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B : ... 1 ' . II £sk n iL maryD f " HE MIRROR 5ALTIMORE COLLEGE OF DENTAL SURGERY 3ENTAL SCHOOL. UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND 3ALTIMORE. MARYLAND A PUBLICATION OF THE ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTEENTH STUDENT BODY WILLIAM A. BRUCE. EDITOR STANLEY MACKLIN. BUSINESS MANAGER DEDICATION Kyrl W. Preis, D. D. S. Professor of Orthodontics It is with considerable pleasure that the staff of The Mirror dedi- cates its book to Doctor Kyrle W. Preis. In our minds, he has been a significant part of the educational process at the Dental School. A long-existing problem that has confronted the dental schools has to do with the emphasis placed on Orthodontic education in the curricu- lum. This has been particularly true during the last twenty years, when there has developed a greater effort to give the dental student an ade- quate education in the biological sciences, such that his clinical studies could be better correlated and more meaningful. Our experiences with Doctor Preis have shown what he has been striving for as Professor of Orthodontics. His lectures and clinics have demonstrated quite clearly his sincere interest in dental education. We have listened as he presented his opinions — and he has listened as we presented ours. Out of it all, the graduate each year takes with him a very competent understanding of principles which are fundamental not only to Orthodontics, but also to the other phases of clinical dentistry. Doctor Preis ' association with the Department of Orthodontics dates to 1930, when he joined the staff as instructor. In 1935 he was appointed Special Lecturer on Dental Occlusion. In 1949, after serving as the Secre- tary of the State Board of Dental Examiners for four years, he was appointed the Professor of Orthodontics. Doctor Preis is a member of Omicron Kappa Upsilon and Theta Nu Epsilon honorary fraternities, as well as Xi Psi Phi social fraternity. LIBRARY 54-iT3 ' 2 ) DENTISTRY-PHARMACY UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND BALTIMORE THE ADMINISTRATION President of the University Dr. Thomas Baddeley Symons On December 16, 1953, Dr. Thomas B. Symons was called out of retirement to become the acting president of the University of Maryland, the appointment becoming effective on January 2, 1954. Born on a farm at Easton, Maryland, on Sep- tember 2, 1880, Dr. Symons was graduated from the Maryland Agricultural College in 1902. He received the degree of Master of Science in 1904, and in 1918 an honorary doctorate was conferred upon him by his alma mater. Dr. Symons ' career began soon after his graduation, with his appointment to the position of Entomologist at the College. He rose through the teaching ranks to become Dean of the School of Horticulture in 1912. In 1937 he became the Acting Dean of the College of Agriculture, and two years later he became its Dean. Governor of Maryland Theodore R. MeKeldin Theodore Roosevelt MeKeldin was born in Baltimore on November 25, 1900. After com- pleting the eighth grade he found it necessary to continue his education in various night schools in the city, while working during the day. Even- tually he entered the Law School of the YJniver- sity of Maryland, after receiving his undergradu- ate degree at Johns Hopkins University by attend- ing night lectures. He established practice after graduation, but within two weeks politics had led him to public office as the Secretary to the Mayor. Mr. MeKeldin became the Mayor of Balti- more in 1943 and held that office until 1947. In 1950, he was elected Governor of Maryland, for a term of four years. Dean of the School of Dentistry Dr. Myron S. Aisenberg In July, 1953, the President of the University, Dr. H. C. Byrd, an- nounced the appointment of Doctor Myron S. Aisenberg as Acting Dean of the School of Dentistry, succeeding Dr. J. Ben Robinson. On February 12, 1954, Doctor Aisenberg was appointed Dean of the School. Doctor Aisenberg is an old friend to those associated with the Dental School. Although he was born and reared in Connecticut, Doctor Aisen- berg left his native New England to study in the Dental Department of the University of Maryland, from which he graduated with honors in 1922. Since his graduation, he has served as Professor of Histology and Embryology, Bacteriology, and both General and Oral Pathology, and has been an influential member of the Faculty Council since 1940. Doctor Aisenberg has been an active member of a wide variety of dental organizations. He was President of the Maryland State Dental Association from 1943 to 1944 ; he has also been an outstanding figure in the Baltimore City Dental Society. He is a past president of the Na- tional Chapter of Alpha Omega Fraternity and a member of Gorgas Odontological Society. He was a founding Fellow of the American Acad- emy of Oral Pathologists, of which he is now President-elect, and is a Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Pathology. Other memberships include Omicron Kappa Upsilon, Sigma XL American College of Dentists, and the International Association for Dental Research. National recognition, has been achieved by Doctor Aisenberg for his valuable contributions to dental literature. He has presented clinics and papers before all of the national dental organizations and many state and local groups. His research has been primarily devoted to orthodon- tics, endodontia, periodontia, oral surgery and oral pathology. Doctor Aisenberg comes to his new position with an enviable reputation as an outstanding educator, investigator, clinician and writer. The Class of 1954 wishes him well as the new Dean of the Dental School. Distinguished Graduates Newell Sill Jenkins Class of 1863 (This is the third in a series of articles) It would have seemed quite natural for Newell Sill Jenkins to look to the sea for a career as he completed his years in the secondary schools of Bangor, Maine. His was a family of shipbuilders, generation after generation, and the American Clip- per ships that sailed from Bangor ' s har- bor must certainly have appealed to young Newell. By the time of his high school graduation, however, his mother was beg- ging him to follow a less hazardous occupation. He followed his mother ' s sug- gestions and entered the Baltimore Col- lege of Dental Surgery ; he was graduated in the spring of 1863, with the degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery. The young Doctor Jenkins returned to Bangor to establish a general practice. By the end of the Civil War Jenkins had made a decision to move to the Continent of Europe to spend his years in a climate more suitable to his rather poor health. He eventually chose Dresden as his resi- dence, and he practiced there forty-five years. Doctor Jenkins ' patients included many people whe represented the nobility and royalty of Germany, Russia, Austria and Italy. He, as well as many of his patients, was rather appalled at a vogue which made excessive use of gold as a restorative material in anterior teeth. Consequently, Jenkins became interested in the various porcelain manipulations that were used in the large industries in Dresden. He spent many hours in research in an at- tempt to adapt these porcelain procedures to operative dentistry. The eventual re- sult of his labors was the introduction to dentistry of a vastly improved material, which he named " porcelain enamel " — a substance which closely resembled our modern porcelain restorative materials. Jenkins became extraordinarily efficient with the manipulation of porcelains, and his " porcelain enamel " inlay technique was perhaps his most notable accomplish- ment in operative dentistry. From a geographical point of view, Newell Sill Jenkins carried on one of the most extensive practices known in the history of modern dentistry. For many years he practiced one month each year in Vienna and Warsaw, and was many times consulted on American affairs by the German Imperial Foreign Office. He took exceptional interest in Near East situations and often visited Turkey, Greece and the other Balkan countries, bearing letters of introduction to their rulers. Though Doctor Jenkins spent most of his productive years in Europe, he did not lose his love for his native country. After his retirement from the practice of dentis- try, he spent much time in New Haven, Connecticut, and became an honorary member of several American dental so- cieties. On one occasion, a group of den- tists from areas throughout the nation assembled in New Haven to pay tribute to him for his distinguished service to den- tistry. Following the Armistice, Doctor Jen- kins again made plans to sail for Europe. On September 18, 1919, he embarked from New York with the intention of spending the winter in Southern France. On the morning of September 25, Newell Jenkins was striken suddenly on board ship in the harbor of Le Havre, France. After seventy-nine years of a rich and full life, Jenkins had died. His body was returned to the United States, and interment was in a small cemetery in his native Bangor. SILVER ANNIVERSARY (The 1954 Mirror congratulates the following men who at this time complete their twenty -fifth year as members of the faculty of the Dental School.) Morris Edward Coberth Instructor in Clinical Pedodontics B.C.D.S., 1927 . . . Gettysburg College . . . For twenty years, a staff member of the Kernan Hospital for Crippled Children . . . Has served as president of the Baltimore City Dental Society, the North Baltimore Kiwanis Club, and the Maryland Unit of the American Society of Dentistry for Children . . . Omicron Kappa Upsilon . . . Xi Psi Phi. Conrad L. Inman Instructor in Anesthesiology B.C.D.S., 1915 . . . Past President of the Baltimore City Dental Society and Maryland State Dental Association . . . Member, the Maryland Academy of Medicine and Science, the American Society of Oral Surgeons, and the American Society of General Anesthetists in Dentistry . . . Omicron Kappa Upsilon . . . Gorgas Odontological Society . . . Psi Omega Fraternity. Brice Marden Dorsey Professor of Oval Surgery and- Anesthesiology B.C.D.S., 1927 . . . Graduate study at Fifth Avenue Hos- pital and Bellevue Hospital in New York ... On military leave from May, 1942 to January, 1946 as a Colonel in the U. S. Army . . . Past president of the National Alumni Association . . . Chief of the Dental Department, Univer- sity Hospital . . . Omicron Kappa Upsilon (past president) . . . Gorgas Odontological Society . . . Xi Psi Phi. FACULTY PERSONALITIES Gardner P. H. Foley Professor of Dental Literature Clark University, A.B., M.A. . . . American Association of University Professors . . . Tudor and Stuart Club . . . Lambda Chi Alpha . . . Alpha Delta Omega (Honorary) . . . Omicron Delta Kappa (Honorary) . . . Delivered the greatest filibuster — twelve weeks of Dental History . . . " It gets mighty hot in July, gentlemen! " Grayson W. Gaver Professor of Dental Prosthesis B.C.D.S., 1922 . . . Omicron Kappa Upsilon . . . Gorgas Odontological Society . . . Maryland State Dental Association (past president) . . . Psi Omega Fraternity . . . " Where you going with all that stone? " . . . Most cluttered office in the school . . . " Don ' t you boys ever read your notes? " Yam-hin Louie Instructor in Operative Dentistry Lingnan University, B.S. . . . Stanford University . . . Northwestern University, D.D.S., M.S.D. . . . Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity . . . Alpha Lambda Fraternity . . . " Haddox, plenty chairs at Hippodrome Theater! " . . . Grades in Chinese . . . " Your starting points look like root canals! " . . . Can ' t stand the Baltimore weather. Paul H. McFarland, Jr. Instructor in Oral Surgery B.C.D.S., 1952 . . . Gettysburg College, A.B. . . . Sigma Chi Fraternity . . . Psi Omega Fraternity . . . " Never mind the conversation, just get the tooth out! " . . . " Give your injections, and extract 30, 31 and 32. " (one minute later) " All through? " . . . Starting a dental school in Hagerstown next year. Leonard Rapoport Assistant Professor of Pharmacology University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, B.S. (Gold medal) . . . B.C.D.S., (Gold medal) . . . Omicron Kappa Upsilon . . . Gorgas Odontological Society . . . Alpha Omega Fraternity . . . Contributed all the tough questions on Dobbs ' examinations . . . " I ' m surprised at you, Mr. . . .! " " Take this example: A man comes to your office with . . . " ! FACULTY PERSONALITIES Donald E. Shay Professor of Bacteriology Lebanon Valley College, B.S. . . . University of Maryland, M.S., Ph.D. . . . Rho Chi . . . Sigma Xi . . . Maryland Branch of the Society of American Bacteriologists (past president) . . . Maryland Biological Society (Treasurer) ... A " Dragnet " style in his lectures . . . Assigns chapters 10, 11 and 12 and examines on chapters 7, 8 and 9. E. Roderick Shipley Assistant Professor of Physiology Johns Hopkins University, A.B. . . . University of Maryland Medical School, M.D. . . . Alpha Tau Omega . . . Phi Beta Pi . . . American Board of Surgeons . . . American College of Surgeons . . . Graduate School, Department of Surgery, University of Pennsylvania . . . Wanted by the S.P.C.A. . . . " Most of this is on the mimeographed sheets. " R. Kent Tongue, Jr. Instructor in Clinical Orthodontics B.C.D.S., 1943 . . . Graduate study in Orthodontics, University of Montreal . . . Omicron Kappa Upsilon . . . Gorgas Odontological Society . . . Psi Omega Fraternity (Past Grand Master, Oriole Alumni Chapter) . . . Doctor Preis ' envoy the morning of the unannounced examination. L. Edward Warner Associate Professor of Dental Prosthesis St. Johns College . . . University of Pennsylvania Dental School . . . B.C.D.S., 1931 . . . Omicron Kappa Upsilon . . . Gorgas Odontological Society (Honorary) . . . Demonstrations in the desk drawers . . . Talked loud enough not to be heard . . . " Why don ' t you reset all the posteriors? " Riley S. Williamson Associate Professor of Dental Prosthesis University of Maryland (Baltimore extension) . . . B.C.D.S., 1942 . . . Omicron Kappa Upsilon . . . Gorgas Odontological Society . . . Psi Omega Fraternity . . . Public Health Intern . . . The freshman ' s stress and strain . . . " Gee, I don ' t know about that; better check with Doctor Gaver. " . . . Originator of the wax cube. THE GRADUATING CLASS Seated: R. Litton (president), M. Volatile (secretary), J. Richmond (vice-president), J. Abbott (treas- urer). Standing: F. White (sergeant- at-arms), E. Maxwell (historian). With graduation day upon us, we look forward to the freedoms of the non-academic world. Such expectations are normal after years of study, but they must not over-shadow the responsibilities which we now face. No professional man ever completes his studies or closes his books ; his quest for knowl- edge never ceases. The real test of our education will not be our state board examinations, but rather our ability to cope with the unknown problems which we shall all encounter. We must be able to apply and amplify our basic knowledge. Consequently, our thinking cannot be stereotyped or channeled; it must be fresh, liberal and challenging. We must question our old beliefs, and if these beliefs cannot bear the chal- lenge, they must fall. As we leave school we take serious thoughts with us. If certain of these are critical, then let us express them as an active alumni group. Let us return to our school with a new spirit to better the financial lot of dental educators, establish research fellowships and endowments, and, most important of all, to express an active interest in the education of the future graduates of the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery. The Honorary Class President r Y Stanley H. Dosh, D. D. S. Associate Professor of Fixed Partial Prosthesis Doctor Stanley H. Dosh has been selected by the Senior Class as its honorary president. Docto r Dosh, whose pleasant manner has made him the good friend of every student who has asked for his advice and assist- ance, graduated from the Dental School in 1935. He served as an instruc- tor in the Department of Crown and Bridge Prosthesis from the year of his graduation until 1942, then accepted the obligation of full-time professor in the department. He is a member of Omicron Kappa Upsilon Fraternity, Gorgas Odontological Society and Delta Sigma Delta Fra- ternity. Doctor Dosh is no stranger to the Senior section of the School year- books. He was voted the honorary president by the Class of 1949, and again by the Class of 1953. The Class of 1954 is extremely proud to add its congratulations to those given him in the past. Don ' t let this fool you; they ' re working on Dr. Dosh ' s tweeter. It ' s probably an aerial view of Rhode Island. SENIORS James Lewis Abbott Hagerstown, Maryland . . . Gettysburg College, B. A. (Alpha Tau Omega) . . . Psi Omega Fra- ternity . . . Treasurer, Senior Class . . . Enter- ing practice in Hagerstown . . . More affection- ately known as " Curly " ... A staunch Democrat and Truman admirer . . . The class jester . . . Here on a scholarship from Charles Antell, Inc. . . . " Hey, Ab-bott!! " Ira Jones Adams Kershaw, South Carolina . . . Mars Hill College, A.A. . . . Clemson College, B.S. . . . Entering practice in South Carolina . . . " Ah don ' t really live in Kershaw (pop. 150) ; ah lives in the coun- try! " . . . Carried Ainley through the technique courses . . . " Don ' t you think mine looks better than Bange ' s, T. J.? " . . . James Edward Ainley, Jr. Bethesda, Maryland . . . George Washington Uni- versity, A.B. . . . Entering the Naval Dental Corps . . . Has seen the world as a salt of the sea ... A dangerous temper . . . Used his colorblind- ness to advantage in Histology laboratory . . . " Adams, you ' re getting heavy. " -112}- 19 5 4 Thomas Jackson Allen Greenville, South Carolina . . . University of Maryland (Sigma Alpha Omicron) . . . Psi Omega Fraternity (Treasurer 4) ... Student Senate 3, 4 (Secretary 3) . . . The Mirror 3, 4 (Senior Editor 4) . . . One of the more mature members of the class . . . Enjoys good jokes — particularly his own . . . Heated golf sessions with Bange and Barnard ; they swear his tee shots boomerang — even his hook has a slice in it . . . Makes up for it all with his shrewd poker playing . . . Loves the nickname " Fats. " Albert Adam Bange Irvington, New Jersey . . . Seton Hall University, B.S. . . . Gorgas Odontological Society ... In the Air Force Senior Program ... A potential hyperthyroid case . . . The number one gasee, without a doubt . . . Never touched a cadaver his Freshman year . . . Majored in golf at Seton Hall . . . " It fit perfectly ! " . . . Still in the Senior lab when the janitors leave at night. Francis Harry Barnard Fairfield, Connecticut . . . Boston University, A.B. . . . Going on duty in the Air Force . . . " Harry " . . . Would pass for Ralph Bellamy, in a pinch . . . Will probably die trying to break 90 . . . Most famous as Bange ' s caddy . . . " Naw, I ' m not watching the fight tonight. Don ' t you know it ' s fixed? " . . . Gets up at five o ' clock, to ride to school with Bange. -{13}- LIBRARY DENTISTRY-PHARMACY UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND BALTIMORE SENIORS Adolph Birnbaum Baltimore, Maryland . . . Johns Hopkins Uni- versity . . . University of Maryland, B.S. . . . Alpha Omega Fraternity . . . Entering general practice . . . Always good-natured, and a great handshaker . . . After two years, Barnard still needs an interpreter . . . " Doctor Biddington, is the canal over-filled when the point is in the antrum? " Charles Lawrence Brandenburg, Jr. Essex, Maryland . . . Washington College, B.S. (Kappa Alpha, Omicron Delta Kappa) . . . Serv- ice in the Navy . . .Like Mr. Foley, a has-been track star . . . Runs to Essex every evening . . . After his Navy experiences, he knows all the laboratory short-cuts — and used them all . . . Never one to let any lectures interfere with his sleep. Robert Erwin Bricker St. Albans, West Virginia . . . University of West Virginia (Alpha Epsilon Delta) . . . Psi Omega Fraternity . . . Entering practice in St. Albans . . . Was competing with Doctor Preis before he had heard of him . . . Found the one sure cure for ulcers — alcohol . . . Would make a good stock- car driver . . . Can always go to work in the coal mines, when business is bad. iuy 19 5 4 Joseph Nelson Brouillette Brattleboro, Vermont ... St. Michaels College . . . Gorgas Odontological Society . . . Xi Psi Phi ... A member of the Navy Senior Dental Pro- gram . . . Can repair anything . . . Ambidextrous — just as bad with one hand as the other . . . More knowledge than an encyclopedia . . . Ram- say ' s student of hypnosis . . . " Who cares what it looks like? I ' m fast, ain ' t I? " William Albert Bruce New Martinsville, West Virginia . . . Ohio Wes- leyan University, A.B. (Delta Tau Delta, Pi Delta Epsilon) . . . Gorgas Odontological Society . . . Psi Omega Fraternity (Editor 4) . . . The Mirror 3, 4 (Editor 4) . . . Student Editor, B.C.D.S. Journal 3 . . . Most likely to become a Dental Truant . . . Carried " air-wick " to anatomy laboratory . . . Worked crossword puzzles dur- ing lectures . . . " That reminds me of something I ' ve never seen before. " Arnett Lloyd Bryant Canvas, West Virginia . . . West Virginia Uni- versity, A.B. . . . Entering general practice, back in the hills . . . " Oh yeah? " . . . Bruce borrowed everything from him but a porte polisher . . . Should get the loving cup for his good nature . . . The only person living who can ride with Bricker without passing out ... " I don ' t understand all I know about this ! " 15 SENIORS Walter Nicholas Buciak Manchester, New Hampshire ... St. Anselm ' s College . . . Xi Psi Phi (Financial Chairman) . . . Entering the service . . . Miss Toomey his faithful guardian . . . Hasn ' t been the same since his Freshman bite blocks were rejected for the wrong color wax . . . " The lab I worked for would burn everything you guys turn out. " Albert Augustine Capozzoli, Jr. Providence, Rhode Island . . . Brown University . . . Gorgas Odontological Society . . . Xi Psi Phi . . . Duty in the Air Force ... A strong Brown man . . . From a family of track stars . . . Wore rubber gloves in the dissecting room . . . Hearty Rhode Island defender ... " I know all about Psychology ; I took a course in it. " Robert Olin Carlisle, Jr. Ware Shoals, South Carolina . . . The Citadel, B.S. . . . Psi Omega Fraternity . . . Hunsuck re- placed Carl Irvin and George Garrington as his ideal . . . On a clear day, he can drive to ' Carolina in two hours . . . Never known to buy his own coffee in the morning . . . Actually a trans- planted Yankee. •116!- 19 5 4 Russell Lind Chapman Hazen, North Dakota . . . Jamestown College (Phi Delta Theta) . . . Xi Psi Phi . . . Entering practice with his father . . . Transferred from Marquette Dental School . . . Loves the land of the Dakotas . . . The only part of Baltimore he liked was the inside of Chic ' s . . . The Section A heavyweight . . . " Honest to Gawd, these peo- ple don ' t know how to live! " Raymond C. K. Chun Honolulu, Hawaii . . . University of Hawaii . . . Gorgas Odontological Society . . . Entering gen- eral practice in Hawaii . . . Completed Junior Operative requirements on his son . . . " Let me tell you what happened today " . . . Early days on a pineapple farm . . . Warm chuckle . . . The Section A pace-setter for four years. Simon Civjan Baltimore, Maryland . . . University of Florida, B.Ch.E. (Cum Laude), (Sigma Tau — hon. En- gineering) . . . Gorgas Odontological Society . . . General practice in Maryland . . . " Ralph " to his friends . . . " Old molars never die, never die " . . . " How are you, my friend? " . . . " To hell with the Zygoma, I want my diploma ! " in)- SENIORS Ronald Edward Collins Hastings, Pennsylvania ... St. Francis College . . . Gorgas Odontological Society . . . Xi Psi Phi Fraternity . . . Awaiting internship . . . Com- pleted Senior requirements in October, but never stopped worrying . . . Brouillette almost made him a hypochondriac . . . Elaborate, voluminous notes — included the lecturer ' s coughs. John Victor Conte New Haven, Connecticut . . . Providence College . . . Gorgas Odontological Society . . . Secretary, Sophomore Class, and Student Senate represen- tative . . . Xi Psi Phi Fraternity . . . Worked his way through school cutting hair . . . Always had great tales about " Tiger Ted " ... A fast talker, with a straight face . . . " Nobody loves a slob, Collins. " William Burdats Crowl Wheeling, West Virginia . . . Washington and Jefferson College . . . Ohio Wesleyan University, A.B. (Chi Gamma Nu, Tau Kappa Epsilon) . . . Gorgas Odontological Society . . . Psi Omega Fraternity . . . Entering the Air Force . . . The Baltimore representative of the Wheeling Cham- ber of Commerce . . . Member of the East Balti- more St. Society . . . The Calvert Street chauffeur. i 18 19 5 4 Louis Robert D ' Arezzo Cranston, Rhode Island . . . George Washington University, B.S. . . . Gorgas Odontological So- ciety . . . Xi Psi Phi Fraternity . . . Entering practice in Cranston . . . Only man in the class who listens to deFries ' theories . . . Virtually tore a house down his Freshman year when a celluloid tooth was lost in the drain . . . Dabbles in paint, spaghetti, and beverages. Hugh Otto deFries Baltimore, Maryland . . . Harvard College, S.B. (Alpha Tau Omega) . . . Gorgas Odontological Society . . . Intends to do graduate study . . . " Well, the reason I ask is that I had that once " . . . What he hasn ' t had, his dog has . . . Long debates with Civjan . . . Has all his own theories . . . " Dentistry is a humbug. " Philip Edwin Denu, Jr. Ridgewood, New Jersey . . . Florida Southern College, B.S. (Pi Kappa Alpha) . . . Psi Omega Fraternity (Chief Inquisitor 3, House Manager 4) . . . The Mirror 2, 3 and 4 (Photography editor 3, Associate editor 4) . . . Psi Omega ' s answer to Ma Perkins . . . After many wild rides in the M.G., his father promised a bulldozer for graduation . . . Gave a ten minute speech in Mr. Foley ' s class, without opening his mouth. -[19]- SENIORS John Byrd Ellis Plant City, Florida . . . Emory University . . . University of Georgia, A.B. . . . Psi Omega Fra- ternity . . . General practice in Florida . . . " Jiggs " . . . The Mayor of Lomb ard Street . . . Holds his council meetings in Chic ' s, most anytime . . . Noisier than Leatherman . . . Shrewd poker player . . . " Just paired my hole card. " John Mario Fracasso Kensington, Connecticut ... St. Michael ' s College . . . University of Connecticut . . . Intends to enter general practice in New Britain, Connecti- cut . . . More complete notes than Collins ' ; every comma, every pause . . . Had the delivery of a minister in Mr. Foley ' s course ; used it to advan- tage in the clinics . . . " Have you seen Bill? " William Henry Gaffney, Jr. Baltimore, Maryland . . . Loyola College, B.S. . . . General practice in Baltimore ... A good snoozer . . . Collector and connoisseur of plaster bowls . . . All day in Crown and Bridge with a morning patient . . . Has a new preparation that will replace Charles Antell ' s . . . " If you don ' t like Baltimore, why did you come here? " I 1 I .1 1 m m -{20}- 19 5 4 Claude Richard Gaines, Jr. Atlanta, Georgia . . . Emory University . . . Psi Omega Fraternity . . . The Mirror 4 . . . Sleeps with his eyes open during morning lectures . . . Strictly parasympathetically controlled . . . The highest forehead in the class . . . Beer-cheese caterer to Psi Omega parties . . . " Ah ' ll do ' er, Ah ' ll do ' er, first chanc ' t Ah get. " Dorsey Edmund Gaines, Jr. Clarksburg, West Virginia . . . Salem College . . . West Virginia University, B.S. (Phi Sigma Kappa) . . . Psi Omega Fraternity . . . Entering practice in Clarksburg ... So round, so firm, so fully packed . . . An advocate of free Saturdays . . . " No, Pm not C. R. ' s brother; I ' m the Gaines with hair " . . . " They raise good dentists in West Virginia. " . . . " You shook up? " Calvin Joseph Gaver Baltimore, Maryland . . . Loyola College . . . University of Maryland, B.S. . . . Secretary, Freshman class . . . President, Sophomore Class . . . Student Senate, Sophomore Class . . . Inter- fraternity Council, Senior year . . . Psi Omega Fraternity (Secretary 3) . . . Entering practice in Catonsville . . . " T. J., what I want to know is, should I wait, or should I go get another loaf of bread? " . . . Lost without his Social Security checks. {21} SENIORS Constant J. Georges Norfolk, Virginia . . . William and Mary . . . University of Richmond . . . Xi Psi Phi Frater- nity . . . Entering general practice in Norfolk . . . Another misplaced sponge fisherman . . . Never-ending feuds with West Virginians . . . Will be eligible for the A.D.A. retirement plan by graduation day. Donald Rhoads Gorby West Alexander, Pennsylvania . . . University of Pittsburgh . . . West Liberty State College . . . Psi Omega Fraternity . . . Does most of the family cooking, after his Navy experiences . . . The partial Bricker made for him fits perfectly — in his pocket . . . Studied on the ceiling his Freshman year . . . " Let ' s have a coffee. " Walter Granruth, Jr. Baltimore, Maryland . . .Loyola College, B.S. . . . Psi Omega Fraternity . . . Entering the Navy . . . " That ' s nothing; I know a man who . . . " . . . Any point, any side, just so it ' s an argument ... A collector of rare and exotic liquids . . . Opening practice with all his unused laboratory equipment . . . " What ' s the matter? I like regi- mental ties ! " -{22]- 19 5 4 Jack Arden Gray Hagerstown, Maryland . . . University of Mary- land . . . Entering the Army Dental Corps . . . Dr. Vanden Bosche knew his every move as a freshman . . . His initials on the side of a Chrys- ler that shines more than his inlays . . . " Just a tad ... " ... Neckties are all in the knot. John Hoyt Haddox Clendenin, West Virginia . . . West Virginia Uni- versity (Kappa Alpha Order) . . . Gorgas Odon- tological Society (President 4) . . . Psi Omega Fraternity . . . Entering general practice . . . One of Ellis ' councilmen at Chic ' s ... A student of Lord Windemere ' s School . . . " Mmm, Boy! " . . . Would like to be Mayor of Clendenin some- day . . . " Wait ' till you ' hear ' this one! " Christopher Joseph Hanley, Jr. Providence, Rhode Island . . . Providence Col- lege, B.S. . . . Entering general practice in Provi- dence . . . Four years in the seminary . . . Or, the Mad Monk from the Monastery . . . Fasci- nated by the wonders of West Virginia . . . Most avid anatomist in the history of the Dental School . . . Junior, Senior requirements from brother Bob. •{23f SENIORS Sfc W- Hillard Jennings Hayzlett Hagerstown, Maryland . . . Western Maryland College . . . Shepard State Teachers College (Gamma Beta Xi) ... Entering general practice in Hagerstown ... As far as is known, he doesn ' t own a necktie . . . A.A.A. ' s greatest liability . . . Has had all the accidents that Bricker should have had . . . Took up weight-lifting, when he tired from holding a mouth mirror all day. Leonard Philip Hellerman West Hartford, Connecticut . . . University of Richmond, B.S. (Phi Alpha, Beta Beta Beta) . . . Alpha Omega Fraternity (Historian 4) . . . The Mirror 3, 4 (Photography Editor 4) . . . Always answers with a definite " Yes, " some- times, maybe . . . Fanatical landscape photog- rapher ; favorite picture from inside the Shot Tower, at sundown . . . Shay upset his all-time, all-time average. Curtis Ray Holmes Fayetteville, North Carolina . . . University of North Carolina . . . Entering general practice in North Carolina . . . Hasn ' t been to a class dance since he saw Hunsuck flying over the tables during the freshman year . . . Gave a ten minute speech in four minutes flat . . . Wouldn ' t own a Cadillac ( " Its gotta ' be a Lincoln " ). •{24 1 19 5 4 Henry Honick, Jr. Baltimore, Maryland . . . University of Maryland . . . Alpha Omega Fraternity . . . Entering the Navy . . . " Hunk " . . . " Man, I just did a Class III foil that was flip! " ... He and Tesher share the same sun in Florida ... " I can just feel it when Fred has a bad day. " . . . Never see him without a grin. Roger Ernest Houle Manchester, New Hampshire ... St. Anselm ' s College . . . Xi Psi Phi Fraternity . . . Entering general practice in Manchester . . . " Let ' s try doing this a different way ; we might develop a new technique. " ... " You boys from down South just can ' t understand things like this! " ... " A dance? Sure, I ' ll be there! " Gaines Edwards Huey Walton, Kentucky . . . University of Kentucky, B.S. . . . Entering general practice in Kentucky . . . " Edema " . . . " What ' s wrong with you is, you ' re a Yankee! " . . . " Let Hunsuck do it — he ' s Gorgas. " . . . " But Mr. Foley, Yankees leave the " T " out most of the time. " -{25}- SENIORS Ervin Eugene Hunsuck Spartanburg, South Carolina . . . Clemson Col- lege, B.S. (Delta Sigma Nu) ... Gorgas Odon- tological Society . . . Psi Omega Fraternity . . . Army internship, via the Senior program . . . Has toned down at the dances since his mar- riage; now he ' s just obnoxious . . . Tends to be a trifle fast — burned up 900 burs (and 55 pulps) . . . Wonder who will buy his coffee for him after graduation ? John Kenna Jennings, Jr. Washington, D. C. . . . University of Maryland (Sigma Chi) . . . Often attends lectures — and sometimes on time . . . Mascot of Alpha Omega . . . " A patient in every chair is my goal " . . . Has all the questions, none of the answers . . . Knows all the angles, and uses them. Ernest Albert Johnson, Jr. Hamden, Connecticut . . . Upsala College, B.A. (Pi Delta Phi) . . . Psi Omega Fraternity . . . Entering the Air Force . . . Has been known to go for days without talking . . . Largest bow-tie and record collection anywhere . . . Sarcastic wit, and master of the trite expression . . . Could write the scripts for the " Bob and Ray " shows. { 26 ! 19 5 4 Donald Kaplan Silver Spring, Maryland . . . University of Mary- land . . . Alpha Omega Fraternity . . . Graduate study in Orthodontics . . . Memorized the His- tology text . . . " It won ' t be bad ; Shirley ' s work- ing " . . . Not tall enough to see in the patient ' s mouth . . . " Where ' d you fellas hear that? " . . . " If it isn ' t in my notes, he didn ' t say it! " Francis Gerald Kirchner Baltimore, Maryland . . . Mount Saint Mary ' s College . . . Entering the Army Dental Corps . . . Carries a seven course dinner and half the contents of his laboratory drawers in his lunch- box . . . His hat as much a trade mark as the red shirt is to Maxwell . . . Grand Opera " sends " him. Stanley Kogan Baltimore, Maryland . . . Dartmouth College . . . Alpha Omega Fraternity . . . Interning at Sinai Hospital . . . The three hundred dollar nose . . . Being married for his money . . . Medina waited two years for him to come in Section 1-18 . . . Pleaded innocence, on the grounds that he thought the section was for Pathology treatments. 27h SENIORS Hugo Kossoff Greensboro, North Carolina . . . University of North Carolina, (Phi Eta Sigma) . . . Gorgas Odontological Society . . . Entering general practice in Winston-Salem, N. C. . . . Specialized in " dog bites " . . . Qualified for the degree in Veterinary Medicine . . . Has followed in Bricker ' s footsteps. Stephen Gabriel Krizan Baltimore, Maryland . . . . . . Xi Psi Phi Fraternity in Annapolis, Maryland . graduated on Saturday, Loyola College, B.S. . . . Entering practice . . Busy schedule — married on Sunday, state board examinations on Monday (and Psy- chiatric Institute on Tuesday) . . . Rumored that he was engaged seven years. Edmond Riggs Leach Silver Spring, Maryland . . . University of Mary- land, B.S. . . . Entering general practice in Wheaton, Maryland . . . Class gold medalist for heckling professors during lectures . . . Give him two more years, and he ' ll be competing with Mantz, Gaines and Abbott for the title, " That most aged look. " -{28J- 19 5 4 Eugene Allen Leatherman Baltimore, Maryland . . . Baltimore Junior Col- lege . . . Western Maryland College . . . Gorgas Odontological Society . . . Psi Omega Fraternity (Chief Inquisitor 3; Senator 4) . . . Mother Fletcher ' s little boy . . . The friendly undertaker . . . Jackie Gleason ' s understudy . . . Quieter than Charlie Smith. Robert Benton Litton Shelby, North Carolina . . . University of North Carolina . . . Vice-President, Sophomore Class . . . President, Junior and Senior Classes . . . Psi Omega Fraternity (Grand Master 4) . . . Student Senate (Treasurer 3, President 4) . . . The Mirror 2, 3 (Assistant editor 3) . . . Interning in Surgery . . . Didn ' t let Dentistry interfere with his extracurricular activities . . . The Mayor of Shelby someday . . . " I ' d rather pull ' em. " Charles Stewart McDowell Auburndale, Florida . . . University of Miami . . . Johns Hopkins University . . . University of Florida, B.S. (Sigma Delta Psi) . . . Xi Psi Phi Fraternity . . . " Have I told you the one about ... " ... By his own admission, Dental School has been a comedy of errors (his) . . . Mysterious telephone calls that can ' t be explained to Pat. -{29! SENIORS Ira Leon McGill, Jr. Laurinburg, North Carolina . . . Wake Forest . . . Duke University (Pi Kappa Alpha) . . . Psi Omega Fraternity . . . The Mirror 3 . . . Enter- ing State Public Health Service, North Carolina . . . " The Whip " . . . " Doctor, did you say . . . " . . . Opened the Senior lab every morning . . . Grits and black-eyed peas for supper; turnip greens for breakfast . . . " Lawd ' a mercy! " Luisa Maria Maldonado Santurce, Puerto Rico . . . University of Puerto Rico, B.S. . . . Entering the Public Health Service of Puerto Rico . . . " Gee wheeez, I don ' t know! " . . . Originator of the Plastogum rimlock tech- nique . . . Spent most of her time in operative, as Ward ' s patient . . . Little Lulu. Robert Franklin Mantz, Jr. Brookhaven, Mississippi . . . Millsaps College, B.S. (Pi Kappa Alpha) . . . Psi Omega Fraternity . . . The Mirror 3, 4 (Fraternity Editor 4) . . . Entering general practice ... " I don ' t care if I do have 98 restorations to go; I just won ' t rush ! " . . . Louisa ' s secret lover . . . Swears by Dr. Ogden ' s 201 therapy for rapid recoveries. •{30]- 19 5 4 Edwin Leo Maxwell Washington, D. C. . . . University of Maryland . . . Gorgas Odontological Society . . . Historian, Junior and Senior Classes . . . Entering general practice in Washington . . . Often starts his ton- gue before his brain is in gear . . . Heated ar- guments with professors ... A sincere interest in dental education . . . His wife made him throw away the corduroy shirt. George Richard Minnick Chevy Chase, Maryland . . . University of Mary- land . . . Psi Omega Fraternity . . . Gorgas Odontological Society . . . Entering general prac- tice . . . " Am I the first to turn this project in, Doctor? " . . . Five o ' clock shadow . . . Conscien- tious advisor to each Freshman class . . . Doesn ' t believe in the value of overcoats. Richard Albert Mojzer McMechen, West Virginia . . . University of Maryland . . . Entering general practice in Cuya- hoga Falls, Ohio . . . " Those Terps looked great! " His feet qualified him for the job with A.D.T. during off hours ... He and Abbott have the combination . . . Big brother to Minnick . . . His feet longer than Bange ' s nose. [81 J. SENIORS Wharton Albert Nichols, Jr. Silver Spring, Maryland . . . University of Mary- land, B.S. (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) . . . Psi Omega Fraternity . . . Making the Army a career . . . " Call me anything, but don ' t call me Wharton. " . . . Financed his Senior year with poker winnings at Psi-0 house . . . Never missed reading the Morning Sun during lectures. Lawrence Wolfe Paden Charleston. West Virginia . . . West Virginia Institute of Technology . . . University of Louis- ville, B.A. . . . Alpha Omega Fraternity . . . In- sists that a D.D.S. is the prerequisite for ton- sorial school . . . " I ' m gonna ' get me a Jaguar when I ' m out of here ! " . . . " Let ' s go to Washing- ton. " . . . His middle name adequately describes him. Sanford Paskow Elizabeth, New Jersey . . . Ohio State University (Tau Delta Phi) . . .Gorgas Odontological So- ciety (Secretary) . . . Alpha Omega Fraternity (Secretary, President) . . . Interfraternity Coun- cil (President 4) . . . Must take the Paskow Board to practice in Elizabeth . . . " Twinkle-toes " . . . The Copalite Kid ... " I can ' t go out — I ' m expect- ing a phone call ! " -(32! 19 5 4 Albert Ralph Perrelli Baltimore, Maryland . . . Loyola College, B.S. . . . Xi Psi Phi Fraternity . . . Entering the Army Dental Corps . . . " Rocky " . . . Couldn ' t keep him on the ground his freshman year ... As far as anyone knows, he had only one patient who isn ' t related to him . . . " Seen Reynolds? " Paul Alfred Pettine, Jr. Fall River, Massachusetts . . . American Inter- national College, B.A. . . . Xi Psi Phi Fraternity . . . His speech has that gangster delivery . . . " Everything ' s a snap " . . . " Have you seen Pier? " . . . Housemother for Meyers and Vinall on Cal- vert Street. Orris Robert Pier Springfield, Massachusetts . . . American Inter- national College, B.A. (Zeta Chi, Phi Sigma Phi, Alpha Chi) . . . Xi Psi Phi Fraternity . . . Enter- ing general practice in Springfield, Massachusetts . . . His clinic day started at one in the after- noon . . . Always looking for a " dolly " with wheels . . . Only student in the history of the school to have perfect attendance. -{33 1- SENIORS Jack Kile Reynolds Cumberland, Maryland . . . Mars Hill College . . . Entering the Army Dental Corps . . . One of the more handsome members of the class — then he grew a mustache . . . Gus ' tutor for four years . . . " You should see my ' Landlady ' " ... Prac- tically commuted from Cumberland. John Lawrence Richmond Lewisburg, West Virginia . . . West Virginia University (Kappa Alpha Order) . . . Parsons School of Design . . . Gorgas Odontological So- ciety . . . Psi Omega Fraternity . . . " My theory is ... " .. . The serious one . . . Does detailed dentistry . . . Head of Crown and Bridge at West Virginia someday . . . Grey flannel man. Louis Paul Rivas Baltimore, Maryland . . . Loyola College, B.S. . . . Entering general practice in Baltimore . . . Never without a warm smile . . . Always time to be friendly . . . Calm philosophy of life . . . He and Ellis have mastered the art of silence. iaffiS ' .-. 34 19 5 4 John Edward Rosoff Morristown, New Jersey . . . University of Mary- land . . . Gorgas Odontological Society . . . Stu- dent Activities Committee 1, 2 . . . Class Treas- urer 3 . . . Psi Omega Fraternity (Historian 4) . . . " Anyone have a cigarette? " . . . Paragon of professional propriety . . . " It ' s good — cast it! " . . . " Nortie, we should get together for this exam. " Norton Morris Ross New London, Connecticut . . . University of Con- necticut, B.S. (Gamma Chi Epsilon) . . . Sigma Epsilon Delta (Secretary 2, Master 3) . . . The Mirror (Business Manager 3) . . . Interfrater- nity Council . . . Entering general practice . . . Staunch individualist . . . Represents the quorum at SED meetings . . . " Hey, Jack, let ' s go over Chapter 1 tonight. " Maurice Rubenstein Baltimore, Maryland . . . University of Richmond . . . Gorgas Odontological Society . . . Alpha Omega Fraternity (Historian, Editor, Conven- tion Dele gate) . . . The Mirror 4 . . . Always a borrower, never a lender . . . The class philan- thropist ... " I only have one patient " . . . Built-in vibrator . . . " Nobody woke me. " !35h SENIORS Lester Allen Safier Newark, New Jersey . . . Rutgers University, B.A. . . . Gorgas Odontological Society . . . Alpha Omega Fraternity . . . Not always right, but never wrong . . . Poignant sarcasm . . . " What does it all mean? " . . . " You, you, not me. " . . . " My gang will fight your gang! " . . . Eliminated the dating problem some time ago — just ignores them. Barbara Ellen Seifert Richmond, Virginia . . . University of Richmond . . . College of William and Mary, B.S. . . . Class Historian 1 . . . The Mirror 3 . . . Just one of the boys . . . Not really eager; she just walks fast . . . " Louder, please, Doctor ! " . . . " Where ' s Tony? " . . . Distinctive sneeze that woke every- one during lectures. Anthony Joseph Selvaggi Wilmington, Delaware . . . University of Dela- ware . . . Xi Psi Phi Fraternity ... A Fatherly interest in Babs . . . Ear-to-ear grin, and then some . . . Sleeps when not eating — and eats when not sleeping . . . Contagious sense of humor . . . the man-about-town at Fort Bragg last summer. {36Y 19 5 4 Robert Wade Senipf Baltimore, Maryland . . . Illinois Wesleyan Uni- versity . . . University of Maryland, B.S. (Tau Kappa Epsilon, Gate and Key) . . . Psi Omega Fraternity (Junior Grand Master 4) . . . The Gay Dog . . . Most week ends away from Balti- more . . . New girl every week . . . Someday, maybe, he ' ll pack his skiis and go back to the old country. Robert Anthony Smilari North Bergen, New Jersey . . . University of Maryland . . . Gorgas Odontological Society . . . Xi Psi Phi Fraternity . . . Plans to intern . . . With his ukulele, Irvington ' s answer to Arthur Godfrey . . . Spaghetti and meat-ball projects keep him alive . . . Spent most spare time supine. Andrew Morton Smith, Jr. Lonaconing, Maryland . . . University of Mary- land . . . Entering general practice . . . Wearer of a State Department homburg . . . " Did you see the Lone Ranger last night? " . . . Proud father . . . The state Blastomycosis champion for three years. i Y SENIORS Charles William Smith, Jr. Baltimore, Maryland . . . Loyola College, B.S. . . . Industrious and conscientious . . . Tooth carving one of his favorite pastimes . . . " Oh well, another day. " . . . " How ' d you do it so fast? " . . . Treads lightly . . . " Don ' t you guys ever do it the right way? " David Peiffer Snavely Ono, Pennsylvania . . . Lebanon Valley College . . . Penn State University, B.S. (Alpha Chi Rho) . . . Xi Psi Phi . . . Entering general practice in Pennsylvania . . . Ken Stoll ' s big brother . . . An expert student of the culinary art . . . " I ' d like to go back to Alaska ! " Donald Edison Staker Kermit, West Virginia . . . Marshall College, B.S. . . . Vice-President, Freshman Class . . . His- torian, Sophomore Class . . . Xi Psi Phi Frater- nity (Assistant pledgemaster 2; President 4) . . . Spent more time in the Senior lab than the cur- ing units . . . His adrenal cortex secretes coffee . . . One of the more outstanding defenders of the home state. -{38h 19 5 4 Franklin Emery Stevens, Jr. Roselle Park, New Jersey . . . Union Junior Col- lege . . . Drew University . . . Entering general practice in Elizabeth, New Jersey . . . Learned all he knows from " Hotrod " ... A Standard Oil magnate ... A bookie on the side; paramutuels paid his way through school . . . Commuted from New Jersey. Kenneth Holbrook Stoll Arlington, Virginia . . . Unive rsity of Virginia, B.A. . . . Xi Psi Phi Fraternity (Vice-president 4) . . . Student Senate 3 . . . Interfraternity Council 4 . . . The Mirror 2, 3, 4 . . . " We ' re having a party!! " . . . Cords, khakis and bucks . . . Only graduate of Virginia who stayed sober for four years . . . " How ' m I doin ' , hey, hey . . . " Wine, women, song and Stoll. Frank Taylor Stone, Jr. Arlington, Virginia . . . The American University . . . George Washington University . . . Enter- ing general practice in Virginia . . . Quiet, re- served and gentlemanly, in the Southern tradi- tion . . . Has bruised ear-drums, from listening to Stoll ' s tales for four years . . . The favorite prosthodontist of elderly ladies. ■{•39 h SENIORS Edgar Sweren Baltimore, Maryland . . . University of Mary- land . . . Alpha Omega Fraternity . . . Three loves in life — his daughter, home cooking, and his brother ' s shirts . . . Children love him; had a knack for getting them to bite his fingers . . . A reformed worry-wart. William Edward Taylor, Jr. Savannah, Georgia . . . The Citadel. B.S. . . . Entering general practice in Savannah . . . More commonly known as " Sash-weight " . . . Some- thing about him the girls just love . . . Was never one to argue with school policy . . . Spent almost as much time in the Crown and Bridge lab as Dr. Dosh . . . " Give that patient less talk and more dentistry. " Raymond Thomas Tepft Coral Gables, Florida . . . University of Miami, B.S. . . . He can ' t wait to make the last migration South . . . " There ' s just a few of us men left " . . . " Frank, I ' ll wait for you at the club. " . . . A real bunny-hopper . . . Great prosthetics man ; eluded Dr. Gaver for two years. -{40}- 19 5 4 Frederic Kay Tesher Miami Beach, Florida . . . University of Florida . . . University of Miami (Zeta Beta Tau) . . . Alpha Omega Fraternity . . . " The Golden Torso " . . . The class comedian; used Mr. Foley as his " straight " man . . . Could be seen most any night, pushing his car along Baltimore Street . . . Best known for making faces at instructors and old ladies . . . Nocturnal transgressionist. Samuel Toovy Charleston, West Virginia . . . West Virginia Uni- versity, A.B. (Pi Lambda Phi) . . . Alpha Omega Fraternity . . . Believed that Dental School was a deliberate plot against him ... If wax cubes ever become popular, he ' ll make a fortune . . . " Some- day I ' ll tell you stories that will make your hair stand on end. " Eastwood Gibbs Turlington Dunn, North Carolina . . . Campbell College (Epsilon Phi Eta) . . . University of North Caro- lina . . . Gorgas Odontological Society . . . Psi Omega Fraternity . . . Interning at University Hospital . . . Studied under Dr. Toovy for four years . . . Reformed cotton farmer . . . " No, I didn ' t say is was Driftwood ; I said Eastwood ! " -{41}- SENIORS Robert Joseph Tyler Worcester, Massachusetts . . . Loyola College, B.S. . . . Xi Psi Phi Fraternity (Treasurer 4) . . . This Robb Tyler refuses refuse . . . Drained all the Zips of their money . . . Always managed to end up in Dr. DeVier ' s section with a good- looking patient. Herbert Joseph Underhill, Jr. Lakewood, Rhode Island . . . Providence College (Friars Club) . . . Gorgas Odontological Society . . . Xi Psi Phi Fraternity . . . Tolerated the Irvington Club as long as he could, then got married . . . Was always ready to listen to a new rumor . . . Memorized Gray ' s Anatomy his first year. Joseph James Velky Baltimore, Maryland . . . Mt. St. Mary ' s College . . . University of Pennsylvania, B.S. . . . Gorgas Odontological Society . . . Xi Psi Phi Fraternity . . . Entering general practice . . . Vehement Tru- man antagonist . . . Wasted no time, words or actions . . . " That ' s good enough. " . . . Andy Smith ' s father. •{42}- 19 5 4 Gilbert Vincent Fall River, Massachusetts . . . Providence Col- lege . . . Gorgas Odontological Society . . . Xi Psi Phi Fraternity . . . Entering general practice in Fall River . . . The married girl ' s delight, un- til he got married . . . Deep-sea fisherman (An- chovies) . . . Doctor Randolph liked his prophy apron. Michael Thomas Volatile Baltimore, Maryland . . . Loyola College, B.S. . . . Xi Psi Phi Fraternity . . . Class Vice-Presi- dent 3, 4 . . . The Animal . . . " Don ' t look at these restorations; I did them in a hurry. " . . . Like a bullfrog looking through two icecubes . . . " I like that! " . . . " Things are awful dead down at the morgue these days. " Frank H. Wall Hempstead, New York . . . Sampson College . . . Syracuse University . . . Xi Psi Phi Fraternity . . . Interning, U. S. Army . . . Has more of Volatile ' s instruments than Volatile . . . Has his own technique, no matter what he ' s doing . . . Ward ' s nemesis ... A morgue " watchman, " be- fore he went to the nut-house. -I 43 - SENIORS John Michael Ward Elizabeth, New Jersey . . . College of William and Mary, B.S. . . . Xi Psi Phi Fraternity . . . The pseudo-Southerner with the Chamberlain look . . . Majored in dentistry, minored in Spanish . . . " I ' m the brother that didn ' t play football " . . . Resists everything but sleep . . . " That ' s the last dance for me! " John Thomas Welch Clarksburg, West Virginia . . . West Virginia University, A.B. (Sigma Chi) . . . Psi Omega Fraternity . . . " Say, just tell me how to do it. " . . . Provided equipment space for Werfel, Whelan and White . . . The ambidextrous " G. V. " ... " I don ' t think I ' ll ever get through this damn place ! " Edward Morris Werfel Newark, New Jersey . . . Indiana University (Phi Upsilon Phi, Falcon Club) . . . Alpha Omega Fraternity (President, House Manager) . . . Student Senate . . . " Out at Indiana ... " ... Have to increase exposure to take a central shot on him . . . " My eyes; my hands — my livelihood! " Obsessed with white knit dresses . . . " Somebody help me pack ! " -{44} 19 5 4 Richard Joseph Whelan Providence, Rhode Island . . . Providence Col- lege, B.S. . . . Xi Psi Phi Fraternity (Pledge- master 2; Delegate, Biennial Assembly 2) . . . Interning, United States Public Health Service . . . " Do you think i£ we look in Welch ' s drawers, we ' d find our instruments? " . . . Week ends in Providence — Friday to Wednesday. William Frederick White Holden, West Virginia . . . West Virginia Uni- versity (Delta Tau Delta) . . . Marshall College (Chi Beta Phi) ... Sergeant-at-Arms, 1, 2, 3 and 4 . . . Xi Psi Phi Fraternity (Sentinel 3) . . . Laboratory man for Wickwire . . . Volatile ' s assistant — he carried the feet . . . " I ' ll try any- thing once ! " . . . Another Ellis councilman at Chic ' s. Nann Alix Wickwire Tampa, Florida . . . Baylor University . . . Uni- versity of Miami, B.S. (Beta Beta Beta. Alpha Epsilon Delta) . . . Gorgas Odontological Society (Sergeant-at-Arms) . . . Always knew where to find her in the clinic . . . " Honestly, I don ' t know how I ' m going to get through this school ! " . . . " Snap, Crackle and Pop " ' in Crown and Bridge. -[45 1- SENIORS 19 5 4 William Duane Young Baltimore, Maryland . . . University of Maryland . . . The Mirror 2, 3 and 4 . . . Entering general practice in Baltimore . . . Fractured his ankle, just to keep from carrying his case from the clinic floor every evening . . . Always had good excuses for being late to supper . . . Always agreed with what was said ... By a stroke of fate, has a page all to himself. On Graduation Addresses . . . At the close of the 1850 session of the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, an address to the graduates was given by Doctor Simon P. Hullihen of Wheeling, West Virginia. Doctor Hullihen had received his medical degree in 1835 and had been granted an honorary degree from the Dental School in 1843 as a result of his out- standing contributions to oral surgery. Doctor Hullihen told the young graduates to " . . . carry up, then, the standard of your profession — plant it upon the broad platform of Medical Science — claim for yourselves and for your profession the same respect and importance awarded to other branches of the healing art; and that, too, upon the same ground — the ground of a thorough scientific education. " What could be said to the graduates in 1850 might well be said to the graduates in 1954. Though a vast progress has been made in dentistry, the basic philosophy and ideologies behind its existence remain through the years. Doctor Hullihen closed by saying that : " The period you have so long desired is here . . . Rely upon your own per- sonal efforts, and upon your own mental prowess. Let your shield be your honor — your sword, truth — your watchword, victory — and your conquest, the good of all men; — and your day shall smile with the blessings it has scattered, and its record glow with gratitude from hearts it has cheered and consoled. " -{46 1- FRONT ROW: D. E. Gaines, F. H. Barnard, J. M. Fracasso, E. E. Hunsuck, L. P. Hellerman, F. G. Kirchner, T. J. Allen, P. E. Denu. SECOND ROW: E. A. Johnson, C. R. Holmes, W. B. Crowl, R. 0. Carlisle, A. A. Capozzoli, W. N. Buciak, R. C. K. Chun, D. Kaplan, C. J. Georges, A. Bimbaum, J. V. Conte, W. A. Bruce. THIRD ROW: S. G. Krizan, W. Granruth, H. Honick, J. H. Haddox, C. R. Gaines, E. A. Leatherman, C. J. Gaver, S. Civjan, R. E. Bricker, R. E. Collins, L. R. D ' Arezzo, J. E. Ainlev, R. B. Litton, S. S. Kogan, E. R. Leach. BACK ROW: J. B. Ellis, R. E. Houle, J. K. Jennings, J. L. Abbott, C. L. Brandenburg, R. L. Chapman, J. N. Brouillette, A. L. Bryant, D. R. Gorby, W. H. Gaffney, C. J. Hanley, A. A. Bange, I. J. Adams, G. E. Huey. NOT IN PICTURE: H. 0. deFries, J. A. Gray, H. J. Hayzlett, H. Kossofl ' . THE GRADUATING CLASS FRONT ROW: M. Rubenstein, I. L. McGill, W. E. Taylor, E. Sweren, F. E. Stevens, R. A. Smilari, A. R. Perrelli, E. M. Werfel, L. W. Paden. SECOND ROW: R. J. Whelan, S. Paskow, B. E. Seifert, W. D. Young, C. S. McDowell, G. R. Minnick, R. F. Mantz, L. M. Maldonado, N. A. Wickwire, R. W. Seniff, F. H. Wall, N. M. Ross. THIRD ROW: E. G. Turlington, S. Toovy, F. K. Tesher, R. A. Mojzer, W. A. N ichols, P. A. Pettine, D. P. Snavelv, J. J. Velkv, A. M. Smith, M. T. Volatile, J. T. Welch, A. J. Selvaggi. BACK ROW: L. A. Saner, L. P. Rivas, H. J. Underhill, J. L. Richmond, R. T. Tefft, J. K. Reynolds, D. E. Staker, J. M. Ward, O. R. Pier, F. T. Stone, W. F. White, E. L. Maxwell, G. Vincent, J. E. Rosoff, R. J. Tvler. NOT IN PICTURE: C. W. Smith, K. H. Stoll. 47}- Use the other unit, Norton; Dr. Gaver keeps his goldfish in there. McDowell must have told that one. THE GRADUATING CLASS Above: Confession. Below: Wake up, Simon, the day is only half over! Above: Now here ' s a hard-working trio. Below: Collins ' gas should be able to hold that up, boys. 9:05 a.m.: " Now a public health problem is denned . . . " 5:40 p.m., any day. Then somebody mentioned Chic ' s. THE GRADUATING CLASS Above: The old sage of the Dental School spins another yarn. Beloiv : Show them how the Army does it, Sarge. Above: " All right now boys, tell me who stole that piece of sticky wax! " Below: They have kind faces, but I ' ll bet they bump somebody. THE JUNIOR CLASS Seated: Stribling (president), Zan- ner (vice-president), Pate (secre- tary), Lynch (historian), Brodie (treasurer). Standing: Holen (ser- geant-at-arms). Despite advert ising claims of lifetime protection against dental decay, 106 junior students decided to continue their dental education anyway and returned to school in September to begin a more glamourous phase in their course of study — the clinical phase. Hardly had we stumbled through our first assignments, made a few exposures and inserted a restoration or two when the first trimester was over. With the first year of clinical application of techniques learned in the laboratories nearly behind us, we now have at our command not only a certain degree of skill for restoring lost dental function but also a deep appreciation for the ability to diagnose the cause of this lost function. Our limited experience seems to have acted as a stimulus to seek a more thorough knowledge of the various phases of dentistry. The degree that we shall receive in 1955 implies that we have knowledge other than that invo lved in restoring mechanically lost portions of the dental apparatus. It will be well to keep this concept in mind. i ' so}- Front row: S. J. Balchun, A. E. Bees, A. P. Arseneaux, T. E. Blumenbach, R. E. Bolyard, R. C. Dilzer. Second row: H. G. Cheney, E. V. Comulada, L. I. Brant, W. D. Chester, L. A. Clopper, D. L. Bartell, G. L. Bozzi. Third row: J. D. Buxbaum, R. Carrel, C. E. Alfaro, T. A. Clary, R. C. Burroughs, W. J. Curtis. Back row: W. R. Cotton, H. A. Blin- ker, J. C. Bulger, W. P. Brodie, D. Brotman, V. L. Andrews, H. R. Beecher. THE JUNIOR CLASS Front row: R. M. Lauer, H. J. Kohn, T. F. Lenick, R. L. H eldrich, S. Holen, B. M. Griefer. Second roiv : C. R. Farley, J. A. Liszewski, R. W. Hungerford, M. L. Fine, P. K. Humphreys, A. S. Feldman, J. F. Kast. Third row: J. R. Gallant, N. Kohut, R. D. Hanlev, R. H. Enterline, G. L. Kostens, H. W. Feindt, L. H. Jarvis, D. M. Johnston. Back roiv: R. K. T. Look, B. D. Eisenberg, E. J. LaFreniere, A. J. Kaye, N. E. S. Gale, W. D. Loo. an Front row: D. E. McShane, H. A. Lupien, H. P. Patenaude, J. H. Seipp, M. Pozega. Second row: J. Millman, M. G. Lussier, M. E. Pate, G. D. Resh, T. E. Ridgeway, 0. Noroian, L. A. Roman. Third row: E. J. Meredith, J. T. McCarl, G. L. Schreiber, J. F. Lvnch, J. L. McMillan, J. A. Lucia, P. R. Reiner. Back row: S. Macklin, D. F. Marshall, F. J. Reeves, W. M. Reed, G. J. Pepper, W. F. Martin, P. J. Minehart. THE JUNIOR CLASS Front row: J. F. Wilson, H. L. Silber, P. A. Shapiro, M. Taubenfeld, C. Wissler, T. E. Wagner. Second row: R. S. Thornton, R. G. Tassinari, S. S. Snyder, A. Vizbaraite, R. L. Wiener, H. S. Tarabour, R. M. Simon. Third row: L. A. Toro-Albarracin, H. R. Wilhelmsen. P. A. Varanelli, R. P. Williams, J. B. Stewart, J. H. Stribling, S. R. Sheft. Back roiv: J. F. Williams, N. A. Wright, A. W. Zanner, W. W. Weigand, W. H. Vinall, E. C. Wilson, J. R. Spencer. •{52J- Some guys never worry about requirements. Come now, Eli — keep your eyes on your own work. THE JUNIOR CLASS Above: " Why don ' t we adjourn and go to Chic ' s? " Below: How did Tesher get in this? Above: Was this shot posed, Hellerman? Below: A good lab man you have there, Jim. Wonder how they felt four hours later? Slow down, boys; it ' s only February. THE JUNIOR CLASS Above: Ahh! The end of a perfect day. Beloiv: Come now, Brant, can ' t you do that in the lab? Above: No, no — that ' s the orbit. Below : No comment. THE SOPHOMORE CLASS Seated: Palmer (president), La- polla (secretary), Golberg (his- torian), LaFon (vice-president), Fink (sergeant-at-arms). Standing: Yent (treasurer). The Class of ' 56 has just finished most of its work on its cavity bedecked manne- quins and are awaiting the time when we shall be able to practice in the clinic. The laborious cavity preparations and intricate restorations are now part of our working knowledge to be applied practically. All of us will remember how we worked feverishly over our porcelain and alum- inol teeth in crown and bridge laboratory, preparing patterns and then mis-casting them. Also, the time will be well remembered when we were told that patients in the clinic do not have screws in their neck to adjust if the teeth should not occlude prop- erly. Another of our enlightening courses, which provided us with eloquence as well as entertainment, was our oral and written expression conferences. Here we learned why a certain brand of Kisamore ' s dog food wouldn ' t sell — the dogs " didn ' t like the stuff. " Along with these courses we had our first introduction to pathology. Here, our Dean enlightened us both practically and theoretically about diseases and also gave us the reasons for not treating patients in the office for general health disorders — the phy- sician has to make a living also. However, we are now knocking on the door of our clinical experiences. May we all pass through this door into the future with as few scars and as little pain as possible. -{55}- Front row: E. J. Becker, S. L. Brown, R. R. Callahan, R. V. Bates, F. E. Connelly, A. J. Chmar, D. E. Cone. Second row: J. A. Corbo, P. X. Falivene, M. A. Costrino, H. J. Bianco, B. O. Coberly, R. J. Agresti, R. J. Belliveau, D. L. Cramer, A. Pederico. Last row: B. Busch, A. A. Caputi, F. T. Brennan, D. A. Denisch, W. F. Evans, M. A. Brownstein, W. C. Artz, R. A. DelRosso. Not in picture: H. H. Akamine, K. E. Bertram, M. Bonanti, V. B. Costa. THE SOPHOMORE CLASS Front row: M. L. Friedman, J. L. Frasher, M. B. Golberg, P. S. Keller, F. E. Gassiraro, L. G. Henschel, F. S. Fink. Second row: T. F. Kern, R. A. Gagne, R. S. Johnson, H. D. Green, H. W. Grambow, S. B. Goldberg, C. J. Galiardi. Back row: R. L. Kercheval, N. D. Kisamore, F. J. Kihn, G. C. Hose, A. A. Kapsak, B. E. Jarrett, A. Hamel, A. E. Heimert, J. P. Jermain. Not in picture: M. E. Fleming, A. S. Hall, E. M. Kelly. 56}- Front row: J. B. Krachman, S. LaKind, T. H. Paterniti, C. A. Ridgewav, J. J. Levin, H. L. Mertz. Middle row: D. Pivnick, C. J. McLeod, C. S. McCarl, K. R. Lawrence, E. P. Kobylarz, G. H. Nieske, F. F. Pagano, P. D. Marano, R. L. LaFon. Back row: C. E. Landry, F. X. McNulty, J. P. Norris, C. J. O ' Connell, R. W. Palmer, R. P. Murphy, D. R. Moss, V. A. Lake, P. J. Lapolla, W. J. Lucas. THE SOPHOMORE CLASS Front row: W. E. Thurston, A. J. Wickenheiser, E. T. Ryan, V. D. Rodeffer, P. L. Roxin, E. M. Sadd, D. C. Weikert. Middle row: R. J. Wilson, A. S. Schuster, G. D. Yent, J. H. Soutar, L. R. Rollins, I. G. Sorrells, D. F. Whiteside, C. A. Schlegel, R. D. Parker. Back row: G. G. Youngblood, C. M. Silvestro, H. O. Scharpf, B. C. Woodside, G. R. Tronier, L. E. Svennevig, R. A. Saal, A. Skib, H. M. Trepp, J. H. Toropilo. Not pictured: S. J. Miller, W. E. Parker. -{571- ' Wheez . . . gasp . . . glub " Starting point look like root canal! " THE SOPHOMORE CLASS Above: No, no, not that one — that ' s the lens from your glasses! Below: Looks like a pair of dice in there somewhere. Above: " And now, ' Portia Faces life ' . . . " Below: " Honest, boys, somebody sawed my legs off! " THE FRESHMAN CLASS Seated: Verdecchia (president), Kal- nins (secretary), Butler (vice-presi- dent). Standing: Dempsey (treas- urer), Dann (historian). One hundred and ten members of the class of 1957 entered the Dental School just as many others before us had done. We came from all parts of the United States and its possessions and began a new life which at first was fraught with wonderment and confusion. After the welcoming address by Dean Aisenberg, we readied ourselves for our first contact with dental education. That first month, as one of our members recalls it, was comparable to hurtling full speed into a runaway steam roller. We learned new terms like " gassed, " and experi- enced new emotions like that awesome feeling of shrinking to Lilliputian dimensions when Dr. Vanden Bosche summoned someone to the blackboard during biochemistry lectures. Dissection has known black days since the medieval period, but certainly none worse than those times when five students at a lab table suddenly sensed the presence of a tall, silver-haired gentleman standing next to them, sadly shaking his head. The year wasn ' t all work, however, for the Class was quite active in extracurricu- lar activities. We became acquainted with the School of Nursing, Goucher College, and other female abodes and we were well represented at the school dances. The Class feels proud of its accomplishments, and to the members of the faculty who have guided us, we are profoundly grateful. This year has been an enlightening one and we are looking forward to the remaining three. -{59}- Front row: E. H. Dickler, S. B. Fingerhood, W. G. Franklin, K. J. Foose. Second row: N. Cohen, N. S. Alpher, L. Blum, J. F. Black, W. F. Bishop, J. A. Butler, H. T. Chandler. Third row: C. W. Buttner, W. M. Barbush, D. W. Ben- ton, K. L. Buck, W. E. Colliver, R. Childs, J. A. Croteau, J. H. Dempsey. Back row: J. J. DeMartin, R. E. DeMartin, F. B. Delorme, E. A. Belliveau, R. L. Bartlett, C. D. Broe, V. D. Buonomano, B. S. Dann, U. B. DeCosta, R. E. Cabana. THE FRESHMAN CLASS Front row: W. M. Johnson, J. E. Horton, W. I. Keene, J. J. Martielli, J. V. L. Riser, T. K. Ingram. Second row: L. Kalnins, P. E. Freed, J. P. Keffer, P. E. Higgins, J. P. Garvey, D. B. Lurie, R. W. Lee, O. C. Hurst, F. H. A. Koe- niger. Back roiv: G. A. Lippard, W. B. Hail, K. J. Langfield, R. D. Haslam, R. F. Gherardi, W. E. Landefeld, J. R. Hager, G. W. Greco, R. E. Griffin, G. M. Isbell. ■{60}- Front row: W. H. Ruppert, P. Peeoraro, J. V. Puleo, A. Rapuano, O. N. Passarelli, A. Schachter, C. B. Rushford. Second row: N. J. Nassif, R. A. Pagan-Colon, A. R. Sayers, W. R. Patteson, C. E. Reed, H. H. Rust, J. H. Miller, A. M. Repole, R. E. Mullaney, T. F. Owens. Back row: R. C. Page, J. W. Medlock, D. L. Maud, E. J. Messer, E. C. Merkel, J. C. Miller, J. G. Mueller, R. C. Monroe, M. P. Nestor, P. P. Nolan. THE FRESHMAN CLASS Front row: E. S. Snyder, W. A. Stout, T. D. Stokes, A. Stoler, R. J. Schwartz, J. M. Stribling, C. A. Tomosivitch. R. H. Warren. Second row: J. M. Solomon, J. I. Shenvenell, A. S. Schaffer, P. K. Schick, R. J. Stag, F. J. Verdec- chia, G. M. Waxter, W. J. Vargo, G. Zimmerman. Back row: W. G. Buchanan, C. S. Singer, J. J. Ulanet, F. B. Wil- liams, J. F. Spychalski, H. A. Spalt, H. K. Varmer, J. D. Vachon, H. E. Semler. -161 " Anybody see that bottle of Air-Wick? " Don ' t worry; they say he always grades on a curve. THE FRESHMAN CLASS Above: Back to the cadaver, boys. Leave that stuff to Dr. Ogden. Below: But I thought freshmen didn ' t study much. Above: An enthusiastic crowd of listeners, huh? Below: A veritable Pasteur in our midst! THE CLINICS DEPARTMENT OF ANESTHESIA Thursday afternoon demonstra- tions by Doctors Inman and Bushey . . . Almost everyone managed to be in the middle of a foil when the clinic started . . . " Now watch what happens when I give her 95% nitrous oxide. " . . . While induction was proceeding, Doctor Inman told jokes. What does it look like from up there, Jack? DEPARTMENT OF FIXED PARTIAL PROSTHESIS All-day patients for six-unit anterior bridges were what every- one looked for . . . After five hours spent on a preparation and im- pression, Nuttall would change everything . . . We could never be sure when Dosh was working on a bridge or the carburetor of his Lincoln. Easy there, Pier; she ' s not that good-looking. «i 64 f DEPARTMENT OF OPERATIVE DENTISTRY Two hours on the first prophy, then one hour, then forty minutes . . . " Whadda ' ya ' mean, put a rubber dam on? " . . . Mysterious cryptics in their little black books . . . " Will the student who has a patient named ... " ... " Sure, I want a chair, but you ' re in Ran- dolph ' s section! " " Now bear in mind . . . ' DEPARTMENT OF ORAL DIAGNOSIS " Diagnosis has a patient for twelve gold foils; please form a double line outside the depart- ment. " . . . Treatment plans all fouled up after a diagnosis check . . . " When can you come in? Saturday afternoons? " . . . " Let me have him; you ' ve got another year here. " There must be a pretty girl there somewhere. -{65]- DEPARTMENT OF ORAL MEDICINE Ten-treatment pathology cases under Dr. Biddington, two-treat- ment cases under Dr. Eskow . . . Some made their cultures from the molten metal sterilizer, not the canal . . . Reservations on the mimeographed sheets three months in advance . . . " Your teeth are 0. K., but your gums will have to be removed . " ' H m mm nine millimeters overextended. " DEPARTMENT OF ORAL SURGERY " You only feel pressure, don ' t you? " . . . The patient is just about convinced that there ' s noth- ing to worry about — then the syringe and forceps are placed in front of him . . .The long, long sterile chain . . . Never knew that teeth could be so brittle. Well, that ' s one way to take gas. {66 y DEPARTMENT OF ORTHODONTICS Most ideal teaching atmosphere in the school . . . " Now first, how would you classify this case? " . . . " What could be the possible etio- logical factors involved here? " . . . " Who would like to explain to the parents that we can ' t handle this case in the clinic? " More adult patients than chil- dren in the clinic . . . " Doctor De- Vier, is it all right if I bring a child patient in here? " . . . Doctor Coberth explored margins with a mouth mirror . . . Children tied in the chair, with towels over their faces . . . " No, no Junior, put down my water syringe! " An old cow-milking technique, maybe? DEPARTMENT OF PEDODONTIA This was just before he threw the mirror down the cuspidor. 67 r DEPARTMENT OF DENTAL PROSTHESIS " No, no! Place them on the condyle, not in the external meatus! ' After being condemned for missing centric : " But you took it, sir! " . . . Denture adhesives proved to be a good item . . . Wonder who named them " snap " impressions? To a senior carrying away a thimbleful of stone: " Where are you going with all that? " . . . " I ' ll answer that question when clinic starts. " DEPARTMENT OF ROENTGENOLOGY " Oh no, no Doctor, not that way! " . . . The darkroom was a good place to sleep during Junior assignments . . . " This is no good; you only have % ' s of the cuspid on the film! " . . . The department is just one big happy family . . . Someone should have sued Dr. Dabrowski for assault and battery. " 0 course, this sort of thing only works on square-heads. " THE ACTIVITIES THE STUDENT SENATE The Student Senate, established in March, 1952 to replace the Student Activity Committee, is fulfilling a long-felt need for adequate student representation in the con- duction of student affairs and for the improvement of student-faculty understanding. Previously, the Student Activity Committee, composed of four students and five faculty members, served as the student government of the school. Realizing that this commit- tee was limited in its scope, Mr. Gardner Foley, Dr. Marion McCrea, and Dr. J. Ben Robinson worked tirelessly to promote the establishment of a more active government in which the entire student body could take a vital role. The organization of the pres- ent Student Senate was the culmination of their efforts. The original Senate, as established in March of 1952, consisted of the president, vice-president, and secretary of each class. This group, with the guidance of Dr. Mc- Crea, Mr. Foley, and Dr. Robinson, wrote the constitution and by-laws for the new Senate which were subsequently approved by the Faculty Council and a vote of each class. The current Student Senate is composed of the president and one representative from each section of the four classes. The Senate has proved to be an efficient and democratic approach to the problem of handling student affairs to the satisfaction of students and faculty alike. From its history thus far we may anticipate a successful and ever more important influence for the Student Senate in the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery. Seated: Curtis, Norris (secretary), Litton (president), Stribling (treasurer). Standing: Wissler, Palmer, Verdecchia, Buck, Allen, Patteson, Werfel. -{69}- THE MIRROR STUDENT EDITORS William A. Bruce, Editor Stanley R. Macklin, Business Manager Philip E. Denu, Associate Editor Drexel M. Johnston, Assistant Editor Leonard P. Hellerman, Photography Editor Thomas J. Allen, Senior Staff Editor FACULTY ADVISORS Gardner P. H. Foley Joseph C. Biddix The yearbook of the one hundred and fifteenth student body . . . Many months of trying to make deadlines, keep up with clinical require- ments, and avoid threats from Mr. Foley . . . Greatest single problem was keeping Tesher from showing up in every picture . . . After doing the Senior section, T. J. has been trying to talk his way out of slander charges . . . Hellerman always managed to be out of film when the pic- tures needed to be taken . . . But somehow, the book made it to the printer, and the work is done. THE EDITORIAL STAFF Bruce, Johnston, Hellerman, Denu, Allen. THE BUSINESS STAFF Macklin, Jarvis, Kelly, Wilhelmsen, Tassinari. THE SENIOR CONTRIBUTORS F. H. Barnard C. S. McDowell R. E. Collins R. F. Mantz J. V. Conte E. L. Maxwell C. R. Gaines S. Paskow C. J. Gaver J. L. Richmond J. H. Haddox N. M. Ross E. E. Hunsuck M. Rubenstein E. A. Leatherman R. W. Seniff K. H. Stoll W. E. Taylor R. T. Tefft F. K. Tesher E. M. Werfel R. J. Whelan M. T. Volatile W. D. Young THE JUNIOR CONTRIBUTORS E. V. Comulada J. L. McMillan W. R. Cotton E. J. Meredith B. M. Greifer M. E. Pate THE SOPHOMORE CONTRIBUTORS F. S. Fink H. L. Mertz P. L. Roxin THE FRESHMAN CONTRIBUTORS E. H. Dickler P. E. Freed F. J. Verdecchia !71j GORGAS ODONTOLOGICAL SOCIETY Seated: Rosoff (treasurer), Haddox (president), Wickwire (sergeant-at-arms). Standing: Maxwell (historian), Richmond (vice-president), Paskow (sec- retary) . First row: J. J. Velky, G. Vincent, H. J. Underhill, J. N. Brouillette, W. A. Bruce. Second row: M. Rubenstein, S. Pas- kow, J. L. Richmond, J. H. Haddox, J. E. Rosoff, E. L. Maxwell, N. A. Wickwire. Third row: H. Kossoff, E. G. Tur- lington, R. A. Smilari, E. A. Leatherman, R. A. Mojzer, G. R. Minnick. Fourth row: W. B. Crowl, L. A. Safier, H. O. deFries, J. V. Conte, A. A. Capozzoli, E. E. Hunsuck, R. C. K. Chun, L. R. D ' Arezzo. •{72}- -n.P4 i Front row: Andrews, Simon, Kaye, Blumenbach, Zanner, Wright, Reiner, Comulada, Cotton, Tarabour. Second row: Sheft, Hungerford, Pate, Greifer, Meredith, Marshall, Brinker, Noroian, Bolyard, Brodie, Brant. Back row: Kostens, Seipp, Pine, Wilhelmsen, Farley, Dilzer, Lenick, Roman, Toro, Curtis, Bulger. During each school year invitations for membership in the Gorgas Odontological Society are given to those Juniors in the first thirty percent of their class. This Society was formed in 1916, and was named in honor of Doctor Ferdinand J. S. Gorgas. Doctor Gorgas, who received both the D.D.S. and M.D. degrees from the University of Mary- land, devoted many years of his life to dental education. The Society holds monthly meetings. These are highlighted by talks presented by prominent dentists and physicians of Baltimore. Their topics are primarily ones which are not considered routinely in the dental curriculum, and consequently the Society has served as a medium for the acquisition of knowledge beyond the formal educa- tional process at the School. Keys are awarded to the Junior members and certificates to the Senior members each Spring at the dinner-dance. The keys are worn proudly as symbols of leader- ship in our School and in our Profession. -{73J- THE INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL The Interfraternity Council is an oi ' ganization composed of two repre- sentatives of each of the four fraternities. The Council governs the ac- tivities of the fraternities, particularly in regard to rushing and pledg- ing. The presidency is a rotating office, and the fraternity of the president serves as host at the annual interfraternity function sponsored by the Council. The present Council operates under constitution originated in 1924, which was revised in 1944. Seated: R. Litton (secretary), D. Staker (treasurer), N. Ross, S. Paskow (president). Standing: C. Gaver, K. Stoll, O. Bartell, E. Werfel. 174}- PSI OMEGA FRATERNITY Seated: R. Litton (Grand Master), W. Cotton (secretary), R. Seniff (Junior Grand Master). Standing: W. Curtis (Chief Inquisitor), T. Allen (Treasurer), P. Denu (House Manager). The year at Psi Omega Fraternity was an active one, as those in the past have been. In one respect, though, the Fraternity made considerable progress, for the chapter house came closer to being a completely fur- nished one. The pine-panelling in the downstairs recreation room and the contributions by the Ladies of Psi Omega gave its members much to be proud of, as they prepared for a new school year. " A bunch of the boys were whooping it up . . . " ... to cover for those in the back room. V-: Front row: Minnick, McGill, Hunsuck, Richmond. Second row: Leatherman, D. Gaines, Nichols, Rosoff, Welch, Car- lisle. Third row: Crowl, Gaver, Granruth, Jarvis, McMillan, E. Wilson, Enterline. Back roiv: Abbott, Mantz, R. Gaines, Reeves, Kast, P. Wilson. Not in Picture: Denu. PSI OMEGA FRATERNITY A dignified group, isn ' t it? But these Juniors never seem to hold their liquor. Go back to your rooms, men; you know how long his line is. We had a helluva time keeping Haddox from falling off his chair. PSI OMEGA FRATERNITY Front row: Bruce, Allen, Zanner, Brinker, Weigand. Second roiv: Wright, Martin, McShane, Seipp, Wilhelmsen, Seniff, Ellis. Third row: Brodie, Gorby, Bricker, Litton, Dilzer, Curtis. Back row: Whiteside, Turlington, Haddox, Sheft, Johnson, Resh. vn XI PSI PHI FRATERNITY Seated: Staker (president). Standing: Tyler (treasurer), Stoll (vice-president), D ' Arezzo (secretary). Front row: Velky, Houle, Selvaggi, Vinall, McDowell, Simon, Arseneaux, Williams, J. Staker, White. Volatile. Second row: Buciak, Blumenbach, Bees, Bozzi, Lenick, Tyler, Ward, Brouillette. Third row: Wall, Clary, Cheney, Collins, Smilari, Krizan, Chapman, D ' Arezzo, Capozzoli, Hungerfor d, Perelli, Beecher. Back row: Whelan, Pettine, Pier, Under- hill, Conte, Georges, Vincent, Suavely, Comulada, Alfaro, 1 oro, Stoll, Andrews. -{78]- ' National Boh " night at the house. This was the night we ran out of liquor. XI PSI PHI FRATERNITY Above: But everyone looks too sober here. Below: Ahh! This is more like it. Above: How did that Pharmacy student get in here? Below: You always have this many gals around you, Pete? ALPHA OMEGA FRATERNITY Seated: A. Kaye (secretary), S. Paskow (president). Standing: N. Gale (sergeant-at-arms) , H. Tarabour (vice-president), L. Hellerman (historian), P. Shapiro (treasurer). Front row: Kohn, Pivnick, Rubenstein, Krachman, LaKind, Paskow, Werfel, Shapiro, Hellerman. Second row: Sny- der, Lauer, Fine, Brotman, Tarabour, Feldman, Kaplan. Third row: Brown, Safier, Birnbaum, Golberg, Becker, Brant, Kaye, Paden, Schuster, Kogan, Sweren, Tcovy. Back row: Brownstein, Henschel, Chmar, Gale, Goldberg, Roxin, Wiener, Levin, Busch, Buxbaum, Eisenberg, Honick. Not in picture: Tesher. •180]- Gosh, just like they do it at the Pantages Theater! It would have been a good picture if we could ' ve got the back of his head in focus. ALPHA OMEGA FRATERNITY Above: 5:00 a.m. at the house. Below: A hungry-looking crowd, indeed. Above: Is that the loving cup? Below: Just before the police raided the place. SIGMA EPSILON DELTA FRATERNITY Sigma Epsilon Delta Fraternity was founded at the New York College of Den- tistry in 1901. Epsilon Chapter was founded at the Baltimore College of Dental Sur- gery on February 22, 1926. After a brief period of inactivation, the chapter has once more risen to a prominent place in inter-fraternity and school activities. We are proud of our high reputation, for the past year has seen our fraternity suc- cessful in its social, athletic and scholastic activities. Outstanding in our memory are the clinics that were held at intervals during the year to broaden our knowledge of dentistry. But we also recall the many house parties, the dances, and smokers that made the past year such an enjoyable one. Seated: Ross, Macklin (Master), Griefer, Millman. Standing: Miller, Bartell (Chaplain), Silber (treasurer), Tauben- feld (secretary), Friedman, Fink (historian). -E82J- 41? . . ■ " .- T- 4 i-J- « You all really aren ' t this happy here, are you? A fine combination there, boys. SIGMA EPSILON DELTA FRATERNITY Above: Let us know if you get thirsty. Below: Is that a short piano, or is Spike growing? Above: Sit down, gal, you ' ve had too much. Below: Could have sworn I saw one move back there. RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS The Reserve Officers Training Corps program was established at the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery in September of 1948, its purpose being to prepare dental students for service with the United States armed forces. The group activated as a unit of the 7010th ASU-ROTC of the University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland. The program consisted of classroom sessions of one hour training per week for thirty-two weeks, plus six weeks ' summer encampment at army base hospitals. The classroom work included lectures by the unit commander and his staff. Such subjects as military preventive medicine, dental equipment and supplies, army regulations, mili- tary dental research, military psychiatry, and military oral surgery formed the course of lectures. The purpose of summer camp was to provide additional training which could not be furnished by classroom lectures, and to familiarize the student with the methods of dentistry employed by the army. The cadets were indoctrinated with the be- lief that in the army one is an officer first and a dentist second. Due to the curtailment of funds allotted the ROTC, Dental Military Science I, II and III were discontinued for the 1953-1954 school year. Students enrolled in DMS IV were permitted to complete the program and receive their commissions. Seated: C. Gaines, Selvaggi, Mc- Gill, Pettine. Standing: Crowl, Capozzoli, Stoll, Kirchner, John- son, Hanley, Perelli, Rosoff. How did he get in here? Don ' t worry; the bottle was empty. THE MIXER DANCE . . . The freshman ' s first real introduction to the Dental School . . . The senior ' s cue that he is within sight of graduation . . . For all, a hilarious evening. Above: Who is that old-timer on the left? Below: Caught in the act, Frank. Above: Pardon me, but I dropped a dime here somewhere. Below: Well, they look sober now, but . . . The Second Generation 1. Virginia, Paul and Linda Bricker 2. Jeffrey Bange 3. Janet and William Gaffney 4. Robert, Martha Ellen and Janet Kossoff 5. James David Haddox 6. Shelley Beth Sweren 7. Ann Margaret White •{86}- The Second Generation 1. William R. Gaver 2. Riggy and Diane Leach 3. Liza Tefft 4. Linda Anne and Steven Douglas Reynolds 5. Gary Roger Houle 6. Jerry and Cheryl Chun 7. Ellen Lee Granruth 8. Mary Jane Brandenburg 9. Ralph Civjan 4 87}- The Second Generation § S 1. Kenneth and Gregory Nichols 2. John R. Volatile 3. Robertson Hart and Lynne Patrice McDowell 4. Frank Wall, Jr. 5. Joseph L. and James T. Velky 6. Mary Lou Pracasso 7. Gary and Drew Smith 8. Claire and John L. Richmond 9. Suzanne Karen Young 10. Elaine Ross -{88}- Senior ' Directory Abbott, James L., 1414 Oak Hill Ave., Hagerstown, Md. Ainley, James E 5101 Wilson Lane, Bethesda, Md. Adams, Ira J Kershaw, S. C. Allen, Thomas J 309 Randall St., Greenville, S. C. Bange, Albert A., 1223 Springfield Ave., Irvington, N. J. Barnard, Francis H., 162 Jefferson St., Fairfield, Conn. Birnbaum, Adolf . . 3821 Garrison Blvd., Baltimore, Md. Brandenburg, Charles L.. 518 Dorsey Avenue, Essex, Md. Bricker, Robert E., 1422 College Hill, St. Albans. W. Va. Brouillette, J. Nelson, 41 Home Street, Brattleboro, Vt. Bruce, William A., 767 4th St., New Martinsville, W. Va. Bryant, A. Lioyd Box 263, Canvas, W. Va. Buciak, Walter N., 249 Gold Street, Manchester, N. H. Capozzoli, Albert A., 33 Chapin Avenue, Providence, R. I. Carlisle, Robert RFD 1, Ware Shoal, S. C. Chapman, Russell L Hazen, N. D. Chun, Raymond C. K., 2062 Makanani Drive, Honolulu, Hawaii Civjan, Simon . . 2509 Hamilton Avenue, Baltimore, Md. Collins, Ronald E Beaver Street, Hastings, Penn. Conte, John V., 173 Wolcott Street, New Haven, Conn. Crowl, William B. . . Emerson Road, Wheeling, W. Va. D ' Arezzo, Louis R., 15 Stayton Street, Cranston, R. I. deFries, Hugh 0. . . 6103 Parkway Drive, Baltimore, Md. Denu, Philip E. . . 468 Linwood Avenue, Ridgewood, N. J. Ellis, John B Route 2, Plant City, Fla. Fracasso, John M., 84 Farmington Ave., Kensington, Conn. Gaffney, William H., 4612 Mary Avenue, Baltimore, Md. Gaines, Claude R., 610 Yorkshire Road N.E., Atlanta, Ga. Gaines, Dorsey E., Prunty Building, Clarksburg, W. Va. Gaver, Calvin J. . . 715 Allendale Street, Baltimore, Md. Georges, Constant J., 104 Talbot Hall Road, Norfolk, Va. Gorby, Donald R West Alexander, Penn. Granruth, Walter, 1633 Ralworth Road, Baltimore, Md. Gray, Jack A 8 Snyder Avenue, Hagerstown, Md. Haddox, John H Box 425, Clendenin, W. Va. Hanley, Christopher J., 163 Wendell St., Providence, R. I. Hayzlett, Hillard J., 510 Pangborn Blvd., Hagerstown, Md. Hellerman, Leonard P. 1421 Trout Brook Dr., W. Hartford, Conn. Holmes, Curtis R. . . Route 2, Box 18, Fayetteville, N. C. Honick, Henry . . 3506 Fairview Avenue, Baltimore, Md. Houle, Roger E., 786 Montgomery St., Manchester, N. H. Huey, Gaines E Walton, Ky. Hunsuck, Ervin E. Rt. 4, Box 124-A, Spartanburg, S. C. Jennings, John K., 1629 Columbia Road N.W., Washington, D. C. Johnson, Ernest A., 25 Pickwick Road, Hamden, Conn. Kaplan, Donald, 8004 Eastern Drive, Silver Spring, Md. Kirchner, Francis G. . . 717 Belgian Ave., Baltimore, Md. Kogan, Stanley S., 2801 Mt. Holly Street, Baltimore, Md. Kossoff, Hugo . . 145 Plymouth Street, Greensboro, N. C. Krizan, Stephen G. .. 718 N. Port Street, Baltimore, Md. Leach, Edmond R., 4509 Randolph Road, Silver Spring, Md. Leatherman, Eugene A. . . 2 Ridge Road, Baltimore, Md. Litton, Robert . . 704 West Warren Street, Shelby, N. C. McDowell, Charles S. . . Ariana Drive, Auburndale, Fla. McGill, Ira L. . . 305 Covington Street, Laurinburg, N. C. McNamara, Robert V., 102 Ellicott Street, Boston, Mass. Maldonado, Luisa M., Duarte 704, Stop 20, Santurce, Puerto Rico Mantz, Robert F Box 413, Brookhaven, Miss. Maxwell, Edwin L., 939 Longfellow Street N.W., Washington, D. C. Meyers, Michael C. 35 East Main Street, Lonaconing, Md. Minnick, G. Richard, 7116 Western Avenue, Chevy Chase, Md. Mojzer, Richard A., 315 Garfield Street, McMechen, W. Va. Nichols, Wharton A., 125 Bonifant Road, Silver Spring, Md. Paden, Lawrence W., 1518 Dixie St., Charleston, W. Va. Paskow, Sanford . . 676 Union Avenue, Elizabeth, N. J. Perrelli, Albert R., 2459 Fairway Avenue, Baltimore, Md. Pettine, Paul A. . . . 689 Maple Street, Fall River, Mass. Pier, Orris R., 888 Worthington Street, Springfield, Mass. Reynolds, Jack K., 886 Gephart Drive, Cumberland, Md. Richmond, John L., 204 South LaFayette Street, Lewisburg, W. Va. Rivas, L. Paul 834 Cooks Lane, Baltimore, Md. Rosorf, John E. . . 26 East Lake Blvd., Morristown, N. J. Ross, Norton M. . . 29 Tilley Street, New London, Conn. Rubenstein, Maurice, 3628 Glengyle Ave., Baltimore, Md. Safier, Lester A. ... 96 Osborne Terrace, Newark, N. J. Seifert, Barbara E. . . 5921 Upham Drive, Richmond, Va. Selvaggi, Anthony J., 1913 Washington Street, Wilmington, Del. Seniff, Robert W., 4319 Barrington Road, Baltimore, Md. Smilari, Robert A., 608 87th Street, North Bergen, N. J. Smith, Andrew M., 69 East Main Street, Lonaconing, Md. Smith, Charles W., 1810 Park Avenue, Baltimore, Md. Snavely, David P Ono, Penn. Staker, Donald E Kermit, W. Va. Stevens, Franklin E., 521 Spruce Street, Roselle Park, N. J. Stoll, Kenneth H., 821 North Jackson St., Arlington, Va. Stone, Frank T., 814 North Fillmore St., Arlington, Va. Sweren, Edgar, 4032 Hilton Road, Baltimore, Md. Taylor, William E., Route 3, Box 244, Savannah, Ga. Tefft, Raymond T 3710 Segovia, Coral Gables, Fla. Tesher, Frederick, K., 1504 Michigan Avenue, Miami Beach, Fla. Toovy, Sam 28 Bradford Street, Charleston, W. Va. Turlington, Eastwood G Route 3, Dunn, N. C. Tyler, Robert J 2 Forest Street, Worcester, Mass. Underhill, Herbert J. . . 579 Post Road, Lakewood, R. I. Velky, Joseph J. . . 1032 Wedgewood Road, Baltimore, Md. Vincent, Gilbert, 2205 South Main St., Fall River, Mass. Volatile, Michael T., 1623 Walterswood Road, Baltimore, Md. Wall, Frank H., 61 B Oak Grove Drive, Baltimore, Md. Ward, John M., 61 Galloping Hill Road, Elizabeth, N. J. Welch, John T., Apartment 352, Oaklee Village, Baltimore, Md. Werfel, Edward M. . . 263 Seymour Ave., Newark, N. J. Whelan, Richard J., 1293 Smith Street, Providence, R. I. White, William F., 509 Batchelder Street, Holden, W. Va. Wickwire, Nann A P. O. Box 137, Produce, Fla. Young, William D. . . 1106 Walnut Ave., Baltimore. Md. -{89]- Acknowledgment As each page of this book was completed, one objective was kept constantly in mind — to give the graduating class a yearbook which could always serve as a sort of contact with four years spent in the Dental School. Quite naturally, it would have been an impossible task had it not been for the cooperation of a great number of students in each of the four classes. Also, the intelligent assistance given by Mr. Segal, Mr. Love and Mr. Penny was always appreciated and always necessary. Their services have for many years been a part of the Dental School annuals. In addition, the contributions of Mr. Foley should be noted, for this represents the eighteenth year that he has given his time to the publication. They are perhaps con- tributions that are very much taken for granted each year as editors and business man- agers start their work. Actually, only a very few are aware of the many hours that he has given to the preparation of this book. We want to express our gratitude at this time, with the hope that those who help with yearbooks in future years will enjoy their association with him as much as we have. The Editors -{90}- ' Re4ea vcA 6ty?£cUn4 Ca U ) ' - Con io£ fiction, otf Urea — provided in high concentration by the high-urea ammoniated dentifrice for- mula—penetrates deeply into the enamel . . . diffuses back to the surface gradually. 8 Here (under the plaque) it hydrolyzes to ammonia . . . keeps the pH alkaline for hours 47 ... resists the acidifying effect of sugar hydrolysis. 6,7 The high-urea ammo- niated dentifrice formula also inhibits growth of acid-producing and other po- tentially cariogenic bacteria. 3 Long-range clinical studies, as summar- ized below, demonstrate the cariostatic effectiveness of Amm-i-dent under actual conditions of use. DURATION OF STUDY NUMBER OF PATIENTS CARIES RATE % REDUCTION OF CARIES INCIDENCE BY USING AMM-I-DENT Total Control Test Control Amm-i-dent 4-year study, 2 complete report 185 75 no 2.33 1.31 43.6% 3-year study, interim report 120 31 89 2.19 1.08 50.9% 2-year study, 1 interim report 60 30 30 1.60 0.96 39.6% REFERENCES: 1. Gale, J. A.: Dent. Record 71:15, 1951. 2. Hensehel, C. J. and Lieber, L.: Oral Surg., Oral Med., and Oral Path. (Ref. to come). 3. Jen- kins, F. N. and Wright, D. E.: Brit. Dent. J. 90:117, 1951. 4. Lefkowitr, W. and Singer, A. J.: N. Y. St. Dent. J. 17:159, 1951. 5. Lefkowitz, W. and Venti. V. 1.: Oral Surg., Oral Med., and Oral Path. 4:1576, 1951. 6. Little, M. F., Brudevold, F.. and Taylor, R. : J. Dent. Res. (abstr.) 30:495, 1951. 7. Singer, A. J.: Oral Surg., Oral Med., and Oral Path. 4: 1568; 1951. 8. Wainwright, W. W. and Lemoine. F. A.: J.A.D.A. 41:135, 1950. AMM-I-DENT, INC. • Jersey City 2, N. J. THE HIGH-UREA AMMONIATED TOOTH POWDER AND TOOTH PASTE WHITE OR GREEN (CHLOROPHYLL) -J91 y ONE MOMENT, PLEASE -- SEE YOUR WEBER DEALER FIRST BEFORE YOU DECIDE The Weber Dental Manufacturing Company CANTON 5, OHIO Phone SAratoga 7-6238—7-6239 BALTIMORE DENTAL LABORATORY, Inc. Quality and Technical Accuracy Assured ' Certified McGrane Processors " 221-223 N. Paca Street BALTIMORE 1, MD. AL ' S RESTAURANT Serving Breakfast, Luncheon and Dinners Spaghetti and Meatballs Our Specialty Redwood and Greene Sts. Phone SA. 7-9559 4 92]- Natural bristles " Duratized " for longer life. Bristles reinforced by special process to assure " flexible stiffness, " resist matting for longer periods., .outlast ordinary brushes up to 3 times. 2 X Straight-line design to meet professional preference. Straight-trimmed bristle tufts, straight shank, straight handle . . . for simpler, more efficient manipulation. 3 Py-CO-tip for interdental stimulation. Flexible, resilient rubber construction . . . ready for your patient ' s use according to your instructions, to reach interproximal spaces inaccessible to the toothbrush. PyCOpe, Inc. • Jersey City 2, New Jersey RECOMMENDED BY MORE DENTISTS THAN ANY OTHER TOOTHBRUSH -(93 1- Castle General Vision light. Special reflector gives diffuse room illumina- tion. Adjusts for all ceilings. Castle " 777 " Speed-Clave. Instru- ments, needles, gloves, compresses sterilized dry, ready to use. Faster than boiling. Fully automatic. Castle PANOVlSION. Clear, non-glaring light for intra-ora! vision. Reduces shadow and glare. This equipment helps you start your practice . . . and keep it growing This combination of Castle lights and sterilizers helps you do the best possible job for your patients . . . and yourself. PanoVision reduces eye-strain and fatigue. Makes work easier and your day less tiring. General Vision light gives balanced illumination to LsOj£le your entire office. Cuts out annoying contrast between bright work area and rest of room. New " 777 " Speed-Clave gives you autoclave safety at a price you can afford. Safer, quicker, and easier than boiling. Talk to your Castle dealer or write Wilmot Casde Co., Rochester 7, N. Y. LIGHTS and STERILIZERS SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF ' 54 Compliments of ATLAS-SMITH Sb.tntat £a a-kato-UeA, MUlberry 5-7842 Box 1617 201 West Franklin Street BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Phone SA 7-9728 • CARL ' S Restaurant b Cafeteria Home Cooking and Sea Food • " Just Across the Street " 519 W. Lombard Street -{94r MODERN SCIENTIFIC PROCEDURES FOR TOOTH SELECTION TO CREATE PERSONALIZED DENTURE ARRANGEMENTS This is an important volume for your dental library. It is a review of basic research for scientific tooth selection and the development of dental char- acter through the use of varied labial surfaces. Simplified tooth selection proce- dures are explained in detail. Analysis of tooth color is also treated thorough- ly and clearly. The dimensions of color and their significance in a correct color guide are graphically demonstrated to simplify expert selection and match- ing of tooth colors. This book is available to dental students and faculty, upon request. VAUBD LABIAL SURFACE AND THEIR RELATION TO SCtEKTfflC TOOTH SELECTION UNIVERSAL DENTAL COMPANY 48th at BROWN STREET . PHILADELPHIA 39. PA. Manufacturers of FIVE-PHASE ANTERIORS • NIC POSTERIORS DR. FRENCH ' S POSTERIORS • NUFORM POSTERIORS NUFORM TUBE TEETH • INTERCHANGEABLE FACINGS ' 95 JELENKO GOLDS and PRECISION CASTING EQUIPMENT MODULAY BCC. u.%- pat. off. JELENKO CAST GOLD Type B — Medium Hard for MOD. Simple Inlays. TYPE C — HARD for Crown Inloy Abutments. The Patrician of Casting Golds. for Partials, Bridgework, Clasps, Bars, Saddles. JELENKO ELECTRIC INLAY FURNACE ' THERMOTROL JUNIOR " ' Certified A. DA. These superb Jelenko Golds meet every casting need. In equipping your laboratory, start right — with Jelenko Precision Casting Equipment. Jelenko Electric Inlay Furnace for wax elimination and " Thermotrol Junior " provide the essentials for Precision Casting. Add other Jelenko Equipment as needed. Detailed Literature and Catalogue on request. J. F. JELENKO CO., INC. Manufacturers of Dental Golds and Specialties Manufacturers of Dental Golds and Specialties 136 West 52nd Street New York 19 CREATIVE Dental Laboratories 407 E. 25th ST. HOpkins 7-5639 Congratulations to the Class of ' 54 University Restaurant 5 7 S. Greene Street Sam and Bob Lewis, Proprietors Specializing in Hot Dinners — Lunches Breakfast Sandwiches Fountain Service New Dining Room for Quicker Service 96! The J. M. NEY COMPANY Oepenc ai e Proaucts I . . . r e pnj Service ...and here ' s what we mean by Helpful Service... The Ney publications shown below contain basic up-to-date information about Ney Golds and dental laboratoty technics. They answer the questions most frequently asked and cover the technical problems most likely to arise. We are glad to make them available because we feel that you will find them truly useful in your daily work. In addition, we hope that you will always feel free to use the consulting services of the Ney Research and Technical Departments as well as the closer assistance of your local Ney Technical Repre- sentative, whom you will find particularly helpful when you establish your practice. Write The J. M. Ney Company, Hart for a 1, Connecticut. PLANNED PARTIALS Get to know your NEY Technical Representative HOWARD W. EI.DRIDGE NEIL B. SWANSON R. F. D. No. 1 713 Graisbury Avenue 12 Ardmore Road Haddonfield, N. J. Framingham, Mass. W. SCOTT ALBAN 116 Sheffield Road Columbus 2, Ohio JACK REIN ' HARDT EARL S. KENNEDY WARREN T. HAMMOND 24+ N. Lincoln Ave. P. O. Box 811 San Francisco. Calif. Park Ridge, Illinois Dallas. Texas HARRY E. GOWER DAVID E. PAULEY BRENDON B. SCULLIN TED JEWETT ATHOL DICKSON LOUIS ANDREATTA 89-51 Vanderveer Si. Route No. 1 1142 Elmwood Ave. 1427 Ronald Drive Houston. Texas 2361 Clark Avenue Queens Village, L. I.. N. Y. Winter Garden. Florida Lakewood, Oliio Webster Groves, Mo. Long Beach 15. Calif. ;97}- GOREN KATZ Dental Laboratory A Certified Ticonium Dental Laboratory 304 W. Monument Street BALTIMORE 1, MD. SAratoga 7-8219 Baltimore Hardware Cutlery and Tools Katherine Martin Gifts and Greeting Cards 601 W. Baltimore Street at Greene NEWRANIUM LABORATORIES 501 N. Eutaw St. Box 237 Baltimore 1, Md. Phones LExington 9-2164, 9-2165 COMPLETE LABORATORY SERVICE Dental Equipment Service Expert Handpiece Repair Instrument Sharpening THOMAS J. SHERMAN In Student Lounge Mondays, Wednesday, 10:00-1:00 4039 Falls Rd. - Baltimore 11, Md CHesapeake 3-6790 Compliments of University Pharmacy 524 W. Baltimore Street BALTIMORE, MARYLAND MUlberry 5-9125 ■ FOR YOU AND YOUR PATIENT HAVE ALWAYS BEEN IMPORTANT WITH US it i This is why, after 110 years, we are still pioneering, still searching, still devising, still improving, to promote better aids for dentistry. Perhaps you are aware of this. There is a dramatic story, for example, much too long, for this page, in the evolution of S. S. White Equipment for con- venience and comfort in the dental operating room. It stems from " headrest that can be adapted to any kind of chair, well suited to the traveling dentist, " made by Dr. Samuel S. Whi te in 1844, through the first self-cleansing cuspidor made in ' 66, the first electric engine in ' 70, first all-metal chair in ' 71, first chair to introduce the compensating seat and backrest in ' 72, the first hydraulic chair in ' 77, the first chair to give horizontal position in ' 99, the first equipment unit in 1913. The list of " firsts " is long, impressive, touches almost every phase of dentistry. In 1938 the S. S. White Master Unit brought modern styling into the operating room. In 1950, a new triumph in dentistry ' s conquest over pain came with the introduction of the S. S. White " Airdent " Unit for cavity preparation by the " Air- brasive Technique " . This we hope you will remember always — we and all dis- tributors of S. S. White products have a constant concern for you and your patients and strive always to provide superlative service in all we do and make for you. Proof of this will be evidenced in our free office planning service and convenient financing terms. Test us. Ask any distributor of S. S. White Equipment or write direct. £ 6 C 211 S. TWELFTH STREET, PHILADELPHIA 5, PA. DENTAL MANUFACTURING CO. 99 h QUALITY EXPERIENCE SERVICE Roy H. Cossel £r Company Dental Laboratories 19 West Chase Street P. 0. Box No. 1397 BALTIMORE 1, MARYLAND • FOR COMPLETE LABORATORY SERVICE Phone MUiberry 5-5437, 5-5438 Service Dental Laboratory A Certified Ticonium Laboratory for Every Dental Service 4100 Frederick Avenue BALTIMORE 29, MARYLAND Wllkins 5-6446 3 MEN ' S SHOP with • QUALITY Right • PRICE Right • FASHION Right Men ' s Wear Main Store edmondson belvedere HOCHSCHILD, KOHN -I 100! Sincere Wishes for Success to the Class of 1954 The Juuthefi B. Benkn Comjiany (Established 1856) Dental Supplies and Equipment 709 North Howard Street BALTIMORE 1, MARYLAND Serving you has been a pleasure May we continue throughout the coming years? ROBERT W. WHITNEY College Representative •(101 PROMOTING YOUR SATISFACTION It is our purpose at all times to offer you a complete and intelligent laboratory service. To this end, we employ a thoroughly trained staff of craftsmen — competent to carry through for you the construction of any type of restoration. 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" After June . . . what lies ahead? " is not going to be easily solved for you. A thousand and one details must be settled to your complete satisfaction — and that ' s our responsibility to you — an assignment that we ' re happy to take over with just one objec- tive ... to assist you in realizing your ambition to be a successful practitioner of dentistry. -{103|- MARYLAND DENTAL LABORATORIES A certified Ticonium Lab ' Your Conscientious Assistant ' 108 West Clay Street P. O. Box 2037 MUlberry 5-0437 Baltimore 1, Maryland ROON EY Dental Laboratory, Inc. For CONSISTENT SATISFACTION VErnon 7-8033—7-8034 857 N. Eutaw Street Baltimore 1, Maryland YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR Men ' s Clothing Furnishings and White Professional Shoes USE YOUR CHARGE ACCOUNT SOLOMON ' S, INC. 6 03 W. Baltimore St., Near Greene -[104)- The Deeley Dental Supply Co. Medical Arts Building Baltimore, Md. VE 7-4053 You imagine, We will engineer! Don ' t depend on factory made blue prints. We ' ll " personalize " your office plans to fit your individual needs. We ' ll find it, plan it, and decorate it. liosy L. G. BALFOUR CO. " Fraternity Jewelers " 208 W. Saratoga Street BALTIMORE 1, MARYLAND SUPERIOR DENTAL LABORATORY 507-509 N. Eutaw Street Baltimore 1, Md. Phone : Plaza 2-7286 SAratoga 7-3308 E. J. Koritzer, Proprietor MUlberry 5-2992 Yc OU CAN HAVE THAT FEELING OF SECURITY IN THE KNOWLEDGE THAT WHATEVER YOUR PROSTHETIC REQUIREMENTS ARE, THEY ARE IN EXPERIENCED, COMPETENT HANDS AT THE Southern Dental Laboratory 116 East Preston Street BALTIMORE 2, MARYLAND 39 Years ' Technical Experience at Your Service UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE for Quality, Quantity and Convenience • 519 West Lombard Street BALTIMORE 1, MARYLAND Call MAdison 3-2400 NATES LEONS Delicatessen - Restaurant Finest in foods, pastries, hors d ' oeuvres Free Home Delivery Cakes of Every Description Baked to Order 1 106 y Large enough to serve you well- yet — Small enough to serve you personally OUR NEW HOME . . at 853 N. Howard St COOPER DENTAL LABORATORY MU 5-0950 107 y CHICK ' S Musical Bar and Lounge Music Nitely Television Corner Baltimore and Greene MU 5-9715 SAratoga 7-4238 Ceramic Laboratory 803 Cathedral Street Baltimore 1, Md. FONTI ' S - K - SHAVING PARLOR • 581 West Baltimore Street Phone SA 7-9751 The Students ' Own Shop Irvington Delicatessen and Dining Room HANS K. HEINZE, Prop. Specializing in Fine Foods Carry Out Service — Catering 4031-4033 Frederick Avenue BALTIMORE 29, MARYLAND Phone LOngwood 6-9604 Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1954 D. CLIFTON SMITH Best Service for DINNERS — LUNCHEONS PARTIES — TEAS Fancy Sandwiches a Specialty 240 Wilson Street Baltimore, Maryland For Your Stationery Supplies Theodore Klupt b Co. Baltimore ' s Growing Stationers 329-331 W. Baltimore Street LExington 9-0013, 0014, 0015 -{108 1- t€c id with HITTER THE WORLD ' S FINEST ... THE ALL-NEW Instra-Matic Inspired by the dental profession, the all-new Ritter Instru-Matic Unit is the result of many years of Ritter research and engineering. Picture this unit, the ultimate in contemporary design, in your new office. Your hours in the operating room will be most enjoyable, working with a unit unsurpassed in ease of operation. Be sure of the right start in your new office and include with the sensational new Ritter Instru-Matic Unit, a Ritter Motor Chair, a Ritter Dual-X, a Ritter Stool and a Ritter Sterilizer. With Ritter you own the finest dental equipment backed by over half a century of leadership. Take advantage of the many Ritter services that are planned to help you build your practice, such as the Ritter Office Planning Department and the Ritter Statistical Service. Ask your Ritter Dealer, too, for copies of the Practice-Building Studies and the Professional Office Planning Book. For information on the deferred investment plan write the Ritter Credit Corp. We ' re ready to assist you in every way. Ritter COMPANY INCOIPOIt! ID »iihb PARK, ROCHESTER 3. N T m With the Compliments of HYNSON, WESTCOTT DUNNING INCORPORATED • Charles and Chase Streets BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Best Wishes From SEA COVE RESTAURANT 1940 Linden Ave. it ' s NEW it ' s MOBILE its an AMERICAN CABINET New styling, new colors, practical mobility, work-saving features profes- sional men have come to expect in American Cabinets. Think of the convenience — visualize it in your new office — then ask your dealer to show you American Cabinet No. 180. No wonder more dentists use American Cabinets than any other make! Thja. Cbruuv. i c cltl Fa Irin a T Qmyxcuuj Division of Hamilton Manufacturing Company TWO RIVERS, WISCONSIN A FRIEND INDEED When You ' re in Need of : LIFE INSURANCE DISABILITY INCOME RETIREMENT INCOME Other Insurance Coverage Robert l. stipsak BE 5-9317 Phone Gilmor 5-0130 GOOD SHEPHERD LAUNDRY Calverton Road and Franklin Street Wet Wash— Thrifty Family Service Rough Dry Doctors ' Coots a Specialty Try Us— It Is Worth While -I no] imy THE STORE WHERE MEN LIKE TO SHOP . . . Shop For Your Own Needs . . . Accessories . . . Gifts . . . at HUTZLER BROTHERS CO. Howard and Saratoga bromo seltzer J ' EURALGI For Relief of Headache and Upset Stomach, Bromo-Seltzer Has Helped Millions of People for More Years than Any Other Pain Reliever. COMPLIMENTS of EMERSON DRUG COMPANY H. Highkin D. Saull B. N. Ginsberg Universal Dental Laboratory A Very Dependable Laboratory 326 W. Franklin St. Baltimore, Md. LExington 9-8532 P. 0. Box 1835 COMPLIMENTS OF YOUR ARUN DEL Ice Cream Store Baltimore and Greene Sts. Compliments of Queen City Window Building Cleaning Co. Sandblasting — Steam Cleaning Pointing and Caulking MU 5-2929 12 N. Greene Street -(112! " YORICK Skull is 31 2 " x 2 ' A With this Miniature Skull You Can SHOW Patients What You ' re Talking About TRYING to explain to patients why " permanent " ' dentures should be remade periodically to pre- serve normal occlusion and condylar relations, takes some talking. With " Yorick " you can show them. You can also show — How tissue changes cause loose dentures. How abnormal condylar relations cause auditory troubles and facial neuralgia. How bite raising can relieve such conditions; re- store normal appearance. How cusp interference causes unbalanced occlu- PRICE — $15.00 If you do not have our Catalog No. 33, write for your copy today. Whereas patients recoil at such demonstration on a human skull, they Ye intrigued with " Yorick. " Yet this little half-sized skull in " Ivorine " is a replica of a human skull, with cranial sutures, nerve foramina, full dentition and a movable mandible. " Yorick " Is Invaluable in Educating Patients to Accept the Advanced Concepts of Dental Service. COLUMBIA DENTOFORM CORPORATION " The House of A Thousand Models " also Headquarters for Brown Attachments 131 East 23rd Street - - New York 10, N. Y. -1113}- Worth Looking Into The Emerson reflects every facet of top hotel qualities — excellent cuisine; considerate service; comfortable surroundings. EMERSON HOTEL BALTIMORE f M ADVERTISERS ENGRAVING COMPANY ARTISTS - ENGRAVERS CATALOG ILLUSTRATORS INDUSTRIAL BUILDING 501 509 E. PRESTON ST. BALTIMORE. MD. C 7?fepL,ie MULB£RRY 2357-2358 Brown-Morrison Co., Inc. Everything for Your Office at THE BUSINESS MAN ' S DEPARTMENT STORE 718 Main Street. LYNCHBURG. VA. ARTCRAFT Dentures Are Individually Assembled By True Craftsmen To Insure Fine Performance — Yet Priced Competitively Be Sure to SEND US A CASE ARTCRAFT DENTAL LABORATORY 416 N. Greene St. Phone: Plaza 2-1335 Baltimore 1, Maryland -{114}- flfefc design and dentistry Nature, in her most perfect form of design, achieves an admired symmetry, a harmony of components with their whole, and a resulting natural beauty which, though often imitated, is rarely equalled, but never surpassed. Trubyte Bioform Teeth follow Nature ' s own principles of design. The forms of Trubyte Bioform Teeth are the result of careful and prolonged study of thousands of extracted natural teeth, hundreds of skulls with good dentition and hundreds of patients. They are truly representative of the appearance of beautiful natural teeth. Each form has been carefully selected for its size and proportions, approximate outline form and pleasing labial characteristics. Labial markings vary in type from one form to another. No two forms in any classification are identical even in outline. No pattern has been followed beyond that provided by Nature. Trubyte Bioform Teeth are in harmony with all three dimensions of the face — outline form, profile and cheek planes. They form the basis for a system of tooth selection which assures an esthetic result never before attainable. They enable every dentist to attain a new degree of excellence in his prosthetic work. TRUBYTE 1310 Bi . 01 111 TEETH A Product of The Dentists ' Supply Co. of N. Y., York, Pa. •{115}- , X - 5H 1 I -

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