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Text from Pages 1 - 36 of the 1869 volume:

DATE DUE UNIVERSITY LIBRARY UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS AT AMHERST LD 3234 M25 1869- 1881 + MASSACHUSETTS O . Itiiral 0 7 e e " y " HE Index. 1869- ' 70. Vol. I. STORKS McC LOUD, PRINTERS. AMHERST. The Index. We present to-day to the friends of our institution Vol. 1st of the Index, a, pamphlet designed to represent the internal growth and status of the CoUeo-e, and which we hope may prove of interest alike to members of the College and to the public. In glancing back over the history of the College from its first feeble struggle for existence until the present state of comparative development, we think that all should be satisfied with the measure of success which has attended our efforts. Of Presidents we have had three. As regards the cause of the first, charity forbids us to make any comment. In the loss of the second, the College sustained an injury v hicli could be repaired only by the acquisition of a commanding and energetic spirit like that which animates our beloved President of to-day. Our corps of Professors is one which any institution might well be proud of. From the President down they all have the love and respect of the students, and what more essential element can there be for the success of any institution of learning ? In the course of study marked out for us we recognize one calculated to give a high sbate of culture to all who may pursue it, and one which will sooner or later establish here an institution whose tendency shall be to advance the cause of science and promote the welfare of all who may directly or indirectly be brought under its influence. And yet, with all ou.r success, there is need of continued effort, the great- est effort, both 0:1 the part of the students and those who have the p-overnment of the College in their- hands. THE INDEX. The great question of the benefit of the College to the State is yet to be proved, and that only by the character and standing which its students shall sustain after leaving its walls, and when they erect the edifice of their future life on the foundation which if laid at all must be laid here. But we hope for the best, and trust that future numbers of the Index may show a rapid advance in all that pertains to oiu ' loved institution. Comniiinicatioiis, Nearly three years ago we entered this College as the first class. As we look back, we see many improyenients ; even in that short period dormitories and other buildings necessary both for the Col- lege and the farm, have been erected. What shall we say for ourselves ? Are we the stereotyped Juniors of former days, in felt hat and shawl ? No, ' 71 is a jolly set of chaps, delighting in " sugar scrapes " and " Hamp " as much as anybody. We feel as though our course thus far has been productive of much good to the College. Have we not planted elms, whose gen- erous shade shall shelter future generations ? Have not jDines been set out around some of the lesser buildings ? Who but a ' 71 man could have had such forethought 1_ Our relations with the Faculty have been, and are, very pleasant, and we are i:)leased to learn they are not afraid of us. AVith ' 72 we have had much to do. We hope they do not chafe under the recollections of rushes, mode trials, blanket-tossings, c. But bygones are bygones to us both, and Juniors and SojdIis smoke the pipe of peace. We have nothing to do with ' 73, save to help them organize ' ' secret societies. " Many of us are votaries of the national game, and we furnish a goodly number to the Wilder Nine. Music hath icS charms for us, both vocal and instrumental. Among the instruments used are the piano, violin, violincello, cornet, clarionet and flute. We have learned to feel the " pomp and circumstance of glorious war, " in the drill of the manual of arms and bayonet exercise, imder the tutelage of Capt. Alvord. 6 THE INDEX. The pipe is the solace of nearly all of U3, anilwhah more rational enjoyment can we have than after supper to fill the Woodstock with cavendish, and in the blue wreaths of smoke see bright visions of the future ? " We doubt if there ever was a class that worked together so well as ours. There seems to be a unity, a oneness of purpose, that has marked our course from the beginning until now, and may it always be so. We have but a little longer to stay, and when we leave our Alma Mater, let us do so with no cause for regret, and a determination to do rio ' ht. — I 7 (2. Vive la ' 72. Who are these in bright array ? Wh}-, of courfee ' 72, the flower of the College, the smartest, joUiest set of j-ouths ever brought together for the purpose of studying the Bucolic art or any other art. Know thou, reader of the Ikdex, Vve are Soph- omores, which is of itself sufficient reason for being as above stated. Our class still thrives. We boast the largest number of men, have as good standing in studies as any, send four of our men to the Wilder Nine, and keep up our reputation in other out-door sports. Since first entering, our numbers have somewhat diminished, but we look upon that as a necessary evil. Our duties have been rather heavy, but we tliink we have performed them creditably. Doubters are requested to communicate with the Secretary of the " Black Harolcs. " With our Professors Ave have always been on the best of terms, and we are especially glad to ' have the help of Prof. Goessmann in chemistry this jevcr. Our military drill has come to be one of our regular duties, and we are heartily glad of it, for while it gives as good exercise as a gymnasium drill, it teaches us what will be inval- uable in case of another " on pleasantness. " We have seen very little of Prof. Stockbridge this winter, his duties in Boston requiring his presence most of the time. With Prof. Goodell our relations have been, as ever, of the most pleasing nature. We have read consider- able from the life of a " Taugenichts, " and though the study has been rather hard, the recitations. have been made interesting and amusing enough to fully repay us for our labor. With the other classes we have alv ays got along well, with the exception of one or two collisions with ' 71, in which both claim to be the victor. But 1st us not speak of those times when we were Freshmen, but of the latter days, when the Sophomore comes out in all his dignity. With ' 73 we have had very Httle trouble ; they have attended to their own business, and with a few exceptions we have not molested them. THE INDEX. Our class is becoming more firmly united as the months roll on, and the friendships formed in the first half of our college course, will, m the latter half, have rijDened into such a close intimacy, as we hope nothing but death shall sever. P. ' 73, If we have fallen sliorfc of what was expected in regard to num- bers, yet we believe that there is good material among us, and with our four years ' training we shall receive here, we hope to graduate a good class. Our entrance upon college duties was very quiet, an encounter scarcely worth calhng a rush, and a few calls was the reception we received from ' 72. Physically and mentally we stand high, having representatives in the famous " Wilder Nine, " and the young literary societies of the College. Becoming better acquainted, we are becoming better united, and our four years ' experience will make us fast friends. We know that the reputation of this College depends in pai?t upon us, and we will do our best, as one of the pioneer classes, to make M. A, C. a famous institution. M. • ' Board of Trustees. MEMBERS EX OFFICIIS. Hh Excellency WILLIAM CLAFLIN. Col. WILLIAM S. CLARK, President of College. Hon. JOSEPH WHITE, LL.D., Secretary of Board of Education. Hon. CHARLES L. FLINT, Secretary of Board of Agriculture. ELECTED BY THE LEGISLATURE. Hon. MARSHALL P. WILDER, Suffolk County. Hon. CHARLES G. DAVIS, Plymouth County. De. NATHAN DURFEE, Bristol County. HENRY COLT, Esq., Berkshire County. Rev. CHARLES C. SEWALL, Norfolk County. PAOLI LATHROP, Esq., Hampshire County. PHINEAS STEADMAN, Esq.,- Hampden County. Hon. ALLEN W. DODGE, Essex County. Hon. GEORGE MARSTON, Bristol County. Hon. WILLIAM B. WASHBURN, Franklin County. Prof. HENRY L. WHITING, Dukes County. Hon. D. WALDO LINCOLN, Worcester County. HENRY F. HILLS, Esq. Hampshire County. Hon. DANIEL NEEDHAM, Middlesex County. secretary, Hon. CHARLES L. FLINT. auditor, Hon. D. WALDO LINCOLN. treasurer. NATHAN DURFEE. assistant treasurer, GEORGE MONTAGUE, Esq. Members of the Faculty. WILLIAM S. CLAEK, Ph. Dr. President and Professor of Botany and Horticulture. Hon. LEVI STOCKBEIDGE, Professor of Agriculture. HENRY H. GOODELL, A. M., Professor of English, Frencli and German Languages. SAMUEL F. L[ILLEE, C. E., Professoi of Mathematics and Engineering. CHARLli:S A. GOESSMANN, Ph. De. Professor of Chemistry. Capt. HENRY E. ALVORD, li S. A., B. S., Professor of Military Science and Tactics. H. S. BARLOW, Instructor in Rhetoric and Elocution. CHARLES A. MILLER, Instructor in Vocal Music. Prof. JAMES LAW, Y. S., Lecturer on Diseases of Domestic Animals. CHARLES L. FLINT, A. M., Lecturer on Dairy Farming. CALVIN CUTTER, M. D. Lecturer on Hygiene. Hon. JOSEPH WHITE, LL. D., Lecturer on Civil Polity. 12 IHE INDEX. JABEZ FISHER, M. D., Lecturer on Market Gardening. Prof. EDWARD HITCHCOCK, M. D., Lecturer on Comparative Anatomy. HON. MARSHALL P. WILDEE, Lecturer on Horticulture. A. S. PACKAKD Jr. M. D., Lecturer on Useful and Injurious Insects. Prof. E. S. SNELL, LL. D., Lecturer on Physics. GEOKGE B. LOEING, M. D., Lecturer on Stock Farming. Prof. L. CLAEK SEELYE, Lecturer on Englisli Literature. Eev. L. CLAEK SEELYE, chaplain. JOHN DILLON, Farm Superintendent. JOHN GEIFEIN, Gardener. «t«t s £ ' 71. — g- - a € - | — OFFICERS. LEWIS A. SPARKOW, President. ALONZO L. SOUTHWICK, Vice-President. GEORGE LEONARD, Secretary. LILLEY B. CASWELL, Treasurer. WILLIAM D. RUSSELL, Historian. ARTHUR D. NORCROSS, Class Captain. AUen, Gideon Hammond, ' Bassett, Andrew Lewis, Birnie, AViUiam Perkins, Bowker, WiUiam Henry, Brown, Clarence Eaton, Caswell, Lilley Brewer, Cowles, Homer Lucian, Ellsworth, Emory Alexander, Fisher, Jabez Franklin, Fuller, George Elwyn, Hawley, Frank Warren, Herrick, Frederick St. Clair, Leonard, George, Lyman, Robert Worthington, Morse, James Henry, Marion. Amherst. Springfield. Fhdlipston. Florence Fitchburg. Hadlcy. Barre. Fitchburg. Amherst. Hadley. Lawrence. New Bedford. Bai t Hampton. Salem . 14 THE INDEX. Nichols, Lewis Abel, Norcross, Arthur Dickinson, Page, Joel BardweU, Richmond, Samuel Howard, Russell, William Delano, Smead, Edwin, Southwick, Alonzo Lewis, Sparrow, Lewis Addison, Strickland, Greorge Porter, Thompson, Edgar Eliab, Tucker, George Homer, Ware, WiUard Carroll, Wheeler, William, Whitney, Frank Le Prelet, Woolson, George Clark, Total, Boston. Monson. Conway. Taunton. Sunderland. Greeyi field. Blackstone. Medway. Amesbury. Hopkinton. W. Spring Creek, Pa. Salem. Concord. Boston. Hopkinton. 30 ' 72. OFFICERS. EUSSELL W. LIVERMORE, President. HENRY " WELLS, Vice President. L. Le BARON HOLMES, Secretary. FRANCIS E. KIMBALL, Treasurer. J. HENRY ESTERBROOK, Historian. ALONZO H. BLOOD, Class Captain. RESIDENCE. Ames, WiUiam Campbell Barber, Strong Hayden Bell, Burleigh Cook Blood, Alonzo Hutchinson Brett, " William Franklin Clark, John Wesley Cole, Daniel Pomeroy Cowles, Frank Colton Crocker, Loring, Jr. Cutter, John Clarence Dyer, Edward Norris Easterbrook, Isaac Henry Fisk, Edward Ransom Flagg, Charles Otis Coniuay. Windsor, Conn. Winchester. Winchester. North Bridgewater. Hadley. Springfield. Amherst. Barnstable. Warren. Shreivshury, Boston. Amherst. Westminster. 16 THE INDEX. - Grover, Eichard Baxter Amherst. Harrington, Frank Warner Amherst. Holmes, Lemuel Le Baron Mattapoisett. Howe, Edward Gardner Chicago, III. Kimball, Francis EUiot Dudley. Lester, Frank Harris Plainville, Co7in. Livermore, Eussel Wolcott Bozrahville, Conn, Lockey, John Morse Leomiyister. Mackie, George New Bedford. Maynard, Samuel Taylor Northhorough. Morey, Herbert EUis Maiden. Peabody, William Russel Boston. Penhallow, Charles LoweU Portsmouth, N. H. Salisbury, Frank Battelle Sherhorn. Shaw, Dwight Elliot Chicopee. Snow, George Henry Leominster. Somers, Frederick MaxweU Greenfield. Thomas, George Hutchins Lebanon, Conn. Thompson, Samuel Clarence Southborough. Wells, Henry Stockbridge. Whitney, William Channing Harvard. ' 13. OFFICERS. CHAELES M. COOKE, President. GEORGE A. EURNESS, Vice President. FLETCHER K. BARROWS, Secretary. CHARLES E. SANDERSON, Treasurer. WILLIAM W. MINES, Historian. FREDERICK C. ELDRED, Class Captain. ;S. RESIDENCE. Avery, Frank Rhodes, Baker, Frederick William, Barrows, Fletcher Kneeland, Bhss, Albert Nathaniel, Briggs, Louis Willard, Carter, Herbert Mason, Childs, William Frederick, Clark, William Jarred, Copp, Belton AUyn, Eldi-ed, Frederick Cornelius, Flower, Archibald Dick, Furness, George Albert, Healey, George Chfford, Jefts, ] Ielvin Willard, Westfield. Winchester. Brattkboro, Vt. Brattlehoro, Vt. Pliquemine, La. Winchester. Monb ' eal, Canada. Cincinnati, 0. Groton, Conn. Sandwich. A hield. Tarry town, N. Y. Hampton Falls, N. H. Nashua, N. H, 18 THE INDEX. Latkrop, Joseph Dwight, Lovell, Frank Kendall, Leland, Walter Sherman, Lyman, Asahel Hubert, Mills, George Westgate, Mines, WiUiam Wales, Minor, John Bacon, Penhallow, David Pearce, Rowland, Clarence Warner, Sanderson, Robert Wilson, Simpson, Henry Bell, Warner, Seth Smith, Warriner, Alfred Allen, Total, NorihoLmpton. Boston. Sherlorn. Huntington. Medford. Brooklyn, N. Y. Neiu Britain, Conn. Portsmondh, N. If. Boston. Amherst. Hudson, N. Y. Florence. Warren. 27 THE INDEX. 19 Sttttl»l t Amiable, Robert Whipple Portsmouth, N. H. Baley, Jonathan Northampton. Barreto, Finza Bihia, Brazil. Blankiuship, Edwin Augustus Marion. Capen, Thomas Altyn Taunton. Cleland, William Francis Natick. Colby, Daniel Thompson Newhuryport Cook, Charles Montague Honolulu, Sandwich I. Damon, Edward Honohdu, Sandwich I. Dean, Charles Thomas Colamhas, Ga. Garrett, William Edward West Newton. Hardy, Edward Eldridge Boston. Millard, David Knox Florence. Morris, Frederick WilUam Springfield. Post, Henry Watross Brattleboro, Vt. Renshaw, James Budden Richmond. Sanderson, Charles Franklin Petersham. Smith, William Owen Koloa, Sandwich I. Swazey, Walter West S2:)ringfield. Watkiss, James Edwin BrooJc ' yn,N. Y. Wills, John Wheelwright Boston. Wood, Frank Warner Grafton. Specials, .... 22 SUMMAEY. Juniors, 30 Sophomores, 35 Freshmen, 27 Specials, 22 Total, ' . • 114 imm 104 t — f«-( P - l=— w OFFICERS. WILLIAM D. EUSSELL, President. HENRY WELLS, Vice President. L. Le BARON HOLMES, Secretary. ROBERT W. LYMAN, Treasurer. GEORGE H. SNOW, Librarian. FREDERICK M. SOMERS, ) EDGAR E. THOMPSON, [ Directors. THOMAS A. CAPEN, ) MEMBERS. JUNIOES. Andrew L. Bassett, Clarence E. Brown, Homer L. Cowles, George E. Fuller, James H. Morse, Joel B. Page, William D. Russell, Alonzo L. Southwick,. Edgar E. Thompson, Wniiam Wheeler, WiHard C. Ware, William H. Bowker. Lilley B. Caswell, J. Frank Fisher, Robert W. Lyman, Arthur D. Norcross, Samuel H. Richmond. Edwin Smead, Lewis A. Sparrow, George H. Tucker, George C. Woolson, Juniors, 21 THE INDEX. 21 SOPHOBIORES. William C. Ames, Alonzo H. Blood, John C. Cutter, Isaac H. Easterbrook, Charles 0. Flagg, L. Le Baron Holmes, Francis E. Kimball, Russell W. Lirermore, Herbert E. Morey, D wight E. Shaw, Fred. M. Somers, Burleigh C. BeU, Frank C. Cowles, Edward N. Dyer, Frank W. Harrington, Edward Gr. Howe, Frank H. Lester, George Mackie, Wm. R. Peabody, George H. Snow, Samuel C. Thompson, WiUiam C. Whitney, Sophomores, 24. Jonathan Bayley, Thomas A. Capen, Edward C. Damon, WiUiam 0. Smith, SPECIALS. Fiuzo Barreto, Charles M. Cook, Charles F. Sanderson. Specials, 7.— Total, 52. gl05|}|ltl» g| S)-«g — OFFICEBS. GIDEON H. ALLEN, President. EMOEY A. ELLSWOKTH, Yice President. FREDERICK St. C. HERRICK, Secretary. GEORGE LEONARD, Treasurer. LEWIS A. NICHOLS, Librarian. WILLIAM P. BIRNIE, Critic. FREDERICK C. ELDRED, FRANK L. P. WHITNEY, Directors. LORING CROCKER, ) ME3£BEBS. JUNIOES. Gideon H. Allen, William P. Birnie, Emory A. EUsworth, George Leonard, Frederick St. C. Herrick Frank L. P. Whitney. Lewis A. Nichols. Juniors, 7. SOPHOMOEES. William F. Brett, Loring Crocker, Jr. Sophomores, 2. FKESHEMEN. Fred. C. Eldred, George C. Healy. Freshmen, 3. SPECIALS. Edwin A. Blankinship. Specials, 1. Total, .... 13. OFFICERS. GEORGE C. WOOLSON, President. EDWAED G. HOWE, Vice President. EDWARD N. DYER, Secretary and Treasurer. LILLEY B. CASWELL, -) CHARLES M. COOK, - Executive Committee. EMORY A. ELLSWORTH, ) 3IEMBERS. JUNIOES. Lilley B. Caswell, George E. Fuller, Edwin Smead, Emory A. Ellsworth, Samuel H. Richmond, Wiliard C. Ware, Georg-e C, Woolson. SOPHOMORES. Edward N. Dyer, Edv ard G. Howe, Francis E. Kimball, Charles L. Penhallow, 1. Henry Easterbrook, Charles O. FlaQ-o-, John M. Lockey, George H. Snov . Frank R. Avery, David P. Penhallow, rEESHME: . George W. Mills. Charles M. Cook, Wm. O. Smith. ■feM. 0g ©» Oj ' jT ARTHUR D. NORCROSS, |1 J;. GEORGE LEONARD, MEMBERS. JUNIOBS. Gideon H. Allen, J. Frank Fisher, George Leonard, Arthur D. Norcross, WiUiam D. Russell, Frank L. P. Whitney. SOPHOMORES. WiUiam F. Brett. Sophomores, 1. — Total, 12. William P. Birnie, Fred. St. C. Herrick, Lewis A. Nichols, Joel B. Page, George P. Strickland, Juniors, 11, WILLIAM R. PEABODY, 6s. ALONZO H. BLOOD, SiJ. MEMBERS. SOPHOMORES. William C. Ames, L. Le Baron Holmes, John j r. Lockov, William R. Pcabody, Henry. Wells. SPECIALS. Edward E. Hardy. Si ecials, 1. — Total 10. Alonzo H. Blood, Frank H. Lester, George Mackie, Fred. M. Somers, Soj)lioniores, 9 ' tiittii gf|ttiittJlttti €0 ' LL ' EaE c: JOHN M. LOCKEY, Leader and OrganUt. Aloiizo H. Blood, Treble. Alonzo L. Southwick, Treble. Charles M. Cook, Tenor. Henry Wells, Tenor. Frank H. Lester, Bass. Arthur D. Norcross, Bass. Samuel T. Maynard, Treble. George C. ' Woolson, Treble. Edward E. Hardy, Tenor. J. Frank Fisher, Alto. Russell W. Livermore, Bass. James B. Renshaw, Bass. , ' ARTHUR D. NORCROSS, Leader. Henry Wells, 1st Tenor. Edward E. Hardy, ;2d Tenor. Fred. St. C. Herrick, 1st Bass. Ai ' thur D. Norcross, 2d Bass. JOHN M. LOCKEY, Pianist. MEMBEBS. Gideon H. Allen, George Leonard, Fred. St. C. Herrick, William R. Peabody, Edward E. Hardy. OFFICERS. JAMES H. MORSE, President. HENRY WEI;LS, Vice President. J. FRANK FISHER, Secretary and Treasurer. LEWIS A. NICHOLS, ) ' FREDERICK C. ELDRED, [ Directors. LORING CROCKER, ) Frank L. P. Whitney, c. H. E. Murey, p. Frank B. Salisbury, s. s. Lewis A. Nichols, 1st base. Fred. C. Eldred, 2nd base. Arthur D. Norcross, 3d base. Fred. W. Morris, 1. f. Henry Wells, c. f. Gi-eorse Leonard, r. f. Frank L. P. Whitney, c. Arthur D. Norcross, p. Lewis A. Nichols, s. s. G-eorge Leonard, 1st base. James H. Morse, 2nd base. Joel B. Page, 3rd base. William Wheeler, 1. f. (leorge H. Tucker, c. f. Robert V . Lyman, r. f. Edward X. Dyer, c. H. E. Morey, p. W. Frank Brett, s. s. Henry Wells, 1st base. Frank B. Salisbuiy, 2nd base. D. E. Shaw, 8d base. Russell W. Livermore, 1. f. Loring Crocker, c. f. A. H. Blood, r. f. »« mmmt Springtield Republican, Boston Journal, New York Tribune. AGEICULTUKAL PAPERS. Massachusetts Ploughman, New England Farmer, Boston Cultivator, American Agriculturahst, Country Gentleman, Hearth and Home, New England Homestead, Rural New Yorker, Rural World, Prairie Farmer, Cahforuia Farmer. Atlantic Monthly, Harpers ' Montlily, MAGAZINE:: American Naturalist, Hours at Home, Journal of Horticulture. Harpers ' Weekly, Appleton ' s Journal, Every Saturday, National Chronicle, Wilkes ' Spirit, MIoCELLANEOUS, Amherst Record, Educational Bulletin, Journal of Chemistry, Yale Coxu-ant, Amherst Student. Scientific American. NUMBER OF VOLUMES IN EACH. CoUege, 900 Washington Irving Society, 200 Phoenicia Society, 100 Christian Union, 100 Total, 1300 o ■ Number of Species, 1800 o Number of Species, . 10,000 o Number of Specimens of Natural History, 5,000 o Burnsides, 10 Moustaches, , 13 Siders, 7 Full Beards, 5 Dusenburys, ' 75 114 __, CALENOilR. The first tei ' m comnnjnces the second Thursday of September, and continues thirteen weeks. Winter vacation commences the first Wednesday of December, and continues seven weeks. The second term commences the fourth Thursday of January, and continues thirteen weeks. Spring vacatiou commences the fourth Wednesday of Ai)ril, !ind continues one week. Tlu third term commences the first Tliursday of lay, and continues thirteen weeks. Summer vacation commences the first Tliursday in August, and continues five week. ' In IMC

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