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v - r 5- :I:«-«- i " X " 1 r --. 1 I do my tiling. 1. and you do 1 your thing. 1 am not in this l world to live up to your 1 expectations. 1? And you are not in !■■ this world to live .yi. ' up to mine. 1 You are You 1 and I am I, And if by chance. we find each other, it ' s Beautiful Fredrick S. Perls UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND EASTERN SHORE PRINCESS ANNE MARYLAND i FOREWORD Upon Looking through the spectroscope of Enlightenment, it is a unanimous and substantial prediction to forecast that the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore will produce a new era of advancement in every facet of educational opportunities, and continue to be a model of achievement to be held in high esteem I by all. ERSITY OF MARYLAND — t -s. TABLE OF CONTENTS DEDICATION ' • SENIOR SECTION -26 SENIOR DIRECTORY 27-31 HOMECOMING 32-42 MEMORIAM 3 JUNIOR SECTION ' 4- 4 DEDICATION - SOPHOMORE SECTION 57-67 YEARBOOK STAFF - FRESHMAN SECTION ' O- ' CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS 88-107 WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS 108-189 SPORTS SECTION 110-132 FACULTY AND STAFF 133-157 LIFE AT MARYLAND 158-159 EDITOR ' S PAGE 1 THIS SECTION OF THE BOOK IS DEDICATED TO MRS. MORRIS B. SMITH (The former Jessie Cottman Director of Library Services AT LAST TODAY IS OURS Today is ours — lei ' s live il Our failh is strong — lei ' s give it A song may help— let ' s sing it The past is Hone — don ' t fight it Our work is now — let ' s do il A war is on — let ' s fight it Where the world is wrong— let ' s The road is rough — let ' s el ear it The future is vast— don ' t fear it Is faith asleep— let ' s wake it Today is Ours— let ' s take It. :S- :■:;::. ARIES- : ' ,: ' : " ' ■: You are an humanitarian, constantly helping your fellow man. You live by the motto, " Do as I say, not as I do. " Being eccentric and un- predictable, you love to shock people and prefer to live and let live. A born " joiner " , you are quite fond of the public and populari- ty. You are very idealistic, though your acts seem to contradict your intentions; you lay out plans so big that you are unable to carry them out. LEROY HAYES (Purple Hayes) Physical Education Varsity Track; Football; Intramural football, track and basketball; Alpha Phi Omega; Block M Club; Physical Education Club HATTIE M. JONES Business Education Phi Beta Lambda Business Club; Miss Phi Beta Lambda 1970-71; Women ' s Council; Senior Editor of the Yearbook Staff; Miss University of Maryland, Eastern Shore 1972-73 TYRONE JOHNSON Physical Education Alpha Phi Omega Se Basketball Team WILLIAM MURPHY General Agriculture DELORES M. TAYLOR (Dee) Business Education Treasurer of Alpha Kappa Mu; Phi Kappa Phi; Who ' s Who Among Students In American Univer- sities and Colleges; Phi Beta Lambda; Secretary of Ihe Senior Class; Women ' s Council AARON J. WALKER Art Education Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity; Alpha Rho Tau Art Club frr I f - ns " 4 ' 1 GREGORY ANDERSON Omega Psi Phi Fralernily, Football TAURUS You are steady and innerly vulnerable. You want to be sure of peopie and things about you. Yoii show; a need for affection, but can be buHy and greedy. You are coaxed, but, never driven; once your mind is made up, you carry out your plans regardless of consequence. You don ' t get angry quickly, but when you do, you become exceedingly furious and therefore should- never be teased. WAYNE WHYE Physical Education Omega Psi Phi Prate Physical Education Club DEBRA ELIZABETH BARBER (Cookie) Home Economics Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Home Economics Club, Student Life, Cheerleader WALTER BROCK (Will) Business Administration Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, Who ' s Who Among Students, Men ' s Senate, YMCA ANDREW HAY Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Alpha Rho Tau Art Club, Marching Band, Stage Band, Year- book Staff, Men ' s Senate MARY ANN HOLLAND (Shorty) Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society (V. Prcs.). Women ' s Council, Cheerleader, rnternational Club, Purple Pearl, Quette, Yearbook Staff CHERYLE JOYNES TAYLOR Zcia Phi Beta Sororitv, Phi Belli Lamb- da. Business Club : m SB GEMINI You have a dual personality like the Twins. You are versatile — maintain two jobs, ' two loves, etc. You are always busy, but your weakness is lack of follow- through. At times you may be too critical but on the other hand you are able to make instant friends. This makes you the friendliest sOul in the Zodiac. You are the most intellectual. You make money but do WILLIAM S. DUBSKY ( " Bill " ) Malhemalics— Business Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society WALTER JAMES Busin EVELYN JONES ( " Bee " ) Sociology Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Ir Wesley Foundation ERNESTINE HAWKINS ( " Tine " ) Elementary Education — Sociology Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Socie- ty, Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, Modern Dance Croup, Elementary Education Club, Editor-in-Chief of Yearhook Staff, Student Government ' ho ' s Who Among i. Marching Band — Ma- jorette, Miss Yearbook — 1971-72, Y.W.C.A., Women ' s Council " Think, Learn, Educate, Escalate and Rise above the Muck and Mire of just being second best. " BEVERLY MILES Art Education Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Art Club . 1 •f ' ' ' J pf |iia| liS idi fE: ' i ?- Ml « m-:: ' 4i J i " ' ■ ' . " . ' i ' i ifU ' ' ' .■•■;■ MARY LEATHERBURY Mathematics Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, Student Government Association — PrcMdent, Beta Kappa Chi, Chess Club, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges .and Universities, Who ' s Who Among Student Leaders, Miss Wesley Foundation THEODORIA SAVAGE Business Education Phi Beta Lambda Busine GREGG H. SUTTON English English Club - Vice-President, dation, and Arnold Air Societv JANIS DAVIS Business Education Business Club, Secretary Council, Miss Phi Beta L; ■;■■ ■ CANCER ■■-;■, You are very possessive, emotional, and exlreinely self- centered — all people and situations must relate to you. You ant to live harmoniously share feelings of others; you were never meant to live alone. Wealth comes quickly to you, yet goes very unex- pectedly. You like to be looked up to. You are sensitive and therefore cry easily, but you have a lunatic laugh. DOTTIE MARIE DE SHIELDS (Shortie) YWCA, Wesley Foundation, Women ' s Council, Home Economics Clul), Clefters, Stu- dent Library Association, IZ Club of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, International Club LILLIE GIDDENS Social Science Alpha Kappa Alpha Soror Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Soci GLORIA SAMPSON (Chicken) Physical Education Captain of Cheering Squad, Miss Hawk, 1971-72, Treasurer of Stu- dent Government, 1972-73, Delta CAROL ANN SMITH Biology Chorus, Clefters (President), Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority (President), Biology Club, Junior Class secretary MARLENE DAVIS Elements LEO Voii are a born ham. You enjoy the limelight. You look like a person in authority and enjoy it. You are lively and fearless and do things on impulse which you later regret. You are one of the hardest workers of the zodiac and give of your whole self but on your own terms. You possess a great personality and are filled with a sense of pride, dignity, and generosi- ty. You yield to flattery. JOYCE CARTER English Major English Club, Alpha Alpha Sorority, Pr. Alpha Kappa Mu ? Honor Socir " - " »— ' - dation I DARLENE CORNISH (Little Delta Sigma Theta Sorority pa Mu Honor Society, Phi B Squad, Who ' s Who A Students in American ColU Universities ROBERT BROWN Physical Education Basketball Team, Phvsiral Education Club ROBERT ELLIS General Agriculture Future Farmers of America Club ERIC HERMAN (Cowboy) General Agriculture Tau Alpha I psilon. Future Fa BRENDA C. HUGHEY Physical Education Physical Education Club, Gamma Sigma Sigma Sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Y ' MCA, lent Association, — ;s Movement, Majorette in UMES ching band FREDERICK D. KING strial Arts Industrial Arts Club, Wesley Foundation, YMCA, Freshman Class President, Mens Senate, Vets Club, Student Government Association LARRY D. PENN (Cap ' n Penn) Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club, Alpha Phi Omega Servic Fraternity, Inc., Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc Baseball Team, Men ' s Senate The gem cannot be polished with- out friction, nor-man perfected without trials . . . Confucius RODNEY MASSEY Physical Education Basketball Team, Basebair Team, Ph; Education Club WILLIAM R. MC CROREY (Bill) Industrial Arts Alpha Kappa Mu, Industrial Arts Chib, Academic Affairs Comm. for the Industrial and Mechanic Arts Department. BRENDA MILBOURNE Social Science Zela Phi Beta Sorority LAURA PURNELL Social Science DAVID L. PITTS (Skeeler) Business Administration Phi Beta Lambda, Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity, In- tramural Softball, Football, and Basketball, SGA, Men ' s Senate, Student Life Committee ANGELA PURNELL Business Education Miss Senior 1972-73, Phi Beta Lambda Business Club SANDRA ROBERTS MORE LEOS . . . GERALOINE E. WATERS (Gcrri) DOREEN SELBY Business Education Phi Beta Lambda, College Choi President of Moi Kappa Mu Honor Sorority, Who ' s American College ■ Economics Club, Alpha )ciety. Alpha Kappa Alpha vho among students in ALLEN SHOWELL Sociology Major Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Arnold Air Society A.F.R.O.T.C. EDSEL SWANN Physical Education Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity, Phi Beta Sigi Fraternity, Physical Education Club, Veterans Club GARY WATERS Biology Omega Psi Phi Frate VIRGO You are the natural helper of the zodiac. You love to do for others as much as telling them what to do. You know all the answers and sometimes give too much advice. You are ex- tremely neat and your whole life is based on order and harmony. You seldom regard anyone as your superior and result in formulating your own rules. You need to serve humanity shows you should always live among people. ABDID ABDUSAMAND Mathematics Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, Wh( students in American Colleges and Ui RUSSELL BAILEY Social Science Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Ir Student GovH Association JOAN BAILEY Social Science Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society • BARBARA J. BRODIE Elementary Education Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society, Ele tary Education Club, President of YWCA, Won Council CARL BRYANT So cial Science Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Alpha Kappa Mu H Society, President of Mens Senate, Who ' s who ai Students in Colleges and Universities, Who ' s who among student leaders NAOMI CHAMBERS Sociology UMES Choir, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc Women ' s Council, Maryland Creators, Inc., (Moder Dance Group), Wesley Foundation LARRY GREGORY Mathematics Alpha Phi Omega Se SYLVIA T. MARKHAM English Education Delta Sigma Theta, Alpha Kappa F Among Students in Colleges and Un GWENDOLYN BEATRICE PARKER Mathematics Education Women ' s Council, Senior Class Treasurer, Ivy Leaf Club of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Sorority I WANDA TAYLOR Business Education Phi Beta Lambda, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority JAMES LACKIE Art Education Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society LIBRA DEBORAH A. CHURCH Sociology Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Yearbo Slaff, YWCA, Wesley Foundati (treasurer) You are always balancing and cbmpaTing like the scales, trying to see both sides of everything. You rule with a iron fist, want to lead, and strive to maintain peace at any price. Although this quest for harhiony leaves you somewhat disillusioned with real life. You are very nervous and impatient with delays, especially when those under you dp not work up to their utmost abilities. You like the things money can buy and work to get them. Maryland, Maryland, Home of Maroon s nd Gray, Maryland, Maryland, Thee v We mil Love Always .... MAXINE CLARK Social Science Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Miss Sophomore Secretary of Junior Class r S; EDWARD JORDAN (Sarge) Industrial Arts Veterans Club, UMES Senate, Football Team, Industrial Arts Club LIBRA MEN adores a woman wilh an even lemper, one who langhs in the lace of adversity. They are apprecialive of lalenl, art, lileralii re, music. They de- mand icfinemenl, he is a man to whom eullure is important. Libra men are a good caleh but it lakes quite a run before the chase is over. The Libra iVian is an individual, if nothing else! HENRY LEWIS, JR. Music Education UMES Marching Band, Stage Ba Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. FULTON V. SLEMENS, JR. Sucioloev WELDON E. MILBOURNE Agriculture Education Sphinx Club, Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, Mens Senate, Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society, Who ' s who in America Colleges and Universities WILLIAM R. ROBERTS Business Administration Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Baseball Team, Block M Club SCORPIO You are very dominant and aggressive. You are quite self-sufficient — everything you do and think comes out of yourself. You are cunning and hard to unders- tand, even by closest friends. You feel a great more than you show. Your ideas are not easily changed. You are self-sufficient, a good fighter, a hard worker, and naturally authoritative. Under no circumstances do you like to be questioned for your acts. WILLIAM CORNISH Tau Alpha Ups DONALD E. CARNEGIE (Joe Kool) Sociology Intramural Football, Basketball (Captain, 1973), and sident of Alpha Phi Omega fThe Scorpio man is forcefulX direct, independent, often aggressive. He is likely to be a man of action. This man can be very jealous, often he appears a little too careful in money matters. A Scorpio man does not forget a wrong. He makes a for-y Wiidable foe. WAYNE CROPPER Physical Education Baseball Team, Footba Education Club ALFRED LAW Industrial Arts Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity, Inc., Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, Industrial Arts Club. MAURICE NORFLEET Music Education UMES Concert Band, UMES Jazz Ensemble, Chorus 4 yrs., President of Marching Band RONALD PHILLIPS (Ror ) m B Jiisines s Administralioii ■■M iS hi Bel J Lambda, Senior. lass Vii-e-Pre siden I, Ka ppa ' % s lpha ■iociciy. si Frat criiLly, Ba Men Senate seball Team , Arr old Air -el CILARLOTTE POTTER Sociology Omicron Club of Gamma Sigma Sign RICHARD ROMAN Physital Ediicalion MAGGIE VEREEN Business Education Phi Beta Lambda Business Club VAUGHN ARZAH JOHNSON Sociology Wesley EoNiidation, President, Or Interdenominational Services CONNIE WOLEREY BioloKV Alpha, Biology Club SAGITTARIUS You are forever searching for ihe pol of gold al ihe end of the rainbow. You say what you think and pflen make enemies by it. You don ' t like to be tied down, for your great power of concentration enables you to do one thing at a time and do it well. You work vyith tireless energy and can- not bear to leave a task unfinished. You are a born ad- ministrator and prompter. You dare many obstacles, upset- ting people and in the end wondering why they turn on PIIVI.I.IS LENORA BRADFORD Elementary Education Band, four vcars JOANiN BROCKETT Elementarv Edncalioi JACKIE AM.EN I ' hvsieal Eduratio SHARON DOCKINS (Sharnic) Gamma Sigma Sigma Service Sorority Inc., Women ' s Council, iWiss Green Queen of TAH GILES EMMAINIIEI, MERCER (Buffalo) (reneral Agriculture KATIll.EEiN HARRIS Business F:ducalion Gamma Sigma Sigma i Inc.. I ' hi Beta Lambda, mmm? m ' ' : ' : GAIL HEMPHILL Sociology CHARLES SMITH, JR. Social Science Sprinlcr, Concerl and Marching Band, Arnold Air Society, Men ' s Senate, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, R.O.T.C, Special Affairs Com- ALMUFUA OSA OBASOGIE Social Science Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society ,„, »H ff -ilt ,4ti 72, Physical Ediicati. GEORGE ANDERSON JACKSON, HI .Physical Education Football team. Alpha Phi Omega Fraler Physical Education Club, Block M Club ANTHONY JOHNSON ; ' UERRIL LATRD (Aia Lhtomatics -|i|ha;;K:a}»pa:Mu H« i ;TIoiioi ;S6cictv THOMAS H. SAMUELS Physical Education Basketball Te " They are never alone that are ac- companied with noble thoughts " it, - b= l»a6i a CAPRIGGRN You are a born boss, authoritative, yet at times officious. Your vers of concentration enable you to gel the most out of everything and you never fail to see the money making side of any scheme or purpose. You can be very affectionate at times, but also a strict disciplinarian. Lack of self-confidence is your weakness so you should always demand and receive encourage- JAMES BOAZ Miisir Education Kappa Alpha Psi, Marching Band, Stage Band YVONNE COUSIN HORACE J. KENNEDY Agriculture Education Memher of A.T.A. - TERRY FARRINGTON Elementary Education Gamma Sigma Sigma, Pr Elementary Education Club Our days, our deeds, all we achieve or are, lay folded in our infancy . . . . John Townse.nd Trowbridge LARRY L. HARRIS Business Administration I II, Treasurer Sopho , , r Dorm Counselor JOYCE JONES Business Admini Delta Si " ' MjfKHk 1 1 p i BlJS |Hn ki N 1 l|P- w ' I mintt-Mj- g. f vL LAWRENCE PINDER Physical Education Tan Alpha Upsilon THOMAS R. NOCK Art Education Art Club, Omeea Psi Phi Fi AQUARIUS You are a humanitarian, constantly helping your fellow men, You live by the motto, " Do as I say, not as I do. " Being eccenlric and unpredictable, you love to shock people aiid prefer to live and let live. A born " joiner " , you are quite fond of the public and popularity. You are very idealistic, though your acts seem to contradict your intentions. You lay out plans so big that you are unable to carry them out. EVKLYN V. BRACY Thcla Sorority, StiiHenl Adv dIoev Chib, Thespian club LKLAND C. JEFFERSON Sociology Men ' s senate. Alpha Phi On SliiHcnt Governmenl Assoeial CARL L. FIELDS Business EHuratioM Phi Beta Lambda Bii Club ARTHUR JElNKIiNS Music Education Kappa Alpha Psi, Marching Band, Stage Band Al FORSYTH E ■ siness Education WALTER MATTHEWS Social Science |)ha Kappa Mu Naliona Honor So iety. Phi ta Lambda. Phi Kanna Phi. Mono r Society -£f ARINETTA MH.BOURiNE Elementary Education Elemc itary Education Club, Women ' s Coun- lent Association KETRINIA RKID Business Education Phi Beta Lambda, Women Gov ' t Association, Miss Fi Phi Omega, 1972-73 ' " " V CAKOUMi B. ALEXANDER English Wesley Foundalion, Miss Wesley Foiin Halion, YWCA, Alpha Kappa Alpha Women ' s Counoil, English Chih, Alphi PISCES You are excessively emotional and proceed in two directions. You are drawn to dancing, drinking, and drugs, but also suffer from the after effects of these ex- cesses. You are so intuitive, you seem to absorb things through your skin. You are ever curious and so often called a " walking encyclopedia. " Hard to understand, you may tell everything you know or shut up like a clam. SISAN BERTIN English EUGENE Q. BORDEN Industrial Arts Veterans Club RAY DAVIS Industrial Arts Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Socie- ty, Phi Kappa Phi National Honor ho ' s who among students in nerican Universities and Colleges SHIRLEY PERRY Art Education Art Club RONALD D. HANDY Sociologv EUGENE TAYLOR HI Alpha Phi Omega, Student Government DORIS V. WARD Math Major Kappa ' s Kitten, Miss Junior, Treasurer of Women ' s Council, Secretary of Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, Phi Kappa Phi, Who ' s who among students in American Universities and Colleges SENIOR DIRECTORY Abdulahi, Abdiisamad K. Box 2144 Addis Ababa. Ethiopia Bracy. E elyn V. 714 Olivia Street Salisburv. MD. ( aiidill, James K. 1114 Woodlawn Road Salisbiir . MD. Alexander. Caroline B. 339 Friendship Rd. Elkton. MD. Bradford. Phyllis L. F Box 44 Lexington Park. MD. Cawthornc. Carl C. 29 Lincoln Heights Annapolis. MD. Allen, Jackie M. 407 Tingle Street Snow Hill. MD. Brock, alter W. Chester, Maryland Chambers. iNaomi R. 712 Reservoir Street Baltimore, MD. Bailev, Joan R D 1 INewark, MD. Brockett. Jo Ann W. P () Box 324 Princess Anne. MD. (Chatham, Charles G. 200 Chestnnt ay Salisburv. MD. Bailey. Russell C. Box 301 Bowling Hill Princess Anne. MD. Brodie. Barbara J. 137 17th Avenue Newark, NJ. Church. Deborah A. RED 2 Box 39 Eden. MD. Barber, Debra E. 7911 Glenarden Pkwy. Glenarden. MD. Brown, Howard E. RT 5 Box 257 Salisbury, MD. Clark, Maxine P O Box Gretna, irginia Bertin, Susan T. 39BBB Lavale Terrace Salisburv, MD. Brown. Robert 420 Morris Street Laurinburg, N.C. Cornish. Darlene A. Box 22 Eden, MD. Best Jr., Alfred G. 55B Rehoboth Avenue Rehoboth Beach, Del. Bryant, Carl 721 Melvin Avenue Annapolis, MD. Custis, Annie L. RT 1 Box 101 Stockton, MD. Boaz Jr., James E. 5310 Central Avenue Chattanooga, Tenn. Burrell, Dean J. P O Box 90 Chance, MD. Daugherly, Rodger C. 113 Linden Avenue Princess Anne, MD. Boddy Jr., William E. C 0 Somerset Grill Princess Anne, MD. Carnegie, Donald 1718 Thomas Avenue Baltimore, MD. Dav is, Janis P O Box Fruitland, MD. Borden, Eugene Q. P O Box 166 Marion, MD. Carter, Joyce Princess Anne, Maryland Davis, Malvene L. RT 2 Box 27 Princess Anne, MD. SENIOR DIRECTORY Davis, Ray J. 105-A Richland Dr. Charleston, SC. Farrare, Reginald T. RFD 1 Box 283-A Vienna, MD. Harmon, Gerald M. RT 1 Box 39 Eden, MD. Deshields, Dottie M. RT 3 Box 364 Princess Anne, MD. Fields, Carl L. 17 Kiowa Avenue Salisburv, MD. Harris, Kathleen L. R F D 1 Box 130 Ridgely, MD. Dockins, Sharon O. RT 1 Box 2H E New Market. MD. Forsythe, Joan H. P OBox 55 Wallops Island, VA. Hawkins. Ernestine 1047— 26th Street Newport News, VA. Dolby, Jack H. Pocomoke, Maryland Garrett, Dwight W. Univ. of MD. E. S. Princess Anne, MD. Hay, Andrew E. 5505 Center Avenue Lanham, MD. Dorsey HI. Webster L. Rt 5 Box 60 Easton, MD. Giddens, Lillie A. 535 Beckford Avenue Princess Anne, MD. Hayes, Leroy 1250 Washington Avenue Asbury Park, N.J. Dubsky, William S. 113 Walnut Street Salisburv, MD. Grant, Evelyn M. P O Box 84 Princess Anne, MD. Gail Hemphill L. 1503 Kenhill Ave. Baltimore, MD. Dunt, Rex H. Box 80 Pittsville, MD. Dupree, Ernest M. P O Box 387 Cambridge, MD. Gregory, Larry 1645 Thomas Avenue Baltimore, MD. Hall, Kim E. RT 2 Box 69 Princess Anne, MD. Henderson, Lvnn M. P O Box 638 Fruitland, MD. Herman, Eric V. Box 33-A Rt. 1 Mardela. MD. Edwards, Deborah A. 2410 Arunah Avenue Baltimore, MD. Hall, Kirkland J. RT 2 Box 68C Princess Anne. MD. Holland, Mary Ann Box 23 Jones Road Dunkirk, MD. Ellis, Robert A. RT 2 Box 351 Salisbury, Md. Hall, Margaret T. RT 2 Box 69 Princess Anne, MD. Hughey, Brenda C. 907-H Booth St. Salisbury, MD. Evans, Sylvia A. University of MD., E.S. Princess Anne, MD. Handy, Ronald D. RT 1 Box 94 Princess Anne, MD. Hyncs, Michael J. 607 Camden Ave. Salisburv, MD. SENIOR DIRECTORY Jackson, George A. 402 W. Garfield Ave. Wildwood, N.J. King, Frederick, D. RFD 2 Box 65D Eden, MD. McClain. Cleaster S. 916 McKean Ave. Baltimore, MD. Jacobs, Joseph H. RFD 2 Box 142 Centrevilie, MD. Lackie, James C. 539 Lincoln Ave. Salisburv. MD. McCrorey, William R. Harrington St. Extd. Salisbury, MD. Jefferson, Leiand C. 2911 Elgin Ave. Baltimore, MD. Laird. Cherrill B. Mariners Rd. Crisfield, MD. McElroy, Lucy W. 4050 Dogwood Lane Chattanooga, Tenn. Jenkins, Jr. Arthur B. 209 N. Monastery Ave. Baltimore, MD. Lamkin, Martin. J. 9-E Queentree CT Baltimore, MD. Mercer, Giles E. Bellvue Ferrv Rd. Roval Oak, MD. Johnson, Arlene F. 31 Carver St. Apt. A-2 Annapolis, MD. Law, Alfred A. Rt. 1, Box 325 Axton, VA. Milhourne, Arnetta Rt. 1, Box, 198-A Marion. MD. Johnson, Vaughn A. P O Box 150 Marion, MD. Leatherbury, Mary E. Univ. of MD— E S Princes.s Anne, MD. Milhourne, Weldon E. P O Box 161 Westover, MD. Jones, Alice M. 700 Morris St. Salisburv, MD. Lewis, Jr. Henry B. 200 . All Saints St. Frederick, MD. Miles, Bererley Rt 2, Box 48 Princess Anne. MD. Jones, Hattie M. Rt. 1, Box 199-B Marion, MD. Markham, Sylvia A. 3108 Amador Dr. Landover, MD. Moore, Edward O. Kelly Rd. Powellville, MD. Jones, Joyce Jersey City, New Jersey Marshall, Karen E. Dize Street Ewell, MD. Morris. David L. 708 E. William St. Salisburv, MD. Jordan, Edward L 5904 H St. Fairmnt Hgts, MD. Mason, Virgie A. 2712 Ruscomb Lane Baltimore, MD. Mumford, David J. 258 Golf Course Rd. Ocean Citv, MD. Kennedy, Horace J. Box 43 RFD 1 Trappe, MD. Matthews, Walter L. P O Box 55 Mappsville, VA. Murphy, William H. Bivalve, MD. SENIOR DIRECTORY Noble, Theodore 3715 Fagan St. Challanooi ' a. Tenn. Potter, Charlotte V. Rt. 1. Box 4A Scott. Richard F. Pine Street Princess Anne, MD. Nock, Thomas R. 1446 N. Corlies St. Philadelphia, PA. Purnell, Angela M. Rt. 3 Box 48 Berlin, MD. Shelton, Alfreida B. 514 Marlen Drive Baltimore, MD. Norfleet. Maurice Turner Station, Baltimore, MD. Purnell, Laura A. Rt. 1, Box 39 Eden, MD. Showell. Allen W. Rt. 1. Box 108 Bishopville, MD. Obasogie. Aimufna O. P O Box 365 Princess Anne, MD. Rcid. Ketrina O. 3604 Cedardale Rd. Baltimore, MD. Slemons, Jr. Fulton V. 105 Delaware Ave. Salisbury, MD. Osman, Barlanti S. 3055 16 Str. NW 205 Washington, D.C. Roberts, William R. Rt. 1, Box 172 Worton, MD. Smith, Carol A. 3404 Arellen CT Baltimore, MD. Parker, Doughas M. 1114 N. Luzerne A e. Baltimore, MD. Roberts, Sandra Salisbury, Maryland Smith, June K. 2500 Darel Drive 201 Suitland, MD. Parker. Gwendolyn B. 102 Madison St. Frederick. MD. Rolley. Dewight D. Box 199-C, Rt. 1 Marion, MD. Smith. Jr. Charles C. Box 64, Rt. 5 Annapolis, MD. Penn, Larry D. Rt. 3, Box 91 Martinsville, VA. Roman, Richard G. Pitts Ave. Pittsville. MD. Sterrett, Linda L. North Pk, Gardens Apt. K-3 Salisbury. MD. Phillips, Ronald V. RFD I Box 122 Worton, MD. Russell, Lonnie 1114 Braddish Ave. Baltimore, MD. Sutton, Herman G. Rt. 1, Box 85 Crisfield, Md. Pinder, Lawrence E. Rt. 1, Box 112 Vienna. MD. Sampson, (iloria A. 1002 Jimson Rd. Cambridge, MD. Swift. Margaret R. 412 Myrtle St. Crisfield, MD. Pitts, Jr., David L. Rt. 3, Box 202 Berlin, MD. Sclbv, Doreen Salisbury, MD. Tavlor. Cheryle J. P O Box 94 Manokin. MD. SENIOR DIRECTORY Taylor. Cornel G. Box 82 Rt. 1 Chestertovvn, MD. Vereen, Maggie V. Rt. 14 Box 73A Pasadena. MD. Vi hilllngton. Donald L. Rt. 1. Box 199-1 A Marion. MD. Taylor, Delores M. Box 272 Owing. ' i, MD. Vereen, Mary E. Rt. 14, Box 73 A Pasadena. MD. Whye, Wayne D. 1010 West 9th St. ilmington, Del. Taylor, Wanda J. 626 Girard St. Havre De Grace, MD. Wainvvright. (Mayton F. Rt. 1 Salisbnrv, MD. Wiles. Thomas H. Rt. 1 Princess Anne. MD. Taylor, III Harry W. 5313 Halter Lane Norfolk, VA. Wainwright. Lerov 298 Snperior St. Havre De Grace, MD. ilson. Wayne W. RFD 5 Co ington. A . Thomas, Naomi D. Rt. 1. Box 189 Trappe, MD. Walker, Aaron J. 264 New Freedom Rd. Berlin, N. J. Windsor. Earle B. 211 N. Philadelphia Ave. Ocean Citv. MD. Thomas, Patricia A. 406 Myrtle St. Crisfield, MD. Ward, Valerie D. Box 198 Fowlers Rd. Owings. MD. Wright, George 5,309 Moravia Rd. Baltimore. MD. Turner. Glenn R. P O Box 68 Cheltenham, MD. Waters. Geraldine E. Jersey Rd. Rt. 2 Salishiirv. Md. Wolfre , Connie Tyler, Linda J. 9512 Longlook Lane Columbia, MD. White, Clyde T. 913 West Road Salishurv. MD. AT HOMECOMING HOMECOMING HAWKS m Reality is a finer itlililv nhose end ice do not see. H. Tliitreau Mis. ttM,in Kamoni Ion hs(ort- likc W hil. Miss Phi Beta Lambda-Jani.e Da Escort — Alphonso Hawl in Miss Senior— Angela Purnell Escort-Leland Jefferson Miss Kappa Alpha Psi — Sheila Carter Escort— Carthonio. Carl Miss Home Economics — Dehra Barh Escort — Sherman Lamhert li Mpll.l I |isil„ Ksc.rt-Billv ISIanH li - U„i._i I ' -i I ' ll, k t,s( irl- .iMii W hsuc Beauty is only skin deep, hut its a valuable asset if you ' re poor and haven t any sense. Kin Hubbard Mi s l[)ha Kappa Alpha— Linda T le KMort— Aaron Walker Miss Yearbook— Kijsa Ho(l(;e Ml " • U■ Foundation- Deborah S ilson Escort— Edward Fontaine Miss Zeta Phi Beta— (;her l Tav lor Beauty is in the ere of till ' bclioldor. Behold! Ml s Sophomort — LMielte Da Miss Alpha Ph. lpha-( lara oung Escort— Norns ( oniulK Ii- I ' liNsiial LchKation-Ja.kR Larl Escorl— Bill Gordon Miss Alpha Phi Ometa— Fraruine Jo Escorl— Da% id Pills Miss Freshman— Sheila Winborne Escort — James Johnson Miss f U(ln-I»ani Hxa, Es(orl— Dar l aufjhn Miss Sophomore Miss Zeta Phi Beta Miss Ph sical Education Miss Alpha Kappa Alpha :J : 4 ' ! ■ krm gf - . l ' » " = Miss English Miss defter Miss Alpha Phi Alpha Miss I MES and Miss A T Miss Tau Alpha Upsil Miss Omciia Psi Phi -4 " ' " OiH Vi ld - « - ' JAMES D. INDINDOLI CIRCULATION LIBRARIAN 1934-1972 IN MEMORIAM J u N I O R Left to right: Carol Jackson, Vice President; Brenda Waters. Secretary; Frances ' edge. Miss Junior; EKira Barnes, Treasurer. c L A S s Campbell Theartris Childr George Colben MeMn Cusack -I 1 " -r-tiJ.. John For ▼ f 1 - y " 1 ■■S S; i Deborah Foster James Gaine Mphonso Hawkins Sandra Jefferso Diane Johns 4-jui,, Marvin June Tom Jones U alter I. Jones M ) { V ■;h,-rm,,ii l.amlKTt Jeffery Marli li-H »2 ■ 1 Gary McCready Vincent Purnell Cedric Roane Wendell Robi Kenneth Shell LfiuirHo Stonl James Thoma Leon Tilghnian THIS SECTION OF THE BOOK IS DEDICATED TO LOIS M. SMITH INSTRUCTOR DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION LOIS M. SMITH AT HOME WITH DAUGHTER. SYLBIL " no 73 " SOPHOMORE CLASS ;.. i ' PUSHING WITH LIFE Mr. Dave Aisoeika 1 ' V : Kirk Battle Bre Hia Bivens Vonda BriHHell oHnov Bryan Charl •s Bryant 11 Bobbie Butler r- i ; ■ ;i:;v .v Vt;. i i , GwcnHohn Hicks Rosa HoHge I.alira M. Holloman iLLHEVBl? BnecTeDfoB uen- ,MflLG£B lA DOiNM... J rBPiCH£R! I The object of pdiication is not to learn things hut to unlearn things. G. K. Clustcrton Darlene Russell Abandon learning and you iiill be jree from trouble and distress. Lab-Tee ' Really, now you ask me. ' said Alice, very much confused, " don ' t think. " ' Then you shouldn ' t talk. " said the halter. — Lewis Carroll SeKcn Walt. Jr Bremla Wheatle Shirlev White Deborah Wilson i.m i )ur names are labels, plainly printed on the bottled essence f our past behavior. — Loyan Pecrsall ■od created things bv — naming them: the artist recreates em by taking their name off or giving them a neic one. — Children of the L niverse ()lluiiu: is done EicrMliing in tlir norld remains to be done or done oier ' Lincoln Steffen ' i REMEMBER: We are not the Black minority; But the chosen Few. THE 1973 NAOMI CHAMBERS-Associale Edito ERNESTINE HAWKINS-Editor-in-Chief m Garcia EHgerloii - Freshman Class Editor. Rose Hodge - Sophomore Class Editor, Lvnelle Davis — T pist. - - - - - — IS Editor. Standing: Mary Ann Brown — Freshman Class Co-Editor, Debbie Church — Senior Class Co-Editor, Hattie Jones — Senior Class Editor and Velma Layton — Layout Editor. Photo shy: Debbie Barber — Assistant Editor, Mayhew Franklin — Business Manager, Kctrina Reid — Typist, Debbie Foster — Typist, anil Darrell Vaughan — Sports Editor, Willianj Campbell — Assl. Sports Editor. THE v J_j . 3 3 OF 76 DOING IT! A:=l " " ..,. FRESHMAN ROSTER Hcm. AbHulkadir Adkins. Dean Ajayi. Ade emi Armstrong. Hilda Batesen. Fernandis Blake. Shellv Bolawole. Johnson Avo Best. Linda Bourke. Robert Bo kin5. Joseph Brooks. Baren Brown. Claude Brown. Marv Ann Brown. Rohin Br ant. Darrel Bnrks. Darlene Bnller. John Campbell. William Cannon. Granville Canlrell. Robert Carr. Micbeal Carter. LaRue Coston. Earl Craighead, Eleanor Crumble. Wanda Douglas, Carolyn Draper, Francis Dnimmon, Eurdine Edgerton. (Jarcia Edison, Bowcns Emerson, Marylyn Fairweather, Reginald Flowers, James Fooks. Teresa Gabbin, Charles Gaines, West Gainey, Richard Gates, Doris Gidden. John Graham. Arnold Graham. Charles Gray. Geraldine Greenleaf. C nthia Hairslon. Kenneth Harcum. Larry Harmon. Ph llis Ha ward. Starmaine Henderson. anessa Hightower, Roy Hillard. Jacqueline Jegede. Bamiji Johnson. B ron Jolly. Fredrick Jones. Richard Joynes. James Kincaid. Loretta Lawrence. Sharon Lawson. Reginald Martin. Barbara Mason. Terrence McClees, Nanette McNealy, Jeff McNealy, Joanne Miles. Keith Morris. Geraldine Morris, Steve Moses. Virginia Myers. Gary Nichols. Regina Powell. Deborah Powell. Robert Purnell. Gregory Purnell. Toni Reed. Retha Robinson. Kyle Roberson. Sonva Russell. John ' Ryan, Dana Sample, Clyde Short. Carolyn Simms. Barbara Smith. Ola Smith. Vicki Stevens, Jeanette Suggs, Lorraine Taylor. Donald Thomas. Pam Thomas. Veda Thompson. Anthony Tinch. Janice Tonde. Onayemi Travers. Celestine Twilly, Ander Valentine. Awosika Vaughn. Janice % ells, Gregory Wheatley, Frederick White, Gertrude White. James White. Kay Vaughan. Darrell W bite. Francine White. Patricia White. Shelly Williams. Mark Winvorne. Shelia Wilson. Lee S imbush. Thomas Wood. .Mark Woytiwilz, Peter Rogers, Valerie Jones. W. FRESHMAN POEM , The song is bepinniiif; It ' s all ahead of us Time has come for togetherness What tan I say? Now that learning has started e ail know we will he competing For the next step is succeeding. CLUBS SIIT — (Stiidenls Interested In Talent) e. the people, must be interested in our history, in our children, in our neighborhood, therefore in ourselves. We, the members of SIIT, three brothers and one sister, are interested in all mediums of talent within the " Black Realm of Life Today. " Members are Bobby Cantelle. Debbie Powell. Benny Prather and " Punch. " ORGANIZATIONS TAU ALPHA UPSILON FRATERNITY — Colors are Green and Gold. The sweetheart is Helen Sul- MEN ' S SENATE VRTCUB PHI KAPPA PHI The Honor Society of PHI KAPPA PHI is dedicated to the UNITY and Democracy of Education and selects its membership from all fields of University study. Founded in 1897 at the University of Maine and, now, as a National organization it has over 120 chapters. The societv has for its sole purpose the recognition and encouragement of superior scholarship. Members are chosen from the upper ten percent of the graduating class (accumulation grade point average of 3.5 or over). " MOTTO " . " LET THE LOVE OF LEARNING RULE MANKIND " . Members of Phi Kappa Phi on this campus are (left to right): Ernestine Hawkins, Weldon Milbourne, Mary Leatherbury. Missing: Valerie Ward, Delores Taylor, Abdusamad Kabir, James Lackie and Ray Davis. Right aisle: Doltie Deshields, Hele Simon, Naomi Chambers, Elvir Barnes, Left aisle: Mary An Holland, Lynetle Davis, President - Vanessa Saunders, Erneslin Hawkins and Caroline Alexander. A K A IVY Clara Young Halls of ALPHA. Dynamic sorors of Alpha are. First row: Naomi Chambers, Evelyn Jones, Debbie Church, Linda Tyler, Maxine Clark and Lillie Giddens. Second row: Deborah Foster, Joyce Carter, Bessie Taylor, Caroline Alexander. Missing are: Mary Leaterbury, Diane Johnson, Brenda Hughey, JoAnn Brockett, Carol Smith, Jenifer Dashiell, Connie Wolfrey and Geraidine Waters. Sweethearts are: Alfonso Hawkins, Aaron Walker and Norris Connelly. Faculty advisor — Soror Mary F. Burks. " AND WE WILL NOT FORGET THOUGH WE BE FAR, FAR, AWAY! " ALPHA OMICRON CHAPTER PHI ALPH A A ALPHA {i i ' Superfly Brothers of Delta Nu! Rodney Byran, Leanord Stout, Sweetheart— Clara Young, Waiter Brock, Anthony Jones, Sherman Lambert, Norris Connelly, Ernie Neal, James Thomas and Allen Showell. Missing are: Carl Byrant, Charles Smith, Hilton Harrod. Faculty advisor — Brother Dorsey. ■ ' POSITIVE PITCH CAN SELL ANYTHING TO A NEGATIVE MIND " MOTTO: FIRST OF ALL, SERVANTS OF ALL, WE SHALL TRANSCEND ALL. BROTHERS OF ALPHA PH OMEGA ■ ,i3» ' • jjiS ' - " = ' i ' t ' ' ,- Terry Farrington, Francine Jones and Elvira Ba Hughey, Kathleen Harris, Sharon Dockins. I ■llflnK I " A person is never lonesome, if he has learned t with himself. " ,i KAPPA LAND y-4m re Ronald Phillips, Ja endell Robins, Albert yaafefc " JP r rl K A. PSI-PHl NU PI OMEGA PSI PHI Members are, left to right: Russell Bailey, Larry Penn, Marland Perkins, Gary Waters, Lonnie Russell, Alfonso Cornish, Queen — Karolvn Anderson, Patrick Watkins, Paul Trotter, Theodore Noble, Wayne Wye, Gregory Anderson. Missing are Beverly Miles and Thomas Knox. Pi Epsilon chapter of OMEGA PSI PHI Fraternity Inc. was organized on the campus of UMES in 1948. Since that time it has striven to up- hold ' the cardinal principles of the fraternity: Manhood, Scholarship, Perserverance, and Uplift. " I ' VE BEEN WORKING HARD FOR OMEGA! " LAMPADO CLUB— Thomas Samuel, Gary Taylor, Alvin Mance. PHI BETA LAMBDA BfuUnm DavidPitt , fait Ii( iid(l .Hallie Jones, Larr Harris DaM. and ( lu n I Ia lor Missing are Carl Fields, Brenda Waters, iffin I nette DaMs, Darlene Cornish, Alfonso Hawkins, Janite Shirlc Marshall Harold T ler " One man acquires profit from knowledge, another com- pounds interest. " ENGLISH CLU fSSSS p 1|: , ' Hl ■■■ ' :■■■ j;P;: Hi " The unattainable is no farther |||H|l||Hr away than an inch beyond the ■HHH BjHn r reach of your mind. " i l . ' 9 ' ' ' M ' ■■ ' ■v , 1 ) ' .! --M J ' .-Sfe-C Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society was founded at Tennessee A. and I. State College in 1937. The purpose is to promote high scholarship; to encourage sincere and zealous endeavors in all fields of knowledge and service; to cultivate a high order of personal living; and to develop an appreciation for scholarly work and scholarly work in others. The Alpha Lambda Chapter of Alpha Kappa Mu was organized at Maryland State College in 1955. STUDENT GOVERNMENT S G A A S S o c I N 1 9 7 3 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Thanks to your support, we students got a chance to follow our teams. CHEER LEADERS Football Cheerleaders — Back row: Gracia Edger son, Debbie Jenkins, Erdine Barley, Mary Ann Holland, Sheila Winbourne, Doris Stewart, Deborah Foster, Vickie Smith and Ann Jacobs. Front row: Deborah Barber, Darlene Cornish and Gloria Sampson. Basketball Cheerleaders — Back row: Kyle Robinson, Shame Broadwater, Gracia Edgerson. Front row: Deborah Foster, Faye McCready and Sheila Win- bourne. Missing are: Darlene Cornish, Debbie Jenkins, Joyce Jones, and Lynette Davis. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION GLUB t. ' % III! ' f m liii A a-r-. h: 6 C 4- o C LU 3 SliSl ' .i " - ' ' l, ' " v ' -i V ' UMES MARCHING BAND WOODWIND SECTION iRASS SECTION UMES JAZZ BAND A Sphere of involvement. WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES . . . --TAan . J H k i «i t iHft r M mfiifflini MARYLAND 72-73 HAWKS SPORTS BASEBALL BASKETBALL CHEERLEADER CAPTAIN Bottom row — left to right: Charles Minters, X a ne Cropper. Wayne Whyme, Greg Anderson, Charles Reamon, Tommie Majors. Derek Brooks. Second roiv: Stanley Perry. Larry Palmer. Earnest Lee. Theartris Childress, Kirk Battle. John Russell, Alvin Mance, Kenneth Lipkins, Gartha Baylor, Harold Jewette, Selvin Watts, Ralph Edwards, Paul Smith, Alan Scott. Third roK: Melvin Miller, Kenneth Shell, James Flowers, Arnold Brownlee, Sebastcin Collins. James Smallwood, Robert Robinson, Harold Woods, Joseph Boykin, Michael Harry, Tucker, Alex Franklin, Marshall Becoals, John bidden, Horace Howell, Charles Boston. Top row: John Parker, Frank Finks, Wendall Dailey, Harriston, Franklin, Melvin Cusack, Claude Brown, George Neal, Robert Powell, Garv Taylor, Rudv Harper. Wayne Cropper Senior Defensive Back W : ,f.. 4 Charles Reamon Senior Defensive Back Harold Wood Junior Full Back Kenneth Shell Junior Defensive Guard Greg Anderson Senior Tight End Stanley Perry Junior Defensive End r II IK ' -t I ( I Junior Defensive End Theatris Childress Junior Offensive Tackle Marshall Becoat Junior Offensive Guard Charles Boston Junior Quarter Back Mclv in ( usack Junior Defensive Tackle ( liai Its Minters benior Defensive End Alex Franklin Sophomore Offensive Derek Brooks Freshman Wide Receiver Larry Palmer Sophomore Offensive End Paul Smith Freshman Offensive Center Selvin Watts Sophomore Wide Receiver James Flowers Freshman Kicker All sports, especially football, can be frustrating . . . the endless hours of practice . . . the bitter upsets . . . . and the threat of injuries and deep concentration John Bates, Coach; Robert Brown. Paul Wright, Tyrone Johnson, Rubin Collins, Thomas Nelson. Michael Casev, Jeffery Hebron, Joseph Pace. Tahin Skinner, Thomas Samuels. Leslie Stanton, Billv Gordon, Ernie We the Hawk Staff, would like to con- gratulate the basketball team for representing lis at the NAIA Tourna- ment. Joseph Pace Freshman Talvin Skinner Junior Henry Ford Assistant Coach Thomas Samuels Tyrone Johnson Co-Captains Rubin Collins Sophomore Thomas Samuels Senior Billv (ioi ' flon Junior Tyrone Johnson Senior Leslie Stanton Junior Robert Brown Senior Arnold Graham Freshman Jeffrey Hebron Freshman Ernie Neal Junior Paul Wright Sophomore ilh the Maryland Hawks of ' 73 winning became a routine matter. The Hawks nonihalanlK mo ed into the national limelight in " 73. Scenes of a 104-97 victory over Morgan. BASEBALL TEAM IN ACTION! m y K . ' T oi Theswimriiirif; liMrn. a iiru- dI iIu- llauk newest sports begin with a slow slartinf! season l iit will gradualh improve. Paul Smith in his i form. Iflfl V " 7 ,i ; • " a ' -( t 7 s - J ' ' i.k B skg ml 1 - » i S t ytmM w ww PW ADMINISTRATION FACULTY GOVERNOR MARVIN MANDEL Sealed, le l to right: B. Herbert Brown, secretary; Richard W. Case, Vice Chair- man; Dr. Louis L. Kaplan, Chairman; Harry H. Nuttle, Treasurer; George C. Fry; Emerson C. Walden, M.D.; Mrs. Michael J. Deegan, Jr.; Mrs. Alice H. Morgan, assis- tant secretary; Samuel H. Hoover. D.D.S.; L. Mercer Smith; Edward V. Hurley. Hugh A. McMullen. and President of the I niversity and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. S ilson H. Elkins. PRESIDENT OF THE U N I V E R S I T Y O F M A R Y L A N D WILSON H. ELKIN- THE UMES Dr. Archie L. Buffkins c H A N C E L L O R Dr. Archie L. Buffkins Dr. Ar.hie h. Buffkii Dr. Joscpli Wuloh — Aning Vice | Cl.amellor for ,a,1emir Affairs Roheri L. Dowerv — Dean of Student Af- I RoliillarH — Business ;:;. Miss Gail Hemphill — Director of Alumni Affairs THE UMES ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Joel C. Mack — Director of Administrative Affairs, William Buchanan Program Analysis. Yvonne White — Clerk Typist. Mary Stewart — Offi Secretarv. Willie Rohinson - Director of Fi Brenda Rav — Office Secretary. dl iil. ni. I 11. a - Clerk Typist laytlivh ingh — Assistant Director of Adr Ernesl AnHre«s — Ailinf; Director of Plaienit-nl Dr. ClauH Marion — Coordinator of I ' .M.E.S. Extension Pr Raleigh Bowen — Director of S alers Dining Hall Robert Estes — Physical Plant Supervisor, Susan Tuil — Secrela The administrative team serves as the vital part of the foundation of UMES in establishing; policies and procedures within the realm ... of professionalism for the mutual interest of I ' MES campus. Doris Atlkins, Evenlyn Odur Ruth Crcisluon Gail Brid.lle - Telephone Operator Brute Campbell - Public Broadcaster Supervisor. John Groutt — Director of lipward Bound. Jessie C. Smith — Director of Library Services Norman Tilghman Jasper Boswell, John W. Criite. Jolin T norse Hillon John-on 1 n.-IU Mcsm. k Leslie Johnson Dr. Leon N. Coursey — Departmenl Head, Physical Educati. Or Jdik H. Malthews - OeparlmeiH Head, Business and Ec Mrs. Mary Morris — Department Head, Mus - Department Head, Home Ee Mr. Remo Ferranle — Department Head, English and Langu H E A D S Mr. Theodore Brigps — Department Head. Mechanical Arts. Dr. Franklin H. Smith — Department Head. Agricullur (aptdin C Simpson Dtpartnunt Aeiospacc Smdi Dr. Shekliar S. Kaup, Chairman. Di ision of Professional Studies; Dr. Gerald «. Johnson, Chairman. Division of Liberal Studies; Dr. Joseph G. Wuloh, .4cting Vice- Chancellor for .Academic Affairs; Dr. Betty Culbertson, Acting Chairman of Ex nerimenlal Studies. The Department of Natural Sciences — Sealerf. left lo right: Dr. William A. Lynk, Dr. Caroline Quinn, Col. Leon F. Punsalan. Stan- ding; Mr. Jackie A. Myster, Dr. Gurbax Sinph. Mr. William Hull. Dr. Phillip Don le. The neparlm.-nl of So.ial Scienrc — Dr. John McCiuigan. Dr. Howard Rcha,k. Dr. Gl(.-n Mrhols. Dr. (Jcorfic Starling, mi.«ing Dr. Ghislain Kalmiu. Deparlmenl of Mathematics — from left to rif;hl: Dr. William P. Hvtche. Mrs. Juliana Dowell. Mr. ernon McCain. Miss Joyce Y. Thom|) .on. Mr. illiam Hull. Computer Science — Dr. M. Nagarajan, Dr. .Vdan Haide Mr. Richard Keenaii. Dr. Joel Roai li. Dr. Belly Culbertson, Mr. James Polk. Dr. ' Nancy Norris, Mrs. Mary Fa» Burks, Mr. Remo Ferranle, Mrs. Dawn Rebaeh, Dr. Erica Leh. ClauHia Von Cannon. Jonah Ellis. M Morris. Thomas Wiles. Jimmy Mosely. Edward Purnell, Rohert Reddick. Louise Everlon, Ernest Salchell. DIVISION OF THE Therisa Foster. Slaff Sergeant Ross, Technical Sergeant Joseph Britton, Capt. A. Sche Ellen Beauchamp, Louis Smith, Clifton Anderson, John Bates, Harold Gray, Henery Ford. Sillie Smith. f ' § ' MM Ji, aji «=a P R O F E S s I o N A L S T U D I E S Shearn Barkley, Dr. Ini- liza Ahmad. Dr. Sack MallhcMs. Mr. S illiam t Barbcc. Mr. UaUirs j .Sankarari. Mrs. BotH Milc.K. Mrs. Ellen Brillcn. William Clellancl. John Donlari. Jarr Sullivan. Ri.harrl Tlioma . THcorlc Barbara Feingersh, Dr. Jermone Fedls tein, Darreli Vaughan, Linda Johnson Thomas Kiah, Mrs. Gerald Johnson. Dr. Jerome Fedlstein. Dr. Lewi Kadushin, Dr. William Pender. Firsi rou. sealpil. left to right: Mrs. Rebecca Palmer. Mr. Frederick C Ra . Mrs. .Sandra H. Harris. Secnml row: Mr. Horace Huntley. Mr. Jackie Mysler. Col. Leon Punsalan. Standing: Dr. Steven Kramer. Miss Jovct Thompson. Miss J. T. Robinson. Mr Morris. Dr. illiam P. Hvtche. The most frequent asked qtiestion by facul- ty and students is " What is the 13-College Ciirriciiliim Program? " The answer to the question, speaking generally, is qtiite sim- ple; however, speaking specifically, it can be somewhat difficult. The 13-College Ctirrictihim Program is a creative ap- proach to the teaching and provoking in- novations in the general education course offerings. " MainU-name Department Library Staff | ' i U.M.E.S. EMcnsion Propr Ruth Oordner, BrenHa Willhank Alrelhia McClees Mae P. Johnson, Joanne Baker Chris Widdowson. Jencstcr Corbin LIFE AT U.M.E.S. ' ?- ' ■ . rt 1 EDITOR ' S PAGE The 1973 SATORI .... will take you through a minute and guided tour, dealing with the dynamic at- mosphere of student life at the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore. As Editor-in-Chief of the SATORI, it has been a sheer delight to serve in this capacity, but it has also been very demanding. I have learned so much, met so many new faces, and have been enlightened immensely in this area. It was through the following persons: Deb- bie Barber, Naomi Chambers, Mayhew Franklin, Dorothy Waters, Thomas Wiles, and the complete SATORI staff, that this yearbook is a relic of my The 1973 SATORI staff has done " its thing " to make this yearbook a reflection of the satoric life at U.M.E.S. Ernestine Hawkins i K-T-O. % ' • ' X- ' li ! " C " ■ _ „ s] I do my thing, and you do your thing. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations. And you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are You and I am I, And if by chance, we find each other, it ' s Beautiful Fredrick S. Perls -■ il j;; s:io o, 3

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