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Text from Pages 1 - 144 of the 1964 volume:

• ¥2 m » I THE HA WK Board of Editors DONALD ' . MITCHELL EDITOR-IN-CHIEF CARROLL MARCUS ASSOCIATE EDITOR CYNTHIA ALTON BUSINESS MANAGER CLYDE THOMAS SPORTS EDITOR ADDISON WALLACE ASSOCIATE SPORTS EDITOR CONSUELLA ARMWOOD STAFF CORRESPONDENT JOYCE BIGGERS STAFF CORRESPONDENT PAUL VILES LAY-OUT EDITOR HARRY REDD LAY-OUT EDITOR RONALD O. FAL VELL ART EDITOR THOMAS EDWARDS ART EDITOR AL TN POPE ART EDITOR BERNARD CARTER STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER SCOTLAND J. B. HARRIS STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER Faculty Advisers J- Leon Gates, Jininiic Mosley, Youra Quails, Thomas H. Wiles 1964 MARYLAND STATE COLLEGE 1964 PRINCESS ANNE, MARYLAND DEDICATIOX To Mr. Clifton J. Anderson To him oiu ' runners owe the splendor and s]3eed of their feet. To him they owe their ability to run the straight race both actually and s}anbolically, for he preaches and practices the lesson to applaud when the race is run, console when a runner falls, cheer him when he recovers — and always to press on to higher achievement. In bringing to Maryland State College the enturc of shaping champions, he has demonstrated that those who enturc greatly shall win greatly: In 1961, in 1962. and again in 1963 " Cappy ' s " men out-jumped and out-ran all other teams in the CIAA. In saluting our ictorious coach, let us be dedicated to his ideals of modesty, gentilit)-, hard work, and superlative performance. w Mr. Clifton J. Anderson, Track Coach and Professor of Physical Education. c A P P r p A G E The Andersons: FIRST ROW: Donald. Patty, Penny; SECOND ROW: Joey, Clifton, Jr., Linda; THIRD ROW: Kyle, Mr. Anderson, Mrs. Anderson. Coach and Mrs. Anderson in a relaxed moment. Kyle and Donny investigate their new buses; Penny dresses her doll. Joey, Pat, Linda, and " Duke " getting out their homework. " Cappy " giving the boys some points on getting out of the hole. P -x-il w iIm w ma jpr-Q i f M, - :?IV DR. JOHN TAYLOR WILLIAMS, PRESIDENT OF MARYLAND STATE COLLEGE The assemblage of a distinguished faculty, the planning of an unusual librar)-, the provision of well-equipped classrooms and laboratories — outward and visible signs of a foremost college — are prominent contributions of President Williams to the community we are priviliged to inhabit. As its first citizen, he contributes some- thing of greater importance than buildings and classrooms to that community: He gives it a life style that helps each student to realize enlightenment today so that to- morrow he may add to the world the strengths he has gained in college. THE GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF MARYLAND THE HONORABLE J. MILLARD TAWES In saluting our distinguished neighbor from Crisfield, the Governor of Maryland, we note with special emphasis and gratitude his public commitment to aid achieve- ments of the college and university in contributing to the health and economy of the state and the building of communities of scholars. The Board of Regents for Higher Education (1 Mr. Charles P. McCormick Chairman Mr. Edward F. Holter Vice-Cliairman Dr. Wilson H. Elkins Executive Officer Mr. Harry H. Xuttle Treasurer Dr. B. Herbert Broun Secretary Dr. Louis I. Kaplan Aiiiitant Secretary Juduc William Walsh Mr. Richard W. Case Dr. Thomas B. Symons Mrs. Sara . . W ' hitehurst Foreword " What thou lovest well remains " said a poet, perhaps speaking assurance to all who love but must leave the spacious campus and towering walls, where four years have been too little room for beholding the yellow forsythia embracing the library wall in spring, the blazing rainbow of color dropping from serene trees in the fall, and the white radiance of unshattered snow sloping gently across the Trigg Hall yard in winter. When you who make the accompanying tour of Maryland State College with this year ' s Hawk staff shall, in years to come, summon up remembrance of things past, you will find within these pages reassurance that what you loved well remains. Table of Contents DEDICATION 2 ADMINISTRATION 5 FACULTY THE SENIOR CLASS THE JUNIOR CLASS THE SOPHOMORE CLASS THE FRESHMAN CLASS ORGANIZATIONS SPORTS FEATURES FACULTY _ AND m STAFF - Dr. E. Worthington Waters, Director of Guidance and Teacher Train- ing; Education (Seated at Extreme Right). Mrs. Ina Q. Steele, Administrative Assistant to the President !»:; Mr. F. H. Harris, Dean of Men. Mrs. M. Barbee Boone, Dean of Women. Miss Irma L. Folic, Assistant Dean of Women. Limi. Mr. William J. Wilson, Business Manager Mrs. Olie A. Carpenter, Librarian. Mr. Vernon E. McCain, Director of Athletics, Head Football Coach. Mrs. Violet J. Wood, Director of Admissions. Mr. Charles C. Jacobs. Director of Public Relations; French. Reverend W. Tycer Nelson, College Chaplain; Sociology. r Mr. Raleigh W. Bowen, Director of Food Serince. Dr. Neville A. Baron, College Physician. Mr. R. H. Beasley, Supervisor of Maintenance. James B. Abram, Jr., B.S., Langston; M.S., Oklahoma State; Biology. Darlene Abram, B.A., Prairie ' iew: Assistant. Office of Admissions. Raymond P. Algatt, S.B., M.I.T. ; Mechanic Arts. Clifton J. Anderson, A.B., A.M., Indiana; Physical Education. Enez Y. Bowins, B.A., Maryland State; Assistant, Office of Admissions. MS, m Theodore Briggs, B.S., Hampton; M.S., Michigan; Me- chanic Arts. Howard L. Brockington, A.B., M.A., Michigan State; Ph.D., Iowa; Head, Music. Mary Fair Burks, A.B., Alabama State; M.A., Michigan; English. 14 Carrie Chishoni, Secretary to the De Ethel R. Cottman, B.A., Delaware; English. Elizabeth Cordery, Secretary. Public Relations — Physi- cal Education. Lorna DaCnsta, B.M., M.M., Juilliard: Music. Marian Cuyjet. Kathcrine Dunham School of the Dance: Physical Education. Ella Pearl Doane, Dormitory Matron. Vivian Evans, College Nurse. Fred Eikel, A.B., M.A., Texas; English and German. Alethia A. Elps, A.B., M.A., Columbia; Home Econom- Albertha Ferguson, B.A., Benedict; M.A., Atlanta: Busi- ness Education. J. Leon Gates, A.B.. Maryland State: Business Office. Jason C. Grant. Ill, A.B.. Virginia Union; M.L.S., . ' tlanta: Librarian. Phyllis Goldsborough, Telephone Operator 17 Lorraine Holloway, Dormitory Ma- tron. William O. Hull, A.B., Lincoln (Pa.) : M.S., Pennsylvania: Mathematics and Physics. Anne Howard (Standing), Secretary, Agriculture Home Economics. Cecelia E. Humphrey, B.S., Iowa State; M.A., M.S., Michigan; Ph.D., Cincinnati; Head, Home Economics. • udrcy Jones, B.S.. Maryland State: R, rnrch Aisiitanl. William P. Hytche, B.S., Langston: M.S., Oklahoma State: Mathematics. T. Waldo Kiah, B.. ., Morgan; M.Ed., Temple; Education. W. Augustus Low. . .B.. Lincoln CMo.) : M.. ., Ph.D.. Iowa: Head, History and Social Sciences. William A. Lynk, A.B., Fisk: M , Michigan Head, Natural Sciences and Matheviatus Gloria A. Mann, Secretary, Business Office. Hazel B. Milbourne, B.A., Maryland State; Secretary, Book Store-Food Services. Claude C. Marion, B.S., Florida; M.S., Minnesota Ph D , Cornell, Agriculture Education. Grace S. Morton, B.S., Hanipfon; M.S., Iowa State Home Economics. Dillingham McDanicI, A.B., M.. ., Fisk; English. Russell Moran, Sergeant, United States .Air Force: Administrative Assistant. Air Science. Charles E. McMillin, B.A., M..- ., Illinois: . W Command and Staff School, Maxwell Air Force Base: Lieutenant-Colonel, U.S. .Mr Force; Head, Air .Science. Jimniie Moslcy, A.B., Texas Southern: M.S., Pcnn State; Art Education. Harry W. Paine. B.S., M.E., Iowa State College; M.S., Wisconsin; Ed.D., Michigan ; Mathematics. Yom-a Quails. . .B., Fisk: [.. ., Ph.D.. Radcliffe: Head. Eiigln and Languages. James C. Pfautz, B.S., United States Military .Xcademy; Air Science 22 Samuel VV. Rocker, A.B.. Morehouse: M.A.. Atlanta: Busine Anita Stewart, B.S., Morgan: M.S., Ohio State; Biology. Gerald Spiker, Farm Manage 23 Mary Stewart, Secretary, Guidance-Arts and Sciences- Mechanic Arts. Vernon W. Stone, A.- Chicaga YMC. : M.A., Chi- cago; Ph.D., California; M.Ed., Harvard: Head, Busi- Charlcs O. Stout. A.B., Kansas; MA Ed.D., Indiana; Head, Mechanic Arts. John V. Strickland, B.A., Rust; M.S., Massa. chusctts; Poultry Husbandry; Economics. James A. Sullivan, Hampton; Mechanic Arts. Nathaniel C. Taylor, B.A., Tennessee A. and I; M.A., Columbia; Physical Education, Assist- ant Dean of Men. Richard Thomas, B.S., Chcyney; M.Ed., Pcnn State; Mechanic Arts. Moses W. Vaughn, B.S., Vcst Virginia Sla ' .r: M.S., Michigan State; Ph.D., Massachusetts; At rkultiirc. m y Chemistry. Dorothy Waters, B.. .. Morgan: English 27 Robert M. White, A.B., Kentucky State; M.A., Indiana; Head, Physical Education. Thomas B. Wilburn, B.A., Ohio State; Business Office. Furman F. WilHams, B.S., South Carolina State; M.Ed., Pennsylvania; Mechanic Arts. i JH jl 81 w £ ' ' ' ji B 1 ' - ' J 1 [ 1 1 Tliomas H. Wiles, New York Institute of Photog- raphy, School of Modern Photograpliy, Daschcr School of Photography, Winona School of Photog- raphy; Photography. AGRICULTURAL EXTEXSION STAFF: Mrs. Ger- trude Capers, Secretary; Mr. Leon Johnson, Agricultural .Agent; Mrs. Omega Jones, Home Demonstration Agent. Dining Hall StafT: Mrs. Hall: Mrs. Robinson; Mr. Bowen. Dining Hall Staff: Bowen, Webster, Bloard, Wilson. Maintenance Harmon, Ballard, Har- |Mp i 1 V iL. i v fek. " ' Mk. .JB Dollie H. Avent P.O. Box 65 Manokin, Maryland Home Economics Education Charles E. Ballard Box 181 Westover, Maryland Industrial Arts Education Sherman Bernett Maple Avenue Bowie, Maryland Business Education Nicholas Bond Huntingtown Maryland Agriculture Education Jcanette Bratten Roue 2, Box 251 Selbyville, Delaware Social Science Gerald Briscoe 3643 Gelston Drive Baltimore, Maryland Biology AVENT, DOLLIE H.: Alpha Kappa Alpha; Home Eco- nomics Club (1959-1961); iMajorettes (1959-1961); Wes- ley Foundation (1963-64). BALLARD, CHARLES E.: YMCA; Men ' s Senate; Industrial Arts Club. BERNETT, SHERMAN: Football, Guard; Intramural Golf; Volleyball; Tennis; Basketball; Softball; THE LEDGER; Phi Beta Lambda (Corresponding Secretary, 1963-64); Drill Team; Chess Club; Rifle Club; Newman Club. BOND, NICHO- LAS: Intramural Sports; NFA; Science Club: YMCA. BRATTEN, JEANETTE: YWCA: History Club; Women ' s Council. BRISCOE, GERALD M.: Omega Psi Phi (Keeper of Record and Seal, 1963-64) ; YMCA.; Science Club; Wes- ley Foundation. 32 Dwiglit R. Brooks 1004 Hammonds Ferry Rd. Glen Burnie, Maryland Mathematics Iris ' irgie Brooks 146 Delaware Avenue Salisbury, Mainland Business Education Claude C. Brown Upper Fainnount Maryland Ennlish Gloria Jean Brown 525 Bowman Dri e Annapolis, Maryland Business Education Lonnie Butler 1349 Marechal Neil St. Memphis, Tennessee Physical Education Bernard J. Carter 803 Washington A enue Baltimore 16, Maryland Industrial Education BROOKS, D VIGHT R.: Phi Beta Sigma (Treasurer, 1962): Science Club; Crescent Club (1962): YMCA (1963!: Student Counselor (1963): Alpha Kappa Mu In- terest Group (1962). BROOKS, IRIS: Business Education Club (Phi Beta Lambda!: . ngel Flight (Commander, 1961-62): Stagecrafters. BROWN, CLAUDE E.: English Club: YMCA: Men ' s Senate. BROWN, GLORIA J.: Al- pha Kappa Alpha (Grammateus. 1962-64: YWCA (Vice President. 1962-64): Women ' s Council fSecretaiy, 1963- 64): Student Counselor (.Secretaiy. 1962-63): Plii Beta Lambda ( ' 1963-64): Stagecrafters (1960-61): Intramurals. BUTLER. LOXNIE: Basketball: Physical Education Ma- jois: ■ IC:. : Li-tteriuen ' s Club: Science Club: Student Council: .Mens Council. CARTER, BERNARD J.: .Scrol- ler Club (President, 1962-63): Kappa Alpha Psi: Indus- trial . rts Club ( " Vice President. 1962-63): Drill Team; Newman Club: YMC.V: Student Council: Men ' s Council; Intramural .Sports. Helen Chester Box 41 Vienna, Man-land Social Science Clarence demons, Jr. Route 1, Box 275 Marion, Maiyland Music Education George E. Coates Owings Maryland Agriculture St. George I.E. Crosse 409 West Sixth Street Laurel, Delaware Biological Sciences Celia W. Douglas 110 West Lee Street Baltimore 30, Maryland Biological Sciences Wilease Alinda Fields Box 307 Meadowridge Rd. Elkridge 27, Maiyland English CHESTER, HELEN: Alpha Kappa Alpha; Student NEA (President, 1961); Stagecraftcrs (Secretary, 1960); Wo- men ' s Council (Treasurer, 1960) ; Student Council; Alpha Kappa Mu Literest Group. CLEMONS, CLARENCE JR.: Crescent Club: Men ' s Coimcil, Football (Guard, Team Captain). COATES, GEORGE E.: Men ' s Senate, Sphinx Club, NFA, Science Club, Lounge Counselor. CROSSE, ST. GEORGE LB.: Omega Psi Phi (Vice Basileus) ; Chess Club (President): Science Club; Senior Class (President): Stagecraftcrs: Alpha Kappa Mu; Who ' s Who; Choir; Wes- ley Foundation. DOUGLAS, CELL- V.: Litramurals: YWCA (President, 1963); Wesley Foundation: Angel Flight (Operations Officer, 1962); Science Club; Women ' s Council; Student Counselors. FIELDS, WILEASE A.: Delta Sigma Theta, Vice President; English Club, Vice President: Women ' s Clouncil, Vice President: Stagecraftcrs; French Club: Pan-Hellenic Council: Student Counselor. 34 Jacqueline Fleming 1030 North Fulton Avenue Baltimore, Mar) ' land Sociology Thomas L. Frasier, Jr. 913 North Bond Street Baltimore, Maryland Industrial Arts Ed. Barbara Gaither Grcensbridge Road Dayton. Maryland Social Sciences Barbara N. Glenn 292 Earleigh Heights Sevema Park 2. Maryland Biology EI )Ti Andrew Godsey 807 I Street Sparrows Point 19, Maryland Mathematics Kenneth H. flriTnc 1308 West Fourth Street C;rccn ille. North Ciarolina Hiitorv FLEMING. J.ACQUELINE: Histon- Club: Chaplain, YWC. ' V; Vomen " s Council; French Club; Stagecrafters; Model, -Art Department. FRASIER, THOM. S L., JR.: Industrial Arts Club; Lampados Club. GAITHER. BAR- B. R. : I - - Leaf Club; Secretar) ' . English Club; Cliann Club; French Club. GLENN. BARBARA N.; Secretary-. Science Club: President, .• rchonian Club: Zeta Phi Beta. GODSEY. ELVVYN A.: Poleiuarch. Kajjpa .Mpha Psi; Statistician, Basketball, Football; ROTC Operations and Training Officer, 1960-63: ROTC Executive Officer, 1963; Arnold Air .Society; Intramurals. GREENE. KENNETH H.; Histor - Club; Men ' s Senate: Scroller Club. 35 Alma Marie Hall Hampden Avenue Princess Anne, Maryland Physical Education Elaine Hayes Route 2, Box 99 Annapolis, Maryland Business Education Dorothy Virginia Holliday Box 237 St. Michael ' s, Maiyland Home Economics James Woodrow Jones 309 Pine Street Baltimore 22, Maryland Physical Education Christine A. Kelly Route 32 Simpsonville, Mapiland Mathematics Doris Kennedy Route 2, Box 72 Centerville, Mar) ' land Home Economics HALL, ALMA M.; Women ' s Council, Day Students Repre- sentative; Vice President, Wesley Foundation, 1961; Presi- dent, Wesley Foundation, 1963; President, Ivy Leaf Club, 1962-63. HAYES, ELAINE: Phi Beta Lambda; LEDGER; Women ' s Council. HOLLIDAY, DOROTHY V. : Women ' s Council; YWCA; Home Economics Club; College Choir. JONES, JAMES W.: Omega Psi Phi, Intramurals; YMCA; Drill Team: Men ' s Council: Men ' s Senate; President, Lampados; Editor to Oracle. KELLY, CHRISTINE A.: Who ' s Who of Students; Angel Flight; Secretary, Student Counselors; Treasurer, Women ' s Council; Alpha Kappa Mu Interest Group; Science Club. KENNEDY, DORIS: Home Economics Club; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; Women ' s Council; Charm Club; Student Counselors; Angel Flight. Abraham Lockett 336 East Twenty-first St. Baltimore, Mar ' land 2128 Sociology Delores Mackall Route 2, Box 164 HuntingtowTi, Maiyland Home Economics Howard B. Lyles Route 1 Poolesville, Maiyland Physical Education Mattie Lyons 205 Clinton Lane Dundalk, Mainland Mathematics Charles Albert Mays 238 Carbon Street Jersey City, New Jersey Mathematics Wonne McClain 2215 Vest Saratoga St. Baltimore. Maiyland Home Economics LOCKETT. ABRAHAM: Sphinx Club: Art Club: Historv ' Club: National Social Workers of America: Men ' s Council. LYLES, HIVVARD B.: Captain and Pitcher. Baseball Team: Crescent Club: Intramurals: Phi Beta Sigma. LYONS. L TTIE: Assistant Secretary ' , Science Club: President. I y Leaf Club: Treasurer. Alpha Kappa Alpha; Chann Club: YWCA. L CKALL. DELORES: YWCA; Vice President, Home Economics Club: Women ' s Council; Chann Club. . L ' YS, CHARLES A.: Crescent Club; Phi Beta Sigma; Captain, Track Team: Vice President, " M " Club. MCCLALN, YVONNE: Alpha Kappa Alpha, Gram- mateus: WHO ' S WHO, 1962: Chaplain, Women ' s Coun- cil: Treasurer, Charm Club: Vice President, Home Econom- ics Club: Student Counselor. Ronald Eugene McCulloiigh 1030 Lincoln Avenue Toledo, Ohio Grnrral Business Wayne Stewart Miles Route 2, Box 48 Princess Anne, Maryland Mathematics, Chemistry Donald V. Mitchell Box 454 Crisfield, Man ' land Sociology Marion Etta Molock R.F.D. 2, Cambridge, Maryland Home Economics Ed. Delores Milenc Oden Route 2, Box 36-B S»n-erna Park,. Maryland Social Sciences Sharon Phillips 3415 Liberty Heights Baltimore, Maryland Enslish McCULLOUGH, ROLAND E.: President, Sphinx Club; Editor, LEDGER; Phi Beta Lambda: Lay-Out Editor, The Hawk; Student Lounge Counselor; Basketball; Newman Club. MILES, WAYNE S.: Omega Psi Phi; Baseball; Sci- ence Club; Pan-Hellenic Council; Secretary, Men ' s Senate; French Club, Treasurer: Alpha Kappa Mu Interest Group; Student Council. MITCHELL, DONALD V.: President, Phi Beta Sigma; Editor-in-Chief, The Hawk; Football, Guard: French Club; History Club; YMCA; Cultural Affairs and Foreign Relations Council. MOLOCK, MARI- ON E.: Home Economics Club; Women ' s Council; Ivy Leaf Club; Intramurals. ODEN, DELORES M.: Secretary, Wesley Foundation; Parliamentarian, History Club; Student Council; Chami Club; English Club; French Club; NEA; Student Council. PHILLIPS, SHARON: English Club; French Club; Newman Club; Women ' s Council. Lewis Powell 211 C Street Chesapeake 3, ' irginia Matlii mntiii Norwood Francis Purnel Tingle Street Snow Hill, Maryland Social Science Diann Rliotk Route 1, Box 130 Princess Anne, Maryland En slisli Russell Rogers 59 South 9th Street Newark; New Jersey Physical Education C:liarles H. ShcuM Route 1 Whaley ille. Mar Matlii tnatics land Mercdilli Siiiitli 203 Fleming Drive Baltimore 22, Maryland PItysical Education POWELL, LEWIS: President. Student Council; President, Alpha Phi Alpha: President, Science Club; Parliamentarian, Senior Class, Men " s Senate: Treasurer, Student Counselors; " M " Club; Track; YMCA. PURNELL, NORWOOD F.: President, Wesley Foundation; Omega Psi Phi, Keeper of Finance: Treasurer, Senior Class; Cadet 2nd Lieutenant, AFROTC. 1961-62: Choir: Band; Student Council, Men ' s Council: Student Counselor; History Club: French Club; English Club. RHOCK, DLANN: President, Women ' s Coun- cil ; President, .Alpha Kappa .Mpha : President, NE. ' : English Club: .Alpha Kappa Mu Interest Group; Student Council. ROGERS, RUSSELL: Track (Captain, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963): " M " Club; Scroller Club: Physical Education Club; NC. A All-American Team, 1961. SHOWELL, CHARLES H.: President, Phi Beta Sigma: Vice-President, Men ' s Senate: Vice-President, Student Council; Squadron Com- mander. ROTC: Commander, Arnold Air Society: YMCA; Pan-Hellenic Council, Treasurer. SMITH, MEREDITH: Kappa .Alpha Psi; Physical Education Club: Intramural Club; Manager, Intramurals; Mens Senate. Robert L. Spence 125 North Wanamaker St. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Social Science Maiy C. Stancil 1721 East Lafayette Ave. Baltimore, Maryland Pli !((i! Education Sedric Louis Suggs 1119 Luper Street Rocky Mount, North Car. Physical Education Sidney E. Sullivan 1028 High Street Shelby ' ille, Kentucky Industrial Arts Ed. Rebecca Sydnor 5 Moores Avenue Cambridge, Maryland Home Economics Nana Mae Thomas 100 South Grant Street UniontowTi, Pennsylvania En dish SPENCE, ROBERT L.: Vice-President, Freshman Class: (Full-back, Varsity); YMCA; Track; Lettermen ' s Club; Varsity Football, Right Guard (four years); Scroller Club; Men ' s Senate; Crescent Club. SULLIVAN, SIDNEY E. : Chess Club: Stagecrafters: History Club. STANCIL,. President, Industrial Arts Club; Keeper of Peace, Omega M.A.RY C: Dean of Pledges, Alpha Kappa Alpha; Busi- Psi Phi. SYDNOR, REBECC.V: Home Economics Club; ness Manager. Junior Class; YWCA; Physical Education Women ' s Council; YWCA. THOMAS, NANA MAE: Eng Club: Cheering Squad. SUGGS, SEDRIC L.: Football lish Club; Women ' s Council; Cheering Squad. Nathaniel V. Tolson 8015 Rhode Island Avenue College Park, Maryland Biology Clarence Albert Turner Route 3, Box 247-R Brandywine, Maryland Agriculture Education Harry A. Vodciy, III 808 South Pine Street Cambridge, Maiyland Social Scimcc Evelyn Ann Wade Route 1, Box 160 Waldorf, Maiyland Social Scicnc s diaries M. WalLti 906 South Spa Road Annapolis, Mar -land Social Science Nelson E. Wilkinson 316 S. Franklinton Rd. Baltimore, Maiyland Industrial Arts Ed. TOLSON, NATHANIEL W.: President. Rifle Club: Sec- retary, Men ' s Council; Student Council; Science Club. TURNER, CLARENCE A.; President, YMCA; President, Alpha Phi Alpha; President, NFA; Student Council: Men ' s Senate; President, Junior Class. VODERY, HARRY A.; Vice-President, Choir: Vice-President, French Club; His- toid Club: Men ' s Senate: YMCA. WADE. EVELYN A.: Secrctaiy. Newman Club: Secretar) ' , Angel Flight; History Club; NEA; Charm Club; French Club. WALKER, CHARLES M.: Histoiy Club; YMCA; French Club; YMCA. WILKINSON. NEL.SON E.: Student Council, Day Representative: i an-Hellcnic: Industrial -Arts Club; Basileus, Omega Psi Phi. George A. Wilson Route 4, Box 682 Edgewater, Maryland Physical Education Curtis Wise Box 122-C, Guilford Road Jessup, Maryland Business Education Bernard Johnson 6 West 121st Street New York City Biology WILSON, GEORGE A.: Varsity Football; Intramural Football, Basketball, Softball, Volleyball; Golf; Scrollers Club; Physical Education Majors Club; Wesley Foundation; Vice President, Senior Class; Captain, Intramural Football Champions; Manager, Intramural Softball Champions. WISE, CURTIS: Yearbook Staff; Stagecrafters ; LEDGER Staff; Chess Club; College Band. JOHNSON, BERNARD: YMCA; Men ' s Senate; Science Club. JUNIORS fM Mi . rtr ' ■ i l Zelma Adams Cynthia Alton Willie Baker Robert Banks Robert Batson Thelma Bell Gloria Boone Elmer Brooks M ' Thomas Bryant 44 Sharon Cann ■■K . - • " H--, hi H P PV B ' . ■ Sl ' g IITfH in tf 1 ■ B Theresa Cheeks Doloz ' es Chi]3pey Earl Christy Harn- Church Eiiiil Cromwell ' ■ % HI %. • K 1 ' J fl VViiiiain Darling J. Diane Da is Edward Davis Richard Davis Jacqueline Dennis Rovce Dill i i =K Carolyn Doswell Clyde Evans Ernest E ans i V ' b i R H ' K kI U7 : 1 ' :J|jy jl Sandra Hamilton Owen Harrod Thomas Hay Timothy Hay ; Ra)TTiond Jackson Ronald Jarrett Ambrose Jearld Frances Johns Betty Jones James C. Jones Frances Kelly Morgan Kelly Clarence Keiii] obcrl Newton Leon Nunnelly Elixabc-th Nutter Clarence Polk Celestine Pope William Powell dl d Elaine Randall William Rhodes Earl Richardson 50 Kenneth Simpler Earlean Sturgis Dclorcs Sydnor Earl Taylor Clyde Thomas James Thomas Percy Thomas Grealy Thurmon Alvin Tinch Bona Waddy Leroy Wainvvright Clifton Walker Woodv Ward Thelnia Jones MeKin VVatkins James Wecms Betty Williams Edward Williams Joseph Williams Horace Wilson Helen Woods Barbara Greene 53 The good fellows are together, but is the weather fair? We mourned for the Hawks, and the heavens helped us. Southerland, Brooks, Kelly: Relaxing after a busy day. SOPHOMORES Sandra Abney Consuella Annwood Monterey Banks Lillian Bivans William Blackvvell Ed vard Bland Mary J. Brooks Lloyd Butler Stanley B rd Robert Bvthewood Shirley Camper Geneva Cannon Phvllis Catlctt Geraldine Chase Robert Cheers Charles Coleman Evelyn Collins Sara Cook Rosalie Cornish Livingston Cowling Marshall Cropper Margaret Da age Laura Da is James Dickens Sadie Dixon Leslie Donaldson Thomas Do]3son L Robert Edwards Louis Elliott Dorothv Fanner ;■?»»;. « " ■! ta, i-me 59 George Fenwick Richard Fisher Wayne Fisher Richard Forchion Carolyn Foy Marion Gee Douglas Goodwin Brenda Gordon Annette Green Dennis Gross Lewis Hayward Ella Hill ' Russell Hogan Barbara Holland Lawrence Holliday Ronald Howard Russell Irvine 01i er Jackson Brenda Johnson Bumell Johnson James Johnson Leroy Johnson Phyllis Johnson 62 Eric Judy Alphonso Ingram Delores Kilarore Kenneth LaPrince Doris Leigh James Liggins Joan Lindsay Leroy Mack Da id Marbrav 63 Paul Marshall Clifton Martin Chester McLin £f B)-ron McNeil Lawrence Miles William Mitchell William Moaney Frederick Moore Dorothy Morton 64 Mabel Morton A ImA Annette Moten Bernard Muckle Joyce Nichols Norman Nichols Hector Pagan Dou ' las Parker Rosalind Parker Carolyn Pcele 65 William Perry Floyd Pinder James Privott William Purnell Willie Purnell Harr) ' Redd Curtis Shclton Edwin Skinner Edward Smith Maiy Southerland Ernestine Stanley Kenneth Stovall Euretia Thaxton Myra Thomas Alicia Thompson Jerome Thompson Norman Tilffhman James Wallace mmm Anne W ' allinsrton H l HPF ' rrfl ■fl A.. „ H l l Joseph Warrick Marv Wasliintrton Raymond VVashintrton Willie Washington Gladstone W ' aters McCarn,- Wheeler Everett Whitney Danny Wright 69 Hasvvcll ' olln T William " ' ouna; David Louden 70 MEM Louise Ballard Charles Barber John Barber Brcnda Barnes Sam Bee Rachacl Bennett Wavey Bennett Joyce Biggers John Birckhead Agatha Blair Bemice Bolden Ella Bowen James Bowling 72 Mildred Rownian Paiiirla I ' owman Ellis A. Boston Roocr Briddcll Samuel M. Briscoe Albert M, Brown Bernard Brown George A, Brown Gerald X. Brown Howard C. Brown James Brown Jeannette Brown Marion T. Brown, Jr. Sandra Lee BrouTi Sandra N. Brown Lariy Brittinghani Richard Cain William Cain Pauline Carrisran George Carroll, Jr. Bernard H. Carter Leroy Cartwright A. Addison Cash Willie Ceasar Laurence Chandler Leonard Clay 74 Joseph Colardo Deborah Coleman Nathan Collins Paressa Connor Albert W. Cooks Chauncey Cordell Marshall Cropper Clarence Cufifee Rose Dailey Barbara Daug-hety Clyde Davenport Leslie DeShields Malinda DeShields ff Earl C. Dhers Langston Duncan James Easton Wilmer Elbert Dorothy Evans Peggy E -ans Samuel Everett Ronald Falwell Marianne Faulkner Harold Fletcher Craig Flippen Leroy Ford Linwood J. Foster, Jr. 76 Eddie Fredrick Leslie Gaines Sandra Gale Gilbert Gibson Ruth Ann Gibson Kenneth Goldsmith Obie Gravelv William A. Gray John Green Oliver D. Greene David K. Greer William Gricr Jonathan Hall ' iola Hall Judith Hamilton Esther C. Handy Ruth Hannon Dinah Harris Joann Hemphill Lewis M. Hendricks James Henr)- Joseph Henry Naomi Henson Sherman Hollovvay Samuel J. Horsey Arnold E. Huff 78 Clinton R. Huff Geora;e E. Hull Regina Humaine Samuel N. Hutchins Dorothy M. Jackson Lillian E. Jackson Arthur Jenkins Barbara Johns Blanche Johnson Virgie Johnson Clifton Jones Earl Jones Joyce Jones tg 9 H W ,s |S »--r ■ _ . ' ' Y cttc Jones OWk ' Kales Carl J. Kelly Ray Kennedy Sandra Kino- James H. Kinsey Larr ' Lee Aloha Lindsey Da id J. Louden Donald Lundy Joan Laddox William E. Maddox ' i ian Malonc Emanuel Mansfield Winston Matthews John McCargo Mary Grace McDade Isaiah McKcnzic He) -ard McSwain Major Middleton John A. Mihok Harr) ' Miller Gary Moore Harley Morris, Jr. Oliver Munson Alvin Neale Arthurine Nixon Marguerite Nock William B. Northam, Jr. Isaiah Oakley Brenda Joyce Parker Ralph Paden William Parham Richard Peters Georsre Pettisfrew James Pinder George Pinkney VVilbert Pitts Anna Lee Polk 82 R. Spencer Portee Gary Powell Edward H. Proctor Madonna Pryor Sarah Pumell Ronald Radice Leonard Ramev Murtle Rainey Mack H. Ransome David Rice, Jr. Jerome Rice Theodore Robinson Nina Sample Christine Satterwhite Vashti Yvonne Saunders David Savoy Robert C. Savoy, Jr. Jacob Scott John R. Scott, Jr. Nonnan A. Scott Rodney Scott Richard Sembly Michael Shelton Robert W. Shehon Paul H. Shuford Mary Sessoms Edgar Smith John Smith Ronald Smith Thehna G. Smith William T. Smith Ronald Spence Charles Stukes Frankie Sumpter Donald Sydnor Catherine Thomas Gilbert Thomas Robert P. Thomas Dousjlas Thoms Janice Tillman Shirley Travers Jeffery E. Turner Lorraine Venable John Walker Sylvia Wallace David Walton Diane A. Ward Margaret Watkins Charles Weeden Charles Weems Harry White Paul D. Wiles Cad E. Williams Louis E. Williams Walter Williams Francena Wilson Ronald Wilson Wa Tie W. Wilson Anthony J. Winder Laura Wood Anthony Woodard Benjamin Woods 87 7 ' U ' 0f a U Cheeks: Did forget to sign out, Mrs. Holloway? Music, music, music « Angie anci Godsey — and the Weather Movie night, line forms on the right. With the Class of 1967 Candelight dedication senice during Ura-iuation Week. Upperclass ouunselors lead Candelight Service. Hpfli ll l|y J 11 SafBr J j . ■ffi H Group Picture of the Class of ' 67. Student Council President Lewis Powell speaks at opening social affair. Lively dance lessens tension of tests. Mihok receives traditional award from Miss Polk of English staff for high score in English Placement test. Garner finds his way to library early in his cxjllcge career. Traditional Presidential Reception with Mrs. Grant presiding at punch howl. In Memoriam GEORGE COAXES, 1964 EARNEST EVANS. 1965 Our fellow students endeared themselves to iis by their gaiety, chami, nobility, and generous conduct toward us all. Their lives were models for us to pattern, and we shall always miss the brightness of their presences here: Rorn of the sun they travelled a short while toward the sun and left their aima mater signed with the honor h which they li ed. 90 ORGANIZATIONS 51 (I THE YOUNG WOMEN ' S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION. SEATED on pillows: Bennett, Gee, Hemphill, Wilson. FIRST ROW (Seated): Thompson, McDade, Thomas, Boone, Lowe, B. Johnson, Randall, Douglass (President). SECOND ROW (Standing): Pope, Williams, Sydnor, Cann, Greene, Catlett, Harris, Kelly, V. Johnson, Ringgold, Johns, Miss Polk, Ad- viser. LOUNGE COUNSELLORS, SEATED: Sturgis, Ringgold, INC: Evans, Blackwell, Hill, Watkins, Leigh, Alton, Smith, Nutter, Mason, Moore, Walker, Fletcher, Mr. Sullivan. STAND- Lowe, Cromwell, Gee, Gordon, Weems, Pope, Woodard. THE FRENCH CLUB, St. George Crosse, President, Professor Jacobs, Adviser. Members: A. Howard, Tilghman, McDadc, Nichols, Pryor, McLin, Chase, Leigh, L. Howard, Hayward, Crosse, Jones, Kelly, Geer, Cook, Cannon, Harmon, Mac- millaii, Whitney, Lewis, Judy, Johnson, Polk, Cornish, Dop- son, Pri ott, Moancy, Waters, Brown, Ir -ine, Jenkins, Dickens, Purnell, Davage, Redd, LaPrince, Bacote. STUDENT COUNSELLORS, Dean F. H. Harris, Adviser. SEATED: Wallington, Alton, Cheeks, Gentry, Biggers, Greene, Dennis, Southerland, Pitts. STANDING: Handy, Tom Hay, Randall, Adams, Tim Hay, Dill, Newton, Simpler, Sydnor, Munson, Boston, Robinson, Wcems, Jenkins, Barber, Fer- guson, Jones, Dean Harris. tSiuCimi . N PHI BETA LAMBDA, Joscpli Mason, President, Mr. Rocker, Adviser, SEATED: Fletcher, Bernett, Lowe, Mr. Rocker, B. Williams. STANDING: Da is, McCullough, Boone, Thomp- son, Cann, Mason. THE LEDGER Staff, Curtis Wise, Editor, Miss Ferguson, Adviser. Miss Ferguson, Shirley Travers, J. Jones, Lowe, Davis, Ringgold, Mason, M. Thomas, McCullough, Bernett, Fletcher. SCIENCE CLUB, Ambrose Jerold, President, Professors Hull. Lynk. Miram, and .Stewart. Advisers. Members: Nutter, Glenn, Johns. Robinosn. Waddy. T. Hay. T. Hay, Williams, Newton, Jones, Crosse, Garner, Jarrett, Hutchins, Knight. Evans. Lewis, Howard. Davis, Skinner, Dickens, Woodard, Lewis. Men ' s Senate, John Knight, dent. Wallace, Jerold, Knight. 95 The Charms of Music !»• THE COLLEGE CHOIR, Miss Lorna DaCosta, Director; Robert Banks, Accompanist. The State High School Chorus, directed by Professor Frank Carroll. Salisbury State College Choir in concert at Maryland State College. 96 Ag. Engineers cope with machinery. The Future Farmers of America, Kenneth Simpler, President, Dr. C. C. Marion, Adviser. j„..: £ss-« i ' . nother look at the big machines used by the Aggies in modern farming. R. Schuherbrandt, ' 58, Marketing Specialist, US Virgin Islands Department of .Agriculture (Extreme right), vis- its famed Tuborg Breweries, Agriculture Louis Brown (second from left). Industrial Ans Club, Thomas Frasier, President, Mr. Richard Thomas, . ' dviscr. Industrial .Artists observe demonstration in welding. 97 Alpha Kappa Alpha STAXDING — Brown, Stancil, Da age, Chester, McClain, Lyons; SEATED — Dennis, Adams, Randall, Rhock (Basileus), Chippey, Cheeks. The Ivy Leaf Club Cook, Pope, Thompson, Wallington, Johnson, Gordon. SEATED: Jerome Thompson, Iv-y Sweetheart. Distinguished Sorors in Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. MATTIE M. LYONS YVONNE MCCLAIN DLANN RHOCK ' n t i -i fei t i , Delta Sigma Theta SEATED: Smiley, Fields. STANDING: Cann, Nutter, Alton (President) Distinguished Soror in Who ' s ]Vho Among Students in American Colleges and Universities: CYNTHIA ALTON. 1965 Pyramid Club Jones, Sturgis, Greene, Harris, Thaxton, Washington. 9m 99 eta Phi Beta SORORS: SEATED: Glenn (President), Robinsun, Banks. STANDING: Hill, Peele, South- erland. " The pride of our hearts " : SEATED: Hutchins, Forrhinn. D.uis. S ' l ' AXDIXG: Simpler, Mr. Hytche, Bland, Knight, Powell (President), Batson, S eetheart Thelnia Bell, Turner, Jerald, Wilson, Cowling. Alpha Phi Alpha The Sphinx Club Evans. Marshall, Jones, Goodwin, C. Jones, L. J " li: Sweetheart Bernice Bolden. in, Dickens, Thompson, Jackson, Dr. Baron, Mr. Abrams, C. Kemp, L. Lewis, L. Rubbins, S. Cuyjet, J. Smith, P. Thomas. SEATED at Piano: Sweetheart Theresa Cheeks. Kappa Alpha Psi Founders ' Day: Dr Williams, Speaker: SEATED: Kemp, Lewis, Smith, Cuyjet, Thomas. Brothers complete Founders ' Day in song. U liM 1 k W l lr 4 ' IW M .L- 1 H|fy|i u - 3 Jfl The Scroller Club Spence, Jones, Tinch, Watkins, Brooks. SEATED: Sweetheart Alicia Thompson. f 1 J 1 r Shouell, Mitchell (President), Pinder, Lyles, Thomas Hay, Polk, Timothy Hay. Phi Beta Sigma Sigma Float with Sweetheart Carolyn Peek, Prize Winner in Home Coming Parade. President Mitchell with Sweetheart Carolyn in Homecoming Coronation Procession. B 3 SB H fc a H m 1 S P V Crescent Club Sutler, E ans, Ir inc. Marshall. Thurmon, Munson. ii5rii,ri I ' Ti fl-HLT T-?.n " ; ' .If ;r " ' •r " ' .e ' i. i f ' M Omega Psi Phi SEATED: Briscoe, Cromwell. STANDING: McLin, Moore, Sullivan, Crosse, Wilkinson Omega Sweetheart Wilease Fields. (President), Purnell, Morgan, Jones. Brother Dr. Waters receiving farewell gift from Student Council before leaving on State Department Assignment in Nigeria. Moore and McLin: Last minute preparations for the line. Homecoming Float with Sweetheart Wilease Fields. Lamps: Louden, Williams, Oisco, Fisher, Gibson, Howard, Liggins, Frasier, Skinner, Pagan, Johnson, W. Fisher. SEATED: Joyce Biggers, Sweetheart. 105 Homecoming Hi- J inks Bonfire lights up sky on night before Homecoming. Go bury the Eagle! Funeral procession forms. Mourners for " Dead " Eagle appropriately celebrate. Program participants who " buried " North Carolina Eagle. Carter, Rhodes, Frasier, building floats. Miss Maryland State and her float: two priceless beauties. ■H fiM ffi[ H| HRi Mi£i Wm Bfe Miss M:uvlaiul Slali- and I. THE COROXATIOX: Entrance of Miss Maryland State. Miss Mar -land State after her crowning. H.WVK SlafTer Consuclla . rinwood, Miss Ha vk. with lier escort Robert Spencc, follow the Court. Former Queen Carolyn Thompson presents sceptre new Queen Louida Fletcher. The lovely Queen leads her court from the stage of Kiah Hall to a reception in her honor. Miss Maryland State Louida O. Fletcher, " 65, a Connecticut beauty, won the liearts of all Mainland Staters the first day she set foot on the campus. A Business Education major, she is outstanding in sports (Intramurals, a stunning figure as a cheerleader), acts and sings with grace, makes friends wherever she goes. Losely to look at and de- lightful to know, Lou reigns o ' er her subjects with dignity, charm, and love. Lou poses for the camera with a group she has given her enthusiasm and loyalty: the Cheerleaders: Wilhel- mina Mears (back to camera), Anne Wallington, Ther- esa Cheeks. Lou. . ' licia Thompson, Helen Woods (Cap- tain) . 108 Woman of the Tear Diann Rhock Ovenvhelminsi choice of women sludcnls this year lo syniboli e liic best and most aspiring in the Maiyland State Co-ed is a modest, unassuming Princess Anne product, Diann Rhock. . n honor graduate of Somerset High School, an English major, Diann started in her freshman year tiu- ijath of service to her felknv stu- dents She has been a leading spirit in the Student . E. moven,ent. tlie president of her sorority (Alpha Kappa Ali ha). an officer in the English Club, a n.ember of the Interest Group of Alpha Kappa Ml. (and now a candidate for mcmbersh.p in that honor society), and President of the Won.en ' s Council. Dedicated service, scholarship, friendliness, all have a large share in the making of the personality of our WOMAN OF THE E. K. A R T E D U C A T I N A R T E D U C A T I N Professor Mosley with display of winners at Atlanta Art She Still Life Artists. Pottery Making Professor Mosley demonstrates technique. Howard Lylcs, President, Profcss;)r White, . d iser. Physical Education Club Nutter, Thompson, Hall in Women ' s Intramurals. And they ' re off! Men participants in Intramural Program Race to finish line. Women Intramural Participants tr ' out for broad jump. 1 U? The Home Economics Story Home Economics Club: SEATED: Sturgis, Harris, Washington, Doswell, Martin; STAND- ING: Coleman, Williams, Mrs. Wallace, Jones, Bell, Thomas, Hill, Mrs. Morton, Collins, Hearn, Jackson, Dr. Humphrey. Bf i R. Sydnor baking pastries. T. Bell preparing breads. Class in Clothing with Miss Elps. Problem in nutrition. ■7 -c ' ff J l.£j - » i A gleaming kitchen is the starting place for a dinner of six. Guests help themselves to superbly prepared food. Marian Mcilock sets the attractive liulTet. D. Kennedy presides at tal le. Study of leathercraft skills. Further art study with .Art Major Stokes. ' J urn . s;, t i . ?i 4 fiiii ?;: ' - -- :t: The Squadron leads the Homecoming Parade to town. With the ROTC Staff Members Cadet Major Charles Showell, Squadron Conmiander, hard at work in his office. Flight Guidon Bearers practice during weekly drill periods. THE ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF: Colonel McMillin, Captain Pfautz, Sergeants Moran and Britton. Colonel McMilin meets Governor Tawes in Salisbury. 5 ' i. t tj.jig ' MSC ' S Elegant Prccisionists: The Drill Tcan Marksmen in Rillc Clul) inacticc their skills. The Corps meets in formal session for briefing. Freshman Cadet Barber stands at attention for Commander Showell. Arnold Air Society initiates new members. f Military facts of life as related by Sgt. Moran. c v .-Xngcls toasted and feted by the Corps; Doris Leigh is Angel Commander. . ' Vngel Flight and Corpsmen visit Wallops Sta- tion. Cadet Lt. Earl Richardson receives schol- Outstanding Angel Iris Brooks receives Flight-of-Year Award to Flight Com- arship award. President ' s Award. mander Horace Wilson. Our Drill Team displays proficiency on field. Virginia State Cadets step off a cadence. Scenes from the AFROTC Military Day Observance Washington, DC, Air Force Drum and Bugle Corps. Grand March, Military Ball. Sic him! A-F K-9 Demonstration. .A-F Helicopter: Coming? Going? L ' nivt-rsity of Mainland Pershing Rifles in a tricky maneuver. Not all in uniform, but all having a ball. The Young Men ' s Christian Association Tear ' s Highlights MEN ' S SENATE ASSEMBLY; Wallace, Showell. Speaker Reverend Mackey, John Knight (President), Chester, Purnell. Carnival: Boardley and Cowling entertain campus children. Bingo game at Carni al. . - ■ " " ' P Ka, , W -. :• - ' n V I IEhU ' • - HkI NATIONAL WEEK ASSEMBLY: Turner, Dean Harris, Mrs. Sherwcll, Mr. Shcnvell, State Comptroller Gold- stein, Salisbury Mayor Harris, Newton (President), Boardley, Reverend Miller, Timothy Hay. Turner, Dean Harris, Boardley, Hay chat with Mr. Goldstein. Conference with the YWC.A: Newton (YMC. ' President), Area Secretary Theodore Ninesteel, Douglas (YWCA Presi- dent), Miss Polk (YW Adviser), Sclby, Lowe, Dean Boone, Drill Harris. Carnival Scenes Christmas Party Scenes Christmas Party Scenes t ' i 7®n w- ■§. 9 f § § f ii : - 1963 HAWKS OF MARYLAND STATE COLLEGE. A Great Coaching Staff: McCain, Taylor, Anderson. Hawks leaving the nest in ' 64: Seniors Smith Spence, Clcmons. LIKE A U K I.IKI, A HAWK --sS- ANOTHER HAWK. AXOTHER HAWK : JK V 4 NtrrHlXC, LIKE A HAWK. . OLHL (, LIKE A ANOTin:R HAWK! AXOTHER HAWK 4- ,73 ' i ' iii »j li..« a.» .»icjvsiijS ,; " Indestructible insurmountable in incible B rd, Smith, Spence, Wheeler. " Smitty " : Good luck with Green Bay! l- ' ilfc; v;«b - -J -r tv ' Unbeatable, unvanquished, unassailable: Fullback Goodwin. ' SV i Deceptive, dependable: Christy Delicious, delightful, delectable: " M " Club Sweetheart, ' ' i ' ' HAWK Assistant Editor Consuella Armwood: A Honey liii of a Hawk! Wary, wily, wise Wallace Fleet, formidable favorite: Halfback Gentry. Alile, adaptable, Aggressive: " Al " Ingram. Solid, sound, sizzling: Suggs, Courier ' s " .All-. ' merican " Team Choice. -Sfc ■ ■■; « . A 100 In 1963 S k ONE HUiXDREDTH ICTORV TOOK PLAe;K THIS Sl.ASOX 100 In 1963 S Joe (auL ' hi It fiii- Skip fiiim his hh lu Skip ' s |)i-esrnl. t » " ' ■T . Mr. Football and Ci 123 ■ ' Sweet D " Davis takes 3ne in stride. Hop, Skip, and Jumper Fred Moore. Taking the turn with a determined expression: Robert Brown. Doug " Mackey " Goodwin displays the benefits of his track excellence. Olympic-Bound Edwin " Trinidad " Skinner hands baton to the incomparable Charlie Mays. Hawks on the cinder path. From Skinner to Liggins. " Sweet D " about to make his move. Raymond " Packrat " Jackson, CI. . ' Record Holder. Coach Cappy ' s speedsters depicted in lioth preparation and deliberation. The Mighty Hawks " Tenacity " : Soft-spoken Eddie Williams tallies anntlier. Looking for two. Williams is fouled. Goldic goes soaring and " hits. ' The " Chinker " juni|)s and pumps for tv Porter is on his way. tallies tivo against the boys in blue. Hawks on the rampage — Jones and Stukes. The 63- ' 64 Edition of the Hawk Basketball Squad. STANDING: W. Taylor, Ingram. Butler, Portec, Richmond, Williams, J. KNEELING: J. Jones, C. Cuffy, E. Williams, Goldsmith, McCullough, Stukes. Not shown: R. Smith. The Hawks in .Action: " Chinker " gets two. Coach Nathaniel " Nate " Taylor. Maryland ' s Soft-spoken Pccpig Hot- shot Eddie Williams. Several times National High Scorer this season. 127 1962-63 CIAA Co-Champs: STANDING: Brooks, Gentry, Irvine, Williams, Johnson, Wyatt, Manager; KNEELING: McArthur, Christy, Lyles, Smiley, Miles, Snowden, VV. Miles, Godsey, Williams, Seaford, Scott, Brogden. .Miulnv .Men ,il ihc Mnuml: l.vlcs Willi, uiis. Brogden, possessor of the dynamite liat Red Miles, smooth (ielding shoitsioi The Curt: All-around atldete; e-ol, fleet, tenacious. Lyics, the goidcn-armcd wonder boy, headed for the . nulher Miles: Wh- speciality is defense. Once an amateur, now a professional: Johnson, the pride and joy of the Old Dominion. Smiley, truly the long-ball hitter. »S -■d ' SPli ' c 5 -- Notable Visitors and Lecturers During 1963-64 Dean of School of Education, Atlanta University, Dr. Horace M. Bond. YMCA sponsored lecture by State Comptroller Louis Goldstein. Kb i H TTT ' ir ' " " Dr. Myron B. Towns, Chemistry Depart- ment, Fisk University, Honors Convoca- tion Speaker. Mr. Roljcrt Goodwin of the Treasury Department, Wash- ington, D.C. Dr. Darrell Randall, Head of Department of African Studies, American University, lectured on new states in Africa. Speaker opening meeting of State Interracial Commission on campus. Famed author Mari Sandoz ad- dresses assembly. wm FT ¥ •mtmii i )U Johnny Wilson asks question during meeting of Inter- racial Commission. Captain Pfautz. M. Alphonse (brother of Kenya leader Tom Mboya), and Professor Randall pose during History Department ' s Seminar on African Affairs. 131 Miss Polk and Mr. Tompkins chat with Professor Ran- dall. Scenes from Stagecrafters ' Major Production, " Antigone, " Presented This Tear. Director McDaniel chats with Miss McMurrin, Director of Drama at Salisbury State Colege. Leads taken by Professor Tompkins (Creon) and Miss Polk (Antigone); H. Chester as Ismene. Tompkins and Polk Polk and Jarrett (Haemon) f i : i i f r Scene from " Antigone " — major dramatic praductum of Stagccraltcrs. Miss Polk in title role of " Antiu from her public. Pleasures of the Lively Arts at MSC DV 1 H W v K ■ 1 Harpsichordist Lorna DaCosta and Violinist-Composer Noel DaCosta in joint recital. Mr. DaCosta and Mr. Wiles (whose hobby is constructing musical instruments) examine violin. Salisbury College Chorus directed by Dr. Jessie Fleming in season ' s most enjoyable choral recital — Christmas Season. Dr. Howard Brockington, Music Department Chairman, rehearses band. Cynthia Alton, ' 65 (Business Education) Duight Brooks, ' 64 (Mathematics) Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities: Maryland State College Mattie Lyons, ' 64 (Mathematics) Charles Shoucll, ' 64 (Mathematics) Lewis Powell, ' 64 (Mathematics) Kenneth Simpler, ' 65 (Agriculture) Diann Rhock, ' 64 (English) 134 As " The Hawk " Flies Nestward . Associate Editor Carroll Marcus smiles over a job well done. Editor-in-Chict Donald Mitchell flashes his famous smile, meaning " Xl more all night sessions! This is it! " Art Editor Alvin Pope is happy too. His job was not easy, but he did it well and faithfully. Lay-out Editor Paul Wiles is a serious first-year staffer whose superb use of that draughtsman ' s tool earned gratitude of all staffers. rfE tJHhf Third-year staffers holding down Athletics and Sports: " Well done, Wallace and Thomas, " Associate and Sports Editors. Staff Photographer Scotland Harris finds a subject while Business Manager Cynthia Alton balances her books. Staff Correspondent Consuella Armuood, also Football Queen, gets acquainted with the pigskin. Thanks, Mr. Wiles. ♦■.. SI P

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