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Text from Pages 1 - 84 of the 1873 volume:

.» $«« g » » S « S » " « » » This set of yearbooks was compiled by the staff of the 1967 Massachu- setts Index and donated in the interest of paying tribute to those ivho have created the history and traditions existing at the University of Massachusetts. Alexander Dean, Editor-in-chief f f i ; ' f (f i. _, __ : ' - I A. F .Jk M P73 Vol. v. No. I. 18 3- PUBLISHED BY THE JUNIOR CLASS OF THE i. . . gmmmm p I mm, EDITORS, J. W. CLAY, W. p. BROOKS, X. Y. CLARK, J. F. BARRETT, .). A, BARRl. P. M. HAKWOOl). ijditorikl. but hoping that as a reward lor our labor, we shall be able to raise it a step towards that degree of excellence, which it should attain. The past year has, in the main, been one of prosperity and progress, though our p;iih has twice been shadowed by death, and we have been called to mourn the loss of a loved com- panion and a respected Professor. Tlie third graduating clas has finished the four years struggle, and its members are now working to win honors for themselves and the Col- lege. If as successful in the future, as during tlieir stay aiiKjng ns, brilliant indeed will be their record, and many the tongues that shall speak their praise. The Freshman Class, though small, generally appears well ; but certain individuals should remember, that they are not the oniv persons in existence, and that others have rights and privileges, which should be respected. Slowly the standard of scholarship is being raised in the various departments, and no one can fail to notice the great improvement in morals, caused by the dismission of some, who formerly had a residence among us. THE INDEX. Within a short time, three gentlemen desiring to help the College by deeds rather than words, have offered prizes, which will stimulate exertion among the students, and be a valuable aid to those who obtain them. May their example be followed by others, until many Scholarships are founded, and there is a prize in each branch of study. And, on our part, instead of working simply for high marks, may our aim be the greatest improvement, both (jf mind and body. To those who have no wish to help us, (and, if we can judge from appearances, there are many,) we would say, do not spend your time in writing false statements to be pub- lished in papers, which make it an object to injure the Col- lege. In noticing improvements, we should not fail to remark that in the musical department, and much less to thank the College Glee Club for the concerts they have given us. In regard to boating, though we are small in numbers, and have no large alumni to back us, yet we trust our reputation is second to none ; and as long as W ' e are represented in re- gattas, may tlie reputation of the " Aggies " never ceate, nor our crews fail to uo themselves lioiior. We welcome the new Professor, who it is said will soon be here, with the wish ihat his labors may be as successful as his duties are numerous and laborious. And now fellow students, we give the Index into your hands, feeling sure that those who have been in our position will overlook its faults; and having no worse wish for our successors than that they may be able to correct them. THE INDEX. 0iiitiiiiiiiratt0n " Wlu-n the .«unimer fields are mown, When tlie birds sire fledfffd and flown, And the dry h ' avi-s strew tlie path ; With the falling of tlie snow. With Ihf cnwiuu- of tiie crow, Once again the tiidds we mow. And gather in ilic aftermath. " — LoTif felloin. What shall we say in our last communication for the In- dex ? Class History or Statistics it seems superfluous to _i;ive; the future it is not easy to fathom. Conimon sense is well enough as a seasoning, but does not the expectant public look lor uncommon sense, especially Irom grave and reverend Seiaiors. ' ' Peril. ijs tlicy expect sentiment, Irozen to the proper thickness with Senior dignity. ' J his must be it. By the way, Fellow Seniors, we must hurry and put on all the dignity that we can carry, l(jr just see bow the weeks are passing. When we watch them they seem to creep along almost imperceptibly, but when our backs are turned and we are busy with siudy, — whew — how quickly and slyly they slip by. It is not a Senior Year we have before us ; it is only fifty-l wo weeks ; not even that; S(;me Lave gone to leed the mythic fountain of the past alieady. But notwithstanding the magic disappearance cjf our Junior Year, how much was crowded into it: — Botany and Boating, Gymnastics and Ges- ture, Astronomy and Articulation, Physics and Phun, Drill, Drawing and Dutch. Cur Plant Hunters have interfered with the growth of quite a considerable amount of vegetation THE INDEX. this spring and summer, we think, and though we don ' t brag much, we will say we mounted a few specimens, or more, at the expense of some midnight oil and stores of patience. The Junior Exhibition we shall not forget right away, nor the expedition to Hobsac. The cool mountain brook, the night in the Devil ' s Pulpit, the slips and tumbles, the last grand slide down to Deertield River, the Tunnel, the tear-ful groups at the Depot, are experiences embedded in the memo- ries of all concerned. Why did we not have our pictures taken as we returned to civilization ? Shall we ever look like that again ? Some of our class who were with us then have now left the college, whom we miss in recitation and elsewhere. They would join with us in expressing n Y appreciation of the labors of the Faculty in our behalf, and doubtless leel the same complete CDnfidence with us in the character of our President and Professors. It is for us who remain to sus- tain the credit of the class and thus the credit o1 ihe College U) the extent of our ability. The showers of criticism which have fallen upon AJ. A. C. of late, iiave found the institution a stubborn fact, not easily overtlirovx n, — a plant with good stro.i. roots th It means to live and giovv. It is easy to criti- cize at a distance, but to us Ikj A nrw the ihori Ui hntss and ability ol Our instructors, such oiticitni setn)s ill-inkn med. l-)arin tiic past year vc cannot forget tliat tlie College has lost, in the death of Prolessor Clark, jne whose memory will not die in the hearts of those under his instruction. And iKJVv we close our last article hjr the Inukx. What ih class of ' 74 Decomes depends upoii its individual mem- bers. Each one of us has his duty ; let him do it. H. THE INDEX. We ]iave passed successfully through our Sophomore year, and now iiave entered up(jn another stage of our College course, in wliich we are known as Juniors. Though consid- erably diminished in size, the class of ' 75 still shows the gocKllv number of twenty-four on her roll. God, who is infinitely wise in his dealings with mankind, has seen fit to take from amcnig us a classmate, who was an upright and faithful student, and who was Kjved and respected by us all. Several others, among whom were a few of our best stu- dents, were obliged to discontinue their relations with us, iu our course of study, on account of ill health. One, we are sorry to s.iy, was obliged to leave us from a total in.uility, both mentally and physically, to perform the stringent duties in agriculture. In athletic sports we have always excelled, and we can- not sotM; forget the many glorious victories, which have been won by c)ur Class nine, and though we iiave lost some of our best players, we are e ea novv champions of the College. S ince we have been connected with tlie Institution, we have been well roprese.ited in ihe University boat crew, having lurnisheJ in the tw o years five different men, and they have niaintained the reputation of the class by doing their work faithfully and well. THE INDEX. In regard to our studies, we can truly say we have excelled in all, and we think we are justified in claiming, that no pre- vious Class has read more French, showed more mathemati- cal ability, or made greater progress in Chemistry than ours. In the third term of the past year we took up among other studies, that of Zoology, but were unfortunately unable to finish it as death took from us our beloved professor. We are making excellent progress in our present studies, and seem to have entered our Junior year with more of a determination to study than we ever showed before. And now, Brotlier Classmates, though our past record has been such that all will remember it with pride and pleasure, does it not become us, on entering on the last half of the four years given as a final preparation for life ' s battle, to settle down to sterner work, to fix upon something as an object, so that we may finally go forth armed with that knowledge, which when aided hy perseverance will lead us to success in whatever we under- take By so doing we shall l.e well prepared to act our part in after life, and the future of the Class ol ' 75 will be such that our Alma Mater will be proud to call us one of her children. P. L-. THE IK-ib.. . ' 76 began its second ye:u- of labor at its Alma Mater, with full ranks, numbering iiiin y-threc ; but now we have but thirty-one, having had the mis orsune to lose two of our best men. It is now the largest class in college, but we hope our successors will far out- uniLer us. Our relations with the faculty have generally been very pleasant. They are liked, and much lespected by us, and while (;ne says he has lost faith in ;v, still we hope by follow- ing our motto, " Think and Work, ' to gain the respect ot the others, and to regain his lost faith. It is with sorrow that we think of the death of our behjved Prof. Clark ; he was a highly educated man, who only wished during the perform- atxce of his duties, to have the students learn, and who did all in his power to help them ; and though some might not have appreciated him, yet we shall all remember him with feelings of affection and respec t. We have endeavored to do our part towards beautifying the grounds, having set (jut some si.xt}- maple trees ; but what is mucii nearer and dearer to us is our class tree, vvlucli we hope will at some future time rear its beautiful he.iu ar abcjve the surrounding buildings. Yes, our class ti ee is forevergreen, its apex points upwards alwavs, and it is to us who planted it a great incentive to more noble acts and higlier as jira- tions. Our class pins are diamond in form, and mic;ii tiicy really are, for they remind us of friendships as jrccious, and we hope as enduring as the diamomJ. I ' HE INDEX. Some of our men liave tried to o et muscle by various ways, senile ball playing-, others practicing in the gymnasium, hav- ing no doubt very good reasons for this training; but our professor of military with probablv equally good reasons, has had us " fiont into line " bv the ' right turn. " Some not caring for so much exercise of muscle, have quietly stood and looked at the " Freshies " using theirs upon their hopping " double step. " We have not drilled with the eight pounders this season, but hope to and probably shall, it tliev do not travel off without their limbers. ' 77 came here " strangers in a strange land, " without know- ing our ways, and being almcjst irreconcilable about the loss ol no ' ue caresses ; whac was more befitting in us, having just lett their placi ' S, than lo go and do all we could to condole with chem tor their loss,es, and try to enlighten them in our ways. ' e paid them one or two calls, and one evening as we were liaving a quiet little time together, airing their room.s, and preparing them for a good night ' s rest, ' 75 made their appearanc.-e, prol)ably welcome to the Freshies and cer- tainly so to us ; now when they very selfishly demanded the care of these Freshies, and erv ungent Itmanly told us to " clear out, " we felt oljliged " to CAXxy them out, " and left them outside in the care of ' 74. We could not see but that Freshmen had as good a right to carry a cane if they wished, as a Sophomore ; but for cus- tom ' s sake, we felt obliged to remove this support 01 the.r infirmities ; alter ha ing ccjnsulted ttie Secretary of the Fac- ulty upon the subject our leelings have changed. Here we would say to all classes coming after us, that it is neither right nor gentkuianly lo follow customs, especially poor ones, and in this newly founded institution, founded for a comparatively new purp(;se, let us do away with all these silly old college cust jnis. We hope hereafter that the rights of all persons, as persons, will here be respected; and now let us say to th(jse who will be inclined to scoff at this sudden revulsion in opinions, that these sudden revulsions are some- times the most permanent ; and that betbre they judge us harshly they will think of the obstruction we met with in trying to make " custcnn a law. " K. THE INDEX. The class of ' 77 enters colleg-e with her members number- ino- twentv-tvvo. We certninly hope that there will be no diminution of the present number, but rather an increase; and that the succeeding- years will find us all here, struggling on to the desired end in the same sound health and good spirits in which we find ourselves at the commencement of our Freshman year. We are pleased to find in our class one member from Japan, and another from Brazil. The number of Foreigners sent to America to be educated increases every year. This fact shows that the excellence of American institutions is be- ing recognized all over the world. We hope that these gentlemen will be the means of bring- ing more of their countrymen to these shores to be educated. The other members of the class are all fair specimens of " Yoimg America " and possess a great amount of pluck, that quality which is so essenlially necessary to success in life. . Having safelv " run the gauntlet " ot second-hand furni- ture dealers, booksellers and society runners, we are at length settled down, and have come to look upon the brick walls of the dormitories with less feelirgs oi homesickness than were at first exhibited, and n nv regard them as our homes. We have also become yjerfectly familiar with the road lead- ing t o the boarding house ; and alter witnessing the feats of some of the members, when there, we must conclude that they were sent away from home in tl)e interest of home economy, as well as toprocure an education. THK INDKX. Our exercise in practical agriculture is no doubt a new ex- perience to some of us, and productive of some lame arms and blistered hands, and judgine: from the frequent display of watches, when in the field, vvr think that the majority agree that the best part of tiit- exercise is when the bell rings to call us home. The Sophs have manifested an unfriendly feeling toward us from the first; doubtless owing to their inability to exact from us the proper respect, which their great superiority, as Sophomores, demands. Our success as " rushers " and runners and the flat refusals of Freshies to comply with Sojihoinoric regulations, are other causes which probably bred thi i nfriendly feeling. We have taken a " New ne|)arture " from the old estab- lished customs of c:ol]eges, by insisting upon our right to qome and go, and wear sucii artic-les of dress as best suits ourselves, regardless of the interdicts issued by Sophomores. It.was thought by some that tiiis action on our part would terminate in a " free fighi, " bui through the efforts ot ihe Fac- ulty, amicable resolutions have been adopted, and a full rer- ognition of our rights accorded. This is a step in the right direction, and we may look tor- ward to the time, when the rights of gentlemen will be res- pected, as well when acting the part ot Freshmen, as at any other period of their existence. We are fortunate in having such an excellent and able corps of Professors to point out the way, and assist in clear- ing the path of all difficulties met with, in acquiring a scien- tific education. And by our earnest endeavors and strict attention to study, may we be able t show at the end of eacli term, such results as shall testify to their excellence as in- structors. In conclusion, we can only say, that by acting the parr of gentlemen at all times, we hope to merit the good will of all connected with the College; so that in after years, when looking back over our college days we may not have one cause for regret to mar the hap|)y memories c;f tl.e days spent in the M. A. C. B. 1 . 1. IN. liA. 13 f okrd of YiHi tee . MEMBERS EX OFFICIIS. ; ITis Excellency WILLIAM B. WASHBURN. Col. WILLIAM S. CLAHK, IW.iorvi of Culhge. Hon. JOSEPH WHITE, LL.D., S,,re1 mj of Board of J-klncaVwn. Hon. CHARLES L. ELINT, Secretary of Board of Ay, ■icuHure. MEMBERS BY ELECTION. Hon. MARSHALL P. WILDER Boston. Hon. CHARLES G. DAVIS, . Plymolth. ' dk. NATHAN DURFEE, Fall Riveu. HENRY COLT, Esq., . PlTTsriELD. Rev. CHARLKS C. SEWALL, . Mkufikld. PH1NEASSTED.V1AN, Esq., . CUICOI ' EE. Hon. ALLEN W. DODUE, . Hamilton. Hon. GE:OR(iE MARSTON, . New Bkdfokd. Hon. WILLLAM B. WA-IIBUKN, . GitEENFIELD. FuoF. ilEVitY L. Will ri.N ' ti, Camhkidge. HENRY F. HILLS, Esq., . AMIlEliST. Hon. DANIEL NEEDHAM, . (iKOTON. WILLIAM KNOWLTON, Esq., Ul ' TO.V. JOHN CUMMl.NGS, Esq., . WOBUUN. 14 THE INDEX. S xedtitiye Sl SM ' doir ir)ittee. President WILLIAM S. CLARK. Dr. NATHAN DURFEE. Hon. JOSEPH WHITE. HENRY COLT, Esq. PHINEAS STEDMAN, Esq. Hon. CHARLES L. FLINT, of Boston. HENRY COLT, Esq., of Pittsfield. Dr. NATHAN DURFEE, of Fall River. GEORGE MONTAGUE, Esq., op Amherst. oitrd of Overseers. THE STATE BOARD OF AGRICULTURE. §X!miimnQ omimttn of viir ee s. Hon. H. P. WAKEFIELD, M. D. Hon. E. H. KELLOGG. C PT. J. B. MOORE. THE INDEX. 15 Ieinbef of i kdulty. WILLIAM S. CLARK, Ph. D., President, and Professor of Botany and Horticultun Hon. LEVI STOCKBRIDGE, Professor of Agriculture. HENRY H. GOODELL, M. A., Professor of Modern Languages. CHARLES A. GOESSMANN, Ph. D., Professor of Chemistry. HENRY W. PARKER, M. A., Professor of Me7ital, Moral and Social Science. SELIM H. PEABODY, M. A., Professor of Physics and Civil Engineering. NOAH CRESS Y, M. D., Professor of Veterinary Science. 1st Lieut. A. H. MERRILL, 1st Art., U. S. A., Professor of Military Science aiid Tactics. l6 ' IHK INDKX. Hon. CTIAHI.FS 1 . FLIM ' . M. A., Lictiiur oil Lairy FuMiihty. Hon. J05 EPH WHITE, LL.D., Lecturer on il,vil Folity. A. S. PACKARD, Jh., M. D. (State ENTORioLOGisx), Licinrvr on L.-ejul and Iii uriounItif-tcLs. Pkof. KICHAKI) H. MATHEK, M. A., Leciuieroii bouipiure and Utitnan lAlerature. ALONZO BlUDLEY, Esq., Lt ' ciurer m llie liuncij Hec. M. FAYETTE UlCKlKfcibN, Ji;., Esq., Jjcviurrv OH iinral Law. ViMV. ClCl.GE b. LHE EY, Teacher of Vocal Jju.sic. SAMUEL T. MAYN.AliU, B. S.. GAiiUSNEK. JOHN C. DILLON, FaUM SLrEHlNTENUKNT. THE INDEX. 17 " STRIKE, BUT HEAR. " OFFICERS. FRANK S. SMITH, President. ARTHUR H. MONTAGUE, Vice President. DANIEL G. HITCHCOCK, Secketaey. HENRY LYMAN, Treasukek. EDGAR H. LIBBY, Historian. EDWARD P.. CHANDLER, Class Captain. WOLFRED F. CURTIS, j p,..„_ ,,„-,p Pommittee JOHN A. HOBBS, J ECunvE Comjiittee. Benedict, John Mitchel, Blanchard, William Henry, Chandler, Edward Phelps, Curtis, Wolfred Fletcher, Hitchcock, Daniel Green, HoBBs, John Alden, LiBBT, Edgar Howard, Lyman, Henry, Montague, Arthur Huntington, Phelps, Henrv Lyman, Smith, Frank Stogkbridge, Woodman, Edward Eastman, Yeller, Harrie McKeen, Yelleb, William Melville, residences. ROOMS. Bethel, Conu. 29 N. C. Putney, Vt. 29 S. C Westboro. 3 " Westminster. 6 " Warren. Prof. Peabody ' s Northampton N. H. 3_S. C. Ashland. 11 " Middlefield, C onn. 8 " So. Hadley. 29N. C. Southampton. 29 S. C Springfield. 7 " Dan ' vcrs. 11 " Hagerstown, Md. 14 " Hagerstown, VId. Total, 14. THE INDEX. Knowledge, Perseverance, Success. OFFICERS. ANDRE A. SOUTHWICK, President. HENRY S. JACKSON, Vice President. HARRY H. HOLMES, Secretary. JOHN F. WINCHESTER, Treasurer. WILLIAM P. BROOKS, Historian. JABEZ W. CLAY, Class Captain. residences. Barrett, Joseph Francis, Barri, John Atherton, Barstow, William Hale, Bragg, Everett Burt, Brooks, William Penn, BuMKER, Madison, Callendar, Thomas Russell, Campbell, Frederick George, Clark, Xenos Young, Barre. Cambridgeport. Haverhill, N. H. Amherst. South Scltuate. Nantucket. Northficld. Wt. Westminster, Vt. Amherst. 9 N. C. 21 ' 25 ( 25 ' 13 16 ' 25 S. C. 9 N . C Mrs. H. J. Clark ' s. THE INDEX. 19 Clay, Jabez William, Dodge, George Rufus, Hague, Henry, Harwood, Peter Mirick, Holmes, Harry Hawley, Jackson, Henry Stranahan, Knapp, Walter Hayden, Leb, Lauren Kellogg, Miles, George Melville, Otis, Harry Preston, Peabodt, Cecil Hobart, Platt, William Davenport, Rice, Frank Henry, SouTHWicK, Andre Arnold, Winchester, John Frost, Westminster, Vt. 22 S. C. Hamilton. 22 " Lonsdale, R. I. 27 ' - Barre. 12 N. C. Greenwich, N. Y. 12 " Orange, N. J. 5 S. C. Fanuel, Boston. 21 N. C. Amsterdam, N. T. 13 S. C. Westminster. 26 " Northampton. 25 " Amherst. Prof. Peabody ' s. Baltimore, Md. 5 8. C. Barre. 12 N. C. Mendon. 13 N. C. Peabody. 13 " Total, 24. THE INDEX. THINK AND WORK. " OFFICERS. GEORGE A. PARKER, President. GEORGE P. URNER, Vice President. WILLIAM H. PORTER, Secretary. WILLIAM S. POTTER, Treasurer. MULFORD T. ROGERS, Historian. JOSEPH E. ROOT, Class Captain.. FRED H. TUCKER, i GEORGE L. PARKER, V Directors. LOUIS B. GRAVES, ) CHARLES F. DEUEL, Auditor. residences. Bagley, David Appleton, Chickering, Darius Otis, Deuel, Charles Frederick, Ellis, Edward Story, Guild, George William May, Gkaves, Louis Bertrand, Hawley, Joseph Mathek, Kendall, Hiram, Ladd, Thomas Henry, Lawton, Charles Follen, Mann, George Hewixs, Mautin, William Edson, WiDcliendon. Enfield. Amherst. Watertown. New York City. South Ashfield. Salem, N. Y. Watertown. Watertown. New Bedford. Sharon. Hadley. 21 S. C. 7N. C. 25 " 19 S. C. 24 " 14 N. C. 24 " 23 S. 0. 24N. C. 8 S. C. 25 " 21 " THE INDEX. McCONNEL, CHArvLES WASHINGTON, McLeob, William Axexander, Naito, Saitaro, Parker, Edward Herbert, Parker, George Amos, Parker, George Lowell, Porter, William Hknry, PoTTKR, William Stilks, KoBiKSON, John Albert, Rogers, Mulford Thacher, Root, Joseph Edward, Sears, John Milton Smith, Thomas Edwin, Taft, Cyrus Appleton, Tucker, Fred Herman, Urner, George Peteu, Wetmore, Howard Graham, Williams, John Elgin. Lonsdale, R. I. Lonsdale, R. I. Chiyoshiu, Jvj ar„ Reading. Gardner. Dorclicstc-r. nntCKild. Lafayette, Ind. Brookline. Watertown. Barre. Ashfleld. Springfield. Whitinsville. Hard wick. Elizabeth, N. J. New York City. South Amherst. 9 " 9 " 20 " 8N. C. 10 " 10 " 12 S. C. 8 " 18 " 12 " 21 " 20 " 28 N. C. 18 S. C. 27 " 19 " 24 " 16 N. C. Total, 30. I ' HE INDEX. OFFICERS. DAVID H. BENSON, President. WILLIAM B. GUNN, Vice President. OILMAN K. BALL, Secretary. ATHERTON CLARK, Treasurer. JAMES K. MILLS, Historian. WILBUR F. GOODRICH, Class Captain. residences. Ball, Gilman Kimball, Benson, David Henry, Clark, Atherton, Dickinson, Walter Mason, Goodrich, Wilbur Francis, Gunn, William Bradford, HiBBARD, Joseph Robinson, Howe, Waldo Vernon, Mills, James Kellogg, Holyoke. 7N. C Brid ewater. 27 " Amherst. Pres Clark ' s Amherst. M. F. Dickinson ' s East Cambridge. 26N.C. Sunderland. 23 " Chester, Vt. 8 " Framingham. 14 " Springfield. 38 " THE INDEX. 23 MoOKB, Frask Leslie, Nye, George Everett, Paige, Harris Cuise, Palmer, Frank Waldo, Parker, Henry Fitcu, PixLEY, Martin Shaw, Porto, Raymcndo da Silva, SOUTHMAYD, JOHN EdWARD, SoUTHWOftTH, ChAS. HaYWARD, Urner, Frank Gordon, Wilson, Alvin Robert, VuYESUGi, Tall, VVyman, Joseph, Framin harn. 33 N. C Sandwich. 36 " Tarrytowii, N. Y. 4 8. C. Amherst. D. W. Palmer ' s. Amherst. Prof. Parker ' s. Hawley. 37 N. C. Belem, Brazil. 33 " Middletown, Conn. 8 " Sprino-fleld. 4 S. C. Elizabeth, N. J. 33 KG. South Hadley. 5 " Yeddo, Japan. 33 " Arlington. Total, 33 33 " 24 THE INDEX. NAMES. RESIDENCES. ROOMS. Bond, Henry, Mjldebekger, Victor, Nakashima, Masanogo, Smith, Francis Leland, Ware. New York City. Chiyoshiu, Japan. Springfield, N. Y. 26 N. C. 7 S. C. 26 S. C. N. C. Minor, John Bacon, Wellington, Charles, Hartford, Ct. Amherst. 29 N C. H. Wellington ' s. sxjM:M:Ari Seniors, Juniors, . Sophomores, Freshmen, Specials, Resident Graduates, 14 24 22 4 2 Total, 96 THE INDEX. 25 ' it mtg ari tia. o6ikl lJi|ioi . OFFICERS. DANIEL G. HITCHCOCK, President. HARRY P. OTIS, Vice President. HIRAM KENDALL, Secretary. GEORGE A. PARKER, Librarian. EDGAR H. LIBBY, EDWARD P. CHANDLER, [prudential Committee. ANDRE A. SOUTHWICK, ) The Washington Irving and Edward Everett Literary Societies. 26 THE INDEX. Wci; l iil ton Ifyiii . OFFICERS. EDGAR H. LIBBY, President. JOSEPH F. BARRETT, Vice President. JOSEPH E. ROOT, Secretary. HENRY HAGUE, Treasurer. HENRY L. PHELPS, XENOS Y. CLARK, I Directors. GEORGE A. PARKER, MEMBER S. SENIORS. William H. Blanchard, Daniel G. Hitchcock, John A. Hobbs, Edgar H. Libby, Arthur H. Montague, Henry L. Phelps, Edward E.Woodmna, Harrie M. Zeller. JUNIORS. Joseph F. Barrett, William H. Barstow, William P. Brooks, Madison Bunker, Thomas R. Callender, Frederick G. Campbell, Peter M. Harwood, Harry H. Holmes, Henry S. Jackson, Walter H. Knapp, Lauren K. Lee, Cecil H. Peabody, THE INDEX. 27 Xenos Y. Clark, Jabez W. Clay, George R. Dodge, Henry Hague, William D. Piatt, Frank H. Rice, Andre A. Southvvick, John F. Winchester. SOPHOMORES. Henry Bond, William S. Potter, Louis B. Graves, Mulford T. Rogers, Joseph M. Hawley, Joseph E. Root, Charles W. McConnel, John M. Sears, William A. McLeod, Fred H. Tucker, Saitaro Naito, Howard G. Wetmore, Geo. A. Parker, John E. Williams. David H. Benson, FRESHMEN. Martin S. Pixley, Alvin R. Wilson. 28 THE INDEX. Sjdw fd Sjyefett. OFFICERS. WOLFRED F. CURTIS, President. JOHN M. BENEDICT, Vice President. HIRAM KENDALL, Secretary. GEORGE W. iM. GUILD, Treasurer. HARRY P. OTIS, FRANK S. SMITH, - Directors. GEORGE M. MILES, ) M£M££J S. SENIORS. John M. Benedict, Wolfred F. Curtis, Edward P. Chandler, Frank S. Smith. JUNIORS. Everett B. Bragg, George M. Miles, Harry P. Otis. SOPHOMORES. Darius 0. Chickeri ng, Edward H. Parker, Charles F. Deuel, William H. Porter, Hiram Kendall, Thomas E. Smith, George H. Mann, George P. Urner. FRESHMEN. Walter M. Dickinson, Frank W. Palmer, William B. Gunn, Henry F. Parker, Waldo V. Howe, RaymundoS. Porto, James K. Mills, John E. Southmayd, I ' Vank L. Moore, Chas. H.Southworth, (rcorge E. Nye, Frank G. Urner, Harrie C. Paige, Joseph Wyman. THE INDEX. 29 College dl ri tiku lji|ior(. — — - « OFFICERS. HENRY L. PHELPS, President. GEORGE M. MILES, Vice President. WILLIAM A McLEOD, Secretary. JOSEPH E. ROOT, Treasurer. HENRY HAGUE, Librarian. i HENRY LYMAN, DARIUS 0. CHICKERING, J- Directors. EDWARD E. WOODMAN, ) MEMBERS. -SENIORS. John M. Benedict, Henry Lyman, Edward P. Chandler, Henry L. Phelps, John A. Hobbs, Frank S. Smith, Edgar H. Libby, Edward E. Woodman, Harrie M. Zeller. JUNIORS. William H. Barstow, Walter H. Knapp, George R. Dodge, Lauren K. Lee, Henry Hague, George M. Miles, Peter M. Harwood , Cecil H. Peabody, Harr ' Holmes, William D. Piatt, Henry S. Jackstjn, Andre A. Soutln.Aick: 3° THE INDEX. SOPHOMORES. Darius O. Chickering, William S. Potter, Joseph M. Hawley, John A. Robinson, Thomas H. Ladd, Mulford T. Rodgers, Charles W. McConnel, Joseph E. Root, William A. McLeod, John M. Sears, George A. Parker, - Cyrus A. Taft, William H. Porter, John E. Williams. FRESHMEN. Wilbur F. Goodrich, Chas. H. Southworth, Joseph Wyman. THE INDEX. 31 uHt %mtik$. OFFICERS. Edward P. Chandler, . . Thomas R. Callender, Sb. , MEMBERS. SENIORS. Edward :! . Chandler, Frank S. Smith. JUNIORS. Thomas R. Callender, Harry P. Otis. ' SOPHOMORES. Hiram Kendall, George P. Urner, William A. McLeod, Howard G. Wetmore. SPECIALS. Victor Mildeberger. THE INDEX. 33 MEMBERS. RESIDENT GRADUATES. John B. Minor. SENIORS. William M. Zeller. JUNIORS. George R. Dodge, Henry S. Jackson, Harry H. Holmes, John F. Winchester. SOPHOMORES. George W. M. Guild, Charles F. Lavvton. .u THE INDEX. M Limbers. J UN TORS. Joseph F. Br.rrett, William P. Brooks, FreJerick G. Campbell, Xenos Y. Clark, Jabez W. Clay, Peter M. Harvvood, Henry Hague, Andre A. Southwick. SOPHOMORES. Cxe(jrgt ' A. Parker, Joseph E. Root. THE INDEX. 35 COLLEGE CHOIR. Prof. S H. PEABODY, Leader. W. H. KNAPP, Organist. A. A. SoLithwick, First Tenor. H. H. Holmes, Alto. Prof. S. H. Peabody, Treble. D. G. Hitchcock, Bass. J. E. Root, Treble. H. S. Jackson, Bass. T. R. Callender, Bass. COLLEGE GLEE CLUB. A. A. Southwick, Leader, W. H. Knapp, Pianist. A. A. Southwick, First Tenor. D. G. Hitchcock, First Bass. H. H. Holmes, Second Tenor. H. S. Jackson, Second Bass. T. R. Callender, Second Bass. TRIO, ' 15. A. A. SOUTHWICK, Leader. A. A. Southwick, First Tenor. H. H. Holmes, Co ntralto. H. S. Jackson, Second Bass. GLEE CLUB, ' 76. J. E. ROOT, Leader. W. S. POTTER, Pianist. J. E. Root, First Tenor. L. B. Graves, First Bass, W. S. Potter, Second Tenor. J. M. Sears, Second Bass. H. Kendall, Second Tenor. W. H. Porter, Second Bass. GLEE CLUB. ' 77. D. H. BENSON, Leader. F. G. URNER, Pianist. D. H. Benson First Tenor. J. E. Soutbmayd, Treble. W. F. Goodrich, Second Tenor. J. Wyman, Alto. G. K. Ball, Second Tenor. C. H. Southworth, First Bass. M. S. Pixley, Second Bass. 6 THE INDEX. OFFICERS. DANIEL G. HITCHCOCK, WALTER H. KNAPP, i WILLIAM S. POTTER, directors. FRANK L. MOORE, J JABEZ W. CLAY, Treasurer. PAPERS. DAILIES. Boston Journal, New York Herald, Springfield Republican. MAGAZINES. Atlantic Monthly, Harper ' s Monthly, Scribner ' s Monthly, The Galaxy, Popular Science Monthly. THE INDEX. 37 AGRICULTURAL. American Agriculturist, Boston Cultivator, New England Homestead, New England Farmer, Massachusetts Ploughman, California Farmer, National Agriculturist and Bee Journal. COLLEGE. Amherst Student, Bowdoin Orient, Harvard Advocate, Yale Courant. MISCELLANEOUS. Amherst Record, - gis and Gazette, Christian Register, Danbury News, Frank Leslie ' s Weekly, Harper ' s Weekly, Hearth and Home, Our Dumb Animals, The Independent, Scientific American. IlilirarieK )• College Library, 1099 Volumes. Washington Irving Library, . 250 Edward Everett Library, 186 Christian Union Library, . 95 Total, 1630 38 THE INDEX. OFFICERS. JOHN A. HOBBS, President. EDWARD S. ELLIS, Vice President. WILLIAM A. McLEOD, Secretary. JOHN A. BARRI, Treasurer. JOHN M. BENEDICT, ) JABEZ W. CLAY, Directors. THOMAS H. LADD, ) MEMBERS. SENIORS. John M. Benedict, William H. Blanchard, Edward P. Chandler, Wolfred F. Curtis, Daniel G. Hitchcock, John A. Hobbs, Edgar H. Libby, Henry Lyman, Arther H. Montague, Frank S. Smith, Edward E. Woodman, Harrie M. Zeller, William M. Zeller. THE INDKX. 39 UNIORS. Joseph F. Barrett, Peter M. Harwood, John A. Barri, Harry H. Holmes, William H. Barstow, Henry S. Jackson, Everett B. Bragg, Walter H. Knapp, William P. Brooks, Lauren K. Lee, Madison Bunker, George M. Miles, Thomas R. Calle nder, Harry P. Otis, Frederick G. Campbell, Cecil H. Peabody, Jabez W. Clay, William D. Piatt, George R. Dodge, Frank H. Rice, Henry Hague, Andre A. Southwick, John F. Wincheste ;r. SOPHOMORES David A. Bagley, Edward H. Parker, Charles F. Deuel, George A. Parker, Edward S. Ellis, George L. Parker, George W. M. Guild, William H. Porter, Louis B. Graves, William S. Potter, Joseph M. Havvley, John A. Robinson, Hiram Kendall, Mulford T. Rogers, Thomas H. Ladd, Joseph E. Root, Charles F. Lawton, John M. Sears, George H. Mann, Thomas E. Smith, William E. Martin, Cyrus A. Taft, Charles W. McConnel, Fred. H. Tucker, William A. McLeod, George P. Urner, Saitaro Naito, Howard G. Wetmore, John E. Williams FRESHMEN. Gilman K. Ball, Harrie C. Paige, David H. Benson, Martin S. Pixley, Wilbur F. Goodrich, John E. Southmayd, Waldo V. Howe, Chas. H. Southworth. James K. Mills, Frank G. Urner, George E. Nye, i lvin R. Wilson, Jose ;ph Wynian. SPECIALS. Victoi - Mildeberger. 40 THE INDEX. IuvhI MBBOcmtion. OFFICERS. EDWARD P. CHANDLER, President. GEORGE A. PARKER, Vice President. GEORGE R. DODGE, Secretary. EDWARD E. WOODMAN, Treasurer. FRANK S. SMITH, Commodore. FRANK H. RICE, Vice Commodore. JOHN M.BENEDICT, ) EDWARD P. CHANDLER, f ' ™ ™ 74- JABEZ W. CLAY, ) FRANK H. RICE, Directors from 75- CHARLES F. LAWTON, ) p. , , CHARLES W. McCONNEL, j " iRec tors from 70. GILMAN K. BALL, ) DAVID H. BENSON, [ Directors from 77- BOATS. White pine sheU, length 49 ft., width 19 inches, weight 130 Jbs. Spanish cedar shell, length 49 ft., width 19 inches, weight 150 lbs. THE INDEX. 41 OLLEGE CREW. F. C. Eldred, S. F. H. Rice, A. H. Montague, J. W. Clay, J. M. Benedict, H. B. Simpson, B. Capt. CLASS CREW, ' 74. J. M. Benedict, S. V. Mildeberger, A. H. Montague, E. P. Chandler, E. H. Libby, F. S. Smith, B. Capt. CLASS CREW, ' 76. J. A. Barri, S. Capt., G. R. Dodge, F. H.Rice, W. D. Piatt, J. W. Clay, ' H. Hague, B. 42 THE INDEX. THIKD 4NNAL KEQATT4 OF THE ROWING ASSOCIATION OF AMERICAN COLLEGES, ON THE Connecticut I iver at Sfrinqfield, ;Ma?3., July 17, 1873. CONTESTING CREWS. Al H f sj. BoWDOI( . [Colors, purple and white.] Weights J. F. Ward, (S.) M. F. Logan, B. F. Brown, H. J. Booth, F. C. Scoville, G. E. Brewer, (B.) CoLd[VlBI . [Colors, blue and white.] B. F. Rees, (S.) R . C. Cornell, E. S. Rappallo, A. B. Simonds, O. D. Smith, C. De R. Moore, (B.) Weights. [Colors, white.] Weights. 165 C. H. Hunter (S.) 165 f42 A. L. Crocker, 163 ' 145 W. Souther, 158 165 J. A. Cram, 162 U5 A. G. Ladd, 155 142 D. A. Robinson, (B.) Cof l ELL. 154 Weights. [Colors, cornelian and white. ] Weights. 145 C. C. King, (S.) 155 165 F. P. Ferriss, 165 155 C. S. Button, 170 138 J. A. Southard, 142 151 J. N. Ostrum, 151 146 R. Anderson, (B.) 147 THE INDEX. 43 D; f TM° tH ' H FlA D• [Colors, green.] Weights. (Colorb, magenta.) Weights. H. M. Paul, (S.) 178 R. H. Dana, [S.] 156 A. R. Archibald, 166 D. Bacon, 162 C. O. Gates, 173 W. Goodwin, 167 E. J. Underbill, 163 H. L. Morse, 162 M. Ward, 57 T. D eland, 150 A. Eaton, [B.J 158 A. L. Devens, [B.J 150 Vl s ss. qF icdLjiJf L. Tf ' N ' TY- (Colors, maroon and white.) Weights. (Colors, green and white.) Weights. F. C. Eldred, [S.] 152 H. J. Chase, [S.J i6s A. H. Montague, 54 C. Piatt, Jr., 140 J. M. Benedict, 55 J. McKennan, 169 F. H. Rice, . 153 T. McLean, 145 J. W. Clay, 153 G. Kane, MS H. B. Simpson, [B.] 155 W. H. Buckley, [B.J 130 WesleyM « WlLLI |VIS. (Colors, lavender.) Weights. (Colors, royal purple.) Weights. J. E. Eustis, [S.] 158 J. Guenster, [S.J 164 A. H. Nash, 136 F. Johnson, 155 D. Dorchester, 165 J. P. Worden, 153 C. A. Lyon, 161 J. F. Eaton, 150 A. T. Neale, 139 J. H. Barnhart, 146 J. P. Stow, [B.] 136 T. W. Saunders, [B.J 154 Ya LE. . (Colors, blue.) Weights. Weights, R. J. Cook, [S.] 155 H. Myer, 165 J. Kennedy, 160 J. Day, 160 W. F McCook, 150 H. M. Fowler, [B.J 147 . Yale won the Fl ags. Time, 16 : 59- Wesleyan, secon d, " 17 : 01. Harvard, third, " 17: 36. Times and Positions of other Crews not taken. 44 ' I ' HE INDEX. ilder imt IhII pBormtion. EDWARD P. CHANDLER, President. HIRAM KENDALL, Vice President. HENRY S. JACKSON, Secretary and Treasurer. FRANK S. SMITH, ) WILLIAM D. PLATT, V Directors. MULFORD T. ROGERS, ) WILDER FIRST NINE. FRANK S. SMITH, Captain, r. f. M. T. Rogers, c. W. H. Barstow, 3d b. W. D. Piatt, p. G. E. Nye, s. s. J. M. Benedict, ist b. H. H. Holmes, 1. f. H. S. Jackson, 2d b. W. F. Curtis, c. f. WILDKR SECOND NINE. CHARLES W. M( jCONNEL, Captain, p. F. L. Moore, c. J. F. Winchester, s. s. G. P. Urner, ist b. L. B. Graves, 1. f. J. M. Hawley, 2d b. W. S. Potter, c. f. X. Y. Clark, 3d b. H. P. Otis, r. f. THE INDEX. 45 CLASS KI.NE, ' 7.4. JOHN M. BENEDICT , Captain, c. F. S. Smith, p. E. P. Chandler, s. s. W F. Curtis, ist b. E. E. Woodnnan, 1. f. H. S. Phelps, 2d b. A. H Montague, c .f. V. M Ideberger, 3d b CLASS Mi E, H. M ' 75. [. Zeller, r. f. JOHN A. BARRI, Captain, c. W D . Piatt, p. J. F. Winchester, s. s. H. S. Jackson, 2d b. H. H. Holmes, 1. f. W S. Barstow, ist b. E. B. Bragg, c. f. X. Y. Clark, 3d b. CLASS NINE, W. H. ' 76. Knapp, r. f. MULFORD T. ROGERS , Captain c. C. W. McConnel, p. W S. Potter, s s. G. P. Urner, ist b. L. B. Graves, 1 f. J. M. Hawley, 2d b. W . A. McLeod,c.f. C. F. Lawton, 3d b. CLASS NINE, W ' 77- . E. Martin, r . f. FRANK L. MOORE, Captain, c. G. E. Nye, p. G. K. Ball, s. s. A. R. Wilson, ist b. W. M. Dickinson, 1 . f . W . V . Howe, 2d b. J. R. Hibbard, c. f. F. G. Urner, 3d b. »♦« W. F. Goodrich, r. f. 46 THE INDEX. iiltl ' qip mu ammanddtit Lieut. A. H. Merrill. tcers. ommiHHiot ed, Lieut, and Adjutant— W. M. Zeller. Lieut, and Quartermaster — E. P. Chandler. THE INDEX. 47 Captains. Co. A — E. E. Woodman. Co. B — E. H. Libby. Co. D— J. M. Benedict. Co. C— J. A. Hobbs. First Lieutenants. Co. A — A. H. Montague. Co. B— F. S. Smith, Co. D— H. M. Zeller. Co. C— W. F. Curtis. Second Lieutenants. Co. A — W. H. Blanchard. Co. D — H. Lyman. First Sergeants. Co. a — A. A. Southwick. Co. B — J. F. Winchestejr. Co. D— W. p. Brooks. Co. C— H. P. Otis. Second Sergeants. Co. a— C. H. Peabody. Co. B— F. H. Rice. Co. D— J. W. Clay. Co. C— L. K. Lee. Third Sergeants. Co. A — J. A. Barri. Co. B — H. S. Jackson. Co. D— H. H. Holmes. Co. C— J. F. Barrett. THE INDEX. Mm m. J jLly 14, 1S7 3. Prizes, Gold and Silver Medals. SUCCESSFUL COMPETITORS. ' 75. Peter M. Harwood, Lauren K. Lee, Charles W. McConnel, John E. Williams, ' 76. First Prize. Second Prize, First Prize. Second Prize. THE INDEX. 49 JEating Clzzljs. Leaching Establishment. Work done thoroughly at the extremely low price of f3.50 per weiik. Most subjects pass through rapidly, but some with exceedingly tough constitutions hiive been known to stand tlie process for a great length of time. The following Sufferers are now undergoing the operation. Benedict, Tucker, Wilson, Hobbs, Ellis, Ilibbard, Libby, Benson, Southmayd, Blanchard, Goodrich, Pixley, Phelps, Ball, Porto, Montague, Nye, Wuyesugi, Miles, Moore, Wyman, Smith, Mills. 5° THE INDEX. gioniw |oartlinD |liib. At 12.30, P. M. Holmes, Knapp, McLeod, Rice, Clay, Barrett, Brooks, Campbell, Ha ue, At 1.30, P. M. Moul Nature abhors a Vacuum. SINNERS. High Priest Levite. Scribe. Publican. Good Samaritan. Harwood, Lee, McConnel, Robinson, Soiithvvick. (H) onions (lij nnd c-liecse fh) Ciiti-r (h) of (11) Englii-li (li) origin. THE INDEX. 51 Motto : for a lodge in some vast pumpkin field. ©ILL ©p f ic Breakfast, Pumpkin Hash. Dinner, Pumpkin Roast. Supper, Pumpkin Porridge. Extra for Sundays, Pumpkin Pudding. J. E. Root, G. A. Parker, W. H. Porter, Bagley, Jack, Little One, Tommy, Lawton, Inspector of Stomachs, Collector of Cash, Collector of Pumpkins. HONORARY MEMBERS. William Hale Barstow. PRIVATE MEMBERS. Mann, (.?) Parker, No. i, Rogers, Job, Billy, Potter. Prefers the buars. 52 THE INDEX. |si)lum for Is ' ipi iics. Blinker, Jackson, } Naito, f Wet mo re, Urner, ' 77, Howe, J Taft, Manager aiKl Proprietor,— Er. Strattoii. PATIENTS. Hopeless Case. - - - Convalescent. In a dangerous condition. Reciuire constant care. Strictly confined to a pie diet. THE INDEX. 53 |¥ Jfpcpt - Chandler, Smith, Woodman, Motto ; " Hunger is the Best Sauce. Mildeberger, Pot Manager. W. M. Zeller. Supporter. SUBORDINATES. Urner, ' 76. Zeller, H. M. Callender, Lyman, 54 THE INDEX. I " f mmm Barri, Winchester, (Cooking done in a Tin pot.) Piatt, Graves. The Bakery. Mrs. Parker, Cook, Georgie, Dough, Guild, L oaf-er Entemolerfeal Hall Imago. Hitchcock. Southworth. BUGS. LARV . Nakasima. Pupa. Peabody. Paige. THE INDEX. 55 wader ' s Pets. Minor, Dodge, Otis, Bond. Select Cluilb. Curtis, Muffer, Smith, Hitter, Dick, Chinner. mm AiB ENm. Clark, X. Y. Clark, " Bustah, ' Parker, Deuel, Palmer, Bragg, Martin, Chickering. Gunn, 56 THE INDEX. (A FINE FABLE.) Once upon a time, a certain king and his ministers, wishing both to perfect the laws of the land and increase its revenue, concluded to issue the following proclamation : " Know ye, all people of M A Cropolis, that by the will of your August Ruler, ye shall henceforth bow down to the following law, to wit : All persons found guilty of the heinous crime of Secnesba Desucxenu shall, under p enalty of exile, be de- prived of the sum of one dollar. " Overwhelmed with the prospect of the enormous income about to arise from this source, the Council conceived the idea of devoting a portion of it to the foundation of an immense library, and at the same time visionary ideas of an annual feast floated through their imaginations. But, alas for the uncertainty of human calculations, they, like all mortals, were doomed to disappointment. Their subjects, goaded to desperation by this crowning act of a long- continued despotism, unanimously refused to comply with the obnoxious mandate. Libraries there were not, and the king went howling through the street, ' ■ ' •what shall we do for grub to eat ? " Moral : Never count your chickens before they are hatched. C©LLE(G1 BOOK STOKE, HAGUE BROOKS. Kerosene Oil and Gold Pens, Ammunition and Stationery, Broken Lamps, Toothpicks and Text Books constantly on hand. Old furniture and second hand uniforms for sale cheap. Scientific works of Gal-i-lil-i-o and Ar-chi-dem-i-des pro- cured on short notice. THE INDEX. 57 [mhm of Ih jPrhing | orp , " Either you must or I shall, ' Libby, Blanchard, Montague, Campbell, Dodge, Curtis, Brooks, - " - Clay, - . - Chandler, Rice, - - Southwick, I Bragg, f Barstow, Bunker, General Superintendent. First Assistant. Scavenger. Janitor. Charcoal. Evening Star. Servant in the Sanctuary. Superintendent of Coal Mines. Bell Ringer. Postmaster General. Modern Joshua. Firemen. Curer of Pains. Grower of vegetables. 58 THE INDEX. Stizdeixt Life in the 21 . jL. C. Intends to work his way through College. Concludes to devote himself to the canxe of science. THE INDEX. 59 Becomes a Practical Jlorticulturist. Tlie JLast lireat iiittbrt. 6o THE INDEX. CeLebTCittng the ForurtTt, .Nut quite as funny us it might be. THE INDEX. 6 1 CJlLENDJlR. First Term begins Aug. 28, 1873 " " closes, Nov. 25, 1873 Winter vacation of five weeks. Winter Term begins Jan. i, 1874 " " closes, Apr. i, 1874 Spring vacation of two weeks. Summer Term begins, ..... Apr. 16, 1874 " " closes, . . . . . July 15, 1874 Summer vacation of six weeks. Next Collegiate year begins Aug. 27, 1874. UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS LIBRARY LD 3234 1 125 V.5 1873 cop. 2 +

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