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n. tw ic - : m r-: S0- CONTENTS 1 ffP I " " History page 2 Queens . . . vaae 10 , X ' :,;,, Seniors « ' age 22 Greeks . M page 48 Student Life page 58 W " Sports page 78 0 dication page 100 m Faciilti; and WW dmin. BTii Hfir ' earbook UMES, formally known as Maryland State College, was founded in 1886. Its first classes were held in a colonial type building called Olney. Built in 1 798 by Ezekial Haynie, the building stood in the center of the campus for many years. It was said to have been the oldest building on any campus for black students during that time. In 1886 the first thirty-seven students came to Olney. They brought with them not only an eagerness and enthusiasm to learn but a definite desire to improve the school and the surrounding grounds. From the time they arrived, they were immediately set to making repairs on Olney. 4 |- -; ■ The first teachers of Olney were Benjamin O. Bird, who was prin- cipal, his wife Portia and an assis- tant, Jacob C. Dunn. For many years the Birds and Dunn worked faithfully for the school and the sur- rounding community. In 1897 Bird died and was buried on the campus after his funeral services, which were held at Metropolitan Methodist Church right in Princess Anne. In 1940 Crystal Bird Fauset, daughter of Benjamin Bird, and a former member of the Pennsylvania Legislature, dedicated a new mechanic arts building in memory of her father. That building still stands and is known as Bird Hall. The con- struction of this building and two other buildings was financed by Federal funds. UMES has had several names throughout its histon;, all of which seem to reflect the types of programs offered at the school or the type of programs under which the school was run, names such as the Industrial Branch of Morgan College, Delaware Conference Academy, Princess Anne Academy and many others. During its early years of existence, most of the financial aid of the school came from various Methodist Conferences. However, most of the financial support after 1900 came from Federal land-grant funds under the Morrill Acts and the Nelson Amendments. By 1936 the school had transformed from high school to college. This major change was brought about by Frank J. Trigg and Thomas Kiah. Trigg served as principal from 1902 until 1910. He was successful at gaining the Academy high recognition and thus placing it among the better black schools of that time. A native of the Eastern Shore, Kiah served as Principal from 1910 until 1930. Dur- ing his years as principal, the role of the Academy as high school was eclisped by the development of public secondary education. However, due to the increase of free public education in Maryland the enrollment after World War I dropped tremendously and continued to decline in the years that followed. In an effort to combat the rising com- petition from public schools, Kiah in- stituted a junior college program. Not bringing in the desired results, this program was terminated and a full fledged four year college was to be formed. But there again was the problem of finances and World War H also played its part in slowing down the enrollment. Shortly after the end of World War II a major program was instituted. It was designed to revolutionize college life. This development was the major turning point in the building of a very prominent four year college program. In 1947 Maryland State had such low prestige with very little or no recognition as a college that the Higher Education in Maryland Survey recommended that the college be abolished. In addition, the publicity given to the survey ' s recommendation by several prominent newspapers of that time left little hope for the continuation of Maryland State. There was much turmoil all over the campus. Whites and blacks alike were in fact strongly against the continuation of Maryland State and gave no support to the of- ficials of the school that were trying to encourage its survival. Finally on December 17, 1947, the Legislative Council met to decide if there was any need for further existence of the college. When the council decided on the con- tinuation of Maryland State, it received hardly any support. Along with this, the governor of Maryland, in his inaugural address stated that there would be no in- crease in funds for the school until an actual decision had been made as to whether the school would or would not be terminated. It was then, in an attempt to save the college, that the black citizens of the Eastern Shore Counties banded together to form the Eastern Shore Citizens Association. In one attempt to save the college, the Association sent 750 people to Annapolis to explain to the governor the need and the desire of the Eastern Shore to have the programs of the school continued and im- proved. In the years that followed as before, the need for continuation of the school was continually discussed. Since the school was now under the administration of College Park, there was always the question of whether the college could meet the standards of the College Park Campus. In 1957 the state legislature made the first clear cut appropriation of funds for new buildings and programs on the campus. The institution would live and there was no question concerning the accreditation of the college because of the State ' s Associa- tion ' s decision to approve full accreditation of Maryland State. Maryland State con- tinued to blossom and grew with new programs, buildings and ideas. On July 1, 1970 Maryland State College officially became the University of Maryland Eastern Shore or as it is more commonly known UMES. Today ten years later UMES is ever progressing and improving. And as always, it has the support of teachers, administrators and most importantly the students, without whom there would be no institution. As we look back on years gone by, we see that we have come a mighty long way. Yet, we are not where we could be or should be. The fight is not over yet and we the student body, faculty and administration must work together now to make UMES an institution capable of meeting the challenges of tomorrow. Famous Black Leaders Who Have Visited Over The Years Not Pictured: Authur Ashe — Tennis Pro Stokley Carmicheal — Black Leader Shirley Chi sholm — Congress Woman Ozie Davis — Actor Ruby Dee — Actress Langston Hughes — Author Coretta Scott King — Black Leader Art Tatun — Pianist Ethel Waters — Actress Andrew Young — Former Ambassador of (iJV. f »w ♦;• •; Duke Ellington Orchestra Leader Ella Fitzgerald Singer f 8 If I n .K;: r f M iMm l i pi p W m .. ' ' - ' %. - ' Martin Luther Black Leader (Cing, . r. I ' j msdMB in $M i . Miss University of Maryland Eastern Shore 1980 SHARON ELLIOTT ROYAL COURT MISS FRESHMAN KIM JACKSON MISS SOPHOMORE TOREYHALL MISS SENIOR JANICE GRIFFITH MISS HAWK DOROTHY SNOWDEN MISS ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA RETHA MILBOURNE MISS ALPHA PHI ALPHA SANDRA WRIGHT MISS ART TANYA EDWARDS MISS BASKETBALL TANZA ALFRED MISS CALENDAR GIRL JEAN CARTER MISS CHEERLEADER GWENDOLYN BROWN MISS CLEFTER CATHERINE CHRISTMAS MISS COMMUTER DONNA HYTCHE MISS GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA DENISE HARRIS MISS GAMMA PHI OMEGA PAMELA WOODSON MISS GROOVE PHI GROOVE DENISE PUMPHREY MISS HOME ECONOMICS ANITA HAIRSTON MISS INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION JOAN LEE MISS NATURAL SCIENCES PATRICIA FINNEY MISS OMEGA PSI PHI MONIQUE SPAULDING MISS PEP LISA SCOTT MISS PHI BETA LAMBDA JULIETTE WALKER MISS PHI BETA SIGMA LILLIAN COUNTEE MISS PHYSICAL EDUCATION DIANE HOLLOWAY MISS ZETA PHI BETA CYNTHIA HARRIS .•r« Q» 22 Gail Aiken Samuel A. Akinleye Mohammad D. Assadi Clarence Benjamin Kim Ashcraft Viola Bivens Catherine A. Chapman Mary B. Copeland Reverend Crockett Seniors 23 Lewis Dale Karen A. Douglass Cassandra B. Edwards Sabrina E. Edwards Sharon V. Elliott Michael Farrare Bart M. Griffin Janice Griffin Anita M. Hairston 24 Seniors Carl E. Hardaway Leonard Harmon Cynthia A. Harris Denise A. Harris Ida L. Harris Maryham Hedayati Doris Henson Sharon Holden Tyvolia Holden Seniors 25 Kenneth Hooper Kevin D. Hughson Ronald Jenkins Janice Johnson WHliam P. tfytche, Jr. -■ ' N ' fy ' H H r " iWl HE ' " jija ' m H JMC V wBtf W 1 1 H ' ifiP J l K1 ' H ' H mm B Leon W. Jones Sharon Jones Robert Kennedy John Lane 26 Seniors Gail P. Lee Judy McKenzie Helen R. Messick Ritha M. Milboume Tob ; D. Madison Benjamin Jti. Mullins, Jr. Barbara Murray Glenda M. Neal Mrs. Okki Seniors 27 yl i t X i K-, « ii Doretha Penn LangP.Pham WBM. m - oc V Hw r-:v Dorina A. Shelton Glenda Jones Sinclair Zen Pham Gary M. Stewart Mohammad A. Tabib James Tilghman, Jr. Cathy Warren 28 Seniors Victoria Wells Donald E. West Lee West Seniors 29 c o N G R A T U L A T I O N S mi . r ■■■ 1. mi t ' -L»- 1 , p™ 1 — W lp-%,.K M r Ur • Ih h vk.J ■ «ri ._ ' l Ir fiistism 1 idfl M ||H CLASS OF 80 30 CHANCELLOR DR. WILLL M P. HYTCHE 31 32 JUNIORS DERRICK ANDERSON EDWARD BOONE BRYANT COLEMAN ■li ■ EUPHMO ARNOLD GWENDOLYN BROWN SUSAN BARTON JAMES BROWN MILTON BLUm BERNARD CLINTON DARNISE HENRY KEEBLER HOLLEY JERRY JONES Underclassmen 33 ZINNIE JONES GINA MARSHALL :iliti ' I JOAN LEE HANNAH MARTIN BERT NWOSU ARLENE PERKINS BRENDA McGEE JANICE MARTIN LYNN SHAW ABBEY MARSHALL MARVIN MOSELY EARL SHOCKLEY GREGG STEWART VANESSA THORTON DAVID WARE EARL WASHINGTON 34 FLOYD BLACKEJT SAMUEL PARKER 35 RODRICK HINMAN ' i M it ' ' L W J W ' -TT ■ ' L |-|L JBf h H IBlv ; " ' . m i y m 1 9 CORNELLIA JOHNSON CAROLYN HOLLOWAY RENARD LESESNE GLENN HOLMES GARY MASSEY GRAYSON JACKSON CAROLYN McKEEVER ZACCHEAS RODRIGUES ROYLETTE SMITH MICHAEL STEWART LEO HAIRSTON DEBBIE WILKERSON EUGENE WILLIAMS ' P TROY McMILLIAN JAMES WILLOUGHBY Jungle Taste Edward S. Silvera There is a coarseness In the songs of black men. Coarse as the songs Of the sea. There is a weird strangeness In the songs of black men Which sounds not strange To me. There is beauty In the faces of black women. Jungle beauty; And mystery Dark hidden beauty In the faces of black women. Which only black men See. 37 M RLOW BARKLEY KEI iNETH BRIGGS MELODYE BATES HELENE BROWN ETTA BATTLE YVONNE CAMPBELL MICHAEL BINFORD CAROLYN CLEVELAND LENNY CLIPPER KIRK DOUGLASS NATHANIEL COLLINS SANDRA COPES JEFFREY DICKERSON CYNTHIA DYSON ANTHONY EASTERLING TANYA GALVIN It ' s yours for the taking FRESHMEN HAMID AHMADHASHEMI ANTHONY AJEGII THNZA ALFRED ERIC ALSTON PATRICK BARKLEY CURTIS BATTLE STUART BELENKER GERALD BEST RODNEY BEVERLY KAREN BLACK WENDY BLACKWELL VERNON BROWN RICKY BUTLER LEWIS CALHOUN WANDA CARTER MICHAEL . CHASE 41 STEPHANIE CHERRY ELAINE CHILDS BONNIE COPES PRAVONNE CROPPER LARRY DALE ERIC DAVIS IDA DAVIS MARTHA DAVIS STEVE WARNER ..fdi 1 kW Byifc % 9tR 1 TifT . 9xBat s m ' 1 ' m. TERRI DYSON TONY EDWARDS GRETA ELLIOT GUY EVANS ESTHER EZZELL REGINA FELIX 42 Underclassmen ( RAYNELL GARRY BEREATHA GOULD DEBRA HAIRSTON KEVIN GARRISON JAMES GREEN MADISON HAIRSTON YVONNE GIDDENS LORRI GREENE MICHAEL HAIRSTON STARRA HAIRSTON CHRISTOPHER HAND REGINALD BARNES GERALD GLOSTER LATANYA FOOTE SOPHIA HAIRSTON ROBERT HARRIS Underclassmen 43 SHARON Y. JOHNSON THOMAS JONES TEDDY KEY CAMILLE KING GREG KING BORIS KUSHEINOFF THOMAS LAVIEST CARLTON LEWIS 44 Underclassmen MINA LUCAS ROCHELLE MALLORY JOHN MONTGOMERY DRUSCILLA PERRY CHERYL MacCRAE PAUL MATTHEWS JANICE MONTOUTH SYLVIA QUINTON LISA McAFFEE ALESIA MILLER DIANE MURPHY ANGELA RICKS SYLVIA McCALL THEODORA NEIL ELEANOR SCOTT Underclassmen 45 ROBERT SEAGEARS MONIQUE SPAULDING WILLIAM SHORTER SHIRLEY SIMMS ANTOINNE SPENCER ROSANNE STEWART LLOYD SMTTH ARETHA SWINSON FABL N WHTTE JAY WHTTE HELEN WILLL MS JERRY WILLIS 46 Underclassmen TRACV WILLIS DELPHINE wrrcHER MARION YOUNGER WE WEAR THE MASK Paul Laurence Dunbar We wear the mask that grins and lies. It hides our cheeks and shades our eyes This debt we pay to human guile; With torn and bleeding hearts we smile, And mouth with myriad subtleties. Why should the world be over-wise, In counting all our tears and sighs? Nay, Let them oMy see us, while We wear the mask. We smile, but O great Christ, our cries To thee from tortured souls arise. We sing, but oh the clay is vile Beneath our feet, and long the mile; But let the world dream otherwise. We wear the mask! 47 MEET THE GREEKS 48 ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA The Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority is committed to high scholastic and ethical standards; the development of un- ity and friendship among college women; the promotion of higher education, and service to all man-kind. We believe that people oriented programs must be geared to meet the real needs of the people if they are to be eflfec- tive and meaningfiil. We believe that Alpha Kappa Alpha has the trained resources, national and local stature to meet the challenges and make a positive impact on our constantly changing world. Greek-1 49 DELTA SIGMA THETA Pictured: Carolyn Cleveland Sandra Copes Cheryl Walley Denise Pumphrey At the inception of Delta Sigma Theta in 1913 at Howard University, the Founders envisioned an organization of college women pledged to serious endeavor and com- munity service. Not Pictured: Dawn Bivens Robin Greene Bemadette Fisher Cheryl Davis Lee Abney Nu Rho Chapter 50 Greek-2 ZETA PHI BETA Greek 51 ALPHA PHI ALPHA 52 Greek KAPPA ALPHA PSI The Fraternity of Kappa Alpha Psi Inc. was chartered on Maryland State Campus in April of 1949. And since its charter Kappa Alpha Psi has had an unpresidented history of achievement, both on the campus and in the community. The Gamma Xi Chapter has established an astounding in- fluence within the community for its volunteer work as well as its national Guide Right Program. Kappa Alpha Psi also holds the prestigious position of be- ing the only Fraternity on campus that, through its relationship with the campus area has brought national recognition to the campus. Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. . . . another reason to be proud of the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore. Greek 53 PHI BETA SIGMA PHI BETA SIGMA FRATERNITY INC. Founded in 1914 at Howard Universify, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity is one of the most influential Greek-letter organizations in existence today. With chapters in three-continents, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Incorporated centers its ideals around brotherhood and cultural advancement. Alpha Mu Chapter 54 OMEGA PSI PHI Greek 55 GROOVE Pm GROOVE 56 Greek SIGMA ALPHA MU Greek 57 STUDENT LIFE f f! - ' ■•? B SBSSSSBBSSMS ' ' " From Left to Right: Jacqueline Booth, Victoria Cole, Judith Dickerson, Sophia Hairston, Wanda Vowels, Gloria Lee, Toni Evans, Patricia Wells Contemplating Art is a many mysterious thing. Ifs the hands, not the feet " The Controller Man, I ' ve got a " REAL " date tonight A£»!mm- ' fyy ,}■ £ ' " Volley you guys " UMES CONCERT CHOIR 70 IS I UMES DRAMA SOCIETY IN AMENS CORNER A SNEAK PREVIEW OF BEHIND THE SCENES You did a good job . . . yeah, but it didn ' t help much. Please, don ' t put too much! My name is Sam . . . and I am the real star of this act. They really messed your make-up up. -Oh hush! ' ' dt ' 76 Ms. Ella Fitzgerald, " The Queen of Jazz " has appeared fre- quently in concert at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore to benefit the Ella Fitzgerald Scholarship Fund and in appreciation to the University for having named the Performing Arts Center in her honor on October 24, 1974. It is a complex of 38,172 gross stpiare feet of classrooms, pram tice studios, offices, and a 1200 seat auditorium. fc Ms. Fitzgerald ' s latest accolade from the University was an honorary doctorate degree bestowed upon her during graduation exercises in May, 1981. Few women of song can outshine Ella Fitzgerald in awards and honors for her brilliance in music. She has received everything from DOWNBEATS " Best Female Jazz Singer Award " to the " Golden Needle Award " , the highest honor ever paid an American artist by the East Berlin Government. 77 - - fc. Wm n BMp - ' jzl ' - 1 a . ' mjB fc -- 1 vl . j4 ' w i. m SSlA San I Levi Francisco I Fontaine m Warriors Seattle Supersonic Baltimore Colts Wx Cleveland Browns llS Sl Carl Hairston Phildelphia Eagles Tyrone Smith First Player From UMES To play in the Black College Bowl Game in 1978 » W«- r-T- -- HAWKS FOOTBALL HOMECOMING 1979 80 UMES FOOTBALL STAFF COACH: CALDWELL COACH: LEE 82 COACH: SCOTT M. COACH: ELLIOT TRAINER: M. UNZICKER COACH: TATE 83 HAWK DEFENSE r -r-t T U s. - : y S4 HAWK OFFENSE 85 Avon gets out of reach for Delaware State mw . 1 rrr Reggie Ennis breaks for a touchdown against Dei State 86 ■f Another one bites the dust 87 " WE CAN MAKE OUR OWN WAY " y t fi i 30 " Dorma " " Rosanne " r «-«« " Maria " AJL sy s " Latanya " " Gretta " HAWKETTES BASKETBALL 88 HAWKEJTES IN ACTION 89 BASKETBALL 1979-80 SCHEDULE Universify of Maryland Bowie State Hampton Institute Elizabeth City St. Siena Heights Youngstown State LeMoyne College Southern Conn. State Washington College Gannon University Morgan State Hampton Institute Coppin State University ofD.C. Morgan State Delaware State North Carolina Central University ofD.C. Bowie State rth Carolina Central Coppin State Delaware State Salisbury State Spring Garden College Hampton Institute 90 Jerry Carter Ed Haskins Bemie Clinton Vernon Brown Marlow Barkley 91 THE H A W K Asst. Coach Andrew Lee B A K B Head Coach " The Man " KirklandHall M " Mr. Communication " Lecounte Conway Hy 1 ' ki THE CREW " 92 Marlow Barkley Allen Faulks Ronald Shelly Bemie Clinton Steven Hay Vernon Brown Jerry Carter Ed Haskins 93 CHAMPIONS OF THE LOYOLA HOLIDAY BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT 94 THE HAWKS WILL FUNK YOU RIGHT ON UP! 95 The Saints can ' t stop the Hawks 44! A little too close for comfort 96 Steve Hay shocks the house What can you do when it counts for two? 97 UMES CHEERLEADERS These are dedicated young ladies who work hard to give the fans, the players as well as themselves enthusiasm during the Football and Basketball Season. We Thank You. 98 99 DEDICATION MR THOMAS WILES 100 Nowhere in the history of UMES has an instructor shown such dedication and unique concern for the Uni- versity family. Through the wheeling of his camera, Mr. Wiles has captured and recorded forever the transitions that have made this University a landmark in the national records of colleges and universities. As a stallworth figure in his area, Mr. Wile ' s work stands as a representation of consistency and quality results. For these and many other reasons, the 1980 Yearbook Staff offers a silent tribute to a man that has on more than one occasion to be an in- spiration to us all. 101 Dr. Nazem Abdalla Lecture — Business and Economics Mr. Bryce Adams Director, Data Processing Dr. Brenda Anderson Dr. Eugene Bass Assistant Professor — Biology Mr. Buchaman Program Analyst Business Office Dr. Mary F. Burks Professor — English Dr. Imitaz U. Ahmad 102 Head and Associate Ms. Elva F. Bums Instructor — Business Economics Sergeant Bowden Security Police Mr. Thomas W. Calnan Coordinator Hotel and Restaurant Management Dr. Edward W. Chapin Head and Assistant Professor — Math Dr. Leon Copeland Assistant Professor Industrial Education Dr. Leon Coursey Associate Prof. Physical Education Mr. John Donlan Assistant Professor Industrial Education Dr. Joseph Dudis Assistant Professor — Math Mr. Estes Maintenance Supervisor 103 Mr. James Ewers Director of Admissions and Registration Dr. Helen C. Gleason Assistant Professor — Education Mr. Remo Ferrante Assistant Professor — English and Language Terri Grantham Counselor Dr. Herman Franklin 104 Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Miss Alma Gregg Associate Professor — Music Dr. Geoffrey Guest Head and Assistant Professor Social Science Dr. Henderson Director of Counseling Center Drivar Holmberg Lecture — Agriculture Mr. Thomas Horseman Lecture — Math and Computer Science Dr. William Hull, Jr. Associate Processor - Physics Dr. Yen-Wan Hung Lecture — Natural Science Dr. C. D. Ignasias Director Research and Grants Mrs. Jackson Office Clerk Ms. Ann Howard Mrs. Delia D. Johnson Lecture — English and 105 Language Dr. Gerald Johnson Head Professor Music Mr. Johnson Postage Machine Operator c tM Dr. Casey Jones 106 Head A ssociate Professor Education Dr. Richard Keenan Assistant Professor English Ms. M. Kumelachew Human Ecology Department Mr. Mack Vice Chancellor of Affairs Ms. Elaine Lankford Secretary Dr. Erica A. Leh Assistant Professor English Language I Reverend Kenneth Martin Sr. Assistant Professor Music Mr. U.S. McPherson Jr. Recreation Specialist Consultant Mrs. Mary S. Morris Assistant Professor Music Mrs. Joyce Myster Instructor Math Dr. L. Monroe-Lord Head Assistant Professor Human Ecology Mr. John Perrine Lecturer — Special Education Mr. David Pines Assistant Professor Business Economics Dr. Jack P. Pinion Assistant Professor Chemistry 107 Dr. Richardson IQo Executive Assistant Chancellor Dr. Gurbax Singh Associate Professor Physics Dr. Charies Smith Lecturer — Social Science Mr. Douglas Smith Lecturer Music FT Dr. Franklin Smith Head Professor Agriculture Dr. Robert Thatcher Professor Director Neurological Research Mrs. Patricia Tilhgman Academic Counselor Dr. Lehman Tomlin Head Assistant Professor — Industrial Education Elizabeth Webster Steno-Clerk III Mrs. Widdowson Steno-Clerk III 109 Theresa Woolforce Louise Giddens Bertha Leatherhury Ophelia Moses Vickie Shirley Snead Ralph Moses 110 THE 1980 YEARBOOK STAFF 1. Martha Davis — Layout Editor 2. Sharon Y. Johnson — Layout Editor 3. Micha el Walker — Layout Editor 4. Patricia Cleary — Copy Editor 5. Lemuel Clinton — Sports Editor 6. Dereck Davis — Staff 7. Royalatte Smith — Underclassman Editor 8. Andrea Hill — Layout Editor 9. Gregg Mcintosh — Photographer 10. Dorothy Waters — Advisor 11. Thomas Wiles — Advisor, Photographer 111 tant in the residence halls for 3 years, member of the campus Judicial Board. Hopefully, you will enjoy this year ' s book as much as I have enjoyed working on it. Martha Davis is a native of Baltimore, Md. She is a sophomore at the University of Md., Eastern Shore with an intended major of Pre-Nursing. She first attended this University in the fall of 1979 with the goal of becoming a Pediatric Nurse. Martha hopes to continue her education at the University of Md. in Baltimore where she will spend the last two years of her un- dergraduate studies. Martha became a part of the Hawk Yearbook staff in the fall of 1 980. She has contributed much time and effort and patience to the completion of the 1 980 yearbook. Her inspiration and hard work has helped to make this year- book a success. Lemuel Bernard Clinton As Sports Editor of the 1980 Yearbook have found the work to be hard and very time-consuming; however, with a good supportive staff, there was room for work and play. For this area of the Yearhook, organiza- tion of ideas, searching for sports informa- tion of the past, laying out pictures, and meeting deadlines were important aspects of the assignment or position. I soon realized, a yearbook involves a lot of work and no money, but one ' s reward is being a part of a finished product. That ' s one ' s thanks. As for me, I am a Hotel-Restaurant Management major. I am from Long Island (Northport), New York. After graduation from UMES, I plan to enter graduate school at Hofstra University for an MBA degree or Atlanta University for the same degree. My campus activities include a position on the Hawks ' Basketball team, member of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, assis- 112 Andrea Hill is a Cooperative Education student who works for Soil Conservation Service in College Park, Maryland. She is a Business Administration major and resides in Baltimore, Maryland. Although Andrea has had some ex- perience in writing articles for newspaper publications, she wanted some experience in a phase of publication that is more challenging. Thus when asked to be a part of the UMES YEARBOOK, she was more than delighted to accept. Andrea says, she has enjoyed working with the staff and cherishes the oppor- tunity of having served a worthy cause. For persons who always ask, " When is the Yearbook coming out? " She says they should ask, " What can I do to help speed up the process and the efficiency of ' OUR Yearbook? " Royalette is a native of Baltimore, Md., and is a sophomore here at the University majoring in Physical Therapy. This is Royalette ' s first year working on the year- book and she has found it to be a very rewarding experience working on the various sections, and especially with the yearbook staff. She thoroughly enjoyed helping to put together the underclassmen section. Royalette would like to wish the staff all the best in the future, and looks forward to another successful year of worldng on the UMES Hawk. 113 114 115 Michael Walker has always felt it would . be refreshing to play a meaningful role in extra-curricular activities. It was in 1979 when he decided to ac- cept the responsibilities of Yearbook staff member. According to Michael, he has not regretted his decision, for he has found the work to be exciting as well as detailed. In other words, it brings out the best in an individual. Michael is a Special Education major. He ejects to earn his degree in 1982 and plans to work with either exceptional children or children with learning disabilities. Hello. My name is Sharon Y. Johnson. I am a native of Washington, D.C. My present status at University of Md., Eastern Shore is a sophomore with an in- tended major in Business Administration. My position as part of the yearbook staff is the Layout Editor. The 1979-1980 year- book is an inspiration to me because I dedicated much of my time and effort as the Layout Editor and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did in putting it together. In fact, I look forward to continuing my work next year as part of the yearbook staff. See you next year! 116 As Editor-in-Chief of the 1980 Yearbook, have found the position to be not only challenging, but also unforget- table. I will always remember the frustra- tions, the tension, and the loyal, hard- working staff. If it had not been for the staff, I would not have made it. As I look back, I see it as a big challenge, but a pleasant one. I suppose one of the things that made it a challenge was the theme we selected, " UMES, 1886-1980 " . We chose this theme because we feel the institutio n is going through a period of growth and rejuvena- tion, due in part to our administration and the new attitude and approach the Board of Regents is taking toward this campus. In terms of work involved, I face a very rigid time schedule, that seemed almost impossible for the average staff. We in- herited the time problem from the previous staff, so we plunged in, and spent many hours on cold winter nights organiz- ing and laying out our material carefully. We wanted a historical yearbook that would be representative of our institution. Also, this project has made me realize, a student publication is only as effective as the student support it receives. This sup- port involves responding to appointments with the photographer, submitting copy as requested, etc. All in all, I enjoyed the challenge and I shall always be grateful to Ms. Dorothy Waters for her assistance and support as advisor. 117 120 l . " CONTENTS History Queens Wk » page 10 ' Seniors S 1f gge22i Greeks WBf e48 Student Life age 56| Sports page 78 dedication page 100 Wacuhy and m.... . mmtmmmm ' iimm.,mlti: p Admin. ? M Ml Yearbook ' ilK ' S

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