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i:iiis?»- « JxS $ g s ® gKg $ » J 8 gxg s s s This set of yearbooks ivas compiled by the staff of the 1967 Massachu- setts Index and donated in the interest of paying tribute to those tvho have created the history and traditions existing at the University of Massachusetts. Alexander Dean, Editor-in-chief ® S S Hg S ® ««S « S K8 ®H» SX ' ' TWT ' (j ' rxiJu ' " - " - , A " C-z ax ' t-r ■r? Vol. hi.] No. 1 6 «S: . BSAGHUSjj AgrlciilihiFail Colkg ' o © -Gyo- oIJPqI ' Co u 11 1 W V Wq ri ? 157I Published by the Junioi la . W. J. CLARK, H. B. SIMPSON, t gditars. J. B. RENSHAW, J. B. MINOR, G. A. FURNESS. J. H. WEBB. NORTHAMPTON, MASS.: PRESS OF STAR PRINTING AND ENGRAVING GO. 1871. LiBRA UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS iftERST. ms. m ABBREVIATIONS. 3YQ N. C North College. S. C South College. ' " -GYD- HVnother year of the alloted four has taken its place in the immortal past. And in answer to the annual call we apply ourselves to the task of issuing the third number of " The Index. " Hoping that it may be welcomed and approved by all The Faculty Catalogue presents the College from their point of view. In it we have the curriculum, the various depart- ments of study, the list of students, in fine, the crystallized shell in which we live; but one looking at an egg shell is scarce- ly reminded of the yolk within; so the reader of the Faculty Catalogue would form-almost no conception of the throbbing, active lite beneath that cold, formal exterior ; to show the college from the Students ' stand-point, as a living, active body is our purpose. And at the beginning we would say that The Index does not purport to be a literary journal, but merelv a collection of college and class statistics, to any one but a member of the college, void of interest, but to a mem- ber of the college replete with interest, and will always, in the future, be a pleasant reminder of bygone days. The past year is one long to be remembered by all connect- ed with the College, especially so to the pioneer classes. We have seen the first class graduate from the Massachusetts Agri- cultural Colicky e, and no longer is she a childless institution j EDirORIAL. but is now exultant over her first Alumni. And in the fu- ture may the laurels won by her brave sons, return in their full glorv and honor, and by them magnanimously laid at the feet of their Alma Mater, their rightful progenitor. Already, we are happy to say, they have made their first contribution and that by no means insignificant, a handsome schlarship, and from the standard of scholarship required to obtain it, we surmise that in their opinion the standard of the College should be raised, which we hope may be the case. We congratulate the College in obtaining the services of so eminent and practical a mathematician as Professor Pea- body. An interesting and natural instructor, he at once gain- ed the respect and admiration of the students; he will, we are confident be a most valuable, and we hope permanent, addi- tion to the Faculty. Boating is still in the ascendant in the College, and we are confident that " what man has done man can do again, " but for the present season we are perfectly satisfied with the glorious and flattering results of the Regatta at Ingleside in July last, in which, with magnificent ease, the Bucolics passed the goal in 16.46 4 (from starting) the best time ever made, by a six-oared crew, in the annals of boating. And who doubts, seeing thus early its effects, the expediency and wisdom of permitting the students in our College to en- gage in boating. " Honor to whom Honor is due " long may it continue. The prospects of the College were never better than at the present time. And in reviewing its career up to the present and seeing the desperate struggle it has encountered and successfullv warded, the increasing interest of the public, the gradual awakening of the community to which the character of the College directly appeals, together with the active and cMiergetic co-operatit ii )f its Faculty, we feel warranted in say- ing thatthe succ;,ess of the College is inevitable. V THE INDEX. t mnitnfioif % 5 I " " ? , Called upon to present for the last time our annual contribu- tion to The Index, we can well appreciate the quaint remark of an old French philosopher, " I would not choose to see even an old post pulled up with which I have long been acquainted. " And these last duties, now so frequently appearing, unpleas- antly bespeak disorganization and change. We can hardly realize that three years have passed away since we began our College career, and that the beautiful writ- ing of promise upon the woods, heralds the approach of our fourth and last winter at Amherst. Joyfully for some rea- sons, but sadly for others, we look forward to the day when our Senior mantles will fall upon other shoulders. Joyous — that we mav begin in earnest life ' s battles, proving the worth of our outfit in the struggle, and our wisdom or folly in taking a " new departure " from the older system of educational train- ing. Sad — that we must part from familiar, valued friends and scenes, and that four years of our happiest days can never be repeated. Our relations with the Faculty have always been pleasant. We feel they have labored impartially and generously for our best interests, and if good results do not follow, the fault will be in the material, not in the artizans. THE INDEX. We shall always cherish grateful affection and regard, for him whose kindly interest, generous aid and enthusiasm has imparted zest and pleasure to our study of the languages, es- pecially in our study of a subject — somewhat personal to many of us, " Taugenichts. " May liis future da3 s be as pleasant as will be our remembrance of him. We heartily welcome the appointment of our new Professor in Mathematics, only regretting that it came too late in our Course. We congratulate ourselves that as a class we have always worked together harmoniously, and that each succeeding year has woven around us a cord of friendship that separation, or the responsibilities of life may not sever. When called upon to bid each other farewell, as we now are, to The Index and its readers, our best wishes will always re- main with the College and the classes coming after us. THK INDEX. ■Gfo- Here we are again, Brother Collegians, changed it is true in regard to our name and outward semblance, but inwardly im- bued with the same old Sophomoric spirit, which froths and sparkles in spite of all the efforts of Junior dignity to repel it. We are changed, too, in numbers, several having left us dur- ing the past year; but, in spite of our losses, we present the same undaunted front and march " onward and upward, " with linked arms, to that goal which is the pride of every student, graduation day, always bearing in mind the words of a famous orator, " the battle is not always to the strong alone, but to the active, the vigikint, the brave. " With the Profs we are just in our sphere. We do all in our pcnver to lighten their hard tasks, and to make them merrv, cheer them on v ith an occasional song. We regret to say, however, that some of the Profs look upon our endeavors from a different point of view than that intended, and would rather increase their work by hearing us recite than give us pleasure bv allowing us to " •bolt. " We are extremely gratified to see on our return that the Mathematical chair has finally been entirely filled, not merely occupied, and we are glad to say the College has at last a " lever of the first class. " As to the (jther departments, none have been materially changed unless it be " class work. " ' We have left our former Prof, and are now following the advices of the new " Prof of Horticulture, " at that " pride ot the Junior class, " the Plant house. And now, in conclusion, we would tender our hearty con- gratulations to the College on its receiving a sufficient com- THE INDEX. petencv to enable it to act for itself. It was hard to work without money and against prejudice, but having the one, we hope in time to live down the other; and now, classmates, as we journey through the world of College life, and as the tide of Junior vear ebbs away, let us think joyfully of the coming davs, ' ' When we ' re Seniors, and we ' ve nausi ' ht at all to do. " F. THE INDEX. 74. -GyO One year of our College life has passed and we now find ourselves at the commencement of our Sophomore year with a decrease in our class of five members. Our Freshman year was as " qiuet and undisturbed " as could have been expected, and it was especially so after the last of those series of battles by the " Bridge of Rushes, " , We think that we did very well in our studies for a class that entered under such unfavorable auspices. It is not our fault if we do not stand as high in mathemat- ics as in our other studies. Perhaps if we had so chosen we might have done better in this branch, but human nature will have to be changed before men will study when they can get as high a mark by sponging. In chemistry we are doing the work of the second term of this year. In beautifying the grounds we flatter ourselves that we are not much behind any other class, having set out over thirty trees and otherwise improved the grounds between the North Dormitory and Laboratory. Let ' 75 go and do likewise. There is one thing in which we claim to be, and are, ahead of any other class, that is in our treatment of the Freshmen. We have treated them like gentlemen and the good feeling between the classes was shown by their having a game of foot ball (than which no other game offers better opportuni- ties) without having a Rush. We hope that ' 75 will treat ' 76 in the same manner, always rememberintr tb.e oft repeated (rolden Rule. C THE INDEX. The class of ' 75 M. A. C, although behind the four pioneer classes in point of time, is ahead of them in several otiier ways, in some of which it will no doubt, be in turn surpassed bv those that follow. It has the largest number of members, (fifty including specials,) repi-esenting eight of the states ami the Japanese and Indian Nations, the highest average in re- gard to age, and, partly, no doubt, on this account it passed the best average examination of al the classes yet admitted. Its size is due, in general, to the high reputation the college has already achieved, which was much increased bt)th in ex- tent and degree, by the glorious victory of the " Universitv Crew " in the regatta at Ingleside last July; a victorv, which at once established the name and fame ( f the Massachusetts Agricultural College in the boating world, and with all in- terested in boating matters. In schc larship, c., the class of ' 75 will endeavor to maintain its standing throughout the ca- reer so favorably begun. One feature worth noticing is the presence ot the Japanese members ot the class sent here by their government to studv our language, as well as those branches of science in which the Western nations, although much younger, are ahead of the eastern. The " Sophs " have (kindly,) mjt " rushed " us as yet, one rea- son being probably our numbers ; but the honcjr of ' 75 has been maintained whenever an opportunity offered, as in the f(jot-ball match with ' 74 (. n the Fair Grounds, at the time of the Cattle Show, when we came sadly near beatingtliem all three THF, INDEX. 1 games, instead of two out of three, as actually happened. Of " hazing " there has been little or none, excepting the delicate- ly perfumed (chemical) attentions paid to a few favored indi- viduals, and by them, no doubt, fully appreciated. As a class we have but one real grievance, — the want ot a friend of the military persuasion, and our consequent continu- ed deprivation of the delights of the afternoon hours so often passed heretofore in exploring (on the double quick) the out- lying portions of the farm, or in being " set up " vigorously it is true, but after the latest and most approved style. No doubt " there is a good time coming audit is almost here " but when will our long looked for (West) Pointer discover it to us.? Other matters are on the whole as satisfactory as we could expect, and by cultivating such roots as pluck, patience and perseverance (also " square " and " cube " in their varied forms when presented to us) we hope to do honor to ourselves, as a class, while here, and individually to the college, alter our p-raduation. P. THE INDEX. t1 t % S. MEMBERS EX-OFFICIIS. GAD His ExcELLEKCY, WILLIAM CLAFLIN. Col. WILLIAM S. CLARK, President of College. Hon. JOSEPH WHITE, LL. D., Sec. Board of Education. Hon. CHARLES L. FLINT, Sec. Board of Agriculture. elected nV ' IHE LEGISLA ' IURE. Hon. MARSHALL P. WILDER. Suffolk Cou Hon. CHARLES G. DAVIS, Plymouth Dr. NATHAN DURFEE, Bristol HARVEY COLT, Esq., Berkshire Rev. CHARLES C. SEW ALL, Norfolk PAOLI LATHROP, Hampshire PHINEAS STEADMAN, Hampden Hon. ALLEN W. DODGE, Essex Hon. GEORGE MARSTON, Bristol Hon. W.m. B. WASHBURN, Franklin Prof. HENRY L. WHITING, Middles x Hon. p. WALDO LINCOLN, Won ester HENRY F. HILLS, Esq. Hampshire Hon. DANIEL NEEDHAM, Middlese.x ntv THE INDEX. 13 i»r llxtctttiirt ami Jitililinjj mtj itUe. -GA9- Pres WILLIAM S. CLARK, Dr. NATHAN DURFEE, Hon. Wm. B. WASHBURN, HENRY COLT, Esq. PHINEAS STEADMAN, Esq. Secreta7-y. Hon. CHARLES L. FLINT, of Boston. Auditor. HENRY COLT, Esq., of Pittsfield. Treasurer. NATHAN DURFEE, M. D., of Fall River. Assistant Treasurer. GEORGE MONTAGUE, Esq., of Amherst. Board of Overseers. STATE- BOARD OF AGRICULTURE. Examinin C ' oiiuiiittee. Prof. LOUIS AGASSIZ, Wm. KNOWLTON, Esq., •N. S. HUBBARD, Esq., F. F. FAY, Esq., JOHN JOHNSON, Jr., Esq. 14 THE INDEX. f tw « " ' ? $ntf j. WILLIAM S. CLARK, Ph. D., President ami Professor of Botany and Horticulture. Hon. LEVI STOCKBRIDGE, Professor of Agriculture. HENRY H. GOODELL, M. A., Professor of Modern Languages. CHARLES A. GOESSMANN, Ph. D., Professor of Chemistry. SELIM H. PEABODY, M. A., Professor of Mathematics and Civil Engineering. Captain HENRY E. ALVORD, U. S. A. C. E., Professor of Military Science and Tactics. HENRY V. PARKER, M. A., Professor of Mental and Moral Science. JOHN K. RICHARDSON, B. A., Instructor in Mathematics. ROBERT y . WOODS, B. A., Instructor in Elocution and Rhetoric. Prok. JAMES LAW, F. R. V. C, Lecturer on Diseases of Domestic Animals. Hon. CHARLES L. FLINT, L ecturer on Dairy Farming. THE INDEX. 15 CALVIN CUTTER, M. D., Lecturer on Hygiene. Hon. JOSEPH WHITE, LL. D., Lecturer on Civil Polity. SAMUEL J. PARKER, M. D., Lecturer on Fruit Ciilture. Prof. EDWARD HITCHCOCK, Lecturer on Comparative Anatomy. Hon. MARSHALL P. WILDER, Lecturer on Pomology and Floriculture. A. S. PACKARD, Jr., M. D., Lecturer on Useful and Lnjurious Insects. GEORGE B. LORING, M. D., I ccturer on Stock Farming. ALONZO BRADLEY, Esq., Lecturer ou the ILoney Bee. MARQUIS F. DICKINSON, Jr., Esq., Lecturer on Rural Law. Rrof. WILLIAM R. WARE, B. S., Lecturer on Architecture and its application to Rural Affairs. GEORGE S. CHENEY, Teacher of l ocal Music. WILLARD C. WARE, B. S., Gardener. JOHN C. DILLON, Farin Superintendent. i6 THE INDEX. m ' ' ' 41 M. 72. Officers. GEORGE H. SNOW, President. WILLIAM C. WHITNEY, Vice President. WILLIAM F. BRETT, Secretary. HERBERT E. MOREY, Treasurer. names. Burleigh C. Beil, William F. Brett, John W. Clark, Frank C. Cowles, John C. Cutter, Edward N. Dyer, Isaac H. Easterbrook, Edward R. Fisk, Charles O. Flagg, Richard B. Grover, Lemuel LeBaron Hqlmes, JOK, Historian. LASS Captain. residence, ROOM. Winchester. 25 s. c. i North Bridgwater 9 N. C. Hadley. 3 S. C. Amherst. Pleasant St. ' Warren. 29 S. C. 1 Shrewshtry. fH do. Boston. 7 do. i Amherst. Main St. Westminster. 7 S. C. Amherst. Chestnut St. Maltapoisctt. 14 s. c. THE INDEX. 17 NAMES. RESIDENCE. ROOM. Francis E. Kimball, Russell W. Livermore, George Mackie, Samuel T. Maynard, Herbert R. Morey, William R. Peabody, Frank B. Salisbury, Dwight E. Shaw, George H. Snow, Frederick M. Somers, vSamuel C. Thompson, Henry Wells, William C. Whitney, Dudley. Lebanon, Conn. New Bedford. Northborough . Maiden. Boston. Sherbur7i. Chicopee. Leominster. Greenfield. Southborongh. Stcckbridgo. Harvard. 21 6 6 S. C. 14 do. do. do. 7 do. 27 do. 9 N. C. 25 do. 29 S. C. 3 do. 6 do. Ti do. 14 do. Total 24. i8 THE INDEX. uwior f fas s. - !e 0 ' 73, ff S JAMES B. RENSHAW, President. JAMES H. WEBB, Vice President. HENRY B. SIMPSON, Secretary. CHARLES WELLINGTON, Treasurer. WILLIAM J. CLARK. Historian. ASAHEL LI. LFMAN, Class Captain. NAMES. William J. Clark, Frederick C. Eldred, George B. Frisbie, George A. Fiirness, Walter S. Leland, Asahel H. Lvman, George W. Milks, .lohn B. Minor, David P. Penhallow, .lames B. Renshaw, Henry B. Simpson, Charles E. Tucker, Scth S. Warner, James H. Webb, Charles Wellington, I ' - rank W. Wood. residence. ROOM. C ' incinfiati . 0. 26 S. C Sanchuicli. 29 X. C New orJz Ciiv. 13 do. TarrYfoii ?!y A " ] ' . 1.3 do. Sherlnirii. •3 do. iVestluvfipton. 21 do. IJedford. 22 S. C Hartford, Con !. . 29 N. C Portsmouth, N. H. 9 s. c Richmond. 22 do. Hudson, N. Y. 26 do. Bostuii. 28 N. C Northampton. 2 2 X. c. Uamdeny Conn. -5 S. ( ' . Amherst. 15 X. c. Grafton. 2 1 ' Tot ' il s. c . I 0. THE INDEX. 19 ,s m« t fy 14:. §ffjcers. EDWARD P. CHANDLER, President. JOHN A. HOBBS, Vice President. BRUCE S. ZRLLER, Secretary. EDWARD GILLETT, Treasurer. EDGAR H. LTBBY, Historian. JOHN M. BENEDICT, Class Captain. residence. room. Frank E. .dams. Ifa ev. 13 s. c Edward P. Alexander, Greenville III. 21 do. William H. Barstow, Haverhill, N. B. 28 do. John M. Benedict, Bethel, Conn. 29 N. C Edward P. Chandler, Westborough. 16 do. William A. Clark, Springfield. 5 do. Volfred F. Curtis, IVestininsler. t6 do. Asa W. Dickinson, Amherst. 28 S. C Henry ]M. Doubleday, Brooklyn, A ' . Y. 30 N. George A. Duncan, Kecne, A ' . H. n do. Charles A. Fisk, Springfield. 5 do. Edward (rillrtt, SotitliKnck. 2 1 s. c 20 NAMES. THE INDEX. RESIDENCE. ROOM. H. 20 S. C. John A. Hobbs, A ' or i Hatnpton, A Arthur C. Johns, St. Charles ., Mo. 9 do. Edgar H. Libby, Ashland. 8 N. C. i Henry Lyman, Middle field, Conn. 30 do. David K. Millard, j Northampton. 22 d(j. ' Arthur H. Montague, Granby. TO dt). i George F. Moody, Springfield. 5 S. C. Remus Ould, Baltimore, Md. 14 N. C. Frank S. Smith, % Springfield. 30 do. James M. Smith, Westfield. 24 do. William Strain, Soiithwick. 13 s. C. Edward C. Woodman, Danvers. 8 N. C. Bruce S. Zeller, Hagarstoivn, Md 26 do. Harry M. Zeller, Hagarstown, Md. 26 do. William M. Zeller, Hagarstown, Md. 26 do. 1 Total 27 THE INDEX. tvc lviicil tks - Hf " I ! , FRANCIS G. PARKER, President. RICHARD S. STEARNS, Vice President. i THOMAS G. FROTHINGHAM, Secretary. 1 HARRY H. PLAYER, Treasurer. JOHN ASHTON, Historian. 1 HENRY HAGUE NAMES. Class Captain. residence. ROOM. G eora e C. Andreae, A ' ew York City. 5 S. C. J( )hn Ashton, Newton. 4 do. I J Im A. Barri, Caiiibridgeport. icS N. C. E ' erett 13. Bragg, Amhei ' st. East St. M adison Bunker, New Bedford. 15 N. C. Thomas R. Callender, Northfield. 19 S. c. El ■ed. G. Campbell, West WestJiiinster Vt. 23 N.C. H erbert S. Carrulh, Boston. 28 do. 1 ' ' bez W. Clay, Westminster., Vt. 25 S. C. James 0. Dix, Boston. 24 N. C. G eorge R. Dodge, Hamilton. 2 do. G ranville E. Ellis, New Bedford. 12 S. C. W illiam I. Ely, Freehold, N.J. W. S. Bassett ' s 1 :?2 THE j INDEX. j NAMES. RESIDENCE. ROOM. Thomas G. F ' l-othingham, Boston. 23 N. C. Charles F. Gibbs, Thetford, Vt. 32 do. Henry Hague, P he nix, R. I. 18 do, Peter M. Harwood, Barre. 7 d j. George S. Hatch, Medford. W. S. Bassett ' s. Henry H. Holmes, Greenfinch, N. Y. 12 N. C. Henry S. Jackson, Orange, N. J. 27 do, Arthur M. Judkins, 14 inchester. 6 do. Walter H. Knapp, Neivton. 4 S. C. Lauren K. Lee, Shrewsbury. 18 do. Arthur W. Lyman, Soutlianipton. 15N.C. !■ James C. Merrill, St. Albans, Vt. 20 do. Nathaniel B. Merrill, Wilbrahani. 20 do. Harry P. Otis, Northampton . 6 do. j Francis G. Parker, Brooklyn, N. V. 8 S. C. ! William D. Piatt, Baltimore, Md. 24 N. C. Henry H. Player, Nashville. II S. c. j Fremont S. ReeJ, South Weymouth . 14 N. C. Labean Snow, Harwichport. 3 do. Andre x . Southwick, Nendon. 1 1 do. Richard S. Stearns, Salem. 5 do. Ralph I. Taylor, Great Barrington. 24 S. C. John L. Thomas, Boston.. 24 do. William H. Vaill, Shutesbury. 3N. C. Herman F. Weeks, Babylon, L. I. 7 do. John F. Winchester, Peabody. 12 S. C. ' Geamon Youchi, 1 i Kagoshi na, Japan. 8 do. Total 40. 1 i 1 1 1 THE INDEX. liccia js. ) CAQ- NAMES. RESIDENCE. ROOM. Daniel P. Bardwell, Shelbur7ie. 20 S. c. Edwin A. Blankinship, Marion. 25 N. C. Clarence E. Brown, Northampton. Boardin g House. Samuel M. Carter, Berlin. iq s. c. Lysander L. Clark, Easthampton. N. C. Elliot A. Cowles. Kellogg Iowa. Mi -. N obles. Harry Eaton, Fort Mut iok, Dakota. 23 S. C. John E. King, Millersplace., L. I. 28 N. C. Saitaro Naito, Chujoshiu Japan. 10 do. Ichiskay Nomura, KagosJiima Japan. 12 do. Victor Mildeberger, JVew York Citv. 2S do. Herbert C. Sanger, She r bur 71 e . 11 do. Frank A. Towne, Keene, JV. H. 3t do. Augustus H. Wright, Boston. 27 S. C Isnataro Yamao, Yeddo, Japan. SUMMARY. II N. C. Seniors, 24 Juniors, 16 Sophomore, 27 Freshmen, 40 Specials, 15 )tal, THE INDEX. 4 t S tie. n c - W slii| qTO|M l| ]q. ' SYO OFFIVEB8. RUSSELL W. LIVERMORE, President. EDWARD GILLETT, Vice President. L. LeBARON holmes, Secretary. WILLIAM H. BARSTOW, Treasurer. REMUS OULD, Librarian. HERBERT E. MOREY, j WILLIAM STRAIN, J Directors. ARTHUR H. MONTAGUE, i Burleigh C. Bell, Herbert E. Moray, Frank C. Cowles, Dwight Shaw, Edward N. Dyer, Fred. M. Soniers, Edward R. Fiske, Henry Wells, Richard B. Grover, John W. Clark, Francis E. Kimball, J. Clarence Cutter, George .Mackie, I. Henry Easterbrook, THE INDEX. 25 1 Charles 0. Flagg, William R. Peabody, L. LeBaron Holmes, George H. Snow, Russell W. Livermore, Samuel C. Thompson, Samuel T. Maynard, William C. Whitney. ! 1 Frank E. Adams, Edward P. x lexander, William H. Barstow, George A. Duncan, 1 Edward Gillett, John A. Hobbs, 1 Arthur C. Johns, Edgar H. Libby, i 1 1 George F. Moody, Arthur H. Montague, i William Strain, Remus Ould, 1 Bruce S. Zeller, Edward C. Woodman, 1 ! Harry M. Zeller, i itesJiufm. Jabe i W. Clay, William H. Vaill, i Peter M. Harwood, Arthur M. Judkins, ! Laurence K. Lee, Francis G. Parker, J ohn F. Winchester, fyetimk. i 1 1 Harry Eaton, Victor Milderberger. • THE INDEX. o f ° ' TT- OFFI ' CEMS. JOHN B. MINOR, President. EDWARD P. CHANDLER, Vice President. CHARLES WELLINGTON, Secretary. HENRY M. DOUBLEDAY, Assistant Secretary. ASAHEL H. LYMAN, Treasurer. WILLIAM J. CLARK, Librarian. JAMES B. RENSHAW, Assistant Librarian. GEORGE W. MILLS, Sergeant at Arms. GEORGE A. FURNESS, DAVID P. PENHALLOW, WILLIAM J. CLARK, | ASA W. DICKINSON, ' .Editors of Everett Oracle. GEO. A. FURNESS, i Directors. Memljers. huiiotf. William J. Clark, Geort c A. Furne5S, Asahel II. Lyman, .[(ihn B. Minor, James B. Rcnshaw, Seth S. Warner, Charle.s Wellintrton, Cieor£re B. Frisbie, Walter S. Lelancl, George W. Mills, David P. Penliallow, Henry B. vSimpson, James H. Webb, Charles E. Tucker. THK INDEX. J jhn M. Benedict, Edward P. Chandler, William A. Clark, - Wolfred F. Curtis, Asa W. Dickinson, Henry Lyman, Charles A. Fisk, Frank S. Smith, David K. Millard, Henry M. Doubleday. freshmen. George C. Andreae, Thomas R. Calender, Herbert S. Carruth, William I. Ely, Harry P. Otis, Ralph I. Taylor. Samuel M. Carter, Lysander L. Clark. 2S THE INDEX. ,.eQe CH isp,, OFFIVEMS, EDWARD N. DYER, President. JAMES B. RENSHAW, Vice President. HENRY M. DOUBLEDAY, Secretary. EDWARD C. WOODMAN, Treasurer. GEORGE W. MILLS, Librarian. GEORGE H. SNOW, i FRANCIS E. KIMBALL, I Executive Committee. ISAAC H.EASTERBROOK, ) Seniors. Edward N. Dyer, Isaac H. Easterbrook, Charles O. Flagg, Francis E. Kimball, Ge(jrge H. Snow, aniara. William J. Clark, George W. Mills, David P. Penhallow, James B. Renshaw, Seth S. Warner. William H. I arstow, Henry Lyman, Edward P. Chandler, George F. Moody, Henrv M. Doubleday, P ank S. Smith, THF. INDEX. 29 John M. Benedict, William A. Clark, Creori e A. Duncan, Cieorge C. Andreae, (ieorge A. Uodge, Merrick Harwood, Henrv S. Jack sun, Lauren K, Lee, Nathaniel P. Merrill William D. Piatt, Andre H. Southwick, Harry M. Zeller, David K. Millard, Remus Ould, Edward E. Wocjdnian, rJ ieslimen. Lysander S. Clark, Henrv Hague, Henrv II. ILjlmes, Walter H. Knapp, Arthur E. Lyman, . ' rthur H. Montague, E. Sumner Reed, William Strain, William rt. Vaill. 30 THE INDEX. t, m w M- mhcit eselliijlicit mid 3hu. ' j , AUGUSTUS H. WRIGHT, M. S WILLIAM F. BRETT, If. J. Mem hers, I ' iiiati! . Burleio-h C. Bell, William F. Brett, F ' rank B. Salisbury. William J. Clark, (rcorge B. Frisbic, George A. Furness, Walter vS. Leland, Charles E. Tucker, Seth S. Warner, Jame.s H. Webb, Charles Wellingtou. Harry M. Doubleday, David K. Millard, Frank S. Smith. John Ashton, Merl)ei-t S. Carruth, Thomas (j. I rothingliam, l- icliard S. Stearns. Augustus II. Wright, THE index: 31 S lb A Jij - 5 ' " WILLIAM C. WFIIIWEY, |f. §, J3AVID P. PENHALLOW, J. . Meijibers. Edward R. Fisk, L. LeBaron Holmes, Russell W. Liverniorc, George Mackie, William R. Peabody, Frederick M. Somers, Henrv Wells, William C. Whitney. John B. Minor, David P. Penliallow, Henry 13. Sim[)son. cf ilfoniarcj. Edward P. Alexander, Edward (lillett, Hrure S. Zeller. THE INDKX. »■ , K -4f KENO " BOSS. JOHN STOKES, X r Members, I i eisliiiiei:i liewtii ' e ! ! THE INDEX. -GYD- College Choir, HENRY WELLS, Leader. E. P. Alexander, Treble. G. A. Furness, Treble. W. S. Leland, Treble. W. F. Brett, Alto. H. Wells, ist Tenor. A. A. Southwick, ist Tenor. J. B. Renshaw, Bass. J. Ashton, Bass. R. W. Livermore, Bass. W. J. Clark, Bass. W. H. Knapp, Org-anist. College Gflee Viub, HENRY WELLS, Le. der. Harry H. Player, Pianist. Walter S. Leland, 2d Tenter. Henrv Wells, 1st Tenor. W. J. Clark ist Bass. Edward P. x lexander, Alto. Russell W. Livermore, 2d Bass. Glee Ch ih ' 73 J. B. RFXSHAW, LK.A.DER. F. C. Eldred, ist Tenor. (i. A Eurness, 2d Tenor. W . S Leland, 1st Tenor, J. H. Minor, 2d Tenor. D P. Penhallow, ist Bass. J. B. Webb, 2d Bass. ! J. B. Renshaw. ist Bass. W. J Clark, 2d Bass. 1 1 IHE IMJEX. , t K ailiiiJi !„„„, DAILIES. New York Times, New York Globe, Boston Journal, Boston Post, Springfield Republican. AGRICULTURAL. Massachusetts Ploughman, New England Farmer, Boston Cultivator, Prairie Earmer, New England Homestead, California Farmer. MAGAZINES. Atlantic Monthly, Scribner ' s Mc nthlv, Harper ' s Monthly, Eclectic Magazine, American Naturalist, The (Jld and New, Journal of Chemistry, American Chemist, ' an Nostrand ' s Magazine of Civil Engineering. MISCELLANEOUS. Aegis and Ciazette, Cincinnati (iazette, Missouri Democrat, New York Independent, Scientific American, Yale Courant, Harper ' s Weekly, Frank Leslie ' s Weekly, Amherst Record, Amherst Student, New Ycjrk Weekly Tribune. THE INDEX. 35 V B Af i£s Ccjllege Library, looo volumes. Washing ton Irving Society Library, 250 ' • Edward Everett Society Library, 275 " College Christian L ' nion Library,. . .■■ 150 " 2,6 THE INDEX. -IF V.- RUSSELL W. LIVERMORE, Presiuent GEORGE H. SNOW, Vice President. HENRY WELLS, Secretary. WILLIAM C. WHITNEY, Treasurer. (S-fQ CoUege ' Nrnvy, WILLIAM R. PEABODY, Commodore. FREDERICK C. ELDRED, Vice Commodore. ' 72 Henry Wells, Lemuel LeB. ILjlmes. ' 73 Frederick C. Eldred, Henry B. Simpson, ' 74 Henry M. Doubledav, William .Strain, ' 75 Herbert S. Carruth, Richard S. Stearns. Spanish Cedar Sliell ; leng-th 50 feet; width 19 inches; depth II inches. Spanish Cedar Shell; leng-th 45 feet; width 22 inches; depth II inches. THE INDEX. 37 e €ret . Frederick C. Eldred, (s) Henry B. Simpson, Frederick M. Somers, Arthur D. Norcross, Gideon H. Allen, George Leonard, (bow.) Average Weight 1461 3. Josh. Ward, Coach. 38 THE INDEX. ' i ni f eiia ,7_ OF THE I owifjq yV330ciATiof OF -) merica} €olleqe3, IffaaeetiEul |lver li fiijleglile, || m r July 2 1 St, 1 87 I. QAD CONTESTING CFxE Wf 8 .. Massachusetts Agricultural College Crew. Eldred, (s) Somers, Harvard Unuersity Crew. Bass, (s) Tucker, Brown University ' • Crew. C. C. Luther, (s) Caldwell, Allen, Jones, Smith, Simpson, Loring, Reeby, Norcross, Sanger, iMcClellan, Leonard (b) Avera u wciKhl.llOK, Time Ki.lBX. Reed, (b) Average weight, la ' IJi;. Time ' :. ' Si)4. C. H.Luther, (b) Average weight, 144 !-( . Time 17.4H ' ;. Distance — Three mi les straight away. Prizes — Six Silver C ' ups and a set of Colors. THE INDEX, 39 la RUSSELL W. LIVERMORE, Presiuent. FRANK B. SALISBURY, Vice President. HENRY WELLS, Secretary and Treasurer. FREDERICK C. ELDRED, ELLIOT D. SHAW, Directors. SETH S. WARNER, J WILDER NINE. George S. Hatch, c. Herbert E. Morey, p. Seth S. Warner, ist b. Frederick C. Eldred, 2d b. Henry B. Simpson. 3d.b. Bruce S. Zeller, 1. f. Frank B. Salisbury, s. s. Russell W. Livermore, c. f. D. K. Millard, r. f. CLASS NINE ' 72. Henry Wells, c. Herbert E. Morey, p. F ' rank B. Salisbury, s. s. Elliot D. Shaw, ist b. Samuel C. Thompson, 2d b. William F. Brett, 3d b. Russell W. Livermore, 1. f. Burleigh C. Bell, c. f. John C. Cutter, r. f. CLASS NINE " 73. Seth S. Warner, c. Henry B. Simpson, p. Frank W. Woods, s. s. Walter S. Leland, ist b. George A. Furness, 2d b. James B. Renshaw, 3d b. Frederick C. Eldred, 1. f. John B. Minor, c. f. W. J. Clark, r. f. 40 THE INDEX. CLASS NINR, ' 74. Edward P. Alexander, c. David K. Millard, p. James M. Smith, s. s. William A. Clark, ist b. Bruce S. Zeller, 2d b. Henry M. Doubleday, 3d b. Wolfred F. Curtis, 1. f. Charles A. Fisk, c. f. Frank S. Smith, r. f. CLASS Thomas G. Froth ingham, c. Arthur M. Judkins, s. s. John Ashton, 2d b. Harry H. Holmes, 1. f. NINE ' 75 George S. Hatch, p. Herbert C. Sawyer, istb. Charles E. Tucker, 3d b. Harry P. Oris, c. f. Henry S. Jackson, r. f. THE INDEX. 41 i ♦1 • ■ c- i ij ' 7 2. GEORGE H. Si OW, President. ORATION, Russell W. Livermore. POEM, Edward N. Dyer. MEMORIAL ADDRESS, Isaac H. Easterbrook. BENEDICTION, Lemuel LeB. Holmes. Cl SS SUfpEF . TOAST MASTER, PROPHET, ODE, William C. Whitney. John C. Cutter. William R. Peabody. -GYO- Wood, Morey, Duncan, Thompson. Somcrs, Towns, Judkins, Parker. 4 THE INDKX. ( fO At% ifliscialileri, C. O. FLAGG. Catekkr. S. C. THOMPSON, AssT. do. Breakfast, HASH, fried. Dinner, HASH, boiled. Supper, JnL.A.Oxl.9 cold. EXTRAS, Sausage, Milk Toast, Codfish. Alexander, Callender, Holmes, ' 75 Maynard, Strain, Ashton, Campbell, Harwood, Mills. Snow, ' 75, Andreae, Clay, Johns, Minor, Southwick, Barstow, Carter, Jackson, Merrill, J. C. Taylor, Benedict, Dix, Kimball, Merrill, H.P.Thomas, Blankinship, Dodge, Knapp, Naito, Vaill, Barri, Eldred, Lyman, ' 73 Nomura, Warner,, Bardwell, Ely, Lyman, ' 74 Otis, Woodman, Bunker, Eaton, Lyman, ' 75 Piatt; Wood, Clark, ' 74, Gillett, Libby, Reed, Wright, Clark, ' 75, Gibbs, Lee, .Shaw, Weeks, Curtis, Hague, Mackie, Somers, Winchester. Vamao, Zcller, B. S. THF, INDKX. 43 ' " |6ll| ll III pMh " R. W. " SPLINTER, " . . Chief Gormandizer. A ssistmnt Mmffers. Brett, Frisbie, Simpson, Clark, ' 73, Holmes, ' 72, Salisbury, Cutter, Penhallovv, Wells, F irness, Snow, ' 72 Webb. ' ' x nd they shall gnaw a file. " " U. P. CORPUS, " . . . Steward. Cowles, ' 75, Ellis, Judkins, Pleyer. Whitney. N. B. — Bummers not admitted. ; 44 THE INDEX. 1 i THE GBirBB-ER S. 1 B( (F URLY) ,C. BELL, . . . Slicer A. T)OWNS, . . . . Grav Bov. i 1 , Monepickers i 1 Carruth, Stearns, Dix, Smith, J. Frothingham, Sanger, Millard, Tucker, Parker, Youchi. M. 1 QA9 i " We live to JL-IT. " 1. H. EASTERBROOK. . . Unj ektakek. H. E. MOREY, . . . . Chief Swallower. JDigesters, 1 Chandler, Ould, Dyer, Smith, F. Fisk ' 74, Zeller, W. Mildeberger, Zeller, H. s M. M. 1 THE INDEX. 45 c,oaEQE {pi l - Established April ;, 1871. Q ' UEEW BEE, Mackie. DRONES. Blankinship, Cowles, ' 75, Ellis, Mildeberger, Strain, WORKERS. Easterbrook, Maynard, Naito, Peabody, Snow. ' 75 ♦Reformed Droue. 46 THE INDEX. Arthur, Barber Boy, Brasstoe, Blossom, Bowery Boy, Bruce, Bummer, Butternuts, Beaver Dick, Chas. kOLL cau 74. -GA9- Chum Dubb, Dozen, Farragut, Hockanum, Hookey, Janitor, Job, Mill Boy, My Boy, ' Nails, Newport Swell, Old Boy, Old Hundred, Old Thousand, Peerick, Preacher, Prof, Solemncholy Foxy, Vile Bov, oatQE BooKsro MOTTO. — ' ' ■Busifiess first and Studies afterwards. " G. A. FARRAGUT CO, . , . Proprietors. U. Ketckum, T r-u c Clerks. 1. Cheatum, Text books and Miscellaneous articles of all kinds kept constantly on hand, and for sale at extremely Jti h prices. Orders for Peanuts, Bananas, Oranges, c., promptly filled. Small Beer on drauerht " . THE INPEX, 47 4 Unditr First Term begins, _ _ _ Aug. 31, 187 1. " " closes, - - - - Nov. 28, " Winter Vacation of six weeks. " Term begins, - - - Jan. 11, 1872. " " closes, _ _ _ Apr. 10, ' Spring ' Vacation of one week. Summer Term begins _ _ _ Apr. 18, " " " closes, - - - July 17, " ' " Vacation of six week. Next Collegiate year begins Aug 29, 1872. .©■ • ■c 186Z DATE DUE 1 - UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS LIBRARY LD 3234 n25 V.3 1871 cop. 2 +

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