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mmmm . Mii- ' .- ' jty. ' . A TA R Tf,»i;t ' ,x %,7i.--% s?k,i ' . j:« i:f Mi w- ' f ' i ss! i i% ' m w : fimiiS! sii:2mfMss mmMi m; i.m ' M, I Tllb 1954 PRIS PAL ' L i:. MARCOUX. Editor JOHN K. RANDALL. Business Manager Published by the Class of ' 54 in its Junior Year at the L ' NI KKSrrV OF NLMNE ORONO. NLMNi: IN MEMORIAM. To the memory of Harland A. Ladd. " 25. an able administrator, an outstandino pioneer in Maine education, and a constant advocate of fair play and good sportsmanship, we w ish to dedicate this olume. Ladd, a native of Sebec, served as State Commissioner of Educa- tion for seven years. Previously, he was superintendent of schools in Bath and in Milo, and earlier than that principal in Brownville Junc- tion, Milo. and Stetson. Convinced there was more to education than that of the mind, Ladd emphasized development of the body and was .an outstanding defender of competitive athletics during his all too brief career. Ex-Governor Frederick Payne paid him the following tribute: " The youth of Maine have lost a devoted and sincere friend. No person ever dedicated his life to preparing the education of youth of this state more than Harland Ladd. I ha e personally lost a true friend and onderful associate who preserved every good qualification to which man can aspire. ' ' As a man and as an educator, he vas loved and admired by all — and we are honored to dedicate this book to his memorv. l psffima iassaEarMSxr iXEJMSEas mJEj? DEDICATION llARLAM) A. LADl) IN HONOR. We pause a moment here to pay special tribute to the gone but not forgotten memory of those who were with us when wc began this college career — those who smiled so eagerly w ith us during Freshman Week — those who joined in our spirited cheers at rallies and games — • those who frolicked so boisterously through Hell Week — • those who socialized so enthusiastically throughout the term — all those who met, worked, goofed, lived, and loved until they were called away to serve for another cause. Many of these ha c already come back, many will be home in the near future, and many w ill nc er return. Nevertheless, we who are still waiting salute you. w ish you well, and say we are proud to honor you here. tmmmmmmmmm IN HONOR KOREA! 1 ©CAPITALS J POPS( IN RETROSPECT. " Of all the sinishitic that brightens our lives there is no beam more complex and more brilliant than that distinguished as College Life. Knowing well the refractive power of the common Prism on solar light, we have placed this PRISM, though we trust it is not so fragile as one of glass, in the beam of undergraduate life at the Maine State College, and leave our readers to judge how well it has broken its rays into their component colors. " ■ 1894 PRISM lIHMHHHIHHI HiH .FORWARD Tlie spectrum of college life at Maine as refracted by the rays of the Prism ' 54 PRISM UNIVERSITY of MAINE ■ Table of Contents • r. ( ri l - AM) ADMIMS ' IR AIION OKCAMZAIIONS SKMORS FRATKRMrV AM) SOKOKITV IINIORS MAJOR KNKNTS SOPHOMORES AND FRESHMEN ATHLKriCS IMORMALS ADVI.R riSKMKNTS ' 54 PRISM UNIVERSITY of MAINE ::i: ? ;7ffyj;r i t»J!ffl-Jfttgta,CtC! ' 3Tt,;? RE Y j- i Administration — clJhi — Faculty BY PAUL RO ' TE — Associate Editor i BOARD OF TRUSTEES id A. Whitnrv. Mrs. CI Ravniond V. Davis. Chairman ..t tli. ] .,.■, d University, . lbcrt K. Gardiner. John M. O ' Connell. Jr Dr. Herbert G. E.spy. Commissioner of Education. BOARD OF IRrSTF.E.S Edward .A. Whitney Au.sjusta .Mrs. c;iarenee C. Lif.le , Bar Harbor Harold J. Shaw Sanforu Frank W. Hussey Presque Isle Samuel W. Collins Caribou Raymond W. Davis Guilford Albert K. Gardiner Orono John M. O ' Connell, Jr Bangor Miss Jessie L. Eraser Bangor Frank P. Preti South Portland Herbert G. Espy : Ex-Officio 12 •f :! ofJ a ! x »PAy2 ra: " fl 1:» ' yvst»:(iK arl .w ;.w w»fwniiWBgssxxi3 SfKS ' MSI3Enaasac«SS!Sil lSa! SSf: !!: .PRESIDENT Dk. Akthl k a. Haick ADMINISTRATION Charles E. Crossland Director of Student and Piiblu Relations W i Edith G. Vilso Dean of Women i: Percy F. Crane Director of Admissions Dean ot Men James A. Cannett Frederick S. Youngs Treasurer Prescott pi. ' os Comptroller mmmm .ADMINISTRATION m. II..UVK1. K» .. D.tnln, W rublnily iRANris S. M.OllRE D ' lector of PItinl and h ' ncililifs ,Uw.,,. .: I). I ' llllll- J BkO. K« V Dimtoi oj Student .4iil Flaeemtnl I.oi is T. ImioTsos C:inm IS F,. O ' Connor mmmmimBssm ACADEMIC DEANS. Dean Joseph M. Mur College of Arts and Science College of Agricultu Dean Ashley S. Cambell College of Technology Dean Edward X. Brush Graduate Study Dean Mark R. Shibles School of Education 16 mm mmm ' ! ' ■ ,DEPARTMENT HEADS, ARTS AND SCIENCES iiisn li KiK-iUN M.M.i M I. I.. II- Jo-H ' ii M iHrffTiirs Hconomus and Sociology EnnUth Geology RoBKRT M. ' oRK Brooks V. Hamii.ton Si ' Offorii M. Kimiiai I History and Goiernment Journalism Mathamatics and AsUonorny (Acting Head) y Alfred G. Pf.iiorino Lewis H. Niven Ronald B. Levinson Modern Languniie and Classics Music Philosophy (Acting Head) Aii ' .tkr D. Glanville Wofford G. Gardner Robert B. .Scfk ' iier James A. Harmon Psychology Speech ...,;..,. Assutant Dean oj Men DEPARTMENT HEADS, AGRICULTURE, V 1 Charles H. Merchant Agricultural Economics Wallace H. Elliot Aaricultural Education Frank V. Peikert Agricultural Engineering WiNTHROP C. Lr Associate De A Struchtemever Agronomy m M Home Econc Robert Smyth Poultry Husbandry 18 fli .fijinRiW5ii»r .DEPARTMENT HEADS, TECHNOLOGY (T-i f Mktthkw M.Nkm I.YI.K (;. JkWF.SS John W. Beamksderfkr Westos S. Evans Citil Engineering Walter J Crv vmjr Electrical Engineering Uuu Mechanical Engineering STUDENT GOVERNMENT General Student Senate , , , , 1 inn n 1 ■ i i J. 1 i II iBu .n iT ft f « Ir 11 Rxy a " Smrm L. ' ' Ji ' ' sirf H ■ S - vi Bjjj H HL i N ' ' .. H flS IbI HmjJ fl ■pMB R. i - ' p - W First Row — NaiUN Cillms M,,,-.,irt Thomas. Sondra Gloisky, VVilliain lliist, (;oihani Hussry. Helena I ' aiiuk Dionne. Frank Reynolds. Second Row — Alan W iM- n Dc.nald Pendleton. Joseph Rigo. Richard Miller. Chester Camp- bell. Ian Kinu.lnt., i,i|,,. oycs. Third Row — Grace Libbv. Janice Lord. Barbara Wigger. Phyllis Xoyes. Bella Frazier. Jean Grindle Fourth Row — Preston Walters. Robert Olfield. Allan Sawyer. Jr.. Edward Knight. The General Student Senate i.s the co-ordinat- ing student legislative body of the University. It represents the interests and ideas of the student body and takes action on those ideas w hich may benefit the campus. The members of the Senate arc popularly elected representatives from major campus or- ganizations and student wards. The Senate ' s work is carried out through an integrated com- mittee system. The committees are composed of students and faculty. Class elections, Spring elections, Maine Day, and other campus activi- ties are set up by the Senate in co-ordination with other campus organizations. Senate meet- ings are held twice monthly and all interested are welcome to attend. The constitution of the Senate is the guide used for the delegation of power and authority. This constitution outlines the activities and goals of Senate work. Much of the Senate ' s time goes toward elect- ing committees which head various drives and campus activities. Major projects have been the setting up of an Efficiency Committee as a co- ordinating aid to all other committees elected by the Senate; investigation of possibility of mem- bership in the United States National Student Association; and investigation of po.ssiblc means to improve campus elections. Mr. Gerald Grady of the History and Go ern- mcnt Department is Advisor to the General Student Senate. 20 .STUDENT GOVERNMENT .r»t Row Ruili It. M..i Noyis, Oyntl Orinclle. Norma C uiiiinint; Socond Row - Phyllis Bran. Cornelia DouKlasj. Glcnico Bati-s. Janice Griswold, Ruth Mitrhrll. Nancy Gentile. Carolyn Bull Third Row — Mar«ot McCarthy. Joan Rccd. Suzanne Tasker, Donna Richardson. Barbara Ilvoncn. Jeanine VVortman. Margaret Wheeler Fourth Row — Dorothy Booth. Faith Wallslrom. .Mice Rinehart. Suzanne Bogert. Thr W ' omcns Student (io trimuiu A.s,s(jcia- tion i.s maclr up of the uomcn .stuclcnt.s of the University. The central noveminij body i.s the W. S. G. A. Council composed of representa- tives from the women ' s dormitories. Its is to propagate self-yen crnmciu ainonu the women students. Some of the activities of the a.ssociation include sjxinsorship of annual as- .sembly. Student-Faculty Tea and Christmas decoration contest. PROCTORS, CoRBETT Hall PROCTORS Si n R Ri Sim n i ' 5P?JS FiiM Row Mar«ot M.C.irthv. Ruth Bull. tt. PIr Hi. B.ii. " I R ' w Joan Rrccl W- ■• R i- ■•• First Row C:.irl IVrk.rn I ' .iul Choinirrr J.,„„ , R.,nd Second Row — Rolx-rt .Njx..ti. Duanr Iffrih-n n.K . , II 11 II r Fir»t Row - Howard Ainsworth. Charlm Goodwin. David . Jonathan Willi, Srrond Row Joseph Standliv. Ralph Baxter. Linwood Clarkillr Thiid Row — .Man Philbrirk. Robert Lorki- DORM COUNCILS CoRBETT Dunn Row. L-R. Joseph Grraghty, Fred Boyce, Paul Geerinck. Frank Hickpy 2nd Row, L-R. David Swentor, George Cooper. Burrill Bridse. John Kos- topoulas. Oak and H.H.H. First Row — Zinas Mavadones. .Man Walden. Clavton Carl Second Row — Elliot R. Barker 3rd. Sid- ney J. Cronsberg Fust Row - DuniUl i,.d. U Disid Grund Donald Arsrnault West Hall — East West Hall — Vest First Row — Sandv King, . ancv Gentile. Evelyn Whitney. Alice Kelson Second Row — Carol Scott, Nancy Witham. Elsie Colby Third Row — Suzanne Bogert. Carol Loud 24 ,DORM COUNCILS Nor III r.s|MIKiH)K South Kst. ii»«h.k I i t R..« N..iu I .,t..„ . l. i.r H.. I.,- inan. Su annr lajki-r. Norma Bcssfy S.iond Row Ann Dutillf, Marv Ann. Ni.k.rson, l)..l,v l.l.irk |„,I K..« r.l: .,...n, l..-,WM|...r J...IM.,r VVorlnian. Lou Hralt Sriond Row B. Jiannr Sirphrni, Anne Autlin. Maxinr Drrwr Kims First Ruw rrni Dionnr. Ruth John- son. Ruth Mit.hrll. Sally C.iUhrcst. Constancy Lewis Second Row - Carolyn Bull, Patricia Adams. Jane Mitchell. Phyllis Bran Third Row — Patricia Swcnrv, V.n,- Irish. Shirley Stillii.L ClnlVI I r.l R %s M.irnar.t W h. .■ BiKith. Joyce Hobbs Second Row - Jancttc Hovcy. Janet Lou Oliver lir.t R..W Parsons. M.Mth., GLnice Bat H..t...„, •s. . nne I ' .itn. .. Shrayl - Second Row Margaret liaim. Joan Muslon Third Row Elizabeth Judkin, lloyt. jean Vi! Hopkins. Janice R. O T C. W m %!i Col. Curtis D. REXFRf Professor of Military Science and Tactics R.O.T.C. The raduatrs of the University of Maine Re- scne Officer Training Corps program arc can- cHdatcs for appointment as second lieutenants in the Infantry, Artillery, or Signal Corps branch of the Organized Reserve Corps. In addition, a selected number may compete for commissions in the regular Army. Each year advance course students are gi x ' n the opportunity to appl the theories learned in the classroom by practical experience at various army garrisons. This .summer, approximately one hundred and t enty-five men of the of 1954 logged six weeks of this practical experi- ence. lAer ear, in the month of AIa . a day is .set aside for the Annual Formal Inspection and Regimental Review Ceremonies. At .such time the Honorary Lieutenant Colonel presents awards to the outstanding Cadets. The highest award is that of the silver alumni sabre, be- stowed upon " The Outstanding Military Stu- dent of the Graduating Class " . This award has been presented to Cadet George W. Hayden " 5 1 , Cadet Harrv M. Easton ' 52, and Cadet Patrick H. D ' onne ' 53. SCABBARD AND BLADE ri c SoiiclN ol Si.ihlKiul .111(1 IJlailc is a Na- tional Honoiarv MilitaiA Sofict) wilh the a ouf(l pmposf of inaiiitainini; and raisini; the tnilitar staiulanU of hiulifi ((liualioii. Its incinhns aic srli rtctl fioiu R() ! ' ( ' . units all o «i the rountiv. Conipaiu 1). Jnd Rruiincnt of ihr I ni (rsit of Mait i- Chaptn of Scahhard and Hla(l - uas installed at thr rni risit on Ma JO, UM»i and is an cNincnt of a soriftN toda lia ini; an nnollincnt totaliiiii I ' l.OOO inciubt is. One of its contributions to I ni (isit life is tlu- annual Military Ball uhicli thr Scahbaid and Mladf conduits c rr Dcctinbcr. At this top social event on campus the Society and stu- d nt bod select an Honorai Lt. Clolonel. Miss Janet Maiston was so honoied at the traditional lAcnt last December when she was presented the honorary commission by Clol. Clurtis Renfro. PMS r here at Maine. Miss Maiston pre- sided o er the I ' ederal Inspection in Ma and at that lime presented the ()ui lunclini; Militun ' Student Awards. In March tlu- s«Ki( ' t held its dance and in- stallation of ollicrrs at the Penobs »t ' .dle Country Club and dm inn this same nmnth c«j- o| erated wilh other |)rominent campus origan- izations in backini; the ■Mlond foi Koie.i " drive ( )i I K I ks President: Jam. v Muiil.a ' icc Pres. : . ithui l ' att ii Secretary: Donald Thompson Treasurei: Ro Haskell I 1 irji . " i 5 b R. nfro. Rov ll.«k. 11. . rtl...r P.ittrii. Jam- . Murth... C. Frrcman. la. Col. Edwin M. M.ircoux. Janm Ixiblry. Harry Jo»r. L«lic Boothby, K .. R .1. .t n t .., (• ■: (■ , - ' - D n..n.iUl I " Srcond Row Chart, s I ■ Third Row N ' ' Erskinr. !,• .;h ' .- I ' l 1 •» n . , . , _ ,, Fourth Row — Robert Touchcttr. . rthur Cloutirr. Frrdrick larr. Crrakl Grtrhcll Charl-. Goodwin „ , , Fifth Row Kr ■ ' ■ 11..!... P,,.l f.. , r,!,.k Suinnrr C:.ih K)n. Rodnrv Ml Conk. CambcU. Thomaj Pikr. Donald M.r..«.i 1 1..n.! If ' 54 PRISM UNIVERSITY of MAINE ij M it . ' t Organizations BY Dorothy Stone and Anne Austin — Associiitc Editors m ORGANIZATIONS, Home Economics Club Colxcil The Home Economics Club is the second hirs;- cst women ' s oroanization on the campus and is affihatcd with both the State and National Home Economics College Clubs. The club gives students an opportunity to develop their interests beyond their classroom work. The monthly pro- grams include demonstrations, speakers, and parties. The Agricuhural Club is the coordinating or- ganization for all students in the College of Agri- culture. The club promotes a more intimate relationship between faculty and students, pro- idcs social activities for the members, and stim- ulates the students " interest in agriculture. Meet- ings are held monthly at which a free exchange of ideas is encouraged. 30 HHHHI jggf j t wj a na amifaavKf :RGANIZATI0NS JoRKSTRY Cl.l H fiinnlun, G. Clupniui. C. Carl. R. Lorkr. P. Solrnbrrirr. rman. A. Paii.Kiicr, II. Uuirk. U. Bu. .rU. R. Wim rouchcllr. D. Hokaiu. R. StcvciM The Rock and H.iiiuik i. club for colosiy ma- jors, i.s active in promotint; mutual betterment in this field. Prosiram.s of lectures, papers, and fi -ld trips are frequent. In the fall, a joint field trip Nas held with the neoloyy club from Colby. .Among other activities, this club provides as- sistance to the m ' olotrv laboratories. The Forestry Cllub is an active student organ- ization composed of members of the Forestry and Wildlife (lonseivation curriculum. Ix)th male and female. Ihe objectives of the CHub ar«- to promote better student-faculty relationships, present interestinu; and informatix • programs on arious phases of forestry . and to create a greater interest in professional forcstn, and its allied fi.-lds. ORGANIZATIONS, Press Club i The purpose of the Debate Club is to pro ide opportunities and awards for the students that arc sincerely interested in this activity. The De- bate Club starts its year ' s actixities w ith the In- tramural Debate Tournament in the fall. The agenda for the year includes many intercollegi- ate debate tournaments s ith colleges in the New- England area. Composed mainh of journalism students, the University of Maine Press Club stri ' es to de- elop, through association w ith people of similar interests, a greater appreciation and knowledge of the journalist ' s profession. The basic require- ment for membership is that all members ha e a definite interest or acti e participation in some phase of journalism. .ORGANIZATIONS rix Maiiir M.isc|iir Thr.urc, m - ul the ohiot cilur.nioniil theatres in tli. eouiiiiy. was ftnitided in 1906 and p seiiteil its first pnnliietion. .Iv ) ' (iu I.iL. It, in 1907. Al a s inaintaininu Wvj. standards of theatre art. llie Mavcinr presents students from all eolle ;es of the I ' niversity in foiu ' [Jroduetions eaeh ear und -r the direetion of HerNihe! Brieker. Kirsc Kow -J. VVonmiui. H. Unctwr. b. hiu Svtnmt Row -J. VrtvUnd. R. Goodln. R. Ilnwmiin. I . HukrII. C. Fhlnl Row P. Hilton. P. S«nn»tu 0. MrAlll.trr. E. lUniK ' n. C I Kllin««ood .M. Bovd. B. Pike. C. Prrni Gill, D. Ram.»v. J. Jark.nn J W.. N. Katak« Third Row— C. ZoM-hka. . . Slorrv. W. Eilhrl. D Swil . . Ill Fir»I Rem- C. Wi,hbutn R Wnllcv Tnnd R.m— M. Daniel ' Ihc riii (rsit of Maine Radio (.uild afTords the opportunity for trainint; and e.xpericnce in all aspects of radio - - actintj, directing, sound, music, script-writiny. and station engineering. ITie organization sp)on.sors a weekly tw enty-five niiiuiti- dramatic or discirssion program over WLB and daily music and new s programs over ■OR(). the newly established campus radio station. ORGANIZATIONS, The Dcutschcr WMcin is a depart- mental and honorary scholastic society, electing to membership those students who have achieved distinction in the field of German. Various activities are held throughout the year such as the annual Christmas partv. where Ger- man plays arc read, and the spring picnic. A " WMm J | iPV 1 ' pPi ' ' tfi iSf m First Row— B W.inM, Ml V I., 1, in.i R SlInnl(.n (, Second Row— W ConqucM N Pclletici J Girard P. Third Row— D Trcnholm, N Biorhii M Caison Le Cercle Francais, guided by Miss Lillian Avila, attempts to function as a unifying force designed to provide a stimulating and rewarding experience to French majors, honor students, and others interested in French language, civili- zation, and culture. Meetings emphasize in- formal French con ersation in a sociable French atmosphere. 34 ..ORGANIZATIONS 111. M.iiiir Siii.l.-ni Hi.mdi d A S. A. I., was i)m.ini (l to promote .i hio.iilci piofrs-sional and social interest ill Auriciiltuial l ' .iv " -ii ' i " ' ' ' ' ' ii- Six-akers ami meeting |)roi;iaiiis show how mod- em eiiniiieeiiiiu methods are applied to auiicultiire and the bt ' tterment nl rural life. The braiieh participates in mam campus wide activities ainii w ith its own program. 1 1 FinI Rnw— T. Ilnyl, H. Poller, B. Brown. J. NoycJ, Srcond Rott— D. Brpplcr. R. Light, T. Dole. S. Cox. U. « Third Row— H. Sianho|ie. K. Witwn. E Firnan. A. Forim»n WixKin. J. Huoler, K. Man F n i.d Ro»-D. Poole. G E. Lrni. S. Cahoon Fourth Ra» J. Knreland. E. Har Filth Rdv«— R. Touchelte. Ihe purpose of this orsjanization is to provide the members with opportunities to the many aspects of a future in the Chemical Engi- neering field, . nvonc enrolled in the curriculum of Chemical Engineering or Pulp and Paper Techtioiogy is elegiblc for membership. Meet- ings are held bi-monthly and a banquet is held annually. 35 ORGANIZATIONS. The Chemistry Club, sponsorec by the L ' nixcrsity of Maine chapter of the Student Affliate of the American Chemical Society, is an organized group of persons interested in chem- istry. Anyone may become a member regardless of his curriculum. Member- ship in the Student Afiliate, however, is limited to those majoring in chem- istry, chemical engineering, or bio- chemistry. J. Revno ' ds, M. Leighl Fifth Row— R. Plis Boyce, K. Lincoln. J. Buzzell, D. Gate . D. Cram, K. Barnard. H. Burns, M. Getclu Lcgalus, B. Clifford, W. Gctclii-Il. R. Lcathc Kcllcv. R. DuPont, G. Batson The Maine Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers pro ides the opportunity for the beginnings of professional associations. Through monthly meetings at which prominent engineers are guest speakers, the chapter supple- ments the regular and laboratory work, and thus enables the student to become familiar with the -arious fields of Civil Engineering. 36 .ORGANIZATIONS Ih.- A, 1. I.. I., .md the I K I Stuclnii biaiuhrs fuiKtion j( iinl to- ward ihc nali atioii of hiyh piofc-s- sioiial staiulanls amoMi; their nicinb«Ts. They fostn- the advaiicrmcru of v vc- trical rn iinr Minvi and thr allied arts and sciences and provide a |X)int of contact het e ' n the classrootn .md the proffsNional woild. ite 1 F- ilHPJ H K V ' pH B23S5S5CSEnSr5 . I ' . I.nrd, I.. F.n lu, K. Rnbbinv I rv. M. I.anr. DuuKhlv. J. R. Frrnald, R. I ' c. Second Row— I. Mfr». injon. A. Schulu Third Row— C. MacDonald, L. Bowlri, F. Andcrwn. A. R. FoHcl. G. Lr " y Fourth Row— W. Quimly, F.. Grovrr. M. Libbv. G. Twonhlv L. Clark. D I 11 , , 1. rv .V ■! J B.»4r. Lmrjov. W. Oakn. S. Bullcr. G. Shaw. A. Paine. W. Chai«son. Ihc Student Branch of the American Society of Mechanical Ennineers was established at the Iniversity in 1913. This orsjanization, con- sisting of mechanical engincerini; majors, meets periodically during the year for the purpose of promoting interest in mechanical engineering fields, and to enjoy lectures and discussions of currently popular topics. ORGANIZATIONS, ' I ' I " Neai Mathetai. a Greek name meaning " young scholar, " is the only scholastic organization among under- classmen. It was established in 1925. and its members are the ten highest ranking freshmen women. The pur- pose of this organization is to promote a higher standard of learning and to encourage scholastic achievement amono freshmen omen. Omicron Nu is a national honorar societ) or- ganized to promote and recognize scholarship, leadership, and research in home economics. The society was founded at Michigan State College in 1921 and the local chapter, Alpha Beta, was organized in 1931. Each year the Alpha Beta Chapter sponsors a tea, or recognizes in some other manner, those freshmen girls of high scholastic standing. r .ORGANIZATIONS Ih. I nl . l|.li.i .la is ,m lioiioi.iiv . lVat iiiii . ilir incmlu-is i)f which arc clcctcil tiom .imoiis, uiKU-iuiatluatc aL;i ii iiliui .il stiulfiits of hiuh scholarship oii the basis of character, Iradciship, and |)tr- sonalitN. It is ilcsiiiiicd piiiiiariK as a sci " ice cliil) itii the object ol pminol- iiiv; tlir piolcssioii ot auiiciilniif. Fi. t K..» K Krll. v V IV.H.xa,. C. K..l r.t.. I . (;r -tmik. A I ' artiicUr. II. Patklii VT.,nd R C:li.i|.man. F Uc%.-,. 1 ' , Si.lrnb. i ,i . R. Ashman, G. Baker Ihi.rf R.m II Uuirk, II. Young Xi Sigma Pi is the national forestry honor society. Gamma chapter, the third chapter founded, was established in 1917. The objective of the fraternity is to maintain a high standard of scholarship in forestry education, to work for th - betterment of the profession, and to promote fraternal relations atnonu ' forestrv workers. :,- ' 4 mmmmmmm ORGANIZATIONS. Tau Beta Pi, founded in 1885 at Lehigh Unixersity, was established at Maine as the Maine Alpha Chapter in 1911. The aim of the Association is to confer honor upon outstanding engi- neering students for high scholastic achievement, leadership, and charac- ter, and to aid in promoting a cultural atmosphere in the engineering colleges of America. Firs t Row- O. Lov -c. MacDo laid, R. McHen y, M. Lane . ' ' l N Che 1, F. Pic Second Row— ' . Chai son, R. Hunte, r Mn ell, H Bii ns E. Brigl Th •d Row -r Biigha n R. Ft .nald, r 1) Kin K Ko, rtl. Ro -H . Pease R. Dee ine, R. Robbin Sigma Pi Sigma is a national honor society founded to promote interest in the realm of physics. The members of Sigma Pi Sigma are selected on a basis of .scholarship, initiative, and general interest in physics. Throughout the year this organization has sponsored movies, speakers, and various other forms of entertainment which were of interest to physics enthusiasts. 40 .ORGANIZATIONS Mil Alplia I ' .psiloii luiuiiuiis .i .1 lo ordiiKitiin; siHi«-l .imoni; the I iii ii- sit (ilff Club. OirluMi.i. .11- scinblc yioups. .iiul stiultius of Applied Music. It iiwards srholaiships tn »l - sfiA inu stiulcms of Applied Miisie. .iiid makes an annual .ixsaid honorini; the s iiior who has eontrihuted the most tow an! the ad aiu-ement of music at Maine durinu liis or hei rolleye career. R..« L. Niicil. W. Slrr|H-t. C. f.KCK. J I) " ll..fl. D. I....d. J. .Srl«,-, nd R.m- M. Oaknm " " -. .. Il.ird R.m S. Cha.r, C. 1 f n 1 ' ' n H kg- l y .mAiMB m, 1 Piirrf Row— C. Coninv C. f;rli Maine Beta chapter of Pi Kappa Delta, the only national honorary forensic society on cam- pus, stimulates proiircss in and promotes the interests of intercolleyiate oratorv. debate, and public speakiny. It confers degrees up)on de- sening candidates according to merit and achie cment. ORGANiZATIONS. Sigma Mu Sigma is the honorary psychology fraternity at the University of Maine. Members are elected in the fall and spring of each year. Meetings are held twice monthly, at which times speeches, panel discussions, and movies of the psychological interest are pre- sented. The Charles Dickinson Schol- arship is given annually to a student of outstanding ability and promise. r n n The Gamma Chapter of Kappa Phi Kappa has as its purpose the acKanccmcnt of the cause of education. They accomplish this purpose by formulating programs w ith the intent of pro- moting the eckicational growth of the member: and by working on projects which haxe as thei objecti e the enrichment of educational expei ience. .ORGANIZATIONS All M.iiii. Wumni.- .m uii;.ini a- tioii iDimdid hcic in I9_ ' . ' ), is the hii;h- Nt lionoi.iiA. Moii-scholastir socicts loi wtimiii .11 M.iiiic. Il is .1 ' toiip m.ulc u|) l .i| |)i(i im.ii(l ten mcin- Im IS (Ikiscm .tt llif (11(1 ol tlicir jiinioi year on tlic l)asis of rharart( r. Maine spirit. (liL;nit . honor, .nid w iiiinuncss to acci-pl icsponviliiiitv . Fii.i Ru» b. U, . l: So-,... I... l,..ul.l,, K. .MiicLcll Srcnd Row-E. Zrhncr. L. Wclion, J. DollolT nntil Rmv— C. Prcnim. B. Pciicngifl Ihc .Senior .Si nll .SoeietN is the liiuhest non- academic honor for a Maine man. .Skulls are chosen durint; their Junior year on the basis of character, scholarship, and sen ice to the Uni- versity of Maine. Ihe |)urpose of the .Society is to maintain IriendK iclatious Iji u n clas.scs. to cherish the Maine spirit, and to work for the welfare and benefit of the I ' ni t isit of Maine and its underyraduates ORGANIZATIONS, A n nj ; First Row— J Roberts, J Bislio]) N. Caton Second Ron— S Bostiom C NlIm,,, M HJ t.n s J Jackson, B Co S. Ki.k Tlii.d R..U— N Cumnnnes B Fi.iss I I aslman J C. nsins Shra bn The Soiahomore Eagles Society, which was founded in 1933, is an honorary society to help the Freshman " iris as big sisters and aid them in ad- justins to college life. Each spring twenty members of the Frcshmm Class arc selected on the basis of cred- itable scholarship, moral standing, and participation in two or more campus organizations. Row— A. Novc- Dnd Row— B. Bcinard, J. Young ' »— M. Robinson, J Kno«li-s, C The Sophomore Owl Society, w ith the coop- eration of the Senior Skulls, works to promote unity and spirit within the Freshman in conjunction with the Sophomore Eagles. Each spring twenty members of the Freshman Class are .selected on the basis of personality, ability, and reliability to continue the organization dur- ing the following year. .ORGANIZATIONS I ' hc wclcoiUf mat is alu.i s out .ii Clantfilniiy Fiousr wliclhcr i)ii want to visit w ith the chaplain, attctul a ser- vice, or arc just looking for a chance to lehix and enjo a cup of cofTee. .Ser- vices are held in the chapel by the Re . John L. .Scott on Sund.i niorninus joj- loued h .ui inform. il S. Carfull. J. Clark. Rev. Scon, J. Supln, M. Itrii The Hillcl Foundation is a national society which to maintain an intcr rated and diversified [)rot;ram of the Hebrew faith. The foundation has provided an interesting social, religious, and cultural program that has been a source of in- spiration for students of the Hebrew faith at the I ' niversitv. 45 ORGANIZATIONS. The Maine Christian Association is a student organization designed to help fulfill the religious and social needs of the Maine students. Its many activi- ties include Sunday morning and even- ing services, Friday night suppers, deputations, bible study, and discussion groups. In this organization many stu- dents are able to find a deeper and broader understanding of the religions of all people. Str„nd R.,v -C Religiously, intellectually, and .socially the Newman Club aims to benefit the student in deepening his spiritual feelings. Classes in Apol- ogetics, Philosophy, and Pre-Marriage arc held eekly. There is also an annual mission. Movies, panels, and discussions are held to give the stu- dent an opportunity to discuss and inquire on religious principles. 46 .ORGANIZATIONS I he Stiiil.iil Ktli ' ious Associaliixi is .1 r(»ml)inc(l orviaiii .ilioii of icpu sciuativfs from the four campus r li uious groups. Duriut; its third ai im thf Maim- iami)us its acti itits lia c i(iit i«(l maiuK oti I ' lcsliman dhili sup«i ision, pul)liiation of the I ' m l Echo, Hroth( rliood olrsciAaiu ( l.mbassv Vi(k. .iiul .i riHiiMl.. .iff r- lUMin cofTcf hour. Fir l Kow— U. MrOiiwn. K. Hcrilx-iil, U. U.mliii, (J. SiiicUir Second Row— J. StaplM. N. Roy. D. Lombard, A. Duiillc. D. Poulin, R. Bartlril. J. Dailcv riiiid Row— C. O ' Connor, K. Sulion, M. Hoyi. M. Bi clo V. Birkrimal.. R. Cohrn. N. Caloo. II. Mlir|.li%, C. IIu " c KirM R.... R. Lani«an. K Howard. . . Kin«. H. Tavlor. D. McCarlli ' S«ond Row M .Splanc, K. Hay. G. Lvonv B. Morcvr. J. Mailin rhird Row- D. IVndlrlon. B. Riff. J. TlmrMon Ihr Irohmaii C ' lub, an oryani ation to which every freshman belonn-s. helps bring the Fresh- man class closer tot;ether throuuh its social ac- tivities. These activities include dances, infor- mal meetings, aiul the publishing of a freshman newspaper. The Club also publihses The Bear Tracks. 47 i ORGANIZATIONS. C Mnoi D tsl Third Ron— M Cla. Fouith Row— E Bio Saigcnt J , I Sp.a, I,.,. R R. nf.. On the second Monday of each month about thirty-five members of the OfT-Campus Women ' s organiza- tion hold a co ered dish supper. These affairs, which combine a business and social hour, are held in the kitchen and women ' s lounge of the SRA building. Other activities include the making of a snow sculpture for the w inter carni- val and an all day outing at Bar Har- bor in the spring. " Above all nations - Mankind " is the motto of the International Club. Its purpose is to pro- mote friendship and understanding among the students of all nationalities. Membership in the organization is determined by interest and in- cludes students from many countries in addition to the Ignited States. 48 ORGANIZATIONS 11.. Mi . Mam. ' Clul) i(.iimm -.i the i cs of the stii(l«-ms of the I lu wrsitN. Ihis oit;ani .ation sponsoix the Maine Cub Nuiscia School and the Maiix- Vcll-Bab Ciinir. Mrs. Aiiiiiii Haiuk. Prrsidcm Hautks wife, is an lioiioiaiA incnibn. The rhib w as m aiu ' (l ti i- (Mis aiio anil meets iw ii . monihls. Major-., I. foulin, Bick(nrd. M. Bmvir . G. Slilplirn irconcl Row— M. Spaiks. M. Lcland J. Tiaik. N. Cook. D. Gilr. C. Di Third Ron— J. Hilyard, J. Chamo C. Stonr. G. Bumrll V. Knrcland, L. Wilin, R. Pcnoyar, Sinclair. B. Dubav. B. Kni«ht. Michaiid. M. Port. R. Grrncr. B. Ro.. AV. l.rirlicll. H. Vliilnr . K. V. I ' cnovar, N. Slilphrn. D. hiri. .M. lV,km nd Ru« ;. Krllrv. K. Will. B. Tl.mndikr. B. Farkatd. B. Pa. n,„ The Order of The Temple is a Masonic Club for Ma.stcr Masons, who arc or have been con- nected with the I ' nivcrsity or Maine. It was formed in 1920 at the I ' nivcrsity. The purpose of the Order of The Temple is to promote good fello shi|5. a knowledge of Ma.sonry, and good will among the Master Masons at the I ' nixersitv. ORGANIZATIONS. M. Oak Fiist Row— J. Didiikscn, 1 G. Leatheis, T. Tocci Second Row— S. Gaboon, G. Smith. J. Loblcv, D. McGoun, C. Go C. Blown. F. Dolan rhiid Row— J. Jackson ow M. Robii McGoinll, M. Tl . Woodward. Z. Ma . J. I. G. Ri The Young Republican Club has brought to the campus this year ai- ious Republican speakers in order that the members could hear them express their ie s on important political .sub- jects. This organization is now recog- nized by the State and National Young Republican Organizations. The Future Farmers of America was formed at Maine in 1938 to provide additional training and education to future advisors of high school chapters. It affords an opportunity for continua- tion in FFA work for former members. The organization aims at working in harmony with the purposes, principles, and ideals of the FFA groups. 50 .ORGANIZATIONS 111.- .S.|,i.,i.- IXiiuT Cliil) m.i i.-iil.iil this I.mph.isis hi ' iii pl.u ' ccl oil tindiii .iiul instiiu (iiiu ihoNC iiitfifstcd in Icaniiiiu u i.ill. Aiisonc who hkcs 1 ' " 1 ' |) daiuinu .mil lots of fun is flcyihh- for incmh(ishi|) .111(1 is Wflfoiiii- to come to the nii i- I-11.I R.m— J. Hum. 1. I ' ikc. p. Amr». F. On.. Src.nd Rm,-, . Mriiill. R. Hurrinxion, I,. FI«hI llind Rn» E. HHI. f.. Lambrrl. B. Chair, F.. B i Third Ro»-W. Srav.ard Fourth Rox- R. Brvcr. . ' I he Maiiu- Outiiv; Cilub is dcxotcd to th - fm- thcrinii of out-door activities at the rni rrsit such as skiinu ' . mountain climbiny, and hiking. It also carries on acti itics with othir outinu ' clubs in Ilastcrn I iiitcd States. Ihe MOC ow ns and operates the ski tow and the skatintj cabin as seivices to the University. The yoverninp; body of the MOC: is the Pack and Pine. 2 m ORGANIZATIONS. The purpose of the Glee Club is to proxide an opportunity for interested students to become acquainted with some of the best music which has ever been written. Both sacred and secular music is sung to develop this interest. The Glee Club takes an active part in assemblies. Christ- mas Vespers, Pops Concert, and Music Night. The organization occasionally puts on an ofT- campus concert. The Madrigal Singers were organized in 1949 for the study and performance of sixteenth cen- tury music. They have given an annual con- cert on campus of secular and sacred music of the Rennaissance, and have introduced for the first time programs of this type to many aud- iences throughout Maine. 52 .ORGANIZATIONS Ih. .,lMtS Sin-.IA is.lM .■Mi.,-,iit. lit iilai oiu.mi .itioii loiisistiiiu of tiuhi- fCM niiilc in«tnl)«Ts of the (Arc C.Inl). ri i- X ' arsitifs arc undn tlic dinctioii of lami ' N (iordon Scluood. The liioup inakfN arioUN appcarancfs tliioui;h- out thf t.itc as well as an the campus. Ihc |)ioi;iaius for the most part arc liiilit and wficii the uroup is comf)incd with the Ma(hi 4al Sini;ers tlic ui c a arieil stvlc of etitcrtainmeiu. A. M.»l..i . L.. 5U1I.1.I. Srciind Rott— A. Gouin, R. Fwkr. II. Lowr. D. Jitdinr. R. Iliilrhinum Thi.d Rn»-R. Lcithton. D. CJ.undv. C. Colbo. R. Whrrlrr IJ Ufl II (■.•II nil, I (n.t R . . M. Oikni: II Lr.rt,. S Cm. Srrond Ro«-F. Andrnum Damour. C. Shnrmakrt Third Rnv.— D. Diakr R. RinKdahl. R H Fourth R..«-C. Loud M. Do«. K. Fkichr, C. Fo«lt. A. Giumlrx. Mt. .Nivrii. J. DollolT. .Mr. Slr.pc-. F. Wixwn. R. Dow. J. Tracv. M. Parker. C. Farrm. . P. A. Hallidav. C. Hr .in , E. Connrllv The I ' nivcisiiy orchestra, which is under the supervision of the Department of Music, pro- vides an opportunity for those with interest and ability to entjaije in tiroup work. Led by Mr. Ni ii. assisted by Mr. Sleeper, the orchestra has participated in Christmas Wspers. Pops Concert. Music Niijht. .nid other musical acti i- ties on campus. 53 ORGANIZATIONS. ' . i ' i f ' J ' J h t ' i t U lili x Second Rc.u I I;,.., I ,, V.. Ha.vev, M. Hood, C. Farrow, C. Fogg, M. Oaknian. C. Douelass. M. B. Str..ul M, h.iil.A ( Duncan Third Ro«— (... Ldiiik.ii, L. K.ellis, C. Curtis. E. Khoury, E. Hurd, R. Wbison Fourth Row— L. Lovcjov. . .Mien. D. MacKinnon, R. Cummings. S. Cox, R. Ridley. O. Buswell. H. Br. Fifth Row— S.Harper. P. Albert. W. Houser. J. Didricksen, N. Khoury. R. Stephens. H. . insworth Si. th Row— J. Hunter, R. Harris. L. Burrill The Band is the oldest musical group on campus. The outstanding performance of the band has made it one of the most entertaining and important organ- izations on campus. The band ' s ability to do equal justice to a conventional march or a swing number and to make spectacular appearances at football games and other campus functions has earned it the whole-hearted backing of the students and faculty. JHE CAMPUS Mil i i i I wiri N K.litor-Iii-l.h..i .. Hu«inru Vl.ii JKrr Jr.iii Uolloll Clily Eciitur llrirn Juhniun Kcliluriitl P.ur Kditur Tony Shiinnori aporls K«tiiur Prrlrtion Pert. Jr. Maki-L ' p Editor Dirk Stephrn Sotipty Editor M.irvir Thoniaj •.mrrti»inii Manavrr 11:11 lluiln Rn ' oRTKRS: R.Mi.ild Drvinr. .Xshrr Knrcland. Douk Rii!o. Paul Royte. Keith Ruff. Dl. k " i. houM-. Barbara Winger. BUSINESS Associates: . l c • IHyy the (..(tmpus ha.s brrn faithfully rr- |M nini; nrw.s of the university community. Its (■(iitotial and business offices are located over the Fiookstore, upstairs in Fernald Hall. Produced by students and printed by the I ' niversity Press, the (Campus is published every Thursday of the school year. I ' .ditorial and business positions are open to all students reuardless of their collene or major. Knceland. Bob Ostreichrr. Jo Bill Butlrr. advprtisinK manager: William Tiedermann. cirrulation man- avi-r; Bella Frazier. business secretary: John Dixon. Sanderlin Day. David Levyne. circulation assistants: Bob Pellitier. . nita Ramsdcll, Dave Switzer. advertising assistants. M i DaVK GeTCHE!.!., liiillu PRISM. i Paul E. Marcoux Editor-in-Chief Irmng Pierce JOHN E. Randall Business Mannger PRISM BOARD Editor-in-Chief Paul Marcoux Business Manager John Randall Assistant Editor Barbara Wigger Editorial Assistants Norma Bessey Jean Grindle Design Format Joan LeTourneau Administration Faculty Paul Royte Organizations Dorothy Stone Anne Austin Senior Class Judith Phillips Fraternity Sorori ty Ralph Clark Joyce Hobbs Junior Class Elizabeth Hopkins Major Events Barbara Wigger Sophomore Fresh men Anne Martin Athletics Beverly Heal Informals Mary Moore N ' alerie Bicterman STAFF Anne Austin Pat Cvr Fave Irish Gary Phair Judy Barker Frannie Donovan Audrey Koritzkv Barbara Pillsburv Martha Barron Maxine Dresser Betty LaFurley Peagy Robinson Jim Dunton Dot Leonard Paul Roux Beverly Beal William Feyler Margot McCarthy Rachel Smith Nancy Caton Virginia Foley Eleanor Newhook Dot Stone Esther Cohen Jan Griswold John Noyes Arthur Traub Knee Hobbs Gloria Parrella Pat Turner .PRISM ' 54 P R I S M ri;i.i;v, Austin, iimsm y - lliilKINS. MAirilN, ( I,AI:K. PHILLIPS ( hk u t ;i SSI . MooKK, vi(;( L.TOfilNKAU. STONK. tU T iioYTK. Honm ' 54 PRISM UNIVERSITY of MAINE SENIORS BY JUDITH PHILLIPS— Associate Editor SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS .CLASS OF ' 53 (LASS OF -.v. Piesidfiit — Preston Waltfi Vice Pies. — Jack Ciiny Secretary — Helen Strong srrond Rnn— Jark Curry, Earlr D. Slrvrni Tlip class of 1953 choso the followinsr freshmen to Irad it thmutrh its first year at tlie University of Maine: Donald LaChancc. president: Robert Ellintfwood. vice president; Beverly Pettiniiill. secretary-: and Constance Lawley Hirst, treasurer. Officers elected for the year 1950-.T1 were: William Hirst, president: Raymond Cox. vice president: Diane Draper, secretary: and Donald Stevens, treasurer. .As Juniors, the class chose these leaders: Preston Walters, president: Diane Draper, vice president: Beverly Bouchard, secretary: and Dennis Hawkcs, treasurer. Preston Walters again headed the class durini; its senior year, with Jack Curry as vice president. Helen Stronu as secretary, and Earle .Stevens as treasurer. .Assistini; the officers in plannins; the class policies were the following members of the executive committee: Patrick Dionne. Jean DollofT. Diane Draper. Maxine Dres,ser. Philip Haskell. William Hirst. Donald McGown. Phyllis Noyes. Leon Segal, Charles Strich, C harlotte Troubh. and .Man Walden. 61 SENIORS. i li Clenn H. Adams, Jr. ( Dixficld AXA Animal Husl,andiy M.-clia P 1 Mav,. Ntulun CiiilLi la Daiiv Husband. V R.,hcil I). Ashby Ri.h.ird D Fort Fairfield TKK al Agririiltun- Business AdminisI La«reme R B iile AXA O Wildlife Conservation Vame M B ikeman S 1.E outh B.ooks ' Cliemical Engineering AXA Bedford, Ma Komr F.rnnoniK f ■ 1 Illiir Mill David C. Bcpplcr Mill. .|.||K Mnnlclai,. N. J. i- im ifM RnnM t Ill hnp .CLASS OF 53 SENIORS ( 1 Home Econo.nics Sarah E. Brarkley ,tM East D,,,v. . . H AF English Agr tTf " i k A LKcimo.c Falls F.neimc, i..? Physics MaiiUn li Bit Ri.haid N. Bn Robert P.. Brown •I ' Ki; Readhig, Mass. AU.i.m ,|,.M Engineering Physics Mechanical Engineei iiig SpciT n K-.tH-.l I 11....... Ml- U ' «|».- IKK A.ctiriiliural EnsincvrinK Uii«ino4 Aitiitinii Uutincu AdminUlitiion ■MIK i(..iilltllral tfe Mm m M.irriM n M. Bunu l .i«i l Buiicrndil KIranor M lU,„n l.m».i.Hl I.. ( .,r%illr i;.... ..r AOir .CLASS OF ' 53 SENIORS Edward J. Connor II Mamaroneck, N. Y. Engineering Physics I i»itn. c I Cro b UjMd 1 C Q O. u. dxk Va J. DiBiaw 1 horn . L. l irk«.n. Jr RidlonNillc _ XA R. Dimilre CalaU .CLASS OF ' 53 SENIORS. Leonard N. E; AXA General Agiiculluie Warren U. Eldridge Dover-Foxcmtl Engineei int; ££?S ATO P.r«|iic .|,.MJ RnrkUncI Robc.l I ' . FulJ IX Sutrn UUml. N. Y. .CLASS OF ' 53 SENIORS. :, lin Earl H. Goodspeed )l,l T.nvn W.-sl Fannin 70 4 k 1 ik dt TKK alcn f. Goulcltc Rntlljnt-r LjnitllJt{r Hii.inr.. A.lm„ TKK ' " J " " " ! ' Clirmkal Rntinrriintf c gcLJ%, Rnhanl H. ( .CLASS OF ' 53 71 SENIORS. 4 . M " t l).,vid L. Hale M. Joan Hail Philip A. Hall Robert J. Hampson v Portland y Run.l,„d XE Pn.tlaiid TKK Pk-asantville. N. Y. Jane E. Hanna H,u, .1 W. t M EIKuoit Engli h Mr l.anica Engin 72 Hi. h ril W H t«in« ' %» Adminnitaiion A A . Liii i-j Kiklh lh..m..% N. Hll .KullUf l I.diirj l)r..n B. Ilmlcki Morhaiiiral Kiuiiirciin)! Aniom.iiiy tP cv . .ilirr J. Ho»4rfl r Ka.l.n AOIl Bu.inr.. Aclmini. MuH.llolon H...r.i.c I lluwh ForlUnd (.a l Vj KdiK-alinn Jamr. II Hum. .CLASS OF ' 53 SENIORS. 74 .CLASS OF ' 53 SENIORS Milton I). Leishton Ouilf.Md Cltcmical Engineering Chemistry 76 .CLASS OF ' 53 SENIORS. rkr Miller Marhia V %9 K. Milrhtll K.ilhirr D..V.-.-F..N....I1 .|.M rll Ruih K. Mii.hcll mn AAA l).. k 11,1, , T() ,0 i ;lclclr(..,.l , ,|| .CLASS OF ' 53 SENIORS. 1 4 Hl ln,v and Hov. M.«.4b. 41 m Richard L. Nc«di(k AXA Augu Iver C. Neilson J,MA Soull, Pu.tland Zoology M. Eleanor Newhouk Arthur N. Nicol Xf Poland Spring i;x Biddcfo Matliomatics Engineering Physics A ff f. J. Warren Noyes M ' r V. No AXA Fair Haven, N. J. Illl ' l ' Agricultural Engineering H " " " ' Economics Phyllis IIB Home Econom xs; Sociology Waller L. Oakei N. Ma ATO Old Town ,t,ji Mecliaiiical Engineciing History Charle. 1). Udell ATA Newton Hialilaiid, Ma,- Education Wilmol F. Olive Agricultural Educatio 80 II llurllr 0S. Brurc E. I ' .irkhurM nainbridKC M. P.i Ruih K. H.iriiHle mM Cltrmical Fnicinrri Slocklon Spring! | ||K Bandor 81 .SENIORS I mm SENIORS. JournalU P 9 £ i i Ri,h..r i F. Phelon ,KV 0,0 H.urv L. Phillips. Jr. Frank E. Pickering Ben F. Pike v-x .Soulli Poilland v_ Deer Isle -Mfclianical Engineering .Meclianical Engineering Journalism P f t ' m Maitin S. PL. Rila E. Porter Paul A. Pi AZ Rangely K2 Medical TcchiHilogy 82 rrr.lrri. k Rohir. Jr Rirhjrl K. Robmuin Oronn Vr,l Yaimoulh. Mi.i. CLASS OF ' 53 SENIORS, Joseph G. Saunders 4 MA Ells ' Business Adminisliation lA A ft f Voodbury I). Saunde ex Ves,l Education ,.,varv, Jr. Allan Sawyer, Jr. .Ashland Kezar Falls ' 1 • Nancy .A. Schott Lewisiuii x).;,] Medical Technology Hist J. Segal .Madclene H. Sha Bangor lorest R. Sheldon Ch.olcs Poitland i;AK Lorraine Skolfield Parker He Medical Technology 84 a ' f Jt - V= v5 P .CLASS OF ' 53 SENIORS. Donald L. Swirker 4.rA c:i ' « ' - ' - i " Fred P. Tarr Suzanne liikei il ' HK Baltimoic Md. HB Soutl, P Chemical Engineering Goveinment i_ j Calumet, Ma Pl : 1 ■.,J Donald J. Thompson Wdliam K Ihoindike James S. Thor Portland Millinockct liHU nomics Chemical r.ngineei iuil Histnr and (ii) )inin Robert W T Chemical Eneineeiing 86 4K. Un ..i . oll HS (.. V,; M. Kcnnclh B. Ward R..l)crt NJ. Ward Donald M. W T T,.„,„n N J Agiicullural Ennln. • ;.i ; [n, i, ,,,;. ,1 r.,ii(ii John H. Webb. Jr. PhOli. Wrl.Mcr f Wcl.h ieonie W. Wcalhcrbee .-■ t. ■ -, I)jn«..r iNropott AZ Kllltry , , Prc.quc hic .CLASS OF ' 53 87 SENIORS. f Okan, N. Y. L„._ i iM If ' I J;imcs E. ViIson Elden A. Wixson, Jr. „. , , , ,. Richard C Wood 2AE B -lfast ArP Winslow . Wc.t Ha, ,r.„d C..n„. Clicniical Engincoiing Agricultural Engineering Economics Z r llomr rronomUi Seniors Whose Pictures Do Not Appear DiutiKM Acluunu •l-Ki ilX CiunlxTUnd Ci-n Vdirulluial Eduralioii Pricr C. Anxnaull. Jr. Riimf. WillLim T Ben R..»m,.„.l 1) B.m.).o. Jr. r... |ur Mr ..iuc..i„n Fran.,, W B . l. AlA Ban,,., KIrcl.ical En inr r,in. Ed»anl K. Bnutf Cumberland Onlcr ,1 En,inrr,in, Warrrn U. BraWcr Lon; Mand .. . ;nc»5 .Vdrnini, iralion Atntin C Ciirirr lAE Aubu.o r.Mi r.n « ' " " ' •- ' Johns. Cohei ueii MarUchrad. Mau. Chmiical En,.. imin. F.d. .ard , ;. Corbrtl AKl Ollrr C..r»k ♦PA Mwai.n Gnn K. I rn Dairv TrrhnoIocN ' John J Bi.Ktord •hPA P. .iland Da id B Brr ' ccr na.ion M Blood ATI ' Thorndikc . .r»-ul.,iral Educalion ohn K. Bul.rrfidd IV.rr FkW. Philip J. Bullcrfirld. Jr. Ijv Sltubrn EiKtnc L. Ciuminxham ♦FA .CLASS OF ' 53 SENIORS. Sidney J. Fogel Portland Frank R. Gardii Eduralini. H. (nlmore EaM Walcrbor. Joseph C Oodin .M ' A Sanford F.diiratiun Elisha P. Gould IX Marblehead. Mass. Civil Engineering: Vinlicld F.. Grant AXA Portland Forestry Elirabclh A. CJray BiwlhKiv Haihor Mfdical Vchnolo v Robcit Grecnoiich A1X1 C x i)ei?.to«n, N. Y. Ctxil F.txsinccrinj Howard H. Hcde Slocklu Mechanical Engineer Richard S. Hexes Wallace E. He«ett Dover-Foxcrofi Pulp and Paper Technology DaWd B. Hicks Darrcll D. Hilliler Education Constance L. Hii l + [ Orono HisioiA- Se»all M. Hohson ilA Portland History and (»o rmment Orald F. Hodge ♦MA Kangor Waller F. John •H ' A Bangor Business Administration Agricultural Economic A. C. Kibler Slfflwa John G. Kindbam ♦FA PonJand Elecirica] Engineering Gerald C. Kin- Ridard S. KaOTtlton ATO Wmthrop Ps -cJloJog Ridiard N. L.aP(unt£ 4 K— Lh-ci-mnrc Falls C3c T R. Lecify Norma E. Lorthrop Monliccll. Education Orin H. Lowe East Auburi Engineering Physics John V. Lusth Richard J. McGet KZ Pjovidence. R. I. Gaylon H. McCowan, Jr. O.-ono Dairy Htrsbandi-v Robert P. McLaughlin Hci ert F. Hardy. Jr. ATA AtnxMj Ci il Enginocriixg IVuhvN HusUndiv Roy T. H»b « XM ih»m. Mass. IVnnis A. Hax k» :£X R»t»t B«ii T«;h K l igy .Man B. Hodges ♦Ki: WcIU Ci -il Eitginccnng rvanid A- HodgkiBS Jefferson Agt-icMlnrral Engineerins Joanne E. How-iaBd Po-nland XlathcmaTJcs DonaU U HnstMi CHd T(.«-ii CSxtI Engioerring Eldiwi E. UitleSeJd Calais EngineMJng Phvdcs N al O. Uidefit EngineM-ing Bivsics Kidien £. Lonatijer :;N CMd 0«;h«rd BejKi George L. Matae ASA Essi Deiry. X. H. Meciianjcal Engineering 4 )|[A Portland 90 II. N jnd (.mrMi.i l i.kjr l, Jr. Lilrhfirld Dui 1r.hll..l..«N »ili...., K r,.mr,„v l ciinjril R Si lclin«rr .V...,Ml,„.„k IImU R. IIMmii Vrlhur M. Bjll».a Hci«hl.. i:an.,l Z...K- EnglUh I...rr K. R.i,kim ' I ' MA Aijiirulliiul Ernnomict Alfred F. Jr. AXA B,.«ala. . . j. H.Miirulluic La« reni( E. Siorlair Southnni lUllair Ruben T. Smith Poullrv Mudijndt« William I. l. iD . llutinrM . liniiiHti«liim ju(hn I. mMcI ItOII Po.ll lldur alios Ri.h.,rd R. Pcsc ATXt Rockji Ekcliical Enicinrrrini: RilJ J. Rcnfro IIH I Slill..3lc Ilnmr i:r ,noiDics (-i d KlMtinrrrinf Ur. v E. Ptasltv BOII Rockland Joseph n. Reny TKK Vai Civil Engineering lr- in W. Pendlelon -X Daik Harbor Education Harrison I.. Ri.hardson. Jr ■ . 1A Histors ' and Goveriinient Ra liiolMl D. Slephriu Le.. i,ion Roherl B. Ph.iir 1 E Lime Robert .M. Ridlon 2j;X Cape Ptirptu Ci il Ensrineering Charlo I . Sirilrh • IX Santo.d History and Goyernmrnt ■CLASS OF 53 91 CAMPUS VIEWS. R()GEns HALL , rtffil ' fl ' ' ' L I MERRILL HALL 92 .CAMPUS VIEWS i V . ■Mu:-Mi ri .s I 1 . I . N S M I ' 54 PRISM UNIVERSITY of MAINE FRATERNITY — and — SORORITY BY Ralph Clark and Joyce Hobbs — Associate Editors INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL OFFICERS Alpha (iamma Rho Ora Haskell Alpha Tau Omega Ralph Applcgate Beta Theta Pi Donald Kclley Delta Tau Delta Patrick Dionne Kappa Sigma Donald Cannon Lambda Chi Alpha Ronald Bishop Phi Eta Kappa Thomas Laskey Phi Gamma Delta E. Timoth) McManus Phi Kappa Sigma Jack Curry Phi Mu Delta Gorham Hussey Sigma Alpha Epsilon Frederick Spencer Sigma Chi John DeWilde Sigma Nu William Patterson ■ Sigma Phi Epsilon V. Arthur Hathaway Tau Kappa Epsilon William Hirst Tau Epsilon Phi Martin PIa in Theta Chi Donald Stritch INTER FRATERNITY COUNCIL III! li.M K " « WillKuii Hii-l. JaLk Cuiis. riiiiiiak bptllci:!, I ' jliitk Diuiii,.. (,.,:l.aui llui-.t-.. L. Imiulliv McMaiiuv Gardiner Hall. Second Kou- Jiilin OrWildr. Donald Cannon. Donald Kcllv. Thomas La ki ' v. Kimald Bishop. Ronald Drvinr. Third K »— Ralph . pplcgat.-. W. . rlhur Halha»av. Ora HukrII. Jr. The Intel -Fraternity Council is the body which iio ( riis the .ictioiiN of Ir.iternitii-N on tlie cani|)ns. It is com posed of one member from i-.icli ti atei nit . m.ikiim a lota! of seventeen. Fat Dionne of Delta lau Delta is this year ' s presidem. with John Stew art. Dean of .Men. as our ad isor. The council meets once a month to decide general jiolicy for the fraternities, such as rushing, social program, etc. The council is a member of the National Inter-Fraternity Con- ference, which is the governing body and advisor for fraternities throughout the tuition. 97 ALPHA GAMMA RHO. President Oi T Haskell Vice President M, le Ad.UHv Secretaiy .1 " in Treasurer illst .n Caitei Alpha Ganinia Rho was founded at Ohio State University on April 4. 190;? . . . loral chapter, Psi. founded in 1924 . . . oiiK Maine fraternity which is strictly agricul- tural . . . leads in fraternal scholarship, keeping possession of the Sigma Chi Foun- dation trophy for the last six semesters . . . social events include annual Hallo- ween party. Homecoming, fall and spring houseparties . . . Wood Chopper ' s Brawl and Paupers Promenade also great suc- cess . . . Alpha Gam receives honorable mention for homecoming display ... Ed Johnson manages the annual Farmer ' s Fair . . . Don Waterman was a member of the varsity football squad . . . also the winner of the Danforth Foundation Scho- larship as the outstanding Junior in the College of Agriculture . . . Leland Gile named the outstanding agronomv student. l I ' H ( M. I. RHO . II Blood HiadMi,,! .FRATERNITY ALPHA GAMMA RHO ■ Jn • s ' t r ' -l - -i ' % M.I ' M (. IM KHO FiiM Rn» - CioiT. Lracli. I ' arkard. . dall» Mi . IlilikKv. Ila%ktll. Krrnr. Con. Uinmmi. PliUifrr Second ro -- Cram. Phair. Shands, Ctranl. Gilr. E. Johinoii, Hairtnitlon. DouKlas. .■ ndir % ITiiid •u -- llodi(kil». Wcynioulh. Conant. Rird. MarckiH.n. .Vlihv. Walirman. R Jolm on. .Ml).-.l Foutlh Row — Tra k. Harmon. Dulhir. U. Ciaftv Kdsironih. WaK-iliom, Fullri llovi Fifth ron — Rm.-. Biirknrll. Poll.-,. Pcasix ' . RoK.i. C. M.Klvkln.. S.Mir.Ml M ' M li ' l ' H ! " 1 fl ni ix ■ i Wj m -. i fl| H St ) B B f ' , H ALPHA TAU OMEGA. Picsidunt Vice President Treasurer Secretarv Ralph Applcjatr Robert Greenouuh Richard Marr Bruce Krne-e, Alpha Tau Oinesia vas founded in Ricli- mond, Virginia, in 1865 .. . Beta Upsilon was founded at the Unixersity of Maine on April 10, 1891 . . . The ATO ' s annex the silver plate emblematic of the first place in the Interfraternity Sing . . . the Daisy Mae party sau 300 couples Homecoming found many alumni return- ing to the house . . . Gene Drolet and Skip Hall are on the tennis team . . Dave Bates and Dick Vose playing on the varsity baseball squad . . . Ken Lincoln starring on the track team . . . the fratei- nity suffered a loss when Mrs. Ruth Whit- ney, housemother for seven years, retired due to ill health ... Ma Weeks has taken her place as housemother. •ALPHA T, L OMEG.A 1950 . oin»an courget David Butti-rficld Edward Corbctt Gene Drolet VVa Iti, Oak s Kic ia,d P.aSL PmoM r„ 1 Piik.ns ! ■, 1 Rip inald DLCiin Ha, old Ft.nald I ' r. ton Hall U iiuc. Kiu, Ho, ac, I„ I,1 Kir aid Ma,r L.; M,n,nni K,is l11 Lin a is IHm a,d L on Me, e Noyes ( a, Pipii Hal Rc d R,rl aid Staples o, „ Stilphen dolpli Storey Rob ,t Mamunv Dnid Riiu, lden Smith Fredeuck Stap! faii,,c, Wilki, Pledijc Fitz-Patrick 100 ALPHA TAU OMEGA Al-l ' llA 1 Al UMKCiA Fir l row — Field. Btillrr. Krucgrr. Man. Applricalr. Mrck . Giccnough. Kr Second row — Lyon. Sniilrv. Pipc%, Lo aa , Hall, .Mininni. Prnoyar. FoKom. Corl Tliird nm — Rrrd. Prrkln . Droirt, Balf«. Vow. Lincoln. Lord. Oakn. Rrynold Fourlli ro« — White. .Martin. Alualer. IVa»e. RaKon. .Mixxiy. Porter. Slilphcn Fifth ro» — Roue. Derrinit. Bourget. R. Staples. Biilteriirld. Wilkinson. Waigun vllon. Mar.Mal,.ii. Fil .| ' ..Irirk 101 BETA THETA PI. President Don Kelley Vice President Roderick Ciiute Secretary Richard Anderson Treasurer Artlun- Withinsitdn Beta Tiieta Pi founded at Miami Uni cr- sity, Oxford, Ohio, on August 8, 1839 . . . Beta Eta chapter at Maine founded in 1879 . . . first fraternity on campus . . . now 97 active chapters in the United States and Canada . . . informal party after each football game . . . 400 alumni and friends attending Homecoming par- ties . . . formal house party in the fall . . . Beta well represented on football, basket- hall, and track teams . . . many members in campus groups . . . painting has been done by the members on the individual sleeping and study rooms . . . several hun- dred dollars spent on redecorating interior of the house during the Christmas vaca- tion. BETA THETA PI 1953 r.iiii 1) ' ., ' ,, ' ]„■.., 1J,M,. as Ki.nland d Leathers lame Murtha Peasley «n Perry d Stevens 1954 Kill. Clyd Bickford Douglas Blakelot John Bridge FreH, rirk Coddington Bern rd Deshaies Char es Furlong Kerb lame Holland Kmvii ond Kellev Kiel,. rd Klain ohn Mastrohattista MrB.ide i ' au ' l ' Orino Stevens George Vamvakias Arthur Withington FRATERNITY BETA THETA PI - Williiiivlon. IViiv. ' .tiii%aKi — ■niiii-lon. WorlhiiiK. Oi in — Blalclifnid. MaNlrnballisla. — Cvr. r.otdon. Xlolloy. Dan BETA THETA PI ulr. D. Kcllcv. Andrnon. Jovco. CiKldinelon. 1 ' . Lcallim line. Sniilli. R. Lcallicn. Wass, Parker [. Carlilnn. Hullaiid. McBildr. Illakrlork ni. Klain, Gray mm ■ a ' cs T « q f m ■ 103 DELTA TAU DELTA President Patrici ])]n Vice President Hainbrid-e Pai Secretary BariA W Treasurer Hai.v Gamma Nu chapter of Delta Tau Delta was founded at the Uni ersity of Maine in 1907 . . . Larry Stinchfield is president of the International Relations and Politics Club . . . Paul Marcoux is the editor of the Prism . . . Art Patten is the ice presi- dent of the Scabbard and Blade . . . Pat Dionne is president of the Interfrateniitv Council and Secretary-Treasiuer of the Skulls . . . Bill Grove . . . defensi e half- back in varsity football . . . Douy (ill- mer . . . high jump winner in the State track meet . . . Fall houseparty climaxed with outing at Chimo Pond . . . " 9 Gold Rush " is a big party . . . big social event of the year when ' " Roxanne " is crowned Belt Queen . . . Housemother, Mrs. Fitch, busv in House acti ities. DELTA TAU 1953 DELTA 1 Baxl.r cis Bc.vie rk D.onn .1 Br.uM, Id r.iicks ,M Haid ■ " Alfred Coombs William Dow John Flvnn lames Hacketl 104 FRATERNITY DELTA TAU DELTA DKI.I A IM DKl.l A Fii.I row — Dr hair . H ckrll. Ju,.-, Waid, Dinnn.-. Filch. I ' aiM.nv Maicoiiv. B.ivlr. Hall rcond row — Ciuhinit. Cunmtn. tiiii r. Slinchfirld. JolinMMi. C. Packard. WrbMri. Biiiun. I.aiiitia lliird row - Sral . Hunlcr. Smilli. Buwriman. Pi arro. WaMi. Bullri. Lrallici.. Huinpliir Fiturth rim — McKay, Furbusli, Gancm. FIvnn. Prilrlicr, Do» . While. Pallcn Fifth row - H. Haidv. F.rick n. Vcillmrr. Fnx. B. Packaid. LrBiim 105 KAPPA SIGMA. President Donald Cannon ' i e President Ed C;ian(iii-ttc Secretary Robert Watral Treasurer Lucien Garneau Kappa Sitjnia was founded at the Uni ei- sity of Virginia in 1869 . . . now has 125 acti e chapters in the United States . . . Psi chapter was founded at Maine in 1885 . . . held top honors in campus touch-foot- ball championship . . . runners-up in bas- ketball and handball . . . Jack and jini Butterfield co-captains on last year ' s loot- ball team ... Ed Cianchette and Ed Bou- danavitch arc this year ' s co-captains . . . Hob Nixon on varsity basketball team . . . r)a e VViggin is outstanding on the base- ball diamond . . . Norm Roy is Senior Skull and vice president of the Newman Club . . Breen Bernard, Joe McBrine. and Bert Daniels are Sophomore Owls . . . ciiapter witnessed the usual season parties . . . Homecoming and a series of facult speakers . . . twenty-eight new pledges . . . housemother Mom Hamilton ' s tenth year. K. PP. SIGMA wss t ci I t.n, K I i H I I k 1 . f id BobdaiK nt Calenda rd Cianche Bishop James Butler Kevin Cadieu-K Linwood Carson Fred Coffin .Mfred Coulombc . lbert Daniels Frederick Maher Patrick Pan F.anris Plu M,.u,i,r r,. 106 FRATERNITY KAPPA SIGMA KAPPA SIGMA FiiM r m — llcllrr. Cljinraii. Priiv. Cianrlirtl. ' . Mr . llamillon. Cannon. Ualral. Ynunv. (,alli Srcond tim — Mohrr. Mav. Lindc|uiM. MacFailan. Kinrs. . i on. Whallcy. Raymond. Wiga;in. SinatI Third mw — Morin. Rich. Coffin, Ourllrtic, J. Johnston, Parent, Carson, Husscy, L. JohnsoD Fourth row — SiKTira, Provost, Gingros, Tartrc, Boutin, Bclivrau, Danirls, Roy, Biitirr Fifth I.m 11.11...,, I .Ni,,- H.,11 107 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA President Ronald Bishop Vice President Harold ?:anic Secretary George Gardii Treasurer Daniel Davi Lambda Chi Alpha was founded at Bos- ton University on No ' ember 2, 191)9 . . . now has 140 chapters in the United States and Canada . . . Beta Zeta chapter at the University of Maine was founded in 191o . . . Gay Nineties party great success . . . outing for the Spring houseparty held at Mount Kineo Lodge on Moosehead Lake . . . house received new coat of paint last spring . . . Kay Fletcher crowned Sweet- heart of Lambda Chi . . . Paul Judkins takes over the throne at Winter Carni- val . . . Sandy Cameron makes good in " Death of a Salesman " . . . John Brewer directed the Christmas play, " No Room at the Hotel " . . . Alumnus Wes Evans de- signed the TV antenna for VVABI ' s new- station. LAMBDA C;HI ALPHA 1953 Donald Lombard Vaughn Martin Richard Newdick Alfr.d Ram Ri.hard Holmes Mankv Irish Hiinh McCormick c: Douglas McLcll William Meyer Thaddec Moreau Ahhott Mosher GeiMge Shaw 108 FRATERNITY LAMBDA CHI ALPHA ' m - ' ' ' ? i n iiiiiiiiiiiiL I ISRPf msi LI np Blfe 171 in LAMBDA I HI Al.l ' HA Fit»l tow — McCormick. MrLrlland. Canicron. DavU. Spiauin-. H. Eamu. GaicJin. Shaw. Cliaii ll -r Second lotv — Holmes, Gram. Shea, Ncwdirk, Birtlr. Watson. I.. F.ainr . R. Chasr. Brrwer. Dniiilir Third row — Mayne, Whcclcr, Woodman, Landr . I ' aino, Mo»hrr. .Meyer. Berube, Moreaii Fourth row — Harriman, Bailey, Irish, Beaudoin, Vaux. BiA-ant, Jordan, H. Chase Fifth row — Cerasuolo, Searway. Barrett, Ambrose, Ram, Lombard, Fraser, Gilson 109 PHI ETA KAPPA. l)a id Brpplf riionias Laskc President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Phi Eta Kappa is tlu- only local fiatriiiitv on campus . . . founded in 1906 . . . sec- ond strongest local in the country . . . sui- passed only by Kappa Kappa Kappa at Dartmouth . . . Phi Eta maintains tin- top athletic pll ition on campus . . . winnriv of the Benjamin C . Kent Intranuual All Point Trophy award for the third consecu- tive year . . . the ictor in the C ' harle Rice and Intramural track meet . . . won the fraternity championship and the First annual state fraternity tournament . . . five of the seven cross-country starters were Phi Eta ' s . . . Tom Laskey and Ed Perry on track team . . . Keith Mahaney on varsity basektball scjuad . . . " Indian Party " , ' " Harvest Hop " . " Milkman ' s So- cial " , and " Buccaneers Brawl " are the main social events of the year . . . spring housepartics end the social year. Th .m.,. Laskev i;h Ko 3eit Stevens Fred Tar, Pa rick Thcrriault Da id Tibbets leit Touchettc 1934 Ml lie Chadborne -Nathaniel Churchill Ge lev Dean F.. le-t CJranl ] ■, ■ nu Haike aid Hansen Co usn Haskell K,i ph Houatd (la I.e m Lambert Ho ace Lippincott .lar les Perry F ankl n Bia Tl omas C r Glen Dean I il DP, 110 FRATERNITY PHI ETA KAPPA I ' HI t I KM ' l ' A Fiisl tuw — F. Dran. Sniilh. (jclrlirll. La k : . Mis. Cuuk. Ui ' |i|ilt ' i . 1air. K. Tniirlirllr. Slr riu. E. I ' riir Srrond row — Kand. C T. FlcwcUing. Braiigwynnc, Liltlrfirld. Howard, Callinan. Robinson. Kru«e lliird tow — Chadbournr. (;. Dran. Cliurrliill. Srwi-ll. Han»rn. Lippincolt. Clark, Wilson. Gannon r..ii.ll. low Holdcn. O.gmMl Frrrigno. I ' rincc. J. Pern. SvlvrMcr, Scarpalo, Lcc. Wii«lil. Sliain. DiCJinanni 1 (il. row I. I ...irlultr., Pli «%. .Slicay. Krilrv, Haines, .Maliamv, Si, Piiiir PHI GAMMA DELTA, T % ' r. Piosident Doi aid MrC.usk Secretary Edu ard McMan Treasurer Rov VVehb Phi Ganiina Delta was founded at Wasli- inyton and JefTerson Clollege on May I. 1848 . . . Onie a Mu chapter was founded at Maine on November 24. 1899 . . . bis; party of the year . . . Fiji Island party . . . " CufTy " Godin reigning as island king . . . movie celebrities Barbara Hale and Jefl ' IDonnell were guests at the party . . . spring houseparties held at Sebec Lodge . . . toastmaster Lincoln and sports writer Jack Moran, guest speaker . . . Norris Pig Dinner a success . . . " Zebe " Golden, Joe Mawson, Norm Stetson, and Jim Randell played varsity football . . . " Buz y " Knight was elected president of the sophomore class . . . Homecoming and fall house- parties were held to the strains of Jimmy Hawes and his orchestra. IHl t MM UELT. GRVDUME 1 I Cli k J, 1 UcLoi I) D Blast I) I I I Cuskci i I M ' l I J 112 .FRATERNITY PHI GAMMA DELTA Fii l to» — Diplock. John. OnciMcdl. . lrMi nu Srrand ro«- — Kni«hl. NMicl. FoKoni. Kindhoni. Third row Flrmin«. Wilkcr. Ma«.. n. . |i|k-I. ( F..urlh row Sullivan. Hirklrrnian. Sir .A. l. ). l)KLT. :.tI. M... Bu1i«. Wriland. Biinfnv ncoln. .MrCu»k -r. Swickir Hutchir ffin. . ddil..n .Ml.n. Randall .Nov.- n Si.«.-i (....mirv. P1..11 Z.kI 113 PHI KAPPA SIGMA, Phi Kappa Sigma was founded at the University of Pennsylvania in 1850 . . . 44 active chapters in the United States and Canada . . . Alpha Delta chapter at the University of Maine was founded in 1898 .. . John Curry elected ice presi- dent of the senior class and president of I. M. A. A. . . . Mike Boyd chosen Mr. University . . . Phi Kap took top honors in the snow sculpture . . . honorable men- tion in the Maine Day float parade . . . Austin Thompson wins L nivcrsity s heavy-weight wrestling tournament . . . volley-ball team takes first place in intra- mural contests . . . fraternity third in scho- lastic standing . . . spring houseparty out- ing at Bar Harbor . . . Snow Ball a suc- cess with outing at Sebec Lake Lodge . . . plans underway for new additions to the house. C President John Curry Vice President Alfred Leo uN Secretary Kendall Lund CZi Treasurer James Buzzell. Jr. i " Gerald Beach Michac-l Boyd James Buzzell, Jr. Robert Croissant David Gates Richaid Gray .Mfred L.-.. Cliailes . lcCluskey Riciiaid Millei Pain George Patter? Robert Pearsol Robert Pike John York Robert Hutchi .FRATERNITY PHI KAPPA SIGMA W f ' s— m m V.i - w m }W ' . K m. BiTi " ' F " ■1 J I ' i ' j r is g lii HiJB -r«e4 L «S=L. iflN ti KSMM ||M....JHi PHI KAPPA NKiMA Ki,,t io« IVjixiii, Lund. KidciMil. (io s. Cuiiv. C;alr . Bu ycll. PjllrrM.n. Crm»aiil. Claik ,■cond rinv Plirlnn. LaRiichrllc, Millci, Andrison. hniitli. Rrmirk. Brown. Hodgrt. Cook Ihiid row — Huichinwn. Yurk. Gagnon. Boyd. Halinrl. Fro i. Siun . Bolt. Palmrr Fourth ro» Bcarh. McGook. Hrrrlin. Hanna. Frnnn. A%,o. Mark. Hr» PHI MU DELTA President G orhani W . Husse Vice President Geor-e G. Allen Secretary- Robert H. Snutli Treasurer Daniel P. Folsoni Thirtieth year of Nu Epsilon chapter of Phi Mu Delta at the University of Maine . . . nine chapters represented at bi-annual conclave held in Orono last fall . . . three major sport captains . . . strong intia- mural teams . . . varsity athletes in e er sport . . . fourth on campus scholastiially during spring semester . . . annual Ship- wreck Party culminates spring social af- fairs, with four hundred people attendint; . . . house decorated with fish nets, sea- weed, buoys and colored lights . . . Home- coming and Fall House parties both big successes . . . two hundred people served at Homecoming bufTet supper . . . mem- bers and officers in many campus organi- zations. PHI Ml DELTA Donald Gouin Scuall Hobsoii GL-iald Hodge Harold Hutchinson I ' dwaid Johnson Ivor Ncilson Birnaid Paradv !..,«,. .1,,- R.ukliff 116 FRATERNITY PHI MU DELTA fit. I i.». Ih ' .iii. . (ioiiin. Umi ' . ' ii. FmIv.iii llii ' .x ' t. iW. Vll.ii. Ji.liiiMoii. N. ' iK..ii .»..lli,. Srronfl row — Bral. Randall. Hr»ill. Siiiiiin hy. Hrai. Cliuichill. KaMiirr. Sriilaack. Sinimnnt. S| rii. Third r«» — Halliday. Lord. Pikr. CipiK-nv KirliardMHi. Wuitinan. Covrll. Hi l» n. D. Couin Fnurlli rim — W.hmImiiii . CIHTord. Oalivinplr. Lucr. Earlry. Canilirll. RacklifT. Tolli. Mnrlhiirr, Wl.iir Irish. Dunlon Fifth r m — Spaikv CLiiiilLiiiirr. Ft ' ■■. Caivillr. Card. Fooir. Novick, Steams. Roui. L. Bickfnrd. F.. Birkfo 117 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON, President Vict- President Secretary Treasurer Stepiien Emmons Arnold Hoekinu Donald McGowin Donald Poulin Sis nia Alpha Epsilon was founded at the University of Alabama on March 9. 1856 Maine Alpha was founded in 1901 won second place in the Interfrater- nity Sing . . . captured top honors in the Maine Day Float parade with a tableau of the Coburn Cadets, the original ROTC at Maine . . . actives busy with campus athletics and organizations . . • the " Lions " blast their way to the top for the University Softball championship . . . end of the semester found the fraternity third scholastically among the fraternities . . . social events included houseparties and the annual Barbary Coast party . . . post- game coffee parties popular after the foot- hall events in the fall . . . Hell Week lives up to its name with twenty pledges. ;M A ALPHA KPSILON PLKDCE: luai.l Sulliv 118 FRATERNITIES SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON SUiMA M.HH A KI-SILUN Fir l row — Slrvrn.%, MimmIv. Ri-rcl. MrKtH-kltir. Mrs. (fiudv. Calioon Srrond row — Brngcr, Potilin. Muiiilnn. Anilci on, Waid. Cuiivlilin. ' Third row — Coleinali, McGoun, Knrcland. Spencer. MrLain. Benin Fourlh ro» — Hukcll. Picrcr. Duval. Trvk. (i. Philbrirk. Cliilman. Fillli row — Sturicvanl. Siovrr. .Morrn. Uurdnn J. Hall. T.Krci. Emrrionv Sillrlli irir. Slandlry.. Alriandrr m. Robinson. HockinK. Murnratil ' . Philbrick. Rrccn, MacLrod " 4 ' ?L1 iC ' lL ' ui 1 Til ( flJ H ' H . " Mtm lI ' 1 9nn|r.v ill ' J Aa Ma ! iiM Tt B ' I il? L nl Mt fl 1 3 ■H f jM B ft. - 1 119 SIGMA CHI President John DeWildr Vice President James Horstail Secretary Llewellyn CUaik Treasurer Thomas Fallun Sigma Chi was founded June 28 . . . 1833 ... at Miami University. Ohio . . . Rho Rho chapter at Maine since 1902 . . . fiftieth anniversary held in April . . . time capsule containing fraternity and school publications, photographs, and wine bur- ied .. . will be opened in fifty years ... In- ternational Sweetheart, Barb Williamson of Cornell, visits the house . . . her first official function . . . Rho Rho chapter has winning decoration in 19.32 Homecominti float . . . active in many camp functi ons . . . membership now totals 64 . . . Mrs. Pray, the housemother, is well-known foi her engaging personality and her interest in school activities. SIGMA CHI Com ad Bo5w( Elisha Gould Rc.bnt Ridlor f • " . h,,„k l ' „k,,,n • ' M I Kid.d.d, J K.nn. 11. ' A% ' V « , II « iiiii. " ' lMVl ' ' .k ' r CliaiUs Huss. lohn Kni.wlo! Biuci- Mum. 120 .FRATERNITY SIGMA CHI M(.MA cm First tun — Fringcr, MarLcan. CUik. DcWildr. Prav. Il«i (all. FalUin. Bancinfl. Nirol. EllinK v i Second row — Erickson, Frml. Crosier. PirkcrinK. Pltilli| !t. Htintrr. Ilalr. BurlinHamr. SwccI Third row - Parkn. Lo%rio%. Hifttim-.. Hilinn, Max«rll. Calkin. (;. Smith. Ciuisr. Sinim. Fiiuith rn» — Knoulrs. CUfTnrd. Biimn. WhrrliK-k. Gould. Slrvrm. Wralhrrhrr. W. Butlri MrHrnrt. Hrah, Colhv Filth lotv — Ma nr (innd»in. Dixnn. Yalrx. Whilr. Munn. Briini. Botuorth. Knhrrl . Tirdrinann 121 SIGMA NU, President Richard Wnnd Vice President Villian, Huntr, Secretarv Robert Foul Treasurer William Foss Sigma Nu was founded in 1869 at " u- ginia Military InsUtute. Delta Nu chap- ter observes its fortieth anniversary on the campus this year . . . Hugh J. Murplu is new faculty advisor, taking the place ol Thcron A. Sparrow . . . traditional Roai- ing Twenties party held during rushin . . . Joanne Roberts crowned White Rose Queen at spring houseparties . . . the Hobo Hop, Homecoming, house parties and informal vie dances were held in the fall . . . DufT Pendleton and Gordy Johns- ton were on the varsity tennis team . . . Bob McMahon and Dick Wood arc ar- sity golfers . . . varsity skier Robin Upton taking part in the winter sports . . . the intramural football team went into the semi-finals in the fall tournament. Mt. andn MacGicgor John Xoidstrom William Pateison RaMiiiind Pev.iW I , ink Scha.ble W ill. 1 Soiilr 122 .FRATERNITIES SIGMA NU SIGMA M ' Fir.l io» — Coairr. Gixrn. HarlnMI. Fmd. WihkI. Nriiiphv. Burner. Fo ». Braiidnn. Binon Srri.nd io» — Palcnon. Criwkrr. Piraid. Pcndlcmn. McFaddcn. Brcrkrl. tiould. Carroll. D. vine Third row — Kennedy. Milehell. I ' esola. BillinlI . Nurd tinni. Fareurll. Bailev. Yarii»v Fourth rotv — Soule. Emery. .-Vicnelhi. Loranger. I ' ackaid. McMalinn. Bioun. Lind av Fillh ro»v — . in »orlh. Corbell. .Srhaible. L ' pliin. .Mdiev 123 SIGMA PHI EPSILON, President Chester Harris Vice President Dana Bagsjett Secretary Leonard McGinnis Treasurer Howard Lou Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded at Rich- mond College. Richmond, Virginia, in 1901 . . . Maine Alpha was installed May 30, 1948 . . . the 85th of 118 active chap- ters in the United States and Clanada . . . the Sig Ep Showboat, minstrel show and dance, was a big event . . . 150 couples attending . . . spring houseparties held at Log Lodge, in Lucerne . . . outing at Bar Harbor . . . Joyce Glasnap chosen Sig Ep Sweetheart . . . annual Founder ' s Day party held May .SO . . . Homecoming at the Stillwater Firehouse . . . Captain Ro- bert Chabot elected advisor . . . filling the office of Major Hugh Wendle . . . Bub Pert is city editor of Campus . . . carol singing to the girls ' dorms at Christmas time . . . members active in athletic and scholastic activities. .sk;m.a phi epsilo.n 1953 Oakley Porter Robert Stender F.arle Tarr Baggct rt Birc Black 124 .FRATERNITY SIGMA PHI EPSILON SH,M FiiM tu» - p. I ' m. Kd»iiid . CUik. Ba«!(rll. Hani Second ru» — Willrll. Hunlrr. R. Chick. Sirndrr. C Thiid lun — Burton. Gruvn. McUibnrv. McTajcitaii F.milh ...« — Blick. Tan. Springer. Malhini. Varn Filll. ..•» 1. IViI l..r...|...k li..l.iiiari., . Capi. C:Ii. Ih i. Mr(iii ni.s. Bridnrs. Oli . Ui r.«. .Mud«rll. Hatlia»ay Kcllcy. Orndron. (larlr. N. Chirk. IlrHlxdo V. Cromnirll.CiimminK.. Biirh ■h..i.. Winlon. C.nanl. B..«u.- 125 TAU EPSILON PHI p,,.sident Martin Phuiii Vice President Leon Seyal Secretary Arthur Traiib Treasurer James Kriyei Tail Zeta chapter of Tau Epsilon Phi fraternity came to the campus in 1929 . . . national has 43 active chapters . . . past year has seen great success in all aspects of fraternity life . . . second scholastically among all the houses on campus . . . one of best years in athletics . . . reached the finals of the softball championship . . . annual Hades Hop . . . again the talk of the campus . . . spring houseparties was peak of social season . . . Jerry Van Dyke from Dow Field provided the entertain- ment . . . throughout the year. TEP made a fine showing in all campus-wide activi- ties . . . many members active. Al EPSILON PHI ,k C.Irii ,alcl H.-izb.T ,k LirbtMrna .Siudll Cha-on Stua.t Cohen Stan Falcow Sumnoi Flash Owen Grcenblatt Lcn Heifcrman Harvev Leavitt .i«k 126 .FRATERNITY TAU EPSILON PHI TAl EPSII.ON PHI Firsi row — Traiib. Krii{rr. Plaviii. Sntal. Wrin lriii. I Second row Solin. Grrrnblatl. M. Colirn. NVriow. l.rvx Third row — Ltrbrrman. SMvrrman. Hrr bi iic 121 TAU KAPPA EPSILON Pivsiden N iinan Pcllctic Vice Pi, sid ■lit William Hi, TreasuK r Irvin Havnr SiTrctarx .1 can Laxi-ncu Tail Kappa Kpsilon was loiiiulcd at IliiiKiis Wislcyan University, in 1899 . . Beta L ' i)silon chapter became affiliated in H)18 . . . now 99 active chapters . . . Teke won two honorable mentions . . . one foi their snow sculpture of ad isor Dick Hill . . . second place also for their sports float on Maine Day . . . Sliady Ta ern and French Quarter parties . . . annual ex-cnts . . . traditional Artist ' s Brawl, held in April . . . Dottie McCann chosen " Sweetheart of TKE " at the annual Car- nation Ball . . . held at the Penobscot Valley Country Club . . . climaxed social season ... Gil French and Don McKeen initiated in Phi Beta Kappa . . . (iil was also Valedictorian of the Smiioi class Bill Hirst is president of General Stiulenl Senate . . . also a Senior Skull and the captain of tlie cross countrv team. i p- Jf .Mmon Whecle 123 FRATERNITY TAU KAPPA EPSILON lAl K l ' l ' KI ' Ml.ON Fitit tow — Bcirv. RrMlolds. Ha ni.. Iloxl. Br.mii. IVIIcli.i. Ilir l. I ' iilill. f.oodwin. Ui.»likr ilrli Srrond inw — Drake, Kduards, Mii Kiik-. Sinclair. Dod r. Croscn, Hanip on, Anderson, Frederick 1 hiid i.m — Caci, Bartlell, Flaw. Wheeler. Surrcit, Euslij, Washburn, Ehrlich, A. Tliebargc Fourth row — Harvey, Dul)c. LaChance, F.. ' Ilieharse. Bro«n, B ' Rells, Foster, Mannhrin, Klli. Fifth fo.. - Macii, Dicks. I ' avM.n. Phillip., Sni.hei... M.irD " imall, U 129 THETA CHI. President Vice Pre Secretary Treasure! Theta C;l ])irk Hkhmi Gardiner Hall Horace Libby Donald Hisjijiiis It Norwich I ' ni- founded er.sity in 1865 . . . Gamma chapter at the University of Maine was formed in 1907 . . . the annual Apache party was held in March . . . spiini: Imiiseparties rounded out the spriu ' .(Mirvtii . . . eighteen pledges were initiated durini; Greek Week . . . Homecoming and fall house parties mark two more successful parties . . . the annual Christmas party for imdcr-pii i- leged children of the neighboring commu- nities held in December . . . activities in many campus functions . . . Joe Rigo with newspaper stimts on the Campus . . . Don Stritch heads Efficiency Committee in Senate . . . Thetes buckle down for finaK as semester ends. €2 w . ' ' ' - .i 130 FRATERNITY THETA CHI THETA C:H1 Fi.«t r..« - Coi»in. Winca.d.,b%. Hall. Mr . SiKb». Bi Srrond ruu — Frrnold. Surrl. Poolr. Talbot. Lvncli. Ciiok. Sliirlr Third rnw — Cram. Bvrun. Kimball. B. Barton. NiUon. McCunkr Fourth roH — Saundrri. C r, Savage, Sniith. Leonard. RiK Filth ron — Lud»i«. Dumont. Clouliei. Tutllr. BradMri-rt PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL 1952-1953 OFFICE R i Alpha Omicron Pi Susan Chase Alpha Omicroii Pi Janet Oliver Chi Omega Jean Dolloff Chi Omega Norma Smaha Delta Delta Delta Barbara Xason Delta Delta Delta Patricia Parsons Delta Zeta Barbara Girard Delta Zeta Beverly Strout Phi Mu Janet Hanna Phi Mu Barbaia Bosworth Pi Beta Phi Janet Hovey Pi Beta Phi Phyllis Noyes Pi-esident - - Phyllis Noyes Secretary - - Norma Smaha Ti-easurer - - Beverl v Strout 132 .PAN HELLENIC COUNCIL S H-on(l row - Jrinct Oliver. Barharn Miisnn. Jean l)i llolT. Patricin Pnr«)n riic F.iiih ll(iiic- ( ' .ouiicil. uiulcr the iui(l.iiu - of Dean Wilson, is composrcl of the president and one dclcnatc from each of the six sororities. Meetinijs this year were conducted by Phylis Xoycs. President of the C ouncil. Discussion of sorority rushint;. Panhellenic rule and other topics concerninu inter-sororit Npirit .ind (o- operation are carried on. .- meetini; is held at the beuinninu of each school ear at which tini - the fuNhineii are orientated lo die nuaiiiiiu of Mirorilies. their rushing practices and activ itii • . I ' he Panhellenic sini;, held in the i)rinii of the ear. is a yet-toiicther of six sororities with each presenting two sonys. I ' he Panhellenic Ball is the climax of (he Norority year. It is at this occasion that the new Norority presidentN and the Panhellenic |)resident are announced. 133 ALPHA OMICRON PI. President Vice President Secretary Treasmer Susan Chast Emma Giver Eleanor Zeimei Mari ari ' t Tlinnia ' Alpha Omicron Phi. founded in 1897 . . . began its forty-fifth year on the campus with a gayly successful houseparty at Di- ana Springer ' s camp ... A Holiday in Holland was the thi me of our Big Partv . . . Christmas supper with the alums brought lots of gifts which were sent to Kentucky as part of our philanthrojjii program . . . .Second semester we lookeil lorward to pledge formal at Sigma Chi . . . initiation banquet at the Penobscot Coimtry Club . . . Rose Banquet in honor of graduating members . . . Acti e on campus activities are All Maine Women Sue Chase, Barb Swenson, C;harlotte Troubh and Eleanor Zehner . . . .Soph. Eagles Mary Bigelow. Shirley Bostrom. Nancy Caton, Shirley Kirk, Sandra Glor- sky . . . Peggy Wheeler, Pre.xy of Frosh in Colvin. )i Vak-iio Bickti .loan Clark Jian UiiiKlU- Sandra GlorsI Shirley Kirk Mary Noble Ellen Pfeifer Elinoi Rider .SORORITY ALPHA OMICRON PI OMICRON PI i.a . Clil.c. Giv ALPII Fii.l row — Collinv Slanl.-v. Huddlcslon. Tl Srrond rot. — Hopkins. Loniffcllou, .Vikinson. Wyinan. Phillipv Third row —Parker, Calon . Broun, BarllcCI. Boiiarl. Moore. Brnnci Fourth row — .MIrn, Ridrr. Kirk. Rincharl. Birklrrman. Glor k Smith Moulton. Oliver. Grindle. Whrrlrr irover. Swenion. Troiibli, Pfeifer, Mrllioni Woodman. Clark Bigelou. Noble. .Mescrve. Turner. SprinKer 135 CHI OMEGA President Jean Dol oil Vice President Eini Rii Secretary Jane Ste ns Treasurer Jane Mcln nis Xi Beta chapter founded at the University of Arkansas on April 5. 1895 . . . sorority party with the alums with St. Patrick Day Entertainment from pledges . . . Pledge formal held at Kappa Sigma House . . . Annual Bancjuet at Pilot ' s Grill . . . Echo Lake Outing with chapter isitor . . , The annual March of Dimes dance . . . Spaghetti feed with Kappa Sigma . . . Fall rushing climaxed with a Birthday Part - for the rushees . . . Made Christmas gifts for Bangor orphanage and presents to the Seacoast Mission . . . Well represented on campus . . . Jean Dollofl ' . president of orchestra, business manager of campus; Janice Griswold, Vice Pres. of M.C.A.; Norma Jose,, V. P. of W.S.G.A.: Janet Bishop, Constance Lewis, Eagles : Lois Velton attended Merrill Palmer, Joyce Hobbs. Queen candidate in winter carnival: Faith VVallstrom, Delores Johns- ton. Elizabeth Pierce. Neil Matlietai. .AiniM Joan DoUoff Diane Drape Maiv Field Clan ' , ' Filliet SyKla FanU . nna Fournici .Susan Humnlii Delores Johnst Nancy Leach KrizabHh " Pie, " Ullen Hilda Steilins Carol Loud Carol .Scott .N ' ancv Witham 136 SORORITY CHI OMEGA CHI OMEGA Fir t low — Kiddrr. baiKrnl. Jov. Mrlnni . Riiilla. DiillofT. Slr Tn . Snialia. Sinnr. Kaiakat Srroml row — Gill. H. M». Hav, Kelly. Gri.unld. Kin?. ArmMronu. .Miller. Farii.. liiii Third ron — Small. Mon .lirad. Fournirr. Sirrlinil. Jnlinstnn. Ncwiiwik. Norri . B «lr«. La|morlli Fourth ro« — Frwtrr. Brxliop. Crauford. Xull. Pierce. . ir»lin. Learli. Loud. Dra|icr. Handv Fidl. ... " -Br.x.k.,. Flnrll.-. . .,.:I X,ll,.„„ l ,n.l...l I ...:.l I-,, H„u M.( ,,lLv l..M,l. 137 DELTA DELTA DELTA, Barbara Mason Ruth Mitchell Dorothy Leonard Jcanie Hoyt , was founcU-d Thanks- i Eve at Boston Uni ersity in 1888 now has 93 chapters — Hapjjy to Mrs. Joseph Murray as ad isor to Spring styles shown at Pledge Formal President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Delta Delta Delta ha Alpha Kappa Annual Fashion shov at Delta Tau Delta . . . Delta Week high- light of entire year . . . Mother-daughtei banquet, Pansy breakfast at dawn, met with Bangor Alliance for formal banquet fun galore on outing at Jo Geddy ' s camp ... Halloween party with Delta Tau . . . Joined Davey Jones for " Under the Sea Party " . . . Busy with campus ac- tivities . . . lie -. Pettengill, President of V.S.G.. .. Marion Young, Pres. of New- man Club . . . Jean Eastman, Jeanie Cous- ins, Sophomore Eagles ... Jo Reed, Junior resident, Ruthie Mitchell, Prexy of Elms Rose Carlin, Carolyn Peters, cheer- leaders. 19i4 [iisliop 138 SORORITY DELTA DELTA DELTA DELIA Dtl.TA DKLIA Fiiit iiiw — Uacli. Hiulun. Hml. Sfirai. Masnli. Milchcll. Lrimafd. Ni ». I ' lllnivill Srcund Row — Dunham. Tlionia-%, Cousins, Prirrs, Grddy, Robbim. Pa on . Bcnwn, Ju)in«lftn. Hi ITiird rm Kr«lrv. MarDunoId. Linlc. Mawn. Condrirh. Rccd. Paion. M. Youni;. N. Ynuiig. Lamkin I . • ' !I ,1 M,.,l,- F .. Ih-. Blark Gialiam. Gav. Lohlrv. Hral, Vi« jcr. Carlin BMii.p. Rr 139 DELTA ZETA President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Barbara fJirard Glenice Rates Rita Portei Mary Maciiiiic JJelta Zeta was founded October 24. 1902. at Miami University in Oxford. Ohio . . Alpha Upsilon chapter founded at Maim- in 1924 . . . supports many philanthmpic works . . . sujjplies hearing aids to iiaiuli- capped children . . . supports a foreign friendship service . . . Founders ' Day Tea . . . sponsors of Art Exhibit Tea on cam- pus . . . Barby Girard to Golden Jubilee Convention in New Orleans . . . certificate for honors in activities . . . second hishest scholastically on campus for sororities . . . scholarship bracelets from Alpha Upsilon for outstanding ranks . . . spaghetti feed following pledging . . . Initiation Banquet . . . Christmas party with Theta Chi for underprivileged children . . . May Be!l( Cobb crowned Dream Girl ol Delta Zeta at Spring Formal. ,nM,„Mr M Ril.i I ' .iit.-i |...,n R if,-I 7„„w ' l.vlli. W,-l 1954 M. ' ns. I. ' ., ' , ' , CIl.ll.lIMM jean Mac Spcarin u V 1. 1- 1. .SORORITY DELTA ZETA iTTsri m ' ; ) -- FiIUbur . Paiir. Maquirr. Bjirs. C iurd. IVrtrr .. — Snraiin. Frali-s. Robinson. Twombly. Andrew — Allen. Manin RciW. Chapman. Grcrnr. Dunn Wardv rll. Mal..inr». ( M.irlin C " " - LrTouiiit ' au, Strout. Richard»u . Swan. Blarknicr. MrCiraw. W n. Hall. Libbcy i PHI MU President Vice President Janet Hanna Gertrude Harriman Carol Prentiss Patricia McCorniick In 1932 Phi Mu founded at Wesleyan Clollege, Georgia, celebrated her KKItli birthday . . . Now has 73 chapters . . . Sponsors hospital toycarts, scholarships. Georgia Healthmobile . . . Carnation Ball launched busy, happy year . . . Centennial Celebration . . . Annual Mdtlin ' s l).i Bazaar provided scholarship loi jnnioi • u . . . International Tea held for foreign students . . . Chinatown theme for fall rushing . . . Christmas party with Phi Mu Delta lor children of Bangor Children ' s Home . . . Buffet Christmas Supper at Mrs. Doten ' s added the final touch to Pi Chapter ' s 40th year . . . Carol Prentiss. All Maine Woman . . . Joan Chase. Phi Beta Kappa . . . Jeanne Leveilig, Pres. dl Modern Dance Club . . . Marie Oaknuui. Joyce Jackson tapped for Phi Kajjpa Phi. Members 1953 W.C.Mmirk M.lrllioE Mitchell - J, „io- Fk-,d ViM.n Michaud P.ltriri.-l Twomcy I.Iain,- Walts M.nilMl W..od CIraduale Student Jnan Amos Chase 142 .SORORITY PHI MU PHI ML- FiiM low — Milrlirll. Lr rillc. Danes, PrrnliH. Hanna, Harriinaii. Him. Oiiillrttr. Mrlcliinrt. Foley Snond row — Clark, Curiirr, Mayo. MarPlicnon, Walts. Ladd. Kincaid. Tlioinpson, Hi lll. Foss, Wy Third row — Brown. Inicraham. Jack-on. Williams, Bracklcy. Haley. Maico.r. Mm,,. Carroll Forr.lh row — BriK-kwav. Thompv.n. Twomcv, Lcirjiilon, Taylor. To i.-,. W„.«]. Carii.,i,n. Ilc..v..,rlli. Wal Flood. Midland 113 PI BETA PHI. President JeanetU Hosev Vice President Mar ' Noye Secretary Ruti. . ohn- ni Treasurer Su aniK Task.- Pi Beta Phi founded at the UniversU of Maine in 1921) . . . now 99 cliapters in United States and Canada . . . witli Pliyl- lis Boutlier as our advisor, it was an.nhei busy year . . . Founders ' Day observed ui May at the Penobscot Valley Countix club . . . entertainment was provided b our new initiates ... A Strawberry Break- fast before Spring finals . . . Senior Fare- well Picnic . . . Annual formal at Phi Gam . . . visited the " Island of Confectionaiy Fantasy " at Big Parties ... a Scotch Ho). in Memorial Gym for annual scholarslup Phyllis Noyes, President of Pan-Hel . . . Helen Strong, President of W.A.A. . . . .Sue Tasker, President of No. Estabrooke . Dot Booth, President of Colvin . . . Betty Foss, Lee Joy, Mary Alice Hastings. Betty Connors, Norma Cummings, Soplio- more Eagles. r m 9 A w - B.i.bai.. Arnold Uwcnvth Bryant Mary Jurrc.Renf.o Joan Martm 144 ' .KAAXV- .SORORITY PI BETA PHI k x . m .i PI BETA FHI irM rim l.jFUmn.r Rr.ifri.. Lx..i.». J..|,n»..ii. Rrnfi... L.-IkI i. U,.rliii.iM. Lilllrn.l.l. TiiNkn , Rirh rcnnd row — Koi il kv. HiilrliinMin. Rirliard . Connor . Ha.Mini!s. Martin. Bro»n. GlaNnapp. Gro».-r. Sini|»o McBridr. Cuniininic liird ro — Drcv cr. Fair. Burn , . rnuld. Joy. Fori . Ilvonrn, Scliccr. Bryant ..urlh r.. " - Fai.ov.. Hiimplurv. Davis. Earlcy. Bakrr. Col.rn. Knox, Stanford. Carr..ll. .Mien. Gillnir, Prat R. mMlrll ll «Ukinv Ilootli ' 54 PRISM UNIVERSITY of MAINE JUNIORS BY ELIZABETH HOPKINS — Associate Editor 4 JUNIOR v L J OFFICERS r A np ' s l).i i K Vii;i;in ic- I ' nsiclciit LU-uillyn K. C-.laik S. ' cictar Jtan E. (Miiullf lo.ii. M The class of 1954 b ' i{an its iini «-tsity clays with tlir followini; fri ' shmcn as oRi- ' — 1 ' ' V ' A cci-s: Lloyd I Fountain, presidrnt: H -tty C Brooks, vice president : Arlene Kidder, sec- o retary: and Doris Ciasey. treasurer. Officers X elected for the 1951-52 year were: .Stan Laver -. president: Ed Cianchette. vice 1 president: Jean Grindle. .secretary: and tf i 1 Robert Erickson. treasurer. Durini; its MM JS junior year the class has been led by Da e 1} Wm r Wigeen. president: Lew Clark, vice presi- Li Am ■ dent: Jean Grindle. secretary: and Joan V s C ! M Reed, treasurer. Class policies have been ■ . m k L decided by an executive committee com- 1 BM -- — posed of the following five juniors: Janet Lu Oliver, Emerson Colby. Ed Hanson. Timmy McManus and Barbara Witujer. Professor Donald Quinsey of the Psy- A l l i H SHf H cholosry Department has ser ed as class Vv 1 r i BH advisor. ■ J a w ] L i Sratrd — Jrao t. rindle, iJavu Sig iJl Siindinc — Joan Rnd. Llcwcllvn Clark 149 JUNIORS John S MdreN 1,1. at L 1 P. Allen P. Tho Oscar R. A(kl Knuiiuxiing Lnglh 150 ' ' 1 Ife 1» 1 1, 1l S3S?i : h..tlr. (. IW.. 151 .CLASS OF ' 54 i JUNIORS. Bl.m RnckMlIc C. nt. 1 X. V. il Hu-bandis 152 i»... ' i . ■u. ' -u U ' -U- ' X 1. 1 Mw:£ Ym ll.iri K IllJilliutI Nrlh H llr.KMirrI Ijil II llrj r IMi.rirlil IIX Alliion 2X n lll Animal llii hjin lit llhlory fimrtnnwal iicd 1. Hm-.I.m ( . ,„Wr I ul I IIm.Vt, I ' M I ;;X I.,.,,. .Infill.- liull Au«u-,., v,,.j. ..„l,.„„ NVu,. (u ini:A» Admini f ration Civil F.nitinrrring En((inrrrinff Physics Enninrrrin; Phy«ici siilnc« R. Rmlrr A TO ' ' il " r f ' n . M ' l- KnKtnrcrin|[ Phv icj CLASS OF ' 54. JUNIORS ( luMii 1 C .r , Mas, ,|.MA Va.,„ M ipbeli 1 ulh M tion K.Minn, , Liimu r n ' Mi (:l,,vl„n M. C.iil, Jr. f.ll. ' st,,. . ,1 Ci.u.I.. .■ 1 1 .,,1,1. .11 154 ( Imii. lull .CLASS OF ' 54 JUNIORS. P ' W Mm Sidney J Crnnsbuig 156 -■,.-,. ' ».A u: gp Paul R nin.morf % crtl S. Uionn llaii . r Sk Znnlosy Romanrr LjnfluMr TI K XUIdrn. M»«v Soulh Vr mniilh. Mi MalhrmalK. f ' l " ' - " ' M ' n CLASS OF ' 54 JUNIORS. (Snthia Dunh:in iti m A zm J,.hn J FllM,„rth. J, 158 .CLASS OF ' 54 i JUNIORS. i r % Rkh.ird G Or, Engincciing Ph E ' ' T H xr W ' «t ).A«« N J IX ,„ .,-i J .|.Ki I.. A«iiciiltural En inrriin« Wilillilr Cnn rr««linn Civil Encinrerinf t fr T l.r .xn II 11.11 TA I..V...M..,. I.,il. A-i Mr.hanlral Kn A. H.illo .cll Palri.i.i (.. H.imhici Harnlil W. Harlhorn Kalhcrinc H. Haflcv V illiam VK Haync ( arlc F. Haniu Kdxard U. Hanirn Cjrl W. Hamoa South Wiirilord ' hK Mallapoiirll, Mass. ' fiKK r.u,;„r,, .i„, ;„;.,:„;,.„ r..i,.,n;. ..I r.xi. .CLASS OF ' 54 161 T JUNIORS. T ' T ' f I vf if ' = Joyce M. Hobbs XP. Ponlan Heme Economics •! -L 1 ■ T. T ■» i C ,w M. .lxch M II.. .CLASS OF ' 54 163 JUNIORS. Raymond J. Kelle Ben New Canaan, Civil Engineering iltnt C Ke«l Richard M. Klain HHII Mei-lianicai Engineering 164 mm r Judilh E. Uifhlon Dorolhy M. Lmnarrf Paul T. I.caiuni Joan I. UTournrau Vca Jc x;; Old To .n nx Inion y , B,.l lrf..,d jlion HoniF Fxnnnniirt Avtimlliir aI Knvinrrritis iTrmti .CLASS OF ' 54 JUNIORS. T ; t 1 WW I Don.lhv J. Levtille I .Iniun,! f)JI Baiigiir A. A ' ■ Spanlsl. Poultry Hiisbandr m t d. r 1 J.ine S LitlleHeld l.ibeit . ISiiMnc-. Ad i« i?;. j {j . i i CLASS OF ' 54 JUNIORS. Ri.hard A. Miller James A. Mil ■I.Kv Sanfoid ATO Civil Engineering Civil Engineering 168 lit % U Vi. k: .CLASS OF ' 54 JUNIORS. Norman W. Pcllclier TKK Anbu Mechanical Engineering 1 ' itH Marv A. Pelleti( 170 CLASS OF ' 54, 4 JUNIORS. 7-1 than T. Pulsifer . J f l J.„m■ H Z „,1„KV Re,lnu,n Pen Kitt.,x llli,]. Ac lope Riih D.inna F.. Srituati-. Mass. A iihardson Bangor 1 7f fcSfc ' T - Cieoruc A. Riiker Ti.imr Hi.UMv Covc-.n.ncnt I). Neil Ridcout Alire A. Rinehear. Andrew W . Rines John B. Ristu. . io ,1,K Portland 01[ WV cn. Ma, . Kl " t ' ' SAK West Newton, Ma I ' rc-Mcdical KUnuntaiv Ed„ atin„ Kducalion Business Administration 172 {,»; I i? M % if ' . .CLASS OF ' 54 173 JUNIORS. 174 : i I rolh A. Slonc DoiuM M. Simrr U f..,l Fairfirld SAK B... II ll..m - Oonnn ir .CLASS OF ' 54 JUNIORS ilk ' Pcler M. Sutphen F.rnesl N. Sullon Ch.nlene . Sw.m K. l; .mlc Suiet, Jr. Easl Orangi-. N. J. Lcuiston Z Hampden HX Bi .iii-vv irk Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineering Home Ecnomics I vrh,.l, gv Mecl.aniral En V 1 - I % - V i_ » FineM Ihebir e RiNmontl L. Thibodeau TKK Kns,,. Bang; i. (..n.inmenl I n ,i i 176 V 11 rfs Kc.hcrl J luih K.l».it.l I. I..u.hrll •MA Urid«r|mit, Conn ' MIK Ku Kllixn.ll. XKf ».n..kl nr. M J-hnH I R lwali«n .CLASS OF ' 54 JUNIORS. I Harold F. Whil c . o m Robert J. W illelt v E Old To Electrical EnRinecring 178 Ty -■ %i .CLASS OF ' 54 JUNIORS, Joseph H. Albee, ATJi Agricultural Engineering Boothbay Maurice E. Aspinall Education Limerick Alexander P. Athas Electrical Engineering Westbrook Ralph J. Barron, Jr. Sociology Mile Clay G. Bcal, -MJ Forestry Greene Bruce I. Bertelsen Engineering Physics Portland Clyde M. Bickford Chemical Engineering Augusta Edward Bogdanovich, Jv2 Educatiion Providence, R. I. Dirk W. Brown, OX Business Administration South Hope Richard G. Brubaker Forestry Maplewood, N. J. Nancy E. Buehan English Noblebow Clarence E. Butler Education Rockland Charles M. Byron, Jr., GX Business .Administration Concord, Mass. Sumner R. Cahoon, Jr., -AE Chemical Engineering Fort Myers, Fla. Vincent Calenda, Jr., K2 Education Providence. R. I. Wildlife Conservation Derry. N. H. David A. Carey, eX Business . dniinistration Hallowell Robert .S. Carroll, :SN Bu.siness .Adminiistration Southwest Harbor Reginald P. Chamberlain Education Orono Frank E. Chase Education MiUinocket Robert C. Chase, -AE Chemical Engineering Orono Arthur R. Chute, BOIT Electrical Engineering Newton Highlands, Mass. Alberta W. Clark History and Government Bridgton Edward M. Clark Poultry Husbandry South Brewer Bruce L. Clifford, :SX Civil Engineering Brunswick Joseph A. Clouter, HX Mechanical Engineering Lewiston Randall C. Cole Chemistrv Old Orchard Beach Rolon T. Collins Business .Administration Bingham Mary Ann Connett Liberal Arts and . ursing Caribou Edmund S. Cook, B. Forestry Bangor Lawrence R. Couturier, AFP .Animal Husbandry Thorndike Evans C. Crafts, AlP Entomology SangerviUe Sarah D. Craig MiUinocket Liberal .Arts and Nursing Louise E. Davis Liberal Arts and .Nursing Farmingcon Philip B. Day Civil Engmeering Shirley Mills Bernard L. Deshaies, Ben Business .Administration Livermorc Falls David F. Dineen, .MA Agricultural Economics and Farm Management Gardiner Herman D. Downs Biological Chemistrv Sanfo ' rd Eunice A. Doyen Liberal .Arts and Nursing Brunswick Donald W. Drossel Education Guilford Oilman Dube, TKE .Agronomy Fort Kent Jean P. Dulac Electrical Engineering Lewiston George W. Earlc. :: £ Biological Chemistry Freeport Lawrence G. Eaton Chemistry V ' anceboro William S. Emery Engineering Physics Orono Richard S. English, -AE .Agricultural Economics and arm Me Belfast Daniel F. Flanagan Mechanical Engineering Bangor Charles R. Furlong, Jr., Bon Forcstrv -.ncl.,nd. N. J. Douglas L. Gleason, ATH Business .Administration Lexington. Mass. Forrest H. Grant, 1IK Business .Administration Bangor Maheon W . Grav, Jr. S „K.lo.. V 11.1111,111(1 W .Uiani I). Gritman Poultry Husbandry Orono James R. Hackett Business Administration John T. Hackett, 1A Historv and Government Derby ' Alfred W. Halliday, M,i Music Waterville Colwyn F. Haskell, IIK Engineering Norw.n- W illiam V . Haynes .Agricultural Economics and Farm Management South Waterford George G. Hill Engineering Rockwood Leonard W. Horton, 2X Forestry West Hartford. Conn. David S. Hunter Zoulogv M.m.iwamkeag Robert K. Irish, MA E.idish Caroline F. Johnson Education Bangor Stanley L. Jones Forestry Waterville Patricia L. Keenan Music Searsport Elizabeth A. Ketchen Liberal .Arts and Nursing Great Works Roland J. Kneeland, 2AE Chemical Engineering West Bethel 180 W inilow B. KrurKrr. Jr., . T Uu.uirv. . .lii.ini,ir..ti..i. Vr»tU.ri., M.i» Kllioll W. Laiiibrrt VKIUulllllr n.AIrr Mfrrd I. ►Kl r.xll.uul No.-iiia J. .Ma:ormiik Arts aiul Nuimiic; Richmond (lainir H. .McCorrill ..n U illiaiii I. MrKrnxic Ki.tlorv .ind (•uvrrniiifiit ll.iDvor Roland F. M. lain. 1 K Kdu. .itu.ii ll.-ll.i.t Kd«ard T. M.Manus. is Jai-qurlinr A. Mi.N ' aniara An. ,,.ul Nuis,,,, K.ini;or Donald A. .M.-.NVil OKI lowi. Robert VV. .Madorc .■ .i ricultural Econoniios and Farm Managemrni Richard S. Maur, ATO Businrss .Xdministration AuKusIa George W. May, Jr., Kil Dairv Tr.-hnoloi;v Woodbrider. . . J. nn .M. .Miles l.ib.r,il Arts and Nursine Brewer Krlty J. Millett l-ibcral Arts and .Niirsint ' anreboro Richard H. .Nfills Aiiricultund Eionomiis .ind F.irm .VLinnerment Etna Carlcton P. .Morin. Ki: Busincji . ' Vdministralion Ashland Douglas C. .Nforlon. " " 11 Clarence M. Nealy. Jr. Poultry Husbandry- Portland lden F. Nickerson, .iTJ firnrral . i;rirulture Fill, rh.i ' -h -T John B. , ord«lroni ZN .Mil hanii al KiiHiiirrnnK N.w llavrn. Clonn John J. Norriv ♦lU Kduralion Uanitor Andrew A. Norlon Civil EnKincrriiik ' Bruntwirk Stephen N. Novick. ♦MA Eduialion E.i t VVal| olr. .M.i«. Rohert I.. Uppcnheini Bu«ne« Admin Basil V . OsRood Education ( ' orrina Jean I.. Pabiier Arts and .Niirtinj; .South Portlan.i . rlhur O. Pariridi;r Forrslr Orono William A. I ' alerson, -N . i;ricullural Economics and Farm Managrnienl Rumford Gerald C. Pendleton. Jr. Education Dark Harbor Warren L. Peterson Forestry East Orleans. .Mass, Herbert F. PeltenRill Chemistry Island Falls Carl E. Pipes. ATo Zooloijv Houhon JoAnn A. Polachwich Liberal Arts and .Niir.inu Portland James C. Rand Electrical Encin.cinc Farminston Phyllis A. Robinson Education Gardiner X ' irginia C. Sargent Liberal .Arts and Nursing Stillwater Arthur B. Schcfllcr Wildlife Conservation North Berwick Richard R. Shinip Wildlife Conser -ation Woodbury. N. J. Farlyn G. Shirley ZooloKv Harry I Forrtlrv HarlM.r David S. Sniilry, T Chriniial Knitinrrr .SkowbrKan H. Sniilh. ox Merhanii al EnKinrennx Gorham KraarlhC. Spark . -fMA Civil RnKinrrrinK Gardiner Malcolm R. Spears. MS Sociulciicy .North Windhai-i Ralph W. Standley Education .South Portbnil Ro(rr E. Staples AKricullurr Richard W . Talbot. o.X Business Administration Portland Robert I.. Thorpe. ♦lA Dairy Husb.indrv Thorndike David B. Thurloss. ♦UK History and (imrrnment Bangor Ralph M. Titconib Mechanical Engineering Houlton Oscar J. Trask. All Agriculturr Harry . . Vardemls Mechanical EnKinrcHng Bangor Marilyn G. ' aughan Business .Vdniinistration Dixfield Timothy Woolnian Electrical Enginrrnng Portland Robert E. Waiguny, ATO Mechanical Engineering New York City. N. Y. Howard .N. Watcrhouse. AIT . ' Husb.indrv Bethel Robert T. W ' alrel Business .Vdminisir.i; Rnmsey. N. J. John P. Wilson History and Goserntm-nt Providence. R I. Donald J. Zabriskie Education .Newburyport. .M.iss. Waller R. Ziemann Mechanical Engineering OM Town .CLASS OF ' 54 181 ' 54 PRISM UNIVERSITY of MAINE MAJOR EVENTS in BARBARA W IGGER — Ass(jcicitc Editor MAJOR EVENTS. The Year ' 52 began with a blast and a chill one at that - - - " twas the " big snow " and did it e er classes w ere suspended for the first time in centuries and the student bod basked in the luxury of the otherwise crippling storm - - - - in the midst of the sho cling and snow-shoeing classes resumed - - - - suddenly exams were upon us - - - - eager enthusiasts checked the schedule to arrange ' tween-semes- ter spree - - - - basketball as in full sw ing and the ski team w as rapturous over the w eather. % S y MAJOR EVENTS A New Term Mist. I (if Winter Carniwil f..l tlir l.iu Irl.Mi.iiv u.-.-k.-ii.l ll|.- IUI.S willi 1. 11 nil. thciiir hiouyht South I ' Atabi(K)kr -{t - iiomit mI Piof. | )i(l;m " .ind Phi K.i|)|).i Sin- iiKiN •I ' n.t. Hnin.iis 1 )il. tiim.i " thr .iu.ikK. M () (. I. • k.Mi,- hn.uu ' ht lis Shm and W.illy. .iiid the Kinu .iiid Quern reiiined on a thif)ne Mai Snvder and Paul Judkins took to|) honors t Internnnal Ball. K MAJOR EVENTS March Winds . . in the wake of fratcrnit rushint;. basketball w indup. and w intersports finals, the Reel Clross Blooclmobile came to campus Piex led the j)rocession of donors. The Soph- omore hop followed in earh March - - month Nvas round,-d out bv the 1 L th annual i:m- bassy Week. After Sprint xacation the social vs hirl beyan V ' . .A presented its annual Penn carnixal and the Junior Talent ShoNs brought an amazing xariet of entertainers. The t o-pia o st lin. of Dan, and Galbo and C n " Betty Hutton " Nelson stole the sho s . 186 .MAJOR EVENTS Drama Season l:i..M-,| .,,,1, ,|„. ,_ | »., IM ' xI.Kii,,,, „f l).t,,uv, Story • ' " • Ji ' Mi.M (:|.,vs Braux Arts B..II .tx fiiliir.imir i.rul " Out r.f r|,i, ' " ' ' f - - - - Pnx ..u,„|.,| ,1,.. 1 " -- f " . -In- ......UM,- .xtravau..,, „.. ' " ' " • ' ' " " ' ' " ■ l ' " ' i ' - ' " i " April as ,h,- p,„ • ' " ' • ' l.v.n u,-,-,- tapped All-Main.- Wo.n.n to ca.,v o„ i ..,■ it „acli,io„ Stucl.-n, Inion p..o„-oss uas slo. ' - su,. -.....,„,„,,,„. . .,,,. , ,, . ' •k - insprctcrl roof construrtion. 187 MAJOR EVENTS. Maine Day . . dawned wet and rainy but the student body turned out to exca ate the 900 foot sidewalk on the West side of the Mall and accomplish other chores despite drizzle the Float Parade uas cancelled but South Esta- brooke ' s historic " Stillwater Sta e " copped the prize among the coeds the Student- Faculty Skit again pro ed there ' s " no bizness like ■■ in a musical-comcd trial of Mos- lem Mayor Stritch Prcxy saved the day vith his dancing and introduced the ne N mayor. " Zeke " Mavadones. 188 .MAJOR EVENTS Party - - Party Jah-Z Jii ;i the Inn- .111(1 n in thr month of M;i ;is anothiT term lrr to .1 rlov ' qurts, ami uuliuki.s lictdlinnl tlx- .imMida with frrr timr spcnl at I he ball amis or trnni couHn - - - - the RO FC Inspection navr a coU)iful forccaNt of thr not so ilorful future awaitinu thr seniors and Harr r.aston nc«i r(l the siKcr sabre as top-rankini; military siiaduate mad dash of last minute It ports, icsts. eramminu. packini;. finals - - - - and ANOTHKR (.Ri.w Bi 1 IS I Hi: dist: MAJOR EVENTS. Fall 1952 saw the campus come ali e again as Fieshmen unpacked for tlieii- first term and j!9()() turned out to register books were purchased, classes begun, and the Bookstore and Carnegie were again in aded b thundering herds fall brouyht football and the perennial rallies Ma or Zeke handled his charges with finesse and turned out tip-top sho s to spur on the Maine spirit mild eather ya c the gridiron top prioritv for seekend rendezxous and the Bears tied for possession of the Bean Pot. 190 .MAJOR EVENTS o||||y -WJBw Homecoming . . hivliliv lii.d l, ||„ M.,M|u.-s ' Mi.n.iv.iiii lM. -o(firr Mn.isli iMily In I h, Dark .... .,n S. R. () iiil uilh th.- Niiidrnt ( .iM (Acr «sMriil)lc(l l ' i..|)li si((| ., hiw ,..,, ahcid .... i;.,n„- uith (: ' ll) . Ir.iKrniiN r.iinioiiv oiitdoot liN|)l.i N. " |) tihoiisc .11 (A.rA turn. .111(1 a uclcoriiini, ' mil • for cvciAoiic louiulcd out ih - hill . r.mic soon dir tiiM chill hint of w inter in the .lir Alec Tempi, ton dirilled th,- student hodv uith his krv- board masterv as part of the I nix crsits Cloncert Scries MAJOR EVENTS Aggie Fair . brought sc cn lo cly hopefuls into the Hme-light student body sought a new campus queen to reign o ' er annual fanner ' s heyda)- - - - - Field House was the scene of hectic activity as stalwart coUegiatcs tried their hand at milk- ing, climbing greased poles, and the inc it- able sack and three-legged race Gloria Young chosen Calico Ball Oueen spot- light then shifted to the Masque ' s psychological th Death of a Salesman another fabulous hit. 192 .MAJOR EVENTS Military Ball . . .111(1 .moth, I rn.Kl m r.inihlr- |„ tiKioM-., (.irii|Mis|,r.iut the S...l.lMnl ..M.l MI...I,- ,„„ on a ' l l - sllnu .,,,(1 I.t. C.l. |.„„., M.irMl.u r.Ai.u.d h.r Inxips th.i, cam.- ., rapid srri.s of s.,ri.,|,,|,jrK fv.nrnuu houM-,,ar.irs. ,|o,n, Christmas dances, bask.tball srason c l,b.ations - - - . sororities and fratnnitirs .-ntntainrcl umlrr- rhildr n .,„„ual Turk.v Din- • ' ■ lust s,u,ufall. carolinu ... I),. Haurk . a.mual Christ- .1 ' rsp, Is b r.mdicli-ht. ' 54 PRISM UNIVERSITY of MAINE SOPHOMORES — and — FRESHMEN BY E, ANN MARTIN — Associate Editor SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS, CLASS OF " 55 President — Edward V. Knight Ji ' icc Pres. — Merton D. Robinson Secretary — Nancy H. Cameron Treasurer — Charles D. Earlev The officers elected for the class of 1955 were the following: president, Edward Knight; vice president, Mert Robinson; treasurer. Dexter Earley; secretary, Nancy Cameron. Five other members were selected to serve on the Executive Council: Bruce Munn. Al Noyes, Marg Booker, Maurice Provost and Elizabeth Pierce. Dean Shibles was chosen as class advisor. The annual Sophomore Hop was held successfully in the spring. 196 FROSH CLASS OFFICERS CLASS Ol- .V) Pivsidfiit — i;..l).Tl Ol.Uk ' ld Viic I ' lvs. — Hiram .lohnson Soc ' i ' otary -- Naiuy Witliain TivasuriT — Sandi ' ison Day l.r.l K..W. I.-K Nan.v Uitham. Rob.rt Olilh.UI Srrond Row. L-R. Hiram Bronson, Sandirwn Day I he cl.iNN of 1936 clcctccl as its class officers tlic lollowiiiii: prosicli-nt. Robert Olclficlcl; vice president. Hiram Johnson, treasurer, Sanderson Da ; secretary. Nancy Witham. Five other members were chosen to ser e on tlie I ' .xecutive Council: . nn Bronson. Sally Rand. William Freeman. Bill Hamann. and John Symons. Mr. Charles Crossland was chosen as class advisor. Two outstandinn class activities, the annual class banquet, and a free stay dance were sponsored bv the class with threat success. 197 SOPHOMORES - FRESHMEN. Abbott, John Lewis ' jfi, T. Old Town Abbott, Paul He.iiy, Jr. ' 56, Arts Bothbay Haibor . chcson, Thomas Ahvantl.r -56, T. Portland. Oregon .• cki-iman. Ivan Vinr.nt. Ji. •.%. Fy. WyckofI, N. J. . rk,-,man. Rirhaid Thomas M. Fy. River Edge. N. J. . daius. . la,v Klh-.i ' -%. Md. T. Wilton Additon. Donald Lo, ins ' .W. Arts Bryant Pond . gnello. Louis ■XK Alts Westbiook .Mbin. Ernest Cliffoid. Jr. ' .ie, Fy. Rov.ayton, Alden, H..»aid Rankin :.(,, Fv. .Skowhegan Alevandei. David Ross j,.. .Mr. Damarisrotta .Mlard. Condon Heibert -jfi, T. Harrison Allard, Peter Gourgozne ' 56, Arts Archambaud, Jean Alice ' 56, Arts Old Town Argondy a. Alan Michael -JS, Arts Ma.-ipeth, L. L, N. Y. Arl.n. Ralph Leo ' 56. Alts Springfield, Ma.s5. Arment.out. Cliarles Edwin 55. Arts Washington, D. C. A, nold. Ba, bara Jean He. Gloversville, N. Y. Arnold, Donald How aid M. Pe. Orono Arnold, Robert Bruce 36, T. Houllon Aisenault, Don Louis ' 56, T. South Poitland Aiscnault. Eugene Morris " 56. T. Rnmford Aisenault. Martin Howaid ' .iD. Pe. Hampden Aiiesani. Robeit Thomas ' jb. Arts South Braintree, Mass. Aitns, Howard Wayne ' 56, Agr. Milo Atkins, Alan Edward ' 55. Eng. Ps. Bangor Atkinson, Maiy Priscilla ' ,15. Arts Saco Atwood, Robeil Hall ' ,55, Arts Brewer Auber, Jane Louise ' ,56, Alts Augusta Andetle. Su aime Rrnee f,6. He. Wallingford, Conn. . uger, Gillcs Edward ' 56. T. Sanfoid . ult, Richard Wilson ' 55. Arts Wayne Averill, Glenn Curtis ' 56. T. Augusta Riverside. Conn. All.n, Ailhur Silshy ' . " ih, Fy, Brewe, Allen, Finest Eveiett ' .56, T. Cumberland Ceiite, Allen. Loiiaine ' :.5, He. Ellsworth Allen. Margaret Elizabeth ' .56. Arts Castine Allen. Sally Marell ' .55, Arts Pontiae. Mirli. Alley. Lorena Evelyn ' 55. Aits BeaK Amalo. John Lawrence ' 56. Dh. Newton Center. Mass. Aniergian, Rirhai.l Geoige ' .56. Arts Portland Amc-s, Priscilla Jean ' 55, He. Bangor Anderson, Cail Fiede.ick. Ji. ' 56, Fy. Worcester. .Mass. Anderson. David Wendell ' 55, Mc. Stockholm Anderson. Frederick Eugene ' 55, Ee. (iardinei Anderson. Paul Daniel. Jr. ' 56. Arts Randoliih. .Mass. Andeis,,,,. Sally Lou ' 56. Aits .Middleton, .Mass. . nd,,us, Paul .Sheiman 55, An. Antai iaitis, Peter ' 55, Arts Oiono , n iiv, Otis Dale ' 56. 1. Bango, Appel. Jon Richard ' 56. Alts Fi iendshi]) .■ ppel. Ronald Beams ' 55. . rts Friendshiii Appleby, Robert Levis ' 55, Ch Grav Babb, Esther .Mav 55, Arts Farinington Babbin, Robeit Raymond ' 56, T, Lynn, Mass. Baggett, Dana Richard 55, Arts Leominster. Mass. Bailey, .Mary Faith ' 56, Arts Livermore Falls Bailev, Richard Markham ' 55, Ch, Eng, Slaten Island, N. Y. Bak,-i, Faiiisivoitli Keith. J, . -.56, Alts Falmoulh, Ma v, Bakei. Ha, old Diidlev. J, , -jh. Alts Maiblehead. Mass. Bakei, Jail, Wilhelmina X. He, Lew istoii Bakei, Lillian Marilyn -.-ifi. He. Bid.lefoid Baker. Robeit Bradfoid ' 56. Arts Bango, Bangs. Richaid Cailton ' .56, T. Aubuiii Banks. Penelope ' 56. He. Mais Hill Baiakat. Richaid Gordon 55. Eng. Ps. Wateiville Baikei, Judith Weeks ' 56, Arts Walpolc, Mass. Barker, Lawrence Everett ' 56, T. Norway Barnes, Evelyn Marie ' 56, Arts East Hiram Barrows. Alice Elaine ' 56, Arts Brunswick Baiiy, Thomas Murray, Jr. ' 56, T. Winslow Bai.ei, Clinton Ralph, Ji . •:,(,. T. Poland Sioiiii; Baillett. Helen P, inciUa ' m. Alts Naples Baitlett. Nathaniel Blake ' .55. Arts Ashland Barllett. Robeit Wellwood ' 55. Ce. Augusta Baitlett. Donna Gail ' 55, Aits Piesiiue Me Barton, Biadfiud Somes ' 56. Arts Centei, .Mass. Bal.s. Ralph Hu Batson. (.oidon Be,Iin ' 55. Ce. .Soull, P an. n. ' al. Beverly Ann ' 55. He. . Anbun Beal, Milton Faiifield ' 55. Pe. J.mespo, B,-al, Ruth Eleanor ' ,55. He. Bango eattie, Donald Goi don Till. A, ts Necdham, .Mass. eaudiv, John Edwaid Tu, Me. West Wan en, Mass. eaulieu. Albeit 55, Ch. Madawaska eaulieu. Gaiy Paul ' 56. Aits Presquc Isle eaumont. Rirhaid. Jr. ' 56. Aits Lewiston eaupre. Delniei Willied 56. T. Caribou echard. Reiliette Maiie :i6. Alts Wateiville eckei, Elizabeth Chandlei 56, Alts Welleslev, Mass. ckwith. Allied Chailes -55. Aits South Portlan.l dker. Elizabeth Ann 55. Aits Freepoi t Ichei. Eail Wilson. Ji. ' M. Fy. Wliitman, Mass. lisle, Alfred Edward ' 56, T. Biddeloid liveau, Gilbert Lauren ' 55, A,ts Lewiston lyea. Paul Raymond ' 56, Agi. Cai ilioi, New York, N, Y. nger. Alan Dick ' 55. Fy. Belmont. Mass. nnelt, Muriel Nason ' 55. He. Oiono mutt. Richaid Edw in ' 56. Fy. Arlington. Mass., Waltei Fields -55. Fv. Keyijoi t. N. Y. nnett. Wayne Eugene " 55. Ci-. Bethel nson, Margaret ' 55. Arts Nyack. N. Y. nsnn, Margery Ann ' 55, He. Manset nson. Richaid Eugene ' -56. T. South Portland nwav. Cailvle Diivton -56. T. Old Oicha.d B,-.. h rce. Hudson Robert ' 56. Arts Houlton igen. JohnCoi,elvon ' .56. T. Brooklyn, N, Y, maid. B.eeii Biavoii -.-i, A,ts Houlton iiiaid, Ri.ha.d ' .h. . , Is r,v. Fiank Ruhaid ' 56. . gr. . uburn tteiley. Emma Jean ' 56. . rts Bangor kleiman Ed»a,d John. Jr. ' .55. Me. New Yoik. N. Y. tte. Robeit Noiman ' 55. Aits Biunswick relow. Maiv I ' .lizabeth J. ' i. Arts Natick. Mass. lings. Melton Call ' 55. Pe. Brooksville limrs. St.rev Bi.idhu,n ' 56. T. North Beiwick ch. He, be, I Willi.nii -5-,. Ph, Maraioneck. N. Y. hop, Jan.l Adiieniie 55. Aits South Portland An 198 llUk k. ll lr. ' .. 1). !• »n.l IU«kllir.. .IM B .. .. V.I. IV ll»ni lllo.ko. ' .Kl Aihulhnolt K.IIIIJN V . Ai . N...,h yu, •c . M«. lll« k.xotl I.H1.I4 i;..lrn an Ui, Md. T. w« I ».brulir llUkr. t.-.l K...,rll lb, 1. B. ' lU.i llUkrl. li. t . u«U. Paul ' U, F). lllraknrx. Jainr. Alljn ti. I Nrc Mj.. Illmkni. K K Mi ll,,..k " 0. .l. ..l Bl.».k«illr Alan Sxl«r.lrr " i , A | . Km«. Ui ar l. .Mi.«. B.«««it, Su annr VVi. An. WV iu.mkI. N. J. B..nd Klli. Aildi .n v.. A.I. Jrfrr,..,n B.-n l -. Mitiam Kiilh Vi. Ail. On.n.. B,.n lr.on. Krnnrlli John .Vi. T. Souih P...1U11.I tt., r,. Maixairl Klual rll. y,. An. Painr.%illr. OIm.. Ik-.n.-. Frank Sm.r. jh. An. Carih. u B«| p. Jran Carolinr 36. Ail. Chalham. N. J. Bo.nlirunr.. Krnnrlh F rlc °J6. A«i. Srarbotn B ..r. John MrColT JJ. Mr. Millin irkrl B. l...en, Frank Prlr,. Jr. - i. I Ban«.., B nlii ni. Shirlry Rulh °ij. Ilr. Banicoi B.«..orlh. Barbara j-i. . rl. Grral Nr. k I.. I N. Y. Boll. Grorvr Morrill JJ. Ch. Knic. Faofirld Bourhard. Crrald Rorcrr ' J6. An. Lr»i.lon Bourhard. Philip Brnoil Vi. T. Fori Krni Bouirrl. Charlollr Jo.rphinc ' j6. Arl Wr.l Nrv.Hrl.l Boutlirld. Martha Janr ' J6. Ifr. Bar llarlxr Boulilirr. .Malrolm (laylord ' j6. Arl Rradfirld B« utin. Driano Lucin ' 5j. Mr. I wj.ion Boulin. Jarqurlinr Mai-. ' J6. An. I.r»{.lon BoMdrn. r.ordon Lord ' JJ. Pr. Ran«..r B«tudrn. Rrffinald Barrv ' jj. . rl. Orono B. drn. Richard Mat.hall ' J6. T. Ridlonwllr B n.rrnian. Brnjamin Alhrrl. Jr. " i. Arl. Bo lrv Douda. Ralph " lA T. B Lronard WVIrh ' Vt. F..- B mlr.. Rulh FJainr .%. An. BoKman. Philip rtri«htnn ' i). I.m.,r. D..nald F.lli. I.f..! Maldrn. Ma.. Mrrhanir Fall. Mioa. Umh Furiin J6. Aii U.a«d » Jamc (iUcini ' ib, Ail Umoln U..I0 Ralph ( «» -16. T. Aubuin U.a..(w nnr. Franklin Alden ' )i. An. Biadlry n.ann Janir. Ilrn.y M. Mr U»t.l.M. B a«. Maynaid Kail ' M . I RurklamJ Btrrn. .Vlirhwl Thumo ' », An. Vr ial. N. Y. BRrlU, (H f«ld Kriih ii. An. Otono Brrnnan. Rot ril tUiimrt Vi. An. Portland Uo.lon lt„l.p WrU. Jr U. At . Hu.i.w. K.rh.,d Alan Mk. T Birli.n Ri l rn Uo Vi. A H id«r. Bur nil AInion " •«.. Bnd«r. John Canir.on •.: H...hii Nornlalid J »rph llM.. k..a . Kli alirlh Annr H..Hlr,.rn Urn.. Ilr.nian F. Ri.r, Kd«r J B.on...n. Ann la.h.i V.. Pr. York Mail... Bron.on. Hiram Shrrnian ' J6. . «r. York IUrl»r Bron.on. R..tK.rl Hrnr 36. F . Win.tcd. O.nn. B....k.. Irrnr jj. Hr. I homa.ti.n B..«.k.. Pa.krr Loyrjo.. Jr. • , An. P. .lland ...n Carroll. ' .Vi. T .Slair n . . Y. ...n Dair PI Vi. 1 . Brr..rr ...n Da. id Lrr jj. Cr. Camdrn ...n Jark William J . 1. Crda. li.o.r ...n Aldrn jfi. T. Wilton ...n Richard Arad ' .%. 1 . Palirn Br ...n Rirhard A.lrn ' ih. T. Br.».k. B. ...n. Ru..rll Irvin« °J6. An. Walri.illr Br B. ...n. William Bailrv jj. Hi. William Kd..ard .JJ. F . Millinorkrl Jrr.r, Cil.. .N. J. B.u.r, Rohrrl Kd..ard ' .•.fi, Fv. B.™.kl.n, N. Y. B..anl. Danirl Hrrbrrl ' .jj. An. Frrr|wrl Bi.anl. C; .rnvih Janr " .J . Hr. Ban(or Bi.anl, Nancy Ann ij. Hr. Bangor Biicknrll. Fmnklin . rlhur iJ. Ph. F.A.I Br.o.nfirld Bi.Kbrr. .Marion Jane ji. Hr. Caribou Bukrr. John F-irl 36. Pr. Clirilon Bull. Ca.olyn Julia Jb, Art. Prr«|ur Mr Biiilin«amr. Dr%lrr .Man ' JJ. Cr. Writ BoyL.lon. Mau. Bii.nrll, Donald Br.ilon ' .Je. Pr. Cumbrrland Crnlrr Buro... Manila Annr Mti, F . Stamford. Conn. Bur. ill. Lawrrncr Parkrr ' 36. T. Corinna Bii.fn. Donald F.unrnr ' 53. Cr. Oakfirld Bi.u hnrr Carl Walirt ' 35. Bl. Orono K.. ...M n.inan Alton ' 36. Fy. Charlr,lo..n, N. H. J n»irk. Ill jj. An. Au« n.illr,. Paul Farlry ' 53. Art. Falmouih F " .r.idr Biillr. Willard Richard.on ' J3. An. Vro.hnri. Ma.. tUliill. Rirha.d F.rdr.irk n. hall. Cal.nry. Ha.old iJ F Alalra LlaBd. N V lUlkio. S,ll,am ...mmr..ilU ' M. Mr. (),.«.. lUmr.un. .Nanry Hunirr " 3, Art. im»m :am|.l rlt. FJdoa John " ■ ■. A«r Houll.« Carnirtrrll. Rol.r.1 T.ral " K.. T R..rthlMf Ha.l»f (■-.™|.l»-ll l.a..rn r ii. t FliMhin . I.. I.. N. V. CamUir Ma.. aid lli.u l« ' 56. Pr. Suiiy Caplan. llrn.y R ' , 1 Nr Votk. N. V. (apian. Morton l.a»rrBrr ' 36. T. Nr« Yo,k. N V Canlani. I...«i. Nnnrlo ' 36. Fy. in«l,ain Ma.. CarUon. Klran... Joyrr . Mr .Ma.. Ca.nry. Ca.llon Paul ' Vi. T. Mar. Hdl Ca.on. Andtr-I.oui Jou-ph " jt. T r.rui.lon (a... J. hn Ouinry ' 36. A«r Wr.l R.v.hur ' .. Ma.. Carroll. FJainr ' 56. Hr. Brr.r. Carroll, Jamr. Franrit 36. An. Banor Carroll. Maryann ' 36. An. .South»r.t Carroll. Rrhrrra Warrrn ih I. N Marhia. Carroll. .Sail. Camilla JJ Art. Soulh»ryt Harbor Car» m. I.inu.Hal Mrrlr ' jj. Er. Si. Alban. Cartrr. Charlr. Nirhola. jj. Art. abrlh. N. J. Cartrr. C.lo.ia Mar " 16. An, W..hI, Ma.. Caryrr. Rirhard C..llin " ih. T. Bral. Ca..idy, U L. Patricia ' 35. Hr. Portland Catoii, Nancy Kalhryn ' ji. Hr. Prrujur Crra.uolo. John Viocrni JJ. . ». Brd(ord. Ma.. Cha.lhournr. Ri hard Franklvn 56. T. Still., air. ChadU.urnr. R.4 ..t Dana ' 36. Art. NortR Edvrroaih Chamllr.. R.«rr Duiu an ' 33. Cr. Caribou Chandlrr. Wartwr Smith. Jr. ' 36. T. Nrw Clnurrttrr Charlr. William F.4l ar.l. -rf.. T. Cha.r. Hilton R.. r. i . Sn. Millinock Chawn. .Sr»all C.lrnn ' 5 .. Art. Ban(r Chirk. Norman Au.tin ' JJ. Hr. Churchill. Lawrrnrr Mrrlr ' J6. T. Clanrry. Francit Norman j6. Ari« .SOPHOMORES - FRESHMEN 109 SOPHOMORES - FRESHMEN. Clark, Anne Maiic ' 56, T. Winli-i Haibo, Clark, MaryLea ' 55, He. Breuer Clark, Norman Dearborn ' 55, Mc. Hallowell Clark, Richard Wright ' 56, Arts Vesth,ook Clarke, Edwin Keith ' 56, Agr. Ojono Clarke, William John ' 56, Arts Poitland Claxton, Bradford Wayne ' 56. Agr. Tenafly, N. J. Clement, Freida Joan ' 56, T. Chaileston Cliffoid. Peter Paul ' 55, Me. Old Town Clish. Stanley Eugene ' 56, . rls Hieuei Coffin, F.ed James ' 55, Pe. Freepo.t Clfin, John Aldridge ' 56, T. Aubuin Coffin, Ronald Colman ' .56, Arts Presqire Isle Coggins, Cora Mae ' 56, Arts Poilland Cohen, Martin Isaac ' 56, T. New York, N. Y. Cohen, Mary Jane ' 56, He. Houll..n Cohen, Stuart Ronald ' 55, Arts Aubuin Coiley, William Frederick. Jr. ' 56. T. f;len Co»e Colby, Elsie Louise ' 56. He. Buckspoit Colby, Henry .Masters ' 56, Arts Rumfoid Center Colclough, David Morse 56, Fy. Hennikcr. N. H. Collins, Michael Gerard ' 56. Arts Bangor Collins, Nancy Ann ' 55, . its Wilt(m Combes, John Anson ' 56, Fy. Ridgewood, N. J. Conant. Bernie Melvin ' 55. Me. East Live, more Conant, Clinton Arthur So, An. East Sumner Conant, Olive Mae ' 56, He. Canton Conlin, Robert James ' 56, T. Springfield, Mass. Connelly, Edward Charles, Jr. ' 55. Aits Connors, Maty Ann. ' 56, He. Conti, Enrico Frank ' 56, T. Conquest, Willina Kay ' 55. Arts Cook, George Frederick ' 55, Arts Flu .. I., N. Y. Skowhegan Coombs. Alfred Everett, Jr. ' 55 Coombs, Shirley Edith ' 56. Ails Soloi Cooper. George Henry ' 56, T. Naple Copeland. Richard Arthur ' 56. T. R icklan Coppens, John King ' 55, Me. Madawask Corbett, Richa.d Lee ' 55. An Pen Co, win, Bruce Harold ' 55. Fy. Bellows Falls. Vl Coslello, James Russell ' 56. T. Lew isto Cousins, Jean Dale ' 55, L. A. N. East Blue Hi Coutuie, Adrien Frank 55, Me. Oiono Covell, Waldo Herbert ' 55, Pc. Monmouth Co. , Charles Dean ' 55, Ch. Eng. Bangor Coyne, Roland Joseph " 55, Arts Bangor Crabtree, Margaret Frances ' 56. A, Is Camden Crafts, Barry Steven ' 55, . gr. Eng. SangeixiUe Crandlemiie. Donald Cha.les -55. Ce. Marluas Ciawfoid. Kathiyn Steele 56. Arts Caw fold. .Margaret . dson ' 55, He. Waleivillr Ci aw ford, Riehaid Eugene ' 56, . ' gi . Orchaid Paik, N. Y. Ciie. Alice MacKay ' 56, He. Rockland Ciockett, David Edwin ' 55, Arts Rnrkr ...l Crommctt, Ricliaid Lauren ' 55, Cli. Cronin. Dennis Callahan ' 56, T, Hallowell Cionkhite. Meryle Hariy, Jr. ' 55, Ee. Bang,.r Cross, Nancy Elizabeth ' 55. Arts Augusta Coss. Ray Hasbrouck ' 55. Me. Th...ndike Cowley. Leonaid George ' 55, Ch. Brewster. Mass. Crummv. Richard Higgins ' 56. Agr. Shoit Hills. N. J. Culvei. Donald Hendrick, Jr. ' 55. Fy. Manchestei Conn. Cumming, Norma Louise ' 55. He. l,.isl..ii Cumming. William Alan ' 56. T. EaM.oi Cummings. Roy Charles. Jr. ' 55. Aits Castle Shannon. Pa. Curlier, Elizabeth Ann ' 55. L. A. N. Orono Curtis. Arthur Eugene ' 56. T. Seaispoit Curtis. Chester Richaidson ' 56, Fy. HariingKui Cutliffe. Dawson Ronald ' 56. Arts Old Town Cutting. Cha.les Stephen ' 56. Fy. University Paid. .Md. Cyr. Maiy Jane ' 55. Aits Augus.a Cyi. Paul Edward ' 56, T. Buckspoit Cyr. Paul James ' 55, Arts Waterville Cyr. Thomas Lionel ' 55. Arts Limestone Dahlgien. Guy Theodore. Jr. ' 56, T. Caiibou Daigle, Peggy Ann ' 55, He. Foit Kent D ' Alessio, Tony ' 56, Agr. Biunswick Daley, Margaret Myrilla ' 56. Arts South Poillanii Daly. John Watkins ' 55. Arts Orono Damon, Hobart Tolmon ' 55, . rts Limestone Damon. Kenneth .Mbert ' 56. T. Ashby. Mass. Damour, Patricia Ann ' 56. . rts Rumfoid Dana, John Pulsifer ' 55. Pe. Thomaston Daniels, Albert Coffin. Jr. ' 55. Aits Hoiilton Daniels, Barbara Reeves ' 55. He. Rockland Davidson. Deborah Gilda ' 56. T. Aubuin Davis. Dolores Helen ' 55. He. Birwer Davis. George Stanton ' 55. Ce. Das IS. Nancy Jean ' M. T. Reading. .Mass. Davis. Robert Leroy ' 55, Arts liaiigoi Davis, Roger Evans ' 56, Agr. Dosei -Fov, ,,,fi Dav. John Milton, Jr. ' 56, Fy. Canslon. R. I. Dav. June ' 55, He. Bango, Day. Lawrence Archie ' 56. T. Weslheld Day. Nancy Lou ' 56. Arts Newport Day. Walter Sanderson ' 56, Arts Waterville Dean. Glen Cecil ' 55, Pe. Easton Deal born, Bruce Lauiison ' 56. Arts Haitland Dea Deckel, Donald Guy ' 56. T. Brewer Delaney, James Frederick ' 56. Arts Bangor DeLois, Christine Elaine ,56, He. F.ast Corinth Deschanes, Bernard Olivei ' 35, .Me. Wateiville DcVeau, Robert John ' 56, T. Soiilh Portland Devine, Ronald Kenneth ' 55, Arts Windsoi, Conn. DeMei, Ulene Jessie ' 55. Arts Aiibiira Dirkson. Arthur Thomas. Jr. ' 56. T. Old Oirliaid Beach DIrkson. David Edwaid. Ji. ' 56. Agr. Pedio Miguel. Canal Zone Ditoovanni. Joseph Paul ' 55. Hi. Diplock, George Wallace ' 55. Ai DIvon. John Alton ' 55, Ce. Dodge, Annette Chilton ' 56. He. Dodge, Richard, Jr. ' 55, En. Dole. Thomas Macdonald ' 56. . gi Donovan. Frederick Joseph 56. . rts Aubuin Dougherty, Hugh John ' 55. Ee. Biewer Douglas, Don Ellsworth ' 56. T. Lisbon Falls Douglas, John Bennerr ' 55. Ag lliiam Douglass, Cornelia Elizabeth ' 56 Alls Poilland Douglass, David Holmes. Jr. 55. ' .ng. l s. Bangor Dow. Ellen Flora ' 55. He. Dover■Fo c,oft Dow, Frederick James Treat ' 56 T. Old Town Dow, Gainett McCoimick ' 56, Arts Saco Dow, Margaret Ellen ' 55. Arts Orono Dow, Ruth Elaine ' 55. Arts Oiono Dow. William Robert ' 55. Ch. F „g. Wintlnoi, Drake. David Leaman ' 55, Eng. Ps. li.llll Draper. David Emery ' 56. T. Point Dieilus. Harry ' 56. T. N ■w Yoik. N. Y, Dubay. Roland Joseph ' 55. Arts Old T.iwn Dube. Gilman Leonard ' 56. Pe. Lewiston Duddv. John William ' 55, Pe. Bangor Dudles, Edwaid Paul ' 55. Eng. Ps. Bangor Dudlev. Maiilvn -,fi. Arts Passadiiinkeag DufTs. Heibert Havden ' .56. T 200 Aballu!l Ktvrhuix Bai MilK Oiiiibai. Allrn V..II ■■ I Nuilh SullUan lliiiKan. Ctalhrnnr )tnir A. Ailt H ' wMiurn Di.iil.hv R.. FrMii.o iJ, An. Nnilh Nr» Poiiland l ..i l liv WiIIhii John. Jr W. T. Binilmm t .il li ir Ni»ni«n R«v M Fin. Old li »n l ii|M nl. Ri «ri Lauiral ■ . t . Aulmin Du.Kin Jr.i JuH« n V IV. Uinvh.m Dtlilinl. Bfll« Ann Vi. Mr. Vr«lr Tlif« Kuiirnr VV Dl. Knu. 0...n.. Il.illur. Alr «n lri IUim ' t. Oh. Madaowha Duval. Jamr. Aiil.u. Yj. F . C;irn. Fall .. N. Y. I) ri. Ma.iv Linrnln i:., F.. (Jioinn. Cnn. I t.arl. Bcllv Da ' .VS. . il« Baniioi Uilc. Alton Blinn .I. I M».«lir««i. t:atlcy. Charlr. D.m I lUilrv, Nalalir Su. F.A lnijn. Jran Cainlr . ' i II. Kjltnn. Jamr. La»irnri: ' J» . ■ i YxUrcomh. riiilip L«-.lic ' J,!. Ak liUrU. Rnhril (iuv ' 36. Fy. l.linund... Ir in» John 56. T. Ilopkinlon. Ma... F. l»ard.. Flo.d Timoih. jj. Ch. Kiiir,. Fj(..n. Kd atd Jmcph 56. T. Btooklvn. N. Y. F.llrl. Waller jb. Ail. Wt.l Conn. Il.l...l«r Dana Al.a : .. 1. Miilord. Conn. Klrllhrriou. Klrriliciim 36. All. BanRor FJia.. Richa.d John 36. T. Fairfield Flkin. Ronald Walirr 56. M lllinitwood. Richard F.iic : . " Kllioi. . rthur Janir. " 36. T. FJIioll. David Andrrt. 56. T. Auburn Ellor. Arthur Svkr. " 55. Dh. Newfoundland. N. J. F.nirr.. Dalr (iaidm-i JJ. Ail. Portland F-.lha. John F.d«ard ' 55 Art. Banijor Jamr. Oti. T . T. Corinn a F..lin. Diana Ro.ali.- 56. Hr. Bangor E.tabrook. Carl Brrnaid. Jr. J6. Art. Bangor Elhr.idge. Colin Lrr ' 56. T. Portland Richard .Man -55. Cr. Slronu F.van.. Wallace . !ilo ' 56. Fy. Dover-Fmcrod F.ver.. Charle. Patrick " 55. Me. Au»u.ta, Ralph Farnham Vin..lo... Jr. " 53. Art. Ban«or Fairweather. Rohe.t Sluarl V ' Vrl. Buck.porl Falko... Slanle. ' 13. B.. Nr«| R. I. Fal onr. . madeo Alplu ' ine " i6. T. Walthani. Ma " . Farewell. Richa.d Leonard ' 53. An. Au«u.ta Farnan. FJward Henrv. Jr. ' 56. A» . tag. Larchmont. N. Y. Fa.nham. Reta F.lainr -33. He. Harbnr.ide Farmworth. Ceor.e F.d«ar 36 A.I. MilllnrKket Farn...orlh Ma.. ' i A, I. Millin.«-ket Brewer ITronia. »lh. K.4i.n CandUmii. 33. An. Millin.«ket Fa...n l..n Uaibara Mar. ' . lie I.A.I Andinei Faiin. hyUia . niir 33. He I niun Faye. Da.M Lee ' 33. Mr. Ponlaml FenilrMon Beinier Moitildir ' 36. Me Oirrno Frnile...ui Owen Chaile. ' 33, We. Oakland Fenno. Flank We.ley. Ji. ii. ArU Bethe.da Md Fe,,i no. Paul An n. ' 33. Alt. New.ik. N, J. Frwei. Richard Fiaiici. 36. Ail. Quiaiy. Ma» Ficku.. Thoiiia. Purdy ' 33. En. Kinx.ton. N. Y. Field, (.ieoille Meniy ' 36. All. Lewhton Field.. Albeit Phillip ' 33. AlC. Monticrllo, Paul Itvinx 56. T. Ell.worth Fall. Fi.he.. Joan ' 35. An. 3Velle.le Ma " Robelt Bruce .36. Fy. We.t Martlord. Conn Fill.. Kolland ■■ ■,. Am Mamaioneck. N. Y. Fit ileiald. I.rc Edwaid ' 36, Art. Win.low Fit Palrick. Nrrrman Carroll 33. Ak.. F.n». Au« Flanavan. John Lawrence ' 33. Ch. Enic. Ban(or Fla h. Sumner Euiiene " 35. . rt. Bangor Flrt.her. Kay Dawna ' 36. He. Portland Flrlrher. Robert Merle ' 36. T. F.a.t Di.field Flewellinn, David Guy ' 55. Ce. Cr..u.r.:ilr Flood. Janice Mae ' 33. He. Strong FI.»kI. John Wiltied ' .36. T. FI.mkI. Loi. Marion ' 36. Art. F.amingham. Ma " . Fl.nn. John Edward ' 35. Art. Reading. Mi " . Margaret Jcin ' 56. Art. Lr.irr Clift.m. Jr. •.36, . gr. South Portland Fol...m. Charle, Gerald ' .36. Pe. Millir..«kel Forgay.. (;ill ert Jerome ' 56. Art. Lowell. Ma " . ForM. alx-th Vieno ' 33. He. Warren, John Arvid ' 56. Agr. Eng. St.»:kh..lm For.yth. Richard Ralph ' 36. T. F.a.t|»..t Fortier. Deniw Joanne ' 56. Art. Winthrop Fnitier. Patricia Alice ' 56, He, Or..n " F.«.. Janice Mae ' 56. L. A. F.r.ter. David Alden ' 36. . gr. Fo.ier. Gail ' 33. An. Fovte.. R.4»-rt .Mien ' 55. Art. Fmter. Robert Horatio ' 36. T. F..u.nie, Donald Ra.mond ' 56 T. Saro F..urniei. Richard I jw rence ' 53 Ch. Eng. Livermo.e Fall. Fowlie. Beverlv Marie ' 36 He. filoveton. N. H Fra... Anne AUord ' 33. He. Farniinglon George FJw in ' 33. Em North An.h..r. M Unaiae 33, L A li N Hani|Klr Machia Sanh.i. F.awlry. J.din Ihomw ' 3 , I hmm ' » k. Eu«en Grllhn ' 33 Me CumWfUMi Freedlander. Brinard v.. I Rumlord Fieedman. HtanUy %Uiyin t, I B »kly N V Freeman, Donald Allen 33. Art. Ml tVw.l F.eeman Franklin CUaiMle ' 36. An. B.uiM.iek Freeing Marry William " i6. Fy 0 ne . N. M. Fie . RiHiri Buinhaoi ' 33. be. Cedar Gi«r Fringe.. Ruiirn C tad ' 3V Vlt. Ywdyillf. N. J. Fuller. JiNW Fwilrll. ' 36, Me. F4MIM Fuller, Ulaml Ve.nun ' 33, At r,«tMi Fulle., Noiman FU.I ' 36, Am. Li%e.iw .r Fall. Donald Ur 36, Fy. Ml. V.n»ii, N. Y Furrow. Stanley Oimald ' 36. 1. Bango. Gagnon. Daniel F ugene ' 33. F.e. Bangor (•agnon. Galen Gerald ' 36. A.I. Mallawamkeag Gagnon. Lauiel Anthony ' 35, Mc. Skmhayaa Gagnon. Paul All.rd ' 36, Art. l ' .rM|ur Galh... Cha.le. J.»eph 33. A.t. Darren. Cjinn (iaiianu. Dino Anthony ' 36. T. Rokland Galiano, Jaik D. ' 36. T. R.»kland Gallagher. John Norman ' 36, T. Norway (;alvin. F.anci. Pele. " jb, Pe. Framingbam. Ma«. liaminon.. Robert Lr.lie ' 36. Fy. Bangnr Gardiner. Fjrl F.dwin ' 36. Ag.. Tho.ndike (;ardine.. Richa.d Crvington ' 33. Fy. Stafford Spring.. Conn, (iarner. Robert Vernon. Jr. ' 36. Fy. Wnlwood. MaM. ( John Neal. Ill ' 36. T. Springyale Ciate.. Hugh Home ' 36, T. Franklin. Vt. Gav. Gerald Andrew. Jr. ' 56. T. Gav. Sarah Martha ' 36. He. Lexington. Ma... Gedd.. Mae ' 33. A.t. 3Va.wick. Va. Gellar. Le.ler Champion ' 36. Art. Ore Ma (irndion. Ra.mimd Vital ' 33. Me Sanfnrd Gentile. Nano Ellen ' 56. Art. Aubu.n Gepharl. Sheila Ann ' 35. A.I. Walervflle Ge.aghtv. J.weph Pal.ick. J.. ' 36. T. Wnlwnnd. Mau. Gerald. Cjiroline W..Klman ' .36. A.t. CJinlMI German Villiani Haldane ' 36. Fy Woodh.idge. Conn. (-H-,.i.h. Elhelyn May ' 33. He. D ve..F nc.o(l Geni.h. Hiram Thomaa " 36. T. DovTi-Fcncrnli Ge..i.h. Ma.lin F.ede.ic ' 55. An. Buck.po.t Cm-.iy. Harold Ru.hian ' 36. Art. Lincoln (;igue.r. Robert Lionel ' 56. Pr UtbIoo .SOPHOMORES -FRESHMEN SOPHOMORES -FRESHMEN. Gillis, Richa.d Can ,5, Alts Tliomaston Hackitt, JaniL-s Leon ' JD, Cf Ch. Eng. Rurnfoid Hackc-tt, William Denis ' jj, .ts Gilinan, Wayne Clark ' 56, Agr. L.ivrll Giljjatiick, Vulncy Thompson, Jr. ' jfi. Agt. Fail li. Id Gilson. James Diuse ' 55, Pe. Grot..n, M.isv. Gin«,.,s. Adolphe Joseph, J,. ' jJ, A,ts AM „sl,. Gi.aid, Jean Marie ' 55, Ch. Eng. Lake Megantic, Qmhec. Canad.i Glasse. Antonia ' je. Arts Ga.dine, Glorsky, Sondia ' 33, Arts T.i.ns Rive,. .N. J., Keith Revcic ' 35, An. H..llis Cent.-, (M.l.n, 111. .mas William ' 55, Pe. . iii;iisla Haggan, Wilfred James, Ji. ' 33, .Me. Bingham Haines, Paul Duncan ' 55, . g. Fmt Fairfield Hale. Alan Eugene ' 56, T. .Vlillin.ukel ILill, Alton Lowell ' 56, T. , e seastle 11..II. Bradford Allyn ' 55, Fy. ()xl.„» Hall. Donald Warien ' 36, T. .N..r i i l«, vv... k Hall, (Jardiner Alva ' 55, Aits Vaimoull, Hall. Jack Emery -55, Me. Biidgepoit, Conn. Hall. James Whitney ' 55, . rts Wcstbrook Hall. Owen Spencer ' 56, T. Jarkman Stati.m Ham, Judith Eva ' 55, He. I.,»iM,.ii Hainlil.u, Richard Nelson ' 36. . ,is Siiilhi,.|. II. .11. ill. .11. Alan Ghail.s ■-«,. I, Hall. .w. 11 Haskell, Sluait Phelps, Ji. ' 56. Alt, Bangor Hastings, Mary Alice ' 55, He. Bethel Hatch, Mary Elizabeth ' 55, Ails .Noblehoi,. Hatch, Sherlcy Edward ' 56, T. Ba, Haihoi Hawcs, Robert Oscar ' 56, .Ag, . Hampden Hawkins. Calvin Smith ' 56, . gi . Ai ts . ugtista Sk..ul,.«a„ 11., Goods. Ravmond J.jseph ' .36, Agi. 11. i„M.,i,i,. Willaid Math... J,. ,0 (;.,rd..ii. Cl.ailes Henry ' 56, T. Bam;.., Hun (iouioii. John Edward ' 55, Arts Coinish H. 11,11. .11.1. Csiilhia . iiii 33. . G,..d..ii, Rieha.d H.nrv ' ,55, Arts s Bananeia, H. ids. Kas Shi, ley -33, . ,ts Goimley. Owen Philip ' 55. Me. P..,flaM l 11, is.u. R,.ge, Haiold -56. Fs. B Gould. George Claid ' 56, Agi. l,n« . 1I.,..|, 11. is.. 11. Frances Maiion ' 36. He. Gould, Jean Caiolee ' 56, He. P,;„. .1,.,, II. IS.. 11. Paul ' 56. Arts (;,.weU. r.aih- R.av oith. Ji. -36. 1. H. .son. K.-ainald P.-rsh- ' it.. . .So, Ih P..,ll..lid (iia.e, Allen ' ,33. Eng. Ps. S,„., 11. .lui.k. Diana L..,iaine ' 33. . , (■„ „„. Baibaia Jeanne ' 56, Md.l II. .Is, J..l„, .M,.„,oe ' 36, T, : ,1,1. Kaihne Joan ' 55, He. II. ,K, l.,s,.., Ikrhbit. J,. ' 53. Ph. I ..nald Dougla ,„kills. Car ..lvn -36. . rls B.lty Alir.- ' 36. Ails ,r,l..w. Chailes I ' .dwa.d -36, 1. union. Harry Albert ' 55, Ag. i,p.,. Sheldon Robert ' .36. 1. u.iuian. Eveiett Joseph ' 33. CI G.aiil. Frank Allen ' 56. T. On ingloii Ha, (;,aiit. I.iwis Charles ' .36, Fy. R... kl.iiol ll.i, (oanl. I.vnn Burdette ' 36. T. . „l.,i,„ H.i, (;,av. Do.othy-Ann ' 56. Arts Kill.-,s P..:iii H.i, (ii.iv. Robe,t Warren ' 36, Pe. 111,,. Hill 1 1.„ , l.ii.i,,, P.iol Winsh.u Giav. Russell Arthur ' 56, T. Cuml..-, laii.l .Mills ll.„,; , Chiisliiie Kli ih.lh Gieenan, Alfred Josenh ' 56. Arts B,.,dl.s II.„,is. James W.agner ' 36 Gieenblatt, Owen Lee ' 55, Eng. Ps. J Greene, Blandford Willard ' 56, T. Vanii, Greenleaf, David Francis ' 56. Pe. Ohl T. Gieenleaf, James Leslie ' 56, T. .M..i GrifTee, Fred Milton ' 56. T. O, Griffin, Joseph William .35, Ce. Daiiiaiisr. Giiffin. Warien Francis. Jr. ' .36. P... ILuiis. Joan .Audrey ' 55, He. Ilanis. Joselih Richard ' 33, M ll.i. lis, J,.s,. i;iain ' ,36. He. Hauls. M.oli,-, Do, or ' 33. Me, IE,,, is. Rlcha,d Page ' .33, A, Is Hanison. Millard Dow ' 53, An . Cliauncey Robert ' ,36. . i Is Caiii.l 1. Richard Bruce ' 56, T. Walpole. Ma Nancy Elizabeth ' 56, He., .Ma Das id Bruce ' 56, Fy. Bh.omfield, N. Frccport, L. I., N. V. West Peinb,. VeinonCuilln. Ji. ' 36. Arts W.stliehl, N. Cos .Mian " 13, . , Is Belhvilh-, N. :-. Heiuv Grant ' 36, Fs . Fai,n MS. Jiiilill, I,,e ' 36, He. Cam. k.ll, Bvril I..ilani ' 36. He. Lincoln Cen Hawkins. Richaid Stubbs Hav. Ellen Elizabeth ' 36. Alts Presque Isle Haynes, Betsynell ' 36. Alls .Millinocket Hayward. Robeit Stuidy ' 36. T. Scarsdale, N. Y., Walt. ' , R..SS -33. A, Is Ea,st Millinocket II.mIs Albeit .Milton ' 55, Arts Rwhestcr, N. Y. Haiold Eseiett 36. 1. Stockholm Hedc. John Gustase ' 56. T. Stockholm Heller. Richard Leon ' 56, Arts Kittery Heifeiman. Leoiiaid Joidan ' 55, An. New Yoik. N. Y. , Mass. Bangor Dover-Fo Isle Hewes, Elwood Sheldon ' 36. T. Hickey, Frank Graham ' .36, Aits Presque Isle Hickev, Maurice Leo ' 36, Arts Biddefoid Hi.ks John Caid ' 36, Fy. Milleilon. N. Y. Hirks. John Robert ' 36. T. South Paris Higgins, William . uslin ' 56, Arts Bangor Hight, Judith Lee ' 56, Arts Wellesley, Mass. Hile. Danny Walter ' 55, Fy. South Paris Hill. Ellen Ann ' 55. Arts Bangor Hill Glenys Irene ' 56, Arts Piltsfield H.lton Pauline Ella ' 55, He. Norridgewock ILti.ks. D..rothy Arline ' 56, L. A. N. Calais Hiiidhs. Jay Stephen ' 56, T. Saylesville, R. I. Iloag, Glenn Morton ' 56, Fy. Pittsfield, Mass., Jay Sherman ' 56, Arts Rangcley H.ich, William Koster ' 36. Pe. Rockland Ib.dgdon. Kenneth Lewis, Ji. ' 55, Arts Dennysville Hodgkins. Clyde Beinaid ' 55, Fy. Auburn Hodgkins, John Elliott ' 56. T. Temple H..l, Faith Jefferson ' 55, Arts Rockville Centre, N. V. Il..ladav. William Campbell ' 56, T. Il..ll„,...k. W.,llace . nd,ew ' ,36, T. Bridgeport, Conn. H..hlen, Jam.s D.uid ' 33. .Me. H,.ullon Malchii. 1,. ' 36. Bl. .Mansfi.ld. Mass. 202 Ilolvkr Vau«l.., 11 ,,.. Il....r K......0. Man .. Ilm l ri limit Dlcll U. Il..u.r. Uilli.iii Kxnalil H..«a..l (a...l „„ •.-, 1)1, ,v.,„„ ll.m...l K...... B„.». J, ... .„ H..rkl....l M..-A..I, llrirn M.Kr l. H. Hi Kirr,„.l H«»at l. I.. u.riur D«i. ■■ . .Xat. I ' l.ilUml ll..««r.l. K;.l|.h l).vl.... ■.-. A.,. Rkll..l,»illr ll....4tt i,,rn Man I ll.aii». IV K I,. CanailK ll..»r. K..l. .l ll.i...l l V. T. .Ni.i».« H..W J..,,.,. V,..,. J.. V. T. ►;«„..„ HuhtM.d I.I..M1 K.rdr.irk. J,. •• . 1. U„,U„,| Hutchrv. Kwniirlmr IJ. Hr. Emi W.trrlM.i.. Humphrrt t;r.«lcl Kirll...l V., Mr. (i„y lluniiilitrv, SattdrA Lt ' U ' .Vi. AiU INtltlirld Hunipliiry. Suun Bionn " ; . Hr. IIj..k... Hunir,. (.,,. F..,l.„,l,. J,. -.•., |.|.. Urllnlrv IlilU. . U». Muiil.i icl..i. U,.i.j|.l Fn.n : ,. V. I.r»Ulnil ltunlir». Ftrd AIN J., v. Fv. A.ihu.n llurd. KtiMhrll. Ann .V . Alt ' . l(ur»il . Bl.luia Ida : (•. A.I. Aul.i.rn llu.wy. Carle ISwn -,■ . A.I. IVrM|ii. Mr llu...r%. II»%„r, F dxa, •:.•.. A.l. A»!,...l., Iliitrliin.. Clinliin Kufrnr ' jj. Cli. Kn . Sln.iiK lliilrhia.. Vrrnon KvrrrtI °J6. Axr. WaldiiU.ti. Il.ilrltinwn, (rritrKe KralinR ' 35. Mr. Hrlld.l ll.ilrhin.on. CIrnn Da id " . T. ( Dl.. D»ld Rirl.a.d. Ji Lrr Yi.nkr... N. Y. INxlland l. U. Ilanako Vi. Hr. Kamakuraohi. Japan IK..nrn. Barbaia HrIrn ' J6. Arts Korkland Innr v F.d .in Kunlman ' 36. Fy. South Portland Jark...n. Howard Clark ' X. T. Orono Jark.on. Joan Ntarir ' 35, Arts WorcrMrr, Ma.j. lanirM.n. Rnbrrt CIrmrnI ' 36, ArU Banitnr J..[dinr. David Charlri ' 36. .Ur. U ' a..l.l urn Jav. Winston Ue ' 33. Art Rumlord Jrnnru, Cynthia Ann ' 36. Hr. Orono Jr trn. Jon Pottrr ' 36. Fy. Trnafly. N. J. Jr»rtt. Ardrna Kathrriiw ' 36. Hr. Srhaxo Lakr Jrwrtt. Clinton Noyr ' 36. Affr. Cardinrr Jrwrll. Llo»d Ja% ' 56. Art. B..rk.p..rl Johnwn. Alirr Libhy ' j6. Ail. |-...llan l Audrr» Rar ' , . A.t. R..l.l.i...l.,n Donald Fr,«ii.on ' .V.. . «r. Johnu.n. F.rdrrirk Ronald ' Vi. T. Fa.l l ' r..%ldrnrr R. I John.on. r.u.lavr Prtrr -.6 T. Fai.firld Jnhntnn. Jran Dori« " l ' .. Hr. Srha(o I.akr J..t......n. Udl, lh.«k.,. iV . ,u South Br..«k JohiMon. Phlli| Martin 15. Ki.« l R.«lin(. M .. Ji.lin on. Richard . ilto ' 36. . rlt (;ullfi rd John«.n. Wavnr W.««U,u„ ' 56. I Hrllwi J " hn.on. William Da»id M.. T. • i.rrnwirh. J..l.n.i..., | ,h..r. il. All. J.Min Carol Vi. An. C.«iil,.u J.ihn.ton John Diuihrt ' », Ch J..i« N»« K.iclirllr N V Jiinaion. I.ronida. IVtr. " i .. , ,„ B n«o. Jiinr.. l)o.,.,h, Kli al« th ■ . A.t. F.ankl.i, Jonr.. .;„.„.. olUr, v, I ,;a,.|„.„ Jonr., Paul .V.lhui v.. I. Kuni(...d Jordnn. I a id Alan Vi. 1. i... kr. .M.ll. Jordan. I.„|rr Knin 36. Aicr. Ca,«- Kli al»lh Ji... I.illi, Jrannrllr ' 53. Art, .Vi.rth»r,l llait.., Jiidkin.. Janirr .Marlni, •.-, ||r. Diyfirld Kanr. Waltr, S. V,. A»r. .s,„„ Ka.ak.iv . a„iv Ji.vrr V.. „. K.i.,.inan R.i.lolph Wallr. -.■.. . ,|. I ' ..,||ai..l K..MU.-,. Cha.l,-. Wall,-. ■-,-,. A.I. Kair,. Jo,.| N,.,,n..„ ■■„, Xrl. Kav, Mai.Ja.nt ' I.iii illr " .■.. Hr. Prr»i|iir Mr Kr.1. Ralph Clinton jj. Ch. Kn«. V ' anrrl«.,o Krrnr. Wall.. Kir.. " iG. T. Dan.illr KiKriinan, lh...d...r J..hi.. Jr. ' .Vi. r. Old l..r.n .irh. C.nn. Krilh. (ilo.ia Ann ' V.. A.l. Po.lland Krilh. Maiyjanr ' 36. Ail. Krith, Rirl.aid Cl.arlr. 36, A.l. Yo.k Brarh Krilry. Glo.ia Joan 36. Hr. J..i r.|K..t Krihy. John William. J,. ' 33. Ch. In,. Stiatn.n Krliry. Willa.d .Maurirr ' 3 ' .. .Mr. Bral. Krili.. Ku.ania Loui.r V.. IV. Pill.hrld KrII.. N..,,r„ Ann • ., I.. A. .N H,r,.r. KrIlv. Pal.iria Ann V,. Hr. Hill. .Ma... Kriu.n. Alirr U.uiM- ' VI. Hr. W ' r.thnaik Kmifnlrr. .Ann ' 36, . il. .Miinvton. Ma... Krnnrdy. F.rwin fjrl ' 3.3. f . Sar.. Krnt. ErHin Hallrr 36. T. Allanlir Krn.on. William Curii... H ' 36. T. Orono Kr.o Ann .Marir ' 36. L. A. ft X. 0,.,n.. Khour.. .Nirhola.. Frrri. ' 36. Art. Ran(... Kilpalrirk. C -nr W ' rlliniton ' 36. Ait. Mar. Hill Killon. .Mia Franrr. ' % Art. Marhia.|..rt Kimhall. F.d»ard Arthur Vi. Pr. Sko.. I Kinc. AloaMlra »HMl -. ... i„. .i.,„i Ki« . Lr»M lal«a d 11. U b„k kinary. Maitdr Annrlli Vi. A.K Ci.iKhr.taad C,.i., Klnwy, Rlrhard A.lhu. 11 t:. „,. , Kianry. Wr.lry Al«rr. J. " A 1 Cumlir.Uad C.air. Kimnhiia. laa (irnmr ' Vi. T 1.4,o J,paa Kirk Shirk, M ■•,;. Hr .h,. , Ki.klami Kraarth UH.« | |,,..„ Kir.hrn. J.Mn r.lijalirih 16 Ait. jj,,, , Knapp. Jari|urha F aarr ' 11. A.l. tjf,! Mni.« Ma» Knapp Malrnim Huhr.i VS. T K.a ftrid Kriaii. V. T «„;,„ Kiirrland F.a,lrar Alitr ' 36, An. (i.rrayillr Kni«hi r lMard Watrra. jr. •Jl, p,. Ntwlh Wr mouih, Mm. Kni.hl Rirhard .V..rt..n ' 36. Pr. !„.„, Kn..ti rionald Putnam ' 36. T. Fair l.a«a. . J. Kn..»lr.. John Unard ' V3. Am ha«or K.i..«lr.. Rrylurd Dair 11, Ch. Kn«. Pilt.Arld KnoKlion. (iHrnita Kilrrn " 16. 1. .Stonin«t.H K....% Barlu.a Janr IV . ,t, .MriHord .Mau. Km. . Carroll Barllrlt 13. Art. P,rv,u» ttk, Kmiopouh-. John ' 36, An. Biddrlord Ko irlrr. Frank .Stanlry 16. F». Bound Br...k J K.ainrr. Jriomr Hr.hrrt ' 33. . rt. Quino. la«. Jainr, F.d a.d 33. I . Kuailord Krrnt . William F.dKaid ' 36. IV. Flint. Mirh. Krur,rr. Laura Janr Vi. An. Wr.llnro. .M»». KuhUrk. Krnloo Charlr. " .6. A,r. Daabuty. Cma. K..11 t:iron Viidrl 33. .Mr. . Oli.a« Kupa. J.«ph ' .36. Fy. Worrr.trr. .Ma». LaB.a.irhr. Rrnr .Norman ' 33. Cr. RHidrlord I.a.ld. Kd..a.d Ralph 33. WV. H , LaFlaninir M. Klwin Rid«r»...d N J Lanik.n CJInida Mar V.. Hr. Fa.min«t„a Umkin. Ch.iia Fjnily ' 33. Hr. Farminal.w Umliv C.ilhr.l Jnwph 35. Mr. Watrryillr l.anr. Duanr Xforinn .36. Arl. Baa«nr l.anr John,. Jr. 36. T. Farmiaadak l_.n«rvin Annrtir Mary ' 36. Art. Ramlmd«l. i.. Carol Aaa ' SS. IV. Barria«iaa. R. I. I.ani«an. Rolirna Aaa ' 56. Art. PonUad l.ap». nl.. Sandra " Jb. Arf« llnprdalr. M« " I........ R..,:„.,M Hna, " il. r.B,. P,. Old n.rha.d IU«I. SOPHOMORES - FRESHMEN SOPHOMORES - FRESHMEN, North Br,K,-n. N. J. .lirhatl Bruce ' 56, Agr, Floral Paik, L. I.. N. V. 1. Diana Louise ' Se, He. South Toitlaiul Charles Eduaid ' 56, Alls Leadbetter, George Roscoc ' 56. Fy. Livenmue Fall Leary. Laurence Richard 56, Arts Fai, licit Leatliers, Paul Leahy 55, Ch. Eng. South Breue Leavitt. Harvey Walter ' 55, Arts Bango Lcavitt, Munay Alan ' 56, A,ts Bang.. Lee, Francis Anderson ' 55, Me. Calai Lc-Batos, Nicholas . ndroyiannis ' 55, Ce. Cephallonia, (.i.eer Leighlon, Haiold Geiard 55. Fm. Limeston Lci.ghton. Robert Ed% ard ' 56. A.ts Woodlan Lcipold, David Abbott ' 56. Arts H.idgto Leland. Walter Irwin ' 55. Arts Oi.ui Lenentinc. Weldon Jaspe, ' 56, T. Island Fal ' Les Lew, Gilbea -55. Ee. Congers. N. V. Levsne. Heiman David ' 56. Aits Pikesvill,-, Md. Lewis. Claire Ellen ' 56. Arts Bang,., Lewis. Constance Leone ' 55, A.ts Dexter Lewis, Stanley Allen ' 56, T. Livcimore Falls, Fred Wayne ' 55, Arts Hartland Libby Grace Stoddard ' 56. Pc. Bar Haibor Libby, Horace Sumner ' 55, . rts fiiay Libby, Mary Joyce ' 55, Arts Scaibo.o Libby, ' Virgil Douglass ' 56, Arts Oakland Linc.ln, Ha.rictt A, onson ' 56. Arts Bang.., l.uul. Walter Ernest ' 55, Ph. I ' nic.n List. William Dawson ' 56, Fy. Westfield. N. J Litchfield, Mary .Mice ' 55, He. Little. Laura Revere ' 55, Arts Bar Haibor Littleficld, Donald Frank ' 55, Ec. Mooiiiouth Littlcfield, Jean ' 55, Arts Oioii,. Littlefield, Nancy Allard ' 55, Arts Litllefield, Nancy Louisa ' 55, He. SargeiUville Livi, Diana Mary ' 56, He. East Paterson, N. ,|. Livin.gstone, Diana TcnEyck ' 56, Arts Boston, .Mass. Livingstone, Richard Dennis ' 56, T. Augusta Loblcy, Carlcnc Gertrude ' 55, He. Bangoi LoCicero, Angelo Michael ' 56, Pe. Quinrv. Mass. Locke. Ca.ollne Maud ' lb. A.ts South P,.,ll..n.l Locke, David ' 56, Fv. Blue Hill L., Duncan Keith ' 5R. Fv. Lindenhuisl, N. V, Long, Lawrence Erie ' 56, Fy. Bethel. Conn. Longfellow, Baibara Jeanine ' 56, Aits Topsham Longfellow, Mona Elaine ' 55, Aits Topsham Longley, Richard Edmund ' jj, . rts Wateiville Lonn. Victor Richard ' 56, Fy. Bath l.oouiei. Do, is Estella 56, Arts Needhaiu, .Mass. Loid. Ge.uge Edwaid. J.. ' 55. Alts Biounville L..,d, Janice ' 56. He. Bethel L..,d. Philip Arthur ' 55, Ee. Lisbon Lo,d. Wilfred Harold ' 55, Arts Winteipoit L..ud. Carol Margaret ' 56, Arts Watcvilh- Lovejoy, Louis Stephen ' 56, T. Liiuolii Low, Robert Byron ' 55, Wc. .Soulh I ' oMlan.l Lowell, Neal Foss ' 55, Me. Old Town Luce. George Norton ' 56. T. Faiinington Lure, Ralph William. Ill ' 55. Me. Portland I.udwig. Edwaid Arthur ' 56. T. Ga,diii -, Ludwig, Edwaid Douglas ' 5). Fv. Slio,t Hills, N. J Lund. Kendall Glove, ' ij. A, Is Woiceste,. Mass. Lunl. Fiances Jo.sephinc ' 55. Pe. f;orham 1. Robert Emilio ' 56. Arts Welleslev. Mass. Luio. Walter Holmes ' 55. Ce. Bango, Lynch. James Giblin ' 55. Arts Bangor Lynch. Richaid Edwaid ' 56. Arts Bangor Lvnn. Geoige Henry ' 55. Arts O1..1.0 I.v,.ii. Fredeiick William ' 56. Arts Milloid. Lyons, Clifton Alton ' 55. Ee. Rumfoid Lvous. Gail Ann ' 56. A, ts Bango, Lvons, John MacDonald ' .56. T. Easl Millliu.rkel McAlli le,. Donald Leslie ' 55. Ails No,wav MrB,ine. Joseph Franklin ' 55. Alts Havnesville McCann. Judith Helen ' 56. A,ts Piincetou McCaithy. Denis ■.56. Aits Naple, NLicCaithv. Edwa.d Dvri. Ji . ' 55 .Sils Roslyn Heights L, I,, N. V. MrClaine. Richaid Earl ' -56. T. Rockland .MrCoimack. Mavwell Leland. Ji. ' .56. Fy. Cianfoid. N. ,1 M.Cov, Eduin Henry, Jr. ' 56, T. Bucksport Mainoliakl. Arlane LaVeine ' 56. Arts .McDonald. Chailes Ross ' 56, Alls ElKwoill. M.lcDonald. David Lee ' 55. Pe. Ran,-,.,- MacDonald. Muidock Alevander ' 56. Ails Biownville Junction MarDonough Richaid Bi ian ' 51;. Ails Riewe, M.,fDoiig.ill Walter Lee ' 55. Me, RIdlonville McKhvee. Cl.lienee Alexander ' 56, Agi. Eng. Bangoi McFadden. Carl Robeit ' 55. Pe. Gai diner McGuire. William John ' 56. Agr. Hiiiekh-. Mcintosh. Richard Halstrirk ' 55. Ee. Rockland .McKechnie, Karl Harold, Jr. ' 55, Ee Unity .McKenna, Charles Aloysius, Jr, ' 56 Arts Old Orchard Beach .McKenney, Donald Heniy ' 56. T. Clinton McRenney, Roderic Norman ' 56, T. Greenville McKiel, Charles Gordon ' 55, Agr. Eng. Albion MacKinnon, Ray Donald ' 56. T. Biewei McLaflcrty, Joey Ross ' 56. Aits Rangeley McLaughlin, Lloyd George ' 56, T. Limestone McLaughlin, Robert Lyfoid ' 56, T, Carmol McLean, Preston Arnold ' 55, Aits Bango. MacLeod, Duncan Harriman ' 55, Me, North Wilmington, Mass, McLeod, John Eric, Ji, ' 56, Fy, O.rington McNabb, Paul Vincent ' 56, Arts 0,ono McNaughton, Irving Vance ' 56, T, Newpo.t McNeal, Leo Fiancis ' 55, Arts Orono MrPheison. John Fiederick ' 56, Agi , L.ibec M.rcPheison. Judith Ann ' ,56. He. Tane town. Md. MacQuinn, Douglas Aithur ' ,56, T. Ba, Haibo, McVety, James Leighton ' 56, Aits Bango, Mack, William Harold ' 55, Aits Bangoi Mackintosh, John Herbert ' 56, Aits Bangoi Macri, Domenic John ' 55, Ails Poitland Madden, Marilyn Elizabeth ' .55, He, Millinockel Mahaney, Keith Colby ' 55. Arts F „t Fail field .Mahanes, Thomas Fiancis -56, Pe. Bangor .Mahr, Ki.diurk Ralph ' Vk I ' e. . Paul Shea ' 56. T. Roger Edmond ' 55. Jonald Franklin ' 56 Maiilsn Tina ■. ' 16 Aiigusl Old Tow Tuckahoe. N. V. David Josellh. J, Oakfield awalikeag odwaid -56. T. 204 .NU.. .. l|jnlr », A.I. Nn.lh t.J.i M.ll.r«., I...U.. W.llr. v.. . .i, 114 NUllnru. l.u nrl tUI»ai l V . I W.n.l.... U»« n. J.-rph (:.» .■■ ij. I ' «. SpriniArld, Mui. U lir.. lUnj krnnrlh U. F.r. Chrit firld M.S.. J nrl Klrlhr. J6. A.l Wilion«. Mailmir Francr. S, Mr. D..»r.-K..xr...|l Mrinnkr. llrn.N Di umm. ' ml .. .ii I ' . r . I... hI..ii N II Mrxill. Alma l...ui r ' •. An. NUrhi.. Mritill. KIb.idir Jmrpli ' V . Ail. llo»Un l Mriiill. Wilham Kvr ib. T l.r..lllln.l. ' . NU... Mr.ri.r. Brilr-Jran i. Ail. Sju-.. Not til Nc» IN.illand Milr.. R.«|r. VcMion Millav. Donald M. Mdlrt. Cmiu Cliarr ' j« . Manchr.lrt. Conn. Millrlt, Baii Mxion ' 36. Ail. Ridlonvillr Milieu. Rirha.d Hulbrrl ' jb. Aur. DJMnonl Milton. Stanley Spear ' jj. Art. Watcrvillf Miner. Calla Elaine 36. An. Sko..hei(an Milrhell. Barbara Ann JS, An. Materwille .Mitchell. John Carroll JJ. . n. Da.k lla.b,.r Milrhell. Wilfred Chaile. •. . Fv. Minerva. N. Y. Mix.-ii. John Scon JJ, Me. Falmouth. Ma«. M..ll.«. Ed»ard Paliick JJ. Ch. En«. Mi.nk. LaurU Lee 36. T. Clinton Monroe. %ilnia FJna ' 35. . rt. Oreat Work. M nla«. Genr e Mini. °36. Acr. Ipper .Monlclair. N. J. M .odv. Nancy Ann ' -36. An. Waldoborn Moodv. Win.hip Barton ' O. Ch. F.nn. Gorham Xt.».r Carol.n Ida 36. He. Bangor M™.re. Elhan Dana. Jr. ' 36. . ur. Byfield. Ma... Jame» Peter " 36. An. Fori Kent M.-.-e. Jame, Rol " -rt 36. Art. Wr.t F.n«le..ood. N. J. M.-.,e. Jane Label ' 33. An. Ell..vorlh M.-re. Richard " 56. Pe. Medford, Ma... M.«ire.. Sterling . aron 36. Art. Springfield Mnreail. F.mrne ' 33 O. Fn«. Old T.. .n M.rgan. Frank Vincent •16 Fv I.vnn. Ma... Ronald Andrr.. ' 33 An. Auburn M..,neaull. Lnui. Henrv 36 T Lille Morneault. Svlvio Jame. 33 Art. I.ille M....ell. Dow -36 T Ca-iK.., M....ill Walter Jmeph V. F. Ban«.. Portland Bar Mill. Portland ■u . Ilovir Pric ' ». T. ■on. JuM|ili Uwb It. T. Nurlhraal lla t ir M..,iuiwi. Rotirri Trniiun U. A li Meehanir Fall. Mmher. RichaiU Chaile. 3b. Fy. Beaton Siat»n Molt. Donald l:d..a.d jb. F . Rork.ille Crnler, N Y. .Mu l(etl Paul lle.t.e.1 3, Me. I.a.l Wal| .le. Ma.. Miinn. Bluer Stanl..n V3. Ait. Wellcley. Ma.. Muich, Ue Kill. jb. 1. South Paii. Mui l..k. Donald Banlield U . F.. (Uil Templelun. .Ma.. Muiiay. William Chatle.lon ' 36. Fv. Ml Veinon. N. V Mu.hi.K-. FUrl FUI»aid -.3. Ix. Princeton .Mu ey. Jeiiy Allan 33. Art. J..liel. Ill .Mvei. Richard Bit.. ' 33. Art. Bangor M.e... (;eimainr Carol 36. He. Oiono .Nadeau. Le.ter JuM-ph " 35, Arl« Nagem. Michael Eliat. Jr. ' 36, T. Nawn. Philip Irving ' 36. AtU Nel.nn. Cynthia ' 33. .Art. .Nel.on. Patricia Mae ' 36. . il. Clinton Neube.ger. Robert Jmeph 36. T. Bridge|Nirl. C«.nn. Neveiv. Richard Maine. ' 36. Art. Paiien . c»inan. . nna Elizabeth °36. Art. Augu.ta . r»inan. Kail I..n».Kl Barroni, Jr. ' 36. ArU SwampKoli. Ma.... Nice. Colman .Mur.av ' 33. Pe. Ncburyport. Ma... Nicker»on. Mar . nn ' 33. He. Mar. Hill Nightingale. LeRoy-«e ' 36. Art. Buck.port Nil.on. Neil Gerald 33. Art. Hallo., ell Nisbet. Ellon Charles ' 35, Art. Augu.ta Nivison. John Alexander. II ' 36. Art. Win.lov. N. le. Mar Evelyn ' .33. Art. Nor..av NiKinan. Natalie .Xnne ' 33. .Art Glen. Fall.. N. Y. Noviglia. Lui. Herloi ' 33. Dh. Lima. Peru Nonage. Denvaid Sheldon ' 36. Agr. Bro..k. N..vak. Ronald Samuel ' 33. An. N...e., Albert Leeman ' 33. ArU Augu.ta 0 ' D. nnell. Margaret Diane ' 35, ArU Seanport O ' Donnell. Mvle. Leo. Fr. " 36. ArU Portland OGiadv. William Henrv ' 56. T. Brooklvn. N. Y. OMfirl.I R,.ben Oiandle, ' V, Agr. MHion Ma.. Oliver, William Allen ' 33 Pe. Orono OLoughlin. Jame. Peter ' JS. F.e. Bangor 01«.n FJ..ard Manfred Jr. -56. T. We.1 Rmburv. Ma... Conrad Yy. Fm 0.«und. N».»a I Utn. WUItaai I , Ulle,.lrdl. ChuUm M. P» Otio. Fred BUtrntf, ' W. T Parka.d. Ularlei C edrl Parka.d. I. ila Wall .« ife. T. Oraketd Page. Ma.ilyn fielehell ' Mk. He I..aM.loM. Paige. A.ihur FjiKrvm ' ifc. A«r V...k Palmer. Auhrrr B«.|. Jr ' 36. T Miaol Palmer, (ieorge Allied ' 3). A.U Vanrehu... Palmer. R.n.eiM Mar ' U, A.U Nm.a. Pangaki.. Jerry Nirhola. 36. A.U B«i«»r Pannoni. Paul Allieri •», T. Fell Rner. M m Paiadv. Kenneth F.d»ard ' V . Pe. Great Ho.k. Paid. Fj.I F.ed, Jr. ' 33. C:». r» Lmdim. N H Paient. Patiirk lleni ' 33, ArU F.enehyille Parke.. Albr.i Cole U. A.U Salem. Ma.. Parker. B.ure U .enre ' 33. AiU Q»i.»y. Mm. Parker. Chrr.t»| her Droan ' 33. tjm ft. Oioao Parker. Elizaheih Ann -33. He. OroM Pa.ker. Lee Raymond ' 36. T. P.e«iur Lie Parkei. R.4 erl Frand J6. Agr. While PlaiM. NY. Palridge. Jean Marilyn ' 36. ArU ElhMorlh Pa.elto. Judith . nn ' 36. Art. B«»rr. Vt. Patler« n. Cieorge Amm, Jr. ' 36. T. Hampden Highland. Palter» n. (M rge Charlev ' 33. Ce. Ne« Millnrd. Conn. Palter.on. Neil Franklyn ' 36. T. Paul. Lerov Wilfred. Jr. ' 36. T. Bella.1 Payne. Bradford Chrnlir ' SS. ArU LiiKolnvillr Peai.all. Richard Jmeph ' 36. T. Wot G oucr.ler. Ma... Peai.on R 4 en Wahei 33. Me. South Portland Prrkham. Fenner Harris. Jr. ' 36. AlU Puuum. Conn. Pelleiier. .Mylr. ' 36. T. Mada»a U Pellelier, Riehard John ' 36. Art» Caribou Pelleiier. Robert F ward ' 36. ArU MOford Pendleton. Donald King ' 36. . rU I.lebo.o Pe.cival. .Marianne ' 36. He. Buekfield Perez. John. Jr. ' 33. .ArU Rome N Y Perlherg. Ralph Henrv -36. ArU Augu.ta Pern Walter Levi. Jr. ' SS. ArU V. .w- Perl. Warren We,I,». J,. ' Sfi. T. Peter.. Carolyn Whilr ' SS. Md. T Peter. J.»eph Jerome ' 53 I. Pelerwn. John Herlirrt ' ' Pelenon. Janei Caralnw ' 36. Artt .SOPHOMORES - FRESHMEN SOPHOMORES - FRESHMEN, F.ank Ahb.. Ll,.vd Cai V.,v. Nc«t,.n Ccnt,-i. Mas I ' i.Tcc. Donald fay.- ' X. T. Bang, I ' ir.c.-, Kli ah.-ll. Anm- TiS, He. Augnsl Pi,,,.-. .I,.liii ■■):i, C.n, Ai;,. B.Ka Canf.Md. N. J l!,,„ L.Ming ' 56. T. Mechanic Falls Fiai k Hi-ibcil. ,1,. ' 5 -,. A.ts M.df.„d. Mass Jan.. Willi s Ricliaid -iilK r. Stc«aid ' 55. Pi, Ma|,l..,„n Ha, y Cha.le.s ' 56, 1 V.,l(l,a,„ Mass . Ma y June ' 56. H.-, Slilluaf, R.,bi„. Jaol) Nathan ' : :,. CI,. Eng. . „l„„„ R„ff. William John ' 36. A,ts Glove, svillc. X. Y. Russell, Richard EIroy ' X, A,t5 Waldobmo R„.ssell, Richa,d Hen.y ' SR. A,ts Kan,go, Ryan. John F.ancis. J,. ;(,, Fy. Yonkeis. N. Y. Sa|,e,stein, Allan JacI Sa.geni, Ellen Eunice Sa,genl, Wayii Sa,ge„l, Jessie Eugenia Pipe,. Lullie, Ma,shall ' .ifi. Alls Pitman, Richanr William ' 55, A,ts Piza,,o. Rolando Mi, anda ' 55. E.-. Se Plac ankis. Walt.-, Lewis. J,. ' Vk A .s, Richa,d Allen -55. A,ts {n, .suolds, Thomas Hcn,y ' .55. Pe. Iliogb.i Ethel Jean ' 56. He. Ceenvill,. J„,„ii, irl,a,.ls. Care Ha,el ' ,-,6. He. Clinl, irha.ds. Ha, old E,nesl ' 55. F.,-. GuiK,, Ricke,. Bell,. Ja Union Cilv. N. D.u, .,s. M.,ss. Sri ,, Zl,a ■ " ,:,. A, M.I ,l,u,i Poli.|i,i„. Ch.ol.s Rudolph Vk T P..olr. Davi.l . Kin ' XK CI,. Eng. Rockland, NLiss Po,lei. Cou,tney F,ed ' .55, Ce. , ug,.sl. I ' otsdain, Jay Allison ' 55, Alls North Abingl.u,. Mass P.uM, . ' I ' li,.i, Joseph ' .56, Ails Bangoi l ' ..«eis. Richard Alexander ' .56. T. Wateivilh Pratt, FLIaine Joyce ' 56, Md. T. .August: I ' ratt, Lois Nicoll ' 55, He. B,uns.,i.l Pratt, .Stanley Lament ' 56. Ht. . ,ig,isl. Prall. Harriman ' .56, T. Bi.u,-i Piiiic. I.ouell Bradfoid ' 55, A,ts 0,, Islan.: Piovenrhel. Do, is I.ene ' .V,, A, Is P,.. ruche,. William Rom.-o. J,. ' -16, T. PuUen, Betsy Ca,„liue ' 55. He. B,„„s»i,k Putnam. Nathan Watrous. J,. ' ,56. A,ts (ll.-ns Falls. N. Y. I ' Mliiaiii, .Shiiley Lois ' 55, He. Thouiasl,,,, l,)„u,.s. Donald Ga,y ' ,56, Ag, . L.n.II R.,g„n. liuiuhau, W.sshv. J,. ' ,55. Me. R.„„sd,-ll. Anil Haiiv ' 51,. T. So Mi... Adine ' 55. Ed. K..b,-,l Slua,t ' .ifi. T. N.- .nal.l Wallace ' .56. T. P,.,i T.iann,- Ma,,ga,et ' 55. A,ts Me,ton David ' 55, i- Quern Heulell Ga, len Cits. N. Y. ■ ' 16, H.-. Millin.,rk,l .rs. CJr.ugr Lou.g.-e ' .56 lins. D.uiald Neal ' 55. ins. Wari.-n Frrdeiirk New Milf.ud. C. East D|. •. Norman Eu.genc ' .55. Ph. Aubiii,, .. Shi, ley F,anklin ' .55, Ee. Cant. .11 ngard, Donald Leo ' 56, T. Waban. Mass. . Barbara Jane ' 56. He. Lcwiston . Levi M., HI ' 56, T. Lisbon Falls a, 10, Daniel Alfred ' .56, T. Ailinglon. Mass. :,ds. James Guy ' 56, T. Windsor. N. Y. ..dis. Jauies Samuel ' ,-,6. Ag,. F,.,,st Hills, I.. 1., N. Y. S, hua,l , J.ihu .Man -,(., T. Mas,„-ll,. N. Y. S.iibnei, R..l .-i Dorchester, Mass. S.llaud, K..S ' 56. A, Is B.ooklyn, N. V. S.u(e,l. IMwaid Ceil ' V-,. Fs. Nutley. N. J. Shain lL„,v . ,,l,„, •-,-,, A, Is R,.d Beach Sham. Robrit Jack ' h. Alls B,o..klinr, Mass. Shands. Wayland . ilhu,. J,. ' 55. Ag. O.ono .Shane. Ma,vin ' 56, .Xg, . Gardiner Shannon, Anthony Franris ' 55. A, is Pittsfield Shapi,o. Lester Selwyn ' 56. A,ts Ga, diner Shaw. Frank Allen ' 56. T. P,ospert Ha,hor Shaw. Paul Agassi,. J,. ' 56, Fv. Newlon Centei. M.iss. 206 M.llllrv Fmlr. Mv.ick ' V . «, NiKmU Milrl.U II..IIJM Vili. .. ! Shl.lrv Dmi.l A.lli.i. V. 11, . ..„., SluH-niakri. Caiiilr ..linr Vi Mr (.,..,. ,.l, I I V, Shravhiliail. l.oirllj Vi S«rii Siblrv, R..t»-.l riic.Hl. I.. " !. Silvri... Wallr., Jr. •■.•. Vit. J .,,. I,..x.-n M.«. Silvr.llian. Ilatold Lr»i ' ». Arl» CaUI. MomU NU.k -J5. All. I.r»i.t..i. Suiimon. C......II V, A,i. , Jr.n M« V. Ilr OI.I t.. H ,.Ull. . Uol..... b. Ilr I- .ml NpiMllir. Railxi Ji tir ' V Ail ll nc» Sp.iiMrt. Dian. Kluahrih ' I. A ft N S|Hin«ri Lauirnrr CuilM ' ) Cr M AlUn. Slw ki-lr. RRhaiil I. vim ' Vt. An BiHliroalr. Slamlrvrn Hurl Mat " VS. Afl Oi..».. Slamllrt. Prir. (wrAin VS, Rix IS ISxllaml Si.nlxKl Sall% Ann " «. Ilr Mrlrmr Ma " Stanhii|ir. Ilaii William ' " t ' t. Ati Kn Muilr. .lan.. MKl. Ilrirn l.oui 11 .r " i4 IV Mill»ill|r ptma. " ' . All. I. mi Ma.. " •■ . All. I ' ir.iiiir Mr • iri An ■%. Ilr r««lll«ln« Jiiannr M. I r Oaklawl SuliiM. Rirf .t ■». Am llrlHiM. Su... Jamr. ««...«r S A... »i,r,i W..,k. Sullitaa. Kirkaid I ' i..r...ll. Niillltan ll «la. I ■I. l» " Hiiiiiii..l K.Jir.i liUv U. R««. r . NoHKratl llailwr J..t.n Hi.kv Ji Ml. 1 Sumlin CUik Rrin aitl. Ji " A. Ail. W.», Ma» Su.irll llimaid l.iil.mid. Ji U. Arb llrn.t -jI.. P» Si.rrnr , I ' aliiria Daan JV Cr S»m. William Fm.i ,. I., u Sim| .n. Kllrn Maiv :..• . Hr. Crnlr.villr, M»... Sinrlaii. Clavlnn. Jr. ' M. Ail. Killrrv PoinI Sinrlair. Nanry Elurabrlh ' 56. Ilr. Slrrgirr. Edward (Jrnr ' .ifc. .Aur. Slirillian Mill- Mrr|»-r. Frank K.«rnr. Ill V. Cli. Kn, Sahallir Small F.rllriirk Lrn. Ji. V.. I. Hal Hail-. Small Ji.lm Hrniv V.. A. I. Balli S„.a1lid«r. Wai.rn ' .V. Mr N.Mll.ra.l II.mI».. Siiia.l. Krnr.l Allan Vi. IV Niull. B.iclitK.n Smith. Alhcil Vm»1i|. Ji. J . T. Ma... Alrlr ■■ ■ I " . Cai Smilli. Ba.,. Jamr. VV l.r. Brr..r. Smith. Brrnaid Claik. J.. T . IV llincklr. Smith. Chrlli. William ' 53. IV. n.rat Smith. Klf ' alirth Annr ' .Vi. Ilr. Allrn n. N. J Smith F.irda V.. Ilr. Ila.i«... Smith Janri Alirr -.Vi. Mil. T. R.K-kl.inil Smith Ma.«airl Ann V. I.. A. N. Buck Smith. Willard 36. Fv. Pa..turkrt R. I Snrll. Charlr, Tr.vrr. 36. T. Corhnm Sn..«. Ca.lrnr JanrI jfi. Hr. Firr| ..n Sn..... Miirirl l.anr. Vi. T. Millr, ' . Mill. .V. N Snowman. Mrrlr Slanlry. II •.■.■■ Si- .l,l ....I ki. Walirr Arthur Vi. I South P.Mll I Sr.lin. Ri ril Alhr.t ' r ' .. . .t. Wa.liinglni. S.mth»irk. D..i ht I ' .liri ' .Vi. .A«i. Kn«. W ' r.t Bu.t.M. S.. rhak. Franri. John ' J6. T. I.hhon Fall. Spada. Alhril John " Vi T. B. l..n. Ma.. Spaiildinc. Cliarlr. Danirl. Jr. ' .Vi. IV. Mailrlrhrad. Ma.. . I.. A. ft N. l.o.rll Sir. ling. Hilda Ann -. ' .. Art. Sra.idr Park . J Strt.oii. Noiman C.roinr ' 35. F.r. Kriidu.kra« Sirvrn.. Ronald Charlri ' 36. Art. Walri.ilir Strwarl. Brurr F.IIL. ' 56. Fy. Kalonah. N. Y. Strwarl. Maiiairt Jran ' 36. Art. Burk.|K.rt St. Hilairr. Normand Donald ' 36. 1 ' . Aillmin Slilr.. Sman Virginia ' 56. An. Poilland Stinrhlirld. Ijirry Jark.on ' 55. Art. I.r .i.t..n St. La«irnrr. Nril Vinrrni ' 55. Cr. O.on.. St. I.rdi(ri. Brurr Groigr ' 33. Ch. En«. Skowhriaii SfH khiulxr J...r,.h Tildrn. Jr. -35. Fv. F.ll.worlh Slmklaid. K.ririt CKrai ' 36. .Aki . North Va..allHM.. Janrt ' 36. Alt. R.K kland Stonr. William Frank 56. T. Camdrn St. Oniir. Dorothy F.lnabrlh ' 35. Art. Baii«o, Slorry. Adolph AuRll.t ' 35. Art. Oiono Storm. Robrrt Lr» i. ' 55. F.r. Shrrman Mill. Stoul. William Calvin. Jr. ' 36. T. Ea.l|i.ul Stovrr. Tlioma. Charlrs. Jr. ' 56. T. Biddrlo.d St. Pirrrr. Virtor Jnu ' pli ' 55. A«. Limotonr Strand. RaRnhild Turid ' 56. Hr. O.I0. Norway Stiirkland. Mary Crrtrudr ' 35. Hr. A..« Si,. .man. William Hrnry ' 55. Mr. Manrlir.irr. N. H. S t. Mary Ann ' SS. Art. Poland Slurvron. L«v..rncr Dran ' 56. Fy. Lincoln Slurlrvanl. Blainr Norman " 56. T. SMiiiri. David Cam ' j6. Ari Punlawl Sylvrvirr, Harriwo CatI ' 53. Mr. fMttit Synion.. John KInirr ' 56, A u Skcmkncan Sviirk. Firdriirk SlannUiM ' 56. A U Jamaira RaiD Ma.. lani. .MiN-rt Jamr. ' V . T Top.Arld. .Ma.. .Mr. Oro la.lrrll. U.lrr Earl ' 56. T. Pirxiur lUr lalhani. Walirr Allrn ' 36. T. Hawihornr. N J la liar. in U.i. V). Ail. Slatrn N. Y. I ' avloi. Shannon ' 36. Arb Calaumrl. .Mav.. Tr..irr. Conrad (irrard ' 56. Atl% Liyrrmorr Fall. Tliattri. Jamr. Biurr ' 36. T. Oiow. Thatlrr. Richard Taylor ' 55. Wr. Banijor Thibault. Raymond Leo ' 36. T. Lrv.iilon n.oii.. Chailr. Frank. 3rd ' 35. Wc. Wr i « ' aok llioma.. Ann Marir ' 36. Ait Man Hill nuuiia.. KWn Baldwin ' 56. All. YarllKHllh Pioml .n Ailhu. Hrtbril ' 36. Aur. F.O«. niom| .Mn. Ri. Wrnrlall ' 56. A«r. Iliomiru.o Ruih Ann •.. IV. Intrrlakra. N. J. Ihomini.n. Zanr . lhion 56. Art. Bridklon lliomimin. Rrarrrt William ' 36. Pr. North . Thurluw. Rvhaid N-.i... .■ I " . l-hunlon. Charlr. I Uan.illr ' riiurvloo. John K. . . ..., Ma.. Li. ,.r I. " .SOPHOMORES - FRESHMEN SOPHOMORES - FRESHMEN. Tibbctts, Hatiicia G i-ndnlvn ' VV A.ts Ran? Tidd. Wilbur Harding ' 53, Mc. Hi.u! Ticdcmann. William Dennett ' J3. Fm, Riveiside. C, TiUson. George Francis ' je, T. Gi.rl Titcomb. Gilbert Men ill, Jr. ' 36. T. Sonuis, .N. V. Touchetle, Norman Henry ' 56. Arts Rumford Tov le, Everett Lconaid ' 56, Fy. Hollis Ccnte, Townsend, Anne Irene ' 56, He. Mar. Hill Tozicr, Maiy Jane ' 56, Arts Bangor Tracy, Lyinan Louis ' 55, F.e. Limestone T.aftnn, Gln.ia May ' 36, Arts .Spiingvale Trask, Blair Dwayne ' 55, Cb. Wilton Tiask, David Brown ' 56. T. Randolpb Trip].. Jobn Fouler ' X. Arts West Newton. Mass. Tiuc. William Joseph ' 56, T. Denmark T.yiin. Kenneth William ' 36, T. Pownal Tucker, Beltv Lama ' 53, Arts Eagle Lak. TuMibull, Howaid Stuigis, Jr. ' 36, Fy. Seal Ha. bo, Tu.m-i. Eleano. Jane ' 56, Arts Reading. Mass. Ele St. John, N. B., Canada James Ha.vey ' 56. T. Hamden, Conn. I ' anline Ruth ' 53. He. Welleslev Hills. Mass. 11 old ' 56. Wavlaud. Upton, Richard Donald ' 56, Agr Upton. Walter R.ibin ' 55. Arts Carl Ja •56, Fy Vach.m, Donald Nelson ' 56, T. Aubu.n Van Haelevvyn, Henry Jcssup Stanislaus ' 55. C.-. Bcllport, L. L, N. V VanLcer. Hans Alexander ' 56, Agr. South Lincoln, Mass. West Kill, N. V. Vainey, Erlon Stewart ' 55, Arts Bridglon Vaux, Richard Alden ' 55, Me. Danvcis, Mass Verrill, Muriel Evelyn ' 55, He. D.y Mills Victor, James Albert ' 56, T. Haverhill, Mass. Vincent, John Samuel ' 56, T. Easton Waitc, Clinton Ross ' 55, Wc. North Leeds Walker, J. Davis ' 55, Fy. Hingham, Mass. Wallace, Caleb Everett ' 56, T. Augusta Wallace, Geraldinc Ruth ' .36, He. Bangor Wallis. Todd ' ,56. Arts Winchester, Mass. Walls. J 1 Hayden ' 56. Pe. Seal Harbor Wallstrom. Faith ' 53. A, ts Winth.op Walsh, John Lcnighran ' 55, Aits Northport. L. I.. N. Y. Walteis. Donn Stetson ' 56. Aits Readfield Walts. Doiothy Elaine ' 55, Aits Belmont, Mass, Waidwell, Jacqueline Ann ' 55, He. Bangor Wainer, William Converse ' 56, Arts Freeport Warren, Jack Hailand ' 56, T. Dover-Foxcrott Shi Cumberland Center Water. Charles August ' 56. Fy. Nutley. N. J. Webb, David . yars ' 56, T. Cumbeiland Center Webb. Francis Wayne ' 56, Fy, Newbuiypoit, Mass. Webb. Steiihen Bales ' 56. . gi. Patten Webber, Peter Alan ' 56. . gr. South Portland Webster. Alfred Parker ' 56. Arts Old Town Webster. Daniel ' 55. Ce. Old Town Webster. Donald Blake. Jr. 55. Wc. Palmyra. N. Y. Webstei. Gladys ' 55. He. Favette Weeman, Richard Robert -36 Aits Kennebunk Wciland, Gretchen ' 56. He. Ve.ona, N, J. Weinstein, Beverly Ailenc ' 55, Arts Biddeford Welton. Donald Arthur ' 55, Arts Old Town Wentwoill.. James Marshall ' 55, Ee. B.ooks Weinri. Peter Howard ' 56, . gr. New Yoik. N. Y. Wessel. Robert Jesse ' 56. Arts Ellsworth Wevmo.ith. Donald Kenneth ' 55. Dh. Chaileston Whalen. Fiances Minerva ' 55, He, Eastport Wheelei, Almon Wesley ' 55. Ch. Eng. Lviin. Mass. Wlieehi. Marga.el Ruth ' 36. He. Easton White. Eduaid Alan ' 55, Wc, Cold Spring Haibor, N. Y. White, Elizabeth Joan ' 55, Arts Biddetord White, Harold George ' 36, Arts Millinocket White, John Stanley ' 55, Ch. Eng. Auburn While, M.i,ilvn Kileue ' 56. He. Swan ' s Island White, Rirhaid Winfield ' 56, Pe, Bangor Whitehouse, Brooks, Jr. ' 55, Arts Portland V ,, Donald Barton ' 56, T. Bangor Whil.ii,ui, Everett Edward ' .36. T. Benton Whitmore. Barbaia Ann ' 56. Aits Bar Harbor Whilnev, Cynthia Jane ' 56. He. Bangor Whitney. Dale Edward ' 56, Arts Bangor Whilnev. Evelyn Jane ' 56, He. Machias Whilten, Arthur Harold, Jr. ' 56, T. Andover Whitten, Joel ' 56, . rts New Haven, Conn. Wiegard, Charles Joseph ' 56. Arts Butler, N. J. Wilder. John Eastman ' 56, T. Norridgewock Wilkinson, Maurice .Mbert, Jr. ' 55, Ch. Eng. Williams. Donald Francis ' 35. Fm. Stonington Williams. Eleanor Fiances ' 56. He. East Orange. N. J. Williams. Morgan Kahler ' 55. Arts Belmont. Mass. Williams. Robert John 36. T. Bangor Wilson. Laura Minnie ' 35, Arts Bethel Wilson, Norman Frederick ' 56, T. Moose River Wilson, Welsford Hazelton, Jr. ' 56, T. Portland Wing. Robert Kendall ' 55, Fy. Bingham Winslow, Alfred William ' 36, T, Bangor Winter, William Cole ' 56, T, Stillwater Wiseman, Jane Libby ' 56, Arts Newport Witham. Nancy Jane ' 56. . i ts North . nson Wixson. Faith Ellouise ' 56. Arts Winslow Wodka. Henrietta Fiances ' .56. Aits No.wich. Conn. Wong, Richard Allen ' 55, Arts Bangor Wood, Donald Noiman ' 56. Be. Needham Heights. Mass. Wood. Harxey Wagai. Jr. ' 56, T. Ossining, N. Y. Wood. Marilyn Louise ' 56, He. East Holden Wood. Ralph Eugene ' 56. Arts Westboio. Mass. Wood. Rhoda Ann ' 56. He. Belfast Wood. Richard Giimsliaw ' 56, .«lgr. Port Washington. N. Y. Woodbiey. James Calvin ' 56, T. Sebago Woodhead. North . lbert, Jr. ' 55, Fy. Cheltanham. Pa. Woodman. Chester Donald. Ji . 55. Arts Ha Ma Woodsum, Ke u. ' 55, Fy. South Portland Wortiiing. Robert Edson ' 55. Arts Augusta Wright. David Franklin ' 55. Fy. Summit. N. J. Wright. Gerald ' 56. Fy. Wcstfield. N. J. Wykels, Dominic Joseph ' 56, Pe. Bangor Wvlde, Arthur Edward ' 55, Ch. Eng. Wi Ma Ruth ' 56, He Hoult. Wsllie. Clayton Petei ' 56. T. Noiwell. Mass. Yaiiou, Sobert Newton ' 35, A.ts Freeport, L. I.. N. Y. York, John William ' 35, Me. Norway Young, Carl Craig ' 56, T. Pemaquid Young, Gloria Gay ' 55, A.ts Rumlord Young. Haiva Lee ' 55, Arts Ci.lmar Manor, Md. Youn -. Joseph Fishe,. Ill ' 55. Ch. Eng. Augusta Young, Malcolm Arthur ' 55, Ch. Eng. Belfast Young, Melvin Edgar ' 55, Me. Belfast Young. Nancy Carolyn ' 55, Arts Belgrade Lakes Zabriskie, Humphrey Daniel ' 56, Arts Newburypoit, Mass. Zai. Luther Eugen ' 55. Fy. Middleboio. Mass. Zoidus, Katherinc Evelyn ' 55, He. Bangor Zoidis, William Paul ' 55, Arts Bangor Zollo, Felix John, Jr. ' 55, Arts Reveie, Mass. Zollo, Robert William ' 56, Arts Revere, Mass. CAMPUS VIEWS I ; ■ it ' : 5i;Jp = jLj L6 1, l;Kwwk liAl.l. CARNKGIK HAl.I, ' 54 PRISM UNIVERSITY of MAINE ATHLETICS in BEVERLY HEAL — Assncicifc Editor ATHLETICS 1 HhODORE S. Curtis Faculty Manager of Athleti, r ' Rome Rankin Director of Athletics First Row — Rankin, Watson. Crossland. Patch. Curtis Second Row — Corbect. Jordan. Tavcrner, Car ille. C hurchill, Elli( .ATHLETICS ■M ' (mi; 1-1 m tT« if t I t I M M First Row — P.rr Si-cond Row Third Row - Fourth Row ■ Fifth Row Kiiowlto Droll Liiu ' oli Dol; Ma. ' ■II. Nirlioii. Vi Wall.. Kelly. Bt ' pplcr. Rich. Orino. VViihinicton. Clark. Munn. Mahi-r. Smart - Novick. MaiLcan. .Nixon. Cjrd. Footr. Carvillr. Churchill. Clampbcll — Mavor. Pikr. Dalrymplc. Bcal. Touchcttc. Hansen. Gaitnon. Johnston Covill. Woodbrry. Watrrman. Earlcy. Pluta. Randall. Perry. Laskiy. Voo l»uni First Row PhilLrick. Walla, r. St.v. ns. Maxwell. C Second Row — Hallee. Thompson. Uirson. Folsom. I. ' Third Row Card. Davis. Bushry. Edwards. Leach Fourth Row — Perry. Burncll. Wenlworth ATHLETICS Cheerleaders n r First Row — Noyes. Hanna, Sargent. Peters Second Row — Leighton. Smaha. Norris. Hovev. Roberts. Carlin Third Row McCluskev. Smith. Butler. Emerv. Butler. Frost. Beach Spect. tors Of 214 .ATHLETICS I ■.. R..V, M.l_i,„,. l,x. NH.... bl !,. lIlulMl.uin. K!. l,,t.l ..r,. ltul|.|t..l.!. J 11 ,1 1. (••l ' ! CUirtl. HuiIkc Sirvrns. C;arvillr. Wimjin Si ' cond Row John. Smart. M.ihcr. Miinn. Bonil.iiioviih. Wallan-. Kurloni{. CIrovr. (•jrnrju., Quinn. Clark. Bral. Novick. ClaUnda. (;oldcn. Perry. Pik.- Third Row McBrinr. Gurrnsiy. Bray, Bcntuu. Hall. Whatliy. Randall. CUdirux. Miln. F.arlcy. .Nicr. Mawson. Stetson. Paradv. C)ovi-ll. VVood«um. Tirdrmann. Smith, Staple , Pluta I ' hc football .iltliouuli not as succfssful .IN laNt WAV. ictaiiK ' d tlic Bean IV)t with a three a tie in ' aI1kel• (!onterenee i ' ( in|jetition. In- juiA to ke players took its toll and the Bears Nini|)l didn ' t have the steam left to beat Colb and Bowdfiin. C ' oaeh Westc rnian worked his powerful r formation, essentially usiny a feu Nin.;le w inu plays for deception. Co-captains Jack and Jim Butterfield were both standouts at fullback and uuard respectively, althouyh both were hampered by injuries the last few weeks of the season. Sophomore lorn (ioldon teamed up with such stalwarts as Richardson. (Jameau. Cianchette. Thorburn. and Bean made the line very touyh. I " -d Bof;dano ich supplied plenty of power in thi- backHeld alonu ' ith fleet-footed Billv McCann. .W Card and Krnie .Smart. Wii;- n ' m and . lcx were .superb as defensive backs. F(H)TB ALL CtO-C.XPI AIN Jim nd Jack Bi ' TTCuriri r 216 ATHLETICS NARSrr ' FOOTBALL S M L RY 14 Rhode Island ' crmont New Hampshire Connecticut Bates Colby Bowdoin Tied for First Place in Yankee Conference FROSH FOOTBALL SIMNLARV Maine M.C.I. 45 Maine 8 Higgins 18 Maine Maine Maritime 13 ' MM ' mMSOBil ATHLETICS IlKll lt l 1 AcIli.N V A (- J L-u ATHLETICS Basketbali, Actiox .ATHLETICS ■ Ks|| 15 K..i kM.. H..I. C:iiur hiU. John . I ' hc BaNkfthall tcim. iiiulcr ihc tiitorauc of Doc R.iiikiii. shdwcd a Ntca(l iinpKncniciii throiiuhout the mmmhi. I ' lic loss of set shot art- ist Jack Chiistic tlii-ous li ura liiatif)ii left a spot that was hard to fill. N ' ctcians John Xonis, s iili his uncanny hook and srt shots, ' oody Clar illc sho was uncqiialcd on ihi- hoards, coupled with Boh Xixon and Boo Chunhill thr Bears loliiui; all season. .Sophonioic Keith . Iahane . who was the fifth member of tiie startinu team, pleased the crowd b always pullinu somethiim out of his hau of hall-haudliii ' tricks. Breen Bernard. Rax Kellcy. and John Dana suppli (l the depth was .so badly needed the last tvso ears. . Ks! I MASKI I MALI. s| | | [{ .Main. " () B. wdoin 64 .Main (i() 67 M.iiu. . " .; ' . i-rmont 77 Main. m CoibN 87 .M.,m ;:a Northeasiern 75 .Main. hh C. nn Tticut 87 .M.iin. ;;i Kh.xle Isjami 79 .M.iiu. !U) New Hamj)shire 80 .MaiiK - Bowcloin 68 .Main. hK c:oibv 87 .Main. «h Bates 81 .Main. Hh Clonn.cticut 76 .M.un. hM Bat.s -- .M.HU. f ' .J Kh.Kle Island .Main. " . " . .New Hampshii. .Main. 1)0 Colin ,1, .Main. .Tl Bow (loin h ATHLETICS Frosh Basketh Anyrlo LoCicfro. Thomas Seavev, Keith Logan, Kozielec, Gerald Folsoni. Coach Sytotk 220 i I k i iR !►• -.ATHLETICS Lacrossk a (.oLi ri;. M Conrad Bosworth Walter Hi ' wins John (Jowin (Jcorm- Sluitc Walter Sluirnum (icorijc McKciincy Robert McMahon Donald Mavor Coach: ChaHic I ' 1 he (iolf team lost onK one niati h in e i-n meets and placed first in State competition. The Jiolfers scored victories over Bat -s. Colb . and Bowdoin in n-yular matches and o er Colby and Bates in exhibitions. ()nl ' ankee Confennce (hainp C(inn((ti( ut topped the Iink lt•Il in dual inauhcN. Walt Hew ins gained top honors w hen he won the individual title in th«- Main - Intercollegiate (iolf Chani|):( nNhip at . n ;uNta. Golf Tkam I. R John Gowcn. c:onr.ncl Boiworth. Cl.oriir Shuir. B .h M.M.ih ■ ATHLETICS Baseball SOITHERN BASEBALL TRIP Maine 5 Howard LTniversity 5 Maine 27 George Washington University 10 Maine 7 Catholic University 4 Maine 11 Virginia Military Institute 10 Maine 5 Lynchburg College 6 Maine 5 Randolph Macon 9 Maine 2 Bowdoin 8 Maine 8 Northeastern 5 Maine 5 Connecticut 9 Maine 4 Rhode Island 1 Maine 6 Rhode Island 12 (c oubl e header. 2 — 7 inning games) Maine 4 Bates 3 Maine Bowdoin 5 Maine 2 Colby 3 Maine 9 New Hampshire 11 Maine 8 Bowdoin 9 Maine 11 Colby 8 Maine 1 Northeastern 4 Maine 3 Bates 8 Maine 8 Bates 3 Maine 10 Vermont 6 Maine 3 Colby 1 Baseball Action » Ifc ™1 " -S fV: - " ■■■-- 222 .ATHLETICS Naksitn B ih ' ft ' . i ' " f ' RSIT ' i- B l BMI OCTFIHIMR - i X 1f ,y J Dave Wiggin. Al Hackctl. John McGuIrr ATHLETICS ' arsitv Track Track Action VARSn ' J RACK SL ' MMARV Olttdoor Maine 54 New Hampshire 81 Maine 59 Boston College 61 Maine ' Jnd place — Bowdoin 1st place for state Indoor Maine 82 Bates 44 Maine 59 New Hampshire 67 Maine 63 Boston University 54 Maine 83 Springfield 43 Maine 43 Northeastern 81 ,ATHLETICS -i„t _ ? ? 9 03 -4.4 ' X ' X-- oi . h Ru... 11 ,tl,i,i l ,,ul.. (_..■!,. L)i._.l-t. iiiook, Wliiidiuu ..-, Kui Uj Sutton. John Brid«c. Skip Hall. Irvin Pcnclli-ton. Robin Upton TKNNIS 1952-53 Maine (1 I ' niver.sitv of Maryland 9 Main.- 1) r. S. Naval Acaclemv 9 Maine 1 Cieorue ashini;ton Inixeisitv H Maine I) Catholic IniNersitv 9 Maine 2 Connecticut 7 Maine 7 New Hamijshire Maine 4 Colbv 5 Maine 2 Bowcioin 7 Maine — JncI place in .Stati- Meet . [aine 4 Bates 5 Maine .T Xew Hampshire 3 WOMEN ' S SPORTS. A. A. Council The Jr. A.A. C ' .ouncil is an integral part of the Women ' s Athletic Association, composed of representatives from the women ' s dormitories and the ofT-campus women ' s club. The main function of the council is to work with the W.A.A. on all interdormitory activities. This work consists of keeping the women students in- formed of practices and games in the different sports b - means of posters, notices, and an- nouncements. The Jr. W.A.A. also cooperates with the V.. .A. in many other ways and is a verv active organization with a membership of 14 girls. xMEMBERS OF V.. .. . H -lin Strons, Ruth Johnson. Mary .Alice Hastings. Dorothy Booth. Bella Frazien Mary Small. Jean Cousins. Margaret Thomas. Elaine Gilpatrick. Janice Griswold. Gloria Parella. Claire Filliettaz. Norma Jose. Margaret Thompson. Jane Ingraham. Elizabeth Pierce. Patricia Sweeney. Patricia .■ ciams. Janet Bishop. Muriel Verrill. .-Mice Rinehart. Constance Lewis. Cynthia Nelson. Ellen Pfiefer. Maxine Dresser. Peggy Given. Joan Stanley. Jeanne Leveille. Joan Gillette. Priscilla .Ames. Margaret Hanson. Jane Wiseman. .Anita Ramsdell Row C. Fillittaz. M. Thomas. R. Johnson. H. Stront;. M. Hastings. J. Cousins. M. Small Second Row — M. Thomoson. J. Bishop. C. Nelson. P. .Adams. M. Verrill, J. Gillette Third Row — P. .Ames. .A. Rinehart. J. Wiseman. P. Sweenev. C. Lewis, E. Pierce Fourth Row B. Frazier. .N. Jose. .A. Ramsdell JuxicjR W.A.A First Row — Miss Smith. N. Warnock. R. Johnson. .A. Ramsdell D. Provencher. M. Mealey Second Row — J. Jackson, S. Bostrora, R. Thompson. R. Bowles, J. Sturtevant Third Row — . . Bryant. R. Beyer, M. Keith The Women ' s Athletic Association is an or- ganization for all women, with no charge of dues. It offers team sports, individual sports, and also sponsors three clubs. It is our aim that every woman student will find some interest in W.. .A. LIST OF MEMBERS: .Anita Ramsdell, President: Doris Provencher. Secretary; Nancy Warnock. Valerie Kewley. Ruth Thompson. Shirley Bostrom. Ruth Bowles. Nancy Bryant. Ruth Beyer. Mary Jane Keith. Marjorie Mealy. Joanne Sturtevant. Fern Crossland. Joan Jackson. Miss Inez L. Smith. .Advisor .WOMEN ' S SPORTS Kilvl R..« K J,.h,,-..,, K.,;n ,l, II, II Mr..M R. I ' hoiiipson. M. Malkin Sti.iml Row J. Wiseman, J. Sturtovant. A. Kriili. A. Koiirniir. Ihir.l Row B. I r.. l.r R B..wlr,, D. Provnrh. , J ln,r.,(,,,„„ J_ Kinc. M. Thompson. M. WiNNKR- Thi- nuiiibns of OHicials CHub spend main hours on the hockey field and in the i!; n . The iifliciate all of the intramural team yames held at the l ' ni ersity for women. Many yirls yo outside of the l " ni ersit to oHiriate basketball and fiild hockey yames. I ' he uirls have an opportunitv to rteei c their National Officials ratiny, which is sponsored by the Kastern Maine Board of Official Sports. A few of the -iirls here at Maine now ha c this ratinii. We ha e nineteen members this ear and iii- tirest in the club yrows each (ar. MK.MBERS ARE: Sandy Kinu. Doris Prov. nchir. Bella Fra irr. Gill. tt. . Srrrctar - Jan Bishop. Liz Pirrcr. Sis Fournirr. Jran Easl- man, Mirkry Malkin. Mary- Jam- Krith. Ruth Thnmpwn. Pen Thompson. Jane Wiseman. . ult ■ I ' ' " Sturtevant. Helen Strong. Jan.- In. n ; Rulh Bowl, s Rulh Johnson SEAL .AWARDS The University of Maine .Seal is the hitjln athletic award which can be made to wonm. students, it is awarded on the basis of athletic accomplishment, spirit, .scr ice, scholarship and acti it record. Hrirn Strong, Rulh John WOMEN ' S SPORTS, Phvstc l Ed. Motors n r X ' iRM Ji - r- ' j-i J. Insraha, Frazicr. H. St J. oblc First Row G. Trafton, A. Ramsdell. D. Ra M. Rogers Second Row - - T. Sturl ' .vant. R. Bowles. R. Johnson. M. Thompson. L. KelHs. .1. Gillette Third Row — G. ' Libby. R. Be rr. R. Thompson. . . Fournier The Physical Education Majors Club is for the purpose of draw ino the girls closer together and to further their interests in the field of Physi- cal Education. The PEM Club meets once a month, at which time they ha e outside speak- ers and recreation. The major project for this year is picking a uniform blazer for The Majors. Modern D. . t:i Ci.vv. FRESHME.N Bowles. Ruth . nita; Rand. : Kellis. Louise: Libbv. Grace: Ramsdel Sally: Sturtevant. Joanne: Trafton. Gloria SOPHOMORE Fournier. Sis: Ruth Langlois. Carol: Sween,y. Pat: Thompso. JLMOR Bever. Ruth: Ruth: Thomp Gillette, loan: Ingraham. Jane: Johnsoi son. Peg SE.MOR Frazier. Bella -Xoble. Joyce: Rams.y. Dot: Strong. Hel, Front Row V. Michaud. T. Wyman, J. Leighton, J. Second Row — J. Thomas, N. Kelley. J. Leveille. L. Skolfield. R. Carlin. M. Thompson. P. Noyes. E. Walts, J. Bishop 228 WOMEN ' S SPORTS I I Mill l (. ( First Row — A. Nrwiiian. E. Second Row N. VVaniork, Ward. R. lohiison. A. rorw.inl rolls, hcadstancls. and Hips arc some of the many stunts i-njoycci by the members of the tumbling club. The members work together to become proficient in individual and duo vtunts. as well as pyramid building;. The tumb- linu elub also participates in the Penny C:arni a! Demonstration. rr.MBLlX(. CLIB Palri. ia Adams. Pru.illa . in. ». Rutl. Bowles. Joan GilU ttc. Elltn Hill. Jam- Iniirahaiii. Ruth Johnson. Mar ' Litrhfii-ld. CSnihia .Nelson. . nna Newman. Elli n Pfcif.r. . nita Ranisdell. Joyce Reynolds. .Mice Rhinehart. Marv Sni.ill. Naniv Warnork. Rhoda x)d. Joan Stanley Mill. J. Reynolds J. In«rahani. M. Small. A. Rvimsdrll. J. GillcHr. P. Adan.v R Rin. hart. I Stanley. E. Preifer. P. Ames. M. I.itrhheld Care to shoot. ' (iirls in the rille team use the riHe-ran ;e under tiie yuidance of R.O.T.C. Here they have matches with other schools throusihout the rifle .season, and with iiocxl re- sults! The fi e hiyhest " shots " are .i ' ■ ' ' ' • icis in the spring. Rii I.I Ikwi .ME.MBERS OF TME GIRI.S RIFLE TEAM OF THE IMV OF .MAINE .M.iiii.iret Hanson. Captain: Gloria Parrella. Co-capuin: Muriel errill. Skip Flood. Sylvia Farris. .Marion BuKbre. Gladyi Wi-bster. Ciaroline Simpson. Elizabeth Hurd. Janet Marslon, Marsar. t .Mealey. Mickey Malkin. Jo Geddy. Nancy Caton. Fa ,.,«.llne HuKhey Fir.I Row — I. Mai Je... G. Pa.ella. .M. H..;.,oi.. U. W b S.cond Row — S. Flood. M. Malkin. M. .V(caley Third Row S. Farris. M. Bugbcc. J. Geddy. E. Hurd WOMEN ' S SPORTS. All Mmne Hockey Team ..nt Row. Ellen Pfiifer ck Row. k-ft to rieht — Margaret Thomas (manasiT). Bella Fra Mitchell. loan Gillette. Cvnthia . ( Ison. Claire Filliettaz The All-Maine Hockey Team is an honorary team chosen each year. The team is selected by the team captains, class leaders, and the hockey manager. Team members are elected for their sportsmanship, skill in the techniques of the game, team play, interest, and spirit. .WOMEN ' S SPORTS Si nmk I Ii m km li r.,. i.-r. J N..I.I.- II Slr.Mi«. t: rillirlt., . J Sl.inl.- . I) R..m.«..v K M.I. h. II JIMOR H(h:KKY SotMloMoKI lli.( K FIrM Row C. Lanijoij. C:. !• : R T ' l :nD«on. S Allen. A. M.i«line» S..,.ncl Row J Rrynolcl ' . ' H Strrlinu. K Hohlorh. I ' 54 PRISM UNIVERSITY of MAINE . HA , INFORMALS HV Marv Moore " hi Valerie Bicktemian .4.s sY r i c ' Editors mmmm m i am i ri INFORMALS. ' ' ' . 1 Dogsit- in the Window 2 Well, if You Ask Me f 3 Looks DcliKhtful Dorsn ' t It 4 nini.,l Fair 5 Heap Big Indians b Guys Dolls 7 See What You Missed 8. Evcnin ' Ma ' am ptgr 9. Having His Ears Lowered i SCC- • " • Break It Up. It ' s 12:10 f ' ' k- ' " ■ " ' ' " " ' " ' ' " ■ ' ' " ' " ' M «fi - ' -■ ■ ' lusl ateers f T ' r ' ' " ■ Working Hard ttiM 15. Smile Pretty 6. Outnumbered 7. Look Boys. YoL,-re Taking Orde from Me H. Look I Found JNFORMALS 7 -. ' U?Sk- ' -V?n U tuti- Littlr Waitress Major Construction Gowns + Tux — Gri-at Time Rise ' n Shim- I Conft-ss Belles of thr Ball Picnir on the Rocks Camp Lift- Indian Squaw Reno of the East Afternoon at Bar flarbor Those Finals! Men of Distinction They ' ve Been Eatini; Wheatics Oh! Dont Look at Me That W Dixieland Hold That Tiger! Midnii;ht Snack Sportini; Lovely Day NFORMALS. NFORMALS t ' ' -liUJ; C:oy Miss Thty C:ant Pin it on U H.avins. Thouw ' ht Th. v VV, Milwaukr,-! Gicldap Th. C;ontint. l Hour Giv. Is A Bi SiniU Got a Dradlinr to Vt. rt The VVinnrr Thr Gang Transferred ? ? Its All C:onir On Ou Gi t A Butt, rlly N.t Well K BuRsie Dressed up Roughing It Pigg - Back We Slipped Upside-down Captured The Blue Note INFORMALS. mftwf fci-l sl Sft for thi- Game Tell Us More Try Heating Ether with Flame I Refuse to Answer Drop that Gun. Looie Provibial Prof Dean " s List Wha ' Happen ' d The Blues in the " " ' Gay Nighties pressive Aren ' t Monkey Business Strange Things Are The Dainty One Tough Guys Smile Pretty Goofing Oflf The Green Giants Gathering of the Clan And the Band Played The Marx Brothers INFORMALS ■ Riady. aim, file Littit Dairy Maid Rah. Rah. Rah Charli-i . ' ddams Special . fiir Dinner Lojt Weekend Graduate Student . ' nd Maine Was Leading The Green and the White You .N Wa5 It The i;Uh? The Heap South . pu. . ' T ' i Homecoming 20 Little Fingers Catching the Sun Winter Carnival Time Out INFORMALS. .INPORMALS 1. Wirk.nd Away 2. On Top of Old Cadillac . . Had a Marvelous Tim. 1. Have a LSMFT 3. ice. Isn ' t It? 6. The Press 7. Renllv. Girls «. Home of Maine Bears 9. Putiini; L ' p Christmas Decorations !(.. Don ' t Fall In 1 1 Don ' t Mumble So 12. At the Pi Phi Tea X Well Protected I K Smile! 15. Tell Me a Storv 16. Go .Way and Let Me Ihink I 7. No Comment IH. Thcla Chi Entertains 19. Roomates 20. Sunnini? - ' 1. Diliijence + 22. Stag Dance 23. Open Those Bix Eyes 24. GoinK Mv Wav? _. ' 54 PRISM UNIVERSITY of MAINE Advertisements RV JOHN E. RANDALL— Business Mdfui.Licr List of Advertisers Aiicliorage 253 Andrew ' s Music House . 252 Baltimore Restaurant 254 Bangor and Aroostook Railroa d 255 Bangor Oflice Supply, Inc. 250 Bangor House 256 Bangor Hydro-Electric Co. 250 Bel Air Studio 250 Boyd Noyes, Inc. 256 N. H. Bragg and Sons 250 Brass Rail 255 Brown and White Paper Co. 255 W. C. Bryant Sons. Inc. 256 Dillingham ' s 246 Eastern Trust and Banking C 249 S. A. Fish, Inc. 256 Folsom Engraving Co. 247 A. J. Goldsmith 254 W. H. Gorham Co. . 251 W. T. Grant Co. 250 Harmon Piano Co. . 253 Haynes Chalmers 253 Hillson ' s Cleaners 252 Henley Kimball Co. 252 F. W.Hussey . 253 Merrill Trust Co. . 248 Old Town Furniture 252 Olympic Sporting Goods Co. 251 Opera House . 255 Maine Potato Growers . 258 Merchants National Bank 254 Murphy Motors, Inc. 255 Park ' s Hardware Variety 254 Pat ' s .... 251 Rines Co. 253 Rice and Tyler 256 Robinson Kenney 251 Sears, Roebuck Co. 251 Shamrock . . . . 252 Strout Fcrd Sales . 254 J. P. Sullivan Co. 252 L. H. Thompson 252 Utterback Corp. 252 University Store Company- 245 Viner ' s Music Co. . . 250 244 Complimenls of Th. UNIVERSITY STORE COMPANY 245 BOOK BINDING PAMPHLET BINDING CERLOX PLASTIC BINDING • DILLINGHAM ' S Binders of The Maine Prism jbicia Jume. %iciaiin ( iufufte ii Sales Service 29 Franklin Street Bangor, Maine Tel. 2-1519 246 « e cw The ' 49, ' 50, ' 51, ' 52, ' 53 ' 54 PRISMS and Man ' Llnivcrsity and ( " olk ' jic earl)() )ks SlAUILirV QUALITY SPECIALIZATION IDEAS RESULTS Folsom Engraving Co. 212 SIMMKK ST. BOSTON. MASS. 247 New depositors are always welcome in this bank. Young people just starting their business careers will find us interest- ed and helpful in their progress. A Checking Account marks one as busi- nesslike in the handling of his personal finances and may be an important factor in establishing his credit and standing. At any of our thirteen offices in eastern Maine the advantages of a modern check- ing service are available. YOUR ACCOUNT IS INVITED THE MERRILL TRUST COMPANY MEMBER -EDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM DEPOSIT rNSURANCE CORPORATIOr 248 EASTERN TRUST BANKING COMPANY i: ANCoi: n» Capitiil $l.. ' r.S.IJ»;..-,(; Surplus ami l ' n livi(l, ' .| I ' loCit.s Karn. ' d OKKICKKS .M I ' M;u man, I ' l.Hi.l.nt i;UY A. I.ITTI.KKIKI.Ii. Vic- I ' i.k. u.i.l Ti.u» KAKI. n. l ' HII,HUI(-K. S..C. nn.l T.u»t omr.r CKhim;!-: a. V(1SK. AshI. Tnn . MVi;n M. r,AI£I I KI{. A»!.l. Tr.a». MII.TON S. JKM.ISON. Asm. T.u«t Omcer JAMKS K. HUHI.IN. Aii.iitor KKKOKIJtC S. NKWMAN. Awt. t„ th.- I ' I ' .OAKI) OK TUrSTKKS I- I.i: WII.MAM V. NKWMAN t;i:()i;t;K r. KAVMOM) W. DAVIS HAKKY A. l.ITTI.KFIKI.l EI ' WAUI ' P. MURRAY HAROI.H M. PIKRCK CORNKI.IUS J. RUSSKI.r.. Sr. STKPHKN WHKATLANI) on. TOWN HRANCH MACHIAS BRANCH IvKKv W. I ' ..i{TKi . ManaK.i V. M. HlU.. MunaR.-r INSTALLMENT LOAN ACKNCY 87 Central StreH Fredkric S. Jacqies. MniiaKer HvRol.n V. Grant. Asst. Mannk ' «r rORKKSPONDENTS The Natioiiul Shawniut Bank of Boatoi Bosti.n, Mass. Hanover Bank, York City. Manufacturers Trust Company, New Y ' ork City. The First National Bank of Boston, Boston, Mass. The Secoiiil National Bank of Bosto n. First National Bank of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pa. Philadelphia National Bank, Philadelphia, Pa. STATO.MKNT OK CO.NniTION OF :ASTI:i;x TIUST and banking company. ()!•■ P.AXCOR. .MAIN ' K at the Closo of Business March :;i, i;). " ) LIABILITIKS RESOURCES Cash on Hand $ .-.87,7:58.12 Cash on Deposit l,r,80,.T22.1). ' . U. S. Govt. Bonds t;,8()t;,iiH;.88 State and Municipal Bonds •)97.l»87..-.l Other Stocks and Bonds 727,i;30.:}0 Loans and Discounts 7,04 Real Estate Owned .•jr,9,214.7!) Furniture and Fixtures :j;»,l 72.40 .Accrued Interest Earned 43.ni7..32 Other Assets .34,22(1.77 $18..335,1.3.-..7r. 11,549,482.73 S29.884.618.48 Capital Stock $ 200,IH 0.00 Surplus Earned 200,oor).oo Undivided Profits Earned 715.000.00 Resei-ves Earned 643,126..56 1, 358.1 2r..5r. (After DeductinfT Six Months ' Savinfrs Dividend Due April 1, U .52) Reserve for Taxes, Ins. Unusu-il Ex|H ' nse 92.877.95 .Amort Izjit Ion Resei-%e for Bond Premiums 133.997.02 Deposits 16.238.892.72 Dividend Payable to Stock- holders April 1, 1952 24.000.00 Dividend Chcck.i OutsUnd- mg 120.00 Ti-easurer " s Checks Out- standinK 31.011.84 Unearned Discount 56.109.66 Trust Department $18.335.1.%5.75 11,549.482.73 S29,884.618.48 219 W. T. GRANT COMPANY STEEL HEAVY HARDWARE • 4-Stores-in-l • A Variety Store N. H. BRAGG and SONS • A Fashion Store BANC.O.R, Maine • A Dry Goods Store • A Home Furnishings WELDING SUPPLIES and Hardware Store AL TOMOTIVE PARTS 6 Central Street Bangor AND EQUIPMENT WILL MAKE 5 POTS VINER ' S MUSIC CO. 1 C OF 79c A POUND 20-24 Broad St. Bangor. Maine COFFEE ! Electricity is your Biggest New England ' s Largest and Most Complete Music Store Budget Bargain Bangor Hydro-Electric Co. MAIN OFFICES, BANGOR. MAINE BANGOR OFFICE SUPPLY, BEL AIR STUDIO INC Photographers for the 18 Post OHice Square Tel 8331 1954 Prism Royal Portable Typewriters Art Metal Desks, Filing Cabinets, etc. 23 Hammond Street Bangor, Maine A complete line of office equipment and students ' supplies 250 Olympic Sporting Goods Co. THE W H GORHAM CO .Mii.CUKiloi: I ' Lim ;iiul Dtcor.itiv - l ' ;iintm i Ailll.lillC lA)[ ll ' .MI ' .NT l ' ;iptr llim iii) 7J7:; Wh ' ,1, ,il, . i:,fnil -7 Ci ' titral Si. r.atijfur. Maim- • ' iH ( ' .Mil a! Stn-i-l MaiiKor. Mhiih- " Wclconu ' liack " l?u from Ri-[A Stocks W Ihh ' till Vdii Mini n»r trii ' iuls? lUiN from Our ( -.itulo s — AT — Sears, Roebuck and Co. p. 0. Square. I ' .aiiKoi I ' Ikhic SJ71 Pat ' s )i iii rollfift ' vfliirnlion isn ' t rniiifili ' tr withoiil II roiiisr at PATS Coniiilinii ' uts of ROBINSON KENNEY IXniSTKIAl. AND DO.MKSTIC Kl IM, OIL Kxcliisirc Fuini.shi rs of I ' , of M. Fiiil Oil TrI. 8778 r!aM r..i-, Maino 251 SHAMROCK GRILL Ask any senior. He ' ll say it ' s so, The Shamrock Grill Is the place to go. Mill Street Ed Tate. P o . ANDREWS MUSIC HOUSE " Our (58th Year " 118 Main St. Bangor, Maine OLD TOWN FURNITURE 168 Noi-th Main Street Tel. 2188 UTTERBACK CORPORATION Distribntoys of PHILCO APPLIANCES BENJAMIN MOORE PAINTS SADDLERY — HARDWARE Bangor, Maine THE HENLEY -KIMBALL CO. Hudson Cars - White Trucks Sales and Service Bangor 4511 Joseph P. Sullivan Company NEW ENGLAND APPLES HILLSON ' S CLEANERS For Friendly, Reliable Service L. H. Thompson Printer Producer of both Letterpress and Offset Printing BREWER, MAINE Dial 2-0968 Bangor Reasonable Prices and the Best of Service and Workmanship for Over 40 Years 252 THE RINES CO Main SI HiiiiKor. M«m l-.ishions of Distiiulioii MISSES VOMK .irxioiis ..», ...m ,l,iil,r i.v thf bnrkho,,, » ■ tlif rttiiiilrii " THE HAYNES and CHALMERS CO Lij ht ;iiui Hr.i 1 lirtlw ;iri ' Comiiliinents and Best W ' ishis in the CInss of ' r, ' , FRANK W HUSSEY ' 25 Foundation - Certitu ' d Seed Potatoes H.-refoi-ds IMesqiie Isle. .Maine HARMON PIANO CO l.Hi) KucKuiiKv St. IIANCOK. MAINK l i;in. Orviiiiis U.ionl The Anchorage Hotel and Cabins Nicely furnished rooms with bath lir ' i»iilitii,nr,l Ihniiii) Riwm l.iiiiiifir Old Town. .Maine St irinn Mdifii Ftnminii Sri-tln SV3 Maine Potato Growers, Inc .-V (iiowers ( h |h ralivr Presque Isle, Maine 253 mmmmmmmmmm tm OUR 103RD YEAR Your Money: Our Service Dolla)-s dilisently earned deserve careful handling. A dependable way to foster careful handling is to deposit your earnings in this bank, in either a checking or a savings account. Your deposits will have modern bank accommodations and protection, yet be instantly available for your use. Maintaining a bank account is an important saving factor. Let our service be a dependable ally of your money. MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK of Bangor Mvnihfr Federal Reserve System and Fed, nil Deposit Insurance Co j onifiuu A. J. GOLDSMITH Old Town Serving University students with smart men ' s and young men ' s clothing for over 40 years THE BALTIMORE ir, .i,.,;„lizr In Italian Spaghetti - Pizza Steaks and Chops ,h„ Finest lieal Beer on Tap Union St., Bangor Vasco . nd Bob Bai.dacci, ' (vi i.i I.I ' HARDWARE 10 VARIETY 31-37 MILL ST.. ORONO, MAINE STROUT FORD SALES Dial 5(i91 i99 Hammond Street Bangor, Maine MURPHY MOTORS, INC. C.M.C. TIMCKS Complimififit of I lll; sl.l■:l: ' . moi ni BRASS RAIL CORAL ROOM Fuel Oils Sfi r.s • Scriicf I ' riv.itr I ' .irties Dial 7-1 l.sti Old T M. MaiiK ' n,st Wishis Ahntiis Comiilhiifntti fioni the stuff BROWN WHITE PAPER CO OPERA HOUSE Ti-k ' plu iu- IS.s:! r.anpur 7:; llroad Stiri-t llanKor. Mairn " BANGOR AND I RAILROAD NORTHERN MAINE S. A. FISH, INC. FORD Sales and Service 91 So. Main St. Old Town Coiiiiilinu ' itts (it BOYD NOYES, INC. Jrirelcrs and Diamond Mercimnf. KIAL 2-0183 2. HainnKjnd St. Bangor, Maine VV. C. BRYANT SON, Inc. Didtiiovil Mcrclxnifs ami Jorclvrs for thiic nctioation. Wedding Announcements Caixl and Society Engravinp. ' 4(; Main St. KaiiRor, Me. T..1. 2-t7 ;7 Macinavox Rice Tyler Company Bangor, Maine Dial :3ool THE 1953 BANGOR HOUSE POINTS WITH PRIDE To its .seventy-live I ' oonis, beauti- fully redecorated and completely re- furnished, under the direction of Roger B. Withington. To its fine foods and excellent baiKjuet and jiai ' ty facilities. Cum})lh)icnti of A FRIEND • Patronize our Advertisers They helped make this book possible. cz I ■P

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