATRICIA M.; Taunton; Economics; Merrimack College; Dorm Social Comm.; Economics Club) Senior Honors Program; Dean ' s List. PIROG, LINDA A.; Chicopee; Physical Education; Women ' s Swim Team; NAIADS; Judo Club. PLANKEY, MARY M.; Sunderland; Education; Dean ' s List. PLAYER, CHARLES T., JR.; Lake City, Fla.; Accounting; University of Florida; Afro-American Org.; S.W. Judiciary; Exec. Dir. of Black-White Relations. PLOTKIN, JANICE E.; Orange; Covernmenf; Phi Theta Kappa; Arapsia; Index, Participation Ed.; Exec. Coun.; Dorm Committees; Hebrew Univ. Jerusalem, Israel; Hofstra Univ.; Wall Street Mobili- zation Committee. POGGIO, PAMELA M.; Pittsfield; Education. POIRIER, MARYANN L.; Amherst; Education; NES. POIRIER, RICHARD R.; No. Billerica; Management; Scabbard Blade; Intramurals. POITRAS, SUSAN P.; Danvers; Child Development; Dorm Gov- ernment; Merrill-Palmer Institute; Dean ' s List. POLITAKIS, PETER G.; Woburn; Mathematics; Zeta Nu, Rush Chrm.; Math Club; Intramurals. POLSKY, BERNICE J.; Swampscott; Spanish; Spanish Club; Dorm Cultural Chrm.; N.E.S. POOLE, MARILYN ).; Easthampton; Home Economics; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Membership Chrm. POPE, DALE A.; Southboro; Finance; Marching and Pep Band; Exec. Coun.; Orgn. for Urban Affairs. POPE, FRANCINE L.; Dorchester; Sociology; Afro-American Orgn.; Dean ' s List. PORC RI, DIANE M.; Orange; English: Pi Beta Phi, Corres. Sec; Concert Band; Newman Club; Dorm Coun. PORTA, MARSHA A.; Brockton; Education; Spanish Club; N.E.S., Chrm.; Dorm Judiciary. POTAK, KENNETH A.; Northampton; German; Dorm Judiciary, Council, Rep.; German Club; Dean ' s List; Senior Honors. Z POTAK, MARY-JANE; Northampton; Nursing; Gamma Sigma Sig- ma, Dorm Judiciary, Counselor Select. Board; Nursing Honor Society; Dean ' s List. POTVIN, VIVIAN R.; Holyoke; French; Dean ' s List; Honors Can- didate. POWELL, ALAN D.; Canton; History; Delta Chi. POWELL, GARRY S.; Atlantic City, N. J.; Marketing; Phi Mu Delta. POWER, CLIFTON H.; Stoughton; Hotel Administration; Ama- teur Radio Soc; Dean ' s List. POWER, PAMELA E.; Dover; BFA; Angel Flight; Ski Club; Dean ' s List; Semester at Caen, France. PRAWLUCKI, CONSTANCE V.; So. Hadley; Home Economics; Amer. Home Ec. Assoc; Student Senate. PRENOVITZ, PAUL L.; Randolph; Psychology; Symphony Band. iiiii PRIMACK, BARBARA E.; Newton; Psychology; Hillel; Exec. Coun.; Winter Carnival; N.E.S. PRINCIPE, GERALD L.; Brockton; Economics; Phi Sigma Delta, Recording Sec; Undergrad. Asst. Fine Arts Coun.; Exec. Coun.; Pre-LawClub; Newman Club. PRIOR, TORBERT ).; Medford; Education; Dean ' s List; UMass, Boston. PROCTOR, JOHN R.; Lunenburg; Economics; Marching Band; Undergrad. Liaison Comm.; Intramurals; Dean ' s List. PRESS, lEFFREY M.; Sharon; Finance; Dean ' s List; Intramurals. PRESTO, VICTOR A., JR.; East Boston; Marl eting; Zeta Nu; Mar- keting Club; Exec. Coun.; Intramurals; Senior Day Comm.; Creek Week-end Ticket Comm.; Dorm Rep. PRETOLA, JOHN P.; Westfield; n(hropo ogy; Student Senate; Inter-Dorm Coun.; Dean ' s List. PRICE, GERALD L.; Peabody; Hotel Restaurant Management; Innkeepers Club. PROCTOR, PAUL M.; Stoughton; Sociology; Alpha Sigma Phi. PROVENZANO, GUY W.; Dedham; Eng neering; A.S.M.E.; Engi- neering Journal; Dorm Judicial Board, Chrm. PROVODA, PATRICIA A.; Holyoke; Sociology; Newman Club; Pi Beta Phi, Membership Comm., Pres. PRUCHANSKY, ANITA; Natick; Sociology; Sigma Delta Tau, Vice- Pres.; Exec. Coun.; Panhellenic Coun., Sec; D.V.P., Sec; N.E.S.; Soph. Banquet, Chrm.; S.E.N.D. Off, Queen ' s Comm., Chrm. PRUCHANSKY, NEAL R.; Sharon; Sociology; Sociology Club. PRYBOT, PETER K.; Bloucester; Marine Fisheries Biology; No. Shore Comm. College. PUDLO, MARYANNE E.; Holyoke; Sociology; Newman Club. PUGLIS, CHERYLE A.; Methuen; Elementary Education; Exec. Coun.; Winter Carnival; Dorm Soc Comm., Corridor Treas.; Newman Club; Education Club. PULEO, CATHLEEN A.; Lynnfield; Art; House Soc. Comm.; Angel Flight; Green Mountain College. PURCELL, DOUGLAS L.; So. Hadley; Music; Kappa Kappa Psi; Symphony Band; Univ Brass Quintet; Marching Band; Symphony Orchestra, Librarian. PURDY, MARILYN A.; Sharon; Math; Gamma Sigma Sigma, Cor- responding Sec, Treas.; Math Club, Vice-Pres. PUSTELL, ROBERT J.; Melrose; Business Management; Stu. Reli- gious Liberals, Treas., Co-Chrm.; Flying Redmen, Ass ' t. Opera- tions, Treas., Supply; Dean ' s List. QUADRINO, GERARD J.; Greenfield; Marketing. QUAIN, MARILYN A.; Ashland; Psychology; Undergrad, Ass ' t.; N.E.S. QUENNEVILLE, KEITH P.; So. Hadley; Engineering; A. I. A. A.; Judo Club, Instruc. QUIGLEY, CHRISTINE A.; Springfield; English; Kappa Alpha Theta; Scrolls; Dean ' s List. QLIINN, JOHN E.; Rockport; Accounting; Acctg. Club; Bowling Club; Tennis Team; Intramurals. QUINN, MARGARET J.; Bronxville, N. Y.; Government. QUIRK, ANN B.; Waltham; History; Student Senate; Dorm Gov ' t, Social Comm. QUIRK, KATHLEEN A.; Manchester, N. H.; Nursing; Nursing Club; Newman Club. QUINCY, KATHERINE M.; Lexington; Education; Pi Beta Phi, So- cial Chrm.; Ed. Club; Newman Club; Dorm Comm.; Foreign Stu. Club; Intramurals; Dean ' s List. RAE, CHERYL M.; Arlington; Soc; " o ogy; Alpha Chi Omega, Asst. Rush, Chrm., Rush Chrm.; Greek Wk. Comm.; Sociology; NES; Dorm Social Comm. RAFF, RICHARD G.; Malverne, N. Y.; Accounting; Exec. Coun.; Dorm Gov ' t; Acctg. Assoc. RAMIREZ, ANGEL G., JR.; San German, Puerto Rico; Government. RAMUGLIA, BARBARA ).; Belmont; History; Lambda Delta Phi; Exec. Coun.; Special Events Comm.; Italian Club. RANAHAN, ROBERT P., JR.; Longmeadow; Accounting; Dean ' s List. RANKIN, JOHN A.; Bristol, Conn.; Fisheries. RAPPO, PETER D.; Brockton; Pre-Med; Pre-Med Soc, Program Chrm., Treas., Pres.; Phi Eta Sigma; Statesmen; Exec. Coun.; SWAP; Dorm Intramurals; Dean ' s List; Phi Beta Kappa. RASKIND, MARK E.; Randolph; Mathematics; Pi Alpha Sigma, Pres.; Math Club, Pres.; Forensic Soc, Treas.; Student Senate, Finance Comm, Sec; Student Life Comm.; Winter Carni Comm.; Metawampee Award Comm.; Dorm Officer; Hillel; Dean ' s List; Exec. Coun. RATNER, CHARLES L.; Longmeadow; General Business; House Gov ' t; Phi Mu Delta; IFC, V.P.; Maroon Keys; Arcon. RAVCIALA, HOPEC; Methuen; English; Dorm Judiciary; Student Senate; Chrm., Activities Comm. RAY, DOROTHY B.; Temple Terra, Fla.; Home Economics; Alpha Delta Pi. RAYMOND, CHERYLL A.; West Yarmouth; Recreation; WAA; Recreation Club; Field Hockey; Dorm Judiciary; Dean ' s List. REARDON, MARGARET M.; Medford; Management; Kappa Al- pha Theta; Revelers; Greek Wk. Comm.; Student Senate; Dean ' s List. REARDON, WAYNE P.; So. Hadley Falls; Recreation. REED, JOSEPH W., JR.; Hingham; Engineer ng; Beta Kappa Phi; Gymnastics Team; AIAA, Treas.; Exec. Coun. REED, LESTER C; Conway; Agiyculture. REESE, DOREEN E.; Cohasset; Chemistry; IVCF, Eccumenical Dia- logue Panel; Pre-Med Soc; Dorm Scholastic Comm., Chrm.; Dance Group; Dorm Gov ' t. REFUSE, MARCIA M.; New Bedford; English; Dorm Social, Cul- tural Comm.; Dean ' s List. REGAN, CATHERINE M.; Lynn; English. REID, BONNIE W.; Ashfield; Government; Pi Sigma Alpha, V.P.; Dean ' s List; Admin. Intern; Gov ' t Honors Program; Gov ' t Dept. Liaison Comm.; Bologna Overseas Study; Freshmen Dean ' s Comm.; Honors Colloquia; Phi Beta Kappa. REIDY, EDMOND T., JR.; Longmeadow; General Business Finance. REILLY, J. KEVIN; Beverly; Microbiology. REMAR, JANE R.; Amherst; History; Dean ' s List. REMAR, ROBERT B.; Newton; Covernment; Theta Chi; Maroon Keys; Pre-Law Assoc; Student Senate; Intramurals. RENNA, RICHARD L.; Waltham; food Science Technology; Food Science Club. RENNICK, JAMES F.; Peabody; Sociology: Q.T.V., Act. Chrm.; Dean ' s List; Intramurals; Golf Team. RENNIE, NEIL E.; Westford; Philosophy; Index, Photo Ed.; Col- legian; Spectrum. REST, RICHARD F.; Newton; Microbiology; Dorm Counselor. REYNOLDS, STEPHEN D.; Cheshire; History; Symphony and Marching Band; Dean ' s List; Senior Honors. RHOME, JOHN O., JR.; Wellesley; Zoology. RIAL, NANCY E.; Saugus; Art; Exec. Coun.; Univ. Theatre; Roister Doister; Dean ' s List; Bologna, Italy Summer Prog. RICCELLI, CARLENE V.; Wilmington; English; English Dept. Un- dergrad. Coun.; Operetta Guild; Madrigal Singers; Dorm Pres.; Dean ' s List; Chorus; Women ' s Choir; International Folk Dancing Club; Undergrad. English Ass ' t.; Independent Study. RICE, THOMAS N.; Amherst; Botany; Chorale. RICHARDSON, ALAN, M.; Millington, N. J.; Engineering; Sports Car Club. RICHARDS, LINDA L.; Northampton; Sociology. RICHARDSON, ANN A.; Marblehead; Sociology; Summer Exec. Coun.; Dorm Coun.; Ski Team; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Vice Pres. RICHARDSON, MARSHA J.; Amherst; Sociology. RICHMOND, MILDRED G.; Newtonville; Sociology. RICHTON, SAMUEL M.; North Adams; Physics; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Physics Club; Hillel; Southwest Coun.; Dorm Coun. RICKER, MARION A.; Westboro; Spanish; Alpha Sigma Tau. RICKLAS, FRANCES J.; Springfield; Art; Hillel; Dean ' s List. RIGGZIO, PAUL A.; Haverhill; Zoology; Dorm Athletic Chr. RILEY, JAMES E.; Winthrop; Government; Maroon Key; Arcon; Pre-Law; Intramurals; Theta Chi, Pres.; I.F.C; Basketball. 428 RILEY, GAIL; Holyoke; Elementary Education; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Kappa Delta Pi; Education Club; Dean ' s List. RINZLER, PATRICIA ).; Passaic, N. ).; English; Mortar Board; Un- dergrad. Teaching Resident; Project 10; Fine Arts Coun,; Sym- phony Band; Belchertown Volunteers; Dean ' s List; Honors Collo- quium. RISLEY, ROBERT H.; Greenfield; Marketing. RISSMAN, PHYLLIS D.; Newton; Psychology; Dorm Soc. Comm.; Exec. Coun. RITTERBUSCH, RODERICK E.; Northampton; Engineering; I.E.E.E. RIVARD, ROBERT L.; Lowell; Zoology. RIVERS, PAUL E.; Reading; Marketing; Beta Kappa Phi, Treas.; Northern Essex Comm. College; Arcon; Intramurals. ROBERTS, MONA ).; Holyoke; French; Holyoke Comm. College. R OBICHAUD, PAUL A.; Reading; Hotel Restaurant Adminis- tration; Football. ROBINSON, BARRY W.; So. Hadley; Zoology. ROBINSON, NEIL W.; No. Chelmsford; Government; Homecom- ing Comm.; Intramurals. ROBISON, JUDITH A.; Winchester; Elementary Education; Chi Omega. ROBSHAM, LISA M.; West Yarmouth; English. ROCHA, MARGARET M.; East Bridgewater; English; N.E.S.; Intra- murals; Collegian; Dean ' s List. ROCHE, KATHLEEN A.; Randolph; Education; M.L.K. Coun.; Kap- pa Kappa Gamma; Dean ' s List. ROCK, CAROL A.; Belchertown; Zoology. RODMAN, HARRIET G.; Newton Centre; fducation; Dorm Corr. Treas., Social Chrm., Judiciary; Varsity Tennis; Intramurals; Ski Club. RODMAN, LINDA A.; Longmeadow; Child Development; Hillel; Merrill-Palmer Institute. ROECKER, PAMELA A.; Lexington; Animal Science; Equestrian Club; Equestrian Drill Team; Dean ' s List. ROH, MICHAEL J.; Teheran, Iran; Geography; Five College Slavic Lang. Comm.; Foreign Student Comm.; House Coun., Judiciary. ROITMAN, MELANIE:; Sunderland; An. ROONES, DAVID W.; Stanford, Conn.; History; Alpha Phi Omega; MLK Coun.; Students for Eccumenical Action; United Christian Found. ROONEY, RACHEL T.; Winchester; English. ROSE, PATRICIA S.; Scarsdale, N. Y.; French; Amer. Coun. on Teaching of Foreign Lang.; French Club; Dean ' s List; Phi Beta Kappa. ROSE, PEARL; No. Dartmouth; English; Dean ' s List; Phi Beta Kappa. ROSE. ELM, , .; Cohasset; Education; Dean ' s List. ROSEEN, CLIFFORD E.; Bristol, Conn.; Microbiology; Intra- murals; House Gov ' t. ROSEN, ALAN J.; Pittsfield; Zoology; Astronomy Club; Pre-Med Club. ROSEN, PHILIP A.; Brockton; History; Student Senate; Scabbard Blade; Dorm Coun.; Dean ' s List; D.V.P.; Superior Cadet Com- mendant. ROSENBLUM, BERNARD W.; Northampton; Business Adminis- tration; Track; Exec. Coun.; Intramurals. ROSS, JOLENE F.; Bedford; Psychology; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Hillel; NAIADS; Lambda Delta Phi, Historian; Dean ' s List. ROSS, SANDER B,; Brockton; Government; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pi Sigma Alpha; Adelphia, Sec, Treas.; Who ' s Who; S.LI.G. Board, Pres.; Exec. Coun.; Dean ' s List; Honor ' s Colloquium; Debate Team; College Dem. of Mass., State Treas., Western Mass. Vice- Pres.; Phi Beta Kappa. ROSS, STEPHEN G.; Brookline; English; Collegian; Varsity Tennis. ROSSITER, GEORGE W,; Revere; Marketing; Marketing Club. ROTHMAN, MONA S.; New Bedford; History; Sigma Delta Tau; Exec. Coun.; Bologna Summer Prog. ROUST, PAUL F.; Dorchester; Physical Education; Dorm Athletic Chrm.; Belchertown Volunteers. ROWLEY, GLENN H.; Harwichporl; Finance; N.E.S. ROYCE, LINDA M.; Upton; Speech; Scrolls; Exec. Coun.; Com- munications Disorders Club. RUBIN, ANDREW A.; New Hyde Park, N. Y.; History; Tau Epsilon Phi, Treas.; Basketball. RUMA, lOSEPH G.; Winchester; Agriculture; Landscape Archi- tecture, Treas. 430 RUNNALS, LINDA M.; Danvers; Home Economics: Alpha Chi Omega. RURAK, BARBARA A.; Lee; Psychology. RUSOKOVITCH, ANITA M.; Gales Ferry, Conn.; Home Eco- nomics; Amer. Home Ec. Assoc; Dorm Sec, Treas.; Angel Flight; Dean ' s List. RUSSELL, LYNN A.; Reading; Home Economics; Amer. Home Ec. Assoc, Vice-Pres.; NAIADS; Precisionettes; Dorm Coun, RUSSO, CARMINE C; Lawrence; History; Q.T.V.; Revelers; Dean ' s List. RUSSO, JUDITH A.; W. Newton; Education; Judiciary Comm.; Newman Club; Ski Club. RUTKOWSKI, ROBERT; Northampton; Aero Space Engineering; Tennis Team; Intramurals. RYAN, GEORGE T.; Springfield; G.B. F; Dorm Pres. : . RYAN, RICHARD A.; Amherst; Finance; Student Senate, Services Comm. Chrm.; Master Planning Comm.; Town of Amherst Plan- ning Board. RYBERG, MARION I.; Norwood; Education; Dean ' s List; SEND- OFF Comm.; Exec. Coun.; Program Coun. RYCHWALSKI, JAMES E.; Rochester, N. Y.; Marine Fisheries Biol- ogy; Ski Club; Scuba Club; Newman Club; Student Union Pro- gram Comm.; Flying Club; Southwest Patriots; Dorm Treas.; Dean ' s List; Intramurals. RZESZUTEK, ELAINE F.; South Hadley; fducation; Future Teach- er ' s Club; Newman Choir; N.E.S.; Dean ' s List; Exec. Coun. SACCO, LINDA L.; Amherst; Child Development; Dean ' s List. SADLOWSKI, MICHAEL T.; Northampton; Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; A.I. A. A., Sec; A.S.M.E.; Baseball. SADOWSKI, SANDRA A.; Salem; Mathematics; N.M. Exchange Stu.; Index; Ski Club; Dean ' s List; Dorm Standards Comm. SADOWSKI, STANLEY R.; New Britain, Conn.; Business Adminis- tration; Football; Baseball. SAGAN, HARRY H., JR.; Greenfield; Psychology. ST. GERMAIN, JOHN; Spencer; Mechanical Areo-Space Engi- neering. ST. JOHN, WALTER; Springfield; Finance. SAISSELIN, BRADLEY D.; Seekonk; Psychology. SAKA, VINCENT W.; Chintechi, Malawi, Africa; Agriculture; African Student Assoc; Soccer. SAKARIS, GALE; Peabody; Music; Tau Beta Sigma; Univ. Choral- Concert Band; Collegian. SAKELLS, MARIE E.; Brockton; Medical Technology; Sigma Sigma Sigma. SALIPANTE, FRANCES R.; Medford; fduca(;on; N.E.S.; Index; Dean ' s List; Top College Girl. SANDSTROM, JEAN E.; Princeton; Nursing; Alpha Lambda Delta; Heymaker ' s Square Dance Club; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Nursing Honor Soc; Ski Club; Dean ' s List. SANFORD, ADELE W.; Georgetown; Art; Art History Club; N.E.S.; Dean ' s List. SANFORD, LINDA A.; Attleboro; Latin; Dean ' s List. SANCSTER, KATHLEEN L.; Beverly; German; Counselor; Dean ' s List. i iy SALTUS, ROBERTA L.; Westfield; Elementary Education. SAMUELIAN, PAUL M.; Milton; Marketing. SAMULSKI, NANCY J.; Weymouth; Education; Exec. Coun. SANCZUK, LINDA; West Springfield; Art; Moratorium for Peace. SANTACROCE, JOAN M.; Hopedale; Physical Education; Modern Dance Co.; W.A.A. SANTOS, JAMES H.; Amherst; Agriculture; Kappa Sigma; Intra- murals. SAUER, REBECCA; Stockbridge; Elementary Education; N.E.S.; Education Club; Dean ' s List; Kappa Delta Pi. SAUNDERS, LAURA M.; Sherborn; Education; N.E.S.; Education Club; Dean ' s List. SAUNDERS, PAUL R.; East Longmeadow; Chemical Engineering; WMUA; Dorm Treas.; A.I.C.H.E.; Dean ' s List. SAVICNAE, PAULETTE; Wilmington; Home Economics; N.E.S.; Judo Club; Dorm Vice Pres.; Dean ' s List. SAWCHUK, WAYNE; Marketing; Student Senate; Parking Comm.; Univ. Photographer; Homecoming Comm.; Winter Carni Comm. SAWYER, NANCY; Worcester; Medical Technology; Alpha Delta Theta, Treas.; Newman Club; Newman Choir. SCANLON, JOANNE M.; Framingham; Education; Belchertown Volunteer; NES; Ed. Club. SCANLON, PATRICIA M.; Easthampton; Child Development; Dean ' s List. SCARPITTO, MICHLYN M.; Stoneham; Latin; Cultural Comm.; Newman Club. SCHAIER, ARON H.; Lynn; Psychology; Hlllel; Psych Club; Intra- murals. SCHERER, KENNETH A., JR.; Andover; Marketing. SCHMIDT, GREGORY A.; Bellevue, Nebraska; Management; Holyoke Community College; Dorm judiciary, Treas.; Dean ' s List. SCHMIDT, WILLIAM C, JR.; Andover; Chemistry; Phi Eta Sigma; American Chemical Soc; Dean ' s List; Phi Beta Kappa. SCHNEIDER, VALERIE; Arlington; History; Dean ' s List; Marietta College. SCHNEIDERMAN, NANCY M.; Wakefield; Sociology; Kappa Al- pha Theta; Scrolls; Panhellenic, 1st V.P., Pledge Trainer. SCHOEN, JOANN; Lowell; English; Dean ' s List. SCHRAFFT, FREDERICK D., JR.; Troy, Mich.; Management. SCHRAGLE, SUSAN; Lexington; Rhetoric; Cheerleading, Co- capt.; Winter Carni Queen. SCHREURS, SUSAN C; North Amherst; Nursing; Marching Band, Props Crew, Co-Manager; Colonel ' s Cadre, Treas.; Ensign Navy Nurse Candidate. SCHWARTZ, KENNETH B.; Marblehead; History. SCHWARTZKROIN, GAIL M.; White Plains, N. Y.; Home Eco- nomics; Alpha Lambda Delta; Omicron Nu. SCHWEISS, JERRY A.; Weirton, W. Va.; General Business Finance. SCOTT, KATHLEEN D.; Waldwich, N. J.; Mathematics; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Alpha Theta; Dean ' s List; Mass. College Queen. SCOTT, SUSAN J.; Arlington; English; NES. SCRIBNER, DUNCAN J.; Lexington; Biochemistry; Pre-Med Soc; Counselor. SCULL, JUNE E.; Wynnewood, Pa.; Sociology; Pi Beta Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Beta Kappa; Dean ' s List. SCULLY, DANIEL R.; Sunderland; General Business Finance; Alpha Epsilon PI; Counselor. SEALES, CAROL A.; New Bedford; English: Afro-Am Club; The Drum; Counselor. SEGAL, ANDREA D.; Chelsea; Education: lota Gamma Upsilon, Corresponding Sec; Dean ' s List; Ed. Club. SEIBERT, GEORGE; Braintree; E ectrica £ng neenng. SEIDE, JANET H.; Forest Hills, N. Y.; Sociology: Exec. Coun.; Northampton Volunteers; Winter Carni Comm. SELETT, DONNA R.; Newtonville; Education; NES. SELIGMAN, RUTH M.; Amherst; Theatre; Univ. Theatre; Summer Study in Bologna, Italy. SEMPLE, CONSTANCE H.; Needham; Education; Exec. Coun.; Dorm Social Chrm.; Winter Carni Comm.; S.W. Patriots, Soc. Chrm.; Ski Club; Dean ' s List. SENIOR, GEOFFREY B.; Newton; Agricu ture; Alpha Sigma Phi; Swimming. SENNER, FRANCES D.; Amherst; Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Pi, V.P.; Ed. Club; Communication Disorders Club; Dean ' s List. SEVIGNY, CAROL L.; Westboro; Medical Technology; Dorm Constitution Comm., Social Comm.; Ski Team. SEXTON, JOHN D.; Springfield; Marketing; Mktg. Club; Belcher- town Volunteers; Intramurals, SGROl, ALLAN R.; Weston; Agricu ture; Pi Lambda Phi; Forestry Club; Newman Center; Wrestling; Army ROTC. SHAMBAN, STEPHEN E.; Newton; History; Collegian Sports Staff; Alpha Phi Gamma; House Judiciary, Chief Justice; Marching Band; Intramurals. SHANER, BARBARA E.; Greensburg, Pa.; French. SHANLER, ADRIENNE; Hyde Park; Zoology; Hillel; Pre-Med Soc; Science Fiction Soc, Librarian, Treas., Pres. SHANNON, BRIAN M.; Medford; Management; Intramurals; Dorm Gov ' t. SHANNON, EDWARD J.; Medford; Marketing; Intramurals. SHAPIRO, MARTHA L.; Sharon; Education; Scrolls, V.P.; Disci- pline Board; Class Exec. Coun.; SWAP; Dorm Gov ' t.; Winter Carni Chrm., Theme Comm.; Student Senate Public Relations Comm,; Women ' s Affairs Coun. SHARLAND, JOHN R.; Raynham; Engineering; AICHE; Intra- mural Handball, Bowling, Softball, Badminton, Volleyball; Dorm Floor Rep. SHARPE, DONNA L; Chelmsford; Nursing: Pi Beta Phi; Nursing Club; Dean ' s List. SHARRY, DAVID C; West Springfield; French; Collegian, Car- toonist; Undergrad. Cooperative Program for Critical Languages; Phi Beta Kappa. SHATTUCK, LINDA E.; Fitchburg; English; Dorm Council; Legis- lative Comm.; Dorm, V.P. SHATZ, ERICA ].; Lawrence; Art; Student Senate; Exec. Coun.; Homecoming Comm.; Provost Comm.; Commencement Task Force. SHAW, JANE C; Brewster; History; Marching and Concert Bands; Dorm Gov ' t. SHAW, RICHARD P.; Bronx, N. Y.; Marketing; Mktg. Club; Phi Mu Delta, Sec. SHAW, WALTER L; South Hadley Falls; Sociology. SHEA, KATHLEEN A.; Turners Falls; Education. SHEA, KENNETH ].; Northampton; Recreation; Newman Club; Recreation Club; Fishing Club; Dean ' s List. SHEA, MICHAEL B.; Turners Falls; Genera Business Finance. SHEAFFER, ALBERT L.; Greenfield; Management; Greenfield Community College; Dean ' s List. SHEAR, LARRY E,; Newtonville; Industrial Engineering; AIIE; Hillel; Newman Center; Sprectrum; Flying Redmen Drill Team; Joseph ' s Cloak Coffee House; Orchard Hill Gov ' t. SHEEHAN, CYNTHIA E.; Palmer; English; Lambda Delta Phi; Dorm Counselor; Newman Club; Ski Club; Northampton Volunteers. SHEEHAN, DOROTHY M.; Hatfield; Education; Ed. Club; Dean ' s List. SHEEHAN, EDWARD F.; Springfield; Psychology; Lambda Chi Al- pha; Student Senate; IFC; Maroon Keys; Parachute Club; Hockey, Lacrosse; Dean ' s List. SHEFFER, AUDREY L; West Roxbury; History; Hillel; Northeast Passage; Dorm V.P., Head Counselor. SHELDEN, JOYCE E.; Amherst; Education; Alpha Chi Omega; Scrolls; Homecoming Comm.; Dorm Basketball; Float Comm.; Dean ' s List; Sorority Sing. SHELLEY, RITA J.; Tewksbury; Physical Education; WAA; Intra- murals. Basketball; Softball. SHEPELUK, TONY A.; Worcester; Nursing; Marching Band; Con- cert Band; IVCF; Nursing Club; Belchertown Volunteers; Dean ' s List. SHEPPARD, JOAN M.; Winchester; Education; Univ. Chorus; Ed. Club; Johnson House Soc. Comm. SHER, JERRI K.; Fall River; BFA; lota Gamma Upsilon; Hillel; Dorm Pres.; Dean ' s List. SHER, SUSAN L.; Stoughton; Education: Ed. Club; NES; Exec. Coun.; Hillel; Dean ' s List. SHERMAN, JEAN; Arlington; Education; Pi Beta Phi. SHERMAN, LESTER S.; New Hyde Park, N. Y.; History: House Council, Athletic Dir.; Dean ' s List. SHEROWSKI, GREGORY S.; Pittsfield; Chemical Engineering; AICHE; Wrestling, Football, Track; Student Gov ' t. SHEWCHUK, BARBARA ).; Chicopee; Home Economics; New- man Club; Dorm Gov ' t; Dean ' s List. SHIFF, PAULA K.; Marblehead; Physical Education; Concert Dance Group, Pres. SHOCKRO, JOHN A.; Sunderland; Physical Education; Theta Chi; Varsity Basketball; Intramurals. SHOCKRO, TAMMY M.; Sunderland; Physical Education; Alpha Chi Omega, Activities Chrm.; Cheerleader; Greek Week Comm.; Finalist SENDOFF. SHORROCK, NANCY A.; Fall River; English; Dorm Cultural Comm., Judicial Board. SHORT, .MARJORIE A.; Waltham; English; Theatre; Collegian, Women ' s Page; Exec. Coun.; Winter Carni Comm.; M.L.K.; Stan- dards Coun.; Dorm Gov ' t, V.P.; Winter Carni Comm.; Exec. Coun.; Dean ' s List. SHUCH, NANCY R.; Miami Beach, Fla.; Sociology; Alpha Lambda Delta; Operetta Guild; Univ. Symphony; Hillel. SHUFFAIN, CRAIG D.; Sharon; Accounting; Zeta BetaTau; Acctg. Assoc. SHUMWAY, MARY L.; New Bedford; English; Alpha Lambda Del- ta; Kappa Delta Pi; Dean ' s List; Phi Beta Kappa. SHUTE, ELIZABETH; Hingham; Home Economics; Student-Faculty Comm. for Human Development; Counselor. SHYAVITZ, JOHN P.; Haverhill; History; Nat ' l Ski Patrol, Leader; Scuba Club; Flying Redmen, Exec. Officer; Pre-Law Assoc; Index, Associate Editor; Judicial Affairs, Chrm.; Dorm Cultural Chrm.; Area West Judiciary, Chief Justice; Counselor; Who ' s Who; Dean ' s List; Lacrosse. SIBLEY, BRIAN W.; Wayland; Government; House Judiciary. SILVA, DAVID J.; Lowell; Physical Education; AAHPER; Intra- mural, Softball, Football, Swimming; Dean ' s List; Counselor. SILVA, ELLEN J.; Brockton; Education; Ed. Club; Dorm Gov ' t; Lambda Delta Phi; Student Health Comm.; Dean ' s List. SILVA, JOHN P.; Fall River; Anthropology; S.W. College Coun.; House Coun. Rep.; Dean ' s List; Finnish Club; Newman Club; An- thropology Club, Pres.; International Club. 436 SILVA, LOUIS C, JR.; Lowell; Psychology; Greenfield Community College; Outing Club; Program Comm; Dean ' s List; Research at V.A. Hospital in Clinical Psych. SILVERSTEIN, STEPHEN H.; Framingham; Economics; Alpha Phi Omega; Arnold Air Soc, Comptroller; Pre-Law Soc; Beta Gamma Sigma; Dean ' s List. SILVERSTEIN, STUART B.; Chelsea; Accounting; Acctg. Assoc. SIMMONS, C. EDWARD; Amherst; General Business Finance; Organization for Urban Affairs; Placement Liaison and Graduate Programs, Chrm. SIMONDS, THOMAS W.; Leominster; Management; Kappa Sig- ma; Intramurals; Dean ' s List. SIMPSON, GAIL J.; South Hadley; Nursing; Sigma Kappa, Asst. Pledge Trainer. SINASKY, IRENE L.; Somerset; Mathematics; Exec. Coun.; New- man Club; Publicity Comm. Treas. S.U. Program Coun.; Dean ' s List. SINCLAIR, JOHN A.; Sunderland; Psychology. SINCLAIR, SANDRA H.; Sunderland; Psychology. SINGER, ROBERT C; Framingham; Marketing; Phi Sigma Delta, Pledge Master; Hillel; Mktg. Club, Pres.; Univ. Theater; SBA Stu- dent Assoc. SIROIS, WILLIAM A.; Methuen; £ng neenng; ASME; AIIE; Ski Club; Newman Club; Intramurals. SIROTA, ALAN D.; Maiden; Psychology; Pi Lambda Phi; Collegi- an; Exec. Coun.; Dorm Pres., Counselor. SIWINSKI, RONALD E.; Springfield; Mechanical Aerospace En- gineering; ASME; AIAA; Newman Club; Soccer. SKINNER, ELEANOR M.; Natick; English; Collegian, Editorial Edi- tor; Counselor; Undergrad Asst. to Head of Residence; Summer Orientation Counseling. SKINNER, TIMMI K.; Cambridge; BFA; Dorm Social Chrm.; Fine Arts Program, Sec; YIIB; Alonza Federcini Soc. SKVIRSKV, BURT R.; Springfield; Government; Zeta Nu, Social Chrm.; Homecoming Comm.; Dean ' s List; Newman Club; Intra- murals. SLATER, JUDITH E.; Westover AFB; Sociology; Western Washing- ton State College. SLOMSKl, PAUL H.; Gardner; Accounting; Acctg. Assoc; New- man Club; Dean ' s List; Intramurals. SLOZAK, FRANCES; Ware; Zoology; Phi Beta Kappa. SMARDON, RICHARD; Shelburn, Vt.; Landscape Architecture. SMITH, CAMILLA].; Ipswich; German. SMITH, CLINTON ].; Brookline; History; Phi Sigma Delta; Beta Tau. SMITH, MARTHA S.; Winchester; Zoology; Exec. Coun.; Home- coming Comm. SMITH, MARY D.; So. Deerfield; Education; Sport Parachute Club; Women ' s Chorus; Univ. Chorus; Madrigals. SMITH, ROBERT A.; Lynn; Governmenl; Intramurals; North Shore Community College, Senate Pres.; Who ' s Who. SMITH, SANDRA B.; Lenox; Genera Business Finance; S.W. College Coun.; Dean ' s List. SMITH, STEPHEN A.; Harwich; forestry; Forestry Club; Sport Parachute Club, Pres. SMITH, STUART B.; Lynn; Psychology; Dorm Rep. SMITH, SUSAN M.; So. Peabody; Education; International Club; Ed. Club; Hello Friend Folk Soc; Student Senator; Dean ' s List. SMOLA, JANICE E.; East Longmeadow; Chemistry; American Chemical Soc; CSS; Counselor; Dorm Judiciary; Dean ' s List. SMOLINSKI, STANLEY A.; Willimansett; Mathematics. SMYTH, KATHRYN S.; Amherst; Education; Ed. Club; NES. SNOOK, CHRISTIAN B.; No. Quincy; Marketing; Alpha Sigma Phi; MKTG. Club; Athletic Chrm., Supervisor; Dorm Gov ' t; Dean ' s List. SNOOK, LARRY K.; Burlington; English; Lambda Chi Alpha; Base- ball. SNOW, RUSSELL E., JR.; i East Lo ngmeadow; Management; Phi Sigma Kappa. SOBIECH, MARCIA J.; Sunderland; English; Exec. Coun.; Univ. Women ' s Choir; Ski Club; Counselor; Index Photographer. SO)A, MARCIA J.; Wilbraham; English; Ski Club; Standards Comm.; Dorm Exec. Coun. SOKOLOVE, SANDRA B.; Revere; Education; Ski Club; Psych. Club; Index; SWAP. SOLA, DAVID A.; Florence; Economics; Rowing Club; Crew, Capl. JV Boat, SOLICAN, ANDREA; Braintree; Sociology. 438 SOMMA, JACQUELINE M.; Round Brook, N. J.; History; Newman Club; Summer Student Senate; Dorm Counselor, Head Counselor. SONN, JAMES W.; Athol; Psychology; Phi Mu Delta; Dean ' s List; Chief Justice Area East Judiciary; Justice General Court; Student Senate Judicial Affairs Comm.; Valley Forge Freedom Foundation Award Winner. SOOMES, LINDA S.; Cambridge; Medical Technology; AFRO- AM Organ; Standards Board; Gymnastics. SOPEL, JEFFREY P.; New Bedford; Engineering; QTV, Steward; ASME; SAE. SORDONI, LORENZO J.; Winchendon; Management; Scabbard and Blade; Newman Club; Sport Parachute Club; Military Ball Comm.; Dorm Council, Floor Rep., V.P., Sec; Dorm Counselor; Intramurals. SOUZA, DONALD J.; Plymouth; Engineering; ASCE, Treas.; Rifle Team; Intramurals. SOUZA, SANDRA J.; Fall River; Sociology; Dean ' s List; Dorm Pres., Counselor; Central Area Coun. SOUZA, STEVEN P.; Fall River; Genera Business Finance; Stu- dent Counselor, Floor Rep., Treas.; Intramurals. SPARKO, JUDITH K.; So. Hadley; Education; Angel Flight; Oper- etta Guild; Northeast Passage; Dorm Election, Social Comm., Chrm. Dorm Athletic Comm. SPARKS, BARBARA L.; Sewell, N. J.; Economics; Sigma Kappa, Scholarship Chrm., Centennial Chrm.; Women ' s Field Hockey; Gymnastics Club; Greek Week Comm.; Homecoming Comm.; Faculty Senate Comm. on Student Affairs; Dean ' s List. SPATCHER, GEORGE I., JR.; Attleboro; Management; House Council, Judiciary. SPAULDING, SALLY M.; Haverhill; English; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Social Chrm.; English Dept. Undergrad Comm.; Student Senate Public Relations Comm.; Dean ' s List. SPERANZO, ANTHONY J.; Braintree; Economics; Tau Epsilon Phi, Historian, V. P.; Intramurals. SPIEWAK, CRAIG A.; Pittsfield; English. SPOUSTA, ROBERT F., JR.; Reading; Zoology; Varsity Wrestling; Rowing Assoc; Crew; Dorm Counselor; Intramurals; House Council; Dean ' s List. SROKA, DANA M.; Westfield; Zoology; Heymakers. STAAF, DAVID W.; Westwood; Marketing. STACKHOUSE, JOHNJ.; Hadley; History. STADNICKI, GERALD W.; Chicopee; History; Scabbard Blade; Dorm Cultural Chrm., House Judiciary, Pres.; S.W. Assembly, V.P.; Student Faculty Liaison Comm. of History Dept. STANEY, ROBERT E.; Worcester; Management; Dorm Gov ' t., Counselor; Dean ' s List; Intramurals; NES. STANFORD, STEVEN D.; Harwich; Economics; Varsity Baseball; Soccer; Phi Mu Delta. STANGER, ROBERT W.; Pittsfield; Management; Delta Chi, Pledge Chrm.; Dean ' s List. STANLEY, EMMYLU; Greenbush; Psychology; Dorm Cultural Comm., Bd. of Standards; Dean ' s List. STANLEY, RICHARD W.; Granby, Conn.; Agriculture; Xi Sigma Pi, Sec, Fiscal Agent; Forestry Club; Dean ' s List; Sr. Honors Thesis. STANNEY, GERALD H., JR.; Holbrook; Genera Business Finance. STARSIAK, MICHAEL H.; Quincy; Engineering; Newman Club; AIAA, Sec; Arnold Air Soc, Exec. Officer. STATHIS, CURTIS W.; Haverhill; Zoology; Kappa Sigma; Intra- murals; Dean ' s List. STEFANIK, MARYANN; Holyoke; Nursing; Nursing Club. STEIN, GARY A.; Springfield; Business Administration; Acctg. Assoc; Sociology Club; Intramurals; Dean ' s List. STEIN, GARY H.; Randolph; Accounting; Intramurals; Dean ' s List. STEIN, MARSHALL N.; Springfield; Economics; Area East Judici- ary, Chief Justice; Scuba Club; Pre-Med Soc; Orchard Hill Area Gov ' t., Rep. STERNI, MARGARET A.; North Adams; Agriculture; Equestrian Club; Equestrian Drill Team; Dean ' s List. STETSON, RAYMOND L.; Westfield; Anthropology; Stonehill College; Dean ' s List; Revelers, V.P.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, V.P., Historian, Parliamentarian, Pledge Master, Social Chrm.; Index, Activities Editor; Greek Coun.; Exec. Coun.; Homecoming Comm.; Dorm Coun. STEVENS, CHARLES E.; Amherst; Sociology; Dorm Counselor; Sociology Undergrad. Curriculum Study Comm.; Dean ' s List; Intramurals. STEVENS, DAVID, JR.; Easthampton; Art; Free Press Comm.; Sum- mer Statesman, Staff Cartoonist; Yahoo, Editor-in-Chief; Collegi- an, Staff Cartoonist; Student Senate; Summer Senate, Pres.; SGA Comm.; Student Matters Comm.; Captain Video Lightshow, Capt. STEVENS, DORIS A.; Springfield; Zoology. STEVENS, KAREN J.; Andover; Physical Education; Lambda Delta Phi, Asst. Steward; Exec. Coun.; WAA; Winter Carni Comm.; Dorm Judiciary; Dean ' s List. STEVENS, KENNETH; Brockton; fngineering; Crew Club. STEVENSON, ALLAN C; Attleboro; Agriculture; Phi Mu Delta, V.P.; Food Science Club; Dean ' s List. STEVENSON, HARRY C; Braintree; Zoology; Dorm Social Chrm.; Intramurals, STEVENSON, MARGARET A.; North Haledon, N. J.; Education; Ed. Club; Dean ' s List; Counselor. STILES, FRED M.; Arlington; General Business Finance. STILPHEN, ERIC L.; East Longmeadow; Aerospace Engineering; Univ. of Hawaii; Wrestling; Collegiate Flying Club; Barbell Club; AIAA; SAE. STOCKWELL, MARJORIE V.; Amherst; Mathematics; Alpha Lambda Delta; Scrolls; Math Club, Sec, Treas.; Dean ' s List; Phi Beta Kappa. STONE, ALAN F.; Natick; Accounting; Massachusetts Bay Com- munity College; Acctg. Club; intramurals. STONE, PATRICIA; North Andover; Physica Educat on. STONELY, PAUL ).; Weymouth; Psychology; Lacrosse; Intra- murals; Dean ' s List. STOWE, ALBERT P., Ill; Milford, Conn.; Economics; Dorm Judicial Board, Chrm.; Intramurals; Dean ' s List. STOWELL, NANCY E.; Amherst; Physical Education; Scrolls; Women ' s Basketball Team; Dean ' s List. STRACHAN, MARGARET A.; Norwell; Elementary Education, GSS; Scuba Club; Ed. Club. STRANCIE, PAULA A.; Revere; Sociology; S.W. Assembly; Index; NES; MLK Soc. Action Coun.; Counselor. STREATER, JOSEPH C, JR.; Amherst; Management; Beta Chi. STROBERCER, THOMAS E.; Palmer; General Business Finance. STRZEMPKO, ELAINE M.; So. Hadley; Nursing; Nursing Club. SUCH, WILLIAM E.; So. Grafton; Zoology. SULLIVAN, CAROLE A.; Carlisle; Russian; Chi Omega, Vocations Chrm.; Theta Alpha Phi, Sec; Russian Club; Russian Chorus; Tennis; Volleyball. SULLIVAN, CATHERINE A.; Hull; Economics; NAIADS; Undergra- duate Liaison Comm., Dept. of Economics; Phi Beta Kappa. SULLIVAN, ELAINE E.; Springfield; Home Economics; Kappa Al- pha Theta, Social Chrm.; Food Service Comm.; Revelers, Treas.; Bridal Fair; Dean ' s List. SULLIVAN, EUGENE W.; Springfield; General Business Finance; Intramurals; Ski Club. SULLIVAN, KATHLEEN E.; Worcester; Education. SULLIVAN, LAWRENCE D.; Grafton; Genera Business Finance; Dorm Rep., Social Chrm.; Intramurals; Dean ' s List. SULLIVAN, PATRICIA A.; Chelmsford; Phyiical Education; Alphj Chi Omega; Greek Week Comm.; Dorm Treas., Standards; Gym- nastics; Newman Club; WAA. SULLIVAN, PATRICIA ).; Springfield; Commun;cat on Disorders; Communication Disorders Club; Counselor; Dean ' s List; College of Our Lady of the Elms. SULLIVAN, PAUL E.; Worcester; Covernment; Intramurals; Dean ' s List. SULLIVAN, ROBERT E.; Milton; History; Collegiate Flying Club; Science Fiction Soc; Intramurals; Dean ' s List. SULIN, THOMAS W.; Fitchburg; Mechanical Engineering; Wor- cester )r. College; ASME; SAE. SUTHERLAND, GAIL A.; Whitinsville; Covernment; Choir; Univ. Chorus; Pi Sigma Alpha; Counselor; Dean ' s List; Dorm House Coun.; Phi Beta Kappa. SWANSON, JUDITH E.; Worcester; f ementary Education; NES; Univ. Marching Band; Newman Club; Dean ' s List. SWARD, DAVID G.; Braintree; Engineering; Gymnastic Team; ASCE, Pres.; Dean ' s List; Intramurals; House Coun. SWARTZ, MARC E.; Winthrop; Accounting; Mass. Bay Commun- ity College; Acctg. Club; Intramurals; Dorm Homecoming Float Comm., Winter Snow Sculpture. SWARTZ, STEPHEN H.; West Springfield; English; Holyoke Com- munity College. SWEET, BRADLEY A.; Marblehead; English; S.W. Social Comm., Concert Comm.; Dorm Sec, Treas. SWEETMAN, MICHAEL N.; Springfield; Psychology; Student Sen- ate; House Counselor, Pres.; Dean ' s List; SWAP; Intramurals; Phi Beta Kappa. SWEETSER, ANNE T.; Sunderland; Zoology. SWIATLOWSKI, RONALD ).; Three Rivers; Genera Business Finance; Baseball; Intramurals; Newman Club. SWINIMER, HOWARD F., JR.; Brockton; English; Phi Eta Sigma; Univ. Children ' s Theatre; Exec. Coun.; Dorm V.P.; Northampton Volunteers; Young Democrats; Collegian; Newman Club; Dean ' s List. SYLVESTER, MARJORIE A,; South Easton; Education; Alpha Chi Omega; S.W. Patriots; Ed. Club; Patriots Exec. Bd.; Dean ' s List. SYLVIA, SHIRLEY A.; So. Dennis; Sociology; Cape Cod Comm. College; Dean ' s List; Art Club; Sociology Club; Ski Club. SYMANSKI, SUSAN J,; Pittsfield; German; Alpha Lambda Delta; Germany Prog.; Dean ' s List; Phi Beta Kappa. SZCZEBAK, DONNA J.; Westfield; English; Collegian; Home Ec. Club. 1 . k SZYOLIK, MARILYN A.; Southbridge; English; NES; Undergrad. Teaching Asst., English Dept.; Dean ' s List. TAILBY, CAROL ).; Wellesley; Education; Newman Club; Kappa Alpha Theta, Greek Week Comm.; Dean ' s List. TALBOT, FREDERICK B.; Sunderland; English. TAMPONE, GARY P.; Longmeadow; Genera Business Finance. TANCA, JAMES; Southbridge; Psychology; Northampton Volun- teers; Dean ' s List. TARLOW, KAREN A.; Revere; Music; Chorus; Madrigals; Collegi- um; Univ. Theatre; Operetta Guild. TASHJIAN, GLORIA ].; Worcester; Mathematics; Operetta Guild; Phi Beta Kappa. TAUPIER, MICHAEL A.; Chicopee; History; Newman Club; Scab- bard and Blade, Sec. TAVITIAN, ALICE V.; Bradford; Medical Technology; Alpha Delta Theta; Orthodox Club. TAYLOR, JAMES A., JR.; Shrewsbury; Philosophy; Debating Soc; Spectrum; Dorm Gov ' t. TEAHAN, ELIZABETH P.; Northampton; Education; Dean ' s List. TEIXEIRA, JEAN E.; Amherst; Education; Ed. Club; Newman Club; Dames Club; Chorale; Dean ' s List. TELLEN, DIANNE; Milton; Elementary Education; Counselor; Mass. Bay Community College; Who ' s Who. TERRIO, JOHN G.; Amherst; Wildlife Biology; ARMY ROTC; Scabbard Blade; Wildlife Soc; Varsity Rifle Team; Intramurals. THAYER, GAYLENE D.; Little Falls, N. J.; Nursing; Nursing Club; GSS, Publicity Co-Chrm. THEBERGE, NANCY M.; Methuen; Sociology; NES; Socioloty Club; S.U. Dance Comm.; Dean ' s List. THEUS, RUSSELL A.; Harwich; Mechanical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi, Rec. Sec; ASME; SAE; SCCA; Intramural Swimming. THIMAS, DONALD H.; So. Wellfleet; Management. THOM, SUZANNE, E.; Springfield; Marketing; Lambda Delta Phi, Pres., Treas.; Concert Band; Tau Beta Sigma; Marketing Assoc; Dean ' s List. THOMAS, GLENN R.; Whitman; Engineering; ASME; Swim- ming. THOMASON, JEAN M.; Weston; Government, THOMPSON, BEVERLY C; Bedford; English. THOMPSON, GOODWINA; North Adams; Education; Ed. Club; Modern Dance Club; Dorm Gov ' t; Dean ' s List. THOMPSON, KARAN P.; Holden; English; Newman Club; Colle- gian. THOMSON, IAN 8.; Springfield; Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; ASME; lAESTE; SAE; Counselor; Student Activities Comm. THORNE, DIANA W.; Millis; Medical Technology; Alpha Delta Theta. THRELFALL, LINDA A.; No. Weymouth; English; Newman Club; Northampton Volunteer. TICE, WILLI.AM C; Newton; Economics; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Eco- nomics Club; Dorm Gov ' t; S.W. College Coun.; Class Exec. Coun.; Intramurals; Winter Carni Comm.; Homecoming Comm.; Dean ' s List. TIERNEY, JANET C; West Springfield; BFA. TILTON, WILLIAM S., Ill; Northfield; Psychology; Greenfield Community College. TIRRELL, MICHAEL W.; Windsor; Agriculture; Nat ' l Wildlife Soc; Berkshire Community College. TITLEMAN, BENN; New Haven, Conn.; Marketing; Phi Sigma Del- ta, Historian; Dean ' s List; Yahoo. TOCKEN, JOHN F.; Peabody; Genera Business Finance; Intra- murals; Acctg. Assoc. TOCMAN, HOWARD C; West Newton; Management; Crew Club; Intramurals; Dorm Homecoming Comm. TOGNINI, ALICE A.; Pittsfield; BEA; Index; Summer Senate, Ad Hoc Comm.; Dean ' s List; Phi Kappa Phi; Undergrad Asst., Fine Arts Coun. TOMKIEWICZ, CAROL P.; No. Dartmouth; Pre-Vet.; Newman Club; Dean ' s List; American Soc. of Animal Science Award. TOMKIEWICZ, CAROLYN ].; So. Grafton; Zoology; Newman Club; Dean ' s List. TONDORF, JOSEPH 8., JR.; Hingham; Sociology; ARCON; Beta Kappa Phi, Rush Chrm.; Intramurals; Dean ' s List. TOOHEY, DAWN M.; Australia; Physical Education; Concert Dance; Dean ' s List. TOOHEY, JAMES P.; Marlboro; Accounting; Quinslgamond Community College; Acag. Club; Young Republican Club; TFG. TOSTE, ANN M.; Rehobath; Psychology; Newman Club; Equestrian Club. TOWNLEY, ANNETTE; New Rochelle, N. Y.; English; Spectrum, Poetry Editor; M.L.K. Social Action Coun.; Biafra Relief Services Organ.; CQE. TOWNSEND, CYNTHIA R.; Needham; Spanish; Dean ' s List. TRACEY, SUSAN; Newton; Animal Science; Equestrian Club. TRACHTENBERG, LAURAS.; Newtonville; Microbiology. TRAINER, PETER C; Dennisport; Zoology; Scuba Club; Intra- murals; Dean ' s List. TREES, JOANN; West Concord; Home Economics; Home Ec. Assoc; Dorm Social Chrm., Social Comm.; Dean ' s List. TRESSLER, CAROLYN; Braintree; English; Honors Colloquium; Collegians. TRIPP, JAMES A.; Edgartown; Sociology; Collegian, Photography Staff; Debate Team; Student Senate, Budgets Comm., Ways Means Comm.; Debate Team, V.P.; House Gov ' t. TROTTIER, SUSAN; Haverhill; Psychology; Northampton Volun- teers; Belchertown Volunteers; Dean ' s List. TROVATO, MICHAEL ).; Methuen; Government; Tau Epsilon Phi. TROWBRIDGE, SANDRA R.; Florence; French; Sigma Sigma Sig- ma; Scrolls; Panhellenic Rush Booklet, Editor. TROWT, MARGARET S.; Wenham; Sociology; Sigma Kappa, Soci- al Chrm.; Index; S.U. Program Coun. TRUESDELL, DALE B.; Shelburne; Geology; Astronomy Club. TRYON, ELINOR; Morgantown, W. V.; Education. TRZCIENSKI, ROBERT A.; So. Deerfield; Management; Intra- murals; Dean ' s List. TUMMINELLI, CHARLES R., JR.; Lodi, N. J.; Physical Education; Lambda Chi Alpha; Varsity Football; Intramurals. TURCHAN, JOHN A.; Norwood; Agriculture. TURK, ROBERTA G.; Smithtown, N. Y.; Art; Dorm Gov ' t. Rep.; Drug Workshop; Free Univ.; Dean ' s List. TUSHIN, BARBARA J.; Waltham; Mathematics; Counselor; Exec. Coun. TUTTLE, JOAN A.; Sharon; Education; Alpha Chi Omega. TUTTLE, ROGER N., JR.; Forge Village; Accounting. TUTTLE, STEPHANIE A.; Pleasantville, N. Y.; Medical Technology; Marietta College. TWISS, ROBERT M.; Sturbridge; Economics; Phi Mu Delta; Sena- tor at Large; Master Planning Comm., S.U. Gov. Bd., Sec. Treas.; Class Exec. Coun.; Dorm Pres.; Revelers; Frosh Cross Country. ii TWOMBLY, SHARON A.; Groveland; English; Collegian; Spec- trum. TWOMEY, ANNE M.; Methuen; Nursing; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Scholarship Chrm.; Nursing Club; Counselor. TWOMEY, PATRICIA A.; Lynn; Sociology; Sigma Kappa; Ski Club; Sociology Club; Dorm Standards; Dean ' s List. TYLER, PAMELA L.; Westboro; Sociology; NES; Dean ' s List. URBAN, CAROLYN J.; Torrington, Conn.; Education; Women ' s Varsity Competitive Swim Team; Exec. Coun. URSd, MARY A.; Tampa, Fla.; English; Phi Beta Kappa. VACANTI, GARY C; Oakland, Calif.; History; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Activities Chrm., Rush Chrm.; ARCON; M.L.K. Social Action Coun.; M.L.K. Memorial Lecture Series Comm.; Univ. Theatre; Exec. Coun.; Inlramurals; Swim Team; IFC. VACCARO, JOSEPH F.; Lexington; Chemical Engineering; AICHE; Intramurals; Football; Softball; PARIAHS; Dean ' s List. VAHRAMIAN, VAHRAM; Sunderland; Microbiology. VAJCOVEC, DAVID C; Webster; Economics; Phi Sigma Kap- pa, Officer; Maroon Keys; Dean ' s Comm. on Univ. Affairs; Dean ' s List; Intramurals. VALERIO, CAROLE E.; Brimfield; Education; Newman Club. VALIUNAS, FILIBERTAS M.; Brockton; n(hropo ogy. WISE, KRISTINE K.; Huntington Sta., N. Y.; Geology; S.U. Movie Comm.; Geology Faculty Student Liaison Comm.; S.U. Program Coun.; Dorm Standards Comm., Counselor. VAN DEWATER, JANE A.; Monroe, N, Y.; Art; Westfield State Col- lege. VARNUM, LOUISA A.; Lowell; History; Collegian; Dean ' s List. VARTANIAN, ALICE E.; Bound Brook, N. J.; Sociology; Sigma Del- ta Tau, House Manager. VATCHER, KAREN L.; Rehoboth; English; Dorm Program Coun.; Lambda Delta Phi, Activities Chrm.; Eng. Dept. Undergrad. Coun- cil, Vice-Chrm. VEALE, DAVID J.; Wakefield; Government; Senior Class, Pres.; SWAP; Revelers; ARCON; Commencement Task Force; Who ' s Who; Distinguished Senior. VEGAL, ELLEN D.; Mattapan; Education; House Cultural Chrm.; Standards Rep. VEGHTE, BARBARA:; Belle Mead, N. ).; Education; Class Exec. Coun.; Dean ' s Advisory Comm.; NES; Ski Club; Dorm Exec. Coun. VEITH, DIANA L.; Chicopee Falls; Psychology; Dean ' s List; Phi Beta Kappa. VERATTI, THOMAS E.; Amherst; fng neering; AICHE; Intra- murals; Varsity Soccer; Westfield College; Math Club. VERPLANCK, ANN B.; Winchester; Education; Collegian, Photo Technician. VEVES, ARTHUR ].; Lowell; Psychology; Beta Kappa Phi, Social Chrm.; AUK; Winter Carni Comm.; Homecoming Comm.; Tennis Team; Psych. Club. VILLANI, KEVIN E.; Buzzards Bay; Mathematics; Zeta Nu, Alumni Sec; Intramurals; Administrative Intern. VIRZI, JEROME I.; Massapequa, N. Y.; Agriculture; Ski Club; In- tramurals; Peace Corps Prog. VISCONTl, DIANE M.; Milford; Chemistry; Dean ' s List. VITTUM, KENNETH A.; Springfield; Spanish; Spanish Club, V.P. VOCI, EUGENE K.; Brockton; M AE; ASME; Tau Beta Pi. VOCI, VINCENT; Brockton; Pre-Medical. VOLK, DOUGLAS A.; Swampscott; Accounting; Tau Epsilon Phi, Treas.; Acctg. Club, Pres.; Varsity Football; Maroon Keys. WAEDLE, LINDA LEE; Reading; Music; Univ. Chorale; Chamber Singers; Chorale, Publicity Manager; Miss Univ. Pageant. WAGNER, CAROL M.; Amherst; Elementary Education. WAIBEL, DENNIS ).; Belchertown; Engineering; AICHE, Treas. WALDMAN, CAROL E.; Sharon; Zoology; Counselor; Dorm Judi- ciary; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Dean ' s List. WALDRON, DENISE M.; Milton; Home Economics; Chorus. WALES, WILLIAM J.; Newton; Marketing: Beta Kappa Phi; Mktg. Club; Intramurals; Nevs ' ton Junior College. WALKER, GLENN K.; Weymouth; Zoology; Dorm Council; Dean ' s List; Intramurals; Dorm Cultural Comm. WALKER, NANCY; Melrose; English; Index; Student Senate; Academic Affairs; Dorm Pres.; Area Council; Oxford Seminar. WALKO, SANDRA J.; Northampton; French; lota Gamma Upsilon; Dean ' s List. WALKER, SEAN M.; Sunderland; Genera Business Finance; Beta Kappa Phi. WALLS, MARYLOU E.; Ludlow; Communication Disorders; Com- munications Disorders Club; Metropolitan Action Seminar; Counselor. WALSH, JOHN P.; New Bedford; Economics. WALSH, MARY ANNE; Sunderland; Government; Pi Sigma Alpha; Dean ' s List. WALTER, CAROL I.; Newton; History; Dean ' s List. WALTERMIRE, ROBERT C.; Bernardston; Agriculture; Wildlife Soc; House Council, Floor Rep. WANDREY, FRANK E.; Reading; Mathematics; Collegian, Ad- vertising Mgr., Business Mgr.; Alpha Phi Gamma. WARD, BRYAN E.; Phillipston; Engineering; ASCE. WARD, MICHAEL M.; Brockton; English; Summer Student Exec. Coun.; WMUA. WARING, ANNE L.; Palmyra, N. J.; Education; Symphony Band; Symphony Orchestra; Marching Band. WARREN, SUSAN A.; Fall River; Nursing; Nursing Club. WATERMAN, DAVID T.; Whitman; Medical Technology. WATNICK, SHEILA A.; Brockton; Art; Class Exec. Coun.; Pres. Coun.; Northampton Volunteers; Hillel; Dorm Social Comm.; Winter Carni Store Comm., Co-Chrm.; Class Gift Comm.; Winter Carni Theme and Booklet Comm.; Dean ' s List. WATRING, RITA S.; Amherst; Nursing; Phi Kappa Phi; Honors Colloquia; Homecoming Float Comm.; Nursing Curriculum Comm.; Counselor Selection Bd.; Dorm Cultural Comm.; Dorm Academic Comm., Standar ds Comm., Chrm.; Counselor. WATSON, ELIZABETH A.; Westfield; History; Ed. Club; Dorm Exec. Comm.; Dean ' s List. WAYNE, ROBERT B.; Pittsfield; English; M.L.K. Poverty Comm.; NES. WEBBER, RUTH A.; Baldwinville; History; Dean ' s List; Univ. of Maine., Mt. Wachusett Community College. WEBSTER, CYNTHIA L.; Wellesley; Psychology. WEEKS, JEFFREY S.; PIttsfield; Agriculture; Arbor Park Club; Forestry Club; House Coun., Judiciary, Counselor. WEINBERG, NEAL; Springfield; Government; Sigma Alpfia Mu, Atfiletic Chrm., Raid Chrm., Historian, Outstanding Sophomore; Dorm Coun. WEINBERG, STANLEY L.; Boston; Sociology; House Judiciary, Chief Justice; Dean ' s List. WEINBERGER, MARC G.; Framingham; Quantitative Methods; Counselor; Judiciary; Hillel; Dean ' s List. WEINER, DAVID M.; Saugus; History; Alpha Phi Omega, V.P., Pledge Master; Chorus. WEINER, LESLIE A.; Holyoke; Communication Disorders; Sigma Delta; Communication Disorders Club, Treas. WEINER, LESLEY M.; Mattapan; Education; lota Gamma Upsilon, Recording Sec; Panhellenic R ep., Council, Publicity Chrm.; Ski Club; Ed. Club; Exec. Coun.; Winter Garni Comm. WEINTRAUB, RICHARD P.; Brookline; General Business Finance. WEISMAN, STEVEN J.; Waban; Philosophy; Alpha Epsilon Phi, Sec; WMUA Moderator; Class Treas., Pres.; IFC; Track Team. WEISS, CHERYL L.; Brookline; Sociology; Kappa Alpha Theta; M.L.K. Coun.; Counselor. WEISS, MARILYN E.; Attleboro; Education; Kappa Alpha Theta; Dean ' s List. WEISS, ROBERT M.; North Andover; Management; Exec. Coun.; Winter Garni Comm.; Concert Comm.; Dean ' s List. WELCH, BARBARA A.; Belchertown; Physical Education. WELSH, CHRISTEEN S.; Northampton; Government. WELLS, LYNN D.; Wellesley Hills; English; Alpha Chi Omega; Winter Garni Court; Greek Week Queen; Homecoming Comm.; Special Events Comm.; Dean ' s List. WENDELL, BARRY W.; Woburn; Education; Phi Mu Delta; Colle- gian; Chorale, Sec, Publicity Mgr., Tour Mgr.; Counselor; Phi Mu Delta; Judiciary; The Jeffersons. WERNER, JACALYN; North Bellmore, N. Y.; Home Economics; The Merril l Palmer Institute; Omicron Nu. WERNER, MARDEE M.; Brockton; English; Homecoming Comm.; Dorm Social Chrm.; Dean ' s List. WESOLASKI, KATHLEEN J.; Holyoke; Psychology; Newman Club; Exec. Coun.; Index. VVESOLOWSKI, ROBERTS.; Greenfield; Psychology: Student Sen- ate Academic Affairs Comm.; Belchertown Volunteers; Northam- pton Volunteers; Dean ' s List. WESTERLING, DAVID L.; Fairfield, Conn.; fngineer ng; Chorale; ASCE; Senior Honors Program. WESTON, MARGARET L.; Cheshire; Art; Area Gov ' t; Dean ' s List. WESTPHALEN, MARCIA E.; Webster Groves, Missouri; Education; New York Univ. WEYMOUTH, DOUGLAS L.; Bedford; History. WHIDDEN, MARGARET E.; So. Hadley; Home Economics; New- man Club; American HEC Assoc; Dorm Judiciary Bd., Cultural Comm., Counselor. WHITE, ALAN R.; Gardner; Agriculture; Outine Club; Forestry Club. WHITE. BEN E., JR.; Quincy; Management; Exec. Coun. WHITE, CHRISTINE A.; Pittsfield; Education; Dorm Social Comm., f Cultural Comm.; Ed. Club; Dorm Treas.; Berkshire Community College. WHITE, CHRISTINE I.; Wayland; Education; Cheerleading; NES; Cultural Comm.; Dean ' s List. WHITE, CYNTHIA L.; Whitman; Mathemat cs. WHITE, DONALD F.; Watertown; Physical Education. WHITE, ELIZABETH J.; Holbrook; English; Dorm Floor Rep.; Fly- ing Club; Dorm Standards Comm., Counselor; Collegian Repor- ter; Dean ' s List. WHITE, JEFFREY S.; Northampton; Management; AIIE; SBA Stu- dent Organ.; Crew; Dorm Judiciary. WHITE, JOSEPH R.; Amherst; Marketing; Mktg. Club; Student Flying Club; Dean ' s List. WHITE, SANFORD R.; Marblehead; Ph osophy; Intramurals; Psych, Club. WHITING, PETER A.; Northampton; Engineering; ASCE; Dorm Gov ' t; Tau Beta Pi, V.P.; Honors Colloquium; Intramurals; Dean ' s List; Senior Honors Thesis. WHITNEY, DAVID E.; Leicester; English; Alpha Phi Omega, Recording Sec; Dorm Gov ' t; WMUA; Dean ' s List; Intramurals. WHITTAKER, ALICE H.; Belchertown; Sociology. h iA WILCOX, BARBARA; Bedford; English; Senior Exec. Coun.; Dean ' s List. WILCOX, WILLIAM M.; Edgartown; Geology; Dean ' s List. WILDER, FERD W.; Hyde Park; Sociology; Concert Dance; Tennis. WILDZUNAS, PETER V.; Delmar, N. Y.; Agriculture; Forestry Club; Paul Smith ' s College. WHITTEMORE, ROBERT H.; Amherst; Forestry; Forestry Club, Treas. WICHTERMANN, GRETCHEN; Harvard; BFA; Christian Science Organ. WIESEL, WILLIAM E., JR.; So. Hadley; Astronomy; Astron. Club, Pres., V.P.; Lutheran Student Congregation at LIM, Pres., V.P.; Phi Beta Kappa. WEIWEL, DIANA; Groton; Howe Economics; Alpha Chi Omega; Omicron Nu; Dean ' s List. WILEY, DONNA W.; Agawam; Sociology. WILKES, DEBORAH R.; Greenfield; Zoology; Kappa Kappa Gam- ma; Ski Club; Univ. of Bologna Summer Session; Dorm Standards Comm. WILKES, GAIL; Greenfield; Zoology. WILKINSON, JAMES P., Ill; Springfield; BFA; Sigma Alpha Mu, Pledgemaster; Afro-Am. Organ.; Exec. Coun.; Drum, Art De- sign Editor; Maroon Keys, Sec; Dorm V.P.; Counselor; Freshman Orientation Counselor. WILKINSON, MARK R.; North Amherst; English. WILLARD, CHRISTINE L.; Worcester; Nursing; Nursing Club; Dean ' s List; Ski Club; TKB; Dorm Social Chrm.; Newman Club. WILLIAMS, CHARLES E.; Jenkins, Kentucky; Genera Business Finance. WILLIAMS, MARION H.; Amherst; Education. WILLIS, KATHLEEN M.; No. Andover; Education; Chi Omega; Revelers; Univ. of New Mexico. WILLIS, RAYMOND C; Charlemont; Physical Education; QTV; Intramurals; Track; Dean ' s List; Greenfield Community College; Univ. of Maryland. WILLSCHER, MARLIES H.; Waltham; Education; Chi Omega, Treas.; Skiing; Sorority Sing. WILSON, ALLEN P.; Marlboro; Government; Dorm Pres. WILSON, ANN M.; Holyoke; English; Alpha Chi Omega, Song Chrm.; Poverty Comm.; Creek Weekend Comm.; Ski Club; New- man Club. WILSON, JOHN R.; West Springfield; Agriculture; Intra- murals; Dean ' s List. WILSON, PATRICIA W.; Lynn; Home Economics; Dorm Social Comm.; Dean ' s List. WINSLOW, PAUL N.; Auburndale; Anthropo ogy; Astron. Club; Flying Club; Dean ' s List. VMNTRINCHAM, WILLIAM A.; So. Attleboro; £conom cs; Alpha Sigma Phi; IFC. WINZELBERG, GARY G.; Sharon; Pre-Medical; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Exec. Coun.; Winter Carni Comm.; Dean ' s List; Honors Collo- quium. WISCHHOF, DAVID A.; Chicopee Falls; £ng ' neen ' ng; Tau Beta Pi; Tau Alpha Pi; Dean ' s List; Wentworth Institute; Dean ' s List. WISE, RICHARD A.; Sunderland; dHisWry. WOJCIK, JOAN E.; Fall River; Home Economics; Newman Club; Student Judiciary; Dean ' s List. WOJEWODA, MARCIA A.; Hatfield; English; Newman Club; Pi Beta Phi; Dean ' s List. WOLFSON, ARNOLD H.; Revere; Veterinary and Animal Sciences. WOLK, LINDA R.; Medford; Nursing; Nursing Honor Soc, Pres.; Hillel; Exec. Coun.; Curriculum Comm. for the Sch. of Nursing; Counselor. WONSEK, PAUL F.; West Springfield; Theater; Sigma Alpha Mu, Athletic Chrm.; Roister Doisters; Operetta Guild. WOODBURY, BARBARA K.; Amherst; Education. WOODBERRY, ELLEN T.; Waltham; Zoology; Counselor, French Corridor; Dean ' s List; S.W. Assembly; Zool. Lab Asst. WOODFORK, NANCY A.; Amherst; Sociology; Afro-Am. Treas.; House Judiciary, Exec. Coun.; Dean ' s List. WOODLOCK, SUSAN E.; Reading; Education; Newman Club; Dean ' s List. WORRALL, ELLEN J.; Attleboro; Sociology. WRIGHT, DONALD E.; Erie, Pa.; History; Kappa Sigma, Pres. WRIGHT, JUDITH L.; Watertown; Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma. 452 WRIGHT, PETER C; Dedham; Pre-Dental; Counselor; Intra- murals; Dean ' s List. WRIGHT, ROBERT A.; Cochituate; Accounting; Collegiate Flying Club, Pres. WYCKOFF, KATHERINE W.; Needham; Veterinary Animal Sci- ences; Equestrian Drill Team. WYNN, RICHARD H.; Brookline; History; Theta Chi; Maroon Keys; ARCON. mk WYNNE, CATHERINE R.; Chicopee; Nursing; Nursing Club; Dorm Judiciary Bd. YAFFE, PETER A.; Brockton; Marketing; Hillel; Mktg. Club; Intra- murals. YANEY, JOHN C; Whitman; Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; ASCE; Dean ' s List; Senior Honors Thesis. YANKEE, JAMES R.; North Attleboro; Astronomy; Astro Club, Treas., Pres.; Dean ' s List. YARROWS, SUZANNE M.; Hatfield; Psycfio ogy; NRSA; Dean ' s List. YARVITZ, KENNETH I.; Lynn; Zoology; Alpha Epsilon Pi; IFC; Class Exec. Coun.; Winter Carni Comm. YORK, THOMAS J.; Bedminster, N. J.; Physical Education; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Varsity Football, Co-Capt. YOUNG, ALAN W.; Lynn; Mathematics; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Math Club; Outing Club; Intramurals; Univ. Theater; Dean ' s List. YOUNG, DONALD R.; Holyoke; Marketing; Mktg. Club; SBA Student Ad. Hoc. Comm.; Varsity Football; Dean ' s List. YOUNG, JANIS M.; Webster; Child Development; Dean ' s List; Newman Club; Tutor Vol. for Dorm. YOUNG, MARILYN I.; Sharon; Education; Ed. Club; Collegian. YOUNG, WENDY J.; Attleboro; Physical Education; Chi Omega; Revelers; NAIADS. YU, EUGENE L.; Boston; Electrical Engineering; IEEE. ZAJAC, DIANE S.; W. Upton; English. ZARICK, LEE; No. Reading; English; Equestrian Club; Index. ZAWROTNY, MICHAEL P.; Indian Orchard; Accounting; Acctg. Assoc; Soccer Team. ZEKIS, ROBERT J.; Methuen; Accounting: Phi Mu Delta, Rush Chrm.,Treas. ZENDLE, VIVIAN A.; Glen Cove, N. Y.; Communication Dis- orders; Communication Disorders Club. ZILMAN, CAROL L.; Maiden; English; Homecoming Comm.; Exec. Coun.; NES; Dean ' s List. ZITO, SUSAN L.; Paoli, Pa.; Sociology; Dorm Treas.; House Judiciary. ZLOTIN, PAULA N.; Nantucket; History; Dorm Judiciary Bd.; Dean ' s List. ZOELLER, SUSAN A.; Arlington; Government; Sigma Delta Tau; Newman Club; Exec. Coun. ZUCCHI, PHILIP F.; Manomet; Government; Newman Club; Dean ' s List; Pi Sigma Alpha. ZUCKER, DAVID A.; Chester; Theatre; Sigma Alpha Mu; Soccer; UMass Theatre; Roister Doisters; Dean ' s List; Intramurals. hiktm 5 ? ZUROWSKl, PAULA; Holyoke; English. AVEN, ANDREA; Brockton; fducation. Seniors not pictured ABBOTT, DONALD ABORJAILY, RICHARD ADAMS, THOMAS ADELSON,FRED AKINS, KATHLEEN ALBOUM, HOWARD ALICANDRI,MARY ALLEN, DAVID ALLEN, FRANK ALLEN, WALTER ALLIS, FAYE AMBROSE, DANIEL AMBROSE, MARGARET ANDERSEN, lOHANNE SHUMWAY, MARY ANTESKI, DAVID APFEL, KENNETH APPELL, STEPHEN ARNIERI, ANTHONY ARONER, MARC ARONOW, DAVID ASHLEY, CHARLENE AUSIKAITIS,|OHN AUSTIN, DANIEL AVICK, JEFFREY AYLWARD, RICHARD AZEVEDO, JAMES BACON, PAUL BAILEY, JAMES BAILEY, THOMAS BAKAS, CHRIS BAKOS,IOHN BALDWIN, PHYLLIS BARCATTI, LOUIS BARNES, PAUL BARON, LEORA BARRY, JAMES BARRY, VINCENT BARSELOU, GREGG BASSETT, JAMES BATES, KENNETH BAZOS, THOMAS BELCHER, JANET BELL, DEBORAH BELLEFEUILLE BENDER, NORMAN BENNETT, LINDA BENNETT, NORMAN BENNOTTl, LINDA BENOIT, CLAUDE BENTLEY, THOMAS BERGERON, ROBERT BERK, LESLIE BERKOWITZ, JOAN BERMAN, SHEILA BERNSTEIN, RHONDA BETCHICK.KURT BETZ, BETTE BEVILACQUA, ROBERT BIALKA, ROBERT BICKFORD, LINDA BISHOP, JOSEPH BLACK, DANA BLAIR, BARRY BLAKESLEE, ANN BLECKWEHL, ROBIN BLEIER, ROBERT BLUM, JEANNE BOARDMAN, SUSAN BODZIOCH, KENNETH BONATAKIS, JAMES BONNER, MARY BOND, RICHARD BONSEY, JAMES BOUCHER, ROBERT BOUMEL, ROBERT BOWERS, JAMES BOWERS, MARTHA BOYNTON, DENNIS HOBAN, CAROL BRADLEY, JOHN BRADLEY, JOHN B RADY, MARY BRANCO, KENNETH BRENNAN, JOHN BRIGGS, WAYNE BROWN, DANIEL BROWN, STEVEN BROWN, WILLIAM BRUHM, DOUGLAS BRUNTON, WILLIAM BRYDA, STEPHEN BUCKLER, ANNE BURKE, GREGORY BURNS, RICHARD BURR, CHARLES BUTT, RIGINALD CADIEUX, ANTHONY CADY, GORDON CALDER, CHARLES CALDWELL, JANET CALICHMAN, STEVEN CALIRI, SUSAN CALLAHAN, RICHARD CAMPACNA, CARL CANON, WILLIAM CARDOZA, EDWARD CAREY, WILLIAM CARLSON, DAVID CARMODY, FRANCINE CARROLL, WILLIAM CARTER, DAVID CASO, EUGENE CASSIANI, RONALD CASSISTA, JOSEPH CENEDELLA, ALFRED CEPLIKAS, RICHARD CHACE, ETHEL CHAMBERLAND, ROBERT CHANDLER, RALPH CHAPIN, ROBAIEE CHAPIN, ROBERT CHAPLIN, CANDACE CHAPMAN, ALAN CHAPMAN, DAEL CHAPMAN, DENNIS CHARAK, DAVID WYNNE, CATHERINE CHASE, HILDA CHASE, PAUL CHASE, WILLIAM CHIN, DONNA CHRAPPA, CARL CHRISTIANSEN, LAWRENCE CLARITY, RICHARD CLARK, ROSALIND CLEARY, DAVID SCHREURS, SUSAN CLINES, CHARLES COCCINS, GLENN COHEN, ARNOLD COHN,JOEL COLANTONIO, VICTOR COLE, CALVIN COLELLA,JOHN COLLETT, JEFFREY COMPTON, JACQUELYN COMPTON, JILL CONDEL, EDWARD CONLEY, JUDITH CONNELL, GERALD CONNORS, RAYMOND COOK, PRESTON COOPER, WILLIAM CORCORAN, MARY COSGROVE, JOSEPH COSMAN, JAMES COSTA, TERESA COX, ROBERT CROUCH, TERELL CURLEY, EILEEN CURLEY, JAMES CURRAN, MICHAEL CURTIS, MARGARET CUSHMAN, ROBERT DAHLQUIST, EMIL CURRY, SANDRA DARGELIS, ALAN DARCIE, HARRIET DAVIS, RAYMOND DEGNAN, PHILIP DEITCHMAN, CAROLYN DEKOK, ALICE DELGALLO, RICHARD DELMOLINO, WARREN DENNIS, PATRICIA DERBY, CHARLES DEREN, MARY DEROSIER, ROBERT DESANTIS, HENRY DESIATA, FRANK DESROSIERS, OSCAR DETTMAN, KAREN DEVAUGHN, CAROL DEVIR, JAMES DEYESSO, EDWARD DILLARD, PETER DILLON, SUSAN DINGMAN, CAROLYN DION, RONALD DITKOFF, BARBARA DOLAN, SUSAN SMITH, MARY DOLPH, LINDA DONAHUE, DENNIS DONALDSON, ROBERT DONEGAN, EDWARD DONOHUE, DENIS DONOVAN, ELLEN DONOVAN, KAREN DONOVAN, THOMAS DOTSON, DONALD DOTTAVIO, JOSEPH DOWNEY, ALAN DOYON, VICTORIA DRABINSKI, CHRISTINA DRINKWATER, ROBERT DRISCOLL, DAVID DUARTE, DANIEL DUDLEY, ANGELA DUDLEY, NANCY DUCRE, PETER DUKSTA, FRANCIS DULEVSKIS, DONATS DUNGER, GREGORY DUNLEVY, PAUL DUNN, KATHLEEN DUNPHY, JOHN KING, JANIS DUVALL, JOAN EATON, DONALD ECHLIN, JAMES EDBERG, JOYCE EDGAR, JOHN EISENSTOCK, ALAN EISMAN, WAYNE ENGLUND, GRETCHEN tRAMIAN, DANIEL ERTEL, KENNETH ETHIER, RICHARD EVANS, JACK EXARHOULAKOS, PETER FAHERTY, J. MICHAEL FALCONIERI, CRAIG FALLON, WILLIAM FARLEY, BRUCE FARRELL, JOHN FARRELL, SANDRA FAVREAU, CAROL FEINBERG, JOAN FEINBERG, LAWRENCE FELDMAN, RICHARD FEMINO, ANDREA FENNER, MARGARET-MARY FICKERT,CLENNA FICOCIELLO, JOHN FITZMEYER, RONALD NEALE,CATHLEEN FLAHERTY, PARICK FLEITES, CONRADO FLYNN, MICHAEL FLYNN, NICHOLAS FOLEY, JAMES FOLEY, JANET FORD, CYNTHIA FORMAN, BETSY FORMBY, JOEL FORTUNOFF, LAWRENCE FOSTER, FRANCES FOURNIER, EDWARD FOURNIER, LOUISE FRANCIS, DARYL FRANKE, ENRIQUETA FRASER, ELIZABETH PARK, SUZANNE FREEMAN, MARC FREITAS, EDWARD FRIEDMANN, BRIAN FRIEDMAN, JEROME FULLERTON, ROBERT FUSCO, ROSE GALE, JEFFREY GALLIVAN, JANET GALLIVAN, RICHARD GALVIN, REGINALD CAMACHE, MAUREEN GAMAN, STEVEN GANZ, RUSSELL GARBER,MYRA GARBOSE, LOUIS GARDNER, PATRICIA GATES, RICHARD GAUDREAU, GLENN GAUTHIER, GEORGE GEDIMAN, HENRY GENSER, ABBOTT GERRY, HARPER GERRY, WILLIAM GIELDA, GERALD GILBERT, KATHLEEN GILLIS.JOHN GlLMORE,KlRBY GILSON, MARY CINGRAS, LIONEL GIORGI, LOUIS GLACKEMEYER, RICHARD GOCHROS, GEORGE GOGGINS, TIMOTHY GOLDEN, VIRGINIA GONDLEMAN, JAY GOODMAN, MARK GOODMAN, STACIE GORDON, BRUCE CORDON, FRANCES COWDEY, ANN GRAF, ROBERT GRANGER, WILLIAM GREEN, CHARLES GRIFFIN, PAUL HARVEY, JANE GROSS, JUDITH CROSS, STEVEN N. GROSS, STEVEN W. GROSSMAN, HOWARD CRUGAN, SUZANNE GUERTIN, NORMA HAFF, MARILYN HAGUE, SUSAN HALPERN, PETER HALPREN, JACK HAMBERG, CLAUDIA HAMILTON, CURTIS HAMILTON, LOIS HANDEL, THOMAS HANEY, JOSEPH HANIFAN, CHARLES HANLEY, HAZEL HANLON, KATHLEEN HARDER, JOHN HARDING, ELIZABETH HARLESTON, JEROME HARRISON, RHODERICK HARVEY, PETER HARVEY, ROBERT HASELTINE, CATHERINE HASKELL, PAUL HASS, HELENE HASTINGS, JANET HASTINGS, RUTH HAVEN, RONALD HAY, JONATHAN HAYES, JOHANNA HAYES, WILLIAM ECK, SUSAN HEALEY, SCOTT HEALY, JAMES HEAP, HAROLD HECHLER, MICHAEL HEMPHILL, DIANE HENDRICK, JAMES HENNESSEY, KATHLEEN HIBBARD, KENNETH HICKOK, MARGUERITE HIERMAN, STEVEN HIGINBOTHAM, BRENT HILDONEN, RAYMOND HILLSON, JEANNE HITOV, STEVEN HOADLEY, RICHARD HOEY, DEBORAH HOFFMAN, GARY HOPSKINS, NANCY HORN, GRETCHEN HOULE, PETER HOULIHAN, PATRICK HOWE, GERALD HOWLAND, GERALD HOWLE, DANIEL HUNT, KENNETH HUNT, ROBERT HUNTER, MERILYN HURLD, LINDA HURSTON, JAMES HUTCHINS, GORDON HYTE, MARILYN lACOVELLl, RICHARD lANNAZZO, ROBERT IMMONEN,ROY JACKSON, CYNTHIA JACKSON, ROBERT JANDS, ELIZABETH JENKINS, DONALD JOHNSON, DEAN JOHNSON, SCOTT JOHNSON, WILLIAM JOLY, RICHARD JONES, GAIL MIKOLAYCIK,GAIL KAHN, WARREN KALISH, ROBERT KAPLAN, PHILIP KARAFOTIAS, PENNY KARWOSKI, CHESTER KATZ, MICHAEL KAUPPILA, LEE KAVANAGH, JOAN KEAN, JAMES KEANE, MARILYN KEANEY, WILLIAM KEATING, ROBERT KELLERMAN, STEVEN KELLY, EDWARD KENNEY, EDMUND KETLER,|OHN KING, JOHN KING, MEREDITH KIRSHEN, MARC KLIMCZUK, ROMA KLINE, PEARL KNAPIK, BEVERLY KNAPP, RICHARD KNAPP, ROBERT KNEISEL, MARCIA KNOWLES, ROBERT KNOX, ROSEANN KOCH, MICHAEL KOKOSKI, STANLEY KOLAKOWSKI, WILLIAM KOSKl, HOWARD KOWALSKI, RONALD KOZIKOWSKMOHN KRAMER, RICHARD KRAMER, STUART KRAUSE, MICHAEL THOMPSON, CONSTANCE KUBACKI, MICHAEL KULCZYK, MARGARET KUNELIUS, LINDA KURPIEL, RAYMOND KUSCHNER, DAVID LABERIS, STEPHEN LACHAPELLE, CLAIRE LACHAPELLE, KENNETH LAGOY, EDWARD LAKSO, DAGMAR LAMBERT, RICHARD LAMMINEN, LINDA LAMONT, PAULA LANCTO, CRAIG LANDRY, GREGORY LANE, WILLIAM LAROCHE, ANNETTE LASCOUTX, CARLOS LASKOWSKI, BARBARA LAVERTY, PAUL LAWLOR, THOMAS LEACH, BRIAN LEACH, PAMELA LEARY, EDWARD LEARY, SANDRA LEGRO, JEFFREY LENART, DAVID HOPKINS, CATHERINE LEONARD, JEANNE LEONARD, THOMAS LEPPANEN, CAROL LEPRI, RONALD LEVINE, JANET LEVY, ELLIOT LEWIN, MARJORIE LICHWALA, NANCY LIESE, DANIEL LIGHTHOLDER,JOHN LIPPI, GEORGE LOOl, RICHARD LONGO, PAUL LOOSIGIAN, SUSAN LORD, HENRY LORDEN, WILLIAM LUBARSKY, DAVID LUNT, LAWRENCE LUTZ, JOANN LYLIS, DAVID LYNCH, JESSICA LYN CH, JOHN LYNCE, GEOFFREY LYON, ROBERT LYON, STEPHEN LYONS, JOHN MACDONALD, MARCIA MACDOUGALL, ROBERT MACISSAC, KEVIN MACKECHNIE,JANE MACLEOD, JOHN MACOMBER, JAMES MADDEN, MARY MAGEE, JONATHAN MACWOOD, ROBERT MAHONEY, MARY MAHONEY, PAUL MALENGA, NGAI MALLOY,JOHN MALMBORC, EDWARD MALONE, THOMAS MALONEY, JOHN MALONEY, STEPHEN SCHILLER, SUSAN MANSUR, ROY MARADIAN, CHARLES MARCELLO, ROCCO MARCINUK, ROBERT MARFAN, ELIZABETH MARMELSTEIN, JOEL MARSH, BRIAN FORASTE, DIANE MARTIN, GLORIA MASCIANICA, FRANCIS MASI, RICHARD MASSEY, HARRY MASTERTON, HARRY MASTERTON, LORRAINE MAURI, JAY MAYWALD, MAGDA MCALLISTER, FRANCIS MCCARRAN, ARTHUR MCCARTHY, JEAN MCCLOSKEY, THOMAS SHELDEN, JOYCE MCCOLLUM,R. H. MCDONOUGH, GAIL BLACK, THERESA MCEWAN, VINCENT MCGARRY, FRANCES MCGRATH, MICHAEL MCINTOSH, ANNE HOOVER, BARBARA MCKENNA, WILLIAM MCLAUGHLIN, SUSAN MCMANN, WILLIAM MCNEILL, MARK MCNETT, JEANNE MEDEIROS,JOHN MEDELINSKAS, GEORGE MEINHART, ROBERT MELENDY.JEAN MELNIK, SAMUEL MELVILLE, TERRENCE MEYER, RICHARD MICHAUD, RONALD MIGLIORE, MICHAEL MASS, RICHARD CAMPION, CANDICE MILLER, CAROL MILLER, CHRISTINA MIRKIN, FRANCIS MISEPH, BRYON MONGEAU, RICHARD MOODY, GERALD MORAND, JOHN MORGAN, DIANE MORIARTY,)OHN MORIN, GEORGE MORRISSEY, ELEANOR M0RRIS50N, NORMAN MOSER, GAIL MOTRONI, JAMES MOYLAN, TIMOTHY MULREAN, JOSEPH MURPHY, BRIAN MURPHY, JAMES MURPHY, JOHN MURPHY, RICHARD MURRAY, DAVID NELLHAUS, lEFFREY NELSON, DEBORAH NELSON, JOSEPH NELSON, MICHAEL NERSHI, BARBARA NIFRJPSKI, HARRY NIX, MICHAEL NOBLIN, BEN NOVAK, MATTHEW NOVICK, DENA NYMAN, P UL NYQUIST. PAUL NYSTROM, CYNTHIA OAKLE ' i CHERU OBERLA.NDER LUCILLE OCONNELL. THOMAS ODONNELL, MARTIN OKEEFFE, PAUL OLSON, ELAINE OLTSCH, ANDREW ORDWAY, LOUISE ORLOSKI. MYRON OSHE , MICHAEL OSTROU , STEVEN OVER, WILLIAM OZIMEK, MICHAEL PACKARD, CYNTHIA PAPUCA, DAVID PAQUETTE, MONICA PARNAR, JOSEPH PARRISH, DAVID PASCO, DONNA PATTON, JONATHAN PATTON, LORNA PAVAO, JAMES PAYNE, RONALD PEAKES, ALLAN LAWTON, BARBARA PEREIRA.JANE PERKINS, JOHN PERREALLT, THERESA PERRELL, CHARLES PESSO.JAYNE PETERSON, KAREN PICARD, WAYNE PIERACCINI.MARK PIERCES, JOHN PIERCES, STEPHEN PIERDPAN.ELICE PIKEN.B. GEOFFREY POOLE, MARYELLEN POTE, WURINDA POTVIN.IANINE POWELL, RICHARD PRECOLRT, ORMAND PRENTISS, S. CLIFFORD PROKO, CAROL PROVENCHER, ERNEST PULEO. VINCENT PUNSKA.JOHN QUEALY. KATHRYN QUlCLEY,JOHN QUINLAN, MICHAEL REMAP, JANE RAINVILLE. GER LD RAMOSDETTA, MARIANNE RANKIS, THOMAS RAPPOLI, RICHARD RAYAN, SUSAN RAYMER, WENDY RAYNES, IINDA REAVEY, SUSAN REIS, ERNEST RICE, THOMAS RICHARDSON, ALAN RICHARDSON, LEROY RICHMAN, GERALD RITTER, DAVID ROBBIN5, EDWARD ROBERTSON, JAMES R08IS5KI, WILLIAM ROBISOS, JANICE ROEDER, RICHARD ROODE, ROBERT ROSCH, RAYMOND ROSE, RONALD ROSEMARK, MICHAEL ROSEN, LARRY ROUNDY, SUSAN ROY, EDWARD RUSIN, WILLIAM RUDER. DIANE RUCG, BERNARD RUMERY, LINDA RUP, MARY RYAN, JUSTINE POTAK.MARYIANE RVSZEWSKI, VINCENT SABBAC, STEPHEN SACCO, FRANK SAHLMAN, WILLIAM SALVACCIO, lANIS SANDBERC, LANCE SARNO, GERARD SARTV.CAIl SATIN, SOI SAVOY. HERMAN SCHERZER, BRIAN SCHILLER, CHARLES SCHIPANI. JOSEPH SCH.MELZER. JANE SCHNEIDER. lUllA SCHNETZER, STEPHEN SCHOPPE, SCOTT SCHULTHEIS, CARL SCISCENTO, MARGARET SCOTT, HUGH SCUDDER, BARBARA SCULL- R1, RICHARD SELICOUSW, THEODORE SEWARD, PETER SHAMPINE, RICHARD SHANHOLTZ, RICHARD SHARPE, GEORGE SHARPE, PETER SHAUGHNESSV, WILLIAM SHAW, EUDORA SHEA. DEBORAH SHEA, WILLIAM SHEAR, MICHAEL SHEEDV, BARBARA SHEIFFER, STEVEN SHELNUTT, PETER SHERMAN, BARRY SHERMAN, ROY SHILLADY, RONALD SHUMAN, RICHARD SHWARTZ, SUSAN SILBERMAN. MICHAEL SILVA, DENNIS SIMON, ALICE SINCLAIR, WILLIAM SIREN, CAROLYN SISWICK, DALE SWOL. JULIE SLACK. JEREMY SLAVAS, JAMES SLOAN, ALICE SLOAN. MYLAN SMARDZ, CHRISTOPHER SMALL. ALLAN SMALL. ROBERT SMIST. CHRISTINE SMITH. JEFFREY SMITH. LINDA SMITH. WILLIAM SNELGROVE, ANN SNYDER. STEVEN SOITOS. STEPHEN SOLAR. LYNDA SOLDVEI.JOHN SORGMAN, KENNETH SPADERNA, DIETER SPATZ. LEWIS SPENCER. ROBERT SPIGEL. PAUL SPUNT. BARRY STAAF. DAVID STACHOWICZ. SANDRA STANDNICKI. JAMES STAVROS.JOHN STCLAIR. GEORGE STEFAN. EDWARD STERGIS. DREW STERITI. PATRICK STILLSON. LAWRENCE BIALKA. SHELLEY STOLTZ. RONALD STONE, STEPHEN STRAUSS. NEIL STROSHINE, RUTH STUCK. EARL SUKANEK, DOUGLAS SULIN. THOMAS SULLIVAN. GAIL SUTHERLAND, RALPH SUTHERLAND, SUSAN SWANSON, DEBORAH SZCZURKO. CECELIA TANKUNS. MERTON TASHJIAN, PAUL TAYLOR, FRANK TEARS, SANDRA TEIXEIRA. GEORGE TESO, ANTHONY THORNE. DAVID THORSTENSEN, SUSAN TIERNEY. CATHERINE TIRRELL. EDWARD TOKARZ. CHARLES TOMASETTI.IOHN TOPHAM. RUTH TOPLITZ. STEVEN TRACY. THOMAS TSIANCO. MICHAEL TURE5KY, LEONARD TURCEON. NANCY TYLER, SUSAN UCHENICK.JOEL UPTON. STEVEN UZDAVINIS, JOANNE VANDER80CART, JOAN DEUSEN, GEORGE VANCERVEN, CLAUDIA VELOUDOS. SHEILA VLACH, KENNETH VOLUNCI5, PHILIP WILKINSON, EILEEN WAGNER, RUTH WAIDRON, DONALD WALKER, DOUGLAS WALLACH, IRA WALT, STEPHEN WALTERS, JOANNE WALTON, ROBERT WILSON, PATRICIA WATKINS, KATHY WATSON, ERICA WEINBERG, BARRY WELCH. LLOYD WELLS. SHARON WESLOW, ROBERT WHITBECK, JAMES WHITE. JEFFREY WILCOX. RICHARD WILDERMAN. MICHAEL WILDES. JANE WILKES. KATHRYN WILKINS. DENNIS WILLIAMS, ROBERT WILLIAMS, THOMAS WILLIS. ROBERT WILSON, ELIZABETH WILSON. lOHN WIRTANEN, ALLAN WISE. KRISTINE WOCRIN. LOIS WOO. WALLACE WOOD, ELIZABETH WOOD, GEORGE WOOD. JEFFREY WILEY, DONNA WOODS. THOMAS WORLEY, FRANCIS WATRINC, RITA YOUNG, RANDOLPH YUNOT, ROBERT ZACK, ARTHUR ZALTMAN, MARK ZARITT, MICHAEL ACARD, ANNE ALLEN, DANIEL APGAR. ANNE ARNONE, MARY ASSAD, LINDA BAKER, ROBERT BALZANI, ISABELLA BARNARD, PATRICIA BARNEY. EDWIN BARRETT. WILLIAM BARRON, LAURENCE BARTULA, LOIS BIERMAN, MARGARET BINGHAM, RICHARD BISSONNETTE, MARGARET BONAVITACOLA BRECHER, JANET BROOKS. JOYCE CARROLL, PETER CEPLIKAS, RICHARD CHASE, DEBORAH CHURCH, DARLENE COCHRANE, JAMES COGSWELL. VIOLET COHN. BONITA CORREIRA. JOSEPH COVEN, EILEEN CRABB. PATRICK CROWE, MICHAEL DAVIDSON, JAMES DEAN, J. HARRIS DELNORE, PATRICIA DEMORE, EDWARD DURKIN,JOHN ESTOCK, PAMELA FALANDES. SUSAN FINN. PETER FISHMAN, STEPHEN FLYNN, ROBERT FORBES, MARTHA GARANIN, JANICE GENOVA. PATRICIA GIBSON. MICHAEL GLOUTAK, JACQUELINE GOLDBERG, RICHARD GOLDSTEIN, )ED CRAIFF, JOHN HAIGH. CYNTHIA HANFLIG.JAY HASSAN, MARY HAWKINS, ARTHUR HERLING, I. BRADFORD HICKEY. JOHN HOLICKER, JAMES HUBBARD, BRIAN HUGHES, ERIC JANUSAS. JOANNE JONES, BETSY KAPLAN, HEDY KEATING, JEREMIAH KEHOE, ROBERT KENNEDY. ), STEPHEN KOSNICKI. RONALD KROL, SONIA KROSNICK.IUDITH KUPPERMAN. LEE LADD, LINDA LALONDE. JEFFREY LANGER.GAIL LEARY, JOHN LUNDBERC. RALPH MCALlIiTFR. MARGARET MCLEAN, ARTHUR MC5WIGGIN. FREDERICK MOCER, BARBARA MORFLAND, BARBARA NADELMAN, RICHARD NEWSLOW. MARTHA NODELMAN. ILENE OUIMET. BERNARD PALMER. DAVID PARADY. ROBERT PATELLA. SARA PLOTKIN. BONNIE POPE, NORMAN QUILTY, MAUREEN RESNICK, MARILYN RHEAULT, ROLAND RIAL, MARILYN ROBERTSON, DONALD RUSSELL, THOMAS SACKETT, DAVID SCHABLIK, NOEL SCHARFENBERCER, JAMES SCHROEDER, SALLY SCIABARRASI, FRANCES SENDERS, MARK SHARRILLO, ROLAND SHER, JERRI SHUCH, NANCY SLASKA, KATHRYN SNYDER. HOWARD SOLIVAN, JOSE SPAULDING, SALLY STABLER, DIANNE STEFAN, KATHLEEN STONE, JAYNE SULLIVAN, ELAINE SWEET, NEIL TARNOWSKI, KNUT TIMSON, JUDITH WALKER, NANCY WEBB, JAMES WILLIAMS, CHARLES WOODS, JOHN XANTHAKOS, HARRY ZACHAS, NANCY ZALESKI,JOHN ANDERSON, JEAN BEAUDOIN, LINDA CORMIER, DAVID DEVELLIS, ROBERT DYER, RICHARD ESTES, WILLIAM CALBREATH, BRUCE GOLD, HARRY COUVEIA, WALTER HOLTON, PAUL KOSIOREK, DAVID KUZEJA,JOHN MACLEAN, JOHN MANNING, MICHELE MCDONOUGH, HARRY MENDELSOHN, LOIS MOZCALA, WALTER MURPHY, PHILIP PARTRIDGE, ALICE ROBBINS, ROBERT TILLMAN, ARNOLD TOGNA, DIANE WAXMAN, HARVEY WILSON, DENNIS YANKEE, CAROL BROWN, ROBERT BUCK LEONARD CARLSON, ROBERT CHEVALIER, DANIEL CHIN, ARK CLARK, RICHARD COOK, MYRON COX, ROBERT DESILETS, VINCENT ELKINCTON, LORNA FAIR, JAMES CAGNE.JEANINE GARANIN, STEPHEN GOODMAN, ALAN HECK, ROBERT ISAAC, BARRY IWANOWICZ, HENRY KENNEDY, TERRY LAPIERRE, ROBERT LITCHFIELD, DANIEL MACLELLAN, BRUCE MOHLA, HARRY MUCHOUGHO, CHIUKEPO MURPHY, RONALD RICHARDS, STEVEN SHERMAN, GEORGE STILLMAN, GREGG VOLPE. RICHARD WINTTURI, WILLIAM WOODCOCK. PETER ACNOLI, DONALD ALLEN, ROGER ANTONELLI. RONALD BELLERIVE, RICHARD BERGMANN. STEPHEN CECCARELLI. DAVID CHACE. DONALD CONDON. STEVEN DIPILETO. CARL DISARCINA, JOSEPH FITZPATRICK, THOMAS GANNETT. CHESTER CRAVES. DAVID HARMON, WILLIAM HILLS. STUART HOMOLESKI, WILLIAM HORLACHER.JOHN lARSKI, WILLIAM JOHNSON. ALAN KIILELEA. TIMOTHY KOITZ. DAVID LANE. F, BAXTER LARSON, DAVID LYNCH. RICHARD MARR. ALEXANDER MC ( AR7LR. BARRY MCIJONNIII.RCJBERT MCGARRIGLE, RAYMOND MICHAELS, NORMAN MILLS, WARREN MORTON, PHILIP MURPHY, RICHARD MURRAY. WILLIAM NASH. CHARLES OCONNOR. DANIEL PEARLMAN. LAWRENCE RADLEY, JAMES RUBENSTEIN, ARTHUR TELLECHEA, JUAN TOMPKINS, EDWARD VANKLEECK, WILLIAM WIGGS. JOHN AMIDON.GLENEDE BODUCH, ANGELA BROOMFIELD, CATHY CHENEY, ALMA CHERNICK, MURA CORINDIA, JOHN FILKINS, SUSAN CIFTOS, JUDITH GMYREK. NANCY HENRY, BARBARA HUSTON, SUZANNE JANIK. CHRISTINE LANNEY, PRISCILLA LOGAN. CAROL MCCOWEN, KATHY MICNAULT, JERI NEWELL, MARION OCONNELL, BEVERLY PAUL, DONNA PIERCE, RUTH RICE, LUCILLE SLEEPER, RICHARD SPRAGUE, DONNA TENCZAR, MAUREEN THOMAS, SANDRA TUTTLE, LINDA WESLEY. SYLVIA ANDERSON, LINDA ASQUITH. ROBERT BRADLEY, ROBERT CLAUSS, EDWARD CRAIG, BEVERLY CURRAN, SUSAN KIK, DIANE DOMURAT,JOHN FRYE, WILLIAM GOMES, LORRAINE GREENE, ROGER HURTEAU. ANTHONY HURLEY, DIANE lOANILLI, LOUIS JARDULLO, MARY JARVIS, ANNE JEWETT, ARTHUR LEVESQUE, ARTHUR LANDSMAN, JOANNA LONG, NANCY LUDDEN, DIANE LUCAS. BRIAN MACDOUGALL. GEORGE MALATESTA, G.ALAN MARK, LEON MCCLOUD. WALLACE MILLER, RALPH MOCCA. DONNA MORRISSEY, JAMES PEPIN. RICHARD PETIT, BERNARD RODGERS, ELIZABETH ROSE, JAMES RUEL. PAUL STONE, GREGORY THOMAS, DEBORAH TUFTS, THOMAS VACCARO, PAUL VOISIN, THOMAS WHITLOCK, F, ELIZABETH WOLFF, JACQUELINE WOOD. LUCINDA WOOD, SANDRA ABRAHAMSON, STEVEN ADELMAN, GEORGE ALLISON, JOHN BARNHART, JERAD BATES. RODMAN BENSON, ROBERT BLEYLEIR, ROBERT BOUTIETTE JR., LAURENCE BURSLEY. ROBERT CAWLEY. JAMES ERNEST, DAVID FAIRBANKS. PETER FERNANDES |R,, ANTHONY CARRITY. KENNETH GIUFFRIDA, FELIX HEALY. RICHARD HOUGHTON. STEVEN JORDAN. lOHN KAMILA. DAVID MOCHAK, RICHARD MOYLAN, ROBERT OCOIN, PETER PETERSON, RONALD RYDER. SCOTT RYERSON.MARC SCHLATKA. DAVID SHARPE. GARY SIROLS. WILLIAM SMITH. CHARIES SIARSIAK. MICHAEL SIJTHfRlANIJ. RONALD WATERFALL, EDWARD Acknowledgements The Index is compiled annually by students of the University of Massachusetts to be distributed to all undergraduates who have attended UMass, Amherst for the entire year. The 1970 Index was printed by Delmar Publishing Co. in Charlotte, North Carolina wi th Senior Portraits done by Root Photographers in Chicago, Illinois. Editor in Chief Photo Editors Associate Editor Executive Editor Managing Editors Advisor Academics Editor Participation Editors Activities Editor Student Living Editor Seniors Editor Alan Marcus Roger Reid Tom Leavitt John Goldsmith Richard Kline John Shyavitz Judy Skibo Steve Lazerowich Dr. Dario Politelia Anita Karcz Sue Brodeur Janice Plotkin Barbara Brecher Ray Stetson Karin Ruckhaus Nancy Operacz Although neither space or memory allows us to list all of the Index staffers, many thanks to all of you. Also, special thanks to Ed and Mike Hackleman from Delmar Printing, Stan Lieberman from Root Photographers, Mr. Arnold from Berkey K L labs, Katie Shea, Bud Demers, Gerry Scanlon, Edna Zucker, and the whole RSO crew. l a noAoi Index Staff [ 1 xf KSS Sue Brodeur Barbara Brecher and Llama John Shyavitz, Allene Bass, and Steve Lazerowich Anita Karcz Karin Ruckhaus and John Goldsmith Allene Bass Marilyn Ball George Williams and Steve Lazerowich Alan Marcus To all of the Index Staff Thanks 463 " Some day, my lord, some day you will conquer that windmill ' When Sancho spoke these words to Don Quixote, he did not expect that the windmill would ever be defeated. Neither can we as students expect to conquer our windmill, but maybe someday one of us will find a way to make it our friend, and we will have a little bit more peace in our world.

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