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{■RSt UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS LIBRARY Archives DDODDDDnDDDaDDDaDDDDDDDnnDaaDDDD LIBRARY U ' WERSITY OF MA SSACHUSET TS AMHERST, MASS. INDEX 1968 Editor-in-Chief Richard Sadowski Associate Editor John Sandhaus Managing Editor Cookie Inouye Photography Editors Neil Rennie Lowell Fitch Business Manager Richard Jacobsohn Advisor Dr. Dario Politella ATMOSPHERE ACADEMICS PARTICIPATION Editor: Janice Wroblewski Editor: Lyne Waldman Past Howard Johnson ' s and Ma ' s and the stoplights at Route 116, there are towers and a stadium in the distance. A pond is surrounded by a student union, a chapel, ubiquitous construction. What is this place called the University of Massachusetts? It is more than buildings and scenery — it is people, thousands of them. In the blurry crowd, there is an individual in the process of development. This is his story. Page 6 Treading the path of coming to terms with himself, the individual faces his primary responsibility as a student. Once he registers, he must begin to meet stringent expectations delineated by himself, his family, his professors, and his future. How he does this is up to him. Page 22 Belonging to the University is a powerful emotion —it comes with participating, through an intangible transmission of spirit. From the first home football game to a soul concert, from a pancake breakfast to voting for Ugly Man on Campus — the individual inherits that spirit. Page 78 ORGANIZATION CULMINATION Editors: Frank Bialosiewicz Carol Megizsky Marianne Schmoyer Through an identification with others of similar interests, he transmits the spirit. Whether it be as a member of his class executive council or of a fraternity or sorority, his contribution to his own character, to his fellows, and to the campus community as a whole is measured in terms of dedication. Page 226 Editors: Barbara Goldrick Christine Mandracia Immersion in the college experience — as a student, as a participant, as a member of a group — perpetrates a potential to assume one ' s place of relevance in society. The caps and gowns symbolize a materialization of answers to the questions: Who am I? Where am I going? The individual has culminated in a directive sense — he has yet to prove his value. Page 296 Buried in the red and gold that is New England . . . V.. i- ' f l i ■%: V v - S - ' - 7. f x i Bi ■! " I " ■ jMaailii liiiHMilttLiu r. mumif ... 5a city within a town, a civilization in the middle of nowhere . . . illfllU ■IIMMII MiyJHIlil , {IliWIi ' 1 llllBUIli •ilHIII ■iifliw ■iiaiiii ,, ■ 1 Pip «!■ I« ■imaHi iiifliii ■IIWII mmm feifcsbcc.C g- 1 ( li 1 « 1 1 • III i :r mn 1 m mmm 9 MH ■ 1 m ■ ' i ' ■ ! « 1 t 1 ■ III i i mi ¥ 1 » i 1. P i ' « ' 5 »« i 1 1 1 ■ fl » » M II I ( I Ml I I i« H ■• »• m I « ' i I l«|« 11.;: • • la 1 1 I ! » ' i ■ » « I ! defined ;j by signs and maps and arrows as the University of Massachusetts, ' .. . -- t " ■.-• ' ' • ..Taj ..♦: -. -r r-Vj-. ' . ' A ' - ' j- ' ■ : ' .. a campus in metamorphosis, retaining the tradition of the Old Chapel and a weathered Metawampee . . . HARD HAT yef ushering the transition toward minitropolis. Beneath the melee of hard hats, fences, and mud . . . a University Witnesses Construction of Its Future, In the surroundings of change and anonymity . . . Individuals Are Striving to Become. mm ACADEMICS Editor: Janice Wroblewski Treading the path of coming to terms with himself, the individual faces his primary responsibility as a student. Once he registers, he must begin to meet stringent expectations delineated by himself, his family, his professors, and his future. How he does this is up to him. Page 22 3 jfmt My m u i ' Registration Day Times Two in ' 68 Registration 1968 can be remembered with less grief than ever before. The ultimate confusion and the irritation of eternal lines to reach the course rosters can be placed in the archives. The new two-day policy by student number was characterized by a separation of function. The purpose of Day 1 was to allow formal registration: the bulging packets of course schedules and multi-colored cards were distributed and filled out. The innovation is called Day 2 — Change of Courses. The student was given 24 hours to overcome the shocking schedule problems delivered by IBM and to contemplate solutions. Organization was maintained by continued adherence to student numbers, add-drop cards were rationed and stamped with ID ' s at the entrance, and the overall absence of confusion meant fewer battle scars for the students. New ID-punch system was used to ration add-drop cards. Books, Books, Books — the Means to an Education The Student Union Commonwealth Room was transformed from a make-shift snack bar to the student ' s bi-annual nightmare as the cartons were unloaded, the contents priced, the book lists posted, and the doors opened to admit hoards of onrushing students in eager anticipation of buying the tangible means to a not-so-tangible goal of knowledge. The lists appear lengthy, the piles of world intellect in individual bindings seemingly insurmountable. The student chooses his tools, bewails the weakness of his biceps, and trods in bewilderment to the cash register. He leaves in a strangely ambivalent state of poverty and wealth. Pass-Fail Program Encourages Students to Liberalize Course Selection Fass-rail Statement of College of Arts and Sciences General. The action w4iich made the election of courses on a pass-fail basis possible is clear on some points and leaves others to the discretion of the in- structor or of the major department. It is definite in this respect: A course to be apidled to the Universi- ty Core requirements or to College of Arts and Sciences requirements may not be taken on the pass-fail I a«s. Majors. The status of courses in a stu- dent ' s major is determined by Uie major department or committee. Tlie general rule adopted by most departments for their majors is: No course in the mini- mal requirements for iiie major, whether within the department or outside the de- partment, may be taken on liie pa -fail basis. Elective . The basic provisions for pass-fail gives the instructor of each course discretion concerning the accept- nace of registration of this sort. In tlie case of multiple section courses, all sec- tions wUl have the same policy. An effort has been made to get advance statements from all instructors as to the possibility of pass -fail registration. In general, a course which a student is tak- ing as an elective is open on a peiss-fail basis. The following courses are exceptions to this statement; they may NOT be taken on a pass-fail option. Anthropology 103 Geology 250 104 280 Art ■ 100 321 102 368 115 Govei ' nment 248 120 History all courses 122 Microbiology 260 280 310 Chemistry 129 Music 101 166 Psychology 215 168 221 215 261 247 263 264 301 • 282 Speech 101 287 200 288 201 290 223 English 201 281 222 282 275 Zoology ICl 276 221 Geology 101 223 102 235 104 240 220 271 231 360 Pass-Fail registrations may be available if the course is not filled by regular reeistrants. wh- was caaTi, those ed it ning fresh I A Any full-time student who has completed his sophomore year is eligible to use a pass-fail option in one course each semester. This option is open to eligible students in all courses except those needed by the student to satisfy core or distribution requirements of the University or of his school, courses in a student ' s major (unless otherwise ruled by his department), or any course in which an instructor refuses to admit students on a pass-fail basis. A pass-fail student who does passing work in a course is given a grade of " P " . A " P " in a course earns a student graduation credits, but the course is not counted in his quality point average calculations. A pass-fail student who does failing work in a course is given the grade of " F " . Credits for a failed course are included in quality point calculations. The student has ten days to decide whether to exercise the option and in what course he intends to place it. A pass-fail course cannot be converted to the regular grading basis after the ten-day period has passed. The Pass-Fail program, instituted this year, encourages upper-level students to be usefully venturesome in the choice of their elective courses. v. P C .b L ■ V S K .-■ AN C £ L 9 5708- 1 1 6 b STUDENT KAUE STUDENT NUM6EB C1.JSS mii " Bi mMu$ TO THE STUDENT ; Read the Pass-Fail regulotions on reverse of rd the semester you must decide whether to exeW:isi mester and, if so, in which course. This c«W accepted by the appropriate instructor. PC DEPARTMENT COURSE NQ CREDITS SECTION NO understand the pass-fail regulaiians and realize M df-]fa £-faiK.KDurse cannof be used to satisfy core or distribuiiafy reqb a s qpdythat the nrade cannot later be converted to a regular gradlqabasTs. -. . Stuoent s Signature: -_ — - DFSCRIPTIVE TITLE OF COORSE TO THE INSTRUCTOR: This Pass-Foil card should be placed behind student ' s Course Admission Permit for your course. Both must be present behind section master upon return to Registrar. U H 20 21 22 2J I 2S iE 2; 21 2. 30 i: 4: U 4£ 4C 47 4£ 4B » 5 52 Si! » SI SC 57 S E 62 a 64 66 6G k t T! n 77 It II K c ' ' A Teacher Affects Eternity; He Can Never Tell Where His Influence Stops ' ' — Henry Adams The Student: His Search Through Thoughts and Discoveries of the Academic World Is Exhausting — His Job Is Never Done It ' s a strange thing . . . teaching. They say it ' s eager, shining faces and Simon Says. But it ' s not just that. It ' s reading groups and bulletin boards, discipline and parent problems. It ' s uncertainty and hesitation — fear of that first day and those inquisitive minds waiting for you to answer . . . EVERYTHING! You think of how it looked from the observation corridor, the beginning of your teaching development, and you remember how simple it all seemed as an outsider. Then you work with the kids — alone. And everything you ' ve seen and heard materializes into a meaningful relationship. Constant preparation, careful explanation. Then, your apprehension. Will they understand? They have searching expressions, you pause, and you hope, and later you know . . . It ' s a Strange Thing . . . Teaching BWifel . : jj : .a. ' Vt 1 a sm e . . . success . . . and you are a teacher. School of Education to Revamp Curriculum The School of Education faces an atmosphere of experimentation and change under the innovative direction of Dwight W. Allen, newly-appointed dean and former associate professor of education at Stanford University. A greater emphasis will be placed on urban concerns in education caused by shifts in the population. Insertions and deletions in the present curriculum will be evaluated by a planning committee of faculty, graduate and undergraduate students. Study Published in Physiology of Movement Current concepts relating to the physiology of movement is the subject of Dr. Benjamin Ricci ' s recent publication, Physiological Basis of Human Performance. Dr. Ricci is the director of the laboratory of applied physiology in the School of Physical Education, one of the most up-to-date physiology laboratories in the country and the site of much of his research. The book is a study of the effect of physical exercise on the heart, lungs, and fluids. Dr. Ricci ' s work with students combines lecture and laboratory presentation and study of the application of the basic physiological concepts of the program of physical education, lending more comprehensive practical understanding to the skills and techniques emphasized in the curriculum. New Marketing Laboratory Houses First Experiment The role of marketing management in our economy is becoming increasingly important. The Marketing Department of the School of Business Administration offers a broad range of courses for those students interested in careers in advertising, sales, marketing administration, marketing research, and wholesale and retail enterprise. The Department ' s objective is to contribute to the education and effectiveness of marketing practitioners. Dr. M. Venkatesan conducted a razor blade experiment this past semester in which students participated directly in the study of consumer behavior. The students were divided into two groups; one was asked to indicate blade brand choice, the other was asked to guess what brand had been pre-selected by a computer. This obervation of consumer attitudes was the first experiment conducted in the new Marketing Research Laboratory, equipped with a one-way mirror, microphones, headsets, recorder, and two separate rooms to accommodate different groups simultaneously. As a result, students were given the opportunity to learn first-hand the intricacies of consumer behavior. §h s Department of Environmental Engineering Joins in Regional Fight Against Pollution In response to the need in Massachusetts and the region for increased emphasis on water supply and water and air pollution control, as well as for new technologies in managing the urban environment, the University of Massachusetts has greatly expanded its training and research program in environmental engineering. A basic objective of the program is training of civil engineers to become proficient in sanitary engineering areas of design and construction of public works. The laboratory instruction and research area comprises more than 8,000 square feet, which is equipped with the most advanced instruments, such as atomic absorption, ultra violet, and infra red spectrophotometers, gas chromatograph, and respirometers. Problems of the Deaf Researched in Electrical Engineering The Speech Processing Laboratory of the Electrical Engineering Department, under the direction of Dr. Ian B. Thomas, is concerned with the problems of the deaf. Successful articulation of speech sounds requires constant monitoring by the speaker. In cases of severe deafness such monitoring is not possible through the normal auditory channels and can only be accomplished by presentation of appropriate speech information to the deaf speaker through either the visual or tactual senses. A prosthetic device has been designed to provide an instant visual display of the significant features of speech sounds. The enunciation of any speech sound into the machine causes a characteristic pattern of lights to be illuminated on the machine ' s output panel. The machine provides an objective evaluation of the closeness of any sound to a desired sound and so is a valuable aid in speech therapy. The machine is also useful as a learning aid in the pronunciation of foreign sounds. The language student is simply instructed to produce the output display w hich characterizes the desired foreign sound. Restaurant and Hotel Management Students Aim to Serve Hungry Americans The curriculum in Restaurant and Hotel Management is offered by the Department of Food Science and Technology. The program provides technical and professional information for persons who plan a career in ownership, sales, or management in the hotel-motel, food service, or related fields. Courses include food service and personnel management, laws of innkeeping, principles of restaurant and hotel sales, and food preparation and service. Specific training is balanced with a selection of courses in the arts and sciences which serve to broaden the students ' interests in and appreciations of society. i I A student in independent study combines ingredients for microwave oven project. School of Home Economics Offers Independent Study Academically qualified food and nutrition majors in the School of Home Economics can be selected to participate in a course of independent study called Special Problems in Foods. The student develops ideas on an experimental basis, compares contrived with conventional methods of food preparation, tests acceptability by means of objective chemical analysis and subjective reactions of a taste test panel, confers w ith faculty and advisers, and draws conclusions from the study. In the course of study, the student familiarizes herself with experimental procedures and becomes acquainted with career demands. t [q 1 lJ| H ■ft ta KA B H 1 5« B fll R STACKS ARE OPEN TO ALL U MASS STUDENTS NO BOOKS BRIEF PASES BOOK BAGS BE TAKEN INTO STACKS J! __ - m. EM ? SifeAiiasiiswsiiwIJK I mm Om M»» ' ' " • ' « V i l STACK ENTRANC % In? ■: . d 11. i College of Arts and Sciences Highlighted by New Library Policy " Stacks are open to all UMass students. No books, brief cases, book bags to be taken into stacks. " The sign at the entrance to Goodell Library represents a decision for change prompted by slow service and crowded conditions at the circulation desk. Students have the advantages of expedient self service and direct contact with research materials on the shelves. The new traffic system includes one entrance and one exit complete with a security guard to measure the integrity of the student and to check for illegal export of library materials. The change symbolizes a step in academic freedom and enriches the learning experience of the student researcher. ■UOHflHHB Language Labs Emphasize Individual Achievement The student in the language lab is able to take advantage of a self-set pace of learning. His tools are tapes, textbooks, and teachers. His methods are speaking, listening, and repeating. He is removed from his classmates. He participates freely in the surroundings of his soundproof booth. On occasion his teacher listens and corrects. He repeats, compares, and learns . . . individually. " % t f » 5 % m0: Speech and Hearing Clinic Offers Therapeutic Services to Children of the Community children with communication disorders in the Amherst community are offered the therapeutic services of the Speech and Hearing Clinic, a part of the University Department of Speech. Undergraduate majors in speech pathology receive clinical experience in developing methods of treatment and applying them to the youngsters. Each student therapist works with one child, creating an atmosphere of familiarity and confidence based on an understanding of family background gained through pre-treatment interviews with parents. Advantages are two-fold: the patient benefits from the emphasis on up-to-date methodology in the dynamic University setting, and the student is able to effectively correlate theory with practice in the learning process. Technical Aspects of Communication Assist in the Study of Abnormalities Students in Communications Science Lab record and interpret data in experiment measuring perspiration and pulse rates during oral reading exercise. 56 Audiology booth provides setting for the study of normal speech patterns. ' ' Art is a human activity having for its purpose the transmission to others of the highest and best feelings to which men have risen ' ( - Leo Tolstoi What is Art? Scholarship Fund Established in Memory of Howard Lebow The University of Massachusetts Department of Music has established a trust fund for scholarships to assist both graduate and undergraduate music students in memory of the late Howard M. Lebow, professor of piano and concert artist whose untimely death in an automobile accident in January cut short a brilliant musical career. The scholarships will be awarded to students, selected by a special music committee, who demonstrate musical potential according to the ideals and standards of excellence that Lebow set for himself and for his students. Lebow was graduated from the Juilliard School of Music in 1957, received his master ' s degree in 1959, and was the winner of the school ' s highest pianistic honor, the Morris Loeb Memorial Prize. He studied at the State Academy of Music in Hamburg, Germany; the International Institute for New Music in Darmstadt, Germany; and the Mozarteum Summer Academy in Salzburg, Austria. He studied under Edward Steuermann, a pupil of composer Ferruccio Busoni, and became well-known for his performances of Busoni ' s works. Lebow came to the University of Massachusetts in 1965 to assume his position as Assistant Professor of Piano. Internationally acclaimed as a remarkable pianist by music critics, Lebow was widely recognized as having a faultless technique, a richly varied touch, and a distinctive feeling for style. " It is only Lebow, " said the Darmstaedter Echo, " who puts every fiber of his body and soul into the keys and truly performs with the utmost clarity, transparentness and plasticity. " Dr. Philip Bezanson, head of the department said, " The music department feels this memorial fund is a most fitting way to perpetuate the memory of Howard Lebow. He was actively interested in trying to develop scholarships for the music department. Because of his genuine interest in talented students it is most fitting that talented students should continue to receive help in his name. " Zoology Provides First-Hand Learning Zoology may revive painful memories of long lab hours, tedious dissections, and writer ' s cramp. But, to the students, there ' s more than just scalpels and lectures. The field trip provides a different kind of learning in the form of first-hand experience unequalled in a laboratory dissecting session. The student surveys the environment, devises methods of trapping, and informally discusses his observations with his classmates. Although it may mean wading boots, mud, and discomfort, the practical impact of the student ' s participation in a lesson of this nature surpasses that of a whole week of lectures. V " . ' -•■ ' ' ' : -0r ' . . . ' ' Students are Human Beings First, You have to come early to find a seat, the lecture hall is dark and you hear music playing in the background, a man begins to speak softly and directly about nature and life— the class is Botany 101 and the man? Ryan Drum. A man who considers learnings one of the most " pleasurable things that happens " , Drum stresses the primacy of the student as a person over the student as a student. He encourages learning rather than forcing it, and reminds his students that despite the pleasurable aspect of learning, ease of attainment is not automatic. To facilitate the mutual participation essential to learning. Drum has tried to " employ integrated mixed media as a means of vitalizing botannical material. " The personal excitement the man feels about his subject is generated to his students. They crowd around him after lecture, invite him to their dorms, and visit his office in a spirit of fascination. Drum stimulates thought- he is a permanent part of the intellectual prowess of his students. and Students Second ' ' — Ryan Drum H,so. Z H(U-S 1 K h ! ' B I B e New Course in Ceneral Chemistry Designed for Non-science Majors In a lecture demonstration. Professor Zajicek . The Chemistry Department has instituted a new course sequence in its introductory program geared toward the non-science major. The purpose of Chemistry 101 and 102 is not to prepare the student for advanced work in chemistry, but rather to present a study of the fundamental chemical laws and theories, with the object of giving the student a sound scientific training through a course in chemistry. During the first semester, a demonstration period replaces individual laboratory work. The second semester curriculum includes a laboratory period as well as a discussion of chemistry ' s practical applications. Through the methods of observation and application, the student gains a broader perspective of chemistry to apply in a society so greatly influenced by science. explores electrical conductivity . of solutions. Honor Societies Recognize Potential for Contribution to Academic Community A step in the student ' s academic growth comes with election to one of the University ' s fifteen academic honor societies. The societies do not merely confer laurels upon which the superior scholar may rest; they recognize his potential to return to the academic community a measure of the knowledge and maturity he has gained in his academic pursuits and provide a challenging opportunity to contribute to the growth and excellence of the University. Typical of the traditional programs are student — faculty coffee hours, lectures and symposia open to the 4 — college community, construction of laboratory equipment and other instructional aids, supplementary instruction and tutoring programs, educational film series, and the award of scholarships, fellowships, and loans for study at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Through a new means called the Council of Academic Honor Societies, representatives of the societies consider problems of common concern and develop ways in which betterment of the academic community can be effected co-operatively. 7968 Metawampee Award Recipient: Robert W. Gage, M.D, Director, University Health Services Administration Steers the University Mark Noffsinger, Associate Dean of Students Helen Curtis, Dean of Women William Tunis, Dean of Admissions and Records Through a Year of Policy Changes and Progress William Field, Dean of Students Robert Hopkins, Dean of Men Leo Redfern, Dean of Administration Robert McCartney, Secretary Oswald Tippo, Provost Kenneth Johnson, Treasurer President Lederle, on behalf of the administration, speaks to students agitating for academic and social reform. President and Mrs. Lederle combine dinner and informal discussions with students at Kappa Kappa Gamma. " There is a great tendency, I am afraid, to categorize educational experiences. Students, for instance, often speak of their education in terms of individual courses or teachers. To me, a university education is the totality of four years of varied experiences. All learning is not in the classroom. Look at the variety of enriching experiences available in the residential colleges. The highlight of a day might be a brief visit to an art exhibit, an evening of relaxation listening to the University Symphony, or a furious debate in the Hatch on a moral or political issue. Each is educational in a different way. The opportunity to probe the mind of an exciting professor in a private conversation in his office can be extremely stimulating. What makes a professor tick? What is he like personally when separated from his notes in the lecture hall? The disciplined mind of a halfback waiting behind his blockers until the last minute, the trenchant presentation of student senators pushing for a new program, a magazine editor editing copy and laying out pictures, are all educational experiences that are almost totally unaffected by what goes on in the classroom. A truly valuable educational experience may be simply learning to live harmoniously with others in a residence hall. Our bright young students are all unique. They come from the cities and the farms, from Massachusetts, from other states and from overseas. Some are well-to-do; others have a tough time making ends meet. The point is that they rub off on one another. Each has something to contribute and something to receive from his daily contacts. When we share our ideals, beliefs, knowledge and experiences through books, professors, classrooms, residence halls, or extracurricular activities in a balanced way, we are participating fully in education and developing our individual personalities into The Whole Man. " John W. Lederle President, University of Massachusetts PARTICIPATION Editor: Lyne Waldman Belonging to the University is a powerful emotion— it comes with participating, through an intangible transmission of spirit. From the first home football game to a soul concert, from a pancake breakfast to voting for Ugly Man on Campus — the individual inherits that spirit. Page 78 Incoming Freshmen Greet the University with Truckloads of Valuables and Great Expectations Convocation 1967: President Lederle Stresses Freedom and Order as Keys to University Growth . . . 82 with the Burden of Success on the Individual Fall: A Time to Begin BHb ■ J H 1 ' ' 1 | |H| fe_ p ' vj " ' ' " ' ' i ' ■ ' Q I WRi MH ■1 ..-4 I I V «ittii ' ' .tl!l.l ' ' • ' ! . U m " :. ' f «aU . ' I ♦• • " class Day Soul Concert Featuring Jimmy Helms . . . and Stevie Wonder , . . Tops Off Day of Enthusiasm The prospect of upsetting Dartmouth in a regionally televised home football game and of freshmen celebrating the end of upperclass tyranny formed the backdrop of the first Class Day at the University. Sponsored by the Classes of 1968, 1969, and 1970, Class Day represented an upperclass welcome to the Class of 1971. A welcome it certainly was, when after the first period Redmen field goal, ' 71 beanies spiraled into the air to the tune of the University Marching Band and a cascade of fireworks. The enthusiasm of the day carried into the evening, as a packed Cage stomped, swayed, and snapped its fingers to the soul sounds of Jimmy Helms, Stevie Wonder, and Wilson Pickett. The last strains of the Wilson Pickett Band marked the end of the day and the beginning of a tradition. « Football: Long Hours of Preparation for Saturday ' s Violence Unlike the one-day-a-week escape it is for the fan, football is a daily, grueling ritual for the participant. Besides carrying a normal study load, the Massachusetts football player must devote some four to five hours a day to his pastime. Practice begins at four and consists of two hours of head-butting, knocking, running, listening, drilling, and hitting. Mostly hitting. Regular offensive and defensive maneuvers are polished, new ideas added, and the up-coming opponent ' s alignments and strategies are plotted against. Each evening, the players meet in the Boyden gymnasium with the coaches of their respective units. Chalk talks and film analysis comprise most of the meeting time, and the final strategy for Saturday ' s game is mapped out. Saturday, the week ' s labor is rewarded. By noon, most of the players are at the stadium for taping and strapping. The armor of combat: pads, helmet, and cleats, is donned and the player is now ready to bring his seven day struggle of physical power to its weekly climax. The real hitting begins now. Head Coach Vic Fusia observes with interest as an assistant coach lectures to the defensive unit at one of the nightly team meetings. It ' s game time, as Co-Captains Jim Mitchell and Greg Landry lead the Redmen onto the field at Orono, Maine for the 1967 opener. Cametime: an Explosion of Violence and Spontaneous Emotion The job of the defense is simple; don ' t let the other team score. The Massachusetts Redmen managed to do this quite nicely on several occasions in 1967, while failing just twice. At one point, during a mid-season four game span, they held the opposition scoreless for 13 consecutive quarters. The outstanding defensive player, as chosen by Varsity M Club, was line backer Ernie Smith. The small but tough senior stopped many a drive with his hard tackling and aggressive pass defense. Defensive tackle Kent Stevens had his best year and was named the outstanding senior lineman by the Boston Alumni Club. Stevens and senior end Paul Miinar made two of the biggest plays of the season in the closing minutes of the Rhode Island game. With the Rams ten yards from the winning touchdown, they each broke through on successive plays to down the URI passer and preserve the Homecoming victory. Two of the hardest Redman hitters were Mike McArdte (25) and Ernie Smith (65). Both mere All-Conference, Smith at linebacker and McArdle at corner back. In addition, McArdle was named Co-Captain for 7968. A pair of agile All-Conference defensive linemen, tackle Kent Stevens C66; and end Paul Mlinar (89), attacking the New Hampshire quarterback. The Defenders — Football ' s Headhunter ' s; ' ' If You Hold the Enemy Scoreless, You Cannot Lose ' ' Individual and Collective Efforts Characterize the Big Plays The 1967 football season was filled with exciting moments, great individual and collective efforts, and timely big plays. in the opening game at Maine, the offensive line totally dominated the Black Bears ' defense, and Massachusetts romped 30 — 9; but the following week saw a defensive collapse as Dartmouth ruined Massachusetts ' TV debut 28—10. A Conference battle at Connecticut resulted in the biggest offensive explosion of the season. Quarterback Greg Landry triggered a 35 point barrage, scoring twice himself on 34 and 73 yard runs. The Homecoming game with Rhode Island provided the season ' s most exciting game. The Rams stunned the Redmen with an opening play touchdown bomb, rolling up a 24 — 14 halftime lead. But the defense tightened in the second half, and Landry finished an exciting comeback by racing 37 yards for the winning touchdown. The final score: 28 — 24. Battle-scarred and tired. Senior guard Bob Santucci takes a needed rest. He was named to the All-Conference and All-New England teams. A Dartmouth ball carrier meets some head-on competition from Paul Campbell. Other Redmen include Bruce Combar (53), Tom York (84), Ernie Smith (65), and Paul Mlinar (89). This band ot determined Redmen, Paul Campbell (34), Steve Rogers (40), Mike McArdte (25), and Ernie Smith, bring a sudden stop to a Rhode Island runner ' s progress. The Redmen shut out their next two opponents, both away; at Boston University 24-0, and at Vermont 21—0. The final home game saw Massachusetts facing a new opponent, Rutgers. Capitalizing on numerous Rutgers mistakes, the Redmen took a commanding lead to win 30 — 7. The Yankee Conference championship was decided the following week as the Redmen faced the New Hampshire Wildcats. With the field a sea of mud, the Redmen fought their way to a bitter 14 — 13 win. Last minute defensive heroics assured Massachusetts of its fourth Conference title in the last five years. The season ' s finale was a heartbreaking defeat, as Boston College crushed the Redmen 25 — 0. A quick, powerful runner, sophomore halfback Craig Lovell had his best day at the expense of Boston University. All-Conference split end Nick Warnock led the Redmen in pass receiving with 29 catches, and was named Co-Captain for 7968. Quarterback Greg Landry finished his varsity career at Massachusetts as the greatest offensive performer in New England football history, amassing over 4000 yards in total offense, and holding 14 school, Yankee Conference, and New England offensive records. Named to the All Conference team the last two seasons, he was a unanimous All-New England selection in 1967, and was the winner of the coveted Harry Agganis and Bulger Lowe Awards as New England ' s outstanding gridster. At the season ' s end, he performed in the North-South All Star game in Miami, and was the first quarterback in the country selected in the AFL-NFL draft when he was chosen on the first round by the Detroit Lions. Potent Offense Features Tough, Proven Veterans and Talented Sophomores The Massachusetts offense returned to its high scoring ways in 1967 after a dismal, injury-ridden 1966 season. Greg Landry ' s support was comprised of a corps of proven veterans and some very capable newcomers. Co-captain Jim Mitchell did a solid blocking job at tackle and guards Don Clogowski and Bob Santucci gave steady, reliable performances. The only other starting Senior was tight end Bill Carty, who finished as the team ' s second leading receiver, with 15 pass receptions. The leading receiver was split end Nick Warnock, who also did an effective job of punting. Two other Juniors, Noel Schablik and Bob Sheehan shared the center spot, while halfback Tim Driscoll, fullback Bruce Cochrane, and Fred Hairston ran and blocked well. The Sophomores were outstanding. Mike Cooney moved right into a starting berth at tackle, and wingback Jerry Grasso was the team ' s most versatile threat, scoring six touchdowns. Sophomores Craig Lovell and Ed Sarno showed considerable promise, while kick returner Steve Parnell excited the crowds with his long runbacks. Co-captain jim Mitchell started every game at tackle during his varsity career, and earned All-Conference and All-New England recognition in 7967. junior tackle Ed Sherman missed his initial extra point attempt, after the season ' s first touchdown; he never missed again, as he booted a record 25 straight conversions and three field goals. Tisi ttfeS k A ' A ' " ■. -. i- For Greg Landry, a Great Finish to a Spectacular Career; for Vic Fusia, a Satisfying 7—2 Season; for the Seniors, a Three-Year Yankee Conference Record of 14—1; for the Underclassmen, Next Year Bedlam Reigns as the Boston Red Sox Win theA.L. Flag On October 1, at 7:39 P.M., a mighty roar, " We ' re Number One! " burst out of every dormitory on campus. It grew, and grew, and grew — louder and louder as 6,000 worshippers reveled in the newly- won knowledge that their Boston Red Sox had clinched the pennant. Pouring out of their rooms, the wild-eyed fans kissed, hugged and screamed their way to an impromptu bonfire by the pond and a victory march through Amherst. The joy and excitement of the night carried through the World Series as television rooms were jammed, transistor radios were ever present and studies were forgotten. The Red Sox eventually lost the World Series, but their University fans will never forget those exciting two weeks. .. f U. DF MASS ' M . 1 :, V - . j - . m M m ' ir .- Wv ' % ' i. JR Aaa!».« ' id Hki hi A ifjjm ■r -; Homecoming 1967 — Football, Floats and Royalty , . . Donovan ' s Suspended Mysticism Solid Soul of Mitch Ryder . . Parade, rally, bonfire and psychedelic light and sound show were but a few events to entertain students and greet alumni Friday night — the start of Homecoming 1967. Saturday afternoon filled Alumni Stadium with exuberant fans, thrilled by the performance of a victorious Redmen team against the University of Rhode Island. Shirley Capecci, Class of 1970, reigned as Homecoming Queen over the weekend events. The post-game hours of reunions and victory celebrations set the spirit for the Saturday evening entertainment of Mitch Ryder and the Happenings. Sunday ' s dichotomy of sound contrasted the sophisticated jazz of Stan Cetz with the contemporary folk-rock of Donovan. For undergraduates, the weekend spurred anticipation for future years, while giving alumni fond memories of University life. Electronics and colors surrounded the performance of the Blues Magoos. The sophisticated sax of Stan Cefz created an upbeat aura of jazz. The Boys from New York City paralleled their way-out sounds with even wilder stage settings. The psychedelic light and sound show, " After the Third World Raspberry " , stimulated unprecedented excitement Friday night. Talent acclaimed in every way, the Happenings provided entertainment for all. Redman Booters 5 — 5 Overall; Second in Conference Led by co-captains Gerry Cellilli and Dick Hale, the Redman soccer team finished its season with an overall 5 — 5 tally, and a Yankee Conference record of 4 — 1. Coach Larry Briggs was sidelined halfway through the season with an infected foot, and Dean Dave Bischoff assumed the regular coaching duties for the remaining matches. Key Conference games were played versus Connecticut and Vermont. The Connecticut game, a hard-fought battle, required two overtime periods to result in a Redman win. The crucial game, however, came against four-year-rival Vermont, the defending champion. Although the Redmen went down to defeat 3 — 0, they secured second place in the Conference for the second year in a row. Superlative performances were turned in by Seniors: Gerry Cellilli, All New England and All Yankee Conference; Dick Hale, All Yankee Conference; and Marty Smith, Honorable Mention in the Yankee Conference. •J J MASSACHUSETTS 3 MASSACHUSETTS 2 MASSACHUSETTS 1 MASSACHUSETTS 3 MASSACHUSETTS 2 MASSACHUSETTS 2 MASSACHUSETTS 1 MASSACHUSETTS MASSACHUSETTS 6 MASSACHUSETTS 5 MAINE 1 CONNECTICUT 1 TRINITY 3 RHODE ISLAND 1 WORCESTER POLYTECH 3 TUFTS 3 AMHERST 3 VERMONT 3 COAST GUARD 3 NEW HAMPSHIRE 1 Folk Concert Proceeds Donated to JFK Memorial Roonn Entertainment was not the only objective of the J.F.K. Memorial Concert. The proceeds will be contributed toward the construction of a memorial room to the late President Kennedy in the newly-appropriated 28-story University Library. Featuring Phil Ochs, the Jim Kweskin Jug Band, and the Mitchell Trio, the afternoon concert of November 29 was a presentation of unique and varied styles in folk music. Concert Association Delights Audience with Arthur Fiedler and the Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra S.f.N.D.O.F.f. Sophomores End November December Off for Fun The University ' s first S.E.N. D.O.F.F. Weekend, presented by the Class of 1970, highlighted the start of the basketball season with the comical and skillful ball-tossing of the Harlem Globetrotters. Following Friday night ' s Bitter Send Night Club with Jackie Washington and the Times Square Two, and Saturday ' s Turtles, Simon and Garfunkel harmonized November to a close and started December off for fun. Talented in song and comedy. The Times Square Two entertained the night club audience. £ ••;S Massachusetts ' Gymnasts Steadily Developed Under the Leadership of Coach Kjeldsen . . . Sen or tri-captain Bob Ledair shows perfect form as he runs through his side horse exercise. Senior Toby Kasavana works on form for the long horse event. MASS. 168.00 SOUTHERN CONN. 174.00 MASS. 159.00 LONG ISLAND 122.00 MASS. 159.00 WESTCHESTER STATE 147.00 MASS. 166.00 TEMPLE 183.00 MASS. 176.50 PENN STATE 188.55 MASS. 179.95 ARMY 167.70 MASS. 177.00 PITTSBURGH 103.00 MASS. 179.00 SPRINGFIELD 171.55 MASS. 172.80 NAVY 174.55 MASS. 174.70 SYRACUSE 139.70 . . to Finish with a Winning Season Senior Tri-Captain Fred Babakian polishes his side horse routine during , practice iession before the E.I.C.L. meet. Tri-captains Fred Babakian, Steve Brown, and Bob Leclair led the Redman gymnasts to their first winning season, and highest League position since joining the Eastern Intercollegiate Gymnastic League four years ago. The Redmen held third place going into the League championships, but were edged by Springfield and Navy to finish the season in fifth position with a 6 — 4 overall and a 4 — 3 League record. Junior Dick DelGallo, who performed on the rings, competed in the NCAA Gymnastics Championships in Tucson, Arizona, finishing in eighth place, the highest finish for a Massachusetts gymnast in the team ' s history. Coach Eric Kjeldsen gives Sophomore Joe Reed a helping hand in his floor exercise routine. Hockey ' 68 Features a Frustrating Offense and . . . Jeff Sanborn, Massachusetts ' leading scorer, takes the puck down the ice. an Inconsistent Defense Frustration and disappointment marked this year ' s hockey team. Lack of size and experience, coupled with inconsistent play and defense hurt on the ice against a powerful opposing schedule. The pucksters compiled a 5 — 11 ECAC Division II record and a 5 — 15 overall. Two players who must be acknowledged for their efforts are wing Jeff Sanborn and goalie Peter Scoville. Junior Sanborn scored 18 goals and 14 assists for 32 points in 20 games. He was high scorer for the team and is seventh on the all-time Massachusetts scoring lists. Sophomore Scoville kept the Redmen in many games, making a total of 708 saves, including an incredible 65 saves against powerhouse New Hampshire, for an average of 37.3 per game. Coach Caniff has brighter hopes for next year ' s squad. He loses only three men to graduation; team captain Frank Buckler, Don Robinson, and Dave Goldberg. With so many returning lettermen and a strong Freshman team to fill in the ranks. Coach Caniff is looking for a winning season next year. Two Redmen combine efforts to block an opponent ' s shot. The Redman defense teams up to prevent a New Hampshire goal. The Loneliest Position: Goalie y MASSACHUSETTS 5 VERMONT 8 MASSACHUSETTS 15 M.l.T. MASSACHUSETTS 6 AMHERST 2 MASSACHUSETTS 2 COLBY 8 MASSACHUSETTS 4 BOWDOIN 9 MASSACHUSETTS 1 A.I.C. 6 MASSACHUSETTS 4 BOSTON STATE 5 MASSACHUSETTS 1 OHIO 4 MASSACHUSETTS 1 NEW HAMPSHIRE 8 MASSACHUSETTS 4 CONNECTICUT 2 MASSACHUSETTS 1 COLBY 9 MASSACHUSETTS 3 WILLIAMS 6 MASSACHUSETTS 4 VERMONT 9 MASSACHUSETTS 1 ARMY 6 MASSACHUSETTS 4 CONNECTICUT 7 MASSACHUSETTS 8 HOLY CROSS 4 MASSACHUSETTS 5 AMHERST 3 MASSACHUSETTS 4 NORWICH 9 MASSACHUSETTS 3 HOLY CROSS 5 MASSACHUSETTS NEW HAMPSHIRE 4 Winifred the Woebegone attempts to fill an opening for a princess in " Once Upon a Mattress. " L ' il Abner, Daisy Mae and two of Dogpatch ' s finest bring hillbilly hysteria to UMass. From Knighthood and Chivalry to the World of Sadie Hawkins The Operetta Guild opened its musical season with " Once Upon a Mattress. " The comedy take-off on the fairy tale " The Princess and the Pea " brought the splendor of medieval times to the stage. Its second production brought madness and mayhem to UMass as the comic strip world of Al Capp was recreated in the zany and hilarious musical " L ' il Abner. " Throughout a successful campus and state-wide engagement the good citizens of Dogpatch demonstrated the advantages of the hillbilly over the city slicker. K1K MVMWRUM ' 0,. ,.Mr M- - J if: i ' W . Snow Blankets Campus as Cold Reigns Supreme for Christmas Season .-C.- ■ ' Mi r miSS ' Vt i f wM International Opinions Viewed Through DVP The Distinguished Visitors Program is financed and operated by the undergraduate students of the University for the purpose of keeping the university community sensitive to the world in yvhich it exists. In accordance with this purpose, it seeks to bring to the campus those persons whose experience in international and domestic affairs, the sciences, the humanities and the arts qualify them to interpret, explain and raise questions about life in all its dimensions. Furthermore, the Distinguished Visitors Program seeks to stimulate critical thought and debate by presenting a balanced range of opinion with respect to a given issue. Combining humor with emotion, Dick Gregory spoke to a packed audience about racism and Black Power. 4X ' , ' iji Former assistant to Presidents Kennedy and Joiinson, Arthur Schlesinger spol(e about the Vietnam dilemma. Supreme Court Justice Douglas diverged from his speech of law by discussing current problems. Vietnam was the topic as Former Ambassador Tran Van Dinh related America ' s role in world events. Weariness Is . . , 5rV " , ' - m V ' N. M i c4Jj1 M Winter Intramurals Shorten . . . the Long Months The intramural program at the University of Massachusetts occupies an important position in a student ' s campus life. It affords every student the opportunity to participate in some form of competitive activity. The program itself covers all seasons and all sports no matter what the individual ' s interests. The success of the program depends primarily upon student interest in planning and executing it, as well as in actual participation. Massachusetts has had an informal intramural program since 1949. However, the program has been growing in proportion with the school. Widespread undergraduate, graduate, and faculty participation in intramural sports is becoming a tradition at the University of Massachusetts. Winter Carni 1968 Starts with a Bang Johnny C . . . Informally " I would ralhfr j;o oul and entertain than discuss Vietnam. I think people want to he entertained. You go out of business after you talk about such issues. " " I tike to do college performances. The audience is more sophisticated; the kids are really hip to things happening. " " No, I don ' t think marijuana should be legalized. It is psychologically addicting. I think it might lose some of its popularity though. " And H-e-r-e- ' s Johnny Johnny Carson made one of his rare college performances as the Saturday night highlight of Winter Carni 1968. The congenial Tonight Show host delighted the audience with his rapid-fire humor, while Doc Severinsen and the NBC orchestra provided musical diversions of reverberating sounds. A dancing trip through the ages was performed by the team of Bud and Cici Robinson, and a vocal interlude by CeCe Grant completed a show of music, dance, wit, and song. The Johnny Carson Show was a welcomed addition to the list of our favorite things. Olympics Spectacular Follows Friday Night ' s ' ' Your Father ' s Mustache ' ' Entertainment for Friday night included the Banjo Band and the " Great Friendship " , as the Student Union Ballroom was transformed into " Your Father ' s Mustache " Night Club. Audience participation was the emphasis as waiters as well as guests joined in the repertory of old songs. Participation was also the theme of Saturday ' s Winter Olympics. Contests on ice were rewarding for all: trophies for the participants and hilarity for the observers. J4»4ea9e - Comedian Frank Welker consistently broke up the audience with his riotous routines. The Byrds, nationally acclaimed, presented their best sounds to the audience at the Sunday show. m r.i.- ' ' f ' ' y .y , ' ;- »Sy : ' ' From the First Rebound . . . M nH 1 P -V H Hb j HI H xjSF " ' •; - " Jl ' .l. ' B " jj rl . rf h - ' 1 " ■ S P ' " ' " " J- H i pHH »H , J H me 1: ' ,f ' r . K ' -j " ? ' " 5 m H | F _ JpW B z ii l 1 ' " f 91 • ESvJSw ' - vr. H m m ' ' • H» » 1 ■? p«% K H i T ' i ; H B " S w; H -»! K ' H Jl|| 1 m M To the Last Basket: a Struggle Ending in Triumph MASSACHUSETTS 88 NEW HAMPSHIRE 67 MASSACHUSETTS 66 RHODE ISLAND 76 MASSACHUSETTS 71 PITTSBURGH 73 MASSACHUSETTS 62 AIR FORCE 71 MASSACHUSETTS 66 FORDHAM 71 MASSACHUSETTS 78 MAINE 39 MASSACHUSETTS 78 RIDER 55 MASSACHUSETTS 56 TEXAS CHRISTIAN 63 MASSACHUSETTS 92 WILLIAM AND MARY 86 MASSACHUSETTS 71 HOLY CROSS 65 MASSACHUSETTS 98 NEW HAMPSHIRE 73 MASSACHUSETTS 82 VERMONT 85 MASSACHUSETTS 77 PROVIDENCE 83 MASSACHUSETTS 69 YALE 83 MASSACHUSETTS 65 CONNECTICUT 63 MASSACHUSETTS 71 A.I.C. 69 MASSACHUSETTS 70 BOSTON COLLEGE 94 MASSACHUSETTS 96 VERMONT 58 MASSACHUSETTS 69 HOLY CROSS 70 MASSACHUSETTS 56 CONNECTICUT 44 MASSACHUSETTS 53 ST. JOHN ' S 55 MASSACHUSETTS 76 RHODE ISLAND 68 MASSACHUSETTS 74 MAINE 66 MASSACHUSETTS 61 NORTHEASTERN 59 MASSACHUSETTS 72 BOSTON UNIVERSITY 68 Hard Work . . The basketball season started off on a bright note with an opening game win over New Hampshire at the Cage; but the outlook turned bleak when the hoopsters lost their next four games on the road, one a Conference game versus Rhode Island. Two of the losses were at the Steel Bowl, one a heartbreaker against Pittsburgh lost in the last seconds after the Redmen had led throughout the game. After their disappointing road trip, Leaman ' s squad returned to the Cage for two easy victories. Of these, the Maine game provided a surprise for the Redmen in the playing of Dick Samuelson, who took over the position of center when Pete Gayeska was ejected. During Christmas break, the hoopsters traveled to Storrs for the Connecticut Classic, an event which pits Yankee Conference teams against Southern teams. Massachusetts dropped the first game of and a Desire to Win the tourney to Texas Christian, but came back in the second to trounce William and Mary. The Redmen won their next two games on the road during intersession, and seemed on their way to a third at Vermont when John Shockro scored at the buzzer to send the game into overtime. However, the Catamounts were not to be stopped, and Massachusetts went down to defeat, dropping to fourth place in the Conference standings. The first game of the new semester was played at the Cage against Providence. Although the Redmen were defeated, Coach Leaman resolved the last position on his starting team with Senior Gary Gasperack. The televised ECAC game-of-the-week at Yale turned out to be a disaster. The Redmen never stood a chance after the start of the second half when they were down by twenty points. ■ M ■ ■ ■ ■1 1 ■l l H H H H HL i H 1 H ? 1 1 1 .. .- mhIk Wi m 1 . »— HM| m rS p uM Wm P li ■1 1 MJ Sparks a Tenacious Defense . . . An important Conference win came against UConn at the Cage. After a close game, the Redmen finished ahead by two points scored in a 25-foot last-second basket by Tindall. Tindall duplicated this feat in the next game, A.l.C, with only two seconds left. A steal by Shockro cinched the win. The next contest proved a disaster for the Redmen. They were completely outclassed by Bob Cousy ' s B.C. veterans. But on their return to the Cage they came back, avenging their earlier loss to Vermont by outscoring them by 28 points. Leaman took out all the starters except Tindall, who established a new scoring record for one game with 41 points. The Redmen suffered a disappointing loss in their next game. They were literally fouled out of the game as Holy Cross went to the line 23 times in the last half as opposed to Massachusetts ' six. Playing tight defense. Captain Billy Tindall (32) and Joe DiSarcina (10) combine forces to contain JohnFultzofU.R.I.. and an Awesome Offense ■ I HI ■ Pl ■ 1 1 N lt., K=.- 9 r T IBfl L Wtm ■ V r ii I K S| 1 B iV 1 1 n 1 f , H n H k vl TOTHELEFT:A;;-yan cee Conference Joe DiSarcina shows his superb ball- handling ability against two Providence Friars. BELOW: Sophomore sensation Ray Ellerbrook goes up lor two important points in the close conference clash with Connecticut. Now the team travelled to Storrs to face Connecticut and the 32-year jinx that had troubled them at the Storrs court. This was a crucial game, a loss for either team eliminated them from the Conference race. At one point the officials argued on a call as DiSarcina and UConn ' s Crisp collided. One referee called charging on DiSarcina, the other blocking on Crisp. The conflict was resolved by recording the foul against each player, and calling a jump ball. It was a poor game for both teams, but the Redmen ended it ahead by twelve points. Then back to the Cage to meet St. John ' s. The New York Redmen expected an easy win, and were shocked as Massachusetts led through the game. Tempers flared in the last half as what appeared to be a stuffed ball to the home team, bench, and fans H mm B k ' 1 uCi [m HE 1 J K Si . . . to Give the Redmen a Share of the Conference Title was officially scored as a tap-in. The crowd roared in dismay and the UMass players and coach protested, but the officials stood firm. St. John ' s scored with less than one minute left, clipping the Redmen 55 — 53. During Winter Carnival week, the Redmen met Rhode Island at the Cage. Before a capacity crowd, they avenged themselves against the Rams. They appeared to be proving false the Sports Illustrated prediction of an easy Conference win by the Rams. The team next travelled to Orono for their last Conference game. This was a close game and a dangerous one as Tindall fouled out at the start of the second half. With one minute left, Maine scored to send the game into overtime; but the Redmen pulled it out, winning by eight points. Then to Boston to meet Northeastern. The Redmen led in the first half, but the Huskies came back to tie the score with 25 seconds to play. For the third time in the season, Tindall scored the winning basket in the last seconds of play. The final game of the season was played at the Cage against B.U. The Redmen took the lead after intermission and never lost it. Though this game was important, the crucial game was being played at Storrs. After the game, most of the crowd stayed to hear the outcome of the Storrs game. Groups of Redmen fans clustered around radios to hear the last minutes. The final score: UConn 62— URI 58. The Redmen and the Rams share first place in the Conference! For the Redmen, this was a winning season and a satisfying one. Captain Bill Tindall captured the scoring record for one game, and finished second only to Clarence Hill in total career points with 1259 points. Tindall and Joe DiSarcina were chosen for the All Yankee Conference first team, and Pete Cayeska and Ray Ellerbrook for the second team. This was a young team with only four Seniors, and only two of them on the starting team. With Gayeska, Ellerbrook, and DiSarcina from the first string and most of the second string returning, next year promises to hold more excitement in store for the fans as Massachusetts battles to gain sole possession of the Yankee Conference title. skiers Race to an Historic First in the N.E.I.S.C. i tc.. I TO THE RIGHT: Sen or Collin Garstang races to beat the clock in the giant slalom and finish first at Cranmore Mountain. BELOW: Junior Dave Kamila shows good form as he hugs the gate poles during a practice run. W The Massachusetts ski team entered the 1968 season determined to better their two-year second place Conference standing; and in the ten Conference meets managed to fulfill that goal, at the same time gaining persona! recognition for several team members. The skiers met A.I.C., Amherst, Bentley, Boston University, Northeastern, Tufts, and Worcester Polytech at each meet, and scored in either first or second place every time. The only real competition was provided by Amherst, as the Redmen skied to first place in the New England Intercollegiate Ski Conference for the first time in 30 years. Three Massachusetts skiers were named in the Conference top ten; captain Colin Carstang, in first place, Dave Kamila in seventh, and Mike Zanoli in eighth. Another team member, John Hurd, was awarded the annual award for sportsmanship and service to the Conference. Massachusetts ' Matmen Wrestle the Spector of Little Student Support One of the most often ignored varsity sports at the University is wrestling. In spite of this, the matmen of 1968 posted the most wins in their history, finishing with a 6 — 7 record, and fifteenth place in the N.E.I.W.A. The Redmen upset Amherst 26 — 19 in a match highlighted by the superlative performance of Bill Goodwin. Boston College was pinned 29 — 13 in a solid team showing with key performances being turned in by Brian Urquhart, Mike McKenna, Ernie Smith, and Glenn Cummins. The greatest team effort came in the match with Worcester Polytech which the Redmen won by a score of 31 — 16. However, the number of significant wins was overshadowed by losses in which the Redmen were outclassed, such as the loss to N.C.A.A. wrestling champions Wilkes College who shut out the Redmen 51 — 0. Captain Gene Paltrineri led the wrestlers through a season which, though not outstanding, did raise hopes for next year with many returning members and the rise of the Freshmen, who were undefeated throughout this season. Mermen Finish Seventh in a Grueling Season Rich Donaghue works to perfect both form and speed in the butterfly. In a grueling season In which they were scheduled to meet some of the toughest competition in the League, captain Bob Asquith led the Massachusetts swim team to a 4 — 5 overall record and a seventh place in the New England Championships. Rich Doneghue broke the record for the 200-yard butterfly, and Al Northrup tied the record for the 200-yard breaststroke in the meet with Holy Cross. Dave Larson, Redman diving specialist, goes off the liigh board during League competition. Senior Ken Nowak practices the crawl before a meet. 5 It the Weaker Sex? ' iXAm H V B V FC H aiMARY A Day in the Life A day exists on campus; one which includes the reality of protest, demonstration, and petition. Protests ranged in form and time. The peace demonstration focused against Dow Chemical Company developed into a Student Union lobby sit-in, lasting for almost five hours. Another form of protest appeared as a petition signed in support of William Baird, crusader against antiquated birth control and abortion laws. Headlines were made in still another manner, that of the Presidential poll, using college students as a representative sample of the coming November election. The other side of the day harbors the pleasures that are most sensual and expressive — it is the night. ' •% ' W : « In Spring a Young Man ' s Fancy Turns to . . . MNi « «- - Despite a Season of Bad Breaks . . . A baseball team that commits 50 errors in 23 games, that loses perhaps New England ' s finest pitcher early in the season, and that leaves the starting mound duties mainly in the hands of a junior with limited experience and an untried sophomore, was what second-year coach Dick Bergquist faced as the Redmen tried to defend their Yankee Conference title and as UMass completed its 82nd season of intercollegiate competition. UMass placed third in the Conference, however, behind Connecticut and Rhode Island with a 6—4 record and finished 12—10—1 overall. Far overshadowing the Redmen ' s erratic defense was an eye-catching .283 team batting average that produced 146 runs while the opposition batted .225 and scored 109 runs. Co-captain John Canty, a flame-throwing senior who had posted an 8 — 2 record with a 1.65 earned run average, and ranked fifth in the country in strike outs in 1967, made only four pitches in his fourth start of the season before leaving with an elbow injury. Although he was later drafted by the Houston Astros, the left-hander was lost to the Redmen for the rest of the spring. The pitching slack was taken up by little Rich Rappoli (3 — 3) and sophomore John Kitchen (5 — 2) with relief assistance from senior lefty Dave Katz, who appeared in 11 games. Rappoli suffered from a lack of batting support but had a 2.11 ERA with shutouts over Williams and New Hampshire, and Kitchen posted a 2.16 ERA. s Pacing the UMass onslaught was slugging left fielder Bob Hansen who batted .381, best ever by a sophomore at UMass. Hansen led the nation percentagewise in both home runs with eight, and in runs-batted-in with 30 in 21 games. His homer and RBI totals and his 67 total bases and .798 slugging percentage all represented UMass records. Following Hansen in the batting attack were junior Tony Chinappi, one of New England ' s best catchers, with a .347 average and sophomore outfielder Steve Rogers at .329. All-New-England shortstop Joe DiSarcina batted .303, scored 23 runs and won plaudits for his stellar fielding. Co-captain Don Ferron batted .280, and the second-baseman was presented the ECAC Merit Scholar-Athlete Award, chosen for Phi Beta Kappa and named UMass ' top scholar athlete for his 3.5 cumulative average. Other standouts for the Redmen were junior Ray Ellerbrook, who batted .275, excelled defensively at first base and led the team in stolen bases with 10; senior outfielders Alex Vyce with a .263 average and Ted Mareno at .260; sophomore third baseman Steve Stanford at .253 and sophomore infielder Chuck Espanet, who batted .304 in a reserve role. During their annual southern trip during the spring vacation, the Redmen beat Erskine (14 — 10) and Belmont Abbey (18—6), lost to Erskine (3—2), Randolph-Macon (6 — 5), and Maryland (9 — 0), and tied Belmont Abbey (9 — 9). Beginning the northern schedule, UMass lost to Colgate (4 — 2), belted A.I.C. (10—2), fell to Dartmouth (9—2), and trounced Williams (10 — 0), before entering Conference competition. After jumping out to a 3 — record in the league with victories over Vermont (6 — 3 and 5 — 4) and Connecticut (6 — 2), UMass lost to Rhode Island (5 — 4), beat New Hampshire (2 — 0), lost to Connecticut (2 — 0), lost to Maine (3 — 2), and beat Maine (10 — 7). In the last week of the season, the Redmen shelled Boston College (11 — 8), bowed to Rhode Island (4 — 1), trounced Springfield (11 — 4), ripped New Hampshire (11 — 3) and lost to Amherst (6—5). M ii -Mil ■ . . . Doubleday ' s Descendants . . . -.1 ' " C . . . Post Commendable Record t£ - ' . •isiC — ?■. ■-•,.• - " i»»- --. ■ I II. id te i i if»i » i W i l l i it iliMiiW—O Trackmen Have Record-Smashing Year But Lose Championship The trackmen failed to retain their hold on the Yankee Conference Outdoor championship, finishing third in the conference meet at Durham, New Hampshire. UMass was co-captained by Greg Bowman and John Andersen. Andersen holds the Massachusetts outdoor records in the 440 and the 440 intermediates. Bowman competed with the relay teams that set the Redman outdoor one- and four- mile records and the sprint-medley record. Coach Ken O ' Brien ' s team featured a strong nucleus of juniors with Paul Hoss and Marc Galinas in the two-mile event. Miler Charlie Lang was lost for the season due to illness. Bob Hasslebaum and Diego Gonzalez teamed to run the quarter-mile with Andersen. The varsity runners established six school records and one conference record in the spring. In addition to Andersen and Bowman, Steve Burrell, who competed in the 100 and 220, also graduated. The freshman team set nine frosh records, signalling a bright future for the 1969 team, hopefully the first UMass track team to have its own track since 1964. mm MX Their talents displayed for an enthusiastic audience, the Association performed in concert Saturday evening. Southwest Patriots Present Weekend of Music The unusual instrumental technique and distinctive sound of the Yardbirds captured the interest of the Southwest Weel end audience. Garber ' s Guerrillas Crush . . . ; Everything in Sight In a sport that combines the scenery of soccer, the stick-handling of hockey, the strategy of basketball, the contact of football, and the strain of cross country, a golden era continued. The lacrosse team emerged from the mayhem of body blocks and broken sticks with a 10—1 record, the best percentage in the 14-vear guidance of Coach Dick Garber. Offensive records fell as swiftly as each UMass fastbreak, but the telling quality of the Redmen ' s play was game-by-game teamwork, a necessity since the days of the original Redmen, who invented the game. Leading the onslaught of 145 goals, breaking the UMass record of 107 set in 1967, was junior attackman Kevin O ' Connor, who gained Little All-America honors for scoring 28 goals and 31 assists for 59 points. The assist and point totals were new season records and gave the " Fox " two UMass career records of 41 assists and 94 points. O ' Connor ' s statistical exploits did not cloud the success of his mates, led by junior Gary Vassar (20 goals, 14 assists), senior Marty Kalikow (19—3), junior Steve Connolly (15—5), co-captain Bfll Sinclair (15—1), and junior Brad Herling (5—10). A rigid defense that allowed only 4.5 goals each game while the offense scored 13.2 was inspired by junior goalie Mark Schlossberg, who executed 140 saves, and co-captain Walt Alessi, one of New England ' s best defensemen. The season was tarnished at its exact mid-point when a goal with a minute left cost a game to Amherst in New England ' s showdown feature of the year. Before the loss, the Redmen had charged through Wesleyan (14—7), Middlebury (13—7), Tufts (13—2), Holy Cross (20—3), and Dartmouth (10—4). After Amherst, they conquered Connecticut (7 — 5), Trinity (15 — 5), New Hampshire (18—4), M.I.T. (11—4), and W.P.I. (19—3). The scoring totals against Holy Cross, New Hampshire, and W.P.I, all surpassed the previous UMass game high. Lacrosse buffs with eyes on the 1969 season pointed happily to the best freshman team in UMass history, finishing 7 — 1 after outscoring its foes, 81 — 13. Coeds Finance Entertainment for H.E.R. Weekend A traditional time at UMass was the weekend of His Economic Relief where the girls financed the weekend activities. With a picnic on Saturday and a concert that evenin g, H.E.R. Weekend provided entertainment for all. k 0 ' P ' y ' A musical family full of talent, the Cowsills made their first appearance at the UMass campus on Saturday evening. H 1 r v l ■1 K l n HfS F 1 yn Hpt Jki l Ww 1 J Returning for a second performance this year, the Happenings were acclaimed by all for their talented and humorous presentations in the H.E.R. Weekend concert. ' ' The only loser in Intramurals, a personal mode of athletic expression, was developed into a competitive system by Chet Gladchuk, former assistant director of athletics in the School of Physical Education His untimely death has deprived intramural participants of an avidly interested organizer, yet spirited athletes perpetuate his memory campus wide. Intramurals Is the Non-participant ' Linksmen Turn in Excellent Card After losing five top-notch players to graduation, including Jim McDonald, perhaps the best UMass player in a decade, the golf team was expected to brood in a quandary of hooks, slices, and double bogeys. But the Redmen, under second-year coach Dick Page, duplicated their second-place finish of 1967 in the Yankee Conference meet and finished with a commendable record of seven victories in 14 tries during the regular season. Led by Captain Bob Nowak and junior Eric Lekberg, the golfers bested Wesleyan, Vermont, Dartmouth, Maine, Holy Cross, A.l.C, and Amherst in regular play, losing to Springfield, New Hampshire, Boston College, Rhode Island, Connecticut, W.P.I., and M.I.T. Nowak recorded the best overall record for UMass, and Lekberg took co-medalist honors, with a 77— 78— 15 card, in the Conference meet at Maine. The team championship was won by Rhode Island, who also captured the New England meet at New Hampshire. Senior Gary Gasperack, juniors John Ariansen and Paul Johnson, and sophomores Dick Barber and Dick Starsiak performed ably for the Redmen, who stood 4 — 1 on their home grounds, the Mt. Holyoke College Golf Course in South Hadley. With Captain Nowak and Gasperack, who earned a varsity letter in his third sport, as the only seniors, the prospectus for the 1969 linksmen is promising. KNEELING (left to right) : Gary Gasperack, Robert Nowak, Eric Lekberg, William Dunsmore. STANDING: Richard Starsiak, Richard Barber, Paul Johnson, Coach Richard Page. Netmen Continue to Dominate the Yankee Conference . . . " » t p i ' ' i?i,:ms . . . with Their Consistent Play Steve Kosakowski completed two decades as UMass tennis coach, and the Redmen celebrated his 20th anniversary by giving him his ninth Yankee Conference title, the title that the rain deprived him of in 1967. The team ' s 7 — 3 showing in the regular season made Kosakowski ' s career record an enviable 129 — 53. Since 1953 his teams have not finished lower than second in Conference play. The Redmen won the Conference meet by one point over Rhode Island on the strength of individual titles won by senior Steve Cohen and juniors Tom Johnson and Glen Sheppard as well as a doubles title won by Sheppard and senior Allen Davis. Cohen and Johnson were the top performers during the season as the Redmen white-washed Fairfield and Tufts, 9—0; routed W.P.I., A.I.C., and Springfield, 8—1; and edged New Hampshire and Rhode Island, 5—4. The losses were to M.I.T., 7—2; Holy Cross, 5 — 4; and Connecticut, 5 — 3. Junior Carl Clem and sophomore Mike Katz also excelled for the Redmen throughout the spring. Besides the Sheppard-Davis combinatiori, the Clem-Johnson and Katz-Cohen teams were consistent threats in doubles play. Crew Club Continues . . Experience was the key word as the Crew Club completed its third and most successful season to date this past spring. It was a season marked by impressive finishes as the varsity crew, coached by Dave Clarke, sprinted past Holy Cross College by a 2.6 second win, and Worcester Poly Tech by 2 seconds. The varsity, captained by Roger O ' Donnell, finished the season with a 3 — 2 record. At the Dad Vail Regatta, the small college national championship held in Philadelphia, the team finished 10th against 32 other shells. The junior varsity was besieged by hard luck through the season. It lost the first race of the season when Amherst reversed its varsity and junior varsity teams before the race. At the Harborow Regatta in Middletown, Connecticut, the Jayvees were defeated by Wesleyan after the referee ordered them to change course. Junior Mike Faherty coached the freshmen to a 4 — 1 record. The only loss was at the Kerr Cup Regatta in Philadelphia, but all the wins were by impressive margins. At the Vail, the frosh boat came in seventh of 14 boats. During the ' 68- ' 69 season, the coaching chores will be handled by Faherty since Clarke graduated. That crew should be more successful than last season ' s on the strength of at least 17 returning rowers. . . . to Improve Grand Finale of the Year Presented by ROTC Army and Air Force R.O.T.C. presented the 40th Annual Military Ball in the Student Union Ballroom on May 11. Over 300 cadets, officers, and their ladies, enjoyed dancing to the many varied beats of the 8th Air Force Dance Band from Westover Air Force Base. During a break in the band ' s performance, the vivacious Musigals delighted the audience with a variety of unusually arranged songs. Barbara Kopiecki was saluted by the officers as the 1968 Military Ball Queen. Individualistic Expression is . . , - i-J • 1 v f- " - 5 -v. I XI Hv H v l w P I RP lB Ib SySfi? fl « f (- f mf i| y ' iw B M I M 1 v m !j ' Ml rj A P F 1 H E I S I H a CAMPUS CHEST MARCH 9 " ' I7 Campus chest Is an Overwhelming Success Through a number of fund-raising affairs, such as the annual Ugly Man on Campus contest, a Student Union dance, a donkey basketball game between faculty and students, and a Mr. Campus Chest contest, the sophomore class raised over $1000 to be donated to various charities during its Campus Chest Week. Greek Week: a Time for Togas and Chariots Sponsored by the fraternities and sororities on campus, Greek Week is a time for both Greeks and independents to unite in friendship and fun. With the crowning of the queen, the week officially begins. Activities such as the sing competition, the Hatfield Barn Banquet, Opel painting, and the chariot parade and races, filled this 1968 Greek Week with an enthusiastic spirit long to be remembered by all who participated. , A r m j The Beauty of Things Was Born Before Eyes and Sufficient to Itself Robert Jeffers Shirley Capecci Home;rommg Queen k ...J Florence Bryan, S.E.N. D.O.F.F. Queen Lynn Wells Greet Week Queen Barbara Kopiecki Military Ball Queen rmmy BELCHERTO H VOLUMTEER-S jtRR ' HILLEL HOW LAND IKIASl KIK I NN Of -U Student Activities Placement Service :hor ISjiurdj,. Miicn 2i ORGANIZATION Editors: Frank Bialosiewicz Carol Megizsky Marianne Schmoyer Through an identification with others of similar interests, he transmits the spirit. Whether it be as a member of his class executive council or of a fraternity or sorority, his contribution to his own character, to his fellows, and to the campus community as a whole is measured in terms of dedication. Page 226 R.S.O.: Hub of Extra-Curricular Activities The Student Activities Office in the Student Union is the headquarters for Recognized Student Organizations (R.S.O.) and the Program Office. It pro vides a banking, booking and auditing service for student organizations, as well as resources and counsel on program planning, budgeting, purchasing, contracting, and most other aspects of the affairs of student organizations. Advisors are available to work closely with students and faculty advisors of student organizations to help them attain their goals. R.S.O. is a profitable means of fostering maturity and general enrichment in those students who wish to take optimum advantage of all that the University can offer. Katie Shea, R.S.O. Secretary, is always helpful checking bids, honoring checks, and issuing purchase orders for students. Shiela McRevey and . Lois Frey, Activity Program Advisors Gerry Scanlon, Coordinator of Student Activities. S.U.G. Board: Voice of the Student Union The Student Union Governing Board (SUG Board), composed of students, faculty, alumni and staff, is the official body which determines how the Student Union is to be used by on- and off -campus groups. The SUG Board considers matters ranging from the price of haircuts to the planning of the new Campus Center. Issues of the past academic year involved the sale of Mother of Voices, military recruitment and picketing in the Student Union. The SUG Board is primarily interested in relations between the students and the Student Union, for the building is owned by the students. Student Senate Gives Undergraduates Real Voice in Policy Decisions Striving for student power and recognition of student rights in University decision making shaped the direction of the Student Senate ' s activities and policies this year. The Senate successfully climaxed two years work on open houses which included a threat of a campus wide " walk-in " . The Trustees accepted virtually all of its recommendations. One of the Senate ' s yearly functions is the allocation of student funds, which are derived from an activities tax which it levies. Controversial items included the largest Collegian and index budgets in Senate history. $41,000 was appropriated to help bring underprivileged students to the University. The Senate accepted the ' 67-68 Alcoholic Beverages Committee Report. This would place no University sanction against drinking in student rooms, and would allow the purchase of a beer and wine license for a " 21 room " in the new Campus Center. The Senate continued its study of curriculum reform and grading policy, and initiated work on a University Ombudsman. It also set pro- cedures for student judiciaries, residence halls, and other student organizations. The Administration proposed a room rent increase without consulting student represent- atives. The Senate quickly presented an alternate proposal which the Trustees accepted. This precedent has helped insure a powerful student voice in future University decisions. lim Collins, President, and Fran Boranski, Vice-President, tunneled the direction of Student Senate policy. A Year of Change for Class Government to Compensate for Larger Constituency Vice President Joel Wilson, Senator Ed Hill, Secretary Suzanne Baier, President joe Tobacco, and Treasurer Martin Shapiro critique Collegian coverage of Soph-Frosh Picnic. President Bruce Balboni, Secretary Becky Stedman, Treasurer Steve Weisman, and Vice President Glenn Mangurian discuss plans tor SENDOFF Weekend. ' TTIT ' 7969: Senator Larry Marcus, Treasurer Jill Wolff, President Wayne Thomas, and Secretary Patty Aspinwall select entertainment for Winter Carnival. Not Pictured: Vice President Ralph Stoddard. 1968: Vice President Jeff Number, President Dick Wood, and Secretary Claudia Dembski dealt with problems over Senior Week budget. Not pictured: Treasurer Cindy Hunt and Senator E. T. Mellor. ]immy Fund Drive Highlights the Year forWMUA WMUA culminated another fine year of radio entertainment with a week long marathon for the Jimmy Fund. A highlight of the week was Ed Jewett ' s battle against sleepiness in his effort to break the world ' s record for hours awake on the air. A raffle for prizes donated by local merchants brought the total over the $1000 goal. Participation in the Campus Chest Drive reflects the wide and varied role played by this non-commercial, educational, and student-operated activity. Glenn Briere, Business Manager, was WMUA ' s chief sports announcer. ■oJ TICKETS - HfiPISY I» ' C " X -oJkw 0 a v " Ts , ■ » ■ ■■-■■•• Frte llvc|f-T;.-. «••■• £■ POUA Ji i •5 g ' l --n " " " (yifiUffmdtJ .: fi - WMUA ' s extensive record library provides a wide range at musical entertainment. WMUA contributes to Campus Chest fund-raising with requests and dedications in the Hatch. Editor-in-chief Jack Dean discusses recent editorial with Bill Dickinson. AP Wire Service and Controversial Issues Featured as Collegian Goes Daily Facilitated by daily publication and AP Wire Service, the Massachusetts Collegian continually kept abreast of controversial campus, national, and international happenings. Attacked by some for its partisan views, the Massachusetts Collegian, with the largest staff of photographers and r eporters in its history, nevertheless exploded the Senior Week controversy, and probed into the open housing issues and the student protest for academic freedom. On the lighter side, the newspaper introduced the popular cartoon, " Peanuts " , and the crossword puzzle as scholastic diversions. Ron LaBrecque, News Ed- itor, continually evalu- ated and re-evaluated every nev s story printed. Developing film was only part of " Cus " Gosciminski ' s assignments as Photo Editor. It ' s not a bad place, this Index office. It ' s sort of confusing at first, with all the talk about F-stops, picas, and blocked white space. But you get used to Neil ' s bare feet and everything being " out of sight " . And the conversation begins to mean something after a while . . . " Who ate the scale-o-graphs? Is this the Collegian office? How ' bout a quick game of cards? How long are you gonna be at the light table? What this place needs is a bed. Has anybody seen Joe? Another camera busted? When are my prints coming in? Let ' s pattern our book after Alabama A M. Is it 11 characters to two inches or one? What ' s 10 divided by 4? I wonder if we could get two more complimentary tickets. What does April 10th mean? White gloves? You ' re kidding. How about ' psychedelic sound ' ? Hiya, ' C.L. ' Another editors ' meeting? Who ' s going down to the Hatch? What we need is an electric typewriter. Who ' s got a key to the file cabinet? Who spelled ' senieors ' like that? Hi, Flash. How about another trip to Chicago? Kappa, Kappa, Kappa Gamma. I ' m so happy . . . Need a date, Chink? A 4:40 class on Friday? Who ' s the stud with all the office hours? Hey, Stache. Who ' s got a thesaurus? Don ' t worry about it. It ' ll get done. " And somehow it did. It was an experience. You learn to accept typewriter-cramped fingers, out of focus pictures, and the Chief. But most importantly, you learn something about photo-journalism and about other people, people united in one purpose — to give the campus 416 pages of nostalgia, a year ' s history of the University of Massachusetts. Massachusetts Index: Rich Sadowski, Editor-in-Chief; " Another double exposure? " Janice Wroblewski, Academic Editor; " Do you understand, Neil? " trrr w lohn Sandhaus, Associate Editor; " Need mef I ' m here 8 — 5. " A Real... Chris Mandracia, Senior Editor: " Chink?? " Carol Megizsky, Creek Editor: " Candids? " Neil Rennie, Co-Photo Editor: " Aw, come on. Rich. " Lyne Waldman, Campus Life Editor: " The Chief won ' t like it, but I do. . . . Experience Skip Fitch, Co-Photo Editor: " Did we really need 18 rolls of that concert? " Dick Milley: " That copy hangs! " Frank Bialosiewicz, Organizations Editor: " It ' s spelled B-i-a-l-o- " Barb Coldrick, Senior Editor: " By when? " i SPECTRUM OFFICE I AHMililjlj Changing Face of Campus Publications Reflects Diversified Student Demands. The expansion of the University included the proliferation in the size and quantity of campus publications. Those like the Orchard Hill Hobbitt and the Central Voice have emerged to cover events stimulated by the emphasis on more and better " community " projects. The Spectrum has progressed from a book of regulations to an outlet for general journalism. Although the values of the Engineering journal and the Mother of Voices have been subject to controversy, the year ' s most bitter struggle raged for the re-instatement of our famed humor magazine — NOW with funds, NOW without a name. Symphony Band Expands its Program The 72-member Symphony Band presented its seventeenth annual concert tour in the state during Spring vacation this year and traveled to seven locations for twelve concerts w ithin five days. A program of martial, classical, and light classical music was presented. Mr. Walter Chestnut, instructor of music at UMass and first trumpet with the Springfield Symphony Orchestra, honored the Band by accompanying them as a soloist this year. In addition to the Spring tour, the Band performed two concerts on campus and at the Commencement ceremonies. This varied schedule, under the direction of Dr. John A. Jenkins and Mr. Larry Weed, and the chance to travel provided profitable experiences for the musicians. The Chorale ' s ten voice offshoot, the Chamber Singers. The University of Massachusetts Chorale. The UMass Choral, a 54-voice, acappella choir under the direction of Dr. Richard duBois, travelled to New Jersey, Illinois, Ohio and Pennsylvania for an extensive tour this year. The repetoire consisted of sacred and secular music from the Renaissance to the present, including religious classics, negro spiritual, Folk tunes and Sea chanteys. Concerts were also sung for Massachusetts ' audiences through local concerts and a television broadcast in December. This year ' s Men ' s Chorale did a notable production o Shenandoah in its repetoire. The 16-voice Madrigal Singers sang in the bi-annual choral concert as well as at local high schools. Vocal Virtuosity Colors Choral Groups. The Women ' s Choir made trips to Williamsburg and to Chicopee to supplement their campus concerts.. The University Chorus, under the direction of Alan Harler, sang on campus and in nearby towns. 245 In the Search For Ourselves . . . mW-m . . . We Turn to God in Individual Worship S.W.A.P.: Another Productive Session S.W.A.P., the Student Workshop on Activities Problems, is a conference made up of representatives from every class, honor society, department, and organization to criticize, discuss, and offer solutions to University problems and affairs. This year ' s conference met at the Andirons inn, in West Dover, Vermont, on October 27, 28, and 29. Al Davis was student chairman and keynote speaker was Provost Oswald Tippo who spoke about student responsibility for University growth and expansion. This informal gathering of students, faculty, and staff was very productive, especially in the area of Academic Affairs, where the curriculum for the College of Arts and Sciences was discussed for possible changes. Musigals and Statesmen: Vocalized Entertainment Sports Clubs: Another Dimension to Athletics Apart from the regular varsity and intramural sports, sports clubs such as weightlifting, judo, skiing, rugby, and crew offer the individual the opportunity to pursue an athletic goal in his own manner and to experience the enjoyment, excitement, and fulfillment of this pursuit. Some of the highlights of this part were the truly successful season submitted by the Crew Club and the organization of the new Rugby Club. ILc s ---__ Military Groups Uphold Traditions in Turbulent Times Angel Flight, Colonel ' s Cadre, the Flying Redmen, Scabbard and Blade, and the Precisionettes are an extension of the activities offered by R.O.T.C. and through which military values and traditions are maintained. Whether it be the Precisionettes and Flying Redmen competing in drill team competitions, the booming of a cannon to signify a Redmen touchdown, or a charity drive by Angel Flight, these groups continueto preserve the military traditions established on campus in 1863. " yi Maroon Keys ' membership includes sophomore men who have demonstrated promise of leadership in University life. Adelphia ' s senior men initiated luncheons with administration and faculty to effect solutions to student-centered problems. ■ ' .{ m ' - .- Mortarboard ' s senior women promote academic excellence through service in the campus community. Scrolls, evenly distributed among the dormitories, prompt freshman women to become involved in their University. Through the Unselfish Service and Leadership of Its Students, the University Eases Its Growing Pains The debut of the card section intemified the cheers of a vigilant stadium crowd. Newly-formed Patriots were instrumental in promoting spirit in the Southwest Complex. Changing Campus Cherishes Traditional Spirit Amid a changing campus exterior, the spirit that is the University remains untouched. It is a force which originates in the student himself. It is a force most clearly understood at football games when the crowd roars, at concerts when there is standing room only and thundering applause, at residential college weekends when there are students at every window and bands and picnics. It is spirit groups — the Revelers, the Patriots, the Cheerleaders — that encourage this force to be unleashed. New Projects Undertaken by Gamma Sigma Sigma Gamma Sigma Sigma added new dimensions to its roster of service projects this year. The sisters devoted over five hundred hours to clerical work for the Hampshire County Public Health Department, and took charge of the University Box Office. Work with the mentally retarded at Belchertown State School was Gamma Sigma Sigma ' s local expression of a national goal. Gamma Sigma Sigma ' s theme of sisterhood and friendship is reflected in their service, but more personally in pledge breakfasts, sundae parties, and suppers. Alpha Phi Omega Sponsors Las Vegas Night for Charity Alpha Phi Omega, in an effort to raise funds for charity, simulated a Las Vegas gambling casino which successfully authenticated the excitement and the adventure of " the real thing " . Members of this service fraternity extended their efforts to ushering at the University Theater performances, setting up student elections, and organizing the University Blood Drive. As brother united in the desire to serve the community as well as the University, Alpha Phi Omega sponsored Christmas parties for orphaned children and assisted in preparations for the Amherst Community Fair. Volunteers Cheer the Mentally Retarded Sacrificing time and energy to bring happiness into the lives of mentally retarded children at Belchertown State School is the ultimate goal of generous University students who devote their Saturdays to organizing games and creative activities for the children. At Christmas time, the Belchertown Volunteers rejuvenated the fantasy of Santa Claus as they collected toys and distributed packages at the school. The experience of working with the retarded is rewarding not only through the concept of giving, but through the realization of the meaning of ourselves. ) Men ' s and Women ' s Judiciaries Combine to Form General Court In an effort to unify high level decisions, the Men ' s and Women ' s Judiciaries combined this year to form the General Court. Composed of seven men and five vi ' omen, the Court is the highest student court on campus, hearing cases appealed at lower levels as well as cases of alleged misconduct that do not occur specifically at the residence hall level. Notably absent this year in the agenda of cases were curfew violations, while there was a sharp increase in cases involving alleged misuse of organizational funds. T ' 5- -®w - r:; Student Leaders ' Colloquium Delves into Problems in Leadership In an attempt to eliminate the emotional confusion of Student Leaders ' Night, interested students pooled their ingenuity and gave birth to the Student Leaders ' Colloquium. A more serious atmosphere provided an introspective opportunity in which Dean Dwight Alien of the School of Education, Reverend Jeffrey Campbell, and Dean of Students William Field delved into the problems of creativity, student responsibility, and the meaning of student leadership before an audience of honorary society members. The traditional tapping ceremony was done prior to the Colloquiuhi, placing an emphasis on the leadership problems existent in the University community. From an Ancient Civilization to a Contemporary College Campus, the Unifying Creek Spirit Thrives Where will I turn? I want to know myself and I want others to know me. A house with Greek letters opens its doors. I walk in; I meet those others; I want to stay. This is where it begins— Greek rush and the temporary ending is the bid from the house I choose. But it is really a beginning — a newness of thoughts. With this in mind, I become caught up in the excitement of a different life. 1 learn to appreciate loyalty, tolerance, individuality and togetherness. I grow as I see myself through the eyes of others; and others learn from me. The world beyond those doors seems less frightening now. All too soon I must turn again. This time I know where I am going, because the world I am leaving has given me self-assurance to find my way. 266 Not everyone defines words in the same way. You have to understand what words mean in the context of a fraternity apart from any other organization. Fraternity as usually defined means, " a body of men associated for their common interest or pleasure; a brotherhood " . To Alpha Epsilon Pi, the word has a deeper meaning. It does not mean conformity. It mean a group where each brother develops his individuality to the utmost. Our fraternity asks for belief in God. It allows each man to worship in his own way, remembering that the essence of fraternity lies in the Creator ' s ideals. Ro bert Cohen, President Larry Davidson, Vice President Fred Franklin, Secretary Richard Jacobsohn, Treasurer Alpha Epsilon Pi Richard Balboni Steven Bauman Robert Biedman Thomas Blanco Richard Bloom Stephen Brass Paul Cohen Stephen Cohen Steven P. Cohen lames Comiskey Stephen Dickerman Carl Finn Sanford Fisher Harrison Forman Ronald Franco Edward Friedman Leo Ginns Leonard Click Philip Goldberg Robert Goldman Edward Goltz Michael Creenblatt Peter Griff Charles Hamburg George Hurwitz Alan Jacobs Robert Jacobs Stanley Karp Michael Katz Lonnie Lehrer Maurice Leavitt Peter Lewenberg Arthur Leventhal Glenn Lewis Philip Locke Henry Lord Kevin McShane Herbert Miller Robert Miller Mark Moss Steven Murra Peter Oppenheim Stephen Parnell Stuart Rispler Robert Sandler Kenneth Schnide J. Michael Shaughnessy Carl Slotnick Marc Stern Neal Strauss Steven Sussman Brian Urquhart Gary Vacanti IraWallich Robert Webber Steven Weisman Robert Wilson Murray Winer Gary Winzelberg Kenneth Yarvitz Alan Young Joseph Zaikind Alpha Sig is the difference. The difference- between a handshake at Round Robins and one after Hell night, between puppy love and new lodges for Craig, Brian, Dan and Dwight, between an N.C.C. exchange and a Kappa football game. And in the middle lie the simple things; fine movies at Pledge Chapel, a cabbie ' s hat for Murph and a championship bowling team. There are mistakes too — like forgetting " Barsey ' s " before the " Q " , being afraid of last semester ' s Hell Night or expecting the Treasurer to snap. Also more complex feelings — a missing Koala and Buzzard, a prayer for Butch and a teenage house mother. It is the difference which is the house. We are as different as Big Dan and Steed, yet as similar as Marky and Jacky. A spectrum of men, a spectrum of change, a spectrum of memories. Alpha Sigma Phi Donald Agnoii Paul Aerasian Allan Blair Michael Bloomer William Brown John Burns Sprague Davis Richard Delaney Joseph Di Donato John Domurat Paul Donovan Stephen Encarnacao Ted Falk William Fallon Paul Foley Marl( Goldberg Richard Hart Daniel Henderson Robert Joyce David Kamila John Keleher James Kelliher Kevin Kline Dennis Konary Michael Kustra Kennith Lamkin Brian Leach Paul Martucci Mark Mc Lean Dwight Merriam Stephen Minkwitz Kevin Moriarty Timothy Moylan James Mulligan Peter Murphy John McCovern Russel Philbrook Richard Pickett Craig Pineo Richard Poremba Douglas Powling Paul Proctor Stephen Schnetzer Barry Schonhaut Daniel Scully Geoffrey Senior Gary Sharpe Eugene Smith Edward Vartanian Paul Whalen William Winteringham i til Stephen Kramer, President Roland Rheault, Vice President Bruce Ellard, Treasurer Peter Faulkner, Executive Alpha Chi Omega Susan Ruckstuhl, President Cindy Hunt, Vice-President Janice Rebecchi, Secretary Barbara Campbell, Treasurer Cynthia Ammenworth Kathy Armstrong Nanci Benedetti Donna Beer Karen Benson Carol Blonder Phyllis Blotcher Christine Bremner Judith Brown Paula Bzdula Barbara Campbell Carolyn Canavasio Kathryn Carlson Lorraine Carter Brenda Condike Claudia Dembski Judy Ericson Freida Ereich Nancy Fisher loan Fitzgerald Sharleen Garvey Mary Harrigan Cynthia Hunt Nancy Cadzuk Charlene Colonka Mary Halbert Sheila Hallissey Marcy Halloran Carol Hoefner Nancy Jahn Joanne janusas Barbara Kopieki Andrea Kazinetz Karen Larue Susan Lillard Tammy Lipstein Joanne Loughane Cheryl McCormick Donna Nelson Linnea Nelson Mary Ann Paraskas Donna Pasco Jeanne Peltier Ferma Perullo Paulette Ponn Christine Race Cheryl Rae Jane Rae Janice Rebecchi Linda Renzi Sandra Richards Rachel Rooney Susan Ruckstuhl Linda Runels Linda Sauve Ida Sherman Joan Steever Marion Sterni Catherine Sullivan Patricia Sullivan Patricia Sweeney Margie Sylvester Marcia Taylor Paulette Thibeault Mary Jane Tivnan Michaela Tobia loan Tuttle Kathy Vincent Lynn Wells Ann Wilson Marcia Young Since its founding in 1885, Alpha Chi has been known for its frinedliness and enthusiasm, a spirit which prevails from " Deep Sea " rush parties to graduation festivities in June. Sorority life centers around the house, with Monday night active meetings, relaxed Sunday morning breakfasts, and music and dance sessions after class. The house bustles with excitement during rush, as the Alpha Chi ' s warmly greet their new pledges. There are quiet moments too . . . the memorable Alpha Chi fireside with many inspirational comments by the sisters. And there is Faculty Tea, when the girls put on their best manners and gather for an evening of informal talk with their favorite profs. Or there is Dad ' s Weekend, when they escort their fathers to a game and " treat " them to dinner. Many girls also take part in service activities, from tutoring underprivileged children in Springfield to the annual Christmas Party with a local orphanage. With a spirit of diversity in fun, leadership, and service, the Alpha Chi ' s look back on another year of cooperation among individuals and forward to future cooperation in carrying out the ideals of the sorority. From the main plant: By working together on summer weekends, we gave the house a fresh painting. C-house also took on a luster inside that made it hardly recognizable from previous years. New furniture and other renovations took place with alumni aid. From social: The fall included exchanges, while the weekly senior Hookers Club meetings began again at the Aqua Vita. Homecoming Weekend started off with " Metawampee ' s Marionettes " being a first place float. Two weeks later high up in a large hayloft, saw the annua! Farmer ' s Frolic with people hanging from rafters, climbing ropes, throwing hay, and good times for all. From sports: A football game with Chi O was close all the way, but the super bowl saw the A and B House Packers nip the C House Patriots 7 — 6. From general: Trying to think of original names for the new dog caused the pledges anguish in a memorable front room gathering. And in one of his roles, our late show Dracula caused such a stir that we vowed to finish the year studying while living together in the Beta Phi tradition. Richard Aherne Steve Anderson James Audet Bruce Balboni Vincent Barry Tom Bates Frank Best Michael Biscotti Richard Booth Edward Bowe James Brunette Carl Campagna Larry Cardarelli Steve Connelly Mike Davis Wayne Davis Joe Devaney Ron Dion Robert Doolittle John Doucette Robert Dubiec David Erickson Donald Everette Kevin Finneran Scott Gardner Richard Cromelski Richard Hannon William FHayes Richard Healy Sumner FHersey Ronald Hodgedon David Hodgkins Ronald Antonelli Jeff Eaton Donald Hodgman Jay Howland John FHubley Frank Jackman Paul Johnson Carl Kamp Tom Keileher Richard Killilea William King John Kuja Robert MacDougal AlMaki George May James McGuire Mike McKenna Warren Mills Steve Mullen John Parry Charles Perrell Joe Reed Paul Rivers Edward Robbins Edward Saltus Lance Sandberg Al Smith Kenneth Smith Martin Smith Robert Tobin Arthur Veves Sean Walker Richard Kszystiniak Robert Foley John King Beta Kappa Phi John Pollack, President David Erickson, Vice President Edward Saltus, Secretary Richard Booth, Treasurer Philip Przybyszewski, President Everett Thornton, Vice President Stephan Bergman James Bernat George Child James Czekanski Henrv Dandeneau Edward Davis Peter Dikan Roger French Robert Goff George Goodtellow Gary Greenberg Peter Hawes Thomas Hoffman Michael Kennedy Howard Kravitz Henry Lawler Eric Lekberg Michael Loufus Edmund McGrath loseph Ormund Henry Parsons Rocco Petitto Alan Powell Donald Reagen Thomas Simpson Paul Spigel Arnold Wallenstein Howard Young Delta Chi Qi w AXir A " The college fraternity accepts its role in the moral and spiritual development of the individual, it not only accepts the standards of the college, but, in addition, endeavors to develop those finer qualities of ethical conduct which add to the inner growth of man. " Seven men believed this idea in April, 1966. They believed it so strongly that they inspired sixteen men to obtain a pledge class of fourteen to obtain a national fraternal name, to create an organization, to spread their influence to many varied parts of the campus and community and to hold their heads up at the sound of Delta Chi. These thirty have now been joined by thirteen more, all as eager to understand our goals and we are eager to help them to understand. Although it be only twenty months old. Delta Chi is growing more and more rapidly both in size and strength. The brotherhood knows where it has been, where it wants to go and, very importantly, believes in its ability to get there. Delta Chi is more than a place to go, more than a place to eat, sleep or study — Delta Chi is a warmth and a belief and a hope. Zeta Nu Daniel Ambrose Patrick Ascolese Jonathon Avery Daniel Barnat Joel Brebbia Joseph Bonczek Stephen Broderick Daniel Chrzan Thomas Coury lames Curley John Dreyer John Fitzgerald William Ford Bernard Cillis Charles Green FHarold FSansen William Jesson Robert Keating Robert Keough Carleton Larkin Michael Laverty James Leverone Francis McCaffrey Alan McCarter Terrence Melville William Murphy Paul O ' Keeffe Peter Politakis Norman Pope James Pye William Rice Neil Robinson Thomas Russell George Shea Robert Spry Ralph Stoddard John Walsh Mike Driscoll President Eric Diensbach Vice President So why are we here? Does the barnlike architecture of the house demand our presence? Or better still, is it the weekly housemeetings, the house jobs, the smokers, the pledge and initiation ceremonies? No, these are not the reasons why we pledged the old brown barn. The reason becomes increasingly apparent to each brother in his daily fraternal life. It is friendship, Zeta Nu ' s greatest commodity; good times, inerasable memories, brotherhood, life-long pals. Unfortunately, the fraternal experience is something we cannot adequately communicate to outsiders, but that makes it all the more precious to us. jerry Howland Treasurer Thomas Adams George Anderson Robert Asquith James Cassin Donald Collins Kevin Collins Ronn Coltin Robert Couture iSlichael Coyne Ronald Cronin John Decembrelle Richard Delmonico Richard Deluzio James Foley John Foley Peter Gordon Dennis Gray Douglas Green Charles Hannifan James Harrigan Phillip Kade ' ts Edward Kelly Theta Chi John Langworthy Albert Lanoie Lawrence Lunt Michael Martin Barry McCarter Jeffrey McCormick Paul McDonough James Miller Robert Rider Robert Remar James Riley Ronald Ryan Peter Schofield Robert Sheehan John Shockro James Smith Lawrence Sullivan Craig Wilqus Richard Wynn Alphonse Zito Francis Zito Steven Albernaz, President Thomas Byron, Vice President Richard Dyer, Secretary Gerald Bruen, Treasurer Since its inception at the University of Mass. in 1911, Theta Chi has been endeavoring to fulfill its motto, " Alma Mater First and Theta Chi for Alma Mater. " Throughout the years, it has produced many leaders in such campus organizations as Maroon Keys, Arcon, Adelphia, and General Court as well as fielding many outstanding Varsity and intramural athletes. Outstanding leadership also displays itself in the organization of the house and house activities. Individualism and the fostering of special talents are stressed. Application of these attitudes has placed Theta Chi in a position of prominence. Most important, however, is the tradition of spirit and brotherhood which is present in house life. Proud of its relations with sororities and other fraternities, Theta Chi will always strive to perpetuate the Greek System. 314 Lincoln Avenue, bustling amidst Fall colors, was welcomed by an especially fantastic new housemother . . . flower power merits second prize in Homecoming Parade . . . rushed rush parties . . . The Temptations in the background . . . comforting words when your whole world falls in . . . new pledges, tears again . . . Christmas Party for orphans . . . and guess who ' s coming to dinner? . . . steak for Dean ' s List ... a fire drill from the harem . . . sisters living together, maintaining their individuality; an individuality that builds character . . . friends that truly care ... a very special home . . . joyfully working for an intangible goal . . . " Friendship, sincerity, loyalty, and honesty; This is what we ' ve found in IGU " . . . Our favorite things do revolve around our gingerbread existence . . . Susan Albino Carol Beauchamp Janice Bongiovanni Lois Boyies Dael Chapman Cinny Coleman Amanda Correa Linda Costley Carol Dalrymple Diane Dik Gail Doyle Mary Jane Dolye Rowena Fentin Anne Franklin Joan Hammond Kathy Hennessey Susan Hooper Cynthia Horvath Jerri Kaplan Cheryl Kravetz Iota Gamma Upsilon Jane Shield, President Marilyn Melchiori, Vice-President Roz Terhan, Secretary Paula Lanchansky, Treasurer Diane Kucefski Cheryl Lallas Paula Lanchansky Donna Liscombe Linda Marinake Paula Matthews Marion McNeil Marilyn Melchiori Cheryl Miller Patricia Nagle Susan Piatt Rebecca Portnoi Janine Potvin Ellen Rice Kathleen Robbins Jane Shields Rosalyn Terban Linda Vieira Lesley Weiner On a far side of campus, located near the WoPe building, there is a white framehouse. To many of those who pass by, it is simply that — a white framehouse, but to the sisters of Kappa Alpha Theta it is far more. It is the site of a " melting pot " ; a meeting place where one can find many different girls united by one common interest, KAPPA ALPHA THETA. The separate and unique contributions of each individual fuse to create very diverse effects. Upon visiting Theta, one may find a " streetwalker " skit, Sunday night movies with Mom and Dad, twenty- one sisters waiting in line for one shower, egg raids and renting barns, and House Parents who are involved with you. Jim and Merlene are people to skate and snack with, but most of all to talk and live with. Girls are dancing, daydreaming, studying, singing, and especially listening to each other. The house gives a permanent, personal atmosphere to a sometimes impersonal campus. It is a part of our growing. Ellen Burke, President Mary Quigley, Rush Chairman Barbara Sullivan, Secretary Kathy Smith, Treasurer IP Kappa Alpha Theta Ruth Aronson Marcy Ballard Madalyn Blake Ellen Burke Nancy Bush Kathy Bumpus Barbara Burnham Susan Callahan Pauline Capone Jean Carmell Ann Chance Kathleen Dadoly Jane Delano Jill DeWallace Linda Donnelly Susan Fenn Irene Freedman Maureen Cillchrest Tina Gross Susan Crover Harriet Cuberman Margery Hanson Candace Hayden Donna Heller Pamela Howe Jean Kelleher Pamela Kopp Marjorie Lauer Heddy Liisberger Susan Mador Mignonne Megas Donna Mohan Debra Oliveria Monica Paquette Cher Podgurski Christine Quigley Mary Ellen Quigley Margaret Reardon Susan Reid Robin Sanders Kathy Sacuto Nancy Schneiderman Kathleen Scott Kathleen Smith Susan Steele Barbara Sullivan Elaine Sullivan Elaine A. Sullivan Carol Tailby Priscilla Tailby Debra Tilden Ann Toomy Suzanne Valasunas Patricia Walter Cheryl Weiss Marilyn Weiss Kappa Kappa Gamma The year 1967 marked the twenty-fifth anniversary of the founding of Delta Nu chapter at the University. The UMass Kappas were recognized for hard work, enthusiasm, and achievement by receiving an award at their province convention last spring. Civically, the Kappas united with other Greeks in fostering the successful tutoring program for culturally-deprived children in Springfield. Academically, they held weekly faculty guest nights, inviting both faculty and administrators, including President Lederle, to be their guests for dinner. Socially, their calendar was filled with such activities as teas, exchange suppers with fraternities, special events during the Christmas holidays, the annual Pledge Formal weekend, and active participation in Greek Week. The twenty-five years of Kappa Kappa Gamma ' s existence at the university have been productive and rewarding for each individual who has given her interest, assumed the responsibility of membership, and experienced the intangibles which are inherent in the concept of " sisterhood. " Jaye Anderton, President Shelley Forbess, Vice President Nancy Simonds, Secretary Caren Johnson, Treasurer Janice Alberghene Barbara Anderson Jaye Anderton Myra Banner Diane Baptiste Marilyn Berg Gail Berry Joan Bienick Jean Brady Sharon Bresnahan Elaine Canter Deborah Chase Anne Craven Susan Conway Linda Dec Mary Delia Paolera Claire Dilorati Mary Anne Dougherty Grace Durrance Pamela Econoply Jacqueline Faustine Shelley Forbess Nancy Freedman Patricia Genova Ellen Crandfield Pamela Green Judith Gross Leslie Holt Kathleen Hughes Caren Johnson Cynthia Knowles Kathleen Koumjian Karen Kuczarski Jean Lakness Christina Leslie Jessie Mallon Linda McDonough Frances McGarry Pamela Meadows Carolyn Methe Deborah Miller Jacqueline Mize Melissa Murphy Deborah Musgrove Shari Nanatonis Sally O ' Donnell Dorothy Rajecki Bette Rappaport Kathleen Roche L esli Sanderson Joyce Sarat Marianne Schmoyer Nancy Simonds Maura Smith Janet Spence Rebecca Stedman Roberta St. Hill Karen Sullivan Kathleen Sullivan Patricia Sullivan Betty Swierad Pamela Taylor Virginia Therrien Judith Urban Carol Vickers Nancy Waide Kathleen Watkins Wllen Weinfield Denise Wendell Deborah Wilkes Gail Wilkes Carole Willard Kappa Sigma Anthony L. Chinappi, President Daniel F. Murley, Vice-President ). Bruce Cochrane, Secretary Robert McDonough, Treasurer John Barbate Alan Becker Richard Benoit Donald Brown Steven Chew Anthony Chinappi J. Bruce Cochrane Stephen Conlon F. Michael Cooney George Crane R. Nicholas DiSabato Joseph DiSarcina Brian Domina Vincent Donohue Donald Dotson David Driscoll Timothy Driscoll John Farrelly Frederick Fitzpatrick Patrick Flaherty Ben Freitas Peter Gayeska Robert Goc Andrew Guarino Charles Cuss Robert Hansen Albert Holcomb Louis loanilli George Jamgochian Martin Johnson Stephen Kajander James Keating David Liberatore Robert McDonough Michael McArdle John Medieros James Mitchell Paul Mlinar John Morgan Kenneth Morgan Paul Morrison Daniel Murley John Olivari Stephen Olivo Richard Omerso C. Bruce Parent David Pikkarainen Donald Porter Richard Rappoli Stephen Rogers James Santos NoelSchablik Timothy Schmitt Paul Sculley Thomas Simonds Ernest Smith Curtis Stathis Kent Stevens Peter Sudak Lawrence Sullivan George Tokarczuk Frank Tavolacci Mark Toner Paul Toner Douglas Torrey Paul Vaccaro Martin Warner Robert Weeks Bernard Woods Donald Wright Robert Yurkus The seventy-five returning brotherhood of Kappa Sigma welcomed our new housemother, Mrs. Eva Chatel, this fall. Saturday afternoons also brought football thrills with the accomplishments of our many brothers on the team, especially pro-bound brother Greg Landry. At Homecoming, our alumni were pleased to see a complete renovation of the " house " , with the addition of new furniture and rugs to our living room and library. Later in the fall semester, the brotherhood followed intensely the varsity wrestlers and basketball players from Kappa Sig as they performed their respective talents. The spring brought an active social semester to the house. Our Greek social calendar included such events as the House Formal, Greek Weekend, and the annual House Picnic. However, scholastic achievement is second to no other activity, as Kappa Sigma has consistently been among the top three or four Fraternities in overall cumulative average in the past. At Kappa Sigma, being the best is a tradition. Lambda Delta Phi Alight the way The way a candle A candle the glow The glow a smile A smile the warmth the sarmth a hand A hand to pin to pin to pledge A hand to guide to guide the way The way to follow to follow the ideals The ideals to cherish to cherish the freedom The freedom of being to be an individual The hand with hands to be united Unity of friendship Unity of ideals Unity of Lambda Cg WaOeWaPni Ellen Adams Sandra Azer Elaine Balcius Marylouise Benson Geralyn Bilyeu Alison Bock Mary Britha Ellen Buchman Pamela Clement Maryellen Dean Claire Dolan Jean Doyle Jane Durna Mary Erwin Patricia Foulds Rosanne Fritz Terrilyn Geer Constance Gizienski Karen Golashesky Judith Gravel Susan Haesart Donna Hamblett Karen Hanson Patricia Hauck Barbara Kamanitz Judith Lagasse Jannette MacDonald Esther Marx Marie Maynard Carol Neilson Constance Newton Susan Paterson Paula Piela Barbara Ramuglia Maryellen Rooney Ellen Silva Diane Susco Sandra Switzer Margi Taylor Suzanne Thom Sandra Topulas Karen Vatcher Diane Wills Joanne Wills Gladys Yunik Brotherhood is not measured by the size of a house, or the trophies on a mantle, or the money which is in the treasury. The material terms of brick, tin, or silver are overshadowed by the personal stature of the individuals who make up a fraternity chapter. Since its founding in 1912, the fraternity brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha, Gamma Zeta chapter, have received and maintained a proud tradition of excellence in scholarship, campus affairs and athletics. The men of Lambda Chi Alpha direct their individual talents in working toward the good of the fraternity and strive to maintain a close bond between the brothers. Our late advisor, Mr. Stephen Gladchuk, portrayed the ideals of our fraternity. He gave us a true philosophy of learning how to live together as brothers which will always remain with the past, present, and future brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha. Nicholas Verenis, President David Woodcock, Vice President John Rousseau, Secretary Kenneth Gusciora, Treasurer Lambda Chi Alpha David Brigham Francis Bositis Gregory Buteau Stephen Chambers James Clapproad Edmand Coonan William Conway Norman Elliot Sidney Fenton Gerald Forgit Felix Giuffrida Allen Johnson Robert Lorrey Stephen Marzelli John Mitsakos Robert Landrews Robert LaChance Robert Marshall Vincent Mc Ewan Robert Moylan Martin O ' Donnell Gerald Oldach Donald Robinson Allen Seibert Edward Sheehan Dale Siswick tarry Snook Ronald Sutherland Gary Vassar David Woodcock Pi Beta Phi, established on this campus in 1930 as Alpha Lambda Mu until nationalized in 1944, has a long and proud tradition to uphold. To Pi Beta Phi goes the proud honor of being the first women ' s fraternity in the United States. Yet the chapter at the University of Massachusetts does not intend to thrive upon this distinaion, but hopes to reaffirm the worth and value of such an organization within the concept of Panhellenism. It has been so truly said that fraternal feelings go far beyond the social and cultural aspects of the sorority itself. Sisterhood is a feeling that must transcend the mundane aspects of human relationships. Sisterhood, on the highest plane, is a path to development, a realization of the true and good in every individual. Pi Beta Phi is all of this — an institution which presents the true Greek image coupled with dignity and grace. Julie Quincy, President Aurelia Palubeckus, Vice-President Elaine Joyce, Secretary Margaret Gregoritch, Treasurer Pi Beta Phi Judy Allen Geraldine Baron Sylvia Bartlett Cheryl Bogie Anne Brooksbank Irene Carlson Julie Cunningham Claire Davidson Kathryn Delibro Eileen Dorgas Mary Dunn Helen Falkson Maureen Farley Mary Fennessey Carol Filipek Kathleen Foy Leslie Graves Barbara Hannigan Jennifer Harrington Caren Heiser Pamela Jacobson Janet Jarvinen Linda Jones Eileen Kallio Penny Karafotias Rheta Kasmer Christine Kazimerick Susan Kiernan Carol LaPierre Joanne Levine Cheryl Lousarian Karen Lundy Patricia Mapps Lyn Massey Barbara McKean Dorothy McMullen Ann Merriam Lyn Nevins Frances Newton Colleen O ' Cara Marjorie Owen Susan Patch Jean Peterson Elaine Posco Patricia Provada Katherine Quincy Joyce Rauseo Phyllis Rimmer Linda Saloio Nancy Schmuck June Skull Donna Sharpe Janyce Slack Lynne Smith Ellen Souza Pamels Stokes Nancy Stumpf Deborah Swanson Joan Swardlick Sandra Tamarrow Michelle Taylor Linda Tower Nancy Unger Sarah Wyman Carrie Ziemak A new fraternity on campus is growing, thriving, pregnant with promise, yet still only partly realized. Pi Lambda Phi, the 43rd chapter of an outstanding national fraternity, has been at 375 North Pleasant Street only two years. During that time there ' s been much painting, scraping, hammering, and scrubbing to make a chapter house for the proud, growing brotherhood. There ' s been living, eating, studying, carousing together. Homecoming, parties, intramurals, Greek committees, " Good Morning, Ma " , booking in the basement, twenty transfixed around the tube, a couple of " cold ones " down the Drake, cards all night in Lightning ' s room, " Great meal, Larry " . Through vision, effort, achievement, and reward, we are Pi Lambda Phi, not for four years, but for a lifetime. Paul Seidel, President Robert Silton, Vice-President Samuel Gallo, Treasurer David Lyiis, Secretary 1 HB J Sl g B V 1 Wff? 1 ' nl k Vw y P r3 j S , 1 1 ' I H t ' Iv M H P V L H M .iBHv 1 Roger Allen Douglas Auclair David Brother Douglas Dearborn Robert Doughty Fredrick Goodwin Mike Lukakis Gene Lussier Theodore LyIis William Marean P Lambda Phi Robert McCaughey Paul McNamara Stewart Moore Burt Periera Jeffrey Russell Brian Scherzer Paul Steinberg Frank Tarantlno Robert Tobias Edward Zabloski Q. T. V. Q.T.V., the University of Massachusett ' s oldest continuing fraternity, looks upon its 99th anniversary with equal amounts of eagerness and retrospect. In retrospect ... a fraternity is a continuing story of the men who through their own energies have contributed support to the house in its bleakest and happiest moments, generation after generation. Men like: Richard Peterson, coordinating chairman for UNESCO; William R. Fashe, structural engineer for the Tacoma Narrows wide- span bridge; Sheldon Bosworth, regional director of the Peace Corps ' South Pacific area located at Fort Morsby, New Guinea; and more recently, Clyde Lee Maddox, head of the Citizen ' s Action Committee of Valdosta, Georgia. Even today, the Q.T.V. brotherhood has continued their tradition of academic and civic leadership: Steven R. Bragdon has been offered a Rhodes scholarship in hlotel and Restaurant Management. Rodney Ferrek recently terminated his work study program as apprentice navigator aboard the Torrey Canyon. Projecting into the future, we can only aspire to distinguish ourselves as have those in the past, maintaining our tradition of a diverse, yei united brotherhood. Robert Vanasse, President Richard Laughlin Jr., Treasurer Anthony Abruzzese Bruce Barefoot Daniel Barry David Bartholemew Lawrence Bonier James Cawley Stephen Chicoine Edward Clauss William Coady William Cody Thomas Corinda Robert Cushman Dirt Crookshank Calvin Degermand Joseph Dube Philip Du be Vincent DiPietro John Farrell Jr. David Fayan Anthony Garfield Collin Garstang James Garstang DobieCillis Alan Goren Robert Graff Ronald Galluccio John Hannulla Edward Hintlian Brian Hayes Philip Kam James Kelty David Kennedy Terry Kennedy Matthew Goulet Henry Laffierre KarlLindahl George MacDougal Richard Mahoney John Manoush Vincent McCaughey James Madeiros Robert Mullins John Murphy Arta Parisi John Perkins Gerry Rainville Carmen Russo Jeffrey Sanborn Bruce Scott Jeffrey Sopel Earl Stuck Jeffrey Timm Stephen Widman John Williams John Wilfert Sigma Alpha Mu Steve Adams Nick Ackerman Howie Alboum Howie Altman Marc Amine Wavne Baker Al Belsky Bob Bishop Bob Brickman Ed Brillian t Hal Cohen Norm Cohen Steve Damon Len Erlanger Paul Cately Dick Geikie Dick Gelfman Mike Goldstein Bob Governar Mark Heyda Steve Isenberg Ron Johnson Mike Kadetsky Julie Katz Ron Kelcourse Lee Kichen Rick Kramer Dick Lehrberg Greg Loumos George Medelinskas Skip Medieros Stan Ossman Len Ostroff Al Peakes Mike Reuben Roger Robitaille Mike Rosemark Sandy Ross John Snow George Studley Gerry Sweet JoeTringali Neil Waldman Dave Waltzman Neil Weinberg Neal Whitman Jim Wilkinson Tom Winstanly Paul Wonstak DaveZuker One of the most diversified brotherhoods at U. Mass., Sigma Alpha Mu, has distinguished itself socially, academically, athletically, and fraternally. Earning top academic standing among fraternities for the past four semesters, S.A.M. brothers can be found in honor societies from the freshman Phi Eta Sigma through Honors Colloquiam. The fraternity holds a variety of social activities. Hawaiian luaus, psychedelic parties, and sorority exchanges make up our social whirl. But the primary raison d ' etre of Sigma Alpha Mu is fraternity. A close, mature concept of brotherhood is fostered both within and outside the confines of the house. The result is an experience truly complementing the educational venture. Robert Freed, Prior Mark Cherniak, Vice Prior Bruce Abrams, Exchequer Paul Frenier, Recorder Sigma Delta Tau our motto patriae multae spesuna one hope of many people the hope of becoming perceptive, giving, knowing people a faith in our humanness a love — for goodness a sisterhood — founded, preserved, and enjoyed through friendship There is a lot happening here simply because every SDT is different. At any given moment one could find sisters playing cards, hunting down our flag, studying, singing, procrastinating, discussing anything from dates to Dylan, or doing whatever one does at Mike ' s. Of course, mealtime is a happening in itself. Invariably the floor show, in and around the kitchen, draws a large audience. The star, Mrs. S, has six male characters of strong TC origin to back her, however, there is doubt as to whether she needs any back up. Then, just to add to ail this, the " dynamic duo " (that ' s Peter Debby, our parents) arrive on the scene to restore law and order? All this is going on and still we all feel the tension and suspicion in the air because you never know who will be the next victim of the pledges or what Sabrina is doing right this very minute. Joyce Ananian Sandra Assif Susan Beck Rhoda Bernstein Dale Bishop Susan Bleistein Diane Brand Maryalice Brown Deborah Card Elizabeth Chudnovsky Marcia Cohen Nancy Crowell Nan Darack Francine Duda Janice Fiaikow Deborah Fink Cecile Fishman Joan Flynn Jean Forward Marcia Freedman Paula Freedman Pamela Fuller Marjorie Gold Eileen Goldberg Barbara Gross Ellen Gussow Marilyn FHeino Loreen Ingaciola Renate Jamner Nessa Kaplovitz Sharon Karp Kathleen Kelly Andrea Kittay Roma Klimczak Marsha Koss Sharon Kramer Marie Landry Joanna Landsman Barbara Levandov Cynthia Magno Marilyn Malin Shirley Mandell Susan Manning Linda Ann McCarthy Sara Molofsky Ronnie Moskowitz Linda Mostek Donna Newman Miriam Novak Christine O ' Hare Carol Painter Janet Papile Tammy Pomeroy Anita Pruchansky Judy Quarrington Sharon Riff Andrea Rose Mona Rothman Sherry Rudsten Justine Ryan Enid Salamoff Joan Santacroce Carole Schreiber Linda Shuman Marilyn Snyder Jacqueline Somma Ann Swans on Marilyn Tuccelli Alice Vartanian Sharon Wasserman Leslie Weiner Susan Zoeller Sharon Wasserman President Diane Brand Vice President Marilyn Snyder Secretary Tammy Pomeroy Rush Chairman Shirley Ames Linda A res Betsy Berg Cvnthia Berg Mar Blanchette Nancy Bridrick Joan Canavan Donna Gushing Elaine DAmico Denise DeeLeeuw Nancy Dolling Ellen Donovan Elaine Eckstrom Chervl Elliot Nina Essler Bonnie Ellis Susan Fairfield Marline Fine Mary Fryer Donna Geraldtowski Jane Gillan Joan Herchel Sara Hettrick Donna Isabelle Anne Jones Roberta Kelley Kay Kerchberger Carol Ann Kruse Rita LaFlamme Terri Larkin Judith Lazarus Christine Leonard Donna Manero Sigma Kappa Paula Russo, President Cheryl Elliot, Vice-President Nancy Broderick, Treasurer Margaret Maxwell, Secretary Lois Maniero Janice Maroney Cheryl Martin Lenore Martin Margaret Maxwell Marie McCarthy Laraine Moland Ava Morse Lee Mullane Nancy Neylon Randi Olsen Margaret Orazi Jay Palermo Deborah Parent Joanne Paul Mary Pawley Patricia Perrell Judith Pratt Joyce Ranere Ellen Reynolds Janice Robison Paula Russo Jeanne Rzeszutek Sherry Shaw Nancy Stenvall Gail Stevens Janice Tiberri Margaret Trout Mary Turner Shirley Turner Patricia Twomey Gail Yegian Jacqueline Walsh " Sometime in distant years when we are grown Gray-haired and old, whatever be our lot, We shall desire to see again the spot Which, whatsoever we have been or done Or to what distant lands we may have gone, Through the years we ' ll ne ' er have been forgot. " We will remember working together, pledges and sisters, to create more than a float or a snow sculpture — a memory of what it means to be a part of Sigma Kappa sisterhood, to live in the big white house. But now we ' re more concerned with present things; rush parties, roses from Lambda Chi Alpha on our Founder ' s Day, Father ' s Day fun at the Rutgers game, togas and pledge formal, pinning always, " One heart, one way. " And as we leave, memories of the university are fused with the spirit of Sigma Kappa. Important in retrospect are the midnight snacks and Junior- Senior Picnic. Important at the time were exams, tears, secret smiles. All these blend into Sigma Kappa love. Now, Inspiration Week, Graduation, and goodbye. In the spring of 1963, Tri Sigma became the ninth Creek sorority at the university. Through the leadership of Nancy Frazier, an exchange student from Florida State University, who was a sister of Rho Chapter, the foundations were established. When our Camma lota chapter received its charter, we added a New England flavor to Tri Sigma since most of our sister Chapters are in the South and Mid-West. We moved into our homey farmhouse by the Education building and stayed there through 1965. However, the university needed our house. Nevertheless the bonds of sisterhood kept us together and by a stroke of luck we were able to move into Phi Sigma Kappa ' s house in the fall of 1966. As the spirit of sisterhood increases from year to year, we look forward to a rewarding future when Tri Sigma shall have a new house in Fraternal Park. Susan Bernstein, President Lois Engebretson, Vice President Dorothy Gwodtz, Secretary Mary Ann Drega, Treasurer Sigma Sigma Sigma Mary Ann Bailey Deborah Barlow Jo Anne Barrett Margaret Barry Nancy Bergsma Susan Bernstein Carole Bialy Susan Booth Linda Castellarin Jan Cavanaugh Carol Contilli Diane Cormier Judy Copithorne Judy Cremarosa Patricia Dobyna Nary Ann Drega Jo Anne Dunsford Lois Engebretson Christine Eulian Joann Fujczak Marti Goldrick Mary Graves Dorothy Gwozdz Corky Hood Patricia Haluck Alma Ingram Elaine Kagan Linda Kay Ellen Kleinmam Sheila Kokidko Barbara Leary Laura Levine Abby Litwack Mary Mackin Rose Ann Marcinczyk Claudia Metrick Susan Morley Lynne O ' Connell Jane Pike Sheila Renaud Ann Richardson Nancy Richardson Karen Rogers Rita Russetti Marie Ruwet Marie Sakells Joan Samuels Diane Schiffmacker Jan Secatore Martha Sharritt Carol Sheldon Gail Silva Joyce Smoot Lynda Stevens Martha Strandberg Susan Taylor Susan Thompson Ericka Thrash Anne Tirrell Jane Tracy Alice Triestman Sandra Trowbridge Anne Twomey Gayle Wegund Kathryn Wilson Sigma Phi Epsilon James Alexander Bruce Bannick William Bannick V illiam Bean Richard Belforti James Berk Joseph Bishop Peter Borovveic David Breed Douglas Bruhm Arthur Buonamono Charles Burr Kevin Carroll Howard Chapin Mark Chenoweth Jay Concannon James Dadmun Robert Dambrov Robert Donaldson Wayne Eisman James Callerani Jean Louis Garbose Robert Goodhue Jeffery Halpern Richard Harrison William Hartig Paul Hoss Brian Hubbard Martin Jacobsen Gregory Johnson Richard Johnson John Kitchen Michael Klubock David Koitz David Korenberg William Lane Elliot Levy Robert Lewis Robert Mahoney Edward Malmborg Robert Mancusi Charles Maradian Robert Marshall Francis Mascianica William McCarthy William McColl Richard McDonnell Terrence McDonough Paul McGonagle Richard Maclnery Richard McKeever Eric Melanson Francis Mirkin Richard Moorhouse Wayne Niederjohn Randolph Parker Robert Perry Gary Peterson John Peterson Joseph Petkewich George Plantinga Gregory Rand Robert Rosen Peter Rossetti Marc Ryerson Alfred Saggese Robert Salo Jeffrey Sherman Bruce Spence Louis Stamos Herbert Sullivan Jay Wein Ronald Wilbur In 1912 a chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon, the second largest national fraternity with 188 chapters, was chartered on this campus. Now, over half a century later, we are proud of the many accomplishments that have been, and are continuing to be made. What is a fraternity? The answer can be given in different ways. Our answer at Sig Ep is that a fraternity is nothing more or less than its brothers. The " good times " cannot be forgotten, but again, the " times " are only as good as the brothers. Sigma Phi Epsilon is a place where individual opinions are fostered and respected, where outside interests lend the House a broad interest base, and where those seeking true friendship and close-knit living can turn. We have grown and achieved fraternally, academically, and socially over the years at the University. Richard Johnson, President Jay Wein, Vice President Robert Mancusi, HiHorian Ronald Wilbur, Treasurer An old man, going along a highway, Came at the evening, cold and gray. To a chasm vast and deep and wide; The old man crossed in the twilight dim. The sullen stream had no fear for him; But he turned when safe on the other side And built a bridge to span the tide. " Old man, " said a fellow pilgrim near " You are wasting your strength with building here; Your journey will end with the ending day. You never again will pass this way; Why build you this bridge at evening tide? " The builder lifted his old gray head — " Good friend, in the path I have come, " he said " There followeth after me today, A youth whose feet must pass this way; This chasm that has been naught to me To that fair haired youth may a pitfall be; He, too, must cross in the twilight dim — Good friend, I am building this bridge for him. " And that ' s TEP; not just Saturday nights ' parties or Wednesday ' s exchanges, not just football out front or going Hatching. TEP is more; it ' s studying together, it ' s living and growing together. It ' s building for the future while living the present. It ' s brotherhood — and it ' s TEP. Donald Alberico Richard Aron John Balboni Gary Barnett Gary Bianchi Lorrey Bianchi Ralph Bornstein Kenneth Branco David Calef Arnold Cohen David Cohen Robert Cohen William Dailey Murray Dennis William DeVore Salvatore Diprima Richard Egbert Raymond Ellerbrook David Feinberg Alan Fisher Conrado Fleites Robert Florin Lawrence Fortunoff John Gallagher Howard Gan Russell Ganz Alan Goodman John Griffin John Gumula Jay Hanflig John FHarrison Kevin FHart Bradford Herling Richard Hoadley James Holicker John Howard Ralph Hubley Jarvis Frederick Martin Kalikow Robert Koppel Clifford Kramer Richard Lambert David Lubarsky Robert Marcinuk JackMaskell Marshall Molliver James Morris William Morrison John Murphy Michael Nathanson Stephen Neigher Barry Newborn Irwin Novak Kevin O ' Connor Ronald Ossen Salvatore Pace James Parell Geoffrey Piken Randolph Robinson Lawrence Rosen Andrew Rubin Gerald Rush Richard Salvini Richard Samuelson Mark Schlossberg Mark Senders Howard Shane Michael Shear Robert Spekman Anthony Speranzo Donald Togneri Michael Travado Peter Trivers Albert Valenti Douglas Volk John Walsh Paul Weber Howard Shane, President John Balboni, Vice-President Stephen Neigher, Secretary Andrew Rubin, Treasurer Tau Epsilon Phi That old familiar house has changed color on the outside but on the inside we are still the same. Studies, athletics and Saturday nights are our trademarks. TKE ... an experience one can never forget; those fun times, that good food, those cards and darts. It has been relatively quiet this year. The window bill is at a low, giving us enough money for a new study and encyclopedia set. Next comes a new library. Aside from the fun we have, each and every Teke has acquired a sense of pride which is found only here at Tau Kappa Epsilon. The brothers here represent a well orgaaized and close bunch of guys who represent one of the two hundred and thirty six chapters found around the country. Tau Kappa Epsilon Joseph Colosi, President Philip Morton, Vice-President Thomas York, Pledge Trainer Ronald Scherban, Rush Chairman Walter Alessi John Badgley Stanley Baron Robert Bradley Robert Burgett Robert Carley Eugene Caso Joseph Colosi William Coughlin Robert Covill Robert Crotly Warin Dexter Richard Donlin Arthur Donovan Richard Dooley Jon Dubiel Douglas Faucette Robert Fowler Willis Frisbee Donald Clogowski Henry Herchel Timothy Klllilea Richard Legasse Stephen Lithfield John Maranganis Robert Morrill Philip Morton James Nangle Joseph Nordello Brian Perry Vincent Pina Roger Prefontaine Mario Riganzio Walter Rogers Stephen Sabbag Michael Sarowski Martin Scheralis Ronald Scherban Edward Sherman Robert Stead David Supple Kenneth Tonis Charles Tulinski Thomas York John Zaieski Phi Mu Delta Phi Mu Delta ' s development stems from the organization, the National Federation of Commons Club, founded in 1899, at Wesleyan University, Middleton, Connecticut. This parent organization was made up of local chapters in various colleges throughout the country. It often shouldered the responsibilities for the major activities of the undergraduate bodies. The sentiment for stronger and more definite order in the organizational structure lead the delegates of Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Union College to vote for the formation of the Greek-letter fraternity. Phi Mu Delta, on March 1,1918. The inception of Nu Zeta chapter at the University of Massachusetts took place in 1954. The members of Phi Mu Delta fraternity have established specific goals which have helped the chapter create an atmosphere of scholastic and social companionship. Running the house in a democratic manner is an important educational as well as maturing experience. In extracurricular activities, brothers of Phi Mu Delta have been presidents of the Student Senate and the Interfraternity Council. In sports Phi Mu Delta fielded the intramural football champions this year. Phi Mu Delta ' s closely knit brotherhood will surely continue its tradition of campus leadership, academically, socially, and athletically. Norman Allard Edward Arcaro John Ausikaitis Christopher Bakas Donald Barton William Brunton John Buckley Laurie Burnaby Jose Carreras Ronald Christensen Manuel Chrobak Robert Connors William Davis Richard Emerson John Ferriter Marc Freeman William Goodwin Robert Corey Bruce Heider Donald Jenkins John Johnson Richard Joyce William Karl Paul Klorer John Lappen David Larson Thomas Lefebee Mark Lefever Christian Maciejewski Dimitri Maistrellis David Mankowsky Donald Maurides Donald McLean Francis McWilliams Neal Murphy David Murray Michael Nadler Allen Northrup Eugene Paltrineri Michael Panchuck Richard Pinto Garry Powell Charles Ratner Bernard Rosenblum Richard Shaw Jeremy Slack Steven Stanford Allan Stevenson Walter Villa Barry Wendell Dennis Wholey James Hatherley, President Dennis Erdmann, Vice President Raymond Rigney Jr., Treasurer Frank Guidara, I.F.C. President Alpha Mu Chapter of Phi Sigma Delta was founded at this campus in the Spring of 1957. Moving into a new house at 367 No. Pleasant St., the founders worked to improve the brotherhood. The Fall of 1965 was the beginning of a new era for us. Starting the year with seventeen members, the brotherhood had tripled by the Summer of 1967. At that time one of our foremost goals had been realized. We were awarded the Phi Sigma Delta President ' s Cup for Achievement. In the overall fraternity standings, we placed highly in sports and academics and our social functions were immensely successful. But even more important is the fact that Phi Sig is now a unified and cohesive fraternity with its sights set on a bright future in a new house at Fraternity Park. Phi Sigma Delta Kevin O ' Reilly President Leonard Nyer Vice-President David Marshall Kevin McKenna Thomas More Thomas Nastasia Jonathan Nourse Ronald Payne Donald Petrone Gerald Principe Gideon Rechnitz Francis Reynolds John Rybak Vincent Ryszewski Vincent Scalese Richard Sewell Craig Shuffain Robert Singer Tobert Sprague Frank Taylor Benn Titleman Steve Whitkin Jack Young Richard Anton James Bakos Michael Barnes Martin Berkov itz Kennith Bodziac Francis Bourdon Richard Ceplikas Jay Cohen John Earle Gregory Field Richard Fortier Stephen Garanin Ralph Goldfarb Mark Goodfriend Raymond Grzenda John FHarder Roy Immonen Robert Jackson Paul Johnson Stephen Karoul Anthony Lauria Robert Malavich Robert Band Treasurer Phi Sigma Kappa Peter Allaire Eric Berkpwitz Donald Binns David Borge Alfred Boyajizn Michael Calignazzi Samuel Cannavo John Carter Fred Chen George C ' Miel Terrill Crouch Peter Dawson Donald Fanning John Foresto Gary Gardinier Paul Gibbs Michael Grant David Graves Mark Groffman Robert FHarrington Harold Heap David Herick Stuart Hills Peter Honea Robin Hotchkinson Raymond Hutchings Paul Killian Leo Konovalov Thomas Laredo David Vajcovec, Pledge Inductor Lawrence Liptak William Lupien James Mannes Michael McAndrew Lee McNeil Charles Melesky John Mofocco Robert Morrissey Anthony Motta Ronald Murphy Robert Ovanes Robert Peterson Dennis Powersk James Reid Anthony Repucci Asley Richards Arthur Segaloff William Simpson Russell Snow Hrayr Tamazarian David Vajcovec Paul Verville Thomas Voisin Gary Walker Warren Wetherbee William Winturi Austen Zipeto Five years after the Massachusetts Agricultural College had opened its doors, Phi Sigma Kappa was founded by six aspiring young men. Founded on the three cardinal principles of Brotherhood, Scholarship, and Character, Phi Sig holds these in as high esteem today as did the Founding Fathers in the days of Mass Aggie. Phi Sigs have held and always will hold the idea of brotherhood as our goal towards true fraternalism. With a house of less than sixty brothers. Phi Sigs have a close association which is often lacking in larger fraternal groups. Both on campus and off Phi Sigs have shown the extent to which character has been embodied in them. Our Christmas party for underprivileged children shows the willingness and determination Phi Sigs have in expressing the need that the Greek system be a part of the University campus. Phi Sig remains a leader among fraternities and most important, it offers its men the chance to become leaders in their fields. Chi Omega In pleasure or if weary, With joy or sorrow to share, I know what ' ere my feeling, A comfort I can find. In my sisterhood I discover A new facet of myself, A home where 1 am welcome — A place I welcome others. When I require solitude, I can find retreat — An encouragement from friends. Happiness within myself. Somehow 1 am larger. My friendships somehow deeper A gift has been given to my tomorrow, A delight to my today. " Ever together in spirit we ' ll be. Omega Chi, you are mine through eternity. Kathy Kane, President Gail Monprode, Vice President Sue Harrington, Secretary Felisa Alagar, Treasurer Felisa Alagar Janet Alberghini Patti Aspinwall Linda Austin Pam Barrett Charlotte Beless Donna Bellarado Joan Bentz Vivian Besser Joan Bourbonnais Susan Brady )ody Burke Jane Burnside Linda Carnevale Jackie Compton Lorraine Contuzzi Ann Courtenmanche Debby Cowan Merry Crowe Ann Dacey Paula De ' Angelis Lisa D ' Elia Kathy Dexter Susan Dillon Pat Dirsa Nancy Donovan Cretchen Englund Sonnie Falandes Susan Finneran Joyce Fish Althea Gould Susan Harrington Heidi Hartley Nancy Haynes Sandy Holm Jill Hosner Joanne Johnson Kathy Kane Collette Kettle Edwina Kuja Stephanie Leach Donna Mackey Chris Mandracia Joan Manning Carol Megizsky Gail Monprode Ram Munson Elaine Murphy Randy Neiner Marcia Neimic Jeanne Onnen Nancy Peper Sandra Pelczarski Sandy Ritter M. S. Ryan Claudia Salvatore Bonolyn Sampson Pat Scanlon Susan Swenson Susan Tantrums Betty True Nancy Turner Eileen Valkevitch Chris West Marty Whalen Ethel Whittlesey Kathy Willis Wendy Young Ann Yourga Sandy Zailen soil VOTE III wiL LWM Through Interest or Tradition . . . Organization CULMINATION Editors: Barbara Goldrick Christine Mandracia Immersion in the college experience — as a student, as a participant, as a member of a group — perpetrates a potential to assume one ' s place of relevance in society. The caps and gowns symbolize a materialization of answers to the questions: Who am I? Where am I going? The individual has culminated in a directive sense — he has yet to prove his value. Page 296 IMASA GODDARD SPACE FLIGHT CENTER GREENBELT, MD. As a member of a group living or working il setts, you are eligible for SAVINGS Bl INSURANCE, the choice of 400,000 prud women with an eye for exceptional value. EERS-SCIENTISTS-MATHEMAT K YOUR COUNTRY ' S FUTURE H YOUR OWN ENGINEERING OPPORTUNITIES for Seniors and Graduates in mechanical, aeronautical, ELECTRICAL, CHEMICAL, CIVIL, MARINE, INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING, PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, METALLURGY, CERAMICS, MATHEMATICS, STATISTICS, COMPUTER SCIENCE, ENGINEERING SCIENCE, ENGINEERING MECHANICS . tSiMfy GLOBAI CAMPUS INTERVIEWS WEDNESDAY, DEC. 6 Appointments should be made in advance through your College Placement OKice Pratt U Growl Achieve] , . . You ' ll ftnCi CHICAGO f " INTERESTING and REWARD biy best describe a careei Listed among " Fortune ' s " 5 rations, the Company has wc sales divisions, a wide diver record of progressive polic for young men seeking grov to prove themselves. We are seeking dedicatee who desire above-average c " Design Developme • Application Engineei • Field Engineering • Industrial Manufa " Sales Engineering. Equally rewarding oppc BUSINESS MANAGEMENl • Industrial Manulai • Technical Sales Formal and OTJ training year prepare lor starting woi Pick up Chicago Pneui Placement Office and slur Placement Office is Invaluable Help to Seniors Seeking Jobs. The Placement Office provides vocational and career counseling for all undergraduates, and assists seniors in finding suitable employment. Actual contact with employers is made during the year when representatives from business, industry, schools, and other sources visit the campus to interview prospective graduates. Cumulative student personnel records, occupational information and industrial literature libraries, prepared credentials, including personal resumes and recommendations, along with counseling and guidance are furnished to enable senior men and women to accomplish their career objectives consistent with their interests, abilities, aptitudes, and education. Creg Landry Lew Curwitz Fran Boronski Pete Ward Paul Demariano One of the highlights of the Student Leaders ' Colloquium was the annaul presentation by ■ President John Lederle of the Distinguished Senior Awards. Chosen by selected faculty and administrators, the ten Distinguished Seniors were recognized for their continued distinguished service to the University community Administration and Faculty Choose Ten Distinguished Seniors Mary Sheila Ryan Rich Sadowsl i Al Davis Richard Wood A committee of students headed by the Student Senate President selected twenty-eight seniors to Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Students, faculty and administration were invited to recommend qualified students to the committee. Selections were made on the basis of scholarship, extra-curricular activities and future usefulness to the community. Chester Weinerman Marianne Schmoyer Twenty-Eight Seniors Honored by Who ' s Who Stephen Stefanik David Reynolds Richard Sadowski Mary Sheila Ryan Patricia Petow James Foudy Jacquelyn Hall Richard Perkins Mary Fennessey L i 1 i ■1 i Gregory Landry Stephen Krinsky H. Bruce Low Lewis Curwitz Paul Holton ■ Paul DeMariano Frances Boronski Allen Davis frank Bialosiewicz Cheryl Evans Claudia Dembski lames Collins NOT PICTURED: Elizabeth Neufeld Cynthia Hunt An Empty Stadium Awaits Influx of Caps and Cowns . . . ■ m ■T ii L m p ■ • ■ !► ' 1. W » i p u -i rifly ? ' « r M! j ' J in 4 ¥ i -r t X I 4 ■ 1 Ie m 1 i 1 . . . as Pre-ceremony Preparations Begin A stadium traditionally marked with the thunderous cheers of " Go, Redmen! " was transformed by 2320 caps and gowns into the processional dignity of commencement. John W. Gardner, director of the Urban Coalition and former Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare, was the principal speaker. Cited as a leader whose inspiration " brought talented men and women to a weary bureaucracy " and as one whose " creative leadership gave America renewed hope for attainment of unmatched heights of excellence in education " , Gardner stressed to the graduating class the cruciality of personal involvement in the impeding social problems of contemporary America. President John W. Lederie conferred respective degrees upon the candidates, and with the toss of a spectrum of tassels, a multitude of striving individuals became. Graduation Reflects the End of Preparation and the Beginning of Fulfillnnent « ' 4 1 ' 7, Having Been Appointed an Officer in the United States Air Force, Do Solemnly Swear that I Will Support and Defend the Constitution of the United States Against All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic; that I Will Bear True Faith and Allegiance to the Same; that I Take This Obligation Freely Without Any Mental Reservation or Purpose of Evasion; and that I Will Well and Faithfully Discharge the Duties of the Office Upon Which I Am About to Enter, So Help Me God. ' ' V ABBEY, PAUL F.; Northfield; Hotel and Restaurant Manage- ment; Greenfield Community College. ABBOTT, CAROLEE CLAIR; Harwich; Art; Cape Cod Com- munity College; Ski Club. ABBOTT, DAVID A.; Amherst; Recreation; Phi Sigma Kappa; N.E.S.; Intramurals; Recreation Club. ABRAMS, BRUCE EARL; Brighton; Sociology; Sigma Alpha Mu, Treas., Steward; Exec. Council; Maroon Keys; Fresh- man Football; Fraternity Managers Assoc, Board of Direc- tors. ACKERMAN, SUSAN JOAN; East Meadow, N.Y.; French; Honors Colloquia; Junior Year in France; Editorial Board, Caesura; French Corridor Counselor. ADAMS, ELLEN B.; River Edge, N.J.; Elementary Education; Lambda Delta Phi, Activities Chrm.; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Student Senate Academic Affairs Comm.; Dean ' s List. ADAMS, ROXANA JANE; Provincetown; English; Col- legian. ADELM- N,LANNIEJ.; Newton; Nursing. AFRAME, CARL D.; Worcester; Government; Intramurals; Phi Sigma Alpha; Dorm Athletic Chrm.; Dorm Council- Dean ' s List. AGEY, BARBARA ANN; North Andover; Russian; Russian Club, Treas., V.P.; Dean ' s List; Dorm Counselor; Ski Club. AHERNE, ROBERT M.; Newton Lower Falls; Production Management; Boston College. AINES, PAULINE INA; Mattapan; Child Development; Dorm Counselor; Hillel; National Association for the Ed- ucation of Young Children. ALAGAR, FELISA VITA; Boston; German; Alpha Lambda Delta, President; Scrolls; Chi Omega, Treasurer. ALBERGHINI, DAVID PAUL; Springfield; Chemical Engi- neering; A.I.Ch.E.; Dorm Counselor; Newman Club. ALBERTUZZI, SUSAN JANE; Shoreham, N.Y.; Chemistry; lota Gamma Upsilon, Pres., Second V.P.; Ski Club; Sport Parachute Club; Equestrian Club; Chemistry Club. ALCOCK, ELIZABETH RANDAL; Hingham; Marketing; Marketing Club, Sec; American Marketing Assoc; Dorm Scholarship Comm. ALESSI, WALTER ALBERT; Newton; Physical Education; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Athletic Chrm,; Varsity Lacrosse, Co- Capl.; Ice Hockey; Intramurals. ALI, FAISAL ISA; Pitlsfield; Zoology; North Adams State College; Kappa Delta Phi; Arab Club. ALIU, JOYCE MARY; Scroti; Geography; Makerere Univ. College, E. Africa; African Students Association; Inter- national Club. ALLAIRE, PETER GEORGE; Auburn; Marketing; Phi Sigma Kappa. ALLAN, WILLIAM HENRY; Sharon; Fisheries Biology; Kap- pa Sigma; Frosh Swimming; Varsity Soccer. ALLEN, JUDITH LOUISE; Glen Rock, New Jersey; Elemen- tary Education; Pi Beta Phi; N.E.S.; Dean ' s List. ALLEN, SHELLEY; Aqawam; English. ALMSTROM, DAVID HOWARD; West Boylston; Pre-Vet; Worcester State College; Alpha Zeta; Animal Science Club; Danforth Award; Senior Honors; Honors Colloquium. i kdii ALTON, KATHLEEN BERNICE; Dudley; Nursing; Marching Band; Judson Fellowship; Nursing Club; Baptist Church Choir; Outing Club. AMES, SHIRLEY JANET; Wrentham; Elementary Educa- tion; Sigma Kappa, Social Chrm.; Dean ' s List; Exchange Student; Arts Music Comm.; Educ. Club. ANANIS, ROSEMARY ADELLA; Cambridge; Sociology; Dorm Pres.; Kappa Alpha Theta; Intramurals; Newman Club. ANDELMAN, DAVID ELLIS; Cambridge; History; Varsity Basketball Manager. iikii« ANDERSEN, JUDITH EDNA; East Longmeadow; Sociology; Sociology Club, Sec, Pres. ANDERSON, FREDERICK HERBERT; Springfield; Civil En- gineering; Bay State Special Forces, Commander; ASCE, V.P.; Varsity Swimming Team; Dorm Counselor; Dorm Rep. ANDERSON, JUDITH MARIE; Seekonk; Nursing; Nursing Club; Lutheran Club; Equestrian Club. ANDERSON, SUSAN CAROL; Middletown, N.Y.; Sociolo- gy; Winter Carni Publicity Comm.; Sociology Club; Sociol- ogy Club Research Comm. Chrm.; Dorm Standards Board. ANDERBERG, GARY NELSON; Watertown; Pre-Dental; Operetta Guild; Amherst Jazz Orchestra. ANDERSEN, DONNA JEAN; Willingboro, N.J.; ccount ng; Mortar Board, Pres.; Pi Beta Phi, Treas.; SWAP; Dorm Counselor; SUG Board. ANDERSON, JEAN C; Concord; English; Southwest Pa- troits, Pres.; Collegian; Dorm Exec. Council; Ski Club. ANDERSEN, JOHN HENRY; Benton Harbor, Michigan; History; Varsity Track, Co-Capt.; Varsity Cross Country, Co- Capt.; Dean ' s List; Theta Chi. ANDERSON, SUSAN ELINA; Dudley; Nursing; Nursing Club; Equestrian Club; Judo Club; Modern Dance Club. ANDERSON, WILLIAM CHARLES; Framingham; Govern- ment; Dean ' s List; Young Democrats; Summer Exec. Coun- cil. ANDERTON, JAYE RANDALL; Wakefield; Elementary Edu- cation; Dean ' s List; Honors Colloquia; Kappa Kappa Gam- ma, Pres., 2nd V.P.; Index; Education Club. ANDREAS, RONALD, JR.; Beverly; Civil Engineering; A.S.C.E. ANDREWS, DONNA LOUISE; Millbury; English; Judson Fellowship; Campus Crusade for Christ. ANDRUCHOW, ELAINE F.; Wakefield; Elementary Educa- tion: Education Club; Orthodox Club; Dean ' s List. ANENBERG, MARSHA JOAN; New Hyde Park, N.Y.; Soci- ology: Harpur College; N.E.S.; Dean ' s List; Honors Collo- quia. ANGELO, MICHAEL WILLIAM; Pittsfield; rt. ANTIL, JOHN H.; Northampton; Economics; Zeta Nu; Dean ' s List; Pre-Med Club; University Economics Assoc. ANTONELLIS, ANTOINETTE; Brighton; Government; Pre- Law Assoc; Young Democrats; lota Gamma Upsilon. APICELLA, DONNA MARIA; Hopedale; Elementary Educa- tion: Worcester State College; Newman Club Choir; Dean ' s List: Kappa Delta Pi; Educ. Club. APPLEB , PAUL R.; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Psycho ogy; Symphony Band; Symphony Orchestra; Brass Choir. APPLETON, WILLIAM BICELOW; Leominster; Marketing; Dorm Council; Dorm Counselor; Intramurals; Dean ' s List; Dorm Treasurer. ARCIFA, CAROL MARIE; North Andover; journalism- English; Dorm Social Chrm.; Newman Club; lota Gamma Upsilon; Panhel; Dean ' s List. ARKINS, THOMAS J.; Garden City, N.J.; Pre-Medical; Pre-Med Club; Newman Club; Phi Kappa Phi; Dorm Coun- selor; Intramurals. ARNOLD, PHYLLIS ELLEN; Newton; fiotany; Newman Club; Educ. Club. ARON, RICHARD HOWARD; Chestnut Hill; Marketing; Tau Epsilon Phi, Exec. Board; Intramurals; Marketing Club. ARRISON, THOMAS ALLEN; Springfield, Vt.; Business; Marching Band; Collegian; Alpha Phi Omega; Forestry Club. ASTIFAN, TAMARA L.; Agawam; Art Education; Education Club; Dean ' s List. ASTORINO, LOUIS WILLIAM; North Adams; Mechanical Engineering. ATHERTON, ESTHER WESTGATE; Sagamore; English; Uni- versity Symphony Orchestra; Wesleyaires, Wesley Founda- tion; Phi Kappa Phi; Dorm Program Comm.; Grace Church Choir. AUGER, DONNA PRISCILLA; Worcester; Psychology; Edu- cation Club; Dorm Counselor; Dean ' s List. AUSTIN, LINDA JOY; North Attleboro; Home Economics; Chi Omega; Exec. Council; Home Economics Club; Naiads. AVITABILE, PETER VICTOR; Braintree; Forest Management; Football; Intramurals; Forestry Club; Ski Club; APO. AZER, SANDRA R.; Milton; Elementary Education; Belcher- town Volunteers; Lambda Delta Phi, V.P.; Dorm Counselor; Educ.Club. BABBITT, POLLY ANN; Avon, Conn.; Math; Square Dance Club; Covenant Community; Equestrian Club; Rifle Team; Mounted Drill Team. BACON, ROSANNE KATHERINE; Brighton; English; Lambda Delta Phi, 2nd V.P., Pres.; Newman Club; Dorm Program Comm. BADCLEY, JOHN RICHARD; Murray Hill, N.J.; Finance; Maroon Keys; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Pres., Social Chrm.; I.F.C.; Economics Club; Freshman Basketball. BAGDON, JOHN J. JR.; Sunderland; Plant Soil Science; Alpha Zeta; Dean ' s List; Horticulture Club; Commuter ' s Club. BAGLIO, MARGARET N.; Abington; Education; Dorm Counselor; NES; Precisionetts; Educ. Club; Dorm Social Chrm. BAGNALL, NORENE ANN; Holyoke; English; Holyoke Community College; Orchard Hill Film Society; English Literary Club; Students for Political Action. BAILEY, JUDITH ANNE; Lowell; Sociology; Dean ' s List; Sociology Club; Newman Club. BAIRD, J. STEPHEN; South Weymouth; Economics; Boston University; Dorm Counselor; Dean ' s List; Honor ' s Work; Intramurals. BAKER, STEPHEN PHILIP; Belmont; History; Intramurals. BAKUN, PETER EDWARD; Harvard; Physical Education; Intramurals. BALCH, LINDA CAROL; Upton; Fashion Merchandising; Home Economics Club; Colonel ' s Cadre, Sec, Rush Chrm. Service Chrm.; Index; Dean ' s List. BALSAM, VIRGINIA LOUISE; Hillsdale, N.J.; Nursing; Kappa Alpha Theta; 1968 Nursing Class, V.P.; Dorm Stan- dards Council; Dorm Counselor; Nursing Club. BANAS, JOYCE ANN; Hadley; Education; Education Club; Commuters Club. BANNER, MYRA JANE; Needham Heights; History; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Panhel Council; Mortar Board; Phi Kappa Phi; Who ' s Who. BAPTISTE, DIANE DOROTHEA; Lexington; Government; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Index; Senate Public Relations Comm.; NES; Newman Club. BARAN, STANLEY; Lawrence, Speech. BARBARO, JOHN A.; Quincy; Psychology; Marching Band; Alpha Phi Omega; N.E.S. BARCLAY, LOIS JEANNE; Canton; Physical Education; Modern Dance Club. BARCLAY, RICHARD LEIGH; Lexington; Wood Technology; Freshman Tennis; Forestry Club; Woodsman ' s Team. BARDSLEY, GEOFFREY CARL; Methuen; Art: QTV; Art Club. BARNAT. DANIEL SEAN; Methuen; Mathematics: Zeta Nu; I.F.C.; Greek Week, Chrm.; Marching Band; Dean ' s List. B.ARR, HENRY LEWIS; Newton; Government: Senior Hon- or ' s Project; Winter Carni Coordinator; Student Senate; President ' s Council; Senior Week Chrm. B- RRY, CYNTHIA ANN; Beverly; English: Mass. Bay; N.E.A.; N.C.T.A. air B RR ' i. SURC RET A.: Medford; Elementary Education: Sigma Sigma Sigma, Rush Chrm.; Women ' s Inter-Residence Hall Council; Education Club; Newman Club; N.E.S. BARTLETT, CYNTHIA KEELING; Walpole; Child Develop- ment: Sigma Sigma Sigma; Home Economics Club; Exec, Council; Dorm Counselor. BARTLETT, SYLVI. ' ; Shrewsbury; Elementary Education: Education Club; Exec. Council; Winter Carni Concert Comm.; Pi Beta Phi; Dean ' s List. BATCHELDER, K.ATRENE; Wakefield; Psychology: N.E.S.; Belchertown Volunteers; Exec. Council; Winter Carni Comm. BATES, LAURENCE RUSSELL; Amherst; Landscape Arch.: Land Arch Club; Commuters Club; Intramurals. BAYLEY, RUSSELL JONES; Natick; Government: Beta Kappa Phi; Winter Carni Comm.; Hookers Club; Freshman Gymnastics. BEARSE, PHYLLIS ARLENE; Gloucester; Latin: Dorm Social Comm. BEATON, SANDRA JOY; Reading; Education: Southwest College Council; Educ. Club; Square Dance Club; Dean ' s List. BEALDREAULT, ROBERT CHARLES; Chicopee; English. BEAUMONT, PATRICIA ANN; Islington; Physical Educa- tion: WAA Board, Pres.; Varsity Field Hockey; Dorm Coun- selor; Mortar Board; Phi Kappa Phi. BECK, SUSAN ROBERTA; Milton; Psychology: Sigma Delta Tau; Dorm Counselor; Index: N.E.S. BEDARD, ANDREA J.; Athol; Education. £Md M BEER, DONNA JEAN; Dorchester; French: Scroll; Alpha Chi Omega; Exec. Council; Dean ' s List; Panhel. BEHRENS, EDWARD HAROLD; Jacksonville, Vt.; Electrical Engineering: Institute of Electronic Electrical Engineers. BELANGER , PAUL LEO; Holyoke; Zoology: Varsity Swim- ming; Scuba Club; Intramurals; Newman Club. BELDING, RICHARD W.; Westfield; Marketing: Usher for Athletic Dept.; Ski Instructor, Athletic Dept.; Marketing Club, BELESS, CHARLOTTE LEE; Winthrop; History; Chi Omega, Pledge Trainer, Rush Chrm.; Revelers; Dean ' s List; Archae- ological Summer Program; Area Judiciary. BELFORTI, RICHARD CHARLES; Wellesley; Genera Man- agement; Judo Club; Sigma Phi Epsilon. BELL, BARBARA ANNE; Nabnasset; History; House Man- agement; History Club. BELLAMY, JOANN ELIZABETH; Weymouth; Nursing; Nurs- ing Club, Treas.; Operetta Guild; Marching Band, Props. BELSKY, ALBERT HERSCHEL; Holyoke; American History; Sigma Alpha Mu, Treas.; Senior Honors Program; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Dean ' s List. BELTIS, ROBERT LEWIS; Braintree; Accounting; Dorm Council; Dorm Treas.; Cultural Activities Comm.; Intra- murals; Accounting Association. BENDER, GERALD EDWIN; Dalton; Physics; University of Rochester. BENEDICT, JEAN ELWOOD; Needham; Elementary Educa- tion. BENJAMIN, JOHN ATLEE; Dalton; Mathematics; Newman Club; Dean ' s List. BENNETT, DIANA JEAN; Billerica; Child Development; Angel Flight, Info. Off.; Judson Fellowship; Precisionettes; Dorm Cultural Comm. Home Ec. Club. BENOIT, RICHARD EDGAR; Agawam; Men ' s Physical Edu- cation; Football; Newman Club; Scabbard Blade; Athletic Club; Kappa Sigma. BENTLEY, MILES W.; Quincy; Accounting; Accounting Assoc. BERG, CYNTHIA LEE; Pittsfield; Elementary Education; Dean ' s List; Sigma Kappa, Recommendations Chrm.; Exec. Council; S.U. Arts Music Comm. treas.; Educ. Club. BERGEN, PHILIP SCHUYLER; Brighton; History; History Club; Dorm V.P.; House Gov ' t Rep.; Canterbury Club; Intramurals. BERGER, RICHARD ALLEN; Quincy; Economics; University of Michigan. BERGERON, RICHARD GEORGE, JR.; Chicopee; Mechani- cal Engineering; A.S.M.E.; Society of Automotive Engineers. BERGIN, JOSEPH DENNIS; Rochdale; Wildlife Biology; Intramurals; Dorm Counselor; Exec. Council; Winter Carni Publicity Comm.; Outing Club. BERGSMA, NANCY LEE; Paramus, N.J.; Physical Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Kappa Phi; Dorm Counselor; Modern Dance Club. BERNARDO, ROBERT PAUL; Pittsfield; Electrical Engineer- ing; Berkshire Community College. BERNIER, ELISE JEANNE; Easthampton; History; Holyoke Community College; Mortar Board; Newman Club Summer Counseling. BERNSTEIN, BARRY EVANS; Newton Highlands; Mechani- cal Engineering; Dean ' s List; Honors Colloquia; Dorm Counselor. BERNSTEIN, MARJORIE R.; Brookline; Speech. BERNSTEIN, SUSAN ANN; Holyoke; Mathematics: Sigma Sigma Sigma, Pres., Rush Chrm.; Hillel; Math Club; Dean ' s List. BERRY, SAMUEL JOSEPH; West Boylston; Electrical Engi- neering; Freshman Track; Varsity Cross Country Track; I.E.E.E.; A.I.A.A. BERRYMAN, SUSAN JANE; Holden; French; Dean ' s List; Vista Volunteer Tutoring. BERTUCCI, EDWARD CHARLES; Hyde Park; Ceo ogy; Uni- versity of Oklahoma; Outing Club; Newman Club; Dean ' s List; Chief Justice, Dorm Judiciary; Dorm President. BIALOSIEWICZ, FRANK; Sturbrldge; Spanish; Cheerlead- ers, Capt.; Exec. Council; Homecoming Comm., Sub. Chrm.; Phi Mu Delta, Social Chrm; Who ' s Who. BIALY, CAROLE ANN; Holyoke; French; Sigma Sigma Sig- ma Sigma, Directory Chrm.; Operetta Guild; Dance Club. BIBEAU, LOUISE MARIE; Greenfield; History; Newman Club; Gamma Sigma Sigma. BICKFORD, WALTER E.; Berlin; Ov 7 Engineering: Went- worth Inst.; University of Alaska; A.S.C.E. BIDWELL. DOUGLAS FRANKLIN; Lexington; Sociology; Craceland College; Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship; Outing Club. BIEDERMAN, ROBERT G.; Newton Center; English; Alpha Epsilon Pi; I.F.C. Sports. BIELKEVICIUS, RYMANTEEMILIIA; Brockton; History. BIEN, NANCY LAURA; East Meadow, N.Y.; Psychology; Dean ' s List; University Reform Comm., University Theater; Women ' s Affairs Comm.; Students for a Democratic Society. BIENIEK, JOAN WANDA; Amherst; Zoology; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Newman Club; Equestrian Club. BIENVENUE, CORDON RAYMOND; Fall River; Speech Therapy; Communication Disorders Club; Zoology Club. BILLINGS, SUE ANNE; Lunenburg; Sociology; Dorm Counselor; Students for Ecumenical Action; Student Sen- ate Public Relations Comm.; Students for Political Action. BINGHAM, ROBERT M.; Reading; Marketing; Institute of Electronic Electrical Engineers, Vice-Chairman; Ameri- can Marketing Association. BINNEY, LINDA ELAINE; Wrentham; Physical Education; Women ' s Gymnastics Team; Dorm Counselor; WAA Repre- sentative. BIRCH, ROBERT W.; Westwood; Zoology. BISBEE, JAMES P.; Marblehead; Civil Engineering; Lambda Chi Alpha, Rush Chrm., Social Chrm.; Varsity Hockey; Ma- roon Keys; A.S.C.E.; SWAP. BISHOP, JOAN INA; Wilmington; American History; Exec. Council; SWAP; Winter Carni Comm.; Standards Comm., Chrm.; Dean ' s List. BISHOP, LAURA ANN; Pittsfield; Speech Pathology; Wom- en ' s Inter-dorm Council; University Theatre; Dean ' s List; Newman Club; Psychology Club. BISTRAN, STEPHEN JOHN; West Springfield; Psychology; Dean ' s List; Senior Honors; Marching Band; Symphony Band; Publicity Manager, University Bands. BITGOOD, STEPHEN CARLETON; Agawam; Psychology; Dean ' s List; Senior Honors. BIZIOS, IRENE RENA; Alexandroupolis, Greece; Chemical Engineering; Bradford Junior College; Mount Holyoke Col- lege; Phi Kappa Phi; AlChE; Honors Colloquia. BJORKLUND, RICHARD ALLEN; Holden; Economics; Zeta Nu, Social Chrm., Rush Chrm.; I.F.C.; Dean ' s List; Univer- sity Economics Assoc. BLACK, MARTHA JANE; Norwood; English; University Chorus; Dean ' s List; Senior Honor ' s; Oxford Summer Semi- BLAIN, HENRY ROBERT; South Hadley; Chemical Engi- neering; Holyoke Community College; Intramurals; A.l.Ch.E. BLAKEBOROUGH, CAROL ANN; Monson; Psycho ogy; Northampton Volunteers; Dean ' s List. BLANCHARD, LYNDA ANN; Scituate; English; French Corridor; Ski Club; Honors Colloquia; Dean ' s List. BLANCHET, DONALD W.; Burlington; Mechanical Engi- neering; Society of Automotive Engineers; Dean ' s List. BLANCHETTE, M. DENISE; Holyoke; French; Sigma Kappa; Newman Club; Educ. Club; Arts Music Committee. BLONDER, CAROLE ANN; Mattapan; Elementary Educa- tion; Alpha Chi Omega, Treas.; Exec. Council; Dorm Pro- gram Chrm.; Phi Kappa Phi; Kappa Delta Pi. BLOOD, MARY FRANCES; South Hadley; English; Holyoke Community College. BLOOM, RICHARD MICHAEL; Newton; Pre-Dent; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Pledgemaster; Maroon Keys, Sec; Dean ' s List; Wrestling; Hillel. BLOTCHER, PHYLLIS; Mattapan; Elementary Education; Alpha Chi Omega; Hillel; Executive Council; Educ. Club; Index. BLUMSACK, CHARLES EARL; Brighton; History; Honors Colloquium; Dean ' s List; Arnold Air Society; Astronomy Club, Chrm., Treas.; Collegian. BOARDMAN, WILLIAM JOHN; Natick; Pre-Med; Adel- phia; Maroon Keys; Arcon; Phi Mu Delta; Dean ' s List. BOCK, ALISON; Framingham; Spanish; Ski Club; Dorm Scholarship Comm.; Lambda Delta Phi; Spanish Club, Sec. h m BODURTHA, DIANE ELISE; Southampton; Chemical En- gineering; A.I.Ch.E., V.P.,Treas.; Ski Club. BOGERT, TAVETA KAREN; Bryn Mawr, Penn.; Anthropolo- gy: Bradford Junior College; ACM; Modern Dance; Dorm Social Comm.; Judo Club; Ski Club. BOGIE, CHERYL; Northbridge; Covemmenf; Pi Beta Phi, Pledge Supervisor; Scrolls; Angel Flight, Morale Officer; Newman Club; Dean ' s List. BOISSY, ALAN ROBERT; Willimansett; Genera Business Finance; Intramurals. BOiSVERT, LEONA JEAN; Willimansett; Speech Patho logy; Education Club; Newman Club; Dean ' s List. BOLDUAN, CAROL ELLEN; Ludlow; English; Dean ' s List; Wesley Foundation; Students for Ecumenical Action; Broken Egg Coffee House Steering Comm. BOLDUC, GILBERT WILLIAM; Holyoke; Marketing; Holy- oke Community College; Marketing Club; Newman Club. BOLIVAR, THOMAS W.; Winchester; Marketing; Dean ' s List. BOLIVER, PAUL L.; Worcester; English; Springfield Col- lege; Modern Dance Club; Collegian, Photo Editor; RSO Special Effects Advisor; Index; Roister Doisters. BONASORO, ELISA ANN; Revere; Elementary Education; Newman Club; Education Club. BOONE, JUDITH ELAINE; Boston; English; Home Ec. Dean ' s Council; Dorm Treas.; Dorm Program Comm. BOOTH, MARGARET ELLEN; Carlisle; Elementary Educa- tion; Roister Doisters, Sec; Operetta Guild, Business Man- ager, Technical Dir.; Educ. Club; Equestrian Club. BOOTH, RICHARD HAROLD; Sturbridge; Government; Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Kappa Phi, Treas.; Student Senate; Exec. Council; Dean ' s List. BORONSKI, FRANCES KATHERINE; Worcester; Govern- ment; Student Senate, Sec, V.P.; Collegian; D.V.P.; S.W.A.P.; Who ' s Who. BOTEZE, CARL E.; Pittsfield; Physical Education; Varsity Baseball, Capt. BOUCHER, ROBERT ALLEN; Chicopee; Accounting; Ac- counting Assoc. BOUCHIE, JOSETTE CELIA; East Longmeadow; Elementary Education: Newman Club; Educ Club; Kappa Delta Pi; Dean ' s List. BOUDREAU, CAROL ANN: Holyoke; Medical Technology; Holyoke Community College; Alpha Delta Theta; Newman Club. BOUDREAU, GEORGE EDWARD; South Hadley; Pre- Dental; Holyoke Community College; Pre-Med Club; In- tramurals; Dean ' s List; Dorm judiciary. BOULEY, LAURA ANNE; West Aaon; Government; Angel Flight; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Women ' s Interdorm Council; Bologna Summer Session. BOURGEA, RONALD JAMES; Worcester; Civi! Engineer- ing; ASCE; Dean ' s List. BOWES, MICHAEL ANTHONY; Springfield; Mechanical Engineering; Phi Mu Delta; Senior Honors; A.S.M.E. BOWLER, GAYLE MARIE; Holyoke; Speech Therapy; New- man Club, Asst. Treas.; Students for Ecumenical Action; Communication Disorders Club; Roister Doisters Dramatic Society; Spanish Corridor. BOYAJIAN, ALFRED M.; Scituate; Management; Phi Sig- ma Kappa. BOYDEN, DAVID EDWARD; Pelham; Mechanical Engineer- ing; Tau Beta Pi. BOZEK, THOMAS EDMUND; South Hadley; Systems Man- agement; Holyoke Community College; Student Matters Committee; Judicial Affairs Sub-Committee; Dorm Judiciary. BRACCI, MICHAEL JAMES; Springfield; Electrical Engineer- ing; I.E.E.E.; A.I. A. A.; Phi Mu Delta; Dorm Counselor. BRADLEY, BARBARA JEANNE; Bedford; Elementary Educa- tion; University Chorale; University Chorus. BRADY, ROBERT MICHAEL; Dorchester; Government; Pre Law Assoc; Dean ' s List. BRAIS, BLANDINE L.; Medfield; Physical Education; Dean ' s List; P.E. Major Council, Chrm.; Swim Team; Dorm Coun- selor; W.AA. BRAND, DIANE GAIL; Livingston, N.J.; Elementary Educa- tion; Sigma Delta Tau, 2nd V.P.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kap- pa Delta Pi, Treas.; Phi Kappa Phi; Education Club. BRANSFIELD, EDWARD JOSEPH; Marblehead; Genera Business; Phi Mu Delta; Student Senate; Dorm Coun- selor; Dean ' s List. BRAV, STEVEN A.; Belmont; Economics; Dorm Treas.; SWAP Delegate, Academi c Comm.; Alpha Theta; Horse- man ' s Club. BREMNER, CHRISTINE LEE; East Longmeadow; Elementary Education; Alpha Chi Omega; Ski Club; Education Club; Exec. Council. BRENNER, LINDA MARGARET; Weymouth; English; Dorm Social Chrm.; SWAP; Dorm Counselor; Oxford Summer Program. BRESLIN, CHRISTINE JOAN; Quincy; Sociology; Sociology Club; Newman Club; Sport Parachute Club; Winter Carni. BRESNAHAN, SHARON A.; West Springfield; English; Boston University; Cheerleader, Co-Captain; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Colonel ' s Cadre. BRESSLER, RONDa B.; New Bedford; English; Dean ' s List; Bologna Summer Program; Hillel; Educ. Club; Dorm Coun- selor. BREZINSKI, JOSEPH MICHAEL; Taunton; Pre-Dent; Uni- versity Symphony Band; University Orchestra; Newman Club; Intramurals. BREZNIAK, WALTER; Webster; History. 1 gi BRIDGES, THOMAS LEWIS; Holyoke; Management; Kap- pa Sigma, House Mgr., Athletic Chrm.; Campus Chest Comm.; Intramurals. BRIDCMAN, HOWARD STANLEY, III; Clifton, N.J.; Wood Technology; Forestry Club, Pres.; Alpha Zeta; Sigma Phi; Woodsmen ' s Team. BRIGGS, DAVID WILDE; Raynham; Government; Chorale; Student Senate Budgets Comm., Sec; Dorm Govt.; Dorm Treas.; Symphony. BRIGNULL, ROGER LEE; Valatie, N.Y.; Psychology; Belcher- town Volunteers. BRILLIANT, EDWARD L.; Dorchester; Accounting; Sigma Alpha Mu; Accounting Assoc; Hillel. BRITTAN, LESLIE ANN; Milton; English; Hillel; N.E.S.; Education Club; Critique. BROCHU, NANCY JOAN; South Hadley Falls; Physical Education; Women ' s .Athletic Assoc; Standards Comm.; Varsity Field Hockey, Varsity Basketball; Varsity Lacrosse. BRODERICK, SUSAN CAROL; East Longmeadow; English; Honors Colloquia; Dean ' s List; Phi Kappa Phi. BRODSKY, GLORIA ANN; Chelsea; Education; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Education Club; Dean ' s List. BROMSTRUP, KATHRYN ANN; Rochester, N.Y.; Zoology; Zoology Club; Scuba Club; Ski Club. BROWN, BARBARA GAIL; Scltuate; Fashion Merchandis- ing; Nasson College; Index; Exec. Council; Winter Carni Comm. BROWN, DIANE JILL; Oceanside, N.Y.; Medical Technolo- gy; Alpha Chi Omega; Index; Dean ' s List; Med. Tech. Club. BROWN, JAMES B.; Holyoke; History; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Dean ' s List. BROWN, KATHLEEN SUE; New Providence, N.J.; Physical Education; Dean ' s List; W.A.A. Rep. BROWN, KENNETH WARREN; Worcester; Animal Science; Worcester State College; Electrician, Operetta Guild. BROWN, MICHAEL GEORGE; Holyoke; English; Varsity La- crosse; Newman Club, Commentator Capt.; Dorm Coun- selor; Scabbard Blade. BROWN, RICHARD R.; Roslindale; Government; North- eastern University; Debate Team; University Theatre; Pre- LawClub. BROWN, SHERRON LYNN; Andover; Math; N.E.S.; Educ. Club. BROWN, STEPHEN BRYER; Needham; English; Beta Kappa Phi; Gymnastic Team, Capt. BROWN, STEVEN DOUGLAS; Westbury, L.I., New York; Accounting; Accounting Assoc. F.A. Squad; Baseball; Intra- murals; Dean ' s List. BROWN, THEODORE ARTHUR; Sutton; Marketing; Intra- murals. BROWN, WILLIAM ANTHONY; Scituate; Industrial Engi- neering; Alpha Sigma Phi; Varsity Hockey; Lacrosse; New- man Club; A.I.I.E.; Intramurals. BROWNLOW, JANE CAROLE; Saugus; Psychology; Con- cert Assoc; Belchertown Volunteers; Dean ' s List; Phi Kappa Phi. BRUNETTE, JAMES RONALD; Springfield; History; Beta Kappa Phi, Sec; S.W.A.P.; I.F.C. Rep. BRUNETTI, BARBARA, H.; South Hadley Falls; Elementary Education; W.A.A.; Dorm Social Chrm,; Precisionettes, Exec Officer. BRYAN, HERBERT MITCHELL; Canton; Government; Alpha Phi Omega; Ski Diving Club; Homecoming; Great Deci- sions. BUCCl, SHARON A.; Auburn, N.Y.; Economics; Newman Club; Dean ' s List. BUCK, MARY ALICE; Alexandria, Virginia; Zoology; Symphony Band; Marching Band; Symphony Orchestra; Women ' s Track and Cross Country; Outing Club. BUCKLER, FRANK WILLARD; Centervllle; Accounting; Sig- ma Alpha Epsilon; Freshmen Baseball; Varsity Hockey; Parachute Club. BUCKLEY, TIMOTHY FRANCIS; Weymouth; Speech; Quincy Junior College; Caesura; Chorus; Dorm Rep.; WFCR. BUNGAY, EILEEN JOAN; Athol; Home Economics, Fashion Merchandising; Newman Club; Ski Club; Dean ' s List; Home Economics Club; Angel Flight. BURKE, ELLEN TERESA; Dudley; Nursing; Kappa Alpha Theta, Asst. Rush, Pres.; Revelers; Jr. Panhel Council; Newman Club; Nursing Club. BURKE, JOSEPH; Belmont; Philosophy. BURNETT, REBECCA EMILYNN; Southfield; English; SWAP; Oxford Summer Seminar; Senior Honors Thesis; Equestrian Club; Dorm Constitutional Comm., Chrm. BURNSIDE, JANE CHRISTINE; Greenfield; Home Econom- ics; Chi Omega; Exec. Council; Dorm Counselor. BURRELL, BONNIE LYNNE; Springfield; Elementary Educa- tion; Education Club; Kappa EJelta Pi; NES. BURRELL, RICHARD GILMAN; Marshfield; Wildlife Biolo- gy; Intramurals. BURRELL, STEPHEN ANTHONY; Roxbury; Goverr7men(; Track Team, Co-Captain; Dorm Counselor; Dorm House Council, Pres.; Student Afro-American Organization; Exec. Council. BURYSZ, MARILYN J.; Granby; Home Economics; New- man Club; Angel Flight; Educ. Club. BUSH, NANCY ELLEN; Mount Vernon, N.Y.; English; Kap- pa Alpha Theta; Exec. Council; Winter Carni Comm. BUSSIERE, CONSTANCE CECELIA; Holyoke; English; Holyoke Community College. BUTEAU, GREGORY THOMAS; Greenfield; Civil Engineer- ing; Lambda Chi Alpha, Pres.; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; A.S.C.E.; I. F.C. Judiciary. BUTLER, MARK WILLIAM; Athol; Math: Ski Club; New- man Club; Intramurals. BYER, ADRIANE NANCY; Northampton; Sociology; Win- ter Carni Comm.; Exec. Council; Index; Sociology Club; Hlllel. BVERS, GEORGE A., Jr.; Dedham; History: Band; Scab- bard Blade; Intramurals; Dean ' s List. BZDLLA, PAULA ANN; Tauton; Child Development; Alpha Chi Omega, Altruistic Chrm.; Merrill-Palmer Ex- change; Home Economics Club. CADY, BURTON DONALD; Dalton; Accounting; Account- ing Assoc. Scabbard Blade; Christian Science Organi- zation, Pres.; Dorm Counselor; Intramurals. CAHILL, JOHN M.; Pittsfield; journalism, Government; Dorm Council; Dorm Social Comm.; Collegian; New- man Club. CALARESE, DAVID GILBERT; Hopedale; Agriculture Food Economics; Food Distribution Club. CALEF, DAVID ANDREW; New Bedford; English; Tau Epsilon Phi, Chrm., Asst. Scribe; Revelers; Senior Honors; Dean ' s List; Oxford Summer Seminar. GALLERY, F. RICHARD; Hopedale; History; Intramurals; Dorm Council; Dorm Judiciary. CAMPBELL, BARBARA MARY; Lexington; Child Develop- ment; Alpha Chi Omega, Treas.; Cheerleader; Exec. Council; Home Economics Club; Dean ' s List. CAMPBELL, BRYAN DAVID; Lawrence; Microbiology; Dorm Council; Intramurals; Pre-Med Club; Bacteriology Club. CAMPBELL, FRANCIS JOSEPH; Worcester; History; Scab- bard Blade, Exec. Officer; Wrestling; Distinguished Military Student; Dorm Counselor; Newman Club. CAMPBELL, KERRY JACQUITH; Middleton; Geology; University Volunteer Fire Dept., Capt. CAMPBELL, ROBERT LAWRENCE; Dedham; Government- Chorale; Dorm Judiciary. CANTY, JOHN ALAN; Dudley; Mathematics; Freshman Varsity Baseball; Intramurals; Dean ' s List; Phi Eta Sigma. CAPONE, PAULINE LOUISE; Southboro; History; Kappa Alpha Theta, Social Chrm.; Panhellenic Sing; Panhellenic Declamation. CAPORELLO, DAVID ACAPITO; Leominster; Forestry; Alpha Zeta, Scribe; Xi Sigma Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi. CAPPS, LARRILEE V.; Melrose; Elementary Education; Educ. Club. CARD, DEBORAH ELLEN; Wellesley; English; Sigma Delta Tau, Activities Chrm.; Dean ' s List. CARDINALE, REGINA PHYLLIS; Pittsfield; Elementary Education; Education Club; Newman Club; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Dorm Social Committee. CAREY, JOHN EDWARD, Jr.; Pittsfield; Government; Dorm Treas.; Dorm Blood Drive, Chrm.; Dorm Rep. CARIGNAN, ROGER AUGUSTUS; E. Falmouth; Govern- ment; Beta Kappa Phi, Sec; Dean ' s List. CARLETON, DAWN ELISE; Leominster; Elementary Educa- tion; Dorm Counselor; Colonel ' s Cadre, Social Chrm.; Educ. Club; Dean ' s List; Ski Club. CARMICHAEL, JACQUELINE MacDONALD; Newton Ctre; Fashion Merchandising; Newton Junior College; Index; Winter Carni Booklet Comm.; Home Ec. Club; University Theatre. CARNEVALE, LINDA JEAN; Pittsfield; Child Development; Scrolls; Dean ' s List; Chi Omega. CARON, JOHN-PAUL GERARD; Holyoke; Matfiemat cs; Holyoke Community College; Math Club. CAROPRESE, JANET ELLEN; Queens Villiage, N.Y.; Dietet- ics; Pratt Institute; Collegian, Day Editor, Senior Reporter; Alpha Gamma, Sec; Newman Club; Dean ' s List. CARPENTER, TERRONE DEANE; Woburn; Math; Cross Country, Capt.; Track, Capt.; Collegian; Senate; Dorm Athletic, Chrm. CARR, RICHARD CHARLES; Shrewsbury; Business Man- agement; Zeta Nu, Treas.; Exec. Council. CARRIGAN, MARY ELLEN; Westwood; Speech Pathology; Newman Club; Chorale; Winter Carni Publicity Comm; NES; Dean ' s List. CARVELL, WILLIAM VINCENT; Agawam; Zoology; Mari- etta College. CASEY, KATHLEEN ANNETTE; North Brookfield; Speech; Newman Club; University Reform Comm.; Communica- tions Disorders Club; Dean ' s List; Operetta Guild. CASTALDINI, ELLEN J.; No. Wilbraham; Psycho ogy; International Club; Gamma Sigma Sigma; French Corri- dor; Dean ' s List; Belchertown State School Volunteer. CASTELLARIN, LINDA MARIE; Canton; Elementary Educa- tion; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Education Club; N.E.S.; Dean ' s List; Newman Club. CAVALLARO, JOANNE GRACE; Lawrence; Fashion Mer- chandising; Dean ' s List; Newman Club; Dorm Captain; Student Senate Services Comm.; Judo Club; Home Ec- onomics Club. CEFALO, JOSEPH THOMAS, Jr.; Melrose; Government, Cornell University; Pre-Law Assoc; Newman Club; Intra- murals; Young Republicans. CELLILLI, GERALD ROBERT; Ludlow; Mathematics; Var- sity Soccer, Co-Capt.; Beta Kappa Phi; Dean ' s List; Fresh- man Soccer. CERAMI, PATRICIA GRACE; Paramus, N.J.; English; Alpha Chi Omega, V.P.; Exec Council; Student Senate; Index. CERMAK, ANNE MARGARET; Schnectady, N.Y.; French; Dorm Social Comm. CERULO, GEORGE FREDERICK; Northampton; History; Collegian; German Club. CHALMERS, LINDA GRACE; Uxbridge; Government; Dean ' s List; Alpha Lambda Delta; Pi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Senior Honors CHAMBERLAIN, ROXANNE PENNY; Norfolk; Zoology; University Chorale, Librarian; Chamber Singers. CHAMBERS, MARY RUTH; Westboro; Physical Education; Dorm Counselor; WAA. CHANG, PETER W.; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Cherr7 ca Engineer- ing; Univ. of Kansas; Tau Beta Pi; AICHE; Dean ' s List; Chinese Student Assoc. CHAPLIN, JUDITH ANN; Reading; Elementary Education; Tennis Team; Operetta Guild; Ski Club. CHAPIN, ROBERT LEE; Chicopee; Marketing; Freshman Baseball; Intramurals. CHAPMAN, KENNETH STEPHEN; Middleboro; Elementary Education: Scabbard Blade; Dorm Counselor; Exec. Council; Dean ' s List. CHAPMAN, ROBERTA ANN; Peabody; Psychology; Dorm Treas.; Gamma Sigma Sigma, V.P.; Pres., Treas., Pari; Belchertown Volunteers. CHARBONNEAU, JOAN ELLEN; Adams; Mathematics; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Newman Club, House Co-Chrm., Choir; Assoc, for Computing Machinery; Dean ' s List; Honors Colloquia. CHARPENTIER, KATHLEEN ROSE; W. Groton; Physical Education; Mount Wachussett Community College. CHASE, DIANE EVELYN; Riverside, R.I.; Nursing; Nursing Club; Dean ' s List. CHASE, JAMES SHERMAN, Jr.; So. Egremont; Agricultur- al Food Economics; Berkshire Community College; Var- sity Baseball Manager; Departmental Honors. CHMURA, LOUIS JOHN, Jr.; Southwick; Mathematics; University Symphony Band; University Marching Band; University Symphony Orchestra; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi. CHRISTENSEN,MARGO ELIZABETH; Norwood; Psychology; Univ. Theatre. CHRISTENSEN, RONALD PETER; Cotuit; Accounting; Phi Mu Delta; Accounting Assoc. CHUTE, KENNETH LORING; Needham; English; Beta Kappa Phi; Flying Redmen; Dean ' s List; Intramurals. CIBOROWSKI, MICHAEL; So. Deerfield; Wildlife Biology; NRSA; Scuba Club; Intramurals. CIGNONI, JUDITH ANN; West Spring field; Elementary Education; Dorm Counselor; Faculty Senate Subcommit- tee on Student Affairs; Student Senate; Newman Club; Educ. Club. CLARK, DOROTHY ANN; Williamsburg; Chemistry; Dean ' s List; N.E.S. CLARK, ELIZABETH KINSLEY; Hamden, Conn.; Physical Education; W.A.A.; Dorm Counselor; Dean ' s List. CLARK, NANCY ANN; Weymouth; Physical Education; Kappa Delta Pi; Educ. Club; WAA Basketball; WAA Soft- ball; WAA Field Hockey. CLARK, NANCY E.; Franklin; lournalism— English; Dorm Counselor; Dean ' s List. CLARK, SUSAN JOAN; Weymouth; Education; Chorus; NES; Educ. Club; W.A.A. Intramurals. CLARK, VIRGINIA GUY; Needham Hts.; Medical Technol- ogy; University of Puget Sound; Alpha Delta Theta; Eques- trian Club; Dean ' s List. CLARK, WARREN BRUCE; So. Weymouth; Restaurant Hotel Mgt.; Innkeepers Club; Weight Lifting Club. CLARKE, AMY E.; Roxbury; Sociology; Defiance College; Student Afro-American Org., Chrm.; Dorm Counselor; Sociology Club; Winter Carni. Ljtik M £A CLARKE, DAVID HUCUS; Florence; Wood Science Technology; Varsity Crew Coach; Freshman Crew Coach; Student Senate; Forestry Club; Budgets Comm. CLAY, CHRISTINE ELAINE; Southwick; English; University Theatre; Collegian. CLAYTON, CAROL ANN; Uniondale, N.Y.; Nursing; Dorm Social Comm.; Student Activities Committee; Nursing Club. CLEMENT, CAROL ANNE; Millis; Hotel Restaurant Management; Innkeepers; Gamma Sigma Sigma. CLINES, FRANCES MARY; Canton; English; Collegian; Ex- change Student; Swim Team; Naiads; Education Club. CLORAN, ELLEN MARTHA; Beverly; Mathematics; New- man Club; Dorm Counselor; Senior Honors; Dean ' s List; Gamma Sigma Sigma. CLOUTIER, JEAN MARIE; Danvers; Nursing; Nursing Club; Dorm Judiciary. COHEN, EDWARD ALLAN; Longmeadow; Microbiology; American International College; S.U. Dance Comm,; Sci- ence Fiction Club; Outing Club. COHEN, HAROLD JAY; Allentown, Pennsylvania; Pre- Dent; Sigma Alpha Mu, Pledgemaster; Freshman Winter Spring Track; Phi Eta Sigma; Dean ' s List; Intramurals. COHEN, JAY MARTIN; Salem; Economics; Phi Sigma Delta; Exec. Council; Marching Band; Hillel; Economics Club. COHEN, JEFFREY LEONARD; Revere; Accounting; Ac- counting Association; Beta Gamma Sigma; Intramurals; House Council; Dean ' s List. COHEN, JORDAN RIAN; Manchester, Conn.; Electrical Engineering; Flying Redman, Commander; Arnold Air Society; Alpha Phi Omega; IEEE. COHEN, LAURA FAYE; Marblehead; Accounting; Collegian; Accounting Association; Dean ' s List; Hillel. COHEN, LOUISE JOAN; Brookline, English; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Exchange Student; Dean ' s List. COHEN, MYRON DAVID; New Bedford; ccoun! ng; Hillel; Accounting Assoc; Dorm Treasurer. COHEN, PAULA LEE; Mattapan; Covemmer7t; Dorm Cul- tural Comm.; Dorm Legislative Comm. COHEN, ROBERT MAXWELL; Worcester; Government; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Sec, V.P., Pres.; I.F.C.; Dean ' s List; In- tramurals; Pre-Law Assoc. COHEN, ROBERT THEODORE; Haverhill; Government; Dean ' s List; Tau Epsilon Phi; Exec. Comm.; Winter Carni Queens Chrm.; S.W.A.P. Comm. COHEN, STEVEN PAUL; Worcester; Accounting; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Freshman Varsity Tennis Team; Beta Gamma Sigma; Accounting Assoc; Dean ' s List. COHEN, TOBY; Maiden; English. COHN, ETHEL; Saratoga Springs, N.Y.; History; Collegian; Hillel. COHN, JOSEPHINE BETH; Brighton; Sociology; University of Pennsylvania; Hillel; People to People. COHN, NORMAN SAUL; Longmeadow; Physics; Sigma Alpha Mu: Phi Eta Sigma; Judo Club; Honors Colloquia. COLEMAN, VIRGINIA MARIE; Medford; English; lota Gamma Upsilon. COLLINS, JAMES GERARD; Arlington; Government; Stu- dent Senate, Pres.; Equestrian Club. COLLINS, JANE L.; Jamaica Plain; Sociology; Newman Club; Dean ' s List; N.E.S. COLLINS, MARTIN EDWIN; Georgetown; Covemmef7l; Sport Parachute Club; Political Science Assoc; Pre-Law Assoc; International Club. COLONNA, JAMES PATRICK; Framingham; Accounting; Acct. Assoc, Treas.; Dorm, Treas.; Dorm Council; Newman Club; Dorm Counselor. COMERFORD, RICHARD; Leominster; History; Springhill College; Pre-Law Society; Student Defense. COMSTOCK, CLAUDIA GALE; Milford, Conn.; Art; Smith College. CONDON, JEFFREY J.; Shrewsbury; Zoology; Quinsiga- mond Community College; Ski Club. CONDURA, CHRISTINA MARY; Congers, N.Y.; Food Sci- ence Technology; Newman Club; Food Science Club; IFT. iiik CONGDON, JENNIFER BARBARA; Pittsfield; Child Devel- opment; Newman Club; Pi Beta Phi. CONNER, BARBARA LEE; West Dennis; Education; Educ. Club; Dean ' s List. CONNOLLY, MATTHEW B., Jr.; Norwood; Park Adminis- tration; Theta Chi, V.P.; i.F.C. Rep.; Varsity Hockey; Park Administration Club. CONSTANTINE, ANDREW B.; Belmont; Economics; Young Republican Club; Ski Club. CONTUZZI, LORRAINE MARIE; Livingston, N.J.; Elemen- tary Education; Scrolls; Revelers; Exec. Council; Chi Omega; Index. CONWAY, L. SUSAN; Haverhill; English; Bradford Junior College; Kappa Kappa Gamma. COOK, DIANNA LYNN; Falmouth; Sociology; NFS; Pre- cisionettes; Collegian; Senate Public Relations. COONS, RICHARD MERRILL; Wells River, Vermont; Wood Technology; Paul Smith ' s College; Alpha Zeta; Rifle Team; Judo Club; Forestry Club; Barbell Club. COOPER, BONNIE LEE; Orleans; Fashion Merchandising; W.A.A. Rep.; Winter Carnival Comm. COOPERSTEIN, BARBARA T.; Milton; Marketing; Market- ing Club, Publicity Chrm.; Hillel; Equestrian Club; Student Senate Ways Means Comm. CORKUM, CAROLE ANN; Athol; English; Colby Junior College; Dorm Social Chrm. CORNELIO, LUCILLE MARIE; Pittsfield; Sociology; Berk- shire Community College; Dean ' s List. CORSI, PAUL J.; Kingston; Quantitative Methods; Dean ' s List; Honor ' s Work; Sport Parachute Club. COSTI, PETER JOSEPH; Lenox; Electrical Engineering; Berkshire Community College. COTE, GERALDINE; Fall River; English; N.E.S.; Belcher- town Volunteers; Collegian. COTTON, JANE ELIZABETH; North Wilbraham; French; Dean ' s List. COURY, THOMAS ELI; Worcester; Coverr7ment; Zeta Nu, Steward; Frosh Basketball; Intramurals. COVILL, ROBERT J.; Lynn; Marketing; Mass. Bay Com- munity College; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Marketing Club. CRANMER, CAROL ANN; Louisville, Kentucky; English; Stephens College; Index. CRAVEN, ANNE PATRICIA; Chelmsford; English; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Social Chrm.; Exec. Council; Newman Club. CRAWFORD, DUNCAN PIERCE; Greenfield; Physics; Dean ' s List; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi. CREEGER, JOEL BARRY; East Longmeadow; Animal Sci- ence; Stockbridge School of Agriculture; Animal Husbandry Club; Hillel. CROFT, EVAN CUNNINGHAM; Winchester; Chemical Engineering; Gymnastics; Dorm Judiciary; Vol. Fire Dept.; AICHE; Marketing Club. CRONIG, JEFFREY ALAN; Vineyard Haven; Marketing; Hillel; Accounting Assoc; Scuba Club. CROOKER. JOANNE RUTH: Amherst; Math; Dean ' s List; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Com- muter ' s Club. CROSBY, JOHN EDWARD; Weymouth; English; North- eastern University; Intramurals; Collegian; Dorm Sec. CROTTY, JULIA WILDER; Worcester; History; Newman Club: Equestrian Club. CROWLEY, CHRISTINE: Norwood; English; Roister Dois- ters; Dorm Social Comm.; Operetta Guild; University Theatre; Ski Club. CROWLEY, MARY ELLEN; Needham; Nursing; Lambda Delta Phi, 1st V.P.; Nursing Club, Record. Sec, Pres.; New- man Club; Jr. Panhel Rep. CRYAN, RAYMOND E.; Saugua; Marketing. CURRIE, ROBERT W.; Watertown; Hotel Management. GUSHING, JOHN GILNORE; Auburndale; English; Christian Science Organization; Collegian. GUSHING, MAXINE ELAINE; Norwood; English; Caesura; N.E.S.; Modern Dance Club; Dorm Cultural Comm.; Dean ' s List. CUTTING, PHILIP FRANCIS; Medford; Restaurant Hotel Mgt.; Phi Mu Delta; Arcon; Innkeepers Club; AIIE. CZEKANSKI, JAMES PHILIP; Somerset; European History; Sport Parachute Club; Delta Chi; Dorm Counselor. DADMUN, DOROTHY M.; Florence; Music. DAGGETT, RICHARD EARL; North Attleboro; Genera Business and Finance. DAI LEY, MICHAEL N.; Wakefield; Economics; Boston University; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Marketing Club; Golf; Exec Council. DALEY, BARBARA CATINO; Medford; Electrical Engi- neering; IEEE, Sec; Scuba Club; Engineering Journal. DALEY, MICHAEL LEO; Arlington; Electrical Engineering; Delta Eta Chapter— Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi, Recording Sec; Intramurals; Campus Handball Champion 1968; Epsilon Club. DALEY, WILLIAM STEWART; Worcester; Genera Business and Finance: Beta Theta Pi; Intramurals; Wrestling Champ 1967; Ski Club. DALTON, JOSEPH L., Jr.; Amherst; Russian. DAMIANI, ELIZABETH BARBARA; Trenton, N.J.; Market- ing; Wooster College; S.U.G. Board; WMUA; Marketing Club; Index; Dorm Counselor. DAMON, E. STEVEN; Agawam; Pre-Dent; Sigma Alpha Mu; Intramurals. D ' AMOUR, PENELOPE FAITH; Holyoke; English; Holyoke Community College. DANCA, RICHARD ANTHONY; Newton; Journalism-Eng- lish; Collegian, Day Editor; Free Press Comm; Exec. Coun- cil. D ' ANDREA, RICHARD EUGENE; Chicopee; Chemistry; Varsity Swimming; Intramurals; Senior Honors; Scabbard Blade. DANIELS, MICHAEL ROBERT; Little Compton, R.I.; English; Univ. of Miami; QTV; Intramurals; Dean ' s List; Outing Club. DARLING, CYNTHIA SOUTHWORTH; Alexandria, Virginia; Government; Dorm Counselor; Young Democrats. DARLING, SUSAN MAE; So. Weymouth; Education; Ed- ucation Club; Kappa Delta Pi, Sec; Phi Kappa Phi; N.E.S.; Dean ' s List. DARRAH, ADELE LYNNE; Westford; Nursing; Honor ' s Colloquium; Nursing Club, V.P.; Nursing Honor Society, Pres.; Phi Kappa Phi; Oxford Summer Seminar. DAVENPORT, ANNE MARIE; Brockton; History; Dean ' s List; Kapa Delta Pi; Education Club; Dorm Program Comm; Honors Colloquium. « € 4.1 iLAmJi i DAVENPORT, RUSSELL STEARNS, Jr.; Lexington; Civil Engineering; ASCE. DAVIDSON, LARRY D.; Worcester; Accoun(;ng; Alpha Epsilon Pi, V P , Pres , Dean ' s List, Accountmg Assoc , I F C , Beta Gamma Sigma DAVIDSON, MARGARET MARY, Mattapan, Zoology DAVIES, DEBORAH, Greenfield, English, Education Club DAVIS, ALLEN JEFFREY; Westbury, N.Y.; History; Distin- guished Visitors Program, Chrm.; SWAP, Chrm.; Pre-Law Society, Pres.; Adelphia, V.P.; Varsity Tennis. DAVIS, EDWARD CHASE; Southborough; Economics; Track; Delta Chi,Treas.; Dorm Counselor; Dean ' s List. DAVIS, WAYNE STANLEY; Danvers; Management; Beta Kappa Phi; Hookers Club; Management Club. DEAN, ALLAN ROLFE; Westwood; Government; N.E.S.; Young Democrats. DEAN, MARY ELLEN; Holyoke; History; College of New Rochelle; Newman Club, Co-Chrm. Library Staff; Lambda Delta Phi; Dorm Legislative Council. DEAN, WILLIAM FRANCIS; Holyoke; Pre-Med; Phi Eta Sigma; Honors Colloquium; Senior Honors Research. DeBENEDICTIS, LILLIAN ANN; Amherst; Psychology; Northern Essex Community College. DeCOSTA, MAR LOUISE; Norwood; European History; Dean ' s List. DeFELICE, SUSAN TERESA; Winthrop; Psychology; Exec. Coun.; Special Events Comm.; Dean ' s List; Parachute Club. DELAHANTY, DONNA L.; Fall River; Animal Science; Newman Club; Equestrian Club; Standard ' s Comm.; Dean ' s List. DELANEY, RICHARD MAURICE; Hingham; Marketing; Alpha Sigma Phi, Exec. Board, Steward; Dorm House Coun- cil; Maroon Keys; Arcon; l.F.C. Exec. Board. DELANO, JANE; Fairhaven; Government; Scroll ' s; Kappa Mpha Theta. DELEEUW, DENISE; Weston; English; Scrolls; Sigma Kappa, V.P.; Homecoming Comm.; Exec. Council; Creek Week Queen ' s Court. D ' ELIA, ELISA LOUISE; Lawrence; Nursing; Chi Omega, Asst. Rush Chrm.; Jr. Panhel Council, Pres.; Nursing Club, Sec; Exec. Council; School of Nursing Affairs Comm. DELIBERO, KATHRYN WHITE; Whitinsville; fash on Mer- chandising; Pi Beta Phi; Home Economics Club; Danforth Award; Dean ' s List; Dorm President. DELMOLINO, LEONARD JOSEPH; Pittsfield; History; Freshman and Varsity Track; Freshman and Varsity Cross- country; Intramurals; Senior Honors; Dean ' s List. DELMONICO, RICHARD JOHN; Woburn; Government; Football; Intramurals; Theta Chi. DEMARIANO, PAUL DAVID; Newton; Government; Men ' s Judiciary Chief Justice; General Court of Justice, Chief Justice; Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who; Theta Chi. DEMBSKI, CLAUDIA JANE; Chicopee; Speech-Communi- cation Disorders Area; Secretary, Class of ' 68; Alpha Chi Omega, Activities Chrm.; Revelers; Who ' s Who; Home- coming Committee Chrm. DEMO, WILLIAM J.; North Adams; Governmen!; Berk- shire Community College; Ski Club; Dean ' s List. mkU DEMPSEY, JOHN PHILIP; Lexington; History; Concert Assoc, Tech. Dir.; Dorm Govt.; Intramurals; Newman Club; Phantom. DENMAN, JOHN F.; Quincy; Business Management; New Mexico State University. DENOMME, CYNTHIA LEE; Jewett City, Conn.; Medical Technology; Marching Band. DEOTTE, LESTER GEORGE; Gilbertville; Electrical Engineer- ing; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu, Treas.; I.E.E.E.; Scuba Club; Ski Club. kAMiM DEROSA, WILLIAM A.; Maynard; Physical Education; Var- sity Lacrosse; Intramurals; Phi Sigma Kappa. DESANDO, MARY ELLEN; Haverhill; History; Student Senate Services Comm.; Newman Club; Education Club; Dean ' s List. DETORE, MARY V.; Greensbury, Pennsylvania; Psychology; Chi Omega; Exec. Council. DETORE, ROBERT VINCENT; Greensburg, Pennsylvania; Recreation; Dodge City Junior College; Kappa Sigma; Varsity Football; Varsity " M " Club; Recreation Club. DEVER, CHARLES EDWARD; Dorchester; Accounting; Freshman And Varsity Baseball; Accounting Assoc; Intra- murals; Newman Club. DIAMOND, ROSLYN LEE; Medford; Government; Sym- phony Band; Student Senate; Fine Arts Council; Honors Colloquium; Dean ' s List. DICKERMAN, STEPHEN; Worcester; Government; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Housemanager; Pi Sigma Alpha, V.P.; Dean ' s List. DICKINSON, GARY EDMUND; Clarksburg; Civil Engineer- ing; A.S.C.E.; Dean ' s List. DIKAN, PETER NICHOLAS; Fairview; Chemical Engineer- ing; Delta Chi, Asst. Treas. ; House Manager; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Orthodox Club; AlChE. Dl DOMENICO, FRANK PANFILO; Milford; Mechnical Engineering; Worcester Junior College; Dorm Counselor; ASME. DIMOCK, ELIZABETH JANE; Northboro; Elementary Ed- ucation; Precisionettes; Education Club. DIVENCENZO, JOSEPH ANTHONY; Beverly, Elementary Education; Freshman Varsity Football; Exec. Council; Newman Club; Education Club. DOLAN, CLAIRE MARIE; Salem; Mathematics; Newman Club, V.P.; Dean ' s List; Dorm Counselor; Lambda Delta Phi; Marching Band. DOLAN, KATHLEEN ANN-MARIE; Worcester; Elementary Education; Phi Kappa Phi; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Honors Colloquia; Dorm Counselor; Exchange Student. DOMBKOWSKI, JOAN ANN; Windsor, Conn.; Education; Hartford College for Women; Education Club; Winter Carni Queen. DONCESE, JUDITH MARGARET; Glen Cove, N.Y.; Mar- keting; Newman Club; Marketing Club; International Club; Ski Club. DONDERO, DANIEL JOSEPH; East Bridgewater; Mathe- matics; Intramurals. DONNELLY, SUSAN LOUISE; Pittsfield; Sociology; Dorm Counselor; Orchard Hill Program Committee; Hobbit, Editor; Orchard Hill Fine Arts Comm. DONNER, SUSAN E.; Middleboro; History. DONOHUE, VINCENT PAUL; Worcester; General Business and Finance; Freshman Baseball; Pre-Law Assoc; Kappa Sigma; Newman Club. DONOVAN, ARTHUR LAURID; West Roxbury; Marketing; Mass. Bay Community College; Tau Kappa Epsilon. DONOVAN, JOANNE L; Springfield; Elementary Educa- tion; Newman Club; Educ. Club. DONOVAN, MARY A.; Lynn; English; Newman Club; S.U. Movie Comm.; Dorm Counselor; Dean ' s List. DONOVAN, RICHARD PAGE; East Longmeadow; Chemical Engineering; AICHE; Bowling Team; Commuter ' s Club. MILj DOOLEY, LOIS ANN; Taunton; English; Marching Band; Newman Club; Dorm Standards Comm.; Dorm Social Comm.; Residential Living Board. DORCAS, EILEEN; Clifton, N.J.; History; Pi Beta Phi, Cen- sor; Angel Flight, Social Chrm., Project Officer; Dean ' s List; Newman Club. DORRIS, WAYNE LESLIE; Boston; Soc;o ogy; Student Religious Liberals; Administrative Intern; Dean ' s List; Belchertown Volunteers. DOTY, EDWIN ANDREW, Jr.; Southampton; Economics; Dorm President; Arnold Air Society; Dorm Counselor; Dorm Govt. Rep.; Economic Student Faculty Comm. DOUGAL, CHRISTINE MARY; Chicopee Falls; Nursing; Rep. To Women ' s Inter-dorm Council; Nursing Club; ewman Club; WMUA; Dean ' s List. DOUGHERTY, MARY ANNE; Stoneham; Sociology; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Public Relations Chrm.; Index; Newman Club. DOVIDIO, KATHERYN MARIE; Leominster; Medical Technology; Dean ' s List; Alpha Delta Theta; Newman Club; Dorm Counselor. DOWAL, MICHAEL JOHN; Athol; History; Alpha Phi Ome- ga; Pre-Law Assoc; Newman Club; Ski Club; Dean ' s List. DOYLE, GAIL ANN; Fall River; Spanish; Iota Gamma Up- silon, Corr. Sec, Scholarship Chrm.; Kappa Delta Pi; Spanish Club; Publicity Sec; Dean ' s List. DOYLE, ROSEMARY BRYANT; Topsfield; Elementary Ed- ucation; Education Club; Dorm Counselor; N.E.S.; Dean ' s List. DRAPER, ELIZABETH ANN; Braintree; Nursing; Mortar Board; Dorm Counselor; Nursing Club, Bd. of Directors; Nursing Class President; Alpha Lambda Delta. DREGA, MARY ANN SUSAN; Westfield; Mathematics; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Treas.; Kappa Delta Pi; Alpha Lambda Delta, V.P.; Newman Club; Dean ' s List. DREW, ANNE ELIZABETH; Norwood; Spanish; Modern Dance Club; Dorm Cultural Comm., Chrm.; Spanish Club. DRIVER, MARGARET ELAINE; Lawrence; English; New- man Club. DRIVER, PHYLLIS RYAN; Natick; English; Women ' s Affairs Comm.; Dorm Exec. Board; Dorm Organization Comm.; judo Club; N.E.S. DRURY, SHERYL ANN; Gardner; Fashion Merchandising; Mt. Wachusell Community College. DRUSS, PEARL; Mattapan; Sociology; Dorm Social Chrm.; Womens Inter-Residence Hall Council; Winter Carni Concert Comm.; SWAP. DRZAL, ROBERT STANLEY; Thorndike; Chemistry. DUBE, PHILIP A., Jr.; Springfield; Accounting; QTV; Maroon Keys; Revelers; l.F.C. Chrm. DUDA, DONALD JACOB; Pittsfield; Electrical Engineering; Berkshire Community College. DUFFETT, JOHN LAWRENCE; Somerville; English; Mass. Bay Community. DUFFY, JOSEPH LEO; Stoughton; Economics; Collegian; Student Senate Services Comm.; Golf Team; House Coun- cil; Judo Club. DUNAY, LINDA RAY; Newton; English; Hillel. DUNLEAVY, ROBERT PAUL; Canton; Government. DUNLOP, CRAIG EMERSON; Monterey; Public Health; Warren Wilson College; Varsity Soccer. DUNN, BRIAN WHITCOMB; Charlton; Marketing; New- man Club; Marketing Club. DUNN, MARY MARGARET; Westford; English; Dorm So- cial Chrm.; SWAP; Pi Beta Phi; Counselor; Panhel. DUNSFORD, JO-ANNE MARY; Lowell; Psychology; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Corresponding Sec; Precisionettes Drill Team, Squad Leader. DUTCHER, JOSEPH A.; Brockton; Marketing; Cape Cod Community College; Marketing Club; Parachute Club; Northhampton Rod Gun; Junior Chamber of Commerce. DUTY, JOHN SCOTT; Norwell; German; Sport Parachute Club; Scabbard Blade, Pres.; DMS; Intramurals. DWORMAN, RALPH MICHAEL; Worcester; food Science and Technology; Food Science Club, Pres.; Honors Collo- quia; Swimming Team; Sigma Beta Chi; Ski Club. DWYER, FRANCIS EDWARD, Jr.; Pittsfield; Education- Berkshire Community College. DYER, CHERYL ANNE; North Easton; Elementary Educa- tion; Education Club; Dean ' s List. DYER, EDWIN WILLIAM FRANCIS; Bernardston; History. DYER, STEPHEN LONDON; Staatsburg, N.Y.; Park Admin- istration; University of Maine; Dorm Counselor; Chorale; Statesmen; 4-H Club. DYNAN, JOHN LAWRENCE; Norwood; Chemical Engineer- ing; Intramurals; Newman Club; A.S.C.E. fACMFN, JAMES CHARLES, Jr.; Gardner; Ceo ogy; Mount Wachusett Community College; Intramurals. EARLE, JOHN CHARLES; Roslindale; lournalism-English; Phi Sigma Delta; I.F.C.; Intramurals; Newman Club. EARLEY, LINDA LUCILLE; Methuen; Child Development; Dean ' s List; Newman Club; Education Club. EATON, DAVID LINCOLN; Winchester; Restaurant Hotel Mfit.; Varsity Hockey; Dean ' s List; Phi Mu Delta, Treas.; Innkeepers Club; Phi Eta Sigma. fBACKER.KI ABLlH v.; Bedford; Phy.ical Education. I HER, RICHARD B.; Hyde Park; .Spanish, Operett.i CuiUI; Roister Doislers; University Chorale; Ch.iinhci Singers; Spanish Club, V. P. ECONOPLY, PAMELA HOPE; East Selaukel, NY.; Intilhh; University Orchestra, librarian; University Chorale; Mu- sicals, Spokesman; Exec. Council; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Music Chrm. EDELMAN, JOHN KARL; Southfield; lorcstry; University Fire Depl. EDWARDS, STEVEN JAMES; Reading; llhtory: Maroon Keys; Revelers; Arcon; Beta Kappa Phi; Student Senate. EISNER, BONNIE; Springfield; ficinvnt.iiy Idtn.ition; Dean ' s List; Hillel; 1 (lu( ation ( luh 1 1 DRED, JEAN PERNAT; Ely Creek, N.Y.; Elementary Educ. ILLIOT, CHERYL MARGARET; Livingston, N.J.; Elementary Education; Sigma Kappa, 1st V.P.; Educ. Club; Art (Omni. S.U.; Exec. Council; Scrolls. ELLSTROM, CAROL ANN; Rutland; Home Economics. ElMER, BRUCE MASON; Northampton; English; Dorm Social Chrm.; Christian Science Organization, Pres., V.P.; Treas. Exec. Council; Winter Carni Comm.; Homecoming Comm. EPSTEIN, JACOB; Pittsfield; Animal Science; Marching Band; Symphony Band; Hillel; Operetta Guild; Univ. Health Conn. II ' STLIN, LINDA JEAN; Holyoke; Sociology; Belchertown Volunteers; Young Republicans; Young Americans for Ireedom; Exchange Student. ERAMO, CAROL ANN; Pittsfield; Sociology; Collegian. Newman Club; Dean ' s List. ERB, DOUGLAS ALAN; Saugus; Economics; Zeta Nu; Golf Team; Exec. Council; Intramurals. ERICKSON, WAYNE F.; Honolulu, Hawaii; Chemislrv; Alpha Phi Omega; Dorm judiciary; Dean ' s list ERKER, EDWARD FRANCIS; Walpole; .oulugy. Dorm Social Chrm.; Scabbard Blade; SoulhwesI Honors Sym- posium; Dean ' s List, Seniors Honors Research. ERLANGER, LEONARD ALAN; Bronx, N.Y.; Chemical En- gineering; Sigma Alpha Mu; AlChE; Golf; Intramurals. ERLICH, NORMAN ALAN; Swampscott; History: Class Exec. Coun.; Winter Carni Comm.; Dean ' s List; Intramu- rals; Hillel. ESTNER, MARTIN IRVING; New Bedford; IVIanagement; General Court, Clerk; SWAP Committee; Dorm Judiciary; Men ' s Judiciary; Intramurals, ETKIND, ALAN v.; Waltham; General Business. EVANS, CHERYL ELIZABETH; West Springfield; English; Newman Club. EVANS, CHERYL L.; West Medford; Child Development; Musicals, Bus. Mgr.; Student Afro-American Organ,, Pres.; Who ' s Who; Student Senate Activities Comm.; Delta Sigma Theta, Corr. Sec, EVANS, LAN I JEAN; Longmeadow; Medical Technology; WAA Ski Team; Index; Arts Music Committee; Dorm Counselor; Angel Flight. EVANS, LORRAINE M.; Arlington; Elementary Education; Dean ' s List; Angel Flight; Index; Educ. Club; N.E.S. EWELL, KENNETH ALBERT; Chelmsford; Mechanical En- gineering; Tau Beta Pi; Dorm Counselor; Dorm Judiciary; Phi Eta Sigma; ASME. EXFORD, PETER TELLER; Pittsfield; History. EZOLD, ROBERT JAMES; Holyoke; Music Education; University Chorale; Newman Club, Religious Activities Co-Chrm.; Newman Center Organist; Music Dept. Organ Recitals; Commuters Club. FAIRBANKS, PAMELA KAY; Colrain; Elementary Education; Phi Kappa Phi; Kappa Delta Pi; Dean ' s List; Newman Club; Education Club. FAIRFIELD, SUSAN LEE; Revere; Speech Therapy; New- man Club; Sigma Kappa, Asst. Rush Chrm.; Musicals, spokesman; S.U. Dance Committee, Chrm.; S.U. Program Council, Sec. FALCO, THERESA ANN; Barre; Elementary Education; Dean ' s List; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Education Club. FARLEY, MAUREEN ANNE; Taunton; Nursing; Pi Beta Phi; Nursing Club; Newman Club. FARRELL, FRANK CLAIR; Ashland; History. FARRELL, JANET ELAINE; Pittsfield; Elementary Education; Berkshire Community College. FARRELL, MARCELLA E.; Amesbury; Elementary Education; Educ. Club; Newman Club. FARRINGTON, CAROL SHAPPELL; North Wilmington; Mathematics; Dean ' s List. FARRINGTON, DONALD GRAY; North Wilmington; Sociology; Northern Essex Community College; Dean ' s List. FAUCETTE, DOUGLAS PAUL; Salisbury, Maryland; Gov- ernment; Freshmen Football; Varsity Football; Newman Club; Parachute Club; Tau Kappa Epsilon, FEENEY, PETER JOHN; Wellesley; History; Freshman Var- sity Golf; Maroon Keys; Intramurals; Ski Club. FELD, RONALD DAVID; New Bedford; Chemistry; Dean ' s List; Senior Honors; Fild Society. FELLOWS, MARCIA ANN; Needham; Mathematics: Gymnastics Club; Education Club. FENN, SUSAN ANNE; Springfield; English; Exchange Pro- gram; Kappa Alpha Theta; Newman Club; Education Club. FENNESSEY, MARY J.; Lynn; Government; Scrolls, V.P.; Pi Beta Phi, Activities Chrm.; Women ' s Judiciary, Chief Justice; General Court; Who ' s Who. FENTIN, ROWENA RUTH; Bridgewater; History; Hillel; lota Gamma Upsilon, Rush Chrm., Exec. Council. FERNALD, DIANE LEE; Plympton; Sociology; Exchange Student Exchange Student Club, Pres.; Dean ' s List. Mh kA FERRARA, CHERYL ANNE; West Springfield; German; Dean ' s List. FERRON, DONALD GEORGE; Southbridge; History; Freshman Varsity Baseball; Intramurals; Dean ' s List; Phi Eta Sigma. FIENBERG, HAROLD MARTIN; Milton; Mechanical En- gineering; A. I. A. A., Publicity Chrm.; Society of Automo- tive Engineers; ASME; Intramurals; Dorm Council. FILA, EMILY MARY; Hardwick; Art; Newman Club; Edu- cation Club; Dean ' s List; Dorm Scholastic Comm. FILLION, RAYMOND ALBERT; West Springfield; Electrical Engineering; Square Dance Club; Bridge Club; Tau Beta Phi; Eta Kappa Nu; IEEE. FINK, R. DEBRA; Cranford, N.J.; Elementary Education; Sigma Delta Tau; Education Club; Hillel. FINKLE, MARILYN ELAINE; Belmont; Sociology; Dean ' s List; Lambda Delta Phi, Historian; Hillel Club; Nursing Club; Dorm Standard ' s Council. FINN, VIRGINIA MARY; Arlington; Child Development; Newman Club; Merrill-Palmer Institute. FISETTE, MICHAEL FRANCIS; Turners Falls; Industrial Engineering: AIIE, Pres.; Dorm Treas.; Intramurals. FISH, JAMES HENRY; Martinsville, Indiana; History; Dorm Counselor; Intramurals; Student Senate; Dorm Pres- ident; Alpha Phi Omega. FISHMAN, CECILE SUSAN; Quincy; History; Sigma Delta Tau; Hillel; Spectrum, Sec; Dean ' s List; Women ' s Reform Comm. FISK, ROBERT ALLEN; Williamstown; Botany; Dean ' s List; Dorm Counselor; Senior Honors; Dorm Cultural Activities, Comm. FITCH, JEFFREY TODD; Bogota, N.J.; Psychology; States- men; Intramurals; Dorm Counselor; Dean ' s List; Dorm House Coun. FITZGERALD, GEORGE B.; Belmont; Zoology; North- western Univ. FITZGERALD, JOAN; N. Easton; English; Alpha Chi Omega; Panhellenic Council; NES Tutor; S.U. Arts Music Comm.; Co eg an. FITZGERALD, PATRICIA ANNE; Dennisport; Elementary Education; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Kappa Phi; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi Scholar. FITZGERALD, RICHARD CHARLES HARRIS; Suffield, Conn.; Business Administration; WMUA; Intramurals. FITZGERALD, SHELIA ELLEN; Springfield; Government; Winter Carni Comm.; Dorm Social Chrm.; Newman Club; Young Democrats; Women ' s Inter-Residence Hall Council. FLEISCHER, HELEN E.; Springfield, Virginia; History; Dorm Counselor; Belchertown Volunteers; Lambda Delta Phi; N.E.S. FLINKSTROM, CHARLES N.; Greenfield; forest Manage- ment; Inter-American Univ. of Puerto Rico; Alpha Zeta; Forestry Club; Commuters Club; Society of American Foresters. FLINT, STANLEY E.; Arlington; Electrical Engineering. FLYNN, JANE FRANCES; Salem; English. FLYNN, JOAN; Sudbury; Speech Pathology and Audiology; Dorm Counselor; Northampton State Hospital Volunteer; Sigma Delta Tau; Dean ' s List; Communication Disorders Club, V. P. FOGEL, HARVEY PHILIP; Linden, N.J.; Chemical Engineer- ing; Audio-Visual Aids Technical Staff; AICHE; Dean ' s List. FOLEY, JOAN KATHLEEN; Worcester; Zoology; Newman Club; NEA; Educ. Club; Dorm Counselor; Dorm Charter Comm. FOLLETT, SUSAN LOUISE; Wellesley; Elementary Educa- tion; Dorm Officer. FORBESS, SHELLY R.; Longmeadow; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Class Treas. FORD, JAMES ALEXANDER; Weymouth; Management; Dean ' s List. FORESTO, JOHN ANTHONY; Stoneham; Chemical En- gineering; AICHE; Phi Sigma Kappa. FORMAN, STUART IRVING; Newton; Clinical Psychology; Arnold Air Society, High School Visitation Project Officer AAS-AnF Coordinator; Flying Redmen; Hillel. FORTIER, RICHARD ARTHUR; West Springfield; Hotel Management; Phi Sigma Delta, V.P.; Newman Club. FORYS, JOHN CHARLES; Chicopee Falls; Economics; Intramurals; Economics Club. (fT- FOSS, BARRY M.; Dennisport; Genera Buiiness Fi- nance; Cape Cod Community College; Intramurals. FOSTER, GEORGE EDWARD; Taunton; Business Adminis- tration; Chemistry Club; Marketing Club; Intramurals. FOSTER, MARK OBER; Norwood; food Science Tech- nology; Hillel; Alpha Zeta; Dean ' s List; Food Tech. Club. FOULDS, PATRICIA F.; Somerset; Medical Technology: Gamma Sigma Sigma; Lambda Delta Phi; Medical Tech. Club. PF ' ■ " 5 -K i ii FOX SUSAN JANICE; Randolph; Interior Design; Mas- sachusetts Bay Community College; Dean ' s List; Ski Club. FOXON, MARY BARTLETT; Northampton; History; March- ing Band; Symphony Band; Northampton Volunteers. FRANCINI, ROBERTJEAN; Somerville; Government. FRANK, LYNN ANN; White Plains, N.Y.; Spanish; Kappa Delta Pi; Education Club; Spanish Club; Hillel; N.E.S. FRANKENFIELD, RONALD STEPHEN; Marshfleld; Mechan- ical Engineering; Scuba Club; ASME, Pres. FRANKLIN, ANNE KAREN; Dudley; Art; lota Gamma Upsilon; Jr. Panhel Council. FRANKLIN, FRED JAY; Jericho, N.Y.; Government; Maroon Keys; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Sec, V.P.; Revelers; Exec. Council; Pre-Law Assoc. FRATTO, RONALD JOHN; Wakefield; Zoology; Operetta Guild; Newman Club; Marching Band. FREED, ROBERT ALAN; Fitchburg; Business Administra- tion; Hillel; Intramurals; Sigma Alpha Mu, Rush Chrm., Pres. FREEDMAN, BURTON DAVID; Chelsea; Government; Phi Eta Sigma; Free Press Committee, Treas.; Student Senate, Treas.; Fine Arts Council; Hillel. FREEDMAN, HARRI; Quincy; Nursing. FREEDMAN, MARCIA E.; Port Chester, N.Y.; Elementary Education; Sigma Delta Tau; Education Club; Hillel; Spec- trum; Panhel. ■■ i i»,- i Ll i FREEDMAN, PAULA HARRIET; Asbury Park, N.J.; Russian; Sigma Delta Tau, Social Chrm., Standards Chrm.; Kappa Delta Pi; S.U. Arts Musical Comm.; Russian Club; Hillel Club. FREEDMAN, ROBERT HARVEY; Salem; Mathematics; Alpha Phi Omega, Treas., Book Drive Chrm.; Hillel; Math Club. FREEMAN, ELIZABETH ANN; Wakefield; Elementary Ed- ucation; Educ. Club; N.E.S.; Yahoo, Provisional Board Sec; Dorm Social Comm. FREITAS, JANE ANN; Lexington; Recreation; Lesley Col- lege; Equestrain Club; Varsity Field Hockey; Varsity Soft- ball. FREITAS, MARCIA ELIZABETH; Gloucester; Elementary Education; Dean ' s List; Educ. Club. FRENCH, ROGER ALLAN; Winchester; Mathematics; Delta Chi, Pres.; Sky-Diver; Chess Team; Counselor; Ski Club. FRIGON, JAMES EDWARD; Turners Falls; Zoology; Green- field Community College; University Chorus; University Madrigal Singers; Scuba Club. FRISBEE, ANN; Stuyvesant Falls, N.Y.; Home Economics; University Chorale; Home Ec. Club; Dean ' s List. FROST, CHRISTINA G.; Springfield; Home Economics; Home Ec. Club; Winter Carni Comm ; Dorm Counselor; Dorm Cultural Comm.; Dean ' s List. FROST, WILLIAM WARREN, Jr.; No. Wilbraham; Pre-Med; Dorm Council; Dorm Treas.; Pre-Medicaj, Society; Na- tional Science Foundation Research; Senior Honors. FUJCZAK, JOANN ALICE; Holyoke; Elementary Education; Ski Club; Winter Carni Comm.; Exec. Council; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Social Chrm., Recording Sec; Education Club. FULLER, ROY L.; Pittsfield; Electrical Engineering; IEEE; Intramurals. FURTADO, STEPHEN JOHN; New Bedford; Speech; Cape Cod Community College; Judiciary Board; Newman Club. FYFE, DONALD ERNEST; Lanesboro; Elementary Educa- tion; North Adams State College; Intramurals; Educ. Club. GADZUK, NANCY ELLEN; Harrisburg, Penn.; Elementary Education; Alpha Chi Omega, Song Chrm., V.P.; Musicals, Manager; Dean ' s List; Exec. Council; Chorale. GAGNE, SUZANNE CAROLINE; Provincetown; History; Honors Colloquium. GAGNER, DONALD RAYMOND; Wareham; Botany; Marietta College; Varsity Baseball; Education Club; Intra- murals. GAGNON, JANE MARIE; Florence; English; Commuters Club; Standards Comm.; Residential Living Board; Cultural Comm. GAGNON, MARY LOUISE; Framingham; Zoology; Eques- trian Club. GALAS, JULIA MARIE; Chicopee; Elementary Education; Educ. Club; Dorm Treas. GALLAGHER, PETER JOSEPH; Maiden; History; Varsity Rifle Team, Capt.; Dean ' s List; Scabbard Blade; Distin- guished Military Student. GALLERANI, JAMES ALDO; Sagamore; Government; Freshmen Rifle Team; Varsity Rifle Team; Sigma Phi Ep- silon. Steward; Law Club. GALLESE, LESLIE R.; North Adams; English; Berkshire Community College; Ski Club; Newman Club. GALLIVAN, EILEEN MARIE; Miami, Florida; Sociology; Winter Carni Comm.; Newman Club. GAMBLE, JOAN MARIE; Wayne, N.J.; Economics; Oper- etta Guild, Exec. Board; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Dorm Treas.; Phi Kappa Phi; Concert Association Committee. CAN, HOWARD J.; Belmont; Government; Arcon; Tau Epsilon Phi, Social Chrm.; Pre-Law Assoc; I.F.C. GANLEV, THOMAS S.; Lynnfield; Accounting: Dorm Counselor; Flying Redmen; Dean ' s List; Accounting Assoc; Newman Club. C RLO, GLENDA G.; Westfield; Mathematics. TL GARVEY, JUDITH PHILOMENE; Amherst; German; Com- muter ' s Club; Newman Club; Freiburg Club; Atlantic Studies Institute. GASPERACK, GARY LEE; West Springfield; Marketing; Dean ' s List; Marketing Club; Intramurals; Varsity Soccer, Basketball Golf. GASTONE, THOMAS FRANK; Springfield; Management; Intramurals; Dean ' s List. GATELY, PAUL K.; Natick; finance; Parachute Club; Out- ing Club. J ' jiik ik GARNETT, JOHN VERNON; Wakefield; Mat iemat cs; Equestrian Club. GARON, MICHELLE M.; Palmer; French. GARRETT, PATRICIA LOIS; Newton; £ng ish; Dean ' s List; Student Senate; Academic Affairs. GARSTANG, COLLIN WILLIAM; Pittsfield; Marl eting; Ski Team, Capt.; New England Intercollegiate Ski Confer- ence, Pres.; Q.T.V., Chaplain, Rushing Chrm., Correspond- ing Sec; Marketing Club; Winter Garni Comm. GATES, DAVID REDDEN; Hopkinton; Wildlife Biology; Quinsigamond Community College. GAUDET, ROBERT DANIEL; Rochester, Michigan; Govern- ment; Student Senate; Index, Photo Ed., Managing Ed.; Exec. Council; Phi Eta Sigma; Dean ' s List. GAUDREAU, LAURAINE ELIZABETH; Ware; Elementary Education; Dean ' s List; Newman Club; Educ. Club; Eques- trian Club. GAY, PETER MICHAEL; Chicopee Falls; Economics; Intra- murals; Dorm Athletic Chrm,; Dorm Sec, Treas. GEAGAN, WILLIAM PATRICK; Peabody; Psychology; Intramurals; Newman Club. GELDMACHER, CECILY LOUISE; Union City, N.J.; Art; Index; Music Arts Comm.; Gymnastics Team; Ski Club; N.E.S. CELL, DONNA MASSEY; Seekonk; Physical Education; lota Gamma Upsilon, Pledge Trainer; Dean ' s List; Modern Dance Club; W.A.A. Volleyball. GENSHEIMER, JOHN H.; Pittsfield; General Business Finance; Dorm President; SWAP Delegate. GENTILE, THOMAS CHARLES; Shrewsbury; Forestry; Forestry Club. GERVAIS, MARILYN JOYCE; Ware; Elementary Education; Dean Jr. College; Dean ' s List; Newman Club; Education Club; Dorm Treasurer. GETCHELL, ALISON LEE; South Easton; Anfhropo ogy; Dorm Program Comm.; Dorm Social Comm. GIARD, BEVERLY MAE; North Andover; English; Eques- trian Club; Collegian; Education Club. GIARDINO,GAIL A.; Hull; Education. GIARDINO, JUNE ELIZABETH; Bloomfield, N.J.; Zoology; Kappa Delta Pi; Dorm Counselor; Dean ' s List. GIBSON, DONALD B.; Dedham; Mechanical Engineering; Wentworth; ASME; Society of Automotive Engineers; Engineering Journal. GIGLIOTTl, CAROL ANN; Attleboro; Zoology; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Kappa Phi; Dean ' s List. GILARDI, PHILIP CHARLES; Pittsfield; Electrical Engineer- GILCHRIST, MAUREEN J.; Boston; Art History; Kappa Alpha Theta; Art Club. GILL, EILEEN F.; Newton; Government. GILMAN, SHERRY ANN; East Longmeadow; Elementary Education; Ski Club. GINNS, LEO CHARLES; Worchester; Pre-Med; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Dean ' s List; Honors Colloquia; Senior Honors; Intramurals. GINSBURG, MARVIN S.; Revere; Mechanical Engineer- ing; A. I. A. A.; Ski Club; Hillel; Dorm Judiciary; ASME Treas. GIROTTI, JAMES EDWARD; West Springfield; Physical Education; Freshman Varsity Basketball Team; Arcon; Revelers; Beta Kappa Phi; Exec. Council. GIROUARD, MICHAEL; Worcester; English; Quinsiga- mond Community College; WMUA, Classical Music Di- rector; WFCR: Yahoo; Co eg;an. GIROUX, NEIL CHARLES; North Adams; Government; North Adams State College; Student Senate; WMUA, News Director; Collegian; Pre-Law Assoc; Commuter ' s Club. GIZIENSKI, CONSTANCE LEONA; Northampton; History; Dean ' s List; Lambda Delta Phi, Asst. Treas.; University Chorus; Index; Dorm Executive Council. GLEASON, CHERYL ANNE; Provincetown; English; Edu- cation Club; Dean ' s List. CLEGHORN, MICHAEL F.; Raynham; English; Newman Club. CLICK, LEONARD )AY; Lynn; Psychology; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Comptroller, Chaplain, Athletic Chrm.; Dean ' s List; Honors Work; Intramurals. GLICKMAN, MICHAEL KENNETH; Lynn; Elementary Ed- ucation; Dorm Counselor; Dean ' s List; Intramurals; Educa- tion Club, Pres.; Mass. Student Educ. Assoc, Assoc. V.P. GLINSKI, CHARLES JOHN; Springfield; Electrical Engi- neering. GLOGOWSKI, DONALD ROBERT; Agawam; Hotel and Restaurant Management; Varsity Football; TKE, House Mgr.; Intramurals. GOBEILLE. ALL N JOSEPH; Rockland; Civil Engineering; A.S.C.E.; Engineering Journal: Crew; Cross Country; In- tramurals. CODLEWSKI, ROBERTA; Sault-Sainte Marie, Michigan; English. GODWIN. ROBERT C; Brewster; Business; Ski Club, Pres.; Collegian, Circ. Manager; Student Senate; Exec. Council; Flying Club; Sport Parachute Club. GOLASHESKY, KAREN ANDREA; Bayonne, N.j.; Home Economics; Fashion Institute of Technology; Lambda Delta Phi, Steward; Newman Club; Education Club; Dean ' s List. GOLD, LALRIE BRITTON; Avon; Psychology; University of Arizona; Dorm Counselor. GOLDBERG, DAVID H.; Weston; Government; Phi Sigma Delta; Varsity Hockey; Intramurals. GOLDBERG, SHIRLEY; Holyoke; Elementary Education; Hillel; Educ. Club; N.E.S.; Dean ' s List. COLDFARB, RALPH LEONARD; Boston; Accounting; Phi Sigma Delta, Housemanager, Treas. GOLDMAN, ALAN CHARLES; Revere; Mathematics. GOLDMAN, DAVID HAROLD; Brookline; Psycho ogy; Boston University; Dean ' s List; Astronomy Club; Red Cross; French Corridor; Academic Affairs Comm. of Stu- dent Senate. GOLDRICK, BARBARA ANN; Dorchester; History; Index, Senior Section Editor; Collegian; Dean ' s List; Newman Club. GOLDSTEIN, MICHAEL KENNETH; Mattapan; Pre-Dent; Sigma Alpha Mu; Hillel; Intramurals; Dean ' s List. GOMBAR, BRUCE A.; West Springfield; Physical Educa- tion; Varsity Football; Maroon Keys; Theta Chi; Exec. Comm. GOMBAR, CARLYN MILLER; Weymouth; Physical Educa- tion; Sigma Kappa, Song Chrm.; Naiads; WAA Volleyball- Dean ' s List; Queen ' s Court for Miss University Contest. CONYER, PAMELA G.; Sudbury; Medical Tcrhnolrjgy; Lasell Junior College. COODFELLOW, GEORGE EDWIN; New Bedford; Chem- istry; Delta Chi. GOODMAN, RACHEL; Chelsea; French; French Corridor; Hillel Foundation, Rec. Sec, Pres.; Dean ' s List; Honors Colloquium; Phi Kappa Phi. GOODREAU, WAYNE MICHAEL; Palmer; Chemistry; Dorm Judiciary. GOODWIN, JUDITH ANN; Waltham; Fashion Merchan- dising: Lasell Junior College, Miss Las Vegas Court; Miss University Court; Dean ' s List. GORCZYCA, JOHN FREDERICK; Salem; Botany; N.E.S.; Intramurals; Newman Club. GORDON, MERLE RHONA; Maiden; £ ementary Fduca- tion; Dean ' s List; Hillel; Precisionettes, Senior Squad Leader; Education Club. GORDON, SAMUEL RICKLESS; Longmeadqw; Marketing; University of Arizona; Dean ' s List; Marketing Club. GOREN, ALAN CHARLES; Beverly; Pre-Med; QTV, Chap- lain, Historian; Dean ' s List; Arcon; Phi Eta Sigma; Senior Honors. GORHAM, JANET ANN; Arlington; Elementary Education; Newman Club; Education Club; Dean ' s List; N.E.S. GORI, ANDREW FRANK; Reading; Mathematics; Boston University; Xavier University; Dorm Council; Exec. Coun- cil; Student Govt. Assoc; Collegian; Intramurals. GOTOWALA, RITA MARIE; Chelsea; English; Collegian; Newman Club; Dean ' s List; Young Democrats; Standards Comm. Chief Justice. GOULD, ALTHEA L.; Springvale, Maine; Sociology; Chi Omega; Exec. Council; Scrolls. GOULD, JOANNE LYNN; Belchertown; Nursing; Scrolls; Symphony Band; Nursing Club. GOULD, RICHARD BERNARD; Bayside, N.Y.; Pre-Med; Dean ' s List; Senior ' s Honor ' s Project; Dorm Counselor; Dorm Judiciary; Pre-Med Club. COUNARIS, CYNTHIA ELAINE; Haverhill; Psyc io ogy; Orthodox Club. GOVENAR, ROBERT GERALD; Marblehead; Chemical Engineering; AICHE; Dorm Council; Debating Team; Sig- ma Alpha Mu, Historian; Hillel, Treas. GOWDEY, JEAN GRAIG; Hadley; French; Non Residents ' Student Organization; Dean ' s List; Education Club. GOWEN, NANCY T.; Newton; Russian; Russian Club; Dean ' s List. GOWEN, RICHARD AUSTIN; Middleton; Chemical En- gineering; AICHE; Dorm (Council; Dorm Judiciary; Dorm Pres.; Dorm Council. GRACE, DONALD FRANCIS, Jr.; Chicopee; History; Dean ' s List; Phi Eta Sigma; Senior Honors; Literary Society; Newman Club. GRADY, MARGARET MARY; Brockton; English; Collegian; Chorale; Dean ' s List; Newman Club; Commuter ' s Club. m GREEN. JOHN MICHAEL; Foxboro; forest Management; Stockbridge School of Agriculture; Alpha Zeta; Beta Chi, Sec, V.P.; Forestry Club; Commuters Club; Dorm Coun- selor. GREEN, LEONA; Maiden; Elementary Education; Chorus; Dorm Standards Comm. Chrm.; Dorm Social Comm.; Dorm Exec. Comm. GREENE, ALAN DAVID; Fall River; forestry; Crew, V.P.; Forestry Club; Outing Club. GREENE, DENNIS JAMES; Greenfield; Marketing; Green- field Community College; Marketing Club. CRAVES, CHRISTINE MARGARGAL; Williamsburg; fduca- tion. GRAVES, LINDA JANE; Greenfield; United States History; Pi Beta Phi; Dean ' s List; Newman Club; Winter Carni Comm.; Exec. Council. GRAVES, MARY KATHRYN; Easthampton; Speect} Ther- apy; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Standards Chrm.; Ski Club; Educ. Club; Communication Disorders Club; Newman Club. GRAY, JOSEPH J.; Easthampton; Russian. GREENE, MARK EDWARD; Northboro; Botany. GREGORY, JOANNA LEE; Hyannis; English; Dorm Social Chrm.; Precisionettes; Colonel ' s Cadre. GRENO, MICHAEL A.; Tonawanda, N.Y.; Wood Science Technology; Paul Smith ' s College; Dean ' s List; Varsity Pistol Team; Newman Club; Forestry Club. GRIFFIN, ELIZABETH ANNE; Tyngsboro; Sociology; Mc- Kendree College; Intramurals; Sociology Club; Zoology Club; Drama Club. ORUDIS, PAUL J.; Holyoke; English; Band; Operetta Guild; Dorm Counselor; Educ. Club; Kappa Delta Pi. CUIDARA, FRANCIS WILLIAM; Miami, Florida; Restaurant Hotel Mgt.; Lacrosse; Phi Mu Delta, Pres.; I.F.C., Pres.; Fraternity Mgr ' s Assoc; Political Science Club. CUMER, ELAINE JOYCE; Great Neck, N.Y.; Psychology; Honors Colloquia; Dean ' s List; Student Senate; Exec. Coun. GUMULA, JOHN BRIAN; Chicopee; Government; Tau Epsilon Phi; Dean ' s List; Intramurals. GRIFFIN, JOHN EDWARD; Holyoke; Electrical Engineer- ing; Engineering journal, Mgr. Editor; Collegian, Photo Editor; I.E.E.E.; Newman Club; Physics Club. GRIFFITH, NANCY CAMERON; Wantagh, L.I., N.Y.; English; Dean ' s List; Honors Colloquium. GRIGWARE, DONALD EDWARD; Holyoke; Spanish; Spanish Club; Dean ' s List; University Chorus; University Chorale; Phi Kappa Phi. GROSNICK, ALLEN HAROLD; Springfield; Government; Varsity Tennis Team; Dorm Council; Student Senate, Men ' s Affairs Comm.; Hillel; Pre-Law. GURWITZ, LEWIS STANLEY; Winthrop; English; Adelphia, Pres.; Student Senate; Distinguished Visitors Program; SWAP; Communications Board Chrm. GUSS, CHARLES THOMAS; Yorktown Heights, N.Y.; Accounting: Baseball; Kappa Sigma; Exec. Council; Home- coming Comm.; Arcon. GUSSOW, ELLEN EDYTHE; White Plains, N.V.; Elemen- tary Education: Sigma Delta Tau, Activities Chrm.; Naia ds; N.E.S.; Exec. Council; Dean ' s List. GUSTAFSON, CARL OSCAR, Jr.; Greenfield; Accounting: Dean ' s List; Varsity Soccer; Beta Kappa Phi; Accounting Assoc; Arnold Air Society. GWOZDZ, DOROTHY ELIZABETH; Holyoke; French: Sigma Sigma Sigma, Recording Sec; Newman Club. HAARMANN, TIMOTHY EDWARD; Holyoke; Sociology: Phi Sigma Kappa, House Manager; Exec. Council; Intra- murals. HAESAERT, SUSAN P.; South Hadley Falls; Zoology. HAGOPIAN, JUDITH F.; Springfield; Medical Technology. HALBERT, MARY VIRGINIA; Chelmsford; English: Alpha Chi Omega; Exec. Council; Tennis Team; Winter Carnival Queens Comm. HALL, JACQUELYN HOLDEN; New Bedford; History: Who ' s Who. HALL, JONATHAN ARNOLD; Wilbraham; Economics: Var- sity Track, Tri Captain. HALLISSY, SHEILA MARY; Lowell; English: Alpha Chi Omega, Sec; Newman Club; Dean ' s List; Index: Collegian. HALPERN, RONNIE LYNN; West Caldwell, N.J.; Sociology: Sociology Club; Index: Dean ' s List; Bologna Program; Hillel. HALPRIN, PAULA F.; New Bedford; Medical Technology: B ' nai Brith; Dean ' s List. HALSEY, SUSAN DANA; Pine Beach, N.J.; Geology: An- gel Flight, Comm., Advisor; D.V.P.; Exec. Council; Honors Colloquia; Senior Honors. HAMMOND, DAVID LEE; West Springfield; Landscape Architecture: Landscape Architecture Club; Intramurals. kj M HAMMOND, JOAN MARIE; Trenton, N.J.; Psycfio ogy; East Stroudsburg College; lota Gamma Upsilon, 2nd V.P.; Jr. Panhel Council; Naiads; N.E.S. HAMYLAK, STEFAN; Ludlow; Industrial Engineering: Frosh Tennis Team; Newman Club; A.I. I.E.; Intramurals. HANKEY, JANET ELLEN; Lincoln; English: Critique: Eques- trian Club; Dorm Counselor; Dean ' s List. HANLEY, WILLIAM BARRY; South Weymouth; Spanish: Football; Symphony Band; Marching Band; Judo Team; Symphony Orchestra. HANNON, BARBARA ELLEN; Canton; Sociology: Pi Beta Phi; Dean ' s List; VV.A.A.; Sociology Club; Voung Demo- crats. HANSON, DAVID B., Jr.; Watertown; Civil Engineering; Varsity Tennis, Manager, Varsity Hockey, Manager, Colle- gian, Sports; Young Republicans; A.S.C.E., Sec, Pres. HANSON, MARGERY ELAINE; Dracut; Home Economics: Kappa Alpha Theta; Home Economics Club; Ski Club. HARLEY, VIRGINIA RUTH; Marshfield; Fashion Merchan- dising: Dean ' s List. H RRICAS, )AMCE ANN; Andover, Maine; Nursing; Nursing Club; Judo Club. HARRIGAN, MARY ELIZABETH; Boston; History; Exec. Council; Scrolls; Alpha Chi Omega; Panhel, Rush Chrm.; SWAP. HARRINGTON, EDWARD J.; Peabody; Genera Business Finance. HARRIS, LOIS CAROL; Lawrence; Sociology: Sociology Club; Hillel. HARROD, JAMES ABRAM; Somerville; History. HARTLEY, SUSAN BETH; Chicopee Falls; Medical Tech- nology; Precisionettes; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Alpha Delta Theta, Organizing Comm.; Newman Club; Dean ' s List. HARTMEYER, NANCY DOROTHY; Haworth, N.J.; Anthro- pology; Angel Flight; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Scuba Club. HARTRICH, TONI HELEN; Chicago, Illinois; History; Hon- ors Colloquia; Dean ' s List; Senior Honors; Tennis Team; History Club. HARTSHORN, LYNDA JANE; Gardner; Psychology; Eques- trian Club, Sec, Pres.; Dean ' s List. HARTZEL, PAUL ROBERT; Dedham; Systems Manage- ment; Boston University. HARVEY, MAUREEN; So. Boston; Business; Economics Club; Young Democrats; Newman Club; C.C.D. Instruc- tor; Winter Carnival Comm., Publicity. HASTINGS, SHERYL ANN; Whitinsville; Nursing. HATHAWAY, LINDA LEE; Holyoke; English; Caesura. HAYDEN, JOHN F.; Athol; Chemical Engineering; Newman Club; A.I.C.E.; Dorm Counselor. HAYES, DAVID JAMES; Greenfield; Government; Com- muter ' s Club; Student Senate; A.K.R.; Academic Affairs Comm.; Dorm Judiciary. HAZEL, RICHARD LLOYD; Needham; Civil Engineering; Dean ' s List; Dorm Counselor; Sport Parachute Club; ASME; Beta Chi. HAZEN, DIANNE JOY; Norwood; Elementary Education; Lasell Junior College; Hillel; Educ. Club; Standards Rep. HEADLEY, DONALD BRUCE; Pleasanton, California; Psy- chology; Dorm Council; Dorm Treas. HEALEY, JOHN EDWARD; Westfield; English; Holyoke Community College; Senior Honors; Dean ' s List; Colle- gian. HEAP, HAROLD ALSTON, Jr.; Springfield; History; Dorm Council; Pfii Sigma Kappa; History Club. HEINICKE, SANDRA JEAN; Holyoke; Physical Education; W.A.A. Sec; Major Council Rep.; Varsity Sports; Intra- murals. HELFEN, MICHAEL; Wrentham; Speech; Dean ' s List; Marching Band; Phi Sigma Delta; Readers Theatre. HENNESSEY, PATRICIA JANE; Bellows Falls, Vt.; Market- ing; Marketing Club; Newman Club; Standards Comm.; Dean ' s List. HENNESSEY, WILLIAM JOSEPH; Leicester; Finance; Alpha Sigma Phi; I.F.F.; Dean ' s List. HENNING, CAROL ELIZABETH; Lawrence; Mathematics; Honors Colloquia; Dean ' s List; Dorm Counselor. HERCHEL, HENRY JOHN; Chicopee Falls; Physical Educa- tion; TKE; Intramurals; Education Club. HERN, PATRICIA ANNE; Auburndale; Government; Win- ter Carni Comm. HERRICK, DAVID W.; Reading; Economics; Phi Sigma Kappa; Economics Club. HERRICK, LILLIAN ELIZABETH; Bernardston; Physical Education; Field Hockey; Basketball. HERRMANN, MARGARET ANNE; Adams; Home Econom- ics; Omicron Nu, Pres.; Home Economics Club; Kappa Delta Pi; Dorm Charter Comm.; Dean ' s List. HETTRICK, SARA DRAPER; Weston; Elementary Educa- tion; Centenary College; Sigma Kappa; University Cho- rus; Educ. Club; Dean ' s List. HEWITT, DIANE MARIE; Sunderland; Sociology; Dames Club; Sociology Club; Newman Club. HEWITT, ROBERT W.; Natick; English; Lacrosse, Manager; Marketing Club. HEYWOOD, DONNA JOYCE; West Springfield; £cfucat on; Dean ' s List; Education Club; Marching Band; Ski Club; Naiads. HICGINS, JAMES CARLTON; Holyoke; Wood Technol- ogy; Holyoke Community College; Alpha Zeta; Forestry Club; Judo Club. HILFERTY, RUTHANN ELIZABETH; Arlington; English; Dorm Counselor; Dean ' s List; Spanish Club; Women ' s Affairs Rep. HILL, HARRY C, Jr.; Chicopee; Mathematics: Dean ' s List; Intramurals. HILL, HERBERT DAVID; Chelsea; Pre-Dent: Intramurals; Hlllel; Deans List; Pre-Med Club. HILL. PAMELA M.: Auburn; Medical Technology. HINES, EDWARD LEWIS; Northboro; Hotel Restaurant Management: Zeta Nu; Sports Car Club; Dean ' s List; Float Comm.; Intramurals. HIRSCH, RONALD: Milton; Astronomy. HJORTH, RICHARD NORMAN; Cherry Hill, N.J.; Micro- biology: Lniversitv Chorale; Heymakers; Outing Club; Honors Colloquia; Intramural Cross Country. HOARE, JANICE ELIZABETH; Norton; German; Student at Freiburg University; Honors Colloquium. HOCHBERC, SUSAN RAE; Natick; £ ementary EcJucation; N.E.S.; Northampton State Volunteer; Education Club. S l HINES, JOHN STOWERS; Abington; English; Dorm Coun- selor; Dorm Pres.; Operetta Guild; Sport Parachute Club. HINKLEY, BARBARA JEAN; Danvers; Education; Counse- lor; Dean ' s List; N.E.S.; Gamma Sigma Sigma. HINTLION, EDWARD; Revere; History; QTV, His- torian, Master of Ceremonies. HIRSCH, LENORE ANN; Queens, N.Y.; French; State Uni- versity of New York at Albany; Dean ' s List. HOFFMAN, EDWINA ANN; Newport, Kentucky; fng- lish; Transylvania College. HOFFMANN, JANET R.; Dedham; Psychology; Swim Team; Dean ' s List. HOFFMANN, ROBERT ALLEN; So. Braintree; Psychology; Arnold Air Society; Intramurals; Dorm Counselor. HOFFMAN, VIRGINIA L.; Wilmington; Fashion Merchan- dising; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Dean ' s List; Home Ec. Club. HOGAN, JAMES C; Springfield; Mechanical Engineering; Swimming Team. HOHENBERGER, H. KENNETH; Holyoke; Chemistry; University Symphony Orchestra; Operetta Guild; Amherst Orch. HOLIK, KATHLEEN JANE; Fall River; Microbiology; Hey- makers Square Dance Club; Newman Club; Pre-Med Club, Social Chrm. Journal Staff. HOLLAND, ANNE BLAIR; Scituate; English; Exec. Coun- cil; Young Republicans. HOLT, LESLIE SHARON; Belmont; Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pledge Trainer, Chaplain. HOLTON, PAUL ANTHONY; Peabody; Microbiology; University of North Dakota; Dorm President; S.U. Dance Comm,; S.U. Program Council; Southwest Presidents Forum; Southwest Patriots. HOOCERZEIL, NORMA WENDY; Boxford; History; March- ing Band; Concert Band. HOPKINS, CHARLES FRANKLIN; Framingham; Zoo- logy; Dorm Pres.; Student Senate; Dorm Counselor. HORENSTEIN, STEVEN BARRY; Everett; Government; Dean ' s List; Dorm Counselor; Dorm Chief Justice; Hillel, Pres.; Phi Sigma Alpha. HORNS, LISA SUE; New York; Spanish; Dean ' s List; Hil- lel; Spanish Club; Young Democrats; Assoc, of Teachers of Spanish. HORVITZ, JAMES MARK; New Bedford; Psychology; Senior Honors; Hillel; Collegian; Psychology Club; Stu- dent Senate Comm. HOSLEY, BRUCE ALFRED; Williamstown; Civil Engineering; ASCE, Treas. HOUGHTON, RONALD CARROLL; Amherst; Restaurant and Hotel Management; Chorale; Dean ' s List; Commuter ' s Club. HOULIHAN, JOAN ALICE; West Newton; English; Newton Junior College; Dean ' s List. HOWARD, BRUCE JACK; Framingham; Landscape Arch- itecture; Theta Chi; Landscape Art Club. HOWARD, FRANK LAWRENCE; Medford; Education; Soccer; Kappa Sigma; Student Senate; Exec. Council; Dorm Counselor. HOWE, LENORE; North Wilbraham; Medical Technology. HOWLAND, JAY; Stoughton; Management; Beta Kappa Phi; Ski Club; Intramurals. HOYE, ALAN CHARLES; Athol; Marketing; Marketing Club; House Council, V. P., Sec; Intramurals. HUBBARD, JANE W.; Westwood; Physical Education. £Ltgg HUBLEY, RALPH I.; Needham; Economics; Tau Epsilon Phi, House Manager, Exec. Board Member; Economics Association; Pre-Law Assoc; Senior Honors. HUGGETT, DEANE RALPH; Paxton; Mechanical Engineer- ing; Maroon Keys; Lambda Chi Alpha; Intramurals; Soci- ety of Automotive Engineers; A.S.M.E. HUGHES, CAROL ANN; Framingham; Russian; Russian Club; Dorm Counselor; Dorm Treasurer. HUGHES, KENNETH BRIAN; Worcester; Landscape Archi- tecture; Alpha Phi Omega, Historian; Landscape Arch. Club; Dorm Council. HUGHES, LINDA DEAN; Melrose; Elementary Education; Mass. Bay Community College; Dean ' s List. HUGHES, THOMAS JEFFERSON; Northampton; English; Caesura, Prose Editor; Vahoo; Collegian; Dean ' s List; Pio- neer Valley Folk Society. HUGO, JOSEPH GEORGE; Wakefield; Civil Engineer- ing; ASCE. HUMBER, JEFFREY LEE; Ludlow; Government; Student Senate; S.U.G. Board; Class Vice Pres.; Homecoming Comm.; Beta Kappa Phi. HUNSBERGER, DONALD M.; Amherst; History; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Dean ' s List; Baseball; Interna- tional Club. HUNT, CYNTHIA; Sheffield; Child Development; Class Treas.; Mortar Board; Scrolls; Alpha Chi Omega, 2nd V.P.; Dean ' s List. HURLBUT, MICHELENE B.; Amherst; Education; lota Gamma Upsilon; Ski Club; Dean ' s List; Home Ec Club; Spanish Club. HURWITZ, GEORGE; Andover; Accounting; Alpha Epsi- lon Pi Accounting Assoc. HUTCHINS, MARY ELIZABETH; Northampton; Recrea- tion; Pre-Med Club; Recreation Club; Dean ' s List. ILVONEN, HELENA MARIA; Worcester; History; Dean ' s List; Newman Club; Kappa Delta Pi. INGALLS, ROBERT DARRELL; Spencer; Sociology; Stu- dents for Ecumenical Action; Dorm Govt.; Dorm Counse- lor. INOUYE, SHIRLEY JEAN COOKIE; Honolulu, Hawaii; Fash- ion Merchandising; Middiebury College; Omicron Nu; Alpha Phi Gamma; Index, Organizations Ed., Managing Ed.; Dean ' s List. INTERLANDI, CHARLES JOSEPH, Jr.; Milton; English; University Theatre; Roister Doisters, Pres.; Parachute Club, Pres.; WMUA; Dean ' s List. JACK, CHARLES WILLIAM; Ludlow; Mechanical Engineer- ing; Collegian; Index; A.S.M.E.; Undergraduate Instruc- tor; Phi Eta Sigma. JACKMAN, FRANCIS XAVIER; Boston; History; Beta Kappa Phi; Maroon Keys; Dean ' s List; Homecoming Comm.; Winter Garni Comm. JACOBS, ROBERT DAVID; Brookline; Government; Alpha Epsilon Pi, House Manager; Dean ' s List; Intramurals; Pre- Law. JACOBSOHN, RICHARD HARRIS; Longmeadow; Mar- keting; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Treas.; I.F.C. Rep.; Index, Business Mgr. JACOBSON, MARTIN GLEN; New Haven, Conn.; Business Management; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pledge Trainer; Exec. Council; Winter Carni Comm, Pub.; Reverlers, Treas.; Fresh Golf. lAFFEE, SANDRA; Brookline; Government; Dean ' s List; Educ. Club, Sec; Hillel, Publicity Comm. Co-Chrm.; Dorm Govt.; Academic Affairs Comm. JAMES, LESLIE ANN; Williamstown; English; SUG Board; Alpha Chi Omega; Exchange Student. JAMMER, RENATA CELIA; Springfield; Art Education; Uni- versity Chorus; Precisionettes; Sigma Delta Tau; Dorm Social Chrm.; S.U. Fine Arts Comm. JANDROW, RICHARD EDMUND; Worcester; Speech; WMUA, The Flash; Alpha Phi Gamma; Quinsigamund Com- munity College. JANKOWSKI, JOAN MARY; Gardner; History; Colonel ' s Cadre; Collegian; Index. JAY, PAMELA ANN; Newton; Art; Angel Flight, Pledge Trainer; Hillel. JEKANOSKI, DAVID JOHN; Hadley; Physical Education; Soccer. JENKINS, VERNA MAE; South Weymouth; Child Devel- opment; Omicron Nu; Phi Kappa Phi; Dorm Counselor; Dorm Social Chrm.; Dean ' s List. JERMYN, ROBERT ALAN; Westfield; Ma rketing; Holyoke Community College. JETTE, RICHARD ALFRED; Adams; Accounting; Accounting Assoc; Newman Club; Young Democrats; Southwest Senate; Dorm Treasurer. JOHNIAN, CAROL TOURAN; Allston; French; Young Re- publicans; Standards Comm. Johnson, joy ANNE; Pittsfield; sociology; Dorm Stan- dards Comm.; Dorm Social Comm. JOHNSON, MARTIN EDWARD; Rockport; Account ng; Kappa Sigma; Flying Redmen. JOHNSON, NANCY ELLEN; Ashburnham; Art; Westbrook Junior College; Index; Exec. Council; Exchange Student. JOHNSON, RUSSELL A.; Melrose; Marketing; Economics Assoc, Pres.; Chief Justice, Dorm Judiciary; Intramurals; Public Relations Comm. Chrm. JOHNSTON, RONALD; Longmeadow; Economics. JONES, ANNE M; Newburyport; English; Sigma Kappa; Newman Club; Belchertown Volunteers; Education Club. JONES, CHARLES BRUCE; West Newton; Fisheries Biology. JOYCE, ELAINE MARIE; Concord; Elementary Education; Pi Beta Phi, Recording Sec; Newman Club; Dean ' s List. JOYCE, NEIL JAMES; Elmsford, New York; Art. JUDGE, JOHN F., Jr.; Ft. Devens; Psychology; Scabbard Blade, Treas.; Dorm Judiciary Chief Justice; Dean ' s List; Intramurals. JUDSON, PHYLLIS MARGARET; Springfield; Elementary Education; Education Club; Dean ' s List. KACZYNSKl, MICHELLE ANNE; Newton Center; Govern- ment; Operetta Guild; Student Senate; Newman Club; Concert Band; Pre-Law. KAGAN, ELAINE EMILY; Holyoke; History; Exchange Stu- dent; Bologna Summer Program; Sigma Sigma Sigma. KAGAN, NANCY BARBARA; Chelsea; Education; Dean ' s List; Dorm Treasurer; Campus Chest Treas.; Standards Comm; Educ. Club. KAITZ, SUSAN BARBARA; Hull; £ emen(ary Education; Dorm Treas.; Exec. Committee; Educ. Club; Hillel. KALIKOW, MARTIN; Roslyn Heights, N.Y.; Accounting; Varsitv Lacrosse; Pre-Law; Accounting Club; Tau Epsilon Phi. KALISH, STEVEN JOSEPH; Quincy; Economics; Young Republicans; Pre-Law Assoc; Exec. Council; Intramurals. KALLFA, ANDREA ALICIA; Westfield; English; Roister Doisters; Operetta Guild. KALLIO, EILEEN MARIA; Worcester; Spanish; Critique, Advertising Manager; Pi Beta Phi, Special Events Chrm.; Spanish Club, Treas.; Spanish Corridor, Counselor. KAMIENSKI, GARY J.; Ware; Electrical Engineering; I.E.E.E.; Intramurals. KAMP, CARL HENRY; Worcester; Accounting; Beta Kappa Phi; Ski Club. KANE, JAMES ROBERT; Winthrop; Management; Beta Kappa Phi; Hooker ' s; Newman Club. KANE, JANET ANN; Maynard; Elementary Education; Pi Beta Phi; Newman Club; Education Club. KANE, KATHLEEN ANNE; Fairport, N.Y.; Home Economics; Chi Omega, Pres.; Revelers; Exec. Council; Women ' s In- terdorm Council. KAPLAN, BARBARA RUTH; Brookline; French; Dorm President; Dorm Social Chrm.; Hillel; Educ. Club; Dean ' s List. KAPPA, DIANNE; Saugus; Zoology; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Honors Colloquia; Senior Honors; Student Faculty Advisory Comm. KARAGOSIAN, LINDA SUZANNE; Lee; Economics; Phi Kappa Phi; Dean ' s List; Equestrian Club. KARLSON, MICHAEL S.; Holden; Business Administra- tion; Tau Kappa Episilon. KARMAN, CAROL DEARDRE; Levlttown, N.Y.; Speech Therapy; Modern Dance Club; Operetta Guild; Exec. Council; Dean ' s List; Dorm Counselor. KARP, STANLEY; Brighton; Management; Marketing Club; Innkeepers Club; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Rush Chrm.; Social Chrm.; Intramurals. KARPINSKI, THOMAS C; Port Reading, N.J.; Accounting; University of tXibuque; Accounting Assoc; Alpha Phi Omega; Intramurals. KASMER, ROGER JOHN; East Longmeadow; Marketing; Marketing Club; Arnold Air Society; Newman Club; Golf Team; Dorm Council. KASSNER, JANICE RUTH; Mattapan; French; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Kappa Phi. KATZ, ARLENE BENITA; Boston; Education; Dean ' s List; Kappa Delta Pi; Dorm Counselor; Dorm Cultural Chrm.; Hillel. KATZ, MARILYN GAIL; Beverly; Child Development; Standard ' s Comm.; Dean ' s List; Hillel. KAUFMAN, DEBORAH E.; Paterson, N.).; French; Junior Year in France; Dean ' s List; N.E.S. KECK, MARILYNN ALICE; Pleasantville, N.Y.; Psychology; Winter Carni Comm.; Dorm Social Chrm. KEEDY, VINCENT WILLIAM, Jr.; Amherst; Mechanical Engineering; Wentworth Institute; Tau Beta Pi; ASME; SAE; Dean ' s List. KELCOURSE, CHARLES RONALD; Holbrook; Genera Business Finance; Student Senate, Comm. Chrm.; Dorm Pres.; Chief Justice of the Tribunal of Justices; Sigma Alpha Mu; Fine Arts Council, Treas. KELLEY, ERNEST WILLIAM; Shelburne; Plant Biochemis- try; Dean ' s List; Honors Colloquium. KELLEY, KATHLEEN PATRICIA; Dedham; English; Massa- chusetts Bay Community College. KELLIHER, JOHN JOSEPH; Pittsfield; Electrical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu, Sec; Science Option; Greek Week Comm.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. KELLY, CATHY; North Grafton; History; WMUA, Business Manager; Women ' s Inter-Residence Hall Council; Dorm Counselor. KELTY, JAMES FRANCIS; Sudbury; Accounting; QTV; Ski Club; Accounting Assoc. KENNEY, BARBARA JANE; Newton Centre; Child Devel- opment; Dean ' s List; Dorm Counselor; Merrill-Palmer; Newman Club. KENNEY, JOYCE ANN; Canton; Psychology. KENT, DENISE GORDON; Thompsonville, Conn.; Edu- cation; Education Club; Modern Dance Club; Dean ' s List. KEOUGH, ROBERT PAUL; West Roxbury; Government; VIce-Pres. Freshmen Class; President, Sophomore Class; Zeta Nu, Pres.; Winter Carnival Activities, Chrm.; SWAP. KERSHAW, RICHARD ROYLE; Swansea; food Science Technology; Phi Mu Delta; Dean ' s List; Statesmen, Direc- tor; Food Science Club. KESSLER, DONALD BRUCE; Fall River; History; Provi- dence College; Intramurals; Dorm Council; Dean ' s List. KEYES, SCOTT WELLINGTON; Rye, N.H.; Geology; Fresh- man Soccer; House Government; Arnold Air Society. KILiAN, PAUL CLARK; Dracut; Marketing: Phi Sigma Kappa; Marketing Club. KILLILEA, RICHARD DON; Haverhill: Economics: Beta Kappa Phi; Ski Club; Economics Club. KIMBALL, GARY ROSS; Worcester; English: Hillel, Treas.; Dorm Social Comm. Chrm.; Dorm Cultural Comm. KING. BRUCE W.; Amherst; Psychology: Inter American Univ.; Students tor Political Action; Folk Music Club; Men ' s Glee Club. KING, CHRISTINE FRANCES; Sudburv; English: Newman Club; Ski Club. KINGSBURY, ANN L.; Keene, N.H.; Spanish: Arizona State Lni .: Commander of Angel Flight; Ski Club; Span- ish Club: Dorm Counselor. KIRTON, JOHN BUCHAN; Somerville; Mathematics: Deans List. KISER, KAROL ANN; Marlboro; Mathematics: Parachute Club, Sec; Angel Flight, Comptroller; Dorm Counselor; Math Club. KISH, DAVID O.; Syracuse, N.Y.; Government; Theta Chi, Rush Chrm.; Exec. Council; Arcon; IPC Rep.; Intramurals. KISTLER, PHILIP ALLEN; Northampton; History. KITTREDGE, FRANK HOLMES; Brockton; Astronomy: Dean ' s List. KLAES, WILLIAM H.; Hatfield; Government; Commuter ' s Club; Math Club. KLEIN, ALBERT M.; Pittsfield; History; Hillel. KLEIN, ELAINE PHYLLIS; Somerville; Education: Mass. Bay Community College; Dean ' s List. KLEIN, ELLIOT HARLEY; Westbury, N.Y.; Physical Educa- tion; Nassau Community College; Varsity Baseball; Dean ' s List; Varsity Soccer; Varsity Football. KLEIN, RUSSELL JAY; Newton; Marketing: Mass. College of Pharmacy; Dorm Counselor; Senate Services Comm.; Ad Hoc Parking Comm. Tn! PRn KLEINDIENST, MARGARET A.; Webster; Psychology: Cape Cod Community College; Spanish Club; Sociology Club. KLISKA, JOHN JOSEPH, Jr.; Turners Falls; Marketing; Greenfield Community College; Marketing Club. KLORER, PAUL JAMES; Winchester; Restaurant and Ho- tel Mgt.; Freshmen Track; Varsity Track; Innkeepers Club; Phi Mu Delta, Sec. KNIGHT, DAVID HATHAWAY; Leudy; Sociology; Ohio Wesleyan University. kyi KNIGHT, JANE CAROL; North Attleboro; Nursing; Nurs- ing Club; Nursing Alumni Comm.; Nursing Investiture Comm; Dean ' s List. KNIGHT, JAYNE ELIZABETH; Pittsfield; Elementary Educa- tion; Berkshire Community College; N.E.S. KNOTT, PETER BINDER; Pittsfield; Physics; Marching Band; Symphony Band; Symphony Orchestra; Wood- wind Quintet; Brass Quintet. KOENIC, JOHN RONALD; Lawrence; Government; Dorm Counselor; Dorm Librarian; Freshman Track; Newman Club. KOFFMAN, MICHAEL L.; New Bedford; English; Gymnas- tic Team; Freiburg Program; Phi Eta Sigma; Dean ' s List. KOLODZINSKI, CAROL ANN; Florence Elementary Education; Education Club; Nursing Club; Newman Club. KONOVALOV, LEO; Springfield; Russian; Phi Sigma Kappa; Russian Club; Dean ' s List. KOPEK, CAROL ANN; Maiden; Ma(hema( cs; Math Club; Homecoming Comm.; Newman Club. KOPESKI, FRANK JOHN, Jr.; Swansea; Park Administra- tion; Dorm Counselor. KOPP, PAMELA MARIE; Hull; Elementary Education; Edu- cation Club; Scrolls; Kappa Alpha Theta. KOPPEL, ROBERT MALCOLM; Newton; Economics; Tau Epsilon Phi; Band; Economics Assoc; Dean ' s List. KORDEK, WALTER S.; Ware; Wildlife Biology; Alpha Zeta; Dean ' s List. KOSCIUSKO, MARYANN V.; Auburn; Elementary Educa- tion; Ski Club; Educ. Club; Newman Club; Dorm Comm. KOSTECKI, ROBERT ROGER; So. Deerfield; Government. KOWALSKI, SONIA MARY; Ludlow; Chemistry; Dean ' s List; Newman Club; Alpha Lambda Delta; Honors Collo- quia. KRAMER, ERIC MARSHAL; Newton; Philosophy; Yahoo, Editor-in-Chief; Young Independents; Engineering Jour- nal. KRAVETZ, BEVERLY R.; Sharon; History; lota Gamma Up- silon. KRIENSKY, MELINDA LEE; Revere; journalism; Exec. Council; Winter Carni Comm.; Collegian; Dean ' s List; Young Democrats. KRIGER, MARK PHILLIP; Natick; Philosophy; Outing Club; Crew Team; Dean ' s List; Honors Colloquia; Dorm Coun- selor. KROL, ROBERT M.; Chicopee; History; Dorm President; Central Area Presidents Council; Dormitory Counselor Selection Board; Newman Club; Intramurals. KRUSE, CAROL-ANN; Springfield; Elementary Education; Sigma Kappa, Scholarship Chrm.; Educ. Club; Exchange Student; Home Economics Club. KUCAB, THOMAS JOSEPH; Chicopee; Government; In- tramurals; Dorm Govt.; Newman Club; Dean ' s List. KUCZARSKI, KAREN M.; Springfield; English; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Ass ' tTreas.; Musicals. KUJA, EDWINA CATHERINE; Weymouth; Nursing; Chi Omega; Scrolls; Revelers; Exec. Council; Panhel Council. KULCZYK, PATRICIA A.; East Templeton; English; Dorm Standards Comm.; Campus Chest Comm.; Newman Club; Education Club; Math Club. KULEISUS, JOHN EDWARD; Maynard; Quantitative Meth- ods; Wentworth Institute; Dance Band; Newman Club; Bridge Club. KUZMESKUS, BETH W.; Greenfield; Elementary Educa- tion; Univ. of Bridgeport; Dean ' s List. LACY, MARY ALICE; Catskill, N.Y.; Child Development. LADD, DOROTHY S.; Northampton; Education; Chorus; Girl ' s Choir; Univ. Symphony Orchestra, Ass ' t. Adm. LAFLESH, EMILY GNACEK; Chicopee; Elementary Educa- tion; Dean ' s List. LACASSE, RICHARD ARTHUR; Springfield; Mechanical Engineering; TKE; ASME. LAHTINEN, WILLIAM B.; Westminister; Mathematics; U.S. Air Force Academy; Economics Club; Young Republicans. LAIDLEY, WILLIAM ROBERT; Somerville; Psychology; Northern Michigan Univ.; Concert Assoc, Publicity Mgr.; Beta Chi; Dean ' s List. LAIRD, JANET LEE; Scituate; History; Dean ' s List. LAJOIE, BRIAN ALAN; Worcester; fconofT7 cs; Zeta Nu; Intramurals. LALIBERTE, DAVID M.; Worcester; Psychology. LALIKOS, MARIETTA A.; Peabody; Marketing; University Chorus; Orthodox Club; Madrigal Singers; Marketing Club; Women ' s Choir. LALLAS, CHERYL JAE; Dracut; Child Development; Dorm Social Comm.; Home Economics Club; lota Gamma Up- silon. Cultural Chrm., V.P., Pres. LAMKIN, KENNETH R.; Revere; Psychology. LAMONTACNE, JEROME; Dalton; Chemical Engineering; A.I.Ch.E. LANDIS, JUDY A.; Northampton; Art. LANDRY, GREGORY PAUL; Nashua, N.H.; PhysicaJ Educa- tion: Football; Kappa Sigma, V.P. LANDRY, ROBERT JOSEPH; Braintree; Finance; Alpha Sigma Phi; Executive Council; Homecoming Comm.; Dean ' s List; Winter Carni Comm. LANG, CAROL JOAN; Wellesley; Sociology; Green Moun- tain College. LANG, DAVID E.; Braintree; Pre-Med. LANG, MARY LOUISE; Milton; Microbiology; Ski Club; Dorm Standards Comm.; Dorm Cultural Comm. LANGDOC, JEANNINE MARIE; Williamstown; French; Our Lady of the Elms; Education Club; French Corridor; Phi Kappa Phi. LANGLOIS, LINDA MARIE, Middleboro, English, Cape Cod Community College Ib Li LANYON, MARY JUSTINE; Duxbury; English; Educ. Club; Newman Club; Executive Coun.; Dean ' s List; N.E.S. LAPIN, JOEL DAVID; Worcester; Sociology; Dorm Coun- cil; Dean ' s List. LAPOINTE, CARL PHILIP; Greenfield; Education Psychol- ogy; Educ. Club; N.E.S.; Dean ' s List; Kappa Kelta Pi. LAPOINTE, ROBERT CHARLES; Holliston; Zoo ogy; Col- legian; Marketing Club; Young Democrats; Dean ' s List; Newman Club. LARKIN, FRANCIS BERNARD; Harwich; Government; Newman Center; Intramurals; WMUA; Collegian. LARKIN, JEAN MARIE; Stoughton; Zoo ogy; Newman Club, Asst. Treas.; Index; Educ. Club. LAROSE, JOSEPH ALFRED, III; Holyoke; Business Man- agement; Young Democrats; Commuter Club; Dean ' s List; Newman Club; Management Club. LARSON, ANNE LOUISE; Worcester; Home Economics; Framingham State College; Exec. Council. LARVEY, ARTHUR WEST; Springfield; Chemical Engineer- ing; Engineering Journal, Assoc. Editor; Dorm Treas., Pres.; Intramurals; Chem. Engineering Club, Sec; Newman Club. LATREMOUILLE, ROBERT JAMES; Brockton; Government; Student Senator; Faculty Senate Student Affairs; Student Senate Men ' s Affairs; Judicial Affairs Subcommittee, Chrm.; Dean ' s List. LAUKKANEN, ELAINE MARIE; Quincy; Mathematics; Scrolls; Dorm Counselor. LAUZIERE, ELISE FRANCES; Springfield; Fashion Merchan- dising; Equestrian Club; Newman Club. LAWRENCE, CHARLES LUDGER, Jr.; South Hadley; Civil Engineering; Holyoke Community College; A.S.C.E. LAWRENCE, DAVID MICHAEL; Hadley; Electrical Engineer- ing; I.E.E.E., Treas.; Intramurals; Engineering Journal, Dis- tribution Manager. LAWRENCE, JANICE KAY; Rochester; English; University Chorus; Dean ' s List; Phi Kappa Phi. LAWSON, DOUGLAS ROBERT; Chelmsford; Pre-Medical; Dorm President; Area Judiciary; Intramurals. LAZARUS, JUD PHYLLIS; Revere; Elementary Education; Sigma Kappa; Exchange Student; Education Club; Stu- dent Union Movie Comm. LAZOTT, ROBERT; Hopkinton; Psychology. LEACH, STEPHANIE RUTH; Winthroup; Government; Women ' s Judiciary, Chief Justice; Chi Omega; Who ' s Who; Revelers; Exec. Council. LEAR, ROBERT STANLEY; Pittsfield; forest Management; Alpha Zeta; Forestry Club. LEARY, BARBARA EVELYN; Drexel Hill, Penn.; Sociology: Sigma Sigma Sigma, Steward; Dean ' s List; Honor ' s Work; Varsity Swimming. LEBEAU, JACQUELINE ANN; Hinsdale; Mathematics; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Belchertown Volunteers; Dorm Counselor. LECHTUR, CLIFFORD PAUL; Brookline; Chemical Engi- neering; Intramurals; A.S.Ch.E; Hillel. LEDGARD, KENNETH H.; Lowell; Pre-Dental; Dorm Gov- ernment; Newman Club; Equestrian Club; Intramurals. LEE, NANCY ANN; Armonk, N.Y.; Medical Technology. LEFORT, GARY LEONCE; Springfield; Business Manage- ment; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Steward; Scabbard Blade; In- tramurals; Flying Club; Newman Club. LEHRER, MARV LEWIS; West Roxbury; Hotel Management; Class Exec. Council; Winter Carni Comm.; Homecoming Comm.; Hotel Sales Mgt. Assoc; Sigma Beta Chi, Pres. LELAND, LAURENCE ARTHUR; Conway; O ' W; fngineer- ing; Norwich University; Tau Beta Pi; A.S.C.E. LEMIEUX, JEAN ANNE; Methuen; Physical Education; Dean ' s List; Phi Kappa Phi; Kappa Delta Pi; WAA. LEMIRE, LOIS E.; Southbridge; Elementary Education; Educ. Club; Newman Club; Ski Club; Dorm Counselor. LENN, HELENA; Springfield; Psychology. LEONARD, JUDITH ELLEN; Oak Bluffs; History; Collegian, Day Editor; Newman Club; Dean ' s List. l kJ LERNER, ELLIOT DONALD; Lakeville; Psychology: Dean ' s List; Hillel; Dorm Counselor; Intramurals. LERNER, PHILIP DAVID; Swampscott; Pre-Dent; Univer- sity Health Council; Academic Affairs Comm.; Collegian, Editorial Staff; House Council Rep.; Dorm Counselor. LEVAN, GEORGE MARTIN; Marlboro; Government; New- ton Junior College; Intramurals; Dorm Social Comm. LEVANDOV, BARBARA; Long Island, N.Y.; Psychology; Sigma Delta Tau, Sec, Treas.; Dean ' s List; S.U. Special Events Comm. LEVCO, STANLEY MICHAEL; Brookline; English; Collegian; Student Senate; Dorm Judiciary. LEVENSON, RONALD LAURENCE; Swampscott; Mar- keting; Adelphi University; Marketing Club ' LEVINE, HARRIET LEONA; Newton; Elementary Educa- tion; Exec. Council; Winter Carni Comm.; Homecoming Comm.; Dean ' s List; Educ. Club. LEVINE, MARILYN; Framingham; Government; Dorm Ju- diciary Chrm.; Educ. Club; Hillel. LEVINE, PHYLLIS; Revere; Education; Dorm Pres.; Educ. Club; Winter Carni Comm.; Exec. Council; Dean ' s List. LEVREAULT, ELIZABETH RENNICK; Willimansett; Elemen- tary Education; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Dean ' s List. LEVY, RICHARD A.; Brookline; American History; Intra- murals; Pre-LawClub; Dorm Officer. LEWIS, LINDA J.; Milton; Home Economics. LEWIS, PATRICIA E.; Andover; Sociology. LEWIS, ROBERT THOMAS; Hinsdale; Chemistry. LIEBERMAN, PHYLIS RONNI; Milton; Psychology; Gym- nastics Team; Operetta Guild; Roister Doisters; Dorm Counselor. LILEY, PAUL T.; Bedford; Chemistry; American College in Paris; Physics Club; Dorm Cultural Program; Pre-Dent Club; Phi Sigma Kappa. LILIUS, BRYAN E.; Granby; Pr e-Med. LINDBERG, KAREN; So. Hadley; English. LINDBLOM, DENNIS LEE; Worcester; Psyc io ogy; Quinsigamond Community College; Intramurals; Dorm Counselor. LINDGREN, CHRISTINE HELEN; Worcester; History; Quinsigamond Community College; Educ. Club; Young Republicans. LIQUORI, WILLIAM JOHN; West Springfield; History; Intramurals; Dean ' s List. LISACK, JOHN; Alendale; Civil Engineering; Dorm Assis- tant Head of Residence; Tau Epsilon Phi; A.S.C.E.; Varsity ' M ' Club; Varsity Basketball. LITTLE, RICHARD CHARLES; Fayson Lakes, N.J.; Civil Engineering; Freshmen Coif Team; A.S.C.E.; Dorm Council; Intramurals; Ski Club. LIVESEY, RONALD VICTOR; Amesbury; Pre-Med; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Pre-Med Society; Counselor; Class Exec. Council. LIZIO, STEPHEN EDWARD; Boston: Ho(e Restaurant iVfgt.; Outing Club; Innkeepers. LOCKHART, CHARLES BARTON; Gill; Accounting; Zeta Nu. LOMAS, ROGER JOHN; Seekonk; Anthropology; Dean ' s List. LOMBARDELLI, HENRY PETER; Melrose; Economics; Theta Chi, Pres.; Interfraternity Council, Exec. V.P. LONDON, BETH B.; East Meadow, N.Y.; English; Hillel; N.E.S.; Deans List. LOONEY, ROBERT E., Jr.; Brockton; History; Student Non- Resident Assoc., Treas.; Beta Chi; Student Senate. LOSS, MIRIAM; Salem; History; Educ. Club; Hillel, Social Chrm.; Zionist Organization; International Relations Club; Univ. Theatre. LOLGHLIN, RICHARD JAMES, Jr.; Concord; ccount ng; Q.T. . Treas, Steward; Baseball; Intramurals; Accounting .• ssoc.; I.F.C. Rep. LOUMOS, GREGORY LEE; Newtonville; Mathematics; Sigma Alpha Mu, Rush Chrm.; Steward, V.P. LOW, HOWARD BRUCE; Oak Ridge, N.C.; Government; Arnold Air Society; Alpha Phi Omega; Flying Redmen Drill Team; Univ. Marching Band; Univ. Symphony Band. LOWENSTEIN, SHARYN SONDRA; Valleystream, N.Y.; Elementary Education; Exchange Student; Dorm Counse- lor; Belchertown Volunteers, V.P. LOWNEY, BARBARA ANNA; Lutherville, Maryland; Zoo- logy; Gamma Sigma Sigma; French Corridor; Womens Tennis Team; Marching Band; Index. LUND, BARBARA ANNE; Auburn; History; Gamma Sigma Sigma; W.A.A.; Dean ' s List. LUSSIER, EUGENE DONALD; Chicopee; Geology: Pi Lambda Phi. LYDON, ROSEMARY; Medford; Mathematics; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Dean ' s List. LYLIS, THEODORE CHARLES; Barre; Zoology; Marching Band; Phi Kappa Nu, Founder, Sec; Pi Lambda Phi, Pres. LYNCH, ROBERT RICHARD; Springfield; Chemical Engi- neering; Intramurals; A.I.Ch.E.; Newman Club. McAFEE, PAULA EVELYN; West Barnstable; Elementary Education; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Dean ' s List; Belcher- town Vol. McARDLE, BARBARA JEANNE; Onset; Sociology; Gam- ma Sigma Sigma; Women ' s Gymnastic Team. McCALLUM, JOAN; Northampton; Economics; Ameri- can College in Paris; International Club; Arab Assoc. McCarthy, DAVID FRANCIS; So. Hadley; Govern- ment; Holyoke Community College. McCarthy, PAULA Elizabeth; south Boston; History; Dean ' s List; Student Senate; Young Democrats; Colle- ian; Newman Club. McCarthy, RICHARD J.; Springfield; Physical Educa- tion; Football. Mccarty, WILLIAM CHARLES; Arlington; Restaurant and Hotel Management; Varsity Hockey; Freshmen Hoc- key; Sigma Phi Epsilon. McCLUSKEY, RICHARD JOSEPH; Stoneham; Govern- ment; Kappa Sigma; Arcon; Dorm Counselor; Exec. Coun- cil; Homecoming Comm. McCULLOCH, CAROL ANNE; Leominster; Elementary Education; Educ. Club; Newman Club. McCULLOUGH, RUTH A.; Lexington; Math. McCUSKER, CHARLES ANTHONY; Dorchester; Psychol- ogy; Dean ' s List; Operetta Guild; Arnold Air Society, Exec. Off.; Dorm Judiciary; Intramurals. McCUTCHEON, PHILIP BROOKS, III; Winchester; Per- sonnel Management; Mass. Bay Community College; Man- agement Club; Intramurals; President ' s Forum; Honors Program. McDonald, GAIL BARBARA; Lexington; Eine Art; Dean ' s List; Precisionettes; International Club; Ski Club; Exchange Student. McDonald, jean CAROL; Lexington; Elementary Ed- ucation; Educ. Club; Precisionettes, Squad Leader; Ski Club; International Club. Mcdonald, RICHARD EMMETT; Lakeville; Food Sci- ence and Technology; Marching Band; Intervarsity Chris- tian Fellowship; Food Tech Club, V.P.; Campus Crusade for Christ, V.P.; Dean ' s List. MC DONOUGH, LINDA S.; Pittsfield; Government; Kap- pa Kappa Gamma, Rush Chrm.; Exec. Council; Dean ' s List; Freshman Advisory Board; Winter Carnival Comm. McELWEY, DAVID WILLIAM; Holyoke; Mechanical Engi- neermg; A.S.M.E.; S.A.E. McGEE, GEORGE E.; Arlington; History; Massachusetts Bay Community College; Editor-in-Chief, Southwest Res. College Newspaper; Dorm House Council. McGEE, LAWRENCE ELLIOTT; Westwood; Public Health; Marching Band; Concert Band; Square Dance Club; Out- ing Club, V.P. McGOVERN, ALEXANDER JOSEPH; Pittsfield; Mathe- matics: Berkshire Community College. McGRATH, EDMUND ROY; Reading; Marine Fisheries Biology; Delta Chi, Rush Chrm.; Dorm Counselor; Tennis; Scuba Club; Dean ' s List. McCUIRE, ROBERT ARTHUR; Ashland; Accounting: Ac- counting Assoc. MclNTIRE, CAROLYN PATRICE; East Longmeadow; Gov- ernment; Boston University; Dean ' s List. .McKAY, ELLEN ROBINSON; Brookfield; Mathematics, Young Republican Club, Sec, Program Comm. Chrm. .Amateur Radio Assoc; Heymakers Square Dance Club Gamma Sigma Sigma; Student Senate, Budget Comm. McKENNA, TIMOTHY JAMES; Taunton; History: Crew Team; Marching Band; Symphony Band; Newman Club. McKINLEY, MICHAEL DAVLIN; Lowell; Government; Dorm President; Scabbard and Blade, Operations Officer; Young Democrats. McKINSTRY, DENNIS M.; Southbridge; Marketing; Collegian: Marketing Club, V.P.; Dorm Council; Ameri- can Marketing Assoc. McMAHON, JANE MARIE; East Longmeadow; English; Dean ' s List; Newman Club; Equestrian Club. McMAHON, KATHLEEN MARY; North Brookfield; fng- lish; Dean ' s List; Womens Affairs; Dorm, V.P.; Newman Club. McMAHON, LINDA J.; Woburn; Education. McMAHON, LOIS ANNE; Salem; English; Newman Club; Dorm Social Comm.; Dean ' s List. McMLLLEN, DOROTHY ANNE; Concord; E emen(ary Education; Pi Beta Phi; Educ. Club; Newman Club; Dorm Standards Comm. McNAMARA, KENDRA LEE; Bristol; French; Dorm Coun- selor; Naiads; Newman Club; Dean ' s List; Symphony Band. McNAMARA, SHEILA KATHLEEN, Lowell; English: North- ern Essex Community College; Newman Club; Young Democrats; Education Club; Dorm Cultural Comm. MacCULLUM, WAYNE FOWLER; Grafton; Wildlife Bi- ology: Alpha Zeta; Forestry Club; Dean ' s List; Intramurals. EZIES MacDONALD, NANCY ELLEN; Athol; English; Exec. Council; Angel Flight. MacCRECOR, MARILYN JOYCE; Lee; History; Berkshire Community College; Equestrian Club. MaclSAAC, STEVEN J.; Quincy; Urban Studies; Dorm Council; Dorm Judiciary. MacKAY, ELIZABETH MARIE; North Dartmouth; English; Newman Club, Isl V.P., Program Director, Choir Coordi- nator, Administrative Asst., Area Representative; Collegian. MacKAY, JANE MILLICENT; Ambler, Penn.; Botany; Fea- ture Twirler; Dorm Exec. Comm.; Dorm Standards Comm.; Gamma Sigma Sigma. MacKENZIE, MARY ELLEN; Quincy; Art; Ski Club; Dorm Corridor Treas. MACKEY, BARBARA RUTH; Maynard; Art; Gamma Sig- ma Sigma; N.E.S.; Art Club. MACKEY, DONNA ELIZABETH; Ipswich; Psycho ogy; Dean ' s List; Dorm Counselor; Panhei Council; Chi Omega, V.P. MACKEY, ELIZABETH ANNE; Northampton; English. MacLEAN, LILA; Lexington; Nursing. MacLEOD, EDWARD; Lincoln; Landscape Architecture; Theta Chi; Land Arch Club; Varsity Gymnastics. MACOMBER, ROBERT THACHER; Framingham; Indus- trial Engineering; General Motors Institute; Collegian; In- dex; Yahoo; Dorm Counselor; A. I. I.E. MACOUL, PAMELA JEAN; Methuen; Government; Roister Doister; Young Democrats. MACYCOVE, ALICE ANN; Newton; Sociology; Sociology Club; Dorm Counselor. MADDEN, BARBARA ANN; Methuen; Elementary Edu- cation; Dean ' s List; Index; Winter Garni Comm.; Educ. Club; Christian Assoc. MADDOX, THOMAS JOSEPH; Everett; History; Intra- murals; Dean ' s List. MADSEN, CAROL ANN; Norwood; Elementary Education; Newman Club; Dorm Counselor; Dean ' s List. MAGANE, KAREN; Leominster; English. MAGARIAN, JOHN; Rochdale; Zoology; Intramurals; Dorm Judiciary. MAGINNESS, NANCY ANNE; Brandon, Florida; Sociol- ogy; Univ. of South Florida; Exchange Student. MAJKA, RICHARD DANIEL; Westfield; Physics; Phi Eta Sigma. MAKEFW, NINA; Springfield; French; Univ. of Grqz, Aus- tria. MAKHAMBERA, PETER ELIZAR; Ncheu, Malawi, C. Africa; Animal Science; African Students Assoc, Treas., General Secretary, Social Secretary; Alpha Zeta; Malawi Students Assoc. MALINSKI, PATRICIA F.; East Longmeadow; Elementary Education; Dorm Counselor; Educ. Club; Women ' s Af- fairs; Index. ... .aI ' JLSKI, DAVID PETER; Easthampton; Park Adminii- tration; Barbell Club, Pres.; Park Admin. Club; Land Arc Club; Intramurals. MAN CHAN, NORMAN; Amherst; C.E. MANDEL, CAROL ANN; Cedar Grove, N.).; An: Dean ' s List; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; Art Club. MANDRACIA, CHRISTINE TERESE; Jim Thorpe, Pa.; Eng- lish; Chi Omega, Alumnae Chrm.; Exec. Council; Revelers; Index. Senior Editor. MANGAN, RUTH ELLEN; Lambertville, N.J.; Elementary Education: Counselor; Dean ' s List. MANIA, RONALD KRAIG; Seekonk; Electrical Engineer- ing. MANISCALCO, WILLIAM MICHAEL; Westfield; Pre-Med; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Senior Honors Thesis; Dorm Counselor; Dean ' s List. MANKUT, NOREEN CATHERINE; Fall River; English; Bel- chertown Volunteers; Critique. MANNING, JOAN ELIZABETH; New Bedford; Elementary Education; Dean ' s List; Exchange Student; Reveler; Chi Omega; Colonel ' s Cadre. MANSFIELD, CAROL ELIZABETH; Taunton; Child Devel- opment: Dorm Judiciary, Sec; Dorm Program Comm, Chrm.; Women ' s Interdorm Council; Merrill-Palmer In- stitute. MAREAN, WILLIAM CURTIS, Jr.; Grafton; forestry; For- estry Club; Pi Lambda Phi, Steward. MARINO, WILLIAM ROBERT; Belmont; Restaurant Hotel Management; Boston University; Football; Kappa Sigma, Treas.; I.F.C.; Innkeepers. MARKARIAN, PAUL BEDROS; Longmeadow; Pre-Med; Exchange Student; Dorm Librarian; Phi Eta Sigma; Dorm Counselor; Intramurals. MARKOT, JAY L.; Newton; Mathematics; Tau Kappa Ep- silon; Soccer; Intramurals; I.F.C.; Math Club. MARQUIS, ALAN LEO; Wenham; Mechanical Engineer- ing: Intramurals; A.S.M.E. MARRAMA, PHILIP M.; Leominster; Forestry. MARSHALL, ROBERT; Leominster; Chemistry; Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Varsity Golf. MARSTEN, MARCO GISELLE; Pittsfield; English; Berk- shire Community College; Mill Ball Queen; Homecoming Court; Greek Week Court; W.A.A.; Dorm Social Comm. MARTIN, LENORE HELEN; Greenfield; Art; Newman Club; Sigma Kappa; Arts Music Comm.; Dean ' s List. MARTIN, MARILYN ELAINE; Canton; Education: Educa- tion Club; Dean ' s List. MARTIN, NANCY LOUISE; North Andover; Nursing; Dorm Coun.; Nursing Club; Newman Club. MASCIOLI, ROBERT GUIDO; Beverly; Ag Food Eco- nomics; Alpha Zeta, Censor, Chronicler; Food Distribution Club; Dean ' s List; Dorm Counselor. MASON, ELLEN ESTHER; Northampton; English; Student Senate. MASON, PETER C; Marion; Sociology. MATTHEWS, PATRICIA ANNE; Springfield, English; Kap- pa Delta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Dean ' s List; Dorm Counselor; Newman Club. MATOUS, PATRICIA ANNE; Ipswich; Physical Education; Mortar Board; Phi Kappa Phi; Kappa Delta Pi; Dorm Coun- selor, Physical Education Major Council, Pres. MATTSON, JOHN FREDERICK; Holden; English; Bar- bell Club; Intramurals. MAXFIELD, JANICE lONE; Lawrence; Elementary Educa- tion; Education Club; Sociology Club, Treas.; Dean ' s List; Program Committee, Co-Chrm. MAXWELL, MARGARET EILEEN; Pittsfield; Marketing; Sigma Kappa, Rec. Sec; Exec. Council; Arts Music Comm.; Winter Carni Comm.; Homecoming Comm. MAY, GEORGE FRANKLIN; Methuen; Electrical Engineer- ing; Track; Outing Club; I.E.E.; Ski Club; Beta Kappa Phi. MAYNARD, MARIE ELLEN; Haverhill; Zoology; Lambda Delta Phi, Jr. Treas., Alumnae Chrm.; Newman Club; Hon- ors Colloquia; Educ. Club. MEDEIROS, ALFRED JOSEPH; Waltham; History; ROTC Rifle Team; Varsity Rifle Team; Newman Club; Intramurals. MEDEIROS, EDWARD MICHAEL; New Bedford; Mechan- ical Engineering; ASME; Newman Club; Intramurals; So- ciety of Automotive Engineers. MEDEIROS, JOYCE ANN; So. Weymouth; French; West- brook Junior College. MEEHAN, JAMES DENNIS; Lawrence; Management; Northern Essex Community College; Senior Honors; Dorm V.P.; Asst. Mgr., Yahoo; Editor Publisher of Dorm Newspaper. MEES, LEONARD ROGER; Lynnfield; Pre-Med; Duke Uni- versity. MEGILL, ELLEN B.; Neptune City, N.J.; Physical Education; Naiads, Pres.; W.A.A.; Dean ' s List. MEGIZSKY, CAROL JANE; Ludlow; English; Exec. Coun- cil; Index, Greek Editor; Chi Omega; Bridal Fair, Invitations Comm.; Dean ' s List. MEISSNER, DAVID R.; Wellesley; Entomology; Fernald Club, Sec; Zoology Club; Dorm Counselor. MELANSON, JOHN ERIC; Danvers; Business Manage- ment; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Swimming Team; Scuba Club; Sport Parachute Club. MELLOR, ERWIN THOMAS; Westfield; Economics; Stu- dent Senate; University College Sub Committee, Chrm.; Academic Affairs; Men ' s Affairs; Intramurals. MENARD, IRENE ANN; Greenfield; Zoology; Gamma Sig- ma Sigma; N.E.S. MENOVICH, ANITA; Chelsea; Elementary Education; Hillel, Oneg-shabbat Chrm., Holidays Chrm.; Education Club; Dorm Social Comm., Management Comm.; N.E.S. MENTES, BEVERLY JANE; Hasbrouck Heights, N.J.; Physi- cal Education; Band; Newman Club; Tennis Team; Dean ' s List. MEO. ROBERT MICHAEL; Marblehead; Management. MERCIER, JEANNE CAROL; Medford; Journalism; New- man Club; Dorm V.P.; Dorm Counselor; Dean ' s List. MERRIAM, CYNTHIA ANN HAYES; Foxboro; Government; Pi Beta Phi; Aid to Underprivileged Kids; Exec. Council. MERRIAM, DWIGHT HAINES; Needham; Sociology; Al- pha Sigma Phi; Aid to Underprivileged Kids; Area judiciary; Freshman Soccer. MERRILL, ERIC; Brattleboro, Vt.; Wood Technology; Paul Smith ' s College. MERRYMAN, DONNA; Framingham; English; Regis Col- lege. MESSINA, ANTHONY STANLEY; Pittsfield; Production Management; Management Club; Dorm V.P. METZLER, MICHAEL H. Ill; Pittsfield; Pre-Med; Dorm V.P.; Dorm Counselor. MEYER, ARTHUR GROVER; Chicopee Falls; Mathematics; Phi Kappa Phi; Dean ' s List. MEYER, DAVID MICHAEL; Lenox; Mass Commun cations; WMUA, Publicity Director; Flying Redmen. MICHAEL, GAIL ANN; Marshfield; Mathematics; Univer- sity Symphony Band; University Symphony Orchestra; Exec. Coun.; Orthodox Club; Dorm Counselor. MICHALSKI, RONALD JOHN; So. Hadley Falls; Civil Engi- neering; Newman Club; A.S.C.E. MICHAUD, ANDREW DAVID; Lawrence; Accounting; Ac- counting Assoc.; Newman Club; Intramurals; Dean ' s List. MIELKE, ERNEST JOSEPH, JR.; Easthampton; Marketing; Holyoke Community College. MICLIACCIO, DONALD ARTHUR; Winchester; Hotel Restaurant Management; Exec. Council; Theta Chi; Winter Carni Comm.; Newman Club; Sport Parachute Club. MIHOVAN, BETSY PAULINE; Lenox; English. MILCRAM, BEVERLY S .; Brookline; Sociology. MILLER, BETSEY HEATH; Westover A.F.B.; Anthropology: Commuters Club. MILLER, DONNA SUSAN; Worcester; Speech Therapy; Winter Carnival Comm.; Hillel. MILLER, PETER SPENCER; Greenfield; History; Holyoke Community College; Young Republicans, Publicity Chrm. jk m m MILLER, PHILIP DELAND, JR.; East Brunswick, N.).; Ac- counting; Cross-Country; Accounting Assoc. MILLETTE, RICHARD PHILIP; Leominster; Civil Engineer- ing; A.S.C.E.; Maroon Keys; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Asst. Stew- ard, Discipline Comm.; I.F.C. MILLEY, RICHARD EDWARD; Chelsea; Production Man- agement; Exec. Council; Winter Carni Comm.; Homecom- ing Comm.; Index; Intramurals. MILLS, KERRY H.; Shelburne Falls; English. MISIASZEK, RICHARD THADDEUS; Indian Orchard; Civil Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; A.S.C.E.; Dean ' s List; Newman Club. MITCHELL, DAVID SATTERFIELD; West Falmouth; Electri- cal Engineering; Tau Beta Pi, Ch ' rm.; Eta Kappa Nu Assoc; Honors Colloquia; Alpha Phi Omega, Adm. V.P., Treas.; Pioneer Valley Folklore Society, Pres., Treas. MIZE, JACQUELYN ANN; Massapequa, N.Y.; Ele mentary Education; Kappa Delta Pi, Pres.; Phi Kappa Phi; Education Club, Sorority Rep.; Spanish Club. MLINAR, PAUL WILLIAM, JR.; Glen Head, N.Y.; Restau- rant Hotel Management; Varsity Football; 4-Coilege Fly- ing Club. MOHAN, DONNA MAY; Milford; Elementary Education; Kappa Alpha Theta, Chaplain; Colonels Cadre; Newman Club. MOLLIVER, MARSHALL ELLIOT; Framingham; Chemical Engineering; Tau Epsilon Phi, Chaplain; A.I.Ch.E.; Intra- murals. MOLOFSKY, SARA ELLEN; Valley Stream, N.Y.; History; Sigma Delta Tau, V.P.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Exec. Council; Mortar Board; D.V.P. MONPRODE, GAIL MARIE; Livingston, N.J.; English; Win- ter Carni Comm.; Exec. Council; Chi Omega, Sec, V.P. MOORE, RICHARD ARTHUR; Townsend; Hotel and Res- taurant Management; Innkeepers Club; Hotel Sales Man- agement Assoc. MORAY, ELIZABETH; Chelmsford; Government; Waynes- burg College. MORE, THOMAS ALASTAIR; Pittsfield; forestry; Phi Sig- ma Delta; Forestry Club; Marching Band; Concert Band; Precisionettes, Drummer. MORESI, JOHN LOUIS; North Adams; Chemistry; New- man Club; Senior Honors; Dean ' s List; Italian Club; South- west Honors Symposium. MORGAN, DAVID HARRY; Merrimac; General Manage- ment; Exec. Council; Winter Carnival Publicity Comm.; Dorm Homecoming Comm.; Intramurals; Dean ' s List. MOROCCO, JOHN FRANCIS; Worcester; Government; Phi Sigma Kappa, Treas. MORONEY, ROBERT WILLIAM; Salem; Civil Engineering; Varsity Soccer; Varsity Indoor Outdoor Track; A.S.C.E.; Newman Club. MORRIS, SANDRA PAULY; Brimfield; Elementary Educa- tion; Dean ' s List; Archery Club; Education Club. MORRISON, WILLIAM ALOYSIUS; Roslindale; Govern- ment; Tau Epsilon Phi, House Manager; Newman Club. MORRISSEY, PAUL RAYMOND; Northampton; English; Pre-Med Club; Dean ' s List; Caesura. MORSE, AVY M.; Hyannis; Spanish; Cape Cod Community College; Spanish Club; Sociology Club. MORSE, DONALD PAUL; Fitchburg; Mechanical Engineer- ing; Dorm Treasurer; Dorm Counselor; Tau Beta Pi Assoc, Social Chrm.; ASEA; Honorary Member of American So- ciety for Testing Materials. MORSE, ROBERT ALLEN; West Concord; Accounting; Outing Club; Equestrian Club; Accounting Association. MORSE, SUSAN A.; White Plains, N.Y.; Child Develop- ment; Exec. Council; N.E.S.; Exchange Student; Dean ' s List; Homecoming Comm. MORTELLITI, DIANNE MARIE; Wilmington; French- Dean ' s List; Education Club; N.E.S.; French Corridor; Hon- ors Colloquia. MOSELEY, JOHN FRANK; Dudley; Mathematics; Phi ' Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Beta Kappa. MOSES, ANTHONY THOMAS, Jr.; Gloucester; Account- ing; Accounting Association. MOSES, ROBERT ALBERT; Newton; Pre-Dent; Orthodox Club; University Chorale; Men ' s Judiciary; Pre-Med Club; Dean ' s List. MOSS, STEPHEN MITCHELL; Brookline; Economics; Dean ' s List; Senior Honors; House Council; Critique, Di- rector of Research; Undergraduate Assistant. MOTT, MICHAEL J.; Greenfield; Sociology; Beta Kappa Phi, V.P.; Dean ' s List; Newman Club. MOUGHAN, VIRGINIA A.; Merrimac; English. MOULTHROP, JUDITH ANN; Becket; English; Honors Colloquia; Alpha Lambda Delta; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Dean ' s List. MOULTON, JAMES CHARLES; Hadley; Fisheries Biology; Clark University. MOYNIHAN, STEPHEN EDWARD; Chicopee; Electrical Engineering; Amateur Radio Assoc, Treas.; I.E.E.E.; New- man Club; Flying Redmen; Dorm Council. iMiii MOZZICATO, LOIS ANGELA; Winchester; French; Dean ' s List; Newman Club. MROCZKOWSKI, ELIZABETH ELEONORA; Southbridge; Russian; Alpha Chi Omega; Dorm Counselor; Angel Flight; Winter Carni Comm.; University Band. MUCHA, MARY; West Springfield; Sociology: Dean ' s List; N.E.S. MUELLER, PETER R.; Quincy; Electrical Engineering; I.E.E.E. Flying Club; Chess Club. MULDOON, PATRICIA ANN; Newburyport; Mat iemat cs; Northern Essex Community College; Ski Club; S.U. Movie Comm. MULVIHILL, JOHN M.; Worcester; Mechanical Engineer- ing; A.S.M.E.; Scabbard Blade; Newman Club. MUNSON, MICHAEL W.; Pittsfield; Philosophy; Berkshire Community College. MURPHY, EILEEN; Holyoke; History; Holyoke Community College. MURPHY, ELLEN LEE; Hingham; Home Economics; New- man Club; Home Ec Club; Exec. Council; Winter Carni Comm; Dean ' s List. MURPHY, JUNE CATHERINE; Worcester; Government; Dean ' s List; Newman Club, Diocesan Rep.; International Club; Dorm Counselor; Exchange Student. MURPHY, RICHARD LEE; Holyoke; Psychology; Dorm Counselor. MURPHY, SUSAN KATHERINE; Huntington, N.Y.; English; Women ' s Ski Team; Women ' s Athletic Assoc; Dorm Stand- ards Comm.; Dean ' s List; Ski Club. MURPHY, WILLIAM F.; Somerset; food Science and Tech- nology; Dorm House Council, V.P.; Zeta Nu; Pre-Med Club; Food Technology Club; Exec. Council. MURPHY, WILLIAM HENRY; Amherst; Landscape Archi- tecture; Landscape Architecture Club. MURRAY, CAROL K.; Medford; Education. MURRAY, DENNIS F.; Chicopee; Mechanical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; ASME; Ski Club; Intramurals. MURRAY, MICHAEL HOWARD; Holyoke; Government; Holyoke Community College; Young Democrats; Dorm Govt., President; International Club; Dean ' s List. MUSANTE, ELIZABETH ANN; Northampton, Speech Pa- thology; Non-Resident Student Organization; Dean ' s List. MUSE, JACKLYN; Wakefield; Personnel Management; Revelers; Dorm Counselor; Exec. Committee; Women ' s Affairs; Gamma Delta lota. MYERS, MARTHA DENNEHY; Swampscott; English; March- ing Band; Concert Band; Dean ' s List. _OTT, KATHLEEN ANNE; Fitchburg; English. NAQEAU, LESLIE ANNE; North Reading; History: Alpha Lamtsda Delta, Sec; Honors Colloquia; Gamma Sigma Sig- ma; Mortar Board, Sec; Dorm Counselor. NAGLIN, BARBARA ANN; Mattapan; Sociology; Tri Gam- ma; American Film Classics Series; Scuba Club. NANARTONIS, SHARl ELAINE; Amherst; Fashion Mer- chandising; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Women ' s Ski Team; Dean ' s List; Exec. Council; Home Economics Club. NATHANSON. DAVID; Boston; Russian; Alpha Phi Omega; Grenadiers Drill Team; Aid to Underpriviledged Kids. NAWROCKI, RICHARD EMIL; Chicopee Falls; Civil Engi- neering; Holyoke Community College. NEAL, BEVERLY ANN; Woburn; English Literature; Interna- tional Club; Women ' s Rifle Team. NEBB, JUDITH PAULA; Middlesex, N.J.; Sociology; Dean ' s List; Sociology Club; Index; Bologna Program. CdCdik NEEDLEMAN, PAULA CHERYL; Quincy; English; Hillel; Ex- change Student; N.E.S. NEINER, RANDI ALANE; Per th Amboy, N.].; Physical Edu- cation; Chi Omega; Kappa Delta Pi; Exec. Coun.; Home- coming Comm.; Dean ' s List. NELSON, KAREN LEE; Northboro; Nursing; Roister Doi- sters; Alpha Lambda Delta; Honors Colloquia; Mortar Board; Dean ' s List. NELSON, ROBERT ALAIN; East Longmeadow; Hotel Restaurant Management; Phi Mu Delta, Social Chrm., House Mgr.; Exec. Council; Homecoming Comm.; New- man Club. NESS, THOMAS WILLIAM; West Bridgewater; Agricultural Economics; Freshman Football; Intramurals; Dorm Council Rep.; Dorm V.P. NESSON, PATRICIA; Newton Centre; Child Develop- ment; Hillel; Exec. Council; Winter Carni Comm. NEUFELD, ELIZABETH SUE; Cedarhurst, N.Y.; Speech; Exec Council; Mortar Board; Revelers; Scrolls; Who ' s Who. NEWINGHAM, BONNIE SUE; Pepperell; Government; Dorm Counselor; Colonel ' s Cadre, Exec. Officer; Band; Equestrian Club. NEWMAN, OTTO R.; Quincy; English; A.S.C.E.; Bridge Club; Dean ' s List. NEWTON, DONALD GEORGE, JR.; Southampton; Chemi- cal Engineering; Marching Band; Symphony Band; Dean ' s List. NEWTON, FRANCES ALANA; Worcester; Zoology; Pi Beta Phi, Scholarship Chrm., Corresponding Sec; Dean ' s List. NICHOLS, JUDITH ANN; Andover; Home Economics; Dorm Counselor; Wesley Foundation; Wesleyaires, Bus. Mgr.; International Club. NICKERSON, JANICE ELAINE; Manchester; Elementary Education: Ski Club. NIEDERJOHN, WAYNE MARVIN; PIttsfield; Electrical En- gineering; Marching Band; Symphony Band; Freshman Wrestling; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi, V.P. NOCELLA, JOHN EDWARD; Brighton; Sociology; Mass. Bay Community College. NOLAN, BRIAN MOAKLEY; Salem; Government; Dorm V.P.; Southwest President ' s Forum, Treas.; Southwest College Council; Science Fiction Club. NOLAN, DANIEL J., JR.; Dedham; Forestry; Alpha Zeta, Censor, Chancellor; Forestry Club; Marching Band; Exec. Council; Dean ' s List. NOONE, PATRICK JOSEPH; No. Quincy; Electrical En- gineering; Northeastern Univ.; Counselor; Newman Club; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi. NORTON, NANCY ELLEN; Pittsfield; Elementary Edu- cation; Berkshire Community College; Educ. Club; New- man Club. NORWOOD, TERRY LEE; Sunderland; English; Holyoke Community College. NOWAK, KENNETH EDWARD; Needham; Fisheries Bi- ology; Freshman Swimming; Varsity Swimming. NOWAK, ROBERT STANLEY; New Bedford; Mechanical Engineering; Newman Club; A.S.M.E., V.P.; Varsity Golf Team, Capt.; Tau Beta Pi; Intramurals. NTOKOTHA, ENOCK MANGWIYO; Palombe, Malawi, Africa; Plant and Soil Sciences; Soccer; International Club; African Association, Publicity Sec. NUGENT, WILLIAM JOSEPH; Milton; Sociology; Fresh- man Gymnastics Team; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Corr. Sec; Exec. Council; I.F.C.; Fraternity Presidents Assembly. NYLEN, KAREN E.; Worcester; Medical Technology; Lutheran Youth Group; Judo Club; Sociology Club; Med. Tech Club. OBERMANN, SHARON LEE; Ridgewood, N.J.; Home Economics; Baldwin Wallace College; Home Economics Exec. Board. O ' CONNOR, SUSAN MARIE; Woburn; English; Dorm Counselor; House Chairman; Advisor Program Stand- ards; Newman Club. ODOMIROK, ANN CATHERINE; Northampton; Home Economics; Simmons College, Kalamazoo College. O ' DONNELL, ROGER HUGH; Ashfield; Industrial En- gineering; AIIE; Newman Club; Crew, Capt.; Intra- murals. O ' DONNELL, SALLY ANN; Pittsfield; English; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Art Club. OHANIAN, PAULA EUNICE; Needham; English. OJANEN, JOHN F.; Ashburnham; Economics; J.T.F.C, Pres.; Dorm Council; A.B.A.E., Treas.; F.O.M. OKSANEN, STEVEN JOHN; Lunenburg; History; Dorm Pres. OLANOFF, CHERYL HINDA; Swampscott; Sociology; N.E.S.; Educ. Club; HilleL OLANYK, MARY ELLEN; Sunderland; Home Economics; Home Ec. Club; Newman Club; Commuter ' s Club. O ' LEARY, DANIEL MICHAEL; Natick; Geology: Track; Geology Club; Outing Club: Dorm Social Chrm, O ' LEARY, FRANCIS HOWARD; Feeding Hills; Psychology; Exchange Student; Exchange Club; Dean ' s List. OLINSKY, SUE ANN; Revere; Elementary Education; Newman Club; Equestrian Club; Education Club; Kappa Delta Pi. OLIVARI, JOHN ROBERT; Gardner; Economics; Kappa Sigma; Economics Club; Newman Club; Intramurals. OLSON, GUSTAVE DAVID, Jr.; Gloucester, Park Ad- ministration; Stockbridge School of Agriculture; Dean ' s List; Honor ' s Colloquium; Arboriculture Club; Land- scape Architecture Club. O ' NEIL, JUDITH MARGARET; Natick; Sociology; Gamma Sigma Sigma, Corres. Sec, 2nd V.P.; Dorm Counselor; Newman Club; Dean ' s List; Sociology Club. OPPENHEIMER, ROBERT GOULD; Agawam; Pre- Med; Dorm Counselor; Arnold Air Society; Pre-Med Club; Phi Kappa Phi; Exec. Council. ORDWAY, CAROL MODENA; Westfield; Home Eco- nomics; University Band; Omicron Nu; Alpha Lambda Delta. OSBORN, JANE MARIE; Leominster; Elementary Edu- cation; Mt. Wachusett Community College; Educ. Club; Newman Club. OSTROFF, LEONARD STEVEN; Hull; Psychology; Sigma Alpha Mu, Social Chrm.; University Marching Band; Pre-Med Society; University Symphony Band. O ' SULLIVAN, MALCOLM JOSEPH; Cumberland, Mary- land; History; Northampton Volunteers, Pres.; Belcher- town Volunteers; N.E.S.; Dorm Counselor; Newman Club. O ' TOOLE, DAVID RICHARD; Clinton; Civil Engineering; Tau Beta Pi, Sec; A.S.C.E.; Newman Club; Intramurals; Dean ' s List. OVANES, ROBERT THOMAS; Worcester; General Business; Worcester Jr. College; Phi Sigma Kappa. OWEN, MARJORIE A.; Amherst; Art; Pi Beta Phi, His- torian. OZURANSKY, JUDITH A.; Peabody; English; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Campus Religious Coun; Hillel; Home Economics Club. PACHECO, PAUL THOMAS; Somerville; English; Mass. Bay Community College. PADYKULA, MICHAELENE FRANCES; Chicopee Falls; History; Band; Newman Club. PAGE, JUDITH ELAINE; Newburyport; Elementary Educa- cation; Education Club; Newman Club; Intramurals. PAGNINI, SUSAN MARIE; Hopedale; Psychology; Clark Univ.; Newman Club; Yahoo; Psychology Club. PAJAK, ROBERT WILLIAM; West Springfield; Electrical Engineering; Dean ' s List; I.E.E.E.; A. I. A. A., V.P.; Phi Eta Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu. PALARDY, GARY H.; Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Hotel and Restaurant Management; Lambda Chi Alpha, High Kappa; Frosh LaCrosse; Varsity LaCrosse; Innkeepers Club, Exec. V.P.; Winter Carni Committee. PALERMO, SHARON MARIE; Lawrence; English; New- man Club; N.E.S.; Collegian; Ski Club; Dorm Coun- selor. PALMER, ELLEN FERN; Holyoke; Elementary Education; Hillel; Educ. Club; Dorm Cultural Comm., Treas. PALMER, GALE F.; Melrose; Elementary Education; Dean ' s List; Dorm Counselor; Student Senate; Summer Program Comm.; Exec. Council, Sec. PALMER, STEPHEN CHARLES; Becket; Eood Science and Technology; Scabbard and Blade; Dorm Treas., Sec; Dean ' s List. PALUBECKAS, AURELIA JANINA; Northboro; Sociology; Newman Club; Ski Club; Scrolls, Treas.; Exec. Council; Pi Beta Phi, V.P. PAOLINO, LAWRENCE; Ware; History; Alpha Phi Omega. PAPPAS, CHARLES CHRIS; Lynn; Government; Student Senate; Dorm Counselor; Pi Sigma Alpha; Intramurals; Dean ' s List. PAQUETTE, JEROLD GEORGE; Gardner; History; S.U.G. Board; Univ. Calendar Board; Exec. Council; Dorm Coun- selor; Class Day Comm. PARADY, MARTHA ALLEN; Monument Beach; History; Education Club; Student Senate. PARANYA, JANE; Lexington; Physical Education; Hiram College; Field Hockey; Softball; LaCrosse; Intramurals. PARENT, CLIFFORD BURCE; West Newton; Restaurant and Hotel Management; Kappa Sigma; Innkeepers; In- tramurals. PARENT, DEBORAH LOUISE; West Springfield; Mathe- matics; Hartwich College; Sigma Kappa, Asst. Treas., Housema nager; Student Senate; Dorm Treas.; Dean ' s List. PARIS, MARTIN LEWIS; Newton; Accounting, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Sec; i.F.C; Accounting Assoc; SWAP Conf.; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Phi Award. PARIS, RICHARD SHERMAN; Ashburnham; Psyc io ogy; Beloit College; Pre-Law Club; Dorm Judiciary. PARTHUM, RICHARD CLARK; Lawrence; Chemistry; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Athletic Chrm.; Intramurals. PASELTINER, MERRYL TINA; White Plains, N.Y.; Child Development; Kappa Alpha Theta; Exec. Council; Winter Carni Comm.; Dean ' s List. ' t- f ' iiiiM PEARCE, RICHARD ELLIS; Littleton; English. PEASE, EDWARD HUNTINGTON; West Springfield; In- dustrial Engineering; Alpha Phi Omega; AIIE; Intramurals; Dorm Judiciary; Senate Services Comm. PEKKALA, RONALD B.; Amherst; Covernmenf. PELLEGRINO, CAROL BARBARA; Lawrence; Elementary Education: Angel Flight, Adm. Officer; Educ. Club; N.E.S.; Newman Club. PELOW, KATHLEEN U.; Springfield; Nursing; Nursing Club. PELTIER, RICHARD EDWARD; Brookline; Marketing; Massachusetts Bav Community College; Dorm Counselor; Marketing Club; Publicity Chrm. Southwest Concert 1%8; Southwest Social Committee; Dorm Social Com- mittee Chrm. PENSKI, ANTHONY E.; Gardner; Mechanical Engineering; ASME, Sec; Newman Club; AIAA; Intramurals. PENTLAND, JANE E.; Worcester; Medical Techonology; Chorale; Chamber Singers; Orchestra; Naiads; Dean ' s List. PERLMAN, ROBERT STEPHEN; Newton; History; Dorm Counselor; Intramurals. PERLSTEIN, HANNA; Springfield; Psychology; Hillel; S.U. Dance Comm., Women ' s Affairs Comm.; Dorm Judiciary; Dorm Counselor. PERREAULT, PAULINE ALICE; Springfield; Fashion Mer- chandising; Bay Path Jr. College; Dean ' s List. PERRONE, JUDITH SUTHERLAND; Worcester; Art Edu- cation; Education Club; Dorm Treasurer. PATRIQUIN, JEAN ANNE; Wakefield; Sociology; Univer- sity Chorale; Chamber Singers; lota Gamma Upsilon; Dean ' s List; Honors Colloquia. PAYSON, RONALD; Springfield; Zoology; American In- ternational College. PEABODY, CARLTON EDWARD, III; South Deerfield; Physical Education; Intramurals; Freshman Baseball; New- man Club. PEARCE, PATRICIA ANNE; Winchester; Elementary Edu- cation; Newman Club; N.E.S.; Winter Carni. PENZINER, SUSAN BETH; Sheffield; Elementary Educa- tion; Sigma Delta Tau; Dean ' s List; Exec. Council; Educ. Club. PEOPLES, DAVID B.; Natick; Plant Soil Science; Dorm Counselor; Dorm, Sec, Treas.; Dean ' s List; Track; Scuba Club. PERCY, VIRGINIA RAE; Pelham, N.Y.; Mat iemadcs; Harpur College; Dean ' s List; N.E.S. PERKINS, RICHARD ALAN; Ramsey, N.J.; Goverr7ment; Varsity Basketball; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Maroon Keys. PETERSON, DAVID CARL; Belmont; History: Dorm Coun- cil; Dorm Judiciary; Pre-Law Club. PETERSEN, GARY ROY; Shrewsbury; Marketing; Sigma Phi Epsilon; I.F.C.; Marketing Club. PETERSON, RONALD CARLETON; Milton; Civil Engineer- ing; ASCE; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Steward; Steward ' s Club; FMA Board of Directors. PETOW, PATRICIA A.; Cambridge; History; Collegian, Editorial Chrm.; Student Senate; Pre-Law Assoc, Faculty Senate Library Comm.; Exec. Council. ■ " x- " " " H il PFAIFLE, KENNETH ROBERT; Patchogue, N.Y.; Production Management; Barbell Club; Intramurals. PHELPS, MARCUS GEORGE; Southwick; forest Manage- ment; Paul Smiths College; Xi Sigma Pi; Alpha Zeta, Chronicler; Forestry Club. PHELPS, SANDRA; Charleston A.F.B., South Carolina; Recreation; University Bands, Asst. Librarian; Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship; W.A.A.; Recreation Club; Dorm Counselor. PHILBROOK, RUSSELL; Westfield; Marketing; Alpha Sigma Phi, V.P., Social Chrm. PHILLIPS, DIANA M.; Somerville; Psychology; Dean ' s List; Dorm Counselor. PICHE, DIANNE ESTELLE; Fall River; French; Mass. Bay Community College; Dean ' s List. PIESLAK, NANCY ANN; Methuen; English; Dean ' s List; Colonel ' s Cadre. PIETRYKA, FRANK JOSEPH: Belchertown; Wildlife Biol- ogy. PIKE, JANE E.; Needham; Home Economics; Dean Junior College; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Standards Comm.; Exec. Council; Homecoming Comm. PINKHAM, CHERYL ANN; Lynn; Speech; Dorm Presi- dent; Dorm Counselor. PLACE, CAROL DONNA; Framingham; Sociology; N.E.S. PLANKEY, JEAN LOUISE; Lynnfield; Nursing; Sigma Kappa; Nursing Club; Band. PLATT, SUSAN JANE; Framingham; Elementary Educa- tion; lota Gamma Upsilon, Asst. House Manager; Dorm Counselor; Winter Carni Queen ' s Court; Newman Club; Dean ' s List. PLYER, DAVID ALAN; Annapolis, Maryland; Electrical En- gineering; I.E.E.E.; Engineering Journal; Scuba Club. PODLES, DIANE LOUISE; Uxbridge; Education; Educa- tion Club; Dean ' s List. POLCHLOPEK, PHYLLIS ANN; Holyoke; History; Kappa Delta Pi; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Women ' s Interdorm Coun- POLIDORO, WILLIAM PHILIP; Pittsfield; English; Berk- shire Community College; Dorm Counselor. PONTBRIAND, VIRGINIA MARION; Charlton; Educa- tion. PONTE, JOEL BARRY; Shrewsbury; English; Quinsigamond Community College; Dorm Judiciary. PONTE, JOHN BARRY; Shrewsbury; Covernn7ent; Quin- sigamond Community College; Dorm Judiciary, Chief Justice. PORTEOUS, DONALD PHILIP; Watertown; Civil Engi- neering: Alpha Sigma Phi; ASCE. PORTNOY, ALLEN STEVEN; Marblehead; Government; Forensic Society; Pre-Law Assoc; Exec. Council; Univer- sity Theatre; S.U. Movie Comm. POSHKUS, GERARD MICHAEL; Worcester; Chemical Engineering: A.I.Ch.E.; Tau Beta Pi; Intramurals; Dorm Government. POTTER, GRACE ANN; Westfield; Educalion; N.E.S. POTTERN, LESLIE JAMES; Springfield; Economics; Oper- etta Guild; Modern Dance Production. POULIOT, WILLIAM ADELARD; Willimansett; Electrical Engineering: Eta Kappa Nu; Assoc, for Computing Ma- chinery, Pres.; Intramurals; I.E.E.E. POWERS, MARY F.; Mendon; Microbiology. PRATT, HOWARD LESLIE; North Reading; Marine Fisher- ies: Northern Essex Comm. College. PRATT, LEA J.; South Deerfield; Nursing. PRATT, ROBERT JAMES; Simsbury, Conn.; Sociology: Newman Club; Dorm Secretary; Dorm, V.P.; Intramurals. PRATTE, CLAIRE L.; Springfield; Education; Education Club, Treas.; Kappa Delta Pi, Historian, Reporter. PRESTON, MARTHA; Athol; Recreation; S.U. Movie Committee, Chrm.; S.U. Program Council, Sec; Eques- trian Club; Dorm Standards Comm. PREZIOSI, JOSEPH MICHAEL; Leominster; European His- tory; Mt. Wachusetts Community College; Dorm Judiciary, Young Democrats. PRIOR, RICHARD B.; Dracui; Food Economics; Newman Club; Communication Disorders Club. PROKO, BARBARA JOSEPHINE; Worcester; lournalism; Collegian; University Reform Comm.; Newman Club; Dean ' s List. PROPPER, EUGENE MICHAEL; New Hyde Park, N.Y.; Economics; Flying Club; Critique; Golf Team; Parachute Club; Economics Assoc. PROUTY, STEPHEN LEGUERN; Spencer; French; Intra- murals; Track; Exchange Student; French Corridor; Dean ' s List. PRUSKY, MICHAEL; Chelsea; Government; Phi Beta Kappa; Honors Colloquia; Chrm., Southwest Area Judi- ciary; Roister Doisters; University Theatre. PUDLO, WILLIAM JOHN; Fairview; Government; Yahoo; Russian Club; Intramurals; Pre-Law Assoc; Young Republicans. PUHALA, JAMES PAUL, Jr.; Montague City; Park Admin- istration; Greenfield Community College; Park Adminis- tration Club. PULVERENTI, NANCY GAIL; North Andover; Elementary Education; Lowell State College; Newman Club; Univ. Chorus. PUSTIS, CONSTANCE L.; Balboa, Canal Zone; Elemen- tary Education; Educ. Club; Newman Club; N.E.S.; Span- ish Club; Belchertown Volunteers. PUTNAM, JOHN EDWARD; Southwick; Government; Forensic Society; Exec. Council. PUTNAM, KARL LAWRENCE; Worcester; History. PYNE, SUSAN LEE; Hingham; Elementary Education; Edu- cation Club; Belchertown Volunteer. QUARRINGTON, JUDITH F.; Winthrop; Sociology; Sigma Delta Tau; N.E.S. QUIGLEY, MARY ELLEN; Springfield; Elementary Educa- tion; Kappa Alpha Theta, Rush Chrm.; Educ. Club; New- man Club; Exchange Student. QUIGLEY, PHYLLIS ROSE; Salem; English; Yahoo; Flying Club. QUINCY, JULIE ANNE; Lexington; Home fconom;cs; Pi Beta Phi, Pres.; Scrolls; Panhel, Treas., Co-Rush Chrm.; Home Economics Club. QUINLAN, DAVIE MARTIN; Peabody; History; Intra- murals; Dorm Council; Dean ' s List. RADVILAS, RONALD STANLEY; Stoughton; Wildlife Bi- ology. RAINIKOINEN, JOANNE v.; Southwick; Sociology; Holyoke Community College; Senior Exec. Council. RAINVILLE, ROBERT FRANCIS, Jr.; West Springfield; Chemical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; A.I.C.E.; Varsity Basket- ball, Manager; Dorm Rep.; Newman Club. RAKOUSKAS, MICHAEL GERARD; Chicopee Falls; Gen- era Business; Saint Thomas Seminary; Beta Gamma Sigma; Dorm Counselor; Dean ' s List; Senior Honors; Newman ClubV.P. RAND, GREGORY ALAN; Marblehead; Economics; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Freshman and Varsity Basketb all; Maroon Keys. RANKIN, JAMES THEODORE, Jr.; Reading; Pre-Vet.; Science Fiction Club; Arnold Air Society; Phi Eta Sigma; Judo Club. RAPPAPORT. BETTE H.; Quincy; Covernment; Exec. Coun- cil; Winter Carnival Comm.; Homecoming Comm.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; SWAP. RAPPAPORT, ROBERT HOWARD; Springfield; Pre-Dent: Univ. of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine; Dorm Counselor; Dean ' s List; Swim Team; Hillel; Pre-Med Club. RAUSEO, JOYCE MARIE; Lynnfield; Fashion Merchandis- ing: Pi Beta Phi, Social Chrm.; Newman Club; Home Economics Club. RAYMOND, LAWRENCE FRANCIS; Williamstown; Cov- ernment; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Sport Parachute Club; Flying Club. RAYMORE, PETER KENT; North Brookfield; Personnel Management: Management Club. REBECCHI. JANICE BARBARA; Agawam; Elementary Edu- cation: Alpha Chi Omega, House Manager, Recording Sec; Educ. Club; Newman Club. REDFIELD, SHARON LEE; Westminster; Mathematics: Dean ' s List; Exec. Council; Colonel ' s Cadre; Assoc, for Computing Machinery, Publicity Chrm.; Phi Kappa Phi. REGAN, DONALD E.; Leominster; Speech Pathology and Audiology; Atlantic Union College. £2£m REHBORN, BONNIE LEE; Wilmington, Delaware; Physical Education; Mortar Board; Kappa Delta Pi; Senior Honors Project; Marching Band, Twirler; SUG Board. REILLY, KAREN A.; Ridgewood, N.].; Zoology. REINHART, LEAH HOLT; Sunderland; French; French Cor- ridor, Treas.; Education Club; Southwest Council; Dorm Program Chairman; Dean ' s List. REIS, KATHERINE STACIA; Provincetown; English; SWAP; Dean ' s List; Literary Society; Yahoo; Southwest Area Council. REUBEN, MICHAEL IRWIN; Sharon; Pre-Med; Pre- Med Club; Belchertown Volunteer; Sigma Alpha Mu, Rush Chrm., Athletic Chrm.; Phi Eta Sigma; Fresh- man Tennis Team. REYNOLDS, ELLEN MARIE; Pittsfield; Elementary Educa- tion: Berkshire Community College; Standards Comm.; Social Comm.; Newman Club; Education Club; Sigma Kappa, Histortan and Photographer. RHEAUME, RICHARD JOHN; Dartmouth; Civil Engineer- ing: Judo Club, Pres.; Newman Club; ASCE. RHODES, EUGENE GARTH; Montague; Ceo ogy; Bay State Special Forces. RIBEIRO, CARLOS; Fairhaven; Business Administration; Management Club, Treas.; Intramurals. RICE, THOMAS A.; Williamstown; Business; Parachute Club; Beta Chi. RICHARD, HARRY PAUL; Granby; Civil Engineering; Hol- yoke Community College; Intramurals; Concert Band; ASCE. RICHARDS, F. PAUL; Wakefield; Zoology; Newman Club; Alpha Phi Omega; Exec. Council; Dorm Council; Intra- murals. RICHARDS, JOHN CHARLES; West Springfield; Covern- ment: Alplia Phi Omega; Arnold Air Society, Project Officer; Exec. Coun.; Senate Comm. on Service; Ski Club. RICHARDSON, EARLE CLIFTON; Greenfield; Civil Engi- neering; Scabbard and Blade; American Society of Civil Engineers; Intramurals; Dean ' s List. RICHARDSON, PATRICIA JAYNE; Westfield; Art; Caze- novia College; Dorm Counselor; Naiads; Intramurals. RICHARDSON, PAUL MICHAEL; Dorchester; Genera Bus- iness; Student Senate; Sport Parachute Club; Phi Mu Delta; Scuba Club; T.V. Club. RICKLAS, HOWARD A.; Springfield; History. RIGAZIO, MARIO ANTHONY, Jr.; Sagamore; Accounting: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Treas.; Accounting Assoc; Intramurals. RIMMER, PHYLLIS ELLEN; Ridgewood, N.).; English; Pi Beta Phi; Dean ' s List; Scrolls; Standards Comm., Chrm.; Exec. Council. RINGOEN, ALAN ANDREW; Worcester; Psychology; North- ampton State Volunteers; Collegiate Flying Club. RISCH, DIANNE PHYLLIS; Pittsfield; English; Yahoo; Dean ' s List. RISPLER, STUART ROY; Pittsfield; Accounting; Business Manager, Spectrum; Alpha Epsilon Pi. RITTER, SANDRA JOANNE; New Hartford, N.Y.; Child De- velopment; Chi Omega; Winter Carni; Index; National Assoc, for Education of Young Children. RITZI, EARL MICHAEL; Northboro; Zoology; Phi Eta Sig- ma; Honors Colloquium; Pre Med Club; Phi Kappa Phi; Wood ' s Hole Scholar. RIVET, DIANE M.; Linwood; Medical Technology; Newman Club; Lambda Delta Phi; Panhel Coun.; Collegian; Dean ' s List. RIZZO, MARIA E.; Miami Shores, Florida; Psychology; Psy- chology Club; Northampton State Volunteers; Dean ' s List. ROBERTS, LAWRENCE REEDER; Acton; Chemistry. ROBERTS, MARIE RUTH; Natick; English; University Cho- rus; University Concert Assoc, Mgr.; Dorm Manager; Dorm Constitutional Comm.; Dorm Counselor. ROBICHAUD, ANNETTE MARIE; Gardner; Recreation; Newman Club; Women ' s Swim Team; Recreation Club; Dean ' s List. ROBLESKI, PAULA ' MAE; Saugus; History; Belchertown Volunteers; Phi Kappa Phi; Northampton Volunteers; Alpha Lambda Delta; Honors Colloquia. ROCHI, VIRGINIA GAIL; Rochelle Park, N.J.; Home Eco- nomics; Pi Beta Phi, Stewardess, Censor; Home Ec. Club. RODGERS, ROBERT McCANN; Chicopee Falls; History; Pres. Dorm Judiciary; Dorm Council; Dean ' s List; Scabbard and Blade; Intramurals. RODWELL, ;OHN DENNIS; Tewksburv; Pre-Dent.: Dorm Social Chrm.; Newman Club; Dorm Counselor. ROGERS, WALTER EDMUND; Bourne; landscape Archi- tecture; TKE; Alpha Zeta; Landscape Architecture Club, V.P.; Intramurals; Freshman Football. ROL. ND, J.ANE E.; Boston; Anthropology; Young Inde- pendents; Students for Political Action; Collegian. ROLLASON, RUTH S.; Middletoun, Conn.; Home Econom- ROMANO, ANGELA; Maiden; £ emen(ary Education; Edu- cation Club; Dean ' s List. ROONEY, MARYELLEN KATHLEEN; Ludlow; Speech Pa- thology; Newman Club, Organist, Treas.; Lambda Delta Phi, Standards, Song Chrm.; Dorm Counselor; Dean ' s List; Senior Honors. ROOT, CAROLYN ANN; Westfield; Animal Science; Eques- trian Club; Dean ' s List; Animal Science Club. ROSE, ANDREA RUTH; Framingham; Elementary Educa- tion; Sigma Delta Tau; Dean ' s List; Educ. Club; Hillel; Senior Week Comm. ROSE, DORENE LOUISE; Cohasset; Zoology: Dean ' s List; Pre-Medical Society; Phi Kappa Phi. ROSEN, FRANCES E.; Worcester; Elementary Education; Dorm Counselor; Dorm Pres.; Educ. Club; Winter Carni Publicity Comm.; Soc. Club, Sec. ROSENBURG, GERALD SAFFRON; Newton; Accounting; Marching Band; Accounting Assoc; Intramurals. ROSENBERG, IRMA S.; Brookline; Medical Technology; Med Tech Club; Dorm Standards Comm. SBS ROSENBERG, MARJORIE DEE; Brookline; Medical Tech- nology; Dean ' s List; Med Tech Club; Dorm Council. ROSENFELD, CAROLYN PATRICIA; Westbury, L.I., N.Y.; Home Economics; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Home Ec. Club; Hillel. ROSSBOROUGH, CYNTHIA ALDEN; Wayland; History; Kappa Alpha Theta; Scrolls. ROSSOW, RICHARD ALAN; Longmeadow; Chemical Engi- neering; A.I.Ch.E. ROTH, JOY R.; Oceanside, N.Y.; English; Class Sec; Exec. Council, Publicity Chrm.; Sigma Delta Tau, Rec Sec; Pan- hel; Dean ' s List. ROBOUND, ANTHONY LEE; Norwell; Sociology; Lambda Chi Alpha, Asst. Soc Chrm.; Varsity Swimming; Exec. Council; I.F.C. ROULIND, MARY ALICE; Springfield, Mathematics; Dorm Counselor; Newman Club; Educ. Club. ROUPENIAN, ARMEN LEON; Brockton; Pre-Med; Pre- Medical Society, Pres,, V.P.; Pre-Medical Journal; Dorm Counselor; Chrm, Undergraduate Medical Experience Pro- gram; Senior Honors Research. ROWLEY, DORIS JEANETTE; Athol; English; Education Club; Dean ' s List. ROY, MARY DONNA; Springfield; Elementary Education- Newman Club; Educ. Club; Index. ROYAL, FREDERICK DAVID; Pittsfield; History; Pre-Law Club; Dean ' s List. ROZZI, LOUISE MARIA; Providence, R.I.; Physical Educa- tion; Rhode Island College; W.A.A., Pres.; Dean ' s List; Honors Program; Kappa Delta Pi. RUBBINS, SANDRA N.; Springfield; English; University Or- chestra; Naiads; Hillel. RUBENSTEIN, HAROLD C; Milford; Marketing; Worces- ter Junior College; Dorm Co-Ordinator; Men ' s Judiciary; Marketing Club, Treas. RUCKMAN, JOSEPH D.; Northampton; History; Student Senate; N.R.S.A.; Distinguished Visitors Program. RUCKSTUHL, SUSAN IRENE; Agawam; Home fco- nomics; Alpha Chi Omega, Chaplain, Pres.; Omicron Nu; Dean ' s List; Home Economics Club; Collegian. k b RUDER, ARLEEN SUSAN; Valley Stream, L.I., N.Y.; Early Childhood Education; Dean ' s List. RUDSTEN, SHERRY MARLENE; Beverly; Education; Scrolls; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sigma Delta Tau, Song Chrm.; Univer- sity Orchestra; Dean ' s List. RUPPERT, JUDITH A.; Holyoke; French. RUSH, GERALD A.; Boston; Economics; TKE; Intramurals; Economics Assoc. RUSSELL, CATHERINE FRANCIS; Marblehead; Sociology; Dorm Social Coordinator; Dean ' s List; Northampton State Volunteers. RUSSELL, GAIL ELLEN; Brockton; Nursing; Newman Club; Nursing Club; Dorm Counselor. RUSSO, PAULA ANN; Quincy; Accounting; Sigma Kappa, Pres., Rush Chrm.; Scrolls; Accounting Assoc; Arts Comm., Treas. Exec. Council; Dean ' s List. RUWET, MARIE HELENE; Torrington, Conn.; Home Eco- nomics; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Panhel Council; Women ' s Gymnastic Team; Home Economics Club, Treas., V.P.; Dorm Counselor. RYAN, EDMOND JOHN; Worcester; Pre-Med; Frosh Swimming Team; Dorm V.P.; Varsity Tennis Team; Pre-Med Club; Chemistry Club. RYAN, MARY SHEILA; Mattapan; Sociology; Chi Omega; Exec. Council; SWAP, Sec; Homecoming, Sec; Who ' s Who. RYNN, MAUREEN FRANCES; Waltham; History; Massachu- setts Bay Community College; Women ' s Affairs Comm.; Dorm Chrm.; Area Selection Board For Counselors. RZESZUTEK, JEANNE M.; Chicopee; Elementary Educa- tion; Sigma Kappa, Recommendations Chrm.; Dean ' s List; Arts and Music Comm.; Educ. Club; Newman Club. itfii SAART, JAMES DAVID; Natick; Public Health; ARCON, Chrm.; Phi Mu Delta. SABLAK, SANDRA JEAN; Warren; French; Newman Club; Dorm Counselor; Dean ' s List. SACHS, JEANETTE; Worcester; English; Hillel, Sec. SACKETT, RAYMOND A.; Melrose; Electrical Engineering. SACKMARV, RECINA JOYCE; Amherst; English; Chorale; Critique. SADOWSKI, RICHARD HENRY; Westfield; Pre-Dentistry; Editor-in-Chief Index. Photo Editor; Phi Beta Kappa; Adel- phia; Phi Kappa Phi; V ' ho ' s Who. SAGER, JOYCE GARLICK; Northampton; Spanish; Span- ish Club; Dorm Judiciary Comm.; Faculty Fellow Corridor Rep. SAGCESE, ALFRED E.Jr.; Winthrop; Speech; Revelers; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Basketball; Intramurals; Collegian. SAITTO, PAMELA ANN; Agawam; Elementary Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Education Club; Newman Club; Dean ' s List. SALHUS, MARCELLA DENISE; Rye, N.Y.; English; New- man Club; Educ. Club; Naiads; Dorm Constitutional Comm. SALINETTI, WILLIAM BERNARD; Lee; General Business and Finance: Dean ' s List; Newman Club. SALO, ROBERT LEONARD; Westminster; Hotel Manage- ment; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Maroon Keys; Sportscar Club; Innkeepers. SALOMON, DIANE MYRA; Brockton; Elementary Edu- cation; Collegian; Educ. Club; Homecoming Comm.; Hillel. SALTUS, EDGAR RICHARD; Westfield; Government; Beta Kappa Phi, Sec; Exec. Comm.; Winter Carni Comm.; Homecoming Exec. Chrm.; Presidents Council. SALVATORE, CLAUDIA; Trenton, N.J.; Sociology; Chi Omega; Index. SAMOUR, CAROL ANNE; Concord; Psychology; Belcher- town Volunteers; Roister Doisters; University Theatre. SAMPSON, BONOLYN LEE; Maiden; Microbiology; Chi Omega; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Kappa Phi. SANBORN, JOHN WORTHEN; Bridgewater; Mechanical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; A.S.M.E.; A. I. A. A.; S.A.E.; In- tramurals. SANDERSON, LESLI ELIZABETH; Brockton; English; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Activities Chrm.; Cheerleader; Dean ' s List; Dorm Social Comm. SANDHAUS, JOHN L.; Quincy; Physical Education; In- dex, Sports Editor, Associate Editor; Collegian; S.W.A.P.; Dean ' s List. SANDONATO, LINDA MARIA; Quincy; Geology; Var- sity LaCrosse; Dorm Social Comm.; Newman Club. SANDSTROM, MARILYN L.; Groton; Public Relations Management; Flying Club. SANFORD, LEE MERRITT; Georgetown; Animal Science; Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship; Animal Science Club; Dean ' s List. SANTERRE, KIM ROLAND; Townsend; Psychology; Gym- nastics Team; Phi Eta Sigma; Intramurals; Dean ' s Li st. SANTUCCI, ROBERT JOHN; Newton; Hotel and Restau- rant Management; Kappa Sigma, Pres.; Varsity Football; I.F.C. Judiciary; Varsity Club. SARAT, JOYCE MAE; Agawam; Elementary Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Registrar, Recommendations Chrm.; N.E.S.; Newman Club; Dean ' s List. SARGENT, PHILLIPS HILL, Jr.; West Boylston; Psychol- ogy; LaCrosse; Zeta Nu. SARTY, HOWARD L., Jr.; Sturbridge; Psychology. SAWYER, ROBERT JAMES; Danvers; Speech; WMUA, Of- ficer, Announcer. SAYRE, MARY ELEANOR; Leonia, N.J.; Sociology; Stu- dents for Ecumenical Action, Pres.; Wesley Foundation, Pres.; Womens Athletic Assoc; Amherst Tutorial; Dean ' s List. SCANNELL, JANE ELLEN; Arlington; Physical Education; Massachusetts Bay Community College; Judo Club. SCHAFFNER, DONNA M.; Lynn, English. SCHILLER, DAVID O.; Methuen; forestry; Forestry Club, V.P.; Woodsmen Weekend Team. SCHMALZ, MARY LOUISE; Sudbury; Elementary Edu- cation; Lambda Delta Phi. SCHMIDT, DIANE G.; Baldwin, N.Y.; Elementary Educa- tion; Newman Club; N.E.S.; Nursing Club. SCHMIDT, DOUGLAS LOU; Holyoke; Pre-Med; Scuba Club; Phi Eta Sigma, Pres.; Alpha Sigma Phi; Lutheran Club, Pres. SCHMIDT, KAREN LEE; Yokohama, Japan; Human Evelop- ment; Scrolls; Revelers; Kappa Alpha Theta; Panhel Coun- cil, V.P., Publicity Chrm.; Exec. Council. SCHMIDT, LEONARD EVERETT; Springfield; Sociology; Air Force ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega; Chief Justice, Dorm Judiciary; Dorm Government. SCHMOYER, MARIANNE LOUISE; Pittsfield; Elementary Education; Who ' s Who; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Scrolls; Dean ' s List; Index, Greek Editor. SCHMUCK, NANCY LOVETT; Hampden; Nursing; Class Exec. Council; Naiads; Pi Beta Phi; Nursing Club; Alumni Association Comm. Chrm. SCHNEIDER, ARNOLD MARC; Newton; Government; Newton Junior College; Dean ' s List; Dorm Council; Dorm Judiciary; Intramurals. SCHONBECK, GARY CARL; Auburn; Woocf Tec ino ogy; Stockbridge School of Agriculture; Forestry Club; Forest Products Research Society; Woodsmen Team. SCMWEIGER, MYRA ELAINE; Paramus, N.J.; Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Pi; Spanish Club; Educ. Club; Col- legian. SCOGLAND, RICHARD EUGENE; Sudbury; Civil Engi- neering; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; I.F.C.;Amerlcan Society of Civil Engineers; Freshman Soccer. SCOTT, ELIZABETH ANN; Willimansett; Fashion Merchan- dising; Belchertown Volunteers; Northampton Volun- teers; .Angel Flight; Home Economics Club; Dean ' s List. SCOTT, JAMES LEONARD; So. Hadley; Mechanical En- gineering; Crew Team; Arnold Air Society. SCOZZARI, ANGELA C; Arlington; Elementary Education; Education Club; Dean ' s List. SCULL, BARBARA JEAN; Wynnewood, Pa.; Sociology; Dean ' s List; N.E.S.; Religious Discussion Group; Sociol- ogy Club. SEARS, STEPHEN ALLEN; North Adams; English; Berk- shire Community College; Dean ' s List; Honoors Program; Southwest Honor ' s Symposium; Freshman Remedial English Program. SEELY, WILLIAM; Pittsfield; Accounting; Berkshire Com- munity College. SEGAL, MICHAEL BRUCE; Chelsea; Government; Pre- Law Assoc, Treas.; Exec. Council; Dorm President; Chrm. of Dorm Council; Dorm Judiciary. SEIFER, LINDA GAY; White Plains, N.Y.; Government; Dean ' s List; Exec. Council; Standards Council; Senate Academic Affairs Comm.; Winter Carni Comm. SENA, CHRISTINE GABRIELLE; Medford; Landscape Ar- chitecture; Dean ' s List; Landscape Architecture Club; New- man Club; Ski Club; American Society of Landscape Ar- chitects. SEVERY, ARABELLA McCLINTON; Dorchester; Zoology; Student Religious Liberals. SHANE, ROBERTA; Bass River; Sociology; Cape Cod Community College; Hillel; Sociology Club. SHARAC, JO ANNE SUSAN; Holyoke; Psychology; Honors Colloquia; Alpha Lambda Delta; A. I. A. A.; Inter- national Club. SHATTUCK, WILLIAM ARTHUR; Pepperell; Government; Nonheastern Univ.; Pre-Law Assoc; Young Republicans; Student Senate Services Comm. SHAUCHNESSY, JULIANNE; Wilbraham; Zoology; Dorm Social Chairman; Newman Choir; Newman Club; Dorm Counselor. SHAW, LINCOLN C., Jr.; Auburn; Zoology; Wrestling; Arcon; Exec. Council; Golf; Lambda Chi Alpha, Rush Chrm., Social Chrm. SHAW, PAMELA )OY; Newton; Fashion Merchandising; Home Ec Club, Pres., V.P.; Dean ' s Council; Dean ' s List. SHAW, SHERRY LYNNE; North Quincy; History; Sigma Kappa, Corr. Sec; Angel Flight; Exec. Council; Winter Carni Comm.; Dean ' s List. SHEAR, JUDITH ANN; Brookline; Sociology; Dorm Counselor; Northampton Volunteers; Dean ' s List; N.E.S. SHEEHAN, EILEEN MARY; Arlington; Psychology; Lowell State; Newman Club; Young Democrats. SHEELY, PATRICIA LYNN; Pittsfield; History; Equestrian Club; Women ' s Ski Team; History Club; W.A.A.; Ski Club. MiM SHEFFER, MARY LOUISE; Fairview; Nutrition and Dietetics; Texas Woman ' s Univ.; Newman Club; Dorm Counselor; Home Ec. Club, Exec. Board; Stouffer Scholarship Award; Dean ' s List. SHELDON, CAROL ANNE; West Brookfield; Child De- velopment; Sigma Sigma Sigma, House Manager; Mer- rill-Palmer Institute. SHEPARD, RONALD B.; Williamstown; Accounting; Base- ball; Accounting Assoc; Beta Gamma Sigma; Dorm Judi- ciary, Chief justice. SHERMAN, IDA LEAH; Lynchburg, Virginia; Mathematics; Miami University; Alpha Chi Omega, 1st V.P.; Symphony Band; Symphony Orchestra. SHERMAN, JEFFRY BRUCE; Worcester; ccount r7g; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Historian, Sec; Class Exec. Coun.; Winter Carni Comm.; Accounting Assoc; Pre-Law Assoc SHERMAN, JOHN FLEMING, Jr.; So. Yarmouth; fconom- ics; Cape Cod Community College; Phi Mu Delta; Eco- nomics Club. SHERMAN, KENNETH BRUCE; Brookline; Anthropo ogy; Collegiate Flying Club, V.P.; WMUA, New Director; Or- chestra; Zoology Club; Outing Club. SHERMAN, LINDA GAIL; Newton; Speech; lota Gamma Upsilon, Activities Chrm., Social Chrm.; Jr. Panhel Rep. SHERVOCK, ARLENE GAIL; Springfield; £;emer7tary Edu- cation; Kappa Delta Pi; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Dean ' s List; Educ Club; Whist Club. SHIELDS, NANCYELLEN; Pittsfield; History; Lambda Delta Phi, Treas., Cultural hrm.; Newman Club; Educ. Club. SHINE, RICHARD AUGUSTINE; Lawrence; English; Nor- thern Essex Community College; Dean ' s List; Dorm Coun- selor; Broken Egg Coffeehouse, Manager. SHIPPEE, LINDSAY ALLEN; Westwood; History; Dean ' s List; Honors Colloquia. SHULDA, KAREN ANN; Shelburne Falls; English; Sigma Kappa; Exec. Council; Women ' s Affairs Comm. SHUMAN, LINDA BETH; Chestnut Hill; Elementary Edu- cation; Sigma Delta Tau; Educ Club; Hillel. SIBLEY, FREDERIC FRANCIS; West Medway; Landscape Architecture; Land. Arch. Club; Senior Honors Program. SILVA, JUDITH ANN; Rockport; Education; Newman Club; Education Club; Dean ' s List. SILVERMAN, JANET HARRIET; Maiden; Speech Pathol- ' gy; Cultural Enrichment Comm.; Dorm Officer; Concert -.isoc. Sec; Dean ' s List. SIMCOX, HENRY JOSEPH; Brooklyn, N.Y.; Chemistry; Dean ' s List. SIMKINS, BRUCE F.; West Springfield; History; Beta Kappa Phi, Activities Coordinator; Dean ' s List; Ski Club. SIMONDS, NANCY ELLEN; Allston; American History; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Recording Sec; Dorm Social Chrm.; Dean ' s List; Index Hiiii SIMPSON. BRUCE GORDON; Athol; Chemical Engi- neering; MChE; Arnold Air Society, Comptroller; Dorm V.P.; Dorm Counselor. SIMPSON, THOMAS D.; So. Hadley; Electrical Engi- neering; Delta Chi; Engineering journal. Bus. Manager; I.E.E.E. SINCLAIR, KENNETH PAUL; Springfield; Accounting; Dean ' s List; Phi Kappa Phi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Accounting Assoc. SIRULNIK, LYDIA DEE; Longmeadow; Human Develop- ment; Bay Path Junior College; Glee Club. SISSON, EDWIN v.; Sandwich; Civil Engineering. SISWICK, DUDLEY THOMAS; Westfield; English. SITEK, BARRY FRANCIS; Springfield; Government; Floor Rep.; Dorm Council; Intramurals; Athletic Chrm.; Pre Law Club. SjOQUIST, ELAINE FAITH; Needham; English; Christian Science Organization, Pres., V.P., Sec; Naiads; Ski Club; N.E.S. SKERRITT, JOAN ELAINE; Chicopee; Physical Education; Equestrian Club; Newman Club; WAA Volleyball, Man- ager; V ' AA Basketball; Varsity Softball. SKINNER, SHARI M.; Cambridge; Zoology; Gymnastics Team. SLACK, JANYCE ELAINE (DEMONE); Quincy; Elementary Education; Pi Beta Phi; Education Club; Chorale; Judo Club; Colonel ' s Cadre. SLACK, PETER TRACY; Southbridge; Civil Engineering; A.S.C.E. SLOAN, LAUREL SUSAN; Weymouth; Elementary Edu- cation; Chorus; Campus Crusade for Christ; Educ. Club. SLOCUM, MARJORIE E.; Bernardston; Physical Educa- tion. SMEAD, GREGORY HOBART; Greenfield; Civil Engi- neering; ASCE; Dorm Counselor; Dean ' s List. SMITH, EDITH GREETH AM; Lexington; History; Dean ' s List; Alpha Lambda Delta; Wesleyaires; Honors Col- loquium. SMITH, ERNEST JOHN, Westford; Physical Education; Football; Baseball; Wrestling; Kappa Sigma; IPC Rep. SMITH, EUGENE THOMAS, III; Weymouth; History; Al- pha Sigma Phi; Wrestling. SMITH, JOHN RICHARDSON; Chicopee; ccount ng; Accounting Assoc; Dean ' s List. SMITH, KATHLEEN K.; Glen Ridge, N.J.; English; Scrolls, Pres.; Kappa Alpha Theta, Treas.; Dorm Social Chairman; Exec. Council; SWAP. SMITH, KENNETH R.,Jr.; Haverhill; Marketing; Beta Kappa Phi, Athletic Chrm., Social Chrm.; Ski Club; Varsity In- door Track; I.F.C. Rep.; Marketing Club. SMITH, MARGARET WILTRUDE; White Plains, N.Y.; History; Dorm Cultural Chrm.; Southwest Academic Comm.; Honors Colloquia; Senior Honors; Phi Kappa Phi. SMITH, MARILYN ROCHELLE; Worcester; German; Hillel; N.E.S.; Kappa Delta Pi; Dean ' s List; Dorm Standards Comm. SMITH, MARTIN ALLARD; West Springfield; General Bus- iness and Finance; Beta Kappa Phi; Varsity Soccer; Hoo k- ers Club. SMITH, MARY MARGARET; Franklin; Education; Newman Club; Educ.Club. SMITH, RITA RENEE; Marion; Accounting; Accounting Assoc. SMITH, ROGER JEFFREY; Worcester; Geology; Geology Club; Flying Club, Safety Officer; Intramurals; Dorm House Council; Dorm Cultural Comm. SMITH, SANDRA; Amherst; English; Brigham Young Univ. SMITH, SONJA MARY; Chelmsford; English; Dorm So- cial Comm.; Newman Club; Dorm Constitutional Comm. SMOOT, JOYCE ANN; Medford; Education; Sigma Sig- ma Sigma; Math Club; Newman Club; National Educ. Service Volunteer; Gamma Sigma Sigma. SNELL, ANDREA GAIL; Pittsfield; Recreation; Naiads, Pub., President; ASSCW, Pres.; C.S.S.; Newman Club; Dorm Social Chrm. SNOW, WILLIAM CHARLES; Westfield; Animal Science; Stockbridge School of Agriculture; Dairy Judging Team; Animal Science Club; Dorm Sports. SNYDER, ELLAYNE ELIAS; Methuen; Medical Technology; Equestrian Club; Alpha Delta Theta, Organizing Comm.; Orthodox Club; Standards Comm.; Ski Team. SNYDER, SUZANNE CAROL; Athol; French; Band, Props Crew. SNYDER, THEO FRANCES; Longmeadow; £ ementary Edu- cation; Dean ' s List; Education Club, Pres.; Hillel. SOFFAN, JAMES J.; Springfield; Psychology. ;OHL, CHARLES WILLIAM; Lenox; Electrical Engineer- ng; Berkshire Communis College; I.E.E.E. SOLOMON, EDWARD LEE; Natick; Recreation; Track; Dorm Pres.; Student Senate; Dorm Counselor; Discipline Board. SOLOMON, JUNE ELLEN; Springfield; English. SOUTHARD, ROBERT YOUNG; Easthampton; Piychol- ogy: Marching Band: Svmphonv Band; Alpha Sigma Phi. SOUWEINE, LEON EDMUND; Centerville; Psychology; Marching Band; Symphony Band; Operetta Guild. SPARTOS, ANTHONY GEORGE; Somerville; Pre-Med; Alpha Phi Omega; Pre-Med Club; Orthodox Club; A.U.K. SPATOLA, GLENN JOSEPH MARK; Methuen; Speech and Hearing Therapy; WMUA, Chief Announcer, Pro- gram Director; Dean ' s List; Dorm House Council, Sec. SPEARS, PETER FIN FINLAY; Wellesley; Genera Business and Economics; Theta Chi, V.P., Treas.; Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Gamma Sigma; Arcon. SPECHLER, MICHELLE GAIL; Asbury Park, N.J.; Fine Art; Dean ' s List; Naiads; Northampton Volunteers; Gymnas- tics Club. SPELKO, JOHN THOMAS; Palmer; Forestry; Hockey; Forestry Club. Varsity SPELLMAN, JAMES MICHAEL; Randloph; Government- Mass. Bay Community College; Dorm Pres., V.P.; Ath- letic Chrm. SPENCER, AVERY HOLMES; Becket; Art; Berkshire Com- munity College; Bologna Summer Program; Exchange Student; International Club; Anthropology; Dean ' s List. SPERANZO, NICHOLAS STEPHAN; Pittsfield; Manage- ment. SPICE, ROBERT ELTON; Haddonfield, N.. Math Club. Mathematics; SPURLING, DENNIS MICHAEL; Haverhill; Marketing; Northern Essex Community College; Tau Epsilon Phi; Marketing Club; Dean ' s List; Intramurais. STANELIS, RAYMOND; Worcester; Accounting. STARR, NANCY ELLEN; Canton; Elementary Education; Dean ' s List; Dorm Cultural Comm.; Education Club; So- ciology Club; Hills North Mascot. STARZAK, CAROL J.; Attleboro; Elementary Education; Newman Club; Educ. Club; Ski Club; Home Economics Club. STEEL, STEPHEN HALES; Rowayton, Conn.; Chemistry; Lambda Chi Alpha, Sec; Dean ' s List. STEELE, M. SUSAN; Reading; Education; Kappa Alpha Theta; Dean ' s List. STEFANIK, KATHERINE BARBARA; Webster; English; lota Gamma Upsilon, Soc. Chrm,; Exec. Council; Revelers; Winter Carni Comm. STEFANIK, STEPHEN ARTHUR; Holyoke; Mathematics; Adelphia; Newman Club, Pres.; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Phi Omega; Who ' s Who. STEFIN, LINDA GAIL; Lawrence; Elementary Education; Education Club; N.E.S.; Dean ' s List; Hillel; Index. STERLING, KENNETH A.; PIttsfjeld; Forestry; Forestry Club; Alpha Zeta; Dorm Social Chrm. STERN, MARC MITCHELL; Wantagh, L.I., N.Y.; Marketing; Hillel; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Marketing Club; Intramurals. STEVENS, BARBARA DELMOLINO; Adams; Sociology; Sociology Club. STEVENS, DONNA MARIE; Natick; French; French Corri- dor; Newman Club; Dorm Counselor. STEVENS, KENT GARDNER; Plymouth; Physical Educa- tion; Footbal; Intramurals; Kappa Sigma. STEWART, SARAH SETTLE; Burlington; Art; Dean ' s List; Square Dance Club. STIBOLT, NANCY KIRSTEN; Wilbraham; Elementary Edu- cation; Green Mountain Co llege; Angel Flight; Ski Club. STILES, LAUREN HELEN; Plymouth; Spanish; Spanish Club; Dorm Standards Committee, Chrm.; Dean ' s List; Senior Honors; Phi Kappa Phi. ST. LAURENT, PAUL lOSEPH; Methuen; Agriculture and Food Economics; Dorm Treasurer; Dorm Rep. STONE, GWENDOLYN IRENE; Oxford; £ emen(ary Edu- cation; Educ. Club; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Dean ' s List. STONE, HARVEY; Hull; Electrical Engineering; Flying Redmen; Collegian; WMUA. STORY, RICHARD W.; Essex; Philosophy; WMUA; Roister Doisters; Astronomy Club, V.P.; Young Independents; Students for Political Action. STRATTNER, GREGORY PETER; Pittsfield; English; Dorm Chief Justice; Editor-in-Chief, hlobbitt; College Activi- ties Comm.; Dorm Ping-Pong Champion; Editorial Staff, Co eg an. STRAUSS, NEIL MARTIN; Swampscott; English; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Spectrum. STYS, NATALIE ELIZABETH; Fall River; Elementeary Edu- cation; Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. SULLINGER, HELEN; Hillsdale, N.|.; Nursing. SULLIVAN, BARBARA JANE; Wellesley; Government; Kappa Alpha Theta, Sec; Newman Club; Exec. Council- Scrolls. SULLIVAN, HERBERT ALFRED; Springfield; English; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Rush Chrm.; Intramurals; Winter Carni Comm.; Homecoming Comm. SULLIVAN, JAMES FRANCIS; Worcester; History. SULLIVAN, KAREN MARIE; Lynnfield; Elementary Educa- tion; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Scholarship Chrm.; Exec. Council; Newman Club. SULLIVAN, KATHLEEN MAURA; Danvers; Sociology. SUNDQUIST, NANCY JEAN; Walpole; Nutrition and Food; Northampton Volunteer; Home Economics Club; Luther Club; Oean ' s List. SUSCO. DIANE ELIZABETH; Northampton; Psychology; Lambda Delta Phi; Newman Club; Equestrian Club; Dean ' s List; Index. SUSSMAN, STEVEN ALAN; Newton Centre; Covern- ment: Alpha Epsilon Pi; Pre-Law Assoc; University Theatre. SUTHERLAND, DOUGLAS FRANCIS; Easthampton; Slavic Languages; Syracuse University; Russian Club. SWAIN, LESLIE ELIZABETH; Brockton; Psychology; N.E.S.; Education Club; Vahoo; Ski Club. SWANSON, PAUL ERLAND; North Easton; Production Management; Scuba Club; 4-College Flying Club; Dean ' s List. SWANSON, WALTER JOHN; Weymouth; American His- tory; Dorm V.P.; Phi Sigma Kappa, Social Chrm., V.P.; Winter Carni Comm.; A. I. I.E.; Business Administration Club. SWARTZ, NATHANIEL HERBERT; Newton Center; History; Arnold Air Society; Flying Redmen; Pershing Rifles; Ama- teur Radio Association. 1kA£t SWEENEY, FRANK PATRICK; Salem; Geology; Newman Club; Intramurals. SWEET, GERALD ALAN; Sharon; Psychology; Sigma Al- pha Mu, Rush Chrm.; I.F.C.; Dorm Counselor; Intramurals; Belchertown Volunteers. SWENSON, E. KENT; Amherst; English; Cape Cod Com- munity College; Dean ' s List. SWENSON, PAULA DAVIS; Amherst; journalism; Literary Society; Sociology Club; Collegian; Dorm Cultural Chrm. SWIERZBIN, LYNNE JOYCE; Webster; English; Dean ' s List; University Theatre; Educ. Club; N.E.S.; Dorm Exec. Coun. SWIFT, TERRY LEE; Pocasset; English; Dorm Film Comm.; Webster College Activities Comm.; Collegian. SWISTAK, ANTHONY JOHN; Cheshire; Accounting; Berk- shire Community College; Accounting Assoc. SWITHENBANK, BRENDA JEAN; North Andover; History; Pi Beta Phi; Scrolls; Ski Team; Dean ' s List; Phi Beta Kappa. SWORDS, SHIRLEY CLAIRE; Holyoke; Government; Cor- nell Univ.; Dean ' s List. SYLVA, JOSEPH LAWRENCE, Jr.; Plymouth; Philosophy; Outing Club. TABBOR, JOAN H.; Chicopee Falls; English; Our Lady of the Elms College; Art Club, Sec; Newman Club; Caesura, Art Editor; Dorm Standards Committee. TABLOSKI, THEODORE FRANCIS, Jr.; Lowell; Electrical Engineering; Eta Kappa Nu; Phi Kappa Phi; Dean ' s List; In- tramurals Athletic Director; I.E.E.E. TACY, WILLIAM J.; Lenox; Genera Business; Atlantic Un- ion Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship; American Conser- vative Students Club; New Guard, Pres. TAILBY, MARY PRISCILLA; Wellesley; Government; Kap- pa Alpha Theta; Newman Club. TALUCCI, VIRGINIA E.; Pompton Plains, N.J.; English; Uni- versity Chorale; Newman Club; Dean ' s List; Yahoo. TAMMARO, SANDRA JEAN; Reading; Education; New- man Club; Educ. Club; Pi Beta Phi, House Manager. TANTUM, SUSAN; Robbinsville, N.J.; Zoology; Chi Omega, Recommendation Chrm.; Exec. Council; Dean ' s List; New- man Club. TASSINARI, NANCY ANN; Sagamore; Elementary Educa- tion; Educ. Club; Newman Club; Index; Belchertown Volunteers; N.E.S. TAYLOR, JANET ANN; Westport; Mathematics; Dorm His- torian; Dean ' s List. TAYLOR, MARJORY R.; Swansea; Psychology; Lambda Delta Phi. TAYLOR, PAMELA ANN; Wildwood Crest, N.J.; Govern- ment; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Treas.; Senior Honors; Cri- tique; Winter Carnival; Pre-Law Assoc. TAYLOR, SUSAN ELAINE; Great Neck, N.Y.; Physics; Sig- ma Sigma Sigma; Mortar Board, V.P.; Senior Honors; Pan- hel Council; Dean ' s List. TAYMORE, MAXINE; Maiden; English; Gamma Sigma Sig- ma; Equestrian Club; Hillel. TEACHER, ANDREA; Farmingham; Spanish. TEITTINEN, ERIC PAUL; East Templeton; Civil Engineering; ASME; ASCE; Ski Club; Intramurals. TEIXEIRA, RICHARD LIONEL; Fall River; Pre-Medical; Al- pha Phi Omega; Newman Club; Pre-Med Club. TEMPLETON, JOHN JOSEPH; Hull; English; Mass. Bay Com- munity College. TENNANT, WILLIAM; Pre-Dent; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Ma- roon Keys; Revelers. TEPEROW, CAROLE A.; West Roxbury; English; Exec. Council. Womens Affairs Committee; SWAP; Hillel. THEALL, PAULINE JOYCE; Abington; French; Gamma Sig- ma Sigma; French Corridor. THOMALA, MARILYN ARLINE; Franklin Square, N.Y. His- tory; House Council; Exec. Council. THOMAS, JOHN ARTHUR; Fitchburg; Marketing; Dorm Athletic Chairman; Dorm Council; Intramurals; Section Rep. THOMPSON, BRADLEY JOHN; Greenfield; Electrical En- gineering; Northeastern University; Engineering journal. Exec. Editor. Eta Kappa Nu; I.E.E.E. THOMPSON, JAMES PATRICK; Great Barrington; Ac- counting: Collegian: WMUA; Accounting Assoc, Pres.; Dean ' s List. THOMPSON, JAY KINSMAN; Auburndale; English; Lite- rary ' Magazine; Dean ' s List. THOMSON, BRIAN EDWIN; Springfield; Mechanical En- gineering; Intramurals; ASME; A.I.A.A. THOMSON, JAMES WILLIAM; Amherst; Agriculture Food Activities; Wrestling; Sailing Club; Intramurals; Al- pha Zeta. THOMPSON, SHERRIE ANN; Roseland, N.J.; Nursing; Nursing Club; Dorm Social Comm.; Swim Team. THORNER, LAURENCE PHILIP; Marblehead; History; New- man Club; Intramurals. TIBBETTS, JOHN A.; Amherst; Civil Engineering; ASCE; Commuters Club, Pres. TIBERII, DAVID ARTHUR; Southbridge; Government; Student Senate; Exec. Council; Dorm Council; Phi Sigma Kappa; Pre-Law Assoc. TIBERII, JANICE REGINA; Southbridge; Mathematics; Sig- ma Kappa; Exec. Council; Arts Music Comm.; Precis- ionettes; Dean ' s List. TIBERIO, RONALD S.; Natick; Mathematics; Dorm Cul- tural Activities Committee. TILDEN, DEBRA LYN; Milton; Elementary Education; Kap- pa Alpha Theta, V.P.; Mortar Board; Scrolls; Phi Kappa Phi; Exec. Council. TILLEY, WILLIAM STEPHEN; Bethesda, Maryland; Zool- ogy; Symphony Band; Orchestra; Ski Club. TOBIN, ROBERT IRWIN; Wellesley Hills; Marketing; Beta Kappa Phi; Maroon Keys, Pres.; Arcon; Exec. Council; Student Senate. TOMASI, CARL ANTHONY; Pittsfield; Electrical Engineer- ing; Eta Kappa Nu, V.P.; Tau Beta Pi; I.E.E.E. TOMB, SUSAN M.; Framingham; Psychology; Alpha Lambda Delta; Dean ' s List; Dorm Counselor; Phi Kappa Phi. TOMPKINS, ALVIN ARTHUR; Southbridge; Government; Mount Wachusett Community College; Chorale; Chamber Singers. TOOTHAKER, LOIS ANN; Winchendon; Nursing; Nursing Club; School Affairs Comm.; Dean ' s List. TOPULAS, SANDRA NICHOLAS; Chicopee; English; Lambda Delta Phi; Orthodox Club; Fresh Exec. Coun.; Soph Exec. Coun. TOWLE, CHRISTINE ANNE; Cohasset; Zoology; Exchange Student; Dean ' s List; Newman Club. TOWNSEND, WILLIAM GUY; Winchendon; Accounting; Alpha Phi Omega; Accounting Assoc. TRAINOR, DENNIS THOMAS; Spencer; Psychology; Bowling Team; Altar Boy; Dorm Council. TREMBLAY, DANIEL HENRY; Pittsfield; Wildlife Biology; Berkshire Community College; Dorm Rep.; LaCrosse; In- tramurals; Forestry Club. TRENTHAM, MICHAEL CHRISTOPHER; Brighton; Man- agement. TRESSLER, MICHAEL BARRETT; So. Braintree; Electrical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; I.E.E.E. TRIVERS, PETER L.; Lowell; Marketing; Freshman Basket- ball; Dorm Rep.; Tau Epsilon Phi; Athletic Chrmn.; Home- coming Chrm. TROMBLEY, RONALD RAYMOND; Nashua, N.H.; Man- agement; Frosh Football; Newman Club; Dean ' s List. TROWBRIDGE, TRUDY ANNE; Walpole;, Elementary Edu- cation; Cape Cod Community College. TUBER, BEVERLY; Springfield; Sociology; Student Senator; Academic Affairs Comm.; N.E.S.; Sociology Club; Hillel. TUCKER, JOHN DOUGLAS; Marblehead; Wood Tech- nology; Marching Band; Concert Band; Symphony Band. TULLY, NANCY LARAINE; Weymouth; Elementary Educa- tion; Educ. Club. TUMMA, ETEL LILLIAN; Rockport; English Literature; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Honor Awards; Dean ' s List; Kappa Delta Pi; Education Club. iiii kJ TURNER, MARY JEAN; Ashland; Elementary Education; Sigma Kappa, Philanthropy Chrm.; Education Club; Dorm Counselor; Newman Club; S.U. Arts Music Comm. TURNER, NANCY LOIS; Wakefield; English; Chi Omega; Dean ' s List; Class Exec. Council; Panhel Declamation; Dorm Social Chrm. TWOMBLY, JANET K.; Beverly; Art. URBAN, JUDITH; Bethesda, Maryland; History; Bradford Jr. College; Kappa Kappa Gamma. URBAN, LAURENCE EDWARD; Chelmsford; Psychology; Lowell Technological Institute; Intramurals. URIZAR, ANNE MARIE: Los Alamos, New Mexico; Art; Uni- versity of New Mexico; Exchange Student; Albuquerque Track Team; Newman Club. Publicity Chrm. UHLIC, DIANE EVELYN; Northampton; Zoology: Equestrian Club; Outing Club; Zoology Club. VACCARO, RONALD LOUIS; Revere; Electrical Engineer- ing; Engineering Journal; Amateur Radio Assoc; Area II Judiciary; I.E.E.E. VAILLETTE, PAUL KEVIN; Leominster; AccounOng; Intra- murals; Dean ' s List; Dorm Counselor; Dorm Counsel. VAJCOVEC, NANCY JANE; Dudley; Mathematics; Ski Club, Treas.; Newman Club; Dorm Program Comm., Co-Chrm.; Math Club. VALKEVICH, EILEEN THERESA; Lynnfield; Sociology; Chi Omega; Exec. Council; Winter Carnival Comm.; Newman Club; Index. VANASSE, ROBERT DAVID; New Bedford; Civil Engineer- ing; Q.T.V., Pres.; A.S.C.E. VANCE, JAMES E.; No. Wilbraham; Mathematics; Rensse- laer and Western New England. VAN DE WATER, ROBERT HOLMES; Wilbraham; Govern- ment; Marist College. VANGEMERT, BARRY; Foxboro; fiotany; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Dorm Counselor; Senior Honor; Dean ' s List. VANJURA, GARY B.; Pittsfield; English; Berkshire Commun- ity College. VAROUTSOS, MARY ANN; Danvers; English; Orthodox Club; Dean ' s List; N.E.S. VENEKLASEN, SHARON LEE; North Syracuse, N.Y.; Ac- counting; Accounting Assoc, Sec; Chairman Academic Committee; Dean ' s List. VIGEANT, GERALD W.; Housatonic; English; Phi Kappa Phi; Co eg an. VIRCA, PATRICIA HELEN; Clifton, N.J.; Music History; Senior Honors Project; Dean ' s List; University Chorale; University Chorus; Newman Club; Operetta Guild. VITELLO, CAROL ANN; Athol; Sociology; Sociology Club. VRIJENHOEK, ROBERT CHARLES; Dalton; Zoology; Dorm V.P., Pres.; Dean ' s List; S.W.A.P.; Intramurals. VYCE, ALEXANDER M.; Chicopee; Physical Education; Freshmen Basketball; Varsity Baseball; Dorm Sec, Treas.; Dorm Attletic Chrm. WADEN, DONALD NORMAN; Lynn; Zoology; Newman Club; Judo Club. WAGENBACH, JANE; Amherst; Sociology; Roanoke Col- lege. WAKEMAN, CYNTHIA LOUISE; Montclair, N.J.; Sociology; Ski Club, Sec; Dean ' s List. WALDMAN, JAY HOWARD; Newton; Marketing; Scab- bard Blade; International Club. WALDMAN, MEAL MARK; Stoneham; Marketing; Hillel; Intramurals; Sigma Alpha Mu, Sec; Marketing Club; Exec. Council. WALKWITZ, DONALD EUGENE; So Hadley; Physical Educa- tion; Freshman Track; Varsity Track; Phi Eta Sigma; Dean ' s List; Intramurals. WALLACE, BARBARA SUSANNE, Ashburnham; Sociology; Morehead State University; Collegian, Editorial Day Edi- tor; Index. WALSH, ROBERT WILLIAM; Wakefield; Business Eco- nomics; Ski Club; Sociology Club; Outing Club; Young Republicans; Tennis. WALSH, WILLIAM JOHN; Wakefield; Accounting; Massa- chusetts Bay Community College; Dean ' s List; Intramurals; Accounting Assoc. WALTZMAN, DAVID JONAH; Mattapan; Psychology; Freshman Lacrosse; Sigma Alpha Mu, Pledge Master. WAMPLER, DAVID ALAN; Northampton; Government; Saint Anselm ' s College; Greenfield Community College; Pre-Law Assoc. WANIEWSKI, MICHAEL ALEXANDER; Somersville; Sociology; Holyoke Community College; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Sociology Club, V.P. WASSERMAN, SHARON MERYL; Framingham; English; Sigma Delta Tau, Pres.; Panhel Council, Sec; Exec. Coun- cil; Precisionettes; Student Senate, Student Govt. Affairs Comm., Elections Comm. WATERMAN, JOHN ROGER; East Longmeadow; Pre-Med; Arnold Air Society, Hight School Visitations Project Officer; Alpha Phi Omega; Varsity Track Team; Dorm Counselor; Pre-Med Club. WATERS, DAVID; Sterling; Wood Science Technology; Northeastern Univ.; Forestry Club; Xi Sigma Pi. WATSON, JEAN E.; Tewksbury; Sociology; Dorm Social Comm.; Dorm Exec. Board; Dorm Counselor; N.E.S.; Dean ' s List. WATSON, PATRICIA; So. Deerfield; Journalism; Elmire College. WATSON RICHARD THOMAS; Westfield; Economics; Pre-Law Assoc; Young Republicans. WEAGLE, DONALD STANLEY; Shrewsbury; Agricultural Economics; Stockbridge School; Dairy Tech Club; Alpha Zeta; A.P.O. WEAVER, RONALD RAY; Needham; Zoology; Statesmen; Symphony Band; Marching Band; Concert Band; Dorm Counselor. WEBB, CHARLES R., Jr.; Waban; Government; Univer- sity of Colorado; Young Republicans; Intramurals; Chess Club. WEBBER, DAVID JOHN; East Longmeadow; Landscape Architecture; Land Architecture Club, Pres.; Scabbard Blade; Drillmaster, Precislonettes; Dean ' s List. WEBSTER, ALAN HENRY; Brockton; Production Manage- ment; Scuba Club; Dean ' s List. WEBSTER, NANCY LEE; South Weymouth; Elementary Education: Quincy Junior College; Dorm Counselor; Homecoming Comm.; Exec. Council; Index: Winter Carni Comm. WEENER, BARR ' i RICHARD; Marblehead; Covernmerjl. ib iLl WEINSTOCK, WENDY KAY; Pound Ridge, N.Y.; Psychol- ogy; Dorm Head Counselor; Dean ' s List; Class Exec. Coun- cil; Homecoming Comm.; N.E.S. WELENC, BARBARA JOYCE, Danvers; Interior Design; Phi Kappa Phi; Operetta Guild; Omicron Nu; Home Economics Club; Newman Club. WELLS, FRANKLIN EVERETT; Townsend; Physical Education: Senior Honors Program; Intramurals, Su- pervisor; Student Athletic Trainer. WENDELL, DENISE MARIE; Pittsfield; Child Development; Kappa Kappa Gamma, House Chrm.; Dean ' s List; Exec. Council; Index; Winter Carnival Comm. WEINBERG, CARLA ELLEN; Linden, N.J.; Psychology; Se- nior Honors Thesis; Phi Kappa Phi; Psychology Club; Dean ' s List; Hillel. WEINER, BEVERLY GAIL; Brookline; Elementary Educa- tion; Mass. Bay Community College; Educ. Club; Ski Club. WEINERMAN, CHESTER S.; Brookline; English; Collegian, Editor-in-Chief, Sam Spark; Who ' s Who; Dorm Counse- lor; LIniv. Communications Board; Dorm President. WEINSTOCK, SUSAN JAN; Albany, N.Y.; Psychology; Uni- versity of New Hampshire; Dean ' s List; Hillel, Publicity Chrm.; Student Zionist Assoc, Pres.; Math Club; Outing Club. WERLIN, JERALD DAVID; Boston; Government: Alpha Epsilon Pi; Scuba Club; Hillel; Dean ' s List; Senior Honors Program. WESTORT, DENISE A.; Hadley; Home Economics; Non Resi- dent Student Assoc. WEYGAND, GAYLE SHIRLEY; Taunton; Child Develop- ment; Sigma Sigma Sigma, House Manger; Dean ' s List; Af- filiation at Merrill-Palmer Institute; Home Economics Club. WHEAT, JAMES CLAYTON; Pittsfield; Psychology; Berkshire Community College; Dorm Counselor; Pre-Law Society; Intramurals. WHITE, CARYN ANNE; Cobleskill, N.Y.; Wildlife Biology; Equestrian Club. WHITE, DONALD ROBERT; Moravia, N.Y.; Eorestry; Paul Smith ' s College; Dean ' s List; Forestry Club. WHITE, GERALD MELVIN; Marblehead; Finance; Boston University; Accounting Assoc; Alpha Phi Omega; Dean ' s list. WHITF, MARGARET ANN; Pittsfield; Art; Art Club; Frcnc h Corridor; Winter Carni, Publicity Comm.; Caesura; Bologna Summer Program. WHITE, PAUL M.; Lexington; Anthropology; Antioch Col- lege. WHITE, WARREN ELLSWORTH; Quincy; English; Band; Frosh Tennis; Varsity Soccer; Dorm President. WHITKIN, STEVEN A.; Mattapan; Government; Phi Sigma Delta, Pledgemaster, Pres.; Pre-Law Club; Hillel. WHITNEY, LISA ANTOINETTE; Pittsfield; Government; Berkshire Community College; Pre-Law Assoc; Dorm So- cial Comm. WIACEK, EDWARD MICHAEL; Sungerland; Park Adnnin- istration; Stockbridge School of Agriculture; Arboricul- ture and Park Administration Assoc; Society of Landscape Architects. WILEY, CHARLOTTE C; Quincy; Nursing; Phi Kappa Phi; Nursing Club; Nursing Honor Society, Treas. WILLIAM, JOHN W.; Middleboro; Fisheries Biology: Ski Team; Q.T.V.; Track Team; Ski Club. WILLIAMS, MARSHALL FAY; Braintree; Civil Engineering; Nasson College; A.S.C.E.; Intramurals. WILLIAMS, MARY JEAN; Greenfield; Soc iology; Newman Club; Dorm Counselor; Dean ' s List. WILLIAMS, PAUL LENNON; Framingham; Physical Educa- tion; Gymnastics; Dean ' s List. WILLIS, JOHN BAILEY, Jr.; Norton; Zoology; Univer- sity of Florida; Intramurals. WILLISTON, DONALD D.; Williamsburg; Economics. WILLOUGHBY, DONALD CARLTON; Worcester; Marketing; Statesmen; Marketing Club; Dorm Social Comm.; Intra- murals. WILSON, KATHRYN ANN; Grafton; Government; New- man Club; Dean ' s List; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Corr. Sec. WILSON, RICHARD BEARD; Chelmsford; Marketing; Marketing Club; Dorm Council; Intramurals. WILSON, ROY MARTIN; So. Deerfield; Marketing; Marketing Club; Intramurals. WILSON, SANDRA LYNN; Akron, Ohio; American His- tory; Campus Crusade for Christ. WINDLE, WARREN THOMAS, jr.; Raynham; Mechanical Engineering; A.S.M.E.; Tau Beta Pi. WINER, STEVEN JAY; Revere; Psychology; Dorm Rep.; Dorm President; Announcer for Varsity Gymnastics Meets. WINQUIST, PRISCILLA; Hingham; French; Dorm Coun- selor; Dean ' s List. WINSTON, ERIC MARSHALL; Elizabeth, N.J.; Business Administration; Freshman Soccer; Phi Sigma Delta. WINTER, NANCY ANN; Andover; English: Exec. Council; Winter Carnival Booklet Atmosphere Comm.; Dorm Standards Council; Dean ' s List. WISGIRDA, FRANCES ANN; Norwood; Mathematics; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Kappa Phi; Education Club; Dorm Judiciary; Dorm Vice-President. WISIOLEK, PAUL; Springfield; Electrical Engineering; Ama- teur Radio Club; Epsilon Club. WOICIK, MARIANNE; Northampton; German; Newman Club: Dean ' s List. WOJTOWICZ, CHRISTINA MARYA; Holyoke; Element- ary Education; Educ. Club; Holyoke Young Democrats Club, Director. WOO, DAVID LEE; Boston; Civil Eingineering; Tau Beta Pi; Ai.S.C.E.; Dean ' s List; Judo Club; Chess Club. WOO, ROBERT, Jr.; .Arlington; Accounting; Linfield College; Spanish Club; .Accounting .Assoc. WOOCHER, LOIS MARJORIE; Great Neck, N.Y.; His- tory; Sigma Delta Tau; Dean ' s List; Tennis Team; Hillel; Exchange Student. WOOD, DAVID STANLEY; Burlington; Agricultural and Food Economics; Social Activities Comm.; Dean ' s List; Intramurals; Agricultural Economics Club. WOOD, GERALD FRANCIS; North Amherst; Mat iemat cs; Worcester Jr. College; Phi Sigma Kappa, Treas.; I.F.C.; A.S.M.E.; Math Club. WOOD, JANICE RUTH; West Wayne, N.J.; Microbiology; Women ' s Interdorm Council; Dorm Judiciary; Operetta Guild. kiii WOOD, KARLA M.; Marshfield; Elementary Education; Cape Cod Community College. WOOD, NANCY DELEIGAL; Littleton; Elementary Education; Naiads. WOOD, PETER CHARLES; Hopkinton; Mechanical Engineer- ing; ASME; Society of Automotive Engineers; Intramurals; Dorm Counselor; Dorm Social Comm. WOOD, RICHARD ALLEN; Wilmington; History; Class President; Winter Carni Comm., Chr.; SWAP; Who ' s Who; Commencement Task Force. WOODCOCK, DAVID JON; Orange; Covemmenf; Lambda Chi Alpha; V.P.; Intramurals; Dorm Counselor; Young Democrats; Dean ' s List. WOODS, ANNE LOUISE; West Springfield; Sociology; Marching Band; Amherst Tutorial Program; Gamma Sigma Sigma. WOODS, BERNARD HENRY; Jamaica Plain; Restaurant Hotel Management; Kappa Sigma, Steward, Pledge Trainer; Exec. Council; Newman Club; Intramurals. WORTH, RONALD WALTER; Quincy; Chemistry; Franklin Institute of Boston; Dean ' s List. WOYTOVICH, DONNA; Topsfield; Zoology; Chorale; Equestrian Club; Scuba Diving Club; University Theatre. WROBLEWSKI, JANICE CAROL; Rochester, N.Y.; Sociol- ogy; Universtiy Symphony Orchestra; Index, Academic Edi- tor. WRONSKI, CHESTER LEO; Holyoke; Government; Basket- ball Manager; Baseball Manager; Exec. Council; WMLIA; Young Democrats. WYKE, AUDREY SUSAN; Metuchen, N.J.; Home £conom cs; Student Senate, Sec; Home Ec. Club; Dean ' s List; Col- legian, Pub. Board; S.U.G. Board. YACUZZO, VIVIAN JUDITH;; Northampton; Education; N.R.S.A. YEATON, GAIL SARGENT; Bridgewater; Government; Young Republican Club; N.E.S. YEGIAN, GAIL ANN; Lexington; Elementary Education; Educ. Club; Newman Club; Sigma Kappa; Winter Car- nical Comm.; Dean ' s List. YOUNG, DARYL JEANNE; Gardner; French; French Cor- ridor; WMUA, Sec; Women ' s Interdorm Council; Educ. Club; Dean ' s List. YOUNG, DIANE LYN; Swansea; Fashion Merchandising; Operetta Guild; Home Economics Club; Dorm Coun- selor; Omicron Nu, V.P., Treas.; Wesley Ayres. YOUNG, MARCIA GAIL; Springfield; Education; Alpha Chi Omega; Educ. Club. YOUNG, NORMA JEAN; Springfield; Art; Honors Collo- quia; Dorm Counselor; Collegian; Judo Club; N.E.S. YOUNG, PETER EDWARD; Readville; Wildlife Biology; Outing Club. YOUNG, RUSSELL M.; Stoneham; History; Kappa Sigma, Sec; I.F.C. Rep. YOURGA, ANN D.; Ridgewood, N.J.; English; Exec. Coun- cil; Honors Colloquia; Chi Omega; International Club; Rid- ing Club. YOURGA, JOYCE CLARK; Winchester; French; Honors Col- loquium; Kappa Delta Phi; Dean ' s List. YOURGA, RICHARD CARLISLE; Ridgewood, N.J.; History Air Force Rifle Team; Dorm Councilor; Student Senate; Dean ' s List. ZABEK, CHESTER M.; Ware; Business Administration. ZALESKI, ILENE HELEN; Worcester; Zoology; Gamma Sig- ma Sigma, Pres.; Dorm House Chrm.; Newman Club, Pub- licity Chrm.; Zoology Club; Senior Honors. ZANIESKI, KRENA D.; Greenfield; Child Development; Class Exec. Council; Dorm Social Chrm. ZANOLLI, MICHAEL ANTHONY; Springfield; Mechanical Engineering; Ski Team. ZEBROWSKI, GEORGE FRANCIS, Jr.; South Hadley; jour- nalism; Lacrosse; Soccer; Dorm President; Young Demo- crats; Collegian. ZIELINSKI, RICHARD MICHAEL; Chicopee Falls; Chem- istry, ZIELINSKI, ROBERT STANLEY; Indian Orchard; Zoology; Arnold Air Society; Dorm Counselor; Newman Club; Dean ' s List; Operetta Guild. ZlEMAk, CARRIE ANNETTE; Pittsfield; Recreation; Pi Beta Phi, Rush Chrm.; Dean ' s List; Recreation Club; Dorm Stan- dards Comm.; Newman Club. ZINK, DIANE EDITH: South Dartmouth; French; French Corridor. ZIPETO, BONNIE ARLENE; Cedar Grove, N.J.; Elementary Education; lota Gamma Upsilon; Ski Club; Educ. Club. ZISK, DAVID; Bondsville; Accounting; Newman Club; Accounting Assoc; Intramurals. ZITO, FRANK R.; Haverhill; Psycfio ogy; Theta Chi; Exec. Council; Exchange Program. ZONA, LOIS ANN; Braintree; Mathematics; Newman Club; Dorm Treasurer; Dorm Counselor; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi. Seniors Not Pictured ABORJAILY, NORMAN A. ADAMS, LEONARD R. ADELMAN, LANNIE ). ADRIAN, NORMAN F. ALBANO, STEPHEN A. ALEXION, ANNE E. ALISIO, GERALD J. ALLARD, RONALD J. ALLEN, JON E. ALPERIN, TOBE R. ALPERT, JUDITH P. AMATO, JOSEPH D. ANDERSON, RICHARD A. ARBER, CAROL AREL, GEORGE A. ARMSTRON, WILLIAM L. ARSENAULT, PETER C. ATWOOD, PAULA E. AUBREY, DENNIS C. AUBREY, GERARD N. AVELLAR, MARY J. AYRES, JANET C. BABAKIA, FREDERIC A. BABCO, SHARON E. BABINEAU, ROY A. BACKSTROM, PHILIP A. BAILEY, BEVERLY A. BALBACH, MARION L. BALYOSIAN, STEPHEN JR. BARAN, JOSEPH J. BARD, RICHARD F. BARRETT, THOMAS M. BASSETT, CORTLAND P. BATES, THOMAS W. BATTEN, ROLLAS W. BAXTER, JACQUELINE A. BELL, BARBARA A. BELLAM, JOANN E. BELLO, STEPHEN J. BENNETT, GORDON F. BENNETT, KATHLEEN A. BENSON, ROBERT A. BENT, PETER C. BERGER, HAROLD B. BERGLUND, WILSON S. BERGGUIST, WILLIAM A. BERKMAN, PHYLLIS BERLINGER, SUSAN L. BERTUCCI, EDWARD C. BESKENIS, JOAN L. BEST, DOUGLAS J. BETZ, BETTE J. BINNS, DONALD A. BIRDSONC, MARCIA D. BLACKBURN, PAMELA R. BLACKWEL, WILLIAM A. BLAISDELL, DAVID M. BLANDING, HARRY R. BLOOMER, MICHAEL F. BONCZEK, JOSEPH J. BONI, FRANCES A. BOSCH, JOHN A. BOUCHER, JAMES W. BOUDREAU, CAROL J. BOUDREA, KENNETH R. BOURDEAU, ROLAND J. BOUSQUET, JAMES R. BOWMAN, GREGORY R. BOWMAN, JEANNE D. BOZENHARD, PHILIP A. BRADBURY, JOHN H. BRADFORD, CAROL J. BRANDT, VICTORIA H. BRECHER, DAVID A. BREVELERI, LOIS A. BREWER, PHILIP H. BRIGGS, DANA H. BROPHY, JOHN F. BROWN, ELAINE K. BROWN, GERALD L. BROWN, LINDA H. BROWN, STEPHEN H. BROWN, STEVEN B. BRYANT, ROSEMARY BRYNE, ROGFR M. BUECHNER, PATRICIA A. BUELL, DAVID S. BUMP, RICHARD G. BURNS, SANDRA L. BUTLER, WILLIAM F. BYRON, DENNIS M. CAHILL, JOSEPH M. CALLAHAN, EUGENE H. CAMPBELL, CATHERINE CAMPBELL, PAUL C. CAMPBEL, WALTER F. CANNATA, WILLIAM J, CANNAVO, SAMUEL D. CANNEY, JOHN F. CAPACCIO, GEORGE ERNEST CARDINAL, DAVID S. CARIVAN, FREDERICK A. CARLSON, DONALD T. CARMICHAEL, ANN R. CARPENITO, JOSEPH F. CARRIGAN, WILLIAM L. CARTE, LORRAINE B. CASS, FREDERICK G. CASSIDY, TERRENCE A. CASWELL, SUSAN J. CATEN, PETER J. GATING, BARBARA A. CEMBALISTY, EILEEN J. CHAMPIGNY, ROBERT W. CHAN, NORMAN L. CHASE, WALTER W. CHATTERTON, LEIGH A. CHICK, VIRGINIA L. CHICOINE, STEPHEN D. CHOOLJIAN, LOIS A. CHRISTER, WILLIAM P. CIAMPA, MICHAEL A. CLAN, MAUREEN E. CLARITY, RICHARD E. CLARK, STEWART F. CLAUSS, EDWARD F. CLEGG, STEPHEN R. CLIFFO, CHARLES W. CLIFTON, DRAGO P. CLOHERTY, DENNIS M. COBB, CHALICE D. COHEN, ARTHUR S. COLE, VIRGINIA A. COLLETTE, SUSAN L. COLLINS, ROMA M. COOK, CRAIG S. COOMBS, BRUCE A. CORRADI, ROBERT E. COSTA, PAUL H. COTTON, MARJORIE COTTON, MERRILY COUL, KATHLEEN M. COUTURE, KAREN W. COVE, LOUIS G. COVEN, RICHARD S. COVENEY, CAROL A. CRAFT, EDWARD D. CRAMER, JOHN F. CROCE, WILLIAM D. CROWELL, RAY A. CUMMINGS, JUDITH A. CUNNI, LAWRENCE R. CURTIN, JOANNE M. CYRAN, MICHAEL F. DABROW, THADDEUS E. DARCY, ARTHUR L. DARZENKI, EDWARD W. DAVIDSON, ROBERT J. DAVIS, WAYNE S. DAY, PHILIP F. DEBIAK, BRUNO DEFRANCES, JOHN L. DELMONICO, RICHARD J. DEME, KATHLEEN ALVERSON DEMONE, JANYCE E. DEMORE, EDWARD L. DENIS, ATHANASIOS DENNIS, MURRAY L. DENTON, STUART E. DESCHENE, VIRGINIA R. DESFOSSES, ARTHUR A, DESILVA, BRUCE A. DESJADON, SANDRA L. DEUGENIO, BETTY J. DEVINE, JAMES J. DEVINO, DONALD ]. DEWARE, DONNA R. DEXTER, WARIN H. DICKSON, VERA A. DIDONATO, JOSEPH S. DIGREGORIO, DAVID DINGMAN, JOSEPH F. DIPADUA, ROBERT J. DOBSON, JAMES J. DOMINA, BRIAN C. DONEGAN, CHARLES K. DONOHUE, DONALD J. DOOLEY, DIANA L. DOUBLEDAY, ELYWN J. DOUGHERT, MAUREEN H. DOUVADJIAN, MICHAEL DOWNEY, WILLIAM F. DOYLE, JOSEPH F. DOYLE, MAUREEN E. DOYLE, WILLIAM R. DRAKE, DAVID P. DRISCOL, GEORGE M. DUCLOS, KATHERINE M. DUMOUCHEL, RALPH |. DUMOULIN, GERARD V. DUNSFORD, CAROL J. DURKIN, DONALD G. DUVAL, PAUL H. DYSON, JOHN W. ECKSTROM, ELAINE E. EGAN, JAMES R. ELLAS, ELLAYNE ELLIS, BONNIE R. ELMAN, HARVEY D. EMANUELSON, JOHN A. ENOS, DAVID W. ERICSON, RICHARD A. ESPOSIT, MARILYN E. EVANS, JAMES E. FALANGAS, ELAINE FALKOWS, DONALD R. FANNING, RICHARD T. FANTEGROS, ALFRED P. FARLEY, MAUREEN A. FARNUM, TIMOTHY D. FARRELL, VICTORIA S. FATERSIK, JOHN R. FAYAN, DAVID FERRA, THEODORE R. FIELDING, LAURENA R. FILLION, MELANIE A. FINK, PETER M. FINKEL, JENNIFER A. FINKELSTEIN, LEE A. FITZPAT, FREDERICK J. FITZPA, MAUREEN F. FIVEHOUSE, DANIEL J. FLAHERTY, PAUL W. FLYNN, ROBERT K. FOISY, WILLIAM J. FORD, JEFFREY M. 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JACKSON, ANN W. JACKSON, GERALD A. JANKOWSKI, JOAN M. JANVRIN, PAUL H. JARVINEN, JANET A. JOHNIAN, CAROL T. JOHNSON, MARY C. JOHNSON, MICHAEL L. JOHNSON, RONALD W. JOLICOE, RICHARD A. JONES, LINDA L. JOSE, GEORGE R. JOYCE, ELAINE M. KANE, KAREN L, KAPLAN, LOUIS P. KAPOLKA, WALTER A. KASSEL, LINDA KASSIOTIS, PAULINE G. KATZ, DAVID R. KATZ, JULIUS KAUFMAN, JUDITH A. KAUFMAN, NANCY E. KAZLAUSKAS, VYTAUTAS KEANE, SEBIA E, KEATING, ROBERT H. KEEFE, DENNIS J. KEELING, CYNTHIA BARTLE KELLEHER, BRENDA M. KELLEHER, JOHN J. KELLY, CAROL A. KENNEY, JAMES J. KENNEY, JOHN P. KENNEY, WILLIAM R. DERWOOD, WILLIAM D. HASTINGS, SHERYL A. KING, ALAN F. KIRLEY, JOSEPH F. KLAUCKE, ROBERT M. KNOWLTON, DAVID L. KNUTSON, JANICE K. KOCHAN, DAVID E. KONE, WILLIAM J. KOZACZEK, MICHAEL S. KRIEGER, JAMES R. KRIESER, KENNETH G. KRINSKY, STEVEN A. KROSNICK, JUDITH A. KROUSON, WALTER M. KSZYSTYN, RICHARD E. KUSTRA, STANLEY A. KUZMESKUS, JOSEPH P. LABELL, JON M. LAJOI, JONATHAN W. LAMONTAGNE, PETER L. LAMPRON, RICHARD C. LANDREVILLE, NEIL W. LANG, DONALD S. LANG, JANIS H. LAPIERRE, ROBERT J. LARSON, PHILIP E. LASKY, ROY E. LAVOR, ANTHONY N. LAWRENCE, STANLEY H. LECLAIR, ROBERT P. LEGASSEY, JOHN S. LEIBOVITZ, MORRIS LEIGHTON, PHILLIP W. LENKOSKI, PETER F. LENNON, RICHARD D. LEPPANEN, CARL E. LEUSCHNER, ARTHUR F. LEVERO, JAMES A. LEVINE, ALLEN R. LEVINE, CAROL L. LEVINE, LESLIE E. LEVIT, SHARON E. LEVY, REESA S. LEVY, STEPHEN M. LIBEN, LAURA J. LINCOLN, BETSY J. LINCOLN, CAROL A. LINNEMANN, RICHARD H. LIPTA, LAWRENCE H. LIQUORI, WILLIAM J. LIRO, FRANCIS T. LOMARTIRE, KENNETH R. LOMBARDI, GERALD H. LONGO, THOMAS LOSCO, PAMELA L. LOVITCH, NORMAN J. JUNIN, JANE LYMAN, WILLIAM H. MacDONALD, JILL MacDONNELL, ALINE MACHACZ, EDWARD F. MACHNIK, EDWARD J. MAGEE, DENNIS W. MAGUIRE, PETER M. MAHONEY, DENNIS B. MAHONEY, RICHARD J. MAILHOT, GERALD A. MAKI, KATHRYN M. MALACHOWSKI, ANITA MALLETT, GREGORY P. MALLOCH, BARBARA L. MALLOY, JOHN T. MANCUSO, PAMELA MANNES, JAMES K. MANOS, GEORGE F. MARASHLIAN, TERRY R. MARCO, RICHARD G. MARGOLA, EDWARD L. MARINO, ANTHONY J. MARLOW, DARLENE M. MARSH, RONALD C. MARTI, JOHN E. MARTUCCI, RAYMOND W. MARYANSKI, ROBERT M. MASON, THOMAS MATUSZEK, ELAINE D. MAY, RICHARD VV. MAYNARD, MARIE E. MAZZEO, MICHAEL A. McCARRAN, JOHN L. McCarthy, michael a. mccolloch, william d. Mcdonald, diane m. Mcdonald, michael j. ,McDONOL ' GH, PAUL W. McE 0 , BRENDA M. McGAUCHEY, ROBERT K. McGL ' INN, SUSAN McKIE, WILLIAM D. McLELLAN, BONNIE J. McPHEE, ALAN VV. Mc AY, MAR A,. MEDOWSKI, KENT B. MEEKER, STAFFORD D. NtELESK, CHARLES M. MENDONCA, JAMES R. MENNE, BARBARA L. MESSENGER, EMERY J. MEUNIER, MICHEL P. MICHELSON, EVA MIELKE, ERNEST J. MILCROOM, ROBERT H. MILLER, CAROLYN MILLER, ROBERT O. MITCHELL, ALICE A. MITCHELL, JAMES J. MOODY, PATRICIA E. MORAN, MARTIN P. MORAN, PATRICIA MORIARTY, RICHARD P. MORINI, JUNE A. MORRIS, JAMES T. MORSE, KENNETH R. MORTARELLl, JOHN RENATO MOYNIHAN, JOHN T. MROZ, THOMAS J. MUIR, ROBERT H. MULCAHY, DENNIS A. MULLANE, LEONORA A. MURPHY, ALANA M. MURPHY, FRANCIS MURPHY, JOHN W. MURPHY, ROBERT J. MURPHY, THOMAS D. MURRAY, ALICE M. MURRAY, ANN E. MURRAY, JOHN T. MUTTI, JULIANA MYER, DOUGLAS R. MYLYK, GLORIA A, NADEAU, RICHARD L. NAJJAR, DENNIS S. NATHANSON, MARALYNNE NEAL, CYNTHIA A. NELSON, LINNEA L. NESTO, JEANNE P. NICHOLAS, ROBERT F, NICKE, KAREN C. NICKOLS, ROBERT C. NOONAN, JAMES E, NOONAN, JOSEPH G. NORTON, E. GREGORY OBRIEN, MICHAEL F, OBRIEN, MICHAEL F. OBRIEN, ROBERT W, OCONNELL, WILLIAM E. OCONNOR, ROBERT S. ODONNELL, DIANE OCILVIE. JEFFREY S. OIKLE, JAMES F. OLDHAM, BENJAMIN A. OLEKSIE, JOSEPH M. PAGE, ROLAND R. PAOLINO, LAWRENCE PAPILO, JANET M, PAPPAS, NICHOLAS PAQUETT, DONALD F. PARDA, EDWARD A. PARENT, ROGER H. PARKER, ANTHONY PARKER, JOHN E. PARKER, MICHAE D. PARTRIDGE, RUSSELL F. PAULINCA, SUSAN T. PECORELLA, RICHARD PERKINS, ROBERT E. PERKINS, ROBERT W. PERREAUL, EDWARD J. PERSON, JAMES H. PETERS, FREDERIC D. PETROLAT, HARRY A. PFEIFFER, PATRICIA A. PHELAN, KENNETH E. PIANTONI, RAYMOND W. PICKERING, GARY T. PILO, FREDERICK R. PIENO, CRAIG V. PINSONE, ARTHUR M. PISARUK, WILLIAM P. PISIEWSKI, JOSEPH J. PLOTKIN, ANNETTE M. PODLESNY, CARL H. POLCHLOP, EDWARD J. POOLE, RAYMOND L. POPP, LOWELL R. POREMBA, RICHARD A. PORETSKY, IRA B. POWERS, ROBERT G. PRATT, GARY B. PRATT, SUSAN B. PRATT, WILLIAM T. PREFONTAI, ROGER G. PRUITT, RICHARD G. PUGLIESE, SANDRA E. PULLEN, PHILIP L. PUNISKI, MARY D. QUALEY, RICHARD T. RADLO, THOMAS E. RAGUSA, GEORGE J. RAMIREZ, CARMEN RAMSAY, ALAN O. RAPHAEL, HARRIET L. RAVINSKI, LINDA S. RAYNER, JANICE L. REBELLO, BARBARA J. REID, DAVID C. RETCHIN, MYRA L. REYNOLDS, DAVID V. RHOA, JONATHAN L. RICE, ROBERT T. RICHARDS, GARY R. RICHEY, MARSHA M. RIPALDI, CARL P, RIVELL, GARRY K, ROBERTS, NANCY E. ROBICHAUD, LEO T. ROBINSON, JOHN A. ROHR, CHERYL A, ROJEWSKI, EDWARD A. ROOP, WILLIAM R. ROSENBERG, HOWARD B. ROSENBLATT, ROY ROTHENBURG, ROBIN ROTSTEIN, ROBERT P. ROUTSON, ROBERT D. ROY, ROBERT W. RUCHAMES, ROBERT M. RUHM, ELLEN B. RUSSEL, WILLIAM F. RYAN, CHRISTINA M. RYAN, ROBERT M. RYBAK, JOHN W. SALK, GILBERT J. SALTMAN, WILLIAM A. SALVINI, RICHARD A, SAMPAS, MARINA F. SANCHEZ, JOSEPH S. SANCH, NAPOLEON N, SANDMAN, HOWARD N. SANTOS, PETER R. SANTUCCI, MARBETH A. SAWITZKY, JAMES A. SAWYER, ROBERT J, SCANLON, LEO E. SCHEURER, GEORGE B. SCHNEIDER, LOIS G, SCHOFIELD, GEORGE A, SCHOPPE, SCOTT W. SCOTT, BRUCE SEAMON, THOMAS B. SEIGEL, GERALD W. SELIAN, CAROL A. SENEGAL, ANDRE J. SHAPIRO, SIDNEY E. SHAUGHNESSY, KATHRYN L. SHAUGHNESSY, MICHAEL R. SHAW, NANCY E. SHEEDY, MARY J. SHELDON, GERALD E. SHERMAN, NORMAN E. SHERMAN, ROBERT T. SHOEMAKER, JOHN C. SHORES, ROBER W. SHULTZ, MARGARET A. SIBLEY, DAVID A. SIBLEY, GEORGE F. SIEGEL, CHARLES I. SIEGEL, IRVING N. SIERODZI, MITCHELL J. SIMONEAU, PAUL A. SIMPSON, PAUL J. SINCLAIR, WILLIAM A. SINGER, ROBERT I. SISSON, JOAN S. STRAUSS, GAIL S. SMALL, ARTHUR B, SMEAD, GREGORY H. SMITH, BRIGITTA P. SMITH, CAROLYN G. SMITH, DANNY R. SMITH, WILLIAM C. SMOLA, ELIZABETH A. SNYDER, BARBARA A. SNYDER, HARRIS C. SOBEK, SANDRA M. SOLO, DANIEL SOTIROPOULOS, MARILYN SOUTHWICK, LAURA J. SPENCER, DALE M. SPEROPOULOS, JOHN SPIDLE, LAWRENCE J. SPIN, STEWART C, SPRISSL, EDMUND C. SPYTEK, ROMAN H. STACY, CHARLES H. STANITIS, STEPHEN P. STEBBIN, KATHLEEN J. STEEVES, IAN F, STEEVES, TIMOTHY L. STEFANIK, RICHARD W. STEINBERG, ARTHUR F. STELIGA, RIG STELZER, PETER A. STETSON, LINDA L. STEVENS, RICHARD A. STEVENS, RICHARD B. STEVENS, ROBERTA STEWART, ANTHONY J. STEWART, FRANK D. STOCKBRIDGE, JAMES A. STOWE, MARILYNN L. ST PIERRE, PAUL G. STRENK, FRANK J. SUSSMAN, JAMES SUTCLIFFE, BRIAN R. SUTHERLAND, JUDITH D. SZARY, MARSHA L. TAMBORYN, GARY M. TANZI, JOSEPH TAORMINA, ALFONSO TARABE, KENNETH M. TARANTINO, FRANCIS TARANTO, THEODORE J. TAYLOR, ROGER K. TEDESCO, EILEEN P. TESSIER, ROY H. TEUBNER, JOHN E. THOMAS, JAMES E. THOMPSON, JAY K, TIEDEMANN, JOAN M. TIFRNEY, JOHN W, TIFTZE, ERICH O. TIGHE, NORMAN S. TINDALL, WILLIAM L. TOKARCZUK, GEORGE J. TOMBOR, FRED J. TOMKINS, SUSAN TONER, DENNIS H. TONER, JAMES J. TOOMEY, JAMES M. TOSCANO, REGINA TOTON, THOMAS A. TRENHOLM, GEORGE S. TRENHOLM, JEAN M. TRUBIANO, MARIO TSELIKIS, PENNY TSOUCALA, GREGORY A. TUCH, RICHARD L. TURMEL, MAURICE P. TURNER, SHIRLEY M, TUTTLE, CANDACE L. UDEL, EDWARD S. VALLELY, MARTHA J. VANSICKE, JOSEPH E. VAUGHAN, JOANNE R. VERREAULT, DANIEL A. VIGNEAU, EDWARD J. VINCENT, HELEN E. WADLEGGER, RICHARD WADSWORT, DAVID J. WALDRON, CHRISTOPHER M. WALKER, LYNN R. WALTERS, GERALD A. WALTERS, JOHN T. WARD, JOSEPH E. WARD, PETER A. WARD, RICHARD A. WARNER, KENT H. WARREN, CHARLES F. WARWIC, ELIZABETH L. WAX, WENDY E. WEBB, JANET L. WEBB, JUDITH M. WEBER, PAUL A. WEEKS, VALERIE A. WEINFIELD, ELLEN J. WEISS, RICHARD S. WENZEL, KATHLEEN A. WESLEY, DAVID V, WETHERBE, WARREN J. WICKLINE, SUSAN W. WHITE, DONALD R. WHITEHOUSE, RICHARD S. WIDLAND, CARL A. WIELAND, MARC J. WILCOX, MICHAEL P. WILFONG, ROBERT G. WILLARD, CAROLE A. WILLIAMS, MICHAEL A. WILLOUGHBY, LIONEL F. WILSON, DONNA JAKUBOWSKI WILSON, ELIZABETH M. W ILSON, RAYMOND G. WISH, ERIC D. WISNAUCKAS, CYNTHIA A. WOJCIZK, JOHN J. WOOD, BRUCE J. WOOD, GUNNAR WOOD, ROBERT G. WORTHINGTON, RONALD T. WRIGHT, ELYSE A, WRIGHT, VICTORIA L. WYSK, PATRICIA M, YANKEE, JOAN G. YAUCKOE, DANIEL F. YURKO, DONN ANDER YURKUS, ROBERT A. ZAIKO, EDWARD J, ZALESKI, ILENE H. ZALKIND, JOSEPH G. ZANCHI, EDWARD A. ZIEGLER, RICHARD H. General Index A " A Day in the Life " , 170-173 Abbey, Paul F.,314 Abbott, Carolee Clair, 314 Abrams, Bruce Earl, 284,314 Ackerman, Susan Joan, 314 Adams, Ellen B., 314 Adams, Roxana Jane, 314 Adelphia,254 Administration, 72-77 Aframe, Carl D.,314 Agey, Barbara Ann, 314 Aherne, Robert M., 314 Aines, Pauline Ina, 314 Alagar, Felisa Vita, 314 Alberghini, David Paul, 314 Albertuzzi, Susan Jane, 314 Alcock, Elizabeth Randal, 314 Adelman, Lannie, 314 Alpha Chi Omega, 270 Alpha Epsilon Pi, 268 Alpha Phi Omega, 259 Alpha Sigma Phi, 269 Alton, Kathleen Bernice, 315 Ames, Shirley Janet, 315 Amico, Joseph, 283 Ananis, Rosemary Adella, 315 Andelman, David Ellis, 315 Anderberg, Gary Nelson, 315 Andersen, Donna Jean, 315 Andersen, Jean C, 315 Allen, Shelley, 315 Andersen, John Henry, 315 Andersen, Judith Edna, 315 Anderson, Christine Crowley, 332 Anderson, Frederick Herbert, 315 Anderson, Judith Marie, 315 Anderson, Susan Carol, 315 Anderson, Susan Elina, 315 Anderson, William Charles, 315 Anderton, Jaye Randall, 277,315 Andreas, Ronald, Jr., 315 Andrews, Donna Louise, 316 Andruchow, Elaine F., 316 Anenberg, Marsha Joan, 316 Angel Flight, 253 Angelo, Michael William, 316 AntiUohn H.316 Antonelli, Ronald, 271 Antonellis, Antoinette, 316 Apicella, Donna Maria, 316 Appleby, Paul R., 316 Appleton, William Bigelow, 316 Arcifa, Carol Marie, 316 Arkins, Thomas J., 316 Arnold, Phyllis Ellen, 316 Aron, Richard Howard, 316 Arrison, Thomas Allen, 316 Art, Department of, 58-59 Arts Sciences, 50-6 8 Aspinwall, Patty, 233 Associations, 188 Astifan, Tamara L., 316 Astorina, Louis William, 316 Atherton, Esther Westgate, 316 Auger, Donna Priscilla, 316 Austin, Linda Joy, 316 Avitabile, Peter Victor, 316 Azer, Sandra R.,317 B Babakian, Fred, 124 Babbitt, Polly Ann, 317 Bacon, Rosanne Katherine, 279, 317 Badgley, John Richard, 317 Bagdon,JohnJ.Jr., 317 Baglio, Margaret N., 317 Bagnall, Norene Ann, 317 Baier, Suzanne, 232 Bailey, Judith Anne, 317 Baird, J. Stephen, 317 Baird, William, 171 Baker, Stephen Philip, 317 Bakun,Peter Edward, 317 Balboni, Bruce, 232 Balboni, John, 289 Balch, Linda Carol, 317 Balsam, Virginia Louise, 317 Banas, Joyce Ann, 317 Band, Robert, 292 Banner, Myra, 306,317 Baptiste, Diane Dorothea, 317 Barbaro, John A., 317 Baran, Stanley, 317 Barclay, Lois Jeanne, 317 Barclay, Richard Leigh, 317 Bardsley, Geoffrey Carl, 318 Barnat, Daniel Sean, 318 Barr, Henry Lewis, 318 Barry, Cynthia Ann, 318 Barry, Margaret A., 318 Bart lett, Cynthia Keeling, 318 Bartlett, Sylvia, 318 Baseball, 180-185 Basketball, 154-161 Batchelder, Katrene, 318 Bates, Laurence Russell, 318 Bayley, Russell Jones, 318 Bearse, Phyllis Arlene, 318 Beaton, Sandra Joy, 318 Beadreault, Robert Charles, 31S Beaumont, Patricia Ann, 318 Beck, Susan Roberta, 318 Bedard, Andrea, 318 Beer, Donna Jean, 318 Behrens, Edward Harold, 318 Belanger, Paul Leo, 318 Belchertown Volunteers, 260 Belding, Richard W., 318 Beless, Charlotte Lee, 319 Belforti, Richard Charles, 319 Bell, Barbara Ann, 319 Bellamy, Joann Elizabeth, 319 Belsky, Albert Herschel, 319 Beltis, Robert Lewis, 319 Bender, Gerald Edwin, 319 Benedict, Jean Elwood, 319 Benjamin, John Atlee, 319 Bennett, Diana Jean, 319 Benoit, Richard Edgar, 319 Bentley, Miles W., 319 Berg, Cynthia Lee, 319 Bergen, Philip Schuyler, 319 Berger, Richard Allen, 319 Bergeron, Richard George, Jr., 319 Bergin, Joseph Dennie, 319 Bergsma, Nancy Lee, 319 Bernardo, Robert Paul, 319 Bernier, Elise Jeanne, 319 Bernstein, Barry Evans, 320 Bernstein, Marjorie, 320 Bernstein, Susan Ann, 287,320 Berry, Samuel Joseph, 320 Berryman, Susan Jane, 320 Bertucci, Edward Charles, 320 Beta Kappa Phi, 271 Bialosiewicz, Frank, 240,306, 320 Bialy, Carole Ann, 320 Bibeau, Louise Marie, 320 Bickford, Walter E., 320 Bidwell, Douglas Franklin, 320 Biederman, Robert G., 320 Bielkevicius, Rymante Emillia, 320 Bien, Nancy Laura, 320 Bieniek, Joan Wanda, 320 Bienvenue, Gordon Raymond, 320 Billings, Sue Anne, 320 Bingham, Robert M., 320 Binney, Linda Elaine, 320 Birch, Robert W., 320 Bisbee, James F., 321 Bishop, Joan Ina, 321 Bishop, Laura Ann, 321 Bistran, Stephen John, 321 Bitgood, Stephen Carleton, 321 Bizios, Irene Rena, 321 Bjorklund, Richard Allen, 321 Black, Martha Jane, 321 Blain, Henry Robert, 321 Blakesborough, Carol Ann, 321 Blanchard, Lynda Ann, 321 Blanche!, Donald W., 321 Blanchette, M. Denise, 321 Blonder, Carole Ann, 321 Blood, Mary Frances, 321 Bloom, Richard Michael, 321 Blotcher, Phyllis, 321 Blues Magoos, 110 Blumsack, Charles Earl, 321 Boardman, William John, 321 Bock, Alison, 321 Bodurtha, Diane Elise, 322 Bogie, Cheryl, 322 Boissy, Alan Robert, 322 Boisvert, Leona Jean, 322 Bogert, Taveta Karen, 322 Bolduan, Carol Ellen, 322 Bolduc, Gilbert William, 322 Bolivar, Thomas W., 322 Boliver, Paul L., 322 Bonasoro, Eliza Ann, 322 Book Sale, 26-27 Boone, Judith Elaine, 322 Booth, Margaret Ellen, 322 Booth, Richard Harold, 322 Borge, David, 293 Boronski, Frances, 230,300, 306,322 Boston Red Sox, 104-105 Botany, Department of, 64-55 Boteze, Carl E.,322 Boucher, Robert Allen, 322 Bouchie, Josette Celia, 322 Boudreau, Carol Ann, 322 Boudreau, George Edward, 322 Bouley, Laura Anne, 322 Bourbonais, Stephanie, 149,222 Bourgea, Ronald James, 323 Bowes, Michael Anthony, 323 Bowler, Gayle Marie, 323 Boyajian, Alfred, 293,323 Boyden, David Edward, 323 Bozek, Thomas Edmund, 323 Boys from New York City, 110 Bracci, Michael James, 323 Bradley, Barbara Jeanne, 323 Brady, Robert Michael, 323 Brais, BlandineL.,323 Brand, Diane Gail, 285,323 Bransfield, Edward Joseph, 323 Bran, Steven A., 323 Bremner, Christine Lee, 323 Brenner, Linda Margaret, 323 Breslin, Christine Joan, 323 Bresnahan, Sharon A,., 323 Bressler, RondaB.,323 Brezinski, Joseph M., 323 Brezniak, Walter, 323 Bridges, Thomas L., 324 Bridgman, Howard S., 324 Briere, Glenn, 234 Briggs, David W., 324 Brignull, Roger L., 324 Brilliant, Edward L., 324 Brittan, Lesli-e A.,324 Brochu, Nancy J., 324 Broderick, Nancy, 286 Broderick, Susan C, 324 Brodsky, Gloria A., 324 Bromstrup, Kathryn A., 324 Brown, Barbara G., 324 Brown, Diane J., 324 Brown, James B., 324 Brown, Kathleen Sue, 324 Brown, Kenneth Warren, 324 Brown, Michael George, 324 Brown, Richard R.,324 Brown, Sherron Lynn, 324 Brown, Stephen Bryei , 324 Brown, Steven Douglas, 324 Brown, Theodore Arthur, 325 Brown, William Anthony, 325 Brownlow, Jane Carole, 325 Bruen, Gerald, 274 Brunette, James, 325 Brunetti, Barbara H., 325 Bryan, Florence, 223 Bryan, Herbert Mitchell, 325 Bucci, Sharon A., 325 Buck, Mary Alice, 325 Buckler, Frank Willard, 325 Buckley, Timothy Francis, 325 Bungay, Eileen Joan, 325 Burke, Ellen, 276,325 Burke, Joseph, 325 Burnett, Rebecca Emilynn, 325 Burnside, Jane Christine, 325 Burrell, Bonnie Lynne, 325 Burrell, Richard Gilman, 325 Burrell, Stephen Anthony, 325 Burysz, Marilyn J., 325 Bush, Nancy Ellen, 325 Business Administration, School of; 40-41 Bussiere; Constance Cecelia 326 ■ Buteau, Gregory Thomas, 326 Butler, Mark William, 326 Byers, George A., Jr., 326 Byer; Adriane Nancy, 326 Byrds, 152 Byron, Thomas, 274 Bzdula, Paula Ann, c Cady, Burton Donald, 326 Cahill, John M., 326 Calarese, David Gilbert, 326 Calef, David Andrew, 326 Cilery, F.Richard, 326 Campbell, Barbara, 270,326 Campbell, Bryan David, 326 Campbell, Catherine Elizabeth Campbell, Francis Joseph, 326 Campbell, Glen, 153 Campbell, Kerry Jacquith, 326 Campbell, Robert Lawrence, 326 Campus Chest, 214-215 Cannavo, Samuel, 293 Canty, John Alan, 326 Capecci, Shirley, 107,220 Capps, Larrilee V., 326 Capone, Pauline Louise, 326 Caporello, David Agapito, 326 Card, Deborah Ellen, 327 Cardinale, Regina Phyllis, 327 Carey, John Edward, Jr., 327 Carignan, Roger Augustus, 327 Carleton, Dawn Elise, 327 Carmichael, Jacqueline MacDonald,327 Carnevale, Linda Jean, 327 Caron, John-Paul Gerard, 327 Caroprese, Janet Ellen, 327 Carpenter, Terrone Deane, 327 Carr, Richard Charles, 327 Carrigan, Mary Ellen, 327 Carson, Johnny, 148-149 Carvell, William Vincent, 327 Casey, Kathleen Annette, 327 Castaldini,EllenJ.,327 Castellarin, Linda Marie, 327 Cavallaro, Joanne Grace, 327 Cefalo, Joseph Thomas, Jr., 327 Cellilli. Gerald Robert, 327 Cerami, Patricia Grace, 327 Cermak, Anne Margaret, 328 Cer lo, George Frederick, 328 Chalmers, Linda Grace, 328 Chamberlain, Roxanne Pennv, 328 Chalbers, Marv Ruth, 328 Chan, Le ng Man Chang, Peter V ., 328 Chapin, Judith Ann, 328 Chapin, Robert Lee, 328 Chapman, Kenneth Stephen, 328 Chapman, Roberta Ann, 328 Charbonneau, Joan Ellen, 328 Charpentier, Kathleen Rose, 328 Chase, Diane Evelyn, 328 Chase, James Sherman, 328 Cheerleaders, 256-257 Chemistry, Department of, 68-69 Cherniak, Mark, 284 Chinappi, Anthony, 278 Chi Omega, 294 Chmura, Louis John, Jr., 328 Chorale, 244 Christensen, Margo Elizabeth, 328 Christensen, Ronald Peter, 328 Christmas Season, 134-137 Chute, Kenneth Loring, 328 Ciborowski, Michael, 328 Cignoni, Judith Ann, 328 Clark, Dorothy Ann, 329 Clark, Elizabeth Kinsley, 329 Clark, Nancy Ann, 329 Clark, Nancy E., 329 Clark, Susan Joan, 329 Clark, Virginia Guy, 329 Clark, Warren Bruce, 329 Clarke, Amy E.,329 Clarke, David Hugus, 329 Class Day, 88-91 Class Officers, 323-233 Clay, Christine Elaine, 329 Clayton, Carol Ann, 329 Clement, Carol Anne, 329 dines, Frances Mary, 329 Cloran, Ellen Martha, 329 Cloutier, jean Marie, 329 Cechrane, J. Bruce, 278 Cohen, Edward Allan, 329 Cohen, Harold Jay, 329 Cohen, Jay Martin, 329 Cohen, Jeffrey Leonard, 329 Cohen, Jordan Rian, 329 Cohen, Laura Faye, 330 Cohen, Louise Joan, 330 Cohen, Myron David, 330 Cohen, Paula Kee, 330 Cohen, Robert Maxwell, 268,330 Cohen, Robert Theodore, 330 Cohen, Steven Paul, 330 Cohen, Toby, 330 Cohn, Ethel, 330 Cohn, Josephone Beth, 330 Cohn, Norman Saul Coleman, Virginia Marie, 330 College of Arts Sciences, 50-51 Collegian, 236-237 Collins, lames, 230; 301; 307; 330 Collins, lane L., 330 Collins, Martin Edwin, 330 Collonna, lames Patrick, 330 Comerford, Richard 330 Commencement, 308-311 Comstock, Claudia Gale, 330 Concert Association, 117 Condon, Jeffrey J., 330 Condura, Christina Mary, 330 Congdon, Jennifer Barbara, 331 Conner, Barbara Lee, 331 Connolly, Mathew B., 331 Constantine, Andrew B., 331 Contuzzi, Zorraine Marie, 331 Convocation, 80-81 Conway, L. Susan, 331 Cook, Dianna Lvnn, 331 Coons, Richard Merrill, 331 Cooper, Bonnie Lee, 331 Cooperstein, Barbara T., 331 Cornelio, Lucille Marie, 331 Corkum, Carole Ann, 331 Corsi,PaulJ.,331 Costi, Peter Joseph, 331 Cote, Ceraldine, 331 Cotton, Jane Elizabeth, 331 Coury, Thomas Eli, 331 Covenev, Carol Ann Covill, Robert J., 331 Craft, Janet Taisey, Carnmer, Carol Ann, 331 Craven, Anne Patricia, 331 Crawford, Duncan Pierce, 332 Creeger, Joel Barry, 332 Crew, 206-209 Croft, Evan Cunningham, 332 Cronig, Jeffrey Alan, 332 Crooker, Joanne Ruth, 332 Crosby, John Edward, 332 Crotty, Julia Wilder, 332 Crowley, Mary Ellen, 279,332 Curtin, Joanne Markham, Curtis, Helen, 72 Gushing, John Gilnore, 332 Gushing, Maxine Elaine, 332 Cutting, Philip Francis, 332 Crowley, Christine Anderson, 332 Cryan, Ray, 332 Currie, Robert, 332 Czekanski, James, Philip, 332 D Daggett, Richard Earl, 332 Dailey, Michael N., 332 Daley, Barbara Catino, 332 Daley, Michael Leo, 332 Daley, William Stewart, 333 Dalton, Joseph L., Jr., 333 Damiani, Elizabeth Barbara, 333 Damon, E. Steven, 333 D ' Amour, Penelope Faith, 333 Danca, Richard Anthony, 333 D ' Andrea, Richard Eugene, 333 Daniels, Michael Robert, 333 Darling, Cunthia Southworth, 333 Darling, Susan Mae, 333 Dadmun, Dorothy, 333 Darrah, Adele Lynne, 333 Davenport, Anne Marie, 333 Davenport, Russell Stearns, 333 Davidson, Larry D., 268,333 Davidson, Margaret Mary, 333 Davies, Deborah, 333 Davis, Allen, 301,306,333 Davis, Edward Chase, 333 Davis, Wayne Stanley, 333 Dean, Allan Rolfe, 333 Dean, John H.,236 Dean, Mary Ellen, 334 Dean, William Francis, 334 DeBenedictis, Lillian Ann, 334 DeCosta, Mary Louise, 334 DeFelice, Susan Teresa, 334 Delahanty, Donna L., 334 Delmonico, Richard John, 334 Delaney, Richard Maurice, 334 Delano, Jane, 334 Deleevw, Denise, 334 D ' Elia,Elisa Louise, 334 Dflibero, Kathryn White, 334 Dflmolino, Leonard Joseph, 334 Delsfslo, Mark, 292 Delia Chi, 272 DeMariano Paul, 30,30 6,334 Dembski, Claudia, 223, 307, 334 Demo, William, 334 Dempsey, John Philip, 334 Denman, John F., 334 Denomme, Cynthia Lee, 334 Deotte, Lester George, 334 Derosa, William A., 335 Desando, Mary Ellen, 335 Detore, Mary V., 335 Uetore, Robert Vmcent, Dever, Charles Edward, 335 Diamond, Roslyn Lee, 335 Dickerman, Stephen, 335 Dickinson, Gary Edmund, 335 Dickinson, Bill, 236 Diensbach, Eric, 273 Dikan, Peter Nicholas, 335 Dimock, Elizabeth Jane, 335 DiSarcina, Joe, 159 Distinguished Seniors, 300-301 Distinguished Visitors Program, 138-139 Divencenzo, Joseph Anthony, 335 Doc Severinson, 149 Dolan, Claire Marie, 335 Dolan, Kathleen Ann-Marie, 335 DiDomenico, Frank Panfilo, 335 Dombrowski, Joan Ann, 335 Donaghue, Richard, 166 Doncese, Judith Margaret, 335 Dondero, Daniel Joseph, 335 Donnelly, Susan Louise, 335 Donner, Susan 335 Donohue, Vincent Paul, 335 Donovan, 108 Donovan, Arthur Lavria, 336 Donovan, Joanne, L., 336 Donovan, Hory A., 336 Donovan, Richard Page, 336 Dooley, Lois Ann, 336 Dorgas, Eileen, 336 Dorris, Wayne Leslie, 336 Doty, Edwin Andrew, Jr., 336 Dougal, Christine Mary, 336 Dougherty, Mary Anne, 336 Douglas, Senator, 139 Dow Chemical Demonstration, 170 Dowal, Michael John, 336 Doyle, Gail Ann, 336 Doyle, Rosemary Bryant, 336 Dovidio, Katheryn Marie, 336 Drake, 172-173 Draper, Elizabeth Ann, 336 Drega, Mary Ann, 287,336 Drew, Anne Elizabeth, 336 Driver, Margaret Elaine, 335 Driver, Phyllis Ryan, 336 Drum, Ryan, 64-65 Driscoll, Mike, 273 Drury, Sheryl Ann, 336 Druss, Pearl, 337 Drzal, Robert Stanley, 337 Dube, Philip A., Jr., 337 Duda, Donald Jacob, 337 Duffett, John Lawrence, 337 Duffy, Joseph Leo, 337 Dunay, Linda Ray, 337 Dunleavy, Robert Paul, 337, Dunlop, Craig Emerson, 337 Dunn, Brian Whitcomb, 337 Dunn, Mary Margaret, 337 Dunsford, Jo-Anne Mary, 337 Dutcher, Joseph A., 337 Duty, John Scott, 337 Dworman, Ralph Michael, 337 Dwyer, Francis Edward, Jr., 337 Dyer, Cheryl Anne, 337 Dyer, Edwin William Francis, 337 Dyer, Stephen Landon, 337 Dyer, Richard, 274 Dynan, John Lawrence, 337 Ea( men, James Charles, Jr., 338 Earle, John Charles, 338 Farley, Linda Lucille, 338 Eaton, David, 338 Eaton, David Lincoln, 338 Eaton, Jeff, 271 Ebacher, Elizabeth, 338 Eber, Richard B., 338 Econoply, Pamela Hope, 338 Edelman,John Karl, 338 Education, School of, 34-37 Edwards, Steve James, 338 Eisner, Bonnie, 338 Flam, Lilius Bryan Eldred,Jean Pernat, 338 Electrical Engineering, 44-45 Ellard, Bruce, 269 Elliot, Cheryl, 286,338 Ellstrom, Carol Ann, 338 Elmer, Bruce Mason, 338 Engebretson, Lois, 287 Environmental Engineering, 42-43 Epstein, Jacob, 338 Epstein, Linda Jean, 338 Eramo, Carol Ann, 338 Erb, Douglas Alan, 338 Erdmann, Dennis, 291 Erickson, Wayne F., 338 Erker, Edward Francis, 338 Erianger, Leonard Alan, 339 Eriich, Norman Alan, 339 Estner, Martin Irving, 339 Etkind,Alan v., 339 Evans, Cheryl, 307,339 Eva ns, Lani Jean, 339 Evans, Lorraine M., 339 Ewell, Kenneth Albert, 339 Exford, Peter Teller, 339 Ezold, Robert James, 339 Fairbank, Pamela Kay, 339 Fairfield, Susan Lee, 339 Faico, Theresa Ann, 339 Fall Candids, 84-87 Farley, Maureen Anne, 339 Farrell, Frank Clair, 339 Farrell, Janet Elaine, 339 Farrell, MarcellaE., 339 Farrington, Carol Shappell, 339 Farrington, Donald Gray, 339 Faucetter, Douglas Paul, 340 Faulkner, Peter, 269 Fenney, Peter John, 340 Feld, Ronald David, 340 Fellon, Marcia Ann, 340 Fenn, Susan Anne, 340 Fennessey, Mary, 304,340 Fentin, Ravena Ruth, 340 Fernald, Diane Lee, 340 Ferrara, Cheryl Anne, 340 Ferron, David George, 340 Field, William, 73 Fiedler, Arthur Orchestra, 117 Fienberg, Harold Martin, 340 Fila, Emily Mary, 340 Fillion, Raymond Albert, 340 Fink, R. Debra, 340 Finkle, Marilyn Elaine, 340 Finn, Virginia Mary, 340 Fisette, Michael Francis, 340 Fish, James Henry, 340 Fishman, Cecile Susan, 340 Fisk, Robert Allen, 340 Fitch, Jeffrey Todd, 341 Fitch, Skip, 240 Fitzgerald, George B., 341 Fitzgerald, Joan, 341 Fitzgerald, Patricia Anne, 341 Fitzgerald, Richard Charles Harris, 341 Fitzgerald, Sheila Ellen, 341 Fleischer, Helen E.., 341 Flinkslrom, Charles N, 341 Flint, Stanley E., 341 Flynn, Jane Frances, 341 Flynn, Joan, 341 Fogel, Harvey Philip, 341 Foley, Joan Kathleen, 341 Foley, Robert, 271 Follett, Susan Louise, 341 Football, 88-99 Forbess, Shelley, 277,341 Ford, James Alexander, 341 Foresto, John Anthony, 341 Fortier, Richard Arthur, 341 Forman, Stuart Irving, 341 Forys, John Charles, 341 Foss, Barry M., 342 Foster, George Edward, 342 Foster, Mark Ober, 342 Foudy, James, 304 Foulds, Patricia F., 342 Fox, Susan Janice, 342 Foxon, Mary Bartlett, 342 Francini, Robert Jean, 342 Frank, Lynn Ann, 342 Frankenfield, Ronald Stephen, 342 Franklin, Anne Karen, 342 Franklin, Fred jay, 268,342 Fratto, Ronald John, 342 Freed, Bob 284,342 Freed man. Burton David, 342 Freedman, FHarri, 342 Freedman, Marcia E., 342 Freedman, Paula Harriet, 342 Freedman, Robert Harvey, 342 Freeman, Elizabeth Ann, 342 Freitas, Jane Ann, 342 Freitas, Marcia Elizabeth, 343 French, Roger Alan, 343 Freniere, Paul, 284 Frey, Lois, 228 Frigon, James Edward, 343 Frisbee, Ann, 343 Frost, Christina G..,343 Frost, William Warren, Jr., 343 Fujczak, Joann Alice, 343 Fuller, Joy L., 343 Furtado, Stephen John, 343 Fusia, Victor, 89 Fyfe, Donald Errest, 343 c Gadzuk, Nancy Ellen, 343 Gage, Robert W.,M.D., 70 Gagne, Suzanne Cardine, 343 Gagne, Donald Raymond, 343 Gagnon, Jane Marie, 343 Gagnon, Mary Louise, 343 Galas, Julia Marie, 343 Gallagher, Peter Joseph, 343 Gallerani, James Aldo, 343 Gallese, Leslie R., 343 Gallivan, Eileen Marie, 343 Gallo, Samuel, 282 Gamble, Joan Marie, 344 Gamma Sigma Sigma, 258 Carnett, John Vernon, 344 Garrett, Patricia Lois, 344 Garstang, Collin William, 163,344 Garvey, Judith Philomene, 344 Ganley, Thomas S., 344 Gasperack, Gary Lee, 344 Gastone, Thomas Frank, 344 Gately, Paul K., 344 Gates, David Redden, 344 Gaudet, Robert Daniel, 344 Gaudreau, Lauraine Elizabeth, 344 Gay, Peter, 344 Garlo, Glenda, 344 Garon, Michele, 344 Gegan, William, 344 Geldmacher, Cecily, 344 Gell, Donna, 344 Gensheimer, John, 344 Gentile, Thomas, 345 Gervais, Marilyn, 345 Getchell, Alison, 345 Getz, Stan, 110 Giard, Beverly, 345 Giardino, Gail, 345 Giardino, June, 345 Gibson, Donald, 345 Gigliotti, Carol, 345 Gilardi, Philip, 345 Gilchrist, Maureen, 345 Gilman, Sherry, 345 Ginnis, Leo, 345 Gill, Eileen, 345 Ginsburg, Marvin S., 345 Cirotti, James Edward, 345 Girouard, Michael, 345 Giroux, Neil Charles, 345 Gizienski, Constance Leona, 345 Gladchuck, Chester, 198-199 Gleghorn, Michael F., 345 Glick, Leonard Jay, 346 Glickman, Michael Kenneth, 346 Glinski, Charles John, 346 Glogowski, Donald Robert, 346 Cobeille, Allan Joseph, 346 Godlewski, Roberta, 346 Godwin, Rob ert C, 346 Golashesky, Karen Andrea, 346 Gold, Laurie Britton, 346 Goldberg, David H.,346 Goldberg, Shirley, 346 Goldfarb, Ralph Leonard, 346 Goldman, Alan Charles, 346 Goldman, David Harold, 346 Goldrick, Barbara Ann, 240,346 Goldstein, Michael Kenneth, 346 Golf, 200-201 Gombar, Bruce A., 346 Gombar, Carlyn Miller, 346 Conyer, Pamela G., 346 Goodell Library, 50-51 Goodfellow, George Edwin, 346 Goodman, Rachel, 347 Goodreau, Wayne Michael, 347 Goodwin, Gudith Ann, 347 Gorczyca, John Frederick, 347 Goren, Alan Charles, 347 Gordon, Merle Rhona, 347 Gordon, Samuel Richless, 347 Gorham, Janet Ann, 347 Gori, Andrew Frank, 347 Gosciminski, Cus, 237 Gotowala, Rita Marie, 347 Gould, Joanne Lynn, 347 Gould, Richard Bernard, 347 Gounares, Cynthia Elaine, 347 Govenar, Robert Gerald, 347 Gowdey, Jean Giarg, 347 Gowen, Nancy T., 347 Gowen, Richard Austin, 347 Grace, Donald Francis, 347 Grady, Margaret Mary, 347 Graves, Mary Kathryn, 348 Graves, Christine Margargal, 348 Graves, Linda Jane, 348 Gray, Joseph J., 348 Greek Week, 216-219 Green, John Michael, 348 Green, Leona, 348 Greene, Alan David, 348 Greene, Dennis James, 348 Greene, Mark Edward, 348 Gregoritch, Margaret, 281 Gregory, Dick, 138 Gregory, Joanna Lee, 348 Greno, Michael A., 348 Griffin, Elizabeth Anne, 348 Griffin, John Edward, 348 Griffith, Nancy Cameron, 348 Crigware, Donald Edward, 348 Grosnick, Allen Harold, 348 Crudes, Paul J., 348 Guidara, Francis William, 291, 348 Gumer, Elaine Joyce, 348 Gumula, John Brian, 348 Gurwitz, Lewis, 300,305,349 Cuss, Charles Thomas, 349 Gussow, Ellen Edythe, 349 Gustafron, Carl Oscar, 349 Gwodtz, Dorothy, 287,349 Gymnastics, 122 H Haarmann, Timothy Edward, 349 Halbert, Mary Virginia, 349 Haesaert, Susan, 349 Hagspian, Judy, 349 Hall, Jacquelyn, 304,349 Hall, Jonathan Gernold, 349 Hallessy, Sheila Mary, 349 Halprin, Paula F.,349 Halprin, Ronnie Lynn, 349 Hamburg, Charles, 268 Hammond, David Lee, 349 Hammond, Joan Marie, 349 Hamylak, Stefan, 349 Hankey, Janet Ellen, 349 Hanley, William Barry, 349 Hannon, Barbara Ellen, 350 Hanson, David B., 350 Hanson, Margery Elaine, 350 Happenings, 111 Harlem Globetrotters, 118 Harley, Virginia Ruth Harrigan, Janice Ann, 350 Halsey, Susan, 349 Harrigan, Mary Elizabeth, 350 Harrington, Edward J., 350 Harrington, Sue, 294 Harris, Lois Carol, 350 Harrod, James Abram, 350 Hartley, Susan Beth, 350 Hartmeyer, Nancy Dorothy, 350 Hartrick, Toni Helen, 350 Hartshorn, Lynda Jane, 350 Hartzel,Paul Robert, 350 Harvey, Maureen, 350 Hastings, Sheryl Ann, 350 Hathaway, Linda Lee, 350 Hatherley, James, 291 Hayden,John F.,350 Hayes, David James, 350 Hazel, Richard Floyd, 350 Hazen, Dianne Joy, 351 Headley, Donald Bruce, 351 Headley, Joan Edward, 351 Heap, Harold Alston, 351 Heinicke, Sandra Jean, 351 Helfen, Michael, 351 Helms, Jimmy, 84 Hennessey, Patricia Jane, 351 Hennessey, William Joseph, 351 Henning, Carol Elizabeth, 351 Herchel, Henry John, 351 Hero, Patricia Anne, 351 Herrick, David W., 351 Herrick, Lillian Elizabeth, 351 Herrman, Margaret Anne, 351 H.E.R. Weekend, 194-197 Hettrick, Sara Draper, 351 Hewitt, Robert W., 351 Hewitt, Diane Marie, 351 Heywood, Donna Joyce, 351 Higgins, James Carlton, 351 Hilferty, Ruthann Elizabeth, 351 Hill, Harry C, Jr., 352 Hill, Ed, 232 Hill, Herbert David, 352 Hill, Pamela M., 352 Hines, Edward Lewis, 352 Hines, Joan Stowers, 352 Hinkley, Barbara Jean, 352 Hintlian, Edward, 352 Hirsch, Lenore Ann, 352 Hirsch, Ronald, 352 Hitov, Steven, 272 Hjorth, Richard Norman, 352 Hoare, Janice Elizabeth, 352 Hochberg, Susan Rae, 352 Hockey, 126-129 Hoffman, Edwina Ann, 352 Hoffman, Janet R., 352 Hoffman, Robert Allen, 352 Hoffman, Virginia L., 352 Hogan, James, C, 352 Hohenberger, H. Kenneth, 352 Holik, Kathleen Jane, 352 Holland, Anne Blair, 352 Holt, Leslie Sharon, 353 Holton, Paul Anthony, 305,353 Homecoming, 106,111 Home Economics, School of, 48- 49 Honor Societies, 68-69 Honorary Societies, 254-255 Hoogerzeil, Norma Wendy, 353 Hopkins, Charles Franklin, 353 Hopkins, Robert, 73 Horenstein, Steven Barry, 353 Horns, Lisa Sue, 353 Horvitz, James Mark, 353 Hosley, Bruce Alfred, 353 Hunt, Cindy, 270 Houghton, Ronald Carroll, 353 Houlehan, Joan Alice Howard, Bruce Jack, 353 Howard, Frank Lawrence, 353 Howland, Jay, 353 Howland, Jerry, 273 Haye, Alan Charles, 353 Hubley, Ralph I., 353 Huggett, Deane Ralph, 353 Hughes, Carol Ann, 353 Hughes, Kenneth Brian, 353 Hughes, Linda Dean, 354 Hughes, Thomas Jefferson, 354 Hugo, Joseph George, 354 Humber, Jeffrey Lee, 233,354 Hunsberger, Donald M., 354 Hunt, Cynthia, 307,354 Hurlbut, Michelene B., 354 Hurwitz, George, 354 Hutchins, Mary Elizabeth, 354 Individualistic Expression, 213- 214 Ingallis, Robert Darrell, 354 Inouye, Shirley Jean Cookie, 354 Interlandi, Charles Joseph, 354 Intramurals, Winter, 142 lota Gamma LIpsilon, 275 Ivonen, Helena Maria, 354 Jack, Charles William, 354 Jacaman, Frances Xavier, 354 Jacbert, Raymond Abbott Jacobs, Robert David, 354 Jacobsohn, Richard Harris, 268, 354 Jacobson, Martin Glen, 354 Hubbard, Jane W., 353 Joffee, Sandra, 354 James, Leslie Ann, 354 Jamner, Renate Celia, 355 Jandrow, Richard Edmund, 355 Jankowski, Joan Mary, 355 Jay, Pamela Ann, 355 Jekanoski, David John, 355 Jenkins, Verna Mae, 355 Jermyn, Robert Alan, 355 Jette, Richard Alfred, 355 J.F.K. Memorial Concert, 116 Johnian, Carol Touran, 355 Johnson, Careu, 277 Johnson, Jay Anne, 355 Johnson, Kenneth, 75 Johnson, Martin Edward, 355 Johnson, Nancy Ellen, 355 Johnson, Richard, 288 Johnson, Russell A. Johnston, Evan, 74 Johnston, Ronald, 355 Jones, Anne M., 355 Jones, Charles Bruce, 355 Joyce, Elaine, 281,355 Joyce, Neil James, 355 Judge, John F., 355 Judiciaries, 261 Judo Club, 251 Judson, Phyllis Margaret, 355 K Kaczynski, Michelle Anne, 356 Kagan, Elaine Emily, 356 Kagan, Nancy Barbara, 356 Kaitz, Susan Barbara, 356 Kalikow, Martin, 356 Kalish, Steyen Joseph, 356 Kallfa, Andrea Alicia Kalleo, Eileen Maria, 356 Kamienski, Gary J,, 356 Kamila, Daye, 162 Kamp, Carl Henry, 356 Kane, James Robert, 356 Kane, Janet Ann, 356 Kane, Kathy, 294,356 Kaplan, Barbara Ruth, 356 Kappa, Dianne, 356 Kappa Alpha Theta, 275 Kappa Kappa Gamma, 277 Kappa Sigma, 278 Karagosian, Linda Suzanne, 356 Karlson, Michael S., 355 Karman, Carol Deardre, 356 Karp, Stanley, 356 Karpinski, Thomas C, 356 Kasayana, Toby, 123 Kasmer, Roger John, 357 Kassner, Janice Ruth, 357 Katz, Arlene Benita, 357 Katz, Marilyn Gail Kaufman, Deborah E., 357 Keck, Marilynn Alice, 357 Keedy, Vincent William, Jr., 357 Kelcourse, Charles Ronald, 357 Kelley, Ernest William, 357 Kelly, ' Cathy, 357 Kelley, Kathleen Patricia, 357 Kelliher, John Joseph, 357 Kelty, James Francis, 357 Kenney, Barbara Jane, 357 Kenney, Joyce Ann, 357 Kent, Denise Gordon, 357 Keough, Robert Paul, 357 Kershaw, Richard Royle, 357 Kessler, Donald Bruce, 357 Keyes, Scott Wellington, 357 Kilian, Paul Clark, 358 Killilea, Richard Don, 358 Kimball, Gary Ross, 358 King, Bruce W., 358 King, Christine Frances, 358 King, John, 271 Kingsbury, Ann L., 358 Kirton, John Buchan, 358 Kiser, Karol Ann, 358 Kish, David O, 358 Kistler, Philip Allen, 358 Kitlredge, Frank Holmes, 358 Kjeldsen, Eric, 125 Klaes, William H., 358 Klein, Elaine Phyllis, 358 Klein, Elliot Harley, 358 Klein, Russell Jay, 358 Kleindienst, Margaret A., 358 Kliska, John Joseph, Jr., 358 Klorer, Paul James, 358 Knott, Peter Binder, 359 Knight, David Hathaway, 358 Knight, Jane Carol, 359 Knight, Jayne Elizabeth, 359 Koenig, John Ronald, 359 Koffman, Michael L., 359 Kolodzinksi, Carol Ann, 359 Konovalow, Leo, 359 Kopek, Carol Ann, 359 Kopeski, Frank John, 359 Kopiecki, Barbara, 225 Kopp, Pamela Marie, 359 Koppel, Robert Malcolm, 359 Kordex, Walters., 359 Kosciusko, Maryann V., 359 Kostecki, Robert Roger, 359 Kowalski, Sonia Mary, 359 Kramer, Eric Marshall, 359 Kramer, Stephen, 259 Krayetz, Beyerly R. 359 Kriensky, Melinda Lee, 359 Kriger, Phillip Mark, 359 Krinsky, Stephen, 305 Krol, Robert M. 359 Kruse, Carol-Ann, 350 Kucab, Thomas Joseph, 350 Kuczarski, Karen M., 360 Kuja, Edwina Catherine, 360 Kulersus, John Edward, 360 Kuzmeskus, Beth W., 360 LaBrecque, Ron, 237 Lacrosse, 190-193 Lacy, Mary Alice, 360 Ladd, Dorothy S., 360 Laflesh, Emily Gnacek, 360 Lagasse, Richard Arthur, 360 Lahtinen, William B., 360 Laidley, William Robert, 360 Laird, Janet Lee, 360 Lajoie, Brian Alan, 350 LaLiberte, David M., 360 Lalikos, Marietta A., 360 Lallas, Cheryl Joe, 360 Lambda Delta Phi, 279 Lambda Chi Alpha, 280 Lamkin, Kenneth, 360 Lamontagne, Jerome, 360 Lanchansky, Paula, 275 Landis, Judy, 361 Landry, Gregory, 89,300,305,351 Landry, Robert Joseph, 361 Lang, Carol Joan, 361 Lang, David, 361 Lang, Mary Louise, 361 Langdoc, Jeannine Marie, 351 Langlois, Linda Marie, 361 Language Labs, 52-53 Lanyon, Mary Justine, 361 Lapin, Joel David, 361 Lapointe, Carl Philip, 361 LaPointe, Robert Charles, 361 Larkin, Francis Bernard, 361 Larkin, Jean Marie, 361 Larose, Joseph Alfred, III, 361 Larson, Anne Louise, 361 Larson, David, 157 Larvey, Arthur West, 361 Latremouille, Robert James, 361 Laughlin, Richard, 283 Laukkaren, Elaine Marie, 361 Lauziere, Elise Frances, 351 Lawrence, Charles Ludger, 352 Lawrence, David Michael, 352 Lawrence, Janice Kay, 362 Lawson, Douglas Robert, 362 Lazarus, Judy Phyllis, 362 Lazotti, Robert, 362 Leach, Stephanie, 304,362 Lear, Robert Stanley, 362 Leary, Barbara Evelyn, 352 Lebeau, Jacqueline Ann, 352 Lebow, Professor Howard, 60 Lechtur, Clifford Paul, 362 Leclair, Robert, 123 President Lederle, 82,75-77 Ledgard, Kenneth H., 362 Lee, Nancy Ann, 362 Lefort, Gary Leonce, 362 Lehrer, Mary Lewis, 362 Leiand, Laurence Arthur, 362 Lemieux, Jean Anne, 362 Lemire, Lois E., 362 Lenn, Helena, 362 Leonard, Judith Ellen, 362 Lerner, Elliot Donald, 363 Lerner, Philip David, 363 Levan, George Martin, 353 Levandow, Barbara, 363 Levco, Stanley Michael, 363 Levenson, Ronald Laurence, 363 Levine, Harriet Leora, 363 Levine, Marilyn, 363 Levine, Phyllis, 363 Levreault, Elizabeth Rennick, 353 Levy, Richard A., 363 Lewenberg, Peter, 258 Lewis, Linda, 353 Lewis, Patricia, 363 Lewis, Robert Thomas, 363 Lieberman, Phylis Ronni, 363 Light Sound Show, 110-111 L ' il Abner, 131 Liley, Paul T., 363 Lindblom, Dennis Lee, 363 Lindgren, Christine Helen, 363 Little, Richard Charles, 354 Liquori, William John, 364 Lisack, John, 364 Livesey, Ronald Victor, 364 Lizia, Stephen Edward, 364 Lockhart, Charles Barton, 354 Lomas, Roger John, 354 Lombardelei, Henry Peter, 364 London, Beth B.,364 Looney, Robert E., Jr., 364 Loss, Miriam, 364 Loughlin, Richard James, 364 Lilius, Byran E., 353 Linberg, Karen, 363 Low, Bruce, 305,364 Lowenstein, Sharyn Sondra, 354 Lowney, Barbara Anna, 364 Lund, Barbara Anne, 354 Lussier, Eugene Donald, 364 Lydon, Rosemary, 354 Lyiis, David, 282 Lylis, Theodore Charles, 354 Lynch, Robert Richard, 355 M MacCullum, Wayne Fowler, 366 MacDonald, Nancy Ellen, 365 MacDonnell, Aline, 279 MacGregor, Marilyn Joyce, 366 Maclsaac, Steven J., 355 Mackey, Elizabeth Marie, 355 Mackey, Jane Millicent, 367 McAfee, Paula Evelyn, 365 McArdle, Barbara Jeanne, 365 McArdle, Michael, 93 McCallum, Joan, 365 McCarthy, David Francis, 365 McCarthy, Richard J., 365 McCarthy, William Charles, 365 McCarthy, Robert McCluskey, Richard Joseph, 365 MacKenzie, Mary Ellen, 367 Mackey, Barbara Ruth, 367 Mackey, Donna Elizabeth, 367 Mackey, Elizabeth Anne, 357 MacLeod, Edward, 357 Macomber, Robert Thacher, 367 Macoul, Pamela Jean, 367 Macycove, Alice Ann, 367 Madden, Barbara Ann, 367 Maddow, Thomas Joseph, 367 Madsen, Carol Ann, 367 Magan e, Karen, 357 Magarian, John, 357 Maginness, Nancy Anne, 367 Majka, Richard Daniel, 367 Makeew, Nina, 357 Makhambra, Peter Elizar, 367 MacLean, Lila, 357 Madrigal Singers, 245 Malinski, Patricia, 367 Mamulski, David, 368 Man Chan, Norman, 368 Mancusi, Robert, 288 Mandel, Carol, 368 Mandracia, Christine, 239,368 Mangan, Ruth, 368 Mangurian, Glenn, 232 Mania, Ronald, 368 Maniscalco, William, 368 Mankut, Noreen, 358 Manning, Joan, 358 Mansfield, Carol, 368 Marcus, Larry, 233 Marean, William, 368 Marino, William, 368 Markarian, Paul, 368 Markot, Jay, 368 Maroon Keys, 254 Marquis, Alan, 358 Marrama, Phillip, 358 Marshall, Robert, 358 Marsten, Margo, 358 Martin, Lenore, 358 Martin, Marklyn, 358 Martin, Nancy, 369 Mascioli, Robert, 369 Mason, Ellen, 369 Mason, Peter, 369 Massachusetts Index, 238- 240 Matous, Patricia, 369 Matthews, Patricia, 369 Mattson, John, 369 Maxfield, Janice lone Maxwell, Margaret, 286,369 May, George, 369 Maynard, Marie, 369 McCulloch, CarolAnne, 365 McCullough, Ruth, 365 McCusker, Charles Anthony, 365 McCutcheon, Philip Brooks, 111,365 McDonald, Gail Barbara, 365 McDonald, Jean Carol, 365 McDonald, Richard, Emmett, 365 McDonough, Robert, 278 McDough, Lindas., 365 Mcelwey, David William, 355 McCee, George E., 365 McGee, Lawrence Elliott, 355 McGovern, Alexander Joseph, 365 McGrath, Edmund Roy, 365 McGuire, Robert Arthur, 366 McKay, Ellen Robinson, 356 McKenna, Timothy James, 366 McKinley, Michael Davlin, 366 McKinley, Michael Davlin, 365 McKinstry, Dennis M., 366 McMahon, Jane Marie, 366 McMahon, Kathleen Mary, 365 McMahon, Lois Anne, 366 McMullen, Dorothy Anne, 365 McNanara, Kendra Lee, 366 McNamara, Sheila Kathleen, 366 McRevey, Sheila, 228 Medeiras, Alfred Joseph, 369 Medeiras, Edward Michael, 359 Medeiras, Joyce Ann, 369 Meehan, James Dennis, 369 Mees, Leonard Roger, 369 Megill, Ellen B.,369 Megigsky, Carol Jane, 239,369 Meissner, Davrd R., 369 Melanson, John Eric, 359 Melchiori, Marilyn, 275 Mellor, Erwin Thomas, 370 Menard, Irene Ann, 370 Menovich, Anita, 370 Men ' s Choir, 244 Mentes, Beverly Jane, 370 Meo, Robert Michael, 370 Mercier, Jeanne Carol, 370 Meriam, Cynthia Ann Hayes, 370 Meriam, Dwight Haines, 370 Merrill, Eric, 370 Merryman, Donna, 370 Messina, Anthony Stanley, 370 Metawampee Award, 70-71 Metzler, Michael H., 111,370 Meyer, Arthur Grover, 370 Meyer, David Michael, 370 Michael, Gail Ann, 370 Michalski, Ronald John, 370 Michaud, Andrew David, 370 Mieike, Ernest Joseph, 370 Mialiaccio, Donald A., 370 Mihovan, Betsy P., 370 Milgram, Beverly, 371 Military Ball, 210-211 Miller, Betsey H., 371 Miller, Donna S.,371 Miller, Peters., 371 Miller, Philip D., 371 Millette, Richard P., 371 Milley, Richard E., 240,371 Mills, Kerry H.,371 Misiaszek, Richard T., 371 Mitchell, David S.,371 Mitchell, Jim, 89 Mize, Jacquelyn A., 371 Mlinar, Paul, 93,371 Mohan, Donna M. 71 Molliver, Mashall E., 371 Molofsky, Sara E., 371 Mouprode, Gail, 294,371 Moore, Richard A., 371 Moray, Elizabeth, 371 More, Thomas A., 371 Moresi, John L.,371 Morgan, David H., 372 Morocco, John P., 372 Moroney, Robert W., 372 Morrison, William A., 372 Morris, Sandra P., 372 Morrissey, Paul R., 372 Morse, Avy M., 372 Morse, Donald P., 372 Morse, Robert Allen, 372 Morse, Susan A., 372 Mortarboard, 255 Mortellite, Dianne Marie, 372 Moselye, John Frank, 372 Moses, Anthony Thomas, 372 Moses, Robert Albert, 372 Moss, Stephen Mitchell 372 Mother of Voices, 241 Mott, Michael J., 372 Moughan, Virginia A., 372 Moulthrop, Judith Ann, 372 Moulton, James Charles, 372 Moynihan, Stephen Edward, 372 Mozzicato, Lois Angela, 373 Mroczkowski, Elizabeth Eleanora, 373 Mucha, Mary, 373 Mueller, Peter R., 373 Muldoon, Patricia Ann, 373 Mulvihill, John M., 373 Munson, Michael W., 373 Murley, Daneil 278 Murphy, Eileen, 373 Murphy, Ellen Lee, 373 Murphy, June Catherine, 373 Murphy, Richard Lee, 373 Murphy, William P., 373 Murphy, William Henry, 373 Murray, Dennis P., 373 Murray, Michael Howard, 373 Musante, Elizabeth Ann, 373 Muse, Jacklyn, 373 Music, Department of, 50-61 Musigals, 249 Myers, Martha Dennehy, 373 Mylott, Katherine Anne, 374 N Nadeau, Leslie Anne, 374 Naglin, Barbara Ann, 374 Naiads, 251 Nanartonis, Shari Elaine, 374 Nathanson, David, 374 Neal, Beverly Ann, 374 Nebb, Judtih Paula, 374 Neddleman, Paula Cheryl, 374 Neighen, Stephen, 289 Neiner, Randi Alane, 374 Nelson, Karen Lee, 374 Nelson, Robert Alain, 374 Nemo, William, J. Neso, Thomas William, 374 Nesson, Patricia, 374 Neufeld, Elizabeth, 307,374 Newingham, Bonnie Sue, 374 Newman, Otto R., 374 Newton, Donald George, 374 Newton, Prances Alana, 374 Nichols, Judith Ann, 374 Nickerson, Janice Elaine, 375 Niederjohn, Wayne Mariun, 375 Nocella, John Edward, 375 Noffsinger, Mark, 72 Nolan, Brian Moakley, 375 Nolan, Daniel J., Jr., 375 Noone, Patrick Joseph, 375 Norton, Nancy Ellen, 375 Norwood, Terry Lee, 375 Nowak, Kenneth, 167 Nowak, Robert Stanley, 375 Ntokotha, Enock Mangwiyo, 375 Nugent, William Joseph, 375 Nyer, Neonard, 292 Nylen, Karen E., 375 o Oberman, Sharon Lee, 375 O ' Connor, Susan Marie, 375 Odomirak, Ann Catherine, 375 O ' Donnell, Roger Hugh, 375 O ' Donnell, Sally Ann, 375 Ohanian, Paula Eunice, 375 Ojanen, John F., 375 Oksanen, Steven John, 376 Olanoff, Cheryl, Hinda, 376 Olanyk, Mary Ellen, 376 O ' Leary, Daniel Michael, 376 O ' Leary, Francis Howard, 376 Olinsky, Sue Ann, 376 Olivari,John Robert, 376 Olson, Gustave David, 376 Once Upon a Mattress, 130 O ' Neil, Judith Margaret, 376 Operetta Guild, 131 Oppenheimer, Robert Gould, 376 Orazi, Marci, 221 Ordway, Carol Modena, 376 O ' Reilly, Kevin, 292 Osborn, Jane Marie, 376 Ostroff, Leonard Steven, 376 O ' Sullivan, Malcolm Joseph, 375 O ' Toole, David Richard, 375 Ovanes, Robert Thomas, 376 Owen, Marjorie A., 376 Ozuransky, Judith A., 375 Pacheco, Paul Thomas, 376 Padykula, Michaelene Prances, 376 Page, Judith Elaine, 377 Pagnini, Susan Marie, 377 Pajak, Robert William, 377 Palardy, Gary H., 377 Palermo, Sharon Marie, 377 Palmer, Ellen Pern, 377 Palmer, Gale P. ,377 Palmer, Stephen Charles, 377 Palubeckus, Aurelia, 281,377 Paolino, Lawrence, 377 Pappas, Charles Cris, 377 Paquette, Ceroid George, 377 Parachute, 251 Parady, Martha Allen, 277 Paranya, Jane, 377 Parent, Clifford Bruce, 377 Parent, Deborah Louise, 377 Paris, Martin Lewis, 377 Paris, Richard Sherman, 377 Parthum, Richard Clark, 377 Paseltiner, Merryl Tina, 377 Pass-Fail Program, 28-29 Patriquin, Jean Anne, 378 Payson, Ronald, 378 Peabody, Carlton Edward, 111, 378 Pearce, Patricia Anne, 378 Pearce, Richard Ellis, 378 Pease, Edward Hintington, 378 Pellegrino, Carol Barbara, 378 Pekkla, Bruce, 378 Pelow, Kathleen Pelow, 378 Peltier, Richard Edward, 378 Penski, Anthony P., 378 Pentland, Jane E., 378 Pemziner, Susan Beth, 378 Peoples, David B., 378 Percy, Virginia Rae, 378 Perkins, Richard, 304,378 Perlman, Robert Stephen, 378 Perlstein, Hanna, 378 Perrone, Judith Sutherland, 378 Perseverance, 132-133 Peterson, David Carl, 379 Peterson, Gary Roy, 379 Peterson, Ronald Carleton, 379 Petow, Patricia, 303,379 Pfaifle, Kenneth Robert, 379 Phelps, Marcus George, 379 Phelps, Sandra, 379 Philbrook, Russell, 379 Phillips, Diana, 379 Phi Mu Delta, 291 Phi Sigma Delta, 292 Phi Sigma Kappa, 293 Physical Education, School of, 38-39 Pi Beta Phi, 281 Pi Lambda Phi, 282 Piche, Dianne Estelle, 379 Pieslak, Nancy Ann, 379 Pietryka, Prank Joseph, 379 Pike, Jane E., 379 Pinkham, Cheryl Ann, 379 Place, Carol Donna, 379 Placement Office, 298-299 Plankey, Jean Louise, 379 Piatt, Susan Jane, 379 Plyer, David Alan, 379 Podles, Diane Louise, 379 Polchlopek, Phyllis Ann, 379 Polidoro, William Philip, 380 Pomeroy, Tammy, 285 Pontbrianet, Virginia Marion, 380 Ponte, Joel Barry, 380 Ponte, John Barry Porteous, Donald Philip Poshkus, Gerald Michael, 380 Potter, Grace Ann, 380 Pottern, Leslie James, 380 Pouliot, William Adelard, 380 Pratt, Harold Leslie, 380 Pratt, Robert James, 380 Pratte, Claire L., 380 Preston, Martha, 380 Powers, Mary, 380 Pratt, Lea, 380 Precisionettes, 252 Preziosi, Joseph Michael, 380 Prior, Richard B., 380 Professor, 30-32 Proko, Barbara Josephine, 380 Propper, Eugene Michael, 380 Prouty, Stephen Leguern, 381 Prusky, Michael, 381 Przybyszewski, Philip, 272 Pudio, William John, 381 Puhala, James Paul, 381 Pulverenti, Nancy Gail, 381 Pustis, Constance L., 381 Putnam, John Edward, 381 Putnam, Karl Lawrence, 381 Pyne, Susan Lee, 381 Q Q.T.V.,283 Quarrington, Judith P., 381 Queens, 220-225 Quigley, Mary Ellen, 275,381 Quigley, Phyllis Rose, 381 Quincy, Julie Anne, 281,381 Quinlan, David Martin, 381 R Radvilas, Ronald Stanley, 381 Rainifoinen, Joanne V., 381 Rainville, Robert Francis, 381 Rakouskas, Michael Gerard, 381 Rand, Gregory Alan, 381 Rankin, James Theodore, 381 Rappaport, Bette H., 382 Rappaport, Robert Howard, 382 Rauseo, Joyce Marie, 381 Raymond, Lawrence Francis, 381 Raymore, Peter Kent Rebecchi, Janice Barbara, 270, 382 Redfern, Leo, 74 Redfield, Sharon Lee, 382 Reed, Joseph, 125 Regan, Regan P., 382 Registration, 24-25 Rehborn, Bonnie Lee, 382 Reinhart, Leah Holt, 382 Reis, Katherine Stacia, 382 Religious Organizations, 247-248 Rennie, Neil, 239 Restaurant Hotel Management, 46-47 Reuben, Michael Irwin, 382 Reuben, Michael Irwin, 382 Revelers, 256-257 Reynolds, David, 303 Reynolds, Ellen Marie, 382 Rheaume, Richard John, 382 Rheault, Roland, 269 Rhodes, Eugene Garth Ribeiro, Carlos, 382 Ricci, Dr. Benjamin, 38 Rici, Thomas A., 382 Richard , Harry Paul, 382 Richards, F.Paul, 382 Reilly, Karen, 382 Richard, John Charles, 383 Richardson, Earle Clifton, 383 Richardson, Paul Michael, 383 Richardson, Patricia Jayne, 383 Ricklaus, Howard Allen, 383 Rigazio, Mario Anthony, 383 Righteous Brothers, 152-153 Rigney, Raymond, 291 Rimmer, Phyllis Ellen, 383 Ringoen, Alan Andrew, 383 Risch, Dianne Phyllis, 383 Rispler, Stuart Ray, 383 Ritzi, Earl Michael, 383 Ritter, Sandra Joanne, 383 Rivet, Diane M., 383 Rizzo, Maria E., 383 Roberts, Sawrence Reeder, 383 Roberts, Marie Ruth, 383 Rochi, Virginia Gail, 383 Robleski, Paula Mae, 383 Robichaud, Annette Marie, 383 Robinson, Bud CeCe, 149 Robound. Anthonv Lee, 384 Rodgers, Robert McCann, 383 Roduell. John Dennis, 384 Rogers. W alter Edmund, 384 Roland, Jane E., 384 Romano, Angela, 384 Roones , Marvellen Kathleen, 384 Root, Carolyn Ann, 384 Rose, Andrea Ruth, 384 Rose, Dorene Louise, 384 Rosenburg, Irma S.,384 Rosenburg, Gerald Saffron, 384 Rosenburv, Marjorie Dee, 384 Rollason, Ruth, 384 Rosen, Frances, 384 Rosenfield, Carolyn Patricia, 384 Rossborough, Cynthia Alden, 384 Rossow, Richard Alan, 384 R.O.T.C. Commissioning Ceremony, 312,313 Roth, Joy R.,384 Roulind, Mary Alice, 384 Roupenian, Armen Leon, 384 Rowley, Doris Jeanette, 385 Rov, Mary Donna, 385 Royal, Frederick, 385 Rozzi, Louise Maria, 385 Rubbins, Sandra N, 385 Rubenstein, Harold C, 385 Rubin, Andrew, 289 Ruckman, Joseph D., 385 Ruckstuhl, Susan Irene, 270,385 Ruder, Arleen Susan, 385 Rudsten, Sherry Marlene, 385 Rush, Gerald A., 385 Russell, Catherine Francis, 385 Russell, Gail Ellen, 385 Russo, Paula Ann, 286,385 Ryan, Edmond John, 385 Ryan, Mary Sheila, 301,303,385 Ryder, Mitch, 109 Rynn, Maureen Frances, 385 Rupport, Judith, 385 Ruwet, Marie FHelene, 385 Rzeszutek, Jeanne M., 385 5 Saart, James David, 386 Sahlak, Sandra Jean, 386 Sackett, Raymond, 386 Sachs, Jeanette, 385 Sackmary, Regina Joyce, 386 Sadowski, Richard, 238,301,303, 386,414 Sager, Joyce Garlick, 386 Sagese, Alfred E., Jr., 386 St. Laurent, Paul Joseph, 393 Saitto, Pamela Ann, 386 Salinetti, William Bernard, 386 Salomon, Diane Myra, 385 Salhus, Marcella Denise, 386 Sale, Robert Leonard, 386 Saltus, Edgar Richard, 385 Salvatore, Claudia, 386 Samour, Carol Anne, 386 Sampson, Bonalyn Lee, 386 Sanborn, Jeff, 126 Sanborn, John Warthen, 386 Sanderson, Lesli Elizabeth, 386 Sandhaus, John L., 238,386 Sandonato, Linda Maria, 387 Sandstrom, Marilyn L., 387 Sanford, Lee Merritt, 387 Sanlerre, Kim Roland, 387 Santucci, Robert John, 387 Sara), Joyce, Mae, 387 Sargent, Phillips Hill Jr., 387 Sarty, Howard L., Jr., 387 Sarno, Gerry, 273 Sawyer, Robert, 272,387 Sayre, Mary Eleanor, 387 Scabbard and Blade, 252 Scalon, Gerry, 229 Scannell, Jane Ellen, 387 Schaffner, Donna, 387 Schiller, DayidO., 387 Schlesinger, Arthur, 139 Schmaly, Mary Louise, 387 Schmidt, Diane G., 387 Schmidt, Douglas Lou, 387 Schmidt, Karen Lee, 387 Schmidt, Leonard Everett, 387 Schmoyer, Marianne, 302,387 Schmuck, Nancy Lovett, 387 Schneider, Arnold Marc, 388 Schonbeck, Gary Carl, 388 School of Education, 34-35 School of Home Economics, 48- 49 Schweiger, Myra Elaine, 388 Scayland, Richard Eugene, 388 Scott, Elizabeth Ann, 388 Scott, James Leonard, 388 Scozzari, Angela, C, 388 Scrolls, 255 Scull, Barbara Jean, 388 Sears, Stephen Allen, 388 Seely, William, 388 Segae, Michael Bruce, 388 Seidel, Paul, 282 Seifer, Linda Gay, 388 Sena, Christine Gabrielle, 388 S.E.N. D.O.F.F. Weekend, 118- 121 Severy, Arabella McClintock, 388 Shane, Howard, 289 Shane, Roberta, 388 Shapiro, Martin, 232 Sharac, JoAnn Susan, 388 Shattuck, William Arthur, 388 Shauganessy, J. Michael, 268 Shaughnessy, Julianne, 388 Shaw, Lincoln G., Jr., 388 Shaw, Pamela Joy, 388 Shaw, Sherry Lynne, 389 Shear, Judith Ann, 389 Sheehan, Eileen Mary, 389 Sheely, Patricia Lynn, 389 Sheffer, Mary Lousie, 389 Sheldon,Carol Anne, 389 Shepard, Ronald, 389 Sherman, Ida Leah, 389 Sherman, Jeffry Bruce, 389 Sherman, John Fleming, Jr., 389 Sherman, Kenneth Bruce, 389 Sherman, Linda Gail, 389 Shields, Jane, 275 Shields, Nancy, 279,389 Shernock, Arlene Gail, 389 Shine, Richard Augustine, 389 Shippee, Lindsay Allen, 389 Shulda,Karen Ann, 389 Shuman, Linda Beth, 389 Sebley, Frederic Frederic Francis, 389 Sigma Alpha Mu, 284 Sigma Delta Tau, 285 Sigma Kappa, 286 Sigma Sigma Sigma, 287 Sigma Phi Epsilon, 288 Silton, Robert, 282 Silva, Judith Ann, 389 Silverman, Janet Harriet, 390 Sinicox, Henry Joseph, 390 Simkins, Druce F., 390 Simon Carfunkel, 120 Simonds, Nancy, 277,390 Simpson, Bruce Gorrlon, 390 Simpson, Thomas D., 390 Sinclair, Kenneth Paul, 390 Sirulnik, Lydia Lee, 390 Sisson, Edward, 390 Siswick, Dudley Thomas, 390 Sitek, Barry Francis, 390 Sjoquist, Elaine Faith, 390 Skerritt, Joan Elaine, 390 Ski Club, 250 Skiing, 162-163 Skinner, Shari M., 390 Slack, Janyce Elaine (Demone), 390 Slack, Peter Tracy, 390 Sloan, Laurel Susan, 390 Slocum, Marjorie, 390 Sinead, Gregory Habart, 390 Smith, Edith Greetham, 390 Smith, Ernest, 93,391 Smith, Eugene Thomas, III, 391 Smith, John Richardson, 391 Smith, Kathy, 276,391 Smith, Kenneth R., Jr., 391 Smith, Margaret Wiltrude, 391 Smith, Marilyn Rochelle, 391 Smith,Martin Allard, 391 Smith, Mary Margaret, 391 Smith, Rita Renee, 391 Smith, Roger Jeffrey, 391 Smith, Sandra, 391 Smith, Sonja Mary, 391 Smoat, Joyce Ann, 391 Snell, Andrea Gail, 391 Snow, William Charles, 391 Snyder, Ellayne Elias, 391 Snyder, Marilyn, 285 Snyder, Suzanne Carol, 391 Snyder, Theo Francis, 391 Soccer, 112-115 Soffan, James, 391 Sahl, Charles William, 392 Solomon, Edward Lee, 392 Solomon, June Ellen, 392 Southard, Robert Young, 392 Southwest Patriots, 257 Southwest Weekend, 188-189 Souweine, Leon Edmund, 392 Spartus, Anthony George, 392 Spatola, Glenn Joseph Mark, 392 Spears, Peter Finlay, 392 Speehler, Michelle Gail, 392 Spectrum, 241 Speech, Department of, 54-57 Speiko, John Thomas, 392 Spellman, James Michael, 392 Spencer, Avery Holmes, 392 Speranzo, Nicholas Stephan, 392 Spirit Groups, 256-257 Sports Clubs, 250-251 Spring Candids, 178-179 Atmosphere — Color Spring Introduction, 174-175 Spice, Robert Elton, 392 Spurling, Dennis Michael, 392 Stanfield, Robert, 30-31 Stanells, Raymond, 392 Starr, Nancy Ellen, 392 Starzak, CarolJ.,392 Statesmen, 249 Stedman, Rebecca, 232 Steel, Stephen Hales, 392 Steele, M. Susan, 392 Stefanik, Katherine Barbara, 393 Stefanik, Stephen, 303,393 Stefin, Linda Gail, 393 Sterling, Kenneth A., 393 Stern, Marc Mitchell, 393 Stevens, Barbara Delmalino, 393 Stevens, Donna Marie, 393 Stevens, Kent, 93,393 Stewart, Sarah Settle, 393 Stibolt, Nancy Kirsten, 393 Stiles, Lauren Helen, 393 Stone, Gwendolyn Irene, 393 Stone, Harvey, 393 Story, Richard W., 393 Strattner, Gregory Peter, 393 Strauss, Neil Martin, 393 Student, The, 32-33 Student Senate, 230-231 Stys, Natalie Elizabeth, 393 S.U.G. Board, 229 Sullinger, Helen, 393 Sullivan, Barbara Jane, 296,393 Sullivan, Herbert Alfred, 394 Sullivan, James Francis, 394 Sullivan, Karen Marie, 394 Sullivan, Kathleen Maura, 394 Sundquist, Nancy Jean, 394 Susco, Diane Elizabeth, 394 Sussman, Steven Alan, 394 Sutherland, Douglas Francis, 394 Swain, Leslie Elizabeth, 394 Swanson, Paul Eriand, 394 Swanson, Walter John, 394 S.W.A.P.,248 Swartz, Nathaniel Herbert, 394 Sweeney, Frank Patrick, 394 Sweet, Gerald Alan, 394 Swenson, E. Kent, 394 Swenson, Paula Davis, 394 Swierzbin, Lynne Joyce, 394 Swift, Terry Lee, 394 Swimming, 166-167 Swistak, Anthony John, 394 Swithenbank, Brenda Jean, 394 Swords, Shirley Claire, 395 Sylva, Joseph Lawrence, 395 Swimming, 166 Symphony Band, 242,243 T Tabbor,Joan H., 395 Tabloshi, Theodore Francis, 395 Tacy, William J., 395 Tailby, Mary Priscilla, 395 Talucci, Virginia E., 395 Tammaro, Sandra Jean, 395 Tantum, Susan, 395 Tassinari, Nancy Ann, 395 Tau Epsilon Phi, 289 Tau Kappa Epsilon, 290 Taylor, Janet Ann, 395 Taylor, Marjory R., 395 Taylor, Pamela Ann, 395 Taylor, Susan Elaine, 395 Taymore, Maxine, 395 Teacher, Andrea, 395 Teittinen, Eric Paul, 395 Teixerira, Richard Lionel, 395 Templeton, John Joseph, 395 Tennant, William, 395 Tennis, 202-205 Teperow, Carole A., 396 Terban, Rosalyn, 275 Theall, Pauline Joyce, 396 ThetaChi,274 Thomala, Marilyn Arline, 396 Thomas, John Arthur, 396 Thomas, Wayne, 147,233 Thompson, Bradley John, 396 Thompson, James Patrick, 396 Thompson, Jay Kinsman, 396 Thompson, Sherrie Ann, 396 Thomson, Brian Edwin, 396 Thomson, James William, 396 Thorner, Laurence Philip, 396 Thornton, E. Earl, 272 Tibbetts, John A.,396 Tiberii, David Arthur, 396 Tiberii, Janice Regina, 396 Tiberio, Ronald S., 395 Tildon, Debr,] Lyn, 395 Tilley, William Stephen, 396 Times Square Two, 119 Tindall, Billy, 159 Tippo, Oswald, 75 Tabacco, Joe, 232 Tobin, Robert Irwin, 396 Tomasi, Carl Anthony, 395 Tomb, Susan M., 396 Tompkins, Alvin Arthur, 397 Toothaker, Lois Ann, 397 Topulas, Sundra Nicholas, 397 Towie, Christine Anne, 397 Townsend, William Guy, 397 Track, 186-187 Trainor, Dennis Thomas, 397 Tremblay, Daniel Henry, 397 Trentham, Michael Christopher, 397 Tressler, Michael Barrett, 397 Trivers, Peter L., 397 Trombley, Ronald Raymond, 397 Trowbridge, Trudy Anne, 397 Tuber, Beverly, 397 Tucker, John Douglas, 397 Tully, Nancy Laraine, 397 Tumma, Etel Lillian, 397 Tunis, William, 72 Turner, Mary Jean, 397 Turner, Nancey Lois, 397 Professor Turner, 68 Turtles, 121 Twombley, Janet K., 397 u Uhlig, Diane Evelyn, 398 Llniversity Chorus, 245 Urban, Judith, 397 LJrban, Lawrence Edward, 398 Urizar, Anne Marie, 398 V Vaccaro, Ronald Louis, 398 Vaillette, Paul Kevin, 398 Vajcovec, David, 293 Vajcovec, Nancey Jane, 398 Valkevich, Eileen Theresa, 398 Vanasse, Robert, 283,398 Vance, James E., 398 Van De Water, Robert Holmes, 398 Vangemert, Barry, 398 Vanjura, Gary B., 398 Varohtsos, Mary Ann, 398 Veneklasen, Sharson Lee, 398 Vigeant, Gerald W., 398 Virga, Patricia Helen, 398 Vitello, Carol Ann, 398 Vrijenhuek, Robert Charles, 398 Vyce, Alexander, 398 w Waden, Donald Norman, 398 Wagenback, Jane, 399 Wakeman, Cynthia Louise, 399 Waldman, Jay Howard, 399 Waldman, Lyne, 239 Waldman, Neal Marx, 399 Walkwitz, Donald Eugene, 399 Wallace, Barbara Susanne, 399 Walsh, Robert William, 399 Walsh, William John, 399 Waltzman, David Jonad, 399 Wampler, David Alan, 399 Waniewski, Michael Alexander, 399 Ward, Peter, 300 Warner, Kent, 283 Washington, Jackie, 121 Wasserman, Sharon, 285,399 Waterman, John Roger, 399 Waters, David, 399 Watson, Jean E., 399 Watson, Patricia, 399 Watson, Richard Thomas, 399 Weagle, Donald Stanley, 399 Weariness, 140-141 Weaver, Ronald, 399 Webb, Charles, 399 Webber, David, 400 Webster, Alan, 400 Webster, Nancy, 400 Weener, Barry, 400 Wein,Jay, 288 Weinberg, Caria, 400 Weiner, Beverly, 400 Weinerman, Chester, 302,400 Weinstock, Susan, 400 Weinstock, Wendy, 400 Weisman, Steven, 232,268 Welenc, Barbara, 400 Welk, Franklin, 400 Welker, Frank, 152 Wells, Lynn, 224 Wendell, Denise, 400 Werlin,Jerald,400 Westort, Denise, 400 Weygand, Gayle, 400 Wheat, James, 400 White, Caryn, 400 White, Donald, 400 White, Gerald, 400 White, Margaret, 400 White, Paul, 401 White, Warren, 401 Whitrin, Steven, 401 Whitney, Lisa, 401 Wiacek, Edward, 401 Wilbur, Ronald, 288 Wiley, Charlotte, 401 Williams, John W., 401 Williams, Marshall, 401 Williams, Mary, 401 Williams, Paul, 401 Willis, John, 401 Williston, Doand,401 Willoughby, Doanld,401 Wilson, Joel, 232 Wilson, Kathryn, 401 Wilson, Richard, 401 Wilson, Roy, 401 Wilson, Sandra, 401 Windle, Warren, 401 Winer, Steven, 401 Winquist, Priscilla,401 Winston, Eric, 402 Winter, Carni, 146-153 Winter, Nancy, 402 Winter Olympics, 150 Wisgirda, Frances, 402 Wisioiek, Paul, 402 WMUA, 234-235 Wojcik, Marianne, 402 Wojtowicz, Christina, 402 Wolff, Jill, 233 Women ' s Choir, 345 Women ' s Sports, 168-169 Wonder Stevie, 85 Woo, David, 402 Woo, Robert, 402 Woocher, Lois, 402 Wood, David, 402 Wood, Gerald, 402 Wood, Janic, 402 Wood, Karia, 402 Wood, Peter, 402 Wood, Richard, 233,302,402 Woodcick, David, 402 Woods, Anne, 402 Woods, Bernard, 402 Worth, Ronald, 402 Woytovich, Donna, 403 Wrestling, 165 Wroblewski, Janice, 238,403 Wronski, Chester, 403 Wyke, Audrey, 403 y Yacuzzo, Vivian, 403 Yardbirds, 189 Yeaton, Gail, 403 Yegian, Gail, 403 Young, Daryl,403 Young, Diane, 403 Young, Marcia, 403 Young, Norma, 403 Young, Peter, 403 Young, Russell, 403 " Your Father ' s Mustache " , 151 Yourga, Ann, 403 Yourga, Joyce, 403 Yourga, Richard, 403 z Zabek, Chester, 403 Professor Zajicek, 69 Zaieski, llene, 403 Zanieski, Krena, 403 Zebrowski, George, 404 ZetaNu,273 Zielinski, Richard, 404 Zielinski, Robert, 404 Ziemak, Carrie, 404 Zink, Diane, 404 Zipeto, Bonnie, 404 Zisk, David, 404 Zito, Frank, 404 Zona, Lois, 404 Zoology, Department of, 62-63 In September, 1967, approximately one-hundred undergraduates of the University of Massachusetts began producing a 416 page book that would serve as a lasting history of the 1967-68 academic year of the University of Massachusetts. Today, nine months later, after thousands of photographs and innumerable typewritten words, that task is completed. Looking back over those months, I realize that the sacrifices of the staff members were many. To relinquish hours of time that could have been spent studying, sleeping, or Hatching, to either photograph or write copy for a publication that they would not see until September, 1968, could, indeed, have been disheartening at times. To these people, I give my humble thanks. Naturally, as in any organization, there are always a few people who give a little extra of themselves, who devote more time and energy than the average staff member. To Lyne Waldman, Janice Wroblewski, Lowell Fitch, Neil Rennie, Alan Marcus, Frank Bialosiewicz, Carol Megizsky, Marianne Schmoyer, Christine Mandracia, Barbara Goldrick, Tom Fitzgerald, Kathleen Shea, Richard Jacobsohn, Dr. Dario Politella, Mike Dasho and Guy Quartarone of Lincoln Studios, Mrs. Bernard Hoffman of Hoffman Laboratories, and Donald Lendry of the American Yearbook Publishing Company, I am forever grateful for making my job a little easier. In closing I would like to thank you, the undergraduates of the University, for your every action that produced the very life on campus during the 1967-68 academic year, for without this campus life, there could, in fact, be no history of the University of Massachusetts. Richard H. Sadowski Editor-in-Chief 1967-68 Massachusetts Index

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