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Text from Pages 1 - 276 of the 1962 volume:

3 1962 ris presents maine patterns 'aulmu go Aggsaalq 'u c E al :- o n. 5' -4 'll :- cn El E. 1 L o UI VI OU I augmu editor edith cheitman business advisor henry hawley editorial advisor howard keyo business manager fred Iaughlin from the chaos of freshman week through the culmination that is commencement THE MAINE PATTERN provides an intellectual framework E within which the proliferating patterns of undergraduate life develop f l .M W f I llitllfl' f I Nl ll! llllgfq, I l N i 4' 45 ' In, 'fx Us HHH' llll' 22529, Wi HW T , l, if QQ is ,za if 965 I A p pi airi 'LQ IM' I NW, pv. XXX Fm fl , 5 -:X , f , N ,,,, , 1' 1.,,f!g7l,,.'lf?FW' 41:41 l: 1 'Z wumx !lllQ5,p l 'l il llllxxxvw' 'X ll N pp by iii? Milli? V V iff-u.,m. AW' W :JQZIW 'Q M M U NN s MAX .',:,qfl' I' -, ,al p r N l5ii,Q"3?,'Ql"l'vff5"!' f7f'1Uu E ' l T ll xxv"" We +wn"v-v'flQl 'E l l- l x fl--fl ui- 'ill l ll illf l ll ' ill" , l l ' Xu A 2 X Q h ii, f X . ' I ' , NSN' if : S XY, . Q H E ? V 'Jw J H 4, -. V ni EX 4 XX ' if Q ' V T- T ' If - R si 5- ' - A 115 . li 'I 1 HH - ' I 3? N ig - ,A. lf . .ff z' ,g ,V ' av' sf I ' 1 f fini, ,NC gl I I . M ww .Q X . -l,y.' ,- 11- 17:5 ,. X 1- f, 'claw D-X .. -. lfiynl K 'Age H Aux: ul I xl I ,I l ,.'U: if 5937 f .3?4:1 if 1 i -fa 'U ' 7 . ffl ' " .n f-x5"'f 'f-13.4-f'5wH"',1' ni." -1. ,.-514 ,""'- in ' ' 1' fy X i ,f .w r.1 r , pl 'UH grin J' Y, .34 ,, . -,1,j'g'-Jwf1'-"i- ,X U Q .4 51' .ifsges 1'.lIa'Jf':,i ,' 1:xHl5gLl!,'L "V"-I4 1 ,, , 1" qhnvr -'-123' 1 ll A .4293 ' ' W" 11 4' 1"-1' .,l'9l" -1 .w,4 ' ,.,xI-saab '.x.- ,' -A'g1AgL,v. 72.5,-:4anx.:A.-:.nngs'Bw4,a I li' 5 . - , f nf iw"3, ' i-'1 -:"'1"' ' T-I I B '1 f. jx. kgxalplf 1 21,113 :Ina It .J -hi xl I - ' .-,. ' Qrfmm 1 I 5 .' 4 ' X "' . ' -.ff E! xx- 1 . : V " K -113--""'. . 4 - f 4. . I ' . 4 . n 3, t::aff'1""""'- 1-.,...,.,:-1 g., t 'r' 'i f . ' H , - ,, fi ,V - V -'fi . 'fif""2T,. 44 V f f -4-" il-Il H'- - f l - - 1 ,r I f Y-.-- -4 4. ,g - M- - , - .- 4 , ,A . "Amana-L K In A , p 53 ' if' A I ' ' ' ' ig ' ' 3 'f:.' Q If, ,gin - ' . 351251 ' ' -'f .1' : I Y ' 2 P -'rlfiirlz' ' 1 . . VY! -V 1 .gfg " -- 'jf'-4 W-gf , 1-f I wr , W . 2 'ff ' - V- - , ' , - ' -' "W -- sf----'ilgr ,Y - V V "' vin- 'V-- Mag if Hi X li l was xx X Kiss si r- H I N N 9 X - ,,,. ,-- mi m 33. a F 4 dedicated... to those individuals who from the patterns of learning established at the University of Maine will develop the perceptiveness necessary to create from their acquired knowledge and experience a life of integrity .IK .ing-,1', .3 "" - l 'fx , ' 52' , H9 ' ' 'f- Xvflitj , ,. .. 1-,Q"f'ja---.1 1' ' f' - ' , ,, gf .fi ,., A ,,k' 1 V fx WN! Ji, X 1": '- vi I 3? !:f?ixl! xx 'H gxxxyxbl . .- "V 'J As ww M Jfyfr '..-V3.3 K 'fi gn J 3' 'sjqwt is SYX '.'K1 ,'.- 7 ' Ml "ij gi ,-A, 5 f S w L , lussmen - ,,---Z f Q , ' ' x It I H E 5' P ' R K Q 1 'Tj J VAQKL 55 Kirgg Q KKVVL , XXV! X 5 ,' ' 1 Q "J ' JJn, 3 kr ,J f . sf fig? B 5, f -' Q .1'g': ly ,lf igi . " 'ZW 2-'E f- ' .. . ' I F X J I -Imp Yi-'h TSA. 1 f ZX R, I we- id Knmlhx ig X 3, 'N f 1 if' f1 'x I 1' N 4' x ,, 'cf-1- . Im. . ?'f"9' Z". , 1' i ' . -3 ' ," in - ,iffgqn -f V., ?f ff., , EEA tu V6 fini? gi' 121 .ff J! 1 ? Ng-3 .r ..f I . f ful-H.' U ,Ive f 'xpjy 1 L- V Q- M53 if '32--f ' 1 jf? " :jf Ei' 1' -rx if---""'7":. r'J,-'Q-Ike' X 'LUX Vx' 1 It ,. .' ' 5 iff?-Ev., 4- R Q' ' Q Viffl' T'?'7f?ffi 55423 vm ,V,- -w, 31.4, ,... .. , , .aQig.s:M.i4g:51i . - b, , I 'slsni qyv ' I ,' " ,IIN an all 1 H Jilin' K LA ' X f ,, v 5, E? ,ff 45.5 if A A fm, A i ,fl f 5 Alflffii- , ' 59' .YH-" 533 fx ' ' n V: Ji, , Fi iavlf' -SK I ,:.f:- 5- Xu-x .Vs -' 95 f , ' X ' 'f' 'AXS X E V -9 'H A If-111 ' +1 f- - rv :fr ' , 2 x NW 5 5' '- z Vg ea:-6 , ...W-C f.7""" " .-F...-+4 1 ruff-' 1 2 :.-immfff-' W-.Q 15 3 ?ffi7wf V Wi?-i3?1i'3w'4' . X 4f-JfQ..:D- 1 ' -Quan I M 1 N - wj H70 A I X x ai' Y" 3 yy . K'-2E.,i,' 1 5,955+- ldm , -N P- i I . . , , I r..- , 1 - X ' in - I ' . rikl "Z i 1 i ! 3 , . I I F I 4 i l 1 5 X f 4 l W 4 I f framework VZJWZ Rm as Lab ary fy fM me 0 Mane T 1IniyeraLLx..S.t1nrs..QQmnan! 1-www one page 1962 Prism 100 paid 12f1f6O lsemenfs page 245 -ow kj "5:'?E'- . , 77? Fmllngin-Qi Hugh flown hclrblngers hewmg hopes Wox winged Through The obsldlcn maze of Pattern purled confusion guldmg IH Leading commanding respect ln humlhiy . . . ' I . . . . . . . " I . . . . . , . I udership president lloyd h. elliott. . . g---1-signs f ' v-- .,-,,4 0 . ...-,. ' W '. 1 -' 3' : ,I fry lx H gg ' Q ,. , , a tU 1865 '2 fs lx ' H' Q' if " making decisions that shape the University . . . Z V f , r 'i Q W LA , N' -Q , lffhg ., s 1 fx! mA'i""fx' ' A' 1 - 3 I ' 'ia' ' H ' wil 'Q-W7 A ,I ' 3 n ' X V A, ii ' lm,-lflijxff-'Q ww' . x A fi at A-K, .fl-up-Q .,., Vrhq . ,.- -A -it S? 'IO ' pattern maker of a growlng unlverslty , Q- n 1 .H 4'n1,Fq5:,.v ' P., 1 t,-It my--. , ,th 5 .4- ' A. -1-Qyh -gi, V. -91, fa-81. - ,x rv' 1 ' , -. taking an active interest in campus life and thought . ' - ' I X 'it- Gp N 2 I dean of women edith wilson ., -vs. I 5-QE From checking blueprints for the new women's dormitories to work- ing on means to maintain small col- lege intimacy, Dean of Women Edith G. Wilson has an active role in the plans for the growing university. She is investigating possibilities of a student committee to keep open the lines of communication between her office and the coeds at Maine. Dean Wilson is advisor to the Junior and Senior Residents and conducts a session in group dynamics for house presidents. This year she has worked with the administration at the University of Maine in Port- land on the problems of the recent admission of women to the formerly all-male campus. She is a strong supporter of the WAA, and a mem- ber of the Social Affairs, Religious Affairs and Calendar Committees. 1,15-':A,-,.e.:,n"' ,f " -'5.EJJ.. 1 wc- . 1' gr gil., 5 ...,,rI.Y K W ,'tv., . .IQ r i r 5 sl assistant to the dean mary zink The latest addition to the adminis- trative staff is Mary Zink, Assistant to the Dean of Women and Director of the University's Testing Service. Miss Zink supplies sources for vocational-education material and, through a series of tests, is able to advise undergraduates on the basis of their interests and aptitudes. Miss Zink expresses a keen interest in Student Government and A.W.S. She works with the various execu- tive boards helping to organize and strengthen them. Along with Dean Wilson, Miss Zink is 'anxious to maintain a "friendly, close-knit spirit in the growing university. ll dean of men iohn e. stewart Dean John E. Stewart is a man ready and waiting for the unexpected event and the sudden emergency. His only special proiects are his students-the five percent who are disciplinary prob- lems and the ninety-five who come to his office for help with their personal adjustment problems. Dean Stewart calls it his "human relations work." Another of Dean Stewart's activities is the administrative responsibility of the Memorial Union. Frequent meetings with its director, Nelson B. Jones, in- sure smooth functioning of the Bear's Den and environs. Dean Stewart re- ceived his B.A. in 1927 and his M.A. in 1928, both from the University of Maine. After teaching mathematics at Maine for several years, he was ap- pointed Assistant to the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. He be- came Dean of Men in 1950. Off campus, Dean Stewart's hobbies are carpentry, fishing, and also hunting. assistant to the dean barry millett In 1956, after spending four years in the Army, Barry Millett graduated from the University of Maine. He did graduate study at Boston University and at present is working to complete his Master's degree. For the past two years Mr. Millett has been director of Freshman Week and has attempted to make the activities mean more to the freshmen. He started improvements in the Fall of 1960 by shortening the orientation period and starting classes two days earlier. Barry Millett works closely with the proctors and dormi- tory students. He is advisor to the Senior Class and Vice President of the Maine chapter of Alumni Fraternities. administration CI? Trustees 4- Sieatedf Mrs. C. C. Little, Mrs. Rena C. Bowles, Vice Pres. Mr. Samuel W. Collins, Pres. Mr. Raymond Fogler. Standing: Mr. Charles E. Crossland, Mr. Donald P. Corbett, President of the University Lloyd H. Elliott, Dr. Lawrence M. Cutler, Mr. Arthur H. Benoit, Dr. Warren G. Hill. Absent: Mr. William H. Chisholm, Mr. Frank W. Hussey, Mr. Lewis Barrows. . ,vii 4' . J ,. l L ,f ' E-glli 1- , Vgigris. .ini nl'-' all M1 James A. Harmon Nelson B. Jones Philip J. Brockway Director of Admissions Director of Memorial Union Director of Placement l ss X' ' ' "iw, :.L - f ' l 'I 'iixsil l - "' x rece -in ', f ill I ' V ,- ., ""' l - If 4,..-a-u VL l " xi 7 I f it re'ff'ffTg'-,l l :Qt '.lPfQ it S ii . - , , , i-A '."-::.1.ff:.-A515 tix . ' -, - v,g1r,,!,' iii' g iii 'QI'EiWi7i2:l ' X N 5 5 ,I ' i,,.,,.,.,i..,,. ..,, new r Francis S. McGuire Louis T. Ibbotson Howard A. Keyo Director of Plant and Facilities Librarian Director of Publicity 14 .e .Hz x i 6 1 . K The whole of the university's suc- .ff ' cess is greater than the sum of its 1 x'- parts due to the smooth-running system directed by the administra- tors. Working closely with each other, the faculty, and the students, administration fits the pieces of ' pattern together. Maine stu- come in contact with officials their staffs daily - checking in the Registrar's office, social events, signing for club room, getting a loan for the semester, returning library adding and dropping, pick- up veteran's checks, paying and taking iob interviews. ..'f' if Charles E. Crossland Vice President of the University " l Prescott H. Vose Comptroller William C. Wells Manager of Dormitories it Donald W. Taverner Director of Development Russell T. Wooley Executive Alumni Secretary Henry L. Doten Business Manager Robert C. Worrick Director of Student Aid George H. Crosby Registrar an TSE 4'-'Q Harry W. Gordon Treasurer Vernon C. Elsemore Manager Family Housing college of agriculture fi ig f? .. li' r ,Sensi if -vp Mill lm, r., f A bv he-. P . Ll, ,, -. F. . 4 FC lggr 4, Y y , l 7 p74 'SL ff- +- -31-I 14? .FL Dean Winthrop C. Libby Jane H. Crowe Home Economics 1 ""'i':-'Tl ,Agp f v 5. eg I X P- ut .. ' ' i A 4 1 1 -' ' " X . " r l , l L-llfi'l7?gf7' 7 fly X x ' 4 7 . 95, ,- . -au' , -ag ff"Q:fEQ:'5j :4, 'vT if v 55 ' be l ' ' l lr1'.:ii i'gTl?X.Nx 7 4.1 lu , Bruce R. Poulton J. Robert Sm th Geddes W. Sim son Charles E. Buck Y P Animal Science Poultry Husbandry Entomology Bacteriology uv-"' department heads College of Agriculture offers programs in fields rang- Byron L. Bondumnf Richard J. Campana from Agricultural Economics to Poultry Husbandry. ln Agricultural Engineering Botany el' the purely scientific and the applied phases of agri- Maine is way out a field grown science to one complete with technical and test tubes. Along with the regular courses of the college includes KU' Charles H. Merchant Agricultural Economics program. The School of Home Economics, centered rill Hall, prepares students scientifically in the im- business of homemaking. Dr. Jane Crowe has i Dr. Marlon Sweetman as head ofthe school. The of Forestry was set up to provide students with an ity to get the specific training necessary in the Part of the program is a stint at the summer camp. The two-year agriculture course provides basis in the agricultural sciences for students do not need the full four-year program. The two- course has greatly improved agricultural methods has spread them throughout the entire state. front. Agriculture has gone two major schools and a two- in Franklin P. Eggert Wallace H. Elliott Horticulture Agricultural Education u ggi A' 4 79" Frederick H. Radke Roland A. Struchtemeyer J. Franklin Witter Biochemistry Agronomy Animal Pathology college of arts and sciences Wig 'UN E. 4 4 , ,Y ,. ' .- .AJQ .Xe .. if ' I 1 fl I :If , 5 X , Y'-1rxT4 VH ' 7'iv ' l 'A practical background in the wider maior fields of hu knowledge and experience Most students no m Dean Joseph Murray in what college they are enrolled have some Contact w Arts and Sciences courses before graduation. To technology student making a foray into a philoso course as well as to the dyed in the wool English mai r the Arts and Sciences faculty members offer their g ance and information willingly. A cooperative prog . .E I ' I I I I ' I T n The College of Arts and Sciences provides a liberal but . . . . . r . - I C o with the College of Education allows Arts and Sci students to get teaching certification along with bachelors degrees. The School of Business Adminis tion is a recent offshoot from the Arts and Scie 'Warn "-w-.q,,,,,. Speech pl. . FEW' ... ru, ""V" . 1 - A. , e?3'f3m.w.ipW? V , .IU kr" It , fl ff' fn, ,Je xi r, f. i 'P 724 1 'fi .' ff-fi - f "' iiqvffg A Q. L, Qiairiii ,,' , ' T V. .g ,F ,rf- ' 'uf , A M" ' ' K ur. "fr -2 'N " . ' 5- 74 ll 13. ' X411 V! Joseph M. Trefethen Foreign Languages and Classics Geology Benjamin R. Speicher Zoology Wilmarth H. Starr 'ln lt . l:l.' 'Tl l' o il l 'I 'F l. . ll 1 Ill g . Ll 0 t i xx Herschel L. Bricker Theatre ,ll Spofford H. Kimball Mathematics and Astronomy Clarence E. Bennett Physics History and Government Q43 Brooks W. Hamilton Journalism 1 L A l f . ff ' ' L 'Q - . - '- . 'l ty ' - fi Av.: .1 'u W 'K .1 . t '- Q A 3 ,I F 5-...JE , ' ' -si. H. 1 . ' ' '43f'l1,l+?"? - "5 'Fifi at :.g,.f 1 A Q 'il g, --L-'it t. -+ 4 331-We . .2Qyt32:'z:1m2':f- - 'f ,gs,igt., ,ss t-his .lt lt wi- ti-fy i L f ,wtf-'7f3f'4'.' Q' '- 'H i. -Fi - 1 P' - -. ,,.'g 14.1.-. , ga, A .Rh sg .5 Af .gyg-fsf1,f . Q - ,. .-f.:"5j1 - ' inks, J A, TF"3 T"-'Ulf' -.' - f-.,,.::ff. , it-in .b 9 xcwg-"xv: 'T Ronald B. Levinson Philosophy department heads Edward F. Dow A. Douglas Glanville Psychology M . ---,--. L-X pi '..' L John E. Hankins English Art Vincent A. Hartgen XJ" .',,,,,,,x Lewis H. Niven H. Austin -Peck Music Economics and Sociology I9 college of technology The College of Technology is recog- sc nized throughout the country as one of the best. Programs of study are offered in 175 major areas including Chemical Engineering, Civil Engi- neering, Pulp and Paper Technol- ogy, and Engineering Physics. In line with Maine's interest in fores- try, a special five year course is offered in Pulp and Paper Manage- ment. Maine's Technology students are much in demand after gradua- tion and have, in addition, frequent opportunities to work in their fields during summers before graduation. Dean Weston SL Evcins department heads s .MH mn John W. Beamesderfer Chemistry X. if ri. V r 'CJ "fr Walter .LW Creamer W 3 Lyle C. Jenness Matthew McNeary Harry D. Watson t Electricalfngizneering 2 Chemical Engineering Engineering Graphics Mechanical Engineering .4 Iifiw 4-I 1 1' In order to meet the growing de- mand ot the expanding state for ..l i .. 3,4 3' f 2 college of edgccletlon ll. well trained teachers, the Univer- A sity's School of Education became the College of Education in 1957. Three years later, in 1960, it re- . ceived national accreditation. Test- . ing and counseling services spon- ' l sored by the College are available. One sign of the progress Maine's - newest college division has made is the new education building built to accommodate the growing number of people taking up the program. IT' E L i raduate study Dean Edward N. Brush Dean Mark R. Shibles Assistant to the Dean Kenneth B. Fobes The University's Graduate School is growing right along with everything else. Graduate programs are now offered which lead to the degrees of Master of Arts, Master of Science, Master ot Education, and Doctor of Philosophy. The Certificate ot Ad- vanced Study is also: awarded upon completion of thirty hours beyond the degree ofimasisf of Education. The Advanced Study program is de- signed tor teachers gnnd school ad- ministrators il'iZ1Tordt4ffito further the use of the educatiohal techniques. 111. its .. 2. .gs , H ,, 33. ,TM .. ' 21 -as l faculty in action We may not see, or hear, much of the faculty and administration out- side of classes and offices, perhaps because they're so busy after hours. When they're not grading papers they may be writing books or peer- ing through microscopes late into the night. On the iob they're pretty versatile too - supervising every- thing from cat-skinning to graph- drawing to speeding. The essence of the university is its leaders and their involved and active lives. I' 5 .2 A I, 1 lx I .-, t -. ' 1.1. -.11 -i Q Ylll .J X - ww..-,rf Writing books Grading papers Making music QS! 'QA r,.... Training in technique ',.A as fp 1 -s I ref-f mmm w 9 -JW .1 -:f Try? fi Guiding standards Keepmg order 1- student leaders -P... senate president larry cilley After three years as a senator and one year as Senate vice president, Larry Cilley moved into his present position. His activities at Maine have shown his constant interest in government. A public management maior in Arts and Sciences, he has been vice-president of the Public Management Club and aassociate editor of the T961 Prism. Debate Club, Rifle Team, the Hauck Fund Drive, the Maine Day Publicity Committee, and the Memorial Union Governing Board have also claimed part of his time. His achievements have not gone unnoticed, Larry was a Sophomore Owl, a member of Phi Kappa Delta, and this year a Senior Skull. A Bangor man, Larry belongs to Delta Tau Delta fraternity. Dx if' a.w.s. president meg thompson As president of A.W.S., Meg Thompson is responsible for coordinating student and administration opinions to set standards for some thousand univer- sity women. Fortunately, Meg has had experience in this sort of work. She has been a Sophomore Eagle and last year was a resident in Chad- bourne Hall. She represented the Uni- versity of Maine in the Intercollegiate A.W.S. and is an All-Maine Woman. A member of Chi Omega, Meg was chairman of its vocations program this year. With energy and patience left over, she acted as co-chairman of the Good Will Chest Drive. International Club and the Maine Masque Chorus are two more of her interests. Meg is an English maior. 1 ,,,,.f2:-ss. ' Q .il j ' g 'fx A 1 E . l '1 f lgfgh i.f.c. president pete gGn1l11Ol'lS Pete Gammons, president of the Inter- raternity Council this year, has lasted through one of the most trying posi- ions on campus. Working with the seventeen fraternities and the ad- ministration, he has led the Council hrough the usual controversies on oint averages, special permissions for house parties, and rules for rushing. In spite of all his own headaches Pete has taken an interest in all aspects f campus life and has always been illing to go out of his way to help nd advise. He has served his fratern- ty, Beta Theta Pi, as secretary and reasurer. A business and economics aior, he is business manager of The aine Campus and a Press Club ember. panhell president ann corbett Setting standards for the seven sorori- ties on campus so that sorority life can be a harmonious and valuable element at Maine is the iob of the Panhellenic Council. Always smiling, Ann Corbett has fulfilled the demands of being Panhell president this year. A member of Pi Beta Phi sorority, Ann has taken part in other activities on campus. Last year, as a iunior, she was treasurer of Panhell. Her sopho- more year she served on the judicial board of A.W.S. She was president of her dormitory freshman year. Aca- demically speaking, Ann has been honored as a psychology maior in the college of Arts and Sciences by mem- bership in Sigma Mu Sigma, honorary psychology fraternity on campus. MENS-Q . Amr- . , z, rf Sa- 25 student leaders senior skulls ormand wade Ormond Wade, president of senior skulls, has proved in his tour years at Maine that technology students do not limit themselves to using slide rules and making calculations on the tables in the Den. Maioring in engineering physics, Ormond has managed to get the honor grades necessary to become a member of Sigma Pi Sigma, honor- ary physics fraternity. He has also been a member of the student branch of the Institute ot Radio Engineers, a professional society on the college level. Any ot his fraternity brothers can tell you that- Ormand hasn't neglected his fraternity life. He is a past president of Delta Tau Delta. Ormand's home is in Boothbay, Maine. 26 all-maine women nancy rich As president of All-Maine Women, Nancy Rich personifies all this senior honor society means. She has been a member of the Student Senate where she served on the Executive Committee and the Ring Committee and acted as chairman of the Elections Committee. As a member of the class ot 1961 she has served on her junior and senior class Executive Committees. ln her dormitory she has been a mem- ber of the house council. Nancy has also been active as rush chairman and pledge trainer for Chi Omega sorority. Her academic interests are by no means limited. A history and govern- ment major in Arts and Sciences, she was elected to Sigma Mu Sigma. Her home is in Berlin, New Hampshire. A P' -,r A N 4 'X ' 'if owls president iim Sherburne The leader of "the guys with the holes in their heads" this year was Jim Sherburne from Milo, Maine. His time nd thought-consuming studies in pre- med didn't prevent him from doing a horough job for the new men on ampus as president of the Sophomore wls. Jim has worked for his class nd the campus in other capacities han Owl. He has served as a student enator and this year was appointed y the officers of the class of 1963 to he Sophomore Class Executive Board. im pledged Phi Kappa Sigma his reshman year and was chosen presi- ent of his pledge class. His intelli- ence, good humor, and consideration ave played a big part in the success f the Owls during this past year. eagles president lou clark Last September when the freshman women arrived on campus and were successfully met by their blue-starred guardians, Lou Clark breathed a sigh of relief. A member of Alpha Omicron Pi sorority, Lou directed the Eagles as they guided freshmen through an active year. Lou's life on campus has been active too. A sociology maior in the college of Arts and Sciences, she was president of the newly unified Chadbourne Hall her freshman year. Having been constantly in touch with the problems of women students in adiusting to dormitory living, she was well qualified to help this year's fresh- men. She finds time to use her musi- cal talents and to do some work with Maine Masque. Lou is from Rutland, Vermont, and a real asset to Maine. ffm HN -sz? 27 -- outstanding students artist iames harithas As an abstract expressionist painter Jim has gained national recognition. His paintings have been exhibited in New York and Maine in group and one-man shows. Jim's formal educa- tion has been varied. In 1951 he studied and received a diploma in five languages at Institut Montana, Zug, Switzerland. He studied paint- ing at the University of Frankfurt in 1953. From 1953 to 1955 he attended the University of Maine. In 1956 he studied privately with Andre Lemoine President of the Federation of Lorraine Artists in France. In 1957 he became the first American admitted directly into the most advanced studio of the French National School of Fine Arts, Nancy, France. Returning to the Uni- versity of Maine in 1958, Jim maiored in history and government. From September 1959 to August 1960 Jim taught an art class in Old Town spon- sored by the University art depart- ment. His campus interests have in- cluded International Club and the Stu- dent Publications Committee. With his wife and daughter, Jim lives and paints at the South Apartments. ,, , Y. " g.. V. - i'r.m,,, . i :B ,, -s ,f - . 54 111. V .rx , , ' .1 ,. I ll 1 , ,tx i' Y i , 1 'EJ 1 . if til 'I Jr i -ipa' - , 4 f J i is it L .fi is l a -5 'P 'I' 11 Lf. ' z we ' . he 'ir E iss maine ally robinson ally Robinson represented the beauty nd talent of the women of the State f Maine at Atlantic City, New Jersey, uring the 1960 Miss America Contest. he first step in Sally's rise to queen- om was her capture of the Miss Lin- n title. From there she went to the Maine competition and won As a Miss America candidate lly personified the ideal Maine In winning a thousand dol- scholarship for her musical variety she fulfilled the expectations of who crowned her Miss Maine sent her to Atlantic City. Sally the first Miss Maine in 39 years win an award. Since the Miss a Contest Sally has presided at Potato Blossom Festival in Fort Maine, and in Boston at Fen- Park's Maine Day. A member class of 1962, Sally is a psychol- maior in the college of Arts and Her activities and interests membership in Delta Delta sorority, an enioyment of out- activities - especially horseback ng - and an active interest in uni- life. Her freshman year she secretary of South Estabrooke I This year Sally was chosen of Phi Gamma Delta. N N 1 . -1 Freckle-dappled fresh With sound slnew And unsound sense Thus us the maternal To be taught tamed Wvxm Thwarted Each fitted by his Aptitude 4'a'?'-'I' To his 5 4 puzzle piece Pattern place iv -164 .1 1 V- ' ....., Y' underclassmen ft if l l 5 li J- 'Y er- V , ,v I, - ,, f ' -pta 'iwf , 'V - .A-' Y , f 'h1?7f'ff 1Q3'f?Nrf7r""i V ' 1- LQ 1 - 1-gm L-1... :f..z,,,l J ,, Last fall the class of '63 were con- fronted with the stultifying roles they would have to play as sopho- mores. Not yet upperclassmen and still burdened by the time consum- ing requirements of ROTC for the men and compulsory Phys Ed forthe women, they tried to carve an in- teresting pattern in the second year doldrums. The class executive coun- cil included Jim Hansen, Pat Small, Debbie Chapman, Lois Murdock Sally Grindell, Gayle Orser, Tom Chittick, Jim Sherburne, Ali Zamani, Tom Deans, and Polly Lincoln. Class advisor was William C. Wells. Sportswise Dave Pound was an out standing varsity hoopster and Pet MacPhee made the cinders fly o the track team. The campus crimi- nal, "Capone" Nichols, was a soph omore. The Sophomore banque initiated this year was as big success as the Soph Hop and News letter and may become as tradi tional. Freed at last from the com pulsory bonds that had restricte them for so long and equipped wit maior subiect choices '63 is leavin the manias and depressions typica of the sophomore year behind 'T' an -5 w 4 5 -so 'ni' n 'ls A i f t --..-f .- W' -:' A' fir? -. " 1 s. . ' ..Y. . t i . it I O ,L i, N. , .. t., Rodney R. Abbott Jeliersun D. Aclcor Beniamin D. Adams Cynthia L. Adams John F. Adams Philip F. Adams Richard C. Adams Henry K. Albert David 0. Allen Bruce H. Allman Karin H. Amann Timothy J. Amero Fredericl: l.. Ames Daniel F. Ancona Ronald E. Anderson Philip S. Andrews Susan Angell Charlotte C. Aranga Armand' J. Arel Stephen E. Ashton David L. Audet Tom C. Austin Pierre H. Authier Theodore E. Bobine Kenneth W. Bach Nancy L. Baller Eugenio M. sqkke Diane G. Barnford Virginia Barnes William A. Barney Charleen L. Barrett Curtis R. Bartnl Barbara M. Bassler Raymond A. Baum Robert G. Baxter David L. Beal Nancy L. Beale Jay N. Beamesderfer Dana L. Bean Albert J. Beaudoin Jacqueline J. Beaulier Oliver R. Becker Robert A. Beedle Albert J. Bel: Gary L. Benn Bonita R. Bennett Rlchard L. Bennett Garald E. Benson Robert A. Benson Suzanne M. Bentley Kendrick D. Benton David P. Bernstein Donald P. Berry Jeanine L. Berry Elizabeth A. Bigelow Nelson E. Bilodeau lelloy M. Bingham Robert H. Birchenough Barbara 1. Bishop Robert H. Bishop Wayne F. Bishop Willard R. Bishop Bruce A. Blake Paul C. Blanchard Robert G. Boggs Michael L. Bond Frank M. Boolzer Donald I. Bernstein Rachel R. Boucher Richard F. Boucher Gary A. Boulier Marcia Boutelle Vincent G. Bouvier Thomas C. Bowater mnp E. Bowden Carl L. Bowen Mariorie L. Bowen Berry Braclrett Clifford L. Bracket? Allen M. Brackley Wayne A. Bradstreet Everett H. Braun James R. Branscomhe Susan C. Broveman James C. Breton Harry J. Bridge Gail l. Briggs Donald A, Brirtoll Margaret E. Brooks Dennis L. Brown James C. Brown Lawrence W. Brown Lemuel L. Brown Richard L Brown Ronald O. Brown Charles F, Bruce Ann A. Buchanan Nancy E. Buclrminster John E. Bueclcing Seymour V. Burch Walter G. Burge Bradford F. Burgess Joanne L. Burleigh Michael Burnham, lll Robert A. Burns Louie F. Burrill Darrell D. Butler Rowena E. Butler Elwood E. Byron John F. Cable Raymond M. Caldwell Michael J. Campbell Philip R. Campbell Mollie J. Conders John J. Carbone Judith A. Card Lionel Caron Maurice M. Caron Raymond D. Caron James E. Carroll James F. Carter Ralph A. Carter Timothy A. Carter Robert C. Cartier John A. Caswell David D. Cernak Normand L. Chabot Roland J. Chabot Jo Ann Chandler William R. Chandler Betsy Chapman Deborah J. Chapman Melicent B. Chapman William D. Chard Mary S. Chase Ralph K. Chase Stephen N. Chase ng Robert E. Chenard 33 4 . - Thomas B. Chittick Roland L. Chretien Jeffrey J. Christensen Philip H. Christensen Daniel D. Churchill John J. Ciulla Elinor R. Clapp Louise B. Clark Patricia A. Clark Barbara J. Clarke Judith A. Clements lawrence L. Clcwley Dona L. Clockedile Perry F. Clough Robert E. Clukey Ronald J. Cnossen Willis l. Cobb William M. Colbath Tamar E. Cole Robert B. Collett mer s. Colley Mayra C. Colon Conrad B. Conant Edwin H. Constantine Jem, 1. c.-,mary Kenneth H. Conway Alexander M. Cooke Earle H. Cooper Burton A. Copson Donald A. Carliss Clinton E. Cosseboem Carolyn l, Costain Robert J. Couture David E. Cox James W. Cox Gerald L. Crabtree Patricia E. Crabtree Robert R. Craig Wayne R. Crandall Jane R. Crandlemire Richard A. Crandlemire Carolyn M. Cronshow Ann L. Crichton Charles H. Crockett Peter E. Crocker John iz. culpovieh Judith L. Currie Ruby E. Currier Debora D. Cutler Judith G. Cutler John N. Cullllffe Paul E. Dall Shamus T, Daly Jane A. Dansereou Raymand J. Douphineo Denis C, Davis John S. Day Tharnas S. Deans Joan B. Dearborn Laddie Defamer Claude DeLaRoche Donald H. Delong James A. Demokis Donald F. Demarino louis W. Demaso Frederick L. Denica Daniel P. Dsroche Robert L. Despres Kenneth A. Deveau Barry M. Devine Janet F. Devine Remo A. Dirnilla Peter A. Dingman Joseph J. Dionne Phillip A. Dionne Ann N. Doane Robert A. Dobranslcy Mary r, nudge Dano B, Dolloff Janet E. Donovan Joseph R. Donovan Gary A. Dorsey Judith M. Dowe Arthur T. Downing David R. Downs Wayne R. Doyon Elvin M. Drake Hugh E. Drisko Carol A. Dubay Gerald F, Dube Tyler E. Dudley Richard G. Dumont Keith S. Dunbar Mary F. Dunn John M. Dunne Thomas G. Dyke Stanley H. Eames George L. Earle Kenneth W. Eaton Susan C. Edel Peter E. Edgecomb Walter R. Edwards Patricia M. Egan Linda E. Eichhcrn Michael F. Elderkin Karen Ellertsan Lloyd G. Elliott Robert F. Elliott Albert L. Ellis Hugh E. Ellis Linda R. Elllr Paul E. Erskine Clay O. Espey David W, Estobraolt Sharon M. Estabrook George B. Este: Gordon J. Evans Edward J. Emld Elaine H. Fararhian Dennis L Farrell W v .rw can Q i Qi r i N. , 'fx aw 1I"f. X llrv. f" If . Q .55 A . ,Q v . rjwa, . N J fr Ha. A L .. V P, 'Wai XE Ek- 5.--E Q fi --fell: - f.. . , , It N h. 5. .r 31 Pledging Partying Albert J. Farrington Dale A. Farrington Louise A. Faucher Kinsey B. Faaran Edgar L Ferguson Stephen A. Fernald David L. Farris William G. Fiedler David H. Field Elinor J. Fielder Pamela B. Flnnigan Robert A. Fit! Allan D. Flagg Thomas P. Flaherty Beniamin M. Florence Edward T. Flynn Victor X. Fongemie Peter D. Faster Wayne T. Foster Antonio B. Fournier Barbara L. Fowles Mary C. Fax Charles L. Freeman Judith Frizzell Marcia A. Fuller Joseph A. Fullerton Francis S. Furbish Elizabeth R. Furtwengler Lee E. Gamaga Warren R. Gamash David A. Gardner Sandra J. Goss Mary A. Gavin David E. Gaw Fred D. Gay Frederick rs. say Michael J. Gentile Charles E. Gem Madalene J. Gerrish Jean E. Gerry Richard W. Gerry oeugles E. cmhen John W. Gibbons Beverly J. Gilbert Roland A. Gill Earl H. Glickstein Raymond S. Glover James H. Gai? C. Dale Goacleill Gary A. Gooclin Ronald K. Goadridge Gary s. Goodwin Thomas L. Goodwin Michael W. Gauzie Ann M. Grace June A. Grady Edward M. Gratfam Francis J. Gramlich Richard P. Grant Calvin W. Gray Judith E. Gray Richard B. Gray Raland S. Gray David F. Greely Robert A. Greene Jon S. Greenlaw Percival B. Griflin Ann L. Griliiths Sally R. Grindell Florence A. Grasvenar Renaud C. Guite Barbara E. Hackett Alton l.. Hadley Barry O. Hadlacl! Jahn E. Haley Ranald G. Hall Bernard H. Hallee David K. Hamalainen Mark W. Hombletan Robert L. Hamel Richard E. Hammanx Jonathan W, Handy James M. Hanson Marilyn I.. Hanlon Ronald F. Hansan Timothy W. Hanson Bryan L. Hardy Donald E. Hardy Malcolm G. Hare Avis W. Harkness Nancy E. Harriman Parker F. Harris Ralph L Harris Henry N. Hart! Kenneth E. Hartz Neal W. Harvie David N. Haskell Sturgis R. Haskins Clayton E. Hatch David G. Hatch Rodney P. Hatch Harvey C. Hayden John R. Hayes Margaret L. Heansslsr Bernd Heinrich Daniel P. Heldman Robert M. Hemingway Dorcas A. Henderxhot Maureen K. Henry Serge J. Henry Ada M. Harley Paul M. Havey Baron B. Hiclzen Edward R. Higgins Margaret l. Higgins Robert S. Higgins Richard L. Higgins Stanley J. Hill Milton B. Hilt Jane E. Hinman leigh E. Hoar Larrimer B. Hodges Brian C. Hodgkin Brian F. Hogan Eric J. Holden John R. Holmes Roger A. Holmes Sandra A. Holmes Gilman D. Horn William R. Horne James R. Hasrner Patricia A. Houghton James L. Haule Gail B. Haxie Mary L. Hoyt Kenneth E. Hulf Guy E. Hunnewell, Jr. Johanna C. Hunt 35 6 Sandra J. Hunter Susan L. Hurd Nemah G. Hussain Angelo Incerpi Julie Ingalls Philip L. lngeneri Allan J. lngraham Andrew M. lonta Samuel W. lreland Henry 5. Irving Carol J. Ivey Colburn W. Jackson Robert C. Jackson Richard K. Jacobs Jane H. Jalbert Ralph A. Jennings Robert C. Jervis William J. Jewell Glendon W. Johnson Lawrence L. Johnson Ludie A. Johnson Onalea H. Johnson Philip D. Johnson Reina E. Johnson Gary R. Johnston Robert H. Johnston George R. Jones James D. Jones Phillip J. Jones Theodore Jones. Jr. Barbara A. .lordan Susan C. Jordan Wesley D. Jordan Lynne Jasselyn Ulrich P. Kalkoien Algis N. Kalvaitls John F. Karkos Stephen A. Karpo ich w Theodore C. Kausel, Jr. Ann E. Keenan Claire L. Keenan Clitiord R. Keene Robert A. Kelleter Jock W. Kelley John R. Kelley Basil L. Kellis William E. Kendall William W. Keniston Dennis C. Kenney Alfred E. Kenell Beverly J. Keys Lindo G. Kierstead Nicole Kimball Raymond E. Kimball Charles H. King Katherine E. King Paul A. King Stephen D. King Fred T. Kinney Gary M. Kinney Bernd W. Kliern Peter F. Knobloch Susan C. Knobloch Dennis T. Knowles Paul H. Knowlton Evelyn F. Krauter Yvon A. Lalabe Marilyn l.. Locambe Eleanor H, Lacroix Gail M. Ladd Leroy Lambert Walter E. Lamkin Joyce M. Landon Rosemary A. Lone Chase Langmaid, Ill John W. Lanier John E. lope Joseph E. Lorou Edward L. Larrabee, Jr. Albert L. Larson, Jr. Sherman M. Laughton Frederic W. Leodbetter Robert M. Leavitt Mary E. Leblanc Jacqueline C. Lemme Ronald A. Lewis Phillip E. Libby Reginald R. Libby Pauline J. Lincoln Gerald S. Lindsay David L. Linney David A. Lippord John O. Lipsey Marilyn I.. Littlefield Susan E. Lit: Judith A. London Russell P. Lord Ann Lathrop Gary R. Loveioy Richard A. Loveioy Martha A. Lowden Roger D. Lowell Jonathan R. Luce Joyce M. Lundgren Charles R. K. Lunt Elizabeth A. Lutes Sumner A. Lymbnrner Beverly M. Lynds Paul F. McCarran Gordon G. McCarthy Philip 0. McCarthy Roderic J. McClure Doreen W. McCIuslcey John R. McConnell Larry R. McConnell Thomas L McCormack Patricia M. McCourt John F. McCoy, lll David R. MacDonald James B. McDonald Jane M. MacDonough Warren R. MacFawn John M. McGill Hollis A. McGIoullin Susan F. McGuire Marlin J. McHale. Jr. Richard G. Mclntosh Richard McKenna Barbara D. McLeod Sheila A. McManus William F. McOsker Peter W. MacPhee John W. McPherson Bruce D. Macdonald Robert F. Macdonald Thomas A. Madsen Marshall Magee Hilary E, Mahoney Edward F. Mallett Ronald J. Mollett Barbara E. Mollonee June G. Maloney Millard F. Mann Andrew R. Mantis Nancy G. March Francis L. Morchant Helena A, Marco Stephen M. Maresca Leila E, Marks Jaan L. Marshall Robert B. Marshall Irvine W. Marsters. Jr. Francis J. Marlin Janine S. Martin John A. Martin Denise R. Masson Leslie J. Masterman Thomas R. Mosterman Waller W. Molson. Jr. Howard H. Meservey Fred Metzler Charles F. Michaud Ronald N. Michoud Thomas G. Michaud Robert E. Miller Carol J. Milliken Phillip r. Milliken Craig c. Milne Cedric Minkin Linda A. Minott Roger J, Mitchell Winlfred l. Mitchell Robert A. Mander Arnold R. Moody Henry W. Moore Thomas H, Moore Ronald B. Moores Franklin B. Morehead chorlos E. Morgan. Jr. Kenneth F. Morgan Dennis S. Morrill John J. Morris Eldon L. Morrison Norman C. Morse Dana R. Morton Russell F. Mosier Ernest M. Moss John C. Moulton Ralph e. Moaio Deborah A. Munce David C. Murch Leona M, Murch Charles R. Murphy Elaine K. Murphy Sandra J. Murphy Lewis R. Murray. Jr. Diane E. Nash Richard G. Nason Warren R. Neal Ralph r. Nelson Judith A. Newell Kirk W. Newsom Juan E. Nicholas John B. Nichols. Jr. Peter A. Nichols Lawrence B. Nicholson Clive L. Nickerson Merton A. Nickerson Everett C. Nisber Francis P. Nixon Jerry P. Noble George H. Noddin Lemont E. Nodwell Mary D. Noonon Joseph G. Norton Er-lworol P. Nugent Lewis B. O'Brien Brion M. O'Connar Wesley A. Olmsted Henry E. Olson, Jr. Thomas H. Olson Pauline J. Orino Gayle A. Orser Meredith Osgood Patricia A. Packard Robert F. Page David L. Palmer George X. J. Panos Ronald P. Roland J, Parodis Cyr J. Parent David M. Parker Paula L. Parker Holly H. Parkhurst Theodore E. Porkhurst Jane H. Parmalee Marie E. Patterson Mary J. Patterson James c. Peabody sony s. Pearson Alan L. Pelletier Elmer T. Pelletier Gary w. Percival Bernice L. Perkins Karen A. Peterson Judith A. Phelps Donald L. Philbrook Scott D. Philbrook Joyce E. Phillips Jacob B. Pike Bernard G. Pinette Donna M. Plummer Bruce M. Pollard Waller A. Poole Stephen L. Porch William D. Potter Claire E. Poulin David L. Pound Bhdogging Boondogghng l o t t' N-:!:?PVwT"' "7f,C"f"?Ti'K -'W 'V his, .up-2. I ' 'Q- V' 'W I , Y :v't.,l .A . ES. .Q W dp, ' 531.15-.evqt w -tm. ' .r-. ,ig .Qj 4, ,r-.-5. at 'drift .- V V. 7 . ? t -, A I I Z . l t rs jg in J -L- J-.... ag.-5 '-i'l', Q :""'f , .. ur. .f"" - v V ,M 2"-H "'-'17 ' .,.--.+Lf'3t-11" " - A " Strutting 5 -..J J Tie- .:-VT' 'sg Cir. 'x sax fir it Aft I ' ' .-if li., Q. J ' l I ., . f n-. ,' 'Rf' 'ite' ' ""Q 4 'Skil le t A , . gf, 'kd , , 5 Q" . X ,V A, Studying Thomas A. Power Bruce G. Pratt Donald L Preble linda J. Preston Camilla J. Profenna Richard W. Provost David B. Purintan Susan E. Pyle John R. Quinsey Richard P. Racine Phillip C. Rackley. Jr. Alan L. Ramsdell David L. Roncourt Judith C. Rand Joanne E. Raymond David E. Reed Nancy K. A. Reid Sandra l. Reid Edward A. Reidman Judith H. Rice Robert P. Rice Sandra E. Rich Charles D. Richardson Ernest M. Richardson Diane F. Ricker Janice E. Rideout Stephen C. Ridley Raymond A. Rioux Lawrence R. Risso Marcia J. Rook Betsy G. Robbins Donald C. Robbins Redington R. Robbins, Ill Paul L. Roberge John R. Roberts Margaret H. Roberts Robert A. Robertson Robert E. Roderick David F. Rogers Jaan E. Rogers Robert V. Rogers, Jr. Dianne L. Rollins Roger J. Rollins Robert A. Root Theodore R. Rose, Jr. Albert J. Ross James P. Ross Laurier G. Rouleau Robert W. Rowe Richard l. Roy. Jr. William B. Roys James P. Rudbeck Marilyn J. Russell Frederick R. Sampson Jerome W. Sampson Douglas N. Sanborn Stuart G. Sarnow James B. Sawyer Priscilla H. Sawyer Quentan T. Sawyer David L. Schira Moulton Schwab Barbara A. Seavey Donna E. Shutter Gregory C. Shapiro Jane L. Shapiro Harvey P. Shaw Jo Anne Shaw Jonathan L. Shaw Judith l. Shaw Ann A. Shea Dorothy A. Shea John A. Shea Robert F. Shea Robert K. Shepard, Jr. Carolyn J. Sherburne James A. Sherburne Daralei Shraybman Pamela A. Simpson Henry A. stasis William F. Slack Deborah Sleeper Janet P. Small Patricia Small Thompson l. Smalley Robert W. Smart Anthony H. Smith Barbara A. Smith Converse B. Smith David W. Smith Donald A. Smith, Jr. Hensley G. Smith, Jr. James W. Smith Kenneth L. Smith Moe O. Smith Penny L. Smith Ralph s. Smith, III Wilbur P. Smith lawrence B. Snell Martha J. Snider Peter F. Solheim Charles L Sovetsky Carolyn A. Spear Cynthia J. Spear Russell P. Spear Robert E. Spence Gwendolyn E. Stackpole Moonyean S. Stafford John R. Stahl Richard D. Staiger Marvin A. srahlsy Arthur J. Staples Bruce R. Staples Norris G. Staples Nancy A. Starrett William S. Stetson, Jr. Deanne E. Stevens lilo C. Stevens Richard C. Stevens Deborah A. Stimson Frederick E. Stoddard John E. Stoddard John H. Stone Robert E. Stone Conrad R. St. Pierre Stuart B. Stromberg Robert E. Stramwall Robert E. Strubee Robert W. Sturgis Judy L. Sudds Elizabeth Sulicles Robert H. Sween Kenneth R. Swift Gary W. Symonds Frank J. Taraxewich Charles A. Tarditf Kenneth D. Tardiff Allyn C. Taylor Brenton C. Taylor Mary E. Taylor Merrill A. Taylor James M. Terris Bnrno L. Thibodeau Carolyn M. Thomas Dolores F. Thomas Elizabeth A. Thomas Rebecca L. Thomas William P. Thomas, Jr. Barbara Thompson David J. Thompson David H. Thornton Ardra A. Thurlow Ernest B. Thurston Wayne L. Thurston Janice G. Tisdalo Harold J. Tomah Willis J. Tompkins, Jr. John P. ToomeY Norma L. Towne Erlon L. Townsend William D. Trahan Gerald E. Trundy Darold E. Tukey Carleton B. Turgeon Charles R. Turner Roger P. Twitchell Robert P. Tymoczko Virginia E. Ulmer Robert C. Upham Roger A. Upham Ann S. Vandebagert David R. Vanderhei Carolyn A. Vickery John A. viakery Paul Volpe Milan L. Vose, Jr. Patricia A. Wade Gary B. Walker Gwendolyn F. Walls James W. Walls Richard D. Wandke Barbara A. Ward Arthur R. Warren Rowland J. wesaan Robert F. Wasson Tobias W. Watson David S. Watts Patricia A. Waugh William E. Weatherbie Ralph F. Webber, Jr. Delwyn C. Webster Jerome L. Webster Philip W. Weeman Glenda M. Wellman Bruce M. Wentworth Lauise P. West Anne M. Weymouth Terry E. Weymouth Arthur W. Wheaton Lynda R. Wheelock Allen S. White Dennis H. White David W. Whitehouse David A. Whitney Rita L. Whitten Frederick B. Wight Barry A. Wilcox Richard D. Wilder Mefiarie o. wiiay Betty L. Williams John E. Williams Charles H. Wilson Dannu L. Wilson David E. Wilson Rosalie M. Wilson Stephen F. wiheh Raymond A. Wing Edwin H. Wood Robert N. Wood Walter R. Wead Terrance C. Woodworth Rosalie R. Wooster Traverse F. Wooster Darlene F. Worthen Gary L. Worthley Linda J. Wright Albert F. Wrubleslci Paul 5. Yeaton Dorothy L. Yerxa Thomas S. York Barry A. Young David G. Young Henry C. Young lla l. Young Susan E. Young Ali A. Zamani Ann M. Ziegler Roger W. Bcnenfant Edwin T. Brooks Leslie E. Brown David T. Choate Gerald C. Dow Martin J. Gagnon Durwaod E. Gray Charles R. Hall Wayne R. Hillier Joseph L. Hoxie Beniamin F. Morrlll Bruce E. Richards Charles R. Small Keith E. Snow Dwight L. Stickle Emery C. Tarditf Raymond L. Todd Stewart C. Walker Henry P. Watkins Victor A. Winslow Frederic J. Ahearn Arthur J. Bannister Roger A. Baaughesne John N. Beckwith Lionel E. Bourque Richard P. Boutet Vincent M. Bruni Richard J. Carpenter Nathan S. Cheney Paul G. Chretien Jon R. Crawford Charles H. Crockett Nathaniel J. Crowley John R. Donahue John F. Donoghue Albert J. Duclos William P. Durfee Robert D. Durst Lewis M. Dyer Joan S. Elwell 'dT:H',qg?1..,.- .gg A. -1. ,M ,,--H .-c. 61, IVR ,K L ,. , 2 .,..H,,-' ,411 , A . tl! -. 'hp ::.- 1 4' rf lil ... hs " r 5 t . k'l. c ff av- 1-5-,--ZS, ,,,,,z,,,,,,F I N R 1- ' .15 .a,:.f'1-M H - W- --- . . ..g.,?Q , From varied backgrounds and situa- tions and for any number of reasons they came ss,ra - the freshman class - the class of 1964. Confusion and uncertainty tempered with bravado and simplicity marked these people. Full of ideas and preconceptions of college life, they sought to establish themselves in their new patterns. For their class officers the freshmen chose President Paul Sherburne, Vice President Gene Monahan, Sec- retary Rika Cottell, and Treasurer Barbara Hersey. Professor Schoen- berger helped guide Mike O'Don- nell, Bob Jordan, Steve Alley, Leslie Elliott, Barbara Cramer, Janet Yudo- witch, Debbie Phillips, Jane Guild and Diana Lewis into an Executive Committee capable of execution. Working within the strictures of academic requirements and fresh- man traditions, the class of '64 moved slowly -and steadily, gather- ing the momentum necessary to carry it to graduation in four years. Outstanding eyents during the year were the Freshman Banquet and Dance, the '64-directed rallies and the sudden spring realization that they were rio longer academic apprentices to higher education. i fy , .u X lv. 'A 1 y 1:1 R - E -ee I Vice Pres. G. Monahan, Treas. B. Hersey, Sec. R. Cottell, Pres. P. Sherburne. E-I-431-,-ilk... . "" , 33: v, .1-.."',12:7.. - , 40' 'Q F' -, 1' -5-'az'-4--U .0-nz. ,- -"' Q.. " -' -4.-s - " -ssl' if-69' -. Q Q 'wil a ... 4" ,.-nr -- --. - rf "Q, .av-A M- -, J . - , . . 44- ,i A - ' ...Q .- .. .- My ish-"3--Q j x -,,,, .. F' '3' T , - ,zf P g, mfr' -, '- .rf 1-..,.4.-:l- , D -. Y-..i 7-45. hi A ,,,. ,.,...T.., ,- -. r .2 , ,-. ' Q. 1 1-' -g. ---' ' -, A V-' -,..- ,.," ' 'PQGGJMS Wwzaf-f'5 f- - """""' ' 'F-'A' A --""""'Q' A ,,. Q , A 'A . M .,, N -- F Fired up Frosh Rally W ? i ae R X are , rn Getting indoctrinated the Freshman rush. :ef Wa ai 4-L r N N.. -,13'n,'?'l':: ,l-if-51-'L f ' 'Aiea FK , ,V J l l :Ig .41 .,. qiiiii' .- . ,U 5 .4 Richard Aehexon Geraldine Adams Hope Adams Gerald Additan William Ahrens Dcnglnr Alcox Gwendolyn Alexander Marie Alexander Peter B. Allen Peter C. Allen Sandra Allen Lovina Alley Stephen Alley Bruce Albert David Anderson Elizabeth Anderson Elsa Anderson Judith Anderson Robert Andersan Suzanne Anderson William Anderson Donald Angevine Douglas Archibald Donald Arnold Nancy Arnold David Atwood Donna Atwood Suzanne Atwood Robert August Richard Averill Talbot Averill Ann Babel Raymond Beckman Jacqueline Baldwin Donald Ballard Scott Ballard Aileen Bamford Brenda Barnes Dana Barnes Nancy Barnes Thomas Barron Brenda Barstow Rebecca Bartlett Loretta Bartley John Bates Beverly Baum Kenneth Beal linda Beam Michael Beaudoin Lorraine Beaulieu Ann Becker Barry Beedy Eric Bellefantaine Virginia Ballinger Harold Benner Douglas Benning Roderick Berg Boyd Bergen Robert Bcrgl-nan louise Bernard Carole Bernier Jan Berrian Betteiana Billings Amo Bishop Jann lalrlrap Frank Blunkett Robert Blacllmore Sandra Blaisclell Donna Blake William Blake Helen Bloom Ronald Boardman Regina Bahlin John Bohnson Richard Bales Daniel Boobar Roger nauct-cr William Bourbon Peter Bourque Harry Bowden Ronald Bowie Gene Boyce Francis Boyle Joanne Boynton Gail Broclcett Rex Bradbury Eileen Bradley Nancy Bradstreet David Brann Paul Brawn William Brewer Cole Bridges lean Briggs John Brill Pelnr Brookings Mary Brooks Judith Brosch Charles Brown David Brown Elizabeth Brown Fred Brown Horace Brown Irena Brown Jack Brown Philip Brown Thomas Brown William Browne Robert Bruce Louise Bryant sreplrnn suck Bruce Buckley Dana Bullen John Bunt Donald Burnham Jean Burnham Ellen Burns Richard Burns Clayton Butcher Eric Butler John Cahoon William Caldwell Sheila Callahan Gregory Campbell Barry Carle Robert Carlson Claire Caron Ruger Carr Jeanne Carter John M. Carter John P. Carter Lawrence Casavant Robert Chadwick Jacqueline Chapin Jeffrey Chapman levelett Chase Everett Chase Francis Chavaree Raymond Cheney 39 6 Cony Church Bruce Clarlr Chester Clark LeRoy Clark Charles Clarke Carol Clement Calixte Cloutier Douglas Clukey Alexander Cochran Molly Coffin Stanley Cohen Richard Colby Roland Cale Dorathy Coleman Franklin Colgan Richard Collins Richard Colt Claire Calwell Clairice Calwell Nancy Conant James Conley Glenna Connors Mary Cook Karen Cooper Bruce Carson Jean Courchesne Davis Crabtree Allen Craig David craig Barbara Cramer owne cmpiey Carol Cross Catherine Crowley Richard Cunliffe Theresa Curran James Currie William Currier Jon Curtis Margaret Curtis Raymond Cushman Douglas Cutchin Malcolm Doggett Susan Daley Gene Damon Richard Davenport Richard Davidson Blaine Davis Carol Davis Diane Davis Ellen Davis Cynthia Dearborn Stephen Demara Ruth Dempsey Charles Dennison Margaret Deraps Delilah Derevere Robert Derevere Raymond Desiardins Paul Despres Gwendolyn Dewey Lester Dickey Wayne Dickenson Judith Dillawoy rem nailewoy Norman Dineen David Dinsmare Charles Diperri David Distant Richard Doble Judlth Dale Richard Dallatf Jetirey Doucette Robert Daucette Janet Douglas Edwin Douglas Rebecca Daw Ralph Draper Judith Dresser Gayle Drinkwater Jane Dudley William Dudley John Duncan Peter Duncan Diana Dunlap William Dunton Nancy Durelte Phillip Durrell Donald Dyer Linda Dyke Myron Eames Dale Eaton Carole Edwards Leslie Elliot Gerald Ellis Ralph Ellis Arthur Ellison Terrance Ely Donald Emerson Lawrence Emery Harrie! Epstein Alice Ervin Donald Estes Sharon Estey John Fabello Colby Fahey Joan Fairlaanlr Joyce Farmer Dian Farnham Roderick Farnham John Farnsworth George D. Farnsworth Richard Farnsworth David Farrar Sandra Farrar William Faulkner Mary Fay John Fearon Michael Fecnar Z E gf' '5 lar' '-'V' at Stift competition from Dad. .1 f I 1 ,Q 5 if iii C A 1, s.- ,wmg , .Q-T,.. S .11 me -. J N 'J 'ibut M7 , e S A thoughtful moment. weekend Q 'ral Keeping the campus green. 'lllll alll ' .l thfyrl' X I . , .-,..l... J l I i r l s , r I Class of 1974? we " ' ' Vx :mee rr X l a r i r rx ffl xflf rw Stephen Feiman Patricia Fellows Robert Felt Thomas Feltman Franklin Ferguson Emest Ferland Allan Fernald Gayle Ferris Eugene Field John Field Carol Fink Renata Fink Norman Fitzgerald Pamela Fitzgerald Robert Fitzpatrick Neil Flemming Linda Flewelling Edith Flint Royce rlaaa Thomas Flynn Malcolm Ford Gerald Forrest Maxine Forster James Fortini Robert Foss Kathleen Foster Robert Faster Robert Fournier Francine Fowler Valerie Fowler Lawrence Frobizia Jahn Frary Theodore Fraser Cedric Freeman Richard French Robert Frew Jane Frizzell Wilson Gagnon David Garnage Elizabeth Gamage Richard Gary Enos Gaudet Jacqueline Gauthier David Gaw Amos Gay Caral Gelo Jocelyn Genest Mary Gentile Dana Gerald Beverly carry Mariorie Getchell Allan Getz Ralph aiggay Daniel Gilbert John Gilbert John Y. Gilbert Robert Gill Gary Gilligan Patricia Gillin William Girvan Ronald Given Morrilyn Glew Louis Gonzalez Wayne Goodrich Stephen Gaodridge Robert Gordon Joseph Gasxelin Robert Gosslein Mary Geucher Barbara Gould Donald Gould Roy Gould Sharon Gralialn Phillip Graham Elaine Granola Keith Grand Elaine Grant James Grant Martha Grant Sharon Grant William Grant John Gray Marran Gray Susan Gray Patricia Greene Linda Greenhalgh Jane Guild Roma Guy Eli Hack Courtney Haggett William Hahn Marguerite Haley Alan Hall Betsy Hall Douglas Hall John Hall Meridith Hall Richard Hall Robert Hall Sherwood Hall Richard Halpern Jack Ham Peter Hamilton Heather Hammond4Daniels Ronald Handschumacher Deborath Hanna Karen Hannigan George Hansen Charles Hanson Margaret Hanson Neil Hanson Warren Hanson Jay Hardcaxtle Robert Hardisan Murcia Harithas Charlene Harman Gary Harper leon Harriman Richard Harris Joan Han Gayle Hartford Thomas Hartford Ernest Hartley Waldo Harwood Elizabeth Haskell Donald Hawkins Dorcas Hay Diane Hayden Millard Hayden John Hayes Mary Haranaa Bruce Heanssler John Heath Virginia Heath Marcia Hebert Francis Hecker Gary Hedstrom William Henry 41 6 James Hentz Barbara Hersey Joanthan Hescock Robert Hess Richard Hevey Robert Higgins Earl Hill John Hill Richard Hill Lewis Hillier James Hill' Bradford Hilton Peter Hilton David Hincks Barbara Hinksan David Hitchcock Richard Hoffses Linda Holden Geoffrey Hole Susan Hollander Mary Holmes Terrance Holmes Donald Holmstrom Janice Hood Paul Hopkins Jane Horrnell James Hartan Tl-xomasine Houston Clark Howard John Howard Jock Hoyt Laura Hubbard Jeffrey Huether David Humphries Lena Hunt Dennis Huntington Stephen Hurd Dennis Hurlbert Richard Hussey Douglas Hutchins John Hutchins Roland Hutchins Carl Hutchinson Elsa llvonen Roger Ireland Shirley Irving Stanley lscovitz Deonne Jackman Gregory Jackman Wendell Jacobson Maxine Jalbert Frederick James Robert James Raymond Jean Bradford Jenkins Raymond Jenkins Donna Jabber Jan Johansson Ernest Johnson John Johnson Marion Johnson Richard Johnson Faster Jones Fred Jones Sally Jones Philip Jordan Robert Jordan Wayne Jordan William Jorgensen David Jawett Barbara Judlsins Edward Jergenxon Larry Kaplan Richard Kaplan Elizabeth Kazalski Susan Keene Barbara Keith Judson Keller Elaine Kelley Gail Kelley Gordon Kelley Karlo Kernpton Lawrence Kennixton Richard Kerry Robert Kiah David Kimball Robert King William King Duane Kinney Robert Kirk Robert Kleirrberg Andrew Kochis Robert Laberge JeFFrey Lacroix Marylou Lacross Janet Loliin William lalleur Davis Lahait Charles Lakeman Karen lomay Mary Lamoreau Robert lamy Corlen lane John Lane Kenneth Lane Raymond Lone Raymond Langevin James Lawler Barbara lawrence Daniel Lawrence Franklin Lawrence Alan leathers James leathers Linda loavitt Marie Leblanc Ronald leeman Joanna legaff Bruce Leighton Eugene Leighton Ralph lepage Diana Lewis Dennis ueby Roland Libby Arthur Littlefield Jean Littlefield Ann lizotle Lynette Lloyd-Davies Donald Logan Herman London Douglas look Linda Lord Frances Loring James Loughran Hope Laveiay Martha Lowe Linda Luce Malcolm Lund Donald McBeth Harry McCalTrey Mary McCarthy Douglas McCol:b Neal McCurdy David McDonald Michael Mrnorreirglr Patricia McDonough Ronald McDuft Patricia McFawn John McGonagle Sharon McGuH'ie Anastasia Mclaughlin David McLeod Matthew McNeary Priscilla Maden Robert Modrell Deborah Mague slarrry Maillet Eleanor Main Gloria Mallett Kenneth Mantai Eileen March Wesley Marco Roger Morin Susan Marr Edward Martin Kimball Martin Susan Martin Vaughn Martin Denise Masson Judith Matthews Carolyn Mlsrrrle William Melanson Brenda Menges Frederick Mercer Dennis Merrill Gerald Merrill Wayne Merrill Raymond Mersereau Thomas Mickewich Dorothy Miller Jean Miller Robert Miller Bradbiirne Mitten Toni Miskavage Robert Mitchell Edward Milhchell James Mithen Gerald Mitton Diane Moffett Eugene Monahan Frank Monighetti Elizabeth Moore William Moore Hugh Morgan James Morin Richard Marin John Maroney Hugh Morrison Marth Morse Patricia Morse George Morton Cynthia Martus Peter Mosher Charles Mottram Kenneth Murch James Murphy Thomas Murphy Joseph Murray Kenneth Murray Janet Musselman Helene Nardino Richard Needham Mary Newell Frederick Newman Thomas Newman Mabel Nickerson Paul Nickerson William Nicoll Sylvia Niles Athony Norman Gary Norton George Nottage Judith Noni-rg, Alton Nute William O'Brien Carol O'Connell William O'Connell Michael O'DonnelI Jill Olsen Tonda Olson Nancy 0'Mara Nancy O'Neil Aurel Ouellette Clitiord Ouellette William Owen Thomas Poiement Vernon Palmer Roger Pangburn Paul Panos Robert Pope George Park Carol Parker Michael Parker Molly-Jean Parks Margaret Parsons Barry Patrie Judith rrryrorr Michael Pearson Richard Peory Richard Pellegrino Richard Pelletier Elaine Penley Irving Pennell Joseph Percival Lawrence Perkins Ernestine Pero Brenda Perry John Perry Arthur Pete women' activities board D' i A--157 Q, we xi V 1 ,Y V . 5 rr 1 " tr v J Chadbourne - First row: S. Irving, M. Haley, B. Wilmarth, S. Grafifam. Second row: A. Morse, J. Wiseman, E. Granata, S. Weeks, L. Hunt, J. Hart. i X S ' ,.,, ..- ui ' Ii 712 -gb K.. . g' . Q A Q' y ' so -V , , T? Dorm Council - First row: S. Ward, J. Baldwin, H. Wyman, C. Harmon. Second row: M. Hazelton, G. Adams, K. Simmons, K. Smith, K. Ricker. t. , .. f" ci l .l 'rt .1 4 r .r r -' . rr 4 ATP ' s . ' -,. r. . .- .r -r-..-r.- - I r A , 1.-Urdu, 64, r, , , ,-,-A, 5:4 M, ., KW, Estabrooke -- D. Checci, J. Zottoli, E. Kelley, T. Olson, A. Becker, G. Bellinger. north estabrooke hall i Standards Board - First row: S. Dailey, H. Wyman, R. Fink. Second row: M. Jalbert, S. Ferrara, T. Curren, B. Hinckson, J. Anderson. Richard Peters Sherrie Peterson Paul Philbrook cnmrra Phillips Deborah Phillips Lois Phillips George Pinkey Clinton Finlcham David Plaisted Peter Pall: Kenneth Poole Nacy Poole Sally Pope Ford Powell Ann Powers George Predaris Joy Prentice Howard Pride David Priest Warren Prince Cynthia Proctor Philip Provost Vincent Pulea Peter Pullen Donald Quigley Deane Rancourt Edmond Rancourt Shirley Randall William Randall Dennis Raney David Record Deanna Reed Eugene Rees Robert Rego Patricll Reidman Clifton Reynolds Vaughn Reynolds Herbert Rhode John Rice Gerald Rich Stuart Rich Bruce Richards Carl Richards Roger Richards Dale Richardson Karyl Ricker Martha Ridlon Arlo Ripley Louise Robbins Anna Roberts Arthur Roberts Judy Roberts Raymond Roberts Thomas Robinson Peter Rolfe Charles Roundy Sanna Rubin Danna Rush James Sanborn Richard Saulsbury Edythe Saunders Susan Saunders Terry Saunders Raymond Sawyer Russell Saxton Thomas Scala David Scammon J. Raymond Scammon Thomas Schofield Morton Sclair Guilford Scoville David Seabury Walter Seaha Daniel Severson leyton Sewell Carolyn Shaw Gerald Shea Gretchen Sheppard Paul Sherburne Lowell Sherwood David Shibles lorry Shirlond Carrinne Simmons John Simpson Linda Singer David Sklar William Smaha Brian Smalley Anothny Smith Carole Smith Dana Smith Daniel Smith Dennis Smith Elliot Smith Helen Smith Kathleen Smith Richard Smith Shelio Smith Susan Smith John Snell Carol Snow Margaret Snow Carolyn Somers Richard Soper Donald Sarrie George Soutl-ter Charles Spear Daniell Spear Peter Spear Darell Spencer Royal Spotford Virginia Sprawl Glen Stanley Myrna Stanley Peter Stanzilis Maty Starrett Judith Stearns William Steele William Stegeman Richard Stephen Marshall Stern Carl Stewart Martin Stickle Robert Stickney William Stillman Arthur smphen Paul Stimpson William Stinson Ralph St. John Richard Stall Carolyn Stone Jonathan Stone Judith Stone Nancy Stone Eric Stowe Barbara Strombock Jonathan Stubbs Katherine Sturgis Judith Sukeforth John Sutherland David Swett Greggory Swett Burton Tapper Jane Tardif? Marsha rashirtrrr Elizabeth Taylor John Taylor Persis Taylor Sharon Taylor Martha Teele Omer Thibodcau Roger Tl-tibodeau Peter Thompson Gary Tibbetts Marcia Tibbetts Alan Titcoml: Ernest Tarok Jacqueline Towle Allen Tozier Sara Tracy Thomas Traftcn Peter Trouant Ann True Sharrell True Adriann Tucker Adrian Tucker Pauline Turcatte Brian Turnbauch Clyde Turner William Turner Thomas Tuthill Mary Twitchell Mary Twambly Stephen Twombly Mary Twomey Robert Tyler Dennis Vanidestine James Vanvalkenburgh Charles Vaughn Ronald vigrre Donald Vitello Dennis Vogel Sandra Vogell Henry Voss Avord Walker Carol Wall Carol Wallace Franklin Ward Susan Ward Lloyd Weaver Maurice Webb Philip Webber John Webster Gordon Weeks Sonia Weelcs Arnold Weiss Patrica Weith Jane Wendell Albert Wescott Wallace Whenman Araon Whitcomb Edward White Michael White Ernest Whitehouse William Whitman Joyce Whitmore urrae Whitney Roger Whitney David Whittier George Wiersma John Wiesendonger Jeanne Wilson Howard Wiley Joseph wuey Alan Wilkenson John Wilkenson Barbara Wiltnorrh Carol Wilson Davis G. Wilson David S. Wilson Marlo Wilson Carole Wing Forrest Wing Charlotte Wingate Ellen Winn Richard Winslow Burt Witham Charles Wood volton weed John Woodbury Janet Woodland Daniel Woodman Harmon Woodman Scott Woodman larry Woodworth Leon Worthley James Wright Margaret Wright Gertrude Wyman Helen Wyman Lloyd Wyman Richard Wyman Stephen York David Young Dennis Young Donald Young lester Young Nancy Young Peter Young Janet Yudowitch Anthony Yuodnukis Leonard Zecchini Karl Zimpel Patricia Zoidis Judith Zottoli Caryl Zucker Robert Allen Arden Bull Richard Coffin Thomas Coflin Robert Coulthard Arthur Dutil Jahn Griffin larry Gritiin Raymond Hrrrrit Richard Harris Lincoln Hawes Sherman Lahoie Robert McFarland Hugh Michaud Gene Mitchell Amos Orcutt Terrence Ryan William Shaw Michael Sawyer Charles Small 43 6 Peter Smith Travis Thomas Wayne Thurston Michael Timmons Gerald Twitchell Leroy Wormell Samuel Wright William Wyman Lawrence Allan Patricia Allen Ronald Allen Penny Armstrong Marshall Ashley Richard Benner Margaret Berry Paul Berry Elliot Billings George Bourque Lionel Bourque Virginia Brennen Alfred Brett Phyllis amwn John Buckley Harold Burnham Phyllis Burnham Thurston Burns Deborah Burr Leo Carignan Myron Chandler Harriet Clark Richard Clawsan Jaan Clunia Wayne Cobb Charles Collin Ronald Cole Alan Colley Elizabeth Cote Joseph Coyne Richard Craven Timothy Crean John Curran loin Doggett Dana Dorling Edward Davis Howard Davis Peter Deane Donald Derrah Arthur Dimauro Elizabeth Dixon Kathleen Doherty Thomas Dole William noiighly Lucille Dubois Robert Durst David Dutton Donald Dyer Paul Emery John Estes Donald Faherty Irving Felker James Finn Robert Flanders Thomas Foley Susan Fortune Donold Foss Nancy Frost Carol Gifford Edward Gomes Nelson Goodwin Dale Gordon Alden Graham Michael Graham Michael Greenlaw John Griflin Nona Hugger! Gilbert Hall Eugene Hanson Linda Harding themes Hardy Bradford Harnden John Harrington Douglas Hathaway Raburt Heiklsinen Ralph Hersey Thomas Hodglrins Stephanie Holt William Hanan Beverly Howard Richard Howard Arnold Howe catherine Hoyt Averill Huff Robert Hurd Ronald Hurd Kathryn Ireland Ronald Jacobsen Patricia Jenkins Eorl Johnson Elizabeth Jordan Maureen Joyce Joan Kearney James Knowles David Kreitcn Ann leodheller Brian Legard Robert leso Keith Lewis Lucretia Libby Nelson Lewis Scott Lovaioy Marie Luslh Michael McCallum Roger McCarthy Wayne McGorvey Gordon MacKenzie Judith McNutt Ellen Mahan John Marsh . Phillip Mason Robert Mason 44 south estabrooke hall Q.. Standards Board - First row: J. Towle, J. Payson, R. Guy, L. Singer. Second row: F. Loring, F. Vautour, S. Niles, E. Burns, C. Lane. sp. i 414-v' 1 I iEiiWHE3"'5F' A , 'YV' 'Di' ov' fx -nam" ' 5 fm- ,-in 1? czr 1.7 wc? r .1 414' 3? ilh Wit, l fs: House Council - First row: G. Bellinger, B. Gamage, J. Foirbonk. Second row: J. Zottoli, L. Singer, J. Morse. Third row: M. Goucher, T. Olson, J. Barter, G. Shepherd. Absent: S. Estey. To chadbourne hall or il! T'a si LJ Lt . . .. .. . .L r .. . . 1 ..l E'-' lie! House Council - First row: G. Mallett, H. Nardino, C. Crowley. Second row: J. Wiseman, Mrs. B. Billings, M. Forster, E. Ames, E. Main. l b, .. l , qn ff 3 -'x ,- .- i fel B. Hall, C. Crowley, J. Roberts, P. Fellows, J. Pitman, P. Zoidis. Lucas, J. Ring, en 3 4 -.1 f Standards Board - First row: N. Stone, M. Hall, S. Randall, J. Boynton. Second row: E. Ames, D, Richard E. Stephan Marshall Alon la. Stevan: Carl w. stewart Daniel li. slrwnn Mnrnn r. Stickls A. Stern lzoberr T. Slicliney William P. Stillman Arthur A. snlplren Paul L. Stimpson William F. Stinson Ralph C. St.John Richard Carolyn Jonathan Judith Nancy Eric Barbara J. Stramback Jonatl-lan C. Stubbs Katherine E. Sturgis Judith M. Sulrefortli John F. Sutherland David Gregory Burton H. Topper Jane K. Tardllf Marsha Elizabeth John T. Taylor Persis A. Taylor Sharon E. Taylor Martha R. Teeln Roger C. Thibadoou Peter G. Thompson H. Stroll K. Stonn A. Stone T. Stonu L. Stone L. Stowe L. Swett R. Swett 'rorhiian J. Taylor James L. Thomson Susan E. Thurlaw Gary 1. nbbnrn Marcia A. Tibbetts Alan B. Tilcornla George D. Todd Ernest A. Torok Jacqueline K. Towle Linwood C. Townsend Allen J. 1nn.r snrn E. Trary rnnrnnr A. rrnnnn Peter L. rrnnnnl Ann C. True Sharrell R. True Adriann M. Tucker Pauline M. Brian E. Turnbauclt Clyde w. 'rurnnr Craig e. Turner William A. Turner Thomas E. Tuthill Mary l. Mnry E. rwnrnbly stephen G. rwnrnbly Mary P. Robert Franklin S. Vonanlwerpen Dennis W. Vanidesline James P. Vanvallienburglt Charles M. Vaughn Faith A. Ronald Donald J. Vitello Dennis Sandro J. Vogoll Henry Avard L Walker Coral Carol A. Franklin Suson M. Word Lloyd E. Maurice Turcotta Twitcholl Tworney w. Tyler vnrnsnr L. vague a. Vogel A. Voss D. Wall Wallace J. were Weaver E. Webb Mitchell L Webber Philip B. Webbnr John S. Webster Gordon L. Weeks Sonia D. Woelu William M. Weilner Arnold Weiss Patricia Weith Jane L. Wendell Albert L. Westfall Wallace J. Whenman Aaron A. Whitcoml: Edward W. White Michael P. White Earnest L. Whitehouse William L. Whitman Joyce E. Whitmore linda A. Whitney Roger A. Whitnoy David Q. Whittler George s. wienrna John u. Wiesendonger David c. Wiggln Jeanne M. Wllrun Howard L. Wiley Joseph E. Wiley Alan F. Wilkenson John E. Wilkenson Gordon C. Williams Barbara A. Wllmarth Carol J. Wilson David G, Wilson Marla ll. Wilson Carole Forrest H. wang Charlotte L Wingate E. Wing Ellen L. Winn Richard H. Winslow Bert E. Withorn Charlene M. Wolhoupter s H. Wood Valtan L. Wood, Jr. Jon C. Woodbury Janet G. Woodland Daniel R. Woodman Harman D. Woodman Scott K. Waaclman Larry W. Woodworth Clayton B. Worster. Jr. Lean R. Warthley James H. Margaret J. Gertrude E. Helen Lloyd R. Richard H. clrnrln Stephen Wright wright Wyman Wyman wyrnan wymon H. York norm w. Young J. Young R. Young s. Young 5. Young 1. Young Janet Yudowitch Leonard F. Zecchini Karl F. Zirnpol Patricia L Zoidis Judith A. Zottoli Caryl v. Zucker Dennis Donald Lester Nancy Peter 45 EQ' -1353 v mm mm' 1 4v"' f, 1 it hill l . . l.s.n.s.g',n . .Wn'. NPQMW -f'h5 ATA EEN ' sez: '- 'f1lQo s 4 'vb 'W F- P- L1 Pr. a umm -.v Q .. ': ' '- "' ' A ,,f v"- . 5. xd' . . J' ' 0 - , ' . J--N -N - E 5 ,Q " ' -: K "' he V" "' ' I - 1 - ., , ,iw U' " he 5, 5. L5 5 N ,..,,,.-A-,eq-Q, ,,.-'gm' E' Q To develop from skull bulldlng youthful fresh Zeal and glean from potential the pinnacle Pattern prlde Energies unharnessed are channeled The apt and Interested ply planned pastimes 'l'IVIfIeS The first big weekend of the year began Friday, October 7, when the alumns started arriving on campus. At 6:30 the band met on the steps of Carnegie Hall and led the traditional torchlight parade to the gym where the queen' candidates presented their skits. Voting took place after the rally and Debbie Phillips was crowned Homecoming Queen at the evening dance. V " V ,Ag if uri Q ,gg yf ' l i ,,,.,i,1,, ' eg. f , - , if sg if, . 5' '13 I g V , 1 uf U, ex V K . -1.-. .V M sk.. , 1 ' N J'i??T 1 V . Y -71, l I K J, A 7, ,1 E M -ir:J':-:.- 1' ' ' Ill A Ill . fl- in VI ETEIR El BALAIQIIEEI THE ' Delta Tau's victory Saturday morning the iudging committee traveled around campus rating the twenty-eight displays. First place went to Delta Tau in the fraternity competition, Chadbourne Hall for women's dorms, and Corbett for men's dorms. Winners were an- nounced at the game Saturday afternoon when Maine successfully beat New Hampshire 'I3 to,7. -1,-,4,.,..-nat - N" 'wfpmw .----:f"'?ff.. - - -A lag' ' , . - - ' ' TI1 . .- , -Ill at-1,3 alll -nt '1 ISI ' ll!! IIP1 F, ' wi III! r "fl Q3""iiq,1- . , A Dignitaries at the game Chaclbourne's winner 49 farmers fair e From barrel-rolling to bucksawing the Farmer's Fair successfully rural- ized the campus on November 'l2. Wearing blue denims of varying age and stiffness the farmers saun- tered about the gym, the sheep iudges and envying the pie eaters. After changing into their Sunday- go-to-meeting clothes the farmers returned to the gym for a wild evening of dancing to Bill Stet- son's country music. Jan Hoyt was crowned Calico Queen. Credit for the refreshing weekend went to Maynard Frith and Henry Demoras of the Agriculture Club who organ- ized the whole thing down to the last blueberry in the winning pie. Beauty and the beast Crosscut COY1Cef1lI'Gl'lOI'l if J., s gs il. r: L, l V F- , ra F-'E glib l F Interviewing Calico Queen candidates 50 Pie eating contest l, L , x V, f 5 NW In .,- QF' E 'in l . I 1 F xt D. Plummer, Queen Janice Hoyt, K. Reid, J. Guild, D. Lewis, J. Martin, M. Patterson international festival Sponsored by the International Club and the MCA, the 1960 Interna- tional Festival was probably the most refreshing and culturally re- 1 wording event of the fall semester. With a packed house at the Memo- rial Gymnasium, the evening began with a festive banquet, buffet style, with each table sponsored by a particular country with a foreign student as host of both the country and the table. The dishes ranged from the exotic to the staples of g'7" G nineteen different countries. Some of the many delicious dishes were Chinese sweet and sour pork, Swe- dish fish au gratin, and Arabian Lahamishvi, or, as it is called in Turkish, Shishkebab. The high point of the evening was the entertain- Greek table ment. Varied as the banquet, the program included Irish folk songs, an authentically costumed Greek folk dance, folk songs representing the three provinces in India fsung archipelago by three Indian stu- dentsj, several popular Brazilian , is numbers accompanied by guitar, and a gypsy dance complete with bare feet and tambourine. fOle!l 771 s ,l ?" 1-1 i Gourmets corner Greek dance winter carnival In spite of a drizzle highly unsuited to ice palaces and snow sculpture, Maine students sustained their Winter Carnival mood throughout the February l7 week- end. After dancing away half of Friday evening to the music of Ronnie Drumm, Sue Keene and "Skip" Chappelle were crowned king and queen at the Intra- mural Ball. Saturday morning's features were the newly instituted mall events and the iudging of the snow sculpture. Alpha Gam's "Chinook Charlie" took first prize in the fraternity division, while the men's dorm award went to the Cabins. The off-campus women put in many hours on their sculpture in front of the libe to win first place in the women's division. In the afternoon the Limelight- ers and the Salt City Six played to a restless audience in the gym. Sunday afternoon was devoted to fraternity skits. Theta Chi won first place with "The Day They Legalized Panty Raids" under the direction of Mike Dolley. Queen Sue Keene, King "Skip" Chappelle - O U 'WHIIGIA Q-xv-'r 1 .- ..f 2321124 i, , " c:.Y.,,, -f---Y wh. ' vfzazfflil 5 iii' -f '1 ' 'xx ..' Phi Kap's Goldrush Li. . vs. . D fi i -Q 1 ' in YW. , . 3 - ' .N 1 A rr, '. .9 a ,- ,1 . ' ' 'V' 4 Q Alpha Gam's Charlie x - I 1 ' li, xl, 3451: ,- . ri . V 6, in 1-f.-.,i, -J.. - nn- N riff , 's .,n -, . AC'- i , , -,.,.f1 .C C. . ,., if 5,,,.4 . , i Chadbourne's Lady Hifi' Af , Y :E I -' -Tff-XB:-1 'ff f"lff, ' , ,EQ ' ' E' N ' fzf- ' ,, f...... C "':-- C ' 1.-2 1 ' ' 'ii JA " 1 C ' ' ' :QT 13, j ,N il ,T - I 4. FRN- . ' . hw- ,L -qv -Y X . - ..... '- r 'X X'-- ST-T... ix NYS -' .l . .- 4-, KFSN a' p L Protest in snow 47' ii. m"N ,lihi N X-i i -J1Ir- N ws: Y 1.2 1 ' - . ,j-?-,..ff- C, -xwC , -C . Carnival Commiitee i The Salt City Six Everybody got up 'For breakfdsfouf of doors af 7:00 and set out for work or Bar Harbor. The campus was dug up, painted, scrubbed, planted, fenced in, and cleaned our by a crew of blistered laborers who were kepr on the iob by promises of ice cream and cold drinks. flew Mel .,, . , "pq-w'-4 ,Q -4:4 "'A .l X Y .N X .. Q -Q ,t l , . " - 1, -,e 61,4 Q ' 'll , n A gl- 1 , 1 . . V' , ,I . x , X. . ,J X Y I' I 7 . , 1 .err-nr l f Q for Y- f ' f -TT ' 751, 1 w .- D ll ' . My H' -Y if 5 sa " 'sf' Q I can A , 1 f f 1 - '-'t it yi--1' i, J K P, . ij I i 1. ,-5, J il wiisf 4 V 4 iii V 4 .li l j' i H fr: l l 4 Q ,- Capone receives keys That afternoon, after liberal appli- cations of iodine, band-aids, and sunburn remedies, everyone gath- ered at the mall to watch the float parade. Homecoming Queen Mau- reen Henry, Calico Queen Jo Pratt, Winter Carnival Queen Val Beck, and Honorary Lieutenant Colonel Carol Ivey sat in the place of honor on the Iibe steps. Keys to the city were given to Campus Mayor "Nic- colo Capone" Nichols after he beat candidates "Cheerful Chuck" Giles and "Little Man On Campus" Wat- son. South Apartments' "Disney- land" float, sponsored by the Mrs. Maine Club, took first honors along with Delta Tau's "New Statehood." Student-Faculty skits that evening ended another typically Maine day. s ring lt's just there, impervious to our poetics, somewhere behind the cur- tain of everyday vision, happening, doing beautiful things .... like buds to leaves and bulbs to flowers, like the flick of a flyrod, the clean of a whitewall, mother and baby-car- riage fleeing a shower, rug-beating in the distance, dusting off caps and gowns .... Rumbling, heaving un- heard, dormitories shoot up with steel rockribs and membranal cloak, water runs under our feet and waits in pools, windows creak open and the elixir wafts in. Rumbling, heaving unheard, blasting into sight and smell with green, with earth- smell, a twinkle of balm, a shower of tan, and new life to come. The surrealism of fence painting -i -1 - , ,ll l , 1 'il A Running before the wind SFI 3.1441 2 "By the process of photosynthesis, plants convert CO2 into Emptying the bases .4 V 1 .iw 'GWR o-...S ...f 'laik anwfh Popsicle sticks and cellophclne wrappers Q' P' fuv ,N r ..- ,Af n A7 . ff,-if 1- J , 4 id!! sf . x .pl -,. , i QQ.. V, hL,'L?"3f ' , ,if W-4762? 1 . ef .N 2 .5 Z , gr :- L: 2 Phew . . . mothbcallsl W ' " 'fin 'f ' ' 7' ' " U 'A "li 'xfn 'T " '1' QW? - .: , mi", . e i , - k my ggi: i 2 yas, A egg 5 'E g - ,Q ' ' ' ' f n -1. f fer " , - X V , Z, 1 'jfgs Q 'Z N w Y, ' , -' " M11 :A y - 'JF - '.l S.. ez ,, 1 , if L' ff: jf -' ,' 3' ' 1 ,gel We 1 MZ- Alfff -is ff'A A - ,Y , 1 M ' 4 s - 1. Y - E-5 .. K ., A-,Q V f f iw, View Sfwff- :sw r S, , , f A . , I , Q, .. Q H L ., , H 1 , ,. ' , w ,ig ,V ,.g . 1-' 1 H, kia?-5, s wf L' -1- ' 3855? - . . -4 F f -f i s 42 :f u f Z- ' :PEER Q as ap' .-"V" 4 f-5: Q 1, .. 2-.. wwf lr.,' . si 4 1 . - , 3 1 1---- - . 51:1 f Q5 leaf ! V' 'dffif li- ' if 'ef' A '-. E 'Q X, f' ' fwgsq-v,,.f'+,. Y - ., :A ,pk 11 . Y "And the sine equals the cofcngenf over the. . ." 57 J scabbard and The National Society of Scabbard and Blade installed D Company, Second Regiment, in 1916. Since then the purpose of the chapter has been, as an honorary military so- ciety, to raise and maintain military educatonal standards, to unite mili- tary departments in closer relation- ships, to encourage the qualities of good officers, and to promote friendship among cadet officers. This year the company sponsored the annual Military Ball when Carol Ivey was chosen Honorary Cadet Colonel. On her staff were Judy Wilkinson, Sally Robinson, Melissa Boomer, and Ann Sleight. Advisors were Lt. Col. Adams, Capt. McDon- ald, and Capt. Smith. Officers were Capt. Stanley Allain, First Lt. Gerard Ingalls, Sec. Lt. Theodore Roberts, and First Sgt. Eugene Graves. blade Bob Sterritt and Hon. Cadet Col. Ivey , . Fil-51 raw: E, Graves, G, Ingalls, Capt, McDonald, Lt. Col. Adams, Capt. Smith, S. Allam T Roberts Second row D Trecartin R Brennan, A. Baribeau, K. Luce, T. Horne, G. Dandaneau, P. Berry, M. Needleman, J. Almond C MacDowelI J Robinson E Burke 58 pershing rifles .15 Nl':5T3'l,7 President Elliott, Hostesses Jean Gerry and Celine Dumont, Col. Olsen, P.M.S. 1-li l5' Under the invaluable guid- ance of Captain Clark, the National Society of Pershing Rifles, Company M-12, at the University of Maine is em- barking on its third success- ful year. The Pershing Rifles is a new organization on the Maine campus, but already it has earned tremendous re- spect and praise. As well as being topnotch in military drill, the company sponsors social events such as the Coronation Ball, when a Company hostess is chosen, and also takes trips such as the one to Boston where the company takes part in drill. 5.-PM ,WF ' N - First row: H. Wing, T. Dunning, D. Thornton, W. Bonneau, R. Allen, R. Glidden. Second row: Capt. Clark, advisor, E. Graffam, J. Quinsey, R. Wing, E. Morrison, N. Staples. 59 5 ,8- . " 'R A i fi '. -. " Q' .N 1 ,, -M., we 'gr 1' , ,- ' "cm . ' Q MMA. ', .,,.,,f- . , , ,.'- - , , . . 5. --. , . ,, .. .:.-wif" A., '-A' . U p.- .4. .:.. fi' A A Award winners R. Shumway, J. Robinson, R. Glidden, 'T ., gg. .36-Xl' M 5:3 gm ff '7 g, My J 4l'l- 54 A' in . ... . - .. . . , ,. N ' -' A ' , -- s. fm- .- " .:'-- : ,,, , ...Y-V -- .. . .- . - 1-, ,Qu 1 -- .. V . V . ,rv ...L ,U -. - F V.. A , R... X -A-if K' 'I '. ' ' 1 . -f 'G' . ' J L' . "'- " ' ..,- ,I x , ny , ., .. -- 'gi-U - Q, . 'Ain' V- - 4 U -K Q - , ., nh j - Wi Atal . ' - ' . I-' ' "- f . ', -.A1..... ..L.i..L-1..., , W. Matson, M. Madore, S. Howe, K. Luce, C. MacDowell, Jr. annual review On May 5, after months of drill and hours of spit-sh the University of Maine ROTC unit was ready for annual Regimental Review and Awards Ceremony. W several hundred spectators looked on, the 1,200 stu cadets formed and reformed in patterns of mill precision. The reviewing party Cbelowl included Pr dent Elliott and Col. George W. Coffman, U. S. C '1 Dr. George F. Dow, president ot the General Alui Association, presented the alumni sabre to Richard Shumway flettj, recognizing him as the most """"-'- cadet in the University of Maine ROTC program. honors also went to seven other top-ranking 1 vm ,I ,, 'X A , I. .M ,rv H'-.'.I ly:y,. Nha- -Q., 4 I ',,,5'.1s,.4 . 7 1..!,s,1,,n..f Q- Y-T"""aT7"""E-7'f 1 . 4:1 'P 'P ' ug -Yn P,- xl 1'! Y Y-.Q I a.m.w-senior skulls Maine is tradition. Last May one of the proudest was honored again as the All-Maine Women and Senior Skulls were tapped in recognition of service. Preceding its sister group by nineteen years, the Skull honorary society was formed in 1906. Both groups have a long record of high standards and are chosen on the basis of their lives as students giving to Maine. This year the AMW helped with freshman week, gave a coffee for women transfer students, sold coffee and doughnuts after the Homecoming Game, and wound up their year by tapping new members and ushering at Commencement. Mrs. John Stewart joined this year's group as on honorary All-Maine Woman. The Skulls have helped everybody do everything all over campus. Their efforts this year have maintained peace and even achieved a certain amount of harmony among the various opposing factions on campus. Flrst row: Treas. J. McNeary, Pres. N. Rich, Sec. M. Butler. Secon row: D. Pye, M. Thompson, A. Corbett. Absent: J. Toulouse, N Currie, K. Allen. 4-f'1ff's- ur 53. --.Qu First row: W. Champeon, Sec.-Treas. D. Boribeau, P. Gammons L. Cilley. Second row: I. MacKinnon, P. Berry, Pres. O. Wade, W. Spencer, B. Welch, L. Schiner First row: H. Young, P. Campbell, D. Robbins, C. Hatch, G. Evans, R. Page, T. Kausel, T. Dudley, F. Gramlich. 'S i'Tr"'if'1f"J W ,, Y .V , P- ar Q E V ' Q21 l l i N Sweetser J Ingalls Vice Pres. J. Gray, J. Pratt, Pres. L. Clark. Second row: L. Minott, M Roak E Farashlan Treas D Plummer C Adams C Keenan M, Fuller, B. Bassler. Absent: J. Lundgren, A. Shea, Sec. J. eagles - owls Realizing that Freshman Week is a pretty rugged time the administration does everything in its power to make the struggle easier-everything including the not-so-far-removed-from freshman Owls and Eagles. Although the Eagles do not usually run around campus reciting "dignity, scholarship, character, friendliness and dependability" they're easy to spot. In or out of uniform they are twenty of the greatest girls around. They helped the AMW and Skulls with Freshman Week again this year, but they didn't stop there. All year long they have been visiting the girls on "their" floor to talk, gossip, and sympathize about first prelims. The Owls, founded in 1910, were around during Fresh- man Week too, helping people get settled, carrying trunks, and making time with the freshman girls. With the Eagles they sponsored Art and Paul, great new folksingers, and on their own they sponsored a banquet in recognition of fifty years of Owl Service to Maine. a.w.s. y Q Yi : ll The AWS is the women's student , m 1 government on campus. It is di- 7 fi? TV' 'T 4. vided into Judicial Board, Standards ' Board, and Activities Board made up ot representatives ot both on and . 1. .. ,. H . gf 9- of -.Qc F off campus women. The group's advisor is Dean Edith Wilson. Activities of the AWS this year in- cluded spring and tall assemblies. Dr. Althea K. Hottle, representative of the prominent women always featured by AWS, spoke on UNESCO at the assembly last fall. - ' ' - I I A V 'L A ' sv. at ' Judicial Board - First row: K. Fraser, A. McKieI, G. McLain, M. Butler, D. Pye, M Munroe, C. Keenan. Second row: B. Bassler, A. Bosland. Absent: J. Toulouse. ' 'ti' ' .1 Q 1. . ra tl ' ill' ' E' l ' " . . WV' Standards Board - First row: C. Crowley, J. Stone, J. Webster, L. LeGoFF, Executive Cguncil - Firsf row, M. Boyle,-I M, M. Mednis, R. Whitten, D. Jeremiah, A. Morse. Second row: T. Olsen, L. Pres, M, Thompson, A, Wglkerl P, Smoll, Secgnd Senier, H- WYVHCN, J. Sudds, J- l'lUYClenf B- Smiih- J. Baldwin, L. LeGoFf, B. Bassler, E. Turner. Absent Woodard. K" ,4 " . s -- ig, fi 0 0 --.Lu gifts '. E 1-ii ,ffriiric A 1, Ti GI' ' IL- .. Activities Board - Seated: G, Adams, G, Orser, H. Kellis, J. Goode, Pres. E. Turner, L. Wheelock, P. Stewart, L. Ames, C. Standing: L. Blood, P. Hebert, R. Potter. Absent: A. Shea, T. Olson, R. Whitten. 64 student senate Again this year the Student Senate has used its powers to put student opinions into action. Mobility was the word in Senate chambers as the new smaller group rapidly initiated and carried out a mock election, class ring investigation, and other such vital legislation. The big crosswalk con- ,fz : troversy last fall was the result of a deci- Q u sion made by the Traffic Committee. Other 5 committees handled Social Affairs, Winter 'H " Carnival, High School Day, Publications, W Assemblies, Concerts, and New Organiza- tions. The Calendar Committee conducted a poll last fall to find out if students wanted a change in University vacation schedules. Senate nn session H c. .VI 'Ag Q J. Pratt, Vice Pres. J. Vamvakias, Pres. L. Cilley, First row: J. Pratt, Mr. Crosby, P. Hall, Dr. Nolde, V. Cushman. Second V. Cushman. row: A. Hagan, L. Schiner, L. Cilley, S. Skillin, J. Vamvakias. ASKK! N 'TC' row: E. Denihan, D. Ames, G. Hoxie, J. Fournier, P. Crabtree. Second row: A. Zalkan, J. Dudley, R. Drogin, H. Binder, W. 1ce, B. Mire, P. Berry, A. Hagan, W. Chandler, B. Young, T. Chittick. 65 66 women's dorm presidents rv 'X r - .fm 4 in ...A 1-:cg 1: n J 1 V .J V Q ir A x ' 5 I . 's -Ps 5 in W- 2 H , V. .,,, . 2:1 C7 " ' ff r X r First row: S. Hardy, P. Ranzoni, J. Baldwin, E. Denihan, E. Gamage. Second row: C. MacKenzie, H. Nardino, V. Beck, B. Moody iunior residents off-campus women ln the at first unstructured life of freshman women's dormitories, the junior residents did their best to guide the girls into some sort of order. These upperclass women gave their time and understanding to help the newest coeds adiust to dorm life. Study problems or roommate troubles, the residents were right there. Considering the similarity of the two jobs, it's not sur- prising that four of this year's eight residents had "eagle experience." A basic warmth and mature under- . standing were characteristic of the residents this year. "' FF'-mf ff" ri? ' if . A ti' 5' jr:---" 1'-and was ,lim W y . f cr . t,. - First row: H. Kellis, P. Stewart, L. LegoFF, B. Smith, P. C r Sec A Elwell Pres M Gerrish Advisor A Hebert. Second row: A. Morse, R. Potter, J. Stone. Finnegan Rec Sec J Lundgren Treas B Bishop Pres W Ireland J Wilkinson F McDermo1t Mrs D Richardson, L. Townsend, R. Saulsbury, S. Alley. Standing: M. O'Don- French, Jr. Hanibal Hamlin-Dunn-Oak-First row: P. Yeaton, T. Soychcak, J. Burke, J. McKenna, R. Beaudoin. Second row: N. Prince, D. Molleh, C. Hatch, J. Nutter, S. Nourse, R. Marceau. Corbeh, Hurt-First row: J. Bouchard, G. Worthley, J. Vamva- kias, E. Merrill, P. Morrison, R. Gagnon. Second row: W. Hall, D. Perham, B. Beaudoin, D. McAllister, R. Burns, W. Spencer, B. Smullen, B. Bogdon, A. Ross. m.u.g.b. The Governing Board of the Memo- rial Union is one of those rare cases on campus where students and faculty work together in harmony. The board defines Union policies and is responsible for smooth func- tioning of the Union's facilities. Seated: M. Hamilton, J. Partridge, C. Jack, S. Hillman, S. Whitehouse. Standing: N. Jones, J. Hankins, H. Keyo, J. Stewart, L. Whitton, J. Vanwakias. l HI l Il X .fag ls... f.. A . First row: S. Hillman, R. Sullivan, Mrs. Dunton, S. Whitehouse, R. Merrill. Second row: J. Partridge, C. Schoolcraft, B. Yeaton, C. Jack, M. Hamilton, M. Cram. biology club The Biology Club is composed of students who share an interest in the biological sciences. The club welcomes students from every re- lated field to ioin them in their aim of formulating a program which will be both entertaining and in- structive. Field trips were made this year to Camden, where club mem- bers spoke with Mrs. Wanda Farr about her research in electromicro- scopy, and to the Jackson Memorial Laboratory at Bar Harbor, Maine. X , :- , l - 4 i ,I .li ! 211 hl EE: , i lil ll? A l l l vw , . sg il , Z. t-'Ii . , .t. sl. Cp m.u.a.b. The Memorial Union Activities Board is responsible for all student activi- ties taking place in the Union. Some of the activities this year were Poetry Hours, Movies, Jam Sessions, Jazz Concerts, Club Playboy, South Seas Cabaret, Ace of Spades, Twag- gie Party, and Christmas Party. Ten delegates from the board went to the Regional Conference of Col- lege Unions at Southern Connecticut State College, New Haven, Conn. lflill at . 1 l i 1 l . , y 5' if fl, , wifi, n U- Y " 'IK' ' ' ' 4.1 I J l t . l - ' ll Nxft z l 1 l "- l fl- 555357. ., W, t , lim 3 5 7' llll. all il Xi lglllllillvti' lo 5 , mt.. i-e mit lgt.'1:.nftf:1Q , 4 J .1-l-:lv me , 'zffl',i'tllr'f if 1 I gizll gr. Q-31: it lpfgf .jtlfii - , 0 all ' ll Fill i J atliliil.. f1llfl1 l'l iilfsfu f C ti' lg2'lilg,ll i,lj:f.ll'r3'ia 'lfillfit t lf.. ll-wi la' 1 lffVf'fliLl'.,, ff: . , ...m ls , " ll' l lhlliiilg lll l gill t ill 2 l.l,n llll1l l ill .r3' l 6 Sec. M. Stafford, Pres. J. Brower, Treas. J. Crane. Absent: Vice Pres. J. Brown. J. Philbrick. gma pi sigma With 'Forty-five members in the Maine chapter, Sigma Pi Sigma is a national honorary society founded to promote in- in the growing field of physics. University of Maine chapter was in 1949. Membership is based on scholarship, initiative, and gen- interest in physics. Speakers, and programs of interest to physicists were presented by Sig- Pi Sigma throughout the year. Pro- Harold Thomas of the Physics was advisor to the society. Q if pi kappa delta Pi Kappa Delta, national forensic hon- orary society, has as its aim the promo- tion of intercollegiate oratory, debate, and public speaking. The organization was co-sponsor ofthe Maine High School Debate Tournament and Clinic and spon- sored campus parliamentary debates through which students voiced their opinions on current issues. Members participated in intercollegiate forensic activites and in the National and Provin- cial Conventions, traveling all over New England to represent the Univ. of Maine. is ' v-.sig -- -- J. Bishop. Seated: Sec. D. Daley, Vice Pres. A. Harvey, Dr. Gardner, Sec.-Treas. J. Higgins, N. MacLean. Absent: First row: G. Allen, F. Bishop, Sec. B. Tarmy, Pres. B. Derick, Treas. R. Blick, Vice Pres. J. Feeney, E. Boudreau. Second row: U. Fink, W. Richards, W. O'Donnell, W. Noble, C. Chapman, P. Haynes, R. Hilton, D. Perkins, D. Pillsbury, R. Smith. Third row: C. Miller, T. Martin, D. Farnsworth, D. Lyons, B. Bowdoin. sigma mu sigma Sigma Mu Sigma, the honorary psychol- ogy society, was founded on the Maine campus in 1928 for the purpose of arousing and maintaining an active in- terest in the science of psychology. Activities this year included monthly lectures and demonstrations, field trips to Bangor State Hospital, Jackson Memo- rial Laboratory, Pineland, and Togus Vet- erans' Administration Hospital, and the Sigma Mu Sigma Banquet where the scholarship sponsored by the society was announced. Dr. John Nichols is advisor. row: Vice Pres. T. Christiansen, Sec. S. Erswell, J. Goode, Pres. N. Kennedy, Fowlie, N. Woods, E. Bradbury. Second row: E. Morris, S. Hackenburg, S. Ness, R. Murphy, M. Perkins, J. Lang, N. Turner. Third row: P. Louridas, J. Nutter, J. Burns. Absent: Treas. P. J. McNeary, E. Rideout, C. 69 omicron nu , -s Q . ff? 17 Omicron Nu, honorary home economics society, was founded in 1912 at Michigan State University. Omicron Nu recognizes outstanding students engaged in under- graduate a n d graduate home economics study. The purposes of Omicron Nu are the promotion of leadership, scholarship, and research in training women in the fine art of keeping their families physically, socially, a n d aesthetically well-balanced. The Maine chapter, estab- lished in 1931, has as presi- dent Margaret Butler and advisor Mrs. Mary Snyder. 'is- M, vs' l -. T if Y Q D. Gardner, A. Hagan, M. Butler, President. xi sigma pi A First row: A. Nutting, Faculty Advisor, L. Stafford, Forester, J. Almond, Assoc. Forester, R. Secrist, Fiscal Agent, J. Linscott, Ranger, H. Young, T. Bowen. Second row: R. Campana, R. Griffin, D. Edwards, J. Hitchen, Prof. A. Randall, Prof. F. Beyer, Prof. G. Baker, Prof. F. Hyland, B. Stewart, M. Brown, D. Lewis. Xi Sigma Pi is a national forestry honor fraternity. The objectives of the fraternity are to maintain high scholastic standing in forestry education, to work for the improvement of forestry, and to promote fraternal relations among foresters studying here at U. of Maine. This year Gamma Chapter has sponsored a Christmas tree sale and the Forestry and Wildlife banquet. They awarded the Xi Sigma Pi ax to the highest ranking iunior forester and the sophomore cruiser stick. neai mathetai Neai Mathetai, a Greek name meaning "young scholar," was established in 1925. Its members are tapped each spring and are active throughout their sopho- more yearrg They are the ten top-ranking 'freshman women, selected on the basis of their scholastic record for their first semester. The purpose of this organization is to promote and encourage a higher standard ot learning and to recognize scho- lastic achievement among trash. Every spring these young scholars on campus sponsor a guest night to which they invite the freshman women. When mid-semester and first semester grades come out they send notes of congratulation to those women in the freshman class who have done well. tau beta phi ,..,,.4.. ., i: , i . I A 1 l 4 x T X s If ' 4 1 First row: U Fink, Recording Sec., L Agathos President C Mount W Lucey Vice President C Goodhue Corresponding Sec. Second row: D. Hodson, Treasurer P Trafton G Hamngton J Wiley P Haynes R Gross G Palmer B Grmdle J Sears, Cataloguer. alpha zeta Alpha Zeta is an honorary agricul- tural fraternity. Members are se- lected from undergraduate and graduate agricultural students of high scholarship on the basis of character, leadership and personal- ity. The fraternity's obiectives are to promote the profession of agri- culture, to establish and develop high standards of scholarship, char- acter and fellowship among its members, to create a body of out- standing technical men who have achieved distinction and are cap- able of honoring work of others. First row: R. Wilson, Vice Pres. E. Morong, Pres. H. Watkins, Advisor Dr. R. Gerry, Sec. A. Mahoney, Treas. H. DeMoras. Second row: D. Wells, M. Frith, N. Dean, J. Hilton, D. Miller, D. Bridgham, L. Libby, W. Weston, D. McAllister. Third row: A. Frechette, J. Pease, G. Brown, W. Hedstrom. agriculture club The Agricultural Club was in full swing again this year. The year opened with a barbecue to arouse interest among the freshmen en- rolled in the College of Agriculture. On November l2, the Farmer's Fair was held with the usual success. Other functions during the year in- cluded the Calico Ball held in con- iunction with Farmer's Fair, the Agricultural Club banquet, and the annual members' Spring banquet. First row: Pres. D. Pooler, Vice Pres. M. Frith, C. Hunnewell, J. Hoyt, R. Harris, J. Pease, H. DeMoras. Second row: G. Brown, J. Lagerstrom, P. Christensen, R. Mudie, R. Pendleton, Sec. J. Rhoda, Advisors M. Anderson and H. Leonard, D. Pound, N. Dean, D. Bridgham, L. Risso, K. Vaillancourt. animal science club The Animal Science Club is com- posed of agricultural students inter- ested in promoting the field of Dairy lndustry. The meetings throughout the year were designed for their educational benefits in the field. Many agricultural leaders and prominent dairy farmers were fea- tured this year taking part in panel discussions, showing films, and answering questions about their pro- fessions and agriculture in general. 72 Egg . m' E -graft' .7b- ..'. ' tl .T 1 . '54 ' l .wif av- f First row: W. Thurston, Pres. R. Wilson, Vice Pres. G. Brown. Second row: R. Felt M. Frith, D. Pooler, N. Dean. f.f.a. club The Future Farmers of America Club is made up of students preparing to become teachers of vocational agriculture and former FFA mem- bers enrolled at the university. The aims of the local chapter are: To prepare future teachers for profici- ency in conducting and advising FFA chapters, to develop leadership, , to encourage cooperative effort with other organizations and local FFA chapters, to promote agriculture. In addition to regular meetings with special programs, the members conducted contests for high school students at the Farmer's Fair. Mem- bers take part in district and local chapter activities and entertain local chapters at some special meetings. Vice Pres. J. Hoxie, Pres. C. Lewis, R. Lewis, N. Dean. orestry club Forestry Club was formed in the part of the century and the years has grown to its level. Membership has in- from just a handful of men the fifty members the club claims This year the club has once sponsored social, educational, recreational activities. Some their efforts were towards the l Farmer's Fair last fall. First row: G. Morrill, Sec. D. Taber, Pres. R. Goodenough, Advisor Beyer, Vice Pres. A. LaTourette, N. Hussain, G. Trundy. Second row: R. Baliko, S. Demoras, R. Hitchcock, J. Field, B. Richards, J. LaCroix, J. Barclay, J, Denison, R. McKenna, Fo Gramlich, C. Gammon, N. Arsenault. Third row: S. Sarnow, B. Caler, B. August, A. Ellison, J. Hitchen, T. Edge, B. Harvey, G. Pinkey, J. Vogellus, H. home economics club The Home Economics Club provides Sherman. s ,F -, R ..-1 for professional development of stu- ff 1 j 1+ dents and is affiliated with the 1' - A , l Maine Home Economics Association. Miss Marion Minot is advisor to the 1 sixty member group. This year we ' ' A carried out a plan of big and little sisters to acquaint the freshmen with the club's activities. Some of these activities included being hostesses to two state meetings and taking part in Farmer's Fair. Our program was based on an international theme and at each meeting we heard speakers and saw slides in- forming us about life in other lands. V1 row: M. Canders, N. Gushee, L. Dyke, V. Sprowl. Second row: M. Butler, Verrill, C. Olsen, Sec. B. Hackett, Pres. K. Fraser, Vice Pres. P. Riddle, S. Gass. row: D. Gardner, J. Hackett, A. Hagan, G. Briggs, B. Thomas, K. King. 73 CI. S. CI. 9. The Maine Student Branch of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers, organized in 1946, en- deavors to promote the interests of the students in Agricultural Engi- neering. The branch brings the students closer together and offers the opportunity to meet professional men at the monthly meetings. The Spring Tilling proiect, performed by the members of the branch, fi- nanced branch activities, which in- cluded a banquet, field trips and picnics. Each year delegates are sent to the National Branch Meeting. First row: R. Cunliffe, A. Wylde, I. Hodgkin, K. Atwood, T. Stevens, J. Burke D. Paiste. Second row: H. Murphy, R. Sterritt, F. LaFratta, R. Perrault, J Marshall, J. Marceau, B. Treu. Third row: J. Folsom, T. Soychak, M. Eames, E. Krapovicky, J. Feiter, G. Cram, W. Ross, R. Gross, L. McCannell, P. Hopkins E. Karter. Fourth row: H. Torrey, N. Maxim, A. Judson, D. Russell, H Perkins, W. Dean, J. Gagnon, B. Bergen, D. Whitney, R. Fournier. First row: G Papadopoulos, J. Cox, Treas. F. Gay, Pres. D. Bridgham, Advisor R Rhoads, Vice Pres. W. Weston, Sec. B. Copson, B. Hodgkin, R. Shaw. Second row G. Hedstrom, R. Jennings, A. Littlefield, J. Simon, P. Christensen, C. Hunnewell L. Coombs, C. Vaughan, A. Norman, P. Mosher, W. Hedstrom. a. i. c. e. The student chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers is an organization designed to further the interests in chemical engineering and to help the chemical engineer- ing students and their professors become better acquainted. To achieve these purposes, the student chapter has sponsored luncheons, movies, field trips, and speakers from industry and the University. i as co so 'iii T ' P ix! The University of Maine Chapter of i the American Chemical Society is composed of students with an in- terest in the field of chemistry. The purposes of the society are to pro- vide members an opportunity to be- come better acquainted with one the professional side of our career. B. Clarke. TCI. S. ITI. 9. The Student Section of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers of the University of Maine has been an active professional organization since 1913. The aim of the society is "the advancement and dissemina- tion of knowledge of the theory and practice of mechanical engineering, the presentation of proper prospec- tive of engineering work and the opportunity to become acquainted with the personnel and activities of the society as well as to promote a professional consciousness and fel- lowship." Throughout the academic year the ASME sponsored speakers, movies, and field trips and sent del- egates to the Regional Convention. First row: R. Paquin, J. Smith, P. Morrison, E. Gould, Vice Pres. M. McReady, Sec. C. Mount, Pres. E. Hughes, Treas. R. Little, M. Plummer, D. Curran. Second row: B. Prescott, W. Page, F. Hollis, A. Perkins, H. Rosenstock, W. Weiblen, W. Locke, G. Fieback, J. McDonald, J. Black, W. Charte. Third row: G. Lander, R. Waiguny, R. Sanborn, D. Nason, B. Trott, C. Williams, P. Plummer, N. Dann, J. Ingalls, W. Myers, D. Labbe, F. White, P. Wooster. Fourth row: D. Bickford, R. Welch, J. Quint, N. Nadeau, R. King, S. Files, J. Walker, D. Hart, C. Jewett, W. Lucey, E. Mullen, C. Buzzell. 75 C3n0ll1el', ond lo Quin on lnslghl ln'l9 Vice Pres. V. Valente, Prof. Wolfhagen, Pres. B. Babb, S. Murray. Seated: a. i. e. e. and i. r. e. The Student Branches of the Insti- tue of Radio Engineers and the American Institute of Electrical Engi- neers function iointly on the Maine campus. Their objectives are: To broaden the student's acquaintance with the engineering world, to give the student an opportunity to strengthen his interest in all phases of electrical engineering, and to provide opportunities for students to participate in functions brought about by their own fine initiative. S. I1. 6. C. The purpose of the Mark R. Shibles Chapter of the Student National Education Association is to provide for students on campus who are preparing to be teachers a local education association which offers its members the opportunities, re- sponsibilities, and privileges of associate membership in the Na- tional Education Association and the Maine Teachers Association. The SNEA gives education students op- portunities for practical experience in working together with other future teachers and to learn the his- tory and ethics of teaching. The SNEA's main aim is to help provide higher teaching standards. 4Jf.4 - ,ss-' "la ., v ' "Fil m 2, Y ' I--ff-' IIB 'W F 'lf . 1 V lil' 'W rl ZR X I fl if I , TLJI if ,, It ll : +V Ili?-., T . " ' I' I I'-I' ju 1" W fu- 'I ri I - s V fl tl five.-lr if 'Vt lg, .A V 'ji f r' svqlxrl It . - 553 ' ' .I J-!Cfl'. I ' ' , Q ' V D .Ax g . ,. I, V . I N"-rs' V First row: IRE Treas. K. Beach, AIEE Sec. P. Cramer, AIEE Vice Pres. K. Nelson AIEE Pres. C. Goodhue, IRE Pres. D. Hodsdon, AIEE Treas. D. Reed, IRE Vice Pres R. Trial, IRE Sec. B. Grindle, S. Green. Second row: E. Hoffman, J. Wiley, T Brindley, R. O'Halloran, R, Levesque, R. Bishop, F. Laurinitis, D. Howe, D. McClure B. Hutchins, R. Mondor, J. Firlotte. Third row: G. Williams, A. Whitney, J. Harris E. Wilson, W. Thomson, N. Thurlow, G. Lindsay, C. Ouellette, L. O'Donnell, R Rollins, J. Henry, R. Rioux. I I I " ui I J . ex X , All .1-,XXI S Sec. S. Whitehouse, Sec. J. Fournier, Pres. S. Heath. First row: P. Nixon, T. Woodworth, T. Dunning. Second row: C. Carville, V. Sok, R. Bastow, S. Walker, Pres. C. Ferber, Sec. R. Johnson, E. Morrison, F. Stoddard. Third row: R. Hartley, A. Kenney, T. Brochu, J. Chesebro, C. Cowan, E. Drake, R. Merrill, D. Clockedile, B. Estes. Fourth row: P. McCracken, H. Hollingsworth, R. Fairbrother, R. Mackenna, R. Gassett, W. Gamash, J. Bieske, F. Pierce. al SO cl ef The Student Chapter of the Ameri- can Society of Civil Engineers pro- vides the student with opportunities for contacts in the engineering pro- fession, to become better acquainted with faculty and classmates, and to keep abreast of the latest develop- ments. The purpose of the Student Chapter is to help the student pre- pare himself for the profession. public management D. Talbot, F. French, J. Menario, M. Blake, R. Palmer, T. Gardner. The Public Management Club is for the benefit of students majoring in public management and any stu- dent interested in this field. Guest speakers such as town and state officials, business executives, and management experts are invited to give informal talks to the club dur- ing the year. The club is also host for one meeting of the Central Maine Manager's Association. Club advisor is Dr. Edward F. Dow. 77 twaggies The Twaggie Club is a branch of the Agriculture Club. It is open for membership to all two-year agricul- ture students. The club stands for the promotion of interest in the two- year program, interest in the bet- terment of agriculture, and the de- velopment of the character and social well-being of its members. Meetings are held monthly with movies or speakers on agriculture. s-371 Mc Front: R. Gaffney, D. Roberts, Dr. Martin, C. Tucker. Back: Pres. J. Ciulla, A. Griffiths, S. Jordan, E. Dow, C. Motrurn. maine debate The Maine Debate Council is com- posed of students interested in the field of public speaking - debating, original oratory, extemporaneous speaking, and discussion. Mem- bers participate in intramural and intercollegiate debates and annual- ly sponsor the Maine High School Debate Tournament and Clinic. In 1961 the Council will host the East- ern Forensic Conference. Professor Wofford Gardner is group advisor. i x I First row: M. Gagnon, B. Smith, E. Tardift, Treas. L. Brown, C. Hall. Second row: Sec. K. Snow, Advisor W. Carpenter, D. Choate, Pres. D. Gray, Vice Pres. R. Melville. l'n.0.C. Accompanied by rain, snow, moose and Northern lights, about three dozen of the Maine Outing Club bers climbed to Chimney Pond on Mount Katahdin. Work trips MOC's ski lodge at Sugarloaf oc cupied the rest of the tall weekends Numerous slides and movies hc been shown at the weekly meeti on campus. After a trip to Tucker man's, MOC began a series spring activities including an palachian Trail trip, white wc canoeing and salmon fishing Grand Lake Stream, and an excit ing adventure down the Allagash E i l First row Sec D Daly Pres J Bishop Dr Gardner Vice Pres N MacLean Treas F Martin J Higgins Second row L Sherwood A Harvey A Wrubleski R Flood N Dineen J Stone R Doucette H Shaw "l "iii Aw y B Green M Lowden J Bakke Second row N MacLean T Peterson H ssain, l. Soenso, A. deSouza, S. Alandia, K. Kamadoll, U. Ghatak, T. LeBou- , G. Garcia. Third row: V. Volente, J. Martin, S. Mitrokostas, H. Johansson, Guptill, S. N. Tiwari, J. Collins, P. Louridas, J. Knight. row: Treas. G. Papadopoulos, Vice Pres. S. Crowe, Sec. J. Landon, Pres. D. U I ' I ' I ' ' . ' 'I I ' I erman club Deutscher Verein, one of the clubs on campus, is the only foreign language club. include advanced German students as well as native and others interested in life, language and culture of speaking countries. The aim of the club is to improve ability to speak German in in- conversation away from the pressure of the classroom. films, and slides are the features of the club's program. international "Beyond all nations - mankind" is the motto of the International Club. The aim of the club is to promote understanding among people of every nation. The club meets every other week to watch slides of other nations or movies of different cus- toms and events and to hear pertin- ent talks or symposia. The best part of each meeting has been the informal conversations that devel- oped after the evening's program as new opinions and points of view were discussed. Again this year the club sponsored the International Festival in cooperation with MCA. First row: J. Hachey, B. Treu, Vice Pres. U. Fink, Pres. P. Bailey, U. Kalkofem. Second row: E. Libby, W. Artus, L. Peterson, H. Lund, D. Wilson, J. McNulty. Absent: Sec. L. Eichorn, Treas. C. Schoolcraft. 'iii I--.-1, First row: Pres. M. Gerrish, Vice Pres. J. Gray. Second row: Treas. J. Jalbert, J. Hormell, Sec. M. Fox, C. Sherburne. U.l'l1.Cl.l'l.S. The University of Maine Associated Nursing Students was organized un- der the guidance and direction of our faculty advisor, Professor Jean MacLean, Director of the School of Nursing, and was officially accepted as a campus organization in the Spring of l96O. It was formed to provide an opportunity for students in the four year collegiate nursing program to meet together and de- velop mutual interests in nursing and to aid the university in ac- quainting the general public with the aims of the School of Nursing. press club The Press Club is composed of all iunior and senior members of the 1511 Journalism Department plus all others who have served on a major school publication for at least one year. The club has monthly meet- ings at which they plan social af- fairs, discuss the policies of news writing, and sometimes get into philosophical discussions. The club sponsored one speaker this year, and a coffee in the Memorial Union. f. Seated: R. Mire, Vice Pres. A. Zalkan, V. Dwyer, M. Simpson, Standing: P. MacDonald and son, P. Gammons, R. Drogin, B. Mills, Sec. M. Irving, C. Obliskey, E. Lathrop, Pres. J. Ohr. s . ' time r 5 l 1 Advisor A. Peck, Pres. L. Gain, Vice Pres. J. Stewart, Treas. S. Marshall. Absent: Sec. D. Hutchins. li ' I. CI.S.CI.C. 'Sin if 15, The A.S.A.C. meets bi-monthly to debate interrogatories presented by the iudicial committee on forensic 'iii skills. The Royal Order of the Moose Chapter was founded in 1864, making it the oldest organization on campus. The objectives of the organization are to recognize men of outstanding ability in intercollegi- ate competition and high scholar- ship. Character, personality, and promise of future professional abil- ity are prerequisites for member- ship. This year's success was climaxed when the organization retired the coveted Pepperoni Trophy and the smaller Cardozo Award, the most highly valued awards given in the forensic field. f ,lr business club The Maine Business Club was formed in 1959. Its purpose is to broaden the view of students in- terested in the business world. Men in various fields of business were invited to speak at club meetings to give students an idea of how the textbook material is put into practi- cal use. Membership in the club is open to all university students. First row: Ch. of Ex. J. Chesebro, H. of Sc. T. Jones, Master R. Fairbrother, Vice Ch. G. Bartlett, Scribe C. Furber, Chaplain C. Travis. .Second row: H. Hollings- worth, S. Fogg, D. Ouellette, R. Gassett, R. Mclntosh, R. Weed. First row: A. Clark, Prof. Niven, C. Micciche, J. Wilson, P. Hayes. Second row: G. Blouin, J. Lane, J. Hayden, C. Loveioy, M. Saywarcl, A. Treworgy, P. Bero, B. Williams, H. Kellis, J. Mitchell, W. Sleeper. rchestra he University of Maine symphony rchestra provides an opportunity r those people who enioy music participate in playing a variety f symphonic works. The orchestra erformed on several occasions dur- g the year including Vespers nd Music Night. Mr. Robert Groth advisor. President is William tetson, Librarian Shirley Gilmore. '4-94-il 5' UML ' mu alpha The honorary music society, Mu Alpha Epsilon, has been established on the Maine campus for eighteen years. The organization has insti- tuted Christmas Vespers and the Pops Concert, and works in coniunc- tion with the Concert Committee in administering the University Concert Series program. The aims of the society are to promote and main- tain a high standard of musical achievement here at the University. band The University of Maine Band per- forms at football games, assem- blies, rallies and at least one off- campus concert during the year. The band also sponsors Music Night and the Pops Concert in the spring. The band has about seventy-five members, including six maiorettes. Pete Haynes is President, Ken Win- ters Vice President, Carol Loveioy Secretary, and Barbara Williams Treasurer. Advisor is Francis Shaw. 81 steiners The Maine Steiners have become a musical tradition here on campus. Under the talented direction of George Blouin, the group has of- fered to a choice few the oppor- tunity of participating in singing which is both challenging and en- joyable. Their time is divided between building up a repertoire and fulfilling engagements. Al- though there are usually only nine singing members, the group usually keeps a certain number of substi- tutes ready for possible replace- ment. This year the Maine Steiners have sung at rallies and for various meetings and banquets ranging from the State Legislature's Con- ference to the Bangor Auto Show. They have made a variety of televi- sion appearances including a ioint Christmas show with their newly organized feminine counterparts, the Dirigos. A love of singing and a blue blazer are their trademarks. chorus The Chorus, under the direction of Mr. Lewis Niven and President George Blouin, has participated this year in the annual Christmas Ves- pers, The University Music Night in the early spring, and in the Pops Concert. Their repertoire included works by Vivaldi and other classi- cists as well as music by contempo- rary and popular composers. Presi- dent George Blouin acted as director in Mr. Niven's absence. Librarians were Lucy Smith and Ernest True. E " W D dirigos The Dirigos, a newly organized group of female songsters, made their debut in October 1960. The Diri- gos sing a variety of songs ranging from blues to lullabies. Their reper- toire stems from rehearsing num- bers tor four part harmonizing. George Blouin is the lucky director and founder of the group although the founding was encouraged by certain members of the present nine who appeared at the Student Fac- ulty Skits on Maine Day last spring. Since the date of organization the Dirigos have made many appear- ances including singing under the hot TV lights of WABI in Bangor. Preston, L. Josselyn, J. Webster, R. Phelps, J. Elliot, R. Kimball, C. Poulin, J. Jalbert, Worthen. university singers 'i I Fff' . xx ,,-nil' j . , l The Advanced Vocal Ensemble, known all over the state as the Uni- versity Singers, have a varied pro- gram that extends from old madri- gals and works by Bach to Danish folksongs and music by Rogers and Hammerstein. The group was or- ganized in 1956 to replace the Mad- rigal Singers. The Singers' trip this year took them to the University of Maine in Portland. Their program was also presented at many fortu- nate high schools along the route. Niven, Director. Seated: Accompanist M. Herron. First row: D. Noonan, L. Preston, Atwood, L. Josselyn, G. Orser, J. Jalbert, J. Elliot, R. Phelps, C. Larrabee, S. Gass, L. D. Fabello, Worthen. Second row: A. Ziegler, G. Hollis, E. True, A. Treworgy, G. Blouin, F. Morrison, R. Tschorn, P. Allen, C. Micciche. maine masque i W , 31','?+rf"h'l' ' Qjvnmfj ' '35 , ' Q A fl r 1 if . I l l ' l - A'qQ':: N. f u I .- Q its Q - ' 'iz . 4 ' A f T11 2 A I il ,sei-Ea' filth? x ' 1 we Q at 1 L- ' 1 1 X T i Ftrs X ,Q X l. .X li' s 3 M I Y My XF t r , e J' ill ., .. . fs - H' , V , r,'Jf"f'-3 f wg' T T . liifgfi' 1151 .i l , i , 6 oe' 'v,'!r-1 Q fe -r f ' T0 f4fE'p,.. W' A m,,..,-r- N-. t , I V Life demands a certain amount of drama, both otfstage and on. What Maine students do about it offstage is their own business: the onstage bit is the work ofthe Maine Masque. This year the Masque has completed its fifty-fifth season of bringing con- centrated life to the boards in the Little Theatre. Under the direction of Herschel Bricker, Masque Mem- P c c bers have presented everyt from Greek tragedies to mo comedies. Last spring's Antlg was dedicated to the lnternati Theatre Celebration, The Rehearsal Another Sprin time cast 1 1 '1 ' l v umm A "H " ' N Animal was dedicated to laughter and Sunrise at Campobello ran 1 to the high company ancla "1 QJ L K.: Dolley. L 41-un , if is .Xi nd.. v-Q--, , +.'i ,L-'74 -- , Director H. Bricker, Pres. J. Arsenault. First row: Sec. S. French, Vice Pres. R. Joyce, P. Safford, W. Anderson, R. Moir. row: E. Cyrus, A. White, N. Kittredge, J. Lerette. Third row: J. Free, R. Tanguay, S. Johnson, C. Christiansen, J. Shaw, M. GX-,941- ,I ' . 'I ' 'Wux- Jw' fNP'v i L4 yi il I. s if I. x Wi W 1 ' k ' 2 A X - :, Y- I U .gs K J 1 '4'7' 'Tv IJ ' ,, - .Q F Q33 Alf if H '.,' '- :if V, 'sit Q,14.z.'f5i, Q . Ak:-, is 3 .Qi ir I: . .. , fr: ' a r"ll' 'J'.'v': ii", r' ".l- "A""' i""' , " ' :PD-V A - i . 3, g, 'i..S.' J - if ,si ,cc "The Male Animal" on stage F' Y bi, - ' .1 ith., M I fi ft'-L 1 iw ' J .-5 if, VJ: 4' , 551 .. 4 " TQ rl , "1 .1 iii li" F ,, 3 5, U " T Mig? 1.2 'M ew .222 ,w .. Y at-I wif? Y 4 no . ' N F w. ,"',..,,,' ,sf , 1 9 ,J 6 V '31 - ' 4257 , 5- fi- t it xx X .N I. 0 , -iiggyw .fu , -gf X, '22 1 ns. elf' Y-W' iw. Waiting in the wings the malne campus Business Manager, Pete Gammons -, .4z:- ,, 4- Editorial Page Editors, Paul McDonald and son W Sports Editor, Art Zalkan City Editor, Fred Stubbert Copy Editor, Betsy Lathrop, Feature Editor, Reb Mire lt Editor, Mary Irving, Assistant Editor, Ron Drogin "Roll the presses" and another issue ot the Maine Campus is on its way to spread the University of Maine news to 5500 readers. About thirty- tive students work on the twelve page weekly paper. Brooks Hamil- ton is editorial advisor and Arnold Raphaelson is business advisor. The campus staff has important de- cisions to make every week about the hot news on campus. ls that letter libelous? What if Pete's pic- tures don't come out? But the Campus always comes through bringing gossip and Max Schulman to liven up dull Thursday nights. xx Layout Editor, J. Ohr, Advisor, Brooks Hamilton, Photo Editor, Art Downing WOYO if ew 1 g, A, TLT? Traffic Manager, Val Raymond Station Manager, Bill Lawlor Chief Announcer, Mike Dolley WORO, the campus radio station The station is on the air weeknights in 275 Stevens Hall, is operated by from six to midnight, Saturdays the st u d e n t s in cooperation from eight a.m. to four p.m. Robert with the department of speech. Maclauchlin is faculty advisor. i lm' . Wi- . ,Z 4-in Advisor Robert Maclauchlin, A. Lathrop, A. Newman, L. Akeley. Program Director, Liz England ll News Director, Len Nilson 87 l s.r.a Standing: Rev. Bates, F. Tingley, J. Jacobs. Seated: D. Ferris, K. Winters, V. Raymond, R. Gerry. Front: S. Bates, E. Murphy. The Student Religious Association works to make sure that the religious dimension is included in the life of students at the University of Maine. Planning and carrying out such events as Re- ligious Action Week, Religion-in-life Week and the Religious Arts Festival, as well as special lectures, panels, and proiects, the SRA Cabinet fosters religious concern among students of every faith. On the cabinet are two members each from the Episcopal Church on the Maine Campus, Hillel Foundation, Maine Christian Association and Newman Foundation, as well as four members elected from the campus. Advisor Harvey Bates contributes vigor, in- terest and understanding to the SRA efforts. ,gf ITI.C.C. 3 The Maine Christian Association S has as its members all interested Protestant students on campus. The MCA House at 'I Riverdale Avenue in Orono is always open to students and Rev. McGinnis is always available. Services are held Sundays at 9:45 and 11:00 a.m. as guest speakers share the honors with Rev. McGinnis. Sun- day evening discussions and Fri- day night suppers round out MCA activities socially the year round. N. Smith, yygzz D. Miner, Rev.. McGinnis, Pres. Dave Robinson, Sec. B. Spiller, Vice Pres. K. Winters, R.WUpham, B. Woodside, E. England. Absent: G. Orser, D. Ferris, Treas. P. Bonney. 1 88 episcopal The executive board for the Episco- pal Church at the Maine Campus has replaced Canterbury, no longer operating as a club. It is responsi- ble for the maintenance of all the activities at the Chapel of St. Thomas of Cantebury including worship, study and social activities. newman club Newman Club was founded at the University of Maine in 1945 and is a member of the National Newman Club Federation. lts purpose is to guide Catholic students in develop- ing their faith, "to deepen the spiritual and enrich the temporal lives of its members through religi- us, intellectual, social activities." 'llel illel serves as a Jewish community f the campus, preserves Jewish eligious and cultural values and ncourages creative Jewish life, and rains students for community lead- rship. The group's activities in- luded Friday night services, study roups and social affairs. Advisors ere Dr. and Mrs. Eliot Epstein. Seated: S. Dry, B. Robbins. Standing: R. Lewis, F. Tingley, L. Smith, B. Clarice, J. Linnell, Rev. Lewis Fil'Sf YOWI R. Mondor, Rev. Dallaire, Rev. LeTour- neau, Pres. K.Parent, Vice Pres. E.Nugent. Second row: G, Blouin, Sec. D.Shea, Treas. C. Keenan, J. Jalbert, R. Gerry. 1 Seated: Dr. Epstein, J. Joel, Sec. S.Gass, Pres. J. Jacobs. Standing: G. Salin, A. Baker, R. Drogin. not pictured college 4-h president ................ fred gay secretary..charles hunnewell treasurer ............ richard hall program ch. ..guy hunnewell kappa delta pi president ............roger gillis vice pres. ...... ..iean mcneary secretary ...... regina murphy treasurer ..... fobes rock and hammer president .......... donald gunn vice pres. .... robert chesebro sec.-treas. ..richard hennings sailing club commodore ...... nelson allan vice com. ........ everett brann rear com. ..frederic laughlin secretary .......... iudith hickey square dance president ........ hanna strnad vice pres. .... dorothy hutchins secretary ........ rosemary -lear treasurer ...ernest harrington 89 -1, L , M.. .Wai MJ 1' . 'war ' ,..fR-n,--45,13-M ' M P 'izmis-wg Paddle-man bro1her's Heavy strokes bring Gawky boy To polished Manhood. Socieiy's skills, graces, Group living mold The Produc? self-steady, World-ready, wise- In the paffern of Compefiiive effort To rise. greeks - AVP pgesiclent ........ show secretary..maynard frith vice pres. ...... iimi hilton treas. .... dan bridgham Psi of Alpha Gamma Rho, the only social-professional fraternity at Maine, was founded in 1924. Alpha Gam stands for excellence in scholarship and stands nationally highest of all the fraternities with over twenty chapters. Social events at Psi included Homecoming, Fall and Spring House Parties and outings, impromptu record spins, and our traditional Woodchopper's Brawl, where the local color was in the style of the State O' Maine lumberiack. Ma McCabe, our housemother for the second year, adds ther feminine touch to the daily routine. Ma's good taste is only exceeded by her charm. Chef Art Smith still con- tributes his mixing ability as he has fogr twelve years now. After iriiitiating tweinty neiiv brothers to give us a total troll of fifty, Alpha Gam had a very successful year in l96O. Xi Man of the year li. ll, FEQJERS N4 515 ' 'T , I ,Q EEXQQ ,J FQLLQQHIPE L-.X Chef Smith L .. Q 1 ' e mesa' qi ,:. ,, ,, .. ,........ First row: C. Richardson, B. Copson, A. Moody, R. Harris, J. Pease, T. Turner, R. Cote, J. Barclay, D. Warren. Second row: Felt, B. Platt, Treas. D. Bridgham, J. Hilton, Mrs, McCabe, Pres. R. Shaw, D. Wakefield, Sec. M. Frith, M. Lombard, J. Lagestrom, D. Field, Third raw: H, Hayden, A, Larson, B, Bishop, E. Ferguson, W. Thurston, J. Handy, P. Cross,W..l2 Lanier, J. Lyon, L. Risso, C. Poller, K. Snow. Fourth' row: C. Hunnewell, B. Young, J. Hitchen, D- 5f0i9el', Ps Ar1dl'6viQS, J. Almtgnd, D. lewis. C- P. Christensen, G. Hunnewell, R. Sfrubloe, D. Taber, H. Demvrds. Absent? JR. GoodenouQl'ill3CL Keeneifc. Micciirfhe. F. Roioineyl Thompson, R. Wilson. 93 l gi ss l 1,2 First rovif: T. Babine, L. Franchetti, C. Beam, B. Wilcox, R. Sturgis, J. Luce, R. Beaucloin, J. Terris, S. Korpowich, B. Galinsky, T Soychak. Second row: P. Nichols, P. Evans, H. Arencls, Treas. B. Russell, Vice Pres. E. Foss, Mrs. Meeks, Pres. P. McGuire, Sec D. Fletcher, F. Mecder, A. Hanson, S. Files, J. Burke. Third row: D. Bristol, A. Wright, J. Durgin, W. Hall, C. Williams, L. Cole W. Ferguson, R. Sweeln, D. Morse, J. Carroll, R. Fieldhouse, D. Breton, F. Merrill, E. Redlin. Fourth row: A. Peschell, S. Philbrook A. Nelson, B. Welch, A. Schroetel, J. Forbes, P. Deormott, R. Wilkinson, S. Daly, J. Utton, P. Knobloch, R. Brown, D. Corson, B Collins, P. Hahn. Absent: C. Akers, G. Baker, N. Bemis, H. Brown, G. Dandaneau, H. Donald, E. Davis, E. Dunn, E. Graves D. Howe, J. Nichols, T. Record, H. Shepherd, E. Fleury, J. Bernard, J. Mclnnis. From the ski room .x -,r A z ' 1, ,5. ,-' :T -. -11, I lsr' 'N V 531 TJ gi Egg! X09 president .............. paul mcgbuire Ssecrefciiiy .......... ,mdave ftfletcher 1 vice presiclent. ............... ed toss treasurer .................. bret russell Beta Upsilon chapter of ATO was established in 1891 and has remained a leader on campus ever since, despite obstacles in 1959-60. The ATO iam session during Homecoming Weekend was one of the highlights of the activities. The Fall and Spring House Parties were tremendous. In athletics, ATO contributed Brett Russell CCaptain 1959-601, Dave Cor- son, Bill Ferguson, Barney Galinsky, and Charlie Akers lCaptain 1960- 611 to the varsity ski team. Charlie Akers also represented the United States at the Winter Games at Squaw Valley in 1960. Bob Spence was on the varsity football team and Bob "Wilkie" Wilkinson was on the basketball team. Scott Philbrook held a spot on the sailing team. In other campus activities Gene Graves was the secretary of the ROTC Scabbard and Blade, Bruce Collins, Roger Brawn, and Scott Philbrook were active on Memorial Union committees, and Scott Philbrook was on the Senate Social Affairs Committee. Al Nelson was elected presi- dent of the iunior class, Bud Welch was selected as a Senior Skull, and John "Nicola" Nichols represented ATO as the Mafia's Campus Mayor? I ' , - , :lv 1 Q WN. , , , - 1 ' ' . 1 iii: X V ' Wig? -.' ' A ',s, ' '.' - 1 sf' ' , , Bull session Elvis Dunn and fans 95 I 4 president ........ woodrow dunphy vice president .... wayne bonney secretary ..... ....... d avid lamb treasurer. .... peter gammons, ir. In 1961 Beta Eta ot Beta Theta Pi can boast ot 82 years ot distinguished tradition on the University ot Maine campus. Betas are active in all phases of college lite. Pete Gammons is business manager of the Maine Campus and president of the lntertraternity Council. Dave Lamb is assistant business manager and assistant sports editor of the Campus. John Millette is vice president of the Democratic Club. Woody Dunphy and John Boomer were the varsity football trainers. Another successful social season has been climaxed at Beta. Homecoming, tall and spring house parties and the renowned French party were a few of the highlights of a great year. More important, however, than individual honors or social activities at Beta are the strong bonds of brotherhood which are constantly in evidence throughout the year. Perhaps it is because of this strong bond of brotherhood that an alumnus never says, "l was a Beta," but will say instead, "I am a Beta!" Brothers in the bond ,. vis ' eff-:ll 4 2 "5-if? f23G- s. J, X. ,W ,f f,3j:EE?z1.-gel S 11. ,L-.sxwfff-s s J " W '15-?xiFtg,4 1 ,. rg 1 4,w,J , gyllwirwf ., ., l K First row: L. Price, R. Richards, M. Hambleton, B. Hogan, R. Goan, W. Kendall, D. Farrell, F. Sampson, M. Pare. Second row: R Labecque, H. Murphy, P. Fottler, Sec. D. Lamb, R. Maybury, Pres.W. Dunphy, Vice Pres. W. Bonney, Treas. P. Gammons, R. Rancourt B. Jones, J. Swett. Third row-: S. Prout, K. Coddnngton, P. Francisco, G. Sage, H. Plummer, J. Boomer, J. Millette, R. Robinson, J Black, R. Benson, R. Craig. Fourth row: J. Ackor, G. Swett, D. Trecartin, E. Brown, A. Clark, C. Gero, J. Mitchell, W. Lamlokin, T Doughty, W. Bennett, R. Caron, H. Filliettaz. Absent: R. Morrison, B. Schaffer, P. Grondin, R.WMartin, R, Bishop, S. Cloclgedile, S Gibson. iilll W i 5 . M El. WE H741 1 - N -1 I l TJ H, 1 Sr-1 F w ul? Si J . . 'Pi' , i Party in the pine room Ki? l1iTS the keys AA I9 A ' x 7.1113 f 'Wm-"'f'T iw A . - W. V, . 1 H I Y .Qr .Pl 9.2215 V "- 1 ik, 1 -- QNNX P . wg' , , iii? l .I fm re 'W' Xi- annni- - . , Selilied: D. Morton D. Skillin B. Bromb K. Hartz E. Burke K. Winters E. Graffom S Ridle Treas. E. Brown. First row , I 1 yr I r 1 1 - Y: Rf.. Greene, T. Kausel, R. Cilley, R. Allen, R. Donovan, Mother Barron, Pres. D. Robinson, Vice Pres. F. Woodard, D. Linney, K..gPorker, H. Young, P. Haynes. Second row: T. Lndsey, R. Gray, J. Bailey, P. Forbush, R. Holmes, R. Barton, E. Brann, J Wakefield, F. Domingoes, Tzsweymouthgsl. Kqtkos, R5 R0QD'.If1Robbi,ns,o'W. Noble, G. Hoski.rr."oThird row: L Cote, T. Dudley l!.,NobIe,'C. sues, J. -Merrill, E. KQIi"l'9l'j 1AllGil11 L. vmgconnell, L. WBTOWH, weston, o. smith, K. chhse, R. sfeeue, ua' El.iikey,El:i2fCox,fiP. Wincklers?2..AliQent': .R.fsMaFEoux,,.O. ....' W a.6le,.lL.aCilley,,R'. -GliH'ord, ..R2 .WeecI,.D. Parham, Marceau., . Var-I-nf..." " 3 Mayoralty campaign president ............ dave robinson secretary ...... ....... s tan allain vice presidentnfrank woodard treasurer ....... ....... g reg brown Gamma Nu Chapter of Delta Tau Delta was founded in T908 when the fifty year old national was becoming a prominent fraternity. Our house was built in T941 after the original had burned. There are eighty-nine chapters of Delta Delta inghirtygihine District of Columbia, and Canada. Gamma Nu chapter was welilfrepresented in campus activities-varsity athletics, Student Senate, Mainglqchristian Association, Pershing Rifles, Scabbard and Blade, Universifyl Chorus, and the band. Delta Tau was also represented in professional and honor societies. Four Delis were Sophomore Owls and 4316 Senior Skulls. Homecoming week-end and Fall houseparties were 'first semes- ter highlightsp Christmas and Members' parties were also noteworthy. Purple Grotto and Jamaica parties were the prime spring activi- ties. The Spring Houseparty was a formal occasion withya coastal outing the following day. "Mom" Barron is housemother agajiggthiis year. 'T"QV73'1' f- . mf- gli! pn 9,54- i i l ra 1 wi. -ff fr "Mom" Barron and Dave Robinson 99 l W5 V' 'E .V E i ,W-.Q .Q a1v",fT,, ,.f :E K J, 4 T'-:fl We president .,.. ....kenneth hamilton vice president .... thomas patrick secretary ........ charles weaver treasurer .... donald burnham The first fraternity house on the Maine campus was constructed by Psi chapter of Kappa Sigma. Founded at the University of Maine on January l, 1886, Kappa Sig's origins can be traced back to the University ot Bologna in 1400. The Stein Song and the Senior Skulls sprung from Psi chapter's illustrious alumns. Kappa Sigs were in all kinds ot campus activities. Members of Democratic Club, Republican Club, International Club, M Club, Sigma Phi Sigma, and Maine Masque were brothers, as well as those who worked on Greek Weekend, Halloween Parties, and Intramural sports. Representatives in football and baseball were Manch Wheeler, Tom Patrick, Harry Tornah, .loe'iWoodhead, Hal Halliday, Pierre Labat, Art Miles, Dave Cloutier, Ted Rose, Tom Austin, Ray Caldwell, Sandy Fraser, and Barry Hadlock. Carnival Party was the biggest social event of the year with informal get-togethers every weekend. A program to keep abreast of University demands was instituted this year. mag.. 0.- .1 5 House leaders TOO 'Fi 1 Kappa Sig card sharks 'S' We F25 First row R Caldwell B Hadlock T Rose M Gentile B Allman D Cernak T Muchaud C Turgeon. Second row: G Shapiro C Dudley R Harvey L Coulombe Treas D Burnham Pres K Hamilton Mother Hamilton, Vice Pres. T Patrick J Fraser D Cloutner T Austin Third row M Schwab D Bornstein J Hannaford, J. Gicldings, B. Goodwin J Branscombe J Flaherty P Putnam B Clauson D Rodgers Fourth row B Jenkins, H. Tomah, A. Nuccio C Milne P Labat M Wheeler J Woodhead E Rodgers R Smith Absent Sec C Weaver, P. Jackson, J. 101 WX row: R. Warren, D. Estabrook, R. Page, R. Lowell, R. Hammons, D. Hatch, G. Lindsay, A. Ingraham. Second row: K. Fearon P. Qterling, Sigc. T. McKay, Pres. R. Scheppach, Ma Harrington, Vice Pres. J. Swenson, Treas. P. Brandt, J. Armstrong, S. Center, D Thlfa 5'0W2 : 'R- J0lH'lST0l'i, R-'fBeedle. J-illvdbeck, Stdtkfoiil, 5. Cunningham, B. Mills, C. Ouellette, R. Marks, F. Banks, C Goodeill, J. Holmes, E. Flynn, S. Fernald. Fourth row: J. Nelson, L. Burton, R. Thompson, A. Hills, L. Roberts, F. Bailey, R. Ham, E Keene, S. Hardy, B. Barton, A. Ellis. Absent: R. Cushing, G. Willett. T44-134' Look Ma' N pants' .as I president ............ ray sheppacli secretary? .... i.1,....4.ferry vice president ..... g ..,jim' swensonxf itreciffs,Ureri3TlQ--,r- gl5l'9I1iClT i In the spring of 1960 Beta Zeta pledged eighteen men who became brothers in December after a successful Help Week during which,they carefully redecorated and repaired the chapter house and ground? Spring House Parties, when Kay Fraser was chosen Sweetheart of Lambda Chi, were the highlight of the social calendar year withiai formal dance and an outing at Bar Harbor. Toga Party, Fall House Parties, Gay Nineties, and Homecoming all proved that Lambda know how to have a good time no matter the season's messaglee Beta Zeta was well represented in sports. Ken Perrone, a Lambda Chi graduate student, was freshman football and baseball coach while Ray Sheppach and Al Nichols reached the finals in intramural tennis. Lambda Chi had four men on the varsity baseball team, was reprerg sented in track, and placed third in intramural basketball tourneys. i,'lX.l,xll H10 X.--.l. I, ,ff ..:g5l?N ilflfrzjy -. N -.X Q. X xH '!f".1 xxx, .,, ,xx za, w'e we 'S xg H51 lx' Last call ull Lambda hero and queen 103 i C" 4 1 'W I i ,. .4 s '4 1 .. lt it bg 1 -e s -gg ., -e-e-Quxiligqm g is or ,.. l 1' L T 3532 UZL. ' it IEE ' T ' 1 1 xi i T l ll I - -lll ,ls president ...... harold hatch sec..thomas brindley vice pres. philip mccarthy treas...leland akerley Founded at the University of Maine in 1906, Phi Eta Kappa has demonstrated that the grouping of men with common interests, ideals, and obiectives can con- tribute not only to the mutual advantage ot its members but, more importantly, to the progress and development of the university. For the second con- secutive year Phi Eta Kappa retains the Benjamin C. Kent Intramural All-Point Trophy. The Green Wave captured championships in basketball, track and vol- leyball plus points in other intramurals. The Charles Rice Cup and the Winter Carnival Skit Trophy also hang in the house. Competing in varsity sports were Don Harnum, Tom Vassar, Ed Kiley-football, Don Harnum, Len MacPhee, Bob Chapman, Dave Pound-basketball, Capt. Harold Hatch, Dick Roy, Marsh Magee-cross country, Guy Whitten, Baron Hicken, Pete MacPhee, Captain of indoor track Will Spencer, Dave Rolfe, Keith Stewart, Stu Stromberg, Chub Michaud, Dave Greely, Bob Lucas, Marsh Magee, Dick Roy, Bob Mahl- man, Fred Metzler, Bruce MacDonald-indoor and out- door track, Burt Payson, Jon Whitten, Len MacPhee- baseball. Will Spencer, a senior skull was president of thefM-Club and the senior class with Dave Arnold as vice president. Sophomore Owls were Baron Hicken, Parker Harris, A. C. Taylor, and Don Wheeler. Phi Eta had three outstanding house parties - Buccaneer's Brawl, Indian Party, Spring Formal, and Parents' Day. w ' 'vw-rv :Ti 'rv-vv WLLY7 I Shining the trophies A . :r"."'l. ' - - ,- . :1,'f.'fff1E27Qv.5.fl 11i"'-":.f .2 -Q. ' : " ' sri' T- fi:-fl ' r ,Af 171 A' . l l ' ' , :L-23: ' 5 . . -. - sseiisgfw l - rf fl' .- v". First row: M. Magee, F. Metzler, S. Stromberg, N. Harvey, L. Rauleau, W. Colbath, L. MacPhee, P. MacPhee, P. Harris, D. Greely, F. Shorey. Second row: S. Masalsky, S. Walker, D. Arnold, W. Daly, D. Cyr, Pres. H. Hatch, Mrs. Cameron, Treas. L. Akerley, D. Rolfe, Sec. T. Brindley, J. Whitten, F. Wood, W. Kilbreth. Third row: C. Berry, F. Bishop, C. Michaucl, B. Hicken, W. Mortensen, D. Wheeler, R. Chapman, G. Whitten, H. Olsen, W. Spencer, A. Tayler, W. Black, R. Lucas, W. Angevine, R. Mahlman. Fourth row: B. MacDonald, F. Kurrie, R. Roy, R. Jacobs, K. Stewart, R. Cattelle, E. Morrison, K. Perkins, L. Milliken, L. Brown, J. Quint, P. Keene. Absent: Vice Pres. P. McCarthy, G. Bears, B. Day, S. Furrow, J. Graves, D. Harnum, E. Hughes, J. Kelley, B. Ketchum, E. Kiley, H. Laskey, G. Lawrence, D. Mallett, P. McCrea, B. Payson, D. Pound, A. Perkins, M. Pettingill, H. Quist, D. Rearick, N. St. Peter, R. Vachon, T. Vassar, J. Gammon, J. Wright, C. Bruce, L. Johnson, R. Murray, R. Leonard. - "3':.-'.n'P Qil ,'-C47 I n u I J: '.'. . Ti I T M 131,12 Tlnhilv , .i.'uvr.r1,u:1.umwr..l'iN ' V! ffl xii' '- , L A QW,,,,-l.L. ni , x, .... ...,. , I L A i O Tribute to Mother Cameron 105 A if ,T . i..- i ,sf .x rs. First row: J. Demakis, D. Hutchinson, J. Doggett, Cor. Sec. J. Power, Rec. Sec. J. Hone, Treos. K. Foster, Pres. S. Maclaggan, D. Hersey, J. Goff, J. Norton. Second row: T. Acheson, R. Pilsbury, P. McCarron, T. Christie, P. Malia, D. Kerry, A. Ross, M. McHaIe, F. Hayward, D Gerr D. Watts. Third row. J Atwood A. McLeod F. Pierce G Curr R Schade G Currie V Franco R. A ' yi . ' 1 1 1 - yr ' I ' I v I Hen, C. rr. organ,.Dy. Smith, Kellis. Absenttig H. Floyd,,,W. Haley, D. McLauchIan, F. Moran, R. O'DonneII, L. Gardiner, J. Tardif, R. Grant, T. Smalley, D. Stone. 106 Another fabulous Fiji Party president..stuart maclaggan corr. sec. .... ..... p iohn power rec. sec. .............. john hone treasurer ............ keith foster The Fiiis of Omega Mu combined academic activity, being 3rd highest house on campus last year, with a fine social life to produce a well rounded individual fit for campus consumption. We started off the social season with House Parties on football weekends. Homecoming was a featured event. The Fall was high-lighted with Fall House Parties and Fiii Island Party. The Fiiis and our sister sorority, Pi Beta Phi, held a Christmas party before vacation for children from St. Michael's Home in Bangor. Prominent Phi Gamma Delta leaders in campus activities ware as follows: Dave Hutchinson, Student Senate, Rodney O'Donnell and Gordon Curry, golf, Scott Tardiff and John Roberts, football, Dick Shade, President of the Intramural Men's Athletic Associa- tion, Keith Foster, Vice President of Young Republicans Club. Mrs. Martha Tate, our housemother, has been with us for seileh years. With her pleasant personality and warm attitude 'she has the respect and loveqof all of us as of many alumnus before. Sweetheart of Phi Gam, Sally Robinson 107 f at I X Q ,-egg lf' ,, YW--vm. president ................ bob sterritt secretary ................ doug allen vice pres. .... ewen mackinnon treasurer ............ lance iohnson Prominent in campus affairs this year among the Phi Kaps were Senior Skulls Pete Berry and Ewen MacKinnon, Sophomore Owls Judd Evans and President Jim Sherburne. Larry Libby was vice president of the iunior class, Jim Vamvakias was vice president of the Senate. Pete Henderson and Ed Ranzoni were starters for the U. of M. base- ball team. Norm Bridge and Co-captain Ewen MacKinnon repre- sented the house in football. Dave Miles, Bob Sterritt and Ted Stevens played varsity tennis. All the brothers played intramural sports. Phi Kaps proctoring on campus included Pete Berry, Bob Bogdan, Tom Duston, Bill Smullen, Barry Walden, Jim Vamvakias and Dick Dumont. Last year Phi Kap received the Fraternity Advisor's All Point Trophy. Highlights of the year were Fall House Parties, Arabian Nights Party, Harold's Club, Parents' Weekend, Phi Kap Day, and Spring Weekend. .f-""' Politician Pete Henderson orates 108 y. Birthd ,Q ay shower for Ranzoni l l I V. 'w ,J 1 l 185 l J. il 1 2 l Sl Skulls fire up vi l tilxfnii ,l.41w,. I-'l?il5?v'f 'l'Qg'Q31li: XJ ng First row: T. Scheetz, T. Chittick, B. Smullen, M. Mann, J. Atkins, M. Blake, B. Potter, B. Bishop, H. Bridge. Second row: J. Becking, T. Stevens, D. Allen, S. Dewick, A. Ahlers, Pres. R. Sterritt, Treas. L. Johnson, Sec. l.. Libby, B. Burton, J. Quinn. Third row: T. Pellitier, E. Ranzoni, J. Sears, T. Heath, A. Chartier, D. Rideout, P. Henderson, C. Jack, B. Wasgatt, R. Krapovicky, J. Sherman, L. Bingham. Fourth row: J. Evans, K. Willard, T. Hanson, P. Colley, D. Jette, P. Kiah, D. Miles, J. Vamvaklas, A. Zamani, E. Pelletier, R. Shea. Absent: Vice Pres. E. MacKinnon, R. Dumont, R. Bogdon. 109 First rovl Thompson, D. Watson, D. Gow, J. Van Stone, M. Bond, P. Campbell, D. Webster, G. Hunnewell, W. Horne, L. Deemer, HR. Paquette, W. White. Second row: J. Dudley, N. Doucette, R. Drisko, R. Howe, Sec. H. Simmons, Vice Pres. D. Pound, Mrs. Carter, Pres. D. Baribeau, Treas. K. Cook, R. Leadbetter, T. Horne, P. Kinmond. Third row: D. Murch, R. Morin, D. Feeney, A. Mosher, Littlefield, H. Libby, J. Hanson, B. O'Connor, F. Leadbetter, R. Robertson, W. Witham, F. Benoit. Fourth row: C. Crockett, Howe, Jordan, R. Caseldenf R. 'Kinney, D. Streeter, D., Hanson, L. Burrill, P. Thompson, L. Sanborn, D. Deering, J. Densmore. Absent! R. Bragg, J. Brown, A. Hadley, B. Hallee, H. Harrington, A. Herbert, W. Libby, S. Marshall, D. Mosher, B Plummer, J. Sennett, l. Stockwell. A 'T T ' TW"- 1 0 elm X , 'I TU! li! 'Ill l 'llll Ill The champ comes through again 110 'N president ......... dave baribeau secretary ............ harrysimmons vice president ....... dave pound treasurer ....... ...... k eith cook Phi Mu Delta was founded on March 1, 1918, as a national fraternity. Nu Epsilon chapter, established at Maine in 1923, is one of fourteen Phi Mu chapters in the United States. Phi Mu Delta at Maine has traditionally embodied a variety of university students - a cross section of campus leaders and athletes. This year we had membelss in the Senior Skulls, the "M" Club, varsity sports and honorary societies. Social functions included the annual Shipwreck party complete with fishnets, seaweed, buoys, and colored flags, and Spring and Fall House Parties. Recently Phi Mu established monthly faculty-student discussion groups to consider problems of education, guidance, and the ysftudent's role at the university. The house participated with Phi Mu sorority in giving the annual orphan's Christmas party. Phi Mu was extremely fortunate to get Mrs. Myrtle Carter of Augusta as its new housiemother. 1 LVN, time Last of the big grape juice drinkers 111 "kj .Bm-ss: llilf Eli' ml Q-'H' 'assume- um ....,, MIT ' ll Ill l I I I I llll J! u Ji- , S Emi Il 1 lim va 4, TL ,I Jib- M..gM Q If I -x,ys,,.,L2'i'rf-I.4?II'5sIIIfl M lJ sd, presIdent andrew mcgarry treasurer fred carlson vIce presIdent amos mccallum secretary Iohn petrnsm AccordIng to the brothers SAE IS Ideally located on fratermty row A cross sechon of college learnIng was IndIca'fed by SAE s who were enrolled In all colleges of the unIversIty thIs year SAE clalmed one of the Student Senates fIery orators Bob Carher JIm Feeney was In the Malne Masque and former campus mayor Ernle Park waddled the halls We contInued actIvely In Intramurals and Andy McGarry and Paul Daly suc cessfully defended the Paddle Ball ChampIonshIp at SAE A newly constructed lIbrary wIth ample room and llghts for study and a wealth of books was an attrachon for scholars For socIalItes SAEs annual Beatmk Party was tops wlth Sprmg Luau and Roast runnIng a close second Fall and SprIng house partIes and Informal stereo partIes were other outlets for SAE IIIs'I""' 'Q " gg,.SZ4lZJ 29.50 -A4 e zoo QUIET evenIng ll-M' lb.. sph I in-4 . ul I nl... 1 . w I - . , . I W' ll ll - o x?'r"Z a P? 'l , First row: M. Plummer, V. Wills, R. Cotton, Treas. F. Carlson, Pres. A. McGarry, Mother Yale, Vice Pres. A. McCallum, Sec. J. Petrisin, J. Feeney, P. Daly, J. Ingalls. Second row: C. Espey, D. Deroche, P. Glazier, T. Foster R. Verduin, J. Hoclgdon, G. Panos, W. Sachsenmaier, R. Sterling, C. Davis, R. Smart. Third row: E. Skorski, B. Smith, D. Heldman, R. Cartier, R. Coomer, D. Bogh, B. Jones, T. Power. Absent: A. Huot, E. Park, J. Philbrick, R. Thompson, R. Wells. les? 5 ,sig C32 P 7 P ' ?' jd r . C Q 1 1 Q -1 . - 'fffgIr',.gJg- fi, 'Q 'M 1 . - . ., , ., . .. ... X .fx J .S J ,X U Mi? .1 , J W ' .qi 2l1,,l ' i P' , -sl 'il iQafPT V li'X Y ' A Q U: filrm. Qi H9019 AAQP Party pooper l'l3 l 4 an w vice pres. ..pete scribner secretary .... bill gardner rt.. ' pres. ........ bill meissner treasurer .... iack murray On June 28, 1855, Sigma Chi fraternity was form- ally founded at Miami University. Since then Sigma Chi has grown to 132 chapters, including Rho Rho founded at Maine in 1902. The old chapter house across from the Elms burned in 1933 and was rebuilt at its present site in 1935. During spring semester 1960 our kitchen was remodeled and the following fall our very active House Corporation provided new rugs for the living room. After the Maine-New Hampshire game Homecom- ing weekend, our new cook Lee Gordon prepared a lavish and memorable buffet. The highlight of the weekend was the evening dance where Trudy Chambers was crowned as Sweetheart. Last June Ed Boudreau, Ralph Gordon, and Pete Scribner went to Bowling Green, Kentucky, for the Sigma Chi Workshop where they learned new and better ways to make Sigma Chi a good place. First row: P. Clough, J. Gibbons, A. Ramsdell, R. Brown, W. Ireland, N. Chabot, W. Smith, D. Dolloff, W. Weatherbie. Second row: J: Holden, D. Hansen, P. Buxton, P. Nason, Sec. W. Gardner, Pres. W. Meissner, Mother Pray, Vice Pres. P. Scribner, Treas. J. Murray, R. Partridge, T. Brooks, T. Palmer, R. Gordon. Third row: H. Albert, P. Louridas, G. Hunt, S. Collins, J. Partridge, H. Snow, 'R.,Burns, D. Stearns, E. Goode, D. Beale, D. Edwards, T. Powers, R. Guerette, J. Bouchard, L. Billings, J. Ingalls. Fourth row: A. Warren, E. Boudreau, K. Swift, M. Collins, JD.. Sirois, W. Higgins, R. Price, D. Espling, D. Holt, P. McCracken, F. Olsen, L. Saunders, Pi Volpe, Jones. ibsent: J.iAdairns, W. Bolnneau, J. Cornish, C. de la Roche, U. Fink, J. Robbins, L. Shaw, P. Tewhey, R. Boucher, J. Bowie, D. Haskell, C. Smith, D. Verrill, T. York. 114 ' W 1 QSOGOG 4' a 'L X 'fm hDCf 10ll'lCE8-f- ren F r Trudy Chambers, Sweethecmi 5 df Sigma Chi i Mother Pray and her boys fi, 141 .1, 'a a 'a Tuning up 115 V 1:1- , "Wi g" Fi W 1' ir president .......... larry schiner secretary ...... ...... b ob wood vice president .......... gil esty treasurer ............ bill stevens Delta Nu Chapter of Sigma Nu was founded at the University of Maine in 1903. In our present house, the great white castle, we have enioyed over forty-four years of contribution to and partici- pation in all the varied phases of campus life at the U. of Maine. This year Delta Nu men in campus activities included Larry Schiner, vice president of IFC and president of M.A.A., football men Reid- man and Dumont, and others who made the house a true catalogue of the many widespread interests on our rapidly expanding campus. Not to be outdone socially, we were kept partying from registra- tion until finals with the Bum's Brawl, Roaring Twenties, Fall and Spring houseparties, and the White Rose Formal where Joan Schott was chosen White Rose Sweetheart as a part of the festivities. The year was fresh spirited and active with the capture of the softball crown and charming new housemother, Mrs. LaChance. fr -- x I ,, f Lia is Q ii , il . vi .4 1. 51. ' ' 5 M F L "Ma" and Larry 116 If--1 4'f11.N Hell week-a family aFFair 1 7 -ff I spy , 2 -H l s li? u ww L -1 First row: E. Reidman, G. Durgin, Treas. W. Stevens, Pres. L. Schiner, Vice Pres. G. Esty, Sec. R. Wood, R. Tschorn, T. Gardner. Second row: M. Needleman, A. Brown, J. Paul, C. Hanson, D. Allan, D. Mellon, T. Rowe, L. O'Brien. Third row: L. Chipman, B. Devine, D. Downs, R. Adams, M. Hilt, M. Caron, R. Randall, E. Moss, R. Crandlemire. Absentg T. Valiton, J. Durnont, L. Hunter, C. Walker, J. Feifer. V in ll7 ....-m....-' f. 4 First row: C. Hall, W. Myers, Vice Pres. A. Tordoff, Pres. R. Chesebro, Mrs. Townsend, Treas. J. Chesebro, Sec. G. Bartlett, D. Pool, M. Kimball, G. Estes, C. Osborn. Second row: R. Upham, F. Gay, B. Whittemore, F. Wilcox, F. Sprague, B. Collett, T. Jones, R. Bishop, J. Day, D. Ouellette, C. Travis, D. Young, W. Matson, S. Fogg, D. Perkins, J. Crouse, C. Carville. Third row: P. Pearson R. Baum, H. Irving, D. Churchill, R. Weed, R. Mclntosh, J. Chapman, D. Peterson, B. Michaud, L. Masterman, F. Stoddard. Absent S. Laughton, J. Ross, R. Collins, R. NelS0l'1, J. Allan, B. Beaudoin, R. Brennan, E. Carlstrom, A. Childs, S. Gain, G. Gay, E. Haggett, v. "1 .RJ , l i, Grlahrmann, Lewis, Denico, J. ,Sawyer, Sawyer, - Cook's verdict 118 I president ............ robert chesebro vice president ........ arthur tordoff segretary ............ george bartlett trei6isu'iFier...f.. iii ..... I iohnticheifsebro Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity was founded in 1901 at Richmond College, Virginia. With 150 chapters, Sig Ep is the second largest fraternity in the nation. Maine Alpha chapter was in- stalled on May 30, 1948. In 1950 Maine Alpha was the first fraternity to turn Hell Week into Help Week by painting the town hall in Orono. We are very proud of this, for it brought national recognition to Maine Alphaf The past year was filled with many of the tradi- tionally successful parties. Heading the list was the annual Old Town under- privileged children's party at the house with Santa Claus fBrother Ralph Kelleyj. Parents' Day, the annual Spring House- party which saw Sally McKay crowned Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweetheart, and an outing at Waldoboro were also success- ful. A new idea for good times de- veloped into Hawaiian Party, the best one of the year. Dick Berger, our cook, put out a tremendous luau. The Winter Carnival Snow Sculpture Contest brought honorable mention to Sig Ep for the Sorcerer's Apprentice. The brothers and pledges turned out in full force for the lnterfraternity Sing. During rushing seal- son we held ouriianniial lClonclikeMNight in the costufmess of rr. the ,Klondike era. Sweetheart, Sally McKay .,, - tr ,' . gr-.15-, ...,, ' , .5 ' 'i 5 P .Y I' . I 1 V I' ft X 1. P ' X' of president ............ ron drogin secretary .......... tatom fisher vice president .... arnie baker treasurer ...... dave o'donnell Tau Epsilon Phi's Tau Zeta chapter, northernmost fraternity on campus, was founded at Maine in May, 1929. One of 55 active TEP chapters throughout the United States and Canada, TEP is represented at nine campuses in the New England area. At Maine, TEP usually ranks near the top scholastically and has but one in the past five years. Socially, TEP presented the Hades Hop, Fall and Spring house parties, and frequent vic parties Athletically TEP boasts several varsity and intramural athletes This year, Tau Zetans returned to a house which had been com pletely remodeled on the inside. With increased membership TEP entered many campus activities with members on at least seven Student Senate committees. TEP also acquired the services of a weekend housemother, and Mrs. Etta McCullough cooked Outstanding TEP's on campus were Pres. Ron Drogin, Editor of the Campus, secretary-treasurer of IFC, and student senator Dave O'Donnell, varsity member of the tennis team, Jon Jacobs varsity baseball catcher and President of Hillel, Art Zalkan Sports Editor of the Campus, chairman of Student Publications Committee, and member of Senior Executive Council, Art New man, WORO, Gene Salin, Pershing Rifles commandant, Nelson Bilodeau, varsity track, and Hank Binder, former Owl and Winter Carnival Committee member rounded out the representation tiff Q. lf House humor managed to stay above the average of all men every semester , l Tel' l A?" , ', F9151 !U',fe. Firsf row: J. Podell, C. Minkin, H. Binder, Vice Pres. A. Baker, Pres. R. Drogin, Treas. D. O'Donnell, W. Fiedler, F. Lord. Second row: S. Schneider, P. Hevey, A. Newman, A. Blum, J. Donovan, S. Henry, J. Jacobs, P. lngeneri, M. Mandel, R. Bodette, R. Abbott, E. Glicksfein, R. MacKenna, E. Salin, V. Bouvier. Third row: K. Tardiff, N. Bilodeau, D. Carnegie.. Absent: Sec. T. Fisher, E. Weiner, J. Homans, M. Bukanc, A. Zalkan. A 5: 7-KN f 9 l i if re 'llfwfs rf' 1 Plz, ' . ...ijm!.e v'9Y U rl V 'sf in , ,, .'." :Q .A , H' xg,4g, w C 0 f lg .M is .f ,ap ff'- ' 1 - ,,. .P':,f 'ig' g I- lu' X. I.. le.. xi .I 1 1- '-- 'vi m 'D' ' , .1 i T. I' .I . . Q. 1 If f-L gi gs. . - if 5 --+ . xx - ,Q l . . .1 fi' Q- 91. -gijtx 'fu ' ,,"f-v4.17 1 ,fx-'Q L Q.. if X 'Hv tp' C X R A""N--XIQ 'jx X-4. A 5-1 Pledge party 121 K' V . -05 First row: J. Pittman, R. Blick, N. Liberty, C. Bowman, J. Chaison, "Mo" Gradie, Treas. P. Hassler, K. Bruhm, Sec. A. Hitchcock, P. LoCross. Second row: P. Houlares, D. Ancona, D. Stevens, R. McClure, R. Elliott, R. Dingwell, D. Christmas, O. Becker, R. Guite, F- Cable, H- PCU'UdlSf D- Pike, K. Wikstrom, 5. Furbish. Third row: A. Brackley, G. Sommerville, T. Olson, P. Brown, J. Hansen, G. Bl0Ull1, A- Afel, E- Gl6C1S0l'1, R. Chretien, R. R0llins, D. Sanborn, G. Walker, D. Reed, J. Stoddard. Absent: Pres. A. Clark, Vice Pres. W. Connors, R. Rogers, C. Tucker, J. Feeney, R. Murphy, D. Bernstein, R. Kelleter, R. Dubois, R. Towle, J. MacGregor, A. lncerpi, J. Lape, J. Moulton, E. Ezold, D. MacDonald, R, Morse, J, McDonald, is 122 president ........................... al clark treasurer ...... ..... p hil hassler vice president ............. bill connors secretary ...... ....... a l hitchcock Tau Kappa Epsilon was founded at Illinois Wesleyan University in 1899. To- day it is the largest national fraternity, in the country with E175 Qchapters. ln 1948 Chi Rho Sigma, a local fraternity, became Beta Upsllon chapter of TKE. Last year TKE built an addition to their chapter house on College Avenue. Tau Kappa Epsilon has always remained high in scholarship on campus and many members belong to scholastic honor societies. Last year's president, Donald Lewis, was elected top TKE of the nation for 1960. Tekes were active in campus organizations. George Blouin led the popular Maine Steiners and was president of the Glee Club. Armand Arel was leader ot the Maine Band. The house participated in all intramural athletics andiwas known in varsity sports as well. Skip Liberty was on the ski team, Rod McClure ran cross-country, and Roland Dubois made the cinders fly. Social highlights ot the year were Parents' Day, Homecoming, Fall and Spring House Parties, and Carnation Ball i lii E Party night atlETKE "" 'Q' mark' 'v' ,-4 xkigfzx Mother Gradie and President Clark 123 aug? presiclentmi ........... ...teg roberts secretary ................ frank morse vice president .... click washburn treasurer ........ norman callahan Theta Chi fraternity is over one hundred years old and boasts 127 active chapters spread over the country. Gamma Chapter at the Uni- versity of Maine was founded from a local society in May 'l907. This year Gpmma maintained its rating as one of the leading fraterni- ties scholastically. Last fall semester Theta Chi had in its possession the interfraternity scholarship trophy signifying top academic achieve- ment. For the second year in a row, Theta Chi had the McCusker trophy for a witming effort in the IFC sing. Theta Chi now has four out of seven legs in the race for possession of the ten year trophy. Social highlights this year were the Homecoming Banquet, Spring Formal, and thelApache Party - all huge successes. The biggest news of the year was the completion of Gamma's brand new house, ending a four year residence in the North Dorms. Theta Chi is proud of its new home and is very glad to have as its housemother Mrs. Virginia Martin. 4-fig! P01 T l it Hifi? ig , .iw 'yfnf ll f I 5. r A We ' tr! v -TL." ' ' f f A xx cod pf JJ , 'Nr 1 ' iii!" M Q 5 t 1. Proper study conditions 124 HH if b s i 94, 4... Murray. Absent: A. Lawrence, D. Clark, A. Hume, R. Secrist, H. Tuttle, T. Stephenson, N. President Roberts and trophy warg .ll . gg ,.. , . ' W w. ,i First row: M. Dolley, Sec. F. Morse, Vice Pres. R. Washburn, Pres. T. Roberts, Treas. N. Callahan, R. Murray, A. Banach. Second row: D. Brownrigg, W. Ames, D. Sweet, P. Plummer, W. Colbath, J. McGlincey, L. Loud, J. Third row: P. Blanchard, P. Kimball, J. Caswell, J. Williams, D. Crouse, B. Gillman, D. Banach, R. Austin, T. Madsen, T. Amero, S. Toomey, C. Steinmeyer, N. Brackett. Esposito, G. Morinfl 125 'I26 , , - 1 I Q , , J . 1 , , , -, E 31' . vfggrgiifz, Q' ' ,. 2 J "Fl ,J I l 'A J l i fn frm. V - - l - l A J Qi S rr: me L A . - p I' ? 1 - , . 1 J j' 'J - H Q .- ' ' , Q.. l 'L ' .3 L ' l :2 ,' .5 .l., ' ,,, " ,, '- "' ul T 3s'j5:5 "1 - J In .3 , - - ,E 4 G- rw " 3 if H Q. 7- 'H ,,, - W l , , . , I W. W . ' S v. 1 I A -v ,H N P , t X. , X 5' Y , Ei. 1 51 . i I I V- rv- -vi FA. L. , . , - ily, , 4 . f ui ,. . . X , , 'ta Y' ,, x. 1 ' 'iw' ' 1 ' ' - ' 'Q 1 T7 l A -. ,x . , Q ' s P" . 4. 0 A 4- V Q TP 0 X55 . C7 :J 1 A - , J, I Kei' l ri ,rw ., l 4' .xl fn First row: J. Schott, M. Hilton, M. Swallow, L, Gillis, G. Monroe. Second row: P. Parker, C. Keenan, F. Carver, A. Keenan, Sec. G. Young, E. Jordon, Vice Pres. R. Anderson, Pres. P. Bero, Treas. E. Denihan, M. Wills, R. Murphy, J. Ohr, S. Esfabrooke, S. Hunter. Third row: .QI D. Ricker, Webster, J. Gray, S. Anderson, M. Louder, S. Johnson, B. Hornbrook, B. Chapman, B. Mallonee, J. Jalbert, A. Weymouth, D. Shea, E. Anderson, D. McCluskey, L. Kiersfead, I. Young. Absent: P. Raeside, G. Saunders, J. Wilson, M. Sayward, M. Podolan, 'N. Currie, J. Sfeadmon, B. Sullivan. .1 . l ,,, ,. 'JTJL4 A, Pledge 'formal president ..... Q .... i.QpatricitciQberoi young vice pres. ..s..iroberta,undersQn lredsslireri, ...., .... la eifysggnihqn .. l Alpha Chi Omega was founded at DePauw University October 15, 1885. In April of 1959, Gamma Chi Alpha became Theta Chapter, the youngest sorority on the Maine campus. Chi's philanthropic proiect this year was making stuffed toyslfoggthe chil- dren at the Hyde Memorial Home in Bath. Campus activitiesiincluded a shoe shine day, a scholarship picnic, pledge formal, a,p,pI'e5:lge tea, a founder's day breakfast, and a spring outing. Distinguished sisters were Norma Currie, an All-Maine Woman, Claire Keenan glfld Judy Gray, Eagles, .loan Schott, White Rose Queen of Sigma lNup Judy Ohr, editor on the Campus staff, Betty Denihan, Regina Murphy, Ann Keenan, Linda Kierstead and Sandy Hunter of campus honor societies. ' Q ,,. W 4 v V H 1- v 5 . 0. New-N Spaghetti feed '14 v ff'-r lk Philanthropists in session 127 .4 pres. .... ioan Woodman sec. ...... shirley gilmore vice pres. ..anne adams. treasurer .... ianice quint Alpha Omicron Pi was the 'First sorority established on the Moline campus. A O Pi philanthropic proiects included supporting the Frontier Nursing Service in Kentucky and working with the children at the Bangor Children's Home. Besides the Fall Outing and Pledge Formal at Sigma Chi, Chapter activities included Parents' Weekend, pledge tea, Initiation and Senior Banquets in the spring, and selling datebooks and mums during the tall. A O Pi Eagles this year were Lou Clark, Julie Ingalls, Nat Sweetser and Bon- nie Bassler. Margaret Eastman Butler and Jean McNeary were All-Maine Women. Barbie Smith, Audrey Morse and Bobbi Potter were Junior Residents. Pat Ranzoni, President ofthe Elms, Margaret Mednis, Gail McLain and Margaret Butler were active in A.W.S.' Dorm otticers in- cluded Sue Merrill, Nancy Starrett, Joan Woodman and Gail Ladd. Jean McNeary, Margaret Butler and Shirley Gilmore were honor society members. Class officers were Pat Haggerty and Judy Fowler. Margaret Mednis and Jo Shaw were Maine Masque members on the stage. ,I L .4 4.4 AO Pi sails through rushing 128 1 p .4 , . , , . . - , Q ? .4 .,:....i..p 'i ' i i inf.: a i J -Mistr- L A-. In S' E Ag' . Il 1 X. .. s P f 43 l -' A ,.. M 1 , . Lv.. U xi L . b., L ' ' . if- i " 'i ' il. . ' fl- .Q ,Q ', A ffl , .', ., - . ' u V. ,' , ' 's ' ' 4 " . Q - , , 4 , ' F " 4 -1 . ' , f- - - , Q M ' " . -' . fi qfz ',' , f- .5 u f .1 , Q 5 " , pg' b ' 1 -I - i K, I Y X U K-A . .V . H Q I- s 4,1 vu ,,- K. - F i ,1 is wi , , i x "J ' ' ' QQ, I ' a- S 1 , H W L" v ' l ' . " ' J ' "' 'f Q ' .,A. 1 V' ' - 1 J x J up if 1 ' ' 1 , -1 ,JV J 1' , 4: .J Y Q37 '32 sd T-A it-Nl -A 'img F Nl ' ' SSW 1... First row: R. Potter, J. Smith, S. McNeary, M. Flewelling, P. Haggerty, P. Ranzoni, N. Starrett. Second row: J. Ingalls. N. Sweetser, Treas. J. Quint, J. Good, Sec. S. Gilmore, Pres. J. Woodman, J. McNeary, G. McLain,.igE. Fay, B..Bridges, L. Wright. Third row: P. Hendershot, D. Worthen, J. Small, J. Shaw, B. Smith, G. Lacld, J. Hunt, L. Ellis, R. McAllian, B. Bassler, L. Clark, B. Bigelow, G. Hoxie, C. Wile, K. Kenney, S. Merrill, A. Morse. Absent: Vice President A. Adams. 's1li- J L fi' "" 'vi f llllll lllllllx Fall Outing Pledge proiect completed l29 i Eiga' so , p 1 . egg- 3 "Sisters . . 'XJ , l I .PC First row: M. Henry, E. Farashian, J. Phillips, E. Ames, M. Munroe, P. Egan. Second row: M. Haskell, J. Parmalee, D. Butler, N. Rich, D. Ames, Sec. A. Bosland, Vice Pres. E. Shibles, Pres. S. Heath, J. Laing, J. Judy, M. Thompson, P. Hebert, D. Ostic. Third row: M. Tripp, N. Buckminster, -A. Stone, B. Moody, J. Hayden, P. Small, J. Shaw, I. Bain, N. Nichols, J. Gerry, H. Trask, M. Hig'gins,.,M. Roak,,qN.sGushee, P.. Stewarg, .LS ,,, udfdms, K.. Fraser, Vickery. Absent: Treas. J. Lankau, J. Toulouse, M. Gentile, L. Brouillard. Q J N 0 lk gf Eiga Mya -BPSQ6 56 125 '17 5. 'x Y I 's --'S , .I . . L Doubly dug sounds pres. ...... shirlene heath ,secretary .... annbpsland vice pres. .... ellieshibles treas. .... ieanne lankau Chi O's philanthropic projects for this year included a Sociology Prize, a Home Economics Prize, the National Achievement Award, and Christmas presents for the Seacoast Missions. Pledge Formal at Kappa Sigma, Parents' Day, Scholarship Supper, Spring Banquet, Senior Picnic and the fall outing at the Snowbowl in Camden rounded out the year's activities. Prominent sisters were: :All-MaineiWoi ?nen Meg Thompson, Jliane Toulouse and Nancy Rich, Sophomore Eagles Marcia Roak, Elaine Farashiani and Judy Sudds, Junior Resi- dents Phyllis Stewart, Liz Ames and Pat Hebert, Neai Mathetai Joyce Phillips,7VXeg Thompson Maine Masque and A.W.S. President, June Toulouse, Chief Justice, Pat Small, A.W.S. Secretary? Midge Munroe, Judicial Bocird Secretary, Kay Fraser and Ann Bosland, members of Judicial Board. Kay Fraser and Jane Parmalee were cheerleaders. Shirlene Heath was President of S.N.E.A, , 5 al 3.4. Summer reunion 131 i i president ........ iudyiohnson secretary .... ianice lancaster vice pres. ........ nancy quigg treasurer ........ lois woodcock Tri Delta's philanthropic proiects include a scholarship to a U. of M. student with money earned through the annual fashion show and giving financial support to a needy war orphan. Sorority activities included a scholarship supper, a Christmas party with Delta Tau Delta for local underprivileged children, Pansey Break- fast, Pledge Formal at Delta Tau, Initiation Banquet, Parents' Day, and two outings. In cheerleading were Nancy Quigg and Jane Chiarini, head cheerleader, Polly Lincoln was a maiorette, Jo Pratt and Jo Chandler were Eagles. Dorm officers included Nicole Kimball, Valerie Beck, Jeanne Rogers, Polly Lincoln, and Sally Grindell. On A.W.S. were Dorothy Jeremiah and Ann Lynch, Evelyn Krauter and Lois Murdock were in Maine Masque. Debby Chapman was a class officer and Polly Lincoln, Nicole Kimball, Sally Grindell, and Jane Chiarini were on class executive councils. Jo Ann Pratt was Senate treasurer. Sally Robinson was Miss Maine. Roughing H 132 Might 4, f FaH ouHng l . 1-: , ' Wiz' J l 8 -r 1 1 X. ,uname X Gy mul! 4 ' y 14 in . ,1- PXAAY 1 5 l l ll 'iv .V fV..- l,.v 1: ' Q ir Reviving spirits is if V ...J . . : ai. i Mill, 1- if ' ' . - . T s - L' if I ll I v I . .4 . Q., i ,, ,g - , IZ' I x First row: S. McGuire, M. Eldridge, L. Thomas, T. Chambers, M. Palmer, B. Powers, L. Murdock. Second row: M. Canderi J.. Chandler, E. Buckley, Treos. L. Woodcock, L. Baldwin, B. Long, Pres. J. Johnson, Vice Pres. N. Quigg, A. Lynch, J. Chiarinij S. Gibson, D. Jeremiah, J. Pratt, P. Dougherty, J. Rogers. Third row: M. Woodward, P. Lincoln, Kimxbgxll, P. 3SmithW,mM. Flatterson, K. Schwemmer, D. Chapman, E. Krauter, V. Beck, D. Lufkin, S. Van Aken, B5 Sweet, K. Wakefield, M. Dliilngalili, S.i'6rindeIlL S. Robinson, J. London. Absent: Sec. J. Lancaster. . , , 133 J-It 4 'ii af, 1 I7' Y Furs! row B Wnllnams, J Wallace A Story L MacDonald Second row J Ramsey S Erswell R Mour Sec E Hoffses Vnce Pres B Wlllnoms Pres. M Fogg Vlce Pres L Dyke Treas G Mclnhre Sec D Collar A Acllutant M Gavnn E Thomas Thlrd row C Oblnskey A.iqLothrop A Thurlow C Loveloy A Flmt J Free S Chase S Jordan M Gay D Porter M Staples B Kung C Adams G Ulmer, E. Wardwell J Hough J Campbell Absent T Messer G Woods D Smuth M Rogers J Long B Lathrop J Pratt A Buchanan. AZ ,,v, Q, L rv K2 5 g,.Zf' A t-A I Q- X ,LMI-' ,- ,." ' 5 ix, 'K I , ,, A A ! "ra-f og: V l I I , . 1,-f- --f Af' -" . 7511 56 ,y 1 5, l - 'aw ,w.,,.5Q+ , s , ,i ty -x - - .., . 'N sf x -.-4 ' V if C ei L ,gn 1 i . ' K . wt .an The Mad Hatters' card party president..madonna fogg secretary .... elaine holffses vice pres. ....,. leanne dyke treas. .... glennys mcintire Delta Zeta was founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, on October 24, 1902. Alpha Upsilon was established on the Maine campus in 1924. Philanthropic activities, this year included giving aid to Gallaudet College for the deaf and to Carville Hospital, as well as local proiects. Chapter activities included an animal fair, a fall outing, a Founders' Day Tea, Pledge Formal, Mother's Day Banquet, and Senior Breakfast. Cynthia Adams was an Eagle, Carol Wdrrem served as Junior Resident, Ann Lothrop and CarolpAnnr Obliskey, WOR : Carol Ann Obliskey was on the Prism staff, Betsy Lathrop and Carol Ann Obliskey, Campus, Carol Lovejoy and Barbara Williams were in the band, SiJsan Chase, Julianna Free and Ruth Moir, Maine Masque. Sondra Erswell, Dale Ama rrr Hooke, Eloarr i.ang,,,Carol ,Love- ioy and Barbara Williams were elected to honor societies. Christmas elves 135 M P' - li president ...... diana pye sec. ..laurette martineau v. pres. sheila chouinard itreasurer ...... iudy storer Phi Mu's proiects this year included a Christmas party at the Bangor Children's Home with the Phi Mu Deltas and toys for the children in Bangor. Social activities included an International Tea, bowpinning supper, food sale and Senior Outing. Diana Pye was an All- Maine Woman and a member of A.W.S. Judicial Board, Jan Devine was an Eagle, Jan Stone was a Junior Resident, Judy Storer was President of W.A.A., Ruth Ann Phelps was in Masque and University Singers, Joan Pushard, Laurie Martineau and Jo Fournier were dorm officers, Ellie Rideout was in Sigma Mu Sigma, Lydia Hersom was a specialty twir1ler,sJo Eourniengiwas Secretary of S.N.E.A. and Chairman of Senate Elections, Carol Ivey was Hon. lit. Colonel. Sheila Chouinard, Judy Culley, Carol Ivey, Joni Marshall, Elaine Murphy, Priscilla Sawyer and Marty Snider were cheerleaders. W ., 5332" cj- 5 ' ' ' T1 ff- 1 ,id xiii fu E 2: : I 'fi V, i, , Y .Z .lzn , H Kb W W L Pg H 'xi K 1 '- HL i ' l Q i W, , ,,' J ,igl ' K J V, za V i 5 4 'wig e Phi Mu Outing Pizza Party 136 M --rf 1 Ev.. W W 5 - - K . f K l .' M .-lr? is Y . 1.4. . " ' - V' ' . '. 4 . 'P .Q 'fr 1-.-in ' qxfii . F y I G - .. ' ' . -1 .. - - l fe si-,Q A 5 NL 23. ,P v".5 . ' f . , xx-. . 'gg:'N-of . -L5 4 . - ' , E ik ' 41-F - - . ' . 1' 5 -uw in :H Y mm W f . N X , l K r M .L A In I .Nl t r A ,Il ' .1 x .Ai I-.xi Q -X LIf.V.Li-A First row: S. Edel, N. Bishop, V. Burke, M. Allen, L. Murch, J. Tyler, J. Marshall, V. Clement. Second row: C. Ivey, R. Phelps, J. Graffmcm, J. Fournier, J. Guilford, Sec. L. Murtineau, Pres. D. Pye, Vice Pres. 5.1, Chouinard, Treas. J. Storegk L. Hersom, E. Rideout, J. Hill, D. White. Third row: M. Snider, R. Wooster, E. Murphyi, J. Stone, C. Jack, J. P. liii Sawyier, J. Pushard, J. Devine, P. Woodard, J. McMore, S. Coughlin, 5. Reid, R. Thomas, C. O'Connor, R. Farnsworth, N. Beal. L i i .. 5 'a V , W 2 Q-1 , rf' gift 11591-Q V., A-,tuna M L T22 5,-, X, , L.-.. 9:35. r- , gm-4' H JM A . ' if 4' - f:5.qf1:.LQ:2," f' Q ,J f , if . i . ,Q , xfss 4 , .-:- - I l. . f N - i A, ,,,- I 1 ' ,Q..1.f,.f,. - - Sv .-Ea, 9 M "" :1::2' K -.. 4 L -ww 5,-.-KC., TX , jg -.,,, ' 11512. Z.. President Pye and sisters 'I37 ,, l I ' ' X "' . d' ' -"' .P I J V , VAAWIL' 4 s -14 x- , 'rp l f 4' g , 5 O U lk ' h if I Neil Proctor, Mrs. Adams, and Brenda Freeman at il 1 f' 2 .54 .D H . Q. ... '. , it ' Z aaa! ' it "lf 1 fv. E' ' . Q 5 .. gli are 5. ' A xl ' .5 . ef, , ,r '- f 'I. A 5' .lg . ' ll ji rf ' ' r ' ..4 "lf, ha' ,oy 1421 I 2 '. A A l l E H . 11' .12 . Ulf. 4- 'lvl I "' on . I7 1' la lffllt K . XJ " F' ! mf. .V " "' f R' . 'i 5 R H A li: .4 as 5. - .air 'V IA .. ia. at V is . 1.1-1-. fe :ffl iw -. . . -,.. ' -1' . . :lA 1 ,. gg ' ' f '- A f! ll -. P' l H ll 'LT-"l ' Y -KA .1 .. ,Z ., - 6 Q., W 1 .. .I 3 E vi.. Nr 4, If if I1 , , 4. Q Q .. - A- 'VF' if Q . ' Rfk ll 7 3- .?, , ,-,N 5... Y Q F, In I M A, .ht . X Q 5 l ' ' X ' 3 ' N l Q.. 9 , ff' ff! R first pow: B. McLeod, M. Hanson, R. Rich, C. Costain, G. Orrser, P. Benner. Second row: R. Kimball, J. Wilkinson, R. Davis, D. LorH5,fSecg A. Whitney, 'Vicen Pres. C2:i5leepeI','P1'eS. C. Proctor, Trees. N. Kennedy, N. Woods, C. MacKenzie, A. Corbett, J. Goode, A. McKiel,. V. Waite. Ihird row: B, Jordan, S. Kegnett, L. Minott, E. Clapp, A. Sleight, J. Dorman, D. Plummer, V. Barnes, M Fuller, Van DeBi5QaFt, Af 'Wilkexi NB. iii Freeman, J:.Bates, S. Bentley, M. Labbe, D. Sleeper, E. Turner, R. Boucher. 138 Limbo pres....,....cornelia proctoxr eserciggtary .... .eanrr whitney vice pres. ..carolyn sleeper treasurer..nancy kennedy Pi Beta Phi, originally called I.C. Sorosis, was founded in T867 at Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois. ln 1920, Maine Alpha Chapter was installed. The philanthropic projects are the Settlement School in Tennessee and the music and art fund at Augusta State Hospital. Campus activities this year in- cluded the tall outing, cookie shines, pledge formal at oiirt brother fraternity Phi Gamma Delta, mother-daughter break- fast, Senior Farewell and Strawberry Breakfast. Among the many prominent Pi Phis on campus were Kay Allen and Ann Corbett, All-Maine Women, Marcia Fuller, Ann Grace, Barbaliibl Jordan, Linda Minott and Donna Plummer, Eagles,Jane Goocle., Activities Board, Alice McKiel, Judicial Board, Eleanor Turner, Chairman of the Activities Board, Ann Walker, Treasurer of A.W.S., Virginia Barnes, Barbara Dale McLeod, Carole Malc- Kenzie and Deborah Sleeper, Dorm officers. Sally Kennett was Treasurer of the iunior class and the Junior Class Execu- tive Council included Brenda Freeman and Ann Walker. Sv' rg' ,f . I -"' T133 .41 U pg, Z A ll " ff i " , , .. .E :-: is-f P111 1 ' " " ' 'Pr ' fr- i"' - - " V , -ri!" 7 , 'i 3 ay we r u -F-f -sf -1.-f e. -- 1 A' .' 1 ,- - W ty gill' " i 1 I , Y! f , ?'. ' ii ,7 , 'V ,- - ,If M fi ..3r.,..,gi Q C. f- ' ,A 'V ' " -71-'X 1 1 U . .rang i 1 T K-'V , T ' 4 er m . x N ' f f " ' Yi xx X X C -E if ye? fi . "7 . 'X F K- ' ' r lx ' , 1, ' , r Pledge memories 'I39 pclnhellenic council leap , , Lt ., sl- - -A 5 Q!! 'C-.D x gm fx- T 3 vgiy Y:-7 I I I -'P .5 I First row: P. Stewart, M. Swallow, M. Fogg, P. Ranzoni, D. Pye, Sec. G. Chambers, Treas. P. Benner. Second row: A. Adjutant, P. Woodard, P. Bero, Pres. A. Corbett, J. Johnson, C. Proctor. Absent: J. Woodman, S. Heath. me -I ,- The Interfraternity Council, composed of the presi- rl r , dents of the seventeen fraternities, meets bi-monthly I to establish rules governing fraternity life and rush- ' ing. The outlawing of seat saving was only one - of several moves directed by the council, this year. This year the IFC sponsored various programs to raise the prestige of the fraternities. One of the IFC projects was Halloween parties held at each fraternity for the grade school children of Orono. On November 6 the IFC organized the fraternities to support Penobscot County's Muscular Dystrophy Drive. Over S3000 was solicited. In December a rushing meeting for freshmen was held to help the freshmen better understand the fraternal system. Hoping for still further interest, the IFC allowed the fraternities to hold open houses for freshmen on two Sundays in January. In the spring the IFC presented the third annual Greek Weekend. Other IFC activi- ties included the Maine Day sing and the annual banquet for past and present IFC members. Each year the IFC tries to stimulate fraternity interest in scholastics, social life, group participation and ath- letics. Trophies were awarded this year to the fra- ternities with the highest scholastic average and the most points for campus and intramural activities. p- rv fx- , ff? First row: R. Shaw, Sec.-Treas. R. Drogin, P. D. Robinson, R. Chesebro, R. Sheppach, R. Sterritt. The Panhellenic Council is the governing body of the sororities on campus. Duties of the council include encouraging Pan- hellenic spirit, evaluating rushing, and drawing up rushing rules to incorporate changes such as were made this year. Fifteen members were seated on the council. Each sorority sent its president and one delegate to the council, and the council president, Ann Corbett, directed the meetings. Dean Wilson and Mrs. Doris Marshall advised the girls this year. Many campus activities were conducted under the auspices of the council. Serving in affiliation with the IFC, Panhell spon- sored Halloween parties, the dance and workshops of Greek Weekend, and a luncheon. This close cooperation with the fraternities was developed in an attempt to benefit students. On its own, Panhell sponsored a stag dance. This year for the first time Panhell voted to hold sorority open houses for potential rushees to enable them to better understand the meaning and advantages of sorority membership on campus. interfraternity council L l gigs. 'gf Meussner R Washburn H Hatch D Barubeau A. McGarry. Second row: K. Hamilton, Pres. P. Gammons, S. Maclaggcm, :H L. .A A 22" 3, .2 I , '- 'X W ,nk ' '14, H Teomworklng the Play poifern mokes More men Mode 'fhmkmg Achng Interacting Reocfmg os a cog lnfegrcully homogeneous Each nourlshlng other As his own gm grows So thot no Pofenhol cubs? Of his hull hugh hope Wlll be neglected ports lx , campus mayor With his fellow thugs and three dia- mond studded molls John "Capone" Nichols hit the campus last spring. After tommy-gunning his way past "Cheerful Chuck" Giles and "Little Man On Campus" Watson he started his reign as campus mayor, supported by Maine's own Mafia, the Alpha Tau Omega brothers. Capone's first public appearance was with the Javelins-a rock and roll group from his high school, Kents Hill. John came to Maine as a transfer from Middlebury College where he was a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon. When he's not busy with some campus crime, he plays bass with the Maine Bears and acts in Maine Masque. His sense of drama and music ancl his quick wit pepped rallies up during the year. fxff-144155 Capone and coolies 144 cheerleaders M-A-l-N-E! and the cheerleaders were at f1,y,2-Q mv it again, standing in front of the football and basketball crowds and doing their best to synchronize the yelling. Besides be- ing right up front at the games, the girls helped out with the rallies. This year they put on a skit in preparation for the Maine- football game. The uniforms are blue skirts and Maine sweaters. Dur- basketball season the "M" sweaters swapped for sleeveless v-necks. were used to stave off the hoarseness long enough so they get the team through to another victory. Although it wasn't really the uniform, all the girls this year brown hair. Running, iurnping, yell- the cheerleaders were a pretty, im- part of this year's sports mosaic. Head cheerleader Jane Chiarini 532-1, , ' !la:..Ivl' 1. - . . 1 - J. Marshall, S. Angell, K. Fraser, N. Quigg, J. Chiarini, E. Murphy, C. Ivey. Absent: J. Parmalee, M. Snider, A. McKiel, J. Culley, P. Sawyer, D. Cutler, S. Chouinard. l45 m club First row: T. Valiton, D. Cloutier, E. MacKinnon, H. Libby, W. Spencer, Advisor P. Hamm, D. Sturgeon L Schmer G Bartlett Jacobs, H. Hatch. Second row: R. Donovan, D. Streeter, R. Spence, M. Wheeler, D. Harnum, R Morin R Leadbe ter G J. Ingalls, K. Lucas, E. Reidman, M. Kimball, K. Stewart, W. Weiblen. Third row: N. Liberty, W. Dunphy D Baribeau W A. Trumbull, J. Stevens, R. Wilkinson, R. Keup, D. Corson, E. Ranzoni, B. Russell, D. Rolfe, L MacPhee ml al al The Men's Athletic Association was founded on September 'l5, 1892, for the purpose of promoting the interest and advancement ot ath- letics at Maine. The main function of the association is to represent the male portion of the student body on the University of Maine Athletic Board. The Athletic Board consists of three alumni representatives, three faculty members of the MAA. Th purpose of the Athletic Board is to approve the awarding of letters and numerals, setting up the sched- ule of athletic events, recommends new policies, sets up the athletic budget, and considers proposals for The MAA consists new activities. of a president, a senior representa- tive, a junior representative, and representative all a sophomore elected in the spring by the men. 146 'TQ l l 1 I. MacKinnon, D. Pound, L. Schiner, D. Cloutier The Varsity "M" Club, composed of Maine athletes who have earned their "M" letter in one of the major sports, has as its goal the promotion of friendship and understanding among all athletes, coaches, stu- dents, faculty, alumni and others who have shown interest in the state university and its athletic pro- gram. The club strives to further athletics at Maine through the con- tinuation ot tradition, the stimula- tion of interest, and the promotion of loyalty to the university sports. -. Theodore Curtis llTedll Faculty Manager ,fl SML.,- XX, Harold Wood bu ry IIHGIII Physical Education -'Xf 57-iif Stuart Haskell llstull Publicity George Wood Ilwoodyll Equipment Manager master minds H3 Samuel Sezak llscmll Physical Education Dr. Rome Rankin IIDOCI Athletic Director 51213: AW fl, T 6 K ag ' . 1 ff gp.. V W it . .sgzwvlf mr till Peter Crane James Nice llpetell ll-limll Grounds Director Head Trainer 147 varsity baseball After losing four games on a damp and disappointing Southern trip, the Bears clawed back to enioy the best season in history on their home diamond. Coach Jack Butterfield's charges won all twelve home contests, in- cluding double wins over Massachusetts and Vermont. Maine won 'l2 of 'I6 games during the regular season and emerged with a share of both State Series and Yankee Conference titles. The Bears grabbed their first piece of a Yankee Conference crown since they won it all in 1951, by equaling the Huskies of UConn. It was only the second time in the history of the Conference that a Maine team had entered the sunspot. ln State Series circles, the Big Blue forced a rugged Colby to give up a share of the crown for the first in five seasons. Coach Butterfield, Captains Deshones and Colwell , i i l . if '51 . ' . 4 'il 1 . l '1'Q3l ll- ll F il l - V 'il l s'2-- 56 , Ui. g -4 3 ' f - 1, l - 1 QDQ I '?'n"14 , . H T . " . lr , F1 . 1 i Y X Q I EL' 1 X i L HP All' , . r f 11 1 C f ' -Q, is 1 J 5' I I Q li .' - g lll lil yllll lf'r -with UN J 'R will Il .Hi "Ir, .. , ,4 V .m.,--.3-. gms, - My " . , x . , .e,-sr, ' ,, . '. L-. ' Front row: J. Whitten, P. Curtis, R. Colwell, D. Deshone, S. Garro, R. Keller. Second row: T. Valiton, E. Ranzoni, P. Henderson, G. Bartlett, H. Libby, P. Forbush, B. Payson, J. Jacobs. Back row: R. Suomi, L. MacPhee, W. Livesey, R. Thompson, R. Weed, R. Marks, W. Dunphy. -sn-,,,, 3"1:Pf" kc, 1, 'iam' is .4-""' gf' 'M' X ':..:.'s:f'f +..f'f 8-uri? 5h 'Xi-if 4-S A -vfgvwwwl 733' - . r ' as-515' 23-,"", , ft 1..,,.,,' V U '11 .f -, - - - J of 8 -1i' f"?"l" 9' Ng -4 .5 L' , , . sy 1 Q' 'fi f : 4' - :f - - -fr M, V-r.- 'fw "F dim fad- f' N e+'1 be A 1 y yi IIAITL Safe at third 1960 Baseball Results Opponent-Maine Washington College 5 4 Navy 4 1 Rutgers 3 2 Columbia 4 2 Rhode Island 3 7 Rhode Island 4 2 Massachusetts 0 1 Massachusetts 0 7 Bates 3 11 Connecticut 4 2 Connecticut 2 5 New Hampshire 4 5 Colby 1 2 Bates 7 1 Bowdoin 1 16 Colby 5 4 Bowdoin 1 11 Vermont 6 12 Vermont 0 3 New Hampshire 1 2 Yankee Conference Standings Team ' W l Pct. Maine 8 2 .800 Connecticut 8 2 .800 Massachusetts 5 5 .500 Rhode Island 3 5-1 .389 Vermont 3 6-1 .350 New Hampshire 1 8 .111 State Series Standings Team W l Pct. Maine 4 2 .667 Colby 4 2 .667 Bowdoin 3 3 .500 Bates 1 5 .167 Valiton swings 149 all new england At the end of the season center-fielder Ray Weed and pitcher Dick Colwell became the first Maine players to be chosen for the All New England college team. Weed, State Series batting champ, belted the loall at a .480 clip in the series and .411 tor the season. Colwell hurled six wins against a single loss, including a shutout. .Ti All New Englander Weed in action ..,., Ray Weed gf-S VW 'Ka I U Ilrf lpn! 1 l Dick Colwell Slide! 'I50 freshman baseball Led by rookie coach Ken Perrone, star of the 1959 Maine varsity squad, the Baby Bears roared to five straight victories before meeting Maine Central Institute. The Frosh wound up with seven victories against only two defeats, the other coming at the hands of Bowdoin Col- lege yearlings. The season marked the first time Maine Freshmen have not played high school teams. The schedule included opponents from three state colleges as well as several leading preparatory schools in the state. Frosh Record - Q7-2j Opponent-Maine Bates JV's 2 8 Dow AFB 1 9 ,W-" " Husson 12 16 f Ricker 3 6 E -we Colby 4 8 1'1" 'g -"U is gg' ,b sc. Nj. -9,27-5.1 . 1 . 'e Mc' 10 6 - MMA 1 3 Q- g ay ' - 'fffil -is g Bowdoin 5 4 "'?"I .7 .mf-'Q . Q- lQy y gi UMP 1 13 'T'7.llQ1Q4..T..s-' rits QQ " CN Training for next year's varsity 1. , 6. Q ,ga - K hr- Fr w , 1 A 4 Q , s tw -'w"A".f. -JA 5' 'tl'-al?t1..'5 if ig B . - 'riffs AIN! H4-Nfl '12+Af"f'ff31V"b will Mifflin , ,t .-TT, nf' V . if 35- A , N 'ff , ,W vs v.. if X y y 11111115 11' ,x,,,,,,,,5 '1A"'f'i. Mlufx ,.,yMlNe- 4 QAJN6 1 - W Q ,., I N. First row: R. Chabot, H. Drisko, D. Estabrooke, T. Rose, R. Caldwell, B. Hadlock, R. Couture, Man- ager R. Wasgott. Second row: Manager P. Edgecomb, J. Gibbons, D. Haskell, L. Deemer, C. Murphy, W. Astbury, C. Gammons, B. O'Connor, A. Warren, Coach Perrone. Back row: Manager W. Winslow, G. Thomas, D. Thompson, E. Nisbet, B. Hadley, Manager R. Harris. '1 tennis With only three seniors on the squad, Coach Brian McCall's tennis team suffered a de- pressing 1960 season. Senior Bob Sterritt, the only letterman returning from last year's squad, played the season along with Ted Stevens, Pres Mavor, Dave O'Don- nell, Don ldleman, Dave Miles and Walt Higgins. A winning 1961 season indicated. 1960 Results Opponent-Maine New Hampshire 7 2 Connecticut 8 1 Rhode Island 9 0 Bowdoin 9 0 Bates 7 2 Colby 5 4 Bates 8 0 Bowdoin 6 3 ,Wir S .,ts I golf Captain George Lufkin 1 xl 1" C 1 A ' - l U F as ri .X ,F li fw ls Work-out for ldleman, Mavor, and Sterritt 1960 Season Opponent-Maine Connecticut 6 1 Rhode Island 6 1 Bates 3 4 Colby 5 2 Bates 2 5 Bowdoin 2 5 Bates 4 3 Colby 4 3 Bowdoin 4 3 New Hampshire 5 1 Coach Charley Emery's golf team for 1960 featured returning let- terman George Lufkin and Art Dickson, letter-wearer who cop- ped the State Intercollegiate Golf Championship at Augusta in the spring of 1960. Backing up the two seniors were Abram Bemis, Ronald O'Donnell, Jim Feeney, Jim McCarthy, Bill Ferguson, and Dick Prosser. Dickson and Bemis led the Bears in the State Series, although they suffered a 5-2 loss to Colby. varsity track Only one thing kept Maine cindermen from enioying a perfect season in the spring of 1960. The key bloc was the contingent of talented Bates College tracksters. Had it not been for the Bobcats, Coach Ed Styrna's outfit would have wrapped up a perfect sea- son and their second State Series crown. 1960 Varsity Roster Dave Baribeau Steve Chase Winston Crandall Bob Dean Bob Donovan John Dudley Conrad Hall Harold Hatch Jon Ingalls Bob Keup Lettermen Art Conro Bill Daly Roland Dubois Chet Grindell Roger Hale Terry Horne Gardner Hunt Cliff Ives Will Spencer Bill Stiles Mike Kimball Tom Mithen Ed Morrison Alan Nichols Ken Pinkham Bruce Probert Dave Rolfe Keith Stewart Guy Whitten Mgr. Bill Weiblen Nevertheless, sparked by such standouts as captain Bill Daly, Harold Hatch, Terry Horne, Cliff Ives, and Will Spencer, the Big Blue up- held their reputation as one of the best track powers in the state and New England. One of the most outstanding victories of the Varsity Results 1960 Season season was a 4l-94 decision over Boston i5-it College. Paced by the strong arm of Terry Horne and a tremendous performance by OPP-'Mulne sophomore Guy Whitten the Bears took B.C. New Hampshire 39 82 by suprise. Horne, rated fourth in the na- , tion in the hammer throw, took a first in his Bowdom 29 93 specialty and Whitten scored a double win Northeastern 27 86 in both hurdle events for a good Maine show. Bates 72 50 Boston College 4'l 94 NewHampshire 52 'IX3 82 213 Throughout the season many members of the well-balanced team took turns in the limelight. Coach Ed Styrna -N fi Th. 'iv-1 , ' T . fs. 'r rd.. i.. ' ..'54 " ,SF " , Jil'-' 'f- .551 Galloping Guy Whitten 153 state series - yankee conference Maine tracksters copped a solid second place in the 61st Annual Maine Intercollegiate Track and Field Champion- ship in 1960. The Bobcats of Bates College got their second victory in the 61 years with 74M points to Maine's 68. Junior muscleman Terry Horne, key man on the Black Bear squad, was named the "Most Valuable" performer of the meet by officials and press representatives and was awarded the coveted Alan Hillman Trophy. The weightman placed first in the hammer, the discus, and the shotput. Equally outstanding in the meet, which saw only two records broken, was Maine's Will Spencer. Spencer outran the favorite, Bates' Rudy Smith, in the 880 yard run and shattered the existing meet record. The speedy iunior's time was 1:53:1, more than two seconds less than the previous mark set by Maine's Dale Bessey in 1958. Later, Maine nipped Connecticut for second place in a meet which saw Rhode Island claim the sunspot in the 13th Annual Yankee Conference Track and Field Championships. Horne, continuing to rewrite the record books, smashed the old mark in the hammer throw with a tremendous heave of 182 feet, 1 inch. Mike Kimball was another Big Blue bright spot as he won both the mile and two mile runs with- inthe course of an hour. His time of 4:23:3 in the mile set a new field record at the Cambridge, Massachusetts, layout. State Series ,nc .. .ay Q Kimball does it again SQ." 19 -am, 'N .Q Team Points Bates 74M Maine 68 'O Q Q' Bowdoin 1916 Colby 'I I wk Yankee Conference Team Points Rhode Island 66 Maine 3515 Connecticut 33 Vermont 15V2 New Hampshire 8 Massachusetts 7 154 firew- Horne cops Hillman Trophy freshman track Freshman sensation Pete McPhee snap- ped the tape and broke an 'I8-year-olcl University of Maine record in the 440 yard run. Fleet-footed McPhee paced the talent-laden freshmen to an unde- feated season. His time in this race against Boston College frosh was an eye- opening 49.1, fastest time ever recorded at Maine. McPhee also picked up numerous other records in his cinder ex- ploits. Other record smashers with the frosh team fcalled "one of the best I've ever seen" by Coach Styrnaj were Baron Hicken and Bill Blood. Blood was out- standing in weights, Hicken in hurdles. Freshman Results Opponent-Maine South Portland HS 15 86 Deering HS 35 78 Portland HS 25 79 Bates JV's 20Vz 92'A Boston College Frosh 53 72 MCI., 23, Portland HS 21 97 Deering HS 35 78 Bangor HS 10 'l'l7 4 ., YL g ' ,- M . 4 1.1 -, va Y 1 ,tri mb , s ,. - . ., . - A49 ' V, I ij-. QA" 4 . . W o-J. U V., Q 4 A, -" 'i .3'an ' in. nat. .e 4 me-, W M- Spencer paces frosh tracksters so ,E x' s 'iilx McPhee breaks 18 year record i5 varsity cross country Kneeling: Coach Ed Styrna. First row: P. McPhee, Capt. H. Hatch, B. Wentworth, R. Keup. Second row: Manager D. Ouelette, T. Carter, B. Heinrich, Manager W. Weiblen. Third row: R. Ramsdell, M. Kimball, R. Roy, R. McClure. The Record C3 - it Maine 31 U Mass. 32 Northeastern 60 Maine 29 New Hampshire 27 Maine 20 Bates 37 Maine 22 Vermont 34 New Englancls Eighth place Yankee Conference Fifth place 156 Still holding the Yankee Conference and New England championship crowns, left in part by the graduated stars of a year before, a fairly new but promising 1960 Cross Country team faced a tough slate of teams, each eager to defeat the title-holders for their own glory. Bright spots in the Maine lineup were captain Harold Hatch, iunior Mike Kimball and sophomores Bruce Wentworth and Bernd Heinrich. Piloted by former All-American coach Ed Styrna, the Big Blue squeezed out a one-point victory over favored Massachusetts and Northeastern in a triangular meet at Boston's Franklin Park to open the season. Paced by standout Mike Kimball, the Bears nipped U Mass 31-32, while Northeastern garnered 60 points and bowed out. Maine dropped the second outing 27-29, for the only dual meet loss to the University of New Hampshire, although the Bears' Kimball and Heinrich snapped the tape in a first-place tie to hold their own. Kimball, Heinrich and Wentworth finished arm-in-arm at Lewiston to give Maine a 20-37 decision over Bates, before winning the third straight over the Catamounts at Vermont, 22-24, on Cctober 22. lt was "iust one of those days" on October 29 in Kingston, R. l., as the Bears watched the U Mass Redmen they had previously beaten go in front to take away the crown in the Yankee Conference tussle. The following week, the Bears placed in the middle of the New England meet to finish eighth as Brown University took the honors. freshman cross country Cross country coach Ed Styrna watched his first-year harriers with a careful eye during the 1960 season, and he liked what he saw. Groomed by ex-varsity star Bill Daly, the frosh runners scampered through the campaign undefeated in regular competition, placing a nifty third in the New Englands and a respectable ninth out of twenty in the IC4A meet at New York. Finishing ahead of the frosh in the IC4A meet were such top teams as Penn State, Princeton, Syra- cuse and Manhattan, the winner, while Seton Hall, Pittsburg, Providence, St. John's, Rutgers, Rhode Island and others followed. The Big Blue yearlings had four runners copping first place throughout the season, proving their balance. Al Stevens, Don Angevine, Jerry Ellis and Wayne Fitzgerald each took a crack at the tape. Fitzgerald, Ellis, Angevine, Dennis Merrill and Kirk Hansen completed the season in a rush of glory as the quintet crossed the line together for a low score of 15 against Old Town, Pemetic and Waterville. Others on the team were Paul Stimpson, Dick Davidson, Gene Damon, Frank Ward, Aaron Whitcomb, Larry Perkins and Mitch Webber. Frosh Frosh Frosh Frosh Frosh Frosh Frosh The Record Stevens 48 Rockland 64 Presque Isle 39 lee 67 Maine Central Inst. 43 Schenck 51 Sumner 74 Piscataquis 54 Minto 62 U. of New Brunswick 63 Bangor 37 Old Town 68 Pemetic 84 Waterville 84 . - 1. t First row: Manager R. Upham, Ass't. Coach W. Daly, Manager R. Lowell. Second row: A .Stevens, D. Angevine K. Hansen, A, Whitcomb, Third row: G. Ellis, W. Fitzgerald, D. Merrill. Fourth row: G. Damon, R. Davidson. if 1 1 1 5 varsity football The T960 season was one of ups and downs for coach and his Black Bears. When the final gun was fired the Big Blue held a solid second place in both State Series and Yankee Conference standings. Things were rolling smoothly until mid-season when iunior halfback sensation Dave Cloutier was iniured and lost for the rest of the cam- paign. Several standout reserves went a long way toward filling Cloutier's cleats, the Bears were hot and cold against tough opposition. Junior Manch Wheeler was the surprise of the season as his gifted right arm paced the Blue to a powerful air attack and gave him the top spot in the state. He also broke a pair of University records. The clever back paced the state colleges in punting,averaging 34 yards in 45 boots. Diminutive and dazzling Wayne Champeon stole the hearts of the fans as well as top team honors throughout the year. He led the squad in scoring, with 32 points, in punt returns, in kickoff returns and in pass receiving. The senior captain also led the state in fine pass receiving. Ewen MacKinnon, Dick Leadbetter, and Champeon were the first tri- captains in the history of the school. All were mainstays in the drive. Champeon, Leadbetter, a tacklep and Tom Patrick, a guard, were All- Maine selections, chosen by Maine papers and the Maine Campus. Eleven seniors were wearing their Maine numerals for the final time during the season, all winding up their collegiate careers. Seeing final action were backs Dave Baribeau, Champeon, Joel Densmore, Dick Drisko and Art:Miles, tackles Haddon Libby and Leadbetterp guard Mac- Kinnon and centers Ron Caselden, Tom Vassar and Ira Stockwell. ...L - -11. E'v.7.k.1ff2.L,f 115339, " " f-,iff If-'V-wt -4 - gggiw. '. ., . - he f...1Sf-5342.gQ'f,-.,..- AM " gh.. lin: , I fl-5 W. Abbott, J. Butterfield, H. Westerman, D. Rand, L. Carville. 158 First row: J. Dudley, H. Halliday, R. Drisko, A. Miles, D. Baribeau, J. Woodhead, H. Libby, T. Vassar, E. MacKinnon, W. Champeon, R. Leadbetter, R. Caselden, D. Harnum, W, Wheeler, F. Tarazewich, R. Caldwell, T. Rose, W. Beaulieu, E. Kiley. Second row: T. Patrick, A. HadIey,,R. Allen, A. Mosher, E. Reidman, N. Nickerson, D. Hanson, D. Stneeter, H.,,5immons, J. Densmore, D. Curry, R. Spence, J. Roberts, F. Sampson, R. Kinney, P. Labat. Third row: D. Lippard, N. Bridge, J. Dumont, D. Ferris, S. Tardiff, D. Cloutier, W. Chard, R. Rowe, P. Jones, B. O'Connor, I. Stockwell, J. Houle, T. Austin, R. Rice. I State Series Bowdoin 3 - 0 MAINE 'I - 'I - 'I Colby 1 - 2 Bates 0 - 2 - 'I The Record Q4 - 3 - IJ Opponent - Maine Massachusetts 21 13 Rhode Island 0 7 Vermont 0 27 New Hampshire 7 'I3 Connecticut 30 2 Bates 13 I3 Colby 12 28 9 My W Bowdoin 28 21 'WJ A Yankee Conference I T.. f Connecticut 3 - I 'ii'U":"Qf1Q2I'g25-ifpgl '--'fiff"'z' 'T Massachusetts 3 - I ...Hifi AINE 3 - 2 New Hampshire 2-2 , ., ll I is , 'wi in 1.5, . . , , , f - . ," 7 4' . '1 .- Rhode Island 1 - 4 , ' ermont 0 - 2 !l'fi'i9f3' 159 160 massachusetts 21 - maine 13 Thousands of fans watched as Maine opened the 1960 season with a 21-13 loss to Massachusetts at Portland I-., before school opened on the Orono campus. Sparked by John McCormick, the Redmen held onto a narrow margin for the victory. Highlights of the Bear effort were long touchdown runs by Champeon and Cloutier. Cloutier trotted nearly 80 yards, while Champeon ran back a punt, neatly "dribbled" by a would-be tackler, and scooted 83 yards for the score that sparked the game. fs.-,, -'L Y' SG-1 1 l. ' WJ ""17w ,., - ,,:,4-,. , ,f-Pf!f,pff:f'QH . .ll "JH K . ' ' End of the line Mass down-Maine up 'San Cloutier heads for paydirt maine 7 - rhode island O i vt' -9 tl Q A-'T' '- :fa-fare, A 1 - i'-- . '- -,,,, . ',-. A '.-. -,.,, f f - , ', ,. ,W 4,2 1 -fA..,iLg-11. -, ,g, - YAAW H -s Y 7JM', Y Stopped on the Line maine 27 - vermont 0 ith the taste of victory still sweet and fresh, the Bears oyed with Vermont for nearly four periods to walk away with ci 27-O victory, their second in three outings. Wheeler scored early in the second period to break the scoring ice and begin the romp. Walt Beaulieu, a pass from heeler to Dick Kinney, and Dale Curry, accounted for he remaining three TD's. Coach Westerman swept the bench in this one as nearly all the reserves saw action. Dazzling Dave Cloutier hit paydirt on the first play from scrimmage and the Bears went on to protect their narrow margin for 57 minutes to gain their first Yankee Conference win with a 7-0 decision over Rhode Island. It was a stubborn, determined line that held the Rams scoreless and gave the Blue the win in their first appearance on the home gridiron. The solid Maine line held the Rams twice within the Bear 'IO yard line. Em . s c se, i,l1a.!s,, Champeon Breaks Thru l Trapped 162 homecoming lhl maine I3 - new hampshire 7 Nearly 7,000 delighted homecoming fans saw a spirited Maine team run their win streak to three games as they upset favored New Hampshire 'I3-7 behind the talented passing of Manch Wheeler. An inter cepted pass and a recovered tumble set up Wheeler for a pair of TD tosses-one to scatback Wayne Cham peon, and the other to Bob Rice for the winning tally The fast-improving Maine defense took a lot of credit for this one, as a hard-nosed line put down a UNH threat in the third period to save the win. Iniuries to Dave Cloutier and Dale Hanson, which took their toll later in the season, striking a sad note to the gala and successful homecoming, the earliest in Maine history .lil st xvh .,.,- J' film Jlgfl-wl'4"" W 'TAN-an pw, " 'ALASLJM L I A 58 L, I 39,5 ?'w 8 'T di- 1' X We P fan- " nu 'am -1"Q..sW-C -rw f 'M 'T' T T , T T T A T , ssei T riffs' W' lnlf x-:fa Q , ,'.. 7 intl . v- '-"-.. -',, ,... - ,.-gg., .5-: ' vw-tae.-fig-'v.' 'N Y "v-r1- '- TT .. l- ,Z v... Y - A-,jj - r-1. 'L :I ,v -. ., f A - ys .Q ,T A ,Salas I ig., z1.'g,r,e,W T- .is1,,,,u,7 V , hx 'lan - 41'-nfs, -' . -a-.'3.f'- 14 sr ' ""'H'X75'5ff'v' ' 'Q' Q "' '59-I ' ,, , , We T- .3 l'-9+- -W .:T y '45, , ug, rf 1' nw- H v h H :1-' T. 1: T: ll-f-f'-' f -ff", ,T ff! Z lm '.-fu" . ' ""' ""- -A 'J T ""'J:4'1'l'J-' ' 'f"" i"- l 'Q ,rw .--1,. . .T v. . A ,,. ' "ef 1: :wr 11 T. .' 4:--- - :awe V T sf- t',,,.T , , ge ' Te 1' , - L 1:1 ., .Q 'rx v5 ' 4 ... Q , 'Q X 'T 'Qi S QA T -. ' A nf- 5 T- !..I4 5. , .. F i e.,:f,lv- ggi- ,V V. .E A 37,2-1. L ,ia ,.. v --J H fav ' Mssyefp w- 1, 4-men ' l ' , "lv, qs. , 'l"' ,T . 1 :T A ' r -4 -, -lTTl"5f+'J "J -1-.-"if f ff gf!-'-4-:.' .V ' I fl i de f P ,T.f,f'v r' gf: T4 T-if, .-.j,'1',"i1 -' . l'r-, 4 '4 ,1 A- - A 1 ' M xl X , 1 -. x T,-': vi- .. -T ,Q -U T 1 - T Tfrzil ff ' Q lf, T .xl "W . ,g 'J .I-vw T -1- 5 'Z -19 . is izgay' -av -1 A -41 'iz ' . vlh' .T 'Na ' 'ln' 4" 1' . -S" ' - XE. mf N, :Jef " -l " . Q " l - .TT V Ti ,','-.. -1. .ni 1-U: I ' - Q 'V -, 4 I I, ,Q rv '-,,,, - v. 4 Jw--1 n Q- - 1 , ,.- A V nf. . 1- - sw T' ' J' , . , T ', '- ,tw-fy. , f' 0 Q-5 - - "' ' ' ' Aa-sw N ." WP' ' ' if -' 5' ' ' .T f ' -' -' I , I 3" 'WT ' , ' se-Ain T T, -,zu f ff g' T , s - ,W , Q1 rs- , c 5,5 A T Q 5 ' .. Q' Qqt wsl j 1 -,gi-L nf -l - , .,. at .. , . Yr, .Tw ,T .dl A , l, , , ,A .P T s 1. ' .3 3, K Q , ,.' .ew T ' 'T -. --Q X Q J 4 . 5 Q I.,--9. PJ, . . , , ,L N . Q16 I-131 'f -' f' e - 2 4 me Lyn. xl 5"1"l-A .1 ' 'J V: . 3, . ,V T T 4 -ik? at ,tr l lg, I "'1c.,"' v- ' ' l'. ,T J lu R' V It L- I., :' "-"'Tg!'ffT..'-'.' 'V : " ' . . ' ' " '. ' ' K flyfah'-.-' " .A ta .ls Y- ,. -. ,..5ur..,s -,-I , . .V 'Fir -.4 f ' vw' sf -r-rf: T - if T . ' L- fr QA! '....s ' Back to pass connecticut 30 ' maine 2 Maine helped the Huskies of UConn celebrate their annual homecoming at Storrs by dropping a 30-2 decision and virtually handing their hosts the Yankee Conference Bean Pot. Maine enioyedvyla 2-0 lead in the early moments before 84 clegree"heat finally melted the thick-coated Bears, and UConn went on . . . and on . . . and on. Joe Dumont kept the Blue from going scoreless as he smeared Huskie quarterback Tom Kopp in the end zone for the safety. maine 13 - bates13 The Bobcats of Bates came from behind twice as they, took to the air and squeezed out a tie with favored Maine, 13-13, in the State Series opener at Orono. A pass gamble, with the Bears leading 7-O late in the first half, was intercepted and set up a Bates TD to knot the score 7-7. Drisko, who picked up the first score, hit payclirt again in the third period to put the Bears back out front, but Bates roared back and in five plays had deadened action again. I 2' If' ' erfr- 5 " -I - ., ,, ,gp V ur-M, x gk tag, ,, , ' 0 J, it 1 gr' - A JT-M it 4 I Illia ill., Champ stops one ,nu I fs? 1, fflg,,3r,,,, fi., 1 i 1 , -- Champ starts one l63 maine 28 - colby12 The golden arm ot quarterback Manch Wheeler tossed the Bears to a 28-12 victory over perennial State Series champs, Colby, to the tune of more than 7,500 partisan fans screaming "we eat Mule meat." It was, perhaps, the sweetest victory of the cam- paign, over the arch-rivals from Mayflower Hill. Wheeler passed for one TD, set up the other three with key passes, and scored once on a keeper. Wayne Champeon scored twice for the Bears, while Bob Rice accounted for the other six-point scoring. he ,H -All - 3 I li 1-2. I Can't throw Rice bowdoin 28 - maine 21 Spirited Bowdoin College shocked the Bears 28-21 in an all-important title game as the Polar Bears walked off with the State Series crown. Both teams were thirsty tor the championship, but the fired-up White Bears, backed by a sellout and partisan homecoming crowd, grabbed the edge Almost got him! and held on to it. Manch Wheeler scored twice for Maine both on sneaks, while Champeon, thrilling the crowd with brilliant broken field running, netted the other touchdown. , L-- Smiles on the sidelines 164 . 'i freshman football The Record The freshman football team wound up the 1960 season with a 3-2 l3'2l mark behind the whip of new coach Linwood "Woody" Carville, Carville, a former star Maine athlete and scholar, returned to the Univer- sity to accept a position as freshman coach in the three maior sports. . I Doubtless, Westy has a good man grooming material for varsity squad. Mame Bmlgfon The Bear Cubs opened the season with a 13-8 decision over Bridgton M , M , M .F Academy, and dropped to the Maine Maritime Academy eleven 42-7. time mme an 'me The Frosh suffered their second straight setback at the hands of Maine Maine Mc-I Central Institute, 14-8, before bouncing back to romp over the Baby ' Mules 55-6. A 26-18 win over the Bowdoin first-year men wound up Maine Colby F,-Osh the season for the freshmen. Tops on the year's freshman roster were Roger Boucher, Don Soler, Bill Browne, Leon Harriman, and Pat Reidman. Maine Bowdoin Frosh 75 f' i 'I lgiyiq z.. row: Bruce Cliff, Robert Boucher, Richard Kerry, Robert Laberge, Raymond Cushman, Donald Emery, Donald Soler. Second Assistant Coach Robert Bragg, William Browne, Alan Wilkinson, Avard Walker, Wayne Tyler, Sidney Maillet, Ernest Torok, Predaris, David Brown, Coach Linwood Carville, Third row: William Bourbon, Daniel Severson, Leon Worthley, Norman Roger Whitney, Leon Harriman, Patrick Reidman. 165 indoor track First row: J. Carbone, P. Dall, B. Wentworth, S. Stromberg, Coach Styrna, T. lim Brooks, M. Bilodeau, B. Heinrich, J. Dudley. Second row: Manager W. Weiblen, B. MacDonald, W. Spencer, K. Stewart, C. Michaud, G. Whitten, M. Kimball, T. Horne, E. Morrison, D. Nason, B. Hicken, A. Ramsdell, Manager D. Ouellette. Third row: L. Safford, D. Roy, D. Parker, R. Donovan, J. Lipsey, T. Richardson, T. Carter, P. MacPhee, R. McClure, N. Harvie. With several of the top. cinder stars of the East, the indoor track team romped to an impressive season as they prepped for a promising out- door campaign. Coach Ed Styrna's well-drilled charges swept four events and garnered first in 11 of 13 events to stop New Hampshire in the season's opener. Horne, a triple winner against UNH, smashed fieldhouse, university and meet records, throwing the discus 155' 10". Later in the season, against Bates, Horne rewrote the books again as he heaved the plate 156' 7". Peter MacPhee, sophomore sensation, paced his second-year men to an interclass victory. MacPhee, who has been burning up the track since he was a freshman, copped three first place ribbons and a third to give his classmates 17 of their 60 points. In that meet, MacPhee broke the fieldhouse and university records in the 300, as he scampered the distance in 31.3. He also established a new university mark with a time of 7.8 in the low hurdles. Highlight of every meet was the mile relay event. The Bears broke existing uni- versity, fieldhouse and state records against Bates as Keith Stewart, MacPhee, Capt. Will Spencer and Dave Parker covered the course in 3:25.5. Later Dartmouth swiped the records with a time of 3:22.7, before the Maine combination bounced back in the Amateur Athletic Union State Meet to recapture the honors with a time of 3:21.8. The mark dipped even lower in the final meet of the season against North- eastern as the same team finished in 3:21.2. Other stars included Baron Hicken, a sophomore, who crumbled several meet records, win- ning 10 of 12 events which he entered. A hurdle specialist, Hicken set a new university record in the low hurdles against AAU competition. He tied his own records of 7.7 in the lows and 5.8 in the highs several times. Tops in the highiumping department was Si Skilling in the mile, Mike Kimball, and in the distance events, Will Spencer. .4 L.- i Opponent V New Hampshire Dartmouth Bates Northeastern ,I E V11 T-'IW k win ,-5-,.4f4'-1:r.:n'-ff" ,rv wp .s3.,,53'.9s"I- A xgxns The Record Maine 30 92 70 213 45 U3 35 87 46 67 If . 1 . IK EH lnterclass Meet Sophomores 60 Seniors 36 Juniors 29 Freshmen 29 Up and over Coach E. Styrna and Capt. W. Spencer Mc:cPhee and Hicken head for the wire T. Horne and R. Nason 167 i IL' l II Flrst row R Roderick D Gatz C Akers, N. Liberty, B. Russell. Second row: S. Philbrick, P. Hudson, S. Karpowich, W Ferguson Coach Curtis Absent R Lucas. i 1 4 sv . 'gf ,n . g l i YW.- .i l 7. 1 1' lift' is l 'Af . l st ef ,, , University of Maine students had plenty to be proud ot during the winter season, as every sports team brought credit to the Black Bear Den. Among the most feared and respected men wearing the Pale Blue colors were the skiers of coach Ted Curtis. Masters ot the waxed wood, the skiers became the first major Maine team to be invited to a National Intercollegiate Championship. During the previous season, Maine Captain Charlie Akers had been selected by Uncle Sam to add Red and White to his Maine Blue and represent the USA in the Winter Olympic Games at Squaw Valley. Curtis, one ot the best-known college ski mentors in the country, had such standouts as Akers in the Nordic, along with Dan Gatz, Bill Ferguson, and Norm Liberty. All tive have bettered the 200' mark jumping. ln the Alpine, which includes downhill and slalom, Maine was well-represented by senior Brett Russell, one of the finest iumpers in the East, seniors Bob Lucas and Dave Carson, and sophomores Pete Hudson, Steve Karpowich and Scott Philbrick. Early in February the Maine team sewed up the state title, defeating Colby and Bowdoin in the White Mule's own Winter Carnival. Russell was the sparkplug in gaining the crown, as Maine swept both the jumping and , cross country events. The triumph was Maine's sixth in seven years and earned the Black Bears permanent possession of the Ted Curtis trophy. Russell claimed the skimeister award for the third season in a row in the event. The host Pale Blue won their own Winter Carnival meet, paced once again by Russell. Despite a rain which snarled the program for the Eastern Intercollegiate Ski Association Championships at Middlebury,. Maine came out in fourth place. Captain Akers finished 50 seconds behind the front runner in the cross country event ahead of 50 other entrants. Russell was seventh in the slalom. The Curtismen placed fifth in the Dartmouth Invita- tional Relay and fourth in Dartmouth's Carnival. national champ Charlie Akers, captain of the Maine team, won the Na- tional NCAA cross country championship at Middlebury, Vt., on March 9. Akers beat the best in the nation over ,- the TO V2 - mile course in 69:17. A native of Andover, Akers finished well ahead of Bob Gray of Colorado, in second place, and 36 other skiers. The best in the nation was wearing Maine Pale Blue. Maine finished sixth. Q9 is , wh OG .X -V' 50 First row: S. Hill, J. Chapman, R. Keup, K. Wikstrom, R. Paradis. Second row: Capt. J. McDonald, M. Brown, R. Thayer, M. Waskiewicz, J. Almond, R. Labrecque, M. Sgt. D. Bell. with 286 for second place. Other Maine scores were John Almond, 277, Malcolm Waskiewicz, 275, and Dick Labrecque, 274. The Conference Championships were introduced in 1959 and Maine won all three titles. The University of Maine rifle team cap- tured its third straight YC champion- ship last season, dumping five other YC members. Captain Merton Brown, Maine sharpshooter, was leader with a 288 score. Ken Wikstrom followed -v. 'l H ., -salem? 5 ,M "it-2-!.MlL'f .- 4 E' Capt. C. Akers. rifle team The Rosters Va rsity John Almond John Barnes Merton Brown James Chapman William Colbath Stan Hill Bob Keup Dick Labrecque Merton Nickerson Roland Paradis Donald Robbins Dick Thayer Malcolm Waskiewicz Coach, Sgt. Bell Freshmen Steve Allen Ken Beal Bill Brewer Bob Bruce Bruce Clark Bob Clark Tom Feltman John Field William Hahn Handschumacher Wayne Heath Bill Jorgensen Bill Parsons Barry Patrie Ron 169 varsity basketball First row: L. MacPhee, T. Leadbetter, D. Pound, T. Chappelle, D. Sturgeon, L. Deemer, W. Champeon, Mgr. P. Campbell, Mgr. G. Shapiro. Second row: Coach McCall, L. Schiner, P. Robertson, G. Johnston, R. Chapman, J. Ingalls, M. Burnham, A. Warren, D. Harnum. The Record I18-51 Opponent Maine Bates 52 - 75 Colby 72 - 81 Vermont 63 - 94 Vermont 85 - 51 Bowdoin 58 - 49 Rhode Island 77 - 72 Baldwin - Wallace 100 - 102 Boston University 67 - 73 Cornell 58 - 68 Rhode Island 65 - 69 Bates 69 - 82 Colby 61 - 76 New Hampshire 79 - 88 University of Connecticut 55 - 74 Massachusetts 75 - 78 Massachusetts 65 - 103 Bowdoin 69 - 62 University of Connecticut 73 - 60 Bates 71 - 78 Rhode Island 76 - 66 Colby 68 - 50 Bowdoin 52 - 81 New Hampshire 80 - 99 The 1960-61 University of Maine basketball team was undoubtedly the finest quintet ever to sport the Pale Blue colors, and some would say the best ever assembled on the hardwood anywhere in the State of Maine. Coached by Irishman Brian McCall, the fantastic Black Bear combination practically rewrote the university records in three seasons. The four fabulous seniors, Captain Don Sturgeon, Wayne Champeon, Jon Ingalls and Larry Schiner, have departed from Memo- rial Gymnasium, leaving behind a trail of admiring fans. These four, teamed with Skip Chappelle, have broken more records than a dozen nervous disk iockeys. Under McCall, the team has won three con- secutive state series, two of them outright, defeating arch-rival and one-time champion Colby eight out of ten times. They won the Downeast classic last season for the second straight year in the tour- nament's three-year history. The Bears have also finished second for three consecutive years in the powerful Yankee Conference. The men of McCall have finished tops among the small colleges in New England for two straight seasons, winding up fifth among all teams in the six-state area. The Maine team has also been ranked among the top ten small colleges in the nation for the past two years, finishing as high as sixth. Last year the Bears netted 484 free throws to establish a new school record. They hit on 74.2 percent of their charity tosses for yet another mark. As freshmen, Sturgeon, Cham- peon, Ingalls and Schiner went undefeated 14-0 to become the highest scoring frosh team in history. In their first campaign on the varsity squad they rolled up a 15-7 season, the best ever posted in the school's history. As iuniors they roared to a brilliant 19-4 campaign, which still sticks as a record at Maine. Last season they gained an impressive 18-5 total. In three years as first stringers, the four men won 52 and lost only 16, giving them a total of 66-16 for a four-year career. They also rolled up 25 consecutive victories on the home court, losing only three games in four seasons at home. On his toes state series The University of Maine's hungry hoopsters waltzed to their third State Series championship cmd second consecutive outright title last season as they netted seven wins, two losses. Maine walloped Bates in the opener 75-52 behind Captain Don Sturgeon who gave 23 points as the Bears hit for better than 50 percent from the floor. Wayne Champeon brought home the Mule from Waterville in the second series contest, pulling one out of the fire for an 81-72 win over Colby. The foul line told the story in the third fray, as the Bears beat Bowdoin 58-49. Later, at Lewiston, Larry Schiner turned in one of the top performances of his college career to top Bates 82-69. The Bears, beat Colby next, 76-61. Skip Chappelle starred with 22. One month later, following a Downeast Classic victory and four Yankee Conference wins, the Bears returned home with a 25 game win streak. Bowdoin's Polar Bears pulled the upset of the season knocking the nation's sixth ranked Pale Blue for a 69-62 loop. It was Maine's first series loss in a total of 15 games. Brian's Bruins assured themselves of at least a tie for the title with a 78-71 win over hard-fighting Bates a week later. Sturgeon once again led the way with 23. With only two series games left, the Bears again trekked to Mayflower Hill in Waterville to face the mules and their boss, Lee Williams. Victory was sweet for the Mules, who found more use for a coffee break than a fast break as they toyed with the ball for 40 minutes to pull out a 68-50 victory and force Maine to go to the last game to secure the series crown. Secure it they did as they trounced Bowdoin on their own home court in the final series contest, 81-52. Larry Schiner scored 37 points to swipe the honors from Chappelle. The Standings W L W L Maine 7 2 Bates 4 5 Colby 5 4 Bowdoin 2 7 First down 171 172 yankee conference e 87 It all began on December 9, when Maine's Classy Cagers began a two-game series with Vermont, winning the first 94-63, and the second 85-51. Skip Chappelle provided the kick in the first encounter, turning in 31 points. Schiner had 26 in the second game. Maine was dropped from the unbeaten rolls a week later at Kingston, R. l., by the Rhody Rams Q77-721 although Champeon provided several steals and a solo layup in a comeback bid. Back at Orono, The Pale Blue finally shook off a determined New Hampshire team to wring out an 88-79 victory and move to a 3-1 mark in the conference. Maine pro- vided the first loop loss for the Huskies of UConn before a capacity crowd in Memorial Gym on the last day of January as they took a physical beating but held on to win 74-55. Whistle-slick Wayne Champeon time and again slipped by unwary Redmen to give Maine a 78-75 squeaker in the first of a two game series at Orono. ln the second game, the Bears had things more their own way as they clobbered the Bay Staters 103-65. The McCallmen could do no wrong as they baffled the opposition for a full 40 minutes. Schiner led the winners with 18. The Huskies turned the trick at Storrs as superior shooting gained them a 73-60 victory in an all-important conference game. The Bears stayed closer than the final score indicates, staying within three points throughout the contest until the final few minutes. lt was do-or-die on February 19, as Rhode Island invaded Steintown in search of a victory that would assure them of a YC crown. They found it, but they had to shoot close to 50 percent to do it. The Rams crushed any Maine YC hopes with a 76-66 win. Still eager, Maine roared back to crush New Hampshire behind record-breaking Skip Chap- pelle, who popped in 43 points to eclipse his own Maine mark of 41 set against Rhody the season before. The Standings Cakewalk special W 1. Rhode Island 9 1 Massachusetts 4 6 4 Maine 7 3 Vermont 3 7 , Connecticut 6 4 New Hampshire 1 9 ,xiii Scrambled Sturgeon turns thief . Easy does it A YJ X. G 'x I xl Nyxisxt, gums tt E 45' .4-4' J., nw- O, ,, l A?" lf -..-r' -W f' r ' X Cali 9, Agony 173 the fabulous five Don Sturgeon, the "old pro" of last season's bombing basketball quintet, well deserved the honor of being captain of the finest basketball team in the history of the school. Sturgeon, a 6' 2" forward who led the Bears in scoring his sophomore year, was one of the most consistent players on the squad. He had one of the finest two-hand set shots lsrl in college circles, combined with a deadly hook shot. Don missed only two games in his career, both because of injuries. He was one of the only players on the team who started in every game he played. His three seasons of varsity basketball will never be forgotten by Maine fans, especially his per- formance in the Connecticut game two seasons ago when he stepped to the charity line and netted a pair of free throws to give Maine a 75-74 win over Huskies, first time in 15 years. .1 K Ji bg? Larry Schiner 174 ,rg 4-. FF? K5 . Capt. Don Sturgeon and Coach McCall S -ik:"'f'vs9ef-v- ' ggpmmgg WW, 1 1 "I 19 ' -ww.-,n n - 'S rf 1 statistics Chappelle Schiner Sturgeon Champeon Ingalls Hustling Larry Schiner, the only player not from Maine, was named on the Honorable Mention list of the All- New England selections as the fourth player in Maine's history to score over 400 points per season. He hit for 437 and his career total of 969 points established a new record. His collection of 394 field goals also smashed a 10 year mark. Schiner was the leading floor shooter as his percentage of 48.2 was a new all- time high for a complete season. He stacked up 179 points in State Series competition. Larry averaged more than 19 points per game. ln the rebounding department he also grabbed off a total score of 261. No one was surprised when Skip became the first player in Maine to be named to the All-New England first team. Having set four new records and tied one last season as a iunior, Skip deserves last year's second team selection. Skip dumped in 19 points against Connecticut to tie a record. ln the final game the Skipper canned 43 points to set a new school record. His 485 points for the season and his 167 foul shots were good for new Maine records. His average of 83.9 from the foul line stands as one of the highest in the country. Skip was also named to the State Series and YC first teams. Averaging more than 10 points per game, Wayne Champeon was named to the Honorable Mention list of All - New Englanders last season. No Maine fan ever gave it a second thought when 5' 8" Cham- peon took his place around the iump circle with towering opposition, for the Greenville ace proved he was as good as he was short. He recorded the most assists of any basketball player in the history of the school as he averaged more than nine per game in his 3 years with the varsity. L , fl Tom "Skip" Chappelle Fg Ft Reb TP 159 167 1 89 485 172 93 261 437 1 14 73 243 301 83 74 74 240 56 33 214 145 Big Jon, tallest of Brian's Bruins, often found his 6' 5" frame dwarfed by some of the scarecrows the opposition had to offer, but at the final buzzer it was found that, time and again, Ingalls held the upper hand in the rebounding statistics. Called by many the most improved player on the team, .lon was play- ing his heart out every minute he was on the hard- wood. With little experience in high school, Ingalls became more than just tall - he became great. His specialty was stuffing in the offensive rebounds or clearing the boards to ,begin Maine's fast break. g -ec -J . L .,,l Ll -L Wayne Champeon 655 3' "3 H .Jaffe-1-v'-LI Elf Q ' 53' 1 , . Y V an .ij Jon Ingalls 175 Scoreboard downeast classic More than 15,000 fans, nearly all of them partisan Maine supporters, filled the Bangor Auditorium for three straight days last winter as the Black Bears pulled out their second consecutive Downeast Classic trophy by turning back Rhode Island in a 69-65 'Final thriller. Ball stealing by Champeon and Chappelle's patented layups gave Maine the edge in the waning moments, 67-65. Bug-eyed, screaming fans watched as Larry Schiner put it on ice with the Rams pressing as he drove home with four seconds left. Rhody's Charlie Lee was presented the Most Valuable Player award, as well he deserved it. He canned 33 points for a losing cause in the final. Maine Maine Maine Maine Baldwin-Wallace 100 Boston University 67 Cornell 58 Rhode Island 65 1 F 1 Running Bear 176 ffl gl Ll F M3612 Two through the middle E 5 Q, Al x.-.r3ff'll I , A Clutch E X. Q ' MTN", ' ' ., 1 . L,- ,.,aY2U1'f 4' ya 'sy Q4 f 3.f?'fTT" ' "Q X. 2 ll 1: . ,I 'W- 1'- ,f'-" al, of 4 35 . ' Unwilling ossisf Huddle Five on two and good 177 maine publicized In gaining nationwide recognition, the 1960-61 Maine basketball team became the first New England small college team to ever be featured in a top coast-to-coast sports magazine, when Sports illustrated gave them a two-page spread. fp'- sl lil- fl 7 V 'Aj 11 U llffie , X E , A ll A fi I A? .1 1 1 V EX: I, l 1 F, ,,,.--"W" I ,l 4 'll 1 . .- as .lf-ff 'T ....vf"".,'-D i f ,, Q fb! J ...aff L iuq Lg COLLEGE BASKETBALL Arffe W. Schardf "'.','-- "1..', The rafters flhg in Malhe In the words of the famous 'Stein song,' loyal maine men stand couch. The happy choice was Bria and shout as a smart new coach leads the team into winning ways Mccall' ll tall' handsome 38'year'0l 178 who set a season scoring record :a freshman basketball Frosh Record Opponent Mqine Maine Maritime 67 - 94 Presque Isle 75 - 83 South Portland 91 - 123 Bates JV's 44 - 99 M.C.l. 66 - 87 Colby 60 - 78 Dorm All-Stars 59 - 69 Fraternities 39 -- 90 gk ,if , Fort Fairfield so - 91 A M.C.I. 66 - 87 Lf li AI ll I Rockland 58- 83 '-- - L? Ak. U.M.P. 84 - 94 y- Bates JV's 51 - 100 Ricker 69 - 75 JZ .ix Colby D 61 - 60 5 Bowdoin 66 - 73 Z... The Roster Dennis Vanidestine Allen Leathers Bob Stickney Bob Hardison Don Sorrie Harry Bowden Peter Spear Don Arnold Jack Brown Bob Laberge Roger Richards Dave Lahait Victor Finnemore ,mi Jon Woodbury Frosh tangle with Eastern Maine Champs The impressive Maine Freshman hoop squad, led by rookie coach Linwood Carville, completed the 1960- 61 season with a 15-1 mark. The single loss came as Colby's frosh hoop team came from behind in the final four minutes to hand the Bear Cubs their first defeat in 29 contests at Waterville. The loss was a narrow one point affair, 61-60. Five players, led by Dennis Vanidestine, finished the season with double figure scoring averages. Vanidestine played in all 16 games and tallied 105 field goals and 38 free throws for 246 points and an average of 15.4 per game. Don Arnold, playing in 13 games, had a 12.8 scoring average while Allen Leathers and Jack Brown had 12.6 averages and Bob Stickney a 10.2 mark. Leathers, Brown and Stickney played all 16 games. Brown was the team's best floor shooter with a 49 percent average, while Arnold was tops at the foul line with an 80 percent mark. Brown also led the team in rebounding with 184 and an 11.5 average. The team averaged 85.4 points per game while holding their opponents to 62.7 per contest. In tallying 559 field goals, the frosh broke the University's freshman record, estab- lished by the 1958-59 club, which scored 535 field goals. However, the 1958-59 team played two less games. The 1961 team also bettered the seasonal scoring mark held by the 1958-59 five of 1317 points, as they tallied 1367 to win the high score. 17 180 es. A First row: Advisor H.Woodbury, C. Trumbull, Vice Pres. J.Boomer, Pres. R. Schode, Sec. J.Pifmon, Treos. R.Collins, Advisor S.Sezclk Second row: D.Thompson, J.Cotfrell, P.Forbush, R.Chrefien, G.Whi1fen, C. Chapman, J. Sutherland, T. Gardner, R. Wilkinson, R Stoiger, D. Ferris. Third row: R. Farnsworth, M. Collins, J. Wiesendanger, N. Bridge, F. Morse, W. Ahrens, D. Look, D. Rogers. J- . w-.ff Phi Eto's winning hoopsters Founded in 1927 by Stanley Wal- lace, admired as a Maine trainer for many years, the intramural pro- gram has long been a source of entertainment and competition for Maine men. The object of the In- tramural Men's Athletic Association is to encourage and promote par- ticipation in athletics among those male students who, for various rea- sons, do not participate in a varsity sport. The association, advised by Hal Woodbury and Sam Sezak, thrives in the spirit of clean com- petition and good sportsmanship. A record number of students par- ticipated in the activities during one of the most successful years of the program. Hundreds of students competed in various sports such as track, basketball, touch football, softball, volleyball, and boxing. ' Reach Y ull , eq' -no 'P fa' 'QUT I a- 1-.V ,QQ 4 H 2 QQ ia to ' Sigma Nu's top softball team 181 offlclals club l 4 1 No matter what season of the year, good officials are needed and the officials club, open to all students, provides Them. During The course ofa year, through weekly meetings, rules and Techniques are discussed and experienced. Each major sport is studied and members are able To learn to officiate Them. Advisor To The club is Mrs. Lorraine Hepler. maior's club The Physical Education Maior's Club is .composed of women students maioring in physical education. Its purpose is to develop more intense and widespread interest in The field of physical education. Films and speakers help Them keep up with new Trends in The field. Recrea- tional activities are also an import- ant part of The program. This group, Through The intimate contacts, pro- vides many new ideas and differ- ent outlooks on old ones Today. 182 First row: L. Marks, B. Boivin, A. Weymouth, S. Jones, A. Clements. Second row E. llvonen, J. Fairbanks, J. Dow, L. Stevens, D. Shaffer, L. Whitney. First row: F. Miles, L. Marks, A. Clemons, C. Harmon, S. Jones, A. Weymouth, D. Shaffer, E. Estes, P. Simpson. Second row: P. Finnegan, M. Lowe, S. Dry, C. Spear, L. Brown, J. Fitz, B. Barstow, J. Genest, S. Marr. Third row: E. llvonen, L. Whitney, J. Dow, S. Grcnqam, J. Fairbanks, B. Boivin. left to right: L. Stevens, M. Gerrish, J. Gray, J. Genest, A. Clemons, C. Harmon, J. Storer, S. Jones, J. Word, A. Weymouth, B. Barstow, L. Marks, B. Clarke, P. Simpson, P. Finnegan, D. Shaffer, E. Estes, D. Quinnam, L. Eichorn, F. Miles, J. Dow, B. Boivin, E. Main, M. Lowe, J. Fitz. I, ,. ,1- A vu - ' c, ,. 'll - F4 w Q J 1' 'Q ' F' :J f I '. L' .gs ' W ' L ' 22. ' A . E' rl ilay 4 fi' ' as-'T fl First row: A. Clemons, J. Graftam, S. Marr, J. Genest, C. Harmon. Second row: M. Wilson, D. Quinnam, J. Fitz, D. Shatter, E. Estes, M. Lowe, J. Dow, H. Strnad, E. Main. W. Cl. U. The Women's Athletic Association makes available to all University women the opportunity to partici- pate in many sports programs, pro- vides the necessary rules clinics, and special programs of interest to all students. The major events this year included the Get Acquainted picnic, W.A.A. Banquet, dorm and class intramural tournaments, indi- vidual sports tournaments, and sponsorship of the many clubs. The Women's Athletic Association work- ing in cooperation with the Depart- ment of Physical Education makes college more than just studying. tumbling club The Tumbling Club is a part of the W.A.A. This group meets once a week to work on acrobatics, tum- bling, and the trampoline. A little apparatus work has been started this year, and it is hoped to be con- tinued in the future. Within the group of members, there is a wide range of abilities to help each per- son gain more experience. The Tum- bling Club has been growing larger and better the last couple of years. The members wish to keep building up the club in the future. One can see some of the activities of the Tumbling Club at the W.A.A. picnic, play days, high school clays, and Penny Carnival, during the year. 183 -TT F 4 With the fading of the year's Half-way House Beginning, New anxieties, cliff-edge high, are sharpened By potential peerage with the honored of learned, Pattern-posts abandoned soon, to be 'Filled and lifted To unknown but predictable heights by the newest Autumnal Select. lumors 6 l 1-LAI V--.Q Lf. ii 'leg J - 5 Q, . - -2 Pres. Nelson, Sec. P. Haggerty, Trecxs. S. Kennett, Vice Pres. L. Libby. "' -I ' Z 1 . 1 E ' W lllllu ? Executiwieifouncilz B. Freeman, R. Bogdon, A. Walker, L. Billings, M. Simpson. Absent: D. Deering, P. McCarthy 186 " N 1 1 N 1 i1i1bL'w-12.,?i . 'Q '.vQ . I ' i , . ' 'S ' 51. r- M B-1' i . .p v' , ' '3' , l -4.5 i "Fr elif ii -Q7 ,I -: .r N ' 5 Z e ,Q , N THOMAS M. ACHESON Augusto Business Administration sr ' 6- IQ 7 l,.- w t MARY S. ALLAN Orrington History and Government . ...L , , x A I 1 ,,.- fl' ' n U.. " .r i I li , i I r li EILEEN E. ANDERSON Pelham, N. Y. Home Economics 'WPS- VIRGINIA F, ARJONA Storrs, Conn. Education FNB" , A 6 .f re' INGRID C. BAIN Philadelphia, Penn. History and Government s EVELYN M. ACHORN ROBERTA M. ADAMS X ANN L. ADJ UTANT Fort Fairfield Patten York Beach Education Medical Technology Chemistry E E I ii E .T E I il I l 1 fr r 'Q-as V J. . . . . . tr lim p. .P-if-1-3 1...25j'.x.l.t .N llufi-i'., 1- J .ziltf i'f'iQ'5i.' llc i"ff'.' DOUGLAS C. ALLEN Brattleboro, Vt. Forestry ' 3' 4s 1 . 'ie L ki . l . 'Ar JUDITH M, ANDERSON Biddeford Nursing A -95 4? LEWIS C. ARMSTRONG Pittsfield History and Government 'I 1 ' ARNOLD N. BAKER Revere, Mass. Business Administration RUSSELL W. ALLEN Presque Isle Psychology r Y" 'xg x, 1- ' ELIZABETH S. AMES Camden History and Government . is i 'Iggy sz-'7 'L SYLVIA J. ANDERSON HARRY W. ANGEVINE Newport Glen Ridge, N. J. English Forestry Ti' ROBERT W. AUSTIN FRED H. BAILEY Mexico Bangor Business and Economics Mechanical Engineering Q. L bg. r 4-L' ,,::.,x Q-ef F. . ' . JOYCE M. BAKER ALAN W. BANACH Houlton Arlington, Moss, French Mechanical Engineering Greenhorns with green hopes O O O not pictured . . . GEORGE E. ACHORN Fort Fairfield Mechanical Engineering LESLIE C. ACKEY Old Town Civil Engineering RONALD C. ALLEN Ticonderoga, N. Y. Business Administration RUTH E. ALLEN Portland Mathematics HOWARD S. ANNIS, JR. Augusta Business Administration JAMES L. ARMSTRONG South Portland Education JOHN E. ARSENAULT Portland Theatre LARRY P. ARSENAULT South Portland Education JOHN P. ATKINS Newington, Conn. Forestry JOHN J. ATWOOD, JR. South Portland History and Government PETER L. AULT Wayne Civil Engineering HAROLD C. AUSTIN Cedar Grove Forestry RONALD C. BAILEY Bangor Education JOSEPH A. BATES Dixtield Electrical Engineering ROBERT H. BEALE Portland Psychology CHARLES T. BEAM Bar Harbor Civil Engineering WILLIAM J. BEAUCAGE Lewiston Electrical Engineering BENOIT R. BEAUDOIN Brunswick Engineering Physics WALTER L. BEAULIEU Old Town Education DELMAR W. BEAUPRE Caribou Mechanical Engineering ROGER H. BELANGER Waterville Business Administration DONALD A. BELLEVILLE Lewiston Education PETER G. BELLUSCHI Old Town Forestry ABRAM N. BEMIS Winthrop History and Government FRANK T. BENOIT Orona Civil Engineering RAYMOND C. BERG Basking Ridge, N. J. History and Government ROBERT G. BERGERON South Portland Civil Engineering PAUL G. BERRY Unity History and Government RAYMOND R. BERUBE Lisbon Falls Education ERNEST S. BLAISDELL, JR. Veazie Mathematics ROBERT B. BLANTON Boynton Beach, Fla. Education JUDITH A. BLOM Bangor Biological Science PATRICIA J. BONNEY Upper Montclair, N. J. Biological Science ROGER R. BOUCHER Great Worlts Business and Economics GERALD P. BOWIE Yarmouth Agricultural Engineering NORMAN H. BRIDGE Guilford Education GEORGE W. BROOKS Rangeley Business' Administration DELVA P. BROWN Waterford, Conn. Mechanical Engineering DONALD E. BROWN Topshom Mechanical Engineering EZRA 5. BROWN, JR. Mexico Mechanical Engineering MELVILLE S. BROWN Orono Education TRAVIS L. BROWN Union Civil Engineering DONALD W. BURNHAM Orano Mechanical Engineering 'I87 C ROBERT P. E. BEAUDOIN Biddeford Business and Economics 1 -s4gge..,x.,'V:.?? - 'ii A -J' . V P ttf NANCY H. BISHOP Wellesley, Mass. Sociology i ,W 1 Z RICHARD H. BOGH Portland Sociology ' l.c- :fr ov.: , ,,. It lx 1 gr.. ' .. r. ,H Y . I r 5 r I f- ga fv.'J' I 5- . f , . ,, 5 if-lawn-'11s-,I "'5':" ' r zwrfr' f-111. f 1' ,wp r ' ,- iw H ' 55.5 ff: I ,llrfn fffiffg 7' rl: L we 'l ll, fi .I .. - .U I' r ...rl '.'.' 45 .,.-.Al-' nr 1 BERNARD G. BRIGGS West Bath Civil Engineering 188 Teizgv -Af-swe-- - l DAVID R. BANACH Arlington, Mass. Mathematics V , We I :png if Q C. gg -4 VALERIE A. BECK Waterville Speech Q. 'Tc I 3 , ROBERT F. BISHOP Yarmouth Electrical Engineering .f'J ' ,"' X, 1 an i K , w e. BRENDA R. BOIVIN Fryelaurg Education 5-X ' N .. F L , ,gat fr' , . in ff JEAN M. BRITTON East Orange, N. J. English W f .ne. ,. I FRANK L. BANKS Bangor Mechanical Engineering 1 i- 1 . fx I Q fc tg , CAROLYN L. BECKWITH Fort Fairfield Medical Technology ef' 'vc JOHN A. BLACK Rockland Mechanical Engineering W- A-e - dl' ' WILLIAM R. BONNEAU Dalton, Mass. Psychology '-..- THOMAS R, BROCHU Lewiston Civil Engineering rveewffgw- - on I 'Sv' ,- . A 9' l '.lL,Rx Jul g ' W MARILYN J. BARBOUR Presque Isle Home Economics r ' -4 r 6 i ' '65, I PATRICIA A. BENNER Friendship English l i ' vo WILLIAM T. BLACK Bailey Island Mechanical Engineering T'-- , JAMES B, BOOKER Poinesville, Ohio Education JC- is BRUCE B. BROMBY Bangor Mechanical Engineering ,, JOHN S. BARCLAY Branford, Conn. Wildlife Management V i""""' l 45' . 5, 'ic x GALE C. BREWER Bar Harbor Mathematics TQ! ': :- , ROBERT E. BLAKE Bar Harbor History and Government 5- ri I K fi ev l MARGARET A. BOOTHBY Gorham Home Economics .-lq QU cf 1. JUDITH A. BROOKS Yarmouth History and Government we started collecting our memories. l I ilu, -.-f BRUCE A. BARKER Lincoln Business and Economics CHARLES H. BERRY Houlton Mechanical Engineering 11" VICTOR M, BLAKE Bound Brook, N. J, Public Management , .,..,....,, e ., if - ! l l . i V A see.. , . SAMUEL R. BOOTHBY Livermore Falls Mathematics 1. 1 N' w.. Y, , .- i ' tm 'Q , , N x - .N 'iff H. 'a:"c, . -- i Il N QB' 3 ll-.fifty-. ' I L xi ' A JOHN H. BROWER Augusto Biological Science 1 I W' ! I , I l V l 4 '- ' 'FEE' W I JOLEEN P. BARKER Brunswick Sociology "Z, 4 U.f".'14l' 'instead DAVID E. BICKFORD Belgrade Mechanical Engineering .il Q" 5,9 FA 4.1. 'Ll Q Y' 11- Q. -cz! X- 1 LINDA L. BLOOD Houlton Home Economics .- IX f ,vc if v' ANN E. BOSLAND Warwick, R. I. English ERNEST G. BROWN Eliot Agriculture 15 1 GEORGE F. BARTLETT Georgetown, Mass. Business and Economics 4. 6- .IOHN F, BIESKE Pownal Chemical Engineering -qu., sa ANDREW I. BLUM Auburn Engineering Physics ROBERT L. BOWLER South Portland Education 's. N 1. f 'tif .f t .' JUDITH A. BROWN Waterville Zoology . ' I . Ei v I Q :ft 'Q X I .. ,-AQ ' "'- 4 V WI W ' . , I .- L X I . I I X' . f I lx S: I LINDA J. BARTLETT JANE B. BATES Guilford Orono Nursing Education 'Q 5' LINWOOD S. BILLINGS Bowdanhom Psychology p 4 '94 RICHARD H. BODETTE Glen Falls, N. Y. Mechanical Engineering CHISTOPHER P. BOWMAN Rensselaer, N. Y. History and Government .3 ,- I " L., W . "' A ' . i ,I . 4 ' ' I . ' T-, I t 1 A I ,I SONJA L. BROWN Bangor Mathematics ,- . me 'gif HENRY J. BINDER Valley Stream, N. Y. Psychology r- f" ROBERT C. BOGDAN Bronx, N, Y. Education JAMES C. BRETON Kittery Mathematics 5" fx . 1 , lc . I VIVIAN M. BURGESS Herman Home Economics September 11, 1958 not pictured . . . JAMES S. BURNS, JR. Gardiner Education ROLAND A. BURNS, JR. Lincolnville English RUSSELL J. BURNS Beverly, Mass. Mathematics WILLIAM C. BURTON Skowhegan Education CHARLES C. BUTTS Ellsworth History and Government DONALD M. CAHOON North Berwick Forestry FRANCIS L. CAMERON Portland Business and Economics NORMAND O. CARON Lewiston Mechanical Engineering RONALD C. CASELDEN South Portland Education WILLARD S. CASWELL Gray Education STEPHEN B. CENTER Steep Falls Psychology ROBERT H. CHAPMAN Auburn Education THOMAS N. CHAPPELLE Old Town Education WILLIAM E. CHARTE Orono Mechanical Engineering ARTHUR B. CHARTIER Newton, Mass. Chemical Engineering RACHEL F. CHASE Lewiston Home Economics ZOEL M. CHASSE Van Buren Engineering Physics ALBERT J. CHILDS, JR. Cumberland Forestry ARTHUR H. CLARK Portland Electrical Engineering PATRICK H. CLARKE Orono History and Government STERLIN C. CLOCKEDILE Yarmouth Electrical Engineering RODGER E. COLLINS Yarmouth Agricultural Science RAYMOND E. COLLINS Livermore Falls Education WARREN E. CONNER Rutland, Vt. Civil Engineering RICHARD S. COOMBS South Portland Education ROBERT E. COOMBS South Portland Education ROBERT P. COTE Auburn History and Government RONALD P. COTE Saca Chemical Engineering EDISON D. COWPERTHWAITE Birch Harbor Mathematics GLORIA M. CRAFT Winchester, Mass. Home Economics PAUL S. CRAMER Lewiston Electrical Engineering GARY M. CRAN Owls Head Chemical Engineering WINSTON K. CRANDALL Ashland Engineering Physics LEROY A. CRAWFORD Brewer Agricultural Engineering SEYMOUR CUNNINGHAM Closhen, Conn. Forestry DALE J. CURRY Bangor Education GORDON S. CURRY South Portland Education ROBERT W. CUSHING Wilton Education NICHOLAS F. DANN Sharon, Mass. Mechanical Engineering EDWARD H. DAVIES Orono History CLARENCE W. DAVIS Brunswick Wildlife Management PETER R. DAVIS Bingham Wildlife Management PETER C. DAY Tharnweed, N. Y. Wildlife Management 189 6 5 fa - A W KT'-' JOEL R. CHAISON Brewer Psychology V H l ,.,, , - V. nl ,I y A 6 YIQL' A., it DEANNA E. COLLAR Castlne Psychology as" 4' 4. L. I .Z 'A .! ,, XS' JUDITH A. CULLEY Dover-Foxcroft Education ww -:'.., A in 5 . JW. , at ,I 4 C ,. ' -a vs , I 3 r 15.1 1'l.'.'. 'Jig Lr- Q, . DANA F. DEERING Orono Chemical Engineering 'I90 11 LOUIE F. BURRILL Nerridgewock Education ur, Lf " A f 5,7 are f'- , vi, f 17. t Y. GERTRUDE I.. CHAMBERS Caribou Psychology "Lil I lv lx I A A 1 ' E- as ' 1 v 'ee , av Ls, K .' Si 'Z' Y f-153 F' ,ff LINDA COLLETT Brewer Sociology cs - , 3 1,1 I gs X x VIRGINIA A. BURKE Lewiston History oncl Government 'T' X WILLIAM O, CHASE Waterville Mathematics ll. '-., x ' X. ' JOHN F. COLLINS, JR. Aulaurn Mathematics "':m-IW, , JANE L. BURNHAM Bridgewater Home Economics 359 L, Q-:7 ' Q. u EDITH A. CHEITMAN Reodtield English tv MICHAEL J. COLLINS North Conway, N. H. Pre-Veterinarian Wx H, X r I tw QF-v DONALD E. CURRAN Millinocket J 45 ,-9' iFresI1man Week . . . Mechanical Engineering N 5' STEPHEN C. DEWICK Woolwich Civil Engineering u J N3 S' RICHARD S. BURNHAM Lee Electrical Engineering .4 I 1 V ' N tv , Q' f JP' GAIL A. CHICOINE Warren English 'st' J K ,Ili STEPHANIE A. COUGHLIN Raymond Medical Technology ll!!-fl I . lx x . 'Cf-1' VIRGINIA L. CUSHMAN Orono English ? ff MARCIA L, DOLLEY Bangor Mathematics ff L: l 413' l M l ANN E. CLARK South Berwick Psychology l Q . ix 45 ' J. pa :FYE5 it .5111 " . ,-frefii , V: 113-EP ' w ' ' .. l, ,-- lr ,. ggi y"' .- JOHN E. CHRISTIANSEN Waltham, Mass. Chemical Engineering 33 oc' Xl -M ill .. " 5-A any - sally ILIIILLL1 --1 EDWARD J. COUTURE Lewiston Civil Engineering FLORA D, Houlton English is BLAKE A. DA LY AL K -Q. DONALDSON 1 , r 4 jg lf... ' il ' i Thomaston History ond Government : ' ' . ' I N U 1 l H. 'Elly E LEE. X . Jr- " :D xx' COLBY E. BUZZELL JANICE A. CAMPBELL Surry Sangerville Mechanical Engineering Sociology 1 I lv , ,T '+- BRUCE B. CLAWSON Naples Electrical Engineering I HARLEY A. CRAIG qv- DAVID L. CLOUTIER Gardiner Education fn, CY! 'U' 11 , Y' " .nl X ALMIRA L. CRAM Bangor Falmouth Foreside Accounting English 'ix -nfl- Vxe s, ...Q ' rl 3- . ' I LF , Rv' gg -' x X, . MILLARD C. DAVIS DOROTHY M. DAY Columbia Falls Bangor Mathematics English A I . 5- ...r JUDITH S. DORMAN RICHARD S. DOUCETTE Springvale Portland Psychology Civil Engineering CHESTER A. CARVILLE Lisbon Civil Engineering "TTC '-i 4 .1 WILLIAM K. COLBATH Portland Psychology .--h 7 'is ' 'Q J .Xt i A... tx' . 'olylsllf i-0: ' I vw -A Qiillf.. Ik . I i LELAND E. CROOKER Mechanic Falls Civil Engineering W- Q.. ,i -I .E is. s W if I 7 1 1..- 5Q..4 'ef .I J",hv.: w I X , :N f. lt WALLACE R. DEAN Greenville Junction Chemical Engineering 21 . 'X ,f 1 ', 5 A i IA: . if 22' J ' .Nd , 1 . - .y I -9.-3 ' THOMAS W. DOUGHTY South Portland Education ..- L . lis X 34 ,i . ,- w "L RICHARD S. CATTELLE Tenafly, N. J. Mechanical Engineering X454 LAWRENCE D. COLE Waterville Education all-+L .J 'nf , PETER E. CROOKER Bath History nv- fr- PATRICK R. DEARMONT Kents Hill Mechanical Engineering ' Y: Z Ei 1'7" ELAINE G. DOW Westfield, N. J. Zoology and unstructured confusion re gneda not pictured . . . RAYMOND L. DAY Bangor Business Administration DONALD G. DECKER Brewer Mechanical Engineering ALEXANDRIA DeGRANDPRE Plattsburgh, N. Y. Education HENRI F. DeMORAS Bowdoinham Animal Science JOEL Y, DENSMORE Portland Education HARVEY E. DEVANE Portland Government NATHAN J. DEAMOND Bangor Electrical Engineering RICHARD T. DINGWELL Reading, Mass. Sociology ROBERT J. DONOVAN Auburn Mechanical Engineering EARL S. DULAC Waterville Education GARY C. DUNN Orono Mechanical Engineering WILLIAM H. DUNTON Rumford Education THOMAS E. DUSTON Lynntield Center, Moss. Engineering Physics JOEL W. EASTMAN West Buxton English JULIA B. EDELSTEIN Orono English ERNEST H. EDGERLY Dover-Foxcraft Mechanical Engineering ROBERT A. EK Portland History DAVID W. FALL Sanford Animal Science ARTHUR H. FARNHAM, JR. Bangor Electrical Engineering DONALD E. FARNSWORTH Bangor Engineering Physics NORMAN O. FARRAR Winchester, Mass. Chemical Engineering WILLIAM F. FARRINGTON Saco Education DAVID S. FEENEY Standish History and Government DAVID S. FINKELSTEIN Portland Education TATOM A. FISHER Manchester, N. H. Civil Engineering JOHN P. FLAHERTY Bath History and Government WILLIAM R. FLEMING Bangor Education ROBERT B. FORTIER Bath Business and Economics KEITH R. FOSTER Augusto History PAUL B. FOSTER Westbrook Mechanical Engineering ARNOLD E. FRECHETTE Norway Animal Science FREDERICK C. GABRIELSON Bar Harbor Education THOMAS L. GA FFN EY Kittery History BARNEY S. GALINSKY Gloversville, N. Y. Civil Engineering FRANK F. GAMAGE Bristol History and Government JEFFREY L. GAMMON Limestone Civil Engineering LAURENCE S. GARDNER Portland Education DONALD L. GATTI Wayne Sociology DANIEL H. GATZ Auburn Animal Science EDWARD W. GAUNCE China Business and Economics WAYNE L. GERRISH Rockland Zoology LEWIS W. GETCHELL Carmel Mathematics SALLY A. GIBSON Bangor English ROBERT H. GILMAN Sanford Mechanical Engineering 191 6 . . , .- .W fi... WARREN G. ELVIN Augusta Mechanical Engineering 1- STEVEN A, EOGG South Portland Mathematics BRENDA FREEMAN Kennebunlr Home Economics ,alan-.C ,Q r .. A fit," ' '.i GERALD A. GAY, JR. Jonesboro Electrical Engineering 192 g fs.. xi .11-iii' -1 ' I ' - 4 .-91:11. '7 ., . .3 -, 1.3. 1 ', .5 , N -. 'R . 'snr if H- Y 1- RM f LS-,H , ','f:.e.. ' . ,L .,rA..l N517 - JJ' . , ...e,,.,. .,,, . -' s1.,.,.ixA1,',,1' , MALCOLM F. DOWNING Lunenburg, Vt. Forestry is 'gg . in , , ' 1 . 5 ,. ' 1 l AVIS ELWELL Brooks Sociology JON E. FORBES South Windham Mechanical Engineering ,M Q. A. ...L e JEAN T. FREEMAN Winchester, Mass. Education . rf ' '- ' -- x ' 1:17 A M i. MARY A. GAY Dayton Hame Economics , - . - .4.- . up ln., . , rt., -. i of A ii L' 1 Q I , X i 'W l J, .Xl 4 EVERETT C. DRAKE Albion Civil Engineering g Z L fi . . in-5 4 ELIZABETH M. ENGLAND Harvard, Mass. History Q-, PETER A. FORBUSH Marlboro, Mass. Business Administration s.. ' 'Hee-'- MAYNARD C. FRITH Athens Animal Science -W.. - g,, 6 FQ, ' 1 1 .fjn ' ii , . r N a ' 3153: ld fm:-ft l -,f,,,fq':, . ,Kp,..,Ql-2 1. i Hr. .1 1 1-1-'f.F:! : iz. 'J " 'J A M'-."-it'::r'i'. , - Sl-f' -Q '-er-":A.fraWfa 7-' .f-"!,1-'ifiix ' if '.'lfAlil. il"i C ""li'.L1lf' ' I ' , .w3"'- CHARLES E. GERO Coltaes, N. Y. History and Government 335' SARAH B. DRY Cambridge, Mass. Education a , 1: , Q in Y-vf C ELIZABETH P. ESTES Anson Education E 7. QS - 'r x Q9 Xu I ay CHARLENE J. Fasten Brewer Nursing rl . Q I x 1 J Y .A E. CARROLL GAGNON Upper Frenchville Mechanical Engineering ai Qi? ' IL ri-2-?Y,,. CHARLES O. DUDLEY Augusta Business Administration Af- VL?" ' ,A- A BEVERLY A. FARNHAM North Cclstine History and Government 'AFL mf.-9. 'V' PETER R, FOTTLER Wabarl, Mass. Mechanical Engineering TT' JOHN R. GAGNON Upper Frenchville Chemical Engineering Agile. ff' ,,,, STANLEY E. GIBSON CHARLES E. GILES Lewiston Newcastle Mathematics Education Sally ,Kennett was Homecoming Queen . . . 1. .11 'EYJ' JOHN L. DUDLEY Topsham Education - '9- 1.-:.-" "fx ROBERTA S. FARNSWORTH Orano Medical Technology ik I . DONALD R. FOURNIER Saco Business Administration X fs' X 'Ii' JOHN R. GAGNON Biddeford History 'fy n AE I DOROTHY L. GILLIES Darien, Conn. Spanish Il 5- 'S'- GEORGE A. DURGIN Gray Engineering Physics -in JOSEPH J. FEITER, JR. Clifton, N. J. Civil Engineering LAWRENCE FRANCHETTI Livermore Falls Mechanical Engineering REGINALD J. GAGNON Waterville History and Government 3 SHIRLEY E. GILMORE pix I ' H T l ,l VIRGINIA H. DYER Brunswick Journalism .Ill T 4. . i J ef- C CHARLES W. FERGUSON Rumford Mechanical Engineering '12 VINCENT F. FRANCO Saco History and Government XX P MIRIAM P. ELDRIDGE Concord, Mass. Education pg 'dn A, JAYNE A. FITZ New Sharon Education .411 JAMES A. FRASER BeaconsHeIcl, Quebec Psychology STEPHEN B. GAIN Westbrook History E ,,. LORNE R. GOODELL 931' THOMAS P. GARDNER Sprlngvale Public Management BROWNE C. GOODWIN if L " 'A "1f - " 51 1- 47 " TEQMX W . ,.. x 5 no -... ff 'E' , 5 " ALICE J. ELLIOTT Concord, Mass. Education QT:- ,Af ... MYRNA E. FLEWELLING Easton Psychology Q .1 Lx .,, N ' 'T-'37 f" KAY FRASER Newport Home Economics W" , WILLIAM E. GARDNER, JR. Auburn Education RALPH D. GORDON Brewer Old Town Brewer Braintree, Mau. Education History Mathematics History Joyce Baker, president of Neai Mathetbfif not pictured ROGER W. GILMAN Anson Animal Science ALAN D. GLANVILLE Orono Psychology PETER A. GLAZIER Hallowell Civil Engineering EVAN R. GLEASON Waterville Civil Engineering RONALD C. GLIDDEN Thorndike Mathematics RICHARD J. GOAN Westbrook Education ROBERT A. GOODALE Brewer Psychology EARSEL E. GOODE Bangor Education GARY C. GOODRICH Pittsfield Civil Engineering FRANCIS X. GOODWIN Bangor Mechanical Engineering BRYCE W. GRINDLE Old Town Education PATRICIA A. HAGGERTY Pittsfield English DAVI D L. HALE Caribou French HAROLD E. HALLI DAY Narridgewock Education RICHARD F. HAM Lisbon Falls Chemical Engineering ASHTON S. HAMILTON Orona Zoology KENNETH S. HAMILTON Sheepscott Animal Science CHARLES W. HAMMOND East Hiram Animal Science RICHARD D. HAMMOND East Hiram Education JAMES E. HANNAFORD South Hiram Zoology DALE E. HANSON Buclrspart Education DONALD J. HARNUM South Brewer Education JAMES W. HARRIS Mt. Desert Electrical Engineering RICHARD A. HARRISON Rolninhood Forestry ARTHUR C. HART, JR. Hampden Mechanical Engineering GEO RGE E. HAWES Thorndike Education PETER D. HAY Westbrook Education STANLEY B. HAYES, JR. Gorham Electrical Engineering FRED S. HAYWARD Machias Civil Engineering WARREN C, HAZELTON West Sumner Zoology BERNARD A. HEALD East Millinocket Chemical Engineering DAVID J. HEBERT Madawaska Education PETER R. HENDERSON Marshfield, Mass. Business Administration WALTER L. HIGGINS. JR. Brunswick Zoology ARNOLD C. HILLS Corinna Agricultural Engineering RICHARD D. HILTON Augusta Engineering Physics ROY C. HITCHCOCK Williston Park, N. Y. Forestry JEFFREY I., HODGDON Biddeford Business and Economics CHARLES A. HOERGER Radnor, Pa. Animal Science DONALD 0. HORNE Dixfield Electrical Engineering PAUL A. HOULARES Auburn Sociology WILLIAM A. HOWE Waldoboro Business Administration CHARLES R. HURD Waterville Education PHI LIP A. HUTCHINSON Gardiner Education 193 6 rs e, JOHN L. HACHEY Portland German fr JOYANNE S. HEATH Wilton Nursing E A A X . , 7:5 JON D. HOGAN Houlton Business and Economics I I I B5 l l ANGELO INCERPI Pawtucket, R. l. Wildlife Management 194 Vx ROSETTA A. GOULD Brownville Junction Nursing ... .95 1i ev- vllt . ful BETTY M. GOULDEN Kennebunkport Education i l ALFRED J. HAGAN CAROL A. HALL Orono Camden Business Administration English , :s'e1'I'H:f-fwmfwsef . ' . -- I 1: , .i ' '.. ' . Q up L. . 4 I . -. - i esfifrr' ' C ii , 5- n life . 1 I A ll. PATRICIA H. HEBERT SONJA E. HICKS Westbrook Eastport Education Biological Sciences - V .A - I I Sify. ROBERT H. GRANT South Portland Mathematics I ' .11 -1-5 ' "'f"ff1ttf1:?f r I S I 15 A I ff CAROL A. HALL Lewiston Nursing ., 'LVJ' ...g .4 . .l,w., ' wt- - L4 I , .-' I ,, I gl I JOYCE S. HIGGINS Bar Harbor English f'T'i"" " ' JAMES L. GRAVES Auburn Civil Engineering i 15 Q3- - X X I J' CAROL A. HALL Monson Education l ARNOLD HILLS Corinna Agricultural Engineering .fhse 'T..:r' ROBERT W, FISHER Hartland Chemical Engineering iv: if DIANE INGALLS Ellsworth Speech Led by President' John Dudley . . . ROGER A. HOLMES Lincoln Business Administration RJ. 1771 WAYNE C. IRELAND limestone Business and Economics RICHARD B. GRAY Brewer Public Management l . T f V I , 1. . 4- . ,, ' '- I . .is A MARCIA HANSEN Wellesley, Moss. Education 44. 1-5' il JACQUELYN A. HILL Gorham Education 4.-4 'vs PAUL J. HOPKINS Vinalhaven Chemical Engineering Ti-. f ,J 1' 'L W CARLTON W. JACK Cornish Mathematics . 'f s f -- - . Q E fel- N" ' i 'slit'- : . K . .' lfl 1- 1 ,'HH'l- . ' V i I Q - ,il F. NAN L. GRAY Fryeburg Home Economics .hav qi .., SALLY A. HANSON Machias Education ,.-1' EARLE C. HILDRETH, JR. Lisbon Falls Electrical Engineering E7 GEORGE E. HOSKIN Houltan Engineering Physics ' 1 N, xt . I Kiwis. I . , N. L- 4 r 5 L li' ui CONSTANCE JACK Rongeley Sociology class r'.2T'?'?. r SE' l , I Y ' I egfgt-1 '-i 4 Y ' I V: Y! 4. A ,,.1 N I mr n 3215. A ' ' " ig .lf I X l'. 1 V - ' 331-4 5 af," rl ' qt, -f 1 E, l ' . isa: i ig i I A 6 F ,W ff ' I V I EM' ...L RICHARD F. GROSS WAYNE E. GUPTILL NELLIE I. GUSHEE South Penobscot Grand Manan. New Brunswick Appleton English Education Home Economics 'W " ' 'H ' ' I. ' 'ef F l , .T . , .f 'E' ' '. r YF' ii ' -Effie ,ii iii Q, l "5 1 'VI i cn., "' . . R ,i i as - ' 4,2 at H- rs.. Y e ' ERNEST C, HARRINGTON, JR. KENNETH E. HARTZ MARTHA G. HASKELL Greenville Westchester, Penn. Portland Chemistry Civil Engineering English 1 M1-vf-U-i-V+-+-E fr'7' ' ' ' ' L' 11.14 --V r X :vs ev' 1 'A Q, ' l ' TTT! I yi' . I SUSAN M. HILLMAN MARY E. HILTON IRVING D. HODGKIN Lincoln Anson Lewiston English Modern Languages Chemical Engineering l l l .-Q 'F l va- lr, " ' 0 N I ' ' ' 0 bf' - ' N I -re I 'iT':T" ' ' ' 'N' 5 if ' 3 'i"'5f. 'i ': ,.j'Q3..f3TI:l7 "'E fl .Tig -.r 6551.2-hafzii-1 1:11 wr", n f.3fI'i' :::.i:iQl:2.' f:irkl:. '- .,ft:.Lt'il:'..i-ri.:-' JANICE HOYT KENDALL G. HUNNEWELL, JR. NEMAH HUSSAIN Easton Slrowhegan Diwaniyah, Iraq Animal Science Civil Engineering Forestry 1 1 - We P. ""'1 'we .1 ix' L MARGARET A. JACKSON STEPHEN L. JACOBS WILLIAM R. JENKINS Otistield Winthrop Brewer " English English History and Government ,v,- . . . I officers Imposed some order I. . not pictured . . . BLAIR D. INGALLS Machias Chemical Engineering JERROLD T. IRONS South Paris Education PAUL M. JACKSON Winthrop Education THOMAS R. JEWELL Skowhegan Forestry WILLIAM L. JOHNSON Cornish Chemical Engineering BRYANT P. JONES Hallowell Journalism ROBERT E. JORDAN Wiscasset Business and Economics THEODORE R. JOY East Franklin Civil Engineering ROBERT S. JOYCE Portland Psychology JAMES L. KAPLAN Bangor English SANDRA J. KEENAN Brunswick Sociology GERALD Fi KELLEY Howland Business and Economics PETER E. KELLEY Cumberland Foreside Mechanical Engineering BARBARA A. KENNEY Bangor English KATHARINE A. KENNEY Auburn English DIANE F. KETCHUM Bridgewater Nursing ROBERT A. KEUP Fairfield Animal Science EDWARD H. KILEY South Brewer Education WALTER C. KIMMICH Broolclyn, N. Y. Education RICHARD A. KINNEY Lisbon Falls Education LEE M, KITTREDGE Auburn Mathematics JOANN D. KNOWLTON Deer Isle Education PIERRE D. LABAT East Northpart, N. Y. History MARY S. LABBE Fairhaven, Mass. History JAMES J. LQBOSSIERE Norway Mathematics GEORGE P. LAHRMANN White Plains, N. Y. Animal Science CARL E. LANE Falmouth Mechanical Engineering ALVAH N. laTOURETTE Whitehouse Station, N. Y. Forestry CAROL R. LATTY B runswick Zoology PAUL A. LAVOIE Lewiston Engineering Physics ARTHUR N. LAWRENCE Rockland History and Government RICHARD A. LEASK Woolwich Civil Engineering JOSEPH G. LeBRASSEUR ' Oakland Erfgineering Physics BRIAN A. LEE Eastport Education LAURETTE V. LeGOFF Winslow French RICHARD J. LeVESQUE Lewiston Electrical Engineering WILLIAM J. LeVESQUE Orono Business Administration DAVID A. LIBBY Calais Forestry EDWIN F. LIBBY Bangor Psychology NORMAND P. LIBERTY Orono Business and Economics WILLIAM D. LIBERTY Gray Mechanical Engineering RICHARD F. LIEKE, JR. North Anson Education WILLIAM LIVESEY Brewster, Mass. Education 195 6 .....--,, , ,ag L F snug? on ww. Nm- 1 'ii .E in 1 RICHARD C. JENNESS Orono Education I . ALBIN D. JOHNSON Orono Civil Engineering on i so SARAH J. KENNETT Topshom Mathematics gdb-. '-5? Who' X.. x J- PAUL L. LACROSSE Bangor Chemical Engineering WALTER P. LAWRENCE Reading, Moss. History and Government MARY E. LOUDER Lexington, Moss. Home Economics T96 .ffl J. 254' ' 1 ' I rift' Sr . -" ' PAUL W. KIAH Brewer Business and Economics L' JOHN N, LAGERSTROM Caribou 1 Agronomy 4 Fi W ,. Z 1 ROSEMARY LEAR Augusta Spanish V' E I N! MY Q. .. W 1 I- f :Ei 1 ,."'- V I? Ill 1 J I I Q rg? V .241 I I sf Y. . J' 'Q . 4,1 l ' ' . nfs I - 4, , 'fl : 51,15 ni 1 1 ilcj L1 ' I 'v ' CAROL V. LOVEJOY Westbrook Zoology ,.f, MICHAEL E. KIMBALL Portland Chemistry 'ST' fi1' fic, 1 '4y..XV 1 'I f 12' I X ,I I s , I X l I JANE E. LAING South Brewer Sociology TOBIAS Le BOUTILLIER Brooksville Physics DEBORAH T. LUFKIN Needham, Mass. Medical Technology E. 'ff' V IMI fl Nfl lf' X I 1 . . AL JOHN S. JOHNSON Cooper History 1 li ID --.x '?, 1 9' RUTH C. KIMBALL Orono Psychology 3 DAVID S. LAMB Brookline, Mass. Journalism ff . Im I I GRAY E. LEIGHTON North Yarmouth History and Government JEFFREY E. LYON Bloomfield, N. J. Animal Science 1 I II ig. jl I 'ix 'El SARA LOU JOHNSON Monmouth BRUCE D. JONES Newington, Conn. English Geology il l Y' ll MARY ANN KING RICHARD P. KING Benton Station Fairfield Education Mechanical Engineering I 'ig' fx A' " I lv Q ... T, f?.'f5Tl.5 '1 1 D ,... 1 , ' ,CH fa D 1. ,I N . , ' all. ,lf 'Il' I. g fic" 'ph ngffstk' ' A .. .MQ .,,. 11. 135' X :Q JI' 1713 'F' i-'ii' ' m .'ff-f..- .I',g'5:Fi'-, .X PETER C, LAMMERS JEANNE M. LANKAU Litchfield Portland Chemistry Mcithematics . 15- I. '1 I L RICHARD C. LEONARD PAULA J. LESSARD Old Town Biddeford Education Meclicol Technology 'E DAVID S. LYON5 RUTH McALLlAN Porllcmcl Bucksport Engineering Physics Education and with o few of the rough edges gone . . . 1 I lr'-'1 W CHARLES D, JONES Greenville Mathematics ELIAS M. KARTER Waterville Chemical Engineering DAVID S. KING New Haven, Conn, Animal Science 'Q-uh 4,' FREDERIC P. LAUGHLIN Portland Business and Economics Q X LAWRENCE W. LIBBY Orono Agricultural Economics lib 1.57, JOHN D. KNOWLTON Hollywood, Md. Education 'YYY' REGIS M. LAURENDEAU Lewiston Mechanical Engineering I v ' 4 I G4 St I 1. Ek! ' 's MARJORIE R. LITTLEFIELD Marblehead, Moss. Education .4-1- N w . 3 '-- .' ,ei -it. 14q.3:',?t I 'yy 51.1 '-' "l I 2-iii' Lil: 5-1:9 fr. . ANIEI. E. MCALLISTER, JR. PHILIP O. MECARTHY Fryeburg Houlton Agriculture Education Education QVC' PETER S. KEENE Glens Falls. N. Y. 1 Pre-Med t l 'E' l ',. ' SUZANNE C. KOCH Walpole Education 4.1 40" FRANK C. LAURINITIS ,. t'?',1 6- f I t l ARTHUR H. KELLEY Philmont, N. Y. Mechanical Engineering RICHARD P. LABRECQUE Gorham Chemical Engineering ,.k-- . i 41 WILLIAM T. LAWLOR, JR. Bar Harbor Lewiston Electrical Engineering Journalism I 2 , I ' t . -S ' tx 4: L ,H I . A I E VINCENT A. LITTLEFIELD FRED E. LORD Auburn Fairfield Mechanical Engineering Education . J . ' t t F P, 'R -' 1 s. - 1 f J at I '- ' ,F :I - 'L' , I ':s" Q' t. Sl Q 1' ' . fill A ft , I ft l l F'Lf:':Ev .. : RICHARD G. MCCLURE JAMES W. MCCLUSKEY Lewiston Woodland 3: Y Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering 'iff ' I , 'J lit , eil t - . we became sophomores .H ., Q. 1 not' pictured . . . STEPHEN W. LOCKE Bradley Physics ROBIN R. LOESCHNER Bath Zoology JOHN C. LONGLEY East Granby, Conn. Psychology RICHARD A. LORD Brunswick History WILLIAM S. LOWELL Topsham Education HANS F. LUND Yarmouth German RICHARD D. MCCARTHY Bangor History and Government FRANCIS E. MCDERMOTT Portland Psychology JOHN W. MCDONALD Orono Mechanical Engineering JAMES E. McINNlS Mexico English NEIL V. MacLEAN South Portland Education LEONARD R. MCICPHEE Cape Elizabeth Education PETER J. MALIA South Portland Business and Economics DUANE R. MALLETT Dover-Foxcroft Mechanical Engineering RONALD P. MARKS Albion Education ROMEO O. MARQUIS Fort Kent Education ALLAN F. MARSHALL South Portland Engineering Physics JOHN E. MARTIN Gray Education ALBERTA F. MASON Orono Mathematics NORMAN F. MAXIM Limerick Chemical Engineering DONALD W. MELLON Westward, N. J. Engineering Physics ORRIN H. MERRILL. JR. Bangor Engineering Physics THOMAS S. MESTETSKY Portland Chemical Engineering ARTHUR A. MEYER South Portland Education PATRICIA' M. MICHAUD Orono Education GEORGE E. MICHELSEN Harrison Electrical Engineering ANNETTE B. MILES Stillwater Nursing FAYE E. MILES North Bridgton Education DAVID L. MILLER Alburg, Vt. Wildlife Management CORA B. MILLS Belfast Education ROGER E. MILLS Fryeburg Mathematics JOHN G. MITCHELL Lubec Electrical Engineering STANLEY A. MOODY Portland Electrical Engineering FRANK H. MORSE, JR. Saco Civil Engineering ARTHUR L. MOSHER Rockland Education ALEXANDER G. NURO Caribou Business and Economics DONALD R. MURPHY Milo Education STEPHEN D. MURRAY Orono Civil Engineering ALAN S. NELSON Kennebunlr Government KENNETH E. NELSON Hallowell Electrical Engineering JOHN A. NELSON Winthrop Engineering Physics SALLY J. NESS Newport Nursing RICHARD B. NICKERSON Stoneham, Mass. Wildlife Management LEONARD R, NILSON East Providence, R. I. History 197 6 PATRICIA M. MCCOURT York Haven, Penn. English I L. LINDA ANN MacDONALD East Millinockef Mathematics CLIFFORD C. MCREAVY Bangor Mechanical Engineering A BERTRAND R. MICHAUD Lisbon Education CARL F. MORIN Bangor Mechanical Engineering I .3 I y in ...A .I I rr , I- 'II I-fr 1' E .X L l .P 2 I. iii' . X. ll MARJORIE A. MUNROE Auburndole, Moss. Mathematics 'I98 1 ROBERT H. MAHLMAN Lube: Government . W - F' Al gifirv-L.L if :ff af.. , V if is Q A.. K - -I 1 ,gr is U 'ff 2 r "ig 1 " .--.5-f" -'i in 1 l ' -"' .f , .1 . 4 DAVID H, MILES Orono Mathematics All E as.. 14"-' I MICHAEL J. MANDEL Bronx, N. Y. History ond Government ' f-,'r.III'- IJ ' ' miie. ..., I LW .Q ,' Ml ' . ,..Z,f I.E: N .E rv H .. . CARL R. MILLER Fort Fairfield Engineering Physics N. I J.: y are fmranv-5 Iii? ..' V , . , . . , 2 V R' ff 'e " ' l 1 . 1 I - M - , ' " ...V ' Y' ' I A I 5 I ' ' 1 GLENNYS M. McINTIRE Patten Education sl '-" .. Q .LJ 'Pb - E .ll ROSLYN J. MARCHBANKS Victorville, Col. Sociology is . Q'-Iflvf STEPHEN D. MILLER JANICE C. MCINTOSH Rockland Psychology org A i f 'l illl JOHN E. MARESCA Sedgwick Electrical Engineering ln 1:1 LEON E. MILLIKEN Both Bridgewater Biology Business Administration Tf' ' "" '7" K I . if " 'C ff . I , i' Q '. 555' 'll' .I' -T1 I Emir , if ' -'H - 4- l' 'Ili' ' 1 ' .,-an .L 1-:.:.w: ROBERT L. MORISSETTE WILLIAM H. MORRELL Auburn Gorham Electrical Engineering Engineering Physics I I fn L., I T r f"S we 'if fs- CHARLES J. MURCH, JR. Franklin Mechanical Engineering SHARON A. MURRAY Buffalo, N. Y. Chemistry Owls and Eagles with Phyllis and AI . . . MARILYN E. McINTYRE Brunswick History ond Government I IE '19 w w. I - JANICE L. MARSHALL Portland Home Economics l i BARRY K. MILLS Newport Journalism GAYDEN W. MORRILL Newburyport Mass. Forestry 48' ' WILLIAM C. MURRAY Porllond English 1 " . ,1-I. l , , . . ,I 1 ' L "L sf... , " 'EP I - ' tl. I Q ALICE I. MCKIEL Albion History and Government I - I ROBERT B. MARSHALL Orono English I .7 9- , -X ' X I I' 51 pl , I 1. DELENA A. MINER Winthrop Sociology I 'C-7 , H I 1. X. PATRICIA MORRISON Trenton, N. J. Biology S' ..., ARTHUR J. NEWMAN Beverly, Mass, History ' Y "W 'WWW A-I ALLAN W MCLEOD New Yor N Y History and Government 'Vivo-v . .Q E I ' "':.-I DENISE H. MASSON Rumford Mathematics ,f' HELEN MITCHELL Rongeley Sociology "I 1- lb ar. AUDREY L. MORSE Long Island Mathematics 40 -N 1:31 J X, NANCY J. NICHOLS Staten Island. N, Y. Education JOY K. McMORE Glen Falls, N. Y. Business Administration .1-. JOHN F. MERRILL Madison Education 1. Qi fp-ff GAIL E. MONROE Auburn, N. Y. Education rg. fl DANA J. MORSE Kennebunk Mechanical Engineering UW' 7 NORRIS E. NICKERSON Brewer Education ELIZABETH S. McNEARY Orono Mathematics SUSAN MERRILL Skowhegan English ,,a -Y .f s., HENRY W. MOORE North Vassallaoro Forestry SHERWOOD H. MORSE Montpelier, Vt. Agriculture I L vi, CAROL A. OBLISKEY Calais Journalism took charge of the class of ' not pictured . PAUL H. OCKERS Bangor Business ond Economics CHARLES D. OULETTE Auburn Psychology PATSY A. PAGE Guilford History DILLWYN P. PAISTE, IV Lancaster, Pa. Chemical Engineering GEORGE J. PAPADOPOULO5 New York, N. Y. Agricultural Engineering MAURICE R. PARE Lewiston Forestry THOMAS K. PATRICK Amherst, Mass. Psychology DONALD B. PERKINS West Peru Engineering Physics ARTHUR C. PESCHEL, JR. Kittery Zoology JAMES K. PHILLIPS, JR. Portland Psychology KENNETH W. PIERCE Augusta Mathematics DONALD W. PIKE Livermore Falls Engineering Physics RICHARD D. PINETTE Lewiston Education JEFFREY S. PODELL Orono Business Administration WENDELL I. PORTER Lincoln Education ROBERTA R. POTTER Brunswick Sociology ETHELDA J. POWERS Little Deer Isle Education THERESA E. PRESSEY Bangor Nursing LAWRENCE PRICE Old Orchard Beach Chemistry PHILIP C. PUTNAM, JR. Orono Mechanical Engineering PAUL A. QUINN Camden English PENELOPE RAESIDE Eliot History AIME A. RANCOURT Rumford Sociology ROBERT N. RANCOURT Waterville Electrical Engineering NELLIE C. RAND Clinton Education ROBERT T. RANDALL Rumford, R. I. Business and Economics RANZONI, EDWIN J. Chatham, N. Y. Business Administration RANZONI, PATRICIA S. Bucksport Education WILLIAM L. REID, Ill Chicago, Illinois Chemistry JOHN L. RHODA Houlton Animal Science HENRY H. RICHARDS South Portland Education ROBERT R. RICHARDS Westbrook Business and Economics WILLIAM E. RICHARDS Orano Engineering Physics BRUCE A. RICKER Anson Engineering Physics DWIGHT L. RIDEOUT Bangor Education RONALD J. RIDGE Portland Education EUGENE W. RITTALL Bath Engineering Physics PETER G. ROBINSON Brewer Mechanical Engineering DAVID L. ROLFE Portland Engineering Physics GLENN L. ROLLINS, Il Metairie, La. Wildlife Management LOUIS F. RUOCCO Bangor Chemical Engineering TIMOTHY M, RUSH Brunswick Civil Engineering DAVID O. RUSSELL Fort Fairlield Chemical Engineering FRANCIS C. SABOL Anson Education 1-99 20 6 so nm V 1' . . f i xii .- I I Year' 5 , : ei: M I .iii- MARTHA A. PALMER Wilton, Conn. Education qu..- DONALD W. PETERSON 1? mx' Scarbaro Chemical Engineering I ' ' .Ni i WE ' X F . I A 1g- SSV 4: I: I I I . 2 n r v 1 i R 341.3 :,,,.,,, . We I JOHN D. H. POWELL Vanceboro Pre-Med f ll THOMAS A. RECORD South Weymouth, Mass Business and Economics 'I IIJI ...cial Hi JAMES O. OCHSNER Syracuse, N. Y. Agriculture ll l I . 3 5, x I '- dl.. ' I ,, ' "7f"P I . V V . Q iz, nf .,-., I ' -5 I-"af 5-J 1- IIII:-Io A 4' Q.. 1, , 32" ll E..-35. 4 FI, Q " If..-'-.. .I '- ,'.' I.I"l. 'E F 'S 1- '?' I f url xi r 'GJ l If . I A .4 " f?f12?fI?i 144 KENNETH R. PARKER Lincoln Chemistry Eb, . vf,'.'y -Ir- THOMAS G. PETERSON Biddeford German W' R "'-l '4'-.17 JOHN M. POWER, JR. Woburn, Mass, History and Government DELBERT A REED Strong Electrical Engineering I, 111 , se, y 2 .N sn ,- "I " V ' l X l V II I It W t' ,eif i - E f ll VN i I Ill ll 'S' I I' f? R 5 li li ' I -W 'ti Im.- .' 1 SF X 'Z' 'Rl' Q' i V fulfil A K..-A gg 1 l lilh .A. lj' H llll Lg .xx l 0 g Baker CAROL J. O'CONNOR Winthrop Medical Technology ...f JOSEPH M. PEASE, JR. St. Albans Agriculture in to TIT' JOHN M. PETRISIN Spring Lake Heights, N. J. Business Administration A .d" -I f- , , I I f 5' 'ml .15- 2 mv 1,12 BARBARA E. POWERS Camden English REBECCA A. REEKS Sanford Education S +-:ae .1 I4- -1- 'V-. . by I' ' I . x,,... I lx . ' DAVID T. O'DONNELL Portland Engineering Physics V 1 X X "f.. S , in 'f r, x A ' . 9' , I4 Z.. ROBERT E. PENDLETON, JR. Island Falls Agricultural Science MARSHALL E. PETTENGILL Berlin, N. H. Mechanical Engineering i -'W' au. I L-'I Ig am' 4. .A H K "D -A I 15:7 . Q .L I - ' - A I l NI , I L A. . .L PHILIP W. OGARA CAROL E. OLSON Westbrook Falmouth Education Home Economics 52 ', cf , N ii I . I ,I ". DOUGLAS A. PERHAM HAROLD E. PERKINS West Paris Brewer Electrical Engineering -I 'XXI . L " . -I-4 wry 2. I - 4 ki". 5 . . , I ' 'A I ' , lm- Q I 'I l I Q H fe E A , , YI I 'x I 5 RUTH ANN PHELPS Newport Speech fa-I4 ,-X 15, i L li X Sq, 1 I -f JUDITH A. PRATT PAUL PREMONT Orono Quebec, Canada Home Economics Civil Engineering , -I I l I . ., I -J. l , II'K,,l.I, 'I' I '15-' i I A V- -I A I ii ., A, 7 ' I - e... - I Cf? Pt ' l NIS' bs. A I - .- IL'-'Rin I l ' ' 1' tl -'ii' I .fl , if , ' a . 14' 'T I .. , . fl' 1 'n Ir I ROBERT N. RHOADES Port Washington, N. V. Forestry ROSEMARY S. RICH Olcl Town Horne Economics Chemical Engineering ,. DENNIS L. PILLSBURY Phillips Engineering Physics If tw. . ' W l 1' I i .XJ LI'l"l I I I'11iLf i CHARLES A. PRICE Portland History and Government lt 0' N .I Q- f X vi' JAMES W. RIDEOUT Portland History was president of Neai Mathetai. Y, -,IN , V X Y- C--'?e.Ti ,,. I I I J. sv I- t 5- . V V! VA-1' I , -' Ie, . . PM-L9 -,L Af'-.' 'I .ig "TPI ir 1 I A' It 'I HENRY E. OLSON, JR. CHARLES R. OSBORN Enfield, N. H. Whippany, N. J. Mechanical Engineering Education I , -we - xo ' 1 . Biff 4.17 I Q fi ' Q . ' V writ, ' , Iii? 'lit i i :A l I-' 'f'Ut'l. III HARRY S. PERKINS KENNETH G. PERKINS Sanford Patten Mechanical Engineering PETER A. PLUMMER Harrington Mechanical Engineering C. RONALD PRICE Rome, N. Y. Animal Science qu... JAMES F. ROBBINS Brunswick Mechanical Engineering Chemical Engineering ,. ,-' -1..-'Y . .. , c , 5 ' . "Z-'I' P" 0 aff' ,, L ff- ' V , qv iff I Jn, - .t . :,.., 1 . -. uf 'Q 3 runs ' -1 . . r . . 1 1 I I IIVIMI3 . ., , :J 1,9 J 5? ' II ' .... :I CHARLES D. POOLER Brewer Agriculture I. f A ' I TT' X JOAN P. PUSHARD Lewiston Medical Technology I... I R' .I '-v I lllliilli Iii.. ,. rg 'Q ai gli: Q .. V. , A Wfimi. 'fini' I' v . rt' . -.- it - : -A 2 , TIMOTHY W. ROBBINS Norton, Mass. Zoology ' ' in 4f'7' DONALD J. OUELLETTE Lewiston Mathematics 5 I . '-.J 'cf-' , .X l' MARION B. PERKINS Patten Nursing .W Ln 'fs I . DIANE L. PORTER Melrose, Mass. Sociology -1 ar- JEROME L. QUINT Houlton Mechanical Engineering IT "I . 71-ITP?" 3, , w 4 ' f - .Ai Y I - I . . ew l 'I ' I . W V r 'N .1 ' IA., I MARTHA J. ROBINSON Camden Psychology .f i e 2 . I Q' 'staff I. . fu ,f- H 4 ., 1' BEVERLY M. PAIGE Caratunk Psychology if Q. .,,. rf I if TRUDY I. PERKINS Gardiner Mathematics .ls f 'vs 1'f II' I" 'A .l.55:... y 15.1 I DAVID G. POUND Rockport Agriculture K . it Q.. .NF L U tt VALEDA C. RAYMOND Lewiston Education ., ' Il .. 1 - 1 , te v If 1 I ' it It ' pk , ,Q SALLY A. ROBINSON Enfield Psychology Chuck Giles ran for Campus Mayor. not pictured . . . LEE M. SANBORN Lewiston Civil Engineering STEPHEN F. SANBORN Wilton Psychology STEPHEN R. SAWYER Cumberland Center Zoology BRIAN A. SCHAFER Bangor Mechanical Engineering RAYMOND C. SCHEPPACH, JR. Homden, Conn. Business and Economics STANLEY A. SCHRADER Manchester English FREDERIC J. SCHWINK Millinocket Forestry PETER L. SCRIBNER Portland Zoology LEON R. SHAW, JR. Gardiner Chemistry JOSEPH O. SHAW, JR. South Portland Mathematics JAMES I. SHEPPERD, JR. Orono Psychology THOMAS O. SHIELDS Winterport Education ROBERT W. SHIERS Westbrook Animal Science HARRY M. SIMMONS Gardiner Mechanical Engineering RICHARD H. SIMMONS Worcester, Mass. Civil Engineering JOHN J. SIMON South Portland Agricultural Engineering EDWARD E. SIMPSON Monson Education JOHN H. SIMPSON Port Jervis, N. Y. Biological Sciences LEONARD A. SIMPSON Hartland Chemical Engineering DALE E. SINCLAIR Scarboro Education DOUGLAS L. SKILLIN Waterville History and Government HOWARD H. SMALL Portland Education BARBARA A. SMITH Woodland Education BARRY R. SMITH Portland Mechanical Engineering CHRISTOPHER C. SMITH Portland Mathematics DONALD A, SMITH, JR. Brewer Mechanical Engineering PARKER J. SMITH, JR. Augusto Zoology RICHARD T. SMITH Portland Chemical Engineering RICHMOND M. SMITH, JR. Bangor Mechanical Engineering RUSSELL L. SMITH South Portland Engineering Physics WALTER F. SMITH Bangor Education FREDERICK W. SMULLEN, III Camden Business and Economics WARREN D. SOUTHWORTH Belfast English FREDERICK N. SPRAGUE, Il Deferiet, N. Y. Chemical Engineering JAMES V. STEENSTRA Bar Harbor Education RICHARD P. STERLING Peaks Island Geology DAVID E. STEVENS Saco Civil Engineering RICHARD A. STEVENS, JR. Brattleboro, Vt. Forestry GEORGE E. STEVENSON Ellsworth Education ALEXANDER M. STEWART Cornish Education PARKER D. STOCKFORD Winthrop Education DOUGLAS P. STONE Portland Education 201 6 T0 ALBERT H. SCHROETEL Houston, Texas Sociology I ROBERT ROBLES Portland Psychology JET? I "vA-ii If ' ,-u. - HT is " if T' I I T- ' F TTT 1 RB T X uf T TL I is 41. ,T l TT T T T L., KAREN S. SCHWEMMER Forest Hills, N. Y. Psychology . L,, is EARL H. SMITH Bangor Journalism 1 V K' 1 I BURTON D. STEARNS GEORGE K. SMITH Machias English 1- - -- -- --Y, l . Ei TT'- EDWIN A. ROGERS H T n T Houlton Education 'K ,f- 7- ' l F T f ' MATTHEW SCOTT Detroit Wildlife Management ---.-.- -vp.. fear - -.E :Qi X .. T f F' - T If JUDITH R. SMITH Stockton Springs English 1 Gr as T T LOLITA J. ROY Swampscoit, Mass. Sociology Sv- ADRIAN J. SEWALL 0 . 'KT Ao ., V will ' ,rcs ' 2: v:...f KENNETH H, RUSSELL Cape Elizabeth Chemical Engineering Q T N , x T ' il' L ' v T T' .. ,yi Q f' 5353? I 'F ' FRANCIS L. SHOREY Old Town Fort Fairfield Biology Mechanical Engineering I . l .eg .fi ' ' T 3' l. .N I T - x T -Q, - I ,Q .' 1 li? L , T T LUCY L. SMITH HUGH B. SNOW, JR. Both Braintree, Mass. English History ROBERT D. STEELS -.. IT 43.7 NORMAN B. STETSON Lovell Portland Freeport Mathematics Public Management Electrical Engineering 'II II W Ui' T .ell 5 , F' ' L I K --. wid T F I T . , . :rj , .,., W T R T L , l ' , 2' . .ll i fgz- T1 , Z . , 4 , T T 1, , .. L. . , T . T , -fi'-iTfT?.T.iTTT 'mi r 'Hifi 1 Y . T ' N iiiliiii 'TTT T I T ' 1" ' T T ' uf. '1!',.' N- 'Vw s ' '- .5 .T I' 5 ' ' " l l I' A Z .iii . if .IERROLD C. STOVER NORMAN L. ST. PETER RICHARD W. STRONG West Bath Portage Lolxe Rockland Mechanical Engineering 202 Education Electrical Engineering .Class Officers and Executive Council . . . .41-sv' WARREN W. SACHSENMAIER Doylestown, Penn. Forestry BARBARA F. SILSBY Bangor Nursing VANTHY SOK Cambodia Civil Engineering fp-T-T-T-1.---1 i -Q. KEITH R. STEWART Hinckley Education + I' 9 -V " li?-:T xi' ' ' , Q -X. we C, .fi LORRAINE L. STUBBS Hampden Chemistry 14 ' . .. ....,-.:., f u Tu . , ,,.I " f. 1 -'i'r!'Sii .5 ", J K ity 1 -11. Q, 1 .xi ist vii 1 His. K ,1 A ' . 1 s . fifvi I EUGENE R. sAuN Andover, Mass. Biological Science l lil 'f ti i 14' gy , .. i i I Q l s i MARILYN R. SILVA Waterville Homo Economics w, .". . ' . l.. . v .. . I t. N GORDON W. SOMERVILLE Mars Hill Zoology X x it - T 6 .X . MARLENE K. STEWART Calais French 2-Te? H ' F . -C be at JOAN SULLIVAN Kennebunk Beach Sociology I . i , -it "' , I .. as 5 . . I . I l ,b M i ' l Q' i . - , M- . , . .f iq yi A .N . ' " "f"1,f ' Qs? ' - ,fi ', i Ullilijli- -. . i 5 . 1'1"-K . 5 ,Zyl ii' 5, .1y':-'. flf:-'YEL 'f1."!fih'LLX-' RICHARD M. SANBORN STANLEY E. SCHNEIDER JOAN L. SCHOTT Soco Bangor Lewiston Mechanical Engineering History and Government Medical Technology 1 -. '. P. f". "" If 2 . F X , , -' tx X i X s , U ' it 4- l as A 7 5? ' if . . . 8 5 ' . ' N X 'E N " . thc, l . ' r , I . " V ' r i MILDRED E. SIMPSON SILAS W. SKILLIN ANN K. SLEIGHT Brunswick Alna Eastport Journalism History and Government English i E . 3 ,P N, S. X CE C, x A ' Q11 gf ' I ,T il J ERNEST F. SOTHMAN BARBARA J. SPILLER JUDITH STEADMAN Old Town Cumberland Center Fryeburg Civil Engineering Sociology Psychology 4 l ,4-2 L! s ip -nfs -ra or f 15 it V ,j AL. i - :K 5 Cf ' S- 1 , X I ' A PHYLLIS M. STEWART JANICE C. STONE SADIE J. STORER Orono Seorspart Weld Physics Education Biology V .AL 'rfw i . le x , M .. I, , la N 1 , ' ' : A E' fi . l x ,- X . l . l ,rx . V' l ll MARGARET L. SWALLOW LINDA S. THOMAS NORMAN C. THURLOW Oalcfield Houlton Phillips Home Economics Psychology Engineering Physics worked out the Soph Hop and newsletter. not pictured . . . DONALD W. STREETER, JR. Lowell, Mass. Forestry HANA M. STRNAD South Portland Mathematics BARBARA A. SULLIVAN Reading, Moss. Mathematics MARK T. SUNDELIN West Paris Chemistry DAVID A. SWEET Minot Civil Engineering JAMES A. SWENSON Bucksport Education GEORGE I. SWETT Mexico Mechanical Engineering JAMES K. SWETT Westbrook Mechanical Engineering DONALD R. SYLVESTER Bangor Electrical Engineering RICHARD D. TAUSCHER Orono History and Government BASIL K. TEAGUE Dixmont Electrical Engineering STUART W. TEUBNER Westfield, Mass. Forestry RICHARD C. THAYER Chelmsford, Mass. Forestry PETER S. THOMPSON Interlaken. N. J. Civil Engineering RICHARD A. THOMPSON Waterville Electrical Engineering ROBERT E. THOMPSON Winthrop Education WILBUR H. TIDD Houlton Geology DONALD E. TILLSON Belgrade Lakes Chemistry RUTH E. G. TOZIER Kenduslceag Nursing HELEN A. TRASK Hyde Park, Mass. History ond Government JOHN T. TREFETHEN Orono Animal Science ALAN J. TREWORGY Milo History and Government BRUCE P. TROTT Augusta Mechanical Engineering ERNEST D. TRUE Falmouth Mathematics DAVID H. TURNER Schenectady, N. Y. Forestry TERRY L. TURNER Brattleboro, Vt. Forestry WILLIAM A. TURNER Bangor Mechanical Engineering SANDRA J. VanAKEN Veozie Education JOHN S. VANSTONE Sharon, Mass. Animal Science PATRIC L. J. VEILLEUX Waterville Business ond Economics DONALD F. VENEZIANO Fairfield Ed ucotion -PAUL M. W. VENNO Cape Rosier Wildlife Management DAVID M. VERRILL Falmouth Civil Engineering WILLIAM V. WALENTINE Bowdoinham Animal Science BURTON C. WALKER Orono Animal Science JUDITH A. WARD Freedom Sociology DAVID W. WARREN Mountain Lakes, N. J. Forestry ROBERT W. WARREN Kennebunk Education BOYD W. WASGATT Salisbury Cove Physics DUANE A. WATSON North Fryelsurg English DEAN P. WELLS Milford Animal Science ROBERT WELLS Orono Education RALPH B. WENTWORTH Portland Education MANCHESTER H. WHEELER, JR. Manchester Education 203 , 6 gum ox ',. -a rs- i ..- i W iz f. ROBERT W. VERDUIN Midland Park, N.J. Forestry V " 'W i an i i ii is R2- MALCOLM D. WASKIEWICZ Lyndhurst, N.J. Forestry ROBERT F. WILKINSON Biddeford Education 'E rl ev .E ,l , :Q fr- M t , 355. 1' . 7 we l Y: t I , l F ' M. ' '. ' i H Y Q' ,A -x , ii ii Q l l CONSTANCE J. YEATON London Bridge, Vu. English w e l ,Q t O rr . 3 N J f D!" SUSAN J. THURSTON North Fryeburg English . .1 2: MELVENA M. VERRILL Lewiston Home Economics e .. 45, ag. . ix i-if 'E x. , 'Ss' . gr gl DAUNA R. WEBB CHARLES C. TRAVIS Bangor Mathematics i ' -1? "K 1- 1 W -H nv , wif VICKI B. WAITE Lewiston Journalism - X 7 li JUNE P. WEBSTER Gorham Boothbay Harbor English Sociology I T177 . f we I v -A ,wb N t. Qi ie 'B' 'ir ' gl, f I . c...- Q was BARBARA L. WILLIAMS Waterville GUY M. WILLIAMS Lisbon Falls fi?-7' Chemistry Electrical Engineering ,. K K L 3 ,l ma? -Sn it-. Rf' 'QP' SARA F. YOUNG GEORGE R. JONES Corea Home Economics Gardiner Psychology F., i- .-,. l G fm Gin E. . 'vw' . Qrf' Uv lk f MARY E. TRI PP Soco Psychology 3. I JAMES C. WAKEFIELD Winchester, Mass. Chemical Engineering 4 rf: 4' lf: I - l-fn 2: f 'exp ' wg 4-A I i -' '-Aizkf. 0 3' f Q33 .Q I f-,qi ROGER D. WEED Portland V 1. 7 ' ir- vw Y u HQ if f' 1- I. ROBERT E. TSCHORN White Plains, N.Y. Psychology ,E 9' ave. - I ' I Y r ll L iv, KENDRA L. WAKEFIELD Gardiner Biology w 4 ' WAITE W, WESTON Waldobofo f.. Speech Agricultural Engineering 7 -- .Q ,wi 1-'7 1' T PATRICIA M. WILLIAMS JAMES S. WILLIAMSON Gorham Kingticld Psychology Mathematics , rl . - 1 L , l :GSW l 1 l T 1 s y ., L. l - J 1 ' if e. f J ' sl 11 S fT'..:'::-451:12 WALTER E. LAMKIN JAMES O. MCLAIN Farmington Hohokus, N.J. Agricultural Science Business and Economic: is as... CLYDE O. TUTTLE Vienna Latin ,ix :7 ' 1 ANNETTE D. WALKER Island Falls Sociology fi- '-w X HOWARD S. WATKINS Maplewood, N.J. Agricultural Economics 1-.4 ' KENNETH T. WINTERS Waterville Psychology L I, an A x . ,f ii"'T . ,Av A s FRANK H. MORSE Soco Civil Engineering 0, Experience blurred the blacks and whites of life . . . i fl 4? . Q. x 4' .1 ' J - 1r:"J ,- I ' ' T . t fy .1 5 -' 'A 1- s : 4. 'ar Lash it-5 . ta A :I JOYCE K. TYLER JACK W. UTTON Lewiston Orleans, Vt. Medical Technology Forestry Q , gf it ff' x' '- l STANLEY E. WALKER JEANNE E. WALLACE Auburn Bangor Chemical Engineering Education f I? ALLEN R. WHITMORE Orono History 'vi- 1 WALLACE F. WITHAM Brower History and Government PETER NASON Auburn Education wp' ALLISON I. WHITNEY Briclgton Electrical Engineering 54 xi v--- ROBERT N. WOOD West Berwick Agricultural Science 5 JOHN C. QUINN, lll Oxford Government X' I.. . jf' Q . VlRGlL R. VALENTE Milo Chemistry ,vp iw .gyms 'll l L. 'EIT' ENID M. WARDWELL Castine Sociology Q.. GUY M. WHITTEN Rockwood Chemical Engineering 4' 'l A l Mg! X PAULA E. WOODARD Guilford English WILLIAM E. ROSS Brewer Pulp and Paper l JAMES G. VAMVAKIAS South Portland Civil Engineering , 'fc- fn' ' ,- ' JW. ls,NM . -, N 1. X.. CAROLE A. WARREN Saco Education 'if Alu' Se 'YOU N I U' 5 CAROLYN L. WILE Stoneham, Mass. English YY B N hid. Q E ' ,I . ., A. E 2 ix Mgr' i ,ZX MARY B. WOODWARD Walpole Home Economics El 1-'A l . 1 ' x I . ANNE M. STORY Winslow Education not pictured . . . DONALD J. WHITE Orono Zoology HAROLD L. WHITE, JR. Orono Education WALTER E. WHITE Vinalhaven Education WAYNE L. WHlTE Brunswick Mechanical Engineering Fl'llLlP A. WHITEHOUSE Winter Harbor Chemistry RICHARD L. WH ITMORE Portland Education BRUCE l'l. WHITTEMORE Needham, Mass. Forestry FREDERIC T. WILCOX Warwick, N.Y. Forestry KEITH B. WILLARD Turner Education CARROLL L. WILSON Portland History EDWARD H. WILSON. JR, Skowhegan Electrical Engineering DAVID D. WITHEE Gardiner Business and Economics NORMAN WOODMAN Biddeford Mechanical Engineering BEVERLY L. WOODSIDE Cumberland Center Education PARKER M. WORTHING Augusto Business Administration DANIEL J. YARGEAU Lisbon Business Administration ARTHUR H. YOUNG Bristol Education EDWIN L. YOUNG Mars Hill Mechanical Engineering STANlSLAUS G. YOUNGS Millinocket Engineering Physics FRANK L. ZACHOWSKI Brunswick German ANTHONY S. ZDANOWICZ Trenton, N.J. Electrical Engineering RUSSEL K. ZIMMERMAN New York. N.Y. Business and Economics and we were finally upperclassmen. 205 206 Poised as a hawk at the peak of his kill-climb, He steps to the edge of lite-challenge. Having taken the pattern-penned path Toward truth, His coming is hope, on epiphany in optimism, A conditioning of order out of meaningful chaos. A22 E.. 1'8" fi-s--,,, 7 .- W i fd ii. Fl Pres. W. Spencer, Treas. S. French, Vice Pres. D. Arnold. Absent: Sec. J. Fowler. Spin the wheel, another four year cycle spewed out. Roll the dice. Then time to roll the dice again. But somehow during the past four years we've loaded the dice. The choice has narrowed. We will be this or that but no longer just any old thing. choose. This is the true history of these past four years. In opening new doors we've had to close? old doors. On the following pages there are indi- viduals pictured. Yet they tend to be lost , in the gray blur of humanity. Our class, iust one little piece of the sea of seniors graduating this June, faces a much-docu- mented, over-described world. And how do we face it? Fragmented. Each single person pictured here faces his own future. lf we were a hercl, we cease to be one now. For every tpr.-,found observation about life, there's a rcliche. We add ours to the mountain of them: This was our class. Senior MC's One of the earliest memories - our and year TTS' -fs? 1:-f " -. ANNE B. ADAMS DIANE T. ADAMS Farmington Lewiston Education Zoology STANLEY C. ALLAIN Business and Economics mm. SJ V237 JON A. ALLAN Eliot Rumford Mechanical Engineering su ,- "' f .. -1 'f . 1 A V . . I - . N.. " A1 . -A . Q' -,osx " If W W , , fi. Q, V .i 1- .f r ,cv fl! LYNN B. ALLEN JOHN W. ALMOND Bangor Rochester, N.H. History Forestry Q' Qw- ' I L I K . . S Q of" DAVID S. ARNOLD GERALD P. ARSENAULT Houlton Rumford Psychology French TIMOTHY W. ADAMS Orono Education Q .,. "'n...- Q Y ol' NELSON S. ALLAN Presque Isla Engineering Physics N. 4 l DIAN P. AMES Portland Music is-. . LX X HOWARD W. ARTUS Milo Business and Economics .ow ALVIN K. AHLERS Pitman, N.J. Chemical Engineering - J - x N ' i I L' 7 .0 . , .... cd Q -gs-f - x PATRICIA D. ALLAN Caribou History sf..-f 'Fir XJ WI LBUR' S. AMES Belfast Education KENNETH L. ATWOOD Brewer Chemical Engineering Hauck confers . . . Hauck presides. , .gh- f."-. Y 1 LELAND B. AKERLY Lewiston Education u Sf GEORGE W. ALLEN Livermore Falls Engineering Physics ROBERTA G. ANDERSON Patten Education "ai':f.Ls'-' I ' 1 . 'iii . ,7- X M 1. . N - " 4 x Hr- - I In I I . , EDWARD B. AUSTIN, JR. Bridgfon Agricultural Science class of KT" ll . I CHARLES A. AKERS Andover Education 3 w '- I , m . ' 24 I t' 'T-"r ..r' KATHRYN R. ALLEN Southboro, Mass. Sociology fs 'Us- if WILLIAM R. ANDERSON Quincy, Mass. Philosophy , 4-'E' N ' . r y , , f .Q BRUCE E. BABB Springvale Chemistry 6 20 9 ' 'tin ,ng-1 PAUL G. BAILEY Livermore Falls History and Government 935 11,1 PETER T. BERRY Calais Education . 9: 1 ' I, lk oy t 4- Z e .1 T' l A ' "' N H A Q' 1' .X , Y Q.. - lg NATHAN A. BRACKETT Westbrook Mechanical Engineering , I 15: bn. ri I K' t, ' xo -i f fir ' ' 3 .,,, MERTON F. BROWN, JR, Orano Forestry 't L. -. 1 '3 5 st ...EI L f- fp rf".lL7 f - RONALD C. BAILEY Bangor Education , . ROSE E, BEVERAGE Cedar Grove German t :.:.E 5 'L - it eg l .X ' .jf ERNEST C. BRADBURY Auburn History Yi, I n-.oo M mp . ge., 5-1. .. .Q-A Q-xofev law' ROBERT A. BRUECK Portland Education .sf LAUREEN P. BALDWIN Caribou Home Economics R27---ef X FRANK E. BISHOP Rumford Engineering Physics 4 'U' 1135? '4 -rf' PETER W. BRANDT South Portland Education Z4 we EUGENIA K. BUCKLEY Bangor Education .ll .gi 6 1 1 ' fs ni. V ' " 1 it t 1 51 . "Live I '- , I .Q - HARMON W. BANNING Bangor Electrical Engineering lb ,ph JAMES J. BISHOP Old Town History and Government l von. ROBERT M. BRAYER Rochester, N.Y. Engineering Physics I 'Na M l MICHAEL BUKANC Auburn History and Government 1 an ?' ,r .Q , Q...- . BRENDA R. BARLOW East Boothbay Agricultural Science L I H.. 'ae' 5 It t I , HAROLD F. BARTLETT West Appleton Agricultural Science 44" Ein ' r- ,EI-'J , t.-.GQ a . 5s -f ggxgaiqjt, ,. . A-1 , .. .1 ROBERT G. BLICK Dixfield Engineering Physics el? -... Y Jai? 55' .' 'x 'p.'?QQ:,1'fQ.'4'5' H, RICHARD P. BRENNAN Wells History and Government f 4 YL-N AARON H. BURKE South Portland Education HELENE D. BLODGETT Exeter, N.H. Mathematics w-f L.- DAVID S. BRETON Rumford Forestry A ,.-' J t . 1 I.. . 't s 4 X . EUGENE C. BURKE Stoughton, Mass. Mezhanical Engineering Then it began 210 and meetings -.1 gwzvr 'E""'TTdAm' 'T ' W TQ .'i. ne' '0- 1:-, X ROBERT K. BARTON RICHARD F. BASTOW Waierville Oakland Civil Engineering Civil Engineering 1 ,.. , -f-N reef X. -k ' Q -.- ' 'f - JUDITH A. BATES Guilford Medical Technology rx 'U' GEORGE R. BLOUIN JOHN W. BOOMER MELISSA J. BOOMER Lewislon Lulaec Rochester, N. Y. Educoiion Educuiion Education v - 'v 'Vg ,w ' 5. f tl . ' ,f . 1 Y - ak. - , . X , .V i . A ,K for 'SD ' 9.-R :x ,w "' . f? ' . , , -3, ,, ," ' 1 -:"" 4 A W. .. . ei ,. B ' L I . 1 , BETTE L. BRIDGES THOMAS L. BRINDLEY BEVERLY A. BROOKS Orono Augusto Kittery Mathematics Electrical Engineering Education il'-i', --egg H ff 4 1-., i ,- it Qs Rf'-' Q ' , A , i, ' , 1 ,lvl V - fl' K fl-lil L i'-.,.. JACQUELINE A. BURHAM DARA M. BUTLER MARGARET E. BUTLER Biddeford Auburn Livermore Falls Home Economics Education Home Economics .- r , .1 vi , - , T, Y . ,- V on ' fini" Yi l A ,Q . y P" . , 'A ' T .Vi ..- Y ' . 'i - lll . Q no TR-.ll ' L KENNETH D. BEACH GEORGE W. BEARS Guilford Millinocket Electrical Engineering sq Y-.rvir JOHN E. BOUCHARD Soulh Porilund History and Governmeni -., - -. E11 if TERRY W. BROOKS Orland Foreslry f Y 1. . l I 'JF 37" in x ll. 'QLTA PETER J. BUXTON Wesfbroolc Mechanical Engineering and basketball and more meetings . . . Business Adminisrruiion 1 s i Y .Q 9 fsxx .. 1 X . if E Q RUTH A. BOUCHARD Brunswick Education ,,f-. 'ii LUCI LLE A. BROUILLARD Augusta Education Pwr' X 'V' n ' QL 3 . la w.',,::, '- ' 3 . Q X if 1 i4'1f'Qffs ROGER L. CARLL Gorham Education class of ELEANOR M. BENWAY Bridgion Hisiory x'EUR6? ALFRED C. BOURGOIN Peiepscoi Sociology -I- GORDON A. BROWN White River Jef., Vt. Agricullturnl Science H Tu, '- - .L X L, -1 ' 'E ' I .... ll ... A if , ' , I' B I gas X l X l fl. . - A vu Yang, ' -gif-.35 h , 1 FREDERICK C. CARLSON Whirefield , Mathematics 6 211 FAITH E. CARVER Turner Education 1'- LARRY D. CILLEY Bangor Public Management I 5- . I . 11- WILLIAM A. CONNORS Reading, Mass. Business Administration 41" DONALD J. CROUSE Brunswick English PX 'Wx any W M ...rr QL. MAURICE J. CHABOT Dexter Newcastle Mathematics Education PAULA M. CHAMBERLAIN . t ix. fr.. ,S X? . g ' 1 -V r 1 .t.-re: gf ' 1. ' Q ,Ifgi X' .L '. ' 1 ' J? E1 RONALD M. CILLEY ROBERT H. CLIFFORD Bangor Lincoln Zoology Education F .:::, l :vw Y-l Z? ami' u,.,I' KEITH E. COOK LESLIE H. COOMBS Fairfield Kingston, R.I. Education Agricultural Engineering .Q "Vi "5.' NORMA L. CURRIE DANIEL P. CYR Hculton Limestone English Education nf. +1 ROBERT R. CHAMBERLAND Brunswick Business Administration ve 9 A V I i' ,S ms- 3 if .. - II., I.. N P Ip, mst' x - FRANCIS J. CLISH Hampden Highlands Education . 'K ,., ,- 5 'IF "' xx. of? t f .lx 1 . ANN CORBETT Waterville Psychology I ,A rtv v Wgwf' t ,,,, - V-.. J' T1 CHARLES L. CHAPMAN Augusta Engineering Physics I4 11 MARIE H. CLOUTIER Lewiston Medical Technology p-.sq X ws .-.-. f N DAVID J.CORSON Yarmouth Education A3 5. . 'M X ' 4 , 1 JOHN R. CHESEBRO Newton Highlands, Mass. Civil Engineering 42 I WAYNE P. CLUKEY Dexter Mechonicol Engineering lv 'UQ- ,ii y V 1 RICHARD G. COTE Biddeford Education A. ,Tw I 1 , 'x 1 ., , 1 JOSEPH W. DAGGETT ROBERTA J. DAVIS RICHARD J. DAWSON Brewer Brewer Orano English Education Forestry Advisor Barry 212 Humphrey Pennyworth and the Folies Bergeres . . . ls DH M J.- . JANE A. CHIARINI Freeport Education Q KITTREDGE CODDINGTON East Dover, Vt. Agricultural Science 4- 'W' RONALD L. COTTON Augusto Chemical Engineering mi 5, ' U tah if- In I I-:si Ar an . . ' 'V A ...x 7 A ,, , ' of 1 -' I t is ,pun bs- 'ill ' ""f..1. 'P fi .ltff SHEILA A. CHOUINARD GEORGE N. CHRISTAKOS DEWEY A. CHRISTMAS, JR. South Berwick Calais Bangor English Business Administration Zoology ,fx fix ANN H. COFFIN Verona, NJ. LAWRENCE P. COGSWELL, JR. Hartford, Conn. Education History ' 'Q "?U'?. aw, Q.,- I N, 'IE ' lf' I 'i '- XXL! il, 1' LOUIS U. COULOMBE CHARLES E. COWAN BRUCE D. COLLINS Fort Kent French 593 Q 1, fy 5 i 5 4:-ff i X Ei? keg., India' r fr 5' rv 'f A , A jirwavw -:5g'mpiF?f?1f'f' ,V ' "ba-'1L44."-.Exif MARTIN F. CRAINE, JR. Orono Civil Engineering Brunswick Old Town Education Civil Engineering I 1 Sit . 4. NORMAN A. DEAN RICHARD G. DEARBORN BURTON N. DERICK Madison Bangor Orono Agricultural Science Biological Sciences Engineering Physics TOBEY M. DIRKMAN Thomaston Education over the dances and class meetings . . . E33 f- t "W 51 . J I , Q' W' L., is i Q, -or .cl -.3 , , A ' A ,. ,' TERENCE W. CHRISTY CLYDE P. CHUTE South Portland Harrison Education Business Administration ' f' A ' X. j' ff I' w is '. .. ' I 3 . 'I Y ' .I 7: ,,3 ii'7f 3':. :M .t ' :Lb EN , - W M ' ' 'I RONALD P. COLMAN ROBERT S. CONNOR Bangor Bangor Business Administration Agricultural Science 1 T f .X if , its , 5" X 25.5 Y Iii c - F - r i .::a:a:sEt5 U- It V, W " 1 u ,JV V Y -fry., Ll 1. .' 1 . KL. In A'-.1 '.'. JOSEPH L. CRANE PETER W. CROSS Orono Bennington, Vt. Biological Sciences Forestry EL khrt I 'il 3, .fr 1 XL K - l T 1' PAULINE C. DOHERTY MICHAEL D. DOLLEY Reading, Mass. Bangor Medical Technology Theatre class of 6 t 213 'Ei' HARVEY C. DONALD Standish Agricultural Science KN ALICE M. EATON Calais History DONALD E. FARNSWORTH Portland Engineering Physics ,T- "ff' f t A7 EMERSON C. FLEURY Mexico Education .. f, ,f V215-ul ri -is: '57 I N -6 WZ... Q .HI if ,Ea 57 gg ,Q 1? fi T 2 ijzg I ,-,if-'fi' . . EDWARD O. DORIAN Stillwater English .tj I I ul -in reg: - t' if 1 . DONALD T. EDWARDS Old Town Forestry ELEANOR F. FAY Portland Education fix ul ALETHE L. FLINT Brockton, Mass. Sociology gg NEAL K. DOUCETTE Westbrook History Q, , CHARLES W. EMERSON Boothbay Harbor Chemical Engineering Wi., f- 'I If JOSEPH L. FEENEY Saco Engineering Physics fbs NANCY B. FOBES Portland Psychology I DENIS C. DOUGAL Portland Business and Economics ni PETER A. EMMETT Olcl Town Zoology IA? ,qw- " xi ' .41 g. W. 1 X x ' ..x, A. . 1, GARY L. FIEBACK Patterson, N.Y. Mechanical Engineering :six P' ' 5- .v-gg 'i JAMES H. FOLSOM Dover Foxcroft Pulp and Paper Technology '55, 'ff 'L - CYNTHIA A. DOWNING Mercer English ,fi IP' P x DORIS S. ERSWELL Brunswick History F RUSSELL D. FIELDHOUSE North Holeclon, NJ. Wildlife Management Zin' WILLIAM R. FONTAINE Portland Civil Engineering RONALD N. DROGIN Portland Engineering Physics 'W' vw' xy qui DAVID D. ESPLING New Sweden Sociology 7 STEPHEN .l. FILES Pittsfield Mechanical Engineering J FREDRIC E. FORTIN Brunswick Business Administration as the 214 those group smiles . . . Qc' le. ff' yu 1 ,,,,Al ROLAND E. DUBOIS EVERETT L. DUNN RICHARD H. DUNPHEY Saco Portland Milo Engineering Physics Engineering Physics Education HELEN B. ESPLING Fort Kent Q. Q, Q.-,.'l NEIL B. ESPOSITO Portland History Mechanical Engineering 143 V - ' - if " , ,., w 'EQ-'i 2.15. 1 . Jax, , Q :jc-,- W! i-fi.m.' if-i.-11 fx... 1 HENRY L. FILLIETTAZ UWE FINK Lewiston South Portland Education Engineering Physics ' Lew' - 5 .gr if ! ,dh ,fr 'Dis , A A W ERWARD L. FOSS, JR. Bangor Mechanical Engineering .Q-, 1 CHARLENE J. FOSTER Brewer Nursing 'CC' GILBERT L. ESTY Monticello Ecl ucation gi- V i I JOSEPH l.. FIRLOTTE Ellsworth Falls Electrical Engineering - , ,f ..., .. " L .N .:. 1' 4, .?-- I. JOANN S. FOURNIER Lewiston Education 1..-- I - WOODROW A. DUNPHY PCM f S-ro' JERRY J. DURGIN Houlton Bingham Education Forestry l 3 f , . , li Q"f'1. V -X t ' XX' V n If 115-'V , . I, . F' i . E ' A- . JAMES C. EVANS ROBERT A. EVERETT Bridgton Waldoboro Civil Engineering Forestry sw env' . 'UR - -c PAUL R. FISKE Waterbury, Vt. Forestry "fry Q' JUDITH FOWLER East Corinth English and Max caioled simpy Sally . . . Mg. NORMAN C. FITZPATRICK, JR. Brewer Business and Economics ,,., M ',1:-: ... - , 5? 1 is i ' Q rf "" ' L A' r S.. .A-- ,aa L gl? SHIRLEY A. FOWLIE Graveton, N.H. English class of fi LEANNE A. DYKE Glenn Falls, N.Y. Psychology v -VI - U T, as-, Lx i XT, 7 . l X' RICHARD G. FAIRBROTHER Augusta Civil Engineering DAVID H. FLETCHER Portland Mechanical Engineering .4- 'Eb'- X PETER W. FRANCISCO Middlesex, NJ. Business and Economics 215 - .-., 'iff me Qs... 1 FOREST M. FRENCH Minot Public Management X' .ei tt I . . I r. . I I I y sss Ng 1' X MARY E. GENTILE Auburn Education -...L x fri' A ru I PATRICIA N. GRIFFIN SUZANNE L. FRENCH Trenton, NJ. Education Cv sig, X, BARRY W, GILLMAN Port Chester, N.Y. Psychology if .3 Y X V, ? i - - I XX vi ' OJ, X Ii 1 ,f BLAINE D. GRINDLE Kingfield Belfast Education Electrical Engineering X U 41" ,it 'Tl X ,K A K ff- in E " 4 '1wa2'f s'-W" WALTER L. HALL Old Town History LOIS A. HAMILTON Berlin, N.H. Sociology -' A -'ve-xi ROBERT E. FROST South Portland Education fm A-N QT' CONAN P. FURBER JEANINE H. GAGNON Winthrop Von Buren Civil Engineering History rt W' AYP'- 'lf' -4 l W .. I S gg - . JOANNE L. GOOD JANE H. GOODE RICHARD D. GOODENOUGH Monticello Bangor Belleville, NJ. Zoology Mothernotics Forestry ire-Fi 524: ' ' ' ' L 9' i I. ,I 1 ' 1 'Opt ' K . Q I 417 f X 1 ' - 's,- :QA , I ' -l I ,fi I If RICHARD W. GROFF RALPH E. GROSS, JR. JUDITH A. GUILFORD Westlake, Ohio South Penobscot Sanford Forestry Pulp and Paper Technology Eclucotion f c E' ' ' :EL "4il',"-I'Ik I . X I ' ,-A pm, y 5 ""- 1 , I It ' I 'P' I Z-V ni 1- r' ' sk . . -.-Q, Ii nv I .Qs ,. 1 ' A. fi-f .Siam -. WILLIAM D. HAMLIN GEORGE R. HANINGTON ARTHUR L. HANSON Orono Steuben Newport Education Chemical Engineering Zoology .v--. QU! LEO W. GAIN Portland Business and Economics y.-I Y, r v il .in 5.1 I V, 'Ji jg .zuvy CLAYTON E. GOODH UE Woterboro Electrical Engineering 'x Q . , ol r, 'x' , ev I I PAUL D. GULESIAN Lincoln Zoology gg- fu-N W'---r DOUGLAS R. HANSON Falmouth Electrical Engineering The roving eye 216 us sitting, smiling- Y I 17 ' JAMES J. GALABA Darien, Conn. Forestry -as I 'lt-or EDWARD F. GOULD Bangor Mechanical Engineering VF JUDITH D. HACKETT Biddeford Home Economics :L-Az' , .., 1 au- ,7 , K, '53 1 DONNA L. GARDINER Houlton Home Economics PETER T. GAMMONS, JR. Brunswick Business and Economics ii ., ,.,A I! , k ' JUDITH L. GRAFFMAN BEATRICE I. GRANT Skowhegan Eostport Sociology Home Economics , - X X .x M' , Ov ' ,y--- ' if J' E!! . ,. ii? if . PATRICIA K. HAGAN PAUL A. HAHN Calais South Portland Home Economics English ff? .4 -+4 v:"1'L' PAUL R. GARDINER Sherman Mills Education N 'X 7 wr! E T-1 fa EUGENE M. GRAVES Marblehead, Mass. History and Government :Q I JOANNE C. HAIGH Kittery Psychology LIL . "5" ..' .i- JAMES L. HANSEN South Portland Education '33 l CHARLES A. HANSON SANDRA A. HARDY Bath Rockland Mechanical Engineering Education ,ci ix E- f-. VERNON J. HENTZ, JR. Wyoming, Ohio Mechanical Engineering sitting, talking, talking . . . talking . . . psig? A CARL J. GARDNER Harmony Engineering Physics -svn V1 u Lw1f:a.111f iff '. ,if f ,TFT 4 1 1'-4 4 Q , 1 -. will PJ RICHARD B. GASSETT Eau Gallie, Florida Civil Engineering STEPHEN L. GREEN ROBERT D. GREENLEAF Presque Isle Stillwater Electrical Engineering Forestry ,wax we .. Q.-3" NANCY H. HALEY WILLIAM E. HALEY, JR. Old Town Attleboro, Moss. History Business Administration Tw Ns 2.13 it. T-Liiy. .115-ili2i!ff .1121-'5Q5i'," f' N NORMA F. HARRIS RICHARD S. HARRIS Lewiston Auburn History and Government Electrical Engineering class of 6 21 7 ANDREW S. HARVEY Milltawn Business and Economics . 'Z by Am. ,. , E fr - 4 ' ,try PHILIP B. HASSLER Walpole, Mass. Mathematics .9 'un Q... JOEL W. HAWKES Westbrook Education JOHN F. HAYES Orono Ecluccltion rvx l K . 4,35 x..,k:., 32 " Zf,"'i'1' EB, ' i f it ': N. cr Q Y' -' I MARGARET H. WILLS LYDIA J. HERSOM IRVING E. HIFFARD JUDITH L. HICKEY Old Town Winthrop South Portland Auburn Home Economics Education History and Government Education iii.. 14-. - ' Y- If t J' -ik s.- -, 1, ' E" 5 I I , .f' li' 'A-Q .I " R3 ' nfl ' V V I . l V , , 2, nv- 1 'i' A 1 ig - 1 fy .vu . , fi' 'I lv, J H- ' I K- R -' fe ' t., .. .Q X, ,- R -s . . ., H W... . 1 , , 5: j- ' ,ft .Y i . ,'f'- s gg K' - if w g? ,. ' 3' I1 'f- .1':2fi1f-M5-efaifc 'fi it s. lf f 15 DAVID C. HOWE CARROLL W. HOWES ERNEST J. HUGHES ANDREW P. HUME, JR. GFGEVIE . Jay Presque Isle Millinocket Electrical Engineering Education Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineering .,,,, ,fl if -E c- . it Q" 5' W I i 'A ' ' 'I ' S . ' ,"' . In , . ,GJ "ll" ' in .',: , . 'X - lit. ii 'FK ' I "' " -5 5 ' R . 1 :L--. . , X . - lx, 5 - - W 1'-"' vi fi X 'f V- . ' 'E J.. ar: .Q -. , f f.-'rf Jin-f. ' mf 1 1 g.'.'5Qi::4-mi. l .gf Q I is 5'-"xiii: 5 , -ll- JAMES M. INGALLS JOHN M. INGALLS MARY E. IRVING ELEANOR E. ISRAEL I-UIJEC Bangor Gorham Bangor Mechanical Engineering Education Journalism Education ni", ,pl xl 5' N- - Y R. l ga 1. "r':-SNIR ' ' 1' :fx lztlmlmwe PETER L. HAYNES Rockland Engineering Physics , ,. v , -hw. I -.. .31 'L 1-1, n JAMES A. HILTON Athens Animal Science 46? I RAY A. HUMPHREYS Madison Education . FQ L , Q i 'rx ' an I ' .7 v' il- ex Y r fil A z li' V' JONATHAN E, JACOBS New York, N,Y. Business and Economics .u.- it .'. , . .r.. -.. RICHARD A. HEATH Patten Animal Science m ,. -, . -flirt A .1.r.,:Ti5 to X. I 1 4- W fv- ' X V . ? f 12 WALLACE W. HINCKLEY South Brewer Civil Engineering 1 NORINE E. HUNT Mexico Mathematics I, C-. -x I . Ai CAROL J. JACQUES Slrowhegan Sociology .fl standing, sitting again, and then riding into that sunset. 8 ,-,f' "1 . f is '--' ' I - fs' 1" x 'N WARREN E. HEDSTROM Stockholm Agricultural Engineering '23 v K 1 ,f wi" A fi DAVID M. HODSDON Old Town Electrical Engineering EDWARD W. HOFFMAN Romford Electricot Engineering .., .. -r'-1, Fav' SANDRA J. JACQUES Bangor Education x 2' 'fbi .xg v ' JAMES W. HENRY Bangor Electrical Engineering ,fT" I A I . ELAINE T. HOFFSES Camden Home Economics la" 'Q' ARTHUR B. HUOT v r Socc Business and Economics l L- r.4k L 5. fv- . A DOROTHY K. JEREMIAH Wellesley. Mass. Home Economics not pictured . . . WILLIAM M. ALDEN Needham, Mass. Forestry DOUGLAS T. ALLAN, JR. Seekonk, Mass. English. RONALD M. ALLEN Miliinoclret Mathematics FRANKLIN R. ANGOTTI Millinockel Education RICHARD E. ARNOLD North Penobscot Business and Economics EUGENE M. ARSENAULT Rumforcl Pulp and Paper ARTHUR F. ATHERTON Portland Civil Engineering JAMES G. AULT Wayne Civil Engineering 'W "7" KENDALL G. HOPKINS Bangor Electrical Engineering 781 l i FRANK L. HOLLIS Bangor Mechanical Engineering 7 I wr ' FSi':" y ' f'x 'l A 4. N . Rx BURLEIGH M. HUTCHINS Ellsworth Falls Electrical Engineering nv' .,-I DENNIS P. JETTE Lebanon. N.H. Forestry RALPH L. AUSTIN Waterville Business and Economics CARL H. BAKER Presque lsle Education RUDOLPH J. BALIKO Pittstown, N.J. Forestry DAVID A. BARIBEAU Brunswick Education JOHN R. BARNES Mt. Carmel, Conn. Biological Sciences V-IT? ll- 1 . . 2 ,651 X I MICHAEL A. HERRON Fairfield Education ing . Y'-'Y I fi DALE F. HERSEY Pittsfield Business Administration - if If E'?fl'F JOHN L. HONE l RICHARD D. HOOKE Presque Isle Kittery Horticulture Psychology 435' DOROTHY M. HUTCHINS f Strong Business Administration 'Q 4K7 EARL R. .IETTE Lebanon, N.H. Forestry PAUL S. BARNETT Orono Chemical Engineering WILLIAM F. BARTLEY Orono Business and Economics FRANCIS G. BEAULIEU Old Town Mechanical Engineering ALBERT J. BERNARD Skowhegan Forestry JOSEPH T. BERNARD Rumford History f? , DAVID E. HUTCHINSON Gardiner Education 4-. ' he lhi. CLAUDE L. JEWETT Sebago Lake Mechanical Engineering class of Vi " g s 'Q W' LENOR G. HERSEY Bangor Education ff BARBARA E. HORNBROOK Madawaska French f 750- 1 2 L . ' ' ' l GERARD W. INGALLS Farmington Zoology cf-7j'1 iv3h . 1 'P i' -- .V 7 ,Q E e I , 3' 1' E lt ALLAN R. JOHNSON East Holden Civil Engineering 6 21 9 is 'FWS r-9 CURTIS A. JOHNSON Haddon Heights, NJ. Wildlife Management 4 ' V ' 5 I if V . . Ll-1 1.-v 6 ,W , , f ' Si? z' ' 1 IRVIN W. KELLEY Portland Zoology FRANCES R. KINGSBURY Monroe Ed ucationi 'Wg--e i JOAN S. LANG Rockland Home Economics not pictureil . J. . RAYMOND E. BERNIER Bangor Engineering Physics STEPHEN M. BERNSTEIN Bangor Psychology MURRAY BILLINGTON Bangor Business and Ecanomicl ROBERT M. BISHOP Buclcsport Education 220 At- ?"' JUDITH J. JOHNSON Durham, N.H. Education 1-x 'XM' ee! NINA M. KELLEY Freeport History X. 71 :sim 1 ie!! 2 ' in PAUL A. KINMOND Westbrook Education aI--- ROMEO A. LaPOINTE Augusta French AUGUSTINE B. BOMBARD Ogunquit Psychology WAYNE A. BONNEY Westbrook Wildlife Management SANDRA K. BOURGOIN Walpole Education TERRANCE E. BOUTILIER Dyer Brook Education 'Ui' LANCE H. JOHNSON Caribou Electrical Engineering RICHARD A. JOHNSON Old Town Chemical Engineering QT' r YTTT L . L L so HELEN L. KELLIS NANCY A. KENNEDY Pittsfield Waterville English Psychology 1 -'iw jr' NANCY E. KITTREDGE Calais Speech Q.. .-sf' -. CAROL LARRABEE Bridgton History ROBERT H. BRAGG Fairfield Education ROGER S. BRAWN Dexter Education DANIEL O. BRIDGHAM Mechanic Falls Agricultural Engineering EDMOND D. BROWER Augusta Physics ARTHUR R. BROWN Orono Business and Economics ff JOHN M. KNIGHT Westbrook Education fn, k SL TY! . ,. 5,435 A '.- -- t. .1 ' . --, - , Li: i 'Jin HAROLD L. LASKEY Old Town Business Administration HAROLD H. BROWN Orono Education HORACE S. BROWN, JR. Glover, Vt. Forestry MELVIN F. BROWN Unionville, Conn. Mechanical Engineering RICHARD J. BROWN Bloomingdale, N.Y. Forestry WILFRED W. BROWN Orono Business oncl Economics L v L i' ic... GERALD L. JOHNSTON Lincoln Chemistry s :GN J ALBERT L. KENNEY Brooks Civil Engineering 1 i' -W. M . 'IFS 'i 'A ' ' t X Z. 3 A 'A . ny. . - v-.1 A . INEZ L. KOLONEL Belmont, Man. Education eq.-:.,, 1 ,I fear' ' ELIZABETH E. LATHROP Brewer Journalism KENNETH J. BRUHM Springfield, Mass. Psychology BRYAN C. BUCHANAN Old Town Forestry JAMES L. BURKE Auburn Chemical Engineering SANDRA J. BURKE Union Physics NORMAN B. CALLAHAN Auburn Chemical Engineering 'bv DEANE E. JONES Greenville Education 'f-is DAVID T. KERRY Saco Education ..., 5- '-i DONALD E. LABBE Orono Mechanical Engineering ,on-, -nr' MADONNA J. FOGG Rockland Education JOHN P. CAMERON Falmouth Business and Economics JAMES CAMPBELL Lewiston Education PAUL A. CANDAGE Portland Psychology EDWIN C. CARLSTROM Millbury, Mass. Chemical Engineering ANN C. CARR Bangor Home Economics .- 'fa f"iQ:.1!i ...f r I ' ,I ff fr' I . r ,Q SHIRLEY J. JONES Vassolbore Education A "lf BRIAN H. KETCHUM Bridgewater Agri ltural Science FREDERICK G. LAFRATTA Madison Chemical Engineering .42 ,sr A- H Q RICHARD A. LEADBETTER Bangor Education JOHN D. CARR Belfast Forestry RALPH T. CARR Bangor Education LIONEL H. CARRIER Auburn French PAUL D. CARRINGTON West Medford, Moss. Education JOHN P. CARTER South Portland History ond Government A, . Nxlivffx 3 ESTHER M. JORDAN Seal Harbor Zoology ,X 'nf' IV? 1 A CORNELIA A. KEYES Thomaston Mathematics 5if'31E:.:ZlI i , ROGER P. LAMBERT Saco Electrical Engineering i JOSEPH P. LEPKOWSKI Gardner, Mass. Forestry GEORGE F. CHAMBERLAND Orono History WAYNE S. CHAMPEON Greenville Education ALAN W. CHARLES Oakland Chemical Engineering ALFRED L. CHASE Cope Elizabeth Education DAVID H. CHASE Brownville Junction Education ALAN D. JUDSON Chatham Center, N.Y. Pulp and Paper Technology 5...- ARTHUR A. KILBORN Bridgton Education 'QQ 1 -fl .IANICE F. LANCASTER Brunswick Education QL.. A l JOAN M. LERETTE Hallowell Psychology ROBERT A. CHESEBRO, JR. Newton Highlands, Moss. Geology LEROY P. CHIPMAN Freeport Education TRYGVE C. CHRISTIANSEN Portland English JOHN M. CLAPP Blue Hill Education ALTON H. CLARK Portland Psychology 711' 1 .557 1 JANE G. JUDY Brewer Education -."T?Hs.,, , 1 1 E fn.. L r I 'N.- -A ff-:S 1 I , if , .Q 'ff 1 Lg Wifi. .D ' WESLEY H. KILBRITH Rumford Geology 'U' GALEN M. LANDER Cambridge, Mass. Mechanical Engineering I ,L e f? '3 . H I ,fi L . A .fl CHARLES R. LEWIS Acushnet, Mass. Agricultural Science DEANE R. C LAR K Sliowhegarl Chemistry MARGO H. CLARKE Lewiston Education JOHN H. CLAUSSEN Closter, NJ. Wildlife Management ELSA B. COHEN Bangor Education JOANNA L. COLE Bangor Education Q1 ,H -g . Q ir -'T . -n, . gig- LEPI' , -. 'ts- ' 4. .2 t ,545 4 4 Q , .. ,f Ttiilgp 5 Ji 'Y J is 'i -Q ' zililli' - .Sf . M ,max JAMES L. KAPLAN Bangor English 1 6 1 PAUL A. KIMBALL Augusto Mathematics 5 PAUL E. LANDRY Brewer Education -'S' ig- Ivx DAVID W. LEWIS Darien, Conn. Forestry class of i' is Ln . ANN M. KEENAN Orono Education Ks--. SUSAN D. KING North Providence, R.I. Medical Technology A--A If--fr '-C.. MARGARET H. LANEY Skowhegan English S 51 'T , ETTA C. LIBBY Ashland Home Economics 6 221 'ET HADDON B. LIBBY Portland Education I' if HAZEL A. LYNCH Westbury, N.Y. Home Economics Z5 I' A CAROLE A. MacKENZIE Machias Home Economics ROZE LLA MARESCA ge EF: ee: I , I lf WAYNE G. LIBBY Orono Education ,, I- ogg AMOS A. McCALLUM Old Orchard Beach Education w EWEN I. MacKlNNON Long Island, N.Y. Agricultural Science me -V-- -f--, 'RRI - R 1? -. X!! ERNEST S. MARSHALL Sedgwick Orono Education Business Administration not picture . . FAITH COMSTOCK WILLIAM W. COOK Ellsworth Bangor History English GEORGE C. CONKLIN RODERICK L. COOMER Bangor Old Orchard Beach Sociology Mathematics ARTHUR C. CONRO JAMES H. CORNISH, JR. Attleboro, Mass. Tapsham Education Education PAUL M. COOK PAUL E. COSMAN Orono Houlton Forestry 222 Mechanical Engineering gn..- THOMAS C. LINDSEY Weirs Beach, N.H. Forestry PATRICIA L. McCLUSKEY Rumforcl Center Mathematics STUART W. MacLAGGAN Chappaqua, N.Y. Education STANLEY N. MARSHALL, JR. Bar Harbor Chemical Engineering WILLIAM G. CRAWSHAW Old Orchard Beach Business and Economics DENRICK L. CRESPI Portland Zoology JERE W. CROUSE Crouseville Mechanical Engineering HENRY E. CROWELL South Brewer Electrical Engineering GUSTAVUS N. CURRIE, JR. Presque Isle Animal Science ahh G' 7 . "iii L.. . .f 1' AM- I' +I' 4 -. rift- - 44 nj H4 1' I .I 'r ri9,g5::' I 5 BRUCE M. LITTLEFIELD Ogunquit Education 7..- JOHN P. McCRACKEN .-Q . FYR xl . .XIV , .X X l BARBARA E. LONG Falmouth Psychology ' v wi-- 1 MICHAEL P. McCREADY Gorham Pittsfield Civil Engineering Mechanical Engineering ll 17179, , '- .1 1 ' -I Il ' 1- a l , fu . gf, . I 7- ! ' "3-' 1..- lf-' g - - ,, ' ..-," K 2 N ' I . N . GAIL M. McLAlN Hahokus, N.J. Business and Economics 8'- MARGUERITE M. MARTIN Reading, Mass. Education DONALD E. CURRY Bangor Sociology PAUL D. DALY Payson Lakes, N.J. Wildlife Management WILLIAM G, DALY, JR. North Leeds Education CHESTER L. DANA, JR. Lincoln Education GEORGE E. DANDANEAU Brewer History and Government c I I RICHARD A. MCMANN Bath Mechanical Engineering L, LAURETTE A. MARTINEAU Lewiston Education LEO H. DANIELS Orona French RAYMOND H. DAVIS Bernardsville, N.J. Civil Engineering PAUL J. DELEKTO Auburn Chemical Engineering ELIZABETH A. DENIHAN Millinocket Education ARTHUR T. DICKSON, JR. Old Orchard Beach Education 5 . I I 1 VINAL L. LOOK Janesport Civil Engineering 'T' DANIEL C. MCDONALD Portland Sociology is va- -. 11, JEAN L. 'McNEARY Orono Education :nv- STA N LEY J. MASA LSKY Rumforcl Education JEANETTE A. DICKSON Orono Education HERMAN T. DIEHL Hallowell Education LUCILLE P. DILL Brewer Medical Technology DALE F. DOUGHTY Cumberland Center Education WALTER S. DOW, JR. Wiscasset Chemical Engineering - . og, f Wnc.f L.. . -Li. 'P I-L. 'if .Li A '-' ri -,-. , t gt' I W I J. I K DIANE W. LORD Westbrook , Home Economics PAUL N. MacDONALD Bath Journalism ,I LAWRENCE R. McPH EE Calais Electrical Engineering I- T' 11 ,: ,, ly X -i XV L ALLAN H. MATTHEWS Brewer History and Government BERT G. DRAKE Presque Isle Education ROBERT F. DREW Bangor Public Management RICHARD L. DRISKO Gardiner Education JOHN L. DUDLEY Brewer Mechanical Engineering RICHARD A. DUDLEY Bangar Mechanical Engineering 1- . .. 1 WILLIAM R. LORING North Windham History and Government --.- 'J eww CARL M. MacDOWELL Augusta Civil Engineering YH JEANNINE M. MACOMBER Freeport Education ,ggi rr -V My Y " 1. Q. A : f' V ' A Q me - sr ' K iff' ROBERT D. MAYBURY South Berwick Animal Science SARA P. DUFOUR Old Town Education CLAYTON A. DYER Waldoboro Animal Science FRANK H. EDMONDSON Columbus, Ohio Sociology DONALD R. EL-HAJJ Bangor Education ALAN R. ELLINGWOOD Dixiield Civil Engineering A I i' fb-. . c ' i it E, - 15 i ,xxx NT" . T -S. Z PANAYIOTIS C. LOURIDAS Tripolis, Greece Electrical Engineering r. ,-, rg' .nzvf 1- . it 5 v" ' . . ' , K 1 li 5 I 'I it D 'iii 1, 5 'fi maize ' fe- 2.3. ROBERT G. LUCAS Gardiner Mechanical Engineering f -r il . , . I it XF Q il' ANDREW T. McGARRY Fayson Lakes, N.J. Mathematics Q ARTHUR W. MAHONEY Canton Agricultural Science 'UN 1 . -F MARCIA A. MEADE Auburn Home Economics PETER F. ESKILSON Portland Civil Engineering CLAY O. ESPEY Portland English MICHAEL W. EVANS Dover-Foxcraft Business and Economics GEORGE E. FARNSWORTH Millinocket Education DAVID J. FAST Brooks English JOHN C. McGLINCEY West Newfield Mechanical Engineering ,Sf r- 573: J ALDEN H. MANN Augusta Business Administration , pa gf. ' 4, ' E . Qs. ei . ' ' " Hg-, -. MARGARET A. MEDNIS Bangor History and Government .IULIE M. FAST Braolts Speech JAMES A. FEENEY Portla nd Education JOHN R. FITZGERALD Salem, Mass. Electrical Engineering ELEANOR L. FLINT Bangor Education Ein .si KENYON J. LUCE Dedham, Mass. Mechanical Engineering sr --ff JOSEPH H. McKENNA Attleboro, Mass. Education rmiixff... ' i . , , 'E 'E JOSEPH A. MARCEAU Greenville Junction Chemical Engineering -A6, X 1:::'.i' CARL W. MEISSNER South Portland History and Government class of . E Q . any -,s ,N 7 Ns, '12, JI QT- X I WILLIAM S. LUCY Portland Mechanical Engineering "tw .: -QQ "ii yur! L1 - f4..5'2f:i.-EER? ' it - 4- 4 Q - I 1 n x ' 7 . 7' 1+ A r xi Sli ' tx fi-'L Q H53 A, ez yr -vi. 'A Q.- i-Zsa f r I 1, u, 5. I 'il' .rI'... ROBERT J. MacKENNA Lincolnville Civil Engineering i 'T ' S. 'Ie L 'M Q3 4 I. L,- xgi ,W .I 4 KE: - . 3111 1 .E . n-:::-- , s Y " ' . PARKER E. MAREAN Auburn Mechanical Engineering ... A-. r 4 'Ulf . 'ef- 6 X. If I . MARY ANN D. MELANSON Romford Home Economics 223 ci. RONALD B. MERRILL Caratunk Geology and Government X537 ff Ill L . FRANK A. MORAN Presque Isle Civil Engineering F. . I 1 I- 'A I f Rv l It ,X lv A : l ' ELI M. MOULTON Orono Mechanical Engineering F, .. 1 Q iw VY., , 'L MARILYN A. NOTTAGE Farmington English not pictured . . . HARLOW FLOYD Orono History LAURA M. FRIEI. Oxen Hill, Maryland Home Economics GERARD I. GARLAND, Bar Harbor Mathematics JOHN L. GIDDINGS Augusto Zoology 24 12 ,loc i ' L ' . '. 1 . E 1 4 O' , 5 C , - 5: 4 A . 5 K . GWENDOLYN L. MERRITT Addison Sociology I iff ROBERT R. MICHAUD Fort Kent Education "Jil AJ.. ,v- -'I .Alb C" A. ' fn --I Ef? 1 'L 233, yd' GUILFORD E. MOREAU JOSEPH M. MORIN Presque Isle Old Town Pre Med Biological Science -an If 4f'T' CAROL A. MOUNT Collingswood, N.J. Mechanical Engineering 1'-T.. W? STEPHEN E. NOURSE Needham, Moss. Psychology ROGER D. GILLIS Bangor Education LAURENCE J. GLYNN Milford Mathematics SAMUEL N. GODDARD Chino Education fn' Bt ANTONIA J. GORANITES Auburn Biological Sciences L in '91 ERNALD F MULLEN Skowhegan Mechanical Engineering --. Mis, out L25 L LOUIS P ODONNELL Auburn Electrical Engineering RICHARD L GRANT Auburn Biological Sciences RICHARD H GRAY Soco Zoology PETER E GRONDIN Westbrook Mechanical Engineering JEAN R GUERIN Old Town Zoology . - x l -EQ 11's i ITN ! i ,.- 'I -,inf . Il s i I . if ' A r -m " RAYMOND N. MICLON DONALD W. MILLER WILLIAM H. MILLER, JR. Lewiston Portland Wells Education Business Economics Mechanical Engineering .rn X T , ""f no-4' rs Q4 ..- N EUGENE W MORONG Lisbon Falls Poultry Science 'FX-y ROBERT I MURCHIE Gorham Busxness Admlnlslrollon We-1 ROBERT J O HALLORAN Millinockel Eleclncal Engineering CONRAD M HALL Casco Education LAWRENCE K HALL JR Greenville Business and Economics MARY B HALL Camden English MACOLM Bath English HAMILTON A ,xy 'TT'-,I EULA J MORRIS Portland English Q .-'R 'l""' JAMES C MURPHY Bethel Cnvxl Englneerlng JUDITH E CHR Butler NJ Journalism JAMES HARITHAS Mechanic Falls History and Government ROBIN S HARTLEY Stillwater Civil Engineering RALPH J HARVEY Sllllwoter Education HAROLD B HATCH Castme Education 1... . :N- N EDWARD B MORRISON Sudbury Mass Civil Engineering ',,-nf' ,. REGINA T MURPHY Bangor Education 1' Q., FRANK OLSEN Salem NY Business and Economics WALTER R HEAL Easl Mllllnockef Chemical Engineering CHARLES E HEATH JR Lexington Mass Blologlcol Sciences SHIRLENE HEATH Rockport Education ALLAN R HERBERT Rumford Psychology K, JOHN C. MILLETTE Biddeford Mechanical Engineering 1. '5, - -O. it -in FRANCIS F. MORRISON South Portland Speech K-.- ROGER E. MURRAY Mexico Business Administration :IP 41 of . 'N 1, 'w 3.512 EQ- tif -if I Tlii " 11 ' if EH 1. '-f DAVID L. OSIER Moclomak Civil Engineering ALLEN G. HITCHCOCK Manset Psychology JON R. HITCHEN Capo Rosier Forestry BARBARA D. HITCHING5 Caribou Physics HARVILLE E. HOBBS Orono Physics SALLIE C. HERSOM New York, N.Y. Education ,fi BERNARD A. MIRE Bangor Journalism wuz?" U PAUL A. MORRISON Gray Mechanical Engineering N . -cf-'r" N.. Rh NORMAN R. NADEAU Biddeford Mechanical Engineering 5 Y, , 15- .,g CLARENCE N. OUELLETTE Modawaska Electrical Engineering LEROY W. HUNTER Clinton Education HAROLD HOLLINGSWORTH, JR. Bangor Civil Engineering LLOYD I. HOLT Plymouth Animal Science JULES W. HOMANS Savannah, Ga. Chemical Engineering VERNON J. HENTZ Wyoming, Ohio Mechanical Engineering 711'-1'aYTr"' ,Q I we:-,1 ,. we ' 71- f -i . ,I H" - " 3 , . l cg JOHN C. MITCHELL MARY R. MITCHELL RUTH A. MOIR BEVERLY A. MOODY Dark Harbor Southwest Harbor Dover-Foxcroft Gorham Education Zoology Education Mathematics il.. E E .. ' . fits 4. L A 'lf i . . -A an ., I I G., - is L+ , Y.. , Y ,, ,N-V, 3 TT.. . 1 X, 1 "su ' 1--if f A it M321 : gf, , ..i1f.,2g'1,-2. l ,hr ,xr X .5.. fi WI N WILLIAM G. MORTENSEN LEE S. MORON DAVID A. MOSHER ROBERT G. MOSELEY Fort Fairfield Branford, Conn. Benton Station South Portland Education English Education Education 'fs' ,A 7,5 ,QT E - My ' 1 'T I I I ,.. V gr" , f I L fa' V . MICHAEL S. NEEDLEMAN SALLY J. NESS JEAN NICKERSON WENDELL P. NOBLE, JR. Rockaway, N.J. Newport Orono East Berlin, Conn. History Nursing Education Engineering Physics 0" ,t l .wa fr. , if ' Q Q , , , , 1541? -fi -7' . :Q V 4'7" -.. 5 ... I EE.. " .1 r WILLIAM C. PAGE ROBERT W. PALMER, JR. ROGER L. PAQUIN HENRY N. PARADIS, JR. Winierport Old Town Augusta Lewiston Mechanical Engineering Public Management Mechanical Engineering Sociology TERRELL C. HORNE Belfast Education ROBERT 5. HOWE Woldoboro Business Administration CHARLES G. HUNNEWELL North Anson Agricultural Engineering GARDNER S. HUNT Orono Chemistry WESLEY O. HURST, JR. South Harpswell Engineering Physics FRED A. HUTCHINSON South Portland History ROBERT J. JORDAN Brewer Engineering Physics RICHARD A. KENNEDY Stillwater Forestry GEORGE KRAPOVI CKY Auburn Education FREDERICK L. KURRLE Caldwell, N.J. Chemical Engineering class of 225 lun-mu W KEVIN PARENT Von Buren Chemistry lit' E ' E tl T I en 4' , In if. 'rv' ROGER C. PORTER Houlton Business and Economics K' GEARRY L. RANGER Farmington Business and Economics 955 ,, H . K I MARY E. ROGERS Boothbay Harbor Sociology K ,f"'5??ff' K., E L s not picturedfg . . KENNETH G. LAFLEUR Castine History WALTER F. LAFORTUNE Cape Neddick Agricultural Science ROBERT J. LAGASSEY St. Agatha Agricultural Science EDGAR L. LAMB, JR. Bangor Chemical Engineering 226 I I l fww HENRY B. PARTRIDGE, JR. Waterville Business Administration JK Y 4553 Q, .rs QPJSRYS-5 Pilff M L .5 7 THOMAS E. POWERS Camden History and Government I g l 3 I 1 2 'U' I RICHARD A. REDMAN South Brewer Mechanical Engineering Y- RICHARD L. ROLLINS Mechanic Falls Electrical Engineering EINO E. LEINONEN Jefferson Civil Engineering MICHAEL J. LESKO Livermore Falls Chemical Engineering MELVIN R. LESSARD Bangor Pulp and Paper ALLAN M, LEVINSKY Portland History and Government 0' sri' L CTi'lt3li?'E: A-Q' 1"""' l JOAN H. PARTRIDGE Waterville Education in, I, 1 .D f l l BRIAN H. PRESCOTT Dexter Mechanical Engineering ,Q SQL'-' .I - Ki I lr gf? V , SANDRA L. REED Fryeburg Medical Technology , 1 Dinar.. Y, Y- "1-TT' , r. I 'Q li L ' fb , I . -A - I 1 FRED M. ROONEY Cleveland, Ohio Forestry STANLEY A. LEWIS Livermore Falls Pulp and Paper DELWIN W. LIBBY Kezar Falls Education CARLISLE A. LINCOLN Wayne Mathematics GARETH S. LINDSAY Bangor Electrical Engineering JOHN R. LINNELL Auburn Journalism ltf l tw r .:. ,J N- .,' RICHARD B. PARTRIDGE Augusta Psychology . V I- -' I ' mx,- ' gr A I it YV , I 1 . ' l . 1. Y ,-x 'YP , G-'FEW EJ1' THERESA E. PRESSEY Bangor Nursing 1, A-1... W5. Y-,Z NANCY M. RICH Berlin, N.H. History and Government l 'fix li- I HARVEY L. ROSENSTOCK New Hyde Park, N.Y. Mechanical Engineering JOSEPH A. LINSCOTT Orono Forestry RICHARD W. LITTLE Orono Mechanical Engineering WILLIAM S. LITTLEFIELD Topsham History and Government WILLIAM C. LOCKE Kittery Mechanical Engineering MERTON E. LOMBARD Caribou Forestry Ef L ISL . 3 we iff: -J gipiyi AZ., , isgi .XMI ft l JOHN R. PAUL Bangor Business Administration 6 We ' NEIL F. PRINCE El Monte, Calif. Government if-. MDR wg' QTY' ELEANOR J. RIDEOUT Yarmouth Romance Languages it ' - ' L I - l"-+1 l f- . . . ' "g 3 r 1 A I ' if 'K Y , :I I :N 1 . iq, ' T I, if' - Q '5 , 7 THOMAS E, ROWE Livermore Falls English DAVID P. LONERGAN Lewiston Education DAVID B. LOVETT Auburn Education LAWRENCE R, LOWD Portland Education GEORGE E. LUFKIN Gloucester, Mass. History TERRENCE F, McCABE Augusta Education K- , X' f r. I li . ,rf 5... .- 4, A fc L! sq , , :Sl 5, I x JOHN L. PELLETIER Orono Education .J 1 .y 'Nm Q ? CORNELIA V. PROCTOR Falmouth Biochemistry Q,-F Q. LAFOREST G, ROBBINS Soco Education ..4- ', Y, ff' ',4 w.,,,. NANCY M. RUHLIN Hampden Highlands Education JAMES P. McCARTHY Falmouth Foresicle Education JOHN Mt:lcGREGOR Falmouth, Mass. Sociology HARVEY P. McGUIRE Mexico History TERRENCE C. McKAY Easton Education DONALD E. MacLAUGHLAN Machias Forestry rg 'S-Si s..f ,,v PANDELI S. PETERSON Saco Engineering Physics ps it A ' DIANA H. PYE Phippslourg Zoology 1-. 'Ds ,I LARRY L. ROBERTS Winthrop Civil Engineering 'Z ' L 3 ' 1 7 ' 5 fr BRETTON D. RUSSELL Suncoolt, N.H. History DALE L. MCLAUGHLIN Gardiner English JOSEPH F, McLELl.AN Bangor Business Economics JON B. McNULTY Bangor History and Government JOSEPH L. MAHAR Rumforcl Mathematics GLENDON L. MAIN Orono Business Administration JOHN C. PITMAN Camden History and Government ,.- 'IN gf NANCY J. QUIGG Brewer Education I THEODORE A. ROBERTS Sherman Mills Civil Engineering fuu- xx IT' A CARLENE J. SAGE Howland Home Economics MARY L. MANNY East Millinocket Education JOSEPH A. MARCEAU Greenville Junction Chemical Engineering ROY C. MARTIN, JR. Veazie Electrical Engineering DAVID A. MATTSEN Swcxn's Island Education FORREST W. MEADER, JR. Brooklyn, N.Y. Sociology fo, X 'fl A. , in-.- BRUCE H. PLATT Saugus, Mass. Forestry 'gs' w s DIANA R. QUINNAM Richmond Education A, ALBERT D. ROBINSON Sherman Mills Zoology tl 'WPG s...f .- GARY W. SAGE Howland Business and Economics ELIZABETH T. MEEKS Purcell, Ohio Home Economics JOHN E. MENARIO Falmouth Public Management RICHARD H. MERCIER Livermore Falls Mechanical Engineering CARROLL F. MERRILL Rockland Mathematics RICHARD W. MERRILL Gardiner Civil Engineering 51W W .sw ltr., 1 I f Ju ' .. "W . . - .,.. , fi ..- Q Q-is 1. w-V M ix. JOHN G. PLUMMER Lexington Education 1F'-1- N. e E' . . X E i. ., DEANE E. QUIRION Portland Home Economics 45:53 -.7f JOHN D. ROBINSON Littleton, Mass. Mathematics " jiri ' .Pity ,, .- ,it g! I . vt, 'lf 'J Rx. 1 at , 'X WF, !V I F I R I ,J I I GAIL L. sAuNDctzs Lubec Business and Economics CHARLES J. MICCICHE Stamford, Conn. Education ARTHUR L. MILES Stillwater Education ROBERT A. MORIN Bangor Mechanical Engineering LORIMER P. MORRISON Dover-Foxcraft History ROBERT J. MORRISON Romford Education is so m e 'tm IQTQE, J ' X IT MICHAEL W. PLUMMER Harrington Mechanical Engineering A-lc, 'rf HOWARD R. QUIST Stockholm Civil Engineering E' ' f R iii... ' .,, " LQ-: 'I '4.1i 4. I '5 u. , Q" .fgi cm ' Jt fi ' 'f . -2 :gl r 'f il ROLAND D. ROBINSON Old Town Business and Economics A, - R x MARCIA E. SAYWARD Farmington Education class of Q' MARCELLA D. PODOLAN Jackson Heights, N.Y. Mathematics QQ:-"v JEAN E. RAMSAY Winslow Home Economics if S-- DAVID A. ROCKWELL Kittery Mechanical Engineering nu. RICHARD M. SCHADE Portland Education 6 22 7 1 y t. M- J, 4:1 STEPHEN F. SCHELL RAYMOND C. SCHEPPACH, JR. Falconer, N.Y. Homden, Conn. Psychology Arts and Sciences -'T' .". I 7 1 rx - .5 'A A HUD is .J A ' my Mtg ' S..-1. ,f AN -si X M JOHN D. SJOSTROM CAROLYN W. SLEEPER Auburn 1 Orono Business and Economics Psychology t .I Jr: , ex M or I 151' 'ff-'A-' t X. . i , "' 'N - I .5 V .. ivy in ,yu . 1 ' f MARY E. STAPLES CARL STEINMEYER Eliot Augusta Home Economics l Electrical Engineering wx W N PZ. Q' Y' 7 :. se 1'-s l . 43. . , 3' is, t -v J. i , t ff BEITE M. TARMY CHARLES P. TAYLOR Chestnut Hill, Mass. E Auburn Engineering Physics Wg: French not pictured . . . JOHN H. MORTON Rumford Education LOUIS MOSKOVIS Lewiston Education FRED A. MUEHLECK Scarsdale, N.Y. Psychology JOHN M. MUNCH Orono Zoology 228 wa?-f . N HAROLD J. MURPHY, JR. Portland, Conn. Pulp and Paper THOMAS D. MURPHY South Portland Mathematics HARRY B. MUSK Bath Education WILLIAM H. MYERS, JR. Yarmouth Mechanical Engineering ,, , W -V t l t Ext K? X l ll - .4 l., ,Grieg ,.. f V CECELIA E. SCHOOLCRAFT Bangor German J. ' An.f,, .f .. L . ti' .rg .t GORDON H. SMALL Randolph, Vt. Forestry -ei JOAN B. STEPHENSON Brooks Education ig PETER W. TEWHEY Lewiston Psychology PETER NASON Auburn Education BERNARD E. NICKLESS Bucksport Chemical Engineering ALLEN D. NILES Thomaston Electrical Engineering ANTHONY J. NUCCIO Camden Mechanical Engineering JAY T. NUTTER Portland History and Government JOHN E. SEARS Millinocket Mechanical Engineering WILLIAM E. SMALL Dryden Chemical Engineering -Qi... THOMAS L. STEPHENSON Belfast Business and Economics Mui" DAVID L. THOMBS Greenville Mathematics RONALD J. O'DONNElL Portland Education CHARLES J. O'LEARY Bangor History and Government GERALD M. PALMER Bangor Electrical Engineering TERRY PAIMER North Windham Education ERNEST C. PARK Old Orchard Mechonciol Engineering cb., T-T' RAY B. SECRIST Lewisburg, Po. Forestry 3 -. ' 'ww Q 14 WALTER SMART Milllnocket Mechanical Engineering K5 i""' ELIZABETH A. STEVENS Cromwell, Conn. Spanish CP MARGARET O. THOMPSON Portland English ARTHUR W. PARLIN Bangor Education BURTON D. PAYSON Belfast Education PAUL H. PEARSON Sutton, Mass. Business Economics ERNEST J. PELLETIER Caribou Education ALAN V. PERKINS Bangor Mechanical Engineering 'Hs ' gi . DAVID D. SELLECK Yarmouth Business and Economics iQ - g . JAMES M. SMITH Biddeford Mechanical Engineering .I 'ww 'uf-1372" JAMES E. STEVENS Gorham Education K WARREN C. THOMPSON Orono Education PERCY A. PERKINS Livermore Falls Business Administration RICHARD R. PERRAULT Biddeford Chemical Engineering ROLAND F. PERRY Lincoln Center Forestry WALTER L. PERRY, JR. Bangor Education JOHN C. PHILBRICK Rongeley History and Government ,s 1'- f JOHN D. SENNETT Turner History Q.. . is L JOSEPH E. SOLARI Fryeburg Forestry 'E' 127' WILLIAM V. STEVENS Portland Mechanical Engineering til" A l 1.1 NORMAN E. THURLOW Briclglan Electrical Engineering FREDERICK W. PIERCE Augusta Civil Engineering RALPH F. PILSBURY Palermo Agricultural Engineering HUGH O. PLUMMER Westbrook Forestry DAVID W. POOL Rochester, N.Y. Business Economics KENNETH E. POTTER Buclrsport Agricultural Engineering R -v,4'l'f :rg ?, I R I 1. F 1 GARY A. SEVERSON Houltan English 5 .I l WILBUR P. SPENCER Berwick Education 72 iii 3. I +iwz'Ei'Il DAVID D, SMITH Cranston, R.I. Business and Economics 'Ar-.V x I I I lg. ' N. I 4 HELLEN D. TIBBETTS Melrose, Mass. Education HENRY S. POWELL Woldoboro Engineering Pltysics SHERWOOD W. PROUT, JR. Lube: Agricultural Science DANIEL G. REARICK Kittery Mechanical Engineering LAWRENCE S. REED Winthrop. Moss. Pulp and Paper LEOTA M. REED North Amity Sociology di I I Q gr- N. "., ROBERT R. SHAW Fart Fairfield Agricultural Economics 'Tr W 7.7. 1 is tug.. ,ab ,g DONALD W. SPILLER Harrison Mechanical Engineering .71 "3-.ff 'X .tuonn STORER Kittery Romance Languages 'J r c: ,-" FREDRICK W. TINGLEY Millinocket Education ERNEST S. RIDLON, JR. Cape Porpoise Chemical Engineering EDWIN B. ROGERS Ellsworth Falls History and Government WILLIAM E. ROSS Brewer Chemical Engineering ROBERT F. ROWELL Farmington Mechanical Engineering LAWRENCE O. SAFFORD Bangor Forestry f. I E ' .,.4 fag! .im- K 'SA ' l, . ', 'WN 'KP 1 r .-- 4' L 1-.-. A, -, I E . HENRY H. SHEPHERD, JR. Needham, Mass. Business Administration i Tr WILLIAM G. SQUIERS Greenville Mechanical Engineering P so .iw DONALD T. STURGEON Stillwater Education 'Q 4: in ,. dr-"N X -qv ARTHUR J. TORDOFF Cape Elizabeth History and Government PAGE W. SAFFORD Portland Education DAVID P. SAILOR Blue Hill Education LEONARD P. SAUNDERS Brunswick Chemical Engineering LAWRENCE R. SCHINER North Scituate, Mass. Education RALPH N. SHARPE Ballardvole, Mass. Wildlife Management E 3 wi ' iff he ELLEN B. SHIBLES G Orano Education : P , J hx .... . -lb-. -1' .gag :in-5, ' . r , , 1 .r Q INT' . - i , Er." 4 .V .rl JEAN C. STALMUKE Mexico Education me 214 " " pzw--N I A gf' . - .f . ,' E. F. V- I 4 ROBERT L. SULLIVAN Portland Mathematics 'A' . Sf' '-Q-5 DAVID L. SIROIS Norridgewoclc Biological Science ii' it L I 5 lg. . 'ET' it AI: SAE A-"rc gg WILLIAM A. STANTON Bangor Civil Engineering V5-L 4 1 gc., Q .. . 1 . .ge ' - I' ' ' f l - -I " if gr 1 ii' i PAUL F. TALBOT Orano Public Management . , . . -ah r '1 is JUNE A. TOULOUSE KENNETH R. TOWNE Old Orchard Portland Education Business and Economics class of 22 9 I C' "" 5 I 2 ' Aft I I -I " - ...- ' ' 43, ZIIINI : . .," - 42 ..A e '1 x ' , "IIN XI--l t E! Nik . PAUL J. TRAFTON Southwest Harbor Engineering Physics V A -- J, A-.,, , 'e : ' 'Iii df' sep" WILLARD T. WARE Portland Business and Economics ANN E. WHITNEY Kittery History and Government Y-37 I XM 4 . JOAN S. WOODMAN Biddeford History Q I I e - 1 I I If' ax . 'ew-.Q V' of G ' 1'2" Ii.: 1 L, QL ' 'AQJWI ,amor I ,A I I . li - ' ' DAVID J. TRECARTIN BERNT U. TREU Lubec Germany Business and Economics D J 3 , I 4. r I '. I I XIZIIC, RICHARD W. WASHBURN Dover-Foxcroft Psychology KENNETH O. WIKSTROM Ipswich, Mass. Mechanical Engineering GA I L M. WOODS Portland Education not pictured . HOWARD W. SIBLEY Old Town Chemical Engineering DAVID C. SMALL Westbrook Civil Engineering DAVID L, SMITH Edgewood, N.J. Business Economics THOMAS J. SOYCHAK Lisbon Falls Chemical Engineering 230 TERRY R. SPEAREN South Brewer Electrical' Engineering FRANK E. SPIZUOC0 Dexter Agricultural Science PAUL E. STERLING Bangor Mechanical Engineering ROBERT S. STERRITT Lockport, N.Y. Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering ,. .e A, HOWARD S. WATKINS, JR. Maplewood, NJ. Agricultural Economics 11' -1 N --4 JUDITH E. WILKINSON Reading, Mass. Education IG! NANCY N. WOODS Kittery Education JAMES D. STEWART Soco Business Economics CLETA W. STOCKWELL Portland Home Economics IRA W, STOCKWELL JR Portland Education ELIZABETH A. STONE Oxford English DONALD T. STRUCK Binghamton, N.Y. Electrical Engineering Lhf'f' ROBERT S. TRIAL, JR. Winthrop Electrical Engineering fi .ax .-c - I. I 1,1 CHARLES H. WEAVER Augusta Education GEORGE G WILLETTE JR East Mlllinocket German ""l1w-. PHILIP N WOOSTER Buclcsport Mechanical Engineering CHARLES F STUBBERT Waterville Chemical Engineering ROBERT M SUOMI Hallowell Education ELIZABETH F SWEET Orono Sociology DAVID W TABER Lewiston Forestry RAYMOND J TANGUAY Auburn Theatre 411' PATRICIA A. TUCKER East Sumner Home Economics 'S-Q ' 1 BERNARD J. WELCH Portland History and Government -'Qi ii. JAMES L WILLIAMS Dover Foxcroft Mathematics fy? ELEANOR A. TURNER Eastport English -fr-' A' WILLIAM A. WEIBLEN Coopers Mills Mechanical Engineering Il MATTHEW C WILLIAMS Dover Foxcroft Mechanical Engineering ,vgdll 4? nn' 4. ll ALAN C WRIGHT Portland Chemistry JOSEPH D TARDIFF South Brewer Business Economics JOHN J THIBODEAU Bangor Education RICHARD O THOMPSON Lisbon Falls Forestry JOHN E TOMPKINS Orono Engineering Physics RONALD P TOWLE Auburn Psychology T' JAMES C WRIGHT Orono Education ROBERT E TOWNE Schenectady N Y Engineering Physics ROBERT K TRACY Norway Forestry DONALD R TRAFTON Portland Business Economics CHARLES A TRUMBULL Fryeburg Chemical Engineering HIRAM A TUTTLE Waterville Ctvtl Engineering 'U' - Qs- GORDON T. VALITON Shelburne Falls, Mass. Education JAMES A. WENTWORTH Freeport Mechanical Engineering Q" '4 . ?'.L.,.q.y: Na .. Y Ii-A 1 , Y H., r vt' xl f' J 1 PAULA M. WILLOUGHBY Dixlielcl Home Economics 73" if Q--v 3' . GRACE V. YOUNG Brewer Sociology RAYMOND F. VACHON South Brewer Mechanical Engineering PAUL W. VANIER Portland Mechanical Engineering RICHARD D, VIOLETTE East Holden Mechanical Engineering JOSEPH T. VOGELLUS Keyport, N.J. Forestry ROBERT E, WAIGUNY Montreal, Quebec Mechanical Engineering fy. 't ,f r l ELAINE C. VASSAR South Portlancl Education 5? ANNE M. WESCOTT Augusta History and Government VINCENT R. WILLS Kennebunk Education 1.-1 JEAN S. YOUNG Derby, Vt. latin BARRY M. WALDEN Brunswick Mathematics HELEN M. WALLACE Bangor English RAYMOND R. WEED Stonington Education EDMUND P. WEINER Old Town History and Government ROBERT M. WELCH Anson Mechanical Engineering . ." , yvx 'V THOMAS L. VASSAR South Portland Education 6' tt r "3 vi Ag. 5 I 4--4 . I CAROL A. WESCOTT Westbrook Education fo' 5 LAURA J. WILSON Houlton Education ' " A 1 . I -1 .- ggi! F' .L . .33 . IDX 'vs I I ny' . ff- Q .3 .I ' , , ,ii . A. st ' " ' ' . fifiizim .. ,ty-. fsfpggrh .P tfgi f Q Milli if 1 1. r-.snag R 932143: ARTHUR H. ZALKAN Bangor Education KENNETH H. WHITMAN Norway Education KATHERINE C. WHITNEY Bangor Education JON M. WHITTEN Lee Education JOHN H. WIBBY, JR. Bangor Mathematics JAMES R. WILEY Monticello Electrical Engineering .,,,.. ORMAND J. WADE Boothbay Engineering Physics 3 DIANE E. WHITE North Windham Education L -fs. V" .'lrl'.g ,Q g .g f ' w , '. f ,x , I X ' 1 RICHARD C. WILSON Fairfield Animal Science 9554. 'U' NELSON S. ZAND Revere, Mass. History PAUL R. WINCKLER Portland History and Government WILLIAM B. WISE Norriclgewock Education FREEMAN G. WOOD Presque Isle Education JOSEPH WOODHEAD Lewiston Education ARTHUR E. WYLDE Bangor Chemical Engineering I I 't bs 1 et 1221 1 'ji .Q A? DAYTON G. WAKEFIELD Lyndonville, Vt. Education QQDN 'L ' , J X. . ii-' -4 . A 5- v I . .-.wie '1-'rx A t FREDERICK L. WHITE Southwest Harbor Mechanical Engineering . X." iii FRANKLIN E. WOODARD Bingham Civil Engineering 11-1-" GEORGE M. BAKER Old Town Business and Economics class of .,-7:11-L .Q ., .-. i r I ,t if t t JAMES E, WALKER Richmond Mechanical Engineering .uv- he SARAH W. WHITEHOUSE Falmouth Foreside Education ix ...sf "Ps LOIS A. WOODCOCK Pittsfield Sociology .wit W. . SANDRA K. BOURGOIN Walpole Education Y 1" .1 Jil 125625 231 nil' .AJ 2 Seeking, disciplining self Toward disciplined form Without Pattern, The star-guided Self-soul created In creating counteract The pattern prized unto Greatness ' 'fx-I political action Here on campus interest ran high in the presi- dential election -- Kennedy and Johnson? Nixon and Lodge? - This was the question that filled the mailbag of The Maine Campus. Substantial volumes of print were devoted to this pressing issue for the '6O's. Paul Berry and Herman Diehl debated the maior issues and came to a draw. But in the Student Senate's Mock Election Nixon led among the student voters by a considerable margin. With a final flurry of appearances, election day arrived. As the returns rolled in The Maine Campus and WORO broadcast the results and - well, you know the outcome. EE 1 s mx .1 , -4- , r-fs.few1'1.1-.fsf-fr-'- A m- -jrfsrj-,-,. H21 .p, -ff T755 T1 A , E' kurt ing' A- I.-f ffl" ,Z fir ,kg -.,g,.:As , E E V! li l ii? X. 234 i I .-1+-'rs-ffggfli, tg""" 'F Quail Wm? 1 V018 ...-,- -. 'l rf" - , ,,.,a5,lYQj?" VF", J, ':"d"2 I f ' 1 tv" 4 " , 1 Y T., 1-pil, 5.Ggq X e ' -, 4155. ffm -C ' :gl eiHe1ewSf'3'7fQ1 Spf- V-5' K' ' ,pr mY,e2'-.:ge':H:,,- -F' 1. Cm the ii' .f flvl- 19" J 5' f ' Yoeun Ro ' ,M , - - M54 if .Ji:i"A"'4'! g Republicans P MEN rep!! Himg W re elcome For ' am And Greet Vice Pr lk Af Ul1'Ve"s'ty 5' e eN'XQ'1 in class Our primary goal at Maine was to get an education. Heckling, we were told sleeping, confronting coffee cups in the Den - that's the way we've been in class. But, somehow something got through to us sometime, and we did learn amazingly enough, because we wanted to. 1 f t-, ,, l ' , . it is ,bf ' 1, nf ' l . S, 'E ff 'ec 236 , V' '7 Mix 59 r.. . 3' S- 2. f X af' t1i,fv5?f,. 'F' .fr ff-"M .pn 1,4- 00' 1 1 I -,f , .' n an ,Lf IGH A as-fig , , " R 2 Hx 4 u Y ul after hours The learning carried over, and through, to the hours after class, manifesting itself as the new addition we hadn't been aware of before. Even it we didn't know exactly what to call it it was there P ' ypgn' l , qi' K my lhnur' .' ui QB.-L, Z li PK 2 aa i 'TL Y :Q X., ,117 3 Y t W ur -a little more drive, a bit more meaning, a purpose, perhaps. l ,, lv IQ, 1 55: 1'-1 X XXX 238 1 X ,-11" V Lsxv M L , v mmm , COMMONS E s :' 1 my-N W We Sfw' M mfg . Ui, , QL, , X3 Fra 1, ' 3 f .5 E If mv sq in .golf ... , ,,1,"" af - ,L--'JN in Al 3 -a - N . 1 4 1 4, I fd J 1 722 23 9 The university was expanding, ideas were changing, and we went along with them moving and shifting -each of us from place to place in a living mosaic. Things, people, atiiludes, decisions, -The inleracfing elements of a year. It only happened once -The time-fastened experience J , ii ' ' M 1.2. lisa.-.55 ' . : 'x , .., , .J- Thal we called. . . '-r g, 1 .4 Q, ' :Via in .fs-' 5. ,-1, 'is T "1 gl! sg., RW 'ii thanks . .. to all the T962 Prism pattern-makers especially to Marcia Hansen for the magnificent 'ob on organi- zations to Lee Morton for time contributed to the Junior-Senior section to Earl Smith for making the sports section the best yet to Art Downing and Si Skilling for the excellent iob of handling photog- raphy and most of all to Fred Laughlin for long hours spent doing layout. Specialthanks also to . . . . . I . . . . . . I . . . . I . I . . 1 I , . Howard Keyo Henry Hawley George Crosby Ford Campbell e Treasurers Office e Registrars Office James Harlthas cover design Robert A Burns poetry Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. The Publicity Department Th ' ' Th ' ' ' Portland Lithograph Company, printer Apeda Studio, Incorporated, photography 4 Another year has rolled around, another PRISM is in the making. This will be your Memory Book of College Life as you lived it. In years to come, when you're sitting, relaxing, and looking over your PRISM, iust give a thought to the Old Bookstore. You will then appreciate how much the Store tried to do in the way of Service and Friendliness. UNIVERSITY STORE and The People Who Served You WANT MORE FOR YOUR MONEY... KEEP OuR ON GRANTS Me family .Ciara Mai fave: T WORN you F176 1' 691' 411o'14f01Vf7 COMPLETE SELECTION OF MEN'S WOMEN'S and CHILDREN'S CLOTHING NEEDS ' HOUSEWARES ' HARDWARE ' CURTAINS ' DRAPERIES ' YARD GOODS ' FOOTWEAR visit OuR BIG 3RD FLOOR FURNITURE DEPARTMENT USE GRANTS NEW 30 DAY CHARGE IT PLAN 6-16 CENTRAL STREET - BANGOR BANGOR'S OLDEST BANK...fOunded 1850 For more than a century Merchants National Bank has served the com- mercial and family banking needs of Bangor, Brewer and surrounding communities. While Merchants is Bangor's oldest Bank, it is one of Maine's most modern and progressive banking institutions. The eminent position it enioys in the com- munity today is evidence Of the confidence and good will of its patrons and their ever increasing acceptance of its friendly banking services. We cordially invite you to look to Merchants for your banking needs. ,K I 6 A 46,9 A F o 4 ' K , : MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK , SR If r" BROAD st., BANGOR i .' I - UNION AT MTH, BANGOR ,E Ig- H l 1 NORTH MAIN ST., BREWER l l:Lifu.:zll1: DOW AIR FORCE BASE mummy: n' ga g 555 Ii I ' gg I Member, F d rol Reserva Sync and flu 1 Federal D p fl C p Oi Q 246 Compliments of Consolidated Constructors PORTLAND - MAINE BEST WISHES TO THE Class of 1961 Class of 1962 NVhcrc do you meet your frie l - AT - PAT'S Your college educalzon zs'n't comple without Il no t PATS Kimball and Marcho Texaco Station FIRESTONE Sc ARMSTRONG TIRES 53 Main Street O WARREN'S STANDARD PRINTING PAPERS K JD Macle in Maine by mvfm myzmu MILLS: Cumberland Mills, Maine-Gardiner, Maine CYIAASNEX TEL. 7321 BANGOR,lVIAlNE Coffee Shop, Dining Room, Cocktail Lounge. Modern Rooms. Call 7321 for reservations for Alumni, Parents. Com- plete hospitality and facilities. Short distance 'From U. of M., adjacent to downtown shopping area. John Chopmon '49 Manager. Compliments Of OLD TOWN FURNITURE COMPANY 44 North Main Street OLD TOWN - MAINE Telephone 7-2188 DAY'S JEWELRY Jewelers and Opticians MAIN STREET- BANGOR, MAINE 9 CEI Q9 A new direction in prose. Compliments Of VIHGI,S Music Co. THE CRAFTSMEN WHO CREATED YOUR FINE CLASS RING AND DONALD B. TUPPER YOUR BALFOU R REPRESENTATIVE SEND THEIR BEST WISHES AND CONGRATULATIONS ATTLEBORO MASSACHUSETTS CLASS RINGS AND PINS ' CLUB INSIGNIA ' MEDALS TROPHIES ' PLAQUES ' DIPLOMAS ' INVITATIONS Compliments Of Fanels Photo Service Bangor Nursery Flower Shop 9 HAMMOND STREET 1000 STATE STREET Telephone 3410 Telephone 6144 BANGOR -::- MAINE 247 8 Compliments of BANGOR OPERA HOUSE 131 MAIN STREET BANGOR Telephone 5308 C. H. SAVAGE CO. 62 Pickering Square BANGOR - MAINE Wholesale Fruit and Produce Congratulations Class of 1961 BANGOR HYDRO-ELECTRIC CO BANGOR :: MAINE SULLIVAN FORD SALES Ford Sales and Service 499 Hammond Street- Bangor Telephone 5691 ARTHUR CHAPIN CO Wholesale Grocers 100-104 BROAD STREET BANGOR :: MAINE Distributors of Stokeley's Finest Canned and Frozen Goods The W. H. Gorham Co Plain and Decorative Painting PAPER HANGING WHOLESALE - RETAIL 50 Central Street- BANGOR, ME. 5 - I 0 Treworgy's 5 - I 0 Modern Self- Service Store 44 Main Street :: Orono W. C. BRYANT 8. SON, INC. JEWELERS of Distinction for Three Generations 46 Main Street BANGOR :: MAINE Telephone 2-1767 Compliments Of F 0OTMAN'S DAIRY, INC. I49 State Street BREWER - MAINE -Y-71' ' -- b- '- .4 . r 1 ""fii- m ,, T Ar. ' ,.. , A Coleis Express "Maine People serving Maine and Atlantic Provinces of Canada" Terminal Locations: Bangor, Portland, Houlton, Presque lsle, Fort Kent, St. John N.B., Moncton N.B., and Halifax N.S. -i X THE GRONOKA FOOD YOU'LL REMEMBER Catering to Parties and Banquets Restaurant of Distinction Smorgasbord Every Wednesday Nite Cocktails Telephone 6-2169 is 1 I., - ,I ,L WEBBER OIL CO. ESSO DISTRIBUTORS 700 Main Street - BANGOR, ME. Telephone 2-5501 5 ,E ii .25 249 BOYD and NOYES, INC. Jewelers and Diamond Merchants 25 HAMMOND STREET Bangor 0- Maine BANGOR OFFICE SUPPLY, INC. I8 Post Office Square Tel. 2-55Il Art Metal Desks, Filing Cabinets. Etc. A Complete Line of Office Equipment and Student's Supplies 1 i Cel felis PICTURE and GIFT SHOP, INC. 13 Hammond Street BANGOR :: MAINE Greeting Cards Picture Framing STATIONERY - ARTISTS SUPPLIES PILOTS GRILL RESTAURANT "Catering to Wedding Receptions, Fraternity and Sorority Banquets, and Dances" "DINNER FOR 2 TO 200" 1528 Hammond Street BANGOR - MAINE FOR SCHOOL TRIPS The safest way to travel tx on your school trips is by charter bus. IH! Expert drivers, familiar with the "L" highways assure your safety as you ride f-'?gi5ii',, in luxurious carefree comfort. L'lfsiS.n:f-1.--O ll, , liillfj Charter Bus trips 'I---rr'---me are eas to arranfe. We can hcl Y ts P S - QQ-rx 31 you with your plans - even 'Qjjjif - ' X' ,A 7 make advance reservations for r --S-.2 - , .. you, if you wish. Wecan take 1 I I' gl - - "slug , ,WP you anywhere you want to go - ' V' . . F. S i. 5 Iu r,F-Y-fwff IU U. S. A., Canada or Mexico. e-drleti-M 5..H I 1- - - -:' EiiiL3 5192? 'Pi' For information and rates, see A - 'I ilk - , ,imma lx ,IJ -I .I ,I In 1,5-It your nearest Bangor and Wffrffmf ' S -r if il. ' ff' A k b V wah 1 iteivj Q EL--' roostoo us agent or 'K ' I U . I lltllln' 5 H - , '1. , " Xmf' I, write direct to: BANGOR A e- em 'i ' X' 1 'woot Q - if - A. I. TRAVIS Agglmn V K ' Lig i' il MANAGER' HWHWAY D'V'5'ON Q535i5E3E3EQEQEQEQ32EfEi553i JWM5' ,525siIiiiziiiiisfiisiiiiiifi I " BANGOR and Anoosroox RAILROAD "M "" 1'f"": 'QQISQ "" i""1 "" 1' BANGOR, MAINE 4 HIGHWAY DIVISION 5 0 . EASY BANKING SERVICE CHECKING ACCOUNTS SAVINGS ACCOUNTS TRUST DEPARTMENT SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES NIGHT DEPOSITORY BANK MONEY ORDERS CHRISTMAS CLUB TRAVELERS CHEQUES MAIN OFFICE-2 State Street, BANGOR-MAINE Installment Loan Agency-73-75 Central Street DRIVE - IN FACILITIES Corner State and Fern Streets - Hammond and Allen Streets Walk Up Window - State and Fern Streets BRANCH OFFICES OLD TOWN, MAINE - - - MACHIAS, MAINE Eastern Trust and Banking Company 2 STATE STREET UTTERBACK CORPORATION Distributors of PHILCO APPLIANCES Benjamin Moore Paints Saddlery - Hardware Bangor - Maine S. A. FISH, INC. F O R D Sales and Service Dial 7-4453 91 So. Main St.-Old Town l- 'J BANGOR, MAINE ,, ga-I e BROWN 81 WHITE PAPER CO. PAPER MERCHANTS 73 Broad Street BANGOR - MAINE Star Beef Company 77 Railroad Street BANGOR -::- MAINE Telephone 2-7341 BEEF - PORK - VEAL - LAMB PROVISIONS Complete Line of Groceries N. H. Bragg 8: Sons Steel - Automotive - Industrial and Welding Supplies ,QQ WHEELS. 1 SG ' ' u p "KZ -':.' .' f- - 6- si 0 QQ' ., i t ua.. "files wb" BANGOR - MAINE Telephone 7311 PENOBSCOT BEEF 81 PROVISION CO. Sausage Manufacturers Wholesalers of BEEF, PORK, VEAL, EGGS, POULTRY 64 Pickering Square-Bangor Telephone 2-4817 Open All Year STUCCO LODGE MOTEL 1382 STATE STREET M. R. B., Bangor, Maine TV and Telephone ROUTE 2 - 4 Miles North, Bangor Proprietors, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Stevens M. L. FRENCH 81 SON Timely Clothes Jayson and Excello Shirts Superba Ties - Freeman Shoes Sportswear for Men 196 Exchange St. - Bangor, Maine Compliments of CALDWELL SWEET COMPANY Bangor's Leading Druggists Since 1875 26 Main Street :: BANGOR, MAINE BEST WISHES FROM DRINK I REG. U.S. PAT. OFF. The COCA COLA BOTTLING PLANTS, INC. BANGOR :: MAINE COTA FUEL COMPANY RANGE and FUEL OILS Furnace Burners Furnace Installations MONUMENT SQUARE-ORONO, MAINE Compliments of Hartstone Roofing All Kinds of Roofing and SHEET METAL WORK SLATE-TAR and TIN ROOFING 569 HAMMOND ST. -BANGOR, ME. FRANKFURTS Quality Foods Since I882 l95 Broad Street, Bangor, Me. BEST WISHES FOR A SUCCESSFUL AND FRUITFUL CAREER Whatever your plans may be, remember the importance of thrift in planning for the future. Start a Savings Account now, designed to fit your future needs. Bangor Savings Bank 3 State Street BANGOR -:- MAINE Serving Maine Families Since 1852 BURNHAM DRUG Your Rexall Store Phone 7-3554 Wilfred King, Reg. Pharm. OLD TOWN :: MAINE THE RINES CO. 43 Main St.-Bangor, Maine Fashions of Distinction for MISSES - JUNIORS - WOMEN 4 ,A 8 'A nib .Y 1 roule rsxmeoolr ur Porllalzd ' 2 Wg, HOGIMPHE Lzlkogf-0126 C0 S2 Spring Sfreefx 772D07Zy Porlluhd Main R 1 8 4 41' 4 if .. m' ' : I ' 5 f Q 5 Q I l ' ? f vi--------- ' I I 1 'I :- gl E 5 ,I D i 1: Q g ! . .. l i IL Nj ' ll en ,E P 5 z F I n S f if 315 I wk 1 .L --Q l Merrill Trust Company congratulates the graduates As you start your career, and through later years, many of the college friendships you have formed will continue to grow in importance with you. A sound banking relationship does the same . . . it becomes more and more helpful to you each year. We welcome you to Merrill Trust Company, the bank that's "serving Eastern Mainef, THE ERRILL RUST COMPANY MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM Serving Eastm-n Maine: BANGOR - BELFAST - BUCKSPORT - CALAIS ' DEXTER ' DOVER-FOXCROFT' EASTPORT JoNEsPoRT - MACHIAS - MlLo - ol.o TowN - ORONO - sEARsPoRT - woooLAND 6 Compliments Of The Bridge R. B. Dunning 81 Co. Constructlon Corporation 54 - 68 BROAD STREET GENERAL CONTRACTORS Bangor, Maine Augusta - Maine QUEEN CHARTERHOUSE "Maine's largest Motor Hotel" U.S. RTE. 2 ON OUTER HAMMOND ST. - BANGOR Next to famed Pilots Grill T03 decorator-designed rooms and suites 0 Free TV Private bath and shower 0 Valet and laundry service Tourist information 0 Airline Service 0 Business facilities. BOOK BINDING PAMPHLET BINDING CERLOX PLASTIC BINDING DILLINGHAM'S The Maine Prism Dicfaphone Dicfafing Equipmenf Sales Service 29 FrankIin'S1reeI Bangor, Maine Tel. 2-'ISI9 25 i ndexi i Acknowledgements Activities Administration Advertisements Agriculture Club Agriculture, College of AICE AIEE and IRE All Maine Women Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Tau Omega Alpha Zeta ACS ASAE ASCE ASME Animal Science Club Arts and Sciences, College of AWS Band Baseball Basketball Beta Theta Pi Biology Club Business Club Central Dormitory Council Cheerleaders Chi Omega Chorus Crass Country Delta Delta Delta Delta Tau Delta Delta Zeta Dirigos Education, College of Episcopal Board Farmer's Fair Football Forestry Club Freshmen Future Farmers of America German Club Golf Graduate Study Greeks Hillel Homecoming Home Economics Club IFC Indoor Track International Club International Festival Intramurals Juniors Kappa Sigma Lambda Chi Alpha MAINE CAMPUS Maine Day Maine Debate Council Maine Masque Maine Outing Club Mainia Math Club Mayor MCA M Club Memorial Union Boards MAA Military Department Mu Alpha Epsilon Neai Mathetai Ott Campus Women Omicron Nu Orchestra Outdoor Track Outstanding Students Panhellenic Council Phi Eta Kappa Phi Gamma Delta Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Mu Phi Mu Delta Pi Beta Phi Pi Kappa Delta Press Club PRISM Practars Public Management Club Residents Rifle Team Seniors Senior Skulls Skiing Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Chi Sigma Mu Sigma Sigma Nu Sigma Pi Sigma Sigma Phi Epsilon SNEA Sophomore Eagles Sophomore Owls Sophomores Sports Spring SRA Steiners Student 258 Senate 263, 242 46 14 243 72 16 74 76 62 126 92 128 94 72 75 74 76 75 72 18 64 81 148 170 96 68 80 67 145 130 82 156 132 98 134 83 21 89 50 168 73 38 73 79 152 21 70 B9 48 73 141 153 79 51 180 184 100 102 86 54 7B 84 78 232 80 144 88 146 68 146 58 81 71 66 70 B1 153 24 140 104 106 108 136 1 10 138 69 80 264 66 77 66 153 206 62 156 1 1 2 I 14 69 1 16 69 118 77 63 63 32 142 56 88 82 65 Tau Beta Pi Tau Epsilon Phi Tau Kappa Epsilon Technology, College of Tennis Theta Chi Twaggies Underclassmen UMANS Winter Carnival Women's Dormitory Presidents Women's Sports WORO Xi Sigma Pi Abbott, Rodney R. 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I, ' , Sales Ingrid Bain ,,. Q .-if Jane Laing Business Advisor Mr. Henry Hawley '53 L , l V. Myrna Flewelling Ken Parker Bonnie Robinson f Roslyn Marchbanks It Seniors Penny Hall lt 5 Juniors Judy Brooks Circulation Pat Egan Advertising also . . . Reb Mife Faculty - P. Raeside, Typing - B. Spiller N. Russell, D. Rush, Sophomores - J Lundgren, B. McLeod, Freshmen - C Crowley, Index - J. Mclntosh, R. Mc Allian, G. Brewer, K. Peterson, H. Trask, M. Stewart, Outstanding Students - J. Britton, Contributing Editors - L. S. Mor- ton, R. A. Burns. Assistant Manager Don Miller Bill Ahrens Diane Hayden Paul Gulesian Dick Partridge L 5. sy: E E cn D U .J 'U CD x. LL- -A LM-..L....4., -1,.,1.1.

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